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Tampa City Council
Thursday, October 12, 2006
6:00 p.m. session

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18:03:44 [Sounding gavel]
18:06:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
18:06:12 The chair will yield to Ms. Rose Ferlita.
18:06:17 >> Good evening.
18:06:18 Ladies and gentlemen, good evening as well.
18:06:21 It is my pleasure tonight, and Pastor Flowers is
18:06:24 excited to be here and I'm excited that she is here.
18:06:27 I'll just tell you a little about her.

18:06:30 Pastor Flowers is a graduate of Tampa Bible college
18:06:32 where she received her masters in Christian counseling
18:06:35 and theology.
18:06:36 She will be graduating in May of 07 with her doctorate
18:06:40 of Christian ministry.
18:06:41 She's a senior pastor of the Street Temple Outreach
18:06:44 Ministry and the founder of Raw Ministries, Inc.,
18:06:48 women pursuing excellence, her own personal
18:06:53 experiences growing up in a dysfunctional home.
18:06:58 She conducts community workshops in the City of Tampa
18:07:00 the third Saturday of every month empowering women to
18:07:03 reach their full potential in life.
18:07:05 She has been employed with the City of Tampa for one
18:07:07 year as a legal assistant in the city attorney's
18:07:09 office.
18:07:10 She was always recognized, in 1996 as a woman of Zion
18:07:16 and currently serves as a member of the Safe Alliance
18:07:19 of Tampa, Florida.
18:07:23 It is indeed my pleasure to ask you ladies and
18:07:25 gentlemen to please stand and join Pastor Flowers in
18:07:29 the invocation and please remain standing for the
18:07:32 pledge of allegiance.

18:07:35 Thank you very much.
18:07:36 >>> Dear heavenly father, we thank you for this day.
18:07:38 We thank you for your love and kindness and your
18:07:41 tender mercy that you have bestowed upon us all.
18:07:44 We come this evening and ask that you look on City
18:07:47 Council members.
18:07:48 We ask that you would give them wisdom in all the
18:07:50 decisions that they make for this great city and our
18:07:53 surrounding community.
18:07:54 We pray that you would bless our community, and that
18:07:57 you would protect our children and keep them from all
18:08:00 evil.
18:08:00 We pray for our government and ask that you bless them
18:08:03 and mercy upon our nation and we just ask you for all
18:08:07 things. In Jesus' name we pray.
18:08:09 Amen.
18:08:12 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
18:08:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
18:08:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
18:08:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
18:08:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
18:08:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.

18:08:40 >>GWEN MILLER: We have some unfinished business from
18:08:42 this morning.
18:08:42 Mr. Smith, would you come forward?
18:08:44 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
18:08:46 We are here first to address item number 66, and we
18:08:51 have a recommendation as to how we think you should
18:08:56 proceed on item 66.
18:08:57 And that is as follows:
18:08:59 We would suggest that you remand it to HPC for
18:09:05 reevaluation, reinitiation on a case-by-case basis.
18:09:09 That means each of the individual factories will be
18:09:13 evaluated on their own merits individually, rather
18:09:16 than as a group of 15.
18:09:17 And let me explain why.
18:09:23 Of the 15 we have five that never objected, never had
18:09:26 a problem with consent.
18:09:27 Those five should move forward with the process.
18:09:29 We have five represented by Mr. Grandoff who have
18:09:32 objected.
18:09:33 We had another five that were pro se that indicated
18:09:38 objection but we don't know the extent of their
18:09:40 concern.

18:09:41 Mr. Fernandez is confident that with the opportunity
18:09:42 to speak with these individual owners on a one-to-one
18:09:45 basis that he can convince them of some of the merits
18:09:49 of the program, and that some of the objections will
18:09:52 disappear, and those that do in fact want to go
18:09:55 forward can move forward.
18:09:57 One specific instance is the Balban factory.
18:10:02 I don't know which of the group of five it's in but
18:10:05 it's represented by Gordon Schiff.
18:10:08 They have already received a permit to destroy some
18:10:12 ancillary buildings that were added much later.
18:10:14 In fact the removal of those buildings added to the
18:10:17 historical perspective of the building.
18:10:20 That's clearly one factory that wants to move forward.
18:10:22 It seems anomalous to allow this process to continue
18:10:26 as a group of 15 when you have five and maybe at least
18:10:29 six that want to move forward, and probably half,
18:10:33 another four or five, that when they receive more
18:10:35 information with respect to the program might want to
18:10:38 move forward.
18:10:39 So to hold up all 15 doesn't seem to make a lot of
18:10:43 sense.

18:10:43 Let's try to do what we can to preserve those
18:10:46 factories that are prepared to move forward now, give
18:10:48 those who are advocates to meet with these owners, and
18:10:52 the staff, on a one-to-one basis, to possibly convince
18:10:56 them of the merits of the program, perhaps consent
18:11:00 becomes a non-issue.
18:11:02 So we think that's the appropriate thing to do with
18:11:03 regard to item number 66.
18:11:06 Take it, remand it back to HPC for that kind of
18:11:09 treatment and consideration.
18:11:10 And then we can discuss your ordinance on a
18:11:13 stand-alone basis.
18:11:15 Dennis Fernandez is here, also.
18:11:17 And I think he would probably like to say something
18:11:19 briefly about that.
18:11:24 >>DENNIS FERNANDEZ: Historic preservation manager.
18:11:26 I had suggested this opportunity to revisit the
18:11:32 factories.
18:11:33 Essentially, we have had some changes in our
18:11:38 incentives through the historic preservation which
18:11:40 originally began three years ago.
18:11:42 One of those is the historic trust fund which now

18:11:45 exists to provide low interest loans to many of these
18:11:47 factories in these target areas.
18:11:49 And I would like the opportunity to meet with some of
18:11:51 the factory owners, and from a different perspective
18:11:55 explain the program and clear up some of the
18:11:57 misconceptions that we have experienced throughout
18:11:58 this process and even today.
18:12:01 Thank you.
18:12:04 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I agree with that.
18:12:05 I think it's a great idea.
18:12:07 Too bad we didn't think of it a couple years ago or
18:12:10 even February because this is exactly what I have been
18:12:12 looking for.
18:12:13 So I will support that.
18:12:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I make the motion that number 66 be
18:12:21 remanded back.
18:12:26 >>> Can I be heard on the motion?
18:12:28 >>GWEN MILLER: It's not open but --
18:12:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's a continued public hearing.
18:12:34 I believe it would be appropriate for people to speak
18:12:36 to the motion.
18:12:38 >>GWEN MILLER: If they have already spoken can they

18:12:40 speak again?
18:12:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You have a different motion on the
18:12:43 floor.
18:12:44 It's a motion to continue.
18:12:45 You have a motion to remand with a specific
18:12:47 instruction, which is something that -- to speak
18:12:57 specifically to that action.
18:12:57 And I guess they could have no more than three
18:13:00 minutes.
18:13:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Shelby, we had a public hearing
18:13:06 on what was before us, which is what we are going to
18:13:08 do with the cigar factories.
18:13:11 People got to speak for three minutes on that.
18:13:13 Council didn't take any action.
18:13:15 We continued it.
18:13:17 The public each had a chance to speak and make their
18:13:20 point.
18:13:22 Now it's in council's lap.
18:13:24 When we have a zoning decision, we --
18:13:31 >> Now you're on item 66.
18:13:32 You were on the ordinance this morning.
18:13:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You're right.

18:13:43 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: I'll be very brief.
18:13:44 On the motion on the remand.
18:13:46 I have five parties in this issue.
18:13:50 I agree with Mr. Smith of the recommendation.
18:13:55 To remand back to the HPC but still want to be very up
18:13:59 front, that they request that the ordinance be passed,
18:14:03 requiring owner consent.
18:14:06 Then we talked forward --
18:14:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, we have a motion.
18:14:15 Anyone else in the public want to speak on item 66?
18:14:21 >> Second the motion.
18:14:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Mover to close and second.
18:14:26 (Motion Carried).
18:14:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to remand back.
18:14:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: As per Mr. Smith's comment?
18:14:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
18:14:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
18:14:35 (Motion carried)
18:14:39 Anything else?
18:14:40 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney again.
18:14:43 As you recall, we had a 3-3 vote.
18:14:47 Previously, I believe the motion was a motion by Mr.

18:14:50 Dingfelder, seconded by Mrs. Saul-Sena, to approve
18:14:52 what was essentially the third item approach, which
18:14:56 was to add consent as a factor to the approval and
18:15:02 review of the opportunity to designate a landmark site
18:15:07 that was not included within an historic district.
18:15:10 The only person who was not present at the time was
18:15:13 Ms. Ferlita.
18:15:14 That doesn't mean those who voted aren't free to
18:15:17 reconsider their vote but at least Ms. Ferlita has not
18:15:19 been heard at all.
18:15:20 So that's where you were, and you continued that to
18:15:23 this evening to give Ms. Ferlita an opportunity to be
18:15:26 heard.
18:15:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just a point of clarification.
18:15:29 David, I know you are trying to keep this brief.
18:15:31 But option 3 included the item of consent but also
18:15:36 included the other --
18:15:39 >>DAVID SMITH: It added consent three different ways.
18:15:41 Consent of the abstract, how long you own the
18:15:45 property, and we dealt with economic hardship, which
18:15:48 is typically a motivation for consent or nonconsent.
18:15:51 And a third issue dealt with the availability of

18:15:53 incentives or mitigation.
18:15:56 And mitigating designation which helps to go
18:16:01 ameliorate.
18:16:03 So they are all dealing with the issue of addressing
18:16:05 property owners concerns, hearing the property owner
18:16:08 and trying to resolve those issues as part of your
18:16:11 ordinance, and giving both HPC and this council the
18:16:14 opportunity to consider those factors when they
18:16:17 revisit the issue of designation.
18:16:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: And also the opposing side wanted to
18:16:29 have the opponent initiate it because I am of the -- I
18:16:36 feel that it should be owner initiated, and if you
18:16:39 give the owner -- if it's owner initiated you don't
18:16:43 need consent because it's automatically consented to.
18:16:46 >>DAVID SMITH: Yes, ma'am, that was the other
18:16:49 discussion. That was level two.
18:16:50 With the first level being opt out which we had
18:16:52 recommended against for legal reasons and I don't
18:16:54 think anybody has gone in that direction so we won't
18:16:57 spend time on that.
18:16:59 >>ROSE FERLITA: I am going to tray to make this as
18:17:01 quickly as I can.

