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Community Redevelopment Agency
Thursday, December 15, 2005
8:30 a.m. session

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[Sounding gavel] 08:39:01:28
>>MARY ALVAREZ: The Community Redevelopment Agency is 08:40:18:15
now in session. 08:40:20:27
Roll call. 08:40:24:10
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here. 08:40:24:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here. 08:40:26:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Here. 08:40:28:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Here. 08:40:30:09
I believe we have Mike Chen to make a presentation and 08:40:32:27
to talk to us a minute. 08:40:36:06
>>MICHAEL CHEN: Good morning. 08:40:38:03

You may have noticed on the agenda there were no 08:40:40:27
specific items listed on the agenda, as reflected we 08:40:43:22
don't have anything requiring any particular action 08:40:47:18
this morning. 08:40:49:06
But as part of the standing agenda for updating on the 08:40:50:07
CRAs, we thought this might be a good time to give 08:40:54:00
you an update on the activities associated with Tampa 08:40:56:27
Heights, and then following that a brief presentation 08:41:00:15
from Chris Burdick regarding the downtown vision plan. 08:41:06:03
So there is one piece of business that is associated 08:41:10:18
with that, and I've spoken briefly with Ms. Alvarez 08:41:16:06
regarding the postponement, about two weeks ago of the 08:41:23:18
Channel District presentation from Michael English, 08:41:27:00
with the idea sort of a workshop forum for some 08:41:30:03
interactions and any observations or directions you may 08:41:34:25
wish to put into that. 08:41:37:21
And we would request of you to consider a January 08:41:39:03
5th called me, I believe it is, and that would 08:41:43:18
be -- there will be some time with that. 08:41:48:03
I understand you have a substantial council agenda. 08:41:50:12
And I might ask that you consider an 8:00 start so that 08:41:54:06
you actually have some time for interaction with 08:41:58:21
Michael English when he's here. 08:42:01:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved. 08:42:02:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a motion and a second to call a 08:42:04:28

special meeting of the CRA, January 5th at 8 a.m. 08:42:10:12
in the morning. 08:42:14:06
All in favor please indicate by saying Aye. 08:42:15:04
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yesterday, I was in the Channel 08:42:17:01
District because the HDTV was filming a piece in the 08:42:21:24
Channel District, and some people were saying that they 08:42:28:09
wanted to have a tour and invite council members to 08:42:31:22
look at some of the developments there. 08:42:35:00
It is changing so rapidly. 08:42:37:16
You blink and something else is coming out of the 08:42:40:06
ground. 08:42:42:15
And I think that would be really, really valuable to 08:42:42:28
do, in close proximity to the thing that Michael is 08:42:45:03
going to do because there's nothing like being on the 08:42:50:03
ground and seeing what's coming up to kind of, you 08:42:52:07
know, amaze you. 08:42:54:18
So could I suggest to them that they invite council 08:42:56:16
maybe? 08:43:02:01
And I didn't know what time would be convenient for 08:43:02:16
people. 08:43:05:01
But sometime in the proximity to the 5th so that we 08:43:05:15
get to see what's actually coming out of the ground 08:43:09:25
there. 08:43:12:00
Because when you look at plans and elevations, it 08:43:12:07
doesn't have the same visceral response as seeing, you 08:43:14:22

know, from the street what's going on. 08:43:18:12
>>MICHAEL CHEN: Kind of in support of your suggestion 08:43:20:19
on that, I think it would be good for us to assemble at 08:43:25:21
least a packet of materials that would join you on that 08:43:30:00
tour. 08:43:34:04
Because I would agree with you that simply elevations 08:43:34:18
and renderings do not necessarily tell the whole story. 08:43:40:15
But it also is difficult to get a real feel, being next 08:43:44:22
to an intensive construction site, without seeing 08:43:49:18
what's coming in the same context. 08:43:52:24
So we'll put together some materials, and I'm not quite 08:43:55:27
sure, and your suggestion is something that you would 08:44:00:21
like me to coordinate between? 08:44:03:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That would be absolutely excellent 08:44:09:21
and I think it would be good to do timingwise close to 08:44:11:10
the date that we just set for seeing Michael's 08:44:13:21
presentation. 08:44:18:04
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I think the problem with that is that 08:44:18:15
we are on hiatus for two weeks. 08:44:21:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm thinking of after it, maybe -- 08:44:25:18
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Like January? 08:44:29:06
I know, say that week that we come back? 08:44:30:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Our meeting is the 5th. 08:44:35:10
Then this could be done like the 6th or the 08:44:37:07
10th. 08:44:39:27

