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December 8, 2005
6:00 p.m. Public Hearings

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>>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
The chair will yield to Ms. Linda Saul-Sena.
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good evening. 18:11:37:01
It's my pleasure this evening to call my friend John Ovic to 18:11:37:27
lead us in thoughts before our Council meeting. 18:11:41:03
John is not only the Chairman of the River Roundtable, he's also 18:11:43:09
one of the founding members of Friends of the River. 18:11:47:03
Will everyone please stand, and afterwards do a Pledge of 18:11:50:01
Allegiance. 18:11:53:28
Thank you. 18:11:54:15
>> Good evening. 18:11:57:00
I thank Linda Saul-Sena for asking me here today to share my 18:11:57:22
reflection with you because I am a river person and because I 18:12:01:09
believe today's Tampa is where it is, politically and 18:12:04:18
economically. 18:12:08:00

It's here because of its river and because I believe we need to 18:12:08:24
treasure this heart of Tampa. 18:12:12:07
I will read as part of my reflection two poems by Dwayne Lock, 18:12:14:15
long-time Tampa resident. 18:12:19:07
First poem, "Insight." 18:12:21:12
The evening sun getting ready to leave our part of the Earth, 18:12:23:19
reddens the white egret, standing under an autumn maple. 18:12:29:09
I decide to sit on the grass, why keep walking when there is no 18:12:35:09
place to go? 18:12:40:06
You know, sometimes we think -- all we think about is we have 18:12:43:01
places to go. 18:12:49:03
We rush through life ready to take on anything and everything 18:12:49:24
that comes our way. 18:12:52:12
We want to find a solution. 18:12:54:06
We need to find a solution for ourselves, for our people. 18:12:55:13
We are important. 18:12:59:00
We have a task to do, and it needs doing now. 18:12:59:28
And in rushing forward, we sometimes tend to create problems 18:13:03:22
that were nonexistent. 18:13:08:07
Is it the sun setting? 18:13:11:00
Is there time enough to do it all? 18:13:12:15
So we forget that time doesn't run out, but just moves us 18:13:14:09
forward into a different frame. 18:13:17:16
Sometimes we are so rushed to find a solution for what we 18:13:20:09
perceive to be a problem that we don't see the larger issue. 18:13:23:24

Sometimes we run past the egret so fast that we forget to stop 18:13:27:24
to admire what we have, to admire the evening colors around us. 18:13:32:03
Before we look for solutions, we have to take it all in. 18:13:37:18
We need to look at the larger context. 18:13:41:12
We need to be still and actually see the maple tree. 18:13:43:13
And when we take time to sit down and take a breather, we all of 18:13:47:21
a sudden realize that what we have is beautiful and may not need 18:13:51:07
an outward solution. 18:13:54:22
If we can just take time to focus, reflect on the beauty around 18:13:56:12
us, often the solution presents itself naturally. 18:14:00:09
Second poem. 18:14:05:24
"On the wild side of the Hillsborough River." 18:14:06:24
Through the openings of the palmetto blades, I see a tree with 18:14:10:21
red hair. 18:14:16:00
The tree is on the outer bank of the river inside a barbed 18:14:18:24
fence. 18:14:23:09
Members of City Council, we have choices to make, and it is our 18:14:25:24
task to look at both sides of the problem first. 18:14:29:06
It is our task to reflect on which side of the river we stand, 18:14:32:03
and what we want to see on the other side. 18:14:35:07
And before we jump into action, we need to decide whether we 18:14:37:27
enjoy the view or whether changing the view will be an 18:14:41:06
improvement. 18:14:44:27
And before we jump in the river, we need to know whether to go 18:14:46:12
with the flow or row against the tide. 18:14:49:27

I wish you good thoughts. 18:14:52:22
(Pledge of Allegiance) 18:14:57:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, John. 18:15:12:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Roll call. 18:15:17:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here. 18:15:18:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Here. 18:15:20:04
>>KEVIN WHITE: Here. 18:15:21:22
>>GWEN MILLER: Here. 18:15:23:09
Before we begin our meeting, Ms. Alvarez, do you have something 18:15:25:13
to say? 18:15:28:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes. 18:15:28:28
We have the Honorable Judge Chris Altonburg here with the Boy 18:15:29:25
Scouts of America, the Gulf Ridge Council Rough Riders District. 18:15:35:21
And this evening, they met with Jim Stefan, our budget director, 18:15:39:24
and was given a presentation earlier this evening. 18:15:43:16
And they are here tonight to view their local government in 18:15:46:13
action. 18:15:49:21
Judge Altonburg, would you like to say a few words? 18:15:50:25
Are they getting a citizen badge? 18:15:54:12
>> Yes, I would just like to thank Councilwoman Alvarez and Mr. 18:15:56:13
Stefan for the time that they spent with these boys. 18:15:59:21
These boys are from the Rough Riders District, which is the 18:16:05:00
southern part of Tampa. 18:16:06:03
They are from troops 22, 45, and 53. 18:16:07:00
And they've had a wonderful experience here. 18:16:10:18

So on behalf of the Gulf Ridge Council, I thank you very much 18:16:12:09
for doing this. 18:16:16:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Please stand and let us see you. 18:16:17:18
[ APPLAUSE ] 18:16:19:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Maybe one of these guys you will run for City 18:16:27:27
Council. 18:16:30:24
Good luck. 18:16:31:12
>>GWEN MILLER: Before we begin, again, we have some unfinished 18:16:34:19
business from this morning. 18:16:37:12
We have an ordinance we need to read. 18:16:38:24
We need to open the public hearing. 18:16:40:12
I think it was item number 43. 18:16:42:00
Have a motion and second. 18:16:44:27
All in favor of the motion, aye. 18:16:46:06
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 18:16:47:21
>>MARY ALVAREZ: This is an ordinance vacating, closing, 18:16:52:24
discontinuing and abandoning a certain right-of-way, all that 18:16:54:19
alley lying South of East Frances, North of East Park Avenue, 18:16:58:03
North of East Florida Avenue and West of North Morgan Street in 18:17:02:00
Hendry and Knights subdivision, a subdivision located in the 18:17:05:15
City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, the same being more 18:17:08:27
fully described in section 2 hereof, providing an effective 18:17:11:21
date. 18:17:16:15
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 18:17:17:03
All in favor, aye. 18:17:18:15

[ MOTION CARRIED ] 18:17:19:07
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Madam Chairman. 18:17:22:03
A few weeks ago, this City Council asked to -- voted to transmit 18:17:25:01
an improved preservation ordinance to the Planning Commission 18:17:31:18
for their consideration. 18:17:34:12
Subsequently, the staff has heard and I heard this people in 18:17:38:15
West Tampa have some concerns about it. 18:17:41:16
Rather than going forward before everybody is happy with it, I'd 18:17:43:27
like to put it to I guess -- withdraw it from the Planning 18:17:47:12
Commission until we have a chance to meet -- staff has a chance 18:17:52:09
to meet with the neighbors in West Tampa, make sure they are 18:17:57:03
comfortable with it. 18:17:59:19
If it turns out we make some changes, then we'll have to go 18:18:00:13
through the whole thing again. 18:18:03:13
So I would like to make a motion that we repossess -- I don't 18:18:04:15
know what the right word is -- rescind our transmittal of our 18:18:09:15
preservation ordinance until we have some additional time to 18:18:13:24
have the meeting with the people in West Tampa. 18:18:16:21
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 18:18:18:21
All in favor of the motion, aye. 18:18:20:12
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 18:18:21:27
Heather, do you have some items on the agenda we need to remove 18:18:24:04
before we start? 18:18:28:15
>>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development. 18:18:32:06
Item number 4, Z 05-16, it was a continued public hearing from 18:18:35:00

September 8th, and the petitioner sent a letter requesting -- 18:18:39:15
they are asking for a continuance. 18:18:46:16
I'm sorry. 18:18:49:00
Item number 4. 18:18:50:25
They are asking for a continuance, and I don't believe there was 18:18:53:00
any -- at the last meeting or there's been any opposition. 18:18:57:21
They are requesting a daytime meeting for January 12th. 18:19:01:01
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 18:19:09:03
>> We altered our site plan and basically we're inside the 14 18:19:14:03
days. 18:19:18:18
It's a far more functional and attractive site plan. 18:19:18:24
We didn't have and have not been told or advised of any 18:19:21:24
opposition to this. 18:19:24:28
At our last hearing. 18:19:26:21
And that's why we're requesting a day hearing so we can move 18:19:27:28
this project forward. 18:19:31:21
I have the site plans here to give to staff. 18:19:32:19
So instead of asking for the first meeting in January when you 18:19:35:12
all are going to have, I assume, a very large agenda, we wanted 18:19:39:18
to skip a week and go to the next week. 18:19:43:07
So we are requesting at 9:30 on the 12th of January. 18:19:45:12
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public who would like to 18:19:50:04
speak on the continuance of number 4? 18:19:52:06
We have a motion to continue. 18:19:55:06
Mr. Shelby, did you want to say something? 18:20:11:00

>>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes. 18:20:14:24
This relates to item number 1. 18:20:15:18
I spoke with Ms. O'Dowd. 18:20:16:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Let's finish four. 18:20:18:07
>>MARTIN SHELBY: With regard to this, this would be a first 18:20:20:09
reading, which is normally set -- first readings are set in the 18:20:24:09
evening. 18:20:36:12
>> We would have to request that you waive the rule on that. 18:20:37:09
We've been dealing with this for six or seven months and had no 18:20:40:06
indication of any opposition regarding this project. 18:20:44:03
These were staff changes that we made. 18:20:46:25
>> As of this morning you've added a DRI to your January 12th 18:20:56:00
day meeting and also a wet zoning has been added to the 6 p.m. 18:20:59:24
evening. 18:21:04:13
In the morning you have -- there are three closures, one DRI, 18:21:07:03
one local landmark. 18:21:15:18
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to waive the rules. 18:21:18:16
>>KEVIN WHITE: Make a motion to waive the rules, have it 18:21:21:12
January 12th, 10 a.m. continuance. 18:21:24:07
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 18:21:27:13
>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye. 18:21:27:25
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 18:21:29:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Marty, anything else? 18:21:34:12
>>MARTY BOYLE: Yes. 18:21:38:21
Item number 5, Z 05-117. 18:21:42:28

The petitioner is also requesting a continuance to a nighttime 18:21:45:21
meeting. 18:21:52:16
They are trying to meet with -- the address is 627 Marmora 18:21:53:21
Avenue, and they are having a meeting with the Davis Island 18:22:01:10
association to go over some concerns, and they would like to 18:22:04:19
continue it. 18:22:08:06
The next available date that we have is January 12th in the 18:22:08:28
evening. 18:22:15:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move to continue till January 12th. 18:22:15:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would like to 18:22:18:19
speak to the continuance of item number 5. 18:22:21:15
>> Steve Michelini. 18:22:24:00
We sent a notice out and indicated that we were requesting the 18:22:25:03
12th. 18:22:28:28
We have a meeting scheduled Davis Island Civic Association on 18:22:28:28
the 10th. 18:22:31:09
And we were respectfully requesting the evening meeting because 18:22:33:06
we may have neighborhood comments on that. 18:22:36:25
>>KEVIN WHITE: The clerk said we had 15 for that night already. 18:22:38:24
>> I think one of your hearings cancelled. 18:22:45:21
One of the spots is available. 18:22:48:12
>>MARTY BOYLE: One of the continuances withdrew, so we have one 18:22:49:21
spot available. 18:22:52:21
>>KEVIN WHITE: So move for January 12th, 6 p.m. 18:22:54:28
>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye. 18:22:58:04

[ MOTION CARRIED ] 18:22:59:12
Any more, Marty? 18:23:00:12
>>MARTY BOYLE: Item number 10, Z 05-164, they did not make 18:23:01:15
notice. 18:23:10:03
They have come in and paid their fee, and they are asking to be 18:23:10:19
rescheduled. 18:23:14:10
And the first available date we have for that is February 9th 18:23:16:00
at an evening meeting, 6 p.m. 18:23:19:19
>>ROSE FERLITA: What item is this? 18:23:24:28
>>MARTY BOYLE: Item 10. 18:23:27:09
>>GWEN MILLER: They did not -- 18:23:28:21
>>MARTY BOYLE: They paid their fee. 18:23:30:19
And they are asking to be rescheduled for February 9th, 6 p.m. 18:23:32:09
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 18:23:38:21
All in favor of the motion, aye. 18:23:39:28
>>MARTY BOYLE: We have item number 11, Z 05-165, the petitioner 18:23:46:28
applied for a rezoning. 18:23:53:00
Staff did not adequately review the application. 18:23:56:21
We later found out the land use was not consistent with the 18:24:02:21
zoning request. 18:24:05:18
They are asking to go from RS-50 to a commercial general, and 18:24:06:21
the land use is res-35. 18:24:11:28
So we informed the petitioner that he must come in and to move 18:24:14:27
forward, do a PD. 18:24:19:00
He has come in, resubmitted floor plan development. 18:24:20:19

He's paid the difference, and he has submitted site plans. 18:24:25:01
And being that staff did not catch this earlier, we feel that 18:24:30:00
anything we can do, if there's no opposition, if there's no one 18:24:37:01
here to speak against it tonight, if it could possibly be moved 18:24:41:16
to the earliest day meeting. 18:24:44:19
They do have to renotice because it is now a PD, so they have to 18:24:46:09
have 30 days' notice. 18:24:51:18
The first available date in order for them to be able to do that 18:24:53:16
is January 12th. 18:24:56:15
We're requesting a daytime meeting. 18:24:59:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: Let's find out about opposition, first. 18:25:02:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Anybody in the public like to speak against the 18:25:04:16
continuance of item number 11? 18:25:06:21
Anyone want to speak on the continuance of item number 11? 18:25:08:21
>>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can. 18:25:12:07
I don't believe this would be, number one, a continuance, 18:25:14:21
because they'll have to refile as a PD. 18:25:17:15
And secondly, I would feel more comfortable recommending that 18:25:19:27
you add an additional night meeting, considering that what you 18:25:24:03
have now, that people may or may not turn out in opposition for 18:25:27:01
it, may not be what they are coming back with and it may be a 18:25:30:28
different notice issue. 18:25:34:09
Unless Council wishes to have it in the daytime. 18:25:35:22
But it would be my recommendation. 18:25:38:01
>>ROSE FERLITA: You are saying add an additional night meeting? 18:25:40:03

>>MARTIN SHELBY: Well, I just wanted to bring it to Council's 18:25:45:09
attention it being a PD may create some different perception of 18:25:48:03
the public as opposed to a commercial general. 18:25:51:24
That's number one. 18:25:53:24
Number two is, it wouldn't be a continuance actually. 18:25:54:12
It would be -- 18:25:56:25
>>MARTY BOYLE: You are correct. 18:26:00:12
It's not a continuance. 18:26:02:07
It would be a rescheduling. 18:26:03:06
If I could explain a little bit, the site that they were 18:26:05:21
rezoning they were rezoning for a parking lot. 18:26:09:24
The two lots in front of the parking lot is zoned commercial 18:26:14:24
intensive CI, and they could pull the permits and do what they 18:26:20:25
needed. 18:26:24:24
They needed 30 more parking spaces. 18:26:25:03
So that's why they came with the lot to rezone. 18:26:27:24
We did not catch the land use. 18:26:33:13
It was inconsistent with the land use. 18:26:34:18
So now they are going to come in with a PD. 18:26:35:24
>>MARTIN SHELBY: The only difference would be the designation, 18:26:38:06
not the usage itself. 18:26:41:01
>> Right. 18:26:42:10
And I have not received any phone calls. 18:26:42:16
I don't know if there's anyone here to speak against. 18:26:44:21
I don't know if, petitioner, would you like to speak? 18:26:47:01

>> Council, mike horner, representing Hawthorne holdings. 18:26:52:01
As Ms. Boyle indicated, we've been working on this project for 18:26:55:09
about four and a half months. 18:26:58:15
It was only until last week that we had all positive 18:26:59:24
recommendations and this conflict arose. 18:27:02:16
We're ready to redevelop this entire warehouse into office 18:27:04:27
space. 18:27:08:16
CG cannot go forward as we find ourselves now having to delay 18:27:08:25
the project by over a month. 18:27:12:06
We don't mind renoticing. 18:27:13:16
We pay the amendment fees, the plans have been filed. 18:27:15:00
We've been working with the Neighborhood Association. 18:27:18:24
They were in support of the CG. 18:27:20:12
They are certainly in support of the PD. 18:27:21:27
Mr. Baker is here representing Beulah church. 18:27:23:18
They are in support. 18:27:26:15
Anything you can do to allow this to move forward as rapidly as 18:27:27:15
possible we appreciate it. 18:27:32:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: I can appreciate the hardship. 18:27:33:10
I'm checking my schedule. 18:27:34:27
Every Thursday night that we are off I have commitments. 18:27:36:15
>>GWEN MILLER: We are not scheduling another night. 18:27:38:15
He meant on a daytime -- 18:27:43:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Waive the rules to allow it to be heard 18:27:45:22
during the day. 18:27:50:21

>>GWEN MILLER: So you want to waive the rules so he can do it in 18:27:50:21
the morning. 18:27:53:15
>>KEVIN WHITE: Is the 12th okay? 18:27:54:15
>>GWEN MILLER: January 12th in the morning. 18:27:58:18
>>MARTY BOYLE: He has to notice the PD. 18:28:00:04
The first available date, January 12th. 18:28:02:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So move. 18:28:04:16
>>KEVIN WHITE: As long as we get lunch, it's okay. 18:28:06:24
>>MARTIN SHELBY: January 12th also has an evening session. 18:28:21:03
>>KEVIN WHITE: That's all right. 18:28:26:15
We'll stay all day. 18:28:27:16
January 12th, 10 a.m. and move to waive the rules as well. 18:28:29:06
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 18:28:32:24
All in favor, aye. 18:28:34:00
>>MARTY BOYLE: Thank you, Council. 18:28:35:21
>>GWEN MILLER: We go back to item number 1. 18:28:44:16
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you. 18:28:47:00
In speaking with Ms. O'Dowd, it was discussed that because this 18:28:47:22
was set for a public hearing and in light of Council's motion, 18:28:52:16
Council's action that the public hearing be reopened and it be 18:28:58:12
continued and placed on the pending calendar procedurally. 18:29:02:27
That was the recommendation. 18:29:05:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Can I get a motion? 18:29:07:03
Have a motion and second. 18:29:08:15
All in favor, aye. 18:29:10:04

[ MOTION CARRIED ] 18:29:10:22
Okay. 18:29:15:00
We'll go to item 2 through 14. 18:29:15:27
Anyone in the public going to speak on any of those items, 18:29:18:04
please stand and raise your right hand. 18:29:20:18
(Oath administered by the clerk). 18:29:27:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Number 2 is a continued public hearing. 18:29:34:12
>>MARTIN SHELBY: And if you can, when you state your name, 18:29:36:04
please reaffirm that you have been sworn. 18:29:39:22
I put a little sign up there to remind you. 18:29:42:00
Thank you. 18:29:44:18
>>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development. 18:30:05:00
I have been sworn. 18:30:06:27
Item number 2, Z 05-55 is a continued public hearing from 18:30:08:07
August 25th 2005. 18:30:12:00
The petitioner is requesting to rezone the property at 402 South 18:30:16:04
Melville Avenue from residential multifamily RM-16 to a 18:30:20:25
single-family attached planned development in order to develop 18:30:25:28
four town homes on the site. 18:30:29:21
Two of the units will be accessed by South Melville Avenue and 18:30:32:03
two units will be accessed by a 20-foot alley to the East of the 18:30:35:24
property. 18:30:39:21
The maximum height proposed is 35 feet. 18:30:40:13
On the rezoning map, the site is in the corner of Azeele and 18:30:46:06

Melville located to the South of Kennedy and northwest of the 18:30:50:10
Crosstown. 18:30:55:27
The zoning is RM-16 and there is RM-16 to the North and to the 18:30:58:15
East there is zoned PD and to the South you've got RM-24. 18:31:06:01
The petitioner has submitted a revised site plan on November 18. 18:31:14:12
The previous site plan dated March 29th showed a ten-foot 18:31:21:10
southern side setback as protective radius for the two oaks, 18:31:25:10
22-inch and 24 and one palm, 18-inch located off-site. 18:31:29:16
However, the current plan dated November 18th depicts a 18:31:35:01
reduced southern setback of five feet from a covered walkway. 18:31:38:19
At this time, staff is unable to predict any canopy conflicts 18:31:42:09
and potential impact to these off-site trees. 18:31:46:09
Also, the elevation, we had some concerns with. 18:31:50:10
It shows on there that there's a covered walkway, and we did not 18:31:55:01
see on the elevation -- on the site plan it shows a covered 18:31:58:21
walkway, and we did not see from the elevation that there was a 18:32:01:12
covered walkway. 18:32:04:09
I'm sure the petitioner can speak to that. 18:32:05:06
The revised site plan depicts an elevation that is significantly 18:32:07:01
different than previously submitted. 18:32:10:07
I will show you, this is what was previously submitted. 18:32:12:24
The height has been reduced from 45 feet three stories to 18:32:23:18
35 feet two story and a key West style design. 18:32:27:18
The previous site plan did not request any waivers. 18:32:31:12
However, with this design, they are asking to reduce the 18:32:34:07

greenspace from 750 square feet to 708 square feet. 18:32:37:21
The total greenspace reduction of 192 square feet. 18:32:41:09
Staff does not object to the waiver request in light of the 18:32:45:24
petitioner reducing the height and changing the design of the 18:32:49:12
project. 18:32:52:15
Currently on-site is this structure. 18:32:53:06
This is looking to the North, and this is the view to the South. 18:33:01:00
And as the aerial shows, this is the subject site. 18:33:11:18
You do have -- this is zoned RM-24, and there are town homes 18:33:16:00
there, and town homes RM-24 and this is also zoned RM-24. 18:33:20:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are you sure those are RM-24s and not 18:33:26:25
PDs? 18:33:32:04
My guess is they are brand-new like that, they are probably 18:33:33:03
PDs. 18:33:35:27
>>MARTY BOYLE: I was going according to our rezoning map. 18:33:37:03
It could be incorrect, but it does say RM-24. 18:33:39:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: If they are recent PDs, they might not be 18:33:44:07
showing up on the map. 18:33:47:24
>>MARTY BOYLE: Wastewater just had some comments that the owner 18:33:49:01
developer must submit an application for wastewater service and 18:33:54:24
to let them know they are responsible for all costs required to 18:33:57:21
connect the sewer system. 18:34:00:07
Other than that and getting the clarification, we have minor 18:34:01:27
objection -- and that's just getting clarification on how they 18:34:06:18
will protect the trees off-site and the discrepancy between 18:34:10:10

saying that there's a covered walkway, but the elevation does 18:34:15:06
not show that. 18:34:18:18
>> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff. 18:34:26:03
I have been sworn in. 18:34:29:27
We had no objections to the initial submittal made by the 18:34:29:27
applicant with the reduction in the intensity, of course, we'll 18:34:31:15
continue to maintain our finding of consistency with the 18:34:34:09
comprehensive plan. 18:34:37:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 18:34:37:15
>> Steve Michelini. 18:34:43:00
First, let me show you a site plan -- I'm sorry, the elevations. 18:34:44:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you have a copy of that for us? 18:34:49:22
>> You should have had copies in your packet. 18:34:52:10
I'll pass this around as soon as you finish on the elmo. 18:34:56:15
Let me draw your attention -- it's also on your site plan. 18:35:03:15
This is just a colored version. 18:35:09:09
This is the covered walkway that the staff was having difficulty 18:35:11:06
finding, and we've added a note that indicated that any trees 18:35:15:03
that might be in conflict that we would work with the Parks 18:35:19:00
Department on any trimming that might be necessary or -- if they 18:35:22:12
might be required. 18:35:28:21
We completely revamped and restructured this whole project. 18:35:29:25
As you know, we've brought a number of Mediterranean revival 18:35:38:00
style designs to you, and this was an effort to change the 18:35:41:24
design, change the look and to take the bungalow sort of key 18:35:45:15

