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Tampa City Council
Thursday, May 25, 2006
6:00 p.m. session

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[Sounding gavel]
18:07:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
18:07:36 The chair will yield to Mr. Shawn Harrison.
18:07:39 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, Madam Chair.
18:07:41 It's my pleasure this evening to introduce a friend, a
18:07:45 new friend, and someone that I got to see last Friday,
18:07:49 unfortunately, at officer Toby O'Brien's funeral and
18:07:53 got to speak with him a few minutes about that and
18:07:56 just shared a nice conversation in the back here this

18:07:58 evening.
18:07:58 Pastor Kerry Nance of South Side Baptist church.
18:08:06 Will you please stand and remain standing for the
18:08:08 pledge of allegiance.
18:08:11 >>> Let us pray.
18:08:13 Our father, we are grateful today that we can be here
18:08:16 tonight and, Lord, we want to thank you for your grace
18:08:21 and the grace that you give through Jesus Christ.
18:08:25 Lord, we thank you for how Lord you have been good to
18:08:32 us, and we cannot help but give you thanks for how you
18:08:35 have cared and protected, and Lord, just blessed us in
18:08:40 so many ways.
18:08:40 Lord, tonight I pray for the councilmen and these men
18:08:44 and ladies that have been elected to this position,
18:08:47 and I pray tonight that you would give them great
18:08:50 wisdom and discern.
18:08:52 And understanding of you and of the means of the
18:08:55 people here.
18:08:56 And father, we just pray that your will and way will
18:08:58 be accomplished.
18:08:59 And Lord, we want to just thank you again for the
18:09:02 freedom we have in this place.

18:09:05 And Lord, we know that many place as round this globe
18:09:08 do not experience what we have here in America and
18:09:11 even in Tampa, Florida.
18:09:13 So we are grateful for that and ask your hand and
18:09:16 blessing upon this time.
18:09:18 It's in Jesus name we pray.
18:09:19 Amen.
18:09:23 (Pledge of Allegiance)
18:09:40 Roll call.
18:09:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
18:09:43 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Here.
18:09:46 >>KEVIN WHITE: Here.
18:09:47 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
18:09:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
18:09:51 Marty Boyle.
18:09:53 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: First I would like to quickly
18:09:55 tell you that every time I get up here, say my name is
18:09:58 Marty Boyle.
18:09:59 However, several months ago I got married.
18:10:01 And my name is actually Marty McDonald now.
18:10:05 So I get nervous when I get up here so I say "Marty
18:10:08 Boyle."

18:10:09 >> Now you say Marty McDonald.
18:10:14 >> You can call me whatever you want.
18:10:16 >>GWEN MILLER: I'll write it down, McDonald.
18:10:18 >>> Item number 1 was a misnotice.
18:10:20 ZO 5-146.
18:10:23 They have not contacted our office.
18:10:24 They have not paid their amendment fee.
18:10:27 It cannot go forward.
18:10:28 Item number 2, Z 05-155 also was a misnotice.
18:10:35 They have not paid their amendment fee.
18:10:36 It cannot go forward.
18:10:39 Item number 3, Z05-164.
18:10:45 Petitioner has paid their fee.
18:10:47 And they asked if they could be rescheduled.
18:10:49 They misnoticed.
18:10:50 They asked that they be rescheduled to the earliest
18:10:53 dated, which is July 27th.
18:10:57 We have an opening.
18:11:00 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
18:11:02 >> Second.
18:11:02 (Motion carried).
18:11:04 >>MARTY BOYLE: Now if we can skip down to item number

18:11:10 9. Z06-54. They have misnoticed.
18:11:17 They have been paid the amendment fee.
18:11:19 The first date would be for them also July 27th.
18:11:23 >> So moved.
18:11:23 >> Second.
18:11:23 (Motion carried)
18:11:24 >>THE CLERK: We still need a motion for number 1 and 2
18:11:34 to allow them to file a new petition.
18:11:38 >> Move number 1 and 2.
18:11:40 >> Second.
18:11:40 (Motion carried).
18:11:40 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to open item number 3.
18:11:45 Number 4.
18:11:45 I'm sorry, number 4.
18:11:47 >>KEVIN WHITE: It's continued.
18:11:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Continued, yes.
18:11:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public that's going to
18:12:00 speak on 4 through 10, please stand and raise your
18:12:03 right hand.
18:12:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Three housekeeping items.
18:12:19 First I ask that all written communications relative
18:12:21 to today's hearings that have been available to the

18:12:24 public at council's office be received and filed into
18:12:26 the record at this time.
18:12:30 >> So moved.
18:12:30 >> Second.
18:12:31 (Motion carried).
18:12:34 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Secondly, a reminder if any member of
18:12:36 council has had any verbal communication was any
18:12:38 petitioner, his or her representative, or any members
18:12:40 of the public in connection with any of the petitions
18:12:42 that will be heard tonight, please disclose the
18:12:44 identity of the person, group or entity with whom the
18:12:47 verbal communication occurred, and to move the evening
18:12:53 along rather quickly, please, I put a little sign up
18:12:56 there to remind you, when you state your name reaffirm
18:12:59 for the record that you have been sworn.
18:13:02 Over the holidays I received this as a gift, my "have
18:13:05 you been sworn" red hat.
18:13:06 I wear it if I have to.
18:13:08 But please, spare me.
18:13:09 So if you could just remember to say you have been
18:13:13 sworn.
18:13:13 Thank you, council, for your indulgence.

18:13:21 >>> Marty ... McDonald.
18:13:26 Land development.
18:13:26 I have been sworn.
18:13:27 We are looking at item number 4.
18:13:30 Z05-180. This is a continued case.
18:13:35 First came to you as a Euclidean case.
18:13:39 And there were neighborhood concerns with it being
18:13:41 Euclidean, that they could not have a say in the
18:13:45 setbacks or in what the project might look like.
18:13:51 So amended their petition to a planned development.
18:13:53 I believe they came before you a couple meetings ago.
18:13:56 I don't have the exact date here, I'm sorry.
18:14:00 Actually, March 23rd, 2006.
18:14:03 And they did not have elevations.
18:14:10 Council directed them to come forward and show what
18:14:13 the project might look like.
18:14:16 Would council like me to refresh your memory on the
18:14:19 project?
18:14:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Council members?
18:14:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
18:14:22 Yes.
18:14:25 >>> Everything in the area is zoned RM-16.

18:14:30 They originally came for Euclidean to go RS 50. They
18:14:37 are splitting the lot. They are only short, I
18:14:38 believe, once they do that, 2.4 feet for each lot of
18:14:43 the RS-60 designation.
18:14:47 If you look at the aerial, it's western Lois.
18:14:54 And it is east of Hebert.
18:15:07 It would be demolished.
18:15:10 This is looking, I believe, that is looking east on
18:15:14 Obispo.
18:15:16 This is looking west on Obispo.
18:15:18 And you will see another in the neighborhood.
18:15:22 This is one of the homes existing in the had
18:15:25 neighborhoods.
18:15:26 Yet another home.
18:15:32 And the objections to the case are just a standing
18:15:40 objection from land development.
18:15:42 They have shown elevations.
18:15:44 I believe you have them in front of you.
18:15:45 They have kind of four elevations in front of you.
18:15:51 Land development's main objection to the case is the
18:15:55 removing of the existing housing stock.
18:15:58 I believe petitioner will speak to the house is in

18:16:01 deteriorating condition, but it is a standard comment
18:16:05 that we have that we object to that removal.
18:16:09 Also, not included in your staff report, but I passed
18:16:12 out a revised staff report, is an objection from land
18:16:18 development, landscaping, for chapter 13.
18:16:25 Mary Daniels had some comments.
18:16:32 I'll put this on the Elmo.
18:16:35 There's two lots.
18:16:40 The lot to the east, there are several trees that
18:16:45 would be removed by the footprint of where the
18:16:47 building is.
18:16:54 They would come out.
18:16:55 And it was their objection that the trees are being
18:16:58 removed.
18:16:59 And they asked if this they're couldn't be a different
18:17:01 footprint carved out.
18:17:04 This example shows a 6-foot clear space between the
18:17:08 trees and the footprint of the building.
18:17:15 She says if they did, a footprint of the building,
18:17:19 they would not have to be at that point.
18:17:22 But that is the main objection.
18:17:24 I believe that the petitioner will speak to that.

18:17:27 And that is the main objection.
18:17:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The pictures you have shown us away
18:17:36 from the trees, were those our staff ideas or the
18:17:39 petitioners, ideas?
18:17:41 >> That is our staff idea.
18:17:43 >> Thank you.
18:17:51 >>> Still maintains the objections because we did
18:17:53 require a PD which the applicant did provide.
18:17:57 We also were in objection to the Euclidean.
18:18:00 Planning Commission staff maintains its current
18:18:02 finding of consistency with the comprehensive plan.
18:18:06 >>> Truett Gardner, 101 South Franklin.
18:18:10 I have been sworn.
18:18:11 This is the third time. The third time will be a
18:18:13 charm on this.
18:18:15 The two objections I want to address first, Mary
18:18:18 actually came up with a very creative solution on the
18:18:20 trees, and we would say 75% of the trees on-site, Mrs.
18:18:24 Saul-Sena, that was your concern, wanted to see a
18:18:28 debit and credit table of what would remain.
18:18:30 And that number, I believe if we can go the six-foot
18:18:34 with construction that would be fine.

18:18:38 The only thing which kind of goes back to the initial
18:18:42 was before we were going to RS-50 which had the
18:18:48 20-foot setback we went the PD route to get an
18:18:51 enhanced setback of 25 feet.
18:18:55 With the construction, on that site, if we could go to
18:19:00 the 20 feet, we would be amenable to that and ha that
18:19:03 would keep the three cypress trees, and keep 75% of
18:19:06 the trees.
18:19:11 On Marty's objections, the interior of the house is
18:19:16 completely in bad shape with the mold problem.
18:19:21 Cracks in the foundation.
18:19:24 This is the current status.
18:19:28 They had their standard objection to the housing.
18:19:33 And again I think most importantly, we are 96% of the
18:19:37 way there, to already being conforming to RS-60 lots
18:19:41 and all we are asking for is the additional 4% on each
18:19:44 lot.
18:19:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Gardner, the cracks in the
18:19:49 foundation that you showed me, were those because of
18:19:51 the trees?
18:19:53 >>> I don't believe so.
18:19:55 I think it's just wear and tear over time of the house

18:19:57 itself.
18:20:03 For instance, on that one, it is not a tree in the
18:20:07 vicinity.
18:20:09 >> The cypress trees are protected trees?
18:20:13 >>> That's what I understand.
18:20:14 Dave Riley is here and he looked at the site.
18:20:17 There is no grand trees on-site.
18:20:18 I think it is a little odd to have cypress trees
18:20:20 especially this far off the water.
18:20:23 But I think Mary's solution was a good one on
18:20:26 preserving those three, if we could go to the 20-foot
18:20:30 setback on that lot.
18:20:31 We are still fine with the 20-foot setback on the
18:20:34 other.
18:20:38 >>> Council, if we do that, that would be a graphical
18:20:40 change and first reading would have to be extended
18:20:44 until they got the changes.
18:20:45 And you would have to waive the 13-day rule.
18:20:50 >>> We just got that solution yesterday and discussed
18:20:52 it and are fine with it.
18:20:54 So if that's your pleasure, we would be happy to do
18:20:56 that.

18:20:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:20:59 wants to speak on item number 4?
18:21:00 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
18:21:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Will you come up, Dave Riley?
18:21:11 >> 4910 Obispo street and I have been sworn.
18:21:18 I have lived in Tampa all my life and owned my home at
18:21:22 3910 west Obispo.
18:21:24 I have seen many changes come to our neighborhood some
18:21:26 of which I feel have not been good.
18:21:27 We are very concerned about the increased density in
18:21:31 our neighborhood, with the streets that are already
18:21:33 overcrowded with cars parking on the street.
18:21:35 It makes it very difficult to go anywhere in our
18:21:38 neighborhood.
18:21:43 Virginia park, I spoke with Mr. John Dingfelder being
18:21:48 in attendance that we are losing green space, and our
18:21:51 South Tampa streets are already overcrowded.
18:21:54 In the evening, we sit on our front porch, my husband
18:21:56 and I, and we can hear the children playing in our
18:22:00 neighborhood, and we see the cars that are speeding up
18:22:02 and down our street. John Wise spoke with the
18:22:08 McNultys who are clients of mine through my business,

18:22:11 prior to the first public hearing, that I said I
18:22:13 wasn't happy about the splitting of the lot, which is
18:22:15 part of the reason I understand that they pulled it
18:22:17 off the docket that first night.
18:22:18 I listened to what Casey had to say.
18:22:21 And told her that I would be open to see what the
18:22:25 homes are going to look like.
18:22:27 When she called me, we had the talk.
18:22:30 And I told her, I really wanted to see what the houses
18:22:33 looked like.
18:22:35 I wasn't happy.
18:22:40 There are other neighbors that have also felt the same
18:22:43 way as I do.
18:22:44 We found out tonight, I just found out tonight that
18:22:48 the changes that are happening, John had sent me two
18:22:51 days ago an e-mail in reference to what was shown
18:22:56 earlier up here.
18:22:58 And we weren't told anything about the saving of the
18:23:01 trees.
18:23:06 Casey stated in my last meeting that I had withdrawn
18:23:08 my complaint and I really do not.
18:23:10 I really don't want to see the lot split to increase

18:23:13 the density and lose the green space.
18:23:20 I also don't understand.
18:23:21 We received in the e-mail that John sent us, via
18:23:25 McNultys, a picture of a house.
18:23:30 And I assume it was supposed to show us what the
18:23:32 houses were going to look like, more or less.
18:23:35 I drove to the address, which was 5901 inner bay to
18:23:39 take a look at the home, just to try to get a feel for
18:23:42 what the houses would look like, only to find this
18:23:46 address and the house that's there don't match so I'm
18:23:49 not quite sure why this information was shown at all.
18:23:52 You know, with the questionable plans that they are
18:23:54 showing us, as well as the neighborhood density we
18:23:57 already have, I really don't want to see this lot
18:24:01 split.
18:24:02 I'm part of the Virginia park subdivision, that we are
18:24:04 trying to stop the stipulates further south at
18:24:08 San Luis and I really don't want to see it on Obispo
18:24:13 as well.
18:24:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to ask you a question.
18:24:17 So what you are saying is even if they were to move
18:24:20 one of the houses over to allow the trees to survive,

18:24:26 the request for two houses single --
18:24:29 >>> Yeah, I don't want to see more traffic in our
18:24:31 neighborhood.
18:24:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
18:24:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
18:24:33 Next.
18:24:41 >>> I reside at 4206 west Obispo and I have been
18:24:44 sworn.
18:24:48 I have kind of gone both ways on this issue since I
18:24:50 first heard about it a couple of months ago.
18:24:53 The last time I submitted a letter, submitted at the
18:24:59 last meeting.
18:24:59 My main concerns still I think are valid.
18:25:03 The main one being the density issue.
18:25:05 I'm opposed to splitting a lot that's adequate for a
18:25:10 single home.
18:25:13 I live directly -- I live across the street from this
18:25:20 address.
18:25:23 I have a young daughter.
18:25:25 We don't have sidewalks.
18:25:26 Kids play in the streets.
18:25:27 So there are quite a few kids that live in our block.

18:25:30 So having another family, another house, to Po
18:25:35 tensionally more cars, potentially neighbors talking
18:25:40 on the street, causing hazardous environment for kids.
18:25:46 The other issue is the elevation.
18:25:48 I understand that the elevations aren't required but
18:25:54 they are submitted, and I guess a gesture by the
18:25:59 petitioners, and these particular elevations, I don't
18:26:06 have a problem with the elevations, but the builder is
18:26:10 not agreeing to these elevations.
18:26:13 So I don't understand how they can be tied to this
18:26:16 lot.
18:26:17 To these two lots.
18:26:22 There are examples in our neighborhood.
18:26:23 I don't have pictures.
18:26:25 A lot has been split into one and three, or two or
18:26:29 three different lots.
18:26:30 And identical houses built next to each other.
18:26:34 And that's a major concern of mine because of the fact
18:26:37 that in South Tampa we don't have a single -- every
18:26:43 home is different and that's the consistent thing.
18:26:50 I guess in closing, I don't support splitting of this
18:26:53 particular lot, especially with the now 20-foot set

18:26:57 back versus the 25-foot set back.
18:27:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Where do you live?
18:27:03 >>> I live at 46206.
18:27:05 I live across the street.
18:27:08 My lot is 100 feet. The house next to mine is 50.
18:27:12 The lot in question is 150.
18:27:21 I don't have a map but it's directly across.
18:27:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
18:27:28 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Polero, you mentioned you don't
18:27:31 have sidewalks in front of your house?
18:27:34 >>> No.
18:27:35 There's a sidewalk in front of it, this lot.
18:27:38 I don't even know the address.
18:27:40 42 on the, I believe.
18:27:42 It's a sidewalk that's been there, I don't know how
18:27:45 long.
18:27:47 There's no other sidewalks.
18:27:49 >> Does it go from block to block?
18:27:51 >> No. In front of that house.
18:27:52 It's not even across the whole lot.
18:27:56 Probably 75% of that lot.
18:28:02 The other 25 doesn't.

18:28:04 >> I can't tell you whether they are going from side
18:28:06 to side or how far down.
18:28:07 >>> There's a sidewalk there and there was in front of
18:28:10 the next door neighbor's house but that person is
18:28:12 gone.
18:28:13 So it's just in front of this home.
18:28:15 >> Normally they only put sidewalks on one side of the
18:28:18 street.
18:28:18 >>> Yeah.
18:28:19 I mean, it's not on any side.
18:28:21 It's not on the entire block.
18:28:24 Probably 115 feet.
18:28:27 I don't know, 100 feet or less.
18:28:30 That has a sidewalk on it.
18:28:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
18:28:32 Next.
18:28:39 >>> My name is Fred rock.
18:28:40 And I reside at 39107 west Obispo street.
18:28:43 And I have been sworn in.
18:28:55 Last night when I was reading one of the points that
18:28:57 the presenter initially brought out was this wonderful
18:29:01 eclectic look that Virginia park has.

18:29:05 I think one of my major concerns is that when we look
18:29:08 at the possibility of this being split up, that we
18:29:12 very possibly may have something that far looks very
18:29:16 much like of what we show here.
18:29:22 This is very familiar to many folks that live on N
18:29:25 South Tampa and drive on bay positive to bay
18:29:27 Boulevard, the address being 4113 and 4115.
18:29:32 This is where at one point one home was, and then the
18:29:36 builder came in and constructed these two homes that
18:29:41 are virtually identical.
18:29:43 And what I find really interesting is if you will look
18:29:46 on this particular home here, just there, where this
18:29:52 loop is, it's in view of how close the next door
18:29:55 neighbors' is.
18:30:03 Now, if I may.
18:30:04 Go to this.
18:30:10 Which is a copy of some elevations that were shared
18:30:12 with us two nights ago for the first time, to kind of
18:30:17 give us an idea, like our previous petitioner
18:30:21 gentleman spoke, that there really isn't any tie-in,
18:30:25 that these are the type of houses that have to be
18:30:27 there.

18:30:29 So let's just pretend that these were the houses that
18:30:31 were there.
18:30:33 If we were to take a marker and mark where our windows
18:30:39 are, where the front door is, where the garage is,
18:30:42 would you overlay and then drop it to the next home,
18:30:45 drop it to the next home.
18:30:46 We have virtually the same kind of thing that we have
18:30:50 going on right there.
18:30:55 Which again goes to my main concern, getting away from
18:30:58 this wonderful eclectic neighborhood that we are in.
18:31:12 The last item, if we may look at this particular site
18:31:15 plan that was provided once again two nights ago, we
18:31:19 are showing, in order to protect this tree, there's a
18:31:23 very significant chop-out of this particular footprint
18:31:27 home.
18:31:28 And yet, when we look at these homes that were shown
18:31:34 as possible homes to go there, I don't see how -- and
18:31:40 I constructed a couple homes myself -- that any one of
18:31:44 these trees is going to be able to have that cut-out
18:31:48 that you see right there.
18:31:58 All I know is we have one house that's in terrible
18:32:00 condition, and a applaud the folks for being able to

18:32:02 bulldoze it down and put something new up.
18:32:04 But if we end up with something like this, I don't
18:32:07 know if I'm better off not having that old eyesore
18:32:11 just sitting there.
18:32:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Where do you live?
18:32:15 >> 3910 west oh business to Po.
18:32:18 >> Where is it in relation to --
18:32:20 >>> A block and a half east of this site.
18:32:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
18:32:35 >>> John white, 3707.
18:32:40 Yes, I have been sworn.
18:32:41 I thought when the 80% rules were done away with by
18:32:44 the City Council that that would be a further
18:32:47 protection for our neighborhood when petitioners came
18:32:50 forward with the PD site plan, or zoning change, an
18:32:54 RS-50 or a PD.
18:32:56 And in this case I thought the PD site plan would be a
18:33:01 little more specific as to what was actually going to
18:33:03 go there. I thought that's how PD pro teched the
18:33:05 neighborhood.
18:33:06 Two months ago we were here on March 23rd with
18:33:09 some objections from the neighborhood with letters

18:33:12 that I read into the record, and an opportunity for
18:33:16 the petitioner to get with the neighbors that had
18:33:19 concerns.
18:33:19 That didn't take place.
18:33:21 The petitioner knew the neighbors had concerns.
18:33:23 And a site plan was e-mailed to me.
18:33:26 As soon as I got it, I e-mailed the petitioner.
18:33:30 That's why you have a new site plan to save the
18:33:32 protected trees.
18:33:33 That puts us back to square one.
18:33:35 The new site plan with the house on the east is going
18:33:37 to have a 20-foot setback which will maintain on that
18:33:42 block.
18:33:42 Who knows what will it be?
18:33:44 Will it be a garage in the front since they can't put
18:33:46 a garage in the back?
18:33:48 This neighborhood doesn't blanketly reject all
18:33:53 zonings.
18:33:53 I think you have seen them say this works or that
18:33:56 doesn't work.
18:33:57 Tonight I don't think this works.
18:33:58 It's too little, too late.

18:34:00 It doesn't provide the protection that is we thought
18:34:02 the PD site plan could give to the neighborhood.
18:34:06 There's been comments that it's six feet shy from what
18:34:09 it really needs to have but yes it's six feet shy. If
18:34:14 that wasn't a big deal it wouldn't be here tonight.
18:34:16 But six feet really is a big deal.
18:34:19 I think something could have been worked out. The
18:34:21 neighbors said to me, John, what do you think should
18:34:24 happen?
18:34:24 I said, if I lived across the street from it, I would
18:34:28 prefer to see two houses built across the street from
18:34:30 me rather than one large house with this massive one
18:34:33 large house.
18:34:34 But with what they presented to the petitioner, I
18:34:36 don't think that's true anymore.
18:34:39 I think they could built that house, it's in
18:34:42 disrepair, let them tear it down and build one house,
18:34:46 there are some trees on the lot they could work around
18:34:48 and have one home. The lot they bought they got it
18:34:51 for a really good deal.
18:34:52 I think I can say how much they paid for it.
18:34:56 $334,000 for one buildable lot in the neighborhood is

18:34:59 pretty good but when you spend that for two lots you
18:35:01 are really getting a half-off sale.
18:35:05 So a mortgage broker bought the lot.
18:35:08 And it's an investment, a financial investment.
18:35:12 But where is the investment to the neighborhood?
18:35:14 Really, down the street, the first one bought the
18:35:19 house but for how long?
18:35:21 The gentleman that spoke against it tonight, he has a
18:35:24 100-foot lot.
18:35:25 If anybody would be objecting to not wanting or being
18:35:29 in favor of it, he could come to you a month later or
18:35:33 six months later and say, listen, I have a 100-foot
18:35:37 lot, I want to dop a PD and put mine on two buildable
18:35:40 lots.
18:35:41 But he's objecting to it with 100 foot lot.
18:35:44 So I don't see how this petition could supported
18:35:48 tonight.
18:35:48 Thank you.
18:35:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
18:35:49 Would anyone else like to speak?
18:35:51 Petitioner, do you want rebuttal?
18:35:53 >> Alan McNulty, 4217 West Obispo. I have been sworn.

18:36:08 I live down the street.
18:36:10 Obviously they are here in objection.
18:36:13 I have three other letters from people on our street
18:36:16 that signed and say that they support it.
18:36:20 They looked at the elevations that we submitted.
18:36:22 They have no issues with it.
18:36:23 And they actually prefer to see two homes instead of
18:36:26 one monstrous house.
18:36:30 So I wanted to bring that to your attention.
18:36:32 Also, we didn't get the elevation until three days
18:36:37 ago.
18:36:37 So it's not surprising that, you know, Terry and her
18:36:42 husband and John didn't get them until then either.
18:36:46 So I apologize for that.
18:36:47 I actually did go by Terry's house this afternoon to
18:36:51 talk to her.
18:36:52 I went by Paul's house this afternoon and spoke with
18:36:54 him.
18:36:54 So despite what Mr. White said, I did make an effort,
18:36:58 although it wasn't as timely as it could have been.
18:37:00 But I didn't get the information myself.
18:37:05 Secondly, I guess it would be the elevations.