Sometime close to that but not in advance of that. 08:44:40:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: After our meeting you want that or 08:44:48:06
before our meeting? 08:44:50:04
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm thinking it would be more 08:44:51:21
valuable before it. 08:44:53:00
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Right. 08:44:53:16
That's what I'm saying. 08:44:56:22
I think the 5th is on Thursday. 08:44:57:24
So it would have to be either sometime that week. 08:44:59:28
I think we are off on Monday. 08:45:02:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Wednesday at noon. 08:45:04:06
Maybe Tuesday morning. 08:45:08:19
I don't know. 08:45:09:24
Maybe it would be after it. 08:45:12:15
I don't see how we can establish a date at this point 08:45:13:21
for it. 08:45:16:09
So after it, the next week sometime. 08:45:16:24
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Okay. 08:45:18:24
It's very important that we have this called meeting 08:45:20:00
that we need to do. 08:45:24:01
And then, Mr. Chen, if you will take care about the 08:45:25:09
next week, following week after that. 08:45:29:03
>>MICHAEL CHEN: I will contact you specifically, but 08:45:30:18
Ms. Alvarez, I'll coordinate this with you for guidance 08:45:35:03
on schedule, as well as to try to figure out how we get 08:45:38:28

a kind of a roster of those of you who might be 08:45:43:24
available at any given time. 08:45:49:00
>>MARY ALVAREZ: That sounds good. 08:45:49:00
Is that all right with you? 08:45:51:04
Thank you. 08:45:52:28
>>MICHAEL CHEN: With that, I would introduce Mark Huey 08:45:54:00
who would like to talk to you about the Tampa Heights. 08:45:58:27
>>> Mark Huey, economic development administrator. 08:46:04:12
I wanted to come before you just for a few minutes this 08:46:08:07
morning and update you on the heights project. 08:46:11:03
This past summer, the heights project that you see in 08:46:33:00
front of you was announced. 08:46:36:06
We had a chance to talk about it before we updated you 08:46:38:28
a little bit on our one on one sessions. 08:46:43:27
The project in the Tampa Heights area, you can see its 08:46:47:19
orientation toward downtown. 08:46:51:00
The bend at the Hillsborough River. 08:46:52:15
It's a project that promises about 2,000 residential 08:46:54:21
units for our community, about 10% of those would be 08:46:58:27
affordable units. 08:47:01:09
It promises some additional commercial space. 08:47:03:21
It includes the potential to create a very special 08:47:06:28
public realm space as well, with improved water works 08:47:11:06
park, and the potential to build the riverwalk to the 08:47:15:07
Performing Arts Center. 08:47:19:25

Very important project, very exciting project. 08:47:22:04
Ultimately representing about a half a billion dollars 08:47:25:04
in private investment. 08:47:28:07
In September of this year, the mayor and the 08:47:30:09
development team executed a letter of intent, if you 08:47:33:18
will, about moving forward with the project. 08:47:38:03
And representing at that point the commitment to pursue 08:47:41:24
what would be the largest public-private partnership in 08:47:47:24
the city's history. 08:47:50:12
And I wanted to come before you this morning to update 08:47:51:25
you as to what's been going on, because it's going to 08:47:55:19
become more and more public over the coming months, and 08:48:00:03
both council and the CRA board are going to be engaged 08:48:04:13
in very significant ways. 08:48:08:13
We have been working closely with the developer, very 08:48:12:00
intensely since September. 08:48:15:28
You might want to be aware, for example, that we have a 08:48:17:12
team that comprises all of the city's administrators, 08:48:20:21
as well as other critical staff members within the city 08:48:25:24
that will be touching this project. 08:48:29:09
And because of the scale and magnitude, you can imagine 08:48:31:24
that it cuts across all of the city. 08:48:34:21
We meet once a week every Friday. 08:48:42:21
So we -- it's an unprecedented project, and we have an 08:48:44:27
unprecedented effort of collaboration within the city 08:48:49:04

in working with the developer. 08:48:53:09
There are a whole host of public approvals that will be 08:48:55:28
required for the project, including a rezoning, 08:48:59:09
right-of-way vacating, a platting of the project, the 08:49:03:18
creation of a community development district, and a 08:49:07:04
development agreement that will be part of all that. 08:49:10:00
And there are many elements of dialogue and agreement 08:49:12:18
that are part of all of those approvals. 08:49:16:15
The first and most significant of those is the 08:49:19:18
rezoning. 08:49:21:28
And just prior to Thanksgiving, the development team 08:49:22:27
submitted their rezoning application, and we are 08:49:27:03
hopeful that it will come before you in a first public 08:49:30:19
hearing in late February. 08:49:34:07
In addition to the public approvals, the developer has 08:49:38:09
been working very hard themselves on issues of 08:49:40:00
understanding infrastructure, of land assemblage, of 08:49:44:21
other permitting and approval issues that they will be 08:49:49:00
tackling. 08:49:53:19
All of, again, many of these elements will come 08:49:55:13
together in February. 08:49:59:24
But there will be some additional approvals that will 08:50:01:15
occur after the February time frame. 08:50:03:28
One of the elements of the approvals that is quite 08:50:09:07
significant is the financial involvement of TIF 08:50:11:27

