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CRA Meeting
April 20, 2006, 8:30 a.m.

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8:38:23AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: We're going to go ahead and start the
8:38:27AM Community Redevelopment Agency this morning.
8:38:29AM We'll have roll call.
8:38:31AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
8:38:33AM >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
8:38:34AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
8:38:40AM I am turning this over to Shirley Knowles, our city clerk,
8:38:45AM for the election of Chairman and vice-chairman.
8:38:48AM >>THE CLERK: Good morning, honorable chair and members of
8:38:51AM the board, my name is Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk for
8:38:56AM the City of Tampa.
8:38:56AM We will now conduct the election of Chairman and
8:38:59AM vice-chairman of the Community Redevelopment Agency.
8:39:02AM Here are the election guidelines.
8:39:05AM The election of the chair will be held first.
8:39:08AM Nominations do not require a second.
8:39:11AM Please wait to be recognized before nominating a candidate.
8:39:15AM I will open the nominations and close them after all
8:39:18AM nominations have been made.
8:39:20AM Votes will be counted by raising your hand.
8:39:23AM The vote will be taken in the order of the nomination,
8:39:26AM beginning with the first name nominated.
8:39:30AM The vote will cease as soon as there's a majority which
8:39:33AM requires four votes.
8:39:34AM Having said that, nominations are now in order.
8:39:37AM Ms. Miller?
8:39:38AM >>GWEN MILLER: I would like to nominate Ms. Mary Alvarez.
8:39:43AM >> The floor recognizes that Ms. Alvarez has been nominated.
8:39:47AM Are there any other nominations?
8:39:54AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Point of order.
8:39:57AM I saw Ms. Ferlita on her way upstairs.
8:40:00AM I don't know if she would want the opportunity to vote.
8:40:05AM She just came in the elevator.
8:40:06AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Let's just wait.
8:40:47AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move that nominations be closed, but --
8:40:51AM >> Second.
8:40:53AM >>THE CLERK: Okay.
8:40:55AM Properly moved and seconded.
8:40:56AM All in favor?
8:41:01AM >>GWEN MILLER: Raise your hand when you vote?
8:41:04AM >>THE CLERK: Yes, raise your hand.
8:41:06AM Would the new chair like to say a few words -- or reelected
8:41:10AM chair.
8:41:10AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you very much.
8:41:11AM Thank you, colleagues, for electing me again.
8:41:14AM This has been -- I think it's become my life's work
8:41:19AM especially this coming year.
8:41:22AM I appreciate the opportunity to finish up with the CRA as my
8:41:28AM term ends.
8:41:28AM And I hope that I have done a good job for the Council and
8:41:34AM for the CRA board and hope to continue on this coming year
8:41:42AM and putting these CRAs in place with the help of our staff
8:41:46AM and so on.
8:41:47AM And thank you very much.
8:41:48AM >>THE CLERK: Congratulations again.
8:41:50AM Nominations are now in order for vice-chair.
8:41:54AM Vice-chair.
8:41:55AM Is there a nomination?

8:41:56AM Yes, Ms. Saul-Sena.
8:41:57AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
8:41:58AM I would like to nominate John Dingfelder.
8:42:02AM >> Second.
8:42:02AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
8:42:03AM >>THE CLERK: Councilman John Dingfelder has been nominated.
8:42:08AM Are there any further nominations?
8:42:11AM Is there a vote for acclamation.
8:42:15AM >> So moved.
8:42:18AM >>THE CLERK: Would the new vice-chair like to say a few
8:42:22AM words?
8:42:23AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm surprised and honored, and I'll do my
8:42:26AM best to back up Mary and our -- in our endeavors.
8:42:31AM I just wanted to say about Mary you've been doing this now
8:42:37AM the whole eight years --
8:42:38AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: No.
8:42:39AM This will be four.
8:42:40AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Anyway, the four years or the three years
8:42:43AM I've been watching do you it, you put a lot of work into it,
8:42:46AM and I know with appreciate it.
8:42:48AM And CRA is becoming more and more important.
8:42:51AM And thank you, Council, for your support.

8:42:53AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, John.
8:42:54AM I'll be calling on you too.
8:42:55AM >>THE CLERK: Congratulations again to the new chair and
8:42:58AM vice-chair.
8:42:58AM I would like to turn the meeting over to our reelected
8:43:01AM chair.
8:43:02AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
8:43:03AM Thank you so much.
8:43:05AM Okay.
8:43:06AM We're back in the saddle again.
8:43:10AM We have the Drew Park strategic action plan that's going to
8:43:13AM be presented by Mr. Chen and also Janette Laruso manager of
8:43:20AM West Tampa will also have a power point presentation by the
8:43:24AM consultant, URS.
8:43:26AM Mr. Chen?
8:43:27AM >>MICHAEL CHEN: Good morning, Ms. Alvarez, Mr. Dingfelder,
8:43:31AM congratulations.
8:43:31AM I look forward to working with you and supporting you for
8:43:34AM your upcoming tenure.
8:43:36AM We are excited with the progress of the URS study going on
8:43:40AM in Drew Park.
8:43:42AM I know many of you attended the public meeting -- not the

8:43:48AM last one, but the one before.
8:43:50AM We had a conflict of another public meeting at that last
8:43:54AM session.
8:43:55AM But we just wanted to bring you up to date as to what occur
8:44:00AM in that last public meeting and the progress of their work
8:44:03AM and hopefully to give you some understanding of directions
8:44:05AM they are headed.
8:44:06AM Give you the opportunity to step in as early in the process
8:44:09AM as possible for ideas and suggestions you may have.
8:44:12AM And with that, I'd like to turn this over to Janette fenton
8:44:17AM to give you a little bit more specific and introduce the
8:44:21AM team.
8:44:21AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
8:44:23AM Ms. Fenton.
8:44:24AM >> Thank you.
8:44:24AM Good morning, council members.
8:44:25AM And congratulations, chair Alvarez.
8:44:28AM I, too, want to thank Council members also for your strong
8:44:32AM interest in Drew Park, both by your attendance at the
8:44:34AM community meeting and also for asking for this update today.
8:44:37AM As you know, the city has retained URS to develop the
8:44:41AM strategic action plan for Drew Park.