18:37:09 We submitted a bunch of different elevations,
18:37:12 primarily because I talked to different builders, and
18:37:17 people don't want to -- the builders actually don't
18:37:20 want to necessarily find a deal or anything saying,
18:37:24 yeah, we'll build a house, we'll design it for you,
18:37:27 because they don't know if it's going to be split.
18:37:28 And the issues were, you know, just it.
18:37:33 I can't go find somebody to buy it because it's going
18:37:36 to cost to build it.
18:37:39 It will take time and everything else.
18:37:40 I couldn't find anybody to do it.
18:37:42 I have been trying in the elevations that we -- the
18:37:46 different types of elevations are just ideas that we
18:37:48 think would fit nice in the neighborhood.
18:37:50 I talked -- I drove through our neighborhood and
18:37:53 probably talked to at least half of the builders that
18:37:56 are building houses in there, and they are all
18:37:58 interested.
18:37:58 They would love to do it.
18:37:59 But until we find out if it's going to be split, you
18:38:03 know, they are not that interested in it.
18:38:09 And my lost question would be, you know, the

18:38:13 neighbors, particularly the ones directly west of
18:38:16 them, west of the lot, signed, you know, the letter
18:38:20 today, and I spoke with them at length, and the people
18:38:22 across the street a couple doors down from Mr. Polero
18:38:27 and next to me and they are all in favor of the.
18:38:31 I know the people to the east, a younger couple.
18:38:34 I spoke L spoke with them before.
18:38:36 Don't have anything from them signed saying they would
18:38:38 support it.
18:38:38 But I know that he hates the cypress trees, which we
18:38:45 are willing to save those if we need to.
18:38:48 But he also is not against the lot being split.
18:38:53 And the last thing, I just don't understand how one
18:38:57 monstrous house would conform better and would look
18:39:00 better in the neighborhood than two.
18:39:04 You know, it just seems like from where I am, it's
18:39:08 hard to get somebody to commit one way to doing it
18:39:10 because they don't know if it's going to be split.
18:39:16 It's 96% there.
18:39:18 The lots that we would be building are almost
18:39:22 conforming anyway, and we are trying to work with the
18:39:27 neighborhood as far as even doing the setback and

18:39:29 everything, you know.
18:39:36 Just kind of frustrated.
18:39:38 If I could just add in closing, there was one -- these
18:39:42 aren't the actual elevations but the two versus one.
18:39:46 And I believe it was the comment on green space. This
18:39:52 shows when you have a lot of this width if somebody
18:39:54 were to build the lot line to lot line versus what you
18:39:57 would ensure from this, would you gain right off the
18:40:04 bat an additional 17 that you feet impervious area.
18:40:08 So you would actually, would by approving this would
18:40:14 be adding one thousand feet of open space to the site
18:40:17 itself.
18:40:18 Next in, going back to one of the previous
18:40:24 illustratives we showed at a prior hearing, the
18:40:27 majority of the homes in this block are not conforming
18:40:29 lots.
18:40:30 So the precedent has already been set.
18:40:35 And of that majority, we would be by far, since we are
18:40:39 only lacking 4%, most of the way there.
18:40:43 I believe Mr. Rock's comment was a good one on
18:40:46 architectural styles.
18:40:47 And Allen and I split before, we would be more than

18:40:52 willing to condition to where the two homes would be
18:40:55 of different architectural style.
18:40:58 He wants to ensure this quality of his home.
18:41:00 So it's going to be the best for him.
18:41:03 And this is an up-and-coming great neighborhood in
18:41:06 South Tampa.
18:41:07 And of course they want a good product to be there.
18:41:09 So with that, we'll close.
18:41:10 And would kindly ask for your approval.
18:41:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to close the public hearing.
18:41:20 >> So moved.
18:41:20 >> Second.
18:41:20 (Motion carried).
18:41:21 >>GWEN MILLER: What is the pleasure of council?
18:41:23 Mrs. Saul-Sena?
18:41:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
18:41:27 We have heard from several neighbors who recognize the
18:41:34 staff recommendation to not approve this because of
18:41:36 the character of the neighborhood.
18:41:37 But what's being proposed is not consistent with the
18:41:40 character of the neighborhood.
18:41:43 They specifically cited concerns about increased

18:41:45 density in traffic, the narrow streets.
18:41:47 And so I would move to deny.
18:41:50 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
18:41:51 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
18:41:53 Question on the motion?
18:41:54 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:41:56 Opposed, Nay.
18:42:01 All right.
18:42:01 Number 5 is a continued public hearing.
18:42:10 >> Move to open.
18:42:10 >>MARY ALVAREZ: It's continued.
18:42:41 >>> Item number 5.
18:42:45 Z 06-19. The proposed rezoning is going from
18:42:48 commercial general to planned development office.
18:42:51 The petitioner proposes to rezone the property at 1005
18:42:55 West Platt street to PD zoning district to construct
18:42:59 an office building consisting of a maximum of 5568
18:43:04 square feet of professional office.
18:43:05 The office will be two stories.
18:43:08 The structure with parking underneath.
18:43:10 So it will be actually one floor of office space and
18:43:14 parking underneath.

18:43:16 The maximum height.
18:43:21 12 spaces are required. The site will have access
18:43:24 from Platt Street.
18:43:25 The parcel has an existing structure which was used
18:43:28 for multifamily/office uses that will be removed.
18:43:32 Let me show you the zoning map, writs located.
18:43:37 With Platt Street, and right next door is a planned
18:43:41 development with commercial general along the
18:43:44 corridor.
18:43:47 And I'm looking for the aerial.
18:43:52 The Crosstown expressway to the north.
18:43:54 Platt Street.
18:43:55 And it's just west of Edison Avenue.
18:43:59 Across the street, you will see there's multifamily
18:44:02 and there's commercial.
18:44:03 There's office buildings directly to the west.
18:44:06 And right now, this lot is under construction for an
18:44:11 office building
18:44:17 Staff objections are, in your staff report you will
18:44:20 see that we noted there were no elevations of the
18:44:23 building provided to us.
18:44:25 I will say that at 3:30 this afternoon, we were given

18:44:31 a faxed copy of an elevation.
18:44:34 We didn't have time -- staff was objecting to it
18:44:39 because we didn't have time to review it.
18:44:41 It does not give us a front view of the site.
18:44:44 It's just a side view.
18:44:46 I do have copies of it.
18:44:49 Let me pass that around.
18:45:01 As you know, council, under the planned development,
18:45:02 the reason we objected to not having elevations is
18:45:07 even though the PD, it helped whether there was
18:45:15 compatibility or not with the neighborhood.
18:45:18 Also, on the staff report, we make a comment stating
18:45:21 that the site plan shows a shared driveway access with
18:45:24 the property on the west side, and they recorded cross
18:45:27 access easement agreement is required to be provided.
18:45:31 The petitioner did come in and place a note on the
18:45:33 site plan saying by time of permitting they will have
18:45:36 recorded an access agreement that will be part of the
18:45:40 public record.
18:45:45 The other objections that wave on the site in your
18:45:48 staff report, I'll go through the ones that have been
18:45:50 corrected.

18:45:51 The legal description has been corrected.
18:45:55 They came in, they did object to the tree table,
18:46:00 credits and debits, and they did come in and clarified
18:46:04 stormwater conditions.
18:46:06 However, we still have some concerns for our chapter
18:46:12 13, landscape code, and Dave Riley in transportation
18:46:16 has some objections.
18:46:17 The first one is showing all the protected trees
18:46:23 on-site.
18:46:24 They require to shave 20 feet off the site of the
18:46:29 tree, the reason being there are a couple trees that
18:46:31 north shown on your site plan, that even though they
18:46:34 are meeting the protective radius, Dave Riley has
18:46:38 concerns, and Mary Daniel is right, there are concerns
18:46:42 that there will be a canopy conflict.
18:46:44 I believe the petitioner will speak tonight about
18:46:45 adding some notes to take care of that.
18:46:48 He spoke to me briefly right before the meeting began.
18:46:50 So there might be some notes that we can do to take
18:46:53 care of that.
18:46:57 Also, chapter 13 speaks to the elevation of the
18:47:01 parking on the first floor.

18:47:03 If the elevation of parking area is less than 80% they
18:47:07 need to provide the recommended minimum amount of
18:47:10 trees F. the parking area is completely open, they
18:47:12 need to provide waiver of the buffer to the west
18:47:15 property line.
18:47:17 They will provide no elevation.
18:47:21 That comment stands because they haven't been able to
18:47:23 remove that. So we have some outstanding comments.
18:47:26 Off of transportation, even though they are asking for
18:47:29 a waiver of their parking, they do object to the
18:47:32 reduction in the spaces from 12 to 9.
18:47:37 They objected to the driveway width of eleven feet.
18:47:41 However, when they provide the cost access agreement
18:47:44 that will add, the plan only shows eleven foot drive
18:47:48 ways, property being rezoned.
18:47:50 There is an initial amount of width to that driveway.
18:47:54 Once that cross access agreement gets recorded and
18:47:57 gets shown to us.
18:48:02 And I believe that is it.
18:48:04 And Dave Riley did note that there is a grand tree
18:48:08 located on lot 5.
18:48:10 The subject site plan only encompasses the west 40

18:48:13 feet of the lot.
18:48:15 And he also noted that there's a second floor
18:48:19 crosswalk and adjacent building on the east side.
18:48:22 And he's asking for clarification of the proposed
18:48:24 objection on this lot to determine the impact of the
18:48:27 grand tree.
18:48:28 He's concerned that there is significant canopy
18:48:32 conflicts, and that will need to be resolved.
18:48:35 Real quickly, I forgot to show you the pictures.
18:48:38 This is the subject site.
18:48:40 That building will be removed.
18:48:43 This is directly to the east.
18:48:46 Right there to the east.
18:48:47 The construction is taking place.
18:48:50 This is directly to the west.
18:48:57 If you will back up.
18:48:58 And this is the access way.
18:49:01 And there's a shared portion of the access way.
18:49:06 This is the only way that this building uses this
18:49:08 drive so you get to it in parking.
18:49:12 And that's looking east on plat.
18:49:15 And the bottom one is looking west.

18:49:19 This is a picture of the building, the office building
18:49:21 across the street.
18:49:22 And then we have this across the street.
18:49:31 That's the end of our presentation.
18:49:46 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
18:49:47 I have been sworn.
18:49:49 Two additions to add to Mrs. McDonald.
18:49:54 Our comprehensive plan issues and first I'll show you
18:49:57 the future land use map. The prey dominant land use
18:49:59 category nor particular segment is community mixed use
18:50:02 35 which supports variety of mixed uses and of course
18:50:06 general commercial and neighborhood commercial uses,
18:50:08 as is exemplified by the aerial.
18:50:12 As you can see the proposed request is for a
18:50:14 commercial use, adjacent to a law office and
18:50:18 commercial use to the right.
18:50:22 This is a development to the south and of course is in
18:50:25 close proximity to the intersection of south Boulevard
18:50:28 and Platt Street which is a neighborhood commercial
18:50:34 node.
18:50:35 It's a collector road.
18:50:37 This is also in close proximity to Lee Roy Selmon

18:50:39 Expressway.
18:50:42 These commercial uses are supported along commercial
18:50:44 corridors such as this collector road and should be
18:50:47 directed as such.
18:50:48 The proposed request would replace an existing
18:50:51 underutilized building on-site, and does not propose
18:50:56 any tax to any of the surrounding uses we're not in
18:51:01 direct proximity to the planning site.
18:51:04 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
18:51:05 proposed request.
18:51:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner? Mrs. Saul-Sena has a
18:51:08 question.
18:51:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Question for Mr. Riley.
18:51:12 Mr. Riley, if you wouldn't mind coming up and
18:51:15 explaining the tree.
18:51:17 MICHELINI: If I could address our site plan
18:51:21 first.
18:51:22 Because there are some notes that we talked to staff
18:51:23 about adding that will probably mitigate any concerns
18:51:25 that you may have.
18:51:27 If you wish to talk to him first, that's fine.
18:51:30 But I prefer to have an opportunity to tell you what

18:51:31 we are trying to do.
18:51:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Is that okay, Mrs. Saul-Sena?
18:51:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sure.
18:51:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead.
18:51:39 >>STEVE: I'm here on behalf of Tim and Joanne Prugh.
18:51:44 I have been sworn.
18:52:02 This side is the site you previously approved and we
18:52:07 accommodated the tree canopy in the rear by limiting
18:52:10 the height.
18:52:12 And we also reduced the height of the structure on the
18:52:16 back five.
18:52:17 This building, we have asked for permission to join
18:52:20 the two buildings, if possible, this is the old lot
18:52:24 line here.
18:52:26 We are also showing you the driveway that's already a
18:52:29 common access driveway to the rear parking area, for
18:52:32 the building adjacent to it.
18:52:34 And what we are proposing to record is the cross
18:52:40 access and cross parking agreement.
18:52:43 So you will have employees parking on both sites and
18:52:49 visitors parking on both sites which should mitigate
18:52:52 the reduction we are requesting for the three spaces.

18:53:01 It dead-ends into the Crosstown Parkway, and there is
18:53:04 also parking out onto Edison. This still exists for
18:53:08 this building that's adjacent to it.
18:53:13 We add that these notes be applied to our site plan.
18:53:17 One of them is that the east part of the build to the
18:53:25 tree canopy, all trimming and pruning to be conducted
18:53:30 by a certified arborist, and approved by the Parks
18:53:32 Department.
18:53:35 Building connection shall not Internet fear with the
18:53:38 41-inch oak tree canopy.
18:53:43 Construction required on the northeast corner to
18:53:45 accommodate the tree root structure and final
18:53:49 determination to be made by the Parks Department.
18:53:52 So regardless of whether or not we are asking for the
18:54:00 additional feet we can't interfere with the root
18:54:03 structure, and it's more than 20 feet away.
18:54:06 Any in addition to that, we are saying once we stake
18:54:08 out the construction and property building line, we'll
18:54:13 be conducting an on-site field evaluation with the
18:54:16 Parks Department to determine exactly what the maximum
18:54:18 height can be.
18:54:19 So instead of proposing to you that we would limit to

18:54:22 the 15 feet or 20 feet, the maximum is 35 feet, that
18:54:26 it can only be approved to that height with the Parks
18:54:30 Department concurrence.
18:54:31 And that also includes the connection between the two
18:54:33 buildings in the event that there's any conflict
18:54:36 between the tree canopy and the proposed construction.
18:54:40 All three parcels, this parcel that Marty showed you,
18:54:47 this parcel here, which the previous PD which you
18:54:51 already approved on Edison, and the subject parcel,
18:54:54 which is here, are all owned by the same individual.
18:54:58 And that's why we were suggesting that the cross
18:55:01 access and the cross parking agreement would
18:55:03 accommodate any potential need for additional parking.
18:55:08 As you know, Fox Street is a highly traveled main
18:55:13 entry gateway into the City of Tampa and we felt like
18:55:20 the elevation that we have provided, we are going to
18:55:22 be compatible with the adjoining structure, and also
18:55:26 be very attractive for the gateway into downtown.
18:55:32 We showed that the roof line, stepping down, this is
18:55:35 at 35 feet over here. This is at about 25 feet.
18:55:38 And this is showing at about 15, 18, 20 feet,
18:55:41 something like that.

18:55:42 And that's why it's reduced there, in the nation that
18:55:45 there is any canopy conflict.
18:55:47 Again, the maximum height, we know exactly where the
18:55:51 building lays out and exactly which limbs might be in
18:55:55 conflict.
18:55:58 We are removing a structure which is in poor
18:56:00 condition.
18:56:04 It is currently an office, and an apartment building.
18:56:08 There's apartments on top and an office building on
18:56:10 the bottom.
18:56:11 And we sincerely believe that this is a very decent
18:56:16 project, and certainly one that is compatible with the
18:56:18 area.
18:56:19 And I believe that with the addition of those notes,
18:56:21 we will have mitigated any concerns that the Parks
18:56:24 Department will have, because they will have the
18:56:26 ultimate say-so on where the height is, and what the
18:56:29 maximum could be in the northeast section of this
18:56:32 property and the project.
18:56:35 So, anyway, we are respectfully requesting your
18:56:38 approval.
18:56:39 I think that we have adequately addressed the concerns

18:56:41 of the staff.
18:56:43 We apologize for the late arrival of the elevation.
18:56:46 Our designer had some difficulties and family problems
18:56:49 that prevented us from getting that to them in time.
18:56:52 But they have been out of town the last few weeks
18:56:57 trying to deal with a serious family issue.
18:56:59 But anyway, we certainly request your indulgence, and
18:57:02 respectfully request your approval.
18:57:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Michelini, I don't understand,
18:57:10 when I just looked at the site plan, that this -- I
18:57:13 think I'm hearing from you that this building isn't
18:57:16 really a free standing building, it's really like a
18:57:19 continuation of the building immediately adjacent.
18:57:23 Is that right?
18:57:25 MICHELINI: It will be in design and scale.
18:57:27 We are asking that they be allowed to be connected
18:57:29 with a crosswalk, at the second level.
18:57:32 So you would have parking underneath.
18:57:34 And then a second level connection that connects the
18:57:36 building.
18:57:45 >> Is there a picture of what it's going to look like?
18:57:49 >>> Well, we showed you the elevation.

18:57:51 >> You didn't show what it was going to look like
18:57:53 from Platt Street which is the way we are going to
18:57:56 perceive it as a dead-end street.
18:57:58 >>> Well, we are continuing -- I understand that you
18:58:02 have an imagination here.
18:58:04 The front is so narrow that we thought the better
18:58:07 elevation to show you was the side elevation, because
18:58:09 when you actually are traveling down Platt Street,
18:58:12 this is the side you are going to see.
18:58:16 Because you're traveling into the downtown, this will
18:58:19 be the exposed side, where the exit drive is.
18:58:25 This is the north side of the street where it backs up
18:58:27 to the Crosstown.
18:58:28 >> Then we won't see that, because Platt is one way.
18:58:31 We are looking the other way.
18:58:33 >>> No.
18:58:35 Well, if I turn this over -- (Laughter).
18:58:39 -- it's actually, you're right.
18:58:42 It was drawn in reverse.
18:58:44 And it was a reverse image.
18:58:47 But that is the appearance.
18:58:52 We can bring it back to you at second reading if you

18:58:54 will provide me with that indulgence.
18:58:58 >>SHAWN HARRISON: My big concerns, if you take this as
18:59:04 a free standing building, it's missing 25% of parking,
18:59:10 it's smack up against the building next door, and it's
18:59:15 messing with the neighboring trees.
18:59:17 But what you're telling me is if you take it as part
18:59:20 of a whole of the building next door, then you have
18:59:23 adequate parking, and the fact that it's smack up
18:59:26 against the building, that's like a sister building,
18:59:30 and the trees in back will be respected.
18:59:34 So it seems to me we should be taking it as a whole.
18:59:39 MICHELINI: Well, I guess we could have
18:59:42 applied for a joint PD but the other building was
18:59:45 already under construction, and we already had all of
18:59:48 our construction permits.
18:59:50 This is the building immediately to the west.
18:59:52 And this is the building where you have access to the
19:00:00 parking on the back.
19:00:01 There's no other building between here and -- I think
19:00:05 it's Willow street, where the Crosstown -- it sweeps
19:00:08 back and you have a lot of parking for this owner
19:00:12 moving all the way back to the west.

19:00:14 >> But you're suggesting that this building parking is
19:00:17 going to be shared with the building to the --
19:00:20 MICHELINI: Immediately to the east.
19:00:22 >> So do you have a picture of that?
19:00:24 Can you show us the parking they have?
19:00:28 >>> The building immediately to the east.
19:00:30 >> So that's what you're proposing?
19:00:32 >>> Right.
19:00:32 Further east.
19:00:34 I don't have that elevation.
19:00:36 >> Can you tell us what kind of additional parking is
19:00:38 there?
19:00:38 >>>
19:00:41 >> That's outside the scope of this PD.
19:00:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: But he's saying that's why it's
19:00:45 okay.
19:00:49 >>> I can answer the question.
19:00:50 It's okay, I understand their concern.
19:00:53 I'm not joining with that PD.
19:00:55 The cross access and parking agreement will apply to
19:00:58 this property, not the one that's further to the east.
19:01:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry to interrupt, council, but

19:01:07 I'm concerned.
19:01:08 I want top see if I understand this correctly.
19:01:10 Are you saying that there's a note on the site plan
19:01:12 with regard to an elevated walkway that joins
19:01:15 buildings?
19:01:17 MICHELINI: There's a note that says we may
19:01:19 be able to do that with the concurrence of the Parks
19:01:21 Department.
19:01:23 Not connecting to this building, but connecting to
19:01:26 another parcel outside this PD.
19:01:31 >> Zero lot line on this PD is showing that.
19:01:34 That's correct.
19:01:34 The other building, a lot line as well.
19:01:40 What we had to do, because the tree canopy issue which
19:01:43 came up previously, we had to address the building
19:01:46 locations, to move them further away from the 41-inch
19:01:52 oak.
19:01:52 When we did that, it pushed that building further
19:01:54 back.
19:01:56 And what we were trying to do was to accommodate both
19:01:59 buildings so that in the event that they could operate
19:02:02 one office, that they might be able to connect it to

19:02:05 the second level.
19:02:06 The only thing that's on the first level is parking.
19:02:08 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I just have a concern from a legal
19:02:13 standpoint of what you're making reference to is a
19:02:16 structure, a graphical state your on a site plan
19:02:22 making only reference to it as a note.
19:02:24 And to another parcel.
19:02:26 And that's just an issue that concerns me.
19:02:30 MICHELINI: Well, I think it was really
19:02:32 designed as a building comment, that would allow to us
19:02:34 put a doorway at the second level that connected the
19:02:37 building.
19:02:38 More so than a structure.
19:02:40 Because the other PD, we couldn't add anything to that
19:02:43 anyway without altering that PD.
19:02:47 So I understand your concern.
19:02:49 But we were asking to cut an opening into the building
19:02:53 and allow the tenants to cross over between the two.
19:03:01 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Michelini, is this common
19:03:04 ownership?
19:03:06 MICHELINI: Yes, all the same owner.
19:03:08 All three parcels.

19:03:12 >>MARY ALVAREZ: What's the other parcel, the one on
19:03:14 the --
19:03:16 MICHELINI: Let me show you.
19:03:17 >> On the east side of it?
19:03:19 >>> This parcel to the east is under construction
19:03:23 right now.
19:03:26 This is the subject parcel that we are asking for
19:03:29 permission to put up an office building, and this is
19:03:32 the third parcel which is further to the east -- to
19:03:35 the west.
19:03:35 >> To the west.
19:03:36 Okay.
19:03:37 >>> And you can see the driveway that's here, and
19:03:41 actually the drive would be wider than it currently
19:03:44 is.
19:03:45 It's being used for access to the parking already for
19:03:48 both these buildings.
19:03:50 This building doesn't have any parking in the front.
19:03:53 It's all in the rear.
19:03:54 And we are just asking to continue using the driveway
19:03:59 at the access point.
19:04:00 And then to enhance the parking being provided.

19:04:08 >> Mr. Michelini, this is a hypothetical question.
19:04:11 But would what would happen if these owners decided
19:04:15 that they wanted to sell one parcel or another?
19:04:19 What would happen then?
19:04:21 >>> Well, access agreement would be recorded and it
19:04:23 would carry through with the sale of the property
19:04:25 regardless of who owned it.
19:04:27 >> So they would have --
19:04:28 >>> They would continue to have to allow access for
19:04:31 the driveway and for the parking regardless of whether
19:04:35 all three parcels could be sold off independently and
19:04:39 since it's recorded under three properties, they would
19:04:41 still -- I'm sorry, the two properties, would you
19:04:44 still have the protection.
19:04:45 And that's why the city is asking to record the access
19:04:51 and parking.
19:04:52 >> So another hypothetical.
19:04:54 What would happen if you had that crosswalk over-
19:04:59 >>> It two of include the third building, and the
19:05:01 access agreement.
19:05:02 And since the same owner at this point, we would
19:05:06 probably go ahead and do that.

19:05:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
19:05:13 would like to be speak on item 5?
19:05:15 Anyone in the public want to speak on item 5?
19:05:17 >>: Move to close.
19:05:18 >> Second.
19:05:18 (Motion carried).
19:05:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Our staff had a number -- first of
19:05:30 all, I didn't get to here from Mr. Riley.
19:05:33 So I request my fellow council members to reopen.
19:05:38 Move to reopen.
19:05:39 >> Second.
19:05:39 (Motion carried).
19:05:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Riley?
19:05:47 >>> David Riley, parks and recreation.
19:05:49 I have been sworn.
19:05:50 It's a 40-inch live oak.
19:05:52 And it's in good condition.
19:05:55 The tree has a pretty wide canopy spray.
19:06:00 When we reviewed it for the original, which is on the
19:06:04 east side of the tree, there was a three-story house
19:06:09 existing and a two-story with additional pruning.
19:06:14 At this point, the canopy stretches 15 feet into the

19:06:18 subject parcel that's being asked to be rezoned
19:06:22 tonight.
19:06:22 I think that's pretty sufficient encroachment.
19:06:26 Now, as to the height, I can't say off the top of my
19:06:29 head what the height of that is at that time.
19:06:32 But typically -- and I believe Mr. Michelini is aware
19:06:36 of this -- our procedure is to state this in the CO
19:06:43 and review these issues prior to council so we can
19:06:46 come in clearly and say we agree or disagree.
19:06:48 That has not happened in this case.
19:06:50 So I am still concerned about the canopy.
19:06:54 And I don't believe addressing it with a note is
19:06:56 sufficient.
19:07:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It seems to me -- thank you, Mr.
19:07:03 Riley -- that the transportation concerns are also
19:07:09 pretty clear, and that is about, you know, is there
19:07:14 enough parking?
19:07:15 Is the drive aisle wide enough?
19:07:19 Have all these things been immortalized in legal
19:07:23 language?
19:07:23 Do we have a transportation staff person who can speak
19:07:25 to this?

19:07:31 >>CALVIN THORNTON: Transportation division.
19:07:32 He has stated on the record that he will record the
19:07:35 access fees that will provide a wide enough driveway
19:07:39 to both parcels.
19:07:40 With reference to the parking, no, he has not
19:07:44 demonstrated to staff or to council why he needs the
19:07:49 reduction of parking.
19:07:52 So, therefore, we would like him to meet code.
19:07:56 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Thornton, you have been sworn, is
19:08:01 that correct?
19:08:02 >>> I have been sworn.
19:08:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think this has great potential.
19:08:05 I think that I didn't understand till tonight the
19:08:08 relationship with the building on both sides.
19:08:11 I would like to ask for a two-week continuance to a
19:08:14 day meeting during which time the petitioner will have
19:08:17 an opportunity to very specifically go out in the
19:08:19 field, check on protecting the tree, and immortalize
19:08:24 the traffic agreements, and I would like to know that
19:08:27 the three spaces that they are shy on this, that they
19:08:32 have a commitment from the property, to the west, to
19:08:40 the east, that they can make up the spaces on the

19:08:42 other lot.
19:08:43 I guess that's up to zoning and legal to figure out
19:08:48 how to make that happen.
19:08:49 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I feel the same way.
19:08:51 There are too many loose ends on this one for me to
19:08:54 make a decision.
19:08:58 MICHELINI: We would appreciate time in the
19:09:00 morning to come back.
19:09:01 June 8th.
19:09:05 Is that the 8th or the 15th?
19:09:18 >>> I don't have the -- there is a spot for a
19:09:21 continuance.
19:09:22 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Daytime is fine.
19:09:26 >>GWEN MILLER: We don't have opposition.
19:09:34 June 8th, 10 a.m.
19:09:36 >>GWEN MILLER: June 8th at 10 will be fine.
19:09:39 MICHELINI: Thank you very much.
19:09:40 [Motion Carried Unanimously]
19:09:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 6 is a continued public
19:09:44 hearing.
19:10:08 >>> Marty Boyle, land development.
19:10:11 Marty Boyle McDonald.

19:10:14 How about that?
19:10:14 I'll do that.
19:10:15 It's easier.
19:10:16 I have been sworn.
19:10:22 Council, you remember this case is a continued case.
19:10:27 Requested rezoning from RS-60 residential
19:10:30 single-family to a planned development single-family
19:10:33 attached.
19:10:37 If you look at the Elmo, you will see the subject
19:10:39 site.
19:10:40 It is just south, north of Euclid, and on MacDill.
19:10:48 Across the street if Lou at the aerial, just trying to
19:10:51 refresh your memory, there is multifamily.
19:10:56 There's an apartment complex here.
19:10:58 There are single-family homes.
19:10:59 And there are town homes.
19:11:04 This is a picture of the subject site.
19:11:06 And then again a different view.
19:11:13 This is one of the grand trees that they are saving.
19:11:18 This is directly across the street.
19:11:20 It is a multifamily apartment complex.
19:11:22 And then again another multifamily dwelling.