resources, tax exempt financing resources, in the 08:50:17:07
project. 08:50:20:07
As you're aware, as the CRA board, this project is 08:50:21:27
located in what we call the old police station CRA, and 08:50:26:01
property taxes are trapped in that CRA, if you will. 08:50:30:24
And to be used for the purposes of facilitating a 08:50:35:24
redevelopment like the heights project. 08:50:38:15
When we come before you beginning in February to seek 08:50:41:21
public approvals for the project, one of those elements 08:50:45:27
will involve the level of and structuring of the 08:50:48:27
investment that we plan oh to make of TIF resources and 08:50:54:07
with that in mind we have been putting together a team 08:50:57:27
within the city and with outside experts to help us 08:51:01:07
answer the good questions that I know you are going to 08:51:04:15
ask when we come to you at that time. 08:51:06:12
And those questions are questions of is the project 08:51:10:00
that's being proposed validated in the marketplace? 08:51:14:19
Is it truly a project that to our best expert opinion 08:51:18:15
can be successful? 08:51:24:24
Secondly, how much TIF resources are needed to support 08:51:27:12
the project and ensure that it's successful? 08:51:32:00
Do we need all of the TIF resources or a portion of 08:51:35:12
them? 08:51:38:24
And, thirdly, once we understand the level of resources 08:51:39:04
we need, what's the best way to actually invest those? 08:51:45:09

Those are all very good questions, questions frankly 08:51:55:03
that go beyond the expertise and the answering of your 08:51:56:27
city team. 08:52:00:16
So we have been adding folks onto our team. 08:52:01:15
There is a contract that you will be asked to approve 08:52:04:24
as council that relates to that. 08:52:10:07
Members that we are adding to our team as a consultant 08:52:15:21
is a company called Charles lesser. 08:52:21:07
And they have a particular expertise in market 08:52:21:07
analysis, market feasibility, and also in structuring 08:52:24:00
public-private partnerships. 08:52:28:04
They have significant market knowledge of our Tampa 08:52:30:13
market. 08:52:34:09
But also significant knowledge of public-private 08:52:35:01
partnerships around the country. 08:52:37:24
So we feel that they will be able to help us and help 08:52:39:09
us in working cooperatively with the developer to 08:52:45:03
provide answers to the questions that you are going to 08:52:48:10
ask when we come to you with the development agreement 08:52:50:27
in February. 08:52:54:22
So I wanted to sort of let now about that, and to 08:52:55:24
answer any questions this morning that might be 08:52:59:21
helpful. 08:53:02:06
>>KEVIN WHITE: Mr. Huey, thank you. 08:53:02:15
How do we come to the conclusion of finalizing it down 08:53:04:21

to that particular group for coordination of you all 08:53:08:01
using cults? 08:53:15:01
>>> Mark Huey: Charles lesser? 08:53:19:04
First of all, there's very few firms who do this 08:53:22:09
nationally. 08:53:26:09
It is a very particular area of technical expertise. 08:53:27:12
So there's a rather short list of firms who do that. 08:53:31:25
We approached different firms, quizzed them on their 08:53:38:27
capabilities and quizzed them on their availability, 08:53:43:01
because we are needing services rather expeditiously 08:53:45:21
given the February date. 08:53:49:18
>> Did they have to bid to make that short list? 08:53:54:27
>>> No, this was procured under the city's purchasing 08:53:57:15
provision that acknowledges that when there is an area 08:54:00:01
of very special technical expertise that an RFP isn't 08:54:03:06
required. 08:54:08:21
>>KEVIN WHITE: Do you have any idea of what we are 08:54:10:09
proposing as guidelines for compensation for this? 08:54:13:03
>>> Mark Huey: The fee for their services is 08:54:18:06
approximately $86,000. 08:54:20:18
That will be paid out of TIF resources. 08:54:22:19
Within the heights CRA there is about $63,000 of TIF 08:54:28:00
resources this year. 08:54:35:00
And we will borrow against next year's TIF budget for 08:54:36:13
the rest of it. 08:54:40:00

And just to put that into context, the TIF revenues 08:54:42:18
that will be generated by this project are in the 30 to 08:54:46:16
$40 million range. 08:54:50:27
So this $85,000 is really what we are committing to 08:54:52:16
make sure we are good stewards over that significant 08:54:57:22
sum of public investment. 08:55:04:03
>>KEVIN WHITE: And when you are saying the short list, 08:55:04:28
approximately how many companies are on the short list 08:55:08:12
of this specific line of expertise? 08:55:13:00
>>> I can't tell you definitively nationally. 08:55:18:00
I can only tell you of the ones -- 08:55:20:16
>>KEVIN WHITE: That we looked at. 08:55:23:27
Ten? 08:55:25:03
>>> No, there were three firms that I was able to track 08:55:25:28
down that did this sort of consulting work. 08:55:27:28
>>KEVIN WHITE: And the range of the time frame of the 08:55:32:06
services? 08:55:38:28
>>> Mark Huey: And that's very important to us because 08:55:42:16
again we are wanting to get this concluded as part of 08:55:45:22
the public approval, the rezoning, that is coming 08:55:47:27
before you in late February. 08:55:50:09
So it's really a two-month window that we have to work 08:55:52:13
very intensely with the developer. 08:55:57:18
>>KEVIN WHITE: That was my point of the question, if we 08:56:00:03
couldn't get the results in that period of time it's 08:56:02:06