West look back to you. 18:35:49:22
With respect to the site plan, we're orienting the fronts here 18:35:58:24
along Azeele Street. 18:36:04:04
You can see the entryways here and here and then entryway here 18:36:05:07
off of Melville. 18:36:08:28
And the one other entryway is off of the alley, but we're 18:36:11:15
providing vaulted retention on the site, so all the stormwater 18:36:16:00
will be treated on-site. 18:36:20:00
And here is the covered walkways that Marty was referring to. 18:36:21:27
We've also pushed the project back a little bit so that it gives 18:36:27:18
you better sight and corner clearances. 18:36:32:03
In addition to that, as you know, we brought the height down and 18:36:36:00
brought it back into what was typically the two-story scale. 18:36:39:00
This is not a three-story product. 18:36:42:24
I have a number of petitions which I'll ask you to receive and 18:36:46:01
file and be made part of the record that are signed by a variety 18:36:49:07
of folks in the neighborhood. 18:36:51:27
There are 21 on one sheet and an additional 21 individual 18:36:54:04
letters that I have that will be attached to that. 18:36:59:09
One of the things that we also were curious about, I know that 18:37:03:22
we've mentioned this to you before, so we decided to do a little 18:37:10:12
bar graph. 18:37:16:13
I know you can't see the numbers exactly, but over the last four 18:37:17:22
years, the assessed value in this district and this is from 18:37:23:27
Howard, Kennedy, swan and Rome, the assessed value of the 18:37:27:13

properties of redevelopment in the area has caused the tax base 18:37:31:21
to increase from 71,400,000 and those are round numbers to 18:37:35:12
163,400,000. 18:37:41:06
Which is almost a hundred million dollars in new investment 18:37:44:18
impact, which has gone toward paving the roads, improving the 18:37:50:09
water system, the sanitary sewer system, the drainage system and 18:37:54:19
place new sidewalks all throughout the area. 18:37:59:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you know what the assessment increase 18:38:01:18
citywide has been over the same time period? 18:38:08:18
>> No. 18:38:11:18
I only ran that one area. 18:38:12:00
I can tell you that there are 812 folio numbers in this 18:38:14:16
district. 18:38:20:09
And of that, there were 49 that are single-family residential 18:38:20:15
homestead properties. 18:38:23:21
I can run the numbers. 18:38:27:03
I don't know what they are. 18:38:28:06
I know that for any small area, that's a fairly dramatic 18:38:29:16
increase. 18:38:32:28
If you were talking about Palma Ceia where the house values were 18:38:33:10
much higher, I would say that probably this area is undergoing a 18:38:37:13
greater impact. 18:38:43:24
These are products that had nothing to do with that were in the 18:38:46:16
area. 18:38:53:19
Apartment buildings for the most part. 18:38:54:13

Some of these are condo. 18:38:56:24
Some of them are just -- they lack a lot in terms of design 18:38:59:22
compatibility. 18:39:05:06
This is the -- this is the post Hyde Park which is a 18:39:07:00
three-story-plus development, which is about a block and a half 18:39:11:09
away. 18:39:15:18
So anyway, we have struggled very hard to come up with some 18:39:18:13
designs. 18:39:23:25
We've gone back and listened to what your comments have been to 18:39:24:15
try come back with a concept that we thought was agreeable, 18:39:27:00
compatible. 18:39:31:13
We reduced the size and scale. 18:39:31:25
We're removing eight nonconforming apartment units from this 18:39:34:00
property. 18:39:37:10
And they are all rental units. 18:39:38:24
The apartments have been subdivided into very small components, 18:39:41:22
and we don't believe that that type of product is really what 18:39:45:16
you want to see remaining in the Courier City area. 18:39:49:16
I think that Marty showed you a great photograph a minute ago of 18:39:54:16
what this property looks like. 18:39:58:03
Don't seem to have mine. 18:40:01:18
This is old style Courier City, and there are four units in the 18:40:16:27
front and four units in the back with a parking lot that came 18:40:20:12
off of the alleyway. 18:40:23:10
The parking is not paved. 18:40:24:24

The structure is in very poor condition, and we believe that 18:40:28:09
this ought to be replaced by a single-family homeowner attached 18:40:32:04
development that will improve the area, improve the water 18:40:36:28
quality, improve the sewer system. 18:40:40:09
Pave the alleys from one property line to the other and actually 18:40:44:09
bring some ownership back in there, which helps to reduce crime. 18:40:47:06
We looked at some of the crime stats over the same period of 18:40:50:15
time, and there's been -- we don't have the exact percentages, 18:40:53:04
but there's been a significant notice of a reduction in crime in 18:40:57:09
the area. 18:41:00:25
It also takes the on-street parking element off and puts it into 18:41:02:09
the on-property contained parking areas which will also help to 18:41:06:21
alleviate congestion. 18:41:11:21
I'll have more comments, but I'll reserve them for any rebuttal 18:41:15:06
as necessary. 18:41:18:06
I know there are a number of people here that are in support of 18:41:18:27
this and want to speak. 18:41:21:13
And if Council has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. 18:41:23:03
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Michelini, are these going to be fee simple? 18:41:25:22
>> These are fee simple, single owner occupied units. 18:41:32:06
These are not rental units. 18:41:35:09
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Is this in the notes? 18:41:36:27
Because I don't seem to find it. 18:41:39:22
>> Well, they'll be developed. 18:41:41:06
They have to go through subdivision review. 18:41:43:04

And in that process they'll be defined as ownership units. 18:41:45:00
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Is there on-street parking there? 18:41:48:00
>> A lot of cars park on the street, but there's room -- there's 18:41:51:13
room on this plan for guest parking within the site, and we've 18:41:56:09
provided that for each of the units, two-car enclosed garage and 18:42:02:01
then two cars stacked in the driveway. 18:42:07:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions from Council members? 18:42:08:24
Mr. Dingfelder. 18:42:13:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll wait. 18:42:15:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would like to 18:42:18:12
speak on item number 2? 18:42:23:24
Anybody in the public speak on item number 2? 18:42:26:03
>> Jane Liggett. 18:42:34:10
I refurbish property in this area since 1980. 18:42:36:06
I still own a number of places, and this will be so much more 18:42:40:15
attractive than what is there. 18:42:44:18
I mean, I think projects like this are a delight to see coming 18:42:49:03
into the area. 18:42:52:18
And I hope you will agree. 18:42:55:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The question came up another night on another 18:42:57:00
hearing that people should identify if they have any 18:43:06:15
relationship to the project that's in front of us. 18:43:08:19
Do you have any relationship to this project? 18:43:10:09
>> No. 18:43:12:09
I'm just a neighboring property owner. 18:43:12:24

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you. 18:43:14:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak? 18:43:15:07
We have a motion and second to close. 18:43:19:25
All in favor of the motion, aye. 18:43:21:09
Mr. Shelby. 18:43:26:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a quick item -- 18:43:27:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I had a question, I said I would hold it. 18:43:32:09
>> If there are no other comments, I rest. 18:43:45:13
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is transportation staff here? 18:43:47:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone here from transportation? 18:43:53:15
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to reopen the public hearing. 18:43:58:16
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Second. 18:44:00:27
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 18:44:01:21
All in favor, aye. 18:44:03:04
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 18:44:03:22
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I was curious about the parking situation. 18:44:07:10
We've had -- you've had and your department has had in working 18:44:12:07
with the TPD on the parking issue in this neighborhood, and I'm 18:44:19:21
just curious of your comments on parking. 18:44:23:10
Have you seen a problem with quad units causing more parking? 18:44:30:00
Do they park on the sidewalks, et cetera, et cetera? 18:44:34:01
>> Melanie Callaway, transportation. 18:44:37:03
This project does provide 18-foot depth of driveways. 18:44:40:28
Previous projects approved and built didn't always provide a 18:44:50:21
driveway behind these garages. 18:44:54:12

Sometimes one-car garages with a space and no parking for people 18:44:57:06
who visit the site. 18:45:04:12
I think this site actually does seem to have more room for 18:45:05:09
parking. 18:45:08:15
But there seems to be because of the influx of so many projects 18:45:09:00
that have been approved that didn't have guest parking prior, 18:45:13:21
there seems to be issues with parking on the streets. 18:45:16:12
People are allowed to park on the streets in a residential area. 18:45:22:15
However, the problems they are running into is when you park on 18:45:26:13
both sides of the street, the street's width don't accommodate 18:45:29:24
fire trucks coming through. 18:45:33:15
And people just having to weave around it. 18:45:34:21
It slows traffic to have parking on both sides. 18:45:37:07
However, if it's too close together, emergency vehicles cannot 18:45:40:00
go through the streets. 18:45:43:18
This one is a better design that it provides the two spaces 18:45:47:18
behind the garage almost like a single-family home, almost 18:45:51:18
exactly that way. 18:45:55:01
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: So it's an improvement. 18:45:55:15
Mr. Michelini, I have one more question for you. 18:46:00:07
If you're reducing in height and your squooshing it back and 18:46:06:18
that sort of thing, is -- what was the total square footage of 18:46:10:12
the units, air condition square footage of the units of the four 18:46:15:03
units before versus now. 18:46:20:18
Are the units shrinking in size, and that's why this thing is 18:46:22:21

smaller? 18:46:26:15
Or is this a shell game. 18:46:26:27
>> I wouldn't do that to you. 18:46:29:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: NAH, I know. 18:46:30:27
>> I made a commitment to you to come back with a significantly 18:46:32:21
reduced and revised plan and that's exactly what we did. 18:46:35:21
This project is more reminiscent of what was originally being 18:46:38:27
proposed and developed by list eight or ten years ago. 18:46:42:13
We don't have the exact square footages, but I think these are 18:46:46:25
around 1800 to 2,000 square feet. 18:46:50:04
The others were probably around 26 to 2700 square feet. 18:46:54:01
There was another whole floor on here that's been eliminated. 18:46:59:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's what I was trying to figure out. 18:47:03:00
>> Now, instead of making up for the space in the garage area on 18:47:08:21
a third floor, it's been eliminated. 18:47:11:13
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The neighborhood is noticeably absent and not 18:47:15:03
here tonight on this one, which is a surprise because they've 18:47:17:10
been attending many of these recently. 18:47:20:25
Have you had specific discussions with the neighborhood about 18:47:24:03
the neighborhood -- the new Neighborhood Association about this 18:47:26:09
project and they're okay with it or do you know? 18:47:28:25
>> We made the commitment to them the same time we made the one 18:47:35:15
to you that we were reducing the size and scale and changing the 18:47:38:15
design concept to a bungalow style, which they were supportive 18:47:43:00
of if you recall a couple of hearings ago on other projects. 18:47:46:10

And they were more or less looking for a different design 18:47:51:03
concept. 18:47:55:06
So it's taken us a few months to develop that concept, but we've 18:47:56:06
done that. 18:48:00:18
I don't know specifically, but I know that we made the 18:48:03:18
commitment, and I can assure you, if they had a problem, they 18:48:05:27
would have been down here making their voices heard. 18:48:09:18
One of the things that Mr. LUM wanted to address the Council for 18:48:14:18
just a second, if you could give us that indulgence. 18:48:18:04
>> Hi. 18:48:22:25
John LUM, 2011 bay point circle. 18:48:23:12
I have been sworn in. 18:48:26:04
I just wanted to tell you that we went through Orlando about 18:48:27:12
three months ago and we won very prestigious award called aurora 18:48:30:00
award for the best 300, 500 thousand dollar town home in the 18:48:36:01
southeastern U.S. and that was in Courier City. 18:48:42:03
So we're pretty proud of that. 18:48:44:24
We're dedicated to doing a good job in Courier City going 18:48:46:15
forward and thank you for your time. 18:48:50:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: One other question, Mr. Michelini. 18:48:52:09
One of the concerns that was raised by the neighborhood was 18:48:54:19
you've shown us the profile and the view from the street, both 18:48:57:10
on anneal and Melville, but some of these quad units have been 18:49:02:06
criticized for having a very poor looking -- what's the word I'm 18:49:06:16
looking for -- facade on the side that faces the neighborhood or 18:49:12:24

the adjacent house. 18:49:16:27
Do we have any idea of what that's going to look like? 18:49:19:10
>> Well, if you can give me my elevation back, I can show you. 18:49:22:07
But let me just talk to you very briefly about the design 18:49:26:13
concept. 18:49:30:19
If you look at the site plan, we've incorporated entryways and 18:49:31:12
covered entryways on to the side of the property. 18:49:36:24
So you don't have that stark blank wall. 18:49:40:24
You'll have entries and you'll have little porticos that break 18:49:45:06
that facade up. 18:49:50:03
That was one of the concepts we were working with. 18:49:52:04
It's really the reason why the side yard reduction is a little 18:49:54:27
bit less. 18:49:58:10
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close. 18:50:02:15
All in favor, aye. 18:50:07:04
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 18:50:07:22
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the 18:50:09:15
general vicinity of 402 South Melville Avenue in the City of 18:50:11:22
Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from 18:50:15:00
zoning district classifications RM-16, residential multifamily 18:50:17:28
to PD, single-family attached, providing an effective date. 18:50:21:04
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 18:50:24:03
A question on the motion, Ms. Saul-Sena. 18:50:25:07
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you. 18:50:27:03
Mr. Michelini, this is a much better design. 18:50:28:03

The lowered height is better. 18:50:31:24
Significantly better. 18:50:35:21
The design is more interesting. 18:50:36:15
It's much more compatible. 18:50:37:21
I still think it's a little dense, but it's much better than 18:50:39:15
what you've developed previously. 18:50:43:03
So I'd like to see more in this scale if there are to be more 18:50:44:24
quadruplexes in Courier City. 18:50:51:06
Thank you. 18:50:53:15
>> Thank you. 18:50:54:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: There's a motion on the floor. 18:50:55:15
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion. 18:50:58:00
All in favor of the motion, aye. 18:50:59:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: Just a couple of things. 18:51:00:25
Steve, first of all, I think we started shifting into what the 18:51:04:00
neighborhood would have opposed if they were here. 18:51:07:03
Obviously, if they opposed it, we all know they would have been 18:51:08:28
here. 18:51:12:24
John, just to readdress you, congratulations on your award 18:51:13:25
because I know that doesn't come easily. 18:51:17:13
And you've had some challenges in that area, and I think you've 18:51:19:15
modified what you've had to do to accommodate that. 18:51:23:15
And I think this is a win-win. 18:51:26:07
Ms. Liggett, thank you for your input. 18:51:27:27
And I think that this is definitely an improvement. 18:51:31:00

Just want to put those comments on record. 18:51:36:18
>> We look forward to moving forward with these projects. 18:51:38:21
We look forward to moving forward with other projects that have 18:51:45:27
innovative designs that can be supported and we're not down here 18:51:48:13
in a contentious atmosphere. 18:51:53:19
We have worked very hard and diligently to achieve that and we 18:51:55:27
appreciate your support. 18:51:59:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: We know that. 18:52:00:06
Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't. 18:52:01:09
I didn't want to discount what John it. 18:52:04:12
>>MARY ALVAREZ: As long as you have the association and 18:52:08:15
neighbor's approval of it, you have no problem with us. 18:52:11:07
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I can't say I always agree with that, Mary, 18:52:14:21
but I appreciate the comment. 18:52:19:10
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you, Madam Chair. 18:52:20:15
Just because the statute requires it, I just want to make clear 18:52:23:01
at this point if the Council has received any written 18:52:27:27
communications regarding any of the petitions tonight that they 18:52:30:06
be received and filed into the record. 18:52:32:22
And for the record, that all written communications that have 18:52:34:21
been received by City Council are available for public 18:52:37:27
inspection during Council's office hours. 18:52:40:25
If that could be moved into the record at this time. 18:52:43:24
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 18:52:46:16
All in favor, aye. 18:52:47:21

>>MARTIN SHELBY: That was the motion to -- 18:52:48:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Need a motion to receive and file. 18:52:54:21
We have a motion and second. 18:53:00:12
All in favor of the motion, aye. 18:53:01:18
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you. 18:53:02:27
And one other thing, just a reminder that if there have been any 18:53:04:27
ex parte communications that Council has had, please disclose 18:53:08:03
that prior to the votes. 18:53:13:06
Thank you. 18:53:14:15
>>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development. 18:53:14:15
Item number 3, Z 05-111. 18:53:19:00
It's located on Pawan Rattan. 18:53:26:10
The petitioner propose to rezone the property at 808 Armenia and 18:53:47:16
2402 State Street to an RO zoning district to construct an 18:53:51:16
office building consisting of a maximum of 4400 square feet, and 18:53:57:12
it will be professional office. 18:54:01:01
The office is two stories. 18:54:03:06
The plan shows 15 parking spaces provided and one ADA space, 15 18:54:06:07
spaces are required. 18:54:11:24
The site will have access from State Street to the North and a 18:54:13:13
14-foot alleyway to North Armenia Avenue to the South. 18:54:17:06
The site is located within the West Tampa overlay district. 18:54:21:06
On the rezoning map, this is the subject parcel. 18:54:27:21
It is currently zoned RM-16. 18:54:32:21
It is surrounded by RM-16 directly to the rear behind it is a 18:54:37:01

residential offices zoning. 18:54:44:06
To the East is CI, commercial intensive. 18:54:45:22
Staff had objections and some or almost all of them since the 18:54:53:00
date of the staff report was written a week ago, had been 18:54:59:09
resolved. 18:55:02:03
Under the site plan, they've added notes. 18:55:04:25
I just was handed it. 18:55:09:22
They needed waives for section 27-130 to reduce the buffer 18:55:14:25
requirement from the property to the West. 18:55:20:04
If you look at the site plan, the property to the West is 18:55:22:12
single-family residential, and they all are only including a 18:55:26:06
five-foot buffer with the six-foot wall. 18:55:29:21
And is requirement is for peek -- 15 feet. 18:55:33:18
They added a note on the site plan asking for that waiver. 18:55:38:12
Another waiver to increase allowable setback from the front to 18:55:41:15
zero to ten in the West Tampa overlay district. 18:55:44:10
It does state that the buildings will be pushed up to the very 18:55:48:07
front of the property line, parking to the rear. 18:55:52:27
And this is set back ten feet. 18:55:56:13
It originally had been set back much further, and in development 18:55:58:18
review committee meeting, we noted that the building needed to 18:56:03:12
be pushed up more towards Armenia. 18:56:06:21
And also a waiver to allow access to State Street, a local 18:56:10:24
street. 18:56:14:07
There are existing trees to the rear close to the property line 18:56:17:10

what the site plan shows as being saved and the fence being 18:56:20:24
designed around the trees. 18:56:24:00
Land Development recommends that the petitioner install the 18:56:25:15
fence that cantilevers over tree roots in order to minimize the 18:56:28:06
impact to the trees. 18:56:32:18
Also, we discussed earlier they are asking for a waiver of that 18:56:34:06
15-foot buffer. 18:56:38:00
The property to the West is residential and they do need a 18:56:39:15
waiver to reduce that. 18:56:43:21
Also on the plan, West Tampa overlay requires that there be 18:56:48:13
six-foot sidewalks, and originally only five-foot sidewalks were 18:56:52:15
being shown. 18:56:58:10
There is an existing five-foot sidewalk, but additional sidewalk 18:56:59:01
that is proposed and petitioner did state that he -- through a 18:57:02:10
note -- that he was going to make that a six-foot sidewalk. 18:57:06:27
Transportation planning says that the alley needs to be paved 18:57:12:09
from the furthest west property line to Armenia Avenue and needs 18:57:15:18
to be stated as up in the site plan. 18:57:21:09
And he did do that. 18:57:23:21
Other than that, it appears that the petitioner, through the 18:57:30:21
notes that he has handed me, has -- let me check this one. 18:57:34:03
Yes. 18:57:41:21
He has satisfied all the objections that we currently had. 18:57:42:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You mentioned that when the wall is 18:57:45:18
constructed it needs to be cantilevered over the tree roots, 18:57:51:09

does there need to be a note on here that says that? 18:57:56:09
>> Make sure he didn't add that. 18:58:01:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I didn't see it on here. 18:58:03:04
>>MARTY BOYLE: He did add to this. 18:58:04:24
I think I have a plan that you all don't. 18:58:07:15
He handed me this one plan. 18:58:09:21
You don't have the notes. 18:58:11:04
We'll have to put those notes. 18:58:12:15
He added a note, proposed six-foot wall will be cantilevered 18:58:15:00
wherever possible over existing tree roots within protective 18:58:19:10
radius of all safe trees. 18:58:23:03
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Are there some buildings on the property now 18:58:29:21
that will be torn down? 18:58:31:19
>> I'll let the petitioner speak to that. 18:58:33:18
In looking at the aerial -- actually, let me show you the 18:58:35:27
aerial. 18:58:39:07
This is an existing structure and it is to be removed. 18:58:40:06
He has, the petitioner has a picture to show you of that. 18:58:44:18
That's the end of our presentation. 18:58:57:12
>> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff. 18:59:06:12
I have been sworn in. 18:59:07:18
The site is located just South of the intersection of cypress 18:59:10:00
and Armenia. 18:59:13:24
As most of you know, this segment of Armenia Avenue South of 18:59:15:09
cypress along Armenia has been steadily redeveloping as low 18:59:18:21

density office district. 18:59:23:15
If approved continue to contribute to the economic development 18:59:24:28
along the corridors of Armenia and Howard Avenue. 18:59:28:06
The structure will be designated for professional office uses 18:59:31:18
and does meet the locational criteria for the residential 20 18:59:34:07
land use designation. 18:59:37:10
The revised site plan does have a more urbanized type of look 18:59:39:00
with the structure being oriented a little more closer to 18:59:43:00
Armenia Avenue. 18:59:46:10
Predominant land use categories on the site as you can see on 18:59:48:03
the future land use map on the elmo, public, semi public just to 18:59:50:12
the southeast of the site which is -- and heavy commercial 24 18:59:54:04
which is the orange color directly to the East. 18:59:59:04
Residential 20 is your brown and residential 10 up to the 19:00:01:06
northwest of the intersection. 19:00:08:24
As Ms. Boyle has stated, the applicant has met with all the 19:00:10:27
technical objections they had. 19:00:14:24
Planning Commission staff has no objections to the proposed 19:00:16:16
request. 19:00:19:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 19:00:19:09
>> Good evening, Andrew Baker, McBerry Street, Tampa, Florida, 19:00:26:09
33603, and I have been sworn. 19:00:29:19
I'm representing, actually, Dr. Rattan. 19:00:34:22
The proposed project is on Armenia, as stated. 19:00:37:25
And previously there was a single-family home behind this house. 19:00:41:12

