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Tampa City Council 09:21:33:12
Thursday, December 15, 2005 09:26:59:09
9:00 a.m. session 09:27:05:03
[Sounding gavel]

>>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order. 09:34:32:24
The chair will yield to Ms. Linda Saul-Sena. 09:34:34:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good morning, everyone. 09:34:36:24
It's my pleasure today to introduce Phil Compton. 09:34:38:27
He's going to lead us in the invocation. 09:34:42:22
Phil Compton is the program director for the Florida 09:34:44:21
Consumer Action Network, FCAN and the Foundation. 09:34:47:12
And he's also chairman of the Friends of the River 09:34:52:22
Incorporated. 09:34:55:12
I invite everyone to stand for the invocation to be 09:34:56:03
followed by the pledge of allegiance. 09:34:58:21
Thank you for joining us this morning. 09:35:00:03
>>> Good morning. 09:35:02:18
Thank you councilwoman. 09:35:03:00
It's an honor to be here with you today. 09:35:05:03
In Charles Dickens "The Christmas Carol" the ghost is 09:35:06:21
remorseful about his wasted life. 09:35:11:00
But you were always a good man of business. Replied 09:35:13:00
Scrooge: Business! Mankind was my business. The 09:35:17:00

common welfare was my business. Charity, mercy, 09:35:19:15
forbearance, and benevolence were all my business. 09:35:21:24
At this time of the rolling year I suffer most. 09:35:26:09
Why did I walk through crowds of fellow beings with my 09:35:27:21
eyes turned down and never raise them to that blessed 09:35:30:24
star which led the Wise Men? 09:35:34:01
Were there no poor homes to which this light would have 09:35:37:09
conducted me? 09:35:41:03
In the book of James we read: What good is it, my 09:35:42:04
brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no 09:35:45:24
deeds? Can such faith save him? Suppose a brother or 09:35:48:24
sister is without clothes and daily food. 09:35:52:07
If one of you says to him, Go, I wish you well, keep 09:35:54:24
warm and well fed, but does nothing about his physical 09:35:58:21
needs, what good is it? 09:36:02:06
In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not 09:36:04:21
accompanied by action, is dead. 09:36:08:09
Many people in Tampa are working very hard now during 09:36:12:15
this season to help those among us with unmet needs. 09:36:15:16
Let us each do our part in our private and our public 09:36:19:00
lives, to make the common welfare of Tampa our 09:36:22:12
business, not just during this holiday season, but 09:36:26:00
throughout the year. 09:36:29:18
Let us all pledge to use our abilities and position to 09:36:31:06
help those in need in every way we can next year, for 09:36:34:01

it is truly the case that we all do better when we all 09:36:38:04
are doing better. 09:36:42:15
That, to me, is the true meaning of the season. 09:36:44:16
Thank you. 09:36:48:12
(Pledge of Allegiance). 09:36:50:09
>> 09:36:53:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much. 09:37:06:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Roll call. 09:37:10:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here. 09:37:12:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here. 09:37:14:03
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Here. 09:37:15:01
>>KEVIN WHITE: Here. 09:37:15:24
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Here. 09:37:16:25
>>ROSE FERLITA: Here. 09:37:17:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Here. 09:37:18:21
At this time we will have Ms. Ferlita do the Officer of 09:37:19:22
the Month. 09:37:22:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. 09:37:24:18
It is always my pleasure to present to you the Officer 09:37:43:18
of the Month, Officer Hicks. Thank you very much for 09:37:46:27
what you do. 09:37:57:18
His wife and children could not be here but he said his 09:37:58:22
extended family is here and that's obviously who we 09:38:01:00
have, and I think he's in good company. 09:38:03:07
I have got a commendation to read to you. 09:38:06:22

But first I understand Chief Hogue is not going going 09:38:09:27
to be here so Chief Castor is here to give us a little 09:38:12:21
idea about the difficulty of this selection process and 09:38:15:16
how we came up with Officer Hicks name. 09:38:18:10
>>> Jane castor: I'm pleased to be here representing 09:38:25:10
Chief Hogue in our presentation of Officer of the 09:38:27:13
Month, we are closing out the year with one of our 09:38:30:09
best, master patrol officer Charles hicks. 09:38:33:09
As you may or may not be aware in our redeployment a 09:38:35:27
couple of years ago, we put crime prevention teams in 09:38:39:24
each of our districts. 09:38:42:21
And Officer Hicks performs as one of those teams in 09:38:43:24
district one and he's doing an outstanding job on a 09:38:48:12
daily basis. 09:38:51:10
But I want to outline just two of the events that he's 09:38:53:00
been involved in that's brought him here today. 09:38:55:21
In the recent past all of district one was focused on 09:38:59:03
finding the suspect known as the smash-out burglar but 09:39:01:27
it was Officer Hicks who tracked down the suspect and 09:39:05:21
put an end to his crime spree. The burglar used bricks 09:39:08:18
to smash out the window of at least ten businesses and 09:39:11:27
steal from their cash registers. 09:39:17:04
He worked with the crime analyst to create a map of the 09:39:20:09
burglar's pattern and study photographs of the suspect. 09:39:22:24
Armed with this information, Officer Hicks launch and 09:39:27:15

intensive canvas of homes and businesses in the area. 09:39:30:00
He put his skills as a community police officer to work 09:39:33:06
gathering information from concerned citizens. 09:39:35:10
He soon learned that the suspect used local buses for 09:39:37:12
getting around town. 09:39:40:19
Next Officer Hicks began checking out all bus stops 09:39:42:24
around the crime areas. 09:39:45:10
Within two days he spotted the suspect. 09:39:47:01
Officer Hicks called in detectives to help question the 09:39:49:21
man who turned out to be the smash-out burglar. The 09:39:52:01
determination of Officer Hicks took a habitual offender 09:39:55:15
off of the streets. 09:39:58:19
We have since heard the smash-out burglar started his 09:39:59:00
crime spree in the city and county just one day after 09:40:01:25
his release from jail. 09:40:04:15
The solid detective work and perseverance of Officer 09:40:06:18
Hicks saved countless businesses of becoming victims of 09:40:10:18
crime. 09:40:16:04
A couple of weeks ago, he was looking through the 09:40:17:00
frequent predator file, came upon an individual that 09:40:19:21
was actually from another county, did some research on 09:40:22:00
that subject, found out that he was a sexual predator, 09:40:24:25
and part of his probation was that he wasn't allowed to 09:40:27:21
travel outside of his county, and obviously not into 09:40:31:01
the City of Tampa. 09:40:33:21

So he was able to have him violated, and we have a 09:40:34:18
sexual predator off of the street. 09:40:37:04
So for these incidents and the things that he does on a 09:40:39:01
daily basis year round, officer Chuck Hicks is our 09:40:41:28
Officer of the Month. 09:40:45:12
(Applause). 09:40:50:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: As the chief was introducing Chuck, I'm 09:40:54:00
thinking every month we don't discount the work our men 09:40:58:22
and women do in TPD. 09:41:01:18
But particularly during the holiday season, when we are 09:41:02:28
having a wonderful time and enjoying time with friends 09:41:05:28
and family they are out there every day as if it's not 09:41:08:10
a holiday and they are protecting us having a good time 09:41:10:18
and enjoying our families. 09:41:13:06
And that particular time we ought to appreciate what 09:41:14:18
they do. 09:41:17:06
Chuck, if you don't have enough stuff to do maybe after 09:41:18:15
this I can talk to you about following councilwoman ram 09:41:21:24
jet up there because she seems to keep looking for 09:41:26:03
trouble and maybe apprehend a couple bad guys. 09:41:28:03
Allow me to read this on behalf of the city that we 09:41:34:12
represent to tell you in some small way, thank you for 09:41:36:13
what you do. 09:41:38:21
Tampa City Council commendation presented to officer 09:41:40:18
Charles T. Hicks in recognition of his perseverance and 09:41:42:12

investigate skills Officer Hicks has been selected as 09:41:48:09
Officer of the Month for December 2005. 09:41:50:09
His tenacity on a recent burglary case led to the 09:41:52:18
arrest of a repeat offender who is now back in jail. 09:41:55:18
In protecting our citizens and their businesses, the 09:41:58:18
City Council and the City of Tampa commend you, and I 09:42:00:28
as public safety chairman, thank you for everything you 09:42:03:16
do each and every day. 09:42:05:25
It's most appreciated. 09:42:06:28
And now we have some corporate members of our community 09:42:10:00
who would like to say thank you in their way, too. 09:42:12:16
So let's allow them to come up. 09:42:14:27
>> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing. 09:42:20:18
Officer Hicks, on behalf of Stepps towing service and 09:42:23:28
Jim and Judy Stepp we would like to present with you 09:42:27:15
this statute for everything you do in the community out 09:42:30:15
there. 09:42:34:03
Also, we would like to you go to Outback and enjoy a 09:42:34:21
nice meal on Stepp's towing, also. 09:42:38:04
Thank you very much. 09:42:45:25
>> First Command Financial Planning. 09:42:54:06
We would like to thank you for keeping our community 09:42:57:16
safe, and I see you have your family here, right? 09:42:59:28
So I would like to give you a token of our appreciation 09:43:04:03
for dinner, and movie, and another lunch. 09:43:07:06

So enjoy it. 09:43:12:00
>>> Thank you very much. 09:43:17:04
>>> From Bill Currie Ford, on behalf of Bill Currie 09:43:22:22
Ford we would like to present Officer Hicks with this 09:43:26:21
watch. 09:43:29:24
Thank you for all wee you do in the community in 09:43:30:06
keeping us safe. 09:43:32:00
>>> For Intervision, we want to give you a free pair of 09:43:42:19
Ray Ban sunglasses at any one of our centers. 09:43:56:16
>>> I'm Teresa Gonzolez, Lowry Park Zoo. 09:44:08:27
On behalf of the zoo we want to thank you for your 09:44:12:00
service. 09:44:14:04
And this is a pass for you and your family total zoo. 09:44:14:15
Thank you very much. 09:44:18:21
>> Jay stocking, chairman of the board, Florida 09:44:25:04
Aquarium. 09:44:26:24
And we would like to give you some tickets to take your 09:44:27:24
other family. 09:44:30:09
Thank you. 09:44:36:03
>>STEVE MICHELINI: Did you run out of room? 09:44:38:24
They are going to take whatever you don't want. 09:44:46:15
So you better take this and put in the your pocket. 09:44:48:10
This is a variety of different businesses that want to 09:44:52:09
recognize you for your dedication to the City of Tampa, 09:44:55:15
and excellence on your job performance. 09:44:58:16

The first is a list development and Bern's steakhouse 09:45:00:27
are going to provide with you a $100 gift certificate 09:45:05:00
so you can go enjoy Bern's at your leisure. 09:45:07:15
Bryn Allen studios is providing you with a gift 09:45:12:04
certificate for photographic package so you will have 09:45:16:22
your pictures taken, and you can enjoy those portraits 09:45:17:00
in your home or your office, whichever you prefer. 09:45:19:28
In addition to that, the Hillsborough County towing 09:45:24:01
association is providing with you a $50 gift 09:45:26:27
certificate for your choice of Carabbas or Outback. 09:45:29:15
And the Po Boy's creole restaurant is providing a $50 09:45:32:15
gift certificate for your choice of lunch or dinner. 09:45:36:28
So you better grab them quick and run. 09:45:39:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: Becoming your newest and best friend. 09:45:44:12
Anyway, Chuck, I know you have been practicing your 09:45:52:12
speech for awhile so if you want to say a few words, 09:45:55:10
feel free to do that. 09:45:58:01
>>> I would just like to thank City Council, Tampa 09:46:00:16
Police Department for all these things for recognizing 09:46:03:06
this award. 09:46:06:22
I really appreciate it. 09:46:07:16
And thank you all again for everything you have given 09:46:08:18
me. 09:46:12:00
It's something I love to do. 09:46:12:15
So I would just like to say thanks. 09:46:16:27

(Applause). 09:46:20:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I'd like to take this opportunity, too, 09:46:25:19
to personally thank officer deSTAFANO and corporal 09:46:28:27
Harris for tending to me Wednesday when I had my little 09:46:35:10
accident, and for having perseverance in tracking down 09:46:38:03
the hit and run that started all of this. 09:46:44:00
It turned out that he was a sexual predator, too, and 09:46:47:00
had three outstanding warrants. 09:46:49:24
So he's had a long list of things that they had -- a 09:46:51:18
laundry list of crime that he committed. 09:46:59:27
So he was -- he's off the streets now. 09:47:02:07
And that, and including two of the people that harbored 09:47:04:19
him. 09:47:08:10
So that was good. 09:47:08:28
And I just want to thank everybody for -- you guys are 09:47:09:27
doing a great job and I have nothing else but good 09:47:14:15
things to say about you guys. 09:47:16:15
Thank you so much. 09:47:17:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: And if they didn't catch him would you 09:47:18:04
chase him. 09:47:22:15
So they had no choice. 09:47:23:00
>>GWEN MILLER: 09:47:25:00
>>SHAWN HARRISON: She wouldn't be the only council 09:47:25:27
member chasing bad guys. 09:47:29:19
(Laughter). 09:47:32:13

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to chime in. 09:47:33:24
I notice we have a lot of detectiving here in support 09:47:35:13
of Officer Hicks today. 09:47:39:01
And I had the opportunity to work in criminal court for 09:47:41:00
a couple of years, and saw many detectives, TPD 09:47:44:03
detectivess hard at work. 09:47:48:06
Iowanned to give them the recognition that is due. 09:47:49:25
Because they work very hard. 09:47:52:03
And because they are not in uniform they probably don't 09:47:54:06
get the day-to-day appreciation that hopefully the rest 09:47:56:06
of you all get. 09:48:00:06
But thank you. 09:48:01:00
>>GWEN MILLER: At this time we go to Mr. Harrison who 09:48:01:07
has a presentation. 09:48:07:00
>>SHAWN HARRISON: As now last week I attended the 09:48:20:27
National League of Cities conference up in Charlotte. 09:48:22:18
And while I was there, I accepted an award on behalf of 09:48:24:21
the city for the digital city survey. 09:48:28:00
We came in second place of all the cities over 250,000 09:48:31:15
in the United States. 09:48:36:06
And, John McGrath from our MIS, or I.T., whatever the 09:48:37:01
computer department is down there that keep everything 09:48:45:25
running, he's here to accept that. 09:48:48:03
And John, thank you. 09:48:49:22
Great work on the survey. 09:48:51:06

We were honored to receive that. 09:48:52:27
And you all just keep plugging away. 09:48:54:19
We appreciate everything you do. 09:48:56:27
>>JOHN McGRATH: Let me just say, this is not the work 09:48:58:15
of the I.T. department exclusively. 09:49:00:12
We have contributors from every department in the city 09:49:03:09
that contribute information to the web services. 09:49:06:06
And one of the reasons that we got picked was the 09:49:12:06
robustness of the information that we provide to the 09:49:15:09
public and our citizens out there. 09:49:17:07
So really every department deserves, you know, a part 09:49:19:15
of this for their efforts, too. 09:49:23:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. McGrath, congratulations. 09:49:28:06
On behalf of City Council, the web and the Internet has 09:49:31:06
been a great tool for our citizens to communicate with 09:49:33:24
us. 09:49:36:15
You know, we hear daily from dozens of folks out there, 09:49:37:28
and sometimes hundreds, depending on the issue, and 09:49:43:13
it's very valuable. 09:49:47:16
If we had to answer all those phone calls individually, 09:49:48:12
it would be very burdensome, but getting the e-mails, 09:49:51:21
it's a lot more manageable, and we can be more 09:49:55:04
responsive, I think. 09:49:57:24
So thank you very much. 09:49:58:25
>>GWEN MILLER: At this time we go to our staff report. 09:50:03:03

Ms. Julie Brown. 09:50:06:15
>>> Julie Brown, assistant city attorney here to talk 09:50:12:06
about item 3rd 38. 09:50:14:22
I would like to substitute the grant of easement given 09:50:16:03
prosecute the school board of Hillsborough County to 09:50:18:09
the City of Tampa for the installation and maintenance 09:50:20:07
of water facilities at Gary Adult high school. 09:50:22:19
There is a scrivener's error that occurred in the legal 09:50:26:10
description. 09:50:29:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I had the opportunity last Friday -- 09:50:29:03
earlier on Friday I took a group of third graders 09:50:38:27
through Ybor City and they were so impressed by the 09:50:41:10
beautiful architecture and the history of the area. 09:50:43:12
Then I went to Gary school to take a look at it. 09:50:46:04
Gary school is in horrible shape. 09:50:49:12
I got so upset because six classrooms had blue tarps 09:50:50:24
not on the roof where they should have been but on the 09:50:54:09
floor filled with puddles of water. 09:50:56:06
It is falling apart. 09:50:58:10
And I hold two entities responsibility: The City of 09:50:59:19
Tampa for not following through adequately in terms of 09:51:03:28
code enforcement, and the school board for not 09:51:05:18
addressing the maintenance which has resulted in this 09:51:07:22
water damage. 09:51:09:21
Currently, the school board has Gary school for sale. 09:51:10:16

They have said that they have to get the fair market 09:51:14:09
value. 09:51:19:21
But that doesn't recognize the fact that whoever buys 09:51:20:01
this has to deal with the historic structure. 09:51:23:03
I want to use this opportunity to encourage the school 09:51:25:24
board to sell it quickly to whomever will secure the 09:51:28:13
building. 09:51:31:21
And I am so embarrassed that we are at this state of 09:51:32:12
having allowed this historic structure to fall into 09:51:36:21
such disrepair. 09:51:40:15
I really do fault our code enforcement people, and I 09:51:42:13
hope that the school board community will move 09:51:45:18
expeditiously. 09:51:48:13
>>JULIE BROWN: This is actually for a new Gary adult 09:51:48:24
high school at 40th Street. 09:51:52:13
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Right. 09:51:55:01
But it's called the Gary adult high school. 09:51:57:12
It's a great opportunity to bring this to our 09:51:59:04
attention. 09:52:00:28
And I'm -- two years ago, the school board and the City 09:52:01:06
of Tampa were aware of this, and in two years we are at 09:52:05:15
this state of demolition by neglect. 09:52:09:27
And I really fault our own code enforcement people, and 09:52:12:01
I fault the school system for not selling it. 09:52:17:18
And I wonder, okay, you're an attorney with the city. 09:52:20:21

Can I bring this before code enforcement to do 09:52:24:03
something about it? 09:52:30:13
Of course, the school system will say it's for sale and 09:52:31:18
we'll be at the same point of having the rain pour in 09:52:35:00
like it did this weekend. 09:52:37:12
>>JULIE BROWN: Actually the number I'm talking about is 09:52:38:13
a completely different high school. 09:52:40:15
>> Talking about the old school. The one that we are 09:52:44:06
considering protecting with our historic ordinance 09:52:45:27
except what good is it to protect something with holes 09:52:48:22
in the roof and the rain coming in? 09:52:51:12
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Massey? 09:52:52:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: The appropriate request would be for 09:53:00:07
City Council to ask code enforcement to investigate and 09:53:01:24
report back on that, to begin the action. 09:53:04:09
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I agree. 09:53:06:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move that code 09:53:07:01
enforcement report on the old Gary adult school and 09:53:09:21
report back on the state of code enforcement. 09:53:12:18
To take appropriate action. 09:53:17:25
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would second with a friendly 09:53:18:28
amendment. 09:53:21:06
It's funny you mention this because I was going to talk 09:53:21:16
about number 38 as well. 09:53:23:25
But I was over in St. Petersburg recently. 09:53:25:12

And in St. Petersburg, they have an arts center, 09:53:29:28
specifically for ceramics. 09:53:35:19
And what they did was they took over a beautiful 09:53:37:24
Seaboard coastline building, a brick building, and now 09:53:40:16
it appears to be run by a nonprofit, and it's just very 09:53:43:15
dynamic, there's artists there, it appears to be about 09:53:47:15
50 artists have divided up the space. 09:53:51:06
And when my wife and I were talking about that, and the 09:53:53:06
Gary school came up, my wife said, why doesn't the city 09:53:56:13
and the school board take hold of the Gary school and 09:54:00:07
turn it into an arts building? 09:54:02:24
Because it's so big, they could break up the classrooms 09:54:06:12
into individual spaces for artists. 09:54:09:12
And I thought it was a neat idea. 09:54:11:19
So I am going to add a friendly amendment, to Paul 09:54:13:27
Wilborn. 09:54:18:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's so obvious that this is what we 09:54:20:28
should be doing but we aren't. 09:54:23:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let them report to us perhaps in 09:54:24:00
January to discuss the feasibility of that as an option 09:54:31:04
for the city and the school board. 09:54:34:01
>>GWEN MILLER: January what? 09:54:35:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Third week. 09:54:39:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Third week in January. 09:54:41:00
>>GWEN MILLER: A question on the motion? 09:54:42:06

>>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes. 09:54:44:27
I support that motion with the exception that the 09:54:45:15
school belongs to the school board. 09:54:48:00
It doesn't belong to the city. 09:54:49:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: They are trying to get rid of it. 09:54:50:10
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I understand but whoever has it is 09:54:53:27
going to have to spend beaucoups of money trying to fix 09:54:56:21
it up and then to turn at round for an art school, 09:55:00:24
don't No. but if that's what you want to do, we'll go 09:55:04:04
ahead with it. 09:55:06:07
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just to explore. 09:55:07:00
And we spent a lot of money on trying to encourage the 09:55:08:07
arts. 09:55:10:18
And I don't think Channelside is going to be a real 09:55:11:06
great future for the active artists. 09:55:13:21
And I think they are going to need a new enclave. 09:55:16:16
And we have sort of chased them out of Ybor with high 09:55:18:28
rents and we have chased them out of Channelside with 09:55:21:19
high rents. 09:55:23:27
Maybe we could encourage and foster their development 09:55:24:21
in someplace like the Gary school. 09:55:26:22
Definitely it would take money. 09:55:28:22
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Lots of money. 09:55:29:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: There may be other ways to 09:55:33:00
accomplish that too. 09:55:35:18

