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Tampa City Council
March 9, 2006
5:30 p.m. Evening Public Hearings

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>>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
17:34:12 The chair will yield to Ms. Mary Alvarez.
17:34:14 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
17:34:15 It gives me great pleasure to introduce our city
17:34:18 clerk, Shirley Foxx-Knowles, to give the invocation
17:34:23 tonight.
17:34:24 May we please stand for the invocation and stay
17:34:26 standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.
17:34:29 >> Good evening, Council.
17:34:31 Let us pray.
17:34:33 O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the
17:34:38 Earth.

17:34:39 I will praise Lord with all my heart, be glad and
17:34:44 rejoice in thee.
17:34:46 Sing praises to your name.
17:34:49 Gracious father, thank you for this evening and for
17:34:52 this place and time.
17:34:54 Thank you for our Council members, our Mayor, our
17:34:59 administration, and the employees of the City of
17:35:00 Tampa.
17:35:03 Thank you for the citizens of our beloved city.
17:35:06 Bless them, father, and keep them in your care.
17:35:11 This evening, I ask that you continue to make our
17:35:14 Council members instruments of your will.
17:35:16 Continue to lead them as they make decisions that
17:35:19 affect the lives of the citizens of our fair city.
17:35:24 Lead them in the right way.
17:35:26 Father, let us always remember to be of service to our
17:35:30 citizens.
17:35:32 Let us remember to be kind, compassionate, and
17:35:36 understanding of each other.
17:35:39 Bless us with patience, integrity, and honesty.
17:35:43 Father, let us remember to help somebody.
17:35:47 We pray for your blessings, father, and for your

17:35:51 peace.
17:35:51 All these things we ask in your most holy name, amen.
17:35:57 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
17:36:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
17:36:14 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Here.
17:36:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
17:36:16 >>ROSE FERLITA: Here.
17:36:17 >>KEVIN WHITE: Here.
17:36:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
17:36:19 We need to open the public hearing.
17:36:21 Motion and second.
17:36:22 All in favor of the motion, aye.
17:36:24 Mr. Jim Stefan.
17:36:30 >> Good evening, City Council.
17:36:31 I'm Jim Stefan, budget officer for the city.
17:36:34 I have a brief Powerpoint presentation on the
17:36:37 community development block grant.
17:36:39 This is the beginning part of the process, and it's a
17:36:43 brief overview that tells you where we are in the
17:36:46 process, what's going to be happening in the near
17:36:48 future, and it gives a calendar of events for the rest
17:36:51 of the fiscal year and it also has a little in there

17:36:58 regarding funding not only for the upcoming year but
17:37:00 for future years.
17:37:05 Again, the purpose of the public hearing is to present
17:37:07 information regarding four programs.
17:37:09 The community development block grant, the emergency
17:37:12 shelter grants, HOME Investment Partnerships, and
17:37:15 housing opportunities for persons with aids programs.
17:37:21 It's also to tell people, generally speaking, what
17:37:24 we've done with the funds in the past to get citizens'
17:37:30 input and to provide any person of any organization
17:37:32 the opportunity to be heard and to present information
17:37:35 today.
17:37:43 On the funding, I'm just going to spend a little bit
17:37:46 of time on the first one, is that the funding over the
17:37:52 last couple of years has been decreasing somewhere in
17:37:55 the neighborhood of three to five percent.
17:37:56 This year, we've been advised that we're going to have
17:37:59 a 10% reduction.
17:38:01 I believe Bonnie Wise has sent out some information to
17:38:04 Council members yesterday or the day before giving a
17:38:08 little brief history of some of the stuff that's
17:38:11 happened on this.

17:38:14 And then you can see that the different programs
17:38:17 receive different reductions.
17:38:21 Important thing to note are the reductions.
17:38:24 Last year -- this year 10% last --
17:38:29 The proposed budget that the president has given to
17:38:32 congress is proposing reductions in the neighborhood
17:38:37 of 20% for next -- for the year after this one.
17:38:40 So the trend is out there that the decreases are
17:38:44 getting more severe, and the impact of that is that
17:38:48 there will be fewer dollars available, not just for
17:38:53 the needs and recommendations, but when we go through
17:38:55 the RFP process, and we determine the committee comes
17:39:00 up with a list of suggested recipients, the amounts
17:39:05 available for that will be reduced by 10%.
17:39:08 So it's just to put things in perspective that as the
17:39:12 needs are so great, as we all know, the dollars coming
17:39:15 in will be less.
17:39:17 As in years past, when we reduced -- when we got
17:39:22 reduced funding, we open up the whole block grant
17:39:25 process to all the funding sources in the city.
17:39:27 So hopefully we can minimize that to some extent.
17:39:34 The calendar events is basically on January 24th, we

17:39:40 had -- we begin the RFP process for CDBG.
17:39:45 We actually had 30 or 40 people come.
17:39:47 I think Mary Alvarez actually made an announcement
17:39:50 during Council to advise people that we were having a
17:39:54 workshop on that.
17:39:56 The results of that are there are 60-some-odd
17:40:02 proposals received, which is a number that was larger
17:40:06 than in years past.
17:40:07 Unfortunately, because there are fewer funds, it might
17:40:10 become a little more difficult to allocate the fund
17:40:14 out.
17:40:18 The next meeting, deadline February 28th.
17:40:21 Tonight's meeting on March 9th, and the home program
17:40:28 deadline is March 22nd.
17:40:30 And then there's the advisory committee review process
17:40:34 that begins next week and goes for about a month, and
17:40:38 then there's the review process of putting the whole
17:40:40 program together.
17:40:44 And you'll see that we come back to City Council on --
17:40:49 approximately July 20th.
17:40:51 We haven't set the public hearing yet.
17:40:54 Around July 20th, and then with the proposal.

17:40:58 And I guess on August 3rd, we'll be asking for
17:41:01 approval of a program and transmitting the package to
17:41:04 HUD sometime in mid August.
17:41:12 Again, the process that we've done and taken over the
17:41:15 last three years now has been to -- I think to deal a
17:41:20 lot more with the advisory committee to deal a lot
17:41:23 more with City Council, to keep everybody briefed on
17:41:26 what the processes are, how to apply for something,
17:41:31 what are the basic timetables for applications, when
17:41:36 should you be expecting a response?
17:41:37 The committee has some fairly stringent rules and
17:41:40 guidelines as to how to rank and rate the individual
17:41:44 RFPs.
17:41:46 So that process has been refined every year with
17:41:49 advice from Council, the citizens advisory group and
17:41:52 other people.
17:42:01 And again, the needs and recommendations is the
17:42:04 meeting tonight.
17:42:05 The initial responses from departments to them should
17:42:09 be completed no later than June of this year, probably
17:42:14 earlier than that.
17:42:16 And the second public hearing is tentatively set for

17:42:19 July 20th.
17:42:26 And what we'll do after that, is after the budget is
17:42:29 actually adopted, we will then go one more time
17:42:32 through the needs and recommendations, and advise
17:42:34 everybody exactly what was funded in the budget, if
17:42:38 the programs are expected to be done, when they'll be
17:42:41 done.
17:42:42 And that should happen sometime in the early part of
17:42:45 November.
17:42:49 That basically concludes the comments that I have.
17:42:52 If there are any questions of me, otherwise the
17:42:56 president of block groups.
17:42:58 Frank Roder is here to make a little presentation.
17:43:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions from Council members?
17:43:04 None.
17:43:12 >> Good evening, members of Council.
17:43:14 My name is Frank Roder.
17:43:16 908 East Louisiana avenue in Tampa, southeast Seminole
17:43:19 Heights neighborhood.
17:43:21 I serve as the chair of the city development block
17:43:23 grant committee.
17:43:23 I would like to thank you for allowing us to talk to

17:43:25 you tonight.
17:43:26 Members of Council, we have our proposals.
17:43:41 And if you could look on page 3 of the packet, we have
17:43:44 our citywide request.
17:43:53 Number one, we're concerned about the amount of trash
17:43:55 that are on the major thoroughfares in the city.
17:43:58 What we're asking for are additional trash receptacles
17:44:02 placed along major thoroughfares, 40th Street,
17:44:04 22nd Street, Busch Boulevard, Dale Mabry, Fowler
17:44:08 Avenue, Hillsborough Avenue, MLK, Sligh, Nebraska, and
17:44:11 Westshore and any other major streets.
17:44:14 Currently if you drive down our streets, there are
17:44:16 very few, far between trash receptacles.
17:44:19 We feel this will help keep the trash off the streets.
17:44:22 Our second one concerns CPTED.
17:44:29 We're very, very pleased to increase lighting in the
17:44:32 neighborhoods.
17:44:33 The way it is being designed all it does is upgrade
17:44:36 the lighting on existing poles that are already in the
17:44:39 neighborhood.
17:44:39 Areas of the neighborhoods that do not have poles,
17:44:42 they do not get new lights.

17:44:43 And there's a lot of dark areas in the neighborhoods
17:44:46 that have already been upgraded.
17:44:48 What we would like to do is see that that's an ongoing
17:44:51 process, put new poles up in the neighborhood,
17:44:53 evaluate if still dark areas after the upgrade and put
17:44:56 new poles and lights in those areas.
17:44:59 Number three, basically we're asking for additional
17:45:01 personnel to help handle the large amount of illegal
17:45:05 dumping within the inner city.
17:45:08 In my neighborhood in southeast Seminole Heights, this
17:45:10 is a major issue where dumping is the alleys.
17:45:13 Basically we're requesting the funding of six
17:45:15 positions and request the restatement -- reinstatement
17:45:19 of the solid waste ranger program and hopefully the
17:45:21 funds would sustain the personnel.
17:45:23 We believe the positions should work with the solid
17:45:25 waste department or the clean city division.
17:45:28 One of the two.
17:45:29 Number four, I've worked with Shannon and this is in
17:45:34 the process of going, basically what we would like to
17:45:36 do is establish ongoing transportation task force to
17:45:39 proactively address current and future transportation

17:45:42 needs.
17:45:42 And after talking to Shannon about this, one of the
17:45:45 things that we're proposing is that members of Council
17:45:47 be able to select like three people per Council member
17:45:50 to serve on this committee.
17:45:52 Kind of give us a big cross section, we wouldn't be
17:45:55 dominated by one particular neighborhood and those
17:45:57 kinds of things and kind of look at what is happening
17:45:59 in the city and help serve in an advisory capacity.
17:46:03 Number five, we're encouraging the funding and
17:46:05 establishment of additional solid waste residential
17:46:07 disposal site.
17:46:09 And number six, again, the revitalization of Nebraska
17:46:13 Avenue?
17:46:14 A couple of years ago, that was our number one
17:46:16 request, and we're pleased to say Nebraska Avenue,
17:46:18 it's coming along.
17:46:19 We know it's happening.
17:46:20 We know it will start this summer.
17:46:22 We're going to see major improvements.
17:46:24 Area North of Hillsborough already paved.
17:46:26 It's looking good.

17:46:27 Last year we asked for lighting.
17:46:29 I guess we weren't specific enough in what we wanted.
17:46:31 We're not asking for street lighting, we want
17:46:34 decorative lightning, signature lightning to make it
17:46:38 look like the grand boulevard that it should be.
17:46:42 I would also like to request underground utilities
17:46:45 along Nebraska.
17:46:46 I know that's a buzzword right now.
17:46:48 Why not?
17:46:48 The time is right.
17:46:50 So we would like to do that.
17:46:51 The rest of our program, we'll be breaking down into
17:46:53 the different block areas.
17:46:55 And I will go ahead and give the boundaries of those
17:46:57 areas.
17:46:58 We have people probably speak to some of those areas.
17:47:00 The first one --
17:47:02 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I have a question.
17:47:03 Mr. Roder, you were talking about number four, the
17:47:07 transportation task force.
17:47:10 Doesn't T.H.A.N. have committees that take care of
17:47:12 transportation in various committees.

17:47:14 >> T.H.A.N. has some committees, yes.
17:47:16 But they really don't have one that looks at the big
17:47:18 picture.
17:47:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Could you maybe ask T.H.A.N. to do
17:47:21 something like that?
17:47:23 >> I have no problem with that.
17:47:25 >>MARY ALVAREZ: You have all the workings for
17:47:27 neighborhoods and so on, maybe by them taking the lead
17:47:32 on this thing, it would eliminate another task force,
17:47:35 per se.
17:47:36 Would you do that.
17:47:39 >> T.H.A.N. had a meeting last night, it will be
17:47:41 another month -- but I'll talk to bill Duval and try
17:47:44 to get working on that.
17:47:48 Block area one, basically the northern boundary would
17:47:50 be Sligh.
17:47:50 The South boundary is Adamo.
17:47:52 The East boundary is the city limits and the West
17:47:55 boundary is from 40th street.
17:47:56 If anybody is from block area one, please come up.
17:48:05 Block area two, basically the northern boundary is the
17:48:08 Sligh Avenue to river, South boundary McKay bay,

17:48:12 East 40th street and West 15th.
17:48:15 Anybody from block area two?
17:48:25 Block area three, basically the northern boundary of
17:48:27 Sligh, the southern boundary is Hillsborough bay.
17:48:31 The East boundary is 15th street and West boundary
17:48:33 is Florida Avenue.
17:48:35 And I would like to speak to some of our needs.
17:48:39 If I could direct Council to look on page 9 of your
17:48:42 packet.
17:48:45 Our first request deals with Giddens park.
17:48:48 Giddens park is located at the corner of 12th street
17:48:51 and Giddens.
17:48:52 It has basically served the residents of southeast
17:48:54 Seminole Heights for over 60 years.
17:48:56 What we are requesting is an additional building be
17:48:58 built to replace the existing building currently known
17:49:01 as the Catherine Malone center to serve the needs of
17:49:04 the neighborhood and Civic Association.
17:49:05 Currently that building is very, very small.
17:49:07 And if you can get 25, 30 people in there, it's a full
17:49:10 house.
17:49:11 It's so small we can't have our Civic Associations in

17:49:15 there.
17:49:15 The park personnel that use it can't really do much
17:49:18 with the kids.
17:49:18 There are a lot of kids that go to that park.
17:49:21 Giddens park was part of the green print initiative
17:49:23 and a lot of the park has been redeveloped.
17:49:25 When the original planning for the overall of Giddens
17:49:28 park was first designed, they actually set some land
17:49:31 aside for a new community center to be built there.
17:49:34 And basically, the space is there.
17:49:36 We just would like to see it get built.
17:49:38 Our second request deals with speed tables.
17:49:41 And I know this is another big topic.
17:49:43 But we have a neighborhood e-mail group that talks to
17:49:47 each other on a regular basis.
17:49:49 One of the biggest things that have come up,
17:49:51 discussions about speed tables and the need for them
17:49:53 on two of the thoroughfares.
17:49:56 One 12th street between Martin Luther King and
17:49:58 Hillsborough Avenue.
17:49:59 We requested sidewalks in this street because of the
17:50:02 right-of-way issues, they can't build sidewalks.

17:50:04 Giddens park is located on 12th street.
17:50:06 A lot of people walk their dogs.
17:50:08 A lot of people -- the neighborhood is being
17:50:10 renovated, more and more people out there, and that
17:50:13 road is dangerous.
17:50:13 The traffic study has been done about four years ago,
17:50:16 and it did not meet the criteria, the 85%; however,
17:50:20 it's an ongoing issue of complaints.
17:50:23 The other issue, speed tables along Chelsea.
17:50:25 Basically we're looking for speed tables between
17:50:29 15th and the interstate or TALAFARO.
17:50:33 A lot of the same concerns.
17:50:34 There's no park there, however there's a grocery store
17:50:36 on the corner of Nebraska and Chelsea.
17:50:38 A lot of residents walk to the grocery store, and it's
17:50:42 quite dangerous.
17:50:43 I believe there are other members of southeast
17:50:45 Seminole Heights that would like to address it.
17:51:09 >> Hi.
17:51:10 I'm coming up here to discuss the --
17:51:13 >> My name is Deidra hammicker, living in southeast
17:51:18 Seminole Heights for four years now.

17:51:20 And I'm coming up here to address the speed humps on
17:51:23 12th street.
17:51:25 We live a couple of houses off of 12th street,
17:51:29 commonly, my husband and myself walk our dogs to the
17:51:31 dog part.
17:51:32 And we will never use 12th street because people
17:51:35 will speed by you and you can honestly get run over.
17:51:39 When I've driven home using 12th street, there have
17:51:43 been instances when I'm driving the speed limit and
17:51:46 people will pass me on the left-hand side because they
17:51:49 want to go faster.
17:51:50 It's almost caused wrecks several times.
17:51:54 I'm really for speed bumps.
17:52:04 >> My name is Trisha Skinzel, southeast Seminole
17:52:07 Heights on the corner of Ellicott so my husband and I
17:52:11 see first hand what goes on coming down the road.
17:52:14 I also have people pass me multiple times on the
17:52:17 left-hand side if I'm not going what they consider to
17:52:19 be fast enough.
17:52:20 It's to the point now I choose not to drive down the
17:52:24 road unless I have to.
17:52:25 Won't walk or run with my dogs on the road.

17:52:29 Partly because of the speed and also because there's
17:52:31 nowhere to go.
17:52:32 The road just isn't wide enough that you could even
17:52:34 move out of the way and feel like you were safely out
17:52:37 of the road with people going by at those speeds.
17:52:40 I think that's an issue.
17:52:41 My husband and I can sit on our back porch.
17:52:43 Certainly, I'm not an expert, but I know when somebody
17:52:46 is driving too fast through my neighborhood.
17:52:48 It's a daily occurrence, and it's all hours of the
17:52:51 day.
17:52:51 It's not just our bedroom is right there on 12th.
17:52:55 People zooming by 24 hours a day.
17:52:57 So thank you very much for your consideration.
17:53:06 >> Ryan.
17:53:06 I live on Ellicott street.
17:53:08 I can kind of reiterate what they said.
17:53:10 There's a lot of people that try to use 12th street
17:53:12 to walk their dogs to the dog park.
17:53:15 Lot of kids that ride their bikes.
17:53:17 Lot of new families that have come into the
17:53:19 neighborhood recently that are either starting a

17:53:21 family right now or going to start at some point.
17:53:24 My perspective is a little different. A few years ago
17:53:27 I actually witnessed a nasty accident that happened on
17:53:30 the corner of Ellicott and 12th street.
17:53:37 I brought the police report.
17:53:39 There was a fellow driving a four-wheeler, better
17:53:41 known as a quad.
17:53:42 He was racing up and down Ellicott Street and blew the
17:53:45 stop sign at 12th Street, ran through it.
17:53:48 There was a Mercedes coming that T-boned him in the
17:53:56 middle of the street.
17:53:57 Two of the back wheels flew into other people's yards.
17:54:00 The guy was almost mangled.
17:54:04 And I actually saw this entire thing happen on my
17:54:06 front porch.
17:54:07 The reason I was out there, I was going to try to flag
17:54:09 him down to get him off of my street.
17:54:11 Before I could get hold of him, boom.
17:54:13 So I saw this first hand, and -- I mean, could I
17:54:17 certainly attribute this to some knucklehead driving a
17:54:21 quad through my neighborhood, but I see kids going
17:54:23 down there all the time with their little buddies like

17:54:26 on the front bars where they can't see the stop sign,
17:54:28 they certainly can't see a car coming from right or
17:54:31 left.
17:54:32 We've got people that are rollerblading.
17:54:34 We've got folks that are getting up early in the
17:54:36 morning and late in the evening to jog.
17:54:38 And I would just hate to see something happen.
17:54:40 This is something that's very foreseeable and very
17:54:43 preventible.
17:54:44 I think those speed tables would make a humongous
17:54:46 difference.
17:54:47 Thank you very much.
17:54:54 >> I'm Susan LATIKA, 1109 East Chelsea, the corner of
17:54:59 Chelsea and 12th.
17:55:00 I've been there six months.
17:55:02 I've already seen three traffic accidents at the
17:55:04 corner.
17:55:04 The last one was two weeks ago.
17:55:10 Considered a fender-bender, but still impeded
17:55:13 traffic -- I called 911.
17:55:15 It impeded traffic for probably an hour.
17:55:19 There's also been a dead cat on the street, which I

17:55:23 would, again, attribute to speeding on 12th street.
17:55:26 12th street to me is the worst of them, of the two.
17:55:29 I have friends that come over and everybody comments
17:55:33 about the way people drive on 12th.
17:55:36 And before I moved in, I was told by the mailman that
17:55:41 there was an accident at the corner where my house is
17:55:45 that knocked down the fence and took down the mailbox.
17:55:48 And on the other side of 12th street, the man there
17:55:52 has lived there about 15 years, they had a traffic
17:55:55 accident and I don't know the details, all I know he
17:55:57 ended up with a police car in his front yard because
17:56:00 of an accident at 12th -- Chelsea and 12th.
17:56:03 It's a very dangerous intersection.
17:56:04 It's a two-way stop.
17:56:06 It's very hard to see if you are coming from Chelsea.
17:56:08 People are flying up 12th and I think that's the
17:56:11 cause of most of the accidents.
17:56:14 And I definitely think there need to be speed tables,
17:56:17 even a four-way stop.
17:56:19 There are no four-way stops whatsoever between MLK and
17:56:23 Hillsborough except for Osborne.
17:56:24 So everybody finds that a very convenient cut-thru, if

17:56:28 they don't want to take Nebraska or 15th.
17:56:30 And they are driving down that street at 40 miles an
17:56:32 hour or more.
17:56:33 It's not uncommon.
17:56:34 And the speed down there is 25.
17:56:38 Thank you.
17:56:41 >> Good evening.
17:56:42 My name is Aaron parsons, 1200 East McBerry street.
17:56:46 Obviously the 1200s are well represented here for
17:56:49 one main reason.
17:56:51 We live right on 12th street.
17:56:52 And I just implore and beg you to help us get some
17:56:56 sort of speed impediment on this street, because I
17:56:58 don't want to be standing here a year from now when
17:57:01 someone has been hit or injured or, you know, God help
17:57:06 us, killed.
17:57:07 It is preventible.
17:57:08 This neighborhood has made such great strides, and
17:57:12 this is just one more thing that we need to keep our
17:57:15 neighborhood moving in the right direction.
17:57:18 So please help us.
17:57:19 We really need it.

17:57:20 Thanks.
17:57:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Ferlita.
17:57:25 >>ROSE FERLITA: Frank, you have some other stuff to
17:57:27 say.
17:57:27 I just want to make some comments about -- no, no,
17:57:30 finish yours and then I'll make comments about the
17:57:32 whole presentation.
17:57:34 >> I would like if anybody is going to speak, if they
17:57:36 could line up on the side just to speed up the
17:57:38 process.
17:57:38 We are now at block area 4.
17:57:40 >>ROSE FERLITA: Okay.
17:57:41 Then stop for a second.
17:57:42 I think the Chairman will allow us to talk about the
17:57:44 different areas that come up for different requests.
17:57:47 I'd really like to address some of the issues that you
17:57:49 and that neighborhood have talked about.
17:57:52 And, frank, I guess here is where I show your and my
17:57:58 seniority age-wise, experience-wise and incident-wise
17:58:01 in southeast Seminole Heights.
17:58:03 I just want to make some comments on this, and I guess
17:58:06 each of us will be free to do whatever we feel we want

17:58:09 to see at each of the blocks that come up.
17:58:11 In terms of your comments for the Catherine Malone
17:58:17 center.
17:58:17 Being a citywide Council member, I am obviously able
17:58:21 to attend several different meetings at different
17:58:24 parts of the city.
17:58:27 I will say and I've said it again, southeast Seminole
17:58:29 Heights is one of the most active, well-attended
17:58:33 membership associations that there is in the whole
17:58:35 entire city.
17:58:36 It's unbelievable and that enthusiasm hasn't stopped
17:58:40 the whole time I've been part of that neighborhood.
17:58:42 And I think at the time that we looked at this
17:58:44 Catherine Malone center, it was not necessarily out of
17:58:49 desperation but it was because Catherine Malone was
17:58:52 such a pioneer to that neighborhood and we wanted
17:58:54 something.
17:58:55 And that something was that little baby center, which
17:58:57 is very small.
17:58:58 So the reason I think this is a very good issue,
17:59:01 because if the membership was not so active, then
17:59:03 maybe that little building would do fine.

17:59:05 Because of the fact that there's so much activity and
17:59:07 so much interaction in that neighborhood, that is
17:59:09 certainly something that I would strongly, strongly,
17:59:11 strongly support in terms of trying to do something
17:59:14 with that.
17:59:14 And I think, ladies and gentlemen, as we go along,
17:59:17 different representatives from different areas up
17:59:21 here, we don't necessarily have to be obligated to
17:59:23 what happens under CDBG.
17:59:26 Obviously, you want to capitalize on that.
17:59:27 But at the same time, some of these same issues, let
17:59:29 me just say in generalities as we go forward and I
17:59:32 won't try to waste too much of your time.
17:59:34 Consider also petitioning your Council members,
17:59:36 because there are some things that we don't have to
17:59:38 try to resolve just through this particular program.
17:59:41 So that's my comment about that.
17:59:43 Now, in terms of installation of speed tables, and
17:59:47 this is something that many have heard many times.
17:59:49 Lots of times, if a particular neighborhood has a
17:59:52 block that looks like it has the most congestion, has
17:59:55 the most speeders, has the most incident of accidents,

17:59:58 has the most threatening situations, we think -- and I
18:00:02 thought that, too, until I was educated by
18:00:04 transportation experts with the city, that the
18:00:06 resolution is speed tables.
18:00:08 Well, in some cases, it is.
18:00:09 And in some cases it isn't.
18:00:11 All that does is redirects that chaotic mess to the
18:00:14 next street, so you got speed tables here and you're
18:00:17 catching up with the situation as you go forward.
18:00:19 So you have to do something a little bit
18:00:21 comprehensive, although I agree with the ladies and
18:00:23 gentlemen that were up here because that is a street
18:00:26 that has always been a problem.
18:00:28 Again, not to discount your request as far as the
18:00:30 installation, but again, frank, I feel that since I am
18:00:34 not necessarily that single member district
18:00:37 representative, but I'm there, I work there, I operate
18:00:39 there, I practice there, I'm right there for you to
18:00:41 come across the street to talk to me.
18:00:43 That, again, is maybe something I've been remiss in
18:00:45 and we should meet with transportation.
18:00:47 Just last week, Mr. Dingfelder had some issues, and I

18:00:50 met with some of the neighbors on palm drive that have
18:00:53 some of the cut-thru traffic from Bayshore.
18:00:55 That didn't necessarily mean that it had to be
18:00:58 addressed year.
18:00:59 So you guys need to come to me or I need to come to
18:01:02 you and we need to look at this as well, in addition
18:01:04 to this.
18:01:09 To the people, it's refreshing to hear it again,
18:01:14 although it is a problem that we've had for a long
18:01:16 time.
18:01:17 But that in and of itself is indicative of the fact
18:01:19 that that neighborhood is coming up better than
18:01:21 anybody can tell you if they don't experience it.
18:01:24 I mean, things are going well there.
18:01:26 And so our new residents see this problem on 12th
18:01:29 street, and we have seen it, frank, I think, and I
18:01:31 think you'll support me in that observation, for a
18:01:34 long, long time.
18:01:34 So hopefully we jointly can do something in addition
18:01:38 to this.
18:01:38 The hammickers particularly will notice that they are
18:01:43 always in jeopardy when they are walking there.

18:01:44 They are certainly good neighbors and good animal
18:01:47 lovers because many times they pick up animals, and
18:01:50 that's why they are worried about the safety.
18:01:52 My last rescue, my cocker spaniel Murray happens to
18:01:55 come to me through Mr. and Mrs. Hamicker.
18:01:58 I know what they do for that community.
18:01:59 It's not an editorial.
18:02:01 Those are things we need to work on as well.
18:02:04 Please come over and bug me so we can do something
18:02:06 about it.
18:02:06 And I appreciate the enthusiasm that that neighborhood
18:02:08 has.
18:02:09 Thank you very much for your help.
18:02:10 >>KEVIN WHITE: I would like to respond, Mr. Roder, and
18:02:15 all the residents of 12th street and Giddens, in
18:02:18 that area, I have been speaking with Mr. LaMotte,
18:02:22 our traffic director -- I've been speaking with Roy
18:02:25 LaMotte at our transportation department.
18:02:26 One of the things I would like to elaborate on one of
18:02:29 the things that Ms. Ferlita said as far as
18:02:32 redirecting, I think speed tables would be a very good
18:02:34 thing and very effective on 12th.

18:02:37 One of the reasons is, even if it does redirect, there
18:02:40 are no other North-South connector streets running
18:02:43 through that area that would have a direct access such
18:02:48 as 12th.
18:02:48 And when you turn off of MLK going North to
18:02:52 Hillsborough or from Hillsborough South to MLK, you
18:02:54 have a mile, mile and a half just straight through.
18:02:57 And then when you get around to McBerry, the road
18:03:01 jogs a bit and the road comes out.
18:03:03 And when people are walking, they actually have to get
18:03:06 up in the grass and there's no room for sidewalks.
18:03:08 It becomes a very dangerous intersection.
18:03:11 And people try to walk.
18:03:13 They are walking their doors to the little dog park
18:03:15 right next to Catherine Malone center.
18:03:17 And it gets to be a very dangerous situation.
18:03:20 And we do have speed tables on Giddens between 12th
18:03:24 and Nebraska, and they are very effective right there
18:03:26 in front of the park.
18:03:27 If nothing else, I think the city needs to at least
18:03:30 see about putting some, if nothing else but in the
18:03:34 area of the park North and South on Giddens, and maybe

18:03:38 between Osborne, just a trial at this point in time.
18:03:41 Because that is a very -- and the young lady that
18:03:44 spoke said about the 40 miles an hour, I think that's
18:03:46 a very conservative number.
18:03:47 I've seen 50 and 60 miles an hour come through there
18:03:51 time after time again.
18:03:53 And that is something that is very high on the radar.
18:03:56 And there was a very, very bad accident, less than, I
18:03:59 think a week, maybe 10 days ago at 12th and Chelsea.
18:04:03 And 12th street is becoming a very, very big problem
18:04:07 and it's becoming on the forefront.
18:04:09 So we will be doing something.
18:04:10 And continuing to work with the transportation
18:04:13 department on that.
18:04:16 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Mr. Roder, thank you.
18:04:18 I've noticed there seems to be a common theme amongst
18:04:20 many of the neighborhoods, and that is neighborhood
18:04:23 traffic calming, whether it be sidewalks or speed
18:04:26 tables.
18:04:27 And in the past, the CDBG process hasn't been
18:04:33 particularly helpful when you have individual requests
18:04:34 like that.

18:04:35 But I will remind everyone that this year we'll be
18:04:38 looking at our CIT reallocation again.
18:04:41 And I think that we ought to really focus on
18:04:44 neighborhood, traffic calming, and some parks and
18:04:46 recreation opportunities like that this year.
18:04:49 So if we don't skin the cat this way, maybe we can do
18:04:52 it another.
18:04:55 >> Thank you members of Council.
18:04:56 I appreciate you listening to us.
18:04:57 Again, I would like to ask anybody who will speak to
18:05:00 any of the requests, if you can line up so we can
18:05:02 speed the process.
18:05:03 Now at block area 4, basically the northern boundaries
18:05:07 of the city limits, the South boundary is Columbus
18:05:08 Drive.
18:05:09 East boundary is Florida Avenue and West boundary is
18:05:12 the city limits.
18:05:12 Anybody from block area 4.
18:05:29 >> Block area 5, West boundary is interstate 275,
18:05:34 South boundary is Hillsborough bay.
18:05:35 East boundary is Florida Avenue, and the West boundary
18:05:37 is MacDill Avenue.

18:05:40 Block area 5.
18:05:46 >> Good evening, Council.
18:05:48 My name is Robert Allen.
18:05:50 I am president of the North Hyde Park Civic
18:05:52 Association.
18:05:53 And I'm here to talk to you about traffic again.
18:06:01 Our problems involve speeding through the community
18:06:03 and also large vehicles that travel from Rome Avenue
18:06:07 over to Armenia.
18:06:11 I have some pictures that I would like for you to look
18:06:13 at, but I would need these pictures back.
18:06:16 As I speak, would you kindly look at these things.
18:06:20 What you're going to see in that package is large
18:06:24 vehicles traveling through our community.
18:06:27 You're also going to see some very beautiful lawns and
18:06:30 you're also going to see some lawns that were
18:06:32 destroyed by these large vehicles.
18:06:35 What we have done in a lot of cases, try to block them
18:06:39 away from coming across our lawns, and as a result of
18:06:43 that, they just drive over our blocks or anything we
18:06:47 put out there and destroy that.
18:06:50 There are no truck signs along Rome Avenue, along

18:06:55 cypress, along Kennedy, and Howard.
18:07:04 These are the intersections or the streets that these
18:07:08 large trucks take the shortcut through our community
18:07:13 going from one truck route to the other truck route.
18:07:19 Point out to you that the truck routes are cypress and
18:07:22 Cass Street.
18:07:23 Also down to the South would be Kennedy and to the
18:07:28 East would be Rome Avenue.
18:07:31 In that picture, you see some large trucks traveling
18:07:35 right through our community.
18:07:37 Those large trucks, not only do they tear up our
18:07:41 lawns, but they also destroy the power cable that
18:07:44 comes in to the homes.
18:07:46 And they also destroy our beautiful oak trees that we
18:07:50 once had.
18:07:52 They also destroyed the catch basins located on the
18:07:58 main streets along Fremont and Albany that allow the
18:08:05 runoff.
18:08:07 Stormwater runoff.
18:08:08 Once they destroy, it compounds the already existing
18:08:13 problem with the existing service not being large
18:08:14 enough.

18:08:15 And this compounds the problem because it collapse
18:08:19 that catch basin and not allow the water to run
18:08:21 through.
18:08:24 We really and truly think the way to solve this
18:08:28 problem is to have the police department come out and
18:08:32 monitor it not one day, but more than one day.
18:08:36 And, of course, write some tickets.
18:08:41 You can't get it done by putting the signs up.
18:08:44 As you can see, some of those trucks pass right by the
18:08:48 sign and continue right into our community.
18:08:52 We request that the police department from traffic
18:08:59 send out their officers at least two or three times a
18:09:02 week and monitor this for a month.
18:09:05 And in their course of monitoring, if they would write
18:09:09 those tickets, those guys would get the message.
18:09:15 This is really and truly becoming a big problem
18:09:18 because every time -- and I have followed these folks.
18:09:22 Every time that you see a large truck that turns on
18:09:24 Kennedy -- turns off of Kennedy, rather, and comes
18:09:27 down Fremont heading North to cypress, that person is
18:09:32 speeding.
18:09:34 They are not traveling the statutory speed limit of

18:09:37 25 miles an hour.
18:09:38 And those huge trucks, God forbid, if someone ever run
18:09:45 one of those side streets, there's going to be a
18:09:48 disaster there.
18:09:48 I appeal to you to help us in our quest to get the
18:09:53 police department involved, to get them out there on
18:09:57 Fremont, Albany, cypress and Cass Street.
18:10:08 Remember, truck routes are East and West.
18:10:14 Cypress and Cass.
18:10:17 North and South.
18:10:18 Rome Avenue, Armenia and Howard.
18:10:22 There's more than enough access roads for these people
18:10:25 to come in which are truck routes, for those folks to
18:10:30 come in and not use the center of our community to do
18:10:32 it.
18:10:32 Now, we're not talking about those folks who are
18:10:35 destined to come in and make a delivery in the middle
18:10:38 of the community.
18:10:39 A truck route is designated by the course of the
18:10:42 travel.
18:10:43 In other words, if they have to deliver in the midst
18:10:46 of the community, then that street that they travel

18:10:48 down becomes a temporary truck route for that truck.
18:10:53 Not for those who are taking the shortcut between
18:10:56 Kennedy and cypress, on Albany and Fremont and some of
18:11:01 the other streets that they chose to do it.
18:11:04 I talked to you about the North and South street.
18:11:07 The East and West street, gray street, North "A" and
18:11:16 Fig Street, gray street at any day or anytime during
18:11:23 the day, trucks travel from Howard into Rome Avenue.
18:11:28 There's a section of warehouses that sit, if any of
18:11:32 you know anything about that part of the community,
18:11:36 the large lumber company that sits in the middle of
18:11:38 the community, there is a set of warehouses just North
18:11:44 of the lumber company.
18:11:45 And what is, these folks would come down Armenia
18:11:49 heading in the South direction, over to their address.
18:11:53 And that address where those warehouses are gray
18:12:00 street.
18:12:00 Instead of them coming over to cypress which is the
18:12:02 truck route, travel over to Rome, make a right on Rome
18:12:05 and go into the warehouses, they take it directly
18:12:08 through the middle of the community.
18:12:12 That happens on gray street, and that also happens on

18:12:14 North A.
18:12:18 Fremont and Albany, this is just a blatant thing by
18:12:25 the drivers.
18:12:26 They come through without any thought of no trucks
18:12:31 coming through.
18:12:34 >>KEVIN WHITE: I see on your pictures you had some no
18:12:37 truck route signs there.
18:12:39 Are those the properly posted signs?
18:12:40 Are those signs --
18:12:43 >> The signs that you are looking at are on Fremont.
18:12:46 >>KEVIN WHITE: Okay.
18:12:47 North and South.
18:12:48 >> Right.
18:12:49 However, there are signs posted at Rome Avenue North
18:12:54 and South and East and West.
18:12:57 I would like to continue talking to you about another
18:13:00 problem, which is speeding.
18:13:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, excuse me.
18:13:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Allen, are you asking for CDBG
18:13:12 funds for this stuff that you're telling us?
18:13:14 Because if you are --
18:13:16 >> I'm not really asking for funds for -- well, yes, I

18:13:21 am.
18:13:21 Let me tell you what -- let me tell you what I mean
18:13:24 by --
18:13:25 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Most of the stuff you are talking
18:13:26 about is code enforcement.
18:13:28 >>GWEN MILLER: You need to do that at a different
18:13:30 time.
18:13:30 Because tonight, they are talking about money.
18:13:32 They want to get from the CDBG grants.
18:13:35 You're asking for enforcement.
18:13:37 You call me or some other Council member.
18:13:41 You are in Ms. Alvarez's district.
18:13:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, they were asking for monies.
18:13:48 >>GWEN MILLER: They were asking for money to get speed
18:13:51 bumps.
18:13:52 >> You hadn't allowed me to get to that point, yes.
18:13:54 Because that was coming up.
18:13:56 What we request and what we would like to see, monies
18:14:01 for four-way stop signs between Cypress and Kennedy on
18:14:07 Fremont and also on Albany.
18:14:10 Now, if you do that, what you will do is slow that
18:14:14 traffic down.

18:14:16 Those are the common devices we would rather have than
18:14:21 the bumps.
18:14:21 It would work better in our community than the bumps.
18:14:24 Because what it will do is actually slow the traffic
18:14:27 down that comes from cypress to Kennedy, on Fremont,
18:14:30 and also on Albany.
18:14:32 And that's what we are asking money for, for those
18:14:36 things.
18:14:39 The other problem is stormwater runoff.
18:14:44 We have one of the worst in the city.
18:14:50 From the interstate, which is Laurel, to Kennedy, the
18:14:57 stormwater runoff is -- what I mean by that, if you
18:15:04 came down Fremont from the interstate to Cass Street,
18:15:07 you would find no stormwater runoff at all.
18:15:11 If did that on Albany, none at all.
18:15:17 On Cass, none at all.
18:15:20 The only streets that really do have it are cypress
18:15:24 and Rome and Kennedy.
18:15:27 But you have to understand that when it rains, we're
18:15:29 sitting in the middle, like a fishbowl.
18:15:32 And that water dumps from Howard -- from Armenia to
18:15:37 Howard, from Howard into our community and from Rome

18:15:40 it backs up into our community.
18:15:45 So we would like to see a study first, to let us know
18:15:51 exactly how much it will cost to do the stormwater
18:15:56 project in our community.
18:16:02 Am I making sense?
18:16:04 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Oh, yeah, you did good.
18:16:06 >>GWEN MILLER: How much more do you have, Mr. Allen?
18:16:08 >> Okay.
18:16:09 That's -- all the others that I have are already
18:16:12 presented.
18:16:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
18:16:14 >> Thank you.
18:16:18 >> Block area 6, basically the northern boundary,
18:16:20 Columbus Drive, South boundary 275, East boundary is
18:16:24 Florida Avenue and the West boundary is MacDill
18:16:26 Avenue.
18:16:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just wanted to say something, I
18:16:29 don't know who wrote up the summation of everybody's
18:16:32 concerns, but it's the best-written, most clearly
18:16:34 presented summation we've ever had.
18:16:36 It really spells it out clearly.
18:16:38 And it will help Council and the staff figure out

18:16:40 other funding sources as well.
18:16:42 Really good job.
18:16:43 [ APPLAUSE ]
18:16:52 >> Good afternoon.
18:16:53 Jimmy gray at 1739 West walnut street in West Tampa,
18:16:59 also 1938 Main Street, my business is Main Street
18:17:04 optical, resident of West Tampa, businessman in West
18:17:07 Tampa for the last 25 years.
18:17:09 I want to thank you all for having us here this
18:17:12 evening to get some of these things done.
18:17:16 If you can turn to page 17 in your booklet, in your
18:17:22 presentations, you'll see where block club area 6 is
18:17:27 basically the West Tampa area.
18:17:34 The mere request that the West Tampa area have a
18:17:37 coordinated development plan last year, the residents
18:17:42 of West Tampa since last January been working very
18:17:46 diligently along with the Hillsborough County Planning
18:17:52 Commission, city-county Planning Commission to develop
18:17:54 such a plan.
18:17:56 Mr. Jim hostler has presented that plan to City
18:18:01 Council previously, and I think everyone is familiar
18:18:03 with it.