This is the existing family building that faces Armenia that the 19:00:47:04
petitioner is looking at removing. 19:00:51:13
One of the things mentioned and I'll show you what's going on 19:01:08:25
around this property is the type of development, how Armenia has 19:01:11:24
changed. 19:01:15:03
One of the comments and objections staff originally talked 19:01:15:12
about, that we didn't have a six-foot sidewalk and needed to 19:01:18:06
pave the alley. 19:01:21:28
If you look at the picture, you'll see that the sidewalks exist 19:01:22:18
in this particular area and the sidewalks go down Armenia to 19:01:25:21
Kennedy Boulevard. 19:01:29:24
The alley is also paved and there's a picture there that also 19:01:30:24
shows that the alley exists and currently being used by the 19:01:34:09
sanitation department. 19:01:37:00
Here again is the multifamily unit that exists and a couple of 19:01:41:06
shots just to give you a feel of what will be removed. 19:01:46:09
But as you are aware, again, Armenia is a major roadway, one-way 19:01:51:24
road that has a lot of traffic throughout. 19:01:58:01
We are asking for a waiver from the -- to State Street for 19:02:00:06
access. 19:02:04:24
But there's currently an office to the North of us that already 19:02:05:09
has that access as well. 19:02:08:00
Otherwise, we would have to ask for an access off of Armenia 19:02:09:18
which has the potential to cause traffic problems off Armenia. 19:02:13:19
Here is another office right adjacent to our property as well. 19:02:18:10

If you are driving down Armenia to the South, you will see this 19:02:21:22
office building and this type of a setback. 19:02:25:21
We originally submitted a site plan that showed the property 19:02:28:18
further back by looking at the West Tampa overlay district. 19:02:31:24
We did move the building closer up toward the front. 19:02:34:21
However, the buildings that exist today aren't built right up to 19:02:38:07
the curb. 19:02:42:01
They are actually set back. 19:02:42:24
What we did, we took an average of what was going on in the 19:02:44:12
community already as you can see from this building that is 19:02:47:12
directly across the street. 19:02:49:28
They are not all the way up to the curb there. 19:02:51:06
They are actually set back. 19:02:53:04
So we were trying to be in keeping with the type of development 19:02:54:12
that exists in the particular area. 19:02:57:10
The proposed structure will be something similar to this. 19:03:00:25
It will be a two-story structure, so we're proposing to have two 19:03:04:22
stories and about 4400 square feet that we're proposing to 19:03:09:07
develop. 19:03:13:22
And as was pointed out, we did meet the conditions that were 19:03:16:24
pointed out by staff. 19:03:20:15
Again, there's an office to the North of us us that shares their 19:03:22:06
access on this particular angle. 19:03:25:21
We have the same type of access here. 19:03:28:21
Here is our structure that will replace the existing multifamily 19:03:30:00

structure. 19:03:33:15
And by moving the building up to the front, you have to put your 19:03:33:24
parking in the back or on the side. 19:03:37:03
So to protect the residential area, we have put in a masonry 19:03:39:09
wall that will be constructed, and we will do the cantilevers 19:03:43:06
over the root systems, and we have turf block around the trees 19:03:46:16
that we've saved along that particular alley. 19:03:49:09
So in trying to be in keeping with the West Tampa overlay 19:03:51:27
district, we had to ask for the waiver for the 15th buffer 19:03:55:10
that we could put an efficient parking system behind the 19:03:58:28
structure as proposed. 19:04:03:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to compliment you. 19:04:10:22
It looks really attractive and you have a walkway and doors that 19:04:12:24
open to Armenia. 19:04:16:15
That's great. 19:04:18:15
I really don't have a problem with it. 19:04:19:07
Not being right on the sidewalk and I'm thinking that maybe we 19:04:21:18
should look at that to allow that averaging back a little bit, 19:04:26:25
because there is such intense traffic on Armenia since we 19:04:30:15
haven't been successful in getting it to be two ways. 19:04:34:12
I think it makes -- probably would make people more comfortable. 19:04:38:25
Anyway, it's a real attractive plan. 19:04:41:24
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Baker, on the -- this thing here, it looks 19:04:43:28
like the two structures that are going to be removed are going 19:04:52:01
East and West? 19:04:55:12

>> Yes. 19:04:57:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: And then the building is going to go North to 19:04:57:15
South? 19:05:01:18
>> Correct. 19:05:01:18
>>MARY ALVAREZ: It's a little confusing there. 19:05:01:18
So you're taking over -- there's another -- are you going South 19:05:03:22
on Armenia? 19:05:10:12
There looks like another -- or is it just that piece of property 19:05:12:03
that you have just taken over and then you'll make the parking 19:05:15:21
lot in the back? 19:05:19:09
>> Correct. 19:05:20:09
We're just taking this particular house structure there and that 19:05:22:27
parking lot is behind that structure. 19:05:25:21
>>MARY ALVAREZ: It looks very attractive. 19:05:27:15
>> And the alley also has -- is already paved and currently 19:05:32:21
being used. 19:05:36:27
So that provides another option for the users of this particular 19:05:37:15
site. 19:05:41:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public like to speak on 19:05:41:00
item number 3? 19:05:43:27
>> Hi. 19:05:54:27
I'm Betty Stephens, and I live at 2406 State Street. 19:05:59:04
I'm right behind this parking lot. 19:06:07:13
I have no objections, you know, to the building. 19:06:10:27
It's going to improve the looks of the neighborhood because of 19:06:14:21

the building that's on there now really needs to come down. 19:06:19:15
It's been in really bad repair for years. 19:06:24:03
The problem I have is with the parking lot. 19:06:30:21
I'm concerned with the parking lot which will parallel my home, 19:06:35:21
which is just past the West line. 19:06:41:24
My house faces State Street. 19:06:45:18
I also own 2405 State Street, 2407 State Street. 19:06:48:06
2411 State Street and 2409 State Street, which is across the 19:06:54:27
street. 19:07:01:10
The parking lot will maybe affect my properties there somewhat. 19:07:02:04
But my main entrance is I would like a high barrier for the 19:07:09:16
noise and the lights of the parking lot. 19:07:16:06
My bedroom and my Florida room is adjacent to this parking lot. 19:07:20:21
On the East side of my house but at the west end of the parking 19:07:28:24
lot. 19:07:34:06
There will be car doors slamming. 19:07:35:24
Irritation going on, which, like I say, the building is fine if 19:07:41:00
we can solve something, you know, concerning the parking lot in 19:07:47:24
my being there. 19:07:51:12
And I've lived in my home 50 years and it's been very quiet. 19:07:52:09
Very -- and that's why I've stayed there. 19:07:57:09
Also, speaking of the alley, I didn't quite understand something 19:08:04:15
that they said on the petition to rezone. 19:08:07:12
The alley, I would like that studied a little more as to if they 19:08:14:15
are going to use it for thoroughfare from the parking lot. 19:08:17:21

It's almost impossible to come from the back of this alley, from 19:08:24:24
the back of the parking lot to the alley. 19:08:27:18
And when they go down to hit Armenia, if they do use the alley, 19:08:29:22
those buildings are real close together. 19:08:33:22
And like you said, Ms. Saul-Sena, they are right at the 19:08:35:27
sidewalk. 19:08:38:10
That's very dangerous. 19:08:39:03
If something isn't done to prevent cars and people and children 19:08:40:24
from going across this parking lot and using the alley to get to 19:08:46:27
Armenia which will be from the front part of that parking lot, 19:08:51:06
maybe only about 20 feet, I don't know, I'm guessing, and so 19:08:55:16
that is bothering me very much, because I don't want to have to 19:09:00:07
run out there and pick up a child or someone that's been run 19:09:03:13
over at the edge of that alley. 19:09:07:22
So that I would appreciate you all considering. 19:09:11:00
Last Sunday I heard yelling a a ball hitting my fence, because I 19:09:15:28
have a privacy fence which probably will be replaced by the wall 19:09:22:12
barrier, I hope, you know. 19:09:26:27
And it was six people that live in the two-story building that 19:09:29:15
they are going to demolish. 19:09:34:10
They were out there playing ball on the same lot. 19:09:36:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Your time is up. 19:09:38:15
>> So that gave me possibly what I'm going to have later. 19:09:40:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Your time is up. 19:09:43:01
Ms. Alvarez has a question. 19:09:44:12

>>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in? 19:09:45:18
>> Yes. 19:09:53:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 19:09:53:21
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Baker, this is a professional doctor's 19:09:54:24
office. 19:10:01:13
So what are the hours that he's planning to keep open? 19:10:01:28
>> It will be professional offices. 19:10:06:16
We would expect people to be there the typical 8:00 to 5:00, 19:10:08:03
8:00 to 6:00 during the week and not over the weekend. 19:10:12:06
One of the things to soften the impact, we originally had just a 19:10:16:00
privacy fence, wooden privacy fence up. 19:10:19:21
Because of the resident being right there adjacent to it, there 19:10:22:12
will be a masonry wall. 19:10:25:09
In addition, we will comply with the landscape code in term of 19:10:26:28
buffering and so forth. 19:10:29:28
There's also a note on there that refers to the light post no 19:10:31:06
taller than 12 feet adjacent to the recognizes uses. 19:10:34:25
We've tried to mitigate the impacts on the residential uses. 19:10:37:28
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Did you have a conversation with the people 19:10:41:06
around there? 19:10:42:21
>> We sent the notices out. 19:10:43:25
I got about three phone calls. 19:10:45:15
I also initiated contact with the head of the Neighborhood 19:10:46:28
Association. 19:10:52:25
I did not get a phone call from this particular resident, but my 19:10:53:10

number was there for anyone who had any questions about the site 19:10:56:21
plan. 19:10:59:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: They don't have a Neighborhood Association. 19:11:00:06
>> North Hyde Park. 19:11:03:03
The association we were told to contact. 19:11:04:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: Do you understand that in order to reduce that 19:11:05:19
annoyance, they are going to put a six-foot masonry wall and 19:11:13:03
15-foot landscape buffer in addition to which there will be no 19:11:19:15
night operating hours and your issue about somebody from the 19:11:22:15
units now that are playing ball up against that fence, that's 19:11:27:12
not going to happen, because that's all going to be removed to 19:11:30:00
accommodate the residential building -- I mean, the professional 19:11:33:03
building in addition to which that alley is already being used. 19:11:39:09
It's not that they are going to open up an alley that has not 19:11:42:18
been used for transportation. 19:11:45:10
It's just an alternative source of -- not necessarily that 19:11:48:04
that's going to be the thoroughfare. 19:11:51:19
They can use it just like everybody else is able to use it at 19:11:53:24
this point. 19:11:57:00
I think they are going to reduce some of the annoyances that you 19:11:57:21
have as an abutting property owner, really. 19:12:00:10
>> The parking lot is behind the building, and then my home is 19:12:03:28
right there. 19:12:07:27
And there's just a line between me and the parking lot. 19:12:09:01
>>ROSE FERLITA: I think that's what the requirement is. 19:12:12:21

They are not asking for a waiver for that. 19:12:22:06
When you get a six-foot masonry wall, 15 feet of landscape that 19:12:24:16
will buffer plenty, believe me. 19:12:28:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Beside, you have a setback. 19:12:30:15
>> My concern were the cars being able to go into the alley that 19:12:33:06
are parked in the parking lot as a way to get out to Armenia. 19:12:37:09
That's what my concern was. 19:12:41:10
>>ROSE FERLITA: That's an alley being used so that's okay. 19:12:42:18
>> Even a low wall along their property which would keep cars 19:12:48:09
from going into the alley. 19:12:51:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: Anyway, thank you. 19:12:54:22
>>KEVIN WHITE: I was going to make one other comment about the 19:12:55:24
lighting situation. 19:12:58:22
The garbage truck comes out through there now. 19:12:59:22
The garbage truck is much larger than any pedestrian automobile 19:13:04:16
and they make that on a safe trip twice a week. 19:13:09:10
So I don't think a car would be -- hopefully wouldn't be any 19:13:12:07
more intrusive. 19:13:17:00
The only other thing I was thinking about and wanted to address 19:13:18:07
with Mr. Baker, I didn't I didn't see was she was concerned 19:13:21:01
about the lighting. 19:13:24:28
You know you said the lighting would be more than 12 feet. 19:13:26:00
Since her home is directly abutting that, I was just asking -- I 19:13:31:18
really didn't look on here. 19:13:36:09
I was going to say, it may be more appropriate to have the 19:13:37:21

lighting actually attached to the building with the little -- 19:13:40:24
the shields over them that shine down on the building rather 19:13:45:01
than having the lights back toward the fence because the 19:13:49:24
protection is more for the building rather than the parking lot 19:13:54:00
because there's no safety issue at night because the building 19:13:56:21
won't be occupied. 19:13:59:22
So there's no one walking to and from the building at night for 19:14:00:24
a safety reason. 19:14:06:15
So little bit more convenience for you and save TECO poles, 19:14:07:25
because you can attach the lights to the building and do low 19:14:14:24
density lights. 19:14:18:09
>> We don't have a problem with that at all. 19:14:19:03
We were trying to follow the regulations of the code by 19:14:21:07
lowering. 19:14:24:09
If that would appease -- 19:14:24:15
>> That's an idea. 19:14:27:09
I'm not mandating. 19:14:27:27
An idea -- that may help you save costs that may help her with 19:14:29:25
her issue. 19:14:34:19
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Baker, when you put up that wall and there's 19:14:35:00
a separation, is that the alley right behind that? 19:14:43:01
>> No her property is behind the wall. 19:14:45:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: What's the setback from her property to the 19:14:49:00
wall? 19:14:53:00
>> Seven feet. 19:14:54:21

>> Right. 19:14:55:19
Her house is probably seven feet to the wall. 19:14:55:28
Then we have the wall that's masonry six-foot high and we only 19:14:59:13
have a five-foot buffer. 19:15:03:06
And then our parking spaces start and then about 24, 30 feet 19:15:04:27
farther away, the building is. 19:15:08:15
Because we're -- two rows of parking and access drive to get to 19:15:10:13
State Street. 19:15:16:00
State Street is our principal entrance, not the alley. 19:15:17:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak on item number 3? 19:15:21:18
Motion and second to close. 19:15:24:06
All in favor, aye. 19:15:25:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the 19:15:26:10
general vicinity of 808 Armenia Avenue and 2402 State Street, 19:15:29:24
City of Tampa, Florida, more particularly described in section 1 19:15:35:07
from zoning district classifications RM-16 residential 19:15:37:15
multifamily to RO-1 residential office, providing an effective 19:15:41:12
date. 19:15:45:27
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 19:15:46:03
All in favor of the motion, aye. 19:15:47:16
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 19:15:48:27
We have a motion and second to open 6. 19:15:49:27
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 19:16:00:10
>>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development. 19:16:05:25
Item number 6, Z 05-154. 19:16:08:06

I guess it would be helpful if I hand you some material. 19:16:12:03
This is Euclidean zoning request. 19:16:24:25
The petitioner proposes to rezone the property at 3211 West 19:16:28:21
Paxton Avenue. 19:16:33:21
From an RS-60 single-family zoning to an RS-50 to create two 19:16:36:24
buildable zoning lots for single-family detached structures. 19:16:42:16
The site consists of two 50-foot platted lots. 19:16:46:12
Lots 14 and 15, block five MacDill heights. 19:16:50:00
Standard setbacks for RS-50 are as follows. 19:16:53:27
20 front yard, 20 rear and seven side. 19:16:56:19
The homes along West Paxton within block five appear to maintain 19:17:01:00
varying front setbacks. 19:17:06:00
This request, like I said, is for Euclidean, so you don't have a 19:17:09:04
site plan in front of you. 19:17:12:12
On the elmo, this is the property on West Paxton. 19:17:18:09
It is located to the East of Sheridan and to the West of 19:17:21:27
MacDill this is block five. 19:17:26:19
And within block five, there are 50% nonconforming. 19:17:30:15
And the nonconforming lots are shown in the blue. 19:17:36:15
Block two to the East contained 20 total zoning lots with a 90% 19:17:42:09
nonconforming configuration. 19:17:48:10
Blocks six and three to the North have 62% nonconforming and 19:17:52:13
blocks four and one to the West and the South have a 39% 19:17:57:28
nonconforming. 19:18:02:27
There have been no objections, and staff has no objections. 19:18:04:03

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question. 19:18:07:15
I'm looking at this and I'm looking at the front of Paxton. 19:18:11:15
And I tend to think in terms of fronts of lots that face each 19:18:14:13
other because that's sort of your context. 19:18:18:22
Your neighbors on either side and then the folks you are looking 19:18:23:00
at across the street. 19:18:26:04
And it appears that everybody on the south side of the street is 19:18:27:07
60 with one exception toward the other corner. 19:18:31:13
And it appears that everyone on the north side of the street 19:18:36:00
except the petitioner's lot and the adjacent lot are also 60s. 19:18:40:04
So I understand how you have to look at, you know, the context 19:18:47:00
of the six blocks, but if it were me thinking about what is my 19:18:53:15
block, I think about the folks next to me and the folks across 19:18:58:28
the street. 19:19:02:12
And if you were to look at that and assign a percentage to it, 19:19:02:24
I'd say it's more like 85 or 90 percent conforming. 19:19:05:27
So I just think that it's not completely -- I mean, I don't 19:19:10:03
think the way that you categorized it is as telling -- 19:19:14:24
>> That block, you're correct, is only 50% nonconforming. 19:19:19:10
50% of that block is conforming. 19:19:22:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's not what I'm saying. 19:19:26:10
I'm saying on the block face which is the reality, it's like 19:19:28:00
90%. 19:19:31:01
>> That is correct. 19:19:32:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You're looking at it from a bird's-eye view. 19:19:33:00

I'm thinking of it how it feels to live on the street. 19:19:36:09
You look up and down your street and across the street from it. 19:19:39:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission? 19:19:42:24
>> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff. 19:19:51:13
I have been sworn in regarding the future land use category for 19:19:53:03
the area, as you can see on the elmo, the predominant land use 19:19:57:09
category for the site is residential 10 for this area. 19:20:00:22
On the West side of MacDill, South of Gandy, which is where 19:20:04:10
this is located at is much more different than on the East side 19:20:07:09
of MacDill. 19:20:10:22
If you recall the last public hearing, we did have, we had one 19:20:12:00
that we had a case on the East side of MacDill where there 19:20:15:04
was a lot of conformity as far as the lots are concerned. 19:20:19:10
Seems there's a lot more nonconformity on the West side of 19:20:23:03
MacDill regarding the way the lots are laid out. 19:20:25:27
I think Ms. Saul-Sena, you're correct as far as how the lots 19:20:29:01
are, as far as the block face to the South. 19:20:31:27
In looking at the overall character of the area, when you look 19:20:34:27
at the lot parcelization, which is pretty much how city staff 19:20:37:19
views it and how we would look at the general area, looking at 19:20:41:28
the nonconforming lot patterns, going from Ballast Point all the 19:20:45:03
way down to PERLO, significant amount of nonconformities as far 19:20:49:03
as lot patterns are concerned. 19:20:55:27
There have been many opportunities for people to come in and 19:20:59:12
convey this type of request that have been successful with this 19:21:01:15

particular area in the Sun Bay South Association to help 19:21:05:12
contribute to the housing stock in the area because this is 19:21:09:18
mostly mid '50s, mid century homes. 19:21:11:22
We're talking about 1950s to 1960s in the area. 19:21:14:24
There was one approved in close proximity on the west side of 19:21:19:03
MacDill. 19:21:22:27
Seems the pattern it much more successful for this type of 19:21:23:22
Euclidean request on the West side of MacDill than the east 19:21:26:09
side of MacDill. 19:21:29:15
Planning Commission staff had no objections to the request. 19:21:30:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 19:21:33:06
>> My name is Phillip Houston. 19:21:41:10
I have been sworn. 19:21:43:03
I think there should be a correction on the address. 19:21:44:18
It is 3221. 19:21:47:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It says that. 19:21:49:06
>> I have sent the letters out. 19:21:55:22
I've had four phone calls regarding the good neighbor letters, 19:21:57:15
and three of the calls did not understand. 19:22:02:24
I explained to them what was happening, and he encouraged it. 19:22:06:27
The last one today was from homeowners association. 19:22:10:21
He says they have a meeting. 19:22:16:19
They didn't really disagree, but they have no objection. 19:22:19:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public like to speak on 19:22:23:27
item number 6? 19:22:27:24

We have a motion and second to close. 19:22:32:06
All in favor of the motion, aye. 19:22:34:04
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 19:22:35:15
What's the pleasure of the Council? 19:22:46:16
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, I'm looking at the reality of 19:22:48:00
this block and what's around it, and I see that people have 19:22:49:24
60-foot lots, next door down the street, on the other side of 19:22:53:24
the street across the street. 19:22:57:09
Paxton, you know we're spending a fortune on dealing with 19:22:59:01
drainage issues. 19:23:02:09
I mean, a fortune. 19:23:03:01
They've been terribly inconvenienced by poor drainage. 19:23:04:15
I think putting two houses on smaller lots is not a good policy. 19:23:09:12
So I won't be supporting this. 19:23:14:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: I agree with Ms. Saul-Sena wholeheartedly. 19:23:14:27
These are one of the first priority things we're looking at in 19:23:19:12
terms of stormwater improvements. 19:23:21:16
We've had this issue a couple of weeks ago. 19:23:23:18
I think your sentiment, Linda, and mine were the same. 19:23:25:21
We're trying to alleviate it but at the same time trying to 19:23:28:06
exacerbate. 19:23:30:24
I'll move for denial if you haven't. 19:23:32:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 19:23:33:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second for denial. 19:23:34:16
All in favor, aye. 19:23:35:27

