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Tampa City Council
Thursday, November 17, 2005
6:00 p.m. session

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[Sounding gavel] 18:11:42:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to 18:11:43:03
order. 18:11:44:00
The Chair will yield to Rose Ferlita. 18:11:44:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: After a short, uneventful day. 18:11:47:13
Good evening. 18:11:52:24
Please join me. 18:11:53:28
I want to introduce my guest that will lead us in 18:11:54:22

our invocation and our prayer. 18:11:56:28
And in keeping with my tradition in inviting 18:11:59:07
community leaders to lead in our invocation it is 18:12:01:24
indeed my pleasure tonight to introduce corporal 18:12:04:25
Larry McKinnon, as we know, corporal McKinnon 18:12:07:06
selected as officer of the year for Tampa Police 18:12:11:24
Department. 18:12:13:13
He sets a standard of excellence which is 18:12:14:04
synonymous with leadership. 18:12:17:00
He's a 22 year veteran who has been and continues 18:12:18:16
to be a shining example of communicate leadership. 18:12:21:04
I thank Larry, as he knows, for being here. 18:12:24:04
I thank Larry as public safety chairman for what 18:12:27:00
he does for this community each and every day. 18:12:29:07
And I ask that everyone please rise as Larry leads 18:12:31:06
us in prayer and please remain standing for the 18:12:34:03
pledge of allegiance. 18:12:36:27
>>> Thank you again for having me here. 18:12:39:16
It's a pleasure. 18:12:40:27
Let us pray. 18:12:42:18
God, we are here tonight to open this City Council 18:12:43:09
meeting. 18:12:45:12
I ask that you bring these council members your 18:12:47:06
love and compassion. 18:12:49:06
I ask that during tonight's meeting you give them 18:12:50:04

the strength to make fair and balanced decisions 18:12:52:15
that will provide better lives to all citizens who 18:12:54:16
live and work in this community. 18:12:57:28
I ask that you help them to break down barriers 18:12:59:15
and to widen horizons. 18:13:01:24
Help them to see the larger picture and the kinder 18:13:03:21
conclusion, to live and let live, to embrace and 18:13:07:03
live. 18:13:11:07
God, help us all to reach out to our better selves 18:13:12:03
that we may love more and hate less, care more and 18:13:15:10
reject less, bound together by understanding we 18:13:18:00
may sustain each other through trial and 18:13:20:18
tribulations, through joy and happiness, through 18:13:23:06
sickness and health. 18:13:25:19
Help us, O God, to be joined in a common purpose 18:13:26:27
of hope and fulfillment. 18:13:29:15
Help us to renew and revive our spirit. 18:13:31:13
For this we ask you in the name of Jesus, amen. 18:13:34:15
(Pledge of Allegiance) 18:13:42:00
>> Roll call. 18:13:58:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here stalls Saul-Sena (No 18:13:58:27
response.) 18:14:00:21
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Here. 18:14:01:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: (No response.) 18:14:02:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: Here. 18:14:04:09

>>KEVIN WHITE: (No response.) 18:14:06:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Here. 18:14:07:22
We have some unfinished business from this 18:14:08:10
morning. 18:14:10:06
We have an ordinance that has been brought to us 18:14:10:15
and we need to read it. 18:14:12:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Which one is it? 18:14:13:15
>>GWEN MILLER: The one from this morning, Howard 18:14:17:24
Avenue. 18:14:19:24
>>SHAWN HARRISON: WZ 05-120. 18:14:23:06
Move an ordinance making lawful the sale of 18:14:25:13
beverages containing alcohol of more than 1% by 18:14:27:21
weight not more than 14% by weight and wines 18:14:29:16
regardless of alcohol content, beer and wine, 18:14:32:27
2(COP-R), for consumption on the premises only in 18:14:34:24
connection with a restaurant business 18:14:37:25
establishment on that certain lot, plot or tract 18:14:39:09
of land located at 901 South Howard Avenue, Tampa, 18:14:41:12
Florida, as more particularly described in section 18:14:44:18
2 hereof, waiving certain restrictions as to 18:14:46:24
distance based upon certain findings, imposing 18:14:49:15
certain conditions, providing for repeal of all 18:14:52:09
ordinances in conflict, providing an effective 18:14:54:27
date. 18:14:56:06
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 18:14:56:06

(Motion carried). 18:14:57:22
>>ROSE FERLITA: Nay. 18:15:01:25
And I'm sorry, Mr. Harrison, I didn't listen to 18:15:03:21
the conditions. 18:15:06:03
They are going to be serving alcohol until eleven? 18:15:06:21
And let me reiterate again for the record and for 18:15:10:24
my own edification, that I think we are setting a 18:15:14:03
precedent that is going to be difficult to 18:15:17:04
enforce. 18:15:18:28
We have enough problems on Howard Avenue in terms 18:15:20:03
of wet zoning issues, and the fact that they were 18:15:22:06
closing at a different time and they are stopping 18:15:26:01
their -- than they are stopping their alcohol 18:15:28:00
sales will create an enforcement nightmare. 18:15:30:19
For those reasons I will not support it. 18:15:35:03
We will bring it back when we get another council 18:15:36:24
member. 18:15:38:22
When Kevin comes in we have to vote again. 18:15:39:06
>>THE CLERK: Ferlita, Dingfelder voting no. 18:15:50:03
>>GWEN MILLER: We will wait until Ms. Alvarez 18:15:54:21
comes back. 18:16:02:10
When we come back after the Thanksgiving holiday. 18:16:03:07
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excuse me. 18:16:08:28
It failed? 18:16:09:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry. 18:16:11:00

Council rules require a vote of four, either four 18:16:12:00
for or against to take action on the item. 18:16:17:06
>>GWEN MILLER: We have to bring it back. 18:16:19:03
When we come back December 1st. 18:16:21:21
We bring it back December 1st at 10 a.m. 18:16:25:12
>>STEVE MICHELINI: Can I address council? 18:16:27:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Sure. 18:16:31:21
>>STEVE MICHELINI: I was under the impression that 18:16:32:07
was something you were supporting was midnight. 18:16:34:12
Otherwise, we would have proposed something 18:16:36:13
differently this morning to try to make this 18:16:38:21
project work. 18:16:41:21
If that is at the insistence of council, 11:00 18:16:43:27
o'clock. 18:16:47:19
They prefer not to do that but the difficult you 18:16:48:24
have, you need usually time to transition 18:16:50:16
something out to close it out. 18:16:53:27
And when I spoke to the neighbors outside, they 18:16:56:18
weren't 100% happy with that but they were not 18:17:01:03
opposed to that either. 18:17:03:18
But now we have at least another week. 18:17:05:12
I don't think they are going to be able to go back 18:17:09:06
and change that to eleven. 18:17:11:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Michelini, I would be happy 18:17:15:19
to change my vote if the closing time were 11. 18:17:17:12

And I believe that it's just a matter of a stroke 18:17:20:15
of a pen changing 12 to 11. 18:17:22:19
I assume that staff here is capable of doing that. 18:17:24:27
So we could hear it tonight. 18:17:28:12
>>STEVE MICHELINI: If that's certainly the wish of 18:17:34:06
the council. 18:17:36:01
We are not trying to do anything other than to 18:17:36:18
make it functionally correct. 18:17:38:15
If 11:00 is the choice of council, certainly 18:17:42:18
11:00. 18:17:46:13
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: Legal department. 18:17:47:09
If that is council's desire, I can revise the 18:17:48:24
ordinance and bring it back this evening. 18:17:50:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes, thank you. 18:17:52:09
Because I think that if it closes at 11, that the 18:17:57:19
inconvenience to the neighbors will be tolerable. 18:18:00:27
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Mr. White will be here in ten 18:18:03:24
minutes. 18:18:08:24
>>GWEN MILLER: He's here now. 18:18:09:07
Bring it back to us in a few minutes. 18:18:12:18
Thank you. 18:18:14:19
Now we go to Heather Lamboy. 18:18:16:00
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: I would like to make some 18:18:23:00
changes to the agenda. 18:18:25:25
I have provided the clerk and legal staff, in 18:18:26:18

addition to Chairman Miller, copies of a couple of 18:18:28:12
letters that we have received. 18:18:30:24
And regarding item number 4, 5-70, meter requested 18:18:34:18
a continuance to the February 9th hearing to 18:18:40:09
address concerns raised in the staff report. 18:18:43:25
VO 5-70. 18:18:48:04
We have two open slots available under the 18:18:52:24
continuance section. 18:18:55:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Does anyone want to speak on the 18:18:56:18
continuance? 18:19:00:21
You want to speak on the continuance? 18:19:01:09
Come up to the mike. 18:19:03:16
Put your name on the record. 18:19:11:06
Put your name on the record for me. 18:19:12:09
The mike is right in the middle. 18:19:15:27
Right there, yes. 18:19:17:15
>>> Edna Patrick. 18:19:19:00
I live at 3817 north "A" street. 18:19:20:10
I am a citizen who will be second-most impacted by 18:19:23:03
this. 18:19:26:21
>>GWEN MILLER: The only thing you can speak on is 18:19:28:09
the continuance. 18:19:30:03
Are you in favor of continuance? 18:19:32:22
>>> We have met several times, and I talked to 18:19:35:03
attorney Stacie Frank many times, and I told her 18:19:38:07

that I cannot change my stance. 18:19:43:18
And we are ready to hear the meeting tonight. 18:19:47:09
We will be just as adamant about objection to the 18:19:54:12
procedure now as we would be later. 18:19:59:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 18:20:01:18
Does anyone else want to speak on the continuance? 18:20:04:00
Ms. Saul-Sena? 18:20:07:03
>>> I'm objecting to the continuance because I'm 18:20:16:12
an attorney, and I took off this afternoon just so 18:20:18:18
that I could be here to make comments as to the 18:20:21:15
proposal. 18:20:25:09
Granted, my position and my family's position are 18:20:26:04
favorable towards the proposal. 18:20:28:24
But a continuance, I will not be able to attend 18:20:30:18
any further hearings on this matter. 18:20:33:28
And I know that the neighborhood has some issue 18:20:36:28
that they want to address. 18:20:39:27
But we would like to have our voice heard on this 18:20:41:06
continuance. 18:20:43:15
So I would object to the continuance. 18:20:44:00
>>KEVIN WHITE: Madam Chair? 18:20:50:04
I just want to say to the young lady that was just 18:20:52:18
up here, if we do choose to continue it, Mr. 18:20:54:24
Shelby, if we do choose to continue this, the 18:20:58:09
young lady that just spoke, the hardship that she 18:21:01:18

wouldn't be able to come back, she would be able 18:21:04:15
to put her comments on the record tonight, 18:21:08:03
correct? 18:21:10:06
And then we could just reflect back on that? 18:21:10:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I think it would be more 18:21:13:25
appropriate under the due process for the 18:21:16:01
petitioner to have his time and then have it 18:21:18:00
perhaps reduced to writing. 18:21:20:00
Of course, council can read that. 18:21:21:06
But I don't believe it would be appropriate to 18:21:24:09
open the hearing and take testimony without giving 18:21:25:24
the petitioner his right to set forth his case 18:21:28:09
before you take any additional testimony. 18:21:30:27
>>> Jim Porter representing applicant tonight and 18:21:33:21
we are requesting a continuance. 18:21:35:21
There are issues still remaining with staff. 18:21:37:00
As late as yesterday afternoon, we were still 18:21:40:00
working with staff as they were finalizing the 18:21:42:10
staff report. 18:21:44:06
Up until yesterday afternoon, we thought we had 18:21:45:04
the support of the north Bon Air civic 18:21:47:09
association. 18:21:49:21
We have had several meetings with them. 18:21:50:01
And we were left with the impression that they 18:21:52:03
were in support of this. 18:21:54:03

And you can see that there is sort of a division 18:21:55:07
there. 18:21:57:25
So we would like the opportunity to, A, work with 18:21:58:07
staff to see if we can resolve the staff issues 18:22:01:01
that are remaining and we are hopeful we can, and 18:22:03:09
B, continue to work with the north Bon Air civic 18:22:06:06
association, Westshore alliance, and any other 18:22:09:10
people who have an interest in this. 18:22:12:24
I can tell you there is strong support out there. 18:22:15:07
But as you can see tonight, there are also some 18:22:17:10
people with some issues. 18:22:19:13
We are not prepared to go forward tonight. 18:22:20:24
Just as a simple matter of due process, because of 18:22:22:27
the outstanding staff concerns that we have. 18:22:25:18
And the staff report still being worked on late 18:22:28:04
yesterday, we are just not prepared to address all 18:22:31:03
of those issues. 18:22:33:15
And we have to really seek a continuance tonight. 18:22:34:07
I agree with your attorney's position that we 18:22:37:25
would welcome, obviously support, and if there's 18:22:40:18
some way to put that in writing, I think that 18:22:42:27
would suffice. 18:22:45:18
But we'll leave it up to your discretion. 18:22:46:21
We again ask for your continuance this evening. 18:22:49:07
Thank you. 18:22:52:18

>>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, I just have some 18:22:52:24
question in temples of clarification, I guess to 18:22:57:19
you, Mr. Shelby. 18:23:00:04
I guess there are some issues about staff report 18:23:05:00
and it's completion. 18:23:07:27
That's why staff is asking for a continuance. 18:23:09:21
The young lady who came up who apparently was in 18:23:15:09
support of the project may or may not be available 18:23:18:21
at a later date. 18:23:20:09
Of course I don't know what the later date is 18:23:21:27
going to be. 18:23:23:21
But that is something that I think we need to 18:23:24:09
afford the petitioner's representative. 18:23:26:24
I certainly am not opposed to a continuance, 18:23:30:13
because it was an issue with staff report that 18:23:32:09
caused us to be at this juncture at this point. 18:23:35:07
So as we go forward, I guess everybody needs to 18:23:37:21
have their time to express their opinion. 18:23:40:03
But I think it's very appropriate, and I think Mr. 18:23:44:00
Porter should be afforded the opportunity to ask 18:23:49:16
for a continuance and go from here. 18:23:51:06
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to open the public hearing. 18:23:53:09
>> So moved. 18:23:57:21
>> Second. 18:23:58:04
(Motion carried). 18:23:58:13

>>KEVIN WHITE: Move for continuance, Madam Chair. 18:23:58:25
What date. 18:24:02:22
>>MARTIN SHELBY: February 9th at 6 p.m. 18:24:05:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Shelby, it would be 18:24:06:24
appropriate if somebody were here to speak tonight 18:24:10:18
that doesn't anticipate that they would be able to 18:24:12:27
come back to allow them to speak this evening? 18:24:15:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: If the petitioner wishes to waive 18:24:18:12
whatever due process rights that they would be 18:24:21:15
afforded to have their presentation first and then 18:24:25:15
allow it to be heard and then rebut. 18:24:27:19
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Could we just hear from the 18:24:30:12
audience people? 18:24:32:24
>>MARTIN SHELBY: My recommendation would be absent 18:24:36:01
a waiver by petitioner, it would be my 18:24:37:09
recommendation to not do that. 18:24:39:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Port, before you answer, she 18:24:40:01
said she wasn't available. 18:24:45:03
We didn't know when she wasn't available. 18:24:46:01
If she is not available on February 9th, is 18:24:47:21
it? 18:24:50:03
Then we can consider that. 18:24:50:19
But if she is available, then we go forward with 18:24:52:03
the February 9th testimony. 18:24:54:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Porter stated that he would 18:24:56:00

allow her to put in the writing if she was not 18:24:58:24
able to attend. 18:25:01:10
>>> Porter: I'm sorry, I was talking. 18:25:05:15
She really feels strongly she wants to address 18:25:07:28
council tonight. 18:25:10:06
She's in support. 18:25:10:21
And in consideration of -- if someone cannot be 18:25:11:16
present at the hearing when it's continued, if you 18:25:16:06
wanted to hear their comments tonight, I waive my 18:25:17:21
right to object to that. 18:25:21:09
Was there another comment? 18:25:25:03
>>KEVIN WHITE: I was going to tell you, you know 18:25:26:12
that's going to open the door for everyone else 18:25:27:28
who wants to speak pro or con as well. 18:25:30:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: If you speak -- 18:25:32:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Then you can't speak next time. 18:25:36:16
>>GWEN MILLER: You can come up and speak. 18:25:38:07
I forgot your name. 18:25:39:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Just as council stated so it's 18:25:41:21
clear to those who are present, if you choose to 18:25:45:07
speak tonight, you waive -- pardon me? 18:25:47:09
By council's custom you waive your opportunity to 18:25:53:24
speak at the continuance. 18:25:55:27
You only get one opportunity to speak. 18:25:57:09
So just wanted to bring that to your attention. 18:25:59:21

>>> Jessica tier, 4017 west sixth street. 18:26:04:28
My family and I have been residing there in that 18:26:09:07
neighborhood for about 16 years. 18:26:12:00
My family was initially opposed to the cell tower 18:26:16:00
which is 140 feet tall. 18:26:19:24
But after the presentation, given by the 18:26:21:06
petitioner, we were wholly in support of their 18:26:23:06
petition for the 140 feet cell tower. 18:26:29:04
The reason being, the neighborhood in that area 18:26:32:07
currently has -- the proposed location is North 18:26:35:12
Dale Mabry and Kennedy. 18:26:38:15
As you all know, that is an office building 18:26:40:07
approximately 200 feet tall. 18:26:44:27
That building by itself would be taller than the 18:26:46:09
cell tower proposal. 18:26:48:24
Furthermore, the neighborhood has a lot of trees. 18:26:51:03
And my home is facing the cell tower. 18:26:54:18
However, due to the numerous tall trees in that 18:27:00:21
area, in the neighborhood, the cell tower would 18:27:02:28
practically be invisible. 18:27:05:24
Second of all, there is another similar cell tower 18:27:07:10
approximately 140 feet. 18:27:11:18
And that is at the location of soul Dale Mabry and 18:27:12:27
Henderson. 18:27:15:27
My husband and I and family have driven by that 18:27:17:01

area looking for the cell tower and it's very well 18:27:23:12
disguised within the comprehensive view of the 18:27:26:06
neighborhood. 18:27:29:24
It's not an obstruction. 18:27:30:24
It doesn't look ugly. 18:27:34:01
Actually it looks like a pine tree from afar. 18:27:35:13
Then there was another one on Westshore and Euclid 18:27:39:07
and that, we couldn't find it. 18:27:42:09
We just don't know where it is. 18:27:44:12
We were told it's 130-feet tall tower. 18:27:46:06
In other words, we have done somewhat research 18:27:49:00
pursuant to the petitioner's statement to the 18:27:53:07
neighborhood association, and we feel as a family 18:27:56:15
that there is no basis for us to object to the 18:28:00:15
cell tower, and of course a selfish reason that it 18:28:03:28
would provide ample amount of cell coverage for 18:28:07:00
our family to use. 18:28:10:24
We have four members residing in the home. 18:28:12:27
All four has their own cell phone including the 18:28:15:00
12-year-old sixth grader. 18:28:17:19
And we would certainly like the coverage. 18:28:19:25
And if there is any proposal, it would be the 18:28:22:00
chain link fence that was proposed around the cell 18:28:25:27
tower. 18:28:30:03
And we simply ask that to be confined to the 18:28:30:18

Westshore alliance proposal to be a regular opaque 18:28:33:18
wooden fence as opposed to a chain link. 18:28:38:03
And that any tree should be planted on the street 18:28:40:15
to assist any neighbors who may complain about 18:28:45:22
height of the cell tower. 18:28:50:09
But other than that, we believe that the issue of 18:28:53:19
cell towers certainly benefit the neighborhood in 18:28:57:19
the adjacent area, as well as the community. 18:29:01:15
Thank you. 18:29:05:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 18:29:05:06
What is the pleasure of the council? 18:29:07:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to continue till the 18:29:10:06
day -- I thought we did that. 18:29:11:27
>>GWEN MILLER: No. 18:29:13:13
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to continue this till, 18:29:15:04
what is it, February 9 at 6:00? 18:29:18:13
>> Second. 18:29:22:06
(Motion carried). 18:29:22:13
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: The next modification to the 18:29:23:21
agenda is item number 11, Z-5-156. 18:29:29:12
Ms. Pearson has requested a continuance on this 18:29:34:06
case to February 9th as well taking up the 18:29:36:06
second available slot at 6 p.m. 18:29:39:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Do we need to open the public 18:29:40:15
hearing? 18:29:45:18

>> So moved. 18:29:46:09
>> Second. 18:29:47:07
(Motion carried) 18:29:47:15
Petitioner. 18:29:48:09
Put your name on the record. 18:29:53:06
>>> Linda Pearson, Pearson and associates, 1200 18:29:54:15
West Platt. 18:29:58:00
If there's no one here, this is the advertised 18:29:58:18
public hearing, if there's no one here to speak 18:30:00:19
for or against, we would request that we be 18:30:02:28
continued to a daytime hearing on December 8th 18:30:05:03
if possible. 18:30:07:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that 18:30:07:24
would like to speak against the continuance on 18:30:09:09
item number 11? 18:30:11:04
Anyone here want to speak on item 11 for or 18:30:12:12
against? 18:30:15:01
Okay. 18:30:17:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move to continue. 18:30:17:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Before we do this I just want 18:30:24:22
to clarify that you contacted the neighborhood 18:30:26:18
association 18:30:28:12
Pearson: Yes. 18:30:33:09
And we are working with staff. 18:30:34:10
We have a meeting set up 10:00 this coming Monday 18:30:35:24

to address some of the issues and potentially 18:30:39:06
clarify some issues for revision to the site plan. 18:30:41:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: That being said, move to continue 18:30:45:06
to December 8th. 18:30:48:00
10 a.m. 18:30:52:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Get a second? 18:30:52:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 18:30:55:12
(Motion carried). 18:30:56:03
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: The next item, item 12, the 18:30:56:22
petitioner has requested be withdrawn. 18:31:02:03
You have communication regarding that. 18:31:04:12
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to 18:31:05:13
withdraw. 18:31:08:15
(Motion carried). 18:31:08:27
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: The last item is item sh. 18:31:11:19
Petitioner has requested withdrawal of Z 05-159. 18:31:13:16
>> Move to withdraw. 18:31:18:24
>> Second. 18:31:19:18
(Motion carried). 18:31:19:24
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: The end of modifications. 18:31:20:13
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Can it be heard? 18:31:32:04
>>THE CLERK: Make a motion that petitioner be 18:31:36:09
allowed to file amended petition. 18:31:38:15
>> So moved. 18:31:41:03
>> Second. 18:31:41:21