18:17:02 As quick as I can.
18:17:04 But when I left today at noon, I had one comment and I
18:17:06 want to make that comment.
18:17:07 But before I do that, I had left a memo for the
18:17:11 chairman.
18:17:11 And I'm sure that it was accidentally overlooked.
18:17:18 No, but -- excuse me, excuse me.
18:17:19 Wait a minute.
18:17:20 The memo said to chairman Gwen Miller, please read
18:17:24 into the record in my behalf immediately upon
18:17:27 convening the 1:30 p.m. session of the Tampa City
18:17:30 Council meeting.
18:17:31 I believe that was said.
18:17:33 Public safety chair, to attend memorial service to be
18:17:37 held this afternoon for Tampa firefighter John Del
18:17:44 bond.
18:17:44 I will be in attendance at the 1:30 meeting.
18:17:49 I understand this was not read simply because there
18:17:52 were people in the audience that were very passionate
18:17:55 for or against.
18:17:56 I didn't want anybody to think I was leaving for no
18:17:59 appropriate reason.

18:17:59 So I'm sorry that did not get read at 1:30 because I
18:18:03 understand there were concerns about where Rose
18:18:05 Ferlita was.
18:18:06 Rose Ferlita was acting as public safety chairman
18:18:08 someplace else.
18:18:09 When I left I raised my hand, at the same time we
18:18:12 decided that we were going to break for lunch, and I
18:18:14 had an appointment as well, and Mr. Dingfelder said, I
18:18:18 think I want to recognize the courage that a previous
18:18:22 council had, and they had to make that tough decision
18:18:25 to make the Ybor City historic district, and in fact
18:18:30 that does take courage when you want to make some
18:18:32 precedent and you go there.
18:18:35 Mr. Dingfelder -- and this is not against Mr.
18:18:37 Dingfelder but of course Mr. Dingfelder's position on
18:18:39 courage would probably be aligning with what his
18:18:42 position was on this ordinance.
18:18:44 And I was about to say, when I had to leave, that
18:18:47 being a third generation Tampa person, for me, courage
18:18:51 to look at what I think and way respect as
18:18:53 preservation, my dad's bakery in Ybor City as an
18:18:56 example, and weigh that against property rights.

18:18:59 So I'm having a dilemma just like I'm sure the rest of
18:19:03 you had today.
18:19:04 And just want to put that on the record because nobody
18:19:06 is taking this lightly and I don't believe anybody
18:19:08 thinks we are.
18:19:09 That being said, because I was at this memorial
18:19:12 service, and because I was very surprised to
18:19:14 understand that there was another two hours worth of
18:19:16 dialogue or testimony, however you want to categorize
18:19:20 it, I don't want to be in a position to hurry and vote
18:19:23 tonight.
18:19:23 I know that it's not a quasi-judicial.
18:19:26 I know that I don't have to listen to the tape.
18:19:29 I have asked to listen to the tape.
18:19:30 I have ordered the tape.
18:19:32 And I am not prepared to vote tonight.
18:19:35 That's Ferlita's position.
18:19:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
18:19:38 In that case, I think we should certainly afford you
18:19:41 the opportunity to do that.
18:19:42 And I would ask for the courtesy of my fellow council
18:19:45 members, to afford me the opportunity to be here when

18:19:49 we have the vote.
18:19:50 I will not be here next week.
18:19:51 So I would prefer the week of the 26th.
18:19:55 >>ROSE FERLITA: And I don't have any problem with
18:19:56 that.
18:19:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion would be to continue this
18:20:00 to the 26th under unfinished business.
18:20:06 >>CHAIRMAN: Question on the motion.
18:20:08 Mr. Shelby?
18:20:12 >> I believe you waived the rule to be heard tonight.
18:20:14 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to continue
18:20:19 until the 26th of October, unfinished business.
18:20:24 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:20:25 Opposed, Nay.
18:20:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's in the morning.
18:20:29 >>CHAIRMAN: Yes.
18:20:31 Staff, we are going to go to the agenda and see what
18:20:33 we have.
18:20:53 Would you go through the ones being continued, please?
18:20:55 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Good evening.
18:21:18 I'll clear the agenda with you tonight.
18:21:21 First, item number 1, 06-09, C 06-09, that is a

18:21:28 vacating that goes with the union station.
18:21:30 Rezoning number -- actually item number 13.
18:21:38 Both of those, they are asking for a continuance.
18:21:41 They are asking for a continuance to the date of
18:21:44 December 14th to work out some staff concerns.
18:21:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Open item number 1 and 13.
18:21:51 >> So moved.
18:21:52 >> Second.
18:21:52 (Motion carried).
18:21:52 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to continue.
18:21:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Hang on.
18:21:56 Is there anyone in the public that came to speak on
18:21:58 item 1 or 13?
18:21:59 You can speak on the continuance.
18:22:01 Anyone in the public want to speak on the continuance?
18:22:04 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to continue.
18:22:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to continue.
18:22:07 (Motion carried) 6 p.m.
18:22:12 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Next item number 6, V 06-43,
18:22:24 they misnoticed, cannot be heard tonight.
18:22:26 The petitioner did come pay their amendment fee and
18:22:28 they would like to continue to the first available

18:22:30 date which I have as February 8th, 6 p.m.
18:22:41 >> So moved.
18:22:43 >> Second.
18:22:43 (Motion carried).
18:22:44 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Item number 7.
18:22:49 V 06-102.
18:22:53 There's a couple additions to the situation.
18:22:57 We ask that council waive the fee.
18:23:01 There was staff error.
18:23:02 They were given wrong information.
18:23:05 And that caused the misnotice.
18:23:07 We are also asking, because of administrative error,
18:23:12 if council might waive the rule for the November
18:23:16 30th meeting and add them to that night.
18:23:18 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a reminder for the November
18:23:21 30th meeting you will only have five members of
18:23:24 council.
18:23:28 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: If it helps at all the case is
18:23:30 a single family existing home that they are turning
18:23:32 into a professional office.
18:23:34 There are no additions.
18:23:35 It's the same footprint.

18:23:38 No staff objection.
18:23:39 >> So moved.
18:23:40 >> Second.
18:23:40 (Motion carried).
18:23:41 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: The next item would be V
18:23:48 06-105.
18:23:50 They are asking for -- they sent a letter to the
18:23:54 clerk's office asking for a continuance to October
18:23:56 22nd -- October 26th.
18:24:00 They already got their vacating petition, or drier
18:24:06 petition for that night.
18:24:09 >>THE CLERK: You need to open the public hearing.
18:24:12 >> We have a motion and second to open number 9.
18:24:15 (Motion carried)
18:24:16 Is there anyone in the public that came to speak on
18:24:18 item 9?
18:24:18 If you are here you can speak on the continuance.
18:24:25 >> Move to continue.
18:24:26 >> To the 26th at 6 p.m.
18:24:28 >> Second.
18:24:28 (Motion carried).
18:24:28 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Item number 11.

18:24:32 V 06-108.
18:24:33 They did misnotice.
18:24:35 They have paid their amendment fee.
18:24:36 The first available date for their case would be
18:24:38 February 8, '07, 6 p.m.
18:24:41 >> So moved.
18:24:42 >> Second.
18:24:43 (Motion carried).
18:24:43 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: And then item number 14 is the
18:24:50 same.
18:24:50 I'm sorry, I should have had that at the same time as
18:24:56 the V 06-105 item.
18:24:58 That is the DRI.
18:25:00 And that is also -- I believe already scheduled for
18:25:04 October 26 so I don't know that there's anything you
18:25:07 have to do there.
18:25:08 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Remove from the agenda then.
18:25:13 >> Do we need a motion to remove it?
18:25:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion to remove it, item number 14.
18:25:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to remove it.
18:25:20 >> Second.
18:25:21 (Motion carried).

18:25:21 Ment.
18:25:27 >> How about item 13?
18:25:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Item 13 was done already.
18:25:32 That's it?
18:25:33 Okay.
18:25:34 Is there anyone in the public going to speak on items
18:25:38 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12 and 15?
18:25:49 Would you please stand and raise your right hand?
18:25:52 (Oath administered by Clerk).
18:26:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Ladies and gentlemen, I have been
18:26:10 informed that the Mascotte room on the first floor is
18:26:13 open and available.
18:26:14 We have television coverage, to let you know if you
18:26:16 don't wish to be standing, you're invited to watch it
18:26:20 downstairs on the first floor.
18:26:22 Secondly, I would ask council that all written
18:26:25 communication relative to tonight's hearings that have
18:26:27 been available for public inspection at City Council's
18:26:29 office be received and filed into the record at this
18:26:32 time.
18:26:34 >>THE CLERK: I have received some documents.
18:26:36 >>CHAIRMAN: Motion and second.

