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Tampa City Council meeting
Thursday, May 18, 2006
Community Redevelopment Agency
8:30 a.m

[Sounding gavel]
08:39:14 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Good morning everyone.
08:39:16 Hello.
08:39:23 The Community Redevelopment Agency is now called to
08:39:25 order.
08:39:25 Roll call, please.
08:39:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
08:39:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
08:39:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
08:39:33 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
08:39:36 Okay, Mr. Huey.
08:39:39 Good morning.
08:39:42 Item 1.
08:39:46 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.
08:39:52 On April 6th, you sitting as City Council made a
08:39:57 major decision and took the first step towards
08:40:02 creating a community redevelopment area for the
08:40:05 Central Park area.
08:40:06 On that date, you unanimously approved a planning of
08:40:12 light for this area.
08:40:13 According to applicable Florida statutes.
08:40:15 Since then the Planning Commission staff and their
08:40:18 consultants have been working very hard through a
08:40:20 community based planning process to develop a CRA
08:40:24 plan, and you are familiar with those.
08:40:27 It's a long-term-looking vision of the area.
08:40:32 30-year time horizon.
08:40:34 And among other things intended to meet the very legal
08:40:38 requirement of Florida statute.
08:40:40 And it essentially represents a broad brushed approach
08:40:44 to dealing with the conditions of blight that you
08:40:49 certified on April 6th.
08:40:51 You all have received a copy of that plan.
08:40:53 The consultants are here today to answer questions
08:40:56 that you may have about that plan.
08:40:59 And I'm here to sort of answer some other questions
08:41:01 about the process that we are going through together.
08:41:08 The specific action that is being requested of you

08:41:10 today is to accept the plan and transmit it to the
08:41:16 Planning Commission for their review for comp plan
08:41:19 consistency.
08:41:21 And so we would ask that you do that.
08:41:27 I will tell you there are some scrivener errors in the
08:41:29 document so the document is being modified, and the
08:41:34 consultant can tell you about those changes.
08:41:36 But we would like for the motion to read -- and will
08:41:41 help us with that -- so that the document that we will
08:41:43 actually be getting it about noon today will be the
08:41:45 document that's transmitted to the Planning
08:41:47 Commission.
08:41:48 And, of course, there will be an opportunity for the
08:41:50 Planning Commission to interact with that document,
08:41:53 and the CRA board as well as you look to actually
08:41:57 approve the document later in our schedule.
08:42:00 And let me remained you of the schedule.
08:42:04 Is the Elmo on?
08:42:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We are not getting it on our monitor.
08:42:19 >>GWEN MILLER: We can see it up there.
08:42:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Turn at round.
08:42:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mark needs to come visit us more

08:42:34 often.
08:42:35 Huh Huey do.
08:42:36 You see it now on your monitors.
08:42:38 You see the dates here.
08:42:39 Of course, today, the action that we requested, on May
08:42:43 22nd the Planning Commission will have their
08:42:46 public meeting for comprehensive plan consistency
08:42:50 determination.
08:42:53 On June 1st, the CRA will have a special meeting
08:42:56 to recommend approval of the plan.
08:42:59 And City Council will call for public hearing on the
08:43:02 plan.
08:43:04 And the first reading of the TIF ordinance.
08:43:07 On June 7th, we will be before the Board of County
08:43:10 Commissioners for approval of CRA-city interlocal
08:43:18 agreement.
08:43:18 An important part of the process.
08:43:20 And on June 22nd, council will have the public
08:43:26 hearing on the plan for approval, and the second
08:43:29 reading on the adoption of the TIF ordinance.
08:43:32 So those are the milestones along the way.
08:43:35 Added into this, I'll make a couple other notes. The