(Motion carried). 18:31:42:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Do they pay the money? 18:31:42:12
Or you don't know. 18:31:46:04
All right. 18:31:49:27
We go back to item number 1. 18:31:50:03
Continued public hearing. 18:31:52:06
We need to ask everyone who is in the audience 18:31:56:27
that's going to speak on items 1 through 13, 18:31:59:07
please stand and raise your right hand. 18:32:02:21
>>THE CLERK: Do you swear or affirm to tell the 18:32:08:12
truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth 18:32:11:06
so help you God? 18:32:13:16
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair. 18:32:19:24
>>GWEN MILLER: I was telling her one second. 18:32:21:21
Go ahead. 18:32:25:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Number one, people at the dais, 18:32:26:00
any communications prior to today's hearing, be 18:32:30:06
received and filed prior to action at this time. 18:32:33:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved. 18:32:35:12
>> Second. 18:32:38:09
(Motion carried). 18:32:38:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: A quick reminder if there's been 18:32:39:24
any ex parte communication on any of tonight's 18:32:41:21
hearings please disclose that before your vote. 18:32:44:18
I believe Ms. O'Dowd is present, the item on the 18:32:46:25

wet zoning. 18:32:50:12
>>GWEN MILLER: Do you want to do that now? 18:32:50:24
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: I have revised the ordinance to 18:32:55:00
include the condition that the business 18:32:57:12
establishment to be operated on that parcel of 18:33:00:09
property shall close no later than 11 p.m. Monday 18:33:03:13
through Sunday. 18:33:06:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I believe the motion -- it was a 18:33:07:06
motion to close the public hearing. 18:33:12:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Need to close the public hearing 18:33:13:18
first. 18:33:15:27
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close. 18:33:16:03
>> Second. 18:33:18:13
(Motion carried). 18:33:18:19
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Just for housekeeping purposes 18:33:19:09
just a motion to reconsider the previous vote. 18:33:23:10
Because it was voted on. 18:33:25:16
There was a vote. 18:33:27:21
Oh, it wasn't the prevailing side. 18:33:31:28
Thank you. 18:33:37:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Do we read it again? 18:33:37:18
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move an ordinance making lawful 18:33:44:21
the sale of beverages containing alcohol of more 18:33:46:15
than 1% by weight and not more than 14% by weight 18:33:48:24
and wines regardless of alcoholic content, beer 18:33:52:09

and wine, 2(COP-R), for couples on the premises 18:33:54:13
only a in N connection with a restaurant business 18:33:58:12
establishment on that certain lot, plot or tract 18:33:59:00
of land located at 901 South Howard Avenue, Tampa, 18:34:01:09
Florida as more particularly described in section 18:34:04:10
2 hereof waiving certain restrictions as to 18:34:06:04
distance based upon certain findings, imposing 18:34:08:24
certain conditions, providing for repeal of all 18:34:11:06
ordinances in conflict, providing an effective 18:34:13:15
date. 18:34:14:19
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 18:34:14:19
All in favor of the motion say Aye. 18:34:16:21
Opposed, Nay. 18:34:19:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: Nay. 18:34:20:24
>>THE CLERK: Dingfelder, Ferlita, no. 18:34:22:04
Motion carried. 18:34:27:12
>>GWEN MILLER: Now we go back to number 1. 18:34:30:25
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Land development. 18:34:34:16
I have been sworn. 18:34:38:00
The subject site is located in the park at 4812 18:34:38:15
north river Boulevard 18:34:44:09
The facility is an existing wastewater treatment 18:34:52:04
facility built in 1950, I believe. 18:34:55:19
And currently is out of date. 18:35:00:27
And needs to be updated to current standards. 18:35:02:25

The petitioner is requesting a special use of the 18:35:07:09
property. 18:35:09:19
There is an existing pump station located in the 18:35:10:06
Rivercrest Park which has become obsolete. 18:35:12:24
Repair on the existing facility is not feasible 18:35:15:06
due to the fact when the river floods a facility 18:35:17:16
floods and empties wastewater into Hillsborough 18:35:20:10
River. 18:35:22:13
The wastewater department wishes to construct a 18:35:23:06
new facility which. 18:35:25:24
The existing facility will be demolished. The new 18:35:27:24
building will be 14 feet from grade and is 18:35:31:18
modified Spanish colonial revival stat style in 18:35:33:10
keeping with the neighborhood. 18:35:37:03
The petitioner has been working with the 18:35:38:00
neighborhood on the design. 18:35:39:07
And we'll provide you an elevation of it. 18:35:40:15
The entire site is surrounded by PVC fencing. The 18:35:43:06
petitioner has been working with the Parks and 18:35:50:12
Recreation Department on this landscaping. 18:35:51:15
>>KEVIN WHITE: This is a city petitioner, and has 18:35:53:22
staff objections? 18:36:01:10
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: There were objections from the 18:36:03:09
Parks and Recreation Department regarding certain 18:36:04:19
notes being added to the site plan. 18:36:07:03

And the petitioner has added those notes. 18:36:09:12
They are just assurances that the landscaping 18:36:11:24
would be cared for and that the greenways and 18:36:13:16
trails coordination will occur because there is a 18:36:17:10
trail that goes through the Rivercrest Park. 18:36:20:07
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Shows they are diligent and 18:36:22:13
doing their job. 18:36:26:00
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Everybody counts here. 18:36:26:18
Even the city gets reviewed. 18:36:29:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: Nobody gets by. 18:36:30:12
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: So land development has no 18:36:32:18
objection. 18:36:35:06
Parks and recreation had objections which were 18:36:35:15
removed through the inclusion of notes but to 18:36:38:00
guarantee the parks and recreation treatment. 18:36:39:22
Thank you. 18:36:43:13
The landscaping, and I would defer to the 18:36:45:27
petitioner. 18:36:49:25
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff. 18:36:54:13
I have been sworn. 18:36:55:22
I have on the Elmo the future land use map as you 18:36:57:13
can see. 18:37:05:27
The land use classification for the subject 18:37:06:21
special uses, the park, Roe elementary school 18:37:10:25
southeast of the park, you can see the category is 18:37:18:18

residential 10. 18:37:22:21
Regarding consistency with the comprehensive plan, 18:37:24:21
the request is consistent especially with had .7 18:37:28:09
which talks about public facilities located to 18:37:32:10
maximize the efficiency of services provided, and 18:37:35:06
to minimize impacts on the national historic 18:37:37:18
environments. 18:37:41:12
Also, what is significant is 4.6 which talks about 18:37:42:00
the location and construction of public facilities 18:37:45:09
may be considered in any land use plan category. 18:37:48:09
It is important to note, however, and this has 18:37:51:16
been continued previously for additional 18:37:54:09
negotiation between residents of south Seminole 18:37:56:15
Heights, which is where this particular proposal 18:37:59:03
is within, and of course the city department -- it 18:38:02:12
is important to note that every effort be made for 18:38:10:09
public facilities to accommodate the community, 18:38:17:27
since this is encroaching on existing park land, 18:38:21:07
that this public use should not be diminished 18:38:25:15
while improving the others. 18:38:28:04
So hopefully measures have been taken. 18:38:30:00
And has been satisfactory for. 18:38:32:15
Planning Commission staff has no objection to the 18:38:38:03
proposed request. 18:38:40:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder? 18:38:41:07

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Somebody explain to me, it said 18:38:42:27
additional 600 square feet out of the 6.5-acre 18:38:47:10
site. 18:38:50:27
How much space is it taking now? 18:38:51:03
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: I'd like to defer to the 18:38:58:09
petitioner on that. 18:39:00:04
I think it's approximately 2100 square feet. 18:39:01:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 18:39:03:09
>>> Henry Dorzback, chief engineer. 18:39:11:00
The existing pump station is out of the Louisiana 18:39:15:03
pumping station and it currently occupies about 18:39:17:25
5,000 square feet. 18:39:19:25
And the reason that the site is larger is 18:39:21:06
basically two fold. 18:39:25:09
Number one, there's a new state statute now that 18:39:27:03
pump stations, that particular size, which this 18:39:30:01
one is, requires stand-by power on-site, that is 18:39:32:28
generators so when you lose power the station will 18:39:40:09
still operate. 18:39:42:21
And also the station has to provide continuous 18:39:43:12
service. 18:39:47:07
So we have to keep the old station running while 18:39:48:06
we build the new one. 18:39:50:12
And then once the new one is constructed and 18:39:52:00
operating, the old station will be removed, and 18:39:55:03

part of that space is where the new stand-by power 18:39:57:15
facility will go. 18:40:00:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: So you are going from 5,000 up 18:40:00:22
to about 15,000? 18:40:03:27
>>> No, I think in total it's going to be 14,000. 18:40:06:21
Close enough. 18:40:11:00
Sorry. 18:40:11:27
But -- 18:40:13:28
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is capacity going to be 18:40:15:27
substantially different? 18:40:17:12
>>> No, it's not. 18:40:19:21
Right now it has a current capacity of about 28 18:40:21:04
MGD and that's going to stay the same. 18:40:23:21
However, the station -- the new station will be -- 18:40:26:09
the capacity can be increased without doing any 18:40:33:15
major modifications to the structure, to 18:40:35:18
accommodate the 50 year design. 18:40:38:21
>> Leaving space internal. 18:40:41:00
What are you all doing to mitigate or otherwise 18:40:42:22
enhance the park, sort of as mitigation, you know, 18:40:44:21
for your impacts? 18:40:49:12
>>> Well, right now, that station is very old, and 18:40:50:28
it not very attractive at all. 18:40:54:18
So it's a two-story building which obstructs the 18:40:56:09
view of the river. 18:40:59:00

The new station is going to be a one-story 18:40:59:27
building, and I believe will be much more 18:41:02:06
architecturally pleasing than the one we have 18:41:05:22
there now. 18:41:07:24
Also, the Parks Department is actually developing 18:41:09:24
the landscape plan for us that we will install and 18:41:11:18
have irrigation so it can be easily maintained. 18:41:17:10
And the site I think is certainly better Wan you 18:41:20:27
have there now, if anybody has been to Louisiana 18:41:25:03
pump station, it really doesn't look very good at 18:41:27:13
this time. 18:41:29:22
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a couple of questions. 18:41:31:09
Do you have a picture of what the new proposed 18:41:34:00
station is going to look like? 18:41:36:06
>>> We have a site plan and then we have a picture 18:41:38:03
of the electrical building which is really the 18:41:40:09
only thing that is really going to be above 18:41:42:06
ground. 18:41:44:06
The majority of the station is all below grade. 18:41:44:15
>> Did you all think about -- this park is a 18:41:48:09
couple of acres. 18:41:51:06
But there's a limited part of it that's on the 18:41:52:06
river, which is of course the place where 18:41:54:04
everybody wants to be. 18:41:55:24
And my question is, did you say to yourself, is 18:41:56:25

this the right place to build a new facility? 18:42:01:10
Or shouldn't we put it someplace that wouldn't be 18:42:04:18
annoying to people? 18:42:06:24
>> Yes, that did come up. 18:42:08:03
Unfortunately, this station receives flow from 18:42:09:13
about 10% of the city service area and has a large 18:42:13:03
diameter ground. 18:42:16:24
It has a large diameter gravity sewer on the east 18:42:17:15
side. 18:42:21:18
And it's really to move the station, would mean 18:42:21:24
having to extend those large diameter sewers, 18:42:24:06
which would be extremely costly. 18:42:27:04
And really the best spot is really where it is 18:42:31:03
today based on cost and impact. 18:42:33:24
Going to have to impact someone. 18:42:39:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that 18:42:41:03
would like to be speak on item 1? 18:42:42:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are you going to share the 18:42:44:27
picture with us? 18:42:46:13
>>> Oh, yes. 18:42:48:13
Would you like to see it? 18:42:49:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes. 18:42:50:28
Would you pass that around for those of us who 18:42:51:24
can't see that well? 18:43:09:00
>>> This is just an overall ... (off microphone) 18:43:16:24

>>GWEN MILLER: We have it on the screen. 18:43:27:22
We can see it. 18:43:38:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just hold on so the folks for 18:43:39:09
TV can see it. 18:43:47:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's all that folks will see? 18:43:47:21
>>> Yes. 18:43:54:00
The generator has a small enclosure. 18:43:54:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you have to have that much 18:44:00:15
chain link fence? 18:44:08:12
>>> (Off microphone) 18:44:13:24
Actually it kind of disappears. 18:44:15:09
It doesn't stand out like the galvanized or plain 18:44:34:21
metal ones do. 18:44:39:16
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: If I may add, the Parks 18:44:40:06
Department is proposing vines on the chain link 18:44:42:00
fence. 18:44:46:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that 18:44:46:18
would like to speak on item number 1? 18:44:48:06
We need to close. 18:44:50:25
Do you want to speak? 18:44:53:01
>>> Yes. 18:44:54:09
Gary Elsworth, north Chelsea street, the president 18:44:55:18
of south Seminole Heights civic association. 18:45:00:21
Mrs. Saul-Sena, you probably remember being out 18:45:03:21
recently to the park. 18:45:05:27

So you probably have a better conceptual vision of 18:45:06:24
what's out there. 18:45:11:16
Originally, we had serious objections to this 18:45:13:25
plan. 18:45:16:21
But the neighborhood association does not have any 18:45:18:15
objections at this time to the S-2 request. 18:45:21:10
We have been working very closely with wastewater 18:45:24:01
and the city on building design and moving the 18:45:26:09
generators. 18:45:29:24
Actually what's going to happen is once the 18:45:31:24
existing building is torn down, one of the 18:45:33:18
generators in the third generator paddle go on 18:45:36:07
that spot. 18:45:39:21
So they will be utilizing the space that is being 18:45:40:07
used for the present building. 18:45:45:06
Now, our intention was to not go out from the 18:45:47:00
existing building but try to keep everything as 18:45:51:10
far back in the corner as we could. 18:45:53:18
I think we are pretty much in agreement on a 18:45:58:24
building design. 18:46:01:09
I'm not sure the neighborhood is totally on board 18:46:03:07
with the chain link fence but I don't see that as 18:46:05:21
an issue as far as the S-2 going forward. 18:46:09:15
I would like council to keep in mind, this part is 18:46:12:18
zoned residential. 18:46:15:13

And there is also a residential overlay district 18:46:17:09
in south Seminole Heights. 18:46:19:27
If I want to put a chain link fence in my yard, in 18:46:22:27
front of my house, I couldn't do it. 18:46:25:18
I'm not sure right now if chain link fence is the 18:46:29:27
worst way to go but the administration, wastewater 18:46:34:21
has been very receptive to working with us, and 18:46:38:04
willing to do whatever we need to do to make this 18:46:42:21
compatible. 18:46:44:19
I have been in contact with parks and rec this 18:46:45:18
week and I know they are moving forward on a 18:46:47:19
natural setting landscape design. 18:46:49:13
They are working on it this week. 18:46:51:03
So we are okay it with. 18:46:55:15
As long as we can keep the avenue of communication 18:46:56:24
going, and come up with something that's going to 18:46:59:06
work for the park, and one of the few city parks 18:47:00:28
that actually sits on the river. 18:47:05:06
Thank you. 18:47:07:01
>>ROSE FERLITA: A question to Mr. Shelby. 18:47:07:07
I don't know if this is germane or not. 18:47:11:24
Mr. Elsworth is also a customer of mine at the 18:47:15:24
store. 18:47:18:22
Obviously one of the leaders in the Seminole 18:47:20:00
Heights district. 18:47:21:27

We have talked about this issue. 18:47:22:18
And he's been very verbal about his position. 18:47:25:00
And it seems that his position has been addressed 18:47:27:10
and satisfied so he's supportive of it and I can 18:47:30:13
say initially he was not. 18:47:32:27
I don't know if that provides any conflicts. 18:47:34:04
At this point -- 18:47:38:06
>>MARTIN SHELBY: You are disclosing you did 18:47:41:03
discuss this issue. The substance in effect is 18:47:43:12
that -- 18:47:45:10
>>ROSE FERLITA: His opinion at one point is 18:47:47:04
different than what he's saying tonight and I 18:47:48:15
think, and correct me, Mr. Elsworth if I'm wrong, 18:47:50:19
the city communicated with him, and as we 18:47:54:03
progressed along in terms of what we thought was 18:47:56:09
best or not best for that particular park was 18:47:58:27
addressed by the city, and that he's comfortable 18:48:01:00
with it. 18:48:03:03
>>MARTIN SHELBY: You communicated what to him? 18:48:03:15
>>> Basically way just verbalized to you. 18:48:08:18
>>> I basically rant and rave and she listens. 18:48:12:21
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Prior to your vote, that's all. 18:48:16:03
>>> The gentleman from wastewater actually 18:48:19:18
attended two or maybe three of our board meetings 18:48:21:10
and one of our general meetings, and not that we 18:48:23:25

don't love seeing him every month, but we're 18:48:27:27
anxious to see this project move forward, and I'm 18:48:31:15
sure we can work out the details. 18:48:34:27
Thank you. 18:48:37:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 18:48:37:18
Would anyone else like to speak? 18:48:38:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: One more quick question of Mr. 18:48:41:09
Dorzback. 18:48:45:03
Henry, did anybody discuss and state that the 18:48:45:28
chain link be the wrought iron fence that the city 18:48:49:24
is starting to use in certain parks? 18:48:52:22
>>> Well, yes, we have had that discussion, and 18:48:56:00
wrought iron, or aluminum type fence would double 18:48:58:24
the cost over the chain link. 18:49:02:25
And the thing that really concerns me the most is 18:49:04:19
that if we put some other type of ornamental or 18:49:07:24
decorative fence here then we have 220 other pump 18:49:13:04
stations. 18:49:16:04
All don't have fence around them, but we would 18:49:16:19
probably need to recoup that elsewhere. 18:49:18:28
And I think with the enhanced landscaping we are 18:49:24:24
going to provide in front of the chain link fence 18:49:28:07
you are probably not going to see, make it 18:49:32:03
disappear, break it up quite a bit. 18:49:34:09
We're still discussing that with them, and 18:49:37:00

hopefully we'll come to a decision on it or 18:49:39:04
agreement. 18:49:43:19
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it's really great that 18:49:43:25
city departments have to go through what citizens 18:49:47:25
go through in terms of coming before the different 18:49:51:03
departments. 18:49:54:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm sure they love it too. 18:49:54:06
>>> We have had a great time. 18:49:58:09
It's great. 18:49:59:22
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I appreciate park and 18:50:00:04
recreation's vigilance and I think there's a lot 18:50:03:18
to be said for creeping jasmine. 18:50:06:21
If we can cover the chain link fence with 18:50:08:12
something that's green and growing, it will help 18:50:10:06
mitigate the effects. 18:50:12:22
>>> They have been a big help. 18:50:14:06
We are not landscape designers by any means. 18:50:15:24
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the public 18:50:19:01
hearing. 18:50:21:04
>> So moved. 18:50:21:15
>> Second. 18:50:22:09
(Motion carried). 18:50:22:09
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance approving a 18:50:22:27
special use permit S-2 approving wastewater 18:50:26:18
pumping station and RS-60 residential single 18:50:31:15

family zoning district in a general vicinity of 18:50:34:00
4812 north river Boulevard in the city of Tampa, 18:50:36:12
Florida as more particularly described in section 18:50:38:12
1 hereof providing an effective date. 18:50:40:07
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 18:50:42:06
(Motion carried) 18:50:44:00
Item number 2 is a continued public hearing. 18:50:45:19
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: The subject property is 2410 18:50:53:28
West Gray Street. 18:51:57:07
It's a continued case. 18:51:58:09
The petitioner is present to rezone the property 18:51:59:09
at 2410 West Gray Street to construct ten 18:52:01:10
townhouse units with one car garage units in the 18:52:05:06
rear of the unit. 18:52:09:15
Each unit is shown with a sidewalk connection to 18:52:10:13
Gray Street from an entry. 18:52:13:00
The petitioner plans to plant 4-inch trees as 18:52:14:16
mitigation per the waiver request, that being 18:52:18:06
increasing the allowable tree removal from 50% to 18:52:21:03
67%. 18:52:24:06
The subject parcel lies within the boundaries of 18:52:26:28
the West Tampa overlay districts. 18:52:29:03
Building elevations have been committed and will 18:52:31:06
comply with the requirements of the overlay 18:52:34:10
districts. 18:52:37:06

There are some objections to this particular 18:52:37:12
petition regarding the guest parking located on 18:52:40:09
the site. 18:52:46:15
The petitioner has shown on the site plan West 18:52:49:04
Gray Street. 18:52:54:00
Transportation has communicated with me that they 18:52:55:00
feel that the right-of-way parking shown on the 18:52:57:16
site plan is something that is likely not a 18:53:00:06
possibility. 18:53:03:18
It is part of their guest parking. 18:53:06:28
It's not an ordinance requirement. 18:53:08:12
But it's an appropriate thing to be reflected on 18:53:09:27
the site plan. 18:53:13:06
In addition, Mr. Yurcus communicated to me this 18:53:13:27
31-inch tree located right in the driveway 18:53:17:16
actually could qualify as a grand tree. 18:53:21:03
And petitioner has asked me to allow him some time 18:53:23:09
to review the particulars of this particular tree 18:53:29:22
as it's sort of come up this evening. 18:53:37:21
And possibly redesign the site between the first 18:53:40:13
and the second reading to address the tree issue. 18:53:45:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excuse me. 18:53:50:15
You had a big objection from transportation. 18:53:52:27
You have an objection from the tree people. 18:53:54:15
And the recommendation that I have dated 11-17 18:53:57:00

says no objections. 18:54:02:00
But you just told us two objections. 18:54:03:00
How come the report says no objections? 18:54:05:12
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Well -- 18:54:08:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's a staff question. 18:54:12:25
>>STEVE MICHELINI: I understand. 18:54:13:24
I want to explain why we got to that point. 18:54:16:19
It wasn't the staff's fault it was the 18:54:19:03
neighborhood meetings that we had that caused the 18:54:21:24
objections to arise. 18:54:23:04
Neighbors requested some specific things, some 18:54:25:09
changes to the site plan, which then put us in 18:54:27:03
conflict with the staff. 18:54:28:24
I'll be happy to address them at our chance to 18:54:31:25
present. 18:54:34:15
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: And I will say that some of the 18:54:34:21
comments that I got right after the publication of 18:54:40:07
the staff reports. 18:54:43:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you have something for 18:54:44:10
council members that's up to date? 18:54:46:16
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Well, in terms of the staff 18:54:51:22
reports? 18:54:54:00
No. 18:54:55:10
I received these objections tonight. 18:54:55:19
At this hearing. 18:54:57:27

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: From our staff? 18:54:58:09
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Yes. 18:55:04:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question for Mr. Yurcus. 18:55:05:00
This petition looks it's been banging around since 18:55:10:03
March. 18:55:13:07
Is there a reason? 18:55:14:06
>>GREG YURCUS: Actually my report from October 11 18:55:17:13
stated this is a grand tree and needed to be 18:55:20:00
addressed. 18:55:21:27
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you. 18:55:22:12
>>GREG YURCUS: I do not have an answer for you. 18:55:24:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Then why does it say no 18:55:27:15
objections? 18:55:30:15
>>> Dave Riley, parks and recreation. 18:55:33:12
And I have been sworn. 18:55:35:07
What occurred was Greg Yurcus originally looked at 18:55:37:06
the site plan and identified two grand trees. 18:55:40:04
He then communicated those notes to land 18:55:43:12
development, to Mr. Michelini. 18:55:46:13
It was Mr. Michelini's responsibility to call me 18:55:52:01
and identify, review the plans. 18:55:54:18
When that happened, I was only informed of the one 18:55:59:09
grand tree on the site, which is the 40-inch tree, 18:56:01:13
and we reviewed that. 18:56:04:03
For that tree we had no objections. 18:56:05:25

