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Tampa City Council 8:31:10:09AM
Thursday, October 20, 2005 8:31:10:09AM
8:30 a.m. 8:31:10:09AM
Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting 8:31:10:09AM
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>>MARY ALVAREZ: Community Redevelopment Agency is 8:43:25:06AM
called to order. 8:43:27:15AM
Roll call, please. 8:43:28:09AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here. 8:43:32:00AM
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here. 8:43:32:21AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Here. 8:43:35:06AM
>>GWEN MILLER: Here. 8:43:36:07AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: First let me apologize for being 8:43:38:06AM
late this morning. 8:43:40:16AM
I know that we are all on a tight schedule. 8:43:41:07AM

So at this point I am going to go ahead and call 8:43:43:15AM
on you. 8:43:52:27AM
>>> Good morning. 8:43:53:07AM
We are scheduled at this time for October 27th 8:43:54:03AM
to review and act, discuss, the CRA budgets. 8:43:55:24AM
Also attached with that as a result of a motion 8:44:02:04AM
from Ms. Saul-Sena, a forum to discuss the Channel 8:44:05:13AM
District administrator position. 8:44:12:24AM
Because of some loose ends that are yet being 8:44:16:21AM
tidied up, we are going to ask for you to postpone 8:44:20:18AM
that session on the 27th to a date to be 8:44:23:25AM
established in early November. 8:44:28:00AM
And we'll get back to you as soon as possible with 8:44:30:01AM
that. 8:44:31:28AM
Concurrent with the discussion on the budget, I 8:44:33:09AM
would think that the discussion with the 8:44:35:06AM
administrator's position is probably appropriate 8:44:36:16AM
to move at the same time. 8:44:38:28AM
>>GWEN MILLER: So moved. 8:44:39:27AM
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Don't we need -- do we need a 8:44:44:06AM
specific -- 8:44:46:25AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: He's going to let us know. 8:44:48:09AM
We have a motion and a second to postpone the CRA 8:44:50:18AM
for next week at 8:30, which would be the October 8:44:53:27AM
27th, to a date to be announced by by Mr. 8:44:56:15AM

Chen. 8:45:04:03AM
All in favor indicate by saying Aye. 8:45:04:09AM
(Motion carried). 8:45:06:12AM
Thank you very much. 8:45:08:06AM
Mr. English, are you ready to talk to us about the 8:45:09:25AM
Channel District's strategic plan? 8:45:14:15AM
>>> Michael English with Wilson Miller. 8:45:20:16AM
Nice to be here this morning. 8:45:23:09AM
My colleague from Wilson Miller and Mr. Jacob. 8:45:24:18AM
He is with our urban design team. 8:45:32:21AM
What we would like to do if you can put the 8:45:34:13AM
PowerPoint up, please, is just walk you through 8:45:36:10AM
some things that will represent where we are on 8:45:38:15AM
the project. 8:45:43:06AM
And before I start, I need to tell you that we 8:45:44:00AM
have been working really hard. 8:45:47:07AM
We have also been working really fast, because the 8:45:49:06AM
Channel District is developing so quickly, because 8:45:52:13AM
there are major development issues on a daily 8:45:54:16AM
basis that you're having to confront including 8:45:57:21AM
issues about F.A.R. and density of height, and 8:46:00:27AM
because the city is very interested in what it 8:46:04:00AM
will cost to provide infrastructure for the 8:46:05:25AM
neighborhood. 8:46:08:09AM
We hope to have this project done soon. 8:46:11:13AM

So this morning it's very timely to kind of tell 8:46:16:03AM
you where we are. 8:46:18:06AM
We will be conducting another workshop with the 8:46:19:09AM
residents. 8:46:21:21AM
We will be meeting with any of the developers who 8:46:22:13AM
wish to meet with us. 8:46:25:18AM
Then we will be conducting large public workshop, 8:46:26:18AM
sharing draft recommendations, which will have 8:46:29:27AM
been reviewed by the city administration, and that 8:46:33:19AM
workshop will be on November 9th. 8:46:36:03AM
Subsequent to that workshop -- and that's an 8:46:37:27AM
evening meeting from 6 o'clock positive to 9:30. 8:46:42:03AM
It will be presented in a fashion that will allow 8:46:48:18AM
feedback on all of our recommendations, all of our 8:46:51:22AM
conclusions, from the public present, and then we 8:46:56:04AM
will request a time to come and give you a full 8:47:00:12AM
presentation with the support of the city 8:47:03:15AM
administration so there will be recommendations 8:47:06:24AM
and hopefully some alternative recommendations 8:47:09:12AM
that you can consider that will make you more 8:47:11:10AM
comfortable going forward in the future. 8:47:15:15AM
In terms of how you want development to occur in 8:47:17:12AM
the Channel District. 8:47:19:09AM
So with that, let me just walk you through. 8:47:22:06AM
How does this work? 8:47:30:24AM

Got it. 8:47:34:09AM
As you all know, we are doing an existing 8:47:46:06AM
conditions analysis. 8:47:50:24AM
We have a clear understanding of what's in the 8:47:53:27AM
ground, what's on the ground in the Channel 8:47:55:27AM
District. 8:47:56:25AM
We know a lot about the fiscal character. 8:47:57:15AM
We know a lot about current development, new 8:48:01:00AM
development proposed. 8:48:03:12AM
We had a big workshop on August 27th that was 8:48:06:01AM
well attended including councilwoman Saul-Sena, 8:48:08:27AM
and again the purpose of today's presentation was 8:48:11:21AM
just to bring you up to date. 8:48:14:18AM
We did a lot of case study research in this 8:48:15:27AM
project. 8:48:19:03AM
Looking at a variety of cities. 8:48:19:27AM
And we chose cities that had areas that we thought 8:48:22:00AM
had redevelopment that was close to a central 8:48:24:18AM
business district, that was similar in size 8:48:27:03AM
perhaps, that was going through transition, and 8:48:30:00AM
might be the same stage of redevelopment as the 8:48:35:01AM
Channel District, and had similar redevelopment 8:48:37:25AM
objectives. 8:48:40:03AM
We first looked at these cities in Florida, and 8:48:41:28AM
these national cities: Charlotte, Chicago, 8:48:45:06AM