08:43:38 interlocal agreement of course will come before you as
08:43:40 well for approval and we'll be working that into the
08:43:44 schedule of events.
08:43:48 I'll also make you aware, while the CRA plan is for a
08:43:55 143-acre part of our community, an important element
08:43:59 of that is the redevelopment of Central Park Village,
08:44:01 the housing authority board will be holding a special
08:44:03 workshop on Monday.
08:44:06 I think they sent invitations to each of you and would
08:44:10 welcome your attendance at that so you can see the
08:44:15 progress they and Bank of America are making on the
08:44:18 redevelopment plan there.
08:44:19 So while the redevelopment plan that we are pursuing
08:44:21 is much bigger than Central Park -- I know that's been
08:44:25 of interest to council -- but it would again welcome
08:44:27 your involvement in their workshop on Monday.
08:44:31 I'd like to speak -- are there any comments about the
08:44:35 general time line?
08:44:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any questions?
08:44:40 Mr. Dingfelder?
08:44:41 Okay.
08:44:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Huey.

08:44:44 We have been talking about this area for years and
08:44:45 years and years.
08:44:47 I have not seen this specific plan before this
08:44:50 morning.
08:44:50 So what I'd like to do is have another opportunity for
08:44:56 more in-depth briefing, perhaps in the Mascotte room
08:44:59 or something like that.
08:45:00 But I feel like this is significant, and it certainly
08:45:06 requires more conversation and chewing on to
08:45:09 understand the breadth of the content.
08:45:10 >>MARK HUEY: That's fine.
08:45:12 We would be glad to workshop that with the CRA board.
08:45:19 I appreciate all the interest that you have in this
08:45:21 area and support you in your due diligence over this
08:45:27 effort.
08:45:27 We would ask that you help us maintain the time line
08:45:30 that we were on.
08:45:32 >> Absolutely.
08:45:33 >>> And appreciate your cooperation in that regard.
08:45:35 Again the significance in terms of trying to complete
08:45:38 this process prior to June 30th so we can create
08:45:42 the TIF-base year through the current calendar year.

08:45:47 So we appreciate your commendation in that regard.
08:45:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Looking at your schedule, which is
08:45:53 a very tight one, on June 7th, I guess we are
08:46:00 going to try to get on the county commission agenda,
08:46:04 and hopefully win their approval in the interlocal
08:46:09 agreement, which is all fine and good.
08:46:11 What I suggest -- and I'll make a motion at some point
08:46:14 in this meeting but I'd like your input, Mr. Huey, on
08:46:19 this issue is, I would like us to send them whatever
08:46:23 we approve today, and whatever is printed by noon, I'd
08:46:27 like under the cover letter from Madam Chair, I'd like
08:46:30 us to send them a courtesy copy, all seven of them.
08:46:34 So that way, they have five weeks, four?
08:46:43 Three weeks to review this.
08:46:48 And so there's nobody that can say they got this till
08:46:53 July 2nd.
08:46:54 But I want to do it June 5th and have them make
08:46:59 a -- obviously it will need Planning Commission input,
08:47:02 and make that clear in the cover letter.
08:47:05 It is a draft.
08:47:06 But I think it's really important.
08:47:11 And let me speak to that briefly.

08:47:14 I know the mayor sent commissioner Norman a letter on
08:47:16 April 25th that you all received a copy of.
08:47:19 And I think it captures the spirit of really a year's
08:47:25 worth that we have been engaged in with the county.
08:47:28 And the process started over a year ago.
08:47:30 The first meeting that we had is with the county
08:47:33 relating to the possibility of creating the CRA.
08:47:36 Actually occurred in March of '05 with Commissioner
08:47:39 Scott, who was designated by the county commission to
08:47:43 be a point person on this particular project, Pat Bean
08:47:48 was part of that first meeting, and we have continued
08:47:50 to work with them in a partnership way, all the way
08:47:54 from working through the Tampa housing authority,
08:47:57 selection of another developer, to each major
08:48:00 milestone as wave gone along this process.
08:48:03 And we have appreciated that partnership.
08:48:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think the process has been
08:48:10 greatly improved.
08:48:11 But we need to make sure that we continue that.
08:48:14 Because obviously Commissioner Scott is constrained by
08:48:16 sunshine just as we are.
08:48:17 So you can't communicate with his -- he can't

