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Tampa City Council 09:09:46:01
Thursday, January 5, 2006 09:09:49:03

9:00 a.m. session 09:09:52:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order. 09:20:16:06
The chair will yield to Linda Saul-Sena. 09:20:18:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Our guest this morning is city 09:20:25:24
clerk. 09:20:28:21
It is such a pleasure to work with her. 09:20:34:21
So Happy New Year everyone. 09:20:40:18
And everyone please rise and remain standing for the 09:20:42:06
pledge of allegiance. 09:20:47:07
>>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Good morning, council. 09:20:50:28
Let us pray. 09:20:52:24
O Lord our Lord, how excellent is Thy name. 09:20:54:27
Dear Lord, it's a new year, and we are so grateful for 09:21:02:28
another opportunity to be better citizens, a new 09:21:06:15
opportunity to serve the people, and a new opportunity 09:21:11:04
to make Tampa the best city in the nation. 09:21:13:07
It's a new opportunity to be the best that we can be, 09:21:17:12
and to be good to each other. 09:21:20:24
We give thanks to you for all the blessings you have 09:21:22:28
bestowed upon us. 09:21:26:03
You have truly been good to us. 09:21:27:12
You have protected us through hurricanes and other 09:21:29:18
dangers, seen and unseen. 09:21:33:03

Because you have blessed us, let us be a blessing to 09:21:35:19
others. 09:21:39:15
Let us be instruments of your will. 09:21:40:21
And now, Dear Lord, we ask that you continue to bless 09:21:44:07
and guide our council. 09:21:47:03
Give them wisdom to make decisions that affect our 09:21:49:06
great city. 09:21:54:06
Bless them and keep them in your loving care. 09:21:54:24
Be with them and us now and forever more. 09:21:58:28
Amen. 09:22:01:27
(Pledge of Allegiance) 09:22:10:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Roll call. 09:22:16:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here. 09:22:21:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here. 09:22:22:10
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Here. 09:22:23:21
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Here. 09:22:24:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: Here. 09:22:26:00
>>KEVIN WHITE: Here. 09:22:27:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Here. 09:22:29:00
At this time I would yield to Rose Ferlita who will 09:22:30:06
present the firefighter of the quarter. 09:22:34:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: I think we have about a thousand 09:22:47:04
firefighters come in so let's wait for a second. 09:22:49:22
Welcome back. 09:22:54:21

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. 09:22:55:16
While we are waiting for them to align, I was happy to 09:22:57:28
see you were out here, Shirley. 09:23:01:24
I usually like to do that same thing to introduce our 09:23:03:06
speakers or guests because it gives it more of a 09:23:06:01
personal attitude. 09:23:08:21
So I don't know fountain was accident on intentional. 09:23:09:15
But I agree with your comments, too, about Shirley. 09:23:12:21
Chief? 09:23:16:15
We're on. 09:23:17:06
As always it is my definite pleasure to introduce to 09:23:43:21
you the firefighter of the quarter. 09:23:47:00
It's one of the nice tasks I have as public safety 09:23:49:15
chairman and I thank you for allowing me that 09:23:51:21
opportunity to continue. 09:23:54:06
I would like to yield to Chief Jones. 09:23:55:00
It's my pleasure, Dennis, I think you know that. 09:23:57:09
He has the difficult task of picking one firefighter. 09:24:01:24
And I always like for him and TPD chief to go about how 09:24:06:00
he -- explain how he went about choosing. 09:24:09:04
If you will make the introduction. 09:24:13:00
>>> Chief: In August of 1997 David Dittman joined our 09:24:15:28
department. 09:24:23:21
He is a second generation firefighter and he's already 09:24:23:25
had a very distinguished career since 1997. 09:24:26:15

He is a field training officer which means he trains 09:24:30:18
and mentors our newest employees as they begin their 09:24:32:27
experience as firefighters. 09:24:36:06
He also is a co-coordinator of our recruit class. 09:24:38:06
All the new highers get four weeks of recruit training 09:24:41:06
and he is the co-coordinator of that trace where we 09:24:44:03
hone the firefighter skills and paramedic skills. 09:24:47:24
Lieutenant Dittman is part of our tactical response 09:24:51:24
team, a group of individuals who receive specialty 09:24:55:28
training to deal with unique and challenging 09:24:57:18
emergencies such as water rescue and law enforcement 09:25:00:00
tactical situations. 09:25:02:25
During his off-duty hours, lieutenant Dittman continues 09:25:04:09
to serve the community, receives a medical care at the 09:25:08:12
Shriners orthopedic hospital for a rare bone disorder. 09:25:12:15
And lieutenant Dittman and his wife Ellen continue to 09:25:16:03
support the hospital and all their efforts in dealing 09:25:19:16
with these children. 09:25:21:21
Recently, they hosted a national disability 09:25:23:15
championship where hundreds of children from all over 09:25:26:00
the country, actually from around the world, came and 09:25:29:00
competed in orthopedic Olympic type events and David 09:25:32:21
spearheaded the volunteers. 09:25:37:24
We had dozens of employees from Tampa firefighter who 09:25:39:12
served as medical support and volunteered their time to 09:25:42:27

do medical stand by, and David volunteered to 09:25:46:10
coordinate all of that project. 09:25:49:24
For these reasons and many more, we believe that 09:25:51:10
lieutenant David Dittman is more than deserving to be 09:25:54:03
recognized as Tampa Fire Rescue's firefighter of the 09:25:57:15
quarter. 09:26:00:15
(Applause). 09:26:02:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: David, I want to present the 09:26:09:21
commendation to you. 09:26:13:16
Then we also have some of our corporate partners that 09:26:14:12
want to give you some awards. 09:26:17:00
I guess I really should begin by saying, Ellen, thank 09:26:18:06
you for sharing with us, and your beautiful little 09:26:21:09
girl. 09:26:30:00
Anyway, Dave, allow me to read this to you. 09:26:31:06
Tampa City Council's commendation to lieutenant David 09:26:35:25
Dittman in recognition of his outstanding service, 09:26:39:00
lieutenant David Dittman has been selected as 09:26:42:10
firefighter of the quarter. 09:26:44:18
His career as firefighter includes a member of the 09:26:46:07
tactical medical response team, community volunteer, 09:26:51:21
assisting locally and nationally the Tampa Shriners 09:26:54:06
hospital. The City Council of the City of Tampa 09:26:57:21
commends you for all you do to improve the the lives of 09:26:59:15
the city and I as public safety chairman particularly 09:27:02:16

have the pleasure of saying thank you for what you do 09:27:04:18
every sing will day. 09:27:07:03
And chief, thank you as well for having such 09:27:09:24
outstanding people on your team. 09:27:10:07
I'll leave this here and allow people to come up and 09:27:15:09
give you some things. 09:27:18:18
Then you can say whatever you would like to say. 09:27:19:19
>>> Danny Lewis from Bill Currie Ford. 09:27:23:27
It time for us to tell you how much we appreciate what 09:27:30:00
you do for us. 09:27:38:03
>> Kim Landers, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. 09:27:39:10
On behalf of the zoo we would like to say thank you for 09:27:47:01
everything you do. 09:27:49:16
We really appreciate it. 09:27:52:18
And here are some passes for you and your family to 09:27:53:16
visit our new baby elephant. 09:27:57:03
>> Hank Parr representing first financial planning, on 09:28:18:06
behalf of our organization, myself, thank you for 09:28:23:15
keeping our community safe. 09:28:25:21
We would like to present with you a gift certificate to 09:28:27:00
go out to dinner. 09:28:29:18
You can take your daddy out to dinner and your mom and 09:28:30:21
have a good time. 09:28:34:00

>>> My name is Katie from the Florida Aquarium. 09:28:40:15
We would like to thank you for everything that you do 09:28:44:19
for the community and we would like to invite you and 09:28:46:16
your family to see all of our fish and wildlife and 09:28:49:15
have a great time at the Florida Aquarium. 09:28:52:00
Thank you for all that you do. 09:28:53:28
Thank you. 09:28:55:03
>>ROSE FERLITA: I think that translated to "Dad, this 09:29:02:00
is not bad stuff." 09:29:06:12
>> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing. 09:29:07:24
David, we would like to thank you for everything you're 09:29:14:03
doing for us. 09:29:16:06
And as myself being a Shriner, I would like to 09:29:16:27
personally thank you for what you do out there for us. 09:29:22:18
I really do. 09:29:24:22
And you can hold that as a gift certificate for Lee Roy 09:29:25:21
Selmon to take your mommy and daddy. 09:29:30:28
Congratulations. 09:29:34:21
>>STEVE MICHELINI: You see to -- you like to see fish, 09:29:43:06
right? 09:29:46:18
And you like to eat fish? 09:29:47:03
(Laughter). 09:29:50:24
Hamburgers? 09:29:51:12
Okay. 09:29:52:15
Well, you can have a hamburger at the Outback. 09:29:52:18

Is that okay? 09:29:55:09
On behalf of a variety of different folks, one of them 09:30:01:15
is Po boy's restaurant, we are going to provide with 09:30:04:18
you a $50 gift certificate so you can enjoy lunch. 09:30:07:10
Do you like fried shrimp? 09:30:10:25
And Bryn Allen studios is going to provide with you a 09:30:15:03
gift certificate for you to have your family portraits 09:30:18:25
done. 09:30:21:10
The towing association is providing with you a $50 gift 09:30:22:00
certificate to Outback or Carrabas, your choice. 09:30:25:10
And list development, Bern's steakhouse, providing you 09:30:28:28
with $100 to go to Bern's. 09:30:32:13
So you're going to have a good time. 09:30:35:10
>>ROSE FERLITA: That's an outporing of what you do for 09:30:45:24
us. 09:30:50:24
Would you like to say a few words? 09:30:52:09
Would you like to say a few words? 09:30:53:28
Go ahead. 09:30:55:24
>>> I would like to use that one. 09:31:03:27
>> Lieutenant Dittman: I would like to say thanks. 09:31:13:19
This is a great honor. 09:31:16:00
I'm humbled by this. 09:31:17:12
What we do, that's what we are called here to do. 09:31:18:18
This is the reason that we do what we do at the 09:31:21:06
hospital. 09:31:26:09

They had no idea what to do with ourselves when she 09:31:27:19
came along and they have helped us tremendously. 09:31:30:04
We are going to pay them back as much as we can with 09:31:32:04
every support we get. 09:31:34:27
And everybody from my dad spending 28 years in this 09:31:36:04
job, and providing me with the guidance to strive to be 09:31:41:27
the best. 09:31:45:24
I wouldn't be doing what I do today. 09:31:47:27
And I absolutely love you, Dad. 09:31:49:12
(Applause). 09:31:55:22
>>ROSE FERLITA: I think that was certainly a display of 09:32:07:03
the quality of our firefighters. 09:32:09:06
And to you, sir, thank you for allowing him to continue 09:32:10:22
what you do. 09:32:13:09
We certainly appreciate it as citizens of Tampa. 09:32:15:15
Thank you. 09:32:17:09
>>GWEN MILLER: At this time we are going to go to our 09:32:23:21
staff reports. 09:33:06:27
We are going to start with Ms. Cathy Coyle. 09:33:07:18
Is Cathy Coyle outside? 09:33:14:19
Come in. 09:33:17:13
>>CATHERINE COYLE: Land development. 09:33:19:12
I did submit a memo, the 30th of December, to walk 09:33:21:28
on item WZ 06-27. 09:33:26:06
They applied for a temporary wet zoning from magical 09:33:28:13

Tampa, for 1(COP-X). The event will be held this 09:33:33:24
Saturday, January 7th. 09:33:36:16
They applied 12-21. 09:33:37:27
There was no council here in between then and today so 09:33:39:09
there was no way to process this other than a walk-on. 09:33:41:24
>>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved. 09:33:44:27
>> Second. 09:33:50:09
(Motion carried). 09:33:50:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Michael Ejimo? 09:33:51:00
>>> Good morning. 09:33:59:09
My name is Michael Ejimo, strategic planning and 09:33:59:22
technology staff. 09:34:04:25
Under item number 65 of the agenda, we submit this 09:34:05:27
substitute resolution for hearing on February 16, 2006, 09:34:14:07
at 5:01 p.m. 09:34:17:24
Instead of two meetings, you only need one meeting. 09:34:20:15
Original copy has been filed with the city clerk's 09:34:25:00
office. 09:34:27:04
Thank you for your consideration. 09:34:28:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 09:34:30:09
We'll move it at that time. 09:34:31:10
Mr. David Smith. 09:34:34:00
>>DAVID SMITH: I'm here for two purposes. 09:34:40:09
First and foremost, I wanted to introduce to you 09:34:42:24
another new attorney that we have. 09:34:45:09

Marcie Hamilton, a graduate of Stetson university 09:34:52:19
council of law, also prior to law school she was a 09:34:55:18
practicing registered nurse and graduated from the 09:34:58:15
University of South Florida as a business major. 09:35:00:04
Her legal career has been in the field of litigation, 09:35:03:00
primarily areas of nursing home abuse and medical 09:35:06:03
malpractice. 09:35:09:15
She'll be working in our department in the areas of 09:35:10:21
claims, litigation, ethics, human resources, and she 09:35:13:28
will also represent the city clerk. 09:35:18:15
So I would like to introduce to you Marcie who is with 09:35:20:21
us. 09:35:26:15
(Applause). 09:35:28:00
>>> Thank you. 09:35:30:13
And I look forward to working with you. 09:35:30:27
>>DAVID SMITH: You may recognize the name. 09:35:33:27
Marcie is the senior -- and I'm sure brighter -- 09:35:35:24
sibling of Sam Hamilton who you are all very familiar 09:35:39:28
with. 09:35:42:24
So she continues the tradition here with the city 09:35:43:22
attorney's office. 09:35:46:00
The second thing I wanted to talk with you about is to 09:35:46:21
request a confidential attorney-client session with the 09:35:50:15
council next week in order to discuss pending 09:35:53:15
litigation. 09:35:58:03

As you probably know, this is pursuant to 286-11-8 09:35:58:24
which is sometimes referred to as the shade meeting. 09:36:04:01
It's actually a confidential attorney-client session. 09:36:07:18
We have to announce such a session at a private meeting 09:36:10:27
like this. 09:36:13:18
It has to be noticed. 09:36:14:00
And there are certain procedures that will apply. 09:36:16:12
I have for your edification a copy of those procedures 09:36:19:04
which I will ask Marty to pass around to you, if you 09:36:22:03
don't mind, and you can read them at your leisure. 09:36:24:15
We'll be happy to explain them. 09:36:29:06
I will just very briefly. 09:36:30:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: David, in addition to the 09:36:36:10
procedures, obviously it's a rather unusual request to 09:36:38:06
go into a non-sunshine, shaded meeting, and you 09:36:45:10
wouldn't do it lightly, I'm sure. 09:36:50:00
So if you could identify just generically the 09:36:51:21
justification and why you feel it's important. 09:36:55:09
>>DAVID SMITH: Absolutely. 09:36:56:18
This is with regard to what we refer to generic 09:36:58:09
Citivest litigation, it's city national bank versus the 09:37:02:09
City of Tampa. 09:37:05:07
You will recognize it as the condominium project 09:37:06:18
proposed for Bayshore. 09:37:11:27
In the purpose of going into a closed session is to 09:37:14:06

receive direction from the council in regards to what 09:37:17:18
actions to take next. 09:37:22:03
The judge, as you know, I think we have circulated to 09:37:23:04
you over the holidays, the judge's final opinion now, 09:37:26:09
we filed a motion for reconsideration in clarification. 09:37:30:09
He denied the motion for reconsideration, has granted 09:37:32:21
the motion for clarification. 09:37:36:01
The hearing is tentatively set for February 1st. 09:37:37:18
So what is important for us to do is to be able to have 09:37:40:03
an opportunity to advise you in confidence of some of 09:37:43:18
the issues that are related to that case, and then 09:37:47:15
receive from you direction about whether or not to 09:37:49:15
appeal that particular ruling. 09:37:52:28
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: And if you weren't able to do in the 09:37:55:27
a closed meeting in confidence, then what would be the 09:37:58:18
risk to litigation? 09:38:01:15
>>> The risk to the litigation is that everything that 09:38:03:21
is said is immediately a public record and could show 09:38:05:15
up in various ways perhaps unexpectedly in that 09:38:07:27
litigation. 09:38:11:19
But what will be done, as you may New York City they 09:38:12:09
will keep a transcript, and it will come out as a 09:38:14:12
public record at the end of the litigation. 09:38:16:25
So the point is those communications will not be used 09:38:19:15
to our detriment in any way during the litigation. 09:38:23:04

As I will tell you when we open the session, we still 09:38:26:15
have to be careful what we have to say because it will 09:38:30:00
be a public record, and if there are any similarly 09:38:31:27
situated claims we do not want to assist parties with 09:38:35:03
such a similarly situated claim. 09:38:38:04
So today, if you agree, what we will do is I will have 09:38:41:06
to provide notice, the statute requires that, and we'll 09:38:44:27
have to identify the persons who will be in attendance. 09:38:48:15
We will have to have a court reporter. 09:38:51:07
And we will keep a complete transcript of those 09:38:53:00
records. 09:38:55:09
Nothing said can be off the record during that meeting, 09:38:56:01
by the way. 09:38:58:28
We have to announce during a public meeting such as 09:39:00:12
this that we will commence the proceeding, and then we 09:39:03:04
have to go back to a public meeting before taking any 09:39:06:06
action. 09:39:09:15
If, for example, as a result of that discussion you 09:39:10:28
decide to instruct us to file an appeal, we'll have to 09:39:13:06
come back onto the record, you will have to make a 09:39:16:28
motion to that effect, it will have to be voted on. 09:39:19:18
What I'm recommending for ease of your calendar, and 09:39:22:15
today since it will be next Thursday if you agree, that 09:39:26:06
what we will do is at the end of your morning session, 09:39:29:06
you will announce you're going into this private 09:39:31:28

attorney-client session. 09:39:34:22
We will hold it upstairs in my conference room. 09:39:37:00
Lunch will be provided because you have to eat anyway. 09:39:39:19
And we can have that session in conjunction with lunch 09:39:42:12
so it saves your time, saves our time and allows us to 09:39:45:09
have that confidential attorney-client communication. 09:39:47:19
When that's over, you come back down for the afternoon 09:39:50:01
session, you go back on the record, and you take 09:39:52:09
whatever action was decided. 09:39:55:01
If it's not decided, you can't decide it on the record. 09:39:58:27
You will make any motion that you think is appropriate 09:40:02:15
based upon the briefing you received from your 09:40:02:22
attorneys, and then take that action on the record. 09:40:05:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think that's an excellent plan. 09:40:09:21
I know we were very critical of legal last time for not 09:40:11:25
giving us a lot of the background. 09:40:15:12
So I think this is an appropriate way. 09:40:16:27
So I move that we hold this meeting. 09:40:18:16
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Second. 09:40:21:25
>>GWEN MILLER: Question on the motion? 09:40:22:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Just so it's clear, the motion would 09:40:24:12
be -- do you want to state a particular time or 09:40:27:27
particular date? 09:40:30:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: On the 8th floor. 09:40:31:28
>>DAVID SMITH: It will be on the 8th floor. 09:40:33:00

>> On January 12th. 09:40:39:07
>>> And City Council attorney Mr. Shelby. 09:40:40:15
I will be in attendance. The other assistant city 09:40:43:15
attorneys, primarily Kate, Donna, Morris maybe if we 09:40:46:10
can draft him because he's just got so many wise things 09:40:50:03
to say, and possibly Thom and Gloria and possibly -- 09:40:53:06
I'm drawing a blank. 09:41:06:24
Darrell. 09:41:09:04
And Gerry. 09:41:09:09
Gerry is handling the litigation and Gerry is doing a 09:41:10:21
great job, by the way. 09:41:13:16
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Is your conference room big enough? 09:41:16:18
>>> Yes, it has about 12 or 14 ooh round the table and 09:41:19:12
we have more on the perimeter so we should be fine. 09:41:21:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Any questions? 09:41:23:22
[Motion Carried] 09:41:27:15
Thank you. 09:41:29:01
We go to our staff report, unfinished business, item 09:41:29:09
number 2. 09:41:32:27
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Just if there are any other items on 09:41:38:28
the consent docket that council wishes to make a motion 09:41:40:15
to approve the agenda as it is. 09:41:42:22
>>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved. 09:41:45:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 09:41:48:24
(Motion carried). 09:41:49:09

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move resolution number 2. 09:41:51:03
>> Second. 09:41:53:04
(Motion carried). 09:41:53:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Item number 3. 09:41:53:25
Robin Nigh. 09:41:59:12
>>> Robin Nigh, City of Tampa public garden program. 09:42:02:12
I would like to bring you up to date on Lights on 09:42:07:00
Tampa. 09:42:08:24
Hopefully you have heard about it and seen some of the 09:42:09:18
information about it. 09:42:12:12
It is a wonderful opportunity for Tampa to shine, quite 09:42:12:21
literally and figuratively. 09:42:15:15
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you 09:42:18:01
so much for your support in passing the resolutions for 09:42:20:01
these projects. 09:42:22:03
They are marvelous and they will certainly pitch Tampa 09:42:23:00
in a new light. 09:42:26:21
One of the things that I have to show you is an update 09:42:27:22
of the program. 09:42:30:15
And just a brief PowerPoint to give you some reminders. 09:42:32:16
I know you have seen this and you're familiar with it 09:42:36:09
but this is a wonderful opportunity for us as education 09:42:38:06
as well as something that's fun and free and certainly 09:42:44:10
family friendly. 09:42:46:15
These are our posters that hopefully you are starting 09:42:49:01

to see around town. 09:42:51:09
We will also have these available on Saturday, January 09:42:52:22
7th, when we kick off Lights on Tampa. 09:42:55:21
It will be starting at 5:30 here on this particular 09:42:58:18
site. 09:43:01:19
And continue through close to midnight. 09:43:02:12
These are the sites where you can move around. 09:43:07:03
It is also a pedestrian-friendly event where folks 09:43:09:01
hopefully will walk around, and visit some of the local 09:43:13:01
businesses that will be open. 09:43:16:22
The plant hall is where Jorge will be doing his major 09:43:24:24
installation, and here to stay one night only 09:43:29:12
installation, and yes, it is the same night as the Bucs 09:43:32:22
game, and yes, it is something to absolutely celebrate, 09:43:35:12
and it looks as though we are working to try to get 09:43:40:15
some national media attention, which we are very 09:43:43:00
optimistic that indeed will be the case. 09:43:45:12
Stephen KNAP, an artist who did this installation on 09:43:49:00
our own facility, will also be in town and dedicating 09:43:52:24
this as I mentioned at 5:30 on Saturday. 09:43:55:15
Wendy Babcox, a local artist, professor at USF, will be 09:43:59:09
doing a score front and the local businesses and the 09:44:04:06
support that this project has had has been incredible. 09:44:09:22
It's been a wonderfully synergistic group that we have 09:44:13:03
worked with. 09:44:16:06

It's a lot of very positive and optimistic people. 09:44:16:28
It's been driven strongly by the private sector. 09:44:19:09
It is an incredible, wonderful project and I am 09:44:22:06
privileged to have been a part of it. 09:44:24:24
Erwin Redl was on the front page of the New York Times, 09:44:26:25
he is a major artist and it's just wonderful to have 09:44:30:21
him in town. 09:44:32:27
He does projects with LED lights that almost makes the 09:44:34:06
facade seem like it's breathing when they change from 09:44:38:00
color to color. 09:44:41:24
It is a really color-saturated experience to be sure. 09:44:42:19
Bay station lighting was going to be lighting one of 09:44:47:28
our partners, with the Tampa Tribune, media, the news 09:44:50:21
center. 09:44:55:28
They have been our media sponsor and again good to work 09:44:56:15
with. 09:44:59:12
Their project will be choreographed to music. 09:45:00:04
And one of the things I would also like to mention is 09:45:03:16
the best viewing location for this will be our own 09:45:05:13
riverwalk, which is MacDill park which was just 09:45:08:00
dedicated a couple of weeks ago. 09:45:12:10
TOBEY archer, this is a pulsating fiber optic that 09:45:15:25
wraps the roof line of the building, welcomes guests to 09:45:23:09
the site. 09:45:25:27
One of the things I would strongly like to emphasize is 09:45:28:22

our education component. 09:45:29:00
We have incredible education partners on this. 09:45:30:01
We have -- you may have seen it. 09:45:32:15
I'm sorry I don't have enough copies for everyone. 09:45:34:24
But I will get them for you. 09:45:36:24
And this is the news and education insert flier, 09:45:38:15
circulation wide, which is 250,000 homes through a 09:45:43:12
nine-county area and in the Tampa Tribune today. 09:45:47:00
There are also downloadable plans on our web site that 09:45:51:06
were done courtesy of the Tampa Museum of Art. 09:45:53:25
So again it's just a wonderful project that's pulled a 09:45:56:13
lot of great people together. 09:45:58:22
We will be continuing with this effort into phase 2 09:46:02:22
which opens in March. 09:46:06:00
And that will be bringing -- imagine going to the Poe 09:46:07:06
garage as a project experience. 09:46:12:16
We will be working with some of our departments in the 09:46:19:21
city to work on this as well. 09:46:21:25
Jeff Whipple will be helping on the facade. 09:46:25:03
He's also a local artist at the Tampa Museum of Art. 09:46:30:09
And part of the development is lighting the Cass Street 09:46:34:01
bridge which will be happening either early '07 most 09:46:39:21
likely. 09:46:43:27
And again just to mention some of our sponsors. 09:46:44:15
This has been an absolute wonderful experience to work 09:46:46:19

with these great people. 09:46:49:18
A lot of folks have come together, and I just want to 09:46:51:21
thank you for the opportunity to again move this 09:46:55:09
project forward. 09:46:58:06
And thanks to your support. 09:46:59:06
I also want to mention another thing, that we have been 09:47:00:27
receiving already some national press. 09:47:03:21
This is public art in review which is the only national 09:47:06:15
publication on public art in the country. 09:47:10:00
And we have a full page spread in this as well. 09:47:13:00
So we are getting out there. 09:47:18:06
And I just want to say thank you. 09:47:19:15
It's been a pleasure and a privilege. 09:47:20:27
And I certainly hope to see you out on Saturday. 09:47:22:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: We are all thrilled about this 09:47:29:18
project, and we are also thrilled about the Buccaneers 09:47:31:04
moving forward in the playoffs. 09:47:33:27
And there is a conflict. 09:47:35:06
I think the Bucs game starts at 3:30. 09:47:36:10
>>> 4:30. 09:47:40:12
>> Oh, 4:30. 09:47:41:06
What time is the switch on? 09:47:42:18
>>> 5:30. 09:47:46:00
>> It couldn't be pushed later? 09:47:47:03
>>> No, sir, I'm sorry. 09:47:48:25

It's in print too many places. 09:47:50:01
But actually what we think is really positive is that 09:47:52:25
there will be updates given around in the neighborhood. 09:47:55:06
We do have WFLA talent around, and they will be giving 09:47:57:18
updates of the game. 09:48:01:04
We are encouraging, as a matter of fact, we have some 09:48:02:00
wonderful vendors downtown, some of our businesses that 09:48:04:22
aren't normally open on Friday -- excuse me, Saturday 09:48:07:22
night will be open. 09:48:10:18
And we would encourage the hotels and some of the 09:48:11:19
sports bars in the area to be open, and they'll watch 09:48:14:01
the game there. 09:48:16:27
>> How long are they going to stay on, all night? 09:48:19:12
>>> Yes, ma'am, roughly around midnight. 09:48:21:22
>> So when they get done with the Bucs' game they can 09:48:23:27
ride around and see them. 09:48:27:12
>>> Certainly. 09:48:28:27
And they will be on well into the night. 09:48:29:04
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to say this is the most 09:48:33:27
positive and exciting public art that's ever been 09:48:35:21
created in this community. 09:48:38:06
And I invited public officials from Pinellas County to 09:48:39:00
come view this because I think this is great. 09:48:43:21
And you and your staff have done a marvelous job. 09:48:47:04
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Robin, this is exciting. 09:48:52:15

We are all looking forward to the. 09:48:54:24
Will there be some type of like trail? 09:48:57:03
Or will there be some sort of like guided tour of all 09:49:00:22
the different buildings? 09:49:04:12
Or do people come down and sort of wonder around on 09:49:05:06
their own? 09:49:10:16
>>> Both. 09:49:12:00
Those folks who want to meander on their own. 09:49:12:18
And Lykes park, I do have some brochures here for you 09:49:16:24
and we will have brochures. 09:49:19:10
50 cents a ride and folks who would like to take the 09:49:30:00
trolley as opposed to walk. 09:49:33:03
I would encourage, again, it's very kid friendly. 09:49:36:04
We'll have some things for the kids in Lykes park as 09:49:39:15
well so it's going to be great. 09:49:42:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: I apologize, Robin. 09:49:48:00
You were outstaged by that beautiful little girl. 09:49:49:16
So I spent some time with her and I'm sorry that I 09:49:52:10
missed the beginning of your presentation. 09:49:54:24
I don't know if this has been said since I got here, as 09:49:56:00
soon as since I got back. 09:49:58:15
I want you to know that every single time we have 09:50:01:03
spoken about this, you have met with me on this, you 09:50:04:03
are very excited about your commitment. 09:50:07:06
It's obviously very apparent. 09:50:08:27