>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open 7. 19:23:36:24
>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye. 19:23:40:18
>>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development, item 7, Z 05-160. 19:23:42:06
The petitioner proposes to rezone the property at 3512 East 19:24:10:04
Hillsborough Avenue to a PD zoning district to construct a 19:24:15:06
2190-square-foot restaurant with a drive-through. 19:24:19:12
It's a Dunkin' Donuts. 19:24:24:04
Maximum height of 45 feet, one story. 19:24:28:12
Plan proposes 22 spaces. 19:24:31:06
19.5 spaces are required by code. 19:24:36:12
The site is located West of 36th Street and South of 34th. 19:24:38:15
If you look on the elmo, it's located -- this is Hillsborough 19:24:43:15
Avenue. 19:24:52:16
This is Mohawk, and it is just North of Hillsborough on 36th. 19:24:53:12
The site currently has a storage shed and a construction 19:25:03:01
material is stored on site. 19:25:06:04
I will show you the pictures. 19:25:10:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Did we get an aerial on this? 19:25:13:21
>>MARTY BOYLE: Map info did not work for us today. 19:25:18:15
Probably on all the cases from here on out, you will not have 19:25:21:06
the aerials. 19:25:25:27
>>MARTY BOYLE: The site is fenced with chain-link and it has a 19:25:45:21
storage currently as a shed with construction material. 19:25:49:24
This is a view looking West on Hillsborough. 19:25:54:06
As you can see the site right here, this is directly across the 19:25:58:24

street. 19:26:04:06
This is directly across 36th Street. 19:26:09:03
This is a view from the subject site looking towards Mohawk into 19:26:14:10
the residential area. 19:26:18:10
And this is Mohawk looking West. 19:26:21:27
This is the subject property right here. 19:26:25:18
Land Development has reviewed the site plan and has the 19:26:30:09
following comments. 19:26:33:24
First, when we wrote -- again, this is one of those where we 19:26:35:28
wrote the staff report a week ago. 19:26:39:03
And today the petitioner was able to come in and place notes on 19:26:42:00
the plan to alleviate or satisfy the objections. 19:26:45:01
We originally asked that they correct the waivers on the plan or 19:26:53:04
add the waivers that we were noting. 19:26:58:10
And one of the waivers is requesting access to 36th Street, a 19:27:00:09
local street and under section 27103 -- 130 B, allow the 19:27:04:03
planting of four Crepe Myrtles in lieu of evergreen species at 19:27:12:15
20-foot intervals. 19:27:17:09
They added those waivers to clarify number two that waiver. 19:27:18:19
Originally the petitioner at our development review committee 19:27:24:12
meeting, they showed 20 trees, evergreens at 20 feet. 19:27:26:25
And staff had concerns about the major power lines. 19:27:32:04
And they asked them to plant something that was not -- would not 19:27:34:27
grow as tall and, hence, that's why they are needing to ask for 19:27:38:12
a waiver for that. 19:27:42:12

Because the required buffer requires them to plant evergreens at 19:27:43:21
20-foot intervals. 19:27:47:00
And they are not, but that is at staff's request. 19:27:48:06
Transportation had three objections about the drive-through 19:27:54:19
length, about the flare onto Hillsborough Avenue and about 19:27:59:09
getting approval from F.D.O.T. 19:28:03:28
The petitioner has come in and with notes on the site plan, has 19:28:05:24
satisfied those objections. 19:28:09:03
So with the notes added today -- and I will give the clerk a 19:28:12:16
copy, we have no objections. 19:28:16:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: I was going to say it didn't matter what the 19:28:19:15
aerial looked like. 19:28:28:25
We weren't passing on a Dunkin' Donuts in East Tampa. 19:28:30:09
[ LAUGHTER ] 19:28:33:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I thought they would bring samples. 19:28:37:12
>>GWEN MILLER: We need development in there. 19:28:39:22
>> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff. 19:28:44:10
I have been sworn in. 19:28:46:09
Regarding land use in the existing area. 19:28:47:25
Looking at the elmo, you'll see there are three predominant land 19:28:50:18
use categories. 19:28:53:24
Heavy commercial 24 which is along the North and South face of 19:28:54:19
Hillsborough Avenue. 19:28:57:15
Residential 20 as one goes away to the North from Hillsborough 19:28:58:21
Avenue, residential 20 is this dark brown color and the 19:29:02:07

predominant land use is family category of residential 10. 19:29:06:24
Good thing, yes, it is a Dunkin' Donuts. 19:29:11:12
It's considered a CG use. 19:29:14:07
You can put CI in heavy commercial 24. 19:29:16:03
So we're looking at a less intensive use which is good for the 19:29:18:22
area. 19:29:21:21
New structure, contributing structure which will help to the 19:29:22:03
economic development character of this particular area. 19:29:25:15
This is located in live oak square Civic Association 19:29:27:07
neighborhood. 19:29:30:01
Just off of 36th Street north of Hillsborough Avenue. 19:29:30:16
Looking at the aerial, my aerial, which I would have offered but 19:29:33:24
Mr. Brooks beat me to it. 19:29:42:06
Higher intensive uses adjacent to the site. 19:29:44:07
You have a lot of cars over here. 19:29:48:01
Seems to be a car repair facility and then another car, outdoor 19:29:49:09
storage facility here. 19:29:53:21
Much more -- this will definitely be a contributing commercial 19:29:54:24
use in the area, CG use. 19:29:59:27
Based on where, if you look at the site plan, what is good about 19:30:01:21
this, yes, we do have a drive-thru, but at least we do have the 19:30:05:15
buffer of Mohawk to the residential that is to the North. 19:30:09:15
At least 15-foot landscape buffer to the South of Mohawk in 19:30:12:12
addition to Mohawk itself. 19:30:19:24
Planning Commission staff had no objections to the proposed 19:30:22:00

request. 19:30:24:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 19:30:24:06
>> Good evening, Madam Chair. 19:30:30:01
Members of Council, for the record, Michael Brooks, 500 East 19:30:30:27
Kennedy Boulevard, suite 200, here in Tampa. 19:30:34:01
I have been sworn. 19:30:37:06
I concur with everything the planning staff and commission has 19:30:38:16
said. 19:30:41:22
I would point out with regard to the waivers that one of the 19:30:42:10
requests for the 36th Street access is that F.D.O.T -- and 19:30:56:00
there's a letter in your backup -- has asked us to push this 19:31:01:00
ingress/egress as far West as possible and in terms of making 19:31:04:00
the site circulation working the access on the local street. 19:31:09:25
Channelized access makes this site work much better. 19:31:13:15
You'll also notice on your site plan if you look really hard at 19:31:17:12
the small print, in addition to being potential power line 19:31:21:15
issues, there's also a stormwater easement that runs on the 19:31:25:21
north side of that property. 19:31:28:03
And for that reason, we propose to put in the Crepe Myrtles at 19:31:29:12
the same spacing. 19:31:34:09
Here to answer any questions. 19:31:35:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public like to speak on item number 19:31:37:06
7? 19:31:39:12
Come on up and speak. 19:31:42:09
>> My name is Sheila Blunt. 19:31:52:01

I have not been sworn in. 19:31:53:24
(Oath administered by the clerk). 19:31:58:10
Our concern in our area with the Dunkin' Donut is not the 19:32:04:15
Dunkin' Donut. 19:32:08:01
We just want to make sure the accessibility to Mohawk because we 19:32:09:09
have seniors there and children behind Mohawk, that a fence be 19:32:12:18
put up behind Mohawk. 19:32:17:06
There would not be accessibility to a drive-thru to come through 19:32:19:15
the neighborhood. 19:32:23:00
That is a big concern of ours. 19:32:24:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Brooks, did you hear that? 19:32:26:06
>>KEVIN WHITE: It looks like the ingress and egress is going to 19:32:36:01
be onto Hillsborough Avenue and on 36. 19:32:39:04
There's going to be no ingress and egress on to Powhattan at 19:32:41:27
all. 19:32:46:09
On Mohawk, I'm sorry. 19:32:47:06
>> There will not be any vehicular -- 19:32:48:28
>>KEVIN WHITE: It's on 36th and Hillsborough. 19:32:52:09
>>GWEN MILLER: So they are not coming back there. 19:32:54:03
>> Okay. 19:32:56:18
I just want to make sure. 19:32:57:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Anybody else want to speak? 19:32:58:06
We have a motion to close. 19:32:59:27
Second? 19:33:02:00
We have a motion and second. 19:33:03:10

All in favor of the motion, aye. 19:33:04:10
Mr. White. 19:33:06:24
>>KEVIN WHITE: Mr. Brooks, I would like to thank you and your 19:33:07:28
staff for -- staff for working so hard with our staff to make 19:33:10:12
this a reality and bring new economic development to an area 19:33:13:27
that really needs it. 19:33:18:24
And be happy to move this ordinance. 19:33:19:28
Like to move an ordinance rezoning the property in the general 19:33:22:00
vicinity of 3512 East Hillsborough Avenue in the City of Tampa, 19:33:24:10
Florida, and more particularly described in section 1 from 19:33:27:06
zoning district classification CI commercial intensive to PD 19:33:30:03
restaurant with drive-in window or all CI uses without any 19:33:35:06
waivers, providing an effective date stating that all Council 19:33:39:09
members will get free doughnuts and coffee not exceeding $100 in 19:33:41:28
gift amount. 19:33:48:09
[ LAUGHTER ] 19:33:48:19
It's all up to the effective date. 19:33:49:13
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 19:33:56:09
All in favor of the motion, aye. 19:33:58:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: You make Mr. Shelby very nervous. 19:33:59:22
>>ROSE FERLITA: Could be worse, Marty. 19:34:04:19
Could be in Pinellas County. 19:34:15:01
>>MARTY BOYLE: Item number 8. 19:34:15:24
Z 05-161. 19:34:23:10
Again, I apologize, no aerials. 19:34:25:09

Our map info was not putting them out today. 19:34:27:04
Thank you. 19:34:32:24
The petitioner proposes to rezone the property at 3601 West 19:34:33:24
DeLeon Street to construct a two single-family town home. 19:34:39:04
Both units will have two-car garages. 19:34:43:00
One unit is oriented towards West DeLeon Street and the other 19:34:46:00
unit is oriented towards South Himes Avenue. 19:34:50:06
The structure stands two stories with maximum height of 35 feet. 19:34:52:22
Elevations have been submitted as part of the site plan. 19:34:58:06
I will show you that on the elmo. 19:35:02:22
They are actually calling them patio homes. 19:35:06:07
Currently on-site is a single-family dwelling. 19:35:13:27
At first there were concerns about 36-inch oak in the front. 19:35:20:21
After further review and site visits, staff concluded that it 19:35:25:27
was deteriorating and was not -- actually, they wanted it to be 19:35:29:15
removed. 19:35:34:24
This is the view looking across -- this is the view looking 19:35:36:04
across Himes. 19:35:42:12
The property is right here. 19:35:43:18
And that is the view this is directly across Himes from the 19:35:45:00
subject property. 19:35:52:25
And it's multifamily. 19:35:54:22
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Those are the apartments we just vacated. 19:35:56:09
>>MARTY BOYLE: This is another view of the subject site. 19:36:01:21
There were objections to this rezoning; however, the staff 19:36:10:21

report, since the time of the staff report, the petitioner has 19:36:16:21
come in and has satisfied -- transportation had objections to 19:36:21:18
the location of the driveway aprons. 19:36:26:10
They were asking for a note that needed to be on the site plan 19:36:28:18
stating that the landscape buffer on the North will be kept 19:36:32:18
below 2.5 feet. 19:36:35:15
And they wanted a note on the site plan stating that all 19:36:37:04
landscape will be maintained to avoid creating a sight 19:36:40:00
obstruction. 19:36:44:19
Petitioner has come in and satisfied those. 19:36:45:09
Stormwater does have the following objection or comment, that 19:36:47:21
the project areas in a basin which reported flooding conditions. 19:36:51:06
The project needs to provide one half inch retention on site. 19:36:55:18
The petitioner has indicated to me that they will address this 19:36:59:21
issue with you. 19:37:02:12
We found that this site meets the single-family attached design 19:37:03:27
standards. 19:37:10:13
That all town house units that front a public street maintain an 19:37:10:19
entry point and pedestrian connection to public right-of-way and 19:37:14:10
sidewalk. 19:37:18:00
That each town house unit contains a two-car garage. 19:37:18:12
And that the units have no more -- no fewer than three dwelling 19:37:24:15
units and no more than eight dwelling units in a row. 19:37:29:03
These are patio home and are not in a row. 19:37:32:00
So based on the petitioner coming in and adding those notes to 19:37:34:21

the plan, we removed the objections that we originally had. 19:37:38:06
Any questions? 19:37:44:13
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission? 19:37:47:18
>> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff. 19:37:56:00
I have been sworn in. 19:37:57:21
Several things regarding the site, regarding future land use, 19:37:59:28
give you some context for the area. 19:38:05:24
This is to the north of the intersection. 19:38:07:15
To the north of the intersection of Swann Avenue and Henderson 19:38:09:06
Boulevard. 19:38:11:27
Predominant land use category is residential 10, R-35, R-20 and 19:38:13:07
CMU-35. 19:38:18:25
Looking at the aerial, we do have the Beverly Apartments 19:38:21:03
directly to the east and, yes, Mr. White, you're correct. 19:38:27:01
The Outback is right here. 19:38:31:18
McNatt's Cleaners over here. 19:38:34:15
There's a small office over here. 19:38:36:13
Professional office directly interfacing the property to the 19:38:39:24
North of the subject property. 19:38:42:12
And it is along busy Himes Avenue. 19:38:44:06
Being that do you have this interface between the Beverly 19:38:47:12
Apartments and two other commercial uses and it is on the 19:38:50:12
periphery of this residential neighborhood, the Planning 19:38:55:03
Commission staff found that it was consistent and does not have 19:38:59:21
any objections, primarily based on the observation -- location 19:39:03:06

even though it is abutting single-family residential, you can 19:39:07:03
allow consideration for attached unit such as this if they are 19:39:11:00
located on the periphery. 19:39:13:21
In this particular situation in very close proximity to a pretty 19:39:15:04
good commercial node right over here at the intersection of 19:39:18:28
Henderson and Swann. 19:39:21:18
If it were farther in over here, I think there would be much 19:39:23:04
more of a major issue. 19:39:25:24
Being that it's on the periphery and adjacent to all the 19:39:27:06
commercial uses, Planning Commission staff has no objections to 19:39:29:18
the proposed request. 19:39:32:07
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Tony, leave that there. 19:39:32:27
Let's reinforce what you said a second ago, because I don't want 19:39:36:04
to see this -- I don't want to see this become the beginning of 19:39:40:28
many, many rezoning applications. 19:39:45:19
I'm not ready to vote on this, obviously, but I probably will 19:39:50:22
vote for this mainly because it is -- right on the side there is 19:39:55:13
the busy Himes Avenue. 19:40:00:25
I don't know if it's two lanes, but there are four lanes there. 19:40:02:12
I think it's two, but it might as well be four. 19:40:04:28
It's a busy stretch of Himes. 19:40:07:21
With that said, you know, I think the message needs to go out 19:40:09:21
loud and clear to the development community, this is not an 19:40:14:24
invitation to go into that neighborhood and start rezoning all 19:40:17:07
of those properties deeper into the neighborhood for multiuse. 19:40:20:00

>> I would wholeheartedly agree with you on that point, 19:40:26:01
Mr. Dingfelder. 19:40:28:09
The exceptions to the rule over here are the three criteria that 19:40:29:06
I did state. 19:40:31:18
It is on the edge. 19:40:32:21
It is on busy Himes Avenue, and it is in proximity to the 19:40:33:22
Beverly apartments and two other commercial uses. 19:40:36:28
And of course, fourth point, it's in close proximity to the 19:40:39:09
major commercial node. 19:40:42:12
It is an exception to the rule, and I would agree with you, as I 19:40:43:15
stated previously and you caught me on that, I stated if it were 19:40:46:18
over here, I would probably have some heartburn with it. 19:40:50:06
Yes, I do agree, I do not think this would be a perpetuation of 19:40:52:18
a continuation of this type of use in this particular 19:40:55:21
neighborhood. 19:40:58:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mary, I was wrong. 19:40:58:24
I think this is your district, not mine. 19:41:01:06
Thank you. 19:41:04:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 19:41:04:10
>> Good evening. 19:41:13:16
For the record, Linda Pearson, Diaz Pearson, 1200 West Platt. 19:41:14:01
I have some photographs, additional photographs I would like to 19:41:18:03
submit for the record, if I may. 19:41:21:04
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Linda, are you aware of any opposition? 19:41:22:18
>> I am not. 19:41:26:04

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why don't we check and see. 19:41:28:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Anybody in the public like to speak on item 19:41:29:22
number 8. 19:41:32:18
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I would recognize you let her do her 19:41:34:00
presentation. 19:41:37:28
-- I would recommend you let her do her presentation. 19:41:38:19
If you can just wait. 19:41:42:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I apologize. 19:41:44:18
I was just kind of checking. 19:41:45:28
>> With me tonight is Jason Rappaport, vice president with high 19:41:53:00
point development, the developer of the project. 19:41:56:18
The photos that we have submitted to Council have also included 19:41:59:27
those that Marty shared with you earlier. 19:42:06:06
I wanted to point out for you that the subject property, the 19:42:08:12
front of it is on DeLeon. 19:42:15:15
The side, as you see here, is on MacDill. 19:42:19:03
Directly opposite us in our front yard is a CG zoned property 19:42:23:00
that faces Himes Avenue. 19:42:27:18
It is in there are other photos here of this site. 19:42:38:25
The intersection showing the office to the East and commercial 19:42:41:24
to the East. 19:42:45:15
You see the rear yard. 19:42:48:21
The trees in the rear that we are preserving at this location 19:42:50:09
along the northern property line. 19:42:53:21
Once again, you see McNatt's Cleaners. 19:42:59:09

One of the things that you'll see happen, this intersection of 19:43:02:06
DeLeon and Himes, you see the Beverly Apartments. 19:43:05:13
But the trees have grown there into the sidewalk are obstructing 19:43:08:06
sight visibility, and that will be corrected with the 19:43:14:00
redevelopment of the site as well. 19:43:17:09
The Beverly apartments are directly to the West. 19:43:19:25
The side here is the subject property. 19:43:23:21
And this is the single-family residence that is to the immediate 19:43:29:07
rear. 19:43:33:04
I would like to share with you also and just keep it on the elmo 19:43:37:04
for a moment. 19:43:41:15
The proposed elevation of the redevelopment of the plan. 19:43:43:04
These are not town homes. 19:43:49:21
They are patio homes. 19:43:51:09
They are two single-family detached dwellings. 19:43:52:21
They will have two car garages, living, kitchen area on the 19:43:56:27
first floor. 19:44:02:01
Bedroom, private living area upstairs. 19:44:04:00
One will face -- the southernmost will have a driveway on 19:44:06:16
DeLeon, which will be relocated more toward the western side 19:44:10:15
of this site. 19:44:15:00
The northernmost villa will front on Himes and they will mirror 19:44:15:24
each other. 19:44:24:15
But that I think they provide a very nice beautiful 19:44:25:00
Mediterranean style for redevelopment in that area. 19:44:28:18

The existing area, as staff has previously indicated, is a very 19:44:33:10
well established community, homes built maybe in the 40s and 19:44:37:24
50s. 19:44:42:06
We concur that development of this type is not appropriate 19:44:42:24
farther into the block. 19:44:47:24
But because of the uniqueness of the situation here with this 19:44:49:07
corner lot that is opposite commercial on two sides with 19:44:52:16
multifamily to the northeast, we do believe it is important to 19:44:56:10
note how unique it is and that what we are planning here is very 19:45:00:28
appropriate. 19:45:06:19
In fact, it is so appropriate, we have increased setbacks to 19:45:07:09
what would normally be permitted even if it were developed with 19:45:12:00
the single-family use. 19:45:15:22
If it were developed facing Himes as a single-family, you could 19:45:18:09
have a house that would be seven feet from the northern lot 19:45:21:15
line. 19:45:24:15
We're moving it back. 19:45:25:12
Our northern -- the setback between the house is proposed, the 19:45:27:03
northern villa and the lot to the North is 20 feet. 19:45:31:27
We have the two-car garages, and we have accommodated parking in 19:45:36:09
the driveway for two additional vehicles. 19:45:40:06
The site plan also provides for on-site stormwater provisions. 19:45:42:25
I know that's a concern in this area. 19:45:47:18
And we have addressed that. 19:45:49:21
In addition if you were doing a town home development, the site, 19:45:51:27

each villa would be required to have 750 square feet of 19:45:56:27
greenspace. 19:46:00:00
This particular development we're providing over 2100 square 19:46:00:24
feet of greenspace per unit. 19:46:05:27
So we are almost three times the greenspace, open space that is 19:46:08:04
typically for a multifamily project. 19:46:13:07
We are very excited about the potential redevelopment here at 19:46:19:00
this location. 19:46:22:04
We are consistent with the comprehensive plan and also with the 19:46:23:18
established zoning and development pattern in the area. 19:46:28:06
We have made two mailings to the adjacent property owners as 19:46:32:18
well as to the registered Neighborhood Association. 19:46:36:28
We have provided them not only the regular notice, but also 19:46:40:13
provided them the color renderings that you see here before you 19:46:45:10
tonight to keep them informed of what we're proposing at this 19:46:48:27
location. 19:46:53:09
The response that I've received from phone calls has been very 19:46:54:06
positive. 19:46:57:12
In fact, the next-door neighbor to the West was there when we 19:46:57:27
posted the sign and came out and we showed him the elevation. 19:47:02:21
He was thrilled. 19:47:05:22
I've got several phone calls in support of the project. 19:47:07:12
And we would certainly appreciate your support tonight. 19:47:11:27
We're available if you have any questions or comments. 19:47:15:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Okay. 19:47:17:13

You may come up and speak now, sir. 19:47:18:18
>> Before I finish, I have some letters in support from 19:47:24:00
residents on Dale Avenue and DeLeon that I'll submit to the 19:47:26:15
secretary. 19:47:30:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 19:47:30:24
>> My name is Joseph P. hill. 19:47:37:25
I have been sworn. 19:47:39:18
I live at 3600 West Dale Avenue directly abutting the property 19:47:40:15
aforementioned. 19:47:46:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: On which side do you abut? 19:47:48:00
>> The North side. 19:47:51:03
Between these two properties is a -- was a dedicated storm 19:47:54:06
sewer, which the city has abandoned. 19:47:58:27
If any work is done in that property there, they are going to 19:48:04:09
have to fill part of the back North side of the property. 19:48:07:10
And it could possibly hinder drainage from that switch. 19:48:13:15
That drainage ditch goes back about four houses. 19:48:19:09
And it's very critical to heavy rains. 19:48:23:06
The city has a basin in there on this aforementioned property 19:48:27:07
where it currently is blocked by fences. 19:48:34:28
But we're worried about if they do any landscaping in there, 19:48:39:19
will it flood our property? 19:48:45:06
There's a large oak tree in the back of this property on the 19:48:51:18
North side of the building. 19:48:54:01
That could also be damaged if it wasn't properly filled in. 19:48:56:28

And a tree could be killed if the roots were not protected. 19:49:00:25
And we would like to know what they are going to do or how they 19:49:06:04
are going to handle this situation. 19:49:09:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Where does the ditch go -- is it an active 19:49:11:15
ditch? 19:49:15:24
Where does it drain to? 19:49:18:12
>> It drains to a culvert on Himes. 19:49:18:12
Kamikaze Himes. 19:49:25:00
People come down that street like it's a racetrack trying to get 19:49:26:06
from Henderson to Azeele. 19:49:29:24
And beat the light. 19:49:32:19
>>GWEN MILLER: All right. 19:49:33:10
Thank you. 19:49:38:16
Next? 19:49:38:25
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Sir, could I just ask you, to summarize, are 19:49:41:03
you concerned about those issues, or are you opposed to the 19:49:44:21
project? 19:49:52:15
>> We love the property going in there. 19:49:53:00
It will be a benefit over what could possibly be put in there. 19:49:55:15
Right now, what's in there is a catastrophe, and it's been 19:49:59:00
there. 19:50:05:18
I've lived there for 47 and a half years. 19:50:06:06
I bought the house brand-new there. 19:50:08:25
So I'm well familiar with that. 19:50:11:25
I was living there before the Beverly apartments were built. 19:50:14:09

