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Tampa City Council
Thursday, June 22, 2006
9:00 a.m. Session

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09:07:08 [Sounding gavel]
09:07:11 Tampa City Council is called to order.
09:07:17 The chair will yield to Mr. John Dingfelder.
09:07:22 >> Good morning, Madam Chair.
09:07:24 It gives me great pleasure this morning to introduce
09:07:27 reverend Steve Caselli of Holy Trinity Baptist Church.
09:07:34 He has been the senior minister since 1998.
09:07:36 He graduated Dennison university.
09:07:40 And he and his wife missy have three children.
09:07:43 One thing I wanted to notice about reverend Steve is
09:07:47 not only does he minister to his flock spiritually but
09:07:52 is also involved in South Tampa and his son was on the
09:07:58 state champion for youth of the cross so with that
09:08:01 we'll yield to reverend Steve Caselli to lead us in
09:08:07 the invocation followed by the pledge of allegiance.
09:08:10 If you will please stand.
09:08:11 >>> Let us pray.
09:08:14 Almighty God, we come before you this morning to
09:08:17 acknowledge that you are our creator, that you are the
09:08:23 one true governor over all things.
09:08:24 You have revealed yourself.
09:08:26 You.
09:08:28 In our conscience and in the law that you have
09:08:30 revealed in scripture and in your son.
09:08:36 And we ask you help us conform our lives to create a
09:08:39 Zane for us.
09:08:41 I especially pray for these public servants this
09:08:43 morning, that you would protect them against the fear
09:08:47 of the opinions of people when they are called to make
09:08:51 difficult choices.
09:08:53 I ask that you would protect them from love for power
09:08:58 when they have been entrusted with it, that you would
09:09:01 guard their hearts against pride when we are in the
09:09:05 public eye, and that you would especially give them
09:09:07 grace and patience as they receive criticism.
09:09:11 And grant above all that you give them wisdom to rule
09:09:15 with justice and righteousness, to love kindness, to
09:09:19 deliberate without partiality, that they would not
09:09:24 give in to the temptations to pander to the needs of
09:09:28 the rich and powerful but they would protect the weak
09:09:31 and the poor, and preserve the peace so that all in
09:09:34 our community might live with freedom and dignity.
09:09:38 And we ask this in the name of the father and the son
09:09:40 and the Holy Spirit.
09:09:42 Amen.
09:09:45 (Pledge of Allegiance).
09:10:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:10:02 Dingfelder here.

09:10:04 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Here.
09:10:05 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
09:10:06 >>ROSE FERLITA: Here.
09:10:07 >>KEVIN WHITE: Here.
09:10:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:10:10 At this time I yield to Ms. Rose Ferlita who will do
09:10:14 the officer of the year.
09:10:18 >>ROSE FERLITA: I just invited half of the audience to
09:10:57 join us.
09:11:05 Madam Chairman, good morning.
09:11:08 Colleagues, good morning as well.
09:11:10 Ladies and gentlemen.
09:11:10 Thank you for joining us today.
09:11:12 It is always a pleasure obviously to join with Chief
09:11:15 Hogue to give out an award and a thank you to the
09:11:19 Officer of the Month.
09:11:20 But today is particularly special as the award we are
09:11:24 going to give and the recognition we are going to give
09:11:26 to officer Dale Fritz for the officer of the year.
09:11:29 That's pretty incredible. Anyway, I will yield first
09:11:33 to the chief, thank him for what he does and for what
09:11:36 the rest of the men and women do and how difficult

09:11:38 this process is particularly to them.
09:11:45 >>CHIEF HOGUE: Good morning, council.
09:11:46 I would like to say thank you for all the support that
09:11:49 you give to the police department and for the
09:11:52 recognition of not only our officers of the month, but
09:11:56 our officer of the year.
09:12:00 It is a particularly special occasion for us.
09:12:02 You know, you heard me come here many times and speak
09:12:05 about the exclusive club that the Officer of the Month
09:12:09 enjoys, since there's only 12 of them selected every
09:12:12 year.
09:12:12 And an organization of over a thousand police officers
09:12:16 that it is quite an honor and distinction to be
09:12:20 awarded the Officer of the Month.
09:12:23 Well, you can imagine what officer of the year is,
09:12:26 since it's only one person a year.
09:12:30 And that is probably the most exclusive club at the
09:12:33 Tampa Police Department.
09:12:35 And those folks that achieve that are a very special
09:12:39 people indeed.
09:12:40 And that is also true of Dale Fritz, our Officer of
09:12:44 the Month.

09:12:45 I'm sorry, officer of the year for 2005.
09:12:50 And I'm going to tell you a few of the things he did.
09:12:53 But, you know, it's really about what he does all
09:12:59 year.
09:12:59 And I couldn't sit here.
09:13:01 I don't have time to read the hundreds and hundreds of
09:13:06 signature arrests and community involvement that he
09:13:08 had and crimes that he prevented.
09:13:11 And I will just kind of sum up that part of it by
09:13:14 saying that as you heard me say, you've heard the
09:13:20 mayor say, you read in the newspapers, that crime is
09:13:22 down significantly in the City of Tampa over the last
09:13:26 three years.
09:13:28 And it is the direct efforts of officers like Dale
09:13:31 here, and not only like Dale, but Dale is a special
09:13:36 one among many officers that are doing a good thing
09:13:39 because he's actually doing the best job at the police
09:13:42 department in helping us reduce crime and making this
09:13:46 whole city a safer place.
09:13:47 He was recognized as officer of the year because for
09:13:51 several major accomplishments that he had during the
09:13:53 year, one of which, FHP trooper was shot, pursuing a

09:14:01 vehicle off of the interstate.
09:14:03 That suspect was armed.
09:14:04 And obviously dangerous.
09:14:07 And plea through the neighborhoods where there were
09:14:15 residents living.
09:14:15 And officer Fritz immediately went to the area of the
09:14:19 call when he heard what was going on.
09:14:21 He did in fact find the suspect.
09:14:24 He chased down the suspect and made that arrest.
09:14:28 A very dangerous person who had just shot a law
09:14:31 enforcement officer.
09:14:34 You can imagine if they don't shoot somebody
09:14:36 hesitating who is armed they wouldn't hesitate at all
09:14:39 shooting somebody who wasn't.
09:14:42 Literally, days later patrolling his area, and a woman
09:14:47 runs out screaming and yelling, covered in blood, and
09:14:51 then shortly thereafter, a man with a knife is chasing
09:14:56 her.
09:14:56 He jumps out of his car.
09:14:58 He intervenes between them so that the suspect then
09:15:01 turns and runs.
09:15:02 The suspect was still after the woman even after he

09:15:06 was there.
09:15:07 So he first saved her by getting in between them and
09:15:11 the suspect turned and ran.
09:15:13 And then because he's youthful and in good shape he
09:15:18 ran down.
09:15:19 It even said in the write-up, a lengthy foot pursuit.
09:15:25 So I have a feeling the suspect was in good shape too.
09:15:29 He caught him and took him off the street.
09:15:31 Also, he arrested two men from Pennsylvania while he
09:15:36 was actually investigating another crime, he ended up
09:15:41 arresting two men from Pennsylvania for an execution
09:15:45 style murder that had occurred in that state that were
09:15:48 down here in the City of Tampa.
09:15:51 And the last thing that major incident that we
09:15:57 recognize him for is he was instrumental in the arrest
09:16:02 of 14 burglars that burglarized hundreds of homes and
09:16:06 cars in the City of Tampa.
09:16:09 And after a high-speed pursuit, I think another foot
09:16:14 chase, he caught those folks, too, or some of them
09:16:16 that led to all those arrests.
09:16:20 He epitomizes what we think of as a Tampa police
09:16:32 officer.

09:16:32 Officer Dale Fritz.
09:16:35 [ Applause ]
09:16:37 >>ROSE FERLITA: I think after the chief's assessment
09:16:43 of what kind of shape he's in, he's youthful and in
09:16:46 good shape and he doesn't sleep.
09:16:51 In his career could take care of all of that.
09:16:53 I will start by thanking him. This is the most unique
09:16:57 pleasure I have as a council member to represent these
09:16:59 men and women in terms of public safety.
09:17:02 Dale, particularly in what the chief said in one of
09:17:07 those issues where the guy who shot the officer very
09:17:15 close to my employment and I happened to be there,
09:17:17 that was incredible, and you have my utmost respect
09:17:20 for the initiative that you took to protect the rest
09:17:22 of our community.
09:17:23 Today this is the officer of the year. And I want to
09:17:27 tell you it's particularly emotional for me because of
09:17:30 what I just said to Gwen, this is the best thing I do
09:17:34 as City Council member and this will be the last time
09:17:37 at this podium.
09:17:38 And I thank you.
09:17:39 What you guys do, you can't say thank you enough.

09:17:43 And you are going to be the last guy that I can say
09:17:45 this to.
09:17:46 So it's particularly warming to have that personal
09:17:49 contact with you.
09:17:51 When I first started as public safety chairman, we
09:17:55 always as usual try to recognize officers of the
09:17:58 month, in fact of the quarter, but we thought that
09:18:01 wasn't enough.
09:18:02 We used every opportunity we could to acknowledge them
09:18:04 more often and more clearly and more visibly to be
09:18:07 able to say thank you.
09:18:08 So under my tenure as public safety chairman we
09:18:11 started this officer of the year.
09:18:13 And everybody was very supportive.
09:18:14 My chairman allowed me to continue with that process.
09:18:17 And we asked a corporate sponsor to join with us to
09:18:22 say thank you in their own way.
09:18:23 And that having been said, I would like to bring up
09:18:26 some of the players from TECO who are some of the
09:18:28 corporate sponsors representing the whole function in
09:18:31 awarding these awards.
09:18:32 So Al Perendi, and the Stephanie Agliano who we all

09:18:47 know well is the director of community relation was
09:18:50 TECO, Tampa electric.
09:18:51 I just want to tell you thank you because it's a
09:18:53 pleasure that you come here and help me thank Dale.
09:19:01 I will let them present their award.
09:19:03 And then I'll say a couple of things.
09:19:08 >>> This is a unique privilege for me because for the
09:19:11 last couple of years I have had the opportunity to
09:19:13 present Officer of the Month as well as officer of the
09:19:15 year on behalf of the men and women of Tampa electric
09:19:19 and TECO energy so let me echo what the chief said and
09:19:24 what Rose Ferlita said about how proud we are to have
09:19:28 folks like you in our community protecting us every
09:19:35 day.
09:19:36 Thank you.
09:19:36 [ Applause ]
09:19:45 >> Steve an I?
09:19:52 >> I also have something.
09:19:56 On behalf of our chairman and colleagues, we thank you
09:20:03 as well.
09:20:03 And this certainly is a group effort.
09:20:05 Chief, I'm not ever shy about thanking you for the

09:20:08 quality and the standards that you demand, and I would
09:20:13 like to thank you.
09:20:14 I would like to thank the rest of the officers and our
09:20:16 leadership for which you demand what our men and women
09:20:22 agree to do.
09:20:23 So it's my pleasure to say thank you again and again.
09:20:26 Sodale, Tampa City Council commendation presented to
09:20:30 master officer Dale Fritz, in recognition of his
09:20:33 dedication to duty, leadership and crime reduction, we
09:20:37 are proud to acknowledge that master patrol officer
09:20:41 Dale Fritz has been selected officer of the year for
09:20:43 2005, for this honor and for all you do the City
09:20:46 Council of the City of Tampa commends you, the people
09:20:48 that we represent, the entire city, and say thank you
09:20:54 again and again.
09:20:54 We truly appreciate everything that you do.
09:21:00 [ Applause ]
09:21:08 >> Again I would like to thank the chief and his staff
09:21:10 for selecting me as officer of the year.
09:21:12 I had a great support there with now chief Hess tore
09:21:18 and major Caderra who supported me along the way.
09:21:22 My sergeant back there, great role model for what to

09:21:25 do, went out just as hard as I did and kind of
09:21:31 encouraged me to stick with him and the gays on my
09:21:33 squad.
09:21:34 So I would like to thank them, thank my family who is
09:21:37 in the back row back there.
09:21:41 Again I would like to thank you very much for the
09:21:44 award.
09:21:45 [ Applause ]
09:21:53 >>ROSE FERLITA: That concludes our program except for
09:21:55 the fact it always seems to be the case.
09:21:57 Our guys are big heros and do all the stuff for the
09:22:00 community and we are shy about bringing people up and
09:22:02 taking the acknowledgment they deserve but we'll do
09:22:05 that outside with some pictures.
09:22:06 Thank you very much.
09:22:07 >>KEVIN WHITE: Dale, I just want to say
09:22:11 congratulations.
09:22:12 You as an individual officer epitomize and are a
09:22:16 direct reflection of what Tampa Police Department is
09:22:18 all about.
09:22:18 And the support that the chief and his staff give to
09:22:22 each and every one of their officers that are on the

09:22:25 street, on the front line.
09:22:27 You should also be very proud because you set a
09:22:31 shining example for your squad members and something
09:22:34 for them to aspire to be as well.
09:22:36 And I'm sure now that major Caderra is over in
09:22:41 district 3 you will probably be putting in your
09:22:43 transfer over to there.
09:22:45 [ Laughter ]
09:22:47 But congratulations.
09:22:49 And I think the citizens of Tampa should sleep much
09:22:53 better knowing that you, an individual on the street,
09:22:56 protect us, and chief and the other staff members, we
09:22:58 are going to have another special presentation so
09:23:02 don't leave just yet.
09:23:03 Thank you.
09:23:09 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you all very much.
09:23:11 >>ROSE FERLITA: We'll hold taking pictures until we
09:23:13 finish.
09:23:15 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Our next presentation is going to be
09:23:17 by Chairman Miller, and that will be for Brittany
09:23:21 Boone.
09:23:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Good morning, council.

09:23:42 This is really an honor for me to give this
09:23:44 commendation.
09:23:45 I have never given one so important as what I am going
09:23:48 to do today.
09:23:48 And I would like to say around 1:30 a.m. on Friday,
09:23:52 May 26th, while officer James Wilkerson was on
09:23:56 routine patrol, he checked the license plate of a
09:23:58 vehicle and subsequently found that the driver had a
09:24:01 suspended license.
09:24:03 After pulling the vehicle over and having dialogue
09:24:05 with the driver, the nightmare began. The driver
09:24:08 pulled out a gun, pointed it at the officer and fired
09:24:12 it five times.
09:24:13 Fortunately for the officer, his family and the --
09:24:24 Brittany boon was passing by the vehicle on the
09:24:28 evening.
09:24:28 Mrs. Boon had the fortitude to turn her vehicle
09:24:31 around, dial 911, described the assailant and his
09:24:35 vehicle, Ford them of the condition, and most
09:24:39 important stayed with officer till help arrived.
09:24:44 Ms. Boone, certainly citizens like you are a dying
09:24:47 breed and that's why the Tampa City Council wants to

09:24:49 thank you for the assurance and the accommodations.
09:24:52 And I would like to read this commendation.
09:24:54 The Tampa City Council would like to present to Mrs.
09:24:57 Brittany Boone, it is with great pleasure that we the
09:24:59 members of Tampa City Council commend you for your
09:25:04 efforts by Brittany Boone, whose alertness and quick
09:25:08 thinking in the apprehension of the suspect.
09:25:15 By your return to the scene and aiding the officer
09:25:19 with the comfort and very appreciative.
09:25:21 The members of Tampa City Council are sure hull be
09:25:25 making many more outstanding feats in your lifetime
09:25:29 and we wish you the best in all that you do.
09:25:32 [ Applause ]
09:25:56 >> I just want top sigh thank you.
09:26:06 I just want to thank everybody.
09:26:11 Thank you very much.
09:26:12 [ Applause ]
09:26:15 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Ms. Boone?
09:26:20 Hang on a second.
09:26:21 Mr. White?
09:26:22 >>KEVIN WHITE: Come back up to the podium, please.
09:26:25 As a former Tampa police officer, let me tell you,

09:26:28 there's not too many police officers that want to run
09:26:30 into a fire fight, let alone turn their vehicle around
09:26:35 and stick around and do what you did.
09:26:39 It's amazing that we still have caring and
09:26:44 compassionate citizens that care not only about our
09:26:46 community but care about the people that protect our
09:26:48 community.
09:26:49 And I can't tell you enough how much I -- I know every
09:26:55 member of the Tampa Police Department thanks you so
09:26:56 much and thanks you for taking care of one of them.
09:27:01 Because it doesn't matter what the police officer
09:27:03 looks like.
09:27:09 When you're a member of that family, when one goes
09:27:12 down, we all go down, and when one is hurt they all
09:27:15 hurt.
09:27:15 And for you to take time out of your evening,
09:27:20 especially, to come out and come to the aid of one of
09:27:24 the fellow fallen police officers, there's no other
09:27:30 cry, I know.
09:27:33 And I know what happens out there on the street when
09:27:36 an officer goes down.
09:27:37 Everybody in this city scrambles.

09:27:40 The chief is woken up at home.
09:27:43 Cars are coming from New Tampa with red lights and
09:27:48 sirens, cars are coming from MacDill Air Force
09:27:50 Base.
09:27:51 Like I said, there's nothing that can really be said
09:27:54 more than "thank you."
09:27:55 I wish there was more that we could do than to say
09:28:00 thank you publicly and give you a commendation.
09:28:11 Really heartfelt thanks.
09:28:13 I don't know whether the chief has had a chance to say
09:28:17 anything publicly or not.
09:28:18 I don't want to put you on the spot, chief, so you can
09:28:21 say something.
09:28:22 I don't know what else to say.
09:28:25 >>CHIEF HOGUE: I think you summed it up very well,
09:28:28 councilman White.
09:28:30 As you know, it's a unique perspective being a police
09:28:33 officer, as you have been with Tampa Police
09:28:34 Department, and all of the men and women that work
09:28:37 there now.
09:28:37 But let me explain a little bit about -- people watch
09:28:43 a lot of TV and they get the idea from TV that this is

09:28:46 the way reality is.
09:28:47 But when you get shot in the chest at about a foot
09:28:52 away, about a foot away from the a tail ant, when he
09:28:56 got shot in the chest, people think wearing a
09:28:59 bullet-proof vest it kind of bounces off.
09:29:02 But it doesn't.
09:29:03 I've been told -- fortunately I have never experienced
09:29:05 it -- I have been told that it's about like being hit
09:29:09 in the chest as hard as somebody can swing a baseball
09:29:13 bat and hit you right in the chest.
09:29:15 It's called a blunt trauma. And that's because that
09:29:17 bullet is traveling at a very high rate of speed, it's
09:29:20 very small, it dissipates its energy over the tip of
09:29:24 that bullet and really causes a shock to your body.
09:29:26 And it essentially stuns you, as you can well imagine
09:29:31 if you got hit in the chest with a baseball bat.
09:29:34 So the officer is basically discombobulated, is
09:29:43 wandering around, stunned.
09:29:45 And Brittany, who saw the shooting, which has got to
09:29:48 be a little bit terrorizing in and of itself, instead
09:29:52 of just fleeing the area, which most sensible people
09:29:57 would do -- (laughter) -- you stayed and you rendered

09:30:05 aid.
09:30:05 And that officer needed some help.
09:30:07 He was stunned.
09:30:08 He really was probably disoriented.
09:30:10 He needed some assistance.
09:30:12 And you stayed with him and you helped out.
09:30:15 And you know what?
09:30:16 That suspect left.
09:30:18 But he was there when she went to help.
09:30:22 He actually drove back by while she was helping the
09:30:25 officer.
09:30:28 He went down the street and came back by.
09:30:30 So left herself in danger, and didn't think of
09:30:33 herself, just only thought of the officer.
09:30:36 And I think that Councilman White, when he said thanks
09:30:40 isn't enough, thanks is not enough.
09:30:43 Just saying thank you is not enough.
09:30:47 It doesn't express the heartfelt thanks that every
09:30:51 police officer in this department feels for her.
09:30:55 So we are very proud of her and we want to say thank
09:30:57 you.
09:31:02 [ Applause ]

09:31:05 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:31:07 And I can't be any more eloquent than Kevin was,
09:31:10 because he was a TPD officer.
09:31:13 And is part of the family that he'll never not be a
09:31:17 part of that family.
09:31:18 But we up here as the elected officials for the city
09:31:22 are part of an extended family that goes a bit beyond
09:31:25 TPD and I just want to say on behalf of that extended
09:31:29 family, thank you very much.
09:31:34 We unfortunately attend a lot of funerals for fallen
09:31:37 TPD officers.
09:31:38 And you can't sit through those funerals and not be
09:31:43 torn apart by what these men and women do for our city
09:31:46 every day.
09:31:47 And so on behalf of those of us up here, I want to
09:31:51 welcome you to our extended family of TPD officers as
09:31:54 well.
09:31:55 And say job well done, Brittany.
09:32:01 >>ROSE FERLITA: I'll add my two cents as well.
09:32:03 When you were up here accepting your a award, I was
09:32:09 keeping track and I think you said thank you four
09:32:11 times.