08:48:22 communicate with his fellow commissioners and anything
08:48:23 we can do to continue to inform them in advance of
08:48:26 June 7th I think would be --
08:48:28 >>> I think your gesture would be appreciated.
08:48:30 I did want to make you aware, and aware of all the
08:48:33 efforts through them and through other staff that we
08:48:35 are working with at the county, they received a copy
08:48:39 of the blight study, and yesterday three copies of the
08:48:43 plan were transmitted per their request to their
08:48:47 staff.
08:48:48 They have identified a staff person who is now working
08:48:51 with us as a point person on this particular project.
08:48:54 And so we are in regular contact, working toward the
08:48:59 June 6th date, and we again hope to continue --
08:49:03 that the positive momentum that we have in working
08:49:05 with the county up to this point, it's been a good
08:49:08 partnership.
08:49:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The other question I have, Madam
08:49:11 Chair, is regards to the land use proposed future land
08:49:16 use.
08:49:18 It's an unnumbered page, I guess.
08:49:20 I don't know if your consultant wants to speak to

08:49:24 that.
08:49:27 >>> Absolutely.
08:49:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess I was a little bit
08:49:30 surprised to see majority, looks like about
08:49:33 three-fourths of the land being proposed as an RMU
08:49:38 100, which I guess by anybody's definition is sort of
08:49:43 a high-rise category, most intense category in our
08:49:50 land use plan, maybe a UMU.
08:49:54 But, anyway, who wants to speak to that?
08:50:00 >>> Good morning.
08:50:01 Jim Hosler, Planning Commission staff.
08:50:04 Yes, RMU is an upplanning.
08:50:09 There's R-83 to the north.
08:50:13 In meeting with your staff, it was decided to kind of
08:50:18 Taylor the entire area after what we understand coming
08:50:24 in, possibly a park area, and what you will see if you
08:50:29 go to the Tampa housing authority meeting under the
08:50:33 proposal is that level of density, that is RMU 100,
08:50:36 which is currently in the southern portion of the
08:50:38 area.
08:50:38 So we envision the area transitioning to something
08:50:42 like that over the entire planning horizon of 30

08:50:47 years.
08:50:47 So that's where that came from.
08:50:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess I had some notion that this
08:50:56 was going to be more of a low-rise/mid-rise area, and
08:51:02 maybe I'm just totally off base.
08:51:05 Is the developer who is proposing Central Park is
08:51:07 proposing high-rises?
08:51:08 I haven't seen that plan.
08:51:09 I mean, it's probably been given to me.
08:51:12 I just haven't seen it.
08:51:16 >>MARK HUEY: Actually, you haven't.
08:51:18 They are going to be unveiling it -- that might be too
08:51:22 dramatic a word -- but sharing that at the workshop
08:51:25 scheduled for the 22nd.
08:51:26 So that will be the first time that their planning
08:51:29 concept becomes public.
08:51:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We'll give a little sneak preview.
08:51:36 Talking about how many stories?
08:51:39 >>MARK HUEY: It varies across the site.
08:51:41 So the density and height across the plan.
08:51:47 >> And what's the maximum?
08:51:49 >>> I really can't remember exactly the height.

08:51:53 I think they are actually still working on their plan
08:51:55 in anticipation.
08:51:56 >> 5? Or 20?
08:52:03 >> Yes, you might want to make that clearer to people.
08:52:05 >>> Higher.
08:52:05 I think they have an element you will see on the
08:52:07 southern boundary that they are proposing, what you
08:52:10 would consider mid-rise development, 10 to 12 stories,
08:52:14 I believe.
08:52:16 So I hate to really comment on their plan in a vague
08:52:21 way.
08:52:23 When they make it public it will become apparent to
08:52:26 all of us but they are planning to make it an urban
08:52:29 neighborhood of significant density, primarily a
08:52:32 residential-based community.
08:52:34 That is the concept contemplated.
08:52:45 >>> Let me add something to what I said previously.
08:52:47 The majority of it is within the CBD periphery.
08:52:51 And there's actually a bonus allowed within the CBD
08:52:56 periphery.
08:53:00 So in effect it could put 200 where the RMU 100 is now
08:53:04 if they actually wanted to.

