Think your City of Tampa Utility bill is too high?

Think your City of Tampa Utility bill is too high?

Understanding the major components of your bill


  • Water is billed in units of a hundred cubic feet (CCf).  A CCF is equal to 748 gallons.
  • All Tampa water meters are read and billed monthly.
  • As water use increases, the rate per CCF increases at set intervals called tiers.
  • The tiered rate system is in place to encourage efficient water use.
  • Billing rates and tiers are specific to user classification.

Wastewater (Sewer)

  • If you have a separate lawn or reclaimed water meter, only the water flowing through the primary meter is used to determine sewer charges.
  • If no separate lawn or reclaimed water meter is installed, sewer charges are based on past average water use. The average is recalculated annually and is equal to the third lowest amount of monthly water used in the most recent 24-month period.

Solid Waste (Trash)

  • Monthly trash charges are based on volume and the type of service provided for the location.
  • Flat monthly residential and business service rates are provided for routine trash removal.
  • Additional charges are assessed for special pick-ups, large volume removal and other special services.
  • Weekly curbside recycling is included in the flat monthly residential trash rate.

Other Charges

Your utility bill may include other charges, as appropriate, for reclaimed water, a Tampa Bay Water Pass-Through Charge, service or administrative fees, deposits, special charges and utility tax.  Call the Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811 with questions about your billing. (back to top)

Steps to take if your water use is unexpectedly high

Surprised by abnormally high use? Check the current reading on your meter against the reading shown on your bill.

  • If the current meter read is LOWER than the one on your most recent bill, contact the Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811, option 3, to request a re-read of your meter.
  • If the current meter read is HIGHER than the one on your most recent bill, you bill is correct and you may want to check for leaks. Common household leaks include toilets, faucets and irrigation systems. (back to top)

What to do if you repair a leak

If you identify a leak, after repairing it you may be eligible for a billing adjustment. To process a leak adjustment, the following documentation is required:

If your utility account does not have at least one full year of water consumption history, it may not be possible to review your account for an adjustment until a usage history is established.

All leak requests must have the service address, utility account number and a daytime telephone numbers. The documentation can be mailed or faxed to:

City of Tampa Water Department
Attn: Billing Section
2603 N. Rome Avenue
Tampa, FL 33607
Fax: (813) 274-8358

This location is not accessible to the public.  Documentation must be mailed or faxed.  Questions about submitting a leak adjustment request or the status of a submitted request may be directed to the Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811, option #3, or via the Customer Service Center.  (back to top)

Unable to pay bill in full following a leak

If you are unable to pay your monthly bill in full while a leak adjustment request is under review, contact the Credit and Collections Section at (813) 274-8811, option #2, to make payment arrangements to avoid interruption of service.  (back to top)