19:11:30 This is looking north on MacDill.
19:11:32 And then a view of looking south on MacDill.
19:11:38 And the bottom shot is looking west on Waverly.
19:11:43 There are no objections to this petition.
19:11:46 The petitioner is planning to rezone on this property
19:11:50 and they will construct seven single family attached
19:11:53 residential units and two single-family detached
19:11:56 units.
19:11:56 All the units will have a two-car garage
19:12:05 When it first came before you the height was noted at
19:12:07 41.57 feet. The height of the town homes are 35 feet
19:12:12 with architectural features being 41.5 feet.
19:12:17 The petitioner is providing five guest parking spaces.
19:12:22 The units along MacDill will have the front doors
19:12:26 facing MacDill and these walk-up units.
19:12:28 The petitioner has designed a on Waverly in order to
19:12:37 secure the streetscape.
19:12:39 Finally in just a summary, the requirement amount of
19:12:41 green space per unit is 350 square feet.
19:12:46 This petitioner is providing 1753 square feet of green
19:12:49 space per proposed town home.
19:12:55 We find that this project meets all the intents and

19:12:59 design criteria of the single-family attached design
19:13:02 standards.
19:13:04 And just a side note.
19:13:06 Petitioner has worked very hard with staff.
19:13:09 And I know that we have been in constant contact and
19:13:14 working the project out, and I know that they have a
19:13:18 presentation to come before you right now.
19:13:28 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
19:13:29 I have been sworn in.
19:13:32 Several addition comments from the comp plan with
19:13:37 respect to Mrs. McDonald's comments.
19:13:41 There's residential 10 and residential 20, of course
19:13:44 the subject property lies within the land use category
19:13:46 which is situated along the edge of MacDill Avenue
19:13:51 which is designate add collector road.
19:13:54 Most of the uses from Bay to Bay all the way down to
19:13:58 Euclid even past Euclid, the variety majority are
19:14:01 nonresidential uses.
19:14:03 Residential uses that are located are much higher
19:14:06 density than single family attached home which is
19:14:09 basically the character,, where the residential plan
19:14:14 is at. The residential plan states that single family

19:14:17 attached residences such as this in this example are
19:14:21 characteristic and furthers the intent of the
19:14:25 comprehensive plan as far as directing the populace to
19:14:27 the more dense land use categories along the collector
19:14:30 road.
19:14:31 This is exactly what the comprehensive plan is saying
19:14:34 as it tries to direct density away from the already
19:14:37 established residential neighborhoods which is where
19:14:39 your residential 10 is.
19:14:41 And top perpetuate the character of those residential
19:14:43 neighborhoods, what the comprehensive plan states is
19:14:46 to direct more intense uses such as this along the
19:14:50 collector roads of MacDill and is exemplified
19:14:55 where you can actually see the apartments to the
19:14:57 south, a common development over here, more town homes
19:15:01 along MacDill.
19:15:02 This is the consistent pattern along this segment of
19:15:05 MacDill.
19:15:06 As one goes along Euclid, you cannot see but there is
19:15:10 also a commercial note to the south which consists of
19:15:12 a gas station and a variety of neighborhood uses to
19:15:16 the south part of this on Euclid Avenue.

19:15:19 The request is consistent with the comprehensive plan
19:15:21 and the comprehensive plan, so therefore we have no
19:15:23 objections to the proposed request.
19:15:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:15:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: As I stated the last time this
19:15:42 matter was in front of us, Mr. Versaggi is a client of
19:15:46 my law firm, therefore would not be appropriate for me
19:15:48 to participate.
19:15:49 I will recuse myself from this particular hearing.
19:15:51 Thank you.
19:15:57 >>> Truett Gardner, 101 south Franklin Street.
19:16:00 I have been sworn.
19:16:01 I have had the pleasure of working with Lee and his
19:16:03 team for the past several months on this project.
19:16:05 And I have been an admirer of Mr.Er is advantage I's
19:16:09 work, and know that he's approached this project with
19:16:14 the same integrity and spirit of those, and it's my
19:16:18 honor to be here representing him tonight.
19:16:20 I was not a part of the first hearing.
19:16:22 I know a lot of you all -- I thought it would be good
19:16:27 to kind of walk that through the project one more
19:16:29 time.

19:16:29 And I know a lot of questions were raids.
19:16:31 I think it would be best if I kind of addressed those,
19:16:34 since Rus and his wife Lee have put so much of their
19:16:38 effort and energy into the project, I thought it would
19:16:40 be best if they went over the project.
19:16:43 So with that, I wanted to go through the questions
19:16:46 that were raised.
19:16:48 First and foremost, is the proposed development
19:16:50 compatible with the neighborhood?
19:16:52 And with that, Steven Verseen is here.
19:16:58 We have a little presentation.
19:16:59 I know we have seen the ones in the past, the videos
19:17:03 where you can get a little sick to your stomach so we
19:17:06 did a little photo clip of MacDill heading down --
19:17:15 >> We use the PowerPoint?
19:17:19 >>> The makeup of the corridor.
19:17:21 >>GWEN MILLER: You need to get the make.
19:17:23 >>> I'm sorry.
19:17:24 I have been sworn in.
19:17:26 As I said it's a basic overview of the neighborhood
19:17:28 and what it consists of.
19:17:30 South of the subject we have quite a bit of

19:17:32 commercial, a little bit of multifamily.
19:17:37 Some more commercial.
19:17:38 I think most of the crowd is familiar with.
19:17:49 A little more multifamily. The apartments that are
19:17:51 across from the subject.
19:18:11 To determine what the makeup of the neighborhood is.
19:18:26 Commercial multifamily and retail.
19:18:28 And then in green and red are to be distinguished as
19:18:34 single family, some that are facing MacDill and
19:18:38 some are facing inward.
19:18:39 And what we discovered there is in this one-mile span,
19:18:46 90% of the properties are not single family.
19:18:51 You have 10% single family.
19:18:53 90% are commercial or multi-family.
19:18:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Could you give us the end point?
19:19:01 >>> Sure.
19:19:07 We have long Avenue here.
19:19:10 And then this much was at the end of the half mile in
19:19:27 that direction.
19:19:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
19:19:32 >> Again 90% of the properties were not single family.
19:19:36 They're multifamily, or old commercial.

19:19:42 And as Tony said and as Marty McDonald said,
19:19:48 multifamily is an appropriate use because basically
19:19:51 you have MacDill.
19:19:54 Multifamily would serve as a buffer when you go down
19:19:57 to the single family in the rear.
19:20:02 Which again is exactly why the comprehensive plan was
19:20:07 set up like it was.
19:20:08 This is MacDill.
19:20:09 You can see the node of R-20.
19:20:12 Then once you get off of that, you transition down to
19:20:14 the single-family.
19:20:16 So again showing that this is an appropriate use for
19:20:19 the property.
19:20:24 The next question that was asked, is the development
19:20:26 too tall?
19:20:27 When we were here in front of you last, the height was
19:20:30 41 feet.
19:20:31 Subsequent to that we reduced the height to 35 feet.
19:20:33 The current zoning category is RS-60 which of course
19:20:37 the A louse 35 feet so we are staying within the
19:20:40 height allowed under the RS-60 zoning category.
19:20:43 Next question that was raised was, is the development

19:20:46 too dense?
19:20:47 We are only asking to use 69% of the available density
19:20:50 on this site.
19:20:51 We could be here in front of you asking for 14 units.
19:20:54 We are asking here asking for nine.
19:20:57 As you know, also with dense projects, a lot of times
19:21:00 what you lose as a result is green space.
19:21:02 Again, as Marty mentioned, we are providing five times
19:21:06 the green space required under your zoning category.
19:21:12 Next, would the project generate too much traffic?
19:21:16 A traffic study wasn't even required because the
19:21:18 traffic generated was so marginal, transportation
19:21:20 thought it wasn't even worth doing.
19:21:23 The actual number is we have an impact at MacDill
19:21:27 of one-third of 17%.
19:21:30 In addition we looked at the city's numbers on
19:21:32 capacity of this stretch of MacDill.
19:21:34 It is currently 57% under capacity.
19:21:38 An additional 43% could be added for it to be at
19:21:41 capacity.
19:21:43 I next want to go over the changes that we made to the
19:21:46 site plan.

19:21:46 I mentioned that we dropped the height from 41 feet or
19:21:50 slightly over to 35 feet.
19:21:52 In addition, the original site plan called for a
19:21:56 two-phase development totaling 17 units.
19:21:58 We have since dropped the phase two of that what's
19:22:01 being considered in front of you today, solely and
19:22:04 only nine units.
19:22:07 In addition, to transportation --
19:22:14 >>MARY ALVAREZ: You said nine units?
19:22:18 According to our last report, it had seven units, 7
19:22:24 single family attached and two single family detached.
19:22:26 Is that right?
19:22:27 >>> That's correct. The way that works is seven will
19:22:30 use internal parking and two of them will serve just
19:22:34 like a single family house where only one entrance
19:22:37 goes to that.
19:22:38 >> There's going to be two single-family detached?
19:22:41 >>> Correct.
19:22:41 >>MARY ALVAREZ: All right.
19:22:43 I didn't see that.
19:22:45 >>> And then two other things that happened since last
19:22:49 year.

19:22:49 And we have agreed to dedicate three feet of
19:22:54 right-of-way which will serve as a dedicated turn lane
19:22:57 OK on MacDill to Euclid which was something that was
19:22:59 greatly wanted.
19:23:01 Then in addition to that we have agreed to install
19:23:03 pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of
19:23:06 MacDill and Euclid that will have the countdown
19:23:09 heads as well as the push buttons that will be done at
19:23:11 the developer's expense.
19:23:12 With that I would like to turn things over to Rus and
19:23:15 his wife Lee and I hope I have clarified some of the
19:23:17 questions that we have raised before.
19:23:19 And it's compatible, it's a reasonable request, and
19:23:25 has a minimal impact on the neighborhood.
19:23:28 Finally, I would like to thank staff for all their
19:23:30 work and for their support. With that I turn things
19:23:34 over to Rus and his wife Lee for a brief presentation.
19:23:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a question, Mr. Gardner.
19:23:41 Based on what you said now, are there then substantive
19:23:45 changes from the last proposal on March 23rd?
19:23:48 To the site plan?
19:23:50 >>> Correct.

19:23:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
19:23:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: When you said you dropped it down to
19:23:55 35 feet did that make at two-story?
19:23:57 >>> It's still three stories but what we wanted to try
19:24:00 to do was keep in the impact conformance of what the
19:24:03 underlying zoning was which is 35 feet.
19:24:14 >>> Good evening, Madam Chair.
19:24:15 I'm Russell very gag I.
19:24:18 I have been sworn in -- Versaggi.
19:24:20 I will be very brief.
19:24:23 I just wanted to give you a quick synopsis of what
19:24:26 where we have come.
19:24:28 We have been involved with this project for 12 months.
19:24:30 We have had a great deal of input from the
19:24:32 neighborhood.
19:24:34 Many of those here tonight that will speak in favor
19:24:36 have had input.
19:24:39 We have created buffers.
19:24:40 We have had a lot of green space, as Marty pointed
19:24:43 out, and parks has helped us keep that green space at
19:24:48 a maximum.
19:24:48 We think it's quite a bit.

19:24:55 We have also had setbacks and landscape buffers.
19:24:59 As Truett pointed out, we've done all the single
19:25:05 family on Waverly to respect that.
19:25:10 We respect privacy.
19:25:11 We have lowered the height.
19:25:12 And we think this project will be a tremendous
19:25:16 enhancement to the neighborhood.
19:25:19 I've got some photos that I'll show quickly of the
19:25:21 existing property.
19:25:27 These were taken just two months ago.
19:25:31 And I thought I would also show a couple of pictures
19:25:34 of projects that we have done in the past that have
19:25:37 enhanced those neighborhoods.
19:25:38 This one is in the Tampa Heights neighborhood.
19:25:41 And this one is in the downtown Tampa Franklin Street
19:25:45 corridor.
19:25:49 That's the way we have approached this project from
19:25:52 the very beginning.
19:25:53 We are very grateful for staff and for the
19:25:55 neighborhood's input on. This and we would appreciate
19:25:57 your consideration.
19:25:58 Thank you.

19:26:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:26:01 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
19:26:03 on item number 6?
19:26:11 I'm sorry.
19:26:15 >>> Leigh Wilson Versaggi.
19:26:17 I am the architect for the project.
19:26:19 I would just like to say that I have over 20 years
19:26:24 experience restoring historic buildings.
19:26:27 I have a master's degree from the University of South
19:26:29 Florida.
19:26:32 I worked with Jan April and Garcia to restore the
19:26:39 University of Tampa plant hall, and worked with them
19:26:43 for over two and a half years, past the time that Jan
19:26:51 passed away.
19:26:52 I just want to say that I am very comfortable with the
19:26:54 details that are going to be necessary, and have the
19:27:00 expertise to manage this project.
19:27:08 As far as the details go -- and I'll be brief again --
19:27:10 the details are that the entries are on the street.
19:27:16 And the garages have a rear access from the drive
19:27:23 aisle and that was important in working with staff
19:27:25 that we approach it that way.

19:27:27 And that necessitated pushing these units to the
19:27:34 front.
19:27:35 And also in doing that creates a buffer to the rear as
19:27:39 well.
19:27:46 There was a lot of research that went into this
19:27:48 project.
19:27:56 Here's a brownstone.
19:27:58 The details.
19:28:10 Again a an entry.
19:28:14 Because it relates to the street, relates to the
19:28:17 sidewalks, and it encourages pedestrian use.
19:28:21 We wanted to have a strong front to the building.
19:28:31 The material of our project will be applied stone or
19:28:36 cast stone for the elements, so, no, we are not
19:28:40 talking a low-end project here, and I think that we
19:28:42 can do a good job with this.
19:28:45 The buildings are defined by a heavy base and
19:28:48 two-story columns above.
19:28:49 The buildings will be capped with a heavy corner.
19:28:55 What we did was, in the very beginning, we have a very
19:28:58 tall building, and we did our best to pull it down to
19:29:00 the 35 feet and still have three stories.

19:29:04 And we were able to accomplish that I think very well.
19:29:17 The comments that stormwater will be retained with a
19:29:19 stormwater vault so we will not be adding anything to
19:29:23 the street.
19:29:26 And I do believe that is it.
19:29:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:29:34 Anyone else, Mr. Gardner?
19:29:36 We'll go to the audience.
19:29:37 Anyone in the public that wants to speak.
19:29:52 >>> As you recall, this hearing was last heard on
19:29:54 March 23rd and was late, and there weren't as many
19:29:59 council members.
19:30:00 There were 21 speakers who did speak.
19:30:02 Council, ski that Mr. Gardner -- and this is in fact
19:30:05 substantively different, the substantive changes, than
19:30:10 there was the last time.
19:30:11 And on that basis, council, it would be my
19:30:15 recommendation, although it's council's custom to not
19:30:18 allow people to spoke during a public hearing to speak
19:30:21 again, it would be my recommendation to allow people
19:30:23 to address the changes or to address the issues that
19:30:26 are still out there and relevant or have been raised.

19:30:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just wonder if somebody can take
19:30:34 the drawing on this side.
19:30:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you very much.
19:30:43 Does anyone else want top speak on item number 6?
19:30:48 If you are going to speak, please get up and come up
19:30:50 and speak.
19:30:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Please also remember to state whether
19:30:54 you have been sworn.
19:30:56 >>> I have not been sworn.
19:30:57 >>GWEN MILLER: If anyone has not been sworn, will you
19:30:59 please stand and raise your right hand, if you have
19:31:02 not been sworn in, please stand and raise your right
19:31:04 hand.
19:31:07 (Oath administered by Clerk)
19:31:20 >>> That is the address of one of the properties of
19:31:24 the builder's project.
19:31:25 I think it's absolutely fabulous.
19:31:28 It is so much better looking than what we now have on
19:31:30 that street.
19:31:35 A lot of the residents had a problem with the
19:31:37 single-family residential issue.
19:31:39 So I took a drive down MacDill.

19:31:41 I started at Kennedy.
19:31:43 And I drove down to Gandy.
19:31:45 That's 3.5 miles N. that 3.5 miles there are 26
19:31:52 residential single-family properties in that 3.5-mile
19:31:58 section.
19:31:58 The closest single-family residences to this property
19:32:03 in either direction are a half mile.
19:32:06 The rest of it is all commercial.
19:32:08 I've driven down residential street.
19:32:13 There are anywhere from 26 to 33 houses within a half
19:32:16 mile.
19:32:20 In this space there are no residential houses except
19:32:22 on this property.
19:32:23 Another issue that was raised at the last meeting was
19:32:28 the height of these buildings.
19:32:31 My house is a two-story house.
19:32:33 I can stand in my backyard and see into houses here,
19:32:39 into houses here.
19:32:40 If I go upstairs I can see all the back yards.
19:32:45 So it's not changing.
19:32:47 What we have done is we have grown plants to give us
19:32:50 more privacy.

19:32:51 So, yes, I'm very much in favor of this project.
19:32:55 Thank you.
19:32:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:32:56 Next.
19:33:03 >>ROSE FERLITA: I just have a quick question for you,
19:33:07 Ms. Anderson.
19:33:08 I was kind of confused.
19:33:10 You are at this site now.
19:33:11 So is this property that will be -- you will have to
19:33:15 vacate, and -- so he would be buying your property if
19:33:22 this went forward?
19:33:24 >>> Yes.
19:33:24 >>ROSE FERLITA: That would be your benefit.
19:33:26 Thank you.
19:33:27 >>> Absolutely.
19:33:30 >>> Charlotte Logan.
19:33:33 I have been sworn in.
19:33:34 And I was born and raised in South Tampa and have
19:33:38 lived there all my life.
19:33:40 I've seen a lot of changes and all of them haven't
19:33:43 been good.
19:33:45 A lot of things that went on MacDill Avenue that

19:33:48 they were talking about was before we had anybody who
19:33:55 had anything.
19:33:56 We didn't have a City Council for a long time.
19:33:59 And we didn't have people who opposed certain things.
19:34:04 Yeah. Anyway, Madam Chairman and members of the Tampa
19:34:08 City Council, who are left, I would like to go on
19:34:12 record as being opposed to the construction --
19:34:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Would you like to repeat that so they
19:34:20 can hear it?
19:34:21 >>GWEN MILLER: They'll come back.
19:34:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Okay.
19:34:28 I would like to go on record being opposed to the
19:34:30 construction of the new townhouses on MacDill.
19:34:36 This morning I was on MacDill Avenue going to a
19:34:38 doctor's appointment.
19:34:40 And the cars were backed up two and a half blocks.
19:34:44 And that was at 9 a.m.
19:34:48 On MacDill.
19:34:53 And we have that much traffic all the time, in the
19:34:56 morning, in the afternoon.
19:34:57 And they haven't even opened those condos yet that are
19:35:00 blocks from my house.

19:35:01 I live at 2912 Euclid Avenue.
19:35:07 In a one-family home.
19:35:09 I have been in that house 54 years.
19:35:11 And I have seen an awful lot of changes.
19:35:14 And they haven't all been good.
19:35:20 It's often that way.
19:35:21 And no telling how it will be.
19:35:23 The Bayshore is bumper to bumper now since they are
19:35:27 building all those things out between us and
19:35:30 MacDill field.
19:35:32 So there's a lot of traffic.
19:35:34 And when those two condos open and each of those
19:35:39 people have two cars, think of what that's going to be
19:35:42 like. Anyway, I have -- let's see, I already said
19:35:49 that.
19:35:51 The parking is terrible.
19:35:54 On account of all this construction.
19:35:58 They park on our street.
19:36:01 I finally had to go and get a in a-parking sign for
19:36:04 the front of my driveway, because I was almost hit
19:36:07 three times trying to back out of my driveway into
19:36:11 Euclid.

19:36:11 So that's how much traffic there is.
19:36:21 Anyway, when it rains, MacDill floods, because of
19:36:26 the construction and because there's so many things
19:36:29 built on the street.
19:36:31 There's not enough place for run-off.
19:36:36 There's a nice neighborhood.
19:36:38 I finally went touring around after the last meeting.
19:36:42 I hadn't really looked back there.
19:36:44 There are a lot of new houses that have been built
19:36:46 behind where he wants to put the apartments.
19:36:51 And I feel sorry for those people, because they are
19:36:56 not going to have any privacy at all.
19:36:59 They'll be able to be able to look and see and watch
19:37:03 their barbecues and whatever they are having back
19:37:05 there.
19:37:06 And I just don't think it's anything that's needed.
19:37:09 Mr. Versaggi, I'm sure, would not want to build what
19:37:14 he's talking about in his neighborhood on harbor view,
19:37:18 because there was a quote from somewhere that said --
19:37:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Your time is up.
19:37:26 You need to stop.
19:37:27 You need to wrap it up.

19:37:28 >>> Okay, I'll leave.
19:37:30 Don't want multifamily creeping into Palma Ceia.
19:37:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:37:37 Next.
19:37:57 >> Ron Kelly.
19:37:58 I live at 3112 Waverly park.
19:38:00 And I'm one of the people that the previous speaker
19:38:02 was feeling sorry for.
19:38:06 Living there.
19:38:06 About 200 paces from this new development.
19:38:10 During the last hearing, you heard from many of my
19:38:12 neighbors who spoke out in opposition to this project.
19:38:15 And I would like to add my voice to theirs.
19:38:18 When my wife and I moved to our current home six years
19:38:21 ago, it was the 10th inner city move that we had
19:38:26 in our married life.
19:38:27 We have lived in multifamily homes.
19:38:30 We have lived in single family detached housing.
19:38:34 We have rented and we owned, we lived in planned
19:38:36 developments and we have also lived in more eclectic
19:38:40 designs such as where we are living now.
19:38:42 Our experience, I think it's given us a pretty good

19:38:46 idea of what this thing called quality of life is and
19:38:51 what's important to us.
19:38:52 And I'm pleased to say that you and your colleagues
19:38:56 and predecessors can be rightly proud of the fine city
19:39:00 that you guided to this point.
19:39:03 Our neighborhood already has a number of multifamily
19:39:06 buildings so I can't honestly say that adding more
19:39:09 would break a single-family precedent.
19:39:12 I would ask you to consider, however, the question of
19:39:15 how much density is too much.
19:39:18 Resources such as city water already are strained.
19:39:22 Traffic on MacDill already is quite high.
19:39:24 And will become more so as other high density projects
19:39:29 nearby fill out.
19:39:31 And their traffic.
19:39:34 Although our children are grown and living in other
19:39:37 cities, many of our neighbors have small children and
19:39:41 frequently use Waverly park, which is nearby.
19:39:43 And their safety is jeopardized by this inevitable
19:39:46 increase in congestion.
19:39:49 In a nutshell that quality of life intangible is
19:39:53 diminished by the ever rising density.

19:39:56 Now it is true of any individual projects.
19:39:58 This one claims to add very little to the overall
19:40:01 problem.
19:40:02 But replacing five lots with 17 homes, or whatever the
19:40:05 number is tonight -- that was the number the last time
19:40:09 I was here -- that clearly is problematic.
19:40:12 It promises to replace older homes with new
19:40:16 construction, new construction using the term
19:40:20 brownstone to your local sense of elegance, when
19:40:23 actually concrete block and stucco might be a more
19:40:26 appropriate description.
19:40:29 It says that there's no reasonable residential
19:40:32 alternative, and ignores the likelihood that other
19:40:39 similarly massive constructions will follow this one.
19:40:42 I ask you again to consider the question of how much
19:40:44 density is too much.
19:40:46 I believe we have already reached the point where
19:40:48 restraint is called for.
19:40:50 I ask you to deny the rezoning request and to maintain
19:40:53 the single-family zoning already in place.
19:40:56 Thank you.
19:40:56 >>MARTIN SHELBY: sir, have you been sworn in?

19:41:01 >>> I have been sworn.
19:41:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
19:41:06 >>> Good evening.
19:41:06 My name is Mike Merritt, 313 Waverly park.
19:41:10 I have been sworn in.
19:41:11 I speak in opposition tonight to this for a number of
19:41:17 reasons, many of which you are going to hear tonight.
19:41:20 I will try not to be too redundant.
19:41:22 One of my concerns is the traffic situation.
19:41:25 I would like to shove the area.
19:41:38 How is that?
19:41:38 Okay.
19:41:40 The area they are talking about is on the corner right
19:41:43 here of Waverly and MacDill.
19:41:47 I don't know where the traffic studies came from that
19:41:50 said that MacDill is not near at capacity, haven't
19:41:57 driven on MacDill in quite awhile because it is
19:41:59 very packed.
19:41:59 I found in the last couple of years as I tried to go
19:42:02 out Waverly Avenue, onto MacDill or across it,
19:42:05 it's very difficult to even get out onto MacDill
19:42:08 anymore from Waverly.

19:42:10 My concern is we have the driveway here. This
19:42:16 driveway here will serve just one unit.
19:42:18 This driveway will serve all the rest.
19:42:20 It's a natural thing that people do when they are
19:42:26 trying to take the route that's going to cause them
19:42:27 the least amount of delay.
19:42:29 In the area that is southwest of the neighborhood,
19:42:33 there are several shopping places.
19:42:36 There's Lowe's, Sam's, target, the areas where people
19:42:43 from the neighborhood go to shop.
19:42:45 When they come back from that area, if they try to
19:42:48 either come up MacDill or go down Euclid and turn
19:42:51 left into their complex, it's going to be very
19:42:57 difficult, and it's going to be a natural tendency for
19:43:00 them to want to make a right turn into their
19:43:04 neighborhood, and into their complex.
19:43:06 And to do that, chances are, just a natural instinct,
19:43:10 they are going to want to cut through the Waverly
19:43:12 neighborhood in order to do that.
19:43:14 That's going increase the traffic tremendously through
19:43:16 that area.
19:43:17 It's not a typical through street.

19:43:21 That was one of the appeals to the when we moved there
19:43:23 nine years ago.
19:43:24 But it's -- that it's not a through neighborhood.
19:43:27 But this is going to cause it to be more of a through
19:43:29 neighborhood by people wanting to come through to make
19:43:33 a right turn through their complex so they don't have
19:43:36 to wait for traffic on MacDill.
19:43:38 It's just going to be a hazard for our neighborhood.
19:43:41 Yes, there are plenty of other multifamily
19:43:44 establishments on MacDill.
19:43:47 And like they said before, how much is enough?
19:43:52 It's going to create an effect in our neighborhood
19:43:55 there that's going to make it like a tunnel with all
19:43:58 the buildings on each side, that it's not going to be
19:44:01 appealing, it's going to remove the appeal of the
19:44:03 neighborhood.
19:44:04 And the only benefit that I can see and that our
19:44:10 neighbors can see that this would be is to the
19:44:13 developers.
19:44:14 And I find it very interesting.
19:44:17 And the lady quoted before is that the architect
19:44:20 didn't want this in her neighborhood.