And long-term, I just want to thank you for the level 09:50:10:18
of commitment that you have given to this project here. 09:50:15:07
You're an enthusiastic and employee. 09:50:17:21
And I like your style. 09:50:19:22
Thank you. 09:50:23:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. 09:50:23:09
And keep up the good work. 09:50:25:12
Item number 4 we need to receive and file. 09:50:28:18
>>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved. 09:50:30:18
>> Second. 09:50:34:12
(Motion carried). 09:50:34:22
>>GWEN MILLER: Number 5 need to receive and file. 09:50:35:03
>>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved. 09:50:38:09
>> Second. 09:50:39:09
(Motion carried). 09:50:39:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I second it. 09:50:39:25
I just want to comment on number 5. 09:50:41:15
Cindy Miller and her staff did a fan takes tick job. 09:50:46:04
I don't know if you all saw the memo that she gave to 09:50:51:21
us. 09:50:52:00
I'm sure you did. 09:50:52:16
But they did just a fantastic job of responding to our 09:50:53:07
request. 09:50:56:06
I told her yesterday jokingly you can move and change, 09:51:00:27
because they were able to get into the computer system 09:51:04:00

and make some tweaking and respond to our what our 09:51:06:03
request was. 09:51:11:06
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 09:51:11:19
(Motion carried) 09:51:14:03
Is there anyone in the public that would like to 09:51:18:27
request reconsideration? 09:51:20:16
Anyone in the public that would like to request 09:51:24:25
reconsideration? 09:51:26:18
We go to our audience portion. 09:51:29:06
Anyone in the that would like to speak to any item on 09:51:30:10
the agenda not set for a public hearing. 09:51:33:03
>>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. 09:51:54:09
My name is Moses Knott, Jr. 09:51:55:16
I reside at 2902 East Ellicott street. 09:51:57:27
And I just thank God for his grace and his mercy. 09:52:01:27
To be still living on that corner, and I'm standing 09:52:06:27
here this morning. 09:52:10:06
You know. 09:52:13:04
>> Happy new year. 09:52:15:28
The same to you all. 09:52:17:09
People use "happy holiday." 09:52:18:22
>>ROSE FERLITA: Even thousand don't trust us, 09:52:25:04
Mr. Knott. 09:52:26:27
>> I thank God to be here. 09:52:27:22
I thank God so much. 09:52:29:13

I been coming here a long, long time. 09:52:32:21
For me to walk in here this morning in 2006, that's a 09:52:34:24
great big blessing to me. 09:52:37:10
Just to be here this morning. 09:52:39:24
And speaking of the word, I always talk about the word, 09:52:41:24
you know. 09:52:47:12
But been up half the night looking at CNN people up 09:52:47:22
there in the coal mines. 09:52:51:22
My condolences go out for those people this morning. 09:52:55:06
That's the only thing, I just been watching that. 09:53:01:09
But you all have this article 4 this morning. 09:53:04:28
Wasn't anybody going to speak on that? 09:53:09:09
>>GWEN MILLER: We received a memo from code enforcement 09:53:10:27
outlining everything they have done and going to do so 09:53:15:09
we are going to give them a little time to see what 09:53:17:21
happens and come back with it. 09:53:19:24
>>> Okay. 09:53:22:12
Because I know the businessman, he sell liquor. 09:53:22:21
Some people hate me because I run demolition and I have 09:53:32:09
a junk yard and people hate the fact we got a business 09:53:35:16
but me, I'm a, I just hate to see anybody got a 09:53:43:21
business get stomped in the ground. 09:53:48:24
But this thing just interests me. 09:53:50:22
I want to tell you why it interests me. 09:53:53:19
15 or 20 years ago, we had a honky-tonk bar on every 09:53:57:09

corner. 09:54:03:04
But black peoples. 09:54:03:15
Every last one of them gone. 09:54:08:06
They tramped those people into the ground and put them 09:54:09:13
out of business. 09:54:15:00
But this gene, he's a white man, and he's still there. 09:54:15:21
And he always going to be there. 09:54:22:03
And like I said, you know, I never met this man before. 09:54:25:04
But I can appreciate this man having a business in that 09:54:29:00
part of town, just getting a picture of what I been 09:54:32:03
talking about down through the years, that what some 09:54:37:01
people can't do and some people can. 09:54:40:12
Because this man is a white man and he got money. 09:54:43:18
I mean this man got money to burn and lawyers. 09:54:46:07
But I been very interested in this case. 09:54:49:04
And I want to see what the outcome. 09:54:51:12
But I guarantee you he's going to be the only bar in 09:54:54:04
that area and he's always going to be there. 09:54:56:24
>>CHAIRMAN: Thank you, Mr. Knott. 09:54:59:13
Would anyone else like to speak? 09:55:01:24
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: Good morning. 09:55:09:19
My name is John Grandoff. 09:55:11:21
My address is suite 3700 Bank of America plaza. 09:55:13:10
Before making my remarks, I would like to provide to 09:55:18:06
you a letter which was received by the chair by members 09:55:20:21

of City Council from the Planning Commission dated 09:55:24:10
December 13th. 09:55:27:00
I can provide copies to you. 09:55:28:21
The letter I'm handing out to you came after a Planning 09:55:47:04
Commission meeting on December 12. 09:55:49:22
I represent the Adamo corridor property owners 09:55:54:13
association which includes Kimens corporation which is 09:55:58:07
also a client of my firm. 09:56:00:01
Several other owners within the Adamo corridor 09:56:01:28
association are also in the audience this morning. 09:56:05:16
The Adamo corridor is north of Adamo drive north of 09:56:07:24
Channelside to about 22nd or 21st street, and 09:56:12:12
northward to about 3rd Avenue. 09:56:15:27
Essentially the Planning Commission provided a 09:56:20:16
recommendation on the Y-6-C amendment to the 09:56:22:21
regulations increasing the height from 45 to 60 feet. 09:56:30:03
Our clients took issue with that amendment because we 09:56:34:27
feel that there needs to be a more comprehensive study 09:56:38:01
of this area, of this geographic area. 09:56:42:09
And several members of the Planning Commission were 09:56:45:01
sympathetic to our argument. 09:56:46:22
They said, yes, that does need to be studied more 09:56:50:00
intensively, instead of doing a tunnel vision approach, 09:56:53:24
I'm just amending the Y-6 district. 09:56:56:16
The Y-6 district has not impacted my clients rights 09:56:59:06

demonstrably. 09:57:04:15
It was just a change to do a lateral change, a lateral 09:57:05:25
change on height. 09:57:09:16
What we think is -- what we believe the city staff is 09:57:11:10
being a little short sighted on studying this area and 09:57:15:00
deciding where it exactly needs to go and the Planning 09:57:19:03
Commission board and staff are sympathetic to this. 09:57:20:18
The purpose of the letter from Mr. Hunter is to ask you 09:57:23:06
to consider height and density increases as may be 09:57:25:22
appropriate sometime in the future. 09:57:29:10
I'm asking to you now adopt a motion directing your 09:57:31:00
staff to study this area, and come up with some 09:57:34:16
direction so my clients can plan accordingly. 09:57:37:12
And we have to have some reliability on where city 09:57:40:15
planning is going in this area. 09:57:44:06
That's our simple request this morning. 09:57:45:28
I ask that you would provide that direction to your 09:57:47:06
staff. 09:57:51:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman? 09:58:01:21
Thank you for bringing this to us. 09:58:03:03
I have to say that I've been trying to get the Kennedy 09:58:05:12
Boulevard design guidelines out of our staff for over a 09:58:08:03
year. 09:58:11:27
And they are already written. 09:58:13:25
I have just been trying to get the final version out. 09:58:16:09

Their plate is so overfull. 09:58:18:28
Their list of projects that council has previously 09:58:22:21
requested is so long that while I think this is an 09:58:25:12
interesting point, I'm not going to add it to the list 09:58:29:12
at this point because I want to get the Kennedy 09:58:33:06
Boulevard plan out of there. 09:58:37:27
We all have things we have asked for. 09:58:39:10
John's request at this point -- we all have things that 09:58:41:10
we have asked them to do and we are constantly told, 09:58:44:27
oh, Thom Snelling and his crew are so overburdened. 09:58:47:01
So if you want to pursue a specific request on specific 09:58:50:27
site, that is certainly your purview. 09:58:53:21
But I am not going to request that of our staff at this 09:58:56:09
time until some of the things, there are a huge litany 09:58:59:10
of requests from council to start going through. 09:59:03:13
And I'm optimistic in '06 we'll start to see that 09:59:05:21
happen. 09:59:09:07
I am hopeful that I will live long enough to see some 09:59:09:15
of the requests that have been on the list for years to 09:59:12:06
finally come back so we can take action on it. 09:59:14:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: Thank you, Madam Chairman. 09:59:16:06
If I remember correctly, Mr. Grandoff, was it the 09:59:20:21
Planning Commission who recommended a study early in 09:59:24:27
'06? 09:59:27:06
Somebody recommended something early in '06. 09:59:27:27

>>JOHN GRANDOFF: There was a study done last year by 09:59:30:03
private consultant to the Ybor City Development 09:59:33:24
Corporation. 09:59:38:07
That was completed in the spring. 09:59:40:09
But it really didn't get to the areas south of third 09:59:41:22
Avenue to Adamo. 09:59:45:00
So it kind of left the issue open. 09:59:46:27
>>ROSE FERLITA: I just thought somebody had made a 09:59:50:09
recommendation the study be done. 09:59:54:01
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: It was done and on the shelf. 09:59:55:03
>>ROSE FERLITA: And Ms. Saul-Sena, I agree with you. 09:59:58:18
I know that Thom Snelling and his staff are just 10:00:00:22
overwhelmed. 10:00:03:12
But putting this on the list of things to do doesn't -- 10:00:04:00
they are still going to be able to do only what they 10:00:11:01
can do. 10:00:13:00
And I'm thinking this is a good idea to follow for both 10:00:13:18
my colleagues who didn't support the other -- what was 10:00:16:09
it, on second Avenue and Adamo? 10:00:21:09
Was that your client as well? 10:00:23:27
Was that David Mechanik? 10:00:25:18
>>> That was the crossman building. 10:00:28:00
>> And I think, Ms. Saul-Sena, you voted against it and 10:00:29:16
I voted for it because it was out of the Ybor 10:00:32:09
boundaries. 10:00:34:19

But I think something like this, simply because Mr. 10:00:35:15
Grandoff is asking for to us put it on the list of 10:00:37:19
things to do doesn't necessarily mean it's going to 10:00:39:27
automatically give him heights that are not suitable to 10:00:42:21
you or heights that are not suitable to his client. 10:00:45:21
So I think we ought to put it on the list of things to 10:00:49:09
do. 10:00:52:00
Now, understanding that it's been sluggish in terms of 10:00:52:10
what they can get out because of their workload, it 10:00:54:28
might not be right away. 10:00:57:22
That's a given. 10:00:59:00
But I don't see any harm in requesting that our staff 10:00:59:21
give us a study. 10:01:02:00
It remains that this council later in this year some 10:01:05:27
idea of what we want to do on Adamo. 10:01:08:16
It will help a lot of people in terms of the 10:01:11:04
definitions. 10:01:12:24
I know that oftentimes when we have issues come to us 10:01:13:22
on this side of the Ybor boundary, leadership in Ybor 10:01:18:21
like Frank Costentino comes in. 10:01:21:19
She talks about your concerns. 10:01:25:12
You talk about your client's concerns from the other 10:01:26:24
standpoint. 10:01:28:16
But I think this will be at least something that allows 10:01:29:27
us some guidelines, gives us a study, and gives us the 10:01:31:27

opportunity to do so input. 10:01:36:13
So, you know, I certainly am most comfortable 10:01:38:12
requesting that we request them do the study and I 10:01:43:00
don't think Mr. Grandoff is asking for any more than 10:01:45:27
that. 10:01:48:25
>>KEVIN WHITE: If that's a motion I'll second that. 10:01:48:25
But the reason for doing that is I think when the 10:01:51:13
project came before us we were all concerned, or other 10:01:56:15
council members were greatly concerned about height, 10:01:58:28
and that being in the Ybor corridor, the Channelside 10:02:01:12
gateway corridor, if you will. 10:02:06:24
I think this will give us a lot more definition of the 10:02:08:09
boundaries, and what will be acceptable there, not only 10:02:11:00
that but any future petitioners that are come in, they 10:02:14:12
will be able to know what the guidelines and acceptable 10:02:16:21
boundaries are as well as what they can plan on 10:02:21:27
proposing to council. 10:02:24:24
As Ms. Ferlita said, I don't think there's any harm to 10:02:25:19
putting it on the litany of things that Mr. Snelling's 10:02:28:18
office has. 10:02:32:25
This isn't going to prioritize this. 10:02:33:09
And this isn't going to shoot it up to the top of their 10:02:35:00
list of things to do. 10:02:37:18
It will just be an additional item on the things to do. 10:02:39:22
And when they can get to it or whatever is on their 10:02:43:15

priority list, that's when we'll get our results. 10:02:49:21
I think this is something that needs to be done, 10:02:51:24
especially for council members who seriously have some 10:02:55:01
concerns about the height, and density requirements 10:02:58:07
found in that area, to give some further clarification. 10:03:01:19
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I agree. 10:03:06:00
I think that we need to do that, and apparently, you 10:03:07:12
have to do something about it, because there's going to 10:03:11:03
be a scheduled hearing on March 23rd. 10:03:14:03
So what are we going to listen to if we don't have 10:03:16:15
something in hand? 10:03:19:13
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We heard at dressed. 10:03:21:04
>>MARY ALVAREZ: But it says here provided for your 10:03:22:18
review in advance of the scheduled public hearing on 10:03:25:18
March 23rd. 10:03:27:15
So something has to be done. 10:03:28:24
>> Could you clarify? 10:03:34:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder? 10:03:35:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mary is concerned about what's 10:03:37:16
happening on the hearing that we are having in March. 10:03:39:06
And it's only about the revision of the height from 45 10:03:41:12
back to 60 feet. 10:03:45:00
And that's already been addressed and voted on. 10:03:45:28
And that's what's coming to us. 10:03:48:07
What he's asking is for something much broader. 10:03:49:21

>>MARY ALVAREZ: I don't think so. 10:03:54:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would you clarify that, please? 10:03:55:10
>>MARY ALVAREZ: The Planning Commission says it could 10:03:59:12
be appropriate sometime in the future. 10:04:00:21
So that's what we want to discuss. 10:04:03:00
And so I think that it would be appropriate to have our 10:04:05:00
people look at it, our staff look at it and see if they 10:04:12:27
can come back before March 23rd. 10:04:16:18
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: That's where we are going. 10:04:18:06
We don't want the March 23rd hearing to be the 10:04:20:18
first time we start speaking about a more global look 10:04:22:12
at this area. 10:04:25:04
Now highway 60 is Kennedy Boulevard, and it's Adamo 10:04:26:00
Drive. 10:04:29:21
They are both the same road. 10:04:30:27
I would suggest that highway 60 is a more intensive 10:04:33:24
road than what Kennedy is right now, Ms. Saul-Sena 10:04:36:18
N.response to your Kennedy Boulevard issue. 10:04:38:24
We are talking about the same road. 10:04:40:28
Just divided by downtown. 10:04:42:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Our design standards? 10:04:43:03
>>> Not yet. 10:04:49:24
It's a significant amount of property. 10:04:51:12
And to piecemeal it -- also the single-family home 10:04:53:06
owners, industrial property in this area, there is a 10:04:55:28

lot of uncertainty as to what the direction of this 10:04:58:03
area should be, and instead of piece milling it on 10:05:01:09
March 23rd, attached to the YC-6, let's get our 10:05:04:18
arms around this thing so there's some security in the 10:05:08:22
marketplace as to what's going on. The crossman plan 10:05:11:06
amendment that Mr. White spoke of is, I think 10:05:13:21
2:catalyst of where this is all going. 10:05:17:06
Someone woke up and said let's look at what's going on 10:05:20:10
here so we have some idea, that there's some definitive 10:05:23:10
plans whereof the city wants to go, transportation for 10:05:26:03
one issue. 10:05:28:13
>>MARY ALVAREZ: What I'd like to do is do a friendly 10:05:31:03
amendment to Ms. Ferlita's and say that this becomes a 10:05:33:28
priority. 10:05:38:24
So we'll have some information for the March 23rd. 10:05:39:12
And that would be a friendly amendment. 10:05:42:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: My amendment proposal is I think 10:05:44:09
also friendly, is that Gloria -- Thom, but I think 10:05:51:06
Gloria to a greater extent -- has spent a great amount 10:05:56:15
of time. 10:06:00:15
Why don't we ask Gloria to come in next week and talk 10:06:00:28
to us specifically about this, see what the feasibility 10:06:04:04
of it to studying it, see how it fits northbound with 10:06:06:15
March and get their perspective on this as opposed to 10:06:09:18
us directing something that we don't have all the 10:06:12:19

information? 10:06:14:27
So it's just that perhaps the intent that we could or 10:06:17:18
would study it down the road, let's get Gloria's input, 10:06:24:03
or Thom and galoreas input than on this. 10:06:28:01
>>ROSE FERLITA: I will consider that an additional 10:06:30:24
friendly amendment if the first part of my motion 10:06:33:04
remains. 10:06:35:24
We will put it on the list of things to do. 10:06:37:00
We don't want to overburden Mr. Snelling and staff. 10:06:38:21
We can have Gloria to come in to give us a brief 10:06:42:12
update. 10:06:46:18
But as we go forward, and Mr. Grandoff is right, it is 10:06:46:24
also Kennedy, it's also highway 60. 10:06:50:00
This morning at CRA, we talked about Channel District. 10:06:52:01
So you go downtown, and we are doing all this 10:06:55:21
development downtown. 10:06:58:01
We have all this development in Channel District. 10:06:58:27
And then we go to no-man's land on Adamo Drive. 10:07:00:21
We need to do something to define, to have criteria, to 10:07:05:09
have data, to have information, so that this council 10:07:08:07
and the council after us has an opportunity to use 10:07:11:00
guidelines to go that way. 10:07:15:00
We are not talking about tomorrow or the next day. 10:07:16:21
And I think your idea is great about her coming in. 10:07:18:24
I think Mary's amendment is fine as well. 10:07:23:16

But if you don't put it on the list of things to do, 10:07:23:16
it's never going to get on the list. 10:07:25:18
So I'll consider your additional amendment if we do 10:07:27:27
both. 10:07:31:00
And we're not saying by a time certain. 10:07:31:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Harrison wants to speak. 10:07:37:21
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I agree with Mr. Dingfelder's 10:07:40:01
approach to ask Gloria to come in next week, because 10:07:42:13
what Gloria will tell us, I'm pretty sure, is that we 10:07:45:03
have already studied it. 10:07:48:00
This was the city's recommendation that went to the 10:07:49:13
Planning Commission. 10:07:51:10
To go from 45 to 60. 10:07:52:13
So I think that's going to be the city's position. 10:07:54:00
I think what Mr. Grandoff is saying and actually 10:07:57:00
watched the Planning Commission meeting when this took 10:08:00:01
place, they were concerned that 60 feet wasn't high 10:08:01:18
enough. 10:08:05:09
And they wanted to make sure that there was -- we had 10:08:05:18
the ability in specific cases to go above that. 10:08:08:27
And I'm not sure what we are going to accomplish with a 10:08:12:10
study when the city is going to say we have already 10:08:16:00
looked at it and figure it ought to be 60. 10:08:20:00
And there may very well be case-specific proposals that 10:08:22:12
need to be above 60, in which case we can consider 10:08:27:25

those on a case-by-case basis. 10:08:30:27
I'm not sure what we are going to accomplish. 10:08:32:27
That's why I think Mr. Dingfelder's approach, have 10:08:34:12
Gloria come in next week and tell us there isn't any 10:08:38:04
more to study, or maybe there is more to study. 10:08:40:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, I agree that we maybe should have 10:08:43:03
deplore yeah here. 10:08:46:18
But I also think that we ought to make a friendly 10:08:47:06
amendment to her motion that we make it a priority just 10:08:51:00
in case that study hasn't been done. 10:08:54:15
If it hasn't been done, and you keep saying it has. 10:08:57:10
I don't know that it has been done. 10:09:00:09
Well, maybe your mind is a little clearer than mind, 10:09:04:15
but I don't remember that. 10:09:09:06
In other words, make two motions. 10:09:11:22
One, that we have Gloria come in and talk to us. 10:09:15:22
And the second one, we'll make it a priority in case it 10:09:19:21
hasn't been done. 10:09:23:10
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I went to a meeting at the 10:09:26:15
children's board where Gloria presented this study so I 10:09:28:04
know it's been done. 10:09:30:12
And Mr. Grandoff was there, his clients was there. 10:09:31:13
At the children's board. 10:09:34:22
You better there there. Anyway -- you were there. 10:09:37:06
Anyway, when Gloria comes in next week and I support 10:09:41:06

all these motions, she and Mr. Snelling provide a list 10:09:43:18
for us of all the projects of what their priorities are 10:09:47:15
that they are working on. 10:09:49:16
I am just so frustrated. 10:09:51:00
And Ms. Ferlita, I think you're completely right that 10:09:52:16
we should look at Kennedy as a whole thing, and look at 10:09:55:01
the quality of design, the quality of redevelopment, 10:09:59:18
and all of that. 10:10:02:00
But I'd like a list from Gloria next week when she 10:10:02:24
comes in of all the things they are working on and what 10:10:06:06
their existing priority is, and even what an expected 10:10:08:28
time frame is of when we can expect to get the work 10:10:11:09
products before council, so we can look at what the 10:10:14:15
work program is for the year, and frankly, I think 10:10:17:28
that's something that's very appropriate for council to 10:10:21:00
have a sense of, is where different projects stack up. 10:10:22:22
There's a neighborhood that came to me recently, and I 10:10:25:22
think they will be talking to all of you. 10:10:28:15
They want a neighborhood study. 10:10:30:27
I said, I think this is a great idea. 10:10:32:06
I know that Thom is super busy. 10:10:34:06
I don't know how quickly they can get to this. 10:10:36:18
But I think it would be helpful for council to 10:10:38:18
understand what their program is and what the time 10:10:40:18
frames, the projected time frames are. 10:10:44:13

>>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, may I ask? 10:10:45:27
Ms. Saul-Sena, I went outside here. 10:10:52:00
I think Mr. Snelling needs to come in and address this. 10:10:55:15
But from my brief conversation with him just now he's 10:10:58:18
not aware of a study they have already done in terms of 10:11:01:15
Adamo Drive. But let him come in and weigh in on. 10:11:03:15
This but I will tell you, just a general comment, and 10:11:06:13
we really need to listen to this early on, so that when 10:11:09:09
it gets closer to the next budget cycle, isn't that 10:11:12:07
pitiful that the city is doing so many things, Lights 10:11:16:19
on Tampa, Tampa, TA-DA, and we have the amount of staff 10:11:19:00
that Thom Snelling has that puts us or this counsel or 10:11:25:16
the council following in a predicament where we have to 10:11:28:03
hold off -- whether isth is one that you support or 10:11:30:25
not it's just a general observation -- that we have to 10:11:33:21
put off studies that might be important because Mr. 10:11:36:09
Snelling does not have enough staff. 10:11:39:00
We can conquer the world but we can't give him enough 10:11:41:00
staff. 10:11:44:06
That's not good enough. 10:11:44:15
I think we better heed that warning. 10:11:45:19
We know what the load is that we give him and we know 10:11:53:00
what his load power is and his amount of staff so that 10:11:56:06
ought to be like a top priority next time. 10:11:59:00
If you allow Mr. Snelling to come in and say a few 10:12:01:10

words with some more information. 10:12:03:18
Mr. Snelling, the drums are rolling for you. 10:12:07:15
>>THOM SNELLING: Land development. 10:12:13:06
How are you? 10:12:15:19
>> Happy new year. 10:12:19:15
>>THOM SNELLING: Thank you. 10:12:20:03
You, too. 10:12:21:13
The study that was done in Ybor City was quote-unquote 10:12:22:12
a type of a vision document for Ybor City in general, 10:12:28:21
not just specifically the Adamo corridor, that we all 10:12:32:15
know is done through the Ybor Development Corporation 10:12:35:06
with Vince Pardo and everything. 10:12:38:15
That really analyzed Ybor City in general, and the 10:12:40:06
kinds of things they wanted to happen there. 10:12:42:25
A specific corridor study as to whether or not Adamo 10:12:46:00
corridor from Nick Nuccio out to 22nd or 50th 10:12:49:18
or however far out we decided to go with that, or the 10:12:54:12
idea was to go with that, and whether or not to change 10:12:57:21
it to something like an urban OCMU 35 or changing the 10:13:00:24
land use and all that, nothing in that vein to my 10:13:05:12
knowledge has taken place. 10:13:10:22
We have tangentially talked about those kinds of 10:13:11:18
things. 10:13:13:21
The relationship between the existing Ybor study that 10:13:13:27
took place and that portion of Adamo drive there had to 10:13:17:04

do with what time of zoning districts might be 10:13:20:03
appropriate in there, like a YC-6 or 7 or whatever, 10:13:23:24
making the zoning districts change, and the only other 10:13:27:18
real thing that took place as part of that was whether 10:13:30:28
or not to increase the height in that area from, I 10:13:34:21
think in the IG allows for -- or the YC-6 was allowing 10:13:37:03
for 45 and we were saying, go ahead and Butch it up to 10:13:41:18
60. 10:13:44:18
That's the only change that took place there. 10:13:45:09
And that was when we met at the children's board. 10:13:47:18
And we had that conversation. 10:13:50:04
An overall study as to switch that whole corridor to a 10:13:53:09
UMU 60 or something else, that kind of came up from 10:13:58:15
that last land use conversation I think on 15th and 10:14:03:21
Adamo, no, sir has been really done about that. 10:14:08:03
It's only as I said been tangent. 10:14:11:21
That's going to be easy. 10:14:17:16
I can produce that. 10:14:18:19
We'll have that ready for you next week. 10:14:20:09
To show you how we are looking at things, now that we 10:14:21:25
are meeting on 27 next Wednesday, meeting with you 10:14:24:28
again on the 25th, meeting this Friday with the 10:14:28:03
builders association on 27th. 10:14:30:06
We are meeting Monday on 13. 10:14:32:12
So I mean all those things, they are in the queue and 10:14:34:27

they are happening. 10:14:37:19
There are big changes on 27. 10:14:38:21
That's moving in my opinion pretty well. 10:14:39:27
But there's other things going on right behind that 10:14:42:06
that is probably what you really need to do because 10:14:44:21
some of the things that you may be thinking, what's 10:14:46:24
going on here? 10:14:48:18
I heard you mention Kennedy Boulevard. 10:14:49:04
What's going on there? 10:14:51:12
What's going on with some of the parking things? 10:14:53:18
I need to line that out in a word program format and I 10:14:56:13
can certainly get that to you by next week. 10:15:01:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Ferlita, your motion again. 10:15:05:21
>>THOM SNELLING: I apologize, I was in another meeting 10:15:09:24
and wasn't listening to council. 10:15:12:13
>>ROSE FERLITA: The motion again is to to put this 10:15:13:22
study on the list of things to do for Mr. Snelling. 10:15:17:18
I don't know if you all feel that it's necessary for 10:15:20:03
Gloria to come in and add additional info to what Mr. 10:15:23:09
Snelling said. 10:15:29:00
>>THOM SNELLING: We are in the middle of a 10:15:29:15
comprehensive plan land use change and I know there's a 10:15:32:07
lot of discussion going on, and council is very aware 10:15:34:01
of there's land use changes being discussed on there. 10:15:38:15
But at the same time, there's so many issues happening 10:15:41:19

there. 10:15:44:01
And this is probably a good time to reel that in. 10:15:44:27
Because the overall changes -- or the stuff that's 10:15:47:21
going on with the appraisal report, as well as what 10:15:50:01
changes are going to be recommended coming out of that 10:15:54:01
over the next 18 months to two years, is all part of 10:15:55:28
what's going on. 10:15:59:09
And that can probably relatively easily be rolled into 10:16:00:03
that comp plan analysis and 2 changes that take place 10:16:04:03
out of there. 10:16:08:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: My concern is, Thom, how long will 10:16:08:15
that? 10:16:11:27
Ta? 10:16:12:10
>>> It has its own track. 10:16:13:27
And that doesn't -- 10:16:15:03
>>: It's got to go through the process. 10:16:17:21
>>> Correct. 10:16:19:24
>> If we ask for just a separate study, that will at 10:16:20:06
least give this council some guidelines so we don't go 10:16:22:15
into that problem like we did last time. 10:16:25:27
It's too high, there's nothing in between, what can we 10:16:28:15
do? 10:16:31:00
In addition to which -- 10:16:32:10
>>THOM SNELLING: I can give you my work program to show 10:16:34:24
you what you have there. 10:16:36:13