18:26:37 (Motion carried).
18:26:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Secondly -- thirdly, if any members
18:26:41 of council had any verbal communication with any
18:26:43 petitioner, his or her representative, or any member
18:26:45 of the public in connection with any of tonight's
18:26:47 hearing, please, council members, disclose prior to
18:26:50 action the person or persons, group or entity with
18:26:52 whom the verbal communication occurred, and the
18:26:54 substance of that verbal communication.
18:26:57 Finally, we have a lot of people in the audience which
18:27:01 causes me to take drastic action.
18:27:03 I brought out my red hat.
18:27:04 What it says on it is, have you been sworn?
18:27:07 This was a gift, and I use it in very serious
18:27:11 circumstances.
18:27:12 For those of you who will be testifying tonight, for
18:27:14 the purposes of the record, when you state your name,
18:27:16 please reaffirm that you have been sworn.
18:27:20 There is a little sign to remind you.
18:27:21 And if you should forget rather than interrupt the
18:27:26 flow of the evening, I will wear the red hat.
18:27:31 Please spare me the embarrassment and we appreciate

18:27:34 your cooperation.
18:27:35 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to kind of change the
18:27:38 agenda tonight because Ms. Saul-Sena has leave at
18:27:43 seven and she wants to be here for number 5.
18:27:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Is that by unanimous consent, Madam
18:27:50 Chairman?
18:27:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I guess so.
18:27:54 We have a motion and second to start with number 5.
18:28:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
18:28:07 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: I have been sworn.
18:28:38 I'm with land development.
18:28:41 This rezoning is going from a CDB 2, central business
18:28:47 district, to a CBD2.
18:28:49 It is a site located that many of you are familiar
18:28:55 with, Kennedy and Ashley.
18:29:04 On the Elmo, this is Ashley, the site right here.
18:29:08 If you want to take a look at the aerial.
18:29:11 Kennedy Boulevard.
18:29:13 Ashley street.
18:29:14 This is the proposed site.
18:29:18 The address is 100 West Kennedy Boulevard.
18:29:24 And the petitioner is requesting the zoning change in

18:29:27 order to be able to construct a mixed use building.
18:29:30 The building will have 215 residential units, 6,606
18:29:34 square feet of lobby, cafe exhibit area.
18:29:38 18,000-plus square feet of storage.
18:29:41 And 16,000 plus square feet of amenities.
18:29:45 The height, the maximum height, 590 feet, with 50
18:29:49 stories.
18:29:49 The floor area ratio is 28.3.
18:29:53 The building is on the southwest corner of Kennedy and
18:29:56 Boulevard as I showed you on the aerial adjacent to
18:29:58 the Hillsborough River.
18:30:00 10 out of the 50 stories will be dedicated for parking
18:30:03 garage.
18:30:03 The front entrance will be oriented towards Ashley
18:30:06 street, to the north of Cass, to the east is Tampa, to
18:30:12 the south is Polk.
18:30:14 I'm sorry, disregard everything past Ashley street.
18:30:17 The residential tower will be set back.
18:30:19 Petitioner is committed to meeting the public art
18:30:21 requirement for the central business district.
18:30:24 And actively pursuing options.
18:30:27 They have also committed to build the riverwalk.

18:30:32 I do have a letter from Lee Hoffmann, who is the
18:30:35 riverwalk development manager.
18:30:38 He asked that I read it into the record.
18:30:40 It states that the developer's representative has been
18:30:41 very supportive of the riverwalk and will provide for
18:30:44 the construction of their portion of the riverwalk, on
18:30:48 the waterside of the project.
18:30:51 In addition to providing access to the riverwalk, via
18:30:55 staircase from Kennedy Boulevard, the project is
18:30:58 committed to provide ADA access from Kennedy via
18:31:02 elevator.
18:31:03 We believe the project will contribute significantly
18:31:06 to the development of the riverwalk and will provide
18:31:08 pedestrian access for all the people.
18:31:13 As you look at the staff report, you will see eight
18:31:16 different waivers.
18:31:18 I can read them to you.
18:31:20 They are asking a waiver to build the property line
18:31:24 along Hillsborough River frontage, to allow access for
18:31:28 service vehicles to maneuver in the right-of-way, to
18:31:30 allow for one loading berth instead of five, to allow
18:31:34 for the reduction of off-street parking for semi truck

18:31:38 maneuvering.
18:31:38 They are asking for a waiver to reduce the amount of
18:31:41 public open space, required by 13%.
18:31:45 They are asking to allow the reduction of
18:31:47 streetscaping trees along the right-of-way.
18:31:51 And they are asking for a reduction for the palm trees
18:31:56 to be planted instead of a shade tree along Ashley
18:31:58 drive, and a waiver to the tree safety requirement for
18:32:01 the corner of Kennedy and Ashley due to site
18:32:04 visibility constraints.
18:32:07 They are asking for a waiver to allow for 75 parking
18:32:12 spaces, 18-foot to wall, and 50 feet 8-inch module
18:32:18 with wall, instead of the required 19.7.
18:32:28 Under objection, land development.
18:32:31 The proposed intensity of this project is 28 floor
18:32:34 area ratio which is one of the highest in the CBD
18:32:38 districts.
18:32:39 As a comparison if you look at the Hillsborough County
18:32:43 prayer record that indicates the Bank of America site
18:32:45 at 101 East Kennedy at 20, and 401 north Ashley street
18:32:52 at 18.
18:32:55 Staff feels the site is located on a very congested

18:32:59 intersection of downtown, and it is currently one of
18:33:02 the most difficult intersections for pedestrians to
18:33:05 cross.
18:33:06 Staff is strongly concerned that the intensity of the
18:33:09 proposed development, along with many waivers, related
18:33:13 to vehicle movement and access to the site, will
18:33:15 create a worse condition.
18:33:17 The petitioner did submit a parking template to
18:33:21 demonstrate in a manner in which the parking garage
18:33:23 will function.
18:33:23 The proposed way out, staff feels, does not function
18:33:26 per section 27.246, that the drivers will be forced to
18:33:31 maneuver their vehicles in very tight confined parking
18:33:34 space and drive aisles, while causing a reduction in
18:33:37 the number of spaces.
18:33:40 Staff felt the layout should be redesigned, and that
18:33:42 the parking could function closer to the code
18:33:45 requirement.
18:33:46 We based part of our parking requirements, or
18:33:50 concerns, on transportation objections.
18:33:53 We have heard today, gotten an e-mail, the
18:33:56 transportation manager has removed the objections to

18:33:58 the parking functionality based on a meeting, I
18:34:02 believe a field meeting.
18:34:05 Land development objects according to section 27.441,
18:34:11 streetscape.
18:34:14 They are asking for waiver from planting trees in the
18:34:16 right-of-way.
18:34:17 In addition the area in front of the building are
18:34:18 actually -- a pedestrian walkway.
18:34:22 It will have instruction maneuvering within this area.
18:34:25 We also object to -- they are asking for a waiver
18:34:28 planting on streetscape.
18:34:30 And we are objecting to that requirement to design
18:34:32 standards.
18:34:37 Land development, landscaping, they have one
18:34:40 objection.
18:34:40 And that they are asking for the reduce the three tree
18:34:46 requirement along Ashley street to one, and a waiver
18:34:50 to the City of Tampa code, number of trees required at
18:34:55 1 to 4 linear feet so throws an objection there.
18:34:58 Greenways and trails, there was a comment about
18:35:01 providing an elevator along the riverwalk.
18:35:04 However, through the letter of Cindy Hoffmann it has

18:35:10 been removed because they provided to -- committed to
18:35:14 provide an elevator.
18:35:17 Transportation had an objection, and that has been
18:35:18 removed.
18:35:21 Wilson Stair on your staff record showed objection.
18:35:24 After meeting with the developer, petitioner, those
18:35:27 have been removed.
18:35:29 Hartline had an objection.
18:35:30 They didn't quite understand -- they objected to the
18:35:33 maneuvering of the right-of-way.
18:35:36 And I will explain on their behalf why they objected.
18:35:39 And how it was cleared.
18:35:51 This is actually the property line.
18:35:54 And this is the service entrance and this is the main
18:36:01 entrance of the residential unit.
18:36:06 Petitioner is proposing to have it function as an
18:36:11 entrance and the trucks will maneuver within this
18:36:15 right-of-way area.
18:36:17 And they were going to be maneuvering out on Ashley.
18:36:23 Since then they have met and they no longer have
18:36:28 objections to that.
18:36:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Have our transportation folks

18:36:41 signed off on that maneuvering off that location?
18:36:48 I mean, maybe you could do a small truck.
18:36:51 But you Shirley can't maneuver a semi, when people are
18:36:55 moving in and out of the building, and they have a
18:36:58 semi, a moving van or whatever.
18:37:02 What are they doing?
18:37:04 Limit it to moving in and out at night, or midnight or
18:37:07 something?
18:37:10 >>> Melanie Calloway, transportation.
18:37:11 I have been sworn.
18:37:14 Actually, this portion of Ashley between Kennedy and
18:37:18 Jackson is under the jurisdiction of D.O.T.
18:37:23 Petitioner has spoken to FDOT and they did provide me
18:37:26 with a copy of an.
18:37:28 E-mail saying FDOT would okay the maneuvering of the
18:37:31 truck.
18:37:37 In this area.
18:37:39 Solid waste was also copied on that e-mail.
18:37:43 I never got a confirmation from solid waste.
18:37:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That doesn't answer my semi
18:38:00 question at all.
18:38:04 >>> So that's solid waste.

18:38:05 They are asking for a waiver.
18:38:07 They use this area for a semi to maneuver in for the
18:38:10 debris.
18:38:11 They said they would consider limiting it for hours of
18:38:21 doing that.
18:38:22 >>> The site plan you have in front of you shows very
18:38:25 little, but it does show forward, and removable.
18:38:34 I understand petitioner would like to us submit one
18:38:37 which shows a retractible.
18:38:42 Also, I believe on the site plan it talks about
18:38:45 providing a security person, security guard, that when
18:38:49 these trucks would come in, they would be there to
18:38:55 change the boards and remove them and to be on hand
18:38:57 when they back out to make sure that there's no
18:39:00 pedestrians, motor vehicle conflict.
18:39:03 The petitioner can speak further to that.
18:39:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Did the FDOT say anything about maybe
18:39:16 realigning Ashley drive?
18:39:19 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: I know that they had several
18:39:20 meetings with FDOT.
18:39:22 FDOT ultimately signed off saying that they have no
18:39:25 objections to this.

18:39:26 I do know that currently there is a service area there
18:39:29 currently.
18:39:31 This is going to provide a much more dense project, we
18:39:34 believe, you know, 28 cars for your ratio, 215 units.
18:39:40 I do know that FDOT signed off.
18:39:42 That's all I know.
18:39:45 If I can continue with findings of facts.
18:39:50 We do feel this project meets the central business
18:39:52 district requirements as far as, you know, section
18:39:56 27-441, under the paving for streetscape, and they are
18:40:03 doing a lot of the public art criteria.
18:40:06 They have met that criteria.
18:40:08 Under the public open space design, they meet the
18:40:12 standards even though they are asking for a waiver of
18:40:14 a portion of it.
18:40:15 They are committed to build the riverwalk.
18:40:22 And I think that's it on our presentation.
18:40:26 If you want to hear from Planning Commission.
18:40:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you have anything to say?
18:40:32 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
18:40:43 I have been sworn in.
18:40:43 I won't take as long.