money flushed down the toilet? 08:56:04:22
>>> Exactly. 08:56:06:24
And this firm has the capacity to be able to produce in 08:56:07:07
that time frame. 08:56:09:12
And given council's approval later this morning, they 08:56:10:18
will begin working next week on this, and work through 08:56:12:21
the holidays to meet our deadlines. 08:56:16:19
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Huey, are all the parcels already 08:56:19:09
bought? 08:56:24:19
>>> No, they are not. 08:56:27:22
The land assemblage is not 100% complete. 08:56:28:18
It is vastly complete. 08:56:32:27
The developer has worked quite intensively with all 08:56:35:03
remaining property owners. 08:56:40:06
And in very good-faith efforts to assemble those 08:56:41:27
properties. 08:56:46:22
But, to my knowledge, no, it is not completed yet. 08:56:46:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Do the CRA boundaries include the two 08:56:49:18
houses that belong, one belongs to Mary Fernandez and 08:56:55:06
the other one to Mr -- to Mr. Gardner? 08:56:58:24
Or did they just cut that away? 08:57:03:07
>>> I'm not familiar with that one one, Mr. Gardner. 08:57:08:15
On the same side of the street? 08:57:14:12
No. 08:57:18:15
>> They are outside of the boundaries? 08:57:19:01

Okay. 08:57:20:07
Any other questions? 08:57:20:21
Mr. Dingfelder? 08:57:21:27
Okay. 08:57:22:25
Anything else, Mr. Huey? 08:57:23:00
>>> No. 08:57:26:07
Thank you. 08:57:26:18
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you very much. 08:57:26:18
Ms. Burdick? 08:57:32:24
Go ahead. 08:57:34:15
>>> Mark Huey: As Chris is coming up here, when we 08:57:36:06
first got here, there was not much happening in 08:57:39:12
downtown. 08:57:44:04
And we certainly heard it when this administration came 08:57:44:27
into office in terms of new development activity. 08:57:49:18
We had made -- everyone felt strongly that good public 08:57:53:10
investments had been made, but there hadn't been yet 08:57:57:25
the private sector investment that we were 08:58:01:06
anticipating. 08:58:04:15
And there was quite a bit of interest in doing some 08:58:05:16
planning work downtown. 08:58:07:13
And we very quickly got to begin working with Christine 08:58:11:18
and the downtown partnership to try to understand what 08:58:17:04
kind of planning might be good for downtown. 08:58:20:00
And while many people have different views of planning, 08:58:23:15

and what good planning is, the plan that was developed, 08:58:29:07
the downtown vision plan was one that we felt in 08:58:36:10
collaboration with the private sector representation 08:58:36:10
and the partnership, was a good thing to do at the 08:58:39:16
time. 08:58:42:12
I think we all sort of sit back in amazement now, and 08:58:43:15
are quite stunned at how much has happened since those 08:58:48:07
first months we met on the plan, when literally there 08:58:51:22
wasn't a single residential project of significance -- 08:58:56:16
I shouldn't exactly say that. 08:59:00:09
The one for the Performing Arts Center was under 08:59:02:09
construction. 08:59:04:13
But other than that, there was not much going on. 08:59:05:01
And so it's been quite a ride in our downtown the last 08:59:07:09
couple of years. 08:59:12:00
And we very much appreciated working with the 08:59:12:21
partnership on this plan, and we continue to appreciate 08:59:15:27
all that Christine and the partnership do to make 08:59:19:15
downtown better every year. 08:59:22:22
And we look forward to continuing our partnership. 08:59:25:13
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Mr. Huey. 08:59:27:13
>>> Chris Burdick: It's very nice to see you, chairman 08:59:31:10
Alvarez. 08:59:34:18
Happy that you're here, feeling well. 08:59:35:09
I'm here just kind of as a tease. 08:59:38:15

We would really like to and have been trying to get on 08:59:40:13
this agenda, but frankly things have been happening so 08:59:44:03
fast in the CRAs that you have had full agendas. 08:59:46:18
In either the next meeting tore February meeting, I 08:59:50:24
would like to have our consultant, the lead of the 08:59:53:16
consultant team come with me and give you more details 08:59:57:24
about the plan, and actually at that time we'll be able 08:59:59:25
to give you a good progress report of the things that 09:00:02:00
have happened in less than a year since the plan was 09:00:04:06
presented, and we have started to work on it with the 09:00:08:13
city. 09:00:11:09
I'll tell you a little bit about the process. 09:00:12:21
I have had a chance to meet with each of you 09:00:14:28
individually, when the plan was first introduced, and 09:00:16:18
that was last April. 09:00:20:12
But as mark said, working with the funding that was 09:00:23:03
available, we and the city forged what is truly a 09:00:27:18
public-private partnership, and jointly funded this 09:00:32:03
project. 09:00:38:12
We decided to move forward and create an updated vision 09:00:38:27
and action strategy to guide the current trend of 09:00:42:07
revitalization in downtown Tampa. 09:00:46:00
It wasn't intended to be a master plan. 09:00:47:16
It was something that we could both take some 09:00:49:18
responsibilities for and put action items to help kind 09:00:53:06