It wasn't until tonight that Greg said, you are 18:56:07:15
aware there's another tree. 18:56:10:06
Because he saw that I had no objections. 18:56:12:00
That's when I found out tonight that there is 18:56:14:00
another grand tree. 18:56:16:00
I do believe we can solve this. 18:56:17:15
Mr. Michelini offered to flip the driveway. 18:56:20:03
And I think that will work just fine. 18:56:22:19
And that's why he's asking for the delay between 18:56:25:06
the first and second reading. 18:56:28:00
But I sent comments in to land development. 18:56:31:07
The petitioner picks up their comments. 18:56:35:06
Then it becomes his responsibility to let us know 18:56:37:21
to contact me to ask for the site visit. 18:56:41:15
And then I go out there. 18:56:43:27
He said, this is the tree I was looking at. 18:56:45:21
And that's the only tree I looked at. 18:56:47:28
>>GWEN MILLER: The land development, who is that 18:56:49:15
that? 18:56:57:21
>>> I'm not sure when I sent my comments in. 18:56:58:13
But again my comments went in, there's no 18:57:00:09
objection because I only reviewed one tree. 18:57:02:09
And as Greg stated his comments went in the 18:57:04:15
11th of October. 18:57:10:01
So Mr. Michelini should have known that there was 18:57:11:09

two grand trees on that site. 18:57:13:21
And we never reviewed the second one. 18:57:15:18
And that should have been a clue to him that there 18:57:19:16
was a problem. 18:57:21:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 18:57:22:03
We appreciate that. 18:57:23:00
Planning Commission staff. 18:57:25:04
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff. 18:57:25:24
I have been sworn. 18:57:30:27
I will try to be brief because I think you all 18:57:31:13
have a lot of questions for Mr. Michelini. 18:57:34:15
The predominant land use category in the future 18:57:36:27
land use map is residential 24. 18:57:40:24
Here's Armenia Avenue. 18:57:43:03
And as you can see the predominant land use 18:57:44:07
category is residential 20. 18:57:49:12
Regarding context, there has been some residential 18:57:51:01
redevelopment in the area, very minimal. 18:57:54:21
In addition to some low density office along 18:57:57:03
Howard and Armenia Avenue which you have seen come 18:57:59:12
in front of you over the last year. 18:58:02:00
Residential redevelopment as I have stated has 18:58:04:15
been stagnant with residential character on Gray 18:58:06:00
consisting of single family residences along that 18:58:11:06
area of several duplexes. 18:58:15:16

Consideration of a more dense type residential 18:58:17:27
development is characteristic of that offered by 18:58:20:21
the applicant. The request, the predominant land 18:58:24:07
use as has a higher residential density. The new 18:58:28:16
depiction that Mr. Michelini has offered in this 18:58:33:03
site plan is considerably better than what they 18:58:35:12
have initially brought and more in character with 18:58:37:24
the surrounding uses in the area. 18:58:39:21
It was more compatible with adjacent 18:58:42:21
redevelopment, should not cause any adverse 18:58:44:27
impacts to the surrounding neighborhood. 18:58:48:03
In addition he has reduced the number of units he 18:58:48:12
initially requested from eleven to eight. 18:58:51:25
He is requesting an existing unit on the site plan 18:58:53:21
itself, single-family home, where the driveway is 18:58:57:00
in question with the grand tree. The residential 18:58:59:21
character of this area has been in a stagnant 18:59:02:00
state. 18:59:03:27
We believe the proposed project would contribute 18:59:04:04
to the aging housing stock and spur interest in 18:59:06:27
revitalizing character to the area. 18:59:09:19
Planning mission staff has no objection to the 18:59:13:06
request. 18:59:15:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 18:59:15:15
>>STEVE MICHELINI: We have been dealing with this 18:59:29:09

site plan for some time. 18:59:30:12
And we missed the 31-inch oak. 18:59:31:27
It's in the alleyway. 18:59:37:15
Previously, we were addressing -- there's a 18:59:39:03
40-inch oak tree, which is right here. 18:59:43:12
And we removed two units and left a single family 18:59:46:18
house there so that we would not be in conflict 18:59:51:22
with it. 18:59:54:01
What we were proposing to do was buy -- if you 18:59:56:27
wish we can do it graphically but we are inside 19:00:01:18
the 14 days, and the issue -- we just noticed it 19:00:03:21
tonight when it was brought up to us. 19:00:07:21
The 31-inch oak is here in the alley. 19:00:09:27
If we flip the driveway and the garage to the 19:00:14:18
other side of the unit, then we are not in 19:00:17:12
conflict. 19:00:19:15
And then what we are going to do is confirm with 19:00:20:10
staff in the field that we are not in conflict 19:00:22:27
with that oak and we weren't going to touch it. 19:00:25:28
But maybe the simplest solution, the driveways are 19:00:29:01
easily moved. 19:00:31:18
They don't really impact anything else. 19:00:33:15
Quite honestly we missed it and I apologize to 19:00:38:10
you. 19:00:41:16
We thought we addressed issues. 19:00:41:24

We have been dealing with the neighborhood 19:00:43:10
association for an extended period of time. 19:00:44:15
And we have been focusing on a variety of other 19:00:46:04
issues. 19:00:48:03
Specifically, the neighborhood association asked 19:00:49:24
us -- let me read from their letter I gave you. 19:00:51:27
They asked us to install a permanent curb that 19:01:08:01
exceeds the norm. 19:01:10:27
And we have done that. 19:01:12:18
We have done that along this side. 19:01:16:21
We have a higher raised curb. 19:01:18:09
The second thing they asked to us do is plant 19:01:21:21
4-inch trees inside this area here, and you see 19:01:24:18
them highlighted here on the site plan. 19:01:27:15
The third thing that they asked to us do was add 19:01:30:12
an additional curbside parking space here. 19:01:32:21
Previously we were showing this space in the 19:01:36:00
right-of-way. 19:01:38:25
These two spaces in the right-of-way. 19:01:39:04
They asked us to add this space in the 19:01:41:00
right-of-way. 19:01:42:27
Now we had been very cautious about doing that. 19:01:43:09
You know, I've told them that that is done at the 19:01:46:12
commission of the City of Tampa. 19:01:50:03
Its it's right-of-way. The city controls that 19:01:51:25

right-of-way. 19:01:54:21
We would have to seek a right-of-way permit to 19:01:54:27
install that. 19:01:56:15
But we made a commitment to them to install those 19:01:57:25
if approved. 19:02:00:19
But that's done at the pleasure of the city. 19:02:02:27
Typically, site plans control within the property 19:02:06:21
lines. 19:02:09:09
We're showing you elements that are outside the 19:02:10:19
property line. 19:02:12:18
In addition to that we also were asked to commit 19:02:17:06
to curbside solid waste pickup in the alley, which 19:02:19:06
we have done by note. 19:02:22:12
I think that Mr. Garcia already corrected the 19:02:24:25
issue regarding the number of units. 19:02:27:10
There are eight proposed units, one single-family 19:02:30:04
unit to remain and be renovated. 19:02:33:28
You also had asked that we change the design, the 19:02:37:01
neighborhood association had endorsed a design 19:02:40:27
which we did. 19:02:45:18
We brought that back to you. 19:02:46:09
And then I guess the staff had asked for 19:02:48:06
additional elevations to the front and the rear 19:02:54:00
which we provided to them, to staff, and it should 19:02:55:24
be in your packet. 19:02:58:15

When we came in to you first with no objections, 19:03:01:01
we thought that we had resolved the staff issues. 19:03:07:06
And in these numerous discussions back and 19:03:09:18
forth -- and again we have been meeting on this 19:03:11:12
for months -- when we placed these parking spaces 19:03:13:25
in the right-of-way, we received obviously the 19:03:18:06
objection from transportation. 19:03:20:22
And all of the other notes, I think, are 19:03:26:07
consistent with the normal standards and technical 19:03:28:10
standards of the City of Tampa. 19:03:33:15
We have committed to meet all of those. 19:03:35:00
We haven't asked for additional waivers beyond the 19:03:36:21
accessing of traffic in the alley. 19:03:41:00
And we have committed to increase the size and 19:03:45:06
placement of trees from two inches to four inches 19:03:47:16
throughout the project. 19:03:50:07
Anyway, I think that we also wanted a commitment 19:03:53:21
that the plans demonstrated were final and not 19:03:58:06
conceptual, and I want to put on the record that 19:04:01:24
what we are showing on the site plan is a 19:04:04:18
commitment, and it becomes -- it becomes part of 19:04:06:07
the regulations for the development of this 19:04:10:00
property. 19:04:12:03
And it travels with the property regardless of the 19:04:12:13
ownership. 19:04:15:07

And a second thing was the restrictions are 19:04:16:22
designed for owner occupancy. 19:04:24:03
They are not designed as rental apartments. 19:04:25:22
I think that's everything we were asked to do. 19:04:29:19
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are you asking for any waivers 19:04:36:12
of green space? 19:04:38:09
>>STEVE MICHELINI: No. 19:04:39:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And the tree removal is from 19:04:40:06
50% to 67%? 19:04:44:06
>>STEVE MICHELINI: That's because the size of the 19:04:47:12
tree, I think the change, if we save these other 19:04:48:13
trees here, we flip that. 19:04:52:03
That tree matrix is going to change. 19:04:53:09
I don't know what the percentage is going to be, 19:04:56:27
just because we haven't sat and figured it out. 19:04:58:18
It's on the property line. 19:05:01:16
Normally the staff doesn't allow us to count that. 19:05:04:12
If we have to check the survey lines and see if 19:05:07:21
it's inside the property or outside the property. 19:05:09:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are you saying it's two stories 19:05:11:21
or three stories? 19:05:14:18
>>> Two stories units and restricted to 35 feet. 19:05:15:15
>> For two stories, 35 feet is a lot. 19:05:18:15
>>STEVE MICHELINI: Well, when you add the pitched 19:05:20:15
roofs, it's not occupancy space. 19:05:25:24

But the pitched roofs carry that up. 19:05:28:18
It's normally what you would have for 19:05:31:25
single-family residential. 19:05:33:12
I'm not sure that it will be 35 feet. 19:05:34:22
But that's normally -- 19:05:39:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The total number of townhouse 19:05:43:24
units are how many? 19:05:46:03
>>> Eight. 19:05:47:21
>> There's one single-family? 19:05:48:09
>>> One single-family that remains. 19:05:49:21
>> And the neighborhood had wanted seven. 19:05:53:09
But you took it that it's eight. 19:05:54:19
>>> Well, they had asked for seven. 19:05:58:03
At seven this project becomes economically 19:06:02:01
unfeasible. 19:06:04:09
We are way below the density that's allowed for 19:06:05:03
here and below the density allowed for zoning. 19:06:07:25
>> But the existing land use of the neighborhood 19:06:10:21
is basically single-family residential detached. 19:06:12:03
So the land use might be one thing but the reality 19:06:14:24
of the neighborhood is something else. 19:06:18:04
>>> At the current zoning of RM-16, we're below 19:06:20:16
the density. 19:06:24:03
If we went straight to RM-16, you would be able to 19:06:25:03
develop this project as it is. 19:06:28:15

Not necessarily in that configuration. 19:06:31:09
But you could build those same number of units. 19:06:33:15
That's why we thought -- the city was getting a 19:06:39:00
lot of new things. 19:06:41:24
They were getting -- the alley has to be repaved. 19:06:43:06
We have to have water system, we have to have 19:06:46:01
sewer system, all of which typically the city is 19:06:48:18
not going to go in and reconstruct them and 19:06:50:15
renovate. 19:06:53:24
And so when we came to you, when the neighbors 19:06:56:12
came to you, they said they were supportive. 19:06:58:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is Mr. Awad in the back 19:07:05:09
perhaps? 19:07:10:04
And while he's coming up, Mr. Michelini, what are 19:07:10:18
you doing to title in regard to the existing 19:07:12:28
single-family home? 19:07:16:04
Are you leaving that alone? 19:07:18:22
>>STEVE MICHELINI: Well, all of this will have to 19:07:20:15
to go to a subdivision review. 19:07:23:12
All those properties will have to be split out. 19:07:25:22
And they'll become part after new property owners 19:07:27:25
and homeowners association. 19:07:30:00
So I don't know what -- 19:07:32:06
>> Specifically I was concerned about those four 19:07:37:22
spaces single-family home. 19:07:40:22

>>STEVE MICHELINI: Normally what happens is that 19:07:42:06
once we set up the property lines -- and they are 19:07:44:09
not completely defined, you have common space 19:07:47:06
that's defined in the subdivision regulations. 19:07:50:12
The maintenance of those becomes part of the 19:07:52:28
homeowner association that goes to the platting 19:07:55:27
process, which is reviewed by the city staff. 19:07:59:15
Now those are not exclusive to any individual 19:08:02:00
property owner. 19:08:06:03
One of the things that the staff mentioned is 19:08:08:12
one-car garage. 19:08:10:25
It's one-car enclosed. 19:08:11:21
There is room for two cars tandem behind each of 19:08:13:15
those plus a side space, plus the additional four 19:08:16:27
parking spaces over here. 19:08:22:09
>> I was just wondering logistically how you are 19:08:25:12
going to pull off four spaces. 19:08:28:03
>>> Well, the engineers will have to lay it out 19:08:30:09
and we will have to provide the easements and the 19:08:32:12
common maintenance areas for the City of Tampa 19:08:34:21
codes. 19:08:37:06
But they will be taken out. 19:08:37:18
And then these homeowners will have to pay into a 19:08:39:18
fund for common maintenance of drainage and 19:08:43:15
parking and landscaping and a variety of other 19:08:47:00

things. 19:08:54:01
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Awad, there's a standard 19:08:54:07
note that says developer, seeks 50% impervious 19:08:57:18
standard. 19:09:03:06
My question relates -- and Steve, you might want 19:09:04:12
to chime in on this also -- but my question 19:09:09:21
relates to if they are not doing anything 19:09:12:12
significant to the single-family home, okay, will 19:09:15:01
they get credit for the green space for the 19:09:20:19
impervious that surrounds the existing 19:09:26:15
single-family home, and then they'll get credit on 19:09:30:03
that as related to the other properties? 19:09:32:15
>>> Awad: That's not the intended of -- intent of 19:09:37:18
what we allowed. 19:09:42:25
>> Will you look at each lot separately? 19:09:44:00
>>> We will look at the site plan as a whole, as 19:09:46:06
it comes in, as a site plan. 19:09:48:06
That's what they are going to look at. 19:09:53:12
As long as the single-family is not going to 19:09:57:00
change, then we will not require them to provide 19:09:59:12
half inch retention for that site. 19:10:02:15
However, for the new condo, they will. 19:10:04:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess what I will be 19:10:09:03
concerned about is that they would get credit for 19:10:12:06
all the grass surrounding the existing 19:10:14:06

single-family home that really has nothing to do 19:10:18:09
with the surrounding eight units. 19:10:22:21
And, therefore, would not have to provide the 19:10:23:27
retention on those existing units. 19:10:25:24
Go ahead. 19:10:28:21
>>STEVE MICHELINI: When we go through subdivision 19:10:28:24
review, as Alex has mentioned, we have to deal 19:10:33:21
with the entire site. 19:10:37:16
And so whatever the half inch of impervious 19:10:38:12
surface is over the entire site has to be dealt 19:10:42:00
with for stormwater retention. 19:10:44:18
And has to be retained on-site. 19:10:47:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: My point is, we sort of -- it 19:10:50:24
helps you by putting that single-family in there, 19:10:53:06
because there's a lot of -- 19:10:56:06
>>> Green space. 19:10:58:21
>> Of green space there. 19:10:59:06
And I think -- I think it would help the other 19:11:00:12
units, whereas I don't really think they should be 19:11:05:03
helped. 19:11:07:19
>>> I understand where you are going. 19:11:09:00
I'm not sure that we can do that. 19:11:10:07
We have a 40-inch oak here. 19:11:11:15
So any excavation would potentially damage that. 19:11:13:03
And don't think parks is going to let us dump the 19:11:17:04

water into that area. 19:11:19:06
But our intention is not to subvert the code by 19:11:20:27
eliminating stormwater retention. 19:11:24:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think that note should be 19:11:26:07
further clarified somehow or another. 19:11:29:00
It appears this site plan is going to have to come 19:11:30:28
back anyway because of the tree tables and also 19:11:32:24
the flipping and that sort of thing. 19:11:35:12
So I would like Mr. Awad to look at it and perhaps 19:11:38:24
we can adjust the note so you don't get extra 19:11:43:15
credit for having that big house in the middle. 19:11:46:25
It's really not going to be touched. 19:11:51:00
>>STEVE MICHELINI: We'll be pulling permits on 19:11:52:03
that house. 19:11:58:13
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: It is what it is. 19:11:58:25
>>> When that happens we are triggering a 19:12:03:22
stormwater review at construction services 19:12:05:09
regardless. 19:12:07:03
And if we don't address it in subdivision review, 19:12:07:15
we'll have ton address it at permitting. 19:12:10:24
One way or the other it's going to get addressed. 19:12:12:22
>> What I am saying is it should be addressed on 19:12:15:04
the note. 19:12:17:28
>>> That's fine. 19:12:19:06
If there's a note that you can think of -- 19:12:19:22

>> I can't they've it because I'm not an engineer. 19:12:21:21
>>ALEX AWAD: If this goes forward tonight we could 19:12:25:00
ask that it be provided for the entire site, 19:12:27:13
whether the single families are included or not. 19:12:33:00
It's the entire site. 19:12:35:04
The entire folio number. The whole project would 19:12:36:19
have to meet the half inch retention. 19:12:38:21
Now wherever they want to provide it is okay, too. 19:12:40:15
If they are going to provide it in the backyard of 19:12:44:16
the single-family, if the single-family is part of 19:12:45:28
this petition, then that's where they could 19:12:49:07
provide it. 19:12:51:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the audience like 19:12:57:16
to speak on item number 2? 19:13:00:13
You may come up and speak. 19:13:03:24
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Again, I put a little sign up 19:13:08:21
there to remind you that if you have not been 19:13:10:12
sworn to please state that you need to be sworn 19:13:12:18
in. 19:13:15:03
Thank you. 19:13:15:16
>>> I've been sworn in. 19:13:17:09
Sharon Miller, 2213 West Gray Street. 19:13:18:04
I would just like to ask, is this the permanent 19:13:30:09
plan, or are you on the way back to City Council 19:13:34:09
to review these plans again? 19:13:39:01

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's a good question. 19:13:43:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think we're not sure. 19:13:44:07
>>> Okay. 19:13:46:25
I keep come. 19:13:48:00
My neighbors and I will keep coming. 19:13:48:18
Let me address one issue. 19:13:50:21
On the Elmo here. 19:13:55:06
We have requested the additional parking spaces. 19:13:57:21
Because, as you know, we are not quite South 19:14:01:28
Tampa. 19:14:03:28
But I they park on both sides of the street in my 19:14:08:09
neighborhood, which this development will take on. 19:14:12:03
That is the potential of the traffic there. 19:14:16:15
And there's no parking on the front. 19:14:18:06
With no parking on the front of those buildings to 19:14:22:09
help alleviate that issue, and these are evening 19:14:25:27
shots that were taken of the street in our 19:14:31:00
neighborhood. 19:14:34:21
I know you saw the property across the street from 19:14:35:00
me, and my neighbor is sitting over behind me. 19:14:41:00
Those properties have not been renovated or 19:14:43:21
painted in the last 10 to 15 years. 19:14:45:27
So if they look dilapidated there's a reason they 19:14:48:24
look dilapidated but we really want to address the 19:14:52:06
ease of traffic flow in the neighborhood. 19:14:55:09

That's one of our concerns. 19:14:59:06
As well as making sure that the PD portion of this 19:15:00:15
project is what it is. 19:15:04:10
And again, tonight, we still don't know what it 19:15:07:24
is. 19:15:10:18
And there are two grand oaks on that property. 19:15:13:28
Yes? 19:15:19:27
>>SHAWN HARRISON: It seems pretty clear to me what 19:15:22:06
we're being asked to do, which the only change 19:15:24:16
from the site plan from what I've heard is we'll 19:15:26:16
flip the driveway on that one unit. 19:15:31:06
And then there's some note that Mr. Dingfelder is 19:15:32:27
talking about but it doesn't really change the 19:15:36:07
site plan. 19:15:38:15
Is that accurate, so that there's no confusion? 19:15:39:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Seems to differ slightly from 19:15:47:22
the site plan. 19:15:49:25
>>SHAWN HARRISON: But it's not going to change 19:15:50:15
anything on it. 19:15:52:27
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Relative to the parking and the 19:15:53:15
right-of-way, really that's outside the parameters 19:15:55:12
of the PD zoning. 19:15:57:07
So I think a note may need to be added to that's 19:15:58:19
subject to right-of-way permitting or 19:16:02:27
transportation permitting. 19:16:04:04

Obviously, you know, council can direct staff to 19:16:06:10
study that issue. 19:16:09:24
But that really is not something that is germane 19:16:10:22
to the PD site plan itself. 19:16:13:06
It cannot rely on the parking in the right-of-way. 19:16:14:27
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I think the neighborhood is 19:16:17:00
saying that without that, we don't give you our 19:16:19:07
approval. 19:16:22:15
So we have got to resolve that for transportation 19:16:23:09
here tonight. 19:16:27:25
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Ms. Calloway is here if she has 19:16:28:07
objections. 19:16:33:06
Typically parking within the right-of-way is 19:16:33:18
within the purview of the transportation division. 19:16:35:01
You may want to hear from her on that issue. 19:16:39:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Did you finish? 19:16:50:15
>>> Ultimately, I want to thank the City Council 19:16:51:27
for listening to neighborhoods. 19:16:53:18
Over the past six to eight months, without coming 19:16:55:09
and reading the newspapers, and living on a side 19:16:59:16
of town that's very hot real estatewise now, I 19:17:02:24
want to thank you for listening to neighbors, and 19:17:05:19
also ask you to consider the schools that we have 19:17:08:22
on that side of town that are landlocked. 19:17:12:18
Mitchell elementary, Gorrie Elementary and Wilson. 19:17:16:00

There's no place to build those schools out. 19:17:19:00
So when you tear down one house in our 19:17:21:07
neighborhood, or remove forward and you put 18 19:17:23:24
additional people on a block, the schools can't 19:17:27:24
handle it. 19:17:34:01
The neighborhoods can't readily handle it. 19:17:34:16
So how are we going to handle on the buildout 19:17:36:10
that's going on there? 19:17:38:12
I'm not sure. 19:17:39:06
But as we bring this project to closure, our 19:17:40:04
neighbors have asked that we join with other 19:17:42:16
neighborhood associations so that we can get a 19:17:44:27
handle, even though we are behind the curve on 19:17:47:12
what's going on in our neighborhoods. 19:17:49:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And I want to thank you for 19:17:51:09
your very thoughtfully written letter to us. 19:17:54:00
Don't leave, I have a question. 19:17:56:18
Do you feel that the proposed townhouses are 19:17:58:06
compatible with your neighborhood? 19:18:02:21
Be candid. 19:18:04:18
>>> I think they are compatible with the 19:18:05:18
neighborhood. 19:18:07:04
We saw the drawing. 19:18:07:16
As long as the drawing is consistent, to have 19:18:08:24
townhouses, to be quite frank, we prefer single 19:18:13:03

dwelling houses in the neighborhood. 19:18:17:00
However, we want to get rid of that property 19:18:19:18
that's across the street from us. 19:18:22:13
And we are being careful not to cut off our noses 19:18:25:15
despite our faces. 19:18:29:18
But we would very much like to have single-family 19:18:30:12
dwelling houses in the neighborhood. 19:18:33:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is there a lot of tandem 19:18:34:27
parking in the driveways in your neighborhood? 19:18:37:18
>>> Say again? 19:18:39:24
>> Is there a lot of tandem parking in the 19:18:40:12
driveways? 19:18:42:24
>>> There's parking on my neighbors yards next to 19:18:46:16
me. 19:18:51:01
So parking is at a premium in the neighborhood. 19:18:51:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 19:18:53:28
Next. 19:18:55:12
Anyone else like to speak? 19:18:56:00
Petitioner, will you come back? 19:19:00:21
>>STEVE MICHELINI: Council, we have tried to be 19:19:10:01
very sensitive to anything that the neighbors have 19:19:12:03
asked us to do. 19:19:16:19
And we told them, if you can think of a reasonable 19:19:17:07
condition, bring it forward and we'll incorporate 19:19:20:03
it into the site plan and that's really where we 19:19:24:27

are this evening. 19:19:26:24
Even though -- they knew, and we knew that 19:19:27:15
transportation didn't want -- we can add a note 19:19:31:03
that indicates clearly that we're not trying to 19:19:39:13
avoid a right-of-way, permit application. 19:19:42:04
We have to go through that process. 19:19:45:15
We started off with a much more intensive unit, 19:19:54:06
much more intensive project. 19:19:56:24
And we reduced it significantly through a lot of 19:20:01:01
discussions. 19:20:04:15
In Mrs. Miller's home, and, you know, other folks 19:20:05:22
homes and community centers. 19:20:10:18
It's a very sensitive plan. 19:20:15:09
They picked the elevations that they liked. 19:20:18:18
What we are asking you to do is to allow us to 19:20:22:16
flip the driveways so we don't have a conflict 19:20:24:22
with a tree. 19:20:27:07
And whatever notes you would like us to add, with 19:20:30:03
clarification on the stormwater, we certainly are 19:20:34:06
not trying to avoid providing stormwater retention 19:20:36:10
on the site. 19:20:38:24
I have the petition here signed by folks who are 19:20:42:00
supportive of the project. 19:20:44:00
I would like to have the sheet made part of the 19:20:45:06
record, received in file. 19:20:48:15