>>MARY ALVAREZ: I think if that was going to be case 09:55:36:03
maybe the school board would have taken that step. 09:55:38:16
I don't know. 09:55:40:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The school board is so busy trying 09:55:40:13
to meet the huge number of kids moving into the 09:55:44:01
periphery of the county that this is not on the top of 09:55:46:15
their list. 09:55:49:12
But Paul might be able to sort of match-make between 09:55:49:19
somebody who wants the building and some artists. 09:55:53:03
I move that we have a report back under unfinished 09:55:57:09
business on the 19th. 09:55:59:28
I'd like a report back with a staff person from code 09:56:02:03
enforcement, and Mr. Wilborn on the 19th. 09:56:06:10
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 09:56:10:00
(Motion carried). 09:56:11:04
Ding Julie, thank you for the substitute on 38. 09:56:13:21
>>MARY ALVAREZ: You did it. 09:56:16:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Sal Territo. 09:56:17:25
>>KEVIN WHITE: I was talking to David Barne earlier 09:56:23:09
this morning and I know we are trying to move our 09:56:28:09
agenda. 09:56:30:06
In he's listening while we are on department heads, I 09:56:30:15
didn't want to hold up the agenda but I am going to 09:56:33:16
have a couple questions on number 8. 09:56:35:13
I would like to see if he could start heading over and 09:56:37:06

that way keep moving right along. 09:56:39:21
>>SAL TERRITO: Legal department. 09:56:41:03
I also would like to make a substitution for item 09:56:43:24
number 34. 09:56:46:24
That was the lesser contract that Mr. Huey discussed 09:56:47:18
this morning. 09:56:50:10
There's no change in the contract. 09:56:51:01
We simply put it in the city's format. The one you had 09:56:52:10
before you was more like an engagement let theory was 09:56:55:16
sent to us by the consultant. 09:56:58:06
But we would put it in the city's format. 09:56:59:12
But the substance of the contract has not changed. 09:57:01:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: As long as he's discussing 34 I am 09:57:06:00
not going to pull it but I want to throw in my comments 09:57:08:07
on it. 09:57:10:15
When I inquired this week about 34, and I said, how is 09:57:11:15
it we are able to select and hire somebody without 09:57:14:19
going through an RFP process, and legal pointed to our 09:57:18:09
charter which apparently has an exception. 09:57:22:15
The exception being that as mark mentioned this morning 09:57:25:00
that the highly technical professional service that our 09:57:28:07
chart area louse that to be done without bidding and 09:57:32:03
without an RFP, and I accept that. 09:57:34:18
The only concern I have is when I inquired with our 09:57:37:00
purchasing department, they weren't wholly aware of 09:57:39:27

what had transpired. 09:57:45:03
So I would just encourage the various departments that 09:57:46:09
if they are going to go through the unusual process of 09:57:49:21
hiring somebody without an RFP and without a bid, that 09:57:52:13
they make sure that our purchasing department is well 09:57:57:03
aware of it. 09:57:58:24
Thank you. 09:58:00:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Territo. 09:58:00:15
Mr. Thom Snelling. 09:58:04:12
>>THOM SNELLING: Land Development Coordination. 09:58:18:09
I'm here to ask a favor of council. 09:58:21:07
We currently have City Council scheduled for two 09:58:25:19
informal workshops in the Mascotte room to discuss the 09:58:29:12
changes, the 27th, on January 4 and 11 which are 09:58:33:18
Wednesdays. 09:58:37:00
We have wanted to have an opportunity to meet prior to 09:58:38:00
meeting with you, we wanted an opportunity to meet with 09:58:42:06
the Tampa Bay builders association the first week of 09:58:44:15
January. 09:58:46:15
So what I'm asking is if I can take your January 09:58:47:12
4th date, which you have already set a time for, 09:58:50:09
and flip that to the 18th, so instead -- 09:58:54:13
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, we have something else on the 09:58:58:09
18th. 09:58:59:28
We can do it later than that, the following week, on 09:59:01:06

the 18th. 09:59:02:28
>>THOM SNELLING: That would be fine, too. I just want 09:59:04:28
to give them opportunity to meet with them prior to 09:59:06:25
council so when I come back to council in that 09:59:08:18
workshop, some of the issues that they may have may 09:59:10:18
have a chance to surface and get a good venting. 09:59:13:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: You want us to switch the 14th 09:59:19:16
and the 25th. 09:59:21:09
>>GWEN MILLER: 24th. 09:59:23:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: No -- 09:59:28:06
>>GWEN MILLER: He wants to change the 4th to the 09:59:30:12
25th and he's going to leave one on the 4th. 09:59:32:12
We have a motion and second. 09:59:39:12
All in favor of the motion say Aye. 09:59:40:21
Opposed, Nay. 09:59:42:00
>>THOM SNELLING: The 25th or 25th? 09:59:43:12
It's a Wednesday, I think. 09:59:47:21
The 25th. 09:59:49:15
>>GWEN MILLER: 25th. 09:59:50:21
>>MARTIN SHELBY: So council is clear then, the meetings 09:59:51:19
for the -- chapter 27 will be the 11th, which is a 09:59:57:12
Wednesday, that noon, then the following week will be a 10:00:03:12
discussion on Wednesday the 18th at noon on the 10:00:07:09
plan, and then return to the discussion on chapter 27 10:00:14:15
on the 25th. 10:00:18:27

>>THOM SNELLING: That will be better because if some of 10:00:20:06
those things start to come up in the discussion we can 10:00:21:21
actually start to craft some of the corrective 10:00:23:18
revisions in that interim two-week period so that could 10:00:26:06
be good. 10:00:28:27
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I am just so eager for to us look at 10:00:29:06
these changes on 27 that we have been talking about 10:00:32:04
forever so long. 10:00:34:12
So we will move this expeditiously. 10:00:35:09
Thank you. 10:00:37:13
>>THOM SNELLING: I appreciate the opportunity. 10:00:37:21
Thank you. 10:00:39:13
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Snelling, while you are there, 10:00:39:13
one of the items on our agenda, which has nothing 10:00:43:09
directly to do with you, is the transportation 10:00:45:25
department is awarding the bid for the south of Gandy 10:00:48:10
transportation study. 10:00:52:03
And I don't even know what item that is. 10:00:54:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We haven't done that yet? 10:00:56:25
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: No. 10:00:59:18
We are doing it today. 10:01:00:21
Which I guess is good news, at least we are doing it. 10:01:01:15
But, anyway, what my concern is that I've heard through 10:01:04:19
the grapevine that there's a large plan amendment that 10:01:09:10
has either been scheduled or is going to be scheduled 10:01:13:21

related to new projects south of Gandy out of 10:01:17:00
rattlesnake point. 10:01:21:07
And I don't know if you could work with Randy Goers on 10:01:24:16
this issue. 10:01:27:03
But I want to make sure that this study is supposed to 10:01:27:22
be done in April. 10:01:31:22
And I think it's premature if council starts addressing 10:01:32:15
another new, very, very large-scale project, either at 10:01:36:16
the plan amendment stage or at the rezoning stage, 10:01:40:09
until we get this study done. 10:01:43:09
And this is sort of mimicking what Ms. Saul-Sena said a 10:01:44:21
few months ago. 10:01:48:00
And I'm not saying we are putting a moratorium. 10:01:49:24
I'm just saying the study is meaningless if we go ahead 10:01:53:07
and -- keep going ahead with rezonings and planning 10:01:56:06
without getting this study done. 10:02:04:04
>>> I do know that Randy in the Planning Commission and 10:02:06:15
legal met earlier this week. 10:02:08:15
Aid conflict because I was in another meeting. 10:02:09:28
They did meet on rattlesnake to talk about some ideas 10:02:12:00
and what was going on there and stuff like that. 10:02:14:21
I would be glad to get with Randy and follow up with 10:02:17:15
him. 10:02:19:19
I was scheduled to be in that loop anyway. 10:02:19:27
I will be glad. 10:02:23:18

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you know the scheduling? 10:02:24:21
Have we already scheduled that plan amendment to come 10:02:26:25
over? 10:02:28:19
>>THOM SNELLING: I don't know that there's actually a 10:02:30:00
plan amendment. 10:02:31:15
>>MORRIS MASSEY: There's not one scheduled at this 10:02:32:00
time. 10:02:34:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, I just want everybody to try 10:02:34:27
to keep those large rezoning and those large plan 10:02:38:09
amendments away from us until we get through with this 10:02:42:12
April study. 10:02:44:18
So whatever you can do to facilitate that. 10:02:47:09
>>THOM SNELLING: The next date, isn't in the March? 10:02:51:12
The next submittal date is in March anyway, I think the 10:02:53:16
deadline. 10:02:56:06
Okay. 10:02:57:12
I'm pretty sure it is. 10:02:58:10
I'll follow up on it. 10:03:02:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Snelling. 10:03:03:25
Marty Boyle. 10:03:06:27
>>MARTY BOYLE: Land development. 10:03:10:06
I have two rezoning cases that were slated to come to 10:03:15:09
council for public hearing January 26th, 2006, at 6 10:03:18:04
p.m. 10:03:23:21
And we had to get them to the clerk's office by last 10:03:24:24

Friday to come before you on today's agenda. 10:03:27:15
We could not bring them forward at that time because 10:03:31:01
there were problems with the legal description not 10:03:34:09
being signed off on. 10:03:35:21
Since that time, the legals have been approved. 10:03:37:04
The projects are Z 06-04, 2512 north Howard. 10:03:41:21
It's a planned development request. 10:03:47:00
And Z 05-179, 613 Channelside Drive, Garrison Seaport, 10:03:49:03
the request is a PDA. 10:03:56:04
We are asking that they at this time be set for a 10:03:58:12
public hearing January 26th. 10:04:00:27
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Two questions. 10:04:03:09
Number one, I thought we weren't doing PDAs anymore. 10:04:05:00
I thought we said no more PDAs. 10:04:08:10
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Where is the PDA? 10:04:11:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Downtown. 10:04:13:28
Remember we said it's too vague, we are going to get 10:04:14:24
rid of it? 10:04:16:27
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Currently that is an existing PDA and 10:04:18:15
council asked for to us look at changing our land 10:04:21:00
development regulations relative to PDAs but those 10:04:23:12
have not gone into effect yet so we have to live with 10:04:27:12
the existing code. 10:04:30:00
It's a modification of an existing PDA. 10:04:31:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: How many cases do we have for the 10:04:34:18

26th? 10:04:36:22
>>MARTY BOYLE: There are no additional cases. 10:04:38:03
There are ten new and three continued. 10:04:39:24
These are part of the new cases. 10:04:41:13
>>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved. 10:04:46:21
>> Second. 10:04:47:27
(Motion carried). 10:04:47:27
>>GWEN MILLER: We go to approval of the agenda. 10:04:48:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: Mr. Vaughan, I wanted to expedite this. 10:05:06:07
If you could, go over what the resolution for item 10:05:08:19
number 8 is asking for this almost $70,000 for screen 10:05:11:22
as well as the improvements. 10:05:20:00
As I understand the building is almost done. 10:05:21:12
But now we have some problems -- if you can explain 10:05:23:00
those things. 10:05:28:03
>>> Sure. 10:05:29:13
Speaking about the building first. 10:05:29:24
The building itself is virtually complete. 10:05:31:00
We'll be doing the punch list, inspections on it before 10:05:34:25
the end of the month. 10:05:37:18
What is at issue with the building is in the course of 10:05:38:27
putting in the fire line to the building we hit some 10:05:41:10
drums, some petroleum based product and we have an 10:05:48:22
environmental issue and clean-up situation we have to 10:05:52:12
deal with. 10:05:54:16

EPC is fully engaged. 10:05:55:00
Unlike the earlier situation on the building, this 10:05:57:21
is -- everybody understands what's happening, and we 10:05:59:15
are moving as rapidly as we can to deal with the 10:06:02:22
requirement that is we have to test, determine the 10:06:06:15
extent, dispose, and whatever. 10:06:08:27
This line does hold up us doing the rest of the site 10:06:12:18
work. 10:06:16:00
So that's going to affect when we can get in the 10:06:17:21
building. 10:06:19:27
So that's the issue with the building. 10:06:20:15
>>KEVIN WHITE: So we can't do landscape or anything 10:06:21:24
because we can't move forward. 10:06:26:07
>>> That's correct. 10:06:28:21
We have to do the clean-up. 10:06:28:27
Part of that is redoing some additional probing to try 10:06:30:13
to circumvent and make sure that there's not something 10:06:33:24
else that we are going to hit in the course of this. 10:06:36:13
But that's the issue with the building. 10:06:41:12
The issue that's before you today on the agenda is to 10:06:43:03
provide design services for the renovation of the pool. 10:06:46:01
The existing scope of this project, back when we began, 10:06:51:10
it did not allow for the inclusion of any pool work. 10:06:56:12
The pool was not in great shape at the time and 10:07:00:09
certainly has set for a period of time and has code 10:07:03:12

changes and things like that. 10:07:06:04
There is some money budgeted in this year's budget to 10:07:07:13
do that renovation project. 10:07:09:18
And this item before you today allows that design to 10:07:11:12
commence. 10:07:17:01
>>KEVIN WHITE: Based on those figures that we have 10:07:17:06
allowed in the budget, along with this amendment to 10:07:19:25
that allowance, wouldn't it be more feasible to 10:07:23:03
continue with this, or more feasible to possibly look 10:07:27:06
at redoing the pool entirely? 10:07:30:04
Weeing those two options. 10:07:36:04
>>> Earlier this fall we commissioned a work order that 10:07:37:13
looks specifically at what's the best way to deal with. 10:07:40:01
This should we renovate this pool or completely replace 10:07:42:22
it? 10:07:46:03
The results of that were that the structural integrity 10:07:46:21
of the shell of that pool is very good. 10:07:50:24
It's sort of akin to the teeth are good but the gums 10:07:54:03
are bad. 10:07:56:28
We have got piping and equipment and stuff that need to 10:07:57:21
be replaced. 10:07:59:15
But the shell is in. 10:08:00:16
>>LAURENCE GOODRICH: Shape and we can do some things 10:08:02:03
with the design of the pool maybe to update and 10:08:03:27
modernize the way the bottom looks and the way you 10:08:06:04

access it. 10:08:09:18
But the basic shell not only is in good shape but 10:08:10:06
because we are dealing with a site that's 10:08:14:09
environmentally sensitive, the less disruption we do to 10:08:16:03
that site, the less opportunity we have in discovering 10:08:19:07
more stuff and to get into, again, more delays and 10:08:21:15
costs in cleaning up. 10:08:25:09
So the recommendation was that we ought to renovate the 10:08:26:27
existing pool, a half to two-thirds of the cost of 10:08:31:19
replacing it. 10:08:37:19
So it's a financial issue as well. 10:08:38:15
>>KEVIN WHITE: Thank you very much. 10:08:42:10
That's really all I had. 10:08:43:01
>>GWEN MILLER: Now we go to the approval of the agenda. 10:08:43:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved. 10:08:47:16
>>GWEN MILLER: Anything you want to pull? 10:08:49:09
Mr. Dingfelder? 10:08:51:10
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Number 7 and 27 just for brief 10:08:52:16
discussion. 10:08:55:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Any others? 10:09:00:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: When Ms. Saul-Sena comes back. 10:09:07:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second for approval. 10:09:15:24
(Motion carried) 10:09:18:18
We go to our unfinished business. 10:09:20:24
Item number 2. 10:09:24:01

We have a resolution that we need to approve. 10:09:24:24
>>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved. 10:09:27:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Massey. 10:09:29:10
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Legal department. 10:09:29:21
Cindy Miller had a conflict but she asked that I hand 10:09:31:15
out a memo to council on this issue relating to the 10:09:34:00
process that real estate went through relative to the 10:09:37:00
disposition on this piece of property. 10:09:40:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: For the record I pulled that a 10:09:45:22
couple weeks ago because the city was selling these two 10:09:47:06
lots for $12,000 each in South Tampa, and that kind of 10:09:50:12
raised my eye brows a little bit, any buildable lot in 10:09:55:07
South Tampa for $12,000, it sounded like too good a 10:09:59:06
deal. 10:10:02:18
But I met with Ms. Miller and her staff, and they 10:10:02:22
explained to me probably what's in the memo, how in 10:10:08:00
order to access these lots, a road needs to be built, 10:10:11:00
all the utilities need to be put in, it's not a typical 10:10:14:25
buildable lot. 10:10:18:09
It's kind of remote, down in sort of the swamps, in 10:10:19:00
Port Tampa. 10:10:22:21
So with that said, I'm comfortable with the 10:10:23:21
explanation. 10:10:26:09
Still probably a pretty good deal. 10:10:27:06
But I guess they'll build new houses and put them on 10:10:28:24

the tax rolls. 10:10:31:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved. 10:10:33:06
>> Second. 10:10:35:06
(Motion carried). 10:10:35:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Item 3. 10:10:36:00
The resolution needs to be moved. 10:10:39:09
>> So moved. 10:10:41:06
>> Second. 10:10:41:16
(Motion carried). 10:10:41:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 10:10:42:12
like to ask for reconsideration? 10:10:46:00
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: Good morning. 10:10:47:15
My name is John Grandoff. 10:10:57:19
My address is suite 3700 Bank of America plaza. 10:10:59:06
I represent five owners of cigar factories here in the 10:11:03:27
city. 10:11:07:12
I'm sure you are quite familiar with the several 10:11:10:18
hearings we have had over the last two years. 10:11:13:22
I have to start my presentation briefly by telling you 10:11:15:09
that city code, section 27 -- 10:11:17:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Point of order. 10:11:22:24
Mr. Shelby, refresh my memory. 10:11:25:00
I didn't know that we took any action at the last 10:11:28:09
discussion on this issue, except to continue it again. 10:11:31:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, the motion was to continue it for 10:11:36:12

two weeks. 10:11:39:12
Or actually -- February 2nd. 10:11:41:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess with that said, I don't know 10:11:43:09
what we are reconsidering. 10:11:46:15
Maybe you want to start with that before you get into 10:11:47:18
the substance. 10:11:49:15
>>> I believe you made a procedural error that goes 10:11:51:28
back all the way to November 17th. 10:11:54:03
And we can either discuss it today or I'll wait until 10:11:55:24
the end of the hearing. 10:11:58:04
I'll bring it up later this morning. 10:11:59:06
But I need to bring it to your attention this morning 10:12:01:00
to preserve my client's due process rights. 10:12:03:25
So if I could just explain. 10:12:07:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: This hearing is not even open, I 10:12:08:15
mean, right now the hearing is not open. 10:12:12:15
So you are adding something to the hearing process. 10:12:14:09
That alone would concern me. 10:12:18:09
You know what I'm saying? 10:12:20:03
I mean, the public hearing on cigar factories is not 10:12:21:15
open. 10:12:24:15
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: And I'm not asking for public hearing. 10:12:24:15
I have a procedural problem that goes back to November 10:12:28:12
17th and I have to G come back on exactly why the 10:12:32:06
problem is sitting there. 10:12:35:04

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Have you discussed it with legal 10:12:36:00
staff already? 10:12:38:00
>>> Discussed it with Mr. Massey and discussed it with 10:12:39:09
Mr. Shelby. 10:12:41:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby, can he bring it up now? 10:12:41:18
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Procedurally I think it would be 10:12:44:04
appropriate because what he in fact is questioning is 10:12:47:18
the procedural process of the motion to continue. 10:12:50:07
And I believe as a predicate basis that he believes for 10:12:54:15
that, which I believe he's trying to establish, I would 10:12:57:27
assume it would be appropriate for him to raise it now, 10:13:03:16
because it's not substantive to the public hearing 10:13:05:21
process. 10:13:08:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is there anything we can do right 10:13:08:27
now, between the last public hearing and the next one 10:13:12:07
we have already scheduled, that would make any 10:13:16:04
difference procedurally? 10:13:19:21
Or does he have to wait until we get to that hearing to 10:13:21:12
undo it? 10:13:25:07
Because I know in the past, Mr. Massey has told us, you 10:13:25:25
know, that we have a public hearing scheduled, and we 10:13:28:15
can't necessarily undo that. 10:13:31:16
>>MARTIN SHELBY: It would be my opinion that would be 10:13:35:06
appropriate if council wishes to do so, to do so at the 10:13:36:16
time of the public hearing when people are on notice. 10:13:39:03