of direct and steer and stimulate the development 09:00:57:09
activity that was already taking place. 09:01:03:03
So whether there will be eventually a master plan, I 09:01:05:21
think that's something the city and we would like to 09:01:09:21
look at jointly, long-term. 09:01:12:00
But this was a very good process. 09:01:13:25
It was a good -- it is a good plan to be working on. 09:01:16:10
And we are looking forward to the next steps in it. 09:01:21:09
It involved -- the process involved very much community 09:01:23:18
input. 09:01:27:12
It was interviews. 09:01:28:00
And community meetings. 09:01:29:00
We interviewed individually more than 120 stakeholders, 09:01:32:07
the consultant team did. 09:01:36:03
We held focus groups and had consultant representatives 09:01:37:04
there. 09:01:40:04
So really there were more than two or three hundred 09:01:41:12
people who met face to face. 09:01:45:22
We allowed media and Internet communications. 09:01:47:09
There was input opportunity on our web site for people 09:01:51:24
who couldn't attend any of the meetings and updates 09:01:55:12
that appeared on the web site. 09:01:57:16
We certainly made sure that the community meetings were 09:01:59:25
well publicized and had actually more than 300 people 09:02:02:21
at a community meeting in October, and then had 09:02:07:18

300-meeting again at the Tampa Theatre toward the end 09:02:12:06
of the plan, where we got public feedback. 09:02:14:18
And so we really feel that we got good feedback. 09:02:17:13
And I think the community adopted it as something that 09:02:21:06
they could work on. 09:02:25:00
We had promised to update this plan every year, and we 09:02:27:04
are already planning another big community meeting in 09:02:29:12
April, kind of a town forum on what has happened and 09:02:32:01
maybe some redirection of the plan. 09:02:36:03
The work was overseen by technical advisory committee 09:02:38:09
which had both city representation, private sector 09:02:41:15
representation, and certain field of expertise. 09:02:44:06
We made sure that there were some cultural industry 09:02:47:06
representation, and architectural and design, and 09:02:51:25
planning, and all of the people who were really doing 09:02:55:06
that oversite, it was certainly people who had an 09:02:58:24
interest in downtown but were not specifically involved 09:03:02:09
in any specific projects. 09:03:05:06
So they could be neutral guardians of the process. 09:03:06:28
The vision that was finally crafted and presented is a 09:03:10:16
long one, but I think encompassing of all the ones that 09:03:15:06
we want to happen downtown. 09:03:18:27
The vision is is to reinforce and expand downtown 09:03:20:25
Tampa's roll as the primary business, government, 09:03:23:00
cultural, entertainment and activity center of the 09:03:27:15

Tampa Bay metropolitan area. 09:03:30:06
Focuses the development of a variety of residential 09:03:32:15
neighborhoods throughout downtown, to create -- that 09:03:34:27
create, live, work relationships and return people to 09:03:40:00
the streets of downtown Tampa in the evenings. 09:03:41:27
It includes revitalization of downtown Tampa's 09:03:44:00
waterfront edge as a unique people place, adding more 09:03:46:07
parks and usable open space to downtown destinations. 09:03:49:25
The vision is to make downtown Tampa the place people 09:03:53:09
truly want to be, to live, work, visit, and enjoy 09:03:56:24
overall. 09:04:01:07
And I think we all are working very hard, as that is 09:04:02:18
unfolding. 09:04:06:04
There's a lot more that needs to be done. 09:04:07:13
And this action plan really sets out some ten-year -- 09:04:09:10
bless you -- ten year action steps that can be taken. 09:04:16:15
I think we are going to accomplish them far before ten 09:04:19:12
years, and we will be working with the City Council, 09:04:22:22
again as partners, and as we do what needs to be done 09:04:25:00
next. 09:04:28:03
But again, I want to recirculate this plan for you, and 09:04:28:10
get on your agenda when it suits your schedule best, 09:04:31:28
and we have a very good visual presentation, PowerPoint 09:04:35:12
presentation. 09:04:40:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you. 09:04:42:04

Mr. Dingfelder? 09:04:42:22
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you. 09:04:43:25
Good morning, Christine. 09:04:44:21
Thanks for coming. 09:04:46:01
Historically, going back 20 or more years, big business 09:04:47:18
was always wanting to be downtown. 09:04:53:03
And then something changed, and the big corporate 09:04:56:18
ships -- and even some large law firms, one in 09:05:01:25
particular, have left downtown, and shift add way to 09:05:06:07
Westshore, and then out to New Tampa and on the areas 09:05:09:19
in the county. 09:05:14:19
And I'm just wondering, did the consultant include in 09:05:16:18
his analysis what the cause of that was, and what we 09:05:23:09
can do to stem that tide? 09:05:26:13
Because obviously I think what we are seeing downtown 09:05:29:18
now is a positive thing in terms of residential. 09:05:32:06
But I haven't seen a whole lot of, you know, business 09:05:36:21
coming back to downtown. 09:05:42:09
And whenever we get those sort of super secret 09:05:43:18
relocations come to us, I always kind of whisper and 09:05:48:21
ask, and I say, is it downtown? 09:05:52:21
And they said, no, it's somewhere else. 09:05:54:27
So did the plans speak to that? 09:06:01:27
Or what is our strategy to address that? 09:06:04:18
>>> Christine Burdick: Actually the action program 09:06:08:21