Denver, Portland, San Diego, also cities we first 8:48:49:04AM
looked at. 8:48:52:10AM
And then we looked around the state to see if 8:48:52:22AM
there were redevelopment patterns that were 8:48:55:00AM
similar to what we're doing here. 8:48:57:15AM
After we went through that research, and our study 8:49:02:15AM
will have a full description of our case study 8:49:05:10AM
research for all of these cities, including what 8:49:07:27AM
kind of development they are doing, how big is it, 8:49:11:04AM
how dense is it, what kind of bonus systems if any 8:49:13:16AM
do they use for development for height, F.A.R., 8:49:18:01AM
what kind of height limits they have, and what we 8:49:21:00AM
decided after this workshop based on the feedback 8:49:23:00AM
we got was we would look in more detail at Denver, 8:49:26:00AM
Charlotte, Portland, San Diego. 8:49:29:04AM
We looked in the south end neighborhood and 8:49:31:03AM
actually several neighborhoods in Charlotte. 8:49:33:00AM
And I should say that we flew people out to all 8:49:34:28AM
these cities to interview city planners, to 8:49:37:04AM
interview City Commissioners, who had involvement 8:49:40:06AM
in the process, and to photograph extensively 8:49:45:09AM
these neighborhoods that we wanted to know about 8:49:48:03AM
in terms of what they looked like, at the ground 8:49:52:01AM
level, what kind of public art they had, what kind 8:49:54:03AM
of park space they had, what kind of public realm 8:49:56:12AM

design. 8:49:59:15AM
This is the central PLATTE valley Commons area in 8:49:59:25AM
Denver. 8:50:05:19AM
On November 9th, the workshop -- we are going 8:50:06:10AM
to show you a lot of photographs in addition to 8:50:09:21AM
recommendations that we think will support the 8:50:11:25AM
recommendations we are going to make. 8:50:15:04AM
The pearl district in Portland very famous for its 8:50:16:18AM
redevelopment. 8:50:20:09AM
And frankly, and ironically since it's a far west 8:50:20:19AM
coast city, probably has more in common along with 8:50:24:04AM
some parts of downtown San Diego with what we are 8:50:27:12AM
doing here than any of the other cities that we 8:50:30:06AM
looked at. 8:50:32:19AM
San Diego, if you have been there recently, you 8:50:34:22AM
know is a booming redevelopment story, with 8:50:36:21AM
opportunities and problems and challenges, some of 8:50:39:21AM
which we'll be facing soon, some of which we'll be 8:50:43:00AM
facing in the not-too-distant future. 8:50:45:15AM
The F.A.R. analysis in progress, we have done 8:50:49:01AM
build-out projections which you will see in a 8:50:54:21AM
minute, and we have looked at -- 8:50:58:03AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: For people that are watching 8:51:03:28AM
why don't you explain what FAR is? 8:51:05:15AM
>>> An acronym for floor area ratio, and is the 8:51:09:27AM

raceoff built structure to the land it sits on. 8:51:12:19AM
So a 10,000 square foot lot with a 10,000 square 8:51:16:13AM
foot building on it is an F.A.R. of 1. 8:51:21:10AM
If you made at 3-story building, 30,000 square 8:51:24:13AM
feet on 10,000 square foot lot, F.A.R. of 3. 8:51:27:06AM
In the real world, you're approving projects now 8:51:31:15AM
at 3.5, in some cases beyond, which means a 8:51:34:00AM
development project which will have structured 8:51:38:09AM
parking in its base someplace, and then the 8:51:40:12AM
residential development will -- or what whatever 8:51:43:13AM
kind of development will go above structured 8:51:47:00AM
parking. 8:51:48:21AM
And of course part of the argument has to do with 8:51:49:01AM
its bulk, it's height, and what's appropriate. 8:51:52:13AM
And we are going to develop a series of ideas 8:51:55:04AM
that, to put in front of you, hopefully some of 8:51:57:13AM
which will be attractive to you. 8:52:00:06AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Does the floor area ratio 8:52:01:15AM
include everything like you mentioned, the 8:52:06:25AM
parking, lobbies? 8:52:09:27AM
Usable space? 8:52:14:06AM
What? 8:52:14:22AM
>>> No. 8:52:17:28AM
It tends to include what we call gross leasable 8:52:18:06AM
area which is air conditioned space. 8:52:20:07AM

So anything in a building that's air conditioned 8:52:21:25AM
is included F.A.R. 8:52:24:03AM
Structured parking is not. 8:52:26:06AM
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That point is very, very 8:52:26:27AM
crucial, because I know in Denver, and Portland, 8:52:34:06AM
you can build parking underground, and in Portland 8:52:39:28AM
actually they are looking at limiting the amount 8:52:42:25AM
of parking that people are allowed to build, and 8:52:44:06AM
in Tampa, we are always trying to maximize 8:52:46:19AM
parking. 8:52:50:09AM
And I think if we are going to have a really 8:52:50:19AM
honest conversation about what kind of scale 8:52:53:01AM
buildings we're talking about, we need to look at 8:52:56:00AM
structured parking as part of the equation, 8:52:59:12AM
because it takes -- a 5-story building and makes 8:53:02:12AM
it maybe a 9-story building. 8:53:06:12AM
Structured parking in Tampa is a big deal, and we 8:53:08:03AM
need to understand how it's going to impact our 8:53:10:18AM
decisions. 8:53:13:15AM
And if we are going to compare ourselves to other 8:53:14:22AM
cities that maybe don't have that, we need to 8:53:16:25AM
understand what they are really talking about in 8:53:19:15AM
terms of bulk. 8:53:22:12AM
Maybe there's another way of defining it that 8:53:23:06AM
includes the total mass of the building, that 8:53:27:04AM

gives us a true sense of how big it is, because 8:53:30:15AM
it's important for us to have a clear sense of 8:53:33:00AM
what's being proposed so we can really compare 8:53:36:04AM
these other cities to ourselves, and have a sense 8:53:38:19AM
of how they arrived at what they are doing. 8:53:41:15AM
And if we like what they are doing, what rules do 8:53:43:22AM
we need to put in place that really reflect our 8:53:48:06AM
reality, which is a lot of structured parking to 8:53:50:12AM
achieve the look and feel of what they have. 8:53:53:06AM
>>> Well, I agree. 8:53:56:28AM
And excuse me, Ms. Alvarez? 8:53:58:15AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I was going to ask again, because 8:54:00:13AM
I wasn't aware that that's the way it was done. 8:54:03:00AM
But what you're saying is that if they have 8:54:05:12AM
underground parking, and then you put the 8:54:09:06AM
building, say, you put two more stories of parking 8:54:11:27AM
on top, you would use those two stories of parking 8:54:16:06AM
on the top as part of the F.A.R.? 8:54:21:01AM
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, they don't include F.A.R. 8:54:25:27AM
>> Is that what you are saying we should do? 8:54:29:03AM
>> I'm saying we should compare apples to apples. 8:54:31:24AM
And let's say they only have, in total, three 8:54:34:18AM
stories of parking but two of them are 8:54:38:12AM
underground, so one story is structured parking 8:54:38:19AM
and let's say six stories of building. 8:54:40:21AM

But so when you look at it, you see a seven story 8:54:42:15AM
building. 8:54:45:09AM
Okay. 8:54:45:27AM
We could have the same F.A.R. thing, but we could 8:54:46:07AM
end up with a 12-story building because we can 8:54:49:21AM
have five layers of structured parking because we 8:54:51:21AM
demand more parking and none of it can go 8:54:54:04AM
underground. 8:54:56:13AM
And so if we are going for a certain look and 8:54:57:00AM
feel, we need to understand what the rules are -- 8:54:59:21AM
what we'll get when we set certain FARs, or we 8:55:03:24AM
need to include, which I know is kind of different 8:55:09:03AM
from the way you all usually think, but maybe 8:55:10:24AM
include structured parking as the way it's 8:55:13:27AM
projected. 8:55:15:28AM
>>> English: Keep in mind that at the end of the 8:55:18:00AM
day structured parking exists in any building -- 8:55:20:03AM
in any building that is developed at over a 8:55:27:03AM
one-point F.A.R. of leasable space, whether it's 8:55:30:22AM
office space, or housing. 8:55:33:19AM
And so height is another issue. 8:55:36:06AM
What you're really saying is you really need to 8:55:38:12AM
think about height, and you do. 8:55:40:24AM
And you may need to think about height limits in 8:55:42:03AM
the Channel District. 8:55:43:28AM