19:44:21 And that was a quote from both the St. Pete Times and
19:44:24 the Tampa Tribune.
19:44:25 She didn't want this in her neighborhood because of
19:44:27 the density that it would bring.
19:44:31 I find it very interesting that she's okay putting it
19:44:34 in someone else's neighborhood.
19:44:35 Her neighborhood is only about just a few blocks south
19:44:37 of ours.
19:44:38 So it's not a big difference.
19:44:41 Thank you.
19:44:41 (Bell sounds).
19:44:43 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you.
19:44:43 Next.
19:44:49 >>> My name is Melissa McCarthy.
19:44:51 I live at 3126 Waverly park.
19:44:54 And I have been sworn.
19:44:56 I'm against this property as well for many reasons.
19:45:01 First of all, I'm on the same thing, the density.
19:45:06 They call MacDill a collector road.
19:45:09 I'm not sure waits a collector of.
19:45:11 Right now, it's a collector of traffic.
19:45:14 A lot of traffic.

19:45:15 I do a lot of walking, bike riding through the
19:45:19 neighborhood trying to get across MacDill, all
19:45:22 times of the day, to go down towards Bayshore.
19:45:26 I don't care what time of the day it is.
19:45:29 8:00 in the morning.
19:45:30 10:00 in the morning.
19:45:31 2:00 in the afternoon.
19:45:33 6:00 in the evening.
19:45:35 It is hard to get across there.
19:45:38 It's bad enough in your car.
19:45:40 Try doing it on foot.
19:45:41 The traffic backs up from both directions because
19:45:44 there's a light at El Prado, and then the other light
19:45:48 at Euclid.
19:45:49 And it backs up both ways.
19:45:52 If you look at the drawings, and what they showed us
19:45:55 about the one drive in and out, there's no way anytime
19:46:00 of the day someone trying to turn left into there, off
19:46:04 of MacDill, isn't going to back the traffic up way
19:46:08 behind and for quite awhile until the cars can get
19:46:11 through there.
19:46:12 And they are relying on nice drivers coming from the

19:46:16 other direction, which we all know road wage is not
19:46:19 one of the better issues in South Tampa right now.
19:46:27 When the Alagon at the end of Waverly is completed,
19:46:31 that adds a whole other issue of even more traffic, in
19:46:35 that little area.
19:46:38 I live just about a block to the west of this
19:46:42 property, in that quaint little neighborhood.
19:46:45 We are going to get all that cut-through traffic, like
19:46:48 the gentleman before me said, it's logical to want to
19:46:53 turn right into that property, because there's in a
19:46:56 way you can turn left.
19:46:58 That's going to feed everybody through our
19:47:00 neighborhood.
19:47:01 There are a lot of children in that neighborhood.
19:47:02 A lot of little children in that neighborhood.
19:47:05 They have been there.
19:47:16 If you listen to who showed up to the last meeting and
19:47:20 who was opposed to this, and all the people that are
19:47:23 here tonight, it's the neighbors that live in that
19:47:26 area.
19:47:27 They live -- we all live right there.
19:47:31 We're all asking you to please turn this down.

19:47:37 The majority of us.
19:47:39 That right there should say something to you, that we
19:47:42 are all opposed to it.
19:47:43 We all take very good care of our homes, our
19:47:46 properties, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to
19:47:49 improve the area.
19:47:51 But this is ridiculous.
19:47:53 The amount of units on it are just way too much, in an
19:47:57 already congested area.
19:48:03 I'm curious.
19:48:04 I know the last time I watched this on the TV, and I
19:48:06 was curious of the people that spoke for this, because
19:48:10 the majority of them either didn't live right in the
19:48:12 neighborhood, or they rented.
19:48:17 But I'm curious of all those people spoke for it, how
19:48:20 many are really just friends of Mr. Versaggi's and how
19:48:23 many have a financial interest.
19:48:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:48:25 Next.
19:48:32 >>> My name is Sue Lyon.
19:48:34 I don't live immediately adjacent to this property.
19:48:38 But my name was used in the last hearing.

19:48:41 I was in Israel.
19:48:43 And I would just as soon be back there because I had a
19:48:46 really good time.
19:48:51 I want to be here.
19:48:52 But at the time this all started, they came to me and
19:48:58 talked to me about the project.
19:48:59 I told them the neighbors about a three-story
19:49:03 townhouse.
19:49:04 People talk about townhouses in our neighborhood.
19:49:09 None of them are three stories.
19:49:13 They lowered the height, but still got three stories.
19:49:15 And you are going to jam it right up the MacDill.
19:49:19 You can't put any trees in there because you got power
19:49:22 lines.
19:49:22 You're going to have three stories, right there, in
19:49:26 your face.
19:49:28 And they tell you, oh, well, we are only going to
19:49:31 build nine town homes.
19:49:33 But on the other property, still got contracts on it.
19:49:36 Well, next month they're back with another set.
19:49:41 Somebody else talked to us about another set.
19:49:43 We got three sets of townhouses coming in that same

19:49:46 little piece of land that's nice and green and
19:49:48 protected with nice houses.
19:49:51 It's a wonderful neighborhood.
19:49:52 The people get along.
19:49:54 They're comfortable.
19:49:55 They don't want anything like that.
19:49:59 And MacDill is a collector street.
19:50:02 I understand the transportation concurrency structure.
19:50:10 But it's a residential area.
19:50:12 And they talk about the commercial stuff. Those are
19:50:14 local businesses. It's Mad Dogs, where I can tell
19:50:19 you, I can go up there and get drunk and walk home.
19:50:23 It's not a big business.
19:50:24 It's neighborhood stuff.
19:50:27 So our neighborhood, it's friendly and nice.
19:50:31 And we get along.
19:50:35 So I'm not here to throw stones at anybody else.
19:50:37 But if you reduce something from 41 to 35 and still
19:50:44 keep three stories, it really doesn't make that much
19:50:46 difference.
19:50:47 We want two stories.
19:50:49 And not shoved up to MacDill.

19:50:52 I know you're trying to protect the trees and all
19:50:55 that.
19:50:55 But you still need some space.
19:50:58 And what happened with the other townhouses?
19:51:06 >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, she has a couple more
19:51:08 minutes but I wonder if she's willing to elaborate on
19:51:11 this Mad Dog.
19:51:17 >>> Well, after tonight --
19:51:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in, Ms. Lyon?
19:51:23 >>> I was sworn.
19:51:25 I always tell the truth anyway.
19:51:26 Sometimes too much.
19:51:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
19:51:34 >>> My name is Lori Ann Burton, Waverly court.
19:51:39 I have been sworn in.
19:51:41 As the developer went down MacDill, and cherry
19:51:44 picked a few things to show you, so did I.
19:51:51 This is a house that is immediately next to the
19:51:53 commercial property called San CROIX.
19:51:59 This is a house being built next to that house.
19:52:01 Obviously the commercial has not throne them back from
19:52:09 building on MacDill.

19:52:10 Mac detail is a collector street.
19:52:12 So is Euclid.
19:52:13 Here is one that's under construction less than a
19:52:16 block from the proposed site.
19:52:20 Another one that's about to be built, Euclid at
19:52:28 El Prado, also less than a block from MacDill.
19:52:32 And another that's about to break ground.
19:52:36 Further up MacDill, where apparently no one wants
19:52:39 to live, keystone is about to start construction on
19:52:45 four homes.
19:52:46 They have these lots for sale.
19:52:48 They are just south of Swann.
19:52:53 Another undesirable location, I believe, is Dale
19:52:57 Mabry.
19:52:58 This is the corner of Dale Mabry and Barcelona.
19:53:01 Yes, it's an inward facing house.
19:53:03 But it is on what can only be termed collector,
19:53:07 arterial.
19:53:09 I'm not sure.
19:53:11 More undesirable locations.
19:53:13 Bay to Bay.
19:53:16 Plus coming back to our proposed lots, here is the

19:53:19 corner, as it looks now.
19:53:21 This is all the construction parking, right here.
19:53:29 It's still many months from completion.
19:53:30 And we haven't seen what will happen when they all
19:53:33 crank up their units and crank up their cars.
19:53:37 The property here again, I think this shows it better,
19:53:44 that they are between the sidewalk and the street,
19:53:48 where Mr. Versaggi is proposing to plant palm trees.
19:53:55 I checked with TECO, that statute and the trees, and
19:53:58 they have to be two feet plus the average length of
19:54:00 the palms from the power lines, which suggests to me
19:54:04 that he will not be able to be planting there.
19:54:07 Given the closeness of the building to the street, I
19:54:09 don't foresee any planting being able to be done in
19:54:14 the front yard.
19:54:16 And while this is not Mr. Versaggi's building, this is
19:54:19 what I've seen in Soho, and I suspect this is what it
19:54:24 will end up looking like from the street.
19:54:27 Three story building with no tall landscaping.
19:54:30 Additionally, while they have pulled the height back,
19:54:38 they are keeping embellishment that will make it
19:54:41 appear 41 feet from the street which continues to be

19:54:43 too tall.
19:54:46 Mrs. Saul-Sena pointed out last time that there is, in
19:54:49 fact, multifamily catter-corner.
19:54:52 And I have taken a picture of it as when well.
19:54:55 I don't know if you can see the building that's here
19:54:57 behind the tree.
19:54:58 But as you can see it's very well set back from the
19:55:02 street and has very mature landscaping.
19:55:04 Next door to this --
19:55:07 (Bell sounds).
19:55:10 This is set back.
19:55:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
19:55:13 Thank you.
19:55:24 >>> William Soshe, Kensington, and I have been sworn.
19:55:27 I am one of those people that Melissa spoke about that
19:55:30 has young children playing in the street.
19:55:33 Most of my children are -- all of my children are
19:55:36 under the age of ten.
19:55:37 Four of them. Three daughters and one son, and I have
19:55:40 one daughter on the way.
19:55:47 >>ROSE FERLITA: I believe Mr. white is in pain.
19:55:51 >> I moved to this neighborhood because of the fact

19:55:52 there wasn't a lot of traffic.
19:55:56 There aren't many homes at this point that are still
19:55:59 in the street.
19:56:00 We have many open vacant lots that my children play in
19:56:03 often.
19:56:03 And I think that if we add more traffic or more homes
19:56:07 on MacDill, it's going to add to the traffic he
19:56:09 woulds that we have now on our street.
19:56:15 My main concern is the traffic.
19:56:17 The height of the project is way too big.
19:56:22 There's other projects on that street, people building
19:56:25 homes, the people that are going to be -- Bayshore
19:56:32 project center going on, I think it's going to create
19:56:34 attach traffic for our neighborhood.
19:56:36 And I oppose what's going to happen there on
19:56:38 MacDill.
19:56:39 That's all.
19:56:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:56:40 Next.
19:56:46 >>> Nancy skimp.
19:56:48 I live at 3113 Waverly park and I was sworn in.
19:56:53 My husband and I have lived at our address for 31

19:56:58 years, one block and a half from this proposed
19:57:00 project.
19:57:02 And I just wanted to interject this because this is a
19:57:05 big issue at the last meeting.
19:57:07 The developer claims that he's contacted the
19:57:09 neighbors. I did not know about this project until
19:57:12 the petition sign went up.
19:57:15 And I would have loved to have been at the planning
19:57:18 session, because I think that if my husband and I and
19:57:24 other neighbors had been there a lot of what's going
19:57:27 on tonight wouldn't be going on and probably most of
19:57:30 us wouldn't be here.
19:57:31 That said, I agree with everything that has been said
19:57:34 about the traffic.
19:57:36 I agree that the structures are too tall.
19:57:41 They did not go well with the neighborhood.
19:57:43 The architecture is income compatible with the area.
19:57:47 I have never seen a brownstone in Tampa except on
19:57:50 Howard Avenue.
19:57:51 And those are questionable at best.
19:57:55 The traffic is out of control on MacDill Avenue.
19:57:59 I used to be able to cross that street anytime of the

19:58:04 day, any day of the week.
19:58:07 Now, I try to avoid that intersection.
19:58:10 But I can't always avoid it.
19:58:12 It has become very dangerous.
19:58:16 I understand it's a connector road.
19:58:18 Don't care that it's a connector road.
19:58:19 It is maxed out.
19:58:23 Some day, I assume that the city may want to widen
19:58:27 MacDill, or put in a center turn lane.
19:58:30 I know center turn lanes are wonderful things on
19:58:32 certain roads, and they do help with the backing up of
19:58:36 traffic when someone obviously needs to turn left.
19:58:40 Where in the world are you all -- or the future
19:58:43 councils going to widen MacDill if you have town
19:58:47 homes, multi family, up and down the road, 7.5 feet
19:58:52 from the sidewalk?
19:58:54 If you were to build -- if Mr. Versaggi was to build
19:58:58 these townhouses, and MacDill was widened 20 years
19:59:03 from now, the street would literally be at these
19:59:06 people's front door.
19:59:07 That is an issue that I think everyone needs to
19:59:10 consider that sits on the council.

19:59:13 Westshore Boulevard is a Plame example of this issue.
19:59:17 Westshore needs to be widened.
19:59:19 And it's going to be a near impossibility in the
19:59:21 future to widen.
19:59:26 We have also been made aware of a petition to develop
19:59:29 eleven town homes on the north side of Waverly.
19:59:34 On MacDill.
19:59:36 It's coming up in July.
19:59:38 So if you put the cars from the 17 town homes that we
19:59:42 were told are going on Mr. Versaggi's property, and
19:59:48 the eleven town homes that they want to build to the
19:59:52 north, if everyone has two cars, that's 56 cars.
19:59:57 In a two-block stretch of MacDill Avenue.
20:00:02 And when these people entertain, where are their
20:00:06 friends going to park?
20:00:07 They cannot park on MacDill.
20:00:09 They cannot park on El Prado. They can't park on
20:00:13 Euclid.
20:00:14 They are going to park on Waverly.
20:00:18 Thank you.
20:00:19 Traffic is a big issue and you all need to consider
20:00:22 that.

20:00:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:00:23 Next.
20:00:26 >>> Jeff Decorski, I have been sworn.
20:00:31 I am in opposition to this project also.
20:00:33 Mainly because of the street that they have been
20:00:36 talking about as far as the cut through is my street.
20:00:40 Right now, it is being used as a cut-through.
20:00:43 We have lost many animals.
20:00:44 As other people said, we have a lot of children in the
20:00:47 neighborhood.
20:00:47 My neighbor who is going to speak later has already
20:00:52 lost a mailbox from people speed ago round that corner
20:00:56 that. Means they are going at a high rate of speed up
20:00:58 their block.
20:00:59 The other thing, it is way too close to MacDill.
20:01:03 The access from this street, too close to the street
20:01:06 to make it look like the district where there's just
20:01:11 towers on each side.
20:01:13 The third thing would be -- I have been told that
20:01:16 there are three phases, this project, this project and
20:01:21 one other.
20:01:21 And you're adding, I believe, 28 units.

20:01:24 So that's a lot of cars as everybody has already said.
20:01:27 So I just ask that you turn this down.
20:01:31 And --
20:01:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
20:01:34 >>ROSE FERLITA: What was your last name?
20:01:39 >>> Decorski.
20:01:43 >>> I'm Georgian Fisher, west Waverly Avenue and I
20:01:46 also own the property next to the which is an
20:01:48 385-year-old house at 3010 west Waverly road.
20:01:52 I have been sworn in.
20:01:54 I have nothing much more to added aking what people
20:02:00 have already said.
20:02:01 It's my first tame before the council.
20:02:02 So I'm a little nervous.
20:02:05 But I can tell you that the density to drive out
20:02:10 Waverly to MacDill Avenue, it's impossible.
20:02:13 I've lived here 22 years in the same location, and
20:02:18 changed remarkably.
20:02:19 The whole neighborhood has changed.
20:02:21 I'm grieving the loss of our old neighborhood and our
20:02:25 old neighbors for that matter.
20:02:27 But to add these townhouses to me just seems like --

20:02:31 it's just going backwards.
20:02:33 Not forward.
20:02:35 That's all I have to say.
20:02:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:02:36 Next.
20:02:42 >> Susan Weeks.
20:02:43 I live at 3002 Waverly Avenue.
20:02:45 This is my second time to speak before the council in
20:02:47 a couple of years on density in our neighborhood.
20:02:51 I would like to say if I have to keep -- yes, I have
20:02:55 been sworn.
20:02:58 I feel the same way that my neighbors do, but there's
20:03:01 a couple things I want to point out.
20:03:04 Tonight we are talking about putting nine homes where
20:03:06 there are currently two.
20:03:07 This is a two phase project where we are talking about
20:03:09 putting 17 homes where there are currently five.
20:03:12 If the person who spoke five persons ago, when he said
20:03:17 he had five kids, we probably all thought, well,
20:03:19 that's great, what a neat big family F. he said he had
20:03:22 17 kids we might have all questioned his sanity and
20:03:26 questioned the sanity of Puget 17 homes where there

20:03:29 were once five.
20:03:30 Also I want to speak about the traffic on Waverly
20:03:32 Avenue between MacDill and Bayshore.
20:03:34 People have already spoken about that a little bit.
20:03:37 I think on the other side.
20:03:38 But because of the on coming traffic, going south on
20:03:41 MacDill trying to turn home I can't even turn left
20:03:44 to get to my own house either because of the flow of
20:03:47 traffic or because traffic is stopped and blocked and
20:03:49 there's no way to get through. This is going to make
20:03:51 Waverly Avenue between MacDill and Bayshore a
20:03:54 cut-through street instead of a neighborhood street,
20:03:56 which is not intended to be.
20:03:58 Also, we saw a lot of statistics and saw a lot of
20:04:00 pictures on other properties on MacDill Avenue.
20:04:05 I think my home on Waverly is closer to this project
20:04:07 than all of us and I think that should be considered.
20:04:09 First, I want to say that four years ago my husband
20:04:11 and I bought a house that was over 100 years old and
20:04:15 spent a substantial amount of money restoring it.
20:04:20 The view from my front yard is their dumpster.
20:04:23 Our neighborhood has suffered enough.

20:04:24 I ask you to reject this proposal and please don't
20:04:26 continue to penalize our neighborhood any further.
20:04:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:04:29 Next.
20:04:33 >>> My name is Lucy Bosie and I have not been sworn.
20:04:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Raise your rate hand, pleas.
20:04:40 (Oath administered by Clerk).
20:04:45 >>> This is my second time also speaking against the
20:04:48 project.
20:04:48 And I also sent a letter regarding this project last
20:04:53 time.
20:04:53 But I'm here to speak personally on behalf of the
20:04:55 Bosie family, two children, to cats, my mother and
20:05:00 myself, who all are going to be impacted by this
20:05:02 project.
20:05:04 I'm the neighbor who lost the mailbox.
20:05:07 And it was a scary sound, because my children often
20:05:13 play outside the home.
20:05:15 But they are coming from school off the bus.
20:05:17 And it is just an example of something that can
20:05:22 happen.
20:05:22 Because my house sits on that street that will be the

20:05:27 shortest route for this project.
20:05:28 And we have always wondered if the traffic was
20:05:34 intense.
20:05:34 But we moved there in 1999, and every year it gets
20:05:39 worse.
20:05:42 I do like improvements in the neighborhood.
20:05:45 We have built two homes in Waverly heights area.
20:05:49 And I would love to see two new homes, where these two
20:05:54 exist.
20:05:54 That will be the best use of that property.
20:05:56 I think development is good.
20:05:59 But wave to be reasonable on how we go about it.
20:06:06 I think there's been an issue of traffic.
20:06:08 We have also seen -- I don't see how we can support
20:06:12 density in our neighborhood.
20:06:16 I agree with the neighbors about the neighborhood
20:06:18 losing character.
20:06:19 And the first had a point, when all those commercial
20:06:25 units were built, I don't think the laws, in general,
20:06:29 we didn't have any kind of hearings.
20:06:30 So it just grew.
20:06:32 But now we have laws that we need to follow.

20:06:34 And there's residential 60 zoning.
20:06:42 The members approved two beautiful homes.
20:06:45 And I think the develop Kerr make money and everyone
20:06:47 will be happy.
20:06:48 Thank you.
20:06:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:06:49 Next.
20:06:54 >>> I have been sworn.
20:06:54 My name is Craig Chateau, I own a house at 3104
20:06:59 Waverly Avenue.
20:07:01 First I want to say that staff, they do a good job of
20:07:05 representing facts and they look into the facts as far
20:07:07 as traffic, as far as what the zoning is, as far as
20:07:12 what's there.
20:07:12 And what we do know is there's a lot of multifamily.
20:07:15 A lot of people that spoke tonight against this
20:07:17 project live in multifamily on Waverly.
20:07:26 And other dwellings.
20:07:27 There's vacant land there. There's some run down
20:07:29 homes.
20:07:29 There's possible commercial, retail that could go
20:07:31 there.

20:07:33 This project, being an art history historian and
20:07:38 restoring Hyde Park, I look at these brown stones, and
20:07:41 I see nothing but authentic replication.
20:07:45 I went to Boston to study this a couple months ago and
20:07:48 saw a lot of things that are true to the brownstone.
20:07:51 I wanted to say that I have a home there.
20:07:54 I appreciate improvements to an area.
20:07:57 And having something that has 30, 40% more green space
20:08:03 than required, having dwellings that are single-family
20:08:07 homes but multifamily, that appear to be single-family
20:08:10 homes, is an important feature to a neighborhood.
20:08:14 The height has been reduced.
20:08:17 The trees have been protected.
20:08:18 The traffic from staff, what they said is not going to
20:08:21 be a large increase.
20:08:24 If any, cutting through streets is going to happen
20:08:26 with homes being built there, single-family homes.
20:08:30 It's just the nature of traffic.
20:08:33 I've lived in South Tampa, Hyde Park area for 25
20:08:36 years.
20:08:36 And I'm not someone new to the area.
20:08:40 So I have been involved in the community and really

20:08:42 respect the developer, what he's done, also respect
20:08:47 the idea of something improving there.
20:08:48 And I frequent the area.
20:08:51 And I know a lot of emotions are here tonight.
20:08:53 And I ask council and everyone to look at the facts,
20:08:58 to see what's been done before, to see what's been
20:09:00 approved around the area that is not as attractive as
20:09:05 this, look at all the commercial and the multifamily
20:09:07 north and south of this property, as shown tonight,
20:09:11 and see this corridor as something that's an
20:09:13 improvement.
20:09:15 Single-family homes is not an option there, that we'll
20:09:20 hear.
20:09:21 It's just not.
20:09:22 So again, I ask -- and I'm in favor of this project.
20:09:26 And I ask council to approve it.
20:09:28 Thank you.
20:09:34 >>> I have been sworn in.
20:09:34 My name is Jason Bruer.
20:09:36 I have the house at 3104 Waverly Avenue about 100 feet
20:09:41 from the proposed subject site here to speak in
20:09:43 support of this project.

20:09:44 Just to relieve any perceived conflict of interest, I
20:09:47 have no financial or business interest in this project
20:09:50 other than the extent to which as an owner of this
20:09:52 property I'm affected by what goes on.
20:09:55 I mention -- it's my second time speaking for this
20:09:58 project.
20:09:59 And my first opportunity to speak in support of it, I
20:10:03 mentioned I was a real estate lender.
20:10:06 I'm not financing.
20:10:07 In fact I recuse myself from even talking about
20:10:10 financing this project because I wanted to avoid any
20:10:13 potential conflict of interest.
20:10:14 But I can tell you that I spend my days looking at
20:10:18 pro forma, at budgets, different site plans, sketches,
20:10:21 renderings, elevations for projects, town homes,
20:10:25 condominiums, commercial, residential projects all
20:10:27 throughout the greater bay area, from Pasco County
20:10:29 down to Sarasota.
20:10:30 And in terms of the extent to which this project was
20:10:32 addressed, many of the concerns we heard tonight
20:10:35 already, the extent to which, to the best of his
20:10:41 ability with the neighborhood at large, this rents as

20:10:43 fine a project as anything I've seen.
20:10:45 Secondly, I think the economics of an alternative
20:10:48 development for this site have kind of been brushed
20:10:50 over.
20:10:50 I can tell you right now, I would be happy to dual
20:10:53 pencil was anybody who thinks that combining the cost,
20:10:56 the land cost and materials cost of building
20:10:59 single-family homes on this site with a market,
20:11:02 potential response to a million dollar home there is
20:11:04 not going to add up.
20:11:05 And again this is something I look at all day, every
20:11:07 day.
20:11:08 It's just not there.
20:11:11 When my parents bought the property at 3620 and 3602
20:11:15 South MacDill 25 years ago, and since I was eleven
20:11:18 years old I was over there every Saturday morning
20:11:20 mowing lawns and watch the neighborhood change around.
20:11:23 Their expectation when they bought the property is,
20:11:25 hey, it's a good investment now and it will continue
20:11:27 to be if this neighborhood evolves the right way.
20:11:29 And that's all I heard about making sure this he
20:11:34 involves the right way.