suggests that -- again this is with the hindsight of 09:06:12:03
eleven or twelve months -- that at this time, the 09:06:16:12
residential real estate activity is the one most likely 09:06:21:22
to be immediately successful. 09:06:25:24
I mean, that's our biggest activity that we are looking 09:06:28:12
forward to. 09:06:32:06
It's felt long-term that in order to have a very 09:06:33:06
enticing place for newer businesses, and to retain the 09:06:38:13
businesses that are here and might be considering that, 09:06:42:12
we need to have a more usable, comfortable, active 09:06:44:21
downtown. 09:06:50:15
And so capitalizing on the residential development, 09:06:51:06
working on the transportation aspect, visibility and 09:06:54:03
design, enhancements that we can make, that in itself 09:06:58:03
make downtown a new consideration for either new 09:07:02:07
business locations, or consideration for expansion, or 09:07:05:21
maybe bringing some of those businesses back to 09:07:10:13
downtown. 09:07:12:15
But I will say -- and I think everybody would agree -- 09:07:13:10
downtown hasn't changed much and doesn't have much to 09:07:17:12
offer a business in anything but nine to five, and a 09:07:20:04
parking lot. 09:07:26:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do we survey, or does the chamber 09:07:28:13
survey, those businesses that are out, that have 09:07:31:09
decided to go to Westshore or stay in Westshore, or go 09:07:35:09

to Tampa Palms and stay out there? 09:07:38:03
Do we survey them and understand what it is that 09:07:40:15
enticed them to a place like that? 09:07:44:24
It's not life night life. 09:07:47:04
They roll up their sidewalks just like downtown. 09:07:49:18
So there's nothing to stick around for in those places 09:07:51:15
either. 09:07:54:16
So, you know, I don't know the answer. 09:07:54:24
But I'm just curious if we have been asking the 09:07:56:16
questions. 09:07:58:28
>>> We have. 09:08:01:04
And some of the larger relocations have had both true 09:08:01:15
physical needs for the business. 09:08:10:28
There is a large firm that's leaving at the first of 09:08:12:12
the year who really needs to be on higher ground, and 09:08:15:06
in a location with a more reliable electrical power 09:08:18:27
grid and needs to be in a larger location. 09:08:24:07
They were appropriate in downtown as they started to 09:08:27:06
grow, but now they really need to be in a more secure 09:08:28:27
location for the kind of business that they are doing. 09:08:32:06
A law firm that left downtown a little while ago had 09:08:35:12
had its offices on Harbor Island, so it hadn't been 09:08:39:24
fully integrated into downtown street fabric for 09:08:43:03
awhile. 09:08:46:10
And for their business, and for their clients, 09:08:47:01

recognized that it would be better for them to be 09:08:50:03
closer to the center of the region, because they had a 09:08:53:16
number of clients who were over in Pinellas, and north, 09:08:56:21
and also wanted to be closer to the airport. 09:09:00:22
Now, I have talked to a number of the people who worked 09:09:03:21
at that firm, and they say they are really enjoying 09:09:06:06
more and more coming back to downtown for court and for 09:09:08:24
other meetings, and I look forward to them having a 09:09:12:09
satellite office in downtown, I bet, in five or six 09:09:16:16
years. 09:09:20:03
But we do talk to everyone as they go. 09:09:20:18
And there is a reason. 09:09:23:00
But we want to get in front of the people who might be 09:09:25:06
coming. 09:09:28:24
And we as an organization are going to try to do more 09:09:29:04
outreach and recruitment. 09:09:33:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ms. Burdick, I have been to many of 09:09:36:28
the meetings that Don Hunter had including his 09:09:40:00
presentation of the Tampa Theatre, and I have to say in 09:09:42:06
all candor, you are much more interesting presenter. 09:09:45:03
So let's save the money and have you present it. 09:09:52:21
>>> I will do it anytime you want me to if available or 09:09:56:12
not. 09:10:00:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Seriously let's not wait for him to 09:10:00:09
do it. 09:10:04:18

You do a superb job of presenting it. 09:10:05:00
And also what ties in is what Alan did of the downtown 09:10:09:03
transportation. 09:10:13:27
Development and transportation are part and parcel, and 09:10:16:00
we need to be thinking about it all together. 09:10:18:21
>>> And that is being presented -- I think it's going 09:10:22:03
to be on the MPO's agenda for possibly February. 09:10:24:03
And so we worked very closely with the MPO, 09:10:27:03
transportation, which is a much more intensive look at 09:10:31:04
the transportation opportunities and challenges in 09:10:33:18
downtown. 09:10:38:00
And we work very closely together. 09:10:38:25
And we are kind of mesh with that. 09:10:41:24
They are coming just after us. 09:10:44:12
So I will be part of that presentation as well. 09:10:45:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mark, I would be curious to hear 09:10:50:07
your insight as well on the question that I asked Ms. 09:10:56:22
Burdick. 09:11:04:27
You're plugged into all of this also and working 09:11:05:13
closely with Christine and her group. 09:11:08:01
>>MARK HUEY: Definitely we collaborate on all these 09:11:09:18
items. 09:11:14:24
I think the fundamental issue that is at the heart of 09:11:15:00
the change you're speaking about, the downtown is no 09:11:20:15
longer as vibrant an office market, is not something 09:11:24:28

