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Tampa City Council
Thursday, July 27, 2006,
5:30 p.m. Session

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17:35:54 [Sounding gavel]
17:35:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
17:35:57 The chair will yield to Mr. John Dingfelder.
17:35:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.
17:36:02 Since we are going to start out with CDBG this
17:36:05 evening, in the spirit of giving back, we have the
17:36:07 Reverend Wendy Fair tonight.
17:36:12 Reverend hair is the pastor of Bayshore Presbyterian
17:36:14 church on Bayshore Boulevard.
17:36:16 She's a graduate of the university of Alabama, and

17:36:20 Roll Tide, and seminary.
17:36:23 She assumed the position here in December 2005.
17:36:26 We would like to welcome you to give our invocation
17:36:28 followed by the pledge of allegiance, if you would
17:36:30 pleas stand.
17:36:35 >>> Let us pray.
17:36:38 Loving God, we thank you for this City of Tampa, and
17:36:44 for the surrounding communities in this beautiful part
17:36:47 of Florida in which we live.
17:36:50 We thank you for the Flora and fawna and for the bay
17:36:56 waters, the river waters.
17:36:58 We thank you for the rain that you have blessed us
17:37:00 with, and ask that you would help us to take care of
17:37:05 this place in which we live.
17:37:08 We are grateful to live in such a life-giving and
17:37:11 lovely place, O God.
17:37:13 We ask that you would help to us take care of this
17:37:15 place which you have entrusted to us.
17:37:18 We ask that you bless those who hold office in the
17:37:21 government of this city, that they may do their work
17:37:23 in a spirit of wisdom, kindness, and justice.
17:37:28 Help them to use their authority to serve faithfully

17:37:32 and to promote the general welfare.
17:37:35 O God, we thank you for the willingness to serve and
17:37:39 the concern for this community.
17:37:40 We ask that you help them to do their work
17:37:43 thoughtfully and peacefully during this time now.
17:37:45 Hear our prayer, O God.
17:37:48 Amen.
17:37:49 (Pledge of Allegiance).
17:38:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
17:38:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
17:38:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
17:38:12 >>ROSE FERLITA: Here.
17:38:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
17:38:20 Shawn Miller will not be at our meeting tonight.
17:38:23 I would like to call on Mr. Jim Stefan.
17:38:27 >>JIM STEFAN: Budget officer.
17:38:30 I have a handout.
17:38:46 I want to speak for a few moments on the purpose of
17:38:50 the public hearing, and maybe give a brief overview as
17:38:53 to where we are financially and where we are in the
17:38:55 process of the public hearings and the application
17:38:59 process for CDBG.

17:39:04 The purpose of the public hearing is to provide
17:39:06 information on the proposed statement of housing and
17:39:08 community development programs and action plan.
17:39:11 It's also to obtain views and comments are from the
17:39:14 citizenry and to afford any person or organization an
17:39:17 opportunity to be heard.
17:39:20 We have a host of people from various departments in
17:39:23 the city.
17:39:24 Cindy Miller is here.
17:39:26 People from parks and recreation.
17:39:29 Clean city.
17:39:31 Transportation division.
17:39:34 Neighborhood relations.
17:39:35 Community affairs.
17:39:36 So a number of city departments that hopefully I
17:39:41 haven't missed anybody but I probably have.
17:39:43 What I would like to do is just give a brief overview,
17:39:47 if you will look at the Elmo, you will see that over
17:39:50 the last couple -- several years, federal funds have
17:39:54 been reducing.
17:39:56 This last year, we have over a 10% reduction in
17:39:59 federal funds for the community development block

17:40:02 grant program.
17:40:03 Over the past five years, it's in excess of 25%.
17:40:07 So you can see that there's a rather dramatic
17:40:09 reduction of these dollars that are so important to a
17:40:14 segment of our population.
17:40:15 And we are hearing rumors that the increase for next
17:40:19 year may be somewhere equal to the 10%.
17:40:23 So the trend is not a good trend at all.
17:40:26 And I think we have talked about this before, that
17:40:29 wave to start planning.
17:40:30 And in the fall, we will be doing a survey of Florida
17:40:34 governments and seeing how they are adjusting to some
17:40:37 of the repercussions of reduced funding levels, both
17:40:42 the public service programs as well as for
17:40:43 construction programs and the housing programs that we
17:40:47 do.
17:40:47 And hopefully we'll be able to get back with you in
17:40:49 the fall and give you some feedback on what the survey
17:40:53 said and what some recommendations and actions might
17:40:58 be.
17:41:02 This next slide just goes to show that it's not just
17:41:08 the CDBG program but it's also home funds.

17:41:14 And home funds is another one funding source that does
17:41:18 a lot for first-time home buyers, and buyer assistant
17:41:22 programs, so you can see again that it's not as
17:41:24 dramatic as 10% but it's still about 15% over the last
17:41:27 five years.
17:41:42 This last slide just goes to show that -- I'm going to
17:41:45 give you a brief overview of the process.
17:41:47 A couple of years ago, we started the process, an RFP
17:41:54 process.
17:41:54 We did a survey of the State of Florida, and we took
17:41:57 the best parts of all the application processes that
17:42:00 everybody had, and we put together an application.
17:42:05 We had clearly defined answers and goals and
17:42:08 objectives, and on the scoring point we created a
17:42:12 committee of nine people that reviewed all of the
17:42:17 requests for proposals and made recommendations.
17:42:21 And those recommendations are basically the things
17:42:24 that get funded in the programs that are before you.
17:42:29 We start the program as early as January with
17:42:34 technical assistance training.
17:42:37 We start technical assistance two years ago.
17:42:40 This last year, not only was it held in City Council

17:42:43 but we also put it over TV so people who couldn't make
17:42:47 it to the actual technical assistance program that we
17:42:49 held here, it went out to the public.
17:42:52 Plus my staff had numerous visits from people with
17:42:58 technical assistance.
17:43:02 As the results come in and the funding recommendations
17:43:05 are made, several agencies have called us up and said,
17:43:08 how come we didn't fare well?
17:43:12 And we would go through the whole application process
17:43:14 with them, we would go through the individual
17:43:16 categories and questions and how -- which questions
17:43:19 and answers they did poorly on, to help in the system
17:43:22 so that in future years they can do a better job on
17:43:28 the ones we didn't do a good job on for the past
17:43:31 applications.
17:43:34 And the recommendations, I think, were published the
17:43:39 first week in July in the newspaper, and we have
17:43:43 disseminated that to City Council, as well as meeting
17:43:48 with the advisory group, and we mailed the application
17:43:52 to the advisory group, also.
17:43:54 We met with Frank RODA, the president of the advisory
17:43:59 committee, and if you have no more questions for me

17:44:04 then we can turn it over to Frank and he can give some
17:44:08 statements about the advisory committee.
17:44:15 >> Good afternoon members of council.
17:44:21 My name is Frank RODA, 908 east la Avenue in south
17:44:26 Seminole Heights, chair of the citizens advisory
17:44:29 committee.
17:44:29 I would like to call your attention to the pamphlet
17:44:32 that you have, non-CDBG eligible city-wide request
17:44:38 that we went through last year that we submitted last
17:44:40 are march.
17:44:41 I would like to touch base with you.
17:44:45 Our first recommendation was, number one, additional
17:44:47 trash receptacles plus thoroughfares.
17:44:50 I'm pleased to receive notice the clean ski, they will
17:44:57 be incorporating this, and it sounds like it's going
17:44:59 to be a worthwhile endeavor, and will involve
17:45:03 neighborhood associations and that's kind of what we
17:45:05 want so we are in good shape with that one.
17:45:07 The number two request with CPTED and lighting, it
17:45:11 appears that CPTED is well on its way to get lighting
17:45:14 upgraded throughout the city.
17:45:15 Apparently they are three years of where they expect

17:45:19 to be.
17:45:19 Our concern was the dark area of the neighborhoods
17:45:21 that were left out.
17:45:22 They have come up with a plan of how to address it.
17:45:25 It's not as fast as we were hoping.
17:45:28 We were hoping to have it in process.
17:45:31 Now they are saying once they get it done they will
17:45:34 come back and look at it that way.
17:45:36 Hopefully that will be a worthwhile solution on that.
17:45:40 The third request we had was the solid waste position,
17:45:45 and I wasn't really sure in the response we got
17:45:47 basically, one of the responses said the solid range
17:45:52 of program, related illegal dumping issues in the
17:45:56 past.
17:45:57 It doesn't say anything about reestablishing that and
17:45:59 I'm not sure if it went to the right person or it
17:46:01 should go to TPD because it got further to say that
17:46:03 this would be done with Tampa Police Department, since
17:46:08 these people would have arrest hours and they would be
17:46:10 carrying guns but what we would like to see happen is
17:46:13 the solid waste ranger program reinstated city-wide to
17:46:17 address some of those issues.

17:46:18 So we are not real happy with that response.
17:46:25 Recommendation number 4, the establishment of AP
17:46:28 transportation task force.
17:46:31 We received notice back, the city appears to be
17:46:36 proactive citizens wanted involved, however, there was
17:46:39 concerned availability of city staff to support
17:46:41 another task force that may parallel the work being
17:46:43 done by the citizens advisory committee.
17:46:45 I got with Shannon Edge and myself and talked about
17:46:49 it.
17:46:49 The citizens advisory committee, if it's an existing
17:46:53 committee we'll be more than happy to work with them.
17:46:55 However, Shannon would be more than happy -- if it
17:46:59 goes in that direction, to head it up but apparently
17:47:02 there is a group going.
17:47:03 We would just like to know more information about it
17:47:05 so we can get involved with that.
17:47:08 The response number 5, additional solid waste
17:47:13 residential disposal site, it sounds like that's well
17:47:15 on its way.
17:47:16 It's go-go-go.
17:47:18 They are waiting basically right now for negotiations

17:47:21 with the property owners, apparently that is well on
17:47:24 its way.
17:47:25 So that's a positive.
17:47:29 Recommendation number 6 dealt with signature lighting
17:47:31 on Nebraska Avenue, and all the neighbors along
17:47:34 Nebraska Avenue are quite upset about the fact that
17:47:36 that project, it could be delayed, it's overbudget and
17:47:41 those kinds of things.
17:47:44 We asked for signature lighting.
17:47:45 We are going to continue that.
17:47:48 However money -- hopefully money will come from
17:47:51 someplace.
17:47:51 We are going to keep pushing for that one.
17:47:54 The part about the underground utilities, we knew that
17:47:57 was kind of pie in the sky, and I realize that is cost
17:48:00 prohibitive but we are glad Verizon is proceeding
17:48:04 along with that.
17:48:05 Basically, our city-wide requests, we are pretty
17:48:08 pleased with the responses.
17:48:09 We feel the process for CDBG has improved greatly as
17:48:13 far as the city-wide request the last couple of years.
17:48:15 And speaking from neighborhood requests, I think the

17:48:18 neighborhoods are quite happy with the way things are
17:48:20 going.
17:48:20 I would like to congratulate and thank City Council.
17:48:23 I appeared in March with some concerns about 12th
17:48:28 street and Chelsea and southeast Seminole Heights
17:48:30 about traffic problems.
17:48:32 I had never seen a stop sign appear so fast in my
17:48:35 life.
17:48:35 2001 weeks we had a stop sign on that corner so I
17:48:38 really appreciate your efforts on those kinds of
17:48:40 things.
17:48:40 I know they are doing traffic studies to alleviate
17:48:43 some of the problems on 12th street.
17:48:45 I do see some positive things going on because the
17:48:47 CDBG, and I remember a couple of years ago being up
17:48:50 here being very, very frustrated but things have
17:48:53 changed.
17:48:53 Tilt I would like to turn it over to the neighborhoods
17:48:56 and their requests for any issues.
17:48:57 And if there's anybody from programs, I would like
17:49:00 them to come after the neighborhoods.
17:49:02 So at this time I'll turn it over to the

17:49:03 neighborhoods.
17:49:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Before we start, we have a very long
17:49:07 agenda.
17:49:08 >>> I'll tray to keep it short.
17:49:09 >> So each two minutes.
17:49:12 >>> Okay.
17:49:15 If they don't need the two minutes they don't have to
17:49:17 use them.
17:49:23 >>> I neglected in telling you what things were funded
17:49:27 on the capital program that the city is doing.
17:49:29 And the capital program, we went through the needs and
17:49:32 recommendations, and you can see some of the
17:49:35 highlights and stuff like that.
17:49:36 Those are the programs that we are attempting to fund
17:49:39 in the CDBG and under the community investment tax
17:49:43 program.
17:49:44 So there wasn't quite enough money in CDBG to address
17:49:47 most of the stuff.
17:49:49 Most of the things that we are trying to address is
17:49:51 the transportation-related request that the people are
17:49:54 asking for, for sidewalks and resurfacing programs,
17:49:57 and also for fencing and ancillary type equipment and

17:50:01 recreation centers throughout the city.
17:50:03 So those are the things that we are trying to
17:50:05 basically address through the capital construction
17:50:09 funds.
17:50:22 If I could add one more thing, goodens park in
17:50:26 Seminole Heights.
17:50:27 We requested a new community center.
17:50:28 It's been an item budget and basically the response we
17:50:32 got it was not going to be included in this year's
17:50:34 budget.
17:50:34 That park was left off the original CIP proposal
17:50:37 parks.
17:50:38 And has been left off everybody's list and is now
17:50:42 being refurbished.
17:50:44 However, the building there is very inadequate and we
17:50:46 are going to continue to ask for that building.
17:50:52 >> Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak?
17:50:54 Mrs. Saul-Sena?
17:50:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
17:50:57 Frank mentioned several projects that I believe are in
17:50:58 the regular budget.
17:51:00 And I just would like staff to come up and address

17:51:04 with solid waste rangers and the CPTED lighting.
17:51:12 But the rangers, I thought, were in the budget.
17:51:18 Maybe Mr. Stefan could speak to that.
17:51:21 >> I think I can speak a little to it.
17:51:23 I don't know if the police department has a response,
17:51:25 too.
17:51:27 A proposal to provide a couple of detectives as a
17:51:31 prototype type project has been proposed and is being
17:51:34 reviewed in East Tampa CRA area.
17:51:40 I believe they are trying to experiment with two in
17:51:42 that area to develop programs, see how best to do it,
17:51:45 and if it works there, to possibly review how to
17:51:49 spread it out through more communities.
17:51:51 >> And wasn't that being funded with TIF money?
17:51:54 >> TIF dollars.
17:51:56 >> Okay.
17:51:57 >> You may speak now, young lady.
17:52:01 >> Joanne McHendry, community Tampa Bay, St. Pete, our
17:52:12 organization services Hillsborough County and we have
17:52:14 a mid for CDBG funding and were denied.
17:52:16 I want to go on record stating that we were
17:52:20 disappointed with the city's decision to not fund the

17:52:22 program, and state that we do believe deeply in our
17:52:25 program, and the IR program, which would focus on
17:52:30 adjusting social issues in the East Tampa area by
17:52:33 using youth as leaders in social change projects.
17:52:38 I just want to go on record saying we were
17:52:40 disappointed with that decision.
17:52:42 However, did overlook the selection of organizations
17:52:47 that were selected for funding and we were happy to
17:52:50 see this was youth funding in that.
17:52:52 So that's it.
17:52:53 Thank you.
17:52:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
17:52:57 >>KEVIN WHITE: I want to ask so we have it on record.
17:53:01 The people that have applied, several have called the
17:53:03 office and giving their response being approved, as
17:53:08 well as denied, as this young lady just spoke.
17:53:12 Are we providing the applicants that were denied the
17:53:18 letter or some type of information about why they were
17:53:20 denied, and breaking it down, where they failed in the
17:53:24 application process, and how we may improve on the
17:53:28 application process next year?
17:53:32 >>> Yes, we have.

17:53:33 We have met with several entities.
17:53:36 And we have had telephone conversations.
17:53:39 Some have actually come into the office.
17:53:42 I have a meeting next week with a gentleman from an
17:53:46 organization.
17:53:47 And what we attempt to do is those agencies that --
17:53:52 those that have traditional funding but dropped out,
17:53:56 we are telling them that they dropped out for a
17:53:58 reason, and if they want to find out what's going on,
17:54:02 to please come in, go over the application process
17:54:04 with it so we try to do outreach.
17:54:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else want top speak?
17:54:16 We need to close the public hearing.
17:54:18 >> Motion to close.
17:54:19 >> Second.
17:54:20 (Motion carried).
17:54:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to compliment Mr.
17:54:26 Stefan and all the staff that's here tonight and who
17:54:30 worked hard on CDBG.
17:54:32 We have gone a long way in the last couple of years.
17:54:34 We all remember a few years ago when everybody was
17:54:38 upset, and the meeting was rather rowdy.

17:54:42 And, you know, I think it speaks highly to the city
17:54:46 and to staff in terms of the process.
17:54:50 And the process that you all are using now, obviously,
17:54:53 is working.
17:54:54 Good job.
17:54:56 Also, it's unfortunate, and I will have to get this
17:55:00 poke in at the federal level, it's unfortunate the
17:55:03 federal government has decided to cut these programs
17:55:04 because I think it's some of our best programs in the
17:55:07 city.
17:55:08 And it's great seed money to use to help these
17:55:12 organizations help themselves, and it's just
17:55:16 unfortunate that the federal government seems to be on
17:55:18 the opposite direction.
17:55:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I echo those sentiments.
17:55:23 And the other issue that Frank brought up, the
17:55:27 transportation task force, I wonder if perhaps they
17:55:32 were thinking of like the MPO, citizens advisory
17:55:35 committee, rather than having a city transportation
17:55:39 task force.
17:55:39 I think there would be real value to that.
17:55:42 And I don't think I could do it in the context of this

17:55:45 hearing but as soon as it's over I'm going to ask Roy
17:55:49 LaMotte to work with Shannon to create that.
17:55:52 I think it would be tremendously helpful to the
17:55:55 citizens and to council and the administration.
17:55:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else before council on the
17:56:02 CDBG?
17:56:03 If not, it's closed already.
17:56:05 We have some unfinished business from this morning.
17:56:09 We need to reschedule the South Tampa/gandy
17:56:14 transportation discussion.
17:56:14 We need to come up with a date, a place and a time.
17:56:18 And before we decide, I would.
17:56:20 I want to let you know it's my understanding they want
17:56:22 to meet with council members first and discuss it with
17:56:24 us and bring us up to date and let us know what it's
17:56:28 all about.
17:56:29 We want to make sure that we meet with the community
17:56:36 and -- am I saying the right thing, Mr. Shelby?
17:56:44 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's for the purposes of benefitting
17:57:01 council and that's why it was his recommendation to
17:57:04 have it in a form, albeit open to the public but also
17:57:09 let council sit around the stable and discuss it with

17:57:12 the consultants, what the issues are, what the history
17:57:15 is, how you got to this, and discuss with staff what
17:57:20 the ramifications are.
17:57:21 Than was the intention, as I understand it.
17:57:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So then we were using the fifth floor
17:57:27 of the TPD.
17:57:28 We were discussing the convention center.
17:57:30 We were discussing here.
17:57:32 Where did he think that we should have it?
17:57:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It was his recommendation that based
17:57:37 on the configuration of the TPD, it is a large room, a
17:57:45 large table to corral enough people, benches along the
17:57:49 side to allow people to sit, will accommodate quite a
17:57:52 bit of people.
17:57:54 If it's not the wish to use TPD, it will be at the
17:57:58 very minimum safe to the public and open to the public
17:58:01 and will be noticed.
17:58:09 That you seriously -- two and a half hours, a wrap it
17:58:18 up before lunch, let's say 11:30.
17:58:20 My experience, council, is, if council is more
17:58:26 inclined to do it on a Tuesday morning or Wednesday
17:58:29 morning.

17:58:29 I should also point out to council that again as a
17:58:32 reminder, the second or third week of September.
17:58:39 I should point out possibly that September 5th is
17:58:44 primary, the 5th is the day after the primary.
17:58:49 At least a couple of council members, ask council to
17:58:54 take that into consideration.
17:58:55 Perhaps council might want to give some consideration
17:58:57 to Tuesday morning, the 25th or Wednesday morning,
17:59:00 the 27th.
17:59:01 Again, council, I don't want to stress this too
17:59:06 strongly, but this is one of the more significant
17:59:09 things that council will be grappling with, will have
17:59:14 long lasting effects.
17:59:16 I ask that council take the time to be able to discuss
17:59:18 it fully.
17:59:20 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Then based on what you said, then
17:59:22 maybe we ought to go ahead and ask TPD to see if the
17:59:26 room will be available on the date that we decide on.
17:59:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think whatever we choose.
17:59:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I would hope they would accommodate
17:59:36 council.
17:59:37 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, you never know.

17:59:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We have sort of come full circle.
17:59:43 I'm fine with us doing a round table discussion.
17:59:45 I think in light of the different direction, I think
17:59:48 that -- I don't know why we wouldn't just do it on a
17:59:52 Thursday afternoon for a Thursday that we don't have a
17:59:57 night meeting.
18:00:01 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think we are limited to the day.
18:00:05 >>GWEN MILLER: It would be on a Thursday, the
18:00:07 consultant?
18:00:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The other thing they blocked out
18:00:10 was the fact he was going out of the country.
18:00:13 >>GWEN MILLER: The first week in September and the
18:00:16 second week in September.
18:00:20 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The 7th of September doesn't
18:00:21 appear to have a night meeting.
18:00:22 That's the first one of the month.
18:00:24 That's a Thursday.
18:00:25 I don't know.
18:00:30 You don't Do have comprehensive plan adoption
18:00:40 hearings.
18:00:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Which day?
18:00:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The 7th of September.

18:00:54 I was just concerned that it would take cooperation by
18:00:56 the administration with regard to everything else
18:00:58 those on the agenda.
18:01:02 Remember you will also have the second reading of the
18:01:04 public hearing.
18:01:05 And my experience on the second day of a long morning
18:01:16 meeting, I don't think in my experience council would
18:01:18 want to invest the amount of energy at that point in
18:01:22 time.
18:01:24 I'm just concerned that if council does that, that
18:01:26 council makes a commitment to do it, because to do
18:01:28 anything less would give short shrift to the subject
18:01:32 and I think it's really important.
18:01:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Dingfelder, I have an idea.
18:01:43 The kind of conversation we need to have is one that's
18:01:45 really intercouncil.
18:01:46 I see having a separate meeting in the evening at the
18:01:50 Jan Platt library to get word out on the south of
18:01:53 Gandy study.
18:01:54 This is more give and take, technical conversation
18:01:56 about what is drawing these lines for transportation
18:02:02 concurrency in where we encourage growth.

18:02:04 I think it would be a more convenient conversation
18:02:08 around a round-table as opposed to up here.
18:02:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We are in agreement on that.
18:02:14 The question is what day of the week?
18:02:16 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to come up with a date.
18:02:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm open to that.
18:02:20 >>GWEN MILLER: What day?
18:02:21 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would say September 26th.
18:02:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What day of the week is that?
18:02:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Tuesday.
18:02:29 September 26th.
18:02:32 9 a.m
18:02:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Make a motion.
18:02:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: make a motion we schedule the south of
18:02:56 Gandy transportation workshop for -- discussion
18:03:00 meeting for September 26th on a Tuesday at 9 a.m.
18:03:05 in the TPD fifth floor.
18:03:08 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
18:03:10 Discussion on the motion.
18:03:11 Mr. Shelby?
18:03:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I just have a question with regard to
18:03:15 the other issues of the TCEA.

18:03:18 Did you want to go with a separate motion?
18:03:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We put them both together.
18:03:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Included in this.
18:03:25 >>GWEN MILLER: I thought it was all together.
18:03:27 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Me, too.
18:03:30 >>> Because you also have it presently scheduled, and
18:03:43 is it the 24th of August?
18:03:44 Do you want to have that rescheduled to the --
18:03:49 >>MARY ALVAREZ: You know, you guys are ruining my
18:03:51 life.
18:03:54 The 24th is a Thursday.
18:03:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry, forgive me.
18:04:01 September -- there are two issues.
18:04:04 There is the Gandy study and then the TCEA,
18:04:09 transportation -- what's presently scheduled for
18:04:13 August 24th should also be rescheduled to join
18:04:16 with this discussion on September 26th at 9 a.m.
18:04:21 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We can do that, yes.
18:04:28 Put it together with the South Tampa.
18:04:30 The TCEA discussion, with the south of Gandy
18:04:34 transportation study.
18:04:36 9:00 at Tampa Police Department, fifth floor.

