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Tampa City Council
Thursday, May April 28, 2005
5:30 p.m. session

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[Sounding gavel]
>>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
It's my pleasure tonight to introduce a friend of many organization.
We are sisters.
I just know her from everywhere.
She shouldn't be here, because she knows too many people, and we don't want her to get seen on TV.
But I'm going to introduce her anyways.
The reverend Beverly Lane, the chaplain for TPD.
Will you please stand and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance?
>> Reverend Beverly Lane: O God, who is able to keep us from day to day, grant us a vision of our city, fair as she might be, a city of plenty where poverty shall cease to fester, where all success shall be founded on service, a city of peace where order shall not rest on force but on the love for all that dwells within.
Grant us this council, that those who are assembled here be blessed with your heavenly grace.

>>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
Ms. Alvarez will be here but she'll be a few minutes late.
We will now open our public hearing for 5:30, should have been 5:30, a continued public hearing.
We will start with staff.
All persons who are going to testify at the 5:30 item 1 or 2 please stand.
(Oath administered by Clerk)
>>MARTIN SHELBY: When you state your maim please for the record state in fact you have been sworn.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
This is a continued public hearing concerning the property at 4300 Spruce Street.
Rezoning 2 planned development district.
The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property to do a residential, 54 residential single-family attached, with the ability to do eight live-work units for office use totalling 9,600 square feet. The petitioner has revised the site plan to satisfy many of staff's concerns from the last public hearing.
There is one request for waiver of tree and landscape code to remove 56% of the allowed trees.
The City Council should consider that request in terms of the hardship criteria, but overall we do think that this is a development that's really going to reshape this neighborhood and have no objection ifs council finds it to be satisfactory.
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
Yes, I have been sworn in.
I have a land use map for your information showing the categories in the area.
RMU 100 which is the purple color and a lot of color to the south which is residential.
54 town home units for 12,000 square foot office component.
Given the potential that the applicant could have applied for, 23.5 acre site, 100 land use designation, we feel the request is very conservative for the area but we feel it's appropriate, in proximity to Jefferson high school and Roland park, within the Westshore business district, and we feel lends itself greatly to one of the areas that's a major employment center as far as offering another residential component that will assist people that live and work in the area.
Planning Commission staff finds the proposed request consistent with the provisions of the Tampa comprehensive plan and does not object.
Thank you.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner.
>>> Jim Mikas.
I have been sworn.
West Kennedy Boulevard.
Thank you for allowing us to continue.
If you may recall, that March 31st, we were here, you were so kind to allow Lorraine Wyley, the president of the carver city homeowners association, to appear, and to advise you that the homeowners association was satisfied with our plan as it was.
At that meeting, as the staff indicated there were several things that had to be addressed.
Subsequent to that time we did that.
To give you a little idea of the property itself, there are actually two properties, if one will follow this ZO-530 is the parcel that is located directly on Spruce Street adjacent to what is now the extended stay.
Hubert Avenue forms the eastern boundaries of spruce, forms the north. The homes that are on Main Street form the boundary to the south.
And the extended stay forms the boundary to the west.
We propose 54 town homes on 3.5 acres, in rough approximation it's 15.5, 16 units per acre.
The site plan, I believe you have in your hands for the site plan I also have on the board.
We propose a single access.
Yet an emergency access off of Hubert.
We propose three-story town homes.
Each home will have an elevator, each home will have a roof deck, roof garden area that will be accessed by the elevator as well as stairs.
The roof deck allow, in addition to the over 600 square feet per unit of open space that we provided, it will allow for 1200-plus square feet of open area that will be on a concrete roof that will allow it to plant trees, bushes, whatever, as well as grass.
So in addition to the open space that's provided, we do have space for every homeowner on the roof.
It provides a view and amenity that I think only a few other townhome projects have in town.
John Lund's project on Davis Island is one that would be an equivalent.
The units will be of a nature that a two-car garage, and the only strange thing about the project is that the units that we will locate on Spruce Street itself, eight units, we propose to have 2600 square feet of residential use on the top two floors and 1200 square feet of office use for the owner-occupant of that use.
We have put on the site plan all the conditions that would require that to be owner-occupied, that's the same person that would be all three floors.
They would buy all three floors together.
The number of parking spaces shown give you approximately 5., 5.9 spaces per thousand per unit so that there's more than adequate parking for the 1200 square feet of office, in addition to the owner occupants two spaces and the garage.
The trees that we propose to add to the site, we have shown 57 trees being added.
Those will be a minimum 4-inch caliber tree so we are adding a significant number of trees to the site.
Granted we are asking you for a waiver for the few credits that we are shy in terms of the balance of those that we're taking out.
We have preserved the two large trees that are located on-site, and we have specifically worked around them, one near the entrance and one towards -- just behind them.
The look of the units, I think you have in your packet the rendering.
That shows the three-story units, that is not a road access in the middle, that is a pedestrian access.
An access with a fountain that you see in the middle.
There are three-story units and you see the roof garden concept with the elevator to the top floor.
The bottom floor is the entrance to the office area.
Now, the units that are going to be located behind, that do not have any office on the ground floor will have a residential character entrance.
That will be the only difference to the face of those units.
The homeowners have indicated -- I had numerous meetings with them -- they are pleased with what has been proposed.
And we have addressed every item with them.
>>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
This is one of the most innovative plans to ever come before us.
It's really exciting.
>>> I thank you.
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak on item number 1?
Move to close?
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to close.
(Motion carried)
>> Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of 1706 north Hubert, and 4300 West Spruce Street in the city of Tampa, Florida more particularly described in section 1 from zoning district classifications PD residential office to PD residential office, providing an effective date.
I just wanted to specifically tell you why this is a great plan.
I think that having the larger trees, the office uses combined with residential on Spruce Street, and the pedestrian orientation of the walkway in the center, is all very novel and innovative, and I know that the Westshore alliance is working very hard to make Spruce Street a more pedestrian-friendly street, and this really contributes to that.
So thanks for bringing us a great design.
>>> We did follow your recommendations that you have in your Kennedy corridor plan.
Because there's another site that will have the exact same units soon.
But it's intended to follow what you have said to do on Kennedy in terms of the pedestrian-friendly across the face of this project and the next one.
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
Item number 2 is a continued public hearing.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
Again, this is a continued public hearing for planned development district at 1905 north Lois.
This planned development is for 113 residential single-family units with the ability to for the live-work option with 16 of the units, 19,200 square feet of office as indicated as permitted.
On this site plan there are no waivers requested.
Staff has no objections.
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
Yes, I have been sworn in.
The land use map on the Elmo illustrates the location of the site, the southeast corner of the intersection of spruce and Lois.
As you are well aware, we have had past rezoning requests come in for this particular piece of property.
It's in a very key location.
We feel it's a gateway going into the Westshore district, coming in off of Boy Scout road.
As you know there has been considerable redevelopment going on in the area.
Again, the Westshore area being a considerable source for employment, not just the City of Tampa but Hillsborough County.
We feel that the requests will significantly compliment by adding a residential component in serving as a very logical transition from the office uses.
Trans World is over here.
There's some other office uses over -- there's office component over here.
Brick Concord over here.
Then carver city Lincoln neighborhood, a nice transition from this site with office on the corner up here, transitioning down to residential town home development very similar to what Mr. Mikas has shown in the prior project.
So we feel it's a very good opportunity and provides amenities now.
Since the last time we had, I think, this initial meeting, in trying to satisfy all of staff's concern regarding stormwater, regarding functional green space, actually we moved a couple of units to actually provide some additional functioning green space within the interior of the project.
So we feel that he has worked very well with the staff in that regards.
Planning Commission staff has a proposed request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
>>> James Mikas, 3702 west Kennedy.
I have been sworn.
All the comments I made with 30 apply to 31.
Drawing your attention to the aerial photo again, you will see that the site is at the corner of Lois and spruce, the southeast corner, being adjacent to the city's maintenance facility, and the stormwater facility.
The site is roughly a block and a half from the one we just discussed.
The type of unit is identical.
In fact, we are building, and at the same time everything will be the same.
The attention on this site -- excuse me, on this site we will have 16 of those units that we propose to be live-work, and those will be the ones at the intersection of Lois and spruce.
Our intention is to start the development at the south end so that basically right across the entrance will be located at green, and then work north from that.
So we will not put the recreation facility in immediately because the construction doesn't get to that point until we are in the second half of the project.
However, the buyers on this site will be given the opportunity to use the recreation facility, the pool and the clubhouse, that's located just two blocks away.
And they will be marketed together, same product on this particular site.
There are no trees to be saved.
Every piece of green you see there is a weed tree that has been there for whatever.
We will be replacing with a minimum 4-inch caliper, if you count the number of trees added on the site plan, we have 128 minimum 4-inch caliper tree to be put in there.
So from a completely vacant facility, you now have hopefully a lush.
We went with the three-story unit. The homeowner concern with the last projects that have been brought before them have been four-story, with five-story parking structures.
That wasn't in their interest.
They have 400 units presented to them.
Now we have 113.
We are at the maximum with three stories, with the rooftop gone, obviously, but it's a maximum 3-story.
No parking structure.
Every unit has its own two-car garage, and there are ample spaces allowed for the office users.
By the way, the office use that is proposed is a professional office, no retail, and a maximum number of five occupants in that office space.
So those are all in the notes for this site.
Same rendering.
The rendering that was to be on Spruce Street will actually be basically eight units -- seven units facing spruce, and nine units facing Lois at the intersection.
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak on item number 2?
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of 1905 5th north Lois Avenue, 1513 north Lois Avenue and 1903 north Lois Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from zoning district classifications PD, office residential, to PD, mixed use, providing an effective date.
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
(Motion carried)
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open number 3.
>>GWEN MILLER: Before we begin, we have one to be continued.
What number is that?
>>THE CLERK: Number 5, 05-04, to the 5:30 session.
>>GWEN MILLER: Does anyone want top speak to 5 on it's continuance?
July the 20 -- 28th?
>>KEVIN WHITE: 28 or 20?
>> They are requesting July 28th evening.
>>GWEN MILLER: How many do we have?
>>THE CLERK: Currently there's nothing scheduled at this time.
>>KEVIN WHITE: So moved.
>> Second.
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to continue to July 28 at 5:30.
(Motion carried)
Number 16.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open 16.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>KEVIN WHITE: Do we have parties who want to speak on number 16 sworn, please?
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to swear everybody in.
It's now 6:00 so everybody for the 6:00, from 3 to 16, please stand and raise your right hand.
(Oath administered by Clerk)
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Again, please when you state your name, please reaffirm for the record that you have been sworn.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
>> Have you been sworn?
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Yes, I have been sworn.
And the petition is for a church in the YC-2 district.
This is 2101 Lois street, Allan Temple AME church, 2101 Lowe Street.
Their capacity is 381 seats.
They have 52 off-street parking. This church was approved back in 1989 and the waivers were granted for those intensities.
The Barrio Latino has reviewed this request, has no objection.
Staff has no objection with this petition.
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
Yes, I have been sworn in.
The site is located just outside of the edge of the Ybor City, right on the corner of Nuccio Parkway, allowing for expansion.
Planning Commission staff has no objections.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
>>ROSE FERLITA: I just want to make sure before he comes up, is your microphone on, the one on you?
>>MARTIN SHELBY: It is now.
Are we doing number 16?
She will
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Number 16.
Thank you.
>> My name is Wayne white.
I live at 5738 street Zephyrhills, Florida.
And I'm the agent of record for Allen temple AME church.
Before I present this project I would like to allow reverend cook, the pastor of the church, to have a few moments.
>> Reverend willie cook.
I have been sworn in.
I would like to say we are happy and delighted to come down and present this proposal, because it is something that is needed very bad at the church.
We are growing, progressive church.
And because we are part of the community, we require some additional space so that we can add some classrooms, and also expand our fellowship hall.
In so doing, we propose to bring some new ministries into the community so that we can be a polite there, in addition to helping out as many persons in the community as we can.
So there is a dire need for this expansion project.
We have been praying over it for years.
And this is the path that God has led us down.
So we are happy and he late board of director this expansion project.
And we ask that the commission would consider it strongly, because our plans are to be that polite within this Tampa community, Ybor City in particular.
>>GWEN MILLER: Does anyone in the public want to speak?
Oh, we have to do a presentation then.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Just real quick.
I just want to make clarity for Mr. Shelby who is always in abundance of caution.
The petitioner's representative Mr. Wayne white, we do have no relation.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you for that clarification.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Very welcome.
>>GWEN MILLER: Let's see if we have opposition. The two in opposition, see what you have to say.
Come on up, sir.
>>> I own the property at 2023 north eleventh street.
I purchased that property like two years ago.
In that process -- Samuel Alonzo, address 2023 north eleventh street.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Have you been sworn?
>>> Yes.
This is my neighbor.
>>> My name I live at 2203 Palmetto street.
I own the two properties 2923 and 2021.
>>> At this time, approved by the City Council and the City of Tampa, they allowed me to have two parking -- two parking for that property, where the petitioner is requesting to block it.
This is an alley.
And I should have an access to my two cars.
I have the paper here from City of Tampa that just approved my plan.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, would you come up?
You're saying they had two parking spots in the alley?
>>> Yeah.
They want to block the alley.
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a hand Mike.
Would you take it with you, Mr. White?
>>> Mr. White: Just trying to clarify.
This place over here?
>>> Yes.
That's an alley.
>> On this alleyway?
>>> Yes.
>> The reason why we included this was this was vacated to the church and given to them by deed.
And I have the date for it.
But the reason why we showed that is it's going to do that now.
I would talk to the pastor, and if we need to be able to provide them with some type of access through our parking area, as long as -- I would ask the pastor.
>>GWEN MILLER: Sir, are you parking in that space now?
>>> I'm --
>> They already vacated and it belongs to the church.
>> It belongs to the City of Tampa.
It's an alley.
It doesn't belong to them either.
It belongs to the City of Tampa.
That's an access to our houses.
His and mine.
>> I have two houses, parking in the back, in the alley.
And in 1998, we had the same problem.
And we come in here with the same problem, because they wanted to build it up.
They wanted to close it.
Even the pipes, the sewer, run in the alley.
It belong to the City of Tampa.
>>GWEN MILLER: Anybody from transportation?
Calvin, are you in the back?
>>> I understand what he's saying.
>>GWEN MILLER: We are going to let transportation go in the conference with the four of you and work this out because he is saying that's been dedicated to them for some years.
Anybody from transportation?
>>> Excuse me, I have a paper from City of Tampa.
>>GWEN MILLER: You all go with him.
You will come back later with it.
Would you go take them in the conference room, please?
See if you can straighten this out?
We will open number 3.
>> So moved.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
I have been sworn.
The proposed rezoning is to planned development district.
The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property at 6819 north Orleans street -- Avenue, to convert the existing residential structure to a professional service.
The site plan has been revised.
The petitioner has given me some labels to place on the petition that indicates that actually the permitted use of the property will be personal service, which is a beauty salon, as well as the option to do office -- a medical office use.
The parking has been provided at this PD as nine spaces.
The building is only about a thousand.
So those required number of parking spaces works for this size facility.
They are asking for a waiver of the buffering to indicate that they are reducing it from the required six-foot high and 15 feet of landscaping to a 6 foot high fence with 6 feet of landscaping.
I have altered the site plan to comply with the minimum design requirements for the parking spaces.
They will be provided with 9 by 18 and they will be asking for a waiver of the 26-foot driveout to 24 feet.
But given the size of the property, I think that that is an adequate dimension.
They are also adding the condition to the site plan that the retention will be provided as staff has indicated.
And with those changes to the site plan, staff would have no objections to this petition.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can you provide us with copies?
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
Two predominant land use categories in the area.
Sligh Avenue, residential 20 with residential 10 to the south.
The orientation of the structure is to the first unit as you would come in off of Sligh.
So we feel there is no impact in this case to any residential use to the south as the only ingress-egress will be out to Sligh, and from Sligh.
It is in close proximity to Lowry Park Zoo as you can see over here and there are a variety of other office and multifamily uses in the area.
We feel the request is consistent with nonresidential.
Planning Commission staff finds the proposed request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
>>> My name is Eric Adams.
I reside at 608 north New Jersey Avenue, Tampa, Florida.
And city resident.
I have been sworn.
I have been asked to speak to the council today by property owner Ms. Waleska Loret in reference to this issue.
As a point of reference we have spoken to the property owner adjacent, just south at 6817 north New Orleans.
And he is in agreement with the variance for the 8-foot buffer versus the 15-foot buffer to allow the adequate parking with the 6-foot tall landscaping.
>>> He's supposed to be here.
>> Tell us your name.
>>> My name is Waleska lore receipt.
-- Loret.
And I have been sworn.
The neighbor is on his way, just in case you all want to hear it from him, that he has no objection for what we are planning to do.
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak on item number 3?
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Ferlita?
>>ROSE FERLITA: Gloria, let me clarify what you said.
Based on the conditions we are going to place on this?
And I have given the new site plan to the city clerk substituting the ordinance.
>>ROSE FERLITA: In that case move an ordinance rezoning property at 6819 North Orleans Avenue, city of Tampa, Florida, more particularly described in section 1 from zoning district classifications RS-50 to PD personal service office providing an effective date.
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
(Motion carried)
Melanie, are you ready?
>> Melanie Calloway, transportation.
I have not been sworn.
(Oath administered by Clerk)
>>MARTIN SHELBY: For the record, this is item number 16.