09:32:12 And four times you were wrong.
09:32:15 It is we who should be giving you thank you a hundred
09:32:18 times.
09:32:18 I stand up there every month and thank officers every
09:32:21 month for what they do and for the protection they
09:32:23 give the citizens of this city and it sometimes goes
09:32:25 unnoticed.
09:32:25 This is the epitome of reciprocol help to them.
09:32:29 As Shawn said and Kevin said and the chief has said,
09:32:33 my request as public safety charge ask that I be
09:32:37 called if it's in the middle of the night if an
09:32:39 officer is down, and I thank God not oftentimes
09:32:41 because they don't want it to be oftentimes.
09:32:45 But when an officer is hit and you go out there it's
09:32:48 just very emotional to realize what could happen each
09:32:51 and every time they leave their home.
09:32:53 For you to stay there and to experience what you did
09:32:55 and to be supportive and to have -- keep your wits
09:33:01 about you is something we could go on with this
09:33:05 commendation all morning and forget about the rest of
09:33:07 the council meeting but it's not ever going to be
09:33:09 enough.

09:33:09 You have done what any citizen in Tampa -- more than
09:33:13 any citizen in Tampa could do.
09:33:15 I'm very grateful for what you did.
09:33:17 It's very heroic.
09:33:18 From the bottom of my heart on behalf of that police
09:33:21 officer and the men who support us each and every day,
09:33:24 thank you so very, very much.
09:33:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Brittany, again thank you.
09:33:32 And we really appreciate you being one of our citizens
09:33:34 in Tampa.
09:33:35 You have set a pace and now people are going to follow
09:33:38 you.
09:33:38 We hope you set that good example.
09:33:40 Thank you again.
09:33:42 [ Applause ]
09:33:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Now we go to Mr. John Dingfelder who
09:33:58 will do a commendation.
09:35:20 Ding we are here this morning, City Council, to honor
09:35:24 five young folks who are the recipients -- they are
09:35:30 the recipients of the City of Tampa black history
09:35:33 committee's -- excuse me, what do you call it?
09:35:41 The annual scholarship award.

09:35:44 Thank you.
09:35:44 And it is our honor to recognize them.
09:35:47 And each one has had some special things that I am
09:35:50 going to mention.
09:35:51 And first I wanted to introduce Betty Johnson.
09:35:55 You have some of your committee members here, right?
09:35:58 >> Yes.
09:36:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, thank you.
09:36:01 And bet I is with the utility department, utility
09:36:06 accounting, and she's helped us get this organized
09:36:09 here.
09:36:10 First off, I want to introduce justice Roberts, who
09:36:21 graduated recently from Wharton high school with 3.5
09:36:26 G.P.A., will be heading off to college in Washington
09:36:29 university in St. Louis this fall, is interested in
09:36:31 science research, and he and his sister were recently
09:36:36 guests on Oprah Wynfrey, which is pretty neat.
09:36:39 I want to hear more about that later.
09:36:41 In recognition of some scientific research that the
09:36:43 two of them have been conducting.
09:36:45 And so justice, congratulations.
09:36:50 [ Applause ]

09:36:56 Tyrone keys, Jr.
09:36:59 And justice's parents are back here.
09:37:03 I don't think they are proud or anything.
09:37:06 [ Laughter ]
09:37:08 That smile from ear to ear.
09:37:10 Tyrone is a senior at Gaither high school, going into
09:37:14 your senior year?
09:37:15 Just graduated, congratulations.
09:37:18 Graduated recently with an unrated average of 3.8,
09:37:22 attend North Carolina state university Wolfpack,
09:37:26 right?
09:37:27 There you go.
09:37:27 And we congratulate you.
09:37:33 [ Applause ]
09:37:36 And S -- ASHATI, you are a member of Hillsborough high
09:37:47 school's international baccalaureate program, 3.3,
09:37:54 will head off to the University of Florida, go gators,
09:37:58 university of Florida this fall.
09:38:00 Congratulations.
09:38:02 [ Applause ]
09:38:08 RODNESHIA Ingram couldn't be here.
09:38:13 She's on vacation.

09:38:15 [ Laughter ]
09:38:21 Graduated Jefferson high school with 3.51 average and
09:38:25 she'll be off to Bethune Cookman college in Daytona
09:38:30 Beach this fall.
09:38:31 So congratulations.
09:38:35 [ Applause ]
09:38:37 And Ryan Jeeters headed off to an internship in Rhode
09:38:41 Island.
09:38:42 He graduated freedom high school with a 3.3 and he'll
09:38:46 be attending Howard university.
09:38:51 Ryan, we congratulate you in absentia.
09:38:53 And do you want to say anything on behalf of the
09:38:57 program?
09:38:58 >> Thank you.
09:38:58 It is an honor for councilman Dingfelder for to honor
09:39:02 our students in such a wonderful way.
09:39:04 We want -- I want to say to all of my committee
09:39:06 members, thank you so very much for all of your work.
09:39:09 It's a great committee.
09:39:10 And the awards would not be possible without your
09:39:13 support in the city and all of our sponsors.
09:39:18 And we do thank each person that has given toward our

09:39:22 scholarship and participated in our various programs
09:39:24 and has just been a great support.
09:39:26 Thank you, thank you, thank you.
09:39:27 And to our scholarship recipients, we applaud you.
09:39:36 [ Applause ]
09:39:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I wanted to chime in.
09:39:41 I agree wholeheartedly.
09:39:43 It would be nice to start all over again with all the
09:39:47 knowledge that we have in our heads, that you three
09:39:52 young people and your two peers who couldn't be with
09:39:56 us today, you have your whole life ahead of you, you
09:39:58 have wonderful things ahead of you, you have great
09:40:00 tools, you have great support.
09:40:02 And you come back and let us know how you're doing.
09:40:06 Thank you.
09:40:06 Congratulations.
09:40:07 [ Applause ]
09:40:11 >>GWEN MILLER: we now have another commendation from
09:40:21 rose Ferlita.
09:40:30 >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, I know how to shorten
09:40:57 your meeting.
09:40:57 If you give us another six commendations we will lose

09:41:00 our entire audience.
09:41:08 Good morning.
09:41:09 It is not a good morning in terms of this commendation
09:41:11 but it is my pleasure, if you want to call it that, to
09:41:13 acknowledge what Cate O'Dowd has done for us in the
09:41:17 legal department and the assistance she has lent to
09:41:19 each of us over the many years that we have been
09:41:21 together.
09:41:25 It's always sad when you wish somebody well as they
09:41:27 leave, because in a self-serving manner, you wish they
09:41:33 weren't leaving.
09:41:34 Certainly what Kate chooses to do we hope is the best
09:41:37 for you, your professional future but nonetheless we
09:41:42 don't have to like it.
09:41:43 So, Kate, it is my honor to read this to you and say
09:41:48 thank you in some small way on behalf of our chairman
09:41:51 and our colleagues and people that you work with to be
09:41:59 more prepared to do.
09:42:00 Commendation presented to Cate O'Dowd in recognition
09:42:03 of your legal expertise to the City Council of the
09:42:05 City of Tampa, in the area of historic preservation,
09:42:09 wet zoning and land use.

09:42:10 We wish you well in your future endeavors.
09:42:13 And on the back of this commendation, I've got a lot
09:42:16 of little side bar notes every time we have questions
09:42:19 about wet zoning and I know I look at you and kind of
09:42:22 eyeball to eyeball you know what I am going to ask and
09:42:26 I know what you are going to answer.
09:42:27 So in addition to thanking you officially here, thanks
09:42:30 for all the help you have given me.
09:42:32 You certainly have given me the right information and
09:42:34 the right advice to make some decisions.
09:42:37 I thank you for all of. That I thank you for what you
09:42:39 have done for the city.
09:42:40 I thank you for your help with the legal department.
09:42:44 And most of all, I thank you for your friendship and I
09:42:48 know that won't stop.
09:42:49 Thank you.
09:42:52 >>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: I guess this will be the last time
09:43:01 I goat say Madam Chair, City Council, I'm Cathleen
09:43:06 O'Dowd with the legal department.
09:43:09 I had a very difficulty time gathering my thoughts and
09:43:11 I realize it's much easier to appear before council,
09:43:14 and providing legal advice even if you don't want to

09:43:16 hear what I have to say, than it is to appear on a
09:43:19 personal matter.
09:43:20 But my five years with the city has been wonderful.
09:43:23 It's been my honor and privilege to work for the City
09:43:26 of Tampa.
09:43:28 In the 17 years I have been practicing law, these five
09:43:31 years have been the most enriching and rewarding.
09:43:33 I want to thank each of you, because you have been
09:43:36 very patient with me.
09:43:39 When I came to the city I had no land use experience,
09:43:42 had no local government experience, and I want to
09:43:45 thank you for your support, your patience.
09:43:49 I want to thank my colleagues, those that are no
09:43:52 longer with the city and those that still are.
09:43:54 It's been really rewarding.
09:43:56 And I said that before.
09:43:59 The departments I have gotten to work with, I started
09:44:02 with Construction Services Center, I worked with the
09:44:04 Variance Review Board, worked with all the historic
09:44:07 preservation boards, the staff at Land Development
09:44:09 Coordination, and the DHB, YCDC, they have been great.
09:44:15 You have a great staff here.

09:44:16 I know I'm going to miss that.
09:44:18 Although I am excited about new adventures, there's a
09:44:21 lot about the city I am going miss and I do want to
09:44:24 thank you for everything.
09:44:25 One thing I do have to say, I know my mom is watching.
09:44:30 She moved here three years ago.
09:44:32 She has watched every City Council meeting, every day
09:44:35 on TV, and not only does she watch it, she then asks
09:44:39 me about everything afterwards.
09:44:41 I get to relive it twice.
09:44:43 So, mom, sorry that you are not going to have the that
09:44:46 interaction.
09:44:47 But thank you for everything.
09:44:50 [ Applause ]
09:44:55 >>ROSE FERLITA: I didn't realize that David Smith is
09:44:57 behind me.
09:44:58 And typically as a courtesy, I yield to them first.
09:45:02 And my condolences.
09:45:05 >>DAVID SMITH: Good morning.
09:45:07 And condolences are appropriate.
09:45:09 And by the way, it's unfortunate we are before you
09:45:17 once again to say goodbye to a person that has really

09:45:20 been an asset and provided great service to the city.
09:45:22 And Kate has been and we are going to miss her
09:45:26 intelligence, we are going to miss her commitment to
09:45:28 the law.
09:45:29 She is one of the key people when we have tough
09:45:33 questions I wanted to make sure was in the room
09:45:35 participating in the discussion.
09:45:36 Because her opinion was usually one that was well
09:45:38 thought out based on good analysis and based on an
09:45:42 understanding of the issues.
09:45:43 And that's difficult to be replaced.
09:45:47 We have a good staff.
09:45:48 We continue to replace it with good people.
09:45:50 But we will miss Kate.
09:45:52 Although you know Kate can be tough on occasions.
09:45:58 (cell phone).
09:46:00 >> It's not even ringing.
09:46:05 It automatically loads additional demands on me
09:46:07 somehow.
09:46:08 I apologize for that.
09:46:10 But she won't be far away.
09:46:12 As a matter of fact, I had a phone call with the

09:46:14 person she's going to be working with soon.
09:46:20 As I told Kate at the time and I said the same thing
09:46:22 in the past, it's appropriate that our attorneys
09:46:25 include their situations and Kate will be working in
09:46:28 the same general area, will be much more highly
09:46:31 compensated.
09:46:32 But she'll be an asset.
09:46:37 But I should also mention, Mary is one of those people
09:46:42 constantly working on these things.
09:46:44 I want to make sure she is recognized for all that she
09:46:46 does as well.
09:46:47 She's not leaving.
09:46:48 But Kate, good luck.
09:46:50 And you stay in touch.
09:46:52 We look forward to seeing you down here.
09:46:59 [ Applause ]
09:47:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Kate, being the chairman of the
09:47:06 Building, Zoning and Preservation Committee, I worked
09:47:10 particularly close with you.
09:47:11 And you have been -- I feel like you started out
09:47:17 knowledgeably, and you evolved into a real advocate
09:47:21 for preservation.

09:47:23 And a person whose understanding of land use is really
09:47:27 broad.
09:47:28 And for those reasons, and for your ability to stand
09:47:31 before council, and so professionally articulate what
09:47:36 you need to hear, we will miss you so much.
09:47:39 And it's been such a pleasure to work with you.
09:47:41 I respect you.
09:47:42 I will miss you.
09:47:42 And I just want to point out that the door is always
09:47:46 open for your return to the city.
09:47:49 And if you would ever like to be appointed to a board,
09:47:51 we have lots of great volunteer opportunities.
09:47:54 Thank you so much for your service.
09:47:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's hard to believe, Kate, it's
09:48:01 only been five years since we sat next to each other
09:48:04 on the VRB.
09:48:05 And it's funny.
09:48:07 When I came to the VRB, as we started law school
09:48:14 together, how many years ago?
09:48:16 >>CATHLEEN O'DOWD: Let's not say.
09:48:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: But it's been great work with you
09:48:23 and observing you.

09:48:24 And you have been a real steadfast person in regard to
09:48:32 your professionalism, and your intellect.
09:48:35 And it's something we are going to miss greatly.
09:48:38 And we will call you.
09:48:40 Thank you, Kate.
09:48:41 Thanks for your service.
09:48:44 >>KEVIN WHITE: I'll be very brief.
09:48:46 What else can be said?
09:48:47 But I will greatly miss you.
09:48:51 I would have never known what we were talking about.
09:48:55 [ Laughter ]
09:49:01 That will be southerly missed.
09:49:03 It will be hard to find a replacement for you.
09:49:06 I truly enjoyed working with you as well as calling
09:49:08 you from time to time.
09:49:11 Getting in what I feel is my two cents worth.
09:49:15 Best of luck in your endeavors.
09:49:17 >>GWEN MILLER: My colleagues put it very well.
09:49:20 You are really going to be missed and we will be
09:49:22 calling you.
09:49:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Just to add to what my colleagues
09:49:28 already said, and I believe I already told you how

09:49:31 much we are going to miss you.
09:49:32 And I'm sorry that you're leaving.
09:49:35 Because we have really enjoyed your legal expertise
09:49:38 and everything.
09:49:39 And I believe that David Smith is going to put a lock
09:49:42 on that door upstairs.
09:49:47 It's highway robbery.
09:49:49 Everybody is taking our good lawyers.
09:49:52 Not that we don't have good lawyers but you all are
09:49:55 good.
09:49:56 But we are certainly going to miss you.
09:49:58 And we wish you the best of luck and success.
09:50:03 >>ROSE FERLITA: Mrs. Alvarez, I was sworn to secrecy.
09:50:08 Kate has no intentions of leaving, she just wanted to
09:50:10 fill out a --
09:50:13 >>MARY ALVAREZ: She wanted a commendation.
09:50:17 >>GWEN MILLER: The TV time.
09:50:21 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Kate, thank you very much for
09:50:25 everything.
09:50:25 As David said, we certainly can't fault anyone for
09:50:29 thinking about their future and wanting to get some
09:50:32 new life experiences and hopefully what you have

09:50:35 learned here you can use in your new position.
09:50:38 And as we have often done with people who have left,
09:50:43 Gina Grimes and the others, we call on you all the
09:50:46 time.
09:50:47 David will.
09:50:49 And you will have to convince your new boss that he
09:50:54 will offer that pro bono as opposed to $300-plus that
09:51:00 you are going to be charging.
09:51:01 And it just struck me there might be two lawyers up
09:51:03 here that might need some extra income after March of
09:51:06 next year.
09:51:11 [ Applause ]
09:51:17 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to approve the agenda.
09:51:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If we can go down the a sign -- the
09:51:26 sign-up sheet.
09:51:27 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to Shirley Foxx-Knowles who will
09:51:31 do an introduction.
09:51:35 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.
09:51:40 I just want to take a brief moment to introduce our
09:51:45 summer workers.
09:51:50 We have Darrell Jones, Jessica brown, Courtney Wilson,
09:51:54 and they are helping us out in our office.

09:51:57 They are with the Boys and Girls Club premiere
09:52:00 experience.
09:52:01 Just wanted you to see them and meet them.
09:52:04 Darrell is here for a second year.
09:52:08 Thank you so much.
09:52:09 [ Applause ]
09:52:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Next we have Ms. Cathy Coyle.
09:52:18 I saw her go out.
09:52:19 Did she come back?
09:52:20 There she is.
09:52:23 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Land development.
09:52:26 First, I am coming before you to ask for a time
09:52:30 certain of about 30 minutes to give a presentation on
09:52:32 the joint land use study.
09:52:34 It is coming to a close.
09:52:37 It is the study we have been conducting for the area
09:52:40 south of Gandy.
09:52:41 I would be asking for July 20th at 11 a.m.
09:52:44 I was going to do it a little later so you could get
09:52:46 through the majority of the meeting in the morning.
09:52:48 I'm asking for a time certain.
09:52:50 We are going to have a lot of military here, and we

09:52:53 are asking for the department of -- the liaison we
09:52:58 have been working with to fly down.
09:53:00 That would be fine.
09:53:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I know how precise military people
09:53:07 are and certainly a challenge for us on council.
09:53:10 So I just want to ask council if we think that's
09:53:15 realistic or if we should set it for 1:30.
09:53:22 >> I'm happy to do either.
09:53:24 >> If we did eleven or something.
09:53:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay, let's make a commitment.
09:53:29 >> So moved for 11:00.
09:53:31 >>CHAIRMAN: Motion and second.
09:53:33 (Motion carried).
09:53:34 >>CATHERINE COYLE: I'm also asking if you could
09:53:36 schedule WZ 06-114.
09:53:39 It is a sidewalk cafe wet zoning.
09:53:43 There's not a lot to go along with it but if you could
09:53:45 schedule it for July 27th at 10 a.m. it's for 1202
09:53:49 North Franklin Avenue.
09:53:51 >> So moved.
09:53:51 >> Second.
09:53:51 (Motion carried).

09:53:52 >>CHAIRMAN: Gloria Moreda.
09:53:58 >>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.
09:54:00 This week there was an appeal filed for Z 06-28.
09:54:05 It is an S-1 special use.
09:54:07 And they are asking to be scheduled for City Council
09:54:14 vacation.
09:54:15 They wanted to be sure -- set it for July 27th.
09:54:21 It will be a day meeting.
09:54:31 >>MARY ALVAREZ: July 27th.
09:54:35 >>CHAIRMAN: We need a motion.
09:54:36 >> So moved.
09:54:37 >> Second.
09:54:37 (Motion carried).
09:54:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Sal Territo.
09:54:45 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
09:54:46 I have two items.
09:54:47 The first is I would like to have two items pulled
09:54:50 from the agenda, if I may.
09:54:51 The item is number 18 and 20 dealing with the
09:54:54 aquarium.
09:54:55 Currently the county is looking to do something
09:54:58 different than what we currently do.

09:55:01 These two items have been receiving funds from the
09:55:03 county and approving an interlocal agreement 18 and
09:55:07 20.
09:55:08 And they called this morning and asked to remove the
09:55:12 item from the agenda.
09:55:13 >> So moved.
09:55:13 >> Second.
09:55:14 (Motion carried).
09:55:14 >>SAL TERRITO: The other item, if I may, I would like
09:55:18 to walk an item on.
09:55:20 Let me give you a little background.
09:55:22 As you know we are getting ready to close on the
09:55:25 university of Tampa bonds next week.
09:55:26 Apparently there was something we were supposed to do
09:55:28 in 1982 which we didn't do, to release an easement for
09:55:34 a building in that location.
09:55:35 We are still working on getting that released.
09:55:38 But it may be a few days before we can do that.
09:55:40 And since you are not coming back until the 13th
09:55:42 of July, we didn't want to hold up the closing.
09:55:46 So what I'm asking if you would, to pass a resolution
09:55:50 authorizing to us release that easement if all the

09:55:54 conditions have been met.
09:55:55 This is not approving the release but giving us a
09:55:58 chance to go back making sure everything is done
09:56:00 properly, and if it is done properly then we will
09:56:03 release.
09:56:04 >>GWEN MILLER: The resolution?
09:56:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Will that be coming back to council?
09:56:10 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:56:16 Question on the motion.
09:56:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What -- I mean, today, of course,
09:56:23 what is the property?
09:56:26 >>SAL TERRITO: It's the university of Tampa where they
09:56:27 are going to be putting one of their structures,
09:56:30 sitting over an area where the sewer easement that
09:56:33 should have been released.
09:56:34 We did a swap apparently back in 1982 and they
09:56:37 released their portion.
09:56:38 Apparently for some reason didn't release our portion.
09:56:40 And that's where the building is going to go, over a
09:56:43 sanitary sewer easement.
09:56:45 We are just trying to verify there are no sanitary
09:56:48 sewer pipes there.

