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Tampa City Council

Thursday, June 1, 2006

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[Sounding gavel]
09:05:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder, are you ready?
09:05:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Always ready.
09:05:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
09:05:53 The chair will yield to Mr. John Dingfelder.
09:05:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:05:58 Good morning.
09:05:59 It is my pleasure and honor to introduce Reverend Lee
09:06:02 Stitzer who will join us at the podium.

09:06:08 He has been the pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran church
09:06:11 on El Prado Boulevard since 2000.
09:06:15 He served a congregation in Buffalo, New York since
09:06:18 1991.
09:06:19 He also served the community in upstate New York as a
09:06:22 volunteer fireman for 18 years.
09:06:24 Maybe you can come on board with our fire department
09:06:26 and help us as well.
09:06:28 And he's also a member of the U.S. Army reserves,
09:06:30 retired as a first sergeant in 1992.
09:06:33 Reverend Stitzer, it's an honor to have you here to
09:06:40 lead us in the invocation and followed by the pledge
09:06:45 of allegiance.
09:06:47 >> Almighty God, holy Father, we pray for the nations
09:06:54 of peoples of the earth in any place who suffer the
09:06:57 horror of war in any form or degree.
09:07:00 Bring your healing grace and peace upon this planet.
09:07:04 Bind the wounds and heal all the divisions of mankind.
09:07:08 We pray for the many organizations of community
09:07:10 service and ask your blessing on them, the hospitals,
09:07:13 schools, social service agencies, the courts, the
09:07:16 police departments, the fire department, the

09:07:19 sanitation department, all organizations and agencies
09:07:23 seeking to serve mankind.
09:07:24 May they not lack in dedicated workers who perform
09:07:29 their tasks adequately.
09:07:30 For all professions, trades and laborers, we give
09:07:33 thanks and request your blessings upon them.
09:07:37 In the community in which we live thrive under your
09:07:40 blessings.
09:07:41 Give our mayor the will and wisdom to use her office
09:07:45 for the upbuilding of our city and not nor party or
09:07:51 self-interest groups, grant men and women vision and
09:07:54 integrity in the affairs of Tampa city.
09:08:00 So fairness, justice, equity and pros expert can
09:08:03 flourish.
09:08:04 And finally, for this honorable council assembled here
09:08:07 this morning, we especially pray for your good
09:08:10 judgment and the attitude of leaders to be placed in
09:08:14 their hearts, that they accomplish their tasks wisely,
09:08:17 as good stewards of the positions to which they have
09:08:20 been elected.
09:08:20 Protect them from the sins of corruption and greed so
09:08:24 that they may serve the citizens of Tampa with honor

09:08:26 and most noticeable goals.
09:08:29 May this day be completed for your glory.
09:08:31 Amen.
09:08:33 (Pledge of Allegiance).
09:08:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:08:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
09:08:52 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Here.
09:08:53 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
09:08:54 >>ROSE FERLITA: Here.
09:08:56 >>KEVIN WHITE: Here.
09:08:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:08:58 At this time we go again to Mr. John Dingfelder who
09:09:02 will present a commendation.
09:09:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I have the whole team gathered
09:09:22 around.
09:09:23 >>ROSE FERLITA: Everybody but Tony Garcia.
09:09:36 >>MARY ALVAREZ: he's working.
09:09:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I told him to come in and support
09:09:41 the guy.
09:09:42 Council, here's somebody who doesn't need any
09:09:44 introduction, Bob Hunter.
09:09:46 Bob is, of covers -- of course, a leader of the

09:09:51 Hillsborough County city-county Planning Commission.
09:09:53 He's the Executive Director, of course.
09:09:55 But the reason we are here to honor Bob dab was our
09:09:58 commendation from council is because Bob was just
09:10:02 elected by his peers at the American planning
09:10:04 association as their leader, and I think that's like a
09:10:08 four-year commitment, from what I understand.
09:10:10 What a tremendous honor for Bob, and frankly speaks so
09:10:13 well of our community, and how lucky we are to have
09:10:17 Bob.
09:10:19 One thing that comes to mind as I was driving in this
09:10:22 morning, I was thinking about that I was going to --
09:10:26 it's a roast, you know.
09:10:28 [~Laughter~] but when I first came across Bob and Ray,
09:10:34 I didn't know a thing about planning and I actually
09:10:37 was their lawyer for a big case when I was over at the
09:10:40 county.
09:10:40 And they are such good teachers.
09:10:44 And I don't know if I was a very good student or not.
09:10:47 But we won the case.
09:10:50 But they just know so much about planning.
09:10:52 And not only about where we are today, but these guys

09:10:56 are about long-term planning, where we are going in
09:10:59 the next 20 to 50 years.
09:11:00 And that's what they spend their time day in and day
09:11:03 out doing.
09:11:04 And they do such a great job.
09:11:05 The other thing that came to mind, when I think about
09:11:07 Bob, and his entire team, but especially Bob as their
09:11:13 leader, it's courage.
09:11:14 Bob has the courage of his convictions in terms of
09:11:16 standing up for what he believes is right for this
09:11:19 community, about the long-term interests in our
09:11:21 community.
09:11:21 And I see it, and sometimes very subtly but I know
09:11:28 even if I don't see Bob standing at the podium, I know
09:11:30 he's behind the scenes giving his folks the courage
09:11:34 and the strength to say what's right, regardless of
09:11:37 the political considerations or anything else.
09:11:40 And I'm not going to go into details.
09:11:42 We know what the details are.
09:11:43 But when things happen, like impact fees, raising
09:11:48 impact fees appropriately, which recently happened in
09:11:51 the county, these guys have been pushing for that for

09:11:53 years.
09:11:54 Because they know it's the right thing.
09:11:55 And they are the one whose give the support to make it
09:12:00 happen.
09:12:00 Anyway with, all that said, Bob, we are here about the
09:12:03 APA issue.
09:12:05 Tampa City Council wants to give you this
09:12:06 commendation.
09:12:06 We recognize your as essential to the presidency of
09:12:11 the APA and recognize your election to this
09:12:14 prestigious podge, an organization of 40,000 planners
09:12:17 providing support and leadership and development much
09:12:19 livable, I did versified communities by advocating
09:12:22 excellence in community planning, environmental
09:12:24 priorities, and by promoting education and citizen
09:12:26 empowerment to effect positive change.
09:12:28 Bob Hunter is well qualified to accept this most
09:12:31 important assignment, with over 30 years of planning
09:12:34 and leadership, 20 of which have been spent here as
09:12:37 the Executive Director of the Hillsborough County
09:12:41 city-Planning Commission, our four Lowell governments
09:12:46 including city, county, Temple Terrace, and

09:12:51 unincorporated, 1 million people, 1,000 square miles.
09:12:55 Bob performs his duties in an exemplary manner.
09:12:59 The Tampa City Council recognizes the professionalism
09:13:01 of Robert Hunter and his years of service and wish him
09:13:04 continued success in his new role as the incoming
09:13:06 president of the American planning association.
09:13:10 [~Applause~]
09:13:13 >> Bob Hunter: Thank you.
09:13:21 City Council, I appreciate this.
09:13:27 I really do.
09:13:29 I made a note here that I feel very privileged to have
09:13:32 been elected to the president of the American planning
09:13:36 association.
09:13:38 And I hope to represent them nationally and
09:13:43 internationally as well.
09:13:45 It's an organization as John said, 40,000 members, but
09:13:48 we are also in 43 countries, all over the world.
09:13:52 And we are starting to develop an international
09:13:57 presence.
09:13:57 I see that as excitement only from the standpoint of
09:14:00 the opportunity to bring what's happening
09:14:02 internationally to our city and county.

09:14:04 And I look forward to the opportunity to be bringing
09:14:07 to you.
09:14:08 I hope dozens of slide shows but it won't be during
09:14:13 the City Council meeting.
09:14:15 One additional comment.
09:14:16 And staff surprised me by coming over.
09:14:21 Your long-range planning staff appreciates, and you
09:14:25 don't know how much, your responsiveness to our plans.
09:14:28 That's not just to accept what we're saying to you,
09:14:30 but to raise questions, to discuss, and finally come
09:14:33 to your own conclusions about it.
09:14:36 But it is truly rewarding to see a governmental body
09:14:39 that is so involved in the long-range issues.
09:14:45 And we truly appreciate that.
09:14:47 Thank you very much.
09:14:50 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Bob, it was a pleasure when I was
09:14:55 elected to your board, or appointed to your board a
09:14:58 number of years ago, and I had the honor, and I
09:15:04 respected you so much for that, and I still respect
09:15:06 you and your colleagues.
09:15:07 I think my first meeting with Terry Cullen was quite
09:15:13 an experience, because I certainly didn't know

09:15:16 anything about planning and zoning or all the elements
09:15:20 that we had to learn.
09:15:21 And I really appreciated all the patience that you all
09:15:26 had with me, and this APA couldn't have picked a
09:15:31 better successor.
09:15:32 And we wish you the very, very best.
09:15:35 And you're doing a great job.
09:15:39 Your staff and everybody is just so patient with us.
09:15:46 As we go through our management and planning, and what
09:15:55 we have to do.
09:15:56 We are just so happy that you became the leader of
09:15:58 this huge organization.
09:16:00 And I go forward -- now go forward and do your stuff.
09:16:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I echo the thoughts of my
09:16:08 colleagues.
09:16:10 Congratulations for what you have created here for our
09:16:12 community.
09:16:14 Your organization is one of the forces for thoughtful
09:16:19 growth as we go forward.
09:16:20 And who needs it more than Florida and a town like
09:16:24 Tampa where we are growing so rapidly and we need to
09:16:26 do it carefully.

09:16:27 What you have created here then can be shared on the
09:16:31 national level.
09:16:31 Congratulations personally.
09:16:33 And thank you for the sort of reflective glory that
09:16:36 you bring our community by your becoming president of
09:16:39 the APA.
09:16:40 And hopefully it will make us pay more attention.
09:16:46 Thank you so much for your work in our community and
09:16:48 congratulations.
09:16:50 >>> thank you for your comments.
09:16:51 I appreciate it.
09:16:53 >>ROSE FERLITA: And this is going to be one of the
09:16:55 teams that I am less long winded than some of my
09:16:58 colleagues, Bob.
09:16:59 That is not because I but from time to time I have
09:17:05 asked you to meet with me and you have.
09:17:10 But it's because in those meetings, I have certainly
09:17:14 benefited from the experience and the knowledge that
09:17:17 you have and you are always very forthcoming that
09:17:19 anything I need.
09:17:20 So lie forward to continuing that relationship, the
09:17:23 acknowledgment that you received from your colleagues

09:17:25 and your peers, obviously indicative of what they
09:17:28 think, the respect from your colleagues, that need
09:17:33 this type of acknowledgment.
09:17:35 Again, congratulations from us.
09:17:37 Thanks to what you do, for what you do, and thanks for
09:17:40 such an incredible staff that follows your lead.
09:17:42 >>> I appreciate your comment.
09:17:44 >>GWEN MILLER: They have said everything.
09:17:47 Don't need to say it over and over again.
09:17:49 Congratulations to you.
09:17:49 And I know you are going to do an excellent job.
09:17:53 Nobody can do it better than you.
09:17:55 I'm glad they chose you.
09:17:57 >>> Thank you.
09:17:58 [~Applause~]
09:18:04 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to go to item number 5 at
09:18:28 9:15.
09:18:30 I know Gloria mills is not here but someone here is
09:18:36 representing her.
09:18:37 So would you please come up?
09:18:52 >>> Loren Scheiver for paratransit for Hartline. Many
09:18:58 of you are familiar with service on Hartline board and

09:19:02 advocates for transportation in our community and that
09:19:05 is very much appreciated.
09:19:07 We are here today.
09:19:07 I'm with Arizona Jenkins who many of you know as well
09:19:11 as an advocate for people with disability in our
09:19:14 community who focus a lot of this time on
09:19:17 transportation issues.
09:19:18 And we really need him and all of his dedication to
09:19:22 this very important I shall knew our community.
09:19:23 What we have come to talk to you about today is the
09:19:26 creation of an ADA traffic force.
09:19:29 This task force was create it under Hartline's chair
09:19:32 and comprised of members of the city, county, Hartline
09:19:36 staff, transit, transit promoters and advocacy groups
09:19:42 who are looking to improve transportation options in
09:19:44 our community.
09:19:45 Part of what the task is of the task force is develop
09:19:48 a strategy for Hartline to improve accessibility and
09:19:53 review service for people with disabilities and all
09:19:56 citizens in our community.
09:19:58 While we are -- why we are here today is these
09:20:02 transcend to all of our jurisdictions.

09:20:04 Accessibility is something that the community has to
09:20:06 adopt as a whole.
09:20:07 It can't be any one entity that will make it happen.
09:20:10 So inclusion, which is all of our goals, is something
09:20:12 that we'll have to work together to do.
09:20:15 I have given you a copy of those recommendations that
09:20:17 were adopted by Hart's board.
09:20:19 They are there for your review along with some
09:20:21 information that's statistical about what kind of
09:20:25 infrastructure is already in place at some of the bus
09:20:27 stops.
09:20:28 What we'd like from you is the adoption of these
09:20:31 recommendations and a continued coordination effort
09:20:35 between city employees and right-of-way, and public
09:20:41 works so we can continue to work together to not just
09:20:44 improve accessibility at bus stops but improve
09:20:46 accessibility to the destinations beyond.
09:20:48 Because we all know that people are not trying to get
09:20:51 to a bus stop.
09:20:53 That's just a gateway to the destination they are
09:20:56 really trying to do get to which might be church,
09:20:58 might be home, might be school.

09:20:59 All of the things that we all enjoy living here in
09:21:02 Tampa Bay.
09:21:06 So if could you look at those and see how we can work
09:21:09 together to accomplish some of these goals, that's why
09:21:11 we are here today.
09:21:12 I am going to let Arizona speak for a moment about
09:21:16 some of the things that we are working on together.
09:21:26 >> Arizona: The ADA task force, and work together
09:21:33 with the city, and I want to say thank you for all the
09:21:38 work that you already did.
09:21:41 But we want to continue on doing that.
09:21:44 And we work together for all people who ride the bus.
09:21:51 Not only people with disabilities, but, and all the
09:22:05 agencies.
09:22:07 If we can't ride, we need to get others all over town.
09:22:31 Go to church, go to the mall or store.
09:22:47 We take the bus.
09:22:51 And we should work together to make Hartline, to make
09:23:03 the bus accessible to all of us.
09:23:11 Thank you.
09:23:12 >> I would like to close by saying all the
09:23:17 recommendations, Hart has initiated a plan to work on

09:23:20 each of those so there are already steps being taken
09:23:22 to achieve these goals.
09:23:23 We know they are long-term goals, accessibility and
09:23:26 sidewalks and infrastructure is an immense project.
09:23:30 I also want to thank the city staff who has come to
09:23:34 our meetings, Jan Washington has been instrumental in
09:23:36 coming to our meetings and allowing us to see from the
09:23:38 city's perspective on sidewalk improvement programs
09:23:41 and different types of accessibility projects that are
09:23:45 already in the works.
09:23:45 That's the kind of coordination we're looking for.
09:23:48 And also your consideration on shelter advertising so
09:23:53 we can put more transit amenities out for passengers,
09:23:56 again not just for passengers with disabilities but
09:23:58 living here in Florida in the harsh weather that we
09:24:01 live in.
09:24:01 Those kind of transit amenities make the service more
09:24:04 usable for everyone.
09:24:05 We appreciate your consideration today.
09:24:06 And thank you very much.
09:24:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:24:13 When I looked over this list, my reaction was, I

09:24:17 believe we are doing all of this.
09:24:19 And it's my understanding -- I'm chairman of the
09:24:23 livable roadways and we have had presentations from
09:24:28 both the city and the county on what we are doing in
09:24:31 terms of sidewalks and one of the keys to sidewalks is
09:24:33 connecting to the bus stops.
09:24:34 I really thought we already had the staff integration
09:24:38 that you're advocating, and I need you to either
09:24:42 reassure me or tell me we need to do more.
09:24:45 >> I will reassure you, we do have that coordination
09:24:47 at this point.
09:24:48 And it's fairly knew as far as Hartline coordinating
09:24:51 with these jurisdictions, and the staff has been more
09:24:54 than willing to do that.
09:24:56 We are here today -- and actually we are here in front
09:24:58 of you today after the fact in some ways, where we
09:25:01 have already achieved some of the goals that are on
09:25:03 there. But we wanted to have the opportunity to
09:25:05 personally, A, tell you what those goals were, and
09:25:09 then share with you some of the successes that have
09:25:11 already come about, and encourage that continued
09:25:14 coordination as we move forward.

09:25:16 There are many areas that, due to development, may not
09:25:19 have had infrastructure put in at the time the
09:25:23 development occurred.
09:25:23 Those are areas that need our attention, not just
09:25:26 Hartline or the county's or the city's but ours is a
09:25:30 coordinated effort, going back to areas that may not
09:25:33 have had this kind of infrastructure placed at the
09:25:35 time of the development, and may become very critical
09:25:39 to our traveling passengers, not just those using the
09:25:42 bus but those that are walking, riding bikes, pushing
09:25:44 a baby stroller, all those things that create our
09:25:47 inclusive community that we are all working for.
09:25:50 So, yes, it's very encouraging news that we are doing.
09:25:53 This we are moving forward on it.
09:25:54 But I want to make sure that we continue this as we
09:25:57 move forward in new developments, we have talked about
09:26:00 how this community is growing, we are going to have to
09:26:02 make this kind of coordination definitely a part of
09:26:04 how we move forward.
09:26:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you for coming this morning.
09:26:11 This is very informative.
09:26:13 My question was, are most of the buses ADA approved?

09:26:18 Or are there some that don't have it?
09:26:21 >>> All the vehicles are 100% ADA compliant.
09:26:24 They all have wheelchair lifts and all of our vans
09:26:27 that provide service as well.
09:26:29 What we are working towards now is bus stops, and not
09:26:32 just the bus stops but the accessibility, the
09:26:34 pedestrian access from the bus stop to the trip
09:26:37 generator which might be a hospital or store, or
09:26:40 wherever the person wants to go.
09:26:41 We are trying to heighten our awareness of not just
09:26:44 the stop, but where the person is trying to travel.
09:26:47 And it could be a person that has a bike on the bus,
09:26:50 who needs to get to a location.
09:26:52 It could be a person in a wheelchair or it could be a
09:26:54 person that is elderly and just needs that kind of
09:26:58 connectivity.
09:26:59 That's what we are trying to concentrate on with this
09:27:01 effort.
09:27:02 The bus stops, but then the points beyond where people
09:27:07 really want to get to.
09:27:08 >> The bus stops, you already have, or you are going
09:27:10 to put in, are they going to be ADA accessible, too?

09:27:14 Or how does that work?
09:27:17 Are they going to have different pads, different type
09:27:21 pads for the wheelchair accessibility?
09:27:25 How does that work?
09:27:26 >>> Correct.
09:27:27 What we are working on now in the first recommendation
09:27:29 you see here is the bus stop review of all the bus
09:27:32 stops.
09:27:32 There's about 4500 bus stops in the system.
09:27:35 So you can imagine this is an expansive project to go
09:27:38 and review each one of them for ADA compliance, and
09:27:41 usability.
09:27:42 Because ADA compliance is the most important, but also
09:27:45 the functionality of that stop and whether it
09:27:47 functions in the system is important.
09:27:49 So that's the first step of this plan, this action
09:27:52 plan, is to review all stops, collect those that may
09:27:56 not be in compliance, if there are, and to remove
09:27:59 those that aren't a functional part of the system.
09:28:02 And we have already started to initiate a joint
09:28:04 project with the MPO to create this bus stop review.
09:28:08 So these are things that Hart will do in tandem with

09:28:11 the city, the county, and other partners.
09:28:15 We just want you to be aware of this so that staff
09:28:18 coming to you, or your hearing of support needs,
09:28:21 you're aware of what we are trying to work on, on this
09:28:24 coordination.
09:28:24 But that will be the first thing that we accomplish
09:28:26 with this plan, is a bus stop review.
09:28:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Ferlita?
09:28:31 >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, I think it's almost
09:28:33 redundant to say the same thing again.
09:28:35 We are all supportive of what we need to do that. Is
09:28:38 our responsibility.
09:28:39 Absolutely, whatever this council can do, I'm sure we
09:28:41 will collectively do.
09:28:42 But my point is just simply to thank Arizona.
09:28:46 It's difficult for you, sir, to come down here and
09:28:49 express that and we appreciate the commitment you have
09:28:51 made to what we need to do for some of our citizens.
09:28:55 It shouldn't have to be said but certainly let me say
09:28:57 it again, we are certainly committed to doing whatever
09:28:59 we can do to make that accessibility much easier, and
09:29:02 I thank you for being part of this process.

09:29:05 >>> Arizona: Thank you.
09:29:06 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:29:10 And I too, Mr. Jenkins, it's hard enough for us who
09:29:14 don't have physical challenges to make it to a bus
09:29:17 stop on time and tray to stick with a schedule like
09:29:19 that.
09:29:21 So we appreciate your involvement here.
09:29:23 Are you all asking the county to pass a similar sort
09:29:26 of resolution to what you are asking here today?
09:29:31 >>> To support these recommendations.
09:29:33 These recommendations, as you see them here, are
09:29:35 directed by Hart or the task force to Hart.
09:29:39 But as I stated, there are a lot of interrelated parts
09:29:42 of these recommendations that we will all have to work
09:29:45 together in order to coordinate.
09:29:46 Hart doesn't own the right-of-way in any of these
09:29:49 situations out on bus stops.
09:29:51 So we have to work with jurisdictions in order to make
09:29:54 sure that the placement of bus stops, that the infra
09:29:59 structure for pedestrian access has been placed or
09:30:01 planned before the bus stop goes in.
09:30:04 That is what we are looking for this group to support,

09:30:06 is that coordination, the ability to work together and
09:30:10 plan out the bus stop service, so that as we move
09:30:13 forward, we plan only stops that are accessible and
09:30:17 have this connectivity and then look back to stops
09:30:19 that are in place and either correct or remove.
09:30:24 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I think that's easy enough to do.
09:30:26 But one of the things, like number 2, you say Hartline
09:30:29 should develop a new stream of funding to prioritize
09:30:32 improvements to bus stops.
09:30:36 I mean, that's a Hartline function.
09:30:39 Are you asking us to endorse that, so that this
09:30:43 council is saying, Hartline, this is what you should
09:30:45 do, you should identify a new revenue stream, sort of
09:30:49 involving ourselves in Hartline funding decisions that
09:30:52 I'm not sure we --
09:30:53 >>> No, sir.
09:30:54 What I'm asking for is that this body adopts a
09:30:59 resolution to support Hart's attempt to achieve these
09:31:03 goals, and that really is a matter of coordinating
09:31:07 with city staff in order to make sure that we are
09:31:10 working interjurisdictionally to achieve those goals.
09:31:15 You're absolutely right.