18:18:05 But as we speak of economic plans, there was one thing
18:18:09 that was missing with this plan and that was funding.
18:18:14 Our committee for the last six months, the West Tampa
18:18:17 economic development plan volunteers, last six months,
18:18:20 have taken upon themselves to develop items from what
18:18:27 we've been doing that would need to be funded in order
18:18:31 for West Tampa to continue to do what we need to do.
18:18:37 We came up with seven recommendations that we feel
18:18:41 that if they were funded through CDBG or additional
18:18:46 plans would increase the possibility of the West Tampa
18:18:50 economic development plan being successful.
18:18:56 Number one, encourage small business development in
18:18:58 West Tampa by allocating $20,000 in CDBG funds for a
18:19:03 three-year period to supplement the City of Tampa
18:19:06 property tax increase for commercial properties within
18:19:09 the prescribed boundaries.
18:19:13 We feel that within the enterprise zone and within our
18:19:20 activity zone that if we use this funding, not asking
18:19:26 for money, but use fund for property tax assessment,
18:19:29 that it will put less of a burden on some of the
18:19:31 commercial properties there, property taxes have been
18:19:34 increasing and commercial property taxes have been

18:19:37 increasing threefold.
18:19:39 So if you take sometime to consider that later, and
18:19:42 read it in entirety, this is one of the things that
18:19:45 the entire community of West Tampa has submitted.
18:19:47 Number two is reduce the cost of operating businesses
18:19:52 within the enterprise zone of West Tampa.
18:19:57 In the recommendation, the recommendation is for
18:20:00 $20,000 per year in CDBG to supplement city's payment
18:20:04 of 50% of all occupational license fees for three
18:20:07 years.
18:20:09 This would give us the opportunity along with business
18:20:12 plan development and with some of the existing
18:20:15 businesses and some of the new businesses that are
18:20:18 coming in to add this to their business plan to
18:20:22 actually supplement their license, occupational
18:20:27 license.
18:20:28 Occupational license as I guess we know the fees have
18:20:30 increased from about $30 per year to, like, 170,
18:20:35 especially like in some of the smaller businesses.
18:20:37 And we feel that this would help.
18:20:39 Item number 3, expansion of boundaries of current
18:20:43 facade program in West Tampa.

18:20:45 We've noticed that the buildings in West Tampa one of
18:20:50 our last bastions of historic buildings.
18:20:55 Main Street in particular, Howard Avenue also.
18:20:59 Currently, the facade program only extends to certain
18:21:03 blocks on Main Street and certain blocks on Howard
18:21:06 Avenue.
18:21:07 We are asking for extensions of that facade program to
18:21:10 go to some of the side streets.
18:21:15 In particular, if you look on Main Street, some of the
18:21:17 businesses go North and South of the Main Street, even
18:21:20 if it's only half a block, if he could extend those
18:21:23 boundaries.
18:21:27 Also to the side streets or half a block from the side
18:21:29 street, it would help us in our economic development
18:21:31 plan.
18:21:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Everything you are going over is
18:21:45 written clearly in this report.
18:21:46 I was wondering if you could go over the high points.
18:21:49 We really have a thorough and complete write-up before
18:21:53 us.
18:21:54 >> Usually what we do, the reason we do this, because
18:21:58 oftentimes, the lay people and the citizens feel that

18:22:03 these documents are submitted and they are
18:22:04 basically -- and they basically aren't read.
18:22:07 So we usually want to read them so the public can
18:22:09 actually hear exactly what we're asking for.
18:22:14 As I stated, we have been meeting in West Tampa for
18:22:17 the last year.
18:22:18 So I'll go through these quickly and hope that our
18:22:21 constituents in West Tampa will actually pick up their
18:22:24 copy and understand where we are going.
18:22:26 Number four, additional parking within the core of the
18:22:28 West Tampa economic development plan.
18:22:32 City Code, we understand with new businesses coming
18:22:34 in, that parking spaces are at a minimum.
18:22:40 The old layout of West Tampa didn't allow for a lot of
18:22:43 offstreet parking, so we are asking for additional
18:22:46 parking spaces or something to be done in West Tampa
18:22:48 for that purpose.
18:22:51 Item number 5, traffic calming study for the two roads
18:22:54 in West Tampa, and that's been expanded upon through
18:22:56 other neighborhoods.
18:22:58 And I think we all understand what that issue is.
18:23:01 Number six, a full-time person from the small business

18:23:06 information center to operate out of the West Tampa
18:23:09 CDC.
18:23:10 We feel that with the advent of West Tampa growing,
18:23:14 that this would be an enhancement to the existing
18:23:17 businesses and new businesses coming in to have that
18:23:20 technical service located within walking distance in
18:23:22 the neighborhoods.
18:23:25 Item number 7, down payment assistance program be
18:23:28 increased for homeownership in West Tampa.
18:23:32 The current amount for the Hillsborough County's
18:23:37 $50,000.
18:23:39 Our current amount, I think, is about 25.
18:23:42 The home costs in West Tampa has gone from about 60 to
18:23:46 $70,000, up to about 169 now.
18:23:51 With the amounts currently being done, that eliminates
18:23:55 a lot of people from being able to get a home because
18:23:59 they don't have the current down payment assistance.
18:24:05 Item number 8, provide a mechanism in funds for
18:24:07 homeowners' ability to keep their homes up to code.
18:24:11 This one I would like to speak real quickly on.
18:24:15 Down the street on Albany from a residence, the in
18:24:22 town homes planning for their grand opening, brand-new

18:24:26 homes at about 160,000.
18:24:28 One of the residents came to us -- have owners,
18:24:33 property owners there, be able to get rehab loans and
18:24:37 home improvement loans through the City of Tampa.
18:24:40 She applied.
18:24:41 She came to the workshops, came to the meetings.
18:24:43 They applied for the loans and she was refused or
18:24:46 turned down.
18:24:49 Days later, an individual developer came to her saying
18:24:52 that code enforcement was coming in the area and her
18:24:55 property was in such disarray, that she may be at a
18:25:01 possibility for losing her home if she didn't get
18:25:04 something done.
18:25:04 She was in distress because she applied for city
18:25:07 assistance and was refused.
18:25:08 So we ask that maybe the guidelines for the home
18:25:12 improvement loans be kind of corrected or supplemented
18:25:16 for individuals who are on fixed income who own their
18:25:20 own property, so they can qualify to have their homes
18:25:24 upgraded and rehabbed to match that of the other homes
18:25:27 being brought in our community.
18:25:30 Number 8 is full-time job counselor at the CDC.

18:25:34 That's in the progress.
18:25:38 That was number nine.
18:25:39 And number ten, completion of the central espanol
18:25:42 renovation, which is underway.
18:25:44 We think that the completion of that would enhance our
18:25:47 community greatly and give us a center of activity and
18:25:51 culture.
18:25:53 I want to thank the City Council again, and I want to
18:25:55 thank the officer of community service for their
18:25:58 preparation of this document, which you all can
18:26:01 review.
18:26:03 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Mr. Gray, I just want to compliment
18:26:05 you.
18:26:06 You have been pretty creative in some of your
18:26:08 recommendations here about the moratorium on business,
18:26:13 tax increases and the occupational tax and funding a
18:26:17 person from the small business information office in
18:26:20 your area.
18:26:22 I would like to see us do some of these things, not
18:26:24 only for West Tampa, but for citywide.
18:26:27 Again, I'm not sure that CDBG is the particularly
18:26:32 appropriate way to go.

18:26:33 But I'm glad to see someone thinking creatively here
18:26:36 about this.
18:26:37 >> This was our first attempt to actually get funding
18:26:41 for the West Tampa economic development plan.
18:26:43 So we're using my position at CDBG and the CDBG
18:26:48 instrument to actually introduce this to Council.
18:26:51 Like I said, we've been meeting for about a year,
18:26:54 through the Planning Commission, but there was no
18:26:56 funds.
18:26:57 We often do plans, and we do -- we get neighbors to
18:27:01 come out and meet, meet and meet, and nothing is done
18:27:04 because there's no funding mechanism for what the
18:27:06 neighborhood comes up with.
18:27:07 So these ideas are actually ideas of a group of
18:27:12 individual volunteers in West Tampa that -- as
18:27:16 Councilwoman Mary Alvarez knows -- that have been
18:27:20 meeting for quite a while and we have quite a diverse
18:27:23 group and quite a large group that helped -- and quite
18:27:28 a large group that helped develop these needs and
18:27:31 recommendations.
18:27:34 >> Good afternoon, City Council, Chloe Coney, with CDC
18:27:38 of Tampa.

18:27:38 I'm here to talk about the CDBG, first of all to, the
18:27:44 Council all of your help to CDC.
18:27:47 We are located in East Tampa.
18:27:48 We do serve the enterprise zone.
18:27:50 Last year, I did walk the halls of the capitol for a
18:27:55 week talking to the Florida delegations.
18:27:57 We knew the CDBG was going to be cut, but we know that
18:28:01 the CDBG 1 given for the stress, blighted
18:28:04 neighborhoods.
18:28:05 I am here to talk, because we have three successful
18:28:09 programs that we have applied to with CDBG and as
18:28:13 Mr. Gray said in revitalizing West Tampa, very similar
18:28:17 in East Tampa, we continually need a career resource
18:28:21 center.
18:28:21 50% of the people that come in our doors are
18:28:23 ex-offenders.
18:28:25 Hard to place.
18:28:26 Last year we served over 1500 people that came in our
18:28:30 doors.
18:28:30 We also have a program -- I my chief operating
18:28:39 officer.
18:28:40 Business development and technical assistance program,

18:28:42 last year we served over 150 small businesses by
18:28:44 providing business development plan.
18:28:48 We are in partnership with Florida A&M.
18:28:50 We provide one-on-one technical assistance to them.
18:28:54 We also give out microloans, because working capital
18:28:58 and finding the dollars to help them grow their
18:29:01 business is very, very needed.
18:29:03 And I have with me tonight Earl Kagler and Joe Jenkins
18:29:08 because we do have full-time staff there to work with
18:29:11 them.
18:29:12 We are in partnership with West Tampa CDBG as well as
18:29:15 Hillsborough County business center.
18:29:19 One of the things we will be doing this year is
18:29:21 providing a survey of East Tampa, because we need to
18:29:24 know where the needs are and meet those needs of the
18:29:27 business owners in that target area.
18:29:32 The last one, of course, we're talking about
18:29:33 neighborhood revitalization, and all of us here with
18:29:39 East Tampa, part of the CRA and the TIF, and again, we
18:29:42 want to say thank you for that.
18:29:44 But as we work with that, with CDBG, we want to make
18:29:47 sure that we provide a community of choice, especially

18:29:51 with small businesses that would grow with housing,
18:29:54 job creation, youth development.
18:29:56 And again, I want to say to City Council, thank you so
18:29:59 much for your help.
18:30:00 Thank you so much.
18:30:09 >> Now it's block area 7.
18:30:10 Basically the northern boundaries Fowler Avenue.
18:30:12 The southern boundary is Sligh.
18:30:14 East boundary is the city limits and the West boundary
18:30:16 is also the city limits.
18:30:20 >> Terry Neil, 4703 East river hills drive.
18:30:24 I'm so used to three-minutes that I think I'll
18:30:26 probably be able to do this in three-minutes.
18:30:28 So you can turn the timer on if you want.
18:30:31 I'm on the CDBG advisory committee as well the
18:30:36 president of Temple Crest Civic Association.
18:30:39 I'm mentioning that because many of the
18:30:41 recommendations I made are encouraged by our Civic
18:30:43 Association.
18:30:44 I did come on to the committee sort of late, the CDBG
18:30:47 committee.
18:30:48 So my requests are not quite as elaborate as

18:30:51 Mr. Gray's.
18:30:52 Next year maybe.
18:30:55 I do want to address one request made by Vicky Pratt
18:31:00 for a public park.
18:31:02 This is one street over from river hills drive on page
18:31:06 22, and it's item number one.
18:31:11 I have actually submitted a request to the Mayor who
18:31:13 has forwarded on to the parks and recreation
18:31:14 department to consider a piece of land on REGNUS
18:31:19 Avenue about 4700.
18:31:20 Its owned by the church there and they are actually
18:31:22 getting rid of that and it would be a perfect place
18:31:24 for a park.
18:31:25 This is about three blocks from where Ms. Pratt lives.
18:31:29 I wasn't planning on speaking on that, but I would
18:31:31 like to recommend that.
18:31:32 I think it would make an excellent park and be right
18:31:35 in the center of our neighborhood.
18:31:39 Also, number five, on page 23, I'm just going to pick
18:31:43 up a couple of highlights here.
18:31:44 With the 40th street construction beginning and
18:31:48 segment B beginning now, Lakeshore will become a road

18:31:52 that people will be driving down more and more because
18:31:56 40th street will be blocked off.
18:31:58 It's a narrow road.
18:32:00 It needs sidewalks desperately.
18:32:02 It already is very dangerous and -- when people walk
18:32:05 down that road.
18:32:07 All these requests are important, of course, but
18:32:09 that's an important one.
18:32:14 Item 10 on page 24, I want to point out this is
18:32:16 supposed to say install sidewalks and speed tables.
18:32:24 Second only to 40th street which we've been waiting
18:32:27 for 50 years, requesting sidewalks on East river hills
18:32:29 drive for about 30 years.
18:32:34 This is a really narrow windy road.
18:32:41 There's a woman who takes the bus, gets off at 56th
18:32:45 street.
18:32:45 We have intermittent sidewalks.
18:32:48 Some are not ADA compliant.
18:32:50 This woman gets off the bus in her wheelchair on
18:32:52 56th street, takes the sidewalk to 50th.
18:32:56 Then goes out in the road during rush hour traffic on
18:32:59 river hills drive in a motorized wheelchair, down

18:33:02 to -- well, she goes all the way to past 46th
18:33:09 street.
18:33:10 Because the sidewalks that are there between 46th
18:33:12 and 50th are nonADA compliant.
18:33:15 She can't get her wheelchair up on those sidewalks.
18:33:18 I actually pointed this out to Jan Washington in that
18:33:20 department.
18:33:21 But it's just really important that we get some
18:33:24 sidewalks there, because we have a lot of pedestrian
18:33:27 traffic.
18:33:28 And when you see a motorized wheelchair going down a
18:33:31 winding road where people are going 50 and going
18:33:34 around curves, it really gets to be kind of scary.
18:33:39 Whatever we can do.
18:33:40 These are our most important and anything you can do
18:33:43 to help us, we would appreciate that very much.
18:33:46 Did I make it in three-minutes?
18:33:53 >> Block club area 8, northern boundary Euclid,
18:33:56 southern boundary MacDill Air Force Base, East
18:33:57 boundary is Bayshore Boulevard and West boundary is
18:34:00 old Tampa bay.
18:34:07 We have one more on block area 9, basically the

18:34:09 northern boundary is Columbus Drive, southern boundary
18:34:12 is Euclid, East boundary is MacDill Avenue and
18:34:14 West boundary is old Tampa bay.
18:34:16 And I would like to read an e-mail I received from
18:34:19 Thelma Davis who works very closely with Carver City
18:34:24 Lincoln Gardens.
18:34:26 She's been in that neighborhood for years and years.
18:34:28 Her request, the wall around the city's fleet
18:34:31 maintenance area has been requested for over ten
18:34:33 years.
18:34:33 A block wall has been erected on Laurel street from
18:34:36 Lois Avenue to Clark Avenue.
18:34:37 This leaves the rest of the area from Clark Avenue to
18:34:41 Grady Avenue exposed to neighbors to view police cars
18:34:44 and garbage trucks waited to be repaired.
18:34:47 When the city came to the neighborhood with the news
18:34:50 that the maintenance would be moving to that area, a
18:34:53 wall was promised to shield the neighbors.
18:34:56 The only response has been promises to complete it and
18:34:59 believe it has not been done at all.
18:35:01 The stench from the parked garbage trucks is
18:35:03 overwhelming.

18:35:04 Grady Avenue between Laurel Street and Spruce Street,
18:35:08 chain-linked fence with broken lattice and overgrown
18:35:11 weeds and shrubbery very unsightly.
18:35:14 She would like to know how long they have to wait in
18:35:16 that neighborhood.
18:35:17 The other request deals with a community center in
18:35:19 that neighborhood.
18:35:21 New renovated community center understaffed and
18:35:23 lacking in programs to meet a much larger and more
18:35:26 varied age group.
18:35:28 There are gaps in programs for the small children, 11
18:35:31 to 13-year-olds and adult programs in the evening.
18:35:34 The playground cannot be used at all times because
18:35:36 there's not enough staff.
18:35:38 Could I not have a committee meeting because it
18:35:40 conflicted with the sports program that would have
18:35:42 taken staff away from the center.
18:35:44 I happened to be at that center about two months ago.
18:35:46 And the day I was there, there were over 150 kids
18:35:49 running around.
18:35:50 The pool was active.
18:35:52 There's a football program going on.

18:35:54 It's a very, very active neighborhood center.
18:35:55 At this time, I would like to turn it over, we had one
18:35:58 other speaker who asked to be included and that will
18:36:01 conclude our presentation.
18:36:02 >> Good evening, grace Miranda, manager for the center
18:36:05 of affordable homeownership in West Tampa, Tampa
18:36:07 Housing Authority.
18:36:09 I realize we're not on here under block six, but it
18:36:13 does deal with homeownership with the down payment
18:36:17 assistance increase request and code enforcement.
18:36:21 I can't recall the page, but consolidated plan, it
18:36:24 speaks heavily with regards to home buyer education
18:36:26 and counselling.
18:36:27 And I would like the Council to consider including
18:36:31 that in the application that's going to be awarded for
18:36:35 the '06-'07 year.
18:36:38 Simply for the fact right now we have a class going on
18:36:40 with over 30 people.
18:36:41 There's a class each month, 16 hours, two nights a
18:36:46 week for four weeks.
18:36:47 And that funding right now, it's coming through a bank
18:36:49 that's out of town.

18:36:51 The Hillsborough County housing and code enforcement
18:36:54 has finally come on board and agreed to continue to
18:36:57 fund for the first time the home buyers education and
18:37:01 counselling.
18:37:01 And when that center was created, it was with the
18:37:04 understanding that the city and the county together
18:37:06 would work with the Tampa Housing Authority to make
18:37:09 that resource center available to all city and county
18:37:13 residents.
18:37:14 And at this time two years straight, the city has not
18:37:17 funded any of the applications that's been submitted.
18:37:20 So I'm asking that you reconsider for this year to
18:37:23 include the center for affordable homeownership in the
18:37:27 grant application.
18:37:28 Thank you.
18:37:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Ma'am, do you have any paperwork on
18:37:37 that that you can turn?
18:37:41 >> No, ma'am, I do not I can get you some.
18:37:44 I believe sent out newsletters to all of the Council
18:37:48 about a month or so ago.
18:37:50 I'll gladly get you more information.
18:37:52 >>MARY ALVAREZ: If it's going to the CDBG, we need to

18:37:54 have it included.
18:37:55 >> Okay.
18:37:56 I will.
18:37:56 Thank you.
18:38:02 >> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
18:38:03 My name is Christina.
18:38:05 I'm here representing acorn housing corporation.
18:38:07 The address is 1344 West Cass Street.
18:38:12 We are respectfully requesting renewal of the CDBG
18:38:16 grant, block grant funding that we received last
18:38:19 fiscal year.
18:38:23 Acorn housing is a national HUD-approved home
18:38:28 counselling agency.
18:38:29 It's also Fannie and Freddie Mac certified.
18:38:33 Last year, we were able to use the funds.
18:38:36 We saw over 409 households and out of that, 93
18:38:41 purchased housing.
18:38:41 We are also known for our predatory lending
18:38:46 counselling and special programs that help families
18:38:48 become homeowners.
18:38:49 So for all the different community members that spoke
18:38:54 about housing issues, we are the agency that's

18:38:57 providing the counselling, the loan product, the
18:39:01 predatory lending information.
18:39:03 But we desperately need some help.
18:39:05 Because the need is increasing on a yearly basis and
18:39:09 yet the funding is decreasing.
18:39:17 I'm mainly here to request renewal of the CDBG funds
18:39:20 that we received last year.
18:39:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Again, do you have paperwork that we
18:39:24 can turn in?
18:39:26 >> I was not aware to bring any paperwork, but I can
18:39:29 definitely submit it at a later date.
18:39:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Whatever you said you need for funding
18:39:37 so we can turn it in for the CDBG program.
18:39:39 >> I believe that that was already submitted by our
18:39:42 corporate office earlier.
18:39:44 And they just asked me to come and put a face to it.
18:39:55 Thank you very much.
18:39:56 >> My name is Howard Harris.
18:40:00 I live on Ridgewood Avenue here in Tampa.
18:40:04 I'm a Tampa native.
18:40:06 I've been around here for a long time.
18:40:10 I am a trustee with the friends of the library.

18:40:16 We were formed because the cultural center of Tampa,
18:40:22 which used to be Central Avenue, just plain
18:40:24 disappeared.
18:40:37 We represent libraries located in areas where kids are
18:40:41 most likely to get into difficulties.
18:40:43 We went before the Hillsborough County commission, and
18:40:47 we received a grant of $7.8 million to take the Bob
18:40:56 Saunders library and make it a dual facility with the
18:41:03 Booker T. Washington school, which is located right
18:41:06 behind it.
18:41:07 The plan is so there will not be any dual facilities
18:41:14 there.
18:41:14 We are also going to raise another four million
18:41:17 dollars to put a cultural center in that area as well.
18:41:24 This will be -- consist of a theater, and allow
18:41:29 cultural events to take place in that area.
18:41:39 The kids we are talking about, I've talked to a couple
18:41:41 of them.
18:41:42 They have never been to a movie.
18:41:44 Fourth Graders, never been downtown to a movie.
18:41:47 They are confined to their areas because the parents
18:41:51 do not have cars.

18:41:52 They go nowhere.
18:41:53 They don't run across people like you and the people
18:41:56 who are here in this room.
18:42:01 They are -- their idol, if you will, is the leader --
18:42:05 is a gang leader or someone who sells drugs.
18:42:09 Their ambition is to play basketball or to play
18:42:12 football.
18:42:18 We have started a tutorial program back in the
18:42:20 November time frame where we have been serving
18:42:22 children from grades one through five, most of whom
18:42:26 attend the Booker T. Washington school.
18:42:29 I can tell you right now, that I know four of those
18:42:33 kids who have been saved.
18:42:35 They came in there.
18:42:36 They would not even talk to one of us.
18:42:39 Now they come in there every evening anxious to learn
18:42:44 something.
18:42:53 Let me share some statistics I know you are probably
18:42:56 familiar with.
18:42:56 In Hillsborough County, with black kids, 43% of the
18:43:00 black children who reach 9th grade will not graduate
18:43:04 from high school within a four-year time frame.

18:43:08 85% of the black men in prison never finished high
18:43:13 school.
18:43:15 Of those who are in prison, two-thirds of them are
18:43:17 going to repeat, be repeaters.
18:43:21 We spend over $18,000 a year to keep a person in
18:43:25 prison.
18:43:27 Hillsborough County spends about $7,400 to educate a
18:43:34 student.
18:43:34 We are asking for the City of Tampa for $200,000 to
18:43:43 help towards a 4 million-dollar project that is sorely
18:43:49 needed in those areas -- in one area of this city
18:43:53 where the people -- or the kids coming out of that
18:44:01 area are the most at-risk in the city.
18:44:04 We ask you, please, to look very carefully at our
18:44:09 grant and to approve the $200,000 we are asking for.
18:44:16 Now, I have to leave, and it's not because I don't
18:44:21 want to stay for longer, but I am late for another
18:44:24 meeting dealing with some scholarships for some other
18:44:26 kids.
18:44:27 Thank you very much.
18:44:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak?
18:44:35 >> Hello, Council.

18:44:37 My name is Vincent Ficarrotta.
18:44:40 I'm a resident of Palmetto Beach.
18:44:45 And if I could get you to indulge me just to go back
18:44:48 to page 6 of your packet, I don't intend on reading
18:44:52 all of your requests, but I do want to point out three
18:44:55 specific requests that were made that are somewhat
18:45:04 broad in their request.
18:45:08 Over the years, as we've continued to make requests
18:45:13 that are, some specific, some CDBG compliant, some
18:45:16 not, for the betterment of our neighborhood.
18:45:19 Number five, the comprehensive neighborhood plan or
18:45:21 zoning study for Palmetto Beach has been requested for
18:45:24 seven years in a row now.
18:45:27 We've waited for the East Tampa plan to have been
18:45:31 completed and enacted.
18:45:32 And it has been.
18:45:34 And in the interim, we've had D.O.T. come through our
18:45:38 neighborhood with the 20th street project, and there
18:45:42 were issues there.
18:45:43 What we're talking about in bullet point number six
18:45:46 with the separation wall.
18:45:48 The Expressway Authority has taken land from long

18:45:52 street, and has the plan for the Crosstown connector
18:45:56 flyover.
18:45:58 The Port Authority has done port Ybor.
18:46:01 All of this action has occurred over the last few
18:46:03 years, and we're still trying to seek assistance with
18:46:07 a neighborhood plan that can give us a louder voice
18:46:12 with these entities.
18:46:15 I would appreciate the Council, someone standing up
18:46:18 and championing for our neighborhood some of these
18:46:21 issues that are pointed out here that are very large
18:46:24 projects, very broad projects that any one single
18:46:28 department head may not be able to tackle without the
18:46:31 support of Council.
18:46:33 And our little neighborhood just hasn't had a loud
18:46:36 enough voice.
18:46:37 We keep getting pushed aside or pacified by these
18:46:40 larger entities.
18:46:41 And Ms. Saul-Sena, you might remember, it's been a
18:46:45 number of years that we met about the landscaper
18:46:48 defining wall.
18:46:50 The monies that the D.O.T. provided the city for that
18:46:54 project, which is standard, a certain percentage,

18:46:57 still have not been spent in our neighborhood.
18:47:00 How many years has that been?
18:47:02 Three, four years.
18:47:03 We had someone from parks come and talk to us in
18:47:06 January in a somewhat disarray state saying we have
18:47:10 got to use these funds or we lose these funds.
18:47:12 We've been there.
18:47:14 We've had one meeting, and we haven't heard back from
18:47:17 that individual.
18:47:17 So it's that type of example that I set forth to say,
18:47:21 we could really use some assistance with a
18:47:24 neighborhood plan that might give us a tie-in to these
18:47:29 other larger entities and give us a louder voice.
18:47:35 The item number four, Bermuda boulevard
18:47:39 beautification, and the bike path, the only thing I
18:47:41 want to highlight there is that our seawall is
18:47:45 extremely -- it's in sad shape.
18:47:47 It's deteriorating very badly from Katrina was our
18:47:53 last brush.
18:47:54 But the seawall looks like a snake.
18:47:57 It's falling down in a number of areas, and I've seen
18:48:01 public works out doing certain studies.

18:48:03 I don't know what the status of that is, but that's
18:48:06 going to be a monumental task, a large amount of
18:48:09 money, I realize, but something needs to be done
18:48:11 there, and a long study needs to be done with that.
18:48:15 The only thing I would like to add that isn't on our
18:48:18 list here, and another -- it's money that's already
18:48:22 been awarded that hasn't been spent.
18:48:24 It's for our child care center.
18:48:26 And there has been nothing listed here regarding the
18:48:28 child care center that Palmetto Beach community
18:48:31 association operates as a 501(c)(3).
18:48:35 CDBG funds were awarded three, four years ago to the
18:48:38 tune of about $80,000, that we haven't been able to
18:48:42 utilize because things changed in the relocation of
18:48:45 our child care center, and then with 911, the advent
18:48:49 of 911, there's some technicality that prevents us
18:48:55 from being able to refurbish and renovate the child
18:48:58 care center where it sits today because of the tanks.
18:49:00 Again, we need some assistance there because our child
18:49:03 care center really needs that money.
18:49:05 Thank you.
18:49:11 >> In closing, members of Council, I would like to

18:49:13 thank you for giving us the time tonight.
18:49:15 I would also like to thank several different people.
18:49:17 First of all, the neighborhood relations office,
18:49:18 Shannon Edge and her whole office.
18:49:22 Jim Stefan in the budget office.
18:49:23 One of the things we've been doing at our CDBG
18:49:25 meetings, now having people from transportation, from
18:49:27 lighting come in.
18:49:27 So we're more informed group.
18:49:29 That's one of the reasons why some of our proposals
18:49:32 are a little different this year.
18:49:33 Of course, the community affairs office for the City
18:49:35 of Tampa, because they have been instrumental in
18:49:37 keeping us all together and helping us to get new
18:49:40 members on our advisory committee and I would like to
18:49:42 thank you again tonight.
18:49:45 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, Madam Chair.
18:49:46 Every year we go through this process, and it always
18:49:51 seems like there are many people that put countless
18:49:55 hours into it.
18:49:56 And at the end of the day, they come up, year after
18:50:00 year after year making the same requests.

18:50:02 And I know that I've asked this before, and we've
18:50:05 always gotten shot down, but I want to ask it again.
18:50:08 I guess I'll direct this to a staff member.
18:50:10 And I don't know if that would be Mr. Chen or whoever.
18:50:14 But we have nine areas in this.
18:50:18 And what I would like to see is us to set aside an
18:50:21 amount of money for each one of these nine areas, for
18:50:28 them to determine how they want to best spend it.
18:50:32 So that if an area like in Mr. Neil's area says, all
18:50:36 right, we've identified seven or eight sidewalks that
18:50:39 we think are important, here's our number one priority
18:50:41 and we can get it done for X amount of dollars, or if
18:50:44 someone in Mr. Rotor's area says, well, we want speed
18:50:47 tables, and we can get these, you know, so many of
18:50:51 them done for X amount of dollars, it returns some
18:50:54 modicum of control to those who are closest to the
18:50:58 ground.
18:51:00 And so I just throw that out there for my colleagues.
18:51:02 And I don't know if anyone agrees with me on this, but
18:51:05 it seems like every year, we do try to return some of
18:51:08 this, little bit more to the grassroots, and we just
18:51:11 never are able to do it.

18:51:12 The other thing I noticed is, administration costs are
18:51:15 just staggering.
18:51:17 1.1 million for general administration.
18:51:19 1.6 million for housing administration, 2.7 million
18:51:23 out of 13 million in grant dollars.
18:51:27 It seems like a whole heck of a lot of money going for
18:51:31 administration as opposed to actual projects.
18:51:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Stefan, do you want to close up?
18:51:38 >>JIM STEFAN: I could say a couple of words and we'll
18:51:41 look into your request, Mr. Harrison.
18:51:43 But on the administration, the amount of money that we
18:51:46 spend on the housing program, so to speak, is not just
18:51:51 the $13 million that we get from the federal
18:51:55 government.
18:51:55 There are leveraged dollars from banks and other
18:51:58 programs, so it greatly exceeds that.
18:52:00 Are there a lost of costed connected with the
18:52:02 programs?
18:52:03 Yes, there are.
18:52:03 But there are also an awful lot of regulations that
18:52:07 the federal government requires us to go through on
18:52:09 all of them.

18:52:10 And we do everything we can do to keep those dollars
18:52:15 at a minimum.
18:52:17 And when we come back to you later on this year, we'll
18:52:21 try to explain that a little bit further so that you
18:52:23 can gain an appreciation for just what some of the
18:52:27 administration costs go towards.
18:52:32 >>SHAWN HARRISON: When you're going to study my
18:52:34 recommendation, when are you going to respond?
18:52:37 When will we know what your proposal is?
18:52:40 Do we need tonight to tell you what -- do we need to
18:52:44 come to some consensus?
18:52:45 I don't know.
18:52:46 Maybe no one agrees with me on this.
18:52:53 >>JIM STEFAN: I'll meet tomorrow with the
18:52:55 administration and try to get some response in maybe
18:52:57 30 days or something.
18:52:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Your suggestion is balance by
18:53:01 geographic area?
18:53:02 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
18:53:03 I would say we set aside an amount of money,
18:53:06 $50,000 maybe for each one of the nine neighborhood
18:53:10 areas, and that's $450,000 out of the capital

18:53:14 improvement project budget of 2.2 million or somewhere
18:53:18 else, and we say, for that 50,000, in your particular
18:53:23 neighborhood, you know how you best need it spent, you
18:53:27 all decide and we'll administer it for you.
18:53:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'll second that, because I think
18:53:35 that -- I think that the neighborhoods would enjoy the
18:53:38 autonomy.
18:53:39 The problem is, $50,000, I mean, it doesn't go very
18:53:44 far.
18:53:45 It's like a short sidewalk, a couple of speed bumps,
18:53:48 little bit of improved lighting.
18:53:53 But it's a start.
18:53:54 One of the things that I really want to compliment the
18:53:56 neighborhoods about is their collective way that they
18:53:59 are looking at problems and identifying issues like
18:54:01 trash collection along major thoroughfares as number
18:54:05 one citywide, you know, problem.
18:54:10 So they are thinking of their own issues, but also the
18:54:12 things that affect the entire community.
18:54:14 But I think that that's a very good idea,
18:54:16 Mr. Harrison.
18:54:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

18:54:18 We have a motion and a second.
18:54:20 All in favor of the motion -- Ms. Ferlita.
18:54:22 >>ROSE FERLITA: I'm certainly going to support it,
18:54:24 Madam Chairman.
18:54:25 But I think Mr. Harrison has made an attempt like this
18:54:30 or very similar to this before.
18:54:31 And I think it has gone on deaf ears.
18:54:33 So hopefully this time we'll have a different
18:54:36 response.
18:54:38 I think you've been trying to give him that ownership
18:54:41 and it doesn't seem to materialize.
18:54:43 We'll see what happens, Mr. Stefan.
18:54:44 We've had this discussion before, six or seven or
18:54:48 eight times.
18:54:49 >>CLERK: The motion will include for Mr. Stefan to
18:54:52 come back in 30 days.
18:54:54 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Earmark $50,000 per area per
18:54:59 neighborhood out of the nine for a total of
18:55:03 $450,000 out of the capital improvement projects line
18:55:08 item and just go forward with that proposal.
18:55:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And there's a second.
18:55:19 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

18:55:20 All in favor, aye.
18:55:22 Need to close the public hearing.
18:55:24 Have a motion and second to close.
18:55:25 All in favor of the motion, aye.
18:55:26 [Motion Carried]
18:55:27 Thank you all for coming.
18:55:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Take a five-minute break?
18:55:32 >>GWEN MILLER: We'll take a five-minute break.
18:55:35 (Recess)
19:13:00 [ ROLL CALL ]
19:13:01 >> Good evening, members of the Council.
19:13:07 Heather Lamboy, Land Development.
19:13:11 Prior to the hearing, I provided with an edited agenda
19:13:14 regarding the cases either misnoticed or requesting a
19:13:16 rescheduling.
19:13:17 I'll start with item number 2, Z 05-151 cannot be
19:13:24 heard because no affidavit was filed.
19:13:26 First available time slot is for July 13th.
19:13:37 Evening agenda.
19:13:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to schedule this for
19:13:40 July 13th at 6:00 p.m.
19:13:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.

19:13:44 All in favor, aye.
19:13:45 Opposed, nay.
19:13:45 [Motion Carried]
19:13:47 >> Item number 3, that has already been rescheduled by
19:13:49 the City Council for May 11.
19:13:51 Item number 4, the publication was not perfected.
19:13:55 The newspaper ad was incorrect.
19:13:58 Therefore, the advertisement must be published again
19:14:01 and notice must be sent again.
19:14:03 The soonest they could be heard as continued case
19:14:05 would be April 13th, 2006.
19:14:07 There are three continued slots available.
19:14:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
19:14:11 All in favor of the motion, aye.
19:14:12 [Motion Carried]
19:14:16 >> And last but not least, item number 11, Z-06-09
19:14:23 this petition will be amended to a prior petition
19:14:26 involving some of the property that was never
19:14:28 withdrawn.
19:14:29 Therefore this petition, because the property owner
19:14:31 had authorized action on two pieces of property, that
19:14:36 petition had never had action.

19:14:38 So, therefore this case must be heard at another time.
19:14:44 The first available hearing date for the amended
19:14:47 petition.
19:14:55 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
19:14:57 [Motion Carried]
19:14:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If we could have a motion to remove
19:15:02 number three from the agenda.
19:15:11 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
19:15:14 [Motion Carried]
19:15:15 We need to open item number 5.
19:15:22 All in favor, aye.
19:15:23 [Motion Carried]
19:15:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, I would ask at this time
19:15:27 relative to all of tonight's public hearings that all
19:15:30 written communications relative to these hearings that
19:15:31 have been available to the public at Council's office
19:15:34 be received and filed into the record at this time.
19:15:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
19:15:39 All in favor, aye.
19:15:41 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And please, a reminder to Council
19:15:43 members, if any member of city council has had any
19:15:46 verbal communication with any petitioner, his or her

19:15:48 representative or any members of the public in
19:15:50 connection with any of tonight's hearings, that member
19:15:52 should disclose the following information: The
19:15:55 identity of the person, group or entity with whom the
19:15:58 verbal communication occurred and the substance of the
19:16:00 verbal communication.
19:16:01 And Madam Chair, I ask that the witnesses for this
19:16:03 evening please be sworn in.
19:16:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public going to speak
19:16:10 tonight, would you please stand and raise your right
19:16:12 hand.
19:16:17 (Oath administered by clerk).
19:16:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm going to ask the members of the
19:16:27 audience, it's a very large crowd tonight.
19:16:29 It looks like a lot of people stood up to be sworn.
19:16:34 For the sake of the record, I ask that when you state
19:16:36 your name, please reaffirm that you have been sworn.
19:16:39 I put a little sign up there that asks you if you've
19:16:43 been sworn.
19:16:43 State your name and if you've been sworn.
19:16:46 As a matter of fact, tonight, I'm bringing out my red
19:16:49 hat which I received for the holidays.

19:16:51 It says, "Have you been sworn?"
19:16:54 Rather than interpret the proceedings, I am going to
19:16:57 wave the red hat should you forget.
19:17:00 It's somewhat embarrassing but in the sake of
19:17:02 efficiency, I'm willing to do it.
19:17:04 If you could just please assist me in moving the
19:17:08 proceedings along, I would really appreciate it.
19:17:10 Thank you.
19:17:11 >> Thank you.
19:17:11 Heather Lamboy, Land Development.
19:17:13 I have been sworn.
19:17:15 The subject property is locate at 1305 North Armenia,
19:17:21 South of the interstate at the intersection of LaSalle
19:17:23 and Armenia on the southeast corner.
19:17:30 I'll show you some pictures of the subject property.
19:17:32 The subject property is this particular residence
19:17:40 being converted into a medical office.
19:17:41 The another view of the residence and parking lot to
19:17:43 the North of the residence.
19:17:45 Just to get an idea of the surrounding uses, this is a
19:17:50 professional office.
19:17:51 A view down Armenia and across the street, there are

19:17:54 single-family residential uses.
19:17:57 The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property
19:17:59 from RM-16 to PD, planned development, to accommodate
19:18:03 the adaptive reuse of the existing structure on the
19:18:05 site for medical office.
19:18:06 The 1,900-square-foot office would be contained within
19:18:09 the existing residence.
19:18:11 Parking would be located to the side of the building
19:18:13 and would be buffered from the street from landscape
19:18:16 hedges required by chapter 13.
19:18:17 The site is located within the West Tampa overlay.
19:18:20 In an effort to meet the standards, petitioner has
19:18:22 located parking to the side and landscaped the front
19:18:24 and will also buffer to the back and attempt to screen
19:18:28 vehicles from view.
19:18:29 The only objections that were required, minor labeling
19:18:35 changes regarding adjacent land uses and solid waste
19:18:39 pickup.
19:18:40 Those objections have been addressed by the petitioner
19:18:42 and, therefore, staff has no objections.
19:18:44 That concludes my comments.
19:18:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Staff?