09:56:49 We don't think there are.
09:56:50 But that may take a few days to do.
09:56:52 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:56:54 (Motion carried)
09:56:55 Know thank you.
09:57:00 Mr. David Smith.
09:57:02 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
09:57:04 I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a little
09:57:06 bit of background on item number 71 and 78.
09:57:09 I may not be here at the time you discuss those.
09:57:14 These deal with CRA Central Park area and I wanted to
09:57:17 give you a brief update on what happened.
09:57:20 Yesterday, the commission following the lead of City
09:57:26 Council agreed for a new CRA area of Central Park so
09:57:30 we are now today will be considering for second
09:57:32 reading the ordinance adopting the TIF and the
09:57:35 resolution adopting the plan for that area.
09:57:39 And you will be receiving presentations on that later.
09:57:45 The additional aspect of yesterday's meeting was they
09:57:50 did drop their contingencies or contingencies to the
09:57:53 approval.
09:57:54 But what we are going to do is we are going to work

09:57:56 with the county to jointly file declaratory action,
09:58:01 and the intent of that action is to clarify those
09:58:03 issues that are outstanding between the city and the
09:58:07 county with regard to the management of the CRA.
09:58:12 There are several issues, as you know, and my comment
09:58:14 to the county commission yesterday was that I would
09:58:17 recommend to the CRA and to this board, if we are
09:58:20 going to cover all of these issues, and they were
09:58:23 inclined to do that is that as well.
09:58:25 So it will give us an opportunity to clarify not only
09:58:27 the issues that have arisen recently but some of the
09:58:30 other issues that have been a sticking point between
09:58:32 the city and the county in the past.
09:58:34 So we think it's for get those matters resolved and to
09:58:37 get those matters resolved in a binding way rather
09:58:39 than a nonbinding attorney general opinion.
09:58:41 But I'll be back to you soon -- probably not until I
09:58:46 get back from my brief vacation, so it will be in July
09:58:49 with a more definitive proposal of how we are going to
09:58:51 proceed but I did want to at least update you on that
09:58:55 and share the good news and also for the citizens of
09:58:57 the area that we will be moving forward.

09:59:07 >>KEVIN WHITE: Mr. Smith, I want to say thank you for
09:59:09 your due diligence in working with the county.
09:59:12 I would like to publicly thank all the county
09:59:14 commissioners for seeing the importance of this
09:59:17 particular CRA and the particular importance of this
09:59:21 area of town, and especially important to the people
09:59:24 that live there, and the opportunity to make their
09:59:28 lives a better place to live and work.
09:59:33 >>DAVID SMITH: Thank you very much.
09:59:35 I would be remiss not to thank this board for your
09:59:38 unanimous support of my recommendation to you, the
09:59:44 council and the CRA.
09:59:44 I think it was very important that the city was
09:59:47 unified, and I think that unity showed strength, and I
09:59:53 think that strength was respected, and I think what
09:59:57 happened is what should happen.
09:59:58 Thank you for your support.
10:00:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wanted to thank for your sound
10:00:06 advice, thank the commission for recognizing that what
10:00:10 we really need to do is thank the Central Park
10:00:15 Village.
10:00:15 >>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: Legal department.

10:00:20 I have been here for two items.
10:00:27 I am however here on a resolution, did you get the
10:00:32 resolution, madam clerk, for the appointment of --
10:00:37 >>CHAIRMAN: Yes, we did.
10:00:38 >>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: What I am working on this morning
10:00:41 is a resolution reappointing Karen People and Kevin
10:00:46 Harvey to the housing authority for a four full-year
10:00:49 term for June 17, 2006, and four years.
10:00:53 This is being brought to you this morning for your
10:00:59 approval and consent to keep these people on the
10:01:03 board.
10:01:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move the resolution.
10:01:06 >> Second.
10:01:06 (Motion carried).
10:01:06 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Santiago, what were you doing on
10:01:14 item 15?
10:01:16 >>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: I was going to do it subject to
10:01:18 the ordinance but I'll wait till that matter comes up
10:01:21 in the agenda in its normal course.
10:01:25 Thank you.
10:01:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Now we need approval of the agenda.
10:01:28 Are there any items you want to remit from the agenda?

10:01:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved to approve the agenda.
10:01:34 >> Second.
10:01:34 (Motion carried).
10:01:34 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to go to staff reports.
10:01:40 We are going to go with number 12 first.
10:01:47 Mr. John Moors.
10:01:51 >>JOHN MOORS: Good morning.
10:01:53 Thank you for moving ahead on that for me.
10:01:55 We have a major convention in town right now.
10:01:58 And it's one of the reasons I'm here this morning to
10:02:00 discuss the roof.
10:02:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Who is in town?
10:02:08 >>> Huge military convention, SOCOM from the base.
10:02:13 Next week, the National Industrial Defense Association
10:02:14 in, another major national convention.
10:02:16 Then of course the Shriners coming in.
10:02:19 All reasons why we need to talk about the roof.
10:02:22 Yesterday, at the Board of County Commissioners, the
10:02:25 issue of funding through the tourist development
10:02:28 council for the $5 million for the roof was deferred
10:02:32 until July 19th.
10:02:38 I have in a other comment on that.

10:02:41 But certainly through the leadership of councilwoman
10:02:45 Saul-Sena, who is a member of the tourist development
10:02:47 council, that we were able to obtain the $5 million
10:02:52 for the property for the enhancement of the convention
10:02:58 center, the air conditioning plant, due to the fact
10:03:01 that the convention center generated $200,000, $100
10:03:06 million in economic impact for the county, and of
10:03:09 course is the major generator and the reason why
10:03:14 people came here and stay in our hotels which are
10:03:16 fastly developing.
10:03:20 We need to get that roof addressed as soon as
10:03:24 possible.
10:03:27 We need to get the roof addressed as soon as possible.
10:03:29 We need to get it sealed up.
10:03:31 We have leaks in it right now, as I presented to the
10:03:34 tourist development council.
10:03:36 And I'm fully open to all options.
10:03:39 But we really do need to get that thing addressed now
10:03:43 and as quickly as possible.
10:03:44 And we are working, Bonnie Wise working hard behind
10:03:48 the scenes to try to get the financing in place so
10:03:51 that we can get that job done.

10:03:53 But especially prior to a huge show coming in October
10:03:56 next year, which is the IEE computer show, one of the
10:04:00 largest computer shows in the country, and they are
10:04:03 doing a lot of infrastructure improvements to the
10:04:06 center for us and we need to get this thing addressed.
10:04:09 We are working hard on the issue of just getting the
10:04:13 roof sealed and repaired.
10:04:14 We have 400,000 square feet to do.
10:04:18 The $5 million that we allocated through the CDC would
10:04:24 work toward the improvement of approximately $12.50 a
10:04:28 square foot to get it done, which is in the ballpark
10:04:30 of what tops would be to have the thing done as a
10:04:36 traditional roof.
10:04:38 That's my first concern.
10:04:40 We need to get the roof completed.
10:04:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I tried to call you yesterday with
10:04:50 some very good news.
10:04:53 We have identified some state funding, up to $20
10:04:57 million, to pay for the green portion of the roof.
10:05:03 We gave the regular money to fix the regular part of
10:05:07 the roof.
10:05:08 Very eager to meet with you so we can fill out the

10:05:11 application to go for this money.
10:05:13 >>> That's great.
10:05:14 >> And should we successfully get the Republican
10:05:16 convention, we would have journalists admiring these
10:05:23 fabulous sustainable environmentally correct roof on
10:05:26 our convention center,.
10:05:30 So the money is there.
10:05:31 We just need to apply for it.
10:05:32 I'm really eager to get with you and discuss it.
10:05:35 But just found out about it yesterday.
10:05:37 >>> Okay, that is good news.
10:05:38 I still think the first thing we need to do is the 5
10:05:41 million of the CDC fund is get that roof sealed and
10:05:44 get that done and then I'll be happy to progress
10:05:46 forward with however we feel we should do it.
10:05:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:05:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 1.
10:05:55 Mr. Daignault.
10:06:15 Number 5.
10:06:18 >>> Brad Baird, water department.
10:06:22 I passed out a brief report to address water capacity
10:06:28 for future development.

10:06:33 The report outlines that there's two main components
10:06:39 of how the water department can meet the
10:06:42 redevelopment.
10:06:44 This redevelopment is primarily focused in the
10:06:52 downtown and South Tampa area.
10:06:55 The first of the two components is to improve our
10:06:59 delivery systems, specifically the pipelines.
10:07:05 And we have designated a contribution in aid of
10:07:10 construction area.
10:07:15 And within that area, developers, or folks that have
10:07:23 new connections will be subject to what we call a CI
10:07:31 fee, short for contribution in aid of construction.
10:07:34 I would like to put the map on the Elmo real quick for
10:07:38 the audience, if I could.
10:07:46 >>GWEN MILLER: It's on.
10:07:52 >>> Brad Baird: The pipeline extends from the Tippin
10:07:58 water treatment facility down through or near
10:08:02 downtown, and then also continues on to South Tampa.
10:08:08 This project is a major effort.
10:08:11 It's estimated to be $55 million, to be funded through
10:08:17 those CIC.
10:08:21 So the pipeline is 15 miles long.

10:08:28 It's discontinuous.
10:08:30 But it gives the water department and the water system
10:08:35 the sufficient capacity to deliver the water.
10:08:40 The second component, meeting the water demands of the
10:08:44 redevelopment, these two areas, is simply to purchase
10:08:49 additional water from Tampa Bay water.
10:08:53 We are currently maximizing our withdrawal from the
10:08:59 Hillsborough River.
10:09:02 So additional purchases will be needed from Tampa Bay
10:09:07 water.
10:09:12 Just as an example, for the month of May, this year,
10:09:17 we have purchased $1.5 million worth of water from
10:09:22 Tampa Bay water.
10:09:23 So if we had a pass-through charge associated with
10:09:30 that purchase, that would result in about a 14%
10:09:35 increase to a typical -- the water portion of a
10:09:40 typical utility bill for the City of Tampa.
10:09:45 That's about $6 per residential unit.
10:09:51 Just to give you a frame of reference on that.
10:09:57 Next year we are proposed to increase the budget to
10:09:59 $3 million for purchase through Tampa Bay water.
10:10:06 This water is purchased at a higher rate than what we

10:10:09 are -- what our costs are to produce water from the
10:10:13 David L. Tippin Water Treatment Plant.
10:10:18 With that I'll open it up to questions.
10:10:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: This is what we wanted from you.
10:10:29 And of course when I read this, it really gives me
10:10:33 heartburn, because you are already saying that the
10:10:35 current demand is achieving the 82 million gallons per
10:10:39 day that we're allowed.
10:10:43 And we are having to buy the water.
10:10:44 So and then you're saying that you want $6 increased.
10:10:50 Is that per month?
10:10:51 >> No, that would be for a month such as we had this
10:10:55 year, in May, which is a very, very dry season.
10:11:00 So -- for instance, in the previous two years, we
10:11:06 haven't purchased any water from Tampa Bay water.
10:11:10 But for this dry season, we purchased water in March,
10:11:15 April and May, and are still purchasing water this
10:11:18 month.
10:11:20 And so if we were to have a pass-through to cover
10:11:24 that, as you might imagine, the budget is very
10:11:28 difficult, because budgeting is very difficult, and it
10:11:33 is tied to our weather.

10:11:35 >> So how can we say anytime we get a report that we
10:11:42 are going to add another condominium or townhouse or
10:11:47 South Tampa is booming out there, that we have enough
10:11:50 water, when we are having to purchase the water?
10:11:52 And astronomical amounts, $2.12 per thousand gallons
10:12:00 is a lot of money.
10:12:01 You know, what's the answer?
10:12:04 I mean, we are getting calls, and we are getting
10:12:08 e-mails.
10:12:08 How can we do this, from our constituents?
10:12:12 And then everybody is going to have to pay for this.
10:12:17 >>> As you might remember from last week's council
10:12:20 meeting, Paula dye from Tampa Bay water got up and
10:12:25 explained that we need 45 million gallons a day in
10:12:29 addition water through the year 2025.
10:12:35 Somewhere in 30, 35% of that is allocated to the City
10:12:40 of Tampa.
10:12:42 And so we are a member of Tampa Bay water.
10:12:46 We are a member government.
10:12:49 And with the permit restriction that is we have for
10:12:56 withdrawal on the river, we are maximizing that.
10:13:00 And the next option is to really become, if you will,

10:13:06 more of a regional partner, member of Tampa Bay water,
10:13:11 and it's our turn to start purchasing that water as
10:13:15 the other members, Tampa Bay water the other five
10:13:18 members.
10:13:18 >> Well, this $2.12 a gallon then per thousand gallons
10:13:23 that we are purchasing, are we hoping pay for that
10:13:25 desal plant that doesn't work?
10:13:31 >>> The rates do include the debt service on the
10:13:33 construction of the facility as well, yes.
10:13:37 >> And where are they on that?
10:13:47 >>> Looking to go through testing and start-up this
10:13:49 summer.
10:13:52 For more details on that I would refer to Tampa Bay
10:13:54 water to give you a report on that.
10:13:56 >> Well, tell you what.
10:13:57 I'm not really happy with this.
10:13:59 But I'll defer to my colleagues.
10:14:01 >>ROSE FERLITA: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
10:14:05 Brad, lots of times we get questions that Ms. Alvarez
10:14:08 referred to last week, and I'm very happy that she
10:14:11 asked for this report.
10:14:12 I think it's something that is certainly warranted.

10:14:15 I understand -- and I think we agreed to go along with
10:14:19 this contribution in aid of construction.
10:14:21 That helps with some of the improvements and the cost
10:14:24 of those improvements particularly in the South Tampa
10:14:27 area.
10:14:27 And because of the additional use.
10:14:29 And, of course, we are going to have to be in a
10:14:32 position to purchase some water at a higher cost.
10:14:37 I think that's the dilemma we struggle with.
10:14:39 When people say, okay.
10:14:41 And I don't have an answer.
10:14:42 And I'm not trying to put you on a spot but maybe you
10:14:45 can help.
10:14:45 You know, you will be someplace and you will say,
10:14:48 well, you're on City Council and we have all this
10:14:49 construction and new development in South Tampa.
10:14:51 And you know growth appropriately placed is not a bad
10:14:54 thing.
10:14:54 But why should I, somebody in Seminole Heights, pay
10:14:58 more for water because the demand for water has
10:15:01 increased, and the reason it has increased is because
10:15:04 the development.

10:15:05 How do you justify what we are going to have to
10:15:08 distribute fairly to all the people that use water in
10:15:11 this city, but maybe don't exacerbate the problem,
10:15:14 because they are not new construction?
10:15:17 I don't know what an answer to that is.
10:15:19 Maybe you can help me.
10:15:23 >>> Brad Baird: I would first say, we do need to look
10:15:26 at that.
10:15:28 How is this pass-through to be structured?
10:15:31 And what are the time frames associated with that?
10:15:36 None of that has been determined or looked at yet.
10:15:41 And we will be back in front of City Council to review
10:15:47 those recommendations.
10:15:52 I will say that Tampa is a unique member of Tampa Bay
10:15:55 water.
10:15:55 And we did have the advantage of a surface water
10:16:01 source, the Hillsborough River, and we were able to
10:16:04 take advantage of that.
10:16:06 And, as a result, our citizens and some citizens in
10:16:10 Hillsborough County that are in the water service area
10:16:13 have enjoyed lower rates for a long time.
10:16:19 And that will have to be taken into consideration as

10:16:21 well.
10:16:25 I don't have the answer today's on that but we will
10:16:27 certainly be working hard.
10:16:28 >>ROSE FERLITA: And if I thought it was necessary for
10:16:32 you to have done, that I would have asked to meet with
10:16:33 you before.
10:16:34 But you need -- and we need to think about that
10:16:37 because it's really not fair that you -- I'll and to
10:16:42 share the cost was somebody who is not related to
10:16:44 South Tampa development.
10:16:45 But as we go along -- we have to justify way do.
10:16:51 And this is not giving me the answers because you are
10:16:56 not prepared.
10:17:01 >>> I understand.
10:17:02 Thank you.
10:17:06 This concept has been inevitable since the time that
10:17:09 the City of Tampa agreed to the interlocal agreement
10:17:12 with Tampa Bay water.
10:17:14 That interlocal agreement, as well as our water use
10:17:17 permit, limit and cap us at 82 million a day on so at
10:17:25 this point the growth of the city and demand of the
10:17:27 water was going to exceed that 82 million gallons a

10:17:29 day and we were going to have to start moving into the
10:17:31 time when we bought increasing amounts of water from
10:17:34 Tampa Bay water.
10:17:36 We certainly have done everything we possibly can with
10:17:38 the ASRs and other sources that we use to replenish
10:17:43 the reservoir, to maximize, and optimize the use of
10:17:49 the water we have.
10:17:50 But this eventuality was inevitable because of the
10:17:54 regional partnership that formed Tampa Bay water.
10:17:57 I know it's not any consolation for you.
10:18:01 But all the other members as Brad said are currently
10:18:03 paying the full amount of all of their water is
10:18:08 purchased at the Tampa Bay water rate.
10:18:11 So we enjoy --
10:18:15 >>ROSE FERLITA: I understand that.
10:18:16 Out of curiosity, when was that signed?
10:18:20 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: 1999 time frame?
10:18:22 >>ROSE FERLITA: And I understand that and we have to
10:18:24 all share in the good news and bad news.
10:18:26 It's just I have a hard time -- people want an answer.
10:18:30 It may not be the answer they want.
10:18:33 And I have a problem answering when somebody says I

10:18:36 have nothing to do with the growth.
10:18:38 I don't know.
10:18:39 I don't expect you guys to come up with the solution
10:18:41 today.
10:18:41 But think about it.
10:18:43 There's some just way that we can share it based on
10:18:47 who is causing the increased use and who is not.
10:18:50 So thank you.
10:18:50 And I just want to say, just to share with my
10:18:53 colleagues, I had asked to go out to the big bend TECO
10:18:57 plant to look at the desal stuff.
10:19:02 They have had problems certainly with what's going on
10:19:04 with the contractor and how it's set up but it appears
10:19:06 to be very promising.
10:19:08 I talked to several people out there that are
10:19:10 certainly more knowledgeable than I am.
10:19:11 And water in the oxygenation and everything else
10:19:14 that's going on, certainly very, very important.
10:19:17 Very instrumental to go out there. I think, although
10:19:20 we have had a bad taste in our mouth about this whole
10:19:22 thing, Mary, it looks like sooner rather than later
10:19:26 we'll have some desal opportunities there that will

10:19:29 help with us the whole water situation.
10:19:30 Thank you, gentlemen.
10:19:32 I appreciate it.
10:19:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think we all recognize that the
10:19:42 river is not going to be able to meet the City of
10:19:44 Tampa's future water needs.
10:19:46 And it's great, in my perspective, that there is an
10:19:51 organization like Tampa Bay water that is very
10:19:53 organized and proactive, and trying to meet the
10:19:56 region's needs, and they are beginning to Don this.
10:19:59 And when Mrs. Alvarez first spoke about the price, at
10:20:03 first I thought it was a gallon.
10:20:05 Then when I realize it was per thousand gallon, I
10:20:09 thought, man, that's a deal.
10:20:10 I don't know about you all but I run in buying a
10:20:15 bottle.
10:20:15 This is 2.12 per thousand gallons.
10:20:18 I believe one of the reasons that we don't adequately
10:20:20 conserve water in our area is that it's so
10:20:24 inexpensive, we take it for granted.
10:20:26 And I think that we all need to recognize that water
10:20:30 is a scarce commodity.