18:04:47 September 26.
18:04:48 >>MARTIN SHELBY: From nine to what time?
18:04:50 Within what range?
18:04:52 >>GWEN MILLER: 9 to 11.
18:04:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: 9 to 11:30, I guess.
18:04:58 Eleven?
18:04:58 Believe me, it will run later.
18:05:01 >>GWEN MILLER: We'll say nine to eleven.
18:05:02 If it goes over, it goes over.
18:05:04 From nine to eleven?
18:05:07 From nine to eleven.
18:05:08 If we have to go over, we go over.
18:05:11 Any more questions on the motion?
18:05:13 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:05:15 Opposed, Nay.
18:05:20 We now go to our 6:00 hearings.
18:05:22 Marty Boyle, come up, please.
18:05:32 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Land development.
18:05:37 We'll clear the agenda right up front.
18:05:43 If you will look at item number 5, Z 06-61, this is a
18:05:49 situation where the applicant had several objections
18:05:53 on his staff report and came in with a site plan past

18:05:58 the 13-day rule for submittal of site plans.
18:06:08 The petitioner is requesting a waiver of the 13-day.
18:06:10 They wanted to see if council would approve that and
18:06:14 hear the project tonight and have first reading.
18:06:17 However, I just want to -- there are objections from
18:06:24 landscaping, transportation, from land development,
18:06:27 and from parks and rec.
18:06:30 Now land development still has transportation.
18:06:35 However, I don't feel like a landscape specialist in
18:06:40 the parks and recreational department, they haven't
18:06:42 had a chance to weigh in on this one.
18:06:44 So I'll leave it to the will of the council on this.
18:06:50 >>ROSE FERLITA: This council member is absolutely not.
18:06:53 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
18:06:55 Do we need to open it first?
18:06:56 >>MARTIN SHELBY: To waive the 13-day rule.
18:07:00 >>GWEN MILLER:
18:07:02 >>ROSE FERLITA: I just don't think --
18:07:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Going to waive it.
18:07:07 (Motion carried).
18:07:10 >>> So petitioner would have a chance for actual
18:07:12 continuance?

18:07:13 Or Marty, would have a chance to ask for continuance
18:07:16 on this?
18:07:18 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If that's the case, council, yes, and
18:07:20 the question is what date.
18:07:21 And council would have to open the public hearing to
18:07:23 continue it.
18:07:23 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to open number 5.
18:07:27 >>> So moved.
18:07:28 >> Second.
18:07:28 (Motion carried).
18:07:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Is petitioner here for number 5?
18:07:31 Is petitioner here for number 5?
18:07:33 >> Mario: I represent the owners of the property and
18:08:09 the contractor and the designer on this one.
18:08:11 And we submitted the plans a couple of days back, 13
18:08:15 days, and we took care of all the comments that they
18:08:20 had.
18:08:20 And I would like a chance, if you don't want to hear
18:08:25 the case, but we are all ready.
18:08:28 And every agency that she mentioned.
18:08:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Let's see, our next date, Marty, is
18:08:34 what?

18:08:35 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: October 26th.
18:08:41 First available.
18:08:45 I'm sorry, we can't put it on.
18:08:49 9:28 is not available.
18:08:51 That's a budget hearing night.
18:08:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Do the next one.
18:08:54 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: October 12th there was a
18:08:57 continuance.
18:08:57 >>GWEN MILLER: October 12th.
18:09:00 What is the pleasure of council?
18:09:02 >> So moved.
18:09:03 >> Second.
18:09:03 >>ROSE FERLITA: Do we allow the audience to talk to
18:09:08 the continuance?
18:09:13 >> If S there anyone here to speak on number 5?
18:09:16 You can only speak to the continuance.
18:09:17 Anyone here to speak on item 5?
18:09:19 You can speak on the continuance.
18:09:20 Okay.
18:09:21 We have a motion and second to continue number 5 to
18:09:23 October 12th.
18:09:24 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

18:09:25 Opposed, Nay.
18:09:27 6 p.m., yes.
18:09:32 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Item number 6.
18:09:36 Z 06-58.
18:09:38 This is also a situation where petitioner has
18:09:40 submitted site plans past the 13-day rule.
18:09:43 However, in this case, he has a minor alteration, and
18:09:49 it was that staff hadn't noticed a sense in the
18:09:55 alleyway, and we kind of at the last minute, to come
18:09:59 back into compliance with that, that's been moved.
18:10:03 And also making sure he was in compliance with the
18:10:06 Seminole Heights overlay his driveway.
18:10:09 Staff has looked at it and it satisfies our
18:10:12 objections.
18:10:13 But that would be a 13-day rule waiver, and ask that
18:10:17 it be heard in the first reading postponed a week or
18:10:20 two weeks depending upon the will of the council.
18:10:26 >> What's the will of the council?
18:10:28 >> Okay.
18:10:31 My motion would be to waive it because my
18:10:33 understanding was that the petitioner-is right, it was
18:10:38 the staff -- we had a late issue with it.

18:10:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion to waive.
18:10:48 >> Second.
18:10:48 (Motion carried).
18:10:48 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Item number 8, Z 06-75.
18:10:52 They did misnotice.
18:10:53 They have come into our office and paid the amendment
18:10:55 fee.
18:10:56 They would like to request the next available date.
18:10:59 It would be seen as a knew case. The next available
18:11:03 date, it was September 28th, not to put on that.
18:11:09 So November 30th at 6 p.m.
18:11:11 >>GWEN MILLER: November 30th.
18:11:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
18:11:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
18:11:17 (Motion carried).
18:11:18 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Item number 13 on the last
18:11:22 page.
18:11:24 V 06-38.
18:11:25 They did misnotice.
18:11:26 They have submitted a letter of withdrawal.
18:11:28 >>GWEN MILLER: So we need a motion.
18:11:34 Motion and second to withdraw 13.

18:11:35 (Motion carried)
18:11:38 We go back to number 2.
18:11:39 We need to open.
18:11:41 >> So moved.
18:11:41 >> Second.
18:11:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public that's going to
18:11:43 speak on any items on the agenda from number 2 to
18:11:46 number 12, please stand and raise your right hand.
18:11:52 (Oath administered by Clerk).
18:12:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I ask that all written communications
18:12:05 relative to today's hearing which have been available
18:12:08 for public inspection in the City Council office be
18:12:11 received and filed into the record at this time.
18:12:14 If we have any.
18:12:15 Motion, please?
18:12:17 >> So moved.
18:12:17 >> Second.
18:12:17 (Motion carried).
18:12:18 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Very quickly, if any member of
18:12:23 council had any verbal communications, ex parte
18:12:25 communication was any petitioner, his or her
18:12:28 representative or any member of the public, please

18:12:30 prayer to action disclose that the person or persons
18:12:32 with whom you had the verbal discussion and what that
18:12:35 discussion was.
18:12:36 And finally, ladies and gentlemen, there are a lot of
18:12:38 people here who are present.
18:12:40 In order to speed things along, when you state your
18:12:43 name, please reaffirm that you have been sworn, and I
18:12:47 put a little sign to remind you to keep me from having
18:12:50 to interrupt to ask you to do that on the record.
18:12:52 So if you can assist me that would speed things along.
18:12:54 I appreciate that.
18:12:55 Thank you.
18:12:58 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Land development.
18:12:59 I have been sworn.
18:12:59 Council, I skipped an item to be cleared off the
18:13:02 agenda.
18:13:03 My apologies to petitioner and to council.
18:13:06 It is item number 11.
18:13:08 They did submit a letter, several, several weeks ago,
18:13:11 requesting a continuance to -- if it's council's wish
18:13:16 to October 12th.
18:13:17 We do have a slot available for them on there.

18:13:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that came
18:13:23 to speak on item number 2?
18:13:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No, 12.
18:13:29 >> 11.
18:13:30 >>GWEN MILLER: 11.
18:13:32 Do you have a motion to continue to --
18:13:37 >>> Good evening.
18:13:38 My name is Graham Carrothers.
18:13:40 I'm an attorney, 101 East Kennedy Boulevard here in
18:13:44 Tampa.
18:13:45 I have been sworn.
18:13:45 I'm here this evening on behalf of the owners and
18:13:48 managers of the Bank of America Plaza building at 101
18:13:51 East Kennedy located directly across from the subject
18:13:54 property.
18:13:54 My clients have a number of questions and concerns
18:13:56 that they would like additional time to address as
18:13:59 well, and are here in support of the continuance.
18:14:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Did you want to say something?
18:14:10 >>> I'm here representing the applicant today asking
18:14:12 for a continuance, if you have any questions.
18:14:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.

18:14:16 >>GWEN MILLER: October 12th at 6 p.m.
18:14:18 All in favor say Aye.
18:14:19 Opposed, Nay.
18:14:20 (Motion carried).
18:14:21 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I don't believe there was a vote on
18:14:24 the opening of the public hearing.
18:14:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to open number 2.
18:14:29 >> So moved.
18:14:29 >> Second.
18:14:29 (Motion carried)
18:14:34 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Before you, you will not see a
18:14:36 site plan.
18:14:36 This is a Euclidean request.
18:14:38 Going from RS-60 to RS-50 designation.
18:14:41 There are no waivers requested with this site plan.
18:14:44 The petitioner proposes to rezone the property at 1309
18:14:48 and 1311 east Wilder Avenue.
18:14:51 Petitioner would like to be able to create three
18:14:53 buildable lots.
18:14:54 The lots are plotted at 51 feet in width.
18:14:58 They are lot 7, 8 and 9 of handily heights reported in
18:15:03 plat 11, page 17.

18:15:05 The RS-50 we'll call it a minimal frontage of 50 feet
18:15:09 and overall parcel size of 5 a 5th thousand square
18:15:13 feet.
18:15:14 -- 55,000 square feet.
18:15:15 These lots meet the requirement.
18:15:17 There is a home on one of the lots.
18:15:19 If you look at the Elmo, you have lot 7, 8 and 9.
18:15:27 Right in the middle.
18:15:33 This is located within the Seminole Heights
18:15:34 residential overlay.
18:15:36 So the architectural standards will apply to any home
18:15:38 that is built.
18:15:41 If you look at the Elmo, this is the area in green,
18:15:45 the three lots.
18:15:48 Everything in blue are nonconforming.
18:15:51 Everything in red is conforming.
18:15:53 We have a 50% nonconforming in this area.
18:15:59 The situation with the site came before you as a
18:16:01 single lot.
18:16:03 It was continued.
18:16:05 And it could not come forward with the rezoning on its
18:16:09 own.

18:16:10 It had two other lots, lots 7 and 8 with it because
18:16:14 they were illegally split.
18:16:16 Therefore, with the illegal -- it was all one zoning
18:16:19 parcel under one ownership, and they split them off
18:16:23 illegally because they were RS-60 and they split them
18:16:26 to 51-foot lots and sold them off.
18:16:29 So they had to be pulled back all under the one lot of
18:16:33 two different owners, and so they are just trying to
18:16:36 make it so that they can build and have three
18:16:38 buildable lots.
18:16:40 There is no objection from land development.
18:16:41 We find that it meets the single family residential
18:16:44 district.
18:16:46 Solid waste had a comment.
18:16:48 Not an objection.
18:16:49 But solid waste collection service will be curbside.
18:16:59 There was no objection.
18:17:00 Let me quickly show you the pictures of the site.
18:17:03 This that is one of the vacant lots.
18:17:07 This is the home in the middle.
18:17:12 On the bottom of the layout here is the other lot.
18:17:21 Some of the surrounding homes across the street.

18:17:31 There will be no trees adversely affected if they go
18:17:33 ahead and build homes on the other -- they do have to
18:17:39 comply with all codes at time of permitting.
18:17:41 And that was it for land development.
18:17:42 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
18:17:56 Just a couple of additional comments to Ms.
18:17:59 McDonald's comments.
18:18:01 Residential 10 is located in the southeast Seminole
18:18:04 Heights area, just to give you some context.
18:18:06 15th street, wild Avenue, and one single-family
18:18:16 detached home.
18:18:17 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
18:18:19 proposed request.
18:18:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
18:18:37 >>> My name is Anthony GULARIA, I have been sworn.
18:18:43 I am agent for the petitioner.
18:18:44 Staff comments were right on point.
18:18:46 The only additional information I would like to
18:18:48 provide is basically what she basically said earlier
18:18:55 is a lot of these lots here are platted 50 by 100, and
18:18:59 without the granting of these variance or rezoning,
18:19:04 the lots will be unbuildable for the petitioner.

18:19:09 I would answer any questions you might have at this
18:19:11 time.
18:19:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:19:13 would like to speak on item 2?
18:19:15 >> Move to close.
18:19:16 >> Second.
18:19:16 (Motion carried).
18:19:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance rezoning property
18:19:21 in the general vicinity of 1309 east Wilder Avenue in
18:19:25 the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly
18:19:27 described in section 1 for classifications RS-50
18:19:31 residential single family to RS-50 residential single
18:19:36 family providing an effective date.
18:19:37 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
18:19:39 (Motion carried)
18:19:43 We need to open number 3.
18:19:45 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to open.
18:19:47 >> Second.
18:19:47 (Motion carried)
18:21:11 >>> This is Z-06-22, the request is to a planned
18:21:21 development, single-family. The units will be
18:21:24 approximately 1460 square feet.

18:21:27 Tampa units stand two stories, maximum building height
18:21:31 of 25 feet.
18:21:32 The lot size range from 50 to 100 to 6200 square feet.
18:21:37 The site will contain a bicycle -- I don't know if you
18:21:44 have the site plan open yet.
18:21:46 There is a stormwater channel that traverses within
18:21:48 the property line along the northern boundary.
18:21:56 I believe over on the other side you will see a
18:21:58 stormwater trench along with several large grand
18:22:01 trees.
18:22:02 The site is constrained, so they had to make it work
18:22:05 within there and they did work hard with both the
18:22:07 stormwater department, parks and rec, in order to
18:22:10 design the site plan that addresses the stormwater
18:22:12 channel, and the grand trees.
18:22:15 The proposed construction also adheres Tampa
18:22:25 reservations:
18:22:36 Further south, you do have some multifamily, and I
18:22:39 believe right here you do have a nonconforming use.
18:22:42 I do believe it's a trailer park, mobile home park.
18:22:49 The aerial shows it a little better.
18:22:54 This is the subject site.

18:23:01 You can see the mobile home park right here.
18:23:02 You have some multifamily further on south.
18:23:06 A picture of the subject site at the top.
18:23:08 It shows it heavily treed.
18:23:12 And the bottom picture kind of shows a picture of the
18:23:15 trees that they are saving.
18:23:20 Top picture is directly across the street.
18:23:26 This is fern Avenue.
18:23:27 Back to the aerial, fern comes right across the
18:23:32 property kind of looking west down fern Avenue.
18:23:36 And then a view down Rome.
18:23:40 And this is on Rome, adjacent to the property and just
18:23:44 south.
18:23:49 There are no objections to this rezoning request.
18:23:53 Parks and recreation did have a comment, and they have
18:23:57 had it placed on the site plan that they will work
18:24:01 with applicant to ensure that all grand tree
18:24:04 protection requirements are addressed and on permit
18:24:11 documents.
18:24:11 They do alternative residential development, they meet
18:24:17 all standards of that.
18:24:18 And they also meet the purpose of the planned

18:24:20 development.
18:24:23 With that, we have no further objections.
18:24:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are these single-family attached or
18:24:29 detached?
18:24:31 >>> They are single-family -- they are single-family
18:24:34 homes.
18:24:35 Detached.
18:24:35 >> And do they have garages?
18:24:39 >> Right.
18:24:39 I believe that they have one-car garages.
18:24:44 One-car garages.
18:24:45 >> And what about trash pickup, just individual
18:24:48 receptacle?
18:24:50 >> Right.
18:24:52 They have on the site plan saying it will be curbside.
18:24:58 I'm sorry, solid waste.
18:25:00 I know through the review, and they have them placed
18:25:04 on the site plan saying that it will be -- I'll have
18:25:08 to find it but I know that curbside pickup, collection
18:25:13 will be at driveway entrances to each residence.
18:25:19 >>ROSE FERLITA: I just looked at it again.
18:25:23 Thanks.

18:25:27 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
18:25:33 I have been sworn in.
18:25:37 The site is located in the River Bend neighborhood
18:25:40 association boundaries.
18:25:42 There are two land use categories, residential 10 and
18:25:45 residential 20.
18:25:46 The site lies just to the east of Rome Avenue.
18:25:49 Here is Rome.
18:25:50 It lies between the major arterials that lie to the
18:25:52 north, would be Sligh and to the south would be
18:25:56 Hillsborough.
18:25:57 Hillsborough River lies directly to the east of the
18:26:00 proposed site.
18:26:04 To give you a little bit of history on the site, I
18:26:07 think most of you will recall, the site came in
18:26:10 previously for ten units attached, a town home
18:26:13 development, met with a lot of opposition by the
18:26:16 surrounding neighbors.
18:26:18 The applicant has come back with a product that is
18:26:20 much more viable, since they are attached single
18:26:24 family units, reduced our density from ten units down
18:26:27 to sing.

18:26:29 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
18:26:32 proposed request.
18:26:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
18:26:44 >>> Good evening.
18:26:44 I am Jose Alanzo and I have been sworn.
18:26:51 As previously stated, the property is on Rome and
18:26:57 fern, essentially.
18:26:58 It's RS-50 and we are asking for a PD.
18:27:05 To reiterate, we work with the various departments of
18:27:08 the city and make compromises, solved problems to the
18:27:15 point where we met the requirements of each of the
18:27:17 various departments.
18:27:24 An overview of what we are proposing is within the 1.2
18:27:31 acres we are going to have seven single-family
18:27:34 residences.
18:27:35 They will have three bedrooms, two and a half bath,
18:27:39 one-car garage.
18:27:40 One of the things that we worked -- and you will see
18:27:43 it in the site plan, is we trade to work with the
18:27:46 existing -- work the trees -- the homes aesthetically
18:27:55 within the property.
18:27:58 I will show the site plan in a moment.

18:28:00 But there is fencing around the perimeter.
18:28:04 Proper lighting at entrance, and within the complex.
18:28:07 There is a private road coming from Rome.
18:28:10 That private road will meet the 32-ton requirement for
18:28:15 both the fire department and the solid waste
18:28:18 department.
18:28:19 And there is a turn-around, and we'll see on the site
18:28:22 plan, for both of those long vehicles.
18:28:25 Underground utilities along with the sidewalk are
18:28:27 provided in a 10-foot easement, 5-foot easement for
18:28:31 the sidewalk, 5-foot for the underground utility.
18:28:36 There is an engineered stormwater system that was
18:28:40 designed when we worked with the City of Tampa as far
18:28:43 as retaining within the land, all the way on the land,
18:28:50 and of course there will be a homeowners association.
18:28:59 If we can show the site plan -- yipe not sure if we
18:29:03 can go back.
18:29:08 Zoom out a little bit, please.
18:29:11 As I previously stated, there is fencing along the
18:29:22 perimeter to the north there's existing fencing, along
18:29:26 with trees, and foliage.
18:29:29 There will be a six-foot PVC fence along the east

18:29:33 perimeter and south, with hedges, a 3-foot hedge
18:29:38 vertically, and horizontally along the fence.
18:29:42 Along the front, the fence will be comprised of seven
18:29:46 masonry columns, separating with wrought iron,
18:29:51 had-foot sections.
18:29:52 That's the perimeter.
18:29:54 Coming in from Rome, going to a private road, all
18:30:01 seven of the homes, within that, underneath that
18:30:05 private road will be the vault, if you will, for the
18:30:09 stormwater capture, along with two kinds, and the rear
18:30:13 or the north of side, all three interconnected, and
18:30:18 then the water that's retained in that system will be
18:30:22 time released into the City of Tampa stormwater
18:30:24 channel.
18:30:26 And the time release, so many feet of water per minute
18:30:31 to the specs.
18:30:33 You will notice that there is a driveway coming from
18:30:36 the private road going to each of the homes, and you
18:30:38 will also note that in some cases you have available
18:30:43 space for three autos and in others two, so we meet
18:30:47 the minimum requirements for automobiles, a total of
18:30:50 17.

18:30:51 Of particular interest is that within the property,
18:30:53 there are four grand oaks, two at the rear, one to the
18:30:57 north, and one before, in front of the second house.
18:31:01 All of the radius requirements have been met to not
18:31:04 affect those trees.
18:31:08 In the conversation of trees, we have also given debit
18:31:12 and credit, some trees that were being removed
18:31:16 association were not.
18:31:17 After the mathematics were done, this were seven
18:31:21 trees.
18:31:22 There was an additional seven trees one per lot for
18:31:25 each of the seven lots.
18:31:27 I discussed the stormwater.
18:31:31 One of the questions that came up, if you look here at
18:31:33 the site plan, you will notice that there is an area
18:31:36 here, again, all of this private road along with this
18:31:40 area here is rated at 32 tons, so that the fire truck
18:31:46 can have access into the record and back up with the
18:31:49 proper radius and depth, and the solid waste truck has
18:31:52 the same.
18:31:53 So again, the solid waste will be picked up at the
18:31:57 driveway of each of the residences, and we have access

18:32:01 for fire and solid waste.
18:32:07 I would like to take a couple of minutes to give you
18:32:10 an idea of what we are planning in terms of what the
18:32:13 floor plan will look like with each of the
18:32:18 single-family residences which are detached.
18:32:22 Looking at the main floor, of the two-story home, you
18:32:27 have an entry going into a foyer.
18:32:29 The foyer hits into the spare stairwell that goes to
18:32:34 the second floor.
18:32:34 If you go to the left, you go to the kitchen, along
18:32:37 with a dining area, and further on you go --
18:32:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sir, these are just beautiful but
18:32:46 we don't review internal plans.
18:32:48 >>> In a problem.
18:32:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in opposition to your
18:32:51 plans?
18:32:52 Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on
18:32:54 item number 3?
18:32:55 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
18:32:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone want to speak?
18:33:00 If you want to speak, please come up and speak.
18:33:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You will have time for rebuttal.

18:33:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone that wants ton speak on item
18:33:09 number 3, will you please come up and speak now?
18:33:18 >>> My name is Laura Shue.
18:33:21 I have been sworn in.
18:33:22 I live in the property to the immediate north of him
18:33:25 and I welcome this.
18:33:26 This is what we are looking for in our neighborhood.
18:33:30 I'm really happy.
18:33:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: A great improvement from the last
18:33:33 time.
18:33:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
18:33:35 If you want to speak, please get up and come and
18:33:37 speak.
18:33:39 >>> My name is Frank Greco.
18:33:41 I have been sworn in.
18:33:42 I am the president of the River Bend association.
18:33:46 And they have accommodated us on every one of our
18:33:49 requests.
18:33:49 So we are very pleased with this type of development.
18:33:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else?
18:33:53 >>> 8402 north Rome.
18:34:01 I'm impressed with the way they have accommodated our

18:34:04 requests.
18:34:05 And in the future when other people to come and build
18:34:08 in our neighborhood, we would really appreciate them
18:34:11 following their example.
18:34:15 >> Great!
18:34:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else want to speak?
18:34:19 >> Move to have close.
18:34:19 >> This is an opportunity to rebut if you wish.
18:34:22 [ Laughter ]
18:34:25 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
18:34:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to close.
18:34:28 (Motion carried).
18:34:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance rezoning property in
18:34:32 the general vicinity of 6303 north Rome Avenue in the
18:34:34 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described
18:34:36 in section 1 notary public zoning district
18:34:38 classifications RS-50 residential single-family to PD
18:34:42 planned development, single family, providing an
18:34:43 effective date.
18:34:45 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
18:34:46 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:34:47 Opposed?

18:34:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to compliment the
18:34:51 petitioner.
18:34:51 You obviously have looked into the neighborhood, made
18:34:53 them happy, and now anxious to save the beauty trees
18:34:59 on the site.
18:35:00 It's going to be a lovely development.
18:35:01 Congratulations.
18:35:01 >>ROSE FERLITA: In the same attitude, Mrs. Saul-Sena,
18:35:04 I would like to congratulate the neighborhood.
18:35:06 Usually people not opposed to something, they want to
18:35:10 watch television or do something else.
18:35:12 You and your group have certainly been supportive of
18:35:14 your neighborhood when something is not good and also
18:35:16 supportive of people who work with you.
18:35:18 This is a win-win.
18:35:20 Thank you.
18:35:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to open number 4.
18:35:25 >>: Second.
18:35:25 (Motion carried).
18:35:26 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: I have been sworn.
18:35:33 You already have it in front of you.
18:35:34 I tried to jump the gun it with.

18:35:36 I think you will find this one just as easy.
18:35:38 Actually, three in a row.
18:35:40 I want you to make a note.
18:35:41 Three in a row staff reports.
18:35:46 Three staff reports had no objections.
18:35:49 It's like not heard of usually.
18:35:50 They usually get cleared up right before counsel or a
18:35:53 few days ahead of time.
18:35:57 This is a request to rezone property from RS-50 to a
18:36:00 planned development.
18:36:03 I will go ahead and show you the pictures first, and
18:36:05 then go into the presentation on it.
18:36:09 This is the subject property.
18:36:12 It is a duplex in an RS-50 zone.
18:36:18 Legal not conform use as it sits right now.
18:36:21 This is a side picture of the property.
18:36:25 And again the front picture of it.
18:36:28 It is located.
18:36:33 You will see Busch Boulevard runs just in this area.
18:36:38 You will see some industrial area.
18:36:40 And it is between -- I think I have the map on that.
18:36:47 Sorry, I do not.