19:18:50 >> Thank you, Madam Chair.
19:18:51 Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
19:18:57 Yes, Mr. Shelby, I have been sworn in.
19:19:02 Future land use map very briefly, you have three
19:19:05 predominant land use categories in this particular
19:19:07 area of West Tampa, residential 10, heavy commercial
19:19:11 24, R-35, which is the subject category.
19:19:16 For the subject site, which is located, as you can
19:19:18 see, off LaSalle Street, intersection of LaSalle and
19:19:23 Armenia Avenue.
19:19:25 This area as you know has been developing into a low
19:19:30 office density.
19:19:32 This will continue the positive economic trend of low
19:19:34 density office development along Armenia.
19:19:37 And will contribute to the positive economic
19:19:40 development along the office corridors or business
19:19:43 corridors of Armenia and Howard.
19:19:47 The Planning Commission staff has no objection to the
19:19:49 proposed request.
19:19:50 And let me put an aerial very quickly to give you an
19:19:56 idea of the context of the area.
19:19:58 Mr. Dingfelder, the only restaurant in close proximity

19:20:01 is right on the corner of main and Howard.
19:20:04 That's the 4th of July cafe.
19:20:07 Thank you.
19:20:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:20:11 >> Good evening.
19:20:12 Jeff sheer, Ruden McClosky, 401 East Jackson, suite
19:20:16 2700 Tampa, representing the petitioner, Be Well
19:20:21 Tampa.
19:20:21 I have been sworn.
19:20:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Jeff, are you aware of any
19:20:25 opposition?
19:20:26 >> I was just going to say, you stole the words from
19:20:28 me, I do not know of any opposition.
19:20:31 So we are here to answer any questions you might have.
19:20:34 Otherwise, you guys have bigger fish to fry.
19:20:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public like to speak on
19:20:39 item number 5?
19:20:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Quick question.
19:20:41 Real quick question.
19:20:44 I don't see any signage on the site plan.
19:20:46 Can you tell me what your plan is, tell me it's small,
19:20:49 unobtrusive, not a pylon.

19:20:53 >> They'll comply with the West Tampa overlay, I
19:20:55 believe it's a small ground sign.
19:20:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I see a proposed hedge on LaSalle
19:21:00 and on Armenia.
19:21:02 I don't see any reference to fencing or --
19:21:06 >> There is a fence between the subject property and
19:21:10 the residential property to the East.
19:21:12 We have a letter from that woman.
19:21:16 She does not -- she is happy with what is there.
19:21:18 She does not want anything additional.
19:21:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: How about on LaSalle and Armenia?
19:21:23 >> On Armenia, we have put landscaping, and we put a
19:21:26 note on the site plan that we will agree to add some
19:21:29 additional landscaping.
19:21:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You are not looking for a six-foot
19:21:32 wall or anything.
19:21:33 >> No, we are not.
19:21:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second to close.
19:21:36 All in favor, aye.
19:21:37 [motion Carried]
19:21:37 Ms. Alvarez.
19:21:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance rezoning property in

19:21:41 the general vicinity of 1305 North Armenia Avenue in
19:21:45 the City of Tampa, Florida, and more particularly
19:21:46 described in section 1 from zoning district
19:21:50 classification RM-16 to PD.
19:21:56 Providing an effective date.
19:21:56 [Motion Carried]
19:21:59 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to open 6.
19:22:01 All in favor, aye.
19:22:01 [motion Carried]
19:22:02 >> Heather Lamboy, Land Development.
19:22:04 I have been sworn.
19:22:07 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Mr. Shelby, this location is five
19:22:10 blocks South of my building.
19:22:13 I just wanted to put that on the record and get your
19:22:15 advice as to whether or not I should abstain on this
19:22:19 or not.
19:22:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Harrison, in my opinion, you are
19:22:23 sufficient distance away that it would not inure to
19:22:26 any gain or loss and any gain or loss would be
19:22:30 speculative.
19:22:31 In my opinion, it would not pose a conflict.
19:22:37 >> The subject property, if you look at the ELMO is

19:22:40 located at 602, well, it's the entire block between
19:22:44 Franklin and Tampa, Twiggs -- I'm sorry, Twiggs and
19:22:47 Zack.
19:22:48 And it is previously known as the Maas Brothers block.
19:22:52 Just to give you some understanding and perspective,
19:22:55 this is the -- that was previously located there.
19:22:59 This is the existing Maas Brothers building.
19:23:04 Another view.
19:23:11 And as a side note, some of these buildings have been
19:23:14 demolished already.
19:23:15 The Council previously approve that demolish at a
19:23:18 separate hearing.
19:23:18 It was also approved by the HPC.
19:23:22 The theater.
19:23:27 And another view.
19:23:30 The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property
19:23:32 from CBD 1 to CBD 2.
19:23:36 The petitioner is requesting the zone change in order
19:23:38 to construct a mixed use building higher than that
19:23:41 height allowed in the CDB zone district which is
19:23:44 120 feet.
19:23:45 The proposed building maximum height of 460 feet and

19:23:48 contain 33 stories.
19:23:49 24 stories would be dedicated to 502 residential
19:23:53 condominium units.
19:23:54 Nine levels dedicated to a parking garage structure
19:23:56 which would be open.
19:23:57 And the base of the building will contain retail,
19:24:02 residential and lobby and service areas.
19:24:04 The gross floor area contains 424,049 square feet of
19:24:11 residential area.
19:24:12 In addition, 14,500 square feet of retail uses will be
19:24:15 housed on the ground level.
19:24:16 The design of the building has incorporated elements
19:24:18 to recall the Maas Brothers building.
19:24:21 The base of the building would be accented with
19:24:23 cultured stone that will tie in with the historic
19:24:26 fragments retained in the open spacing.
19:24:30 You can see that in the rendering I have given to you.
19:24:32 Medallions and if you look at the ELMO again, at the
19:24:37 top of the building, you see these medallion features
19:24:40 will be retained from the -- exchange building will be
19:24:43 retained in the -- where the parapet height of the
19:24:47 base of the building in order to recall the history of

19:24:49 the building.
19:24:51 With reference to staff review, the primary objections
19:24:55 have been coming from the stormwater division.
19:24:59 And in addition, there have been conditions placed on
19:25:01 the plan regarding 30, 60, and 90 percent review by
19:25:05 the urban design manager.
19:25:06 Furthermore, the urban design manager requested that
19:25:09 the same note that we used for the royal project be
19:25:12 added to the -- this project regarding the parking
19:25:16 garage.
19:25:17 If the parking garage is not architecturally screened
19:25:20 well enough, then it can be considered -- urban design
19:25:25 manager does not come to an agreement with the
19:25:27 developer, then the parking garage can come back to
19:25:31 this body for review as a substantial change review.
19:25:36 The petitioner has agreed to stormwater conditions,
19:25:39 and those notes will be placed on the site plan.
19:25:42 And in addition, there are some greenways and park
19:25:46 comments that have been addressed by the petitioner.
19:25:48 That concludes staff comments.
19:25:50 There are no further objections with those amendments
19:25:52 that have been made to the plan.

19:26:02 >> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
19:26:04 I have been sworn in, Mr. Shelby.
19:26:09 Just several other comments to add on to Mrs. Lamboy's
19:26:13 presentation.
19:26:16 Here is the site.
19:26:17 This is within CDB, the only high intensive activity
19:26:22 center.
19:26:23 There are a large number of other regional attractors.
19:26:26 The Tampa convention center, St. Pete Times Forum just
19:26:29 to include a few.
19:26:30 John Germany public library, Tampa Arts Museum,
19:26:33 Performing Arts center.
19:26:34 So, of course, this will add to the continuing
19:26:38 resurgence and revitalization of the downtown core
19:26:41 from a residential aspect.
19:26:43 Let me go ahead and quickly put up the aerial to give
19:26:45 you a little more context.
19:26:48 Here is Ashley, and here is the existing -- project
19:26:52 which is currently under construction and, of course,
19:26:55 the TECO building and the former side of the Maas
19:26:58 Brothers which was a very special building to many of
19:27:01 us that are natives of the area.

19:27:03 It has a lot of good memories for a lot of us who have
19:27:06 been here for many, many years.
19:27:08 The Planning Commission has no objection to the
19:27:09 proposed request.
19:27:11 Just wanted to insert one other recommendation that we
19:27:14 had made to the developers and you'll probably want
19:27:16 to, I guess, pay attention to this as they bring the
19:27:19 presentation to you.
19:27:19 We've always stressed not only with this building but
19:27:22 with other buildings that will be coming in to you in
19:27:24 the central business district, the importance of the
19:27:28 human scale for the streets of Twiggs, of Zack, of
19:27:32 Polk, of Cass for people to be able to come in from
19:27:36 this improved area which actually will be improved as
19:27:40 you all know aesthetically and, of course, in
19:27:43 proximity to the Riverwalk and to the new addition of
19:27:45 the Arts Museum, that we will have these particular
19:27:49 corridors really addressed as far as being pedestrian
19:27:52 connectors into the downtown urban core.
19:27:55 Those are things that we have stressed and hopefully
19:27:58 will be addressed on a consistent manner from the
19:28:01 developers that do come in with projects of this sort

19:28:03 within the CDB.
19:28:05 Thank you.
19:28:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Transportation staff, anybody
19:28:10 around?
19:28:17 It appears to me that I think Zack and Twiggs on
19:28:22 either side of this are one way.
19:28:24 And aren't they one way streets that are slated or
19:28:27 we're hoping to make them two-way?
19:28:31 >> Melanie Callaway, transportation, I have been
19:28:34 sworn.
19:28:35 That is correct.
19:28:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are either one of those the ones
19:28:38 we'll start on soon?
19:28:39 I can't remember which ones we're starting on soon.
19:28:43 >> I'm not involved in that -- not involved with that
19:28:47 project specifically but I think Twiggs is the one to
19:28:50 be started first.
19:28:51 I don't know if there's an exact order yet.
19:28:52 Unfortunately, I'm not involved with that project.
19:28:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
19:28:55 Thank you.
19:28:55 The reason I threw that out there, you all might

19:28:58 remember on -- actually it was on the KRESS project
19:29:04 when they were in for rezoning, they actually included
19:29:06 a note in their project that they would contribute to
19:29:10 to the one-weighing or two-weighing of some of the
19:29:13 side streets with a monetary contribution.
19:29:15 Typically, it's my understanding that there really are
19:29:17 no transportation fees and that sort of thing
19:29:21 associated with these projects because they are
19:29:24 downtown and maybe downtown can handle a lot of this.
19:29:27 But one of the big needs that downtown has right now,
19:29:30 trying to go back to two-weighing those streets.
19:29:33 I'll just throw that out early in this discussion, and
19:29:36 hope that there might be some contribution offered to
19:29:40 assist with that.
19:29:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: There's a letter in our packet from
19:29:58 Tampa International Airport that says that -- 410 feet
19:30:02 aboveground level, needs notification or the
19:30:09 requirements, and yet we're talking about 460 feet.
19:30:13 >> The Tampa Aviation Authority is informed with the
19:30:16 first referral, the first site plan that we receive
19:30:21 from the petitioner.
19:30:22 I know that their design process was one that was an

19:30:25 ongoing type of process.
19:30:27 And they are required to receive those permits from
19:30:30 Mr. Manteiga, I think is his name.
19:30:34 And so it will ultimately be up on them to make sure
19:30:37 that those permits are obtained prior to construction
19:30:40 and approval.
19:30:40 And they won't be issued permits without that
19:30:42 approval.
19:30:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I know, why aren't they asking for
19:30:46 460 feet when they are only saying that 410 feet is
19:30:51 what they would allow?
19:30:53 >> When they originally made their submittal it was
19:30:55 410 feet.
19:30:56 As I understand it, the design changed slightly.
19:30:58 And it's incumbent upon the petitioner to communicate
19:31:03 that with the Aviation Authority.
19:31:04 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So we didn't get -- there's no
19:31:06 follow-up on that letter?
19:31:09 >> I will defer to the petitioner to ask that
19:31:11 question.
19:31:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Quick question.
19:31:14 We receive in our packets a matter of notice what the

19:31:18 adequacy of the schools are.
19:31:22 And in terms of elementary and high school, it says
19:31:24 they don't have adequate capacity.
19:31:25 And I just wonder what is the appropriate responsible
19:31:28 thing for us to do as Council members who are supposed
19:31:31 to be looking at our capacity.
19:31:41 We're given information that there's inadequate
19:31:44 capacity.
19:31:45 I don't feel that it's worth, I can't see not allowing
19:31:49 the project to go forward, but because our commission
19:31:52 has been less than responsive in having adequate
19:31:54 impact fees, I just wonder, and this is not a question
19:31:57 for the petitioner but rather for our staff -- have
19:32:20 any -- feels like we should be doing something so
19:32:23 we're not creating overcrowding knowingly.
19:32:26 >> Julia Cole, Legal Department.
19:32:28 At this point in time, there is no school concurrency
19:32:31 requirement that would provide that a petitioner
19:32:33 requesting any kind of development pay a fee or do
19:32:37 anything specific as tied to their rezoning.
19:32:41 That's later in the process through an impact fee
19:32:44 process.

19:32:44 As you all may have heard through some of these
19:32:47 discussions with the Planning Commission, there are
19:32:49 now coming up requirements to implement school
19:32:52 concurrency type things.
19:32:54 However, this time that isn't a requirement.
19:32:58 Certainly, if the developer wants to agree to place a
19:33:01 note of that kind, as you talk about, on their site
19:33:04 plan, they can do that.
19:33:05 But there is nothing that requires them to do that.
19:33:08 As a general matter, without that school concurrency
19:33:11 requirement, land use decisions, which are based on
19:33:13 school concurrency without tying it to something could
19:33:16 be questioned.
19:33:21 >>KEVIN WHITE: I would like to make a comment to
19:33:23 Ms. Saul-Sena on that.
19:33:24 Not that I have a crystal ball and can foresee the
19:33:26 future.
19:33:27 But in my travels when I go to big cities for the
19:33:29 great majority, there's not a lot of families that
19:33:33 live in the downtown area.
19:33:36 Whether this should contribute to the school system
19:33:38 and the capacity, that's a different story.

19:33:40 The great majority of downtown livers haven't been
19:33:46 your family -- people raising families.
19:33:48 Most of your workforce are your adult or single
19:33:52 individuals.
19:33:54 I don't want to minimize what you're saying, but I
19:33:57 think probably need impact on schools as far as
19:34:00 contributing, but I don't think it's going to be a
19:34:02 major impact on the school system itself.
19:34:08 >> Truett Gardner, 101 South Franklin Street.
19:34:11 Marty, I have been sworn.
19:34:13 I know you have a big agenda tonight and a lot of
19:34:15 opposition.
19:34:16 I don't believe there's any to this.
19:34:18 We can tailor this presentation however you see fit.
19:34:20 We've got a team of architects, engineers and
19:34:23 everybody else.
19:34:27 I know it's sensitive on the Maas Brothers issue.
19:34:29 You want to see the way we're incorporating those
19:34:31 element, whatever you want to see.
19:34:33 I don't want to go too far.
19:34:34 John, I know you asked a question.
19:34:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me ask you a quick question as

19:34:38 related to this.
19:34:40 CDB 1 and CDB 2 and in reading the staff report, I was
19:34:44 trying to figure out exactly -- how many additional
19:34:47 units that gets you and how much additional height
19:34:51 that gets you?
19:34:52 >> It has nothing to do with units, only height.
19:34:55 With CDB 1, the height cap is 120.
19:34:58 So if you want to pierce that 120, you go to CDB 2.
19:35:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So you're going from 120 to 460.
19:35:07 >> Correct.
19:35:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's pretty significant.
19:35:08 >> Pretty significant but in character with the rest
19:35:10 of the buildings in that area.
19:35:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And how many approximately average
19:35:14 how many units on a floor?
19:35:18 >> 20.
19:35:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: 20 units per floor.
19:35:23 So you're looking for a pretty significant increase in
19:35:25 total number of residences ultimately by tripling the
19:35:29 height.
19:35:31 That's currently allowed.
19:35:33 >> Correct.

19:35:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So with that, just take into
19:35:36 consideration my request that you all assist with that
19:35:40 downtown two-way street improvements, which will
19:35:44 really help everybody.
19:35:45 Make it more pedestrian-friendly area for your project
19:35:48 and all of your projects, because it looks like you
19:35:50 have several.
19:35:51 >> I'm going to let my client respond to that one.
19:35:54 But on this one, the thrust that they put behind was
19:35:57 on honoring the Maas Brothers building, which are all
19:36:00 contributions over and above their art contribution.
19:36:03 So that's where they decided they wanted to sink their
19:36:06 dollars into this.
19:36:07 I'll let him respond further on their pro formas and
19:36:11 things like that.
19:36:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think the KRESS contribution was
19:36:15 something in the neighborhoods of -- anybody remember,
19:36:16 250,000?
19:36:18 Something like that.
19:36:19 Anyway, something to think about.
19:36:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Gardner, you heard my question
19:36:26 about the Aviation Authority.

19:36:27 Do you have anything that you could add to that?
19:36:30 >> It's the general system of how it works.
19:36:32 Once you attain a certain height, a letter goes to the
19:36:35 Aviation Authority.
19:36:36 We, of course, have to review it through them.
19:36:39 It actually will go up to the FAA in Atlanta, and
19:36:42 that's where it ultimately will be dealt with.
19:36:45 They are just making sure it fits in with the flight
19:36:49 path of Peter O. Knight.
19:36:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: If they said 410 feet and you're
19:36:55 requesting 460, that's a 50-foot difference.
19:36:57 >> You merely just write them another letter saying we
19:37:00 went from 410 to 460.
19:37:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My only concern, I've looked at the
19:37:09 plans because the staff had them.
19:37:11 Everything looks excellent.
19:37:13 My only concern is you have a parking structure that's
19:37:16 facing Franklin Street, our main pedestrian street.
19:37:19 I know you are addressing it at retail at the bottom
19:37:22 level but you got to screen it.
19:37:24 You can't have just raw cars facing out on Franklin.
19:37:28 I anticipate when you come back with your more

19:37:30 complete drawings --
19:37:32 >> That's a good anticipation.
19:37:33 Wilson has been adamant that that's something he wants
19:37:36 to see through the 30, 60, 90 process.
19:37:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Anybody like to speak on item number 6?
19:37:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would like to hear the response
19:37:45 from the developer to my request.
19:37:55 I don't know that a presentation is necessary.
19:38:02 >> Dave Thompson.
19:38:03 I have been sworn.
19:38:05 I wore my bow tie.
19:38:09 We anticipated this request on the part of Council.
19:38:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Paying attention.
19:38:17 >> Yeah, reading the newspapers.
19:38:19 We talked some with our lender about it.
19:38:22 Gone back and looked over the pro forma.
19:38:24 As Truett mentioned, our focus has been working with
19:38:29 Heather Nye and Wilson Stair --
19:38:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: 500 units -- let me just interrupt.
19:38:34 500 units, I'm going to be modest and say you are
19:38:38 going to sell them each for $300,000, I can't even
19:38:42 count the number of zeroes on the total gross sales of

19:38:44 that.
19:38:45 >> Well, unfortunately, we're having trouble counting
19:38:47 the number of zeroes on the construction costs we get
19:38:50 into too.
19:38:51 We are having a lot of trouble underwriting this
19:38:53 thing.
19:38:54 It's just getting harder and harder.
19:38:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The city is having a hard time
19:38:58 coming up with money to do the pedestrian
19:39:00 improvements.
19:39:01 That's what I suggested.
19:39:03 >> I understand.
19:39:04 And we certainly feeling the pinch as well with our
19:39:08 budgets and talking to lenders and people who are
19:39:10 nervous.
19:39:10 We plan on being in Tampa for a long time and want to
19:39:14 be good public citizens, and we've been working hard
19:39:16 with staff to make sure the building is something
19:39:18 attractive and reminiscent and respectful of the
19:39:22 buildings on the Maas Brothers block now.
19:39:27 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close.
19:39:28 All in favor, aye.

19:39:29 [Motion Carried]
19:39:30 >>ROSE FERLITA: Yes, ma'am, Madam Chairman, ordinance
19:39:34 rezoning property in the general vicinity of 609 and
19:39:37 611 North Tampa Street and 602 and 610 North Franklin
19:39:41 street, the City of Tampa, Florida, more particularly
19:39:43 described in section 1, from zoning district
19:39:45 classifications CDB 1 retail to CDB 2 mixed use retail
19:39:51 residential, providing an effective date.
19:39:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
19:39:57 Question on the motion, Mr. Dingfelder.
19:39:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm not going to support the
19:39:59 motion.
19:40:00 They are looking to increase the height of this, which
19:40:02 will give them -- take them from 150 units up to 500
19:40:06 units.
19:40:06 They are tripling the number of units.
19:40:08 That's a huge bonus.
19:40:10 That's a huge trade-off.
19:40:12 That's a huge density.
19:40:13 It's extremely greedy, in my opinion, not to want to
19:40:16 contribute to this city to help us redirect those
19:40:19 streets to be two-way.

19:40:22 If you all aren't going to be that -- cooperative in
19:40:24 those kind of neighbors, then stick with the 120 feet
19:40:29 as far as I'm concerned.
19:40:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
19:40:33 I don't understand why there's no transportation
19:40:35 impact fee that's part of this proposal.
19:40:38 >> There is.
19:40:41 We do pay transportation impact fees.
19:40:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What is the transportation impact
19:40:45 fee?
19:40:46 >> It's based off of -- there's a schedule the city
19:40:49 has, and based off of units in the CDB.
19:40:52 It's a per unit basis.
19:40:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Call for the question.
19:40:57 All in favor of the motion, aye.
19:40:59 Opposed.
19:41:00 >>CLERK: Dingfelder no.
19:41:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:41:09 Number 7, continued public hearing.
19:41:55 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: Heather Lamboy, Land Development.
19:41:58 The subject property is located at 2400 East Busch
19:42:04 Boulevard.

19:42:05 It is on the North side of Busch Boulevard.
19:42:10 In between 26th street and 22nd streets.
19:42:15 The site is a long site.
19:42:17 The petitioner is proposing the construction of a
19:42:20 wireless communications tower towards the rear of the
19:42:22 site on the side of the parking lot here.
19:42:27 Originally, the petitioner had proposed the
19:42:29 construction of the cell tower in a grove of trees.
19:42:32 Staff objected to that.
19:42:36 And through many negotiations we have come up with
19:42:42 what we think is a good compromise of locating the
19:42:44 cell tower basically at this point on the edge of the
19:42:47 parking lot adjacent to the school building.
19:42:58 Let me show you the plan so you can have a better
19:43:01 perspective.
19:43:04 So this is the asphalt parking lot, and this will be
19:43:06 the cell tower facility.
19:43:11 The tower site has been located on the western portion
19:43:14 of the site.
19:43:15 The setbacks of the tower as follows, 350.1 feet from
19:43:18 the southern property line that would be Busch
19:43:19 Boulevard, 264.7 feet to the northern property line

19:43:23 and that's residentially zoned property.
19:43:25 10.8 feet from the western property line and
19:43:27 140.5 feet from the East property line.
19:43:32 Setback requirement to residentially zoned property
19:43:36 has been met.
19:43:37 The petitioner is requesting a waiver to increase
19:43:38 allowable height from 80 feet in CG zoned district to
19:43:42 150 feet.
19:43:42 The petitioner is proposing alternate landscape
19:43:45 treatments for the base of the tower due to sight
19:43:47 constraints.
19:43:48 In addition, the large grove of oak trees will be
19:43:50 preserved.
19:43:51 The tower will be visually screened by the parking lot
19:43:54 and the intervening building and the large setback
19:43:57 from Busch Boulevard.
19:43:58 Stormwater had an objection regarding retention for
19:44:01 the site, which has been addressed by the petitioner.
19:44:08 There were no other objections.
19:44:09 The condition regarding the annual reporting of the
19:44:12 continued need for the facility by the Land
19:44:14 Development coordination division -- whoops, I have

19:44:18 been sworn -- has been added to the plan.
19:44:20 The staff has no further objections.
19:44:27 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Ms. Lamboy, can you explain why the
19:44:29 stormwater is having a note for retention?
19:44:32 I mean, are they going to have an apartment there or
19:44:36 something?
19:44:37 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: No.
19:44:37 You might ask why such a small facility would require
19:44:40 that, but stormwater has a lot of concern for that
19:44:44 area, just because, as I understand it, very old
19:44:48 system and infrastructurally, it might not be
19:44:51 functioning as well as it can.
19:44:53 Right now, sheet flow flows across 26th.
19:44:56 So stormwater imposed that condition.
19:44:58 There may be S.W.F.W.M.D. permit out there, and the
19:45:02 condition was placed that either they provide the
19:45:04 100-year retention or provide with us a S.W.F.W.M.D.
19:45:07 permit, and that will take care of the --
19:45:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: This is a flagpole, right?
19:45:18 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: No.
19:45:19 Just a monopole.
19:45:23 >> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.

19:45:25 I have been sworn, Mr. Shelby.
19:45:29 Regarding the land use categories in the area, give
19:45:33 you a little bit of context very quickly.
19:45:35 The site is just West of Busch Gardens on Busch
19:45:38 Boulevard, of course, South of University Square Mall
19:45:43 and in close proximity to terrace park, regarding the
19:45:47 land use categories here.
19:45:48 The proposed site of the monopole is in CMU 35 as are
19:45:53 all the adjacent properties to it.
19:45:55 We have residential 20, residential 35, residential
19:45:58 10.
19:45:59 This is public, heavy commercial 24.
19:46:03 Here is the area depicting the site.
19:46:05 And I think the monopole will be right about here
19:46:11 inside.
19:46:11 This is right where it will lie right approximately
19:46:14 there.
19:46:14 So you do have a significant vegetative buffer from
19:46:16 the residential to the North.
19:46:18 And, of course, you have commercial on either side of
19:46:20 the project.
19:46:21 The Planning Commission staff has no objections to the

19:46:23 proposed request.
19:46:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:46:30 >> Good evening, Lauralee Westine, Palm Harbor,
19:46:34 Florida, on behalf of T-Mobile.
19:46:37 I have been sworn.
19:46:38 We are here before -- I have with me here this
19:46:40 evening, Shawn sparks, one of our radio frequency
19:46:43 engineers in the event you all have any questions for
19:46:45 him.
19:46:45 I am before you with a -- with no staff
19:46:48 recommendations.
19:46:49 We have dealt with the stormwater issue and the other
19:46:52 comment with regard to the annual report.
19:46:54 I do have a presentation prepared.
19:46:58 I did have a presentation prepared.
19:47:00 We are available for questions.
19:47:02 We would ask for your approval.
19:47:04 And I don't believe we have any opposition.
19:47:05 I checked with the clerk this morning and with staff.
19:47:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions from Council members?
19:47:10 Is there anyone in the public like to speak on item
19:47:12 number 7?

19:47:13 We have a motion and second to close.
19:47:15 All in favor, aye.
19:47:16 [motion Carried]
19:47:17 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Madam Chair, I move an ordinance
19:47:24 approving a special use permit S-2, approving 150-foot
19:47:27 monopole in CG commercial general zoning district in
19:47:30 the general vicinity of 2400 East Busch Boulevard in
19:47:33 the City of Tampa, Florida, and as more particularly
19:47:36 described in section one hereof.
19:47:39 Increasing the maximum allowable height from 80 feet
19:47:41 to 150 feet, providing an effective date.
19:47:43 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
19:47:45 All in favor of the motion, aye.
19:47:46 Opposed, nay.
19:47:47 >> Nay.
19:47:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Number nine is a continued public
19:47:50 hearing.
19:47:55 Number eight.
19:48:09 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: Heather Lamboy, Land Development.
19:48:11 I have been sworn.
19:48:13 The subject property is located at the intersection of
19:48:15 MacDill Avenue and San Miguel.

19:48:18 If you'll notice on the elmo, on the rezoning map,
19:48:22 originally when this application came in, the
19:48:25 petitioner hadn't divided his property yet.
19:48:28 And the entire parcel was included because it was all
19:48:31 under one folio number.
19:48:32 The property has been divided.
19:48:34 The existing house meets all current RS-100 standards.
19:48:39 And the petitioner is proposing the construction of
19:48:43 five town home units on the western -- sorry, the
19:48:46 eastern portion of the property along MacDill
19:48:48 Avenue.
19:48:51 Just to give you a context, there's commercial general
19:48:55 zoning along MacDill Avenue with some residential
19:48:58 zoning, some planned developments, and immediately
19:49:02 around it is RS-100 zoning which is residential
19:49:05 single-family as well as RS-60 zoning which is another
19:49:09 form of residential single-family.
19:49:11 The existing single-family residence located on the
19:49:14 western portion of the property will remain.
19:49:16 The proposals for the development of five single
19:49:18 attached dwelling units.
19:49:20 Proposed setbacks are as follows: 16 to 30 feet along

19:49:23 the MacDill elevation, it varies due to porches
19:49:26 and building setbacks.
19:49:27 4.2 feet along the North elevation.
19:49:29 14.4 feet along the West elevation only -- otherwise,
19:49:35 setback 50 feet.
19:49:36 Five feet from the southern property line along San
19:49:39 Miguel Street.
19:49:39 The building has been designed in a modern style
19:49:42 with -- porches facing MacDill and utilitarian
19:49:46 entranceways internal to the site.
19:49:48 Maximum height 42 feet 78 inches at stairway areas
19:49:52 with predominant height of 29 to 36 feet.
19:49:56 Some objections from solid waste transportation and
19:50:00 landscape, which have all been taken care of by the
19:50:03 petitioner.
19:50:04 And, therefore, staff has no other objections.
19:50:06 Just to give you an idea of the sight and street view.
19:50:10 This is the existing site.
19:50:11 It currently is a vacant site.
19:50:13 If you can recall, probably have seen a sign along
19:50:16 MacDill Avenue.
19:50:19 It's I believe generally across from pioneer cleaners.

19:50:25 That concludes staff's comments.
19:50:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
19:50:28 I own some property within the 250-foot notice area so
19:50:33 I asked Mr. Shelby to advise me on whether I can
19:50:35 participate in this.
19:50:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And my advice is, it would be
19:50:40 appropriate for you to announce a conflict on that
19:50:43 basis, and not participate.
19:50:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
19:50:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You have a form that you signed.
19:50:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
19:50:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff?
19:50:51 Mr. Dingfelder.
19:50:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to note for the
19:50:54 record that I must be just outside of the notice
19:50:58 radius, because my wife and I live within about three
19:51:01 or four hundred feet of this property.
19:51:03 Mr. Shelby, do you have an opinion on conflict or not?
19:51:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Well, you are outside of the notice
19:51:09 area.
19:51:10 You live in a private family dwelling.
19:51:12 This is your primary residence, it's not an

19:51:14 income-producing property.
19:51:17 It would be my opinion that if you choose to conflict,
19:51:22 it would not be inappropriate but by the same token,
19:51:25 if you wish to participate, it would be my opinion
19:51:27 that any gain that you would have or loss would be
19:51:30 speculative and it would not inure to your special
19:51:33 private gain or loss.
19:51:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
19:51:35 I will participate.
19:51:36 Thank you.
19:51:40 >> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
19:51:42 I have been sworn in, Mr. Shelby.
19:51:46 Regarding this particular area of South Tampa, this
19:51:49 site, as you can see on the future land use map
19:51:52 consists of several land use categories, res-6,
19:51:56 res-10, res-20, and CMU-35 which is -- along
19:52:01 MacDill.
19:52:02 The site is in close proximity to Palma Ceia golf and
19:52:07 country club, which is right here.
19:52:09 I'm going to put an aerial up for a better perspective
19:52:12 regarding the context and character of the general
19:52:15 area.

19:52:18 Regarding the residential uses along this particular
19:52:20 segment of MacDill, most of it nonresidential uses
19:52:24 we do see as far as light retail and low scale, low
19:52:26 density office uses would be situated along this area
19:52:28 of South MacDill.
19:52:30 And as far as the type of residential development
19:52:32 particularly on the West side of MacDill, one can
19:52:35 see, this is the particular site in question which is
19:52:38 .49 acres.
19:52:39 With the residential 20 land use category, the
19:52:43 applicant has ability to put nine units in.
19:52:46 They are only coming in with five units.
19:52:47 The orientation of the structures will be towards
19:52:49 MacDill, the proper orientation away from San
19:52:51 Miguel itself.
19:52:53 There is -- the parking area will be situated to the
19:52:56 rear, acting as a buffer to Exmoor street.
19:52:59 And there is a significant vegetative buffer to the
19:53:02 North in the form of mature trees and, of course,
19:53:06 vacant land abutting the site to the North.
19:53:09 What are the existing uses as far as along MacDill
19:53:12 Avenue?

19:53:15 You have town homes here.
19:53:16 Commercial use, town homes.
19:53:17 Town homes, and town homes.
19:53:19 So that's really the predominant use along this
19:53:21 particular segment of MacDill.
19:53:23 There is one single-family home to the northwest of
19:53:25 the site that will be impacted from the standpoint
19:53:30 that it abuts the particular site in question.
19:53:33 I believe if you look to -- if you looked at the site
19:53:36 plan, you'll see that the only structure that will be
19:53:39 in closest proximity to the house would be the lowest
19:53:42 part of the development, which would be the garage of
19:53:43 the fifth unit to the North.
19:53:46 Planning Commission staff regarding the context and
19:53:48 compatibility of the area, the similarity of uses
19:53:51 along MacDill Avenue has no objection to the
19:53:53 proposed request.
19:53:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:54:03 >> David Mechanik, mechanic Nuccio, 305 South
19:54:08 boulevard.
19:54:08 I'm here on behalf of the applicant, Acropolis/Seven
19:54:11 Hills.

19:54:12 I have with me this evening, Mr. Pete who is the owner
19:54:18 and developer of the subject development.
19:54:21 And he will give you a full briefing on both the site
19:54:24 plan and the renderings and elevations for the
19:54:29 proposed development.
19:54:31 Just to recap, we have addressed the two minor
19:54:36 comments by staff in terms of notes, which we've
19:54:41 included on the site plan.
19:54:42 So we have all favorable recommendations from the --
19:54:45 from both the zoning staff as well as the other
19:54:49 departments and the Planning Commission.
19:54:52 The staff report indicates that our project is
19:54:56 compatible with the character and height of the
19:54:58 neighborhood.
19:54:59 Our proposed density is 11 units per acre.
19:55:03 And as noted by Mr. Garcia, the comprehensive plan
19:55:10 allows up to a possibility of 20 units per acre.
19:55:12 So we are coming in with what I would consider to be a
19:55:17 very conservative proposal.
19:55:18 And I have been sworn in.
19:55:20 I apologize for not noting that on the front end.
19:55:26 At this time, I would like to introduce Pete who will

19:55:29 give you an overview of the project.
19:55:31 Thank you.
19:55:43 >> Good evening.
19:55:43 My name is Pete.
19:55:44 3216 South Exmoor street.
19:55:47 And I have been sworn.
19:55:52 What I would like to spend a few minutes -- I will be
19:56:05 very brief and I will answer questions.
19:56:07 I would like to emphasize what Mrs. Lamboy said in
19:56:10 terms of the fact that we're not petitioning to rezone
19:56:12 the entire property.
19:56:14 We, in fact, intend to live in this house.
19:56:16 And we're just petitioning to rezone the eastern part
19:56:22 of the property, the one that's right on MacDill.
19:56:32 Our plan is to construct five town homes in this area
19:56:39 with the vehicular entrance on the back of these all
19:56:43 with garages in the appropriate -- actually, over the
19:56:49 code, guest spaces on the site.
19:56:51 And we have moved them back from the front of the
19:56:55 street in order to be able to save a lot of the
19:56:57 vegetation that exists right now on the property.
19:57:02 You will see that considerable amount of time was

19:57:05 spent, and I don't know if you remember the
19:57:09 continuances that we've asked for, but we have bought
19:57:14 the property about 16 months ago and have continuously
19:57:17 tried to get a design that would be acceptable -- as
19:57:23 acceptable as we can make it to the neighborhood.
19:57:25 But also a design that would actually be a good
19:57:33 building addition to that area.
19:57:35 And as such, we started with a plan early on on this,
19:57:41 whereby we actually were proposing or intended to
19:57:44 construct six units in this configuration.
19:57:48 I met with the next immediate neighbor, since I am the
19:57:54 immediate neighbor.
19:57:55 I met with the next immediate neighbor to the North.
19:57:57 A number of objections were raised in our discussions
19:58:00 in terms of having three town home units overlooking
19:58:03 their property.
19:58:04 And as a result, we went back to the drawing board,
19:58:07 spent more time and more money and developed --
19:58:11 dropped the units from six to five and developed a
19:58:14 project that actually fronts on MacDill and only
19:58:19 one unit now is adjacent to the immediate neighborhood
19:58:23 to the North.

19:58:28 This is the North elevation that would be facing that
19:58:30 neighbor.
19:58:34 This is a two story unit 24 feet in height.
19:58:37 And these windows here are high windows, so they are
19:58:40 not direct views from the development onto the
19:58:44 neighbor.
19:58:50 This is a rendering of the project as you would see it
19:58:53 from the MacDill and man Miguel intersection, if
19:58:56 you are standing where Palios restaurant was.
19:59:00 The intent was to develop a project that has deep
19:59:02 overhangs and be of a design that we believe is
19:59:09 compatible with the neighborhood and also will yield a
19:59:14 good facility in that location.
19:59:16 Thank you.
19:59:30 >> Dave Mechanik again for the record.
19:59:32 I just want to conclude the presentation by showing
19:59:36 you the existing land use pattern along MacDill
19:59:41 Avenue.
19:59:56 You will I'm sure hear some comments this evening
19:59:58 about the single-family character of the neighborhoods
20:00:04 behind this development to the West.
20:00:05 And we certainly don't dispute the fact that this is a

20:00:08 viable and very nice single-family neighborhood.
20:00:13 What this exhibit is showing is what the character of
20:00:17 the neighborhood is that's facing MacDill Avenue.
20:00:20 And the exhibit shows the subject property here at the
20:00:23 corner of MacDill and San Miguel.
20:00:26 And it shows all of the properties along MacDill
20:00:29 Avenue for a four-block distance to the North and
20:00:32 four-block distance to the South of the subject
20:00:35 property.
20:00:36 What you see with the exception of one parcel on the
20:00:39 East side of MacDill is every parcel for the
20:00:42 entire eight-block distance that we are depicting as
20:00:47 being used for commercial purposes as we speak today.
20:00:52 On the West side, there is somewhat of a mixture
20:00:55 within that same block, eight-block distance, but
20:01:00 there are a number of parcels that are commercial.
20:01:05 There are two which are single-family and the balance
20:01:11 are in town homes which is, of course, the type of use
20:01:14 with which we are proposing for the subject project.
20:01:20 And so we would just like to have Council understand
20:01:22 what is going on in the immediate area in terms of the
20:01:25 frontage on MacDill Avenue.

20:01:28 At this point, we would conclude the presentation and
20:01:32 be happy to answer any questions.
20:01:37 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Mechanik, would you reiterate what
20:01:40 you said -- where is the East side of MacDill.
20:01:43 The one on the bottom?
20:01:44 >> The East side of MacDill would be on the bottom
20:01:47 of the sheet.
20:01:48 >> This would be the West side.
20:01:49 And this would be North indicated by the North arrow
20:01:53 here.
20:01:54 And this is on the corner.
20:01:56 >>MARY ALVAREZ: And this is on the corner of San
20:01:58 Miguel.
20:02:00 >> San Miguel and MacDill.
20:02:01 We would be at the northwest corner of that
20:02:03 intersection.
20:02:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public who would
20:02:11 like to speak on item number 8?
20:02:13 If you are going to speak, please come and line up and
20:02:16 start speaking.
20:02:29 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Please when you state your name, be
20:02:31 sure to state if you were sworn.

20:02:33 Thank you.
20:02:34 >> Good evening.
20:02:34 My name is missy Stedman.
20:02:36 I have been sworn.
20:02:37 I live at 3401 mullen Avenue in Tampa.
20:02:41 I am here this evening representing the Gulf View
20:02:45 Civic Association as the community liaison board
20:02:49 member in September 2005, the Board of Directors voted
20:02:53 unanimously to oppose this rezoning petition and
20:02:56 subsequently a majority of the members have also
20:02:59 opposed this petition.
20:03:01 As a point of reference, our Gulf View Garden Club,
20:03:04 which was originally formed in 1928, filed for
20:03:07 not-for-profit corporation application in May of 1996
20:03:11 and became a Civic Association.
20:03:17 As a neighborhood, we realize in order to protect the
20:03:20 integrity of our neighborhood forming a Civic
20:03:22 Association would be a vehicle to inform our
20:03:25 membership of public issues.
20:03:30 The existing condominiums, which Mr. Mechanik has
20:03:33 referred to, North of this project, were all built
20:03:37 prior to that 1996 date of incorporation and also

20:03:42 built within existing zoning codes.
20:03:45 All the commercial property that has been referenced
20:03:47 is not within our Gulf View Civic Association
20:03:50 boundaries.
20:03:54 We are steadfast in upholding our associations purpose
20:03:56 and bylaws and protecting the integrity of our
20:03:58 neighborhood.
20:03:59 We are opposing this rezoning petition because we
20:04:01 believe this will set a precedent for high density
20:04:06 planned development and creating more traffic in an
20:04:09 already dangerous intersection, MacDill and San
20:04:12 Miguel.
20:04:13 San Ysidro and Exmoor are presently experiencing
20:04:18 cut-thru traffic to avoid the light at MacDill.
20:04:23 We respectfully request that you oppose this petition
20:04:26 and value the request of your constituents.
20:04:28 I would like to submit as part of the record a
20:04:33 petition signed by Palma Ceia neighborhood, which is
20:04:35 the adjacent neighborhood South to gulf view.
20:04:38 In addition, there are 50 signatures on the Gulf View
20:04:43 Civic Association petition.
20:04:45 And I have ten e-mail opposition letters.