Just to refresh your memory, when we went back, 19:20:50:19
with the elevations, at the end of the meeting, 19:20:54:12
this elevation was held up and said this is this 19:21:00:22
what you want? 19:21:07:06
And if it's what you want come back with that 19:21:07:25
plan, and that's the plan that we came back to you 19:21:10:00
with. 19:21:12:06
Even within the neighborhood, we had folks wanting 19:21:21:13
a different design. 19:21:24:09
But that was the consensus. 19:21:25:00
That what S what was voted on by the neighborhood 19:21:26:12
association. 19:21:29:24
And that's what we agreed to. 19:21:30:04
So we respectfully request your approval. 19:21:34:00
We worked long and hard with everyone to try to 19:21:36:09
get this resolved. 19:21:38:13
And we would appreciate your support. 19:21:39:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Any questions by council members? 19:21:40:21
Mr. Harrison. 19:21:43:06
>>SHAWN HARRISON: My question is, if we were to 19:21:43:19
pass this on first reading, would transportation 19:21:47:03
have an opportunity between now and second reading 19:21:50:24
to look at the issue of the parking, and then come 19:21:54:09
back with that, basically as to whether that's 19:21:59:27
going to get permitted? 19:22:07:01

>>> Melanie Calloway, transportation. 19:22:11:09
I can have a manager look at this and see how he 19:22:14:13
feels. 19:22:17:13
Looking at it from the site plan, there's 19 feet 19:22:19:09
of pavement that they currently have existing 19:22:23:00
there. People are parking on the street. 19:22:24:19
This is a common issue on residential streets. 19:22:26:00
They are normally 20 feet wide. 19:22:28:22
But you park on both sides. 19:22:30:06
It becomes very narrow and nobody can pass 19:22:31:16
through. 19:22:33:16
Putting a high curb, and putting these parallel 19:22:35:25
parking spaces may increase the problem because a 19:22:39:22
person won't be able to park on the right-of-way 19:22:42:09
in the grass area. 19:22:44:00
They would have to park in the street actually. 19:22:45:16
So I'm not sure that's -- but I'll talk to my 19:22:47:19
manager tomorrow and we will definitely have an 19:22:52:18
answer for you before second reading. 19:22:54:12
Or by second reading to let you know if this is an 19:22:57:01
actual possibility. 19:23:00:06
We do not encourage on-street parking in this part 19:23:01:00
of town. 19:23:04:09
We only encourage that in the Channel District as 19:23:04:27
you know. I will come back and have an answer by 19:23:15:00

second reading. 19:23:17:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Ms. Calloway. 19:23:18:21
So do you have objections to this petition before 19:23:21:21
us? 19:23:24:21
>>> Yes. 19:23:26:06
Right now I do have an objection, because at this 19:23:26:18
point we don't encourage onstreet parking in this 19:23:29:09
part of town, it's not a standard practice for us 19:23:34:12
to put actual parallel spaces in the right-of-way. 19:23:36:15
Actually state law does allow in residential areas 19:23:39:16
to park on the street. 19:23:42:16
But on the other hand of that, they must also 19:23:43:18
provide enough room for a fire truck to get 19:23:46:07
through. 19:23:48:27
So it's a catch. 19:23:49:09
We can look at this -- because she did have 19:23:52:28
pictures showing that there may be a parking issue 19:23:55:28
in this area, we can look at that for you and get 19:23:58:09
back to you. But, yes, at this point, 19:24:00:24
transportation, it is our standard to object, 19:24:04:07
because you can't place parallel parking spaces 19:24:06:21
because it's not parted of the rezoning. 19:24:09:15
It's a permitting issue. 19:24:12:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions by council 19:24:12:28
members? 19:24:18:03

Ms. Saul-Sena? 19:24:19:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I guess it's a question for Ms. 19:24:20:00
Lamboy or maybe Mr. Massey. 19:24:22:12
How come if departments have objections, the staff 19:24:24:00
report says no objections? 19:24:27:01
When there are objections within the body of the 19:24:30:24
report. 19:24:32:27
Isn't that kind of -- 19:24:34:25
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: I'll take responsibility for 19:24:37:00
that. 19:24:38:09
I reviewed this file. 19:24:38:27
I didn't review it thoroughly enough. 19:24:40:24
I Ms. Calloway brought to the my attention. 19:24:42:16
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you. 19:24:45:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Other questions? 19:24:47:07
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Would council want to hear from 19:24:48:22
Mr. Awad on the stormwater issue? 19:24:50:16
I think there was some confusion over that. 19:24:52:18
I think he may want to expand on that explanation. 19:24:54:24
>>> Alex Awad, stormwater department to address 19:24:59:27
the issue of whether removing the single family 19:25:02:19
from the square footage of the single family from 19:25:05:06
the site itself, would that increase or decrease 19:25:07:21
the amount of half inch retention on-site. 19:25:09:28
If you look at -- we normally look at the entire 19:25:13:24

site so the single family as impervious surface or 19:25:16:06
added green surface does not make any difference 19:25:19:21
because you are calculating the half inch 19:25:21:21
retention for the 100 by 280 feet instead of just 19:25:24:06
the 100. 19:25:29:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The problem is -- and this is 19:25:30:07
what most of council really wants to get into -- 19:25:35:03
but the problem is that it's not triggered. 19:25:37:12
What I'm worried about is the trigger. 19:25:39:09
>>> We could trying theory tonight. 19:25:41:27
You could put that note on the plan that they will 19:25:43:09
provide half inch retention -- 19:25:46:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: By leaving the "if"? 19:25:48:28
>>> Exactly. 19:25:52:24
>> Perfect. 19:25:53:16
Leave the "if." 19:25:54:21
>>> Exactly. 19:25:57:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Need to close the public hearing. 19:25:58:03
We have a motion and second to close. 19:25:59:27
All in favor? 19:26:03:10
Opposed? 19:26:04:13
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: And everything after it. 19:26:05:15
Everything after it. 19:26:07:04
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I just want to make sure that 19:26:07:21
you are comfortable, Alex, with what Mr. 19:26:10:15

Dingfelder -- he said he's not an engineer. 19:26:13:00
You are. 19:26:18:06
We shouldn't be dictating to the departments 19:26:18:15
whether or not some sort of project like this is 19:26:21:10
going to trigger -- 19:26:23:18
>>> Understandable. 19:26:27:19
Normally we look at a site that has an area. 19:26:28:10
If it has a flooding problem, then we say, you 19:26:31:24
know, you have to provide additional retention and 19:26:34:00
stuff like that. 19:26:37:00
In this case, if it's the pleasure of council to 19:26:38:27
require half inch retention, then that's okay, 19:26:43:21
too. 19:26:46:06
And the calculation, and the intent of our code is 19:26:48:10
to provide stormwater, water quality for that 19:26:50:25
site. 19:26:55:18
So the trigger, though, has nothing to do with the 19:26:57:16
single family being there or not being there. 19:27:00:06
We look at it as the entire site. 19:27:02:27
The note that they added is that they will meet 19:27:12:27
the half inch retention, if the site plan exceeds 19:27:15:12
50%. 19:27:18:12
We could say that you have to have that -- that F 19:27:21:15
in there meet the requirement for the entire site. 19:27:29:03
>>KEVIN WHITE: Which we are going to have to do 19:27:31:00

anyway. 19:27:33:27
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Which they were going to have to 19:27:36:00
do anyway, right? 19:27:37:00
>>> Right. 19:27:38:10
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Here's my problem. 19:27:38:16
Are reimposing something on the petitioner that 19:27:42:15
they are not required to do according to your 19:27:45:21
standards? 19:27:48:06
And, if so, then I think we ought to hear back 19:27:49:03
from the petitioner to make sure that they are 19:27:51:21
okay with that. 19:27:54:16
>>> What the petitioner has done, if you look at 19:27:56:06
their calculation, they tell you that 48% 19:27:57:27
impervious 52 impervious. 19:28:00:15
So they are not going to hit that 50% with the 19:28:03:06
site plan they have now. 19:28:07:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Because it includes the big 19:28:07:27
expanse of yard for the single family house that 19:28:12:00
is not being touched. 19:28:13:27
I mean -- 19:28:16:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Council members, we need to go back 19:28:19:04
and open the public hearing. 19:28:21:03
We are going back to new discussion. 19:28:22:01
We had closed the public hearing. 19:28:23:21
So now we need to reopen. 19:28:25:03

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Did we close it? 19:28:27:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Yes. 19:28:29:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just curious with this 19:28:29:12
discussion, that's all. 19:28:33:09
>>GWEN MILLER: What is your pleasure? 19:28:33:28
Do you want to discuss and open the public 19:28:35:28
hearing? 19:28:38:01
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is it closed? 19:28:39:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Harrison was getting ready to 19:28:40:21
read the ordinance. 19:28:42:24
>>SHAWN HARRISON: But we are throwing things in at 19:28:43:12
the last second before I actually read it and I 19:28:45:15
don't know if we are taking the if out or leaving 19:28:47:27
it in, and if we are taking it out -- 19:28:51:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I move to reopen till we find 19:28:53:12
out. 19:28:55:09
>> Second. 19:28:55:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to reopen the 19:28:56:04
public hearing. 19:28:59:03
(Motion carried) petitioner. 19:28:59:12
>>STEVE MICHELINI: We don't have any objection to 19:29:00:21
removing it and meeting the half inch requirement. 19:29:02:21
My only comment, in addition to that, is that we 19:29:05:09
removed units. 19:29:08:21
And so now we are being penalized because we 19:29:09:27

removed units from the site, when we would have 19:29:12:18
triggered that half inch automatically, and now we 19:29:15:09
are being required to meet the stormwater 19:29:17:28
requirement as if we had had a higher density. 19:29:20:18
I don't mind doing that in this case. 19:29:22:28
But you should be aware that you have penalized me 19:29:24:18
by removing a unit, and then adding the 19:29:27:09
requirement -- 19:29:29:22
>>ROSE FERLITA: So don't accept the opinion, Mr. 19:29:31:12
Michelini. 19:29:33:09
Either-or. 19:29:34:25
Let's move on. 19:29:35:22
>>> I agree with you. 19:29:38:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: Do you want to do it or discuss 19:29:39:16
the fact we imposed it and let's deal with that. 19:29:41:00
>>> We'll take the half inch. 19:29:45:09
We'll deal with it another time. 19:29:46:15
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I think Ms. Lamboy would like to 19:29:49:00
read the changes we made to site plans if council 19:29:51:21
is aware of that. 19:29:54:06
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: I just want to make sure that 19:29:55:04
everybody is on the same page. 19:29:56:24
Item number 10, developer to provide one half inch 19:29:58:15
retention for the entire property, period. 19:30:00:27
And then added note number 23, any parking 19:30:03:16

depicted in the public right-of-way is subject for 19:30:06:18
permitting. 19:30:08:27
And item number 24, unit with 31-inch tree at rear 19:30:10:01
will move driveway to save tree. 19:30:15:25
Those will be the new conditions. 19:30:20:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Are there any other questions by 19:30:21:24
council members? 19:30:23:12
Ms. Saul-Sena. 19:30:24:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: On the staff report it says 19:30:24:09
that the petitioner wants to construct ten 19:30:26:25
townhouse units. 19:30:29:12
But I think the petitioner said it was nine. 19:30:30:06
>>> Eight. 19:30:35:19
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Shouldn't the staff report -- I 19:30:35:19
want to make sure we are clear on the number of 19:30:42:15
units. 19:30:44:03
This is dated 11-17. 19:30:44:18
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Obviously there were some errors 19:30:46:06
in the staff report and we apologize for that. 19:30:48:03
The staff report is not what you all are voting 19:30:50:03
on. 19:30:52:06
You're voting on the ordinance. 19:30:52:13
As long as the ordinance correctly reflects the 19:30:54:03
number of units, I think that's fine. 19:30:55:27
And we have clarified the record that there are 19:30:58:09

some errors in the staff report, too. 19:31:00:24
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close. 19:31:02:06
>> Second. 19:31:05:00
(Motion carried). 19:31:05:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Harrison, are you comfortable 19:31:05:25
reading it? 19:31:08:28
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move an ordinance rezones 19:31:09:22
property in the general vicinity of 2410 West Gray 19:31:11:13
Street in the city of Tampa, Florida and more 19:31:13:15
particularly described in section 1 from zoning 19:31:15:12
district classifications RM-16 to PD single family 19:31:17:04
attached, and semi detached, providing an 19:31:19:28
effective date. 19:31:21:18
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 19:31:22:15
Question on the motion. 19:31:23:24
Mrs. Saul-Sena. 19:31:24:22
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think this neighborhood is 19:31:25:18
not dissimilar from the Palma Ceia neighborhood 19:31:27:27
that we saw earlier today, where years ago in an 19:31:30:24
effort to increase the development, the underlying 19:31:33:25
land use was changed to multifamily. 19:31:37:12
But the zoning was changed to multi-zoning. 19:31:39:27
But it's a neighborhood of single family detached 19:31:42:10
homes. 19:31:45:25
And that's what's around there. 19:31:46:01

And you are talking about a 19-foot wide street 19:31:49:01
that doesn't even have curbs. 19:31:51:18
And I think what's being proposed is still too 19:31:53:18
dense and I won't be able to support the petition. 19:31:55:21
>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion say Aye. 19:31:57:18
Opposed, Nay. 19:31:59:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman. 19:32:01:21
And we can do it either way. 19:32:02:27
We can do it Ms. Saul-Sena's way or everybody else 19:32:04:01
and support it now. 19:32:09:00
I'm supporting it with the assumption that 19:32:09:28
something will happen in the next two weeks that 19:32:11:09
will make transportation supportive of this. 19:32:14:18
Otherwise, I will reverse my support. 19:32:15:12
That's my comment. 19:32:18:09
Thanks. 19:32:19:15
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried 5-1 with Saul-Sena no. 19:32:21:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Item 3 is a continued public 19:32:24:18
hearing. 19:32:26:10
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: The subject property at 3403 19:32:41:06
Gandy Boulevard is T at the intersection of 19:32:43:21
Sherwood and Gandy Boulevard. 19:32:46:03
3403 West Gandy. 19:32:55:03
As you recall, a service station, repair station, 19:32:56:21
which is gone now. 19:32:59:27

And unfortunately, my camera did not focus well. 19:33:03:15
And there's going to be a tree we are talking 19:33:08:00
about, a 55-inch grand tree that has a nice canopy 19:33:09:21
that extends. 19:33:16:09
The petitioner proposes to rezone the property at 19:33:19:24
3403 West Gandy Boulevard. 19:33:22:15
The shop has been demolished and the property is 19:33:24:24
now vacant. The proposed use is a ten-unit 19:33:27:06
attached development. The unit is planned three 19:33:30:07
stories to a maximum height of 45 feet. 19:33:34:24
There is an elevation, Key West style. 19:33:40:00
Parking spaces are shown on the sites. 19:33:44:21
Parks and recreation had an objection regarding 19:33:47:13
the grand tree. 19:33:50:00
However, the petitioner has been working with 19:33:52:19
parks and recreation and they have come to a 19:33:54:09
conclusion on the notes. 19:33:57:21
The notes state the height of the northeastern 19:33:59:00
most unit -- and let me just point that out to you 19:34:02:03
on the site plan on the Elmo -- this is showwood, 19:34:05:03
with a grand tree in question, this is the 19:34:11:13
northeastern most unit. 19:34:13:19
This is for your information green area, 19:34:18:06
impervious parking space, guest parking spaces. 19:34:21:19
The height of it would be governed by the tree 19:34:24:15

canopy. 19:34:27:15
The height of the unit for the portion in conflict 19:34:28:00
with the canopy must be approved by the City of 19:34:30:24
Tampa Parks Department. 19:34:33:18
Footprint of the unit may be adjusted up to three 19:34:34:27
feet to accommodate any conflict with the canopy. 19:34:37:06
Final construction height for the portion for this 19:34:40:12
unit, of this unit -- I'm sorry. 19:34:42:06
Construction height for this unit must be approved 19:34:49:21
by the City of Tampa, Parks Department, at 19:34:52:03
permitting. 19:34:56:06
So, therefore, the petitioner has been working 19:34:56:27
diligently with Mr. Riley to make sure that this 19:34:59:09
unit will not impact this grand tree adjacent to 19:35:03:06
the Sherwood right-of-way. 19:35:07:24
That is the only objection. 19:35:11:12
And staff concludes comments. 19:35:12:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is this drawing, looking at it 19:35:19:18
from the Sherwood side? 19:35:23:15
>>> Yes, looking at it from the Sherwood side. 19:35:30:21
>> What happens on the Gandy side of these units? 19:35:34:00
>>> It will be designed in the same style as the 19:35:41:10
rest of the building. 19:35:43:12
I'll defer to petitioner. 19:35:44:18
Actually he's provided me with an elevation. 19:35:45:19

Sherwood. 19:35:55:09
Sherwood. 19:35:56:15
Sherwood. 19:35:57:10
. 19:35:57:19
>>ALEX AWAD: Rile rile. 19:36:00:10
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff. 19:36:03:24
I have been sworn in. 19:36:11:12
I put the land use map up here, shows the 19:36:14:06
predominant land use maps in the area. 19:36:15:28
This is the intersection of Gandy and Himes, Himes 19:36:18:06
being north south, Gandy east-west. 19:36:20:24
The northern face of Gandy Boulevard is heavy 19:36:26:00
commercial 34 which will allow consideration of CR 19:36:27:27
zoning district. 19:36:30:01
The land use category to the south is community 19:36:31:12
mixed use 35 which allows up to CG uses, 19:36:33:10
residential 20 to the south, and of course 19:36:36:25
residential 10 which is the orange part in 19:36:38:15
question. 19:36:42:28
A little more in context so we know what the 19:36:43:04
existing uses are in the area. This is an 19:36:45:06
apartment complex to the south of the retention 19:36:46:24
pond in front which has been an Eckerd's drugstore 19:36:48:15
which has since closed. 19:36:57:13

There's a laundromat over here. 19:36:59:25
These undeveloped parcels over here have since 19:37:01:21
been developed, and these are now the Sherwood 19:37:03:21
condominiums to the south. 19:37:08:03
So we do have a development in proximity to the 19:37:08:24
proposed site. 19:37:15:13
As Ms. Lamboy stated this was an automotive use. 19:37:18:03
I think it was changed from CI use to a PD with 19:37:23:06
residential use so it will be less obnoxious to 19:37:25:21
the adjacent residential uses directly to the 19:37:29:24
north and there is a buffering, and as stated in 19:37:32:00
the site plan for masonry wall to the north. 19:37:35:00
I think I prefer to talk to Mr. Michelini with 19:37:39:27
reference to ingress-egress to the site only at 19:37:45:27
Gandy Boulevard if possible and onto Sherwood. 19:37:49:09
That's probably the only major concern I have. 19:37:53:19
The site plan, ingress-egress is going to be 19:37:57:18
strictly off of Gandy, which I think would be an 19:38:01:00
ideal situation for the project. 19:38:04:09
Other than that I feel that the reduction in 19:38:05:12
intensity to a neighborhood use like this off a 19:38:07:03
busy intersection such as Gandy which already has 19:38:12:09
a land use would be a much better alternative than 19:38:14:06
under the existing CI zoning district. 19:38:20:06
Planning Commission staff has no objection to the 19:38:22:04

proposed request. 19:38:24:10
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I see on the note the fencing 19:38:35:03
on the north side, six-foot concrete wall. 19:38:36:21
I see the wood fence on the west side. 19:38:39:06
I don't see -- maybe I'm just not seeing it, what 19:38:41:19
the description is of the wall on the east side 19:38:47:00
and the south side. 19:38:50:22
>>> On the east side and the south side I do not 19:38:54:07
believe there is a wall. 19:38:58:21
>> A lot of times when these projects are being 19:38:59:18
built they end up with a wall. 19:39:01:12
So I just want to make sure, if there's no intent 19:39:02:22
to be a wall, then let's make sure that -- 19:39:06:04
>>> Mr. Michelini will have to -- 19:39:09:27
>>: That's going to be stated or if there is going 19:39:11:24
to be a wallets describe what it is. 19:39:13:13
>>STEVE MICHELINI: Basically, since that's the 19:39:18:25
front of the buildings, -- 19:39:25:12
>>: And every similar project along Gandy has had 19:39:30:04
some kind of wall. 19:39:32:18
>>> Well, this side that you're seeing on the 19:39:34:27
Elmo, that I hope you're seeing on the Elmo, this 19:39:36:16
is on the Sherwood side. 19:39:38:19
So it's going to have a very residential character 19:39:41:22
to it especially with this oak tree here. 19:39:45:21

It's going to be, you know, very shaded. 19:39:49:04
The only thing that we could do is a three-foot 19:39:52:06
fence with some kind of decorative metal. 19:39:58:00
But you're right about Gandy. 19:40:02:01
We need to do something about the noise that's 19:40:03:06
generated from those cars coming in. 19:40:05:06
My concern is that with your turning radiuses and 19:40:08:00
the site visibility triangle, we are going to have 19:40:13:06
a lot of difficulty at correcting anything very 19:40:15:25
high close to the right-of-way. 19:40:19:15
>> Have you and your client discussed what type of 19:40:26:09
wall they want? 19:40:27:27
>>> Well, normally they are masonry walls. 19:40:29:03
They have been masonry all up and down Gandy. 19:40:31:09
>> They are not particularly attractive. 19:40:34:00
>>> No. 19:40:35:21
>> I mean, my preference would be a four-foot 19:40:38:03
masonry wall with a two-foot iron on top. 19:40:40:22
>>> I think that would -- probably transportation 19:40:44:15
would agree with that and when would certainly 19:40:47:03
agree with that as well. 19:40:48:13
It's a much more attractive solution and it 19:40:49:22
doesn't obstruct the site visibility. 19:40:51:12
>> You don't have anything on Sherwood? 19:40:53:19
Just a three-foot stone wall, that would be fine. 19:40:56:04