I have spoken to them.
And they were actually across the street on the west side of -- they weren't a part of this property.
So he was okay with it.
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone else that would like to speak on item 16?
>>MARTIN SHELBY: If we could just have the gentleman who spoke before, just for the clarification of the record.
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. White?
>>MARTIN SHELBY: No, the other gentleman.
>>GWEN MILLER: Sir, do you agree with that?
We need to put you on record saying that you agree.
>>> Okay, so long that they are not talking about the same alley, we don't have any objection, me personally and for him.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance approving a special use program S-2 approving a church in a YC-2 zoning district in the general vicinity of 2101 Lowe street in the city of Tampa, Florida more particularly described in section 1 hereof providing an effective date.
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
(Motion carried)
Item 4 is a continued public hearing.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
I only have a site plan.
I'll put this one on the Elmo.
And I'll let you have this.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Ms. Moreda, before you begin, you say there's going to have to be a graphical revision as a result of whatever is discussed tonight?
>>GLORIA MOREDA: I would like the public hearing to go forward to hear the solutions that the petitioner is proposing, and for council to decide whether or not that's appropriate or not, and at the end of the evening, we will probably close the public hearing and ask for the site plan to be revised accordingly.
There are some notes that are added.
There are also some graphical changes the staff would like to see.
>> You are not going to be asking that it be continued then?
>>> No.
This has already been continued a few times and I think it's good to go through it all.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you, Madam Chair.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
The petition involves the property at 2909 West Cypress street, CG and RS-50 to a PD zoning district.
They are indicating that they are wanting to do the restaurant catering service, retail, and the bakery use along that corridor with an off-street parking space.
Many of you are familiar with the Alessi's bakery and probably have frequented it a few times, I would suspect.
The site plan that is before you, there are a number of waivers that they are asking for.
They are asking for a waiver of commercial access on the local streets for Exelda, Padic, asking for waivers of the northeast corner much cypress and padic, the 8 foot buffer is being requested to be waived to zero, 4 feet along cypress.
They are asking for the buffers related to -- adjacent to residential property.
And I have them listed in the staff report.
Generally they are going to be providing the PVC fence along the areas where they are adjacent to residential.
And some minimal landscaping.
They are asking for a waiver of parking from 49 spaces to 40.
And to allow for two parallel parking spaces along Braddick.
They are also asking for a waiver.
The site plan the petitioner is proposing to make changes to the site plan.
Let me tell you a little about those changes.
We have asked for the driveways on the local streets to be channelized towards cypress.
They have indicated an agreement to do that.
We have also requested the solid waste collections shown on the existing parking lot on the north side, and he has agreed to move it to the equipment storage area, and to provide the commitments to screen it according to city code requirements.
The area along cypress -- and I think at the last public hearing, there was extensive discussion about the parking lot in the front of the bakery.
That parking lot has been in that configuration for many, many years.
I don't know that there is a solution that would satisfy our transportation division, given the limited area there.
They are proposing to put a small area here, green space at the very corner of Exelda and cypress but really that's about all they can do there.
I don't think for the amount of volume of business that Alessi's has, and anticipate to continue with that volume, that it would be appropriate to remove that parking area.
They need it too much.
In terms of the conversion of the residential structure on the south side, they are proposing to make that their office space.
The parking in the back complies with codes except for the buffering along the adjacent property.
My understanding is that the adjacent property owners are supportive of the buffer waiver.
They are planning to keep the large tract that they own along Habana, grass parking, for overflow.
And I think it has been operating that way for a few years, although it has not been formula approved by the city.
I think grass parking at that location, it has held up fairly well.
The buffer waiver that they are asking for on the existing paved lot at the northeast corner of Paddick, our records show that they never did pull permits for that.
It's been there, what do you think, five years, six years?
I don't see any records of permits for the paving of that lot, though.
It's existing.
They are willing to screen it with a PVC fence.
They are willing to channelize it and move the dumpster to an area where I think it will function better in the back here.
That's the proposing for Alessi's.
As staff I cannot say that the transportation division supports this provision, but I think the revisions to the site plan are really about the best that I think the property owners are able to do, given the uses that are on the property, and the site constraints.
With that I would like petitioner to do his presentation and council with make your decision.
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff?
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
Just several comments.
I did a pretty extensive report the last time I was up for this one initially.
Just a couple of issues.
The applicant has addressed most of the significant issues that we have.
Since this has been a long standing use for many years our major concerns were that they adequately mitigated the impacts between them and the existing residential uses in the area which they have complied with, with the PVC fences that Ms. Moreda spoke to you about.
The second is the proposed location on this last iteration of the site plan of the dumpster was adjacent to residential uses even with the PVC fence that we felt wasn't consistent with the policy that talks about the mitigation of adverse impact regarding motor noise and so forth.
But we felt they have satisfied and complied with our issue and of course the city's issue by relocating that dumpster, also, making the request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
>>STEVE MICHELINI: I'm here on behalf of Phil's cake box bakery otherwise known as Alessi's.
Just as a measure of good faith, Mr. Alessi went ahead in advance of the hearing and installed the PVC fences that we are referring to on the site plan.
They have been installed all the way around the property.
I don't know if you can see that or not.
>>GWEN MILLER: We can see it.
>>> In addition they have already put the PVC fence on the parking lot east of the facility and it shows a separation between the single-family house and the parking lot.
And then this is the fence that runs along the entire length of the west side of the property.
This is a picture of the parking lot to the east of the facility with PVC fence installed and again showing this is the east property line where the fence has already been existing.
I have a number of letters from adjacent property owners indicating their satisfaction with the fencing that's been installed, and I would like to have those received and made part of the record.
As Gloria has indicated, we have gone back and we have done the best that we can do with this site, and it's an existing site.
It has a number of site issues that frankly can't be addressed because of the existing structures.
We have modified our plan and addressed the city comments.
I believe that we have satisfactorily met if not the letter of their comments at least the spirit of what they were trying to accomplish.
And we spent a lot of time trying to resolve these various issues.
I think we've done that.
We made the modifications.
Gloria and I have met a couple times and we were going to try to address the issues just with notes on the plans.
And a graphic representation was probably a good solution, but we are in now a more severe time constraint and we would appreciate your accepting this site plan, and allow the staff to bring it back to you this evening if possible, if you were in agreement with it.
Mr. Alessi is also here, if you have any questions of him.
But Mr. Alessi has spent a tremendous amount of time and money to get this brought up to speed.
The lots that were addressed at some point during the last hearing that were not the subject of this rezoning but were a sore spot with some of the neighbors, that all of those facilities have been cleaned up, and that also has been fenced with a PVC fence although it was not part of this petition as a measure of good will, they went ahead and Dominican Republic that.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So all of the code enforcement issues that were brought up at the previous hearing have been addressed?
>>> They have been addressed.
Harold Scott went out and looked at the property, and -- I mean Mr. Alessi is here.
We met with him personally and told him he was very happy and satisfied that the trailers have been removed, that the fences have gone up, and the lots have been mowed and cleaned.
So we have been working very closely with him as well to address these things simultaneously.
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on item 4?
>>STEVE MICHELINI: I have been sworn.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: I think you can close the public hearing to discuss it.
But I do think the site plan needs to be referred back for the modifications that we have asked for.
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion to close the public hearing.
>>KEVIN WHITE: So moved.
>> Second.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: There's a vote.
I just want to raise the issue that when it comes back and the site plan is presented, if there are any concerns or any changes, no, it cannot be reopened because it had not been noticed.
>>GWEN MILLER: This afternoon she didn't say another date.
>>STEVE MICHELINI: The corrections we have made that staff requested corrections.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: So the site plan being presented tonight that's been presented to the clerk is the final site plan?
No, it is not.
But I think with the direction of City Council, in the past, we have allowed for the public hearings to be closed, and the ordinance prepared for the legal department to allow for the first reading to be heard based on the direction of City Council, and then at the second public hearing, that site plan is certainly available to discuss at the public forum.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: That's true.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: That's typically how it's happened when everyone has been in agreement with the T changes to that site plan.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: That's true.
And correct me if I am wrong, but -- and I'm not saying this is the case, but should graphical changes have to be made it would have to go back to first reading?
That is absolutely true.
>>KEVIN WHITE: I would just lick to make a brief comment to the petitioner.
As of between 2:30 and 3:00 p.m. yesterday, I did drive by this facility, and first of all I'd like to commend the petitioner for working with the neighbors in this neighborhood, because if we all remember, during the last council meeting, we had several neighbors in opposition to this proposing, because it abuts immediately a neighborhood, residential neighborhood on all sides.
And one of the main concerns was that the lot that they used for overflow parking on Habana and cypress, and the new PVC fencing, the removal of the trailers during a drive-by throughout the neighborhood, it looks remarkably different now.
And I just wanted to say thank you to the petitioner.
And not to say that it's going to pass or fail.
I'm just giving my particular comments.
I think this is what happens when a petitioner can go out and address the neighbors' concerns, because it is a few blocks down but I was on Cypress Street and I do know that the people in this area are very concerned about their neighborhood, and when there are concerns on encroachments to the neighborhood, they will come out in strong force.
And like I said, there were several here before.
And is this the optimal plan?
No, it's not.
But it seems like it's a workable plan.
It's something that the neighbors can live with.
And if the neighbors can live with it, I'm willing to live with it.
So I just wanted to say thank you for your consideration, your spirit of cooperation with your neighbors.
>>> Thank you, Mr. White.
I appreciate that.
I have been sworn.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: That wasn't the question, but thank you. The motion was made to close the public hearing.
Does have there V to be a subsequent motion to direct staff?
>>GWEN MILLER: We have to direct staff.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Does Vermont to be a date certain?
>>GWEN MILLER: A day meeting?
>>GLORIA MOREDA: He's given the site plans.
If you want to have it scheduled for next week's public hearing.
>>ROSE FERLITA: Ms. Moreda, just a couple questions.
I think you referenced in your presentation this paved parking lot that had no permits.
What are we doing about that?
>>GLORIA MOREDA: The landscape code is being waived on it.
They are going to channelize the driveways towards cypress, and they have agreed to do the buffering, as well as move the dumpster on that property to where the storage area is.
But the buffering is being waived.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Shelby, can I ask one more question?
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Technically if you are going to do anything, you should reopen the public hearing.
>>GWEN MILLER: I asked if we wanted to ask any more questions.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Technically.
>> Did we vote on it to close it?
>> Yes.
Now we need a motion to direct staff which way to go.
>>KEVIN WHITE: I'd like to make a motion to direct staff to go ahead and make the appropriate modifications to the site plan so we can move forward.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: At the next week's City Council agenda.
>>GWEN MILLER: Morning meeting?
>>> Yes.
>>KEVIN WHITE: 10:00.
>> Motion and second.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: While I appreciate the improvements that have been made, the fact that such a wonderful place was in such disrepair and made the neighbors crazy for a long time is not a good thing.
And I always feel uncomfortable sort of cleaning up a mess after the fact.
And I feel like, Mr. Alessi, your bakery is fabulous.
>>> Thank you.
I would like to address that if you don't mind one minute.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: All right.
Because there was a point of real concern.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry.
I'm going to have to ask to make the motion to reopen.
>> So moved.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
>>> Alessi: I guess the two issues, one of them was Mr. Michael Sierra, across the street, and I've always gotten between them, and they straight end that out.
But the thing with the trucks on the property, that gentleman came to me about a year ago -- year and a half ago.
We have had one incident.
I don't allow trucks parking there anymore.
And the fact is that we do let school buses park there from time to time.
But they are all in the neighborhood.
And we don't allow trucks.
Once in a while, a neighbor will park a truck there.
But he knows that we have not allowed anybody parking trucks there at all.
I just want to -- I don't want to sound like a slumlord because I'm not.
We have great neighbors around there. There's 50 or 60 neighbors around that two block area and those were the only two that made an issue out of it and unfortunately they weren't corrected and I wasn't here to rebuttal that because my advisor said don't beat it.
I just wanted to bring that up.
We are a good neighbor and we'll comply with anything we have to make it good for the neighborhood.
>>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Alessi, the issue about any kind of vendetta back and forth is not really a concern to us.
It's really not an issue here.
Whether things are in compliance or not, I think that's a pretty objective evaluation.
And Mr. Lane is in the second row.
And if there are code enforcement issues there are code enforcement issues.
Your neighbors, you don't like them, they don't like you, it doesn't matter.
It's a matter of whether those code enforcement issues are complied with.
>>> I can appreciate that.
>>ROSE FERLITA: And I have a hard time verbalizing this but I am going to have to.
I have known you for all my life.
I have gone to the academy with your sister and on and on.
The history can get voluminous.
However, you know, everybody here is congratulating you and thanking you for bringing stuff into compliance.
Well, guess what.
If I were up here asking for waiver after waiver after waiver after waiver, I would make sure that things that were not in compliance with code would be in compliance with code.
Otherwise, I have a hard time winning the favor of this council.
So although your business is successful, and obviously all of us frequent it, I, like Mrs. Saul-Sena, have some concerns, because things there were not appropriate.
Whether the truck was parked one night or two nights, whether or not you allowed buses to be there that are not supposed to be in a residential area, and I don't know what abuts what in terms whereof they were parked in terms of the commercial site, or the residential site.
You are asking for a lot of waivers.
Reducing the landscape buffer.
Instead of masonry wall you are asking for PVC.
Regardless of whether or not there are neighbors supporting it or opposing it, I really don't go by the number of people that are here.
I just go by the fact that there have been some concerns.
And I'm still a little bit uncomfortable about supporting this, I have to tell you.
>>> Your point is well taken.
I appreciate that.
>>GWEN MILLER: Other questions from council members?
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Just a question for Gloria Moreda.
And that is, we have seen a number of requests this evening and in previous evenings for the substitution of PVC rather than masonry.
And I just wanted you to remind us, why does the code specify masonry?
>>GLORIA MOREDA: I think it's probably when the code is written, I don't know that PV fencing was an option.
I think PV fencing has come a long way in the last ten years in terms of attractive fence material.
Masonry, I think, is more durable.
It's -- a finished masonry wall is typically required between residential and commercial.
But it is also very expensive to construct.
>>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
We need to close the public hearing.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GWEN MILLER: What's the pleasure of council?
>>KEVIN WHITE: I believe there was already --.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I believe there was already a vote to put it on.
Was there a previous vote?
>>GWEN MILLER: Yes, Mr. White.
Would you make your motion again?
>>KEVIN WHITE: Make a motion that we revise the site plan and have it come back before council next week at 10 a.m. with modifications and revisions.
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
Madam Chairman, I would like to make a comment.
Because of the concern I have about the PVC.
Yes, it is less expensive but the masonry buffer really gives the neighborhood abutting it more security that this is separate.
In addition to the fact that Planning Commission finds this inconsistent with the Tampa comprehensive plan.
I will look at this petition again between now and second reading.
But at this point I am not comfortable enough to support Mr. Alessi regardless of any kind of affiliation with his family.
So my vote at this point is no.
>>STEVE MICHELINI: The letters that we submitted for the record were from the adjoining property owners that approved --.
>>ROSE FERLITA: I did read those, Mr. Michelini, and that's why my comment was such, that whether the neighbors say "yes" or "no" first and then yes after, I just have to feel real good that I'm supporting it.
>>STEVE MICHELINI: I understand.
>>ROSE FERLITA: I think that Mr. Alessi has taken my point well and of course we have the second hearing in which to cast another vote.
I want the opportunity at that time to make sure that everything is where it should be because of why it should be there.
>>STEVE MICHELINI: That's fine.
Thank you.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Mr. Garcia, didn't you say that it was consistent at this point in time with the comprehensive plan?
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
Thank you for bringing that up, Mr. White.
Very good.
What I had stated is when I got up, when I wrote the report, we still had not come to agreement on where the actual site location was going to be for the dumpster that. Was my biggest issue.
Since he satisfied that issue here on the record I'm prepared to remove my objection of finding it inconsistent because I do have the second reading available, and come in with the revised report and put on the record that he's met the --.
>>ROSE FERLITA: So thanks to Mr. White so now we'll see how it goes the second time.
Thank you very much.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open number 15.
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there a second?
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
I have been sworn.
The proposed request is for special use for a church and daycare.
The petition is involving property at 2909 North Carioca Street for church and daycare, 35 children, three teachers.
The site plan shows a church dining hall in the center of the property with 51 parking spaces provided.
There are some staff concerns that I reviewed with the petitioner earlier before the meeting indicating that stormwater would like a commitment on the site plan related to the stormwater.
Solid waste is asking for doors to be shown on the screen enclosure for the solid waste container, as well transportation has some revisions to the waivers.
They are asking for waivers to the sign height from 10 feet to 16 feet.
The building side setback from 40 feet to 24.8 feet on the north side.
They are asking to allow for grass parking except for the ADA parking space.
They are reducing the required buffer along the north, east and south property line to four feet with a 6-foot high wood fence, and they are asking for the drive hours to be reduced from 26 to 24 feet with access on the local street.
I had indicated in my report, too, that I had not gotten indication that the adjacent residential property owners were agreeable to the requested buffer.
They have indicated to me that they do have the support of the adjacent property owners.
And with that and the revisions that they indicated that they would do, staff would have no objection with the request.
I'll give you the site plan that does need to be revised.
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
I have been sworn in.
Regarding consistency with the comprehensive plan, request is consistent with the policy of integration of adjacent areas, as we all know, churches ar loud in all residential categories.