I believe Mr. Grandoff's position is that in order to 10:13:41:09
preserve his client's procedural due process rights 10:13:44:09
that he's using this opportunity now, which is the 10:13:47:06
first meeting after the continuance is granted. 10:13:49:28
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: That's right. 10:13:52:24
I think the motion adopted last week was an error. 10:13:55:03
I have to take you back to November 17th to explain 10:13:57:22
why you made an error. 10:14:00:12
And you can take action this morning. 10:14:01:16
>>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Shelby, back to you. 10:14:04:25
I think that Mr. Grandoff has the right to raise that 10:14:10:09
question if he thinks there was a procedural error. 10:14:13:15
Do we listen to that today and take it up at the time 10:14:20:06
we bring this back? 10:14:22:28
Or do we have to deal with this separately? 10:14:23:27
Or advise us legally what we should or shouldn't do. 10:14:26:21
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Knowing what I know, and Mr. Massey 10:14:32:18
can fill in if he feels the need and he's more than 10:14:34:19
welcome to -- but knowing way oh know, I do have an 10:14:37:03
opinion about this based on my discussion was Mr. 10:14:39:24
Grandoff. 10:14:42:06
I would think that -- it would be my opinion that this 10:14:46:13
not be raised, or council can take note of it and take 10:14:51:09
it under advisement at this point in time procedurally 10:14:54:27
but it would be my advice to not take action until the 10:14:58:00

advertised -- or excuse me, the noticed public hearing 10:15:01:18
is continued. 10:15:04:13
Because that's when the action would have been taken 10:15:06:04
taken. 10:15:08:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: That's fine. 10:15:11:16
But I guess what I want to do, Mr. Shelby, is both. 10:15:12:10
Given the opportunity to raise it, put it into the 10:15:15:16
record now as opposed to let it go, because I think in 10:15:17:24
due diligence for his client, he has the right to raise 10:15:21:00
that procedural error concern, although, you know, 10:15:24:01
based on your opinion or advice to us, we not take it 10:15:27:28
up until we take everything up again when we reconsider 10:15:30:12
it, whatever we are going to do next month. 10:15:34:00
>>MARTIN SHELBY: That would be my opinion. 10:15:36:00
I believe, Mr. Grandoff, would want his client to have 10:15:38:19
action taken today but I don't believe it would be my 10:15:41:18
advice to do that. 10:15:43:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: Right. 10:15:44:10
So what do we have to do, allowing him to bring that 10:15:45:15
up? 10:15:48:12
I'm certainly in favor of listening to what he has to 10:15:49:00
say. 10:15:51:01
I think that's the right thing to do. 10:15:51:06
>>MARTIN SHELBY: He certainly has the three minute 10:15:52:18
opportunity to ask for reconsideration. 10:15:55:15

And after council hears it then we can discuss what 10:15:56:21
council's actions are. 10:15:59:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: Okay, but in terms of the words, it's 10:16:01:00
not really a reconsideration. 10:16:03:09
He's talking about addressing a procedural error in his 10:16:04:21
estimation. 10:16:08:04
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Without putting words in Mr. 10:16:08:07
Grandoff's mouth, and don't want council to pre-judge, 10:16:12:27
but Mr. Grandoff's position, which I believe he will 10:16:16:03
articulate, was that council's motion and vote on a 10:16:18:09
continuance was improper based on a prior action that 10:16:22:24
council took. 10:16:25:24
That's his position. 10:16:27:12
I don't want to put words in his mouth. 10:16:28:18
Your motion to continuance. 10:16:31:21
Exactly. 10:16:33:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Let's hear from Mr. Grandoff. 10:16:33:10
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: I ask you to reconsider your motion to 10:16:35:12
continue to February 2, which you adopted last week, 10:16:39:21
and to rescind that motion and be done with it. 10:16:42:01
I am going to ask you to now adopt the resolution that 10:16:45:04
was presented last week by Donna Wysong, proceeding 10:16:49:00
with the initiation of the designation on the remaining 10:16:52:27
five factors, not my five factors. 10:16:55:27
My reason for doing that is the code says that at the 10:17:00:00

November 17 hearing, the City Council will consider 10:17:03:10
whether or not to initiate such designation process at 10:17:08:10
a public hearing. 10:17:11:15
So at the 17th you had the prerogative to consider 10:17:12:21
whether to initiate the designation. 10:17:17:18
That's verbatim out of the code. 10:17:17:18
Now going through the transcript, Mr. Dingfelder was 10:17:19:18
talking on the 17th, and he says, so we get back to 10:17:22:09
the matter at hand which is that we should move on with 10:17:25:00
the rest of these properties that have voluntarily done 10:17:27:03
it and pull off the five, my clients, that don't. 10:17:30:03
So my motion is to do exactly that. 10:17:33:03
Mr. Dingfelder continues: We have X number of 10:17:38:18
properties there. 10:17:41:21
Can I pull off the five and we can move forward with 10:17:42:12
the rest of them by motion? 10:17:44:15
Donna Wysong: I believe the best way that you can make 10:17:46:09
the motion to pull off the five, but we will require 10:17:49:01
then a continuance because I need to go and get the 10:17:52:15
resolution and the ordinance in order. 10:17:54:28
This is Donna Wysong continuing: I was going to 10:17:59:18
suggest we wait a few weeks to allow me to get in touch 10:18:02:28
with the rest of the property owners and tell them what 10:18:06:25
happened here and it may be that, you know, they would 10:18:09:06
like to take advantage of the same. 10:18:11:10

This is November 17th. 10:18:14:00
Going to go back and notify the other ten. 10:18:15:27
Because you decided November 17th. 10:18:17:16
Ms. Miller: We need to continue for two weeks? 10:18:21:16
Yes, continue for two weeks. 10:18:24:28
Mr. Dingfelder: I don't see where we have an option so 10:18:26:27
that would be my motion. 10:18:29:06
Ms. Ferlita: Does that mean we have dealt with the 10:18:31:16
issue of his request as per his clients? 10:18:33:18
Mr. Dingfelder: Yes. 10:18:36:13
Mr. White: So now we have the possibility of ten 10:18:39:03
others? 10:18:41:21
Mr. Harrison: So we have a continue anxious? 10:18:43:18
Mr. Dingfelder: It's a win-win for everybody. 10:18:46:09
Motion and second to continue for two weeks. 10:18:48:27
What happened was Sandy said you all were too busy on 10:18:50:28
the 1st of December because of the Thanksgiving 10:18:52:27
holiday so you came back last week, which was the 10:18:55:04
8th. 10:18:57:21
Continue to the 8th. 10:18:59:03
Ms. Wysong appeared last week with the resolution you 10:19:00:28
directed her to prepare on November 17th by a vote 10:19:03:21
of 7 to zero. 10:19:06:00
The resolution was never adopted last week, which is 10:19:07:19
actually your business that you took. 10:19:11:00

I have my own theories on why it was not adopted last 10:19:15:27
week. 10:19:18:18
I am asking you now to ratify the action that you took 10:19:18:25
on the November 17th and adopt the resolution, 10:19:21:00
which includes only the remaining five factories. 10:19:24:27
I believe that's the business that's at hand and 10:19:29:04
there's no further action to be taken. 10:19:31:07
>>SHAWN HARRISON: All right. 10:19:36:21
So you're asking that the only way to squeeze this into 10:19:37:09
a motion to reconsider is, I think, for the 10:19:42:18
reconsideration to be a motion to continue the 10:19:46:09
discussion, which I wasn't here at. 10:19:50:00
I don't know when you continued it to. 10:19:52:15
Is that what you're asking? 10:19:56:07
That we rescind the motion to continue? 10:19:58:09
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: Because you had to adopt the 10:20:00:28
resolution that Donna was bringing to you on the 10:20:02:03
8th. 10:20:03:27
You took the action on November 17th, Mr. 10:20:04:13
Dingfelder. 10:20:06:16
You're shaking your head no but you voted 7-0 to let my 10:20:06:27
clients in the process. 10:20:11:28
All that was left was the motion brought to you and you 10:20:14:07
ignored it. 10:20:17:00
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Let me just say, the only thing we 10:20:17:21

should be considering right now is whether or not to 10:20:20:21
reconsider the motion to continue? 10:20:23:00
Because that was the only action that was actually 10:20:25:15
taken last week. 10:20:27:09
And that was the only thing that Mr. Grandoff could 10:20:28:19
possibly be here today asking us to reconsider. 10:20:31:06
Otherwise, he's just -- it seems like it's just the 10:20:34:25
substance again of the original argument was made back 10:20:38:12
on the 17th. 10:20:41:06
>>> I'm not arguing substance. 10:20:42:21
I'm just saying reconsidering, rescind your continuance 10:20:44:04
last week. 10:20:47:00
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I'm just trying to find out who can 10:20:47:06
make the motion? 10:20:51:19
>>> Someone on the prevailing side. 10:20:52:24
>> What was the motion? 10:20:54:12
To continue. 10:20:55:06
>>> To continue. 10:20:56:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder. 10:20:56:07
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think clearly our advice of 10:20:57:24
council is that we don't take any action today. 10:21:01:09
I think our motion to continue was very sound. 10:21:04:00
And frankly, I think between now and February 2nd, 10:21:08:15
Mr. Shelby and Mr. Massey need to go back and watch the 10:21:11:21
videotape. 10:21:16:09

I don't know if you can just read the transcript. 10:21:16:15
But I think you immediate to watch the videotape and 10:21:18:13
see exactly what the intent was going back to November. 10:21:21:03
Because I don't remember my intent being that. 10:21:24:06
I remember my intent being -- I heard your discussion 10:21:27:24
and the transcript -- I think the intent was -- and 10:21:32:00
when I said, it doesn't seem like we have any choice. 10:21:35:06
And I remember that discussion very well. 10:21:37:24
I think that I was sort of frustrated because Donna was 10:21:39:06
saying, well, we have got to go back and ask all of 10:21:41:25
them, okay? 10:21:45:00
And I think that was the motion. 10:21:45:22
It was like, okay, if that's the best we can do, then 10:21:47:27
we have to go back and ask all ten of them. 10:21:50:15
So there was no other pending resolution or pending 10:21:52:22
motion. 10:21:56:15
That's just my opinion. 10:21:56:15
I'm going to ask Mr. Shelby and Mr. Massey, and you, 10:21:57:15
Mr. Grandoff, I'm sure you will be part of the 10:22:00:18
discussion, to go back and look at it, and in February 10:22:02:24
come back and tell us, you know, what the appropriate 10:22:05:12
legal step is for to us take, and what our options are. 10:22:07:28
>>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can. 10:22:12:25
I respect Mr. Grandoff's advocacy for his clients. 10:22:15:21
I take a different position than Mr. Massey, and of 10:22:19:16

course -- excuse me, Mr. Grandoff. 10:22:21:18
Hopefully I take the same position as Mr. Massey. 10:22:24:24
But looking at the transcript, I would just like to 10:22:27:09
read from the transcript the little dialogue by the 10:22:31:18
maker of the motion, after the motion was made, or 10:22:35:03
reiterated by Ms. Miller, motion and second to continue 10:22:39:13
for two weeks. 10:22:42:00
Before the vote, Mr. Dingfelder did say two weeks, and 10:22:44:03
the legal counsel draft the ordinance, again reading 10:22:47:03
from the closed captioning transcript, this is not a 10:22:50:15
verbatim, but this is close proximity as we can -- two 10:22:52:22
weeks, and legal counsel draft the ordinance with 10:22:56:25
whatever efforts remain and we go from there. 10:23:00:00
Ms. Ferlita says: Isn't it a risk you guys are taking 10:23:03:21
over there? 10:23:07:04
Council than member Dingfelder says counsel says she 10:23:09:21
needs to go back and advise our legal protection basis, 10:23:13:09
need to go back, advise the other groups. 10:23:17:06
You know what? 10:23:20:00
And then maybe we have to revisit the whole thing 10:23:20:18
because maybe there won't be any to save. 10:23:22:25
At that point in time Mr. Grandoff makes comments, and 10:23:27:15
then the vote was taken. 10:23:30:09
So that I believe is the intent of the maker of the 10:23:30:28
motion. 10:23:33:10

And of course we can go through that, and get the tape 10:23:35:01
to review. 10:23:38:13
And also with regard to Mr. Grandoff's request, I 10:23:40:07
understand his desire and need from a procedural 10:23:43:09
standpoint to make the case known to council at this 10:23:46:24
time. 10:23:48:27
But I believe that council cannot take any action until 10:23:49:00
the public hearing is closed. 10:23:53:04
And the public hearing cannot be discussed until it is 10:23:55:21
continued, to a date of February 2nd. 10:23:59:03
So that would be my opinion. 10:24:03:19
>>ROSE FERLITA: Then, Mr. Shelby, I understand exactly 10:24:04:18
what you're saying. 10:24:07:21
So at that time, same time we discussed what we wanted 10:24:08:24
to discuss last time, if Mr. Grandoff is making the 10:24:13:19
assertion that we voted to -- that assertion, then 10:24:17:21
during the process, we reinserted them, and he's 10:24:24:09
talking about that being a procedural -- 10:24:27:04
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I should point out to council that my 10:24:32:12
interpretation of what the motion was, was a direction 10:24:35:03
of staff to bring back and ordinance. 10:24:37:04
The ordinance was brought back during the course of an 10:24:39:01
open public hearing. 10:24:41:09
During the course of open public hearing, additional 10:24:42:27
testimony was taken which had an affect upon the 10:24:45:04

decision makers relative to what was before it. 10:24:49:21
Council weighed the evidence that it heard and the 10:24:52:25
direction was based on the discussion was not to adopt 10:24:57:18
the resolution at that time, but to grant the 10:25:00:09
continuance until February 2nd. 10:25:02:09
So procedurally, I believe council is on firm ground. 10:25:04:12
>>ROSE FERLITA: My last question then, it is still 10:25:09:18
correct for me to assume that we will also address his 10:25:11:27
concern at that time? 10:25:14:10
>>MARTIN SHELBY: He has the right to make that argument 10:25:16:06
at that time. 10:25:18:01
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I concur with the advice Mr. Shelby is 10:25:22:15
giving you. 10:25:24:22
It was an open public hearing. 10:25:25:21
The public hearing has been continued. 10:25:27:07
It happens that council makes motions and goes in 10:25:30:21
different directions during the public hearing based on 10:25:33:09
the evidence that it hears. 10:25:35:01
And I would agree with Mr. Shelby. 10:25:36:15
Obviously we can revisit these issues when the public 10:25:38:15
rehearing is reopened on February 2nd and look 10:25:41:18
legally as well prior to that time. 10:25:45:22
>>KEVIN WHITE: Madam Chairman, I agree with our 10:25:49:00
counsel. 10:25:51:27
I do appreciate Mr. Grandoff being able to come to this 10:25:52:04

point in time to make his concerns known. 10:25:58:19
Even if we did make a motion and pass the motion that 10:26:01:07
you're requesting, Mr. Grandoff, we still don't have a 10:26:05:22
resolution before us today that we would be able to 10:26:08:10
adopt based on the fact that the public hearing is 10:26:12:00
still open, and public notice is sent out. 10:26:15:00
I feel for your clients and their predicament as well 10:26:19:27
as you in your position. 10:26:23:19
But I think your case is well noted. 10:26:24:27
It's on the record, as far as procedurally from this 10:26:27:18
point. 10:26:32:04
You have covered yourself and your clients, because you 10:26:33:19
came to the very next public meeting to ask for your 10:26:36:15
reconsideration, and you brought all your concerns. 10:26:39:21
We'll just have to see where it goes on February 10:26:42:07
2nd with the rest of the public, and there was a 10:26:44:16
large hue and cry in the public audience and I think it 10:26:48:01
would be even a larger hue and cry, not only that but a 10:26:52:06
travesty that we come and basically it would appear, 10:26:55:24
you know, in my assumption, that we would be back 10:26:59:12
during the public that actually wanted to weigh in on 10:27:04:00
this situation, if you rescinded that, and then tried 10:27:07:21
to take action on a resolution that was presented last 10:27:09:00
week. 10:27:14:00
And I personally don't know in B anybody anybody else 10:27:14:06

but I -- whether I agree with your position or whether 10:27:17:09
I don't, I still think it needs to be the fair public 10:27:20:09
process and everybody have the opportunity to weigh in. 10:27:23:25
And you have had that opportunity today. 10:27:28:10
And I think it's well noted with council. 10:27:30:13
And we'll just see where it goes when everybody has the 10:27:33:06
opportunity to weigh back in on February 2nd. 10:27:37:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Grandoff. 10:27:41:12
We appreciate you coming. 10:27:42:21
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: I ask on the 2nd that you adopt 10:27:43:19
the resolution that Mrs. Wysong prepared for your 10:27:46:27
reading on the 8th and also ask you to consider 10:27:49:15
what happened between November 17th and December 10:27:52:03
8th that would have changed your mind. 10:27:54:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 10:27:56:00
>>THE CLERK: Just for the record no resolution was 10:27:57:24
submitted to our office for cigar factories last week. 10:28:02:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Okay. 10:28:05:25
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just urge -- I know Mr. Harrison, 10:28:11:12
I think that was all who wasn't here, but I urge that 10:28:14:00
you get the videotape, because there were a lot of 10:28:16:28
visuals that were shown as well to review. 10:28:19:19
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: I will file for the record this that 10:28:27:13
was provided to me last Thursday morning on the 10:28:29:27
8th, and I place this in the file. 10:28:31:12

>>GWEN MILLER: Yes, you may. 10:28:34:18
Is there anyone else that would like to ask for 10:28:36:12
reconsideration? 10:28:38:09
We go to the public comment. 10:28:40:03
Anyone in the public that would like to speak on any 10:28:41:09
item on the agenda that is not set for a public 10:28:43:07
hearing. 10:28:45:04
>>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: Good morning. 10:29:00:18
My name is Moses Knott, Jr. 10:29:02:06
I reside at 2902 East Ellicott Street. 10:29:04:00
And I just thank God for his grace and his mercy this 10:29:07:00
morning, just to be here. 10:29:10:18
Especially for the season. 10:29:15:03
And Ms. Chairwoman, this morning wasn't no prayer, he 10:29:16:16
was reading this morning. 10:29:21:12
I want to speak about that, and about the Christmas. 10:29:22:10
You know, people use me. 10:29:27:21
I'm the only one got enough -- I ain't going to say 10:29:29:09
another word -- faith and knowledge to come up here and 10:29:35:01
speak. 10:29:38:09
I don't know what it is. 10:29:38:19
But people, calling me, say you all, don't mention 10:29:40:00
Jesus around here in this City Council no more. 10:29:45:27
And I have a problem with that. 10:29:49:21
I'm a very educated man. 10:29:52:00

I only know half of what I don't know and know half of 10:29:53:07
what I should know but I study only out of the King 10:29:56:15
James version Bible, only. 10:29:59:01
Now they got 400-some Bibles out there today and making 10:30:01:00
more every day. 10:30:04:12
All over the country different kind of religious. 10:30:07:10
Don't belief in those different kind of religious. 10:30:09:18
I only believe in King James Bible. 10:30:12:09
But I want to quote a scripture about Jesus, first 10:30:14:28
chapter, Matthew, a little baby boy was born, and they 10:30:18:01
named him Jesus. 10:30:23:16
And say his mother was named Mary. 10:30:26:24
And his father was named Joseph. 10:30:29:12
Now you can go back to Luke the second chapter and did 10:30:31:13
he the fine print on it and he said the same thing, 10:30:36:15
that his name was Jesus. 10:30:39:09
But down through the years had trouble with different 10:30:41:04
kinds of religion, people approaching me. 10:30:47:04
But I'm a bad guy. 10:30:48:28
They can't handle me. 10:30:49:22
They leave me alone. 10:30:51:01
They see me coming and walk away. 10:30:52:03
The Bible say in the book of James, flee from you. But 10:30:53:22
I love the peoples, you know. 10:30:57:24
They got their own different kind of religion, just 10:30:59:15

like Catholic and all the rest of them but you don't 10:31:02:10
see them doing their own thing but every time I say 10:31:05:00
Jesus or God, they say Jehovah. 10:31:07:28
But I want to say, about that today, people today that 10:31:14:06
there's a reason for the season. 10:31:19:15
I don't know what day it was they celebrate the reason 10:31:20:16
for the season. 10:31:22:13
But I look at people today. 10:31:23:15
They don't believe in this man. 10:31:24:16
This Jesus. 10:31:27:15
And my education, he was a Jew. 10:31:29:03
He was a little Jew baby. 10:31:33:15
And many black people say he was a black baby. 10:31:39:04
But my education tells me in Matthew, that he was a Jew 10:31:42:12
baby. 10:31:46:21
And these Jews hated him and did him so bad they wanted 10:31:47:12
to put him on the cross. 10:31:50:18
And I said, my God, I said -- but when he come, he said 10:31:53:03
I didn't come here to change the law, I come to fulfill 10:31:58:22
the law. 10:32:01:25
And the reason he came, if you did something wrong you 10:32:02:21
had to get your family, go get a clean health, and what 10:32:04:16
impressed me when they came in and said pay for my 10:32:11:03
sins, everybody's sins. 10:32:13:24
I said -- 10:32:15:21

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Point of order. 10:32:17:24
Mr. Knott, we are a City Council. 10:32:18:25
Tell us what would you like us to do or change. 10:32:20:15
We don't need a religious lesson necessarily. 10:32:22:12
>>> Okay. This is in the Bible. 10:32:27:06
And his name was Jesus. 10:32:30:09
And he went to the cross. 10:32:30:09
He wanted to pay for our sins. 10:32:31:15
All our sins. 10:32:33:00
My sin. 10:32:34:12
Everybody. 10:32:35:04
And you know what I like, way believe, the whole Bible 10:32:36:00
talks about believe. 10:32:40:09
(Bell sounds). 10:32:41:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Knott. 10:32:44:07
Would anyone else like to speak? 10:32:45:12
>>> Michael Farmer, 2619 Spruce Street. 10:32:53:09
Tampa, Florida. 10:32:57:06
I come up here about a couple weeks ago, and -- 10:32:58:12
>>GWEN MILLER: It has to be on the agenda today, Mr. 10:33:01:27
Farmer. 10:33:04:27
>>> It's concerning the stormwater. 10:33:06:00
And basically -- 10:33:09:24
>>GWEN MILLER: What item is that? 10:33:13:10
>>> 16. 10:33:16:06

