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Regular Meeting
April 20th, 2006, 9:00 a.m.

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9:29:16AM >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
9:29:18AM The chair will yield to Ms. Rose Ferlita in the absence of
9:29:22AM Mr. Shawn Harrison.
9:29:23AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, colleagues, ladies and
9:29:26AM gentlemen, good morning.
9:29:27AM It is my understanding that Councilman Shawn Harrison is
9:29:31AM ill.
9:29:31AM And in his absence, I have been -- I have the honor of
9:29:34AM introducing Father Peter.
9:29:39AM He has been there for seven years.
9:29:41AM He comes to us from Hackensack, New Jersey.
9:29:46AM And it is my pleasure to introduce him and ask him to lead

9:29:49AM us in a prayer this morning.
9:29:50AM After that, I ask that everybody remain standing for the
9:29:53AM Pledge of Allegiance.
9:29:53AM Father, thank you for being here.
9:29:58AM >> Thank you for inviting me.
9:30:00AM Let us now bow our heads in prayer.
9:30:06AM Eternal and most gracious God, we praise and bless you for
9:30:11AM the everlasting love you so generously share with us every
9:30:17AM moment of our existence and overwhelm us with your care and
9:30:22AM goodness.
9:30:23AM This morning, gathered by the voice of the people, bonded by
9:30:28AM a spirit of fidelity and loyalty to that human and spiritual
9:30:33AM calling, we acknowledge your presence in our midst, aware of
9:30:38AM your attentiveness and care for all your people and calling
9:30:43AM us to do your will for them, we humbly ask for self
9:30:49AM knowledge and true wisdom.
9:30:52AM Wondrous God, that we may be made worthy of such a grace, we
9:30:56AM ask you to take away our darkness and keep us always in your
9:31:02AM light.
9:31:02AM Take away our coldness and charge us with your warmth.
9:31:07AM Take away our indifference and imbue us with care and
9:31:12AM concern.

9:31:13AM Take away our anger and fill us with forgiveness.
9:31:18AM Take away our fears and useless anxieties and gift us with
9:31:23AM bold courage.
9:31:25AM Take away our timidity and insecurity and strengthen us with
9:31:31AM a steadfast character.
9:31:32AM Take away our self-serving ambition and give us a genuine
9:31:38AM selfless spirit.
9:31:40AM Take away our discouragement and immerse us with hope.
9:31:46AM Send forth your spirit, O God, to be with this Council
9:31:49AM today.
9:31:50AM Be with them in their hearings and in their deliberations.
9:31:55AM In spire them with thoughts of goodness and erect them with
9:31:59AM right judgment so that justice would be served.
9:32:05AM Peace accomplished, individuals experience human dignity,
9:32:10AM families be strengthened.
9:32:11AM And diversity be respected and treasured as a gift to us and
9:32:17AM our nation.
9:32:19AM Since you made us a people and a nation so uniquely
9:32:23AM different from every other people in the nation.
9:32:26AM Finally, eternal God, we especially ask you to reach out and
9:32:31AM touch with your care and healing, our less fortunate
9:32:36AM brothers and sisters who are experiencing the tragic

9:32:40AM consequences of poverty, disasters, violence, persecution,
9:32:46AM prejudice, injustice, separation, alienation, and
9:32:53AM abandonment.
9:32:54AM Enable us to reach out to them and to be you among them.
9:32:58AM May our nation recognize you O God, as its creator, as its
9:33:03AM source of its grandeur and the author of its story.
9:33:08AM Amen.
9:33:12AM [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
9:33:25AM >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
9:33:36AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
9:33:37AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Here.
9:33:38AM >>KEVIN WHITE: Here.
9:33:39AM >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
9:33:40AM I would like to put on the record that Mr. Shawn Harrison
9:33:43AM will not be with us this morning.
9:33:45AM He is ill.
9:33:45AM I would also like to announce a notice is hereby given that
9:33:48AM on April the 20th, 2006, at 12 p.m., Tampa City Council
9:33:52AM will go into closed session pursuant to 286.0118, Florida
9:33:58AM statutes, for approximately one-and-a-half hours.
9:34:01AM The meeting will convene in the City Council chambers and
9:34:05AM will move to the conference room on the 8th floor of City

9:34:08AM Hall for closed session.
9:34:10AM At this time, I will yield to Ms. Rose Ferlita to present
9:34:13AM the officer of the month.
9:34:14AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
9:34:17AM Chief Hogue, if you would join me up at the podium, please.
9:34:22AM Again, as always, it is my pleasure as public safety
9:34:25AM Chairman to join Chief Hogue and honor one of our own on
9:34:29AM TPD.
9:34:30AM Today, we have a little bit of an atypical situation, so I
9:34:33AM will yield to the chief and let him explain some of the
9:34:36AM circumstances around this commendation.
9:34:38AM Chief, thank you.
9:34:39AM >> Thank you very much.
9:34:40AM Good morning, Council.
9:34:42AM Once again, I'd like to say thank you for recognizing our
9:34:46AM officer of the month who happens to be detective Ruth
9:34:51AM Stephenson.
9:34:52AM She is a narcotics detective assigned to the criminal
9:34:57AM division of our department.
9:34:59AM And consequently, we're going to be doing something a little

9:35:02AM different today because she works undercover.
9:35:05AM She'll be actually standing off camera, and we will be

9:35:08AM recognizing her just because she does a lot of undercover
9:35:12AM work in the city and actually throughout the country.
9:35:16AM But her husband will come up here and say a few words in her
9:35:20AM behalf at that point.
9:35:22AM I would like to also introduce her husband, Ken, who is
9:35:26AM right here.
9:35:26AM Their son Kenny.
9:35:28AM And there's Katie.
9:35:31AM And I knew she wouldn't be able to do it here, so I went
9:35:34AM ahead and introduced them for her.
9:35:36AM I would like to say that Ruth is our detective of the month
9:35:39AM for April.
9:35:41AM She is a long-term employee here.
9:35:45AM She has been involved in many major narcotics operations in
9:35:49AM the city that have both been local, national and
9:35:57AM international in scope.
9:35:58AM She was very instrumental.
9:35:59AM As you'll remember operation safe corridor in Sulphur
9:36:03AM Springs about a year ago, it was about a year-long
9:36:07AM investigation, resulted in 33 drug traffickers and a couple
9:36:11AM of kilograms of cocaine, $85,000 cash, vehicles and firearms
9:36:16AM being taken off the street.

9:36:17AM And we are still -- we still have a good residual effect
9:36:21AM from that effort up in Sulphur Springs to this day as we try
9:36:26AM to maintain a maintenance program up there.
9:36:28AM But the actual sweep through there and the year-long
9:36:32AM investigation that took out, if I recall correctly was five
9:36:35AM major drug operations up there, was very significant for the
9:36:39AM city and the people who live in that area.
9:36:42AM She was also instrumental in operation independence, which,
9:36:46AM as you will remember, was the Central Park village
9:36:49AM initiative that we did.
9:36:51AM Central Park village was plagued with people selling drugs.
9:36:57AM And we did about a three-month investigation there that
9:37:00AM resulted in ten pounds of cocaine that was being distributed
9:37:06AM every month, being stopped from distribution in that area.
9:37:10AM She was also instrumental in silent night one.
9:37:14AM The police department is pretty good with these code names
9:37:17AM for our operations, as you can tell, and silent night three.
9:37:22AM But what was particularly interesting about silent night
9:37:24AM three is that is 29th and lake, which for the 32 years
9:37:30AM that I've been in law enforcement, has always been a
9:37:38AM troubled area in the city.
9:37:39AM It's been known as that.

9:37:41AM And here as of about a year and a half ago, that operation
9:37:46AM silent night three took all of the suppliers and the street
9:37:52AM dealers that were using that area and plaguing that area and
9:37:54AM keeping that area from being redeveloped and keeping people
9:37:57AM out of that area, to be honest with you, and it has
9:38:01AM completely changed the complexion of that intersection and
9:38:04AM that neighborhood because of that.
9:38:05AM And to this day, it has never returned based on the good
9:38:09AM work that Ruth and her other fellow detectives did out
9:38:14AM there.
9:38:16AM I'd also -- you know, Ruth also volunteers with our police
9:38:20AM memorial committee.
9:38:24AM She is very involved in the police department.
9:38:28AM In fact, tonight, she's flying out of Tampa out West to
9:38:33AM complete -- to work on a narcotics deal that a meeting is
9:38:38AM occurring out in a western city tonight.
9:38:41AM So she is, like I said, she's all over the city.
9:38:44AM She's all over the country working on narcotics that affect
9:38:48AM the City of Tampa.
9:38:49AM And I would like, before I turn it back over to her husband
9:38:53AM or to Rose, is to say a little something about the family.
9:38:58AM Because as you can tell, all of this traveling, narcotics

9:39:04AM business is mostly done at night.
9:39:06AM It's the kind of business where you can't count on a
9:39:09AM schedule.
9:39:10AM You can be home on your day off and the next thing you know,
9:39:14AM you could be working 20 hours straight through on your day
9:39:17AM off.
9:39:17AM And she does that.
9:39:18AM She does that happily.
9:39:20AM And the results are the kind of things that I have explained
9:39:23AM here today.
9:39:24AM So we're very proud to announce detective Ruth Stephenson as
9:39:28AM our employee of the month for April 2006.
9:39:32AM [ APPLAUSE ]
9:39:41AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Chief, thank you very much.
9:39:43AM And also, some of her supervisors, if you guys would like to
9:39:46AM come up here as well.
9:39:51AM Everybody is camera shy this morning.
9:39:53AM Okay.
9:39:56AM This is a different situation, because as we are publicizing
9:40:00AM your wife's wonderful performance, we're trying to keep her
9:40:04AM privacy respected.
9:40:06AM So, obviously, it's always a pleasure to do this, and

9:40:09AM particularly in this case, because it is a group effort as
9:40:12AM chief Hogue said, with the irregular hours that your wife
9:40:15AM keeps to protect the city and the citizens we represent.
9:40:19AM You holding the other end in terms of the home and the
9:40:22AM children is also appreciated.
9:40:23AM In her behalf and behalf of the people that we represent,
9:40:26AM I'm pleased to read this to you.
9:40:29AM Tampa City Council commendation, presented to detective Ruth
9:40:33AM Stephenson through her husband Ken, in recognition of her
9:40:36AM dedicated service, detective Ruth Stephenson, selected as
9:40:41AM officer of the month for April 2006.
9:40:43AM Detective Stevenson's efforts have help dismantled local,
9:40:48AM national and international drug operations.
9:40:50AM For improving the safety of our community, the City Council
9:40:52AM of the City of Tampa commend Detective Stephenson.
9:40:56AM Certainly we don't take for granted all the many things you
9:40:58AM do behind the scenes.
9:41:01AM As public safety Chairman, it's my pleasure to say thank
9:41:03AM you.
9:41:04AM [ APPLAUSE ]
9:41:04AM We have some corporate members that want to make some
9:41:11AM presentations to you.

9:41:12AM We're assuming that you will share those with your wife and
9:41:15AM children.
9:41:15AM If you all would like to come up.
9:41:19AM >> Good morning.
9:41:20AM Danny from Bill Currie Ford.
9:41:22AM I'm honored to be here this morning to recognize detective
9:41:25AM Stephenson.
9:41:26AM We appreciate your efforts.
9:41:30AM Giving you this gift with a warning, do not wear this watch
9:41:35AM on duty.
9:41:38AM Since it has the logo on the watch, that's the reason.
9:41:46AM >> Harrison from enterprise rent-a-car.
9:41:50AM Detective Stephenson, thank you very much for your efforts.
9:41:53AM On behalf of enterprise, present you with a free weekend
9:41:57AM rental at any of our Tampa locations.
9:42:04AM >> Good morning.
9:42:04AM Steve Stickley, representing Stepp's Towing.
9:42:14AM We appreciate everything your wife is doing for us, keeping
9:42:17AM the city safe and I really hand it out to you taking care of
9:42:22AM the family and keeping it together while she's working long
9:42:25AM hours and stuff here in the city.
9:42:27AM On behalf of Stepp's Towing, we would like to present the

9:42:30AM statue.
9:42:31AM Wish they made one with a female officer, but they don't.
9:42:34AM I checked it out.
9:42:35AM We congratulate her and thank you and her.
9:42:38AM Here is a gift certificate for Outback also.
9:42:45AM >> Good morning.
9:42:45AM Steve Michelini.
9:42:47AM If she's undercover, it probably wouldn't matter whether she
9:42:50AM was a male or female.
9:42:52AM The statue is unisex.
9:42:55AM Anyway, on behalf -- -- I certainly don't mean that in jest.
9:43:04AM But I take that very seriously that these officers dedicate
9:43:07AM their lives to our protection and our safety.
9:43:10AM Because of that, I've gone to several of my clients and
9:43:13AM asked them to participate in these programs.
9:43:16AM And one of them is Bern's Steak House, who is donating a
9:43:19AM hundred dollar gift certificate for you and your wife so you
9:43:22AM can enjoy dinner there.
9:43:23AM And another is Bryn Alan studios.
9:43:26AM They are going to provide you with a photographic package
9:43:28AM for you and your family.
9:43:30AM The Hillsborough County towing association, $50 gift

9:43:32AM certificate to Outback Steakhouse or Carrabba's, your
9:43:36AM choice.
9:43:37AM Po'boy's restaurant.
9:43:39AM $50 gift certificate.
9:43:42AM We do appreciate what you do and the sacrifices your
9:43:44AM families go through for the protection of all of us.
9:43:47AM Thank you very much.
9:43:47AM [ APPLAUSE ]
9:43:54AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Didn't see anybody coming from the aquarium.
9:43:56AM But we will get tickets for you and your family to enjoy at
9:44:01AM the aquarium.
9:44:02AM As well, we had a representative from Lowry Park Zoo deliver
9:44:05AM these.
9:44:06AM They weren't able to be here.
9:44:08AM It's another present for you guys to enjoy a day at Lowry
9:44:10AM Park Zoo.
9:44:12AM And all that being said, again, this is just a sampling of
9:44:15AM thank you for what you and your family do for this city.
9:44:17AM If you would like to say a few words on behalf of Ruth, feel
9:44:22AM free to do that.
9:44:23AM >> Thank you, Council members, for this honor that my wife
9:44:28AM is humbly accepting.

9:44:30AM I know as a proud husband of her, it was never a question of
9:44:36AM what she wanted to do.
9:44:38AM It was always a question of when.
9:44:41AM And it's great to see that she's being recognized for
9:44:44AM something that she loves to do.
9:44:46AM She was born to be a police officer, and I know she enjoys
9:44:50AM working for the City of Tampa.
9:44:52AM Thank you very much.
9:44:54AM [ APPLAUSE ]
9:45:29AM >>GWEN MILLER: At this time, Council, I would like members
9:45:31AM of the bright house network to come forward.
9:45:34AM Mr. Gray McLaughlin, who is assistant general manager and
9:45:37AM Mr. Hank Shara, vice president and general manager.
9:45:42AM And all others who will join with you.
9:46:04AM Council members, I would like to present to Bright House
9:46:06AM Networks, national volunteer week.
9:46:09AM It's about thanking one of Tampa's most valuable assets, our
9:46:13AM volunteers and calling the public's attention to all they do
9:46:18AM to improve our communities.
9:46:19AM The 2006 theme is inspired by example because this truly
9:46:24AM reflects the power volunteers have to inspire the people
9:46:27AM they help as well as to inspire others to serve.

9:46:31AM Bright House Networks Tampa Bay division has made a
9:46:35AM commitment to give its employees paid time off each year to
9:46:39AM volunteer at the church of their choice.
9:46:42AM Tampa City Council urges all corporations to uphold the
9:46:48AM spirit and answer the call to service.
9:46:50AM We commend bright house network for demonstrating excellent

9:46:54AM citizen leadership.
9:46:55AM Further, the members of Tampa City Council do salute bright
9:46:59AM house networks for its service to our communities and the
9:47:02AM wholeheartedly support, April 17 to the 23rd, 2006 as

9:47:08AM national volunteer week in the City of Tampa, Florida.
9:47:10AM I would like to present this to you.
9:47:14AM [ APPLAUSE ]
9:47:20AM >> First of all, I am Greg McLaughlin, Assistant General
9:47:25AM Manager of Bright House Networks here in Hillsborough.
9:47:27AM On behalf of the 700 employees, which I think we are both
9:47:30AM thankful didn't all come with us today, we brought a
9:47:33AM sampling of some of our volunteers.
9:47:35AM I remember almost a year ago standing here in this very
9:47:37AM Council room announcing the implementation of our volunteer
9:47:41AM day off for our employees.
9:47:44AM And I have been rather surprised at how popular that's been.

9:47:48AM As I look around at the group behind us, I think some of
9:47:50AM those understood that to be a month as opposed to a day
9:47:54AM because these people are out there, and they are working
9:47:56AM hard every day and putting time into the community.
9:48:01AM Pales somewhat in comparison to our last honored guest here.
9:48:05AM As part of that, we would like to go ahead and pile in on
9:48:08AM the gifts and give her six months of phone, video and high
9:48:13AM speed internet service compliments of Bright House.
9:48:16AM We'll see if we can't catch her before she gets away.
9:48:20AM Again, I'm standing up here.
9:48:22AM And it's nice to be recognized.
9:48:23AM But honestly, all the credit goes to these folks and their
9:48:27AM cohorts and coworkers who are out there on a daily basis,
9:48:31AM putting time in for the community and supporting the
9:48:33AM organizations that both you and we know make the difference
9:48:38AM on a daily basis here in Tampa.
9:48:41AM We're proud to be part of it.
9:48:42AM Thank you.
9:48:42AM [ APPLAUSE ]
9:48:48AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Chair, Greg, I just wanted to say
9:48:50AM one thing before you leave, the gentleman right next to you,
9:48:53AM Tommy, actually -- and I don't know if the camera can swing

9:48:55AM over and catch him, put him in the front there, this is the
9:48:59AM kind of dedicated employee you have.
9:49:03AM Your workforce is very impressive.
9:49:06AM Tommy came to my house a couple of times to work with my
9:49:08AM wife on our computer stuff.
9:49:10AM Anytime I start talking computers, I run the other way.
9:49:13AM But anyway, this guy is so dedicated, you know, the way
9:49:17AM computers and stuff and the road runner and all that, every
9:49:20AM now and then it gets a little boggled.
9:49:22AM He sat there and worked with my wife diligently.

9:49:25AM They got the issue resolved.
9:49:28AM If that's the kind of people you have out there, we
9:49:31AM appreciate your service.
9:49:32AM >> Thank you.
9:49:32AM And I might add that Tommy was our volunteer of the year.
9:49:37AM [ APPLAUSE ]
9:49:56AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Is Maria here?
9:49:58AM There you are.
9:49:59AM And Mr. Greg McLaughlin.
9:50:05AM To make a presentation to talk about the Hispanic scientist
9:50:11AM of the year.
9:50:12AM >> Wit Ostrenko.

9:50:13AM I thank you very much for allowing us to continue to be
9:50:15AM partners with the City of Tampa and to live and work here in
9:50:18AM the city.
9:50:19AM I love following those last two presentations.
9:50:24AM MOSI humbly tries to make a difference in people's lives by
9:50:29AM opening up opportunities in science, math and technology for
9:50:32AM young and ordinarily adults.
9:50:33AM One of our favorite ways to do that is to bring nationally
9:50:37AM recognized Hispanic scientists to the community to influence
9:50:42AM us all, particularly the Hispanic youth who have the highest
9:50:45AM dropout rate in the nation of any ethnic group at 32%.
9:50:50AM We're trying to make a dent in that.
9:50:53AM By using these scientists as mentors.
9:50:58AM This is our sixth year of doing this national Hispanic
9:51:01AM scientist recognition, and we're going to announce Dr. INEZ

9:51:09AM this year, our second female.
9:51:11AM Maria is going to do that.
9:51:13AM I want to let you know that we've been doing this to raise
9:51:15AM dollars for our yes team, youth enrichment through science,
9:51:20AM which includes all at-risk kids.
9:51:23AM For the last 15 years, we had almost 200 kids graduate from
9:51:27AM high school through this program.

9:51:29AM And my three favorites that graduated in the last 15 years,
9:51:35AM Monica Delgado, she is not married, last name is Valesquez.
9:51:44AM We mentored her for three years.
9:51:46AM We employed her for another three years, then she got a
9:51:49AM really great job after that and is now a productive citizen
9:51:53AM of our community.
9:51:55AM Then we had two twins, the Ortez twins, Alex Ortez went on
9:52:00AM to USF, became a chemistry and microbiology major, and then
9:52:06AM went and worked at Moffitt cancer center and now is a middle
9:52:09AM school science teacher.
9:52:10AM And his brother thought this was such a great thing
9:52:14AM influencing youth, he went on to the Boston science museum
9:52:17AM and started a program at the Boston Science Museum and now
9:52:20AM is back at the Lowry Park Zoo running the zoos and started
9:52:25AM the Lowry Park Zoo youth program.
9:52:28AM So that's what these scientists mean to us.
9:52:32AM I want to get Maria to introduce -- our Chairman of the
9:52:36AM event, to introduce our scientist.
9:52:37AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Before you do that, I don't know what is
9:52:41AM wrong with my microphone, but before you do that, your first
9:52:45AM female scientist of the year became the 2006 woman of the
9:52:49AM year, elite woman of the year.

9:52:52AM She's featured in the Hispanic business magazine, and her
9:52:58AM name is Dr. Antonia Novello.
9:53:05AM She is the health commissioner for New York state.
9:53:08AM So this is her.
9:53:09AM And we are so proud of her.
9:53:12AM And I fortunately got to know her personally, and she's very
9:53:16AM delightful.
9:53:17AM So I'm hoping that Dr. Cifuentes can fill her shoes.
9:53:24AM Thank you.
9:53:26AM >> Thank you, Council members, for the opportunity for being
9:53:29AM here today.
9:53:30AM I want to talk to you a little bit about Ines Cifuentes.
9:53:35AM She is our National Hispanic Scientist Honoree this year.
9:53:42AM She lives in the Washington D.C. area at the moment.
9:53:45AM She is married and has two children.
9:53:46AM She's the former director of the Carnegie academy of science
9:53:51AM education in Washington D.C., and currently she is the
9:53:54AM education and careers manager for the American Geophysical
9:53:59AM Union.
9:53:59AM She has a master's degree in geophysics from Stanford
9:54:03AM University in California.
9:54:05AM She is the first Latin American woman to graduate with a

9:54:08AM Ph.D. from Columbia University in seismology.
9:54:12AM She is also a writer and currently she is writing a book for
9:54:16AM children to introduce them to earthquakes and tsunamis.
9:54:21AM That will be very interesting.
9:54:22AM We're hoping that the book is available for our event, and
9:54:26AM we can share that book with the children that are coming to
9:54:29AM MOSI to meet her.
9:54:31AM The gala in her honor will be Saturday October 28th at the
9:54:35AM museum of science and industry.
9:54:38AM If you've never had the opportunity to attend, it's a
9:54:41AM wonderful gala.
9:54:45AM To me, the highlight is not only meeting the scientist in
9:54:48AM person, of course, but it is also listening to the students
9:54:51AM with which we have touched their lives by bringing them to
9:54:54AM the Y.E.S. team.
9:54:56AM You will have the opportunity to listen to how we touch that
9:54:59AM life.
9:55:00AM We thank you always for your support, and now it is my
9:55:04AM pleasure to introduce again Mr. Greg McLaughlin from
9:55:09AM bright house networks.
9:55:10AM They have been our supporter for six years in a row.
9:55:13AM Thank you.