10:20:32 You all do a tremendous job in terms of preaching
10:20:35 conservation.
10:20:35 But there's nothing like increased prices to make us
10:20:38 recognize and adequately and appropriately value the
10:20:43 water we have.
10:20:44 I applaud making major users pay for it.
10:20:51 It certainly in our household make us look where the
10:20:54 leaks were, fix it and try to conserve more.
10:20:56 And I think that with everything, we need to balance
10:21:03 the different needs.
10:21:04 We need to have adequate water.
10:21:06 We need to protect the health of the river.
10:21:08 And we need to understand that we will be purchasers
10:21:12 from Tampa Bay water.
10:21:14 And thank God, they have a system that we have that we
10:21:18 can purchase.
10:21:19 And I think they are being very proactive in terms of
10:21:24 a second holding area, reservoir.
10:21:27 And I look forward to the desalination plant working
10:21:31 out its problems.
10:21:31 Because it's a very proactive thing to do in terms of
10:21:35 looking at the region's future water needs.

10:21:37 So I compliment you for working with them.
10:21:40 And I would rather -- my concerns as a member of the
10:21:44 river round table, I would encourage you to look at
10:21:50 projecting enough purchasing of water that we are able
10:21:54 to keep our river healthy, because the health of the
10:21:57 Hillsborough River is really important to the quality
10:21:59 of life in our community.
10:22:01 Thank you.
10:22:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
10:22:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We have to back up a couple of
10:22:08 steps.
10:22:11 And recognize something that I just found out not too
10:22:14 long ago, that there are 200 that you people who are
10:22:17 on the city water system who are not city residents.
10:22:21 200,000 people.
10:22:26 There was a statement made a minute ago by one of my
10:22:28 colleagues that said -- somebody said the river cannot
10:22:31 meet the needs of the city's water needs.
10:22:35 The river can meet the City of Tampa's residents water
10:22:39 needs.
10:22:41 What we are having trouble with is meeting the needs
10:22:43 of our entire system, because our entire system

10:22:45 includes 200,000 residents that are not city
10:22:49 residents.
10:22:52 I'm not going to say where they are.
10:22:54 But they are not in the city.
10:22:55 So you can guess where they are.
10:22:59 And we have been talking about this as the public
10:23:02 works chair, I have been talking to our staff.
10:23:04 >>ROSE FERLITA: Volusia county?
10:23:08 [ Laughter ]
10:23:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Not in Volusia.
10:23:10 As of 1979, there is a water service area that is
10:23:17 established by agreement with another agency.
10:23:19 And that water service area extends beyond the city.
10:23:22 Okay.
10:23:23 At that time, it probably wasn't a big deal.
10:23:25 Because there probably weren't that many people living
10:23:28 out there.
10:23:28 And I heard people in other parts of the city
10:23:35 shouldn't be addressing this because it might be a
10:23:36 South Tampa problem.
10:23:37 It's not necessarily just a South Tampa issue.
10:23:41 South Tampa hasn't grown that much in population.

10:23:44 Okay.
10:23:44 There's other places that we have been -- our non-city
10:23:49 area has been growing tremendously.
10:23:51 And that's created part of this problem.
10:23:57 I think -- and I'm going to make a motion, okay?
10:24:00 It's a long-term motion so these guys have to study it
10:24:04 and look at it.
10:24:05 They have to look at the legal issues, look at the
10:24:07 economics issues.
10:24:08 But I'm going to make a motion -- I'm making a motion
10:24:11 that staff look -- that the staff look at the
10:24:16 feasibility of reducing -- of gradually, little by
10:24:20 little, reducing the size of our water service area to
10:24:23 contract, can come back to the city limits eventually.
10:24:27 And that could be a long-term proposition.
10:24:29 That could be a 20-year proposition, that over the
10:24:32 next 20 years we might gradually shrink our water
10:24:35 service area to the city limits, okay?
10:24:38 Because I agree with every single one of my colleagues
10:24:40 who just stated that our city residents don't deserve
10:24:44 this increase in water.
10:24:46 Okay.

10:24:46 We have a fantastic water access, that the river
10:24:53 happens to flow through us.
10:24:55 And we are very lucky.
10:24:56 Yes, we are very lucky.
10:24:58 And there's no reason that the City of Tampa residents
10:25:03 shouldn't forever benefit from that fortuitous gift of
10:25:08 God.
10:25:08 So with that, I'll make a motion, Brad, at six months
10:25:14 feasible for you all to come back and give us just
10:25:16 some analysis, some analysis of the legal and economic
10:25:21 feasibility of reducing the size of our service area?
10:25:28 >>> Brad Baird: I will say that we have started
10:25:31 looking at that in one area of Hillsborough County,
10:25:35 that being the --
10:25:36 >> Oh, you mentioned the county.
10:25:42 >>> Outside the city limits.
10:25:44 [ Laughter ]
10:25:45 And like with any other water issue, it seems just now
10:25:51 learning there's a complication that I had not thought
10:25:55 of.
10:25:58 I don't know that six months is enough for the
10:26:01 feasibility study for the entire area outside the city

10:26:04 limits.
10:26:05 I think maybe it could be enough for a preliminary
10:26:08 report.
10:26:10 And there may be additional work after that.
10:26:13 >> I think it would be fine.
10:26:14 I'm sure it's going to take all kinds of consulting
10:26:17 issues and bond issues and legal issues and everything
10:26:19 else.
10:26:19 And possibly even legislative issues because I know
10:26:22 this started in 1978 as an act of the legislature.
10:26:26 >>> That's correct.
10:26:27 >> But just six months from now and get back with us,
10:26:30 this is a long-term problem.
10:26:32 So we can look at a long-term solution.
10:26:34 And this is a possible solution.
10:26:37 And it is a way for -- the number that jumped out at
10:26:41 me, I wouldn't even raise this but the number that
10:26:43 jumped out -- and Brad says we can produce our own
10:26:46 water from the river, something like 58 cents -- 56
10:26:50 cents per thousand gallons as compared to the $2.12
10:26:55 that we have to pay when wave to supply it from
10:26:58 another source like Tampa Bay water.

10:27:00 Anyway, that's my motion.
10:27:01 Six months, get back with us with a preliminary report
10:27:04 and let us know the legal and economic feasibility of
10:27:06 that.
10:27:06 And that would also be extended to any other
10:27:08 department that might need to report including finance
10:27:12 or legal.
10:27:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Question on the motion, Mr. Harrison?
10:27:16 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I commend Mr. Dingfelder for raising
10:27:18 this motion.
10:27:21 Ten years ago, before I think any of us were seated up
10:27:24 here, a decision was made to join Tampa Bay water.
10:27:27 And we can debate the wisdom of that decision.
10:27:30 It was debated at that time.
10:27:32 And we can continue to have that debate.
10:27:34 But we're in it.
10:27:35 And unfortunately what that means is that the people
10:27:38 who are in the city who could be paying 56 cents per
10:27:42 thousand gallons, 10,000 gallons, whatever it is, are
10:27:47 going to be paying $2.12.
10:27:49 They are paying four times what they could have been
10:27:51 paying.

10:27:53 What Mr. Dingfelder is suggesting, I have to believe,
10:27:57 would be a logistical nightmare, because you're
10:28:00 talking about -- you're taking water pipes that are
10:28:05 serving 200,000 people and you're cutting them off and
10:28:07 you are going to have to build new pipes to come from
10:28:10 different sources and things like that.
10:28:12 I mean, goodness knows what kind of public works
10:28:14 project that will be.
10:28:15 But I think the spirit of his motion is well taken,
10:28:21 and that is, what can we do to look out for the
10:28:23 300,000 people that we represent?
10:28:25 And I say move forward with all deliberate speed on
10:28:29 that.
10:28:30 How about this, Brad?
10:28:31 We pump millions of gallons of reclaimed water or some
10:28:36 sort of treated water into the bay every day.
10:28:38 We get no revenue from that.
10:28:40 The county has in the past expressed a great deal of
10:28:45 willingness to buy that from us so that they can
10:28:48 service their reclaimed areas.
10:28:51 And in the past there's been this -- there's been a
10:28:54 political fight over doing that, which just didn't

10:28:58 make any sense to me.
10:28:59 And so maybe that's something -- if you have a quick
10:29:03 answer you can give that, and then I would like to
10:29:05 maybe role that in as a friendly amendment to John's
10:29:08 motion and have us take a look at that issue with a
10:29:10 little more seriousness.
10:29:12 >>> In the last couple of years Steve Daignault has
10:29:14 been closer to that issue working hard on it.
10:29:16 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Certainly any reclaimed that we can
10:29:21 get out to our citizens to let them use that to offset
10:29:25 the use of potable for irrigation is what we would
10:29:28 like to do.
10:29:29 The whole regional reclaimed concept and project that
10:29:34 was initiated a number of years ago continues to
10:29:38 change.
10:29:40 And partners seem to have more or less interest.
10:29:44 Just recently, as you are aware, Tampa Bay water was
10:29:47 very anxious to do that and then kind of backed off
10:29:55 because of some permitting problem.
10:29:57 Hillsborough County recently indicated they are not
10:29:59 interested in getting reclaimed water from us, and are
10:30:03 not active in that project.

10:30:05 We still are exploring the entire regional reclaimed
10:30:08 processor project with Southwest Florida Water
10:30:11 Management District.
10:30:13 They are very anxious and interested in us doing that.
10:30:16 And so we are going to have to look at the costs and
10:30:19 the dollars and who would pay all those dollars.
10:30:23 But we are engaged with them in trying to get a
10:30:25 project together that would use that water, both in
10:30:30 New Tampa as well as Pasco County.
10:30:34 >>SHAWN HARRISON: And I appreciate that.
10:30:35 And I'm not looking specifically -- just looking out
10:30:38 for New Tampa when I mention that.
10:30:39 I think there are lots of users out there that would
10:30:41 be willing to buy that water.
10:30:43 And if Pasco is still willing, they were willing, I
10:30:47 think they were going to give us like $10 million a
10:30:50 few years ago to help build that pipeline.
10:30:52 So we ought to take advantage of that.
10:30:55 Now, Pasco is sending thousands and thousands of into
10:31:02 Hillsborough County and we don't get a dime for that
10:31:04 and they don't seem to have any interest in helping --
10:31:07 allow us to send some their way, some relief our way.

10:31:11 So maybe the reclaimed water issue is a way to restart
10:31:14 some of those negotiations.
10:31:16 >>>
10:31:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll accept that as a friendly
10:31:20 amendment.
10:31:20 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I seconded the motion because, John,
10:31:23 you made some -- I appreciate what you said about
10:31:26 that.
10:31:26 And I like the idea that it's going to be a gradual
10:31:29 thing because we do have to think about the 200,000
10:31:32 people now, but gradual, long-term, where the county
10:31:40 can make their own adjustments, their own plans or
10:31:45 whatever needs to be done, I know there's a lot of
10:31:48 legal ramifications in. This but I think a study
10:31:51 should be done, and I was willing to support that.
10:31:56 The other question -- one question that I do have is,
10:32:01 is the Davis Island project done now?
10:32:05 >>> Yes, it is.
10:32:05 >> And Beach Park, is that done now?
10:32:08 >>> Yes.
10:32:09 Star one is completed.
10:32:11 And thanks to the unusual dry season we have had, our

10:32:17 rate of sign-up has increased more than it ever has.
10:32:20 >> That's way was going to ask.
10:32:22 But what's the rate of users?
10:32:23 >>> This past week, we signed up 180 customers.
10:32:29 >> Good.
10:32:29 On both Davis Island and Beach Park?
10:32:32 >>> Davis Island, Beach Park, Hyde Park, and some of
10:32:35 the Palma Ceia area.
10:32:37 >> Okay.
10:32:37 So where is it now going?
10:32:42 >>> We are looking at other high uses and residential
10:32:48 uses as part of, call it, star two program, and we are
10:32:55 in the middle of studying how to best use that water.
10:32:59 And in even the downtown areas, and South Tampa areas,
10:33:04 as you might imagine, when the entire star project was
10:33:09 envisioned five years ago, actually ten years ago, the
10:33:18 growth has changed.
10:33:19 I mean, we have growth down on the Westshore, Gandy
10:33:22 area now that was not considered then.
10:33:24 We have the heights project in downtown.
10:33:26 So we have some additional considerations of how we
10:33:30 can best use that water.

10:33:31 And we are looking at that right now.
10:33:33 >> So it could be in the future we won't have
10:33:35 reclaimed water to sell, we will be able to use it all
10:33:40 ourselves.
10:33:41 That's the hope, I guess.
10:33:45 >>> Right now, we don't -- well, yes, we'll be able to
10:33:48 tell you that answer.
10:33:49 Right now, we are a long way from being able to use
10:33:52 all the water ourselves.
10:33:55 >>MARY ALVAREZ: You also mentioned that in 1999 that
10:33:57 agreement was signed.
10:33:59 >>> That's correct.
10:34:01 >> With the Tampa Bay water.
10:34:02 >>> I believe it was 98.
10:34:04 >> 98 and 99.
10:34:06 I don't recall when we were on council seven years
10:34:08 ago.
10:34:09 But, anyway, it seems to me at that time that that was
10:34:13 signed, we aren't weren't anticipating the growth that
10:34:16 we were having south of here, in the Gandy area, or
10:34:21 the Channel District, or the heights or anything else
10:34:24 that was coming up.

10:34:25 So is there a possible way of looking into that
10:34:30 agreement?
10:34:31 Or is that a long-time agreement?
10:34:34 >>> It's a long-term agreement.
10:34:36 I believe it expires 2025.
10:34:38 >> 2025.
10:34:40 Well, anyway, I support Mr. Dingfelder's motion.
10:34:44 And I thank you for that.
10:34:46 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second on the
10:34:48 floor.
10:34:48 All in favor?
10:34:51 (Motion Carried).
10:34:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Point of order.
10:34:54 I would like a motion to waive the rules just very
10:34:57 quickly.
10:34:58 A couple weeks ago I mentioned to you that there's a
10:35:00 couple folks on the Bayshore who wanted to come speak
10:35:02 to us and I asked them to put it on the agenda.
10:35:05 You all said, no, just put it on public comment.
10:35:07 They have been waiting here patiently since nine this
10:35:10 morning.
10:35:10 And they just had one spokesman who wants to speak for

10:35:14 the three minutes.
10:35:15 So if we could just waive the rules and let them get
10:35:17 in and out of here.
10:35:19 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
10:35:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
10:35:21 (Motion carried)
10:35:33 >>> Julie Whitney.
10:35:35 I represent the Bayshore overlay district committee.
10:35:41 We actually lost our spokesperson, Harry Coe IV had to
10:35:49 leave.
10:35:50 This is Rosemary Henderson.
10:35:51 I think that what you all have probably already seen,
10:35:54 we sent it to you.
10:35:55 Our concern is that the continued development of the
10:35:58 high-rises on Bayshore Boulevard is distracting from
10:36:04 our linear park, without more stringent guidelines,
10:36:08 preserving the beauty and integrity of this area, will
10:36:11 detract substantially from the aesthetics of this
10:36:14 unique Tampa vista and will greatly hinder the access
10:36:19 of the citizens of Tampa into one of our most
10:36:23 wonderful spaces.
10:36:23 Our goal is to prevent some of the problems that might

10:36:26 arise with Bayshore development in the future.
10:36:31 We would like to possibly have the city working on an
10:36:35 overlay district to govern future commercial,
10:36:39 multifamily and other intensive development along the
10:36:41 upper Bayshore proper from Gandy Boulevard to Brorein
10:36:47 street in Tampa.
10:36:48 Such an overlay would provide guidance limitations in
10:36:52 future development and could also be used to require
10:36:56 additional landscaping, sidewalks, open space, green
10:37:00 space, encourage public 5:00 and use, a minimum
10:37:05 40-foot front yard setback, 120 maximum height
10:37:09 limitation, and additional relevant factors for the
10:37:15 purpose of bonus density, public access, on-site
10:37:18 public parking, beautification, green space, open
10:37:21 space, enhanced landscaping.
10:37:25 Those in possession of land use and zoning
10:37:26 classifications that already provide for development
10:37:29 greater than that allowed by the overlay would
10:37:32 possibly have to be grandfathered to avoid potential
10:37:36 legal exposure, litigation by the City of Tampa.
10:37:40 These issues of course would have to be further
10:37:42 researched and addressed.

10:37:43 We have met with the mayor.
10:37:44 We did that on Tuesday.
10:37:46 He was very much in favor of this.
10:37:50 We also referred to an article written by the Tampa
10:37:53 Tribune about eight months ago, and it stated that it
10:37:58 was going to be looked into and started to do this
10:38:02 overlay.
10:38:03 And we would just like to see it get rolling.
10:38:06 And that's why we are here.
10:38:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: As a planner, in 1975, believe it
10:38:13 or not, we did a Bayshore overlay.
10:38:15 I remember it really clearly.
10:38:16 It was the same issue.
10:38:18 We identified a couple of sites that were appropriate
10:38:20 for higher density.
10:38:22 And I thought it was all set back in 1975.
10:38:27 But unfortunately seems like every so often you have
10:38:30 to revisit.
10:38:33 I appreciate your efforts and would like to make a
10:38:36 motion to ask staff to begin to develop an overlay
10:38:38 district on this and to report back to us in 30 days
10:38:41 on what they need.

10:38:42 I frankly think they could take out the one from 75,
10:38:45 dust it off and that would be just fine.
10:38:49 >>> Well, we had Gloria there the other day, and Cathy
10:38:55 Coyle.
10:38:56 We have been in meetings with them.
10:38:59 So they have some ideas.
10:39:00 And they say it is very feasible.
10:39:03 They do want to take -- it might take about six months
10:39:05 to do it.
10:39:06 So they don't have lawsuits -- so you all don't have
10:39:12 lawsuits oh on your hand.
10:39:14 But I think we need to tweak it and get it going.
10:39:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.
10:39:19 Thank you, ladies, and Harry Coe IV who has been
10:39:23 working on this.
10:39:24 When you see pictures of Tampa, on a national level,
10:39:29 you often see the University of Tampa minarets or
10:39:32 maybe the skyline but many times you see the Bayshore
10:39:35 Boulevard.
10:39:35 And that was one of our icons for the city.
10:39:38 And we have to preserve it.
10:39:39 And little by little, there's nothing wrong with the

10:39:44 high-rises that are there today, and they add to the
10:39:49 Cosmopolitan look and feel, and a lot of good people
10:39:53 live in them, and they happen to be my constituents as
10:39:55 well.
10:39:56 But -- and we are not saying that we would preclude
10:40:00 all new buildings.
10:40:02 We wouldn't.
10:40:03 But we have to have discussions on possibility of
10:40:05 overlay district.
10:40:05 We would definitely grandfather in any buildings sites
10:40:09 that have to be grandfathered in, so we don't want
10:40:12 lawsuits.
10:40:12 And we will be very, very careful to do that.
10:40:14 But I think the time has come.
10:40:16 We don't need to have these fights, you know, month
10:40:18 after month on a case-by-case basis.
10:40:21 We need to say this is what we want the future of
10:40:24 Bayshore to be, and it's extremely important.
10:40:29 >>> And I think Citivest did a nice example of the
10:40:32 park.
10:40:32 We might be able to get that in to some of the things
10:40:35 that are going out, get somebody else to do their

10:40:41 part.
10:40:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So I'm glad to second the motion.
10:40:44 And I think 30 days for staff to at least take a
10:40:46 preliminary look at this, tell us how quickly they can
10:40:49 do it.
10:40:49 And I would like to get this done, you know, before
10:40:52 the end of the year.
10:40:53 I think it's the kind of thing we need to expedite.
10:40:57 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Another good idea here today.
10:41:01 I do think it's an idea whose time has also come.
10:41:04 You're correct, we will have some legal issues
10:41:08 certainly to look at here, with the grandfathering.
10:41:11 And we have got to be very cognizant of that.
10:41:13 But for those who are not yet in the pipeline, I think
10:41:18 that you all are speaking loudly and clearly, in a
10:41:21 unified voice, and we need to respond.
10:41:23 Takes New Tampa guy, when I have visitors from out of
10:41:27 town and I want to impress them, we drive them down
10:41:30 Bayshore and say this is Tampa.
10:41:31 >> What we have to be proud of.
10:41:34 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Right.
10:41:35 So I think it is a good time for to us look at it.