18:36:48 It runs just north of Busch Boulevard, in between
18:36:52 20th street and 15th.
18:36:55 This is actually 15th.
18:36:58 This is the subject site, 15th street runs right
18:37:01 here, in front of it.
18:37:03 And I am going to murder the name.
18:37:07 SEHWA.
18:37:11 This is the subject site.
18:37:13 The petitioner has decided to rezone, like I said,
18:37:18 it's a legal nonconform use from the RS-50.
18:37:22 But they would like to create units with a common
18:37:29 wall. The existing duplex will remain and the lot
18:37:32 will be divided to create these two lots.
18:37:34 The existing units are on the corner of 15th
18:37:37 street, as I mentioned before, and they are less than
18:37:41 35 feet in height.
18:37:42 The elevations that we were provided are the pictures
18:37:45 that I just showed you.
18:37:47 And they have been submitted as part of the plan.
18:37:50 The petitioner is trying to provide a -- there's a
18:37:53 long-term tenant in one of the units and she's trying
18:37:56 to provide a way that she can sell one of the units to

18:37:59 that tenant.
18:38:01 I'll show you the pictures in the neighborhood.
18:38:04 This is the unit itself as you saw before.
18:38:07 But this is an example of what is all around.
18:38:10 It is one of the nicest homes there, across the
18:38:14 street, again across the street.
18:38:18 This is a view down 15th street.
18:38:22 This is another nonconforming -- legal nonconform use
18:38:28 property.
18:38:29 And again the subject site.
18:38:33 If you look at the site plans, you will see how the
18:38:37 building sits on the site.
18:38:38 She does have to -- petitioner does have to provide
18:38:42 sidewalk and how to do additional things to the
18:38:47 driveway.
18:38:48 They had to improve the driveway, and sidewalk along
18:38:51 both sides of the frontage.
18:38:54 Staff has absolutely no objection to this site plan.
18:38:58 We find that it meets 27-137, the single-family
18:39:03 attached design standards.
18:39:05 And the purpose of the planned development.
18:39:07 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

18:39:26 I have been sworn.
18:39:28 Just a couple of additional comments to add to Ms.
18:39:32 McDonald.
18:39:33 Several categories in the area, residential 10, 20,
18:39:40 24.
18:39:40 The site is located in the northern part of old Tampa
18:39:43 just to the east of commerce Avenue and the CSX
18:39:46 railroad, a line that you can see right here.
18:39:48 It is south of Linebaugh and north of Busch Boulevard
18:39:51 and west of 15th street. The site is within the
18:39:53 boundaries of the north Tampa community civic
18:39:56 association boundaries bounded by the neighborhood
18:39:58 association of Sulphur Springs to the south and
18:39:59 university square to the east.
18:40:02 Petitioner does propose to rezone a parcel of land to
18:40:06 allow rental units into two fee simple units.
18:40:10 Classification of residential 20 does allow
18:40:12 consideration of the use.
18:40:13 The proposed use will be in character with the
18:40:15 surrounding uses in the area.
18:40:17 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
18:40:19 proposed request.

18:40:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
18:40:28 >>> Linda Hallgren, and I have been sworn.
18:40:31 I moved out of this place 22 years ago, and moved a
18:40:35 tenant in, and he's been there ever since.
18:40:40 When I purchased the place, the area was all duplex
18:40:45 zoned and apparently recently they upzoned it to
18:40:49 single-family.
18:40:50 So bringing it to two single-family units is actually
18:40:54 bringing it more into conformity with the
18:40:56 neighborhood.
18:40:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:41:00 wants to speak on item number 5?
18:41:02 >> Move to close.
18:41:04 >> Second.
18:41:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Number 4.
18:41:07 >> Still move to close.
18:41:08 >> Second.
18:41:08 (Motion carried).
18:41:09 >>ROSE FERLITA: Move an ordinance rezoning property in
18:41:15 the general vicinity of 9402, 9404 north 15th
18:41:19 street the city of Tampa, Florida and more
18:41:21 particularly described in section 1 from zoning

18:41:23 district classifications RS-50 residential single
18:41:26 family to PD planned development single family semi
18:41:30 detached, providing an effective date.
18:41:32 >> I have a motion and second.
18:41:33 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:41:34 Opposed, Nay.
18:41:35 (Motion carried)
18:41:40 We need to open number 6.
18:41:44 Motion and second.
18:41:44 (Motion carried).
18:41:50 >>> Land development, I have been sworn.
18:41:51 Item number 6, Z 06-58.
18:41:54 Council, if you will recall, we did request a waiver
18:41:59 of the 15-day rule of this item.
18:42:03 Based on the fact that petitioner has worked very hard
18:42:05 to work with staff, and in fact the neighborhood that
18:42:11 will create a plan that works for everybody, and there
18:42:13 was a last-minute noncompliance of Seminole Heights
18:42:15 overlay that we picked up on as a result of the last
18:42:19 site plan change.
18:42:21 Essentially the petitioner is proposing to rezone the
18:42:23 property located at 213 west Cayuga street to PD to

18:42:27 construct one new single-family.
18:42:32 He's intending to split the lot, 90 by 102 lot into
18:42:37 two lots.
18:42:37 Existing home will remain on the lots and broken on
18:42:42 the newly created lots.
18:42:53 If you take a look on the Elmo, that's the property of
18:42:59 concern, located on the corner of west Cayuga and
18:43:02 Highland Avenue, with Florida Avenue to your east.
18:43:11 And the property does meet all the setback
18:43:13 requirements of the RS-50 underlying district.
18:43:20 As far as setback, it's consistent with the Seminole
18:43:22 Heights, the existing structures.
18:43:27 The setbacks are 7 to some foot on the side and 29.5
18:43:32 feet in the rear.
18:43:35 Petitioner also submitted building elevations that
18:43:38 indicate the structure site will comply with the
18:43:41 Seminole Heights overlay design standards, and the
18:43:44 final site plan that was submitted, obviously as you
18:43:48 mentioned, was missing the compliance of the parking
18:43:52 of Seminole Heights, and indicated a fence in the
18:43:56 right-of-way in the rear of the lot.
18:43:58 The site plan brings the party plan into compliance.

18:44:02 And with regard to another issue, sidewalks, you will
18:44:08 notice there is no sidewalk located on the Cayuga
18:44:13 front site plan.
18:44:25 That's the area right here.
18:44:27 Petitioner is not able to put a sidewalk due to
18:44:30 existing tree on the property line.
18:44:35 This is right here.
18:44:39 Transportation indicated that they may apply for a fee
18:44:43 in lieu.
18:44:46 In lieu of construction of the sidewalk.
18:44:48 In addition, council may determine whether or not it's
18:44:52 practical to build a sidewalk there.
18:44:55 If a determination is made that it's not practical
18:44:57 then as suggested by transportation, petitioner will
18:44:59 have to pay that fee, which is then contributed to the
18:45:02 sidewalk trust fund.
18:45:05 Petitioner has indicated on the site man they will
18:45:08 comply with chapter 22 sidewalks which will cover this
18:45:11 fee in lieu application.
18:45:18 Really quick, to discuss the land use compliance of
18:45:27 this proposed rezoning, we have reviewed the area and
18:45:31 find the rezoning consistent with the future land use

18:45:33 policy of the Tampa comprehensive plan, policy B-3,
18:45:38 3.3, in which it's the intent of the city to assess
18:45:42 the potential negative and positive impacts of any
18:45:44 residential development project.
18:45:46 In this case ware looking at the physical development
18:45:48 pattern.
18:45:49 We took a look at the lots in the meadow brook
18:45:53 subdivision and found that roughly 55% of the lots
18:46:00 indicating red on the Elmo -- the subject in green.
18:46:10 65% of the lots are developed with lots greater than
18:46:17 55-foot feet, 44-foot lots developed with less than 50
18:46:21 feet.
18:46:25 In the west side of Highland.
18:46:29 More specifically, the corridor that when see in the
18:46:32 original platting that was done in 1924, those
18:46:35 corridor lots are on 40-foot width lots and about 57%
18:46:41 of them built out.
18:46:44 The lots that will be split will add another actually
18:46:48 two 45-foot lots so we will have something that is
18:46:51 consistent with the general corridor pattern.
18:46:54 It will actually be above the 40-foot.
18:46:56 So with that, we have no objections.

18:47:03 I do have some photos very quick.
18:47:07 This is the existing structure on the lots on the
18:47:12 corner of Cayuga and Highland.
18:47:19 Here you see the empty lots of the new structure.
18:47:22 Here's a view of the site of the existing lots from
18:47:27 Cayuga.
18:47:29 Sorry, from Highland.
18:47:31 The structure across the street.
18:47:35 Another one across the street.
18:47:40 Which reminds me that the look and feel of the new lot
18:47:43 will match what is directly across the street based on
18:47:45 the fact that they are the same size.
18:47:47 Two lots together.
18:47:52 Just some more examples, across Highland you have this
18:47:58 structure here.
18:48:03 A neighboring lot is actually buffered with a pool and
18:48:11 then a house on the adjacent lot there.
18:48:15 Essentially, we find conformance with the character,
18:48:20 and the elevations, by the way.
18:48:24 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
18:48:41 I have been sworn.
18:48:44 The dominant land use classification as you can see

18:48:47 for south Seminole Heights is residential 10.
18:48:55 To put it succinctly as far as the lot request, of
18:48:57 course, is develop the middle lot over here.
18:49:00 The lot on the corner, of course, which I do believe
18:49:03 is a home owned by the applicant who wishes to split
18:49:07 the site.
18:49:08 He's home, vacant lot.
18:49:09 There is a fence that exists over here between this
18:49:11 lot and the pool and of course -- very nice homes on
18:49:15 this particular block, characteristic.
18:49:17 There are some porches on the street, some ribbon
18:49:20 driveways.
18:49:21 The request is very characteristic with this
18:49:23 particular Seminole Heights, and of course the
18:49:27 applicant according to the PD must comply with the
18:49:32 residential overlay of Seminole Heights.
18:49:34 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
18:49:38 proposed request.
18:49:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
18:49:50 >>> Good evening.
18:49:51 My name is Patrick Schafer and I have been sworn.
18:49:59 Everything that they said is -- seems to be in line.

18:50:04 I have a diagram here that just shows what was
18:50:09 originally platted on the property.
18:50:18 And originally it was platted as a 40-foot lot and a
18:50:27 50-foot lot and a home was built on the 40-foot lot in
18:50:30 1929 and the 50-foot lot has remained vacant.
18:50:35 I have moved into the home on the 40-foot lot, and
18:50:42 like was mentioned, I am requesting to be able to
18:50:46 split the lot into two 45-foot wide lots in order to
18:50:52 build a new construction on the other lot.
18:50:55 The reason that I want to do two 45-foot lots instead
18:50:58 of going back to the original plat was so that it
18:51:03 would be incomplete, sometimes with zoning and the
18:51:07 overlay district, the side yard setbacks are within
18:51:11 compliance.
18:51:14 So that's the reason why I wanted to go with two
18:51:17 45-foot lots.
18:51:20 The point that I would like to make is I really tried
18:51:25 to -- tried to create as low an impact on my immediate
18:51:33 neighbors.
18:51:37 As I mentioned, there is only one house that is
18:51:39 adjacent to the property since it is a corner lot.
18:51:42 Here is a picture.

18:51:45 Of the house.
18:51:47 And that house is a double lot, on a double lot as
18:51:51 well, 100-foot-wide lot so there is basically a lot in
18:51:56 between my property and the house.
18:52:01 They are not going to be sitting right on top of each
18:52:03 other.
18:52:04 And there is also an existing privacy fence that I
18:52:10 have a picture of.
18:52:22 That is along the boundary line between the two houses
18:52:24 so that adds to the buffer.
18:52:25 In the site plan I am required on lot 141 plant two
18:52:32 five-inch caliper trees.
18:52:34 I am going to actually plant along the east boundary
18:52:37 line to add to that, that buffer along the property
18:52:44 line, to give myself and my neighbors the added
18:52:47 privacy.
18:52:48 The house has also been designed so that this is a
18:52:54 rendering of the east elevation.
18:52:56 The house has also been designed so the living space
18:52:58 is more on the west side of the house.
18:53:00 There's only one window on the east side of the house.
18:53:02 And so, again, trying to create as much buffering

18:53:09 privacy for both myself and my neighbor.
18:53:12 One other point I would like to make is that beyond
18:53:22 the notice that you have to send out to your neighbors
18:53:25 and also the sign you have to put in your yard, I went
18:53:31 out and responsible to many of my neighbors and I took
18:53:34 my site plan and my rendering and also pictures, and
18:53:37 talked to many of my neighbors, to let them know
18:53:40 exactly what I was planning on doing and if they had
18:53:42 any questions or concerns that I could go over that
18:53:44 with them.
18:53:45 I do have a petition of 42 signatures from my
18:53:49 neighbors that show that they are in support of this
18:53:54 proposal.
18:53:56 I have that.
18:53:57 I also have four of my neighbors here this evening
18:54:00 that are here in support of it as well.
18:54:04 I talked with the president of the neighborhood --
18:54:08 south Seminole Heights neighborhood civic association
18:54:10 of which I am a member as well.
18:54:13 I'm not sure if he's here tonight or not.
18:54:16 And I spoke with him.
18:54:17 He came to my site and we discussed it and he endorsed

18:54:20 it as well.
18:54:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Let me see if anyone here wants to
18:54:23 speak against you, since you have everybody for you.
18:54:26 Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on
18:54:28 item number 6?
18:54:35 >>> Jerry else worth, president, south Seminole
18:54:38 Heights civic association.
18:54:39 I have been sworn and I am not one of the four that he
18:54:41 was counting so I must be five.
18:54:43 First I would like to commend the applicant, who had
18:54:49 several conversation was me regarding this plan, and
18:54:51 has kept us certainly involved all along the way.
18:54:55 One concern that we did have, which is with the
18:54:57 driveway, has been corrected and has been changed.
18:55:00 He's done a great job on the home he has on the corner
18:55:06 and we are in full support of this proposal this
18:55:09 evening.
18:55:09 Thank you.
18:55:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Does anyone else want to speak?
18:55:14 >>> I'm mark lovinger, I have been sworn.
18:55:18 I am a resident of 207 north Cayuga, the immediate
18:55:22 neighbor to Mr. Shaffer.

18:55:27 I am in direct opposition to this PD project.
18:55:32 I'm a concerned citizen and advocate for the proper
18:55:36 redevelopment of south Seminole Heights.
18:55:37 I represent four neighbors on the block who have
18:55:40 signed the petition against.
18:55:46 I didn't have the time to collect lots more.
18:55:49 I apologize for that but I do have four of the
18:55:51 immediate neighbors, myself included.
18:55:54 And I didn't have time.
18:55:56 There were some other people that voiced their
18:55:58 opinions about not being involved in this.
18:56:01 They just don't like the sign, unfortunately.
18:56:06 I stand before you tonight.
18:56:07 >> They didn't like what?
18:56:10 >> Some people just don't like the sign.
18:56:17 Some people just don't like to get involved.
18:56:20 They are with me but they are not going to sign.
18:56:24 I stand before you tonight, I'm a five-year resident
18:56:27 of this home in Seminole Heights.
18:56:29 I purchased this 100 by 102 lot in December of '01,
18:56:36 and proceeded at that point to gut it down to the
18:56:39 frame and restore it completely, including the pool.

18:56:43 I put about $75,000 plus into the home.
18:56:47 One of the main reasons why I bought into this
18:56:50 neighborhood was because of the open spaces, because
18:56:54 of lots next door, and the ability of the neighborhood
18:56:59 to grow back to what it used to be.
18:57:07 For all these reasons, I implore you not to allow this
18:57:12 PD project.
18:57:13 He says he's an advocate of the neighborhood.
18:57:16 I'll disagree with that.
18:57:17 He's just moved in.
18:57:18 He moved in with the purpose of doing exactly this.
18:57:23 When he purchased the house, he's done a cosmetic
18:57:26 rehab on it.
18:57:27 He's never -- he's got three oak trees on his
18:57:30 property, never trimmed them.
18:57:32 He's never trimmed the dead wood out of them.
18:57:34 No concern whatsoever.
18:57:36 And if we are going to use an example of what somebody
18:57:40 else in the neighborhood has done, we can go over
18:57:43 favor blocks away at 317 west north Bay Street.
18:57:50 A gentleman purchased a house there.
18:57:55 Same size lot, sister lot.

18:57:57 And what he's done is added onto this house, kept the
18:58:02 beauty of the area, and is now building sideways.
18:58:07 He's whether he's going to build a carport or garage
18:58:10 or anything of that nature.
18:58:11 He's maintained the integrity of the area.
18:58:13 In fact, when Mr. Shaffer did come to my house and
18:58:17 knock on my door and we had a discussion, and what he
18:58:22 really said to me was he wants to start his own
18:58:25 business in construction.
18:58:28 And he wants to sub dived these -- subdivide these
18:58:32 three lots and one or possibly two for seed money for
18:58:35 his new business.
18:58:36 So does he really care about the neighborhood?
18:58:40 I don't think so.
18:58:41 In fact, before this all started, when he first went
18:58:45 for a petition, I don't know if it's allowed or not.
18:58:50 (Bell sounds).
18:58:51 >>GWEN MILLER: time is up, sir juror he actually put a
18:58:53 sign and started selling his house already without any
18:58:56 permission on a 45 by 102 lot for sale.
18:59:01 Before you even approved anything.
18:59:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'd like to ask a question about

18:59:11 what the parking is like on this street.
18:59:17 >>> Well, there's really just driveways.
18:59:19 There's really no parking on the street.
18:59:20 If you park on the street, it's a thin street.
18:59:22 So if you park on the street, you're really parking on
18:59:25 partially someone's lawn as well.
18:59:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So my question is, I see there's an
18:59:31 alley behind this.
18:59:34 I'm not familiar with this block.
18:59:37 The detached garage, do most people use the alley as a
18:59:40 place to park?
18:59:41 >> Most people use carports or driveways and that's
18:59:44 it.
18:59:44 Very rarely will you see a garage, okay?
18:59:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, sir.
18:59:48 >>> Can I just --
18:59:49 >>GWEN MILLER: No, that's it.
18:59:50 Your time is up.
18:59:52 >>> It's not right.
18:59:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Everybody has three minutes.
18:59:54 >>> That's not right.
18:59:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anybody else like to speak?

18:59:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: While she's coming up, could staff
19:00:02 give us one of those analyses of the 50-foot in the
19:00:06 neighborhood?
19:00:08 You gave us that?
19:00:14 >>> It's difficult to see.
19:00:16 >> If it's in the background material, I'll look for
19:00:20 it there.
19:00:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead and speak.
19:00:23 >>> My name is Elliott.
19:00:27 I have been there 24 years.
19:00:29 So I can tell you a little history that my neighbor
19:00:34 doesn't know but he's been there five years.
19:00:36 He talks about my neighbor not trimming his trees.
19:00:39 This man spent $-- $35,000.
19:00:47 So we don't want to go that way.
19:00:48 The reason I'm here, this address, a rent property up
19:00:55 to the time of purchase before him.
19:00:56 The renters were low income, it was trashed, there was
19:01:02 continuance, drugs, the lot was vacant but he wants to
19:01:07 build a lot that's overgrown, massive trees, where the
19:01:11 kids could crawl in there
19:01:22 He has come in.

19:01:23 He's renovated it.
19:01:24 He's put up lights.
19:01:25 He's put up a security fence, policy fence, it blocked
19:01:29 off the alley.
19:01:30 And we don't have that cut-through.
19:01:32 The house behind him.
19:01:43 It was unusual.
19:01:44 10, 15 years ago.
19:01:47 The front porch, saw Tampa Police Department up and
19:01:53 down the street continuously.
19:01:55 We had helicopters continuously.
19:01:56 Because that's where all the little drug addicts and
19:02:00 the little break ins and little juveniles would hide,
19:02:03 in that house, or in that lot, between renters.
19:02:07 He's got a beautiful home he wants to put up.
19:02:10 I welcome it.
19:02:11 I welcome it.
19:02:14 The thought of having a house there and him not
19:02:17 vacating it and just let it go back to the way it was,
19:02:23 I don't want that.
19:02:24 I want a home.
19:02:25 I want a family.

19:02:26 I look forward to having him as my neighbor.
19:02:34 He's going to move in.
19:02:35 I ask you, look at the history.
19:02:37 It is in compliance.
19:02:41 We don't want to go back 20 years ago.
19:02:43 We don't have kids on the streets anymore.
19:02:46 They are grown up.
19:02:46 They have gone somewhere but they are not there
19:02:48 anymore.
19:02:50 And I want to see this project go forward.
19:02:53 If you didn't want to live in a platted community live
19:02:56 in the county.
19:02:57 That's what we are about.
19:02:58 Developing, redeveloping, and bringing on Tampa.
19:03:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Were you sworn, just for the record?
19:03:04 >>> Yes, I was.
19:03:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
19:03:13 >>> My name is Chris Lucas.
19:03:14 I have been sworn.
19:03:15 I live on the adjacent street, Hilda street.
19:03:20 And I am for Mr. Shaffer building this house on his
19:03:26 adjacent lot.

19:03:27 Since Mr. Shaffer has moved into the development, he
19:03:30 has done numerous renovations to his house, and
19:03:33 increased the value not only of his property, but all
19:03:36 properties around.
19:03:36 The house is consistent with the construction of
19:03:39 Seminole Heights.
19:03:41 And it's my opinion that it would further increase the
19:03:44 value of the properties.
19:03:48 It would be a great addition to the neighborhood.
19:03:50 Thank you.
19:03:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:03:51 Next.
19:03:57 >>> Good evening.
19:03:58 My name is Sabrina lever.
19:04:00 I live on the adjacent street, on Hilda street.
19:04:03 I am for the rezoning project and support his effort
19:04:07 and bringing on the new construction.
19:04:10 >>GWEN MILLER: If you are going to speak, please line
19:04:12 up so I don't have to keep calling for you.
19:04:15 If anybody is going to speak, please get up and line
19:04:17 up and come up.
19:04:25 >>> Chris FEROT, west Cayuga.

19:04:28 I have been sworn.
19:04:29 I have been living at that address for about two, two
19:04:31 and a half years now.
19:04:32 Since I moved in there, the neighborhood is -- I
19:04:36 renovated a house down the street from him.
19:04:38 He came in and aesthetically it was horrible.
19:04:41 And in the two and a half years between him and other
19:04:44 neighbors, didn't meet each other essentially through
19:04:47 this process right here, the neighborhood is starting
19:04:49 to get a lot better.
19:04:51 People starting to know each other a little bit better
19:04:53 and has really started a wild fire of people
19:04:56 renovating and doing things.
19:04:59 People that have been there for 20 years who has been
19:05:01 looking at bad stuff are now starting to see such a
19:05:04 nice house and getting out and doing their yards and
19:05:07 stuff like that.
19:05:09 I'm totally in support of this.
19:05:11 I see no side business he's got going on in this.
19:05:17 We talked for a couple of hours on this.
19:05:19 I think he wants to get in and do something.
19:05:22 And I don't think anybody up and down the street

19:05:25 really has a problem with it.
19:05:26 Thank you.
19:05:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:05:28 Next.
19:05:31 >>> My name is Scott Eldridge.
19:05:33 I have been sworn.
19:05:34 I live at 114 west Cayuga in the same block as the
19:05:38 property that's being proposed.
19:05:40 I bought my property just over a year ago.
19:05:44 I put significant personal effort and money into the
19:05:48 renovation of my property.
19:05:50 And I fully support his proposal to put another home
19:05:54 next to it.
19:05:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:05:56 Petitioner, do you want to say anything?
19:05:58 Or that's enough?
19:06:07 >>> With my adjacent neighbor, I really tried to make
19:06:10 an effort to create a buffer between our houses.
19:06:16 I think I have gone above and beyond by planting
19:06:19 trees.
19:06:20 And so I hope that's taken into consideration.
19:06:23 Thank you.

19:06:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
19:06:27 Did you get that color picture?
19:06:29 Would you hand it to petitioner?
19:06:39 >>> Put that down on the overhead.
19:06:44 And jot down -- drop down a little bit.
19:06:47 The gentleman who spoke in opposition gave this to us.
19:06:52 Is that your house that you fixed up?
19:06:57 It's a little hard to see.
19:07:01 Anyway, it looks amazing.
19:07:07 I would think that you would put this picture up as a
19:07:12 picture of your type of work.
19:07:14 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the public hearing.
19:07:17 Motion and second to close the public hearing.
19:07:18 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move an order pins rezoning property in
19:07:21 the general vicinity of 6718 north Rome Avenue in
19:07:27 Tampa from RS-50 residential single family to PD
19:07:30 planned development single family detached
19:07:31 residential, providing an effective date.
19:07:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Question on the motion?
19:07:38 >>> It would require a waiver so you need to have
19:07:41 legal come back with an ordinance with the site plan.
19:07:45 Thank you.

19:07:46 >>KEVIN WHITE: Direct legal to draft an ordinance,
19:07:48 bring it back for first reading next week.
19:07:50 >> Second.
19:07:50 (Motion carried)
19:07:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 10:00?
19:07:58 >>KEVIN WHITE: 10:00.
19:08:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to open number 7.
19:08:03 >> So moved.
19:08:04 >> Second.
19:08:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
19:08:06 [Motion Carried Unanimously]
19:08:09 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: I have been sworn.
19:08:37 Land development.
19:08:38 This is item 7.
19:08:40 Z 06-73.
19:08:41 The petitioner proposes to rezone the property at 3505
19:08:46 and 3507 from an RS-60 single-family to a PD single
19:08:51 family attached.
19:08:55 Petitioner will construct five single family attached
19:08:57 residential units and six detached units.
19:09:01 All the units will have a two-car garage.
19:09:05 They have designed the frame of the building which

19:09:07 contains five attached town homes to be pedestrian
19:09:09 friendly, with the front units facing MacDill, and
19:09:13 they will set back from the street.
19:09:18 They are designed in a modern style with variation.
19:09:24 Setbacks are as follows.
19:09:25 Ten feet along MacDill frontage.
19:09:27 Ten feet to the north.
19:09:29 13 feet to the south.
19:09:30 And 20 feet to the rear.
19:09:33 The units along MacDill will have front doors
19:09:35 facing MacDill and will be walk-up units.
19:09:38 The buildings will be three stories with a maximum
19:09:40 proposed height of 35 feet.
19:09:44 The petitioner is providing three guest parking
19:09:47 spaces.
19:09:48 The site currently has two duplexes which contain two
19:09:53 units each for a total of four units.
19:09:56 It is an RS-16 zoning.
19:09:59 And those are legal nonconforming use on that lot.
19:10:03 And I will show you the zoning map on the Elmo.
19:10:09 This is MacDill.
19:10:11 This is Waverly right below us.