9:55:14AM >> Thanks, I know this is the "oh, no, not him again" part
9:55:18AM of the speech.
9:55:19AM We at Bright House are proud to be a part of this as we have
9:55:22AM been for the past six years in our relationship with MOSI
9:55:25AM that goes well beyond that.
9:55:26AM Hank Sheraw, our vice president and general manager for
9:55:30AM Hillsborough County, who I know you are familiar with, would
9:55:32AM have really regretted not being here, but had some other
9:55:36AM commitments.
9:55:36AM But -- and let me express some of the things that he would
9:55:40AM tell you, because he really is our head volunteer.
9:55:43AM He would tell you that he appreciate how acutely the Council
9:55:46AM is aware of the importance of science and technology and
9:55:50AM education to the youth in our community and others.
9:55:52AM You demonstrated that through your support.
9:55:53AM We've seen it in other programs.
9:55:55AM We at bright house know on a daily basis how important that
9:55:59AM technology in science education is.
9:56:02AM Secondly, he would appreciate and express his appreciation
9:56:05AM for the support you've given to MOSI in their pursuit of
9:56:07AM that science and technology for the youth here.
9:56:14AM It's fulfilling to see a mission like this that can be

9:56:17AM supported by government organizations like yourself.
9:56:21AM What he wouldn't tell you, but ill, is about his -- but I
9:56:25AM will is his personal commitment to MOSI.
9:56:27AM Hank has been on the board of MOSI for years.
9:56:29AM Currently serves as Chairman.
9:56:31AM Spends a lot of his personal time involved with making it a
9:56:33AM better place.
9:56:33AM The commitment of bright house runs that deep in that our
9:56:38AM vice president and general manager is personally committed.
9:56:42AM And I think those are important thoughts to express.
9:56:44AM I'm going to tell you what I think is even more important,
9:56:47AM the thoughts of someone, my 11-year-old son Conner who likes
9:56:51AM to say, dad, can we go back to that cool place again.
9:56:54AM And for my son to say that a science and technology place is
9:56:57AM a cool place is very heartening to me.
9:57:02AM We know at bright house, while the Council is committed and
9:57:06AM does everything it can to support MOSI that support alone
9:57:10AM will not deliver a world-class facility or world-class
9:57:13AM programs like we have there today.
9:57:14AM And that it takes the support of organizations like
9:57:16AM ourselves and other community organizations to step up and
9:57:19AM add that extra layer of support that allows them to make

9:57:24AM that step from average to world class.
9:57:27AM We're proud to be a part of that.
9:57:30AM [ APPLAUSE ]
9:57:36AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: We will certainly present a commendation and
9:57:39AM get a proclamation from the Mayor at the time.
9:57:42AM >> Great.
9:57:43AM Thank you very much.
9:57:43AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: You're welcome.
9:57:44AM See you again.
9:57:45AM >>GWEN MILLER: At this time, the Tampa City Council would
9:57:47AM like to recognize an organization who is here with us today.
9:57:52AM The Tampa metropolitan of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority.
9:57:58AM It was founded in 1913 and has clearly distinguished itself
9:58:01AM as a public service organization that confronts the
9:58:04AM challenges of African-Americans and all Americans.
9:58:07AM Over the years, Delta Sigma Theta has implemented a wide
9:58:10AM range of programs that have addressed education, health,
9:58:14AM international development, and strengthened the
9:58:18AM African-American family.
9:58:19AM We welcome you all to commemorate delta's day in the City of
9:58:24AM Tampa.
9:58:25AM And I would like to bring up Mr. Jackson who will be the

9:58:29AM spokesperson of this organization.
9:58:38AM >> Greetings from the Tampa metropolitan and Tampa chapter
9:58:42AM of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.
9:58:46AM On behalf of Gwen, the president of Tampa metro, and Jonel
9:58:51AM Lawson, the president of Tampa alumni, it is a pleasure to
9:58:54AM be here today celebrating our first annual Delta days at
9:58:59AM City Hall.
9:59:00AM We are a nonprofit organization comprised of
9:59:04AM college-educated women.
9:59:07AM We focus on five distinct areas, educational development,
9:59:11AM political awareness, physical and mental health, economic
9:59:16AM development, and international awareness.
9:59:19AM The ladies of Delta Sigma Theta incorporated want to make
9:59:24AM sure that education is kept on the forefront.
9:59:26AM We intend to share the initiatives of the city with all
9:59:30AM stakeholders and continue to lobby for the needs of the
9:59:33AM African-American community.
9:59:35AM In closing, thank you for allowing us to be here with you
9:59:39AM this morning.
9:59:40AM We are committed to supporting the city and continuing to
9:59:43AM build our relationship as allies.
9:59:45AM Thank you very much.

9:59:50AM [ APPLAUSE ]
9:59:53AM >>GWEN MILLER: Would the members of the Delta Sigma Theta
9:59:58AM Sorority please stand to be recognized.
10:00:02AM [ APPLAUSE ]
10:00:02AM We would like to thank you for being a part of the City of
10:00:09AM Tampa, Tampa City Council, and we welcome you to come back
10:00:12AM at anytime.
10:00:16AM At this time, we need to approve our agenda.
10:00:18AM So moved.
10:00:20AM >> Second.
10:00:21AM >>GWEN MILLER: Anything you would like to remove from the
10:00:23AM agenda?
10:00:32AM Going once, going twice.
10:00:34AM We now go to our staff report, Ms. Cathy Coyle.
10:00:45AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Catherine Coyle, Land Development.
10:00:48AM I would like to introduce Barbra.
10:00:50AM She was recently promoted in our office to urban planner
10:00:52AM two.
10:00:53AM You'll see her in the future on zonings.
10:00:57AM Secondly, item number 6 on the agenda, it was the memo
10:01:01AM regarding the parking in the front yards.
10:01:03AM It was processed last week.

10:01:05AM It was sent through DOC agenda but the naming of the report
10:01:10AM had periods in it, so it didn't process.
10:01:12AM That's why it shows as a written report was not received.
10:01:15AM I do believe you received it because it was copied to each
10:01:17AM of you.
10:01:18AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I didn't get it.
10:01:33AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In regard to item 6, I thought it was
10:01:36AM very interesting and a nice report from Gloria and staff.
10:01:43AM Basically, in a nutshell, it seems to indicate that
10:01:46AM St. Petersburg and Temple Terrace both have regulations
10:01:53AM associated with not necessarily precluding front yard
10:01:57AM parking but at least limiting it to parking in some
10:02:01AM organized fashion on permeable -- organized permeable
10:02:06AM surfaces.
10:02:07AM In other words -- and what I read, I think about
10:02:10AM St. Petersburg, what I read -- would you rather defer this
10:02:16AM discussion?
10:02:25AM >>GWEN MILLER: She went to six.
10:02:28AM She's what threw us off.
10:02:31AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: My recommendation would be to hold the
10:02:34AM discussion and go in order.
10:02:47AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: I do have two walk-on items, wet zonings,

10:02:50AM temporary wet zoning one-day items.
10:02:52AM One is for the University of Tampa, night moves road race at
10:02:56AM Centennial Park.
10:02:58AM It is going to be held tomorrow from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
10:03:02AM They perfected the application within the last couple of
10:03:04AM days, so we won't able to process it through DOC agenda.
10:03:07AM We go get the authorization from the Mayor.
10:03:12AM It's a 1-(COP) X.
10:03:15AM >> University of Tampa is the nonprofit.
10:03:16AM For the night moves road race.
10:03:19AM >> So move to move to waive the rules.
10:03:22AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Do you need to waive the 15 days as well.
10:03:25AM They did provide notice.
10:03:26AM >>GWEN MILLER: We got a motion but not a second.
10:03:28AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: To be held on their track within the
10:03:31AM university campus, correct.
10:03:32AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Actually held at Centennial Park.
10:03:34AM It's a cosponsored event with the City of Tampa.
10:03:42AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: It seems to me just last week we denied the
10:03:45AM petition because he hadn't perfected it and it didn't come
10:03:48AM through and all of this stuff.
10:03:49AM Now, all of a sudden, we've gotten two more walk-ons on wet

10:03:54AM zoning.
10:03:54AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Well, the second walk-on actually was --
10:03:57AM it was sort of a processing error on ours.
10:03:59AM And I can explain that.
10:04:01AM This one in particular, he did originally submit it.
10:04:04AM The official date that the application actually became
10:04:07AM complete was April 12th, which was last week.
10:04:10AM And we had -- then we sent out the certificate of insurance
10:04:13AM because it's on City of Tampa property.
10:04:15AM That was approved.
10:04:16AM Then we had to get the Mayor's signature because it was on
10:04:19AM city property.
10:04:20AM But it's only been a week.
10:04:26AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess my question was, you know, what
10:04:29AM does make it different from last week?
10:04:31AM Were you privy to last week's debacle, Cathy?
10:04:34AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: I did help the gentleman -- you sent him
10:04:37AM back, and then I helped him get his applications in order
10:04:40AM and he came forward.
10:04:41AM And I understand that you did deny them.
10:04:43AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I mean, I was willing to give him the
10:04:45AM exception last week, but it didn't fly.

10:04:52AM Can you clearly define the distinctions between -- the
10:04:56AM predicament he was in and the predicament that U.T. is in
10:05:00AM today?
10:05:03AM And distinguish between the two?
10:05:06AM Because if not, I mean, we need to be treating everybody
10:05:10AM pretty much the same on these things.
10:05:13AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Distinguish the difference or discriminate
10:05:18AM the difference, this is not the about the petitioner, Cathy.
10:05:22AM It's not about your presentation.
10:05:23AM I appreciate the position that you are in.
10:05:25AM But this is about the process.
10:05:26AM We say we're going to do this, and how many times have we
10:05:29AM said the same speech?
10:05:31AM Not going to do this again.
10:05:32AM We're not going to do this again, but let this go by.
10:05:36AM Last week, we gave that other gentleman a rough time because
10:05:39AM it wasn't about the petitioner.
10:05:41AM It was about the process.
10:05:42AM Today be it University of Tampa or anyone else, it's not
10:05:44AM about the petitioner, it's about the process.
10:05:46AM And I'm not going to support it for that reason.
10:05:48AM I mean, we have to take a stand and stick to it.

10:05:51AM Otherwise rules and enforcement mean absolutely nothing.
10:05:54AM So I apologize.
10:05:56AM I'm sorry it's Dr. Vaughn, but it's the process and
10:06:00AM everybody has to follow procedure.
10:06:02AM I won't support it.
10:06:05AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
10:06:07AM Last week, I supported the gentleman.
10:06:10AM I support this.
10:06:11AM I think that we are supposed to temper our structure with
10:06:16AM recognition that oftentimes these are volunteer
10:06:20AM organizations who simply have trouble understanding the
10:06:23AM process.
10:06:24AM They have an event that's scheduled.
10:06:29AM It's tomorrow.
10:06:29AM They are depending on the revenue for the university.
10:06:32AM I encourage my colleague to be lenient.
10:06:36AM >> In regard to the petition that was last week, it was also
10:06:38AM an event scheduled, published, noticed and sent out
10:06:43AM invitations.
10:06:43AM And this was a venue, West Tampa convention center which is
10:06:47AM very contained and has ample parking and is known for having
10:06:51AM wet zones for a different type of -- for different types of

10:06:58AM events as well as weddings and whatever else.
10:07:00AM I don't distinguish the difference between U.T. and that
10:07:03AM event last week.
10:07:07AM Except, U.T. has had petitions come before us before.
10:07:10AM This gentleman was caught up in the process and really
10:07:13AM didn't know the process, but jumped through hoops to get it
10:07:16AM done at the last minute, even walked the petition out to the
10:07:21AM neighborhood association to get it signed and hand delivered
10:07:27AM it back and went through the entire process with the
10:07:30AM complete application.
10:07:31AM No, it didn't go through the right process at the time, but
10:07:34AM everything was complete and it was done at last minute.
10:07:37AM And I agree with one of my colleagues stated, we keep
10:07:42AM talking about what we're going to do, what we're going to
10:07:44AM do, what we're going to do.
10:07:46AM And there just comes a time that we need to cut it off and
10:07:49AM do it.
10:07:53AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Sounds like the motion died for lack of a
10:07:55AM second.
10:07:56AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Maybe you need to strengthen the rules on
10:07:58AM how to get these wet zonings done on the temporary wet
10:08:02AM zonings done in the newspaper.

10:08:03AM We have rules and regulations.
10:08:05AM And if a person knows that there's going to be an event come
10:08:08AM up in two, three months, then they have to start the process
10:08:11AM at that time, but not walk on.
10:08:14AM You know, we've gone through this over and over again.
10:08:18AM I'm sorry it's U.T. and everybody else, but we have to -- we
10:08:22AM got to stick by our rules.
10:08:23AM And I won't support it.
10:08:28AM >>GWEN MILLER: The motion died for lack of a second.
10:08:30AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: The second item is also a walk-on
10:08:34AM temporary wet zoning.
10:08:37AM The event is tomorrow.
10:08:38AM This was processed in time.
10:08:40AM It was sent through on April 11th through the DOC agenda
10:08:44AM system.
10:08:44AM It goes back to the parking memo.
10:08:47AM The state that was processed on the agenda item request had
10:08:51AM periods in it, and it was also signed off by a sponsor and
10:08:54AM not a department head.
10:08:55AM For some reason in the DOC agenda system it's sitting in a
10:08:59AM department folder and didn't make it through.
10:09:03AM This one was processed last week in time and didn't make it

10:09:07AM through the electronic system.
10:09:10AM I can say it didn't make it through the system.
10:09:12AM We tried, and it didn't make it through.
10:09:14AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Based upon the fact that that's a
10:09:17AM computer error, if we still would have been on the manual
10:09:20AM system, madam clerk, this would have gone through.
10:09:24AM So based upon the fact that it sounds like it was more of a
10:09:27AM computer issue, solely a computer issue on the part of the
10:09:31AM city and I'm not blaming the clerk's office.
10:09:34AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Neither am I.
10:09:41AM >>GWEN MILLER: We need to waive the 15-day rule.
10:09:43AM Have a motion and second.
10:09:44AM All in favor, aye.
10:09:46AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: The case number WZ 06-84.
10:09:49AM It is in the system and it has been signed off officially
10:09:52AM now and it should be processing through electronically.
10:09:56AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to move the
10:09:57AM resolution.
10:09:58AM All in favor, aye.
10:10:00AM [Motion Carried]
10:10:00AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: The last two items, number 35, you'll
10:10:06AM note WZ 06-45, cannot be heard.

10:10:15AM It's an interesting issue with this petition.
10:10:17AM It was taken in and the person that processed it in the
10:10:19AM office accidentally put the tentative date as 4/21 for the
10:10:26AM hearing.
10:10:26AM The flip side of that is the clerk does send a certified
10:10:29AM letter saying the hearing date was 4/20 which is today.
10:10:33AM Unfortunately, the petitioner did write 4/21 on the sign and
10:10:37AM sent out the letters 4/21.
10:10:39AM As LDC, because there was a manual error on the application
10:10:43AM alone, we would ask for consideration to waive the fee and
10:10:46AM reset the case for May, if possible.
10:10:49AM Otherwise, to follow the rules on the third Thursday of
10:10:53AM every month, he would be pushed out to June 15.
10:10:55AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is that the soon as possible.
10:10:57AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: May 25th for notice, yes.
10:10:59AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to waive the fee
10:11:01AM and to set a date for May 25.
10:11:03AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Wait, I have a question.
10:11:06AM This is a conditional hearing after they've had this for a
10:11:09AM year, I believe.
10:11:10AM So can we do something to give them some ability to continue
10:11:17AM with their sales until that hearing date?

10:11:20AM Because we screwed up?
10:11:24AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: That would be a legal question.
10:11:26AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: And here she comes.
10:11:28AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: To give him the temporary ability to
10:11:31AM continue with the additional 30 days until their hearing.
10:11:34AM >> It is my understanding that the conditional use actually
10:11:36AM expired before they came in and applied for the -- the
10:11:39AM conditional is actually no longer in effect.
10:11:42AM >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:11:45AM [Motion Carried]
10:11:45AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Finally, item number 39, the discussion
10:11:48AM on the changes to chapter 3, which was scheduled for 1:30
10:11:51AM today, we were unable to get the information out ahead of
10:11:55AM time, and we actually need to finalize a couple of pieces,
10:11:59AM Ms. Kert and I.
10:12:00AM We were asking if potentially we could continue that to
10:12:03AM May 4th at 1:30.
10:12:05AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:12:06AM All in favor --
10:12:09AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: 1:30.
10:12:13AM >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Coyle, do you have anything with 36?
10:12:17AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Ms. Boyle will be handling that.

10:12:19AM They did pay the amendment fees.
10:12:21AM They'll be asking for potentially June 15th would be the
10:12:24AM next hearing.
10:12:26AM >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 4.
10:12:33AM >> We have a motion to --
10:12:35AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:12:36AM [Motion Carried]
10:12:39AM >> Good morning, Council, Madam Chairman.
10:12:42AM Roy LaMotte, transportation manager.
10:12:51AM Thank you for having me this morning.
10:12:53AM I'm here to talk to you about an item that involves parking,
10:12:57AM solving our parking problems in the vicinity of SoHo
10:13:01AM district.
10:13:01AM And we have actually looked at an area that's defined by
10:13:04AM Platt and Fremont, over to Howard and Swann.
10:13:10AM We looked at the entire neighborhood.
10:13:12AM The parking problem in this particular area, and I can place
10:13:14AM something on the elmo here that perhaps will help define the
10:13:18AM area a little better.
10:13:20AM I don't know if the elmo will come on.
10:13:22AM At this moment in time.
10:13:23AM Let me suggest to you, we have a part-time parking problem.

10:13:26AM It's really only occurring in the evening hours.
10:13:29AM And when the club is taking place.
10:13:32AM We also have a problem that affects our residents that live
10:13:35AM in the area.
10:13:38AM They are parking on both sides of the roadway, particularly
10:13:42AM around the Westland avenue and Azeele in the evening.
10:13:46AM And there was a question about -- could we ask -- thank you.
10:13:53AM Maybe we'll get it in focus in just a moment.
10:13:56AM Do we have any missing parking signs in the area?
10:13:58AM And I am here to tell that you there are some missing
10:14:01AM parking signs, particularly in the vicinity of West DeLeon
10:14:05AM Street and Westland as well as in the vicinity of DeLeon
10:14:09AM and South Albany Avenue.
10:14:11AM Took action over a year ago to have some signs installed in
10:14:14AM here.
10:14:14AM They have disappeared from the field, and they will be
10:14:17AM reinstalled.
10:14:18AM We did find the work orders on that, and I don't know if
10:14:21AM they were taken as souvenirs or just removed for
10:14:25AM convenience.
10:14:26AM But we will have those restored as part of an operational
10:14:29AM issue.

10:14:30AM Relative to permit parking in the area, respectfully, going
10:14:33AM to have the parking manager here, Mr. Corbett, with me
10:14:37AM today, to really suggest to you, it may be premature to
10:14:41AM enact a resident parking program until we have a
10:14:43AM conversation with the neighbors.
10:14:45AM We do want clearances in all our intersections in order to
10:14:47AM have people execute clearly the movements.
10:14:51AM I did find others parking left wheels to the curb and
10:14:54AM parking in the wrong direction.
10:14:56AM So those are issues we're bringing to Tampa PD.
10:14:59AM Respectfully, relative to the resident permit parking
10:15:03AM program, we have in place in Ybor, as you've highlighted,
10:15:06AM but again, in this particular area, it may be more unique.
10:15:09AM We have to resolve the issue surrounding visitor parking.
10:15:13AM And the issue is, basically, if they park on both sides of
10:15:15AM the road on these streets, it really only leaves a 10-foot
10:15:19AM passageway for people to go down.
10:15:21AM So if we wanted to have parking on both sides, we may have
10:15:24AM to do some consideration of whether we want to change our
10:15:28AM traffic operations on these streets from two-way to one-way.
10:15:31AM So I think we need a little bit more time to do our homework
10:15:34AM and to meet with the stakeholders before we'll come forward

10:15:37AM to you and make that recommendation.
10:15:40AM As for the missing signs, we'll be glad to replace them.
10:15:44AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
10:15:45AM Thank you, Mr. LaMotte.
10:15:47AM Thank you Mr. Corbett who is over there from parking.
10:15:52AM And anybody else who has worked on this.
10:15:54AM TPD also, I think, has worked on this as well.
10:15:57AM There is a problem, Ms. Ferlita pointed it out repeatedly,
10:16:02AM to this Council, as have I, there's a problem in SoHo.
10:16:06AM And it really doesn't differ from Ybor City.
10:16:08AM It's a part-time problem and so is Ybor City.
10:16:11AM I think if you went to Ybor City in the morning or in the
10:16:14AM afternoon on the typical Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, there
10:16:17AM wouldn't be a parking problem, but there's a parking problem
10:16:20AM when the clubs crank up and they overflow into the adjacent
10:16:24AM neighborhoods.
10:16:24AM And that's exactly what is happening in SoHo.
10:16:26AM I agree wholeheartedly that we have to work with the
10:16:29AM neighborhood and make sure the neighborhood wants the permit
10:16:31AM parking approach.
10:16:33AM If they don't want it, you know, then we shouldn't force it
10:16:37AM down their throats.

10:16:37AM I believe they probably would welcome it.
10:16:40AM So I'm wholly in favor of granting staff 60 to 90 days to go
10:16:45AM out and meet with the neighborhood.
10:16:47AM And, you know, and get this worked on.
10:16:50AM I also want you to extend your study area over to Kennedy,
10:16:54AM because one of the clubs we had a neighborhood meeting about
10:16:59AM was the Bahasa Club over by Kennedy and impacts -- what
10:17:04AM street is that?
10:17:05AM Melville or -- anyway, impacts one of those side streets
10:17:10AM that is residential over by the club at Kennedy.
10:17:13AM So I think we need to expand that study area.
10:17:20AM And I'm comfortable, you know, with 90 days.
10:17:22AM But during that 90-day period, I would like -- at the end of
10:17:25AM that 90-day period, I would like to see us come back and
10:17:29AM actually have a firm recommendation, you know, and a plan
10:17:32AM and everything else.
10:17:34AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. LaMotte, a little bit of a flip side
10:17:38AM from what Mr. Dingfelder is reporting, and I hope I'm not
10:17:41AM speaking out of turn, at a noncouncil-related function, I
10:17:47AM was talking to Mr. Walter crumbly, and he comes up here
10:17:51AM pretty often and represents his neighborhood and represents
10:17:53AM it well.

10:17:54AM In conversations, it seems that perhaps you're going to have
10:17:57AM one sector that -- of that neighborhood that is not going to
10:18:02AM want the permit parking because it might cause problems if
10:18:07AM they have friends.
10:18:08AM Obviously, you'll come back and give us a comprehensive
10:18:10AM report regardless of what majority rules in terms of the
10:18:12AM neighborhood and what they want.
10:18:14AM That's the purpose, to accommodate them.
10:18:15AM If they don't want the permits, maybe we are exacerbating a
10:18:19AM problem we already have there.
10:18:20AM I know at one point, major George and I were working on some
10:18:23AM of the very same issues on the other side of Howard, where a
10:18:27AM lady reported her concerns to one of the then sitting
10:18:31AM commissioners pat frank.
10:18:33AM And major George did what works.
10:18:36AM And sometimes we overlook.
10:18:38AM He went out there and started enforcing the illegal parking
10:18:41AM and the parking between, you know, the aprons of the
10:18:44AM driveway or blocking the driveway and stuff.
10:18:46AM The citizen did call back and report to my legislative aide
10:18:52AM that things had gotten better.
10:18:54AM I agree although I'm giving the opposite side.

10:18:56AM We need to look at this and look at it well because we
10:18:59AM certainly don't want to institute something like a parking
10:19:01AM permit that causes the neighbors that live there more grief
10:19:04AM and more inconvenience.
10:19:05AM So I look forward to you coming back with some suggestions.
10:19:09AM And maybe at that point, we can allow them to weigh in and
10:19:13AM let us know what they think helps their neighborhood the
10:19:16AM best.
10:19:16AM I mean, given the parking signs that were removed from the
10:19:19AM intersection or close to it, that's a given.
10:19:22AM You'll go ahead and take care of that from a public safety
10:19:26AM standpoint.
10:19:26AM Ms. Alvarez has some other comments.
10:19:28AM After that, madam chairman, quickly, I would like to make a
10:19:32AM couple of comments on a couple of projects.
10:19:36AM Let me yield to Ms. Alvarez.
10:19:38AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Michelini, did you want to talk about

10:19:40AM the signs here?
10:19:44AM >> Yes, if you remember, there were a couple of development
10:19:47AM projects that kind of precipitated this discussion.
10:19:49AM As a result of that, I've been meeting with Walter crumbly
10:19:52AM and the Neighborhood Association, and we've come back with

10:19:54AM some very specific recommendations and requests for you.
10:19:58AM I discussed them very briefly with Mr. LaMotte this morning.
10:20:03AM Basically, if you look at the highlighted map, you can see
10:20:09AM this intersection of Swann and Albany is a critical
10:20:13AM intersection.
10:20:14AM That's a North-South connector.
10:20:15AM It does not have sidewalks on both sides of the street.
10:20:18AM This focus is slightly different, but it is equally
10:20:21AM important, and it goes hand in hand with the parking issue
10:20:24AM that we've been talking about.
10:20:27AM Curbs and sidewalks on both sides of the street will go a
10:20:29AM long way toward helping define the front yards of some of
10:20:33AM the older projects.
10:20:34AM It will help to actually establish where you can and can't
10:20:38AM park.
10:20:39AM So the Neighborhood Association had taken a position asking
10:20:43AM that Albany receive sidewalks on both sides of the street
10:20:45AM from Platt Street to swan with some kind of a pedestrian
10:20:51AM crossing that allows access and encourages access to the
10:20:54AM city parks and recreation area at the corner and also the
10:20:58AM grocery store, Kash N' Karry which is on the South side.
10:21:01AM And if you look at the diagram, you can see there are two

10:21:04AM East-West connectors on Horatio and DeLeon.
10:21:08AM Again, those two streets do not have sidewalks on both
10:21:11AM sides.
10:21:11AM And if they have partial sidewalks on one side, they are
10:21:14AM also requesting that sidewalks be placed on those streets
10:21:18AM that give you the East-West connection to the grocery stores
10:21:22AM and restaurants that exist on the West side of Howard.
10:21:27AM Now, part of the problem is being exacerbated by the
10:21:30AM existing apartment buildings that are historic.
10:21:34AM They have four or five spaces for their projects.
10:21:38AM They have ten units in each of the buildings.
10:21:40AM And there's probably 40 or 50 units in there.
10:21:44AM So that's pushing the parking onto the street.
10:21:46AM And that's particularly a problem between Westland -- on
10:21:52AM Westland between DeLeon and Horatio.
10:21:55AM What Mr. LaMotte is telling you basically is, the older
10:21:58AM projects are not providing parking.
10:22:00AM The new projects do provide parking, and you're going to
10:22:02AM have some growing pains.
10:22:03AM One alternative may be to prohibit parking on one side of
10:22:07AM the street.
10:22:09AM And then on Friday and Saturday nights, to look at

10:22:11AM potentially Azeele, Horatio and DeLeon limiting parking
10:22:16AM from no parking from five until midnight, which would push
10:22:20AM the parking back, hopefully back to the commercial district
10:22:24AM and not into the neighborhood.
10:22:25AM But what's happening is, people park on the side streets and
10:22:28AM they walk over to the club, up here at the corner of Azeele
10:22:33AM and Howard and Horatio and Howard and then they entertain
10:22:39AM themselves and they walk back in the neighborhood and remove
10:22:41AM their cars.
10:22:41AM But from -- anytime from about 4:30 in the afternoon until
10:22:46AM midnight, most of these streets from Westland to the West
10:22:51AM are not passible.
10:22:52AM And Mr. LaMotte is absolutely correct.
10:22:56AM You can barely get a car through there.
10:22:59AM One of the other things that we talked to chief Hogue about
10:23:03AM was special enforcement of parking and to begin looking at
10:23:06AM that particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings.
10:23:08AM But anyway, the specific request is to ask that sidewalk
10:23:12AM money be released, if possible, in this fiscal year.
10:23:16AM If not, next fiscal year to put these sidewalks in as
10:23:19AM designated on this map and to also put the crosswalk in as
10:23:25AM requested as Albany and swan.