20:11:35 I don't think anybody speaking tonight whether in
20:11:37 support or opposition of this project will deny that
20:11:39 that's going to be impact in the neighborhood.
20:11:41 What's important is to address that impact.
20:11:42 And say, hey, we understand there's going to be
20:11:44 traffic issues.
20:11:45 How much of that can we mitigate and how much is a
20:11:49 reality we can't get around?
20:11:50 Height.
20:11:51 I don't understand how coming from 41 feet to 35 is
20:11:55 not a major concession, not only a major concession
20:12:00 but some referred to by some as a smoke and mirrors or
20:12:06 an illusion.
20:12:08 I'm a little remiss at interpreting some of the
20:12:11 remarks made.
20:12:12 Frankly, I bought property myself as a young man with
20:12:15 the same expectation, I'm going to continue to see
20:12:18 this land grow and improve and increase in value
20:12:20 around me.
20:12:21 Mrs. Ferlita, you had asked a prior speaker, this
20:12:25 might not have been what you were implying but almost
20:12:27 to discredit the testimony or support of this project,

20:12:30 are you going to benefit directly from this project
20:12:32 happening?
20:12:33 Because it was a house that was going to be part as
20:12:35 part of this assemblage.
20:12:37 I would just like to say in response I can item you
20:12:40 that I certainly hope to benefit and I'm going to be
20:12:43 there.
20:12:43 >>ROSE FERLITA: when you finish, I think ail dress
20:12:47 your comments.
20:12:48 >>> That Finn completes my comments.
20:12:50 >>ROSE FERLITA: No, but as I take notes I want to know
20:12:53 what each person or each opposition or support
20:12:56 individual comes up with and where they are coming
20:12:58 from.
20:12:59 Obviously, I wanted that clarification, and I have a
20:13:02 written note in terms of you.
20:13:03 No interest.
20:13:04 And I appreciated Mr. Brewer's candidness.
20:13:08 Just as I was trying to clarify where she was coming
20:13:10 from and what she would benefit from or not from, I
20:13:13 think that's important in me making my decision.
20:13:16 If you think that that was an effort to discredit her

20:13:19 or you or anybody else for or against, you're
20:13:24 absolutely incorrect.
20:13:24 But I appreciate the fact that your concerns were
20:13:26 aired and we have clarified that.
20:13:28 Thank you.
20:13:28 >>> I appreciate it.
20:13:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:13:31 Next.
20:13:35 >>> Good evening.
20:13:35 I'm Rhonda Brewer.
20:13:36 I live at 305 east Park Avenue in Tampa.
20:13:39 I too have no financial gain in this project.
20:13:43 I understand that change into a neighborhood, it
20:13:46 brings about concerns to both residents.
20:13:49 But what I would like to reiterate for you all is that
20:13:53 we have a comprehensive land plan in place that guides
20:13:57 the patterns of development.
20:13:59 We have a development in place that guides what we can
20:14:03 do on particular properties.
20:14:06 Your staff, with unanimous approval, has supported
20:14:09 this project from the beginning.
20:14:10 And I just want you to feel the confidence that this

20:14:14 project not only meets all the standards of the Land
20:14:18 Development Code and the comprehensive land plan with
20:14:21 the unanimous approval of staff, but the developer has
20:14:24 even exceeded those requirements, through increased
20:14:29 green space, and actually less density than what the
20:14:32 law would allow.
20:14:36 It comes back to what is the law nor property and
20:14:39 what's the code and regulation that is this city puts
20:14:42 forth?
20:14:43 And I would just ask that you take into consideration
20:14:46 that the due diligence has been met on this project,
20:14:48 to give you the confidence to know that voting yes is
20:14:52 the legal and it is the right thing to do.
20:14:55 I also want to add that I am a member of Tampa
20:14:58 Heights, and I have seen firsthand what it has done to
20:15:06 improve the economic viability of our neighborhood.
20:15:08 I ask you to please consider this.
20:15:09 It's met and exceeded all the requirements.
20:15:11 And I will give you -- it will give you the confidence
20:15:14 to vote yes.
20:15:15 Thank you.
20:15:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

20:15:16 Next.
20:15:19 >>> John Thalman, I have been sworn.
20:15:23 I have property at south Waverly place.
20:15:25 Aim custom home builder in Tampa.
20:15:27 When I actually bought that property, and I heard
20:15:29 about the rezoning request, I was pretty darned
20:15:32 concerned, some of the same concerns you heard that.
20:15:34 But I had a sit -- chance to sit down with him and
20:15:40 understand the plans.
20:15:40 From the density, the height restriction, all those,
20:15:47 very much to my sense.
20:15:48 The second point I want to make is that a lot in
20:15:53 question, are actually sites that I personally looked
20:15:56 at for about 12 of my clients actually built
20:16:00 single-family homes and in the course of going through
20:16:02 economics with those individuals and even myself on a
20:16:05 speculative case, I can tell you that they do not make
20:16:09 economic metrics of any home build theory I know of in
20:16:11 the industry.
20:16:12 So what I can tell you is that as an interested party,
20:16:18 building in that neighborhood, when I look at the
20:16:20 alternatives of multifamily, single-family or

20:16:23 commercial, and I know now that single-family from my
20:16:27 personal knowledge is not a viable option, the
20:16:29 commercial side is even less to me, knowing the area
20:16:33 and everything around there.
20:16:34 So as I look at the options in trying to make
20:16:37 multifamily a little more desirable, given some of the
20:16:39 neighborhood qualities, that's why I'm very much in
20:16:42 favor of this.
20:16:43 Thank you.
20:16:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:16:44 Next.
20:16:53 >>> Leon cruising.
20:16:55 And I tone house at 3605 South MacDill.
20:16:58 I moved into that house in 1959, moved out in 1991.
20:17:05 My daughter moved in in 1991 and still lives there.
20:17:08 The house is well over 100 years old.
20:17:11 I probably know more about the traffic in front of
20:17:14 that house than anybody in the room.
20:17:17 I have watched it.
20:17:20 And I begin to question some of the things I've heard.
20:17:25 The subdivision behind me has an exit to MacDill
20:17:30 through El Prado, two places.

20:17:33 It has an exit to Euclid, both places.
20:17:36 There's a traffic light on Euclid.
20:17:38 There's a traffic light on El Prado.
20:17:41 All I have ever had to do is wait for a space between
20:17:44 either traffic light, and we had no trouble coming out
20:17:47 of the driveway.
20:17:48 I can't imagine that the traffic would be much worse
20:17:51 with this development than it is with what we have
20:17:53 right now.
20:17:57 Another point is that we have the house, a two-story
20:18:02 house, and from the backyard my daughter tells me, and
20:18:06 I have seen it, that we can look at any house behind
20:18:08 us.
20:18:10 In all that time no one has ever complained.
20:18:13 It's a two-story house.
20:18:15 We can look at the two story house from my second
20:18:17 floor and look into the windows of the buildings
20:18:20 behind us.
20:18:21 No one has ever complained.
20:18:23 I doubt that anyone here, in all that time, would be
20:18:26 interested in buying my house or buying a house on
20:18:29 MacDill.

20:18:31 It's a commercial street.
20:18:32 It has been since I moved into it.
20:18:38 The traffic is -- it varies from time to time.
20:18:43 But never been any real problem.
20:18:45 But then my house, when I put it up for sale because
20:18:48 my wife could no longer climb the stairs in 1991, we
20:18:52 put the house up for sale.
20:18:54 In one year, we did not have a single bid on that
20:18:57 house.
20:19:00 Who wants to live on MacDill?
20:19:02 Now, the second point is that most of these people
20:19:05 living in Waverly park behind me had very little
20:19:08 reason to come onto MacDill.
20:19:10 If they are going down Euclid to Bayshore, they go
20:19:12 through the traffic lights. If they go on El Prado
20:19:15 they go to Bayshore.
20:19:16 I don't know why they come on MacDill except those
20:19:22 two streets because going west they can go out the
20:19:25 side streets to El Prado and Euclid and to the west.
20:19:29 So there's not much reason for this.
20:19:30 So I question the houses sold, that it can't be
20:19:34 occupied, the other house was even older, and all of

20:19:37 these things, the subdivision is zoned for residential
20:19:44 occupation, was so far back that there were no
20:19:47 buildings in the area at all.
20:19:49 And these houses, those streets on Waverly, two-story
20:19:57 buildings had been built and I never heard any
20:19:59 complaints about that.
20:20:00 And some of them are pretty huge.
20:20:02 But I question why the prey occupation with the
20:20:08 traffic on MacDill, because I don't think it's a
20:20:11 major problem.
20:20:12 And I think we should approve the -- what do we say,
20:20:19 approve the situation.
20:20:21 I thank you.
20:20:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in, sir?
20:20:25 Sir, excuse me, sir?
20:20:27 He was?
20:20:28 Okay.
20:20:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
20:20:33 >>> I have been sworn in.
20:20:34 My name is Evelyn Bough, and I'm a realtor for 42
20:20:39 years and I practice in South Tampa all those years.
20:20:43 I put a sign on the McCarty house a year and a half.

20:20:47 I never got one call for anybody to build a
20:20:49 single-family home there. I got calls to put a
20:20:52 nursery there, a bicycle shop, a fraternity house
20:21:02 They wanted a cleaning place there.
20:21:04 All the calls.
20:21:06 I did not encourage them to have it rezoned.
20:21:08 But what Mr. Versaggi came to me and his wife and
20:21:12 talked to me about building these townhouses, I
20:21:14 thought what a nice asset to that neighborhood there.
20:21:16 Because the house that I did sell, the McCarty
20:21:20 house, was built in 1926.
20:21:23 So there was no way that it could be redone.
20:21:27 It has to be torn down.
20:21:29 That's approving -- I won't get any calls.
20:21:41 So I would encourage you to a prove it because it's
20:21:47 certainly going to be as an asset to those people that
20:21:51 live behind there. I know they like to keep their
20:21:53 little neighborhood the same but things do change.
20:21:55 Thank you.
20:21:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:21:56 Next.
20:21:59 >>> My name is Elise Rock, and I have been sworn. I

20:22:05 have several reasons for being here tonight.
20:22:05 I am the applicant's daughter, and also I live in a
20:22:11 dwelling that is being talked about being turned into
20:22:14 condos.
20:22:15 So I have been traveling to my parents' house, which
20:22:19 is in the neighborhood, every day, and also driving
20:22:22 through the area, know the area.
20:22:24 And, also, I have no financial interest except for the
20:22:28 fact that I am absolutely in love with these buildings
20:22:31 and would love to buy one one day.
20:22:35 From what I understand, there have been months of
20:22:40 discussion about this.
20:22:42 The opponents and the proponents have been talking to
20:22:45 each other a lot.
20:22:46 But I have only seen listening going on on one side.
20:22:51 It seems to me that the developers have been
20:22:53 listening.
20:22:55 I have heard they have made many concessions.
20:22:58 And when the opponents speak, I am not feeling that
20:23:03 they have listened to the concessions very clearly,
20:23:06 because they talk about concerns about traffic, and I
20:23:10 know that there are going to be stop lights at both

20:23:14 ends of the block.
20:23:20 They say repeatedly, only talking about nine
20:23:26 dwellings, nine units.
20:23:32 And we are talking about nine families.
20:23:40 The opponents say that there isn't enough green space.
20:23:44 We have got more green space times five than is
20:23:48 necessary.
20:23:49 They say that the architecture doesn't resemble what
20:23:55 is already there.
20:23:56 Okay.
20:23:58 I will agree with that. It's far more beautiful.
20:24:01 It will raise the bar and bring beauty to the
20:24:04 neighborhood.
20:24:05 It will bring value to the neighborhood.
20:24:07 It is going to be something for people to drive by and
20:24:13 say, wow, I really want to one day be able to live in
20:24:21 this gorgeous, incredible neighborhood.
20:24:29 This set of buildings will raise the economic value of
20:24:32 the homes surrounding it.
20:24:35 I really think that everybody in this neighborhood
20:24:37 will be very lucky if this place is built, and I hope
20:24:40 it will be and I hope you will approve it.

20:24:42 Thank you.
20:24:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:24:43 Next.
20:24:44 >>> I'm Carol Schindler and I live at 3534 Village
20:24:51 Way, I'm immediately across from the proposed
20:24:54 development.
20:24:55 I would like to interject at this point that there are
20:24:58 four town homes ranging in 400 that you to 500 some
20:25:03 odd thousand, El Prado and MacDill, that are also
20:25:07 not built.
20:25:09 Our streets are already congested.
20:25:11 Our roads are in need of repair.
20:25:13 Our patience has gone out with the Alagon.
20:25:20 The cars and trucks from the workmen are on either
20:25:23 side.
20:25:23 They park in front of our garbage cans.
20:25:25 They park in front of our driveways.
20:25:28 Had in front of the emergency fire hydrants and right
20:25:33 up to the stop signs.
20:25:34 Our patience is totally with contractors saying they
20:25:38 will protect our streets and provide parking for
20:25:41 employees when they indeed do not.

20:25:48 I ask that you up hold the existing residential zoning
20:25:51 and protect the citizens and their rates to a
20:25:54 reasonable and an acceptable environment.
20:25:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record again for
20:25:59 me.
20:26:00 >>> Carol Schindler.
20:26:06 SCHINDLER.
20:26:15 >>GWEN MILLER: The young lady that just finished
20:26:17 speaking;
20:26:18 >>> I'm pat rice, 3606 Waverly court which is also
20:26:22 3605 Bayshore.
20:26:24 I have lived there better B four years.
20:26:29 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in.
20:26:30 >>> I have been sworn in.
20:26:31 Yes.
20:26:32 Thank you.
20:26:32 I am not going to reiterate all the comments that have
20:26:34 been made.
20:26:35 I'm in complete agreement with my neighbors who are in
20:26:38 opposition to the rezoning of this property.
20:26:42 We ask you to protect our neighborhood, and leave the
20:26:46 zoning as it is.

20:26:47 I do want to, with your permission, may I point out
20:26:52 one impression that was made that I think was
20:26:56 erroneous?
20:26:57 Is that permissible to do so?
20:27:01 A previous speaker made the comment that he thought
20:27:08 most of the persons who had spoken in opposition to
20:27:10 this rezoning petition were people who lived in
20:27:14 multifamily dwellings.
20:27:15 As I said, I have lived here almost 40 years.
20:27:19 I think only Charlotte Logan has lived there longer
20:27:22 than I have.
20:27:22 And I know almost all of the neighbors who have spoken
20:27:26 tonight.
20:27:27 And every single one of them lives in a home that they
20:27:31 own, they maintain, and they pay taxes on.
20:27:35 Thank you very much.
20:27:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:27:36 Next.
20:27:43 >> Jeffrey Johns, Euclid Avenue, I have been sworn in.
20:27:46 I would like to support my neighbors in opposing this
20:27:49 project.
20:27:50 I won't repeat what has already been said.

20:27:53 But I want to emphasize a couple things that I don't
20:27:55 think have been raised sufficiently.
20:27:58 One is this corner at Waverly floods every time it
20:28:02 rains.
20:28:03 I have a low car.
20:28:04 I can't traverse that corner after a rain.
20:28:09 And I wonder just what this project will add.
20:28:13 I know it's going to have to have retention plans.
20:28:17 But it seems to me if you are granting a variance, you
20:28:20 should also -- the property owner or the developer
20:28:24 should contribute to solving the problem.
20:28:27 Not simply maintain or make it worse.
20:28:32 Second, the construction as some of the folks have
20:28:36 said has been terrible because the Alagon, thanks to
20:28:40 Mrs. Ferlita, we do have some traffic, in a parking
20:28:42 signs now that alleviated that somewhat.
20:28:45 But I can tell that you every week I call the police
20:28:47 because people are parking in no-parking areas.
20:28:51 On my street.
20:28:53 Ignoring the signs and going to the construction site.
20:28:57 I have replace add couple tires that had screws, four
20:29:00 tires, because of construction debris.

20:29:03 From the Alagon.
20:29:06 It's not a picnic living next to constant
20:29:08 construction.
20:29:09 I wonder where the dumpsters are going for this
20:29:11 project.
20:29:11 I haven't heard any mention of it.
20:29:13 But the garbage trucks can't get into the project
20:29:16 itself.
20:29:18 And will they not have multifamily type dumpsters on
20:29:22 MacDill?
20:29:24 An eyesore, a smelly situation.
20:29:27 Let me make note that this project differs from all
20:29:30 other townhouses in the neighborhood.
20:29:33 You notice the ones across the street are very much
20:29:37 recessed, greater setbacks, much bigger vegetation.
20:29:43 Even the apartments across the street are buffered by
20:29:49 a berm.
20:29:50 The land actually goes up about ten feet and there's
20:29:53 vegetation on top of it.
20:29:54 Now, what many of us are concerned about is this will
20:29:56 set a terrible precedent for three stories going up
20:29:59 and down both sides of MacDill, because those

20:30:03 apartments are ripe for redevelopment as well, since
20:30:07 they are already ten feet higher, about my estimate,
20:30:11 another three stories on top of that should this
20:30:14 three-story development kind of prevail, as it seems
20:30:19 to be, would really be an awful situation on
20:30:21 MacDill.
20:30:24 Also, the other town homes are -- they have a nice
20:30:30 sidewalk and green space on the other side of the
20:30:31 sidewalk.
20:30:34 And again, I just want to emphasize that this is
20:30:37 primarily a single-family neighborhood.
20:30:40 It's not only MacDill we are talking about. It's
20:30:44 Waverly, it's he will Prado, it's Euclid.
20:30:47 Euclid has no commercial property on it including the
20:30:49 intersection of Euclid and MacDill.
20:30:52 All four corners are residential, zoned residential.
20:30:55 And we would like it to stay that way.
20:30:58 Thank you.
20:30:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:30:59 Next.
20:31:05 >>> Good evening.
20:31:06 My name is Troy Newsome.

20:31:11 I have been sworn.
20:31:13 I live about three miles away. I used to live in this
20:31:16 neighborhood back a few years ago.
20:31:17 I lived at 3608 Waverly place for eleven years so I'm
20:31:21 really familiar with the neighbors.
20:31:23 Maybe not all the new neighbors but I'm familiar with
20:31:26 that area for sure.
20:31:27 My mother lived at 3103 Euclid.
20:31:31 And our house is still there. We put in the a trust a
20:31:34 few years ago.
20:31:35 I'm a trustee of that trust.
20:31:36 So that's why I'm here representing the interests
20:31:39 there.
20:31:40 Our house incidentally is adjacent to this project,
20:31:43 should phase two be approved.
20:31:49 I thought for awhile that I would be the only one
20:31:51 speaking out in favor of this thing.
20:31:53 But I guess we had a few people that stepped forward
20:31:55 and say they thought it might be a good idea.
20:31:59 I had to think long and hard about it.
20:32:01 I never heard about it until I got the notice on my
20:32:03 door.

20:32:04 I did get that and I went to the first meeting and got
20:32:07 asked a lot of questions and met the developer for the
20:32:11 first time and got a pretty good understanding that
20:32:15 this might be something that would work for that
20:32:18 neighborhood.
20:32:21 I like it, primarily because it's really a high
20:32:25 quality project.
20:32:25 It's not your normal townhouse development.
20:32:29 It's very upscale.
20:32:31 And I think it's going to be aesthetically pleasing.
20:32:36 Mr. Versaggi has been very open in meeting with the
20:32:40 neighbors, answered a lot of questions, has worked
20:32:42 with the neighbors, made a lot of changes to
20:32:46 accommodate their concerns.
20:32:48 And I applaud him for that.
20:32:55 I think bottom line it will be a positive thing for
20:32:56 the neighborhood because it is different from most
20:32:58 townhouses.
20:32:59 And I think that it's much better than what's there
20:33:04 today.
20:33:08 Single-family housing on MacDill is not really a
20:33:12 viable option today.

20:33:13 As a South Tampa banker and commercial lender, I can
20:33:18 agree with one speaker before me that the numbers just
20:33:20 don't work for single-family on MacDill.
20:33:24 The land is too expensive.
20:33:26 If you make the house in the right proportion to the
20:33:28 land, the improvements, the house is too expensive,
20:33:30 who wants to live in a 1.2 million house on
20:33:33 MacDill?
20:33:34 It just doesn't work.
20:33:35 It will never sell.
20:33:37 If you on the other hand want to go chop and have a
20:33:39 more modest house, the lot is too expensive.
20:33:42 It just doesn't work.
20:33:43 So what happens?
20:33:44 You're in status quo.
20:33:45 And is status quo what we want?
20:33:49 I would ask not to have status quo.
20:33:51 I think some of these houses are just not what they
20:33:53 need to be.
20:33:58 Probably 80% of the area already within a half mile,
20:34:03 give or take a percent or two, is already commercial.
20:34:08 The next 20% of that, at least half of that is

20:34:12 multifamily.
20:34:14 Then 10% that's left is single family on MacDill.
20:34:17 But most of that does not face MacDill.
20:34:21 Only less than 5% actually faces MacDill.
20:34:24 And that includes the houses that are in this
20:34:27 development.
20:34:28 So I think that single-family housing on MacDill
20:34:32 with the traffic like it is as a feeder street, or I
20:34:36 forget what the term was, but I think it's -- I
20:34:40 support the project and I hope you will pass it.
20:34:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:34:42 Next.
20:34:46 >>> David brewer.
20:34:47 I own the apartments across the street.
20:34:52 I'm impressed that this has been approved by the
20:34:56 county plan, city zoning, with no objections.
20:35:00 It's like you go to the doctor and you get a physical
20:35:02 and he tells you everything is okay.
20:35:04 They are the professionals.
20:35:05 They know more about what is proper and what is
20:35:08 improper than I do.
20:35:09 I accept the experts' recommendation.

20:35:11 And then Mr. Versaggi has decreased it to 69%, 35
20:35:17 feet, he goes over and aboveboard.
20:35:20 And he does what the comp plan says.
20:35:24 I watched this participant last time.
20:35:27 Then I watched the video again when it was aired
20:35:29 again.
20:35:30 And you saw the fervor of the people opposed to it
20:35:36 with the feelings.
20:35:37 But the facts were sort of low key.
20:35:40 But the facts is what's most important.
20:35:42 I've got like two pugs. I feel they're good looking,
20:35:49 but I want to tell you a lot of people feel they
20:35:51 aren't.
20:35:53 That's facts and feelings.
20:35:59 But I'm here to unite everybody.
20:36:03 I and 35 other people are the only ones in this room,
20:36:05 the only ones, that will look across this street at
20:36:09 those ugly brownstones, that won't be constructed of
20:36:13 the right material.
20:36:14 I think they are going to be actually beautiful.
20:36:16 I was in Boston.
20:36:17 I saw the brownstone.

20:36:18 I didn't see John Kerry or if I did I would have asked
20:36:21 him why he had the long face but that's another story.
20:36:25 In San Francisco, you talk about close to the street.
20:36:28 It's the feel.
20:36:31 It's a city.
20:36:32 It's exhilarating.
20:36:34 This is going to bring that across the street.
20:36:39 Again, I'm the only one along with 35 other people
20:36:42 that see this every day.
20:36:43 Nobody else.
20:36:44 I'll see the front.
20:36:45 Nobody will have to worry about it.
20:36:47 MacDill Avenue does not flood.
20:36:49 I see it every day.
20:36:50 The only flooding is a sprinkler system at the corner
20:36:54 of Waverly and MacDill that malfunctions.
20:36:57 When we have no rain, there is water on the street.
20:37:01 It's got to come from somewhere.
20:37:02 It doesn't come from the rain.
20:37:11 And here's the petition with 35 other people agreeing
20:37:15 with what I am saying.
20:37:17 I am not making it up.

20:37:18 They really do agree.
20:37:20 And traffic.
20:37:21 I left tonight to come to this meeting at 6:12 on
20:37:25 Bayshore Boulevard.
20:37:26 It took me six minutes to get here.
20:37:29 I think that's incredible.
20:37:31 It's wonderful.
20:37:32 That's not a traffic problem.
20:37:34 Talk to the people that commute on the interstate and
20:37:37 everything.
20:37:38 I five days a week commute downtown.
20:37:39 If it takes me six minutes from Waverly and
20:37:42 MacDill to get downtown, I'm upset.
20:37:46 I'm spoiled.
20:37:47 We don't have a traffic problem on Bayshore Boulevard.
20:37:49 We don't have a traffic problem on MacDill.
20:37:52 What we do have is people on cell phones.
20:37:54 If we are at a light and five people go and one
20:37:57 sitting there it's not their battery is bad, it's they
20:38:00 are on a cell phone.
20:38:01 I cross the street.
20:38:02 I have no problem.

20:38:03 And 35 other people do the same thing.
20:38:07 What's the red hat for?
20:38:09 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Have you been sworn?
20:38:10 >>> yes, I have.
20:38:11 Thank you.
20:38:18 Okay.
20:38:19 Thank you for your time.
20:38:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Did you pass the petition around?
20:38:26 >>> I had it before but I have a couple others here.
20:38:29 >> Did you want that submitted?
20:38:30 >>> I think it was submitted last time.
20:38:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Give it to the attorney.
20:38:35 Over here.
20:38:37 Next.
20:38:50 >>> Susan Lane, 3010 Euclid Avenue, and I have not
20:38:53 been sworn in.
20:38:59 (Oath administered by Clerk).
20:39:08 >>> I would just like to add a few more things.
20:39:10 Traditionally, the previous speaker, he doesn't have
20:39:13 to cross MacDill to get to the Bayshore.
20:39:17 You can always get to downtown in about six or seven
20:39:20 minutes.

20:39:21 Especially at that time of day.
20:39:22 Try getting across the street and making a left-hand
20:39:25 turn in the morning during rush hour to get downtown.
20:39:30 My other point I would like to bring up, where does it
20:39:33 end, okay?
20:39:34 I hear Euclid is a collector street.
20:39:37 Does that mean that I'll be able to request a zoning
20:39:41 change so somebody can build eight townhouses on my
20:39:43 property?
20:39:46 FHP Euclid is a collector street, I was sitting back
20:39:48 there with a very nice gentleman.
20:39:50 He's on the board in July for the next group of
20:39:56 townhouses to the north.
20:39:57 If you put -- if Euclid is a collector street does
20:40:00 that mean wave to keep coming down here and opposing
20:40:03 changes in zoning so people can allow townhouses up
20:40:06 and down Euclid Avenue?
20:40:08 The previous speaker, I would be chopping at the bit
20:40:11 too knowing I could sell my property directly across
20:40:13 the street that's been there for years, for a whole
20:40:16 lot of money.
20:40:16 Of course I'd be in favor of that, too.

20:40:19 I don't think you're listening to the people in the
20:40:22 neighborhood.
20:40:23 I've lived in the neighborhood since I was born, which
20:40:27 is many, many years.
20:40:29 My grandparents moved to El Prado right around the
20:40:33 corner in 1921.
20:40:36 So we know what we're talking about.
20:40:39 The other thing up and down MacDill, I have been
20:40:43 there.
20:40:44 And I love trees, too. But where does it end?
20:40:48 When do you listen to people that vote for you?
20:40:50 We pay taxes.
20:40:51 My taxes keep going up.
20:40:53 3% every year.
20:40:55 My God -- thank God I have homestead exemption.
20:40:59 When are we going to run out of water, pressure,
20:41:02 everything?
20:41:02 I just want to know when it's going to stop.
20:41:04 You can't get across Euclid in the morning so there's
20:41:07 no light.
20:41:07 You're backed up.
20:41:09 And this man that just spoke, you can just go downtown

20:41:13 that way.
20:41:14 So that's all I have to say.
20:41:16 But I just would like to thank you for listening to us
20:41:18 all tonight.
20:41:21 >> So were you for or against?
20:41:23 >>> I'm against it.
20:41:24 I'm against the townhouses.
20:41:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:41:29 Next.
20:41:33 >>> Owen rice.
20:41:34 I have been sworn.
20:41:36 I live at 3606 Waverly court.
20:41:40 The thing that I want to observe is, I was listening
20:41:44 very carefully to the presentation with the -- that
20:41:47 the staff made.
20:41:48 And those who are proposing this are people who are
20:41:51 professional land planners, builders, developers,
20:41:54 realtors, bankers, that make money on land.
20:41:59 But when you consider MacDill, it's been sort of
20:42:03 an oasis.
20:42:04 It wasn't even in the city limits from Howard on down
20:42:07 to after World War II.