08:53:06 But if you take 20 acres which is what that site is,
08:53:13 you can have mid-rises in there that meet the vision I
08:53:20 think you're talking about but rate now nobody knows
08:53:22 until what's presented on Monday is presented as to
08:53:25 what the actual number of stories are, consistent with
08:53:28 RMU 100, I understand, which means it's probably
08:53:32 somewhere about 85 to 90% of RMU 100.
08:53:37 That's what that means.
08:53:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just because, I guess, we had this
08:53:45 discussion before, that as we approach Ybor City we
08:53:47 have to be sensitive to the character of Ybor City.
08:53:50 And even though I think all of us recognize that this
08:53:55 is sort of an extension of Channelside and an
08:54:01 extension of downtown, just say extension of the -- I
08:54:05 always mess that up -- CBD -- central business
08:54:09 district periphery, I think we just have to be very,
08:54:13 very cautious on that issue of sensitivity in Ybor
08:54:16 City.
08:54:19 And I'm sure you guys are.
08:54:21 >>> Yes, sir.
08:54:22 Understand.
08:54:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any other questions for Mr. Huey or

08:54:27 Mr. Hosler?
08:54:28 Okay.
08:54:29 We have a resolution.
08:54:30 Would you like to move it?
08:54:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What do we do about the typos?
08:54:38 >>THE CLERK: Make a resolution with the understanding
08:54:40 that it will be improved or --
08:54:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Corrections made.
08:54:49 >> So moved.
08:54:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a motion and second to move
08:54:52 the resolution.
08:54:53 Please indicate by saying Aye.
08:54:56 Nays?
08:54:56 Motion passes.
08:54:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, before we forget, I
08:55:02 don't want to lose this opportunity to get more
08:55:04 information.
08:55:04 So what I would like to do is set up a meeting in the
08:55:07 Mascotte room.
08:55:12 Perhaps meet before next Thursday's council meeting.
08:55:17 I'm thinking something that is -- before today's
08:55:21 meeting with Mr. Territo, do we not require four CRA

08:55:27 members for a quorum to get a meeting going, that we
08:55:30 only require 3 but 4 for action.
08:55:36 The first thing is to have Mr. Territo bring back the
08:55:39 availability to CRA to have only three members.
08:55:43 So I would like you to research that, bring it back so
08:55:45 we can move on that.
08:55:48 >>SAL TERRITO: And the motion would be assuming you
08:55:50 are going to make a motion that 3 would be a quorum
08:55:53 for meeting purposes but 4 a minimum for any action.
08:55:56 Let me research that.
08:55:57 I don't think that's a problem.
08:55:59 Let me research and make sure there aren't any
08:56:01 problems.
08:56:10 I make that motion, that we ask you to research that
08:56:13 and bring it back to CRA.
08:56:14 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I'll second it.
08:56:18 Motion and second that Mr. Territo research whether 3
08:56:24 would constitute a quorum, or -- and 4 for a vote.
08:56:31 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.
08:56:34 Nay?
08:56:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Nay.
08:56:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And the motion would be, I guess it

08:56:43 would be a CRA meeting.
08:56:44 Why don't we just call it special discussion meeting
08:56:46 in the Mascotte room at 8:30 next Thursday morning for
08:56:51 the purpose of hearing more about discussing this plan
08:56:55 as we have it in our hand?
08:56:57 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a motion.
08:56:58 Any second?
08:57:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Actually, rather than the Mascotte
08:57:04 room, just have it here.
08:57:06 Next Thursday, 8:30.
08:57:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
08:57:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a motion and second.
08:57:14 >>GWEN MILLER: A special discussion meeting next
08:57:17 Thursday morning at 8:30.
08:57:25 >>THE CLERK: But it will not be an official CRA
08:57:28 meeting.
08:57:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Just discussion.
08:57:33 Do we have a second on that?
08:57:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
08:57:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: A motion and second to meet at 8:30, a
08:57:40 special discussion meeting here at 8:30 next week,
08:57:43 which will be the 25th.