10:23:28AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Michelini, has the Neighborhood
10:23:30AM Association made that verbal request or have they made it a
10:23:34AM written request?
10:23:36AM >> That was in my final discussion with Mr. Crumbly last
10:23:39AM night.
10:23:39AM I went through all of these recommendations with him.
10:23:41AM He and I have been talking about this for several Ybor City.
10:23:44AM And I wanted to make sure before I got before you and made
10:23:47AM that request on their behalf that I had their clearance.
10:23:51AM And he assured me that that was absolutely 100% consistent
10:23:55AM and being supported by his group.
10:23:57AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: So I guess Mr. LaMotte, you've heard the
10:24:01AM concerns there.
10:24:02AM And I guess you could work with TPD in doing something about
10:24:05AM those streets.
10:24:07AM I think one-side parking is a good idea.
10:24:12AM So we'll leave that decision to you.
10:24:17AM >> That is one of our considerations as an alternative and
10:24:20AM respectfully to the sidewalks, we do have them scheduled not
10:24:24AM for this year but two requests, one for Fremont and one for
10:24:28AM Albany in next year's request.
10:24:31AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Going to another subject, street signs.

10:24:34AM There are missing letters.
10:24:36AM How far along are you all in fixing those?
10:24:41AM >> Well, maintenance is an ongoing effort.
10:24:43AM We have 1900 work orders before us today.
10:24:45AM And I don't mean to make that sound like a grim amount, but
10:24:51AM it's reality.
10:24:52AM We'll inspect the neighborhood.
10:24:53AM If you are telling me there are missing letters on some of
10:24:55AM the signs, we'll take care of that readily.
10:24:57AM It's not an issue.
10:24:58AM Again, we won't make entire -- we'll find out how to modify
10:25:04AM our signs and correct them and make them aesthetically
10:25:07AM pleasing.
10:25:07AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: You don't have anybody going, like code
10:25:09AM enforcement going down the street and seeing some signs that
10:25:12AM are missing letters --
10:25:14AM >> We have preventative maintenance programs in place.
10:25:16AM It is not in this particular area at this time.
10:25:19AM We're working our way around the city, and I can actually
10:25:21AM show you a program at a later date if you wish of how that
10:25:24AM progresses.
10:25:25AM But same people doing the signs and markings that are doing

10:25:29AM the special events.
10:25:31AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Then you can talk to me personally, if you
10:25:34AM want to, about it.
10:25:35AM This is an ongoing problem.
10:25:37AM I've seen signs out there with letters missing for -- it's
10:25:41AM been for years and years and years.
10:25:44AM >> We don't find that acceptable.
10:25:46AM We'll try to correct that.
10:25:48AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: We'll talk more about this then.
10:25:50AM Thank you.
10:25:52AM >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Ferlita.
10:25:52AM >>ROSE FERLITA: I just wanted to add one more thing to what
10:25:55AM we were talking about.
10:25:57AM I didn't want to make this the crumbly hour, but I do want
10:26:00AM to tell that you Mrs. Crumbly was telling my legislative
10:26:03AM aide exactly one year ago almost to the date she talked
10:26:06AM about some emergency rescue public safety problems they have
10:26:09AM on Westland, Mr. LaMotte, where when you come down swann,
10:26:14AM if somebody is coming the opposite way going South on
10:26:17AM Westland towards Swann, the person trying to enter from
10:26:22AM Swann has to back up on to Swann.
10:26:24AM I don't know if there's something you can do temporarily

10:26:27AM while reviewing it, but that particular intersection she
10:26:31AM said was on record as a request from a constituent a year
10:26:35AM ago.
10:26:36AM I have a couple of comments to you, sir and then I'll yield
10:26:39AM to everyone to say something else.
10:26:41AM In the middle of you losing much staff in the middle of you
10:26:46AM being very short on help to do a lot of the different
10:26:51AM things, the basic things we think are important like what
10:26:54AM Ms. Alvarez just said, I want to say publicly that the
10:26:57AM issues that I have brought to you as of late have been
10:27:02AM addressed.
10:27:03AM They've been addressed very well.
10:27:04AM Mr. LaMotte and I met at 12th street and Chelsea over an
10:27:09AM issue southeast Seminole Heights brought up under CDBG.
10:27:14AM They thought they had to use that as a mechanism to get that
10:27:16AM runway taken care of.
10:27:19AM I know transportation has guidelines and they have warrants
10:27:21AM to do this or do that.
10:27:23AM Roy, you were very people friendly.
10:27:25AM They had some issues that maybe you don't see in the data
10:27:28AM except when you are out there standing in the middle of this
10:27:31AM very narrow road and you see some of the problems with the

10:27:34AM bus coming by and there's no room and an elderly gentleman
10:27:37AM had a fence knocked down, et cetera.
10:27:39AM I want you guys to know, colleagues, because we complain
10:27:42AM when we see things wrong so we need to compliment when we
10:27:45AM see things that are right.
10:27:47AM And the feedback from those residents were that you were
10:27:50AM wonderful.
10:27:50AM I agree.
10:27:51AM You looked at it in terms of warrants but you also looked at
10:27:54AM it that it was one straight shot from Martin Luther King to
10:27:57AM Hillsborough.
10:27:58AM Somebody is going to get hurt.
10:28:00AM It's refreshing to do something proactively -- so they are
10:28:04AM happy with their four-way stops and I thank you for that.
10:28:07AM The next refreshing thing that I saw this morning was on
10:28:10AM Platt coming to the bridge.
10:28:13AM Finally limited that parking, got it out of the way.
10:28:16AM Ms. Curry, I don't mean -- she was behind me.
10:28:19AM She beeped her horn and called me on the cell.
10:28:22AM Oh, my God, look how nice this is.
10:28:24AM No problems.
10:28:25AM Nobody confusing, merging, the possibility or prospect of an

10:28:29AM accident was taken away.
10:28:31AM That looks great.
10:28:32AM You have the yellow marking.
10:28:35AM I don't think there's any doubt that that is not a
10:28:37AM continuing lane.
10:28:38AM I guess it came back to haunt us quicker than I thought it
10:28:41AM would haunt us.
10:28:44AM The no parking in front of the driveway across from the
10:28:47AM driveway or ten feet from the apron, some case when
10:28:51AM residential blocks have tolerated that for a while and
10:28:53AM there's nothing but apron or driveways that you again came
10:28:56AM up with something that was a remedy for that neighborhood on
10:28:59AM Mason between MacDill and Bayshore.
10:29:02AM By the way, the Mason sign at MacDill is missing too
10:29:05AM like she said.
10:29:06AM They called us as well and thanked us for that.
10:29:09AM So I just want to tell you that I'm complimenting you fully
10:29:14AM for everything you are doing.
10:29:15AM You seem to be very understanding of the issues.
10:29:17AM We are all in a crunch and hopefully the budget time will
10:29:20AM help you get people back fast.
10:29:21AM And lastly, yesterday when I shared the podium with you

10:29:24AM about the street naming, I guess there's a reason that the
10:29:31AM Chairman calls Roy LaMotte -- he proved at least he was
10:29:38AM bilingual and maybe trilingual.
10:29:41AM Thank you very much for your participation in that.
10:29:42AM The family appreciate it and we do too.
10:29:45AM That's it.
10:29:46AM That's the editorial and thank you.
10:29:49AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: I'm not going to continue the accolades
10:29:52AM here, because I do have a little problem -- the West Tampa
10:30:01AM Post Office problem.
10:30:03AM Where are we on that?
10:30:04AM >> I think we have a solution for that.
10:30:06AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Is it going to be this year?
10:30:08AM >> Yes, ma'am.
10:30:09AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Before I leave.
10:30:10AM >> I will be talking to the post master this week on that.
10:30:14AM It's a relocation of the boxes.
10:30:15AM And additional signage.
10:30:18AM We have a comprehensive package to provide for them, but I
10:30:22AM think I have the problem well understood and I think we'll
10:30:24AM have a solution active within 30 days.
10:30:26AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Could you inform me of that when you get to

10:30:29AM that point, please?
10:30:35AM >> We'll be glad to fill in everyone on the topic.
10:30:40AM I appreciate the credit to me but it really goes to my
10:30:42AM staff.
10:30:43AM I'll extend that to them as well.
10:30:45AM Thank you very much for your compliment.
10:30:46AM >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for the job you are doing.
10:30:50AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would like to make a motion that
10:30:52AM administration report back to Council within -- in 90 days
10:30:57AM with specific plans to address parking, street and side walk
10:31:03AM issues, curb issues, sidewalk issues in the SoHo area.
10:31:10AM Hopefully looking -- in working with the neighborhood and
10:31:13AM hopefully looking at the possibility of implementing some
10:31:17AM significant changes and possibly including resident permit.
10:31:23AM >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:31:25AM [Motion Carried]
10:31:30AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do we need to add the suggestions
10:31:31AM Mr. Michelini made about filling in the sidewalk aps and
10:31:36AM creating a walkway?
10:31:43AM >>GWEN MILLER: Item number five.
10:31:49AM Anyone here from the administration for item 5?
10:31:54AM >>GLORIA MOREDA: Gloria Moreda, Land Development.

10:31:58AM Council, your motion asked about -- I guess our position on
10:32:03AM amortization for chain-link fencing with barbed wire.
10:32:08AM The code, as you know, the packet that I'm passing around
10:32:12AM includes a copy of section 27-133 that talks about fencing.
10:32:19AM Right now, our code does not allow for chain-link with
10:32:22AM barbed wire except in the industrial district.
10:32:26AM It is prohibited in commercial.
10:32:29AM And in terms of the use of chain-link in itself, many of the
10:32:33AM overlays now have prohibition of the use of chain-link, but
10:32:38AM in commercially zoned property, if they are not in an
10:32:43AM overlay with that prohibition, it is possible to provide
10:32:46AM chain-link fencing along all property lines.
10:32:49AM Up to a maximum of eight feet.
10:32:52AM The code does provide for the variance board to consider if
10:32:56AM there's security issues, possibly the use of barbed wire in
10:33:01AM commercial areas.
10:33:02AM But that's a rare thing that occurs.
10:33:09AM The photographs that I included, I asked our office when
10:33:15AM she's out in the field and driving through all the areas of

10:33:17AM the city to take photographs of examples of the chain-link
10:33:21AM fencing that is found as well as chain-link with barbed
10:33:25AM wire.

10:33:25AM And they are everywhere.
10:33:26AM I think you all know, in all the districts, that the use of
10:33:32AM chain-link fencing is common in commercial areas.
10:33:36AM The barbed wire is much more common when you are in the
10:33:40AM industrial area.
10:33:40AM And I think many of the pictures, 40th street, 50th
10:33:44AM street and Adamo definitely are in the industrial area.
10:33:50AM The pictures along Hillsborough Avenue, those are
10:33:52AM commercial.
10:33:53AM That's a commercial district.
10:33:56AM Columbus, commercial.
10:33:59AM Whether or not these photographs represent the properties
10:34:03AM that have grandfathered in use of barbed wire, we did not do
10:34:08AM that research.
10:34:10AM I can tell you, I know in Florida Avenue, recently the code
10:34:14AM enforcement board I think at the urging of the Neighborhood
10:34:16AM Associations in the southeast Seminole Heights area had
10:34:21AM urged code enforcement to do a sweep of the area to try to
10:34:25AM clear out some of that barbed wire.
10:34:28AM And they had gone through the enforcement process.
10:34:31AM A lot of that barbed wire, I think, has been removed or else
10:34:35AM they have proved that they have been legitimately

10:34:40AM grandfathered in.
10:34:41AM Your question as to whether or not an amortization is the
10:34:44AM appropriate route to take.
10:34:46AM Amortizations are very difficult.
10:34:48AM I have not really experienced success with any amortization
10:34:54AM program.
10:34:54AM It becomes a real code enforcement issue to try to get it
10:34:57AM cleaned up.
10:35:00AM I think if Council would like us to provide some additional
10:35:05AM language as to whether or not Council feels it's appropriate
10:35:09AM to use chain-link fencing in commercial, maybe require a
10:35:13AM certain setback from rights-of-ways, possibly require it to
10:35:18AM be vinyl coated.
10:35:21AM And then in terms of any existing chain-link with barbed
10:35:26AM wire, if it's required to be removed with a change of use of
10:35:30AM the property or something to that effect, might be more
10:35:34AM successful than to try to do some type of amortization.
10:35:40AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:35:41AM I would be really happy to have a workshop on this issue
10:35:45AM with some neighborhood representatives and some business
10:35:48AM representatives to see if we could come up with a proposal
10:35:53AM then to bring back to Council.

10:35:54AM I spoke at length with Sam kinsy from East Tampa.
10:35:59AM He's concerned about this.
10:36:00AM There are civic people from South Tampa concerned.
10:36:03AM I think it's important that we come up with something that
10:36:05AM works for the business owners as well as the neighborhood
10:36:08AM organizations.
10:36:09AM >> Is it the chain-link with barbed wire or just chain-link
10:36:13AM in general?
10:36:14AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's both.
10:36:15AM And then there's a question about fronting on the streets
10:36:17AM are all around the property and there's a question about
10:36:20AM whether the vinyl coating would then be the acceptable.
10:36:23AM I think we'll be able to come up with something that's
10:36:25AM better than what we have now.
10:36:26AM Rather than take up Council's time on this, I'm happy as
10:36:30AM building and zoning and preservation chair to work with you
10:36:32AM and work with the neighborhood and see if we can come up
10:36:34AM with some good recommendations.
10:36:36AM Thank you.
10:36:48AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Does the City of Tampa of Tampa have barbed
10:36:51AM wire around --
10:36:53AM >> I'm not sure about the barbed wire, but I would

10:36:57AM suspect -- well, possibly, maybe around the water, if
10:36:59AM there's a water treatment facility, a secured area.
10:37:01AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: I can understand that.
10:37:04AM In the city-owned properties?
10:37:06AM >>GLORIA MOREDA: I would suspect maybe in the parks they
10:37:09AM might use chain-link.
10:37:10AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: They have a lot of chain-link in the park
10:37:12AM system, six-foot chain-link.
10:37:14AM Not necessarily barbed wire.
10:37:16AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: I'm really talking like the ones around I
10:37:22AM guess spruce -- spruce and low any that area.
10:37:25AM >>GLORIA MOREDA: The solid waste facility?
10:37:29AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Around the Rome Avenue near Columbus Drive,
10:37:34AM are they allowed to have that?
10:37:37AM >>GLORIA MOREDA: I can't remember if the Rome facility there
10:37:40AM is an industrial district or not.
10:37:42AM It may be zoned industrial there, which would allow for
10:37:46AM barbed wire.
10:37:48AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: So what happens to these people that do have
10:37:51AM the barbed wire fences --
10:37:57AM >>GLORIA MOREDA: If we are aware that there is an illegal
10:38:01AM use of barbed wire, then it's a code enforcement issue.

10:38:04AM They would be cited to are that violation.
10:38:06AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: We see some on Armenia Avenue and Howard.
10:38:10AM >>GLORIA MOREDA: If they are not in an industrial zone
10:38:13AM district, they should be reviewed to see whether or not it's
10:38:16AM legally grandfathered in.
10:38:20AM Which if it was there prior to 1987 --
10:38:23AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Not the barbed wire.
10:38:25AM The barbed wire too?
10:38:28AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, yes, Ms. Alvarez, and that
10:38:31AM was an issue that was brought to me by one of my
10:38:34AM constituents close to the store, that in that southeast
10:38:38AM Seminole Heights and Florida Avenue, he had a particular
10:38:41AM issue, it had been there long before that date and it should
10:38:45AM have appropriately been grandfathered in.
10:38:48AM As you look at the different examples, in fact that you have
10:38:50AM sent here, some of these all have fence and barbed wire.
10:38:55AM Some of this is code enforcement issues, period, because it
10:38:57AM is so filthy and everything else.
10:38:59AM Then there are some others that have the six-foot chain-link
10:39:04AM and the barbed wire that look very nice, and they serve a
10:39:07AM purpose for that business.
10:39:08AM This particular gentleman was concerned because if the city

10:39:11AM removed that, he's a repair company for very expensive cars,
10:39:15AM predominantly Mercedes and Lexus.
10:39:18AM With that chin link fence out of the way or with the barbed
10:39:21AM wire on top of it, he experienced a lot of vandalism and
10:39:24AM that was originally why they had put it up.
10:39:27AM We have to be cautious about that.
10:39:28AM I agree with you.
10:39:29AM People that come in, if it's not allowed anymore, that's
10:39:32AM fine.
10:39:32AM The people who have it up there and it's already
10:39:35AM grandfathered in and it's for a purpose, I think we want to
10:39:37AM be fair to both sides.
10:39:39AM And in closing, I agree with you on this amortization
10:39:42AM schedule.
10:39:43AM I see an attorney who is in private practice now, her name
10:39:46AM is Ms. Gina Grimes behind you, and we had tons of problems,
10:39:49AM if you remember, trying to amortize the billboards.
10:39:52AM What a nightmare that was.
10:39:54AM So I look forward to the different recommendations you come
10:39:57AM back with, but I know there are limits on what you can and
10:40:00AM can't do.
10:40:02AM >>GLORIA MOREDA: I'll look to Ms. Saul-Sena to schedule a

10:40:05AM workshop.
10:40:08AM >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 6, anyone here for item number 6?
10:40:14AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to speak on it.
10:40:24AM >>GWEN MILLER: Excuse me, ma'am, are you a citizen or a
10:40:27AM staff member?
10:40:28AM >> I'm a citizen.
10:40:28AM >>GWEN MILLER: You can't speak on it yet.
10:40:30AM You have to wait a few minutes.
10:40:33AM Is there a staff member here for item 6?
10:40:36AM >> I apologize.
10:40:37AM I was trying to resolve another issue on another case.
10:40:40AM Catherine Coyle, Land Development.
10:40:42AM You were in the middle of questions on this.
10:40:45AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Go ahead and make your presentation.
10:40:47AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: I don't actually have a presentation.
10:40:49AM We transmitted the memo.
10:40:51AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why don't you summarize the memo that
10:40:54AM Gloria did and I'll go from there.
10:40:56AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: What we did first was put in the current
10:41:01AM regulations that we have in chapter 27 is for these various
10:41:05AM residential uses.
10:41:08AM They are not required to provide a hard parking surface.

10:41:11AM Only the concrete driveway apron.
10:41:13AM They can drive up onto grass, essentially, or some other
10:41:16AM means.
10:41:17AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is there any limit to the number of cars
10:41:20AM that one can park in their front yard?
10:41:23AM If they are licensed, as long as they are licensed and
10:41:26AM active and mobile cars, people can park as many cars on the
10:41:30AM grass in this city today, correct?
10:41:33AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: There's nothing that expressly prohibits
10:41:37AM or limits the number.
10:41:37AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So it's an unlimited number.
10:41:39AM I think that's where we are today.
10:41:40AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: What you can see on page 2 is the
10:41:44AM proposed language, which is simply changing the grass
10:41:49AM parking to that required parking spaces are to be paved.
10:41:54AM Which the majority of the new homes do, obviously.
10:41:57AM You have the driveway going up to the garage or to the
10:41:59AM carport.
10:42:00AM We're changing it from the grass to the paved.
10:42:02AM The distinction, if you look, as Mr. Dingfelder went to
10:42:05AM St. Petersburg, theirs is stated that passenger motor
10:42:10AM vehicles and motorcycles located in required front yards and

10:42:13AM side yards.
10:42:14AM It doesn't say just required parking like ours, it's any car
10:42:18AM parked in front or side yard must be placed or parked,
10:42:23AM stopped or located on a legally recognized parking space or
10:42:27AM an approved or maintained permeable parking area constructed
10:42:30AM to meet stormwater standards.
10:42:32AM We also have permeable paver material allowed in our
10:42:36AM proposed amendment.
10:42:37AM Lot of Ps.
10:42:40AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just to clarify again, Cathy, the
10:42:43AM proposed amendment, even though it is an improvement over
10:42:45AM where we are today still will not address specifically the
10:42:50AM issue I mentioned a minute ago.
10:42:51AM It still doesn't preclude people from having an unlimited
10:42:55AM number of cars parked on their front yard grass or dirt.
10:42:58AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Correct.
10:42:59AM That's the distinction between ours and theirs.
10:43:02AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ours and St. Pete.
10:43:03AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Um-hum.
10:43:05AM Temple Terrace is actually closer to the proposed amendment
10:43:08AM that we're doing.
10:43:10AM The cars have to be placed on a permanent, durable,

10:43:12AM stabilized surface.
10:43:15AM There was no direct mention of a required placement of cars.
10:43:17AM It's just that they have to be placed on something that's
10:43:21AM paved.
10:43:21AM The note of interest that we had -- and Mr. Cotton's
10:43:26AM research that he did -- city of Sarasota advised that they
10:43:29AM don't limit where the cars go or how many can be placed
10:43:32AM because essentially it's a code enforcement issue.
10:43:35AM It's a problem trying to enforce it.
10:43:37AM And we thought about that and we talked about that
10:43:40AM internally.
10:43:41AM Just imagine yourself being a code inspector driving around
10:43:44AM the city and looking at cars on people's yards and you issue
10:43:47AM a citation because there's one parked on the grass and you
10:43:50AM go back in 30 days and the car is not there, so you clear
10:43:53AM out the violation.
10:43:54AM It could be that the car is at work and just not on the
10:43:59AM property.
10:43:59AM Logistically, it's interesting to try to enforce it.
10:44:03AM That was Sarasota's issue.
10:44:04AM They didn't have the manpower or the funds to do that.
10:44:07AM If you are wanting to change it that we have required

10:44:12AM parking spaces and only those parking spaces to be utilized
10:44:15AM and no other parking, I would highly suggest that we get
10:44:20AM code enforcement involved in that conversation because it
10:44:22AM will take additional manpower to do that.
10:44:29AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: It seems to me like this would be a real
10:44:31AM hard thing to enforce because if you take the old historic
10:44:37AM districts, West Tampa, Ybor City, Hyde Park, the homes that
10:44:41AM are being built or that have been there, were there a long
10:44:45AM time before they even had -- I guess it was horse and buggy
10:44:49AM days.
10:44:49AM And now even if you have a three-bedroom home, you've got
10:44:55AM teenagers growing up and they all have cars so where do you
10:44:59AM park them?
10:45:01AM You either park them on the grass or in the street.
10:45:05AM And it's really a hard thing to enforce, I would think.
10:45:11AM I specifically know on Tampa Bay Boulevard, it's horrendous
10:45:14AM what is happening there.
10:45:16AM But these people have no place to park, and this is what is
10:45:19AM happening in the old West Tampa -- and the old West Tampa
10:45:24AM district is the same way.
10:45:25AM And East Tampa.
10:45:26AM So I think this is a hard thing to enforce.

10:45:30AM And I surely wouldn't want to put a burden on the homeowners
10:45:34AM in that area.
10:45:35AM Now, if they have rental units -- rental homes that they are
10:45:40AM using for more than one family, I have a problem with that.
10:45:46AM They shouldn't be having more than one family in there.
10:45:49AM I have a problem with that.
10:45:50AM And then that code enforcement could take care of.
10:45:54AM But trying to enforce this is going to be hard.
10:46:03AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think before you get to the issue of
10:46:05AM how hard it is to enforce, I think you have to step back and
10:46:08AM say, what do we want our city to look like?
10:46:11AM And the Mayor has taken big, big steps in terms of beefing
10:46:15AM up code enforcement, making them be proactive to crack down
10:46:19AM on a lot of things, because many things are just aesthetic.
10:46:24AM And those are good.
10:46:26AM Those are positive things that we are doing and that the
10:46:28AM Mayor is doing, that the staff is doing to make this city a
10:46:32AM more attractive city.
10:46:33AM We have the whole clean city program.
10:46:36AM We have a whole department related to making it clean and
10:46:39AM more beautiful city, not only in the public rights-of-way,
10:46:42AM but also on people's individual homes.