09:31:16 And Hart is working on this, and this is a Hart
09:31:19 function.
09:31:19 There is the opportunity, though, for other
09:31:21 jurisdictions to look for funding to achieve
09:31:23 pedestrian access as well.
09:31:25 Maybe not at the bus stop but at that line of traffic
09:31:28 or on that roadway in which there isn't any
09:31:31 connectivity at this point.
09:31:33 So changing these goals to fit the city's plan may be
09:31:40 something that's more appropriate.
09:31:41 But all of these goals can be done by all of us in our
09:31:44 own ways and with our own funding stream in order to
09:31:47 achieve that accessibility element.
09:31:50 And probably by giving you these, Hart, it's a bit
09:31:55 confusing.
09:31:56 But what we are really looking for is to heighten
09:31:58 awareness of what we are doing and to also height ten
09:32:01 awareness of the jurisdiction that is can work
09:32:04 together with us.
09:32:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:32:09 As City Council's representative on Hartline, we
09:32:15 definitely as a board have been wrestling with these

09:32:18 issues for quite awhile.
09:32:19 I'm sure when Linda was on and other folks were on
09:32:22 Hartline these issues are ongoing.
09:32:24 I think that what I've seen is I think a more
09:32:28 aggressive approach to really jumping into these
09:32:32 issues and tackling them, both at the city and the
09:32:35 county level.
09:32:36 And I think it's great.
09:32:37 I'm really glad that Mr. Daignault is here.
09:32:40 And I saw Mr. LaMotte here awhile ago.
09:32:43 There he is in the back.
09:32:44 From our perspective, you know, the coordination is
09:32:47 the most important thing.
09:32:49 We need to find out what the priority list is from
09:32:53 Hart's perspective, because you guys have the numbers,
09:32:56 and you know where the most critical needs are.
09:32:58 And then we need to translate that into our priority
09:33:01 list and make sure that those improvements for the
09:33:03 sidewalks and the other accessibility issues happen.
09:33:05 So I'm glad to hear that Ms. Washington has been
09:33:10 attending these meetings.
09:33:12 I'm sure that will continue.

09:33:13 And we'll get these things done.
09:33:15 >>> Thank you very much for your time this morning.
09:33:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:33:17 And we will consider the resolution.
09:33:19 We'll work on it and let you know when we are going to
09:33:21 do it.
09:33:25 We need to approve the agenda.
09:33:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I wanted to pull item 15 for a few
09:33:37 minutes.
09:33:38 I wanted to hear from purchasing on that.
09:33:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Other items that need to be pulled?
09:33:50 >>THE CLERK: Madam Chairman, we have received --
09:33:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I was going to ask also, item 8 is
09:33:55 the impact fee for Ybor City.
09:34:00 It's my understanding from Mr. Smith that he might
09:34:02 want to pull that.
09:34:07 >>GWEN MILLER: We don't have to pull that. We are
09:34:12 going to discuss 8.
09:34:16 Any other item to pull?
09:34:19 >> Move to approve the agenda.
09:34:21 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I believe there is a wish to move
09:34:27 number 5 about the impact fee to join with number 46

09:34:30 at the end of the meeting because that also deals with
09:34:32 school concurrency.
09:34:34 I don't know whether council wishes to address those
09:34:36 items together.
09:34:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
09:34:39 That would be appropriate.
09:34:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Item 46.
09:34:42 Any other?
09:34:45 Need approval.
09:34:46 >> So moved.
09:34:46 >> Second.
09:34:47 (Motion carried).
09:34:49 >> We go to Heather Lamboy.
09:34:55 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: Land development.
09:34:57 I want a clarification for case Z 05-129, scheduled by
09:35:02 the council for July 13th.
09:35:05 This petition came to you last year, and the petition
09:35:10 needs to be amended.
09:35:11 When the council scheduled the hearing date they did
09:35:15 not make a motion to amend the petition to enlarge the
09:35:18 area as the rezoning.
09:35:20 And so staff would like to request the council grant

09:35:26 an amendment to that petition.
09:35:27 >> So moved.
09:35:30 >> Second.
09:35:30 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Do we have a number on that?
09:35:34 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: These are --
09:35:35 >> But it's not on the agenda?
09:35:37 >>GWEN MILLER: No, it's on the agenda for the
09:35:39 13th.
09:35:39 She wants to know what it is.
09:35:42 >>> 1702 West Kennedy Boulevard.
09:35:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: 1702 west Kennedy.
09:35:46 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:35:48 (Motion carried)
09:35:54 David Smith.
09:36:00 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
09:36:02 Is this where we are going to take up item number 2?
09:36:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
09:36:06 >>DAVID SMITH: okay.
09:36:08 Then let me provide you a picture as they say that's
09:36:14 worth a thousand words.
09:36:15 And I always like to save a thousand words, my voice
09:36:19 being what it is.

09:36:26 I assume we have that right side up.
09:36:28 Yes, we do.
09:36:29 Let me move that so you can see it.
09:36:31 It's a busy diagram but if you notice the green line
09:36:34 that runs from the left, which is 275 on the west --
09:36:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Could you maybe point to it?
09:36:41 >>> Sure, I would be happy to.
09:36:43 Steve is actually doing it.
09:36:44 That circle right there.
09:36:45 Let me move it up a little bit.
09:36:49 The dialogue was blocking it out.
09:36:51 Right there is 275.
09:36:52 That's where this roadway which is called the
09:36:54 east-west road will connect to 275.
09:36:58 You head easterly from there up to where it joins a
09:37:01 dark green line.
09:37:02 And as I explained shortly that dark green line is
09:37:05 what we call the ancillary roadway improvement, that
09:37:08 Marty is providing to you right now the revised
09:37:11 contract, which Joe Utello was kind enough to go up
09:37:17 and get for me.
09:37:19 Thank you, Joe, for your help.

09:37:22 Essentially, what we have is unlike the area in South
09:37:26 Tampa where some of us live and are very familiar, New
09:37:29 Tampa actually has some areas where they can build
09:37:32 roadways to help ease their traffic concerns.
09:37:34 This is one of those roadways and it is a very
09:37:37 important road.
09:37:37 As you can see what it connects -- and if you have
09:37:40 ever been up in that area during the rush hour, early
09:37:43 or late, you will know how awful it is.
09:37:45 And this will help consider considerable numbers of
09:37:48 people avoid some of those quagmires.
09:37:52 The city acquired the right-of-way for that light
09:37:55 green portion of roadway, that's the east-west
09:37:57 roadway, and essentially there's a project that I have
09:38:00 identified estimated to be about a $150 million
09:38:05 project. The problem with that is either us, D.O.T.
09:38:07 nor the turnpike authority have the money to build it.
09:38:11 So what we are doing is we are having an approach that
09:38:15 is new to Florida, that we expect to be replicated
09:38:19 elsewhere in Florida called the 3-key project, a
09:38:22 federal project in which you obtain private funds for
09:38:24 the construction of a roadway that will serve as a

09:38:27 toll road, and the Expressway Authority is the entity
09:38:30 in our area that has that experience and that
09:38:33 expertise.
09:38:34 So what we have before you today is a purchase and
09:38:39 sale agreement in which we intend to sell our
09:38:42 right-of-way to the Expressway Authority for them to
09:38:44 use in this process to obtain a concessionaire who
09:38:50 will bid on an ultimately build that roadway.
09:38:53 It's a somewhat complicated process, and unfortunately
09:38:55 it needs to get moving quickly.
09:38:57 The cost of construction being what it is, it
09:38:59 accelerates dramatically.
09:39:01 I think you have a question already.
09:39:03 >>GWEN MILLER: No, we are going to wait till you
09:39:05 finish your presentation.
09:39:08 >> So what the Expressway Authority will do if we
09:39:10 enter into this contract is they will start an RFP
09:39:14 process.
09:39:14 They will seek to find a concessionaire hole build
09:39:17 this road and will manage it.
09:39:21 The submittals are fairly costly process.
09:39:25 So in order to make sure people literally will be

09:39:29 bidding on a project that will have the ability to be
09:39:33 consummated, meaning they'll have our road
09:39:36 right-of-way to use, we need to enter into a contract
09:39:38 that provides that comfort so these people will spend
09:39:41 the money up front for the engineering and the
09:39:43 consultants, et cetera, to prepare a response to that
09:39:46 RFP.
09:39:47 That could be several hundred thousand dollars in
09:39:51 itself.
09:39:51 That's why we are proceeding in this fashion.
09:39:53 It's why ware not coming to you with a proposal.
09:39:55 We are doing this in order to generate the proposals.
09:39:59 Essentially the purchase price is $4 million.
09:40:02 And that's approximately what we have in the
09:40:04 acquisition of the rights-of-way.
09:40:05 The city is getting reimbursed for all the costs they
09:40:07 have incurred.
09:40:12 We do want to get a lively concourse of bidders.
09:40:16 Because the project is thin which means the margins
09:40:20 are very tight, we want to work with the expressway
09:40:23 authority to assist in considerations.
09:40:26 You will note in your purchase contract in front of

09:40:29 you if they simply take the direct approach and build
09:40:31 the roadway and we build the dark green portion, they
09:40:34 will pay the purchase price over time.
09:40:37 And that's because we want to work with them to allow
09:40:40 them to attract bidders and a million 750 up front.
09:40:50 You will note in the contract it's like 150,000 a year
09:40:53 for the next five years and then 550,000 a year for
09:40:55 the next five that. Adds up to $5,000,250, which is a
09:41:01 present value of 4 million in today's dollars with the
09:41:03 discount rate.
09:41:06 Obviously I had help on that one.
09:41:09 The authority intends to start advertising
09:41:12 immediately.
09:41:12 And that's why when I told you last week we would
09:41:16 rather only postpone it a week if we could, my
09:41:24 presentation this morning was prepared about 3:30 this
09:41:26 morning so I was coherent.
09:41:40 You have a complete understanding -- why would someone
09:41:46 bid on this project if it's so thin?
09:41:48 I think it's important for you to understand that
09:41:49 because it's one of the reasons that causes us to move
09:41:54 forward. This is the first project of its kind in

09:41:57 Florida. This is a small project in comparison.
09:42:00 Others have been done in Illinois and elsewhere are
09:42:03 multi-billion dollar projects.
09:42:05 150 million is a lot of money for us but maybe not
09:42:07 necessarily for some people in the world.
09:42:09 And so people who have been on this are quite likely
09:42:11 to be from anywhere in the world.
09:42:13 They will welcome to have a presence in Florida.
09:42:16 It is highly likely that Florida will have other
09:42:18 projects like this, and being the first one in the
09:42:21 state is a decided advantage.
09:42:22 Part of the reason for moving rapidly.
09:42:27 One of the things we did when we acquired the
09:42:30 right-of-way is we encouraged contractual obligations.
09:42:33 What we have done in this contract is we have the
09:42:35 authority and or the concessionaire, the ultimate
09:42:38 bidder, assuming those obligations on our behalf and
09:42:42 indemnifying us for that.
09:42:46 So we have anticipated those kind of considerations.
09:42:48 There is an indemnification agreement in conjunction
09:42:52 with closing and there are other documents that will
09:42:54 be prepared and executed in conjunction with closing.

09:42:56 We are going to do what we need to do to protect the
09:43:01 city and its interest.
09:43:04 They will indemnify us against those and we will seek
09:43:09 to be released.
09:43:11 As some of you may realize being released comes from
09:43:16 the parties to whom we have the obligation whereas an
09:43:19 indemnification is a third party.
09:43:21 We would like to get as much protection as possible.
09:43:23 Please feel comfortable that we have prepared this
09:43:26 document in that fashion.
09:43:28 The complication that we had, except possibly in
09:43:33 Atlanta, no one wants to build a road to nowhere.
09:43:37 As you can see from the drawing, the connection over
09:43:40 I-75 on east is extremely important.
09:43:43 Because that allows this east-west roadway to connect
09:43:46 to what I believe is New Tampa Boulevard.
09:43:49 And I have a little bit of a blow-up on the next page
09:43:53 that will hopefully show you that.
09:43:56 For those of you who may not venture out in that area
09:43:59 as often as some of us do.
09:44:04 Steve, if could you show them where that flyover is,
09:44:11 identified as the ancillary roadway improvements,

09:44:14 ancillary to the east-west road proper.
09:44:17 You can see I think on the east, on the other side of
09:44:19 I-75, is New Tampa Boulevard, so that will connect
09:44:24 ultimately it will connect from 275 on the west all
09:44:28 the way through and over to New Tampa Boulevard.
09:44:32 I hope I have my streets correct.
09:44:35 That caused a little bit of complication because
09:44:37 that's a project the city was going to do.
09:44:41 The problem is, once again we don't have all the funds
09:44:43 for that project.
09:44:44 The projects are variously estimated to cost between
09:44:47 12 and $16 million.
09:44:49 What we have done in the contract before you is we
09:44:52 have allowed the authority, the ability to complete
09:44:55 that project.
09:44:56 Since that's so important to the ability of the
09:44:58 east-west road to work, it makes sense for them to
09:45:01 have the contractual right to complete that.
09:45:04 Not withstanding that we have given ourselves the
09:45:06 right to complete it first.
09:45:07 We have approximately $8 million on hand, if they pay
09:45:12 4 million for our right-of-way that gives us about 12

09:45:14 million.
09:45:14 That puts us a little closer to the numbers we think
09:45:17 we need to complete it, and we would prefer to do it
09:45:20 ourselves.
09:45:20 It will probably go out to bid in July.
09:45:23 That portion of this entire project needs to be built
09:45:27 anyway.
09:45:27 If something happens and we can't build the east-west
09:45:30 roadway or the authority can't get any bidders willing
09:45:32 to come and spend the 150 million for this project, we
09:45:36 have to build that portion.
09:45:37 So it's important for to us try to control it and make
09:45:40 it happen as quickly as possible.
09:45:48 Hopefully I'll answer your question.
09:45:50 >>GWEN MILLER: This is still the presentation.
09:45:54 >>> So what we have done is given ours it is ability
09:45:56 to complete that project as it currently exists but
09:45:59 they have the ability to step in if we don't elect to
09:46:03 do so by a certain time period.
09:46:05 Why would we do that?
09:46:07 We do that because they need to take this into
09:46:09 account, and they also need to take it into account,

09:46:17 what they'll do with the RFP -- and we will
09:46:20 participate, city will be a member on that -- they'll
09:46:22 have to identify the scope of the project.
09:46:25 And anybody bidding on $150 million projects are going
09:46:28 to want to make sure this is done so they will provide
09:46:32 an A and B type of bid.
09:46:34 If we complete it we'll do it.
09:46:35 If not, they will have the ability to do it.
09:46:37 If we elect to do it and then fail to perform, you
09:46:41 typically contemplate these things in the contract,
09:46:43 they will have a right to come in and complete it and
09:46:45 we'll pay them the balance.
09:46:47 We'll apply our 8 million.
09:46:48 We'll apply our 4 million in purchase price.
09:46:51 And we'll pay the additional amount if there is an
09:46:53 additional amount out of impact fees when we receive
09:46:56 them.
09:46:57 That's one of the changes that came last night.
09:46:59 So it's a fairly complicated process but I think you
09:47:03 will see as you walk through it that it makes a lot of
09:47:06 sense.
09:47:08 The last issue is I think the planning, it is

09:47:12 contemplated that we be able to complete this project,
09:47:15 if we do it ourselves, I think by March of 2010, the
09:47:19 authority if they do it and at that time from the
09:47:21 outset probably -- I think the contract contemplates
09:47:25 October 2009.
09:47:27 That will be the fly-over project and the balance of
09:47:30 the east-west road probably by March of 2010.
09:47:34 Those are estimates.
09:47:35 We have in the contract in terms of objectives to
09:47:37 accomplish.
09:47:37 And we are contractually obligated to do so
09:47:42 particularly if it relates to the completion of their
09:47:43 portion.
09:47:44 So I hope I didn't confuse with you that last bit.
09:47:47 That was not entirely clearly presented.
09:47:49 But what we would like to do is we recommend for your
09:47:52 consideration today that you approve this contract,
09:47:56 and as I have indicated there will be additional
09:47:58 documents to be prepared.
09:48:04 We have had a good relationship with the authority.
09:48:06 And we have no difficulty working out the issues that
09:48:08 have arisen.

09:48:10 They have been reasonable requests on their part and
09:48:12 reasonable requests on our part and we have always
09:48:14 come up with a solution we think is fair and makes
09:48:16 sense, and we are very comfortable about the ability
09:48:18 to do that with the easement agreement and the
09:48:21 indemnification agreement.
09:48:22 They are clearly taking a risk as well.
09:48:24 If we don't have a document, but we are very
09:48:28 comfortable that won't be a problem.
09:48:30 We all understand what we are getting into and I think
09:48:32 we are all proceeding in good faith to try to get a
09:48:34 road in the city that we don't know otherwise how we
09:48:38 could possibly build.
09:48:40 If you have any other questions I will be glad to
09:48:41 answer them.
09:48:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Smith, the very first meeting I
09:48:44 went to about this road was an MPO meeting where Mayor
09:48:48 Pam Iorio was pregnant with her first child and we
09:48:51 were discussing and voting.
09:48:58 She voted against it with the sentiments of the
09:49:00 community and I used it -- I have been paying a lot of
09:49:04 attention to this over time.

09:49:06 >>> And that child is graduating from high school.
09:49:09 >> Correct.
09:49:10 And the concern I have is that this is very sensitive
09:49:19 environmental land.
09:49:20 And I want to ensure -- and there's -- and construct
09:49:28 it where you build from the road you have already
09:49:30 built onto the land, so your path of intrusion is less
09:49:37 destructive.
09:49:38 My concern is that as this project is done that the
09:49:43 more expensive but less environmental destructive
09:49:46 construction method is employed.
09:49:48 What assurances do we have that that will be the case?
09:49:53 >>> You do not.
09:49:53 And let me explain what the contract does say in that
09:49:55 regard so you know exactly where you stand.
09:49:57 One of the issues that was of significant concern to
09:49:59 the authority was we had certain things, that wasn't
09:50:03 one of them but we had certain things we wanted to see
09:50:05 happen on a time frame we wanted to have occur.
09:50:07 The problem with a roadway of this size is it is
09:50:11 pretty significant.
09:50:12 The cost attendant to breaking it up in some different

09:50:17 fashion can be hugely significant and may make a
09:50:21 difference between doing the project and not.
09:50:23 We wanted them to complete the flyover first for
09:50:26 reasons that are perhaps selfish to our
09:50:28 considerations.
09:50:29 What we ultimately agreed with in the contract is that
09:50:32 the staging and the processing and the phasing would
09:50:35 be handled in a manner that was consistent with what
09:50:38 their bid process will result in, but that it will be
09:50:42 done by a certain time period.
09:50:44 So we were focusing primarily on completion dates as
09:50:47 opposed to the process that you are referring to.
09:50:51 I can only tell you that there is a very involved
09:50:55 per-meeting requirement for completing this road.
09:50:58 I can't begin to tell you what all is entailed in
09:51:00 that.
09:51:01 But perhaps if you want more information, Steve
09:51:03 Daignault could.
09:51:04 But among other things there is a process, the
09:51:09 national environmental protection act.
09:51:11 So there are going to be significant environmental
09:51:13 considerations and constraints on how this roadway is

09:51:16 built.
09:51:16 So I know that isn't exactly what you had hoped to
09:51:20 hear.
09:51:21 But I want to let you know what we do have in the
09:51:23 contract.
09:51:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So in other words, we the city --
09:51:31 if this happened under our watch, we could ensure that
09:51:35 it was done in an environmentally careful manner.
09:51:39 If we -- we don't have any direct oversight to make
09:51:46 sure that it's done in that way.
09:51:50 >>DAVID SMITH: Correct.
09:51:51 We will not be directing the construction activities.
09:51:53 We will be monitoring them only in terms of making
09:51:56 sure that it's constructed commensurate with the funds
09:51:59 we put into it.
09:52:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Linda brings up an interesting
09:52:05 issue.
09:52:05 I don't think it's -- I think it's an issue that is a
09:52:09 little bit premature at this time because I think it's
09:52:12 sort of a business decision that is very important to
09:52:15 that part of our city.
09:52:18 And Mr. Harrison actually pointed that out to us when

09:52:22 we went up in the helicopter and flying around looking
09:52:25 at this area, looking at the traffic, and I remember
09:52:27 him specifically pointing out to the flyover, the
09:52:31 ancillary improvement area, and saying, you know, we
09:52:33 have got to build this bridge over it and it's
09:52:37 important to the families to be able to get their kid
09:52:39 to the two schools that are right there, et cetera,
09:52:42 et cetera.
09:52:42 So I think it's important that we move forward to at
09:52:45 least try and build this road and build the flyover.
09:52:49 However, that's not to say the environmental issues
09:52:50 aren't important.
09:52:51 The expressway authority Executive Director is here.
09:52:54 And I would like him to give us his assurances that
09:52:59 under their authority that they would be as concerned
09:53:03 busy these environmental issues as the city would be.
09:53:07 I also do believe that under the NEPA, which is the
09:53:11 federal program with the environmental impact
09:53:13 statements and everything else that's involved,
09:53:15 there's a lot of opportunity for public input, public
09:53:19 involvement, and frankly for lawsuits, if Sierra clubs
09:53:24 and those types of organizations don't think it's