>>> This is residential scale with gates. 19:41:00:09
The gates aren't shown in the site plan but 19:41:02:27
normally there's a gate that you go through so you 19:41:05:04
have a little privacy into the entryway. 19:41:06:27
Only go three feet. 19:41:14:00
>> Why don't we just agree on it on PD. 19:41:15:09
>>> That's fine. 19:41:19:12
Four feet, three feet, including if there's a 19:41:19:24
railing or some decorative railing on the top. 19:41:21:18
Previously there was another unit back here which 19:41:28:13
we removed. 19:41:30:12
We realized that the tree canopy of this grand oak 19:41:33:00
extended so far. 19:41:36:15
And the reason we asked for some latitude on this 19:41:37:12
unit, this unit will have to be staked out in the 19:41:41:22
field and the Parks Department will have to come 19:41:45:21
out, we'll have to measure that with the surveying 19:41:49:18
rods and determine exactly what configuration the 19:41:51:27
height of this unit will be at that location. 19:41:54:06
And so we have given the complete latitude to the 19:41:56:27
Parks Department to determine the size and the 19:41:59:21
roof structure on this unit. 19:42:04:21
As Tony -- Mr. Garcia has just mentioned, this 19:42:08:03
backs up on this side to the former Eckerd's which 19:42:11:18
is now CVS, a laundromat over here, and masonry 19:42:14:06

wall is back here with single family residential. 19:42:18:16
We pulled these units away. 19:42:20:24
So we'll maintain a 15-foot setback with heavier 19:42:22:25
landscaping, and trees back in here. 19:42:26:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are you accessing Sherwood 19:42:30:00
site? 19:42:35:09
>>> I'm not sure if you can call it an access or 19:42:36:06
egress. 19:42:38:18
We are showing that as a driveway. 19:42:41:12
We're showing it as a driveway. 19:42:47:15
People are going to have trouble without a decel 19:42:50:24
lane or something coming off of here. 19:42:54:16
I would expect that if you move there you would be 19:42:56:04
pulling off of Sherwood and driving in, and 19:42:59:21
exiting onto Gandy. 19:43:02:07
And we can make that a one-way drive if that's any 19:43:05:24
concern to you. 19:43:08:12
But typically that's how they function. 19:43:09:18
If I were living there, I to avoid being hit on 19:43:13:03
Gandy or being hit from the other direction. 19:43:20:13
This is a heavy commercial district. 19:43:23:03
It has intensive commercial activities all around 19:43:25:24
it. 19:43:28:15
We believe that this is a better approach to 19:43:30:00
transitioning into the residential areas. 19:43:34:00

It's not overly intensive. 19:43:36:27
We are developing ten units. 19:43:39:24
We are requesting ten units on this project. 19:43:42:19
And maintaining the tree canopies, and making it 19:43:44:22
very attractive and sensitive to the neighborhood. 19:43:48:04
It will also help knock down some of the sound and 19:43:52:21
traffic coming off of Gandy. 19:43:55:06
Wife changed the design scheme as you saw on the 19:43:58:06
elevations. 19:44:00:12
And we believe that the design scheme works well 19:44:01:12
for this area. 19:44:04:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Let's see if we have anyone and you 19:44:04:21
can come back on rebuttal. 19:44:10:06
Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak 19:44:11:22
on item number 3? 19:44:13:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close. 19:44:14:22
>> Second. 19:44:16:00
(Motion carried). 19:44:16:06
>>CHAIRMAN: Would you read that, please? 19:44:16:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move an ordinance rezoning 19:44:20:19
property in the general vicinity of 3403 West 19:44:22:10
Gandy Boulevard in the city of Tampa, Florida more 19:44:25:06
particularly described in section 1 zoning 19:44:28:10
district classifications CI commercial intensive 19:44:28:19
to single family attached providing an effective 19:44:31:00

date. 19:44:33:12
>> Second. 19:44:34:25
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Before you go Ms. Lamboy would 19:44:35:01
like to read into the record. 19:44:42:07
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Adding note number 19 was not to 19:44:43:15
exceed 3 feet on Sherwood while on Gandy may be 19:44:46:24
masonry four feet and additional two feet of 19:44:49:12
wrought iron. 19:44:51:27
If that's correct. 19:44:53:28
>>STEVE MICHELINI: (Off microphone). 19:45:01:07
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Michelini, I want to 19:45:04:09
compliment you on agreeing to make way for the can 19:45:07:21
open any back and I think this is -- there's some 19:45:10:25
really unattractive developments on Gandy. 19:45:13:15
I think this will be really attractive. 19:45:15:24
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 19:45:17:21
(Motion carried). 19:45:20:06
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open number 5. 19:45:21:01
>> Second. 19:45:24:10
(Motion carried). 19:45:24:16
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: 19:45:25:00
>> The site is located at 2121 -- 19:46:10:21
East of South MacDill Avenue, and south of Paxton 19:46:19:24
Avenue. 19:46:22:15
Petitioner is proposing at 2121. 19:46:23:04

The RS-50 zoning district requires a minimum 19:46:30:00
frontage of 50 feet and overall size of 3,000 19:46:32:28
square feet. The subject property is a through 19:46:36:00
lot. 19:46:37:22
Frontage is on both west Pearl Avenue and west 19:46:38:15
Paxton Avenue. The size of the lot is not uniform 19:46:42:03
on the Paxton side of the property. The proposed 19:46:45:12
lots will be 50 feet by 109 feet parcel A and 65 19:46:47:15
by 109 to 120 feet for that right-of-way changes 19:46:51:27
parcel B. 19:46:56:21
The existing residence -- residence on the Elmo 19:46:57:15
will be demolished. 19:47:04:27
I would like to provide some comments so you can 19:47:06:04
understand the streetscape. 19:47:08:16
This is to the east. 19:47:10:12
This is down the street. 19:47:13:21
Across the street. 19:47:16:27
And another one across the street. 19:47:19:00
The street is characterized as large ranch style 19:47:21:27
homes. 19:47:26:16
And if you look at the lot configuration in the 19:47:26:24
area, almost all of the lots, that's the reason I 19:47:30:09
didn't do analysis, is because almost all the lots 19:47:35:18
are at 60. 19:47:38:21
There is only one nonconforming lot. 19:47:40:06

For that reason I had a really hard time with this 19:47:45:00
petition. 19:47:47:12
And the proposed project is proposing one lot at 19:47:48:13
50 feet and one lot at 60 feet. 19:47:53:12
I think that's going to be incompatible with the 19:47:55:13
streetscape as it is currently as I have shown it 19:47:57:12
to you. 19:47:59:15
So therefore I recommended that the lots be 19:48:00:01
divided evenly so that the frontages will be 57.5 19:48:02:06
feet. 19:48:06:09
And visually will not have a change, from 60 feet 19:48:06:21
to 57.5 feet. 19:48:11:15
So in summary, land development has no objection 19:48:14:18
regarding the current placement of the lots. 19:48:18:03
If they were altered then land development could 19:48:21:19
remove that objection. 19:48:24:00
And Parks and Recreation Department had an 19:48:24:28
objection stating that there were grand trees 19:48:29:06
on-site, and that the petitioner needs to express 19:48:30:18
a commitment to comply with chapter 13. 19:48:33:04
I have shared my report with the petitioner. 19:48:36:24
That completes my comments. 19:48:40:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think your motivation and 19:48:41:00
intent is fantastic on the suggestion of 57.5 19:48:45:24
feet. 19:48:48:21

And Mr. Massey, how do you enforce that in 19:48:48:24
Euclidean zoning? 19:48:51:24
>>MORRIS MASSEY: You're subject to what's in the 19:48:53:01
code. 19:49:00:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: So what's the point of the 19:49:03:03
comment? 19:49:04:10
I mean, let's find a mechanism to deal with it. 19:49:05:19
Lamb for staff. 19:49:09:18
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Staff has an objection as it 19:49:13:10
stands. 19:49:16:01
To remove the objection it would have to go to PD. 19:49:17:13
I haven't received a response. 19:49:22:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff. 19:49:24:27
>>TONY GARCIA: I have been sworn in. 19:49:27:00
The predominant land use category for this area is 19:49:34:27
residential 10. CMU 35 along South MacDill 19:49:37:24
Avenue. 19:49:41:07
And Ms. Lamboy has articulated to you what the 19:49:41:15
actual character of the area. 19:49:46:06
It is predominantly single family detached homes 19:49:47:24
as we are seeing here, and this would allow for 19:49:50:03
the creation two of additional single family 19:49:52:19
detached homes. 19:49:54:19
Characteristically, we usually look at the number 19:49:55:18
of perform lots, nonconform lots with particular 19:49:58:21

areas. 19:50:02:04
We have given some latitude to homes on the south 19:50:02:16
side of Gandy because of our aged housing stock to 19:50:06:12
encourage new housing stock in the area, for new 19:50:09:24
development. 19:50:12:16
We have seen a considerable amount of this on the 19:50:12:22
South MacDill area, a little bit closer to the 19:50:14:24
inner bay area. 19:50:16:27
As you recall we have had quite a few additions 19:50:17:27
along fifth, sixth and seventh streets on the west 19:50:20:01
side, on the north side of the intersection, inner 19:50:22:24
bay and MacDill. 19:50:26:15
This is a little different area. 19:50:27:19
But I will be honest with you. 19:50:31:00
I honestly concur. 19:50:33:03
We have found it consistent with the plan as far 19:50:35:24
as RS-50 because we don't feel it would be that 19:50:36:27
significant of an impact to the area. 19:50:39:15
However, I do think Ms. Lamboy makes an excellent 19:50:44:18
point in that I think she is trying to articulate 19:50:47:03
that we should possibly recommend -- and I think 19:50:49:13
she did recommend to the applicant to go to a PD 19:50:52:15
with the 57.5 feet for each lot, which would 19:50:54:15
really put it almost entirely with the lot 19:50:58:28
frontage on Pearl. 19:51:03:15

So I will concur with her in that recommendation 19:51:05:09
if the applicant could oh go along with that. 19:51:08:27
I think it would be much easier for council to 19:51:11:15
make a decision on that. 19:51:13:18
But as far as the overall area and the Planning 19:51:14:22
Commission staff has no objection to the proposed 19:51:19:03
request. 19:51:20:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 19:51:20:28
Petitioner? 19:51:24:24
>>> Michael Finley. 19:51:31:18
I have been sworn in. 19:51:36:13
>>> Christus Finley. 19:51:40:00
>> I don't have any response talking about the 19:51:41:03
rezoning to PD at this time. 19:51:42:24
The response splitting it to the 57.5, both of 19:51:45:12
those, but we would have done that certainly to 19:51:49:10
this point. 19:51:53:27
You know, number one, we are not multifamily. 19:51:55:09
We are not coming in multifamily. 19:51:59:06
So that's the most important thing. 19:52:00:21
We have got floor plans, and spent quite an amount 19:52:02:01
of money on we are going to try to build a private 19:52:04:22
residence on the 65-foot lot. 19:52:07:28
And in order to do that we have to split that and 19:52:11:00
have one 50-foot lot there right next to it. 19:52:13:13

So that's our intention, to have a residence on 19:52:16:15
that lot. 19:52:22:07
But together the PD, I have got that right here, 19:52:23:00
and it doesn't say anything about PD. 19:52:25:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you understand that the 19:52:33:18
trees are protected? 19:52:36:10
>> Michael: On the rear right corner, the 19:52:43:00
northwest corner. 19:52:45:00
The northeast corner. 19:52:45:16
There is an oak tree. 19:52:46:24
It's a live oak. 19:52:48:00
It's not a grand oak from what they have told us. 19:52:49:03
But that is somewhat protected. 19:52:54:03
>>> Christus: Also we have a builder we are 19:52:56:18
working with to build our home and he's going to 19:52:58:21
build the home next to us. 19:53:00:24
We have a friend that may purchase and build. 19:53:02:18
And he has configured a way to build the home and 19:53:04:18
keep the tree, and where it's located you can 19:53:06:19
still build. 19:53:09:16
>>> There is quite a bit of foliage around the 19:53:11:03
property itself. 19:53:12:27
But as far as protected trees, there's one 19:53:13:13
protected tree. 19:53:15:06
From what they told us, the builder and the 19:53:16:22

developer that would build our house, there's one 19:53:19:13
on the right back corner which would be the 19:53:24:07
northeast corner. 19:53:26:25
And that is an oak tree. 19:53:27:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members? 19:53:29:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question for staff. 19:53:35:21
On our staff report, it says there are grand 19:53:37:12
trees, pleural, on-site, must comply with chapter 19:53:39:27
13. 19:53:42:19
I would just like to hear from staff. 19:53:43:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is Mr. Riley still here? 19:53:46:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Yurcus or someone. 19:53:51:21
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: I would just say that as part of 19:53:53:18
the Euclidean request, they do a cursory analysis 19:53:58:10
of the site to see what kind of grand trees are 19:54:03:19
there. 19:54:06:00
I can't tell you specifically what they are but 19:54:07:00
they just identified that they are there and says 19:54:08:21
that chapter 13 must be complied with. 19:54:11:15
>> As Euclidean, are you required to -- do you 19:54:14:00
have to have no variances? 19:54:17:07
>>> No variances or waivers are allowed through 19:54:19:19
Euclidean request. 19:54:22:15
The only thing they could do once they remove a 19:54:23:03
grand tree they would have to go to the Variance 19:54:26:00

Review Board. 19:54:28:03
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I spoke with Mr. Yurcus. 19:54:29:07
Did he not review the site unfortunately Mr. Riley 19:54:31:21
has left. 19:54:35:06
But I think Ms. Lamboy explained to you that the 19:54:35:18
only ability we would have to remove a grand tree 19:54:38:24
is under a fairly difficult petition through the 19:54:40:28
Variance Review Board. 19:54:44:15
So they would have to comply with code. 19:54:47:00
They would have to save the grand tree. 19:54:48:19
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to make sure that 19:54:52:21
by dividing this lot we aren't creating a lot that 19:54:55:25
is difficult to build on, and therefore is the 19:54:58:21
argument that they will then use the variance 19:55:01:27
board for why they need to get rid of the tree? 19:55:04:00
Mass. 19:55:06:25
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I understand your concern. 19:55:07:18
I can't answer your question. 19:55:08:25
>>> Christus: What the builder showed us, what 19:55:11:24
the 20-foot setback on the front, and the setbacks 19:55:13:25
on the side, there's still plenty of room. 19:55:17:00
You wouldn't be able to put a pool in the backyard 19:55:18:12
because of where the tree is but the tree is just 19:55:20:19
adding to the value of the site anyway. 19:55:22:22
>>> Michael. 19:55:25:22

That. Tree is a live oak from what he said. 19:55:26:06
It's not a grand oak. 19:55:29:10
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: According to the plans it's 19:55:30:06
grand. 19:55:32:19
Chris takes: We don't plan on removing anything 19:55:35:07
anyway. 19:55:37:19
We want to keep as much as possible. 19:55:38:10
>>GWEN MILLER: I want to see if anyone in the 19:55:40:03
public would like to speak on item number 5. 19:55:41:22
>>> I have not been sworn. 19:55:47:13
>>GWEN MILLER: Raise your right hand. 19:55:48:03
(Oath administered by Clerk). 19:55:50:12
>>> Melanie Higgins, 2916 west Pearl Avenue, 19:55:56:27
president of Ballast Point neighborhood 19:56:00:03
association. 19:56:01:27
I have copies of a letter that we sent to council. 19:56:03:15
And I received a call that you had not received 19:56:10:16
the second letter via fax. 19:56:17:24
This is one that was written on February 24th, 19:56:20:13
2005 regarding a similar rezoning in the 19:56:23:06
neighborhood. 19:56:25:22
It was a property down on sanders that they wanted 19:56:26:09
to split two lots, two RS-60 lots into three RS-50 19:56:29:00
lots. 19:56:34:15
At that time we wrote a letter stating that at our 19:56:34:25

general membership meeting we had a discussion 19:56:37:25
about the use and misuse of the PD zoning 19:56:39:19
designation. 19:56:43:03
And that members present at that meeting voted to 19:56:44:19
oppose all PD rezonings within residential zoning 19:56:48:03
districts that increased density. 19:56:51:01
So we opposed that one even though it was a 19:56:52:27
Euclidean zoning, because it increased the density 19:56:55:18
from those two lots to three. 19:56:59:01
In addition, it would change the setbacks on the 19:57:01:25
lot and change the character of the entire street. 19:57:04:04
Because it was in the middle of a block. 19:57:06:21
At that time, you denied that rezoning 19:57:09:10
unanimously. 19:57:12:21
So here we are again. 19:57:13:09
And coincidentally, this is my street. 19:57:15:24
So I really have a vested interest in this. 19:57:19:10
Even if this were to go to a PD zoning where the 19:57:23:27
lots were 57 feet wide, most of the lots on our 19:57:26:06
street are 65 feet and over, wide. 19:57:28:18
And this rezoning tonight, the Euclidean rezoning, 19:57:33:15
puts one RS-50 lot in the middle of the street, 19:57:36:15
changing the setback. 19:57:40:24
I would also like to point out that half of the 19:57:42:07
houses on this street are not built to the front 19:57:44:21

setback. 19:57:47:09
As a matter of fact, I was able to add 16 feet on 19:57:48:03
the front of my house because we were that much 19:57:50:12
behind the 25-foot setback. 19:57:53:21
So there's a lot of space and air between the 19:57:55:25
homes on this street. 19:57:59:21
As far as the housing stock being replaced, in the 19:58:01:22
last two years, I think half the houses on the 19:58:06:27
street have been renovated. 19:58:09:06
One has been torn down and rebuilt as a 19:58:10:27
single-story ranch house. 19:58:13:09
So we have a good thing happening on our street. 19:58:15:25
We have nice neighbors. 19:58:20:21
We have yards that are being upgraded. 19:58:22:03
And we really like the way it is. 19:58:25:13
I think that's really all I have to say. 19:58:32:10
I know that the Finleys went down the street 19:58:34:03
looking for support because I had three of my 19:58:41:00
neighbors come to me and say that they had. 19:58:42:15
I don't know if you have any letters in there or 19:58:45:18
petition. 19:58:47:18
But I wanted to point out also that if any of the 19:58:47:24
support came from these addresses, 2902, 2908, 19:58:51:03
2911, 2915 or 2917, those are all rentals that 19:58:56:25
wouldn't have standing. 19:59:00:16

And in conclusion, I personally oppose this 19:59:03:04
rezoning, and the neighborhood association opposes 19:59:05:21
it as well. 19:59:09:15
Thank you. 19:59:10:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak? 19:59:10:15
Petitioner, you may come back on rebuttal. 19:59:13:09
>>> Christus: We will be nice neighbors, too. 19:59:22:24
>>> Michael: In rebuttal let me just say right 19:59:28:16
here, this is the surrounding -- on the camera 19:59:31:00
there. 19:59:34:06
Everything highlighted for the most part is either 19:59:34:21
PD or RS-50. 19:59:36:21
There are a couple right here. 19:59:39:06
I was wrong because they face Paxton. 19:59:40:10
But there's one 40-foot frontal on the corner 19:59:43:12
there at Pearl. 19:59:46:24
Everything else around there is either RS-50 or 19:59:48:21
else it's PD. 19:59:51:12
So ours right here is 115 feet wide. 19:59:52:12
It's a pretty large one right there. 19:59:57:13
And we like the neighborhood. 19:59:59:03
And we want to be in South Tampa. 20:00:01:03
That's why we bought it. 20:00:03:03
And for us to be able to afford it we have to 20:00:04:06
split the lot, build on half of it, sell the other 20:00:07:21

half. 20:00:10:18
It's not going to change single-family dwelling in 20:00:12:00
the neighborhood. 20:00:14:03
It may change the face of the neighborhood a 20:00:15:10
little bit. 20:00:16:21
Right when you come in. 20:00:18:09
It's not in the middle of the road. 20:00:19:10
As far as the street goes it's right when you come 20:00:22:18
around that corner so it's not going to change the 20:00:24:15
immediate right in the middle there but it will 20:00:26:13
change it a little bit because it will be a new 20:00:30:13
dwelling there. 20:00:33:12
So that's kind of the rebuttal there. 20:00:35:25
>>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members? 20:00:37:24
>> Move to close. 20:00:41:09
>> Move to close. 20:00:42:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to close. 20:00:42:18
(Motion carried). 20:00:44:27
>>ROSE FERLITA: Not too very long ago, I was 20:00:46:09
actually on that same block following up on a 20:00:48:24
complaint for a pretty good code enforcement 20:00:51:19
issue. 20:00:54:15
And I was able to witness this. 20:00:55:25
And I will tell you that that block is struggling 20:00:58:00
to maintain the character that it has. 20:01:00:03

Granting this RS-60 to RS-50 is certainly not 20:01:02:18
going to help that effort. 20:01:06:03
I can certainly appreciate the fact that the 20:01:07:09
petitioner wants to stay in South Tampa. 20:01:09:00
And there's an affordability issue. 20:01:12:25
But I believe if I supported what you're asking, 20:01:15:09
it would not be compatible with what's in that 20:01:17:06
neighborhood, and the issue of affordability that 20:01:19:21
you may or may not afford with all due respect is 20:01:21:27
something that we would be transferring to the 20:01:24:18
neighborhood to support your affordability or not. 20:01:26:15
So based on that and based on the compatibility 20:01:30:06
with what is there, I don't think it fits. 20:01:32:12
I don't think we are going to serve any useful pup 20:01:34:15
going from RS-60 to 50. 20:01:37:15
And I would move to deny. 20:01:39:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 20:01:40:15
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 20:01:43:09
[Motion Carried] 20:01:43:09
>>> Do we have the ability to accept these 20:01:48:19
recommendations of 57.5? 20:01:50:06
No? 20:01:52:24
We have to repeat for ha? 20:01:53:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: You have to talk to staff. 20:01:55:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Massey, would you talk to him 20:01:57:03

about that? 20:01:58:27
>>CHAIRMAN: Motion and second to open item number 20:01:59:18
6. 20:02:03:27
[Motion Carried] 20:02:05:06
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: The subject property is located 20:02:05:13
at 3811 West Gray Street, on the north side of the 20:02:34:18
street. 20:02:37:12
Immediately west of North Dale Mabry highway. 20:02:38:10
And church Avenue is on the western side. 20:02:41:24
The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property 20:02:48:22
located at 3811 West Gray Street from residential 20:02:50:15
single family to PD single family. 20:02:53:22
When this property was originally platted in 1927 20:02:55:21
the lot dimensions were 50 feet by 88 feet in this 20:02:58:00
particular block. 20:03:01:15
Subsequently, the alley was vacated to 94 feet. 20:03:02:19
The property was assigned the RS-50 zoning 20:03:07:18
classification in 1987. 20:03:10:19
Requires a minimum 50 feet of frontage and overall 20:03:13:22
size. 20:03:17:03
The subject property is divided into a historic 20:03:18:21
development pattern will not meet current code 20:03:21:12
requirements. The size of the lots will vary from 20:03:23:21
4,709 square feet to 4,721 square feet. 20:03:25:12
Petitioner is proposing single family residential 20:03:30:15

development on the lot, with various setbacks know 20:03:32:15
to preserve two grand trees on the site. 20:03:36:13
The side setback would vary from 18 feet to 43 20:03:39:18
feet. 20:03:42:12
Side setbacks vary from 5 feet to 7 feet. 20:03:42:24
And rear setbacks vary from 10 to 18 feet. The 20:03:45:09
proposed res dense denses will be two story. 20:03:48:15
And just to provide you with contexts, this is the 20:03:53:12
site. 20:03:57:28
There used to be single family residences that 20:03:58:04
have been removed. 20:04:00:04
You can tell there are tres on the site which the 20:04:01:00
petitioner has been working around. 20:04:06:24
This is a residence locate add cross the street. 20:04:08:10
And another one located across the street. 20:04:10:15
And further down the street. 20:04:14:19
And this is one of the grand trees. 20:04:19:06
That's going to be preserved. 20:04:26:04
Therefore, staff has no objections. 20:04:28:10
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff. 20:04:53:00
I have been sworn in. 20:04:54:27
Ms. Lamboy has stated to you the intent of the 20:05:04:00
applicant to develop single family attached 20:05:06:06
residential units on this segment of Gray Street. 20:05:08:15
Predominant land use category in this particular 20:05:11:24

part is CMU 100, in the North Westshore district. 20:05:15:13
The predominant land use category from Dale Mabry 20:05:24:04
is residential 10. There are several pockets of 20:05:28:16
R-20 in certain segments along church. 20:05:31:09
A little bit more context. 20:05:37:00
So here's Gray Street. 20:05:42:18
I think this is a Pancake House. 20:05:45:19
Then we have here and the other piece that was 20:05:47:21
here. 20:05:58:24
It's in close proximity to Kennedy Boulevard. 20:06:03:21
Kennedy Boulevard is just to the south of over 20:06:06:03
here. 20:06:08:15
And Gray Street, there was a light at Gray Street 20:06:09:06
on Dale Mabry. 20:06:15:27
You all are familiar with this developer. 20:06:18:21
They have made their mark in quite a few sections 20:06:23:15
of the city predominantly in the West Tampa area, 20:06:26:09
and have provided very good housing stock. 20:06:29:06
They seem to be able to build a relatively good 20:06:40:01
product in the area. 20:06:42:10
I believe that as Ms. Lamboy showed you there is 20:06:43:21
residential development to the south of the 20:06:50:15
proposed project along Gray Street. 20:06:52:15
This is in the north Bon Air neighborhood 20:06:54:04

association boundaries. 20:06:56:12
You heard from Ms. Patrick who is here this 20:06:58:00
evening. 20:07:01:21
She did call to tell you that their residential 20:07:02:03
spokesperson did go out and speak with the 20:07:04:03
developer and there would be a continuation of 20:07:05:27
single family detached residential continuing in 20:07:10:00
the area. 20:07:12:15
There has been a resurgence in this area, of 20:07:13:10
course, the neighborhood neighbor to the west for 20:07:15:18
single family detached uses. 20:07:20:27
We feel it is consistent with the overall 20:07:23:06
character in the area. 20:07:24:19
Planning Commission staff finds the proposed 20:07:25:24
rezoning consistent with the comprehensive plan. 20:07:27:21
>>GWEN MILLER: I would like to put on the record 20:07:31:13
that Ms. Ferlita had to leave for a short period 20:07:32:24
of time. 20:07:35:06
She had a previous commitment but she will return 20:07:35:25
back to council as soon as possible. 20:07:37:21
Petitioner? 20:07:39:18
Let petitioner come first. 20:07:45:18
Petitioner first. 20:07:47:28
>>> Good evening. 20:07:56:15