There are none currently in the Channel District 8:55:44:25AM
regulations. 8:55:47:09AM
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes, there are. 8:55:47:24AM
>>> No, there aren't. 8:55:50:24AM
>> Yes, there are. 8:55:52:00AM
>>> No height maximum. 8:55:53:03AM
>>> But the others do. They have 120 and 60 -- 8:55:53:27AM
>>> Height limit of 06 which is not practical. 8:56:02:09AM
>> But a height limit is in there. 8:56:05:12AM
>>> But my point is what people are using is CD-3, 8:56:07:18AM
and you may need to consider placing a height 8:56:10:24AM
limit if you feel light is an issue. 8:56:12:22AM
If you feel that bulk is an issue, which is to say 8:56:14:21AM
buildings that are 12 stories high and cover the 8:56:18:09AM
site, you may need to consider requiring view 8:56:21:07AM
corridors, or other design considerations that 8:56:24:12AM
will give you a different look. 8:56:26:09AM
But you kind of have to juggle these issues in 8:56:29:09AM
your decision busy what you're going to approve 8:56:33:13AM
there. 8:56:36:00AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Go ahead. 8:56:36:03AM
>>> We understand your concern. 8:56:39:10AM
It's just the way it's calculated. 8:56:40:09AM
I would like Mickey to walk you briefly through 8:56:42:15AM
the public realm issues that we are looking at 8:56:44:12AM

because they are going to be very important in 8:56:46:16AM
terms of what we recommend, and will probably 8:56:47:27AM
recommend you spend money. 8:56:50:06AM
>> Thank you, Michael. 8:56:54:01AM
I'd like to talk a little bit about the public 8:56:56:24AM
realm. 8:56:59:24AM
Just to tag onto what Michael was talking about 8:57:00:15AM
one of the things we are dealing with in studying 8:57:03:07AM
the other cities and studying some of the public 8:57:05:04AM
realm issues that they have are just the thing 8:57:07:06AM
that you're talking about, Ms. Saul-Sena, that the 8:57:10:03AM
context of the neighborhood, and how the design is 8:57:15:12AM
going to affect that streetscape and integrate 8:57:17:21AM
with the building itself, and we think that's very 8:57:20:18AM
important, because ultimately you want the 8:57:22:21AM
Channelside to be another thriving, vibrant 8:57:26:19AM
neighborhood, and we have to look at the results 8:57:28:28AM
of what we are doing and moving forward the 8:57:32:10AM
decisions we make, the challenge we have obviously 8:57:34:19AM
is to create the standards to get that end result. 8:57:38:12AM
And so it's very important we study these other 8:57:41:15AM
cities, and how they do it and understand the 8:57:44:15AM
differences which they have. 8:57:46:28AM
Some may be an advantage to how their streetscape 8:57:47:22AM
is. 8:57:50:15AM

Some may not be. 8:57:50:21AM
But understanding I think is very important, and 8:57:52:01AM
that kind of wheels into some of these public 8:57:54:18AM
realm issues that we'd like to talk about. 8:57:57:19AM
Certainly transportation, traffic calming, public 8:57:59:18AM
parking, streetscape, parks, and public art are 8:58:02:03AM
really the things we focused on. 8:58:04:24AM
We were trying to look at certainly how vehicular 8:58:07:12AM
routes are going through the neighborhood at this 8:58:10:24AM
point in time in Channelside, identifying what 8:58:12:03AM
routes those are, because I think it's important 8:58:15:03AM
to really identify where the cars are going to be 8:58:16:27AM
and how we are going to have to move traffic as we 8:58:20:06AM
continue to develop theory density, it's very 8:58:23:25AM
important to understand how we are going to move 8:58:27:27AM
vehicles in and out of the area itself. 8:58:29:09AM
And with that density, of course, public 8:58:32:15AM
transportation. 8:58:34:15AM
So looking at the existing public transportation 8:58:35:06AM
route, and trying to identify, in particular with 8:58:37:12AM
the new connections that we'll be making with the 8:58:39:24AM
CDB downtown, how we are going to get additional 8:58:43:06AM
public transportation routes in there, encourage 8:58:45:16AM
people to use public transportation, and make 8:58:48:12AM
recommendations on which public transportation 8:58:50:18AM

really is going to be the most effective for the 8:58:52:15AM
community itself. 8:58:54:18AM
Another thing that I really love is bicycle 8:58:57:19AM
routes. 8:59:00:18AM
And one of the things I think we have seen in some 8:59:01:06AM
of the other cities we visited are how bicycling, 8:59:03:09AM
and that mode of transportation is encouraged in 8:59:07:03AM
the urban area. 8:59:08:27AM
And not just the routes. 8:59:10:18AM
I think we made this very clear hopefully in our 8:59:12:18AM
first community meeting. 8:59:15:15AM
It's bicycle destinations because when you think a 8:59:17:00AM
lot about how the car moves and how we have to 8:59:19:18AM
park the car, we also think it's important to 8:59:21:22AM
understand how bicycles need to move and process 8:59:23:09AM
with the traffic and pedestrians, but also where 8:59:26:22AM
we are going to have a termination point so people 8:59:30:27AM
feel comfortable and safe where they are going to 8:59:33:10AM
get off their bicycle and become a pedestrian and 8:59:35:03AM
how we store those bicycles and make that 8:59:37:09AM
effective for people. 8:59:39:01AM
So destinationsers are just as important. 8:59:40:06AM
That's one of the things we are looking at in 8:59:42:16AM
terms of design issues with the public realm. 8:59:44:01AM
And of course pedestrian routes. 8:59:46:10AM

Neighborhoods are vibrant with people in the 8:59:51:06AM
streets. 8:59:53:00AM
We all know that people in the streets make 8:59:53:10AM
neighborhoods safer. 8:59:55:15AM
People in the streets make neighborhoods 8:59:56:10AM
interactive. 8:59:58:09AM
And people in the streets make the neighborhood a 8:59:59:21AM
place everybody wants to come and be. 9:00:01:22AM
That's just the reality. 9:00:04:03AM
And great cities have that. 9:00:05:06AM
So we were looking at ways to encourage that 9:00:06:10AM
pedestrian participation. 9:00:08:18AM
Perhaps it's giving everybody in Channelside a 9:00:11:15AM
wagon. 9:00:13:18AM
I love that picture. 9:00:14:09AM
In fact, it's these kinds of things that we are 9:00:17:22AM
looking at. 9:00:19:27AM
And how do we again segregate that traffic so that 9:00:20:15AM
pedestrian routes are safe pedestrian routes. 9:00:24:15AM
And I think that's really the critical issue. 9:00:26:09AM
Safety for the pedestrian and being able to 9:00:28:21AM
encourage the pedestrian to move with that feeling 9:00:31:16AM
of safety and comfort. 9:00:33:09AM
And it's not just creating the routes. 9:00:35:00AM
It's making people want to be on the streets. 9:00:36:18AM