08:57:45 All in favor pleas indicate by saying Aye.
08:57:46 (Motion carried).
08:57:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just to codify my discussion
08:57:59 before, I would like to make a motion that under your
08:58:02 cover letter, we transmit -- I guess is it improved
08:58:08 plan?
08:58:08 Whatever we approve today, to the members of the
08:58:11 county commission for immediate delivery.
08:58:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
08:58:20 >>> May I make a suggestion?
08:58:21 The Planning Commission will be looking at this Monday
08:58:23 on a special meeting to look at the comprehensive
08:58:26 plan.
08:58:26 Would you want to wait until that comes back?
08:58:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: no, that's my whole point.
08:58:30 I want them to get this today and the cover let worry
08:58:32 specifically say this is a draft, still has to go to
08:58:35 Planning Commission but we wanted you to have courtesy
08:58:37 copy so you can start looking at it in anticipation of
08:58:39 your June 7th meeting.
08:58:41 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a motion.
08:58:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

08:58:47 >>MARY ALVAREZ: All in favor please indicate by saying
08:58:51 Aye.
08:58:51 Nay?
08:58:52 (Motion carried).
08:58:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Also a copy to the county
08:58:56 administrator.
08:58:56 >>MARY ALVAREZ: All right.
08:59:01 Did you want to ask for a special meeting on June
08:59:03 1st?
08:59:06 >>> Yes.
08:59:06 On June 1st a special meeting for about 15
08:59:08 minutes.
08:59:08 Wall happen is that you will -- there will be two
08:59:11 actions.
08:59:12 One will be taken by the CRA, one by the City Council.
08:59:15 The Planning Commission will be submitting the plan
08:59:17 back to you by that time.
08:59:20 Then you will be Smith it to the City Council to set
08:59:24 up a public hearing.
08:59:25 And so we need to have a meeting with the CRA to do
08:59:28 that transmittal.
08:59:29 And then you will have your City Council meeting same

08:59:36 day as the City Council meeting.
08:59:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: A 15 minute meeting on John 1st,
08:59:40 do it at 8:45, June 1st.
08:59:46 We have a motion and a second to have a meeting on
08:59:52 June 1st, 8:45, here.
08:59:58 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.
09:00:02 Passes.
09:00:03 Okay.
09:00:03 Item 2.
09:00:08 >>> Before I exit stage left I want to make note of
09:00:11 one other item to the heights project that we have
09:00:14 been working on for some time now.
09:00:16 On your council agenda later this morning is a routine
09:00:19 matter, in all respects typically, it's the scheduling
09:00:23 of public hearings for that project relating to the
09:00:26 rezoning, the creation of the CBD and so forth, and
09:00:31 while I was before you, I just wanted to acknowledge
09:00:33 the significance of that, the Hite development team
09:00:38 has been working very hard to position the project for
09:00:41 this important staging of the public approval, and
09:00:46 many, many staff around the city have as well.
09:00:49 And so with that in mind, if there were any questions

09:00:51 that you had of us now, about the heights project, I
09:00:56 will be glad to answer them.
09:00:57 I will tell you because of the complexity of that
09:01:00 public approval process we will be scheduling in-depth
09:01:03 briefings with you as we work towards the data of June
09:01:06 22nd when we will bring that before you for the
09:01:10 first approval.
09:01:13 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Any questions?
09:01:14 Mr. Dingfelder?
09:01:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's interesting you mention that,
09:01:19 Mr. Huey.
09:01:21 There's been some scuttlebutt around town that that
09:01:25 project has moved slowly through the city system.
09:01:31 And I just wonder if you have any comment or response
09:01:35 to that, or agree or disagree.
09:01:40 I know it's an unusual project.
09:01:43 I know there's a lot of detail.
09:01:44 And we always want you all to be vigilant in that type
09:01:48 of detail.
09:01:48 But there's also a window of opportunity here to get a
09:01:52 big project like that going, and wave to balance that.
09:01:55 So throwing all that at you, your comments?