09:53:26 being built appropriately they can inject themselves
09:53:29 and sue and stop projects and things like that.
09:53:31 So there are those federal opportunities.
09:53:35 That's a statement.
09:53:38 On the flyover, David, if we decide to build it, up
09:53:42 front, because it needs to get built as quickly as
09:53:48 possible, is it legally possible for us to then turn
09:53:51 around and take what we have done and sell it to
09:53:56 whoever is building the other part, or lease to the
09:53:58 them, long-term lease to the them so they can operate
09:54:00 it and maintain it as part of their toll road?
09:54:04 >>DAVID SMITH: Good question.
09:54:05 Let me -- the contract really contemplates that they
09:54:09 want to have the maintenance and repair obligations
09:54:11 for the east-west portion of the roadway.
09:54:13 We will have the repair and operation and maintenance
09:54:16 obligation for the flyover.
09:54:18 So we will retain that control because we want it to.
09:54:20 We wanted to make sure we keep it at a level that
09:54:24 meets the needs of our citizens.
09:54:26 So we will retain that ability.
09:54:29 And one of the things we are -- I think the logical

09:54:32 question that would occur is we are maintaining a road
09:54:35 someone else is going to build.
09:54:36 We address that I shall knew terms of the plans and
09:54:38 specks.
09:54:39 We don't take over maintenance until they build it in
09:54:43 compliance with the plans and specs.
09:54:46 I wanted that addressed.
09:54:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's obvious is somebody is going
09:54:52 to build this they are going to put a toll booth
09:54:55 somewhere in the section.
09:54:56 Would people be able to go over the bridge without
09:54:58 paying the toll, and then go over to the interstate?
09:55:04 >>> Correct.
09:55:04 The bridge portion will not be tolled.
09:55:07 Will not have a toll.
09:55:09 >> Okay.
09:55:11 Would you care to come up and address those
09:55:14 environmental concerns?
09:55:16 >>> Thank you very much.
09:55:17 I'm pleased to be here today.
09:55:18 We worked very hard to get to this point.
09:55:21 One factor --

09:55:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record please.
09:55:26 >>> Ralph Mervin, Tampa Expressway Authority.
09:55:32 These are not your additional contracts that we are so
09:55:35 used to put out to bid and people do the low priced
09:55:38 bidding and so forth.
09:55:39 These are long-term relationships.
09:55:42 And the company that we deal with is not the
09:55:45 construction company.
09:55:46 It's the concessionaire.
09:55:48 And that concessionaire on this project, this
09:55:51 relationship will run in excess of 40 years.
09:55:54 It will take to make this actually happen.
09:55:57 These companies are looking for relationship in our
09:56:00 community.
09:56:01 They want good relations with the community.
09:56:04 They want to build a customer base up there.
09:56:07 The people that we are talking about that are
09:56:09 particularly concerned in that area are the potential
09:56:11 customers.
09:56:12 So when you are delivering something new, it's a
09:56:15 business.
09:56:16 So these folks, in their proposals, when they present,

09:56:20 they are aware of environmental concerns.
09:56:22 And they are trying to address those kinds of
09:56:24 concerns, that not only the evaluators will be looking
09:56:29 at in the proposals but they know the community will
09:56:31 be concerned about as well.
09:56:32 So it's not as bad as a typical put something out to
09:56:37 bid, you get a construction, you take the low bid and
09:56:40 you kind of get out of their way.
09:56:44 In this type of relationship we have an opportunity to
09:56:46 evaluate these proposals, their environmental
09:56:49 considerations are part of this.
09:56:51 The city will be part of that team that evaluates the
09:56:54 proposer that is selected.
09:56:56 And they will be part of the negotiation as we move
09:56:59 through finalizing the agreement with that proposer
09:57:02 and that concession, who in turn has a contractor to
09:57:06 actually do the work.
09:57:07 So I have a lot of hope and faith and belief that they
09:57:12 will come forward in a very sensible and responsible
09:57:16 manner and present a program that's acceptable to all
09:57:19 of us.
09:57:26 >>ROSE FERLITA: Just a comment back to you, and I

09:57:28 certainly appreciate your concerns about the
09:57:30 environment.
09:57:32 This is at least partially reassuring.
09:57:34 If you remember, it's been so long and you remember
09:57:36 better than the rest of us because you have been here.
09:57:38 But when we talked -- I know I did and I don't know
09:57:42 about my other colleagues on the council Tet -- had
09:57:46 some meetings.
09:57:47 We were looking at configuration A, B, et cetera,
09:57:50 et cetera.
09:57:50 So at least we have that in place.
09:57:52 But the configuration we picked was the one that was
09:57:55 the lesser of the two or the three environmentally
09:57:58 imposing.
09:57:58 So that part is at least -- we have protected it in
09:58:03 that sense, somewhat.
09:58:05 We had meetings with neighbors and about the impact on
09:58:12 the environment.
09:58:14 >>> And we have more information in talking with
09:58:16 Steve.
09:58:16 The planning development engineering as well as
09:58:23 interchanged injunction report requires compliance for

09:58:26 the need for process, which requires that you consider
09:58:29 all alternative means of construction.
09:58:32 And you are to favor that which is least intrusive.
09:58:35 Among other things, we have an identified corridor
09:58:38 that we will stay within.
09:58:39 So it's my understanding -- and I am not the
09:58:43 engineer -- this will be built in a very environmental
09:58:46 and friendly manner.
09:58:49 >>ROSE FERLITA: I just had one other thing, too, I
09:58:51 very briefly spoke outside, David with, Mr. Mechanik
09:58:54 and Mr. Urette, and I think because this issue is so
09:58:59 sensitive and been going on for quite a long time, I
09:59:01 wonder if our chairman might consider allowing him to
09:59:05 come up.
09:59:07 And I don't know if you guys want to do that, but I
09:59:10 thought I would afford you that opportunity.
09:59:15 >>> I'm the managing partner for the Tampa Palms
09:59:18 professional center, which is a half million square
09:59:20 foot professional hotel, commercial retail, and
09:59:25 potentially cultural arts center.
09:59:28 And collection of Tampa Palms that is basically
09:59:32 adjacent to this flyover, and east-west expressway.

09:59:39 So we are very familiar with both the situation both
09:59:46 proposed and current in the area, the desires of the
09:59:50 community as far as traffic concerns, just an
09:59:55 interesting tid-bit.
09:59:56 What we are currently seeing with the development
09:59:57 which is under construction being occupied, some 90%
10:00:04 of the people are local that is are moving from other
10:00:06 parts of town, because of road problems.
10:00:10 Basically, tired of the commute, Bruce B. Downs is
10:00:14 driving them nuts.
10:00:16 So there is tremendous congestion out there.
10:00:21 I see it every morning, fighting interstate 75, Bruce
10:00:26 B. Downs interchange.
10:00:29 That's a sad thing to see.
10:00:32 We are eagerly anticipating the completion of the
10:00:35 flyover.
10:00:36 We are very encouraged to see the efforts that the
10:00:40 city is making to find funding sources for the
10:00:43 east-west expressway.
10:00:46 Our biggest concern is the delays that have been
10:00:49 happening.
10:00:52 Mrs. Saul-Sena mentioned that 16, 17 years since this

10:00:57 was first discussed.
10:01:01 We would like to see it done sooner than later,
10:01:04 ideally would like some sort of assurance would be
10:01:08 great.
10:01:08 But encouraging that the city is trying to put some
10:01:13 time limits on this to get the project done.
10:01:15 I just want to basically strengthen the comment that
10:01:21 we have heard.
10:01:22 There is currently only one east-west corridor in New
10:01:25 Tampa and that's Bruce B. Downs.
10:01:28 And it's basically a parking lot if you go out there.
10:01:31 So this project is greatly needed.
10:01:33 Anything that can be done to speed it up and to give
10:01:35 the community some assurance that it will be completed
10:01:37 will be greatly appreciated.
10:01:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:01:42 >>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Urette, thanks.
10:01:45 And I didn't mean to slight anybody else in the
10:01:47 audience, Madam Chairman, if anyone else wanted to
10:01:49 speak out, these two gentlemen and anybody else.
10:01:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Did you want to say something,
10:01:55 Mr. Mechanik?

10:01:56 Or are you just here to support?
10:01:59 >>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Anderson, did you want to say
10:02:01 something?
10:02:03 >> Mr. Harrison.
10:02:03 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, Madam Chair.
10:02:06 I believe that what we are seeing here is the wave of
10:02:10 the future for building roads in the State of Florida.
10:02:14 As we all know, the price of construction of any sort
10:02:17 of project has gone up dramatically over the past
10:02:20 couple of years, and that certain applies to roads.
10:02:25 And I think we will very shortly find ourselves out of
10:02:29 the business of building roads in government.
10:02:32 I don't think that FDOT, I don't think that counties
10:02:35 or cities, are going to be able to afford to build
10:02:38 roads anymore.
10:02:39 And the private sector is willing to do this.
10:02:42 And they are willing to use this one as a test case.
10:02:45 And I think it's an exciting project.
10:02:50 I'm honored to have it in my district.
10:02:51 I'm honored to have this project to be the first one
10:02:55 of its kind in the State of Florida.
10:02:57 And hopefully we'll do it right.

10:03:02 Ms. Saul-Sena, you had mentioned the environmental
10:03:04 aspects of this.
10:03:05 And if you all will recall, when we initially started
10:03:08 looking at this project, the numbers to build it were
10:03:11 really in the 30 to $50 million range.
10:03:14 And it's $150 million now.
10:03:18 And that's not just because the price of construction
10:03:21 has gone up.
10:03:22 That's what because what we have done in the
10:03:25 environmental community is to build a 3-mile bridge
10:03:27 from start to finish rather than going out and putting
10:03:29 blacktop down in a very, very environmentally
10:03:32 sensitive area, in a beautiful part of town, we are
10:03:35 building a bridge.
10:03:36 We are building this so that we do protect the
10:03:39 environment as much as possible.
10:03:41 And that has caused this project to go up tremendously
10:03:46 in price.
10:03:47 So I believe that we are doing everything humanly
10:03:51 possible to make this project work, and in an
10:03:53 environmentally sensitive way.
10:03:55 And if you will note, I don't think there's anyone

10:03:58 from the environmental community here in opposition to
10:04:00 this.
10:04:01 And had we been holding this meeting five years ago,
10:04:03 this room would have been packed with people in
10:04:06 opposition.
10:04:07 We have done Yeomans work over the last several years
10:04:10 in bringing all the parties together to try to get
10:04:13 this to happen.
10:04:14 And we started talking to D.O.T. a couple of years ago
10:04:16 about this.
10:04:17 And the enterprise originally was going to do this.
10:04:24 You all will recall we thought the turnpike enterprise
10:04:27 was going to do it and they ultimately decided they
10:04:29 weren't.
10:04:29 So the expressway authority stepped in.
10:04:31 And I just want to say on a personal level, thank you
10:04:35 to the expressway authority for taking this project
10:04:38 over, for moving it forward.
10:04:40 I firmly believe that without Ralph Mervin and Steve
10:04:43 Anderson right now, this project would not be still on
10:04:46 the books.
10:04:47 So I think that we are at a great moment of

10:04:52 opportunity now for the City of Tampa, and
10:04:55 Hillsborough County and the State of Florida, to take
10:04:58 a project like this that's never been done in our
10:05:00 state, and to make it a reality right here in New
10:05:02 Tampa.
10:05:04 There's a couple of things that I want to put on the
10:05:06 record, David, or Ralph.
10:05:07 I want you all to hear this.
10:05:10 We made a commitment to the folks that are going to be
10:05:12 most directly impacted by this, that this project
10:05:17 would be as little disturbing to them as possible.
10:05:23 One of the things that I think the mayor and I are
10:05:25 both on the same page on is sound attenuation.
10:05:30 As this project nears several homes, you can see down
10:05:34 here on the very bottom there are some homes that this
10:05:38 thing will sit almost up against their back yards --
10:05:41 they are going to be impacted severely by not only the
10:05:45 construction but the sound of the traffic as the road
10:05:47 is built and operates.
10:05:48 So I want to make sure when we go out, or when the
10:05:52 expressway authority goes out to bid, that we are
10:05:54 addressing this T concerns of those neighbors down

10:05:57 there.
10:06:00 We made that commitment and we need to follow through
10:06:03 with that commitment.
10:06:04 And on the other section, not really with regard to
10:06:06 the east-west connector, but as we build the bridge
10:06:09 over I-75, there will be an impact on the West Meadows
10:06:12 community, because there will be traffic through that
10:06:15 community that doesn't exist today.
10:06:17 And we need to be very mindful of that.
10:06:20 That increased traffic, you have got a school on one
10:06:25 side of the street, you have got a beautiful community
10:06:27 center on the other side of the street, kids go back
10:06:29 and forth to use both of those facilities.
10:06:31 And we are going to have to make sure that as this
10:06:34 bridge gets developed that we keep that community in
10:06:38 mind as well.
10:06:39 And whether that means some sort of speed control for
10:06:43 New Tampa Boulevard through West Meadows, or we build
10:06:46 some safety islands in the middle as we go to expand
10:06:49 it from two to four lanes, that's a commitment that I
10:06:52 have made on the record for several years out there,
10:06:54 and we need to make sure that we follow through with

10:06:56 that as well.
10:06:57 So I didn't want anyone out there in New Tampa to
10:06:59 think that because we are building this that their
10:07:04 communities are going to be any more negatively
10:07:06 impacted than we can possibly keep from happening.
10:07:11 I think ultimately we will see a project that benefits
10:07:15 about 50,000 people that live in my community out
10:07:18 there.
10:07:19 I think it's going to be a financial success for the
10:07:23 expressway authority as well as whoever the private
10:07:24 developer is, a great test case, and truly the wave of
10:07:28 the future.
10:07:29 I want to thank everybody that's been involved in
10:07:30 this.
10:07:31 Madam Chair, if there's no other comment I would be
10:07:34 happy to move the resolution.
10:07:36 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:07:38 Question on the motion, Mr. Dingfelder.
10:07:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why don't we see if there is
10:07:41 anybody else who wants to speak to it?
10:07:46 Don't see anyone.
10:07:47 That's fine.

10:07:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, this being official action I
10:07:51 would at least that you ask the opportunity for
10:07:53 anybody in the public that wishes to speak.
10:07:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else in the public like to speak
10:07:57 on item number 3?
10:07:58 Number 2.
10:08:01 We have a motion and second.
10:08:02 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
10:08:03 Opposed, Nay.
10:08:05 Okay.
10:08:08 Item number 3.
10:08:10 Item number 3.
10:08:20 Need to move the resolution.
10:08:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move the resolution.
10:08:25 >> Second.
10:08:25 (Motion carried).
10:08:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Number 4, administration.
10:08:33 Affordable housing.
10:08:35 Miller.
10:08:36 >> Cindy Miller, director of business and housing.
10:08:41 And the PowerPoint, please, if that could be put up.
10:08:44 I'm here to discuss item number 4, which is the city's

10:08:47 plan to address affordable housing.
10:08:51 And where we have been in the recent years, and where
10:08:53 we are now, and where we plan to be in the future.
10:08:57 First of all let me talk about a little bit of the
10:08:59 definitions obtainable, affordable, for workforce
10:09:02 housing.
10:09:03 Obtainable and affordable to me basically can be the
10:09:06 same thing.
10:09:07 It means housing for individuals, for families, for
10:09:10 retirees, for working people, working people then
10:09:13 normally being the workforce housing, and also those
10:09:17 less fortunate than the folks we have talked about.
10:09:20 What is not affordable?
10:09:21 What is not affordable is when you spend more than 30%
10:09:24 of your gross income for your housing.
10:09:27 And that's whether it's rental or home ownership.
10:09:31 The slide that you have before you shows that for
10:09:33 families within Hillsborough County, and is provided
10:09:37 by the affordable housing, but for those folks whose
10:09:42 families income are roughly $16,000, over 70% of them
10:09:50 pay more than 30% of the gross income for their
10:09:51 housing needs. When income levels is 16,000 to

10:09:56 27,000, more than 65% spend more than 30%. When we
10:10:02 get into the levels of 27,000 to 43,000, approximately
10:10:06 45% of those families are spending more than 30%, of
10:10:11 their gross income.
10:10:13 And again, when we get to the next income level of
10:10:15 43,000 to 65,000 again almost 20% were still spending
10:10:22 more than 30% of gross income.
10:10:25 Why are we hearing more about affordable housing than
10:10:28 before when it comes to hearing the needs from our
10:10:30 citizens?
10:10:32 In our state, it takes two to three minimum wage jobs
10:10:39 within a household to even afford a very basic
10:10:41 two-bedroom apartment.
10:10:44 Some people working two jobs.
10:10:52 The numbers have been exchanged from a number of
10:10:56 providers.
10:10:56 When you look at 2000 to 2005 our housing costs within
10:11:00 our community has increased almost 80%, while salary
10:11:04 levels have increased less than 10%.
10:11:07 And as a matter of fact I received my statistics from
10:11:11 reading Florida trends from a couple of months ago, I
10:11:13 believe the February issue.

10:11:23 When you look at your children, you may go to a small
10:11:29 house or condo or townhouse and then hope to build up
10:11:31 to a larger home.
10:11:32 Then as we get through some of the ages where my
10:11:35 husband keeps selling my house out from under me, and
10:11:38 move into an apartment again.
10:11:41 At this age we want to look at different
10:11:43 accommodations.
10:11:44 So whether we are up the ladder or down the ladder we
10:11:46 are at a certain point within our housing, and that is
10:11:49 true of people within all income levels.
10:11:54 I am going to be using a couple of acronyms.
10:11:57 I want to be sure I clarify when I talk about the
10:12:00 ship, the state housing partnership money, basically
10:12:04 the federal funds.
10:12:06 So you will see a combination of ways that we finance
10:12:09 various projects.
10:12:10 The first slide you have here is the affordable,
10:12:13 whether the units were open, looking at 360 more.
10:12:20 3.1 million in ship funds. 600 that you in hope
10:12:24 funds.
10:12:24 Again this is the city's contribution.

10:12:26 This is not the total construction cost.
10:12:28 When we look at others that we have dub in the past
10:12:31 couple of years, we are looking at 55 owner occupied
10:12:36 homes rehabilitated, $1.9 million in ship funds for
10:12:40 that year.
10:12:41 71 families received down payment assistance.
10:12:43 That's $2.1 million.
10:12:45 And 632 repairs by the center for seniors.
10:12:50 This is when you approved the community development
10:12:52 block grants in recent years.
10:12:54 This is how we were able to partner with the center
10:12:56 for independent women and partnered with
10:12:58 organizations.
10:12:59 You will also hear partnership, partnership,
10:13:01 partnership from me as we go through here.
10:13:03 That is the way we are able to leverage our funds and
10:13:05 be able to assist citizens in our community.
10:13:09 There has been in-fill housing with the CBC of Tampa
10:13:12 with, the West Tampa CBC, and now we are looking at
10:13:17 additional unusual tiffs that we have implemented
10:13:19 recently.
10:13:20 And may I first compliment the manager of housing and

10:13:26 community division.
10:13:27 She has been the person who has been the catalyst.
10:13:29 I mentioned it the other day.
10:13:30 She has a missionary zeal when it comes to getting
10:13:33 things done.
10:13:34 I think sometimes she -- she keeps going.
10:13:39 She has established a qualified contractor's bidders
10:13:42 list for rehabilitation for new construction.
10:13:45 We started this year issuing RFQs, I should say last
10:13:50 year, for not for profit organizations, so therefore
10:13:53 there is statistical and financial information
10:13:55 provided by anyone that we partner with for not for
10:13:57 profits.
10:13:58 And we have established a design criteria for
10:14:01 single-family homes when they are built on city-owned
10:14:06 lots or what were previously city-owned lots.
10:14:08 We have written policies and procedures.
10:14:13 Written policies and procedures so that we have
10:14:16 credibility with the state and federal government
10:14:18 agencies.
10:14:19 And we also have, as you remember, and were so
10:14:22 gracious to allow us to almost walk this right on, we

10:14:26 had hurricane Katrina evacuees.
10:14:30 In the negotiations, for their rezoning and real
10:14:33 estate transactions in West Tampa we incorporated 20%
10:14:37 of the new homes within the entire development would
10:14:39 be affordable.
10:14:43 One of our key partnerships which was the Tampa
10:14:45 housing authority, and though I really admire you're
10:14:49 roam Brian, sometimes we are a little confused.
10:14:54 The housing authority is the entity that is a separate
10:14:57 entity from City of Tampa.
10:14:59 They are the ones that you would consider that would
10:15:01 handle the section 8 rental assistance, and also is
10:15:05 providing other opportunities for folks that are
10:15:11 throughout our community that as outlined whether it's
10:15:14 the Riverview or Belmont Heights and other capital
10:15:18 improvements.
10:15:19 They are also involved in partnering with us that we
10:15:22 provide down payment assistance, when folks are going
10:15:24 from rental public housing into their own homes.
10:15:29 What are some of our new initiatives?
10:15:31 We have already been before you this year for 18 lots
10:15:33 for single-family homes, to three non-profits.

10:15:37 We intend in the come weeks to issue a request for
10:15:40 qualification for not for profit builders and
10:15:43 individuals for the 55 city-owned lots that we have
10:15:47 thus far that are ready to have in-fill single-family
10:15:52 homes, and subsequently to that issue for those
10:15:57 properties.
10:15:59 We are about to come before you in the coming weeks
10:16:02 with an award for multifamily homes, to what you saw
10:16:06 on the first slide, multifamily rental property for
10:16:09 developers.
10:16:09 The key element this year that's different than last
10:16:12 year is we issued a request for proposal.
10:16:14 We were able to develop the criteria.
10:16:16 We were able to advertise it.
10:16:18 And we also would have the underwriting for that
10:16:21 project analyzed by neighborhood lending partners so
10:16:23 that we know that they can accomplish what they have
10:16:25 proposed.
10:16:26 We also intend to initiate an owner occupied emergency
10:16:29 repair program which we have not had historically.
10:16:32 Our rehabilitation previously is to bring the house up
10:16:35 to code.