20:04:58 >> In addition, many of the residents here this
20:05:01 meeting -- in consideration of your time, many of the
20:05:08 residents here this evening have chosen not to speak
20:05:10 and by a show of hands, I would like them to please
20:05:12 show their opposition to this petition.
20:05:24 >>GWEN MILLER: We know they are in opposition.
20:05:28 >> So your consideration would be appreciated.
20:05:30 Thank you very much.
20:05:33 >> I'm sworn.
20:05:34 My name is Ann WAHE.
20:05:37 Good evening.
20:05:37 I'm vice president of the Gulf View Civic Association.
20:05:41 And I think our main concerns are with precedent and
20:05:46 traffic through our neighborhood.
20:05:49 We, the Gulf View Civic Association are trying to
20:05:52 protect our residential neighborhood.
20:05:53 The corner of MacDill and San Miguel is the
20:05:56 beginning of our single-family residential area of
20:05:59 Gulf View.
20:06:00 It's the southern corner where our neighborhood
20:06:02 starts.
20:06:03 It should not matter that there is commercial on the

20:06:06 other corners.
20:06:07 Residential must start somewhere, and this is our
20:06:09 starting point.
20:06:11 This rezoning effort has been going on for more than a
20:06:15 year and a half.
20:06:15 There have been multiple continuances with no new
20:06:19 notice.
20:06:19 If it weren't for the Gulf View Civic Association, the
20:06:22 Palma Ceia Neighborhood Association keeping tabs on
20:06:25 the rezoning, nobody of us -- none of us would have
20:06:28 been here tonight.
20:06:29 In requesting one delay, the developer said he needed
20:06:32 more time to work with the neighbors to find common
20:06:35 ground.
20:06:36 The developer has never met with us, asking for our
20:06:39 input.
20:06:39 He speculated on this property knowing it was zoned
20:06:43 residential.
20:06:45 He is asking the City Council to help him turn a
20:06:47 profit on his gamble at the expense of the residents
20:06:50 of Gulf View.
20:06:51 This would be a huge mistake.

20:06:53 If you want to ground a PD to rezone this property,
20:06:55 the door is then wide open to other possible
20:06:59 multifamily developments.
20:07:02 And where do you draw the line?
20:07:05 Traffic congestion in South Tampa has increased
20:07:07 tremendously as a direct result of so much high
20:07:11 density building.
20:07:12 More congestion is not needed at the corner.
20:07:19 Members of Gulf View formed an association to maintain
20:07:22 our neighborhood.
20:07:23 We're asking you to help us do just that.
20:07:25 Please do not allow any high density units to be built
20:07:30 in Gulf View.
20:07:31 Thank you very much.
20:07:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:07:32 Next?
20:07:37 >> Good evening.
20:07:37 Bob Rasmussen.
20:07:38 Mr. Shelby, I have been sworn and I have been assigned
20:07:42 time.
20:07:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I see seven names on the list.
20:07:53 Could you please just acknowledge by wave of a hand

20:07:56 that you are here.
20:07:57 James Cullen.
20:07:58 Maria M. Cullen.
20:08:00 Thank you.
20:08:01 Lee Grizzard.
20:08:03 Thank you.
20:08:04 Kathy Williamson.
20:08:05 Harold Williamson.
20:08:08 Jerome G. Robins.
20:08:10 Gay Robins.
20:08:12 Thank you.
20:08:13 That's seven additional minutes.
20:08:18 >> As I said, my name is Bob Rasmussen, 25 -- South
20:08:22 Exmoor Street.
20:08:23 The single-family residence that abuts the property
20:08:26 that's the subject of this rezoning petition.
20:08:28 It's my backyard that the Planning Commission referred
20:08:29 to as the vacant land next door and my trees referred
20:08:33 to as the greenscape next to this proposed project.
20:08:38 I am adamantly opposed to this project and I -- I put
20:08:43 up a chart that shows the location.
20:08:45 My property next to the proposed development.

20:08:47 The hatch-back with the yellow is the proposed
20:08:49 development.
20:08:50 This was once an entire residential home.
20:08:54 My property is the blue property.
20:08:55 It's about the same dimensions as the property at 2216
20:08:58 Exmoor, and we have a two-story home there with a nice
20:09:03 backyard.
20:09:04 I would like to begin by discussing the equities of
20:09:07 this situation.
20:09:08 Someone is going to be disappointed tonight by your
20:09:11 decision.
20:09:11 Either the developer, my wife and fellow neighbors.
20:09:17 We purchased our residence in 1988 and have lived
20:09:20 there the past 18 years in reliance on the existing
20:09:24 zoning.
20:09:25 It's important to have single-family residential
20:09:27 zoning for all of our property and all the abutting
20:09:30 property at 2216 Exmoor in order to maintain the
20:09:33 single-family character of not only our property.
20:09:39 The developer purchased this property knowing it was
20:09:41 zoned and platted for single-family residential use.
20:09:44 He speculated could he persuade you, the City Council,

20:09:47 to change the zoning and allow him to exploit the
20:09:49 property for profit to the detriment of his neighbors.
20:09:53 Whose expectations should be frustrated by your
20:09:55 decision tonight?
20:09:56 His or ours?
20:09:57 It seems fundamentally unfair that the property
20:10:02 interests of someone who purchases and uses property
20:10:05 in conformity with zoning should be adversely affected
20:10:08 for the sole purpose of awarding speculation of a real
20:10:10 estate developer.
20:10:11 Speculative real estate development is high-risk
20:10:14 proposition.
20:10:14 Buying and owning a single-family residence in an
20:10:18 established neighborhood of South Tampa should not be.
20:10:21 I also would like to implore you to vote this zoning
20:10:24 petition up or down tonight and not allow any further
20:10:27 continuations.
20:10:27 This is the fourth continuation.
20:10:29 And the dark cloud of uncertainty regarding the
20:10:32 outcome of this rezoning proceeding has been hanging
20:10:34 over our heads in our neighborhood for a year and a
20:10:37 half.

20:10:37 We have lived next to vacant property with an
20:10:40 uncertain future long enough.
20:10:42 We have worried over the risk and the value of the
20:10:45 client and value and character of our property and
20:10:48 neighborhood long enough.
20:10:49 I have asked the developer on numerous occasions where
20:10:52 he would build fewer dwelling units on the site.
20:10:56 He has repeatedly told me it was not economically fees
20:11:00 to believe construct fewer than five dwellings units.
20:11:02 Accordingly no purpose will be served by any further
20:11:05 continuation.
20:11:05 I respectfully ask that you decide this tonight and
20:11:08 put an end to it once and for all.
20:11:10 Turning to the substantive aspects of the rezoning
20:11:13 position, there's really no good reason to change the
20:11:16 zoning.
20:11:17 The proposed condominium complex will alter the
20:11:19 single-family residential character of our established
20:11:21 neighborhood that has been relatively unchanged for
20:11:23 over 90 years.
20:11:25 And it also will set a dangerous precedent.
20:11:28 It will mark the first time that the rezoning of a

20:11:30 single-family residential lot in gulf view has been
20:11:33 changed in more than 25 years.
20:11:35 Yes, there are a few other town houses in the Gulf
20:11:38 View neighborhood along MacDill Avenue.
20:11:42 Virtually all of them were built in conformity with
20:11:46 the pre-existing of the property.
20:11:48 Unlike this property which is zoned single-family
20:11:50 residential.
20:11:53 Changing the zoning to allow infill development of
20:11:57 condominiums and town houses is as we know a slippery
20:11:59 slope.
20:12:00 As we have seen in other neighborhoods in South Tampa,
20:12:02 once you start down this path, there is no retreating.
20:12:05 Much has been made about the proposed development
20:12:08 being consistent with the comprehensive plan and being
20:12:10 situated across or down the street from commercial or
20:12:13 other more intense land uses.
20:12:16 However, as we all know, the comprehensive plan is
20:12:19 only a guide, for the future use and development of
20:12:22 property.
20:12:23 It establishes a long run, maximum unit on the
20:12:26 intensity of land use.

20:12:28 It does not establish a minimum intensity of land use.
20:12:32 Zoning classification is clearly permitted to be more
20:12:37 limited than the maximum land use contemplated by the
20:12:40 comprehensive plan.
20:12:41 As for the higher density or contrasting uses along
20:12:43 MacDill Avenue, it is not a legally sufficient
20:12:47 reason to change the zoning of this property just
20:12:49 because it is located on the border of another zoning
20:12:52 district that permits a more intense land use.
20:12:54 Dividing lines between zoning districts have to be
20:12:57 drawn somewhere.
20:12:58 And the very nature of zoning requires that
20:13:01 neighborhoods adjoin less desirable areas or abut
20:13:07 zones that allow commercial or other more intense land
20:13:09 uses.
20:13:10 None of the usual reasons for allowing a change in
20:13:13 zoning apply here.
20:13:14 There is no injustice being caused by the zoning.
20:13:17 The conditions in this area have not changed.
20:13:19 The reasons for the zoning still remain to exist to
20:13:23 preserve the character and boundaries of this
20:13:25 neighborhood.

20:13:25 The zoning restrictions have not become obsolete, nor
20:13:28 is the application of the zoning to this particular
20:13:33 property unwise.
20:13:34 Others are willing to buy this entire property as a
20:13:36 single-family residence just like it was before it was
20:13:40 bought.
20:13:41 Vacant lots continue to be in high demand for
20:13:43 single-family homes.
20:13:44 The primary character of the gulf view neighborhood,
20:13:47 despite what Mr. Mechanik has shown me, if you go
20:13:51 North of the country club and to the North boundary of
20:13:54 the neighborhood, it is residential.
20:13:56 A majority of the lots along MacDill in the gulf
20:14:00 view area are residential single-family homes or lots.
20:14:18 In addition to any valid reason for changing the
20:14:20 zoning, there are five problems that I would like to
20:14:22 highlight.
20:14:23 One, it would be my opinion, diminish the value of my
20:14:26 property next door as evidenced by the fact that the
20:14:28 developer tried to re-sell the house on the front of
20:14:30 his property at Exmoor for over a year and no one was
20:14:34 interested in buying it because of the fear and the

20:14:36 uncertainty of condominium development in the
20:14:38 backyard.
20:14:40 The orientation of this proposed property, I also
20:14:42 believe proportionally burdens my property.
20:14:45 Each of the dwellings units that you have seen are
20:14:47 about 38 feet deep, except for one that's 70 feet.
20:14:51 Where is that one?
20:14:52 Right along the boundary of my property.
20:14:55 Third, the project will be too close to our property.
20:14:58 This project is proposed to be built only four feet
20:15:00 from my property line.
20:15:02 Not the usual standard setback of seven feet or even
20:15:05 the 30 feet setback that actually exists between my
20:15:08 property boundary on the North and the three town
20:15:10 house units that are already built there.
20:15:14 Further, the development plan does not appear to
20:15:16 contemplate any trees, to buffer the condominium
20:15:18 complex from our property or provide any indication of
20:15:21 how the lightning for this massive condominium complex
20:15:24 will affect my property.
20:15:25 The proposed development plan appears to violate the
20:15:28 setback and other plat restrictions of the

20:15:31 St. Andrew's park subdivision.
20:15:33 It appears to broach the 25-foot front setback.
20:15:36 Doesn't satisfy it in all respects.
20:15:38 It appears to violate the San Miguel right-of-way
20:15:40 setback.
20:15:40 But most importantly, the proposed development clearly
20:15:43 violates the plat restriction that prohibits more than
20:15:46 one single-family residence per lot in St. Andrew's
20:15:52 Park.
20:15:56 I also submit that the structure is too dense.
20:15:58 It's nearly the size of a strip shopping center.
20:16:00 As you can see from this map of the area densities,
20:16:08 none of the town home projects in the gulf view area
20:16:13 along MacDill are five dwelling units.
20:16:16 The ones to the North closer to the country club are
20:16:19 four.
20:16:19 Those very near to my property to the North are three.
20:16:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I might suggest when you are done
20:16:28 talking about that slide to pass it to us so we can
20:16:32 see it better.
20:16:49 >> The ones closest to my property and closest to 2216
20:16:54 Exmoor exceed three units.

20:16:56 Further, the density units per acre of the proposed
20:17:00 development far exceed the density of the existing
20:17:02 town houses adjacent to my property along San Ysidro
20:17:06 street by at least three or four dwelling units.
20:17:08 The city staff report indicates on page 3 that the
20:17:10 site plan contains discrepancies regarding the
20:17:13 dimensions of the boundary of the planned development
20:17:15 that called for minor changes.
20:17:17 However, these discrepancies are hardly minor.
20:17:19 The amount to over 4 -- they amount to over 4,000
20:17:23 square feet which significantly increases the density
20:17:24 of this project from the .52 acres that was indicated
20:17:27 to over 11.6 density units per acre.
20:17:30 This exceeds by three density units per acre the town
20:17:33 house density to the North on San Ysidro.
20:17:40 In closing, what I would like to see -- to say, there
20:17:44 is -- if there is a reason to change this zoning, the
20:17:47 problems that I have enumerated with this project
20:17:49 cause it to fail.
20:17:53 This massive condominium structure being built right
20:17:55 next to a single-family residential property, I don't
20:17:59 know anyone here tonight who would like that to happen

20:18:01 next to their home.
20:18:02 And I ask that you vote against this rezoning
20:18:05 petition.
20:18:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:18:08 Next.
20:18:15 [ APPLAUSE ]
20:18:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
20:18:23 I have a speaker waiver form with five names.
20:18:29 Is it Karen E MIL?
20:18:32 C.L. stag.
20:18:34 Betsy stag.
20:18:37 Nancy Bryant.
20:18:39 In the back.
20:18:39 And that name -- Gillette is the -- I can't make out
20:18:45 the first name.
20:18:47 What is the name, please?
20:18:52 Brian Gillette.
20:18:54 That's five additional names.
20:18:59 >> Errol Menke, I have been sworn in.
20:19:02 I live on Exmoor.
20:19:04 Essentially, on the drawing, there are three homes on
20:19:09 Exmoor.

20:19:10 And ours is the third.
20:19:13 It's a very simple situation, well laid out by Bob.
20:19:19 And let me just say that ladies and gentlemen, it's a
20:19:22 simple decision as far as the residents, as you can
20:19:26 see from the outcome of the number of people.
20:19:29 It's zoned single-family.
20:19:32 There is hardly a hardship that will occur if the
20:19:37 zoning does not change.
20:19:39 This is not some social program, social injustice that
20:19:43 we need to balance.
20:19:45 It is not a critical piece of property to the city
20:19:49 that is part of a master strategy that's going to
20:19:53 impact the whole of the city's plan.
20:19:56 It is a pretty simple exercise.
20:19:58 This is a very small street.
20:20:01 Everyone continues to talk about MacDill.
20:20:06 I understand that the traffic department has passed
20:20:10 because this problem is not categorized as an "F."
20:20:14 It's not volumes of cars like Kennedy and Dale Mabry.
20:20:19 The project is actually San Miguel and Exmoor.
20:20:24 And I can absolutely assure you that if any of you
20:20:28 lived within two streets of this property, you

20:20:32 wouldn't even give this a second thought.
20:20:35 There is no chance you would put five units on this
20:20:40 plot of land.
20:20:41 Every car that restreets from that property will turn
20:20:45 right on San Miguel, not left.
20:20:49 Because those of you that may have ever taken that
20:20:51 light to the left recognize there's virtually no way
20:20:55 to turn left.
20:20:55 So they will take an immediate right and then another
20:20:59 immediate right on to Exmoor.
20:21:02 And they will drive to the end of Exmoor and turn up
20:21:05 San Ysidro to get out to the intersection.
20:21:13 The practical decision is let's rezone it.
20:21:17 It fits all the requirements, and we'll worry about
20:21:21 what happens tomorrow, tomorrow.
20:21:23 My position about these things is simple.
20:21:26 Do you want to have 500 petitions to change zoning
20:21:31 along San Miguel?
20:21:34 Because, quite frankly, it's a simple test.
20:21:37 If you don't get it here all of the other developers
20:21:41 that are small-time developers will buy two lots here,
20:21:46 two lots here, and be looking to build seven, eight,

20:21:51 ten units.
20:21:53 These units are not critically in demand in Tampa,
20:21:57 because these are for the significant able to
20:22:02 purchase.
20:22:03 These are high valuable properties.
20:22:07 The size of the units suggest there is very little
20:22:11 chance that they are going to be occupied by two
20:22:15 people.
20:22:19 That tells me they'll be occupied by three or four
20:22:22 people.
20:22:22 That means at minimum, three cars, when the teenagers
20:22:26 get cars, and I don't see any parking capability
20:22:30 there.
20:22:30 I don't see where they are going to drive -- have
20:22:33 these cars driven.
20:22:36 So I end this very simply.
20:22:37 Put this project in your neighborhood, and ask
20:22:42 yourself two simple questions.
20:22:45 Do we have to have this project?
20:22:48 And if we don't, it's simple.
20:22:52 No thank you.
20:22:53 We don't need to change the zoning for this.

20:22:56 Thank you.
20:23:00 [ APPLAUSE ]
20:23:08 >> I have been sworn.
20:23:10 Bruce Berge.
20:23:12 Southbend low trail.
20:23:13 Directly across the golf course from the subject site
20:23:17 approximately a hundred yards away in plain view and
20:23:20 plain sight.
20:23:21 I have some slides material and copies of what I'll be
20:23:23 putting up if you want me to bring that up.
20:23:28 Mr. Mechanik mentions about being consistent with the
20:23:32 neighborhood.
20:23:32 I want to talk about the density of this site.
20:23:36 What I'm looking at here is the floor area ratio of
20:23:40 the site.
20:23:41 The site is going to have about 19,000 square feet of
20:23:45 land and including the garages, they are going to
20:23:48 build 17,000 square feet of structure on it.
20:23:52 Looking at the 11 properties that are immediately
20:23:55 surrounding them, the floor area ratios are anywhere
20:23:58 from 12% to a high of 57%.
20:24:01 This property will be 89%.

20:24:07 Across the street, at 2202 MacDill, 16%.
20:24:17 At 2102 South MacDill, 40% coverage.
20:24:24 2120 South MacDill, 45% coverage.
20:24:30 2110 South MacDill, 20% coverage.
20:24:35 2302 South MacDill, 28% coverage.
20:24:41 57% at 2312.
20:24:45 26% at 2402.
20:24:48 29% at 2409.
20:24:52 50% at 2309.
20:24:56 27% at 2301.
20:25:01 And 12% at 2002.
20:25:04 Again, this property in question is going to be 89%
20:25:08 floor area ratio.
20:25:09 I see no reason for such massing in a residential
20:25:15 neighborhood.
20:25:16 Thank you.
20:25:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, next.
20:25:22 >> Members of the Council, my name is Alicia Akeezian.
20:25:27 I have been sworn in.
20:25:29 1902 South ardsly street, three blocks from the
20:25:33 proposed construction of the five town homes.
20:25:35 I am strongly opposed to the planned building of these

20:25:38 units for several reasons, including construction,
20:25:41 density, yet more traffic congestion on San Miguel and
20:25:45 the further condo-ization of our beautiful South Tampa
20:25:49 neighborhoods.
20:25:50 As an 11-year resident of Palma Ceia, nothing concerns
20:25:54 me more than the continued sprawl of town homes into
20:25:57 the single-family residential neighborhoods of South
20:26:00 Tampa.
20:26:00 It's happening everywhere.
20:26:02 Along MacDill, in Hyde Park, in your neighborhood,
20:26:06 and in mine.
20:26:08 Developers are building condos everywhere they can.
20:26:10 As many units as they can, and on every square inch of
20:26:14 land as we just saw.
20:26:16 And in doing so, they are changing the lovely
20:26:20 single-family residential neighborhoods we live in.
20:26:23 Nobody wants to see condo construction in historical
20:26:27 neighborhoods of Tampa.
20:26:28 But yet no one seems to do anything to stop it.
20:26:31 In my view, town home and condo construction is not
20:26:35 consistent with the established single-family
20:26:38 neighborhood of Gulf View and its construction will

20:26:42 quickly change the character of this historical
20:26:44 neighborhood.
20:26:47 In our fine city.
20:26:48 If we allow construction of these condos to proceed,
20:26:51 where does it end?
20:26:52 The encroachment will continue into our neighborhoods.
20:26:55 Traffic congestion will continue to build.
20:26:57 And frustrations will grow further.
20:26:59 And for what?
20:27:01 Just to line the pockets of the fast-buck developer
20:27:04 who build without consideration for the integrity of
20:27:06 our historic neighborhood.
20:27:09 Please, I appeal to you to do the right thing.
20:27:12 Protect the single-family residential areas of Tampa.
20:27:15 Protect the 90-year history of the Gulf View
20:27:18 neighborhood.
20:27:19 And reject the proposed construction of this project.
20:27:22 Thank you.
20:27:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:27:23 Next.
20:27:26 >> My name is Mark Rosenthal, I have been sworn in.
20:27:31 1907 South Bendelow Trail, approximately a block and a

20:27:35 half from the subject site.
20:27:36 I am a lifelong resident of South Tampa, so I've seen
20:27:40 the growth of this entire area.
20:27:42 I am very concerned.
20:27:43 When we grew up in this city, we're used to the open
20:27:46 areas that we've had and being able to really breathe.
20:27:48 Now with the condominiums surrounding us in the South
20:27:51 Tampa area, I'm very concerned of the traffic flow,
20:27:54 the density is really -- has really affected to me the
20:27:58 infrastructure of the whole area.
20:27:59 Being a general contractor and watching this growth,
20:28:03 I'm very concerned that we're not going to be able to
20:28:05 support the roads and the facilities that we have
20:28:07 right now.
20:28:08 And it's going to be a real detriment to the lifestyle
20:28:11 that we have in the South end of Tampa.
20:28:15 When Plant High School let's out at 3:00, about 3:15,
20:28:18 San Miguel backs up about three blocks.
20:28:21 So these residents in this proposed town house
20:28:24 association are going to have a heck of a time getting
20:28:26 out of their homes.
20:28:27 Also, we have a problem with the garbage pickup in

20:28:29 that area.
20:28:30 It's very tight.
20:28:30 And we've tried numerous times to add sidewalks to San
20:28:34 Miguel because of the problem with the curbs.
20:28:36 We have granite curbs in that area.
20:28:38 They are up about 18 inches and it's very dangerous.
20:28:41 The street is very narrow.
20:28:42 And this is going to add more to security in that
20:28:45 area.
20:28:45 So I strongly recommend that you turn this down and do
20:28:48 not approve this zoning change.
20:28:50 Thank you very much.
20:28:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:28:51 Next.
20:28:56 >> My name is Brenda Corn.
20:28:58 I have been sworn in.
20:29:00 I live at 3212 San Nicholas and have been in this area
20:29:04 neighborhood for 20 years.
20:29:05 My husband and I purchased this neighborhood knowing
20:29:08 this was an RS-100 neighborhood.
20:29:11 I have two and a half lots and would never have
20:29:13 considered tearing down to build two homes.

20:29:17 I've also supported other lots that were of square
20:29:23 footage that didn't have a hundred feet, but it would
20:29:26 be a better use of their land for two single-family
20:29:29 homes.
20:29:29 But I'm adamantly opposed to this site being a planned
20:29:35 unit development.
20:29:38 The intersection itself, on the corner of MacDill,
20:29:42 but more importantly, San Miguel, San Miguel is a
20:29:46 narrow road.
20:29:48 The condominiums and town homes that were built just
20:29:51 this past two years ago on the South of San Miguel at
20:29:57 the same intersection have shown -- has proven that
20:30:00 people backing out, cars having to stop there, and to
20:30:04 put more planned unit development in an already
20:30:08 dangerous intersection with no sidewalks, this San
20:30:12 Miguel was not the original road that came in to Bay
20:30:16 View Estates when the developer planned it, when it
20:30:19 was originally developed.
20:30:21 It was supposed to be one street North of that San
20:30:23 Nicholas, which San Nicholas is a much wider road.
20:30:26 But the fact that -- which are RS-100 neighborhood
20:30:31 zoned residential, this property was sold with that

20:30:34 understanding one home was there, two homes could be
20:30:38 built, but for someone to go in arrears and try and
20:30:41 change the RS, I think is wrong.
20:30:45 I think the community and neighbors would support a
20:30:48 single-family, one story there or two story or maybe
20:30:51 two given the 20,000 square feet of land, 10,000
20:30:56 square feet of two homes would be something that may
20:30:59 be more palatable.
20:31:01 But to put five big units, planned development here.
20:31:06 It's completely out of character for this community.
20:31:10 And I know the developer looked at the property South
20:31:13 of there four blocks and North four blocks.
20:31:16 Well, South four blocks are totally different RS, and
20:31:20 everything that has been North of the community has
20:31:24 been previously built before the horizon 2000 RS-100.
20:31:29 Anything further North, all the way to Swann Avenue is
20:31:33 all single-family on that side of MacDill.
20:31:37 So I urge you to say no to any planned unit
20:31:41 development and make it consistent with our
20:31:43 neighborhood in single-family.
20:31:45 Thank you.
20:31:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, next.

20:31:50 >> My name is Hank runner.
20:31:51 I've been sworn in.
20:31:52 My concern is relative to the density.
20:31:57 I think what you saw is a very good example of how
20:32:01 dense this project is.
20:32:02 The floor area ratio of .89 to 1 is excessive compared
20:32:07 to every surrounding development.
20:32:10 The most important argument, though, is that this is a
20:32:13 single-family RS-100 zoning.
20:32:17 Why do we want to change that?
20:32:19 There are so many people here tonight that will be
20:32:21 injured by that.
20:32:22 Some financially, some just to have to look at the
20:32:25 view of what -- of this massive development.
20:32:28 And there are just too many people that are going to
20:32:30 be hurt by this.
20:32:31 I know that if it was next to my house, I'm sure the
20:32:35 same way for you, you wouldn't want it to happen.
20:32:37 And I think it's our obligation to protect this
20:32:41 neighborhood, and we hope that you will do that and
20:32:43 vote this down tonight.
20:32:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

20:32:48 Next.
20:32:49 >> My name is Pete Kelly.
20:32:50 I have been sworn.
20:32:52 I listened to the presentation of the petitioner.
20:32:55 And when you distill it all down, it looks like this
20:32:58 individual has bought a house and now wants to put
20:33:01 five condos in his backyard.
20:33:03 I haven't heard one word of any kind of necessity or
20:33:06 urgency or fairness that would support this kind of a
20:33:10 petition.
20:33:10 And I hope you will reject it.
20:33:12 There is a reference made to the character of
20:33:15 MacDill.
20:33:15 If you look a little North of there in my
20:33:18 neighborhood, I live in Parkland Estates, there are
20:33:20 multiple houses, numerous houses that abut MacDill
20:33:24 Avenue, single-family residences.
20:33:26 The same thing is true of new suburb beautiful.
20:33:29 It is entirely consistent to have these lots developed
20:33:31 as single-family residences as many others have done
20:33:34 on MacDill.
20:33:39 The precedent set here is a concern to everyone who

20:33:41 lives in South Tampa.
20:33:42 I live in parkland, as I mentioned, just a half mile
20:33:45 North.
20:33:45 And when I see petitions like this, I never know if it
20:33:49 may be my neighborhood next, and I urge that you, too,
20:33:53 deny this petition.
20:33:54 So those of us who buy homes and rely on zonings know
20:33:58 it won't be changed and that we're not going to have a
20:34:00 neighbor rezoning their property and building
20:34:02 something different than a single-family residence.
20:34:04 The last comment I'll make, I frequently have to go
20:34:07 South on MacDill towards light on Bay to Bay.
20:34:10 Every year, that gets worse.
20:34:12 The line of cars and the number of cycles that it
20:34:15 takes to get through that light gets worse every year
20:34:18 and this is only going to make it worse.
20:34:20 I urge you to reject the petition.
20:34:22 Thank you.
20:34:27 >> Mark spadea, 2305 Bendelow Trail and I have been
20:34:32 sworn.
20:34:33 I concur with the comments that my neighbors have made
20:34:36 and I urge to reject this petition.

20:34:39 I feel, I would like to mention the setbacks that
20:34:43 Mr. Rasmussen mentioned.
20:34:45 The petitioner is proposing a setback of less than
20:34:47 five feet at his northern boundary which adjoins the
20:34:50 Rasmussen property.
20:34:51 There are some town homes that adjoin Mr. Rasmussen's
20:34:56 property on his northern boundary.
20:34:58 However, that building setback is 30 feet, and it goes
20:35:02 to a one-story structure or garage structure.
20:35:06 The petitioner is, again, proposing less than five
20:35:08 feet, and it will be a combination of one story and
20:35:13 two-story structures for 70 feet of length overlooking
20:35:17 Mr. Rasmussen's backyard.
20:35:21 Secondly, the setback to the West, which backs up to
20:35:26 the petitioner's existing single-family wrens, that
20:35:30 setback varies from 14 -- residence that setback
20:35:33 varies from 14 plus feet where the garage sticks out
20:35:36 on the North end of the site plan to approximately
20:35:38 48 feet.
20:35:39 So the petitioner in protecting the value of his
20:35:43 existing single-family home has 48 feet predominantly
20:35:46 to the first structures of the proposed development.

20:35:52 The other point I would like to make is that the
20:35:56 existing town homes in the neighborhood were developed
20:35:59 on property that already had zoning.
20:36:02 There was not a rezoning for those.
20:36:04 And a rezoning of a residential lot in order -- in our
20:36:09 neighborhood has not taken place for 25 years.
20:36:11 And again, this is not the time to start.
20:36:13 I respectfully request your consideration to deny this
20:36:20 petition.
20:36:20 Thank you.
20:36:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:36:22 Next.
20:36:24 >> My name is Michael Calden.
20:36:26 I have been sworn.
20:36:28 3311 McKay Avenue, about a half a mile from the
20:36:31 development.
20:36:31 And I'll be brief.
20:36:33 I don't want to reiterate what has been said here
20:36:35 today, but I want to point out two things.
20:36:37 The first is, you heard from one of the previous
20:36:39 speakers that this would mark the first encroachment
20:36:43 of condos and town homes into what is predominantly a

20:36:46 residential area in Gulf View in more than 20 years.
20:36:49 And you can look at the room and determine that there
20:36:52 are a bunch of people here, not all of whom who live
20:36:55 immediately adjacent to this property who are very
20:36:58 concerned about what you are being asked to do.
20:37:01 We all understand that you have discretion and you
20:37:04 have to weigh the needs.
20:37:06 But on the one hand, you have heard that what you are
20:37:08 being asked to do is reward real estate speculation
20:37:12 and increase the density massively in order to give
20:37:17 someone a profit for a deal that they bought, knowing
20:37:20 what the zoning currently is, single-family.
20:37:24 The second is, you heard about the traffic, and I
20:37:26 won't comment about that.
20:37:28 What I would like to comment about briefly and then
20:37:30 I'll leave is that even a half a mile away, gulf view
20:37:33 is a unique, highly desirable residential area, almost
20:37:37 all of which is comprised of single-family dwellings.
20:37:42 All of us in this room I think would say and I submit
20:37:47 you probably are too, concerned about if you allow
20:37:51 high density dwellings to replace single-family
20:37:53 dwellings, where does it stop?

20:37:56 If you allow this, where is the next one?
20:38:00 I'll end with where I start.
20:38:02 The last time this happened was more than 20 years
20:38:04 ago, and it was done in conformance with then existing
20:38:09 zoning regulations, what you are being asked to do now
20:38:12 is far different than that, and I urge you to deny the
20:38:15 petition.
20:38:15 Thank you.
20:38:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:38:18 Next.
20:38:22 >> Tim Andrew, I have been sworn.
20:38:24 I've lived in South Tampa for about 21 years.
20:38:28 I don't want to repeat the arguments that have been
20:38:30 made.
20:38:30 I know you've been here a long time.
20:38:32 I just wanted to say a few words to stress to you how
20:38:35 important I think it is, not only for me, but all
20:38:38 these people here that live in South Tampa, we've seen
20:38:40 what has happened over the last several years.
20:38:42 Traffic has just increased incessantly.
20:38:45 We don't have the roads to support it.
20:38:47 There's no reason to rezone this property.

20:38:49 And it will set a terrible precedent.
20:38:52 And I urge you to reject the request.
20:38:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:38:55 Next.
20:38:59 >> My name is Marlene Rasmussen, I have been sworn.
20:39:02 I am currently the president of the Gulf View Civic
20:39:04 Association, but tonight I wear a different hat as the
20:39:08 adjacent property owner to the North.
20:39:10 The good news is, no one has given me any minutes, so
20:39:12 I must be brief.
20:39:14 I want to give you a little bit of history and maybe
20:39:16 correct a few things.
20:39:16 The developer made the offer on the house in October
20:39:19 of '04, but when he made that offer, there was a
20:39:22 contingency on the sale.
20:39:24 He wanted to clear up issues, questions about rezoning
20:39:27 the back lots.
20:39:28 He knew from the get-go what was going to happen and
20:39:32 that we would be here eventually in this particular
20:39:34 spot.
20:39:36 There was another family moving into Tampa that made a
20:39:38 similar, but not quite as much, I think, monetary

20:39:41 offer for that house and its backyard.
20:39:44 Friends of one of the gentlemen that spoke already.
20:39:47 And said we have no contingency.
20:39:48 We want to keep that house the way it is.
20:39:50 We have a family and we want to use it that way.
20:39:53 Mr. KARAMANTZAS went ahead with the purchase.
20:40:00 He could have walked away then and not lost a dime.
20:40:03 We hear so much what is economically feeble for him
20:40:06 and profit he has to make.
20:40:08 He could have walked away from it and we wouldn't be
20:40:11 here tonight.
20:40:12 Within a few weeks, the back fence along MacDill
20:40:14 was moved in, inside the easement and that house went
20:40:17 right back on the market for a fraction, just 200,
20:40:20 300 -- he obviously intended to try to flip the house
20:40:26 as quickly as possible.
20:40:28 No takers.
20:40:28 He dropped the price down about $300,000.
20:40:31 No takers.
20:40:32 No one wants to pay that kind of money for a house in
20:40:36 Gulf View that's going to have at that time six
20:40:39 condominiums in the backyard.

20:40:40 So I think he realized then at that point he was --
20:40:43 wasn't going to fly.
20:40:45 He took the sale down.
20:40:46 He's telling us now that he's going to move in.
20:40:48 Well, this is a similar story to people that heard
20:40:53 along villa Rosa in the southern part of Tampa
20:40:56 probably last year.
20:40:57 I don't know exact dates.
20:40:58 He bought historic house on villa Rosa.
20:41:01 One of the neighbors told me, her name was Melinda
20:41:04 pendina.
20:41:05 Told us he was going to move in.
20:41:08 Going to be nice neighbors.
20:41:09 Next thing, the historic house is torn down and two
20:41:12 new houses, megamansions being built in its place.
20:41:15 We know for a fact that since he's owned this
20:41:18 property, four other, three other families have
20:41:21 offered him his purchase price.
20:41:24 He's turned us all down.
20:41:26 One of them was us.
20:41:28 Wasn't sure how we would pay for it.
20:41:33 We would buy you out for what you paid for if you get

20:41:37 out of it now.
20:41:38 >> No, I have too much money invested, I cannot walk
20:41:42 away feeling he knew all along he would be doing this
20:41:47 kind of deal.
20:41:48 What he told us was, we're lucky.
20:41:50 He heard our complaints and he really wanted to work
20:41:53 with us, although he never worked with us.
20:41:54 He just told us what he was going to do.
20:41:57 He dropped down from six units to five units.
20:41:59 He moved it forward on the lot towards MacDill
20:42:02 which buffered his house that he's going -- I swear, I
20:42:05 think he's going to try to re-sell the house.
20:42:08 I don't expect that he'll actually ever live there.
20:42:10 Then he moved that project forward on MacDill.
20:42:13 So he had a nice big buffer behind that house and
20:42:18 asking for a variance to be within four feet, 70 feet
20:42:21 of concrete I'm going to look at our stucco and eight
20:42:25 windows.
20:42:25 I don't care how high they are, they are eight
20:42:28 windows.
20:42:28 And then I'm going to look at the backside of a
20:42:31 two-car garage.

20:42:33 I ask you now to vote this down tonight.
20:42:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
20:42:41 >> David Mechanik again for the record.
20:42:43 We will be brief.
20:42:44 I think the objections were -- while we were repeated
20:42:51 very often I don't think there were a large number of
20:42:54 different points in dispute.
20:42:58 I would like to ultimately call Mr. KARA to respond.
20:43:02 I would like to say, you have heard a lot about what
20:43:04 the test is for you all to decide whether this is an
20:43:08 appropriate rezoning.
20:43:10 Well, the test and this Council knows it.
20:43:12 You make these decisions week in and week out.
20:43:16 It's not a hardship.
20:43:18 It's not an equity argument based upon the profit
20:43:23 motives of my client or whether he could have made
20:43:26 more or less on a particular transaction.
20:43:29 The decision that you make week in and week out, has
20:43:32 to do with whether this is an appropriate use in this
20:43:37 particular location.
20:43:39 Whether this is -- whether this creates an adverse
20:43:41 impact or is somehow out of character with the area.

20:43:45 I mean, that's really a relatively simple, and I don't
20:43:49 mean to suggest that your decisions are simple.
20:43:52 But in this particular case, the issues are not
20:43:57 complex.
20:43:57 The character of the area, the character of the
20:44:00 single-family neighborhood behind my client's property
20:44:02 is not in dispute.
20:44:04 But equally, the character of the properties along
20:44:07 MacDill is not in dispute.
20:44:09 You have commercial properties and there are a number
20:44:13 of comments about how and why those decisions were
20:44:16 made.
20:44:18 You know, I'm not really sure that's relevant.
20:44:21 The question is, there are existing commercial
20:44:24 properties along a good distance of MacDill, on
20:44:27 the East side of the street and a number of commercial
20:44:31 properties on the West side.
20:44:32 Likewise, there are town houses.
20:44:35 Someone said, well, that didn't require rezoning.
20:44:37 At some point that, property required a decision by
20:44:40 the Tampa City Council to allow multifamily or town
20:44:45 house development for that property, even if it was

20:44:49 unzoned before that, somebody made a decision to allow
20:44:52 those town houses on those properties.
20:44:54 So at some point, somebody made those decisions.
20:44:58 And what you have is a commercial character, and you
20:45:02 have a town house character along this section of
20:45:05 MacDill Avenue.
20:45:08 And I would just like to remind everyone, we are
20:45:12 talking about five town homes, we are not talking
20:45:14 about 500 town homes.
20:45:16 We are talking about five town homes.
20:45:18 You have heard about traffic objection.
20:45:21 Your Tampa code does not even require a traffic
20:45:25 analysis for this small of a development, because the
20:45:29 impacts are considered de minimis.
20:45:31 We don't even have to file a traffic analysis, and I
20:45:34 think based on your experience, you can readily
20:45:38 understand that the impact of five homes would be
20:45:40 minimal in this situation.
20:45:46 This project exceeds all of the code -- meets or
20:45:48 exceeds all of the code requirements.
20:45:52 We have not asked for any waivers.
20:45:54 We meet and exceed the greenspace requirements.