09:01:58 Huh hue I can only -- I think what I can represent is
09:02:02 our city staff has moved very expeditiously in
09:02:06 response to developers.
09:02:08 They have gotten through their process.
09:02:10 It's a two-way process.
09:02:11 We are obviously dependent on when they submit things
09:02:14 to the city for review.
09:02:15 And we are providing comments back.
09:02:18 So it's an iterative process through all the way.
09:02:23 And I think when you hear from the developer that they
09:02:26 will feel like the city has been responsive.
09:02:28 I think the one area that has certainly been unusually
09:02:32 complex is the financial arrangement.
09:02:35 You will be being briefed on that as we move forward.
09:02:39 So other than that particular area, again given the
09:02:45 complexity of this project -- remember we are taking a
09:02:47 piece of city property and really reinventing it,
09:02:53 recapturing it, for every utility, street grid.
09:02:58 So it is unprecedented in the type of project that has
09:03:02 come through the city for approval.
09:03:04 So there is no template, if you will.
09:03:07 It's not a typical project.

09:03:10 And that would be my comment to you.
09:03:16 I think from my perspective I can speak.
09:03:19 We have had again staff from virtually every
09:03:21 department in the city integrated and working on this
09:03:24 project and working through a myriad of very
09:03:28 challenging issues.
09:03:29 And again we are pleased with the responsiveness that
09:03:31 the staff has made to the submittal of the developer.
09:03:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm glad to see it on our calendar
09:03:43 and hopefully we'll be moving forward.
09:03:45 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
09:03:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Item 2.
09:03:53 >>MICHAEL CHEN: Good morning.
09:03:54 On May 4th you discussed the Channel District plan
09:03:57 draft and approved a plan subject to three amendments
09:04:02 that you had brought up in your discussion.
09:04:05 At the conclusion of that, you asked us to come back
09:04:08 to you today to describe a time line as to the
09:04:12 implementation of the plans, recommendations.
09:04:18 Thom Snelling is distributing a graphic to you that
09:04:21 reflects the time line that we have put together.
09:04:26 And actually you will notice as you get this in color

09:04:30 that the biggest block of the time line is an area of
09:04:36 pink.
09:04:37 This is actually reflecting work being done in the
09:04:41 zoning department to draft the revisions to the land
09:04:44 development codes, so the plan could be implemented.
09:04:48 And for that reason, it might be appropriate for Thom
09:04:52 to come up and describe to you his expectations of the
09:04:58 activity they will be undertaking during that long
09:05:02 segment of time.
09:05:07 >>THOM SNELLING: Business housing development.
09:05:12 The time lane, as you go through, you see the actions
09:05:16 you have already taken as a CRA board.
09:05:18 And I've met with Cathy.
09:05:23 We penciled this in to get started right on June
09:05:26 1st and then have it completed by the first week,
09:05:30 roughly the first week in August, and transmitted to
09:05:33 the Planning Commission so the Planning Commission can
09:05:36 have their public meeting at that time.
09:05:38 During that area between June 1st and basically
09:05:41 August 10th, we will schedule council workshop.
09:05:48 Cathy will come up either later today or sometime and
09:05:50 schedule council workshop to talk to you about the

09:05:53 development changes, the code changes, as well as
09:05:55 having at least one -- and depending on how well that
09:06:02 goes -- community meetings to do some public input and
09:06:05 presentation of the plan.
09:06:06 So by the time it gets to the Planning Commission,
09:06:09 City Council will have had two, maybe three
09:06:11 opportunities to look at each one and kind of offer
09:06:14 their input to that you are that whole process.
09:06:17 Once it comes back from the Planning Commission -- and
09:06:22 you all understand that -- -- once it comes back it
09:06:25 will be scheduled for doc agenda before City Council,
09:06:28 then the actual public hearing, the public workshops,
09:06:31 the official public workshops will take place.
09:06:34 It's like any other kind of an ordinance.
09:06:36 It's first reading, and then two weeks later is the
09:06:39 second reading.
09:06:40 It's a very aggressive time line.
09:06:43 It's a very short time line.
09:06:48 Cathy is already starting to stress a little bit about
09:06:50 it.
09:06:51 But she assures me that once the train leaves, it's
09:06:55 going to be moving very quickly.