>>GWEN MILLER: Okay. 10:33:18:22
>>> And you're appropriating moneys for stormwater and 10:33:20:15
everything. 10:33:23:21
But our tax dollars, you added money onto our tax 10:33:24:01
dollars to support all of this. 10:33:30:19
And the stormwater on my street, and the retention pond 10:33:31:28
and everything. 10:33:37:00
Requested that the palm trees be cut. 10:33:39:15
The man and his boss came down there. Nothing is being 10:33:41:12
done. 10:33:44:06
Say the overgrowth on the CSX side is overgrowing, 10:33:47:28
along with Tampa, retention pond, the palm trees, and 10:33:52:09
the overgrowth of CSX is just so much is a jungle down 10:33:57:12
in that area. 10:34:01:00
We asked for relief. 10:34:02:18
Now, I'm at the very end of all of this. 10:34:04:07
We got people down smoking drugs and everything else. 10:34:09:01
And the last time Mr. Shelby and everything said that 10:34:12:24
you have powers that you can do things about this. 10:34:16:15
But yet nothing is being done. 10:34:19:12
I don't need for you to just be lax upon your job and 10:34:21:21
tell me and my five year old daughter get attacked down 10:34:26:12
there all because you're too lazy to send somebody down 10:34:29:27
there and take care of that problem. 10:34:33:00
And that's what it's all about. 10:34:35:16

30 years I been down here. 10:34:37:03
30 years I been on this same problem. 10:34:38:18
But you are not taking care of it. 10:34:41:04
But yet you're taking our money. 10:34:42:27
Yet you're giving us taxes. 10:34:45:03
And through the whole community, we got to pay these 10:34:47:06
taxes. 10:34:50:00
But yet you're -- you are getting the money but yet 10:34:50:12
you're not even doing what you're supposed to do. 10:34:53:07
And you say, oh, give us time, give us time. 10:34:55:22
How much time does we need? 10:34:58:10
And now you say, oh, no, we just contact CSX to tell 10:35:00:18
them to cut this stuff. 10:35:04:18
But yet we are in danger. 10:35:07:00
Same as the Middleton high school. 10:35:08:22
All of that in the back of Middleton high school. 10:35:10:12
Coming down here, coming down here and telling you 10:35:13:18
about it. 10:35:15:18
But yet you do nothing about it. 10:35:16:09
Nothing whatsoever. 10:35:18:25
But yet you take our moneys. 10:35:19:18
I would say for the City of Tampa citizens, hey, why 10:35:21:19
should we be paying these taxes? 10:35:24:00
I was all for it. 10:35:25:27
I thought you was going to clean up the thing, the 10:35:27:00

concrete barriers and everything in the retention 10:35:29:04
ponds. 10:35:31:06
They are falling down. 10:35:31:24
But yet you're not doing anything to fix it. 10:35:33:04
But yet you're asking for our tax dollars. 10:35:35:22
We are giving the tax dollars. 10:35:38:19
You're not coming through fixing the stuff. 10:35:40:01
Now, I mean, you know, come on, give us a break here. 10:35:41:27
I would say we shouldn't even be paying the tax dollars 10:35:46:09
if you are not going to do anything to fix the problem. 10:35:48:21
And this is something basically I think all of you, all 10:35:51:06
of you up there, you voted for it, to take our moneys 10:35:55:12
and fix it. 10:35:59:07
We need to fix our roads, we need to fix the retention 10:36:00:03
pond, we need to fix everything. 10:36:02:24
Curtis street was -- Ybor 29th street 30 years ago 10:36:04:21
but yet it wasn't fixed. 10:36:10:27
What happened to those tax dollars to fix the street? 10:36:12:07
You put the retention pond there but you didn't fix the 10:36:14:18
street. 10:36:16:18
What happened? 10:36:17:27
And this was government funded. 10:36:18:12
What happened to all of that money? 10:36:20:16
And I'm sitting here telling you, and I'm saying, okay, 10:36:22:18
what's going on? 10:36:26:06

Oh, we'll get back around to it, over and over. 10:36:27:12
Transportation, and everybody else to come down and fix 10:36:30:21
it. 10:36:33:21
(Bell sounds). 10:36:33:27
Oh, well, we haven't got it yet. 10:36:35:03
But government money was appropriated for that street, 10:36:36:21
and did you did something else with it. 10:36:39:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 10:36:41:21
Mrs. Saul-Sena. 10:36:42:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you. 10:36:42:22
Madam Chairman, the city has had an ongoing challenge 10:36:45:21
with CSX doing maintenance. 10:36:50:06
I think it doesn't hurt to ask again. 10:36:54:01
So I'd like to request that code enforcement report 10:36:55:24
back to council in four weeks on how, whether CSX has 10:36:58:25
been cited or whether they are now, because of this, 10:37:05:00
going to clean up the railroad tracks in the area that 10:37:08:03
Mr. Farmer noted. 10:37:10:24
So I would like to get a report back from code 10:37:12:15
enforcement. 10:37:14:21
>>> Mrs. Saul-Sena, they say that they do not cite CSX, 10:37:16:09
they only call them and contact them. 10:37:19:16
Sauce Saul-Sena well, we are able to get -- we are able 10:37:22:28
to recognize that they are not meeting with their 10:37:25:09
responsibilities are. 10:37:29:01

So on the 19th of January, I'd like to get a report 10:37:29:15
back on that. 10:37:33:18
And -- well, let me do that first. 10:37:35:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second it. 10:37:39:06
I would like to add to, because apparently it's not 10:37:42:09
just the CSX issue, and I think this did come up a 10:37:45:10
couple weeks ago and Mr. Farmer was here before, that 10:37:48:24
we would also get a report from stormwater on the -- 10:37:52:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Retention ponds? 10:37:58:09
I thought I would do that in a second department 10:37:59:16
because it's a different department. 10:38:01:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I second the motion. 10:38:03:15
(Motion carried). 10:38:05:07
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The second motion would be a report 10:38:06:00
from stormwater on the maintenance issues of the 10:38:09:06
retention ponds. 10:38:11:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: And also maybe the clean team. 10:38:12:09
Maybe they could get involved, too. 10:38:15:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay. 10:38:17:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is there a pending motion, Sandy, or 10:38:17:24
do now? 10:38:27:07
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Let's get a report back on how well 10:38:28:09
they have accomplished it on January 19th. 10:38:30:01
>> Second. 10:38:33:21
(Motion carried). 10:38:33:24

>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak? 10:38:34:27
We go to our committee reports. 10:38:39:07
Public safety, Ms. Rose Ferlita. 10:38:40:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move resolution 4, please. 10:38:42:27
>> Second. 10:38:48:03
(Motion carried). 10:38:48:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Parks and recreation, Mary Alvarez. 10:38:48:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: If I could just mention number 7. 10:38:54:12
The only reason why I suggested number 7 was, this is 10:38:56:01
about Ballast Point pier, or Ballast Point project. 10:38:59:19
And Ballast Point pier, I understand is currently 10:39:03:19
closed, from Ms. Palus, because it's falling apart and 10:39:08:06
that obviously is going to create a little bit of 10:39:13:15
problem around Gasparilla, but more importantly for the 10:39:15:15
Fisher folks and other people who use the pier. 10:39:19:04
So I would just ask as related to number 7 that Ms. 10:39:21:18
Palus come to council, let's say the third week in 10:39:25:18
January, and give us a report on what the future holds 10:39:29:03
for the renovations to the pier. 10:39:32:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: We are going to go ahead and pass the 10:39:34:15
resolution? 10:39:41:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm fine with it. 10:39:41:16
That's just another motion. 10:39:43:10
Whichever you want to do. 10:39:44:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Do the committee first. 10:39:45:03

>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move 5 through 12. 10:39:46:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second. 10:39:50:28
(Motion carried). 10:39:52:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would like to get a report from 10:39:53:06
Ms. Palus the third week in January for the pier, 10:39:59:24
status and recommendations. 10:40:03:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 10:40:04:06
(Motion carried). 10:40:05:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Public works, Mr. John be Dingfelder. 10:40:06:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's see if I pulled any of my own. 10:40:10:12
Yes, I did. 10:40:16:00
Item 27, the only reason I wanted to discuss that, I 10:40:17:24
I'm thrilled that we are awarding the bid to MTM 10:40:22:12
contractors for the Paxton Avenue stormwater 10:40:26:03
improvements. 10:40:29:18
We all remember Paxton well, one of the areas where 10:40:30:06
homes actually went under water, last year during the 10:40:32:19
hurricanes. 10:40:35:18
So we elevated that street and the surrounding streets 10:40:35:25
to get that stormwater project done. 10:40:38:03
This is the first stormwater project that subsequent to 10:40:40:07
the stormwater fee where we were actually making really 10:40:43:13
hard-core improvements. 10:40:46:28
I guess also West Tampa elementary, also. 10:40:48:07
So I'm just thrilled, $1.2 million south of Gandy, 10:40:52:28

Paxton Avenue. 10:40:58:03
Thank you. 10:40:59:00
And I move items 13 through 27. 10:40:59:18
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Second. 10:41:01:12
(Motion carried). 10:41:03:01
>>GWEN MILLER: Finance Committee. 10:41:07:12
Mrs. Saul-Sena, vice chair. 10:41:08:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move resolutions 28 through 30. 10:41:10:06
>> Second. 10:41:15:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move to prepare a resolution 10:41:15:21
granting permission for the use of the city seal. 10:41:18:24
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Second. 10:41:23:09
(Motion carried). 10:41:24:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Building and zoning, Linda Saul-Sena. 10:41:24:22
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move resolutions 32 through 43 10:41:28:06
including substitutions on 34 and 38. 10:41:34:16
>> Second. 10:41:37:13
(Motion carried). 10:41:37:16
>> Number 44. 10:41:39:15
Move an ordinance authorizing the installation 10:41:40:03
maintenance of an encroachment of an existing canopy by 10:41:42:06
Garcia global group, Inc., over a pores of the public 10:41:46:00
right-of-way known as North Tampa Street near the 10:41:48:22
intersection of North Tampa Street and fortune street 10:41:50:27
as more particularly described herein subject to 10:41:53:09

certain terms, covenants, conditions and agreements as 10:41:55:06
more particularly described herein, providing an 10:41:58:00
effective date. 10:41:59:16
>> Second. 10:42:01:04
(Motion carried). 10:42:01:12
>>GWEN MILLER: Transportation, Mr. Shawn Harrison. 10:42:05:15
>> Move items 45 through 58. 10:42:07:28
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Second. 10:42:16:07
(Motion carried). 10:42:16:25
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move to set the public hearing items 10:42:17:16
59, 60, 61 through 65. 10:42:21:24
>>GWEN MILLER: 64 and 65 we need to pull. 10:42:27:21
64 and 65. 10:42:39:00
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Everything else is all right? 10:42:39:22
All right. 10:42:43:06
All the items from 59 through 62, and 66 through 70. 10:42:43:15
>> Second. 10:42:48:15
(Motion carried). 10:42:48:22
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 10:42:49:06
(Motion carried) 10:42:57:21
We now go to out of business public hearings for second 10:43:00:15
reading. 10:43:02:15
Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak 10:43:02:27
on item 71 through 78? 10:43:05:12
Will you please stand and raise your right hand. 10:43:11:25

>>THE CLERK: Do you solemnly swear or affirm to tell 10:43:16:22
the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? 10:43:20:00
Thank you. 10:43:24:06
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I ask that all written communications 10:43:25:12
relative to today's hearings that have been available 10:43:27:21
to the public at council's office be received and filed 10:43:31:07
in the record at this time 10:43:33:09
I guess it's not need. 10:43:40:10
If there's been any ex parte communications to disclose 10:43:42:00
that prior to the vote. 10:43:44:27
Thank you. 10:43:45:27
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to open item 71 through 78. 10:43:46:03
>> So moved. 10:43:49:03
>> Second. 10:43:49:21
(Motion carried). 10:43:49:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the in the public 10:43:50:09
that would like to speak on item 71? 10:43:52:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 10:43:55:12
>> Second. 10:43:56:18
(Motion carried). 10:43:56:25
>>MARY ALVAREZ: 71. 10:43:57:21
Move to adopt the following ordinance upon sec reading, 10:44:02:09
an ordinance vacating, closing, discontinuing, and 10:44:05:01
abandoning a certain right-of-way a portion of Fifth 10:44:07:12
Avenue between north 13th street and new republic a 10:44:09:13

de Cuba 14th street in Leslie's subdivision, a 10:44:14:24
subdivision in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County 10:44:18:22
Florida the same being more fully described in section 10:44:21:00
2 hereof providing an effective date. 10:44:23:00
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 10:44:23:27
Voice roll call. 10:44:26:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes. 10:44:26:27
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes. 10:44:29:22
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes. 10:44:30:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Yes. 10:44:31:15
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes. 10:44:32:22
>>ROSE FERLITA: (No response.) 10:44:33:21
>>KEVIN WHITE: (No response.) 10:44:34:24
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Ferlita and white 10:44:36:15
being absent. 10:44:37:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone else that would like to 10:44:38:18
speak on item 72? 10:44:40:15
>> Move to close. 10:44:42:04
>> Second. 10:44:42:21
(Motion carried). 10:44:43:01
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to adopt the following ordinance 10:44:43:12
upon second reading, an ordinance vacating, closing, 10:44:48:28
discontinuing and abandoning a certain right-of-way all 10:44:52:18
that part of south Esperanza Avenue and west Santiago 10:44:55:04
street lying south of Bay to Bay, north of San Juan 10:45:00:18

street, east of Ferdinand Avenue and west of the Lee 10:45:03:21
Roy Selmon Expressway Crosstown Expressway FL-618 in 10:45:07:12
Palma Ceia park, a subdivision in the City of Tampa, 10:45:11:25
Hillsborough County, Florida the same being more fully 10:45:14:28
described in section 2 hereof, providing an effective 10:45:16:15
date. 10:45:17:21
>> Second. 10:45:18:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Voice roll call. 10:45:18:21
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried. 10:45:25:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question on 71. 10:45:28:28
It's for legal. 10:45:31:16
This street, I believe, it's a stub of a street, it 10:45:34:07
doesn't go anywhere but it's brick. 10:45:37:21
My question is, if the petitioner keeps the brick in 10:45:39:27
place, that's fine. 10:45:42:12
But if they were to take it up, I would like to ensure 10:45:43:21
that we, the city, get it back because we could use it 10:45:46:12
for some other public works projects. 10:45:49:27
I just wonder if that's in our contract or 10:45:51:19
understanding about vacating. 10:45:54:15
>>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: We have a standard contract. 10:45:56:04
I shouldn't say all of them. 10:46:01:21
Whenever I have been advised of bricks -- I don't -- 10:46:03:15
wasn't anticipating this question so I don't have the 10:46:06:09
ordinance front of me. 10:46:08:12

But effectively with that clause that I insert in there 10:46:09:19
says if there are any bricks, they need to remove them 10:46:12:00
and cause them to be delivered to some location 10:46:14:18
determined by the transportation manager. 10:46:17:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We have a place and it's now locked 10:46:18:10
up because we used to have a place that was open and 10:46:22:00
they got stolen but now they are secured thankfully. 10:46:24:18
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Can I suggest that maybe perhaps this 10:46:27:10
item be passed over and the ordinance given to Mr. 10:46:31:09
Santiago to have him look and see if this particular 10:46:33:28
ordinance has it? 10:46:37:04
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We already voted on it. 10:46:39:06
Could you maybe check it out and get back to us? 10:46:41:00
>>THE CLERK: We need to go in the office because we 10:46:44:12
have the ordinances in there. 10:46:46:07
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: We can reconsider it if we need to. 10:46:47:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the audience to speak 10:46:50:10
on item 73? 10:46:53:00
>> Move to close. 10:46:54:15
>> Second. 10:46:55:03
(Motion carried). 10:46:55:13
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move to adopt the following ordinance 10:46:55:24
on second reading, an ordinance of the city of Tampa, 10:46:59:13
Florida amending the city Tampa code of ordinances 10:47:01:27
chapter 15, the city Tampa parking ordinance, article 10:47:04:19

II, regulations, permits, penalties, division 1, 10:47:08:00
general park, regulations section 15-43, parking in 10:47:11:03
front of residences or public or private driveways, 10:47:15:19
providing for parking within ten feet of driveways in 10:47:18:00
metered or otherwise marked spaces, adding section 10:47:20:19
15-43-D, which creates a prohibition on parking in 10:47:23:19
front of driveways on roads that are less than 25 feet 10:47:27:09
in width, providing for repeal of all ordinances in 10:47:30:13
conflict, providing for severability, providing an 10:47:33:12
effective date. 10:47:35:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ms. Ferlita, remember how you led 10:47:36:16
the charge on Waverly where there was a big 10:47:40:28
construction and Waverly was so crowded? I'm wondering 10:47:43:06
if we adopt this ordinance if it's going to even 10:47:46:04
further exacerbate the problems of construction 10:47:49:15
projects that are on these narrow but lovely 10:47:55:04
residential streets. 10:47:58:01
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I don't believe it will. 10:47:58:24
These have to be specifically set aside. 10:48:03:24
If it's not to -- it requires a minimum of ten feet, 10:48:06:15
which the current code requires, so that you keep cars 10:48:09:18
away from driveways, and intersections for the very 10:48:13:00
issue that we were having on Waverly. 10:48:17:03
What this does allow is a transportation manager, he 10:48:20:06
does an analysis, and talking about major downtown 10:48:24:09

streets, major roads, to meeterred spaces or to mark 10:48:28:03
spaces after he's made analysis that it isn't a traffic 10:48:31:06
issue within that ten feet. 10:48:34:22
So that's the the purpose of the ordinance. 10:48:36:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: Ms. Saul-Sena, are you satisfied with 10:48:39:15
his answer? 10:48:42:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I thought it referred to local 10:48:43:12
residential streets like Waverly. 10:48:45:12
What I'm hearing is it doesn't. 10:48:48:09
But it seems like we make things work worse on a street 10:48:49:27
like Waverly. 10:48:53:16
So you're telling me, Mr. Massey -- 10:48:54:07
>>ROSE FERLITA: Can I ask something? 10:48:57:07
I didn't mean to interrupt you. 10:48:58:28
What if I hold this a little bit. 10:49:00:00
I really didn't consider that aspect and you're right. 10:49:01:19
That was an issue that was of great concern to those 10:49:04:04
neighbors. 10:49:07:19
And I'm thinking maybe what about if we hold this for a 10:49:08:12
week? 10:49:12:07
Can we do that and I'll sit -- well, whenever. 10:49:12:25
>>MORRIS MASSEY: You certainly can. 10:49:15:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: On its face but now that Mrs. Saul-Sena 10:49:17:00
brings up that issue, I think there could be, with all 10:49:21:19
due respect to your opinion, Mr. Massey, some crossover 10:49:24:15

that could exacerbate the problems that we were out 10:49:26:28
there trying to resolve. 10:49:29:00
So I think, Linda, thank you for bringing that up. 10:49:30:12
If it's okay with council, I would like to hold this 10:49:32:22
and ask Mr. LaMotte to meet with me between now and our 10:49:34:25
next meeting and we'll go forward. 10:49:38:16
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 10:49:39:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I think it's going to require 10:49:44:10
reopening the public hearing. 10:49:46:15
>>THE CLERK: Public hearing was closed. 10:49:47:18
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 10:49:50:15
To reopen 73. 10:49:54:16
(Motion carried) 10:49:55:15
Mrs. Ferlita, motion to hold it for a week? 10:49:57:18
>>THE CLERK: Next meeting is January 5th. The 10:50:01:21
first one after the break. 10:50:03:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: Okay. 10:50:04:16
At 10 a.m. 10:50:06:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: At 9:30 for second reading? Sorry. 10:50:07:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: Wait a minute. 10:50:13:00
Because of the holidays I'm wondering if it's going to 10:50:15:00
be difficult. 10:50:17:07
I want to make sure that this covers it so we don't 10:50:19:06
have another Waverly disaster. 10:50:22:09
I'll make sure I meet with him and come back to 10:50:24:21

council. 10:50:27:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Continue to January 12th. 10:50:27:07
All in favor of the motion say Aye. 10:50:29:18
The 12th. 10:50:32:03
(Motion carried) okay. 10:50:32:15
Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak 10:50:35:15
on item 74? 10:50:37:10
I have a motion and second to close. 10:50:40:01
(Motion carried). 10:50:41:10
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance approving a 10:50:44:09
special use permit S-2 approving a daycare in an RS-50 10:50:47:07
zoning district in the general vicinity of 4911 north 10:50:51:03
42nd street in the city of Tampa, Florida and as more 10:50:53:25
particularly described in section 1 hereof waiving the 10:50:56:25
required access to an arterial or collector street 10:50:59:00
allowing access to a local street, 42nd street, waiving 10:51:01:21
the required 10-foot wide landscape buffer with trees 10:51:04:16
and hedges to a 6-foot solid wood fence, waiving an 10:51:08:15
East Tampa overlay district requirement by allowing the 10:51:11:27
use of a wooden fence, providing an effective date. 10:51:14:21
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion. 10:51:16:03
Did we get a second? 10:51:17:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second. 10:51:19:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Roll call vote. 10:51:19:25
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried. 10:51:32:03