10:41:38 So I support that.
10:41:38 >>ROSE FERLITA: Obviously I will support this.
10:41:40 I was in the back doing some things.
10:41:42 But absolutely.
10:41:44 With when I have guests out of town I drive them down
10:41:48 Bayshore and say this is where Rosemary lives.
10:41:51 [ Laughter ]
10:41:51 But this is long overdue.
10:41:53 Great.
10:41:55 >>GWEN MILLER: I drive myself down there.
10:41:58 Okay.
10:41:59 We have a motion and second.
10:42:01 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
10:42:02 Opposed, Nay.
10:42:03 (Motion carried).
10:42:04 Thank you for coming.
10:42:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam clerk, when would that be?
10:42:10 Just so they have an idea when they are coming back?
10:42:13 >>THE CLERK: The 20th, I think.
10:42:16 July 20th.
10:42:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:42:20 We are going to go to item 22 set for 9:30.

10:42:24 We have the Planning Commission here for that?
10:42:31 Who is here for 82?
10:42:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Item 82?
10:42:35 The five-minute workshop?
10:42:37 >>RANDY GOERS: Strategic planning and technology.
10:42:49 We were here to bring you an update on the public
10:42:52 facilities.
10:42:54 This is a short meeting.
10:42:55 We will come back and give you the bottom line of some
10:42:58 information we were waiting for from the school board.
10:43:02 The school board is still working on the inventory
10:43:05 analysis and capital improvements program.
10:43:08 I don't have any more information to impart to you on
10:43:10 that part of the project.
10:43:13 I can tell you that the information that we provided
10:43:15 to you and e-mailed, gave you sort of a summary of a
10:43:19 PowerPoint of where the project was and a two-page
10:43:22 summary of where things stand.
10:43:23 At this point in time, we do have the Executive
10:43:28 Committee and Stakeholders Committee a consensus on
10:43:30 the overall framework of concurrency, the school and
10:43:34 development.

10:43:35 And overall frame of establishing level, service
10:43:38 standards of using the school attendance zones at the
10:43:41 concurrency service areas, and then how to imagine
10:43:44 development as it comes in concurrency.
10:43:48 What's outstanding is because we don't have the
10:43:50 information on our existing deficiencies and
10:43:56 anticipated deficiencies and how that relates to the
10:43:58 capital improvements program, we can't tell you how
10:44:00 well it's going to impact the City of Tampa or the
10:44:02 other four jurisdictions.
10:44:04 So we don't know how many schools.
10:44:06 The school board may know this but we don't have the
10:44:08 information which schools are at capacity, which ones
10:44:11 are over capacity, which ones we expect to be at
10:44:14 capacity, how that's going to impact our approval of
10:44:16 development.
10:44:17 And as well the planned schools.
10:44:22 We sent out to the executive committee, we have a
10:44:25 meeting tomorrow, the executive committee of
10:44:27 stakeholders and technical committee, where we are
10:44:30 going to look at some of these issues. The school
10:44:32 board, I understand, will be transmitting the draft

10:44:37 that we have produced at the end of the month to BCA
10:44:38 as part of the model element and get ECA's comments of
10:44:41 where we are at this point in time.
10:44:43 We are going to go probably a few more months.
10:44:46 I don't know how long it's going to take but whatever
10:44:47 it takes for us to get to receive the information on
10:44:50 the inventory analysis, and their five year capital
10:44:54 improvement program, make sure we understand the
10:44:55 impact, that you understand impact before we get into
10:44:58 the adoption.
10:45:02 Elaine Duffey is here with the school board or if you
10:45:05 have any questions that we need to impart, we'll be
10:45:08 happy to do that.
10:45:09 >>ROSE FERLITA: Randy, I don't think at this time I
10:45:13 have any questions.
10:45:14 You have given us information and it's been very
10:45:16 forthcoming.
10:45:17 Because of the components that's not here that you
10:45:18 can't report on, do you want to maybe get back in
10:45:21 touch with us in terms of another date to finish that
10:45:23 discussion?
10:45:23 Or Lorraine, do you want to get back with us?

10:45:27 >>RANDY GOERS: I would rather GTE back to you when we
10:45:30 have the information.
10:45:33 Rather than set a date.
10:45:35 >>ROSE FERLITA: That's fine.
10:45:36 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to item number 6.
10:45:38 We did not receive a written report.
10:45:41 Do you want to continue it and put it on the pending
10:45:43 calendar?
10:45:45 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Put it on pending calendar.
10:45:46 >> Second.
10:45:47 (Motion carried).
10:45:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 7.
10:45:50 Legal department.
10:45:51 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department here on item number 7
10:45:54 and 8.
10:45:54 Item 7 has to deal with the transportation concurrency
10:45:57 exception area, to report both on the long-term
10:46:01 changes that are going to be required by state law as
10:46:03 well as the options you have in the short term.
10:46:05 And item 8 has to deal with options that City Council
10:46:08 has also in the short term dealing with mitigating
10:46:11 transportation impact.

10:46:12 DCA is a little behind in providing the guidelines
10:46:15 that the city needs to know what actions we have to
10:46:18 consider, and long-term changes that are going to be
10:46:20 part of the review of the DCA.
10:46:23 Those are expected shortly.
10:46:25 But they have been expected shortly since March.
10:46:28 So at this point we are not able to give you an update
10:46:30 on that.
10:46:31 As far as what your short term options are, city staff
10:46:34 as well as legal department have been working on those
10:46:37 issues, and have contracted with Kendall and
10:46:41 associates to try to come up with what options City
10:46:44 Council has at the present time, and what options can
10:46:48 be provided to City Council.
10:46:49 There is going to be a meeting in July with city
10:46:51 staff, legal department and Kendall and associates to
10:46:54 try to get a review of the framework of transportation
10:46:58 and what options are available to you and the city.
10:47:01 And we are hoping to be able to come back to you on
10:47:03 August 17 with a report, looking at the short-term
10:47:08 options, what are available, what options can be
10:47:10 available, and the changes that are mandated by state

10:47:13 law and how that's going to affect everyone.
10:47:15 It's a complicated issue.
10:47:18 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I would like to have it on the
10:47:22 17th when you come back a list of things that we
10:47:27 can ask for, when we are being asked to approve new
10:47:32 developments on roads that can't be widened any
10:47:36 further.
10:47:36 It happens a lot of time in South Tampa where people
10:47:39 will come up and they'll say, just can't put more cars
10:47:42 on the road.
10:47:43 You know it's bad.
10:47:43 You can't do it.
10:47:44 Yet our transportation staff has no objections.
10:47:48 And they say these are already working at level C or
10:47:53 whatever it is.
10:47:53 And what we want to be able to do is to craft some
10:47:58 sort of innovative ideas, like what we started to do
10:48:03 with Hartline staff and things like that to help in
10:48:06 that regard.
10:48:07 That's what I hope will come out of this meeting on
10:48:09 the 17th.
10:48:10 Some preliminary ideas.

10:48:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:48:17 Ms. Saul-Sena.
10:48:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm sorry.
10:48:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes?
10:48:27 >>SHAWN HARRISON: we need to August 17th to come
10:48:33 back because DCA.
10:48:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Fine.
10:48:36 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
10:48:38 >> Second.
10:48:38 (Motion carried).
10:48:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Was there a second for the record?
10:48:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Harrison made the motion and Mrs.
10:48:48 Alvarez seconded.
10:48:49 >>MARY ALVAREZ: also requesting a date for the
10:48:52 workshop.
10:48:53 Do we need that now, Miss Clerk?
10:48:57 >>REBECCA KERT: A date for the workshop when we come
10:49:01 back with a full report.
10:49:03 Thank you.
10:49:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 9 we need to receive and
10:49:06 file.
10:49:06 We have a report from Mr. LaMotte.

10:49:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excuse me. I would like to comment
10:49:15 on it.
10:49:15 The question that we received -- the answer that we
10:49:18 received didn't really match the question that I
10:49:19 asked.
10:49:21 I was -- the answer we received is very narrowly
10:49:25 crafted.
10:49:27 The question that I meant to ask and maybe I didn't
10:49:29 state clearly is how the Shriners busyness was going
10:49:35 to play nicely with all the traffic generated in
10:49:38 response to Fourth of July fireworks, and all the
10:49:41 stuff going on at the Channelside.
10:49:44 But maybe you can help answer that.
10:49:53 >> The written report doesn't really jive with the
10:49:55 question that I meant to ask and didn't ask clearly
10:49:58 enough.
10:49:59 >>> Debbie Harrington, City of Tampa traffic engineer,
10:50:02 transportation division.
10:50:06 The transportation manager will produce a report for
10:50:09 you all and given you all a lot of information about
10:50:13 the parade.
10:50:14 And we have been working with the Shriners, and I

10:50:17 think we are going to have a wonderful parade. It's
10:50:20 going to be an old-fashioned parade, and along
10:50:26 Bayshore.
10:50:28 What I came to give additional information, Linda,
10:50:33 your concern about how this is going to tie in with
10:50:36 another event that we are having on Fourth of July
10:50:38 which is the fireworks.
10:50:39 We are anticipating a lot of people to come down to
10:50:41 Channelside.
10:50:43 The fireworks begin at 9:00.
10:50:45 The parade is at 2:00.
10:50:47 We anticipate it will be over about 6:00.
10:50:50 So with the people leaving the Bayshore, Hyde Park
10:50:53 area, we do not anticipate that there's going to be a
10:50:57 mix of these two events, that we'll be able to get the
10:51:00 one event out, get them back to their hotels, in time
10:51:04 to change, unless they want to come to the fireworks
10:51:09 over on Channelside.
10:51:10 They will be able to do that.
10:51:12 We are going to have people in the traffic control
10:51:14 room so we can monitor the traffic.
10:51:15 And if we do, we can make adjustments.

10:51:18 I do have a representative here from the police
10:51:20 department, officer smally, and they can answer any
10:51:24 questions you all might have in reference to the
10:51:27 number of police officers that will be provided for
10:51:29 both events.
10:51:30 I think we do have a very good maintenance of traffic
10:51:33 plan for both events.
10:51:36 Having contingency plans so if all the parking down in
10:51:39 the Channelside area does go away and it fills up
10:51:42 before 9:00, we will be diverting people over to Fort
10:51:45 Brooke for them to use our various other parking
10:51:48 garages that we have.
10:51:50 So we are here for both of them.
10:51:53 If you all have any questions for me.
10:51:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:51:56 I don't need more specific detail.
10:51:58 But I wanted to hear just that you shared that you are
10:52:01 aware of this and you have got a plan.
10:52:03 And I would encourage you as quickly as possible to
10:52:05 meet with the downtown partnership and the merchants
10:52:11 entertainment group from the Channel District to share
10:52:13 all the information with them, and with all the

10:52:17 hoteliers and concierges so everyone is up to speed so
10:52:22 of course it goes smoothly which is what we all hope
10:52:25 for.
10:52:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Ms. Harrington.
10:52:30 Roy, I know both of you had an ongoing -- hopefully
10:52:35 ongoing relationship with both the leaders on Harbor
10:52:37 Island, including the president of the umbrella
10:52:43 organization, joy Shall.
10:52:48 We need to communicate with them big time on this type
10:52:50 of issue.
10:52:51 Because what you just described, Debbie, was that
10:52:54 probably the one bridge, the convention center bridge,
10:53:00 that area will be very congested from the parade, and
10:53:03 then later on in the evening, when you get the
10:53:05 congestion on the back bridge, on Beneficial Bridge,
10:53:09 you know, you are going to get congestion there.
10:53:11 Working with TPD, you guys have to assure the
10:53:15 residents of Harbor Island that one of those two
10:53:17 bridges will be open, and not just the bridge, but,
10:53:21 you know, the throughway to get off of the bridge and
10:53:24 to get somewhere, will be open and free and
10:53:28 uncongested for them to get on and off Harbor Island.

10:53:33 That has to be a plan not only for this event, for
10:53:36 every single major event that we have.
10:53:39 >>> I think the key word is communication.
10:53:41 And we are interfacing with them along with the
10:53:43 downtown partnership, and all our other partners.
10:53:46 And we will guarantee them emergency service access.
10:53:51 And we have been communicating with both police and
10:53:53 fire.
10:53:54 >> Not emergency service.
10:53:55 I'm talking about the residents.
10:53:58 Free-flowing access for the residents.
10:54:00 They have two bridges.
10:54:01 I'm not saying we can give them both of those bridges
10:54:03 all day long.
10:54:04 But they have been to be able to freely be able to use
10:54:06 one or the other of the bridge and maybe we can tell
10:54:08 them and suggest to them, in the morning, during these
10:54:11 hours, we suggest you use this bridge, and in the
10:54:13 afternoon we suggest you use this bridge, because if
10:54:16 they start heading over the wrong bridge and they get
10:54:19 into that massive traffic jam they are going to be
10:54:23 very frustrated and then calling us.

10:54:25 >> By communicating with them we are actually getting
10:54:26 the message out to them where we are going and what we
10:54:30 would like them to do and then they post that at the
10:54:33 actual guard shack as they are leaving the island, and
10:54:36 they are told use this bridge, and they actually put a
10:54:38 sign up for the residents to help them out.
10:54:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Great.
10:54:42 Thank you.
10:54:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:54:43 Item number 10.
10:54:45 Legal for number 10.
10:54:55 Nobody here for number 10?
10:54:57 >>JULIA COLE: I apologize.
10:55:07 Julia Cole, legal department.
10:55:10 I'm coming back to you with a report as to whether or
10:55:14 not we can implement a regulation which funds
10:55:21 ordinances for special use permit for with respect to
10:55:30 the monopoles.
10:55:32 I have researched the Federal Telecommunication Act
10:55:37 adopted in 1996 as well as Florida statutes that went
10:55:40 into effect last year, and it's my opinion, and from
10:55:43 that research, that that provision would likely be in

10:55:47 violation of those provisions.
10:55:56 >>GWEN MILLER: We'll finish the report and then ask
10:55:59 questions.
10:56:01 >>JULIA COLE: Very good.
10:56:02 I do want to tell you there is currently an
10:56:04 abandonment provision which would -- a tower abandoned
10:56:11 over 180 days, then there is a requirement that that
10:56:14 tower be taken down.
10:56:15 And there is actually even an additional requirement
10:56:17 that when there is an application for monopole power
10:56:21 pole, communication towers, that the applicant is
10:56:25 acknowledging that there is an abandonment that they
10:56:29 will be required to take that down.
10:56:30 However, we are going to need to come back to you with
10:56:33 changes to our code that relates to the wireless
10:56:36 communication powers in order to implement any sort of
10:56:38 statutory provisions.
10:56:40 And at that time it may be worth a look at the
10:56:43 abandonment provisions and whether we want to tighten
10:56:46 it.
10:56:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's my understanding that our
10:56:51 technology changes that we are going to have more but

10:56:54 lower towers to meet our cell phone needs, and so I
10:56:59 really would like you to look at the abandonment
10:57:01 provision, because it's likely that it will be
10:57:08 increasingly relevant.
10:57:09 >>CHAIRMAN: Number 11.
10:57:11 Marty Shelby.
10:57:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: In response to councilman motion I
10:57:17 prepared a resolution in the effort to bring the
10:57:19 Republican national convention to Tampa Bay in 2008.
10:57:22 I provided a copy for you this morning.
10:57:25 If you are prepared to adopt it now, that's fine.
10:57:27 And if you wish to have any changes you can relay them
10:57:30 to me and we can make changes and do them this
10:57:33 afternoon if council wishes.
10:57:37 >> Second.
10:57:38 >>: So moved.
10:57:39 >> Second.
10:57:39 >>CHAIRMAN: We have a motion and second.
10:57:41 (Motion carried).
10:57:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I did want to speak on this just
10:57:44 briefly.
10:57:44 Very briefly.

10:57:45 And there's been a lot in the paper about the Tampa
10:57:49 Bay area efforts to try to bring the Republican
10:57:52 national convention to the city, and the area in 2008.
10:57:58 And I think there's been also some confusion about if
10:58:04 the city supported it.
10:58:05 And this is why I made the motion, just to make it
10:58:08 abundantly clear because these folks are going to be
10:58:10 coming visiting our area in August.
10:58:12 And I want them to have a document in their hand so
10:58:14 they can see that the City of Tampa and the City
10:58:16 Council is wholly in support of their efforts to bring
10:58:21 the convention there.
10:58:22 They are supposed to bring 50,000 visitors would come
10:58:25 to the area over a four-day period, millions, perhaps
10:58:28 tens or millions of dollars would be infused into our
10:58:31 economic structure.
10:58:32 And it obviously would obviously spotlight us on a
10:58:36 national and international showcase.
10:58:39 I think all those things are good for the City of
10:58:40 Tampa, good for the Tampa Bay area, and that's why we
10:58:43 asked Marty to prepare the resolution.
10:58:45 I appreciate your support.

10:58:46 >>CHAIRMAN: Thank you.
10:58:48 Number 13.
10:58:50 Mr. Santiago.
10:58:55 >>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: Item number 13.
10:58:58 Item number 13, in April 2006 there was considerable
10:59:05 discussion by City Council regarding the Tampa General
10:59:06 Hospital lease and some moneys that were being made
10:59:11 available as a result of that project.
10:59:14 At the end of that discussion, councilman Saul-Sena,
10:59:19 together with a second from Mr. Dingfelder, made a
10:59:23 motion to legal to look at what mechanisms are
10:59:26 available for the residents of Davis Island to effect
10:59:32 a special assessment.
10:59:33 Within the confines of that direction, and recognizing
10:59:36 the -- I prepared a memorandum and report for you that
10:59:41 outlines what the mechanisms are.
10:59:43 And in summary, I have provided for you the transcript
10:59:49 so you can kind of understand and follow what the
10:59:52 direction was.
10:59:55 The mechanisms that are available are for special
10:59:58 assessments, either ad valorem or non-ad valorem.
11:00:01 There's also, I provided for you some discussion on a

11:00:05 project called -- or program called a state
11:00:07 neighborhood improvement act.
11:00:08 That is a mechanism that can get you a way of imposing
11:00:12 special assessments.
11:00:14 That's it in a nutshell.
11:00:16 To accomplish those, the general requirements of law,
11:00:21 an assessment must benefit the real property which is
11:00:23 being assessed, and must be properly apportioned.
11:00:26 In my report you will find that I recommend that a
11:00:28 study be done, that identifies the source of the
11:00:31 problem, the solutions, and obviously then you will
11:00:34 need the will and support of the council to support
11:00:38 those residents if you choose to move forward with
11:00:41 special assessment.
11:00:42 Effectively, if the appropriate ingredients are
11:00:48 available for you.
11:00:50 If you have any questions I will be more than happy to
11:00:52 answer it.
11:00:53 The report contains the transcript if you want to
11:00:55 follow and have that discussion transcribed.
11:01:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Will be there a referendum of
11:01:04 residents required to impose anything like this upon

11:01:06 themselves?
11:01:09 >> Florida statute 197.361 does not require
11:01:13 referendum.
11:01:14 You can initiate a special assessment on your own
11:01:16 motion.
11:01:18 In fact we have two today.
11:01:19 You can be using items 80 and 81.
11:01:22 Those also -- those also fall under the same special
11:01:26 assessment.
11:01:27 You would just be identifying the -- you would conduct
11:01:31 a public hearing.
11:01:32 What would probably be required is to do some sort of
11:01:35 study that identifies the source.
11:01:38 You can substantiate the basis of the assessment.
11:01:42 A referendum would not be required under the special
11:01:44 assessment statute.
11:01:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you for doing. This I will
11:01:51 share this with the people from Davis Island who
11:01:53 requested this information.
11:01:54 I really appreciate your work.
11:01:55 >>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: On that note, I mentioned the
11:01:59 neighborhood program. That does require a level of

11:02:01 participation, for example, that particular program
11:02:04 requires 75% of the property owners, to be part of an
11:02:10 incorporated association.
11:02:11 So, yes, there are thresholds.
11:02:13 But the guiding principles of chapter 197 which is the
11:02:17 special assessment group.
11:02:18 That is all.
11:02:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This is an excellent memo.
11:02:25 And I was not aware of this provision with Florida
11:02:27 statute.
11:02:29 It appears to me it's sort of one or the other, that
11:02:32 we could do it -- we could do it.
11:02:35 But just by a majority vote.
11:02:41 Or it could be done by an association.
11:02:43 But the association has to have 7 a percent of
11:02:46 membership of the entire, in this case --
11:02:50 >>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: Yes, sir, that's correct.
11:02:52 The state neighborhood improvement program is a little
11:02:54 more involved than that.
11:02:56 But for purposes of brevity, I agree with you on that
11:02:59 general principle.
11:03:01 >> The other question I have, if we establish that

11:03:06 type of thing obviously with a lot of involvement in
11:03:12 some part of town that might be interested in that, I
11:03:17 would assume that ultimately we would be the ones that
11:03:22 would decide how the money would be spent, how the
11:03:24 money would be gathered and how the money would be
11:03:27 spent.
11:03:28 >>> Yes and in a.
11:03:29 The safe neighborhood improvement district has three
11:03:31 methods of administration.
11:03:34 One method is you, the City Council, can serve as the
11:03:36 administering body.
11:03:38 Another method would be for the homeowners association
11:03:42 to supply themselves was 5% of the affected members of
11:03:48 the district.
11:03:49 They would be the administrative body.
11:03:50 Then you have a special district by which there can be
11:03:52 an amalgamation of the board created by the City
11:03:56 Council that would have the administrative authority.
11:04:01 >> When I was president of Davis Island civic
11:04:03 association we were always thrilled to be one of the
11:04:04 larger and older neighborhood associations but our
11:04:07 membership was typically 5 to 10% of the island.