09:06:56 And we will expect people to respond to it quickly.
09:07:00 Because I know council is very anxious to have an
09:07:03 ordinance in front of them, to have some teeth, so to
09:07:06 speak, so they can start using those teeth to -- I
09:07:09 don't want to say chew on other projects, but treat
09:07:12 them in a kinder and gentler way.
09:07:15 But I'm available for any questions you might have.
09:07:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:07:19 This is great.
09:07:20 It's clear.
09:07:20 It's ambitious.
09:07:22 And the only thing I want to encourage --
09:07:24 >>> And colorful.
09:07:26 >> And colorful.
09:07:27 But as soon as possible, as soon as you have a sense
09:07:30 in your maned for something for the public to respond
09:07:32 to, get the word out there to the people in the
09:07:35 planning and in the Channel District.
09:07:37 And I think that the meeting of council sitting as a
09:07:43 CRA had in the Channel District is so productive in
09:07:46 terms of engaging the community and hearing their
09:07:48 concerns -- and I think you might want to schedule

09:07:51 something like that.
09:07:51 >>THOM SNELLING: There's so many stakeholders.
09:07:56 >> Well, it's really important.
09:07:57 And the one thing that could slow this up is if the
09:08:00 people who are impacted by this don't have the
09:08:02 opportunity to provide input early on.
09:08:04 So that's why we suggested perhaps you go ahead and
09:08:07 think of two dates this summer, while it's still in an
09:08:12 ameliable form, to incorporate their concerns.
09:08:15 But this is excellent.
09:08:16 We are really eager to be able to implement this plan.
09:08:18 >>> That is clearly one of the things Cathy pointed
09:08:20 out to me, you are talking about the periphery area.
09:08:23 And everybody thinks, well, Channel District, Channel
09:08:25 District, Channel District.
09:08:26 But it's a piece of it for sure.
09:08:28 And Tampa impetus is to make a lot of those things
09:08:30 happen came from that plan.
09:08:32 But it is a periphery area, which includes parts of
09:08:35 the downtown, Ybor City, everything.
09:08:39 I mean, it's a very large area.
09:08:40 So it's not just a small little Channel District

09:08:42 that's being affected here.
09:08:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's confusing me a little.
09:08:49 >>> The Channel District plan itself talks about the
09:08:51 various amenities.
09:08:52 The periphery of bonus is going to be part of these
09:08:54 changes.
09:08:55 The formula is how you calculate additional densities
09:09:00 or ratios or Hite.
09:09:03 Mr. Hosler referenced that when he was talking about
09:09:06 the CRA for Central Park Village.
09:09:07 It's not really in the Channel District but it is
09:09:09 within the periphery area, that they may be able to
09:09:11 take advantage of some of those things.
09:09:13 If they are bringing additional kinds of amenities to
09:09:15 the table.
09:09:16 To take advantage.
09:09:17 That's what the periphery area really is for.
09:09:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I understand what the periphery
09:09:21 area is.
09:09:22 But it's news to me that this set of code changes is
09:09:29 taking in the periphery area as opposed to just
09:09:32 focusing on the Channelside.

09:09:34 My concern is, are we biting off more than we should?
09:09:38 Should we just focus on Channelside so we make sure we
09:09:41 get it done?
09:09:43 >>> The periphery area, that's going to be working on
09:09:45 the actual formula.
09:09:48 That's going to allow it to be used as a tool.
09:09:51 The plan itself, the Channel District plan itself will
09:09:54 affect just the Channel District, CD 1 and 2 and
09:09:58 however it's defined.
09:09:59 It's almost two major pieces happening at the same
09:10:04 time.
09:10:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I was going to say, but the strategic
09:10:10 action plan is strictly for the Channel District, and
09:10:13 it's not the periphery, it's the whole district
09:10:16 itself.
09:10:16 >>THOM SNELLING: Correct.
09:10:19 That is correct.
09:10:19 But the periphery is what allows the formulas and the
09:10:24 ratios that will look at bonus densities and things
09:10:26 like that, are going to be applied to the periphery
09:10:29 area.
09:10:33 >> How far does the periphery go?