>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public to speak 10:51:32:24
on item 75? 10:51:34:15
Motion and second to close. 10:51:36:03
(Motion carried) 10:51:37:07
Mr. Dingfelder, would you read that? 10:51:38:13
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to adopt the following 10:51:40:04
ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance repealing 10:51:41:06
ordinance number 2003-299 making lawful the sale of 10:51:44:09
beverages regardless of alcoholic content, beer, wine 10:51:48:06
and liquor, 4(COP-X) for consumption on premises only 10:51:50:00
at or from that certain lot, plot or tract of land 10:51:53:19
located at 2223 North Westshore Boulevard, unit B-202, 10:51:56:15
Tampa, Florida as more particularly described described 10:52:00:24
in section 3 hereof waiving certain restrictions as to 10:52:02:28
distance based upon certain findings providing for 10:52:05:24
repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing an 10:52:08:18
effective date. 10:52:10:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Alvarez had a question. 10:52:12:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes, I did. 10:52:16:01
Why should it be a PDA? 10:52:20:21
Isn't it already developed? 10:52:24:12
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: Legal department. 10:52:25:13
This is out at International Plaza. 10:52:30:22
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Maybe the International Plaza -- 10:52:35:15
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: I don't know if any staff is here to 10:52:42:18

answer that. 10:52:44:18
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development. 10:52:54:04
International Plaza is a PDA. 10:52:55:06
It was approved mid '90s, I would say. 10:52:57:03
>> Does it always stay as a PDA until they come back as 10:53:00:04
a rezoning issue? 10:53:03:07
>>GLORIA MOREDA: Yes, that is the rezoning designation. 10:53:04:24
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and a second. 10:53:06:24
Roll call vote. 10:53:09:06
Vote and record. 10:53:10:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes. 10:53:10:19
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes. 10:53:13:27
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes. 10:53:14:25
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Hear. 10:53:16:03
>>KEVIN WHITE: Here. 10:53:18:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Here. 10:53:18:27
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Ferlita being absent. 10:53:19:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 10:53:22:00
like to speak on item 76? 10:53:23:15
>>THE CLERK: Item 76, I have received letters on this 10:53:25:09
item expressing opinions. 10:53:33:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Could you pass? 10:53:34:13
Madam Chair, before you close the public hearing I had 10:53:36:00
a question of staff. 10:53:38:12
Is zoning staff here? 10:53:50:09

Gloria? 10:53:54:03
There you go. 10:53:57:00
Ultimately, how does the ordinance read in terms of 10:53:59:28
hours of operation? 10:54:02:28
And the reason I mention that is the two 10:54:05:00
correspondences that we have received from neighbors, 10:54:08:04
Mr. Rick Larson and gretta brooks. 10:54:12:12
Greta brooks says: Dear councilmen, I am proposed 10:54:16:24
about the liquor license at the Primadonna at South 10:54:20:00
Howard. 10:54:24:10
I have two very sick children. 10:54:24:28
You met them last month at the meeting. 10:54:26:09
I am again concerned about a late night establishment 10:54:28:07
serving liquor in such close proximity to my 10:54:30:24
neighborhood. 10:54:33:25
I was happy with the compromise that was made with the 10:54:34:03
old meeting house and again reach some sort of 10:54:36:16
agreement. 10:54:40:19
I understand the tenants want to have a Mexican sports 10:54:41:00
bar, margaritas, making application for just beer and 10:54:44:12
wine not appropriate. 10:54:48:00
Also having a sports bar means it must stay open later 10:54:48:21
than 11 p.m. 10:54:52:06
I say change your plans, beer and wine and close at 10:54:53:00
11 p.m. is fine with me. 10:54:56:00

Later runs into all problems I mentioned last meeting 10:54:57:24
at the old meeting house. 10:55:01:01
Thanks for your understanding, concern. 10:55:02:07
We appreciate your attention to our neighborhood. 10:55:03:21
And Mr. Larson indicates a similar desire for 11 p.m. 10:55:05:21
So how does the ordinance read right now? 10:55:09:24
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: Legal department. 10:55:12:13
The ordinance that was approved by council two weeks 10:55:13:15
ago permit it is sell of alcoholic beverages no later 10:55:16:00
than 12 midnight, Sunday through Thursday, and 1 a.m. 10:55:21:12
Friday and Saturday. 10:55:25:15
And permit the establishment to have the same hours. 10:55:26:25
They would close on Monday -- Sunday through Thursday, 10:55:30:25
they would close at 1 a.m., and the other evenings at 10:55:35:19
midnight. 10:55:38:16
So the hours were slightly different than the 10:55:39:03
establishment that was approved earlier in the month. 10:55:41:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: This is why I voted against the item 10:55:45:21
last time. 10:55:48:21
Don't see why there's any difference between old 10:55:49:07
meeting house or the Primadonna, which is very, very 10:55:51:19
close. 10:55:55:00
The bottom line is, people park on the adjacent 10:55:56:28
neighborhood of Parkland Estates, and if they are going 10:55:59:16
to be staggering to their cars after 11 p.m., I think 10:56:02:18

it's inappropriate for the neighborhood. 10:56:06:00
So I would be supportive of this petition if the 10:56:08:03
limitation was the same thing we did on Old Meeting 10:56:11:09
House, whatever that was. 10:56:13:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, let's hear from petitioner. 10:56:18:12
>>STEVE MICHELINI: I presented this petition. 10:56:22:00
We have support from all of the adjoining property 10:56:24:15
owners on this petition. 10:56:26:19
I submitted those into the record. 10:56:28:10
They have their own stand-alone parking lots. 10:56:30:24
And Primadonna's parking lot in no way connects to 10:56:33:00
Bristol Avenue which is where these two residents live. 10:56:36:13
I also read into the record the support from the -- I 10:56:39:24
think it was Dr. Randy Feldman who has a townhouse 10:56:46:27
immediately behind this. 10:56:50:13
There was no one that showed up in opposition and this 10:56:52:04
was one request that was made by one individual. 10:56:54:19
We submitted letters to all the surrounding property 10:56:58:18
owners indicating we were asking for the 1 a.m. closing 10:57:00:25
time, and we received support from that. 10:57:04:18
I put those petitions into the record the last time we 10:57:07:24
were here. 10:57:10:06
We respectfully request that you move forward with the 10:57:10:24
ordinance as prepared. 10:57:14:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak? 10:57:15:18

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question of Mr. Michelini. 10:57:18:06
I'm looking at a map. 10:57:20:10
And the cross street for this is Alita and Morrison? 10:57:22:15
>>> It's halfway between Morrison and Bristol on 10:57:28:21
Howard. 10:57:32:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And the Old Meeting House is 10:57:32:00
immediately adjacent to the north of this property? 10:57:35:01
>>> It's immediately adjacent to the and separated by a 10:57:38:04
fence. 10:57:40:22
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Right. 10:57:41:00
And the -- did you consider -- are you addressing a 10:57:42:24
closing time at all? 10:57:51:28
Have you considered like 1 a.m.? 10:57:53:07
>> It's on there. 10:57:56:09
Midnight and 1 a.m. 10:57:57:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Serving up to 1 a.m. 10:58:03:15
>>GWEN MILLER: It's weekends, though. 10:58:05:12
>>STEVE MICHELINI: A separate mailing went to everyone 10:58:06:22
within 250 feet and all we got back were letters of 10:58:11:19
support. The one let theory Mr. Dingfelder referred to 10:58:14:15
was an e-mail that appeared, as I understood it, just 10:58:16:21
before -- the one letter that you received before the 10:58:19:12
last hearing was read into the record at the last 10:58:23:21
minute, and the second letter that I wasn't aware of 10:58:26:10
apparently appeared between that time and now. 10:58:30:04

But I can tell you that the people most directly 10:58:32:06
affected back up to a masonry wall medley behind the 10:58:34:06
facility, it's completely enclosed, inside a facility. 10:58:38:09
There's no sidewalk cafe. 10:58:41:18
>> So you are not interested in any compromise on the 10:58:44:09
hours beyond which you already have right now? 10:58:45:27
>>STEVE MICHELINI: We need to move forward with. This 10:58:48:15
I think we have done everything we could that should 10:58:50:07
have been done on this. 10:58:51:27
And we respectfully request you approve the ordinance 10:58:54:03
for second reading as presented. 10:58:56:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Did we get a second on the motion? 10:58:59:03
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Second. 10:59:01:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second. 10:59:01:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't know what the motion is. 10:59:03:28
>>GWEN MILLER: To close the public hearing. 10:59:06:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Before you close the public hearing 10:59:07:00
I would like to make one comment. 10:59:09:01
I think Ms. Greta Brooks who lives immediately behind 10:59:11:16
this catter-corner -- everybody needs to look at the 10:59:15:03
map. 10:59:17:22
You can look at the map that Ms. Saul-Sena has, that 10:59:18:06
she lives directly behind this project catter-corner. 10:59:20:13
Her property is within -- I believe within the circle 10:59:23:00
of notice of this thing, and she has specifically 10:59:25:24

expressed she can't be here today, because she has two 10:59:30:01
sick children. 10:59:32:24
And Mr. Michelini is not interested in compromise. 10:59:33:15
Then I think that she deserves an opportunity to come 10:59:38:04
down here and tell us specifically why she has a 10:59:40:12
problem with this. 10:59:42:24
She's indicated her children are sick and she can't 10:59:43:27
make it. 10:59:46:00
So I would suggest that instead of moving forward that 10:59:46:18
we continue it until the 5th and let her come down 10:59:49:22
and explain to us what the impact she thinks this will 10:59:53:04
have on her project. 10:59:55:12
Mr. Michelini can say that this will have no impact 10:59:56:16
because they have a parking lot. 10:59:58:28
But you know what? 11:00:00:03
Those parking lots fill up and people end up down on 11:00:01:06
Bristol. 11:00:03:21
And that's a matter of fact. 11:00:04:07
It's my district. 11:00:06:12
I know what I'm talking about. 11:00:07:03
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close the 11:00:09:06
public hearing. 11:00:11:22
(Motion carried). 11:00:12:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Nay. 11:00:14:24
I'm opposed to closing the public hearing because I 11:00:15:27

think it should be continued. 11:00:18:00
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I wanted to say that I am looking at 11:00:21:19
the map that you say, and the Primadonna is, quite a 11:00:23:16
ways from Bristol Avenue. 11:00:31:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: it's two properties. 11:00:32:06
>> I have it right here. 11:00:37:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: People park on Bristol and walk 11:00:38:19
around the corner. 11:00:43:00
>> Doesn't the Primadonna have a beer and wine? 11:00:45:18
>>SHAWN HARRISON: They have no hours of operation 11:00:48:27
restriction. 11:00:51:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Let's read it and see where we go. 11:00:52:07
Mr. White, would you read the ordinance? 11:00:54:21
Let's see how it goes. 11:00:56:13
>>ROSE FERLITA: Don't we have to deal with his motion 11:00:58:22
to continue first? 11:01:00:13
We don't? 11:01:01:04
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: No motion to continue but you all 11:01:05:15
closed the public hearing. 11:01:09:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Read it and see where it goes. 11:01:09:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can before Mr. White does that 11:01:11:28
because there are items received by council. 11:01:15:12
I ask that you receive and file into the record at this 11:01:17:27
time. 11:01:19:25
>> So moved. 11:01:20:24

>>ROSE FERLITA: I'm still confused why he doesn't have 11:01:20:27
the right to make a motion. 11:01:25:04
>>GWEN MILLER: There was no motion. 11:01:27:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: He was trying. 11:01:28:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think it would be appropriate for 11:01:31:00
the citizens to get here and speak. 11:01:34:10
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Wasn't she here the day of the meeting? 11:01:36:06
>>KEVIN WHITE: I got a copy of that e-mail as well and 11:01:40:16
I think her reasons are going to be the same, as she 11:01:43:07
indicated were going to be the same as she raised for 11:01:45:12
the old meeting house. 11:01:47:12
I agree with that then, but this is a little further 11:01:49:03
away. 11:01:51:21
It was heard, as far as I'm concerned, it is recorded, 11:01:53:04
and I remember what she said. 11:01:57:27
>> I don't believe there was a vote on the receive and 11:02:05:19
file. 11:02:08:00
>> So moved. 11:02:09:03
>> Second. 11:02:09:21
(Motion carried). 11:02:09:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. White. 11:02:10:09
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance to adopt the following 11:02:12:27
ordinance upon second reading making lawful sale the 11:02:19:03
beverages containing alcohol regardless of alcoholic 11:02:21:22
content beer and wine 4(COP-R) for couples on premises 11:02:24:27

only in connection with a restaurant business 11:02:28:06
establishment on that certain lot, plot or tract of 11:02:29:19
land at 915 South Howard, Tampa, Florida as more 11:02:31:24
particularly described in section 2 hereof waiving 11:02:34:09
certain restrictions as to distance based upon certain 11:02:36:00
findings, imposing certain conditions, providing for 11:02:38:13
repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing an 11:02:40:24
effective date. 11:02:43:06
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 11:02:43:13
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to speak to this and 11:02:45:07
explain why I am changing my views from last time to 11:02:48:03
this time. 11:02:50:21
First of all, the proximity of this is immediately, 11:02:51:12
immediately adjacent told old meeting house which has 11:02:55:07
more restricted hours. 11:02:59:12
Secondly, I used to go to Primadonna a lot. 11:03:00:28
It was great. 11:03:03:27
But it was a fancier restaurant. 11:03:04:15
And I think there's a direct correlation between 11:03:06:21
fancier restaurants and rowdier clients. 11:03:09:04
I think that this has a potential to be noisier, later, 11:03:11:18
and have this negative impact on the residential 11:03:15:09
community located immediately adjacent to the west. 11:03:17:13
And furthermore, people might own units in the 11:03:21:18
townhouses that are rental and not where they are 11:03:27:09

primary residences. 11:03:29:21
But the lady with the two kids lives catter-corner to 11:03:30:27
this. 11:03:34:18
And I think that she would be impacted by later night, 11:03:35:06
noisier crowds, and in an effort to protect the 11:03:38:12
neighborhood from the noise and encourage the late 11:03:41:18
night clients who may be rowdier and noisier and 11:03:46:00
drinking later, I will not support this. 11:03:49:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, although I appreciate 11:03:50:16
Mr. Dingfelder's efforts to try to continue it, this is 11:03:56:01
my position, so I think it will be a position now and 11:04:01:24
be my position then. 11:04:04:18
Somewhere along the ways, someone wondered what my 11:04:08:06
attitude was about Howard Avenue, one of the reporters 11:04:10:07
or. What we obviously recognize Howard Avenue, and I 11:04:13:03
say we because I live five blocks away or so. 11:04:15:10
We recognize Howard Avenue to be an area that's 11:04:18:13
entertainment and more traffic and a lot of the 11:04:20:28
problems and all of that brings. 11:04:23:00
But I think at some point enough is enough is enough. 11:04:24:15
We went to the meeting house issue, and wanted first a 11:04:27:27
petition for selling liquor to one hour, and then 11:04:34:07
closing later, and then the enforcement was going to be 11:04:36:10
a nightmare, and I didn't support that. 11:04:39:09
And I think that the best we can do for both sides, we 11:04:41:09

don't want to stunt growth, but at the same time, I 11:04:45:09
think that this is getting super saturated. 11:04:49:09
So my attitude is this. 11:04:52:03
And it's pretty much what Mrs. Saul-Sena just said. 11:04:53:18
This particular site was wet zoned. 11:04:58:10
And it was, I guess, 4(COP) or 4(COP-R), whatever it 11:05:00:25
was. 11:05:04:06
However, you're right, Ms. Saul-Sena, it was a not as 11:05:04:24
casual an environment. 11:05:08:07
And when you went there it was never late, late at 11:05:10:18
night that they were open. 11:05:13:04
They didn't have any hours of operation that were 11:05:14:09
restricted. 11:05:16:27
But never at Primadonnas did you see them open till 11:05:17:18
1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. 11:05:22:00
You just didn't. 11:05:23:10
And it wasn't a sports bar where people get more 11:05:24:06
excited about drinking beer later and drinking later, 11:05:26:25
et cetera, et cetera. 11:05:29:13
And although, Mr. Michelini, your clients are well 11:05:30:04
respected, and they have run good establishments on 11:05:34:00
Howard. 11:05:37:28
But I think that this is yet one more step into more 11:05:38:21
annoyances in terms of overflow parking, et cetera. 11:05:44:27
I am not going to support it this week or in two weeks, 11:05:48:13

John. 11:05:50:25
And that's the reason I am not giving you that 11:05:51:06
consideration. 11:05:52:28
Otherwise, I would be more than happy to support what 11:05:53:16
he would come up with in terms of the public hearing, 11:05:57:07
and I would support it but my point is the same. 11:05:59:21
We have a strip there that is already what it is. 11:06:02:06
But as somebody takes over a wet zoning parcel, if they 11:06:04:28
make it later, or it's a different type of an 11:06:09:10
establishment, I think I have to be sensitive to that, 11:06:12:22
because the neighbors on either side are going to be 11:06:15:27
impacted. 11:06:18:21
Don't care if they have their own parking lot. 11:06:19:06
Don't care what they do. A sports bar until 1:00 in 11:06:21:28
the morning is not going to be the same kind of a 11:06:24:21
nuisance or intensity to those neighbors in close 11:06:26:18
proximity as Primadonna was. 11:06:29:21
So no disrespect to your client, Steve. 11:06:31:21
I know that they are good business moan. 11:06:33:24
But it's still inches it more. 11:06:36:09
And I have to agree with Mr. Dingfelder wholeheartedly 11:06:38:03
and I won't support it. 11:06:40:25
>>GWEN MILLER: Need a roll call vote. 11:06:41:24
Mr. Harrison? 11:06:43:25
>>SHAWN HARRISON: What did we do on the meeting house? 11:06:44:24

Does anyone remember? 11:06:47:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: 11:00 o'clock. 11:06:49:25
>>GWEN MILLER: He closes at eleven. 11:06:55:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, he said one. 11:06:58:18
>>GWEN MILLER: That's on the first week -- on the 11:07:01:00
weekend. 11:07:03:18
>>ROSS FERLITA: We talked about the fact that that 11:07:03:27
would be a nightmare because who knows when they stop 11:07:07:21
serving? 11:07:11:25
But I didn't support it but I believe you asked the 11:07:12:03
meter to make it the same thing. 11:07:13:28
Then the closing hour at eleven and also stop serving 11:07:15:15
liquor. 11:07:18:12
There was no worry worry about when it should stop and 11:07:18:27
when it shouldn't. 11:07:22:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question to legal. 11:07:26:00
Ms. O'Dowd, didn't we change our rules such that it's 11:07:32:13
no longer a requirement that the petitioner has to 11:07:35:28
agree to the modification in terms of hours but we can 11:07:41:12
insert those conditions as mitigation for the impacts 11:07:44:15
on surrounding neighborhoods and other issues? 11:07:47:27
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: That's correct. 11:07:50:22
This council requested that section 3-73 of the code be 11:07:51:18
amended to allow council to impose conditions relative 11:07:55:06
to the hours of operation on the establishment, as well 11:07:57:21

as the location and the sanitary regulations associated 11:08:01:03
with it. 11:08:04:18
So those are council-imposed conditions. 11:08:05:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you. 11:08:09:12
You know, I think it's extremely important that this is 11:08:10:10
not coming to us as a matter of right, okay? 11:08:12:18
Mr. Michelini and his client are coming to us asking 11:08:15:27
for a waiver, okay, asking for a zoning, but also 11:08:18:04
asking for a waiver. The waiver is the fact that they 11:08:25:03
are adjacent and within 1,000 feet of many, many, one, 11:08:26:21
two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine other 11:08:31:28
wet zone uses within a thousand feet of this. 11:08:35:04
As Ms. Ferlita pointed out. 11:08:38:04
This is becoming sort of a little mini Ybor City. 11:08:40:00
And I'm not saying it shouldn't be a restaurant, and it 11:08:43:15
shouldn't have a beer and wine. 11:08:47:03
Or even liquor. 11:08:49:06
And that's okay. 11:08:50:03
But I think it's appropriate for this council to be 11:08:51:13
prudent to mitigate those impacts on the surrounding 11:08:53:28
neighborhood. 11:08:58:27
As a trade-off. 11:08:58:27
Okay? 11:09:00:00
And what we did at the old meeting house, limiting it 11:09:00:06
to 11:00 o'clock I think is wholly appropriate for that 11:09:04:09

neighborhood, whether or not it's weekdays or weekends, 11:09:07:15
that there's children nearby, they deserve a good 11:09:10:15
night's sleep, weekends and weekdays. 11:09:12:22
There you go, a baby cried out a cheer there. 11:09:16:15
So anyway, that's my point. 11:09:19:19
I can't support the motion. 11:09:21:09
If we want to hold back on the motion and modify it to 11:09:23:03
eleven, I'm wholly supportive of it. 11:09:26:10
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I would agree to that. 11:09:29:15
Eleven. 11:09:31:16
And then 12:00 for the weekends. 11:09:32:00
How can we do that? 11:09:36:28
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Kevin made the motion. 11:09:39:00
>>MARTIN SHELBY: The motion is made. 11:09:40:10
There's an ordinance that appears before you that does 11:09:43:07
not address that. 11:09:45:06
>>SHAWN HARRISON: It's now clear that this will not 11:09:45:24
pass. 11:09:54:04
I think 11:00 is a bit onerous because it is very 11:09:54:15
different from the type of establishment that is going 11:10:00:25
to be going into the meeting house. 11:10:04:06
It has always been wet zoned. 11:10:05:18
So I don't think it's the same sort of argument. 11:10:07:19
And I appreciate very much being the father of two 11:10:10:18
small children of importance of them getting a good 11:10:13:21

night's sleep. 11:10:15:25
But I don't think that -- I think you live where you 11:10:16:19
live. 11:10:20:27
And you have to deal with what happens around you. 11:10:21:03
As I recall, that lady that brought her children that 11:10:23:18
day at the old meeting house meeting, she talked about 11:10:26:13
the fact that they knew all this was happening. 11:10:29:25
But they still chose to live there. 11:10:32:18
So I support a midnight compromise. 11:10:34:15
That way, as we sort of transition away from the old 11:10:37:21
meeting house, we are moving a little bit south, it's a 11:10:40:24
different type of restaurant, 11:00 I think would be 11:10:43:09
quite a burden on them to be a successful business, as 11:10:47:09
a Mexican restaurant and sports bar. 11:10:50:12
But midnight, certainly Sunday through Thursday, 11:10:52:06
midnight would be fine. 11:10:55:12
And I would support 1:00 on the weekends. 11:10:57:21
But I'll go with midnight on the weekends, too, if 11:10:59:25
that's what the will of the council is. 11:11:02:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I can compromise if it's midnight 11:11:05:18
across the board, seven days a week, I think that's 11:11:07:03
fair, a fair compromise. 11:11:10:18
Still have to send it back to legal. 11:11:13:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Do we have to rescind? 11:11:15:06
>>MARTIN SHELBY: My suggestion would be for the maker 11:11:19:16

to withdraw. 11:11:22:03
>>KEVIN WHITE: Withdraw and then -- 11:11:22:16
>>: One at a time. 11:11:26:16
>>GWEN MILLER: Can we get a second? 11:11:26:24
Who is the seconder? 11:11:29:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I was. 11:11:31:04
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second withdrawn. 11:11:32:28
>>MARTIN SHELBY: It's not even a motion. 11:11:34:27
He withdrew the motion. 11:11:37:06
Withdrew the seconder. 11:11:38:22
There is no motion on the floor. 11:11:40:06
My suggestion would be reopen the public hearing. 11:11:41:27
>> So moved. 11:11:44:15
>> Second. 11:11:44:24
(Motion carried). 11:11:45:01
>>GWEN MILLER: Need to reopen the public hearing. 11:11:45:15
>> So moved. 11:11:48:21
>> Second. 11:11:49:04
(Motion carried). 11:11:49:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: Make a motion to send this back to legal 11:11:49:25
to draft the ordinance to include the hours of 11:11:54:25
operation be midnight across the board. 11:11:57:09
We have the entire week, if that's going to be okay 11:11:59:13
with the petitioner and his client. 11:12:01:22
Because if they don't accept that -- 11:12:03:16