18:40:52 Just several facts regarding this particular site.
18:40:54 It is located within the central business district.
18:40:55 The central business district is your most intense
18:40:58 land use category within your comp plan.
18:41:00 There's no F.A.R. restriction.
18:41:02 There is no density restriction.
18:41:03 So basically it's a compatibility issue.
18:41:07 What is significant about this site, of course, it
18:41:10 would contribute if it were able to be developed as a
18:41:15 significant contribution to the downtown area.
18:41:21 That is a fact of course.
18:41:22 The only other thing I think would be of importance is
18:41:25 to note that most of the density that is occurring,
18:41:27 that has been approved, your most intense developments
18:41:30 in the central business district, currently have been
18:41:32 approved south of Kennedy Boulevard.
18:41:33 All of your most intense buildings have been located
18:41:36 south of Kennedy Boulevard.
18:41:38 So in regards to what the development potential is
18:41:41 over here, it basically is, I guess, the central
18:41:45 business district, the sky is the limit based upon
18:41:47 what compatibility is.

18:41:49 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
18:41:51 proposed request.
18:41:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
18:41:57 >>DAVID MECHANIK: 305 south Boulevard.
18:42:00 Here on behalf of the applicant, Mike Scarfia,
18:42:06 Gibralter Development.
18:42:08 We have with me and Alfonso, architects, and Michael
18:42:12 English of Wilson Miller.
18:42:14 Before I begin, I apparently need to ask -- and I have
18:42:18 been sworn in.
18:42:19 I need to ask for a waiver of the rule.
18:42:22 We have prepared a brief PowerPoint and video
18:42:25 presentation.
18:42:26 And we apparently got a mix-up and asked the wrong
18:42:31 department for approval, but I understand that with
18:42:33 council's indulgence this evening, we can present that
18:42:37 presentation.
18:42:38 It is ready to go and has been reviewed by the I.T.
18:42:42 department.
18:42:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
18:42:45 >> I have a motion and second.
18:42:46 (Motion carried).

18:42:46 >>DAVID MECHANIK: I will move quickly, because I do
18:42:49 want Mr. Alfonso to have an opportunity to do his
18:42:53 presentation.
18:42:54 I would like to just speak to some of the staff
18:42:57 comments.
18:42:58 While the F.F.A.R. appears to be a high number as
18:43:02 compared to the Bank of America Plaza, the number is
18:43:07 high because our land area is about one quarter of the
18:43:10 size of the land area of the Bank of America Plaza.
18:43:14 So mathematically, it appears to be a higher number.
18:43:17 But as you can see on the model, the building is
18:43:19 actually somewhat smaller, shorter, and smaller than
18:43:24 that building.
18:43:25 So from a compatibility standpoint, it certainly is
18:43:29 appropriate and fits in with the area.
18:43:32 You heard some comments about the intersection being
18:43:34 difficult for pedestrians.
18:43:35 I think we can all acknowledge it's a difficult
18:43:40 intersection.
18:43:41 And I am going to have Mr. Elton Smith speak to this.
18:43:45 But we are actually reducing the amount of traffic
18:43:47 that's being generated from this site.

18:43:50 So we will be improving the function of this
18:43:52 intersection.
18:43:53 We are not going to make it wonderful.
18:43:55 It's still going to have some difficulty.
18:43:57 But we are not contributing to that particular
18:43:59 problem.
18:44:00 And we believe that the staff comments should be taken
18:44:05 with that consideration in mind.
18:44:09 And, finally, I would like to clarify, and Mr. LaMotte
18:44:12 is here, we did show that our parking layout worked
18:44:16 through a physical demonstration.
18:44:18 And I believe Mr. Alfonso, and of course Mr. LaMotte
18:44:22 is here to speak to that.
18:44:23 I would like to have Mr. Alfonso to give his
18:44:29 presentation.
18:44:29 >> Albert Alfonso, Alfonso architects.
18:44:34 I have been sworn in.
18:44:36 With that, we have a little PowerPoint presentation to
18:44:39 show you and we'll get through some of the issues that
18:44:42 are sort of redundant.
18:44:43 What I can say is after staff comments, we have been
18:44:47 working with staff, and some of the issues that were

18:44:52 raised in the commentary, we have no objection to.
18:44:56 And we would love to talk about them today.
18:44:58 It's a matter of not being able to change the site
18:45:01 plan for this hearing.
18:45:03 So we have no problem with landscape issues, and
18:45:06 things like that.
18:45:07 So with that, we are very excited about this project.
18:45:11 This project is a catalyst for residential development
18:45:17 along what we feel is the performing arts and the
18:45:22 cultural arts district, and we feel it's going to add
18:45:25 a great push of residential units to the north.
18:45:30 With that maybe we can get into the PowerPoint.
18:45:33 We all know the site that is at the apex of Kennedy
18:45:38 and Ashley.
18:45:40 This is the existing condition that is not a good
18:45:44 condition right now.
18:45:44 There are two active driveways, both on the north and
18:45:49 the south of the site along Ashley, and we feel that
18:45:52 we are basically making one active driveway and we are
18:45:58 making one a loading dock, so we feel we are greatly
18:46:02 improving the current condition.
18:46:03 This is just kind of an early sketch that we made that

18:46:05 talks about this item, the Gateway site into downtown.
18:46:10 We feel just from an architectural standpoint,
18:46:12 amassing standpoint, as far as the chest pieces on the
18:46:16 table here for downtown density, this piece is sort of
18:46:20 the missing link coming down Kennedy, providing a
18:46:23 great gateway site along Kennedy Boulevard.
18:46:27 So this is how the project begins to lay out.
18:46:31 The project is two sort of shifting rectangles, one
18:46:35 solid to the south which takes care of some control
18:46:38 for the residential units, and then the one to the
18:46:40 north which is this view has great views, urban views,
18:46:45 to the university of Tampa, and with our great Florida
18:46:48 sun you don't have to protect the north glass, so we
18:46:50 have chosen to make that a much lighter, weightless
18:46:54 piece of architecture.
18:46:56 Getting into -- well, you guys can't see that.
18:47:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, we can.
18:47:27 The site, as it sits right here, this is where the two
18:47:33 active driveways are currently.
18:47:35 And this area right here is just one big large paving
18:47:39 area.
18:47:40 And what we have been doing, working with city staff,

18:47:42 and really Gloria and Wilson Stair heavily defining
18:47:47 where the pedestrian areas are, and also providing
18:47:50 sort of a holding area here for people sort of
18:47:53 crossing the street.
18:47:54 This will be a very limited use, delivery, loading
18:48:01 dock, which we had talked with Gloria about possibly
18:48:03 doing it in non-pedestrian time, in the midmorning,
18:48:08 mid afternoon, we are willing to sort of put that into
18:48:12 a motion, a development motion.
18:48:14 So we are very open to not creating a service problem
18:48:19 here.
18:48:22 We went to D.O.T.
18:48:23 We had meetings with D.O.T.
18:48:24 And we got them and transportation to sort of agree on
18:48:28 a situation here where to get trucks, specifically
18:48:35 solid waste trucks off of Ashley, they could be pulled
18:48:38 in and these could be sort of retractible that would
18:48:41 be pressed by a button, by a 24 hour guard.
18:48:44 Okay. The big concern for D.O.T. is they did not want
18:48:47 what the current movement is on the site right now
18:48:50 with people coming in from the north and they exit to
18:48:53 the south and we are stopping that movement right now.

18:48:55 So as far as just sort of ground floor uses that we
18:48:59 are providing, this is the little museum, gallery use
18:49:04 here.
18:49:04 We are activating the riverwalk with a cafe use here.
18:49:09 And sort of a balcony here that looks out on the
18:49:12 riverwalk that hovers above some of these, you are
18:49:15 going to see in three dimensional forms so you will be
18:49:18 able to see them a lot clearer.
18:49:24 This is sort of the urban stair that we are
18:49:26 contributing to get the public down to a very pivotal
18:49:29 connection point or stopping point before they make
18:49:32 that long cross across the parking garage at 400
18:49:35 Ashley.
18:49:39 I'd like to sort of get through the presentation, and
18:49:42 then we can talk specific.
18:49:51 The developer is making a very large commitment to
18:49:54 public art on this project.
18:49:56 We have been working with Robin Nigh.
18:49:58 And I just wanted to sort of touch on this.
18:50:01 We saw the project really is the living room of our
18:50:04 city.
18:50:04 And so we are treating this project really as the

18:50:09 completion of that intersection.
18:50:11 And so we have, through another project I'm doing a
18:50:15 museum I'm doing for Dale Jahuley, talking about doing
18:50:21 a chandelier for the city which I will show you in
18:50:23 three dimensional form along glass chandelier.
18:50:26 We have been talking to Jim Rosenquist about the
18:50:28 possibility of doing a billboard-style graphic on the
18:50:31 building.
18:50:32 We are talking -- Robin has some wonderful lighting
18:50:36 artists for Lights on Tampa that she's talking about
18:50:38 activating the perimeter of the parking garage along
18:50:42 the riverwalk.
18:50:43 So the reason why we just wanted to mention this is
18:50:46 because the developer is making sort of an above and
18:50:51 beyond commitment to public art, to make sure that the
18:50:53 streetscape is really activated, so at the end of the
18:50:56 day the building can be a beautiful graphic on the
18:50:58 skyline.
18:50:59 But if it's not activated at the streetscape,
18:51:02 especially at this location, then it's not a
18:51:04 successful project.
18:51:08 These are the locations for public art.

18:51:10 We have five major locations.
18:51:13 And we can come back to those details later, if you
18:51:15 would like.
18:51:17 Again these are just elevations of the project.
18:51:24 Back to sort of ground floor, really activating the
18:51:27 Kennedy elevation.
18:51:29 This is the elevation here, where we are bringing in
18:51:32 really high-end materials, marble, with a lot of
18:51:35 patterning.
18:51:36 This is a big gallery space, with this large piece of
18:51:40 public art overhead.
18:51:41 We thought this would be a nice place to put some kind
18:51:43 of statuary, something, a gateway coming over the
18:51:48 bridge.
18:51:49 Then trying to respond to some of the urban connection
18:51:53 that this site gives us.
18:51:56 This is how the site would look, where you can see it
18:51:59 cranks to the north -- cranks to the east at an angle.
18:52:03 So when you're sitting at the light, looking down, you
18:52:06 can sort of see this beautiful chandelier and we think
18:52:12 it's a nice urban gesture.
18:52:18 This is the intersection.