I can probably better answer that, honestly, after 10:16:37:12
that. 10:16:40:18
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Snelling, according to the letter 10:16:42:03
that we got from Mr. Grandoff, he's saying that there's 10:16:43:18
going to be a scheduled public hearing on March 10:16:51:06
23rd. 10:16:53:13
>>THOM SNELLING: I don't have that letter in front of 10:16:53:13
me. 10:16:55:28
I'm not sure what that -- 10:16:56:09
>> A Planning Commission letter. 10:16:58:16
>>SHAWN HARRISON: For 45 to 60, for the whole YC-6. 10:16:59:15
We need to tell him what the study is. 10:17:05:06
>>THOM SNELLING: That recommendation came out, when 10:17:08:09
council asked to expand the historic district. 10:17:13:06
Historic district was expanded. 10:17:17:24
Right on the heels of that, zoning then had to come in 10:17:18:27
and say, because when you explain the historic district 10:17:22:07
without assigning Ybor City designations to that 10:17:27:00
district. 10:17:30:07
That's what Gloria went through. 10:17:31:00
She create add couple of new districts, YC-7, 8 and 9, 10:17:32:27
that addressed some of the existing things but brought 10:17:36:27
in some of the parameters, had the neighborhood 10:17:39:03
meetings and discussed all of that. 10:17:40:15
One of the questions that came out of that, and we came 10:17:42:09

right up to the edge with that, one of the questions 10:17:45:15
that came out of that, one of the disagreements that 10:17:47:06
came out of that -- and this was at -- and this came to 10:17:49:16
the most -- at the meeting that we had at the 10:17:52:24
children's board -- was that there was somebody who had 10:17:58:06
businesses on Adamo saying, well, we're not sure if 60 10:18:03:25
feet is good or 45 feet is good or what kinds of uses 10:18:07:12
we would have. 10:18:10:09
The reality is, the use as proved in the IG or IH 10:18:11:00
districts that is currently there, and the uses that 10:18:16:24
are allowed in the YC-6 district, the uses allowed were 10:18:19:00
the same. 10:18:24:27
The difference had to do with the height. 10:18:25:04
Subsequent to that, the notion came up, the discussion 10:18:27:19
came up about, well, what if you just allowed it to go 10:18:30:12
in 06 feet which is what you have with IG, and have 10:18:34:15
that be applicable and also in the YC-6? 10:18:37:21
So that one single item as a compromise, to get the 10:18:40:13
rest of all those rezonings in Ybor City-because 10:18:45:09
remember all that Ybor rezoning is still waiting out 10:18:49:27
there, waiting for action by council. 10:18:53:09
The thing that was holding it up is a request, oh, we 10:18:55:24
have to take a bigger look at it. 10:19:00:10
We came back with the recommendation like bump to the 10:19:02:00
60 feet, then rezone the rest of the Ybor City district 10:19:04:03

to Ybor City zoning designations. 10:19:07:03
That has been our recommendation. 10:19:10:21
The study that people anecdotally refer to, they want 10:19:16:00
to say, well, we shouldn't do anything until we take 10:19:20:21
this long, hard look on everything up along Adamo 10:19:23:06
corridor. 10:19:27:24
That's certainly your call. 10:19:28:22
You want all of these YC districts to sit out here and 10:19:33:06
wait for this study on the Adamo corridor to take 10:19:35:18
place, and then come back and say, well, gee, it really 10:19:37:28
should go to UMU 60 or CMU 35 or some other 10:19:41:00
designation, and at the end of the day, we'll say, 10:19:44:28
yeah, 60 feet is cool, we'll do that, and then bring 10:19:48:10
all this back in and adopt it. 10:19:51:09
That's certainly your privilege. 10:19:53:12
Our recommendation, I believe, is going to be rezoney 10:19:54:16
this, because you have everything else happening. 10:19:59:27
There's a lot of neighborhood pressure to get that 10:20:02:12
rezoned and move on. 10:20:04:28
There's a lot of people that say I have CI and I can't 10:20:06:03
build a house, I heard we are going to be rezoned, why 10:20:09:01
can't I put an office in this district, this is craze? 10:20:11:24
I and you're going to change it any anyway, why don't 10:20:14:09
you just let me go ahead and dot? 10:20:16:22
I mean, we are going to take this out of small parcels 10:20:19:06

in the area. 10:20:24:19
There is no study being placed outside of that one 10:20:25:25
small recommendation going from 45 to 60 feet. 10:20:28:13
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I'm thoroughly confused now. 10:20:32:09
>>> It's very confusing. 10:20:36:12
>>MARY ALVAREZ: It is. 10:20:37:15
But I think the Planning Commission found it was 10:20:38:18
consistent with the height and density at this point. 10:20:47:06
So maybe we don't need that study after all. 10:20:53:00
I don't know. 10:20:55:22
>>ROSE FERLITA: I originally made this motion and 10:20:56:06
agreed with Mr. Grandoff. 10:21:02:03
We have gone through 7,000 variations. 10:21:03:16
Let's try to do this. 10:21:06:03
Thom, I understand your frustration. 10:21:07:22
I think Mr. Grandoff's issue is a good one. 10:21:09:18
Will you bets just do this and see if we can move on. 10:21:13:18
John, if you come back up, ask what it is that you 10:21:17:15
think we should do or request Mr. Snelling to do? 10:21:20:00
Thom, you let us know based on workload, et cetera, and 10:21:22:24
everything else that's out there pending if it's 10:21:25:12
doable. 10:21:27:22
And then we will see whether or not the majority of 10:21:28:00
this council agrees with me or not, or we'll take some 10:21:30:03
alternative method. 10:21:33:16

Let's just let them define it. 10:21:35:00
Because you're talking about one thing. 10:21:36:19
I'm talking of something else. 10:21:38:09
Shaun is probably correct about the height in terms of 10:21:40:21
correct recommendations. 10:21:43:00
And then Mary thought it was one thing. 10:21:43:25
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: I'll just go again. 10:21:48:24
Thom's chronology of events is 100% correct. 10:21:51:18
Right on the money. 10:21:54:15
Where we are now is you're kind of in a two-act play. 10:21:55:24
You're at the end of the last act, the last five 10:21:59:25
minutes is we need to approve the YC-6 height from 45 10:22:02:03
to 60 feet. 10:22:07:04
Once that's done, by you on March 23rd, you will 10:22:08:24
have zoning conformance in Ybor City. 10:22:13:09
All right? 10:22:15:24
Act 1 would be done. 10:22:21:27
All we are saying is since you are coming to the end of 10:22:23:06
that act, you need to kind of look up and go, wait a 10:22:28:16
minute, where is this area going? 10:22:28:16
You have done the S&S craftsman on Channelside and 10:22:30:12
Adamo. 10:22:35:15
There is a lot of uncertainty in the marketplace. The 10:22:36:06
study that Thom spoke of that was done last spring 10:22:38:09
really never got to the issue of the Adamo corridor. 10:22:41:03

All we are saying is, we have got zoning conformance in 10:22:43:24
the district now. 10:22:47:01
Now let's look at it on a more global scale because you 10:22:48:03
have a lot of property own that don't know what is 10:22:51:06
going on zoning or planning wise as far as 10:22:53:24
transportation issues, stormwater, population growth. 10:22:56:21
It's time to take a look at it. 10:22:59:06
That's all we are asking for. 10:23:01:10
>>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Snelling, we understand the 10:23:04:27
concerns and I agree. 10:23:06:09
What is the best way for you to get to that -- to 10:23:08:07
accomplish what he wants? 10:23:18:03
>>THOM SNELLING: To take a look at a corridor of 10:23:19:24
property along a major route in and out of the city, 10:23:21:27
and analyze that and make the fundamental decision that 10:23:25:09
says we need to change direction, we need to hold the 10:23:28:09
course, or we need to do something different along that 10:23:33:21
corridor, is not a simple task to do. 10:23:36:06
Many, many neighborhood meetings with property owners 10:23:40:04
with the businesses, with the residents. 10:23:42:04
Many meetings with City Council. 10:23:43:24
Many meetings with city staff has to take place for 10:23:46:00
that to happen, for that kind of analysis. 10:23:48:18
Unless you want -- because you don't want to do a knee 10:23:51:06
jerk thing, oh, let's study and then have something. 10:23:54:15

There is no quick fix to do that study, council. 10:23:57:00
For that kind of analysis to take place, to make the 10:23:59:22
fundamental difference that says we are going to have 10:24:02:15
something that has a height of 60 feet or density of 10:24:06:10
some residential density or some F.A.R. that is 10:24:10:03
currently there and say we're going to change that and 10:24:13:13
allow greater height, and allow greater density, and 10:24:17:22
allow greater F.A.R., without a long, more involved -- 10:24:20:25
look what's going on in the Channel District. 10:24:25:21
Because that's the same thing you're asking to happen 10:24:27:09
there. 10:24:29:22
You're asking to take a warehouse district, the Channel 10:24:29:27
District basically, it was an industrial manufacturing 10:24:32:09
warehouse district, and look at it differently and view 10:24:35:13
it differently, and see what's going to happen down 10:24:39:13
there, and do you fundamentally say, you know what? 10:24:41:28
Things have changed. 10:24:46:06
We are going to go in this direction with the Channel 10:24:47:04
District. 10:24:49:12
And we are in the process of doing that. 10:24:49:24
The city hired a consultant to do that. 10:24:51:28
You have had hours of debate publicly and private with 10:24:53:25
me and my staff. 10:24:57:07
You have talked to these people. 10:24:58:16
Now I think you are starting to hone in on what you 10:24:59:21

think your vision for that area is and rightfully so. 10:25:02:00
That's good. 10:25:04:18
That's the kind of analysis that has to somewhat take 10:25:05:09
place along that corridor as well because that's, in my 10:25:07:22
opinion, the kind of fundamental change, you're asking, 10:25:11:03
Thom, should when do this? 10:25:16:03
And that's a huge study, council. 10:25:17:15
It's a long time. 10:25:19:04
>>ROSE FERLITA: But you have to put it someplace in 10:25:22:24
line to get it studied at some point. 10:25:24:16
>>> And that's what I'm saying. 10:25:28:03
I think the appropriate time is probably during the 10:25:29:12
comprehensive plan update. 10:25:31:15
Because then you're not just looking at that corridor 10:25:32:18
in isolation. 10:25:35:03
You're looking at that corridor as itself on its own 10:25:36:27
merits, but, well, wait, do we want growth to go here 10:25:41:03
oh are oh in the port or south Gandy or do we want 10:25:45:25
growth to go in New Tampa? 10:25:49:03
Because we don't want to the go here anymore. 10:25:50:12
You can't look at it in isolation because you're 10:25:53:00
talking about a fundamental change in what has taken 10:25:55:12
place out there already. 10:25:57:15
Between 50 and 60 feet, return to what you originally 10:26:01:09
had in the IG district. 10:26:04:01

>>ROSE FERLITA: Point well taken. 10:26:05:03
Your idea is well taken, John. 10:26:08:09
Now, the only drawback to that is that as we wait for 10:26:11:06
this to go through that longer process of the 10:26:15:16
comprehensive plan, right -- as people come to us that 10:26:18:03
are owners there, we are going to have to take it on a 10:26:22:21
case-by-case. 10:26:24:24
Although people from the Ybor City area, people like 10:26:38:06
Constantino it's not what we want, it's what the 10:26:41:18
criteria demands, so your client is Mr. Williams, is 10:26:44:06
that right? 10:26:48:24
>>JOHN GRANDOFF: Yes. 10:26:50:12
>>ROSE FERLITA: For example, just as an example, he 10:26:50:22
comes to us with something for his parcel. 10:26:54:03
Then we have no guidelines. 10:26:56:06
Eights matter of not what we want for that corridor but 10:26:57:21
what he's allowed. 10:27:01:15
And we go back to the property rights issue. 10:27:02:19
I'm okay with taking that route and going longer. 10:27:05:24
But remember that we don't have any definition. 10:27:08:09
So if I see that there's something that does not 10:27:13:10
preclude that particular owner from doing something, 10:27:15:12
I'm going to tell you that council member is going to 10:27:17:18
support what they want if it's reasonable because 10:27:20:27
there's nothing that says that I can't approve 10:27:24:16

something higher than what perhaps this study would 10:27:24:16
recommend. 10:27:26:18
>>THOM SNELLING: Right now what the industrially zoned 10:27:26:24
properties have along Adamo is a specific height, a 10:27:32:12
specific F.A.R., specific densities, certain 10:27:35:28
entitiments that you're allowed to build there. 10:27:40:09
What you have in the industrial zone and what you have 10:27:43:00
in YC-6 are identical. 10:27:45:21
With the exception of the height. 10:27:48:12
The change in the height to 60 feet makes them 10:27:50:13
virtually identical or no? 10:27:53:27
Come here. 10:27:56:27
>>GLORIA MOREDA: The IG has a .75 F.A.R. 10:28:01:09
The YC-6 will double that. 10:28:07:07
>>THOM SNELLING: So you get more. 10:28:09:27
>>GLORIA MOREDA: We will double their ability to 10:28:12:21
expand. 10:28:15:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Expand higher? 10:28:15:21
>>GLORIA MOREDA: No. 10:28:21:00
That's the difference between the current and the 10:28:21:24
proposed. 10:28:23:00
The current has a height limit of 45 feet. The IG has 10:28:23:09
a height limit of 60 feet. 10:28:26:24
We are proposing to amend the height to 60 feet. 10:28:28:24
We are not taking any development rights from the 10:28:32:21

property owners that have IG zoning right now. 10:28:37:03
>>THOM SNELLING: You are actually getting a greater 10:28:39:15
F.A.R. ratio with this change to the YC-6. 10:28:42:03
And with this amendment that's being proposed in front 10:28:45:22
of you on the 23rd, rather than the 60 feet, that 10:28:47:22
gives you the additional 15 feet within which to build 10:28:51:15
that additional .75 F.A.R. 10:28:54:00
You're getting more. 10:28:57:03
There's no use that is you're not allowed to have. 10:28:58:13
You're getting a greater F.A.R. and getting a greater 10:29:00:18
height. 10:29:03:12
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to move on. 10:29:03:18
We need to get the motion straight what you're going to 10:29:07:27
do. Mr. Dingfelder. 10:29:10:04
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I agree. 10:29:10:25
I just want to clarify something. 10:29:12:24
For one thing, Thom, Mr. Snelling, I respectfully 10:29:14:06
disagree in regard to deferring this to the comp plan. 10:29:17:27
For one reason, if we do that, I don't know that we'll 10:29:24:15
get into the kind of detail that I think is important 10:29:29:16
to getting to, like you described in the Channelside 10:29:31:21
district. 10:29:34:16
You know, the comp plan update might address the 10:29:36:04
density, and maybe the F.A.R. along the corridor. 10:29:38:27
But I think that we really need to address some of the 10:29:42:28

design -- I mean we are talking about a gateway and 10:29:46:21
corridor entrance that's pretty much going to be a 10:29:51:00
clean slate, because it is warehouse buildings that are 10:29:53:16
going to be torn down. 10:29:56:06
So I think that it would be appropriate to have some 10:29:57:10
design guidelines, some -- maybe from Wilson Stair. 10:29:59:22
I'm not talking about necessarily the detail we have on 10:30:05:13
Kennedy, or downtown, but I think it's important that 10:30:07:18
as the corridor is a gateway to Tampa gets redeveloped, 10:30:13:12
it gets redeveloped with a better consistency. 10:30:17:00
Otherwise, each individual property is going to be 10:30:21:15
totally different. 10:30:23:19
Somebody is going to put the rear to the street. 10:30:24:15
Somebody is going to put the front to the street. 10:30:26:21
There could be who knows what? 10:30:29:06
And I don't think that's what any of us want as the 10:30:31:03
gateway to this area. 10:30:33:03
So. 10:30:34:27
>>THOM SNELLING: It is a historic district and it has 10:30:37:15
guidelines. 10:30:39:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: One side is a historic district and 10:30:39:18
the south side is not a historic district. 10:30:44:03
>>> The south side of Adamo is -- 10:30:47:00
>>: A lot of warehouses. 10:30:49:07
>>> Once you get past the Crosstown, your face on Adamo 10:30:50:13

is the Crosstown, until you get back up to the water, 10:30:53:24
and then past 22nd street. 10:30:56:07
Or used to be the can building. 10:31:00:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm thinking of that proposed 10:31:05:21
Wal-Mart project on the south side. 10:31:07:22
There's a big warehouse there. 10:31:09:09
>>> If what you're talking about are some kind of 10:31:10:24
isolated changes like that, that would address 10:31:13:06
something like that, you know, and again, it's 10:31:15:24
certainly within council's purview. 10:31:18:22
Say, you know what, Thom, we don't want to wait two 10:31:21:00
years, three years until -- 10:31:24:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Rose's point is well taken, that 10:31:28:03
projects will then come in piecemeal, willy-nilly and 10:31:30:07
we won't have any guidance or, you know, to make our 10:31:34:03
decisions in a wise manner, as related to F.A.R., 10:31:37:28
height, and design sort of thing. 10:31:43:03
>>THOM SNELLING: Don't sell yourself short, council. 10:31:46:09
When projects come in and they are requesting a 10:31:50:06
rezoning -- and if they want to go from some industrial 10:31:52:13
thing to a PD and build something, you have a ton of 10:31:55:27
control over that. 10:31:58:04
Rezoning is not a right. 10:31:59:06
Rezoning your property is not a right to you have to 10:32:01:09
say, saying that you have this massive density 10:32:04:21

allowance under the comp plan, if all these things are 10:32:06:24
equal, you look at the PD. 10:32:10:16
We are changing some of the language in that. 10:32:13:00
But there's language in the PD that talks about you 10:32:14:15
have to -- you need to bring something else to the 10:32:16:19
table before you get your property rezoned. 10:32:19:12
It's not a right, as some of my colleagues will have 10:32:22:07
you believe. 10:32:25:04
Well, you have to rezone it. 10:32:25:15
It's my privilege. 10:32:27:04
It's a privilege. 10:32:30:00
It's not your absolute God-given Constitutional right 10:32:30:00
to have your property rezoned after your property was 10:32:32:15
zoned and found to be in a certain land use category 10:32:35:09
and a certain zoning district, after going through 10:32:38:06
months of zoning conformance hearings and public 10:32:41:21
hearings and debate. 10:32:45:04
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The problem is like the craftman 10:32:46:03
situation, we were sort of out there in limbo, and I 10:32:49:18
don't believe we had particularly happy results for 10:32:52:18
anybody. 10:32:54:27
It was somewhat of a painful process, because -- that 10:32:55:06
or good depends on which side of the road you're on. 10:33:02:09
>>MARY ALVAREZ: It wasn't in the historic district 10:33:04:15
either. 10:33:09:00

The corridor is -- we are talking about the YC-district 10:33:10:10
here according to the -- 10:33:14:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: We are, but I expand it. 10:33:16:18
My thought process is it expands it a little further. 10:33:18:18
Because when Thom talks about what are we doing all the 10:33:21:28
way out to 50th street, et cetera, that's not -- 10:33:24:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes, but that's where the study would 10:33:29:15
come in. 10:33:31:15
Right now, what Mr. Grandoff is talking about is that 10:33:32:01
their point is that they want more than 60 feet. 10:33:35:18
And I just realized that there. 10:33:38:24
That's what you want. 10:33:40:28
See? 10:33:43:09
So I don't think we need to study it at this point, and 10:33:43:22
we go on to March 23rd. 10:33:46:18
>>GWEN MILLER: We are going to move on. 10:33:48:21
Are you going to make a motion? 10:33:50:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: I'm going to try just for the heck of 10:33:52:12
it. 10:33:54:22
>>THOM SNELLING: Just one thing real quick. 10:33:56:03
I would like a few minutes to meet with my supervisors 10:33:57:24
and my bosses to see if there's something that can be 10:34:01:27
done to maybe look at this area in some kind of a 10:34:05:19
limited fashion to address and pro some kind of 10:34:09:22
guidance, some kind of guidelines, something that you 10:34:12:09

can make decisions other than as it applies to land use 10:34:17:06
and zonings. 10:34:20:12
I can certainly address that and -- 10:34:21:07
>>ROSE FERLITA: Before we go on this morning? 10:34:23:04
>>THOM SNELLING: No, not hold anything. 10:34:25:01
I'm just saying I'm coming back already with what our 10:34:26:21
word program is. 10:34:30:15
I'm bringing that back next week. 10:34:31:22
>>MARTIN SHELBY: So the record is clear there's a 10:34:40:04
motion on the floor and a second. 10:34:42:09
Would the maker of the motion wish to withdraw the 10:34:43:15
motion? 10:34:45:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: I would like to withdraw and make 10:34:46:15
another motion. 10:34:48:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 10:34:48:19
>>MARTIN SHELBY: You don't have to volt on it. 10:34:50:28
>>ROSE FERLITA: Given the conversations we have had 10:34:55:12
with Mr. Snelling and Mr. Grandoff on behalf of his 10:34:57:09
client and the additional information that you are 10:34:59:16
going to bring next week, I just move to continue this 10:35:01:00
discussion till next week and go from there. 10:35:04:16
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 10:35:06:25
(Motion carried). 10:35:08:21
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Is that under unfinished business with 10:35:09:07
staff reports? 10:35:16:10

>>GWEN MILLER: Yes. 10:35:17:06
>>THOM SNELLING: Don't you love your jobs? 10:35:17:12
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I thought you were the boss. 10:35:21:15
>>GWEN MILLER: We are going to go to public hearings on 10:35:23:06
second reading. 10:35:25:16
We'll take one item and then go back to committee 10:35:26:12
reports. 10:35:28:18
Is there anyone in the public who will speak on public 10:35:28:25
hearing for second reading, items 89 through -- 71 10:35:34:12
through 89. 10:35:42:21
Does anyone want to speak on 71 through 89? 10:35:44:21
Would you please stand and raise your right hand? 10:35:47:00
>>THE CLERK: Do you solemnly swear or affirm to tell 10:35:51:09
the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? 10:35:53:24
>>GWEN MILLER: We are going to do item 76. 10:35:59:07
He has to leave. 10:36:05:18
>>CHAIRMAN: We need to open the public hearing. 10:36:06:12
>> So moved. 10:36:11:16
>> Second. 10:36:11:28
(Motion carried). 10:36:12:12
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I would just ask the City Council move 10:36:16:12
all of the communications relative to today's hearings 10:36:18:21
that have been available to the public at council's 10:36:21:06
office and have them received and filed into the 10:36:23:15
record. 10:36:25:12

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved. 10:36:25:19
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 10:36:26:28
(Motion carried). 10:36:28:24
>>MARTIN SHELBY: If there have been any ex parte 10:36:29:15
communications, verbal communications with any 10:36:33:27
petitioner, or any members of the public with relation 10:36:35:28
to any of the public hearings today, that that be 10:36:38:25
disclosed prior to the vote. 10:36:40:18
Thank you. 10:36:42:06
On that particular -- when that particular item comes 10:36:45:04
up. 10:36:47:12
>>DAVID SMITH: David Smith to speak with you again on 10:36:47:18
the ethics issue. 10:36:50:18
I feel like I should almost disclose an he can party 10:36:52:00
communication with myself. 10:36:55:00
I have been talking about this thing for so long. 10:36:55:27
This is the second reading of what we refer to as the 10:36:58:21
glitch bill, which is the Senate provisions that are 10:37:01:10
intended to tighten, clarify and strengthen some of the 10:37:06:06
provisions of our ethics code. 10:37:09:01
I would be happy to go through each of them with you if 10:37:10:18
you would like. 10:37:12:21
But we did that at the last hearing. 10:37:13:15
I think you have a summary, also. 10:37:15:07
But if it's your preference I will quickly walk you 10:37:16:21

through each of those changes. 10:37:19:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Any questions from council members? 10:37:20:12
Mr. Dingfelder. 10:37:22:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Definitely walk through each of them 10:37:24:00
but I did have a specific question, David, that came to 10:37:27:00
mind yesterday. 10:37:30:00
We're changing the definition of lobbying to include 10:37:31:03
quasi-judicial bodies and representatives. 10:37:34:19
And to my understanding that would include the Sports 10:37:41:27
Authority. 10:37:43:15
So I just want to make sure that today's vote on second 10:37:44:06
reading for this glitch ordinance would not necessarily 10:37:48:28
change council's ability to receive or not receive 10:37:58:13
tickets. 10:38:02:03
>>DAVID SMITH: It does not affect the gift provision. 10:38:02:06
I think you are referring to the quasi-governmental as 10:38:07:18
opposed to quasi-judicial. 10:38:14:00
A phone call from D.O.T. or SWFWMD, which happens all 10:38:17:19
the time, don't think they realized technically they 10:38:21:06
fell under the lobbying code. 10:38:23:18
That's why that change is in there. 10:38:25:15
As far as the gift issue goes, none of that is 10:38:27:01
affected. 10:38:29:09
It's my understanding currently we have a contract with 10:38:29:19
the Sports Authority, for example, so they would be 10:38:32:12

governed by the fact that they have a contract with us, 10:38:35:07
and contractors are prohibited from giving gifts. 10:38:37:04
So there's no change intended and none affected by 10:38:39:18
these changes today with respect to the gift issue. 10:38:42:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you. 10:38:45:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members? 10:38:46:21
Mr. Harrison? 10:38:49:03
>>SHAWN HARRISON: David, the only other thing that I 10:38:50:04
saw in here that I would like you to clarify is 10:38:53:15
limiting the oral approval to department directors for 10:39:01:00
outside employment. 10:39:02:28
Can you just explain that briefly? 10:39:04:00
>>> Yes, sir. 10:39:07:09
What we had previously was a providing that -- a 10:39:07:15
provision that limited outside employment only by a 10:39:10:22
narrow group of people. 10:39:12:21
Then those people were to obtain written mayoral 10:39:15:10
approval. 10:39:20:24
What we are doing now is governing everybody within the 10:39:21:04
city that could have a potential employment that could 10:39:23:04
be a conflict in their job, they are having required to 10:39:25:25
get their department head's approval. 10:39:29:18
So it's more encompassing and it goes up through the 10:39:31:15
department heads and I guess ultimately could go to the 10:39:34:03
mayor from there. 10:39:37:10

So we have changed that from limiting to a small group 10:39:38:03
to covering everybody within the city and providing 10:39:40:18
department heads with that responsibility. 10:39:44:21
One of the things I'm doing right now in implementing 10:39:46:00
this is helping to provide guidelines to department 10:39:48:15
heads as to the sorts of things they should consider in 10:39:50:12
making that analysis. 10:39:53:28
You know, whether it's a conflict, whether it impairs 10:39:55:03
the hours of the city employee, whether that city 10:39:58:06
employee has the potential to use confidential 10:40:01:16
information. 10:40:03:16
You know, things of that nature that are relevant to 10:40:04:07
whether or not that employee should have outside 10:40:06:18
employment. 10:40:09:00
Or outside investments even. 10:40:11:15
>>SHAWN HARRISON: So the department director will make 10:40:16:21
a decision about whether it's a conflict for anybody 10:40:18:10
that works in that particular department, and the mayor 10:40:21:00
will make a decision whether B whether it's a conflict 10:40:25:12
only for the department directors? 10:40:28:00
>>> Yes, sir. 10:40:30:09
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I just wonder if that's the best 10:40:30:09
route to take, given that you have department 10:40:33:06
directors, and they are all great people, but that 10:40:37:00
seems like we are giving them a great deal of power. 10:40:42:15

>>> Well, bear in mind, there is guidance also from 10:40:45:10
chapter 112 and our own ethics code. 10:40:48:07
It says you cannot take conflicting employment. 10:40:51:15
So that sort of activity is prohibited. 10:40:53:18
The question may be, if you're an Avon lady, is that 10:40:58:09
really conflicting employment? 10:41:03:21
No, you are not doing business with the city F.I were 10:41:05:01
an Avon lady, I wouldn't have any time. This is 24-7. 10:41:07:01
But -- 10:41:12:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: Not an Avon lady. 10:41:15:27
>>DAVID SMITH: Probably wouldn't. 10:41:17:07
So it will be case-by-case basis. 10:41:20:24
And that's why we are having department heads make that 10:41:22:13
initial determination. 10:41:24:25
So there's an area that's absolutely prohibited. 10:41:25:22
And then there's this that is probably a gray area. 10:41:27:27
If I have a real estate license, and my mother's 10:41:31:03
condominium, I am not going to take any compensation. 10:41:39:21
We don't consider that a conflict. 10:41:43:06
But if you're in the business of buying and selling 10:41:44:21
real estate, that could be another issue. 10:41:47:15
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Well, I think the problem that I 10:41:50:00
could foresee is you have a department head who is 10:41:51:13
going to take a very, very narrow reading of that, and 10:41:53:24
you have a department head that might be a little more 10:41:57:12

open to things. 10:41:59:01
So you are going to have inconsistencies within the 10:42:01:03
city, which seems to me like probably the best way to 10:42:05:21
do it is just have one centralized location where those 10:42:08:06
conflict are resolved. 10:42:10:24
And I would think that the legal department is the best 10:42:12:06
place to resolve those. 10:42:14:22
Ultimately, you have to answer a legal question. 10:42:16:06
Is it a conflict of interest? 10:42:20:15
It's not a perception question. 10:42:22:15
And one department head may see, oh, there's a 10:42:23:28
perception of a conflict, therefore I'm going to 10:42:27:12
prohibit all my employees from any sort of outside 10:42:29:24
employment, versus, you know, the extreme on the other 10:42:32:22
way. 10:42:36:15
>>DAVID SMITH: Other department heads see it like do 10:42:36:15
you getting inquiries about whether this is appropriate 10:42:40:00
or inappropriate. 10:42:42:18
For the very reason you have articulated I am going to 10:42:44:00
provide some standards and guidelines because we do try 10:42:46:16
to need to apply this consistently. 10:42:49:01
And we do have an ethics liaison officer, Lang, who 10:42:50:24
would be the next step up. 10:42:55:07
So if you're my employee, and I tell you your garage 10:42:56:24
sale is in conflict you can go to theeth theics liaison 10:43:00:00

officer and she can say, no, we allow everyone else to 10:43:05:09
do that, you're being too harsh. 10:43:06:03
So we can get that consistency. 10:43:08:12
So you're absolutely correct, that is a problem that 10:43:10:13
comes within the system that has multiple parties 10:43:12:24
making discretionary decisions. 10:43:15:27
We are going to try to narrow the discretion, and we 10:43:17:18
have a process by wick R which that can be qualified. 10:43:20:09
So hopefully that will initiate the concern that you 10:43:24:03
have. 10:43:26:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: I appreciate your comments, Mr. Smith, 10:43:28:06
but so far we haven't addressed that concern and I have 10:43:30:15
pretty much the same concern. 10:43:33:07
I understand something that's a direct conflict 10:43:34:06
obviously it's pretty easy to say "yes" or "no." 10:43:37:21
But Mr. Harrison's point is well taken. 10:43:39:25
One department head will say, no, no. 10:43:41:12
Because he doesn't want any perception, he doesn't want 10:43:43:15
the community or somebody say that he's interpreting 10:43:45:21
wrong and gave the wrong decision. 10:43:48:13
So the easiest thing sometimes for some people is just 10:43:49:25
to say no. 10:43:52:21
So I don't think that's fair, because I think lots of 10:43:53:24
people, lots of employees, do moonlighting, if you 10:43:56:06
would, and I think that we want to be very careful 10:43:59:19

about prohibiting that. 10:44:02:00
With all due respect to your friend Ms. Lang, I am not 10:44:07:01
comfortable with the department head saying no and 10:44:11:21
maybe the department head things that's the wrong 10:44:13:07
decision and he or she go to Ms. Lang. 10:44:16:27
I wouldn't like the decision for me as a City of Tampa 10:44:19:07
employee to be determined by Ms. Lang but she may say 10:44:24:06
one thing and if you had a group of nine people, four 10:44:27:22
might agree with her but five might disagree. 10:44:30:07
So there might be aboard that says yes or no under one 10:44:36:07
that is cannot can't be determined by the department 10:44:39:24
head but certainly to put all that power in one 10:44:42:00
person's hand, I'm not going to support that. 10:44:44:00
That's for sure. 10:44:46:15
I think that each and every employee deserves every 10:44:47:10
opportunity to work extra if they need, to and in 10:44:50:15
today's economic times everybody needs to. 10:44:52:19
But putting that to just one other person to either 10:44:54:21
support the department head's recommendation or not, I 10:44:59:13
don't think it's a good idea. 10:45:02:06
>>DAVID SMITH: I hear what you're saying and I 10:45:05:06
understand the concern, as I understand Mr. Harrison's 10:45:07:15
concern. 10:45:10:13
I think what I have not done yet is not promulgated the 10:45:10:21
guidelines. 10:45:15:07