And that's really the key element. 9:00:39:10AM
And that's where the design of the public realm 9:00:40:22AM
issues really come forward. 9:00:42:27AM
And then there's of course combined routes. 9:00:45:25AM
This is a photograph, a perfect example -- not a 9:00:47:24AM
good example of combined route. 9:00:52:18AM
So our whole concept with that is really to avoid 9:00:54:06AM
this and tory think about how these things have to 9:00:57:22AM
interact, because it is. 9:01:00:18AM
You have got a streetcar. 9:01:04:03AM
You have got cars. 9:01:05:27AM
You have got bicycles. 9:01:06:21AM
You have people. 9:01:07:18AM
You have four things converging in a lot of places 9:01:08:06AM
so we need to look at how we are going to do that 9:01:10:22AM
effectively and safely. 9:01:13:00AM
There's a lot of things. 9:01:16:18AM
Looking at traffic calming, because traffic 9:01:17:13AM
calming is really a key issue. 9:01:20:06AM
We all know that cars that are going at a faster 9:01:22:06AM
rate, it's much more dangerous for pedestrians, 9:01:24:21AM
and visibility than anything else. 9:01:27:19AM
So looking at how we create corners at 9:01:29:01AM
intersections, looking at how we identify specific 9:01:33:25AM
points where there's going to be intersections, 9:01:38:07AM

various types of transportation, again bicycles, 9:01:41:09AM
people, cars, accommodating mid-block crossings, 9:01:44:00AM
to make it safer. 9:01:49:27AM
We do have a few streets within Channelside that 9:01:51:00AM
are major arteries of traffic. 9:01:53:18AM
So we have to create areas in which we are going 9:01:55:21AM
to make it safer for people to cross, because 9:01:59:06AM
people are going to have to cross those. 9:02:02:12AM
And of course, back to the off-street bicycle 9:02:04:15AM
lanes, which again it's a safety issue and a mode 9:02:07:09AM
of transportation. 9:02:09:16AM
I think this slide on the bottom right is in 9:02:11:16AM
particular kind of interesting, the specific 9:02:14:06AM
bicycle side and a pedestrian side, off-lane 9:02:17:00AM
system for that. 9:02:22:00AM
Greenways and pedestrian linkages, looking at how 9:02:24:24AM
we are going to link pedestrians into the system 9:02:27:21AM
that we currently have. 9:02:30:03AM
Obviously the riverwalk is a big part of that, and 9:02:31:12AM
creating the riverwalk in and through the Channel 9:02:34:12AM
District is going to be critically important, but 9:02:38:15AM
also looking at how we link to the other open 9:02:41:00AM
areas, open urban areas in creating more open 9:02:43:15AM
urban areas for the city I think is very 9:02:46:27AM
important. 9:02:48:21AM

Streetscape. This is where I get excited about 9:02:54:00AM
opportunity we have. 9:02:56:21AM
And I love that word. 9:02:57:12AM
Opportunity is the key element here. 9:02:58:10AM
Streetscapes are important. 9:03:00:00AM
Sidewalks. 9:03:01:10AM
Separation, as you see here from traffic. 9:03:02:06AM
Interest on the side of the buildings, whether 9:03:04:15AM
it's retail, whether it's office, whether it's 9:03:07:12AM
places where people gather, where it's art 9:03:10:04AM
galleries. 9:03:12:28AM
How do we create and find ways that we provide 9:03:13:13AM
encouragement for people developing to create 9:03:18:15AM
these kind of environment for us? 9:03:22:12AM
Obviously here this is a wonderful example of 9:03:24:00AM
separation, overhangs, just a pleasant pedestrian 9:03:27:00AM
environment. 9:03:29:18AM
Now, in our visual survey on the streetscape we 9:03:30:06AM
did some images previously. 9:03:35:06AM
I know Ms. Saul-Sena you participated in that. 9:03:36:19AM
And these are the results of some of the visual 9:03:38:21AM
images that we presented at the first public 9:03:41:00AM
meeting. 9:03:44:00AM
Streetscape number 1. 9:03:46:01AM
The positive comments, wide sidewalks, awnings, 9:03:47:24AM

well delineated crossings, interestingly enough, 9:03:54:03AM
people walking in the street, a variety of spatial 9:03:57:00AM
experience was buildings whether it's a mid-rise 9:04:02:03AM
or low-rise but certainly well done. 9:04:04:09AM
And in an environment with cafes that is very 9:04:06:10AM
pleasant for people to be at. 9:04:09:09AM
Streetscape number 2, which is kind of 9:04:11:04AM
interesting. 9:04:14:00AM
I believe this is a European solution, that really 9:04:14:18AM
does it all with paving, curbing, and uses other 9:04:17:15AM
elements to delineate traffic from pedestrians. 9:04:21:12AM
Also the visual orientation of the paving, also 9:04:26:21AM
makes a suggestion of traffic calming itself and 9:04:29:09AM
slowing traffic down, which is an interesting 9:04:32:12AM
solution to that, as well as the texture. 9:04:34:15AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Going back to that for a 9:04:36:12AM
second, is the intent that it's so confusing that 9:04:42:09AM
you just wonder what it is and therefore you slow 9:04:45:18AM
down? 9:04:48:03AM
>>> I think you slow down because -- yeah, it's 9:04:49:25AM
visually interesting. 9:04:52:18AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I liked it. 9:04:53:15AM
But I can see that, yeah. 9:04:59:15AM
>>> You know, it depends on how you really 9:05:02:09AM
interpret that, whether you slow down or whether 9:05:04:27AM

you try to follow actually with your car. 9:05:06:13AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Get pulled over for DU hi 9:05:10:15AM
there. 9:05:13:10AM
>>> But we did find this an interesting choice of 9:05:15:12AM
all the ones that we did. 9:05:20:06AM
And some of it I think has to do with -- it's 9:05:21:27AM
really a nice integration of the pedestrian view, 9:05:24:19AM
vehicular environment, done with specific elements 9:05:27:09AM
that aren't traditional. 9:05:31:21AM
Really there's no curbing. 9:05:33:00AM
The paving is done, is integrated in. 9:05:34:03AM
You know, you have a separation with a linear 9:05:36:25AM
drain there that really helps in terms of the 9:05:39:22AM
water issues. 9:05:42:21AM
But it's an interesting solution, interesting 9:05:43:09AM
choice. 9:05:46:24AM
Site furnishings. 9:05:48:04AM
Number 1 choice, high-tech, which is interesting 9:05:49:15AM
as well. 9:05:53:06AM
High-tech elements for bicycle stands, lights, 9:05:54:12AM
benches, trash cans, a variety. 9:05:58:12AM
Number 2 choice was the industrial design pallet. 9:06:02:00AM
So we found that very interesting as well based on 9:06:05:15AM
the survey. 9:06:07:15AM
Specialty paving. 9:06:09:19AM