10:16:36 But if you have sort of a catastrophic situation, we
10:16:38 have not had an emergency repair come in.
10:16:40 That is something that Sharon is initiating this year.
10:16:44 Last week, we partnered together, the administration
10:16:48 and the City Council, to be able to have the city
10:16:50 partner with the Hillsborough County housing finance
10:16:54 authority.
10:16:54 But we are providing $750,000 in ship funds to be able
10:16:59 to augment a $10 million bond issue, that the finance
10:17:03 authority is issuing.
10:17:05 This is a partnership that is the city, the county and
10:17:08 the housing finance authority that we are going to be
10:17:11 able to look at this wonderful leveraging.
10:17:13 We are participating by participating with $750,000
10:17:18 and we intend to be able to have a significant amount
10:17:20 of that $10 million go to mortgages for first-time
10:17:24 home buyers.
10:17:25 And we are already coordinating with them.
10:17:30 The bond issue closed earlier this week.
10:17:32 We intend to incorporate centers for affordable
10:17:35 housing and the chapter 27 code.
10:17:36 This will be a combination of looking over the

10:17:39 cross-city.
10:17:40 We are also looking as you all expect the CRA plans
10:17:44 throughout our community.
10:17:46 That we'll adopt that into code.
10:17:48 Again, this is a partnership opportunity.
10:17:50 It's where you offer incentives for developers to have
10:17:55 affordable housing within the development that they
10:17:58 are building throughout our community.
10:17:59 Again, we think incentive based is the way to go.
10:18:03 We also were looking at ways come to future projects
10:18:06 very similar to how we worked with intown properties,
10:18:14 looking at major developers within the community that
10:18:16 affordable housing will be an important component of
10:18:19 their projects.
10:18:21 In the coming weeks, the heights project will be
10:18:24 before you and we do contemplate there will be an
10:18:27 affordable project in that.
10:18:33 With the affordable housing task force that the county
10:18:36 initiated, I want to highly compliment and thank
10:18:39 Desiree Valdez as well as Sharon for their
10:18:42 participation in that affordable housing task force.
10:18:45 And when it comes to the partnerships, we need to

10:18:49 partner with developers, with not for profits, with
10:18:53 the county officials, and to give you one more example
10:18:57 that was a wonderful first-time partnership, is that
10:19:00 the city for the first time this week partnered with
10:19:03 the foundation to be able to provide first-time home
10:19:07 ownership and down payment assistance from our
10:19:10 standpoint for a new homeowner, a single mother with
10:19:13 two kids.
10:19:14 We also have an item on today's agenda, item number
10:19:17 27.
10:19:17 And I'll be very happy to address any questions if you
10:19:20 have any.
10:19:21 Thank you very much.
10:19:22 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Cindy, thank you for the update.
10:19:26 And Cindy and I found ourselves in mount Dora, of all
10:19:33 places.
10:19:33 Quite a shock.
10:19:34 I'm glad to see that we are working on a package of
10:19:37 incentives.
10:19:38 Because I think that we all agree that that's the way
10:19:40 to start.
10:19:42 And I wonder if you have had a chance to really sort

10:19:46 of they're creatively come up with what some of those
10:19:50 incentives might be.
10:19:51 And if you could share those.
10:19:52 If not, maybe just come back in a couple of months and
10:19:55 we can talk about it.
10:19:57 I don't think that creating a new layer of government
10:20:00 like they did down in county is really the way to go.
10:20:04 They think that's the way to go, that's fine, and
10:20:07 maybe that will work for them.
10:20:08 But I think that streamlining the process, maybe
10:20:14 letting folks that build affordable housing jump up a
10:20:17 couple of notches, as I think Mr. Dingfelder
10:20:19 suggested, not to the front of the line necessarily,
10:20:21 but move it along faster.
10:20:23 Those are really what's going to work.
10:20:25 As somebody that's just built a construction project,
10:20:29 the time of permitting is just mind boggling.
10:20:33 To build anything.
10:20:34 And it's not just us.
10:20:36 It's everywhere.
10:20:37 And if there is anyway to reduce that time frame,
10:20:41 that's the biggest incentive.

10:20:42 Because as that time frame gets extended the project
10:20:45 becomes more and more costly and less and less
10:20:50 affordable.
10:20:58 That's where I think we should start.
10:21:00 And I think we have unanimous agreement on that.
10:21:04 >>> Councilman, you are absolutely right.
10:21:05 And
10:21:10 When it comes to first of all the incentives, we will
10:21:13 be back before you, probably during the summer we
10:21:20 intend to have those meetings with stakeholders
10:21:22 throughout the community and we intend to have code
10:21:24 modifications to you by the end of August.
10:21:26 So that way, and again, some of what we are looking at
10:21:29 is whether bonus densities, things of that nature,
10:21:33 that is sort of overall what we are looking at.
10:21:36 But also looking at a broader base.
10:21:37 Going to the second aspect, you're absolutely right.
10:21:44 When it comes to affordable housing, workforce
10:21:46 housing, this is not just a project that is the
10:21:48 division of housing community development.
10:21:50 It's all of our differentiations.
10:21:51 It's really throughout the city, not just my

10:21:55 department.
10:21:55 When it comes to construction service center
10:21:58 especially, we have a track record with residential
10:22:00 housing, with one or two units, the in-fill, whether
10:22:03 you come to the front of the line for approval.
10:22:06 And then from an overall standpoint also, someone who
10:22:10 has built a number of homes can be -- that if that
10:22:14 plan with Construction Services Center has already
10:22:18 been approved, it extremely streamlines the project.
10:22:22 So we are already doing that to a significant degree
10:22:25 but plan to pursue it more aggressively.
10:22:28 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thanks, Cindy Miller.
10:22:41 Good to see we have a plan.
10:22:43 And I appreciate you thanking Desiree for being on the
10:22:46 task force.
10:22:50 She was very happy to be able to participate in this
10:22:52 endeavor.
10:22:56 We are coming into hurricane season.
10:22:58 So my question is, these type of developers, buildings
10:23:04 that are come in, are they being given guide lanes as
10:23:07 to what type of windows or roofs or doors they are
10:23:15 putting on these houses to be wind resistant?

10:23:18 Or are we just letting them do willy-nilly?
10:23:23 >>> Councilwoman, wet comes to the requirements for
10:23:26 any construction for residential or commercial within
10:23:29 our city, the construction service center makes sure
10:23:32 that the latest code that we have adopted from the
10:23:35 state standpoint as well as our local code are fully
10:23:39 complied with.
10:23:39 They do not approve the plan unless it meets the codes
10:23:42 that have been established.
10:23:44 >> I went on that bus tour that the Tampa housing
10:23:48 authority did Tuesday and --
10:23:51 >>ROSE FERLITA: Saw your picture in the paper.
10:23:55 Ding very nice.
10:23:56 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I was really impressed with the
10:23:59 quality of work that the housing authority is doing
10:24:01 especially for the affordable housing unit of it.
10:24:05 And I want to make sure that that type of development
10:24:13 happens in the city.
10:24:14 As you know, we are trying to do something in the Drew
10:24:17 Park area which we desperately need to get going on
10:24:20 there.
10:24:20 And I would like your assurance that we do get

10:24:23 something done before the end of this fiscal year.
10:24:30 It's very important because people in that area are
10:24:32 looking forward to something that we do have the CRA
10:24:34 as you well know.
10:24:35 And we are working really, really hard to make sure
10:24:40 that something gets going in that area.
10:24:42 So I want your assurances.
10:24:46 >>> My department works very closely with the CRA
10:24:49 managers throughout the city and that is certainly our
10:24:51 focal point to make sure there is affordable housing,
10:24:54 workforce housing throughout the community.
10:24:55 >> Now the other question I had, when you talk about
10:24:57 first-time home buyers adopting, does that qualify
10:25:02 anywhere in the city?
10:25:03 Or is it just in the city-owned lots?
10:25:06 >>> The down payment assistance, and I think down
10:25:08 payment assistance is one of the best kept secrets
10:25:11 within our community.
10:25:12 It qualifies throughout.
10:25:14 So that if someone finds a house, or townhouse that
10:25:17 they want to purchase, it will depend upon the average
10:25:21 median income, as to exactly which program they

10:25:25 qualify for, whether state money or federal money.
10:25:28 To give you an idea -- and what will be before you for
10:25:31 the items today is that we intend to increase the
10:25:33 amount of down payment assistance that's available,
10:25:36 that is part of what's item 26.
10:25:39 And then also one thing that we have found that has
10:25:43 constrained our system for folks is that when it comes
10:25:46 to our current maximum home price, right now the
10:25:50 maximum home price that we participate in is $164,000.
10:25:54 And I would basically challenge most of us to find
10:25:56 very much housing for $164 that you.
10:25:59 So we have found that our applicants automatically
10:26:01 sometimes have to be rejected because the house costs
10:26:04 more.
10:26:05 With your action today we will be able to increase the
10:26:08 state's participation for a house up to $226,000.
10:26:13 That doesn't mean that every house will when it has
10:26:18 every level of participation.
10:26:19 But that will authorize that -- let me give you an
10:26:25 example.
10:26:25 For a family of three people under our state program,
10:26:28 their income level -- again a single-parent with two

10:26:33 kids or could be a couple with one child, if their
10:26:37 income is roughly $58,000, they will qualify for down
10:26:39 payment assistance.
10:26:41 And so they would at least be able to look at, make
10:26:45 sure that they can, through their individual financial
10:26:47 situation, be able to make the payment.
10:26:50 We don't set people up for failure.
10:26:52 And so it does not have to be housing that is
10:26:57 sponsored through the city.
10:26:58 That can be housing that anyone from a market rate
10:27:01 standpoint goes out and acquires and applies for the
10:27:04 down payment.
10:27:05 Again when you are looking at what people are paying
10:27:07 with more than 30% of gross income, it's very
10:27:10 difficult to get the down payment together.
10:27:14 So therefore we are able to give them that assistance
10:27:16 that they then can make the payments as long as they
10:27:20 have -- the first leg up on the ladder, how about
10:27:23 that?
10:27:26 >> I'm glad to see we are moving forward as a city,
10:27:29 because it's desperately needed especially with
10:27:34 housing nowadays, anything, condos, apartments,

10:27:37 anything else, it's just ridiculous the prices --
10:27:40 prices that are being asked for and for what you get.
10:27:43 So I'm glad to see that we are working on it.
10:27:47 Thank you.
10:27:50 >>KEVIN WHITE: Ms. Miller, kudos to you and your
10:27:53 department as well as Ms. Valdez for doing a fine job.
10:27:58 I think one of the primary incentives, with all the
10:28:00 city-owned land that we do have now, that weighed on
10:28:04 the tax rolls for years and years and years, we may
10:28:08 want to look at possibly not giving but selling at a
10:28:14 very, very reasonable price, not even at market rate
10:28:17 but below market rate, for developers now as an
10:28:21 incentive.
10:28:22 And has an extra added incentive for the developer to
10:28:27 also offer down payment assistant -- assistance to the
10:28:31 home buyer.
10:28:31 That way, we get the property back on the tax rolls.
10:28:35 We get in-fill development.
10:28:38 We have more affordable housing units on line.
10:28:40 Also one of the things that we may want to look at
10:28:43 city-wide, like what we did in in-town properties in
10:28:47 West Tampa, they have several different variations and

10:28:51 elevations of homes and designs.
10:28:52 We may want to start looking at some of these 50,
10:28:56 60-foot lots and seeing what we can do, and we can
10:28:59 break those up and build two very nice affordable,
10:29:04 spacious homes, on one lot in that particular area.
10:29:10 Then we can accommodate two families rather than one,
10:29:12 maybe with a two-story style type of development, and
10:29:16 be something that is attractive, as well as
10:29:20 innovative, and it helps everyone.
10:29:23 It will help the developer.
10:29:24 Helps them with their land costs.
10:29:27 Helps get city-owned property that's vacant,
10:29:30 overgrown, an eyesore, back on the tax rolls, gifts
10:29:36 people new places to stay, creates new neighbors ands
10:29:40 neighborhoods, creates better aesthetics in
10:29:43 neighborhoods, and some of the folks that I think we
10:29:45 need to really look at -- and that may be a very
10:29:50 creative motivator for your private developers to step
10:29:56 forward and go ahead and move forward.
10:30:01 >> Councilman, that is where you and I talked about
10:30:04 this several months ago when we identified that we had
10:30:06 55 lots, they have been reviewed, that we intend to

10:30:09 make available during the coming summer months.
10:30:12 And that's exactly what we intend.
10:30:15 It's not just to sell off the lots so you sold off the
10:30:18 lots.
10:30:19 It's that we will sell the lot, make sure -- we have
10:30:21 already made sure that these are buildable lots from a
10:30:24 dimensional standpoint.
10:30:25 In a couple cases we made sure that -- maybe we took
10:30:30 too small a lot and made them buildable.
10:30:34 Again this would be without payment assistance.
10:30:37 We also can provide for a builder some assistance, as
10:30:42 to assisting them with the financing cost at the
10:30:44 beginning, that they do not have to pay us back for
10:30:48 the closure on the project.
10:30:49 And so it is something definitely we are trying to put
10:30:53 every piece of the puzzle together to provide the most
10:30:55 affordable --
10:30:57 >>KEVIN WHITE: In West Tampa, we didn't deem most of
10:31:00 those as buildable because they were 25, to 30 feet
10:31:07 wide.
10:31:07 And back to the old character of West Tampa, that
10:31:10 particular group came up with some very innovative

10:31:13 ideas, and elevations to make that very attractive.
10:31:17 But I'm saying we can also do the same thing in other
10:31:20 parts of town with different elevations that will
10:31:22 still blend in with the character and integrity.
10:31:27 >>> The tradition in Tampa, the single levels.
10:31:31 I think Sharon was the one nagging us, how come we are
10:31:34 not seeing more two stories?
10:31:36 >>KEVIN WHITE: Last week in our zoning hearings, we
10:31:38 had a petitioner come before us with New York-style
10:31:42 brown stones.
10:31:43 Those aren't seen in Tampa either.
10:31:45 And there's new conventional types of architectural
10:31:50 styles and construction that are going on all over
10:31:52 town.
10:31:53 And I think that's one of the things we need to look
10:31:56 at, as well as embrace.
10:31:57 >>> Absolutely.
10:31:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena, then Mr. Dingfelder.
10:32:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm happy to see all that you have
10:32:08 accomplished in the last year.
10:32:09 It's really exciting.
10:32:10 Two quick points.

10:32:11 Design guidelines, excellent.
10:32:12 I'm very pleased to see that.
10:32:14 It needs to be that you can pick out affordable
10:32:16 housing because it looked kind of nyaaagh.
10:32:23 And secondly, the state, I know, has a very large pot
10:32:27 of money that was created, to create affordable
10:32:30 housing and they haven't been spending it.
10:32:32 I know that next year, we the city are getting a
10:32:35 lobbyist, our own lobbyist in Tallahassee.
10:32:37 I want them to -- want them to work on that.
10:32:40 I want them to -- at least 150 million or 500.
10:32:44 It's a huge pot of money that is not being made
10:32:46 available for affordable housing that should be.
10:32:48 I noticed we got editorial support in the papers.
10:32:52 We need to get that money, need some work with our new
10:32:57 legislative delegation.
10:32:58 People are running for office.
10:32:59 The city needs to see all these aspiring legislators
10:33:03 know that they need to bring home the bacon in terms
10:33:05 of the state dollars.
10:33:07 Because it would mean a tremendous amount for us in
10:33:09 terms of expanding our program.

10:33:10 So I hope that we will be aggressive and working with
10:33:12 our local legislative delegation, and state wade to
10:33:16 get more of that money back here.
10:33:18 >>> We certainly intend to.
10:33:19 And I do thank council for their support during this
10:33:23 session.
10:33:23 As some additional funds were freed up, from a
10:33:28 management standpoint to aggressively pursue those,
10:33:30 but you're absolutely right, we need to get more of
10:33:33 those funds freed up in the future years.
10:33:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ms. Miller, the fun of coming to
10:33:40 council is you never know what kind of questions you
10:33:41 are going to get.
10:33:43 So here is one from left field.
10:33:51 Yesterday I got a call from folks down in a mobile
10:33:53 home park by the MacDill Air Force Base, holiday
10:33:57 mobile home park, on inner bay.
10:33:59 It's an old mobile home park.
10:34:01 And it's one of the last ones in South Tampa, because
10:34:06 they are all being converted over to apartments or
10:34:08 condos or what have you.
10:34:10 And it's sad, but it's, I guess, unavoidable in terms

10:34:15 of a private property owner owns the dirt.
10:34:18 Many folks brought their mobile homes and sat on that
10:34:22 property owner's dirt for many years but now he's
10:34:24 saying you have six months and you need to leave. The
10:34:26 folks down there are very confused.
10:34:30 They have some rights under state law.
10:34:31 They have some limited rights under local law.
10:34:34 But they are very confused about that.
10:34:35 So what I want to do, because this is about affordable
10:34:38 housing, and some of these mobile homes cannot be
10:34:41 moved.
10:34:42 Some of these folks are going to need to know where
10:34:44 they can go, what their options are, what their rights
10:34:47 are under the law.
10:34:48 So what I am going to do is organize a meeting down
10:34:50 there.
10:34:52 I would like either you or Sharon to come join me.
10:34:54 I would like David Smith, and somebody from his staff,
10:34:57 to come join us so that we can talk about what their
10:35:01 legal rights are.
10:35:02 And we will need to help these folks.
10:35:06 There's probably 100 families down there.

10:35:08 And they are really in limbo. Anyway, I'll get with
10:35:12 you on that.
10:35:13 But I just wanted to give you a heads-up on it.
10:35:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Cindy, my question is, if citizens
10:35:21 interested in affordable housing don't know what steps
10:35:23 to finding one, what do they do?
10:35:29 I want everybody to know.
10:35:36 >>> I would be happy to provide them.
10:35:39 >>
10:35:39 274-7954.
10:35:43 That's the housing and community development office.
10:35:46 >>GWEN MILLER: I had someone ask me and wanted to put
10:35:50 it out.
10:35:50 Baugh because we have a lot of people that want a
10:35:52 house and didn't know how to get one.
10:35:54 >>> We'll be happy to help them in whatever way we
10:35:57 can.
10:35:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:35:58 Okay?
10:36:00 Any other questions?
10:36:01 Thank you.
10:36:02 Job well done, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. West.

10:36:06 Thank you for the good work.
10:36:08 Mr. Shelby, number 5.
10:36:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move number 3.
10:36:35 >>GWEN MILLER: We did already.
10:36:36 Mr. Shelby, you want to do number 8?
10:36:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You want to reopen public comments?
10:36:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
10:36:52 would like to ask for reconsideration?
10:36:57 Is there anyone in the public that would like to ask
10:36:59 for reconsideration?
10:37:01 Now we are going to go to our audience portion.
10:37:03 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
10:37:05 on any item on the agenda that is not set for public
10:37:08 hearing?
10:37:12 Come on up.
10:37:13 Time for the public to speak.
10:37:15 That's okay, come on up.
10:37:19 >>> My name is Agnes Stanfield, and had wonderful
10:37:28 public transit but one is that the downtown area is
10:37:32 very old and there is no way cars could be
10:37:34 accommodated.
10:37:35 And then if streets, were like a Cobb web so cars

10:37:41 could go for miles and here in Tampa we have a lot of
10:37:46 right hand turn lanes and left-hand turn lanes that
10:37:48 really mess up.
10:37:49 If I am going to be on Kennedy, if I want to go to
10:37:55 the number 36, I have to get off at starling, one
10:37:59 block east of Dale Mabry, and then walk one block west
10:38:05 at either risk my life crossing Kennedy or walk
10:38:07 another block to go north to catch the northbound bus.
10:38:11 And also we have a lot of minor flooding problems.
10:38:18 Near Sally O'Neill.
10:38:22 2112.
10:38:24 And the bus on a rainy day cannot drive up to the
10:38:29 O'Neill parking lot to let me out where I won't be
10:38:31 stepping in water.
10:38:33 All these things would come to bus transit.
10:38:37 I was so glad to have people talking about the
10:38:41 presentation of Jan Washington.
10:38:42 She is going to be a wonderful asset to the City of
10:38:44 Tampa for years to come.
10:38:46 She believes very strongly in city departments working
10:38:49 together, and people with walk at least four blocks to
10:38:56 a bus stop if they can walk four blocks to the bus

10:38:59 stop.
10:38:59 And I think at several different meetings over the
10:39:02 next couple of years, and we are trying to set up a
10:39:05 grassroots thing and bring groups together, and in
10:39:10 December, Roger, from South Tampa, greater Hyde Park,
10:39:20 he got Toni Short from Hartline and we met at bellos.
10:39:27 We set up a meeting at Kate Jackson in early December
10:39:30 and a meeting was scheduled.
10:39:36 It was a rainy day and people in wheelchairs were
10:39:40 sitting at the number 19 bus stop at the doctors
10:39:42 building on Swann and Gomez a little west of memorial.
10:39:45 Well, people don't want to see people in wheelchairs
10:39:48 waiting in the rain because there's in a shelter.
10:39:50 So when I put fliers around some of the doctors
10:39:54 buildings, I couldn't do one at each office.
10:39:59 There's so many doctors' offices.
10:40:01 And I very politely said to the receptionist, please
10:40:04 tell the doctors, when you give them the flier about
10:40:08 the meeting that people got really upset seeing two
10:40:11 people in wheelchairs sitting in the rain because
10:40:13 there are no shelters.
10:40:15 And I talked to Hartline.

10:40:17 And those of us who know more would rather have the
10:40:24 bus go down DeLeon because it's safer to cross.
10:40:27 And if they have to go on Swann, we are thinking maybe
10:40:30 Gomez, and Swann, and it floods.
10:40:45 And I find a lot of ignorance when I talk to people.
10:40:49 They don't understand --
10:40:51 (Bell sounds).
10:40:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Finish your sentence.
10:40:54 >>> They don't understand if the right is -- if the
10:40:58 right-of-way, you can't put a shelter on it.
10:41:00 And if we want more shelters, we need to get people to
10:41:04 understand -- city property, county property, state
10:41:08 property, federal property, it's suitable for a
10:41:11 shelter, we could start with that.
10:41:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
10:41:15 >>> I also asked my state representative and my
10:41:19 congressional representative Jim Davis to look into
10:41:26 issues, and I think this is one of them.
10:41:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
10:41:30 We will go to our committee reports.
10:41:35 Everybody has left, we are not going to go to that.
10:41:38 Go back to ordinances for first reading.