It may very well be what we are going to do and what I 10:45:15:21
am hearing you suggest is we include in these 10:45:18:18
guidelines a process as well, and the process that does 10:45:21:00
not go to one person, and I think that's a good idea, 10:45:25:19
and I think we need to talk with others in the 10:45:28:18
administration. 10:45:30:22
I would like to talk to, for example, to Ms. Crum, 10:45:31:21
because we do need to make sure we also comply with the 10:45:35:07
civil service guidelines, the classification 10:45:38:04
requirements for some employees. 10:45:42:00
There's a lot of labor issues of which I am not fully 10:45:43:15
conversant that may come into play here. 10:45:47:28
So this guideline is a work in progress and will have 10:45:50:19
to go through several iterations and there will be a 10:45:56:12
lot of discussion about that. 10:45:59:00
>> How can we go forward with this today? 10:46:00:00
>>> I think this is typical of any ordinance. 10:46:03:04
It establishes some basic provisions. 10:46:05:15
But frequently, almost every department and 10:46:07:13
administration develops guidelines or policies to 10:46:10:09
implement ordinances. 10:46:12:18
If it's something that you think is so essential to the 10:46:14:03
exercise of your legislative power that you would like 10:46:20:10
to have more clarity, then I think what you do is 10:46:22:24
accept that from what you approve today and say that, 10:46:25:06

you know, it depends on exactly what you're trying to 10:46:28:28
accomplish here. 10:46:32:00
I think you can accomplish what you want to by asking 10:46:32:18
me to come back to you with the policy that gets 10:46:38:22
developed and provide you copies of what I'm proposing. 10:46:41:15
I don't have any problem. 10:46:44:16
>> And I don't know what the rest of my colleagues do 10:46:45:21
but that's the point at which I would support this 10:46:48:06
perhaps, but not today. 10:46:50:10
And another thing, too, Mr. Smith, as you're looking -- 10:46:51:06
and we are giving you ideas and you are going to 10:46:54:03
formulate what the policy is. 10:46:56:07
And let's not make that committee, if you decide to go 10:46:57:09
that way, just be the figure head, because if they say 10:47:00:24
something that somebody else can override them, then it 10:47:04:07
all for naught. 10:47:07:19
Understand what I'm saying? 10:47:08:25
>>> I understand. 10:47:10:09
And it's right to make sure that employees and others 10:47:11:07
that work with the city have their rights protected, 10:47:13:10
and that there's a process that is fair, and they have 10:47:15:28
an opportunity to be heard. 10:47:18:09
It's essential and part of due process. 10:47:19:12
>>ROSE FERLITA: So I think you know way would like to 10:47:25:00
hear is more clarification. 10:47:27:09

>>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members? 10:47:29:00
>>SHAWN HARRISON: David, what we do is we just exempt 10:47:31:16
out section 2-512 from what we are doing today in the 10:47:34:09
glitch bill, and you can further think about that when 10:47:38:06
we come back with the other ethics issues about the 10:47:41:09
gifts, which we are going to take up, I guess, once the 10:47:46:18
ethics advisory board decides what their recommendation 10:47:50:12
is. 10:47:52:21
Because I think there could be a way -- I agree with 10:47:54:09
Ms. Ferlita about having Ms. Lang be the ultimate 10:47:58:04
arbiter about. This if the department head says, no, 10:48:03:03
what you are doing is a conflict, there is an automatic 10:48:05:03
appeal. 10:48:07:21
So that the employee does not have to then analyze if 10:48:09:01
he's really going to make the department head mad by 10:48:12:15
appealing his decision or not. 10:48:15:07
So if the department head says, no, you can't do this, 10:48:17:24
it goes automatically to the next step, which is not 10:48:20:07
Ms. Lang, it is some board, whether that's the ethics 10:48:24:03
board or someone else, and it's it's already in place, 10:48:27:13
maybe we can figure out a way to maximize our 10:48:30:19
efficiency. 10:48:33:07
But I'm okay, I think, with everything other than that 10:48:33:15
512. 10:48:36:12
And it sounds doesn't sound to me like we have to -- 10:48:36:25

>>> Your suggestion of using the ethics board I think 10:48:43:00
is a good one because that's what we anticipate in the 10:48:45:09
code and that would be the logical body. 10:48:47:15
The question is, is it ethical or not ethical to have 10:48:49:15
this employer in this investment? 10:48:52:01
So that's probably it off the top of my head. 10:48:54:24
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Council read this in the first 10:49:00:15
reading. 10:49:05:25
Any changes or excisions or whatever would require to 10:49:06:03
go back, be revised and go back to first reading. 10:49:08:24
>>MARY ALVAREZ: We have time. 10:49:14:27
Mr. Smith, the section 512 that he's talking about, it 10:49:15:24
looks like it's a two-part, because the first part is 10:49:19:27
mayoral approval for city employment, and then -- I 10:49:26:15
think the first part should be okay. 10:49:32:24
Don't you think, Mr. Harrison? 10:49:35:00
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes, I do think the mayor ought to be 10:49:36:24
able to tell a department head whether they can or not 10:49:39:18
have outside employment so I would be okay with leaving 10:49:42:15
that portion in in there. 10:49:45:12
>> But take out the second. 10:49:46:27
>>DAVID SMITH: Actually what you are doing is 10:49:49:27
recommending we keep the last sentence that says all 10:49:52:19
department heads must have approval from the mayor 10:49:56:24
before engaging in business. 10:49:59:00

That's fine as is. 10:50:00:27
The portion that precedes that is the one that you 10:50:02:12
would like to see have an elaboration specifically with 10:50:06:00
an automatic appeal if denied, and that appeal perhaps, 10:50:09:15
the ethics commission, would be the designated body. 10:50:14:06
>>SHAWN HARRISON: So if that forces us to go back to 10:50:21:22
first reading, then so be it. 10:50:24:07
But it will only delay it by a week. 10:50:26:04
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Did you understand what I said, mayoral 10:50:31:12
approval for employees? 10:50:34:25
I think that's okay. 10:50:40:12
That was okay. 10:50:43:00
It was the second part that Mr. Harrison was talking 10:50:43:25
about. 10:50:47:00
Right? 10:50:47:03
>>DAVID SMITH: That's fine. 10:50:50:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Let's see if anyone in the public wanted 10:50:52:07
to speak on item number 76. Do we need to continue it 10:50:53:27
or go back to first reading? 10:51:03:09
>>DAVID SMITH: You have two options. 10:51:05:09
I think you excise it entirely and approve it as is, 10:51:06:10
and then come back with a second -- bear in mind, you 10:51:09:13
currently have scheduled for January 26th a 10:51:12:09
discussion on gifts. 10:51:15:09
So what you could do is excise this provision in its 10:51:16:03

entirety, I think, and approve that as is. 10:51:19:07
>>MARTIN SHELBY: On second reading? 10:51:23:22
>>> On second reading. 10:51:27:04
You're saying you would be concerned about it? 10:51:27:25
>>MARTIN SHELBY: That's my opinion, yes. 10:51:32:18
>>> Well, in an abundance of caution let's not do that. 10:51:34:18
We are currently scheduled to come back the 26th. 10:51:37:25
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move to continue for a week. 10:51:43:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: For a week. 10:51:45:00
I would like to look at this glitch thing separate and 10:51:46:27
apart of what's come back on the 22nd in an effort 10:51:49:09
to move this along. 10:51:52:04
What I would like to see is this come back with the 10:51:53:06
reference removed that Mr. Harrison referred to. 10:51:55:18
>>> We will come back at first reading. 10:51:59:27
And then we have to have two weeks until we have the 10:52:01:16
second reading. 10:52:03:24
>>MARTIN SHELBY: My recommendation would be to continue 10:52:04:12
this hearing, is the advertising appropriate? 10:52:08:27
I don't think so. 10:52:15:01
There's a little bit of confusion. 10:52:16:00
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Reading does not have to be 10:52:17:09
advertised. 10:52:20:24
Only second reading alone. 10:52:21:06
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to continue 10:52:23:15

it number 76 for one week. 10:52:25:19
(Motion carried) 10:52:28:10
We go to our committee reports. 10:52:32:12
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move resolution 6 through 15. 10:52:41:03
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Second. 10:52:43:12
(Motion carried). 10:52:46:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Parks and recreation, Mary Alvarez. 10:52:48:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I'd like to move items 16 through 18. 10:52:51:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 10:52:56:19
(Motion carried). 10:52:58:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Public works vice chair, Rose Ferlita. 10:52:59:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move 19 through 29, please. 10:53:03:15
>> Second. 10:53:06:27
(Motion carried). 10:53:07:04
>>GWEN MILLER: Finance Committee, Mr. Kevin White. 10:53:07:22
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move 30 through 35. 10:53:10:12
>> Second. 10:53:14:12
(Motion carried) 10:53:14:15
>> Building and zoning, Linda Saul-Sena. 10:53:17:18
Saul-Sena Saul-Sena move resolutions 36 through 47. 10:53:21:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Second. 10:53:25:27
(Motion carried). 10:53:27:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, can we just vote on 47 10:53:28:09
differently? 10:53:32:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes, 46. 10:53:33:27

(Motion carried). 10:53:37:25
>>GWEN MILLER: 47? 10:53:38:16
>>ROSE FERLITA: Just for this reason, Mrs. Alvarez. 10:53:40:25
It's not that I'm stopping it. 10:53:43:03
I wanted to ask Cindy Miller to be here this morning to 10:53:44:15
explain this to me. 10:53:47:21
It seems like a mechanism that we are using here in 10:53:48:09
terms of these dollars is a little different than it's 10:53:51:09
usually done. 10:53:54:01
So I don't want ton -- I know there are a lot of people 10:53:55:04
who are waiting for this to get done but because I 10:53:58:22
don't have enough clarification and I'm doubtful, it 10:54:01:18
will go through anyway, but I certainly won't ask for 10:54:05:10
it to be continued. 10:54:07:24
I just had a question. 10:54:08:24
And I didn't pull the backup material because I was 10:54:09:25
involved with that little girl. 10:54:15:19
And I didn't think it was fair because I was 10:54:17:03
interrupted by something else that I say let's hold it. 10:54:19:00
There are a lot of people in the audience that wants 10:54:21:18
this. 10:54:23:09
But it just seems that the process of moving these 10:54:23:16
dollars is a little bit different than what I usually 10:54:26:24
see. 10:54:29:19
And I'll get some clarification from Mrs. Miller. 10:54:29:27

But it certainly doesn't warrant me stopping the 10:54:32:10
process. 10:54:35:04
That's all. 10:54:35:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Why don't I move this, but then 10:54:36:06
after that ask Ms. Miller to come next week under 10:54:38:21
unfinished business and just explain why the mechanism 10:54:41:24
is different because I noticed that too. 10:54:44:27
And I think it would be helpful for all of us. 10:54:46:16
I would like to go ahead and move resolution 47. 10:54:49:12
>> Second. 10:54:52:03
(Motion carried) 10:54:52:09
>>ROSE FERLITA: Nay. 10:54:56:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to request that Ms. 10:54:56:15
Miller appear next week under unfinished business and 10:54:59:10
further clarify for council the mechanism used with the 10:55:02:03
West Tampa Community Development Corporation. 10:55:04:25
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 10:55:06:01
(Motion carried) 10:55:07:19
>>GWEN MILLER: Transportation. 10:55:10:22
Mr. Shawn Harrison. 10:55:11:24
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I would like to move items 48 through 10:55:14:01
51, 53 through there 58. 10:55:16:21
I would like to hold 52 for a week just so I can get a 10:55:19:22
little bit more information about the project and this 10:55:23:00
contract that's a major road project in New Tampa. 10:55:26:06

>> Second. 10:55:31:06
(Motion carried). 10:55:31:06
>>SHAWN HARRISON: And hold 52 for a week. 10:55:31:22
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second. 10:55:40:04
(Motion carried). 10:55:40:15
>>GWEN MILLER: All right. 10:55:41:03
Mr. Harrison? 10:55:42:13
>>SHAWN HARRISON: If we could move to set the public 10:55:44:00
hearings items 59 through 63, which would be for 10:55:45:24
February 16 at 10 a.m. 10:55:53:21
>> Second. 10:55:56:06
(Motion carried). 10:55:56:15
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Items 64 and 65 for February 16th 10:55:56:28
at 5:01 p.m 10:56:03:06
Oh oh, a substitute on 65. 10:56:06:21
>> Second. 10:56:12:16
(Motion carried) 10:56:12:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: On number 65, if you all look at 10:56:13:12
this, there are a number of public hearings on 10:56:21:13
transmitting land use amendments. 10:56:26:21
And some of them are big deals. 10:56:29:00
And I am just wondering what we have going on that day. 10:56:33:16
If you look at some of these they are a little suspect. 10:56:46:06
>>THE CLERK: Council set a night meeting to handle 10:56:48:12
this. 10:56:52:13

There are no other zonings. 10:56:52:28
You set a special night meeting. 10:56:54:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excellent. The other thing I want 10:56:56:18
to be sure to clarify is we have said recently -- 10:56:59:15
because council has recognized when we do land use map 10:57:01:27
changes, and they always come back to us as rezonings, 10:57:05:00
and we need to notify the appropriate neighborhood 10:57:08:03
organizations. 10:57:12:04
And I just need a staff person to reassure me that we 10:57:12:21
have notified, that we are notifying all the 10:57:15:18
appropriate neighborhood organizations of these. 10:57:18:07
Can urea sure me, Mr. Massey? 10:57:22:12
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I believe that the comprehensive plan 10:57:24:16
manual has been changed to require that we notify 10:57:26:06
homeowner organizations the same as we do for 10:57:30:28
rezonings. 10:57:33:13
Ms. O'Dowd has been working on that. 10:57:35:01
But even if it hasn't been done I can assure council 10:57:36:21
that we will do that. 10:57:39:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: For example, for the ones downtown, 10:57:40:15
of the downtown partnership weighs in and for the 10:57:43:00
neighborhood. 10:57:46:15
Thanks. 10:57:46:24
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Madam Chairman, move items 66 through 10:57:48:24
70. 10:57:52:13

>> Second. 10:57:53:09
(Motion carried). 10:57:53:13
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to open our public hearings on 10:57:53:27
items 71 through 9. 10:58:00:15
>> So moved. 10:58:02:19
>> Second. 10:58:03:00
(Motion carried) 10:58:03:04
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 10:58:04:16
like to speak on item 71? 10:58:06:00
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 10:58:07:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I believe just to reflect people have 10:58:23:03
been previously sworn, but when you get up to the 10:58:25:00
lectern please reaffirm. 10:58:27:09
>>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: I have been sworn in. 10:58:29:13
I want to speak on 71 this morning. 10:58:32:09
This is right at my front door. 10:58:42:03
The reason I want to speak on it, in my neighborhood, 10:58:44:07
the land has went from swampland to gold. 10:58:48:09
>>MARY ALVAREZ: To gold? 10:58:54:24
>>> Mr. White know about it. 10:58:58:15
Come into my neighborhood five or six months ago told 10:58:59:24
all my neighbors, it was a set-up, so you can change 10:59:02:06
your land from commercial to residential, free. 10:59:06:04
I think three or four people fell for it. 10:59:12:18
And one of them came to me, fell to his knees, saying, 10:59:14:18

all the neighbors, we told you, we told you. 10:59:20:24
This land turned to gold now. 10:59:23:09
So talking awhile ago about the land over there going 10:59:25:03
to move on Adamo drive move from 50th street. 10:59:29:21
Don't tell them where it's going to stop at. 10:59:35:04
But then right here, I want to say, though, I been 10:59:37:09
discriminated, everything in the world has happened to 10:59:42:04
me. 10:59:45:22
I have been tore toured, took my land from me, I been 10:59:46:15
crucified. 10:59:51:03
And you know what? 10:59:51:21
Doesn't have nothing to do with it right now. 10:59:55:09
But years ago, Mr. Perry Harvey was sitting there. 10:59:57:03
He called my house one day. 11:00:01:19
He said, Moses, man, we got over 50,000 petitions from 11:00:02:28
the church and everybody in the neighborhood. 11:00:07:27
Said, you better watch your manners. 11:00:12:09
But I been talking so much in this neighborhood here, 11:00:15:21
all the land I got the city own nine lots of my 11:00:19:09
property there now, and get that land changed before 11:00:22:04
they can build them big houses and that's what they say 11:00:30:03
they gonna do. 11:00:32:21
But New Mexicoth neighborhood right now, I want to 11:00:33:24
say, I talked to all the neighbors now, and we are 11:00:36:12
ready. 11:00:39:12

But it's going to be one of the biggest fights you ever 11:00:39:22
seen in your life. 11:00:41:15
Because they say it's not going to be moved. 11:00:42:18
I own a little corner there on the corner that 11:00:47:18
grandfathered me in last year, been there 40 years. 11:00:50:25
That's property for my business. 11:00:54:00
But, you know, another country said they are going to 11:00:55:15
do Israel, wipe them off the face of this earth, but 11:01:06:04
God said, Israel going going to be spared. 11:01:09:18
So I'm going to be spared. 11:01:17:12
I'm going to be there. 11:01:18:28
If it's God's will I am going to northbound this 11:01:22:03
neighborhood. 11:01:24:06
But I want to say I ain't got nothing against here. 11:01:24:18
But it's going to be a big moving in the neighborhood. 11:01:27:16
Ooh, they got some plans out there. 11:01:30:01
People fighting over now, they came across the water. 11:01:31:28
He saved me. 11:01:36:04
My piece of property, said that man showed up with 11:01:39:13
money. 11:01:42:06
But land in this neighborhood, and the only thing they 11:01:43:13
got code enforcement in the neighborhood and iron fists 11:01:47:13
running people out of the city. 11:01:51:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Knott, so you're good with 71? 11:01:52:00
>>> Yes. 11:01:57:25

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you. 11:01:57:25
>>> But anyway, now. 11:02:00:07
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak on item 11:02:05:06
71? 11:02:07:01
We need to close. 11:02:07:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to close. 11:02:08:18
>> Second. 11:02:10:24
(Motion carried). 11:02:11:00
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move the following ordinance upon second 11:02:11:25
reading. 11:02:17:01
Move an ordinance vacating, closing, discontinuing, 11:02:17:19
abandoning a certain right-of-way all that alleyway 11:02:20:00
between the 2900 block of East Ellicott on the north 11:02:22:13
and 2900 block of east Louisiana Avenue on the south, 11:02:26:00
west of 30th street and east of 29th street, in 11:02:31:15
Belmont Heights, a subdivision in the City of Tampa, 11:02:34:10
Hillsborough County Florida the same being more fully 11:02:37:15
described in section 2 hereof, providing an effective 11:02:39:01
date. 11:02:41:01
>> Second. 11:02:42:04
>>GWEN MILLER: Voice vote. 11:02:42:12
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried. 11:02:49:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the public like to speak 11:02:51:00
on item 72? 11:02:52:27
>> Move 20 to close. 11:02:57:09

>> Second. 11:02:58:21
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance on second reading. 11:02:58:21
Move an ordinance vacating, closing, discontinuing, a 11:03:02:27
abandoning a certain right-of-way all that portion of 11:03:07:19
Rome Avenue, 18th Street, lying south of Platt 11:03:11:04
Street, in west side park, a subdivision in the City of 11:03:14:01
Tampa, Hillsborough County Florida the same being more 11:03:18:03
fully described in section 2 hereof, providing an 11:03:20:15
effective date. 11:03:22:13
>> Second. 11:03:24:04
>>GWEN MILLER: Voice vote. 11:03:24:12
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Harrison being absent. 11:03:25:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the public like to speak 11:03:29:00
on item 73? 11:03:31:03
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Oh motion to close. 11:03:33:22
>> Second. 11:03:35:16
(Motion carried). 11:03:35:16
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move to adopt this ordinance after 11:03:36:01
second reading, an ordinance vacating, closing, 11:03:39:15
discontinuing, and abandoning a certain right-of-way 11:03:41:07
all that alley lying south of east Frances north of 11:03:46:09
east Park Avenue, east of North Florida Avenue and west 11:03:49:09
of north Morgan street in Hendry and Knight's 11:03:52:12
subdivision a subdivision located in the City of Tampa, 11:03:56:18
Hillsborough County Florida the same being more fully 11:03:58:27

described in section 2 hereof providing an effective 11:04:01:22
date. 11:04:03:04
>>GWEN MILLER: Voice vote. 11:04:03:04
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Harrison being absent. 11:04:05:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 11:04:08:03
like to speak on item 74? 11:04:09:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 11:04:12:19
>> Second. 11:04:14:16
[Motion Carried] 11:04:14:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move to adopt the ordinance after 11:04:15:18
second reading, an ordinance vacating, closing, 11:04:18:16
discontinuing, and abandoning a certain right-of-way a 11:04:20:06
certain portion of alleyway lying south of Gray Street 11:04:24:00
north of Fig Street east of Manhattan Avenue and west 11:04:27:28
of Hubert Avenue, in Hanan Estates, subdivision, a 11:04:31:01
subdivision in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County 11:04:34:25
Florida the same being more fully described in section 11:04:37:12
2 hereof providing an effective date. 11:04:40:09
>> Second. 11:04:42:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Voice vote. 11:04:42:10
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder voting no 11:04:44:06
and Harrison being absent. 11:04:48:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 11:04:49:18
like to speak on item 75? 11:04:51:00
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 11:04:55:10

>> Second. 11:04:57:00
[Motion Carried] 11:04:57:10
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to adopt the following ordinance 11:04:58:06
upon second reading. 11:05:00:00
An ordinance vacating, closing, discontinuing and 11:05:01:06
abandoning a certain right-of-way all that portion of 11:05:04:21
Albany Avenue lying south of Fern Street north of Jean 11:05:07:00
Street east of Armenia Avenue and west of Melville 11:05:10:24
Avenue in Wesley's subdivision, a subdivision in the 11:05:13:24
City of Tampa, Hillsborough County Florida the same 11:05:16:19
being more fully described in section 2 hereof 11:05:19:15
providing an effective date. 11:05:21:24
>> Second. 11:05:22:22
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question. 11:05:22:27
Does anybody recall if staff had any objections to 11:05:25:16
number 75 on first reading? 11:05:28:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: No. 11:05:34:01
Nothing. 11:05:35:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Roll call. 11:05:35:27
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Harrison being absent. 11:05:36:13
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 11:05:46:06
like to speak on item 77? 11:05:48:12
>> Move to close. 11:05:53:01
>> Second. 11:05:54:00
(Motion carried). 11:05:54:03

>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I spoke with Mr. Shelby because my 11:05:55:06
husband has done business previously with Garcia group. 11:05:59:28
He is not currently doing business and will not benefit 11:06:03:21
from a canopy on the street. 11:06:05:25
So I checked with Mr. Shelby and it's okay. 11:06:07:15
>>GWEN MILLER: So you may read it then. 11:06:09:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move to adopt the following 11:06:10:18
ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance authorizing 11:06:12:15
the installation and maintenance of an encroachment and 11:06:16:12
existing canopy by Garsian global group, Inc., over a 11:06:19:15
portion of the public right-of-way known as North Tampa 11:06:22:18
Street near North Tampa Street and fortune street, as 11:06:24:03
more particularly described herein, subject to certain 11:06:27:18
terms, conditions, covenants and agreements as more 11:06:30:00
particularly described herein, providing an effective 11:06:32:12
date. 11:06:34:12
>> Second. 11:06:37:06
>>CHAIRMAN: Voice vote. 11:06:37:13
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Harrison being absent. 11:06:43:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 11:06:46:15
like to speak on item 78? 11:06:48:04
>> Move to close. 11:06:53:13
>> Second. 11:06:54:12
(Motion carried). 11:06:54:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to adopt the following 11:06:54:27

ordinance upon second reading. 11:06:56:18
An ordinance making lawful the sale of beverages 11:06:58:06
containing alcohol of more than 1% by weight and beer 11:07:02:15
1% by we think beer 1(COP-R) for consumption on the 11:07:06:00
premises only in connection with a restaurant business 11:07:10:01
establishment at 805 North Armenia Avenue, suites 3-A 11:07:12:21
and 3-B, Tampa, Florida as more particularly described 11:07:17:01
in section 2 hereof waiving certain restrictions as to 11:07:20:01
distance based upon certain findings, providing for 11:07:22:22
repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing an 11:07:25:15
effective date. 11:07:27:18
>> Motionan and second. 11:07:29:21
Voice roll call. 11:07:31:09
(Motion carried). 11:07:32:07
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Harrison being absent. 11:07:33:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 11:07:39:00
like to speak on 79? 11:07:40:19
>>STEVE MICHELINI: One of the residents immediately 11:07:42:18
adjacent to this property has asked for an opportunity 11:07:45:07
to speak on behalf of the owners, requesting that 11:07:47:04
Friday and Saturday night be allowed to be open till 1 11:07:51:01
a.m. 11:07:53:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: Before we start this, Mr. Michelini -- 11:07:55:27
sir, you can come forward. 11:07:59:24
I just have to make a comment. 11:08:00:27

Go ahead. 11:08:03:06
Based on what Mr. Shelby recommends that we do in terms 11:08:05:12
of communication. 11:08:07:28
I did, as many of does, receive several letters. 11:08:10:00
I received one particularly from Garrston on the 11:08:15:06
27th of September. 11:08:20:24
He talked about the different issues on South Howard. 11:08:22:00
I did call the gentleman back. 11:08:24:04
We spoke about the overall conditions and situation or 11:08:26:01
problems or whatever on the Howard corridor. 11:08:29:00
And we did reference particularly Primadonna, and I did 11:08:31:06
again say that I had voted against it. 11:08:36:00
One way or another he did not affect my decision. 11:08:38:24
That decision was made. 11:08:41:13
But we did have some ex parte communication. 11:08:42:15
I just wanted to put that on the record. 11:08:44:25
>>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record. 11:08:46:22
>>> Steve Barnes. 11:08:49:28
I have been sworn. 11:08:50:24
I'm a resident which is the property contiguous to the 11:08:51:27
property here. 11:08:56:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Where is it? 11:08:57:04
>>> Village gay is at 2311 west Morrison behind Hugo 11:08:59:15
restaurant, that strip. 11:09:04:18
I'm also a business owner. 11:09:05:28

I have a law firm on the corner of south Boulevard and 11:09:07:15
Platt, lived there about 15 years. 11:09:11:00
Got a five-year-old daughter, three year old daughter, 11:09:12:28
and know the owners of the restaurant, not associated 11:09:15:21
personally but just from going there both individually 11:09:19:13
and with my family. 11:09:22:01
I have been very impressed with the way they have 11:09:23:03
conducted their business. 11:09:24:21
I know that both the owners of the restaurant also live 11:09:25:22
in South Tampa. 11:09:29:00
They have got vested interests not only in the business 11:09:29:27
community but the residential community. 11:09:32:15
They have always, in my opinion -- and I have come to 11:09:34:06
know them well, have been there for lunch and dinners 11:09:37:01
regularly -- been very sensitive to issues that affect 11:09:39:18
their neighborhood. 11:09:42:13
They have run their business and their restaurant in a 11:09:44:21
man theory I think does nothing but benefit our area. 11:09:47:13
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: You're talking about a restaurant 11:09:50:27
that's been open? 11:09:52:10
>>> I'm talking about the present existing business, 11:09:54:00
and I know that they have -- they are opening the 11:09:56:09
Meeting House which they got from Matt Hoffmann, my 11:10:03:06
children and Mr. Hoffmann's children, we have been in 11:10:07:10
there regularly. 11:10:09:15