The interesting thing for different elements. 9:06:11:25AM
Number one choice is really stamped concrete, 9:06:13:13AM
which this really kind of shows a stamped pattern 9:06:16:03AM
that's very sandy, and interesting. 9:06:19:24AM
Number 2 choice again, back to our linear floor 9:06:22:28AM
mat, which seems to be a popular choice with that. 9:06:26:24AM
But a differentiation of really materials and 9:06:29:18AM
colors. 9:06:33:03AM
And then third choice was really this pattern at 9:06:33:21AM
crossings again, showcasing how the separation of 9:06:38:09AM
pedestrian and implied areas for cars and 9:06:41:06AM
pedestrians to be. 9:06:44:16AM
Public art really -- obviously you and I, Ms. 9:06:47:15AM
Saul-Sena, share a passion for that as well. 9:06:53:04AM
Inspires public interaction. 9:06:55:15AM
It certainly gives elements to do that we can use 9:06:57:13AM
within the design that are functional and part of 9:07:02:15AM
the public art. 9:07:06:09AM
Our number 1 public art for gateway choice is 9:07:07:18AM
really a wall mural, very dramatic, and 9:07:11:21AM
interesting, and certainly giving an opportunity 9:07:14:13AM
for building facades to do certain things. 9:07:17:25AM
The number 2 choice is really kind of a very 9:07:22:04AM
interesting stamped process, but can be used in a 9:07:24:04AM
variety of places,. 9:07:28:24AM

The number 3 choice was the big turtle. 9:07:33:10AM
Also interactive and encouraging people to use it, 9:07:37:12AM
and become -- it's elements like that that are 9:07:40:27AM
more than art itself, that they become interactive 9:07:45:04AM
and become icons in the community. 9:07:48:00AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Interesting that that was 9:07:50:12AM
adjacent to a bar. 9:07:53:09AM
Little play thing adjacent -- 9:07:56:21AM
>>> I didn't see that before, but that's very 9:07:59:09AM
observant. 9:08:01:03AM
But that's part of the neighborhood, too. 9:08:02:00AM
I certainly grew up in a little neighborhood where 9:08:04:27AM
the neighborhood bar was an integral part of the 9:08:07:00AM
neighborhood itself. 9:08:09:25AM
Urban parks. 9:08:11:19AM
We all know that we understand the importance of 9:08:13:03AM
having urban open spaces, and we really want to 9:08:15:06AM
figure out ways to do that. The number one choice 9:08:17:24AM
is one of the most wonderful urban parks in the 9:08:21:06AM
country, and just a dynamic place, with the 9:08:28:25AM
understanding it's not a very big place, but it's 9:08:32:15AM
certainly a wonderful place as an urban 9:08:35:15AM
environment. 9:08:37:18AM
Number 2, I believe this is Grant Park -- and 9:08:38:09AM
correct me if I am wrong, Ms. Saul-Sena. 9:08:41:21AM

I believe that's Grant Park. 9:08:42:25AM
But also another interesting urban environment 9:08:44:00AM
that just integrates nature, and quiet spaces, and 9:08:46:24AM
the ability to walk through, reflect, whatever. 9:08:50:12AM
So it's interesting. 9:08:54:16AM
Then number 3, a very interactive environment. 9:08:56:12AM
So it's three very different types of environments 9:08:58:27AM
that were selected in that particular survey 9:09:01:06AM
itself. 9:09:05:00AM
I believe this is West Palm Beach. 9:09:05:21AM
And actually that corner was the number 1 choice 9:09:07:15AM
that we saw earlier in the streetscape. 9:09:11:07AM
So the public realm, present draft results at the 9:09:15:06AM
next public workshop on November 9th, so we 9:09:19:24AM
can showcase exactly what people selected at the 9:09:22:01AM
first workshop and build on that, prepare a public 9:09:25:00AM
realm plan and budget based on feedback from the 9:09:28:00AM
stakeholders, and hopefully come up with design 9:09:31:10AM
concepts that are going to work in this 9:09:33:18AM
neighborhood. 9:09:35:10AM
And we think they are. 9:09:36:06AM
I'm going to give it back to Michael. 9:09:39:04AM
>>> Michael English: Thank you, Mickey. 9:09:42:24AM
Everyplace we look I really should emphasize the 9:09:45:18AM
public realm was treated very carefully. 9:09:47:25AM

I don't think anything is more important in urban 9:09:51:15AM
neighborhoods than public arts, frankly. 9:09:54:03AM
We may be recommending that you consider buying 9:09:56:12AM
the public art ordinance, applying it to the 9:09:59:04AM
Channel District. 9:10:02:06AM
We really believe that it will change the 9:10:03:03AM
character and quality of the neighborhood probably 9:10:06:07AM
faster than anything, almost anything else we can 9:10:08:24AM
do. 9:10:11:00AM
Although the streetscape and the quality of the 9:10:11:09AM
streetlighting and shade and the neighborhood 9:10:13:12AM
parks we hope to see are also very important. 9:10:17:06AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Mike, before you go on, I failed 9:10:19:13AM
to ask you, give us the boundaries of what you're 9:10:25:01AM
talking about. 9:10:27:21AM
>>> As you can see from the slide, the Channel 9:10:30:12AM
District's boundaries are really set when it was 9:10:31:21AM
established as a community redevelopment area. 9:10:35:06AM
So it starts at the Crosstown expressway on the 9:10:38:00AM
north, Ybor channel on the east, the eastern edge 9:10:41:19AM
of Meridian street on the west, and Garrison 9:10:47:15AM
Channel, and it kind of hooks around the eastern 9:10:51:06AM
most Harbor Island bridge on the south. 9:10:56:18AM
So basically about one-third of your downtown 9:10:59:06AM
peninsula and the whole eastern side of the 9:11:02:21AM

downtown peninsula. 9:11:04:21AM
I'm not going to give you all the projects. 9:11:06:24AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Quick question since you 9:11:11:12AM
mentioned Meridian. 9:11:14:09AM
Is it too late or is there still an opportunity to 9:11:15:10AM
have the fixtures and that sort of thing that are 9:11:22:15AM
going to go with Meridian to somehow or other -- 9:11:25:12AM
excuse me. 9:11:32:10AM
>> Bless you. 9:11:33:24AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: match up with whatever we 9:11:34:19AM
decide to do in Channelside in terms of light 9:11:36:13AM
fixtures and bike racks? 9:11:38:22AM
>>> No. 9:11:42:12AM
In fact that's a very strong design element now. 9:11:42:12AM
As is the things that the port has done at the 9:11:44:25AM
aquarium and Channelside and the streetcar system 9:11:49:00AM
as for lighting and things. 9:11:51:12AM
So we are going to try to wrap at round with that 9:11:53:01AM
works with everything that's there, that isn't -- 9:11:56:06AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: My question was, are the 9:11:58:18AM
Meridian already done -- 9:12:02:04AM
>>> Yes. 9:12:04:28AM
Bless you, bless you. 9:12:05:06AM
They are good. 9:12:10:13AM
And when you go out there, you can actually drive 9:12:11:03AM