20:42:09 And so you had things growing up there.
20:42:14 But an oasis.
20:42:16 You did not have -- you had homes.
20:42:17 You had a gas station.
20:42:19 You had a small market like Schwartz market used to be
20:42:23 there. And then you had -- but now ha what happened
20:42:26 when you let Liss development build town homes, at
20:42:33 El Prado and MacDill, that put some town homes on
20:42:39 the east side of MacDill.
20:42:44 And that started a breech.
20:42:47 And I was down here the last time when there was a
20:42:49 proposal that you put townhouses on the west side, on
20:42:54 the other corner.
20:42:55 And so where you had an oasis from the academy of the
20:43:04 holy names down to about where Schwartz mark was,
20:43:10 which were essentially homes except for the one
20:43:14 speaker's large apartment house where he has turnover
20:43:18 of tenant which I don't really care for.
20:43:22 So now I don't know what do you as a City Council.
20:43:25 Because if you permit this, you then have the first
20:43:29 set of town homes on the west side in this oasis.
20:43:36 And at that point, you have -- I don't see any real

20:43:42 reason on which you could deny another application for
20:43:47 another set of town homes.
20:43:50 The other thing I would observe is that our water
20:43:53 pressure, in my shower, has gone down noticeably since
20:43:59 they started construction on the Alagon.
20:44:03 And I don't know how the City Council ever says stop,
20:44:10 whatever we have done we have done but we aren't going
20:44:12 to do anymore.
20:44:13 But I suggest that tonight you are really at a turning
20:44:16 point.
20:44:17 Because of the petitions that are coming down the pike
20:44:19 in July.
20:44:21 Thank you very much.
20:44:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:44:22 Next.
20:44:28 >>> Chris Walker, 2660 Columbia. I have been sworn.
20:44:33 I don't live in the neighborhood.
20:44:35 But I am an attorney, and I represent people who do
20:44:38 want to live in the neighborhood.
20:44:40 Just like myself, they look for good quality houses at
20:44:44 an affordable praise.
20:44:47 I think you heard some of the arguments tonight.

20:44:49 You're familiar with it obviously.
20:44:50 It meets all the legal standards.
20:44:52 But I think for the good of all the people of Tampa,
20:44:56 not just a few people, please reward developers who
20:45:03 take the extra steps to do what's required, to create
20:45:08 beautiful things, so that everyone can benefit.
20:45:13 I speak in support of this petition.
20:45:15 And I think that allowing this to be built will foster
20:45:21 communication and cooperation in the future.
20:45:23 And also create a larger tax base that will create a
20:45:27 more beautiful, I guess, corner, and it will create
20:45:31 affordable housing.
20:45:32 Most people can't pay 1.5 million for one house, and
20:45:38 if they could wouldn't do it on MacDill.
20:45:40 I think this is a wonderful development.
20:45:42 And I hope if you take everyone in the city's concern
20:45:47 into consideration as well as just the few people who
20:45:49 have spoken here tonight you will see that this will
20:45:51 benefit the entire city.
20:45:53 Thank you.
20:45:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:46:03 >>> My name is Patricia carte, I am the former owner

20:46:06 of the property that is in question.
20:46:08 I have to beg your indulgence.
20:46:11 I'm a little bit shaky.
20:46:13 I have to ask you if I can sit down.
20:46:14 I heard a lot of emotion tonight.
20:46:16 I heard a lot of innuendo.
20:46:20 I actually heard a lot of insults from the back of the
20:46:22 room.
20:46:23 I have been sitting and the people I have been sitting
20:46:24 with.
20:46:25 I'm almost happy to say I didn't get to know a lot of
20:46:27 them in the 45745 years I was living there.
20:46:31 Mr. Versaggi has been open and aboveboard from the
20:46:34 very beginning.
20:46:35 He has held an open forum meeting at the library.
20:46:39 He handed out fliers.
20:46:40 His architectural renderings were available.
20:46:43 He's worked with the city, with the people.
20:46:45 As the one young lady said, he listened.
20:46:48 What he is offering to do is to take down my old
20:46:53 dilapidated house that I dearly loved, and I did
20:46:57 entertain other people that wanted to come in, as Bob

20:47:03 said, somebody wanted to put up a garage there for his
20:47:06 personal collection of vintage cars.
20:47:08 Another lady wanted to run a personal catering
20:47:10 business.
20:47:11 Somebody else wanted a daycare center.
20:47:13 And I said no.
20:47:14 It did not enhance the community that I had lived in
20:47:16 and loved.
20:47:18 What Russ proposes to do is going to enhance this
20:47:21 neighborhood.
20:47:23 It's going to be ecofriendly.
20:47:25 He has bent over backwards listening to everyone and
20:47:28 their concerns.
20:47:30 I could go on forever about this.
20:47:32 But again, I'm sorry, I'm a little bit shaky.
20:47:35 I have been here for several hours.
20:47:37 And I cannot talk a long tame.
20:47:40 But he has been very honest.
20:47:43 He is full of integrity.
20:47:45 I respectfully ask you to listen to his concerns.
20:47:48 And again, remember the facts.
20:47:51 He has met and exceeded everything that the city has

20:47:54 asked him to do.
20:47:55 He has listened to the people of the community.
20:47:59 He has offered above and beyond what he has been asked
20:48:03 to do.
20:48:05 Please give him that consideration.
20:48:07 Thank you.
20:48:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:48:08 Would anyone else like to speak?
20:48:11 Petitioner, would you like to come up for rebuttal?
20:48:20 >>> Truett Gardner, 101 south Franklin.
20:48:23 I know Rus would like to say a few words too.
20:48:25 I appreciate the comments on both sides of the aisle.
20:48:28 And in particular I want to address the concerns that
20:48:31 were raised and try to recalibrate, refocus on the
20:48:35 facts as they are, and as I can best present them.
20:48:38 One on the traffic issue.
20:48:39 Again, we are contributing one-third of 1% to traffic
20:48:42 on MacDill.
20:48:44 MacDill based on the city's numbers is well under
20:48:47 capacity.
20:48:48 57% capacity.
20:48:50 And it operates at a level of service B.

20:48:53 We are add -- I shouldn't say we.
20:48:56 The sole expense is adding a dedicated turn lane.
20:48:59 I think there was somebody in opposition that said
20:49:02 this is something that needed to happen. I don't
20:49:04 know if she's aware of it but it's up in the east.
20:49:06 Doing it on his own nickel.
20:49:09 Lastly, transportation staff has reviewed it and is in
20:49:12 complete support.
20:49:14 Secondly, stormwater was raised as an issue.
20:49:18 Again we are retaining all run-off through a vault.
20:49:23 In addition to that we are providing five times the
20:49:24 open space requirement.
20:49:25 And also we have the complete support of the
20:49:29 stormwater department.
20:49:32 Height, that was raised the last time.
20:49:34 I believe council members expressed some concern of
20:49:37 the 41 feet.
20:49:39 We took that concern and brought it down to 35 feet
20:49:42 which is the current height allowed under the RS-60
20:49:44 zoning district.
20:49:46 You could today build to 35 feet and that's what we
20:49:50 are proposing.

20:49:52 Density.
20:49:53 There's some argument that this was too dense.
20:49:57 We are asking for 69% of the possible density on the
20:49:59 site.
20:50:00 In addition to that, again we are providing five times
20:50:04 the green space that the code currently calls for.
20:50:10 Guest parking was raised as an issue.
20:50:13 It's not a code provision yet but you have a proposal
20:50:16 that would require .25 spaces per unit.
20:50:21 For this project you would have two guest parking
20:50:24 spaces.
20:50:24 We are providing five.
20:50:28 Next, MacDill is a residential street.
20:50:30 Again before we showed that 90% of all the properties
20:50:36 on MacDill are not single family, they are either
20:50:39 commercial or multifamily.
20:50:42 I just refer you to the staff report.
20:50:45 I have been the recipient of a lot of negative
20:50:47 comments and I have never seen one as clean and
20:50:53 concise as this one.
20:50:54 And I can only say it speaks to his willingness to
20:50:59 work with staff on that.

20:51:00 So with that, I'll leave you with I think what I see
20:51:05 as the best evidence.
20:51:12 It's our comprehensive plan.
20:51:14 This is MacDill.
20:51:16 R-20 is exactly where Tony said multifamily should be
20:51:19 directed.
20:51:20 It has been directed there.
20:51:21 If you look, even within the neighborhood, you can see
20:51:23 these cut-outs here and here.
20:51:25 Multifamily has gone into the single-family homes here
20:51:29 and really throughout the neighborhood.
20:51:30 It's amazing.
20:51:33 If you drive and see how many more single-family
20:51:35 developments there are.
20:51:36 But again, this is MacDill.
20:51:42 In all my years of living in Tampa, I never once
20:51:45 thought of it as a single-family street.
20:51:47 And I would contend that this was an appropriate
20:51:50 development, appropriate density, appropriate height.
20:51:53 And with that I turn things over to Rus Versaggi.
20:52:01 >>> I'll be very brief again.
20:52:03 I would like to thank everybody that spoke tonight for

20:52:05 and against.
20:52:07 It's nice to know that the neighborhood is passionate.
20:52:11 I think everybody here is either part of the problem
20:52:13 or part of the solution.
20:52:15 I think that we have listened.
20:52:17 And I think that we have offered many solutions.
20:52:20 This is MacDill Avenue.
20:52:22 We have offered solutions for parking by creating a
20:52:24 center turn lane.
20:52:26 I know that one or two people suggested that that
20:52:28 happened.
20:52:29 We have helped it happen by leading the property to
20:52:33 the city transportation division.
20:52:35 We have agreed to have construction workers on-site
20:52:38 with a sign and make it a part of the PD application.
20:52:41 We have hired arborists and made that a part of the
20:52:45 application.
20:52:46 We have got two grand trees that will be beautiful
20:52:48 within this community.
20:52:51 Flooding, somebody brought up something about
20:52:53 flooding.
20:52:54 We had stormwater systems, and we had five times the

20:52:57 green space.
20:53:00 Walking or biking to Bayshore, we are going to have a
20:53:03 signalled crosswalk, four ways with count down heads,
20:53:08 at the corner of Euclid and MacDill.
20:53:13 We are even working on having the power lines buried
20:53:15 along MacDill in front of it.
20:53:22 This project, and the people behind it including the
20:53:25 residents that have helped us, that we have listened
20:53:28 to, are part of the solution.
20:53:29 Thank you.
20:53:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:53:32 Ms. Saul-Sena?
20:53:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move 20 to close.
20:53:35 >> Second.
20:53:35 (Motion carried)
20:53:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Pleasure of council?
20:53:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
20:53:42 I want to start by saying this is a very difficult
20:53:45 rezoning.
20:53:46 And it's difficult for all of us.
20:53:48 It's especially difficult for me because I know
20:53:51 virtually everybody on both sides of it.

20:53:53 It's very difficult because it's challenging.
20:53:58 Everyone in the neighborhood has lived for the last
20:54:00 over two years with the Alagon construction which is
20:54:05 absolute misery, and council member Ferlita trying to
20:54:10 get transportation to do something about it but you
20:54:12 all have lived under really trying conditions, and
20:54:14 that's I think one of the reasons why people are
20:54:17 particularly sensitive to any new proposed building
20:54:19 project which is going to put more people in the
20:54:22 neighborhood doing construction.
20:54:26 What I heard tonight was very strong support from
20:54:30 staff, and what is before us is a multifamily project
20:54:38 that's extremely beautiful and therefore I am going to
20:54:40 move to support staff recommendation for approval.
20:54:43 >>ROSE FERLITA: Although Mrs. Saul-Sena has a motion
20:54:48 on the floor and the second next to Americas I would
20:54:50 like to make some comments that explain my position.
20:54:53 First of all, let me just try to go through this as
20:54:55 quickly as possible.
20:54:57 There is a lot of conversation, a lot of good points
20:54:59 made.
20:55:00 Mr. Versaggi, you were very eloquent in stating your

20:55:04 credentials.
20:55:05 Don't have any issues with that.
20:55:07 You are quite capable in terms of your degree and I
20:55:10 respect that.
20:55:10 In terms of the changes that Mr. Versaggi made and
20:55:14 Mrs. Versaggi it's apparent to those of us who were
20:55:18 here last time.
20:55:18 I might point out it is not germane to this project
20:55:22 but this morning this very council selected and
20:55:25 supported as one of the leading contenders as a
20:55:27 candidate Mr. Versaggi as a board member for the enter
20:55:31 praise zone, because we collectively appreciate what
20:55:33 he has, we gives to this community, and we has to
20:55:36 offer in terms of ability.
20:55:39 Those are all separate issues, separate and divorced
20:55:41 from this.
20:55:42 I will try to go through and recap all the different
20:55:45 reasons why or why not -- why I am going to support
20:55:48 Mrs. Saul-Sena's motion or not.
20:55:51 Mrs. Anderson is the first one I asked what her
20:55:54 financial interest was, without trying to diminish her
20:55:56 reasons.

20:55:57 Everybody is out there and has the right to be
20:55:59 entitled to what they want to support and why.
20:56:01 I asked her if she was one T owner of the one of the
20:56:05 addresses and she said yes, and whether or not what is
20:56:08 driving her support is going to benefit her, I don't
20:56:10 sit here ad as judge and jury.
20:56:12 I just wanted information so I have everything before
20:56:15 me biff cast my particular vote.
20:56:17 Mrs. Logan ha has been probably been here the longest,
20:56:21 I don't think I have seen you come up every single
20:56:24 time something new happens on MacDill.
20:56:27 So I think you have been very savvy about what happens
20:56:30 with development, although you want to grab and keep
20:56:33 what's been there for a long, long time.
20:56:35 But I don't think you have been philosophically
20:56:37 opposed to everything that has happened or every time
20:56:39 something comes up.
20:56:40 The fact that you are talking about flooding and
20:56:42 impervious surface, and run-off and traffic, I
20:56:45 certainly appreciate that.
20:56:46 And that is certainly not an emotional movement in
20:56:49 terms of why you oppose it.

20:56:50 Mr. Kelly, who I think is way in the back, was very
20:56:53 forthcoming when he said this is the tenth inner city
20:56:56 move.
20:56:57 Mr. Kelly, that was your choice.
20:56:58 That has nothing to do with us.
20:57:00 Just to clear the record, what has to do with us is in
20:57:03 the way that you have moved and where you have moved
20:57:06 from.
20:57:06 And you're talking about and you referenced the
20:57:09 quality of life.
20:57:10 That is our responsibility.
20:57:12 How we protect that, how we defend that, how we try to
20:57:15 represent you as your council members.
20:57:17 And you were nice enough to acknowledge the fact that
20:57:22 there is other multifamily dwellings there.
20:57:25 And that's valid and that's factual.
20:57:28 But you were more concerned about density, not about
20:57:30 the fact that there are no other multifamily issues.
20:57:35 There are.
20:57:36 But I think the density with the issues and the fact
20:57:38 that it is a single-family zoning in place at this
20:57:41 point, I think your points clearly went to the fact

20:57:45 there that was no justification for changing that
20:57:48 zoning.
20:57:49 Merritt, I believe that was his name, talked about the
20:57:52 traffic congestion.
20:57:53 And that was throne out here several times.
20:57:56 Ms. McCarthy again, traffic issues.
20:57:58 This would surely exacerbate the already congested
20:58:02 traffic condition, cut through encouraged by this
20:58:04 project, not solely responsible for cut through, but
20:58:06 certainly to add to it.
20:58:08 Sue Lyon as one of the leaders of this community
20:58:12 certainly talked about incompatibility and the
20:58:14 transportation and how this is going to mix with the
20:58:17 fiber of the neighborhood.
20:58:18 Lori Ann Burton who is certainly another leader in the
20:58:21 community, and I talked to her about Waverly issues,
20:58:23 separate and divorced from this, talked about the fact
20:58:25 that although some people referenced that MacDill
20:58:27 should be, could be, might be considered as a good
20:58:31 site for multifamily dwelling, referenced several
20:58:34 areas, where you had single residential sites.
20:58:37 MacDill, Euclid, El Prado, Dale Mabry, several of

20:58:41 those places, and people chose to still continue with
20:58:44 the fabric of the single-member family site.
20:58:48 Mr. Sulfur talked about traffic I shall, four
20:58:51 children, definite traffic concerns.
20:58:52 And I appreciated that.
20:58:53 Nancy skin talked about the fact that there was going
20:58:56 to be overflow parking, traffic, height,
20:58:59 architectural, incompatibility, all of those not
20:59:03 emotional, very realistic, very veiled.
20:59:06 Fisher at Waverly, traffic impediment.
20:59:08 Goes on and on.
20:59:09 Mrs. Weeks talked about traffic concerns that she
20:59:12 spoke so fast I couldn't write that fast.
20:59:15 Lucy talked about the mailbox.
20:59:17 And yes, it was a mailbox.
20:59:19 Nonetheless it could have been a child in a way
20:59:22 because of additional traffic, not to be blamed on Mr.
20:59:24 Versaggi.
20:59:25 Craig Chateau, you talked about how there are
20:59:28 multifamily and no doubt there are not.
20:59:30 We have talked about that in general.
20:59:34 However, back to Mr. Kelly.

20:59:35 He recognized that fact.
20:59:37 But still said it's not just that there's existing
20:59:39 multifamily but that this is going to add to the
20:59:42 density.
20:59:43 So multifamily or not, do we want to continue more
20:59:46 multifamily to add to that density?
20:59:48 Mr. Brewer, you said you had no interest Eight On Your
20:59:50 Side appreciated that candidness when you were trying
20:59:53 to scold me but you were talking about pro forma and
20:59:56 I'm talking about pro forma versus compatibility
20:59:58 versus traffic congestion.
20:59:59 Those are all totally different issues.
21:00:02 Mrs. Wanda brewer talked about the fact that we should
21:00:04 look at Tampa Heights.
21:00:07 And I believe by the way for the record if this is the
21:00:10 same lady that I recognize from the past she's an
21:00:13 employee or associate of Don white and she went
21:00:16 absolutely out of her way as I entered my car last
21:00:18 time and scolded me about not supporting this.
21:00:21 And I told her that was not appropriate because we
21:00:22 also would probably be back to -- so Solomon, economic
21:00:29 compatibility.

21:00:31 Dr. Crewsen, and daughter, in support of it.
21:00:38 Traffic compatibility.
21:00:40 None of these are emotional issues.
21:00:46 I think you appreciated some of the help but just to
21:00:48 keep everything clean and sweep and appropriate let's
21:00:51 keep it away.
21:00:53 This might cause the same thing but this is not the
21:00:55 cause of what we trade to help with you on Waverly.
21:00:57 The longs and short is over and I think I have already
21:01:03 bored people enough, especially Mr. white.
21:01:05 But this is the issue.
21:01:07 As I write these notes down so I can make a
21:01:09 conscientious decision and feel good when I look at
21:01:11 the people that I run into at Publix or someplace else
21:01:14 about who is for it and who is against it, I want to
21:01:17 make sure that I did my homework. This is my
21:01:19 homework.
21:01:19 And I have heard nothing tonight that says that we
21:01:22 should consider changing the existing RS-60
21:01:26 single-family dwelling or zoning to accommodate the
21:01:30 development.
21:01:32 I haven't seen anything that convinces me to changes

21:01:35 that.
21:01:35 I think what we should consider as we go forward with
21:01:37 South Tampa development -- and that is a wonderful
21:01:40 place to live.
21:01:41 You live there.
21:01:41 I live there. We all love it.
21:01:43 But ladies and gentlemen, the compatibility and the
21:01:46 infrastructure.
21:01:47 Not emotion.
21:01:47 Not numbers people for or against.
21:01:49 None of those things.
21:01:50 What should be determining, where the development is
21:01:53 approved and to what degree of density is improved is
21:01:56 infrastructure and the compatibility.
21:01:58 And although I respect Mrs. Saul-Sena's opinion,
21:02:02 obviously for all these reasons, Mrs. Saul-Sena, I am
21:02:04 not going to support your motion.
21:02:08 >>KEVIN WHITE: Thank you, Madam Chair.
21:02:17 Levity is a great thing especially at this hour.
21:02:21 Mr. Dingfelder really lucked out on this one.
21:02:23 (Laughter).
21:02:26 >> He's back watching TV.

21:02:28 >> It's a wonderful thing.
21:02:29 I wish I was back there with him.
21:02:31 I will start off by saying that I have personally
21:02:36 known Mr. Versaggi for a little bit of time that.
21:02:39 Doesn't sway my position one way or the other.
21:02:41 But what I do know about him is he's very
21:02:44 conscientious, and quality builder, and I know he
21:02:48 always takes the neighborhoods' concerns into context
21:02:55 when he's building a development.
21:02:58 The things we heard from the neighborhood, traffic,
21:03:00 density, and green space and those types of things.
21:03:05 The gentleman that spoke, I don't know his name.
21:03:10 Mrs. Ferlita writing the names down, got here in six
21:03:12 and a half minutes from the Bayshore.
21:03:13 >>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Brewer.
21:03:16 >>KEVIN WHITE: Mr. Brewer.
21:03:17 Thank you.
21:03:18 He made one point poignantly clear to me, that in my
21:03:22 private sector employ, I travel -- I don't know
21:03:26 whether it's the luxury to travel all over the
21:03:29 country.
21:03:30 I spent quite a bit of time in Chicago, quite a bit of

21:03:32 time in Atlanta, Dallas and Houston.
21:03:36 Made one very good point that I can attest to.
21:03:40 We are spoiled here in Tampa.
21:03:41 We really are.
21:03:43 No matter where we live, we can get to our airport, to
21:03:46 our seaport, to all of our places, and roughly take 15
21:03:53 minutes unless you live in New Tampa like Mr. Harrison
21:03:58 and it takes you a half hour to 45 minutes.
21:04:01 But change is coming.
21:04:03 We stop growing, if we become stagnant, we die.
21:04:06 We must continue.
21:04:07 But we must continue with smart growth.
21:04:10 And we must continue on our city staff part and on our
21:04:15 city's behalf to keep up with the infrastructure, the
21:04:18 water, all of the other improvement that we need to
21:04:20 help encourage development.
21:04:22 Yes, MacDill turns into a two-lane highway, and,
21:04:26 yes, it does back up.
21:04:29 From our perspective of traveling it every day, five
21:04:33 minutes is a huge inconvenience to us in Tampa.
21:04:37 I was -- Atlanta, not too very long ago, it took me 45
21:04:44 minutes to get two exits.

21:04:45 I was livid.
21:04:47 As I saw cars zipping by getting to write was going at
21:04:52 the airport.
21:04:53 It's amazing that what we consider so much of an
21:04:58 inconvenience an extra five minutes, we don't want
21:05:02 five extra people in our neighborhoods.
21:05:07 Tampa is a continually growing place.
21:05:10 We have a thousand people a day moving to Florida.
21:05:14 Where they are all going, I don't know.
21:05:16 The other young lady had all the pictures of the
21:05:20 development that was going on on the surrounding areas
21:05:31 But the bottom line to all of the development and all
21:05:33 the surrounding areas that she was showing, people are
21:05:36 building.
21:05:37 People are building.
21:05:38 People are coming.
21:05:39 People are buying.
21:05:40 We are getting new neighbors.
21:05:41 They have to GOP somewhere.
21:05:46 Bayshore are down here all the time.
21:05:47 New townhouses.
21:05:48 New high-rises.

21:05:50 Whether 45 stories or 35 stories.
21:05:52 The people have to go somewhere.
21:05:55 Land is at a premium.
21:05:56 We can't continue.
21:05:57 We have to go up.
21:05:58 We can't go out anymore.
21:06:01 With property values are becoming so expensive.
21:06:04 Density is the only way to go.
21:06:06 We talk about Ybor City, Channelside, the only way to
21:06:09 make these communities work is density.
21:06:12 We cry about Ybor failing.
21:06:15 Why is it failing?
21:06:16 We don't have enough people to fill up Centro Ybor to
21:06:19 go to movie theaters.
21:06:21 We want to create these centers of attractions.
21:06:26 But we don't want the people to fill them up.
21:06:28 And then we blame the city and others, because they
21:06:31 are failing because no one wants to build.
21:06:34 I'll be done with this with the central Ybor.
21:06:39 I have two young children.
21:06:40 We love to go to the movies.
21:06:42 Always go to Centro Ybor.

21:06:44 Because there's never a fear of not being able to see
21:06:48 our movie.
21:06:53 Shall
21:06:54 There's never a line.
21:06:55 Everybody is down there for the bar or whatever.
21:06:58 But now we are making condos.
21:07:03 We are creating the density to support our retail and
21:07:12 shops.
21:07:12 And I am going to be in support. Project because I
21:07:15 think it's a wonderful addition.
21:07:21 I think it's a great enhancement.
21:07:23 Yes, we are setting something on MacDill.
21:07:32 I don't know.
21:07:34 But of the gentlemen that had four children, one on
21:07:36 the way, but now maybe when these are built, and they
21:07:43 come on, maybe there will be some more children for
21:07:45 your children to play with, and hopefully everybody
21:07:48 can make at very safe and equitable environment.
21:07:51 Thank you.
21:07:53 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, Madam Chair.
21:07:58 As the chairman of the MPO one of the things we hear
21:08:01 constantly is, where is growth appropriate?

21:08:03 And it is actually a very positive thing about this
21:08:07 project that it is on MacDill, that it's on a
21:08:12 collector road, and that despite what some of the
21:08:18 folks say about the traffic especially during rush
21:08:22 hour, it functions on a relatively decent level of
21:08:26 service compared to many of our roads in Tampa that do
21:08:29 not function that way.
21:08:31 However, there are, as Mr. White just pointed out,
21:08:37 there are areas of our city downtown, Channelside,
21:08:44 Ybor, that are crying out for density, that need
21:08:46 density, where we can't put enough people into them to
21:08:50 make these areas accessible.
21:08:53 South Tampa is successful.
21:08:54 And additional density on MacDill Avenue, this
21:09:00 particular part of town, is not something that is
21:09:01 required.
21:09:02 So now what we are asked to look at is if it's not a
21:09:05 requirement to make this area successful, then what
21:09:09 are we getting by doing it?
21:09:11 We are taking two lots, and we are adding nine new
21:09:15 homes to those lots, where there are apparently two
21:09:17 today.