19:10:13 And right to the north.
19:10:18 If you remember before, council, approximately two
19:10:20 months ago, month and a half ago, there was a
19:10:23 rezoning, just south of Waverly.
19:10:27 Rus Versaggi brought it forward and it was approved.
19:10:31 Along the corridor, as you will see, multifamily
19:10:36 across the street.
19:10:39 A lot of town homes to the north on 16 zoning.
19:10:44 Zoned this area of MacDill.
19:10:48 You have various multifamily town homes.
19:10:51 There's not a lot of single-family detached homes.
19:10:54 I'll show you on the aerial.
19:11:07 There are two buildings with two units each.
19:11:10 It's an internal drive.
19:11:18 I don't believe it is heavily treed.
19:11:23 There is an internal drive.
19:11:24 And there's a duplex on either side.
19:11:29 If you look on the Elmo, you will see the multifamily,
19:11:38 below Waverly is the PD that you approved with, I
19:11:40 believe it was, eleven units.
19:11:44 And this is the apartment complex.
19:11:50 Originally, your site plan -- there were objections

19:11:53 from staff on the site.
19:11:55 However, since the staff report came to you, the
19:11:59 petitioner came with notes and added them to the plan.
19:12:02 There were objections from our landscape specialist.
19:12:06 And they came in and satisfied every single one of her
19:12:09 objections, through notes, and she reviewed it.
19:12:11 There are no longer objections from her.
19:12:15 Under be the findings of fact, section 27-137, we do
19:12:20 find that it meets the single-family attached design
19:12:23 standards, and also the purpose of a planned
19:12:27 development.
19:12:28 I will show you pictures of the subject site.
19:12:38 The bottom, the two duplexes that currently exist and
19:12:41 this is the internal drive.
19:12:52 This belongs ton another project.
19:12:53 Another picture of the subject site at the top.
19:12:59 I believe this is -- the top picture, I believe I was
19:13:02 looking south on MacDill.
19:13:06 North on MacDill, thank you.
19:13:08 North on MacDill.
19:13:09 You should always label your pictures.
19:13:13 And this is pictures of MacDill around 2:30 during the

19:13:19 day.
19:13:21 Subject site again.
19:13:23 Bottom picture.
19:13:25 The multifamily across the street.
19:13:27 And again this is a town home project.
19:13:32 You can see part of the one they previously approved
19:13:39 they didn't like that design and were going to try to
19:13:42 no longer do that type of design.
19:13:43 This project does not have a wall like that.
19:13:45 It is pedestrian friendly.
19:13:49 Staff has no objection.
19:13:53 >> That's one of the worst walls in the City of Tampa.
19:14:01 >>> I will expand on that in a minute for you.
19:14:03 Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
19:14:05 I have been sworn.
19:14:07 The land use categories in the area.
19:14:10 MacDill as you know is a collector.
19:14:12 Euclid to the south.
19:14:17 Further to the north a lot of variety of uses, R-35.
19:14:26 R-20.
19:14:27 Of course R-10 as one goes further into the
19:14:29 residential neighborhood which becomes more

19:14:31 traditional residential single-family detached.
19:14:34 Let me show you the aerial to give you the context.
19:14:40 Again R-20 is situate add long the corridor which is
19:14:43 where more of the intense type of residential density
19:14:46 has been directed. As Ms. McDonald has previously
19:14:50 stated to you, you have approved a project to the
19:14:54 south which is in this area from nine town home units.
19:14:58 This is suggesting from nine units on this site.
19:15:01 I will also show you some photographs.
19:15:04 And what I am going to do is point to a slide and show
19:15:08 you the corresponding photo and get the true context
19:15:12 of what's going on.
19:15:13 I don't have a picture of these but these are some of
19:15:16 the attached town homes, I would say 20, 25 years at
19:15:19 least that I can recall.
19:15:21 The photo I am going to show you now is this slide
19:15:24 right over here.
19:15:27 And that's that really big wall, Mr. Dingfelder.
19:15:32 This is a photo.
19:15:36 The photos I am going to show you now I took from this
19:15:40 apartment complex and this would be this point that
19:15:42 you see a picture of.

19:15:46 The photo I am going to show you now is a portion of
19:15:48 the duplex site.
19:15:51 You will see the driveway.
19:15:53 There's one.
19:15:54 And there's the other.
19:15:58 The picture I will show you now is of the almost
19:16:02 completed list project of the town home project to the
19:16:05 north.
19:16:07 Direct line, directly to the north of the site.
19:16:15 These are the town homes directly across the street.
19:16:19 We have all driven by a variety of times.
19:16:21 Again, I guess I will have to go back to what I had
19:16:24 reiterated to be the logical argument from the comp
19:16:28 plan aspect.
19:16:29 The applicant is requesting to do eleven units,
19:16:32 single-family detached, which is consistent with
19:16:34 locating detached units along the periphery of
19:16:37 established residential neighborhoods.
19:16:39 The land use category as you can see once again, where
19:16:44 you want to direct the more intense residential
19:16:46 development along the collector road of South MacDill,
19:16:49 residential 20, of course, by directing the

19:16:53 development to the collector roads, you're in essence,
19:16:55 what you are doing is trying to preserve the integrity
19:16:57 of the existing single-family detached units, within
19:17:00 the residential 10 categories.
19:17:02 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
19:17:04 proposed request. Finds it consistent with the
19:17:07 comprehensive plan.
19:17:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you very much.
19:17:09 Petitioner?
19:17:21 >> Michael Horner, representing Mize development.
19:17:25 I have been sworn.
19:17:26 I don't want to mislead anyone but I heard the word
19:17:29 detached in both presentations by Ms. Boyle and Mr.
19:17:33 Garcia.
19:17:33 Make no mistake, we are seeking town homes which are
19:17:36 single-family attached.
19:17:39 With that clarification, with me tonight, council
19:17:41 members, I have Dan Sefair and Mize.
19:17:49 I also have the principal owners of Roble
19:17:52 architectures, Mr. John FILDANO, the landscape
19:17:58 architect.
19:18:01 They will be speaking shortly after me.

19:18:03 We know this has been some controversy in the past on
19:18:05 a prior case.
19:18:06 So we went back, dotted the Is and crossed our T's
19:18:11 and tried to do a homework, one that we feel proud of,
19:18:15 obviously endorsed by the planning staffs.
19:18:20 A design, review, development consideration for at
19:18:22 least the last six to eight months.
19:18:24 We have worked from scratch literally going through
19:18:28 iteration, overlays, design, charettes, walking the
19:18:32 neighborhood and -- neighborhood and looking at prior
19:18:35 projects and also been recently approved.
19:18:38 We are certainly aware of the neighborhood concerns.
19:18:41 I sat right in this audience on all the public
19:18:44 hearings, way till the midnight hour. In fact I sat
19:18:48 right next to some of the opposition members at that
19:18:50 time and got a feel and flavor for the tenor of their
19:18:54 concerns and immediately handed out our business
19:18:56 cards, established dialogue, e-mail, phone messages,
19:18:59 and personal meetings, one on one.
19:19:02 There's no mistake in our mind that these people had
19:19:05 some fair comments and we made it very clear to them
19:19:07 up front that whatever dialogue, miscommunication or

19:19:09 concerns that were not addressed adequately to them
19:19:12 before, we will make every effort, including a meeting
19:19:17 as late as last night, 8:00, we were still meeting
19:19:20 with an abutting property owner to continue to work
19:19:22 out some concerns regarding restrictions.
19:19:25 We have learned, responded, and I think the
19:19:28 architectural elevations you will see in the amended
19:19:30 site plan take tonight counts we have addressed most
19:19:34 if not all of those concerns previously expressed.
19:19:37 We agree that many hurdles exist.
19:19:40 We heard comments about traffic.
19:19:41 I don't think we can do a lot about the traffic
19:19:43 condition on MacDill Avenue but we did try to
19:19:46 incorporate some restricted constraints in our access
19:19:49 that would at least mitigate some of those impacts.
19:19:51 We also heard about tree plantings, impervious
19:19:54 surface, stormwater flooding, contractor parking, and
19:19:58 we have gone through, I think, substantial efforts in
19:20:02 order to ameliorate if not coordinate with the
19:20:06 property own towers our site plan, to our elevations
19:20:09 and our binding conditions.
19:20:11 I am going to address those concerns.

19:20:12 Council members, I think we are fortunate to have a
19:20:14 developer that is willing to offer those restrictions
19:20:17 and conditions and commitments.
19:20:20 It wasn't too many months ago that I stood before you
19:20:22 at the same development group.
19:20:24 In fact we have the entire neighborhood, and the
19:20:26 president of the homeowners association for the north
19:20:28 Hyde Park, a very similar project.
19:20:32 Unique orientation, garage facing a way from the
19:20:34 public right-of-way and the street, saving a large
19:20:37 grand oak tree, and single-family homes on Albany and
19:20:42 north Hyde Park A directly across the street.
19:20:45 And that neighbor told you in so many words they
19:20:47 wanted this project approved, and we spent months and
19:20:51 design after design working with their support as
19:20:53 well.
19:20:56 We as late as last night agreed to some additional
19:21:01 conditions, hired an architect.
19:21:04 If this passes and it goes to a second reading, we
19:21:06 will probably seek to add a couple of additional
19:21:10 sticky notes because the property owners want to have
19:21:12 absolute understanding and commitment of what we said

19:21:14 to them, is going to be proposed and actually
19:21:17 constructed.
19:21:18 Communications, breakdown in the past through some
19:21:21 other development efforts.
19:21:23 We think is one of the very reasons from day one I sat
19:21:27 down with Gloria Burton, some of the neighbors, and
19:21:30 said you are the one that is have to live with this
19:21:32 development.
19:21:33 We are the ones that want to work with and appease
19:21:36 your concerns.
19:21:36 If your concerns are reasonable, if your concerns are
19:21:41 ones that we can address on the site plan, if they are
19:21:45 concerns regarding elevation, building height,
19:21:47 retention pond, wall construction, let's get together,
19:21:50 resolve them, commit to them, and make sure council
19:21:53 feels comfortable approving a plan that addresses
19:21:56 those concerns.
19:21:57 I don't want to represent to you that every single
19:22:00 property owner we met with wants town homes on this
19:22:03 parcel.
19:22:04 We understand town homes have been a hot spot in this
19:22:07 parcel.

19:22:08 Actually South MacDill corridor for some time.
19:22:11 But we are surrounded literally by town home
19:22:13 development to the north, to the south -- excuse me,
19:22:16 to the east, to the north, to the southeast, and up
19:22:19 and down the MacDill Avenue corridor.
19:22:21 That Liss project directly next to us is not a pretty
19:22:25 project.
19:22:26 There's no question that was ill-conceived, not a good
19:22:29 design, first you have seen coming southbound on South
19:22:33 MacDill Avenue, you passed the intersection.
19:22:36 I am sure you have all seen it.
19:22:38 Mrs. Saul-Sena, you have.
19:22:39 Those garage doors glean in the afternoon sun.
19:22:42 All those units are still on the market.
19:22:46 The building sticks out like a sore thumb.
19:22:49 It not architecturally designed and treated we think
19:22:52 respectful to the neighborhood.
19:22:53 We spoke with Mr. and Mrs. McMahon and they almost
19:22:56 cried with the view in their backyard looking at the
19:23:00 back of that project.
19:23:00 We have tried to amend our plans and elevations to
19:23:03 take into all of those considerations in our design

19:23:05 projects.
19:23:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We received a letter -- maybe you
19:23:18 have seen a copy of it.
19:23:20 >>> I have not.
19:23:20 >> It's in the letter -- file.
19:23:22 It objects to the project.
19:23:24 And I am wondering looking at the site plan, where is
19:23:28 the property in relationship to your project?
19:23:34 Do you have a site plan?
19:23:44 >> This will be north MacDill.
19:23:49 Right hear.
19:23:49 In fact, I don't know what the date of that letter is
19:23:53 but if it came after last nature at 8:30 she walked
19:23:56 out after that meeting and said thank you, thank you,
19:23:58 thank you, because some misrepresentations,
19:24:01 miscommunications occurred.
19:24:02 She was not aware of the height limitations.
19:24:04 She was not aware of the concrete wall proposed.
19:24:07 She's also not aware of the entire comprehensive
19:24:09 landscape plan and tree planting effort that we agreed
19:24:12 to.
19:24:13 >> That was my next question, is what is your height

19:24:15 proposed?
19:24:17 >>> I can go through some of our conditions that will
19:24:19 summarize exactly what we are committing to this
19:24:21 evening.
19:24:24 As part of the first plan, in fact this was the
19:24:28 initial plan, council.
19:24:29 We agree it's somewhat nondescript.
19:24:35 No breakup.
19:24:36 No diversity.
19:24:37 No staggering.
19:24:38 Buildings were pushed back in the front of
19:24:40 MacDill.
19:24:42 Final fencing around the property.
19:24:44 We have proposed, amended this plan.
19:24:47 As part of this plan, what have we agreed to?
19:24:51 We agreed to provide one-way drive aisle, the north
19:24:57 access drive to the property and exit on the south
19:24:59 side of MacDill.
19:25:01 Only one point of conflict for entering an exiting.
19:25:05 We also reduced the front setback to ten feet which is
19:25:08 directly related to the staff concerns, the concerns
19:25:13 about the MacDill Avenue corridor.

19:25:15 We all know what's across the street.
19:25:17 You can't even walk in front of those units.
19:25:20 The wall is at least eight feet tall.
19:25:23 There's not even a sidewalk that is in front of that
19:25:26 unit next to MacDill.
19:25:27 We have widened the parking lot of 40 feet versus 10,
19:25:32 26 feet.
19:25:33 My second question is now additional guest parking
19:25:39 spaces in addition to the three we already committed
19:25:42 to.
19:25:44 The guest parking space where around 13 to 15 spaces
19:25:47 as opposed to just three.
19:25:48 We think that's critical.
19:25:52 We also agreed to use concrete versus asphalt which is
19:25:55 one of the bigger concerns expressed even as late as
19:26:00 last night.
19:26:02 It will make the dark color.
19:26:05 We agreed to do concrete at additional cost but we
19:26:07 agreed to that as a commitment.
19:26:10 We also agreed to complete underdrain stormwater
19:26:13 systems which will be vault underneath the entire
19:26:16 concrete driveway.

19:26:17 This is not a cheap endeavor.
19:26:19 I'm sure you understand, we have retention ponds
19:26:22 proposed in the first plan.
19:26:24 Here and here.
19:26:27 The resident expressed concern about mosquitoes, lack
19:26:30 of maintenance, would you have to fence it, would the
19:26:33 slope be appropriate, is it a place where you would
19:26:36 have some opportunity for people to throw garbage in.
19:26:38 We eliminated that concern entirely by doing complete
19:26:41 underdrain system and Jove sized that based upon the
19:26:44 city's criteria.
19:26:46 We also agreed based on the property owner's
19:26:48 requirements and requests abutting us, we propose a
19:26:52 six-foot vinyl fence, and it's pretty obvious they
19:26:58 want a 6-foot high concrete wall on the entire north,
19:27:01 west and south property boundaries.
19:27:04 Ms. McMahon made it very clear she did not want to
19:27:07 have a fence next to her property, on the south side
19:27:12 as well.
19:27:13 We also agreed to limit the height of these buildings
19:27:15 to approximately 32.5 feet.
19:27:18 As you know, a three-story building sounds ominous but

19:27:22 if you look at the abutting single family detached
19:27:25 homes they can be up to 35 feet tall. In fact one is
19:27:27 directly behind it that's right at 35 feet so that
19:27:30 single-family house will actually look down onto these
19:27:34 town homes in the back.
19:27:37 We have also agreed to rev top AC units, council,
19:27:48 concerns expressed by Mr. and Mrs. McMahon on the
19:27:51 noise issues.
19:27:51 We agreed to put all the rooftop issues above and not
19:27:54 side by side for noise mitigation.
19:27:56 We also agreed to side orientations.
19:28:01 Three detached structures.
19:28:05 Also side orientation, the front doorway in between
19:28:08 the buildings with the connecting walkway, as opposed
19:28:10 to the rear orientation in a typical -- which is what
19:28:15 the Liss property has.
19:28:16 If you look at the Liss development, that's the back
19:28:21 of the building.
19:28:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can you show a picture what you are
19:28:25 talking about now?
19:28:27 The side orientation?
19:28:30 >>> Why don't you put that up now?

19:28:32 We also agreed to specific design elevations which
19:28:38 Carlos is referring to.
19:28:39 I am going to call him up in a moment to go into more
19:28:42 detail.
19:28:42 Some of the concerns were window placements, high
19:28:45 parapet design, location of rooftop, where the terrace
19:28:48 is, Carlos will go into those details.
19:28:50 You can see that we minimized all the architectural
19:28:53 impacts.
19:28:54 Lastly, council, we have agreed to a comprehensive and
19:28:57 thorough landscape planning program, that as of last
19:29:01 night we agreed to do high-rise oak trees.
19:29:04 These are fast growing oak trees but growth to 40, 50,
19:29:10 50 feet tall.
19:29:11 We are also agreeing to plant those at 16-fat heights
19:29:14 and 4-inch caliper planting as opposed to a typical
19:29:18 2-inch cap per.
19:29:19 You all are aware of the 8-foot to 10-foot hide
19:29:22 height.
19:29:22 We agreed to additional plantings between the two
19:29:25 trees, 20-foot on stagger, crepe Myrtle along the
19:29:29 fronts, almost 118 inches.

19:29:31 There is a nice oak tree, at one time a Laurel oak
19:29:33 that existed right here.
19:29:35 Unfortunately, it was a declining oak and we received
19:29:38 Mr. Steve Graham's permission, a few months ago,
19:29:41 looked at it, evaluated and said it was declining,
19:29:45 declared it hazardous to the property and we received
19:29:48 permission to remove that.
19:29:49 At this time, council, I would like to have Mr. Miller
19:29:54 address architectural elevations.
19:29:58 I know you have concerns.
19:29:59 I will then address the landscape plan.
19:30:03 Thank you.
19:30:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you have that for us to see or
19:30:08 is that part of the stapled book?
19:30:20 It shows the front property, the MacDill
19:30:23 elevation.
19:30:23 Do these show the rear ones?
19:30:25 >> This is actually -- good evening.
19:30:29 I have been sworn in. The two handouts being passed a
19:30:32 round right now one of which was for the original
19:30:34 packet, the second one was doing, after a majority of
19:30:39 meetings were done with the neighborhood to

19:30:42 specifically address the rear of the units.
19:30:46 Some of the concerns -- and let me bring up, as you
19:30:50 see from this image, the one we are passing around,
19:30:53 one of the original concerns from the neighborhood was
19:30:54 the fact that with the three stories that windows were
19:30:58 going to look directly into the back of some of the
19:31:00 units.
19:31:03 We took those very seriously, just within the week and
19:31:06 a half, of doing a redesign of those rear units, to
19:31:08 begin to move a lot of the spaces that did require
19:31:11 windows, the front facing of MacDill.
19:31:14 As you can see from the one being passed a round the
19:31:20 third floor facing the neighborhoods in the rear do
19:31:22 not have windows.
19:31:23 We have reoriented and put function that is do not
19:31:26 require that type.
19:31:29 At the second story we do have more of a square
19:31:32 punched window aperture more for allowing light and it
19:31:36 is at a higher level, into a building versus view
19:31:40 corridors out of the building.
19:31:41 These are things that we did do in direct relationship
19:31:44 to some of their concerns.

19:31:46 We also wanted to begin to not give that feeling while
19:31:50 moving windows which do create some niceties to the
19:31:55 rear elevation.
19:31:55 We still wanted to bring about and not just create the
19:31:58 blank three-story high wall.
19:32:00 So what we have done is still keep a little bit of
19:32:04 interest there, and we have taken it to -- I'm
19:32:07 speaking about the architectural approach.
19:32:09 We also introduced, as Mr. Horner said, a landscape
19:32:12 architect involved, and really dealing with it so that
19:32:15 as an architectural, you deal with windows, locating
19:32:19 certain space as way from the core DOS doors that they
19:32:21 are concerned with, still addressing the building,
19:32:23 moving some of the entrances.
19:32:25 Also breaking apart the building into three distinct
19:32:29 massing, far more in character with the residences in
19:32:33 the back.
19:32:34 So been very keen to some of those needs.
19:32:38 The second tier is really dealing with a landscape
19:32:41 buffer.
19:32:41 And again, further refining the relationship between
19:32:45 the units in the back and the neighbors.

19:33:07 Another one of the concerns was, as Mr. Horner said in
19:33:09 addressing the street, we did move the buildings
19:33:12 forward to create a nice urban edge.
19:33:15 But with the developer that is very conscious about
19:33:18 creating a very engaging building, where we have done
19:33:22 buildings in Franklin Street, things are very
19:33:25 successful, in engaging the street, engaging the
19:33:28 pedestrian scale.
19:33:29 We have introduced brick, introduce add great deal of
19:33:35 building movement so it is not strictly a flat facade.
19:33:40 At a significant increase, we have brought these
19:33:42 materials that tried to harken back to the some more
19:33:46 traditional materials of Tampa, the brick.
19:33:49 It's not just a stucco box.
19:33:51 There is a great deal of movement with balconies.
19:33:53 And some very craftsman like canopies and trellis
19:34:00 work, and really make a very engaging building as you
19:34:04 are pulling along this facade.
19:34:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: There's a project on Howard that
19:34:09 has some brick to benefit something else, and it looks
19:34:13 like a circus.
19:34:18 That's not the idea?

19:34:20 >>> No, the idea was to begin to create -- the idea of
19:34:24 alternating brick was really to start to engage the
19:34:27 material that's used mostly in a lot of traditional
19:34:30 Florida architecture as amassing of the ground.
19:34:35 And then creating a varied ribbon so you don't have
19:34:38 the stark nature of the front facade being five
19:34:40 buildings.
19:34:41 It's about breaking up into smaller volumes that don't
19:34:45 tend to give you the sense of the massing.
19:34:49 It was more the intent of that.
19:34:50 Again constantly with the overhangs constantly
19:34:54 bringing it closer and closer down to the pedestrian
19:34:56 and that is to the height of the structure.
19:35:01 If you can bring others to talk about -- we did have
19:35:04 that two tier approach, one architecture, the second
19:35:08 being landscape to submit the concerns of the owners
19:35:11 and the neighbors.
19:35:15 >> Before you get to that, can you tell us, three
19:35:19 bedroom, two baths?
19:35:20 >> There are two bedroom, two bath.
19:35:23 >> And three stories?
19:35:27 What's on the top?

19:35:29 >> Bedrooms.
19:35:32 And one of the things we have done in the redesign and
19:35:39 going back and dealing with the neighbors, we did on
19:35:42 the rear properties, we shifted in just a few days
19:35:46 actually with the last comment, as said last night,
19:35:51 moved the functions to the front so we could to line
19:35:53 that back with things that didn't require for life
19:35:55 safety.
19:35:55 We do have to have a certain amount of egress
19:35:58 requirements so in still dealing with those
19:36:01 requirements still try to meet their needs by shifting
19:36:04 and adjusting the site plan and the unit design, so we
19:36:08 still met requirements but try to keep the living
19:36:11 spaces or the direct viewable space as way from the
19:36:14 rear of the property.
19:36:22 >>> Allison EBER and I have been sworn.
19:36:32 As we met with the residents, one of their major
19:36:36 problems with the project was they perceived right
19:36:40 now, they have a very nice screen between the existing
19:36:44 unit and their homes.
19:36:46 And so their question is, what is it going to look
19:36:50 like after you do the new project?

19:36:52 And as an answer to that, we have about a 20-foot
19:36:59 corridor that's between the back of the unit, and the
19:37:04 backs of the property line.
19:37:05 So we want to provide a living green buffer that will
19:37:11 provide shade, it will provide screening, as far as
19:37:14 looking in the windows, also provide replacement trees
19:37:21 for some of the trees that we are taking down on the
19:37:24 site, in addition to that, we are saving the one grand
19:37:29 tree on the south side of the property, and that will
19:37:32 provide a very good screen on the south side.
19:37:36 What we are proposing is high-rise live oaks which is
19:37:40 a live oak that grows upright which will fit in the
19:37:45 space.
19:37:46 We are proposing to provide ten of them, 20-foot on
19:37:49 center, and they will be 16-foot height, 4-inch
19:37:53 caliper at time of planting so right away they will
19:37:56 cover, you know, half of the height of this proposed
19:37:59 building.
19:38:01 And then in between, because we all know that live
19:38:04 oaks provide a canopy up high but maybe not so much
19:38:09 down low, in between, where the yellow trees are
19:38:15 shown, we want to plant Tampa white bird of paradise,

19:38:24 which is an evergreen tropical plant that's very full.
19:38:30 I've got a picture.
19:38:33 And the interesting thing about it is we walked the
19:38:38 neighborhood, MacDill and Waverly, which is the
19:38:41 two adjacent streets, and there are obviously a lot of
19:38:44 live oaks in the neighborhood already, and also the
19:38:47 white bird of paradise is predominant.
19:38:52 It's something that will go along with the existing
19:38:54 landscape in the neighborhood.
19:38:59 >> That obviously is a mature example.
19:39:00 What size of bird of paradise?
19:39:02 >> We are going to do 8-foot overall at time of
19:39:05 planting.
19:39:06 >> 8-foot meaning height?
19:39:07 >>> Oh, height, yes.
19:39:08 It will be height.
19:39:12 And those will be 20-foot on center because they will
19:39:15 be between each oak tree, which is 20-foot on center.
19:39:19 So it should provide a good screen for down below, and
19:39:22 up high.
19:39:23 And also in time, you know, oak trees grow.
19:39:27 And they will get up to 40-foot high.