8:44:43AM And the purpose of that plan is to identify priorities for
8:44:47AM public investment from the city and also from other public
8:44:50AM sources in infrastructure and also in services that need to
8:44:53AM be provided in Drew Park.
8:44:55AM The other purpose of the plan is to look at incentives, both
8:44:59AM economic and regulatory incentives that would stimulate
8:45:05AM private investment in Drew Park.
8:45:07AM With the private investment comes the growth of the tax
8:45:09AM increment financing fund which then can be reinvested in
8:45:12AM Drew Park.
8:45:13AM So we continue to see improvements there.
8:45:16AM We are anticipating a very bright and positive future for
8:45:19AM Drew Park.
8:45:20AM We have with us today representatives from the project team
8:45:23AM at URS that will give you an update on the progress that we
8:45:27AM have made to date and also give you a background on the
8:45:32AM planning concepts that are being used to develop this
8:45:34AM strategic action plan.
8:45:36AM So to do that first, we have Keith Gremminger from URS.
8:45:43AM >> Thanks, Janette.
8:45:44AM Good morning, everyone.
8:45:45AM Ms. Alvarez, Mr. Dingfelder, congratulations.

8:45:48AM Again, thank you all for attending our first public meeting
8:45:53AM that attended that.
8:45:53AM What we're going to do here is run you very quickly through
8:45:56AM our March 30th public meeting, and then get into some of
8:45:59AM the goals and directives that we're having from the
8:46:01AM financial standpoint.
8:46:02AM And Paul Lambert with Lambert and associates will be
8:46:05AM presenting that.
8:46:06AM If we could bring up the Powerpoint.
8:46:12AM Okay, with that, very quickly, what we did, we walked the
8:46:16AM community through the existing CRA, its boundaries,
8:46:19AM 650 acres bounded by Hillsborough, Dale Mabry, Hesperdies to
8:46:27AM the West and Tampa Bay Boulevard to the South.
8:46:31AM At that meeting, we had about 45 people.
8:46:34AM We conducted two meetings.
8:46:35AM One at 4:30 and one at 6:30.
8:46:38AM Very well attended.
8:46:41AM Got a lot of responses and continued to monitor their
8:46:44AM information in tracking that.
8:46:45AM One of the things we talked about is various infrastructure
8:46:48AM and services that are required.
8:46:51AM These half a dozen categories are the process of which we

8:46:54AM walked them through it.
8:46:55AM I'll do that the same with you very quickly.
8:46:57AM The roads, pavement, signage and markings are in poor
8:47:02AM condition.
8:47:02AM Traffic signalling is in good shape, and the capacity is
8:47:05AM adequate.
8:47:05AM We will continue to look forward to doing -- looking at the
8:47:09AM long-range transportation plans and bringing some upgrades
8:47:12AM to the streets and roadways in the community.
8:47:14AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Keith, can I ask you a question?
8:47:19AM Go back one slide, if you can.
8:47:21AM One of the things that I think helps to upgrade a
8:47:26AM neighborhood, for some strange reason, I'm not really sure
8:47:29AM why, it seems to be curbs.
8:47:31AM And I'm not really sure why.
8:47:33AM It's just sort -- it's a slight aesthetic difference, but it
8:47:37AM seems to make a difference.
8:47:38AM >> Well, also, there are planning differences.
8:47:42AM A street, which has curbs, is a collector of water.
8:47:46AM A road, which doesn't have curbs, sheds water.
8:47:49AM So that will be part of the storm water and road improvement
8:47:53AM process as we go through this is try to upgrade the

8:47:56AM stormwater collection and the road and transportation
8:48:00AM improvements.
8:48:00AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
8:48:03AM So we hope to, perhaps, put in curb --
8:48:08AM >> Yes.
8:48:08AM And especially in the long-range transportation plan -- and
8:48:11AM I'll show you those a little further in -- on Lois, MLK, and
8:48:17AM Tampa Bay Boulevard.
8:48:18AM Those improvements.
8:48:21AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Because I'm looking at this, the corner
8:48:24AM picture there, it looks like that's a little spot that's
8:48:28AM probably very right for a sidewalk.
8:48:31AM It's got, what do they call them, cattle trail there.
8:48:34AM And I'm just wondering, sometimes we put in sidewalks but we
8:48:37AM don't put in curbs.
8:48:40AM >> Well, as we go forward with this, the combination of
8:48:44AM culverting for stormwater, road widening for transportation
8:48:48AM improvements and landscape and streetscape improvements,
8:48:52AM both the median, landscape and sidewalks for pedestrians.
8:48:55AM Those are all part of the long-range plan for transportation
8:48:58AM improvements.
8:48:59AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.