10:41:42 Okay.
10:41:49 First reading.
10:41:49 We need to open number 7 through 9.
10:41:52 >> So moved.
10:41:53 >> Motion and second.
10:41:54 (Motion carried).
10:41:56 >> Does anyone in the public want to speak on item
10:41:58 number 7?
10:41:59 >> Move to close.
10:42:01 >> Second.
10:42:01 (Motion carried).
10:42:02 >>KEVIN WHITE:
10:42:09 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move an ordinance vacating, closing,
10:42:17 discontinuing and abandoning a certain right-of-way a
10:42:20 portion of church Avenue lying between west Paxton
10:42:23 Avenue and west Pearl Avenue in Gandy manor a
10:42:30 subdivision in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County
10:42:32 Florida the same being more fully described in section
10:42:34 2 hereof providing an effective date.
10:42:36 (Motion carried).
10:42:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: These are first readings that do not
10:42:40 require public hearing.

10:42:42 These will be set for public hearing in two weeks'
10:42:44 time.
10:42:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
10:42:47 Mr. Smith.
10:42:48 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
10:42:50 I believe we have sent a memorandum to you asking you
10:42:53 to postpone item number 8 to the 22nd.
10:42:56 I know the 22nd is a very busy agenda but I don't
10:42:58 think we are going to need a great deal of discussion
10:43:01 on the 22nd.
10:43:03 Don't want to go into great detail but I'm really
10:43:06 doing so in order to make sure that we cover all the
10:43:08 bases as fully and properly as we must in order to
10:43:12 ensure that everything will furnishings as it has to
10:43:15 in order for this proposal to succeed, if you should
10:43:19 go forth.
10:43:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Such a vague sentence.
10:43:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Smith, I have some concerns
10:43:28 about this.
10:43:29 Would it be appropriate for me to raise them now or it
10:43:32 would be appropriate to wait till the 22nd?
10:43:36 >>> I think it would be better to wait till the

10:43:38 22nd but I would like to speak with you before
10:43:40 that.
10:43:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great.
10:43:43 >> Move to continue.
10:43:44 >> Second.
10:43:44 (Motion carried).
10:43:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Alvarez?
10:43:48 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I just wanted to ask.
10:43:49 Because this is an extension of the transportation
10:43:53 impact fee zone.
10:43:54 And I was just wondering if we put this off, I know we
10:43:59 are going to do that in a couple of weeks.
10:44:01 I was wondering what would happen to the projects that
10:44:03 are in the hopper right now that are already waiting
10:44:10 for approval of this extension.
10:44:14 >>DAVID SMITH: This extension will be nunc pro tunc
10:44:17 which is a legal term which means retroactively to the
10:44:19 expiration date of the initial granting.
10:44:22 So that will be covered.
10:44:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Good.
10:44:26 Thank you.
10:44:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Alvarez, item 9, please.

10:44:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: An ordinance -- authorizing the
10:44:35 installation and maintenance of an encroachment a
10:44:39 cantilever supported existing canopy by royal Frank,
10:44:42 LLC, over a portion of the public right-of-way known
10:44:44 as North Franklin Street near the intersection of
10:44:47 North Franklin Street and roil street as more
10:44:50 particularly described herein subject to certain
10:44:52 terms, covenants, conditions and agreements as more
10:44:55 particularly described herein providing an effective
10:44:57 date.
10:44:59 >> Second.
10:44:59 (Motion carried).
10:45:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Now we go to our committee reports.
10:45:04 Mary Alvarez, parks and recreation.
10:45:06 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like to move items 10 to 12.
10:45:10 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Second.
10:45:12 (Motion carried).
10:45:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. John Dingfelder, public works.
10:45:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll move item 13.
10:45:25 The shortest one ever from my committee.
10:45:28 >> Second.
10:45:28 (Motion carried).

10:45:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to say on 13, it's
10:45:32 not an insignificant item.
10:45:34 It's a $38 million bond issue that the city is issuing
10:45:39 specifically to improve our sewer system.
10:45:42 Not only at the plant, but also, we have a lot of
10:45:48 instances where the sewers are up to 100 years old,
10:45:52 they are collapsing and creating problems for our
10:45:54 streets.
10:45:54 We had one this week.
10:45:55 And Ralph Metcalf and his team and Bonnie Wise are
10:46:04 working very hard on this issue, we are going to get
10:46:07 the best rates possible and improve our sewer system
10:46:09 tremendously over the next -- I guess it's a 30 year
10:46:12 plan.
10:46:12 Also, I'll bet Sal is probably involved.
10:46:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Finance Committee, Mr. Kevin White.
10:46:17 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move items 14, 16, 17, 18 and 19.
10:46:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
10:46:25 >>KEVIN WHITE: Holding 16 until the end of the
10:46:30 meeting?
10:46:35 (Motion carried)
10:46:37 >>CHAIRMAN: Building an zoning.

10:46:39 Shawn Harrison, vice chair.
10:46:48 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I move items 20 through 28.
10:46:55 >> Second.
10:46:55 (Motion carried).
10:46:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Transportation, Mr. Shawn Harrison.
10:47:00 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Move 29 through 31.
10:47:03 >> Second.
10:47:03 (Motion carried).
10:47:06 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Move items 32 through 37.
10:47:11 >> Second.
10:47:15 (Motion carried).
10:47:16 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to our public hearings for second
10:47:18 reading.
10:47:20 Items 38 through 44.
10:47:31 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move to open all those.
10:47:33 >> Second.
10:47:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone in the public want to
10:47:36 speak on these items 38 to 44, please stand and raise
10:47:39 your right hands.
10:47:43 THE CLERK: Do you solemnly swear or affirm to tell the
10:47:46 truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
10:47:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that

10:47:51 wants to speak on item 38?
10:47:53 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
10:47:54 >> Second.
10:47:55 (Motion carried).
10:47:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to adopt the following
10:48:00 ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance vacating,
10:48:02 closing, discontinuing, abandoning a portion of a
10:48:05 certain right-of-way a part of the alleyway lying
10:48:07 south of Marconi street north of Clark street east of
10:48:11 26th street, and west of 28th street in VIN
10:48:16 GUERRA, a subdivision in the City of Tampa,
10:48:18 Hillsborough County Florida the same being more fully
10:48:21 described in section 2 hereof providing an effective
10:48:22 date.
10:48:24 >> Second.
10:48:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Vote and record.
10:48:31 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Ferlita, Saul-Sena
10:48:33 being absent.
10:48:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
10:48:36 wants to speak on item 39?
10:48:38 >> Move to close.
10:48:39 >> Second.

10:48:40 (Motion carried).
10:48:40 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Move to adopt the following
10:48:49 ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance of the
10:48:51 city of Tampa, Florida establishing the east on park
10:48:53 community development district for the purpose of
10:48:55 managing and delivering basic community infra
10:48:57 structure improvements within a parcel of land
10:49:00 generally located off Morris Bridge Road approximately
10:49:02 one mile south of the Pasco and Hillsborough County
10:49:04 line comprising 343.71 acres more or less entirely
10:49:08 within the boundaries of the City of Tampa,
10:49:10 Hillsborough County, Florida, the same being more
10:49:13 particularly described in section 2 hereof pursuant to
10:49:15 chapter 190, Florida statutes, providing for
10:49:18 severability, providing an effective date.
10:49:19 >> I have a motion and second.
10:49:20 Vote and record.
10:49:28 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Saul-Sena being
10:49:29 absent, Dingfelder voting no.
10:49:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
10:49:34 wants to speak on item 40?
10:49:36 >> Move to close.

10:49:37 >> Second.
10:49:37 (Motion carried).
10:49:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I move to adopt the following
10:49:43 ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance
10:49:46 authorizing certain encroachments, balconies,
10:49:48 canopies, and appurtenant subsurface foundations, over
10:49:53 a portion of the public right-of-way known as 15th
10:49:56 street and 5th Avenue generally located in the
10:49:59 northwest intersection of 15th street and 5th
10:50:02 Avenue in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, as
10:50:04 more particularly described herein, subject to certain
10:50:07 terms, covenants, conditions and agreements and more
10:50:10 particularly described herein, providing an effective
10:50:12 date.
10:50:13 >> I have a motion and second.
10:50:15 Vote and record.
10:50:23 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
10:50:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
10:50:27 wants to speak on item 41?
10:50:29 >> Move to close.
10:50:30 >> Second.
10:50:30 (Motion carried).

10:50:31 >>ROSE FERLITA: Move the following ordinance upon
10:50:38 second reading, an ordinance containing alcohol of
10:50:43 more than 1% by weight and not more than 14% by weight
10:50:46 and wines regardless of alcoholic content beer and
10:50:49 wine 2(COP-R) for consumption on the premises only in
10:50:51 connection with a restaurant business establishment at
10:50:53 or from that certain lot, plot or tract of land
10:50:56 located at 19010 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, Tampa,
10:50:59 Florida as more particularly described in section 1
10:51:01 hereof waiving certain restrictions as to distance
10:51:04 based upon certain findings, providing for repeal of
10:51:06 all ordinances in conflict, providing an effective
10:51:08 date.
10:51:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion an second.
10:51:11 Vote and record.
10:51:20 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
10:51:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena?
10:51:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wanted to make a comment on 42.
10:51:28 42 represents, I believe, the beginning of a trend
10:51:33 that we are going to start to see.
10:51:38 Everybody in the community recognizes how special the
10:51:40 Hillsborough River is, I believe we are going to see

10:51:42 more situations like this where an existing
10:51:45 single-family home surrounded by a great deal of
10:51:49 property is transformed into more and more dwellings.
10:51:54 And I am going to support this because the petitioner
10:51:58 went back and redesigned it to make it less intrusive
10:52:02 and to make it a bit better.
10:52:04 But in an effort to get ahead of way see is a stream
10:52:09 of requests like this, I would like to ask that city
10:52:13 staff consider the development of a river overlay to
10:52:21 look specifically at open space along the river, and
10:52:26 to look at drainage to make sure that the river isn't
10:52:29 negatively impacted from the chemicals that are used
10:52:34 on people's lawns because in the old days, they
10:52:38 weren't the perfect lawns that they are today, and to
10:52:40 just come up with any other things that they might
10:52:43 want to do to maintain the character of the river, and
10:52:49 make sure that our beautiful river in the future isn't
10:52:55 McMansionized, if I can make that into a verb, because
10:52:59 that would be the request to report back in maybe 60
10:53:01 days, and I have already.
10:53:06 I have already discussed this with Cathy Coyle and the
10:53:09 ladies that do rezoning, and I believe that other

10:53:12 communities already have this like in Pinellas County,
10:53:14 where they have property on the waterfront.
10:53:16 And they could come back to us with a suggestion.
10:53:19 So that would be a motion for them to look at what
10:53:22 components might go into a river overlay or river
10:53:25 protection zone or whatever you want to call it.
10:53:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
10:53:30 (Motion carried).
10:53:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
10:53:34 wants to speak on item 42?
10:53:37 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
10:53:38 >> Second.
10:53:38 (Motion carried).
10:53:39 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move the following ordinance upon
10:53:46 second reading.
10:53:46 Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general
10:53:48 vicinity of 4033 north river view Avenue in the city
10:53:52 of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in
10:53:54 section 1 from zoning district classifications RS-50
10:53:57 residential single family to PD single-family semi
10:54:01 detached, providing an effective date.
10:54:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

10:54:05 Vote and record.
10:54:12 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder absent at
10:54:14 vote.
10:54:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
10:54:16 wants to speak on item 43?
10:54:19 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
10:54:21 Oops.
10:54:22 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: I have been sworn.
10:54:25 Land development.
10:54:26 The letter passed around right now relates to this
10:54:29 particular case.
10:54:29 I would like to point out that we have three members
10:54:31 of the aviation authority present at this meeting, and
10:54:39 a concern has been raised regarding this project
10:54:41 located on Washington Avenue in downtown.
10:54:46 In part of your packet there was a letter addressed to
10:54:48 petitioner regarding the height of this project, and
10:54:51 how the petitioner may start the permitting process
10:54:54 through the aviation authority, and unfortunately that
10:54:58 did not occur.
10:54:59 So between first reading, there were a couple of
10:55:03 meetings with the aviation authority, as to how to

10:55:06 deal with the issue of height on this particular
10:55:09 project.
10:55:09 I would like to read into the record a letter from the
10:55:11 petitioner to the aviation authority that communities
10:55:17 an understanding as to the aviation authority's review
10:55:20 of this project.
10:55:22 Ms. Jones, it's a pleasure meeting with you on the
10:55:25 aviation staff reporting the condominium project in
10:55:28 downtown Tampa.
10:55:29 As discussed today we are currently rezoning in the
10:55:33 City of Tampa which will establish a maximum and
10:55:35 minimum under the code, unit count price, et cetera.
10:55:40 The developer acknowledges and stipulates the
10:55:42 following regarding the process relating to height
10:55:45 approval.
10:55:45 The zoning approval granted by the City of Tampa,
10:55:48 maximum building height only, and subject to
10:55:53 Hillsborough County aviation authority and federal
10:55:55 aviation authority review and permitting.
10:55:59 Final vote on height approved by the HBAA and may be
10:56:02 less, that the formal applications for the overall
10:56:07 permit height must be issued by HBAA prior to permits

10:56:13 issued by the City of Tampa prior to commencement of
10:56:15 construction, that the zoning approval for our
10:56:17 proposed project sets a maximum height of 630 feet
10:56:20 which is conceptual and subject to final determination
10:56:23 during HBAA and FAA permitting, that the HBAA has
10:56:27 indicated based on their current analysis that the
10:56:29 maximum safe height of the building to be 458 feet
10:56:34 above the medium sea level.
10:56:37 Should you have any questions regarding this, please
10:56:40 contact me.
10:56:41 And it closes.
10:56:43 I would like to say that there are two kind of
10:56:45 provision that is address this issue.
10:56:46 First of all, in the code, section 27-97 B, the
10:56:53 aviation authority has jurisdiction over height in the
10:56:56 city, and second of all, the substantial deviation
10:57:02 criteria also addressed changes to site plan.
10:57:06 Now, if the height of the building were just lowered
10:57:10 to 158 feet as required by the aviation authority and
10:57:13 no other design change were to occur, then Ms. Moreda
10:57:17 in her capacity as the director of land development
10:57:19 would be able to approve that.

10:57:21 However, if there were any design changes in terms of
10:57:24 bulk, massing, and setbacks, those changes would have
10:57:28 to comment back to the council for their review and
10:57:32 approval.
10:57:33 So I would just like to clarify that the aviation
10:57:36 authority currently has capacity in the code to limit
10:57:39 the height lower than the zoning approval.
10:57:41 However, if there's any other change that occurs,
10:57:46 that's a substantial change, then this does have to be
10:57:48 reviewed by the Tampa City Council.
10:57:50 I want that made clear.
10:57:52 Just as an aside, we get 90% of the time the
10:57:58 petitioner does go to the aviation authority and make
10:58:01 sure the height is consistent with their zoning
10:58:02 approval.
10:58:03 Just to avoid the situation in the future, the
10:58:05 aviation authority and the city is going to change the
10:58:08 protocol, and provide information up front as to
10:58:11 maximum height.
10:58:14 And we have a map now illustrating maximum height.
10:58:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, I appreciate that
10:58:20 explanation.

10:58:20 And I think it is an important explanation.
10:58:24 I think there was an article in the paper that seemed
10:58:26 to create some -- it didn't create some of the
10:58:28 confusion, it sort of -- I don't know.
10:58:34 >> Underscored.
10:58:35 >> Underscored some of the confusion.
10:58:37 There you go.
10:58:37 I guess if you lop off a couple of floors of height
10:58:42 that they might have to do, subject to these -- they
10:58:48 might also lose parking spaces, or floor of parking or
10:58:51 something like that.
10:58:52 Is that the type of thing that would you anticipate
10:58:55 would come back to us or no?
10:58:57 >> Well, if the architecture exchanges substantially,
10:59:01 and that was Gloria's determination, whether it's
10:59:04 substantial deviation, then they have to come back.
10:59:07 And that's the risk they are taking.
10:59:08 Right now they have explained top me they don't want
10:59:10 to go back to first reading because of contractual
10:59:12 obligation.
10:59:14 The architecture has to be akin to what has been
10:59:18 approved.

10:59:19 One level of parking garage that I think is going to
10:59:22 be lopped off, I think it's --
10:59:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: But the bottom line is, if they
10:59:32 lost, you know, 30, 40 units, and they said, well, you
10:59:36 know, that's going to impact our entire project, and
10:59:39 therefore we can't do this retail on the bottom floor,
10:59:41 and we are going to have to change that, those are the
10:59:44 types of things you bring back to us.
10:59:46 >> Yes, that that would be a substantial change.
10:59:48 This project has 17% open space on the base.
10:59:51 And if they are saying in order to capture some of the
10:59:54 loss we have in height we need to have more of our
10:59:57 site as usable space, then we'll say we had to go back
11:00:02 to City Council for review and approval.
11:00:04 >> And Mr. Smith, since you are the owner's
11:00:08 representative today, would you concur with everything
11:00:10 that's been said by staff?
11:00:12 >>DAVID SMITH: I have been sworn.
11:00:14 401 East Jackson Street for the petitioner.
11:00:16 Yes, sir, that's exactly how we understand it.
11:00:18 Any design changes that affect floor plate open space,
11:00:24 parking conditions, it's all set down as a substantial

11:00:28 change criteria in the code.
11:00:29 We understand that and we need to be back before you.
11:00:32 We are going to move through the FAA process and they
11:00:36 will ultimately set the height and will determine
11:00:38 whether or not any design changes are required.
11:00:40 And if they are substantial we'll have to be back
11:00:44 before council.
11:00:45 >> I'm sure Mrs. Saul-Sena probably asked this at
11:00:47 first reading but does this have the one-third,
11:00:50 one-third review by Wilson?
11:00:52 >>> Yes, sir.
11:00:52 It's stipulated on the site plan.
11:00:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:00:56 wants to speak on item number 43?
11:00:59 >> Move to close.
11:00:59 >> Second.
11:00:59 (Motion carried)
11:01:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move the following ordinance upon
11:01:11 second reading, an ordinance rezoning property in the
11:01:14 general vicinity of 501 and 507 east Washington street
11:01:18 and 102 north Morgan street in the city of Tampa,
11:01:21 Florida and more particularly described in section 1

11:01:24 from zoning district classifications CBD-1 central
11:01:28 business district parking lot, to CBD-2, central
11:01:31 business district mixed-use retail, residential,
11:01:35 providing an effective date.
11:01:36 I want to compliment the petitioner on a beautiful
11:01:38 project.
11:01:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:01:40 Question on the motion, Mr. Shelby.
11:01:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The public hearing is already closed,
11:01:44 is that right?
11:01:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
11:01:46 >>> I just want to raise a concern, and I had the
11:01:49 opportunity to speak with the petitioner's
11:01:52 representative, with Ms. O'Dowd.
11:01:54 There is a section in here that I want to be clear
11:01:55 that that what was said is irrespective of this
11:02:02 statement, it says with regard to substantial changes,
11:02:04 however.
11:02:05 Amenities appropriate --
11:02:09 >> Move to reopen.
11:02:10 >> Second.
11:02:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry.

11:02:13 (Motion Carried).
11:02:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: referring to the changes provision in
11:02:16 27-323, that Ms. Lamboy referenced.
11:02:20 However, any amendment change or alteration required
11:02:23 by conditions from any regulatory agency having
11:02:26 jurisdiction over development shall be presumed not to
11:02:29 be a substantial change, providing that no alternative
11:02:32 solution is available.
11:02:33 And my understanding from speaking with Mr. Smith is
11:02:36 that it's his interpretation that that would only
11:02:39 affect the height of the property, anything related to
11:02:41 the footprint, or anything related to the parking or
11:02:45 what's been previously discussed.
11:02:46 This provision, or this sentence would not per our
11:02:50 Land Development Coordination, for this to be a
11:02:52 substantial change.
11:02:57 >>> David Smith for petitioner.
11:02:58 I have been sworn.
11:02:58 Yes, that is our understanding.
11:03:00 That's the way we read it.
11:03:01 Basically, FAA, TIA control height.
11:03:04 If they lop off requirement reduction in the scale of

11:03:07 the building, then at that time, that would be the
11:03:09 only change that would not be considered substantial
11:03:12 change.
11:03:12 Any other changes from that would be reviewed by
11:03:17 coordination, looked at the code, and determine
11:03:19 whether it's substantial, would require coming back to
11:03:21 council.
11:03:21 So we understand that situation.
11:03:23 >> And you stipulate to that?
11:03:24 >>> Yes.
11:03:25 >> Move to reclose the public hearing.
11:03:29 >> Second.
11:03:29 (Motion carried).
11:03:29 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second on the
11:03:31 ordinance.
11:03:33 Vote and record.
11:03:41 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Alvarez being absent.
11:03:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:03:46 wants to speak on item 44?
11:03:51 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: Land development.
11:03:53 I have been sworn.
11:03:55 This property, if you recall, O'Brien street, wanting

11:04:02 clarification regarding what happens with water
11:04:05 quality for the entire site.
11:04:07 The petitioner described how he's going to do it but
11:04:10 doesn't say exactly what happens.
11:04:11 And because of the flooding in this area, the
11:04:14 stormwater.
11:04:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Your recommendation is what?
11:04:20 >>> Just add the note one half retention on the site.
11:04:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Already put it on there?
11:04:27 >>> It's not on there.
11:04:31 >>GWEN MILLER: When are you going to clearly state it?
11:04:34 >> I think the question is does need to go back to
11:04:37 first reading?
11:04:43 >>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: Legal department.
11:04:48 I think given the additional language that the
11:04:51 stormwater department would like to add to the site
11:04:53 plan, this would require to go back to first reading.
11:04:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you have language today we could
11:04:59 just make this first reading?
11:05:00 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: Yes, I have the language today.
11:05:05 Shall comply with stormwater regulations.
11:05:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If there's no objection from

11:05:12 counsel, I'll move to just add that, and make this
11:05:17 first reading.
11:05:19 Legal counsel, I meant.
11:05:26 >> Is petitioner here?
11:05:27 >>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: Legal department.
11:05:28 The ordinance hasn't changed.
11:05:32 The site plan has the same date.
11:05:33 We are just adding a note to the existing site plan.
11:05:36 So the ordinance that was previously read two weeks
11:05:39 ago could be read again today on first reading.
11:05:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Ferlita?
11:05:44 >>ROSE FERLITA: Where is the petitioner? Is
11:05:46 petitioner here?
11:05:47 >>GWEN MILLER: You said last week you had that one?
11:05:54 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I have a concern.
11:05:56 How do you make changes to a site plan without a
11:05:58 petitioner present?
11:06:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: They can object at second reading.
11:06:03 >>HEATHER LAMBOY: And I called the petitioner when I
11:06:06 noticed he was not here and he has no objections.
11:06:08 >>GWEN MILLER: He knows there will be changes?
11:06:11 >>> Yes.