11:04:10 And we were happy with that.
11:04:12 So I think getting 75% membership of anything is
11:04:16 pretty hard when it's a voluntary --
11:04:19 >>> Right.
11:04:20 And that's for that second type association.
11:04:22 I would like to suggest to you, because this is a
11:04:25 complex tool that's available to you.
11:04:29 If you would like to consider it, I would suggest that
11:04:31 you consider a workshop where we can come in, chart it
11:04:34 for you.
11:04:34 Because it is -- it has a lot of things.
11:04:39 >> I'll let her run with it since she's the one who
11:04:42 raised the idea.
11:04:43 But she can scatter it out to the island and any other
11:04:47 neighborhood groups who might be interested to contact
11:04:50 us.
11:04:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 14 is a resolution.
11:04:55 Move the resolution.
11:04:58 We have a resolution?
11:04:59 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I did meet with representatives from
11:05:08 Mary Lee's house and I was satisfied with the
11:05:10 arrangement that they had.

11:05:12 You know I'm very protective with the Tampa area
11:05:16 especially Armenia Avenue.
11:05:18 And it sounds like a good project that's going to be
11:05:22 coming up.
11:05:23 And it will have enough of an impact especially with
11:05:31 all the office workers that they are intending to put
11:05:34 in there.
11:05:35 So I would be happy to pass the resolution.
11:05:38 >> Second.
11:05:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Question on the motion, Mr. Dingfelder.
11:05:42 Dinghy
11:05:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The question I had previously,
11:05:45 Mary, and maybe somebody can explain this better, last
11:05:48 week, there seemed to be some indication from Gloria
11:05:50 that this would require further rezoning.
11:05:56 That's where we were last week.
11:05:58 So has something changed?
11:06:00 >>MARY ALVAREZ: No.
11:06:01 This was approval for some kind of a credit.
11:06:04 But, no, they have -- it doesn't require special use
11:06:08 permit or anything like that.
11:06:09 Because they are on a CI.

11:06:14 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
11:06:15 What happened last week is there was a concern that
11:06:17 there might have been a zoning problem, because of
11:06:19 what they thought they were doing.
11:06:21 They are not doing that.
11:06:22 So it's not a zoning problem.
11:06:25 It's really more of an administrative office rather
11:06:28 than an office that would be treating, yes.
11:06:31 And that was the zoning question.
11:06:33 And since it wasn't a treatment area --
11:06:36 >> We got clarification from last week to this week
11:06:39 what the use would be.
11:06:40 >>SAL TERRITO: Correct.
11:06:41 We didn't get it back quickly enough to get it back on
11:06:43 the agenda after it was pulled last week.
11:06:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:06:46 (Motion carried)
11:06:47 Is there anyone in the public that would like to ask
11:06:49 for reconsideration?
11:06:54 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
11:06:57 on this agenda that is not set for public hearing?
11:07:09 >>> Al Steenson, very pleased to say close to 30

11:07:15 years.
11:07:15 I am here to make a few brief remarks about item
11:07:18 number 5 that Mr. Baird brought to you this morning.
11:07:22 I would submit to you this conversation should have
11:07:23 taken place about two and a half years ago.
11:07:28 In all the rezonings -- and I'm only speaking for the
11:07:31 ones in Gandy sun bay south.
11:07:33 For the record I am not here speaking for them, I'm
11:07:36 speaking for myself.
11:07:37 Not one time did I ever see an objection from the
11:07:42 water department regarding capacity.
11:07:44 And here we are down to one day a week watering.
11:07:50 Now, Tuesdays and Sundays, you live down in South
11:07:55 Tampa, do not try to take a shower and do a load of
11:07:58 clothes at the same time.
11:07:59 It's not going to happen.
11:08:02 Now, they can talk about capacity.
11:08:04 Capacity is one thing.
11:08:06 But what about the pressure?
11:08:08 You have got lines down here.
11:08:10 The water lines on my street alone, those thousands
11:08:13 were built back in the mid 50s.

11:08:15 You put increased pressure on those lines and you are
11:08:17 going to have holes and everything else.
11:08:23 We talked a little this morning about reclaimed water.
11:08:25 It's one of our most valuable assets.
11:08:27 I made a suggestion.
11:08:28 And Mr. Dingfelder was there.
11:08:30 We had this little group that gets together on a
11:08:32 quarterly basis in South Tampa.
11:08:35 Let's examine looking at an issue that has been
11:08:40 handled in Pinellas County for years.
11:08:43 When you open up a street, for whatever reason, before
11:08:47 you close it up, put a pipe in there so the reclaimed
11:08:52 water line is there, and all you do is cap the end of
11:08:57 it instead of tearing up all of Manhattan or Neptune,
11:09:01 you dig a couple of holes on either end of it and you
11:09:04 tie into it.
11:09:04 So I would make that suggestion in terms of the
11:09:06 reclaimed.
11:09:07 I'd love to have reclaimed in my neck of the woods.
11:09:11 But I think this discussion we had this morning was
11:09:14 wonderful.
11:09:15 But I just think it's a little bit too late.

11:09:18 So that's all I have to say.
11:09:20 Thank you very much.
11:09:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:09:21 Would anyone else like to speak?
11:09:24 We go to item number 15.
11:09:26 Ordinance for first reading.
11:09:28 Mr. Santiago.
11:09:31 >>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: Legal department.
11:09:35 This is an ordinance brought to you on council
11:09:40 request, and also together with support from the
11:09:41 administration.
11:09:44 Seeking to extend a no transportation impact fee zone
11:09:46 area for Ybor.
11:09:47 That zone existed for three years and expired on
11:09:51 August 22nd of 2005.
11:09:57 This ordinance proposes to extend it for an additional
11:09:59 five years retroactive, a little over 48 left on it.
11:10:06 The ordinance that came to you in the agenda contained
11:10:10 a scrivener's error.
11:10:11 So I have got for you a substitute ordinance
11:10:13 correcting a scrivener's error.
11:10:14 Also, what's being distributed is the evidence in

11:10:18 support of the required finding.
11:10:22 The same materials that we talked with you about in
11:10:24 the briefing.
11:10:26 The initial briefings that we conducted.
11:10:28 I'm here to answer any questions on the ordinance
11:10:31 along with Mr. Roy LaMotte with the Ybor City
11:10:34 Development Corporation.
11:10:37 >>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Santiago, I'm sorry to interrupt
11:10:43 but I wanted to submit a disclosure form.
11:10:46 Because I have got a couple of properties that might
11:10:50 cause an issue.
11:10:51 In abundance of caution I would like to hereby
11:10:54 disclose came before my agency which might inure to
11:10:58 the special private gain or loss on property and based
11:11:03 on that explanation I will abstain from voting.
11:11:05 Thank you.
11:11:06 >>CHAIRMAN: Mrs. Saul-Sena.
11:11:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'll tell you what concerns me
11:11:19 about this.
11:11:20 All parts of Ybor are not equal.
11:11:22 Some parts of Ybor are really in need of
11:11:24 redevelopment.

11:11:25 And I want to encourage that redevelopment.
11:11:27 Other parts of Ybor specifically along Adamo drive are
11:11:33 asking for us to do an overlay to allow them much
11:11:35 greater development than is currently allowed under
11:11:38 their zoning.
11:11:38 And land uses.
11:11:39 So my question is, is the purpose of this
11:11:43 transportation impact fee zone to encourage blighted
11:11:47 areas to redevelop?
11:11:48 Or is it to support increased development?
11:11:52 I think that we need to be clear about what the use of
11:11:56 this is.
11:11:56 For example, specifically, Adamo drive needs repaving.
11:12:00 Anybody who has driven around on it lately knows it's
11:12:02 got lots of pot holes.
11:12:05 I think we need the money to do that repavement, or
11:12:08 other roads.
11:12:09 Why should we waive the fees for all of Ybor when some
11:12:13 parts of Ybor are still struggling, and other parts
11:12:16 seem to have -- I just don't understand the basic
11:12:22 premise of or rationale for why this -- what this
11:12:29 transportation impact fee zone, how it's relevant now

11:12:31 in 2006.
11:12:32 Certainly, previously, Ybor was much more of a
11:12:35 struggling mode now.
11:12:36 I would say it's moving ahead.
11:12:38 And I don't really get the rationale for this.
11:12:46 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
11:12:47 I wanted to make one correction.
11:12:49 I apologize.
11:12:49 I was at a meeting in which this was discussed quite
11:12:52 awhile ago and it was determined that it was going to
11:12:55 be -- the request was going to be for a three-year,
11:12:59 not a five-year extension.
11:13:00 So that should have been corrected and didn't get
11:13:02 corrected but we will make that correction and bring
11:13:03 it back to you.
11:13:04 With respect to your specific question, Ms. Saul-Sena,
11:13:08 I think Vince Pardo is going to actually address that
11:13:11 more thorough.
11:13:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay.
11:13:14 But it's kind of a legal question.
11:13:16 >>DAVID SMITH: Well, the legal aspect -- and we looked
11:13:20 at this -- there needs to be, of course, a basis for

11:13:22 it.
11:13:23 And the basis for it is related to the finding of slum
11:13:26 and blight that existed for Ybor City.
11:13:28 The factual predicate would be such that a discount
11:13:31 with specific uses, it's the same factual predicate,
11:13:36 the approval of protection ordinance and that is that
11:13:39 we have a concentration of uses that needs to be
11:13:41 altered so that wave less of those kinds of problems.
11:13:44 So we are encouraging uses that will encourage a
11:13:47 better diversity.
11:13:49 I think Mr. Pardo literally can provide you with a
11:13:53 summary of that.
11:13:55 >>VINCE PARDO: Ybor City Development Corporation.
11:13:57 I think the rationale is that the boundaries of the
11:14:07 various boundaries, but I'll be glad to show you on
11:14:14 the Elmo.
11:14:32 The neighborhood right behind our office off of
11:14:34 Nebraska, and actually Ybor 1, which includes the
11:14:41 Centro building, these were included two years ago
11:14:43 when East Tampa was approved.
11:14:49 We had some other parts on the other side of Ybor
11:14:52 City, such as Nebraska, and some of the areas that

11:14:54 were discussed with you this morning.
11:14:56 So it's the whole pack annal.
11:14:59 But we only see this as being very significant this
11:15:02 morning, is the area in green is what has been this
11:15:07 past August, because we want to reinstate as an
11:15:14 exemption area, that is that portion of Ybor 2, the
11:15:18 new CRA that was justified through the finding of slum
11:15:24 and blight reports, that we think can justify becoming
11:15:27 a CRA.
11:15:28 We know that at that point in time that there were
11:15:31 pockets of CRA 2, Ybor CRA 2, that in fact were doing
11:15:37 better than other areas.
11:15:38 The area south of 6th.
11:15:40 There was no intent to carve them out at that time so
11:15:42 they would not be part of the TIF or the CRA plan.
11:15:46 So this is looked at as incentive, people are coming
11:15:50 in and we have developers now, some are on line and
11:15:52 coming forward, expecting this.
11:15:55 And one very major one is someone in the audience
11:16:00 today, heights associates. That project is going on
11:16:03 with implementation of this, never 100% until it gets
11:16:07 approved by the body.

11:16:08 But some properties, individual properties, and cigar
11:16:13 factories that are renovated, if it wasn't for the
11:16:16 transportation there would be waiver.
11:16:19 That made the difference.
11:16:22 So this economic incentive, in addition to its
11:16:25 compliance with the transportation concurrency, this
11:16:27 economic incentive is what's happening in the
11:16:31 district.
11:16:31 And the same rationale why East Tampa and other ones
11:16:35 have had this approved to be able to offer in the Ybor
11:16:41 Historic District.
11:16:42 Listening to barrio reports, they might be across
11:16:48 26th street, or stop on the other side of
11:16:52 Nebraska.
11:16:52 And that protection is there for a reason, because we
11:16:55 do care about historic -- the additional expense of
11:17:00 fixing up historic property by giving discounts and
11:17:05 waiver.
11:17:05 We are asking for an additional three years.
11:17:07 We think that is a good time frame to look at in the
11:17:09 future to come back to you again and revisit.
11:17:13 Nothing is forever.

11:17:14 We learned that with stormwater.
11:17:16 We learned that with parking waivers.
11:17:20 But we think in three years.
11:17:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:17:27 That was a great explanation.
11:17:29 >>> Didn't mean to give a speech.
11:17:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: To legal, Roland.
11:17:35 The previous version -- and I haven't had a chance to
11:17:39 look at this version but the previous version
11:17:42 distinguished between uses within Ybor City.
11:17:44 Is that still part of this?
11:17:46 >>: Yes, sir.
11:17:49 We have made a statement in there, actually the City
11:17:54 Council finds, is the mayor recommends, that was the
11:17:59 scrivener's error.
11:18:00 That's in the sixth whereas clause.
11:18:02 I made that correction.
11:18:03 Mr. Shelby dual pointed that out to me.
11:18:07 >> Other than that, confirmed three or four weeks ago
11:18:10 is exactly the same?
11:18:11 >>> Exact reply the same.
11:18:12 Based on the changes made this morning, what I am

11:18:14 going to do is upon the conclusion of this hearing is
11:18:16 make a change from five years to three years.
11:18:20 >> And bring it back tonight?
11:18:22 >>> I can bring it back to you very shortly or, yes,
11:18:25 tonight.
11:18:25 >> Britt back tonight.
11:18:28 I have some concerns about distinguishing between the
11:18:30 uses but they are legal concerns and I guess they will
11:18:38 play out in court in case somebody else has those
11:18:41 concerns.
11:18:42 I'll leave it at that for now.
11:18:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I'm perfectly satisfied with the
11:18:46 extension.
11:18:48 Ybor City has come a long way.
11:18:50 But it still needs a lot of help especially in the
11:18:54 transportation area.
11:18:56 Three years, only two more years on this thing before
11:19:04 it effects us again.
11:19:05 There's still pockets of blight in there.
11:19:07 There's still things that need to be done.
11:19:09 And we are going to try to do everything we possibly
11:19:12 can to help the historic fabric to remain that way.

11:19:16 So whenever it comes back, I would be more happy to
11:19:21 pass it.
11:19:21 >>KEVIN WHITE: Based on the same comment, not only
11:19:25 that, but we need to -- even though Mrs. Saul-Sena
11:19:29 stated Ybor has come a long way, I think to continue
11:19:39 to revitalize portions of Ybor, still has a very long
11:19:44 way to go and I think these incentives are a wonderful
11:19:46 thing that helps people develop, to help other people
11:19:52 to the area and to continue to bring that to the Ybor
11:19:55 City area.
11:19:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I am pleased that we are looking at
11:20:01 three years, which is really two years for this.
11:20:04 And I think what would be very important for my
11:20:07 decision in the future, or for a better understanding
11:20:10 for whoever is on council in the future, is to look at
11:20:13 what the waivers are, how much money, for what kind of
11:20:18 development, because I'm really aware of all the areas
11:20:24 of Ybor City that need work and I would love to
11:20:27 capture moneys to make those improvements.
11:20:29 I think it would be helpful to capture that
11:20:31 information so in two years when it comes back to us
11:20:34 we'll be able to see dollarwise.

11:20:36 I have no idea honestly, $200,000 or a million
11:20:41 dollars.
11:20:42 I really don't know how much we are waiving.
11:20:44 And I think that coupled with how much we need to
11:20:51 spend in the area would be very helpful information
11:20:53 for a future council to use in determining whether
11:20:56 this transportation fee waiver should continue into
11:21:00 the future.
11:21:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Can you bring it back this morning?
11:21:06 >>> I'll bring it back in about 30 minutes.
11:21:10 I'll be here for the show tonight as well.
11:21:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I want to just emphasize to council,
11:21:19 council member Saul-Sena's comments.
11:21:22 And that may be something that council may want to
11:21:24 consider in discussions with background material,
11:21:26 provided to council by the administration.
11:21:28 A lot of things that council does consider does have
11:21:31 budgetary impacts.
11:21:33 And in the background material, perhaps council may
11:21:36 want to consider asking for the budgetary impact, for
11:21:41 instance, in this matter what back to August,
11:21:45 prospectively, not necessarily for this item but in

11:21:47 general so it can have a better context of the
11:21:50 budgetary impact of the decision making.
11:21:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:21:56 We'll see you tonight, Mr. Santiago. We go to our
11:21:58 committee reports.
11:21:59 Public safety, Ms. Rose Ferlita.
11:22:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Did you want a motion to bring it
11:22:08 tonight?
11:22:09 Motion to continue to tonight?
11:22:11 >> Second.
11:22:11 (Motion carried)
11:22:13 >>ROSE FERLITA: On the continuance?
11:22:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's just procedural.
11:22:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Doesn't matter.
11:22:27 >> I guess it will stay for tonight as well.
11:22:29 Did you abstain?
11:22:32 >>ROSE FERLITA: I didn't do anything.
11:22:36 >>GWEN MILLER: You abstain then.
11:22:39 >>ROSE FERLITA: I abstain.
11:22:41 Madam Chairman, I would like to move resolution 16 and
11:22:45 17.
11:22:45 >>: Second.

11:22:46 >> I have a motion and second.
11:22:47 (Motion carried).
11:22:48 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like to make a comment.
11:22:51 On number 16.
11:22:56 This is the Rotary Club of Ybor City, made a donation
11:23:00 but it was a $42,000 donation that we made for the
11:23:05 horse barn.
11:23:06 And I'm very proud of the fact that I'm a member of
11:23:08 that Ybor City Rotary Club.
11:23:11 We worked really hard and did some charity work in
11:23:16 order to an amount of money.
11:23:19 And we are probably going to have some members going
11:23:24 out there and helping raise that barn.
11:23:27 So just wanted to make a comment on that.
11:23:28 Thank you.
11:23:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Actually, Mary took the words out
11:23:32 of my mouth.
11:23:33 I know she's a member and probably an officer, I would
11:23:35 guess.
11:23:38 >> Yes, I am.
11:23:39 >> I used to be a member of that wonderful rotary.
11:23:41 It's really great that they are helping the city with

11:23:44 that project.
11:23:45 So thank you.
11:23:45 >>MARY ALVAREZ: As a matter of fact, I just want to
11:23:48 add one more thing there.
11:23:49 This past week, last week, we made contributions of
11:23:55 $102,000 for scholarships and various things like.
11:24:00 That we have really been working hard in our Rotary
11:24:03 Club and I'm proud of that fact.
11:24:06 >>ROSE FERLITA: When are you going to have the first
11:24:09 horse in the barn?
11:24:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Side saddle.
11:24:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Parks and recreation, Mrs. Alvarez.
11:24:14 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think I'm supposed to pull item 18
11:24:18 and 20.
11:24:20 So we'll go ahead and move item 19, 21 and 22.
11:24:26 >> Second.
11:24:26 (Motion carried).
11:24:28 >>THE CLERK: 19 was pulled.
11:24:33 18 and 19 were pulled together.
11:24:34 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I thought 18 and 20.
11:24:40 19?
11:24:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

11:24:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Number 21 refers to our wonderful
11:24:50 nonprofit group that's working with kids in Sulphur
11:24:53 Springs to paint murals at Rowlett park.
11:24:58 It's a wonderful community partnership.
11:24:59 And if you drive down the street, you can see it.
11:25:02 And it's a beautiful mural last year.
11:25:06 I know this year will be equally wonderful.
11:25:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Public works, John Dingfelder.
11:25:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I wanted to point out item 36,
11:25:14 $1,600,000.
11:25:17 That's the beginning of the Neptune street stormwater
11:25:20 reconstruction project that Chuck Walter and Steve
11:25:25 Daignault and all their team are working so diligently
11:25:28 on.
11:25:30 Folks ask when we are we going to start working on
11:25:32 these big stormwater projects with the stormwater
11:25:35 money and this is one example of the use of that
11:25:38 money.
11:25:39 I'll move items 23 through 36.
11:25:42 >> Second.
11:25:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Question on the motion.
11:25:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: And I would like to also point out 25

11:25:46 and 26, this is the final for the West Tampa
11:25:51 elementary drainage improvement.
11:25:54 And I have to point that out because that doesn't
11:25:56 happen very much in West Tampa.
11:26:05 (Motion carried).
11:26:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Finance Committee, Kevin White.
11:26:09 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move 37 through 39.
11:26:12 >> Second.
11:26:12 (Motion carried).
11:26:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Building and zoning, Mrs. Linda
11:26:15 Saul-Sena.
11:26:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move resolutions 40
11:26:22 through 53.
11:26:24 >> Second.
11:26:24 (Motion carried).
11:26:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Transportation, Mr. Shawn Harrison.
11:26:27 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Move items 54, 55.
11:26:31 >> Second.
11:26:31 (Motion carried).
11:26:33 >> Move the new business items 56 through 70.
11:26:39 >> Second.
11:26:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.