8:49:01AM >> Moving along.
8:49:03AM Stormwater, again, you want to see it, here are some of the
8:49:08AM ditches.
8:49:09AM The CRA, generally about a third of it is flood prone, and
8:49:13AM we'll show that you a little further.
8:49:15AM So some improvements are necessary.
8:49:18AM And the capacity especially on Lois as a ditch are not
8:49:21AM adequate at this point in time.
8:49:24AM Water, currently, there are some pipes that are undersized.
8:49:28AM Looping system is necessary to add additional pressure.
8:49:32AM There are asbestos in some of the pipes and there currently
8:49:36AM are no capacity problems.
8:49:37AM There is a plan over three -- two, three and nine-year plans
8:49:43AM for making some of these improvements, and they are all part
8:49:46AM of the CIP.
8:49:49AM Wastewater, the gravity system, we're in good shape here.
8:49:54AM Everything is good.
8:49:55AM It has the 25-year life cycle remaining, no loss in the wall
8:50:00AM edges.
8:50:01AM And the capacity is very good.
8:50:03AM So we'll support some of the planned future growth.
8:50:07AM Solid waste, it's one of our concerns here, too.

8:50:11AM Lot of unsightly dumpsters out on the street curb.
8:50:14AM There's not a recycling program currently, and there appears
8:50:18AM to be some illegal dumping at times.
8:50:20AM So the idea of creating a facade improvement program to help
8:50:25AM with the unsightly conditions, actually, the recycling
8:50:30AM program that would be considered but it would require extra
8:50:34AM dumpsters in the community.
8:50:35AM And we've identified to the community that if they site
8:50:38AM illegal -- sight illegal dumping, call the wastewater
8:50:43AM department within three to five days that will be cleaned
8:50:46AM up.
8:50:47AM Parks and recreation, we are currently -- I've been in
8:50:50AM conversations with Karen Paulis as we're going through our
8:50:53AM planning effort to identify appropriate parcels and
8:50:56AM community locations to expand the park.
8:50:58AM The community lost a park a few years ago with the FedEx
8:51:01AM property, and the commitment to reinstate a park in the
8:51:05AM community is there and desired by the community.
8:51:10AM Housing inventory.
8:51:11AM Very quickly, we went to and identified about a third of the
8:51:15AM structures in the community are housing.
8:51:17AM You can see the breakdown, about 180 single-family, about

8:51:23AM half are rented, half are occupied.
8:51:27AM There are a number of multifamily units, and there is
8:51:29AM workforce housing.
8:51:31AM So within the mix, there is a good mix of housing there.
8:51:35AM >> Do those numbers reflect the projected housing that HCC
8:51:39AM plans to build?
8:51:41AM >> No, ma'am, it does not.
8:51:42AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Isn't that a significant number of
8:51:43AM multifamily?
8:51:44AM >> It's over 400 units.
8:51:46AM We'll talk about that a bit, but it is student housing.
8:51:49AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's significant.
8:51:51AM That more than doubles the number.
8:51:53AM >> Absolutely.
8:51:53AM 400 units will be a big increase.
8:51:55AM Yes, John.
8:51:57AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: A second ago, you said the community lost
8:51:59AM a park to the FedEx complex.
8:52:03AM How did that come about?
8:52:07AM >> During a previous Council.
8:52:09AM >> Mary, if you could --
8:52:10AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: What happened was, FedEx bought the

8:52:13AM property, and we moved it to Al Lopez Park Where we'll be
8:52:23AM having the community center.
8:52:24AM It's a big community center that should be ready for
8:52:26AM occupancy any time now.
8:52:31AM And there was some controversy at the time, but it had to be
8:52:35AM done.
8:52:36AM So they made some concessions, and we got the monies to
8:52:40AM build that in the Al Lopez area.
8:52:44AM And everybody seemed to be happy with that at the time.
8:52:46AM But now -- now that we're trying to redevelop Drew Park,
8:52:52AM we're asking the Parks Department to find land suitable
8:52:57AM enough for a park.
8:52:58AM And that's where we are now.
8:53:01AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
8:53:02AM >> And like I say, we are working with Karen Paulis in the
8:53:06AM Parks Department as we're going through our plan,
8:53:08AM identifying the neighborhood rejuvenations, where the
8:53:11AM appropriate location for a park, and trying to find parcels
8:53:14AM that would help support that as well.
8:53:20AM With that, you see the current CRA land use, we have it up
8:53:24AM here on the board as well.
8:53:28AM To my left on the far left, basically, the red areas are the

8:53:34AM surrounding commercial areas, the peripheral along
8:53:37AM Hillsborough and Dale Mabry avenues.
8:53:43AM The purple right there is the Yankees' complex.
8:53:48AM This is the HCC complex and its expansion on to the Borden
8:53:53AM property with the housing.
8:53:55AM We identified the two central areas.
8:53:57AM Again, this is the 2004 CRA plan, generally adds
8:53:59AM redevelopment East and redevelopment West.
8:54:02AM The yellow indicates the existing Drew Park neighborhood,
8:54:05AM and the White was identified as internal retail.
8:54:13AM The March 30th meeting, again, drew about 30, 35 people
8:54:17AM over a two-meeting period, 4:30 and 6:30.
8:54:22AM Well-attended, well versed.
8:54:24AM People came and spoke up.
8:54:25AM We got a lot of comments and moved through from there.
8:54:28AM The stormwater challenges.
8:54:31AM One of the things that you can see in the blue here is about
8:54:34AM one-third of the area is flood prone.
8:54:36AM What we have done is working with Steve sea crest in the
8:54:40AM city drainage department identified a drainage concept by
8:54:43AM which we can take the center portion of Lois avenue, collect
8:54:48AM the water and culvert it there.