My daughter is happy to go to the old meeting house 11:10:11:21
again. 11:10:14:06
I was very pleased with the gentleman that will be 11:10:14:16
operating that business. 11:10:17:03
As far as the properties that you hear, Primadonnas, we 11:10:17:24
need to look at that from the perspective of obviously 11:10:21:19
the benefits and detriment to the community. 11:10:24:24
The issue as I understand it is whether it's an hour 11:10:27:24
issue, from midnight to one on this license. 11:10:32:18
And you all may look at that at what's the difference 11:10:35:06
whether it's midnight or one. 11:10:39:09
From my perspective as a resident though that property 11:10:41:09
that's right there, I can't envision anyway that that's 11:10:44:15
going to negatively effect me or negatively going to 11:10:47:21
affect my fellow members of my community. 11:10:49:27
And I'm talking about my condominium community. 11:10:52:00
I know that some of you all had concerns about that and 11:10:53:27
I appreciate those concerns and I'm very happy to know 11:10:55:27
that you all take these things serious. 11:10:58:22
I know we have also had some letters sent to them from 11:11:00:15
officers of our condominium Borden doorsing and 11:11:03:16
supporting this. 11:11:05:24
Our presidents, our treasurers, our secretaries of our 11:11:06:24
association endorse this, and support them. 11:11:11:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can I ask you a question? 11:11:15:06

>>> Yes, sir. 11:11:17:12
>> I think I'm familiar with your condominium project. 11:11:17:21
If you go down Howard, you make a right on who are 11:11:20:13
Morrison, you're on the right. 11:11:22:24
>>> Yes, sir. 11:11:24:09
>> And that's behind gates. 11:11:24:21
Not gate that is you have to get a pass through. 11:11:29:10
>>> It is. 11:11:32:03
>> And we have received seven or eight letters from 11:11:32:06
folks that live on Bristol that is not behind gates. 11:11:35:21
So the folks going to these restaurants can park up and 11:11:40:06
down Bristol but they can't park in your condominium 11:11:43:24
project because you're behind the gate and they can't 11:11:47:09
even really park on Morrison to speak of because 11:11:49:03
Morrison is basically, especially your section of 11:11:52:15
Morrison, you really can't park there. 11:11:55:06
>> But what they can do that can effect us is utilize 11:11:57:03
parking spaces directly in front of our complex that 11:12:00:24
are used by visitors to our complex, guests of our 11:12:03:04
complex, and that could negatively effect me. 11:12:06:07
I don't have concerns about that because of the way 11:12:08:07
these gentlemen conduct their business, and 11:12:09:24
specifically because of the property that's issued. 11:12:11:24
There's plenty of parking there. 11:12:14:03
I don't see that as an issue that's going to negatively 11:12:16:00

effect me. 11:12:18:21
So even though I am behind a gate, there are potential 11:12:19:12
parking issues that could negatively effect me as a 11:12:21:16
resident. 11:12:23:28
But with this particular property, not what's going -- 11:12:24:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: You don't have any sympathy or 11:12:30:03
empathy on the folks on Bristol? 11:12:32:07
>>> It's not a matter of sympathy or empathy. 11:12:34:27
I understand their concerns. 11:12:37:27
I sympathize if it is a real world fact problem for 11:12:38:18
them. 11:12:41:21
But if it's a letter that says "we are worried about 11:12:42:01
this" but it has no basis to show that these gentlemen, 11:12:46:06
the way they conduct their business and the patrons 11:12:49:19
that they bring to their business, actually negatively 11:12:52:19
effect their neighborhood. 11:12:55:01
And they have a track record. 11:12:56:04
And they are very sensitive to those issues. 11:12:57:21
I understand that somebody can write a letter. 11:12:59:28
But unless they have actual factual support that is 11:13:02:15
going to occur, then these gentlemen shouldn't be 11:13:06:03
penalized. 11:13:10:15
I know one offshoot is a conditional license. 11:13:11:10
Grant them a conditional license to see how it operates 11:13:15:10
if it does have a negative effect and have it 11:13:17:12

revisited. 11:13:20:01
But with the profit margins that restaurants operate 11:13:20:22
on, take last night's game, for example. 11:13:23:25
If this is a restaurant that is going to cater to that 11:13:26:18
type of people they should have an opportunity to 11:13:29:00
profit or on those nights and be able to contribute to 11:13:30:27
this community and not negatively effect it. 11:13:33:21
I believe that's what you would have. 11:13:36:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: I would like to make a comment. 11:13:41:12
I certainly can appreciate what this gentleman says. 11:13:43:27
And I agree with him. 11:13:45:21
These owners had a track record and people respect what 11:13:47:03
they have done. 11:13:50:27
That was not issue from the get-go when I said I 11:13:51:15
wouldn't support this. 11:13:54:15
What they have done and where they are is wonderful. 11:13:55:06
However, the choice that they have chosen in terms of a 11:13:57:06
theme doesn't seem so CPAs at to the neighborhood. 11:14:01:03
A Mexican sports bar is not going to allow this 11:14:09:21
restaurant to thrive if it's closed at an earlier hour. 11:14:12:24
That's what the people in closer proximity to this 11:14:16:18
gentleman were aware of when Primadonnas was there. 11:14:19:18
It probably wasn't open any later than 10:00. 11:14:23:03
We do have the opportunity to look at this again. 11:14:25:13
We are not depriving anybody of anything. 11:14:27:19

It's not a privilege, it's a right. 11:14:30:04
And we have properties within a thousand feet, 11:14:31:13
institutional uses, and I think the choice of the theme 11:14:34:00
is something that is not -- it's not something that the 11:14:37:09
neighborhood needs to put up with. 11:14:42:01
And whether this gentleman thinks that this parking lot 11:14:43:28
is big enough or not, when you get a bunch of people in 11:14:46:18
a sports bar after a game or something, you're going to 11:14:50:01
have an overflow of that parking. 11:14:52:07
And I think that the people that live on Bristol, and 11:14:54:04
some of them have clearly referred to that -- knew what 11:14:56:21
they were getting into when they bought those 11:15:00:03
properties, and expensive properties, I might add, and 11:15:02:04
they knew what that wet zoning involved. 11:15:04:06
But to come in with something more intensive, to opt up 11:15:05:24
till midnight or whenever it is on a Sunday night or 11:15:08:21
something like that, I just think that that's 11:15:11:24
outrageous. 11:15:13:24
And I think we have to stop. 11:15:14:19
We want that as I said last time and I'm going to 11:15:16:01
reiterate it again because that is going to be my 11:15:18:16
philosophical position. 11:15:20:27
We know what Howard Avenue is. 11:15:22:10
And so long as it does not impede than the neighborhood 11:15:24:07
any further, what you buy into is there. 11:15:27:00

But for this to be more intense than what was there 11:15:30:03
before, I think is most inconsiderate to the 11:15:32:24
neighborhood. 11:15:35:27
These gentlemen again, nothing to do with their ethical 11:15:36:00
standards as business owners. 11:15:39:15
They have established that. 11:15:40:13
But to pick a Mexican sports bar and slap that thing 11:15:41:15
next to the people on Bristol is inconsiderate and I 11:15:45:03
will not support it. 11:15:50:06
And I made those same comments before. 11:15:51:04
And I think although this gentleman said he's okay with 11:15:53:12
it, I agree with Mr. Dingfelder. 11:15:56:01
That's a little bit further than the people that are 11:15:58:09
going to be bothered by this that are in closer 11:16:00:13
proximity. 11:16:04:09
Just not a good idea. 11:16:05:00
>>GWEN MILLER: We have someone else that would like to 11:16:07:15
speak. 11:16:09:09
Would you like to speak? 11:16:09:27
Would you like to speak? 11:16:11:15
>>> Karen Crawford. 11:16:16:21
I have been sworn. 11:16:17:15
1406 south moody. 11:16:18:06
I do think it's very important that the business and 11:16:19:22
the residents work together. 11:16:21:18

I think it would be unfortunate at second reading to 11:16:22:24
change the hours of operation when I know that the 11:16:25:19
neighbors who were involved in this at the first 11:16:29:06
meeting were very adamant about the hours that this 11:16:31:15
should be open. 11:16:33:15
Thank you. 11:16:34:12
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Petitioner, Mr. Michelini? 11:16:34:12
Would you consider putting this back on first reading 11:16:41:04
with a conditional year? 11:16:43:24
>>STEVE MICHELINI: That's one of the options that the 11:16:48:03
owners are asking for, to give them a chance to prove 11:16:50:03
that they didn't have a problem. 11:16:52:13
I wanted to go through a couple things very quickly in 11:16:54:00
terms of the parking lot. 11:16:58:00
And I'm not sure this was originally submitted in the 11:17:00:00
package. 11:17:02:01
I'm not sure if you saw it or not. 11:17:02:18
But they had their self-contained parking lot that has 11:17:04:15
34 spaces. 11:17:10:06
Itch taken taken pictures of the parking lot here. 11:17:11:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: How many chairs? 11:17:16:18
>>> 100 seat restaurant. 11:17:18:00
The calculations on parking are based on square 11:17:21:00
footages. 11:17:23:25
They are not based on actual seats. 11:17:24:24

It used to be .3 per seat and under that criteria we 11:17:27:28
met that criteria. The folks from village gate, we 11:17:33:15
have a number of letters of support from them who owned 11:17:36:00
the unit directly behind the wall. 11:17:39:22
That was a concern. 11:17:42:18
I think that trying to demonstrate it was a 11:17:46:09
self-contained inaccessible parking lot. 11:17:51:01
Other folks simply don't want to drive around the block 11:17:53:13
to go here. 11:17:55:24
If you were at Hugo's or some other place you might do 11:17:57:03
that. 11:18:00:00
But we received unit number 10 village gate, from Jan 11:18:00:06
Hadley, unit number 6, from Chris DELACOR, number 20, 11:18:09:12
unit number 8, Jeffly wiggler, no unit on there, Randy 11:18:16:09
Feldman. 11:18:24:03
We are asking for some consideration and are sensitive 11:18:24:21
to the neighbor's concerns. 11:18:27:18
We do have some mitigating circumstances. 11:18:29:07
The parking lot Tra traditionally does not overflow and 11:18:31:10
go down to Bristol. 11:18:35:00
Some of the other places that are closer might have 11:18:36:28
that problem. 11:18:38:24
But typically you wouldn't do that. 11:18:39:15
This is the wall that faces Bristol. 11:18:42:06
And that's also the parking lot that is the old meeting 11:18:46:03

house. 11:18:51:04
There's no openings. 11:18:51:15
There's no windows, no doors that would adversely or 11:18:52:21
could adversely affect them. 11:18:56:16
This is a picture of a structure going up immediately 11:18:58:18
behind that wall on the first house on Bristol, behind 11:19:01:24
another wall, and they are having a three oaf story 11:19:08:24
apartment garage built. 11:19:12:12
So we are asking for some consideration here and we are 11:19:13:21
understand the limits that the City Council operates 11:19:16:27
under and the pressures that are there from the 11:19:19:07
neighbors. 11:19:21:07
We were sensitive to that. 11:19:21:22
We sent out about 60 letters or so identifying that our 11:19:23:09
interest was in opening and staying open till 1 a.m 11:19:29:06
And the responses that we got back came back in the 11:19:32:06
form on our letter, the support letters came back 11:19:36:12
saying the names of the partners, and reopening 11:19:43:15
Primadonna, a Mexican theme restaurant serving lunch 11:19:47:25
and dinner, it's a restaurant and not a bar, and they 11:19:50:28
plan to renovate it, and there are safeguards which we 11:19:55:03
came to and asked for them to be placed in the 11:19:58:06
ordinance in advance, typically, those restrictions 11:20:00:09
would not have been placed. 11:20:04:07
But anyway, they came back and said they were 11:20:07:18

supportive of the 1 a.m. closing. 11:20:09:21
And we would certainly appreciate your consideration. 11:20:11:15
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Mr. Michelini, we got to the midnight 11:20:14:15
in the spirit of compromise. 11:20:17:03
And the only way that I would be willing to reconsider 11:20:18:16
this would be further compromise on your client's 11:20:20:27
behavior as well. 11:20:25:22
So that would be Sunday through Thursday, you close at 11:20:26:18
11. 11:20:28:27
Friday and Saturday, you open till 1. 11:20:29:15
I would consider that. 11:20:32:22
But we only go -- but I would consider that by starting 11:20:33:18
over and giving the neighbors behind the opportunity to 11:20:37:18
weigh in on that. 11:20:41:09
They may decide that, okay, we can live with 1:00 on 11:20:42:10
Friday and Saturday, if it's 11:00 throughout the rest 11:20:46:00
of the week. 11:20:48:22
But we are springing that on them, as Ms. Crawford 11:20:49:10
said, at the second reading, and I'm not willing to do 11:20:53:09
that. 11:20:55:18
>>> I understand. 11:20:57:04
Any change would have to go back to first reading and 11:20:57:21
all parties would have an opportunity to come in and 11:20:59:21
weigh in on that issue. 11:21:01:15
The owners understand that as well. 11:21:04:06

They are at risk by coming forward and asking for 11:21:06:06
consideration for a different hours of operation. 11:21:08:21
>>SHAWN HARRISON: And that would only be as a 11:21:12:12
condition. 11:21:15:00
>>> One of the attorneys for the owner is here and he 11:21:15:18
wanted to address you as well, Steve Diacco. 11:21:17:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I have a procedural issue. 11:21:22:18
You have a representative speaking for a long time and 11:21:24:00
then an attorney jumping in. 11:21:26:06
Procedurally, where does that end? 11:21:28:03
>>MARTIN SHELBY: In rebuttal for public hearing. 11:21:34:00
Is everybody who wishes to speak outside of the 11:21:37:04
petition spoken? 11:21:39:19
>>SHAWN HARRISON: There's no rebuttal to it. 11:21:42:25
>> Is there anyone else that wants to speak? 11:21:47:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: This gentleman. 11:21:49:19
>>STEVE MICHELINI: He was not an attorney for the 11:21:55:18
resident. 11:21:57:24
>>GWEN MILLER: We opened it to the public so everybody 11:21:58:12
can speak for three minutes. 11:22:01:15
If they want to speak they have a right to speak. 11:22:03:19
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: He wasn't introduced as a resident. 11:22:06:19
He was introduced as the attorney for the applicant. 11:22:11:21
I thought Mr. Michelini is the representative for the 11:22:13:28
applicant. 11:22:16:09

>>> YACCA: I don't to know if that matters. 11:22:19:12
I'm here as a resident. 11:22:22:18
And I want to give you a brief history. 11:22:24:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record. 11:22:26:04
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a question. 11:22:28:12
Is there anybody else in the audience who wishes to 11:22:29:27
speak on this issue? 11:22:32:10
Seeing none, then Mr. Michelini was in a period of 11:22:34:04
rebuttal. This would constitute part of his rebuttal. 11:22:37:06
And this gentleman. 11:22:40:00
Sir, state your name and were you sworn? 11:22:45:10
>>> Yes, I am sworn. 11:22:48:03
My name is Steven Diacco, 64 Bayshore Boulevard. 11:22:48:27
I live in this community. 11:22:54:13
And I want to share with you just briefly the history. 11:22:55:15
Because I'm responsible for these people coming to 11:22:58:16
Tampa. 11:23:00:24
And jot this down. 11:23:01:22
Frank LANZO. 11:23:06:06
That's the father of James LANZO. 11:23:07:19
I'm not here to throw names around other than to say 11:23:10:15
he's one of the most important men in this country in 11:23:12:21
business. 11:23:15:09
He may not be as known as Steinbrenner or the Glazers, 11:23:15:24
but he is a hugely important person in industry. 11:23:19:07

And I convinced this family, the LANZO family, to open 11:23:22:00
industries in this market, not just restaurants, but 11:23:27:18
mortgage companies, also opened hundreds of thousands 11:23:29:15
of square foot facility in the Tampa area and employed 11:23:32:21
thousands of people since this family has been down 11:23:36:24
here. 11:23:38:21
Share this with you because I told them Tampa is an 11:23:40:03
opportunity community, this is a community that will 11:23:42:15
embrace them, they have shown a track record of ten 11:23:44:19
years, and I'm here today, others may have written 11:23:46:22
notes. 11:23:50:18
But I'm here to say it's not a Mexican sports bar, it's 11:23:50:25
a restaurant, these are not people that are going to 11:23:54:16
have rabble rousers. 11:23:58:21
There's been no arrests or drunk and disorderlies as 11:24:01:15
Chicho and Antony's. 11:24:05:06
They are continuing to develop Howard Avenue and the 11:24:11:00
field and the texture with the homeowners. 11:24:13:24
So here's someone that has a 15 year lease but this is 11:24:17:16
very important that. One hour may not seem like a lot 11:24:20:21
but that's an important hour of business he specially 11:24:23:03
if there is an event going on like that would go over 11:24:25:09
the midnight. 11:24:27:28
They'll close earlier on many nights, if the business 11:24:29:24
is not there, they are going to close on those nights. 11:24:32:09

But it's important to give them the opportunity to have 11:24:34:19
that business open, even if it's just Friday and 11:24:36:22
Saturday. 11:24:38:24
The reason I'm here, it was originally Friday, 11:24:39:15
Saturday, Sunday, 1:00, the rest of the week would be 11:24:42:00
midnight. 11:24:44:18
And as a concession for those parents, the people that 11:24:45:10
are concerned, let's just do Friday and Saturday. 11:24:47:21
And I do believe during the weeknights that they can 11:24:50:09
have it closed at eleven. 11:24:52:13
Don't think that would be a problem. 11:24:53:22
And I have two children myself. 11:24:55:00
I understand those concerns. 11:24:56:12
These are not the owners that are going to be causing 11:24:58:00
those types of problems. 11:25:00:18
This is a restaurant. 11:25:01:24
They are going to serve foods that are Mexican 11:25:03:27
orientation. 11:25:06:06
But Chicho and Antony's, a Mexican sports bar, that's 11:25:06:27
not really describing the Gagonti family or Alanzos. 11:25:14:16
You have to get to know them. 11:25:23:09
It's not them. 11:25:24:28
But simply stated, give them an opportunity 11:25:26:09
conditionally to show what they are going to do and 11:25:29:03
that they care about this community and this 11:25:31:03

neighborhood. 11:25:32:15
And I believe you won't be disappointed. 11:25:32:27
>>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Dingfelder, I'm sorry because I was 11:25:37:10
waiting as long as he could till he finished. 11:25:39:18
Sir, I'm not particularly fond of your approach about 11:25:42:06
Googling anybody. 11:25:48:13
That has nothing to do with this. 11:25:50:00
What also has nothing to do with this is anybody who is 11:25:51:24
against what you have requested here, which are clients 11:25:54:06
have requested, don't necessarily mean that they are 11:25:57:27
talking about the owners or their credibility or what 11:26:01:00
they have already done on Howard Avenue. 11:26:03:00
But as somebody who is busy Googling the Alanzo family 11:26:04:21
or whatever his last name is, somebody should Google 11:26:10:22
the meaning of neighborhoods. 11:26:13:10
We are asking for consideration of your client. 11:26:14:09
At the same time I have to fight for the other side. 11:26:16:15
We are asking for consideration for the neighborhood. 11:26:17:22
You may have two children and you live on Bayshore. 11:26:19:28
And when that parking lot with an 8-foot masonry wall 11:26:22:07
or 12-foot masonry wall or whatever size masonry wall 11:26:25:09
is full, I guarantee you, the likelihood is going to be 11:26:28:21
that those patrons -- and not that they are encouraging 11:26:32:06
rowdy patrons but it is a sports bar -- will park in 11:26:36:12
the immediate area. 11:26:40:03

That won't effect you. 11:26:40:24
So I don't think it's fair to portray them as good 11:26:43:03
owners, and we are trying to not encourage them. 11:26:45:27
We have certainly appreciated whatever they have done, 11:26:49:00
and his father has done in, terms of economic 11:26:50:22
development. 11:26:53:03
Absolutely. 11:26:53:18
That's what this city is about. 11:26:54:03
But there are two sides to every issue. 11:26:55:12
And we have to be fair. 11:26:58:07
I think there would probably be less possibility that 11:27:06:09
people would want to stay around as late as what you're 11:27:08:12
saying. 11:27:10:27
At the same time, in this list of letters that are in 11:27:11:12
opposition, they are not saying they don't want a bar 11:27:15:24
there. 11:27:17:27
They are not saying they don't want a restaurant. 11:27:18:10
They are just simply saying that the hours are not 11:27:20:06
something that they want to tolerate. 11:27:21:27
And you know what? I don't blame them. 11:27:23:18
I wouldn't want to either. 11:27:25:07
And I mean your time is finished so I'm not trying to 11:27:26:16
be disrespectful. 11:27:29:04
No, sir. 11:27:31:24
Your time is over. 11:27:32:03

And I'm not addressing this to you. 11:27:33:00
>>> Thank you for your time. 11:27:34:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: You're welcome. 11:27:36:13
But I'm still thinking let's give them a conditional. 11:27:37:09
A conditional means let's see how these owners do. 11:27:39:21
We already know that even a conditional is going to be 11:27:43:03
something that is going to be imposing on the 11:27:46:01
neighborhood. 11:27:48:13
Because as a conditional for a year, the people on 11:27:48:24
Bristol will still have to put up with these hours for 11:27:52:06
a year. 11:27:54:15
Whether it does well or whether it does badly. 11:27:55:13
I think you have to stop it up front, as opposed to 11:27:58:01
looking at enforcement later. 11:28:00:21
There is a bar here. 11:28:03:25
There was a liquor license. 11:28:07:24
The people that lived in proximity knew it. 11:28:11:00
But I'm sorry, I still don't see where we are having 11:28:14:18
some consideration for the opposing side which is the 11:28:16:27
neighborhood. 11:28:18:19
And we keep going back to what they have done. 11:28:21:09
I'm grateful for what they have done and I have eaten 11:28:23:01
in their restaurant. 11:28:25:16
It's great. 11:28:26:10
But -- 11:28:26:21

>>STEVE MICHELINI: If I could for a second. 11:28:27:13
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Not that I want to say to take a 11:28:30:28
position one way or the other, in relation to this, but 11:28:33:24
I feel it is necessary for me as a matter of law to 11:28:37:00
state that this is a petition for a 4(COP-R) that runs 11:28:39:09
with the land. 11:28:46:21
And I bring that to council's attention as a matter of 11:28:48:04
law in its consideration, that -- and Ms. O'Dowd, and 11:28:51:21
she has done this in the past -- council's purview of 11:28:56:00
what to consider, and what council is saying is 11:29:01:06
relevant, but within the context of a 4(COP-R) 11:29:03:09
application, that runs with the land irrespective of a 11:29:06:00
particular theme or business. 11:29:10:18
But in terms of council's considerations, I just want 11:29:13:07
to bring that to council's attention. 11:29:16:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: But that leads us into what we are able 11:29:17:13
to do, the hours of operation, the location. 11:29:20:24
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes. 11:29:23:09
The compatibility with the surrounding -- surrounding 11:29:25:09
area and this T way this is being requested. 11:29:28:10
>>ROSE FERLITA: Thank you, Mr. Shelby. 11:29:30:00
>>STEVE MICHELINI: In the spirit of your concerns, we 11:29:32:01
are not going to ask for any more consideration. 11:29:34:06
Give them the chance to open at the midnight hour. If 11:29:37:25
we can come back we will come back once they have 11:29:39:27

proven themselves, if it warrants opening later then 11:29:43:01
that will be sufficient. 11:29:47:10
Really we have taken enough of your time and we 11:29:49:28
appreciate your considerations. 11:29:51:18
We will do everything we can to make sure the neighbors 11:29:52:16
are satisfied, and that their concerns are addressed, 11:29:54:24
in an appropriate manner. 11:29:59:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Anything you want to say? 11:30:01:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes. 11:30:02:27
And Mr. Michelini, we appreciate you backing downality 11:30:05:10
this point. 11:30:08:13
It's unfortunate we have to get to this. 11:30:10:19
>>STEVE MICHELINI: The whole thing that perhaps -- 11:30:13:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think sometimes it's best to let a 11:30:15:09
dead dog lie. 11:30:17:25
And in this case, you know, as Mr. Harrison pointed 11:30:18:24
out -- 11:30:23:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: He was sleeping, now it's dead. 11:30:27:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: We got to midnight seven days a week 11:30:34:21
by a long discussion and then a compromise. 11:30:36:24
And frankly, I'm still not sure I'm going to vote for 11:30:40:21
that compromise just because now I've got seven letters 11:30:43:09
of people who live up and down Bristol who are 11:30:45:24
severely, severely concerned about this. 11:30:49:07
But with that said, I think that we are at second 11:30:50:27

reading for the midnight, seven days a week, and I 11:30:55:18
think we should just move forward and see what happens. 11:30:57:25
>>STEVE MICHELINI: We appreciate your consideration. 11:31:02:09
Sorry for troubling you with this. 11:31:03:25
But we thought that perhaps there was some opportunity. 11:31:05:01
But we'll come back once we have proven ourselves. 11:31:07:00
Thank you. 11:31:09:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Speaking on behalf of the sleeping 11:31:11:21
dogs, I received letters from these neighbors. 11:31:13:21
I hadn't thought -- I hadn't really thought it through 11:31:16:19
as carefully. 11:31:19:01
I love your restaurants. 11:31:19:27
I go towel all of them. The food is great. 11:31:21:06
But eleven o'clock is enough. 11:31:23:16
I will not support the midnight. 11:31:25:06
I will only support eleven o'clock which is what the 11:31:26:15
neighborhood wants. 11:31:28:19
And what we see up and down Howard. 11:31:29:10
So I will not support a midnight closing. 11:31:31:16
I'll support an eleven o'clock closing. 11:31:33:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: What are CHIA's current hours? 11:31:37:18
>> 11:31:45:24
>>> I'm Jeff Triante, 2903 west Aquila Street, and I 11:31:49:06
have been sworn. 11:31:56:03
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I am still going to support the 11:32:01:12

midnight. 11:32:02:21
Although I really think that given the opportunity for 11:32:03:09
the neighborhood to consider this, they may very well 11:32:05:06
have decided that we would like the eleven o'clock and 11:32:08:09
the one o'clock. 11:32:11:09
But I just also want to say that the suggestion -- and 11:32:12:19
I know it wasn't meant in any sort of negative way -- 11:32:16:28
that we ought to Google the name of the father of one 11:32:20:27
of the investors is not particularly helpful to your 11:32:24:15
cause. 11:32:28:06
And that person is no more important than everyone that 11:32:28:16
lives behind here that's going to be impacted by that. 11:32:33:27
And I just don't think that's an appropriate tact to 11:32:38:00
take. 11:32:40:22
I myself am starting to consider the idea of maybe we 11:32:43:15
go to the midnight as a one-year conditional, and we 11:32:47:06
allow the neighborhood the opportunity to take a look 11:32:51:06
at that, and then the neighborhood may at that point 11:32:53:06
decide that we like the idea of the eleven to one. 11:32:56:00
If we go with second reading now, 12:00 across the 11:32:59:18
board from now on, we don't have the opportunity to 11:33:02:27
revisit that in a year. 11:33:06:03
I just wonder if that's something we ought to consider 11:33:09:25
as well. 11:33:12:00
>>GWEN MILLER: I think that's a great idea. 11:33:12:10

I agree with Mr. Harrison. 11:33:14:22
Do the conditional. 11:33:18:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: It has to go back to first reading. 11:33:22:10
>>MARTIN SHELBY: It would have to be agreed to by the 11:33:29:00
petitioner. 11:33:30:15
Unless it was denied. 11:33:36:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can there be a substitute motion? 11:33:39:28
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: Legal department. 11:33:44:06
Section 3-76 of the code does address conditional wet 11:33:45:00
zonings, as for one year, but does require the 11:33:50:00
petitioner request it. 11:33:53:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, what is your request? 11:33:56:07
>>STEVE MICHELINI: I'm really sorry for troubling the 11:34:04:06
council on this issue. 11:34:06:12
If there's any support whatsoever to remain at the 11:34:08:01
12:00 without going back to conditional, going back to 11:34:10:24
first reading again, and then having this prolonged, it 11:34:14:04
will be a month before we are done with this issue. 11:34:17:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: A procedural question then. 11:34:20:10
If the motion, which is on the floor, could be on the 11:34:21:24
floor soon, which is the second reading for 12:00, if F 11:34:25:03
that fails, okay, then what are council's options? 11:34:29:19
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: The code would require a six-month 11:34:34:06
period before which the petitioner could reapply for 11:34:35:27
wet zoning application for this property. 11:34:38:28

>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Michelini, have you and your 11:34:45:00
attorneys and everybody heard that loud and clear? 11:34:47:18
>>GWEN MILLER: We are the ones that gave them these 11:34:51:27
hours, 12 p.m. 11:34:56:03
>>STEVE MICHELINI: It was a compromise, previously read 11:34:57:24
into the record as a 1 a.m. closing. 11:35:03:01
At second reading you all asked to change that. 11:35:05:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Right. 11:35:07:28
>>STEVE MICHELINI: The city attorney came back and 11:35:10:15
reviced the ordinance. 11:35:12:27
>>ROSE FERLITA: Let me interrupt you, Mr. Michelini. 11:35:15:12
In the event that the failed, and that's just 11:35:18:28
hypothetical, Ms. O'Dowd, you're saying that the code 11:35:21:03
would have them wait for six months to come back. 11:35:25:13
If they were going to come back with something 11:35:29:13
different, would we have the opportunity to override 11:35:32:21
that six-month wait? 11:35:37:22
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: I would have to look at the code. 11:35:40:16
My recollection is if there is a denial or withdrawal 11:35:42:06
of the petition, there is an outright six-month 11:35:45:21
prohibition for a wet zoning petition for any portion 11:35:48:04
of that property. 11:35:51:24
I don't believe -- 11:35:52:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: There would be no way -- 11:35:55:06
>>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: Mr. Shelby is looking up that 11:35:58:03

section if you will permit me a motion. 11:35:59:25
>>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Michelini, do you understand what I 11:36:00:28
just asked? 11:36:03:21
>>GWEN MILLER: Let Mr. White make a statement. 11:36:04:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: Madam Chair, colleagues, I think like we 11:36:07:06
said before when this petition came before us the first 11:36:10:13
time in the spirit of compromise, we were compromising 11:36:12:15
with the neighbors, compromising with petitioners that 11:36:15:07
12:00 was going to be okay. 11:36:17:18
I think everybody is in an uproar because of the way 11:36:18:24
this gentleman came up in his presentation. 11:36:21:09
Not everybody but it passed, I think we ought to go 11:36:26:09
ahead with second reading the way it is now without 11:36:31:15
adding any more conditions to this, and request Mr. 11:36:33:18
Michelini maybe not have this particular client come 11:36:36:12
back up. 11:36:42:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: About but what I was trying to say -- 11:36:45:03
go ahead and finish and then I will say why I was 11:36:47:03
saying it. 11:36:49:07
>>KEVIN WHITE: No, no, I was just -- 11:36:49:22
>>ROSE FERLITA: I was saying the way he presented that 11:36:52:07
wasn't exactly what I would have done but that's not 11:36:54:12
making anybody be in an uproar. 11:36:56:06
It did go through last time, except I voted against it. 11:36:58:18
Mr. Dingfelder was not present. 11:37:01:15