Melinda Mesa with Castillo housing. 20:07:57:25
I have been sworn. 20:08:04:06
We have worked with staff on comments, concerns. 20:08:04:22
We have addressed tree issues. 20:08:08:09
We have looked at the neighborhood. 20:08:10:21
And tried to come up with some designs of homes 20:08:12:00
that would be in conformity with the neighborhood. 20:08:14:27
And hopefully we have achieved that. 20:08:18:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Council -- I don't know if you 20:08:22:21
overheard this conversation. 20:08:29:00
Probably not. 20:08:30:00
But we had a discussion on council about trying to 20:08:30:13
encourage more meaningful porches, front porches, 20:08:32:12
on homes. 20:08:38:03
That way, if we can get more people sitting out on 20:08:40:01
their front porch it helps with security on the 20:08:43:03
whole street, you know, watch your kids play in 20:08:44:25
the front yard perhaps, and that sort of thing. 20:08:47:09
And what I'm learning about especially since this 20:08:52:04
is a PD, is if given the opportunity, is it 20:08:54:12
possible that some of these home designs could 20:09:00:13
accommodate perhaps a little bit of a larger and 20:09:02:12
more functional front porch as opposed to what I'm 20:09:05:13
seeing, which are often only two or three feet 20:09:09:10
deep? 20:09:13:03

>>> Right. 20:09:15:10
And that is a possibility. 20:09:15:22
We have to work with the two grand trees. 20:09:17:22
One is in the rear of the further most east 20:09:22:22
property. 20:09:27:06
>> I'm not talking about sliding the house at all. 20:09:28:13
What I'm talking about is just giving you the 20:09:30:13
ability to have a little bit more in the front to 20:09:32:13
have meaningful front porches. 20:09:36:06
>>> And meaningful would be, say, five feet, six 20:09:39:15
feet, something like that? 20:09:42:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Six feet, yeah. 20:09:44:21
Is that something that you all might be interested 20:09:47:12
in? 20:09:49:12
Maybe we could accommodate that on the site plan. 20:09:49:24
>>> Yeah. 20:09:52:24
Sure. 20:09:53:09
We have a designer on staff. 20:09:53:21
And we are able to accommodate that. 20:09:57:06
And more than happy to work with you all. 20:09:59:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you think from a marketing 20:10:02:25
perspective that might be a nice amenity? 20:10:05:15
>>> Um, I think so, yeah. 20:10:08:27
Curbside appeal. 20:10:10:01
Families do like to come out. 20:10:11:15

>> Sit in a rocking chair. 20:10:14:09
>>> Sure. 20:10:15:21
Sure. 20:10:16:03
>>CHAIRMAN: Would anyone in the public like to 20:10:19:06
speak on item number 6? 20:10:21:16
>>> I'm Robert Zambito. 20:10:27:07
My family owned the property on the south west 20:10:31:15
corner, I believe, of church for 60 years. 20:10:35:18
My concern, don't have any objections to the -- 20:10:39:21
and this is my first City Council meeting so bear 20:10:42:21
with me. 20:10:44:15
I don't have any objections to the project. 20:10:45:10
I just would like to see that things being done by 20:10:48:21
the city, to improve the grades, improve the 20:10:52:18
curbs, and to improve the trees, and so forth. 20:10:57:03
There's been nothing done in that neighborhood for 20:10:59:15
a long, long time. 20:11:01:16
When my house was built, they came in, they didn't 20:11:02:18
care about any trees, they wiped out every tree in 20:11:05:06
the yard. 20:11:07:28
I put the trees that are there. 20:11:08:13
I a -- improved A proved the speed bunches with 20:11:13:07
the idea they were going to put landscaping along 20:11:19:07
with speed bumps. 20:11:21:01
They did not. The curbing around the corner of 20:11:22:09

gray and church that has been put in there, it's 20:11:24:12
completely destroyed. 20:11:26:12
I have pieces of curb sitting in my yard as well 20:11:29:24
as the Polizes that sit across the street. 20:11:32:01
They own the entire block across from me. 20:11:36:10
Their curbs are destroyed by church. 20:11:39:07
North church Avenue has not been repaved. 20:11:41:28
In a number of years. 20:11:44:18
There's dips and pot holes, and you make a turn, 20:11:45:15
and your car dips into it. 20:11:48:22
So I have no objections to it. 20:11:51:18
I would just like to see that the neighborhood be 20:11:53:16
improved. 20:11:56:09
You all are getting additional taxes and 20:11:57:21
permitting fees, and all that fun stuff. 20:11:59:24
But, you know, I'd like to see it spent in the 20:12:01:21
neighborhood. 20:12:04:00
Otherwise, I don't object to the. 20:12:05:27
They can put the houses in. 20:12:09:03
Just as long as they look nice. 20:12:10:07
And like I said, there's greenery. 20:12:11:15
There's no trees down Gray Street. 20:12:13:09
You drive down Gray Street, there's trees, but not 20:12:16:27
along the sides that really make it look nice like 20:12:19:15
the neighborhood did at one time. 20:12:23:03

So that's the only problem that I have. 20:12:24:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sir, what we can do after we 20:12:30:06
deal with the zoning is make a request of 20:12:32:13
transportation to take a look at the issues that 20:12:33:22
you just raised. 20:12:35:19
>>> Yeah, I would like that. 20:12:38:03
And see the curbing needs to be set back because 20:12:39:04
if you make a right, going north on church Avenue, 20:12:42:00
onto gray on east or west, there's not enough. 20:12:45:03
I mean, you see people -- I live there so I know. 20:12:49:00
You see people that turn, and they have to go into 20:12:51:15
the westbound lane of Gray Street to make that 20:12:53:27
turn. 20:12:57:19
Because the curbs are right there, you know. 20:12:58:03
That's why they have been hit. 20:13:00:16
Because people, you know, go over them when they 20:13:01:18
have to turn. 20:13:06:03
But just the beautification. 20:13:06:22
Stormwater too would be something else. 20:13:09:18
Church, once it rains you get a good downpour. 20:13:12:15
Church is under water. 20:13:16:06
So, you know, we have no storm drains in that 20:13:17:06
neighborhood. 20:13:20:06
There's not a one. 20:13:20:12
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, do you want to say 20:13:21:15

anything else? 20:13:27:18
Petitioner? 20:13:28:21
>>> No, thank you. 20:13:30:24
>>> I'm with petitioner. 20:13:35:21
Dick La Rosa, Hamilton engineering, 311 north New 20:13:36:13
Port Avenue. 20:13:40:28
I have been sworn in. 20:13:41:21
Mr. Dingfelder alluded to porches. 20:13:43:09
I was just wondering if that's going to require a 20:13:45:06
plan resubmittal, or if it's something that -- 20:13:47:12
>>SHARON DENT: It wasn't my intent to require 20:13:51:12
that. 20:13:53:15
It's sort of an option. 20:13:54:04
>>> For future or for this particular -- 20:13:57:03
>>: It's an option for these four homes. 20:13:58:25
That if you could, at least this councilman would 20:14:01:10
like to give you the ability to flex your front 20:14:05:07
porch area to include up to a six-foot porch. 20:14:09:25
>> To be done by note or something to that effect? 20:14:16:12
>> Yes. 20:14:19:13
If legal will let us do it. 20:14:19:24
>>> That was my only question. 20:14:21:25
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Legal and I have been talking 20:14:25:06
and this is the note we have come up with. 20:14:25:06
Front porches may be enlarged to a 6-foot depth. 20:14:27:28

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excellent. 20:14:30:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Pretty simple. 20:14:32:12
Works for me. 20:14:34:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Other questions? 20:14:35:04
>> Move to close. 20:14:37:00
>> Second. 20:14:37:15
(Motion carried) 20:14:37:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to compliment Mr. 20:14:40:15
Dingfelder for suggesting something that will 20:14:43:12
increase the livability of the neighborhood. 20:14:45:06
I think that's really a nice thing. 20:14:46:24
Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general 20:14:48:12
vicinity of 3811 north Gray Street in the city of 20:14:50:25
Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in 20:14:53:18
section 1 from zoning district classifications 20:14:55:01
RS-50 residential single-family to PD 20:14:57:12
single-family, providing an effective date. 20:15:00:00
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 20:15:03:10
(Motion carried). 20:15:05:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Before we do that, I have a 20:15:07:15
transportation request. 20:15:10:15
I move to ask transportation to take a look at 20:15:11:18
Gray Street and church. 20:15:14:12
And how the corners -- the corner curbing has been 20:15:17:06
destroyed, and come back to council with some 20:15:21:22

recommendations in 30 days. 20:15:24:16
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 20:15:25:24
(Motion carried). 20:15:27:13
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Do they come back to council and 20:15:32:00
report to us? 20:15:33:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What do you suggest? 20:15:35:09
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Just send them out to take a 20:15:37:06
look at it. 20:15:38:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Give us a written report? 20:15:39:09
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes. 20:15:42:07
>>KEVIN WHITE: Maybe they can address it, give a 20:15:42:16
report back or something. 20:15:47:00
>>> Myself, I inherited the house when I was 20:15:48:27
young. 20:15:51:09
So we have owned the house for 60 years. 20:15:51:18
So I don't mind being a point man in all of this. 20:15:53:24
I would like to see it done, you know. 20:15:56:06
Because -- 20:15:58:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Could you give us your name and 20:16:07:18
address? 20:16:09:03
So transportation contact you. 20:16:09:24
>>GWEN MILLER: The young lady right there. 20:16:11:24
Melanie, yes. 20:16:13:18
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: The subject property is 3107 20:16:25:06
west Cherokee Avenue, pretty close to the property 20:16:29:04

we were dealing with earlier. 20:16:31:03
But across MacDill. 20:16:33:21
Take a look at the neighborhood. 20:16:37:15
This is analysis for you. 20:16:40:00
The number of lots that are conforming on this 20:16:41:13
side of MacDill, the percentage is 28% to the 20:16:44:18
current RS-60 zoning, whereas nonconforming is 20:16:49:25
smaller than the requirements, 72%. 20:16:55:15
Petitioner is requesting to rezone the property 20:17:00:24
located at 3107 west Cherokee Avenue from RS-60 to 20:17:02:15
50. 20:17:06:27
The lots were acquired in is it 47 at the 20:17:06:27
MacDill heights subdivision. The size of the 20:17:09:27
lots was 50 feet by 101 feet. This particular 20:17:12:09
property contained two lots under one ownership 20:17:15:06
when the RS-60 zoning designation was applied in 20:17:18:12
1987. 20:17:21:13
Therefore it became one for the purposes of the 20:17:23:09
code. The net analysis results reveal that the 20:17:24:19
immediate neighborhood as stated earlier, 72% of 20:17:27:21
lots are nonconforming. 20:17:30:06
Lots required in 1947 as 50 Lott foot lots were 20:17:33:15
developed as 50-foot lots. 20:17:36:25
And I would just like to show you a picture of the 20:17:38:03
existing property, the existing house. 20:17:40:27

Existing garage. 20:17:46:06
And the good news is, further down the street, 20:17:47:01
there's new development taking place. 20:17:50:03
And this is across the street. 20:17:55:25
Back to the ranch style. 20:17:59:22
Going back to the ranch style property across 20:18:03:06
MacDill Avenue. 20:18:06:09
Staff has no objections to this proposal. 20:18:08:03
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff. 20:18:11:03
I have been sworn in. 20:18:20:09
What a difference distance makes on this one. 20:18:24:27
As one can see, here's Pearl Avenue over here. 20:18:27:22
The subject, rezoning. 20:18:32:13
As one comes across MacDill, goes up a few 20:18:34:04
streets, we have a significant change in 20:18:38:07
composition, the number of conforming lots to 20:18:40:27
nonconforming lots. 20:18:43:16
What's interesting about this, and I think it's 20:18:44:15
significant from the periphery of the 20:18:47:00
neighborhood, very close to MacDill Avenue 20:18:48:22
right behind CMU 35 which is a predominant land 20:18:51:01
use category, along MacDill Avenue. 20:18:54:03
You can see it's also characterized by the 20:18:56:27
existing housing stock, much smaller homes. 20:19:00:01
You can see the parcellization is much smaller for 20:19:02:06

this entire segment of Cherokee as well as the 20:19:04:21
other adjacent lots on Paxton, on Ballast Point 20:19:07:06
Boulevard. 20:19:12:15
We think it's going to contribute to the housing 20:19:14:00
stock in the general area and we think in N this 20:19:15:21
area also it's going to be much more in character 20:19:18:00
with the existing lot pattern. 20:19:19:21
Planning Commission staff has no objections to the 20:19:22:27
proposed request. 20:19:25:09
I believe that the builder on this one is going to 20:19:25:28
be very familiar to you. 20:19:28:15
He's sitting right behind me. 20:19:31:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 20:19:33:15
>>> I have been sworn. 20:19:36:16
Here again we have tried to work with the 20:19:40:12
neighborhood and bringing new homes that will go 20:19:42:00
with what is going on in the area. 20:19:45:06
And have worked with staff and hope this meets 20:19:48:01
with your approval. 20:19:53:01
>>GWEN MILLER: Any questions by council members? 20:19:54:13
Is there anyone in the public that would like to 20:19:56:06
speak on item number 7? 20:19:58:00
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close. 20:20:00:16
>> Second. 20:20:01:27
(Motion carried). 20:20:02:00

>> Move an ordinance rezoning property in the 20:20:06:18
general vicinity of 3107 west Cherokee Avenue in 20:20:08:01
Tampa, Florida more described in section 1 zoning 20:20:11:27
district classifications RS 6 to to -- to RS-50 20:20:15:12
residential single family providing an effective 20:20:18:21
date. 20:20:20:00
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 20:20:20:01
(Motion carried). 20:20:21:13
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move move to open number 9. 20:20:22:12
>> Second. 20:20:27:27
(Motion carried). 20:20:28:00
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: The property at 3206 west Tampa 20:20:28:15
Bay Boulevard is located just to the south and 20:21:14:21
west. 20:21:18:03
Petitioner is proposing to rezone the property at 20:21:30:07
3206 west Tampa Bay Boulevard from RS-50 20:21:32:00
residential single family to planned development 20:21:35:00
office. 20:21:37:22
The petitioner states that it will be no more 20:21:38:00
employees than one professional and one assistant. 20:21:41:24
The site is located within a rapidly changing 20:21:44:04
corridor that is converted from residential uses 20:21:46:12
to office uses. 20:21:48:21
This is the subject property. 20:21:52:01
And properties across the street. 20:21:58:00

Residential properties will be buffered by a 20:22:09:00
6-foot finished masonry wall and landscaping. The 20:22:10:19
existing fencing that encroaches into the alley 20:22:13:18
will be removed. 20:22:15:27
Staff does have objections to this. 20:22:18:12
If there is no objection from the residential 20:22:23:03
properties because we buffer between the parking 20:22:25:04
lot of this property is less than that, which was 20:22:28:09
stimulated by chapter 27-130. 20:22:32:00
I discussed this issue with the petitioner when I 20:22:35:06
shared the staff report with him and he will speak 20:22:38:13
to that issue. 20:22:40:10
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question. 20:22:43:00
It looks like from the aerial that there's a 20:22:43:25
really big tree where the petitioner is proposing 20:22:46:01
a parking lot. 20:22:48:01
So what happened to the tree? 20:22:49:03
>>> Council member Saul-Sena, that tree is 20:22:52:04
actually not located on this property if I'm 20:22:55:16
correct. 20:22:57:06
It's adjacent to the property that may be part of 20:22:57:21
the canopy that you're seeing. 20:22:59:12
It not on this property. 20:23:02:13
>> Has anybody checked it out? 20:23:05:09
Because it really looks like it's from from the 20:23:06:16

aerial. 20:23:09:03
>>> Parks and recreation reviewed this application 20:23:09:24
and had no objections. 20:23:11:24
>> Okay. 20:23:13:00
Also, what are they doing for signage? 20:23:13:13
>>> The signage listed on the site plan, it is 20:23:17:12
governed by the urban design standards. 20:23:20:13
And that would be -- a free standing sign shall be 20:23:23:21
permitted and limited to a monument sign not 20:23:29:09
exceeding four feet in height and be set back a 20:23:32:15
minimum of ten feet. 20:23:34:19
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If you look at the picture 20:23:36:01
that's right in front of us, right there, that's 20:23:38:15
not the petition. 20:23:41:00
That's somebody else. 20:23:42:03
Isn't that completely illegal? 20:23:43:00
>>> I can't speak to the specifics of that case. 20:23:46:01
PD immediately adjacent but that's not the 20:23:50:27
particular property. 20:24:00:10
This is the particular property. 20:24:00:28
>> I just want to make sure that's not what we're 20:24:02:00
doing. 20:24:04:03
>>> No, we are not doing that. 20:24:04:21
It is going to be a small, approximately -- well, 20:24:06:00
further down, no higher than four feet in the 20:24:10:04

yard. 20:24:15:10
I'll let petitioner give you the details. 20:24:15:24
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff. 20:24:27:27
I have been sworn in. 20:24:29:03
Regarding this particular segment, Tampa Bay 20:24:38:28
Boulevard, Ms. Lamboy, a wide variety of 20:24:41:07
transition has been going on from Armenia Avenue 20:24:45:15
all the way down to Himes. 20:24:47:27
What's interesting, let me give you a little bit 20:24:49:21
of context. 20:24:52:12
First I'll tell you the land use is residential 20 20:24:53:06
on this particular segment. 20:24:56:10
Residential predominant land use category. 20:24:57:25
Away from Tampa Bay, and of course represented her 20:25:02:10
on the aerial by Tampa Bay elementary. 20:25:06:18
Of course, Raymond James stadium is just a little 20:25:10:00
further. 20:25:12:15
About a quarter to half a mile to the west. 20:25:13:00
You hit the intersection of Himes, Inc.,. 20:25:16:27
And St. Joseph's hospital, to the northeast of 20:25:21:01
this particular site, the intersection of 20:25:25:21
MacDill, the next northwest street, east of 20:25:29:15
Matanzas. 20:25:35:21
Regarding the immediate uses in the area, this is 20:25:37:04

an attorney's office. 20:25:39:16
Another a medical facility. 20:25:40:24
This is this is a caterer. 20:25:42:21
This is a vacant home. This is a vacant home. 20:25:47:00
This is nonresidential use here. 20:25:49:12
This is a beauty salon. 20:25:51:06
Of course the tiny home over here will be used for 20:25:52:19
a very light, low density residential home office 20:25:56:15
use. 20:26:02:21
Planning Commission staff has no objections to the 20:26:03:03
proposed request. 20:26:05:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 20:26:06:27
>>> Good evening, Madam Chairwoman, and members of 20:26:10:16
council. 20:26:13:13
I'm John LaRocca, agent for the petitioner. 20:26:13:21
I have been sworn in. 20:26:16:18
My address is 101 East Kennedy Boulevard. 20:26:17:28
The site plan before you that is being considered 20:26:22:22
this evening is to convert an existing 20:26:25:00
single-family home to a one-person, plus no more 20:26:27:21
than one employee office, professional office. In 20:26:33:15
this case it's an attorney. 20:26:37:16
With me today, the petitioner applicant Heidi 20:26:39:04
Imhof proposes to occupy the residence as her 20:26:42:01
professional law office. 20:26:45:24