8:54:50AM The eastern portion, the portion to your right, would be
8:54:54AM the -- collected on Grady avenue.
8:54:58AM And the portion to the left or the West there would be
8:55:01AM collected and put onto the Hesperdies redevelopment.
8:55:05AM Both of those, all three of those then would be collected
8:55:07AM and pushed to the North to the Henry street canal.
8:55:11AM With that then, the vehicular improvement, again, you can
8:55:16AM see the bright yellow areas down Lois avenue from Lois to
8:55:20AM Dale Mabry on MLK and all the way across from Hesperdies to
8:55:27AM Dale Mabry on Tampa Bay Boulevard.
8:55:29AM Those are in the 25-year long-range transportation plans for
8:55:32AM upgrading.
8:55:33AM All those currently are being thought of as four-lane
8:55:37AM divided.
8:55:38AM Once we go through our process, we'll do a capacity study to
8:55:41AM see if, indeed, that is necessary, or if they can be three
8:55:44AM lane, two lane with a center turn lane.
8:55:47AM With that then would be the culverting, the landscape and
8:55:52AM streetscape and sidewalk improvements.
8:55:55AM The other thing that we identified, we began to identify
8:56:02AM properties that are key and gateways and anchors.
8:56:08AM Again, as you look at this, the key properties are

8:56:13AM identified in red.
8:56:15AM Again, these are not properties that we're identifying for
8:56:18AM taking.
8:56:19AM We're looking for public and private investment here.
8:56:21AM The crescent shapes are gateways, or anchors.
8:56:27AM The yellows are gateways.
8:56:29AM Again, the idea is to create some opportunities, largely at
8:56:32AM the Dale Mabry -- excuse me, the MLK and Lois intersection.
8:56:37AM The redevelopment or repurposing of the Hillsborough Avenue
8:56:41AM retail using next to that up on the North would be the
8:56:45AM School Board property and the army property.
8:56:48AM And then to the South at the very end down by Tampa Bay
8:56:52AM Boulevard, again, Lavendara property next to the HCC housing
8:56:58AM property.
8:56:58AM Again, another housing anchor. So from that then, we would
8:57:02AM move to some planning principles for creating a community.
8:57:07AM And largely what you see here are five-minute walking zones.
8:57:12AM The red along Lois avenue would be retail or commercial
8:57:17AM centers.
8:57:18AM And the yellow along Hubert would be residential areas.
8:57:23AM Each of those zones are five-minute walks.
8:57:25AM Again, the idea of creating a community, creating a

8:57:28AM neighborhood by which you could walk from residence to
8:57:30AM groceries, back to the homes, identifying the park and
8:57:34AM moving forward from there.
8:57:35AM So these are some planning principles that we're going to
8:57:37AM put in place as we move through with our plan.
8:57:42AM So with that then -- is the potential for a new -- for new
8:57:52AM land use goals.
8:57:53AM And what that does is primarily keeps the external retail on
8:57:58AM Hillsborough and Dale Mabry intact.
8:58:01AM And what we've done is separated the East and West
8:58:07AM redevelopment areas into little more specific detail using
8:58:12AM Lois as the internal commercial sector, HCC site remains the
8:58:18AM same, the Yankee complex remains the same.
8:58:22AM The residential neighborhood to the South basically expands
8:58:26AM to take on that Lavendara property and the opportunity for
8:58:31AM maybe a park in the region since it is the existing
8:58:33AM neighborhood.
8:58:33AM And then again, looking to the North and the center creating
8:58:36AM two new neighborhoods that can work along the Hubert
8:58:41AM corridor at the pedestrian corridor.
8:58:43AM On the western edge, the blue represents an industrial edge
8:58:48AM to support and work off of the industrial redevelopment

8:58:50AM that's happening along the airport.
8:58:55AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm not trying to be contradictory or
8:58:58AM anything, but when I look up to the page that has housing
8:59:01AM inventory and you see the housing that's in the area that
8:59:05AM according to your map is mostly automotive marine support,
8:59:13AM it's always a challenge when you're trying to integrate
8:59:16AM industrial and residential uses, and I think we've got that
8:59:19AM right now.
8:59:20AM And I just don't exactly understand, are you going to move
8:59:23AM those houses --
8:59:25AM >> No, that will continue to be a mixed area.
8:59:27AM What we're trying to do is right now, a big majority of that
8:59:30AM is spread around the northern portion of the district.
8:59:34AM And what we're trying to do is direct new redevelopment to
8:59:40AM zones.
8:59:40AM We are not going to look to displace anyone.
8:59:42AM What we're trying to do is organize that.
8:59:44AM And there will be pieces as large tracts of land become
8:59:48AM available -- and the market will drive that, whether or not
8:59:53AM it's residential, commercial, industrial support, that's
8:59:56AM what we're trying to do.
9:00:01AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it would be really helpful for

9:00:04AM me -- I drive through Drew Park but I don't know it
9:00:06AM intimately as I know some other neighborhoods in town.
9:00:09AM I think it would be extremely valuable for the CRA to have a
9:00:13AM field trip to Drew Park with these plans in hand and look at
9:00:19AM where the different things are being proposed and look at
9:00:21AM some of the conditions in the ground.
9:00:23AM I mean, this is valuable, but seeing it on site would, I
9:00:27AM think, have additional punch.
9:00:29AM I think that would be really helpful for all of us.
9:00:31AM >> No doubt.
9:00:32AM You can't replace that, getting out there and actually
9:00:34AM seeing the conditions, understanding the situation is
9:00:37AM imperative.
9:00:38AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: We'll talk about that.
9:00:42AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I was going to suggest, if you do,
9:00:45AM remember we did something like that in Ybor and we had a
9:00:48AM Hartline small van that would accommodate all of us, plus
9:00:52AM the press and other people like that I'm sure Hartline could
9:00:58AM help us.
9:00:58AM >> We'll work with Marion and Janette to see if we can get
9:01:01AM that on everyone's schedule.
9:01:02AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.