20:45:59 We exceed the requirements for parking.
20:46:01 We have two parking spaces per town house unit, plus
20:46:07 three guest spaces which is more than even what your
20:46:10 proposed change in the zoning code would require for
20:46:12 guest spaces.
20:46:15 I would just ask Council to consider as we conclude
20:46:19 and I introduce Mr. KARA, I have -- has anyone seen a
20:46:27 single-family home of the type that apparently these
20:46:31 neighbors would like to see constructed on MacDill
20:46:34 Avenue anywhere near the properties that we are
20:46:37 discussing this evening?
20:46:39 I think it is not realistic -- it's not realistic --
20:46:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Ladies and gentlemen, please.
20:46:44 >> That is the appropriate -- the likely character of
20:46:48 any proposed use in the future.
20:46:51 Ill like for Mr. KARA to speak.
20:46:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Sounded like the church was
20:46:56 responding there.
20:47:00 >> I will be brief.
20:47:02 I just would like to clear a couple of issues that
20:47:04 were said that were actually insinuations which I take
20:47:08 quite personally, and that is that I have a deceptive

20:47:13 intent here in terms of whether I will live in the
20:47:15 house and the purchase I made on Villa Rosa.
20:47:18 And I am developing homes there.
20:47:21 I don't know where Mrs. Pendito got her information
20:47:24 about the fact that I intend to live in Villa Rosa,
20:47:27 but I never intended to live in Villa Rosa.
20:47:30 That was two-and-a-half lots I purchased.
20:47:32 I did not ask for any waivers.
20:47:33 The property was a property for two homes.
20:47:37 The neighbors there, for whatever reason, decided to
20:47:42 cause a lot of issues.
20:47:43 A couple of the Council people here know because
20:47:47 dragged down to the neighborhood there and realized
20:47:49 that there was really no issue that was at hand.
20:47:52 We're not doing anything there that we're not allowed
20:47:55 to do.
20:47:56 On the house on Exmoor on the other hand, you've been
20:47:59 told that we've had offers to sell it.
20:48:03 We actually had one offer that was actually
20:48:05 unsubstantiated.
20:48:07 I had a partner on the project, which once I decided
20:48:10 to live there, I bought out and, therefore, that was

20:48:13 my property alone.
20:48:17 For those of you who don't know, I live just down the
20:48:20 street on Virginia Court, and my wife and I have been
20:48:25 blessed with seven-year-old triplets and the
20:48:28 4000-square-foot house that we live in is not big
20:48:31 enough for us.
20:48:32 So we intend to expand the Exmoor house and we intend
20:48:35 to live there.
20:48:36 And I just wanted to clarify that.
20:48:38 Thank you.
20:48:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions from Council members?
20:48:41 Have a motion and second to close.
20:48:42 All in favor of the motion, aye.
20:48:44 [Motion Carried]
20:48:44 What's the pleasure of Council?
20:48:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, to address Mr. Mechanik's
20:48:54 comments, and Mr. Mechanik is an excellent attorney
20:48:57 and does a good job for all of his clients, but you
20:49:01 point -- you say, what's the appropriate use, is it
20:49:03 out of character?
20:49:04 Is there adverse impact?
20:49:07 I would say that this is an inappropriate use based

20:49:09 upon the competent, substantial evidence that we've
20:49:11 heard tonight.
20:49:12 I'd say it's completely out of character and I would
20:49:14 say there are adverse impacts specifically related to
20:49:17 transportation, to -- I see some solid waste issues,
20:49:21 of a lot of trash cans mounting up on the side there.
20:49:24 Massing, density.
20:49:25 I think it's all out of character.
20:49:27 I won't elaborate.
20:49:29 I think that the precedent is extremely dangerous.
20:49:31 We have just -- we have just gone out of with our way
20:49:35 to stop multifamily in Palma Ceia and why on Earth
20:49:39 would we want --
20:49:39 [ APPLAUSE ]
20:49:40 why on Earth would we want to push it up into gulf
20:49:44 view.
20:49:45 So with all that said, I do believe we've heard
20:49:47 competent substantial evidence and I will move to
20:49:51 deny.
20:49:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
20:49:53 All in favor, aye.
20:50:01 [motion Carried]

20:51:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Ladies and gentlemen, will you please
20:51:16 move out a little quicker.
20:51:18 We still have more business to take care of.
20:52:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Item 9 is a continued public hearing.
20:52:59 We are ready to start on item number 9.
20:53:03 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: Heather Lamboy, Land Development.
20:53:05 I have been sworn.
20:53:06 This case has not changed since the last hearing of
20:53:09 January 26.
20:53:10 There has been no site plan change.
20:53:13 And so, therefore, the staff report stands as was
20:53:17 previously published.
20:53:18 So, therefore, I'm not going to review that issue.
20:53:21 I will, however, just discuss a couple of things with
20:53:24 the Council regarding some additional information that
20:53:28 has been provided to staff.
20:53:32 Just as a refresher, the subject property if you look
20:53:34 on the ELMO is located North of Madison to the East of
20:53:38 meridian and the West of Channelside.
20:53:41 It's highlighted in green.
20:53:42 And is in the Channel District and subject to all
20:53:47 those requirements.

20:53:47 As you well know, in 1993, the city adopted a Channel
20:53:51 District plan.
20:53:53 This plan created the vision for the Channel District.
20:53:57 This vision included a series of heights that were
20:54:02 defined generally in that plan, a series of heights
20:54:06 and a vision for the development of the district.
20:54:10 The district has developed out and I'm just using this
20:54:14 for illustrative purposes only.
20:54:17 Existing conditions analysis that has been produced by
20:54:19 our consultant.
20:54:20 So it's not proposing anything.
20:54:23 It's just existing conditions.
20:54:24 But you can see that the Channel District has
20:54:28 developed out according to the vision that was created
20:54:30 in that plan and subject to the Channel District
20:54:34 overlay standards which were subsequently adopted.
20:54:37 You can see that the overall building heights in the
20:54:40 center of the district have remained lower than those
20:54:42 at the southern portion and in the northern portion of
20:54:44 the district.
20:54:46 In addition, the F.A.R., which, you know, is the key
20:54:51 figure here, has been pretty much consistent

20:54:54 throughout the district as well.
20:54:56 They vary from -- well, there's a 5.6 down here, but
20:55:00 that parcel is partially in the central business
20:55:03 district as well as in the Channel District.
20:55:05 So the way it works out is that in the central
20:55:08 business district, 2.7 F.A.R.
20:55:10 Channel District, 2.9 F.A.R.
20:55:12 And you can see that there's lower F.A.R.s in the
20:55:16 central area and then the F.A.R.s increase as you
20:55:20 get closer to the crosstown and closer to Channelside
20:55:22 Drive.
20:55:23 The additional information that the petitioner
20:55:25 provided to me consistent with the request of Council
20:55:29 member Saul-Sena is a vision of the project as viewed
20:55:32 from the streets.
20:55:33 Here it is on the ELMO.
20:55:35 I'm sure he'll go into it in further detail.
20:55:38 But this is a view of the proposed park associated
20:55:40 with the Martin.
20:55:41 And the streetscape view.
20:55:43 And you can see the decorative streetscape features
20:55:48 that will be retained, have already started to appear

20:55:52 at Channelside District.
20:55:53 And then this is another view of the project.
20:55:56 At the street.
20:55:57 And at this point, I will defer to the petitioner to
20:56:02 complete the presentation unless there are any
20:56:03 questions.
20:56:10 >> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
20:56:12 I have been sworn in, Mr. Shelby.
20:56:18 There are three predominant land use categories in
20:56:21 this surrounding area.
20:56:24 This site is adjacent to the central business district
20:56:26 which lies to the West of meridian which is your
20:56:28 North-South street.
20:56:31 [INAUDIBLE]
20:56:32 Most of the Channel District presently.
20:56:34 Of course, heavy industrial which still exists in
20:56:37 some -- on some parcels North of division street as
20:56:41 you can see.
20:56:43 The site in question lies in proximity to many other
20:56:47 areas that are still, have not gone under any phases
20:56:53 of redevelopment.
20:56:53 This would be the first significant redevelopment of

20:56:56 its type of this particular type North of Ken bee
20:57:01 boulevard along meridian.
20:57:04 I would have to echo the comments that Ms. Lamboy has
20:57:08 made to you.
20:57:08 We have made a prior presentation of this.
20:57:11 I think the only additional piece of information I
20:57:13 would like to provide you or to probably reiterate
20:57:17 from my prior presentation is the requested floor area
20:57:21 ratio for this particular site is 4.0.
20:57:23 Maximum is 3.5.
20:57:25 But since you are within --
20:57:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: According to what?
20:57:31 The maximum is 8.5 according to what?
20:57:35 >> I didn't say 8.5, Ms. Saul-Sena.
20:57:37 3.5.
20:57:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I thought you said 8.5.
20:57:40 >> I probably need to lift my head up when I'm
20:57:43 talking.
20:57:43 Maybe that would help.
20:57:44 I'm sorry, I didn't articulate that properly.
20:57:48 3.5 regularly, since this whole Channel District area
20:57:52 to the channel going up is be with the CDB -- is

20:57:56 within the CDB periphery boundary.
20:57:59 The CDB periphery boundary been in existence since
20:58:02 1989.
20:58:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We only started paying attention to
20:58:05 it in like the last 26 days.
20:58:07 >> It has been in existence.
20:58:09 Actually, it wasn't -- on a prior plan early on when
20:58:15 the Channel District was involved.
20:58:18 You have one other side that exceeds the F.A.R. which
20:58:21 we'll get into, I think, in the next case.
20:58:23 This will actually be the second case that actually is
20:58:25 trying to take advantage of the periphery bonus, which
20:58:30 can be considered, can be considered.
20:58:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This periphery thing has existed in
20:58:41 the comp plan but no one ever cited it before like a
20:58:45 month ago.
20:58:46 So it wasn't one of the premises of the Channel
20:58:48 District plan, which is one of the governing things in
20:58:50 the comp plan.
20:58:52 >> Well, as far as the Channel District plan, it has
20:58:54 been in the comp plan for quite a period of time.
20:58:56 And it has been -- and it has been addressed to try

20:59:02 and be utilized in the past, besides.
20:59:04 But this is the first time -- this is probably the
20:59:07 second project that you'll see that's been attempted
20:59:08 in the channel district area.
20:59:10 Want to speak Channel District specifically, this is
20:59:13 the first time this has been tried to be taken
20:59:17 advantage of.
20:59:18 The first one was one of the first projects that
20:59:20 actually came in for residential mixed use project for
20:59:23 a mixed use project in Channel District, so let me
20:59:27 very succinctly tell you, the periphery bonus allows
20:59:32 the potential of doubling your F.A.R., maximum of 7.0.
20:59:36 This particular project is 3.5.
20:59:40 To acquire the bonus, one must provide additional
20:59:43 amenities over and above those required by what is
20:59:48 currently in the code.
20:59:48 The comp plan speaks of the periphery bonus and the
20:59:51 potential of using it, but the mechanism for using it
20:59:55 must be addressed within the Land Development code
20:59:57 itself.
20:59:57 So as far as how that final amount is reached as far
21:00:02 as how high above the 3.5 should be allowed really

21:00:05 should be -- has to be addressed within the Land
21:00:07 Development code.
21:00:10 This particular site is offering a .72-acre public
21:00:17 greenspace as one of their major amenities over and
21:00:22 above what is required by their development.
21:00:25 In asking that, they have -- their project is coming
21:00:29 in at about a 16% increase over and above the cap of
21:00:33 the F.A.R. of 3.5.
21:00:36 So they are asking for approximate 16% increase above
21:00:39 the cap of the 3.5.
21:00:42 Again, the most predominant amenity that they are
21:00:45 offering is .72-acre public greenspace, which would be
21:00:50 allowed, I believe, that will be for the general
21:00:56 public to take access of within the Channel District
21:00:58 itself.
21:01:02 The Planning Commission staff has no objection to the
21:01:04 proposed request based on its location, based on the
21:01:08 amenity that's provided.
21:01:10 This is not the only amenity that will be provided.
21:01:13 I think that the applicant will probably go into more
21:01:16 detail as to what they are providing over and above
21:01:18 what is required by the code.

21:01:24 The Planning Commission staff has no objection to this
21:01:27 proposal.
21:01:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public going to speak on
21:01:29 item 9 and 10, would you please stand and raise your
21:01:31 right hand.
21:01:40 (Oath administered by clerk).
21:01:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner.
21:01:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can, Madam Chair, because a lot
21:01:49 of the people here coming in, may not have been here
21:01:51 when I made this announcement.
21:01:52 When you state your name, to speed things along, there
21:01:54 are a lot of people present, please state that you
21:01:57 were sworn in.
21:01:58 There's a little placard up there to remind you.
21:02:01 If you don't do it, I'll remind you by waving my red
21:02:05 hat which asks if you've been sworn in.
21:02:07 Please help us speed things along.
21:02:09 Thank you.
21:02:10 >> Good evening, members of Council.
21:02:11 Brian psychs.
21:02:12 I have been sworn in.
21:02:13 100 South Ashley street, suite 1900 representing the

21:02:18 petitioner, The Martin LLC.
21:02:20 This project, as you know, is known as the Martin at
21:02:23 Madison -- or meridian.
21:02:25 It is the second project that my client has
21:02:28 undertaken, first being Grand Central at Kennedy.
21:02:31 Without going through the details of the project
21:02:33 again, what I would like to do is actually start at
21:02:36 where we left off on the 26th.
21:02:38 On the 26th of January, there were several issues
21:02:40 that were raised during that public hearing.
21:02:42 First of which was that the Wilson Miller study and
21:02:46 attending plan had not -- or proposed plan had not
21:02:49 been completed.
21:02:50 The neighborhood and also members of Council wanted to
21:02:53 ensure consistency of future development with that
21:02:57 plan since significant monies have been expended upon
21:02:59 that plan as well.
21:03:01 There were concerns with compatibility of surrounding
21:03:04 developments and specifically it was noted the
21:03:06 developments North of Twiggs Street and with respect
21:03:09 to the height of the proposed project in connection
21:03:11 with the height of other projects surrounding this.

21:03:14 There were concerns respecting pedestrian scale and
21:03:17 streetscape.
21:03:18 There were concerns respecting the density of the
21:03:22 project.
21:03:22 Last but not least, there were concerns that there had
21:03:25 not been meetings with the neighborhood.
21:03:27 Let's start addressing the issues.
21:03:29 First of all, the Wilson Miller study draft has been
21:03:32 completed.
21:03:32 It was completed, to your knowledge, 2/13/06.
21:03:35 It's been a matter of public record.
21:03:37 It's on the city's web site.
21:03:38 We do acknowledge, though, that it has not been
21:03:41 adopted.
21:03:42 We know it is somewhat of a guideline right now,
21:03:45 something Council will be taking under consideration.
21:03:47 But having gone back and look at the record from
21:03:49 before and understanding that both Council and members
21:03:51 of the neighborhood wanted us to address the Wilson
21:03:55 Miller study would like to do that now.
21:03:56 The proposed project is consistent with the draft
21:03:59 study and the findings in the draft study.

21:04:01 The draft study contemplates emanating a CDB 3,
21:04:05 collapsing it into one designation of CDB 1 and
21:04:09 bringing out a new designation of CDB 2.
21:04:12 This project is located in an area that is considered
21:04:15 to be the North subarea, which is the area in red up
21:04:22 here, of the Channelside District.
21:04:25 This North subarea has a height limitation of
21:04:28 250 feet.
21:04:31 The proposed project as previously discussed in our
21:04:33 last hearing, as I reiterate now has a proposed height
21:04:37 of 240 feet, thus we are consistent with the height
21:04:39 limitation for the North sub-area.
21:04:42 The North sub-area also has a base F.A.R. of 3.5.
21:04:48 The plan contemplates a maximum F.A.R. of 5.0 with the
21:04:53 addition of certain performance enhancing features of
21:04:57 the project and provided you meet certain requirements
21:05:00 set forth in the plan.
21:05:02 This project proposes a 4.0 maximum density.
21:05:07 Well within the 5.0 limit.
21:05:10 It's consistent with the required design element set
21:05:12 forth in the Wilson Miller study.
21:05:14 Under 5.5.1, they list out several required design

21:05:19 elements for projects.
21:05:20 First of which are street improvements and the
21:05:23 developer is proposing to do several street
21:05:25 improvements to Twiggs.
21:05:27 Unfortunately, Mr. Dingfelder is not here to hear
21:05:29 this, I would like to note that the developer is going
21:05:31 to contribute and is committed to contributing
21:05:33 $100,000 towards additional intersection improvements
21:05:37 as well as donating and dedicating 10 additional feet
21:05:40 of right away along its project on Twiggs Avenue,
21:05:45 Twiggs Street.
21:05:46 The plan also requires active ground floor and
21:05:49 pedestrian orientation.
21:05:50 Richard, if you can kind of walk through the side
21:05:56 elevations and explain how we've accomplished this.
21:06:02 >> Richard, urban city architects.
21:06:04 I have been sworn in.
21:06:05 I think let me start, Brian first and Council first,
21:06:08 by pointing out the project setbacks around the site.
21:06:13 If we start on Madison, the project is set back ten
21:06:17 feet off of its property line, after a 20-foot setback
21:06:22 on the sidewalk, which puts it -- I'm sorry, a 10-foot

21:06:26 sidewalk on Madison, which puts it 20 feet off of the
21:06:29 curb at Madison.
21:06:31 On the meridian side of the project, the project is
21:06:34 set back at a minimum of -- set back ten feet --
21:06:38 minimum of 10 feet off the property line.
21:06:40 At the minimum dimension on meridian that would put it
21:06:43 at 30 feet.
21:06:45 And the maximum dimension at 47 feet.
21:06:49 So from the face of the building to the edge of
21:06:52 meridian, 47 feet.
21:06:55 Twiggs Street, project is set back 20 feet -- sorry,
21:06:58 10 feet and then the total setback would be 30 feet in
21:07:01 total.
21:07:02 On the meridian street elevation, which I wanted to
21:07:07 just break down into this rendering we're showing
21:07:12 right here.
21:07:12 I'm showing you the northwest corner.
21:07:16 >>ROSE FERLITA: I think there was a question about
21:07:18 having the right site plan in front of you.
21:07:20 I didn't want to be disrespectful.
21:07:22 Hang on a second and let her open it up.
21:07:30 >> I'm now showing a rendering located on the

21:07:33 northwest corner of the project. So this is -- we're
21:07:35 looking down meridian.
21:07:36 I apologize for this image which keeps appearing in
21:07:41 the imagery that we show.
21:07:42 We're looking South on meridian and Twiggs Street
21:07:46 would be travelling to our left here.
21:07:47 This is the maximum setback we have at 47 feet.
21:07:50 This edge is populated with rail and obvious
21:07:55 landscaping, all the retail fronts would be addressed
21:07:59 with canopies and awnings and signage and landscape
21:08:02 beds and places for people to collect on that edge.
21:08:05 The other edge that I want -- and above the retail at
21:08:09 that edge, we have residential units.
21:08:13 What I would like to point out is that on meridian,
21:08:17 the building steps back after the 8th floor.
21:08:21 If I were to show you these block elevations, this is
21:08:24 the meridian section right here.
21:08:26 Here is the face of the building, and we step back
21:08:29 almost 80 feet to the face.
21:08:32 And this is looking at the North elevation, here is
21:08:35 meridian and the building would step back.
21:08:37 If we go to the park elevation, which is on the East

21:08:45 side of the building, again, what we wanted to
21:08:48 demonstrate is at eye-level, a person who is
21:08:53 approximately six feet tall looking through the park
21:08:57 from Twiggs, the park runs completely through from
21:08:59 Twiggs to Madison at a .72-acre.
21:09:03 We're inviting the public in on sidewalks and open
21:09:07 edges with no barriers.
21:09:11 There's a water feature.
21:09:13 The petitioner has offered to maintain the park.
21:09:16 There's open lawn area to throw Frisbee, football, few
21:09:20 team sports.
21:09:20 I think it's going to be a very energetic space.
21:09:24 The building elevation features town houses that would
21:09:27 face out onto the park as well as some retail at the
21:09:30 corners.
21:09:31 We do have some parking to contend with, and then the
21:09:33 residential units continue above.
21:09:39 >> Thank you, Richard.
21:09:40 He actually covered a lot of things I was going to go
21:09:42 through.
21:09:43 I'll bullet point them out quickly.
21:09:46 Additional required development or development

21:09:48 requirements are architectural design and expression
21:09:50 in the roofline, which if you look at the -- Richard,
21:09:54 if you bring up the main elevations, the articulations
21:09:57 of the roofline is not plain flat walls and flat
21:10:00 rooflines.
21:10:01 Use of awnings and recessed entrances which are
21:10:04 clearly shown in both the site elevations off of
21:10:07 meridian and looking through the park.
21:10:09 No blank expanses of exterior walls.
21:10:13 The provision for public art.
21:10:15 The providing of shade, weather protection,
21:10:17 pedestrians and the complementary exterior lighting.
21:10:22 In addition, the project incorporates certain bonus
21:10:24 elements which would allow the density above the base
21:10:27 3.5 under section 5.5.2 of the proposed Wilson Miller
21:10:32 plan.
21:10:32 That would be the inclusion of public open space and
21:10:35 park areas which the developer has committed in almost
21:10:37 three-quarter acre open space for public use, which
21:10:41 would be maintained by the developer and not
21:10:43 maintained by the city.
21:10:45 Bicycle commendations and also increased sidewalk area

21:10:49 along Twiggs and meridian.
21:10:51 The question also arose last time, the compatibility
21:10:55 of development North of Twiggs.
21:10:56 And this is respecting height of the project.
21:10:59 I'm going to put up another graphic that was included
21:11:02 as part of the Wilson Miller study as well, which will
21:11:05 demonstrate some of this.
21:11:08 The project here at 170 feet, that is a Grand Central
21:11:11 at Kennedy project.
21:11:13 Adjacent to it at 120 feet is the Ventana project.
21:11:17 This is Twiggs.
21:11:19 North of division, we have 30-foot which is the
21:11:22 transportation department -- Expressway Authority.
21:11:29 Adjacent to that at 65 feet and 300 feet is the
21:11:33 seaport project.
21:11:35 Richard, do you have your board up.
21:11:40 >> We'll cut two sections.
21:11:41 This is South section, if you will, beginning with
21:11:45 meridian to your left.
21:11:47 Here is the Martin building.
21:11:49 Here is the seaport village and both at 65-foot height
21:11:53 and it's 300-foot approved height.

21:11:55 And then we move over to Channelside and obviously to
21:11:58 the channel.
21:11:59 The other section we cut was a West elevation looking
21:12:03 down Twiggs.
21:12:03 We have the Crosstown to your far left.
21:12:07 Here is the seaport village project represented at 65,
21:12:10 300, and then we've got the Martin building at 240.
21:12:17 We step down to 170 for grand central, Ventana at 117.
21:12:21 And then the cobalt building is proposed at 85.
21:12:25 So we see this gradual step-down from the project down
21:12:31 across from Kennedy.
21:12:32 >> In addition to that, looking at the surrounding
21:12:34 neighbors there, and Tim, if I could have you
21:12:36 introduce these into evidence.
21:12:38 We have letters from Gaspar properties who owns
21:12:42 property adjacent across meridian on Twiggs.
21:12:46 We have a letter of support from the developer bill
21:12:48 ware of Ventana.
21:12:51 We have a letter of support from the developer of
21:12:54 seaport.
21:12:54 And we also have a letter of support from Sandra
21:12:57 Dickey and Steve Dickey who own images gallery and

21:13:00 design, which is located directly East of our project
21:13:04 on Twiggs.
21:13:08 These are all projects that are either adjacent
21:13:10 directly or nearby our project.
21:13:14 The other issue brought up again was density of the
21:13:17 project.
21:13:18 3.5 F.A.R. that was requested.
21:13:20 The proposed density is consistent with the
21:13:22 comprehensive plan as noted by Planning Commission
21:13:25 earlier, there's allowance for density bonuses within
21:13:28 the CDB periphery of up to 100%.
21:13:31 This is also echoed in the LDC, and also the Channel
21:13:35 District's strategic action plan.
21:13:38 The proposed density that we're requesting is 4.0.
21:13:41 This is an increase of 14.3% or in real numbers square
21:13:45 footages on this project, it's an increase of 49,923
21:13:49 square feet.
21:13:52 Looking at the density trade-off, one of the things
21:13:54 that we've reiterated that the developer is providing
21:13:57 is a 31,502 square foot park.
21:14:01 So this is not just a request for an increase in
21:14:03 density because we're trying to max out the site.

21:14:06 We're also providing a park area which is going to be
21:14:08 an amenity not only to the residents of the Martin,
21:14:11 grand central, Kennedy, the Ventana folks, the people
21:14:14 at seaport and the channel side district.
21:14:18 With respect to having meetings with the neighborhood,
21:14:20 my client did hold two additional meetings since
21:14:23 January 26th.
21:14:24 Notices were sent out to residents in accordance with
21:14:27 the current tax roll records and approval was obtained
21:14:30 from the managers of both victory lofts and meridian
21:14:33 to post notices there.
21:14:35 Meetings were held on a Saturday and Sunday for
21:14:39 resident convenience.
21:14:40 Looking at this project, we have really have three
21:14:42 different standards for consideration.
21:14:43 The comprehensive plan Land Development code and the
21:14:46 Channel District's strategic action plan.
21:14:48 Obviously, the strategic action plan has not been
21:14:51 approved at this point in time.
21:14:54 The comprehensive plan Land Development code are,
21:14:56 however.
21:14:58 This project considering the height, the density and

21:15:00 development standards is consistent with the
21:15:02 comprehensive plan, the LDSC and the strategic action
21:15:06 plan and as such is overall consistent with all
21:15:08 requirements.
21:15:15 Some other contributing factors.
21:15:17 As outlined in the Channel District strategic action
21:15:20 plan, the project is located in the northern sector of
21:15:22 the district, which has little or no effect of the
21:15:26 view corridors in the central and southern portions.
21:15:28 As Richard demonstrated in his graphic, it is a
21:15:31 stepping up as you go to the North or if you are
21:15:33 coming from the very northern portion of the Channel
21:15:35 District, it's a stepping down, starting with seaport,
21:15:38 first of all, at 300, moving to this building at 240
21:15:41 and then moving down from there.
21:15:44 There is a need for increased density in Channelside
21:15:46 District.
21:15:48 There was an article that came out in the Tampa
21:15:50 Tribune that was lamenting the fact that banks, dry
21:15:55 cleaners, coffee shops an other necessary retail are
21:15:58 not getting attracted right now to the Channel
21:16:00 District due to the lack of rooftops or the lack of

21:16:03 the number of residences, not residents but
21:16:05 residential units.
21:16:06 It's pretty well known in the retail development
21:16:09 industry that for a grocery store to locate to a new
21:16:12 area, they need a minimum of 7,000 residential units
21:16:15 or 7,000 rooftops as we call it in the vernacular of
21:16:18 retail development.
21:16:20 Increased to 12,500 units when there's a nearby
21:16:24 competitor within a three-mile radius.
21:16:26 That shows right there, we need more residents down in
21:16:29 the Channel District if we're going to get the
21:16:31 community serving retail needs.
21:16:35 I want to kind of end up on the Channel District plan
21:16:38 for the future which was drafted back in 1993.
21:16:40 And I want to read two excerpts that I think are
21:16:44 pretty telling.
21:16:45 First, residential uses are a desired part of this
21:16:47 district.
21:16:48 In the short run, it may be possible for some of the
21:16:51 buildings to be renovated for living.
21:16:53 But this would occur on a sporadic basis due to the
21:16:56 existing character of the area.

21:16:58 The second quote says, the regional mixed use
21:17:00 designation relates to the area South of Twiggs
21:17:02 Street.
21:17:03 The purpose of this designation is to identify areas
21:17:06 suitable for high-rise residential development.
21:17:09 It further goes on to say that the regional mixed use
21:17:12 designation should be retained as it will allow for a
21:17:16 variety of mixed use options to occur in the district
21:17:18 as the market evolves.
21:17:19 Thus even in 1993, it was acknowledged that the
21:17:22 development of the Channel District was going to be an
21:17:24 evolutionary process, that at some time would
21:17:28 incorporate high-rise developments, which are
21:17:30 essential to the sustainability of the channel
21:17:32 neighborhood.
21:17:33 That ends our presentation.
21:17:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions from Council members?
21:17:39 Anyone in the public like to speak on item number 9?
21:17:41 If you're going to speak, please get up and come line
21:17:44 up to the side.
21:17:52 >> Before we move into public comment, Julia Cole,
21:17:54 Legal Department.

21:17:55 I have been sworn.
21:17:56 I just wanted to state that the petitioner in this
21:17:59 instance has presented you with his evidence
21:18:02 indicating how he complies with the strategic action
21:18:06 plan.
21:18:06 But I wanted to indicate to you all, that has not been
21:18:09 adopted.
21:18:10 He's indicated to you how he is in compliance with
21:18:12 what has been presented to you, but not what has been
21:18:15 adopted, and that is a standard that he cannot be held
21:18:18 to.
21:18:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Speaker one, come on.
21:18:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Could you take down some of the
21:18:25 boards?
21:18:33 >> My name is FRIGGS.
21:18:36 I have been sworn in.
21:18:38 Out of curiosity, I would like to get a raise of hands
21:18:42 of those in favor of the Martin project.
21:18:44 >>GWEN MILLER: No, no.
21:18:45 You are speaking to us.
21:18:46 Not to them.
21:18:47 >> Okay.

21:18:48 I have purchased a residence at the Martin.
21:18:51 The main reason being, number one, because of its
21:18:56 height and the greenspace, it was important to me that
21:19:00 this developer was given that option.
21:19:03 There are no other developments in the Channelside
21:19:05 District that have that option of greenspace.
21:19:09 And I think it's important for that area.
21:19:13 I think it's going to be an icon coming off the new
21:19:15 Crosstown, the elevated Crosstown.
21:19:19 At that intersection it will be the first building
21:19:21 that you see.
21:19:22 I think it's important that that's there.
21:19:25 I think the people at grand central and ven tano will
21:19:28 appreciate that in lieu of the dilapidated porn store.
21:19:36 Brian has already mentioned the 30-story unit just to
21:19:40 the North.
21:19:41 I don't think that this would impede anything on that
21:19:45 or take away from anything in the district.
21:19:48 That's all I had.
21:19:49 Thank you.
21:19:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:19:50 Next.

21:19:53 >> My name is Ed higgencarter.
21:19:56 I've also been sworn in.
21:19:58 I'll add to the same thing Roger said.
21:20:00 I purchased a unit and hope to be a future resident at
21:20:04 the Martin.
21:20:05 I'm excited about living in that area with
21:20:09 prestigious, both the aspect of a city environment,
21:20:18 also with park facility.
21:20:22 Large reason for deciding to purchase down there in
21:20:25 the area was the height and the view of getting
21:20:27 down -- getting the view of downtown.
21:20:31 And that's pretty much it.
21:20:33 Thank you.
21:20:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, next.
21:20:36 >> My name is James marsh.
21:20:38 I've been here a while.
21:20:39 So I've been sworn in twice.
21:20:43 I am a future resident of Grand Central at Kennedy.
21:20:47 I'm looking forward to living there.
21:20:48 One of the things I am aware of, is the attraction of
21:20:53 retail space to the Channelside area.
21:20:55 It's a major concern for me.

21:20:56 I'm at that point in life where I was looking forward
21:20:59 to riding an elevator to dinner or getting a bottle of
21:21:03 wine.
21:21:04 Looks like I will be one of those traffic generators
21:21:07 if we don't attract retail space to Channelside
21:21:11 because I'll have to get in my car and go to dinner.
21:21:14 And I think that's an important issue.
21:21:16 It seems like tonight everybody has been concerned
21:21:17 about traffic and it's something we do need to be
21:21:20 concerned about.
21:21:21 I don't believe in unbridled growth.
21:21:23 I believe in smart growth.
21:21:24 I think it's smart that we allow this.
21:21:27 I like the idea of the greenspace.
21:21:29 I look forward to having another 300 neighbors across
21:21:32 the street, and I want to see it happen.
21:21:34 Thank you.
21:21:38 >> Michael McCandles, 5120 North Suwannee.
21:21:41 I have been sworn.
21:21:42 I come to you tonight as not only the project manager
21:21:45 for the Grand Central at Kennedy project and before
21:21:48 you pass prejudgment on me, I'm also a resident of

21:21:51 Tampa, been so since I was a child.
21:21:53 I'm here at my own will, not as Ken's urging or
21:21:56 anybody else's urging.
21:21:58 I just wanted to come and speak before you.
21:22:00 As I said, I wanted to talk as project manager for the
21:22:02 project or the adjacent project and also as a
21:22:05 resident.
21:22:06 But I'll start as the project manager.
21:22:09 Right now, we have about 200 people that are employed
21:22:12 directly through our job.
21:22:14 At max, 350 to 400 people.
21:22:17 When you add in support staff, suppliers, design team,
21:22:21 all the rest, you're talking over a thousand people
21:22:23 that have a direct impact with this job or any job
21:22:27 down there in general.
21:22:29 So it's a very important thing to keep those things in
21:22:32 mind when we talk about economic and all those things
21:22:34 that get associated with it.
21:22:36 Along with those thing, some of the things talked
21:22:38 about earlier were the economics and pro formas.
21:22:41 I can tell you, on the front lines of what
21:22:44 construction costs are doing, these pro formas are

21:22:48 driven by these highs and these needs.
21:22:51 Ken may not want to admit it, but we've had these
21:22:54 battles.
21:22:54 It's an honest reality of what is going on.
21:22:57 With that being said, I think we've all heard about
21:23:00 the condo boom and the residential bubble that's about
21:23:04 to burst.
21:23:05 Some people say it's national and not going to affect
21:23:08 Tampa.
21:23:08 Tampa and Florida may push through.
21:23:11 Well, allowing projects like this to happen allow
21:23:13 Tampa to be sort of not hit by that wave and allow us
21:23:16 to push through and continue on the development and
21:23:20 not have half-finished vision and neighborhood when
21:23:24 we're done.
21:23:25 So with that, I want to say as a resident, I live in
21:23:30 Seminole Heights on my own small developer, builder on
21:23:33 my own right.
21:23:34 I see the development that's going on there.
21:23:36 I've seen since I was a child what this neighborhood
21:23:39 has gone from or is getting to, to say that it's an
21:23:43 amazing thing that's gone on.

21:23:46 I've lived in Orlando.
21:23:48 I lived in Atlanta.
21:23:50 I see towns like that, mid-town Atlanta, to me, they
21:23:56 are a vision of what this can become.
21:23:58 And they are fantastic residential pedestrian friendly
21:24:02 areas.
21:24:02 So I want to, you know, let's not get on our own ways
21:24:07 here.
21:24:09 Ken is an honest man.
21:24:10 He wants to build a true neighborhood, not just come
21:24:13 in and get out and make his money.
21:24:15 He wants parks.
21:24:16 He wants shopping, not just coffee shops and dry
21:24:19 cleaners, but things that will sustain a neighborhood
21:24:22 like grocery stores and all those things.
21:24:24 Not only for this project, but for the others that
21:24:28 will come before you, just keep in mind, let's not get
21:24:31 in our own way and help the development continue.
21:24:34 Thank you.
21:24:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:24:35 Next.
21:24:36 >> Good evening.

21:24:36 Joan Davis.
21:24:38 4509 West Fig Street, unit E.
21:24:42 I am sworn in.
21:24:44 I am the sales manager for the Martin at meridian.
21:24:47 Not only am I the sales manager, but I believe so much
21:24:51 in this gorgeous project that I have invested in it as
21:24:54 well.
21:24:54 I expect it to be my swan song.
21:24:57 I know I don't look this my age, but I do plan for it
21:25:02 to be my assisted living.
21:25:06 I do hope I can walk across the street, not get in the
21:25:10 traffic, shop at a grocery store, be available to
21:25:13 close medical.
21:25:13 Be able to enjoy the museum, walk down to Channelside,
21:25:18 catch the trolley to Ybor.
21:25:21 Catch the trolley to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts.
21:25:23 I'm really looking forward to all of this change.
21:25:25 May I please read an e-mail that I had from one of my
21:25:29 customers.
21:25:31 He's a young man.
21:25:32 He's traveling.
21:25:32 He is in Miami tonight.

21:25:35 He sort of sums it all up for all of us, who are
21:25:38 hoping to be blessed with residing in this wonderful
21:25:42 project.
21:25:43 He says, please feel free to convey these thoughts at
21:25:46 the meeting tonight.
21:25:47 His name is Rick PUNTAREE.
21:25:50 He said it has recently been brought to my attention
21:25:53 that there's stern opposition to the building at the
21:25:55 Martin at meridian project.
21:25:58 While there are certain two sides to every story and
21:26:01 without invalidating the feelings of the opponents'
21:26:04 views, I would like to point out a few things.
21:26:07 The ability to change and to grow and build in new
21:26:11 areas are the things that make the cities improve and
21:26:15 keep this country great.
21:26:16 Over the years, cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh,
21:26:20 Baltimore, and numerous others have built new housing
21:26:22 and retail in places that used to be run down or
21:26:26 warehouse areas and turn them to areas of exciting and
21:26:30 expanding business growth.
21:26:35 This is what keeps our cities thriving.
21:26:38 We have an opportunity to make Channelside and the

21:26:40 surrounding areas the next new hot spot in Tampa.
21:26:43 It has certainly already begun and must be allowed to
21:26:49 continue.
21:26:50 If more housing is available and the area becomes a
21:26:52 much-desired place to move this will attract major
21:26:57 retail stores and will pump huge amounts of money into
21:27:00 the area, expanding all the way to downtown and Ybor
21:27:04 City.
21:27:05 This is good for everyone, including the people that
21:27:08 are opposed.
21:27:10 Zoning laws are written for what makes sense at the
21:27:12 time they are drawn up, but things do change.
21:27:16 Neighborhoods change, cities change.
21:27:19 And zoning laws can change too.
21:27:21 If any of the people opposed to this building could
21:27:24 just take a look as to what the area will look like in
21:27:27 the future with allowed further growth, I'm sure they
21:27:31 will see in the end that this will be good for
21:27:33 everyone.
21:27:34 So, please, let's finish what we started and do this
21:27:37 thing right.
21:27:38 Regards, Rick PUNATAREE.

21:27:41 That sort of sums up everything for the people coming
21:27:44 from the beach, escaping taxes for look -- close to
21:27:48 medical, not having to get into the traffic.
21:27:50 Shopping, everything available to us.
21:27:53 Thank you for your consideration.
21:27:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:27:54 Next.
21:27:58 >> My name is Joe Martin.
21:28:00 I've been sworn in.
21:28:01 I've been having -- I've had a vested interest in the
21:28:05 Channel District for about three years starting with
21:28:07 the purchase of a unit at victory lofts, model T
21:28:11 building.
21:28:11 I also had a contract rights to two units at grand
21:28:15 central and, of course, one at the Martin.
21:28:20 I see the Martin because of the park space in
21:28:22 particular as being an asset to my other investments
21:28:26 there.
21:28:26 And that's why I hope to see this project proceed.
21:28:29 Thank you.
21:28:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:28:30 Next.

21:28:36 >> Good evening.
21:28:36 My name is Janelle.
21:28:37 101 South 12th street.
21:28:39 I have been sworn in.
21:28:41 My colleague is handing out documents for reference,
21:28:45 safe that I will be talking about this evening and I
21:28:49 will be using the ELMO.
21:28:50 I would like to start out here with a term given by
21:28:55 the city.
21:28:56 If you can turn the clock back 20 years, what changes
21:28:59 would you have made to improve your community today?
21:29:01 Now turn it forward 20 years, make an impact on
21:29:04 tomorrow today.
21:29:05 I also represent the united residents of Channelside,
21:29:09 three of the four directors are here this evening, so
21:29:11 I can say that.
21:29:12 We are not against any buildings.
21:29:15 We are not against any development.
21:29:17 We have invested two years of our entire tiff fund
21:29:22 into a study that is finished.
21:29:24 It is -- it will be presented in several week, ideally
21:29:27 in an evening or weekend so everyone on a level

21:29:30 playing field, the wonderful new residents who are
21:29:32 passionate about change, the wonderful residents who
21:29:35 live there now, who still love it and come down here
21:29:38 to talk who are burnt out, who are out of town on
21:29:41 business.
21:29:42 Developers, all developers, ones who have been turned
21:29:45 away and would like to come back again.
21:29:47 Developers who are coming tonight.
21:29:48 Future developers, we want an even playing field of
21:29:51 all stakeholders throughout the city.
21:29:53 They talked about the Wilson Miller study.
21:29:56 You might remember this.
21:29:57 Just to briefly touched, they did discuss F.A.R. at
21:30:01 one CRA meeting with us explaining look at the entire
21:30:04 development of the whole.
21:30:05 They've been going big and small.
21:30:10 It's not official.
21:30:11 Let's do it on a level playing field.
21:30:13 There is a vision we have committed to and let's wait
21:30:15 for that time.
21:30:16 People are talking about parks.
21:30:17 We love parks.

21:30:19 Talk to Henry McGruff of the Parks Department.
21:30:22 There is a study.
21:30:24 Parks -- defined as parks that they are talking about
21:30:27 are not definitions.
21:30:28 They don't exist.
21:30:29 The Parks Department will not take care of them.
21:30:32 They are even producing a park that things are so
21:30:34 small they won't go forward.
21:30:39 Let's get the right size park.
21:30:42 Bayshore Gardens is extremely frustrated in reaching
21:30:46 us and look at all the names.
21:30:47 Parking is an issue.
21:30:49 Martin did let us know.
21:30:51 We came and showed up.
21:30:52 Please, let's have this developer bring the people
21:30:55 down to see things.
21:30:57 We have a building going -- no one has talked about
21:31:15 the building that may be torn down.
21:31:17 What is the actual dimension space?
21:31:20 This building, too, is in character with the
21:31:22 six-story, five-story development going up across the
21:31:25 street in architecture style and character.