It is the intent of the petitioner -- I know there 20:26:47:27
were some pictures shown, to reiterate on the 20:26:50:28
Elmo -- the existing home, there is no intent to 20:26:54:06
alter the structure to maintain the residential 20:26:57:27
character, to buffer the property from its 20:27:01:24
adjacent land uses and place vines on the solid 20:27:04:27
buffer walls and in our opinion that's an 20:27:09:12
appropriate buffer based on what's in the area. 20:27:13:03
But more importantly as was stated by Ms. Lamboy 20:27:16:07
and Mr. Garcia, the clarification of point for the 20:27:21:00
record, two properties directly across the street 20:27:24:10
were zoned some years ago, and obviously from 20:27:31:06
change in landscape and parking requirements. 20:27:34:15
We are proposing to comply with all aspects of 20:27:37:28
current code. 20:27:40:24
We worked diligently with the staff after the 20:27:42:07
development review committee and a number of 20:27:46:06
changes, albeit a minor and small plan, we 20:27:48:03
attempted to address all of the issues, and 20:27:50:27
concerns that the staff had raised in terms of how 20:27:52:21
the parking lot was laid out. 20:27:55:04
We were only required to have three parking 20:27:56:22
spaces. 20:27:58:28
One of them being handicapped. 20:27:59:16
But we wanted to maintain the residential 20:28:01:22

character and be a compatible use within that 20:28:04:24
neighborhood with a very low intensive zoning 20:28:08:24
based on character of what has occurred in that 20:28:11:06
area. 20:28:13:03
So what is on the Elmo now is what's across the 20:28:13:09
street. 20:28:16:09
I would point out that the property, both 20:28:17:21
properties on either side are currently vacant 20:28:20:27
homes. 20:28:23:24
This is the property to the west, currently 20:28:29:21
vacant. 20:28:34:22
This is looking from the front driveway to the 20:28:35:06
west. 20:28:38:07
The home currently there. 20:28:39:21
There's a vacant lot and a home that faces 20:28:41:00
Matanzas. 20:28:46:04
These are trees off of the property, to answer 20:28:47:12
your question, Mrs. Saul-Sena. 20:28:49:06
Obviously the Parks and Recreation Department have 20:28:55:28
revised the site plan. 20:28:59:15
Those trees that are of most importance. 20:29:00:18
There's one on the east property line that we made 20:29:03:04
a commitment and condition on the site plan 20:29:05:03
indicating that the applicant intends to protect 20:29:07:21
that area and work very closely with the city to 20:29:13:18

make sure the design of the parking lot protects 20:29:16:09
that tree that is on the property line. 20:29:18:12
So if I can sum up the comments. 20:29:21:01
One objection stated by Ms. Lamboy related to the 20:29:24:06
buffer, whereas the code requires where you are 20:29:27:13
adjacent to residentially zoned property, we 20:29:31:27
believe the character of the area is such that our 20:29:34:09
alternative buffer being 6-foot solid wall with 20:29:38:06
vines, committing to place some vines on the wall, 20:29:41:28
and create a green wall, that's solid and 20:29:45:24
finished, will create an enclave and protect that 20:29:48:21
area from any of its surroundings and will not be 20:29:51:01
inconsistent. 20:29:54:03
There were attempts made, and I don't know if 20:29:54:24
anyone is here this evening, there were a few 20:29:57:13
phone calls, most had general questions about the 20:29:59:15
property. 20:30:01:25
There were letters sent to the owners of the 20:30:02:09
property who don't live there informing them of 20:30:05:09
what was being proposed, and did they have 20:30:08:00
concerns of the plan. 20:30:10:21
As far as I know, they had not responded. 20:30:11:10
So I can only assume they are not opposed. 20:30:14:06
I'll be glad to answer any questions and 20:30:16:19
respectfully ask that you consider approval of 20:30:18:13

this case. 20:30:20:00
>>SHAWN HARRISON: What type of law is practiced? 20:30:22:21
>>> Defense. 20:30:26:21
>> So she will be meeting with clients? 20:30:27:03
>>> Why not ask the applicant to address that. 20:30:31:24
Because it's my understanding -- 20:30:33:18
>>> My name is Heidi Imhof and I have been sworn 20:30:35:15
in. I do criminal defense and I do personal 20:30:38:24
injury. 20:30:41:01
I meet most of my criminal defense clients down at 20:30:41:07
the jail. 20:30:44:01
Sorry. 20:30:46:15
It's not a fun place to be. 20:30:46:21
But I do most of my meetings with my clients at 20:30:48:13
the jail or I meet them at the courthouse on the 20:30:51:27
day of the court. 20:30:54:25
I have been practiced for seven years and it's 20:30:56:00
only been me and my secretary. 20:30:58:03
I don't plan on having another employee. 20:30:59:16
I don't plan on getting any bigger than I am right 20:31:01:13
now. 20:31:03:18
I was on the corner of Tampa Bay and Habana for 20:31:03:24
quite a few years and waited and waited and waited 20:31:06:13
to find something on the the street so I could 20:31:08:25
stay in this area. 20:31:12:24

To answer your question I do criminal and personal 20:31:16:19
injury. 20:31:19:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that 20:31:19:07
would like to speak on item number 9? 20:31:21:09
>> Move to close. 20:31:23:09
>> Second. 20:31:24:04
(Motion carried). 20:31:24:15
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move an ordinance rezoning 20:31:24:27
property in the general vicinity of 3206 west 20:31:30:13
Tampa Bay Boulevard in the city of Tampa, Florida 20:31:33:15
and more particularly described in section 1 from 20:31:34:24
zoning district classifications RS-50 residential 20:31:37:16
single family to PD office providing an effective 20:31:40:00
date. 20:31:42:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second. 20:31:42:06
(Motion carried). 20:31:44:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open number 10. 20:31:46:12
>> Second. 20:31:52:21
(Motion carried) 20:31:52:21
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: The property at 509 south Willow 20:31:53:16
Avenue is located on the west side of the street 20:32:09:27
just immediately north of DeLeon streets, and to 20:32:12:04
give you some context, the existing property has a 20:32:16:00
duplex on it. 20:32:24:27
And I would just like to point out that this tree 20:32:26:15

is going to be preserved. 20:32:28:16
There are adjacent single family residential uses. 20:32:32:03
And to the north of the subject property, there 20:32:37:03
are single-family attached uses. 20:32:39:10
Across the street, more single-family attached. 20:32:42:16
Uses. 20:32:46:25
And then to the south of DeLeon street it's 20:32:48:03
primarily single-family residential. 20:32:50:24
I provided you with an elevation, the proposed 20:32:57:01
developments. 20:33:02:04
This faces Willow. 20:33:02:19
The petitioner is proposing to rezone subject 20:33:05:18
property on RS-50 to PD. 20:33:07:15
Multifamily. 20:33:10:00
The petitioner proposes construction of four 20:33:11:06
dwelling units housed in one building. 20:33:13:24
As condominium units. 20:33:15:27
After reviewing or listening to a council meeting 20:33:16:28
in which the four-plex was denied, the petitioner 20:33:20:09
revised his design to look more like the apartment 20:33:23:16
houses that you find in Old Hyde Park. 20:33:27:10
All the units that front Willow street, and will 20:33:30:12
be access off the alley; in a Mediterranean style, 20:33:33:27
and Woodrow Wilson middle school and other 20:33:40:00
buildings found in Hyde Park. 20:33:45:00

Adjacent property uses include single family 20:33:46:19
residential and single family attached. 20:33:48:13
Setbacks will be 20 feet from the front, 7 feet on 20:33:51:04
the side, and 26 feet at the rear. 20:33:53:12
The rear setback is larger than the front setback, 20:33:55:21
in order to accommodate guest parking and to have 20:33:58:15
sufficient backup of vehicles backing into the 20:34:00:25
alley. 20:34:03:06
I would like to make one correction on my staff 20:34:03:24
report. 20:34:05:19
At the publication of this report, the person who 20:34:07:15
reviews for our green space stated or hadn't 20:34:10:03
finished their review of the final site plan. 20:34:14:21
The waiver for the green space needs to be from 20:34:18:06
3,000 square feet to 2,994 square feet. 20:34:21:00
So it will be 6-foot square foot rather than three 20:34:23:28
square foot difference. 20:34:27:12
There is objection from the transportation 20:34:29:00
division that the petitioner needed to correct 20:34:30:25
some notes, number 3, 4, and 5 to the condominium. 20:34:34:03
The petitioner has done that. 20:34:38:21
There are no other objections. 20:34:39:28
And staff defenders to Planning Commission. 20:34:42:07
Staff defers to Planning Commission. 20:34:55:18
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff. 20:34:57:19

I have been sworn in. 20:34:58:25
The future land use map for this area reflects a 20:35:00:06
very integrated type of area. 20:35:03:21
We have predominant land use categories for the 20:35:05:18
area. 20:35:08:18
Residential 35 of which the petitioner is within, 20:35:08:25
in the lighter brown which is a residential 20, 20:35:14:10
and of course the old standard R-10 orange. 20:35:16:10
Regarding the development within the immediate 20:35:21:09
block is the predominant -- (cell phone rinks 20:35:23:06
tune). 20:35:30:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Sorry about that. 20:35:31:07
>>TONY GARCIA: The immediate uses that are 20:35:35:12
adjacent to this particular proposal are 20:35:38:22
single-family attached uses predominantly. 20:35:43:00
Do you have a duplex on the existing site. 20:35:46:00
I think what is significant, you do have four 20:35:48:10
units. 20:35:50:27
What I do like from the design aspect, what Ms. 20:35:50:27
Lamboy has stated, the orientation of the building 20:35:55:06
to the street does not have any significant impact 20:35:57:27
like we have seen in other areas where you have 20:36:01:15
got tenants in the front, two units in the back 20:36:03:00
and you really have a disruption as far as 20:36:07:12
impervious surface on the street. 20:36:10:12

You are going to have a residential orientation to 20:36:13:01
the front of the street with all the entry for the 20:36:14:25
vehicular access being conveyed to the rear from 20:36:19:00
the alley. 20:36:22:03
We really do like the orientation for this 20:36:23:21
particular development. 20:36:27:06
And actually encourage orientation of this 20:36:30:03
proposed design to be considered as a standard for 20:36:37:24
future types of town how many developments, with 20:36:40:13
this type of density and this type of 20:36:44:06
configuration. 20:36:46:15
Planning Commission staff has no objection to the 20:36:47:01
proposed request. 20:36:48:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 20:36:49:06
>>> Luca Mazzacurati, and 1101 west DeLeon. 20:37:12:21
And I am developing this project personally from 20:37:21:09
the design part, and to meet the requirement as 20:37:23:24
far as the land use and the zoning, existing 20:37:29:28
zoning on the property. 20:37:36:01
And we tried to -- we do have support from the 20:37:36:24
neighborhood association. 20:37:43:21
We have been working with the neighborhood 20:37:44:27
association in order to have a design that blends 20:37:46:04
in in the area, and we have been working for 20:37:52:07
months several times, and we can in a way 20:37:58:21

represent the historic building, the immediate 20:38:07:21
surrounding neighborhood. 20:38:16:13
And we haven't exceeded the RM 35, and we -- which 20:38:17:18
has allowed us to build up to six units. 20:38:28:28
We went up to four units. 20:38:31:15
And we designed a very nice revival because we 20:38:36:25
like in particular this type of design which has a 20:38:44:21
main entrance on the front facing and it seems 20:38:47:07
like a single-family as far as the design part. 20:38:53:28
And we also tried to accommodate the alley, from 20:38:58:06
the alley, and for several reasons, you know. 20:39:07:12
From the alley, which is and we do agree on repave 20:39:15:21
the alley from DeLeon, the entire alley, and 20:39:23:21
there was an agreement with the transportation 20:39:29:00
department. 20:39:31:01
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question about your tree 20:39:36:06
removal. 20:39:38:03
It appears on the south side, it looks like 20:39:38:22
removal of the 19-inch and the 26-inch tree? 20:39:40:19
Two trees? 20:39:46:01
>>> Yes. 20:39:48:01
The only tree, the house on the property, a tree 20:39:48:07
facing Willow. 20:40:02:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: On the bottom? 20:40:04:18
There's an 18-inch and a 26-inch? 20:40:12:22

>>> Yes. 20:40:17:06
>> Are those trees gone? 20:40:17:06
>>> Yes, we are planning to remove those trees but 20:40:17:18
plant and replace oak with the same species, and 20:40:21:13
actually, we exceed the number of trees. 20:40:26:09
We plan to plant the same type of trees to 20:40:32:06
preserve the property the way it was. 20:40:36:19
We have the palms and the trees. 20:40:41:19
The trees we are trying to remove, they are not 20:40:43:16
oak. 20:40:48:10
>> They are protected but they are not Grant 20:40:49:12
grand? 20:40:51:00
>>> Right. 20:40:51:24
>> A lot of times, they suggest that perhaps you 20:40:52:09
can do a four inch tree on the replacement instead 20:40:59:19
of a two inch tree. 20:41:02:03
>>> Yes, yes. 20:41:03:12
>> Are you okay with that? 20:41:04:15
>>> Absolutely. 20:41:05:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members? 20:41:05:27
Is there anyone in the public that would like to 20:41:08:19
speak on item number 10? 20:41:10:09
Has everyone been sworn in? 20:41:22:27
>> I have not been sworn in. 20:41:24:18
>> Everyone who has not been sworn in please raise 20:41:25:27

your right hand. 20:41:29:10
>>> David Bork, 601 south Willow Avenue, which is 20:41:40:24
two lots south of this property. 20:41:43:21
I'm sure we are all very pleased to see the 20:41:47:12
duplexes there now will be removed. 20:41:50:00
The petitioner has paid considerable sum for this 20:41:52:00
one lot. 20:41:55:21
So I'm sure whatever eventually does get built 20:41:56:15
there and approved by the city, it will be a nice 20:41:58:28
piece of property. 20:42:01:21
The petitioner was also nice enough to go around 20:42:03:18
and talk to some of the neighbors, show them the 20:42:06:00
elevation, and discuss it. 20:42:07:24
And it was at that time that I said I thought that 20:42:09:06
four units of approximately a thousand square feet 20:42:12:21
of condominium was inappropriate for the immediate 20:42:15:12
neighborhood. 20:42:18:00
This is only two lots away from the borderline of 20:42:19:04
the Hyde Park historic district. 20:42:22:21
It's actually south of one of the Hyde Park 20:42:24:15
historic districts. 20:42:28:24
And in that surrounding area there's already been 20:42:29:25
a lot of cases of PD zoning given to one or two 20:42:33:00
lots to increase density in the area. 20:42:38:06
And I think on Willow Avenue, this close to the 20:42:41:13

border of that area, and also being surround by 20:42:44:03
other single-family homes, that this would be 20:42:47:15
better served with an RM-zoning. 20:42:49:24
Possibly the same facade which could be allowed 20:42:55:03
for two units of considerably larger size. 20:42:57:09
And I just think that four condominium units in an 20:43:02:10
area such as this with a neighborhood such as this 20:43:06:21
is inappropriate. 20:43:11:00
And as I heard earlier this evening, the 20:43:13:06
spokesperson for the neighborhood association of 20:43:15:24
Ballast Point, they are actually taking a stand 20:43:17:21
against PD zoning in general because of some of 20:43:20:00
the abuses. 20:43:22:18
I think this represents some of the abuses that 20:43:23:22
are possible when PD zoning is granted. 20:43:28:13
Overdevelopment on a small piece of property that 20:43:33:28
doesn't need meet the special exemptions that PD 20:43:35:24
allows. 20:43:39:07
I think there's other things the develop Kerr do 20:43:43:25
with this land, properly develop it, that would 20:43:46:15
better complement the neighborhood and better 20:43:50:00
serve the immediate neighborhood. 20:43:53:06
Several of my neighbors I have seen here tonight, 20:43:56:15
we walk out our doors, we see each other, talk to 20:43:59:03
each other. 20:44:02:10

That's certainly not something that's going to 20:44:02:27
happen with four condominium units where everyone 20:44:04:16
comes and goes off the alley. 20:44:06:18
There was a comment made earlier about possibly 20:44:09:16
extending the size of the front porches, you know, 20:44:11:15
so people might sit out on their front porches. 20:44:15:01
I believe it really doesn't lend to that kind of 20:44:17:12
living space in the front area of the unit. 20:44:20:27
And I think something can be done to build a 20:44:22:28
similar structure for smaller family units that 20:44:25:10
would be more in tune with the character of the 20:44:30:21
immediate neighborhood. 20:44:32:21
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you very much. 20:44:38:06
Next. 20:44:39:04
>>> My name is Marvin boon. 20:44:43:06
I live at 1303 west DeLeon, which is right 20:44:45:00
behind -- this property is right behind my house. 20:44:49:06
And I live in a 1927 bungalow. When I first moved 20:44:55:01
to that area 27 years ago it was a nice quiet 20:45:01:18
neighborhood, and all around condos have sprung 20:45:04:07
up. 20:45:06:12
And my main concern is the alley. 20:45:06:19
There used to be lots of empty lots and old 20:45:11:03
apartments, and now the neighborhood is a towering 20:45:13:18
condos. 20:45:17:19

You can't really see the sunset anymore. 20:45:18:12
You can't see downtown Tampa anymore from the 20:45:20:24
house like I could when I first moved there. 20:45:22:25
But the alley is my main concern. 20:45:25:10
Right across from there, we haven't discussed 20:45:27:04
this, there's been another condo put there, and 20:45:29:10
they are going to be using the alley. 20:45:31:12
The alley is pretty narrow. 20:45:34:13
I found out when I got home two days ago it's 20:45:36:21
going to be widened. 20:45:39:04
How did I find that out? 20:45:41:21
No one told me. 20:45:43:07
There were stakes in my yard where it's going to 20:45:44:09
be wide end. 20:45:47:16
Day got a letter informing -- widened. 20:45:48:27
Today I got a letter informing me they are going 20:45:54:21
to remove the plants that I put on the side of the 20:45:57:00
alley to make it nice and some plants on the side 20:45:59:19
of my house, to remove them or I'll lose them when 20:46:02:07
they widen the alley. 20:46:05:09
Which I had no idea was even happening. 20:46:06:25
Again I come home from work one day and there were 20:46:09:15
stakes through my yard. 20:46:14:01
>> Who is widening the alley? 20:46:14:01
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I never heard of widening an 20:46:16:21

alley before. 20:46:19:03
>>> The city according to the letter, which I 20:46:20:10
don't have with me. 20:46:22:22
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: A city letter? 20:46:24:04
>>> There's a new development on the other side 20:46:26:22
and they are widening the area. 20:46:28:03
>>SHAWN HARRISON: We'll find out about the 20:46:29:06
widening. 20:46:31:10
It's not germane to this particular project right 20:46:31:27
now. 20:46:37:10
>>> If you live there it's sort of germane because 20:46:38:09
we have a lot of cars. 20:46:42:06
It's so narrow, you can't park cars on either side 20:46:43:16
of the street. The reason they can't use Willow 20:46:45:25
street and need to use the alley is because Willow 20:46:48:10
is already too congested. 20:46:51:00
If you drive down there, people park on both sides 20:46:52:15
of the street. 20:46:54:24
So it's possible for two cars going north and 20:46:55:16
south to traverse the road at the same time. 20:46:59:21
Somebody has to pull over. 20:47:01:12
So it's a congestion issue in the alleys. 20:47:02:13
It's an alley. 20:47:06:12
It's not a road. 20:47:07:13
It's knot now becoming a road. 20:47:08:09

And now we are adding more cars to it. 20:47:10:06
And so that's an immediate concern of mine. 20:47:13:27
And that's my quality of life. 20:47:16:27
And it's not a nice surprise especially when your 20:47:19:22
wife comes home. 20:47:22:27
And you don't even know what's going on. 20:47:24:00
I felt it was better to get -- I have got no 20:47:28:28
problem with the building itself. 20:47:35:00
I just think that I got news that alley situation. 20:47:36:01
And to make it logical. 20:47:43:01
Sure, there's a money to be made if people live 20:47:45:24
there and the quality of life I've seen go 20:47:48:25
downhill since I lived there for the past 20 20:47:51:07
years. 20:47:53:28
Property values have gone up. 20:47:54:21
Taxes have gone up. 20:47:56:01
The quality of life is going down. 20:47:59:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The two trees that I made 20:48:02:21
reference to before, the 26 and 18-inch oaks, 20:48:04:15
appear to be immediately adjacent behind your 20:48:08:00
backyard. 20:48:10:18
>>> That's right. 20:48:12:15
>> Those are the two protected trees? 20:48:13:25
>>> And there's nothing. 20:48:19:21
There was a live oak on the front of the property. 20:48:21:03

And this expanded alley is going to come with 20:48:23:18
about four feet of this live oak. 20:48:29:03
I'm wondering how is that going to affect the live 20:48:30:13
oak? 20:48:32:25
And the roots come out to the alley the way it is 20:48:33:15
now. 20:48:36:09
And we are going to cut through the roots. 20:48:36:22
Would this tree be able to survive? 20:48:38:06
Has anybody thought about that? 20:48:40:19
Thank you. 20:48:49:01
>>> My name is Linda Smith. 20:48:49:27
I live at 511 south will O.i have been sworn in. 20:48:51:04
And I would like to take exception to what your 20:48:54:18
staff has told you. 20:48:57:25
I did not live in a single family attached home. 20:48:59:00
I live right next to this property. 20:49:01:27
As does Mr. Boone. 20:49:04:00
We both live right next to this property. 20:49:05:18
We are both single-family homes. 20:49:07:24
We are not attached. 20:49:09:10
I object to this property. 20:49:12:28
Originally when the petitioner came around he was 20:49:15:04
very nice consulting us. 20:49:16:28
I told him that I wouldn't object to the but I 20:49:18:15
would have to see the elevation plans and the 20:49:20:12

plans and so forth. 20:49:23:09
But that was based on the fact that I was told 20:49:24:07
that the seven-foot setback was going to be 20:49:27:12
unchanged. 20:49:31:15
And since then, I don't know if this is true or 20:49:32:28
not. 20:49:35:06
I have been told it would be more than seven feet. 20:49:35:19
My home is built in 1921. 20:49:41:16
I lived there for 27 years. 20:49:43:22
And I have 15 feet all around my property. 20:49:45:15
That's my entire backyard. 20:49:50:04
It's 15 feet. 20:49:51:18
If this property goes up I will no longer be able 20:49:55:07
to enjoy my backyard because I'll have a two-story 20:49:57:22
building, seven feet from my fence line, which is 20:50:00:24
actually ten feet from where my picnic table is, 20:50:04:06
write eat dinner. 20:50:07:24
And I don't know how tall this building is going 20:50:09:10
to be. 20:50:11:10
The petitioner assured me he wasn't going to put 20:50:11:18
too many windows on the side of my house. 20:50:14:01
But I really can't be so sure of that. 20:50:15:25
You have the reason I am skeptical is because when 20:50:20:09
we came to the City Council about five years ago 20:50:24:12
for 507 south Willow, there were two single-family 20:50:26:06

homes there. 20:50:29:01
They were replaced by eight-unit, three-story 20:50:31:03
condo. 20:50:34:15
We objected to that strenuously but no one 20:50:35:07
listened. 20:50:38:16
Everything that we asked to be done, we were told 20:50:39:09
the builder was great, his daughter was going to 20:50:41:06
live there, they were going to put a pool in, they 20:50:43:12
were going to landscape, they were going to fence. 20:50:45:12
None of those things happened. 20:50:48:15
There was a fence that looks like a jail house 20:50:49:18
fence. 20:50:51:21
The building is built with almost no windows and 20:50:52:00
no color. 20:50:56:00
People leave their garage doors open so we get to 20:50:56:19
look in their yard. 20:50:59:01
What worries me the most is their parking was 20:51:00:10
built five feet above level. 20:51:02:12
Now, when it rains, on that 507 south Willow, the 20:51:04:04
new condo, when it rains, all that water build up 20:51:08:22
and floods 3509, the petitioner's property. 20:51:11:15
He's aware of this. 20:51:15:10
Everyone is aware of it. 20:51:18:12
He told me he would fill it in to level the 20:51:18:12
property. 20:51:20:06

I don't know what that means. 20:51:20:12
All I know is when he levels the property, and 20:51:21:28
makes it anywhere near like 507, myself and Mr. 20:51:24:04
Boone will now be under a foot of water. 20:51:29:00
Thank you for your time. 20:51:32:09
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, ma'am. 20:51:32:28
Next. 20:51:34:18
>>> My name is Dr. Jennifer skyland. 20:51:41:12
602 South Orleans Avenue. 20:51:44:00
I have lived there about 15 years. 20:51:46:16
And I just want to say that I object to that. 20:51:48:13
I'd like to see a single-family home built there. 20:51:51:13
It's kind of deceiving. 20:51:55:09
The neighborhood that I live at, the street is 20:51:57:00
single-family homes. 20:52:00:09
But there is a lot of garage apartments. 20:52:01:19
So when you think about single-family home be. 20:52:03:24
>> you think about two cars for each house. 20:52:06:15
With the garage apartments, you're talking about 20:52:09:18
maybe four cars. 20:52:11:21
So there's a lot of problems parking. 20:52:14:09
There's a Presbyterians church on the corner of 20:52:21:15
Swann and South Orleans. 20:52:24:03
There's a lot of problems with parking. 20:52:26:21
They don't have enough parking. 20:52:28:07

The park all around my corner, I have no problems 20:52:29:24
with that. 20:52:33:27
It's only Sunday and Thursday mornings. 20:52:35:16
But there's a lot of condominiums coming up. 20:52:37:19
And they haven't moved in yet because they are not 20:52:40:06
completed. 20:52:43:24
I don't know where all these people are going to 20:52:47:15
park. 20:52:49:04
I have two children. 20:52:49:13
One is 17 months old. The one is four years old. 20:52:50:18
And I'm really concerned about the alley. 20:52:54:12
Because it's hard to tell, the alley it looks like 20:52:56:21
it's continuous with the sidewalk. 20:53:00:15
So I'd like to see if that's going to happen. 20:53:06:13
Are they going to put stop signs, crosswalks, so 20:53:09:21
people stop? 20:53:12:19
At the sidewalk? 20:53:14:06
To see if children are crossing? 20:53:16:04
That's all I want to say. 20:53:22:28
Thank you for your time. 20:53:24:04
>>> Good evening. 20:53:33:24
This is my first time here. 20:53:35:24
My name is Pam Canela, 604 South Orleans. 20:53:37:04
I don't know if I am going to make a difference or 20:53:42:03
not but I felt I had to be here. 20:53:43:22