11:26:40 (Motion carried).
11:26:41 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go to our public hearings for
11:26:44 second reading.
11:26:46 Is anyone going to speak on item 71 through 76?
11:26:49 Would you please stand and raise your right hand?
11:26:50 (Oath administered by Clerk).
11:27:07 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to open the public hearings.
11:27:12 (Motion carried).
11:27:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just some housekeeping.
11:27:14 I ask that all written communications relative to
11:27:16 today's hearing that has been received and has been
11:27:18 available to the public at council's office and
11:27:21 received and filed.
11:27:26 >> We have one.
11:27:27 >> So moved.
11:27:27 >> Second.
11:27:28 (Motion carried).
11:27:28 >>MARTIN SHELBY: A brief reminder to disclose any
11:27:32 ex parte communications relative to today's hearings
11:27:34 that any council member may have had.
11:27:36 When you state your name reaffirm that you have been
11:27:38 sworn.

11:27:38 Thank you.
11:27:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:27:40 wants to speak on item 71?
11:27:42 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
11:27:45 >> Second.
11:27:45 (Motion carried).
11:27:46 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move to adopt the follow ordinance upon
11:27:52 second reading, move an ordinance of the city of
11:27:55 Tampa, Florida establishing a redevelopment trust fund
11:27:57 for the Central Park community redevelopment area,
11:27:59 providing for the funding of said fund for community
11:28:02 redevelopment within the Central Park redevelopment
11:28:05 area providing for the administration of said fund,
11:28:08 determining the tax increment to be deposited into
11:28:10 said fund, establishing the base year for determining
11:28:14 assessed values of property in the Central Park
11:28:16 community redevelopment area for tax increment
11:28:18 purposes, providing for the annual appropriation of
11:28:22 the tax increment by all taxing authorities levying
11:28:26 ad valorem taxes in the Central Park community
11:28:28 redevelopment area, pointing the governing body of the
11:28:31 Community Redevelopment Agency as the trustee of said

11:28:34 fund, repealing all ordinances in conflict herewith,
11:28:38 providing for severability, providing an effective
11:28:39 date.
11:28:40 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
11:28:43 Voice roll call.
11:28:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
11:28:46 And I wanted to reiterate what Mr. White said earlier
11:28:49 today, that I think it was excellent that the city and
11:28:51 county are working together on this.
11:28:53 I commend the county commission for their vote
11:28:56 yesterday.
11:28:56 And look forward to continuing to work with them on
11:28:59 many other issues.
11:29:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
11:29:02 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
11:29:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
11:29:04 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
11:29:05 >>ROSE FERLITA: Yes.
11:29:06 >>KEVIN WHITE: Yes.
11:29:06 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:29:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:29:10 wants to speak on item 72?

11:29:12 >> Move to close.
11:29:20 I have a motion and second to close.
11:29:21 (Motion carried).
11:29:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is a long skinny building on
11:29:32 Platt Street between two other properties.
11:29:34 The property owner owns shared driveway.
11:29:39 There's a tree on Platt Street and basically the -- is
11:29:42 the petitioner here for this?
11:29:47 Well, the petitioner said that transportation didn't
11:29:49 like this tree.
11:29:50 It's next to a driveway.
11:29:52 The drive way isn't changing.
11:29:53 And I don't see any reason to change the tree.
11:29:56 It's a perfectly fine tree.
11:29:57 It's been sitting there all these years.
11:29:59 And the petitioner isn't here.
11:30:01 I can't -- unless they are, I don't see them.
11:30:05 I am going to vote against this and I am going to
11:30:07 contact them about the possibility of keeping the
11:30:09 tree.
11:30:09 There seems to be to my mind no good reason to get rid
11:30:13 of it.

11:30:14 Platt Street needs all the trees county get given the
11:30:16 amount of new development.
11:30:17 For that reason, I will not be supporting this.
11:30:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Ferlita, would you read that,
11:30:23 please?
11:30:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: 72.
11:30:31 >>ROSE FERLITA: Move an ordinance after second reading
11:30:35 an ordinance in the general vicinity of 1005 West
11:30:38 Platt street in the city of Tampa, Florida and more
11:30:41 particularly described in section 1 from zoning
11:30:42 district classifications CG commercial general to PD
11:30:45 planned development, office, providing an effective
11:30:46 date.
11:30:46 >>CHAIRMAN: I have a motion and second.
11:30:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to get people to go
11:30:52 along.
11:30:53 I just want to share that our staff pointed out that
11:30:57 they had objections to this, but the petitioner is
11:30:59 asking for a reduction in the number of parking
11:31:01 spaces, reduction in the driveway width from 20 feet
11:31:04 to eleven feet.
11:31:05 I'm fine with all of that.

11:31:06 I just want them to save the tree on Platt Street.
11:31:09 >>CHAIRMAN: We have a motion and second.
11:31:11 Voice roll call.
11:31:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No.
11:31:14 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
11:31:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
11:31:15 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
11:31:16 >>ROSE FERLITA: Yes.
11:31:17 >>KEVIN WHITE: Yes.
11:31:18 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder absent and
11:31:22 Saul-Sena voting no.
11:31:23 >>CHAIRMAN: Is there anyone in the public that wants
11:31:24 to speak on item 73?
11:31:26 >> Move to close.
11:31:27 >> Second.
11:31:27 (Motion carried).
11:31:28 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I move to adopt the following
11:31:32 ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance rezoning
11:31:35 property in the general vicinity of 3818 Ridge Avenue
11:31:38 in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly
11:31:40 described in section 1 from zoning district
11:31:44 classification RS-60 residential single-family to PD

11:31:47 planned development, single-family detached
11:31:50 residential, providing an effective date.
11:31:51 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
11:31:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
11:31:59 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
11:32:00 >>ROSE FERLITA: Yes.
11:32:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
11:32:02 >>KEVIN WHITE: Yes.
11:32:04 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder being
11:32:05 absent.
11:32:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:32:07 wants to speak on item 74?
11:32:09 >> Move to close.
11:32:10 >> Second.
11:32:10 (Motion carried).
11:32:11 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Move to adopt the following
11:32:14 ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance rezoning
11:32:17 property in the general vicinity of 2902 west union
11:32:19 street in the city of Tampa, Florida and more
11:32:21 particularly described in section 1 from zoning
11:32:23 district classifications RM-16 residential multifamily
11:32:26 to PD, planned development, off-Street commercial

11:32:29 parking lot and enclosed storage, providing an
11:32:31 effective date.
11:32:32 >> I have a motion and second.
11:32:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
11:32:36 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
11:32:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
11:32:37 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
11:32:38 >>ROSE FERLITA: Yes.
11:32:39 >>KEVIN WHITE: Yes.
11:32:40 >>CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder absent.
11:32:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:32:44 wants to speak on item 75?
11:32:47 >> Move to close. Oops.
11:32:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Come on up.
11:32:56 >>> My name is Jason Sampson. I'm here on behalf of
11:33:08 property owner.
11:33:09 I'm only here to the extent if there are any questions
11:33:12 for the property owner.
11:33:13 If not, that's all I have to say at this point.
11:33:16 I have been sworn.
11:33:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?
11:33:19 >> Move to close.

11:33:20 >> Second.
11:33:20 (Motion carried).
11:33:21 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move to adopt the following ordinance
11:33:25 upon second reading, an ordinance in the general
11:33:28 vicinity of 4424 west Carmen street in the city of
11:33:31 Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in
11:33:32 section 1 from zoning district classifications RS-50
11:33:35 residential single-family to RM-18 residential
11:33:38 multifamily, providing an effective date.
11:33:40 >> Second.
11:33:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I won't be supporting this because
11:33:44 they didn't come in with a site plan zoning category,
11:33:48 but they did show some attractive plans.
11:33:52 I hope they stick to them.
11:33:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No.
11:33:56 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
11:33:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
11:33:57 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
11:33:59 >>ROSE FERLITA: Yes.
11:33:59 >>KEVIN WHITE: Yes.
11:34:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion carried with Saul-Sena voting no
11:34:02 and Dingfelder being absent.

11:34:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:34:05 wants to speak on item 76?
11:34:08 >> Move to close.
11:34:09 >> Second.
11:34:09 (Motion carried).
11:34:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move the following ordinance upon
11:34:16 second reading an ordinance rezoning property in the
11:34:18 general vicinity of 1020 west Indiana Avenue in the
11:34:22 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described
11:34:24 in section 1 from zoning district classifications
11:34:26 RS-60 residential single-family to PD planned
11:34:30 development single-family residential, providing an
11:34:32 effective date.
11:34:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
11:34:36 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
11:34:36 >>GWEN MILLER: yes here.
11:34:39 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
11:34:39 >>KEVIN WHITE: Yes.
11:34:42 >>ROSE FERLITA: Yes.
11:34:43 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder absent.
11:34:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Number 77.
11:34:58 >> Westshore alliance, Kennedy Boulevard overlay

11:35:03 district, which runs to Himes Avenue.
11:35:05 We have an existing Westshore overlay district that
11:35:07 will address Kennedy issues west of Himes Avenue.
11:35:10 I just wanted to let you know, we are working closely
11:35:13 with city staff to incorporate it as many of these
11:35:18 guidelines as possible into the Westshore overlay
11:35:20 district for Kennedy Boulevard.
11:35:21 It may very slightly because of right-of-way changes
11:35:25 when you get west of church street.
11:35:28 It's much wider from the center point of the road.
11:35:31 It may not be technically exactly the same as what's
11:35:34 being approved for east of Himes Avenue but we are
11:35:38 generally in support of it and working closely with
11:35:41 city staff to incorporate as many of the changes as we
11:35:43 can to the Westshore district.
11:35:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:35:47 wants to speak on item 77?
11:35:49 >> Move to close.
11:35:49 >> Second.
11:35:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to adopt the following
11:35:55 ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance in the
11:35:59 City of Tampa amending chapter 27 zoning City of Tampa

11:36:03 code of ordinances creating section 27-468, Kennedy
11:36:06 Boulevard corridor district development design
11:36:09 standards, providing for severability, providing for
11:36:11 repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing an
11:36:13 effective date, and providing congratulations to Mrs.
11:36:16 Saul-Sena.
11:36:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:36:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
11:36:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
11:36:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
11:36:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
11:36:23 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
11:36:24 >>ROSE FERLITA: Yes.
11:36:25 >>KEVIN WHITE: Yes.
11:36:26 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:36:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:36:30 wants to speak on item 78 through 81?
11:36:33 Would you please stand and raise your right hand?
11:36:34 (Oath administered by Clerk).
11:36:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry to have to complicate
11:36:51 things but I want to make sure Mr. Tore right oh came
11:36:55 down -- Territo, in order to be perfectly legal and

11:36:59 not complicated.
11:37:00 So what I am going to do is I am going to ask council
11:37:02 to make a motion to reconsider number 71, which was
11:37:06 the redevelopment trust fund, because I have been
11:37:12 informed that item 78 has to pass as a predicate
11:37:16 before council can vote on number 71.
11:37:20 So if there can be a motion.
11:37:22 >> So moved.
11:37:23 >> Second.
11:37:23 >>CHAIRMAN: Motion and second to rescind 71.
11:37:25 (Motion carried).
11:37:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And now go to 78.
11:37:31 >>CHAIRMAN: Number 78.
11:37:39 >>> A historic occasion.
11:37:42 We have a chance to really carry the ball across the
11:37:44 goal line this morning in terms of our last two steps
11:37:48 in establishing the Central Park CRA that you all had
11:37:51 worked very hard to help accomplish.
11:37:54 And those two steps, the first one is what we would
11:37:57 like to do now, item agenda number 78, which is the
11:38:01 acceptance of the CRA plan, the hearing associated
11:38:04 with that.

11:38:05 We do have Jim from the Planning Commission.
11:38:11 They completed the blight study and the plan itself.
11:38:13 So they are here to make a presentation on that.
11:38:17 I'll turn it over.
11:38:23 Mike English is here with a nice PowerPoint.
11:38:26 >>GWEN MILLER: No, we know what we are doing.
11:38:29 >> Move the resolution.
11:38:30 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
11:38:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Hold it.
11:38:32 Hold it.
11:38:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The only question I have is, you
11:38:39 all gave us a presentation a month ago.
11:38:42 We know what the plan is.
11:38:43 I just want to make sure nothing has changed from what
11:38:46 we saw --
11:38:47 >>> There is one item I would like to point out.
11:38:49 The plan itself includes the GTE credit union site.
11:38:57 As you might recall in our negotiation was the county,
11:38:59 that was pulled out of our interlocal agreement.
11:39:03 So right now there's an inconsistency between the
11:39:05 interlocal agreement and the plan.
11:39:07 We will come back to you with a modification of the

11:39:09 plan in the future.
11:39:10 But that doesn't need to be addressed today.
11:39:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's the only thing that changed?
11:39:16 Okay.
11:39:17 Move the resolution.
11:39:18 >>CHAIRMAN: Is there anyone in the public that wants
11:39:19 to speak on item 78?
11:39:22 >> Move to close.
11:39:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Wait, I'm sorry.
11:39:28 >>> Ron Weaver, 401 east Jackson for Bank of America.
11:39:31 We would like to thank you and the county commission
11:39:34 for working together on this project, and show the
11:39:38 continuing attention to the needs of the residents of
11:39:39 Central Park Village and to enable us to look at it
11:39:45 from the city and the county level.
11:39:46 We thank you for all your hard work. We met for the
11:39:49 last several weeks and months, and we appreciate your
11:39:52 support for the combined resolution, in the order that
11:39:55 Mr. Shelby correctly noted.
11:39:57 >> Move to close the public hearing.
11:39:58 >> Second.
11:39:59 (Motion carried).

11:39:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me get that back to you so I
11:40:06 can get the correct resolution.
11:40:08 We don't have a resolution for you actually to approve
11:40:10 at this point.
11:40:11 When we get that corrected we'll get it right down to
11:40:13 you.
11:40:14 >> Can we move to approve the resolution?
11:40:17 >> We need to close the public hearing.
11:40:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We did.
11:40:20 >> It's a no-vote.
11:40:21 >>GWEN MILLER: He said we can vote on the resolution.
11:40:28 >> Prospectively?
11:40:33 >> We will get it to you shortly.
11:40:35 It's being retyped.
11:40:37 9 do we vote on it or do we have to wait?
11:40:40 >> 22 minutes.
11:40:41 >> Okay.
11:40:42 We'll hold it till you come back.
11:40:44 >> Then we have to go back and do the ordinance.
11:40:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Number 71, yes.
11:40:48 Item number 79, to be continued.
11:40:51 >> Second.

11:40:52 >>: To August 24th at 10 a.m.
11:40:57 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
11:40:58 Opposed, Nay.
11:41:00 (Motion Carried)
11:41:00 Item number 80.
11:41:04 >> Move to open.
11:41:05 >> Second.
11:41:05 (Motion carried)
11:41:06 >>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: Number 80 and 81.
11:41:23 If you can open both of those.
11:41:25 >> So moved.
11:41:26 >> Second.
11:41:27 (Motion Carried).
11:41:27 >> These are special assessments hearings to adopt the
11:41:30 uniform method of levy for two subdivisions, one a
11:41:34 town home, one a single-family detached from the K bar
11:41:38 ranches ranch, Bassett creek and stone creek town
11:41:48 homes.
11:41:49 The public hearing is to adopt the hearing in a
11:41:52 uniform method.
11:41:53 This one is a little bit unique.
11:41:55 You have to adopt the resolution while the hearing is

11:41:57 still open.
11:41:58 So at the conclusion of taking all public comment I
11:42:00 would ask that you not move forward to close until you
11:42:02 have adopted the resolution.
11:42:05 The petitioner is here to answer any questions.
11:42:06 And that is all.
11:42:08 Thank you.
11:42:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Does anyone in the public want to speak
11:42:10 on item 80 and 81?
11:42:16 Okay, so make a motion --
11:42:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move the resolution.
11:42:19 Both of them.
11:42:20 >> Second.
11:42:21 (Motion carried).
11:42:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Now close.
11:42:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
11:42:25 >> Second.
11:42:25 (Motion carried).
11:42:26 >>GWEN MILLER: City Council information.
11:42:31 Mr. White, do you have anything?
11:42:33 >>KEVIN WHITE: No, ma'am.
11:42:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Ferlita?

11:42:38 >>ROSE FERLITA: A couple of things.
11:42:39 And Mr. Dingfelder is afraid to weigh in on this one.
11:42:44 I lose track of time.
11:42:46 Mr. Dingfelder and I met with some of the residents
11:42:48 and some of the leadership from the Courier City
11:42:51 Oscawana residents homeowners association, and nothing
11:42:56 in violation of anything, Mr. Shelby but it was
11:42:59 productive and appropriately done.
11:43:01 We talked about the issues they had.
11:43:02 I was very upset to receive or get a copy of this
11:43:05 information that was sent from Jonathan Scott from
11:43:09 traffic studies engineering talking to Walter crumbly
11:43:12 and saying we are conduct ago parking study which is
11:43:15 one of the big issues, over at Hyde Park area.
11:43:17 We would like to meet with the neighborhood
11:43:19 representatives for input.
11:43:21 Can you come to a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, June
11:43:24 19th, 2 p.m., the municipal building 306 East
11:43:29 Jackson Street?
11:43:30 Obviously, Mr. Crumbly was surprised at the shortness
11:43:32 of the notice, and answered Mr. Scott, got the e-mail
11:43:37 at 10 p.m. this evening the day before you requested

11:43:39 the meeting.
11:43:40 I have notified the other officers of our association
11:43:43 in hopes that one of them can attend.
11:43:45 I cannot.
11:43:45 After all the complaining wave made to our elected and
11:43:48 appointed official busy our parking situation, I am
11:43:50 absolutely stunned that you would schedule such an
11:43:52 important meeting with less than a 24-hour notice to
11:43:55 us.
11:43:56 Respectfully request this meeting be rescheduled at a
11:43:58 time when members of my association will be able to
11:44:01 attend and have some meaningful input.
11:44:04 I would like to know why the situation has been so bad
11:44:06 for two years, has been put on the front burn we are
11:44:10 such a short notice.
11:44:13 If you reschedule this rest assured that we'll take
11:44:15 the opportunity to take this matter to others high on
11:44:18 the food chain.
11:44:19 That's one of the issues that this group is very
11:44:22 strongly protective in this neighborhood has talked
11:44:24 about so long in Soho, Howard Avenue particularly.
11:44:28 I don't know what went on after this but I know that

11:44:31 they have asked for some relief, begged for some
11:44:33 relief.
11:44:34 But in typical fashion, lots of times, you know,
11:44:39 getting this before a 2:00 meeting the next day, some
11:44:42 people do have day jobs and cannot put everything on
11:44:44 hold.
11:44:45 W that short notice.
11:44:46 I would ask for further consideration from staff when
11:44:48 we are talking about issues that are so important to
11:44:50 the neighborhood.
11:44:51 John, if you want to weigh in on that, I think that's
11:44:55 what we resoundingly heard and I haven't heard
11:44:57 anything else in terms of Mr. Crumbly's request for
11:45:00 some more cooperative ideas on how we can address
11:45:02 these issues.
11:45:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I was glad to see correspondence
11:45:08 that staff wanted to work with the neighborhood.
11:45:09 But, you know, shame on them for just saying, let's
11:45:13 meet tomorrow.
11:45:14 That's not realistic.
11:45:15 >> Do you have any idea what -- is anything else being
11:45:19 done?