19:39:30 And they are evergreens so you can going to have the
19:39:33 shade and the screening year round.
19:39:35 One other thing we want attention of addressing the
19:39:40 area on MacDill.
19:39:41 We are planning on doing crepe myrtles there, and also
19:39:47 that is in tune with the rest of the neighborhood.
19:39:52 We want to do the flowering tree.
19:39:54 We do have power lines there so we can't go with
19:39:57 additional live oaks, or large canopy trees.
19:40:00 But the crepe Myrtle right across the street, and give
19:40:06 you color through the summertime.
19:40:10 To give you a continuity throughout the neighborhood.
19:40:12 Because we do want to fit in, like everyone said
19:40:16 previously.
19:40:17 We are trying to make it fit into the fabric of the
19:40:19 existing community.
19:40:20 And we did meet last night and presented these ideas
19:40:24 to the neighborhood association.
19:40:28 Very happy with the proposal.
19:40:44 >>> That concludes our presentation.
19:40:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
19:40:46 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: I would like to address you

19:40:49 quickly.
19:40:49 Obviously what Mr. Horner's group has done with the
19:40:52 neighborhood is what we want to happen and get
19:40:54 together and come up with different scenarios that
19:40:57 will make the -- make them happier, and is working
19:41:01 with the neighborhood.
19:41:02 However, there are a lot of things that they addressed
19:41:05 that they are agreeing to, that we do not have on the
19:41:08 site plan, that's currently in front of you.
19:41:11 Sometimes if it's one or two nights we can jot it down
19:41:13 real quickly.
19:41:14 But there's a lot more to it than that.
19:41:16 And staff hasn't had time to review those.
19:41:19 We certainly encourage what they are doing.
19:41:21 But I am just reminding you that amount of notes added
19:41:24 to the plan will probably have to postpone first
19:41:27 reading, although I think it can certainly be heard to
19:41:34 council tonight.
19:41:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Let's wait and hear from the
19:41:38 neighbors.
19:41:39 Thank you.
19:41:40 >>ROSE FERLITA: I think that was my idea, Mrs.

19:41:42 Saul-Sena.
19:41:43 Marty seems to think they have been resolved but I
19:41:46 haven't seen something substantial from Mr -- Mrs.
19:41:51 McMahon that shows me she changed her mind and also
19:41:54 they referenced Ms. Burton.
19:41:56 And I haven't heard from Ms. Burton either.
19:41:58 Let's hear from the rest of the audience.
19:42:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: what I would like everyone to do is
19:42:03 come stand in line, and come up and speak.
19:42:05 If you have a speaker waiver form, give it to Mr.
19:42:09 Shelby at the beginning of your presentation.
19:42:13 He will know what extra time you have.
19:42:15 If anybody would like to speak on this petition,
19:42:17 please come up and speak at this time.
19:42:19 Come up, give us your name, address, and if you have
19:42:22 been sworn.
19:42:23 Thank you.
19:42:29 >>> Lori Ann Burton.
19:42:31 My address is 3603 Waverly court.
19:42:33 And I have not been sworn in.
19:42:38 (Oath administered by Clerk).
19:42:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can I ask you where your property

19:42:49 lies on this project?
19:42:50 >>> I am on Waverly court which is about half a block
19:42:53 down Waverly Avenue.
19:42:54 I'm on the other side of MacDill.
19:42:59 We were all here last month.
19:43:01 I think you all probably remember well the general
19:43:04 demeanor in the neighborhood is why we are not opposed
19:43:09 to this particular project.
19:43:10 We are opposed to any more townhouses in our
19:43:12 neighborhood.
19:43:13 And when they show the map that shows all the PDs
19:43:19 that have been approved, and those things have slowly
19:43:23 chipped away at our neighborhood piece by piece, and
19:43:26 this is just another piece in that puzzle.
19:43:29 And I'm concerned mostly about the amount of
19:43:33 impervious -- they are very low intensity, and this is
19:43:44 going to be very high intensity.
19:43:45 The developer has been more than generous with their
19:43:50 time to meet with the neighbors, and discuss
19:43:53 landscaping and architectural and all these things.
19:43:56 And I do applaud their efforts.
19:43:58 And I thanked Mr. Horner from the very beginning that

19:44:02 that was not going to change my general opinion which
19:44:05 is we really don't want any more high intensity
19:44:07 projects.
19:44:08 Additionally, I have a letter from one of the abutting
19:44:11 neighbors, Heidi Botto that she asked me to read.
19:44:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What is hers in relationship to
19:44:22 this?
19:44:23 >>> She comes to a point in the property line.
19:44:29 Right there.
19:44:30 And she is here in the audience tonight.
19:44:35 This is her and her husband.
19:44:37 We are writing today as a plea to elected officials to
19:44:40 protect our quaint small neighborhood of Waverly park.
19:44:43 If you have ever driven into our neighborhood, which I
19:44:45 invite you to do, you would know that on any given
19:44:48 day, there will be at least three people walking their
19:44:51 dogs, a small group of children riding their bikes on
19:44:55 or scooters and couples driving.
19:44:57 There will be a few neighbors outside talking about
19:44:58 the latest current events.
19:45:00 If you come on a holiday, would you know there will be
19:45:03 a barbecue or gathering at someone's house in the

19:45:06 park.
19:45:07 This is almost a storybook leave to the beaver
19:45:10 neighborhood.
19:45:11 This describes the character of Waverly park.
19:45:13 Something that would become lost if it had to take on
19:45:17 another big development.
19:45:20 Everyone knows everyone.
19:45:21 Everyone knows the name of every dog in the
19:45:22 neighborhood.
19:45:23 Developers seem to think this area is ripe for the
19:45:27 picking since there are few groan space as round.
19:45:31 South Tampa has other areas where this kind of
19:45:33 development is more appropriate.
19:45:35 Harbor Island and Soho, not here.
19:45:40 Before we have seen the effects of the 23-story Alagon
19:45:43 condominium on Bayshore, which will house 53
19:45:45 residences, plus all of the residents' guests plus the
19:45:50 employees needed to maintain the huge building, and
19:45:53 before we have seen the effects of Rus Versaggi's
19:45:58 project between Waverly and Euclid adding nine
19:46:00 residences, and before we have seen the effects of the
19:46:05 Liss condominium on El Prado and McGill that is as of

19:46:09 yet still empty, we are voting on yet another
19:46:11 development.
19:46:12 Why don't we at least wait until we assess the impact
19:46:17 of these three projects that we are not just adding
19:46:20 more people to a potential problem area?
19:46:25 Developers will say this is a great neighborhood.
19:46:27 I agree.
19:46:28 That's because there are no big condos right by the
19:46:30 park yet.
19:46:31 Are we just going to wait for the buckle to burst?
19:46:37 How much can we take?
19:46:38 I like most members would like to be proactive and
19:46:41 help the city see there needs to be more long-term
19:46:46 planning.
19:46:47 It will be an urban type density mess.
19:46:51 Thank you.
19:46:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is there anyone else who would like
19:46:55 to speak on this?
19:46:57 Mr. Dingfelder?
19:46:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess rebuttal.
19:47:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Rebuttal, petitioner.
19:47:11 >>> We understand the concerns.

19:47:12 More No one was more gracious a host than Ms. Botto
19:47:18 who offered her house for round table discussion.
19:47:21 She does live adjacent to the property and for that
19:47:23 reason we went out and obtained the specific landscape
19:47:25 architect committed to those specific plans allowed
19:47:28 for the orientation of the units, landscaping that
19:47:32 would serve as that buffer and mechanism, maintain the
19:47:35 height below a two-story single-family detached house
19:47:38 and double the plantings offered.
19:47:43 I think we have to have some consensus on following
19:47:49 comp plans and trying to do what we think is
19:47:51 consistent with what was anticipated on this corridor,
19:47:54 and this property is a top position.
19:47:59 I can assure you, no one has been knocking on the
19:48:01 property owner's door saying the Liss to the property
19:48:08 north, the traffic that they have been receiving
19:48:12 offers for sing am family detached.
19:48:13 We have come up with a plan that minimizes the scale,
19:48:16 have come up with a plan that we think relates to
19:48:18 MacDill Avenue the way it should be related to,
19:48:21 not like the town home projects that we are surrounded
19:48:24 by, but I think more importantly we have gone the

19:48:26 extra mail to show this neighborhood that we
19:48:28 understand their concerns.
19:48:30 My clients said last night, here's my cell phone
19:48:33 number.
19:48:34 This is who you call.
19:48:35 This is how we relate to our contractors.
19:48:37 We are the developer.
19:48:38 This is who is going to be constructing this project.
19:48:41 This is their 30th development.
19:48:44 We had no complaints, no denials, worked very close
19:48:47 with the neighborhood and that's quite a reputable
19:48:49 thing to have in your back pocket.
19:48:50 That commitment is there tonight.
19:48:52 The commitment will be there in two weeks.
19:48:54 It will be there in two years.
19:48:55 The homeowner association will be responsible for all
19:48:58 common area maintenance, wall maintenance, ground
19:49:02 keeping, landscaping, planning, et cetera.
19:49:04 I would only point out on pervious versus impervious,
19:49:09 and maintaining as much impervious as possible.
19:49:13 We have at least doubled the minimum open space per
19:49:16 unit, which is 350 square feet.

19:49:18 We had well over 700 square feet.
19:49:26 The transportation obligation, to require access to
19:49:32 the entire sidewalk constructed around the back of
19:49:35 these units.
19:49:36 That dropped our square footage per unit from 750 to
19:49:39 approximately 450.
19:49:45 Tampa neighbors didn't care about it.
19:49:47 We certainly don't care about it.
19:49:48 If you want to increase impervious surface we can do
19:49:52 that and keep it grass and keep a nice also walkway.
19:49:56 We have done our homework.
19:49:58 We are the buffer to this neighborhood.
19:49:59 We are the one that is have the impact of the traffic,
19:50:01 the stoplight, we have the res 20 in place.
19:50:05 We have worked very hard with those neighbors that are
19:50:09 directly abutting, not the ones that are a mile away
19:50:12 but the ones that are physically going do look at
19:50:15 this, in fact to replace those trees we have been
19:50:17 going from liver roofing to bedroom to lanai and try
19:50:21 to figure out the best way.
19:50:25 That concludes the closing comment.
19:50:26 Thank you.

19:50:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The way I see this with the little
19:50:31 walkway, it appears to me that there's no intention of
19:50:37 sort of sectioning this off so everybody has their own
19:50:39 little private space.
19:50:40 In other words, under the circumstances kind of a
19:50:43 flowing thing and it's going to be common ground where
19:50:45 you have a common maintenance fee and that sort of
19:50:48 thing.
19:50:52 >>> That's correct.
19:50:52 These will have a little patio area, and as far as
19:50:56 connecting to some retain are wall or fencing to
19:51:00 divide those, we have no interest, would like to
19:51:03 maintain the openness of that back area.
19:51:06 Thank you.
19:51:10 >>> I haven't been sworn in.
19:51:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And anybody else who thinks they
19:51:18 might want to speak in the next couple of hours, if
19:51:20 you will please stand and be sworn.
19:51:23 Thank you.
19:51:26 (Oath administered by Clerk)
19:51:32 >>> Developer of the project.
19:51:36 Much the pros and the cons to what we are trying to

19:51:38 do.
19:51:38 I feel very strongly, we have met several times, and
19:51:43 what Mike said addressed the concerns of all the
19:51:45 immediate owners.
19:51:46 To answer a little more about the letter just read by
19:51:49 one of the owners of the property, there are going to
19:51:53 be families moving into this property.
19:51:56 They are going to be contributing to the community as
19:51:58 well.
19:51:59 Also, currently as the property stands, there's just
19:52:01 renters, Tampa duplex is rather old.
19:52:07 I think what we are proposing is something that's
19:52:09 pedestrian friendly and it is -- gives a better eye to
19:52:14 MacDill when you are driving through that
19:52:15 corridor, in connection to the other project.
19:52:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here's my question.
19:52:21 The residents along there, especially we saw on the
19:52:26 Versaggi petition, and now tonight to a certain
19:52:30 extent, they are wondering why.
19:52:35 It looks like right now it's three 60-foot lots, is
19:52:38 that correct?
19:52:39 So I guess, you know, they are wondering why -- why

19:52:42 can't you do three single-family houses on 607-foot
19:52:46 lots, and, you know, three detached single-family
19:52:51 houses?
19:52:54 >>> Unfortunately the economics of it don't work.
19:52:56 To build a house and put a price tag on it, it
19:53:01 wouldn't be a right thing to do.
19:53:03 I wouldn't be able to sell them.
19:53:04 That's the bottom line.
19:53:06 In the development world --
19:53:07 >> Are you saying there's in a market for a sing am
19:53:09 family because MacDill is too busy?
19:53:11 Or are you saying --
19:53:14 >>> Actually --
19:53:15 >> Let me finish.
19:53:16 That they have to price out so high --
19:53:18 >>> I wouldn't -- from a buyer standpoint if you are
19:53:22 looking to buy something on MacDill, nobody wants
19:53:24 to have a little child going straight to MacDill
19:53:27 because I think everybody knows there's a lot of
19:53:28 traffic in that particular area.
19:53:31 We are not suggesting we want to put up a project
19:53:34 where all the residential units are.

19:53:38 We are trying to stay within MacDill which
19:53:41 everybody is saying it's a buffer zone.
19:53:43 Not going deep into residential single-family. If we
19:53:47 put three single family residences right now, next to
19:53:50 a list project, next to a Versaggi project, it's not
19:53:54 going to look like a normal mix.
19:53:55 Like I say, we want to stay in tune with which is
19:53:59 there now, multifamily.
19:54:01 And I would understand the point if we were trying to
19:54:03 do this project three blocks into the neighborhood.
19:54:06 Just all single family.
19:54:08 We are doing that right on MacDill Avenue.
19:54:11 So that's why we make sure immediate neighbors, we a
19:54:16 doctor he had -- addressed all of their concerns.
19:54:20 The lady whose letter was read here has many concerns
19:54:24 and comments and we took as many of them in as we
19:54:26 could.
19:54:26 There is a single -- a private residence that has a
19:54:30 balcony looking right into the project.
19:54:32 So that's a single-family residence that has the
19:54:35 height that I am concerned about.
19:54:37 Again, you can go that high with a single family.

19:54:40 But I don't think, it's not feasible to do the three
19:54:43 single-family homes.
19:54:45 It's not a feasible thing to do.
19:54:46 They won't sell.
19:54:49 >>ROSE FERLITA: Just a question.
19:54:54 Your representative talked about Ms. McMahon opposed
19:54:56 to this, and that she was not enamored with it.
19:55:00 Do you have some document that shows it?
19:55:02 >> In a, I do not.
19:55:03 Spoke to her on the phone explaining to her --
19:55:05 >> But in terms of council looking, we don't have
19:55:07 anything in front of us.
19:55:09 >>> No.
19:55:11 We had a meeting last night if there were any other
19:55:13 concerns, comments, and what they were thinking.
19:55:15 Rose Ross I have some other comments with regards ton
19:55:18 your project but I will refrain till we close.
19:55:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you have any other questions?
19:55:24 I have a question.
19:55:25 I have been really looking carefully at these drawings
19:55:30 and it is not at all clear what the facades of the
19:55:33 roof, of structures that are to the rear of the

19:55:35 property, to the western part of the property.
19:55:39 There's got to be a garage, because there's got to be
19:55:43 a way to get in there.
19:55:52 You have no elevation.
19:55:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The rear elevation.
19:55:55 >> But this is not the front elevation.
19:55:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The front elevation of the rear
19:55:59 units.
19:56:01 >> That's it.
19:56:02 >> This is a rear elevation.
19:56:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I understand.
19:56:06 >>> Wave not done a front elevation of the rear units
19:56:08 because the concerns that were made to us were more
19:56:10 about the rear elevation of the rear units,
19:56:13 specifically.
19:56:14 So we had this rendering done the last few days to
19:56:17 specifically give to them to address their concerns.
19:56:23 Carlos, architect.
19:56:27 >>> These are facing the interior driveway here.
19:56:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I understand that.
19:56:31 I want to know what it's going to look like, and what
19:56:34 you are saying is you haven't figured it out yet.

19:56:37 >>> we have.
19:56:38 We have just not done a completed rendering of that,
19:56:41 because we focused the renderings on the concern made
19:56:45 to us from staff.
19:56:46 The concern is from MacDill.
19:56:47 What is -- and then from the residence at the rear,
19:56:52 what am I going to look at?
19:56:53 So we did try to focus on the --
19:57:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: A door in the double garage.
19:57:04 >>> A door.
19:57:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Use the mike.
19:57:11 >>> Oh, thank you.
19:57:21 (off microphone)
19:57:22 As I said with the concerns, you want top shop the
19:57:38 rear, to specifically address the third floor windows
19:57:42 and replace with just a decorative.
19:57:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Any other questions from council
19:57:47 members?
19:57:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, I believe the petitioner
19:57:51 was interrupted for questions.
19:57:52 So I just ask if he had time to complete his rebuttal.
19:58:01 >>> Thank you.

19:58:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Any other questions by council
19:58:03 members?
19:58:04 Okay.
19:58:04 Thank you.
19:58:07 >>> We have in a other questions, unless you have
19:58:08 questions for us, Madam Chairman.
19:58:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I don't believe we do.
19:58:11 Is there a motion to close?
19:58:13 >>THE CLERK: Motion and second to close.
19:58:22 >> Any discussion?
19:58:22 Say Aye.
19:58:25 Council members, comments she said we couldn't act on
19:58:36 it today.
19:58:37 Council members, any questions, comments?
19:58:40 >>ROSE FERLITA: I'll make a couple comments and see
19:58:43 where we go from here.
19:58:44 I think some reference was made to the Versaggi
19:58:48 project that was presented.
19:58:51 Each petition stands on its own merits.
19:58:53 I was concerned about the density, continued to
19:58:57 introduce and continue to introduce on MacDill.
19:58:59 Yes, the gentleman -- the developer is talking about

19:59:02 trying to make this -- on the size of it.
19:59:08 However, abutting single residence homes behind it.
19:59:13 I liken this to awhile back.
19:59:15 And I don't know if Mr. Dingfelder remembers this but
19:59:17 there was an opportunity for some of us to see the
19:59:20 projects that we as council had approved awhile back
19:59:22 on South Tampa.
19:59:23 And if you looked at each of the projects by itself,
19:59:27 that's fine.
19:59:28 But when you took that bus trip to South Tampa, I
19:59:35 think we created monsters down there that I don't want
19:59:39 to make that mistake again.
19:59:40 But the neighborhood was here last time to ask us
19:59:44 please not to consider that last one, because of the
19:59:46 density.
19:59:47 I think somebody with the team was talking about the
19:59:52 fact this is something they were doing to protect the
19:59:54 integrity of the single-family member houses detached
19:59:59 to the interior.
20:00:00 I don't really think that it's protecting that.
20:00:03 I think this is exactly what's exacerbated the life
20:00:08 and quality of life of the people around.

20:00:10 I think that the lady behind this project, I think
20:00:16 that Mrs. Burton is frustrated because it's something
20:00:20 that's going to continue to increase, increase,
20:00:22 increase the density.
20:00:23 I know Mr. Hunter talked about the Liss project being
20:00:26 not such a pretty project.
20:00:27 And at this point I don't care if one project is
20:00:29 prettier than the other.
20:00:31 I just need to be concerned about whether this project
20:00:36 is -- the people that continue to get frustrated
20:00:39 because of projects like this, that exacerbate the
20:00:42 traffic problem.
20:00:43 Certainly it's not their problem, not their fault, but
20:00:48 we continue to support projects that add to the
20:00:51 hardships in that neighborhood.
20:00:53 I can't support it.
20:00:54 I'll see where this goes but I would move to deny it.
20:00:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is there a second to that motion?
20:01:00 I'll second it.
20:01:01 Mr. Dingfelder?
20:01:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: As you recall, I didn't participate
20:01:10 in the Versaggi case because I had a conflict but I

20:01:13 did watch all of it and I hear the neighbors concerns.
20:01:17 One of my concerns about this is in reading the staff
20:01:20 report, page 6, it said the current land use, Tony
20:01:25 mentioned this as well, is residential 20.
20:01:27 20 units to the acre.
20:01:29 I don't know if I heard anybody testify as to what the
20:01:32 actual buildout density of this would be.
20:01:38 If it's in a staff report I can read it.
20:01:41 Otherwise you might have to reopen.
20:01:46 In the meantime, while you are looking, Marty, here's
20:01:49 my sort of philosophical issue.
20:01:54 I live a half block off of MacDill.
20:01:56 And I live a half a block.
20:02:11 Further down a lot of MacDill, is condos, and then
20:02:14 when you go even further, it becomes stores, and that
20:02:18 sort of thing.
20:02:19 And I guess we just have to wonder, what is the
20:02:22 realistic character of MacDill going to be?
20:02:26 I guess that's why I asked the gentleman, the develop
20:02:28 theory question.
20:02:29 Why not just build three single-family detached
20:02:33 houses?

20:02:33 Granted, there's four not so attractive duplexes on
20:02:37 there right now and I can scratch my head wondering
20:02:40 how they survived this long.
20:02:43 So I think we just need to do a little soul searching
20:02:46 and say, you know, and Ms. Ferlita made it pretty
20:02:51 clear she doesn't feel this kind of intensity and
20:02:54 density should be in this residential area, and I
20:02:59 respect that opinion.
20:03:00 I just don't know from a property owner's perspective,
20:03:05 sewage they bought the property, I don't know if they
20:03:07 bought it or just option it, but from somebody owns
20:03:10 it.
20:03:10 And from their perspective, I don't know what's fair
20:03:13 to expect the future to be for these type of parcels,
20:03:17 along these heavily trafficked corridors, and it's not
20:03:20 just MacDill.
20:03:21 It's MacDill.
20:03:23 And it's Manhattan.
20:03:24 And we have some corridors that are in transition.
20:03:28 And MacDill is one of them.
20:03:29 And I sympathize completely with the folks in the
20:03:32 Waverly area.

20:03:33 That is one of the jewels of South Tampa.
20:03:35 That Waverly park, the little park back there and
20:03:38 everything, it's wonderful.
20:03:39 And I don't want to hurt it whatsoever.
20:03:41 But, at the same time, like I say, I live a half block
20:03:45 off MacDill, you know, a little bit further north.
20:03:48 You guys lived a half block off MacDill there.
20:03:52 I don't know.
20:03:52 Maybe we all have to just accept the future of
20:03:54 MacDill might be a little different than what it's
20:03:56 been in the past.
20:04:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can't say anything.
20:04:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What the density is?
20:04:08 Subpoena there an acreage?
20:04:11 Maybe we can reopen.
20:04:12 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
20:04:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Motion and second to reopen.
20:04:16 (Motion carried).
20:04:18 >>> It's 11.5 is what the density is.
20:04:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The allowable under the comp plan
20:04:22 is 20.
20:04:24 >>> Yes.

20:04:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
20:04:26 Move to close.
20:04:27 >> Second.
20:04:27 (Motion carried).
20:04:28 >>ROSE FERLITA: I just wanted to say something to Mr.
20:04:30 Dingfelder.
20:04:31 Certainly none of us try to convince somebody else how
20:04:35 to vote.
20:04:35 We all have that responsibility.
20:04:37 But, you know, Mr. Dingfelder, there is another issue
20:04:40 on MacDill that was similar to this.
20:04:43 And it was a multifamily attached issue like this, I
20:04:46 believe.
20:04:47 And the neighborhood is frustrated, and maybe we did
20:04:50 some soul searching then, and yet at the same time
20:04:53 when we did the soul searching it was at the expense
20:04:56 of the neighborhood.
20:04:57 Everybody a little dissatisfied with the developer to
20:05:00 go in and come back with something, and they did come
20:05:02 back with something better, and everybody won a little
20:05:04 bit.
20:05:05 Everybody wasn't totally happen happy but I still

20:05:07 think this density after what they have been exposed
20:05:09 to lately and you are very lucky that you didn't go
20:05:13 through that soul searching on the last one.
20:05:15 And I understand the reasons why you weren't there and
20:05:17 they were certainly valid.
20:05:18 Just having experienced that, I'm not sure if that
20:05:21 neighborhood was so disgusted at the end of that one,
20:05:24 and that be the reason that they are not here tonight,
20:05:26 because they have tried and tried and tried and tried
20:05:29 to lobby this council to come up with at least a
20:05:31 little better project or better, you know, better
20:05:36 something that they would be satisfied with.
20:05:38 And it didn't happen.
20:05:39 So I'm just very intent on not encouraging something
20:05:43 like that to happen again at the expense of the
20:05:45 neighborhood.
20:05:47 Everybody's soul searching is everybody's soul
20:05:49 searching so this we have it.
20:05:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I was going to chime in on two
20:05:54 things.
20:05:54 Number one, just so the record is clear, first of all,
20:05:58 there was a motion to reopen, motion to close.