unique to Tampa. 09:11:29:12
It is really reflecting very fundamentally different 09:11:32:16
ways that companies do business, and those ways cause 09:11:35:09
them to want to be in suburban, more expansive 09:11:40:04
locations, and it has everything to do with the way 09:11:43:21
they do staffing, the way they configure offices, the 09:11:46:12
kind of floor plates that they like to work with, the 09:11:49:15
kind of amenities that they like to give to employees. 09:11:53:15
And secondly, as a structural shift, we had incredible 09:11:57:01
consolidation in the kind of industries that have 09:12:02:27
typically been in downtown, like banking, and 09:12:08:03
accounting firms, for example. 09:12:10:27
I'm a CPA. 09:12:12:12
And when I graduated from college it was the big eight. 09:12:15:00
There no longer is a big eight. 09:12:18:12
And all of those companies used to lease substantial 09:12:20:00
spaces in downtown. 09:12:22:19
I would share with you that every single city that you 09:12:26:15
can think about, that right now is experiencing a 09:12:29:06
renaissance in their downtown, whether it is Denver, or 09:12:32:25
San Diego, or you name it, it's all about residential 09:12:38:13
development. 09:12:43:00
It's that rediscovery of the interests in living in an 09:12:43:25
urban environment. 09:12:48:07
San Diego, which, as an example, is touted most often 09:12:50:28

as one of the most successful downtowns that is 09:12:55:15
developing in the country, they have had an office 09:12:59:13
building built -- haven't had an office building built 09:13:02:10
in ten years, and to my knowledge there isn't one 09:13:04:21
planned. 09:13:07:12
Again I haven't checked in there for a year, year and a 09:13:08:04
half, but last time I did there wasn't. 09:13:10:01
In fact, what you were having was a reverse migration. 09:13:12:09
People living downtown and commuting to work outside of 09:13:17:06
downtown. 09:13:19:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I was just going to ask you. 09:13:19:24
>>MARK HUEY: So I think I would just share those 09:13:23:00
observations with you, and also share that that will 09:13:26:18
change, as Christine has said, that those dynamic -- 09:13:29:12
there are things that are out of our control that over 09:13:34:00
time there will be a day again, I believe, where there 09:13:36:15
will be more -- and part of that frankly is economics 09:13:42:01
and other things. 09:13:44:15
For example, there was a disparity, a significant 09:13:45:13
disparity between rental rates, the economics of being 09:13:49:06
in a downtown and being in a suburban market. 09:13:52:13
In our community, that is starting to change. 09:13:54:27
Westshore, now, lease rates are getting much nearer and 09:13:56:25
downtown has sort of stayed fairly level. 09:14:02:21
I think that might create some opportunities. 09:14:05:06

There are, as another example, limited opportunities 09:14:09:10
right now for large users in a market like Westshore. 09:14:12:00
There are some buildings now that are getting ready to 09:14:16:00
go under construction. 09:14:18:10
But for a user, looking for a significant amount of 09:14:19:09
space, 60, 70, 80,000 square feet, downtown is offering 09:14:22:03
a couple of opportunities that Westshore might not be 09:14:26:21
able to. 09:14:29:21
So some of those dynamics can change, and we might be 09:14:30:07
able to take advantage of some of those opportunities. 09:14:33:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: One thing that I haven't heard this 09:14:36:19
morning but I also think is important to downtown that 09:14:39:07
perhaps used to be a concern and maybe still does 09:14:44:12
relates to traffic and transportation. 09:14:48:18
And I think that that needs to be our priority to the 09:14:50:06
redevelopment of downtown as an office market, to 09:14:54:27
improve our transit and our transportation and the way 09:14:58:03
people get here. 09:15:02:10
>>> Chris Burdick: The way the MPO master plan looks 09:15:08:00
at some of those challenges. 09:15:12:15
>> MARK HUEY: I think the interstate expansion is a 09:15:15:00
huge significance to downtown, and very substantial 09:15:18:12
public investment, and of significance to the 09:15:20:18
Channelside as the connector. 09:15:22:25
So there are some major investments occurring which 09:15:24:19

have significant implications for our downtown in a 09:15:28:21
positive way. 09:15:31:15
In the Channel District. 09:15:32:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you. 09:15:34:16
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Huey or Ms. Burdick, one quick 09:15:35:04
question. 09:15:41:13
We now signed the contracts, or at least City Council 09:15:41:24
signed the contracts with Tom Balsley, and when are we 09:15:44:06
going to talk about what's going to be in the park? 09:15:50:04
Have we set up public meetings? 09:15:52:09
Have we set a time for council to discuss the program 09:15:55:12
of Curtis Hixon park? 09:15:57:13
Is that on our calendar for '06? 09:15:59:07
>>MARK HUEY: I am not, nor Christine, directly 09:16:03:19
supervising that. 09:16:06:21
But as I understand it, particularly as it relates to 09:16:07:15
the park, I think what -- as you have all had a chance 09:16:11:09
to meet Mr. Balsley, for example, and quite a talented, 09:16:17:00
dynamic individual. 09:16:21:15
And I think -- and he has a program that he's pursuing 09:16:22:24
for the park. 09:16:28:00
But our thinking is to let the artists have a chance to 09:16:28:18
do his work a little bit, and give us a chance to see 09:16:34:13
what the vision might be for the park. 09:16:38:24
And then as we sort of -- and then sort of give us a 09:16:42:03