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ms. O'Dowd said they don't have to. 11:12:06:16
>>MARTIN SHELBY: He could withdraw his petition. 11:12:08:28
>>STEVE MICHELINI: In the spirit of compromise, not one 11:12:21:01
to be forced a condition, I caught the drift of council 11:12:24:27
and certainly petitioner would be agreeable to midnight 11:12:27:21
seven days a week. 11:12:30:24
There was no intention here to push the envelope. 11:12:31:15
That's why, to ensure that there were no objections to 11:12:35:00
this proposal. 11:12:41:03
There's an 8-foot masonry wall between this building 11:12:43:09
and anyone else's property and it's sandwiched in 11:12:46:06
between Hugos's and the building itself. 11:12:49:09
It's enclosed. 11:12:51:24
Our thinking was there was a lot of protection there 11:12:53:22
that enabled people to be separated from any kind of 11:12:56:27
adverse condition. 11:13:00:10
But as I said, in the interest of compromise and moving 11:13:01:09
forward, midnight would be appropriate. 11:13:05:04
Ding. 11:13:08:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: Ms. O'Dowd, a quick question, where we 11:13:10:27
are in the agenda, it appears like, unless we work 11:13:15:06
through, it appears we will we probably will be taking 11:13:17:27
a lunch break due to where we are in the agenda. 11:13:19:28
It would be possible for someone in legal to just put 11:13:22:09
that language -- 11:13:25:13

>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: If we are breaking for lunch I can 11:13:29:27
bring it back in the afternoon. 11:13:32:00
>>SHAWN HARRISON: We haven't decided we are breaking 11:13:33:24
for lunch yet. 11:13:36:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: It still can be done at the end of the 11:13:40:12
meeting regardless, right? 11:13:42:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Can you bring it back at the end of the 11:13:43:27
meeting? 11:13:45:06
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: I have got four public hearings that 11:13:46:01
I have to be here for on wet zoning petitions so it 11:13:47:21
really depends on the extent of my involvement during 11:13:50:01
today's public meeting. 11:13:52:13
>>GWEN MILLER: Okay. 11:13:53:00
Ms. Ferlita? 11:13:55:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: I just have a comment to make. 11:13:56:09
And I feel strongly about it. 11:13:58:00
Mr. Michelini, I understand about the wall. 11:13:59:28
But I don't care if it's a 12-foot masonry wall. 11:14:01:27
One-step parking lot -- once a parking lot is filled, 11:14:05:03
it is filled. 11:14:08:16
So that means people have to park someplace else. 11:14:09:03
The spirit of compromise from the resident say -- 11:14:11:21
that's fine, and I agree with Mr. Harrison for the type 11:14:18:18
of theme that this gentleman wants, 11:00 o'clock is 11:14:20:15
onerous. 11:14:24:28

But to allow him to midnight seven days a week every 11:14:25:19
single week because of the theme he has chosen tells me 11:14:28:07
that we are driven to approve the hours based on the 11:14:32:04
theme he has chosen. 11:14:35:04
I know that that site was wet zoned. 11:14:36:21
I know the impact of that site, given the nature of the 11:14:38:21
restaurant. 11:14:42:28
This is a more intense nature, more intense theme, more 11:14:43:06
likely to have who are partying later into the night. 11:14:47:03
So still, to me, 12:00 is not good and I am not going 11:14:50:00
to support it simply because of that. 11:14:54:03
I think we know what the intensity of involvement was 11:14:55:22
before, and the amount that it would impact the 11:14:57:22
neighborhood. 11:15:00:18
But this yet brings it to another level, to a later 11:15:00:28
hour, with more traffic and more congestion. 11:15:04:24
And that's just for the record, nothing to do with you 11:15:07:15
or your petition. 11:15:11:03
That's just what we are looking at on Howard Avenue. 11:15:12:09
>>STEVE MICHELINI: We greatly appreciate your support 11:15:15:06
for mid night on all seven days. 11:15:21:01
Thank you. 11:15:22:25
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Direct legal? 11:15:23:03
>>MARTIN SHELBY: That's also with the public hearing 11:15:29:03
remaining open? 11:15:30:18

>>MARY ALVAREZ: Do we need to close the public hearing 11:15:35:00
then? 11:15:37:01
>>GWEN MILLER: And we have to read it. 11:15:38:24
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I think if the decision now is to 11:15:40:06
direct the change, Mr. Michelini representing the 11:15:44:06
petitioner accepts that, close the public hearing, 11:15:47:22
direct legal to bring it back. 11:15:52:15
>> Move to close with direction to legal. 11:15:54:24
>> Second. 11:15:57:09
(Motion carried). 11:15:57:16
>>STEVE MICHELINI: We would appreciate a first reading 11:15:58:00
if we can get it today. 11:16:00:21
They were trying to open before the first of the year 11:16:02:21
but obviously that can't happen now. 11:16:04:24
>>CHAIRMAN: First reading. 11:16:06:12
Okay. 11:16:11:09
We are going to go to item 77. 11:16:11:16
Anyone in the public that would like to speak on item 11:16:13:24
77. 11:16:15:21
Mr. Santiago. 11:16:16:12
>>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: On item number 71 if you will 11:16:17:25
indulge me about 30 seconds, I have the ordinance. 11:16:19:22
It does contain the granite and brick provision. 11:16:22:06
That is all. 11:16:25:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone want to speak on 77? 11:16:26:03

>> Move to close. 11:16:29:18
>> Second. 11:16:30:12
(Motion carried). 11:16:30:12
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move to don't the following ordinance 11:16:30:27
after second reading, move an ordinance making lawful 11:16:40:25
the sale of beverages regardless of alcoholic content, 11:16:43:24
beer, wine and liquor, 4(COP-X) for couples on premises 11:16:46:10
only at or from that certain lot, plot or tract of land 11:16:49:09
located at 1241 east Fowler Avenue, Tampa, Florida, as 11:16:52:09
more particularly described in section 2 hereof waiving 11:16:55:24
certain restrictions as to distance based upon certain 11:16:58:10
findings, providing for repeal of all ordinances in 11:17:00:28
conflict, providing an effective date. 11:17:03:13
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 11:17:04:01
Roll call vote. 11:17:08:00
Motion carried. 11:17:13:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the public like to speak 11:17:13:28
on item 78? 11:17:16:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 11:17:20:15
Wait, wait, wait. 11:17:21:15
>>> I haven't been sworn in. 11:17:25:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Raise your right hand. 11:17:26:24
Oath oath. 11:17:29:13
(Oath administered by Clerk). 11:17:32:00
>>> I don't really have too much to say right now. 11:17:36:13

I just have some letters of recommendation from 11:17:38:06
surrounding neighbors that I would like to hand to 11:17:40:04
council. 11:17:42:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to receive and file. 11:17:42:22
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Second. 11:17:45:00
(Motion carried). 11:17:46:09
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Madam Chair, in full disclosure, I 11:17:46:24
did speak to the owner of the establishment this week. 11:17:53:21
So I was -- that was an ex parte communication. 11:17:58:00
I need to put that on the record. 11:18:01:16
Based on that conversation I am more comfortable with 11:18:03:09
the petition so I will support it. 11:18:05:06
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Just what was the substance of that 11:18:06:03
communication? 11:18:11:10
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Just clarifying that there would be 11:18:12:15
no outdoor music. 11:18:14:07
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you. 11:18:15:24
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close the 11:18:18:10
public hearing. 11:18:21:00
(Motion carried) 11:18:21:07
Mr. Dingfelder, would you read that, please? 11:18:22:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes, Madam Chair. 11:18:24:22
Item 78. 11:18:28:03
Move to adopt the following ordinance upon second 11:18:30:19
reading. 11:18:32:16

An ordinance making lawful the sale of beverages 11:18:33:00
containing alcohol regardless of alcoholic content, 11:18:35:06
beer, wine and liquor, 4(COP-R), for couples on the 11:18:37:13
premises only in connection with a restaurant business 11:18:39:24
establishment on that certain lot, plot or tract of 11:18:41:24
land located at 1202 North Franklin Street, Tampa, 11:18:44:04
Florida as more particularly described in section 2 11:18:47:00
hereof waiving certain restrictions, as to distance 11:18:49:03
based upon certain findings, providing for repeal of 11:18:51:18
all ordinances in conflict, providing an effective 11:18:54:00
date. 11:18:55:16
>> Second. 11:18:56:19
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously. 11:19:04:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Public hearings. 11:19:06:15
Anyone in the public that's going to speak on items 79 11:19:08:21
through 89, would you please stand and raise your right 11:19:11:01
hand. 11:19:13:09
(Oath administered by Clerk). 11:19:17:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: When you state your name, if you will, 11:19:26:15
reaffirm that you have been sworn. 11:19:29:03
I put a little sign up there as a reminder. 11:19:30:12
>>GWEN MILLER: Need to open number 79. 11:19:34:06
>> So moved. 11:19:36:03
>> Second. 11:19:36:12
(Motion carried). 11:19:36:22

>>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination. 11:19:37:13
Petitioner is requesting to vacate a north-south alley 11:19:40:01
from Louisiana to Osborne Avenue between 29th and 11:19:42:27
30th street. 11:19:46:12
The Elmo. 11:19:49:06
This is the north-south alley. 11:19:50:03
The property in -- petitioner owns the property in red. 11:19:55:12
This is the New Hope Baptist Church across the street. 11:19:59:00
A parking lot. 11:20:02:03
This is in the East Tampa overlay district. 11:20:05:28
This is a shot of the alley looking north from 11:20:09:28
Louisiana. 11:20:12:21
Petitioner owns property on both sides of this 11:20:13:28
location. 11:20:15:21
A shot of the alley looking south frommal -- from 11:20:20:09
Ellicott. This is a residential house on the west 11:20:24:22
side. 11:20:27:04
This is the same alley continuing on south Louisiana. 11:20:30:06
It is an open alley, just fenced off, not being used as 11:20:33:06
an alley. 11:20:38:21
This is a shot of the same alley north of Ellicott 11:20:39:27
recently vacated by council earlier this year. 11:20:43:03
This is another shot of petitioner's property abutting 11:20:49:19
the alley. 11:20:52:12
Petitioner owns property on the east side of the alley 11:20:57:03

right here. 11:20:59:03
This is another shot of the petitioner's property along 11:21:00:03
the alley. 11:21:05:10
More property owned by the petitioner. 11:21:10:12
Petitioner owns property abutting the alleyway. 11:21:12:09
Another shot of the alley, actually runs from south to 11:21:19:22
north of this location on the east side of this parcel 11:21:23:24
right here. 11:21:26:10
Then a couple shots of the abutting property that the 11:21:27:16
petitioner does not own. 11:21:29:21
Single-family residential house. 11:21:31:19
And then there's two single-family residential houses 11:21:35:00
along 30th street here. 11:21:37:12
And this is just for orientation. 11:21:38:27
This is petitioner's property across the street from 11:21:41:12
30th street. 11:21:43:15
Another shot of the property on 30th street. 11:21:44:15
Historically in, this area, this is in the Belmont 11:21:49:18
Heights subdivision plotted -- plotted in 1937, 30 have 11:21:52:10
been vacated, 27 have not been. This is a shot of 11:21:59:15
everything around. 11:22:03:07
This was previously vacated. 11:22:04:09
Staff has no objections as long as the drainage 11:22:05:27
easement is reserved. 11:22:08:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 11:22:08:21

>>> Good morning. 11:22:18:09
We are intending in terms of our requested approval 11:22:21:18
from you all that we would -- 11:22:25:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record. 11:22:27:10
>>> I'm sorry. 11:22:28:19
My name is Stan Smith. 11:22:29:03
This is Ron Gardner. 11:22:31:01
We are chair and co-chair of our trustees, at our 11:22:33:10
church, and our primary petition is to use part of the 11:22:38:06
alley for parking, knew construction going on on the 11:22:41:10
east side of 30th street. 11:22:47:15
We own the property abutting to where the alley is, as 11:22:49:24
the staff just said. 11:22:55:03
So our petition is that that would be using it for 11:22:56:09
additional parking. 11:22:59:19
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 11:23:01:15
like to speak on item 79? 11:23:03:00
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 11:23:04:16
>> Second. 11:23:09:06
(Motion carried). 11:23:09:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Do we have an ordinance? 11:23:09:24
We need to make a motion to prepare one. 11:23:11:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: So moved. 11:23:14:21
>> Second. 11:23:15:21
(Motion carried). 11:23:15:24

>>CHAIRMAN: Thank you for coming. 11:23:16:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to open number 80. 11:23:19:21
>> Second. 11:23:24:00
(Motion carried) 11:23:24:28
>>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination. 11:23:36:21
I have been sworn in. 11:23:38:10
Petitioner is requesting to vacate a north-south alley 11:23:39:09
running from 5th street to Gray Street between 11:23:42:00
Hubert and Hanan Avenue. 11:23:47:27
Hubert Avenue. 11:23:54:07
Gray Street on the north, Hubert on the east, Manhattan 11:23:55:13
on the west. 11:24:00:12
There is a shot of the alley looking north from Fig 11:24:03:09
Street. 11:24:06:21
This is another shot of the alley from Fig Street. 11:24:09:24
The further you get in the alley, it's overgrown to the 11:24:12:16
north end. 11:24:16:01
A shot of the alley looking south from Gray Street. 11:24:18:22
Petitioner owns property on the west side of the alley. 11:24:21:03
This is a shot of petitioner's property. 11:24:25:03
The alley would be east. 11:24:28:07
Another shot of the petitioner's property. 11:24:31:18
Shot of the property abutting property on the west side 11:24:38:06
north of Fig Street. 11:24:40:27
A shot of the abutting property lying east of the alley 11:24:44:03

south of Gray Street. 11:24:46:28
This is abutting property along Hubert on the east side 11:24:50:16
of the alley. 11:24:53:12
And this shot of property along the east side of the 11:24:56:03
alley north of Fig Street. 11:24:58:01
Historically, this is the hanan estate subdivision, 33 11:25:00:25
have already been vacated. 11:25:09:00
Everything in orange has already been vacated. 11:25:12:24
This is the alley they seek to vacate right here. 11:25:16:04
Originally staff had objected to this vacating due to 11:25:18:24
drainage issues within the alley. 11:25:22:12
However, the petitioner has agreed to reduce vacating 11:25:24:16
to the west one foot of the alleyway. 11:25:27:01
Staff has no objections. 11:25:29:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 11:25:30:22
>>> Enrique Castillo. 11:25:32:06
I want to vacate. 11:25:42:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the public like to speak 11:25:51:27
on item 80? 11:25:54:12
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 11:25:57:18
>> Second. 11:25:58:24
(Motion carried). 11:25:58:25
>>GWEN MILLER: Do we have an ordinance? 11:26:00:07
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I believe I had an opportunity to 11:26:02:24
speak with legal department on both 79 and 80. 11:26:04:06

My understanding is that there are ordinances somewhere 11:26:06:21
in the system, and maybe Mr. Massey -- sir, I think 11:26:10:10
you're all set. 11:26:12:28
You're done. 11:26:13:19
You can sit down. 11:26:15:18
They haven't voted yet but you can sit down from the 11:26:16:09
lectern. 11:26:20:04
With regard to a motion to direct legal, I believe -- 11:26:20:22
I'm going to ask council to reconsider 79 as well 11:26:24:06
because I believe that would be an appropriate motion. 11:26:26:13
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Just so that council is aware, I have 11:26:28:28
been advised by the attorney working on the various 11:26:30:19
matters Mr. Santiago, there are various petitions here, 11:26:36:16
wet zonings. 11:26:40:13
Legal prepared ordinances for all of them. 11:26:42:07
They are apparently somewhere lost in the Doc system. 11:26:44:22
We are checking on that. 11:26:48:01
>>GWEN MILLER: What are we going to do? 11:26:50:03
>>MORRIS MASSEY: You can go ahead and approve the 11:26:52:00
petition. 11:26:53:10
If the ordinance is not here to be read, obviously we 11:26:53:21
will have to get it here either manually or through the 11:26:56:12
Doc system. 11:26:59:07
>>GWEN MILLER: So make a motion for to you prepare 11:26:59:21
them. 11:27:02:04

>>MORRIS MASSEY: That's all we can do at this juncture. 11:27:02:09
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Council can direct, but would it be 11:27:04:19
appropriate then to close the public hearings and hold 11:27:09:27
number 80 until they are located if you anticipate? 11:27:12:07
>>MORRIS MASSEY: You can close the public hearings and 11:27:15:18
we can bring it back for first reading. 11:27:16:27
The public hearings would have to be open for second 11:27:19:24
reading but you can close them at this juncture. 11:27:22:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: But that's not going to be done today. 11:27:26:04
>>> No. 11:27:28:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: Why wouldn't we just close them and 11:27:29:19
approve the vacatings in that's what we are going to 11:27:32:12
do? 11:27:34:22
>>GWEN MILLER: They found them! 11:27:35:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So do we need to rescind our motion? 11:27:38:27
>>MORRIS MASSEY: That's fine. 11:27:43:06
>>GWEN MILLER: So reopen number 79. 11:27:46:00
>> So moved. 11:27:50:24
>> Second. 11:27:51:07
(Motion carried). 11:27:51:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: Did we find them or didn't we find 11:27:53:15
them? 11:28:02:21
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I think the secretary from the legal 11:28:03:28
department is bringing them down. 11:28:05:13
I will go up personally and bring them down. 11:28:06:19

>>GWEN MILLER: We will keep going and when you get them 11:28:08:15
we can read all of them. 11:28:10:27
We have a motion and second to open number 81. 11:28:17:18
(Motion carried). 11:28:20:19
>>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination. 11:28:21:15
I have been sworn in. 11:28:25:18
Petitioner is requesting to vacate unapproved portion 11:28:26:27
of Albany Avenue, running from Fern Street to Jean 11:28:29:00
Street, to Oak Grove elementary. 11:28:32:27
Petitioner's property is in road. This is Oak Grove 11:28:37:04
elementary school site. 11:28:40:07
This portion of Albany all the way from Brown street is 11:28:41:24
unimproved. 11:28:48:12
Albany is improved to dead-end north. 11:28:49:07
Here is a shot looking south from Fern Street. 11:28:58:27
The school is to the west. 11:29:02:01
Portion of fern they are requesting is right here. 11:29:03:15
This area over here actually belongs to the school 11:29:07:18
site, utility easement to the city. 11:29:10:06
This is petitioner's property on the east side of the 11:29:11:25
Albany Avenue. 11:29:14:10
This is Albany looking north from Jean Street. 11:29:18:12
This is a shot of the utility line lying west of that 11:29:24:15
portion of Albany. 11:29:27:01
That's a school fence on the west side. 11:29:29:00