10:46:45AM Now, most people, okay -- many, many people I would say
10:46:52AM don't park on their front yard because it detracts from the
10:46:59AM neighborhood.
10:46:59AM I mean, Mary, if on either side of you in your beautiful
10:47:03AM home, if either side of your neighbors started parking on
10:47:06AM their front yard, you would come home every day and shake
10:47:09AM your head and say that is just nasty.
10:47:14AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: I absolutely agree with you, John.
10:47:16AM But I'm talking about the older homes that have been built
10:47:20AM that have been built within the last ten years.
10:47:22AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: They could still do a little mulch
10:47:25AM driveway to make a designated area in one part of their
10:47:29AM yard, on the right side or left side of the yard that
10:47:32AM doesn't have to cost a lot and it would be the designated --
10:47:35AM that's what they do in St. Petersburg, apparently.
10:47:36AM They would be the designated parking area instead of cars
10:47:41AM scattered across front yards.
10:47:43AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Absolutely.
10:47:45AM And I agree with you.
10:47:46AM It's just these homes that I'm talking about only have
10:47:48AM seven-foot setbacks on either side.
10:47:51AM And they have maybe four cars each -- the two kids have cars

10:47:58AM and the parents have cars.
10:47:59AM Where do you park them?
10:48:01AM You'd have to concrete the whole thing for them to park --
10:48:06AM you know what, I think that was our fault, the way we
10:48:12AM crafted those ordinances years ago when we allowed this to
10:48:15AM happen.
10:48:15AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: But it doesn't have to be concrete.
10:48:17AM In St. Petersburg they specifically say that if you outline
10:48:20AM an area, maybe they need a double wide -- if you had a yard
10:48:24AM like you just described, could you probably make a
10:48:27AM double-wide driveway out of mulch or whatever, and you could
10:48:31AM put four cars stacked, one, two, three, four, and I think
10:48:38AM that could work.
10:48:39AM We shouldn't look at the exceptions like that.
10:48:41AM We should look at the big picture.
10:48:43AM What do we want our city to be?
10:48:45AM Let's graduate from where we've been to a place that's
10:48:47AM better.
10:48:48AM And in my opinion -- I'm not trying to be snobby about this,
10:48:52AM I really am not.
10:48:54AM In my opinion, every part of the city would look better if
10:48:56AM we didn't have cars parked on the front yards.

10:48:59AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: I agree with you.
10:49:00AM I think I tried to do this a few years ago and it got
10:49:03AM knocked down.
10:49:04AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, let's try again.
10:49:05AM >>ROSE FERLITA: I think what is happening here and not to be
10:49:07AM sarcastic, Mr. Dingfelder is trying to catch up to where we
10:49:10AM were in 2000.
10:49:11AM We tried to do this.
10:49:12AM I remember Ms. Vizzi was there and she was a proponent of
10:49:16AM this and several other South Tampa activists were here.
10:49:19AM We wanted to do this.
10:49:20AM You go into some areas where -- we're balancing pretty
10:49:24AM versus practical.
10:49:25AM There was an area that I went on when I had my little Rose
10:49:29AM patrol initiative.
10:49:30AM And it was off of Busch Boulevard.
10:49:31AM And I went with some of the code enforcement people.
10:49:33AM And this was the problem.
10:49:34AM A lot of those streets there were narrow.
10:49:39AM There was not enough room for them to park.
10:49:41AM We were encouraging them not to park in their yard.
10:49:45AM So what would happen is, people would park in the street

10:49:48AM instead, not to completely mulch or concrete their front.
10:49:56AM What would happen, in order to protect their car from
10:49:59AM getting sideswiped, they would park very close to the curb.
10:50:03AM Wonderful deal, except in that area, there were a lot of
10:50:05AM asphalt curbs.
10:50:06AM They were destroying the curbs.
10:50:08AM This is pretty, that's pretty.
10:50:09AM I don't know.
10:50:10AM I think at the beginning, we think it's a wonderful thing
10:50:12AM and I thought it was.
10:50:13AM Then when I started getting more input from citizens, I
10:50:16AM didn't think it was such a good idea.
10:50:19AM I think I was getting into the rights they have of parking
10:50:23AM their cars in front of their house.
10:50:25AM Some areas that are more affluent, they can do it.
10:50:29AM They may not want to go through the expense of mulching or
10:50:32AM concreting.
10:50:33AM Sometimes you have households with four cars.
10:50:36AM I don't know that you want to stack your cars.
10:50:41AM It's a personal pride issue.
10:50:44AM If you want it in front of your house, so be it.
10:50:48AM Your rights dictate that you can.

10:50:49AM When you start focusing on something that you think is a
10:50:52AM good idea, then as you continue discussion you find there
10:50:55AM are other problems along the way.
10:50:57AM I am willing at this point to listen to further discussion
10:50:59AM but I don't think I'll support this at this point unless I
10:51:02AM see further clarification about how it makes it easier for
10:51:05AM people of South Tampa, West Tampa, North Tampa, East Tampa,
10:51:08AM to be able to do this.
10:51:09AM We found there were some hardships.
10:51:10AM So I personally backed off of that issue.
10:51:13AM Sounded good at first, but it just wasn't practical.
10:51:19AM >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Coyle, I was just handed a Temple Terrace
10:51:21AM ordinance.
10:51:22AM You haven't had a chance to see it, so I'll give it to you.
10:51:30AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What concerns me about what
10:51:32AM St. Petersburg and Temple Terrace has done, I don't like
10:51:35AM people parking on grass, but frankly if the solution is for
10:51:38AM them to pave the entire front of their property, to me,
10:51:41AM that's worse.
10:51:41AM And I'm very concerned.
10:51:43AM Currently I believe in our residential ordinances.
10:51:47AM We don't have a limitation on impervious surface.

10:51:50AM I think you can pave everything and that would be really
10:51:53AM unattractive.
10:51:54AM I would rather have -- I mean, it's not a comfortable
10:51:57AM trade-off, but I would rather have cars temporarily parked
10:52:01AM on grass than to permanently cement the front of somebody's
10:52:05AM house so rather than a yard, they have virtually a cement --
10:52:09AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: St. Petersburg, if you look at the note
10:52:11AM on page two, St. Petersburg specifically calls for mulch.
10:52:15AM Says you can use turf block.
10:52:17AM It speaks to permeable parking areas, not impermeable.
10:52:21AM It says you can do gravel, you can do turf block, you can do
10:52:26AM a defined mulch area that won't wash away.
10:52:30AM I disagree respectfully.
10:52:31AM I think St. Petersburg is ahead of us.
10:52:33AM And that's wrong.
10:52:35AM St. Petersburg is no better than we are.
10:52:37AM We should step up to those standards that they have
10:52:41AM developed across the bay.
10:52:42AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What I would like to do is bring this
10:52:44AM issue to T.H.A.N.
10:52:46AM T.H.A.N. represents the host of residential neighborhoods in
10:52:48AM the city.

10:52:49AM They represent a wide variety of constituents all over town,
10:52:52AM and I would really like to see what their input would be on
10:52:55AM this.
10:52:56AM And so I don't know that council has a meeting right now
10:53:01AM scheduled with T.H.A.N., but I certainly think we could
10:53:03AM create one, and this could be one of the things that we
10:53:06AM bring to them.
10:53:09AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: If I may, I would also suggest besides
10:53:12AM taking it to T.H.A.N. that we have a much more jelled
10:53:17AM conversation between stormwater, transportation, code
10:53:19AM enforcement and zoning, because it covers all of those
10:53:22AM issues.
10:53:22AM As Ms. Ferlita mentioned, asphalt curbing, where driveways
10:53:26AM are placed, it kind of leads back to item number 4 on a much
10:53:32AM larger issue, if they are not parking in the yards, they are
10:53:35AM parking in the streets.
10:53:36AM So where do they park on the streets?
10:53:38AM You have to think about the budgetary responsibilities of
10:53:41AM adding new signage for no parking.
10:53:44AM Adding new sidewalks.
10:53:46AM Adding curbing to designate where cars will be.
10:53:49AM And the issue, do we require this retroactively for everyone

10:53:51AM to retrofit their properties existing today?
10:53:54AM I live in Seminole Heights and there are many beautiful
10:53:57AM parts of Seminole Heights.
10:53:58AM Most of it is beautiful in my opinion.
10:54:00AM But if you look, I just want you to consider the typical lot
10:54:03AM in the city is 50 feet wide with a 20-foot setback.
10:54:07AM A lot of the older homes are closer than that.
10:54:09AM They do have the seven-foot side setbacks, sometimes less.
10:54:13AM Sometimes three, especially in West Tampa, Seminole Heights
10:54:15AM and the older areas, if you do a typical parking space is
10:54:19AM nine by eighteen, Mr. Dingfelder had a good idea of stacking
10:54:23AM two and two.
10:54:25AM However, there is no depth for that.
10:54:26AM A lot of these older areas, too, some have alleys, some
10:54:30AM don't.
10:54:30AM There is a practical issue to making these cars fit on the
10:54:34AM property.
10:54:35AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can you go back to the overhead one
10:54:37AM second and slide it up because -- the other way.
10:54:45AM Right now, that entire thing is the front yard that you've
10:54:48AM just shown.
10:54:49AM Right now, everybody can randomly park anywhere across there

10:54:52AM that they want because there's no definition.
10:54:54AM What I'm saying is, you could make some definition, okay, on
10:54:59AM one side or the other or they could do a circular or
10:55:03AM whatever.
10:55:03AM You can make just some definition and some organization.
10:55:08AM So every neighbor who drives up and down the street, wean
10:55:12AM your driving up and down the street, you'll see cars parked
10:55:15AM in an organized fashion.
10:55:17AM That little house in Seminole Heights does not typically
10:55:19AM have four cars.
10:55:20AM >> You would be surprised.
10:55:21AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: All of my neighbors around me do.
10:55:24AM They all have teenage children.
10:55:25AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And they all park in the grass.
10:55:27AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: A lot of them do park in their yard.
10:55:29AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You enjoy that as a planner?
10:55:31AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: That's the way the neighborhood
10:55:32AM functions.
10:55:34AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And here is another question, I agree
10:55:36AM wholeheartedly.
10:55:37AM Let's keep studying it.
10:55:38AM Let's take it to T.H.A.N.

10:55:39AM Here is another question, can we do it and exclude some
10:55:42AM districts?
10:55:43AM If there are districts where it's not appropriate, then
10:55:45AM those districts could be excluded or conversely we could
10:55:48AM just do it in certain districts.
10:55:50AM If Mr. White or other district members feel it might not be
10:55:54AM appropriate for certain parts of their district and they
10:55:56AM want to try and carve that out, you know, we treat different
10:56:00AM parts of the city in different ways, we could look at that,
10:56:02AM too, couldn't we, Cathy?
10:56:04AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Sure, that's essentially what I was
10:56:06AM saying.
10:56:07AM Much larger issue and much larger study that we would need
10:56:10AM to look at.
10:56:10AM I wouldn't want to rush into creating a regulation without
10:56:14AM studying.
10:56:14AM >>GWEN MILLER: We don't want you to rush into it either.
10:56:16AM Ms. Alvarez.
10:56:17AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Dingfelder, the prime example, and I
10:56:28AM keep bringing this up because I thought with transportation
10:56:31AM and everybody else on this, is Tampa Bay Boulevard.
10:56:36AM Prime example.

10:56:36AM This is the street that goes right directly to the stadium.
10:56:42AM It's horrible between Habana and MacDill, you've got
10:56:48AM homes on either side of the street.
10:56:50AM They have parked on the right-of-way.
10:56:53AM They've completely destroyed the asphalt.
10:56:58AM I have sent transportation, stormwater, everybody over there
10:57:01AM to see about fixing this thing.
10:57:02AM And they can't.
10:57:04AM Why?
10:57:05AM Because they are parking on -- that's where they are
10:57:07AM parking.
10:57:08AM They have no place else to park.
10:57:11AM So if we can actually craft something that we opt out some
10:57:14AM of these districts because it's never going to work.
10:57:17AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's fine.
10:57:17AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Then we might be able to do something.
10:57:21AM But if you really want to see something that is not pretty,
10:57:25AM go down there.
10:57:28AM >>GWEN MILLER: Cathy, we need to move on.
10:57:31AM What's the recommendation?
10:57:33AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can we direct staff to continue to look
10:57:35AM at this in the long-range, and I would say six months.

10:57:40AM This is a big project.
10:57:41AM It's a big idea.
10:57:43AM But I think it's worthwhile to look at.
10:57:45AM I think it's worthwhile -- staff can take it to T.H.A.N.
10:57:48AM You guys take a lot of things to T.H.A.N. from zoning.
10:57:52AM And any other organization you think might be appropriate.
10:57:55AM The builders, perhaps.
10:57:56AM And whoever else.
10:57:59AM And come back in six months and let's keep talking about it.
10:58:02AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:58:03AM All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:58:05AM [Motion Carried]
10:58:06AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's not just zoning staff, obviously
10:58:08AM it's all staff.
10:58:09AM >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Ms. Coyle.
10:58:12AM Item 7 is closed public hearing.
10:58:13AM All we need to do is vote on the item.
10:58:17AM I have reviewed the tape.
10:58:18AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: I have reviewed the tape and I'm ready to
10:58:19AM make --
10:58:26AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: I would request the ordinance be read
10:58:29AM before the vote.

10:58:30AM There's already been a motion, I believe.
10:58:36AM >>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance providing for an area
10:58:38AM rezoning in the general location of which is East of 14th
10:58:41AM street, South of 9th avenue, West of 26th street and
10:58:45AM North of Adamo Drive in the City of Tampa, Florida, from
10:58:49AM zoning district classification IG, industrial general to
10:58:53AM YC-6, community commercial, from RM-16 residential
10:58:57AM multifamily to YC-2, residential, and from CI commercial
10:59:02AM intensive to YC-6 community commercial, providing for repeal
10:59:06AM of all ordinances in conflict, providing for severability,
10:59:08AM providing an effective date.
10:59:09AM >>GWEN MILLER: Second?
10:59:11AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
10:59:11AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:59:13AM All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:59:14AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Nay, Madam Chairman.
10:59:19AM >>THE CLERK: Ferlita no.
10:59:20AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Ferlita, no.
10:59:24AM I am not supporting it because I would prefer and be more
10:59:27AM comfortable to look at the results of the study that USF was
10:59:30AM going to provide.
10:59:31AM So that being said, I'm not supporting it.

10:59:35AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If I could, just for the record, I'm
10:59:39AM willing to support this because we carved out that one or
10:59:41AM two block of Adamo of the area surrounding Adamo.
10:59:44AM So in light of the fact we carved that out, I think it's a
10:59:47AM reasonable compromise.
10:59:49AM That's why I was willing to support it.
10:59:50AM >>GWEN MILLER: Plus our staff is with this and we have a
10:59:53AM great staff, and I believe in what they say and their
10:59:56AM judgment.
10:59:57AM I don't think they would stray us in the wrong direction.
10:59:59AM I'm very proud that I accept it too.
11:00:01AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: After reviewing the tape, I was -- I felt
11:00:06AM the same way because the study can be done on the corridor
11:00:11AM without having to do anything within the historic district.
11:00:16AM So I'm happy to support it.
11:00:19AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:00:20AM And I wanted to particularly thank Ms. Moreda who has worked
11:00:23AM so particularly hard and long on this issue.
11:00:26AM Thank you.
11:00:26AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: But I would be watching her.
11:00:29AM >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public who would like
11:00:31AM to ask for reconsideration?

11:00:36AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Wait, what about number 8?
11:00:39AM >>GWEN MILLER: It's not 11 yet.
11:00:42AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's 11 on my watch.
11:00:46AM >> Good morning, members of Council.
11:00:47AM My name is John Grandoff.
11:00:49AM My address is suite 3700, Bank of America plaza.
11:00:53AM I represent city -- also with me is my client bill Robinson
11:01:00AM who is president of Citivest.
11:01:07AM Excuse me one second.
11:01:08AM I forgot my notepad.
11:01:40AM >> As a preface to my comments to you this morning, I think
11:01:43AM it's interesting that the discussion you just had about
11:01:45AM driveways and yards is quite interesting in what I would

11:01:50AM like to discuss with you this morning.
11:01:52AM Point is, I think Mr. Dingfelder made an interesting point,
11:01:55AM what you are trying to grab at is aesthetics.
11:01:58AM It's very hard to legislate aesthetics, especially in the
11:02:02AM driveway situation you are dealing with.
11:02:03AM Everyone knows what that looks like, and it looks horrible.
11:02:06AM It is very easy to plan aesthetics with a binding site plan.
11:02:10AM And I think that's an interesting point I would like to make
11:02:13AM with you this morning.

11:02:15AM Ms. Saul-Sena, I also wanted to mention to you that earlier
11:02:20AM this year we closed a meeting and you made up I believe a
11:02:23AM new year's resolution.
11:02:25AM You said, I am against mediocrity.
11:02:27AM And this year I want to be doing something that's more
11:02:31AM creative.
11:02:31AM With that, I ask for you all for reconsideration of your
11:02:34AM vote last week, and I'll start with a letter we received
11:02:37AM from Gloria Moreda back in December of '04 when Bill and I
11:02:41AM wanted to know what the development potential was on the
11:02:44AM property on Bay to Bay and Bayshore.
11:02:46AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just a quick point of order,
11:02:49AM Mr. Grandoff.
11:02:50AM Can you clarify based upon our rules, our rules specifically
11:02:56AM say that if there's new evidence -- I can't quote the rules
11:03:00AM exactly.
11:03:00AM I'm sure Mr. Shelby can or will.
11:03:03AM What is the new evidence that you might have that would at
11:03:05AM least open the door for us to consider this?
11:03:08AM >> Well, last Thursday, we received what was supposed to be
11:03:12AM objections from the Parks Department, but never knew what
11:03:15AM those objections were.

11:03:16AM We finally received those objections Tuesday and Wednesday
11:03:20AM of this week.
11:03:21AM We had no way to react to those.
11:03:22AM I think as a procedural due process issue.
11:03:25AM Now we have what those objections are.
11:03:28AM We have an e-mail from Karen Paulis.
11:03:31AM We can resolve all of those objections.

11:03:33AM I think objection is a strong word.
11:03:35AM I think they were concerns.
11:03:36AM Now I have the resolution of those concerns this morning.
11:03:39AM I didn't have those last week because we were never given
11:03:42AM the issues before the Thursday evening meeting.
11:03:47AM The city had had the development agreement since
11:03:49AM March 27th and had never given us any issues.
11:03:52AM Now, it's a 53 page agreement.
11:03:56AM The new evidence I have before you this morning is we have
11:03:59AM resolved those issues.
11:04:00AM What I want to talk about -- now the parks issue.
11:04:04AM The parks issue caused a lot of problems with people last
11:04:07AM week.
11:04:08AM The parks issue came up because we realize what had our
11:04:10AM development rights were on the property.

11:04:13AM Bill and I met, you know, we want to do a better project
11:04:17AM here.
11:04:18AM We want to work the patriots park into the project and solve
11:04:21AM a parking problem on streets and side streets, similar to
11:04:24AM what you were discussing 20 minutes ago and provide a public
11:04:27AM purpose.
11:04:28AM We never got to that issue because the Parks Department's
11:04:34AM concern kicked the development agreement off the table last
11:04:36AM week, and we were never able to discuss that with you and
11:04:40AM the vote went 7-0.
11:04:41AM We couldn't ask for a continuance because the hearing had
11:04:44AM already been closed.
11:04:45AM The new evidence I have is really an e-mail from Karen
11:04:48AM Paulis saying those concerns are resolvable.
11:04:52AM I would have loved to tell you that Thursday evening, and we
11:04:54AM would have left with negotiating a 53-page document.
11:04:58AM We would have Julia's condition that was on the site plan.
11:05:02AM No building permit --
11:05:04AM >>GWEN MILLER: You have to wrap it up.
11:05:05AM Your time is up.
11:05:06AM >> I would even offer that we wouldn't even have second
11:05:08AM reading until the development agreement is approved.

11:05:10AM So we were hamstrung by the department of parks concerns.
11:05:15AM I think you should have had that information before you made
11:05:17AM your vote last week.
11:05:18AM We would like to have another hearing on that.
11:05:26AM >>JULIA COLE: Julia Cole, Legal Department.
11:05:28AM For purposes of the record, I just wanted to take a moment
11:05:31AM to remind Council what occurred last Thursday and address
11:05:34AM the issues raised by Mr. Grandoff.
11:05:36AM I'm not sure that really necessarily goes into
11:05:38AM reconsideration, but for the purposes of the record.
11:05:41AM What occurred last Thursday night, as you probably recall,
11:05:44AM is there was a discussion of whether or not this particular
11:05:49AM rezoning could go forward.
11:05:51AM It was required to go forward concurrent with the
11:05:53AM development agreement.
11:05:54AM It was determined that legally it did not require -- the
11:05:59AM zoning did not require the development agreement to go
11:06:01AM forward.
11:06:02AM I agree with Mr. Grandoff that on the record I stated that
11:06:04AM the Legal Department had some concerns with the agreement
11:06:07AM and something we had to continue negotiations on.
11:06:09AM I also recommended that you could add a note to the site

11:06:12AM plan which would allow us the opportunity, the Legal
11:06:15AM Department and the Parks Department, to negotiate that after
11:06:19AM the zoning went forward, if it were to go forward.
11:06:22AM I have reviewed the transcripts, and it was clear within the
11:06:26AM transcripts that at the time Council voted to deny this
11:06:31AM rezoning, they understood that the development agreement
11:06:34AM could go forward separately from a legal perspective.
11:06:37AM They did also -- you also did understand there were some
11:06:40AM concerns, but it was clear in my review of the transcripts
11:06:44AM that the vote that was taken to deny this was based upon
11:06:46AM concerns over the height and the compatibility.
11:06:49AM So I just wanted to clarify that for the record.
11:06:51AM And I can answer any additional questions if you have them.
11:06:54AM >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions of Council members?
11:06:56AM What is the pleasure of Council?
11:07:01AM What's the pleasure of Council?
11:07:06AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, I think Ms. Cole said this
11:07:08AM very well.
11:07:09AM I don't need to recant what she said.
11:07:11AM That was not what I based my denial.
11:07:14AM It was the height issue.
11:07:15AM Remains to be the height issue.

11:07:17AM As far as I'm concerned, new evidence doesn't weigh in for
11:07:20AM my decision or reason for -- I will not support a
11:07:24AM reconsideration.
11:07:25AM >> May I finish my statement?
11:07:26AM Had we known the development agreement was a nonstarter, we
11:07:29AM had another plan that we started working on in 2004 that
11:07:33AM would have still provided a vista.
11:07:36AM There would not have been a park, would not have been
11:07:38AM dedicated parking.
11:07:39AM There would have been an increase of height.
11:07:41AM We would like to talk to you about having that plan.
11:07:44AM If we had known the parks issue was over, we would have
11:07:47AM brought that to you Thursday night.
11:07:48AM We never had any indication that it was a problem and that's
11:07:50AM unfair.
11:07:54AM >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
11:07:56AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think it was abundantly clear that
11:08:00AM night what happened.
11:08:01AM There started to be some discussion about the development
11:08:04AM agreement, and I specifically, as you all recall said, wait
11:08:08AM a second, before we get to any discussion about the
11:08:11AM development agreement and the parks issue and the parking

11:08:14AM garage and the million dollar indemnification and all that,
11:08:18AM I said let's stop.
11:08:19AM Do we want to grant the height bonus and the density bonus?
11:08:24AM Let's get to that issue.
11:08:25AM I don't have the transcript in front of me.
11:08:27AM We all remember it well.
11:08:29AM That's what we voted on.
11:08:30AM I'm comfortable with that today.
11:08:36AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Compatibility issue for me and the height
11:08:38AM and density of it.
11:08:40AM >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:08:41AM We go back to our 11:00 item number 8.
11:08:46AM >> I just need to file a couple of items in the record.
11:08:48AM It's not argument.
11:08:49AM I need to say on the record what I'm filing.
11:08:51AM I'm filing e-mail from the transportation department dated
11:08:56AM March 1st, Melanie Calloway to Bill Robinson.
11:09:00AM The second issue, we have these models that we had last
11:09:04AM Thursday.
11:09:06AM If the Council will take judicial notice or notice that
11:09:09AM those are in the record, we'll just take them back with us.
11:09:11AM If you feel that they are not in the record, we would like

11:09:13AM to file them with the clerk.
11:09:15AM >>GWEN MILLER: Just file them with the clerk.
11:09:19AM >>THE CLERK: We just don't have the a space to store models
11:09:22AM like that.
11:09:24AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can you take a picture, John, of the
11:09:27AM model and then we'll take the picture.
11:09:30AM >> I also want to file the transcript of the hearing on The
11:09:34AM View application, which was heard earlier this year.
11:09:39AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm not sure about the appropriateness.
11:09:41AM Ms. Cole?
11:09:44AM >>GWEN MILLER: Is it necessary to file all that?
11:09:46AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The last item, he said he wants to file
11:09:48AM the transcript related to The View project which is not
11:09:51AM within the bounds of this.
11:09:53AM I don't know why that would be appropriate for this record.
11:09:56AM >>JULIA COLE: I'm not sure that that -- the transcript that
11:10:01AM he's requesting for another project was part of any
11:10:04AM argument -- Julia Cole, Legal Department.
11:10:09AM The transcript that Mr. Grandoff is attempting to enter into
11:10:12AM the record relating to another project was not discussed as
11:10:15AM part of his previous record or the record he -- or what he's
11:10:19AM discussed today.