11:45:19 I guess publicly, I will ask our transportation staff
11:45:23 to make some further arrangements in terms of the
11:45:25 neighborhood representatives and input, and let us
11:45:28 know, and appropriately notice fashion, if this is
11:45:31 done again with more notice than half a day, those of
11:45:35 us who would like to attend can attend.
11:45:38 I think, John, you and I specifically, it's
11:45:40 resoundingly disconcerting to the neighborhood as well
11:45:45 as colleagues here in terms of transportation.
11:45:47 I do need to make that in the form of a motion, Mr.
11:45:49 Shelby?
11:45:50 I would like to direct the traffic engineer to
11:45:52 reschedule the meeting, and appropriately invite the
11:45:57 neighborhood, and whoever is interested in coming, and
11:45:59 also notify us so that we can attend, too, if we like
11:46:05 the meeting as noticed.
11:46:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: In the form of a request.
11:46:09 >>ROSE FERLITA: That is a request and motion.
11:46:11 >> Second.
11:46:12 (Motion carried).
11:46:12 >>ROSE FERLITA: The second and last thing I have,
11:46:15 Madam Chairman, I know we talked at length when we

11:46:18 were talking about changes to the tree ordinance,
11:46:20 et cetera, about the tree canopy and inventory.
11:46:23 I don't maybe have all the details but it was my
11:46:28 understanding we were going to direct the
11:46:29 administration to use funds from the tree fund to do
11:46:32 that.
11:46:32 For some reason, that's sputtering.
11:46:34 And I would like to ask the administration to send
11:46:37 someone in two weeks?
11:46:40 So when we get back from vacation to let us know why
11:46:43 this inventory is not being done and if we need to
11:46:45 make an appropriate motion to allow those funds to be
11:46:51 used.
11:46:53 And the last thing.
11:46:54 I said that was the last thing.
11:46:56 But this is really the last thing.
11:46:58 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor say Aye.
11:46:59 (Motion carried).
11:47:01 >>ROSE FERLITA: Thanks to Mr. Shelby's help and Julia
11:47:03 Cole's help and all the rest of the committee --
11:47:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry, I have to interrupt.
11:47:07 I'm sorry.

11:47:10 You gave me top billing and clearly its Mrs. Cole's
11:47:14 work.
11:47:14 I want that for the record.
11:47:15 >>ROSE FERLITA: Ways going from left.
11:47:21 Morris Massey attended as well even after he changed
11:47:24 positions and moved into the private sector.
11:47:26 But we have made some incredible strides in that
11:47:29 workshop through the sign committee.
11:47:30 We have had sign committee that have been helpful as
11:47:34 well.
11:47:34 It was a wonderful, nice cross-section of ideas and
11:47:37 inputs and opinions.
11:47:38 And so I think we have gotten to where we need to get.
11:47:41 So at this point, I won't yield to Mr. Shelby, because
11:47:44 he wants me to acknowledge Julia which I was planning
11:47:47 to do anyway.
11:47:48 Do you want to come up and give us an idea when we
11:47:51 should have a workshop, Julie?
11:47:54 >>JULIA COLE: Thank you.
11:47:56 We all worked very hard and I believe we are going to
11:47:58 be coming forward with some recommendations.
11:48:01 Some of them may not have absolute support, but I

11:48:04 believe that we will be coming forward with
11:48:06 recommendations that everyone feels good about.
11:48:09 At this time, way would suggest is that we go ahead
11:48:11 and schedule a workshop before you all, obviously
11:48:14 after the break, maybe sometime towards the end of
11:48:16 July, so that we can come back with our
11:48:18 recommendations, and let now where we are, and then
11:48:22 let you know.
11:48:29 I don't know if you want to set that date now or
11:48:31 what's the best way to do that.
11:48:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Would it require more than -- how
11:48:40 long do you think it would require, just a matter of
11:48:43 distributing it?
11:48:44 Did you want discussion on it?
11:48:45 >>JULIA COLE: I think there may be some discussion on
11:48:48 it.
11:48:48 So I would say han hour -- 45 minutes, half an hour?
11:48:54 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Half an hour?
11:48:56 >>ROSE FERLITA: I don't have my calendar in front of
11:48:59 me.
11:49:00 But Sandy, we can set it for the 20th.
11:49:03 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Is there a time you would like?

11:49:05 Do you want it set for the afternoon or 9:30?
11:49:10 >>> I would do it on an evening when you don't have an
11:49:13 evening meeting.
11:49:13 So at the end of the meeting.
11:49:17 >> The 20th of July.
11:49:18 >>ROSE FERLITA: I think it's important and I think
11:49:21 this council needs to weigh in it on it.
11:49:24 That means we don't have to worry about leaving it for
11:49:28 a nature meeting.
11:49:29 Are we done?
11:49:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Did you make a motion?
11:49:34 >>ROSE FERLITA: Yes, I did.
11:49:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:49:36 (Motion carried).
11:49:37 THE CLERK: At the end of the meeting.
11:49:43 >>ROSE FERLITA: And I don't know if this is too vague
11:49:45 and it won't fly.
11:49:46 But friends of TPD want to present a financial award
11:49:52 for some things to TPD.
11:49:56 And I don't have it in front of me.
11:49:58 But they want to award them some money to do some
11:50:03 things.

11:50:03 And I don't want to wait any longer.
11:50:06 And I know we have a two-week vacation.
11:50:08 I would like to present that award to TPD in terms of
11:50:11 the money.
11:50:12 >>GWEN MILLER: A presentation when we come back.
11:50:18 >>ROSE FERLITA: I wanted to do it at the beginning of
11:50:20 council.
11:50:20 And I wanted to do it --
11:50:23 >>THE CLERK: On July 13th you have commendation
11:50:26 for firefighter of the quarter.
11:50:28 On July 20th we have the presentation for the
11:50:30 police Officer of the Month.
11:50:33 >>ROSE FERLITA: Why don't we do it at the same time as
11:50:35 the police officer?
11:50:36 It's an award to TPD.
11:50:40 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
11:50:43 (Motion carried).
11:50:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
11:50:45 >>ROSE FERLITA: No, finally.
11:50:46 Thank you.
11:50:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We received a memo from Jim Stefan,
11:50:51 budget officer, that would like for us to set 2007,

11:50:58 the recommended budget, for Thursday, August --
11:51:07 >>CHAIRMAN: The mayor is going to be there.
11:51:11 August 3rd.
11:51:12 9:30.
11:51:14 Motion and second.
11:51:14 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
11:51:16 Opposed, Nay.
11:51:17 (Motion Carried).
11:51:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: And the other thing I have, I believe
11:51:20 everybody received a letter from Joanne peck on the
11:51:26 problems that are perceived for the Tampa
11:51:29 Preservation.
11:51:30 I would like to request, I guess, Del Acosta and
11:51:39 Dennis Fernandez to come and talk to us about the
11:51:42 things that Ms. Peck has talked about, and there are
11:51:51 some perceived problems with the various review boards
11:51:53 that we have.
11:51:54 And so I would like for them to make sure that they
11:51:58 have a copy of this, that they can implement some of
11:52:02 the guidelines that she has -- or suggestions that she
11:52:06 has written in this letter.
11:52:11 I read through them, and I thought that some of the

11:52:16 suggestions that she made were really good.
11:52:21 Excuse me?
11:52:25 To all council members.
11:52:30 >>GWEN MILLER: We can read it over and come back.
11:52:34 Have it in front of us.
11:52:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Maybe we should have a little
11:52:39 session --
11:52:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Read it first.
11:52:42 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We will.
11:52:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I just want to make sure they do get a
11:52:51 copy.
11:52:53 >>GWEN MILLER: And send to the them and then come
11:52:55 back.
11:52:55 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We'll do that but I would still like
11:52:58 them to come talk to us, so we can make some of these
11:53:04 remedies that she's talking about.
11:53:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, afterwards.
11:53:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: That's my motion.
11:53:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Time?
11:53:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Probably toward the end of our meeting
11:53:19 would be good.
11:53:19 It will give them a chance to look over.

11:53:23 >>CHAIRMAN: What do we have in August?
11:53:26 >>THE CLERK: August 17th is your first meeting
11:53:30 back after the council of cities.
11:53:35 We have a wet zoning for 10:00.
11:53:37 I believe you have some additional ones for that day.
11:53:39 Closure of public hearing.
11:53:43 Your night meeting, also.
11:53:44 The 24th, you have a continued closure at 10.
11:53:47 That's also your night meeting.
11:53:49 On the 31st --
11:53:52 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think the 31st will work.
11:53:54 And then if we need a special discussion after they
11:53:58 give us their input on this letter, then we can go
11:54:01 ahead and schedule a special discussion meeting if we
11:54:05 have to, or workshop.
11:54:07 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:54:08 (Motion carried).
11:54:10 >>THE CLERK: Set for a time certain?
11:54:12 >>MARTIN SHELBY: There's a request by the
11:54:20 administration to continue items number 71 and 78 to
11:54:23 the first items tonight at 6 p.m.
11:54:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.

11:54:26 >> Second.
11:54:27 (Motion carried).
11:54:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else, Mrs. Alvarez?
11:54:31 >>MARY ALVAREZ: No.
11:54:31 >>SHAWN HARRISON: It's come to my attention that the
11:54:36 VRB -- and there are a couple of appointments that
11:54:38 have expired on the VRB.
11:54:41 And we need to, I guess, get an update from the
11:54:44 administration as to who those are, and if we want to
11:54:49 fill those positions, what the process is, and then
11:54:52 also, I think that's going to lead into a little bit
11:54:56 deeper discussion about some of our other boards, and
11:55:01 how they go about gathering information for their
11:55:04 public hearings and things of that nature.
11:55:05 So first of all, I want to start with this report.
11:55:13 >>> I think he's coming back either the 13th or
11:55:16 20th.
11:55:16 Eric Cotton providing an update.
11:55:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Then the second part of your motion
11:55:22 we didn't do.
11:55:23 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Well, we'll take it one step at a
11:55:26 time.

11:55:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
11:55:28 Mrs. Saul-Sena?
11:55:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:55:30 On Tuesday of this week, I attended a Public Service
11:55:32 Commission hearing in Tallahassee to discuss rule
11:55:36 changing in reference to storm hardening and
11:55:41 underground issues.
11:55:42 Our discussion with Tampa Electric Company is due to
11:55:45 expire this August and I want to make sure that
11:55:46 council and the public have a chance to kind of look
11:55:48 over things and chat about them before it just appears
11:55:51 on our consent agenda.
11:55:52 So I would like to request that we have a special
11:55:55 discussion meeting on Wednesday morning, June
11:55:58 19th, for just a general discussion -- oh, I meant
11:56:04 July 19th in the Mascotte room, to have a general
11:56:07 discussion of this.
11:56:09 And I have to tell you all, the Public Service
11:56:10 Commission has a great web site.
11:56:13 You can download any part of the conversation or any
11:56:16 of the papers that have been given, and it's really
11:56:19 interesting.

11:56:19 And I would like to set that for Wednesday, July
11:56:25 19th at 9 a.m.
11:56:26 >>MARTIN SHELBY: For clarification, what is the
11:56:29 subject matter?
11:56:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The subject is Tampa Electric
11:56:32 Company's franchise agreement that's going to be
11:56:36 coming before council in August -- I believe there's a
11:56:40 draft, and it's to discuss it.
11:56:41 And I would like to share at that meeting what my
11:56:45 understanding is of what the PSC is doing.
11:56:51 Just very customer friendly, I'm happy to say.
11:56:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This is an issue that continues to
11:56:58 come up.
11:56:58 But I know I can probably have a better chance of
11:57:02 attending if we do it at lunch as opposed to nine in
11:57:04 the morning.
11:57:05 Other people might feel differently.
11:57:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I can do it at lunch.
11:57:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What's your preference?
11:57:17 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Not that I wish to inject myself in.
11:57:20 This I don't.
11:57:21 But I just want to share with you that these members

11:57:23 of staff sometimes find it difficult to make a
11:57:26 particular lunch time meeting as opposed to --
11:57:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Dingfelder, would 8 a.m. be
11:57:34 better than 9 a.m.?
11:57:37 [ Laughter ]
11:57:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All right, leave it at nine.
11:57:47 Leave it at nine.
11:57:48 >> The first of many conversations.
11:57:49 >> We have a motion and second.
11:57:51 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
11:57:52 (Motion carried).
11:57:54 Anything else?
11:57:55 Mr. Dingfelder?
11:57:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Two public works issues.
11:57:59 Real quick.
11:58:00 I just want you all to bear with me on this and tell
11:58:03 me how you feel.
11:58:06 I was driving down Platt Street the other day near
11:58:11 Westshore.
11:58:12 And it's wonderful, because it's a newly paved section
11:58:17 of road.

11:58:17 There aren't many newly paved sections in the city but
11:58:20 it's one area that apparently we have gone in and put
11:58:23 in a major reclaimed pipe, and on that street, and the
11:58:26 street was all torn up.
11:58:27 So at the end of the day somebody in administration,
11:58:32 go ahead and pave about six or seven blocks.
11:58:34 It looked wonderful.
11:58:35 Nice, new.
11:58:36 But way noticed when I brought up with Steve
11:58:39 Daignault -- and there was another project like this
11:58:41 down in south of Gandy as well, is that when they go
11:58:45 and repave a street like that, they leave it in the
11:58:48 same exact condition as when they found it.
11:58:51 In other words, the two particular streets that I'm
11:58:54 talking about didn't have curbs or gutters or little
11:58:58 swale things when they got there.
11:59:00 And so when they repaved it, they did a nice job of
11:59:04 repaving.
11:59:05 But again when they left, it didn't have curbs,
11:59:07 gutters or little swales on the edge of the street.
11:59:11 My personal opinion is that if you really upgrade the
11:59:14 look of a street, when you put in the concrete curb,

11:59:17 or the little, what do they call them, Miami gutters
11:59:21 on the side of the street.
11:59:23 I think that it should be a goal of the city -- and
11:59:27 Steve said it's really a function of money, and --
11:59:32 >>MARY ALVAREZ: A million dollars at least.
11:59:35 >> Well, a million dollars if you have to put in a
11:59:37 stormwater system.
11:59:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I'm only kidding.
11:59:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: But I don't think it's that much
11:59:42 more expensive, if we would at least -- I would like
11:59:46 to us come up with a city policy, to say that anytime
11:59:49 we are doing a paving effort, that we would at least
11:59:52 visit the feasibility of adding the -- whatever type
11:59:58 of issue that there be, whether or not it's
12:00:01 appropriate to put a curb, or a little swale, or
12:00:04 whatever.
12:00:05 But it a at least the staff should make the effort to
12:00:08 say, can we do it?
12:00:11 How much will it cost?
12:00:12 Is it something that the neighborhood wants?
12:00:15 Et cetera, et cetera.
12:00:17 Because right now the policy is, you know, go in

12:00:20 there, pave it and leave it the way it is.
12:00:22 And we never make any improvements to the look of our
12:00:25 city by doing that.
12:00:26 >>MARY ALVAREZ: You're right.
12:00:27 That's a good point.
12:00:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: With that long explanation, I make
12:00:32 a motion, I'll give staff 60 days to come back and
12:00:36 chat with us about that issue.
12:00:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
12:00:39 (Motion carried).
12:00:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And the second thing is, and I
12:00:43 won't take any credit for, this Al Steenson brings up
12:00:46 a good point which is sort of related.
12:00:48 We go in, we tear up a street, we do things and put
12:00:51 the street back.
12:00:52 Al suggested this morning that we, while we are doing
12:00:55 that, why don't we put in the reclaimed water pipes?
12:00:58 Even if we cap it off at both ends, at least that
12:01:02 reclaimed water pipe is underneath the pavement so
12:01:04 when they come back ten years later, and have a new
12:01:09 reclaimed water pipe it's something we don't have to
12:01:11 do.

12:01:11 That's another issue.
12:01:12 I'll just piggyback.
12:01:15 60 days from now that Mr. Daignault come back and talk
12:01:17 to us about it.
12:01:20 (Motion Carried).
12:01:20 >>KEVIN WHITE: Thank you, Madam Chair.
12:01:24 I did forget one item.
12:01:26 At the early part of June, I was sad to hear that
12:01:31 Albertson's corporation was intending on closing eight
12:01:36 of their Tampa locations.
12:01:37 On June 13th, I draft add letter to the president,
12:01:41 John Sheehan, of Albertsons in Lake Mary, Florida, and
12:01:47 expressing the concerns and the interest of the
12:01:49 Albertson's at 22nd and Hillsborough, in
12:01:52 particular I didn't really hear about the other
12:01:55 locations at the county and the outlying areas.
12:01:59 When they originally put in the Albertson's at
12:02:03 22nd and Hillsborough it was such a major
12:02:07 redevelopment for that corridor, and was a catalyst
12:02:11 for redevelopment in that corridor, and they were
12:02:14 citing profitability being one of the reasons for
12:02:16 closing the store.

12:02:18 And I don't think the president and or the officers of
12:02:23 that corporation were aware of the Meridian point
12:02:28 apartment complex of 360 unit complex directly across,
12:02:32 that just opened its doors, as well as another
12:02:35 thousand units that have already broken ground.
12:02:38 And are underway in the area of 40th Street and
12:02:42 Hillsborough, which would provide much more, hopefully
12:02:48 profitability, and patronage of that particular
12:02:52 location.
12:02:53 Hopefully, tomorrow, I will be having a conference
12:02:55 call with Mr. Shehan to see what could possibly be
12:03:01 done or what the city may even be able to do to
12:03:05 intervene, if it's just a matter of dollars and cents.
12:03:09 Make it makes sense to the city to invest in the
12:03:12 community as well as the location of that store.
12:03:19 And elderly and people without transportation go to
12:03:23 that store and rely on pharmacy, ease and convenience
12:03:29 on that for thoroughfare.
12:03:31 I had several calls in reference to that closing.
12:03:35 And I know we don't control what happens in the
12:03:37 private sector, but we can surely let individuals know
12:03:41 and encourage them to please bear with us just a

12:03:44 little bit longer,, and hopefully profitability will
12:03:51 come or at least give them a break even point to serve
12:03:54 our community in which they invested in four years
12:03:56 ago.
12:03:57 I just wanted everybody to know that and hopefully by
12:04:00 the time we come back from vacation we'll have some
12:04:02 great news and say Albertson's is committed to
12:04:05 staying.
12:04:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I saw that same article, Mr. White,
12:04:11 and I thank you for taking the bull by the horns and
12:04:15 doing something about it.
12:04:16 Hopefully, they will see the need to keep that store
12:04:20 open, because it's such a viable, needed grocery store
12:04:27 in that area.
12:04:27 And it's a shame that they didn't look further into
12:04:31 the plans before they did that, because it's so bad,
12:04:39 moving that store out of there.
12:04:40 And it could be that they did it -- you mentioned
12:04:44 profitability.
12:04:48 Wouldn't that be the chain that gave the $105 million
12:04:51 to their CEO that left?
12:04:55 Maybe that's why they don't have that store anymore

12:04:59 and the others, they had to give it all to that guy.
12:05:02 So, anyway.
12:05:04 [ Laughter ]
12:05:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Council members, appointees to the
12:05:09 Planning Commission resigned and we need to replace
12:05:12 him because time is September '07.
12:05:16 So what do you think about a date?
12:05:21 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Why don't we just begin accepting
12:05:25 resumes, beginning accepting resumes and close those
12:05:29 in 30 days and we'll go from there.
12:05:31 >>GWEN MILLER: we have a motion and second.
12:05:35 (Motion Carried).
12:05:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What type of notice or advertising
12:05:39 would you typically do, Sandy?
12:05:42 >>THE CLERK: We would probably notify neighborhoods,
12:05:45 liaison's office, also see if we can put something on
12:05:50 cable TV, a notice to the Planning Commission.
12:05:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can they run a scroll on the CTTV?
12:05:58 >>THE CLERK: We can see.
12:06:00 It's an application they have to send out.
12:06:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do they have to meet a certain

12:06:08 criteria?
12:06:09 >>> I have to check.
12:06:10 I don't believe that one does.
12:06:11 >>: Just a city resident?
12:06:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, a city resident.
12:06:15 Okay.
12:06:15 Anything else, Mr. Shelby, clerk?
12:06:19 >>: Move to receive and file all documents.
12:06:22 >> Second.
12:06:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to receive and fail.
12:06:28 (Motion carried).
12:06:30 Would anyone in the audience like to speak at this
12:06:33 time?
12:06:33 We stand adjourned until 6:00.
12:07:29 (City Council meeting adjourned)