That was a nursery. 19:50:17:12
And we'd like the neighborhood -- we like the neighborhood. 19:50:20:27
It's convenient to many necessary things for family life. 19:50:25:15
Churches, groceries, doctors' offices, et cetera. 19:50:29:10
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you. 19:50:32:27
>> Hi. 19:50:39:19
I'm Shaleesh. 19:50:40:01
I'm the pediatrician who owns the office building across 19:50:44:07
DeLeon on the south side. 19:50:48:06
And I would like to raise the same concern that Mr. Dingfelder 19:50:51:00
had that traffic is outrageous at that corner. 19:50:56:27
I'm concerned about safety of the children coming to my office. 19:51:01:00
And right now, I'm taking steps how to make it safer so they 19:51:05:12
don't get hit by the car. 19:51:10:28
This particular project itself will have very little impact. 19:51:15:24
Maybe two or four cars extra. 19:51:19:12
But there is a very large undeveloped open lot across -- not the 19:51:21:07
unit on the north side that's facing Himes, across Himes, there 19:51:29:00
is a commercial lot that has not been developed yet. 19:51:32:15
One of these days, somebody will build a large commercial 19:51:39:18
project on it. 19:51:42:09
And we have the 3,000 square feet very expensive home with 19:51:42:27
driveway coming to Himes Street. 19:51:49:19
Right across will be a large commercial development. 19:51:52:09
I don't know how this traffic is going to handle this family 19:51:55:24

that probably will have children. 19:51:59:27
And I'm, frankly, concerned about children that come to my 19:52:02:15
office. 19:52:05:21
And somebody just bought a property at the corner of Horatio and 19:52:07:24
Himes. 19:52:12:03
It's a double lot. 19:52:12:18
The house is worthless and they paid $443,000. 19:52:13:25
I can assure you they are going to come back with eight unit or 19:52:18:00
some number other than a single-family home. 19:52:23:21
Before Council starts approving projects like this in the 19:52:30:24
neighborhood, they need to address traffic situation that 19:52:34:06
probably will get worse. 19:52:36:22
And I can assure you, more of these requests are coming. 19:52:38:09
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Just for the record, the clerk was not able to 19:52:41:21
get your name. 19:52:48:00
>> SHAREESH shawl. 19:52:50:21
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn. 19:52:53:25
>> Yes. 19:52:58:25
>>KEVIN WHITE: With this proposed project of single-family home, 19:52:59:07
you don't think this would significantly decrease the amount of 19:53:02:00
traffic in the neighborhood? 19:53:06:19
Over a multiunit apartment complex that's there now. 19:53:09:27
>> That is correct. 19:53:13:03
Right now it is zoned single-family. 19:53:13:18
I would propose that it stay single-family until city has 19:53:16:10

addressed traffic situation and already existing projects, 19:53:20:03
properties around there that have been already approved and 19:53:25:10
undeveloped. 19:53:28:25
What are we going to do about that? 19:53:32:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 19:53:35:27
Anyone else like to speak? 19:53:37:00
If you want to speak, please come up and speak. 19:53:39:24
>> Louise hill. 19:53:44:03
And I have been sworn. 19:53:45:06
And I am Mr. Hill's wife. 19:53:46:18
We live to the North of the property. 19:53:50:12
My concern is that one of these buildings is going to face Himes 19:53:53:07
Avenue. 19:53:58:06
Where Himes Avenue and this property meet, there is a very large 19:54:01:10
slope. 19:54:06:19
I'd say it's a good ten feet down. 19:54:07:06
I don't know how they are going to build there. 19:54:11:01
I'm not an engineer, so I'm assuming they have some plan for 19:54:13:03
this. 19:54:16:21
But if they go to filling it in so that the property is raised, 19:54:17:15
the property itself, we're going to flood. 19:54:23:15
We have flooded before. 19:54:27:01
This property itself has flooded before as has the property at 19:54:29:21
3603 DeLeon. 19:54:34:09
The city has for the most part resolved our flooding problems, 19:54:43:28

but if this property is built up, it's going to be much higher 19:54:47:10
than our property, which means we get a good hard rain, we 19:54:52:03
flood. 19:54:55:21
I don't want to flood any more. 19:54:56:03
I would like to know what they are going to do to build there. 19:54:57:19
>>ROSE FERLITA: I think Ms. Pearson will be prepared to answer 19:55:04:06
that when we finish. 19:55:07:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak? 19:55:08:13
Linda, you can come rebuttal. 19:55:10:06
>> Thank you, council members. 19:55:13:13
Which have me tonight Matt Campo with Highpoint. 19:55:14:27
He's vice president of development. 19:55:17:19
He's also a P. E. who's the engineer for the project. 19:55:18:27
And I've asked him to come forward and address the concerns 19:55:21:25
voiced tonight. 19:55:24:18
>> Good evening. 19:55:28:27
I've not been sworn. 19:55:29:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Raise your right hand. 19:55:30:06
(Oath administered by the clerk). 19:55:34:15
>> Matthew Campo, South MacDill Avenue, Tampa. 19:55:39:27
In response, I mean, we work very closely with construction 19:55:44:04
services. 19:55:47:19
I personally know David Basigglio. 19:55:47:25
He is meticulous about perimeter drainage. 19:55:52:16
Just through your own process, your staff are very meticulous 19:55:55:18

about us ensuring that will occur. 19:56:00:03
I've also talked with Alex specifically about the drainage 19:56:00:24
ditch. 19:56:03:21
We do not intend on filling that area. 19:56:03:27
As a matter of fact, we're more than willing to pull the 19:56:06:24
landscaping that we showed, more of a graphical representation 19:56:08:18
out of that area to ensure there's no problem with respect to 19:56:12:00
drainage. 19:56:15:00
And we do completely agree and will support the one 19:56:15:12
recommendation from stormwater to provide the half an inch. 19:56:18:09
So with respect to stormwater, I think your process alone is 19:56:21:04
going to ensure that there's not a problem because the staff 19:56:24:03
that you have looked very closely at those specific items. 19:56:26:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a process question, and I don't know 19:56:29:06
whether to direct it to you or staff of our stormwater section. 19:56:36:00
Let me start with staff. 19:56:40:01
And that is, on the site plan, the petitioner has committed to 19:56:41:15
deal with everything appropriately. 19:56:46:04
But it's not demonstrated on here how they are going to do it. 19:56:47:24
And what if the amount of pervious -- impervious surface and the 19:56:51:13
amount of development precludes them capturing all the 19:56:56:01
stormwater that they need to on-site? 19:57:02:06
How is the neighbor assured that she's not going to have a 19:57:05:04
flooding problem? 19:57:09:04
>> Alex Awad, stormwater department. 19:57:10:27

I have been sworn in. 19:57:13:13
By code, they would have to meet the requirements per the PD 19:57:15:24
plan that they submitted. 19:57:21:09
Now, our requirement says to provide half-inch retention, which 19:57:22:25
they are going to provide. 19:57:26:15
If they cannot provide it, as your question is, then they cannot 19:57:27:15
get their project approved. 19:57:31:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Wouldn't they go to you and say it's already 19:57:32:18
been approved by Council. 19:57:38:03
>> No. 19:57:40:03
They still have to pull building permits. 19:57:40:21
If they cannot meet that requirement, then they will not get 19:57:42:13
their building permits. 19:57:45:28
Now, in reference to the elevation of the building and causing a 19:57:47:07
problem to the neighbors, that's where we don't have the benefit 19:57:50:13
of elevation plans at this stage, but as Matt said, Dave 19:57:53:09
Basigglio, who reviews the site plan, is meticulous in ensuring 19:57:58:27
that the grading plan shows that it's not going to impact the 19:58:05:22
abutting neighborhood. 19:58:09:07
Now, if it does, that's a failure on our part. 19:58:10:09
But I'm pretty confident that Dave doesn't allow that to happen. 19:58:13:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm good with that in part because the site 19:58:17:07
plan does show a pond -- well, it says private pond. 19:58:25:03
I'm going to assume that's the large swale area. 19:58:28:21
And it's a pretty good size area. 19:58:31:15

So I think in light of the fact that it's basically a 60-foot 19:58:33:15
lot, I think they'll be able to capture it and meet code to the 19:58:38:18
extent that I know anything of what I'm talking about. 19:58:41:27
But my other question relates to the gentleman's question about 19:58:45:04
backing out onto Himes. 19:58:51:12
Wherever transportation is now, I would think it would be a very 19:58:53:25
great concern of ours that we are that that unit facing Himes 19:59:05:00
with the garage coming off onto Himes, those two cars will have 19:59:09:24
to back onto Himes. 19:59:16:01
I don't think there's a light at that corner. 19:59:18:12
There's a light nearby I guess but not at that corner. 19:59:19:24
Wouldn't it be better if they made some sort of swing thing so 19:59:25:28
they could pull out forward? 19:59:29:03
Is that something we get involved in? 19:59:30:19
Especially on a PD? 19:59:33:18
>> Melanie, transportation. 19:59:37:21
I have been sworn. 19:59:39:18
I went out to the site to look at the site as I do all sites. 19:59:42:15
I always go and make a visit. 19:59:45:16
And one of the problems I saw was at DeLeon of getting out, I 19:59:47:27
saw that the bushes were creating a sight obstruction. 19:59:54:27
Then the petitioner says they are taking all those out so that 19:59:56:24
would help. 20:00:00:03
When I was at DeLeon, I happened to be -- I made a point of it 20:00:00:18
because I thought of the same thing. 20:00:04:21

When I looked at it, well, backing out and stuff, and how busy 20:00:06:15
is it? 20:00:10:00
It's only a two-lane road undivided. 20:00:11:15
Which people are probably speeding which that's a whole 'nother 20:00:14:18
problem that should not occur. 20:00:19:09
But people's familiarity with their own home and traffic 20:00:21:00
concerns, meaning that people who live there are very familiar 20:00:27:09
with the surrounding area. 20:00:29:27
Because you go there every day. 20:00:32:06
I'm very familiar with my neighborhood, I'm sure you are, 20:00:34:16
backing out onto my street, people can sometimes speed a little 20:00:37:15
bit. 20:00:41:09
You become accustomed to that. 20:00:41:18
I think when we look at a single-family home, we're looking at 20:00:43:12
somebody who lives there and is familiar with the area. 20:00:46:00
Now, backing out of commercial properties seem quite -- that's 20:00:48:00
why we object to those. 20:00:53:04
Because these are unfamiliar to people. 20:00:54:12
These are not people who live there. 20:00:56:06
Threes are people who are visiting a site. 20:00:58:07
I felt comfortable. 20:01:00:04
I made a left-hand turn out of DeLeon. 20:01:01:01
It did have gaps. 20:01:04:28
I did witness those things when I was there. 20:01:06:06
Yes, backing up is not a great maneuver. 20:01:08:12

It would increase impervious area. 20:01:11:06
I would hope that would not put them over the threshold of issue 20:01:15:18
with stormwater which probably they can try to do that. 20:01:19:27
But they can certainly, you know, make a turn out to be able to 20:01:23:03
make that maneuver if they would like to. 20:01:29:16
That would increase the more concrete in the front area. 20:01:31:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Campo, is that something you considered 20:01:34:00
or do you have concerns from an engineering perspective? 20:01:37:25
>> We didn't really have a concern just because of the magnitude 20:01:40:03
of the 18-foot driveway. 20:01:42:15
It actually has the ability for a car to swing before you get to 20:01:43:28
the road. 20:01:47:03
I can say we're not opposed to doing that. 20:01:47:25
We can easily put in to reduce impervious, a paver type bumpout 20:01:50:24
that allows that car to swing before they pull out onto Himes. 20:01:55:22
That's perfectly fine. 20:01:59:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: That I think would be safer for the community 20:02:00:22
as well as for those residents. 20:02:02:18
>> Absolutely. 20:02:04:07
I think that's a good point. 20:02:04:13
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Most of those houses along there, I don't 20:02:05:21
think -- I think most of them face the side streets. 20:02:07:24
So this is kind of a new issue for that neighborhood. 20:02:11:00
>> Correct. 20:02:14:12
Whatever mechanism would be appropriate, we would be glad to add 20:02:14:21

that into this process. 20:02:17:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: If you want to put a note so it's not an 20:02:19:28
actual site plan change. 20:02:22:18
>> I'm being advised that a note would not suffice to cover 20:02:24:10
that, that it would actually be a graphical change and would 20:02:27:15
have to be revised and it would have to come back. 20:02:30:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Whose advice? 20:02:32:16
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Massey. 20:02:38:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can't just put a note that there can be a 20:02:40:06
turnout or whatever they call them? 20:02:43:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Pervious or semi. 20:02:54:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Like when you're pulling out of your driveway 20:03:00:10
so you can turn and then go forward out. 20:03:02:18
>>MORRIS MASSEY: If it would be possible, if Council would 20:03:07:27
allow -- Council has the ability to allow graphical changes 20:03:10:00
during the public hearing. 20:03:13:06
It may be a way to deal with this issue may be to have Mr. Campo 20:03:14:00
look at the plan and maybe actually draw on the plan how that 20:03:20:00
would work and mark that up, if Council would permit that and 20:03:23:04
allow that. 20:03:26:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's fine. 20:03:27:06
Bring it back in another half hour. 20:03:34:19
>>GWEN MILLER: We'll hold number 8 and bring number 9. 20:03:36:07
All in favor of the motion, aye. 20:03:48:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Alex, while you're sitting there, will you 20:03:49:24

perhaps talk to the neighbors who had stormwater concerns and 20:03:54:21
maybe show them the site plan and talk to them a little bit 20:03:59:00
about the stormwater issues. 20:04:01:24
They are sitting right behind you. 20:04:03:06
>>MARTY BOYLE: Item number 9, Z 05-163, the petitioner proposes 20:04:04:27
to rezone the property at 4215 North A Street. 20:04:35:18
All with two car garages that access an internal drive. 20:04:44:12
The rezoning map indicates the site, the current zoning is 20:04:49:15
RM-24. 20:04:56:07
To the North is RM-18 zoning. 20:05:00:25
And to the South is a PD zoning. 20:05:04:06
The site is located East of Manhattan. 20:05:07:27
There are two visitor parking spaces shown on the site. 20:05:21:04
And the structure stands three stories with a maximum height of 20:05:25:04
35 feet. 20:05:27:28
Elevations have been provided and submitted as part of the plan. 20:05:29:09
The existing building is 50-plus years old. 20:05:34:06
And is a multifamily apartment unit. 20:05:41:10
This is a small structure to the side of the property. 20:05:49:15
When we saw the age of the building, we had historic 20:05:54:21
preservation review the site. 20:06:02:10
And they had comments, and their comments were that they did not 20:06:05:06
feel that the building -- they felt that the building could be 20:06:11:00
torn down. 20:06:15:13
They didn't have any objections to it being torn down, because 20:06:16:00

it is in such a deteriorating state. 20:06:19:28
However, they did make a statement that the context of North A 20:06:22:21
Street, that any infill construction should maintain the 20:06:27:25
appropriate historic patterns and characteristics of development 20:06:31:12
in the area, including building setback heights, roof form, and 20:06:35:09
fenestration patterns. 20:06:40:21
The existing main structure as well the smaller structure to the 20:06:42:12
East are oriented towards North A Street. 20:06:45:18
And upon reviewing the pattern and orientation, the development 20:06:48:25
on the surrounding blocks, it was also observed that neighboring 20:06:52:06
structures on the North, they front North A Street also. 20:06:55:21
The proposed site plan depicts the western group of units facing 20:06:58:09
Hubert and the other group facing the alley. 20:07:03:07
Staff had objections to the elevation. 20:07:06:09
We wanted the two units that are facing -- they aren't facing 20:07:08:24
North A Street but are on North A Street to be turned and their 20:07:16:07
facade. 20:07:20:06
The units facing the alley should have its front oriented to the 20:07:20:21
North A Street. 20:07:23:25
In addition, the decorative window facade should wrap the 20:07:24:24
building to face front North A Street to maintain visual and 20:07:28:22
aesthetic continuity. 20:07:32:15
Petitioner has agreed to do this. 20:07:34:21
I think he'll have an elevation for you in his presentation that 20:07:36:13
will show that. 20:07:40:13

There were no waivers requested. 20:07:42:24
Transportation did have objections at the time the staff report 20:07:47:00
was written. 20:07:52:24
The petitioner has come in and satisfied those objections with 20:07:53:27
notes on the site plan. 20:07:59:07
They added a note stating -- well, there was objection based on 20:08:02:00
the sidewalk measuring six feet to an adjacent curb. 20:08:06:18
The sidewalk along the alley must measure six feet wide and must 20:08:10:12
be provided along the alley. 20:08:14:03
They ask transportation had a requirement of three-foot 20:08:16:22
bumpouts. 20:08:19:25
They wanted clarification on the units. 20:08:20:25
The fire department also had -- what is the width of the unit? 20:08:51:22
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I was just wondering where the trash is? 20:09:02:21
Well, it's an important question, it is. 20:09:06:22
>>MARTY BOYLE: I'm looking. 20:09:08:18
Yeah, I believe it's going to be curbside pickup. 20:09:12:12
I know that solid waste reviewed it and they did not have any 20:09:15:19
objections. 20:09:19:03
The date of the site plan is 11/28/05 and that is past the 20:09:36:18
13-day rule that we accept site plans. 20:09:41:00
However, we're not going to accept it. 20:09:43:15
We contacted the petitioner and said we could not accept it. 20:09:44:24
And they pointed out to us that our scheduling both on our web 20:09:47:21
site and in printed form shows 11/28 as the deadline. 20:09:54:00

And in talking to other staff, it was done months before. 20:09:58:12
The deadline actually fell on the Friday after Thanksgiving. 20:10:02:15
And in doing the scheduling, it appears that the date was moved 20:10:07:18
to Monday instead of probably the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 20:10:11:21
And that is -- and so I guess -- I don't know if we need to ask 20:10:14:21
them to waive the rules on that. 20:10:18:15
It was not the petitioner's -- we had it printed as such and to 20:10:19:24
the public as such. 20:10:23:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second. 20:10:25:16
All in favor, aye. 20:10:27:24
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 20:10:28:18
>>MARTY BOYLE: The only other comments we still have is from 20:10:29:21
construction services, commercial site review. 20:10:32:21
And they are asking for clarification on the greenspace. 20:10:36:18
And the table of tree credits and debits needs to count trees 20:10:41:12
with five inch in diameter and above. 20:10:46:18
Out of 13 trees on the site only two are proposed to remain. 20:10:52:15
I do want to say also when the petitioner first submitted this 20:10:56:00
site plan, it was a totally different design with the 20:11:00:00
driveways -- it had the 12 units, but all the drives -- 20:11:03:15
driveways, the buildings were flipped. 20:11:07:15
The driveways were on the alleyway, and then on Hubert. 20:11:09:13
And after staff took a look at it and they had their comments, 20:11:14:07
they addressed the concern that staff told them it should be 20:11:18:22
redesigned with a drive aisle in the middle and the garages, so 20:11:22:01

you didn't have 12 driveways going off on to right-of-way or 20:11:26:28
alleyway. 20:11:32:00
The petitioner took those concerns and redesigned the project to 20:11:32:15
do so. 20:11:35:01
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question. 20:11:35:15
The historic folks made their comments and I'm going to assume 20:11:38:09
that zoning department took those comments into consideration. 20:11:45:18
Is the design of this building consistent with the comments from 20:11:53:00
the historic commission? 20:11:57:18
I mean, I can't tell it -- 20:11:59:28
>>MARTY BOYLE: Yes and no. 20:12:02:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: -- by the drawings that were given. 20:12:03:16
They are just kind of flat. 20:12:05:15
No pictures, no nothing. 20:12:07:27
>>MARTY BOYLE: And I think the petitioner has some colored -- 20:12:08:27
yes and no. 20:12:11:12
What we can see of the design we felt that they put in some 20:12:12:09
details that would be consistent; however, we did have the 20:12:17:00
comment and the objection that everything on North A fronts 20:12:22:16
North A. 20:12:28:00
And these units you would see the site. 20:12:28:24
If you look at the elevation, you see a side of a building. 20:12:31:00
We ask they turn those units to face North A. 20:12:34:21
Right before the meeting, the petitioner let me know that they 20:12:37:12
are willing to do that. 20:12:40:12

And I think they have plans to show that. 20:12:43:18
We haven't seen those plans, so we would like to take a look at 20:12:45:10
the elevations. 20:12:48:24
And then they might submit those with the site plan. 20:12:49:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff. 20:12:59:21
>> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff. 20:13:12:03
I have been sworn. 20:13:14:03
It's an interesting area of this segment of Westshore. 20:13:19:03
Here is Lois Avenue, which is the dividing line between two 20:13:23:21
Neighborhood Associations, Westshore palms to the West and Bon 20:13:27:07
Air to the East. 20:13:30:07
Once you cross and go East on Lois, your residential character 20:13:31:18
changes significantly. 20:13:35:21
It's pretty much single-family detached residential all on the 20:13:36:15
East side. 20:13:41:09
And once you come across and go to the West in Westshore palms, 20:13:42:00
you have quite a mixture of residential uses, specifically in 20:13:47:13
this area South of fig to Kennedy. 20:13:51:21
The land use categories in this area, as you can see, 20:13:55:06
residential 10 on the East side of Lois and residential 20 is 20:13:58:09
when it gets closer to the intersection of Kennedy and Lois. 20:14:02:15
Urban use 60 is the purple color on the North and South of 20:14:06:06
Kennedy. 20:14:10:01
Residential 35 on the West side of Lois, on North B and little 20:14:10:27
deeper all the way to fig and then you have residential 20. 20:14:14:18

The land uses are supported by the existing uses on-site. 20:14:18:06
As we can see, we have the strip commercial along -- and then as 20:14:23:00
one goes on North "A," one can see regarding this particular 20:14:28:06
site, these are all multifamily uses adjacent to it on North A. 20:14:32:18
It's an apartment complex here. 20:14:37:15
Duplex here. 20:14:39:09
You can see all the different apartment multifamily units in 20:14:40:21
close proximity to the site. 20:14:43:24
Town homes. 20:14:45:15
This is the only single-family I saw in direct proximity to the 20:14:47:03
site in question. 20:14:50:12
Westshore palms is a very unique area from a residential aspect 20:14:54:18
as far as the diversity of residential uses that are there. 20:15:00:03
You all have seen evidence of this in the last several o 20:15:02:24
hearings that we've had where you have request for common 20:15:05:27
development which has been very, very successful in this 20:15:08:22
particular area. 20:15:12:12
Comp plan also supports increased density in areas in close 20:15:12:12
proximity to major employment centers of which the Westshore 20:15:15:21
area is designated as such. 20:15:19:01
The Planning Commission staff has no objections to the proposed 20:15:21:09
request. 20:15:24:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 20:15:24:09
>> Thank you. 20:15:47:00