11:06:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to adopt the following for
11:06:12 first reading as amended.
11:06:14 Oh, did we close?
11:06:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to close first.
11:06:20 >> Move to close.
11:06:21 >> Second.
11:06:21 (Motion carried).
11:06:23 >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, maybe because of the
11:06:27 fact that I'm sure -- I would prefer to send e-mail
11:06:32 and petitioner come back the second time.
11:06:35 I'm uncomfortable doing it in his absence.
11:06:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm actually trying to help the
11:06:40 petitioners.
11:06:41 >>ROSE FERLITA: I understand that.
11:06:43 And I fully supported the second.
11:06:46 But I think petitioner should be here and he's not.
11:06:48 And at second reading it will all come together.
11:06:51 But my vote is no.
11:06:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move an ordinance rezoning property
11:06:57 at 7706, 7708, 7707, 7709, 7711 South O'Brien Street
11:07:03 in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly
11:07:05 described in section 1 from zoning district

11:07:08 classification IG industrial general to PD single
11:07:11 family detached residential, providing an effective
11:07:13 date.
11:07:15 >> Second.
11:07:15 >>ROSE FERLITA: Nay.
11:07:19 (Motion carried).
11:07:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Item 45 cannot be heard.
11:07:24 Ms. Lamboy, are you going to speak on 45?
11:07:29 Who is speaking on that?
11:07:31 Ms. O'Dowd, are you speaking on 45?
11:07:35 Appeal?
11:07:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I don't believe it can be heard.
11:07:40 The question is whether it is allowed -- are they
11:07:43 present, or -- has anybody heard?
11:07:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Is anyone here for item number 45?
11:07:48 >>ROSE FERLITA: Was this continued one time already?
11:07:54 >>GWEN MILLER: No, this is the first.
11:07:56 >> I think it was actually.
11:08:03 >>THE CLERK: It cannot be heard today.
11:08:08 Council can reschedule, but Mr. Guyton was supposed to
11:08:15 notify our office when it could be heard because his
11:08:17 wife is going to be out of town until October.

11:08:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Continue it to when?
11:08:23 >>ROSE FERLITA: No action taken?
11:08:33 >>> You can move to remove it from the agenda and
11:08:35 allow them --
11:08:39 >>ROSE FERLITA: I would like to make a motion to move
11:08:41 it through agenda, give them the opportunity to come
11:08:43 back and it another time.
11:08:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to remove it from the
11:08:47 agenda.
11:08:50 >> Second.
11:08:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It appears that petitioners are not
11:08:53 present.
11:08:53 Is that correct?
11:08:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Right.
11:08:54 They are not here.
11:08:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: One other clean-up item.
11:08:58 Mr. White, if you want to move item 15.
11:09:00 I talked to Mr. Spearman, and I think we'll go ahead
11:09:04 and get the contract for this year and maybe do
11:09:07 something else next year.
11:09:09 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move item 15.
11:09:12 >> Second.

11:09:12 (Motion carried).
11:09:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 46.
11:09:16 It's a discussion meeting with school board.
11:09:19 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Just a point of order.
11:09:22 How long do we think this will take?
11:09:24 And --
11:09:33 >> 40 minutes?
11:09:34 >>SHAWN HARRISON: We have an opportunity to not come
11:09:36 back after lunch today.
11:09:37 If we could get it done.
11:09:40 >> Our goal will be noon.
11:09:43 >>RANDY GOERS: Strategic planning and technology.
11:09:45 We are going to give you a status report on the public
11:09:49 school facility element, school concurrency project.
11:09:52 And remember the state laws require concurrency to go
11:09:57 into effect for public school facilities by July 1,
11:10:03 2008.
11:10:03 City of Tampa has been selected to be one of six
11:10:05 communities to develop a model interlocal agreement in
11:10:10 public school facility element that the Department of
11:10:11 Community Affairs can use for other communities
11:10:14 throughout the state.

11:10:16 The four interlocal jurisdictions and school board and
11:10:19 Planning Commission have been working since December
11:10:21 on a model facilities element.
11:10:25 We were hoping to make this meeting where we would
11:10:27 present the entire element to you and have that
11:10:31 forwarded to DCA to get their concurrence on the
11:10:33 direction where we are going.
11:10:35 However, there has been a few delays on the
11:10:37 consultant's part as bringing all the information
11:10:39 together.
11:10:40 So the school board has asked DCA for a 30-day
11:10:44 extension.
11:10:44 Today we are just going to give you an update on some
11:10:47 of the key issues, some of the things that we have
11:10:49 completed, and the school board is here to give you an
11:10:51 overview of some of the outstanding items that we are
11:10:53 going to be looking at over the next three weeks.
11:10:57 I will be asking at the end of the workshop if we
11:10:59 could set another workshop on June 22nd where we
11:11:04 can come back to you and get your final concurrence on
11:11:06 the models, and be transmitted to at DCA.
11:11:11 What's happened to date, we have produced a draft of a

11:11:14 model interlocal agreement which was presented to you
11:11:16 for a real cursory review.
11:11:19 The last time we were here, DCA looked at that, and I
11:11:23 think they are going in the right direction of what
11:11:27 they would like to see in a model interlocal
11:11:29 agreement.
11:11:30 We are working on the model of the public school
11:11:33 facilities element.
11:11:34 It's an element that will be planning policies
11:11:38 throughout the county, different jurisdictions, about
11:11:43 you the actual implementation concurrency will be the
11:11:45 same.
11:11:47 That element will contain policies, and we have had
11:11:50 some draft policies that establish the level of
11:11:52 service standards for the schools, that establish
11:11:57 concurrency service areas, that we agreed that the --
11:12:02 in line with the school attendance zones, and that the
11:12:06 developed procedures for the review and mitigation of
11:12:11 impacts, when there's no capacity.
11:12:13 We still have a lot to do in terms of the actual data
11:12:18 analysis that the element is based on.
11:12:21 And I'll let school board give you an update on where

11:12:23 we are going with that.
11:12:26 We have the framework for the procedures and the
11:12:28 policy and the mechanism to implement concurrency.
11:12:30 We'll want to -- as we move to the analysis where are
11:12:35 the actual needs, where are the schools today that are
11:12:38 at capacity, where woo Do we project deficiencies?
11:12:44 Where is the plan for providing those facilities and
11:12:46 how do they relate to the framework that we want to
11:12:48 put in place?
11:12:49 I think we all want to be clear that what we are
11:12:51 putting in place is a system that we can manage growth
11:12:54 with the timing -- or the timing of the facilities,
11:12:58 and that analysis when we come back in the next few
11:13:01 weeks, we'll be looking at a short-run deficit, are we
11:13:05 looking at something that's two or three years out,
11:13:07 something five or six years down the road?
11:13:09 So if there's no questions for me, I would like
11:13:14 Lorraine Duffey to come up and give you a look at some
11:13:19 of the specifics and where we are at, at this point.
11:13:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't know who I pose this
11:13:25 question to.
11:13:28 Maybe nobody wants to answer it.

11:13:30 But as we all know, the county commission adopted or
11:13:35 is in the process of adopting a new ordinance to
11:13:39 increase impact fees in the county.
11:13:42 And I think it's long overdue.
11:13:45 I think ultimately they go from a couple hundred
11:13:47 dollars to gnaw house, for school impact fees.
11:13:55 My question is this.
11:13:57 When it comes to transportation impact fees -- and I'm
11:14:00 not telling you anything you don't know -- we break
11:14:02 the city up into zones, into specific zones, and we
11:14:05 say, okay, I think it's four, five, six different
11:14:09 zones for transportation impact fees.
11:14:10 And they are different.
11:14:12 If you build a house in South Tampa you are going to
11:14:15 pay a different impact fee for that house than if you
11:14:18 build it somewhere else in the city.
11:14:19 And based upon the analyses and the needs and that
11:14:22 sort of thing, and of that particular district, and
11:14:27 what I am wondering about is, it appears right now
11:14:30 that because we have one school board, we have one
11:14:36 school district that's a thousand square miles, that
11:14:41 if the city didn't do anything different, that if you

11:14:44 build a house in South Tampa for a new house, you
11:14:49 would pay that $4,000 because there are huge needs out
11:14:53 on the other side of the county.
11:14:56 I'm just wondering, has anybody thought to visit, you
11:15:00 know, breaking up the county in terms of the needs of
11:15:03 the different parts of the county?
11:15:05 And I'm not even talking about whether or not the city
11:15:10 limits or Temple Terrace or Plant City, or just
11:15:13 breaking the county up into quarters or something.
11:15:17 And it's a controversial question.
11:15:20 It's a difficult question.
11:15:21 But I think it's something that we should talk about.
11:15:28 >>> There's a legal answer to that and there's some
11:15:29 planning answers to that. I can give you from the
11:15:31 planning perspective. The public schools facility
11:15:34 element is required to show us where all the needs
11:15:37 are.
11:15:37 Countywide.
11:15:38 Where the needs are regardless of the jurisdiction.
11:15:41 And the plan that the school board has in place to
11:15:44 meet those needs.
11:15:45 Then the local government works through its long-range

11:15:47 planning and growth to help make that all work.
11:15:52 It's a long-range plan to help bring that together.
11:15:55 And it doesn't look at the jurisdictional needs.
11:15:57 It looks at the needs of the entire county.
11:15:59 So your questions will be in terms whereof the impacts
11:16:02 are, where the needs are, where do we foresee needs
11:16:06 and foresee facilities being put in place with the
11:16:10 answer to that element.
11:16:11 Now in terms of whether or not we can look at terms of
11:16:15 impact fee zones, whether that is a legal question,
11:16:22 they can answer a little bit of that.
11:16:24 >> And David, as you are coming up, the legal side of
11:16:27 me and the equitable side of me would ask that
11:16:29 question again.
11:16:31 You know, why would we have zones, relatively small
11:16:35 zones, in South Tampa, we have the Interbay
11:16:39 transportation impact fee zone which is basically from
11:16:41 Kennedy south to MacDill Air Force Base.
11:16:44 We have a very tight zone.
11:16:45 And we look at transportation impact fees in that
11:16:49 zone.
11:16:49 And then we assess the fees accordingly.

11:16:54 So I'm just wondering why we wouldn't be doing that or
11:16:56 something similar on education.
11:17:00 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
11:17:01 That's an excellent question.
11:17:03 And the best I can do at this juncture is probably
11:17:06 provide you some observations.
11:17:09 Although that is generally true in areas such as
11:17:12 transportation uniquely zoned so that your benefit and
11:17:16 burden is traceable in a rational way, the general
11:17:19 case law that I have seen tends to treat school
11:17:21 districts on a district-wide basis.
11:17:24 The case law is not, as I probably said before, the
11:17:29 model of clarity.
11:17:31 So I want to look at that a little more closely.
11:17:33 But some of the cases I found, one of which Mrs.
11:17:36 O'Dowd located for me, deals with the requirement of a
11:17:38 district-wide analysis and an impact fee that was
11:17:41 enacted that was not district wide, was not considered
11:17:43 to be sufficient, constitutionally, and was
11:17:48 unfortunately turned aside.
11:17:49 That having been said -- pardon?
11:17:52 In Florida, yes, sir.

11:17:53 That having been said, the new growth management act
11:17:57 made several changes.
11:17:58 It's basic concurrency as a district-wide basis first
11:18:03 contemplates the possibility of having a concurrency
11:18:06 issue other than district wide at some juncture.
11:18:09 I'm not familiar with the process that gets us there.
11:18:11 I know that's different from impact fees but these are
11:18:13 all interrelated because what wave to have is a
11:18:16 capital improvement element that shows that the
11:18:18 improvements will be on line within a time period,
11:18:21 requisite to allow the development, a good portion of
11:18:23 the cost for those will come from impact fees, whether
11:18:29 the county or city or some combination that I'll
11:18:31 address in a minute, so that all has to be tied
11:18:34 together in order to make sense.
11:18:35 All of this is exacerbated by a rather arcane if not
11:18:39 esoteric way of funding our school system.
11:18:41 So we need to factor that in as well.
11:18:44 And I think the short answer is, and I talked to
11:18:46 Lorraine earlier about this, we are going to need to
11:18:49 have a much more open and active dialogue with the
11:18:52 school board.

11:18:53 Because, among other things, for example, we may have
11:18:55 a magnet school in the City of Tampa, I believe we do.
11:18:59 It's that's downtown.
11:19:01 We take students from all over the county.
11:19:05 Yet we may have a need for a new school downtown when
11:19:08 we build Tampa Heights.
11:19:09 But we have a facility, I believe power is the name,
11:19:13 which is nearby.
11:19:14 But how is that going to count in our capacity?
11:19:17 So I there's a lot of issues we need to address that I
11:19:19 have not seen addressed adequately yet.
11:19:22 Your question is absolutely on point. The simple
11:19:24 legal answer is that under the charter, if the county
11:19:28 passes an order instances that applies countywide, it
11:19:30 is applicable countywide, unless the city passes a law
11:19:35 that addresses the same subject matter.
11:19:37 That would suggest that we could, at least in county
11:19:42 and city government, we could do something about this.
11:19:45 Now, I want to caution you, though, because I have not
11:19:47 looked at all of these other issues that deal with
11:19:50 school funding, unified, the whole issues that come
11:19:53 up.

11:19:54 So I don't want to mislead you.
11:19:58 Simple service answer it looks like we could do
11:20:00 something but come back to with you a much more
11:20:02 comprehensive explanation which is one of the reasons
11:20:05 I asked to continue this.
11:20:06 This is not an easy area.
11:20:08 And everybody is grappling to find their way including
11:20:13 the school board.
11:20:14 It's a new era.
11:20:15 And we need to establish new policies and processes
11:20:18 for addressing these things.
11:20:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Smith, we are eagerly awaiting
11:20:30 the results of your research.
11:20:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Now we will hear from the school board.
11:20:37 >>> Lorraine Duffey Suarez, manager of Growth
11:20:40 Management for the school board.
11:20:41 If I could just make a couple comments on Mr.
11:20:44 Dingfelder's remarks as well.
11:20:45 And I don't really have an opinion formed on it.
11:20:47 But other issues, I think, Mr. Smith mentioned, the
11:20:51 magnet program that we also have a choice program,
11:20:54 which means if you live in one part of an area, you

11:20:57 can go to a school and not necessarily a neighborhood
11:20:59 school, you can go to a school in another part.
11:21:02 Also, when you talk about the cost, we have a need in
11:21:06 the county, which you're right, we have quite a bit of
11:21:08 growth in the county.
11:21:09 But we can build a large school and some larger
11:21:12 acreage in the unincorporated county.
11:21:15 In the city we are going to be paying probably more
11:21:18 money for the land to build the new school and
11:21:20 paying -- probably one of the smaller schools because
11:21:23 so the cost per student station rises when you start
11:21:26 buying smaller pieces and start building smaller
11:21:29 schools in the city.
11:21:30 So there's sort of a trade-off for different impacts.
11:21:33 If you're looking for a new school in the city, what
11:21:35 we have to construct might not -- it might actually
11:21:38 end up being more cost efficient in the unincorporated
11:21:41 county because we didn't find a larger piece and more
11:21:46 students.
11:21:46 So a lot of different choice that is we have to
11:21:48 evaluate in this.
11:21:49 The magnet program. The choice program.

11:21:50 It's not like a new development has specific impact.
11:21:53 Everyone is going to be going to one school because
11:21:56 they actually have choices to go outside their
11:22:00 neighborhood boundary.
11:22:02 It gets very complicated, which brings me to where I
11:22:05 am right now.
11:22:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think we can all agree on one
11:22:08 thing, a complicated subject, and that's why we are
11:22:11 glad you are over there.
11:22:17 I can see your point especially when you get into
11:22:20 parts of the city that are close to the county where,
11:22:24 you know, it starts blurring, the line starts blurring
11:22:27 very quickly.
11:22:28 Up towards town and country.
11:22:30 You know, you have got obviously the city and county
11:22:37 you have students going back and forth.
11:22:39 But then there are other parts of the city that are
11:22:41 more isolated, that even under the choice program, the
11:22:47 choice program doesn't -- it's not realistic.
11:22:55 So it's not just a South Tampa issue.
11:22:57 I think it's just an issue that you is complex and we
11:23:00 need to continue to explore.

11:23:02 >>> I don't disagree.
11:23:03 I was just saying it gets even more complex when you
11:23:06 start like the Blake magnet high school.
11:23:08 That has kids from unincorporated county in there.
11:23:12 Who are coming in.
11:23:13 Out in the county we have magnet programs with city
11:23:17 kids probably.
11:23:18 Of course I'm not on the curriculum side so I can't
11:23:20 give you a lot of detail on that.
11:23:22 Anyway, it pulls right into where we are heading here
11:23:25 with the element.
11:23:26 You already heard about the interlocal agreement, the
11:23:28 last time I was here.
11:23:29 And especially the element itself is going to have
11:23:32 four parts to it, if you want to think of it that way.
11:23:35 You have one component, coordination of information.
11:23:40 Your population projections, your growth trends, your
11:23:43 school siting criteria and the development approvals
11:23:46 and school capacity.
11:23:48 That's sort of how we are going to coordinate that
11:23:51 with each local element.
11:23:55 Then we have policy section, policy as far as schools,

11:23:58 community design, a lot of these are policies that
11:24:00 already exist in the comprehensive plan, that we are
11:24:03 pulling into the school element.
11:24:05 Those that are new are a result of school -- of new
11:24:10 state law.
11:24:10 So out there creating new policies using what you have
11:24:16 or using what the state is requiring to us do to put
11:24:18 those in.
11:24:19 Then we also have policies and we'll have to address
11:24:22 pedestrian safety, and facilities, the state requires
11:24:25 that.
11:24:25 And the use of schools for emergency shelters, which
11:24:28 again we already do, but now have to meet in that
11:24:31 element.
11:24:32 The implementation component is something we already
11:24:34 talked about in the interlocal agreement.
11:24:36 And he's that's the level of service standards and the
11:24:39 proportionate fair share and the general procedures on
11:24:41 how concurrency will work.
11:24:43 And then the capital facility planning.
11:24:49 That's what I talked a little about and that's what
11:24:51 you are hitting on.

11:24:53 It's the funding issue.
11:24:56 How we can provide the capacity that in this case, in
11:24:59 the City of Tampa, that you need to support the growth
11:25:02 that you are expecting.
11:25:03 And that's an important part of this program, because
11:25:06 we are going to be looking at each school at the
11:25:09 concurrency service area.
11:25:11 We have established a level of service through the
11:25:13 interlocal agreement.
11:25:14 We are saying 100% of what we call fish, the Florida
11:25:18 inventory of schoolhouses.
11:25:19 They we each school for capacity of students.
11:25:24 They say we don't want to go over that.
11:25:26 But the question remains, and we could actually ask
11:25:29 for an extension from the state today. Was our due
11:25:31 date.
11:25:31 I think almost every one of the six asked for an
11:25:37 extension, because we need to get that financial
11:25:39 information to pull together the legislative session
11:25:43 and we got additional -- in our case we have impact
11:25:47 fee additional revenues, and about two weeks ago the
11:25:49 state also said, by the way, you need to consider

11:25:53 charter -- charter schools as part of the capacity,
11:25:56 which is news to us.
11:25:57 We had not considered charter schools capacity because
11:26:00 we had actually reduced our student generation rate.
11:26:04 When a new development comes in, usually you see it in
11:26:07 your backup report for a new development.
11:26:09 We provide a report to your staff saying how many
11:26:11 students we project this new development will
11:26:14 generate.
11:26:18 >> That number has actually been reduced by the number
11:26:21 of students who don't attend public schools, private
11:26:26 school children, home schooled children.
11:26:29 But the state says, no, you must adopt it.
11:26:31 And they just let us know that.
11:26:33 So we asked for an extension where the state has
11:26:35 granted -- I got that word just as I was getting ready
11:26:38 to come down here, that they granted it.
11:26:41 So what we need to do is figure out with our new
11:26:44 revenue, which is $93 million estimated for the next
11:26:47 two years, additional money to build classrooms for
11:26:51 kids, as we call it, for the capacity being lost
11:26:55 during the class size amendment, we lost about 25%

11:26:58 capacity of elementary schools, and a little -- hey
11:27:03 schools of about 10% capacity because we have to
11:27:06 reduce the class size.
11:27:10 So we need to get that information together.
11:27:12 And that's one of the main issues.
11:27:16 And the question I want to be able to answer for all
11:27:18 of you.
11:27:19 You want to know, if we have a school that has -- is a
11:27:26 capacity does that mean it has to shut down?
11:27:29 Of course the state also allows to you look at the
11:27:32 service areas which are the schools adjacent to it to
11:27:34 get capacity.
11:27:35 So one school is over capacity but the school next
11:27:40 door is not.
11:27:41 The way the statute is written the developer is going
11:27:43 to be allowed to count the capacity next door.
11:27:47 We have to figure out, how do we get those children
11:27:49 there?
11:27:50 Are we going to change the boundary or bus children
11:27:52 from the new development?
11:27:53 So there are some procedural issues that are still
11:27:55 being worked out.