21:31:30 We talked to Wilson Stair.
21:31:31 He said he would happily work with any developer and
21:31:34 the developer tonight is an excellent developer in
21:31:36 incorporating this building somehow into the parking
21:31:40 garage if it had to be decided.
21:31:42 This is another building in height.
21:31:44 When you look at the heights further back, look at the
21:31:48 heights that are there.
21:31:50 How do they incorporate?
21:31:51 We are given renderings, wonderful renderings, and as
21:31:55 you can see, some of them are outdated.
21:31:57 We have buildings that were approved that fell
21:31:59 through.
21:32:02 How valid is what is going on?
21:32:04 When they show us renderings, this is the rendering of
21:32:07 the vision of people who bought into grand central or
21:32:10 pedestrian friendly with new sidewalks.
21:32:14 Please wait for the study.
21:32:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:32:16 Next.
21:32:20 >> Good evening.
21:32:20 Chris Phillips, 217 North Channelside.

21:32:23 I have been sworn in.
21:32:24 Very proud and happy resident of Channelside.
21:32:27 I'd like to read to you two short letters that have
21:32:30 actually been submitted that you all will find on
21:32:33 those pamphlets tagged one and two.
21:32:36 These are the letters that you probably have seen
21:32:38 before and I would like to use them as evidence going
21:32:41 towards what we're looking for which is the original
21:32:43 vision.
21:32:43 The first letter was written in 2004.
21:32:47 Dear Madam Chair, honorable Council members, I am
21:32:50 international developer with a lot of experience in
21:32:53 urban development, specialize in rejuvenation of
21:32:55 distressed properties in urban areas.
21:32:57 Saw such an opportunity in the Channel District and
21:32:59 decided to invest here.
21:33:00 Initially -- develop high-rise mixed use project in
21:33:05 this neighborhood.
21:33:07 After meeting with the community leaders and the city
21:33:09 officials all of whom extremely cordial and
21:33:12 forthcoming, I quickly recognized that this enclave
21:33:15 could be developed into a real urban jewel.

21:33:18 European style pedestrian friendly mid-rise
21:33:21 residential neighborhood where people could walk on
21:33:23 foot, eat in small gourmet restaurants, cafes, listen
21:33:27 to music, shop at small specialty shops and enjoy
21:33:31 annual street festivals.
21:33:33 One annual event could be an art contest accompanied
21:33:36 by open air street fest like the ones held in small
21:33:39 Swiss and European villages, an idea which I'm a
21:33:42 prominent supporter of.
21:33:43 The design of our property is centered on this vision,
21:33:46 the vision proposed to us for the future.
21:33:48 While considered the above-mentioned project for
21:33:50 rezoning on January 8th of 2004, I sincerely urge
21:33:54 you to reflect on the following questions.
21:33:56 Do we want to build high-rise in Channel District and
21:33:59 render it a mere extension off downtown or rather turn
21:34:02 it into a special place, a pedestrian friendly haven
21:34:05 offering true urban live-work environment.
21:34:08 Can we afford to allow haphazard redevelopment of our
21:34:11 last urban assets and not first master plan and not --
21:34:16 excuse me, first master plan it into a real model of
21:34:19 urban living.

21:34:20 How can it be that long-cherished vision in the
21:34:24 neighborhood seems to be turning topsy-turvy so early
21:34:27 on just when it begins to see the daylight.
21:34:31 Seven cranes in a three block radius.
21:34:34 We're not desperate.
21:34:35 We're not struggling to get people in here.
21:34:38 There's no desperation in this.
21:34:40 I'm a huge stakeholder in the redevelopment of this
21:34:42 neighborhood.
21:34:43 I'm in the process of implementing a beautiful
21:34:46 standard set or development which he has a huge
21:34:48 capital cost of 6 million plus.
21:34:50 Would it be right to put it at such other bona fide
21:34:53 efforts at risk, how about leveling the playing field?
21:34:56 Again, repeated.
21:34:57 Expansion of the tax base only criterion for zoning
21:35:02 request.
21:35:02 Will high-rises not absorb most of the potential
21:35:06 buyers and cause development to slow done.
21:35:08 These are serious questions requiring visionary
21:35:11 thinking.
21:35:11 I trust you would do the right thing.

21:35:13 This is written to you by FIDAH who is actually
21:35:17 working -- beautiful project within the heights
21:35:21 restrictions that we currently have.
21:35:23 The next letter on there is DEV 1.
21:35:26 I'm writing to clarify our position as it relates to
21:35:29 development at Channel District.
21:35:31 Our current plans are to build a relatively small
21:35:33 condominium project 30 units in keeping with current
21:35:36 zoning and existing building scale of the immediate
21:35:38 neighborhoods.
21:35:39 We did require and receive administrative variance to
21:35:42 normally increase building height from 60 to 72 feet.
21:35:45 As it relates to the efforts of other neighborhoods
21:35:47 seeking zoning changes or special exceptions in order
21:35:50 to build in significant tolerant denser projects, we
21:35:53 would have to reconsider our plans if such were
21:35:55 allowed.
21:35:56 You're driving away people if you are going higher.
21:35:59 And that is from a developer.
21:36:01 You have the black and white in front of you.
21:36:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:36:04 Next.

21:36:09 >> I have with me a form to submit for five-minutes.
21:36:12 If I could beg the Council's time to just get some
21:36:15 help with the computer here.
21:36:26 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Three additional names.
21:36:27 Raise your hands.
21:36:28 Jimmy overton.
21:36:33 >> That's me.
21:36:34 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Then Pete SERAT.
21:36:38 And Stephanie Chaudery.
21:36:42 Okay, two additional minutes.
21:36:46 >> Actually, it doesn't look like the Powerpoint will
21:36:48 work.
21:36:49 That's okay.
21:36:49 We have a backup plan.
21:36:50 I'll read you the spirit of this.
21:36:52 Can I start with ELMO if I can have some assistance of
21:36:55 that.
21:36:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If you can state your name.
21:36:58 >> Jimmy overton.
21:37:00 Resident of Channelside and I have been sworn in.
21:37:04 I'll start with the ELMO, because I think this gives
21:37:06 us some perspective.

21:37:08 This is a vision or a plan -- actually, a plan that I
21:37:12 bought into for the Channel District.
21:37:14 This is the Channel District here, and this is really
21:37:17 where I wanted to live.
21:37:18 This is supposed to be downtown.
21:37:20 Really, what you're deciding tonight is this.
21:37:22 Is this a photo of Channelside looking at downtown, or
21:37:27 is this a photo of downtown looking at Channelside?
21:37:30 Because it looks like you're trying to put all of the
21:37:33 sky rise buildings in the Channel District and the
21:37:35 vision is pretty clear since 1993, and this is Wilson
21:37:39 stair's drawing of what it was intended to be and
21:37:42 that's why we are here.
21:37:45 The July 21 -- presentation, because we tried to
21:37:50 present it many times and now we have some technical
21:37:53 difficulties.
21:37:54 I also was going to say that I remember the united
21:37:57 residents of Channelside.
21:37:58 Apparently I should say I'm a united resident of
21:38:00 Channelside subsection middle green sector.
21:38:03 I didn't get the memo on that.
21:38:04 Apparently we have divided the Channel District into

21:38:07 what seems to be friendly for each developer.
21:38:09 I would like to quote bob Harrell.
21:38:11 When you guys debated the towers at Channelside was
21:38:14 accepted by this Council, there were a lot of comments
21:38:17 made, since really no guidelines right now, I would
21:38:19 like to talk to you about what it is you said at that
21:38:21 time about projects of this scale in the district.
21:38:24 Bob Harrell said, the reason why they would support
21:38:27 this project, the administration would support project
21:38:29 like towers at Channelside because it was not
21:38:31 precedent setting.
21:38:33 Half of it was in the central business district and
21:38:35 half was in the Channel District.
21:38:37 On that basis, City Council approved it.
21:38:39 He also said it would be inappropriate to pose a
21:38:42 building central within the district.
21:38:43 I have the video.
21:38:44 Happy to give it to any member of the press interested
21:38:47 or any of you.
21:38:47 The video clips have already been edited for your
21:38:50 viewing.
21:38:51 It's clearly that this probably and another project

21:38:53 later are central to the district.
21:38:55 Council member Harrison said, may not be exactly what
21:38:57 the folks in the Channel District had envisioned.
21:39:00 But this is right on the edge of the district and I
21:39:03 quote, it's right on the corner.
21:39:05 If this were in the center of the district, I think it
21:39:07 would be a different argument would be made.
21:39:09 This project is clearly within the context of the
21:39:11 heart of our district.
21:39:14 Council member White, I think it's far enough away,
21:39:18 far enough removed wouldn't be that much of an impact
21:39:21 on your area.
21:39:22 Speaking to the Marcum and Marcum residence.
21:39:25 I respect your opinions speaking to Kim Marcum and the
21:39:28 area you are in.
21:39:30 That project is directly on top of this project.
21:39:32 I know Kim Marcum has left but the area still exists.
21:39:35 I go to councilwoman Saul-Sena, my objection is to the
21:39:40 height.
21:39:40 It's all about the vision of the Channel District.
21:39:42 It's supposed to be a polyglot of mid-rise warehouses.
21:39:46 If this is approved, two things will happen and some

21:39:49 of them are happening, by the way.
21:39:50 That project just read to you that they may change the
21:39:53 scope of their project actually also a left the
21:39:55 Channel District.
21:39:56 They cancelled that project.
21:39:57 They don't want to build in a haphazard neighborhood.
21:40:00 They wanted to build a Chicago loft.
21:40:03 Property values would go up so much that the small
21:40:05 scale developments we've just seen will not continue
21:40:08 in the future.
21:40:08 That's true.
21:40:13 Councilwoman Alvarez, if it wasn't that we had this
21:40:16 huge building next door speaking about the '02 project
21:40:19 when you voted for the towers at Channelside, across
21:40:21 the street from it, I wouldn't approve a building like
21:40:24 this.
21:40:24 But based on the fact this large building is going up
21:40:28 next to, I will approve something like that in the
21:40:31 Channel District.
21:40:32 That was a logical decision at the time but know the
21:40:34 '02 building that you based your decision on is no
21:40:37 longer there.

21:40:38 And I think now we're dealing with the core of the
21:40:40 district and no building comparable in the area.
21:40:45 Councilwoman Rose Ferlita, I would certainly encourage
21:40:48 it in downtown, speaking of the proposed towers at
21:40:51 Channelside.
21:40:51 That's what we want.
21:40:52 But in the Channel District, this would be a beast of
21:40:55 a different nature and we don't disagree with you.
21:40:59 Council member Dingfelder, I would encourage us to
21:41:02 perhaps say revise this plan to be more in the
21:41:04 midrange of height.
21:41:05 Again, speaking about the towers of Channelside.
21:41:07 The only real guidance that we have.
21:41:10 Maybe something in the six, eight, ten stories and
21:41:12 actually to my surprise, my favorite quote by Council
21:41:15 member Dingfelder is not just one square building but
21:41:18 make it up and down with a little funk to it.
21:41:21 I never thought I would hear him say "funk to it," so
21:41:25 I like that quote.
21:41:26 The last slide that I have was really just us speaking
21:41:30 to what the district looks like now.
21:41:32 Kind of a cartoon animation that I would have loved to

21:41:35 have shown you.
21:41:36 Due to technology difficulties, I can't do it.
21:41:38 But really, it speaks to what do the buildings look
21:41:41 like now, who lives there and what will it look like
21:41:43 when we put these monstrous, precedent setting, this
21:41:47 is going to be a precedent setting building.
21:41:49 If I were in the green sector or blue sector and I
21:41:51 wasn't allowed to have my building at the same height,
21:41:54 I think I would make a little case that I don't know
21:41:56 why I shouldn't.
21:41:57 If we set precedence tonight, we really need to
21:42:00 decide.
21:42:04 If we can show the ELMO, is this going to be downtown
21:42:04 looking at Channelside or Channelside looking at
21:42:06 downtown?
21:42:07 It's your decision tonight.
21:42:08 Thank you.
21:42:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What is the height of the building
21:42:15 that you're in?
21:42:18 >> I'm two stories at 24 feet.
21:42:25 >> Fran seen MOSANO.
21:42:27 101 South 12th street in the victory building in the

21:42:32 Channelside District.
21:42:33 I began my studies of the Channel District about three
21:42:35 years ago at the University of South Florida studying
21:42:38 architecture.
21:42:39 I've studied both in my educational experience, and my
21:42:42 professional experience and now in my personal
21:42:45 experience having lived there for well over a year.
21:42:48 I have looked at the studies.
21:42:49 I've looked at the '93 study and currently I have in
21:42:52 my hand the final report for the Tampa downtown vision
21:42:55 and action program.
21:42:57 It's ironic, I'm reading this to have a meeting
21:43:01 tomorrow in my office of PBS and J in the architecture
21:43:05 department.
21:43:05 I find it interesting that in this study, it says that
21:43:08 the downtown districts that -- in downtown Tampa,
21:43:12 districts will be listed in various names, and they'll
21:43:16 have different flavors, different feelings.
21:43:18 The core in business and government district, the Arts
21:43:21 district, the convention district, the Channel
21:43:22 District, Ybor City district, and Davis and harbor
21:43:26 islands.

21:43:27 It's very iron that I can Mr. Overton had brought up
21:43:29 the fact of that picture, is that looking -- is that
21:43:32 downtown looking at us, because I say, what is going
21:43:36 to be the difference with the Channel District if you
21:43:41 allow high-rise development, 25, 30 stories in excess
21:43:46 of the height limitations now, what in essence you are
21:43:49 doing is creating a very similar district to what is
21:43:52 going on downtown.
21:43:53 The downtown development is coming, the high-rises are
21:43:56 coming downtown as well they should be there.
21:43:59 But they should not be in the Channel District.
21:44:01 I, too, purchased my property.
21:44:03 I have three teenage daughters.
21:44:04 My oldest one is an artist studying art at USF, with
21:44:09 talent grant.
21:44:10 And I purchased my loft in the Channel District to be
21:44:14 able to be in that atmosphere.
21:44:17 So I am not a developer.
21:44:18 I would like to see my property increase.
21:44:20 I own one piece of property and I value it very
21:44:23 highly.
21:44:24 I also say that for the retail, to bring the retail

21:44:27 in, any one of could you go to the malls on the
21:44:29 weekend and you can see where retail is flourishing.
21:44:34 I don't think it is essential to rob our district of
21:44:38 the essence of what it was supposed to be just to say
21:44:40 we can have a grocery store down the block.
21:44:43 And also, in all of these studies, I have also
21:44:46 realized that the theme of scale.
21:44:49 Scale is always spoken about.
21:44:50 Scale is constantly spoken about.
21:44:52 I really do urge you to take into consideration what
21:44:55 the scale and the true nature of this district is
21:44:58 supposed to be.
21:44:59 Thank you very much.
21:45:02 Yes, I've been sworn.
21:45:06 >> My name is Alden frosted.
21:45:07 I've been sworn.
21:45:09 I hope to be a future resident of the Channelside
21:45:13 District.
21:45:14 I'm under contract to purchase a unit at grand
21:45:17 central.
21:45:18 Along with some friends and family that unfortunately
21:45:22 I was very late in sending them notice that this

21:45:25 meeting was happening.
21:45:26 But within 20 minutes, I had three faxed letters
21:45:29 supporting the Martin project, and no doubt I have
21:45:34 numerous other ones sitting in my fax machine.
21:45:37 In addition to those, based on my excitement about
21:45:39 this new exciting area, I'm in real estate and I
21:45:45 represent 30 other buyers that have purchased or
21:45:48 placed reservations for the Martin, and they are very
21:45:51 excited about this project to happen and the
21:45:53 opportunity to have some full-time residents, some of
21:45:55 them part-time residents, kind of a mixed use.
21:45:58 But without the additional density, you heard it
21:46:00 before, the grocery stores aren't going to come in.
21:46:03 The restaurants aren't going to come in.
21:46:05 They need the numbers.
21:46:06 They need the residences.
21:46:07 They need the bodies to be able to support their
21:46:10 businesses.
21:46:10 Without those, you'll have just a bunch of empty holes
21:46:13 that are already being built.
21:46:17 I think the Martin project with its considerable
21:46:22 donation of three-fourth acre park is a real benefit

21:46:26 to the community.
21:46:26 Everybody can take advantage of that.
21:46:28 It would be a shame to see that go away.
21:46:30 The developers will simply have no choice.
21:46:33 If you deny this, they'll have to do something else,
21:46:35 and that something else will be take away something
21:46:38 they are trying to give to the community.
21:46:41 I hope you approve this project along with others.
21:46:44 If you don't, if you stop the continued development
21:46:48 and the retailers, the grocery stores, et cetera, are
21:46:51 unable to make their businesses work in this area, the
21:46:54 Channel District is soon to be a black eye for Tampa
21:46:57 Bay as opposed to a shining star.
21:46:59 Thank you.
21:47:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:47:01 Petitioner do you want to come and rebuttal?
21:47:11 If anyone else is going to speak, please line up.
21:47:14 Don't sit down if you are going to speak.
21:47:18 >> Can I speak for both projects or the one coming up?
21:47:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Just nine.
21:47:29 >> My name is Dennis.
21:47:30 I've been sworn in.

21:47:32 I've owned property in the Channel District for about
21:47:34 nine years now.
21:47:35 I was here six weeks ago and listened to everybody's
21:47:38 stories.
21:47:39 I'm back here again tonight.
21:47:40 A lot of things have been said are fantastic about
21:47:43 this district.
21:47:44 Both sides heard and weighed out.
21:47:48 But I couldn't help but sit there and crack up when
21:47:51 this guy tells me a developer tells you guys that tall
21:47:55 buildings drive away people.
21:47:57 I mean, I just couldn't help but laugh at that.
21:48:01 I had to get up here and say something about it.
21:48:03 We need this project.
21:48:04 We need more projects with more density.
21:48:07 If this area is not going to be a black eye in Tampa
21:48:09 Bay, please Council members, do the right thing.
21:48:12 Vote for this project to approve it.
21:48:13 We need it.
21:48:14 I've got my money where my mouth is.
21:48:16 I've got 300 -- take that back.
21:48:19 Three and a half dead presidents buried over on

21:48:22 Channelside Drive.
21:48:24 There's a lot of retail space there.
21:48:26 I need people in it.
21:48:27 I need people to help create business there.
21:48:31 We can't do that without residents.
21:48:33 Please, approve this man's project.
21:48:35 Thank you.
21:48:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak?
21:48:39 Petitioner?
21:48:43 >> Again for the record, Brian Sykes.
21:48:44 I have been sworn.
21:48:46 We would just like to actually hit a couple of points
21:48:49 that I think need clarification.
21:48:51 First of all, I wanted to clarify that we do
21:48:54 appreciate people coming down and supporting this
21:48:56 project.
21:48:56 I wanted to clarify that they have not technically
21:49:02 bought units.
21:49:02 They are reservations on units.
21:49:04 We are still going through the process of getting
21:49:06 condominium documents approved and the project
21:49:08 approved, obviously.

21:49:09 I just want to make that quick clarification.
21:49:12 Second thing, this is not first high-rise going in
21:49:16 Channelside.
21:49:16 This is not a precedent setting project.
21:49:18 Look at the projects around.
21:49:19 We have Grand Central at Kennedy 170 feet.
21:49:23 Seaport approved for 300 feet.
21:49:24 You have the towers at Channelside that's been
21:49:27 approved at 360 feet.
21:49:29 We have 175-foot projects.
21:49:32 120-foot projects.
21:49:35 This is not a precedent-setting project.
21:49:38 We're not the first one coming through, guys, we came
21:49:40 up with this great idea.
21:49:41 We're going to put a really big building in the middle
21:49:44 of the Channel District.
21:49:45 We're not.
21:49:46 That's another thing that's a misnomer.
21:49:48 This is not going in the middle of the Channel
21:49:49 District.
21:49:50 This is on the far North end.
21:49:51 It's on Twiggs Street.

21:49:52 It's in an area that in the plan that was done by
21:49:56 Wilson Miller with the CDB's money, it's North sector.
21:50:04 That's where we came up -- we didn't create these
21:50:06 sectors or names on our own.
21:50:08 This is what is directly out of the Wilson Miller
21:50:10 plan.
21:50:10 This project is not smack-dab in the middle.
21:50:13 This project is actually smack-dab in the middle of a
21:50:16 300-foot building and 170-foot building and it's a
21:50:20 natural transition down.
21:50:21 We're not creating or asking for anything that
21:50:24 incompatible or inconsistent with what is already
21:50:26 there.
21:50:26 We're available for any further questions.
21:50:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions from Council members?
21:50:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
21:50:33 I just wanted to have you say that you understand, you
21:50:37 keep referring to the Wilson Miller plan.
21:50:39 It is not adopted.
21:50:40 Many of the Council members haven't even participated
21:50:43 in the discussion about whether they think the
21:50:46 precepts in it are valid.

21:50:49 It's not the basis of any of our existing ordinances.
21:50:53 >> Absolutely agree.
21:50:54 In fact, that was the first thing I said, the Wilson
21:50:57 Miller study is completed but has not been adopted.
21:51:01 Wend -- we understand it's in a draft form.
21:51:05 It was clearly stated that until the draft plan was
21:51:08 submitted or completed, that no decision made.
21:51:12 We wanted to make sure whatever the planned
21:51:14 recommendations were, that our plan and our project
21:51:16 and our architectural renderings and our design and
21:51:19 building were consistent with it.
21:51:21 I'm merely using it as a point of reference.
21:51:23 The two standards are the Land Development code and
21:51:25 the comprehensive plan.
21:51:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions, Council members?
21:51:30 Have a motion and second to close.
21:51:31 All in favor of the motion, aye.
21:51:34 What is the pleasure, Council.
21:51:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to reopen.
21:51:46 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Sorry.
21:51:47 I have one question of staff.
21:51:55 Are there any objections from city staff or Planning

21:51:58 Commission on this?
21:52:00 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: There are no objections from city
21:52:02 staff.
21:52:02 There was one clarification that I made on a
21:52:06 stormwater note that the petitioner has agreed to and
21:52:08 Planning Commission found this request consistent with
21:52:10 the comprehensive plan.
21:52:11 >>SHAWN HARRISON: The project to the immediate North
21:52:13 is grand central?
21:52:15 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: To the immediate South.
21:52:17 >>SHAWN HARRISON: How high is it?
21:52:20 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: 170 feet.
21:52:22 >>SHAWN HARRISON: This one will be how high?
21:52:25 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: 240 feet.
21:52:27 >>SHAWN HARRISON: The one to the North is how high?
21:52:29 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: 300.
21:52:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excuse me.
21:52:33 I thought immediately to the North of it there were
21:52:35 five and six story buildings.
21:52:37 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: That is the seaport project that has
21:52:40 been approved.
21:52:41 That might be an existing condition.

21:52:43 But what has been approved by this Council is 300.
21:52:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We went on a tour a couple of days
21:52:49 ago and what is to the North of this is five or six
21:52:53 stories.
21:52:56 Seaboard is to the East.
21:52:58 To the north are five and six story buildings.
21:53:00 I'm really sure.
21:53:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The guys were developing the five
21:53:15 and six story buildings which are immediately South of
21:53:17 the crosstown.
21:53:19 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: There's a 30-foot Expressway
21:53:20 Authority building that occupies this site.
21:53:23 And then there's an approved project that's a lower
21:53:26 scale project here, but in addition, there's been
21:53:29 another approved project by this Council for up to
21:53:31 300 feet on this parcel.
21:53:36 And the graphic of the existing conditions of approved
21:53:39 projects on Wilson Miller, there's a 65-foot project
21:53:44 immediately North to the site.
21:53:46 And the 300-foot building is located right here.
21:53:49 This is the Expressway Authority building.
21:53:52 >>SHAWN HARRISON: 300-foot building has already been

21:53:54 approved by us.
21:53:55 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: That's correct.
21:53:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a staff question.
21:54:02 The petitioner said, you know, you are allowed this
21:54:04 height but there's this matrix of things you can do to
21:54:07 allow you to go higher.
21:54:10 Did you say to the petitioner, okay, we need
21:54:12 greenspace so go give us greenspace?
21:54:15 Is that how we arrived at that?
21:54:17 How did they decide what bonuses were appropriate to
21:54:20 give them the rationale to go up higher?
21:54:23 >> Certainly, greenspace is a requirement of City
21:54:25 Code.
21:54:26 But in addition, the petitioner has provided
21:54:28 additional greenspace.
21:54:29 The petitioner has provided additional sidewalk space
21:54:33 or setback from the property line.
21:54:36 So the petitioner -- it is sort of a collaborative
21:54:40 process between the developer and city staff.
21:54:42 And we identified based on each specific site what are
21:54:46 the needs that the city has.
21:54:50 And it's a collaborative process that involves the

21:54:53 Planning Commission and all of the development review
21:54:55 committee.
21:54:55 Transportation is involved in this and all of the
21:54:58 different divisions are involved in this type of
21:55:00 review.
21:55:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is there any public art a part of
21:55:04 this project?
21:55:05 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: That is a requirement.
21:55:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: They didn't discuss it.
21:55:07 That's why I was wondering.
21:55:10 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: It's a requirement of the Channel
21:55:14 District.
21:55:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to close.
21:55:20 [motion Carried]
21:55:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: An ordinance rezoning property in the
21:55:23 general vicinity of 1105 East Twiggs in the City of
21:55:26 Tampa, Florida, and more particularly described in
21:55:28 section 1 there zoning district classification CD,
21:55:31 mixed use retail multifamily to CD three mixed use
21:55:35 retail multifamily, providing an effective date.
21:55:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
21:55:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to speak to the motion.

21:55:41 I think it's a really attractive project.
21:55:43 I just think it's too tall.
21:55:45 For that reason, I won't support it.
21:55:48 I think that the original vision of the Channel
21:55:49 District plan as written up in '93 clearly states that
21:55:54 the character of the Channel District is maybe 120,
21:55:58 150 feet.
21:55:59 This is just too tall for the Channel District.
21:56:02 I will support high-rise, very high-rise structures
21:56:08 downtown where the streets are wider and there's a
21:56:10 different character.
21:56:10 The Channel District is supposed to have a maritime,
21:56:14 mixed use, high-touch, lower character, and this does
21:56:17 not comport with that.
21:56:19 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
21:56:22 Opposed, nay.
21:56:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Nay.
21:56:24 >>CLERK: Motion carried with Saul-Sena voting no.
21:56:26 [ APPLAUSE ]
21:56:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Ladies and gentlemen, please, we still
21:56:35 have some more work to do up here.
21:58:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 10 is continued public

21:58:09 hearing.
21:58:16 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: Heather Lamboy, Land Development.
21:58:18 I have been sworn.
21:59:40 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: Thank you.
21:59:43 The subject property is located on Channelside Drive
21:59:46 and North 12th street.
21:59:47 If you look at the ELMO, this is the subject property.
21:59:57 I'm going to point out for you on the ELMO Phase One
22:00:07 of this project.
22:00:12 This petition represents phase two, but it's being
22:00:16 brought back tore the -- for the entire area.
22:00:19 I'll let you know why in just a moment.
22:00:22 In 2003, this body approved Phase One, which involved
22:00:29 230 units, residential dwelling units and 4.172 F.A.R.
22:00:34 The bonus amenities provided at that time included
22:00:38 enhanced decorative lightning in covered areas,
22:00:41 covered parkway.
22:00:43 Vehicular pass through and color plantings such as
22:00:46 bench and flowers at ground level.
22:00:48 Lush meditation gardens at upper levels, view
22:00:53 corridors maintained, rooftop amenities viewable by
22:00:56 adjacent property owners and two story high mural

22:00:59 commissioned along the Washington street frontage.
22:01:02 Match water feature also be installed in the same
22:01:06 area.
22:01:06 In 2005, the petitioner requested an additional 15
22:01:10 units that was reviewed and approved by this body for
22:01:13 Phase One.
22:01:15 This rezoning request is -- has changed since
22:01:18 January 26th and I will, therefore, have to go into
22:01:21 detail regarding the staff report.
22:01:24 In short, staff still strongly objects to this
22:01:28 project.
22:01:28 Let me just state the changes from January 26th.
22:01:31 The changes include the additional -- the increasing
22:01:35 the number of residential units from 190 to 220.
22:01:40 Reducing the square footage of retail from 5,460,
22:01:43 4,520
22:01:46 Maintaining the storage space 3,390 square feet and in
22:01:51 addition, the F.A.R. has changed.
22:01:55 Previously, 6.13 that was being proposed.
22:01:57 And now it is 6.18 F.A.R. being proposed as an
22:02:03 aggregate for the entire site keep in mind, Phase One
22:02:06 has already been approved.

22:02:07 The petitioner is proposing to pull Phase One into
22:02:10 this requested rezoning simply for the fact that is
22:02:14 that the F.A.R. phase two if this were considered on
22:02:18 its own merits would be 14.2.
22:02:21 Previously it was 14.059.
22:02:23 That cannot even be contemplated in the comprehensive
22:02:26 plan because as you know, the F.A.R. for this area,
22:02:30 allowable F.A.R. is 3.5 with bonus density features
22:02:35 allow to go to 7.
22:02:36 So taking on its own merits, phase two would not be
22:02:40 allowed.
22:02:41 So that is why the petitioner is requesting this
22:02:44 entire zoning to capture the square footage.
22:02:49 The building also increased in height from 249 feet to
22:02:53 350 feet.
22:02:55 And in addition, the elevator penthouse will be
22:02:58 approximately another 30 feet.
22:02:59 And central business district, we consider the overall
22:03:02 maximum height because that is what the impact is to
22:03:05 the pedestrian.
22:03:06 So there will be a large amount of height above the
22:03:11 pedestrian level.

22:03:12 The number of parking spaces has changed slightly.
22:03:15 I won't go into that in detail.
22:03:18 The petitioner is consistent with the comprehensive
22:03:21 plan.
22:03:22 And let me explain this.
22:03:23 The comprehensive plan is a guiding document to our
22:03:26 Land Development regulations.
22:03:29 It sort of acts and somebody very wise told me, sort
22:03:31 of acts like the constitution.
22:03:33 It's a matter of law as well, but it is a guiding
22:03:36 document that leads to very specific statutes.
22:03:40 The petitioner has proposed bonus provisions.
22:03:43 A developer discusses the following bonus provisions
22:03:46 through site plan notes.
22:03:47 Application, not certified, but cap indication for a
22:03:50 lead or green building, certified green building.
22:03:54 Murals to be painted along Washington street and
22:03:58 Channelside Drive which contemplated before.
22:04:01 Decorative water feature no sides indicated on
22:04:04 Washington street and Channelside Drive.
22:04:06 Decorative lantern, no specifics given of recessing
22:04:09 the retail store front along Channelside Drive and

22:04:12 Washington street by eight to ten feet to create a
22:04:15 covered arcade.
22:04:16 Creation of view corridors by stepping the building.
22:04:19 No drawing showing perspective has been provided to
22:04:22 staff so we can't confirm or deny those corridors.
22:04:25 In short, Land Development has -- in this case, we
22:04:29 were sort of commenting on the comprehensive plan,
22:04:32 because it directly relates to us.
22:04:34 Mr. Garcia will be commenting on that as well.
22:04:37 It does not meet the central business district
22:04:39 periphery policies and objectives.
22:04:42 Furthermore, Land Development states or objects
22:04:45 because this does not meet the landscape code.
22:04:48 They have not provided any additional open space and
22:04:50 are not providing the minimum required landscaping.
22:04:57 Transportation's objection has been removed.
22:04:59 That was with reference to the architectural site plan
22:05:03 dated January 24th and that was removed.
22:05:05 Design and review had an objection.
22:05:08 There was a need to see color renderings.
22:05:10 Those colored renderings were delivered to me at 4:45
22:05:13 this afternoon.

22:05:16 They have not been properly provided as of the date of
22:05:19 the report.
22:05:20 Therefore, staff has not had the opportunity to
22:05:22 thoroughly review them.
22:05:23 I will, however, if you look at the book refer you to
22:05:28 page 3 -- well, more importantly, page 2.
22:05:34 If you look at the line of long, high buildings, that
22:05:39 is something contemplated in the Wilson Miller study
22:05:42 but has not been approved by this body.
22:05:44 So the prospective drawings include buildings that are
22:05:48 not even approved or built.
22:05:50 So I have a real hard time with these renderings as
22:05:53 illustrated.
22:05:54 And Mr. Stair hasn't had a chance to review these for
22:05:58 accuracy either.
22:06:00 Mr. Stair has an objection to the proposed F.A.R. of
22:06:04 6.18 given consideration of the entire site.
22:06:08 At 350 feet, the height of the building is of concern.
22:06:10 I will say also Mr. Stair or I have not had a chance
22:06:15 to review this model shown to you tonight.
22:06:18 What we typically like to do is review the model to
22:06:21 make sure that the scale is accurate.

22:06:26 >>KEVIN WHITE: Ms. Lamboy, I don't know whether I can
22:06:28 make this short or not.
22:06:32 Are you basically saying that staff is not prepared to
22:06:35 make a recommendation on this since we just got this
22:06:38 at 4:45 today?
22:06:41 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: Well, based on the black and White
22:06:43 drawings that we had, color renderings are required.
22:06:48 We can state our objection to the project.
22:06:51 We do have objections.
22:06:55 I have to defer to Mr. Stair whether --
22:06:57 >>KEVIN WHITE: Is that going to be based on you don't
22:06:59 have enough evidence to be able to make up a sound
22:07:03 judgment on it.
22:07:04 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: I have enough evidence to make sound
22:07:06 judgment and that is, I object strongly.
22:07:10 As well as I think Mr. Stair has plenty of evidence.
22:07:13 It's just that we want to present to the Council that
22:07:15 these things have not been reviewed by staff.
22:07:17 And so take it for what it is.
22:07:20 >>KEVIN WHITE: What I'm saying, if you had the
22:07:22 opportunity to review, do you think your objections
22:07:25 may be removed?

22:07:28 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: Most likely not.
22:07:31 So in conclusion --
22:07:33 >>SHAWN HARRISON: How high is the allowed building
22:07:38 that's there now and how high will this one be if this
22:07:41 passes?
22:07:43 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: The current building --
22:07:45 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I know there's no building now but
22:07:47 there's an approved --
22:07:50 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: The current building's F.A.R. has
22:07:52 been approved at 4.3, rounded up on this graphic.
22:07:56 And the allowed height is 86 feet.
22:08:00 >>KEVIN WHITE: 86 additional feet?
22:08:02 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: No, 86 feet from the current
22:08:04 approved Phase One project.
22:08:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What is proposed?
22:08:07 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: 350 feet.
22:08:15 That concludes staff's comments.
22:08:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff.
22:08:26 >> Tony gars -- Tony Garcia, Planning Commission
22:08:30 staff.
22:08:30 I have been sworn in.
22:08:33 Just a couple of things, I guess, to reinforce what

22:08:37 Ms. Lamboy had stated to you all this project has come
22:08:40 to you in different forms in the past.
22:08:41 Initially, as I had stated to Ms. Saul-Sena earlier,
22:08:46 we talked about CDB periphery bonus and what was the
22:08:50 first project to come in that exceeded the 3.5 F.A.R.,
22:08:54 this was the project, the place, when it came in
22:08:57 originally was one of the first projects to come in
22:08:59 for a mixed use project in the Channelside District.
22:09:02 At that point in time, successful in requesting an
22:09:06 increase, which they received to 4.17.
22:09:09 In my report, it says 4.71.
22:09:12 Dyslexic for a second.
22:09:14 I -- 4.17.
22:09:16 They subsequently come to you in Phase One and asked
22:09:19 for an addition which was given as an approval by --
22:09:25 administrative approval to exceed the addition -- to
22:09:30 exceed the residential units previously approved for
22:09:33 the 4.17.
22:09:34 They were subsequently granted by you up to 4.28.
22:09:37 So we have gone from 4.17 to 4.28, and now they are
22:09:44 requesting 6.18.
22:09:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I interrupt?

22:09:49 What were the special things they did to get to go to
22:09:51 4.28?
22:09:53 >> I think Ms. Lamboy has just articulated them to you
22:09:57 previously.
22:09:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So we should like count those as
22:10:00 going up to 4.28.
22:10:01 Those don't get recounted for being from 4.28 to 6 or
22:10:08 14.
22:10:08 >> That's correct.
22:10:11 So now they are asking for an approximately -- an
22:10:13 approximate 45% increase from their existing excess
22:10:18 over and above the 3.5 cap.
22:10:22 They have already gone up .78 above.
22:10:24 And now they are requesting an additional 45% increase
22:10:27 from the 4.28 to the 6.18 to 350 feet as Ms. Lamboy
22:10:35 has stated to you, which would be phase two.
22:10:37 The phase two brought in independently as she stated
22:10:42 would be an F.A.R. in excess of 14.
22:10:45 What else is significant, I think, for this particular
22:10:47 site are the existing and I stress, existing
22:10:52 developments adjacent to this particular development,
22:10:55 which are victory lofts and the meridian, which are

22:11:00 not high-rises.
22:11:03 They are low mid-rise at best by definition.
22:11:08 So based on, and if you look in my report, you'll see
22:11:13 that policy 8-8.2 says projects seeking use of the
22:11:18 central business district periphery bonus division
22:11:21 must ensure compatibility with intensity and density
22:11:23 of existing development both within and outside
22:11:26 periphery boundaries by transitioning of the project
22:11:29 to the lower densities and intensities.
22:11:39 As far as the determination as to how the project can
22:11:41 reach a 6.18, again, the status quo right now is there
22:11:47 is no mechanism that strategically can say that, yes,
22:11:52 what they are offering presently in their presentation
22:11:55 would allow them a 6.18 bonus A 45% increase from what
22:12:00 they've already been given over and above the bonus.
22:12:03 That they presently enjoy right now.
22:12:06 That concludes my presentation.
22:12:08 The Planning Commission does object to the proposed
22:12:09 request.
22:12:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
22:12:16 >> I have been sworn.
22:12:17 Rhea Law with Fowler White, 501 East Kennedy Boulevard

22:12:21 representing the petitioner.
22:12:22 Council members, you know that I very seldom come
22:12:27 before you when you have a whole lineup of people in
22:12:29 opposition from the staff side, because we work very
22:12:33 hard with staff and always have.
22:12:35 And frankly, this particular project needs an open
22:12:40 mind and a focus on a vision for Channelside.
22:12:43 What we are proposing to you is something little
22:12:45 different than what you've been looking at, but
22:12:47 something that takes you to the next level.
22:12:49 And we're going to present that to you.
22:12:51 I mean, we have a vision for you.
22:12:53 It's not just based upon -- it's not based necessarily
22:12:56 on the English report or anything else.
22:12:59 It's based upon what the Channelside really could be.
22:13:01 And that's what my client, the key developers has been
22:13:08 able to do with this group that he brought in
22:13:11 internationally who have worked on significant
22:13:13 buildings around the world.
22:13:14 And they come to you to provide something that is
22:13:17 really very unique.
22:13:19 You see a lot of people here.

22:13:20 A lot of them will get up and say, you know, we really
22:13:24 would like to see that.
22:13:25 We hope when you see it tonight you'll get the same
22:13:28 feel.
22:13:28 You already heard that the first phase was approved in
22:13:30 2003.
22:13:31 That is true.
22:13:32 And I remember that night, because we were all here
22:13:35 and we were all excited about the fact that here was a
22:13:38 building that was doing something so very unique, it
22:13:41 was having -- in it so you would actually have gardens
22:13:46 on the top floor and protecting the views from the
22:13:49 surrounding properties.
22:13:49 That hasn't changed.
22:13:51 This proposal that's before you now is being done such
22:13:54 that the tall area that's being proposed, the 350 feet
22:13:58 is very, very slender.
22:14:00 It only takes up 8.5% of the site.
22:14:04 So it is very slender.
22:14:06 And it's done that -- it's called a point tower.
22:14:10 And it's done so that -- so that can -- views all the
22:14:16 way around so that it can keep the light into the

22:14:19 area.
22:14:20 It's a different way of looking at F.A.R. in your
22:14:23 particular areas.
22:14:23 So that's, again, what we want to present to you.
22:14:26 I'm not going to go into a lot of detail other than to
22:14:29 tell you that we have continued to have a significant
22:14:34 outreach project.
22:14:35 And frankly, that's the reason that the height of this
22:14:39 particular project is changed from the last time we
22:14:42 were here.
22:14:42 Because they said, you know what, we would like to see
22:14:45 something a little different and that's what is being
22:14:48 proposed.
22:14:50 And this is and could be a significant signature
22:14:54 project for this community.
22:14:56 And finally, I just want to tell that you we have
22:14:58 provided not only a physical model, but also a
22:15:01 computer model.
22:15:02 And I would like to introduce at this point, David
22:15:05 PONTIRINI.
22:15:07 He is the architect that was here at the last hearing.
22:15:10 As I said, one of his buildings was just recently

22:15:13 recognized as one of the world's 12 best new
22:15:16 buildings.
22:15:17 And he's going to bring you another very significant
22:15:19 building here.
22:15:25 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Ms. Law, I have a letter here that was
22:15:28 presented to me by Mr. Overton on the other project
22:15:31 that we were talking about.
22:15:33 And in here, Mr. SADAR wrote this letter, and what he
22:15:41 said was, do we want to build high-rises in the
22:15:44 Channel District and render it a mere extension of the
22:15:47 downtown or we should rather turn it into a special
22:15:52 place, pedestrian friendly heaven offering a true
22:15:55 urban live-work experience.
22:15:59 What has changed?
22:16:01 >> Well, actually, it hasn't changed.
22:16:04 When you talk about downtown buildings, you talk about
22:16:06 buildings that go from street to street.
22:16:08 They are large projects.
22:16:09 You don't see a lot of setbacks in them.
22:16:12 They literally take up the block because it's very
22:16:14 expensive downtown and you have to do that in order to
22:16:17 maximize the values.