09:10:36 >>> I don't know.
09:10:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I know it jumps the river over
09:10:39 there by Publix.
09:10:40 >>CATHERINE COYLE: I apologize, I have laryngitis.
09:10:47 The periphery area, I can provide a map if you need
09:10:50 it.
09:10:50 It does cover up to the center boundary of the Tampa
09:10:53 Heights area.
09:10:54 It does cover the Bayshore one project across the
09:10:57 river on the south side, portions of the historic
09:11:00 district, and it does cover the Central Park area as
09:11:04 well, downtown.
09:11:07 There's two distinct pieces.
09:11:09 The plan that we will be implementing, the design
09:11:11 package, I believe, and the plan which talks about the
09:11:15 landscaping, widening sidewalks, building designs, the
09:11:18 urban design aspect, those will be written in to the
09:11:22 Channel District, district itself, in the zoning code.
09:11:26 The second piece to that, which is from memory a
09:11:28 calculation for getting the bonus F.A.R. in the CBD
09:11:32 periphery, that applies to the entire periphery.
09:11:35 We came up with a basic escalation to draw down from

09:11:41 the bonus F.A.R. which council can consider.
09:11:44 But what we read when we looked at that calculation is
09:11:46 that it really is the entire periphery.
09:11:49 I came before you, I believe, a couple of weeks ago
09:11:52 and mentioned that David Smith and I were working on
09:11:54 that glitch bill to address that bonus periphery as
09:11:56 well.
09:11:57 And that calculate essentially will cover the entire
09:12:00 area, the majority of land use in the peripheries RMU
09:12:05 100 and also covered in the comp plan.
09:12:09 It's a huge gap.
09:12:10 And we have had to deal with that in the rezoning.
09:12:13 So this is our opportunity to get that in the code to
09:12:18 fix that gap as well as to fix the Channel District in
09:12:24 line with the strategic plan.
09:12:25 Does that make sense?
09:12:26 I'm sorry my voice is so crackly.
09:12:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It makes sense.
09:12:31 I think we have to have a lot of conversation, that
09:12:34 the people in Hyde Park I don't think have a clue that
09:12:38 they are going to be impacted.
09:12:39 I don't think the people in Tampa Heights understand

09:12:41 that they are on the periphery.
09:12:44 That needs to be maybe a separate conversation.
09:12:48 Not that it shouldn't be part of this.
09:12:49 But we need to let all of the neighborhood
09:12:53 organizations know.
09:12:54 We need to let them know what the trade-off means,
09:12:57 that the height can double, F.A.R.s can double, and
09:13:00 make sure that if they support something like that,
09:13:03 that included all the things that they carry about,
09:13:05 like maybe -- that all of that is included.
09:13:10 >>CATHERINE COYLE: I absolutely agree.
09:13:13 And Thom and I were hoping to have a series of public
09:13:16 workshops essentially.
09:13:18 Historic Hyde Park especially.
09:13:20 Very vocal Tampa Heights, a very vocal neighborhood.
09:13:24 We'll need to get input from the periphery along Ybor
09:13:27 City and the Channel District.
09:13:28 So there may be a series of at least four public
09:13:31 meetings in the neighborhoods to talk to them.
09:13:33 And I was hoping at least two council workshops in
09:13:37 July before we actually transmit it to the Planning
09:13:39 Commission.

09:13:40 It's going to be very -- we hope to make everybody
09:13:46 happy.
09:13:47 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Good.
09:13:48 Any other questions?
09:13:50 Mr. Chen, anything else?
09:13:54 Mr. Territo?
09:13:55 Okay.
09:13:59 Do we need to receive and file all documents?
09:14:02 >>GWEN MILLER: So moved.
09:14:03 >> Second.
09:14:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Motion to receive and file all
09:14:07 documents.
09:14:07 (Motion carried)
09:14:09 If there's nothing else to come before this agency, we
09:14:11 are.
09:14:18 Adjourned.
09:14:19 (meeting adjourned)