I live in my grandmother's house. 20:53:45:13
We have a house in the family for 75 years. 20:53:48:13
And I have been always proud of the neighborhood 20:53:51:27
and of Tampa. 20:53:54:21
>> What's the address? 20:53:56:24
>> 604 South Orleans. 20:53:58:12
But lately I'm not very proud. 20:54:00:19
There's a lot of overbuilding. 20:54:03:09
And I guess you would call it density. 20:54:05:00
I don't like the traffic. 20:54:09:06
I don't like the crazy people that drive down our 20:54:13:07
streets, our small streets. 20:54:15:15
And we are having to weave in and out because 20:54:17:15
there's parking all along the side because people 20:54:21:09
have no place to park. 20:54:23:03
Basically what I'm trying to say is I agree with 20:54:29:09
everybody that was ahead of me. 20:54:31:09
We have issues with the traffic. 20:54:34:03
With parking. 20:54:37:04
And now I heard about the alley. 20:54:38:25
I didn't know about the alley. 20:54:40:18
But for 70-some odd years we have had our trash 20:54:43:01
picked up in the alley. 20:54:48:03
That's something that hasn't been mentioned. 20:54:49:04
So if we start packing cars in the alley, and 20:54:50:21

having all this traffic in the alley, what's going 20:54:54:15
to happen to that? 20:54:56:06
Are we going to put our trash all in the front 20:54:57:18
yards? 20:54:59:21
And along with the extra cars and the extra 20:55:00:27
traffic? 20:55:03:18
Basically that's all I have got to say. 20:55:06:01
I just object to the whole thing and I'm really 20:55:07:22
not happy. 20:55:09:24
Thank you. 20:55:11:15
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you. 20:55:11:18
>>> My name is Michael Ogali, 1304 DeLeon 20:55:17:18
Avenue. 20:55:24:00
And I'm objecting to this project because it's 20:55:24:10
probably the fourth condo development that's going 20:55:25:24
into this very close area. 20:55:30:12
It's actually one of many going into this area. 20:55:35:09
And there's just really no ram for the growth. 20:55:38:12
It's single-family homes in this area. 20:55:41:15
And that alley that they are going to make into a 20:55:43:24
street, it does not have the structure for the 20:55:48:09
traffic flow there. 20:55:55:09
Someone needs to go and look at the traffic flow 20:55:56:12
for this alley. 20:55:58:24
Because cars drive very fast down DeLeon. 20:55:59:18

It's very narrow. You cannot park two cars on 20:56:03:21
both sides of DeLeon and have a car -- have cars 20:56:06:09
pass at the same time down DeLeon. 20:56:11:06
The traffic flow would greatly be reduced with 20:56:14:00
allowing them to use this alleyway. 20:56:18:09
My biggest concern is the alleyway using that as a 20:56:21:06
street entrance. 20:56:24:09
And the reason why they are not using Willow as 20:56:26:09
the entryway is because the traffic is so bad 20:56:31:04
there. 20:56:33:19
But the street there is so narrow. And I highly 20:56:33:27
would love to see that they do something else with 20:56:38:25
this land use and not make it into a condominium 20:56:42:21
project. 20:56:47:03
Or at least not extend the alley into a roadway. 20:56:48:15
As it's existing, they can't handle the traffic 20:56:55:00
that it's already having. 20:56:58:16
Thank you so much. 20:56:59:24
>> I am Tony Rashad. 20:57:08:12
I have been sworn in. 20:57:11:10
I would like to submit some pictures 20:57:12:03
I live at 516 South Orleans, which is pretty much 20:57:20:16
catter-corner west of this project. 20:57:34:01
And on the Elmo, this is the petitioner's 20:57:37:09

property. 20:57:41:28
This is a 7-unit townhouse that has been there for 20:57:44:00
approximately seven years or so. 20:57:47:24
The people frequently use this alleyway. 20:57:49:12
And on the opposite side of the alley, this again 20:57:53:07
is the petitioner's property, is a new 20:57:55:27
development. 20:57:58:25
There's four units in the back and four in the 20:57:59:25
front. 20:58:02:27
Typically this whole alleyway was going to 20:58:04:04
accommodate basically eight family homes. 20:58:07:18
We have already exceeded that with this 20:58:11:06
development on the north end of it. 20:58:13:15
This is basically facing north from DeLeon. 20:58:19:00
This is Marvin Boone's house. 20:58:21:15
This is mine. 20:58:23:18
On Orleans, one street over, a developer has come 20:58:26:09
through, torn down other single-family homes, 20:58:30:00
didn't have to ask for any variances or change in 20:58:33:21
density whatsoever. 20:58:36:09
These homes are zoned for close to a million. 20:58:38:04
And they built three along the way here. 20:58:45:18
Last night, I was doing some yard work in the 20:58:49:09
alleyway. 20:58:54:00
And a neighbor at the far end would build town 20:58:54:24

homes came through. 20:58:58:12
Of course it was dark. 20:59:00:12
And I also tried to keep the alleyway clean. 20:59:01:15
And for the first time, I had somebody that wasn't 20:59:04:04
willing to slow down or stop for me to get the 20:59:08:03
garbage can out of their way. 20:59:10:22
So they ran over and destroy it. 20:59:12:13
And I'm also irritated with the neighborhood. 20:59:16:22
Like I said, I have lived there all my life. 20:59:19:01
And this certainly isn't going to make things any 20:59:21:07
better. 20:59:25:18
It's my understanding that single -- it's single 20:59:27:15
family already. 20:59:30:27
I think it needs to remain single family. 20:59:31:15
As some of the other people that have come forth 20:59:34:19
have said. 20:59:37:07
There is already multifamily development that's in 20:59:38:06
progress. 20:59:41:00
The bakery is one. 20:59:41:19
Again, the one on the backside of the alley, of 20:59:44:21
the petitioner's property, and we haven't even 20:59:47:15
begun to feel the impacts of that. 20:59:50:15
So I am against it 100%. 20:59:52:06
Thank you. 20:59:56:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Next. 21:00:03:12

>>> Good evening. 21:00:05:09
Sandra Jarrett, 516 South Orleans. 21:00:06:06
I have been sworn in. 21:00:10:06
I will just make this very brief and say that I 21:00:13:09
concur with everything that's been said. 21:00:16:04
You know, we have this ongoing change in the 21:00:21:04
neighborhood landscape. 21:00:24:09
There are certain locations that we have not been 21:00:28:00
able to control, if you will. 21:00:30:00
But we have had input. 21:00:33:03
I think in this case we have had very little 21:00:36:01
input. 21:00:38:00
There was a comment about working with the 21:00:40:13
neighborhood association. 21:00:44:12
And according to the past president of the 21:00:47:06
neighborhood association, this is not -- this has 21:00:48:18
not transpired. 21:00:52:15
We have all had a brief conversation very early on 21:00:53:21
with the petitioner. 21:00:57:06
Without a lost input and a lot of comments from 21:01:01:06
him. 21:01:07:13
What he want to do is again add to the issues that 21:01:09:13
we're already confronted with. 21:01:17:06
Tony has already mentioned about what's going on 21:01:19:18
in our neighborhood right next door to us. 21:01:21:27

That alley cannot substantiate having more cars, 21:01:26:09
more people, parking -- because they are going to 21:01:30:07
park there. 21:01:34:06
We already know that. 21:01:34:18
And we already have the problems with slowing 21:01:35:19
people down as it is. 21:01:39:19
So again the infrastructure and the landscape of 21:01:40:18
the neighborhood is only being diminished by 21:01:43:09
adding to the with additional dwelling. 21:01:47:22
Thank you. 21:01:50:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question. 21:01:50:19
Ma'am, I think there's some confusion about the 21:01:54:13
neighborhood association. 21:01:56:07
Aren't you the new artistic Hyde Park neighborhood 21:01:57:06
association? 21:02:01:01
>>> There is just one Hyde Park neighborhood 21:02:03:13
association. 21:02:05:09
There is one Hyde Park association. 21:02:06:01
>> There was a new one formed that I thought 21:02:09:06
included this area. 21:02:11:04
But the staff report says north Hyde Park. 21:02:13:07
But I think north Hyde Park is on the other side 21:02:15:07
of Kennedy. 21:02:17:16
>>> Yeah, right, that's correct. 21:02:18:27
>>> (Off microphone). 21:02:35:04

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's all right. 21:02:36:24
I think there's a new organization called the 21:02:37:28
artistic Hyde Park and includes Gorrie, includes 21:02:40:03
Gorrie, and then your area, and. 21:02:43:28
>>KEVIN WHITE: By the bread factory? 21:02:52:21
>>> Ha is right on Willow. 21:02:56:15
Correct. 21:02:58:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 21:02:58:06
Next. 21:02:59:00
Come on. 21:02:59:15
>>> I'm Charl Carr, Orleans, only lived in my 21:03:07:18
house for ten years, was built in 1987. 21:03:17:10
I would like to say first off that I'm not 21:03:20:00
familiar with the neighborhood association so I 21:03:22:15
don't know who actually talked to but I'm here 21:03:23:24
speaking for myself and several of my neighbors 21:03:27:03
who weren't able to come tonight. 21:03:28:22
But we do have concerns about changing the 21:03:30:07
rezoning. 21:03:32:19
We too are a neighborhood that is struggling to 21:03:34:15
maintain our integrity. 21:03:37:07
Of the historic area. 21:03:41:15
We have to go just -- on the next block we have to 21:03:42:24
go to have our windows changes or fences changed 21:03:47:15
or anything like that. 21:03:51:00

So we are quite concerned about different aspects 21:03:52:00
of our neighborhood. 21:03:55:25
We do want Hyde Park to flourish. 21:03:57:09
However, we want to slow the construction down and 21:04:00:15
the development down. 21:04:03:09
You know, we do have quite a few developments like 21:04:04:18
I showed you some of the developments that's going 21:04:06:27
on. 21:04:08:18
Plus the bakery development, and the six-story 21:04:09:01
unit that's on south Rome. 21:04:13:00
It's all impacting our neighborhood and the 21:04:16:07
traffic, and the parking in our area. 21:04:18:00
I think that some of our main concerns that you 21:04:21:24
have already heard about the traffic and the 21:04:25:12
parking, I think one of my main concerns is, 21:04:27:01
within the 600 block of Willow, and South Orleans, 21:04:30:18
we have eleven children that are under the age of 21:04:34:21
10, which even though everyone tries to control 21:04:37:06
their children and so on, that is a lot of 21:04:42:13
activity for young children. 21:04:44:27
Also, the children from Gorrie and Wilson use 21:04:47:00
DeLeon, and that area, as a walkway to their 21:04:53:09
homes that live in the south Hyde Park area. 21:04:58:01
And -- or the north Hyde Park area. 21:05:01:25
And that is a concern of ours with the traffic and 21:05:04:28

so on. 21:05:07:12
We aren't against people making money on their 21:05:08:16
investments. 21:05:11:27
However, I think as Tony mentioned, there are 21:05:12:15
three new single-family homes that are being built 21:05:15:15
that are over $750,000, and we feel that if the 21:05:18:00
people, the developers, would put in a 21:05:25:06
single-family home that they would still be able 21:05:28:09
to realize a nice profit on their property. 21:05:30:18
I just want to thank you for your time and help us 21:05:36:22
maintain the integrity of our neighborhood. 21:05:39:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, do you want rebuttal? 21:05:40:07
>>> Luca Mazzacurati: We tried to accommodate and 21:05:49:01
design the building, and understand there's a lot 21:05:56:24
of opposition. 21:06:02:00
But we didn't have any responsibility regarding 21:06:04:12
the alley, because that's coming from a previous 21:06:11:15
development. 21:06:15:12
Actually, the building reflects -- we have a 21:06:20:16
setback on the back of the property over 26 feet, 21:06:29:21
and based on four units, and I believe we tried to 21:06:33:19
work very hard on the design to present for the 21:06:47:03
community and these our main goal on this project, 21:06:56:25
and that's pretty much it. 21:06:58:21
>> Move to close. 21:07:05:22

>> Second. 21:07:06:12
(Motion carried). 21:07:06:21
>>KEVIN WHITE: If I can make this as brief as 21:07:07:04
possible so we can move on here. 21:07:10:06
I move for denial of the petition based upon 21:07:11:21
incompatibility of the neighborhood. 21:07:14:00
I think four dwelling units, I think the young 21:07:17:04
lady that spoke, I think it's going to be two cars 21:07:21:06
per unit so you end up with eight extra cars on 21:07:24:24
the alley rather than four. 21:07:27:15
And I think with these alleyways the way they are, 21:07:29:00
I just move for denial. 21:07:32:03
I don't think it's amenable for this neighborhood. 21:07:33:10
>> Second. 21:07:36:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second. 21:07:36:21
Mr. Dingfelder? 21:07:37:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I was just going to add to that 21:07:38:25
slightly. 21:07:41:12
I think the design is beautiful. 21:07:41:24
And there's no doubt about that. 21:07:45:27
I think if this was two units, and therefore four 21:07:47:27
cars, because right now it's a duplex, or probably 21:07:50:15
a very small duplex. 21:07:53:00
But right now it's a duplex. 21:07:54:25
So I think if it was two units and four cars it 21:07:56:27

might be a little more compatible for the 21:08:01:18
neighborhood. 21:08:03:18
But right now -- now it's a quad. 21:08:03:21
But if there was a duplex, just two units. 21:08:07:09
And I think it could be something that might work. 21:08:09:21
But as it is right now I can't support it either. 21:08:11:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second for denial. 21:08:14:00
(Motion carried). 21:08:16:21
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open 13. 21:08:19:27
>> Second. 21:08:22:24
(Motion carried) 21:08:22:28
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Land development. 21:08:32:12
The subject property is located at 1206 East 21:09:00:06
Ellicott street. 21:09:02:24
Just to give you some context. 21:09:11:21
The existing house on the subject property is 21:09:14:09
Seminole Heights bungalow. 21:09:20:00
Across the street, more of the same. 21:09:22:00
This is on the same side of the street as the 21:09:28:18
subject property. 21:09:30:15
I really enjoyed visiting this site because this 21:09:37:09
part of Seminole Heights is -- 21:09:39:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: A block over from me. 21:09:48:15
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: This is the existing house. 21:09:49:27

This is the empty lot that is adjacent to the 21:09:52:24
house. 21:09:55:09
The petitioner has communicated to me that the 21:09:55:15
existing house will remain. 21:09:57:09
The purpose of this rezoning is to be able to 21:09:58:22
develop the empty lot. 21:10:00:25
The petitioner proposes to rezone the property 21:10:02:12
from RS-60 to RS-50. 21:10:04:10
This property is located within the southeast 21:10:06:27
Seminole Heights neighborhood and is subject to 21:10:09:07
the Seminole Heights residential overlay. 21:10:10:24
The homes on the street are predominantly of a 21:10:12:21
bungalow character. 21:10:15:27
Parks and recreation had an objection because of 21:10:17:21
the trees. 21:10:19:24
They are located on this lot. 21:10:20:21
They wanted a commitment to chapter 13. 21:10:23:03
And land development does not have an objection. 21:10:26:12
I have shown you the zoning map. 21:10:31:16
And if you look in the immediate area, all these 21:10:36:18
are 60-foot lots or larger. 21:10:40:03
There are only two non-conforming lots in the 21:10:43:07
area. 21:10:46:12
This one lot only. 21:10:46:18
And there has been one in this southern half of 21:10:49:09

the block. 21:10:54:12
So it is predominantly characteristic. 21:10:54:28
On the other hand, I didn't find that there were 21:11:01:22
too many properties that one could divide below 21:11:03:21
the RS-60 designation so don't think this would 21:11:07:15
create a negative impact. 21:11:13:01
Dividing this property, the petitioner has 21:11:13:01
provided a survey, everyone though it's an RS-60 21:11:15:21
designation, the property if divided evenly will 21:11:23:27
have one 50-foot lot and one 50-foot lot. 21:11:27:01
So the character of the area, I think, will not be 21:11:32:06
negatively impacted. 21:11:34:22
And therefore staff has no objection to this 21:11:36:01
proposal. 21:11:39:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm looking at this picture. 21:11:40:04
Do we have any idea -- from the overhead it looks 21:11:43:00
like there are a lot of trees. 21:11:46:21
If the layout of the trees on what I would call 21:11:47:25
yards would preclude somebody building a house 21:11:50:15
there, or are we going to lose a lot of the trees? 21:11:53:09
Do you get that information? 21:11:56:21
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: I didn't make any measurements 21:12:00:21
when I was out there. 21:12:03:10
But I think there is a buildable area. 21:12:04:15
There are some palms that can be relocated. 21:12:08:01

So palms are easily moved. 21:12:10:16
But the trees that can't, the live oak trees, I 21:12:13:12
think, will be able to be worked around. 21:12:17:25
I will let the petitioner talk about it a little 21:12:20:24
further, too. 21:12:22:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What they would have to apply 21:12:23:06
to the variance for moving the trees or something? 21:12:27:25
>>> Yes, they would have to apply to the Variance 21:12:33:19
Review Board if there was a grand tree on-site 21:12:35:07
that they wanted to remove. 21:12:38:03
>>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff. 21:12:43:15
I have been sworn in. 21:12:44:24
Regarding the future land use map, pretty simple. 21:12:47:06
It's all residential 10 in the area. 21:12:49:09
Southeast Seminole Heights, that's been a 21:12:51:04
happening place. 21:12:53:22
We have several rezonings come to your attention 21:12:54:09
in the last several hearings. 21:12:56:16
What's really good about this area, and while I 21:12:59:18
don't really have a lot with it, we do have the 21:13:02:10
entire site -- the other issue is by utilizing one 21:13:07:21
piece of property that is currently undeveloped 21:13:12:21
and they will have to -- they will have to be in 21:13:16:18
accordance with the Seminole Heights residential 21:13:20:15
overlay district. 21:13:21:28

They are the ones which I know this area is very, 21:13:23:06
very vigilant about, and I'm sure they will be 21:13:26:15
following the development process on this 21:13:30:12
particular piece of property as they do with the 21:13:31:25
other Euclidean zonings that recently came in. 21:13:33:22
Planning Commission staff feels it will not 21:13:39:18
adversely impact the character of the residential 21:13:43:27
area, and has no objections to the proposed 21:13:45:24
request. 21:13:47:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 21:13:48:21
>>> Alan Hamaker, and I have been sworn in. This 21:13:57:13
is my first time doing this so just bear with me. 21:14:04:18
There is a correction. 21:14:08:01
I am actually not splitting the property 60-50. 21:14:09:09
It's going to be 55 feet of frontage. 21:14:13:03
I thought that was in the application. 21:14:15:00
I thought that was correct in the application. 21:14:16:09
>> 55? 21:14:21:03
>> Yes. 21:14:22:00
I spoke with the neighborhood association 21:14:22:06
president, and some of the folks around the 21:14:23:25
neighborhood. 21:14:25:04
And we just felt that was a better idea to 21:14:25:24
actually split it 55 and 55. 21:14:27:27
Madam Chairwoman, to your questions about the 21:14:31:06

frees, the disclosure actually did bring pictures 21:14:34:13
of all the trees and where they sit in the yard. 21:14:38:27
Are you interested? Okay. 21:14:41:04
This is my house right here. 21:14:57:18
This is -- I believe that parks and recreation 21:14:59:07
is -- this one is actually right beside my house. 21:15:03:04
This one over here is closest to East Ellicott. 21:15:09:04
Then there is one more that is actually beyond the 21:15:17:00
fence. 21:15:20:12
It on the property between my property and. 21:15:21:28
>> Is that on the backside, or is that the side 21:15:29:07
that they are going to be splitting? 21:15:37:16
>> No, no, that's actually -- that's 1202 East 21:15:38:24
Ellicott. 21:15:43:04
So the actual lot is right here. 21:15:44:03
>> I know the fence is actually -- 21:15:48:18
That's the property. 21:16:05:18
I brought some letters in for support for the 21:16:06:03
project. 21:16:07:25
I have spoken with, again, B. Roe and some 21:16:08:18
officers of the southeast Seminole Heights 21:16:16:21
association. 21:16:18:13
If you guys want the letters of support, one 21:16:18:19
fellow about four blocks, I don't know if you are 21:16:23:03

interested in that. 21:16:24:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members? 21:16:28:15
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to close. 21:16:30:25
>> Is there anyone in the public that would like 21:16:32:06
to speak on item 32? 21:16:34:03
>>> I'm sorry. 21:16:37:04
I have the letters. 21:16:39:12
One of them has a strong opinion about the 21:16:45:06
neighborhoods. 21:16:46:24
So just take it with a grain of salt. 21:16:47:21
They are very passionate about doing the right 21:16:49:09
thing. 21:16:51:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: Southeast Seminole Heights is a 21:16:53:21
very active neighborhood association. 21:16:55:16
If there's anybody opposed to they would be in the 21:16:56:18
room. 21:17:02:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to thank you for being 21:17:02:12
so forthright about the trees. 21:17:05:06
My question is of staff, and that is can you do 21:17:07:12
RS-55? 21:17:10:09
I think we only have two categories. 21:17:11:15
>>> I'm sorry, it's an RS-50 property but the 21:17:13:19
actual lot will be 55 by 130. 21:17:16:01
Maybe I misspoke that. 21:17:20:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: You can tell it's your first 21:17:22:18

time because you are being so forthright. 21:17:27:21
>>> I think I'll try again. 21:17:29:18
No, I'm kidding. 21:17:33:00
But to let you New York City my wife and I had the 21:17:33:25
option of just trying to swing this property to 21:17:37:00
the highest bidder. 21:17:39:27
And we chose way feel is going to be a very, very 21:17:42:00
good builder. 21:17:44:03
The gentleman who is actually here with me today 21:17:45:01
is Gerry RONTINA from ABC builders and that is 21:17:46:28
what he built. 21:17:53:18
And that is absolutely a phenomenal looking 21:17:54:12
bungalow. 21:17:56:28
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's the one right off of 21:18:01:15
Nebraska. 21:18:03:09
>>> Yes. 21:18:03:28
Nebraska and New Orleans. 21:18:04:07
>> Brand new house and it looks like it's been in 21:18:06:03
the neighborhood for 20 years. 21:18:07:28
>>> It's phenomenal. 21:18:09:00
Inside and out. 21:18:10:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the audience 21:18:13:15
that wants to speak? 21:18:15:04
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to close. 21:18:16:06
>> Second. 21:18:20:06

(Motion carried). 21:18:20:12
>> Move an ordinance rezoning property in the 21:18:21:22
general vicinity of 1206 East Ellicott in the city 21:18:23:06
of Tampa, Florida described in section 1 from 21:18:25:22
zoning district classification RS-60 residential 21:18:28:06
single family to RS-50 residential single family 21:18:30:28
providing an effective date. 21:18:34:12
>> Second. 21:18:34:12
(Motion carried). 21:18:35:22
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone else to come before 21:18:36:12
council? 21:18:40:15
Motion and second to receive. 21:18:41:09
(Motion carried) 21:18:42:16
Anything else to come before council? 21:18:43:18
We stand adjourned. 21:18:45:15
>>> Happy Thanksgiving. 21:18:49:01
(Meeting adjourned) 21:19:12:25