18:52:21 Again you can see the three art pieces.
18:52:23 Sort of helping our chicken across the street.
18:52:26 Giving him some company.
18:52:33 The building is clean and modern and we see it really
18:52:36 as a back drop for great public art.
18:52:39 This is the riverwalk, which we are very excited that
18:52:42 this developer is making such a great contribution to
18:52:46 this link, and also coming in, two or three major
18:52:49 pieces of public art along that riverwalk.
18:52:54 And we have just a little minute and a half.
18:55:20 That's it.
18:55:20 I open the floor to questions by council.
18:55:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
18:55:24 I want to thank you my fellow councilmen.
18:55:31 I talked to Wilson Stair.
18:55:39 Very, very exciting.
18:55:41 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Alfonso, did you mention something
18:55:49 about a cafe along the riverwalk?
18:55:52 >>> Yes, Ms. Alvarez, we have.
18:55:55 We are talking to a couple of different users,
18:55:57 something like a wine bar.
18:55:58 Something that people could come, sort of at the end

18:56:01 of the day.
18:56:03 We have about 2200 square feet spaces reserved for
18:56:07 that use.
18:56:08 Directly on the riverwalk, cafe tables, and feel those
18:56:13 are the uses that we need along the riverwalk.
18:56:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So what you're saying is it would be
18:56:18 open to the public.
18:56:20 >>> That's correct.
18:56:21 >>MARY ALVAREZ: It would be accessible through the
18:56:23 riverwalk?
18:56:25 >>> That's correct, yes.
18:56:26 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
18:56:28 Beautiful.
18:56:29 >>> Thank you.
18:56:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Councilman Dingfelder?
18:56:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Two things.
18:56:34 One, a lovely presentation.
18:56:35 I noticed that every time you showed the river, in the
18:56:40 riverwalk, it looked like it went and continued all
18:56:42 the way under the bridge.
18:56:44 >>> That's correct.
18:56:46 >> Is there a commitment on here that you guys are

18:56:48 going to fund under the bridge?
18:56:51 >>> There is currently -- the developer has already
18:56:53 given a significant donation to the riverwalk.
18:56:55 And we are trying to work that out.
18:56:58 I actually sit on the architectural side of the
18:57:01 riverwalk committee.
18:57:02 So I kind of wear both hats there.
18:57:04 We all know this is a pivotal link to get under that
18:57:07 bridge.
18:57:08 And we also know the beer can building won't be
18:57:13 funding --
18:57:14 >> It's already built.
18:57:16 >>> That's correct.
18:57:16 So this, the way I see it, Mr. Dingfelder, if we are
18:57:20 going to put an elevator on the other side of the
18:57:23 bridge, it needs to go somewhere.
18:57:25 And so we are going to see if we can make that work.
18:57:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess some language for the
18:57:40 conditions.
18:57:41 And then the other point I have is the service
18:57:43 entrance.
18:57:44 I think it's critical that you have got to have that

18:57:46 language in there of the condition, 24 hour security
18:57:51 guard, limited, you know, during weekday hours, and
18:57:57 also, I think there needs to be a permanent time
18:57:59 there, so that way, if the security guard says, no,
18:58:03 I'll let you in, and a cop ten years from now could
18:58:08 see there's a sign there but it's not supposed to be
18:58:11 happening because the conditions will be long gone.
18:58:13 If there's a permanent sign there that everybody knows
18:58:15 what the rules are, put that in the language as well.
18:58:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:58:22 wants to speak on item 5?
18:58:34 >>> Just very briefly about the safety issues, the
18:58:36 fact that we will be reducing conditions.
18:58:43 >>CHAIRMAN: Nobody wanted to speak.
18:58:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council can allow Mr. Mechanik to
18:58:54 have a brief.
18:59:02 Mr. Smith, how are you?
18:59:10 >> It's wonderful to be back.
18:59:11 Memories in this room.
18:59:12 Memories of some pain.
18:59:14 [ Laughter ]
18:59:14 Anyway, I have been told to be brief.

18:59:17 So I'm very glad to see all of you.
18:59:22 I will go on to the issue of safety.
18:59:24 We did look at not only the traffic patterns in this
18:59:26 area.
18:59:28 Some of the folks who spoke earlier said we are
18:59:30 reducing the traffic.
18:59:32 We are not reducing it just a little.
18:59:33 We are reducing it a lot.
18:59:35 The p.m. peak hour trips for from this project will
18:59:39 only be a third of the trips from the existing
18:59:41 building.
18:59:42 So we are reducing, for a big building, we are
18:59:45 reducing the traffic, reducing the use of those
18:59:48 driveways, we are restricting the use of the northern
18:59:50 driveway, which is the more troublesome one to the
18:59:53 north.
18:59:53 We are better defining pedestrian areas.
18:59:56 And just to be absolutely sure we knew what we had, we
19:00:02 went out and did an actual analysis of every accident
19:00:05 at that intersection over the last three years.
19:00:09 No accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles and no
19:00:13 accidents involving those driveways at all.

19:00:16 So I would suggest that we are greatly enhancing the
19:00:19 safety of that location along with providing this
19:00:22 great building.
19:00:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in for the record?
19:00:27 >>> Yes, I was.
19:00:28 I'm sorry.
19:00:29 I'm a slow learner.
19:00:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You mention board of director a
19:00:38 reduction in peak hour trips.
19:00:41 Is there a reduction in parking spaces in that
19:00:43 building right now?
19:00:44 Or is it the approved -- what's approved there is
19:00:47 something.
19:00:49 >>> It is the use.
19:00:50 There's an office building and a bank there now.
19:00:53 And so you compare the square footage of office, and
19:00:55 the --
19:00:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess what I'm more curious about
19:01:00 is the actual parking space that is exist there now.
19:01:03 >>> Right now, there are garages split.
19:01:08 And the driveway.
19:01:10 One driveway goes up and one goes down.

19:01:13 And so half of the spaces are accessed by each
19:01:15 driveway now.
19:01:17 I don't have a comparison.
19:01:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I didn't think that building had
19:01:29 that many spaces.
19:01:33 It's also been rather vacant for a long time.
19:01:36 I guess we have been spoiled.
19:01:41 >>DAVID MECHANIK: I would just like to conclude, to
19:01:44 speak to the question about adding notes here.
19:01:48 We are more than happy to address the comments.
19:01:52 Unfortunately, because of the new rule in place, you
19:01:53 know, we are more than happy to state on the record
19:01:56 the additional conditions.
19:01:59 We would rather not be penalized by a continuance.
19:02:03 But we would, like I say, be happy to stipulate on the
19:02:06 record, happy to have items entered as part of the
19:02:11 design review of the project.
19:02:13 But I would like to clarify, Mr. Dingfelder, my client
19:02:15 made a substantial contribution to the riverwalk, and
19:02:19 I think Mr. Alfonso was referring to that.
19:02:22 I don't think we are opposing to make an additional
19:02:24 commitment to fund the riverwalk under the Kennedy

19:02:29 bridge there.
19:02:30 We have committed to pay for the elevator.
19:02:34 I think what he was referring to is that financial
19:02:37 contribution could go to that.
19:02:40 But that contribution was given with no stipulation or
19:02:43 not in connection with this rezoning.
19:02:46 And that's a gift that has already been made.
19:02:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What is "substantial"? Because
19:02:53 that's going to be one of the major expenses part of
19:02:55 the riverwalk.
19:02:57 >>> I don't believe it's enough to fund that, if
19:02:59 that's what you are asking, but it is a six-figure
19:03:01 contribution, Mr. Dingfelder.
19:03:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would like to hear from legal.
19:03:10 I think it's critical that service entrance has to be
19:03:13 addressed.
19:03:14 Somehow or another I would like to hear from legal.
19:03:18 >>> We certainly have no problems clarifying the hours
19:03:20 of operation, the guard, and the security.
19:03:23 I think there is a note already about that security
19:03:25 guard.
19:03:29 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

19:03:31 As relates to the question of the service entrance.
19:03:34 What the note on the site plan says is that -- and
19:03:37 I'll read it.
19:03:38 On-site personnel, security guard, door person,
19:03:41 maintenance person, et cetera, from 100 West Kennedy
19:03:43 Boulevard, will be available to guide the service
19:03:47 vehicles during all maneuvering, backup on the
19:03:49 right-of-way, within the building, compacter service,
19:03:54 pickup or drop-off.
19:03:55 That's it as it relates to that issue.
19:03:57 There is no hours of operation currently on the site
19:03:59 plan.
19:04:01 And I understand they are saying that they'll commit
19:04:03 to that.
19:04:05 In order to have this as part of the site plan, part
19:04:07 of what will be enforced in the future.
19:04:11 There really needs to be a note on the site plan as a
19:04:13 condition of this development.
19:04:15 As relates to the question of the elevator -- and it's
19:04:20 really related to what Mr. Mechanik said, which as I
19:04:22 understand that they are committing to certain things
19:04:24 and saying they'll do it on the record.

19:04:26 But in order to ensure that it's enforceable in the
19:04:28 future, there does need to be a note on the site plan.
19:04:32 >> I think the contribution on the riverwalk is very
19:04:35 generous and sounds like it's adequate -- well, it may
19:04:38 not be adequate to get under the bridge.
19:04:40 I'm okay with that part of it.
19:04:41 But I think two weeks continuance just to put on that.
19:04:49 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Why don't we do first reading? Can we
19:04:51 do that?
19:04:55 >>> The way the code was amended is you cannot make
19:04:57 any changes between first reading and second reading.
19:04:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, rather than discuss the
19:05:03 issue of a continuance now, perhaps you can hold that
19:05:06 in abeyance until you heard testimony.
19:05:17 >>> Graham Carruthers, 101 East Kennedy, Tampa.
19:05:21 I have been sworn.
19:05:22 I am here on behalf of paramount plaza associates that
19:05:26 owns the Bank of America tower building located
19:05:29 immediately east of the subject property.
19:05:31 It runs from Kennedy Boulevard to the north and
19:05:35 encompasses the entire block down to Jackson street
19:05:38 and continues south approximately half a block to

19:05:41 where the parking garage structure is which connects
19:05:43 to our building.
19:05:47 I guess to start, maybe a couple of points of
19:05:49 clarification.
19:05:50 It was my understanding based on conversations with
19:05:53 staff and with the applicants themselves that there
19:05:56 were some revised, one or two revised site plans.
19:06:01 Neither of those were submitted this evening.
19:06:04 One of them was provided by e-mail earlier today.
19:06:08 I guess as a point of clarification, I would like to
19:06:10 be sure, your comments.
19:06:16 What we are dealing with is this site plan, and would
19:06:21 have to be done at a later date.
19:06:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's what counsel is telling me.
19:06:27 >>JULIA COLE: The site plan attached to the ordinance
19:06:30 is the site plan in front of you for the
19:06:34 determination. If there's any changes according to
19:06:36 the ordinance, your rules, that would need to be
19:06:39 continued for a minimum two of weeks to allow those
19:06:41 amendments to be made.
19:06:49 >>> Mr. Dingfelder, further to your point, it was
19:06:51 represented to me just earlier this week by Mr.