on parts. 9:12:13:10AM
It's going to be a very big street but a very 9:12:16:06AM
pretty street. 9:12:19:03AM
These are the projects that basically have been 9:12:23:00AM
approved and under construction. 9:12:24:09AM
You're familiar with most of them. 9:12:26:07AM
When we present to you again on the 9th at the 9:12:32:21AM
workshop, again the projects, you have already set 9:12:34:18AM
a great part of the context for this neighborhood. 9:12:38:09AM
Those decisions have been made. 9:12:41:00AM
There's some big buildings, some small buildings, 9:12:42:03AM
some fat buildings, some newer buildings. 9:12:44:15AM
It's all good looking stuff. 9:12:47:16AM
It's all different. 9:12:49:18AM
And commonly it's committed 50 or 60 or 70% of the 9:12:50:18AM
land area of the Channel District already. 9:12:55:22AM
So it represents a lot of new development. 9:12:57:25AM
And that's the list. 9:13:00:18AM
Also, you can see on the chart what you basically 9:13:03:09AM
approved in terms of committed projects, for 9:13:07:24AM
projects that have been built, and it's a fair 9:13:12:12AM
amount of space. 9:13:14:13AM
We have looked at -- currently you have about 1200 9:13:15:15AM
dwelling units under construction. 9:13:18:28AM
That's 2500 new people that you already know are 9:13:20:07AM

going to be here in the next year or two, in 9:13:23:13AM
addition to the 700 people who are in the district 9:13:25:16AM
now. 9:13:28:00AM
And infrastructure, as I said, we are doing a 9:13:30:15AM
complete analysis. 9:13:33:03AM
We have looked at existing infrastructure. 9:13:33:28AM
We are intending a lot of time with your -- 9:13:36:15AM
Sanitary, sewer, water. 9:13:41:25AM
All of those lines underground need help. 9:13:43:07AM
Streets need improving. 9:13:46:15AM
There are places where there are no sidewalks. 9:13:47:22AM
So we are absolutely going to be making strong, 9:13:50:09AM
strong recommendations for capital improvement 9:13:54:00AM
budget and for infrastructure of all kinds. 9:13:57:15AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The most expensive one is the 9:14:00:04AM
underground utilities. 9:14:02:15AM
What is the status of those? 9:14:04:03AM
>>> The status is we have a proposal from TECO to 9:14:05:19AM
put all of the distribution lines underground. 9:14:08:09AM
There are transmission lines and distribution 9:14:12:18AM
lines. 9:14:14:27AM
It looks like 9.6 million dollars to bury all the 9:14:15:13AM
distribution lines in the district. 9:14:20:06AM
We don't have a number for the transmission which 9:14:21:06AM
is Twiggs and part of Meridian, because we haven't 9:14:24:09AM

found an alternate place to put them underground 9:14:28:03AM
yet. 9:14:30:24AM
And it may not be affordable. 9:14:31:01AM
It's hard to explain, but the corridor, you need 9:14:35:16AM
to bury transmission is different. 9:14:37:27AM
You can stick distribution lines in the road with 9:14:40:06AM
other utilities. 9:14:42:16AM
You can't do that with transmission lines. 9:14:43:07AM
They need bigger conduit. 9:14:45:01AM
They need more space vertically, horizontally. 9:14:46:15AM
So we are not quite sure what we are going to do 9:14:50:03AM
with transmission. 9:14:52:04AM
But distribution, we have got the number, and 9:14:53:00AM
county be done, and I think you can afford to have 9:14:56:21AM
it done. 9:14:59:09AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: How about the way utilities -- 9:14:59:22AM
is there major work that needs to be done in terms 9:15:05:16AM
of stormwater, or wastewater, or potable water for 9:15:07:18AM
that mat er? 9:15:11:09AM
>>> We have plans for stormwater including 9:15:12:12AM
retrofitting the system that's in place. 9:15:14:15AM
We're talking with the port authority and the city 9:15:17:07AM
about putting some underground vaults for 9:15:19:09AM
stormwater on port property, and on city property, 9:15:21:24AM
the aquarium parking lot. 9:15:26:07AM

>> Is there a system in place right now, a 9:15:28:24AM
stormwater system? 9:15:30:15AM
>>> Yes, there is. 9:15:31:27AM
There is. 9:15:32:16AM
It just needs a little tweaking. 9:15:33:07AM
But it's there. 9:15:35:06AM
Yeah, it's there. 9:15:36:00AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: And wastewater and potable? 9:15:36:21AM
>>> Wastewater is okay. 9:15:43:10AM
Potable needs a lot of help. 9:15:44:13AM
The need for additional water will probably 9:15:46:22AM
require the addition of a whole new water main, 9:15:48:22AM
whole new water line, transmission line coming 9:15:51:12AM
into the district. 9:15:53:24AM
Working with the water department, talking about 9:15:58:03AM
that. 9:16:01:03AM
So we'll have specific recommendations for you on 9:16:02:00AM
that too. 9:16:04:24AM
>> Is that something that each developer 9:16:05:18AM
especially major developer will have to contribute 9:16:07:15AM
to as part of their requirement? 9:16:09:10AM
>>> No, they pay a large connection fee for their 9:16:12:12AM
development. 9:16:15:06AM
And they bring -- they pay for the water lines 9:16:15:25AM
into their project from those bigger lines. 9:16:20:07AM

But typically, water, which is an enterprise fund, 9:16:22:16AM
would pay for that, or tax increment funds would 9:16:26:18AM
pay for that. 9:16:29:00AM
Next, please. 9:16:35:25AM
Our next steps tore continue refining our budgets, 9:16:36:21AM
and we'll have completed that process and be 9:16:39:10AM
presenting that to the city administration and to 9:16:43:16AM
you all and to the public in the next couple of 9:16:46:03AM
weeks. 9:16:48:21AM
I'll walk through this quickly. 9:16:49:06AM
We have begun the development of tax increment 9:16:53:00AM
projections for the district. 9:16:56:06AM
This is very important. 9:16:57:09AM
And this chart shows committed development, 9:16:58:12AM
conceptual approvals, plus -- now there are three 9:17:07:22AM
columns. 9:17:12:06AM
So we have done committed, conceptual approvals, 9:17:12:09AM
and then anything that doesn't have the zoning 9:17:15:12AM
approval, or isn't built, we have shown you what 9:17:17:12AM
would happen if you built, 3.5 F.A.R., or 6.5. 9:17:20:13AM
We did that because the comp plan gives you the 9:17:26:00AM
right to approve up to a 7. 9:17:28:12AM
So we just arbitrarily put three levels. 9:17:29:27AM
And then in the right-hand column is actually 9:17:33:06AM
Chris Jones, 20-year forecast for development for 9:17:36:07AM