For the record, Vin Marchetti. 20:15:47:06
Suite 2700 representing the applicant. 20:15:49:12
With me tonight is also Jeff craft, who is my client on this 20:15:51:12
particular case. 20:15:54:09
Let me before I start hand out two documents for the record. 20:15:55:16
I'll be referring to. 20:16:00:12
I think staff did a pretty good job outlining the request. 20:16:37:21
Let me also point out, the first document I handed out to you is 20:16:41:09
a listing of additional notes that we're requesting. 20:16:44:21
And let me point out that the two notes, 11 and 12 are not on 20:16:48:22
the site plan. 20:16:52:10
And the reason for that is we received comments -- objections, 20:16:53:15
if you will, from staff after the filing of our site plan on the 20:16:57:27
cutoff date. 20:17:02:18
By the way, that cutoff date was on the list of dates provided 20:17:03:21
to the applicant. 20:17:07:15
So we met the cutoff date. 20:17:08:03
It was provided -- comments were provided afterwards. 20:17:10:09
We met the objection specified relative to the end units along 20:17:12:19
North A Street being oriented toward North A Street. 20:17:18:06
The decorative facade wrap the building to A Street on both 20:17:23:21
building groups to maintain visual and aesthetic continuity. 20:17:27:27
Those two notes will be added to our site plan. 20:17:31:13
Let me also note, for the record, I did hand out six letters in 20:17:36:15
support. 20:17:40:28

One of the letters is from the Westshore Palms Neighborhood 20:17:41:07
Association. 20:17:44:00
That is executed by its president, Barbara Byrd as one of the 20:17:45:25
officers. 20:17:53:13
My client did a good job surveying the neighborhood. 20:17:53:19
He wasn't aware of any opposition to our request. 20:17:56:15
In fact, support thereof is what he found. 20:17:59:09
And I do have the letters we submitted into the record. 20:18:01:19
You'll also note from our listing of our project in staff 20:18:04:06
report, there were no waivers requested. 20:18:08:12
We're going to meet all code requirements relative to all the 20:18:10:12
standards set forth in the code. 20:18:13:15
Also, the units will be fee simple. 20:18:15:12
Conveyances, they'll have two-car garages. 20:18:18:04
As Tony mentioned, entirely consistent with the comprehensive 20:18:21:22
plan. 20:18:25:06
And the mixture of residential housing types in the area is very 20:18:25:21
significant. 20:18:29:03
We have, for example, South of our property, we have a pretty 20:18:29:15
significant rental unit community there. 20:18:43:18
It looks like an apartment complex. 20:18:48:06
So the West of the property on North A is, again, additional 20:18:50:22
units, multifamily, rentals and, again, to the East of the 20:18:56:21
property on North A is this project here as well. 20:19:00:18
There is some single-family down the street. 20:19:05:25

Again, it is a mixture of different housing types, however. 20:19:07:09
We did, as staff mentioned, modify our site plan from the 20:19:11:15
original comments that had been received and did orient the 20:19:15:27
garages on the interior and the exterior, of course, has the 20:19:20:12
entrances to the project. 20:19:25:00
The building that will be RAZed is currently 12 units. 20:19:27:01
They are all rentals. 20:19:31:09
They are one- and two-bedroom units with a separate parking 20:19:33:10
structure that was previously shown by Marty. 20:19:37:00
Here is the building again. 20:19:42:09
And this shows the other structure. 20:19:45:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why did the A.R.C. describe that as 20:19:50:07
dilapidated? 20:19:54:07
Is there a written report? 20:19:55:24
>> I believe there's a letter in the file on that. 20:19:57:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I mean, it looks like people are living 20:19:59:10
there. 20:20:02:06
>> I have a letter from them talking about the condition and the 20:20:05:18
deterioration of the building. 20:20:08:25
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: HPC staff, I guess. 20:20:10:01
>>MARTY BOYLE: Would you like know pass it out? 20:20:15:12
Okay. 20:20:17:13
Let me get it. 20:20:17:25
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Excuse me, Mr. Marchetti. 20:20:18:27
>> The existing zoning does allow for 60 feet in height. 20:20:21:07

We're requesting maximum of 35 feet. 20:20:24:24
Reduction of 25 feet overall. 20:20:26:22
And again, we're not asking for any waivers. 20:20:29:18
Met all objections. 20:20:33:09
Have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. 20:20:35:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question. 20:20:38:04
I just need to be reassured that in the garage you can fit two 20:20:39:03
cars and one of the new big blue trash cans. 20:20:42:09
Because I was looking at it, and it appears that the width of 20:20:45:15
the garage is about 18 feet which is kind of tight for two cars 20:20:48:06
and a trash can. 20:20:52:07
>> My client is nodding in approval, yes. 20:20:56:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What are the dimensions of the garage? 20:20:59:28
>> Let me ask Jeff to respond to that. 20:21:02:18
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Marchetti, you have been sworn. 20:21:05:12
>> Yes, I've been sworn. 20:21:08:06
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Also, so the record is clear, Ms. Boyle has 20:21:09:07
handed Council that letter regarding the historic preservation. 20:21:12:16
>> Jeff craft, I have been sworn in. 20:21:31:03
We actually had a dumpster initially on the site and trash 20:21:33:09
department requested interior garbage can. 20:21:38:12
We have a space inside of our unit designated to fit the trash 20:21:42:15
can, which we're going to purchase from the city and accommodate 20:21:47:09
their request. 20:21:50:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So how big are the garages? 20:21:51:06

>> They are 22 feet in width and they are 25 feet in depth I 20:21:53:27
believe. 20:22:00:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: You're going to create a special little -- 20:22:00:24
>> A compartment within the garage to accommodate the trash bin. 20:22:04:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Solid waste talk to you about that. 20:22:08:18
>> Absolutely. 20:22:10:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: They are getting diligent on that issue. 20:22:10:16
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would anyone from the public like to speak? 20:22:13:09
There's a motion to close and a second. 20:22:34:24
Any discussion? 20:22:36:16
All those in favor, say aye. 20:22:37:00
The hearing is closed. 20:22:39:18
Do we have something to read? 20:22:42:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the 20:22:46:22
general vicinity of 4215 North A Street in the City of Tampa, 20:22:57:07
Florida, and more particularly described in section 1 from 20:23:00:15
zoning district classifications RM-24, residential multifamily 20:23:04:09
to PD, single-family attached, providing an effective date. 20:23:08:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you. 20:23:10:09
There's been a motion and second. 20:23:12:12
Any discussion on the motion? 20:23:13:19
All those in favor, say aye. 20:23:14:25
Opposed, nay. 20:23:17:09
It passed unanimously. 20:23:18:03
>> Thank you. 20:23:21:00

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The next petition, number Z 05-167. 20:23:21:00
There's been a motion to hope and second. 20:23:30:10
All those in favor, aye. 20:23:32:06
Staff? 20:23:35:09
>>MARTY BOYLE: Council, I was going to ask, Mrs. Blunt, who was 20:23:39:25
here and spoke about the Dunkin' Donuts on Hillsborough Avenue, 20:23:44:10
before we proceed, she needs to leave, and there's a development 20:23:51:01
where the petitioner would like to request, based on some 20:23:56:06
conversations that they had and I'll explain better, if they 20:23:58:16
could reopen the hearing. 20:24:02:00
I know it was approved, but in conversation with the petitioner, 20:24:04:15
Mrs. Blunt was very concerned about -- and I'll get the site 20:24:08:09
plan back out. 20:24:13:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay. 20:24:14:28
We need to reopen that. 20:24:15:28
>>MARTIN SHELBY: There needs to be a motion to reconsider. 20:24:17:12
>>MARTY BOYLE: It is item number 7. 20:24:19:18
Z 05-160. 20:24:24:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I hear a motion to -- 20:24:26:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: My question, is this going to be a lengthy type 20:24:30:22
dialogue? 20:24:33:18
>>MARTY BOYLE: I do not think so. 20:24:34:03
>>ROSE FERLITA: If it is, I don't think it's fair to reopen for 20:24:35:24
her, like Ms. Pearson came back. 20:24:39:01
>>MARTY BOYLE: It is one item, one concern. 20:24:41:24

The petitioner is more than willing to do it, and it would 20:24:43:13
satisfy her concerns. 20:24:46:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We have a motion and second. 20:24:47:01
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Now a motion to reopen the public hearing. 20:24:57:19
That was a motion to reconsider. 20:24:59:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to reopen the public hearing. 20:25:01:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: There's been a motion and second to reopen. 20:25:03:12
All those in favor, aye. 20:25:05:16
It's now reopened. 20:25:07:12
>>MARTY BOYLE: Thank you, Council. 20:25:10:15
Ms. Blunt's concern was there is no -- because Mohawk, the 20:25:14:15
right-of-way runs behind the Dunkin' Donuts, all that is 20:25:19:15
required is a buffer, an eight-foot buffer, no fence. 20:25:23:25
And her concern was that people would be traversing this area 20:25:28:01
and run down landscape buffer. 20:25:34:21
In talking to the petitioner, and I'll let him explain further, 20:25:37:24
she had great concerns. 20:25:41:24
And they are willing to go ahead and put up a wall or a fence. 20:25:42:27
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That would be much better, frankly. 20:25:47:15
>> Yes. 20:25:50:27
Let me let him speak to that. 20:25:52:06
>> Again, for the record, Michael Brooks, 500 East Kennedy 20:25:54:18
Boulevard. 20:25:57:07
Concern expressed to me as well related to crime and crossover 20:25:58:21
traffic that would be moving from the arterial back to Mohawk. 20:26:01:19

What she suggested is could we put up a chain-link fence, 20:26:07:03
something that you can see, CPTED friendly. 20:26:11:18
We're willing to do that and add -- 20:26:16:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Chain-link hasn't been -- 20:26:20:24
>>MARTY BOYLE: Excuse me, Michael. 20:26:26:15
It would have to be something different. 20:26:29:15
East Tampa overlay doesn't allow chain-link. 20:26:32:01
I thought we were discussing a privacy fence. 20:26:40:15
>> Her concern is, she wants to be able to see through it. 20:26:43:06
However we get from A to B. 20:26:47:10
>>KEVIN WHITE: There was no traffic. 20:26:48:25
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Iron fence. 20:26:51:03
>>MARTY BOYLE: The East Tampa overlay district does allow, like, 20:26:54:16
a wrought iron see-through fence. 20:27:00:00
>> Yes, we can do that, Council. 20:27:05:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Simulated wrought iron. 20:27:06:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is the petitioner willing to do that? 20:27:11:18
>>MARTY BOYLE: We can make a note on the site plan. 20:27:16:16
The petitioner is concurring with Mrs. Blunt right now. 20:27:19:03
>>KEVIN WHITE: I don't believe that's an overlay district at 20:27:22:09
36th and Hill. 20:27:31:04
>> Recommendation accepted. 20:27:36:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay. 20:27:37:09
The petitioner has agreed to put wrought iron -- 20:27:39:07
>> Or aluminum. 20:27:44:16

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So there's a motion to close? 20:27:45:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: [INAUDIBLE] 20:27:53:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Motion and second to close. 20:27:55:15
All those in favor, aye. 20:27:58:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll move the ordinance as amended. 20:27:59:01
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Second. 20:28:02:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Motion and second to move the ordinance as 20:28:04:01
amended. 20:28:06:03
Any discussion? 20:28:06:18
All those in favor, aye. 20:28:07:13
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: He wants us to read it again. 20:28:08:13
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to thank the petitioner for being 20:28:17:06
sensitive to the concerns of the neighborhood. 20:28:20:06
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance again in the 3512 East 20:28:21:19
Hillsborough Avenue in the City of Tampa, Florida, more 20:28:25:04
particularly described in section 1 from zoning district 20:28:27:06
classification CI, commercial intensive, to PD restaurant with 20:28:29:10
drive-in window or all CI uses without any waivers, providing an 20:28:32:25
effective date, with the caveat of the wrought iron see-through 20:28:38:07
fence on the back. 20:28:43:25
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Any discussion on the motion? 20:28:44:22
All those in favor, aye. 20:28:47:27
Passed unanimously. 20:28:49:04
So, shall we go to number 12 or go back -- 20:28:52:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: I think Ms. Pearson is ready. 20:28:54:27

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We're back to number 8. 20:28:57:04
>> 05-161. 20:29:05:27
Linda Pearson again. 20:29:08:06
We have been discussing with the residents and also 20:29:10:09
transportation and stormwater staff. 20:29:13:06
And I would like to ask Mr. Campo, our engineer to come forward 20:29:15:10
and tell you the changes that we're proposing and have placed on 20:29:18:15
the site plans tonight to address both issues. 20:29:21:06
>> Matthew Campo. 20:29:27:00
Just to follow up on our previous discussion, we have added a 20:29:27:28
bumpout area as commented by Mr. Dingfelder. 20:29:32:06
This area would allow a vehicle to back out and make a turn 20:29:37:21
before it entered onto Himes. 20:29:41:00
Also in discussion with the neighbor we wanted to accommodate 20:29:43:04
their needs so we proposed to maintain a wall construction on 20:29:45:09
the building to minimize fill and also offered to put perimeter 20:29:49:09
swale to ensure no drainage would go on their property. 20:29:53:25
Those are the three changes we did to the property and we 20:29:57:09
appreciate the time. 20:30:01:06
>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion to close the public 20:30:04:27
hearing. 20:30:06:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the 20:30:06:21
general vicinity of 3601 West DeLeon Street in the City of 20:30:11:15
Tampa, Florida. 20:30:15:13
And more particularly described in section 1 from zoning 20:30:16:10

district classifications RS-60, residential single-family, to 20:30:19:09
PD, single-family residential, providing an effective date. 20:30:22:10
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 20:30:25:16
All in favor of the motion, aye. 20:30:27:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just wanted to compliment, again, the 20:30:28:21
petitioner for being responsive to the concerns of the 20:30:34:00
neighborhood. 20:30:37:06
I think that it will be a better project. 20:30:37:12
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to open number 12. 20:30:39:06
We have a motion and second. 20:30:43:00
All in favor, aye. 20:30:44:03
>>MARTY BOYLE: Item number 12, Z 05-167. 20:30:45:01
It is Dunkin' Donuts night. 20:30:57:24
This is located at 3203 East Busch Boulevard. 20:31:01:15
The petitioner proposes to rezone the property at 3203 East 20:31:11:00
Busch Boulevard to a PD zoning. 20:31:17:15
It is currently commercial general to construct a 20:31:19:27
2200-square-foot restaurant with one drive-through lane. 20:31:23:09
It also stands one story, and the proposed height is 28 feet. 20:31:26:24
The plan proposes 15 spaces, one ADA and 14 standard. 20:31:31:12
15 spaces are required by code. 20:31:35:27
The site is located East of 30th Street and south of Busch 20:31:38:10
Gardens. 20:31:41:09
The petitioner provided an aerial, thank you. 20:31:43:01
This is the subject site directly across the street, Anheuser 20:31:49:00

Busch. 20:31:55:01
On the zoning map, this is the designation of the commercial 20:31:55:19
general. 20:32:02:09
To the East is PD. 20:32:02:18
Busch Gardens across the street is PD. 20:32:04:04
You have some RM-24 to the West, southwest and some commercial 20:32:06:06
general across 30th Street. 20:32:11:27
As depicted on the site plan, the majority of the site will be 20:32:17:03
impervious. 20:32:20:25
A 15-foot landscape strip will separate the building from the 20:32:21:21
residential to the rear. 20:32:25:07
And then three-foot strip will be placed along the East to 20:32:26:07
separate the site from the commercially zoned property. 20:32:30:00
Access to the site from Busch Boulevard is divided in two 20:32:35:03
driveways. 20:32:38:00
One right in and one right out. 20:32:38:21
A left in and right out only access point is also shown on 20:32:40:03
calder place. 20:32:44:06
Elevations should be attached to the site plan. 20:32:45:06
They are asking for the following waivers, to reduce the setback 20:32:49:15
between a drive-through facility and a residential use from 20:32:52:21
50 feet to 15, to allow ingress and egress traffic flow into the 20:32:56:01
site from calder place, a local street. 20:33:02:00
At time of staff report, those waivers were not on the site 20:33:05:10
plan, however they did place today a note on the site plan. 20:33:09:27

We find that under the special use drive-in window that a waiver 20:33:20:01
needs to be requested, and they did that to calder place. 20:33:27:12
The site contains approximately 150 feet for drive-in queueing 20:33:30:24
that meets the criteria. 20:33:34:18
Under the special use, both the queueing lane and drive-in 20:33:36:13
window shall be at least 50 feet from the residential property. 20:33:41:01
We have noted it is only 15 feet. 20:33:43:21
The objections that are noted, transportation, they had two 20:33:51:09
objections to the site plan. 20:33:57:06
They objected to the driveway on calder place and that the 20:33:58:28
driveway needed to provide raised channelization to provide a 20:34:01:24
left-in, right-out movement. 20:34:05:06
Petitioner has satisfied that via a note. 20:34:07:13
And then a comment that D.O.T. needs to approve the access on 20:34:09:27
Busch Boulevard. 20:34:14:12
Solid waste, however, had objections, and they provided to the 20:34:16:19
petitioner an attachment. 20:34:19:28
They call it attachment number two. 20:34:23:09
And this is what I like to address with Council right now. 20:34:25:07
On the site plan, it shows the dumpster sitting in a particular 20:34:28:09
location. 20:34:36:00
Solid waste has made a comment to us that it's about three feet 20:34:39:10
off from where they wanted it. 20:34:44:12
They have provided an attachment, and they indicated to me today 20:34:47:01
that if the petitioner is willing to place a note on the site 20:34:51:13

plan saying that at time of permitting, that they will place -- 20:34:54:12
that the dumpster will be -- drawn exactly the way as attachment 20:34:57:27
two, that they will remove their objections. 20:35:02:25
And the petitioner has indicated and they have notes ready to 20:35:06:03
place on the site plan saying that. 20:35:10:09
And that's the end of our presentation. 20:35:13:25
Actually, can I show you -- do you want to see the site 20:35:16:00
location? 20:35:18:07
I'm sorry. 20:35:18:24
That's what the site looks like currently. 20:35:20:09
This is a view to Busch Gardens. 20:35:23:06
This is looking East on Busch Boulevard. 20:35:27:03
, West on Busch Boulevard. 20:35:32:16
This is directly adjacent. 20:35:36:06
It's real close. 20:35:44:12
I believe it's right next door. 20:35:45:09
And, yes, that's the elevation. 20:35:47:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question, and that is when a 20:35:49:19
petitioner comes in and is redoing a site like this, the 20:35:56:27
beginning of the week at the MPO had a discussion of Busch and 20:36:00:15
how tough it was for people because the sidewalks are in such 20:36:03:03
terrible shape. 20:36:06:25
Will the petitioner need to replace or improve the sidewalk in 20:36:08:09
front of their new Dunkin' Donuts? 20:36:10:25
Because it really -- I don't know that this particular corner 20:36:15:21

needs it, but we had a presentation of the entirety of Busch 20:36:19:06
which was in just awful shape. 20:36:22:15
>> The picture that I took shows the sidewalk. 20:36:24:07
We had no comments from staff that that needs to be done. 20:36:26:27
Here is another view. 20:36:30:21
I'm not sure. 20:36:31:18
I'll let petitioner answer that if they are going to do 20:36:43:04
anything. 20:36:46:00
>> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff. 20:37:00:06
I have been sworn in. 20:37:02:03
Land use categories in this particular area were right off of 20:37:04:10
the -- on the southeast corner of the intersection of Busch 20:37:06:21
Boulevard and 30th Street. 20:37:10:21
UMU 60, Busch Gardens to the North. 20:37:14:15
CMU 35 to the South. 20:37:17:10
CMU 35 to the West off of the intersection, R-20, R-35 and 20:37:18:24
residential 10. 20:37:24:27
Of course, as we all know, another Dunkin' Donuts. 20:37:26:03
There's a Bruno's pizza. 20:37:33:24
Here is a credit union, Mr. White, you had asked about. 20:37:35:15
Of course, McDonald's a little bit farther down. 20:37:39:09
Kentucky Fried Chicken. 20:37:43:15
Have in proximity to Busch Gardens. 20:37:46:06
Regarding the waivers, they wanted a 15-foot from 50 feet to 20:37:51:12
15 feet for the drive through in the rear and also the access 20:37:54:19

onto North calder place. 20:37:59:27
Having restricted access on calder -- calder place has been 20:38:05:16
committed to, as Ms. Boyle stated, by the applicant regarding 20:38:11:00
the waiver to 15 feet. 20:38:15:22
You do have a residential home directly to the South. 20:38:20:00
They are showing -- they are showing a fence, but we would like 20:38:23:01
to see additional landscaping on the south side to further 20:38:29:12
mitigate any potential impact from the reduction -- Planning 20:38:34:24
Commission would approve this commit to landscaping to the south 20:38:39:21
to further mitigate any impact caused by the drive-through in 20:38:45:12
proximity to the residential development. 20:38:50:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 20:38:51:15
>> Madam Chair, for the record, Michael Brooks, 500 East Kennedy 20:38:57:12
Boulevard, Suite 200 here in downtown Tampa. 20:39:00:00
I think staff and Planning Commission have given you a very good 20:39:04:18
overview of a Dunkin' Donuts site. 20:39:09:09
I do want to address two items -- actually, three items. 20:39:12:00
One is with the location of the dumpster. 20:39:16:06
We had met in our DRC with Ms. Wanda Shea, and she had given us 20:39:18:00
a drawing. 20:39:25:07
We attempted to duplicate that and apparently we are a couple of 20:39:26:15
feet off and a degree or two in orientation off. 20:39:29:13
We spoke to her today and agreed to make it the way she wants 20:39:33:06
it. 20:39:37:15
And hopefully that note is acceptable to the Council. 20:39:37:25