What's interest being this site, to use the zoning map as reference here, what the adjacent land uses are, yet quite a few heavy uses but there are some residential uses adjacent to the west, and several to the south, even though they are in CI zoning district.
It's pretty much ensconced by heavy commercial 24 to the north, east, and to the south, we just have residential 20 to the west.
So you do have ample integration of uses.
We feel that the request is consistent with new development, redevelopment as far as mitigation as far as what the applicant has shown on the site plan.
But we also feel this does contribute to the stabilization and contributes to the socioeconomic health of stable neighborhoods.
Looking at the site plan, I thought it was coincidental that the site plan design is very similar to the site plan that we saw for the last church that we just approved.
It's very, very similar.
So very nice design.
With that Planning Commission finds the request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner.
>>> Madam Chairman.
Bruce Jackson.
I have been sworn.
I reside in Temple Terrace.
I'm representing the Bethel area church.
This is an AME church that was located south of interstate 275, just prior to the taking, of the widening of that road.
So they were required to locate more property.
I was contacted about this, and I worked with them on this to get it done.
The site has been located, it's a very good site.
As you see across the street here -- if I get my bearings right -- right here.
That's owned by another church, that site right there.
Now on 21st, that's owned by another church already.
They have contacted me and said they are going to build across the street from us.
So I've talked to the owners of the motel to the north of us in reference to that 24-foot setback.
He has a concrete fence there already existing, so we don't have a problem there.
To the east of us there's a concrete fence already existing.
And the only place we really need to put a fence is on the south along the residential area.
As far as the problems that land development asked about, those are very minor as far as the site plan goes.
They have no effect on operation of the site plan, or how it would finish up.
As far as the dates to the thing here, it wouldn't really matter if it should be gates.
As far as the 24 feet, backup distance, as you look at the site plan, if you see it, that was done on account of saving those two large oak trees.
As you see we have a drive-through that comes under there, and that was very carefully done to save those trees, and get a pickup and drop-off.
That's why the building is located where it is.
That's why we requested the 24 feet.
Other than that, there is no other thing.
I think this is going to be a very beautiful park, it's going to be a park-like setting, very open spaces, and I think it's going to contribute to the community.
Any questions?
>>GWEN MILLER: Any questions, council members?
Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak on item 15?
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>> Second.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance approving a special use permit S-2 approving a church --
>> Julie Cole, legal department.
Because there are changes required to the site plan wave to go ahead and bring this ordinance back to you with a new site plan within a week, as long as we get that new site plan in time.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to send it to legal.
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to send it to legal.
(Motion carried)
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to open item number 6.
>> So moved.
>> Second.
>>GWEN MILLER: So next meeting?
>>GLORIA MOREDA: You can do it next week because it's really just note changes that I think I could probably even add to the site plan that could be ready for next week.
>>GWEN MILLER: We'll have it next Thursday morning at 10 a.m.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Can we have that in the form of a motion?
>>KEVIN WHITE: So moved.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion to open number 6.
(Motion carried)
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
I believe this petitioner has been here a few times as well.
The petition is for a planned development district at 1921 north 53rd street.
It involves the Kimmins property where they have been doing a recycling facility.
They are showing a site plan that indicates commitments to comply with the transportation concerns that are listed on our site plan.
They have added notes to that effect, as well as they have provided notes related to the solid waste complying with the requirements for screening the enclosure.
Looking at the site plan, however, they have not provided the commitments to comply with stormwater.
They are wanting two specific notes added to the site plan. I did not notice them on the site plan when I looked at it.
And they have given me some notes to address, my note number -- you have that?
Is that a new one?
So it looks like we have it now.
We will just need to add that to the site plan.
But with those revisions staff is removing our objections.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ms. Moreda, in the future, could you pass out the site plans and then talk about them so we can be looking at them when you are pointing things out?
>>GLORIA MOREDA: All right.
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
I have been sworn in.
Very briefly, because I think you all are very familiar with this mainly because we brought this as a plan amendment awhile back to change the land use from light industrial.
This color has become this color.
So basically we have heavy industrial use, you all unanimously approved the land change.
But what's significant, this parcel here initially came in as part of the plan amendment request.
You all requested that it be curved out.
And because it was adjacent to a mobile home park.
So that was -- the request was met by the applicant.
So, therefore, the request that has come in basically fielded the surrounding area does compliment what the request is.
There is a significant amount of vegetative buffer.
There is quite a bit already to the north that exists there.
And we do feel also that the ingress and egress they are providing on the site will alleviate a concern that I think Mr. Antinori came in, he came in and told you of his plight.
I believe he's got a home up around here.
But I do believe they are going to have an alternate route out there that hopefully will alleviate that individual's concern.
But basically on the whole the request is consistent with comprehensive plan.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner.
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: Address suite 3700 Bank of America plaza.
Good evening, council, also.
Yes, I have been sworn.
I have been sworn at.
I represent Kimmins corporation and I'm with Steve, our plan we are the Wilson Miller firm.
This process has been about a year and a half in the making.
As you may recall, we have filed a petition to vacate 53rd street.
Site plan is conditioned upon that being completed.
Also, last week, the resolution was adopted by the City Council approving the settlement agreement over the tree replacement plan that we prepared.
And also the plan amendment was done last summer, in August as you may recall, the hearings were at the convention center at the time.
So this is a 17-acre parcel.
Kimmins will be using this for the process in the construction material.
We have worked long and hard on this with the city staff and we compliment them for the input.
We have nothing further to add this evening.
I would reserve my remaining comments for rebuttal if necessary.
We request your approval.
>>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members?
Mrs. Saul-Sena.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We've come a long way.
The one question I had, something that's a note on this, I've never seen on a site plan before, this is kind of unusual, it says: In order to minimize dust the facility operator will periodically sweep and/or apply water from the project entrance.
Do you have a way to accomplish that?
>>> Yes.
Joe can explain that.
That's pretty much the site on 53rd street to broad okay.
>>> Joe Williams, address 2912 Villa Rosa. I have been sworn in.
I apologize for my tenor.
I was taking care of a sewer problem.
The 53rd Street abuts dead-ends into our property.
We sweep our portion, we sweep 53rd to the corner.
Three or four times a day, and keep it watered in order to keep the dust down.
The alternate route, if you look on -- which is in for permitting and waiting for permit approval right now if you look on the site plan, will come just out of the property and go up 54th street, avoiding Mr. ANTINORI altogether.
That was the agreement we entered into with him.
And we will sweep and maintain that roadway.
That will be a private driveway, other than the very small portion on 53rd.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Was that something that we asked you all to do?
>>> No, we had bought the property, we had decided to move to the 5th.
When we told Mr. ANTINORI we were going to do that he said I don't have any more objections.
That was just our decision to do that and we are just waiting for the permit to be issued.
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone from the public that would like to speak on item number 6?
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of 1921 North 53rd Street more particularly described in section 1 from IG to PD, recycling, building materials and auto parts and equipment and materials storage, providing an effective date.
>> We have a motion and second.
(Motion carried)
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open 7.
We have a motion and second to open item 7.
(Motion carried)
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
The petition before you is for Euclidean zoning of CI zoning.
The property is located at 4801 east tenth Avenue for commercial intensive zoning district which allows for heavy commercial, light industrial type uses.
The property is in an HC-24 future land use.
The parcel has over 16,000 square feet in land area.
The property is adjacent to commercially zoned property to the east, south, and west.
We have no objection with the petition.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
I have been sworn in.
This is in the same neck of the woods as the site just looked at, not too far away. The area is well-known for intensive uses and light and heavy industrial uses.
The request is in an area entirely encompassed by HC-24.
Just a traditional Euclidean request which is consistent with the pattern in the entire area.
Planning Commission staff has no objections.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
>>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, before Mr. Ferlita comes up, I think Mr. White was trying to alleviate any kind of heartburn from our attorney.
So white versus white, there was no relationship.
Ferlita versus Ferlita, there's a relationship -- no relationship.
Russell and I do know each other.
Russell, go ahead.
>> Russell Ferlita, 9808 north Armenia Avenue.
I represent the people who own the property and wish to rezone it and evidently there's no objection to it so if there are any questions I will be happy to answer.
>>GWEN MILLER: Any questions by council members?
Anyone in the public like to speak on item 7?
One person wants to speak.
Two people.
Two people want to speak.
>>> I have been sworn in.
I live at 4842 Edmond court, Dover, Florida.
My name is Harry pierce.
I tone property directly adjacent across the street from that on 10th Avenue which would be the north side.
The state bought some of the property from my father years ago, me and my brother and sisters purchased it.
Back then the state said the area is conducive to commercial property.
It's not conducive to residential property is what it's for.
Down 10th Avenue it's a highway.
We were in compliance and agree that they should get this commercial use.
Thank you.
>>> Yes, I have been sworn in.
My name is Tracie pierce and I'm just here to agree, and in compliance.
Property owner, 4706 east 10th Avenue, which is right next to the one that we own together.
And it's a freeway out of there.
When they close 40th street, it's going to turn into highway 10.
Thank you.
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak?
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>> Move to close.
(Motion carried)
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the vicinity of 4801 east 10th Avenue Tampa, Florida from zoning district classification RM-16 to CI providing an effective date.
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
(Motion carried)
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to open number 8.
>> So moved.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GLORIA MOREDA: The proposal is for rezoning to a PD.
The property is currently zoned RM-16.
The property is at 8506 north Mitchell Avenue.
The petitioner has had the property, that is, 100 feet by 95.
They are proposing to cut it into two 50-foot wide lots, 95 feet in depth.
They are planning to keep the existing house, and build one additional -- one new house in an interior lot.
The transportation division did indicate that they had questions and concerns, because one of the parking requirements was not being met by the existing house.
I took the liberty.
I passed to the petitioner without showing him what I have done, it would require -- I know -- it would require the extension of the driveway at the corner to be basically extended to 34th street and educated on the phone that it wouldn't be a problem, that he in fact, you know, would probably do that just to get that second parking space on there.
With that revision, I also indicated, he had indicated that there was a masonry wall around a very low sort of retaining wall and I indicated to that effect so it was not an indication it was allowing for a tall masonry wall and fence on the property lines.
With those changes, I think staff would have no objection with this petition.
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff?
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
Yes, I have been sworn in.
First, the land use category very quickly, Nebraska Avenue here, waters, this is just north of the dog track, right off the interstate.
Just west of Sulphur Springs area.
Driving through the area, in looking at land use, it's really kind of what a mix.
We have RS-50, then RM-60 through here.
There's a couple of home occupational uses through the area as you drive here.
There's a clinic in the area.
Commercial intensive.
So you have a plethora of uses in the area.
But as far as the residential component in the area, basically, we feel that this is consistent as far as contributing to bringing in new housing.
There have been several homes similar to this that have been built.
In the recent past.
And the mix is really older single family attached homes.
And there's a variety of different types.
As I said, there are some duplexes in the area, in the single-family are underutilized.
We feel anything we can do are supported by the Planning Commission whenever possible to help the population of housing population.
A population housing population needed by the City of Tampa.
So Planning Commission staff finds the request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner.
>>> Good evening.
My name is Anthony Galarza, Barry Circle.
I am representing the petitioner.
Exactly what city staff has indicated is why the petitioner is here because the lot is 50 by 95.
He doesn't want to build a single family residential house.
I dispute the two concerns with the two issues that the transportation department had.
One was the clarification of masonry wall.
In actuality, the survey put masonry wall on-site visit, they couldn't find because it's masonry block with hedges growing through it which was planted some time ago.
The second was about the parking on lot 1, which I spoke with Ms. Calloway from transportation division, and we all agree that extending the driveway on lot 1 would make the City Council and everyone in compliance and happy.
I would be more than happy to take any questions.
>>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?
Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak on item 8?
>> Move to close.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of 8506 north Mitchell Avenue and 505 east wood Avenue --.
>>GWEN MILLER: We asked if anybody in the public wanted to speak.
Come on up.
You have to move and come up front.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to reopen.
>> Second.
>>ROSE FERLITA: This gentleman was probably distracted by Mr. Garcia's explanation "plethora."
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion.
>>GWEN MILLER: We haven't voted.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Let's vote.
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to reopen.
(Motion carried)
Give me your name.
>>> My name is Miguel, I have been sworn.
I live on 808 east Fairbanks.
The property, the next property.
I've had problems with the other side for some time.
Now they have new tenants.
But before, they had prostitutes, drug addicts.
While I was working in the yard, a lady from that side came over and proposed to me.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Oh, gee-whiz.
>>> I'm married, got two kids.
I respect my wife.
I don't want a house built ten feet away, the window of my daughter's bedroom.
I close the window of my son's bedroom, four years old.
Because I caught some people.
So I don't work, stay at home taking care of my family.
The realtor doesn't have the problem.
I have the problem.
I'm the one, the family that lives there.
>>KEVIN WHITE: I would like to say, I don't think they would be building a brand new house, single-family is not going to be a rental, is it?
>>> The owners have the first house and they are renting that one.
They will be building a second one for rental, I believe.
>>> I'm stuck.
>>KEVIN WHITE: I don't think they will be seven feet from your daughter's window.
And the problems that you have addressed, they are not zoning issues, if you will.
And I don't think -- we have seven-foot setbacks on each side.
At a minimum I think they would be 14 foot away.
>>> They would have to drop a tree, which is over 40 inches wide.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do we have a site plan on this?
>> I do have site plans.
We are saving that big tree.
Like I said, again, we do meet all the setbacks, both sides, including the one that's already existing.
So we do have the 15 feet rear.
We do have the seven on the sides.
And then the one that's being split from there, they will have actually more than 13 from the property line.
And the 36-inch oak, which he's referring to, we are saving that.
>>GWEN MILLER: How many blocks from Fairbanks?
He's on Fairbanks.
It's one street over?
>> I think Fairbanks is the S one Street over?
>>> I'm right on the corner.
And then the on the corner of the same block.
>> He's actually with the existing house.
If he's on the corner, then the existing structure there, he is right behind the existing structure.
So he's catter-corner to the house I'm proposing.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
I think the petitioner, I have a question for you.
>>GWEN MILLER: You had a question?
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I had a question for petitioner.
I'll wait till he's done.
It's for the petitioner, my question.
>>> Are they planning to build is between my house and the existing house in that lot.
Thank you.
Let's hear the other gentleman.
Thank you.
Come up, sir.
>>> My name is Mike Keller.
I live at 8413 north Mitchell, almost a block south of the proposed rezoning.
I would like to point out that all the properties from Waters Avenue to the proposed rezoning sit on at least two lots.
So this is an intensive use for this little neighborhood.
It's a corner lot normally houses sit on more land than a corner lot just by virtue of being a corner lot.
We feel he's trying to stuff two houses into one small spot.
And if you look at the site plan, they don't have any yard.
It will be another example of a concrete slab in front of what I call a stucco mushroom, a house with no architectural attractiveness whatsoever, no landscaping, and two cars out front.
We are trying to avoid this in this neighborhood because this is northwest Sulphur Springs.
And we have avoided the blight that is in the core of the Sulphur Springs area.
We don't have a lot of duplexes, don't have a lot of rental houses.
Mostly owner occupied.
And it just sets a bad precedent for this neighborhood.
We would have no problem with petitioner trying to put one large nice house on this lot.
We feel it's too intensive for this area.
Thank you.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Have you been sworn?
>>> I'm afraid I skipped in somehow and didn't get sworn.
Do I have to say this all over again?
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It not too late.
(Oath administered by Clerk)
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Has everything you have been saying up to this point true?
>>> Yes.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sir, I just wanted to clarify what you said is along Mitchell and in that area.
Normally, our staff gives us a map and shows us how many houses are conforming and how many houses are nonconforming in terms of lot size.
Would you repeat what you said about whether the houses sit on one lot or two?
>>> Well, there's not a lot of residences in that three-block area.
The first block consists of a plumbing company on one side of the street, and their parking lot on the other.
The next block consists of my house on one side of the street, and two structures on the other.
One sits on four lots.
One sits on two.
The third block, would be on the corner.
Then behind him is this proposed two houses.
It's amazing, it's right here at Nebraska and waters, but it's a area with a lot of trees.
There is a 109 inch circumference on that oak tree, and I hope they don't plan to --.
>>GWEN MILLER: The tree will be there.
He's going to be saving the tree.
>>> Okay.
Well, if driveways go up to it, it's just a death warrant that will take place in five, ten years down the road.
But I would like to see it protected.
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
Question for the petitioner?
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ms. Moreda.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: I just wanted to clarify why I did not provide a map showing the ownership pattern.
This property, the property along Mitchell, is zoned RM-16.
In fact, this property is 9500 square feet in land area, and he could by right develop it for single-family attached three units and to develop single-family detached I felt was in keeping with that multifamily designation.
In fact, it's really a down-zoning of the parcel.
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the public hearing.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: An opportunity for the --.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, do you want to say anything else?
>>> Just wanted to clarify once again that it is zoned RM-16.
We are complying with a lot of the codes.
The only reason why we are in front of you like City Council said is because we fall short of the 5,000 square feet criteria.
But I do think that it is a buildable lot.
Thank you.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Looking at the site plan and the 36-inch oak, and it appears that the driveway is within about 7 feet of it, which isn't an adequate setback, I don't think.
>>> we are using impervious concrete along the side.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
>>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
Move to close the public hearing.