22:16:19 If you look at your downtown now, that's pretty much
22:16:21 what you see.
22:16:21 You take up the entirety of the block.
22:16:24 What is being proposed here is a significant step back
22:16:27 so that you have a lot of open space.
22:16:29 You won't have the big wind tunnels that as you try
22:16:31 and walk downtown, you nearly get your hair blown off,
22:16:35 that's -- what we're proposing here is very, very
22:16:37 different from that.
22:16:38 And if you will listen to Mr. PONTIRINI he will be
22:16:44 able to describe to you the differences between the
22:16:47 proposal that you might see in a downtown compared to
22:16:50 what might be possible with your Channelside.
22:16:53 >>MARY ALVAREZ: What he also said, he was envisioning
22:16:57 European style pedestrian friendly mid-rise
22:17:00 residential neighborhood where people could walk on
22:17:02 foot, eat in small gourmet restaurants and cafes.
22:17:05 And his was European village.
22:17:08 And the design of our property is centered on this
22:17:11 vision.
22:17:13 I can't imagine a 40-story building --
22:17:17 >> 33.

22:17:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, whatever.
22:17:18 33.
22:17:19 Whatever.
22:17:20 Being a Europe-style building.
22:17:25 >> Please give me an opportunity to present this to
22:17:28 you.
22:17:29 As I said, the point tower is 8.5% of the whole
22:17:33 project.
22:17:34 So the rest of it is very differently presented to you
22:17:39 so that you can get that pedestrian friendliness.
22:17:42 We have made connections throughout -- even going
22:17:45 right through the middle of the building.
22:17:47 You'll see a lot of amenities.
22:17:49 So let me present that to you.
22:17:53 >> Good evening.
22:17:53 My name is David.
22:17:55 I have been sworn.
22:18:00 This project and this presentation isn't simply about
22:18:02 completing the development at the place.
22:18:04 It's not simply an extension of Phase One and
22:18:07 continuing on to phase two.
22:18:09 We are looking, though, at the site as a whole.

22:18:13 We believe the project is more about a shift in
22:18:16 direction for the Channelside District as a whole.
22:18:19 It's about change in growth, and it's our vision of
22:18:22 what Channelside could become.
22:18:23 The model that we're going to show you is something
22:18:26 that takes the Wilson Miller plan and uses it as a
22:18:31 framework which develops a vision for what the Channel
22:18:34 District could be in the future.
22:18:37 Our client has always maintained that approach and
22:18:39 asked us from the beginning to think about this
22:18:41 project in its broader context from Channelside and
22:18:45 also its relationship to the central business
22:18:47 district.
22:18:48 That was the starting point that we had.
22:18:51 Midway through the process, we were asked to look at
22:18:56 the strategic action plan that Mr. Miller was working
22:18:59 hard to pull forward and to bring forward.
22:19:02 And we are now in the process where we've reviewed it.
22:19:04 We realize it hasn't been an accepted document or an
22:19:07 approved document, but we used it as a guideline to
22:19:10 demonstrate to you a vision that includes our building
22:19:13 as we are proposing it.

22:19:14 And I would like to start with the first slide.
22:19:19 We've been working with our client, staff and
22:19:21 residents on this project on phase two since December
22:19:24 '04.
22:19:25 When we looked around at recent approvals for
22:19:27 guidance, we found some very different approaches to
22:19:30 development in the area.
22:19:31 There were buildings that were approved that were
22:19:34 mid-rise.
22:19:34 There were buildings that were existing that were
22:19:37 low-rise, and there were buildings that were approved
22:19:40 that were also high-rise.
22:19:42 Each project obviously had its own history, planning
22:19:46 context and development pressures to guide it.
22:19:48 One thing was certainly clear, though, there was a
22:19:51 shift that was beginning to happen.
22:19:53 And the Wilson Miller report talks about that shift
22:19:56 and that change.
22:19:56 What we have done is extrapolate that and show what
22:19:59 the vision could be for the district.
22:20:03 Channelside and the CDB were experiencing the kind of
22:20:06 development pressure that many North American cities

22:20:08 are facing.
22:20:09 There's a reurbanization of the downtown and
22:20:12 surrounding industrial lands.
22:20:13 There's a return of residential uses to the downtown.
22:20:17 And great cities, healthy cities are complex organisms
22:20:21 that are constantly changing.
22:20:23 Great cities tend to be multicultural, diversified,
22:20:26 complex structures that support a mix of uses.
22:20:29 Commercial, institutional, and residential.
22:20:32 And real change in cities, the kind of change that's
22:20:36 required to take them from good to great is often
22:20:42 cataclysmic in nature.
22:20:46 That, in my opinion, is what is happening now in the
22:20:48 Channel District.
22:20:49 And I realize that that's a very strong term, but I
22:20:52 think there are pretty significant changes that
22:20:54 everybody has to acknowledge are happening now.
22:20:57 This area has the opportunity to transform itself from
22:21:00 a variety of small low-rise buildings, warehouse,
22:21:06 industrial port spaces, to a great world-class urban
22:21:11 residential neighborhood.
22:21:12 All of the ingredients are really there.

22:21:14 There's a demand for urban housing.
22:21:16 People want to return to the cities.
22:21:18 There's a development industry that's hungry to supply
22:21:21 the housing, and a Council that recognizes there's a
22:21:25 start of the shift so much show to initiate a study, a
22:21:29 strategic action plan.
22:21:36 The strategic action plan, as you know, has been
22:21:38 prepared to help guide that development and to help
22:21:40 direct the shift.
22:21:41 I realize as I've said before and I think we're all
22:21:44 cognizant of this, it hasn't been adopted as an
22:21:47 official document yet.
22:21:47 It's a guideline.
22:21:51 In the strategic plan has also addressed or tried to
22:21:55 address many issues that exist.
22:21:57 And it's presented options for the character the
22:22:00 public realm but as Mr. English pointed out in his
22:22:04 last presentation, it did not present a vision.
22:22:07 It stopped short of presenting a vision.
22:22:09 And I believe that he stated that that wasn't in his
22:22:12 scope of work.
22:22:12 So that's a fair comment.

22:22:14 And I think we've all accepted that.
22:22:16 So now I think it's in the hands of the people who
22:22:18 want to invest in the area and be part of that
22:22:21 transformation to come forward to you with a vision of
22:22:24 what the district could be.
22:22:25 And that's really what we've done tonight.
22:22:27 It's also in your hands and the residents' hands to
22:22:31 accept it or to deny it.
22:22:33 We've participated in the process.
22:22:35 We've attended all the design charettes.
22:22:37 We've attended all the information sessions here at
22:22:40 Council.
22:22:40 We've listened to the residents.
22:22:42 We've talked to the residents.
22:22:43 We've talked to staff.
22:22:44 We've talked to our clients.
22:22:46 We've talked to other developers in the area.
22:22:48 And we realize we don't have a blank slate to start
22:22:50 from.
22:22:52 There are checks and balances in police, and there are
22:22:55 troughs -- tradeoffs to be made and we believe this
22:22:59 isn't the kind of presentation, a trust me

22:23:01 presentation.
22:23:02 We're just going to show you a picture of the
22:23:05 building.
22:23:05 We are going to show you a picture of what we think
22:23:08 the vision of the area could be.
22:23:09 We have gone through considerable amounts of trouble
22:23:12 to create 3-D images to show you how this could
22:23:15 manifest itself.
22:23:16 Something that the English report never had the
22:23:19 ability to do.
22:23:20 We also have a physical model that was brought up as
22:23:23 an issue that the Wilson Miller report had no 3-D
22:23:27 physical objects that you could look at to understand
22:23:29 what was being presented.
22:23:30 We've gone out on a limb and we are presenting that to
22:23:33 you tonight.
22:23:34 It's a situation where we're not hiding anything.
22:23:36 We're putting it all out.
22:23:38 And our client has spared no expense and is committed
22:23:41 to design excellence and quality execution.
22:23:44 Hopefully you have seen that in Phase One, and we
22:23:46 believe and that's why we are involved with this

22:23:48 project, that he's committed to it in phase two.
22:23:51 We wouldn't be here if we didn't believe that was his
22:23:54 main goal and intention.
22:23:56 So, how do we fit into the change in context?
22:24:00 Well, you have before you a site plan, which shows the
22:24:02 concept of the development both Phase One and phase
22:24:05 two.
22:24:06 The low-rise portion, which is essentially Phase One,
22:24:10 represents 60.6% of the combined site areas.
22:24:14 The terraces and the landscaped areas represent
22:24:16 roughly 31% of the combined site areas.
22:24:20 So those terraces, even though they were provided in
22:24:23 Phase One, are a pretty significant component.
22:24:25 The high-rise building, the floor plate, represents
22:24:28 8.5% of the overall site plan.
22:24:31 That's a pretty significant number.
22:24:32 And I'll show you why that is important as we go
22:24:35 through the presentation.
22:24:38 We are proposing a 350-foot tall building that steps
22:24:42 back and cascades to the South.
22:24:44 It has a total of 33 floors, 8 floors of which are
22:24:48 parking.

22:24:49 And the building steps in five feet at the 8th
22:24:52 floor, which is the top of the parking levels, rises
22:24:58 up to the 14th floor and then transforms once again
22:25:01 stepping back again another three feet till it becomes
22:25:06 a tower -- point tower floor plate.
22:25:10 Extends up to the 31st floor -- sorry, yeah, the
22:25:13 31st floor at which point it steps back six more
22:25:16 feet, resulting in a combined total setback from
22:25:19 ground, from the lot lines of 15 feet.
22:25:23 The floor plates for the building range in size from
22:25:28 11,780 square feet at the lower portion at the podium,
22:25:32 which you'll see in the renderings and in the model,
22:25:35 to 9,900 square feet, which is the main tower
22:25:41 component.
22:25:42 And then steps in again at the penthouse levels.
22:25:44 And this is a pretty small floor plate that you don't
22:25:49 see in the Tampa district that often.
22:25:51 It's a model for high-rise development that comes out
22:25:55 of the west coast Vancouver, where the concept is,
22:25:59 keep the floor plate small, relax the height
22:26:02 requirements, and by doing that, the shadow impacts
22:26:05 are reduced.

22:26:06 The sight lines from street to sky views are
22:26:09 increased, so there are incredible benefits to a point
22:26:11 tower concept.
22:26:13 It's not that we're asking for a low-rise building
22:26:15 that has a huge slab component to it so everybody is
22:26:19 comfortable in terms of the height.
22:26:20 When they don't recognize what they are really
22:26:23 approving at a 300-foot height, let's say that has a
22:26:26 slab floor plate of 15 or 20 thousand square feet,
22:26:29 it's a huge wall.
22:26:30 This building is not about creating a wall.
22:26:32 It's about creating a slender point tower.
22:26:36 The material pallet which includes stone at the base,
22:26:41 precast stucco in the podium and windows and glass
22:26:44 curtain wall at the upper levels is something that's
22:26:46 an extension of the Phase One development.
22:26:49 And will tie into and be integrated into that.
22:26:52 The material pallet, we've looked at it very
22:26:56 carefully, thousand relates to the retail at grade in
22:26:59 order to make sure that the retail is animated.
22:27:02 We've got extensive store front glazing all along
22:27:05 Channelside to bring retail animation to the street.

22:27:09 And as I mentioned, as the tower raises in height, it
22:27:12 becomes more slender in proportion and it becomes
22:27:15 lighter in terms of its materiality.
22:27:19 And at night, it's designed to become more of a beacon
22:27:23 with a significant component of the building being
22:27:25 illuminated at the base as well as throughout the
22:27:28 tower element and at the top.
22:27:33 We feel the proposed height and density are
22:27:34 appropriate at this location for the following
22:27:36 reasons: This is a transit-oriented development that
22:27:39 supports an existing investment in your transit
22:27:42 system.
22:27:43 This is a site that is served by two major roadways.
22:27:46 Meridian to the West and Channelside to the East.
22:27:49 And the height proposed on the East side of the
22:27:51 Channelside District in the Portlands, which is
22:27:54 currently in the -- recommendations being brought
22:27:59 forward in the English report is 350 feet.
22:28:02 And we believe that that resulting height ridge will
22:28:05 define the East side of Channelside and should be
22:28:07 extended across to the West side to balance the street
22:28:10 wall and street character of the Channelside District.

22:28:19 I know that at the last presentation, there was
22:28:21 significant discussion about the relationship of the
22:28:24 retail at grade.
22:28:26 And what we've done is we've actually pulled back and
22:28:29 reduced the amount of retail square footage at the
22:28:32 corner of the building so that we can increase the --
22:28:37 relative to the property line.
22:28:38 In effect at the South end of the site, there's an
22:28:41 eight-foot setback, and then at the North end as the
22:28:45 glazing wall curves around to the entrance at the
22:28:47 corner of Channelside and Washington, it becomes a
22:28:51 17-foot setback.
22:28:52 So the resulting sidewalk widths at that point, at the
22:28:56 South end, because there's an existing 12-foot
22:28:59 sidewalk that's being proposed, the addition of that
22:29:02 setback will create a 20-foot wide sidewalk condition
22:29:06 at the South end that flairs out towards the corner to
22:29:09 28-foot 6.
22:29:11 As you turn the corner and walk along Washington, the
22:29:14 sidewalk width is 18 feet.
22:29:17 The proposed landscaping along Channelside will extend
22:29:21 the patterns, textures, and planting used in Phase One

22:29:25 so that there is a consistent character to the
22:29:28 landscaping.
22:29:29 And the image at the top shows the idea of the retail
22:29:32 animation at the base, the extension of the
22:29:35 landscaping that's being proposed from Phase One.
22:29:41 Water features that are proposed as part of Phase One
22:29:44 at the South corner of the development of Phase One at
22:29:48 the bottom of Channelside, are being proposed also at
22:29:51 the intersection of Channelside and Washington.
22:29:54 In terms of the public benefits that have been talked
22:29:57 about and that have been presented, there are a number
22:30:00 of them at the cultural level.
22:30:02 Cultural contributions, we could call them.
22:30:04 There's an innovative light sculpture that's being
22:30:07 provided at the corner of Washington and Channelside
22:30:10 that's represented by this illustration.
22:30:12 There's a two-story mural along Washington just off
22:30:16 to -- at the intersection, close to the intersection
22:30:19 of 12th and Washington street that is part of Phase
22:30:21 One.
22:30:22 There's been significant discussion internally to add
22:30:26 two additional two-story murals at the high level on

22:30:31 the podium of the new building.
22:30:33 So we're continuing the notion of the street wall
22:30:35 murals into this development.
22:30:36 There are the live-work artists from Phase One, the
22:30:40 studios.
22:30:40 The planned water feature that I've talked a bit about
22:30:43 at the corner of Channelside and Washington.
22:30:49 The street level retail, which is to include and to
22:30:52 help animate the streets, which would include cafes
22:30:54 and a series of different retail uses.
22:30:57 There's the art display cases that are part of the
22:30:59 12th street elevation.
22:31:01 The covered passage between 12th street and
22:31:04 Channelside.
22:31:05 And the new pedestrian crossing to the transit stop
22:31:08 across the street from the intersection of Channelside
22:31:11 and Washington.
22:31:12 There's also a significant commitment by our client to
22:31:17 have the building lead certified, which is part of a
22:31:22 national program.
22:31:23 North-American wide that deals with energy
22:31:25 efficiencies, sustainable design, smart growth, a lot

22:31:29 of the issues you've heard much about tonight in terms
22:31:31 of smart growth.
22:31:32 The concluding images we would like to show you are a
22:31:36 series of stills that shows how the area might look if
22:31:40 one adopts a low and mid-rise approach versus a hybrid
22:31:44 approach that let's all forms of building coexist with
22:31:46 a focus on taller, thinner towers up to 350 feet.
22:31:52 All across the area, no depressions, no dips in the
22:31:57 heights.
22:31:57 What we're advocating, recommending, and we believe is
22:32:00 the future direction for the Channelside District is
22:32:04 the acceptance of height, but in a very controlled way
22:32:07 in terms of a built form that's compatible with that
22:32:11 height.
22:32:11 That's a smaller floor plate.
22:32:14 These images, the image that's before you right now,
22:32:17 represents how the district might look if you were to
22:32:20 do low-rise, mid-rise street wall buildings that sit
22:32:27 in the district, in the blocks and just kind of create
22:32:31 a very low fabric in the whole area.
22:32:35 These types of buildings typically have units that
22:32:37 face out and look out across the street to another

22:32:40 wall of buildings.
22:32:41 That's the character of mid-rise and low-rise
22:32:44 development.
22:32:45 When it's spread uniformly across 12 blocks.
22:32:50 And you can see, as you kind of come around, that that
22:32:53 type of development would certainly keep the height
22:32:55 down, but I'm not sure that it would create the kind
22:32:57 of streetscape and livable streets that everybody is
22:33:01 talking about and would like to see here.
22:33:03 And as you continue up North, you can see Channelside
22:33:06 is lined with low rise, mid-rise buildings as well, a
22:33:11 combination of both, an extension of the existing kind
22:33:15 of platform that has been adopted.
22:33:17 We, instead, are advocating an approach where you
22:33:20 introduce strategically located point towers that have
22:33:23 smaller floor plates, that sit on podiums that are
22:33:26 very low, four to six stories.
22:33:29 Not 14 stories -- yes?
22:33:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It seems that parking, designing
22:33:35 the parking for all these buildings is a really
22:33:38 dominant characteristic and the building you are
22:33:40 proposing, I believe it's eight stories of parking.

22:33:43 So how can you say that in the other buildings they'll
22:33:46 only be four.
22:33:47 Seems to me if you are talking about point towers, the
22:33:50 first thing we experience are eight stories of parking
22:33:52 everywhere.
22:33:53 >> Right.
22:33:53 But what we've observed when we look at the land
22:33:56 holdings and the way the patterns of development have
22:33:59 been shown in the English report and some of the
22:34:02 blocks still available for development, they are
22:34:04 fairly large blocks that can accommodate within the
22:34:06 body of a low-rise podium, parking that doesn't go up
22:34:10 eight stories or it doesn't go up above four to six.
22:34:15 And it is part of a detailed study that you would have
22:34:17 to undertake to extend the work that has been done to
22:34:20 date.
22:34:20 You're right.
22:34:21 You have to be sensitive to how to deal with the
22:34:24 parking.
22:34:25 Parking is a huge issue that most cities don't have to
22:34:28 deal with above grade.
22:34:29 Tampa has the unfortunate disadvantage of not being

22:34:32 able to build below the ground floor level so
22:34:35 everything has to move up.
22:34:37 It's an issue that needs to be studied very carefully.
22:34:39 Just like Phase One of the place, all of the parking
22:34:42 is concealed behind a two-story retail wall and it
22:34:45 occupies the inside component of the overall site.
22:34:49 So you push it towards the middle of the block or
22:34:51 behind a facade that has a certain street wall
22:34:55 character to it.
22:34:57 So that's the way given the scale of some of the
22:35:00 blocks and some of the sites that are still available
22:35:02 for development, it could be handled.
22:35:09 So this image represents the type of views and the
22:35:11 access to light that is characteristic of a point
22:35:14 tower building.
22:35:16 They actually extend above buildings that are, you
22:35:19 know, within a very close proximity, and there is a
22:35:23 view corridor that is created that provides excellent
22:35:29 views around the buildings to the skylines beyond and
22:35:32 actually out beyond the horizon lines.
22:35:35 And these are some views that show how based on the
22:35:38 English report and how based on some of the sites that

22:35:42 they had identified as development sites specifically
22:35:45 along the Portlands and some of the inport sites that
22:35:49 we've shown a conceptual diagram, a kind of vision
22:35:54 plan that introduces height but does it in a way I
22:35:56 think that's very appealing and that has been adopted
22:35:59 by many cities.
22:36:00 North American cities like San Diego have adopted
22:36:03 this, Denver, Portland, Vancouver, Toronto, and we'll
22:36:07 have somebody that I believe will speak to this issue
22:36:10 as well.
22:36:11 So these views are stills that come from a fly-through
22:36:15 that we have.
22:36:16 And then these are comparisons of the two.
22:36:18 They are a bit hard to read, but they show a point
22:36:21 tower approach and show a low-rise slab approach.
22:36:24 And they are very different in character.
22:36:26 And I think they need to be something that you look at
22:36:28 very carefully as you move forward in terms of
22:36:31 approving --
22:36:32 >>KEVIN WHITE: Does your model show that?
22:36:34 >> The model is showing the scheme which is the point
22:36:36 tower scheme.

22:36:37 It shows how it could manifest itself in the entire
22:36:40 district.
22:36:41 We have a fly-through that we would like to show
22:36:44 before we show you the model.
22:36:47 >>KEVIN WHITE: Want you to be cognizant of the time.
22:36:55 I'm in anticipation of what is under the black cloth
22:36:58 on the table.
22:36:59 >> If we could turn the fly-through on, that would be
22:37:02 great.
22:37:04 May be having technical difficulties with it.
22:37:31 >> Would you like me to move to the model?
22:38:02 >> This is a very conceptual model.
22:38:10 North is to the top here.
22:38:12 This is Channelside Drive coming down.
22:38:14 This is meridian, crosstown freeway.
22:38:17 The blue represents the existing buildings, the
22:38:20 aquarium, the retail at Channelside, shops at
22:38:24 Channelside, the parking structure.
22:38:27 This area represents the development parcels that were
22:38:31 identified in the report, the English report.
22:38:35 And it shows the concept of the low-rise podium with
22:38:38 the small slender point towers.

22:38:41 This is a development site.
22:38:42 This is our tower showing the stepping and
22:38:44 articulation and how it integrates with Phase One.
22:38:48 We've also taken elements of the English report in
22:38:51 terms of the landscape public realm and laid it out to
22:38:53 create a feel for the texture and patterning that
22:38:56 could evolve or emerge or develop over time as it
22:38:59 relates to the public realm.
22:39:01 And we've also provided blocks to represent the
22:39:05 buildings that have been approved and that are under
22:39:07 construction.
22:39:08 And again, the lighter ones tend to be ones that are
22:39:11 conceptual ones that talk about how some of these
22:39:14 blocks could be infilled, how point towers could be
22:39:18 strategically located within the area and how the
22:39:20 whole area would feel once it's developed and built
22:39:25 out.
22:39:26 It's a long-term vision for sure.
22:39:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is everything that exists blue?
22:39:31 >> Yes.
22:39:38 >> It's such a thick piece of acrylic, it has yellow
22:39:42 under it more solid.

22:39:43 These are approved.
22:39:44 These are the buildings being talked about.
22:39:46 This is the Martin.
22:39:49 These are the Ventana and then the grand central as
22:39:53 well.
22:40:00 Tends to happen to a lot of our models.
22:40:03 They get wrecked very quickly.
22:40:11 I don't know if the video is working.
22:40:13 I guess maybe we'll have -- to we still have time to
22:40:16 run it?
22:40:19 The thing that is important --
22:40:28 >> This one is a little bit shorter than it actually
22:40:31 is.
22:40:32 We are showing it at 210, but it's actually 240.
22:40:39 >> [INAUDIBLE].
22:40:45 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can just interrupt, just for the
22:40:48 sake of protecting the record, will you please make
22:40:50 sure that when you do speak, you have the microphone,
22:40:52 and it is being transcribed.
22:40:56 >> One of the things that the fly-through would show
22:40:58 you is how the shadows from point towers actually
22:41:01 interact with the ground plain.

22:41:03 And what happens, when you have a smaller tower plate
22:41:05 like this, the shadows are narrower and move more
22:41:11 quickly and don't actually cover the entire street.
22:41:14 If all the buildings were turned on their side and
22:41:16 brought -- the shadow would be pretty strong all the
22:41:19 way along Channelside.
22:41:21 You can see the fly-through right now.
22:41:25 And right now, you're looking West towards the
22:41:28 downtown core.
22:41:29 You're coming over the Portlands.
22:41:33 And you have the downtown in the background.
22:41:39 And you can see on this portion of the fly-through,
22:42:03 the way the shadows from the taller buildings still
22:42:05 allow shafts of light to penetrate the street so that
22:42:08 Channelside itself would not be cast completely into
22:42:11 shadow.
22:42:12 For some reason right now, you can't see the lower
22:42:15 ground plane because of the angle.
22:42:17 I'm not quite sure it's being cropped on the screens
22:42:20 up above us.
22:42:21 I'm not sure if you can see it on yours.
22:42:24 You can see here there's a lot of light that

22:42:30 penetrates the street plane.
22:42:32 That's the view looking toward the base of the
22:42:35 program.
22:42:36 If we have time, running it one more time.
22:42:38 Here it's starting right from the beginning.
22:42:43 And we're standing or we're up high at the South end
22:42:45 of the district.
22:42:46 We're coming down over top of the shops at
22:42:49 Channelside.
22:42:50 You can see the aquarium there.
22:42:52 We're panning now over the channel itself.
22:42:55 You can see the buildings that are conceptually
22:42:57 illustrated along the port.
22:42:59 Very small, slender floor plate set back on podium.
22:43:03 The extensive landscaping available.
22:43:07 You can see the shadows that cut diagonally across
22:43:11 that allow a lot of light to penetrate.
22:43:14 They move fairly quickly because they are small floor
22:43:18 plates.
22:43:18 We are heading to the North end of the channel and
22:43:20 we'll drop down on to the street.
22:43:24 You can see the wall building there, the 300-foot wall

22:43:28 building which is very different.
22:43:30 It's a slab configuration and that's not what we're
22:43:33 talking about here.
22:43:33 We're talking about a point tower approach.
22:43:36 Now we're dropping down onto Channelside.
22:43:38 And here at this level, you can see the amount of
22:43:41 light that penetrates.
22:43:42 And the -- there's a program that uses radiosity,
22:43:46 actually shoot the light.
22:43:49 This is very accurate in terms of sun penetration and
22:43:53 light.
22:43:54 You can see the amount of light getting down to the
22:43:56 street.
22:43:56 The scale of the buildings to the left are on the West
22:43:59 side of the Portland.
22:44:01 And now we're coming across the street looking at the
22:44:04 base of our building.
22:44:05 The retail at grade.
22:44:06 We're at the intersection of Channelside and
22:44:09 Washington.
22:44:09 And you are looking across at the animation of the
22:44:11 street, the mountain, all of the things that we've

22:44:14 talked about.
22:44:14 >>KEVIN WHITE: This is what Ms. Saul-Sena wants to see
22:44:17 on every project.
22:44:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is really fantastic.
22:44:20 I mean, it was fantastic, the model is fantastic.
22:44:24 The animation is fantastic.
22:44:26 It's a tremendous tool.
22:44:31 >> You're absolutely right.
22:44:32 I mean, typically on all our projects, it's a
22:44:35 requirement.
22:44:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would you say that again.
22:44:37 >> I said typically on all of our projects it's a
22:44:40 requirement.
22:44:41 It's the way we design.
22:44:43 These are the tools we use day to day to convey this
22:44:46 image.
22:44:46 You can't just come up to somebody and say, trust me,
22:44:49 I'm going to walk you through this, it will be great.
22:44:52 People have to see it, visualize it three
22:44:55 dimensionally and you have to have the computer power
22:44:58 these days to generate the material we've just shown
22:45:00 you.

22:45:00 We've done that over a three-week period of time.
22:45:04 It's been an intensive month of labor to get this
22:45:07 information to you.
22:45:13 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Will you tell us about the wall, the
22:45:16 wall building --
22:45:17 >> The -- that's the one you saw at the top of the fly
22:45:20 through at the top of the Channel District.
22:45:33 >>MARY ALVAREZ: What building is that?
22:45:36 >> Seaboard scare.
22:45:37 It's the tall element of the seaboard square.
22:45:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I swear, I have amnesia about
22:45:44 approving that.
22:45:45 I do not remember this coming before Council.
22:45:52 I have a question about the fly-through -- well, in
22:45:55 this picture, is that the real width of Channelside?
22:46:01 >> It's the real width based on the information that
22:46:03 we had or that was made available to us, which was,
22:46:06 you know, bits and pieces, we had to kind of assemble
22:46:10 it from information so kindly given to us by Wilson
22:46:13 stair and few other things.
22:46:14 So it's very, very close to an accurate representation
22:46:17 of what it would be.

22:46:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
22:46:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Is that the end of your presentation?
22:46:27 >> Yes, it does.
22:46:28 >>GWEN MILLER: We'll see if anybody in the audience
22:46:30 wants --
22:46:31 >> Could I just follow?
22:46:33 I realize we've talked a lot, however, we had a lot of
22:46:36 questions.
22:46:36 If you'll just give me a few moments, one of the
22:46:39 questions that you asked -- can we cut the clock off
22:46:43 for the questions.
22:46:46 >> I'll talk fast.
22:46:47 We passed out to you a document that identifies the
22:46:50 amenities associated with Phase One.
22:46:54 It identifies on the second page the amenities that
22:46:59 were approved for Phase One, but also applied to phase
22:47:02 two, because it is additional land that is being added
22:47:06 on.
22:47:06 So those particular things for phase two apply.
22:47:09 And then on the third page, those things, specifically
22:47:12 that are brand-new for phase two.
22:47:16 You have the ability under your existing comprehensive

22:47:19 plan, under your Land Development code, which also
22:47:22 allows density bumpups and under the brownfields
22:47:27 regulations, because this was a brownfield site and
22:47:31 the improvements necessary to clean up the land as
22:47:34 well as the delay associated with doing that cost in
22:47:38 the millions of dollars, you had the ability to vary
22:47:41 your criteria in order to allow redevelopment.
22:47:43 And so you have the capabilities.
22:47:47 We have done the amenities.
22:47:50 I cannot explain the staff's comment that they didn't
22:47:54 feel that adequate amenities were done.
22:47:56 I submit to you that they speak for themselves.
22:47:59 This is a very high quality project.
22:48:03 And it has very high quality criteria into you need to
22:48:07 wrap it up, Ms. Law.
22:48:08 >> And therefore I would ask for your support.
22:48:10 Thank you very much.
22:48:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public like to
22:48:12 speak on item 10?
22:48:16 If you're going to speak, please get up and line up.
22:48:19 Everybody come on, let's go.
22:48:22 Come on, somebody come speak.

22:48:24 >> Hello.
22:48:25 Frances, yes, I have been sworn.
22:48:28 101 South 12th street.
22:48:30 All I would like to say is that it's an exceptional
22:48:33 model and exceptional 3-D fly-through, but the thing
22:48:38 is, that the developer is only speaking of that one
22:48:43 building.
22:48:43 Those other buildings are not in existence.
22:48:45 Other than those low-rise buildings that do exist.
22:48:50 Everything else is just -- most everything else is
22:48:53 just speculation.
22:48:54 So it's very, very difficult to say that this is
22:48:57 something that could exist in Channelside because you
22:49:01 would have to have an agreement for all the other
22:49:04 parcels of land and all the other developers to be
22:49:07 able to build in this nature.
22:49:10 Right now, we don't have that.
22:49:13 We have height limitations.
22:49:14 And this building is right in the middle.
22:49:16 Also, I believe it would require a great deal of
22:49:19 financing from the city to be able to make the
22:49:22 Cityscape look like this.

22:49:23 And then again, this looks like downtown Tampa.
22:49:27 This does not look like Channelside.
22:49:30 I work with Gary Smith, who is an architect for PBS
22:49:34 and J, and he was a very formidable previous president
22:49:37 of the American institute of architects, and he just
22:49:40 mentioned to me today, he said, I drove some friends
22:49:43 through the Channel District and I was very
22:49:45 disappointed to see all the high-rises going up.
22:49:48 I said, well, Gary, right now they are mid-rises.
22:49:51 But I am going to a meeting this evening hopefully
22:49:56 trying to stop all the high-rises.
22:49:58 As much as I'm seduced by the architecture of the
22:50:01 building, I am not seduced with that vision.
22:50:04 Thank you very much.
22:50:04 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you.
22:50:05 Next.
22:50:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I have a speaker waiver form with
22:50:23 seven names.
22:50:25 Would you please raise your hand and let me know that
22:50:27 you are here.
22:50:29 TYEB.
22:50:30 In the back.

22:50:31 Dennis upton.
22:50:44 Mia Alexandria.
22:50:46 Natalie sitrela.
22:50:50 Susan Barnes.
22:50:51 Mary Flynn.
22:50:54 And David rusten.
22:50:57 Total of ten minutes.
22:50:58 >> My name is Ray Leeden.
22:51:00 And I have been sworn in.
22:51:02 And I'm from Vancouver, Canada.
22:51:05 And I am a real estate marketing consultant, and I was
22:51:10 engaged by key developers to work with them on the
22:51:14 first phase of the place.
22:51:17 And continuing on with phase two.
22:51:21 What I really wanted to talk to you about this evening
22:51:23 is not so much Tampa, but the experience we have in
22:51:29 Vancouver --
22:51:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Excuse me.
22:51:31 Sorry to interrupt.
22:51:32 I just want a clarification.
22:51:34 Did you state that you have been retained by the
22:51:37 developer?

22:51:37 >> Yes, I have.
22:51:40 In a marketing capacity.
22:51:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And you are here on that behalf.
22:51:44 >> I'm speaking on -- well, not on phase two, because
22:51:48 phase two hasn't been -- has not been approved yet.
22:51:52 I was his marketing consultant for Phase One.
22:51:53 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Are you advocating a position on
22:51:55 behalf of the developer?
22:51:57 >> Yes.
22:51:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I would argue, Council, as a matter
22:52:01 of policy, this would be part of the case in chief.
22:52:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: But we allow people from the public
22:52:10 to speak on both sides.
22:52:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: But this person is retained by the
22:52:15 principal being the petitioner.
22:52:20 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yeah, I don't really see much
22:52:22 distinction between this and the last one.
22:52:24 You may proceed.
22:52:25 >> Thank you.
22:52:27 As I mentioned, I come from Vancouver.
22:52:30 I just want to talk a little bit about the Vancouver
22:52:33 experience.

22:52:34 If you went back just over 20 years, Vancouver was
22:52:37 just a pretty city with great views, great postcard
22:52:42 shots.
22:52:42 But fairly ordinary.
22:52:44 And 20 years ago, we got the exposition, expo 86.
22:52:50 And the city then took over the CP, the railway lands,
22:52:56 close to the city core.
22:52:57 And next to the railway lands on the city core,
22:52:59 there's an area called Yale town.
22:53:02 I mention this because it's very similar to what is
22:53:04 happening in Channelside.
22:53:05 And it's the same close proximity to the downtown
22:53:08 area.
22:53:10 After the exposition, the Council were then forced to
22:53:15 look into the redevelopment of the whole area.
22:53:19 And in doing so, they changed the format into a mix of
22:53:25 commercial and residential throughout the city.
22:53:29 And as they changed from commercial to residential,
22:53:32 they increased the densities, they impose a lot of
22:53:37 design restrictions, made setbacks on the streets, and
22:53:44 street design change, for example.
22:53:47 They may be town homes along the streets.

22:53:50 They may be retail.
22:53:52 And then the building -- and then they would allow for
22:53:55 a higher building to go in behind them, which is why
22:53:58 Vancouver has so many tall, slim towers that one sees
22:54:03 now in so many other cities.
22:54:06 These slim towers that we have are -- not only do they
22:54:12 provide an awful lot more view corridors and so many
22:54:15 more people can enjoy the views, they also have great
22:54:19 air circulation, and they allow for just better street
22:54:22 lighting as the architects have mentioned.
22:54:24 But the floor plates themselves actually are much more
22:54:28 useful in floor space planning because they are a
22:54:33 smaller floor plate, we can then give people, you
22:54:36 know, thousand-square-foot floor plans.
22:54:39 We can give them 600-square-foot floor plans.
22:54:42 Something you can't do with these bulky buildings that
22:54:44 build to the property line as you see in the Channel
22:54:47 District at the moment in many of them.
22:54:49 The result of all of this is that, you know, we end up
22:54:53 with a really incredible vibrate -- vibrant, vibrant
22:54:58 city.
22:54:58 It's just alive.

22:54:59 Great buzz.
22:55:00 When you walk in Vancouver, there is a buzz in the
22:55:02 city.
22:55:03 Everybody wants to be there.
22:55:04 So much so that over the last ten years, Vancouver is
22:55:07 always voted or ranked in the top three most livable
22:55:11 cities in the world.
22:55:12 And that's a pretty remarkable achievement.
22:55:15 And that achievement actually is to the credit, not of
22:55:18 the developers.
22:55:18 It's the credit of the City Councils we've had and the
22:55:22 foresight of the city planners we've had.
22:55:29 And I just can't say enough how much this has helped
22:55:33 our city and how it is a place where people want to
22:55:35 be.
22:55:44 It works, and the people who populate our cities and
22:55:48 these buildings.
22:55:48 They are not an age group.
22:55:51 They are a lifestyle group.
22:55:52 They range from the 30s through to the good night
22:55:57 brigade.
22:55:58 And it's because where they want to be.

22:56:03 A lot are empty nesters.
22:56:06 They drove downtown every day.
22:56:08 They got tired of sucking fumes along the freeway.
22:56:11 Now the kids have left home.
22:56:12 Either retired, semi retired still working.
22:56:16 Now they want to live in this vital, active downtown
22:56:19 environment that is much more easy care -- as a
22:56:33 result, our city gets seen by an awful lot of cities.
22:56:39 Certainly, when we look at San Diego, we look at San
22:56:43 Francisco, we look at Portland, we look at Seattle,
22:56:46 they are all changing.
22:56:47 They are all changing to this urban growth.
22:56:50 10, 12 years ago, could you have shot a cannon through
22:56:54 downtown San Diego.
22:56:55 You go there today, it's very exciting, tall, slim
22:56:59 high-rises, high density, high energy.
22:57:01 Just a real buzz to be in that city.
22:57:05 Portland is another interesting example.
22:57:07 Portland has for many years built to the property line
22:57:10 bulky buildings.
22:57:11 They take them up so far, oh, no, we go 12th floor,
22:57:16 that's it.

22:57:22 The director in Portland, cut back, go to the skinnier
22:57:27 tower.
22:57:27 Let everybody have the beautiful views and just make
22:57:30 the city a more enjoyable place to be.
22:57:33 And that seems to be what key developers want to
22:57:38 achieve for Channelside here.
22:57:42 And I would just like to say that, you know, I think
22:57:45 that the work that's been done here would be just a
22:57:50 tremendous credit to Tampa.
22:57:52 I think it would be a tremendous credit to the
22:57:54 Council.
22:57:55 And also to the -- your planning department.
22:57:58 And I would -- I'd like to see you give it a big vote
22:58:02 yes.
22:58:03 Thank you.
22:58:11 >> My name is Bill Arrington.
22:58:13 I've been sworn in.
22:58:14 I'm for this project.
22:58:16 I don't know the technical reasons about what has been
22:58:19 said, but I do live in a high-rise community now, I
22:58:22 think sometimes you need to actually do or live in
22:58:25 something to really appreciate that, because -- most

22:58:47 of the high-rises are not 100% occupied all the time.
22:58:51 When you think you have all those people, you are not
22:58:54 really putting people in that space.
22:58:56 So I am for it, for whatever it's worth.
22:58:58 I can't tell you the real reasons, but thanks for your
22:59:01 time.
22:59:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's late on a Thursday night, what
22:59:08 inspired you to come down tonight and share your
22:59:11 ideas?
22:59:11 >> I own property in this area.
22:59:13 I want to see the other people in this room see things
22:59:15 happen in a very positive way.
22:59:17 I think high-rises are a necessary, very important
22:59:19 part of this whole development.
22:59:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
22:59:24 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Next.
22:59:28 >> Greg minder, 100 East Madison street.
22:59:31 I have been sworn in.
22:59:32 I think there's been a lot of redundant comments
22:59:35 tonight, but I think they are important about how
22:59:37 density supports amenities and how amenities are
22:59:40 needed or required to increase density.