21:09:18 Several years ago when I was a young pup on this
21:09:20 council, I begged my colleagues practically to hold
21:09:25 the line on new apartment developments in New Tampa.
21:09:28 Because we simply have too much.
21:09:31 When you have a good mixture, it's a great thing and
21:09:34 it makes a community a wonderful place to live but we
21:09:39 were becoming overfilled with apartment complexes in
21:09:42 New Tampa.
21:09:42 And my colleagues agreed.
21:09:44 And we stopped a trend that really had the potential
21:09:49 to kill a growing and very vibrant part of our city.
21:09:52 And I think what we are hearing from folks here today
21:09:55 is that it is a beautiful project, but hold the line.
21:09:59 Enough is enough.
21:10:00 This is not something that's necessary to keep and to
21:10:03 make our area of town successful.
21:10:06 So with all due respect to my colleague, Mrs.
21:10:09 Saul-Sena, who lives and works and has grown up in
21:10:12 this area, I will not be able to support this.
21:10:20 >> Move an ordinance rezoning property at 3603 and
21:10:23 3605 South MacDill Avenue in the city of Tampa,
21:10:26 Florida more particularly described in section 1 from

21:10:28 zoning district classifications RS-60 residential
21:10:31 single family to PD land development single
21:10:34 familiar -- family attached providing an effective
21:10:36 date.
21:10:38 >> I have a motion and second.
21:10:39 All in favor say Aye.
21:10:40 Opposed say nigh.
21:10:40 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Ferlita and Harrison
21:10:43 voting no.
21:10:48 >> Move to open number 7.
21:10:50 >> Second.
21:11:59 >>GWEN MILLER: If you will move out quickly, we would
21:12:01 appreciate it.
21:12:02 We have a lot of business to take care of.
21:12:29 >>MARTY BOYLE: Marty Boyle, land development.
21:12:31 I have been sworn.
21:12:32 Marty McDonald. The rezoning in front of you, Z 06-52
21:12:37 is proposing to go from RS-50 single family to an RO 1
21:12:43 residential office, proposed to be a
21:12:45 professional/medical office.
21:12:51 The subject rezoning is 4221, 4225 and 4227 north

21:12:56 Habana Avenue, just two blocks west of north Armenia
21:12:59 Avenue.
21:13:00 Between west Isabel and West Virginia Avenue.
21:13:04 The petitioner is requesting to change the zoning,
21:13:06 like I said, from RS 50 to R0-1. The building will be
21:13:11 two stories with a maximum height of 35 feet. The
21:13:13 parking will be located under the second story.
21:13:16 There will be 4,540 square feet of professional office
21:13:20 space.
21:13:21 And 1660 square feet of medical park and medical
21:13:25 office space.
21:13:27 The car parking is 25 spaces.
21:13:30 Spaces at 15 office spaces.
21:13:33 The site plan indicates 25 parking spaces being
21:13:36 provided.
21:13:40 On the rezoning map, if you will look, this is the
21:13:52 planned development.
21:13:57 It's R 0 with medical offices.
21:14:00 Directly behind it, there is a medical office being
21:14:02 constructed.
21:14:05 The Elmo with the aerial.
21:14:08 The site I'm talking about right in this area.

21:14:12 Medical offices.
21:14:13 Across the street.
21:14:17 Here's a view of the subject site.
21:14:18 It is a single-family home of two homes that will be
21:14:22 removed.
21:14:24 This is looking south on Habana.
21:14:32 This is directly across the street.
21:14:37 This is the medical office.
21:14:39 Directly across the street.
21:14:41 From a medical office.
21:14:42 This is the medical office behind the subject parcel.
21:14:52 Also going to be medical.
21:14:56 As it's planned currently.
21:14:58 The staff report in front of you states there's a new
21:15:02 elevation submitted.
21:15:03 May 18th, a few days after the staff report was
21:15:07 written they did submit elevations.
21:15:09 You have it before you. Staff has no objections to
21:15:11 the elevation.
21:15:13 There also were several objection was the petitioner
21:15:18 taking care of, the first did provide a tree table of
21:15:22 debits and credits.

21:15:24 Did he show he was going to provide the minimum
21:15:26 recommended trees.
21:15:27 And he did show the elevation of the parking
21:15:31 underneath the subject building.
21:15:33 He did add a note to the site plan taking away the
21:15:37 objection from solid waste.
21:15:39 And he satisfied stormwater's objections.
21:15:44 The objections that still stand, however, are Mary
21:15:49 Daniel and Dave Riley.
21:15:51 There is a 38-inch oak tree that has a protected
21:15:55 radius of 20 feet that is shown on the site plan, 15
21:15:59 feet of clear space, and five feet of pervious
21:16:03 pavement.
21:16:04 However, there's concerns from park and recreation
21:16:06 about the canopy conflict, that there is a branch
21:16:12 there going over that they are very concerned about,
21:16:15 and if Dave Riley wants to speak further about it I
21:16:20 can have him do so.
21:16:22 This is an area that under the provision of the comp
21:16:30 plan, it's conducive to medical office.
21:16:34 And under the district standards, it meets all of
21:16:38 those standards.

21:16:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Would you put up the elevation on
21:16:48 the overhead?
21:16:59 Ms. Boyle?
21:17:00 >>> McDonald but I keep saying Boyle.
21:17:02 >> Congratulations.
21:17:02 You showed the elevation.
21:17:03 You didn't have any objection. The first question I
21:17:06 had, because we are starting to see more of these
21:17:08 buildings with the parking underneath and building
21:17:11 above, there's no screening.
21:17:14 There's no screening whatsoever.
21:17:16 And it's just, you know -- told us January 1st,
21:17:26 not going to have any more.?
21:17:30 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Landscape -- I'm glad you
21:17:33 brought that up because I misspoke.
21:17:34 One of the reasons we wanted to see the elevation, and
21:17:36 one of the comments from Mary Daniel Bryson was about
21:17:42 needing to see elevation, because if it was, I
21:17:46 believe, 80% opaque, that there needed -- if it was
21:17:51 not then it needed to be a buffer, there needed to be
21:17:54 a three-foot wide landscape area adjacent parcel.
21:18:01 >> There's one of these on Bay to Bay close to my

21:18:03 house.
21:18:04 And it's not perfect.
21:18:05 But there's actually some type of structural
21:18:09 screening, not just the landscape screening.
21:18:11 But some type of structural screening that at least
21:18:15 gives the illusion that it's not just cars.
21:18:19 So we'll wait and hear from the petitioner on this but
21:18:23 I just wanted to see if that's something that staff
21:18:25 talked about.
21:18:26 >>> Well, it gives us the flexibility to look at.
21:18:29 And then in the area, it's very diverse on what there
21:18:32 is.
21:18:36 It does lend itself to openness without the screening,
21:18:39 does lend to the modern effect.
21:18:41 Up and down the T street, there are buildings,
21:18:46 Mediterranean, large medical offices, like a plastic
21:18:51 surgeon there.
21:18:51 There's different styles all up and down Habana.
21:18:54 And so for us to say that it wasn't consistent, we
21:18:59 didn't feel like that was there because of the diverse
21:19:02 nature.
21:19:02 >> So at the end of the day all you are going to see

21:19:04 are cars.
21:19:05 I mean, they are showing an elevation without cars.
21:19:07 There's one or two cars there. But at the end of the
21:19:09 day, your whole first floor is going to be cars from
21:19:12 the street. Anyway, let's hear what the developer
21:19:16 says.
21:19:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I already see an objection to this
21:19:22 because it's a two-story building, right on Habana.
21:19:26 Tell me what two story buildings we have on Habana.
21:19:29 >>MARTY BOYLE: Well, what we looked at is behind it --
21:19:35 as far as height goes.
21:19:36 You're right.
21:19:37 There is a two-story.
21:19:38 But --
21:19:40 >>MARY ALVAREZ: That's across the street.
21:19:41 >>> Yes.
21:19:43 Across Habana.
21:19:44 >>: But it doesn't show like a two-story.
21:19:47 Doesn't even look like a two-story.
21:19:49 And I don't even think that's 35 feet there.
21:19:53 >>> But we looked for massive scale.
21:19:54 And it appears to read about a two-story structure.

21:20:00 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I don't think I would like to see some
21:20:03 type of a building right on Habana.
21:20:06 You take a look -- you want to show the pictures again
21:20:11 of what was on there?
21:20:14 On Habana?
21:20:16 >>> Sure.
21:20:17 This is the subject site. This is an office right
21:20:19 next to it.
21:20:20 The view looking --
21:20:23 >> It used to be a residential street at one time.
21:20:26 >>> And this is looking south on Habana.
21:20:31 And that is the medical office also across the street.

21:24:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
21:24:44 >> Michael Horner, 14502 N. Dale Mabry, representing
21:24:50 the petitioner.
21:24:51 Let me try to get to some essential background
21:24:54 information if we can.
21:24:57 They are trying to relocate this building.
21:25:02 They acquired these three single family houses
21:25:05 currently rental structures and were essentially
21:25:08 surrounded by existing medical office buildings.
21:25:11 My clients worked very hard.
21:25:13 They have come up with a design.
21:25:14 I can't tell you the number of iterations, at least 10
21:25:18 to 12 it races, three DRC meetings.
21:25:26 I have with me the architecture.
21:25:30 Mr. Dingfelder, there's in a question, that parking is
21:25:32 not the most attractive appearance.
21:25:35 And we have agreed to talk to Ms. Boyle, Ms.
21:25:41 McDonald --
21:25:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All of them.
21:25:46 >>> You ought to be Marty Boyle, at least in my
21:25:48 e-mail.
21:25:49 And in a question.

21:25:50 We have a little place over in downtown St. Petersburg
21:25:52 you might be familiar with, Mrs. Saul-Sena, downtown
21:25:55 St. Pete, all first-floor parking, garages, all
21:25:58 screened, landscape, little fake cut-out windows,
21:26:02 still meets the ventilation requirements.
21:26:04 So we do have perimeter landscaping along Habana, we
21:26:09 also provide some screening as well.
21:26:12 So you don't have that direct view lane into that
21:26:14 first floor parking area.
21:26:17 One of the biggest concerns, council, is we are
21:26:19 essentially bookended by these two oak trees and
21:26:25 redesigned, essentially flipped this entire project
21:26:28 and we had the least amount of impact and we are
21:26:30 saving this oak tree, this oak tree, these off-site
21:26:34 trees, making accommodation for the impervious
21:26:37 surface, and our site, even though the tree is off
21:26:40 site.
21:26:41 We are only asking for 6,500 square feet.
21:26:44 We filed a plan to 7,500.
21:26:47 Now we are back down to about 6,200, come to think of
21:26:50 it.
21:26:52 We are surrounded by all medical office buildings.

21:26:55 The only track to the north, that happens to the on
21:27:01 the market right now.
21:27:03 As far as the appearance, this was one dwelling unit.
21:27:08 Right now there's three dwelling units, side by side.
21:27:13 It's absolutely a difficult parking arrangement.
21:27:16 Certain amount of traffic.
21:27:19 This is what Marty showed you.
21:27:21 We think a two-story, 35-foot hey, still 8 and a half.
21:27:30 Two story, medical office park.
21:27:32 This is right between the two houses facing the east.
21:27:35 That's just the reference.
21:27:40 That's a two-story.
21:27:43 I would suggest probably 12 to 15,000 square feet.
21:27:46 And then directly across, we do have a 35-foot.
21:27:49 I think plus building to go to ridge line.
21:27:52 Directly across the site as opposed -- of the proposed
21:27:57 development.
21:27:57 I don't think we had any opposition.
21:27:59 One lady called, a trustee of the single family house,
21:28:03 asking what our plans were.
21:28:05 We have worked hard with staff.
21:28:06 We removed all the objections.

21:28:08 We would be certainly willing to work with Mr. Riley,
21:28:12 and perhaps looking at some opportunity to squeeze the
21:28:16 footprints in just a little tight theory would allow a
21:28:19 two-foot additional reduction on either side.
21:28:23 That would reduce our floor plan from 40 to 36 feet,
21:28:26 would allow another 4-foot separation, and then
21:28:29 working with an effective pruning, certified arborist,
21:28:33 to allow us to consider that second story.
21:28:35 If we do one story, this building becomes -- what is
21:28:51 paid for this property and what is consistent and what
21:28:52 their next two is a reasonable and appropriate use of
21:28:54 the property.
21:28:58 Just a slight encroachment.
21:29:01 At this time if I could ask --
21:29:05 >>> These trees, didn't just pop up after a hard rain.
21:29:09 These trees were before your client purchased the
21:29:12 property.
21:29:12 We all know the grand trees are protected.
21:29:15 And we just heard from Mr. Riley that we do not allow
21:29:25 severe pruning of grand trees.
21:29:28 You can't do that.
21:29:29 So I think what you probably need is a continuance to

21:29:32 go back and really modify your site plan.
21:29:36 Because what's before us is not okay.
21:29:42 >>> Mrs. Saul-Sena, with all due respect, it's true we
21:29:44 had several meetings with staff.
21:29:45 We also -- we had a direct conflict with those tree
21:29:54 canopies.
21:29:54 In fact Mary can certainly attest to that.
21:29:57 We took the footprint, tightened the footprint upped
21:30:01 and actually notched the building so we had the
21:30:03 greatest separation possible.
21:30:04 I'm standing here this evening offering an additional
21:30:06 opportunity to get another four feet on that internal
21:30:11 floor plan that I think would allow Mr. Riley to see
21:30:14 in the field with that what that four foot thinking
21:30:17 would do prayer to second reading.
21:30:22 Perhaps we can ask for a redesign or continuance a
21:30:25 that the point.
21:30:35 The shaded area, four feet.
21:30:46 We believe that we can have an effective canopy
21:30:48 protection, an effective pruning, with a certified
21:30:52 arborist meeting with Mr. Riley with that additional
21:30:54 reduction of floor area to be constructed.

21:30:58 It's a very difficult site for second reading because
21:31:01 we have eleven foot out here as well with retention of
21:31:04 landscape buffering to the east.
21:31:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public want to speak?
21:31:14 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I was going to ask Mr. Riley, Mr.
21:31:23 Horner suggested we take a first reading here tonight.
21:31:30 You go out -- you still have a concern, and we deal
21:31:39 with that at the second -- second hearing.
21:31:42 What do you think about that?
21:31:46 >>> If we have the option, that's certainly acceptable
21:31:48 to us.
21:31:49 But I will say that I don't believe a two-foot on
21:31:54 either side is going to make that much of a
21:31:56 difference.
21:31:57 What they have provided us is the minimum 20-foot
21:32:00 clearance from the trunk of the tree, and it's
21:32:03 unfortunate that the canopy are extending 30 to 25
21:32:09 feet.
21:32:10 So one story again will probably not be the issue.
21:32:13 But a two-story at 35-foot is certainly an issue.
21:32:16 However, we would certainly meet the petitioner at any
21:32:19 time to review this.

21:32:24 >>MARTY BOYLE: I need to remained council if the
21:32:27 footprint of the building has changed it's a graphical
21:32:30 change.
21:32:30 So it would really have to come back to first reading
21:32:32 again.
21:32:43 >> It would let you look at a redesign which is
21:32:46 greater than two feet on each side, which will protect
21:32:49 the canopy.
21:32:49 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I'm not going to support it based on
21:32:57 the two-story open space like it is in the -- it
21:33:01 just -- it's not compatible to the neighborhood.
21:33:04 Or in that area.
21:33:06 You don't see anything.
21:33:07 See, then, the inside, the east side of the property,
21:33:12 but nothing on Habana.
21:33:16 I don't like the open, two-story -- it just doesn't la
21:33:22 right.
21:33:25 >>> I'm sorry to interrupt.
21:33:26 I was just going to state that we do have some of
21:33:28 those plans, and are equal to in, fact a little higher
21:33:33 than the proposed elevation.
21:33:34 But I just spoke to our architect, and there's a

21:33:37 possibility that we can reduce our height to 20 feet
21:33:40 and accommodate the two-foot reduction both sides.
21:33:43 So we think there might be a solution here that would
21:33:45 allow greater protection from the plan currently does.
21:33:47 >>MARY ALVAREZ: What does it do to the openness of the
21:33:51 parking?
21:33:57 >>> We agree that front screening with landscape, and
21:34:03 hedge.
21:34:03 In addition to that we would reduce that ridge from 35
21:34:06 to 28, maintain the same footprint, allow separating
21:34:12 from the tree.
21:34:14 Mr. Riley talked about the canopy Heidt, reducing that
21:34:17 rev line down almost seven feet, we think we can
21:34:23 accomplish that.
21:34:31 >>> I have been sworn, Mr. Shelby. I was hoping would
21:34:33 you wear your hat, though.
21:34:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Going back to my original question
21:34:39 on the screening map, I'm less enthusiastic about the
21:34:43 landscape type screening as I am about some permanent,
21:34:47 you know, if it's a modern building, I am not going to
21:34:50 try to play architect.
21:34:51 But you gays do a metal Chris-cross screening, or some

21:34:56 other type of screening that's permanent, and is not
21:34:59 dependent upon landscape, landscapers, et cetera,
21:35:03 et cetera.
21:35:06 Is that not something you have considered or would
21:35:08 consider in this?
21:35:10 >>> My name is Curtis Haynees and I have been sworn.
21:35:14 >> I thought it was Gaines.
21:35:18 Okay.
21:35:20 >>> I agree with you completely, some additional
21:35:22 screening is --
21:35:24 >> Structural screening.
21:35:25 >>> I agree.
21:35:31 That is the point that I like least about ---it's open
21:35:34 and needs some additional screening between the cars,
21:35:38 in addition to the landscaping.
21:35:41 Screening will have that.
21:35:43 That's required.
21:35:44 And I think we need to find a way to come up with some
21:35:46 additional structural screening as you call it.
21:35:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Maybe with all these improvements
21:35:54 when you come back, it might be acceptable.
21:35:58 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We'll see.

21:36:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This sounds like it's going to be
21:36:02 more than two weeks because you are going to have to
21:36:04 go out there and meet with Mr. Riley, see what you're
21:36:08 proposing (off microphone).
21:36:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: There's no neighbors around.
21:36:28 Everything else is medical offices all over the place.
21:36:31 >> You can entertain a motion after you find out if
21:36:31 anyone else wishes to speak.
21:36:31 >> We did.
21:36:36 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to continue.
21:36:39 I make a motion to continue.
21:36:40 >>GWEN MILLER: How long?
21:36:46 >> July 27?
21:36:47 >> Petitioner is proposing 25.
21:36:49 30 days would put it at the June 22nd.
21:36:52 I don't know -- it's at the will of council.
21:36:55 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have a full day on June 22nd.
21:36:59 That's the last meeting before we go on vacation.
21:37:05 >>MARTY BOYLE: The next week or daytime meeting is
21:37:07 July 13th?
21:37:10 >>MARY ALVAREZ: July 13th is when we come back.
21:37:20 We are okay with July 13th.

21:37:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Daytime.
21:37:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 10 a.m.?
21:37:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
21:37:32 I have a request for Mr. Riley.
21:37:33 And that is, I'd like you to come back when we have
21:37:37 this again, I would like you to have really clear,
21:37:40 light pictures showing and it would be really great if
21:37:46 could you show what the structure, what the mass of
21:37:53 the proposed building is going to be vis-a-vis these
21:37:56 trees.
21:37:56 I don't know if you should do that or the petitioner.
21:38:01 >>> Dave Riley: Often what we'll do, we should
21:38:04 request -- and there should be technology available
21:38:05 where they can put this proposed structure and the
21:38:08 tree onto a computer program, and simulate any pruning
21:38:11 from digital photographs.
21:38:13 And that would be on them to do that.
21:38:15 But we will certainly do our part to identify which
21:38:19 land and what pruning will be involved.
21:38:22 >> Thank you.
21:38:23 In the past I know -- we now are doing it with
21:38:27 photographs, I know.

21:38:31 >>> We'll be willing to do that.
21:38:32 Be happy to.
21:38:34 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to continue
21:38:35 to July 13th.
21:38:36 (Motion carried)
21:38:39 We need to open item 8.
21:38:41 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
21:38:43 >> Second.
21:38:49 (Motion carried)
21:38:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: While we are waiting, I don't know
21:39:07 if anybody has wished Linda and mark Saul-Sena a happy
21:39:14 25th anniversary of wedded bliss.
21:39:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: A long weekend.
21:39:27 >>MARTY BOYLE: I have been sworn.
21:39:29 The rezoning in front of you is going from RM-16
21:39:32 residential multifamily to a PD single-family detached
21:39:36 residential unit.
21:39:37 There are in a waivers with this petition.
21:39:42 Petitioner is proposing to rezone the property located
21:39:44 at 3410 east 11th Avenue.
21:39:49 The RM-zoning designation minimum requirement for 50
21:39:53 feet of frontage is L, parcel 5, it would allow two

21:39:57 units.
21:39:59 However, in this proposal, they are going from one
21:40:04 single-family residential unit under the PD.
21:40:07 The depth of the lot is 95 feet.
21:40:11 It doesn't meet the minimum 5,000 square feet.
21:40:14 That is why they are going to a planned development.
21:40:19 And to do that, part of the rezoning is to make it a
21:40:23 buildable lot.
21:40:25 All the lots on block 4 have either single-family
21:40:28 detached homes, two dwelling units, or there are
21:40:33 vacant lots.
21:40:33 I'll show you the rezoning map first.
21:40:41 Interstate 4.
21:40:43 I believe this is 34th street.
21:40:46 And it is on 11th Avenue.
21:40:49 The whole area in this area is RM-16.
21:40:52 You have some commercial intensive right along
21:40:55 34th.
21:41:00 Here's the aerial view.
21:41:01 You can see the interstate.
21:41:03 The subject site.
21:41:10 A picture of the vacant lot.

21:41:45 This is looking west on 11th.
21:41:50 If you see the proposed elevation in front of you, it
21:41:52 will be a bungalow style to be compatible with the
21:41:57 north Ybor area.
21:42:00 Under the objections listed in your staff report,
21:42:03 there were two objections.
21:42:06 One was to the listing on the plan.
21:42:11 There was a listing originally that said they were
21:42:14 unknown. The petitioner has listed those trees on the
21:42:17 site plan as cherry Laurel.
21:42:20 They have Mott addressed the other one.
21:42:24 That is adding one additional tree is required.
21:42:31 I had a note to story petitioner tonight.
21:42:33 Other than that there would be in a objections from
21:42:35 staff, if that is met.
21:42:37 And we feel like it needs meets the standard under the
21:42:40 planned development and of the single family detached
21:42:44 unit.
21:42:48 That is my presentation.
21:42:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The abbreviated version, Tony.
21:43:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission?
21:43:03 >>> I'm sworn narcotics objection.

21:43:09 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
21:43:10 I have been sworn in.
21:43:32 It's a great opportunity for more residential.
21:43:36 Stagnant.
21:43:37 I know that's more than four sentences.
21:43:40 No objections.
21:43:45 Thank you for the prompt, Mr. White.
21:43:46 >>ROSE FERLITA: Thank you for the cooperation, Mr.
21:43:48 Garcia.
21:43:54 >>> I'm attorney for the petitioner.
21:43:57 I have been sworn.
21:44:00 Rezone the property from RM-16 to PD in order to build
21:44:03 one single-family residential home.
21:44:06 We have issues with the site plan as far as adding an
21:44:10 extra tree.
21:44:12 I just got it yesterday.
21:44:14 I didn't have time to submit it.
21:44:15 But I can submit it into the record tonight.
21:44:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I just wanted to know if you all have
21:44:26 any other site plans, or is this the site plan that
21:44:30 you all for all the houses?
21:44:32 >>> We have different site plans.

21:44:38 I have pictures of the block.
21:44:39 >> Would you show me different site plans?
21:44:41 I think you put this one in in the Ballast Point area,
21:44:46 the Port Tampa area, the Sulphur Springs area.
21:44:48 Do you all have any other site plans?
21:44:50 >>> We do actually.
21:44:51 In Port Tampa we are doing bungalow style houses.
21:44:54 It depends on the neighborhood.
21:44:55 We have 1800 square foot houses.
21:45:00 >> Do they have back doors?
21:45:02 >>> This has like a slider.
21:45:03 >> Do they have back doors?
21:45:05 >>> It has a slider, I believe.
21:45:12 It has the concrete pad.
21:45:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The side door.
21:45:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Does it have a carport?
21:45:17 >>> It does not have a carport but I took pictures.
21:45:21 I figured the carport was going to come up and I took
21:45:24 pictures.
21:45:27 If would you like to see.
21:45:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mrs. Murphy, counsel is stealing my
21:45:36 question.

21:45:37 Here's the point.
21:45:39 You all are doing a lot of work all over town.
21:45:41 And you keep hearing council saying, can we go to a
21:45:45 little better product that can improve this street,
21:45:48 not keep the status quo of the street?
21:45:51 Okay?
21:45:51 And in this case, you know, we use the fancier term,
21:45:55 the portico share on the side, it's like a fancier
21:45:58 carport where you would match that column so you would
21:46:01 have a third column over at the side, and the little
21:46:05 carport, and it would get some of those cars out of
21:46:07 the front yard and one of those cars would pull up on
21:46:10 the side yard.
21:46:11 It would be a nice touch.
21:46:13 >>> I hear what you're saying and we are working on
21:46:16 plans like this.
21:46:18 The new plans that we are working on, we are trying to
21:46:20 incorporate things like garages, carports, into our
21:46:23 standard houses.
21:46:24 But this area specifically, though, I really do feel
21:46:27 this house is in touch with the neighborhood.
21:46:30 Like I said, there's in a carports, garages, any of

21:46:32 that on this street.
21:46:34 And there's actually, I took pictures, this is on the
21:46:36 same block, from two newer-looking houses.
21:46:42 >> How much do you sell these houses for?
21:46:49 >>> I can't say.
21:46:50 I'm not sure.
21:46:51 >>: You're not sure?
21:46:52 >>> Maybe 130, I want to say.
21:46:53 >>: Oh, so they are affordable.
21:46:58 >>> I don't have that information but I would say 130.
21:47:02 >>ROSE FERLITA: You can add a carport or anything you
21:47:05 want but the praise goes up, doesn't it?
21:47:08 >> We work on affordable housing.
21:47:10 >> I think Mrs. Alvarez is asking for her own personal
21:47:13 interest.
21:47:13 She probably wants to buy one.
21:47:18 >>> In case I need to sell my house, down size a
21:47:20 little bit.
21:47:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, excuse me.
21:47:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Does anyone in the public want to speak
21:47:26 on item number 8?
21:47:28 Come up and speak now.

21:47:29 >> But we digress.
21:47:36 >>> Good evening.
21:47:36 I'm Dorothy page.
21:47:37 I live at 3411 east 11th Avenue directly across
21:47:41 the street from the property.
21:47:43 And she said there's not a carport.
21:47:45 I have a carport.
21:47:48 So that's not true.
21:47:50 And my concern is, I have been in the neighborhood
21:47:53 like about 31 years.
21:47:56 And it's beginning to diminish.
21:47:58 And all that property belongs to -- the majority of
21:48:04 that property belongs to one person.
21:48:06 And it's beginning to go down.
21:48:09 And my concern is that I don't want an apartment
21:48:11 complex, a two-story in front of me like I have behind
21:48:15 me on 10th Avenue, because it's a problem with,
21:48:21 you know, people -- the building being empty, first of
21:48:26 all.
21:48:32 Now it's occupied.
21:48:35 But the houses that they are going to put.
21:48:41 >> It will be a single-family house.

21:48:43 >> Yeah, I'm satisfied with that.
21:48:45 But the bungalow.
21:48:48 >> Single-family.
21:48:50 You said they have bungalows down in Port Tampa.
21:48:55 >>> This morning, not having a split level in front of
21:48:58 me.
21:49:02 >>: You might want to show her a copy of the
21:49:04 elevation.
21:49:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mrs. Murphy, how deep is the front
21:49:09 porch?
21:49:10 >>> Murphy: The front porch?
21:49:12 I think it's six feet.
21:49:19 From the edge to the front of the house it's six feet.
21:49:25 Four feet actual porch, I believe.
21:49:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena, you had a question?
21:49:32 >>> I believe it's four feet.
21:49:34 It lass small on the site plan that I have.
21:49:37 The actual porch.
21:49:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What I'm thinking of from the front
21:49:46 of the house until you fall off the edge of the porch
21:49:48 is what, six feet?
21:49:50 >>> Six feet, yes.