>> So moved.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
Even -- this area strikes me as typical of many areas of Tampa where the zoning really doesn't reflect what the actual land use is.
And the two neighbors who spoke, spoke of the single-family character of the area with the houses on relatively large lots.
Based on that I would like to move for disapproval.
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion dies for lack of second.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance in the vicinity of 506 north Mitchell Avenue and 05 east Wood Street from zoning district classification RM-16 to PD, two single detached single family dwellings, providing an effective date.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to open number 9.
>> So moved.
>> Second.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
The petitioner is proposing to rezone property at 3303 and 3317 West Swann Avenue to a planned development district.
The property is currently developed with the Temple Schaarai Zedek. The site plan shows the existing one-story sanctuary and classrooms that are approximately 30,000 square feet in area.
They are proposing a 12,450 square foot multi-use building, and the addition will maintain a 10-foot setback from Swann Avenue.
They have a preschool with 338 students, religions school with 450 students, and then the temple service, they have a membership of 336.
The site plan shows 118 parking spaces with three parking spaces 32 of which are grass.
They are asking for a waiver of that requirement, with access on Lincoln Avenue and DeLeon street.
There were a number of staff concerns raised in the report, and the site plan has been revised.
They have indicated that they will comply with all transportation, police department, and solid waste requirements as noted on the site plan.
And staff has no further objections.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
I have been sworn in.
Just a quick overview of the existing land uses in the area.
Residential to the south, and we have residential 35 to the north, CMU 35 to the west.
The congregation of Schaarai Zedek has been in the area for quite a long time, and is pretty established in the area.
We find its complimentary to existing uses in the area and serving the community.
Of course the request is for proposed expansion.
Planning Commission staff has no objection to the request.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
>>JIM SHIMBERG: Holland and Knight, 100 North Tampa Street.
I have been sworn.
This proposed change is also to allow eleven new classrooms along Swann Avenue in addition to the multi-purpose building and the PD zoning which reflect the existing condition plus the proposed changes.
We would be giving up two access points, one on Swann and one on Lincoln.
We worked out all the objections but had a couple calls from neighbors but we haven't been able to work out.
So we are requesting approval.
We are happy to answer any questions.
We have other people here in case there's questions that I can't answer.
>>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members?
Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak on item number 9?
Come up and speak.
>> My name is Patricia Bastille.
I live at 403 Magnolia in Tampa but I own a piece of property immediately adjacent to this proposed development, and I would like to speak in favor of it.
Everything they have ever done with that piece of property has been nothing but an improvement, and an advantage to the neighborhood.
They have a marvelous daycare center.
They have a wonderful staff.
They are the best neighbors anyone could ever have.
Thank you.
No, I don't attend the Schaarai Zedek.
>> Motion to close.
>> Second.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the area of 3303 and 3317 West Swann Avenue in the City of Tampa from zoning district classifications RM-24 to PD, place of worship, providing an effective date.
>> We have a motion and second.
(Motion carried)
We have a motion and second to open number 10.
(Motion carried)
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
I have been sworn.
The proposal is to rezone the property at 402 south Boulevard to a planned development district.
The development of 66 dwelling units.
There are two groupings of structures proposed on the property, building A, which is a 7-story structure surrounded by 3-story townhouses for a total of 40 units, and building B, which is a 3-story townhouse, 26 units, a total of 116 parking spaces are provided.
I have listed out the setbacks provided on the site plan.
This property is in the historic district, and the A.R.C. has reviewed the proposed rezoning and is supportive of the request.
They are asking for a waiver of chapter 13 in terms of reduction of green space down from 30% to 23%, as well as to allow for the removal of 50% of protected trees.
However, given the support of the A.R.C., staff has no objection with this petition.
I did receive two letters today of opposition that I'd like council to receive and file.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
I have been sworn in.
This site is located within the Hyde Park north neighborhood association district.
Land use category in the area is residential 35.
To the south of the proposed site.
As Ms. Moreda stated it's a request for 66 single family attached units with town homes and multifamily.
We feel the petition is consistent with the intensive permitted use of the land use category.
Land use element of Hyde Park is recognized in the comprehensive plan as an urban village.
We feel that the proposed request will provide a significant residential precedence in the area, and that the quality of the development will only serve to compliment the historic area.
The site is located in the transit corridor, and we feel that due to its proximity to the downtown area serves the intent of having residential uses in proximity to the business core.
Business plan finds the request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
>>> Good evening, council.
I have not been sworn in.
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else that needs to be sworn in, pleas raise your right hand.
Stand and raise your right hand.
Everybody who has not been sworn in.
(Oath administered by Clerk)
>>> My name is Mike McCann, vice-president of paradise development group.
We think that this site represents a unique opportunity to improve a part of the neighborhood which has not seen a revitalization that has occurred in other parts of Hyde Park.
Boulevard is an eastern Gateway into the Hyde Park neighborhood and due to the relative large size of the site we are able to present innovative site design which incorporates a variety of unit types and sizes, providing the visual diversity and character found elsewhere in the Hyde Park neighborhood.
And with that I'll turn it over to our land planning consultant Michael English with Wilson-Miller.
Thank you.
>>> I'm Michael English.
My business address is 1101 Channelside Drive, Tampa, Florida 33606.
And it's a pleasure to be here tonight.
This is a really important project for Hyde Park.
It's really the first time in many years that a new project has been proposed in the north part of Hyde Park on the east side Boulevard.
This property is just under two acres.
It surrounds the corner of the block and southeast corner, and we are removing a 20,000 square foot office building of absolutely no architectural value and replacing it with what I think you will see is a very wonderful housing project and one that will set an architectural stand for the neighborhood.
The rezoning request is to go from RO-1 to PD multifamily.
It will be a project containing 66 dwelling units, including 23 town homes and 38 flats.
About half of the town homes will be two-story.
They will be surrounding a 7-story tower which is located essentially facing Boulevard.
The remainder of the townhouses and flats not in the tower will be on the eastern side of the property.
They are on a scale to match the gory school buildings and the Friday morning music camp.
We have a staff recommendation for approval and we have an A.R.C. recommendation for approval.
There are three small waivers on the site plan which you will see.
We are very proud of the A.R.C. response to the project.
They liked it from the start.
We have been in front of them two times.
And we are looking forward to go back for a certificate of appropriateness.
In terms of public involvement, I want you to know that we met -- we have met with the leadership of Hyde Park preservation, Historic Hyde Park civic association, Hyde Park north civic association, the leadership council of the Friday morning music which was the scariest of the meetings that we attended and we had to be very sure they were happy with what we were doing, and the Gorrie school leadership which included the school principal and the presidents of the PSTA and the Gorrie foundation.
We had a traffic study undertaken which indicated that the net -- there is no net gain in traffic.
The traffic generation we were losing from the 20,000 square foot office building is roughly equal and slightly more than the traffic generation of our 66 townhouses.
There is a slight increase in peak hour generation both a.m. and p.m. but the traffic report and the city transportation staff felt that was negligible.
So essentially I'd like to turn this over to Steven Smith and let him talk to you about the architecture a little bit unless you have any regularulatory questions from me.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: This is a 7-story building that you are planning to put?
>>> That's correct.
>> What's seven stories in that area?
What's comparable in size in that area?
>>> I think Steven can address that.
>> Steven Smith, Cooper Johnson Smith, architects, 22 south west street in Channelside.
The question, we are going to show a number of precedents.
And one of those is the great old Seville, it's six stories, and just a wonderful, wonderful neighbor.
In fact --.
>> How close is that?
>>> We are -- Seville is on Dakota.
We are probably, I would say, less than a quarter mile away from the Seville.
Also, another project.
While I'm speaking about it, there's a great picture of the Seville.
There's been another project that has recently been approved, we think is also wonderful, called the Valencia.
>>ROSE FERLITA: Excuse me a second.
Maybe I'm having some problems hearing.
Would you mind moving the microphone up?
I just can't hear you.
>>> Okay.
Another project that has been recently approved that we think is very handsome is called the Valencia.
And it's proposed behind the movie theaters in Hyde Park, and it's seven stories.
It's equal height of what we are proposing.
It also has a component of townhouses.
That project was one that Del Acosta and A.R.C. actually promoted to become more dense, and would become taller so that we would have more of an urban village in the appropriate areas of Hyde Park.
I think that's what we are going to talk about.
This is really kind of a perfect site and the perfect project for this kind of project.
What we are wanting to show is this is the kind of urban solution that answers some of the questions, more people moving in Hyde Park, Hyde Park's transition with the area surrounding downtown.
And we are going to show you some precedence like the Seville that are showing you that we are actually using components that are existing in Hyde Park for this project.
A long answer to a short question.
>>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?
Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak on item number 10?
You may come up and speak.
>>> Sorry.
Could we make a presentation?
>>GWEN MILLER: We have two people in opposition, then you can come back and answer that question when you will be doing all that.
Would you like to come and speak?
>> Patricia Bastille.
I have been sworn.
I live at 403 South Magnolia.
I am barely a block away from this.
We purchased our dilapidated piece of property in 1997 and spent 3 or 4 years and a lot of money to restore a house built in 1890 and dealt with the A.R.C., down to every last detail.
My son purchased a house at 801 Azeele directly across from this property that was built in the late 1800s by the Plant family.
And he has restored it and lives there.
And now we find ourselves, this will be the ultimate, the final, the last blow.
Every other house on Azeele is a house, a two and a half story house, old, beautifully kept, granted they are occupied by attorneys except for my sons and for our house.
What can we do?
I mean, there is nothing more than three stories high, including Hyde Park Methodist church.
If you go all the way down to Bayshore, or you go over to 345, that's the closest high building.
I mean, they are all single-family -- it's RO-1.
And you're putting this in?
I just -- it's the end.
The end of any concept.
We bought houses that were demolishable, wouldn't have had a question about tearing them down, and we restored them and brought them back to some semblance, even Randy Emerman moved that building, that house, where Walgreen's is now, moved it down Azeele street and planted it there.
It's a beautiful street.
And you're not going to increase the traffic?
That laboratory building, if it had any traffic at all, if it had any traffic at all, it was a couple of trucks at 5:00 in the morning bringing in supplies.
I don't think it even had five employees for the past three years.
It has been doing nothing.
It was a pathology laboratory.
It wasn't a business.
It was a pathology laboratory.
I mean, you're going to have 66 units?
That means you're going to have at least 125 parking spaces?
God knows how many cars, how many occupants.
Most of these places are going to have at least two cars.
Have you ever been down there when school was coming in and going out?
You have to park all -- I mean, you get in line.
There is no parking.
Oh, after 5:00, you can park anywhere you want because all the accountants and the lawyers go home.
So you are going to impact this neighborhood with a high-rise parking garage, and all this other stuff.
That's the end.
If you look at Azeele street, they are all beautiful, old, single-family residences that are used for either residences or offices.
It's just -- it's the end.
Would somebody like to buy my house?
Because between that and the -- it's just -- the school.
How --.
(Bell sounds)
Want to buy my house?
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
>>> Good evening.
My name is Ziello, the president of north Hyde Park neighborhood association. I did want to make an appearance this evening. I did meet with the developers.
They did show me the plans.
There are some nice things about this.
But I am very concerned.
I have a child at gory elementary that all safeguards are put in place for children and exists out of the building and anything that we can foresee that would help.
As you know, there are three or five other high-rises coming into our neighborhood as we speak.
They are building them.
And within the next couple of years, there will be, I think there's three of them I know that have around 60 units just within a quarter mile of each other.
So I just want to make sure that you do consider any safeguard that you could put in place particularly for the schools, and look at the density of this project.
And then make your decision.
Thank you very much.
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
>>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead.
Does anyone else in the audience want to speak first?
Go ahead.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, under council rules, he does have the opportunity to finish his presentation if he wishes.
>>GWEN MILLER: If you can tans question that the two ladies had.
>>> Sure.
And we do have to say that we have presented this project, I think, about eight times now and it really has always received glowing recommendations from whoever we have presented it to.
In addressing some of those things, we felt just the opposite of the homeowner.
>>GWEN MILLER: He's soft spoken.
>>> We of course feel just the opposite of the homeowner.
We feel the opposite.
Because we feel this project is the shot in the arm that that neighborhood needs.
Hyde Park Methodist has done a terrific job in stimulating that neighborhood.
But in the presentation we made to Gorrie, we know that there are issues over at that school.
They have problems with vagrants and so on.
Getting more residents in that portion of Hyde Park is just the perfect thing to revitalize.
Now we are not saying that a project like this needs to be on every block.
In fact, that's our point.
When we show the Seville, that these need to be sparingly placed in Hyde Park, and that's what A.R.C. has said and that's how they agree with us.
I'd like to also say that a building of this size, which is very, very close to the Seville, can be a terrific neighbor, and we have taken a lot of precautions to make it so.
We sit on a very large site.
And I'll show you how far we are set back away from neighbors, and the street, and how our architecture compliments the architecture in the neighborhood.
Here's a picture of the Seville that shows just how well a building like this can be a neighbor.
It occupies two typical Hyde Park lots.
It's on 120 feet of property.
And this shot is showing that it doesn't have a 30 or 40-foot setback with a single family neighbors, it has a 7-foot side yard.
And it's absolutely fine.
Now we are not asking you do that but I just want to show you that let's think about this when we think about a project of this mass.
Some other precedents that we used that we feel make this project very strong is that we are also going to have a small pocket park at one portion of the site that can be used by everyone, as well as we think the best part of the project is that we have an urban, a pedestrian terrace, much like bungalow terrace, that will also be open to everyone.
So we feel like beyond the merits of the project we are also giving some components back to Hyde Park.
Some photos quickly of bungalow terrace.
I'll show you on our site plan.
We have a 40-foot wide pedestrian walkway.
It's lined with entrances.
This is not a commercial building.
And I'll show you the elevation so that you can see that.
This sort of publicway separates them from the townhouses.
There's a similar and much beloved project down in Miami.
This is Espanola way that used to be an artist's colony.
It's a 40-foot right-of-way.
It happens to be vehicular so if you were to squint and combine the attributes of bungalow terrace with the massing of the two and three-story townhouses, we feel this is going to become just an interesting place for people to walk the way bungalow terrace is.
What I would like to do now is explain the scheme.
I'm not sure if the woman with the negative opinion has seen the scheme.
So I'd like to take you through it.
Do you see this clearly?
I won't take you through all eight boards that the A.R.C. requested.
I'll try to speed this up.
But this drawing shows Azeele Street, Horatio, and Brevard.
The scale, you can see a parking space on the parking lot of the Friday Morning Musical which is this property which we respect very much.
In fact we are drawn architectural inspiration from it.
There are some things we have to work with.
There T remains of Spanish town creek, really the origin of the City of Tampa, run along the edge of the site and gives us a great opportunity to create the park that I was talking about at the corner of Brevard and Azeele street.
The project here is broken into the two elements.
This is building A.
It's a 7-story mid-rise element that is sitting upon a two-story base of townhouses.
There's a very, very compact parking garage within that base that's never seen from the street.
We'll show you in the elevations there are two entry portals, arched entry portals with housing on each side and over the top to gain access to that garage.
So nowhere in this project will you see the car.
The townhouse component over here is made up of three and two-story building components.
And that was directed with A.R.C..
They didn't want to see a three-story over there so we varied the elevations and I think it really does help when you see those.
Access to that is gained by a new alley that we are creating along the rear of the property.
So again garage doors in all of the traffic areas of the project are hidden.
Other aspects of the site in terms of how many units I think we went over essentially 40, and this portion of the site.
The other thing we want to do is not concentrate vehicles in any one location.
We have three entry and access points, two for the garage, one for the alley.
The garage contains 71 cars.
But it's two floors that are not connected to one another.
I can show you how that works.
They are independent of one another.
So there's never more than 35 and a half cars that can enter and exit any one location.
If this street were developed as single-family houses, and with two cars on each lot, you would have 18 to 20 cars just along that street with a single-family residence.
The remainder of the cars, I believe it's 40 or so, would enter and exit on south Brevard.
So we try to take them into consideration in what we feel is equal traffic as an office building but disburse it in three ways.
This is a large, large site.
If I were to show you a drawing of the Seville, you wouldn't believe it.
It would be completely surrounded by houses on all sites.
This first elevation is west Horatio street.
So we are showing this is south Boulevard, trees on each side.
We're showing the base, which is really a townhouse project in itself, almost forgetting the mid-rise above it.
We have tailored this in no way would you sense this is a garage.
There's units in and front doors on all sides.
And again a living unit over a portal that gains access to the garage.
Five stories above that, too.
They set substantially in.
To give you a little notion of the setbacks, if the surrounding neighborhood varies from 10 to 14 feet in the setbacks that are residences, we're 15 feet back to our townhouses, and then another 20 feet back to where the upper portion starts.
So we are 35 feet back at the nearest point.
On the sides, I'll show you where 50 feet back where that upper portion is.
But looking at the components, this is Friday Morning Musical, to scale.
It's about three stories in its scale with its loft.
Here's it's parking lot.
It has some beautiful trees, and I didn't mention trees.
Luckily the great trees on our site occur over in that park area so we are not going to be taking down any large trees.
This is the portion of the townhouses that turn onto Horatio.
As you can see, they are very small in scale.
And then there is the opening, the 40-foot wide Avenue that is the pedestrian walkway that would be oak lined, and canopy covered.
This is the 40-foot dimension between the two components.