20:06:01 There was a motion made by Ms. Ferlita to deny.
20:06:03 Madam Chair with, all due respect I don't think it's
20:06:05 proper for you to second the motion.
20:06:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I believe I can second it.
20:06:09 I can't make the motion.
20:06:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I will verify that.
20:06:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And can chime in.
20:06:15 I'm pretty sure that the chair can --
20:06:17 >>ROSE FERLITA: You can hand the gavel to Ms. Alvarez.
20:06:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The gavel will go to Mr. White.
20:06:29 The seconder is respectfully Ms. Ferlita.
20:06:31 The decision of the council has to be based on
20:06:33 competent, substantial evidence, not on the lack of
20:06:37 response or the lack of people who --
20:06:39 >>ROSE FERLITA: No, in a, no.
20:06:41 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I understand you say that and want
20:06:43 the record to be clear but that is not a sound basis
20:06:45 for your --
20:06:46 >>ROSE FERLITA: No, that absolutely was not.
20:06:48 I think I listed my foundation as the traffic and
20:06:51 compatibility with the single homes.
20:06:52 And I did preface that, Mr. Shelby, if you recall,

20:06:56 that I said each is looked at on the merits its own
20:06:59 case. That was just conversation but certainly not my
20:07:01 reasons for supporting or not supporting it.
20:07:03 But I thank you for the clarification.
20:07:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
20:07:08 >>KEVIN WHITE: Motion and second.
20:07:11 All in favor signify by saying Aye.
20:07:12 Opposed, Nay.
20:07:15 Motion, we'll have to carry it over.
20:07:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: For the morning meeting before the
20:07:23 full council.
20:07:25 >>MARY ALVAREZ: It was 3 to 2.
20:07:28 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 3 to 2.
20:07:29 Do you want to clarify the vote for the record?
20:07:36 Not revote.
20:07:37 Just clarify.
20:07:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: the motion was made to deny.
20:07:43 >> CLERK: Seconded by Mrs. Saul-Sena.
20:07:47 The motion failed 3 to 2.
20:07:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: 2 to 3.
20:07:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And the votes, in favor of denial,
20:07:59 were --

20:08:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ferlita.
20:08:07 Dingfelder, Alvarez and white --
20:08:09 >>THE CLERK: Saul-Sena, Ferlita in support of denial
20:08:15 and --
20:08:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This will be continued to our
20:08:20 council meeting next week at 9:30 or 10:00?
20:08:24 10:00?
20:08:24 Okay.
20:08:24 We are going to take a five-minute break.
20:16:25 [Sounding gavel]
20:16:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Tampa City Council is called back
20:16:28 to order.
20:16:28 Roll call.
20:16:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
20:16:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
20:16:33 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
20:16:34 >>KEVIN WHITE: Here.
20:16:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just for clarification purposes,
20:16:42 council, with regard to the last item, Z 06-73 I want
20:16:48 to make reference to the rules so the public is aware
20:16:50 of what happened.
20:16:51 Rule 4 of the council rule C, when a matter which is

20:16:55 the subject of agenda item is considered by the
20:16:57 council and four votes are not obtained either in
20:17:00 support or in opposition to the matter, the matter
20:17:02 shall automatically be brought before the council at
20:17:05 the next regular council meeting as unfinished
20:17:08 business, and set for a time certain.
20:17:12 It will appear under unfinished business.
20:17:14 So the public is aware of what happened.
20:17:16 >> Thank you for the clarification, Mr. Shelby.
20:17:18 We are now on number 9.
20:17:20 >> Move to open.
20:17:22 >> A motion and second to open number 9.
20:17:26 Passed unanimously.
20:17:27 Thank you.
20:17:30 >>> Land development.
20:17:32 Z off-76 is another petition to restone within the
20:17:35 Seminole Heights overlay district.
20:17:38 Also a lot split of an irregular lot.
20:17:41 And once again rezoning RS-50 to construct an
20:17:46 additional single-family residence.
20:17:48 The proposed residence will be located to the rear of
20:17:50 existing single family residence, which currently

20:17:53 fronts Henry Avenue.
20:18:00 You can see that there are several irregular lots
20:18:03 surrounding this particular lot both to the east and
20:18:09 west.
20:18:11 Obviously to the south and Hillsborough Avenue as well
20:18:14 to the south.
20:18:15 I would like to also indicate that in the lot, lots
20:18:24 split -- thank you.
20:18:31 Highlighted in yellow are lots similar to what is
20:18:35 being proposed.
20:18:35 Except for the fact that the proposed building in this
20:18:38 particular rezoning request will be located much
20:18:41 further away from the river.
20:18:50 The petition does comply with the Seminole Heights
20:18:53 overlay district's design standards, and the setbacks
20:18:58 are within the RS-50 requirements as well.
20:19:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excuse me.
20:19:07 We did not receive like a site plan.
20:19:10 We received lots of these but we didn't receive the
20:19:13 site plan.
20:19:15 >>> Three site plans are up there.
20:19:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay.

20:19:20 >>> I'm sorry.
20:19:23 Elevations you have up there.
20:19:26 Just for reference, this particular property was
20:19:31 denied as a special use request for a lot split on the
20:19:35 basis that it was a side lot.
20:19:39 The difference on this petition is they are actually
20:19:42 placing a perpetual access easement to mitigate any
20:19:47 access liability in the future.
20:19:49 And if we could take a look, in addition petitioner
20:19:52 worked on several revisions to comply with various
20:19:54 standards including fire, truck requirements, a
20:19:58 turn-around with the proposed access easement.
20:20:19 The required feet to 15 fate.
20:20:28 You can tell it complies with -- that's an access
20:20:34 easement note to the right.
20:20:39 That you can take a look at as well.
20:20:44 Just for reference, there are some photos of the lot
20:20:48 and surrounding properties.
20:20:54 The bottom left photo is the front of the existing
20:21:01 structure.
20:21:10 The bottom right photo, around the area where the
20:21:14 structure is split in the back, it actually is between

20:21:18 two tree buffer areas, one that's more adjacent to the
20:21:21 river and one that's actually between the existing lot
20:21:25 and what is proposed.
20:21:26 And what I'm speaking of there
20:21:34 Herself the buffer of tree, set of trees, essentially
20:21:38 all of these will remain.
20:21:40 And this will be between the existing lots and the
20:21:43 proposed section.
20:21:53 I want to give you an idea of surrounding properties
20:21:56 that the neighboring property to the -- to the west
20:22:05 has similar access road that leads back to a property
20:22:09 in the back.
20:22:19 And here's the buffer that I mentioned adjacent to the
20:22:22 river.
20:22:24 >> Those trees will remain?
20:22:27 >> Yes.
20:22:28 >> Great.
20:22:31 >> That's a view of the river, just for reference.
20:22:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are there any objections?
20:22:45 >>> In a, no objections.
20:22:46 Just the waiver for the easement.
20:22:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Any questions?

20:22:59 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
20:23:00 I have been sworn.
20:23:01 Several additional comments.
20:23:03 As you all know, it is in the Seminole Heights
20:23:06 neighborhood association boundaries.
20:23:09 Here's the proposed site.
20:23:10 A very long lot indeed.
20:23:13 I think on the presentation, some of the lots were
20:23:21 adjacent to this.
20:23:23 I think what is also significant is the perpetual
20:23:26 easement that he's talking about.
20:23:32 Just a couple more photos and maybe you can see down
20:23:36 the street.
20:23:37 This is the adjacent property.
20:23:39 It's on the left-hand side of the home.
20:23:41 This is the subject property which is just to the
20:23:43 right.
20:23:43 And again, this is just down the street, to give you
20:23:48 some semblance of the overall character of the area.
20:23:50 Planning Commission staff has no objection to the
20:23:52 proposed request.
20:23:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much.

20:23:55 Petitioner.
20:23:57 Come on up.
20:24:05 >>> I'm with Ferlita engineering.
20:24:09 I work with the Ferlita who is the petitioner and I
20:24:13 have been sworn in.
20:24:16 I just want to point out around the neighborhood --
20:24:24 there is a general trend of splitting the lots into
20:24:29 smaller segments.
20:24:30 Our lot is this area right here in the middle.
20:24:37 Talk about where the building, the fat print is going
20:24:40 to go.
20:24:40 We want to put in the this open area right hear in the
20:24:43 middle.
20:24:45 The adjacent lot next to it, there's no building on
20:24:50 the side so we won't be looking at anybody's house.
20:24:52 On the end of the property lot 10 and lot 12 there are
20:24:56 houses right on the river.
20:24:57 Okay.
20:24:58 The view from the river, this is looking north a
20:25:11 block.
20:25:11 Coming down the river you won't really see the house.
20:25:14 You will just see it like right in the middle.

20:25:20 This picture looking south towards the river.
20:25:39 To the left is the property.
20:25:40 The lot to the right is lot 12.
20:25:44 As you can see, it's 18 feet -- not enough width to
20:25:52 allow trucks, fire trucks to come through.
20:25:56 We do have a picture of a truck coming through the
20:26:00 property so there's plenty of room to go through
20:26:01 there.
20:26:03 The middle part of the property is very heavily treed.
20:26:06 There's a lot of trees, a lot of foliage.
20:26:09 Unfortunately some will have to be removed.
20:26:12 Driveways to come through there.
20:26:18 The driveway would come down here.
20:26:20 There's a turn-around here.
20:26:25 You can see on the site plan.
20:26:36 In this picture all of these trees would remain.
20:26:44 These will have to be removed.
20:26:46 These two would remain.
20:26:53 This is another picture looking north, the existing
20:26:58 house here in the back.
20:26:59 The turn-around.
20:27:07 After the easement the impervious material, like turf

20:27:11 block or something, it would look lick grass but it
20:27:13 would remain consistent with the rest of the
20:27:15 neighborhood.
20:27:26 Another picture of the driveway.
20:27:30 The second sheet on the site plan, which has the
20:27:33 elevation plans and some pictures of the surrounding
20:27:36 neighbors on the waterfront, is just to give an idea
20:27:39 of what the house might look like.
20:27:42 I have listed in there that whatever structure will
20:27:45 comply with Seminole Heights overlay district and the
20:27:49 requirements.
20:27:51 Thank you.
20:27:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Council members, any questions?
20:27:53 You have time for rebuttal.
20:27:56 Let's see if anyone that would like to come up give us
20:27:59 your name and address and tell us if you have been
20:28:01 sworn.
20:28:15 >>> Good evening.
20:28:16 Karen Graham, 900 west Henry Avenue and I have been
20:28:19 sworn in.
20:28:20 My husband and I live in a property directly next door
20:28:24 to the right of this proposed lot.

20:28:28 Our property borders the petitioning party.
20:28:32 We do have concerns regarding the amount of leeway
20:28:35 which I know was talked about.
20:28:38 The amount of leeway currently existing.
20:28:41 Meaning that there wasn't supposed to be -- 18 feet,
20:28:46 which I don't even know what the actual footage is.
20:28:50 I think it was supposed to be too small.
20:28:54 It's a leeway.
20:28:56 For access to the property.
20:29:00 We had concerns that the vehicles or other large
20:29:04 trucks, the property cannot properly do so without
20:29:08 encroaching on adjacent lots including my own.
20:29:15 What you don't see on one of the photos is, we do have
20:29:18 a wood fence that is still directly behind.
20:29:24 It's not shown in the photos.
20:29:26 It does exist there.
20:29:34 Possibly I would have some damage to my property.
20:29:40 >> Is the wooden fence on your property?
20:29:42 >>> It's on the property line between the two lots,
20:29:45 yes.
20:29:45 >> On your side?
20:29:46 >>> Yes.

20:29:47 So it is bordering on the property line.
20:29:52 Four years ago there was a request by the owners to
20:29:54 reduce the required leeway.
20:29:57 I thought it was 20 feet to 10 feet.
20:30:00 That was denied.
20:30:05 We have been in the area for almost eight years now
20:30:07 and feel very strong about maintaining integrity of
20:30:09 the neighborhood, as well as the preservation,
20:30:15 referencing that area meaning the area bordering the
20:30:18 Hillsborough River specifically.
20:30:22 I would also like to add, there's in a recent
20:30:25 precedence of rezoning at this time in the zoning
20:30:28 property.
20:30:28 I know of no new homes built in the immediate rougher
20:30:34 side area for decades.
20:30:36 I know the properties are split but I know of no new
20:30:39 homes to be built on the Riverside area.
20:30:43 And again, emphasizing the rougher side neighborhood
20:30:50 in its current state.
20:30:52 It's extremely important to us.
20:30:54 Therefore, we urge City Council to deny the petition
20:30:56 to rezone for planned development.

20:31:00 I would bring to your attention, you should have
20:31:03 received an e-mail from another adjoining property
20:31:05 owner who could not come tonight.
20:31:08 She was also expressing her opposition.
20:31:12 Bottom line, just you can develop doesn't mean that
20:31:15 you should.
20:31:17 Thank you for your consideration.
20:31:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me figure out geographically.
20:31:26 You are to the south or the north of this property?
20:31:30 Are you up river or down river?
20:31:32 >>> We are actually Henry Avenue and if you are facing
20:31:36 the property we are on the right of that property.
20:31:38 >> You're up on Henry.
20:31:41 >>> Up on Henry, correct.
20:31:42 >> Are you on the Riverside of Henry or the land side?
20:31:45 >>> I'm on the land side.
20:31:46 >>: So you're across the street?
20:31:48 >>> No, I am directly next door.
20:31:54 >> And it appears that -- so you're next door.
20:32:01 It appears that both properties next door have been
20:32:04 split, in sort of the same ways that they want to
20:32:09 split those.

20:32:09 >>> Yes.
20:32:10 But my point being that there were no new homes built
20:32:12 on that, after that.
20:32:14 I mean, they were split but there wasn't
20:32:15 reconstruction.
20:32:20 I don't know the actual dates.
20:32:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are there two houses on the long,
20:32:25 skinny lots?
20:32:26 >>> The lot in question?
20:32:28 No.
20:32:29 There was one home, and that's on the street.
20:32:33 >> On your lot, going from the Henry down to the
20:32:36 river, how many homes are there?
20:32:38 >>> There is one on the street, which is mine.
20:32:40 And then there's one at the very back on the river.
20:32:42 And nothing in between.
20:32:44 >> Isn't that what they are trying to do?
20:32:50 >>> Yes.
20:32:51 >>ROSE FERLITA: I just had a question.
20:33:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Could you put it up on the Elmo for
20:33:04 the discussion?
20:33:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If you put that up there and then

20:33:10 point out.
20:33:16 >>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Shelby, I appreciate that.
20:33:25 And that is a safer way to go.
20:33:27 You didn't vice-president any question I don't have a
20:33:31 problem with it.
20:33:32 My question, is she finished?
20:33:34 >>> Thank you.
20:33:35 >>ROSE FERLITA: I don't have a question.
20:33:37 This neighborhood and the civic association is very
20:33:38 strong civic association.
20:33:39 I'm just wondering if the association has anyone here
20:33:43 that's speaking against this petition.
20:33:50 From old Seminole Heights?
20:33:51 Randy bear Ron?
20:33:58 -- baron?
20:34:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Maybe we can ask the association.
20:34:02 >>ROSE FERLITA: I can tell you, the civic association,
20:34:05 they would be here if they had some opposition.
20:34:07 That was really my point.
20:34:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
20:34:10 Anyone else?
20:34:12 Would petitioner like to make a rebuttal?

20:34:17 >>> Just to help clarify.
20:34:35 It's unfortunate this is kind of dark.
20:34:37 >>MARY ALVAREZ: It's on the property?
20:34:47 >>> It's right on the property line.
20:34:48 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So what's the concern?
20:34:52 >>> She thought the fence might be in the way of any
20:34:54 sort of trucks that are coming through there.
20:34:56 And you didn't even really see where the fences are.
20:35:01 >>ROSE FERLITA: The survey shows the fence was on the
20:35:05 property line.
20:35:05 If a truck or little baby car or anything hits it,
20:35:10 then obviously they are going to be responsible
20:35:12 because there's an opportunity to hit an abutting
20:35:14 property fence.
20:35:15 I don't understand.
20:35:15 There's enough area there for a vehicle to go through.
20:35:20 >>> Yes.
20:35:20 >>ROSE FERLITA: You're trying to explain what she's
20:35:26 talking about, and I see it.
20:35:28 >>> Also, I was told, I believe that in the backyard
20:35:32 there's a shed back there, and I was told that there
20:35:35 is a commercial business that is going on.

20:35:39 I don't know if it has any bearing.
20:35:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Anything else?
20:35:46 Okay.
20:35:46 Is there a motion to close?
20:35:49 Motion and second to close.
20:35:51 All those in favor say Aye.
20:35:53 Passed unanimously.
20:36:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance in the general
20:36:14 vicinity of 810 west Henry Avenue in the city of
20:36:18 Tampa, Florida from zoning district classifications
20:36:20 RS-50 residential single-family to PD, planned
20:36:23 development, single-family residential, providing an
20:36:25 effective date.
20:36:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: There's a motion and second.
20:36:30 Any discussion?
20:36:31 All in favor say Aye.
20:36:32 Opposed, Nay.
20:36:33 Passed unanimously.
20:36:34 Thank you.
20:36:35 Number 10.
20:36:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to open.
20:36:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Motion and second to open number

20:36:43 10.
20:36:43 Passed unanimously.
20:36:50 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Land development.
20:37:02 I have been sworn, Marty.
20:37:05 This petition is to rezone the property at 4308 Gray
20:37:10 street to a PD, single-family attached.
20:37:13 So it's going from RS-50 designation to planned
20:37:16 development.
20:37:17 And this is construct six single-family attached
20:37:21 residential units on .349 acres.
20:37:24 The building will have one-story building containing a
20:37:27 maximum height of 35 feet, with setbacks of 20 front,
20:37:32 10 side, 37 feet rear.
20:37:35 Each unit will be 1290 square feet for a building
20:37:40 total of 7,745 square feet.
20:37:44 All units will have an attached one-car garage.
20:37:47 The units are designed -- I don't know if you have
20:37:51 gotten it looking to elevation from the second page.
20:37:55 But they are designed in Italian Mediterranean style
20:37:59 and it has variation, and the garages and front doors
20:38:04 are facing Gray Street.
20:38:07 There is a waiver with this petition, and that is the

20:38:11 waiver is from section 27-137 and has to do with the
20:38:16 single-family attached design standard.
20:38:19 And they are requesting to reduce the number of
20:38:21 enclosed parking spaces, 2 to 1.
20:38:29 On your staff report you will see that there are
20:38:31 objections.
20:38:34 That one I just stated reducing it from two to one,
20:38:38 and they are requesting a waiver.
20:38:42 As far as on your staff report, the landscape
20:38:45 specialist, there were several comments, and from
20:38:49 parks and rec several days ago, petitioner came in,
20:38:58 reviewed it, we had Dave Riley reviewed it and
20:39:02 satisfied all of those conditions.
20:39:03 Along with the stormwater objection, they did place a
20:39:08 note on the site plan, taking care of their
20:39:11 objections.
20:39:14 Let's turn to the Elmo, please.
20:39:16 If you look at the aerial.
20:39:17 This is Gray Street.
20:39:19 And this is -- approximately a month and a half ago,
20:39:26 probably two months ago we came before you with Z
20:39:30 06-40 and that put, I believe, 33 residential units,

20:39:35 town homes.
20:39:36 And they are proposing six in this area.
20:39:39 If you look at this aerial, the interstate is right
20:39:44 here.
20:39:45 And I believe all this is an old aerial shot, a couple
20:39:50 years ago, a year ago.
20:39:51 So this is no longer here
20:40:00 I'll show you the pictures of this town home
20:40:03 development
20:40:08 This is the subject site.
20:40:13 The picture of the home across the street.
20:40:16 And then looking down the street.
20:40:21 This is the view lag down Gray Street in both
20:40:24 directions.
20:40:27 >> Do you have a picture of the subject site that
20:40:28 includes the house on the subject site?
20:40:37 >>> I guess I did a lousy job.
20:40:39 You know what?
20:40:39 I apologize.
20:40:40 This is the subject site.
20:40:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And they own the empty lot next
20:40:46 door.

20:40:47 >>> Yes.
20:40:47 I apologize.
20:40:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I understand.
20:40:49 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: This is directly across the
20:40:52 street.
20:40:52 And the development I spoke about was under
20:40:56 construction right now approved by this council.
20:40:58 If you look on the aerial, it is located in this area
20:41:02 in relationship to that
20:41:11 Under findings of fact, we have found that it meets
20:41:17 section 27-137 on the single-family attached design
20:41:21 standards, and under the purpose for the PD, we find
20:41:27 that it meets those standards.
20:41:29 And that's the conclusion of the presentation.
20:41:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question about Gray Street
20:41:35 itself.
20:41:39 Is it a regular size Street or particularly narrow?
20:41:42 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: I'm not sure of that question.
20:41:44 I believe on the site plan, it usually indicates the
20:41:46 width of the right-of-way.
20:41:54 And I do not see it listed here.
20:42:00 It says it's 20 feet wide existing asphalt pavement.

20:42:03 That doesn't mean it's the total width.
20:42:11 It is showing that it's a 60-foot platted right-of-way
20:42:14 with 20 feet of it being paved.
20:42:24 >> Thank you, Madam Chair.
20:42:27 Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff, I have been
20:42:30 sworn.
20:42:30 Basically two land use categories in this area.
20:42:33 This is Westshore Palms, of course, just to give you
20:42:35 some context, interstate to the north, Lois to the
20:42:40 east, Kennedy Boulevard to the south, Westshore to the
20:42:43 west.
20:42:45 This is residential 35 and of course this particular
20:42:48 site is residential 20.
20:42:52 As Ms. McDonald has stated to you previously this
20:42:56 particular parcel here in addition to this corner has
20:42:58 already been approved by this council recently for
20:43:00 approximately 30 town home units. This corner over
20:43:04 here, as well as these parcels here, and over here,
20:43:07 that's also been redeveloped for town home
20:43:09 development.
20:43:10 We have seen a significant amount of redevelopment
20:43:12 activity to this type of use along Gray Street.

20:43:17 I also have several additional photos.
20:43:19 Let me show you another aerial that shows you the
20:43:22 integrated uses.
20:43:24 As you recall, 35 lays to the south.
20:43:26 As you can see we have much more intense residential
20:43:29 uses to the south.
20:43:30 Some more condo and apartment uses in the town home
20:43:35 uses.
20:43:36 Here's another from a different perspective of the
20:43:39 subject site.
20:43:46 We do have speed tables on the street.
20:43:52 You can actually see in the distance, Westshore plaza
20:43:55 so you are in fairly close proximity to Westshore
20:43:58 plaza, in close proximity to the Westshore district.
20:44:03 Another across the street and the speed table as you
20:44:13 come to Westshore Boulevard.
20:44:17 Based on the integrated uses in the area which is
20:44:20 represented by a variety of single family attached and
20:44:23 attached uses and the higher land use categories that
20:44:26 would allow this type of intensity Planning Commission
20:44:28 staff has no objections to the proposed request of six
20:44:30 units per the site.

20:44:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
20:44:33 Petitioner.
20:44:47 If you would give your name and address and let's see
20:44:50 if there's any additional comment Terrell --
20:44:54 commentary.
20:44:57 >> Enrique Castillo, Tampa.
20:45:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is there anybody in the audience
20:45:05 honor would like to speak on this petition?
20:45:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I have a question.
20:45:12 Pretty much of staff.
20:45:15 There's a note in here about the garage -- I mean the
20:45:18 garbage collection.
20:45:19 It says garbage shall be picked up in the Street and
20:45:22 garbage can placed in the garage.
20:45:24 For awhile we were including in that note that there
20:45:27 would be specifically a space of X size within the
20:45:33 garage in the plans.
20:45:35 To make sure that there was room in the garage for the
20:45:38 garbage cans.
20:45:42 >>> You are correct, Mr. Dingfelder.
20:45:46 I noticed it now when they ask the petitioner to add a
20:45:49 note, it not including that.

20:45:51 I don't know if it was a policy change on their part.
20:45:53 But as long as they have the note signed off on this
20:45:57 note saying that this was -- and this is what I have
20:46:00 been noticing the last couple of months, is they
20:46:03 haven't been including that portion of it.
20:46:07 I don't know if it's a policy change.
20:46:09 All I know is they have no objections to this.
20:46:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
20:46:11 I'm okay with it for this project.
20:46:16 Marty, if you would just ask them, perhaps, you know,
20:46:19 to let us know through you why they changed that
20:46:21 policy.
20:46:22 Because I think it's important that the builder
20:46:25 include a specific space in the garage for the garbage
20:46:29 cans.
20:46:30 That way, we can ensure that they are not left
20:46:32 outside, you know.
20:46:35 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Typically they are to be
20:46:40 stored in the garage on noncollection days.
20:46:42 And I know at one point they were asking for exactly
20:46:46 what you are talking about but I haven't seen them ask
20:46:49 for that recently.

20:46:50 I'll check and see.
20:46:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
20:46:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Council members, do you have any
20:46:56 additional questions?
20:46:56 I have one question of transportation if they wouldn't
20:46:59 mind coming in here.
20:47:00 There are 16 proposed -- there doesn't appear to be
20:47:03 any guest parking.
20:47:06 The street is only 20 feet.
20:47:08 I just wonder if transportation is concerned about
20:47:11 that.
20:47:16 There was no guest parking.
20:47:18 I believe the garages are only for one car rather than
20:47:21 two.
20:47:23 And a 20-foot street.
20:47:29 I just wondered what you all think you are going to do
20:47:32 with the cars.
20:47:33 Transportation.
20:47:36 >>> Melanie Calloway, transportation.
20:47:39 >> Have you been sworn?
20:47:40 >>> Yes, I have been sworn.
20:47:43 I did see that there was no guest parking.