19:06:53 Alfonso that the applicant would be continuing the
19:06:55 riverwalk all the way under the bridge.
19:06:57 I don't know if that helps reconcile anything or not.
19:07:01 I guess I would like to start by indicating my client
19:07:04 does not have any objection to the redevelopment of
19:07:06 the site.
19:07:07 Our compliments to Mr. Alfonso and his team for coming
19:07:11 up what I think is a very striking building.
19:07:15 It's a beautiful design.
19:07:17 And we love all aspects of it.
19:07:22 The public art aspect is great.
19:07:24 The cafe is great.
19:07:27 We are concerned, however, about several things.
19:07:30 And in the interest of time, I'll piggyback on the
19:07:35 comments that Ms. Boyle made earlier this evening.
19:07:40 There are a little over 2,000 people.
19:07:45 And that doesn't include visitors.
19:07:52 And because this is directly adjacent to both the
19:07:55 intersection of south Ashley and Kennedy, and south
19:07:58 Ashley and Jackson, I think that the intensity and
19:08:03 density of this project, and its probable effect on
19:08:08 both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and movement of

19:08:12 that traffic, in the central business district, is
19:08:14 something that directly impacts the owners and guests
19:08:20 of my client.
19:08:21 And the Bank of America building.
19:08:27 So again I think we are really concerned about many of
19:08:29 the same things that were described in the beginning
19:08:32 of the presentation relating to that movement of
19:08:35 traffic, absolutely.
19:08:37 Particularly as it relates to commercial vehicles and
19:08:39 the right-of-way.
19:08:39 There was some discussion about deliveries to and from
19:08:43 the cafe, which I think everyone would anticipate
19:08:47 would be in sort of smaller box-type vehicles.
19:08:52 There was no discussion about how a large semi truck,
19:08:56 moving van, would maneuver at this site, where it
19:08:59 would stop, where it would unload, how it would get in
19:09:01 and out and so forth.
19:09:04 There's 215 units in this building and they are going
19:09:07 to have people coming and going in and out.
19:09:11 To conclude, I would like to supplement, provided to
19:09:17 you by the Planning Commission staff, with just a
19:09:19 very, very brief analysis of the floor area ratios and

19:09:23 densities in the downtown central business district,
19:09:26 as well as information regarding how this project fits
19:09:30 in with the elements in the Tampa comp plan relating
19:09:33 to this central business district.
19:09:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, thank you.
19:09:39 Is there anyone else that would like to speak on item
19:09:41 number 5?
19:09:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
19:09:47 Mr. LaMotte?
19:09:52 >>> That report, by the way, was prepared on behalf of
19:09:55 my client by Inglehart, hammer and associates.
19:10:04 >>ROY LAMOTTE: Transportation manager.
19:10:05 And I have been sworn.
19:10:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thanks for staying this evening.
19:10:12 I know D.O.T. might have this formal jurisdiction over
19:10:14 that roadway.
19:10:15 But clearly city can't abdicate.
19:10:24 I mean, we still have great concern about the
19:10:27 functioning of that corner, and that portion of
19:10:30 Ashley.
19:10:32 >>> Absolutely.
19:10:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And my experience is that when I

19:10:38 come down there, and I come down Kennedy, and I head
19:10:40 up towards the Platt Street bridge, you often get
19:10:48 backed up right away.
19:10:49 Coming through there.
19:10:50 So I'm just wondering.
19:10:52 Have you reviewed Mr. Smith's trip, and do you have
19:10:56 comment from that?
19:10:57 Do you have any concerns about the semi?
19:10:59 And I'm not saying this isn't a great building, that
19:11:02 we shouldn't a profit.
19:11:03 I'm just saying I think the conditions that I was
19:11:05 talking about, that you need to sit down with them
19:11:07 over the next couple of days, and respond to those
19:11:11 conditions to make sure that those entrances work.
19:11:14 And the other question I have, which is a long
19:11:16 question, is this right out only?
19:11:18 Or do these people have the ability to come out?
19:11:22 It's right-out only.
19:11:23 Okay, that's good.
19:11:27 >>ROY LAMOTTE: All of the points you raised have been
19:11:29 under discussion with the transportation division.
19:11:31 We have looked at every point from the pedestrian

19:11:33 viewpoint to the waste delivery aspect to it.
19:11:39 There are some unique aspects to this particular
19:11:42 project.
19:11:42 The retractible is something not used anywhere in the
19:11:48 city.
19:11:48 We have looked at how they access it.
19:11:51 You have focused on the hours of use.
19:11:53 And that's something that we thought up.
19:11:55 Which department says they would like to have delivery
19:11:57 whenever they should.
19:11:58 We believe that we can keep it out of there when the
19:12:04 hours are seven to nine and the load ago round the
19:12:07 lunch hour of eleven to one and again in the afternoon
19:12:09 hours of three to six.
19:12:10 So we insist those hours be used.
19:12:15 >> So you are willing to work with them over the next
19:12:18 couple of days so they can come back in two weeks with
19:12:20 a really firmed-up condition on that very critical
19:12:22 issue?
19:12:23 >>> Absolutely.
19:12:23 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Is that all that has to happen,
19:12:30 those hours of operation on a note stuck on a site

19:12:33 plan, and we have to wait for two weeks with that when
19:12:36 everybody here tonight is in agreement with that?
19:12:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's because we created a different
19:12:40 rule.
19:12:42 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Well, obviously, we need to not be
19:12:46 quite so stupid about it.
19:12:49 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
19:12:50 I am in fact working on that issue right now because
19:12:52 it is clear that particular issue has created sort of
19:12:55 a problem.
19:12:56 However, that's where we are right now.
19:12:59 A minimum two of-week continuance.
19:13:02 And if I can add onto that, the new site plan must be
19:13:11 on Monday so that's really what we would have is
19:13:14 Friday and Monday to get this resolved.
19:13:18 >> Is this a rule that can be waived or an ordinance?
19:13:21 >>> It's an ordinance that cannot be waived.
19:13:22 It is specific in the ordinance.
19:13:25 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Mechanik -- Mr. Graham brought up
19:13:37 some pretty good points.
19:13:38 I don't know if you have a copy.
19:13:40 >>> It was just handed to me so I did not have an

19:13:43 opportunity to read this.
19:13:44 >> There are some things in there that are clearly not
19:13:48 consistent with the comprehensive plan, as I'm reading
19:13:51 it.
19:13:52 Can you elaborate a little bit on some of it?
19:13:55 Or would you need time to read it?
19:13:59 >> I would need some time to read it.
19:14:02 I spoke to Mr. Carruthers and he never indicated that
19:14:05 he prepared analysis.
19:14:06 So I feel as if I'm at a disadvantage here.
19:14:10 >> Would you come back in two weeks?
19:14:14 >>> Sure, absolutely.
19:14:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
19:14:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other presentation, Mr. Mechanik?
19:14:30 Mr. Carruthers, you cannot speak again.
19:14:33 What's the pleasure of council?
19:14:39 67 nobody else wanted to speak.
19:14:40 >>> Move to continue two weeks at a morning meeting.
19:14:43 >> I have a motion and second.
19:14:44 Question on the motion, Mr. Shelby?
19:14:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just to be clear so there does not
19:14:49 have to be another continuance, does that allow enough

19:14:52 time?
19:14:53 You have until Monday at noon, I believe.
19:14:56 >>> I think the only question would be if Mr. LaMotte
19:14:59 is available.
19:14:59 Because we do need to iron out the language.
19:15:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. LaMotte, are you available to meet
19:15:04 with them?
19:15:05 >>ROY LAMOTTE: We will be available.
19:15:11 >>CHAIRMAN: So we have a motion and second for two
19:15:12 weeks, in the morning, at one time?
19:15:16 10 a.m.?
19:15:17 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
19:15:18 Opposed, Nay.
19:15:20 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I just wanted to make sure that
19:15:22 Mr. Mechanik takes a look at these and come back with
19:15:26 some questions or answers.
19:15:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Now we go back to our regular agenda to
19:15:32 item number 2.
19:15:35 I have a motion and second.
19:16:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Is there an issue between items
19:16:18 number 2 and number 3?
19:16:21 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Interesting that you asked.

19:16:24 Land development.
19:16:25 Council, if you will, we need to open item --
19:16:30 >>GWEN MILLER: They are both continued.
19:16:32 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Item number 2 and 3?
19:16:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
19:16:38 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Well, we moved V 06-09 up.
19:16:43 I am looking at items number 2 and 3.
19:16:45 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's the T one called up was Z
19:16:50 06-09.
19:16:51 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: And Z 05-129.
19:16:57 >>> I ask that you open them together.
19:16:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: They are already open.
19:17:01 Do you want them heard together?
19:17:02 >>> Yes.
19:17:03 >> Two different site plans?
19:17:04 >>> The V 06-09 came forward, came before council.
19:17:09 Staff did not realize that there was a Z 05-129 that
19:17:14 was never withdrawn.
19:17:15 So the petitioner agreed to a long-time continuance,
19:17:19 number one, to direct council's comments, and to merge
19:17:22 the two rezoning projects.
19:17:24 They are going forward tonight with Z 05-129.

