Documents And Forms

Documents And Forms

Documents & Forms

Instructions and forms related to construction projects can be filled out electronically. 


NOTE:  Documents with an asterisk (*) appearing at the end of the name are required to be notarized by a Notary Public.  Several Construction Services staff members are Notary Publics and will be happy to notarize these documents for you.


Alphabetical List of Forms and Documents:


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Accessibility Waiver Application (PDF, 29.54kb)

Addition To, Or Accessory for House/Duplex Requirements(PDF, 86.96kb)

Annual Facility Permit (PDF, 205.89kb)

Application for Address Assignment (PDF, 213.40kb)



BOAF Hurricane Mitigation Guideline (PDF, 53.4k)

BOAF Hurricane Mitigation Retrofits Manual (PDF, 95.22kb)




Central Business District Design Checklist (PDF, 238.61kb)

Certificate of Completion (PDF, 224.55kb)

Certificate of Temporary Occupancy* (PDF, 454.68kb)

Checklist for Plan Submittal (PDF, 116.33kb)

Commercial Construction Affidavit  (PDF, 217.11kb)

Commercial Electrical Checklist (PDF, 216.56kb)

Commercial Final Inspection Requirements (PDF, 228.62kb)

Commercial Interior Finish Permit Requirements (PDF, 219.05kb)

Commercial Mechanical Checklist (PDF, 177.56kb)

Commercial New Construction/Addition Permit Requirements(PDF, 215.42kb)

Commercial Phased Construction Checklist (PDF, 331.16kb)

Commercial-Residential Review Guide(PDF, 1153.32kb)

Commercial Plan Submittal Requirements (PDF, 207.00kb)

Commercial Site Checklist  (PDF, 229.54kb)

Commercial Site Data Table Requirements (PDF, 234.69kb)

Commercial Underground Storage Tank Checklist (PDF, 214.07kb)

Common Code Violations (PDF, 222.30kb)

Common Swale (PDF, 236.52KB)

Construction Complaint (PDF, 200.39kb)

Construction Contracting Exemption (PDF, 218.42kb)

Construction Lien Law (PDF, 24kb)

Contractor's Letter of Authorization (PDF, 260kb)

Contractor License Information (PDF, 164.55kb)

Covenant Regarding Zoning (PDF, 298.99kb)

Covered Work  (PDF, 218.64kb)

Criteria for Moving a Building (PDF, 228.08kb)

Culvert Requirements (PDF, 168.43kb)



Demolition Permit Agreement (PDF, 233.42kb)

Demolition Permit Requirements (PDF, 219.97kb)

Demolition Reference (PDF, 263kb)

Demolished Residence Affidavit*(PDF, 289.43kb)

Driveway Standard for a Residential Project - Straight or Flare (PDF, 496.41kb)

Driveway Standard for a Residential Project - Three or More Cars (PDF, 143.99kb)

Driveway Variance (PDF, 325.05kb)



Early Electrical Release* (PDF, 277.17kb)

Electrical Permit Requirements (PDF, 220.85kb)

Emergency Work Permit  (PDF, 323.11kb)

Engineer Sign Statement (PDF, 220.19kb)

Erosion and Sediment Control Policy (PDF, 335.47kb)

Express Permit Application (PDF, 328kb)



Fast Track Fire Alarm Permit (PDF, 310kb)

Fee Refund (PDF, 274 kb)

FEMA Contractor Affidavit*  (PDF, 422.33kb)

FEMA Elevation Certificate - Fillable (doc, 163 kb)

FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate and Instructions  (PDF, 1,453 kb)

FEMA  Flood  Information Summary(PDF, 214.51kb)

FEMA Flood Proofing Certificate (PDF, 104kb)

FEMA Free of Obstruction Requirements (PDF, 8729.42kb)

FEMA Opening Foundation Walls and Wall Enclosures (PDF, 5412.51kb)

FEMA Owner Affidavit* (PDF, 176.55kb)

FEMA Pool Design Technical Guidelines (PDF, 399.31kb)

FEMA Substantial Improvement Cost Breakdown (PDF, 405.9kb)

Fence Requirements (PDF, 427.91kb)

Finished Floor Elevation Waiver (PDF, 300.12kb)

Fire Inspection Requirements (PDF, 211.19kb)

Fire Permit Application (PDF, 270.58kb)

Flood Hold Harmless Agreement* (PDF, 299.06kb)

Flood Zone Verification (PDF, 252kb)

Frame Wall Section with a Flat Roof Worksheet (PDF, 270.98kb)