It is a very minor deviation. 20:39:41:00
With regard to the local access, again, Busch Boulevard, we're 20:39:44:12
going to be restricted to right-in, right-out in two different 20:39:49:00
locations. 20:39:52:19
We are proposing to channelize the access on calder, and we 20:39:54:06
think it's consistent with the other strip commercial that's 20:39:58:07
occurring on that stretch of roadway. 20:40:00:24
Ms. Saul-Sena, with regard to the sidewalks, I have numerous 20:40:05:15
pictures, none of which really show the sidewalks. 20:40:11:10
I've got a great picture of the roller coaster. 20:40:13:24
It was my recollection they were in fairly good condition, the 20:40:21:07
sidewalks. 20:40:24:06
Obviously, any construction damage that we do, we'll have to 20:40:24:28
replace. 20:40:28:03
With regard to the drive-through, I want to point out a 20:40:31:00
distinction. 20:40:35:16
The special use standards require 50-foot separation for the 20:40:36:01
drive-through window and the queueing lane. 20:40:39:25
We mitt the 50-foot setback for the drive through window. 20:40:42:06
It's located on the East side of the building facing the 20:40:46:12
commercial use that Mr. White mentioned. 20:40:50:18
It's the queueing lane that is the subject of the waiver, and in 20:40:54:09
looking at a site like this that's only 150 feet deep, we looked 20:40:59:18
at a number of ways as to how to orient this building and came 20:41:04:00
to the conclusion that either the queueing lane was going to -- 20:41:07:04

either the building could be shifted long ways along Busch 20:41:12:21
Boulevard which would put the window facing the residential 20:41:15:12
property as well as the queueing lane, albeit at a greater 20:41:18:13
distance. 20:41:22:22
The parking would be pushed back to that property line. 20:41:23:13
And we felt it was more important to put the window facing the 20:41:28:00
commercial property to the East, and that's how we came up with 20:41:31:25
this orientation. 20:41:36:07
The 15-foot buffer is what would otherwise be required between a 20:41:36:25
commercial use and a residential use. 20:41:42:03
The code would not require any landscaping within a 15-foot 20:41:42:21
buffer like that. 20:41:46:06
Six-foot masonry wall is all that's required. 20:41:47:13
What we're proposing to do is put up the masonry wall, and I 20:41:50:09
received a phone call last night from Ms. Bennett, who is here 20:41:54:00
tonight. 20:41:58:06
She lives directly behind this property, and we discussed two 20:41:58:15
things. 20:42:03:28
One is the buffer and the location of the dumpster. 20:42:04:15
I sent her a site plan. 20:42:08:13
I explained to her that the dumpster would be oriented towards 20:42:09:27
Busch Boulevard. 20:42:13:27
and also explained to her that we had put a note on this site 20:42:14:24
plan that would commit to doing evergreen trees within that 20:42:17:24
15-foot buffer at twice the intensity or the number that would 20:42:21:18

otherwise be required in a five-foot buffer, which is evergreen 20:42:26:00
trees on 10-foot center, 30-gallon size, approximately 10 feet 20:42:30:06
height at that time. 20:42:36:01
I also talked to Ms. Bennett about her willingness to allow her 20:42:37:03
to paint the back of the wall however she felt appropriate. 20:42:41:09
She's asked us to remove the chain-link fence there which we 20:42:45:12
agreed to do as well. 20:42:49:07
And we will -- there are a number of trees along that property 20:42:50:09
line that we'll be looking to save to further enhance the buffer 20:42:53:10
that's already back there. 20:42:56:27
So with that, I'll answer any questions. 20:42:58:22
I know Ms. Bennett wants to come up and speak as well. 20:43:01:09
I was sworn. 20:43:05:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public like to speak on item 12? 20:43:06:15
Anyone want to speak on item 12, would you please come up and 20:43:11:16
speak. 20:43:14:15
>> Hi. 20:43:20:18
My name is Amanda Bennett. 20:43:21:03
I live at 8733 North calder which is directly literally behind 20:43:22:21
this property. 20:43:26:22
And I was sworn in. 20:43:27:21
I don't want to say the proposed Dunkin' Donuts is definitely 20:43:30:01
going to enhance this lot. 20:43:33:09
I've lived on this property for a year and a half. 20:43:34:22
It's been vacant the entire time. 20:43:36:21

The sidewalk is really the best thing about the property to be 20:43:38:22
honest with you. 20:43:40:27
There's some asphalt, gravel. 20:43:43:10
The whole building was turned down. 20:43:46:03
It's clear. 20:43:48:07
Not exactly level. 20:43:49:09
This lot is mostly used for somebody to park a car and leave. 20:43:50:21
There's one now that's been there two months. 20:43:55:25
I'm very happy with the proposal. 20:43:57:27
As far as the queueing lane being 15 feet from my property line. 20:43:59:22
I'm fine with that. 20:44:03:00
We discussed it. 20:44:04:01
All the issues we had were settled. 20:44:06:00
For me, I'm happy to see it coming in and all the choices could 20:44:08:03
I have moving in next to me -- 20:44:12:10
>> Are you getting free doughnuts? 20:44:17:01
>> I don't know. 20:44:19:09
I'll have to talk about that. 20:44:19:21
>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion to close. 20:44:23:12
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the 20:44:25:03
general vicinity of 3203 East Busch Boulevard in the City of 20:44:29:12
Tampa, Florida, and more particularly described in section 1 20:44:33:00
from zoning district classifications CG commercial general to 20:44:36:16
PD, restaurant with a drive-in window, providing an effective 20:44:40:01
date. 20:44:43:19

>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye. 20:44:45:06
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 20:44:46:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Notes 12 and 13 which reference the MPO Busch 20:44:49:21
Boulevard corridor study and say that they'll incorporate the 20:44:53:16
specifications in that to make Busch more walkable and 20:44:57:15
pedestrian friendly, I think that's great. 20:45:01:18
Thank you for including that as a part of your park D. 20:45:03:13
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Marty, what about the F.D.O.T. approval? 20:45:07:24
>>MARTY BOYLE: It's my understanding, I'll have to ask Melanie, 20:45:14:21
that they receive two letters, on the one on Hillsborough, they 20:45:17:18
received a letter from F.D.O.T., and -- from F.D.O.T. and on 20:45:21:18
Busch Boulevard -- Michael, did you receive a comment? 20:45:26:09
>> No, we do not have a letter from F.D.O.T., and that will 20:45:32:28
obviously be a requirement of going through permitting is to 20:45:35:27
have that driveway permanent. 20:45:38:19
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to open 13. 20:45:40:03
>>KEVIN WHITE: Second. 20:45:44:21
>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye. 20:45:47:18
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 20:45:49:00
>>MARTY BOYLE: I said it was Dunkin' Donuts night, it's actually 20:45:57:00
the Bricklemyer night, I think. 20:46:00:27
Z 05-168. 20:46:04:12
The petitioner is requesting to rezone the property at 213 South 20:46:14:00
Howard Avenue from an existing multifamily RM-24 to a PD, 20:46:17:22
professional office. 20:46:23:03

The proposed site plan shows the conversion of a single-family 20:46:25:13
residence to an office building. 20:46:29:10
The existing building is 1122 square feet. 20:46:31:24
The building is one story. 20:46:35:15
Parking is in the rear of the building with three spaces. 20:46:38:07
However, four spaces are required by code. 20:46:41:21
The parking will be accessed from an existing ten-foot alley in 20:46:43:27
the rear and from a one-way drive off of Howard in the front. 20:46:47:13
They are not proposing any additions or adding any square 20:46:51:19
footage to the existing site. 20:46:55:19
On the rezoning map in yellow is the subject site. 20:47:00:03
It is RM-24. 20:47:05:07
It is surrounded by RM-24, but to the North, there is commercial 20:47:07:00
general. 20:47:11:12
Across the street there has been some rezoning to PD and some 20:47:11:27
residential office. 20:47:16:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: What is the current use? 20:47:16:19
>>MARTY BOYLE: The current use is a single-family residence. 20:47:21:22
This is what the subject site looks like. 20:47:24:24
It is staying according to the site plan and the petitioner and 20:47:30:06
the owner, they are not modifying the exterior in any way or 20:47:34:10
doing any additions. 20:47:38:21
This is the rear of the property. 20:47:39:21
This is looking north on Howard. 20:47:47:19
This is looking South on the alleyway behind the office. 20:47:53:01

Again, a view of the rear. 20:47:58:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Did you say it's in the historic district? 20:48:03:15
>>MARTY BOYLE: It is in the Soho commercial district, South 20:48:09:06
Howard overlay district. 20:48:12:27
I don't believe it is in the historic district. 20:48:15:00
Just another view of the drive. 20:48:19:22
This was the property directly adjacent and to the North. 20:48:23:22
This is directly across the street. 20:48:29:27
It's a restaurant. 20:48:32:15
This property is across the street and to the South. 20:48:36:18
It is multifamily. 20:48:40:06
And just a view of Howard. 20:48:42:21
Under staff findings, the objections are based on the ratio of 20:48:53:01
the parking. 20:48:57:21
The required is four spaces -- actually, it's 3.3. 20:48:59:24
They are providing 3. 20:49:04:00
Under the South Howard overlay commercial district, the 20:49:07:10
buildings in that says it should be set back no less than 20:49:12:12
10 feet and no more than 18 feet. 20:49:16:00
This building has a front setback of 27 feet, but we need to 20:49:18:24
point out that it is an existing building. 20:49:23:06
Buffer and screenings, the parcel to the South is zoned RM-24. 20:49:27:15
Under section 27-130, buffer and screening requirements, the 20:49:32:21
buffer to the South should be 15 feet; however, the South Howard 20:49:36:00
commercial overlay district supersedes this provision and 20:49:39:21

requires a five-foot buffer. 20:49:42:24
The six-foot masonry wall is still required. 20:49:44:21
The property to the West is also zoned RM-24 and requires a 20:49:47:13
five-foot buffer. 20:49:51:01
The petitioner has provided only a three-foot buffer and has not 20:49:52:10
submitted sufficient evidence to show support of the affected 20:49:56:04
residential property owner, however, we need to note again that 20:50:00:07
the building is existing. 20:50:03:19
The Land Development also recommends that all parking lot 20:50:06:06
lighting be limited to 12 feet in height to reduce impact to 20:50:08:22
residential property. 20:50:12:16
Transportation planning has an objection to the parking. 20:50:13:21
They feel that going from four to three spaces is excessive. 20:50:18:06
Stormwater has made note that there's no credit for existing 20:50:24:00
impervious and that they need to provide a one half inch 20:50:29:10
stormwater retention for the entire property. 20:50:33:01
Under the South Howard commercial overlay district, it does meet 20:50:38:09
these particular design standards. 20:50:41:27
The principal facade and entry to the building be fronting on 20:50:44:24
South Howard. 20:50:48:06
It does that. 20:50:48:24
Surface parking shall be located in the side or rear of the 20:50:49:28
building. 20:50:53:15
The parking is provided to the rear. 20:50:53:24
And that's all in our presentation. 20:50:57:18

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you. 20:50:59:00
When we go back and revisit 27, which we're going to do at the 20:51:03:06
beginning of January, it seems to me that we got to develop some 20:51:07:18
kind of recognition when you're dealing with a historic 20:51:11:03
structure. 20:51:14:21
And given that we have said that particularly in areas like this 20:51:14:27
where we are trying to keep the historic structures that if it 20:51:17:16
means that you have one-third less of a parking space, if that's 20:51:21:15
a worthy trade-off. 20:51:24:09
And the staff shouldn't have to object to things when we know 20:51:25:18
that if you were to weigh the maintenance of a historic 20:51:29:15
structure versus a third of a parking space, it's obvious where 20:51:35:06
the greater weight it. 20:51:38:10
This is silly. 20:51:40:12
When we rewrite 27, we need to address it. 20:51:41:06
Also, John's idea about you get extra bonus points if you have a 20:51:43:27
front porch, that that would weigh in on this. 20:51:47:27
Morris is making notes, right? 20:52:04:09
>> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff. 20:52:11:06
I have been sworn in. 20:52:12:19
Regarding future land use, there are three predominant land use 20:52:14:12
categories in the area. 20:52:19:09
On Howard, community mixed use 35 and all along Platt Street. 20:52:20:06
Residential 35 to the West along moody and to the East of Howard 20:52:24:28
residential 20. 20:52:30:24

Ms. Boyle did a fine job of explaining to you what the context 20:52:36:06
was for this particular block and what this particular use 20:52:40:18
interfaces as far as having a multifamily use, several other low 20:52:43:15
density office uses which are easily supported by the land use 20:52:47:15
designation of CMU-35. 20:52:51:00
As has been stated, this is in the Soho area. 20:52:53:21
The structure, and I think Ms. Saul-Sena made some very good 20:52:58:09
points, it's an existing single-family residence. 20:53:01:21
It's going to remain a single-family in character as far as how 20:53:04:15
it's going to look. 20:53:08:24
The request Planning Commission feels minor and it fits in 20:53:14:09
character with the surrounding area. 20:53:17:24
Planning Commission staff has no objection to the proposed 20:53:19:04
request. 20:53:21:21
>> Michael brooks. 20:53:28:06
500 East Kennedy Boulevard, suite 200. 20:53:29:06
I don't have much more to add. 20:53:32:27
This is essentially a conversion of uses, not adding additional 20:53:34:13
square feet. 20:53:38:07
Not changing significantly anything about the site other than 20:53:38:27
adding some parking in the back. 20:53:42:01
It is as much parking as can be accommodated in the back. 20:53:43:21
I wanted to show you a photograph of the wooden fence that 20:53:49:19
currently separates the adjacent building. 20:53:55:13
This is one of the few remaining residentially zoned properties 20:53:59:06

along that stretch. 20:54:03:06
It is a rental. 20:54:04:16
We had not been contacted by any of the renters or the owners of 20:54:05:15
that. 20:54:08:16
I think it would be a travesty to put a masonry wall in between 20:54:09:07
those uses. 20:54:13:07
So I brought that for your benefit. 20:54:15:25
Anyways, office professional uses, there will be no doughnut 20:54:21:06
sales. 20:54:25:21
I have to say -- so we're here to answer your questions. 20:54:26:04
>> I'm curious why the rezoning at all. 20:54:32:24
What inspired the rezoning? 20:54:37:25
If it's an existing use. 20:54:40:00
>> The house right now really does not have any use. 20:54:43:09
It's zoned residential. 20:54:46:07
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Hasn't it been used as office? 20:54:48:06
>> There are things stored in the home by the owner. 20:54:52:27
It's not -- it doesn't have any advertising or signage. 20:54:56:15
They go there and do some of their work. 20:55:00:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just trying to make it a little more 20:55:02:15
official. 20:55:04:13
>> That's correct. 20:55:05:06
In fact, no to the belabor this point, but the properties next 20:55:07:24
door -- 20:55:12:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Has it been cited? 20:55:13:07

>> I did not say there was office uses going on there. 20:55:17:19
No, it has not been cited. 20:55:20:15
This is the property next door. 20:55:23:15
It gives you the ability to put some small signage out in front. 20:55:24:24
That's the other property right next door. 20:55:29:03
Low-scale office professional. 20:55:31:19
>>MARY ALVAREZ: What kind of professional office is it going to 20:55:33:06
be? 20:55:38:06
>> The owner is a sports agent. 20:55:38:21
Represents chipper Jones. 20:55:42:12
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public like to speak on 20:55:43:27
item number 13? 20:55:47:27
All in favor of the motion, aye. 20:55:50:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I can read that one, Madam Chair. 20:55:52:03
Move to approve an ordinance rezoning property in the general 20:55:59:00
vicinity of 213 South Howard Avenue in the City of Tampa, 20:56:01:09
Florida, more particularly described in section 1 from zoning 20:56:03:16
district classification RM-24 residential multifamily to PD, 20:56:06:12
business professional office providing an effective date. 20:56:10:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second. 20:56:12:13
All in favor of the motion, aye. 20:56:14:15
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 20:56:15:28
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open 14. 20:56:17:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second. 20:56:18:18
All in favor, aye. 20:56:20:00

[ MOTION CARRIED ] 20:56:20:21
>>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development. 20:56:33:13
Z 05-148, the petitioner proposes to rezone the property at 2713 20:56:36:06
Bayshore Boulevard to a planned development. 20:56:44:03
It is currently a planned development and to construct an 20:56:46:19
addition to an existing synagogue. 20:56:51:01
The synagogue was previously rezoned as part of a plan 20:56:53:21
development, Z-94-32 and approved by this Council or 20:56:57:12
predecessors. 20:57:03:07
For a synagogue and a religious school. 20:57:05:24
It's part of the approved park D, a two-story school was to be 20:57:09:06
built; however, only a one-story school was completed. 20:57:12:21
This site plan reflects the proposed two-story school to now be 20:57:17:00
completed along with an 8,091 square feet addition to the lobby, 20:57:22:15
office area and sanctuary. 20:57:28:04
The approved PD allows a reduction -- the approved PD previously 20:57:30:15
allowed a reduction of 30 parking spaces. 20:57:35:10
The petitioner is stating that they are not adding any new seats 20:57:37:24
to the sanctuary. 20:57:41:03
And the school was previously already approved for the two-story 20:57:42:03
and the maximum students. 20:57:46:13
The maximum building height is 40 feet. 20:57:48:00
And it has a 380-seat sanctuary. 20:57:50:12
The school has 125 children on Sunday and 120 children on 20:57:53:27
weekdays with 20 faculty members. 20:57:58:18

The waivers to section 27-242 was to reduce the number of 20:58:03:21
parking spaces from 114 required spaces to 84 that are provided. 20:58:08:13
A total reduction of 30. 20:58:14:04
As I previously mentioned, the PD, Z94-32 also approved this 20:58:16:09
waiver. 20:58:24:03
The staff report indicates under the objections that there were 20:58:29:28
two trees being removed that staff did not or could not find a 20:58:33:15
reason why they should be removed. 20:58:38:04
An 18-inch oak and 14-inch palm. 20:58:40:06
The petitioner has addressed that with us today and indicated 20:58:42:24
and shown on the site plan that they were not going to be 20:58:46:19
removed. 20:58:49:15
Also, the required side yard shall be 40 feet, except the front 20:58:56:19
yards may be the requirement in the district which it's located 20:59:00:07
in. 20:59:03:00
We understand that the building, the school is already existing, 20:59:03:19
but we had to make note that it doesn't meet the required 20:59:07:09
setbacks. 20:59:10:18
Also, there is single-family residence, and let me get the 20:59:11:21
aerial here. 20:59:17:13
In the corner along Bayshore, that is a single-family 20:59:21:28
residential home. 20:59:24:09
The previous setback from that was 10 to 12 feet with the 20:59:28:06
expansion of the lobby and the office area. 20:59:32:15
That will be down to eight to ten feet. 20:59:36:15

Transportation made a note that the owner will pipe the ditches 20:59:43:03
in the right-of-way along both sides of Barcelona Street. 20:59:46:22
The petitioner added that note to the site plan. 20:59:50:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: What is the buffering between the proposed 20:59:53:15
new office area and the existing residential? 20:59:58:06
>>MARTY BOYLE: It is currently -- it was before this rezoning, 21:00:00:22
as I mentioned, 10 to 12 feet is now approximately -- at one 21:00:05:01
corner it's eight feet to ten. 21:00:10:01
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's the distance. 21:00:11:21
But I'm more concerned about the physical buffering. 21:00:13:12
Is there a wall, a fence? 21:00:16:13
Is there a proposed landscaping? 21:00:18:15
>>MARTY BOYLE: Yes, I believe there's a wall and they indicated 21:00:22:00
to us and I'll let the petitioner speak further to that, they 21:00:25:09
are beefing up their landscaping buffer in that area. 21:00:29:03
They are also at one point had their AC unit proposed right 21:00:33:18
behind the office area, and they have moved it more to the new 21:00:38:15
exit area. 21:00:49:01
And have put it up in that to address concerns for noise. 21:00:49:01
And that's the end of our presentation. 21:00:51:03
>>MARY ALVAREZ: There's a note on here, says a waiver to access 21:00:52:18
two local streets -- and Barcelona. 21:00:59:06
What's the waiver? 21:01:03:03
>>MARTY BOYLE: Well, they are already -- it's existing. 21:01:04:03
They are already accessing those local streets but we need them 21:01:06:21

to state it again for this PD that they are asking for a waiver. 21:01:12:09
They are local streets and the only way to get to Bayshore is to 21:01:16:00
traverse that. 21:01:19:18
>>MARY ALVAREZ: But is it open to the public, though, to use 21:01:21:00
Barcelona. 21:01:23:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Both of those exits and entrances exist right 21:01:24:13
now. 21:01:27:22
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Just wondering. 21:01:27:22
>>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff? 21:01:30:27
>> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff. 21:01:40:00
I have been sworn in. 21:01:41:10
I have different colors for you on this site plan that you 21:01:48:01
haven't seen. 21:01:50:18
Recreation open space, residential 50, heavy commercial 24. 21:01:54:00
CMU 35, the proposed site. 21:01:57:07
Residential 35 as are most of the properties. 21:01:59:09
-- down to Bay to Bay. 21:02:04:27
CMU 35. 21:02:06:13
Residential 20. 21:02:07:18
As Ms. Boyle had stated, this is for an expansion of an existing 21:02:12:27
community approved way back for an addition of 22,400 square 21:02:16:25
feet, but you have to remember, 8500 square feet of that has 21:02:20:25
already been approved which was not utilized under the prior PD. 21:02:24:25
So really looking at 14,000 square feet. 21:02:30:00
On the site plan, you would see the actual expansion would be 21:02:32:21

internal to the project, right around this area where this 21:02:36:00
lettering is. 21:02:38:09
And right over here in this area. 21:02:39:03
The garden club to the North. 21:02:43:28
Presbyterian towers right over here to the northwest. 21:02:45:27
Northwest of this site. 21:02:49:10
Couple of single-family residences over here. 21:02:50:12
We have office parking lot. 21:02:52:21
Patches is one of the commercial uses over here adjacent to this 21:02:55:18
office building. 21:02:59:00
About a three-story office building located on the corner of Bay 21:03:01:04
to Bay and Bayshore. 21:03:04:00
And these are some condos that have been -- I think they have 21:03:05:19
been here about 25, 30 years adjacent to the property, closest 21:03:08:15
residential use that directly abuts the synagogue and the 21:03:13:12
school. 21:03:16:27
We're all very familiar with the site. 21:03:20:10
Been serving the greater South Tampa area since 1969. 21:03:22:06
Proposed expansion will allow the synagogue and school continue 21:03:25:16
to serve the community as it has been a complementary use there 21:03:27:28
for the last four decades. 21:03:31:03
Planning Commission staff has no objection to the proposed 21:03:32:25
request. 21:03:35:28
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ms. Boyle, this might be to you or Gloria 21:03:36:04
since we have the benefit of her presence tonight. 21:03:48:06

But it seems to me the calculation for parking would be a little 21:03:51:27
bit unusual for a church for a synagogue in this situation 21:03:54:09
because on the one hand, on a day-to-day use, especially as 21:04:01:18
related to the day school, you know, they probably have plenty 21:04:06:24
of parking. 21:04:10:24
But, you know, at the peak hour during services or high 21:04:13:25
holidays, you know, then your use blossoms. 21:04:20:15
How do you all deal with that? 21:04:24:21
>> Well, it was indicated to me, this was originally 21:04:27:27
Ms. Lamboy's project but she attends the synagogue and she could 21:04:30:01
not do it. 21:04:35:09
She indicated to me the overflow parking what you see on 21:04:36:06
Barcelona, really about four or five times a year does it fill 21:04:40:21
up. 21:04:44:16
And that's during the time that you mentioned. 21:04:45:22
Other than that, there usually isn't a situation -- 21:04:51:10
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The reason I ask, there's a waiver of parking 21:04:53:18
requested. 21:04:59:06
Is that parking calculated on this issue of high holidays, or is 21:04:59:16
it calculated on what? 21:05:06:00
>> It's calculated based on seats in the church. 21:05:08:28
And there are 380 seats. 21:05:12:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: So adding a second floor to the school means 21:05:15:00
you might add another five or ten teachers potentially, but that 21:05:19:27
really shouldn't have any impact. 21:05:23:15