19:17:28 So whatever council, if they approve or deny Z 05-129,
19:17:34 the same would be for Z 06-09.
19:17:37 Does that clarify?
19:17:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm not clear.
19:17:40 There are two ordinances, are there not?
19:17:44 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: I'm not sure on the
19:17:46 ordinances.
19:17:47 I do know they need to be opened.
19:17:49 And they are the same project.
19:17:52 Z05-129 is the one that has come forward.
19:17:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Okay.
19:17:59 I have been informed that there is one ordinance on
19:18:02 Z05-129.
19:18:08 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Council, I did already pass
19:18:09 out elevations and the site plan.
19:18:11 You have seen this project once again before.
19:18:14 It came before you, I believe, March 9th of 2006.
19:18:21 And it had an office and a parking structure.
19:18:29 Due to comments from council, and working with the
19:18:32 neighborhood, there originally has been a residential
19:18:41 component.
19:18:41 They worked with the neighborhood.

19:18:43 They have come back.
19:18:44 They have come back with an office, a residential, and
19:18:47 a row tail use on the site.
19:18:49 And so they are going from CI commercial intensive and
19:18:53 a planned development which includes single family
19:18:56 attached retail office.
19:18:57 That was approved under Z 04-42, to a planned
19:19:02 development, single-family attached retail office.
19:19:05 There are some waivers being requested on the site.
19:19:09 If I can show you the rezoning.
19:19:16 You will see the PD portion and the CI portion.
19:19:20 They are bringing this under one PD under a mixed use.
19:19:23 This is Kennedy.
19:19:26 This is Rome.
19:19:28 And I believe this is Packwood.
19:19:39 Again to the aerial.
19:19:42 This is the subject site.
19:19:44 We do have single-family town homes, right in this
19:19:47 area, with some single-family in this area.
19:19:50 We do have commercial, office use.
19:19:57 On the Elmo is the subject site.
19:20:01 >> This is adjacent property.

19:20:12 Again adjacent property.
19:20:16 This is looking east on Kennedy, towards downtown.
19:20:22 This is directly across the street, the town homes,
19:20:25 the newer town homes, that were there.
19:20:28 This is the rear portion of the subject site.
19:20:33 This reveals the subject site.
19:20:36 An office.
19:20:37 And town homes.
19:20:42 The proper address is 1702 west Kennedy.
19:20:47 And the office building is proposed to be 71,000
19:20:52 square feet, 12,000 square feet of retail, 150 square
19:20:56 feet of restaurants, and 36 residential units.
19:21:00 The residential units will consist of 20 efficiencies
19:21:04 and 16 one to two-bedrooms.
19:21:07 The site like I mentioned before was originally zoned
19:21:10 Z 04-42 to PD office but that project was never built.
19:21:14 The proposed height of office building is 75 feet.
19:21:17 It contained four floors.
19:21:19 The height of the residential units, they are located
19:21:21 toward the rear, 55 feet and they contain four floors.
19:21:26 The parking garage is located at the middle and
19:21:29 anterior portion of the site.

19:21:32 It is 55 feet in height with three elevated decks.
19:21:36 One of the issues when it came before you before was
19:21:39 with the neighborhood was the parking garage.
19:21:43 And they wanted buffers.
19:21:47 So the residential units sit on the outside and the
19:21:49 parking structure is to the interior.
19:21:52 The site will be at packwood Avenue and Rome Avenue.
19:21:56 Petitioner did request a waiver for a local street.
19:22:00 They could not give access off of Kennedy from FDOT.
19:22:04 So there is a standing objection, I believe actually,
19:22:08 I don't think there's an objection from transportation
19:22:10 on that but they did have to ask for a waiver.
19:22:14 There are a total of 373 parking spaces are required.
19:22:19 And there's 336 spaces being provided.
19:22:25 The plan proposes nine guest parking spaces.
19:22:29 You will see in the staff report, we do have a few
19:22:32 solid waste objections.
19:22:35 Approximately eight or nine.
19:22:37 And we do have objections from transportation.
19:22:42 The solid waste objections are standing.
19:22:46 Petitioner does feel through some minor corrections,
19:22:48 and we discussed what those were, solid waste would

19:22:50 be.
19:22:53 Triangular island and rounding them so the truck can
19:22:56 maneuver through the interior of the site.
19:22:59 I can show you if council wishes.
19:23:02 Also, on transportation, they did remove their
19:23:09 objection to the parking calculation.
19:23:14 However, they still have the objection about the
19:23:15 residential driveways.
19:23:18 They want a three-foot backout and clarification on
19:23:23 the angle parking, and petitioner feels like he can
19:23:25 address that with the site plan.
19:23:28 On the parks and recreation, the first two comments
19:23:30 that they have are about the trees along Kennedy and
19:23:37 really informational comments, they are not
19:23:40 objections.
19:23:41 The first is asking that they add notes to the site
19:23:43 plan, that they will be reviewed and approved by parks
19:23:47 and rec.
19:23:49 Petitioner feels that they can address that.
19:23:52 Under findings of fact, 6.3 of the Tampa comprehensive
19:23:57 plan, parking garages and lots for residential
19:24:05 multifamily use and we feel it meets that location by

19:24:07 locating the parking garage, the interior section of
19:24:10 the site, and it shield the residential units.
19:24:15 It also meets the code section 27-326 on dimensional
19:24:20 regulation.
19:24:21 Office building is compatible with neighborhood,
19:24:31 >> I think it's a little confusing which one we are
19:24:33 on.
19:24:34 Item number 2 shouldn't have been open.
19:24:37 What we should have done is opened item number 3, and
19:24:41 the report that Marty is reading from and the item
19:24:43 that we are reading from is item number 3.
19:24:49 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Thank you, Julia.
19:24:50 The proposed setback of the site are consistent with
19:24:53 the commercial development along Kennedy, the
19:24:55 streetscape along Kennedy Boulevard will include
19:24:57 eight-foot sidewalks with a brick, cuts in the
19:25:01 sidewalk, approximately 12-foot intervals.
19:25:03 The developers are installing the streetscape along
19:25:06 Kennedy from packwood to Rome.
19:25:08 Shade trees and street lamps will be provided along
19:25:11 Kennedy Boulevard adjacent to the public right-of-way.
19:25:14 They are committing to comply with the Kennedy

19:25:16 corridor overlay.
19:25:20 And that's the end of staff's presentation.
19:25:29 We have standing objections as noted.
19:25:35 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
19:25:36 I have been sworn.
19:25:47 On this future land use map, this was the really
19:25:50 first -- for some residential use and some office use.
19:25:59 Then you had the Z 05-129.
19:26:03 Then what happened is, everything came in for Z 06-09.
19:26:07 We are looking at all these parcels that are going to
19:26:12 be coming in.
19:26:18 This category is urban mixed use 60, this purple
19:26:21 color.
19:26:21 And this color is going to be mixed use 35.
19:26:26 This particular peace of property right here -- the
19:26:33 main bone of contention on this particular site, as
19:26:36 far as the development is concerned specifically, is
19:26:41 the parking garage.
19:26:42 And why it's interface with the residential side.
19:26:47 This is the third time you have seen a variation of
19:26:52 this particular project.
19:26:53 What has happened, the developer has gone back.

19:26:56 Has gone back and has created a residential component
19:26:59 on either side of the project over here that will
19:27:03 interface with the existing residential, and still to
19:27:08 be developed on one of these sites.
19:27:10 To logically interface with the existing residential.
19:27:14 That's what they are going to be seeing.
19:27:17 So now you have besides the four story office building
19:27:22 that will front Kennedy, you will now have an
19:27:25 additional 36 residential units to go along with the
19:27:27 three-story parking garage that is in the rear.
19:27:30 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
19:27:33 original request, basically due to the interesting
19:27:39 transition here from more residential uses that were
19:27:43 along this segment south of Kennedy where you had town
19:27:46 homes intermingled with all of this development.
19:27:48 But then what happens is you transition to the higher
19:27:51 land use category, the CMU 35 and the heavy commercial
19:27:55 as shown over here.
19:27:56 You can see you go from residential 20 to the higher
19:27:58 category of CMU 35 to the more intense category of
19:28:01 heavy commercial 24.
19:28:02 So there is an increase of density and intensity one

19:28:05 gets closer to the urban core.
19:28:07 Planning Commission staff has no objection to the
19:28:09 proposed request.
19:28:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:28:20 >>> My name is Steve Reynold.
19:28:21 I have been sworn.
19:28:23 My address is one half City Center, 20th floor.
19:28:28 I represent the petitioner in this matter.
19:28:32 I do have packages of elevations that I would be
19:28:37 pleased to give to each of you.
19:28:40 I'm not sure how to --
19:28:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Give it to the attorney, Mr. Shelby.
19:28:47 Here with me tonight is Michael English of Wilson
19:29:00 Miller, one of our consultants, Randy Coen, our
19:29:02 traffic consultant, and Mr. Casey Ellison from the
19:29:11 Beckwith, who is our design team.
19:29:15 As was mentioned the project is located on Kennedy
19:29:20 Boulevard, where packwood and Rome intersect.
19:29:24 It's on the south side of Kennedy Boulevard.
19:29:28 The present zoning is a combination of 2-D and CI, the
19:29:33 CI portion being on Rome Avenue.
19:29:38 Our proposal was continued on July 13th.