9:01:04AM >> Moving along.
9:01:09AM Again, this is the goal.
9:01:10AM We identified these as land use goals.
9:01:11AM It's been very supported.
9:01:14AM Overwhelmingly supported.
9:01:15AM They like the ideas.
9:01:16AM They see that something is happen.
9:01:17AM They like the expanded neighborhood and the internal retail
9:01:21AM aspect of this, again, we're trying to make this a walkable
9:01:28AM community A community that's similar to many of the other
9:01:31AM communities in and around the City of Tampa.
9:01:33AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Gremminger, how many people showed up
9:01:37AM for the second meeting?
9:01:39AM >> About 30, 35, between the two meetings.
9:01:44AM Again, we're continuing to push to try to encourage people
9:01:46AM to bring more back.
9:01:48AM We are stressing this is their plan, not our plan -- the key
9:01:56AM results of this plan -- and the planning principles here,
9:01:59AM came across very strong to the team that there are three
9:02:04AM imperative aspirations of the community.
9:02:09AM First and foremost, take care of the flooding.
9:02:13AM Get a drainage plan in.

9:02:14AM Secondly, the adult use.
9:02:15AM They need help in trying to control and minimize and
9:02:18AM eradicate the adult use.
9:02:20AM Thirdly is neighborhood.
9:02:22AM Creating more housing.
9:02:29AM Those are consistent from the first public meeting, second
9:02:32AM public meeting and as we move forward, we want to continue
9:02:35AM to enforce their desires.
9:02:37AM With that, I'll turn it over to Paul Lambert.
9:02:41AM He'll walk you through some of the economic models we're
9:02:43AM talking about and bring you up to date on that.
9:02:55AM >> Paul Lambert, with the firm of Lambert Advisory.
9:02:56AM We completed a market analysis of the Drew Park area, and
9:02:57AM our charge is to look at the various uses -- by real estate
9:03:01AM use to look at the demand potential within the neighborhood,
9:03:03AM number one.
9:03:04AM And then number two, look more specifically at some of the
9:03:07AM funding initiatives so that if there is required gap funding
9:03:10AM or other needs, how does the city or other entities be able
9:03:17AM to start to assist the redevelopment process in the area, we
9:03:20AM completed our market analysis which essentially shows that
9:03:22AM there isn't going to be significant new demand for retail.

9:03:25AM Retail isn't going to contract in the area, but retail
9:03:28AM largely is moved to other areas of West Tampa and retail is
9:03:32AM going to move around in some fashion in the area.
9:03:35AM You're not going to see significant new development of
9:03:37AM retail.
9:03:37AM Residential, on the other hand, is there is significant
9:03:42AM opportunity for residential development.
9:03:44AM And just a clarification of something -- HCC is developing
9:03:49AM 400 bed, not 400 unit facility.
9:03:51AM And that can be exclusively used by students.
9:03:55AM So it's not open to public use.
9:03:58AM But we believe that there's substantial demand for
9:04:02AM additional workforce housing within the neighborhood.
9:04:04AM We think by the next -- over the next five years, another
9:04:07AM 250 to 300 units for sale housing anywhere in the price
9:04:11AM range of 175,000 to 250,000.
9:04:15AM And 300 to 500 units of rental housing with an average two
9:04:18AM bedroom price of 750 to about 950 dollars per month.
9:04:23AM There's also office demand on a more limited scale.
9:04:27AM Primarily professional office, small-scale professional
9:04:30AM office.
9:04:30AM Some medical office, 80 to hundred thousand square feet

9:04:34AM based on our office demand model.
9:04:36AM And continually driven off of the airport, industrial demand
9:04:42AM as well with the strongest demand from users below 20,000
9:04:46AM square feet of space.
9:04:47AM We believe it's not going to be a neighborhood that will see
9:04:50AM tremendous new development of large-scale users in the
9:04:52AM future.
9:04:52AM It will be more smaller scale in nature.
9:04:58AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: On the rental side I'm actually surprised
9:05:03AM and I would think there would be more demand for just
9:05:07AM general student recommend housing, like in Gainesville, just
9:05:09AM apartments that are filled with students.
9:05:12AM Do you anticipate seeing some of that from the private

9:05:16AM sector?
9:05:19AM >> I think we're certainly going to see rental housing.
9:05:21AM This is over and above anything that HCC is doing on their
9:05:26AM own what you also have in that market, talking to the
9:05:32AM university yesterday, even there are 150 full time faculty,
9:05:38AM 200 part time.
9:05:40AM The full time have an average salary of somewhere between 75
9:05:42AM and 80 thousand dollars.
9:05:46AM That's salary.