Again, down to west Azeele at the bottom, and you're seeing again the mid-rise, the pedestrian walkway, and then those units along Azeele, two-story townhouses as well as three-story townhouses.
And they are about the same scale.
We have tall three-story houses on retaining wall basis across the street.
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a question for you.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What is the distance between the townhouses we are looking at now and Friday Morning Musical?
>>> Okay.
That is 65 feet.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay, great.
And that's just open?
>>> Yes.
It's wide open and left the way it is right now.
Everything works with the musical.
It's wonderful.
It has street parking that's rarely used.
So it will be a good neighbor.
Just a little bit more about -- I'll show you some quick floor plans just to show how the upper portion of this building really gathers in as it gets above two stories.
We're showing the sidewalk along Azeele and Horatio.
And that's again a 20-foot setback where Spanish town creek is, and then 15 on Horatio.
And then this is the 50-foot dimension that this portion of the building is set back.
And again, if I were to draw the Seville on this, if you can follow my hand, it has that kind of mass to it.
So we have a building roughly the same as, much larger.
The other buildings surrounding don't even show up on this.
We do have a drawing that we did for A.R.C. because they like to see other outlines of buildings around it, that can show you where those are, if you would like to see that.
This face of the upper stories are again 20 feet back from this face and 15 from the sidewalk.
So it does sort of wedding cake and terrace it.
But a little bit about really all sides of this project are really fronts.
Except for those three entry points, we have front doors and activity and balconies on every phase of this building.
We really have left nothing undesigned.
In fact, we are having to work hard to find places for things like air conditioning units.
They will go up on roofs.
They won't be seen.
Neighbors won't ever look at them.
So we are taking extraordinary care.
More plans of the upper portion of the building.
You can see the outline, the townhouses below, and then set it in, again 51 feet, are the upper floors of that building.
These units are relatively small.
They range in size from 800 square feet to 1600 square feet.
So these are not huge.
There may be an observation area on the roof so that all of the residents, if they are in a townhouse, can come up and enjoy a view of the bay.
That's what this is showing.
We thought that most of the issues would be with city staff in terms of solid waste and transportation and so on, and over I think the last two months we have worked with them to really have a staff region all of those issues.
But if you like for me to go into any of those items, compacters and such --
Let's see if council members have any questions.
Any council members have any questions?
Mrs. Saul-Sena.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm really, really familiar with this site.
I used to play at the houses across the street before they were torn down, and then that ugly office was built, which was really one of the ugliest buildings in town and I think what you are proposing here is attractive, it's to scale, it reminds me of the Seville, and also reminds me of the sort of detailing you see in the old Tampa terrace hotel, which we lost.
And I just think it's going to work real well.
The fact that the mass is really facing North Boulevard -- or South Boulevard and its step down towards the side streets, I think it's going to fit.
I was very concerned when I heard about this initially because I thought, my God, structured parking, it's going to be hideous.
But you have really hidden it.
I was really concerned about that.
And it doesn't look or feel like a lot of structured parking.
It looks like urban development and it looks really well detailed.
>>> Thank you.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I'm having to take a different view on this.
It's too large for this area.
This is a residential office area.
It's not compatible as far as I can see.
It's just too large.
It's going to change the character of this building -- of this neighborhood.
I'm surprised that there are not any more people here that live in this area that would say this.
Because to me, it just too big.
It just doesn't go in this neighborhood.
You told me about the Seville, and that's on the other side.
I don't recall how far down, but it's not even close.
If you want to put -- it's a beautiful building, I have to admit.
It's a beautiful, attractive building.
But it's not this neighborhood.
And then you have a school right next to it that they are trying to do some work with it.
And it's just to me is just not compatible.
And I can't -- and it a local street.
I don't think it's a collector.
And it too small.
And you are putting in 66 units with another 125 cars in there, which is what this little lady said when she was here, and I have to respect her feelings on this thing.
She lived in this area.
I don't live in this area but I go by there quite often.
And this is just not a compatible use for it.
That's my feeling on it.
>>ROSE FERLITA: I do live in this area.
You're asking me to look at the Seville.
Consider the Seville when you are proposing this.
So I do exactly that.
How many units are in the Seville?
>>> I don't know right offhand.
>> I think there's two for each floor.
>>> Two or three per floor, yes.
>> So six floors, maybe 12 units, something like that?
That was there long before many of us bought homes in Hyde Park.
So we were kind of infringing on their territory instead of them infringing on ours.
As a matter of course, instead of going from Willow down Swann towards Boulevard and then to the left on Boulevard, I typically go across Swann to Platt and avoid that already congested area.
Lots of children.
Lots of congestion.
I'm quite surprised that there are not many people here in opposition.
You're asking for -- this is going to do nothing but exacerbate the congested problem we already have but this in no way or fashion seems it's at all compatible.
It's a beautiful project.
But where you are asking to put it, even if you down-size it a little bit, I'm struggling with even looking at it on a smaller scale.
I cannot support it at all.
It is just too big.
And I'm very, very surprised that there are not many people here, that they are not in opposition.
With all due respect to your project, pretty project, horrible location, won't support it.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to speak to my deep knowledge of this area, and why I think that this works.
Number one, the Friday Morning Musical is one of the best buildings in Hyde Park, and it's delicate, and this building does not overwhelm it because you're set back 50 feet from it.
Then you have a 3-story structure.
Then there's another 40 feet.
Then you get to the townhouses and the tower.
That was one of my first concerns.
I really feel that it protects the Friday Morning Musical.
Secondly, Gorrie school.
When I was a young planner the school board was planning to tear it down and make it into a parking lot for Wilson.
And I went to them and said, trust me, there are going to be young families in the neighborhood.
Sure enough it's bursting at the seams because it's so well loved, and there are so many young families and their building is a structure across the street.
Next -- across the street you have a 3-story apartment building that's built up.
You have got very dense homes.
And I really feel like what you're proposing here is compatible.
And lastly, Hyde Park.
Hyde Park is protected by the A.R.C..
They are picky, picky, picky.
You all have been in front of them.
You have been in front of all the civic organizations.
Hyde Park, I think-s only second to Davis Island in terms of showing up if they aren't happy with something.
The fact we have had such a low level of turnout like one in maybe a person speaks to the fact that you have designed something that's compatible.
And based on that, I think it's a good project.
And so -- have we closed the public hearing?
>>GWEN MILLER: Not yet.
Mr. White.
>>KEVIN WHITE: I have one quick question, maybe two.
You said you had about eight different meetings.
Have those been with the neighborhood associations, and who else?
>>> I believe it's been three neighborhood associations.
The principal and representative of the PTA at Gorrie and the Friday musical folks.
Actually, our very first step was with just a rough ugly sketch.
We went down to A.R.C. and got feedback there.
And it really helped us a great deal.
So we have been in meetings with A.R.C. four times.
Three of those with the design review board, and one a public hearing.
And it's really just proceeded very, very well.
And I know you all know that Hyde Park preservation, ink, is just a very difficult group to please, and they have been very, very supportive and felt that this was the sort of thing that will help that neighborhood.
In responding to this is not the right place, the Seville is a wonderful neighbor, and the most sensitive area of Hyde Park possible.
There are single family houses tight to that building as can be.
And it seems like this project is so much less dense and is in so much more of a mixed neighborhood as far as institutional building, having offices around it, very few competing residences with it, it just seems like -- it seems like the perfect, perfect site from an urban designer standpoint.
So I wish I could appeal to maybe some of the emotions that have been seen here.
But it just seems like being able to create this kind of value in that neighborhood will, one, bring back housing in that neighborhood.
I feel the opposite way, that it will not move people out, but it will actually begin to convert those offices because the offices moved there primarily because values dropped and it's undesirable as a residential neighborhood.
But look again at the neighborhood around Seville.
It's the hottest place in Hyde Park.
So please don't vote this down based on its apparent size, when it's really what the urban village like Hyde Park needs, at special locations.
Again, I mentioned Valencia just previously approved behind the theaters.
Again it's a great location because it's adjacent to commercial, institutional, but it is actually surrounded by far more residential, and it will have a greater impact on our project.
So please, please rethink that.
>>KEVIN WHITE: I guess that was the basis for my question.
Because I'm teetering.
I also think it's a beautiful project.
I've taken into consideration Ms. Ferlita's concerns because she lives there.
I've taken Ms. Saul-Sena's concerns because she knows the area like the back of her hand.
I'm very familiar with the area as well.
But I don't frequent it as much as they have to.
But we'll see where it goes.
But on the surface, I think it's a decent project, and I too am concerned that there aren't more people out -- I'll put it this way.
I do know those neighborhoods and the civic associations and the other associations that you have mentioned are very active, and if they were in opposition, they would be here in droves without question.
So we'll see what goes.
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the public hearing.
>> So moved.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GWEN MILLER: We'll see where it goes.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of 402 south Boulevard and 813 and 815 west Horatio street in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from zoning district classifications RO-1 to PD residential multifamily providing an effective date.
>> I have a motion and second.
All in favor of the motion say Aye.
Opposed, Nay.
>>THE CLERK: Alvarez and Ferlita no.
>>GWEN MILLER: The motion passes.
We need to open item number 11.
>> So moved.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
The proposal before you is for a planned development district. The property is located at 104, 106 south Habana which is an existing seven single-family attached dwelling property.
The reason they are requesting the rezoning to a PD is to allow for the platting of that parcel as a subdivision.
They have a site plan that shows 15 off-street parking spaces in the front of the residential units.
Their existing -- there are existing two-story structures and it is masonry construction.
The petitioner has revised the site plan to comply with stormwater requirements, chapter 23, subdivision regulations, as well as the building code related to platting.
And they are asking for waivers as it relates to the parking lot design.
It is an existing parking lot, and they are asking for waiver of the landscape as it relates to that parking lot.
However, the site plan does have a rather large green area in the back.
I did have an aerial to show.
It's this parcel right here.
When I first looked at this petition, it been around under Angela Hurley's time and when I too took it I wrote a scathing staff report just because they were asking for the parking lot in front of the units.
Then I looked at the aerial and thought, oh, my goodness, it's existing.
It's existing.
And they are wanting just to sell off the units as single-family detached residents.
They are willing to comply with the code requirements to that effect.
And staff has no objections.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
Yes, I have been sworn in.
Some of the land use categories in the area briefly along Kennedy Boulevard, RMU 60, and 35 to the south.
As Ms. Moreda said the applicants are requesting a PD for the apartment buildings for seven single-family attached units.
As far as consistency with the comprehensive plan, the policies of the plan talk about the importance of stable neighborhoods.
Projects should be minimally disruptive to areas as an existing use.
Also emphasis should be placed on the recycling stock where appropriate.
We feel the request is consistent with all of these policies.
In addition to the request is adjacent to urban 60 uses along Kennedy Boulevard so we feel the potential has a potential positive effect.
Planning Commission staff find the proposed request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner.
>>> I have not been sworn in.
(Oath administered by Clerk)
>>> My name is bill haze.
I live at 1310 south moody street, Tampa, Florida 33629.
I am one of the owners of the subject property of 104 and 106 south Habana.
We are here to petition to rezone the property from RM-16 to PD.
Our specific reason is to recognize these preexisting -- preexisting conditions and to comply with the current codes of the table.
Under comprehensive plan, I just want to note a couple of paragraphs.
The request is consistent with this policy, the proposal is compatible and integrating with the adjacent multifamily developments to the west and south of the property.
We believe that this proposal has a potential, positive impact on the future of revitalizations of Kennedy Boulevard.
Thank you.
I have got a couple pictures, also, of the property.
>>GWEN MILLER: Council has questions?
>>> This is the property when we first purchased the two buildings.
This is a current picture now.
The project is not finished but as you can see we have done some landscaping and some -- not structural but cosmetic work to the properties, cleaning up of the properties.
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak on item 11?
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>> Motion and second to close.
(Motion carried)
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of 104 and 106 south Habana in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from zoning district classifications RM-16 residential multifamily to PD, seven single-family attached dwellings, providing an effective date.
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
(Motion carried)
Number 12 is a continued public hearing.
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move to open.
>> Second.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
This is a continued public hearing.
I believe Ms. Alvarez requested that the project be redesigned to bring the building towards Habana Avenue.
The site plan has been revised.
It is indicating a building, an office building with 5,355 square feet for general office as well as -- no, that's the total square footage.
It's 1760 square feet of medical office and 3595 square feet of professional office.
They did orient the building towards Habana.
They are asking for a reduction of green space as it relates to the interior parking lot but that's really in an effort to maximize the green space at the perimeter of the project.
We do think it's a nice site plan, and have no objections to the request.
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission?
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Ms. Moreda, just a matter of procedure.
I have been by that and I never did see a public notice sign.
Do you have a copy of that?
>>GLORIA MOREDA: That would be the city clerk's office that had that.
This was a continued public hearing.
I think it was originally scheduled for possibly as early as November of last year.
And when you are continuing, you are not required to repost.
So there probably was a sign posted for one of the first hearings.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I never saw one.
Thank you.
>>TONY GARCIA: I already gave my report at the last meeting.
But just so you know, I have seen the site plan, they have complied, I believe at Ms. Alvarez' request.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner.
>>> Dick Lorossa, 311 North Newport Avenue.
I was sworn in this morning.
Does that still count?
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I don't know what the rule is on that.
(Oath administered by Clerk)
We did in fact go back to the table and revise the plan.
We shifted the building further towards Habana.
We are increasing the buffer around the perimeter.
I'll go ahead and put this on the Elmo.
A bit small but I believe you have the plans there.
We increased landscaping around the buffers.
We pushed the building closer to Habana.
And I respectfully request your approval at this point.
If you have any questions.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: It looks good.
As a matter of fact, I think the neighbor on your north is going to be a lot happier.
>>> Yes.
We were actually going to do a decorative wall and increased the number of oak trees as well.
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the public like to speak on item 12?
>> Move to close.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of 5101 north Habana Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1 in zoning district classifications RS-50 residential single-family to PD medical office, professional office, providing an effective date.
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
(Motion carried)
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open 13.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
The request is for a special use petition for a church of the property is currently zoned RS-50.
They are asking for a number of waivers.
They are requesting to reduce the building side yard set back from 40 feet to 29 feet on the east side, 10 feet on the west.
They are asking to allow for grass parking, except for the ADA spaces.
Reduction of the landscape buffer ten feet along the east property line to zero.
And to allow for the reduction of from 26 feet to 24 feet with access on the local street.
This property is located at 4104 East Ellicott street.
They are proposing to develop the property for 120-seat church.
The site plan has been resized.
They have added a number of notes to satisfy transportation's request, solid waste's request, stormwater's requirement, as well as the Construction Services Center requirements.
This apparently is not requiring the waivers for the Variance Review Board.
I just wanted to indicate that.
They are less than an acre so they are not having to go for the tree removal requirements.
My staff report indicated that I did not receive an indication that the petitioner had the support of the adjacent residential for the buffer waiver that's being requested.
And I would hope that if anyone is here they could either speak in opposition to that matter, but except for that point, we would have no objection to this petition.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
I have been sworn in.
The land use designation that you see the proposed request is residential 35.
There is a multifamily use directed to the south with single-family homes adjacent to the site.
Being a proposed church, of course, it's a neighborhood serving the immediate community which is why we felt initially when it was first brought in, it was really not pedestrian friendly as far as accessibility of the church to the pedestrian community.
They have met a lot of the requirements and have made the proposed site plan we feel addresses previous compatibility issues regarding surrounding residential uses, the relocation of the church and the daycare, more to the front, closer to the street, placing parking along the side and rear of the lot, we feel establishes a more positive relationship to the neighborhood.
We would like to make sure also that there is appropriate pedestrian accessibility of the site to the adjacent pedestrian uses in the area.
Planning Commission staff based on changes made does find the newly submitted plan consistent with the comprehensive plan.
Thank you.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
>>> My name is J.D. Al Sabab, Tampa.
I am already sworn.
I am presenting my client, freedom ministry church.
And of course I'm with that project.
The proposed physical is that we are requesting special use as to the church, and we are not requesting daycare.
We already take it off from our request.
So probably just one correction.
Of course, as we see, we are proposing for 5,000 square foot worship center with 47 parking space.
As you see, this is the property, and surrounded by residential.
And covers commercial in this site and model home in the north side of it.
And we believe that we see reaction from the neighbor that they are looking to have church within that area.
And I would like for the record, we have letter from the neighbor, if we can add it.
Basically, we move the building to the front area to make it adjacent to that existing residential, and of course we take care of all.
Also the issue that I want to bring to your attention, Ms. Moreda indicated a 6-foot brick wall around it.
We get already approval from the two to the east and the north neighbor and we would like to put it in the record also.
>>GWEN MILLER: Can I stop you for a second and see if anyone in the audience wants to speak on item number 13?
Does anyone in the audience want to speak on 13?
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance approving a special use permit S-2 approving a church in an RS-50 residential single-family CI commercial intensive and RM-24 multifamily residential district in the general vicinity of 4104 East Ellicott Street in the city of Tampa, Florida, described in Section 1 herein, reducing the side yard setback from 40 feet to 29 on the east side and 10 feet to the west, allowing for parking on the grass except for ADA parking, a waiver is granted to reduce the required 10-foot landscape buffer along the east property line to zero, allowing the reduction of the drive aisle from 26 feet to 24 feet, waiving the required access to an arterial or collector street allowing access to a local street, allowing the petitioner to seek a waiver from the Variance Review Board on chapter 13, tree and landscape code, providing an effective date.