21:49:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like the neighbor to say
21:50:02 about all the good things that are happening in the
21:50:04 neighborhood.
21:50:06 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Is that it?
21:50:07 No one else from the public?
21:50:11 >>: Move to close.
21:50:12 >> Second.
21:50:12 (Motion carried).
21:50:19 >> Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general
21:50:22 vicinity of 3410 east 11th Avenue in the city of
21:50:25 Tampa, Florida from zoning district classifications
21:50:28 RM-16 residential multifamily to PD single family
21:50:32 detached residential, providing an effective date.
21:50:34 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
21:50:35 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
21:50:37 Opposed, Nay.
21:50:39 (Motion carried).
21:50:41 >> Move to open number 10.
21:50:46 (Motion Carried)
21:51:31 >>> Marty McDonald.
21:51:32 Land development.
21:51:33 Last item. This is going from RS-50 to residential

21:51:36 single family to planned development single-family
21:51:38 attached.
21:51:38 There is one waiver requested as part of this rezoning
21:51:42 to allow reduction in the green space for the
21:51:45 vehicular use area.
21:51:46 They are only asking for 45 square foot reduction.
21:51:50 The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property at
21:51:56 401, 403, 404, 405 and 406 north Hubert and 4214 gray
21:52:02 street.
21:52:02 They will construct 30 single-family attached
21:52:04 residential units from 1.59 acres.
21:52:08 There will be nine 3-story buildings with a height of
21:52:13 37 feet and maximum main structure tower height of 42
21:52:16 feet.
21:52:17 That is the architectural feature that you see.
21:52:20 All units will have attached two-car garages.
21:52:23 The petitioner designed the site plan to be pedestrian
21:52:26 friendly. The units are designed in Italian
21:52:28 Mediterranean style with internal drive and front door
21:52:32 of the units are facing the street.
21:52:38 You see the location.
21:52:39 It is south of the interstate.

21:52:42 Right now currently, when I show you the aerial --
21:52:47 actually, I'll show you that.
21:52:51 This is the interstate.
21:52:53 And the aerial is a little older.
21:52:56 Most of this property has been cleared out in
21:52:57 conjunction with interstate widenings
21:53:10 Currently it is RS-50.
21:53:14 Directly to the north is a planned development.
21:53:16 It is attached single-family units.
21:53:19 We have town home projects in this PD.
21:53:21 And there are several in the areas that are taking
21:53:25 place.
21:53:26 As far as objections from staff, your staff report
21:53:31 indicates two objections.
21:53:33 The first objection with landscaping for chapter 13,
21:53:39 and they asked that the list of the couple actual --
21:53:45 cumulative total, petitioner came in with staff report
21:53:51 and has taken care of that.
21:53:52 The next objection stands but has to do with 45 feet
21:53:55 of green space, kind of a standing objection.
21:53:58 What they are asking for is that be an in-lieu fee
21:54:04 paid, ordinance 2006-74 that allows that to take place

21:54:08 for the reduction in green space.
21:54:11 We find that it meets the purpose and intent of the
21:54:14 planned development, and also that it meets the
21:54:18 single-family attached design standard.
21:54:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
21:54:24 I'm looking -- I'm sure I'm missing something.
21:54:31 Where are the guest parking spaces?
21:54:34 And how many are there?
21:54:35 >>> MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: I don't know which one.
21:55:01 There is one, the 36 inches.
21:55:03 And then there is an additional one.
21:55:05 If you look over on the west side of Hubert.
21:55:11 I could put it on the Elmo.
21:55:12 That might be easier.
21:55:13 I think I can get it on the Elmo.
21:55:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The one that's number 4.
21:55:19 And then --
21:55:22 >>> Yes, number 5.
21:55:23 And there's another one to the east of unit 7 that
21:55:30 appears to be just three.
21:55:34 >> Have we developed a standard for guest parking yet?
21:55:37 >>> Well, there is.

21:55:37 It hasn't been approved.
21:55:39 >> And what is the standard that we are contemplating?
21:55:41 >>> I believe it's .25 per unit.
21:55:47 >> For 30 units comes out to 7 and a half?
21:55:53 I guess you have to round to 8.
21:55:56 >> Did not object to that.
21:56:00 >> That's our draft standard right now, would require
21:56:02 8 guest parking spaces?
21:56:05 >>> Yes.
21:56:10 I believe they have three.
21:56:16 Okay, five.
21:56:19 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you.
21:56:24 Planning Commission?
21:56:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is that in chapter 27?
21:56:30 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
21:56:38 I have been sworn in.
21:56:40 A couple of points on Westshore Palms area, this area
21:56:44 is integrated residentially on the land use category,
21:56:47 residential 20.
21:56:48 Residential 35, the southwest part of Hebert.
21:56:53 The requests has already been described to you.
21:56:57 As you can see there are a variety of higher density

21:57:01 uses in the immediate area.
21:57:02 There is an existing development in the mid stages of
21:57:06 development directly across the street from the
21:57:08 proposed site, town homes here, directly adjacent to
21:57:11 the east.
21:57:12 This is a single family.
21:57:14 This is a park.
21:57:16 Some apartments over here.
21:57:17 And getting developed over here also.
21:57:25 It will be interfacing.
21:57:28 The interstate expansion is actually overhear in many
21:57:31 locations, Laurel street will exist in a more on this
21:57:34 particular segment of Westshore, palms.
21:57:39 Planning Commission staff has in a objections to the
21:57:41 proposed request.
21:57:43 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you.
21:57:44 Petitioner.
21:57:50 Buff start, is there anyone here in opposition to this
21:58:25 project?
21:58:27 All right, petitioner, I guess you better give us the
21:58:29 full presentation.
21:58:31 >>> Okay.

21:58:31 Well, good evening.
21:58:32 I'm Alan Johnson.
21:58:34 Yes, I have been sworn in, a long time ago now.
21:58:39 >> Is it still good?
21:58:41 >>> I would think so. Anyway, I reside at 477 South
21:58:47 Westshore Boulevard here in Tampa and I lived here now
21:58:50 for 13 years, just down the street from the proposed
21:58:52 project.
21:58:56 We put a lot of time into this project and we think it
21:58:59 will be an enhancement to the community.
21:59:02 Our emphasis is creating a design that was unique and
21:59:06 that adds architectural integrity to South Tampa.
21:59:34 I have a larger one in black and white but this is the
21:59:37 color one.
21:59:37 We chose the Mediterranean style.
21:59:39 The rendering shows a view when looking at the project
21:59:41 from the northwest corner of phase 2.
21:59:45 And I will get the site plan in just a minute.
21:59:49 We want to look at the project, was the different
21:59:55 variations.
22:00:00 There are certain architectural features that are in
22:00:07 the tower element.

22:00:20 This is the site plan for the project.
22:00:22 And you can kind of see from the site plan, the
22:00:29 building is definitely not a cookie cutter type of
22:00:32 project.
22:00:33 When all the buildings are completely different in
22:00:36 terms of --
22:00:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You're under oath.
22:00:50 They aren't completely different.
22:00:58 I mean, they don't look completely different.
22:01:01 >>> They are different in terms of the number of units
22:01:02 that are in each building.
22:01:04 And the way and what we are doing is we are picking up
22:01:13 tower elements and the idea is we didn't want to have
22:01:18 like a cookie cutter type thing where you have this
22:01:20 long expanse of building where it's long concrete
22:01:26 block.
22:01:26 So a lot of different elements and character that we
22:01:29 are trying to do to the buildings to make them look
22:01:33 different.
22:01:33 We are doing things like on the corner, where we
22:01:36 notched out the corner to give it a little more
22:01:40 character on the corner.

22:01:42 That's what I'm talking about.
22:01:56 When we first started the project, we met with staff
22:02:01 to ask whether we should orient the driveway and what
22:02:10 was recommended was orient the drives inward.
22:02:18 And -- wanted to see more of the driveway and more
22:02:26 green space on the front and that sort of thing.
22:02:33 Getting away from the idea of the big lawn.
22:02:41 Again something that we wanted to help make it really
22:02:47 nice and blend in nicely with the neighborhood.
22:02:50 The second question, is we met with -- you can see
22:03:03 there's a lot of beautiful oak trees on the project.
22:03:05 And they are not only an asset to the project, we
22:03:08 believe, we want to of course retain those and
22:03:11 incorporate those into the project.
22:03:13 So when you do that, lay out the project a certain
22:03:19 way, how we position the building and taking
22:03:21 advantage, and that's what we have done here.
22:03:33 The other aspect of the drive that was really good was
22:03:36 in keeping the --
22:03:55 The other thing we did on-site just to make sure that
22:03:58 everything was going to work, we did work very closely
22:04:00 with staff, to get them at the ground level, things

22:04:09 like that, to make sure we didn't want to be coming to
22:04:12 you for a site for something because they didn't
22:04:18 design it right, and actually got six different units
22:04:24 designed.
22:04:24 Again, it's getting a little variation.
22:04:27 And character, I think, to the overall project.
22:04:32 Each. Units does have a two-car garage.
22:04:35 And you can see that what we have done is we trade to
22:04:39 really design the site, and the project specifically
22:04:43 for the site.
22:04:48 There is parking available.
22:04:50 We do have five spaces.
22:04:52 There's three on the side and two on phase one, in
22:04:56 phase one.
22:05:07 In terms of the area, and show you why this is not
22:05:09 only compatible but very appropriate for the area.
22:05:29 You can see the subject property.
22:05:34 To the north of the interstate, we want to have them
22:05:39 where, you know, just south of Kennedy.
22:05:50 And of course to the west, projects and that sort of
22:05:55 thing come through this area.
22:05:59 It's been quite a nice area.

22:06:14 These are the homes currently located on the west
22:06:20 said.
22:06:21 You can see there are old homes.
22:06:27 They are not in the best position anymore.
22:06:35 On the east side of the street, you see the homes
22:06:39 located there.
22:06:44 You see the homes.
22:06:45 That will be on phase 2.
22:06:58 Looking down the street, this is looking north on
22:07:01 Hubert.
22:07:02 And where you see that stop sign, that's actually the
22:07:07 intersection of Hubert and Gray.
22:07:09 And then you can see the building on the background
22:07:12 there.
22:07:37 On top is Hubert looking south.
22:07:39 And again, the intersection of Hubert and gray.
22:07:45 And to the left is the other part.
22:07:54 The picture on the right-hand side that is a view on
22:07:57 Gray, and the one on the bottom is looking west.
22:08:02 That's where the apartment building is located.
22:08:12 We did have a project here in the neighborhood just
22:08:15 two blocks away.

22:08:16 And this is a picture of the basically completed
22:08:21 project, just finished up at the beginning of this
22:08:23 year.
22:08:24 And as you can see from this project, and
22:08:30 architectural details, little elements, things like
22:08:33 that, in the neighborhood.
22:08:37 People have been just very pleased with that.
22:08:39 This is the type of thing.
22:08:41 When we did this, we really -- in terms of the type of
22:08:46 development that's going on there.
22:08:49 And this is what we want to continue to do.
22:09:00 We had some other projects come before you, recently
22:09:02 approved projects.
22:09:03 And on the top there, north bay, the one on the bottom
22:09:10 left, just down the street on Gray.
22:09:13 And I will get out the zoning map.
22:09:17 The one on the bottom right is the one directly across
22:09:19 the street.
22:09:21 So right here is the one directly across the street
22:09:27 which was on the right which I was showing you.
22:09:29 Right over here is the other one on Gray.
22:09:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: did you agrees the -- address the

22:09:40 guest parking yet?
22:09:42 >>> Yes.
22:09:42 I said there were five spaces.
22:09:44 >> Are you aware of our proposed change?
22:09:45 >> yes.
22:09:46 And, in fact, we were working with transportation on
22:09:51 that.
22:09:52 And going through many iteration was transportation on
22:09:55 trying to provide what transportation wanted.
22:09:59 We actually submitted a site plan before that had
22:10:02 seven spaces.
22:10:03 >> Can you show us where?
22:10:05 >>> Well, the problem was, in order to meet other
22:10:07 types of codes and things like that, that they wanted
22:10:14 a trade-off between the various things that they
22:10:16 wanted to do.
22:10:19 As an example, you know, the way it was, ten feet in
22:10:25 from the property line.
22:10:28 Quite a bit of easement on the front.
22:10:33 Parking space ten feet in, and that eliminated a
22:10:35 space.
22:10:36 But in terms of working with transportation, and they

22:10:40 were satisfied with that, and --
22:10:44 >> What I noticed was right next to space number 5.
22:10:49 >>> Let me get it.
22:11:06 >> In the southwestern corner.
22:11:09 Right next to that it seems like you could have put in
22:11:11 space number of.
22:11:13 >>> We wanted to: They didn't like the fact that it
22:11:17 was going to be too close to either of those two
22:11:21 buildings.
22:11:22 And --
22:11:24 >> From what perspective?
22:11:32 >>> That was that you are recommendation.
22:11:33 So we removed that.
22:11:37 >> Okay.
22:11:39 But isn't it possible to put two compact spaces there?
22:11:44 I mean, it looks like there's room there.
22:11:48 >>> Well, again, it's going to be an issue with you
22:11:51 transportation.
22:11:54 >> But at the end of the day, we are the ones, unless
22:11:59 it's a true safety issue.
22:12:00 I don't think that's a true safety issue.
22:12:02 And why wouldn't we do it?

22:12:05 >>> Well, again, I can't really answer exactly why,
22:12:13 other than the fact that they felt that having the
22:12:21 additional parking space in here was too close to
22:12:24 these two buildings, and they did not like that and
22:12:31 therefore we removed it.
22:12:32 And shifted the building accordingly.
22:12:35 What we ended up doing is given them an iteration
22:12:42 which had two parking spaces, and we shifted this
22:12:46 building down to give them a little more green space
22:12:50 on the side, and the parking space here.
22:12:53 >> What other location were you talking about?
22:13:03 >>> I think we may have had space over here.
22:13:07 >> Three spaces?
22:13:08 >>> On this side.
22:13:09 >>CALVIN THORNTON: I have been sworn.
22:13:27 I think as a policy statement council indicated we
22:13:29 would like to max out the most number of guest parking
22:13:32 spaces.
22:13:33 So --
22:13:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm just saying generically.
22:13:43 We have said that all night long on these projects.
22:13:48 He's saying there was an opportunity for at least two

22:13:50 more spaces.
22:13:50 And I'm just wondering why we negated these two
22:13:55 spaces.
22:13:59 >>CALVIN THORNTON: They just don't have the available
22:14:22 space to do and they will have to reduce some of the
22:14:25 units.
22:14:25 I don't think we necessarily negated.
22:14:27 It's supporting the more or less encouragement in the
22:14:34 DRCs to do it but there is in a basis to make them
22:14:39 do it.
22:14:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I didn't say we are making them do
22:14:43 it.
22:14:44 He indicates that he voluntarily wanted to do it.
22:14:46 He put it on your shoulders saying you gays cut him
22:14:49 back by two spaces.
22:14:53 I'm suggesting that perhaps we take it back to where
22:14:56 we were and add in two or three guest parking spaces,
22:14:59 so we don't exacerbate that neighborhood's parking
22:15:02 issues.
22:15:03 Because at the end of the day we all know that these
22:15:05 types of condo places end up overflowing parking by
22:15:09 the end -- into the neighborhoods.

22:15:15 >>> Land development.
22:15:16 I do know when they came to DRC they did have the
22:15:19 second spaces.
22:15:20 Melanie did make a written comment, but there was one
22:15:24 that she didn't like the way it would back out.
22:15:29 I believe it was in this area where there is three,
22:15:33 and backing out wouldn't have been able to make the
22:15:36 movement.
22:15:37 And I do know that she -- the petitioner did -- I
22:15:43 don't know the whole reason why her comments were
22:15:46 there but she said go ahead and move those.
22:15:48 And because there isn't a requirement yet.
22:15:50 And there wasn't when he started this seven, eight,
22:15:54 nine months ago.
22:15:56 So, you know, moving those, she didn't feel like there
22:15:59 would be an objection.
22:16:01 To make the site work.
22:16:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All right.
22:16:04 Continue.
22:16:19 >>> I hope you will give me full attention while I'm
22:16:21 up here and consider it.
22:16:24 Okay.

22:16:27 I was talking a little bit again to refresh everyone's
22:16:31 memory and give a little basics in terms of some of
22:16:34 the other projects.
22:16:37 Then I'll move quickly through them.
22:16:40 To kind of put things into perspective.
22:16:42 These sore of the other town home projects in the
22:16:44 area.
22:16:45 These are recent ones.
22:16:50 Hesperides.
22:16:52 Between Hubert and Manhattan.
22:16:53 These are the types of projects.
22:17:13 The project that is located -- right here, this one.
22:17:50 It's located here diagonal to the project.
22:17:57 This is going to be the other apartment building in
22:17:58 the area.
22:18:00 The top one there is on Hubert and north bay.
22:18:03 The bottom one is Hubert and Manhattan.
22:18:15 This is on the corner of Manhattan and north B and the
22:18:17 other is Hubert and Manhattan.
22:18:20 This is Hubert and north A.
22:18:22 These are the types of apartments that have been there
22:18:25 awhile.

22:18:26 The reason I showed those, to give you an idea, had a
22:18:31 variety of residential types, and hopefully what
22:18:35 you're seeing, what I am presenting in our rendering
22:18:37 and our site plan, you're seeing that we are actually
22:18:40 going to be adding a development here that is a marked
22:18:45 improvement to what's over there, and also a implement
22:18:48 to especially some of the newer projects like the one
22:18:51 as cross the street that have already been approved
22:18:53 and under way.
22:18:54 I'm hoping that you will see that -- and it's going to
22:18:57 be a good asset to the neighborhood.
22:19:01 We have been very conscious of working with the
22:19:03 neighborhood.
22:19:03 And we met at the neighborhood association, and I have
22:19:18 a letter here from Barbara Burdick, the president of
22:19:22 the Westshore Palms neighborhood association, she
22:19:27 couldn't be here this evening, but she did give me
22:19:29 this letter, and if I may, I would just like to read
22:19:32 it to you.
22:19:33 This is dated May 8th, addressed to City Council
22:19:37 members.
22:19:39 It states: Alan Johnson has a proposal for town home,

22:19:45 he's already completed one project on Gray Street
22:19:47 which is a marked improvement over the homes in the
22:19:49 property.
22:19:51 He brought his designs to a meeting to show what he
22:19:55 hoped to build which not all developers have done.
22:19:57 He has shown a design in keeping with what we would
22:19:59 like in our area from elevations, landscaping,
22:20:05 off-street parking, underground stormwater retention
22:20:08 and attractive exteriors. The house that is will be
22:20:11 replaced are in poor condition and surrounded by
22:20:13 apartments and town homes. The new project will be
22:20:15 compatible with the surrounding area.
22:20:17 Mr. Johnson has kept the association informed of his
22:20:22 progress as the plans have been revised and has had a
22:20:25 true concern and commitment to enhancing the quality
22:20:28 of the neighborhood.
22:20:28 So this is the letter from her.
22:20:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Let's see what he has to say and you
22:20:36 can come back in rebuttal.
22:20:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Well, you can still use your tame
22:20:42 after you hear from what the other person in
22:20:44 opposition wishes to say.

22:20:46 >>> Well, sure.
22:20:47 I have the letter, and the other thing I am going to
22:20:50 do, I am going to give you -- I have letters in
22:20:56 support.
22:21:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
22:21:03 If there's someone in the audience that wants to speak
22:21:05 on item 10, will you come up and speak?
22:21:10 You can come back.
22:21:12 >>> Okay.
22:21:13 I'll be here.
22:21:17 >>> Jim Berger and I ever not been sworn in.
22:21:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: There's another person in the back of
22:21:24 the room.
22:21:26 (Oath administered by Clerk).
22:21:31 >>> I am not going to say anything new.
22:21:33 It's just that Tampa is getting more and more dense.
22:21:38 And when are we going to put an end to it.
22:21:43 Parking is a problem.
22:21:44 Traffic on the street is a problem.
22:21:45 The new complex at 42 -- must be 4210.
22:21:50 4204 West Gray Street.
22:21:53 They had a party and there was cars parked on both

22:21:56 sides as far as you can see.
22:21:58 And it's become a through street, much to my chagrin.
22:22:02 Next to the apartment complex, next to the development
22:22:06 at Hubert and Fig, there is a park, to add to the
22:22:11 traffic, the road traffic near that park.
22:22:15 This issue of restriction on watering, where does it
22:22:20 stop?
22:22:21 I mean, we are putting 30 units in instead of six.
22:22:26 How far do we go?
22:22:28 We are adding more units.
22:22:30 But it doesn't compute to me.
22:22:33 You hear on the news, big assessments, and impact
22:22:37 fees.
22:22:38 Well, the roads and local areas cannot handle it.
22:22:44 Not being improved enough to make up for the traffic.
22:22:49 I'm also speaking for my neighbor at 4206 West Gray
22:22:52 Street.
22:22:53 She's out of town right now.
22:22:54 She's not in favor of it T construction either.
22:22:58 Most of the people in the area are not owner
22:23:01 residents.
22:23:02 I'm one of the few owner residents and my neighbors as

22:23:06 well are not in favor of this.
22:23:12 All the other owner residents and you can see, the
22:23:14 Internet state has taken off a street and a half on
22:23:16 the other side.
22:23:17 So they are gone.
22:23:20 Same way when I go to the neighborhood meetings.
22:23:25 The realtors, investors, they are all saying, yes,
22:23:30 yes, let's build, make it bigger, nicer.
22:23:33 But the local residents, they are going up everywhere,
22:23:39 I understand that.
22:23:39 But one person will mention how expensive and how
22:23:45 things are turning around, a lot of traffic.
22:23:52 But they are all not hers, because the realtors,
22:23:57 developers, bankers are all in favor of development,
22:24:01 of course.
22:24:02 But I wanted to come tonight and say, I have been here
22:24:06 since 6:20.
22:24:08 Yes, I know it's late and I'm sorry you have to stay
22:24:11 here, too.
22:24:12 But I'm not in favor of this.
22:24:18 My owner, resident, neighbor, and I think the neighbor
22:24:21 on the other side too is a resident.

22:24:23 But two houses have been pushed back across from me.
22:24:30 Also diagonally across from me.
22:24:33 There's not many owner residents left.
22:24:35 I'm not in favor of this.
22:24:37 That's my point.
22:24:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you. Would anyone else like to
22:24:39 speak?
22:24:44 >>> Mark Gordon.
22:24:46 And I own property at 505 Hubert, which is two houses
22:24:52 down, across the street.
22:24:54 I would just like to say I'm in favor of the project.
22:24:57 I'd like to emphasize that the developer has brought
22:25:02 all the plans to the homeowners association, and he
22:25:11 has demonstrated that he can do a fantastic job
22:25:15 building by what he's just completed.
22:25:17 I don't know if you all have seen it but the townhouse
22:25:20 features on gray street turned out just beautiful,
22:25:23 fantastic, and all the numbers or most of the members
22:25:26 of the Westshore Palms meeting have agreed to that.
22:25:29 And I would just like to say that this developer has
22:25:32 put a lot of time into it.
22:25:33 He's explained all the steps of the way that he wanted

22:25:36 to do.
22:25:37 And that I'm in favor of it.
22:25:39 And I know there's a lot of people in the neighborhood
22:25:41 that are in favor, also.
22:25:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you expect to be redeveloping
22:25:46 your property that you own?
22:25:47 >>> I would like to, yes.
22:25:48 >>: Into multifamily?
22:25:50 >>> Yes.
22:25:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
22:25:52 Would anyone else like to speak?
22:25:54 >>CALVIN THORNTON: Transportation.
22:26:02 The plan they submitted and the reason they lost the
22:26:04 parking space is -- guest parking spaces, a tree they
22:26:09 were trying to protect.
22:26:13 Another is -- one was for the tree.
22:26:18 One was for landscaping buffering.
22:26:19 The other because the site.
22:26:22 That's why they lost guest parking.
22:26:24 They were trying to protect the tree, landscape
22:26:27 buffer.
22:26:27 >> So when we do codify this, the change in chapter

22:26:31 27, then we'll just say, you have got to have it,
22:26:34 period, and they'll have to figure it out?
22:26:36 >>> They'll have to figure it out and probably lose
22:26:38 the building.
22:26:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
22:26:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
22:26:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's what he said.
22:26:47 That's what Calvin said.
22:26:51 29 instead of 30.
22:26:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions from council members?
22:27:05 >>> At first, I thought I wanted to give you a little
22:27:09 more feedback, too, on the letters of support that I
22:27:12 submit towed.
22:27:16 What you talked about this morning was sending out
22:27:18 notices that didn't have a lot of information on them.
22:27:20 And when we sent out the notices to the surrounding
22:27:24 property owners, we sent the rendering, we sent the
22:27:28 site plans, we sent a cover letter explaining exactly
22:27:32 what we were going to do. They were very much in
22:27:35 favor of it.
22:27:37 I could actually point out, I could -- if you like --
22:27:43 >>GWEN MILLER: You're okay.

22:27:47 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you so much.
22:27:48 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close
22:27:50 the public hearing.
22:27:51 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
22:27:53 Mrs. Alvarez?
22:27:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: With pleasure.
22:27:56 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity
22:27:58 ever 401, 403, 404, 405, 406 north Hubert Avenue and
22:28:03 4214 Gray Street in the city of Tampa, Florida and
22:28:06 more particularly described in section is from zoning
22:28:08 district classification RS-50 residential to PD
22:28:14 planned development single family attached, providing
22:28:16 an effective date.
22:28:17 >> Second.
22:28:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Missouri I have a motion and second.
22:28:21 Mr. Dingfelder.
22:28:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I look at this aerial here that
22:28:24 shows the existing development up and down Gray
22:28:26 Street.
22:28:30 One, two, three, four, five, six, search, eight, nine,
22:28:34 ten, eleven.
22:28:35 I see a lot of single-family houses and I don't

22:28:37 believe a 30-unit complex is in character with those
22:28:40 single-family houses.
22:28:42 I think three years ago I started singing the song and
22:28:48 saying the Planning Commission and this City Council
22:28:50 made a mistake in making this area so dense.
22:28:54 What is it, 35 units?
22:28:59 What's the comp plan?
22:29:00 Res 20.
22:29:01 And because it was a single-family neighborhood, it
22:29:05 was a nice little single-family neighborhood but then
22:29:08 it became res 20 and all of a sudden it's open game.
22:29:11 So I'm not going to support it.
22:29:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to say if you look at
22:29:17 the overall pattern, it's single-family and down the
22:29:24 street north and town.
22:29:26 It's more multifamily towards north shore.
22:29:29 But this area is pretty single family.
22:29:35 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion say Aye.
22:29:38 Opposed say Aye.
22:29:39 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder and
22:29:42 Saul-Sena voting no.
22:29:43 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move to receive and file.

22:29:47 >> Second.
22:29:47 (Motion carried).
22:29:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else to come before council?
22:29:50 Meeting adjourned.