9:05:48AM If you add a second income, it's significantly more.
9:05:50AM Largely people who like to live as closely as possible to
9:05:53AM the university.
9:05:54AM Another built-in demand element within the -- right within
9:05:59AM the immediate neighborhood and none of that has been tapped
9:06:02AM to date.
9:06:03AM This is largely an opportunity of figuring out how do you
9:06:06AM serve those in this case really low-hanging fruit of people
9:06:10AM that work in the neighborhood that would like to live close
9:06:12AM to the university and establish the presence and physical
9:06:18AM improvements that Keith talked about to make it a viable
9:06:20AM community for those folks to live in.
9:06:22AM This is not a function, as you know, the housing market has
9:06:27AM appreciated so much that this is one of the few areas in
9:06:29AM West Tampa where there's really an opportunity for building
9:06:32AM attainable housing.
9:06:33AM We're continuing to develop workforce housing.
9:06:38AM That's why the demand are strong in a five-year period.
9:06:41AM We actually think it will expand significantly beyond that,
9:06:44AM if that helps.
9:06:50AM There is need for the physical improvements and some of the
9:06:52AM development improvements.

9:06:53AM There is a need for looking at the funding options.
9:06:55AM And those funding opportunities, it's important that unlike
9:06:58AM some of the other CRAs, where you have already seen
9:07:02AM tremendous development, Channelside, for example, the tax
9:07:04AM increment revenue is going to drive most of the improvements
9:07:07AM that are needed within the neighborhood.
9:07:09AM In Drew Park, it's going to be a different story.
9:07:17AM There's going to have to be much greater layering, the city
9:07:19AM and other public entities and other funded sources, much
9:07:19AM greater layering of funding sources beyond tax increment in
9:07:22AM order to get this neighborhood to realize the investment
9:07:26AM that we're talking about here and some of the improvements.
9:07:30AM It's largely a function of, you -- it needs a spark.
9:07:33AM Needs something to kick it off.
9:07:35AM The increment, once it kicks in, of course there will be
9:07:37AM continued growth.
9:07:38AM But within the context of Drew Park, we believe that tax
9:07:43AM increment alone isn't going to fund the level of improvement
9:07:46AM that we're talking about in this case.
9:07:52AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: What about the transportation impact fees?
9:07:54AM Do you suppose that's keeping development from being in
9:07:56AM there?

9:07:58AM >> That, in fact -- it's worthwhile taking a look in
9:08:04AM particular as we come up as a policy -- as we come up with
9:08:12AM specific uses that you as a policy body want to see
9:08:14AM encouraged in the area, that's probably one area where you
9:08:17AM could certainly take a look at reducing those fees and, in
9:08:22AM turn -- and in turn spur further investment, it becomes
9:08:27AM assistance at that point.
9:08:28AM Of course, I know it has other financial and fiscal
9:08:31AM implications for the cities.
9:08:37AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I know we have an enterprise zone in West
9:08:39AM Tampa, is Drew Park also an enterprise zone?
9:08:42AM Do they get relief from state taxes and some incentives?
9:08:46AM >> Absolutely.
9:08:46AM It has enterprise zone.
9:08:47AM It's particularly good on the business side.
9:08:51AM There are other efforts that I know that your staff is
9:08:55AM certainly exploring in terms of -- a potential of focusing
9:09:01AM what is called HUD -- HUD's designation as a reinvestment
9:09:05AM community, which provides more flexibility in the use of
9:09:10AM community development block grant funds.
9:09:12AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would it be a worthwhile for us to do a
9:09:14AM districtwide brownfield thing?

9:09:17AM That will be a hassle for each individual property owner.
9:09:19AM Maybe if the city took on getting that brownfield
9:09:22AM designation, it would help the individual properties to not
9:09:26AM have to go through that individually.
9:09:29AM >> Absolutely.
9:09:30AM Brownfield program and how you deal with that on a larger
9:09:33AM scale.
9:09:33AM Flooding, of course, as Keith said, major issue within the
9:09:37AM neighborhood.
9:09:37AM The solution is not going to be a cheep solution.
9:09:41AM We understand.
9:09:42AM And so the question is, how do you work with southwest
9:09:46AM Florida water management district, other -- the county and
9:09:50AM other funding entities to deal with that?
9:09:52AM Because tax increment revenue alone is not going -- is
9:09:56AM unlikely to be able to solve that problem.
9:10:02AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a completely radical question, not
9:10:05AM for you but Keith when he comes back up.
9:10:07AM We have such a problem with water, such a lack of public
9:10:09AM open space, maybe Drew Park needs a central water feature to
9:10:14AM act as a water filtration system a public amenity and deal
9:10:19AM with all the water.

9:10:21AM We have park grants or something like that to create the
9:10:25AM water feature.
9:10:25AM It makes people want to live near something visually more
9:10:28AM interesting than what is there now.
9:10:30AM Not for you.
9:10:31AM For him.
9:10:32AM >> And Keith, they have been exploring some of that.
9:10:36AM How do you deal with that issue and what are some of the
9:10:38AM challenges?
9:10:45AM I want to talk about one case study that is applicable for
9:10:47AM the park.
9:10:48AM This is CRA in plantation Florida, Broward County.
9:10:51AM All intents and purposes, intersection of Broward boulevard
9:10:54AM of 441 which could be Dale Mabry and Hillsborough --
9:10:59AM Hillsborough area.
9:11:00AM There was an old shopping center, largely vacant.
9:11:03AM 17-acre shopping center, that the city now was able with
9:11:08AM $2.5 million incentive, it was not publicly minded land
9:11:17AM owner in terms of who held the shopping center.
9:11:20AM $2.5 million incentive, the city was able to cause the
9:11:23AM development of what is now a 35 million-dollar project that
9:11:27AM has 234 units of condominium development.