22:59:44 That there is a trade-off between positive amenities
22:59:48 and strong urban scale.
22:59:51 And I think that one of the things that has been
22:59:53 brought up a lot in Council and I hear it a lot is the
22:59:57 concept of too high.
22:59:59 And it's interesting that I would agree if poor
23:00:02 architecture was presented to you that poor
23:00:05 architecture with height as its only characteristic I
23:00:09 would agree is inappropriate.
23:00:11 But massing in scale relative in proportion to an
23:00:14 entire block are very different.
23:00:16 For example, as you walk out of chambers tonight, you
23:00:19 may want to look at the fact that this is a
23:00:21 lower-scale building.
23:00:22 City Hall goes up to eight or ten stories.
23:00:26 The building across the street is a 40-story office
23:00:30 building exceeding 600 some odd vertical feet.
23:00:34 The building is proposed as portions of block, not
23:00:37 full blocks in the Channel District, are 300 to
23:00:40 350 feet, 250 feet earlier tonight.
23:00:45 Very different scale, very different character and
23:00:47 very different approach to architecture from downtown.

23:00:50 Very vested in the downtown market.
23:00:52 I think it's a different neighborhood and different
23:00:54 character and different characteristic with completely
23:00:57 different amenities.
23:00:59 Also vested in the Channel District, being the
23:01:01 developer of meridian, if we relied solely on
23:01:04 precedent, have to build a one story office building
23:01:06 on that property.
23:01:07 It's used as example of exemplary architecture often.
23:01:12 Having been intimately involved in the project, I can
23:01:14 say it was a great departure from what was there
23:01:17 before.
23:01:17 If you anchor our future projects based on future
23:01:21 condition or what is existing warehouse space, I think
23:01:23 we're missing a tremendous opportunity for the city.
23:01:26 Thank you.
23:01:34 >> I'm Kimberly fin.
23:01:35 I'm sworn in.
23:01:46 There are really wonderful qualities about this
23:01:48 project.
23:01:49 Huge public Arts component to this project that goes
23:01:55 above and beyond what is expected in term of their

23:01:58 public Arts.
23:01:59 This is a project very forward thinking.
23:02:01 There is a lot of wonderful attributes to this
23:02:04 building to recommend for the vibrancy of the
23:02:13 community.
23:02:15 I felt there would be a vibrant art scene, a vibrant
23:02:18 urban core that I could go shopping, restaurants,
23:02:21 galleries, walkability, that this would be a very cool
23:02:25 town.
23:02:25 And, you know, it hasn't been as cool as I think it
23:02:29 could be.
23:02:29 I would like to see us have some forward vision as we
23:02:35 consider that visitors and residents to this town
23:02:37 would like to see a vibrant core connectivity between
23:02:44 Ybor City and downtown and the Channel District.
23:02:47 I think the Channel District is one of the areas of
23:02:49 town that currently has the most vibrancy and I would
23:02:52 like to see that continue.
23:02:53 I would encourage you to have some forward thought and
23:02:56 really consider this project.
23:02:57 Thank you.
23:02:58 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Do you live in the district?

23:03:02 >> I live in Seminole Heights.
23:03:04 I would like to live in Channelside.
23:03:06 Thank you.
23:03:11 >> Good evening.
23:03:12 Bill.
23:03:13 Been sworn in.
23:03:14 In 1981, I bought a warehouse in Channelside.
23:03:18 Not because I had any vision of what was going to
23:03:21 happen in Channelside.
23:03:22 I bought it because it was big and it was cheap and
23:03:26 that's what I do.
23:03:28 I was an investor.
23:03:29 We've operated a business there since 1981.
23:03:32 The building I own is probably the ugliest building in
23:03:35 Channelside.
23:03:37 It's been that way since we bought it and probably for
23:03:40 50 years before that.
23:03:41 As we operated our business, we had numerous
23:03:44 break-ins.
23:03:45 We had numerous things stolen out of our yard.
23:03:48 And we had a homeless gentleman living under the
23:03:51 Kennedy bridge.

23:03:52 We would come in in the morning and he would tell us,
23:03:56 this got stolen last night and that got stolen last
23:03:59 night.
23:04:00 We actually made this gentleman a resident of our
23:04:03 building.
23:04:03 He lived with us for seven years and he protected our
23:04:06 building.
23:04:07 So we have seen from the bottom to the top.
23:04:12 I have seen every day in the office in our building,
23:04:15 we have all these newspaper articles for 25 years of
23:04:18 the visions of what's going to happen in Channelside.
23:04:21 But to see the type of building that's being proposed
23:04:24 today, to me, this is a dream come true.
23:04:26 We're not seeing the big ugly boxy buildings.
23:04:30 And these are important things.
23:04:34 I wouldn't have expected ten years ago to have
23:04:37 developers come in and higher the best designers in
23:04:39 the world and bring people in from around the country
23:04:43 to look at things in a different way.
23:04:45 We've seen other condo buildings be built in Tampa in
23:04:48 the '60s and '70s.
23:04:50 The one behind the Performing Arts center, it's an

23:04:52 ugly rectangle-type building.
23:04:54 This is what we need.
23:04:55 This is what makes a city progressive.
23:04:57 These are true urban designs.
23:04:59 I don't know if any of you have been in the models
23:05:03 here.
23:05:03 I went in -- I was in one -- in a model for maybe 20
23:05:10 minutes a couple of months ago.
23:05:12 It was absolutely delightful.
23:05:13 These are true urban designs that you just don't
23:05:17 expect to see here.
23:05:18 And this is the type of thing I would like to see
23:05:20 continue in Channelside.
23:05:21 And this is the vision that now I have for this area.
23:05:26 So anyway, I'm definitely in favor of it.
23:05:29 I like the idea of the slim tower, and we're not
23:05:32 blocking all the -- we're not having the tunnel effect
23:05:35 and the winds and those types of thing.
23:05:37 So these progressive designs I would really like to
23:05:40 see you approve.
23:05:41 Thank you very much.
23:05:43 >>ROSE FERLITA: Sir, just out of curiosity, really not

23:05:47 germane to what we are voting on, to what are you
23:05:49 referring, the ugly building behind the Performing
23:05:51 Arts center?
23:05:53 You are not talking about the school, are you?
23:05:54 >> No, no, condo building that was built in the late
23:05:58 '60s that's been empty for so long.
23:06:01 It's a basic rectangle building with no real character
23:06:04 to it.
23:06:06 Performing Arts center is absolutely gorgeous.
23:06:09 Thank you very much.
23:06:17 >> Well, I ever the pleasure of coming up here today
23:06:19 and speaking on behalf of myself.
23:06:22 As you know, the residents of Channelside have been
23:06:24 very active in trying to maintain some sort of vision.
23:06:29 I think it's time we all learn to grow.
23:06:31 The pressures are there.
23:06:32 We have decided on the towers at Channelside.
23:06:34 They are going to exist.
23:06:35 We've decided on a 22-story building tonight on the
23:06:38 other end.
23:06:40 Jimmy overton, 205 North 12th street.
23:06:44 I've been sworn in.

23:06:45 So I think it's time that we all figure out what is
23:06:48 best moving forward.
23:06:49 And the decision to approve a 22-story building at the
23:06:53 other end of the district was one that is based on the
23:06:56 Wilson Miller plan.
23:06:57 And if I look at the Wilson Miller plan and accept it
23:07:00 based on its draft undebated content, I do see the
23:07:05 same argument that I hear from the developers here
23:07:07 today, surprisingly.
23:07:08 And that is if we're going to go 15 stories in the
23:07:11 district, 20 stories in the district and build these
23:07:13 walls, no one is going to have any light.
23:07:15 No one is going to have any view.
23:07:17 No one is going to have anything.
23:07:19 So what can we do for the district to incorporate the
23:07:22 Wilson Miller plan which indirectly you have already
23:07:25 accepted because we put towers on each end.
23:07:27 Now there's the amnesia tower that's 300 feet tall
23:07:31 that was used to make the argument.
23:07:33 So you have towers all over the Channel District now.
23:07:36 At some point, this makes a lot of sense.
23:07:38 If you're going to grow the area and maximize it,

23:07:43 those of us who had the original dream be very
23:07:46 proud -- and grow with the city and allow a developer
23:07:50 of this caliber to put in perspective what a tower
23:07:53 like this might look like.
23:07:55 Of the two options, the point tower option is a much
23:07:58 better option.
23:07:59 I'm smart enough to go with the flow.
23:08:01 I feel very good about the argument that we made with
23:08:03 the low-rise district.
23:08:05 But if it's time to go and time to move forward, let's
23:08:08 not do it halfway.
23:08:09 Let's not make different rules for different developer
23:08:12 in different parts of the district.
23:08:14 Let's look at each individual contribution.
23:08:15 And clearly this developer has shown me more and taken
23:08:18 more time out to talk to us about his concept of what
23:08:23 could happen, despite the fact that we differed in
23:08:25 opinions.
23:08:26 I highly value that.
23:08:27 He kept us educated on if it were to go this way, what
23:08:30 might the alternatives look like.
23:08:32 And he has put forth what I think is a prestigious

23:08:34 plan, a very concerned plan for what the future of
23:08:37 this district can be.
23:08:39 And I don't know that you've seen anybody come up here
23:08:41 and present a fly-by, present a structure that looks
23:08:44 anything like this.
23:08:45 And made a decision based on the fact that someone
23:08:48 says our building is this high and we're right down
23:08:51 the street.
23:08:52 We've already done it.
23:08:53 We have towers on either side.
23:08:55 One tonight, one before and what I will call forever
23:08:58 the amnesia tower.
23:09:00 But these buildings are going to exist.
23:09:01 This is the future of Channelside.
23:09:03 Let's make it beautiful.
23:09:05 As a matter of fact, in terms, we go to debate the
23:09:08 Wilson Miller plan, let's make sure we get a developer
23:09:11 like this to come in and say what this should look
23:09:14 like.
23:09:14 Let's make other developers come in and take this
23:09:17 approach of being sensitive to light and air and what
23:09:20 could be best for the district.

23:09:22 We've already changed the district forever, so let's
23:09:25 make it the best it can be.
23:09:26 Thank you.
23:09:33 >>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Overton, that is quite a
23:09:35 breakthrough in terms of you appreciating this project
23:09:39 and you all have worked very hard to try to maintain
23:09:42 what you thought.
23:09:43 You and Janelle and several other residents have come
23:09:46 to my drugstore and we have talked about this on and
23:09:48 on and on.
23:09:49 But probably this is not the time to say this, but
23:09:52 I'll say it quickly, from what I can see the side that
23:09:55 supported it, the side that didn't, I think the
23:09:57 biggest problem we have is the Wilson Miller study.
23:10:03 I don't know where it's going.
23:10:04 [ APPLAUSE ]
23:10:05 In term of what is allowed or suggests to allow in one
23:10:12 area versus the other area, who are clients, who are
23:10:15 not, what we want to do in terms of complementing,
23:10:18 that whole thing is a mess.
23:10:20 Anyway, thank you for your honesty.
23:10:22 I wanted to tell you that.

23:10:24 At some point we'll look at amenities and base point
23:10:27 systems.
23:10:27 Right now, we don't even have that.
23:10:29 Sorry to interrupt you, go ahead.
23:10:30 >> Thank you.
23:10:31 Julia.
23:10:32 I've been sworn in tonight.
23:10:34 I'm here tonight only because I am passionate about
23:10:38 downtown development revitalization in the City of
23:10:41 Tampa.
23:10:42 I came here from Manhattan almost eight years ago and
23:10:46 ostensibly for two months for a project I needed to
23:10:49 take care of.
23:10:50 Ended up lasting me five years.
23:10:51 Every two months I kept saying I can't wait till I'm
23:10:56 out of here, two more months.
23:10:57 Until five years passed, I kind of liked it here and I
23:11:00 needed to see what kind of possibility.
23:11:02 At that time, there was ground swell and conversations
23:11:05 happening about downtown and creative industry and how
23:11:08 do we actually attract and keep our young people here
23:11:11 who are educated.

23:11:12 I'm in a very small minority of highly educated,
23:11:15 well-traveled, young single professionals in this
23:11:18 city.
23:11:19 And there's a huge reason.
23:11:21 It's because of a lack of vibrancy that we've had.
23:11:25 And a mentality that that is what this city is.
23:11:28 So I'm here tonight to stand in front of you to ask
23:11:31 you to step up in leadership and vision about creating
23:11:35 such vibrancy.
23:11:36 We've been presented with such an incredible vision of
23:11:39 what our city can look like.
23:11:41 I hate the fact that we might be tied up in issues
23:11:44 about height here, one block in here.
23:11:46 But rather what can we do to make this a really
23:11:48 fabulous place to live and keep on growing.
23:11:51 Thank you.
23:12:07 >> My name is JANELLE.
23:12:09 South 12th street.
23:12:11 Yes, I have sworn in.
23:12:12 The same argument still stands as we go through the
23:12:15 directors here, I represent the united residents of
23:12:17 Channelside, which is the neighbors, the residents

23:12:19 that live there.
23:12:20 Again, using the ELMO to focus on, if you could turn
23:12:25 the clock back 20 years, what changes would you have
23:12:28 made to improve your community today?
23:12:30 Now turn it forward 20 years.
23:12:32 Make an impact on tomorrow today.
23:12:38 We have invested our neighborhood two years of TIF
23:12:40 funds.
23:12:41 We set up a CRA for our neighborhood.
23:12:43 So tax revenue can't go elsewhere in the larger
23:12:46 community.
23:12:47 It cannot help anyone else but us to be stronger, and
23:12:52 we've decided tonight on buildings where when we've
23:12:55 heard them before, had to wait for the study to come
23:12:57 out.
23:12:58 But tonight, that appears to be irrelevant.
23:13:00 And it is unfortunate.
23:13:01 Standards of why a wonderful model is here and a
23:13:04 standard that developers say they are used to in other
23:13:07 areas and to us it is new, all of a sudden other
23:13:11 developers when we're asked about models, nothing was
23:13:14 brought up.

23:13:16 Where is the standard and the integrity?
23:13:19 It is unfortunate that we have a wonderful
23:13:22 neighborhood, a neighborhood that was vibrant before
23:13:24 with a concept.
23:13:25 We are about to be put on a level playing field with
23:13:28 everyone, not just New Yorkers from out-of-town.
23:13:30 Not just developers, land owners, people who have
23:13:33 lived here their own life -- whole life.
23:13:36 Just like the money that was invested by the is it I
23:13:39 to build a new museum.
23:13:42 Thousands of dollars and that appears not to be going.
23:13:44 Hundreds of thousands in a vision that seems
23:13:47 irrelevant now, to new sets of neighbors.
23:13:50 The last neighborhood was broken in Channelside.
23:13:53 Kim Marcum name has been spoken proudly.
23:13:55 When the towers went up and the shock hit them in the
23:13:58 face, this is what they printed using the ELMO, and
23:14:01 what it is, she said she was -- she put in Buffalo
23:14:06 springfield for what it's worth.
23:14:08 I'm going to be hit with 75 different residents
23:14:11 telling me the same thing, unfortunately.
23:14:14 I asked to wait for the study.

23:14:15 This developer is excellent.
23:14:17 This is the type of developer we want to have present,
23:14:20 and we want to show this when we debate the Wilson
23:14:22 Miller, see what we like and not and make sure this
23:14:25 caliber comes to everyone in the city, whether you are
23:14:27 in East Tampa, whether you are in Gandy, it doesn't
23:14:30 matter.
23:14:31 We have a wonderful -- we can bring this to the
23:14:33 community as a whole, not just Channelside.
23:14:36 Don't make us a marmalade.
23:14:39 We are a fruit salad.
23:14:41 Please.
23:14:42 Wait for the study is all we can ask as residents.
23:14:45 And again, we ask.
23:14:46 And if you've looked over it for other people, still
23:14:49 try to keep the focus.
23:14:51 There are residents down there.
23:14:52 We don't want more for sale signs.
23:15:01 >> My name is Dan Harvey.
23:15:02 I have been sworn in.
23:15:04 I live in St. Petersburg, downtown.
23:15:08 I'm here to speak on behalf of the project.

23:15:11 The F.A.R. that you are about to vote on is a little
23:15:17 over six.
23:15:18 Can I have your attention, Council people?
23:15:21 The F.A.R. is six is what you are about to vote on.
23:15:25 And six is within the scope of your constitution.
23:15:28 It's not asking for that much.
23:15:30 In downtown St. Petersburg right now, the new land use
23:15:34 regulations are being adopted, and the F.A.R.s are
23:15:38 six in the residential high-rise areas.
23:15:41 They are talking about Vancouver, Seattle, Portland.
23:15:45 I visited all those towns, cities this year.
23:15:48 This exactly same development is going on in St. Pete
23:15:51 right now, right across the bridge.
23:15:54 You know, high-rise buildings on little podiums.
23:15:58 We would have had a four- or five-story parking podium
23:16:01 on this building, if he could have spread that out
23:16:03 over the whole project.
23:16:05 But phase two needed eight-story project because he
23:16:08 couldn't use the podium the way he wanted to.
23:16:13 This development will do a couple of things.
23:16:18 It will provide more tax dollars for the city to buy
23:16:23 greenspace and other areas.

23:16:25 It will provide better pedestrian areas.
23:16:27 I suggest you -- I hope that you'll approve this
23:16:30 project.
23:16:31 Thank you.
23:16:35 >> I think this project is something you mentioned
23:16:36 St. Pete.
23:16:37 Just happen to think, right on the water there in
23:16:39 St. Pete, I think this mirrors the new additions that
23:16:42 they are doing on the Vinoy, am I correct?
23:16:45 >> It's very similar to the park shore condo and the
23:16:48 400 beach drive condos -- and they are a national
23:16:52 builder that chose downtown St. Petersburg to build.
23:16:56 Four or five stories of parking, a 30-story building
23:16:59 with four units per floor.
23:17:01 A point tower development, yes.
23:17:12 >> Good evening, Council, I'm Melody Stang.
23:17:16 And I also live in St. Petersburg.
23:17:18 I'm happy to live right on the waterfront downtown.
23:17:21 I live there.
23:17:22 I work there right on beach drive.
23:17:25 I have a real estate broker office.
23:17:27 I've watched that city grow.

23:17:28 It is so beautiful.
23:17:30 I just recommend, if you want to see a point tower
23:17:33 already in angst, come on down to St. Pete.
23:17:36 We'll serve you some wonderful food.
23:17:38 There's great shopping and great pedestrian walkways,
23:17:41 and it will be a great point of reference for you.
23:17:44 I hope to see you there.
23:17:45 Thank you.
23:17:47 I was sworn in, yeah.
23:17:52 >> Good evening, Council.
23:17:52 My name is Harold Gilbert.
23:17:54 I live at 114 East Davis here in the city.
23:17:59 I have been sworn in.
23:18:00 I'm probably in the minority.
23:18:01 I came here tonight with some prepared comments to
23:18:03 talk about how I didn't support this project because
23:18:06 on a personal basis, I own a unit or I'm under
23:18:11 contract with a unit in Phase One.
23:18:13 The way the buildings are set.
23:18:15 I'm on the top floor of the northernmost building, and
23:18:18 I have an unobstructed view to the East.
23:18:21 This tower, I thought it was going to be 24 stories

23:18:24 and then I came tonight and found out it will be over
23:18:27 30 stories, is going to block my view totally and it
23:18:29 will put my unit totally in shadow all day long.
23:18:33 I'll get no light from the East whatsoever.
23:18:36 But beyond that, from a community perspective, when I
23:18:41 saw the model, what immediately came to my mind -- I
23:18:44 don't know if anybody else thinks this way, but when
23:18:47 that building goes up, you basically just put a stove
23:18:50 pipe in the middle of Channelside.
23:18:52 You got large towers on each end, which you've already
23:18:55 approved tonight on some of them.
23:18:57 Right in the middle, you put a giant stovepipe in the
23:19:00 middle of Channelside.
23:19:01 So you really destroyed whatever kind of
23:19:03 proportionality that you wanted to put into that area.
23:19:06 And the other thing that struck me immediately by
23:19:09 seeing the three-dimensional scale model, is that it
23:19:12 looks to me like Collins Avenue on Miami beach, and
23:19:16 you are going to have one high-rise right after
23:19:18 another right down that street, all the way down
23:19:21 Channelside to the port and you'll have all the
23:19:23 problems that Miami beach has with wind and shadow and

23:19:28 traffic and everything else.
23:19:30 That was what came to my mind immediately.
23:19:31 And that's pretty much why I'm against the project.
23:19:34 Thank you.
23:19:37 >> Good evening.
23:19:38 My name is Ethel Hammer.
23:19:39 And I have been sworn.
23:19:41 And I am here this evening representing myself and
23:19:45 several interested parties in the Channelside
23:19:47 District.
23:19:49 I was absolutely excited when I saw that model.
23:19:54 It's the first time I've seen it this evening.
23:19:57 I think it's absolutely compelling in terms of what
23:20:01 opportunities it gives us.
23:20:02 This presents to you this evening a real opportunity
23:20:06 at making an urban planning or an urban design
23:20:10 decision.
23:20:11 Frankly, I as a planner really like the design.
23:20:14 I think it takes a similar amount of density that you
23:20:18 could get with the first option that was shown by the
23:20:22 architect and create something very striking and
23:20:24 something very interesting.

23:20:26 I do not think it looks like downtown at all.
23:20:29 I think it creates a wonderful approach to the massing
23:20:33 and scale that you get with the kind of urban
23:20:36 densities that you need to put in a location like
23:20:39 this.
23:20:39 I applaud all the things that the people said before
23:20:42 me in terms of it's a great idea to get more density
23:20:46 in the urban setting in the downtown, which I truly
23:20:50 believe this is an extension of the downtown.
23:20:54 I think it's a great mixed use project.
23:20:56 I love the design.
23:20:58 I think it's a beautiful design.
23:21:00 And I know that there are many other developers in the
23:21:02 channel district that feel the same way.
23:21:10 I think that this is designed with a lot of urban
23:21:12 features that will preserve things like views for
23:21:16 other buildings.
23:21:17 Again, I like the scale and the massing.
23:21:20 I like the scale at the street level.
23:21:24 I think it's pedestrian friendly.
23:21:26 And with that, I would ask that you would approve this
23:21:29 project.

23:21:29 Thank you.
23:21:33 >> My name is Dominic Martin.
23:21:34 I've been sworn in.
23:21:36 I've been in Channelside since 1996.
23:21:39 Rustic steal creations I own.
23:21:42 I was at the last meeting.
23:21:44 One thing I noticed is I've lived in several cities
23:21:47 across this country.
23:21:48 I even lived in Toronto, Canada, Paris France,
23:21:51 Sacramento, California, Dallas Texas, New York City
23:21:54 and finally Tampa I've made my home.
23:21:56 I've been here for quite some time.
23:21:59 If you look at the different cities I've just
23:22:01 mentioned like even San Francisco or Miami or Dallas,
23:22:05 look at their architecture, they have renowned
23:22:08 buildings that are internally -- internationally known
23:22:12 worldwide.
23:22:13 If you also look at Toronto, this is the way that I
23:22:16 see Channelside.
23:22:17 I see Channelside as a bustling little area on a
23:22:20 miniature scale, because you have avenues of major
23:22:24 thoroughfares surrounding it.

23:22:25 It's not like you are totally closed in.
23:22:28 It's something that could create a world-class city in
23:22:31 a cosmopolitan level because of what's been going on.
23:22:35 And at the same time, somebody was mentioning earlier,
23:22:38 you know, he hasn't provided this and he hasn't
23:22:42 provided that.
23:22:44 When is the last time that a builder or a developer
23:22:47 has come to you 18 to 22 block model of a national
23:22:55 city?
23:22:56 Thank you very much.
23:23:00 >> Hi, Dennis Campbell.
23:23:01 I've been sworn in.
23:23:03 I had a lot of stuff I wanted to say tonight, but kind
23:23:06 of all changed because it would be redundant over
23:23:08 things already spoken about.
23:23:10 One of the things wasn't highlighted on was how I felt
23:23:13 when I walked into this building.
23:23:15 I came from the Hyatt, I walked across and all these
23:23:18 cool tall buildings were out there.
23:23:20 When you leave tonight, think about it.
23:23:21 It's beautiful.
23:23:22 It's majestic.

23:23:23 You come in and get a great feeling.
23:23:26 I would like to have that in my neighborhood.
23:23:28 I have property directly across the street from this
23:23:30 project.
23:23:31 I want to look out my bedroom window and I want to see
23:23:35 that beautiful water fountain, I want to see the
23:23:37 building.
23:23:37 The jewel of Channelside that you have the opportunity
23:23:39 to approve.
23:23:40 That's what I want.
23:23:41 I don't see it as a stovepipe or smokestack or some
23:23:45 kind of misconceived illusion that was brought up
23:23:48 earlier.
23:23:49 The other thing that I want to talk about that I've
23:23:52 seen tonight or I heard tonight was the city staff.
23:23:54 I couldn't believe the city staff bagging this
23:23:58 project.
23:23:58 I just don't understand it.
23:24:00 The other night, I'm watching TV and somebody
23:24:03 representing the city, Mark Huey, is elated about the
23:24:06 trump tower.
23:24:07 Well, why is he elated?

23:24:08 Because trump tower is going to pour millions of
23:24:11 dollars into this town in tax revenue.
23:24:15 What does the city staff think this building is going
23:24:17 to do?
23:24:18 Nobody has really brought up the money issue.
23:24:20 It's going to be huge, huge revenues coming in from
23:24:23 the tax base for ad valorem, not to mention all the
23:24:26 consumer tax input from sales tax.
23:24:29 That's something that needs to be weighed out and
23:24:31 really looked at.
23:24:32 I think it's an important thing.
23:24:34 If you are going to support Trump Tower and his high
23:24:37 building and all of his happy tax dollars you're going
23:24:39 to get, you should support this development and all
23:24:41 the happy tax dollars you'll get from them.
23:24:44 I like that smile.
23:24:45 And --
23:24:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Happy tax dollars.
23:24:49 >> We all hate paying them, but we got to.
23:24:51 I wanted to comment earlier, I want to thank you two
23:24:54 ladies for attending the bus tour.
23:24:56 You got a chance to first hand see the neighborhood.

23:24:58 It's a neighborhood that right now only 30 people
23:25:01 living in.
23:25:02 Another lady up here talking about the Neighborhood
23:25:04 Association and how she represents them.
23:25:05 It's a very small group right now.
23:25:07 There's a lot of residents out there, but they are not
23:25:09 occupied.
23:25:11 They are empty nesters or vacation homes or second
23:25:14 homes for people.
23:25:15 They really don't have a voice, because they are not
23:25:17 here.
23:25:17 They are here maybe a week, maybe a month, a week.
23:25:20 30 people, yeah, they have a voice, they have opinions
23:25:22 on it.
23:25:23 That's only one person representing the small group.
23:25:29 What else do I have to say here?
23:25:32 I guess that's it.
23:25:34 You heard everything already.
23:25:36 Whether 3.5 or 6.0 or 350 feet or 250 feet.
23:25:40 It's really irrelevant.
23:25:41 What you need to do tonight is think about this
23:25:43 project and this town, and what is right for this

23:25:47 town.
23:25:48 This project is an evolution to what we have now.
23:25:52 20 years from now, I would like to see everybody in
23:25:55 this room be able to look back and say, hey, we were a
23:25:58 part of that.
23:25:59 We were there and it looks great and the town was
23:26:01 successful.
23:26:02 And in that regards, I want to close.
23:26:04 But before I do, I would like to ask everybody that's
23:26:07 behind me, if you are for this project, please stand
23:26:09 up and applaud.
23:26:10 >>GWEN MILLER: No, no.
23:26:16 You said you didn't have that much to say.
23:26:22 >> It's been a long evening.
23:26:24 I'm Henry Lewis.
23:26:25 And I have been sworn in.
23:26:27 I've been a resident of Channelside only two years,
23:26:31 but I've run a business there since 1968.
23:26:34 My building is directly in front of the proposed
23:26:38 project of -- the only thing I can add is that I
23:26:44 believe it's a very high-quality project, much-needed,
23:26:48 and with that, I hope and pray that you vote this

23:26:53 project through.
23:26:54 Thank you.
23:26:59 >> Council members, my name is mark vansteelant.
23:27:03 I have been sworn in.
23:27:04 I currently reside at 1217 North -- I am a resident of
23:27:08 the Channel District.
23:27:10 I am an architect.
23:27:12 I have practiced architecture for 22 years.
23:27:15 And throughout the world.
23:27:16 Not just in central Florida.
23:27:20 And one of the things that I would just like to
23:27:22 acknowledge here and bring to your attention is,
23:27:26 again, the quality of experience has brought to this
23:27:32 team through the vision that he has put in place.
23:27:36 He surrounded himself with an incredible amount of
23:27:39 talent to do this project and to create a vision for
23:27:43 this city.
23:27:44 In my past life, I was also Chairman of the municipal
23:27:47 planning board for the city of Orlando.
23:27:49 For five years.
23:27:51 And I understand wholeheartedly the position you all
23:27:54 are sitting in with regards to adapting something that

23:28:00 may be visionary image, but it is a step forward.
23:28:05 And it is something that I believe we've heard many,
23:28:07 many comments tonight about the support that is
23:28:11 engaged in a vision.
23:28:12 Awful lot of work that still needs to be done here.
23:28:15 We're prepared to do that work.
23:28:17 Not in a vacuum, with the residents, with you, with
23:28:21 staff in order to bring this kind of a vision to
23:28:24 light.
23:28:25 For this city.
23:28:27 So with that, I just hope that this is something that
23:28:30 you can engage in and embrace and support.
23:28:33 Thank you.
23:28:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
23:28:35 Petitioner?
23:28:38 >> Thank you, Council members.
23:28:40 Just in closing, let me say that this is true urban
23:28:44 redevelopment.
23:28:45 This is what Channelside has an opportunity to look
23:28:49 like.
23:28:49 And I would hope that we can get there from here
23:28:52 because it is something that really will set this area

23:28:56 apart.
23:28:57 A couple of things about the improvements that this
23:29:00 project brings is not only raising the standard as far
23:29:04 as the development in the area and we've been talking
23:29:07 about that all night, but one of the things is
23:29:10 providing significantly more parking than what is
23:29:12 required.
23:29:13 Not only in Phase One, but also in phase two.
23:29:17 Providing parking for your retail uses interior,
23:29:22 providing workforce housing.
23:29:24 There's five percent workforce housing that's being
23:29:26 provided in Phase One and another five percent in
23:29:29 phase two.
23:29:31 There are more trees than are required by code.
23:29:36 There's more architectural enhancements than any other
23:29:40 project you have seen.
23:29:41 And the lighting that we -- the lighting project that
23:29:43 we really haven't talked about very much is in the
23:29:46 spirit of the lights on Tampa.
23:29:48 And that will be an everyday availability here at this
23:29:52 particular project.
23:29:55 The art displays, the lofts set aside for the artists,

23:30:00 the displays that are being provided at no cost, I
23:30:03 mean, the list kind of goes on and on.
23:30:05 The bottom line is, this project brings a lot to the
23:30:08 city, and we would appreciate your approval, and
23:30:12 Mr. SADAR wanted to say a few closing comments.
23:30:17 >> My name is DA -- SADAR.
23:30:23 I have been sworn in.
23:30:24 I will not bore you with a long speech.
23:30:27 I just want to assure you with all of my integrity
23:30:36 that this project, this request is not just about my
23:30:41 project.
23:30:42 It is about a vision that me and my team have brought
23:30:48 to this town.
23:30:50 I have been engaged from day one.
23:30:52 I've been quoted here that originally I was for a
23:30:57 mid-rise, low-rise building.
23:30:59 And now I have changed.
23:31:03 I have been very consistent from day one that mid-rise
23:31:08 really is not a good solution for the neighborhood.
23:31:13 You have seen the building on the one corner of
23:31:19 Channelside.
23:31:19 If that is replicated, you have -- no light, people

23:31:28 peeking practically into each other's windows.
23:31:31 It was difficult to make it work, the density that we
23:31:34 are asking for is in agreement with the quality we are
23:31:42 going to deliver.
23:31:45 The only source -- the only purse that a developer has
23:31:49 is density.
23:31:52 And I want to assure you wholeheartedly that I am not
23:31:58 really just for this project.
23:32:01 I want this neighborhood to succeed.
23:32:04 And for this neighborhood to succeed, for the last 18
23:32:09 months, not a single new project has gone in.
23:32:13 We are debating in circles.
23:32:15 What do we need?
23:32:16 What is good?
23:32:17 This is your town.
23:32:19 This is your leadership.
23:32:21 It is this house who is going to take the credit for
23:32:24 what we are proposing.
23:32:26 And I request you, urge you not to look at it from a
23:32:33 single development project perspective, but please
23:32:37 look at the vision.
23:32:38 People are here on my team from all over the world.

23:32:43 They are tried and tested professionals who have
23:32:48 devoted a good part of their life, including myself to
23:32:51 building good communities worldwide.
23:32:53 So I request you to help us give you a great
23:32:57 community.
23:32:58 Thank you very much.
23:33:01 [ APPLAUSE ]
23:33:05 >>ROSE FERLITA: Let me point a couple of comments to
23:33:10 you particularly.
23:33:11 The last gentleman that spoke or the next to the last
23:33:13 gentleman that spoke, Mr. Campbell, made reference to
23:33:16 the importance of this city recognizing revenue from
23:33:19 trump towers, happy dollars as -- happy tax dollars or
23:33:23 whatever they said.
23:33:24 Let me just give you in a nutshell my interpretation
23:33:26 of what has gone on here tonight, sir, the trump
23:33:30 towers that Mr. Campbell coincidentally referenced is
23:33:34 something I didn't support.
23:33:35 Not that it's not going to give the city revenue, but
23:33:38 I think it choked everything else around it.
23:33:40 It was too high right at the water line.
23:33:42 In contrast to yours.

23:33:45 And there are many new, excited people here, some of
23:33:48 them that have been here a long time, some not so long
23:33:51 and some that are newcomers.
23:33:53 I couldn't help but think as I looked at this and when
23:33:57 I listened particularly to Ms. Hammer because I think
23:33:59 Ms. Hammer is an incredible planner and I respect her
23:34:02 opinions and she certainly has a high regard for your
23:34:05 project.
23:34:05 When I was growing up in Ybor City and I was going to
23:34:07 high school at the academy of the holy name, the
23:34:10 easiest way to get there and the way my parents
23:34:12 trusted my horrible driving the best was to go through
23:34:16 an area called the estuary, which is now channel side.
23:34:20 And you just -- I was just having a flashback of
23:34:23 thinking, my God, never would I have thought a project
23:34:26 like this would have been in that area where I used to
23:34:28 go through to go to school because there was nothing
23:34:31 there.
23:34:31 And who -- as they say, who would have thunk it?
23:34:34 So I just want you to know that not necessarily
23:34:37 because of the tax dollars, but because of the quality
23:34:39 of your project.

23:34:41 A while ago we were struggling with going from 170 to
23:34:44 240 to 300 feet and here we have 350.
23:34:48 And yet the quality project, the type of project it
23:34:51 is, not boxy type development that you see on that
23:34:56 display, my hat it off to you in terms of the quality
23:35:01 of your project and the quality of your team.
23:35:06 I'm sure if no one else wants to, I'll be more than
23:35:08 anticipate to -- happy to move the ordinance.
23:35:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sometimes we have hearings --
23:35:19 sometimes we have issues that are really easy, black
23:35:22 and White.
23:35:23 This is absolutely one of the most challenging
23:35:27 decisions I've ever experienced, because I put so many
23:35:30 years into thinking about this area.
23:35:33 I've conceived of it and named it, and worked with it
23:35:37 when it was going through its baby steps from nothing
23:35:41 to lofts.
23:35:44 And this is such a huge sea shift in terms of what
23:35:48 we're thinking of.
23:35:50 And I was completely dead set against the towers of
23:35:54 Channelside.
23:35:55 And part of the reason was they were too high, but

23:35:58 part of it because I thought it was unattractive.
23:36:02 The truth is, this is beautiful.
23:36:06 Beauty is very seductive.
23:36:09 This is really a personally challenging decision.
23:36:12 And I'm having a lot of trouble with it.
23:36:15 >> Just go with it.
23:36:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm really thinking about it.
23:36:21 Because I recognize that, you know -- if we could only
23:36:27 require that anything that happens from now on is
23:36:30 beautiful, if we can somehow build that into the
23:36:33 Wilson Miller plan, then I'd be a lot more comfortable
23:36:37 with things.
23:36:37 Because it really isn't as much -- it's really about
23:36:41 beauty.
23:36:42 And this is a very beautiful project.
23:36:43 >>ROSE FERLITA: I remember distinctly you supporting
23:36:47 that box that's right up there.
23:36:48 Does that help you?
23:36:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The amnesia box.
23:36:55 >>SHAWN HARRISON: One thing that I do think that if we
23:36:58 approve this project tonight, as you say,
23:37:01 Ms. Saul-Sena, this is a radical change in everything

23:37:05 that has been talked about in Channelside.
23:37:09 I didn't have the benefit of going on the walking
23:37:11 tour.
23:37:11 I am looking forward to the town hall meeting that
23:37:14 we're going to have where we can have input from the
23:37:17 residents about, is this something that they would
23:37:20 like to see?
23:37:21 And we all are being seduced by the fact that no one
23:37:25 has ever brought us a model.
23:37:27 No one has ever done a computer-generated fly-by like
23:37:31 they did.
23:37:32 And I think we're getting caught up in the theatrics
23:37:36 of this without having a chance to go to Channelside
23:37:40 and listen to the folks on the ground about what it is
23:37:44 they would like to see.
23:37:45 And I was very shocked to hear Mr. Overton, who argued
23:37:51 vehemently against the earlier one who came up at the
23:37:55 podium and basically threw the towel in.
23:37:57 And said, folks, it's changed.
23:37:59 You know, everything -- so I would just caution us.
23:38:03 I am not prepared at this point to vote for this
23:38:07 project until I go to Channelside and I walk through

23:38:10 that community and I sit down at that town hall
23:38:13 meeting and I listen to hear what the people that have
23:38:16 built Channelside want to see for their community.
23:38:19 Now, I appreciate the fact that this may be a great
23:38:22 project in Vancouver, and that may be where we're
23:38:25 going to go some day, but we're just little ol' Tampa
23:38:28 right now.
23:38:29 And at this point, we have had folks that have had --
23:38:33 we have had people in Channelside working for a great
23:38:36 many years to try to build a vision for their
23:38:39 community.
23:38:39 And I would like to hear from them before I make a
23:38:42 decision on this project tonight.
23:38:45 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, I feel the same way.
23:38:48 I'm thoroughly confused because we did go on that
23:38:52 walking tour, and we did get some of the residents in
23:38:56 there with pros and cons on everything we were told.
23:39:01 And then when we come here tonight, we get the staff
23:39:07 telling us that they are not ready, that there are
23:39:09 strong objections to it because they got this
23:39:14 presentation late this afternoon, and I hear the
23:39:17 Planning Commission is not -- inconsistent.

23:39:21 It just kind of puts us in a bad light.
23:39:24 It puts me in a bad light, because I want to do this.
23:39:27 I think it's beautiful.
23:39:28 I love the presentation of the models there.
23:39:32 I mean, it just shows that this could be a city away
23:39:40 from the downtown, but yet it's beautiful.
23:39:44 And I don't see the -- I don't see the differences
23:39:49 that much in the heights.
23:39:53 That's what makes a city.
23:39:55 You have the various types of heights in there.
23:39:58 At this point, I need to stop.
23:40:00 I need to stop, and I need to give the staff a chance
23:40:04 to look at the objections that they had, if there's
23:40:09 any, and to look at the project again.
23:40:12 And it's not to say that I don't like the project or I
23:40:15 dislike it.
23:40:16 I think it's a beautiful, beautiful project, but right
23:40:20 now, it's not the time.
23:40:21 And, yes, I mean, we were probably a little bit
23:40:27 premature in doing the Martin tonight, because we
23:40:31 thought we were -- I should have thought about that,
23:40:33 but we should have gone and waited until the strategic

23:40:39 action plan was put in place before we -- but we
23:40:43 didn't so we're going to move on.
23:40:45 But now, I think we need to continue this one until we
23:40:49 give our staff a chance to look at everything, and
23:40:53 come up to a conclusion, whether -- because it says
23:40:58 objections over here.
23:40:59 And I think that's where I would lead to.
23:41:03 >>KEVIN WHITE: Thank you, Madam Chair.
23:41:04 I'm thoroughly confused.
23:41:06 In this regard.
23:41:08 I'm not confused in what I would like to do with this
23:41:10 project.
23:41:11 But I'm thoroughly confused about, I guess, what we're
23:41:14 doing up here tonight.
23:41:15 I know we've been here since 8:30 this morning and
23:41:18 it's kind of late and confused.
23:41:21 I think what we've done, we've compared Channelside to
23:41:26 Ybor and other areas of the city, and I think one of
23:41:29 the things that we're not focusing on is what is going
23:41:32 to sustain each one of these districts.
23:41:36 We want jobs.
23:41:37 We want restaurants.

23:41:38 We want retail.
23:41:39 We want greenspace.
23:41:42 And th