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
(Motion carried)
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open 14.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GLORIA MOREDA: I have been sworn.
At the beginning of this hearing today, the petitioners did bring a revised site plan to try to address the staff comments.
It is a graphical change to the site plan.
There is no objection with going forward and them discussing the changes made to the site plan but staff has not seen it and we would ask that at the end that the hearing be continued possibly for two weeks so that staff has the opportunity to evaluate the new site plan.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Before you begin --.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: I have been sworn.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I believe this site plan that you have before you has not been filed following the 13-day rule.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: That's correct.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Therefore, if you wish to consider this site plan, you must first then waive your policy to go forward with it not having been filed within the requisite time.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Based on the number of residents who sat through to the very last item to be heard on this, I would like to go ahead with it.
So I move to waive our rules to allow this to be considered even though the site wasn't filed within the 13 days.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GWEN MILLER: Continue.
>>GLORIA MOREDA: The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property at 3518 -- I think I might have got ten wrong number there.
I'm not sure which one it is.
We'll correct the address.
But it's at the corner of Henderson and Swann Avenue.
They are proposing to demolish the Walgreen's and reconstruct. The site plan that staff had reviewed has a Walgreen at 17,000 square feet, and two drive-through windows on the north side of the building.
57 off-street parking spaces were shown.
Two driveways on Henderson as well as one on Swann.
The petitioners were asking for a number of waivers in the site plan that's based on our report.
Basically, the petitioners have indicated to me that they have redesigned their working lot to comply with the required number of parking spaces, they are now showing compact spaces, and that they indicate that they will be meeting the required number of parking.
As well as the buffering requirement to the adjacent residential is now satisfied.
They are providing the 15-foot buffer.
With the commitment to comply
The drive-through window is on the north side away from the residential area, and at that point, if their site plan is what they say it is we would not have objection.
How far, I would like to remind council just to, at the end of the meeting, possibly just continuing.
It could be depending on council's mood to a day meeting.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I have a collar fakes for the record.
It appears that there are objections from other departments.
When you refer to staff, Ms. Moreda, do you refer to staff being all the departments of the city or do you refer to just Land Development Coordination?
>>> My understanding is they are willing to comply with all staff requirements which includes solid waste, transportation, all of them.
>> It's your testimony then that that would remove the objection --
>>> wouldn't re -- if what they are telling me is correct on the site plan it would remove our objections.
>> Thank you.
I just wanted clarification as to whether she's speaking for land development or administration.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I just want to ask Ms. Moreda a question.
This isn't the same site that Eckerd's was on at Henderson and Swann, is it?
>> No.
This has always been a Walgreen's.
This one, if you want the history, this site was applied for rezoning, same extension to the residential area, probably around 1994.
I think it might be in the back of my staff report that indicates the years.
That petition was denied.
They did not get approval.
Walgreen's designed it to fit the commercial property, the CG property that allowed for the pharmacy.
I think they have come back now, and they are trying again basically.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
Yes, I have been sworn in.
Mrs. Alvarez, just real quick answer to your question.
I think what you're talking about is probably farther south on Henderson Boulevard, a CVS now.
>> What's that side street?
>>> It's south of Lois.
Past Lois.
In the Palma Ceia west neighborhood association is where the one that you're talking about, about a half mile further to the south on Henderson.
But back to the issue again, I also believe, to add onto what Ms. Moreda said on the original petition, I believe the drive-through was actually going to be further to the east, where now where she's talking about you can visualize the area, there's a dry cleaner's over here, there's a T mobile catter-corner, there's a couple commercial uses.
They are older.
They have got the proper zoning district which is R-10 to the south.
So everything else is pretty much residential.
Of course we have R-20 here to the east, and we have CMU 35 along Henderson, and of course it drops off.
There's a refurbished office building right over here.
And this site basically, they are basically going to tear this building down, move it up about 15 feet so actually it becomes more urban in character, become closer to this corner over here, so this parking they are going to lose over here they are wanting to put additional parking that they are being displaced over here, over here, and then of course the -- over here will be wedged practically between the north face of the Walgreen's building and the north face of the office building with of course proper buffering, proper setback from that building to the north.
The concern that the Planning Commission had regarding the actual design of the site was adequate buffering from the residential to the east, and again going back to the issue of the new site plan that's going to be proposed, they will be meeting the 15 foot buffer that we have concerns about.
I'm sure for who know that there will be single-family uses directed to the east of the site on the north side of Swann, those are going to be converted into town homes, so they will be from a mass and scaling point something much more significant than what's currently there that will be adjacent to the Walgreen's.
As far as any potential commercial expansion into the area, I think they are going to be pretty restricted as to what -- there's really no room for any more commercial, I believe into the residential area; these will be town homes to the north, and of course anything else that would have to come in will have to come in when they are rezoning a request for any type of use that will be there to the north side, free commercial consideration by council in the future.
So we have seen a modification of the Walgreen's.
It will not just be a Walgreen's with just walls around it from what we have seen.
We have requested and have and the applicant has accepted to make it a very decorative Walgreen's, having window treatments along the sides, and will be providing a significant landscaping to accentuate the Walgreen's.
We feel that the proposed request is consistent with the policy of expansion appropriate commercial uses adjacent of residential uses only if they mitigate the effect of the expansions of nonresidential traffic into the adjacent neighborhoods.
It will be maintained at the existing ingress and egress they have along Swann and university Boulevard.
Planning Commission staff, based on what we have received by them, by the applicant, finds the proposed request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
>> Isn't there a prohibition against drive-throughs within 50 feet of residential uses?
>>> This is not -- it adjacent ton a commercial use.
>> You have got a drive-through 50 feet -- I'm just eyeballing it so it might be like 56 feet or something.
But it appears to me that there's a residential use to the east of this property, and then you have got a drive-through.
I mean, don't have a scale in my hand.
There's a 34-foot dimension.
>> The site plan has been revised again.
That site plan you are log at meets the 50-foot setback.
>> What is the distance?
>>GLORIA MOREDA: 50 feet from the residential property line.
>> So the rule is it has to be 50 neat, and it's 50 feet?
>>> Yes.
It's at least that.
They are not asking for waiver.
What you're -- what you're thinking of is the special use conditions and the CG district where the 50 foot setback was required.
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner.
>>> I have been sworn.
400 North Tampa Street, representative of the applicant Walgreen's corporation.
With me today is Angela Beluccia, traffic engineer, and the real estate representative from Walgreen's.
I have several documents to present.
It's in the record, if I may may do so.
I think that Gloria did a pretty good job summarizing the application.
The unfortunate part at the end she talked about the rezoning petition from 1991 and 1992.
We view this as far different from that petition at that point in time.
We are requesting the ability to redevelop the Walgreen's drugstore at the northeast corner of Anderson and Swann.
We are proposing to tear down the existing store and build a new store with a drive-through, that's correct.
The existing store was built in 1992, has a design that's not functional and has moo drive-through. The site the store sits on is zoned commercial general while the property we are incorporating into the site plan to the east is zoned RM-24.
The petition we have filed is in the least intensive plan that could possibly be filed for this particular proposed development.
We have reviewed the prior submittal plans with staff, Planning Commission, and also zoning staff, and took several months to review those plans with staffs before we submitted application for the rezoning itself.
Actually the original plan that we had proposed would have left the existing building as is, and would have required that we build the drive-through within the confines of one of the residentially zoned lots.
Planning Commission was not favorable to that, would require the comprehensive plan amendment, and the Planning Commission staff asked us to go back and really look at the project again and try to develop something that in fact would be much more consistent with the neighborhood.
We took that advice from the Planning Commission very seriously, and in fact what we did was we went ahead and Walgreen's decided to in fact agree to tear down the existing store, to rebuild the store further to the intersection, towards the intersection, I should say, to have the drive-through completely out of any currently residential zoned properties, and to meet the setback requirements that the code provides for, and that Ms. Saul-Sena just referred to.
So we took that direction very seriously, came up with a site plan as proposed.
Gloria just mentioned there were four waiver requests that we had submitted with our site plan of record.
Those waivers, the buffer which we asked for reduction on the east side from 15 feet to 8 feet, concerned also the existing number of parking spaces, we have now eliminated all the waiver requests, we have provided another site plan to Gloria, not formally submitted yet but we certainly have it this evening, we are basically providing for the 15-foot buffer, we are providing for 63 parking spaces, as required by code, and we are going to be consistent with the code in all respects.
Our proposal -- by the way, the documents that Angela announced I am going to refer to during my presentation, but included within that document, you should have photographs at the beginning of it of the current store, the office building to the north, and the second photograph is just a photograph of the intersection as well.
The elevations that we are proposing for the new store are also shown as I handed out to you, we have an elevation from Henderson Boulevard.
You will note the elevation depicts display windows on Henderson Boulevard and also display window along Swann as well.
Those display windows were part of the discussions we had with the Planning Commission staff.
They said do something unique with the building, do something community oriented.
The display windows will not be for advertisement purposes, only for purposes of displaying community events and community issues.
And we are looking for input from the community on that, by the way.
Also, I have handed out a sign-in sheet.
We had a meeting with the neighborhoods.
We invited everyone within the distance requirements for noise.
We invited all the associations.
We had a meeting on February 23rd.
It was fairly well attended, I think.
At that meeting, I didn't hear a lot of opposition to our request.
In fact I heard mostly support at that meeting.
I've also handed out to you what's entitled 3405 Sidney homes.
I think staff just referred to the town home product that's going to go immediately to the eastern boundary if this is approved.
That is going to be considerable height.
It at least 35 feet, in my opinion.
Our store will be at it's highest point 35 feet with the mezzanine in the back of the store facing, if you will, the office building.
So I wanted to point that out to you as well.
As I mentioned previously, the four waivers that we sought previously were now eliminated in these waivers entirely.
We are going to have the buffer as provided for in the code.
The parking will be divided per code.
Two Lording ports versus the one provided originally.
And there will be no waiver now for temporary trailer because the trailer will be placed 15 feet from the eastern boundary line.
>> The other document is a petition that we actually placed within the store.
That petition was in the store for approximately two months.
We had a site plan in the story at two locations the front of the store as well as the back of the pharmacy location.
You can see that almost 1600 people signed this petition of support, and over 200 people expressed interest in attending this public hearing this evening.
Of course we have contacted those people.
Whether or not they are here today I'm not sure.
But there's been a strong, strong interest in having the store rebuilt, to have it become much more effective for the community, and to have a drive-through as well incorporated into the store.
We have Angela BELUCIA is going to refer to a transportation report that he performed.
By the way, there was some concern I think about other objections from staff. The only objections I was aware of were transportation, originally, and they withdrew their objection, and then from zoning which is the four waivers requested which has also been withdrawn based upon site plans proposed that I believe will be withdrawn.
>>> Angelo Beluciar, traffic engineering with Icon Consulting Group, and I have been sworn.
We have worked very closely with Calvin and Melanie in developing a methodology for our transportation, in developing findings, as well as the transportation conditions that were tied to the site plan, and we are in agreement with those conditions.
One of the items I want to cover real quick on transportation studies are trip generation.
What we did to develop the trip generation for the additional square footage, we actually went out and calculated trip rate based upon the existing driveway volume.
Hypothetical number so we got a realistic graph.
After applying passer-by traffic which is traffic already on the roadway we are looking at introducing 20 new trips inbound in peak hour, 21 outbound, access roadways.
I want to talk about -- I want to go onto Henderson Boulevard first.
That's a State Road.
We met with the Florida Department of Transportation.
And the first access, which is closer to the intersection, we are preserving that location, and we'll continue to -- it will continue to operate as it is today.
The second access further north will become a one-way exit.
That location, that driveway was actually encouraged by the Florida Department of Transportation so we actually introduced that to the site plan.
I would like to introduce for the record right now the pre-application review that was sent a letter by the Florida Department of Transportation that supports.
That supports the location on Florida Avenue.
So we spent time with Florida Department of Transportation discussing driveways.
On Swann Avenue, that currently is an existing driveway that has a left-out-only condition.
Unfortunately that left-out is a stripe-out condition.
When we went out there we noticed numerous cars actually turning left.
Not a safe situation.
Not the intention of what that driveway situation is supposed to be.
So we worked with the city and a little closer you can see in the site plan that movement there.
What we are going to do actually improve it by channelizing that right-turn, force it into a right-turn movement, and create a channelized raised island for actually forcing vehicles to turn right at that location which I think is an excellent improvement for this location, this driveway.
Finally, one more thing, we are working with the residents and the neighbors in the area.
I personally had some phone calls myself and have answered all questions, and kept the door open, explained methodologies and details and what we have done and how we came about our findings. If there's any question, we would be delighted to answer them later or at this time.
>>> Vicki Sunasardo, reside in Wheeling, Illinois, Walgreen's manager.
I have been sworn.
To give you a little background on this store we have looked at this store originally for expansion and addition of the drive-through.
We met with several people at the staff.
And decided that it would be best with all the recommendations and variances and waivers needed to rebuild the store and have the drive-through on the northern end of the building which is not possible to do now, the way the store is currently situated.
One of the reasons, and the most important factor that we are doing this, is to provide convenience for our customers.
We have had several requests and questions from our customers in the stores why the store doesn't have a drive-through and all our newer stores do have a drive-through.
So we are trying to provide that convenience to customers and neighbors in the area.
Some other things that we will have to make the store more convenient to our customers, additional parking of what we have today.
We are up to 63 parking spaces on the plan most revised recent plan.
There will be a new bus shelter that will be built in conjunction with the store.
We'll have a pedestrian walkway.
And the amount of landscaping that we are planning for the new store is much more than what you see at the store today.
We have been asked to make some speaksifications to the store other than our normal Walgreen's prototype.
We have made those adjustments to our plan and to the architectural renderings showing showcase windows, which again will not have any advertisements, we'll just have community events, life-style photos, et cetera, again no advertisements.
We actually had, as I said, some customers who were requesting the drive-through in the store.
We did perform some of the calls for the people who were in support of showing up this evening.
And one gentleman who had asked that we mention that he was not able to attend this evening, I have his name and address, if requested by council, but he is disabled and he asked that we make special mention for him that the drive-through would be a great added feature for him as a pharmacy customer.
I welcome any questions for the company.
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
>>> Marchetti again.
A couple of points.
The location of the store, the store currently, in my opinion, actually encroaches further into residential than what we are proposing.
The store we are proposing on our new site plan, and also the plan before you this evening, which by the way the rotation of the store has not changed in your site plan before this evening. The only changes have been the buffer and the parking.
That's it.
But the site plan before you this evening is actually the building is actually not as far encroaching into the residential, the northern tip of the building there, than is the current situation, in my opinion.
Again towards the intersection, not towards the residential.
Also, I have a photograph here, a couple photographs, of the Swann just to the east of the subject property.
This is the property which is obviously overgrown, that's the lots that we are going to be utilizing for parking in the future should this get approved.
And this is a photograph of the -- of what will be town he home product which I believe is currently a permitted 4, directly adjacent to the properties in which we are seeking rezoning for, for the parking area basically for the store.
I pointed out previously the petition in support.
I think that shows a great deal in terms of what the opinion of the community is out there. They actually use the store and live in the area.
Again over 1500 people signed petitions in support.
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
>>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?
Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak on item 14?
If you want to speak, please come up and speak.
Come on up and speak.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Would you just ask if there's anybody who is planning on speaking who hasn't been sworn so we can do a blanket?
>>GWEN MILLER: Have you been sworn in?
Would you please raise your right hand if you have not been sworn in?
Would everybody speaking please raise your right hand?
(Oath administered by Clerk)
>>GWEN MILLER: You may start.
>> My name is Missy Steadman, I reside at 3401 Mullen Avenue in Tampa.
I am community liaison officer for the Gulf View civic association.
Many of our residents could not be here this evening.
There was a conflict in the neighborhood.
I do have petitions, which I would like to introduce to the record.
In addition -- (off microphone)
The Board of Directors and members of our civic association are in opposition to the rezoning of the Walgreen's petition, and we are in opposition for these reasons:
One, the rezoning of the two adjacent properties from residential to multifamily to commercial is viewed as an encroachment into our neighborhood.
Two, at the informational meeting, Walgreen's hosted to inform the residents of their intent to build a new 17,000 square foot facility with drive-through, attendees were informed that Walgreen fills approximately 400 prescriptions a day, and they anticipate an increase of approximately 25%.
A traffic study as we have heard was performed by Icon Consulting Group, and indicated at the a.m. 7 to 9 hour and the p.m. 4 to 6 peak hours that the average egress ingress is 17 vehicles.
The traffic study showed on average 41 new customers and on the average 40 passer-by vehicles.
This totals on average 268 vehicles in the morning and 268 vehicles in the evening, which of course does not represent the entire 24-hour period.
This additional traffic will not only result in more congestion and queuing of 6 way intersection at Henderson, Himes and Swann but will result in more cut-through traffic on Himes, Swann and into our neighborhood.
These intersections are already close to the maximum with drivers waiting to get through the 6-way intersection, sometimes waiting through three lights.
The commercial lighting of the larger facility is a new sans and will be during the evening hours.
We are also concerned with the communications system that the drive-through has.
In addition, the development review committee has reviewed and has objected to several -- for several of the following reasons.
However, tonight, some of these have been changed.
So some of our objections now also have changed because the site has changed.
But according to the transportation planning staff, their review of the petition, their concerns regarding the number of parking spaces.
But we understand now that that has been increased to 67 spaces.