20:47:45 But at this point, there was no ordinance in place to
20:47:54 require guest parking.
20:47:55 However, they probably need one and a half -- did the
20:48:05 calculation of .25.
20:48:06 >> But I believe they are asking for -- I believe
20:48:10 their garages are only for one car rather than two.
20:48:14 >>> Correct.
20:48:14 That's the zoning code and the stand for a town home
20:48:19 that they have to have two enclosed parking spaces.
20:48:22 So that's really a design standard required by land
20:48:25 development.
20:48:27 >> And they are asking for a waiver of that.
20:48:28 >>> Correct.
20:48:29 >> And you didn't have any objections or concern?
20:48:32 >>> That's know not really what I look at for a town
20:48:36 home, that's really land development.
20:48:39 Their standard on a town home.
20:48:43 When parking is provided, which it is, two spaces,
20:48:46 which we require in transportation.
20:48:49 >> Well, I want somebody from the staff to tell me if
20:48:51 you think this is adequate.
20:48:55 >>> He notice on your staff report, land development

20:48:58 does have an objection to the one-car garage.
20:49:01 And we made note about this on waiver but we do have a
20:49:05 standing objection to that.
20:49:08 You have got it right in front of you.
20:49:11 It's the first objection.
20:49:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So the bottom of page 1.
20:49:21 >>> The first page, right below, I believe, under --
20:49:27 staff findings.
20:49:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Those address Magnolia trees on the
20:49:36 note.
20:49:37 >>> Yes.
20:49:37 All of the park and rec and stormwater were addressed.
20:49:42 The only one that was not addressed, the waiver, was
20:49:45 what you are bringing up, Mrs. Saul-Sena.
20:49:51 They did meet all the attached standards.
20:49:56 This is the only standard they did not meet so we have
20:49:58 a standing objection.
20:49:59 They have asked for the waiver which they are allowed
20:50:01 to do under the PD.
20:50:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question.
20:50:05 In the presentation that was discussed there are a
20:50:08 number of new townhouses approved catter corner across

20:50:11 the street, next door.
20:50:16 My concern is we approved these things, they are under
20:50:18 construction, they aren't yet constructed, we don't
20:50:21 know what the impact of them not having adequate guest
20:50:26 parking is going to be, and I can't remember because
20:50:28 my memory isn't so great, whether they have one garage
20:50:33 space or two.
20:50:34 So we could be creating, at this little intersection
20:50:38 of grey and Hubert, or whatever that other is, a huge
20:50:44 parking --
20:50:46 >>> I do have an answer to part.
20:50:48 I can't speak to this project, it was before I came
20:50:51 aboard.
20:50:52 I can check into it.
20:50:53 But the Alan Johnson project that came before you,
20:50:57 they all had two car garages, and there were seven
20:51:01 parking spaces.
20:51:04 >> Guest parking.
20:51:07 They met what the guest parking was.
20:51:10 I could look into that for you.
20:51:16 >> So the code changes we did not include guest
20:51:21 parking?

20:51:22 >> It did include, however, there was a -- if you had
20:51:25 already been in the -- we had already gone through the
20:51:28 development review committee meeting, we did not apply
20:51:32 all of the -- we didn't apply -- that was after July
20:51:38 1st.
20:51:38 So these people, they applied for the petition four
20:51:42 months ago, three months ago.
20:51:44 There was a land development said, if you have gone
20:51:47 through the land review development committee, then
20:51:49 you don't need to comply.
20:51:51 Now if you haven't -- I believe after this meeting
20:51:54 everything is going to have to comply with the new
20:52:00 approved changes.
20:52:05 >> I have very grave concerns about the parking crisis
20:52:08 we might be creating on the street.
20:52:10 Like -- I won't be able to support this because I feel
20:52:29 in the future driving down Gray Street is going to be
20:52:31 a disaster, and I wonder if the petitioner could
20:52:34 possibly ask for a continuance, and find a way of
20:52:40 providing more parking on-site.
20:52:47 >>> I have been sworn in.
20:52:48 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can, council, just so the record

20:52:50 is clear.
20:52:53 The petitioner has not taken his opportunity to make
20:52:57 his case to council.
20:52:58 If you want top use this time now to do that.
20:53:02 You have heard council's concerns.
20:53:04 And you do have the right to make your case and use
20:53:11 the time allowed for that purpose.
20:53:15 You are given that opportunity.
20:53:17 >>> Yes, sir, I would like to do that.
20:53:18 Randy CHAVE, the design professional that's assisting
20:53:23 Mr. Casteel with this task of a PD.
20:53:33 >> Take the portable microphone.
20:53:34 >> Just for the record, you were sworn in, is that
20:53:37 correct?
20:53:39 >>> Yes, sir, I have been.
20:53:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
20:53:45 It is correct that we do have a single parking garage.
20:53:53 As staff has pointed out.
20:53:55 However, we try -- by putting in ribbon driveways.
20:54:03 And I have 20 feet of ribbon space there.
20:54:16 -- but it is the most important thing that we try to
20:54:23 accomplish, that you can tell we have a 37-foot

20:54:28 setback in the rear.
20:54:29 Currently, my estimate is there's 4,000 square feet
20:54:34 now of nonpervious area so we are adding double that,
20:54:40 or close to double that, not quite.
20:54:45 Just a graphic indication.
20:54:49 And it's a dry retention pond.
20:54:53 It's not even going to be wet.
20:54:55 But we have worked diligently with staff, and other
20:55:02 people's properties that we were concerned with,
20:55:05 there's a huge -- that is another reason why we stayed
20:55:11 37 feet away from that.
20:55:13 There's no tree over in this corner, and again,
20:55:18 basically, we just tried to soften up the front.
20:55:23 As you are driving Gray Street, these are porches.
20:55:28 Those are outdoor patios.
20:55:30 And they are big enough to be utilized.
20:55:34 We are anticipating a green area.
20:55:38 You know, I see people all the time with all kind
20:55:45 of -- they may or may not be real.
20:55:51 (microphone not on)
20:55:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
20:55:58 You really addressed my concern.

20:56:08 >> The flavor of the area.
20:56:14 We watched through every development on that street
20:56:17 and surrounding ones, and come up with a design.
20:56:29 But put a little more Mediterranean accent.
20:56:32 If you look at the end elevation -- do not anticipate
20:56:38 they are large enough to go out there.
20:56:47 Anyway, I hope I did answer your question.
20:56:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You answered her question but you
20:56:56 didn't answer mine.
20:56:57 If you have two cars you are going to stack them on
20:57:00 the driveway.
20:57:01 One car in the garage.
20:57:02 One car stacked on the ribbon behind it.
20:57:05 >>> Yes.
20:57:06 >> Which I just want council to be fully aware of and
20:57:09 cognizant of.
20:57:10 I've seen that in the Soho area, and what happens is
20:57:14 that a lot of times you get that overflow out into the
20:57:17 street, which I think was originally your concern.
20:57:21 Now, this particular area is not surrounded by
20:57:23 restaurants and bars like Soho.
20:57:25 So it might not be as big a problem.

20:57:35 >>> (off microphone) I can look at the other
20:57:40 development.
20:57:42 One of them is further to the west.
20:57:44 And I've seen parking garages as well.
20:57:50 There's another one on Gray Street to the east.
20:57:57 I know this isn't like you're talking about.
20:57:58 I know it's not.
20:57:59 But the same thing, directly on gray street, and I
20:58:10 just didn't know we couldn't do it like this.
20:58:16 I took the approach that I felt was the proper way to
20:58:20 design it.
20:58:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: That's exactly why -- that's exactly
20:58:25 why our problem is, that we have allowed the others to
20:58:28 do it, not realizing that there was so many town homes
20:58:31 that were going to come in to Gray Street.
20:58:34 And now the problem that's going to exacerbate by
20:58:36 putting in another six units because it's going to add
20:58:39 more traffic to it.
20:58:41 Not the traffic but the people where they are going to
20:58:43 be staying.
20:58:45 They aren't going to have any visitors.
20:58:47 I don't know where they are going to park.

20:58:49 So that's what we are concerned with.
20:58:52 It's not that you didn't do it right.
20:58:54 You did it right.
20:58:54 It was our fault.
20:58:58 >>> Thank you.
20:58:59 I would also like to add, he's not a big developer in
20:59:08 Tampa, obviously.
20:59:09 He's a homeowner.
20:59:10 His mother is moving in.
20:59:14 And he's moving in the other one.
20:59:20 But that's the purpose of doing that.
20:59:22 And Enrique now lives on Carmen street.
20:59:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Council members, any other
20:59:34 questions?
20:59:36 Is there a motion to close?
20:59:38 >> So moved.
20:59:38 >> Second.
20:59:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Shelby?
20:59:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Shelby, as you are headed
20:59:53 towards your seat, I would also ask if the additional
20:59:55 waiver, since the new code is now proposed, the
20:59:58 additional waiver would also be a waiver of the guest

21:00:01 parking space, in addition to the waiver.
21:00:04 I understand the equity and the fairness issue that
21:00:08 staff raised, and I guess I agree with it.
21:00:10 But from a formality perspective we might want to
21:00:15 include that as part of the waiver.
21:00:18 >> Actually, Mr. Dingfelder, I misspoke.
21:00:22 One of the things that we were not going to be long
21:00:26 enough from this meeting on is the issue of the --
21:00:31 part of the new code.
21:00:32 However, the old code, which they came under their
21:00:35 DRC, did allow for one-car garage and tandem parking.
21:00:40 The new code that was passed July 1st is the
21:00:44 stipulates for the two-car enclosed garage.
21:00:48 There was a decision made, and I was reminded, or
21:00:52 somebody reminded me of in the our department, that
21:00:54 that would be applied, and they would have to ask for
21:00:57 the waiver.
21:00:58 However, the other part of that with sticky notes,
21:01:03 that will take place after this meeting.
21:01:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Can I ask for clarification then?
21:01:11 Council, I'm just concerned in terms of the fairness
21:01:13 as to what the requirements that we are operating

21:01:17 under during the course of this petition.
21:01:23 >>> When this petitioner applied, and when he went
21:01:25 through his DRC, the new changes to chapter 27 had not
21:01:29 taken place.
21:01:31 So he was operating under the old code.
21:01:36 That was reviewed, and that came forward as an
21:01:38 objection in meeting a waiver because of July 1st,
21:01:43 the changes to chapter 27 had taken place.
21:01:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: So is it now requiring a waiver?
21:01:50 For the code?
21:01:52 >>> The changes to chapter 27 from July 1st
21:01:56 requires a waiver to the code.
21:01:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would say to the guest parking as
21:02:01 well.
21:02:05 >>> I opened a can of worms.
21:02:08 >>> But when they started this process those changes
21:02:10 were not in effect.
21:02:12 >> The old ones applied.
21:02:14 >> And we can't hold them to the standard.
21:02:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Exactly right.
21:02:17 >> We did not bring that to their attention.
21:02:20 >> Well, fine.

21:02:21 Here forward we know what we have to do.
21:02:23 But if they began under the old regulation, whether we
21:02:27 like it or don't like it, I don't see how we can hold
21:02:29 them to that.
21:02:31 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.
21:02:37 They didn't meet any waiver, is that correct?
21:02:39 >>> Correct.
21:02:39 >> There was a determination that was made from the
21:02:42 development department that these were back in July
21:02:45 1st and anything that had not received a building
21:02:47 permit would be held to be standard.
21:02:52 >> Clarify "these."
21:02:54 The old standards?
21:02:55 >>> Would be held to the new standards that went into
21:02:57 effect after July 1st.
21:02:58 That was the determination that was made.
21:03:00 Certainly council raises an important issue that when
21:03:04 they were going through the process, that they were
21:03:07 not -- this they would not have required any waivers.
21:03:10 But there has been no decision as to how it will be
21:03:15 applied.
21:03:18 >>ROSE FERLITA: Ms. Kert, I can understand that but

21:03:21 from voting from a standpoint of fairness had they
21:03:24 known when they started they were going to be held to
21:03:26 this standard, this gentleman wouldn't have to pay
21:03:29 this gentleman for that design.
21:03:30 So now we are closing the possibility or probability
21:03:35 of having them redo this because of the gnaw
21:03:38 standards.
21:03:39 I sure wouldn't be happy if I were on that side of the
21:03:41 podium, I can tell you.
21:03:43 >>REBECCA KERT: I think the council can take that into
21:03:45 consideration.
21:03:46 Rose Ross but thanks for the clarification.
21:03:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Two things.
21:03:51 One, Rebecca, Morris used to educate us on the pending
21:03:58 ordinance doctrine.
21:04:00 And I want us to be very clear on that, that there are
21:04:04 indications when we do have an ordinance that we all
21:04:06 know is pending and the community knows it's pending
21:04:09 and we have been talking about it for three or four
21:04:11 months that we can't hold -- can hold people to.
21:04:17 Rose, in this particular case, the way it's coming to
21:04:19 us from a legal standpoint, it's coming to us with

21:04:22 approval in the waiver of those standards.
21:04:25 So if we grant the waiver at the end of the day.
21:04:31 >>ROSE FERLITA: We have been talking about those
21:04:33 changes for a long while.
21:04:36 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Just a question.
21:04:38 Wasn't the ordinance done after?
21:04:41 Didn't we approve the ordinance after July 1st, or
21:04:45 was it going to be retroactive to July 1st?
21:04:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: She said it was on July 1st, I
21:04:51 guess.
21:04:53 >>> I have been told it became effective on July
21:04:54 1st.
21:04:55 >>MARY ALVAREZ: It seems the other day we were talking
21:05:00 about -- the 30 days have gone by so fast I can't keep
21:05:06 up with them.
21:05:06 But it seems to me like we talked about it.
21:05:09 And we passed the ordinance with a few exceptions
21:05:13 pulled out afterwards.
21:05:13 >> I think you're right.
21:05:15 It was afterwards.
21:05:17 Rose Ross one way or another, Mr. Dingfelder, you
21:05:20 bring up a good point.

21:05:21 Whether we grant it or not grant it under one
21:05:23 condition, let's see where that goes, because we are
21:05:26 arguing about what basis we are going to approve it or
21:05:29 not.
21:05:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: It didn't seem to be fair --
21:05:34 >>ROSE FERLITA: Right.
21:05:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: There's still a lot of points that we
21:05:39 put -- that we continued, that probably have prayer to
21:05:44 a July 1st date.
21:05:46 >>ROSE FERLITA: So --
21:05:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, just to clarify, I have not
21:05:52 confirmed the date that it was signed by the mayor
21:05:54 which is the effective date but it was adopted by the
21:05:56 council on second reading on July 13th of '06.
21:05:59 Obviously it had to be signed by the mayor subsequent
21:06:01 ton that.
21:06:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: She signed it the next day is what
21:06:06 we heard.
21:06:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Have we closed the public hearing?
21:06:09 I guess not.
21:06:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Before we to that I want to make sure
21:06:12 because of the order of business being taken the way

21:06:14 it was that the petitioner feel that he had the full
21:06:16 opportunity to make his case to council.
21:06:18 Is that correct, sir?
21:06:19 Is there anything you wish to add?
21:06:22 >>> No, sir, I'm finished.
21:06:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
21:06:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is there anyone in the public who
21:06:27 wants to speak?
21:06:28 I think I asked previously.
21:06:30 I just want to make sure..
21:06:33 >> Move to close the public hearing.
21:06:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are there curbs?
21:06:36 Are there going to be curbs?
21:06:37 I know there are going to be sidewalks.
21:06:40 >>> there is going to be curbs.
21:06:48 >> There are curbs now?
21:06:49 >>> No.
21:06:50 But there will be.
21:06:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That makes it a little neater too
21:06:54 because if there's no curbs and parking on the street
21:06:57 then everybody ends up parking on the grass.
21:06:59 So if there's curbs, that will improve things.

21:07:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
21:07:06 Is there a motion and second to close?
21:07:08 Any discussion?
21:07:08 All those in favor say Aye.
21:07:10 Meeting is now closed.
21:07:12 What is the pleasure of council?
21:07:13 >>ROSE FERLITA: Do we have to send it -- send to the
21:07:17 legal?
21:07:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Can this be read on first reading
21:07:21 taint?
21:07:27 On the waivers with regard to designs being placed on
21:07:30 the site plan?
21:07:32 >> Yes.
21:07:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Okay, thank you.
21:07:34 Rose Ross so we can do it?
21:07:36 There's going to be an amended ordinance or read it as
21:07:38 is?
21:07:41 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I have been informed by Ms. Boyle the
21:07:43 ordinance before council is prepared for first reading
21:07:45 and there are not going to be any substantive changes.
21:07:49 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: That's correct.
21:07:52 >>ROSE FERLITA: Move an ordinance at 4308 Gray Street

21:07:56 city of Tampa, Florida from zoning district
21:07:58 classifications RS-50 residential single family to PD
21:08:02 planned development single family attached, providing
21:08:03 an effective date.
21:08:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll second it.
21:08:08 I just wanted to say, I have some problems in the
21:08:11 future, or I will have some problems in the future
21:08:14 with projects that are stacking cars, because we
21:08:18 changed the code so we won't be stacking cars.
21:08:20 But since you guys came in the transition period, I'll
21:08:23 support it.
21:08:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I feel the same way.
21:08:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And I feel like, the other concern
21:08:30 is having the guest parking, and the combination is of
21:08:36 greatest concern.
21:08:37 So I hope that you will seek tenants with one vehicle.
21:08:41 [ Laughter ]
21:08:42 Thank you.
21:08:48 >> Did we vote?
21:08:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: All those in favor say Aye.
21:08:51 All opposed, Nay.
21:08:53 Passed unanimously.

21:08:54 Thank you.
21:08:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to open number 12.
21:08:56 >> Second.
21:08:56 (Motion carried).
21:08:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Number 12 is now open.
21:09:05 Staff.
21:09:12 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Land development.
21:09:13 I have been sworn.
21:09:15 The project before you is commonly known as St.
21:09:19 Joseph's women's hospital.
21:09:22 They are seeking to rezone from a planned development
21:09:25 a hospital with a medical office to a planned
21:09:28 development, hospital with medical office.
21:09:33 As you know, this is located at 3030 west Dr. Martin
21:09:39 Luther King Boulevard and they are proposing to do a
21:09:42 new addition of 86,000 square feet with a future
21:09:46 proposed pedestrian sky bridge connecting to the main
21:09:50 St. Joseph's hospital.
21:09:51 The plan proposes to demolish an existing two-story
21:09:55 structure and replace it with a three-story building
21:10:00 for a net gain of 54,000 square feet.
21:10:04 This addition on the second floor will include 22 new

21:10:09 beds for neonatal care, babies, and on the third floor
21:10:15 52 private patient rooms.
21:10:17 Soap they are converting semi private rooms with two
21:10:20 beds to private rooms.
21:10:25 The maximum proposed building height is 45 feet.
21:10:28 In the staff report that you have in front of you, you
21:10:30 will see several objections from transportation that's
21:10:36 included some new intersection that needed mitigating,
21:10:40 and also from our landscape specialist, and also from
21:10:46 stormwater.
21:10:47 The petitioner did come in yesterday and from the site
21:10:52 plans I was able to have staff look at it, and all
21:10:59 except for one on the landscape specialist, and that
21:11:01 was really a note that needed to be added.
21:11:06 And we didn't see it added.
21:11:07 We came across that right before meeting tonight, that
21:11:10 the 4-inch trees being removed that were part of the
21:11:14 previous development.
21:11:16 And even though the orange tree is not protected by
21:11:21 code we wanted them to be replaced inch for inch.
21:11:24 So that is one standing objection they did satisfy all
21:11:27 others.

21:11:29 We found that it is consistent with the future land
21:11:32 use policies of these 5.5, D 6.1 and 8.2 and also the
21:11:41 purpose and intent of the planned development.
21:11:45 When you look at your site plans, it's a little busy,
21:11:51 but what is being done, if you look at the Elmo, if
21:12:02 you can zoom out, please.
21:12:09 This is the area, a two-story building that is
21:12:12 existing that is going to be demolished and it will be
21:12:14 a three-story building put in its place.
21:12:18 They do show a future sky bridge.
21:12:21 They did add the language to the site plan stating
21:12:25 that if they move forward with that they will get --
21:12:31 sky bridge that they will get the permits prior to
21:12:34 viewing that.
21:12:35 And then if you look forward -- and I am not going to
21:12:38 be able to get on Elmo -- there is the parking
21:12:40 structure just south.
21:12:46 And that is what they are basically doing.
21:12:49 And staff report, the second floor of the new
21:12:52 three-story building will add 22 new beds for
21:12:54 neonatal. The third floor is taking the semi private
21:12:59 room beds to private beds.

21:13:06 In front of you also, I believe you have the elevation
21:13:08 that shows the sky bridge.
21:13:13 That is all for my presentation.
21:13:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: They are going to demolish what used
21:13:24 to be the original entryway.
21:13:27 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Yes.
21:13:32 >>MARY ALVAREZ: That's what was --
21:13:34 >>> They'll replace it.
21:13:35 That's a two-story structure, replace it with a
21:13:38 three-story structure.
21:13:40 >> Because the back part of it is where the -- you got
21:13:45 four stories on the -- behind there's a four-story.
21:13:49 >>> Yes.
21:13:54 >> Also, I failed to mention petitioner did add a note
21:13:56 to the site plan, and they called the amount of money
21:14:01 they are asking for mitigation, that they have gotten
21:14:03 with transportation.
21:14:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: One question.
21:14:14 >>KEVIN WHITE: I apologize.
21:14:16 Madam Chairman, I want to ask Mr. Porter, I just spoke
21:14:25 with Mr. Shelby.
21:14:26 I have to sustain with this vote because my wife is an

21:14:29 employee of St. Joseph's women's hospital.
21:14:32 And with me abstaining, downtown know if you want to
21:14:34 go forward, Mr. Port, with only four council members
21:14:37 being here.
21:14:37 So -- there will be four.
21:14:43 I'm just say,ing, downtown know if you want the
21:14:46 fullest council to hear.
21:14:49 >>> Jim Porter, Ruden McClosky.
21:14:53 At this point we would like to go forward for the
21:14:55 first reading.
21:14:55 >>KEVIN WHITE: With that caution I will file the
21:14:59 appropriate paperwork by next week and I will abstain
21:15:03 from this vote.
21:15:08 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I located Ms. Ferlita so you don't
21:15:10 lose the quorum.
21:15:14 >>KEVIN WHITE: You can go on with your presentation.
21:15:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Harrison is out of town and --
21:15:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I am going to put on the record as
21:15:56 a matter of disclosure, Mr. Porter talked to me a
21:16:01 couple months ago about the project, I think it was
21:16:03 before you filed.
21:16:06 To the extent that's appropriate disclosure.

21:16:21 There she is.
21:16:35 All right.
21:16:36 Here's my question.
21:16:37 Marty, where on the site plan is the garage that's
21:16:44 shown on the second page?
21:16:48 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: The parking structure?
21:16:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The second page, detail about the
21:16:55 garage.
21:17:02 >>> I believe transportation asked them to show the
21:17:04 layout of the existing parking structure so that she
21:17:07 could ensure the amount of spaces that were --
21:17:13 previously, were still going to be there.
21:17:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: (off microphone)
21:17:25 My other question relates to the overpass.
21:17:29 What do they call it?
21:17:32 >>> Pedestrian sky bridge.
21:17:37 >> I understand it's appropriate to connect -- I'm
21:17:42 sure it's very expensive.
21:17:45 We received an elevation for that?
21:17:49 Which I guess I'm holding.
21:17:51 It's not much of an elevation in terms of showing --
21:17:54 >>> Oh, just the --

21:17:55 >> Right.
21:17:56 It showed a graphical representation.
21:18:02 At what point would anybody review it for any type of
21:18:05 esthetics?
21:18:06 I mean, that's a major impact on a major road.
21:18:13 And then, does the other PD across the street have to
21:18:18 be approved to receive that sky bridge?
21:18:22 >>> Well, the reason they did show it on the PD, it's
21:18:25 in case they do decide to do this, that they wouldn't
21:18:29 have to come back on this one.
21:18:31 I would have to check.
21:18:33 The other PD would have to come back.
21:18:34 That might be a substantial change to make that
21:18:37 connection.
21:18:37 I do know that they have to go through the proper -- I
21:18:42 believe if you look on the site plan, you will look at
21:18:44 proposed improvements.
21:18:45 And number 10 talks about any encroachments into
21:18:50 public right-of-way and what they have to do when and
21:18:52 if they decide to do that.
21:18:57 >> Chances are they just have to show the city that
21:19:00 it's structurally sound and it's the right height and

21:19:02 that sort of thing.
21:19:03 >>> I believe what you're looking at right now is the
21:19:07 review of that for aesthetics and what it's going to
21:19:10 look like.
21:19:10 I don't believe -- they are showing that they would
21:19:12 have to come out for the design or aesthetics, they
21:19:17 would have to come back for the necessary permits,
21:19:19 though.
21:19:20 >> Which would not include any aesthetic review which
21:19:22 is the point Mr. Dingfelder is making.
21:19:24 There's no -- it's just the engineering department.
21:19:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's difficult for me to read the
21:19:45 drawing -- it looks like a new proposed surface lot.
21:20:01 The question, is there any access onto north Gomez,
21:20:05 Virginia?
21:20:10 Or is the additional surface parking lot just for
21:20:12 internal circulation?
21:20:19 >>> Melanie Calloway, transportation.
21:20:21 This surface lot that you see off of Virginia only has
21:20:25 access interior to the property.
21:20:27 That was an S-1 review that went through.
21:20:32 The only access they have is -- in this area.