11:10:20AM So I don't believe it would be appropriate now that his
11:10:23AM three-minutes are up to enter that into the record.
11:10:25AM The other items that Mr. Grandoff is attempting to enter
11:10:29AM into the record I think are appropriate from the ones I have
11:10:31AM heard.
11:10:31AM If there are any additional ones, we can discuss that.
11:10:34AM And we wouldn't have any objection.
11:10:36AM >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Cole, why don't you meet with
11:10:38AM Mr. Grandoff and see if they can be filed.
11:10:41AM If they can be filed, come back to us.
11:10:46AM Item number 8, city green.
11:10:52AM Anyone here to talk about the green city?
11:11:31AM >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead.
11:11:32AM >> Hi, I'm Liz Taylor.
11:11:34AM I'm a resident of Tampa and business owner in Seminole
11:11:36AM Heights.
11:11:39AM Thank you for the opportunity to speak before the Council
11:11:41AM today.
11:11:41AM I'm here on behalf of the green ribbon coalition, which is a
11:11:46AM group of business, environmental and government leaders
11:11:48AM working to promote high performance design and
11:11:52AM sustainability practices that save money, energy, water, and

11:11:56AM other valuable resources while reducing pollution caused by
11:12:00AM buildings.
11:12:03AM Representatives with our group are now working with key city
11:12:05AM staff to serve on a green building task force which met for
11:12:09AM the first time last week.
11:12:10AM And that's what I'm here to report on to give you an
11:12:13AM introduction to that.
11:12:14AM We're studying the advantages of a city green building
11:12:17AM program based on other examples by more than 40 local
11:12:21AM governments in Florida and across the country.
11:12:24AM The first objective of a green building program for Tampa
11:12:27AM would be to establish specific green building guidelines for
11:12:31AM designing new public facilities.
11:12:32AM This would not only save resources for the city but also
11:12:37AM serve as a demonstration project and catalyst for private
11:12:40AM development to use more efficient and environmentally
11:12:43AM friendly building practices.
11:12:45AM We also hope the city will adopt incentives for private
11:12:50AM developers.
11:12:50AM For example, Sarasota County and the city of Gainesville
11:12:53AM offer fast-track permitting to developers to use certified
11:12:57AM green building practices.

11:12:59AM Other governments around the country offer density bonuses.
11:13:03AM Miami-Dade also recently adopted a green building resolution
11:13:06AM and closer to home, St. Petersburg passed a green city
11:13:11AM resolution and Pinellas County is hiring a new director of
11:13:14AM sustainability.
11:13:17AM I've included some background information for you on the two
11:13:20AM main green building certification programs.
11:13:24AM And, in fact, it -- to give you an idea of how green
11:13:27AM building is growing in the marketplace, the Florida green
11:13:29AM building coalition on April 8th announced a partnership
11:13:32AM with the Florida home builder association to promote green
11:13:37AM building practices among their members of home builders.
11:13:41AM To give you an idea of what green building can accomplish,
11:13:44AM Sarasota County built an office complex that uses 30% less
11:13:50AM water and 40% less energy than a traditionally designed
11:13:53AM building.
11:13:55AM Another example is residential high-rise in New York City.
11:14:00AM They cut potable water use in half and even supplied
11:14:04AM 5,000 gallons of water a day to an adjacent park.
11:14:08AM Imagine the possibilities for Tampa.
11:14:10AM By supporting the green building task force, the city can
11:14:14AM put the spirit of Earth day and environmental stewardship

11:14:17AM into concrete action that will have an impact on our city
11:14:20AM for generations to come.
11:14:22AM We hope you will support this effort.
11:14:25AM Thank you.
11:14:25AM >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:14:26AM Any questions from Council?
11:14:27AM Ms. Saul-Sena.
11:14:28AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:14:29AM I became aware and interested in this about six months ago
11:14:33AM when the Downtown Partnership had a breakfast.
11:14:35AM And this was explained.
11:14:37AM And the initiatives going on in the state level and
11:14:40AM specifically in Sarasota.
11:14:41AM And since Tampa I consider to be a very progressive,
11:14:43AM thoughtful city, I thought we should bring this here.
11:14:46AM I want to thank the members of the green ribbon coalition
11:14:49AM who have come together to work on this, and I think it would
11:14:52AM be really helpful since we're putting our budget together
11:14:55AM right now and we're looking at some city buildings that are
11:14:58AM probably going to be proposed in the next year, if you could
11:15:01AM come to us perhaps two months from now with some proposals
11:15:06AM about specific recommendations that we could implement as

11:15:10AM City Council.
11:15:13AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Narkowitz, can I ask you a question?
11:15:16AM Thank you, ma'am, for your presentation.
11:15:21AM >> Joseph Narkowitz, Tampa Bay Builders Association.
11:15:28AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We appreciate you coming down.
11:15:30AM I suspect you might be here listening intently to this
11:15:33AM issue, perhaps.
11:15:34AM >> Very intently.
11:15:35AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I know that through all your trade
11:15:38AM associations and national relationships, you're well
11:15:40AM familiar with this concept.
11:15:43AM I know that the organization that I belong to, the ULI,
11:15:47AM Urban Land Institute, is very involved in the lead
11:15:50AM certification and these concepts.
11:15:52AM I know that I'm going to suspect that the building
11:15:55AM association is probably tired of regulation forced on
11:16:02AM your -- down your industry's throat.
11:16:04AM How do you feel about incentives?
11:16:06AM Some type of incentive program in this city so we can be a
11:16:12AM little more progressive on the concept of green buildings?
11:16:15AM >> Well, if I might just take a minute.
11:16:17AM The Tampa Bay Builders Association has been supporting green

11:16:20AM buildings for years.
11:16:21AM In fact, we were on the ground floor of helping the Florida
11:16:23AM green building coalition get legs.
11:16:25AM We were starting our own certified green building program
11:16:28AM back in the early '90s.
11:16:30AM We were going to be the first building association in the
11:16:32AM state to have a certified program.
11:16:33AM But as we're starting to meet with the Florida green
11:16:36AM building coalition, they were just starting to get
11:16:39AM organized.
11:16:39AM We met with them, helped craft some of the criteria and
11:16:43AM bowed to their deference and let them run forward with it
11:16:46AM rather than us trying to reinvent the wheel, they had a much
11:16:50AM broader base of support.
11:16:51AM We've been supporting a green building for years.
11:16:54AM As far as incentives go, incentives are fine.
11:16:59AM Part of the problem -- and this is what needs to be
11:17:02AM addressed on a more global scale, is the education of the
11:17:05AM consumer to actually want green building.
11:17:09AM It's a job trying to educate the public about the benefits
11:17:12AM of green building.
11:17:13AM Builders, as you know, respond to demand.

11:17:15AM And if consumers don't want green building items in their
11:17:19AM homes, it's just not going to happen.
11:17:21AM So it's become more of a public educational program more
11:17:24AM than anything.
11:17:26AM You say the showcase home in the parade of homes was a green
11:17:30AM building.
11:17:31AM We, like I say, been promoting green building for years.
11:17:34AM The Florida home builders as it was referenced as got an
11:17:39AM agreement with the Florida green building coalition.
11:17:41AM And we are part of that effort.
11:17:42AM So, you know, incentives, if they are true incentives as
11:17:47AM compared to another means of regulation, you can pass all
11:17:51AM the regulations you want.
11:17:52AM But if it's going to ramp up to another 10 or 15 percent
11:17:56AM added to the cost of a home having sitting on the affordable
11:17:59AM housing task force that can become an issue.
11:18:02AM But there are green building criteria that can be applied
11:18:05AM that may not cost any additional monies, simply a matter of
11:18:10AM just taking advantage of the site characteristics that you
11:18:13AM have with the placement of the trees and siting of the
11:18:15AM structure, overhangs, et cetera, et cetera.
11:18:17AM But we support green building all along.

11:18:19AM And I'm surprised and disappointed that we weren't involved
11:18:23AM in the discussion that was being held this morning.
11:18:26AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Now, I think -- I remember when I was an
11:18:30AM undergraduate in Gainesville in the mid '70s, that the big
11:18:33AM talk -- there was even a green house right there off of
11:18:36AM campus near my house that was solar powered and everything
11:18:40AM as a demonstration house.
11:18:41AM And I thought that over the next, what, 30 years, that we
11:18:45AM would have seen more of that.
11:18:46AM It's unfortunate, especially in Florida, the sunshine state
11:18:50AM that we wouldn't see more solar and other types of these
11:18:53AM issues.
11:18:54AM It's not your fault, I know.
11:18:55AM It's the demand.
11:18:56AM >> We tried to actually spearhead a home here in Tampa Bay
11:19:00AM similar to what they have in Sarasota as a demonstration
11:19:04AM home.
11:19:05AM Several builders involved in the task force, et cetera.
11:19:07AM We were meeting with different groups.
11:19:09AM But, unfortunately, it got bogged down in its own internal
11:19:14AM discussions among different groups that wanted different
11:19:17AM things.

11:19:18AM And after about four years of haggling, the whole thing just
11:19:21AM finally fell apart.
11:19:22AM We were, again, trying to get that going.
11:19:24AM But just couldn't get everybody on the same page.
11:19:28AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Again, I would like to see Tampa be the
11:19:30AM leader in this sort of thing, to be progressive.
11:19:33AM And try and work with you and your group to really come up
11:19:36AM with meaningful incentives to implement, you know, some of
11:19:39AM these types of programs.
11:19:41AM I don't know exactly what the best way to do that is.
11:19:46AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would ask the green building coalition
11:19:48AM to include you in their discussions and basically the kinds
11:19:50AM of incentives that have been successful in Sarasota have
11:19:52AM been if you want to build a sustainable building, you get to
11:19:56AM go to the front of the permitting line which is a big help.
11:20:00AM If you have a shorter amount of time in permitting that
11:20:02AM means dollars to a builder and it's a very attractive
11:20:06AM incentive.
11:20:06AM So to that end, there are things we can do to incent the
11:20:11AM private sector.
11:20:12AM Things we can do as a city such as building green buildings
11:20:15AM ourselves and enjoying the benefits.

11:20:17AM And I'm going to encourage you to chat with Liz Taylor, who
11:20:21AM is sitting behind you.
11:20:23AM I want to thank Liz for coming down.
11:20:24AM For you to be a part of this conversation.
11:20:26AM And hopefully we'll move forward and get a demonstration
11:20:30AM building here in Tampa Bay.
11:20:31AM >> We're looking forward to being a part of any of those
11:20:34AM discussions.
11:20:34AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:20:35AM I hope you all will come back in two months with some
11:20:37AM specific recommendations.
11:20:39AM >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Narkowitz, did you get a copy of this
11:20:42AM information?
11:20:42AM >> No, I did not.
11:20:49AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much and happy Earth day.
11:20:54AM Let's see, it's now mid April, may -- my motion is 11:00 on
11:21:04AM June 8th, that we hear back from the green building
11:21:09AM coalition for a presentation.
11:21:12AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
11:21:14AM >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:21:16AM [Motion Carried]
11:21:17AM Ms. Coyle, did you get everything -- Ms. Cole, did you get

11:21:23AM everything straightened out.
11:21:25AM >>JULIA COLE: Julia Cole, Mr. Grandoff proffering
11:21:30AM transcripts related to the other rezoning application, The
11:21:33AM View, I understand his purpose behind that relates to the
11:21:36AM discussion between Ms. Ferlita and Ms.-- I'm sorry --
11:21:41AM Ms. Pollyea on her support or objection to The View.
11:21:46AM And for that limited purpose and in order to ensure that
11:21:49AM there's a complete record, I think it's appropriate to allow
11:21:52AM those in, again, for that limited purpose.
11:21:53AM And I believe that was the only additional evidence that
11:21:57AM Mr. Grandoff hadn't already proffered.
11:22:00AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: With Council's recommendation, I'll go
11:22:03AM ahead and suggest that he puts it on the record.
11:22:06AM >> Just so the record is clear, John Grandoff, this is
11:22:09AM relating to item Z 06-38.
11:22:13AM I'm now filing in the record an e-mail from Melanie Calloway
11:22:16AM of Wednesday, March 1, 2006, for the purposes of proving
11:22:20AM that there are no objections to traffic.
11:22:22AM And the second item, we just mentioned are excerpts from The
11:22:28AM View rezoning for the purposes of possible equal protection
11:22:34AM claim and to show that a revised site plan was considered
11:22:37AM and that we have also brought a revised site plan this

11:22:40AM morning.
11:22:40AM >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
11:22:41AM Give those to our attorney.
11:22:42AM >> Thank you for your time.
11:22:43AM >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:22:44AM Is there anyone in the public who would like to speak on any
11:22:46AM item on the agenda that is not set for a public hearing?
11:22:51AM Anyone in the public like to speak on any item on the agenda
11:22:53AM that is not set for a public hearing, you may come up and
11:22:56AM speak now, please.
11:23:07AM >> Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Council, my
11:23:08AM name is Christopher Martinez.
11:23:10AM I reside at 15908 Hampton village drive.
11:23:15AM I'm speaking on WZ 06-38.
11:23:17AM >>GWEN MILLER: You can't speak on that.
11:23:19AM That's a public hearing.
11:23:19AM That's set for a public hearing.
11:23:20AM You can't speak on that.
11:23:22AM >> Is that going to be later today then?
11:23:24AM >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak.
11:23:26AM Okay.
11:23:27AM We'll go to our committee reports.

11:23:28AM Mr. John Dingfelder, public works.
11:23:31AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.
11:23:32AM I'll move items -- I'll move items 9 through 13.
11:23:41AM >>THE CLERK: Item 13, the ordinance will need to be read for
11:23:45AM first reading.
11:23:45AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I move item 9 through 12.
11:23:47AM >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:23:52AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move an ordinance an ordinance for first
11:23:53AM reading as follows.
11:23:54AM Ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida, pertaining to the
11:23:56AM amendment to Tampa City Code chapter 26, utilities, section
11:23:59AM 26-90 entitled distribution mains.
11:24:03AM Providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,
11:24:06AM providing an effective date.
11:24:06AM >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:24:08AM [Motion Carried]
11:24:09AM Finance Committee, Mr. Kevin White.
11:24:10AM >>KEVIN WHITE: Thank you, Madam Chair, I would like to move
11:24:12AM items 14 through 17.
11:24:14AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion.
11:24:15AM Question on the motion?
11:24:17AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, I'm in support but I have a

11:24:19AM comment on 17, please.
11:24:25AM I requested a copy of that audit.
11:24:29AM I'm going to tell you with all due respect to Mr. Boynton,
11:24:32AM I'm not too impressed with the audit.
11:24:34AM I don't think it's comprehensive enough given that we have
11:24:37AM given so much time in the past talking about false alarms.
11:24:40AM I don't know if there's some requirement that they came up
11:24:42AM with this.
11:24:42AM Then it says 90 days or 120 days or sometime, they are
11:24:46AM supposed to talk about it again.
11:24:47AM I think our issues are still the same.
11:24:49AM And auditor or no audit, I think we are focusing on
11:24:54AM responses to false alarms as opposed to some prioritized
11:24:58AM other calls.
11:24:59AM So I would look forward to something a little more than
11:25:02AM this.
11:25:02AM As a matter of fact, if Mr. Boynton and he doesn't mind and
11:25:06AM he's listening, if we can convey this request to him, I
11:25:09AM would like to meet separately and not hold up Council's
11:25:12AM time.
11:25:14AM As public safety chair, I don't think we are where we need
11:25:17AM to be with false alarms.

11:25:18AM >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor, aye.
11:25:19AM [Motion Carried]
11:25:20AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Rose, I'm glad you brought up 17.
11:25:22AM I read that audit as well in the last couple of days.
11:25:29AM I guess there was reference in there to changing the
11:25:32AM ordinance, making changes to the program, et cetera.
11:25:36AM And I was going to actually be a little more concrete and
11:25:42AM say they need to get back with Council with definite plans
11:25:46AM in the next 60 to 90 days.
11:25:58AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Let me bring the report back but at the same
11:26:00AM time follow it up with what you're saying.
11:26:02AM Still, your response hours are invested.
11:26:04AM Estimated officer cost is invested.
11:26:06AM And I don't think we've done enough to send that message.
11:26:08AM Very briefly, if you remember Council members, I don't know
11:26:10AM if this was before you were on or not, when you had
11:26:14AM repetitive calls for something faulty, the system too
11:26:19AM sensitive or owner didn't take care of upgrading his system,
11:26:22AM we had a lot of time spent and we were concerned about
11:26:25AM whether or not we were doing what we were supposed to do as
11:26:27AM a city government to just say, you know what, if you can't
11:26:30AM fix this, we are not going to respond.

11:26:32AM There was no liability issue, I don't believe at the time.
11:26:37AM It's an important issue, and we'll do that two-step, Madam
11:26:40AM Chairman.
11:26:41AM John, I hope that's all right.
11:26:43AM That would be a brief unless of what my meeting was about.
11:26:46AM And then we need to have them come back.
11:26:52AM Just for this gentleman to meet with me and for me to report
11:26:55AM back to you.
11:26:58AM At that point based on the comprehensiveness of his report
11:27:00AM which I suspect will not be enough yet, we can ask him to
11:27:05AM come and give an opportunity -- I think he can meet with me
11:27:09AM in the next two weeks.
11:27:11AM Unless there's a problem.
11:27:12AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why don't we say 30 days.
11:27:15AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:27:16AM All in favor, aye.
11:27:18AM [Motion Carried]
11:27:19AM Building and zoning, Ms. Linda Saul-Sena.
11:27:21AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move resolutions 18 through 22.
11:27:24AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:27:25AM All in favor, aye.
11:27:26AM [Motion Carried]

11:27:27AM Transportation, vice-chair Ms. Mary Alvarez.
11:27:29AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
11:27:31AM I would like to move item 23 and through 26.
11:27:38AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:27:38AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and a second.
11:27:40AM All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:27:42AM [Motion Carried]
11:27:44AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excuse me, what do we do with 25?
11:27:47AM >>GWEN MILLER: Moved it.
11:28:01AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I happen to know this will be long-winded
11:28:03AM but we don't have much on our calendar that day.
11:28:05AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: I happen to know it might be withdrawn.
11:28:11AM >>GWEN MILLER: Now go to our public hearings for second
11:28:13AM reading.
11:28:14AM Anybody in the public going to speak on item 27 through 29,
11:28:17AM would you please stand and raise your right hand.
11:28:22AM Open those items.
11:28:23AM We have a motion and second.
11:28:24AM All in favor, aye.
11:28:25AM [Motion Carried]
11:28:26AM Anyone like to speak on item number 27?
11:28:29AM Motion and second to close.

11:28:30AM All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:28:31AM [Motion Carried]
11:28:32AM Mr. Dingfelder, would you read that, please.
11:28:34AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move the following ordinance upon second
11:28:36AM reading.
11:28:37AM Ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida, pertaining to the
11:28:39AM amendment of section 2-233 of the City of Tampa Code to
11:28:42AM revise the authority of the City Attorney and/or his
11:28:46AM designee and the risk manager and/or his designee to dispose
11:28:51AM of claims against the city, providing for severability,
11:28:54AM repealing all ordinances in conflict, providing an effective
11:28:56AM date.
11:28:57AM >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second --
11:28:59AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would just have a question about the
11:29:01AM ordinance being specifically in front of me.
11:29:04AM Is legal here on this?
11:29:06AM >>GWEN MILLER: No, they are gone.
11:29:10AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is the actual ordinance general neutral?
11:29:16AM The description is not.
11:29:19AM >> The only language that was amended is the words that are
11:29:23AM underlined.
11:29:24AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yeah, I just have the title.

11:29:33AM I just thought it's our practice across the board to try to
11:29:37AM be as gender neutral as possible.
11:29:39AM >> Well, the language that's being amended says and/or his
11:29:43AM designee under section one, subsection A and B and under
11:29:49AM three, the language that's being added says $25,000 in
11:29:55AM section one, subsection C, the language that's being added
11:29:58AM is and or his designee.
11:30:02AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll move the ordinance for second
11:30:04AM reading, since it is second reading and we are pretty far
11:30:06AM along on this.
11:30:07AM I don't want to hold things up.
11:30:09AM In the future, reminder to the Legal Department, let's be as
11:30:12AM gender neutral as possible.
11:30:14AM >> Sure.
11:30:14AM Section 3, all the language added, on a quarterly basis,
11:30:18AM risk manager of the city and/or the City Attorney will
11:30:21AM furnish City Council with information identifying those
11:30:24AM claims against the City of Tampa which have been settled in
11:30:28AM excess of $10,000, not greater than $25,000.
11:30:33AM All the language in there is in fact gender neutral.
11:30:36AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You said "his" designee.
11:30:38AM The first change says "his designee."

11:30:42AM >> You are correct.
11:30:42AM I stand corrected.
11:30:45AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:30:45AM While you are bringing that message back to legal.
11:30:48AM On page 6 --
11:30:52AM >>GWEN MILLER: You're moving ahead of yourself.
11:30:54AM We have a motion and second.
11:30:55AM Roll call vote.
11:30:56AM Vote and record.
11:31:14AM >>THE CLERK: Going to have to have it redone.
11:31:19AM Votes did not record.
11:31:23AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have to start again.
11:31:27AM Vote and record.
11:31:41AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Harrison being absent.
11:31:44AM >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public like to speak on item
11:31:46AM number 28?
11:31:47AM We have a motion and second to close.
11:31:49AM All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:31:50AM [Motion Carried]
11:31:51AM Ms. Saul-Sena, would you read that, please.
11:31:54AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excuse me, Madam Chair.
11:32:05AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: I move to adopt the following ordinance upon

11:32:09AM second reading, pertaining to the amendment of section
11:32:12AM 24-106 of the City of Tampa Code relative to penalty for
11:32:17AM delinquent payment of business taxes, providing for
11:32:19AM severability, repealing all ordinances in conflict herewith,
11:32:24AM providing an effective date.
11:32:25AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:32:27AM Vote and record.
11:32:32AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Harrison being absent.
11:32:34AM >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone who would like to speak on item 29?
11:32:37AM We have a motion and second to close.
11:32:39AM All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:32:40AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move the following ordinance upon second
11:32:46AM reading.
11:32:46AM Ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida, amending the City
11:32:48AM of Tampa Code of ordinances chapter 25, City of Tampa
11:32:52AM transportation ordinance, article III, technical provisions,
11:32:57AM division III, section 25-194, standing or parking vehicles
11:33:02AM across from or within ten feet of driveways, deleting
11:33:05AM section 25-194 as duplicate and already addressed in the
11:33:09AM City of Tampa Code of ordinances, chapter 15-43 as amended
11:33:14AM by ordinance 2006-17, providing for repeal of all ordinances
11:33:17AM in conflict, providing for severability and providing an

11:33:19AM effective date.
11:33:19AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:33:21AM Vote and record.
11:33:30AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Harrison being absent.
11:33:33AM >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 30.
11:33:35AM It's the continued public hearing.
11:33:38AM Does staff want to speak on it?
11:33:43AM >> This is related to item number 7 which was passed by
11:33:45AM Council.
11:33:46AM And this is not a quasi-judicial hearing.
11:33:51AM >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public like to speak on item
11:33:53AM number 30?
11:33:58AM All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:33:59AM [Motion Carried]
11:34:00AM Ms. Ferlita, do you want to read that or are you against
11:34:07AM that one?
11:34:08AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Tell me -- Mr. Shelby, tell me again how
11:34:12AM this relates to the other one.
11:34:17AM >>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: Cathleen O'Dowd, Legal Department.
11:34:19AM I'll fill in for staff.
11:34:21AM Item 30 is a text amendment that goes hand in hand with the
11:34:23AM areawide rezoning that Council approved earlier in today's

11:34:27AM meeting.
11:34:28AM When the proposed areas that were zoned industrial were
11:34:32AM going to be changed to a YC-6, it was determined that the
11:34:35AM height distinction was 15 feet with an IG, you have 60 feet
11:34:39AM of buildable space.
11:34:41AM With a YC-6, it stopped at 45 feet.
11:34:44AM So this text amendment is changing the height for YC-6
11:34:48AM designation to 60 feet so that anything -- any of the areas
11:34:52AM that were changed in the areawide rezoning from industrial
11:34:54AM to YC-6 would continue to enjoy the height they currently
11:34:59AM have under the IG designation.
11:35:04AM >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena, would you read that, please.
11:35:07AM Yes, we closed already.
11:35:09AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Like to move the following ordinance upon
11:35:12AM second reading.
11:35:12AM Ordinance of the City of Tampa, Florida, amending chapter 27
11:35:16AM zoning, City of Tampa, code of ordinances, amending section
11:35:19AM VIII, article VIII, section 27-177, historic district
11:35:24AM established, table 8-2, providing schedule of dimensional
11:35:28AM regulations, providing for repeal of all ordinances in
11:35:31AM conflict, providing for severability, providing an effective
11:35:32AM date.