Which I guess is in accordance with the number of square feet that they were proposing.
I also understand that there was a concern with the exit only on the northern driveway on Henderson Boulevard it needs to have a maximum throat width of 15 feet from one-way traffic with 10-foot flares.
So that is a major concern, too.
(Bell sounds)
For all of these reasons, we request that you please deny the petition.
Thank you.
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you.
>>> My name is Rosemary Armstrong and I have been sworn in.
I live at 3415 west Mullen Avenue just a few short blocks south of the Walgreen's store which is the subject of the rezoning petition.
My husband Sandy Weinberg and I have lived in the Gulf View area for almost 20 years, and we think it is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the City of Tampa.
It is, however, being squeezed by commercial development that threatens its integrity and safety.
Our once quiet streets have become short-cut routes for speeding drivers and long waits at nearby intersections with traffic lights are the norm.
Walgreen's wishes to expand its presence at the corner of Henderson and Swann by rezoning adjacent residential parcels.
I oppose this rezoning for the following reasons:
First, it would mean a further incursion of a commercial use on Swann Avenue directly across the street from parcels zoned for single-family residential use.
Second, if the rezoning is granted, Walgreen's would spend undoubtedly a great deal of money to build a new and bigger store with drive-through lanes.
Walgreen's obviously expects its expansion to bring more customers to its new facility.
This would mean additional traffic on Swann, Henderson and Himes, the major streets leading to the Walgreen's, and also additional cut-through traffic on our golf view streets. The extra traffic would create a burden on the intersection closest to the store.
The three-way intersection consisting of Swann, Henderson and Himes.
I have already seen many accidents there, because it is very difficult to navigate a clear path for making left turns.
Adding more traffic to this intersection creates more pressure for impatient drivers who have to sit longer at a red light, to then push out into the intersection in an unsafe way when the light changes to green.
It is a formula for disaster.
On balance, Walgreen's already has a thriving business as existing site, while we, its neighbors, have suffered as commercial expansion continues in our area effecting our safety and quality of life.
If you deny the Walgreen's petition, Walgreen's will be able to continue to operate a successful business.
And I would like to disagree with Mr. Marchetti.
I use this Walgreen's so I'm a customer and if it's nonfunctioning I wonder if that effects the quality of the products I buy there.
Also, my mother is an 81-year-old senior citizen living in south Florida who uses a walker and has macular degeneration.
She also is a Walgreen's customer.
She gets her prescriptions in the most convenient way, and that is by mail.
I request that you deny Walgreen's rezoning petition to preserve the status quo and to safeguard the surrounding neighborhoods and the residents.
Thank you.
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you.
>>> I'm Dr. David Orban, I live at 3301 West McKay Avenue, approximately two blocks from this.
I have been sworn in.
I work as an emergency physician at Tampa General Hospital, have been living in that area for nine years and have also seen the increase in congestion.
What I wanted to talk about today was first of all, I think that the estimates of how many automobiles are going to be using this drive-through are grossly underestimated.
Just having looked at some of the other drive-throughs that come through, it's the constant traffic coming in.
This is at a major intersection where you have a backup of traffic most of the day.
I brought with me today, and I would like to give this into evidence here, an estimate by the city on the condition of Swann Avenue between the Henderson intersection and also down to MacDill.
You grade these by A to F.
That stretch of road is an F right now.
It's extremely congested.
You come out there anytime of the day, during the weekdays, you cannot make -- go straight across that road anymore or make a left turn onto that road from our neighborhood.
We have several teenagers in the area who come out in that area.
They would like to be able to cross, can't do it now because of the way that Swann has increased in traffic.
What's happened is that not only have you -- are we adding and changing the area there to have townhouses but to the north of that area, between Swann and Azeele, you have increased the number of townhouses and apartments tremendously without having any changes in the Swann Avenue.
It's still a two-lane road.
And greater than that, I think when you add the increased traffic from the drive-through you are going to change this to an F-minus. Anyway, I would like to put this in.
The other thing I would like to say, I do not think this super center that they are considering increasing this to is compatible with the neighborhood.
If you look on the K Avenue, several of the houses recently sold for over a million dollar and the prices go up as the streets progress down but that is not a neighborhood that is consistent with having a large super center, increase in traffic.
So I would say also that looking at the people who come through the store and have signed, and I do live close enough to walk over there, I do look at the Walgreen's.
Most of them did not live in that area.
Most of them are people passing through on their way home from work towards Beach Park or some of the areas to the west.
So if I can submit this.
>>> I have been sworn.
Good evening, council members.
My name is Roy macaw.
My wife and I live at 3401 west McKay Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33609.
That is in the block that is directly across the street from the proposed rezoning.
In 1992, when this store was built, they petitioned to move -- to rezone the residential zoning, and that was denied.
And of course I hope very much that you will deny that petition again tonight.
South Tampa enjoys a very delicate balance between commercial and residential.
If we are going to preserve the quality of life in that neighborhood as the residents certainly want to do, we need to work very hard to preserve that delicate balance.
And as commercial encroaches into the residentially zoned areas, over time, it will in fact destroy the very reason that they are successful there any way.
And I would ask very sincerely and hopefully that you will disapprove this petition.
Thank you.
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
>>> My name is Marlene Rasmussen.
I have been sworn.
I live at 2212 South Exmore Street in Tampa, the newly-elected president of the Gulf View Association.
I wanted to pass on something that Mrs. Steadman talked about.
We have our Board of Directors has taken a unanimous vote and most recently at our annual meeting we took another show of hands for those attending on this project.
It was unanimous in opposition.
A word about the petitions.
I feel the same way that was just stated.
I think I'm one of those idiots that signed both, because I do use that Walgreen's, and when I was signing out one day at the checkout counter, they said, oh, by the way, we have a petition for you to sign, we are going to improve the store, we would like to put in a drive-through that. Was all that was ever said.
And if there was small print on that if I don't have my glasses on when I'm paying I wouldn't have read that.
And I use the Walgreen's.
I am a customer.
I feel like when you talk about a 1600 petition signature, I agree that many of them don't live in the neighborhood, and I think a lot of us, I am ashamed to say, didn't know what we were signing.
My name is now or -- on more recently a petition of our own to oppose this project.
And I feel it's a block here, eights block there.
We had several come up in our neighborhood in the last few weeks.
More are on the agenda coming up down the road.
And, you know, it doesn't seem like a big deal to make a pretty Walgreen's.
It's going to be a pretty building but it's another block or two into a residential neighborhood.
For that reason if we don't ever take a stand, we might not always oppose every single project one more strongly than the other but if you don't take a stand and say, look, enough of that.
You're getting too far into a residential neighborhood.
And well established residential neighborhood.
So for those reasons we would ask you as the Gulf View civic association and it's members that voted to please reject this petition.
Thank you.
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
>>> Steve Harris.
I live at 701 south Glenn Avenue and I have been sworn in.
My house is on the corner of Glenn and Swann.
Just about a half a block east of the Walgreen's that we're talking about.
My house faces Glenn.
We have a backup of traffic there, rush hour, from Henderson east past Glenn, you add more drive-through, you are going add more traffic, there is also cut-through traffic in front of my house constantly.
I have my house up for sale.
The only reason I do is because we are just moving on but I'm staying in the same neighborhood.
I grew up in that neighborhood.
I was born there.
The homes in there go from 700,000, a million, to a million dollar, two million dollar.
There are beautiful homes.
It's a beautiful neighborhood.
The added traffic will take away from that value, I believe.
I believe that the petition that was in the Walgreen's store was deceptive.
I talked to many people that said, we signed it and checked "no," and also did you look at it, Steve?
Most people checked no.
In other words, I believe they think they were checking, no, they did not want a larger Walgreen's.
That was my opinion.
And their opinion was they checked no, they didn't want a larger Walgreen's.
I would hope that you all would vote against this for the good of our neighborhood.
We come to you hoping that you will help us with this.
This is the only way we can get help, is to stop this encroachment of commercialization into our neighborhood.
I have no problem with the town homes.
Those are nice.
The encroachment of a parking lot, looking across the street, especially for the people that live on Swann, looking at those parking lots, would be detrimental, I believe, to the property values, plus mine.
One reason, the Walgreen's is already an issue with potential buyers at my house.
Thank you.
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
>>> David Denofrey, I have been sworn in, I live on west Oakland approximately three blocks from the Walgreen's.
I'm sort of wearing two hats because I also own the apartment complex directly across Henderson, the Beverly apartment, which is sort of like behind the Outback steakhouse.
So I feel as if I am looking at it from two different angles here.
I support this rezoning.
And the reason, first, I went to the first meeting, I was taking a different tact.
I thought I was going to oppose it.
Then I saw that they add the extra road on sender son, the extra exit.
I have three young daughters, living again three blocks away south of Swann.
-- Swann that. Traffic on Swann, you are going to have more of it exiting on Henderson Avenue rather than Swann.
So I think it's a situation where it helps alleviate the traffic rather than create more traffic.
Secondly, this is not a situation where we have a vacant piece of dirt.
You already have a Walgreen's.
If we can make the traffic better by adding that extra access on Henderson, I think it's basically better for everybody.
I would say lastly, again, I have three daughters.
It would be much easier for my wife to be able to hit a drive-through and pick up a prescription, we don't have the ability of sending away for drugs as some other people do when you have a six month old child that just came from the doctor and two children screaming in the car.
For these reasons I think you should approve it.
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
>>> Good evening.
My name is Lori genesis, Barcelona street.
I live just south of the affected property here that's up for proposal.
We bought it -- brought it up at our neighborhood association meeting and it was discussed that I should attend here.
I speak on behalf of our residents.
Our residents use this Walgreen's.
And they offered some insight and I thought that you should know from not coming at a direct perspective, one of the big key issues here is safety, traffic safety.
Many of you probably don't know this but at the intersection, we are talking about three streets intersecting with a light. The new proposal, which I disagree with the last gentleman, by the way, by saying this, puts out traffic onto Henderson.
Left-hand turn traffic onto Henderson is extremely dangerous.
You will have cars stacked up in that parking lot.
You are going to have a big problem in height and impact rush hour with this type of configuration.
And frankly it's a four-lane road.
Left turns on a four-lane road, you are going to have serious accident problems.
And this was brought up to me from people who use the Walgreen's.
And we are talking about a situation here where this is up for PD.
This isn't -- is a successful store.
We kind of like the qualities it has as a small town character.
It's not the big drive through, a monolith, something that we see going up in other neighborhoods and are not very keen to be but there are several factors about it.
We are talking about a 24-hour store.
24 hours a day.
Drive-through is a concern.
And I sympathize with people who live directly adjacent to it.
You all spoke of the Eckerd's that's further down on Henderson.
That was a big deal.
It still is a big deal.
But they made concessions to the neighborhood.
And I don't see any concessions here to this neighborhood.
I really beg City Council, if they have adjusted their site plan and if it accommodated all these parking spots, we are talking compact spots?
I beg you to revisit that.
We have very little compact cars in South Tampa.
We are talking about big SUVs, large vehicles, making turns and configuring transportation plan is not safe.
Keeping it small and simple is usable, the neighborhood likes it.
It seems to be less of an impact when it's small.
If you increase it, increase the traffic, increase the size, increase the problems.
We are going to see more problems as a result of any larger scale development.
But this is not a great location to be imposing such a large-scale project.
That's a pretty dangerous intersection.
I think if anyone has done any records into the police department's accident rates, I think you may find that these left-hand turns onto four-lane hey ways cause major problems.
So I just wanted to share with you that.
And allow you to take it into consideration for people who use the Walgreen's but still oppose this.
Not having a drive-through is not such a bad thing.
And isn't there another Walgreen's like less than a couple blocks away on the corner of Swann and Howard that has a drive-through?
So how many drive-throughs do we possibly need?
Thank you for listening to me.
I appreciate it.
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
>>> Vincent Marchetti for the record.
I need to have Angelo get back up and discuss the intersection.
Also the analysis.
Also the storm managers here to discuss the petition.
By the way, the petition itself, for people who stand here and tell you they didn't know what they were signing is absolutely unbelievable to me.
I went to the store.
We had a site plan at the store, two locations.
The site plan had a note on it.
Petition in support.
The petition reads very clearly, petition in support, top of the page, bold letters.
Petition requests rezoning to develop existing Walgreen's store, renew drugstore including a drive-through pharmacy, by signing this petition I am indicating my full support of requested rezoning, proposed by Walgreen's, petition number.
I don't know how you can misstate that for anything other than petition support.
>>KEVIN WHITE: I just want to make one comment and that was I was going to say a little later.
But let me interject this now.
A lot of us when we are checking out, and I wholeheartedly agree with the young lady that spoke earlier that said she signed two.
I was looking at this myself.
And at first blush, it does say at the top, petition of support.
Where you have the yes or no, all the way over to the other side, it says petition in support.
But then they give the name, address, and it says at the top, contact me.
But on its face value, if you're in a hurry and you're just checking out, you may end up looking at that as yes or no, do you support the petition?
>>> Well, I respect that.
>> And that could be a little ambiguous.
Especially if you're in a hurry, you're signing your debit card, you have people rushing you and you have ten people in back of you in line and Walgreen's saying, Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.
And I'm just saying there is that minimal room for error.
>>> I will address the petition in a second.
But in response to that, I guess my question would be, why do we have a petition in our store with a petition to not support our petition?
It makes no sense to me.
The only purpose for the last column was to indicate, would you have a problem --.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Just some don't make sense.
>> 15 people signed the petition I'm sorry but that's our petition and I'll stand by it.
Mark will address it in a minute.
>>ROSE FERLITA: Are you going to speak on this petition issue?
I have a couple of comments as well.
>>> I have to tell you, she was at our neighborhood meeting.
She called our transportation consultant several times asking for information.
She never called me telling me what their concerns were.
I e-mailed her, please express to me what your concerns are, do you have concerns?
Never one peep out of Ms. Steadman.
And it goes both ways.
The issue is the developer needs to work the W the community but where is the community on this issue as well?
That upsets me a bit.
She talks about encroachment as do several people here.
You know, the building is moving toward the intersection.
The building is less encroached -- will be less encroachment into the residential than what it currently is.
The only purpose for that lot, which, by the way, is this property overgrown, is for a concrete block wall on the eastern edge of the boundary line, and a 15-foot buffer, and then parking.
That's the only purpose for it.
Ms. Armstrong I used to work with, I respect her opinion a great deal.
However she discussed the functionality of the store.
My clients in the pharmacy business, they are telling me the store is not functional, they like to improve it for their customer purposes.
The 25% increase in prescriptions filled, which is what Ms. Steadman referred to, is what Ms. Senatoler referred to, taken out of context but doesn't call me to address the issue.
The store footprint by the way that we are proposing is 13,100 square feet, store footprint.
The current store is 12,500 square feet, store footprint. The mezzanine level which is the additional 339 square feet is in the back of the site, towards the office building.
And that's strictly to be used for storage space and office for the employees.
The doctor referred to the as a super center.
You saw the rendering there.
Display windows, et cetera.
Eights classy looking store.
It's a tip dal -- typical prototype in terms of square footage.
It's not a super center.
He also referred to people not living in the area signed the petition.
I will have mark address that.
He's familiar with the customers there. He's the store manager there. He will address that in a second.
Again commercial encroachment.
We referred to.
Issues about transportation before Angelo speaks, let me just tell that you we have professional engineers that have addressed the transportation issues both on the Walgreen side and on the city side.
And the people that are presenting testimony to this evening are not experts in transportation.
So I want to point that out for the record.
And there's plenty of case law, by the way, as Mr. Shelby is aware of on that point.
To the east, I showed you the fought office of the townhouse previously.
They are being built.
They are in for construction approval now, I just became aware of that, they are being built.
That will be our eastern neighbor.
And then Mr. Lundeski.
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Before we get too wrapped up in petitions, explain to me, you all have purchased two lots, and you are going to use those lots for parking?
Two lots to the east?
>>> A lot and a half, actually.
>> And what's on those lots now?
>>> It's this structure right here, overgrown, vacant structure.
>> Okay.
And then immediately to the east of that will be the six new town homes?
>>> Actually, I believe nine, I believe is the number.
At 35 feet in height.
>>> I have been sworn.
Mark Lund.
I am the store manager at Walgreen's and have been there for five years.
The petitions were not at the checkout counter itself when transactions were being made.
They were actually in the pharmacy, probably about five to ten foot behind them, in the waiting room area.
So people could actually go over there, no pressure, look at it, look at the site plan.
We had a big sign to the left, attached to it, saying, please sign this in support of.
Also, in the front of the store, as you exit the store and was past that register when you leave, it was actually passed so they were leaving the store and had a chance.
Again no pressure to look at the site plan and to look at the petition.
As far as the question of commerce maybe just driving by, and doing business, and not living in the area, I find that a little bit untrue.
I don't personally know every single customer that comes in my store, but you do see the same familiar faces.
And those were the people that were actually signing the petition.
People that frequent the store on a day-to-day basis.
Two or three times a week, they are in my store, in the middle of the night they are in my store, emergency reasons, kids, whatever.
So these were not just passer-bys.
And if you all have any other questions I will be happy to answer.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question.
How far away is the Walgreen's at Swann and Howard from your store?
>>> There is no Walgreen's at Swann and Howard.
It's a CVS.
Yes, ma'am.
>> I'm sorry.
They blur.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: What about the lighting?
>> The lighting as far as it is now?