This is a shot of petitioner's property abutting Albany 11:29:32:00
Avenue south of Fern Street. 11:29:35:07
This is a shot of abutting property lying east of 11:29:37:24
Albany and north of gene. 11:29:40:09
This is -- the city has a well site. 11:29:45:15
This is their access fence. 11:29:50:12
This is the north 25 feet of the vacating request to 11:29:53:09
maintain access to that site so it will not be 11:29:55:21
affected. 11:29:58:03
And I have a couple of shots of the Albany. 11:29:59:09
This is continuing south of Jean Street. 11:30:02:00
Once again this is the only part that's clear lying 11:30:06:04
north of Fern Street. 11:30:10:27
A shot of Albany continuing south of gene. 11:30:13:03
And this is Albany looking south of Hanna. 11:30:18:06
And looking north from Hanna Avenue. 11:30:23:03
Staff has no objections as long as the drainage has 11:30:25:21
been Rae served and the north 25 feet. 11:30:29:04
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 11:30:37:09
>>> I'm KATINA Gainey, 2008 west Fern Street. 11:30:41:18
When we purchased this property, I guess it's coming up 11:30:46:15
on two years, it was fenced. 11:30:49:13
We did not put a fence up on something that wasn't 11:30:51:12
ours. 11:30:54:10
We were not aware until three days prior to close that 11:30:55:10

this property that was fenced was not our property. 11:30:59:25
And we were told at that time that it was a 11:31:02:18
right-of-way, and we could petition to get the 11:31:05:25
property. 11:31:07:24
It's not been quite that easy. 11:31:10:10
And our plans originally when we purchased the home, it 11:31:12:03
was adding another garage. 11:31:15:24
But we would like to have what is fenced because we 11:31:18:03
have taken care of it and will continue to do so. 11:31:21:04
And I certainly don't want to have to move the fence. 11:31:26:24
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I have a question for Mr. Cook. 11:31:32:12
Mr. Cook, one of the pictures that you showed us is 11:31:36:00
access to school board property. 11:31:38:21
And it's west of Albany Avenue off of Fern Street. 11:31:40:12
Is that going to -- if we close this alley, will 11:31:44:09
that -- will they still lose the access 11:31:47:19
To the school property? 11:31:52:27
>>> On the Elmo again, the access gate, petitioner's 11:31:55:03
property is just south where fern intersects. 11:31:57:24
If you look on the aerial, lessing out the north 25 11:32:03:04
feet which will align with the normal property line 11:32:06:10
which still gives us access to that gate. 11:32:09:28
It won't be affected. 11:32:11:25
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 11:32:12:27
like to speak on item 81? 11:32:15:13

>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 11:32:18:10
>> Second. 11:32:19:09
(Motion carried). 11:32:19:19
>>GWEN MILLER: We have it. 11:32:20:00
Okay. 11:32:23:13
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance vacating, closing, 11:32:25:07
discontinuing and abandoning a certain right-of-way all 11:32:30:22
that portion of Albany Avenue lying south of Fern 11:32:32:21
Street north of Jean Street east of Armenia Avenue and 11:32:35:00
west of Melville Avenue in Wesley's subdivision, a 11:32:39:19
subdivision in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County 11:32:42:22
Florida the same being more fully described in section 11:32:45:00
1 hereof providing an effective date. 11:32:47:04
>> Second. 11:32:51:10
[Motion Carried] 11:32:51:21
>> Move to open 82. 11:32:53:19
>> Second. 11:32:57:21
[Motion Carried] 11:32:58:01
>>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination. 11:33:00:06
I have been sworn in. 11:33:04:19
Petitioner is requesting vacating north-south alley 11:33:05:12
running from Ingraham street to Loughman street, north 11:33:07:25
of Westin yeah ham street east of. 11:33:14:12
This is Westshore elementary. 11:33:18:21

It's a north-south alley running from Loughman to 11:33:21:04
Ingraham. 11:33:25:15
This is a shot of the alley south of Loughman street. 11:33:28:24
Petitioner's alley is on the west side. 11:33:33:19
This is a shot of the alley looking north from 11:33:37:22
Ingraham. 11:33:40:22
This is a shot of the alley looking north from the 11:33:43:21
middle of the block. 11:33:46:06
Once you get past thisth van that's parked in the 11:33:47:01
alley it starts to get overgrown. 11:33:50:16
Blocked off. 11:33:53:24
This is a detail shot. 11:33:54:22
You start to see the high grass beyond that. 11:33:57:06
The van is parked in the alleyway. 11:33:59:18
Shot of the abutting properties located at 7112. 11:34:03:18
It appears they use the backyard to park in. 11:34:09:24
It's a duplex. 11:34:13:22
A shot of the abutting alley on the west. 11:34:14:25
That's the petitioner's property. 11:34:17:13
This is the alley continuing north. 11:34:20:03
It's actually an open alley, obviously blocked off. 11:34:23:12
This is a shot of the alley continuing south of infra 11:34:29:03
gram -- Ingraham street previously vacated. 11:34:32:12
Had is in the map of port city Tampa platted 1982, 11:34:35:07
platted with 186 alleys, all but three have been 11:34:41:07

vacated. 11:34:45:12
You can see on the aerial. 11:34:46:00
Everything in orange has been vacated. 11:34:47:24
This is one of the last remaining ones open. 11:34:49:10
That's north of Chisham. 11:34:52:27
Then everything else south has been vacated except for 11:34:54:21
these two. 11:34:59:06
This is the one being requested for right now. 11:34:59:13
Staff has no objection as long as utility easements are 11:35:01:10
preserved. 11:35:05:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 11:35:05:18
>> Good morning. 11:35:22:07
My name is Susan Etroli with Seems Investments, 11:35:23:21
Kingford Avenue, Tampa, Florida. 11:35:29:00
One of the reasons -- several reasons why we are asking 11:35:31:24
for this vacating the alleyway, one of the reasons is, 11:35:34:09
we have a single-family home that sits on a lot that's 11:35:42:04
zoned RM-16. 11:35:46:06
Right now, the lot is 100 by 95. 11:35:47:12
And with the vacating of the alleyway, we will get five 11:35:51:25
feet in our back and we will have 100 by 100 lot that 11:35:56:09
we can subdivide into two single-family homes, which is 11:36:00:28
much more conducive to the neighborhood than duplexes 11:36:06:00
or even triplexes which is what we could put on that 11:36:10:04
property. 11:36:13:21

Also, one of the things is with the RM-16 zoning, if 11:36:14:04
you have a duplex on the 50 by 95-foot lot you can only 11:36:22:25
build another duplex. 11:36:26:12
You cannot tear down and build a single-family home 11:36:28:06
because you don't have that additional five foot, 11:36:31:21
because the minimum lot requirement is ooh by 100. 11:36:34:06
So with that additional 5-foot in the alleyway, would 11:36:40:09
you then have 50 by 100, you can build a single-family 11:36:42:15
lot. 11:36:47:24
Also, this area is being redeveloped. 11:36:48:15
And with this additional five feet from the alleyway, 11:36:53:27
the area would be -- would be easier to redevelop the 11:36:59:16
block, which is mostly rentals and small duplexes. 11:37:06:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Let me see if you have any in 11:37:10:09
opposition. 11:37:13:06
Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak 11:37:13:18
on item 82? 11:37:15:24
Would you come up and speak first? 11:37:16:18
And you can come back and rebut. 11:37:18:01
Don't go too far. 11:37:22:06
Stay right there. 11:37:23:00
Go ahead, sir, speak. 11:37:25:06
>>> My name is Anthony TRAVERA. 11:37:26:15
I have two duplexes that would be affected and it would 11:37:30:18
greatly limit my parents' abilities to get in and out 11:37:34:21

of the place. 11:37:35:27
It would reduce the parking available in an area that's 11:37:36:15
already very short of parking. 11:37:39:27
The street out there is one of the narrowest in the 11:37:42:01
area and it would just be very detrimental to me and my 11:37:45:06
properties to not be able to have some access back in 11:37:48:15
there. 11:37:51:06
On the alleyway. 11:37:52:21
>>GWEN MILLER: So you are parked behind the alleyway? 11:37:53:12
That's where you are parked? 11:37:57:07
>>> What I really have is the duplex, the park in 11:37:58:13
front, the back park in back. 11:38:04:01
>> If only way he can they can go in and out? 11:38:06:01
>>> The only other way would be to cramp them in front 11:38:08:13
which would greatly increase the parking up front. 11:38:10:24
And N back it's perfect. 11:38:13:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, come back. 11:38:17:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a staff question. 11:38:18:15
That is -- 11:38:22:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Cook? 11:38:26:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are people allowed to park in the 11:38:27:09
alley? 11:38:28:27
Isn't the alley supposed to be open for everybody? 11:38:29:09
And if we were to grant this, would this gentleman 11:38:32:01
receive the land that's on his side? 11:38:36:06

>>JAMES COOK: I don't know exactly where the 11:38:42:16
gentleman's property is. 11:38:43:28
They are not actually parking in the alley. 11:38:45:15
They use the alley, pull up and park behind this 11:38:50:16
property. 11:38:52:28
They park in the rear of this property. They are not 11:38:54:12
parking in the alley. 11:38:56:01
He's located in the block right here. 11:38:57:00
So he got five feet. 11:39:03:03
He would be cut off from this south end. 11:39:05:01
Because the owner on both side would also get their 11:39:07:04
five feet. 11:39:10:04
And if they build a fence they would not have access to 11:39:10:19
the center of the line. 11:39:14:07
The north is what's currently blocked off with the 11:39:18:15
overgrowth which is just north of his van where he's 11:39:20:12
parking now. 11:39:24:24
So it would be north of the van. 11:39:25:21
It's overgrown all the way up to Loughman street which 11:39:27:07
is behind the petitioner's property. 11:39:32:13
The only solution I can see, I know transportation does 11:39:33:15
not like to do this, is just vacate the portion behind 11:39:36:12
the petitioner's property, which would dead-end the 11:39:39:00
alley. 11:39:41:04
But technically right now it's dead-ended anyway 11:39:41:18

because you can't get past the overgrowth. 11:39:44:21
That way we leave the alley open behind the gentleman's 11:39:46:18
property and she would still be able to build on the 11:39:49:06
lot. 11:39:51:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Cook, so the tenant that he has in 11:39:51:13
the back duplex, they can access from the the front, 11:39:59:24
though, right? 11:40:02:19
>>> They can't get to the alley from the front. 11:40:04:09
>> But can they access the parking from the back duplex 11:40:07:00
from the front? 11:40:09:28
>>> No, ma'am. 11:40:11:00
I do not believe. 11:40:13:03
I believe this fence that's shown in this picture is 11:40:13:28
both sides and I believe there's only five feet between 11:40:20:06
the fence, allowing him to get by with a vehicle. 11:40:22:21
And the parking lot, parking on the brick street in 11:40:39:06
front is very narrow. 11:40:42:21
Two cars can barely get by. 11:40:44:10
>>ROSE FERLITA: This property that you are showing, 11:40:45:24
what is that, Jimmy? 11:40:47:18
>>JAMES COOK: This is his backyard. 11:40:51:12
I believe the applicants are driving up the alley and 11:40:56:24
parking in the rear of this property. 11:40:58:24
And the alley continues north until you get to the van. 11:41:01:07
Till you get to this. 11:41:05:21

>>ROSE FERLITA: So there's not enough room on either 11:41:06:19
side of his house to get to the back from the front 11:41:09:27
street? 11:41:13:03
>>> No, ma'am. 11:41:15:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: How come you approved this, Jimmy? 11:41:16:09
>>> I wasn't around in 1986 when this plat was 11:41:18:28
developed. 11:41:22:06
We vacated 183 of the alleys to make the lots 11:41:27:01
conforming. 11:41:31:00
Because the lots are platted 25 by 95. 11:41:31:24
>>MARY ALVAREZ: But you approved this one here knowing 11:41:35:00
that this guy didn't have access that was closed. 11:41:39:28
>>JAMES COOK: For which one? 11:41:43:10
This one? 11:41:45:28
They are using the alley. 11:41:47:27
The alley is there for access. 11:41:48:25
He's allowed to drive on the alley. 11:41:50:18
>>MARY ALVAREZ: But when it's closed, he can't. 11:41:53:07
>>> Transportation normally looks at this, usually 11:41:55:19
let's the abutting property to show up to object. 11:41:59:03
He still has access to the front. 11:42:02:04
You have to remember this is his parking in the rear. 11:42:04:01
It's not his access. 11:42:06:00
His access is on the front of the structure from the 11:42:07:01
street. 11:42:09:13

He just has no parking in the front. 11:42:10:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: I'm still confused. 11:42:15:25
It looks like it's wide enough, Mr. Cook, where he can 11:42:17:12
get to it from the front. 11:42:19:22
>>JAMES COOK: It is, very narrow. 11:42:21:01
>>ROSE FERLITA: Don't worry about showing to the me 11:42:23:06
again. 11:42:26:15
Tell me what the second alternative was that 11:42:26:28
transportation usually doesn't consider but maybe we 11:42:29:01
could. 11:42:31:09
>>> Council has the ability to override staff and put 11:42:31:27
dead-end an alleyway. 11:42:35:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: And then we can consider just -- 11:42:38:18
>>JAMES COOK: Consider joining petitioner's property. 11:42:42:03
>>ROSE FERLITA: That's a solution that I think we ought 11:42:46:27
to consider, colleagues, and everybody will go away 11:42:50:09
happy. 11:42:53:00
Alvarez Alvarez that's what I'm thinking. 11:42:54:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, did you hear? 11:42:56:18
>>> Yes. 11:42:59:27
And I actually talked about that solution with staff. 11:43:00:07
I do know that the people did park on the street. 11:43:02:25
I was born and raised in South Tampa so I know what 11:43:06:25
it's like to go around. 11:43:09:16
>>KEVIN WHITE: Would that compromise be okay with you? 11:43:12:10

>>> Yes. That compromise would be fine. 11:43:15:18
>> Move to close. 11:43:18:25
>> Second. 11:43:19:09
(Motion carried). 11:43:19:16
>>GWEN MILLER: You can't speak anymore. 11:43:20:04
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to direct legal to revise the 11:43:24:13
ordinance to just dead-end the alleyway behind the 11:43:27:06
petitioner's property and then give the ordinance back 11:43:30:09
when we return for first reading. 11:43:33:01
>>GWEN MILLER: You can't speak but I will let you know 11:43:35:09
what we are doing. 11:43:37:00
It's not going to close the part where your tenants 11:43:38:06
come. 11:43:42:27
They can still park in the back. 11:43:43:12
They are going to leave that part open, where your 11:43:47:21
tenants park in the back. 11:43:50:06
They will still be able to park back there. 11:43:51:18
We are not going to close that part of it. 11:43:53:15
>>> So you are not going to close any of the alley? 11:43:55:19
>>GWEN MILLER: Yes. 11:43:57:21
Not the part where your tenants park. 11:44:00:21
>>> Just close part of the alley. 11:44:04:00
Can you tell me just a little more specifically what 11:44:05:15
part of the alley? 11:44:07:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: The part behind her site will be 11:44:09:10

closed. 11:44:11:03
Yours will be open so your tenants can access through 11:44:11:15
your house from the back. 11:44:14:15
>>> So the ordinance is really only for behind her 11:44:16:10
property. 11:44:19:03
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Exactly. 11:44:19:03
>>GWEN MILLER: All right. 11:44:20:28
Mr. Santiago? 11:44:23:27
>>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: Legal department. 11:44:26:03
What you do have contemplates a full closure. 11:44:29:27
I need to revise the legal description from land 11:44:32:12
development so ask that you just move -- that legal 11:44:34:16
present to you a revised legal next January. 11:44:38:18
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I think that's what we did. 11:44:42:04
>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor say Aye? 11:44:44:06
Opposed Nay? 11:44:48:21
[Motion Carried] 11:44:49:28
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance discontinuing a 11:44:50:24
certain right-of-way all that alleyway between East 11:44:53:12
Ellicott on the north and the 29th -- 2900 block of 11:44:56:07
east Louisiana on the south, west of 30th street on 11:45:00:21
the east of 29th street, in Belmont Heights, a 11:45:04:01
subdivision in the city of Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough 11:45:06:12
County, the same being more fully described in section 11:45:08:24
2 providing an effective date. 11:45:11:16

>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 11:45:12:00
(Motion carried). 11:45:13:28
Number 80. 11:45:15:16
>>KEVIN WHITE: Mr. Santiago gave me 80. 11:45:16:03
Was it 80 or 81? 11:45:20:10
>>GWEN MILLER: 80. 11:45:22:21
>>KEVIN WHITE: He gave me 81. 11:45:25:03
>>MARTIN SHELBY: C05-33? 11:45:26:09
ROSE FERLITA: We are not doing too badly. 11:45:32:22
>> Move an ordinance vacating, closing, discontinuing, 11:45:44:03
abandoning a certain right-of-way a certain portion of 11:45:47:00
that alleyway Lague lying south of Gray Street, north 11:45:49:12
of Fig Street, east of Manhattan Avenue, and west of 11:45:52:27
Hubert Avenue, in hanan estates subdivision, a 11:45:55:21
subdivision in the city of Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough 11:46:00:06
County Florida the same being more fully described in 11:46:01:21
section 2 hereof, providing an effective date. 11:46:03:25
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second second. 11:46:05:01
(Motion carried). 11:46:07:21
>>THE CLERK: We have the ordinance to reflect the 11:46:08:07
hours. 11:46:15:00
>>MARTIN SHELBY: 76. 11:46:24:24
You have before you item 76. 11:46:30:00
>>KEVIN WHITE: Item 76. 11:46:31:09
Move an ordinance making lawful the sale of beverages 11:46:34:03

containing alcohol regardless of alcoholic content 11:46:38:01
beer, wine and liquor 4(COP-R) for couples on the 11:46:39:22
premises only in connection with a restaurant business 11:46:42:18
establishment on that certain lot, plot or tract of 11:46:44:07
land located at 915 South Howard Avenue, Tampa, 11:46:46:09
Florida, as more particularly described in section 2 11:46:48:27
hereof waiving certain restrictions as to distance 11:46:51:01
based upon certain findings, imposing certain 11:46:53:09
conditions, providing for repeal of all ordinances in 11:46:56:06
conflict, providing an effective date. 11:46:59:07
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 11:47:00:06
Question on the motion, Mr. Shelby. 11:47:02:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: For the record, I believe this is a 11:47:04:03
first reading after new ordinance that has to come back 11:47:06:15
for second reading. 11:47:09:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Comes back. 11:47:11:03
Yes. 11:47:12:06
All in favor? 11:47:15:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: Nay. 11:47:17:00
>>THE CLERK: Ferlita, no. 11:47:17:15
>>GWEN MILLER: We read 82? 11:47:22:25
>>KEVIN WHITE: Request a continuance. 11:47:26:19
Motion and second to open number 83. 11:47:31:18
Now need to continue. 11:47:34:03
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move to continue to January 26th. 11:47:34:28

>>MARY ALVAREZ: 10 a.m. 11:47:38:03
[Motion Carried] 11:47:41:19
>>GWEN MILLER: Need to open number 84. 11:47:51:07
>> So moved. 11:47:54:03
>> Second. 11:47:54:21
(Motion carried). 11:47:55:03
>>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: This is a public hearing to adopt 11:48:21:27
the uniform method of ad valorem assessment by the City 11:48:24:24
of Tampa for the cost of maintaining operating Street 11:48:30:12
lates in Port Tampa. 11:48:34:18
We have checked both 84 and 85 there. Was notice to 11:48:37:07
property owners both in the plat and in the declaration 11:48:42:15
of covenants and restrictions that were given 11:48:45:18
purchasers. 11:48:49:18
You have got this public hearing to accept any public 11:48:50:06
comment on this proposed resolution. 11:48:52:06
You have to adopt the ordinance during the public 11:48:57:13
hearing. 11:48:59:10
So I would ask upon conclusion of receiving all 11:48:59:18
comments if you elect to pass this motion, you read it 11:49:02:12
by title, and then close the public hearing. 11:49:05:12
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 11:49:09:15
like to speak on item 84? 11:49:10:10
We will get the ordinance. 11:49:17:28

>>ROSE FERLITA: Move the resolution. 11:49:21:22
I don't need to read it. 11:49:33:27
Resolution of the City Council City of Tampa stating 11:49:36:18
the intent to uniform method of collecting 11:49:39:06
non-ad valorem assessments by the City of Tampa for the 11:49:42:15
cost of installing, maintaining, operating Street 11:49:45:27
lights in Port Tampa community generally located in the 11:49:48:16
intersection of Ingraham street and Wall Street, a 11:49:51:07
subdivision in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County 11:49:54:21
Florida the same being more fully -- more particularly 11:49:57:00
described herein. 11:50:00:00
>> Second. 11:50:01:13
>> Need to close the public hearing. 11:50:04:07
>> So moved. 11:50:05:13
[Motion Carried] 11:50:07:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to open 85. 11:50:07:19
>> Second. 11:50:11:01
(Motion carried). 11:50:11:09
>>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: This is a public hearing to adopt 11:50:11:22
the uniform method of collecting ad valorem assessment 11:50:14:27
for the nursery subdivision streetlights. 11:50:19:01
At the conclusion of testimony you must read this by 11:50:23:03
title into the public record while the public hearing 11:50:25:25
is still open. 11:50:28:06