chance to react to some of that. 09:16:45:24
And there will be extensive public meetings related to 09:16:47:19
the park, relating to the redesign of Ashley just as we 09:16:50:27
have done for the riverwalk, and I know you have been 09:16:56:06
part of those public hearings. 09:16:58:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My concern is, as we all know from 09:16:59:06
the contract signed, his time is valuable. 09:17:01:24
And we want to make sure that he's pursuing things that 09:17:03:28
are the things that we as council representing the 09:17:07:16
community think are valid. 09:17:10:06
But just to throw out an example, condos. 09:17:11:18
Are condos part of what he's looking at? 09:17:18:15
Are condos not part of it? I don't think they are but 09:17:20:21
I was at a party the other day and somebody said, 09:17:22:28
Linda, what exactly is going in this park? 09:17:26:09
I said I think it's a green urban space and a place for 09:17:28:06
arts activities. 09:17:30:27
And they said, how do you know? 09:17:32:00
I said, I honestly don't know. 09:17:33:19
But I thought this was a great opportunity to ask. 09:17:35:16
I would prefer, before he spends a lot of time 09:17:37:18
designing things in any sort of detail, that we are 09:17:40:10
clear on what exactly the program is that he's supposed 09:17:46:03
to be designing to. 09:17:49:28
So I would like to see early in '06, like at the end of 09:17:51:15

January, for him to come to council and come to the 09:17:56:00
community and say, this is what I'm working on. 09:17:59:06
Is this what I'm supposed to be working on? 09:18:02:28
Because the wording of this contract was extremely 09:18:04:28
broad. 09:18:07:24
And it was my understanding that he was going to get 09:18:08:12
from the community the ideas of what's supposed to be 09:18:11:09
in this park. 09:18:14:12
So I think that would be very valuable, very 09:18:15:28
constructive, and a careful use of his time in our 09:18:17:24
financial resources. 09:18:23:09
>>MARK HUEY: I'll just share with you, when I had a 09:18:24:03
chance to visit with Mr. Balsley, he asked what we 09:18:28:18
wanted to accomplish in that park. 09:18:33:24
We told him, we want a place where people love to come, 09:18:36:03
and that it is just a draw, a magnet, for diverse, all 09:18:41:07
people in our city. 09:18:47:19
There will be a reason for them to want to come and be 09:18:49:01
there. 09:18:51:15
And that it be not just during the daytime, not just 09:18:52:06
during the night, and we talked about that kind of a 09:18:57:19
vision, of that special sort of public space. 09:19:00:09
And he looked me in the eye and he said, I know how to 09:19:03:21
do that. 09:19:07:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great. 09:19:07:12

>>MARK HUEY: And we don't want to really sort of say, 09:19:10:00
don't do this, don't do that. 09:19:14:21
He knows how to create that kind of environment. 09:19:16:09
Let's let him sort of use his international expertise, 09:19:19:19
within our market environment, and our downtown 09:19:25:00
environment, and show us what he thinks that kind of 09:19:29:04
space is like. 09:19:32:03
And I have no preconceived notions about it. 09:19:33:21
I'm looking forward to again seeing what comes back at 09:19:37:09
us. 09:19:40:13
And again, getting it through council and getting you a 09:19:41:01
product. 09:19:49:28
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Mark. 09:19:49:28
I think that's a very good suggestion that Ms. 09:19:52:12
Saul-Sena made, because we as a council should have 09:19:54:15
input on what he's putting in there. 09:19:56:18
But yet at the same time we would like him to put down 09:19:59:18
on paper exactly what he's thinking, and where he won't 09:20:02:13
have to spend money and time putting down his own 09:20:06:27
vision but let us be part of that vision. 09:20:12:12
Thank you so much. 09:20:14:19
Anybody else? 09:20:16:27
I think we have a resolution that we need to move. 09:20:17:16
>>GWEN MILLER: So moved. 09:20:20:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Could -- Mr. Territo, could you give 09:20:22:15

us in a nutshell who are our riverfront partners? 09:20:28:06
>>SAL TERRITO: The riverfront partners are the people 09:20:32:09
that will be developing that area of the Heights, a 09:20:38:09
joint group. 09:20:42:10
The name of the group that will actually be developing. 09:20:44:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: This amendment is for the purposes 09:20:50:06
of -- 09:20:50:06
>>SAL TERRITO: It adds the increase of the size of the 09:20:52:12
project to more accurately reflect what the project is 09:20:54:19
going to consist of and authorizing the transfer to the 09:20:57:28
new partnership. 09:21:01:21
>>GWEN MILLER: I moved it. 09:21:06:04
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 09:21:07:04
>>MARY ALVAREZ: All in favor please indicate by saying 09:21:08:25
Aye. 09:21:12:27
Opposed, same sign. 09:21:13:07
Okay. 09:21:14:13
We're done. 09:21:15:09
Anything else to come before this council? 09:21:15:19
Okay. 09:21:18:21
We are adjourned. 09:21:19:01
(CRA meeting adjourned) 09:21:30:03