>>> No, how it will be.
>> It would be the same as it is now.
Low con December ant lighting.
From what I understand the way that the light poles are designed they shoot down -- and I think Vicki might be able to answer this better -- but lighting is at a low level where it shoots down like this.
>> It doesn't encroach into the neighborhood at all?
>>> It's directional lighting is how it's designed.
Yes, ma'am.
>> And then when you have your new drive-throughs, there will be lighting in there?
>>> The drive-through is actually on the north side of the building, proposed, there is two-story, three-story office building.
There's no residential.
So that lighting would be between my brick wall, a buffer, concrete wall, and then this three-story building right behind me.
So there is no lighting that could actually get into residential areas because it's not even close to the residents.
>> The view is north --
>>> on the north side of the building.
>> And it fronts that building that's on the north side now?
>>> Yes.
>> So it doesn't encroach into the neighborhood?
>>> No, ma'am, not at all.
>> At that point when they come out, they drive through, they go to --
>>> Henderson Boulevard.
>> No left turn but a right turn.
>>> It's an exit only.
But right now our existing driveway on Henderson right here on Henderson that has been there since the store was built is a right or left, as it is now.
And I have never personally seen an accident coming out of my store.
And the question that came up about a lot of accidents in the intersection itself, I'm there, you know, almost six days a week, for periods of time, and I personally have seen very, very few accidents in that intersection.
>> So you are still planning to use the same exit?
>>> Yes, ma'am.
We are actually, as the traffic engineer stated, we are adding that extra driveway on the north side where the drive-through would be which would alleviate and circulate the parking lot and the traffic onto Swann, much more sufficient.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: And have you seen your parking lot filled to capacity?
>>> Yes, ma'am.
All the time.
>> All the time?
>>> Lunch time, 12 to 1, the parking lot is pretty full and that's counting my employees' cars also.
The Christmas season, the holidays, I actually have to go across the street to the drycleaners, and ask his permission, because he owns the property right behind him, which they have just recently blacktopped, to get permission to have my employees park over there in his property, because the parking is inadequate.
And people are double parking, you know, blocking other cars, you know.
So it's more of a hazardous situation at that time.
>> Are they encroaching into the neighborhood when they are doing this?
>>> As far as parking got?
>> Yes.
>>> No, ma'am.
>> You're containing them?
>>> Yes, ma'am.
>>> I'm sorry, for rebuttal we have Angelo.
>>ROSE FERLITA: I don't want to ask something but I want to explain something.
I have some other concerns but I would like to bring them up after we close the public hearing.
But in fairness to the residents, and in terms of my interpretation of this whole petition issue which really for me is not that big an issue.
I mean you can get a lot of people to sign a petition or a lot of people to sign a petition against it.
However, I would venture to say the people that came up and spoke from Mr. Macaw to some other people have some opportunities when they go into any drugstore, Walgreen's, rose drugs, big store, small.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: That was an advertisement.
>>ROSE FERLITA: No, that wasn't an advertisement.
But because we had the same -- I know you're kidding.
But we have the same requirements in terms of legislation.
They have the opportunity to do many things.
Let me just explain some of them.
And this is not to ask you guys to respond to.
It's my observation as a pharmacist behind the counter, looking at some of my customers similar to your customers, sir, in your store.
They get to come up to the counter.
They get to sign whatever form is your form or your policy.
But whether they want safety caps or non-safety caps, closures or snap caps.
Then when they pick up their prescriptions 90%, 80% of the customers in the store are third-party participants.
That means they get to sign the little form that says, yes, I received it, and the pharmacist didn't really charge your insurance company and not give to the me.
So that's verification for an audit so you make sure that all stores are kept honest.
Then we have the opportunity again as we go forward to sign a HIPAA requirement that says I am going to sign this to show that you have documented the HIPAA, it doesn't allow to you share my information with anybody.
Then if they did this on a MasterCard, they get to sign another little baby paper that says it's okay for you to charge my MasterCard.
Then when they get to go sit down, then they have the opportunity to look at this petition, now they have been inundated with all this other stuff that's stuff that every pharmacy has to put up with, so they sign it.
And I agree with Mr. White.
You start to the left.
Shift to the other side.
Sign my name.
End of story.
So although I agree with the manager of Walgreen's that there is no pressure being put on these customers, there is much opportunity, Mr. Marchetti, for confusion.
And so I just want to clarify that because those are things that I see that customers can get very, very confused about.
I just want to make that comment now.
I will make my other comments later.
>>KEVIN WHITE: Mr. Marchetti --
>>> Can I address Ms. Ferlita's issue first?
>>> I sign a lot of material in drug stores like everyone does.
I guess from my perspective if a person is going to take time out of their day, busy schedule, to look at this petition, and to read it, and sign the name, put your address, put your phone number, then check City Council or not, to me, is a little bit different than picking up a prescription saying you have to sign this hip A requirement or what.
I made it very clear and the store has done exactly what I asked them to do which was post two site plans, put the petition in the back of the store at the pharmacy, and if people want to sign, great, just explain what the situation is.
You know, if we get 70% of the people that knew what they were signing and 30 did not, I don't know.
All I know is we made a good faith effort to do what we thought --.
That's why I didn't want a response from you.
I'm not saying you are not doing this in good faith.
I'm saying from where I am sitting in my own store, there is much opportunity for customers to misinterpret what you're asking them to participate in.
This was my comment.
>>KEVIN WHITE: My question at this point in time or my main concern that it's going to help me out with my decision is I'm looking at your site plan here.
And as traffic backs up on Swann, westbound, I see that you have done a wonderful job with your drive through, in creating your bypass lane.
As I frequent that area, I notice, as I'm hoping the store manager in that parking lot notices as well, quite a few people cut through the Walgreen's parking lot just to go northbound on Henderson and not want to wait at that red light.
Now, the only thing I can say about that is now adding an extra lane, an extra exit lane onto Henderson is not going to do anything but help increase that.
Or increase that propensity for that to happen.
Because that is a horrendously long light waiting for it to change in three different directions.
That's going to create hazard for pedestrian safety within the parking lot as well as traffic safety for people going northbound and southbound trying to get out on Henderson.
Can you tell me if that's been addressed, or how that can be addressed?
>>> Well, I will have Angelo talk about the transportation.
He's the expert, I'm not.
I want to respond to two quick comments on the other issues that have been discussed.
First of all.
Directional lighting is per the code, and not to spill off-site and literally if you are walking on a sidewalk adjacent to a commercial property with today's codes, and you have got a watch on, you are not supposed to be able to read the watch.
That's directional lighting.
By the way, what the T store is designed as again is 1991-1990 codes.
So as far as I'm concerned the lighting that will be installed in the new store will be far better than what it currently is.
The other point is that currently is the T store is 3 spaces in parking.
The site plan approved in '92 a allowed for three spaces, parking, which also relates to the parking issue as well.
And the adjacent property owner building town homes expressed verbally his consent of the petition and has not -- hasn't expressed any concern whatsoever.
Let me have Angelo talk about transportation.
>>> Angelo: I hear everybody's comments.
We had a public meeting, numerous phone calls, responded to them.
I see a good comment that was mentioned by Ms. Ferlita, opportunity.
When we come in and do these things what we are looking for is opportunities.
She mentioned opportunities.
I want to capture that word and use it.
When we come in what we want top do is look at some of the issues that we had with the existing site and try to improve it as much as we can.
That's why we have these meetings.
That's why when do these traffic studies.
Let's move quickly through some items.
One of the first items I mentioned was encroachment.
As far as traffic and encroachment, I think what we are doing is minimizing it.
We are actually forcing the traffic -- we are keeping the driveway -- we are keeping the driveway where it's at.
We are not moving it further toward the east.
We are actually physically prohibiting the left out through channelization that you talked about before.
So actually encroaching via traffic on Swann headed to the east actually is minimally impacted because of our situation or design we have.
The second thing that was brought up was traffic at the intersection, how the intersection operates.
Again we respect everybody's opinion, the levels of service.
The intersection is operated overall at level service D as in dog.
Calvin and I worked together.
We ran --
>> was that D or F?
>>> D as in dog.
We ran two programs, capacity software, and we did find some delays on the side street, which is this approach here coming on Swann Avenue.
We found some delays approaching that.
What we have done is identified a transportation mitigation payment to deal with that.
>>ROSE FERLITA: Let me interrupt you so I understand this better in terms of city of transportation roadway conditions.
Swann Anderson, to MacDill, is that what you are referring to?
>>> I'm talking about the intersection operation.
I think what you are looking at is a link table, roadway segment table.
I'm talking about the intersection Swann and Henderson.
We ran more detailed analysis programs.
I'm not sure what that table is. Maybe Calvin can talk about it.
I'm asking Calvin.
Let me just continue.
We talk about traffic impacting this intersection.
What I have here on this graphic -- and I would like to pass this out of record also.
We are looking at additional traffic associated with drive through.
Looking at additional traffic at the intersection you are going to see in the handouts right here, in green in parenthesis is the project traffic.
You can see in this approach we have 3-3-1, left through and right-turn, new vehicles being introduced at that intersection.
These are new vehicles.
Based upon the addition of the square footage and the drive-through.
You can see in every approach with respect to what is there today, which is in pink, it is additional cars, but we are talking about 3, 4 vehicles in each specific movement.
Again the theory behind that is that there are passer-by trips out there and there are cars on the roadway already that are using the facility.
With regards to access onto Henderson, and questions about flow length, we met with Department of Transportation.
They are going to pretty much control what we do and review our studies.
I think there's been discussion about that but the Florida Department of Transportation will have a grasp on the driveways alone, Henderson Boulevard.
Any questions?
>>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?
Mr. Kelly, are you finished?
>>> We can talk real quick about cut-through traffic.
The observation is probably going from Swann onto Henderson using the two driveways that are in place today.
Making this maneuver right here. The new driveway appeared again as an out-only.
The only way you can get to it is drive a with round the site and go through the dry cleaner and come out.
This is one-way.
If you are going to cut through, it's going to go straight to here.
It may happen.
That's a little circuitous to come up this way.
You can't come this way because this is a one-way path this way.
So, yeah, there could be an opportunity. If there was any cut-through its going to happen right here. This is kind of circuitous but there is a bypass.
>>> Just to wrap up, there was a question about the closest drive through Walgreen's store, not CVS, Walgreen's.
One is Platt, to my guess 2 to 3 miles away minimum from the site we're talking about.
I'm happy to answer any more questions that you have.
>>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
Just a reminder that once the hearing is closed, there would be just opportunities for comments, but any questions to the staff.
>>> Excuse me.
My name is pat Bastille and I came here specifically for this.
And came surprisingly that there were two other items that I have spoken about that vitally affected me.
However, I came specifically, Mr. Marchetti said I could have some of his time.
I own property at DeLeon about a block away.
I have used and my husband has used this Walgreen's since it opened.
We live on Magnolia.
We live near the big Walgreen's on Platt.
And we have finally started using that because they didn't have a drive-through.
And my husband found it inconvenient for his many medications, although we are in that neighborhood most of the time.
We have an apartment building there with 12 tenants who all use that building, that pharmacy, and I think this would be an improvement, because of the drive-through, and the relocating of traffic.
There are so many people abusing it now by pulling out onto Swann and turning left.
All the time.
And this would change that.
This would give people an opportunity to drive out onto Henderson, and back around into the neighborhood.
Because it's the neighborhood people who are making the left-hand turn onto Swann us what -- because they want to get back into the neighborhood. This would improve and eliminate some of the parking problems by adding this parking, where this abandoned house sits.
If they think the traffic is a problem in the park is a problem, the people in the town homes are going to be -- they won't have enough parking.
I think it's an advantage for the neighborhood.
And they do a good job.
And they keep it clean.
And I'm in favor of it, as are ten of my 12 tenants.
Thank you.
>>GWEN MILLER: Give your name a again.
>>> Patricia, I live at 403 south Magnolia.
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
We need to close the public hearing.
>> So moved.
>> Second.
(Motion carried)
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to make a motion to continue?
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'd like to move to disapprove this based on the fact that I know this area very well.
I was on council in '92 when this was originally rejected and the traffic has only increased since then.
I don't see that the increased commercial use into residential is appropriate and I think based upon a great deal of testimony from people who would be directly impacted by this I move for disapproval.
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I'm going to take a different approach and really focus on the traffic issue.
It would appear to me that the elimination of the left-hand turn out, out of the lot now, onto Swann is going to be a huge improvement to the situation that exists.
And I think that that in and of itself is reason to take a very strong look at this.
I'm not concerned about the cut-through traffic that's coming from the east to the west, because that's Walgreen's problem.
That's not anybody else's problem.
They are the one that is have to deal with the cut-through traffic.
And that actually benefits Swann Avenue by having that cut-through traffic because there aren't people queuing up at that intersection.
So if anyone needs to police that it's going to be Walgreen's to try to wrestle with.
The only difference I see, and I don't really see this as intrusion into the neighborhood, because it's an existing Walgreen's, it's becoming a little bit bigger, the two -- or the one and a half lots immediately to the east that have been purchased by Walgreen's, they own them.
They are going to do something with them at some point.
And it just seems like a neighborhood-serving store that's already there, it's not like we are knocking down houses and putting up a Walgreen's, which you think we would have a room full of people if that's what's happening.
I just don't see the neighborhood intrusion argument that's been made.
So I will not support the petition for denial.
I supported Ms. Saul-Sena's motion gladly because I see a lot of problems here.
I know as she said the time before when they first came up with this, it was -- there was some opposition in terms of that additional lot.
The fact that they are going from more residential to commercial, that causes a concern.
And Mr. Marchetti made some comments they are not experts on transportation and they are not.
However they are going to be most affected by this expansion.
That's the first thing.
The second thing is, when we talk about better service from a pharmacy because of a drive-through, we also have to consider the problems about more intense traffic for the neighborhood.
When you go through a drive-through, unless you have called and it's a refill and it's ready to go, you have to go through the drive-through, turn in your prescription, leave, come back, as opposed to a person that goes in the store and turns in their prescription to the pharmacy department, and has the opportunity -- and that's good business -- to meander around the store and make some other purchases.
So there is a very good possibility the people that are going through that drive-through are going to cause more traffic than people that would be just going in there once to drop it off, once to pick it up.
The manager of the store said he sees often many people coming in at lunch, and that's when his parking lot is congested and overflowing.
Well, that probably tells me that what I felt about the petition is accurate, that people who work down there come in at their lunch time and pick up their prescriptions and then go back to work and then go home in the evening.
If they were local people coming probably most of them would not come in at lunch time.
I just feel that this is going to cause huge problems, and not to translate problems of one petition to another.
But I remember the problems that were similar in my mind when I watched from that side of the dais when we had the problem with Eckerd's at Lois and the drive-through.
I'm happy that I happened to not be part of that council, and I don't want to be part of this council that's voting for larger Walgreens, more intrusion into the neighborhood, opportunities for more traffic congestion, et cetera, and I think what they have there is adequate.
Some of the people that are opposing the expansion by their very testimony say that they are their customers.
Obviously, they have a working relationship.
Why do we need to make it more intense and more intrusive and more aggravating to the neighborhood that is most going to be impacted regardless of who signs that petition, where they live, and where they come from?
So Mrs. Saul-Sena, not only I do support your motion but I support it very strongly.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: And I am going to take another tactic on this.
I think that the intrusion into the neighborhood is going to be nil, because of the way the traffic pattern is within the Walgreen's itself, they have got -- it's blocked on either side where the traffic is not going into the neighborhood.
I like the idea that they put the drive-through where it's going to go, the circulation of it is going to go right to when they go out there, they are going to Henderson Boulevard.
That's not going to create a problem.
They are doing this for the convenience of their customers to make it a nicer store.
It's been there.
It isn't going anywhere regardless of whether they improve it or not.
But they certainly can't say, okay, we are going to tear it down, because that's not going to happen.
So why not give them a chance to improve it and help the neighborhood?
And besides that, the cars were different in 1992.
You know, we made improvements on these codes since we have been on council.
So I don't see a problem.
And Mr. Harrison was correct when he -- with the comments that he made.
So I am going to support the -- I am not going to support the denial.
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. White, anything?
>>KEVIN WHITE: No, ma'am.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: And we have to continue this.
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Clarification.
I heard a motion to deny.
A second by Ms. Ferlita.
So there's a motion on the floor to deny.
The clarification is, what you are denying is the site plan that you have had presented to you tonight for which you waived the rule.
Call for the question.
All in favor of the denial say Aye.
Opposed, Nay.
>>THE CLERK: Harrison, Miller, Alvarez.
>>GWEN MILLER: 3-3 tie.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So Mr. Dingfelder will review the tapes and we will vote next meeting.
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Don't we have to continue?
>>MARTIN SHELBY: The public hearing is closed.
It now has to be continued solely for the vote at the next regular meeting at 10:00 then.
>>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Moreda, is that okay with you?
Next Thursday?
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Thursday is the 5thth.
>>GWEN MILLER: 5th of May at 10 a.m.
>>> Question.
Marchetti for the record.
No testimony.
>>GWEN MILLER: That's right.
Mr. Dingfelder will vote to break the tie.
Motion to receive and file document.
(Motion carried)
Who seconded, Mrs. Alvarez?
>>GWEN MILLER: Clerk, do you have anything?
>>THE CLERK: We need to receive and file.
>>GWEN MILLER: We did say that.
Anything else?
We stand adjourned.
(Meeting adjourned)