9:11:32AM And they've kept some of the retail.
9:11:34AM 20,000 square feet of retail.
9:11:36AM But much more oriented towards the commercial node right on
9:11:39AM the street.
9:11:40AM Has Starbucks and some other users right in the area,
9:11:44AM stronger uses.
9:11:45AM Took this old vacant shopping center that was really a key
9:11:48AM anchor within the neighborhood and was a key limiting factor
9:11:51AM in redevelopment within the neighborhood and turned it into
9:11:54AM something with quite -- relatively modest -- something
9:11:58AM that's now an anchor that becomes a catalyst for the
9:12:01AM remainder neighborhood.
9:12:02AM And so as we move forward and explore options, this is one
9:12:06AM case study, certainly, that we're using as a model.
9:12:10AM And we're going to be modelling particular -- we don't want
9:12:13AM to be modelling certainly private properties, but
9:12:15AM particularly areas within the district where you can use
9:12:17AM very targeted funding efforts in order to cause
9:12:20AM redevelopment and quite significant, quite radical
9:12:25AM redevelopment.
9:12:41AM >> To get back to your question, Ms. Saul-Sena, absolutely.
9:12:43AM If you look on the drainage conditions in the blue areas,

9:12:47AM there are yellow areas that we have identified as a
9:12:52AM potential water retention lakes or ponds within the
9:12:55AM community, working again with Steve Seacrest and the
9:12:58AM Southwest Florida Water Management District, we discovered
9:13:00AM that -- they have done their modelling, there is about a
9:13:04AM ten-acre retention issue.
9:13:07AM About three acres of that can be accommodated North of
9:13:11AM Hillsborough Avenue in a retention pond near the Henry
9:13:14AM Street Canal.
9:13:15AM So about seven acres would be required somewhere within the
9:13:17AM Drew Park 650 acres.
9:13:19AM We've identified a couple of key parcels that we could
9:13:22AM create water features that would add value to surrounding
9:13:28AM properties and create opportunity for housing and other
9:13:31AM amenities to go around.
9:13:37AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: How about the property to the South?
9:13:39AM It appears that there's a large parcel there, and have we
9:13:44AM approached the airport about the possibility of sharing some
9:13:47AM of our water with them?
9:13:48AM [ LAUGHTER ]
9:13:49AM For irrigation purposes, of course.
9:13:54AM >> The airport has been working hand in hand with us.

9:13:58AM They've been very helpful.
9:13:59AM The whole redevelopment of the Hesperdies corridor, the
9:14:03AM industrial corridor, the ability to take that western
9:14:07AM portion of the district and push the water towards that
9:14:09AM redevelopment, for them to culvert it and take it into their
9:14:12AM retention plan has been tremendous.
9:14:14AM Again, ongoing conversations with Mr. Miller and Tampa
9:14:19AM International Airport will continue to take place as we look
9:14:22AM to resolve this.
9:14:23AM They recognize the value of Drew Park proximity to their
9:14:27AM airport and will continue to work with them.
9:14:30AM Absolutely.
9:14:32AM Should we continue on?
9:14:33AM Our next steps then, really, will be to continue to gather
9:14:37AM input, disseminate that.
9:14:40AM We're going to look at these gap funding issues, create an
9:14:43AM action plan for a five-year strategic plan.
9:14:47AM And then present this to the community again in August.
9:14:51AM We will try to get on agenda.
9:14:54AM Linda, your suggestion of trying to get CRA board together
9:14:59AM to drive the community would absolutely be eye-opening to
9:15:02AM you all as it is to us as we're going through there.

9:15:07AM Again, with that, you know, we thank everyone and I'll turn
9:15:10AM it back over -- one other thing I want to notice to the
9:15:14AM public, we have black and White copies of the presentation
9:15:16AM up here as well.
9:15:17AM They are welcome to grab those.
9:15:19AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Mr. Gremminger.
9:15:24AM I think this has been a great plan that we started for the
9:15:28AM Drew Park area, and I think that this will really start
9:15:31AM creating the interest in that area for themselves because
9:15:34AM this is their plan.
9:15:36AM And hopefully in the August meeting, we'll have a better
9:15:38AM turnout than the 30 that just came down there, because we
9:15:42AM have to start creating that interest for them.
9:15:46AM It's very vital.
9:15:48AM They are the ones that will be living in there and they are
9:15:51AM the ones that will have to live, work and play there.
9:15:54AM It's vital that we get the word out to them.
9:15:57AM And we have done, it's just I think people have been so
9:16:04AM distrusting of the administration -- and I'm not talking
9:16:10AM about this administration, but the prior administration,
9:16:13AM nothing has happened in that area for so long, that they
9:16:16AM just don't feel like anything is going to happen.

9:16:18AM Well, I think we're going to prove them wrong.
9:16:21AM And I want to thank the staff, Janette, you, mike, of
9:16:25AM course, Ron Rotella for taking the lead on this thing and
9:16:29AM creating the Westshore alliance, the CDC, and the advisory
9:16:33AM board.
9:16:33AM Dr. Cheung has been there with us all the way.
9:16:37AM Dr. Louis miller from the airport, very, very interested
9:16:42AM players in there.
9:16:43AM So there's a lot of interest going on in that area.
9:16:47AM And we just have to make sure that the people that live in
9:16:50AM there are aware that this is their plan and that we want to
9:16:54AM work with them.
9:16:55AM The city is committed to doing that with that, Mr. Chen.
9:17:01AM >>MICHAEL CHEN: I want to make one brief statement for
9:17:03AM connecting some dots and some things that were said here.
9:17:06AM Follow up on a question regarding the impact fees,
9:17:10AM transportation impact fees and waivers.
9:17:13AM Versus something that Mr. Lambert was talking about.
9:17:15AM He talked about targeted incentive programs and so forth.
9:17:19AM And I can tell you in terms of specifically transportation
9:17:23AM impact fees and their waiver or not, will be addressed in
9:17:28AM the work product of this plan.