But what I am saying is still in the meantime, we have 11:37:02:21
gotten several more letters of opposition for people 11:37:06:00
who live in very close proximity. 11:37:09:01
So we can go further if you want. 11:37:11:12
>>MARY ALVAREZ: A 1 a.m. closing. 11:37:13:03
>>ROSE FERLITA: All of these are saying they don't even 11:37:20:03
want the midnight closing. 11:37:22:00
I don't know where the vote is going to government but 11:37:23:19
I'm waiting for Mrs. O'Dowd to tell us. 11:37:25:16
You have the answer. 11:37:27:16
In the event they were -- in the spirit of fairness, 11:37:28:18
have the opportunity to look let them come back before 11:37:32:21
six months so that they can offer something else? 11:37:35:06
Can they do that or they can't? 11:37:37:03
>>MARTIN SHELBY: No, this is unlike the land use 11:37:38:28
regulations that you have in chapter 27. 11:37:40:25
This is 3-102 subsection B, and I'll read it verbatim. 11:37:42:18
The withdrawal of a petition by the petitioner or the 11:37:46:21
denial of a petition by the City Council shall preclude 11:37:49:21
consideration of other petitions involving the same 11:37:53:21
lands or any portion thereof for a portion of six 11:37:57:22
months from the date of either the withdrawal or the 11:38:00:00
denial of the previous petition. 11:38:02:00
>>KEVIN WHITE: I think in the spirit of compromise we 11:38:07:12
ought to move on and close this and vote on it. 11:38:09:28

>>GWEN MILLER: We are going to wrap it up. 11:38:13:09
Ms. Saul-Sena. 11:38:16:12
Then we are going to wrap it up and see writs going. 11:38:17:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to say that the 11:38:19:03
conditional seems that Mr. Harrison proposed seems like 11:38:21:15
very reasonable and waiting another couple of weeks. 11:38:25:06
If it's such a restaurant, you can go ahead and open 11:38:27:09
the restaurant and have people bring their own booze. 11:38:29:09
People do that all the time. 11:38:31:28
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Harrison? 11:38:46:03
>>SHAWN HARRISON: The conditional is the way to go. 11:38:47:16
I am totally convinced of that now. 11:38:49:09
>>STEVE MICHELINI: The owners just told me they would 11:38:50:22
be willing to take and ask for a conditional one year 11:38:54:15
for midnight across the board. 11:38:58:18
That will come back to you all whenever the city 11:39:01:18
attorney prepared that ordinance. 11:39:04:19
>>KEVIN WHITE: I move we send this back to legal. 11:39:06:24
>>GWEN MILLER: I thought this was 12 p.m. 11:39:09:13
>>SHAWN HARRISON: It wasn't a conditional. 11:39:12:15
It's a year. 11:39:13:19
They are not happy. The neighborhood is not happy. 11:39:15:06
But at least during this year, everyone can try to 11:39:16:22
figure out what they all may be happy with, and we 11:39:19:03
can -- 11:39:21:21

>>STEVE MICHELINI: That's midnight across the board. 11:39:23:22
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Midnight across the board. 11:39:25:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to send it back to legal. 11:39:27:21
>> Second. 11:39:31:28
(Motion carried). 11:39:32:09
>>THE CLERK: Dingfelder, Saul-Sena, Ferlita, no. 11:39:34:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public to speak 11:39:38:03
on item 80? 11:39:41:09
>> Move to close. 11:39:42:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Wait a minute. 11:39:43:03
Is this the -- 11:39:53:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Yes, it is, on 7th Avenue. 11:39:54:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to say something about this 11:39:57:00
before we vote on it. 11:39:58:15
I really want to say about helping this club. 11:39:59:15
They were run off by renewal, the urban African club. 11:40:03:16
But I will not support any more 4(COP-X)'s on 7th 11:40:08:25
Avenue because we have got too many bars. 11:40:13:03
>>GWEN MILLER: This is not a bar. 11:40:14:19
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, no. 11:40:16:21
>>GWEN MILLER: If they have an affair there. 11:40:23:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: An event. 11:40:24:24
Right. 11:40:27:00
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 11:40:27:00
>> Second. 11:40:31:18

(Motion carried). 11:40:31:25
>>GWEN MILLER: African-American. 11:40:32:13
>>ROSE FERLITA: What do we need to do, just read it? 11:40:36:16
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Harrison, would you read it? 11:40:40:25
>> Move to adopt the following ordinance upon second 11:40:44:00
reading, making lawful the sale of beverages regardless 11:40:46:07
of alcoholic content beer, wine and liquor 4(COP-X) on 11:40:48:09
for consumption on premises only at or from that 11:40:52:27
certain lot, plot or tract of land located at 1226 East 11:40:55:07
7th Avenue, Tampa, Florida as more particularly 11:40:57:25
described in section 2 hereof, waiving certain 11:41:00:09
restrictions as to distance based upon certain 11:41:02:07
findings, providing for repeal of all ordinances in 11:41:04:18
conflict, providing an effective date. 11:41:07:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second. 11:41:08:27
Voice roll call. 11:41:10:13
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried. 11:41:16:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: Can I ask what Mr. LaMotte is waiting 11:41:29:16
for? 11:41:31:27
Mr. LaMotte? 11:41:32:18
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Maybe he just wants to hang out with 11:41:34:03
us. 11:41:36:03
>>ROSE FERLITA: Just wondered what you were here for. 11:41:36:24
>>GWEN MILLER: We haven't gotten there yet. 11:41:45:12
Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak 11:41:47:06

to item 81? 11:41:49:06
We need to close. 11:41:50:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Before we close, I hate to do this 11:41:54:25
to you guys. 11:41:57:00
But -- I'm sorry, but this is important. 11:41:57:21
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I'm sure it is. 11:42:00:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wonder if the staff can hand me a 11:42:06:06
site plan. 11:42:09:24
Maybe we wait a minute on this and move ahead with the 11:42:10:09
one with Mr. LaMotte while we take a look at it. 11:42:13:15
I still want to see site plans. 11:42:19:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: Are we talking about 81? 11:42:21:06
>>GWEN MILLER: You want a site plan on 81? 11:42:23:25
>>THE CLERK: They are in the office. 11:42:27:25
Site plan is in the office. 11:42:30:25
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, I want to see it. 11:42:31:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Skip that one. 11:42:34:19
>>GWEN MILLER: Does anyone want to speak on item 82? 11:42:39:06
>> Move to close. 11:42:42:18
>> Second. 11:42:43:21
(Motion carried) 11:42:43:21
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move to adopt the following ordinance 11:42:47:21
upon second reading, an ordinance rezoning property in 11:42:49:07
the general vicinity of 808 Armenia Avenue and 2402 11:42:57:07
state street in City of Tampa more particularly 11:43:02:27

described in section 1 from zoning district 11:43:06:01
classification RM-16 to RO-1 residential office 11:43:08:03
providing an effective date. 11:43:13:01
>> Second. 11:43:14:04
>>GWEN MILLER: Voice vote. 11:43:15:04
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried. 11:43:16:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 11:43:17:21
like to speak on item 83? 11:43:19:01
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 11:43:22:07
(Motion carried). 11:43:41:04
>>> Good morning. 11:43:44:04
How nice to be here during the daytime. 11:43:44:22
I don't see you in the daytime very often. 11:43:47:00
My name is Vicki pollier, 1311 South Moody Avenue, 11:43:48:27
president of Bayshore Gardens neighborhood association, 11:43:53:25
and I have been sworn in. 11:43:56:03
When we were at the first reading, with this PD, I 11:43:58:24
specifically brought up issues regarding the parking 11:44:03:24
and problems that currently exist at the synagogue and 11:44:08:03
the potential for these problems to worsen. 11:44:13:00
Although they are not increasing the sanctuary space, 11:44:16:13
which doesn't increase their parking requirement, they 11:44:19:22
are increasing the usage of this facility. 11:44:21:24
And nobody followed through on my plea for help with 11:44:26:01
parking. 11:44:30:12

So Karen Crawford and I met on Wednesday with Mr. 11:44:31:04
Cohen, who is on the building committee for the 11:44:38:07
synagogue, and we had a really productive meeting, and 11:44:40:06
identified four ways for them to address some of these 11:44:43:18
parking issues. 11:44:48:01
And some of them, currently there's a big problem with 11:44:48:22
illegal parking, people parking across the easement, 11:44:54:03
crossing the sidewalk, and we see that this needs to be 11:44:58:01
dealt with in an ongoing way, not only with current 11:45:00:13
situation, but with the PD and increased space, which 11:45:04:27
will increase parking needs. 11:45:09:21
They only have 83 parking spaces. 11:45:11:27
And they have 344 fixed seats. 11:45:14:12
And they are looking at a big addition. 11:45:17:22
And there's also the preschool there, Monday through 11:45:19:27
Friday, which doesn't figure in the parking 11:45:23:09
requirement, and the Sunday school, and Hebrew school. 11:45:25:25
None of those things figure into parking needs. 11:45:29:06
So we have this productive meeting. 11:45:31:15
We identified four ways of hopefully having them deal 11:45:33:00
with this, in an ongoing process, and we would like to 11:45:37:24
submit this letter and Vermont be part of the record, 11:45:43:24
and have these issues be addressed in the future. 11:45:45:27
It's really frustrating as neighborhood people. 11:45:50:00
We look at these issues very carefully. 11:45:52:18

We come to you and say, there's a real problem with 11:45:54:09
parking, and nobody follows through on it. 11:45:57:24
It doesn't leave us many options. 11:46:00:13
Thankfully, the synagogue was very forthright, we had a 11:46:02:13
wonderful, productive meeting. 11:46:05:18
But we do -- would like this to be part of the official 11:46:06:24
record, and Karen has a couple of things to add to it. 11:46:11:15
But we really appreciate your help with this. 11:46:14:00
This area is becoming more dense. 11:46:16:01
And the type of population, you know, and the density 11:46:18:03
of housing. 11:46:22:18
And I think that in the future we have to look at your 11:46:23:15
ban places of worship, in a much more careful eye. 11:46:28:06
When you look at the situation, for example, at St. 11:46:33:24
John's, not to pick on any one church, they have to 11:46:37:16
have walkie talkies and parking plans and all sorts of 11:46:40:15
things to deal with the parking issue. 11:46:43:18
We are trying to prevent that from happening in the 11:46:47:01
future. 11:46:49:15
It's very limited on what's required. 11:46:52:21
And as a neighborhood, we need to look at this in a 11:46:54:13
more aggressive manner. 11:46:58:24
I appreciate your time. 11:47:00:03
I thank you. 11:47:01:09
And I would like to submit this letter. 11:47:01:24

>>ROSE FERLITA: I just want to ask you. 11:47:05:16
I think everybody is being very good about trying to 11:47:07:00
cooperate, both the synagogue and the neighborhood 11:47:11:19
representation, particularly you and Karen. 11:47:15:19
What came with with that meeting, with their 11:47:17:24
representative? 11:47:20:06
What has been done and what can we do to let this go 11:47:21:27
forward and also help you guys with the parking 11:47:25:09
situation? 11:47:27:12
>>> One of the things we asked is to educate their 11:47:28:13
members. 11:47:30:18
And that they cannot park, it's he will legal, can't 11:47:30:28
block driveways, you can't park across sidewalks, 11:47:35:25
things like that. 11:47:38:21
And the other thing, we encourage them to do is to make 11:47:39:19
agreements with these other large parking lots that are 11:47:43:12
often empty. 11:47:47:15
Right now it's a gentleman's agreement, handshake, and 11:47:48:09
I don't know if that's still going to work in the 11:47:52:13
future. 11:47:54:07
But the lot, that that huge empty lot that won't be 11:47:54:21
empty in the future, across the street. 11:48:00:24
Weed also asked them to look at perhaps having 11:48:02:10
hospitality I think greeters that would direct people 11:48:05:13
where to legally park, where it's he will legal to 11:48:09:10

park, and how to deal with that. 11:48:11:27
And finally to work with the landscaping and use that 11:48:13:16
as a means of encouraging more legal parking. 11:48:17:16
But 84 parking spaces for a congregation is not a lot. 11:48:20:09
So they need to actively pursue options. 11:48:25:04
And I know you can't require them to have legal 11:48:29:24
agreement with other people. 11:48:35:13
>>ROSE FERLITA: I don't want to overstep my bounds. 11:48:36:09
Don't think I have ever done this before. 11:48:39:00
But Linda or John, are you part of that synagogue? 11:48:40:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, but I'm very familiar with it. 11:48:44:10
>>ROSE FERLITA: I think the neighbor next door that was 11:48:47:24
worried about a wall buffer, they did that and they 11:48:50:07
were very cooperative in terms of what was done. 11:48:52:07
I'm wondering, Ms. Saul-Sena, is there some possibility 11:48:54:15
of being a good ambassador from the city and the 11:48:58:15
council and to ask them to dot like educating? 11:49:05:10
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Saul-Sena he's here. 11:49:09:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: I'm sorry. 11:49:11:19
They were cooperative. 11:49:13:25
And we're helpful. 11:49:14:27
If there's some little odds and ends that you can 11:49:16:03
encourage the synagogue to do that. 11:49:19:06
That's what I was trying -- I should have addressed 11:49:21:04
you. 11:49:24:03

You I'm sorry. 11:49:24:18
I didn't see you back there. 11:49:25:09
>>> And it's not that we are opposing. 11:49:28:12
We are just trying to be proactive. 11:49:29:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: No. 11:49:31:10
It was not a for and against. 11:49:32:16
It was a for and for with some concerns. 11:49:35:13
So this is the perfect area to discuss what those 11:49:37:03
concerns are. 11:49:39:15
And their representative perhaps can weigh in on that 11:49:39:27
after Karen finishes. 11:49:43:24
>>> But we just see what's happening in our 11:49:46:04
neighborhood. 11:49:48:24
It's evolving and changing. 11:49:49:04
And we don't want to shut the door on anything but we 11:49:50:13
want to protect us. 11:49:52:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: Let's see what Karen has to say. 11:49:54:28
>>> Karen Crawford, I have been sworn, 1406 south 11:49:58:19
moody. 11:50:01:04
This is not something that's peculiar just to this 11:50:01:15
synagogue. 11:50:05:06
As you know any urban church in South Tampa right now 11:50:05:24
has the same issues. 11:50:08:12
And we are concerned with the way the code is written. 11:50:09:07
No one seems to be expanding their number of sanctuary 11:50:12:21

seats but they are all adding pre-schools, all 11:50:15:21
expanding, these facilities, the multi-purpose, their 11:50:17:21
gyms, as you all know. 11:50:21:06
And we are never going to deal with the parking issues 11:50:22:12
on those expansions. 11:50:28:09
We really need to look at how we make these more 11:50:29:21
pedestrian friendly. 11:50:32:15
That's why we brought up one of the things about 11:50:33:09
lanscaping, encouraging people to have off-site 11:50:35:03
arrangement with adjacent property owners, and I 11:50:38:18
understand the reason behind the code is churches do 11:50:42:03
not have this overflow parking situation except on 11:50:44:21
certain days and weekends. 11:50:47:04
So that's why the code is written that way. 11:50:48:12
However, as they continue to grow in the businesses 11:50:50:13
around them and the residents -- neighborhoods around 11:50:52:25
them become more and more developed, there's not the 11:50:55:10
overflow places for them to park on holiday and big 11:50:57:18
events. 11:51:02:07
And part of this is going to create more opportunities 11:51:02:18
for bar mitzvahs, weddings and big function that is 11:51:04:22
will bring a lot more people to the neighborhood. 11:51:09:00
So we would like you all to look at some way on the 11:51:10:25
condition on the PD to look at making this off-site 11:51:13:06
parking requirement. 11:51:19:00

The other thing that we think that maybe you could put 11:51:19:15
as a condition to PD, the existing median now where we 11:51:21:21
are really having a problem with people parking. 11:51:25:13
Steve Graham is always offering up trees for 11:51:27:03
landscaping and right-of-way. 11:51:30:00
We have the sidewalk there. 11:51:31:21
We have a bus stop all along, but there are no trees. 11:51:32:27
So I'm asking you as council, could you impose a 11:51:37:01
condition on the PD that the city plant trees in those 11:51:40:09
medians? 11:51:43:06
Not only it would look better but it would prevent the 11:51:44:27
cars from parking there and it would certainly make it 11:51:47:00
more pedestrian friendly for everyone that's trying to 11:51:49:03
get to the synagogue. 11:51:52:06
And I just don't know if you can do that. 11:51:53:22
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: They could do it. 11:51:55:21
>>GWEN MILLER: What's husband name? 11:52:08:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I want to ask Mr. Massey. 11:52:10:25
We could also do it on the PD? 11:52:17:27
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I believe could you mandate it on the 11:52:21:01
PD. 11:52:23:03
The issue may be by adding these conditions which are 11:52:23:12
fairly substantial, we would have to go back to first 11:52:25:15
reading because we are changing the site plan. 11:52:27:25
I just want to make sure that council is aware of that. 11:52:29:22

>>GWEN MILLER: For the city to put -- she said the 11:52:33:06
city. 11:52:36:27
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I know but we are saying -- 11:52:37:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: They would put it in city property. 11:52:39:22
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think part of the thing that the 11:52:44:19
neighborhood is responding to is not only this 11:52:46:09
expansion but across the street, which has been 11:52:47:21
basically surface parking, is going to be a large, 11:52:49:13
intense structure that I believe is going to be coming 11:52:52:27
to us for rezoning. 11:52:55:06
So this little tiny nothing street is suddenly going to 11:52:56:06
see a lot more traffic. 11:52:59:21
And right now it's very ambiguous for pedestrians 11:53:00:27
exactly what the safe way is to cross. 11:53:04:07
I believe you indicated a crosswalk which I believe you 11:53:07:27
are going to indicate in some fashion. 11:53:10:15
So I believe what would be appropriate is to give the 11:53:13:15
petitioner a week or two weeks if you think it will 11:53:17:06
take that, to formalize the off-site parking agreements 11:53:20:00
that you have to accommodate the overflow parking. 11:53:23:21
And additional trees. 11:53:30:28
>>> Jeff SHER, rood and McClosky. 11:53:32:15
I have been sworn. 11:53:39:12
We met with Vicki, and it was a good meeting. 11:53:40:13
I wasn't able to make it but Andrew Cohen from our 11:53:44:13

congregation was there. 11:53:47:06
And my understanding was, yes, they wanted to put this 11:53:49:19
letter into the record with a couple of different 11:53:55:21
recommendations, and we are in agreement with the 11:54:00:09
recommendations. 11:54:02:18
My understanding was they weren't going to request that 11:54:03:21
we try to go back to first reading and have additional 11:54:06:19
conditions on the site plan. 11:54:09:18
My understanding of one of the main issues is the issue 11:54:13:07
of enforcement of parking. 11:54:15:21
Mostly on major events but also there are some weekly 11:54:22:09
bar mitzvahs where people that are parking across 11:54:25:21
sidewalks, as they have stated. 11:54:29:06
And our opinion is, it's really mostly an enforcement 11:54:32:06
issue. 11:54:36:15
We do have police officers at the synagogue, I believe 11:54:37:00
four times a week, every Friday night, every Saturday 11:54:40:12
morning, every Wednesday afternoon for religious 11:54:43:16
school, and then suns also. 11:54:47:06
And I believe it's really just a matter of saying to 11:54:48:24
those police officers, hey, we need you to enforce 11:54:51:24
this, because there is parking available. 11:54:54:12
We have -- we basically have had gentleman's agreements 11:54:56:24
with the garden club and folks in the Bayshore building 11:55:01:21
for probably 30 years that we can utilize their 11:55:03:28

parking. 11:55:06:09
And like I say, it's just a matter of having the police 11:55:06:21
officers tell people, hey, I know you're late for 11:55:10:21
services or whatever but you have to go across the 11:55:13:06
street and park, you can't park on the grass, you can't 11:55:15:00
park on Barcelona and block the sidewalk. 11:55:17:28
And I think it's just a matter of doing that as well as 11:55:20:19
putting in our news letters and educating folks that 11:55:22:22
they can't do that. 11:55:25:25
I think if we do that, I think 95% of the problems go 11:55:26:21
away. 11:55:31:10
And there are issues on the high holidays, a couple of 11:55:32:09
times a year. 11:55:37:03
We do have agreement was the garden club as well as the 11:55:38:15
folks across the street at the Bayshore building. 11:55:42:03
Even though there is going to be a new building built 11:55:44:19
there, they are -- my understanding is they are going 11:55:46:28
to be required to build a parking structure to replace 11:55:50:21
the existing surface parking that's already there, and 11:55:53:24
we have already talked to them about that and they are 11:55:56:06
going to agree to allow to us use that structure 11:55:57:28
parking even if there is a condo there. 11:56:00:06
So that will still be available to us. 11:56:02:15
As far as the other recommendations, we're fine with 11:56:05:04
them. 11:56:08:09

We are okay with whatever extra landscaping. 11:56:10:15
I think we have agreed to extra landscaping on first 11:56:13:12
reading on Isabella. 11:56:15:24
This is the first we are hearing of trees in the city 11:56:17:21
right-of-way. 11:56:20:10
I don't imagine we would have a problem agreeing to 11:56:21:12
that. 11:56:23:27
But again, I think -- it sounds like what they were 11:56:25:10
saying is they want the city to agree to that. 11:56:31:00
And I think we probably agreed to it, too. 11:56:34:16
We don't necessarily want to have to go back to first 11:56:36:12
reading. 11:56:38:18
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I think the way to address the 11:56:44:12
additional landscaping is to say you will, without 11:56:47:04
sending it back to first reading, are requiring you to 11:56:50:18
plant things where the city may very well say you can't 11:56:54:06
plant them. 11:56:56:16
It is to say, we'll come up with a very nominal, 11:56:57:15
reasonable dollar figure that you will contribute 11:57:02:06
towards whatever additional landscaping the 11:57:03:27
neighborhood and the city jointly feels is necessary, 11:57:06:13
and we just put that -- well, that might be something 11:57:10:01
we have to go back to first reading on. 11:57:13:24
A&M and when I say nominal I'm thinking about a couple, 11:57:15:28
$3,000. 11:57:20:16

I don't know how much these trees are going to cost. 11:57:21:12
And I don't know what they had in mind for that 11:57:23:12
additional landscaping. 11:57:25:00
But that it would be easy way to address that. 11:57:26:00
As far as the parking goes, I don't think there's 11:57:29:00
anything we can do. 11:57:30:21
I mean, as far as enforcing, or putting what the 11:57:31:18
neighborhood representatives had on that sheet of 11:57:38:13
paper, which is not really an objection, and really 11:57:40:07
wasn't raised at the first reading, I don't think. 11:57:43:03
But everybody sort of understands that we are trying to 11:57:45:16
get there. 11:57:50:22
>>> Right. 11:57:52:28
Again, I think 95% of the problems we can solve by 11:57:53:16
educating our con gracious as well as the police 11:57:57:00
officers that are there any way. 11:58:00:04
They probably don't want to say anything to us because 11:58:01:06
we are employing them, they don't to go and ticket 11:58:03:28
these people that are parking illegally. 11:58:07:06
So if we tell the officers, you need to enforce them, 11:58:09:12
we can place them back to front and not allow people to 11:58:11:27
park there, just say you have to go across the street, 11:58:14:10
the spaces are there, use them. 11:58:16:21
Because it's typically a Friday night after business 11:58:18:28
hours or Saturday morning when there is no business 11:58:20:27

across the street at the Bayshore building. 11:58:23:00
So the spaces are there. 11:58:25:15
It's just a matter of enforcement on our part. 11:58:27:12
As far as the trees are concerned this is something we 11:58:31:00
are hearing for the first time right now that was not 11:58:32:07
to my knowledge discussed at the meeting that we had. 11:58:35:28
Again, I think we agreed to it. 11:58:37:21
If there's something we can do without having to go 11:58:40:06
back to first reading. 11:58:43:01
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. SHER, I agree with you the parking 11:58:48:25
problem is an enforcement issue. The problem is that 11:58:52:18
there were no parking signs all along the streets 11:58:55:16
there, and nobody is enforcing them. 11:58:58:15
And for you to say that you have to tell your officers 11:59:00:12
to enforce them is kind of funny, because the no 11:59:03:06
parking signs are there for a reason. 11:59:09:06
And I have pictures to prove that this is happening. 11:59:11:06
So it should have been done all along. 11:59:15:21
So I am going to put this in the record that we need 11:59:18:10
not only you talk to your people and educate them, but 11:59:24:24
they cannot park there, but you have got to make sure 11:59:28:12
that the enforcement is there or else we are going to 11:59:30:27
have do to do that for you. 11:59:33:00
>>> That's fine. 11:59:35:15
I think the folks we have are off-duty Hillsborough 11:59:35:25

County sheriffs. 11:59:38:15
I don't think they have the authority to ticket or do 11:59:39:09
anything on their own. 11:59:41:06
But honestly, we'll send out those to our congregation. 11:59:42:13
>> Exactly. 11:59:52:18
Or we'll send the TPD out there for you. 11:59:53:28
>>> That's fine. 11:59:56:19
>> Other questions for council members? 11:59:58:00
Need to close. 12:00:00:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Sherr, we can't assume the city 12:00:04:06
is going to plant stuff. 12:00:14:27
And frankly, landscaping will be a lot more attractive 12:00:16:21
along Isabella. 12:00:19:28
I don't know if -- 12:00:21:10
>>> We have a hedge there now. 12:00:26:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We're talking trees. 12:00:27:10
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's a great idea. 12:00:31:24
Because you put the trees -- 12:00:34:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And people. 12:00:36:03
Can we get a commitment from you to plant four trees? 12:00:40:19
>>> You can. 12:00:43:25
If we can agree to that -- 12:00:44:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Four 4-inch trees. 12:00:48:27
>>> I'll go out and plant them myself. 12:00:53:12
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Five 4-inch trees. 12:00:55:24

And that way it will help deal with the people parking 12:00:58:18
illegally. 12:01:01:03
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Just a couple things. 12:01:03:06
The planting the trees in city right-of-way of probably 12:01:05:06
have to be reviewed by transportation staff to make 12:01:07:19
sure we are not creating any hazards by planting this T 12:01:10:00
trees. 12:01:12:28
And what council needs to understand -- and this is 12:01:13:06
fine -- that we are allowing them good will, the 12:01:16:09
synagogue to do this. This is not something that's 12:01:18:21
going to be in the ordinance. 12:01:21:06
I just wanted -- 12:01:23:13
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sure. 12:01:27:03
>>GWEN MILLER: We need to close. 12:01:28:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Five 4-inch trees. 12:01:30:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Did we get a motion and second to close? 12:01:33:15
>> So moved. 12:01:38:06
>> Second. 12:01:38:21
(Motion carried). 12:01:38:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: 12:01:39:07
Number 83. 12:01:46:12
Move to adopt the following ordinance upon second 12:01:47:09
reading, an ordinance rezoning property in the general 12:01:49:10
vicinity of 2713 Bayshore Boulevard in the city of 12:01:51:18
Tampa, Florida more particularly described in section 1 12:01:54:06

from zoning district classifications PD synagogue place 12:01:56:22
of worship to PD synagogue or place of worship, 12:02:01:09
providing an effective date. 12:02:05:25
>> Second. 12:02:08:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Voice roll call. 12:02:08:03
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously. 12:02:10:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Smith wanted to come up and say 12:02:14:06
something. 12:02:16:03
We are going to give him an opportunity. 12:02:16:10
>>DAVID SMITH: David Smith. 12:02:17:19
A good catch by Rebecca Curt of our office, she has 12:02:24:09
actually done these attorney-client staff. 12:02:28:12
We are not allowed to have other staff. 12:02:36:18
So those in attendance will be the council members and 12:02:38:27
the attorneys who will be advising you. 12:02:41:03
Those attorneys will be me, Gerry dewertz, Marty 12:02:43:01
Shelby, Morris Massey, Kate O'Dowd, Julia Cole. 12:02:47:19
And I want to reiterate this from case law I found, the 12:02:54:21
purpose is to discuss this pending litigation of which 12:02:58:15
we the city are currently a party. 12:03:00:15
We are seeking your advice with respect to how to 12:03:03:24
proceed at this juncture, whether it's settlement, 12:03:06:09
appeal, or capitulation. 12:03:08:27
And that will be the limit of the scope of the 12:03:16:10
discussions. 12:03:18:18