>> Let me back it up. 21:05:25:09
Based on seats in school and number of students. 21:05:26:16
And the previous PD took into account the 300 seat sanctuary and 21:05:28:18
the two-story school with approximately 120 students. 21:05:35:04
At that time, they asked -- that's the same waiver that they -- 21:05:39:12
I'm corrected. 21:05:46:10
It's just a sanctuary. 21:05:47:03
>> Melanie Callaway, transportation. 21:05:50:04
They reassessed the seats that are in the actual sanctuary for 21:05:52:09
parking. 21:05:56:12
And yes, you're correct. 21:05:56:18
They are adding a second floor of a Sunday school, that's not 21:05:57:27
counted in the calculation. 21:06:02:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: But practically speaking, it really shouldn't 21:06:04:24
have much impact because that's not when services are held. 21:06:07:07
>> Right. 21:06:11:24
And usually if it's a family and their kids, they are all coming 21:06:12:00
together. 21:06:16:09
You know, the parents will be there. 21:06:16:21
The kids will go off to school. 21:06:18:19
It's all the same car. 21:06:20:15
It's still one car. 21:06:21:21
>>MARTY BOYLE: But there is a preschool Monday through Friday, 21:06:22:22
but the majority of that is drop-off and pickup. 21:06:26:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 21:06:32:27

>> Good evening. 21:06:40:00
Jeff sheer, 401 East Jackson. 21:06:40:15
I have not been sworn. 21:06:45:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else who is going to speak that has not 21:06:54:16
been sworn, please stand. 21:06:57:28
(Oath administered by the clerk). 21:07:01:01
>> Again, Jeff sheer representing Rodeph Shalom synagogue. 21:07:06:19
We have a number of members of our congregation here, including 21:07:11:22
our rabbi. 21:07:14:15
If you guys have any questions for them or our engineer, we're 21:07:16:07
happy to answer any questions. 21:07:19:16
Let me give you a quick background. 21:07:21:12
This synagogue was purchased, the land was purchased almost 40 21:07:24:24
years ago now, and we did do a PD about 11 years ago to add the 21:07:31:25
school. 21:07:37:12
But besides that, the physical plant really has not been 21:07:37:24
upgraded in all that time, and that's what we're kind of 21:07:41:03
intending to do is add -- just giving us a little more 21:07:44:18
elbowroom, little more administrative space. 21:07:47:25
Bigger office for the rabbi, which I'm sure is well deserved. 21:07:50:15
New libraries. 21:07:54:06
New meeting rooms, so forth. 21:07:55:04
As Marty stated, the addition to the school had already been 21:07:58:00
approved. 21:08:02:03
We are adding a staircase to that which had not been approved 21:08:02:27

previously, but that's because of a new code requirement. 21:08:06:09
I assume you guys have the site plan in front of you, but, 21:08:10:18
again, you can see the shaded areas here are the areas that are 21:08:14:00
being added. 21:08:18:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Sheer, do you have any opposition? 21:08:20:06
>> I believe we do. 21:08:22:21
That's why I'm going into a little bit more than I would 21:08:23:24
necessarily. 21:08:26:18
And up in the front here, that shows the second story of the 21:08:27:24
school. 21:08:31:15
So that, again, is not part of this petition. 21:08:31:21
That's already been approved. 21:08:35:00
To clarify the parking issue, we're not asking for any more of a 21:08:35:28
waiver than already exists. 21:08:39:16
What exists right now are the number of the 84 spaces. 21:08:40:27
We're just having to request it again. 21:08:43:21
We're not taking away any spaces by adding the additional space 21:08:45:16
that we're adding. 21:08:49:15
You guys probably have not seen this just so you can see it. 21:08:51:27
This is kind of an elevation. 21:08:55:18
What we're adding again is right around in this area, the new 21:08:59:12
lobby, the new offices and so forth. 21:09:03:12
And here on this side you see the two-story school, second story 21:09:06:12
of the school, rather. 21:09:10:01
Another thing we're doing is kind of opening. 21:09:11:09

Kind of a shame we originally designed this, it was not open to 21:09:13:09
the water at all. 21:09:16:03
We are adding some windows to the sanctuary so it's more 21:09:17:15
oriented towards Bayshore. 21:09:23:10
So we have a little bit of a view of the water. 21:09:24:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Looks pretty schmaltzy. 21:09:26:25
>> We have spoken to a number of the neighbors. 21:09:35:15
A couple of them are here tonight. 21:09:38:15
We have also spoken to Vicky PALEI, the Neighborhood 21:09:42:09
Association. 21:09:46:21
My understanding is they are in support. 21:09:47:09
She can expand on that if you like to. 21:09:50:15
We do have one neighbor that we've been told has some concerns. 21:09:53:13
We attempted to meet with her, and one of her -- was going to 21:09:56:25
meet with her. 21:10:03:15
I guess she was not able to show up at that meeting. 21:10:04:10
We never heard from her again. 21:10:07:09
So we logically assumed she didn't have any objections. 21:10:09:01
We did hear, actually, from Vicky at the Neighborhood 21:10:12:03
Association that she did have some concerns early in the week, 21:10:14:24
we tried to reach her on any number of occasions and have not 21:10:18:24
been able to get together with her. 21:10:22:13
She didn't seem as if she really wanted to meet with us. 21:10:24:15
One of the concerns we were aware of was the concern that Marty 21:10:27:00
mentioned was the location of the AC unit that was fairly close 21:10:30:16

to her property. 21:10:34:06
So we in anticipation of her concern have moved that further 21:10:37:21
away. 21:10:41:06
And other than that, we're not aware of what other concerns she 21:10:42:25
might have. 21:10:46:09
So we'll be in a position to rebut once we hear those. 21:10:46:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You can elaborate on the buffer near the 21:10:55:15
proposed office area? 21:10:57:12
>> Yes, we're going to be adding a row of hedges as well as a 21:10:59:16
row of Crepe Myrtles which grow to a certain height, which would 21:11:04:06
give her some buffering from the two-story building there. 21:11:11:00
That is not there now and we will be adding that. 21:11:15:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there in the public who would like to speak on 21:11:17:01
item 14? 21:11:20:03
Come up and speak if you're going to speak? 21:11:21:01
>>KEVIN WHITE: Just for point of clarification, I'm not that 21:11:29:03
familiar with that stretch of Barcelona. 21:11:32:18
And I was just wondering, is that a very highly traveled area? 21:11:34:21
Because I see it dumps right into Bayshore and all of your 21:11:38:06
parking is there. 21:11:41:03
It seems like the parishioners will have to foot it across the 21:11:42:06
street. 21:11:46:00
So I just -- 21:11:46:06
>> It is somewhat -- if you go straight up Barcelona, there is 21:11:48:13
an office building there, and there are plans for a future, 21:11:51:25

perhaps a future condo tower over there. 21:11:54:25
But we do have sheriff deputies at any big events we have, so 21:11:57:06
we -- 21:12:03:07
>>KEVIN WHITE: Like I say, it didn't bother me. 21:12:05:18
>> One thing we are doing on Barcelona, both sides of Barcelona 21:12:08:06
we're putting in sidewalks and there are right now ditches on 21:12:12:09
both sides. 21:12:14:27
We're piping all that and putting in sidewalks on both sides of 21:12:15:18
Barcelona. 21:12:19:09
>>KEVIN WHITE: Any marked pedestrian crossings that may help the 21:12:19:25
pedestrian traffic to at least stay? 21:12:28:12
>> We don't have plans for it right now. 21:12:30:01
I don't know if transportation would have any objection to that. 21:12:32:21
But if they would be in support of it, we would love to have 21:12:35:04
that. 21:12:39:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Barcelona is not very busy except on weekdays 21:12:39:28
when there's a lot of cut-thru because they are coming down 21:12:44:24
Bayshore and they want to make a right on Bay to Bay, when they 21:12:48:10
see the light hit, they go, oh, so then they cut up Barcelona 21:12:51:25
and make a left on Isabella. 21:12:55:28
I think a crosswalk would be a great idea. 21:12:58:15
>> We'll talk to Melanie about that. 21:13:00:19
If they are okay, we would love to have that. 21:13:02:06
>>GWEN MILLER: You may speak now. 21:13:06:15
>> My name is Janet BURTOCK. 21:13:15:03

I'm sorry they weren't able to contact me this week. 21:13:19:01
I do a lot of volunteer work and I'm in and out a lot. 21:13:21:28
Anyway, my property does abut there. 21:13:26:10
I'm on the corner of Bayshore and Barcelona at 2715. 21:13:29:03
As much as I dislike disagreement, I find it necessary to speak 21:13:33:15
about this rezoning. 21:13:37:13
My residence is on the southeast corner of the property and I've 21:13:42:16
been there since 1983, and I've enjoyed the location immensely. 21:13:46:09
And I've tried to maintain a good relationship with the 21:13:53:15
synagogue and I've tried to be a good neighbor with the 21:13:56:10
synagogue. 21:13:58:21
And I pick up their mail when it's delivered to me in error, I 21:13:59:18
pick up packages for them if there's nobody there. 21:14:03:18
You know, I call somebody if I fine the sprinkler pipes have 21:14:06:22
broken and they are spewing water all night. 21:14:12:03
But most of the information that I've gotten about this project 21:14:15:04
has been because at the last minute I came down and did look at 21:14:18:06
the site plan. 21:14:22:00
It's probably been at least a year ago since I was made aware of 21:14:24:27
the fact that the synagogue needed more office space. 21:14:27:28
And that they were trying to make plans in that regard. 21:14:30:24
And I was not concerned because in 1994, I think it was '94, 21:14:36:04
planned development, for the school, they had called me over and 21:14:42:15
asked me to look at the plans and see if I had any objections or 21:14:47:18
any concerns. 21:14:51:27

And I told him at that time, after I looked at the plans, that I 21:14:53:15
did not have. 21:14:56:27
And that I didn't intend to go to the rezoning hearing and I 21:14:57:27
didn't intend to object to it. 21:15:03:25
But then they only built one story onto the school. 21:15:06:00
So when this notice of the rezoning came and it was called 21:15:11:16
expansion of administrative area, it was still not a great 21:15:16:25
concern to me, because I knew that they had another story left 21:15:21:06
to build on top of the school area. 21:15:25:24
And I didn't think how much office space can you need. 21:15:29:00
But when I went down and looked at the planning department at 21:15:33:00
the last minute to my surprise, the administrative area had 21:15:36:06
developed into 22,000 square feet. 21:15:40:09
That's a lot of office space. 21:15:47:07
In addition, the new building will be coming really close to my 21:15:48:21
house. 21:15:53:13
It's like eight to ten feet. 21:15:53:22
And the air conditioning unit which would be at my back bedroom 21:15:58:13
window downstairs and, of course, it would go up to the upstairs 21:16:01:12
bedroom window because the bedrooms are all on the backside of 21:16:06:06
the house. 21:16:09:09
I was concerned about that. 21:16:12:24
But on the way in tonight, Mr. TOBAN advised me that they were 21:16:13:21
going to move the air conditioning unit. 21:16:18:13
But I have no idea. 21:16:20:12

I haven't seen any plans, so I don't know where they are going 21:16:21:12
to move it to. 21:16:24:16
But they are still really close to my house. 21:16:26:27
And I don't know how tall the building is going to be. 21:16:30:18
I don't understand a lot about the site plan. 21:16:34:15
You know, there are no plans on there that shows how big the 21:16:36:13
building is going to be or what it's going to be used for. 21:16:39:19
But it's going to be in close proximity to my house. 21:16:44:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Time is up. 21:16:48:10
>> Well, that's just an architectural rendering. 21:17:03:21
>>KEVIN WHITE: That's the proposed elevation. 21:17:06:18
>> How tall the building is going to be. 21:17:10:09
>>GWEN MILLER: The petitioner will come back. 21:17:13:09
We'll get that information for you. 21:17:15:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ma'am, I do have a question for you. 21:17:16:22
I'm familiar with your home generally. 21:17:19:21
I mean, it's very obvious right there. 21:17:21:15
The back room that will face, theoretically face that new 21:17:26:24
building, what is that use on your back -- 21:17:33:10
>> It's a bedroom. 21:17:36:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: And are there windows. 21:17:37:15
Do you have a privacy concern at all? 21:17:41:21
>> Yes, I do have a privacy concern because I don't see -- I 21:17:45:00
can't see where the windows are going to be in this building, 21:17:48:27
and I assume this building is going to be a two-story building. 21:17:51:10

And I don't know where the windows are going to be in that. 21:17:57:07
I'm more concerned about the noise. 21:18:03:03
You know, I'd rather it were not that close to my property 21:18:04:21
because I feel like it's going to affect the value of my 21:18:09:04
property, but I'd like to at least have more buffers than some 21:18:12:09
Crepe Myrtle trees. 21:18:16:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is there a wall behind your bedroom? 21:18:17:27
>> No. 21:18:20:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: There's no wall right now. 21:18:21:03
>> No. 21:18:22:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are they proposing a wall? 21:18:22:28
>> No. 21:18:24:28
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Would you like a wall? 21:18:27:09
>> I'd love a wall. 21:18:27:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay. 21:18:28:22
Maybe that's a possibility. 21:18:31:18
>>GWEN MILLER: When the petitioner come back to rebut, he'll 21:18:32:21
answer all your questions. 21:18:38:01
Next. 21:18:39:15
>> Karen Crawford, 1406 South moody. 21:18:42:07
I have been sworn. 21:18:45:19
I'm here as secretary of the Bayshore gardens Neighborhood 21:18:46:15
Association. 21:18:48:15
We were concerned, of course, as we are with developments in our 21:18:49:07
neighborhood and as you all are aware, there are several 21:18:52:24

developments going on in this area. 21:18:55:18
So we informed the Bayshore gardens Neighborhood Association of 21:18:56:19
this rezoning at our general membership meeting on October the 21:18:59:13
22nd. 21:19:02:18
We did send e-mail notices to all the people who we have their 21:19:03:12
e-mail addresses. 21:19:06:27
We received and reviewed the site plan. 21:19:08:03
We made it available to the neighborhood and expressed the 21:19:10:16
concerns to their agent. 21:19:13:06
And Vicky will explain that. 21:19:14:04
We were contacted by the two families that were most affected in 21:19:15:27
the neighborhood, and they are here tonight to address your 21:19:19:21
concern. 21:19:21:27
Just so you all know, we received no other calls or e-mails from 21:19:22:15
anyone in the neighborhood concerning this rezoning. 21:19:25:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 21:19:27:25
Next. 21:19:29:09
>> Thank you for the offer. 21:19:48:21
I don't know why Bayshore gardens is always the last hearing on 21:19:51:24
my meetings, you guys. 21:19:55:09
My name is Vicky. 21:19:58:09
I'm president of Bayshore gardens. 21:19:59:21
I live at 1311 South Moody Avenue. 21:20:01:07
As Karen mentioned, we did discuss with the synagogue's 21:20:03:24
representative some of our concerns, and they did make changes 21:20:07:00

per our suggestions. 21:20:11:15
And some of them were very costly changes. 21:20:13:00
The culverting along -- on Barcelona is an expensive proposition 21:20:16:12
as well as the installation of the sidewalks. 21:20:21:24
That whole area of that neighborhood is going to be drastically 21:20:24:06
changing in the next couple of years, and we will be appearing 21:20:27:16
before you on a couple of big issues. 21:20:31:09
And we have been looking at specifically Barcelona and Isabella 21:20:38:27
and ways of improving it with other developers. 21:20:43:03
And just to let you know, if another project come through, they 21:20:47:12
are talking about making it a four-way stop sign, exploring that 21:20:50:13
with the city and doing crosswalks and installing sidewalks all 21:20:54:03
along Isabella. 21:20:59:00
So these are issues that we are all looking at. 21:21:00:01
As I mentioned, Jan mentioned to me about the AC, I mentioned it 21:21:03:06
to them and they told me they would move that away from her -- 21:21:07:24
near her home, which is, of course, nice. 21:21:11:15
We ask that they clarify what this new social hall, the second 21:21:16:27
floor is going to be utilized as a social hall, what they were 21:21:21:18
going to be utilizing, whether it would be a rentable space or 21:21:24:18
whatever. 21:21:28:18
I was told that it would be limited to use by members of the 21:21:29:00
congregation which we have no objection to, of course. 21:21:32:09
We also asked and were told that they are not proposing an 21:21:35:19
increase in the number of students, the number of faculty, the 21:21:38:19

number of classrooms or the number of employees at the temple. 21:21:42:21
This is important to us because of the waiver of the 30 parking 21:21:46:25
spaces. 21:21:50:24
Right now, they get to use -- they have an agreement to use the 21:21:52:21
empty parking lot across Isabella for their overflow parking. 21:21:57:21
That is going to be developed in some way in the next period of 21:22:03:12
time. 21:22:06:27
And we would ask that they agree to do some sort of agreement 21:22:07:27
and that be included in the PD to have overflow parking, work 21:22:13:04
something out. 21:22:19:27
Because on the high holidays, certain bar mitzvahs, certain big 21:22:21:00
celebrations, it is crowded and they have to have some 21:22:27:21
alternatives and we would like it to be included in the PD to 21:22:30:22
protect the neighborhood. 21:22:33:15
There are periodically problems with illegal parking and some of 21:22:34:06
the neighbors have voiced a little bit of concern about how that 21:22:42:18
can be addressed. 21:22:45:24
Parking across sidewalks and things like that. 21:22:47:00
But I feel like they've been more than willing to work with us, 21:22:50:00
the temple is an integral part of our neighborhood, a welcome 21:22:54:15
part of our neighborhood. 21:22:59:07
We're pleased to have them there. 21:23:00:00
And we felt with these issues addressed, we can fully support 21:23:01:09
the PD. 21:23:05:21
Thank you. 21:23:06:18

And next time, can we be scheduled earlier? 21:23:07:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak? 21:23:17:28
Petitioner? 21:23:20:06
Come up for rebuttal. 21:23:20:27
>> Jeff sheer, Ruden McKlusky. 21:23:27:12
We don't -- I mean, if you really want to see a wall, we don't 21:23:29:18
really have an objection to it. 21:23:34:06
We don't think it's going to be the most attractive thing 21:23:35:28
looking from Bayshore. 21:23:38:18
We'd prefer it to beef up the landscaping instead of having a 21:23:40:27
wall. 21:23:45:15
But if a wall is what we need. 21:23:45:27
I mean, it depends on exactly where you're talking about having 21:23:48:13
the wall. 21:23:51:15
If you're just talking about the wall right here, that would be 21:23:56:06
probably better, obviously not having it all the way down here 21:24:00:06
where you can see it from Bayshore -- 21:24:05:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't think that part is relevant. 21:24:07:21
>> That's fine. 21:24:09:18
The only other issue, there are a number of fairly large oak 21:24:10:03
trees in there now. 21:24:13:27
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Cantilevered construction. 21:24:14:15
>> If a wall is what you want, we can do it. 21:24:21:15
I don't know what the lady who lives there would prefer. 21:24:25:28
We would prefer if we could do more landscaping than a wall. 21:24:28:09

We will do a wall if need be. 21:24:33:06
In regard to Vicky's comments regarding the parking, we do 21:24:34:03
have -- and I can find out from some of the folks in the 21:24:38:00
congregation, we've had a long-standing agreement with the folks 21:24:41:06
that in the office we can use their lot for overflow. 21:24:44:15
My understanding is we have talked to them again since they 21:24:49:25
proposed their new development, and they will be, if that 21:24:53:00
becomes a condo, they will be building a parking garage for the 21:24:55:18
office parking. 21:24:59:24
And they have agreed that we can continue to use the garage for 21:25:00:27
the overflow parking just like we're using now. 21:25:04:18
So there really will be no change if there's something built 21:25:06:25
there. 21:25:11:12
We moved the air conditioning. 21:25:18:00
>>GWEN MILLER: She wanted to know if it was two stories. 21:25:19:10
>> It is two stories. 21:25:26:28
It's actually two stories right now. 21:25:28:07
And probably another four feet away, further away. 21:25:30:21
We're coming maybe four feet closer with two stories than what 21:25:34:09
exists presently. 21:25:38:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think the wall will provide some mitigation 21:25:39:03
and additional privacy, especially since she indicates it's her 21:25:44:06
bedroom. 21:25:48:01
Let me clarify, though, I don't think the wall needs to go 21:25:48:21
beyond the edge of her house. 21:25:51:28

So just for purposes of however we want to deal with that, 21:25:54:09
either graphically or sentence. 21:26:00:10
>> We can add a note or -- to the plan. 21:26:04:03
Do you want it to be masonry wall, how high, that kind of detail 21:26:07:24
so we can note it on the plan. 21:26:10:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess a six-foot masonry wall, up to the 21:26:12:15
edge of her house, the western -- no, excuse me, the southern 21:26:16:09
edge of her house. 21:26:19:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's western. 21:26:20:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't know what it is. 21:26:27:03
Is it western? 21:26:29:06
>> There is no new entrance on that side. 21:26:47:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I wouldn't think there's an entrance. 21:26:48:27
>> There's no entrance there. 21:26:52:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions from Council members? 21:26:53:21
Need to close the public hearing. 21:26:56:00
We have a motion and second to close. 21:26:58:15
All in favor of the motion, aye. 21:26:59:24
Ms. Saul-Sena. 21:27:02:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: And just for clarification, because there was 21:27:03:09
some question, neither Ms. Saul-Sena nor myself are members of 21:27:07:00
that congregation. 21:27:10:13
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the 21:27:13:00
general vicinity of 2713 Bayshore Boulevard in the City of 21:27:14:27
Tampa, Florida, and more particularly described in section one 21:27:19:12

from zoning district classifications PD, synagogue place of 21:27:22:24
worship to PD, synagogue place of worship providing an effective 21:27:26:27
date. 21:27:30:07
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 21:27:30:13
All in favor of the motion, aye. 21:27:31:24
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 21:27:34:25
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, I understand that one of the 21:27:36:03
most historic structures on Davis Islands, the beautiful Mirasol 21:27:40:13
Hotel has been sold. 21:27:44:15
And there's some speculation about its future protection. 21:27:47:03
Anyway so I would like to make a motion that Council asks the 21:27:54:18
historic preservation commission to take a look at the MIRASOL 21:28:01:15
and assess its significance and whether it's worthy of 21:28:06:12
protection. 21:28:12:16
>>GWEN MILLER: You have a motion and second. 21:28:12:28
All in favor, aye. 21:28:14:24
Opposed, nay. 21:28:15:18
[ MOTION CARRIED ] 21:28:16:06
Anything else to come before Council? 21:28:16:28
Motion and second. 21:28:18:16
All in favor of the motion, aye. 21:28:19:06
Anything else? 21:28:20:27
We stand adjourned. 21:28:22:06