11:35:33AM >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
11:35:35AM Vote and record.
11:35:43AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Ferlita voting no and
11:35:45AM Harrison being absent.
11:35:48AM >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public going to speak
11:35:49AM on items 31 through 38, would you please stand and raise
11:35:54AM your right hand.
11:35:59AM (Oath administered by clerk).
11:36:05AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I ask that all written
11:36:07AM communications that are related to today's hearings that
11:36:09AM have been available to the public at Council's office be
11:36:12AM received and filed into the record at this time.
11:36:14AM >>THE CLERK: I have received some documents.
11:36:23AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: I think it should be done prior to the vote
11:36:25AM A motion to receive and file.
11:36:27AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:36:28AM All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:36:29AM [Motion Carried]
11:36:30AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
11:36:31AM And a reminder if any member of Council had any written --
11:36:34AM excuse me, has had any verbal communications with any
11:36:37AM petitioner, his or her representative or any members of the

11:36:39AM public, to please disclose the identity of the person, group
11:36:42AM or entity and the substance of that verbal communication.
11:36:45AM And please, when you state your name, please reaffirm that
11:36:48AM you have been sworn.
11:36:49AM >>GWEN MILLER: Need to item 31.
11:36:54AM All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:36:55AM [Motion Carried]
11:36:56AM >>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development.
11:36:59AM I have been sworn.
11:37:01AM Wet zoning 06-24, the location is 7107 North Nebraska
11:37:07AM Avenue.
11:37:07AM Current zoning is CI.
11:37:09AM The wet zone requested is 2(COP-R).
11:37:13AM The petitioner is requesting the 2(COP-R) beer and wine
11:37:18AM consumption on the premise only in conjunction with the
11:37:22AM restaurant.
11:37:23AM Within a thousand feet, there are other wet-zoned
11:37:26AM properties.
11:37:27AM There's a Sunoco and a BP.
11:37:31AM They both are wet zoned.
11:37:33AM They are within 597 feet to 879 feet.
11:37:37AM There is residential property within that area, within

11:37:41AM that -- a thousand feet.
11:37:43AM Goes anywhere from zero feet to 130 feet.
11:37:46AM And there are institutional uses within a thousand feet.
11:37:51AM We've got the TV ministries, an elementary school, Zion
11:37:56AM temple holy church.
11:37:59AM St. Francis children day care.
11:38:03AM -- San Francisco.
11:38:04AM They range anywhere from 229 feet to 649 feet.
11:38:09AM If you look at the aerial, here is the subject site.
11:38:16AM This is Nebraska Avenue.
11:38:17AM It is on the East side of Nebraska.
11:38:20AM East of Crawford and North of flora.
11:38:26AM Under section 3-70, Council can wave the distance
11:38:33AM requirements when the alcohol use is incidental to the
11:38:37AM primary use of the business.
11:38:39AM >>GWEN MILLER: Officer?
11:38:45AM >> Officer Don Miller, City of Tampa Police Department.
11:38:46AM I have been sworn.
11:38:47AM We have no objections to this wet zoning.
11:38:50AM >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:38:58AM >> Good morning to all the members of the City Council, my
11:39:02AM name is Eduardo Canas.

11:39:06AM I'm here to represent Mr. Juan Morillo.
11:39:14AM A wet zoning petition on a restaurant located at 7107 and
11:39:22AM 7109 North Nebraska Avenue.
11:39:29AM I have talked to officer Don miller of the Tampa Police
11:39:33AM Department who stated there are no objections on the part of
11:39:40AM the police department.
11:39:41AM I also spoke with Mr. Randy barren who is in charge of the
11:39:49AM old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association who stated
11:39:58AM there are no objections from that association related to
11:40:02AM this petition.
11:40:03AM I have also talked to a few neighbors around the restaurants
11:40:08AM who do not oppose this petition.
11:40:14AM If the petitioner is -- the petitioner is present here and
11:40:17AM she would like to state some words for the Council.
11:40:20AM If you need any more information, we'll be open to any
11:40:25AM questions.
11:40:25AM Thank you.
11:40:26AM >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
11:40:29AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Sir, could I ask you a question?
11:40:31AM >> Yes.
11:40:32AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You're looking at the aerial photo, you
11:40:35AM are clearly adjacent to -- on the backside of residential

11:40:40AM neighborhood -- single-family residential neighborhood.
11:40:42AM What are your current hours at the restaurant?
11:40:45AM >> Well, she's planning -- they are planning to open for
11:40:49AM breakfast from 7 a.m. and if the wet zoning is granted, then
11:40:56AM start selling beer and wine after 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.
11:41:06AM every day.
11:41:07AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Until 10 p.m.
11:41:10AM >> Yes, sir.
11:41:11AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Would you be amenable to limiting your,
11:41:18AM the permit we grant you today, would you be willing to limit
11:41:21AM it to 10 p.m. in the evening?
11:41:23AM >> Yes, sure.
11:41:24AM >> That's what he said.
11:41:25AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: He said that's what they are open and
11:41:27AM that's what they anticipate doing.
11:41:28AM I just want to make sure that if we restrict this, he'll be
11:41:33AM okay with it.
11:41:34AM >> Yes, we would be willing to adjust to that business hour,
11:41:38AM sure.
11:41:38AM >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public like to speak
11:41:40AM on item number 31?
11:41:45AM You want to say something first?

11:41:47AM >> Hi.
11:41:47AM I would like to introduce myself.
11:41:51AM I'm owner on 7107 and 7109 Nebraska Avenue.
11:42:00AM And I would like to ask for this petition because we are
11:42:05AM trying to improve our business.
11:42:09AM We are not trying to bring any delinquency to the
11:42:15AM neighborhood.
11:42:15AM We are just trying to make a better service.
11:42:19AM And we're just going to try to serve the food with beer and
11:42:23AM wine if we get the petition.
11:42:27AM And I will appreciate it.
11:42:28AM Thank you.
11:42:32AM >> Good morning, Council members, ladies and gentlemen.
11:42:35AM I'm Freddy Williams.
11:42:37AM 908 East floral.
11:42:39AM I'm in the immediate area for this.
11:42:42AM And I'm here to speak against it.
11:42:44AM And I can state some reasons.
11:42:46AM >>JOHN DINGFELDER: How far off from Nebraska are you, ma'am?
11:42:49AM >> The fourth house.
11:42:50AM On the North side.
11:42:53AM We have the el rancho motel at 7100 North Nebraska Avenue.

11:42:59AM We have the haven motel at 7007 North Nebraska Avenue.
11:43:07AM These are headaches.
11:43:08AM Both of them, because they house a lot of prostitutes.
11:43:13AM We have been fighting vigorously against the prostitution.
11:43:16AM As you ladies and gentlemen know, with prostitution, you
11:43:20AM have drugs.
11:43:22AM And we're constantly calling the police out there.
11:43:26AM And it helps for a while and then they come right back.
11:43:30AM And this would not be to our advantage because there's a
11:43:34AM Cleveland elementary school one block.
11:43:37AM If you walk directly across Nebraska Avenue, one block, you
11:43:42AM would be on the campus of the Glover Cleveland elementary
11:43:47AM school.
11:43:48AM We have a church that's one block South at Norfolk and
11:43:52AM Nebraska Avenue, St. Francis Episcopal.
11:43:55AM They have a day care.
11:43:57AM You enter it off of Sligh Avenue, but the playground is in
11:44:02AM the back of the building, which is on Norfolk.
11:44:06AM We have other interests there that this is not to our
11:44:10AM advantage.
11:44:13AM We've had enough headaches in our community.
11:44:15AM Once before when this restaurant first opened, we had a

11:44:18AM band.
11:44:18AM The band was not in the building.
11:44:20AM It was on the deck outside.
11:44:22AM And there was music going on till 2:00 or 3:00 in the
11:44:27AM morning.
11:44:27AM And I beg you, ladies and gentlemen, do not grant this
11:44:31AM because we do not need alcohol for our children.
11:44:34AM We need to build a community to help our children and not to
11:44:39AM have so many vices to influence them in other ways.
11:44:43AM Thank you very much.
11:44:44AM >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:44:45AM Anyone else like to speak?
11:44:53AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to ask a question of the
11:44:55AM petitioner.
11:45:03AM Did you all have the band that played on the deck?
11:45:06AM >> No, not that I'm aware of.
11:45:08AM Did we ever have a band in that place?
11:45:13AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay.
11:45:14AM So you're subsequent to that.
11:45:17AM My question is, would the concerns that were raised by this
11:45:24AM woman are sort of generic concerns about Nebraska.
11:45:28AM And my question to you and your client, would you be willing

11:45:31AM to consider a conditional approval, which would give you a
11:45:37AM year to prove that you're good neighbors.
11:45:41AM There would be another public hearing that you would have to
11:45:43AM participate in, and if you had been good neighbors, probably
11:45:45AM there wouldn't be objections.
11:45:47AM If you had been poor neighbors, the neighborhood would
11:45:49AM probably be back here saying we do not want these people to
11:45:52AM have a permanent liquor license.
11:45:54AM >> I think that that's a good idea to try to give the
11:46:01AM petitioner an opportunity to operate for a year under those
11:46:05AM conditions.
11:46:06AM And I'm pretty sure that this is a family.
11:46:10AM And they are trying to establish a restaurant to operate and
11:46:17AM sell beer and wine only combined with food.
11:46:20AM This is not a heavy liquor store.
11:46:24AM It's a restaurant.
11:46:25AM And they are trying to see if they can improve sales by
11:46:29AM doing and serving this kind of beverage to the public.
11:46:37AM And they will be willing to adjust to a conditional
11:46:43AM license -- I mean, wet zoning for a year, if it's possible.
11:46:47AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You understand that your sales are
11:46:49AM limited to a lesser proportion than the amount of your food

11:46:52AM sales.
11:46:53AM >> That's correct.
11:46:53AM 51% of food and 49% of alcoholic beverage because they are
11:47:00AM ruled by the business tax division.
11:47:02AM Yes.
11:47:03AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:47:04AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: And just to continue on that, the 2(COP-R)
11:47:09AM is only on premises only.
11:47:11AM >> That's correct.
11:47:12AM Just consumptions inside the premises.
11:47:15AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: So it's not to go out of the
11:47:17AM establishment --
11:47:18AM >> Not to sell to take out.
11:47:19AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: How long have they been in the restaurant
11:47:22AM business?
11:47:22AM >> They took it over October of last year from the previous
11:47:25AM owner.
11:47:30AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Just a couple of things, Mr. Shelby, do we
11:47:32AM need the petitioner herself to state that conditional
11:47:36AM agreement on the record?
11:47:37AM That's one thing.
11:47:38AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: You are the named representative, sir?

11:47:41AM You are the representative for the petitioner.
11:47:43AM >>ROSE FERLITA: So she understands what you just agreed to
11:47:45AM on her behalf, she understands that.
11:47:48AM >> Yes.
11:47:48AM You clearly understand we will be granting a conditional wet
11:47:52AM zoning shall and I'll explain to you how we cannot
11:47:58AM operate --
11:47:59AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Again, I don't know if the person in
11:48:01AM opposition understood Ms. Alvarez' point.
11:48:05AM Let's make that clear so we try to make the neighbors get
11:48:08AM along better.
11:48:09AM Ma'am -- I do want to say something to you.
11:48:13AM First of all, we are taking some precautions.
11:48:16AM The petitioner is saying, give me a year to try it.
11:48:20AM I'll be a good neighbor and then come back for a petition on
11:48:23AM a permanent basis.
11:48:25AM Second, I realize you have prostitution problems on
11:48:28AM Nebraska.
11:48:28AM I have a business on Nebraska.
11:48:29AM We share that concern and that problem.
11:48:31AM However, you have to realize that what she's saying is they
11:48:33AM want to be able to sell beer and wine just in combination

11:48:38AM with food.
11:48:39AM That doesn't mean some prostitute off the street or anybody
11:48:42AM off the street can come in and buy a six-pack of beer --
11:48:46AM they do not have the license to do that.
11:48:48AM If they allowed that to happen and have somebody consume it
11:48:51AM other than in the restaurant itself, their license would be
11:48:56AM removed.
11:48:56AM And then you always have the mechanism that if, in fact,
11:48:59AM there is a problem, that's why we're giving them a trial
11:49:03AM basis.
11:49:03AM They've got a year.
11:49:04AM If something happens or some things are not being done the
11:49:07AM way they want to -- the way we want to based on what the
11:49:10AM code says, then that will be withdrawn.
11:49:12AM I think the petitioner understands that.
11:49:14AM She's got a restaurant.
11:49:16AM She's trying to make it succeed by offering people beer and
11:49:19AM wine.
11:49:19AM I certainly would be the first one to deny it or ask that
11:49:22AM the Council deny it.
11:49:24AM But we've got some checkpoints and I don't think it will be
11:49:31AM a problem to you.

11:49:32AM You certainly can turn to the same board who approves this
11:49:37AM if there is any code enforcement issue.
11:49:39AM I suspect this young couple is making a go of it.
11:49:42AM I think restaurant business is tough to survive.
11:49:45AM Based on all those reasons, but without -- I'm willing to
11:49:53AM give them that chance.
11:49:55AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close.
11:49:56AM All in favor, aye.
11:49:58AM [Motion Carried]
11:50:00AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: You have to direct it to legal.
11:50:05AM >>Rebecca Kert: Rebecca Kert, Legal Department.
11:50:07AM Could I get clarification about whether there were doing to
11:50:10AM be hours of operation restricted?
11:50:13AM >> 10 p.m., one-year conditional.
11:50:14AM >> Would you like me to bring this back after your closed
11:50:17AM session?
11:50:19AM >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
11:50:20AM All in favor, aye.
11:50:21AM Opposed, nay.
11:50:40AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Thank you.
11:50:41AM Catherine Coyle, Land Development.
11:50:44AM WZ 06-28, property at 450 Channelside Drive.

11:50:49AM Directly across from the Ice Palace.
11:50:52AM St. Pete Times Forum.
11:50:55AM I apologize.
11:50:59AM Let's see, they are requesting a 4(COP), beer wine and
11:51:02AM liquor.
11:51:03AM This is for consumption on premises in seal the containers
11:51:06AM and -- in sealed containers for consumption off the
11:51:10AM premises.
11:51:10AM It does allow both.
11:51:12AM This is Andreychuk's sports grill.
11:51:16AM There are four operations that are wet zoned within a
11:51:18AM thousand feet listed in the table.
11:51:21AM No residentially zoned property.
11:51:27AM No institutional uses.
11:51:27AM I will note for council the concern in the zoning staff
11:51:28AM report as well as the police staff report, you'll note that
11:51:31AM in section 370, they can receive a waiver from Council
11:51:34AM because they are located in the downtown entertainment
11:51:37AM district for distance separations from other wet-zoned
11:51:40AM properties.
11:51:41AM Section 370-A-8.
11:51:43AM It does also note in this section as determined by City

11:51:46AM Council, the granting of the petition will not be contrary
11:51:48AM to the public health, safety and general welfare.
11:51:52AM It is appropriate and compatible to the existing uses of the
11:51:56AM contiguous and surrounding property.
11:51:58AM It will not establish a precedent of or encourage more
11:52:01AM compatible uses.
11:52:02AM And then they give you -- the code gives you five additional
11:52:06AM points and consideration in determining that waiver and the
11:52:09AM approval.
11:52:09AM The first one is offstreet parking and loading.
11:52:11AM This goes back to the public safety issue, is that on page 2
11:52:16AM of the report, it notes that six dedicated parking spaces
11:52:20AM according to their survey that you'll see, the front of the
11:52:25AM building with the patio.
11:52:26AM You will also see that on the aerial of the patio right
11:52:31AM there.
11:52:31AM So the wet zoning is covering six parking spaces as they are
11:52:35AM striped out.
11:52:35AM The previous wet zoning covered two.
11:52:37AM We're recommending that the petitioner provide testimony or
11:52:41AM evidence to ensure that these parking spaces will no longer
11:52:44AM be utilized for parking and will be incorporated permanently

11:52:47AM into that patio structure.
11:52:48AM This also leads to, obviously, you do not want to have
11:52:52AM self-sealed containers or at least we're recommending that
11:52:55AM we don't have sales of sealed containers to vehicles as they
11:52:58AM are parked so that they can leave.
11:53:02AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Is this a new place?
11:53:04AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: This used to be beef O'brady's and now
11:53:07AM it's ANDREYCHUK.
11:53:11AM I would also like to mention, if Council is willing to
11:53:14AM approve this petition, there's a slight error in the
11:53:16AM ordinance.
11:53:17AM And it will need to be corrected.
11:53:18AM We could come back after the closed session as well with the
11:53:21AM correction.
11:53:22AM >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.
11:53:23AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question, what is the width of
11:53:25AM the sidewalk right here?
11:53:31AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: You know, I don't know that I can say
11:53:34AM definitely.
11:53:36AM It looks fairly wide on the aerial.
11:53:39AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The reason I'm wondering -- I'm trying to
11:53:42AM get a sense, are they putting up a tent?

11:53:44AM Is this going to be a permanent parking thing, where are
11:53:48AM their customers going to hang out?
11:53:50AM Are they going to hang out on their property?
11:53:52AM Hang out on the sidewalk?
11:53:53AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: That's why we were asking for the
11:53:55AM additional testimony because we weren't exactly sure either.
11:54:01AM >> Officer Don miller, I have been sworn.
11:54:04AM City of Tampa police department.
11:54:05AM We have no objections to this, but I would like for City
11:54:07AM Council to take a look at my comments regarding my report.
11:54:11AM >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:54:15AM >>KEVIN WHITE: Madam Chair, it's kind of like the comment
11:54:18AM Ms. Saul-Sena put on the record, there have been constant
11:54:21AM problems with compliance in the parking lot.
11:54:23AM There have been violations observed by the Tampa Police
11:54:25AM Department and state and local agents such as the sale of
11:54:29AM beers to pedestrians walking up.
11:54:31AM This could lead to potential arrests should a pedestrian
11:54:35AM walk off the property and the container.
11:54:37AM Also, there's concern for pedestrian safety due to the
11:54:40AM present location.
11:54:40AM It is advised that permanent traffic barrier or wall should

11:54:43AM be built for pedestrian safety.
11:54:45AM This would also stop walk-up sales until the customer is in
11:54:50AM a secured, monitored area.
11:54:52AM >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Alvarez.
11:54:53AM >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think we need to ask the petitioner for a
11:54:56AM one-year conditional on this.
11:55:02AM >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:55:03AM >> Dixie liberty on behalf of ANDREYCHUK's.
11:55:06AM The reason why we're getting the patio, it's going to be 21
11:55:10AM by 30 and we're going to go ahead and extend it, the two
11:55:14AM parking slots are already wet zoned.
11:55:16AM It's going to be like two feet off the ground and it will be
11:55:18AM a railing around it.
11:55:20AM So that way nobody can come out into the parking lot.
11:55:25AM >>ROSE FERLITA: I don't think that that's what the
11:55:27AM recommendation -- that that complies with the
11:55:30AM recommendation.
11:55:31AM Right, officer?
11:55:32AM Do you think that's what --
11:55:34AM >> We're asking -- we're asking more of a barrier-type
11:55:39AM protection wall for the patrons as well as a sealed
11:55:42AM location, people -- add to that along with the covering

11:55:50AM over.
11:55:52AM >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, I think that's certainly a
11:55:54AM public safety issue.
11:55:55AM And I don't think that that's something that can be resolved
11:55:58AM right now.
11:55:59AM I'm thinking it's probably prudent that we look at this and
11:56:02AM continue it and see what the petitioner has to offer.
11:56:05AM You said patient, but I think you meant patron.
11:56:07AM If we don't have a public safety, they might be a patient.
11:56:11AM And that's my point.
11:56:12AM So I would like to hear more dialogue about this.
11:56:18AM >> I'm frank Margella, a principal with Dave ANDREYCHUK's
11:56:23AM grill.
11:56:23AM The intention is to comply and have a barrier.
11:56:26AM The reason we asked for this extension, which is typical
11:56:31AM throughout the City of Tampa for outdoor dining, becoming
11:56:36AM more popular especially with the smoking laws that have come
11:56:39AM out.
11:56:39AM And we feel like it's going to allow us to be more
11:56:43AM compliant.
11:56:44AM The mention in the police report were our patrons coming out
11:56:49AM of the restaurant with their containers.

11:56:51AM And we feel like currently that problem has been resolved
11:56:56AM with our own security staff, et cetera.
11:56:59AM And that's been minimized.
11:57:01AM And the addition of this square footage and with the
11:57:04AM barriers that officer Miller is asking for that we're fully
11:57:09AM agreeable to and covering, to make it more of a permanent
11:57:13AM structure, I think that will serve both purposes.
11:57:15AM And it will also serve the public need in that area right
11:57:19AM across from the St. Pete Times Forum.
11:57:23AM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in?
11:57:26AM >> Yes, I was sworn in.
11:57:27AM >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.
11:57:28AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:57:29AM I've just been looking through all these papers.
11:57:32AM I don't see a drawing that really communicates well to me
11:57:34AM how this is all going to work.
11:57:36AM I think we need an extension of probably two weeks to
11:57:39AM continue this to allow you to -- our urban design person is
11:57:47AM sitting in the audience.
11:57:48AM You need to get with him as well as public safety and figure
11:57:50AM out something that will give us comfort that this is a safe
11:57:54AM and appropriate proposal.

11:57:56AM >> Would you like an elevation, basically.
11:57:58AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, also, I don't see -- have anything
11:58:05AM showing where -- my drawing, the entire parking lot is being
11:58:11AM requested for this wet zoning.
11:58:13AM And I don't think that's what --
11:58:15AM >> That's not our request.
11:58:28AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We don't have that picture.
11:58:33AM I have this thing with the yellow line around the whole --
11:58:47AM thank you.
11:58:48AM I hadn't seen that one.
11:58:49AM The one I had seen took it all the way out to Channelside
11:58:52AM which is why I was asking the width of the sidewalk.
11:58:54AM I didn't realize it was much more limited.
11:58:56AM I withdraw what I said.
11:58:58AM >> And for the Council's information, the two green parking
11:59:01AM places that are currently being used are totally roped off
11:59:06AM and only used for -- they are not used for parking.
11:59:09AM They are only used for outdoor food and beverage.
11:59:12AM We're asking for an extension of that for four more places
11:59:16AM that will have the same barrier.
11:59:19AM We will come back --
11:59:20AM >>KEVIN WHITE: I move to continue for two weeks to get

11:59:23AM further clarification.
11:59:24AM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to continue.
11:59:25AM All in favor, aye.
11:59:26AM [Motion Carried]
11:59:30AM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Just for clarification, because this is
11:59:32AM really not terribly clear to me, if the staff could come
11:59:36AM back -- this is what the staff provided us.
11:59:38AM This is what you all are saying, that this is what the staff
11:59:41AM provided us, and it shows the entire parking area being
11:59:45AM requested for this wet zoning.
11:59:47AM And then there's a legal description which is of course --
11:59:51AM if you could come back in two weeks with a real specific
11:59:56AM drawing showing us --
11:59:58AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Land Development.
11:59:59AM That's what I had shown on the elmo which is the wet zone
12:00:02PM survey.
12:00:02PM It was part of the actual application that was processed to
12:00:04PM you guys.
12:00:07PM This is the outline of the requested wet zoning.
12:00:10PM This is what I had shown in the beginning, I noticed six
12:00:15PM parking spaces.
12:00:16PM Two had previously been approved and they are asking for the

12:00:18PM extension of the four.
12:00:19PM The piece we were missing, was it going to be patio?
12:00:23PM How high was the patio going to be?
12:00:25PM Was there going to be a railing?
12:00:27PM Was there going to be a cover?

12:00:29PM Between TPD and myself, that's the issue we had.
12:00:32PM >>GWEN MILLER: You have two weeks to get it cleared up.
12:00:39PM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Two weeks would be May 4th at 10 a.m.,
12:00:44PM correct.
12:00:44PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
12:00:45PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
12:00:49PM >>GWEN MILLER: We're going to have to go into session.
12:00:54PM Notice is hereby given on April the 20th, 2006 at 12 p.m.,
12:00:59PM Tampa City Council will go into closed session pursuant to
12:01:01PM 286.0118, Florida statute for approximately one-and-a-half
12:01:09PM hours.
12:01:09PM The meeting will convene in the City Council chambers.
12:01:12PM It will be moved to the conference room on the 8th floor
12:01:14PM of the City Hall for closed session.
12:01:16PM The Council members will discuss settlement negotiations
12:01:20PM strategy session related to litigation expedition regarding
12:01:23PM Florida West Coast Beverages, LC and Midulla-Derose

12:01:25PM Properties, Incorporated versus City of Tampa, case 03-CA
12:01:32PM 006516 filed in the 13th Judicial Circuit.
12:01:37PM The meeting will be attended by City Council Chair Gwen
12:01:39PM Miller, Council member Rose Ferlita, Linda Saul-Sena, John
12:01:42PM Dingfelder, Kevin White and Mary Alvarez.
12:01:45PM Dave L. Smith, City Attorney, Martin Shelby, City Council
12:01:48PM attorney, Jerry Gewirtz, City Assistant City Attorney.
12:01:55PM William Terry, Assistant City Attorney and Tracy March
12:01:58PM Esquire.
12:01:59PM Following the closed session, the City Council will
12:02:01PM reconvene in open session City Council chambers so that the
12:02:04PM chair can announce termination of the closed session, and
12:02:07PM the Council will take any formal action it has deemed
12:02:11PM necessary.
12:02:14PM Reconvene at 1:30.
12:02:17PM >> The next item is 38.
12:02:19PM We agreed with staff to continue it, if I may ask you to
12:02:22PM consider that, please.
12:02:27PM >> Number 33, I thought.
12:02:28PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to continue 33.
12:02:30PM >> May 11th, 10 a.m.
12:02:32PM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to continue.