Frame Wall Section with a Sloped Roof Worksheet (PDF, 270.98kb)



Grand Tree Evaluation - Request for (PDF, 323.54kb)

Green Fast Track Review Application (PDF, 124kb)




Hillsborough County School Impact Fees (PDF, 201.71kb)

Hold Harmless Agreement* (PDF, 297.57kb)

Hold Harmless Agreement - Paver Agreement* (PDF, 246.61kb)



Inspection Hotline Instructions (PDF, 175.15kb)

Inspection Requirements (PDF, 284.66kb)

Infill Cross Section Sample (PDF, 119.32kb)

Irrigation Affidavit of Compliance (PDF, 219.90kb)

Irrigation Agreement (PDF, 1005.38kb)



Masonry Wall Requirements (PDF, 201kb)

Masonry Wall Section with a Flat Roof - Worksheet (PDF, 293.16kb)

Masonry Wall Section with a Sloped Roof - Worksheet (PDF, 550.45kb)

Mechanical/Boiler Permit Requirements (PDF, 228.75kb)




New House Requirements (PDF, 205kb)

Notice of Commencement (PDF, 643.47kb)

Notice of Project Cancellation (PDF, 285.20kb)



Other Agency Information (PDF, 162.25kb)

Owner Permit Affidavit (PDF, 290.78kb)



Paving/Driveway Requirements (PDF, 218.71kb)

Permanently Installed Emergency Generator Policy (PDF, 207.58kb)

Permit Inspection Requirements (PDF, 242.95kb)

Pipe Retention Detail (PDF, 550.45kb)

Plan Compliance Affidavit (PDF, 282.82kb)

Plumbing and Gas Permit Requirements (PDF, 226.44kb)

Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda (PDF, 430kb)

Pre-Final Inspection Meeting Agenda (PDF, 2,780kb)

Preliminary Plan Review (PDF, 197kb)

Private Provider Handbook (PDF, 196.59kb)
Project Application (PDF, 441kb)

Proof of Posting and Mailing Notice Affidavit (PDF, 244.91kb)



Reclaimed Water Checklist Affidavit of Completion (PDF, 344.94kb)

Reclaimed Water Express Permit Application (PDF, 241.80kb)

Repair/Remodel Permit Requirements (PDF, 196.33kb)

Residential-Commercial Review Guide (PDF 1153.32kb)

Residential Permit Application (PDF 361kb)

Residential Plan Guidelines (PDF 67kb)

Residential Site Plan Requirements (PDF, 231.66kb)

Residential Water/Sewer Application Package (PDF, 127kb)

Retention Pond Area Detail (PDF, 187.10kb)

Roof Mitigation - Verification Affidavit (PDF, 562kb)

Roofing Permit Requirements (PDF, 217.43kb)



Sidewalk In Lieu of Fee Application (PDF, 393.90kb)

Siding/Stucco Permit Requirements (PDF, 222.74kb)

Sign Permit Requirements (PDF, 219.90kb)

Site Plan Note Requirements (PDF, 215.27kb)

Site Preparation Requirements (PDF, 171.66kb)

Site Top Twenty Checklist (PDF, 235.71kb)

SLAB Foundation Requirements (PDF, 219.36kb)

Solid Waste Permit Information (PDF, 176.07kb)

Subsequent Permit Application (PDF, 316.83kb)

Suspended Concrete Floor Section Detail (PDF, 277.35kb)

Swimming Pool/Spa Permit Requirements (PDF, 225.39kb)



Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Requirements* (PDF, 454.68kb)

Termite Protection Requirements (PDF, 162.44kb)

Threshold Building Requirements  (PDF, 199 kb)

Tree and Landscape Code Technical Manual (PDF, 1959.43kb)

Tree Removal and Site Clearing Application (PDF, 231.01kb)

Tree Removal and Site Clearing Statement (PDF, 231.51kb)

Tree Table(331.17kb)

Trees Which Do Not Require a Permit to Remove (PDF, 158.35kb)

Trimming and Removal of Grand Trees - Chapter 13  (PDF, 231.06kb)



Underground Stormwater Management Facility - Contractor Agreement(PDF, 253.84kb)



Violation Code References (PDF, 105.75kb)

Violation Code References - Signs (PDF, 54.45kb)

Violation Code References - Stormwater (PDF, 58.17kb)

Violation Code References - Trees  (PDF, 105.75kb)

Violation Code References - Transportation  (PDF, 57.12kb)

V-Zone Building Design & Performance Certificate (doc, 57kb)