11:27:56 That's one of the reasons we asked for this extension.
11:28:00 We also need to figure out the pipeline.
11:28:03 I know I mentioned this last time.
11:28:05 And working with your staff and the other three
11:28:07 jurisdictions as well, how much development approved
11:28:10 is out there that's not going to be subject to
11:28:12 concurrency?
11:28:13 Every time you approve new development, that
11:28:16 development is not going to be subject to concurrency
11:28:19 if it's not passed a certain point before concurrency
11:28:24 goes into effect.
11:28:26 According to the statute, I believe it's the final
11:28:31 plat.
11:28:31 Anybody who has a final plat isn't going to be subject
11:28:34 to concurrency when you adopt your ordinance.
11:28:36 And we have a lawyer right there that will probably
11:28:38 figure that out for us.
11:28:39 But we need to know how many of those are out there,
11:28:42 how many people are holding a final plat.
11:28:48 I think where they have all these lots out there,
11:28:52 somebody division lots, but what's the rate?
11:28:55 What rate should we expect?

11:28:59 Are any of them ever going to go?
11:29:01 From all four jurisdiction Weiss need to build that in
11:29:04 because that will affect the level of service that can
11:29:07 be accommodated in each school.
11:29:10 And then how do we implement this concurrency system?
11:29:13 That's another outstanding question.
11:29:15 Because the statute -- each local government has a
11:29:19 different way of measuring and issuing their. Org
11:29:24 doing their concurrency review.
11:29:26 And when they issue those concurrency capacity
11:29:28 certificates, we need to have general uniformity, is
11:29:32 what the statute says.
11:29:33 I think uniformity in the way that we apply this,
11:29:36 which means we can't have one government saying, well,
11:29:38 you can go all the way down to the CO before you have
11:29:42 this concurrency test.
11:29:43 But another local government saying, well, you have to
11:29:45 do it as a preliminary.
11:29:48 We needed to have it where the developer who is
11:29:53 spending millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands
11:29:55 anyway has some surety that it's going to proceed.
11:29:59 Downright want somebody to get almost to the end and

11:30:01 then find out they can't meet concurrency.
11:30:03 So those are still some of the outstanding questions
11:30:06 we need to answer.
11:30:06 It's complex.
11:30:07 And there's a lot of data that we still need to
11:30:09 collect.
11:30:10 We need to look at each school over the five-year
11:30:14 planning period.
11:30:17 What is their projected population in that school?
11:30:21 We are still working on an issue with DCA.
11:30:34 And the concurrency -- and it doesn't make sense.
11:30:53 You need to look at
11:31:03 How can we possibly be meeting concurrency every
11:31:05 single year?
11:31:06 That development is going to come in.
11:31:09 And then that raises another question we so need to
11:31:12 define, the statute, projects that are under
11:31:16 construction can be counted.
11:31:18 Within three years -- within the first three years of
11:31:20 your five-year plan.
11:31:24 Look under construction.
11:31:25 You can start a high school but it's not going to be

11:31:27 done for two and a half years.
11:31:28 So if you say under construction, but that capacity is
11:31:31 quite frankly not going to be there until the end of
11:31:34 that, I don't think that's fair to anybody.
11:31:36 So you need to define some of these terms.
11:31:39 We are doing a model.
11:31:40 I think what we need to know is we are doing a model
11:31:43 here.
11:31:44 We have plenty of time for us to refine the products
11:31:48 we ask you to adopt.
11:31:49 The model is one product.
11:31:51 And I think that's been very helpful to us to have all
11:31:56 the professional staff on it.
11:31:57 But once the model component is finished, that's when
11:32:00 we really get into the nuts and bolts of how it
11:32:03 affects the City of Tampa.
11:32:04 Have more time to sit down and work out.
11:32:08 So that's where we are.
11:32:10 I can answer any more questions on that.
11:32:11 And again I don't really have any information on the
11:32:14 impact fee other than to say that there is a lot of
11:32:17 different components that we need to think about when

11:32:20 we go to the impact fee study.
11:32:22 The impact fee ordinance.
11:32:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is there any consideration given to
11:32:28 transportation costs?
11:32:30 Because in the city, as we build in neighborhoods,
11:32:36 smaller schools, where the kids could potentially walk
11:32:39 to Tampa Heights, for example, you all will save a
11:32:46 great deal of money on transportation, which I know is
11:32:48 a separate subject from your capital costs.
11:32:51 But is there any thought given to those -- to
11:32:55 transportation costs as part of the lifetime
11:32:58 sustainability of school facilities?
11:33:01 >>> I can't say it's done exactly that way.
11:33:04 It may be done.
11:33:05 I can't say that it is or isn't done.
11:33:06 I know that some of the conversations that I have been
11:33:08 in is exactly that.
11:33:11 You have two problems, when you think that one, the
11:33:15 parents almost always want to drive their child
11:33:18 anyway.
11:33:18 They don't want them to walk.
11:33:20 Walk.

11:33:20 The other issue if you don't have the sidewalk.
11:33:23 That's another issue.
11:33:24 The statute says we have to have sidewalks within two
11:33:27 miles of every school.
11:33:28 >> What I'm saying is in the county and big
11:33:31 subdivisions, I don't know what they are doing but in
11:33:33 the city we are redeveloping neighborhoods with an eye
11:33:35 toward than encouraging walkable neighborhoods, small
11:33:38 scale schools, which might be more expensive, as you
11:33:41 said during construction, but life cycle costs you
11:33:45 save on the transportation, because they are being
11:33:47 creative.
11:33:48 The school community center to incentivize people to
11:33:54 walk with their kids.
11:34:00 >>> Making them a focal point of neighborhoods.
11:34:01 At least the elementary.
11:34:03 >> Yes.
11:34:03 Good.
11:34:04 >>> And I think they are already thinking that way.
11:34:08 >> It's already on your plan.
11:34:10 >>> I am going to go back and find out about that if
11:34:13 that is one of the components when we site schools.

11:34:17 >> And I have information to share with you.
11:34:18 >>> Okay, great.
11:34:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
11:34:21 Any discussion on item number 5?
11:34:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: When are we reconvening?
11:34:29 >>> June 22nd.
11:34:31 >> I would like a follow-up on June 22nd where we
11:34:35 can then bring to you the final draft of the model,
11:34:39 public facility element, and then hopefully have all
11:34:42 the answers to the questions that we raised today for
11:34:45 you all.
11:34:49 >>GWEN MILLER: June 22nd.
11:34:57 It's a nature meeting.
11:35:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Does it require any action prior to
11:35:08 that?
11:35:10 >>> Before you make your final decision.
11:35:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The 15th is no piece of cake
11:35:25 either.
11:35:29 We need to see the element.
11:35:33 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
11:35:34 Let me clue you in on this conversation.
11:35:36 It's important.

11:35:37 We are trying to figure out whether we could do a date
11:35:40 different than the June 22nd date because you have
11:35:43 so much going on that date.
11:35:44 The problem is the school board has to have this
11:35:46 council look at the element, and their contract is not
11:35:49 only extended to July 3rd.
11:35:52 And we don't have a meeting on the 29th.
11:35:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: How about the 15th?
11:35:59 >>DAVID SMITH: The 15th?
11:36:01 >>> My concern is because we want to give you time to
11:36:04 read it.
11:36:07 That's pretty much next week.
11:36:08 And I don't think I will have the element in a form
11:36:11 that I will feel comfortable you trying to make sense
11:36:14 of.
11:36:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena?
11:36:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm prepared to suggest that we do
11:36:19 this at close of meeting for the morning meeting,
11:36:22 theoretically, on the 22nd.
11:36:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Close of the meeting --
11:36:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Narcotics we don't have a 1:00.
11:36:33 I'm reading it wrong.

11:36:34 >>GWEN MILLER: After lunch or what?
11:36:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
11:36:38 If we are definitely breaking for lunch.
11:36:39 And if we can finish before lunch, great.
11:36:42 If we go after lunch we do it then.
11:36:44 But we do it the same way so we have that flexibility.
11:36:47 >>GWEN MILLER: We need a motion then.
11:36:48 >>KEVIN WHITE: That's not a problem with their staff?
11:36:53 >>> I'm flexible.
11:37:03 >>THE CLERK: Did you set a public hearing for June
11:37:07 22nd, Central Park Village, also carrying over
11:37:10 item number 8 to June 22nd, transportation.
11:37:17 >>GWEN MILLER: I need a motion.
11:37:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay.
11:37:21 I make the motion for the end of the meeting,.
11:37:29 >>KEVIN WHITE: What about the meeting before that?
11:37:31 Did we not have enough time?
11:37:33 >>> I would not feel comfortable with you having all
11:37:35 the information you need in advance of the meeting.
11:37:37 >> What I can do to help, because I know the day is a
11:37:44 very busy day for you all, keep in mind that this is a
11:37:47 model element, what DCA needs to ensure is that the

11:37:52 local governments have seen the model before it's gone
11:37:54 to them.
11:37:55 And that they concur generally with the direction of
11:37:58 the model and interlocal agreement.
11:38:00 What we can do is make sure that they brief you and
11:38:07 know what the key elements are and really try to
11:38:10 expedite that, so it's less time.
11:38:13 One of the reasons why we continue to have the
11:38:15 workshop today, or kept it on schedule, is we knew we
11:38:18 were going to have more time to talk about some of
11:38:20 these issues with the intent, on the 22nd if you
11:38:24 come back and try to just let now what's changed or
11:38:26 what are the key outstanding items that we are going
11:38:29 to be transmitting up to DCA.
11:38:33 Again, DCA is going to take the document and use it
11:38:37 for other local jurisdictions.
11:38:39 So it's not a binding document for us.
11:38:41 We are going to continue to refine the model and bring
11:38:43 it back to a public hearings and approvals and
11:38:46 adoptions.
11:38:50 >>KEVIN WHITE: Mr. Goers, can we basically assume that
11:38:54 maybe a five-minute presentation?

11:38:58 If that's the case, we can make it for a time certain
11:39:00 and limit it to five minutes and just get them out of
11:39:03 here early and they can be done, if they can brief
11:39:06 council maybe the day or two before with the summary
11:39:10 sheet.
11:39:10 And then just do the presentation, if we can do it
11:39:13 five minutes.
11:39:15 Maybe toward the beginning of the meeting.
11:39:17 And then just be done it with rather than have them
11:39:20 have to stay here to the very end of the meeting, if
11:39:22 we can all agree.
11:39:26 >>GWEN MILLER: What time certain?
11:39:29 >> 9:30.
11:39:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's so unrealistic.
11:39:33 >>KEVIN WHITE: If it's five minutes if we have all
11:39:35 been briefed.
11:39:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Kennedy Boulevard --
11:39:44 >>KEVIN WHITE: If we can get most of our questions
11:39:46 answered.
11:39:48 >>> I can also make another suggestion.
11:39:50 We can do that, and if there are specific questions
11:39:55 council has.

11:39:56 What we are trying to do is meet DCA's requirement.
11:39:59 If you generally concur in the direction, wee week
11:40:02 have the follow-up, public workshop in July and then
11:40:05 transmit any follow-up items.
11:40:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Time certain 9:30.
11:40:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have another idea.
11:40:15 What about 5:50 before City Council meeting?
11:40:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm just concerned, council.
11:40:26 If it's a time certain, that council intends to stop
11:40:29 whatever it's doing at that time?
11:40:32 I just want to know because you always have public
11:40:35 hearings and I want to be clear that the order of
11:40:37 business is clear.
11:40:38 >>KEVIN WHITE: The time certain, what we have done,
11:40:40 Mr. Shelby, it just doesn't go before that time.
11:40:43 It can always go of a.
11:40:44 But it can't go before.
11:40:46 >>ROSE FERLITA: In all fairness, Mr. Shelby, to our
11:40:49 chairman, if she has a spot where she thinks she can
11:40:55 can't stop, she is going to have Ms. Duffey be here
11:41:02 for another two and a half hours.
11:41:03 I think we can flip that and get them done so they

11:41:06 don't have to stay any longer than they have to.
11:41:08 It might be right then.
11:41:11 It's not going to be an hour later.
11:41:13 Shouldn't be.
11:41:14 >> And that's way said for maximum of five minutes.
11:41:17 That would be my motion.
11:41:19 The 22nd, 9:30 time certain.
11:41:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: How do we know what the discussion
11:41:25 is going to be?
11:41:28 There still might be discussion.
11:41:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We know you will have discussion.
11:41:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Be part of the discussion.
11:41:36 >>ROSE FERLITA: We are hopeful it will be five
11:41:38 minutes.
11:41:38 If there's anybody that thinks it's so important to
11:41:41 discuss it might be longer than five.
11:41:45 >>KEVIN WHITE: This is going to be a workshop, not a
11:41:47 public hearing.
11:41:52 >>> If you are going to take official action it would
11:41:54 be my recommendation to allow the public to speak
11:41:56 first.
11:41:58 >>It's our workshop to you and get your feedback. And

11:42:03 from that we'll be able to transmit to DCA in the model
11:42:07 letting them know we presented to City Council.
11:42:10 Any concerns or concerns.
11:42:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: When does public give input?
11:42:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: In July.
11:42:17 >>> When we go through the actual approval and
11:42:19 adoption of the element.
11:42:21 Again, it is a project to develop a model for the
11:42:26 Department of Community Affairs to use for other
11:42:29 jurisdictions.
11:42:29 We have developed just a framework to get it started
11:42:32 in the process and my guess is by the end --
11:42:38 identified framework, everything in place in terms of
11:42:42 how we want concurrency but there will be a lot of
11:42:46 discussions to work out with these four local
11:42:48 jurisdictions and the school board and how to move
11:42:50 forward.
11:42:51 So continue to have public comment.
11:42:57 >>ROSE FERLITA: So this is just to get our input, you
11:42:59 are supposed to do that as part of the process,
11:43:01 nothing to do with transmitting but confirms that we
11:43:05 have the opportunity --

11:43:06 >> It's not a transmittal of public hearing.
11:43:10 >> We have a motion and second for 9:30.
11:43:13 >> 9:35.
11:43:15 For five minutes.
11:43:17 >> All right.
11:43:20 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
11:43:21 Opposed, Nay.
11:43:23 >> Nay.
11:43:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:43:25 This is really important, guys.
11:43:26 And I think what we need to do is schedule an
11:43:30 opportunity to hear from the public, and action we
11:43:35 will take three weeks earlier on July on the 20th
11:43:38 we don't have an evening meeting.
11:43:39 I move that we schedule 10:00, a public discussion on
11:43:43 whatever we give on the 22nd.
11:43:46 Because we need to have an opportunity.
11:43:48 You are probably will have more information.
11:43:51 We need to give the public a chance to weigh in on it.
11:43:54 It's going to affect development in the city and I
11:43:56 think it's really important.
11:43:56 I move that we schedule a public discussion on this

11:44:01 school policy thing on the 20th at 10:00.
11:44:06 20th of July.
11:44:07 10:00.
11:44:11 >>CHAIRMAN: Motion dies for lack of second.
11:44:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it's pretty outrageous that
11:44:17 we are not having an opportunity for the public --
11:44:21 >>> Let me, if I could, getting back to the process.
11:44:24 The process involves public comment through public
11:44:27 stakeholders committee, which has been comprised of
11:44:32 citizens, property owners, developers, people that
11:44:36 have been feeding into the process, to make
11:44:40 recommendations or be considered, as well as the
11:44:43 Executive Committee.
11:44:44 So there has been a fair amount of discussion from
11:44:49 different aspects to bring --
11:44:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
11:44:59 Thank you.
11:45:05 I asked if anybody had any questions.
11:45:07 We already talked about impact fee.
11:45:10 You talked about it.
11:45:20 We talked about it already.
11:45:22 Okay.

11:45:24 Information from council members?
11:45:26 And then executive order.
11:45:30 I am going to go first.
11:45:31 I want to do a commendation to Ms. Brittany Boone.
11:45:38 Ms. Boone is the young lady who called 911 when the
11:45:42 officer got shot, and she stayed there.
11:45:56 I don't know whether the guy got caught or not.
11:45:59 >>> Killed him.
11:46:00 >> I would like --
11:46:06 I have a motion and second.
11:46:07 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
11:46:09 (Motion carried)
11:46:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This is in the local newspaper.
11:46:28 And in an article about making sense -- basically, I
11:46:40 wanted to show it to council.
11:46:44 I talked about this before.
11:46:45 And I think it's really important that we do something
11:46:51 I hate to follow Pinellas but it appears they might
11:46:53 have had the idea first.
11:46:54 I think that in storm surge areas --
11:46:57 >>> Use the hand held Mike, please.
11:46:59 We can't hear you.

11:47:00 >> Identify myself?
11:47:01 I think in storm surge areas we should have these type
11:47:03 of signs where people are extremely aware on a
11:47:07 day-to-day basis especially in the summertime in
11:47:09 hurricane season that they know what these storm
11:47:13 surges means, what it means to have a ten-foot tidal
11:47:17 surge over the top of that lady's head, and that's
11:47:19 only a category 2 storm.
11:47:21 You know, it could be off-shore.
11:47:28 Over Pinellas.
11:47:29 And still have that tidal surge coming into the bay
11:47:32 and flooding the area.
11:47:33 So with that wonderful illustration, I am going to
11:47:37 make a motion to ask a report back from our public
11:47:40 works department and see how much that would cost and
11:47:44 the feasibility of that, in 30 days.
11:47:48 >> Second.
11:47:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:47:49 (Motion carried)
11:47:53 Anything else, Mr. Dingfelder?
11:47:54 Ms. Saul-Sena?
11:47:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

11:47:56 Next week we are having a presentation for
11:48:00 sustainability group.
11:48:01 And I would like to request that city staff, Ohio
11:48:05 assume are going to be coming who will be here anyway,
11:48:08 give us a brief report, it can be written on whether
11:48:13 green roofs, a way of having buildings more
11:48:25 sustainable.
11:48:26 So the question is do we allow green roofs?
11:48:29 And secondly, as requested in three weeks, we get a
11:48:34 response on whether we can look at having a green roof
11:48:37 on.
11:48:38 The biggest roof that needs replacement.
11:48:40 And county save us a lot of money in the long run.
11:48:48 >>> Yes or no, do we allow green roofs, in three weeks
11:48:52 have a report, working on whether we can consider that
11:48:56 for the convention center which means if you get state
11:48:59 and federal money to help reroof.
11:49:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is there something urgent, you said
11:49:05 next week?
11:49:06 >> Just because it's on our agenda to talk about
11:49:08 sustainability.
11:49:09 One of the things on sustainability was green roof.

11:49:11 And they don't have to do a report, they can just say
11:49:14 "yes" or "no."
11:49:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
11:49:16 (Motion carried).
11:49:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Harrison?
11:49:20 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, Madam Chair.
11:49:22 As we go into our budget cycle for this year, I would
11:49:25 like to us consider something that I don't think this
11:49:28 council has ever considered, and that is a reduction
11:49:31 in our ad valorem taxes for the City of Tampa.
11:49:35 We often have seen how much more it costs just to live
11:49:40 anymore.
11:49:41 Actually, there was a great article in the Tribune
11:49:44 earlier this week, rising costs sink area budgets.
11:49:48 It talked about how much everything in life has gone
11:49:51 up.
11:49:52 And I have never, at least in my eight years on
11:49:55 council, no one has ever seriously discussed the idea
11:49:58 of a reduction in ad valorem taxes.
11:50:01 We have held the line.
11:50:02 And that's been a great thing.
11:50:04 But we have never talked about going in reverse area.

11:50:07 So what I would like to do is schedule for two weeks a
11:50:11 discussion on the possibility of lowering our
11:50:14 ad valorem tax revenue, or ad valorem tax rate in the
11:50:17 City of Tampa.
11:50:19 I believe -- and I don't have any -- I want council to
11:50:24 discuss it and it needs to happen before the budget
11:50:27 cycle starts so that we can have input from the
11:50:30 administration, and see if this something they would
11:50:33 be willing to go along with.
11:50:35 I'm not thinking about anything radical.
11:50:36 Something in the neighborhood of a 2% reduction would
11:50:41 not break the bank as far as what our needs are in the
11:50:45 city, and I think it would be meaningful and a gesture
11:50:51 to our citizens that we understand what everybody is
11:50:56 going through with the price of gas and the price of
11:50:59 insurance, and the price of new homes.
11:51:03 Affordable housing is a very timely topic right now.
11:51:06 And if we see that affordable housing is something
11:51:09 that really is out of reach for many of our citizens.
11:51:13 And this would be our opportunity to say, we know what
11:51:16 you're going through, and we are going to try to
11:51:19 respond.