12:02:34PM All in favor of the motion, aye.
12:02:35PM [Motion Carried]
12:02:36PM >> Thank you very much.
12:02:36PM >>GWEN MILLER: You're welcome.
12:02:39PM We are now adjourned until 1:30.
12:02:43PM (Recess)
1:34:33PM >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called back to order.
1:34:35PM Roll call.
1:34:37PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
1:34:40PM >>ROSE FERLITA: Here.
1:34:40PM >>KEVIN WHITE: Here.
1:34:41PM >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
1:34:46PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Before we go on, I believe we have a
1:34:49PM cleanup issue.
1:34:52PM >>GWEN MILLER: Pursuant to 286.0118 Florida statutes, the
1:34:57PM closed session to discuss Florida West Coast Beverages, LC
1:35:05PM and Midulla-Derose Properties, Incorporated, versus the City
1:35:07PM of Tampa, case number 03-CA-006516 hereby terminated.
1:35:13PM We need to have a formal action from the Council members.
1:35:16PM >>KEVIN WHITE: I would like to make a motion that the City
1:35:19PM Attorney's office is authorized to settle the case between
1:35:23PM Florida West Coast Beverage -- I believe it will be LLC and

1:35:28PM Midulla-Derose properties, Inc., versus the City of Tampa,
1:35:34PM case number 03-CA-006516, for the amount of $175,000 for the
1:35:40PM total sum to include 175,000, includes all costs, fees and
1:35:45PM expenses and a release of lien.
1:35:48PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
1:35:49PM >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
1:35:51PM All in favor, aye.
1:35:51PM [Motion Carried]
1:35:53PM This morning, we have some unfinished business.
1:35:57PM We continued our public hearing that we did not open number
1:36:00PM 31 -- 33.
1:36:03PM We need to reopen and vote again.
1:36:05PM All in favor of the motion, aye.
1:36:08PM >>KEVIN WHITE: Move to continue to May 11.
1:36:10PM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
1:36:12PM All in favor, of the motion, aye.
1:36:14PM >>ROSE FERLITA: Was there a reason or what was the reason
1:36:17PM that we were continuing it?
1:36:20PM >>GWEN MILLER: We didn't hear it because we were rushing out
1:36:23PM of here.
1:36:23PM >>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development, it's my
1:36:27PM understanding -- staff was asking the petitioner to do

1:36:29PM further research for the case.
1:36:30PM Something to do with the land use.
1:36:34PM >>ROSE FERLITA: So staff asked for some additional time for
1:36:37PM the petitioner --
1:36:38PM >>MARTY BOYLE: Need more time to do the research.
1:36:44PM >> That was number 33.
1:36:45PM >>ROSE FERLITA: It's been continued till when?
1:36:48PM >>THE CLERK: May 11, 10:00.
1:36:51PM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to open number
1:36:53PM 34.
1:36:53PM All in favor, aye.
1:36:54PM [Motion Carried]
1:37:07PM >>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development.
1:37:09PM I have been sworn.
1:37:12PM Item number 34, WZ 06-47.
1:37:17PM The petitioner is requesting a wet zoning for 2(APS) on the
1:37:23PM site associated with the retail grocery store.
1:37:25PM And I happened to pass out all the copies of the aerial.
1:37:28PM If I could come up and get one.
1:37:40PM On the elmo, the site is located -- here is Dale Mabry, and
1:37:46PM it is West of Dale Mabry.
1:37:49PM When this area was taken, everything was not built on this

1:37:52PM site.
1:37:52PM This is the site -- there's a target here and Wild Oats is a
1:37:58PM grocery store A natural grocery store chain that is right
1:38:02PM here.
1:38:03PM Across the street, I believe that you've got a Wal-Mart and
1:38:05PM this is the Home Depot store.
1:38:08PM Within a thousand feet of this zoning, you do have other wet
1:38:13PM zoned property.
1:38:14PM Macaroni grill and total wine.
1:38:16PM They range anywhere between 625 feet and 740 feet.
1:38:20PM You also have a residential property within 325 feet.
1:38:25PM And you do have some institutional uses.
1:38:28PM St. Mary's missionary Baptist church, Bible church of God
1:38:32PM and you also have City of Tampa office.
1:38:34PM They all range between 340 feet and 713 feet away.
1:38:40PM Council can under section 370 of the code waive the distance
1:38:47PM separation if it is incidental to the primary purpose.
1:38:52PM However, as noted on the second page of the staff report,
1:38:58PM there was a staff processing error.
1:39:01PM And the application was not transmitted from Land
1:39:03PM Development to the Tampa Police Department, TPD, for review.
1:39:08PM Officer miller is aware of the petition, but has not had the

1:39:13PM opportunity to review and comment.
1:39:14PM City Council has the following options and -- in
1:39:18PM consideration of the staff error.
1:39:19PM One, Council could approve the case on first reading,
1:39:22PM notwithstanding any public objection and allow TPD to review
1:39:26PM and comment at second reading.
1:39:28PM Or Council could continue first reading for two weeks to
1:39:32PM May 4th to allow TPD to review and comment.
1:39:38PM >>KEVIN WHITE: Like to make a motion.
1:39:40PM >>ROSE FERLITA: I just have a question.
1:39:41PM Why is it TPD did not have enough time to do that?
1:39:46PM >>MARTY BOYLE: It wasn't transmitted to their office.
1:39:48PM The application was received in Land Development, and we
1:39:53PM have some records to show that it went to his predecessor,
1:39:57PM but formally, he did not get it.
1:40:00PM He had no time to review or do his review of it.
1:40:04PM >>ROSE FERLITA: So it was an internal communication --
1:40:07PM >>MARTY BOYLE: It was staff error.
1:40:08PM >>ROSE FERLITA: Typically, before I hear from police, I
1:40:11PM don't want to do anything in terms of these wet zonings.
1:40:13PM If the second alternative and I'll leave it to my
1:40:16PM colleagues -- the second alternative on its face support it,

1:40:19PM but then if officer miller has a problem with it, then I
1:40:22PM have a problem with it.
1:40:23PM Officer miller, I guess you have a chance if this is how it
1:40:27PM will go, to review it and give us your findings or your
1:40:30PM conclusions.
1:40:31PM Are you comfortable with that.
1:40:33PM >> Yes, ma'am.
1:40:33PM Officer miller, Tampa Police Department.
1:40:35PM I have been sworn.
1:40:36PM That would be fine if you guys want to consider it on the
1:40:38PM first reading.
1:40:39PM I can do my investigation prior to closure on that
1:40:42PM particular ordinance.
1:40:44PM If everything lines up okay, I'll be okay with that.
1:40:48PM >>ROSE FERLITA: That's fine.
1:40:49PM Thank you.
1:40:49PM >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner then?
1:40:52PM >>KEVIN WHITE: I would like to move we go ahead and go
1:40:54PM forward with it today.
1:40:59PM >> For the record, ray Allen, I have been sworn.
1:41:02PM I'm an attorney with the law firm of Carlton fields at 4221
1:41:07PM Boy Scout Road here in Tampa.

1:41:08PM Here on behalf of Wild Oats Markets.
1:41:11PM Just a little bit of background about Wild Oats -- I don't
1:41:14PM want to take up too much time of the Council.
1:41:17PM They are a large grocery chain.
1:41:19PM There are about 113 stores across the country.
1:41:22PM They basically specialize in organic and natural foods and
1:41:26PM gourmet foods.
1:41:27PM The beer and wine license that we are requesting is for
1:41:33PM off-premises consumption.
1:41:35PM It is incidental to the grocery store.
1:41:39PM They have it in all their other grocery stores.
1:41:42PM Unfortunately here, they had plans to open before we could
1:41:44PM get the wet zoning before the board.
1:41:49PM And there are a number of waivers that we're asking for.
1:41:53PM There are two small what I would consider to be neighborhood
1:41:56PM or community churches that are across the street and across
1:41:59PM the fence.
1:42:01PM There is also a City of Tampa maintenance yard.
1:42:05PM It takes up an entire block and adjacent to that or in
1:42:09PM conjunction with that maintenance yard, there's also a small
1:42:12PM park there.
1:42:12PM It looks to be just an open area of greenspace and also we

1:42:17PM are within the thousand feet of residences.
1:42:20PM We have met with the Carver City Lincoln gardens civic and
1:42:24PM homeowners association.
1:42:26PM In fact, we have met with them twice.
1:42:29PM They had no objection as the board took a vote at that first
1:42:33PM meeting.
1:42:34PM And then we met with them again and they once again stated
1:42:38PM they had no objection.
1:42:38PM I'll be happy to answer any questions if there are any at
1:42:41PM this time.
1:42:42PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is a question not for you, but for
1:42:45PM the staff.
1:42:47PM The piece of paper that we received had the entire, you
1:42:50PM know, development including target and everything else and
1:42:54PM the -- this request is just for the area where Wild Oats is
1:43:01PM located.
1:43:03PM >> Yes, it is just for the area of Wild Oats.
1:43:05PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Right outside, there are some outside
1:43:07PM tables.
1:43:08PM Does it include that?
1:43:09PM >> No, the survey was done on the building proper itself.
1:43:13PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

1:43:14PM >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public who would like
1:43:16PM to speak on item number 34?
1:43:18PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
1:43:19PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
1:43:19PM >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second to close.
1:43:21PM All in favor of the motion, aye.
1:43:22PM [Motion Carried]
1:43:34PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance making lawful the sale of
1:43:36PM beverages containing alcohol of more than 1% by weight and
1:43:40PM not more than 14% by weight in wines regardless of alcoholic
1:43:43PM content, beer and wine, 2 APS, in sealed containers for
1:43:45PM consumption off-premises only at or from that certain lot,
1:43:52PM plat or tract of line located at 1548 North Dale Mabry
1:43:53PM Highway as more particularly described in section 2 hereof.
1:43:57PM Waiving certain restrictions to say distance based upon
1:44:00PM certain findings.
1:44:01PM Providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict.
1:44:04PM Providing an effective date.
1:44:04PM >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
1:44:06PM All in favor, aye.
1:44:07PM [Motion Carried]
1:44:08PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to open number 35.

1:44:13PM >>GWEN MILLER: Need to open 35.
1:44:21PM -- has everyone in the audience been sworn in?
1:44:25PM I know we took a break and came back.
1:44:27PM Anybody come back in that was not sworn in?
1:44:31PM Would you please stand and raise your right hand?
1:44:34PM (Oath administered by clerk).
1:44:45PM >> 36 can't be heard.
1:44:48PM >>THE CLERK: 36, no affidavit has been filed.
1:44:51PM I'm not aware whether an amendment fee has been paid.
1:44:54PM At this time, the action would be to allow them to file the
1:44:57PM amended petition.
1:44:57PM >>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development, if I may, they
1:45:01PM did pay their amendment fee, and they would like to request
1:45:04PM a continuance to May 25th at 10 a.m.
1:45:07PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
1:45:08PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
1:45:09PM >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
1:45:11PM [Motion Carried]
1:45:12PM Open 37.
1:45:14PM Motion and second.
1:45:15PM All in favor of the motion, aye.
1:45:16PM [Motion Carried]

1:45:17PM Let's open 38 then.
1:45:49PM We have a motion and second.
1:45:51PM All in favor of the motion, aye.
1:45:53PM [Motion Carried]
1:46:01PM >>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, Land Development.
1:46:03PM I have been sworn.
1:46:06PM If you're passing the site plans around and the aerials,
1:46:09PM before you you will see Z06-50 and Z06-51.
1:46:18PM Two residential towers with a retail component to it.
1:46:22PM The first one I'll address is the 06-50.
1:46:24PM On the elmo, if you will look -- let's see, let's do first
1:46:28PM the rezoning map.
1:46:31PM And the first one that you are looking at is the subject
1:46:35PM site right here.
1:46:38PM It is bordered by Franklin, Cass, Tampa Street and Polk.
1:46:45PM And just to show you on this map just for point of
1:46:48PM reference, 51 will be to the West of this tower.
1:46:54PM You already had approved previously a CBD-2, the KRESS
1:47:01PM building and also shown on this map in relation to the other
1:47:03PM is the sky point that you approved and also the MAAS
1:47:07PM brothers.
1:47:10PM The aerial just shows a different view.

1:47:13PM Currently surface parking lot on both of those sites.
1:47:17PM So the request is to go to CBD-2, central business district,
1:47:21PM mixed use retail residential.
1:47:23PM They are requesting waivers on the rezoning.
1:47:25PM And that is to reduce the number of loading berths from five
1:47:28PM to two.
1:47:29PM To reduce the drive aisles from 26 feet to 24 feet.
1:47:33PM And to allow trucks to maneuver in the right-of-way.
1:47:38PM The reason we're requesting to go from CBD-1 to CBD-2 is
1:47:50PM fully for height.
1:47:51PM CBD-1 limits it to 120 feet of height.
1:47:51PM Under the proposed CBD-2 rezoning, the building will have a
1:47:54PM maximum height of 460 feet.
1:47:58PM It will contain 34 stories.
1:47:59PM 25 of the stories will be dedicated to 390 residential
1:48:03PM condominium units.
1:48:04PM Your staff report notes 386.
1:48:09PM Petitioner indicated this morning that was an error, and it
1:48:12PM should read 390.
1:48:14PM The site plan will be changed to correct that.
1:48:17PM Nine levels will be dedicated to the parking garage
1:48:20PM structure.

1:48:21PM And the base of the building will contain retail
1:48:24PM residential, lobby and service areas.
1:48:26PM There's a total of 795,000 gross floor area.
1:48:30PM And that contains 336,866 square feet of residential area
1:48:36PM and 12,483 square feet of retail uses.
1:48:40PM The front of this building already oriented toward Franklin
1:48:43PM Street.
1:48:44PM The residential tower will be set back from Cass and Polk
1:48:50PM street.
1:48:50PM Petitioner will go into that further.
1:48:54PM Approximately 55 feet on each side it will step back.
1:48:58PM Petitioner is committed to meeting the public art
1:49:00PM requirements of the central business district.
1:49:02PM And is actively pursuing options with staff.
1:49:08PM Under staff findings, the second page of the report, you
1:49:11PM will note many objections.
1:49:15PM Since the week and a half I wrote this report, petitioner
1:49:17PM has stepped up and clarified many of them.
1:49:21PM And I will go through which ones are clarified and which
1:49:26PM ones are not.
1:49:26PM Note number 17 on the site plan.
1:49:28PM We asked the petitioner to remove.

1:49:30PM Originally they were asking for waivers of the parking
1:49:35PM meters and the fees be waived during construction.
1:49:38PM And that's not something that can take place as part of the
1:49:41PM rezoning.
1:49:41PM So we've asked that note number 17 be removed.
1:49:44PM The petitioner did do that off the site plan.
1:49:47PM Also, under section 27-440, under development design
1:49:52PM approval and procedures, it talks about the submittal
1:49:56PM requirements.
1:49:57PM Several of those or the exterior elevations be submitted in
1:50:00PM color on all four sides and scale no smaller than one to
1:50:05PM 16-inch.
1:50:06PM And also, one of our objections exterior perspective in
1:50:10PM color at the pedestrian level.
1:50:11PM We wanted to see those -- when I wrote the staff report,
1:50:15PM they had not submitted any color elevations.
1:50:17PM Just if you look in your site plan, just the back two pages
1:50:21PM show a flat elevation in black and White.
1:50:25PM And design approval and procedures did require color
1:50:28PM elevations.
1:50:30PM This morning, we did get a copy of each building, one copy
1:50:36PM of the color elevation.

1:50:38PM At this point, staff was a little concerned about not having
1:50:42PM enough time to review it.
1:50:44PM As far as their submittal, staff, LDC will remove their
1:50:50PM objections.
1:50:51PM However, I'll let Wilson Stair, who is here as urban design
1:50:55PM manager, what he has seen so far of the color rendering,
1:51:01PM whether it meets his design criteria.
1:51:05PM Under transportation, petitioner removed all objections
1:51:08PM except for one by placing notes on the site plan.
1:51:11PM And the one outstanding objection is that transportation
1:51:15PM objects to the gated driveway on Cass Street.
1:51:18PM The code requires a turnaround in front of the gated
1:51:21PM driveway, placing the gate internal to the site would allow
1:51:24PM a turnaround to be provided prior to the gates.
1:51:28PM After I am done, under urban design, I'll let Wilson Stair
1:51:32PM comment on whether he feels that they have met his criteria
1:51:35PM based on seeing the color renderings.
1:51:40PM Stormwater, they have placed a note on the site plan
1:51:43PM satisfying stormwater conditions.
1:51:45PM There are no objections from stormwater any longer.
1:51:48PM Greenways and trails, they satisfied all of those objections
1:51:51PM by notes on the site plan.

1:51:54PM Also Dave riley from natural resources, they have also
1:51:57PM placed all those notes on the site plan.
1:51:59PM And there are no longer those objections.
1:52:01PM So the outstanding objections, one from transportation and
1:52:04PM then a concern about the late submittal of a color
1:52:09PM elevation.
1:52:10PM And Wilson Stair will have to address that.
1:52:15PM The Planning Commission staff had a conflict for this
1:52:17PM afternoon, but he asked me to relate that he has no
1:52:20PM objections to this petition.
1:52:22PM And with that, Wilson?
1:52:29PM >>WILSON STAIR: Wilson Stair, urban design manager.
1:52:32PM I have been sworn in.
1:52:34PM Yes, I've had active discussions with the architect and the
1:52:39PM developer.
1:52:41PM And I feel that they have offered us sufficient evidence
1:52:45PM that colors work through the drawings.
1:52:54PM You can see both sides, and they have agreed to get all four
1:53:00PM sides to me as soon as possible.
1:53:05PM But they explained the materials, what they are using.
1:53:10PM I've got some more questions about the material, the
1:53:14PM awnings, especially the ones over the parking garages.

1:53:19PM But other than that, they have been very cooperative and I
1:53:24PM would give them the benefit of the doubt at this point.
1:53:29PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
1:53:30PM So you would be able to report back to us at second reading
1:53:33PM you've had an opportunity to see what is being proposed and
1:53:35PM to weigh in on it.
1:53:37PM >> Yes.
1:53:41PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Have they asked for any bonus F.A.R.'s on
1:53:48PM this?
1:53:49PM >> In the CBD district downtown, the F.A.R. is of no
1:53:55PM concern.
1:53:55PM It's relative to height.
1:53:56PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any affordable units in here?
1:53:59PM >>MARTY BOYLE: I'll let the petitioner --
1:54:02PM >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
1:54:08PM >> Council, I'm not sure exactly the way to proceed.
1:54:10PM We do have the next tower over.
1:54:13PM Do you want staff to report on that and then take all the
1:54:15PM issues at once or one by one?
1:54:18PM >>GWEN MILLER: Let the petitioner finish --
1:54:20PM >> They are real similar.
1:54:22PM I'm not even sure if the objections are that different.

1:54:25PM I'll bring up the site plans for that.
1:54:49PM This is Z06-51, as I mentioned before, the location is 801
1:54:53PM North Ashley.
1:54:54PM If you will look at the aerial, this is the subject site on
1:54:58PM the elmo.
1:55:00PM Bordered by Tampa Street, Polk, Cass and Ashley.
1:55:04PM The front will be oriented towards Ashley.
1:55:10PM This will be 444.5 feet in height.
1:55:16PM That includes, as you see in the elevation, there is a
1:55:18PM decorative spiral.
1:55:20PM And that will include -- the height includes that.
1:55:22PM It will contain 34 stories.
1:55:24PM Again, 25 of the stories will be dedicated to the 400
1:55:28PM residential condominium units.
1:55:31PM And there will be nine levels of parking.
1:55:33PM The gross floor area is 795,672 gross floor area, which of
1:55:39PM that will be 353,493 square feet of residential area.
1:55:45PM There will be 14,366 square feet of retail use.
1:55:50PM The residential tower will be set back from Ashley
1:55:54PM approximately 114 feet.
1:55:56PM The petitioner is committed to meeting the public art
1:55:58PM requirement for the central business district and is

1:56:02PM actively pursuing options with staff.
1:56:04PM Again, on the objections, the ones -- I'll go over the ones
1:56:07PM that are remaining.
1:56:10PM I think Wilson answered the same.
1:56:12PM We had the same issue with the color elevations not being
1:56:15PM submitted until this morning.
1:56:17PM I believe that Wilson would say the same goes for this, his
1:56:22PM concerns, and at second reading, he would be able to address
1:56:25PM that.
1:56:27PM Transportation has the same objection to the gated driveway
1:56:31PM on Cass.
1:56:32PM The code requires a turnaround in front of the gated
1:56:34PM driveway.
1:56:36PM And other than that, they have removed all of the other
1:56:40PM objections.
1:56:43PM Planning Commission also has no objections to this
1:56:45PM particular petition.
1:56:48PM >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
1:56:50PM >> Gardner, 101 South Franklin Street here on behalf of
1:56:56PM Novare-Intown.
1:56:59PM This is the same developer currently doing sky point which
1:57:01PM when you look around downtown is the only one actually being

1:57:04PM built.
1:57:05PM And they are excited to get going with these.
1:57:07PM They hope to start the first one on Franklin in June
1:57:10PM followed by the next one in October.
1:57:14PM With respect to the objections first and foremost, I just
1:57:17PM wanted to thank you, thank staff and the administration.
1:57:19PM We've been fast tracked on this and we've tried to get
1:57:22PM things as quickly as possible, and we were showing things as
1:57:26PM we were going.
1:57:27PM We've got pretty much everything now, including this model,
1:57:30PM which really puts things in perspective.
1:57:32PM If you would like to take a look at it, feel free.
1:57:35PM We can give you as much of a presentation as you like or as
1:57:38PM little as you would like.
1:57:40PM And we're here to answer any questions at all.
1:57:42PM Mary, on your question, as you probably remember with sky
1:57:46PM point, it's completely driven towards attainably priced
1:57:50PM units.
1:57:50PM And these two will be the same as that, same general
1:57:53PM development as that.
1:57:55PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: And then what's the price range?
1:57:58PM >> Let me let the representative from Novare speak to that.

1:58:06PM >> Would we be able to afford them on Council salary?
1:58:10PM >> I don't know about that.
1:58:11PM You might need to go to county commission to afford them.
1:58:14PM [ LAUGHTER ]
1:58:25PM >> Gardner is cultivating a sense of humor and I'm trying to
1:58:29PM follow it.
1:58:30PM >> John aten, Novare group, first to answer your question
1:58:36PM about the attainably priced units, we haven't finished
1:58:40PM designing all the units with our architects but we expect
1:58:43PM them to be priced similar to sky point starting in the
1:58:45PM $200,000 range running up to four or five hundred thousand
1:58:49PM dollars.
1:58:49PM Franklin building, 65% of it is one bedroom.
1:58:53PM The Ashley building, it's about a 50/50 mix.
1:58:55PM We have more one bedroom dens in there as well.
1:58:58PM Attainably priced for the folks who bought at Sky Point as
1:59:02PM well.
1:59:02PM We are excited to bring two more projects to downtown Tampa.
1:59:06PM Our second and third.
1:59:07PM Really looking to help create the neighborhood here in the
1:59:11PM Arts district.
1:59:11PM So we got 400, 380 very excited buyers over at Sky Point.