21:20:37 In this area is that there's an existing access on
21:20:41 West Virginia.
21:20:43 It's just their property kind of abuts that street.
21:20:47 It ends right there.
21:20:47 There was a vacating.
21:20:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is this new, part of this proposal,
21:20:54 or just already existing?
21:20:55 >>> Oh, no, West Virginia has been this the whole
21:21:00 time.
21:21:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Ms. Calloway, you were sworn in?
21:21:04 >>> Yes.
21:21:04 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
21:21:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Any other questions for staff?
21:21:08 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
21:21:20 I have been sworn in.
21:21:24 The we have R-20.
21:21:31 Public semi-public to the south.
21:21:34 We are all very familiar with for at least the -- for
21:21:41 more than four decades as a circular.
21:21:45 CMU 35, urban mixed use 60 to the west, residential 10
21:21:51 to the south, residential 20 along this particular
21:21:53 segment of MacDill to the south.

21:21:56 I'll give you an aerial picture.
21:21:59 As you can see, there's St. Joseph hospital, the major
21:22:01 component there of course to the north.
21:22:05 Hospital to the south.
21:22:06 As has been explained in detail, the two-story
21:22:09 structure to the north will be demolished.
21:22:11 Reconstructed for three stories so there will be no
21:22:14 new development that will encroach toward the
21:22:16 residential developments to the south, which is of
21:22:19 particular interest, I believe, to most of the
21:22:21 residents that live south of the lake. The site is in
21:22:25 close proximity to the west of Tampa Bay center and
21:22:29 the portion that will be the new training facility for
21:22:31 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
21:22:34 That being said, as we also know, this particular area
21:22:37 along Virginia and San Isabella, transitions to a low
21:22:42 density medical office district.
21:22:44 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
21:22:46 proposal.
21:22:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you very much.
21:22:48 Petitioner?
21:22:53 >>> Jim Porter, Ruden McCluskey representing

21:22:58 petitioner.
21:22:59 Before we begin I would like to pass out some books
21:23:01 for you and the clerk so you can refer to it
21:23:04 throughout the ink.
21:23:36 I will try to make a brief presentation and then save
21:23:39 time for rebuttal.
21:23:41 Kimberly guy is the new chief operating officer inform
21:23:44 women's hospital, new in town, making her debut in
21:23:47 front of City Council tonight.
21:23:48 John LaRocca who you know very well.
21:23:51 And Steve Henry, our traffic engineer this evening.
21:23:53 We are all very excited to be here this evening to
21:23:55 present this proposal to you.
21:23:57 As councilwoman Alvarez said this isn't an addition,
21:24:02 but an expansion of an existing building. The reason
21:24:04 it of the proposal is to better serve the needs of
21:24:07 some of the most vulnerable citizens in the city,
21:24:09 premature babies.
21:24:12 Ms. Guy will go into detail about what will be on each
21:24:14 floor and Mr. LaRocca will go over details about the
21:24:17 site plan.
21:24:18 This project is entirely oriented towards Martin

21:24:21 Luther King.
21:24:24 Not affecting the neighborhood in the rear at all.
21:24:27 Planning Commission found that the proposal is
21:24:28 consistent with the comprehensive plan and compatible
21:24:30 with the surrounding area.
21:24:32 We work very closely with your staff, particularly the
21:24:34 transportation staff, to ensure that we meet all
21:24:37 applicable city regulations, and we are before you
21:24:40 tonight, and I think we resolved the tree issue that
21:24:42 was referenced earlier.
21:24:44 They'll be speaking to that later.
21:24:47 We are proud of this project and we are looking
21:24:49 forward to your recommendation of approval this
21:24:51 evening.
21:24:51 I am going to turn it over to miss guy to go over the
21:24:55 details of what we are proposing.
21:25:02 >>> Good evening, council.
21:25:03 Thank you very much for a wonderful opportunity to
21:25:05 debut.
21:25:06 And to meet you all.
21:25:08 As Jim said, I moved to Tampa just over a year ago to
21:25:11 serve as chief operating officer at St. Joseph's

21:25:13 hospital.
21:25:14 I'm very proud to be a part of the facility that has
21:25:16 served the community for more than 75 years.
21:25:18 So it's a pleasure to be here this evening to talk
21:25:20 about our proposal.
21:25:21 And I will try to make my comments brief.
21:25:26 In the interest of responding to community needs, we
21:25:29 are in need of an expansion and renovation that will
21:25:32 allow to continue to care for premature babies in our
21:25:35 neighborhood.
21:25:39 In this realm we have tried to participate with our
21:25:41 neighbors.
21:25:42 Prior to even submitting the proposal, we went to the
21:25:44 community.
21:25:45 We offered them an opportunity to come to our facility
21:25:47 to learn about what we were going to do, and give them
21:25:50 an opportunity for input.
21:25:53 Then we submitted our proposal prior to this evening,
21:25:57 we also had another opportunity to send letters to all
21:26:01 the community members once again asking for further
21:26:03 input so we could represent their interest in our
21:26:05 proposal this evening.

21:26:09 The proposal includes a three-story demolition after
21:26:12 the existing of the two-story building and
21:26:15 approximately a 54,000 square foot net addition.
21:26:19 But the primary part of the expansion is the neonatal
21:26:25 unit where we care for the sickest and most complex
21:26:27 babies some as small as 500 grams, just about a pound.
21:26:32 It's quite a privilege to be able to provide service
21:26:34 for them.
21:26:34 Our current facility is really something called
21:26:37 clusters.
21:26:38 If you look at the picture here on the Elmo I can try
21:26:40 to explain a little bit blood pressure what goes on
21:26:42 but there are babies in each one of these little areas
21:26:46 behind this nurse here.
21:26:48 And you can see the amazing equipment we have to have
21:26:52 there to support the care needs of the infant.
21:26:56 Again another picture that shows you the level of
21:26:59 detail with regard to that space, that number 3 there
21:27:02 kind of indicates the cluster, so we can have six to
21:27:05 eight babies in that area.
21:27:07 As you can imagine that's very difficult for families
21:27:09 to northbound there and be able to be with their

21:27:13 infants as they grow and develop and be there during
21:27:16 that you are needs.
21:27:16 This is one of the reasons we want to change.
21:27:18 We want to be able to have space and privacy for the
21:27:21 premature families and their babies.
21:27:23 Right now they are limited in their ability to visit
21:27:25 because we can only have them in there for so much
21:27:27 time and provide for their care needs.
21:27:29 And the proposed expansion we would be able to care
21:27:31 for up to 64 premature babies.
21:27:41 It would be beneficial to the development of the
21:27:43 infant.
21:27:44 And also allow us to provide the critical bonding
21:27:48 parents need to have with those neonates.
21:27:50 On the third floor as indicated, we would remove the
21:27:53 semi private rooms moving those into private rooms.
21:27:57 That's the 52-bed change.
21:27:59 As you can see in this picture, here's a picture of
21:28:01 two pretty good looking patients without any visitors.
21:28:04 But I don't know if you have ever been admitted to the
21:28:06 hospital but I can tell you that having someone I
21:28:08 don't know in my room and all of their visitors is

21:28:11 very difficult in sharing facilities.
21:28:13 So it's a challenge.
21:28:14 And I think most of us would prefer today to be in
21:28:17 private rooms and even recently in the literature
21:28:19 there's some comments about the building industry,
21:28:21 recommending that for privacy and safety, and control.
21:28:26 On the very first floor we will use that to build some
21:28:29 additional support space which is something we provide
21:28:33 in a hospital so we can keep our equipment in safe
21:28:35 locations and also the opportunity to right-size some
21:28:37 of our ancillary services, particularly our care
21:28:41 center which is a little tight for the service that is
21:28:43 we provide, and so we would like the opportunity to
21:28:45 expand that and make it more private for patients who
21:28:48 are often dealing with some very serious illnesses.
21:28:51 The final component that we discussed is the bridge
21:28:54 that than spans Martin Luther King Boulevard.
21:28:57 And if you are familiar with our system we have a lot
21:28:58 of our service as cross the street at the main
21:29:02 hospital and the children's hospital.
21:29:03 So if our patients, either our premature babies or
21:29:07 adult patients require certain procedures, certain

21:29:10 tests, we have to put them into transport system,
21:29:14 right now I think on the Elmo is a picture.
21:29:16 This is what the baby is put into.
21:29:19 We have to have technical folks, all of our nurses
21:29:21 have to transport them.
21:29:23 They get put into this machine, for lack of another
21:29:27 word, to go down through the hospital, they transport
21:29:29 them to an ambulance, across the street, back into the
21:29:34 hospital, into the next area.
21:29:35 The idea of the bridge is for pedestrians and
21:29:39 patients.
21:29:40 We would have a climate controlled bridge so we could
21:29:43 have public on one side, patients on the other, and it
21:29:45 would actually connect from the second floor which is
21:29:47 where the neonatal intensive care unit is and go
21:29:50 directly to the surgical area at the main hospital.
21:29:52 And that would be immediate access and allow us to get
21:29:55 to the area that is needed quickly for our patients.
21:30:00 I have no other comments.
21:30:01 I am going to turn it over.
21:30:04 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You have been sworn?
21:30:06 >>> Yes, sir.

21:30:06 I saw the sign.
21:30:07 I didn't answer.
21:30:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Welcome to our chamber.
21:30:15 I have seen you a number of times at the women's
21:30:17 hospital PD W when my daughter was there.
21:30:19 Just a few months ago.
21:30:21 So doing a great job with women's hospital.
21:30:25 You will always have my support there.
21:30:27 How many babies on the average are born there each
21:30:28 day?
21:30:29 Can you give us --
21:30:31 >>> Last year we delivered over 6500 babies.
21:30:34 Help me with my math.
21:30:40 6500 in a year, yes, ma'am.
21:30:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Now the elevation that we have here
21:30:49 where you are going to demolish -- where the original
21:30:52 entrance was, on that area there, there is no more
21:30:55 entrance.
21:30:56 >> There is a staff entrance only.
21:30:58 It's actually access for security.
21:31:01 That's the only entrance planned.
21:31:03 >> How come now all of a sudden you guys have opened a

21:31:05 driveway into MLK from -- that used to know closed?
21:31:11 >>> That was a requirement.
21:31:12 My understanding, that was a requirement from the
21:31:14 previous proposal.
21:31:24 >>> Asked for it.
21:31:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yeah, I remember that.
21:31:26 So was that used at all?
21:31:28 >>> Currently we have had a safety concern raised.
21:31:31 So we are actually evaluating that.
21:31:33 Prior to using it.
21:31:34 But it is complete.
21:31:35 And ready to be used.
21:31:37 >> I noticed it was all completed.
21:31:39 And then there was the cones there and you couldn't
21:31:44 use it.
21:31:44 I was just wondering what was going on there.
21:31:47 Okay.
21:31:47 So everybody then will be going into the front
21:31:50 entrance, which is a beautiful, beautiful building.
21:31:52 I think it's -- it really did a lot for that
21:31:56 community.
21:31:57 Okay, thank you.

21:31:58 >>> Thank you.
21:32:17 >>> Could I address council?
21:32:18 I got a phone call from a dedicated city employee home
21:32:21 watching it Jimmy Cook wanting us to know that that
21:32:25 pedestrian bridge will be reviewed at the time of
21:32:27 permitting by Wilson Stair.
21:32:31 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Oh, good.
21:32:36 >>> Good evening, City Council.
21:32:37 I'm John LaRocca, consulting group.
21:32:41 I have been sworn in.
21:32:43 I'll tray to keep my comments regarding this proposal
21:32:45 simple and brief.
21:32:46 As I described the changes proposed, I will use the
21:32:49 Elmo to identify what oars on the existing site will
21:32:52 be affected.
21:32:53 Some of this has already been provided to you.
21:32:55 But I thought it might be helpful for you and the
21:32:57 audience or anyone interested in seeing very simply
21:33:01 what is being proposed.
21:33:05 >> Do you have opposition?
21:33:06 >> I don't know.
21:33:09 >> Let's ask.

21:33:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's an excellent question.
21:33:11 Is there anybody here who would like to speak on this
21:33:14 petition?
21:33:21 >> In opposition or just to speak?
21:33:24 >> Not in opposition.
21:33:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If you wouldn't mind curtailing
21:33:27 your presentation.
21:33:31 >> I will.
21:33:32 I will be shorter than I normally would.
21:33:36 We were organized to answer all of your questions
21:33:38 should you have had any.
21:33:40 I will simply summarize my comments by saying this
21:33:43 proposal simply is an addition, a slight addition to
21:33:46 an existing footprint.
21:33:48 It is not changing the character of the area or the
21:33:51 complex.
21:33:51 And we respectfully seek your approval.
21:33:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The only question I have for Mr.
21:34:00 Porter and his clients is, is there somewhere on the
21:34:07 conditions that we can just add, wherever it speaks to
21:34:10 the Skyway, that you will -- that you concur with
21:34:15 staff, and would you submit to review by Wilson Stair,

21:34:19 or the urban review committee or whatever it's called?
21:34:23 >>> Yes, councilman.
21:34:24 I'm sorry I didn't address dress that initially.
21:34:26 We also have to get permission from D.O.T.
21:34:28 In your book you will see a conceptual approval from
21:34:31 FDOT but we need approval today.
21:34:34 I think there's a lot to go through before we actually
21:34:37 get to do that.
21:34:38 We are okay with that.
21:34:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Other than that, I think the
21:34:42 project speaks for itself with the documents received.
21:34:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Let me see if there's anyone in the
21:34:51 audience who wants top speak to this petition.
21:34:56 If not --
21:34:57 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
21:34:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I want to be chair.
21:35:01 Sorry for interrupting.
21:35:02 Is there anybody here who wishes to speak to this
21:35:05 item?
21:35:07 I just want to be clear, that's all.
21:35:10 I just want to be clear because you asked whether
21:35:12 there was anybody in opposition.

21:35:14 >>ROSE FERLITA: The question was what, Mr. Shelby?
21:35:17 [ Laughter ]
21:35:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Motion to close.
21:35:20 Second.
21:35:23 Do you want to speak?
21:35:24 Please come up.
21:35:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You spent all night waiting.
21:35:29 You earned your opportunity.
21:35:35 >>> My name is Robin Dunn.
21:35:36 I was sworn in.
21:35:37 And I spent eight weeks in the hospital in the high
21:35:43 risk pregnancy department.
21:35:45 And I cannot imagine having to spend that time with
21:35:48 someone else in my room.
21:35:50 My children were born three months premature, eleven
21:35:57 weeks in the hospital.
21:35:57 So I spent eleven more weeks in the hospital.
21:36:02 The clusters are crowded, and in a privacy whatsoever.
21:36:08 At this personal time in your life.
21:36:10 And if I could have had that kind of privacy with my
21:36:15 children it just would have made a better experience.
21:36:17 I got such wonderful care.

21:36:18 All the people that worked there are angels.
21:36:20 And if you can make their lives better or any other
21:36:23 children or caregivers, you have got to do it.
21:36:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much.
21:36:28 Anyone else?
21:36:29 Rose Ross now see what you started?
21:36:32 >>> My name is Nancy Hagan.
21:36:34 Very quickly, the Readers Digest condensed version,
21:36:38 I'm the mother of three healthy boys, all three born
21:36:40 at St. Joseph's.
21:36:42 Our third was born 15 weeks early.
21:36:44 He weighed not even a pound and a half.
21:36:46 He spent over three months in MSU.
21:36:49 Our experience was truly a rollercoaster ride like one
21:36:52 our family will never forget.
21:36:54 But the highs were very high, the lows were very low.
21:36:57 But there were many memories about all the people we
21:37:00 meant and the time we spent.
21:37:02 There are two incidents that really stick out that I
21:37:04 really want to tell you very quickly about.
21:37:07 Whenever a new baby was admitted to the NICU and they
21:37:11 were admitted into a cluster all the other families in

21:37:13 that cluster were asked to leave, because rightfully
21:37:16 so they have to focus on that child right there.
21:37:18 When your own child is so sick and they are clinging
21:37:21 to their own life you don't want to leave your child,
21:37:24 but you want to be respectful of the other family but
21:37:26 there's not room for anybody.
21:37:28 The most vivid memory of autumn was in our cluster
21:37:30 there was a family whose baby was right next door to
21:37:33 ours.
21:37:35 A mother had twins, her first twin died, and the
21:37:38 second twin was fighting for their life.
21:37:40 And their child ended up dying.
21:37:43 And the grief that that family was experiencing
21:37:46 without having any privacy, and my husband and I just
21:37:49 wanted to evaporate.
21:37:50 But our child was clinging to his own life.
21:37:53 So there we all sat invading each other's privacy but
21:37:58 totally understanding. So this expansion is so needed
21:38:00 and they do such a terrific job and it is such a
21:38:02 privilege to be here today to talk on behalf of NICU.
21:38:06 I know it's late.
21:38:08 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn for the record?

21:38:11 >>> I was sworn in.
21:38:11 I swear, I'm sworn in.
21:38:13 [ Laughter ]
21:38:17 >>> I deserved that.
21:38:19 >>> My name is Stewart Nelson, Palm Harbor, Florida.
21:38:21 Yes, I'm sworn in.
21:38:25 As everybody elaborated on, we went through the same
21:38:29 experience.
21:38:29 We spent 259 days in the hospital with our child in
21:38:33 four different hospitals.
21:38:34 The first was at St. Joseph's.
21:38:38 We spent eleven weeks there.
21:38:40 Then transferred across the street to spend another
21:38:43 nine or ten.
21:38:44 Very trying time.
21:38:48 Privacy is definitely an issue.
21:38:51 When you're in there and you're grieving for your
21:38:53 child and somebody is next to you, their child is in
21:38:56 there for maybe a few tests and observation, they are
21:39:01 laughing, they are happy, and your emotions, being
21:39:08 denied admittance to that facility, when you can't
21:39:15 come in, you get on IV.

21:39:17 Some of the procedure for whatever reason, you have to
21:39:20 sit out or maybe miss that four or five-hour period
21:39:26 and you have to go home again.
21:39:28 It's not a good situation. The other half, these
21:39:30 projects, talking about these rooms, private rooms,
21:39:33 made a world of difference in your privacy.
21:39:37 You're in a whole pot.
21:39:39 You're trying to feed your baby and you have got five,
21:39:42 six, seven people around watching.
21:39:45 It's tough.
21:39:45 So I hope that you approve it.
21:39:48 Thank you.
21:39:51 >> Dave Gats from Land O' Lakes.
21:39:58 Yes, I have been sworn in.
21:39:59 Two years ago, my son was born in the NICU.
21:40:03 They were born 26 weeks, just over a pound each.
21:40:07 My wife and I both -- we spent four months in the
21:40:12 NICU.
21:40:13 So and at the time we had a two-year-old daughter.
21:40:16 We were juggling a lot.
21:40:19 And it was a real problem for us having to go through
21:40:23 that with so many people around us, instead of having

21:40:28 privacy with our twins, being able to thereby, just
21:40:31 with our family, without a comfort, just being able to
21:40:36 take care of what was in front of us.
21:40:38 The staff there about D an excellent job.
21:40:41 The funny thing in the picture that you saw, you just
21:40:43 saw staff in those NICUs because so often, like
21:40:47 you've heard, either coming in or somebody is going
21:40:51 out, or procedures going on, where he was asked to
21:40:54 leave.
21:40:55 When you're working full time and trying to get in to
21:40:57 see your kids, at such great risk, it's demanding on
21:41:03 your time.
21:41:04 And the staff did everything they can.
21:41:07 But just giving them the room to operate, giving them
21:41:10 the facility to operate is such a needed part of what
21:41:16 we need to do in this society, to be successful.
21:41:20 The family is needed.
21:41:22 The hospital needs it.
21:41:23 And it's just the right thing to do.
21:41:25 It's just that simple.
21:41:28 Thanks.
21:41:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I was just going to say, our office

21:41:33 administrator at our law firm just went through the
21:41:35 same thing and thank goodness she was able to bring
21:41:38 her baby home from the NICU after, I think, a month or
21:41:42 two.
21:41:42 And he's doing great.
21:41:45 I think we are all on the same page on this.
21:41:47 Thanks for coming down.
21:41:50 >>ROSE FERLITA: Just echo the same sentiment
21:42:01 particularly to the last four speakers.
21:42:03 That's tough to go through that emotionally again and
21:42:05 to stay here so long just to tell us how much you
21:42:08 respect that facility, and at least three of us were
21:42:11 fortunate enough to witness some of the improvements
21:42:15 and the things that St. Joseph went through three
21:42:18 years ago, four years ago.
21:42:20 And with some of the leadership I took them up on the
21:42:26 offer to go to St. Joes and had a tour and spent quite
21:42:30 an amount of time there.
21:42:31 Being a pharmacist, being in health care, not that
21:42:33 somebody else can't appreciate it as well, but I was
21:42:36 most impressed.
21:42:36 And you guys do wonderful, wonderful service for this

21:42:41 community.
21:42:41 And it's a pleasure to be able to say yes to what
21:42:44 you're asking.
21:42:50 >> Is there a motion to close?
21:42:52 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We did.
21:42:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Oh, we did?
21:42:56 All in favor say Aye.
21:42:56 (Motion carried).
21:42:58 >>ROSE FERLITA: Ms. Alvarez, it is in your district.
21:43:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
21:43:05 >>ROSE FERLITA: Do we want top say second in unison?
21:43:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: A pleasure.
21:43:10 Because I was there for the first one.
21:43:11 And that was quite a battle.
21:43:13 So this one was easy.
21:43:15 Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general
21:43:17 vicinity of 3030 west Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
21:43:22 Boulevard in the city of Tampa, Florida and more
21:43:24 particularly described in section 1 from zoning
21:43:27 district classifications PD planned development,
21:43:30 hospital with medical office to PD, planned
21:43:31 development, hospital with medical office, providing

21:43:33 an effective date.
21:43:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Motion and second.
21:43:44 Passed unanimously.
21:43:48 Anything else before we close?
21:43:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, we do. We have Mr. Garcia from
21:43:53 the Planning Commission would like to address council
21:43:55 on an issue.
21:43:58 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
21:44:01 I was going to try to bring this to you earlier this
21:44:04 evening, but we went right into -- I thought you were
21:44:07 going to take a break after you did your CDBG so I
21:44:10 didn't get the opportunity to make this request
21:44:12 earlier.
21:44:13 As you all know, we have been going through the JLUS
21:44:16 stud study for the last year with the city.
21:44:19 We will be in the process.
21:44:20 We are now in the process of fast tracking.
21:44:23 As you know, last week, you approved transmittal of
21:44:26 the JLUS request for the plan amendments to the
21:44:29 Planning Commission.
21:44:30 We will be taking that on 9/11, ironically enough to
21:44:34 the Planning Commission.

21:44:35 We are trying to fast track this process in order to
21:44:38 bring it back to council by before the end of the
21:44:40 abatement which is February 5th.
21:44:42 Therefore, I'm requesting that part of our fast
21:44:46 tracking we are requesting that City Council listen to
21:44:51 the recommendation from the Planning Commission of the
21:44:53 date that we have, that we have set it in the time
21:44:56 line is September 21st.
21:44:58 I know that's an off night for you all.
21:45:00 But I know this morning, you have your hearings for
21:45:04 September 14th and September 28th.
21:45:06 Those are budget nights, also.
21:45:08 So this actually kind of works out rather well because
21:45:11 it's going to be heavy nights for you.
21:45:12 This is only going to take, I would think, at most 45
21:45:15 minutes to one hour, I'm guesstimating.
21:45:18 I think that's about all at this time going to take.
21:45:20 We would have to have it at 5:01.
21:45:22 We are asking for the date.
21:45:23 I'm asking council for the date of September 21st.
21:45:26 I think you all know the importance of this.
21:45:28 We will be sending out in excess of 3,000 notices to

21:45:32 the citizens in the South Tampa area south of Gandy
21:45:35 for this.
21:45:36 So that being said, I am formally requesting a public
21:45:40 hearing be set by council for September 21st for
21:45:42 the JLUS plan.
21:45:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
21:45:46 >>ROSE FERLITA: Second.
21:45:47 (Motion carried).
21:45:49 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So September 21st, 5:01 p.m.
21:45:53 >>TONY GARCIA: Yes, ma'am.
21:45:55 Thank you very much.
21:45:57 >> I thought you were going to ask us about the Latin
21:46:00 fiesta at the Fort Homerly that your dad did so many
21:46:05 years ago.
21:46:06 >> It's still there.
21:46:07 They still do it.
21:46:09 >>MARY ALVAREZ: They still do the --
21:46:12 >>> They do still do the Latin fiesta.
21:46:15 It was started there in the '40s.
21:46:17 >>ROSE FERLITA: Do you want some coffee?
21:46:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Commendation to a young gentleman,
21:46:25 max Weese for achieving eagle scout, and we'll be hand

21:46:32 delivering a commendation.
21:46:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Motion and second.
21:46:41 Thank you.
21:46:43 >> Motion and to file all documents.
21:46:47 [Motion Carried Unanimously]
21:46:48 We are now adjourned.
21:46:52 (meeting adjourned 9:47 p.m.)