the district. 9:17:40:04AM
We think the district can absorb about 6300 new 9:17:40:18AM
dwelling units over a 20-year period. 9:17:46:06AM
And that amounts to 8,300,000 square feet of 9:17:49:06AM
residential space and almost 3 million square feet 9:17:57:12AM
of non-residential commercial hotel space. 9:17:59:13AM
It's a lot of development, but it took into 9:18:03:10AM
account the demands for housing in the central 9:18:06:21AM
business district and Central Park Village 9:18:10:01AM
redevelopment and the Hyde project in Hyde Park, 9:18:12:07AM
and we still feel the 400 plus dwelling units a 9:18:17:24AM
year is a reasonable prediction. 9:18:20:15AM
That would result in a population of roughly 9:18:24:16AM
12,000 people, and working population of almost 9:18:27:16AM
9,000 people. 9:18:31:00AM
So 21,000 people a day coming and going in the 9:18:31:21AM
Channel District in less than -- in 20 years. 9:18:35:22AM
That is a very -- that's a big neighborhood. 9:18:38:03AM
That's a great success story if we can accommodate 9:18:41:10AM
them, and if we can provide the infrastructure for 9:18:45:06AM
them and the amenities. 9:18:48:04AM
It would be a model equal to any in the United 9:18:50:13AM
States. 9:18:52:18AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: So going to the first column, 9:18:52:21AM
comparing it to the last column, you're saying 9:18:58:01AM

that we had approved the 800 units? 9:19:00:06AM
>>> No. 9:19:06:25AM
I'm saying if you add -- everything that's 9:19:07:00AM
committed, under construction, either built, or 9:19:10:00AM
under construction, everything you have approved, 9:19:13:06AM
plus you apply 3.25 F.A.R. of everything else, you 9:19:15:18AM
can end up with 18 million square feet of space, 9:19:21:13AM
resulting in a population of 16,000. 9:19:25:04AM
We don't think you can reach that in 20 years, 9:19:28:03AM
but, you know, in a sense you're only going to do 9:19:30:27AM
this once. 9:19:34:00AM
We are only putting in infrastructure hopefully 9:19:35:00AM
once, big time, for the next 50 years. 9:19:38:03AM
>> And the 20-year forecast is an economic 9:19:42:04AM
model -- 9:19:44:01AM
>>> That we have developed, that's right. 9:19:45:12AM
That's our economists are telling us and we are 9:19:46:25AM
telling you, we think you can absorb 6500 dwelling 9:19:52:04AM
units in the next 20 years. 9:19:57:19AM
>> And because that's a typical CRA, TIF? 9:19:59:10AM
>>> It is the TIF model. 9:20:03:06AM
As you see in a minute it represents a lot of TIF 9:20:04:15AM
money. 9:20:07:00AM
We'll be happy to come back and give you more 9:20:08:12AM
detail. 9:20:10:09AM

I know you have a busy meeting coming up and we 9:20:10:25AM
are almost out of time. 9:20:12:24AM
So this is 11.8 million square feet of new 9:20:13:27AM
development in the next 20 years. 9:20:18:19AM
Committed projects under construction would 9:20:19:24AM
probably much account for the next four or five 9:20:23:06AM
years of development. 9:20:25:10AM
Not to say others aren't going to come out of the 9:20:26:06AM
ground but in competition, of course, will occur. 9:20:28:06AM
But this is actually a lot of development right 9:20:30:21AM
here now. 9:20:34:03AM
These are our 20-year forecasts of 317 dwelling 9:20:36:22AM
units. 9:20:40:09AM
The TIF is going to generate a lot of money. 9:20:51:15AM
It will be 3.8 billion dollars. 9:20:55:00AM
Generate $24 million in the first five years, 102 9:21:02:04AM
million in the first ten, and $428 million over a 9:21:05:07AM
20-year period. 9:21:09:24AM
>> If we were doing the electrical underground, 9:21:11:00AM
when would we have to spend that proposed $9 9:21:12:28AM
million? 9:21:15:12AM
>>> Part of what we are trying to do is work with 9:21:16:12AM
the city administration, city finance director, 9:21:18:03AM
about some ways to not necessarily just pay as you 9:21:20:07AM
go, but to create a bond or series of small bonds 9:21:24:18AM

that are fairly risk-free. 9:21:30:15AM
So we know this is a conservative city, but 9:21:32:12AM
there's got to be a way to get some of this done 9:21:36:06AM
up front is the bottom line. 9:21:38:12AM
It going to be very difficult to do this just pay 9:21:39:24AM
as you go incrementally. 9:21:42:12AM
Some of these projects you have got to just go 9:21:44:18AM
ahead and do. 9:21:46:06AM
When you fix a street you have to fix everything 9:21:47:09AM
underneath it at the same time. 9:21:49:15AM
So we'll be giving you some specific 9:21:50:27AM
recommendations. 9:21:54:00AM
And giving some options to city administration, 9:21:54:15AM
which they are very interested in seeing and them 9:21:59:00AM
discussing with you. 9:22:01:15AM
It's back loaded. 9:22:04:03AM
You can see the number gets bigger and bigger. 9:22:05:01AM
That's because inflation and the value of things 9:22:07:06AM
goes up over time. 9:22:09:25AM
So you end up with a huge building of TIF 9:22:11:01AM
revenues, a staggering building of TIF revenues 9:22:17:03AM
over that 20-year period. 9:22:20:22AM
Frankly, I mean, it's going to be hard to spend 9:22:22:03AM
that kind of money. 9:22:24:09AM
You may find after 10 or 12 years that you have 9:22:25:06AM

done everything, and you want to dissolve the CRA, 9:22:27:21AM
the TIF and surprise the county, I don't know. 9:22:30:21AM
It doesn't happen very often, but you never know. 9:22:34:10AM
So pay as you go or bonding, we are working with 9:22:38:09AM
the city. 9:22:41:12AM
There are ways to do this with very minimal risk 9:22:43:03AM
and we are hoping that we can provide you some 9:22:46:06AM
more information about that. 9:22:48:15AM
These were Parkinson's questions several weeks 9:22:49:24AM
ago. 9:22:55:07AM
We are trying to answer them all. 9:22:56:00AM
I don't want to go through them this morning 9:22:57:16AM
because I don't have all the answers but we are 9:22:59:06AM
getting closer and closer, and I think we'll 9:23:01:00AM
really be prepared to give you a series of 9:23:04:03AM
rational recommendations for all these categories, 9:23:05:24AM
and hopefully the F.A.R. issue, we can give you 9:23:09:16AM
some choices that -- and perhaps some 9:23:13:18AM
recommendations for changes to your Land 9:23:16:19AM
Development Code and your design guidelines so 9:23:18:27AM
that you can sort of focus in more easily and make 9:23:21:07AM
people understand more easily what you are looking 9:23:25:00AM
for down there. 9:23:27:24AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Mike, what percentage of all this 9:23:30:00AM
F.A.R. is affordable housing? 9:23:32:27AM