So we have no other requirements in the case law. 12:03:18:28
Thank you very much for your patience. 12:03:21:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Just to bring to council's attention, 12:03:22:15
per council rules, we are at the noon hour. 12:03:26:00
I just want to see what direction council wishes to 12:03:28:04
take. 12:03:31:00
Of course -- 12:03:31:12
>>GWEN MILLER: I would like to go ahead and finish our 12:03:33:00
second readings. 12:03:34:27
>> And that would require a unanimous vote. 12:03:38:09
>>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved. 12:03:39:18
>>ROSE FERLITA: Yes. 12:03:42:18
Say yes. 12:03:43:15
We don't have that many people out there. 12:03:45:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If you're willing to go for it I'll 12:03:56:06
go for it. 12:03:58:13
>>ROSE FERLITA: We don't have that many people out 12:03:59:01
there. 12:04:02:01
(Motion carried). 12:04:03:19
>>CHAIRMAN: Mrs. Saul-Sena, back to number 80. 12:04:04:19
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What I would like to do is have 12:04:08:06
staff show me some photographs and move on and come 12:04:10:19
back to this. 12:04:14:00
I want to see a photograph on Melville. 12:04:15:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Let's go to item 84. 12:04:17:00

Anyone in the public that wants to speak on 84? 12:04:19:07
>> Move to close. 12:04:22:07
[Motion Carried] 12:04:27:21
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to adopt the following ordinance 12:04:28:01
upon second reading. 12:04:32:09
An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity 12:04:33:06
of 2308 west Jetton Avenue in the city of Tampa, 12:04:35:09
Florida and more particularly described in section 1 12:04:39:15
from zoning district classification RM-16 residential 12:04:41:15
multi-family to PD single family providing an effective 12:04:44:15
date. 12:04:49:03
>> Second. 12:04:50:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Voice vote. 12:04:50:03
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder and 12:04:56:16
Saul-Sena being absent. 12:04:59:00
>>CHAIRMAN: Is there anyone in the public that would 12:05:00:09
like to speak on item 85? 12:05:01:25
>> Move to close. 12:05:04:28
>> Second. 12:05:05:16
(Motion carried). 12:05:05:24
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to adopt the following ordinance 12:05:06:10
upon second reading, an ordinance rezoning property in 12:05:11:00
the general vicinity of 3512 east Hillsborough Avenue 12:05:13:12
in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly 12:05:16:13
described in section 1 from zoning district 12:05:18:18

classification CI commercial intensive to PD restaurant 12:05:20:12
with a drive-in window for all CI uses without any 12:05:23:07
waivers, providing an effective date. 12:05:26:18
>>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second. 12:05:27:03
Vote roll call. 12:05:30:10
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder and 12:05:30:28
Saul-Sena being absent. 12:05:38:10
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the public like to speak 12:05:39:01
on item 86? 12:05:41:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close. 12:05:45:10
>> Second. 12:05:47:00
[Motion Carried] 12:05:47:12
>>KEVIN WHITE: Move to adopt the following ordinance 12:05:47:18
upon second reading, move an ordinance rezoning 12:05:50:07
property in the general vicinity of 3601 west DeLeon 12:05:52:18
street in the city of Tampa, Florida and more 12:05:55:06
particularly described in section 1 from zoning 12:05:56:21
district classifications RS-60 residential 12:05:58:15
single-family to PD single family residential providing 12:06:00:27
an effective date. 12:06:03:15
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 12:06:03:15
Roll call vote. 12:06:06:09
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder and 12:06:06:27
Saul-Sena being absent. 12:06:14:01
>>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that would 12:06:15:00

like to speak on item number 87? 12:06:16:27
>> Second. 12:06:20:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: Move to adopt the following ordinance 12:06:20:22
after second reading, move an ordinance row zoning 12:06:25:27
property in the general vicinity of 4215 north A street 12:06:29:04
in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly 12:06:33:00
described in section 1 from zoning district 12:06:35:04
classifications RM-24 residential multiple you -- 12:06:37:12
multifamily to PD single family attached providing an 12:06:40:24
effective date. 12:06:43:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second. 12:06:43:09
Roll call vote. 12:06:45:28
[Motion Carried] 12:06:47:24
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried. 12:06:47:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anybody in the audience like to 12:06:51:13
speak on item 88? 12:06:53:06
>> Move to close. 12:06:56:07
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second. 12:06:57:06
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Move to adopt the following ordinance 12:06:57:21
upon second reading, an ordinance rezoning property in 12:07:00:10
the general vicinity of 3203 east Busch Boulevard in 12:07:02:21
the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly 12:07:06:07
described in section 1 from zoning district 12:07:07:28
classifications CG commercial general to PD, restaurant 12:07:09:22
with drive-in window, providing an effective date. 12:07:12:15

>> Second. 12:07:15:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second. 12:07:16:01
Voice roll call. 12:07:18:00
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried. 12:07:18:16
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the public like to speak 12:07:24:07
on item 89? 12:07:26:18
>> Karen Crawford. 12:07:31:24
I have been sworn. 12:07:32:09
South moody. 12:07:34:22
I was at the first reading on. This and I was a little 12:07:35:21
confused. 12:07:40:12
I'm very pleased it appears they are preserving the 12:07:41:03
bungalow and using it for "-using it for office space. 12:07:44:09
But I'm left with the question of why are we rezoning 12:07:47:16
this to a PD? 12:07:51:10
And I didn't hear the specificity that needs to be 12:07:52:12
attached to what the use is. 12:07:55:22
And that's what happens when people come in and just 12:07:57:13
rezone things for a PD. 12:08:00:18
Those PDs sit around for years and years and years, and 12:08:03:00
then sometime later someone comes back in and just has 12:08:06:09
some kind of administrative review to change the use, 12:08:11:01
and the neighborhoods aren't noticed or involved, and 12:08:15:01
we have seen this happen several times. 12:08:17:09
So I would just like to make sure that if you do adopt 12:08:19:12

this, it's very clear as to what the use is for this, 12:08:22:15
and if the use is going to change down the road, and 12:08:26:18
this PD, look at it very closely. 12:08:35:12
Because I can foresee this being rezoned. 12:08:40:10
And as much as their intent is now to preserve that 12:08:42:27
bungalow, somebody else comes in and buys it because it 12:08:46:00
has favorable zoning on it, and there goes the house 12:08:48:19
and the intent under the original PD. 12:08:55:18
>>MORRIS MASSEY: The reason it's rezoned to PD is 12:09:00:22
because it's currently zoned RM-24 which only allows 12:09:02:27
uses at the property and they are wanting to use a 12:09:06:06
bungalow for business professional office space. 12:09:08:21
Therefore they needed to change zoning classification. 12:09:11:10
And they changed to the a PD in order to basically 12:09:13:22
respect existing bungalow. 12:09:16:07
The site plan shows the existing bungalow. 12:09:17:18
They can't expand. 12:09:19:21
They can't change the bungalow without amending the PD. 12:09:20:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If they go to RO-1, would that 12:09:30:01
provide additional protection or less protection for 12:09:33:00
the existing bungalow? 12:09:35:04
>>MORRIS MASSEY: It's also a site plan controlled 12:09:36:18
zoning district but in a different type of category and 12:09:40:25
allows different sort of uses. 12:09:43:00
I would have to look at the zoning code and see the 12:09:44:19

difference between the two. 12:09:47:01
I mean, I think we reviewed it, and staff reviewed this 12:09:48:00
request and -- 12:09:56:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So the existing PD request really 12:09:59:00
speaks to the preservation of the existing bungalow, 12:10:01:09
and if they were to change that, that would trigger 12:10:04:03
them coming back? 12:10:06:25
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Correct. 12:10:09:09
My understanding. 12:10:10:16
Marty. 12:10:11:12
The counsel is here as well. 12:10:13:25
>>MARTY BOYLE: Land development. 12:10:16:10
On the application, I believe on the site plan itself, 12:10:18:19
it states that it's for an office use so that they -- 12:10:20:27
the PD couldn't be changed to something else, if 12:10:26:13
somebody wanted to rezone and wanted to do a PD use, 12:10:29:28
they would have to come through for a different use, 12:10:32:09
would have to come through for a whole new rezoning. 12:10:34:22
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So you're saying the existing 12:10:39:10
bungalow will stay. 12:10:41:00
>>MORRIS MASSEY: The site plan even shows -- the 12:10:43:06
existing bungalow. It says existing bungalow, existing 12:10:46:27
front porch. 12:10:49:22
And therefore, as I would interpret that site plan, you 12:10:50:15
could not take that out without coming before City 12:10:53:25

Council to amend the PD. 12:10:56:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you. 12:10:58:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Not to be confusing at all, but they 12:10:59:25
could still demolish it. 12:11:05:01
They could just get a demolition and demolish it so 12:11:07:07
it's not like it's protected per se. 12:11:10:10
They might not be able to build anything else on the 12:11:12:12
site without coming back and doing something else. 12:11:14:24
But they could demolish it if they so desired. 12:11:16:24
I think another interesting question that Ms. Crawford 12:11:19:24
raised, though, is how does this administrative 12:11:23:00
tweaking of a PD work? 12:11:28:10
And one of the parameters that the staff can do that 12:11:31:06
type of tweaking? 12:11:37:21
>>> Chapter 27 sets forth certain things that can be 12:11:39:15
approved and it's within a certain defined parameter. 12:11:42:21
Don't have that in front of me, Mr. Dingfelder. 12:11:45:28
I would be happy to give you a coach it. 12:11:48:07
It's supposed to be allowances for minor changes. 12:11:50:12
A small increase in floor area like 5%, a small change 12:11:53:12
in access. 12:11:59:00
Those are the types of things that administratively 12:12:00:24
zoning staff is supposed to be able to address so that 12:12:02:21
every little minor change that occurs through a 12:12:05:21
development process doesn't necessarily have to come 12:12:09:06

back to council. 12:12:10:27
Anything that's major, a major change in the use of the 12:12:13:15
building, then that creates a problem. 12:12:16:04
I think Ms. Crawford, she says she historically had is 12:12:17:21
a larger complex on South Howard that had a larger 12:12:22:16
mixture of uses and allowed the developer to do lots of 12:12:26:12
different things within a large building which 12:12:29:09
increased parking demands. 12:12:30:25
It's a very different situation when you have a 12:12:32:21
building which is basically a small house that you can 12:12:34:00
only use for single function or single use. 12:12:36:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you. 12:12:42:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Other questions? 12:12:42:24
Ready to close the public hearing? 12:12:44:00
>> So moved. 12:12:45:24
>> Second. 12:12:46:10
(Motion carried). 12:12:46:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Are you okay with it, Mr. Dingfelder? 12:12:46:28
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Sure. 12:12:51:21
Move to adopt the following ordinance. 12:12:52:12
An ordinance rezoning property at 213 South Howard 12:12:54:09
Avenue from zoning district classifications RM-24 12:12:58:09
residential multi-family to PD business professional 12:13:01:12
office, providing an effective date. 12:13:04:06
>> I have a motion and second. 12:13:06:04

Villaraigosa roll call. 12:13:11:01
>>THE CLERK: Motion carried. 12:13:11:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena, one more time, number 81. 12:13:18:06
Are you ready? 12:13:21:24
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I had asked staff to bring me some 12:13:22:25
photographs. 12:13:24:21
Why don't we just keep going with other stuff? 12:13:25:09
>>KEVIN WHITE: We have one more. 12:13:30:18
>>GWEN MILLER: 90 is a continued public hearing. 12:13:33:03
It's a continue public hearing. 12:13:38:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Requesting six month continuance? 12:13:41:04
>>THE CLERK: They are requesting six month continuance 12:13:44:16
which would be the first part of July so we would need 12:13:46:18
to decide if you want to continue to the end of July. 12:13:48:25
>>GWEN MILLER: Vacation. 12:13:52:07
>>MARY ALVAREZ: The middle. 12:14:00:00
>>THE CLERK: The last week in July is the 22nd. 12:14:01:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Make a motion. 12:14:07:03
>>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved. 12:14:07:27
>> Second. 12:14:09:18
(Motion carried). 12:14:09:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Item 91. 12:14:10:09
Petitioner wants -- 12:14:14:21
>>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination. 12:14:20:00
Petitioner submitted a letter requesting February 12:14:22:27

2nd although he would like to request March 9 12:14:25:13
instead. 12:14:27:28
>> So moved. 12:14:29:12
>> Second. 12:14:30:00
(Motion carried) 12:14:30:03
>>GWEN MILLER: 92 we need to open. 12:14:34:28
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved. 12:14:36:18
>> Second. 12:14:38:12
(Motion carried) 12:14:38:25
>>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination. 12:14:41:09
I have been sworn in. 12:14:47:12
Petitioner is wanting oh to vacate a line between 12:14:48:03
O'Brien. 12:14:55:06
One reference. 12:14:57:12
Westshore is about two blocks to the east. 12:14:58:03
About a quarter mail to the north. 12:15:02:15
Petitioners's property is highlighted in red. 12:15:06:04
This is Sherill to north Nassau street. 12:15:09:10
A shot looking north from Nassau street. 12:15:15:25
Sherill from the west property line. 12:15:21:07
This is south street which was previously vacated. 12:15:31:18
And this is the remainder of Sherill street looking 12:15:34:15
north from LaSalle street. 12:15:38:21
A couple shots of property, Sherill on the west. 12:15:40:18
This is the petitioner's property. 12:15:46:21

Sherill on the east. 12:15:49:22
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: What is that use? 12:15:51:24
>>> A limousine service. 12:15:53:25
This is a shot of the property west of Sherill, at 12:15:57:07
Nassau street. 12:16:01:06
This is a shot of petitioner's property abutting 12:16:03:15
Sherill on the east about mid block. 12:16:06:04
And Sherill continues south to Nassau street, and it is 12:16:08:13
improved in that portion. 12:16:12:19
If council will recall, a little over a year ago, the 12:16:15:21
northern portion of Sherill was petitioned for. 12:16:18:16
That portion was denied by City Council. 12:16:24:24
Staff does object to this vacating request. 12:16:26:25
Public works. 12:16:35:22
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The huge parcel there that's green 12:16:36:00
on the top? 12:16:39:18
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I believe they came in with vacating. 12:16:40:06
Over a year ago. 12:16:47:18
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a reminder if you have not been 12:16:50:10
sworn. 12:17:02:01
>>GWEN MILLER: Anyone who has not been sworn, will you 12:17:02:19
please raise your right hand? 12:17:06:06
>>THE CLERK: Do you solemnly swear or affirm to tell 12:17:07:21
the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? 12:17:11:03
>>> I do. 12:17:14:22

Andy Wertz on behalf of petitioner. 12:17:15:21
I have been sworn. 12:17:18:28
Objection to this is for proposed future expansion of 12:17:21:04
Sherill street. 12:17:25:04
The O'Brien street, after the petition to vacate the 12:17:30:03
owner portion, O'Brien street on the northwest of this 12:17:36:18
area, of the parcel was expanded significantly. 12:17:41:19
So there is now a large north-west -- or north-south 12:17:44:07
access area on O'Brien, and also north-south access on 12:17:48:21
this street to boy scout. 12:17:59:24
The pictures, it's a fairly densely wooded area. 12:18:02:16
There is not a whole lot going on in this right-of-way. 12:18:06:12
Nor much maintenance. 12:18:12:18
The current use, the owner's lessee is using the 12:18:13:15
premises for a limousine service. 12:18:18:10
The limo service has some difficulty getting in and out 12:18:20:28
of some bays that are located on the parcel and would 12:18:23:19
like to use the proposed vacated area, the 12:18:28:00
right-of-way, for more of a bigger turning radius. 12:18:29:27
There is a picture. 12:18:35:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why don't they improve it and leave 12:18:39:12
it public? 12:18:45:06
They probably could if they do it with an agreement 12:18:46:00
with the city. 12:18:48:12
>>> That might be a possibility. 12:18:51:16

It wasn't one that was discussed as an alternative. 12:18:55:07
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: That just might seem to be away to 12:18:59:15
kill two birds. 12:19:04:21
Sure, we want your client's business to thrive. 12:19:05:22
But at the same time the staff is having some heartache 12:19:07:27
about the long-term issue. 12:19:10:15
>>> We'll explore that if we are unsuccessful today. 12:19:29:15
I think to talk more about it, the right-of-way is not 12:19:32:12
in the five-year plan for expansion. 12:19:35:19
There's no crystal ball whether or not it's going to be 12:19:37:15
used or not be used. 12:19:40:03
It doesn't appear that it's going to be used in the 12:19:41:16
future because of the significant expenses. 12:19:43:06
It's ours and we don't want to give at way. 12:19:49:07
I'm not saying it's ours. 12:19:56:15
It's the city's. 12:19:58:04
And may want to preserve the right. 12:19:59:03
If that development is not in the foreseeable future, 12:20:04:22
we would like to be able to use the property. 12:20:09:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the public like to speak 12:20:10:12
on item number 92? 12:20:12:03
You may come up, sir. 12:20:13:12
>>> Gerry Ault, 2966 North Dale Mabry. 12:20:27:21
I have the manager and a shareholder in the properties 12:20:32:12
LLC, we own approximately 2.4 acres of developable 12:20:38:12

property that borders the Sherill street right-of-way. 12:20:44:21
I may sound like the petitioner here, and we would have 12:20:51:00
been a co-petitioner on this matter except it would 12:20:53:18
have delayed the hearing by at least a month or so. 12:20:57:15
So I'm here as an interested party. 12:21:01:27
We petitioned in 2004 to vacate Sherill, and the city 12:21:17:25
objected because they said they neededded it for future 12:21:22:13
north-south circulation in the area. 12:21:26:12
The Sherill street right-of-way is one tenth of a mile 12:21:33:09
east of this O'Brien street that's been referred to. 12:21:37:15
O'Brien street runs north-south from cypress Avenue to 12:21:42:15
boy scout. 12:21:47:15
Additionally, Sherill street right-of-way is one tenth 12:21:53:21
of a mile west of ward street which runs north-south 12:21:58:09
from cypress to Laurel street. 12:22:03:00
So here we have got two north-south roads. 12:22:07:12
At this point it seems to be quite adequate. 12:22:13:12
And then stuck in the middle, the one tenth of a mile 12:22:16:19
away from each, we have this Sherill street 12:22:19:09
right-of-way. 12:22:21:22
I'm having difficulty in understanding the staff's 12:22:27:03
position on the Sherill street right-of-way. 12:22:30:15
So could the staff please help me understand what this 12:22:36:24
objection is all about having to do with retaining this 12:22:41:09
right-of-way? 12:22:44:21

You know, if there's not a good explanation or reason, 12:22:48:16
then it would seem prudent to me for the city to get 12:22:54:09
this property on the tax rolls and start collecting 12:22:58:27
some real estate taxes. 12:23:02:24
And also I think it's about 58 feet or so. 12:23:09:06
We would inure about 58 feet of that, if we could 12:23:11:28
accomplish this. 12:23:20:13
And, you know, this right-of-way in the near future, I 12:23:21:27
think, is probably going to need to begin to be 12:23:27:10
maintained, which it currently isn't. 12:23:31:03
And the reason I'm making that statement is the 2.4 12:23:34:06
acres that we currently own. 12:23:39:21
There's site work under way right now on this property, 12:23:44:15
that this property will either become -- be developed 12:23:47:15
by us into a nice low-rise office complex or someone 12:23:51:19
else. 12:23:57:00
Thank you. 12:23:58:22
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak? 12:23:58:22
If you are going to speak, will you please come up and 12:24:01:03
speak? 12:24:05:18
Come up and speak if you are going to speak, sir. 12:24:06:00
>>> Earl Normanson, live in Tampa, 302 west Paris 12:24:12:28
street. 12:24:20:10
I just have knowledge of the property and everything. 12:24:20:18
When this property is divided, how does this divide 12:24:23:18

out? 12:24:27:06
Does it go half to each adjoining property owner? 12:24:27:21
Is that the way it goes? 12:24:31:25
>>GWEN MILLER: Yes. 12:24:33:06
>>> That's all I need to know. 12:24:34:13
Thank you. 12:24:35:18
>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak? 12:24:35:24
Staff, transportation. 12:24:38:21
>>ROY LAMOTTE: Transportation manager. 12:24:41:10
>>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn? 12:24:50:01
>>> No, I was not. 12:24:51:15
I apologize. 12:24:52:13
I was out of the room. 12:24:53:07
(Sworn) 12:24:58:10
Your presentation should follow with Jimmy. 12:25:01:12
When Jimmy makes your presentation, if you have an add 12:25:04:04
on you should go then before the public. 12:25:08:10
That would be appropriate. 12:25:09:24
Just for future reference. 12:25:10:21
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And can we have a map? 12:25:11:16
>>ROY LAMOTTE: I do have a map that shows the two 12:25:15:18
parcels and the street. This is Laurel street as we 12:25:19:25
look across the east-west connection. The two streets 12:25:23:09
that were spoken about is basically Noreen street. 12:25:26:22
The section that's under discussion is Sherill street. 12:25:32:06

And the other street to the east of that would be Wood 12:25:36:00
Street. 12:25:42:03
This is a very dynamic area. 12:25:43:21
There is a great deal of change taking place in the 12:25:46:03
land use here. 12:25:48:21
And as land use does change, traffic pattern changes as 12:25:49:16
well. 12:25:54:27
There is some convection made by petitioners that we 12:25:55:07
aren't looking at traffic planning. 12:25:58:22
Well, we are. 12:26:01:06
It's just not part of our immediate five-year plan. 12:26:01:27
We know the airport is doing expansion changes. 12:26:05:12
We know that there is reuse of land in this immediate 12:26:07:19
area and we are considering all options, and I think 12:26:11:15
that's part of why the city reserved the right-of-way 12:26:14:00
for future expansion of north-south traffic 12:26:16:00
circulations. 12:26:19:16
We do know that O'Brien was expanded and has been 12:26:20:15
completed to Laurel street. 12:26:23:25
But we feel that the Sherill street extension will be 12:26:24:27
required in the future. 12:26:27:19
>>GWEN MILLER: Question. 12:26:28:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question, Roy. 12:26:31:16
Before O'Brien was standed, I don't know if other staff 12:26:34:09
is here but did it look the same way? 12:26:37:00

Was it all overgrown with trees and everything else? 12:26:39:01
>>> I don't have knowledge of that. 12:26:44:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think Mr. Cook, you indicated -- 12:26:45:16
my point is, I guess we shouldn't be deceived by 12:26:51:21
overgrown trees an stuff. 12:26:54:15
It doesn't mean that it's never going to be developed 12:26:56:01
into a road. 12:26:57:25
Right? 12:26:58:21
Mott Mott that's correct. 12:26:59:27
And you have also heard the petitioner in this 12:27:02:12
particular case indicating they are looking to do some 12:27:02:22
expansion on their property. 12:27:04:18
And we don't know what the impacts of that expansion on 12:27:06:04
that property is to date. 12:27:08:12
So not only is it site specific, it will also be 12:27:11:00
impacted by background growth as well. 12:27:14:24
So at this time we are dissing you and asking you to 12:27:17:06
vote the same denial as in the other case. 12:27:22:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can I ask one other question? 12:27:23:21
You heard my comment to the petitioner's attorney. 12:27:27:12
Why don't you just build the building as a driveway for 12:27:30:27
now or even as a road or whatever for now, for his 12:27:34:24
purposes. 12:27:37:24
Can we give them a license or some sort ofeesment to do 12:27:38:04
that? 12:27:41:03

>>ROY LAMOTTE: There may be a possibility for 12:27:42:09
improvements to be made on this property. 12:27:43:21
But we would like it done to city standard. 12:27:45:19
And we would have to entertain that in the future and 12:27:49:19
have some further discussion. 12:27:51:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: It wouldn't be the future. 12:27:52:18
They could come right now and start that discussion, 12:27:55:18
couldn't they? 12:27:57:12
>>> Absolutely. 12:27:58:15
They can come for a discussion. 12:27:58:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My question was, does the city have 12:28:03:03
any plans? 12:28:06:03
And you're saying yes, but not immediate. 12:28:07:09
But you're also saying that as land use changes occur 12:28:09:27
in proximity to this that we will consider making these 12:28:12:13
improvements. 12:28:16:07
So maybe instead of giving this away which doesn't seem 12:28:16:18
to be the prudent thing to do, maybe we should ask you 12:28:19:12
to come back to us in six months with an idea of 12:28:21:18
whether through -- whether through proposed land use 12:28:26:18
and proximity we'll fast forward some of the city's 12:28:29:21
improvements. 12:28:32:24
>>ROY LAMOTTE: That's a reasonable request. 12:28:32:28
>>KEVIN WHITE: What you highlighted in yellow, that's 12:28:39:21
the Vay indication -- vacation we are talking about? 12:28:42:06

>>> In red. 12:28:47:15
>> What is the yellow? 12:28:49:18
>>> The yellow is the petition you heard last year in 12:28:50:21
2004. 12:28:54:21
>> That would have taken it tall way through? 12:28:56:24
>>> Yes, sir. 12:28:58:24
>>KEVIN WHITE: To be reasonable, I don't see, as a 12:28:59:01
contiguous land owner but owner of the property, this 12:29:07:01
alley would go in and spend thousands of dollars to 12:29:10:07
improve something that wasn't mine in if I can't do 12:29:14:15
anything with it. 12:29:18:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Better access. 12:29:18:21
If that's what the rationale was that they said they 12:29:22:04
wanted to do this to start with, they said they need 12:29:25:27
more maneuvering. 12:29:28:22
That makes sense. 12:29:30:15
>> That makes perfect sense. 12:29:32:15
But whether the gentleman leasing the building, how 12:29:33:19
long is he going to be leasing? 12:29:36:16
The owners would have to pay for the improvements. 12:29:38:03
And if I as an owner, do I want to pay hundreds of 12:29:40:06
thousands of dollars to improve an alley for access for 12:29:44:06
a lessee? 12:29:50:06
I don't think that's necessarily reasonable. 12:29:52:06
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The flip side is you want to vacate 12:29:53:15

this for the lessee. 12:29:56:21
They may walk away next week. 12:30:00:12
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Let me make one clarification. 12:30:03:19
As long as this remains public right-of-way, even if 12:30:06:01
it's improved by this property owner, even if it 12:30:08:03
dead-end, it must remain public right-of-way open to 12:30:13:04
the public. 12:30:15:24
I want to make sure folks folks know it operates 12:30:16:12
basically as a street. 12:30:20:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: What are our options, to look to the 12:30:28:06
future in terms of planning, but at the same time not 12:30:31:07
handicapping him from usage of that because it looks 12:30:34:09
like at least we are not going to do anything for five 12:30:37:15
years, right? 12:30:40:06
>>ROY LAMOTTE: Yes. 12:30:42:04
>>ROSE FERLITA: What can be done to give him some use 12:30:42:22
but not any planning projections later on? 12:30:47:18
>>> We would have to look and have some discussion with 12:30:50:28
our legal department and what their ability to use the 12:30:52:21
land that's not there to begin with. 12:30:55:00
There may be improvement itself made upon that land 12:30:58:12
that would substantiate the use of their services at 12:31:00:19
this time. 12:31:02:27
We haven't investigated that so I am not here today to 12:31:04:15
be able to give you a definitive answer on that. 12:31:06:19

That was a suggestion made, a good suggestion. 12:31:09:09
As far as the answer to Councilman White's question, I 12:31:11:25
don't know that lies in the minds of the petitioner. 12:31:15:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: The only reason I'm asking that, it 12:31:18:21
looks like based on your objections and some of the -- 12:31:20:24
in terms of asking for a vacation, that's not going to 12:31:25:13
happen. 12:31:27:27
So he's got a big portion or big parcel that probably 12:31:28:03
this would complement. 12:31:33:24
So I guess I want the best of both world so we can help 12:31:34:27
him and at the same time not have that interfere. 12:31:41:06
Is that something that you all could look at to see if 12:31:52:18
there's some way you can use it? I understand you 12:31:55:18
still can't close it. 12:31:58:00
It's going to be a public, you know, plot. 12:31:59:00
But at the same time -- 12:32:01:25
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Well, it has to be used in a manner 12:32:04:12
that's consistent with if it's not vacated consistent 12:32:08:09
with the dedication as public right-of-way. 12:32:10:16
So if they wanted to build a road which has access to 12:32:12:09
that you are property, that certainly can be done and 12:32:16:19
they can use that road and they probably would be the 12:32:19:12
sole user of that road as long as that road basically 12:32:22:12
dead-ends at that juncture. 12:32:26:00
It has to remain a -- 12:32:32:16