1:59:16PM We had several parties for them which several of you have
1:59:19PM come to.
1:59:19PM Thank you for that.
1:59:20PM Really excited about bringing more folks to the
1:59:22PM neighborhood.
1:59:23PM We're making a major investment here.
1:59:25PM About 225 million dollars' worth of project investment
1:59:29PM between these two projects bringing to the Arts district.
1:59:32PM Major investment in the City of Tampa, and we're really
1:59:34PM proud to do that as well.
1:59:35PM Ready to start as Truett pointed out in June or July on the
1:59:39PM Franklin block.
1:59:40PM Then as soon as we can get about 80% of that sold we'll
1:59:43PM start construction which we plan for in October-November on
1:59:46PM the Ashley block.
1:59:47PM That's our plan.
1:59:48PM I don't know how many of you know, we've partnered with TECO
1:59:51PM to bring the buildings to you.
1:59:53PM Right next to TECO headquarters.
1:59:54PM Sky point was also a TECO block.
1:59:56PM On those two blocks, we put in two extra floors of parking.
1:59:59PM That's why the parking -- which provide for 190 spaces in

2:00:05PM each building.
2:00:06PM 380 total for TECO employees to park during the day.
2:00:10PM TECO will purchase the spaces out of the building.
2:00:13PM We're actually contributing some to that as well.
2:00:15PM TECO is going to make them available on nights and weekends
2:00:18PM for public parking.
2:00:19PM So combined with the commercial spaces that we already have
2:00:22PM in each building, we'll have over 450 spaces between the two
2:00:26PM buildings for nights and weekend parking for all the events
2:00:28PM and everything going on in the Arts district.
2:00:30PM We think that's a great commitment and contribution to the
2:00:33PM city.
2:00:34PM Additionally, we've committed to the Arts, I think you all
2:00:37PM know we've been sponsors of lights on Tampa, urban
2:00:40PM atmospheres, festival of the Arts.
2:00:43PM And we made a pledge to the Tampa museum when they were
2:00:47PM going through their initial design.
2:00:49PM And we would like to continue to make a pledge to the Tampa
2:00:51PM museum when they get their new design for their new building
2:00:54PM made up.
2:00:55PM We as a group will make a pledge to help them with their
2:00:58PM capital contribution, capital campaign as they design a new

2:01:01PM building.
2:01:01PM So we would like to contribute to the neighborhood that way.
2:01:04PM Finally, we think we have exciting architecture and
2:01:07PM amenities, much like sky point, open floor plans, floor to
2:01:10PM ceiling glass.
2:01:11PM Great technological amenities as well as exciting retail,
2:01:15PM great streetscape, pedestrian experience.
2:01:19PM I'll let our architect come up to tell you more about the
2:01:22PM buildings.
2:01:23PM You should come down and take a look of the 3-D model that
2:01:26PM we built for you to get a perspective on the buildings.
2:01:29PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in?
2:01:31PM >> Yes, I was.
2:01:36PM >> Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
2:01:37PM Heath hands.
2:01:41PM -- architects.
2:01:43PM I have been sworn in.
2:01:44PM It may help to come and look at the model, whether it's
2:01:47PM during the discussion or after.
2:01:48PM It will explain a lot of the massing and the orientation of
2:01:51PM the towers and kind of our design intent.
2:01:55PM When we were presented with the task of designing two

2:01:58PM different buildings in a very close proximity area, it's a
2:02:03PM little difficult.
2:02:04PM You know, you have such a pedestrian friendly atmosphere,
2:02:08PM whether it's the Ashley block or the Franklin block, and the
2:02:12PM developers and ourselves tried to maximize that experience
2:02:15PM as much as possible.
2:02:17PM Some of the massing of those two buildings are very
2:02:22PM different.
2:02:23PM The Ashley block, in order to try to strengthen The View
2:02:25PM corridor of Ashley street, since it is such a major
2:02:29PM thoroughfare and entrance into the city, we took the tower
2:02:32PM and kind of shifted to the rear of the property.
2:02:35PM It's a little difficult to tell here, but it actually sits
2:02:38PM on the rear portion near the parking deck.
2:02:42PM When we do that, we still want to strengthen that pedestrian
2:02:45PM friendly atmosphere.
2:02:46PM We didn't want the people on Ashley to feel that they were
2:02:49PM only dealing with a parking deck.
2:02:51PM What we have here in the front of the building is
2:02:53PM residential units.
2:02:54PM They kind of dress the front of the parking deck.
2:02:58PM And also creates a new opportunity for the residences as

2:03:07PM well.
2:03:08PM On the Franklin tower, we had kind of the same challenges.
2:03:13PM We wanted to orient the tower a little differently as it
2:03:17PM relates to the parking deck.
2:03:18PM One, to create a separate building.
2:03:21PM Two, to create different massing and a different feel.
2:03:24PM All of the buildings Novare has done whether Franklin,
2:03:28PM Ashley or the sky point project which you guys are familiar
2:03:31PM with, they have a very similar design language.
2:03:33PM Even though this language is very similar, whether it's the
2:03:36PM massing, the unique shapes we've created with the different
2:03:39PM projects, the feel, the overall look and experience, whether
2:03:43PM it's for the public or the residences is going to be very
2:03:45PM different, very, very different.
2:03:49PM Similar to Ashley on the Franklin block, we took the tower,
2:03:53PM and the tower actually comes all the way down to the base of
2:03:56PM the building.
2:03:58PM Just like I stated before, it lessens the parking deck feel.
2:04:03PM It strengthens the pedestrian environment and gives us some
2:04:07PM opportunity for some residences on the lower levels.
2:04:12PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: So does that mean that the residences that
2:04:15PM are -- the top nine floors there, they will have access to

2:04:20PM the parking garages at that point, right?
2:04:24PM >> Yes, ma'am.
2:04:24PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: They can just drive on in and go back --
2:04:28PM >> They are basically walk-in units.
2:04:30PM And any other residences would have to park and go in to the
2:04:34PM elevators and then up to their residential floor.
2:04:37PM There is some benefit to it.
2:04:39PM Some residences may not like it, but we create a bunch of
2:04:44PM different units just for people's preferences.
2:04:48PM Some of the other things we studied when looking at the
2:04:51PM massing of the buildings, the orientation of the tower and
2:04:53PM how it relates to the parking deck and to your city is the
2:04:56PM effect that the tower would have as far as sun path travel.
2:05:01PM The towers are oriented different.
2:05:03PM The Ashley block you with -- which you guys are familiar
2:05:07PM with, is parallel to Ashley Street, sits back.
2:05:10PM And then Franklin Street, this would be the front entrance
2:05:13PM of Franklin, but the tower is oriented completely different.
2:05:16PM The model will much better explain that than I could do
2:05:20PM verbally.
2:05:25PM Other than that, I guess I will allow you guys to ask
2:05:28PM questions as it relates to the building.

2:05:30PM We can do a very lengthy presentation or a small one.
2:05:33PM I would like to say that we've been very happy with the
2:05:36PM response that we've gotten from staff so far.
2:05:38PM We've been working with them as much as we can to address
2:05:41PM all comments, lie Truett said, it's been a rough schedule.
2:05:45PM So we appreciate it and we're very excited to continue to
2:05:47PM work with them as well.
2:05:48PM And we'll do whatever is necessary to do.
2:05:52PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just need a little bit of reassurance.
2:05:55PM Will you screen the parking deck?
2:05:59PM Well, let me restate that.
2:06:02PM We insist upon screening the parking deck.
2:06:06PM >> Well, the vehicles themselves will be screened by many
2:06:09PM manners.
2:06:10PM First and foremost, as required by code but to provide
2:06:13PM additional screening, each one of these barrier walls --
2:06:20PM actually three foot six inches high.
2:06:22PM From a viewpoint down on the street even up to the second
2:06:25PM level, you're really not going to see any vehicles
2:06:28PM whatsoever.
2:06:28PM And some of the upper areas on Franklin Street, we do have
2:06:34PM some additional screening.

2:06:35PM One of the other elements that we used for screening were
2:06:39PM the vertical banners on Franklin.
2:06:42PM The banners are actually shown as a blank facade right
2:06:45PM now -- but we intend to use them for potential art in public
2:06:50PM places to contribute to the pedestrian feel, add some color,
2:06:55PM warmer feel to the base of this parking deck.
2:06:57PM It's very difficult when you have to provide a parking deck
2:07:01PM in a downtown atmosphere.
2:07:03PM In a state like Florida where you really can't go below
2:07:06PM ground because of the water table, you only have so many
2:07:11PM opportunities to try to change it from a real parking deck
2:07:14PM to something that he is a little bit more inviting.
2:07:17PM But it's a challenge we dealt with.
2:07:20PM We have tried to screen the vehicles as much as possible.
2:07:23PM We've added some decorative elements.
2:07:26PM Down on the ground floor, you've got some tremendous
2:07:28PM opportunities for some exciting retail.
2:07:31PM Tenants to come in.
2:07:33PM I don't personally think that any pedestrian walking on the
2:07:36PM street is really going to feel like that's even a parking
2:07:39PM deck.
2:07:39PM The way the tower translates down, the screening that we

2:07:43PM have provided and the field we're creating will hopefully
2:07:47PM change that for some.
2:07:50PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Franklin Street has been identified as
2:07:53PM the main pedestrian corridor in our downtown.
2:07:57PM It's the main drag.
2:07:58PM I mean, Ashley is going to be a grand boulevard, but
2:08:01PM Franklin is very important.
2:08:04PM And a few weeks ago, we had the wood project come up and we
2:08:08PM told them they had to screen their parking on Franklin in
2:08:11PM particular, and we have the same expectations for you all.
2:08:15PM >> This is actually the depiction of what heath was talking
2:08:18PM about on Franklin Street.
2:08:22PM We brought the building down to the front.
2:08:24PM The building fronts on Franklin much like the MAAS brothers
2:08:28PM project does.
2:08:29PM There's a great pedestrian experience with the retail,
2:08:32PM awning, actual lobby to the building which we plan on doing
2:08:35PM virtual art again as we're doing with sky point.
2:08:37PM Heath was trying to describe potentially having the art
2:08:40PM incorporated into the parking deck banners which is what we
2:08:43PM tried to illustrate in the pedestrian experience.
2:08:45PM But a great pedestrian experience is what we have in mind as

2:08:48PM well.
2:08:49PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Are these buildings having pools in there
2:08:51PM somewhere?
2:08:52PM >> Yes, ma'am.
2:08:52PM They have pools on the amenity deck, which is on the ninth
2:08:56PM floor on top of the parking deck.
2:08:58PM We have a rendering of that as well.
2:09:02PM This one is designed like sky point where it has two
2:09:05PM separate amenities.
2:09:06PM One with a walk-in garden area.
2:09:08PM And then an amenity deck -- it's not rendered on the Ashley
2:09:12PM block, but it's all one big amenity deck so it will have
2:09:15PM both in one spot.
2:09:17PM >>GWEN MILLER: Let me go to the public.
2:09:20PM Anybody have questions before I go ahead?
2:09:22PM >>ROSE FERLITA: Well, maybe after the public, I would like
2:09:24PM to say a couple of things --
2:09:25PM >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anybody in the public that would
2:09:28PM like to speak on items 37 and 38?

2:09:30PM Anybody like to speak on 37 and 38?
2:09:33PM >> Move to close both.
2:09:35PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to make sure that something

2:09:36PM is on the site plan before we close.
2:09:39PM That's a question of staff.
2:09:40PM >> The 30, 60, 90?
2:09:44PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
2:09:44PM >> It's on there.
2:09:45PM >> Does it say you will screen the parking?
2:09:51PM He didn't exactly say that.
2:09:53PM Or I didn't see it or I didn't hear it.
2:09:59PM >> I don't believe specifically that's a note that says they
2:10:01PM would screen.
2:10:02PM But certainly it sounds like the petitioner would be willing
2:10:04PM to add a note that says they would screen on Franklin.
2:10:07PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, what we want, absolutely -- we
2:10:13PM absolutely don't want during -- let's ask our professional
2:10:16PM urban designer Wilson Stair to speak to this.
2:10:18PM It's something we have addressed on previous Franklin Street
2:10:22PM downtown high-wise petitions.
2:10:25PM >> Yes, this was discussed with a developer and architect.
2:10:27PM What they had proposed to us was the vertical streaming
2:10:33PM awnings that come down over the parking decks.
2:10:39PM And that's what I was explaining before that we need further
2:10:42PM discussion to talk about how that was going to be done.

2:10:46PM >>KEVIN WHITE: Is it the little blue things on the
2:10:48PM picture --
2:10:51PM >> Franklin -- they are shown in blue coming down the
2:10:55PM parking here.
2:10:55PM There's additional screening --
2:10:57PM >>KEVIN WHITE: More like art screening.
2:10:59PM >> Well, you have a code required screen wall to keep from
2:11:04PM seeing the cars and the lights.
2:11:07PM Then we have additional artistic screening.
2:11:10PM >>KEVIN WHITE: You will still have a hole so air can
2:11:13PM circulate through.
2:11:15PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Stair, do you feel comfortable with
2:11:17PM it?
2:11:19PM >>WILSON STAIR: I think we're going to have to work on it.
2:11:23PM I would prefer, myself, to see it architecturally
2:11:26PM integrated, enclose the parking to make it look like a part
2:11:30PM of the building like Suntrust.
2:11:33PM But sort of that, then I think we need to work with the
2:11:39PM screening those parking decks where it's acceptable,
2:11:43PM especially on Franklin Street.
2:11:45PM Like you say, that has to be emphasized where we have our
2:11:50PM main pedestrian thoroughfare.

2:11:52PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm a big supporter of public art.
2:11:54PM I know you will have public art in this building, but I
2:11:57PM don't think this addresses the question of not seeing parked
2:12:00PM cars on Franklin Street.
2:12:01PM You all are from Atlanta.
2:12:03PM You know that wouldn't be acceptable in Atlanta.
2:12:05PM I was just in Atlanta and the parking garages were gorgeous.
2:12:08PM They were absolutely beautiful.
2:12:11PM And they included screening.
2:12:12PM And I think you need to do that.
2:12:14PM So I don't want to hold you up, but I want you to
2:12:17PM understand, Mr. Stair has the ability to weigh in at 30, 60,
2:12:21PM 90.
2:12:22PM If he doesn't like it, it bounces back to Council.
2:12:26PM >> We're happy to work with Wilson to get acceptable
2:12:28PM screening on Franklin.
2:12:29PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: But you understand the solution might not
2:12:31PM be some banners hanging.
2:12:33PM It might be something that's actually part of the building.
2:12:36PM >> Totally understand.
2:12:38PM >> I think as long as we're in agreement that it doesn't
2:12:40PM have to be enclosed, that it can allow that ventilation,

2:12:43PM that's fine.
2:12:44PM We're willing to work from there.
2:12:46PM We just can't enclose.
2:12:47PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: There are a variety of solutions you can
2:12:50PM come up with from grill work to a variety of things
2:12:54PM attractive and acceptable.
2:12:56PM >>ROSE FERLITA: Just a couple of things, in terms of the
2:12:59PM screening of the parking, I think typically we're
2:13:03PM programming to look at screening as screening.
2:13:05PM I think that the banners create the same effect at the same
2:13:08PM time although they are not part of the main structure of the
2:13:10PM building, I frankly don't care.
2:13:12PM I think it still camouflages it.
2:13:16PM I think you have the walls that don't make that offensive
2:13:18PM when people are looking at it on the walkway on Franklin
2:13:21PM Street.
2:13:22PM So I'm okay with this.
2:13:24PM And if there's something else that you guys and Mr. Stair
2:13:27PM come up with that's somewhere in between, that's fine.
2:13:32PM I don't think we need screening as we usually see it.
2:13:35PM I think that that's creative.
2:13:37PM And I think it's fine.

2:13:38PM Just in terms of your attitude and in terms of your company
2:13:42PM and in terms of the representatives that have been down
2:13:44PM here, this is certainly no secret that all of us have had
2:13:48PM the opportunity to sit with Mr. Gardner in your company, you
2:13:52PM are very -- and don't take this like a description of a used
2:13:56PM cars salesman, because far from what I'm saying -- not used
2:14:00PM cars -- I mean not new car, used car.
2:14:04PM You guys are very, very smooth in terms of what you want
2:14:07PM here.
2:14:08PM You obviously have a successful product.
2:14:11PM You've shown that in Atlanta.
2:14:13PM You have come here and shown that you can do it here.
2:14:15PM And I say smooth in the sense that whatever the community
2:14:18PM wants, whatever the administration prefers, you have been
2:14:23PM very amenable to doing that.
2:14:25PM It's very easy to work with you.
2:14:26PM And if there's something that we really don't agree on, it
2:14:30PM reflects you but it also is through your channel guy here.
2:14:36PM It's a pleasure to work with you.
2:14:38PM And I think your product is tasteful, attractive, looks
2:14:42PM good.
2:14:43PM You haven't really defined the price point so I'm not sure

2:14:47PM my colleague, Mr. White, knows exactly what to run for
2:14:50PM between now and November so he can afford that.
2:14:52PM But other than that, I mean, some few minor alterations to
2:14:56PM satisfy some of the other Council members.
2:14:58PM I love your product, and I'm wholeheartedly in support of
2:15:02PM it.
2:15:02PM The short and long is I talk too much sometimes, it
2:15:06PM certainly was complimentary and I'm happy you're in the
2:15:09PM Tampa market.
2:15:10PM >>KEVIN WHITE: I just wanted to briefly say between sky
2:15:13PM point and these two projects and what we have going on in
2:15:16PM the Channel District, as I travel around the country, it is
2:15:20PM a wonderful delight to see that Tampa's downtown and the
2:15:26PM urban core of downtown is about to be rebirthed and come
2:15:30PM into a new fruition.
2:15:32PM And I'm just glad to see that downtown is going to be
2:15:35PM downtown once again.
2:15:37PM >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, I don't mean to ponyback on
2:15:40PM him.
2:15:40PM One thing you said the first time we met in this conference
2:15:43PM room that you weren't in here to make a quick deal, to do a
2:15:46PM quick project and then move on someplace else.

2:15:48PM You guys are committed to staying here.
2:15:51PM Obviously the quality of the following projects here confirm
2:15:53PM that.
2:15:54PM So I'm happy that you will continuing to be a player of what
2:15:57PM happens downtown.
2:15:57PM >>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the public hearing.
2:16:01PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
2:16:01PM I love it.
2:16:05PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's not only a beautiful project, but
2:16:08PM your commitment to the Arts is really a win for you all as
2:16:13PM well as for our community.
2:16:15PM And we totally appreciate it.
2:16:17PM >> In addition, Linda, I don't think this was brought up,
2:16:19PM but each corner of each of the buildings has retail.
2:16:22PM So all four corners of each one.
2:16:25PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just that I've been informed that the clerk
2:16:27PM is not able to take your wonderful model as large as it is
2:16:33PM into evidence.
2:16:33PM So I would suggest --
2:16:35PM >> Actually, Mr. Shelby, I think it will be donated to the
2:16:38PM City of Tampa.

2:16:39PM So maybe not evidence here, but it will be.

2:16:42PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: If you would like to have some record of
2:16:44PM that other than what is in the video and the file, if you
2:16:47PM can bring photos and put it in the second reading, that
2:16:50PM would be fine.
2:16:51PM >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to close the public
2:16:53PM hearing.
2:16:53PM [Motion Carried]
2:16:55PM Cate O'Dowd.
2:16:56PM >>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: I just want to say one thing for the
2:16:59PM record.
2:17:00PM In the event as a result of Wilson Stair's review, if there
2:17:03PM are substantial changes to the elevation, it may require
2:17:06PM Council to go back to first reading, but that is an
2:17:08PM assessment we'll make prior to the second public hearing in
2:17:11PM the event you approve it today.
2:17:13PM Thank you.
2:17:22PM >>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the
2:17:23PM general vicinity of Cass Street on the North Franklin Street
2:17:28PM on the East Polk street, on the South and Tampa Street on
2:17:31PM the West, in the City of Tampa, Florida, more particularly
2:17:33PM described in section one from zoning district classification
2:17:34PM CBD-1, central business district, to CBD-2, central business

2:17:38PM district, mixed use retail, providing an effective date.
2:17:40PM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
2:17:42PM All in favor, aye.
2:17:43PM [Motion Carried]
2:17:53PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance rezoning property in the
2:17:55PM general vicinity of 801 North Ashley Street in the City of
2:17:58PM Tampa Florida more particularly described in section 1 from
2:18:01PM zoning district classification CBD-1, central business
2:18:04PM district, to CBD-2, central business district mixed use
2:18:08PM retail, residential, providing an effective date.
2:18:10PM >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and a second.
2:18:12PM All in favor of the motion, aye.
2:18:15PM [Motion Carried]
2:18:16PM >> Thanks again for your time.
2:18:17PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to receive and file all documents.
2:18:19PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
2:18:19PM >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
2:18:21PM [Motion Carried]
2:18:21PM Information from Council members?
2:18:38PM >>KEVIN WHITE: While she's collecting her notepad of
2:18:40PM thoughts, we approved a budget discussion meeting -- can you
2:18:46PM tell me what day that was?

2:18:48PM May 25th.
2:18:48PM It was a Council date.
2:18:50PM Bonnie Wise has sent me a note stating that it may take
2:18:54PM considerably more time and we might want to consider another
2:18:57PM day during that week.
2:18:59PM And it would be the pleasure of Council.
2:19:01PM I'm pretty free on that Monday or Friday.
2:19:04PM I don't know if anyone else would like to change the date.
2:19:08PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What was that for?
2:19:11PM >>KEVIN WHITE: First budget hearing meeting.
2:19:13PM Budget review update.
2:19:16PM We had it on a Thursday -- I was just saying either the
2:19:26PM preceding Monday or that Friday, the day after Council
2:19:30PM meeting.
2:19:37PM >>GWEN MILLER: That Monday would be the 22nd?
2:19:40PM May 22nd.
2:19:47PM >>KEVIN WHITE: At 9:00.
2:19:50PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What day?
2:19:52PM >>GWEN MILLER: Monday the 22nd.
2:19:59PM >>KEVIN WHITE: Monday, May 22nd, 9 a.m., Mascotte Room, I'm
2:19:59PM sorry -- Fifth floor conference room at TPD.
2:20:03PM I will ask the clerk's office to send out a memo.

2:20:09PM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second. All in favor,
2:20:11PM aye.
2:20:14PM >>KEVIN WHITE: That's all I have.
2:20:17PM >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, you all are in good luck.
2:20:25PM I have an issue about the Hanson issue and a solution about
2:20:30PM things to do in the interim before we pick somebody else.
2:20:32PM I would like to discuss that at length next week.
2:20:34PM However, I was just notified that I have a sick dog at home,
2:20:38PM and I would like to --
2:20:45PM >>GWEN MILLER: I only have one thing.
2:20:46PM I would like to do a commendation for the Jack and Jill
2:20:49PM Chapter of Tampa of America.
2:20:51PM They will be recognizing their national youth services at a
2:20:54PM health conference which will be this weekend at HCC from 10
2:20:57PM to 4 p.m.
2:20:58PM All in favor of the motion, aye.
2:21:01PM [Motion Carried]
2:21:02PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The state is about to change the way we
2:21:05PM give money to counties for helping disabled people.
2:21:09PM They are moving -- there's a bill in the Senate to change it
2:21:12PM from 27 representatives to 7, and to change the formula, no
2:21:18PM geographic distribution and no people with disabilities

2:21:21PM necessarily, to change the formula for giving money.
2:21:24PM And neither way benefits us.
2:21:26PM I'll share the information and hopefully the Senate won't do
2:21:28PM anything before next week, and then we can take some action
2:21:31PM to support the way that -- [INAUDIBLE].
2:21:35PM >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. White?
2:21:38PM >>KEVIN WHITE: I didn't want to interrupt.

2:21:42PM I think it's the second Thursday of June, give -- I don't
2:21:46PM know the name of the organization, but Howard Harris has
2:21:48PM asked me to make a motion that we give the organization the
2:21:53PM nonprofit that they do the mentoring and tutoring over at
2:21:56PM the Bob Saunders Library.
2:21:59PM They have an organization that has donated several computers
2:22:05PM to the youth in that group and would like to recognize that
2:22:11PM organization as well as the mentees that they have over
2:22:15PM there that they are supporting.
2:22:16PM >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
2:22:17PM All in favor, aye.
2:22:19PM >>KEVIN WHITE: I'll get back with the clerk to let her know
2:22:22PM exactly what the name of the organization is.
2:22:25PM >>GWEN MILLER: Clerk, do you have anything?
2:22:29PM >>THE CLERK: Ordinance coming back for first reading 7107

2:22:33PM and 7109 North Nebraska for conditional sales.
2:22:37PM And it does include the hours of operation at 10:00.
2:22:44PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance making lawful the
2:22:46PM conditional sale of beverages containing alcohol of more
2:22:48PM than 1% by weight, not more than 14% by weight and wines
2:22:52PM regardless of alcoholic content, beer and wine, 2(COP-R) for
2:22:55PM consumption on premises only in connection with certain
2:22:58PM restaurant business establishment on certain lot, block,
2:23:02PM plot, or tract of land located at 7107 to 7109 North
2:23:07PM Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, Florida, is more particularly
2:23:10PM described in section 2 hereof, certain restrictions as to
2:23:13PM distance space on certain findings, imposing certain
2:23:16PM conditions.
2:23:17PM Providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,
2:23:19PM providing an effective date.
2:23:19PM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
2:23:21PM All in favor of the motion, aye.
2:23:23PM Anything else, clerk?
2:23:27PM >>THE CLERK: We have received a request from Sandra
2:23:30PM Anderson.
2:23:30PM She would like Council to schedule the presentation of the
2:23:33PM water wise awards on April 27th at 5:01.

2:23:37PM And she's requesting that it be done during the month of
2:23:40PM April since April is water conservation month.
2:23:43PM Usually it's about five, ten minutes.
2:23:45PM You start at 5:30 that night.
2:23:51PM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
2:23:52PM All in favor, aye.
2:23:59PM >>KEVIN WHITE: If we start at 5:30, why not do it at 5:15.
2:24:06PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I take away --
2:24:09PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes, 5:15.
2:24:10PM >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
2:24:15PM >>THE CLERK: Last Thursday, Council had made a motion for
2:24:17PM the Legal Department, the City Attorney, and the Council
2:24:21PM attorney to appear before Council at the workshop pertaining
2:24:24PM to changes being made to chapter 27 on May 4th at 1:30 to
2:24:29PM be prepared to discuss and make recommendations regarding
2:24:32PM how to address the problems with the reconsideration
2:24:34PM process.
2:24:34PM However, there is no workshop scheduled for May 4th at
2:24:37PM 1:30.
2:24:38PM The item that was continued to May 4th dealt with the
2:24:41PM presentation of the draft ordinance pertaining to chapter
2:24:46PM 27.

2:24:46PM We would like to incorporate this into that presentation.
2:24:49PM That's not set for a time certain.
2:24:54PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move we include that in the discussion
2:24:57PM May 4th at 1:30.
2:24:58PM >>THE CLERK: There's no 1:30.
2:25:02PM The presentation, from my understanding of the draft agenda
2:25:05PM was only going to be about five-minutes, of the draft
2:25:08PM ordinance.
2:25:10PM >> Have it as a second item next to it.
2:25:15PM >>THE CLERK: 1:30 workshop today for the alcohol --
2:25:19PM >> Set it under unfinished business at the beginning of the
2:25:22PM agenda?
2:25:24PM >>MARY ALVAREZ: We do have one going on May 4th.
2:25:27PM >>THE CLERK: That's what I'm addressing right now.
2:25:32PM There was no actual workshop set for May 4th at 1:30.
2:25:35PM It was just an item continued to May 4th to present the
2:25:39PM draft ordinance on chapter 27.
2:25:41PM This will be moved to when the presentation of the draft
2:25:44PM ordinance is presented under unfinished business.
2:25:49PM >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to put it under unfinished business.
2:25:52PM >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
2:25:53PM All in favor, aye.

2:25:54PM [Motion Carried]
2:25:57PM >>THE CLERK: That is it.
2:25:59PM >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby, do you have anything?
2:26:01PM We go to our audience portion.
2:26:03PM Anyone in the audience like to speak?
2:26:05PM We stand adjourned.
2:26:08PM (The meeting was adjourned at 2:26 p.m.)