11:51:19 So schedule that for discussion in two weeks.
11:51:22 We would like the administration to come and give
11:51:24 their thoughts on it.
11:51:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:51:35 Question on the motion.
11:51:36 >>ROSE FERLITA: I just want to make a comment.
11:51:39 Should I do it now?
11:51:40 Mr. Harrison is right.
11:51:41 Wave not looked at reducing the millage forever.
11:51:44 Last year going through the budget conversations, when
11:51:46 somebody said it was a wonderful budget, because the
11:51:49 mayor was not raising the millage.
11:51:51 And I made a comment, I remember as if it was
11:51:53 yesterday, she's not raising it but she's not lowering
11:51:56 it either.
11:51:57 And I think it hasn't been lowered since Sandy
11:51:59 Freedman 17 years ago, et cetera.
11:52:02 So I certainly support this concept and this attitude
11:52:04 about decreasing the millage.
11:52:06 The details, I guess, will be in the mix when we do
11:52:08 have a discussion that'salities more comprehensive.
11:52:11 But let me add something to what Mr. Harrison is

11:52:13 saying because I think it's very important.
11:52:15 First of all we have experienced a very robust
11:52:17 increase in property tax revenue, due to increased
11:52:20 valuations.
11:52:22 That's an additional source of revenue that came on
11:52:24 board 5'5" years ago.
11:52:27 Get morgue gas tax revenue.
11:52:30 Many if not all of our fees were raised for services,
11:52:33 solid waste, parking, water, stormwater utility tax
11:52:36 was doubled.
11:52:37 So I think it's a fine time.
11:52:38 I think it's overdue to look at rolling back the
11:52:42 ad valorem tax a little bit.
11:52:43 And I do want to say that that I think it's wonderful
11:52:46 to have a plan or discussion or proposal.
11:52:48 But at the same time, it has to have to kind of make
11:52:51 sense.
11:52:52 As we go through with the administration's approval or
11:52:54 not, it doesn't matter what they say, I'm saying that
11:52:57 I think it's a good idea and I support Mr. Harrison's
11:53:01 suggestion.
11:53:01 We don't want to do something because we want to look

11:53:05 conservative, and at the same time jeopardize the
11:53:08 services that we give our constituents.
11:53:10 Certainly, we need to reduce it but we sure don't need
11:53:14 to look at the budget and reduce in the areas of
11:53:16 public safety.
11:53:17 I think we are all on board saying that's the place we
11:53:19 don't want to cut.
11:53:20 And if we wanted to do something that was instrumental
11:53:23 and demonstrative of what we want to do about getting
11:53:27 some relief to our citizens, I think I will leave this
11:53:30 in your minds, colleagues, as we go on with Mr.
11:53:33 Harrison's suggestion to discuss it further.
11:53:35 If we want to reduce the millage, we need to look at
11:53:38 areas that I think we need to look at primarily.
11:53:40 I think it's been talked about by either Ellen, and I
11:53:48 know we had the articles about salaries, et cetera.
11:53:51 I think the administration ought to consider again the
11:53:53 organizational chart.
11:53:54 In the last four to five years, I think it's too fat
11:53:57 at the top.
11:53:58 If we want to appear back our taxes I think the
11:54:03 message would be very clear if we are serious about

11:54:05 this, that's the place we need to look at as we do our
11:54:08 homework in anticipation of his plan.
11:54:11 Millage has not been cut back as I said since 17 years
11:54:16 ago.
11:54:16 And I think it was after the mayor had sent in her
11:54:20 suggestion in terms of setting the millage rate to
11:54:24 Ralph Turner's office and dealt with the trim issues.
11:54:26 Awl so although I understand, it is still possible,
11:54:29 once we go through the budget process, to go back and
11:54:32 still change that if we are lowering it, gosh, it
11:54:35 makes a L heck of a lot more common sense to look at
11:54:37 this very comprehensively and talk about reducing the
11:54:40 millage before Pam submits to the Mr. Turner's office.
11:54:46 I not only support that attitude, I wholeheartedly
11:54:48 support that attitude.
11:54:49 I think it's time.
11:54:50 It's long overdue.
11:54:52 The county has done some of that.
11:54:53 And I think that's one of the times that following
11:54:55 their lead, also allows to us look like leaders.
11:54:58 So I'm looking forward to that discussion and
11:55:00 supporting the Dee decrease in that millage rate.

11:55:03 Mr. Harrison, thank you for bringing it up.
11:55:06 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
11:55:07 I heard Mr. Harrison's suggestion and Ms. Ferlita's
11:55:11 support.
11:55:12 The only thing I'm concerned about, I would caution
11:55:14 you that we need to do this in a manner that's
11:55:17 consistent with the charter process.
11:55:19 And I can't tell you today exactly what that is.
11:55:21 I know that generally this is in the context of the
11:55:25 budget.
11:55:26 I know Mrs. Ferlita set a concern about setting
11:55:28 millage, and I'm not sure what the time is, whether
11:55:30 that occurs too early in the processor not.
11:55:33 But charter contemplates clearly that council is the
11:55:38 legislative branch.
11:55:39 That includes revenue as well as costs.
11:55:41 So I think it is certainly something that is within
11:55:44 the purview of council.
11:55:46 I would like to look at the charter and provide you
11:55:49 some guidance in terms of the process you may want to
11:55:53 employ, that is consistent with the charter.
11:55:55 And I think I understand what you're saying.

11:55:57 I just want to make sure that we do this -- that do
11:55:59 you this in a manner that's consistent with those
11:56:02 requirements.
11:56:02 I can't tell dah what those are.
11:56:04 >>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Smith, I appreciate that.
11:56:07 Because this is about collecting data and Mr. Harrison
11:56:09 brought it up and the rest us had the opportunity to
11:56:11 weigh in on it.
11:56:12 That would help immensely.
11:56:13 We know that we have the ability to do that or not
11:56:16 approve the budget as is and as presented.
11:56:18 But I think we are going to be a little -- hopefully
11:56:20 we will be a little more proactive.
11:56:23 But what helps that process, Dave, if you wouldn't
11:56:26 mind, giving us the process that wave to follow.
11:56:31 What we have to do, when did K we do it if we decide
11:56:34 to do it?
11:56:35 And that will all weigh in on the conversation that we
11:56:37 are going to have.
11:56:37 So hopefully we have a beneficial product from that
11:56:40 discussion that will help our constituents.
11:56:43 Thank you so much.

11:56:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I attended a budget workshop about
11:56:47 a week ago with Ms. Alvarez and Mr. White.
11:56:50 And it was very sobering.
11:56:53 Like my colleagues, it seamed to me with all the
11:56:55 building that's going on in Tampa that we are going to
11:56:57 have a windfall in tax money.
11:57:01 The significant information that I didn't realize
11:57:03 until I attended that workshop is that the city is
11:57:08 essentially self-insured when it comes to hurricanes.
11:57:11 We don't have policies that cover our major buildings
11:57:16 that are vulnerable to hurricanes.
11:57:18 It's sort of appropriate after Mr. Dingfelder's
11:57:20 comment on storm surges.
11:57:22 We have to begin to develop an endowment to protect
11:57:27 ourselves in case of hurricanes.
11:57:28 And when I reflect on the true meaning of the word
11:57:33 "conservative" it means to protect.
11:57:36 And I think that the responsible thing for us to do as
11:57:39 the city, recognizing our vulnerability in terms of
11:57:44 hurricanes, is to put money aside, in a way over the
11:57:48 next five years, to create this safe endowment.
11:57:54 I respect you, Mr. Harrison.

11:57:55 And I think you are a careful thinker.
11:57:58 I think this is -- this is a symbolic gesture that is
11:58:07 not as responsible as we need to be as a city.
11:58:11 And therefore I will not support the motion, because I
11:58:13 think any additional revenues we have as a city, we
11:58:20 should use conservatively, in the truest sense of the
11:58:23 word, to protect ourselves against potential disaster.
11:58:27 Today is the first day of hurricane season.
11:58:29 I think we are all keenly aware of it.
11:58:32 And I will just go through the list.
11:58:34 The Aquarium is city owned.
11:58:37 The Convention Center.
11:58:38 The Performing Arts Center. The museum.
11:58:41 As well as our -- specifically on the water in harm's
11:58:47 way.
11:58:47 And in the last two years, if you all saw the
11:58:49 information that we saw at this meeting, our coverage
11:58:53 went from paying $3 million a year for $500 million of
11:58:57 coverage to $3 million a year for $30 million worth of
11:59:01 coverage.
11:59:02 That isn't enough to begin to cover our cities assets.
11:59:06 So that's why we responsibly have to begin to create

11:59:09 this endowment, to protect our public investment.
11:59:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And we all have our own different
11:59:19 styles.
11:59:20 I sent an e-mail to the administration about a month
11:59:23 ago asking the question.
11:59:26 I said we have looked at it.
11:59:28 It's been 18 years or something.
11:59:31 Why don't we consider rolling back the millage, just
11:59:35 some small part, just so we can show the people we
11:59:38 care?
11:59:39 In response to that, I got a lot of information.
11:59:42 And Mrs. Saul-Sena just related to council about the
11:59:47 building up the contingency fund, the higher costs of
11:59:50 insurance, other hurricane preparedness issues,
11:59:53 construction costs which have been rising for all of
11:59:56 our projects, and the increase in gasoline costs.
12:00:01 What is it, for every penny of gas, the city pays 100
12:00:07 that you.
12:00:08 26,000.
12:00:09 So those are the types of things that Bonnie explained
12:00:13 to me very courteously and professionally as to why
12:00:16 she didn't feel it would be responsible necessarily to

12:00:19 do that.
12:00:23 So I let it go at that time.
12:00:25 However, I seconded this T motion just now because I
12:00:28 think it's important for us to have that dialogue.
12:00:30 Not only us, but for the community to hear that
12:00:34 discussion.
12:00:35 And there's nothing wrong with that.
12:00:36 And Ms. Saul-Sena, you're always up for dialogue and
12:00:39 discussion.
12:00:39 And I think that's the intent of the motion.
12:00:42 Ms. Ferlita and Mr. Harrison aren't saying we are
12:00:45 going to change anything today.
12:00:46 But I think what they are saying is look at these
12:00:49 issues, let's explore these issues, let's have Bonnie
12:00:51 stand in front of us, and we can talk about it for
12:00:54 more than five minutes, and as much time as we need
12:00:59 to.
12:00:59 And that's why I'm supportive of the motion.
12:01:03 And I'm going to keep an open mind on this issue.
12:01:06 Because if we can roll back the property taxes, then
12:01:09 we should.
12:01:09 And if we shouldn't, then we shouldn't.

12:01:13 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I was at that meeting like Mrs.
12:01:17 Saul-Sena said.
12:01:17 And the estimated budget that they were talking about
12:01:20 was the same as last year, $674 million.
12:01:24 We, from the ad valorem tax, we only get a little bit
12:01:27 more than 26% for the ad valorem.
12:01:32 All that money that we get from there goes to the
12:01:35 police and fire budget.
12:01:37 So how can we even think about doing that?
12:01:41 Yes, a lot of stuff is coming in.
12:01:43 But we are still held back by what Ms. Saul-Sena said.
12:01:50 We have contingency fees.
12:01:52 We are self-insured.
12:01:53 Our policies went down to $30 million.
12:01:56 That doesn't cover anything.
12:02:01 Aquarium insurance, they can't even afford to do that.
12:02:03 So we are talking about rolling back millage?
12:02:09 I'm sorry, I won't be able to support, not even a
12:02:12 discussion about it.
12:02:13 Because it's not prudent at this time.
12:02:15 Construction costs are going up.
12:02:18 And market values are going up, too.

12:02:20 It's just not the time to do this.
12:02:22 So I won't support that.
12:02:26 >>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Dingfelder, I appreciate your
12:02:27 comments because I think we are talking about a
12:02:29 discuss to -- discussion to see if this is possible or
12:02:32 not and I think it is.
12:02:33 I think if we cut back in the appropriate place that
12:02:35 is we can do it. The short and the long is this:
12:02:38 Concentrate on necessary things.
12:02:40 Eliminate the pretty things and give our constituents
12:02:43 some relief.
12:02:45 I am very much in favor of reducing the millage.
12:02:48 I think it's appropriate and it's timely.
12:02:52 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Madam Chair, I'm glad that we had
12:02:56 enough foresight as to what we might expect in two
12:02:58 weeks. This is a healthy discussion.
12:03:00 And I appreciate Mr. Dingfelder's support.
12:03:02 And we'll see where it goes.
12:03:06 Again, not one of us wants to be irresponsible with
12:03:09 the city's budget.
12:03:10 And we're not talking about radical change.
12:03:14 I wouldn't support radical change.

12:03:16 We can't endanger the public safety of the people who
12:03:19 live here.
12:03:20 But if there are places where we can trim back, we can
12:03:24 tighten our belts, we should explore that.
12:03:26 And Ms. Ferlita said it.
12:03:28 We have raised every fee -- when I say we, I mean
12:03:32 collectively, this group, not everyone on this
12:03:34 board -- every fee that can possibly have been raised
12:03:37 has been raised within the last couple of years.
12:03:39 And is it now an opportunity for to us say to every
12:03:44 person that lives in this city, we understand it's
12:03:48 more expensive and we are here to try to help.
12:03:51 And we'll see where the discussion goes.
12:03:53 I look forward to it and hopefully will have a few
12:03:56 people in the audience that want to weigh in on this,
12:03:58 too.
12:03:58 And we are doing it well enough in advance so that
12:04:03 Bonnie and the mayor and the administration has a
12:04:06 chance to thoughtfully respond.
12:04:08 And if council says in two weeks' time, we think it's
12:04:13 a good idea, and here's what we think the millage
12:04:15 ought to be rolled back to, that gives everybody an

12:04:18 opportunity to plan through the summer, as we go
12:04:20 through our budget hearings.
12:04:21 If we say, now what?
12:04:23 We just can't do it.
12:04:24 Then we can't do it.
12:04:25 But at least we had that discussion and we owe it to
12:04:28 everybody in the city to have that discussion.
12:04:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
12:04:31 Mr. Shelby.
12:04:31 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just curious if council would make a
12:04:37 motion to have this on the agenda.
12:04:38 >>SHAWN HARRISON: It's two weeks.
12:04:39 What is it?
12:04:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY: At what point in the agenda?
12:04:44 >>SHAWN HARRISON: What are we looking like as far as
12:04:46 our --
12:04:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: While they are looking at this, let me
12:04:54 just add to this.
12:04:58 We have always gone to the department heads and we
12:05:00 have always had unfunded budget requests.
12:05:03 How can we even think about doing anything like that
12:05:05 when we can't even fund whatever we have, especially

12:05:09 transportation, the stormwater?
12:05:10 Of course we have gone up on the fees and all.
12:05:13 But we still have problems with that.
12:05:15 We have problems in every department.
12:05:17 With all the costs that are coming in with the
12:05:20 gasoline, and you mentioned that, Mr. Dingfelder.
12:05:23 Gasoline prices are over the roof.
12:05:27 And the parks and everything we are putting out there
12:05:31 is just costing a lot more.
12:05:34 This is just not the time to be messing around with
12:05:38 budget cuts -- or not cuts, but the millage cuts.
12:05:43 I just can't see where it's coming from.
12:05:45 It's just not a good time to do this.
12:05:50 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I don't have any time certain.
12:05:52 We'll put it on for discussion during the regular
12:05:54 meeting.
12:05:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
12:05:56 We have a motion and second.
12:05:57 >>THE CLERK: Saul-Sena and Alvarez no.
12:06:04 >>SHAWN HARRISON: That's all.
12:06:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Alvarez?
12:06:07 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like to set a --

12:06:12 >>ROSE FERLITA: Public hearing to raise the millage.
12:06:14 [~Laughter~]
12:06:19 I'm sorry, Mary.
12:06:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I don't think I deserved that.
12:06:31 Set a CRA meeting for June 8th at 8:45.
12:06:38 >>GWEN MILLER: You all have to be here now.
12:06:40 We have a motion and second.
12:06:41 (Motion carried)
12:06:43 Anything else?
12:06:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: No.
12:06:44 >>ROSE FERLITA: One quick thing that comes up every so
12:06:47 often, goes away and comes back and goes away and
12:06:49 comes back.
12:06:51 I think this is definitely a public safety issue, the
12:06:54 issue with you the boats sitting abandoned and people
12:06:57 use it as their homes, and decide to dump their waste
12:07:00 off the side of the boats.
12:07:01 I went out there because a lady complained.
12:07:03 And I just want to pass these around to you all.
12:07:06 That's kind of a nice shot compared to some of the
12:07:08 other shots.
12:07:09 But I never have gotten a good feel about B

12:07:13 jurisdiction, if it's the port authority, is it the
12:07:15 city?
12:07:15 And somebody that came almost close that was near and
12:07:18 dear to my heart to giving us some sort of a
12:07:21 direction.
12:07:23 Mr. Morris Massey, I could kill him for leaving but
12:07:25 anyway he's gone.
12:07:26 Don't even know who to direct that to in legal.
12:07:28 But somebody needs to let us know what's going on.
12:07:34 >> Administration.
12:07:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Some.
12:07:37 Are they being used?
12:07:39 >>ROSE FERLITA: No, some of them ar ban donned.
12:07:41 Some people are living on them.
12:07:43 And their human waste off the side.
12:07:44 It is a public safety issue.
12:07:50 >> It's more than five or six.
12:07:53 >>ROSE FERLITA: With that being said, I would like to
12:07:55 have the administration come back in a week and tell
12:07:57 me where we are with this, why do two weeks?
12:08:00 This is not a big issue.
12:08:02 They have a ton of that already, Mr. Shelby.

12:08:04 This lady was just aggravated.
12:08:06 She said every time I see, what happens?
12:08:08 You say, yeah, yeah, yeah, one week is fine.
12:08:11 And if one week they can't give us a real
12:08:13 comprehensive answer then they can come back in the
12:08:15 second week.
12:08:16 That issue has been around longer than you have been
12:08:18 here.
12:08:19 My motion is to not just support it.
12:08:22 You know how that goes.
12:08:23 But I would like something from transportation, be
12:08:27 whoever is in charge of this, legal or whatever.
12:08:29 It is a public safety issue.
12:08:31 Tell us what we can do.
12:08:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Let me just say this one more time
12:08:35 and I promise I won't ever again.
12:08:36 Ever.
12:08:37 Because you are all together here, all seven, the
12:08:39 administration has asked as a standing policy --
12:08:44 >>ROSE FERLITA: I know what you're saying.
12:08:46 >>> I am not going to play it again.
12:08:48 You council members are aware.

12:08:49 I am under no further obligation to understand it.
12:08:52 Each council member knows full well what the
12:08:54 administration's request is and I'm done everything --
12:08:57 >>ROSE FERLITA: And I appreciate the explanation.
12:08:59 I have heard it before.
12:09:00 But there's nothing so complicated they can't give me
12:09:02 an answer in a week.
12:09:03 And if they want to expand, that's like the miracle
12:09:06 rule, says council, don't you dare ask for anything in
12:09:11 response in less than two weeks.
12:09:13 Why?
12:09:13 Is that a policy?
12:09:15 No.
12:09:15 A week is fine.
12:09:16 It's been around a long time.
12:09:17 All somebody has to do upstairs, across the hall, is
12:09:20 to go look at the data in this file and let us know
12:09:23 what we are doing, again, one week is ample as far as
12:09:26 I'm concerned.
12:09:27 It is a public safety issue.
12:09:28 Go out there.
12:09:29 And see what people dump off.

12:09:37 >> We have a motion and second.
12:09:42 >>KEVIN WHITE: You're absolutely right, that's what
12:09:45 the administration has requested, two weeks.
12:09:46 But so has this council requested time and time and
12:09:50 time again that we get our information from in a
12:09:55 timely chance.
12:10:01 Whenever they have the opportunity I'm sure they do.
12:10:03 But more often than not we get our information at the
12:10:05 last minute and our request to as a body make a
12:10:08 decision in little or no time.
12:10:10 So I don't think a week is anything that's too short
12:10:14 order.
12:10:17 In this particular case.
12:10:33 >> On Monday, June 5th, we'll be having the
12:10:38 enterprise department reviews, on Monday, we will also
12:10:44 be going over police, fire, and parks and recreation,
12:10:48 Monday, July 17th we will be talking about code
12:10:50 enforcement, clean city, public works.
12:10:53 Monday, July 24th, reserves pensions, property
12:10:56 insurance, health insurance, and others.
12:11:00 The other request I would have as far as council
12:11:02 members if we want to talk about the City Council

12:11:07 budget specifically, we need to put that on
12:11:09 whatever -- whichever one of these four dates that I'm
12:11:13 going to assume the great majority of cuss be there.
12:11:16 So if we could just look at these dates and maybe come
12:11:19 back the first part of next week.
12:11:22 And figure out one of those last three dates.
12:11:25 I'm assuming maybe public safety time.
12:11:29 I don't know, whichever is most convenient for
12:11:33 everybody when the majority of us can attend.
12:11:35 We want to put that up front.
12:11:39 If your time is limited.
12:11:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like for the review on the
12:11:56 unfunded requests.
12:11:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think they start at 9 a.m.
12:12:04 >> 9 a.m. on the fifth floor.
12:12:06 >> And I know everybody has their own schedules.
12:12:11 We might be interested in starting at 8:30.
12:12:13 >> No.
12:12:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Can you make it at 8:30?
12:12:18 >> Mr. Dingfelder can't get downtown at 8:30 from New
12:12:21 Tampa.
12:12:22 >> I respect that.

12:12:23 >> Can you get up at five?
12:12:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's fine.
12:12:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
12:12:32 >>KEVIN WHITE: That's going to be it.
12:12:36 Get with me next week and find out about the budget in
12:12:40 particular.
12:12:40 >> Move to receive and file.
12:12:42 >> Second.
12:12:42 (Motion carried).
12:12:44 >>THE CLERK: Council received a memorandum from Steve
12:12:48 Daignault who schedule a workshop on south of Gandy
12:12:54 transportation study.
12:12:56 Requesting 90 minutes.
12:13:00 >> Let me talk to Steve between now and next week and
12:13:03 see if we can do that after our break.
12:13:06 >>MARY ALVAREZ: That will be good.
12:13:16 >>THE CLERK: We have a letter from Hartline, from Ray
12:13:22 Geller.
12:13:22 He would like to appear before council before we take
12:13:25 the summer break and vacation to talk about the
12:13:28 advantages of having a bus shelter advertising

12:13:30 program.
12:13:33 Anticipating a ten minute PowerPoint presentation and
12:13:37 would like to be scheduled before council.
12:13:42 >>MARY ALVAREZ: How about the 22nd?
12:13:44 [~Laughter~]
12:13:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: A workshop the week after we get
12:13:48 back.
12:13:48 >>GWEN MILLER: He said before your break.
12:13:53 >> What does he want to talk about?
12:13:55 >> The bus shelters.
12:13:57 >> How about the 8th at the beginning of the
12:14:00 meeting.
12:14:01 >> That's next week.
12:14:02 >> Sure.
12:14:03 And tell him to make it five minutes.
12:14:07 And 10:00 for five minutes.
12:14:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
12:14:15 (Motion carried).
12:14:17 >>THE CLERK: That's all I have.
12:14:20 >> Move to receive and file.
12:14:21 >>CHAIRMAN: We have done that.
12:14:22 Mr. Shelby, do you have anything?

12:14:32 We stand adjourned.
12:14:33 (Meeting adjourned)