>>ROSE FERLITA: At least they might have usage if they 12:32:35:16
were willing to do that. 12:32:37:21
>>KEVIN WHITE: Could we grant a vacating on this 12:32:42:24
particular parcel with the caveat that it remain a 12:32:45:00
roadway? 12:32:49:09
>>MORRIS MASSEY: I mean, if you want legal to look into 12:32:55:12
different strategies, we would be happy to do that. 12:32:58:22
>> Is that an option? 12:33:02:12
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Not exactly that way. 12:33:04:01
I mean, we have done very creative things that are kind 12:33:06:09
of convoluted in the past where we have basically had 12:33:09:09
an easement with reverter interest in the future. 12:33:16:00
We can look at doing those types of things if that's 12:33:18:00
council's will. 12:33:20:28
>>KEVIN WHITE: The reason I asked that was because we 12:33:24:19
have only to the east -- we have the red portion where 12:33:27:13
they are looking to vacate now, the yellow portion 12:33:35:24
where it looks like they were at the same timing to 12:33:38:00
vacate back in '04. 12:33:40:00
If both of these had been granted, it looks like unless 12:33:42:06
they were planning to develop this whole plot of land 12:33:45:09
in the middle, it seems like we would have a 12:33:49:09
northwest -- sorry, a north-south transportation 12:33:52:13
corridor still continuing straight through, which would 12:33:56:12
accomplish what Mr. LaMotte is saying that they are 12:33:59:19

trying to protect. 12:34:03:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: On what street? 12:34:08:01
>>KEVIN WHITE: Where the vacation is. 12:34:10:19
I'm saying on Sherill street where he's saying we don't 12:34:12:15
want to do that because of future plans, we didn't 12:34:15:10
know, we may want something going north and south 12:34:18:03
through there. 12:34:20:25
If one was vacated, and if the one that they had 12:34:24:16
previously tried to come in '04 to vacate that, and 12:34:27:27
make a complete roadway through it. 12:34:33:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: They could build -- 12:34:36:28
>>KEVIN WHITE: I'm saying, that's why I asked them, 12:34:38:21
with the caveat to make that a -- 12:34:40:24
>>GWEN MILLER: I want to hear from Mr. Shelby. 12:34:45:21
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I believe council member Dingfelder 12:34:47:18
did say that point. 12:34:50:15
That's a little assumption. 12:34:51:09
A vacating does not bind somebody absent another 12:34:52:27
agreement. 12:34:55:18
And I believe also Mr. LaMotte would say that with 12:34:56:06
regard to things being permitted, it would require that 12:34:58:13
whatever roadway be built be built to city 12:35:02:15
specifications. 12:35:05:03
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Essentially you are talking about 12:35:11:16
bundled rights and anything you do to allow the party 12:35:14:28

to use that takes away from the city's bundle of 12:35:17:19
rights. 12:35:20:00
But we can work an arrangement in which we try to 12:35:20:18
protect the city's future, that's the council's will. 12:35:23:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to say that my 12:35:27:07
assumption is that it's better to have public 12:35:29:04
rights-of-way than private rights-of-way. 12:35:31:06
Don't see any compulsion upon us to give away something 12:35:33:00
that currently belongs to the public. 12:35:36:21
And I think that if a limousine person and Mr. ALM are 12:35:39:03
so eager to create access, they have access right now 12:35:44:10
on Laurel. 12:35:49:03
I don't see where there's any compulsion on City 12:35:49:24
Council to do this. 12:35:54:01
And I personally would vote to close the public 12:35:55:03
hearing, to deny this like we did last year, because 12:35:56:27
the greater good is the good of the community to have a 12:36:01:03
north-south street some day. 12:36:04:18
So my motion would to be close the public hearing. 12:36:06:04
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to close. 12:36:08:18
(Motion carried). 12:36:10:24
What's the pleasure of council? 12:36:13:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion is to deny the request 12:36:16:18
because our staff has spoken to us very clearly that 12:36:18:18
this is something they anticipate needing in the 12:36:20:27

future. 12:36:25:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry but there is no limit on 12:36:25:21
rebuttal for the petitioner. 12:36:32:24
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion to reopen. 12:36:34:03
Petitioner, do you want a rebuttal? 12:36:36:09
>>> Obviously we would like the opportunity to explore 12:36:44:09
other options with the city if those might be available 12:36:46:06
rather than -- 12:36:49:10
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to continue for a month. 12:36:50:24
>> Second. 12:36:54:04
>>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to continue. 12:36:54:12
(Motion carried). 12:36:55:28
>>MARTIN SHELBY: May we have for the purposes of the 12:36:57:06
record a date and time? 12:36:59:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Maybe in February at 10:00. 12:37:02:06
>>THE CLERK: February 2nd. 12:37:05:19
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: February 2nd, 10:00. 12:37:08:24
>>ROSE FERLITA: They will work with the legal 12:37:11:24
department, Mr. Shelby and Mr. LaMotte? 12:37:13:03
Is that what they are going to do? 12:37:15:09
Research other avenues? 12:37:17:16
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Yes. The legal department will work 12:37:21:06
with transportation and see if we can work out a 12:37:22:18
compromise that's acceptable to both the transportation 12:37:27:18
and the petitioner. 12:37:29:12

>>GWEN MILLER: That's what we said last time. 12:37:30:13
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you. 12:37:32:18
We are back to number 81. 12:37:34:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I have a disclosure. 12:37:40:03
Mrs. Saul-Sena, I received an e-mail at my home or 12:37:42:19
work, my other work, in regard to this from the 12:37:46:09
president of the neighborhood association. 12:37:49:27
Because I kind of ask the question, I wonder why the 12:37:52:09
neighborhood is not here that night. 12:37:56:15
And I got an e-mail back saying they had watched it on 12:37:58:01
TV, and what happened was, those projects had started 12:38:00:24
like six months earlier. 12:38:05:09
And then we had continued it like until December or 12:38:06:24
whatever. 12:38:10:24
And they said they lost track of it on their calendars, 12:38:12:09
and that's why they didn't show up for first reading. 12:38:17:19
For the continued first reading. 12:38:18:28
And the president of the association indicated that 12:38:20:09
just like they have been opposing most of these type of 12:38:23:25
projects in their area of -- help me out -- Courier 12:38:29:00
City, that they would continue to oppose this one as 12:38:36:15
well. 12:38:39:04
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do we need to call for the public 12:38:42:15
and speak on it now? 12:38:44:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second reading. 12:38:47:06

>>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the public like to speak 12:38:48:00
on item 81? 12:38:50:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would. 12:38:52:00
I have taken a vow, now how we all do New Year's 12:38:55:18
resolutions. 12:38:59:06
My resolution for '06 is not to to support anything 12:38:59:27
that isn't good quality for the neighborhood. 12:39:02:27
And I am going to oppose this because even though the 12:39:05:01
neighborhood didn't show up, I knew in their hearts 12:39:07:18
they had spoken against this before, and even though 12:39:10:00
this proposal is less onerous, it's still too much 12:39:11:27
density and too inappropriate, and our staff wrote a 12:39:15:24
negative recommendation. 12:39:19:13
So based on our staff recommendation to disapprove 12:39:20:04
this, I move for denial. 12:39:23:04
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Let me interject one thing. 12:39:24:03
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Massey. 12:39:27:22
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Before the motion is made. 12:39:28:24
One of the things we are finding is a little bit 12:39:31:21
problematic, and way would suggest is that sometimes 12:39:33:28
it's folks, petitioners don't realize they should be 12:39:36:06
here at second reading. 12:39:38:28
The petitioner is not here. 12:39:40:19
>> Who is the petitioner? 12:39:43:21
>>MORRIS MASSEY: Who is the petitioner? Mr. Michelini. 12:39:45:00

>>MARTIN SHELBY: I was out of the room during Ms. 12:39:51:15
Saul-Sena's discussion on this item. 12:39:55:10
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just asked for it to be continued. 12:39:56:12
>>> And I assumed because we had skipped, I believe he 12:40:00:21
thought this one had passed and he probably left under 12:40:04:06
the assumption that it was. 12:40:06:24
Passed. 12:40:09:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move to continue this to when? 12:40:10:13
For one week till 10:00? 12:40:15:06
I move that the staff contact both the petitioner and 12:40:18:06
the neighborhood organization and make them aware of 12:40:21:27
this continuation. 12:40:25:15
And that our request that parks come in and 12:40:27:21
specifically address their concerns about the 24-inch 12:40:31:06
oak that's immediately on the line between this and the 12:40:34:15
proposed development, that the staff be here at 10:00 12:40:37:04
for this hearing. 12:40:40:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second, second and second. 12:40:40:24
>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion? 12:40:43:24
[Motion Carried] 12:40:48:28
All right. 12:40:49:24
We go to information from council members. 12:40:50:04
Mr. White, do you have anything? 12:40:52:24
>>KEVIN WHITE: Just move to receive and file all 12:40:55:03
documents. 12:40:57:12

>> Second. 12:40:58:21
(Motion carried). 12:40:59:00
>>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, I have several but just 12:40:59:13
two till next week. 12:41:06:13
I would like a report maybe next week, a request, I 12:41:08:03
guess, I can't make it in a motion, but as many of us 12:41:10:12
know, Toby O'Brien, who is a police officer, has been 12:41:13:07
ill and has some medical issues. 12:41:18:10
I know that in the spirit of taking care of each other, 12:41:23:24
they are willing to give up some of their sick time to 12:41:29:21
give him some time. 12:41:31:25
He's got a nonpensionable disease and he is obviously 12:41:33:01
struggling financially as is his family. 12:41:37:07
I think some things need to be worked on aggressively 12:41:39:19
and some things to be worked on rapidly. 12:41:45:24
I guess this is a decision for HR or for union 12:41:47:27
negotiations or whatever. 12:41:52:03
I don't know. 12:41:52:27
But all I know is you have got people that are higher 12:41:53:18
ranked, their wage per hour is more than Toby's and 12:41:56:27
they want to donate some of their sick time. 12:42:00:15
That's a benefit in terms of money versus money, if you 12:42:03:03
look at it this way. 12:42:05:13
We are not paying out any more, we're paying out less 12:42:08:01
per hour. 12:42:11:00

I know this gentleman is struggling. 12:42:11:21
Our other officers are reaching out for help. 12:42:13:04
I know this is in the process of being looked at. 12:42:16:12
But my request would be somebody from administration 12:42:18:15
next week come and let us know what they are doing, I 12:42:21:21
guess perhaps Sarah Lang it would be person. 12:42:25:00
But I can't imagine from a humanitarian standpoint that 12:42:27:18
we slow this down. 12:42:33:25
This needs to be done quickly. 12:42:34:24
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think I probably saw your original 12:42:37:21
memo on that or something. 12:42:39:28
And I was wondering, do we accrue any sick time that we 12:42:42:15
could donate to him as well? 12:42:46:01
>>ROSE FERLITA: But the point is, John -- no. 12:42:49:00
>> Your point is well taken. 12:42:55:04
I wonder if any of the six of us -- 12:42:56:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: I guess not because we are part time 12:43:00:03
but nice try. 12:43:02:15
However, you have enough police officers standing in 12:43:03:13
lane to try to get him some relief. 12:43:05:21
And, you know, hour for hour, it's a higher hourly 12:43:08:00
wage. 12:43:14:06
I think this is one of the things when we talked about 12:43:14:15
Thom Snelling's project, Linda, that things get put in 12:43:16:27
line. 12:43:20:18

It's not same thing. 12:43:20:28
I know it has nothing to do with him. 12:43:23:00
But this is something that has to happen right away. 12:43:24:27
I want to ask the mayor since she is if number one 12:43:28:18
person here, and Sarah Lang. 12:43:31:06
For God's sake let's do something and help this man, 12:43:33:22
now. 12:43:38:00
>> Second. 12:43:38:15
(Motion carried). 12:43:38:21
>>ROSE FERLITA: Secondly, Mr. Shelby, I know that in 12:43:40:09
our behalf you represented us in ongoing noise 12:43:43:16
complaint. 12:43:46:16
We recently got yet more complaints. 12:43:48:00
We have pages of documentation about noise ordinance 12:43:50:09
violations, and on and onon. 12:43:53:03
Every so often, noise ordinance situations surface 12:43:55:18
again in terms of Ybor City. 12:43:58:15
Della again communicated with EPC when we got this -- 12:44:02:09
and we got this on the 3rd. 12:44:05:12
I would love an update. 12:44:08:04
Are we doing anything about it? 12:44:12:03
I don't see any tickets being given or citations. 12:44:13:04
All I see are warnings. 12:44:18:15
Look at this document about the many violations. 12:44:22:06
There's really nothing better. 12:44:28:03

And I know that she talked to the person northbound 12:44:29:13
charge of noise situations at EPC, Kay Struther, and 12:44:34:06
for some reason she was not on e-mail list. 12:44:41:00
But I think it's time that we revisit the noise 12:44:45:21
situation. 12:44:48:04
Because it's a joke at this point. 12:44:48:09
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I had a lengthy conversation with 12:44:49:21
assistant city attorney by telephone yesterday, late 12:44:54:00
afternoon. 12:44:56:22
If you would like, I would like to leave that with you 12:44:57:00
about what path to take. 12:45:02:10
In the meantime, I had also intended to get in touch 12:45:05:12
with Ms. Strather because I attended at your request 12:45:07:15
the meeting with Lotus at the EPC and that was over a 12:45:11:25
month ago and there was supposed to be action taken, 12:45:20:18
and if council wishes I would like to follow up what 12:45:22:24
actions have been taken. 12:45:25:13
>>ROSE FERLITA: I would make that motion. 12:45:26:01
And this is something, Marty, that we talk about. 12:45:29:06
Everything is in place. 12:45:32:06
No enforcement. 12:45:33:06
It's a classic example. 12:45:34:04
It's a joke. 12:45:35:09
It really is a joke. 12:45:36:03
It's like in a parking zone. 12:45:37:09

So we need to do something about that. 12:45:40:00
While you are doing that, maybe waiting for you to come 12:45:42:09
back, then I would like TPD to come back and let us 12:45:44:16
know what they need for to us help them with in terms 12:45:47:00
of making it easier and giving out citations instead of 12:45:49:22
warning and warning after warning. 12:45:56:19
My comment is always the same. 12:45:58:10
If we can't do a good job with this because of staffing 12:45:59:21
or something else, let's look at EPC. 12:46:02:10
And if we want them to do it, fine, with the 12:46:05:00
understanding that we have to give them some financial 12:46:07:12
assistance for staffing and training and equipment. 12:46:09:15
>>MARTIN SHELBY: May I make a suggestion? 12:46:11:16
Because the revised noise order since going through the 12:46:16:25
Doc system and should come to council within the next 12:46:21:06
several weeks. 12:46:24:13
It may be an appropriate time when that issue comes up 12:46:25:00
it will be appropriate to discuss whether that noise 12:46:27:22
ordinance fully addresses the issues that council is 12:46:30:00
facing with their constituents: My recommendation is 12:46:32:18
based on my conversation with Mr. Show, it should be 12:46:36:00
within the next several weeks that council have that 12:46:39:03
ordinance on the agenda. 12:46:41:07
In the meantime I will follow up with Ms. Struther and 12:46:42:01
talk and have information to report. 12:46:45:09

>>ROSE FERLITA: That's all I have, Madam Chairman. 12:46:47:27
But because we are talking about this and Mr. Shelby 12:46:52:19
being a representative, this kind of segues right into 12:46:56:00
it, I find that it's difficult for Mr. Shelby to get 12:47:01:18
information that he needs to have and I would like to 12:47:04:28
have and it's always like asking the chairman to make 12:47:07:00
sure that I'm on the -- that should be a matter of 12:47:09:15
policy. 12:47:12:03
And I think you as our chairman should direct the legal 12:47:12:13
department, you know, with no disrespect to David 12:47:14:28
Smith, but everybody from him to the mayor to the 12:47:19:24
Commander-in-Chief or whatever, chief of staff, Darrell 12:47:23:27
Smith, all of those people need to understand, 12:47:28:12
everything we get, he should get, and he shouldn't have 12:47:30:21
to accidentally stumble into somebody's e-mail in one 12:47:34:15
of those boxes back there. 12:47:37:16
Everything we get, he should get. 12:47:38:24
It's crippling his ability to protect us, to advise us, 12:47:42:03
to be informed. 12:47:45:03
It's pitiful. 12:47:45:24
>>GWEN MILLER: I have done that. 12:47:46:22
>>ROSE FERLITA: Please do it again. 12:47:48:01
>>GWEN MILLER: He does not get the information. 12:47:50:18
They'll put it on the information that he's copied. 12:47:53:00
Then I find out that did he not receive the copy. 12:47:55:21

>>ROSE FERLITA: No, no, Gwen, I know you have done it. 12:47:57:09
You have done it and it's not getting done. 12:48:01:10
It's like you teach children. 12:48:03:03
If they don't understand something you sent ones send 12:48:04:16
it 300 times. 12:48:08:27
>>GWEN MILLER: Yes, ma'am, I will do that. 12:48:10:10
I agree, that's why I did it. 12:48:12:07
>>ROSE FERLITA: Please do it again and maybe this time 12:48:13:16
they are part of our listening audience. 12:48:17:21
Do you think? 12:48:19:06
>>GWEN MILLER: Anything else? 12:48:22:03
>>ROSE FERLITA: No, that's enough. 12:48:24:00
Saul-Sena. 12:48:26:12
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Just a question, whether we are still 12:48:27:18
having the special discussion meeting next week, the 12:48:29:27
11th, which is a Wednesday. 12:48:32:07
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm planning to have one on Tuesday 12:48:33:15
at nine and Wednesday at noon. 12:48:36:18
MPO was last week. 12:48:42:21
That's the one about classrooms. 12:48:46:03
Then Wednesday is about 27. 12:48:47:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Didn't it get continued? 12:48:50:25
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes, till now. 12:48:54:09
Actually because they are on a fast track. 12:48:55:18
It's going to be a really interesting meeting and I 12:48:57:27

hope everyone comes. 12:48:59:27
>> Are you not going to be here because you are sitting 12:49:01:03
on the MPO? 12:49:03:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, no, he thought there was an MPO 12:49:05:24
meeting but there isn't. 12:49:08:04
>>DAVID SMITH: Madam Chairman, could I address you, 12:49:12:00
please? 12:49:16:06
I have circulated memorandum to everybody in my 12:49:16:06
department twice informing them that Mr. Shelby is to 12:49:18:12
be copied on everything that goes to council. 12:49:22:03
I have seen Darrell Smith make that statement at least 12:49:25:18
once. 12:49:28:15
And I think he's done so in writing. 12:49:28:24
So what I would like to know is when you have something 12:49:30:12
that is of that nature and someone has not provided you 12:49:33:06
that, please let me know so I will have a personal 12:49:36:28
visit with someone on my staff if they are not 12:49:39:28
complying, and I'm sure Mr. Smith will do the same. 12:49:42:06
Because they have been instructed to the contrary. 12:49:45:06
So if you give me the specific instances, and we'll 12:49:47:22
address those instances and we'll get it corrected 12:49:51:10
because you are supposed to be advised of everything 12:49:54:00
that I send to council and everything that everyone 12:49:56:00
else sends to council. 12:49:57:22
>>MARTIN SHELBY: And I will say that Mr. Smith has been 12:49:58:21

very, very receptive and very helpful and everybody on 12:50:02:21
his staff is very helpful. 12:50:07:15
This is a conversation I learned that I was not on the 12:50:11:03
e-mail distribution list, and I thank Ms. Curry for 12:50:14:09
rectifying that. I understand it took a major doing to 12:50:20:00
get it done. 12:50:22:13
It had to be done through our I.T. department to be 12:50:23:13
able to do that. 12:50:26:27
It's a constant struggle. 12:50:28:25
I should point out for Mr. Smith that his department 12:50:30:00
doesn't have -- but I will thank you for acting as a 12:50:36:24
liaison. 12:50:39:06
I will bring them to your attention. 12:50:39:18
>>DAVID SMITH: And I appreciate the reciprocity because 12:50:42:07
there's lots of things I don't get copies of until I 12:50:44:15
find out about it later. 12:50:47:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's intentional. 12:50:47:27
>>DAVID SMITH: But I appreciate you doing the same. 12:50:51:00
Because I get phone calls. 12:50:55:16
And I think, what's that all about? 12:50:58:01
>>MARY ALVAREZ: You're not alone, Mr. Smith. 12:51:03:24
I'm the same way. 12:51:06:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: That's the reason I singled you out. 12:51:07:12
It has been my observation working with with you, and 12:51:10:07
remember where we started and where we are now, I have 12:51:13:09

to say that you have been more accommodating, and 12:51:14:28
anytime we have a conversation, know, Mr. Shelby, know, 12:51:17:12
he's always there. So believe me it was not directed 12:51:23:25
to you. 12:51:26:21
You have to know that. 12:51:27:09
But I do want to tell you that another tongue in cheek 12:51:28:18
comment is that Mr. Smith, the other Mr. Smith, has 12:51:32:06
never been very shy. 12:51:34:25
So if he has put that out in a memo, why not put it out 12:51:36:07
again? 12:51:40:18
>>DAVID SMITH: That's a good idea. The other reason I 12:51:42:12
come down here is because staff watches this show, what 12:51:45:01
a surprise, and this is a good opportunity to remind 12:51:47:21
them of what they are supposed to do. 12:51:51:21
>>MARTIN SHELBY: There was something in my mailbox more 12:51:57:04
related to code enforcement and I wasn't sure whether 12:51:59:15
Martin had gotten a copy and I forwarded it to him. 12:52:03:00
It turns out from my understanding he had not. 12:52:06:01
And he took action upon it. 12:52:08:01
So there is that. 12:52:09:10
>>DAVID SMITH: There is a working relationship. 12:52:12:21
I think you realize that. 12:52:15:09
Okay. 12:52:16:25
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I have a question in response to 12:52:17:24
Mary's inquiry. 12:52:19:21

>>MARY ALVAREZ: What was it? 12:52:20:12
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't know. 12:52:22:21
The chapter 27. 12:52:25:00
If people can't make that, can we change the day so 12:52:25:24
it's a better time and day so everybody can be there? 12:52:28:15
>>ROSE FERLITA: The reason I was asking is because I 12:52:32:06
thought I was off on Wednesday and I'm not. 12:52:34:13
And I don't know, the following Tuesday morning like I 12:52:37:03
could miss work and open the store a little bit late. 12:52:41:25
It has been to be the majority. 12:52:49:12
If it's inconvenient for me then that's my problem. 12:52:50:24
That's why I ask, if you have a low attendance 12:52:53:16
Wednesday. 12:52:58:06
>>MARY ALVAREZ: How about Tuesday the 17th at nine? 12:53:03:01
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's good for me. 12:53:06:16
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Tuesday 9 a.m. is good for me. 12:53:09:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The 17th. 12:53:11:22
>>SHAWN HARRISON: That's after the MLK holiday. 12:53:17:07
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is it good for you? 12:53:22:21
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's not great. 12:53:29:00
>>MARTIN SHELBY: I would ask the council to do whatever 12:53:37:19
it takes to be able to accommodate the majority because 12:53:39:09
chapter 27, not only does staff put a great deal of 12:53:41:27
effort but in terms of the future direction of the 12:53:48:06
city, this council -- 12:53:49:25

>>ROSE FERLITA: That's what I'm saying. 12:53:51:19
If the majority is attending that's my problem. 12:53:53:06
I'll make sure that Della attends or I get whatever. 12:53:55:03
But it doesn't look like the attendance is going to be 12:53:57:21
great in December. 12:54:00:06
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My question was, there was some 12:54:00:21
conversation when we first started talking about when 12:54:03:15
is a good time to schedule these to look at noon. This 12:54:08:04
is a question for council members generally. 12:54:09:28
Is it better at nine or better at noon? 12:54:11:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Normally it's not good for me on 12:54:16:12
Wednesdays because I have the Finance Committee 12:54:18:12
meeting, I have rotary on that day. 12:54:22:27
There's so many days -- 1:00 would be better. 12:54:25:13
8:00 to 8:30 would be better. 12:54:28:06
>>ROSE FERLITA: Morning is better for me. 12:54:30:21
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Thursdays. 12:54:33:27
That's the day we are supposed to be here. 12:54:42:09
And I'm just saying that someone will be able to maybe 12:54:44:21
it and some won't be able to make it. 12:54:48:12
>>ROSE FERLITA: On a Thursday where we don't have a 12:54:52:22
night meeting. 12:54:54:18
What about that? 12:54:55:06
Can we have it on the Thursday why where we don't have 12:54:55:27
a night meeting so we don't have morning and then 12:54:58:15

afternoon session and then a night session? 12:55:00:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We could do it because we don't have 12:55:07:13
a night meeting on the 19th. 12:55:10:03
That's a Thursday. 12:55:12:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: We have the Westshore alliance after 12:55:18:06
that, that night. 12:55:19:27
You know, whoever wants to come comes. 12:55:22:12
Hey, you know? 12:55:24:12
I'm a short timer. 12:55:26:27
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thursday the 19th. 12:55:33:10
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thursday the 19th at 1:00 30. 12:55:35:09
So we are not meeting next Wednesday. 12:55:42:15
We are changing that meeting which is a discussion of 12:55:44:03
27 until -- well, a special discussion meeting on the 12:55:46:12
18th and on the 19th? 12:55:53:06
We had scheduled two meetings. 12:55:54:22
I think -- 12:55:57:00
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's just make it the 19th. 12:55:59:04
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: But then we are missing one of the 12:56:01:00
meetings. The whole point is -- well, okay. 12:56:03:21
We'll start with the 19th and I'll see where we can 12:56:05:21
go from there at 1:30. 12:56:08:07
We are going to defer the 11th and the 18th. 12:56:10:13
Although you guys -- this 27 is a big deal. 12:56:15:00
It's going to take time. 12:56:18:00

>>MARY ALVAREZ: So is the comp plan. 12:56:19:03
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The comp plan? 12:56:24:16
That's different. 12:56:25:25
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We are going to defer the 18th 12:56:26:03
and keep the meeting for the 11th, chapter 27, to 12:56:29:21
the 19th at 1:30. 12:56:32:28
And -- 12:56:35:15
>>MARY ALVAREZ: What happened to the 17th? 12:56:38:18
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The 17th wasn't good for 12:56:43:06
somebody. 12:56:45:01
Tuesday the 17th. 12:56:46:01
Nine? 12:56:48:10
How about you, Shaun? 12:56:49:06
>>SHAWN HARRISON: I don't have my calendar. 12:56:52:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We'll keep it Thursday at 1:30. 12:57:05:21
I move that we reschedule the meeting that was planned 12:57:08:24
for Wednesday, January 11th, at noon, to Thursday, 12:57:11:21
January 19th at 1:30. 12:57:16:25
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second. 12:57:18:12
>>THE CLERK: Can I ask for clarification? 12:57:19:25
Are you keeping it a special discussion meeting or City 12:57:24:24
Council meeting? 12:57:27:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Special discussion meeting in the 12:57:28:16
Mascotte room. 12:57:31:27
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Can we make that one earlier at 9:00? 12:57:36:06

I'm not going to make it because I have the aquarium 12:57:46:16
Finance Committee meeting, and I need to make that one. 12:57:48:18
You all can discuss. 12:57:54:21
>>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion say Aye. 12:57:57:03
Opposed, Nay. 12:57:59:06
>>MARTIN SHELBY: The special discussion meeting for 12:57:59:24
next Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. in the Mascotte room is 12:58:06:06
on. 12:58:09:00
Classroom size. 12:58:10:15
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The classroom size is staying there. 12:58:16:06
>>GWEN MILLER: What's the -- 12:58:17:25
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Tuesday morning at 9:00. 12:58:21:27
>>GWEN MILLER: What is the 18th then? 12:58:24:03
>>MARY ALVAREZ: Comp plan. 12:58:27:22
>>ROSE FERLITA: Why do you all find it more comfortable 12:58:31:13
in the Mascotte room? 12:58:33:25
Those thick chairs? 12:58:37:25
Okay. 12:58:40:16
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's move on. 12:58:45:04
>>SHAWN HARRISON: Nothing more to add? 12:58:50:00
>>GWEN MILLER: Do you have anything? 12:58:51:15
>>SHAWN HARRISON: No, I do not. 12:58:53:03
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want a report in two weeks under 12:58:54:28
unfinished business of the status of the exploding 12:58:57:18
chicken structure. 12:59:00:21

It is my understanding having been around that it was 12:59:01:13
done as a result of the public art ordinance. 12:59:03:06
It's the contention of the property owner it was done 12:59:08:25
just good will. 12:59:10:21
So we need some clarification. 12:59:11:24
Legal is researching it. 12:59:13:21
So I would like to ask ask for two weeks on that. 12:59:14:21
A motion. 12:59:20:06
>>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. 12:59:20:12
(Motion carried). 12:59:22:00
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Secondly, I would like Steve Graham 12:59:22:21
to weigh in, as long as everybody else is, on the 12:59:26:21
question of the Sherill street. 12:59:30:18
I would like him to take a look at Sherill and Laurel 12:59:33:19
and the grand trees around there so his report can be 12:59:36:15
part of the -- 12:59:39:18
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second. 12:59:42:09
And come back to us. 12:59:43:09
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: When we hear back on the street. 12:59:45:15
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: On the same date. 12:59:47:09
>>GWEN MILLER: Anything else? 12:59:51:28
>>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No. 12:59:53:09
>>JOHN DINGFELDER: The coach of the year of -- football 12:59:54:10
coaches of the year for Hillsborough County were Robert 12:59:58:16
Weiner of Plant High School and assistant coach of the 13:00:01:06

year Vaughan Voppe of Robinson, happens to be two South 13:00:03:27
Tampa coaches. 13:00:09:10
And anyway, we would like to honor them on January 13:00:10:12
19th for a quick commendation. 13:00:15:18
>> Second. 13:00:19:07
(Motion carried). 13:00:19:15
>>GWEN MILLER: Anything else? 13:00:20:03
Okay. 13:00:23:15
I have one. 13:00:23:25
The City of Tampa is working together with the 13:00:24:03
Hillsborough County and United Way to promote the 13:00:26:09
prosperity campaign which is an organization that 13:00:29:06
encourages us of the earned income tax credit. 13:00:32:18
The training will be by volunteers. 13:00:36:24
They will be on hand throughout Hillsborough County 13:00:39:27
during January 14th through April 15th of this 13:00:42:00
year, and to make sure that all qualified taxpayers 13:00:45:28
receive all the earned income tax credits and other tax 13:00:52:24
credit dollars that they will be entitled to. This is 13:00:56:01
a good training for anyone in the community or city, 13:00:57:28
they can come to that training. 13:01:00:24
And I would like to give them a commendation on January 13:01:02:06
12th. 13:01:05:21
>> Second. 13:01:06:28
(Motion carried) 13:01:07:06

>>GWEN MILLER: Clerk, do you have anything? 13:01:09:18
>>THE CLERK: I just have one request, motion that 13:01:11:12
Councilman Saul-Sena had about Steve Graham. 13:01:17:00
>> So moved. 13:01:22:28
>> Second. 13:01:23:12
(Motion carried). 13:01:23:22
>>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby, do you have anything? 13:01:24:03
All right, we go to our audience portion. 13:01:27:12
(City Council meeting adjourned) 13:01:32:22