9:17:31AM And at least the current direction would be to identify
9:17:34AM perhaps specific project components that would warrant an
9:17:41AM impact fee waiver as opposed to an areawide that could
9:17:45AM provide incentives for any number of uses including some of
9:17:48AM those you might not want.
9:17:49AM Just to clarify that.
9:17:51AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: One of the other things, Ms. Saul-Sena
9:17:55AM brought up the enterprise zone.
9:17:56AM I think we need to advertise that a little more strongly
9:17:59AM than what has been happening.
9:18:01AM Because we did -- we did expand the enterprise zone, but a
9:18:06AM lot of people don't know about that.
9:18:07AM Probably we need to keep talking that one up.
9:18:10AM >> Actually, we had the good fortune, there's been some
9:18:12AM press notice, although they are not exactly overoverwhelmed
9:18:18AM in the enterprise, but there was actually a TV spot about
9:18:20AM the enterprise zone.
9:18:23AM We're creating a slick published brochure that will reflect
9:18:26AM the city's enterprise zones.
9:18:29AM And we're trying to provide as much information, as much
9:18:33AM public interaction to bring an awareness of the enterprise
9:18:36AM zone and its benefits to people who will reside on it.

9:18:42AM I think you can see just last week, we had some discussion
9:18:44AM about one of the city's administrative roles in bringing
9:18:49AM about people who can apply for enterprise zone benefits.
9:18:53AM We are working on that and we'll try be -- to be more
9:18:57AM aggressive to let people know.
9:18:59AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: I want to thank Mr. Gremminger, and
9:19:03AM Mr. Lambert.
9:19:07AM I want to thank you so much for helping with us this.
9:19:09AM With that, we have just one more item.
9:19:14AM And it has to do -- we're going to shift gears now a little
9:19:17AM bit and talk about the Channel District.
9:19:22AM We need to do something about either conducting a workshop
9:19:25AM or something to start finalizing and getting back to the
9:19:30AM strategic action plan with the different types -- go ahead.
9:19:36AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to make a motion, we had the
9:19:40AM big discussion in the area but we didn't take any official
9:19:42AM action because we hadn't convened as a CRA, my motion would
9:19:45AM be that we set a meeting at 8:30 in two weeks to take
9:19:49AM official action on the Channel District plan.
9:19:52AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Can we table that for one second?
9:19:54AM I have Mr. Chen going to talk to us about that.
9:19:56AM I think instead of 8:30, it will need to be 8:00, but it

9:20:00AM will take about an hour.
9:20:01AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay.
9:20:02AM But let's do it quickly.
9:20:04AM >>MICHAEL CHEN: Actually, you have taken my speech.
9:20:07AM The objective here, there certainly has been a lot of public
9:20:10AM input.
9:20:11AM There's been a lot of activity and participation from both
9:20:14AM the entire City Council as well as many people in the
9:20:17AM public.
9:20:18AM And we really want to get this -- the conversation back to a
9:20:23AM direction to conclusion.
9:20:26AM While everything is still fresh and yet balanced with a
9:20:29AM sufficient amount of time so that we can get some public

9:20:32AM notice out as to the activity, what happens.
9:20:37AM So a -- call a CRA meeting in two weeks would be great to do
9:20:45AM that.
9:20:45AM I would suggest 8:00 so you have a good solid hour to
9:20:48AM provide us directions as well as perhaps have some
9:20:52AM discussion among you as you reach consensus on the direction
9:20:56AM that you might want to give us.
9:20:57AM And then from that, we would do a very quick turnaround to
9:21:02AM modify the draft plan according to your directions, post it

9:21:07AM on the web site and try to get that back to you hopefully by
9:21:11AM your next regular CRA meeting so we can have some additional
9:21:16AM progress.
9:21:17AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved, on May 4th at 8:00.
9:21:26AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a motion for May 4th 8:00 and a
9:21:29AM second.
9:21:29AM All in favor, indicate by aye.
9:21:32AM Motion passes.
9:21:33AM We're going to have a called meeting 8:00, May the 4th.
9:21:38AM Please make it in time.
9:21:39AM And then probably by the 18th, we'll have some kind of a
9:21:43AM finalization on this plan in order to send it to City
9:21:46AM Council.
9:21:47AM >>MICHAEL CHEN: In fact, I would like to get this back to
9:21:49AM you with at least a week's lead before you get there.
9:21:52AM So it's not that you're looking at the modifications at the
9:21:56AM last minute and making decisions.
9:21:58AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: That would be great.
9:22:00AM Thank you, Mr. Chen.
9:22:01AM Any other questions?
9:22:02AM Anything else to come before this -- we have a motion to
9:22:05AM receive and file all documents.

9:22:07AM All please indicate by saying aye.
9:22:09AM We are adjourned.
9:22:13AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you very much, Council.
9:22:16AM (CRA meeting was adjourned)