Do you know yet? 9:23:35:03AM
>>> None of it at the moment. 9:23:36:09AM
No. 9:23:40:12AM
Affordable housing is a whole separate issue. 9:23:40:12AM
We are going to address it. 9:23:43:06AM
We have been addressing it in our studies. 9:23:44:19AM
The only way you are going to get affordable 9:23:48:16AM
housing in the Channel District is to create -- is 9:23:50:10AM
to incentivize developers to provide it because 9:23:53:07AM
they are reaching for the best market. 9:23:56:01AM
They are reaching for the market that's there. 9:24:00:15AM
And people who can afford to pay quite a lot of 9:24:02:12AM
money for housing. 9:24:06:00AM
So if you want affordable house you are going to 9:24:06:28AM
have to find ways to incentivize developers to 9:24:08:25AM
provide a portion of their projects. 9:24:12:00AM
The project that never quite got here had a 9:24:14:13AM
proposal for affordable housing that was very 9:24:17:13AM
creative, and we are going to have to suggest to 9:24:20:18AM
you that you think about, at least, developing -- 9:24:25:09AM
we are going to provide it as a potential 9:24:31:12AM
incentive. 9:24:32:28AM
We are going to suggest to you that you consider 9:24:33:19AM
making it an incentive or find out what that could 9:24:35:06AM
be for you, and then you can choose to do what you 9:24:38:06AM

wish with it. 9:24:41:15AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Then what you're also saying then 9:24:42:06AM
is that the employees that will be coming in to 9:24:46:19AM
working in that area will not be living there? 9:24:51:06AM
They will be coming from the outside, because they 9:24:54:04AM
can't afford it. 9:24:56:06AM
>>> Well, it's a common problem in every city with 9:24:57:21AM
redevelopment. 9:24:59:22AM
And there will be affordable housing. 9:25:02:24AM
Hopefully there will be some affordable housing. 9:25:05:04AM
I think there should be. 9:25:07:09AM
But there will also be affordable housing in Ybor 9:25:08:22AM
City, in Tampa Heights, in Central Park Village, 9:25:11:09AM
in Palmetto Beach. 9:25:16:12AM
It happens in every city whose center goes through 9:25:18:24AM
redevelopment. 9:25:21:28AM
Property values go up. 9:25:22:13AM
It's called justification by urban planners. 9:25:23:15AM
It's a very difficult problem. 9:25:26:22AM
And every community in the United States is trying 9:25:28:06AM
to figure out how to solve it. 9:25:30:12AM
One way is to incentivize. 9:25:33:03AM
One way is to require developers to provide it. 9:25:36:07AM
We are very reluctant to recommend requiring 9:25:39:21AM
things. 9:25:42:19AM

This is a delicate impetus we have here. 9:25:43:27AM
This is a big scary world and it changes on a 9:25:47:13AM
daily basis. 9:25:49:18AM
We would like you to be able to consider 9:25:51:16AM
incentivize developers to do that. 9:25:53:24AM
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think this has been a really 9:25:56:25AM
complete, thorough and exciting presentation. 9:25:59:24AM
And the speed with which the Channel District is 9:26:02:03AM
changing is kind of extraordinary. 9:26:05:22AM
Frankly, we needed to do the infrastructure 9:26:08:01AM
analysis and start spending the CRA money three 9:26:12:09AM
years ago. 9:26:15:19AM
So I'm glad that you are including public input 9:26:15:27AM
and I'm looking forward to your next presentation 9:26:19:03AM
to council. 9:26:21:00AM
I think this is very authorize O.thank you. 9:26:21:18AM
>>> Thank you very much. 9:26:24:22AM
John? 9:26:26:10AM
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes. 9:26:27:21AM
We have some students who just came in. 9:26:28:24AM
I think this probably impacts them more than us. 9:26:30:12AM
Since you came in in the middle of the 9:26:34:12AM
presentation, what we are talking about is how to 9:26:36:04AM
best redevelop the Channelside area. 9:26:38:12AM
And as Mr. Jacobs said, mentioned about having a 9:26:40:19AM

vibrant, urban community, that we haven't had a 9:26:46:09AM
vibrant urban area in the City of Tampa probably 9:26:53:03AM
for more than 50 years, ever since downtown, I 9:26:55:18AM
mean in terms of residential, and people actually 9:27:00:07AM
shopping and that sort of thing in the and the 9:27:03:24AM
downtown has short of gone downhill but it's sort 9:27:07:22AM
of come back. 9:27:09:27AM
But it is a unique opportunity. 9:27:11:01AM
And I'm so glad you guys are working on this and 9:27:13:10AM
your team and as Linda said you're doing a great 9:27:14:19AM
job. 9:27:17:21AM
In regard to affordable housing, a lot of develop 9:27:17:27AM
hoarse come in front of us on rezonings have 9:27:21:00AM
talked about attainable housing, which I guess is 9:27:23:13AM
a little different category, I hate to use the 9:27:25:19AM
term, middle class or lower middle class, that 9:27:29:15AM
sort of thing. 9:27:31:21AM
Economic. 9:27:34:03AM
I think that's a real possibility, isn't it? 9:27:37:03AM
>>> Yes, it is. 9:27:40:01AM
You have developers in Tampa who are either 9:27:40:18AM
building attainable housing -- and that's a viable 9:27:42:27AM
market. 9:27:45:21AM
It's all driven by design methods, by construction 9:27:47:19AM
costs, and product delivery. 9:27:53:00AM

People, developers who can afford to provide 9:27:56:03AM
housing in the attainable range which is a more 9:27:59:03AM
normal income, somebody that has a good job but 9:28:05:06AM
not well to do, doesn't have lots of capital, can 9:28:08:15AM
still buy a condominium in downtown. 9:28:10:27AM
So that's a great market and you should be 9:28:12:10AM
encouraging that as well. 9:28:13:25AM
>> Thanks again. 9:28:18:16AM
>>> My pleasure. 9:28:19:12AM
I have to thank you all very much for asking us to 9:28:20:00AM
do the study. 9:28:22:06AM
It's been very exciting. 9:28:23:00AM
We look forward to completing it and presenting 9:28:24:12AM
you recommendations, and I think that you will be 9:28:26:13AM
very interested when we have an opportunity to do 9:28:28:00AM
that. 9:28:30:21AM
>> You will come back to us December, January, 9:28:31:24AM
something like that? 9:28:34:18AM
>>> We are going to do another big public workshop 9:28:35:27AM
on November 9th. 9:28:37:27AM
And then we'll be meeting intensely with the city 9:28:39:06AM
administration to finalize our recommendations, 9:28:41:12AM
and then we would like to come in and do a serious 9:28:44:00AM
presentation to you on all the issues, shortly 9:28:46:18AM
thereafter, perhaps late November. 9:28:52:21AM

>>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you very much for coming, 9:28:53:18AM
Mr. English. 9:28:56:04AM
And Mickey and everybody else. 9:28:56:28AM
This is very interesting. 9:28:59:15AM
And I'm glad we did this. 9:29:00:24AM
And would you send out notices for the November 9:29:03:15AM
9th workshop? 9:29:06:07AM
>>> Yes. 9:29:08:15AM
We will send you -- we have already done a lot of 9:29:08:21AM
invitations but we will send you personal 9:29:11:18AM
invitations. 9:29:14:06AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Please do that. 9:29:15:13AM
Thank you very much. 9:29:16:24AM
Any other questions for Mr. English? 9:29:17:12AM
>>> Thank you all very much. 9:29:19:07AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Okay. 9:29:19:21AM
Anything to come before the Community 9:29:21:21AM
Redevelopment Agency? 9:29:23:19AM
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are we going to go over the 9:29:26:21AM
budget? 9:29:29:04AM
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Not today. 9:29:33:01AM
Okay. 9:29:34:06AM
Then we are adjourned. 9:29:34:15AM
Thank you. 9:29:35:15AM

(CRA meeting adjourned at 9:30 a.m.) 9:29:41:10AM