>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 11:50:28:21
like to speak on 85? 11:50:31:01
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move to close. 11:50:33:21
Or move to read by somebody else. 11:50:38:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: You read it. 11:50:40:00
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move a resolution by City Council 11:50:42:01
City of Tampa stating the intent to use the uniform 11:50:44:27
method of levying and collecting non-ad valorem 11:50:47:12
assessments by the City of Tampa for operating install 11:50:51:04
and operating street lates, approximately one half mile 11:50:54:21
west of Dale Mabry a subdivision in the City of Tampa, 11:50:59:19
Hillsborough County, Florida the same being more 11:51:02:12
particularly described herein, providing an effective 11:51:04:09
date. 11:51:05:21
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 11:51:07:12
>> Second. 11:51:11:09
[Motion Carried] 11:51:11:16
>> Move to close. 11:51:13:24
>> Second. 11:51:14:12
(Motion carried). 11:51:14:18
>> Move to open 86. 11:51:16:09
>> Second. 11:51:21:09
(Motion carried) 11:51:21:24
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Land development. 11:51:23:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: I have been sworn. 11:51:34:06

This particular wet zoning is located 8502 North 11:51:44:21
Armenia Avenue, in suite B-A and B-B. 11:51:47:06
The Elmo, right here. 11:51:51:18
Takes cross the street from apartment buildings, and to 11:51:54:24
the north, buildings within a thousand feet. 11:51:59:21
The request is for 1(COP-R), for consumption on 11:52:04:00
premises. 11:52:13:15
Having provided minimum indoor outdoor seating capacity 11:52:14:22
of not less than 50 seats and at least 60% of all 11:52:17:27
seating located indoors and the business operation is 11:52:21:00
more than 51% attributable to the sale of food during 11:52:24:21
each calendar quarter of each calendar year. 11:52:28:21
Petitioner is requesting wet zoning for an existing 11:52:33:13
restaurant. 11:52:36:01
The establishments that are located, other wet zoned 11:52:36:12
establishments are the Paradise Nightclub, Obsession 11:52:40:15
Club, Gentle Market and Winn-Dixie. 11:52:42:28
And provisions for the City Council to waive the 11:52:49:04
distance separation requirements. 11:52:52:01
When wet zoned establishments -- when sale of alcohol 11:52:54:00
is incidental to the primary purpose of the business, 11:52:58:13
that being a restaurant. 11:53:01:01
There are no residential properties within 1,000 feet 11:53:02:21
as I previously stated and there are no institutional 11:53:05:25
uses within 1,000 feet of the subject site. 11:53:07:27

That concludes staff comments. 11:53:10:19
>>> Gene Haines, TPD, I have been sworn. 11:53:17:16
We have no objections to this wet zoning. 11:53:19:13
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 11:53:20:27
>>> Good morning. 11:53:33:12
My name is Diem Pham. 11:53:39:12
>> Is there anyone else in the public to speak on item 11:53:45:28
number 6? 11:53:48:15
>> Move to close. 11:53:49:15
>> Second. 11:53:53:06
[Motion Carried] 11:53:53:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance making sale of 11:53:53:28
alcoholic beverages 1(COP-R) for consumption on the 11:54:05:00
premises only in connection with a restaurant business 11:54:07:12
establishment on that certain lot, plot or tract of 11:54:11:00
land located at 8502 North Armenia Avenue, suites B-A, 11:54:13:25
B-B, Tampa, Florida, in section 2 hereof waiving 11:54:19:19
certain restrictions as to distance based upon certain 11:54:23:10
findings, providing for repeal of ordinances in 11:54:25:16
conflict, providing an effective date. 11:54:30:18
>> Second. 11:54:32:09
[Motion Carried] 11:54:32:19
>> Move to open 87. 11:54:36:12
>> Second. 11:54:38:06
(Motion carried). 11:54:38:13

>>ERIC COTTON: Land Development Coordination. 11:54:39:21
This is petition WZ 05-138. 11:54:41:06
This was incorrectly doc agendad through the system. 11:54:44:06
The application is not complete. 11:54:48:21
So therefore it cannot move forward today. 11:54:50:03
We are asking that the council not hear the case, since 11:54:52:28
it's not ready to be heard. 11:54:57:28
We request the petitioner redo his application, get 11:54:59:03
everything in order, come back before you after the 11:55:02:09
first of the year, and have it get rescheduled as a 11:55:04:24
typical wet zoning probably for -- a typical wet zoning 11:55:08:12
date, and then redo notice, and then you will hear the 11:55:14:03
petition at that time. 11:55:16:28
>>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can. 11:55:17:12
If council wishes to go any further or take action on 11:55:19:15
it, the appropriate action at this time would be to 11:55:21:25
rescind your motion to open the public hearing. 11:55:23:25
Rescind the motion to open the public hearing. 11:55:29:00
>> Move to rescind. 11:55:31:18
>> Second. 11:55:34:27
(Motion carried). 11:55:34:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: There is no public hearing right now. 11:55:37:25
So if you wish to entertain any further, you can do so 11:55:39:15
but there is no public hearing. 11:55:42:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Okay. 11:55:43:16

You can bring it back to us. 11:55:46:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to open 88. 11:55:47:13
>> Second. 11:55:50:27
(Motion carried). 11:55:51:03
>>ROSE FERLITA: One quick question. 11:55:51:18
Mr. Pressman, you do have something you wanted to say 11:55:55:27
in terms of what we did? 11:55:59:09
>>> Todd Pressman: Just happy holidays. 11:56:01:00
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: I have been sworn. 11:56:10:19
I would like to let you guys know that impasse ago 11:56:24:28
round a corrected staff report. 11:56:28:24
Ms. Coyle put in the wrong definition, and therefore 11:56:31:10
the corrected staff report is going around right now, 11:56:34:04
in addition to the aerial. 11:56:36:21
The proposed wet zoning is for the Sociedad La Union 11:56:38:00
martie Maceo. 11:56:48:15
Between 13th street and the Nuccio Parkway. 11:56:51:19
The establishment located on subject property, the 11:56:54:12
petitioner must have a minimum indoor outdoor seating 11:56:58:12
of 50 seats and have a minimum interior exterior floor 11:57:02:00
area of 1,000 square feet of space. 11:57:05:09
Petitioner requested a 4(COP-X). 11:57:08:03
Other wet zoned properties within a thousand feet 11:57:09:24
include the star club, the a Hampton Inn snack shop. 11:57:12:12
Because this is located in the Ybor City stabbed 11:57:20:12

entertainment district the council can waive the 11:57:24:15
separation requirements. 11:57:27:00
There is residentially zoned property within a thousand 11:57:29:06
feet, within 400 feet. 11:57:31:22
And there are no institutional uses within a thousand 11:57:33:16
feet. 11:57:36:24
The Sociedad La Union is applying to have full alcohol 11:57:38:09
for rental of their facility that. Concludes staff 11:57:48:04
comment. 11:57:50:24
>> Gene Haines, TPD. 11:57:55:04
I have been sworn. 11:57:56:18
We have no objections to the wet zoning. 11:57:57:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? 11:58:01:12
>>> Joseph Diaz, my office is at 2522 West Kennedy 11:58:03:21
Boulevard. 11:58:06:06
I filed this petition on behalf of the society. 11:58:08:22
Basically this is a club like the Italian club, the 11:58:12:19
Cuban club, right now they presently operate under a 11:58:15:15
license that they can't rent the hall out for things of 11:58:24:22
that nature. 11:58:27:06
What we are asking for is a 4(COP-X) because back in 11:58:27:21
1998 the State of Florida adopted three special bills 11:58:30:24
granting a liquor license to the Italian club, the 11:58:33:27
Cuban club and to the site, and they have never 11:58:36:22
activated it. 11:58:39:00

And we would now like to be able to activate that 11:58:39:24
license so they can rent the club out to hopefully 11:58:42:09
generate some revenues for the club. 11:58:44:19
>>GWEN MILLER: Let me see if there's anyone in 11:58:45:28
opposition. 11:58:48:00
Would anyone in the public like to speak on item 88? 11:58:49:04
>> Move to close. 11:58:53:12
>> Second. 11:58:54:00
(Motion carried). 11:58:54:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance making lawful the 11:58:54:24
sale of beverages regardless of alcoholic content, 11:59:03:25
beer, wine and liquor, 4(COP-X), for consumption on 11:59:06:15
premises only at or near certain lot, plot or tract of 11:59:09:22
land located at 1226 East 7th Avenue Tampa, Florida as 11:59:13:12
more particularly described in section 2 hereof, 11:59:16:24
waiving certain restrictions as to distance based upon 11:59:19:06
certain findings, providing for repeal of all 11:59:21:27
ordinances in conflict, providing an effective date. 11:59:24:19
>>CHAIRMAN: I have a motion and second. 11:59:28:13
[Motion carried] 11:59:29:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Number 89. 11:59:30:10
Have they paid their fee? 11:59:47:13
>>HEATHER LAMBOY: Yes. 11:59:49:07
They paid their amendment fee. 11:59:50:03
Staff would like to schedule that hearing for January 11:59:51:04

19th, 2006. 11:59:53:12
>> So moved. 11:59:56:03
>> Second. 11:59:56:16
(Motion carried). 11:59:56:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Item 90. 11:59:59:06
That's to be continued. 12:00:02:04
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to allow the continuance. 12:00:02:25
THE CLERK: You need to open your hearing. 12:00:05:18
>> So moved. 12:00:08:03
>> Second. 12:00:09:04
(Motion carried). 12:00:09:15
>>THE CLERK: They are asking to be continued to January 12:00:09:21
5th. 12:00:14:16
>>SHAWN HARRISON: It says the 26th on here. 12:00:14:27
I'm sorry. 12:00:20:07
>>KEVIN WHITE: That's an appeal hearing, too. 12:00:27:06
>>GWEN MILLER: How is the 12th? 12:00:29:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The 12th there is a night 12:00:37:18
meeting. 12:00:39:07
>>KEVIN WHITE: What's the last meeting in January look 12:00:39:07
like? 12:00:41:21
>>THE CLERK: The 26th is a day and night meeting, 12:00:42:12
also. 12:00:44:18
January 26th you have three landmark designation 12:00:49:28
adoption public hearings. 12:00:52:25

One initiation of the landmark designation and 1:30 12:00:54:09
your tree ordinance being scheduled. 12:00:59:00
On the 19th you have a CRA at 8:30. 12:01:04:15
>>KEVIN WHITE: February. 12:01:08:15
>>THE CLERK: February -- 12:01:09:21
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I should point out just in discussion 12:01:12:21
that this is an appeal from the zoning administer so 12:01:14:27
it's almost as if it's being heard as a de novo hearing 12:01:19:04
as opposed to -- so it has to come to council. 12:01:22:22
>>KEVIN WHITE: Are they requesting June or July? 12:01:26:18
>> I have just been informed it should not be as 12:01:32:13
lengthy as one might assume but I just bring that to 12:01:34:21
council's attention. 12:01:37:01
>>KEVIN WHITE: February 2nd. 12:01:39:10
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I was going to say, think how fresh 12:01:40:06
we will be at the beginning of the year? 12:01:47:13
It looks like things are getting busier and busier so 12:01:49:07
maybe things -- the 5th isn't so bad. 12:01:51:22
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move to the 12th. 12:01:57:07
>>> Second. 12:02:00:27
(Motion carried). 12:02:01:03
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to receive and file all documents. 12:02:03:27
>> Second. 12:02:06:07
(Motion carried). 12:02:06:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Discussion? 12:02:06:15

Do you have anything? 12:02:08:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Two quick things. 12:02:10:15
A couple of us were able to attend the official opening 12:02:11:28
of North Franklin Street which is so nice. 12:02:14:03
Franklin Street, will no longer dead-end. 12:02:16:27
That's a good thing. 12:02:21:21
Secondly, on our January 5th meeting, I'd like for 12:02:22:15
under unfinished business to have Robin Nigh come for 12:02:26:24
three minutes and explain the Lights on Tampa project 12:02:32:15
which is going to be kicked off Saturday after our 12:02:34:07
first Thursday meaning meeting. 12:02:38:12
It's going to be a big deal. 12:02:40:09
I would like that put on the agenda. 12:02:41:15
>> Second. 12:02:45:01
(Motion carried). 12:02:45:06
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Madam Chair, thank you. I did have a 12:02:45:22
few. 12:02:48:28
First, I'd like the administration to come in and 12:02:50:09
update us on the -- there's a St. Pete Times article 12:02:52:10
that appeared a couple of weeks ago about the Bright 12:02:56:27
House, Verizon status of negotiations, and what their 12:02:58:19
contract status is. 12:03:03:00
So I'd like the administration on January 12th, to 12:03:04:06
update us on that. 12:03:07:22
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second. 12:03:08:24

(Motion carried). 12:03:09:19
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Next year we are also going to be 12:03:10:22
going into contract negotiations with either the fire 12:03:14:06
department, or the police department, one or the other, 12:03:18:06
and I would just like to have an update from the 12:03:20:15
administration as to what the process for that is going 12:03:22:15
to be. 12:03:26:21
And I would like to ask for January 19th on that 12:03:28:09
one. 12:03:30:19
>> Second. 12:03:31:25
(Motion carried). 12:03:32:03
>>SHAWN HARRISON: And the third, the New Tampa only 12:03:32:13
code enforcement action is that house there in Tampa 12:03:39:00
Palms. 12:03:42:06
And I would just like an update on that. 12:03:43:00
And that can be from memo form from code enforcement. 12:03:45:00
>> Second. 12:03:52:00
(Motion carried). 12:03:52:15
>> Final the USF bulls made it to the car quest bowl. 12:03:53:06
I would like a commendation for them. 12:03:58:06
By the time we come back they will have either won or 12:03:59:24
lost and we will put the appropriate language in there. 12:04:03:12
(Laughter). 12:04:06:01
>> Second. 12:04:07:00
(Motion carried). 12:04:07:04

>>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Alvarez? 12:04:08:04
>>MARY ALVAREZ: A couple of things. 12:04:12:16
Last Friday, my own Desiree Valdez received the honor 12:04:15:06
of the above and beyond award, and it was given to her 12:04:22:21
by the greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Emerge group. 12:04:26:15
She's a co-leader of the quality of life segment in 12:04:32:07
voice and has been emerged since the beginning. 12:04:35:00
Apparently they has to go off because she got too old. 12:04:38:06
(Laughter). 12:04:42:24
She has worked hard over the past two years to help 12:04:45:27
Emerge Tampa become the program it is today. 12:04:48:27
She has been an invaluable participant during the first 12:04:51:09
annual Emerge leaders awards banquet, presented the 12:04:54:07
above and beyond award. 12:04:57:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Congratulations, Desiree. 12:04:58:27
(Applause). 12:05:04:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: Mary is giving her the week off. 12:05:07:28
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Two weeks. 12:05:09:25
The other, I would like to read a motion that the Tony 12:05:12:21
Garcia of the Planning Commission be allowed to give a 12:05:16:00
brief presentation, three minutes, summarizing the 12:05:18:15
Seminole Heights business district strategic plan. 12:05:21:18
>> Second. 12:05:28:09
>> I'm not finished. 12:05:29:10
Also that counsel consider acknowledgment of the plan 12:05:30:09

and the efforts of the Seminole Heights community in 12:05:32:27
the development of this plan by resolution. 12:05:34:13
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Do you have a specific date for that? 12:05:36:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Probably the 19th of January. 12:05:41:21
>> Under staff reports, unfinished business? 12:05:46:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes. 12:05:49:10
(Motion carried). 12:05:49:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Massey jumped up. 12:05:51:09
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I think it's appropriate for council 12:05:53:15
to hear Mr. Garcia but the plan contains many elements 12:05:56:10
that ultimately may come before council for independent 12:05:59:06
action. 12:06:03:15
So I think recognition of the plan should be in the 12:06:03:22
form of receiving and filing the plan, then asking the 12:06:06:04
administration to come back and report on various 12:06:08:24
elements of the plan. 12:06:10:25
We have got a view of the plan recently and there are 12:06:12:09
several things that were will require further action 12:06:16:15
that will require it to come back to you all in a 12:06:18:27
quasi-judicial setting or legislative session. 12:06:21:12
So I'm not sure that you should pass a resolution 12:06:23:12
approving the plan. 12:06:25:15
I think you should recognize it, receive and file it, 12:06:26:13
and then ask the administration to respond to the 12:06:29:15
various elements of the plan. 12:06:31:21

>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion say Aye. 12:06:36:25
(Motion carried). 12:06:38:16
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Just have Tony Garcia, Planning 12:06:39:18
Commission come and give us a presentation summarizing 12:06:43:12
the Seminole Heights business strategic plan. 12:06:47:21
>> Second. 12:06:51:18
(Motion carried). 12:06:51:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: Two equally important issues. 12:06:53:09
Number one, I talked to Manny Alvarez shortly ago and 12:06:58:01
word has it he's going to buy Ms. Alvarez a Hummer. 12:07:02:21
(Laughter). 12:07:08:09
And the second thing, I wish everybody happy holidays.? 12:07:08:24
>>KEVIN WHITE: I would just like to send my 12:07:13:04
condolences out to Richard Pride's family. 12:07:14:27
He was an -- Richard Pride, Jr. 12:07:17:18
His father died about a year and a half ago and he just 12:07:21:04
died last Thursday. 12:07:23:18
I knew both of them. 12:07:25:01
Used to work with him in 1986. 12:07:27:06
And very integral part of the East Tampa community, and 12:07:29:27
his father, professor out at USF for many years, and 12:07:35:12
Mr. Pride was the associate dean out at Bethune Cookman 12:07:39:21
college in Daytona. 12:07:47:13
I would like to send out condolences to his family this 12:07:48:22
holiday season. 12:07:54:22

And to the rest, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 12:07:55:13
and we'll see you when we get back. 12:07:59:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yesterday at the city recognition 12:08:01:22
ceremony, Rhonda Smalls received her 20-year pin which 12:08:05:13
makes her not the oldest but the longest serving 12:08:10:19
council assistant. 12:08:13:12
And I want to recognize that. 12:08:14:12
For how long she's been with us. 12:08:19:22
(Applause). 12:08:21:28
>>KEVIN WHITE: For those in the listening audience 12:08:23:00
that need hearing aids like Mrs. Alvarez, that's 12:08:24:18
Richard Pride, not Richard Pryor. 12:08:27:27
>>GWEN MILLER: I would like to do a commendation for 12:08:39:12
the young man, Eugene Thomas, for the house that got 12:08:41:06
burned on Nassau. 12:08:45:22
This young man is nineiers old, and he was eating 12:08:46:18
breakfast, smelled smoke and he went back in, and saw 12:08:49:10
where smoke was come from, went in and woke up his 12:08:52:24
grandparents and got everyone out safely. 12:08:56:00
I would like to give a commendation to him. 12:08:59:27
We have a motion and second. 12:09:02:15
(Motion carried). 12:09:03:13
Clerk, do you have something? 12:09:05:19
Ms. Ferlita, come back, the clerk has something. 12:09:07:10
>>THE CLERK: Last December 1st, council had set an 12:09:11:01

appeal hearing on a VRB decision for January 19 at 12:09:14:00
10:00. 12:09:18:00
We have now received a letter asking for that to be 12:09:19:00
withdrawn. 12:09:21:22
>> So moved. 12:09:25:24
>> Second. 12:09:26:09
(Motion carried). 12:09:26:19
>>THE CLERK: I also have received a memorandum, and I 12:09:27:00
believe council received it also from Darrell Smith 12:09:32:22
requesting that Hillsborough County be scheduled on 12:09:35:09
January 5th agenda for 15 minutes to provide a 12:09:37:27
briefing on the Hillsborough County bridges. 12:09:41:18
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Bridges? 12:09:49:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, thank you. 12:09:51:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: Who is asking for that? 12:09:52:01
>>THE CLERK: Chief of staff. 12:09:56:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The Platt Street bridge and -- 12:10:00:04
>>THE CLERK: Replacement of the Platt Street bridge and 12:10:03:01
wanting 15 minutes on January 5 for them to make a 12:10:07:06
presentation, and to consider various alternatives. 12:10:09:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: No, we have too many. 12:10:12:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I've seen it. 12:10:13:27
With all due respect, I think we ask a five minute 12:10:21:27
presentation the following week. 12:10:30:07
Do you know what, actually? 12:10:34:00

Maybe council members should be briefed individually, 12:10:35:13
because those who serve on the MPO have already been 12:10:37:18
briefed at least twice on this. 12:10:41:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: Who does this presentation? 12:10:43:24
>>THE CLERK: According to the memo provided to council, 12:10:45:15
it's Tom McLaughlin, HC project manager, to provide 12:10:47:18
opening remarks and then introduce their consultants. 12:10:52:19
>>ROSE FERLITA: I think doing what you said, I think 12:10:56:04
the two of you all -- the three of you all are quick 12:10:59:07
learners. 12:11:01:25
So you heard this twice. 12:11:02:06
I think we can set up a time for them to tell the rest 12:11:04:28
of the council members. 12:11:08:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion is that council members be 12:11:10:18
individually briefed on this, and that we set three 12:11:12:28
minutes on the 12th for us to discuss if there's 12:11:16:00
anything we need to do about it.? 12:11:19:03
>>KEVIN WHITE: Second. 12:11:21:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second. 12:11:22:12
(Motion carried). 12:11:23:09
>>THE CLERK: The only other item was to receive and 12:11:24:04
file the Planning Commission recommendation for item 12:11:32:27
number 44 on the about the plan amendment procedures. 12:11:34:28
>> So moved. 12:11:40:22
>> Second. 12:11:41:10

(Motion carried). 12:11:41:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Anything else to come before council? 12:11:42:01
We go to our audience portion. 12:11:45:13
Anyone in the audience like to speak? 12:11:47:06
(City Council meeting adjourned) 12:12:18:04