19:29:41 That proposal was for a 96,000 square foot office
19:29:44 building and parking for 314 vehicles.
19:29:50 At that hearing we listened closely to your comments
19:29:54 and concerns and to the comments and concerns of our
19:29:56 neighbors.
19:29:59 We reviewed the video of that hearing.
19:30:02 We took a lot of time in trying to adapt a plan that
19:30:08 would meet those concerns.
19:30:10 And we think that we have succeeded.
19:30:13 We can meet every one of the various city departments
19:30:17 concerns with minor amendments to the site plan.
19:30:19 That can be taken care of.
19:30:20 And actually it has been taken care of, that under the
19:30:24 rules we can't submit it at this time.
19:30:28 All of those concerns have been addressed and will be
19:30:31 covered by appropriate changes to the site plan.
19:30:37 The current proposal has added residential on both
19:30:43 packwood and Rome, completely shielding the parking
19:30:47 garage for those two sides.
19:30:50 The office building has been reduced in size, and the
19:30:54 first floor, now rather than offices, is a combination
19:30:57 of less than commercial, presenting what we believe

19:31:02 will be an inviting streetscape for both our
19:31:06 residents, and those who are already in the
19:31:09 neighborhood, and those yet to come.
19:31:13 We will provide parking for 336 automobiles.
19:31:18 In the garage, that is located between the residential
19:31:23 portion of the development.
19:31:27 If I may, I would like to ask Mr. English to perhaps
19:31:32 walk you through the elevation.
19:31:47 We will need a continuance to present the revised site
19:31:55 plan.
19:31:55 We would like to make our presentation and let you
19:31:58 hear from anyone here present that would like to
19:32:00 comment on our plan.
19:32:03 And then submit the revised site plan for your
19:32:07 consideration, and your staff's.
19:32:14 >>MICHAEL ENGLISH: 2205 north 20th street.
19:32:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Have you been sworn in?
19:32:28 >>> Yes, I have.
19:32:28 I was going to tell you that, Mr. Red hat.
19:32:32 Before I begin, I think it's important to note that
19:32:37 this is a part of Kennedy Boulevard that has been
19:32:40 blighted for many, many years, and it's a very -- a

19:32:49 thing of new commercial and residential development.
19:32:53 And then between Cleveland and Platt Street.
19:32:55 Those streets do create problems for local residents.
19:32:58 We know that.
19:33:05 One-way streets that have three or four lanes allowing
19:33:09 to you go back.
19:33:10 I hope that is a side issue tonight, because what we
19:33:14 really tried to do is rethink a project that is mixed
19:33:19 use in character of nature, and is sympathetic and
19:33:25 compatible with an area that I would best describe as
19:33:28 a true mixed use neighborhood for neighborhood uses,
19:33:32 and happy to be there, obviously retail uses are, too.
19:33:37 In the process of time since we saw you last we met
19:33:41 with the neighborhood, we made changes, we listened to
19:33:44 what we had to say, we tried very hard to meet their
19:33:47 concerns.
19:33:49 I'm sure you will hear in a few minutes whether that's
19:33:51 true or not.
19:33:53 It is mixed use main building that faces Kennedy, the
19:33:57 requirements of the Kennedy Boulevard corridor plan,
19:34:00 it has ground floor retail, has an arcade that wraps
19:34:03 the building on the north, and on the east and west.

19:34:07 It has three floors of office space over retail space,
19:34:11 which will include at least one restaurant, which is
19:34:18 something the corridor very much needs.
19:34:19 And we have lines at parking garage which we had to
19:34:23 reshape, and frankly make much more expensive in line
19:34:31 with two-story town homes, and two levels in the
19:34:39 parking garage. The first elevation that you can see
19:34:41 up here is the north elevation that faces Kennedy
19:34:46 Boulevard.
19:34:47 It is the main building, and it's four stories high,
19:34:53 the west elevation.
19:34:59 It has a very nice pedestrian project it has a
19:35:08 walk-in, as well as the I-4 access.
19:35:11 It's broken up nicely.
19:35:24 By the way, the elevation is on the east elevation.
19:35:45 This is the pedestrian cafe area outside the building.
19:35:47 There's great potential along the Kennedy frontage and
19:35:50 along the packwood for outside uses.
19:36:02 This is the elevation that I wanted to show you.
19:36:05 This is the back of the building.
19:36:06 I wanted you to know that the gray area is actually an
19:36:08 office building, the green area is a private area

19:36:16 which can be used as a dog park open to the
19:36:18 neighborhood, and will also have some of the trees
19:36:20 that are on-site transplanted, hopefully going to be
19:36:30 green space in that part of the neighborhood. This is
19:36:32 what the townhouses will look like.
19:36:43 It has a very residential feel.
19:36:45 Again we hope it will be very consistent with the new
19:36:49 and existing development on packwood and Rome.
19:36:53 We tried very hard to do that.
19:36:54 When we met with the residents, we had a very good
19:36:57 turnout and pleased with the architecture.
19:37:00 And finally this is another view looking west, on the
19:37:05 side yard.
19:37:05 We will be developing streetscape, completely
19:37:08 consistent with the Kennedy plan, and they will be the
19:37:11 first project to do that actually.
19:37:14 So we are proud of the project, and proud of how it
19:37:19 changes, and we would be happy to answer any questions
19:37:22 or respond to any concerns that you or the neighbors
19:37:25 might have.
19:37:25 Thank you.
19:37:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?

19:37:29 >>ROSE FERLITA: I had a question that caused me to
19:37:31 distract when Mr. English was speaking.
19:37:34 Mr. English, I know you were trying to interject
19:37:36 levity, perhaps a little bit of humor but our
19:37:39 attorney's name is not Mr. Red hat, his name is Mr.
19:37:42 Shelby.
19:37:43 >>> Thank you, Mr. Shelby.
19:37:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
19:37:49 wants to speak on item number 3?
19:37:50 You may come up and speak now.
19:37:59 >> My name is Jason Samson, I am sworn, here
19:38:02 representing Mr. Eugene Lang Ford, owner of the
19:38:06 commercial building at 1715 west Cleveland street
19:38:09 which is the property directly a fronting the subject
19:38:11 property to the south.
19:38:15 While I was president of the July hearing, and did
19:38:17 hear a number of the residents that abut this
19:38:21 property, besides being on packwood and Rome, it was a
19:38:25 concern, to also reduce the size of this project.
19:38:30 The developer comes here, the petitioner comes here at
19:38:32 this time, with an additional impact in the area, more
19:38:37 parking, adding more residences, and failed to reduce

19:38:40 the impact of the area.
19:38:42 And when I say that, we are talking about a parking
19:38:46 structure that has gone from a much smaller thing, to
19:38:49 a four level structure.
19:38:51 We are talking two levels of town homes and two levels
19:38:56 of condominiums.
19:38:58 By my count according to the site plan that I have
19:39:00 seen, you are adding 16 additional impervious surfaces
19:39:05 to this area.
19:39:09 South packwood and Rome within 30 minutes of rain
19:39:12 becomes flooded.
19:39:13 Now new town homes to the left, or already existing
19:39:18 town homes and condos, will be able to access at this
19:39:22 moment.
19:39:22 You are adding eight more driveways on each side of
19:39:25 impervious surface.
19:39:27 And it's going to impact.
19:39:29 Now when I talk about the parking structure, I want to
19:39:31 be very clear, that we would not northbound this
19:39:34 position today to talk about this parking structure,
19:39:36 if the developer had to abide by city regulations.
19:39:40 I want to put on the Elmo -- as you will see, this is

19:39:51 my client's property, 1715 west Cleveland street.
19:39:56 This area here as you will see, the top of that, about
19:40:07 3900 square feet on each floor.
19:40:10 We would have taken better pictures of that to show to
19:40:13 City Council.
19:40:15 However, the site development in this process, it
19:40:17 disappeared one weekend.
19:40:27 This is -- as you see in the parking structures,
19:40:35 there's in a longer on that section.
19:40:41 Now, I will acknowledge and I was present to hear the
19:40:44 residential concerns that they wanted more activity on
19:40:47 that side.
19:40:48 I will urge City Council that this developer cannot
19:40:50 have their cake and eat it, too.
19:40:57 They overshadowed the office building.
19:41:02 You know it's going to be completely in shape.
19:41:05 Now, that is a northern exposure, I realize.
19:41:08 However, my colleague does have certain rights to
19:41:10 enjoy without being towered over by a four story
19:41:17 structure.
19:41:21 I was present at the community meeting.
19:41:25 I am not aware of any of the residents speaking about

19:41:28 the situation.
19:41:30 In conclusion we would ask you deny this proposal at
19:41:32 this time.
19:41:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:41:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
19:41:37 So what -- I'm just having trouble picturing what your
19:41:41 client's building is.
19:41:43 >>> My client's building is the commercial building,
19:41:46 law office, two-floor structure.
19:41:49 >> Two stories?
19:41:51 >>> Yes.
19:41:51 A legal office on the second floor.
19:41:56 >> I'm just having trouble picturing.
19:41:58 Do you know how tall it is?
19:42:01 >>> I can only guess.
19:42:04 >> An older building?
19:42:07 >>> Yes.
19:42:07 A beige brick building,
19:42:15 >>CHAIRMAN: Thank you.
19:42:16 Next.
19:42:22 >>> Good evening.
19:42:22 My name is Walter Crumbly.

19:42:24 I have been sworn.
19:42:26 I'm president of the Courier City Oscawana resident
19:42:30 neighborhood association.
19:42:36 I should start this out by telling you that the
19:42:39 builder is seemingly bent over backwards to try to
19:42:42 meet every demand that we make.
19:42:45 We wanted something pedestrian friendly, on a retail.
19:42:50 We wanted something that would fit in with the
19:42:52 neighborhood.
19:42:53 And the two buildings, the two residences on packwood
19:43:01 and Rome Avenue would not be looking at a parking
19:43:04 garage all day.
19:43:05 And they went back to the drawing board, and they came
19:43:08 up with a plan that they did.
19:43:10 And the association overwhelmingly support what they
19:43:13 have come up with.
19:43:16 I recognize that there are problems with drainage, and
19:43:19 that's something that the city needs to address.
19:43:24 There are going to be problems with traffic and
19:43:26 parking.
19:43:26 And I think again that's something the city is going
19:43:29 to have to address.

19:43:32 With the project as they designed it is something that
19:43:36 we feel will add to the neighborhood, and not detract
19:43:40 them like the first design that they had.
19:43:46 Do you have any questions?
19:43:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, sir.
19:43:51 Next.
19:43:55 >>> My name is Valerie Croft.
19:43:57 I am a resident at 120 south Rome Avenue.
19:44:01 Unit number 1.
19:44:02 So I will be facing this project.
19:44:04 And I have been sworn.
19:44:07 Just to remind you again of what our side of Rome
19:44:11 Avenue is.
19:44:11 It's on the corner of Cleveland.
19:44:13 There's an after-care children's program.
19:44:15 They do not have a large parking space.
19:44:19 It has a very small one or two -- Cleveland --
19:44:27 actually, Rome Avenue.
19:44:28 Then you have R-3 townhouse that is face the front.
19:44:32 And where the townhouse association.
19:44:36 We formerly presented to you in July, objection to
19:44:41 this project.

19:44:41 And we have not revoted on this project since one of
19:44:46 our major concerns which is the density of this
19:44:49 project.
19:44:50 I'm very pleased to have met with the developer.
19:44:55 And given me the revised site plan.
19:44:57 It does have residential.
19:44:59 It does have the retail.
19:45:03 But the side it size of the restaurant is 150 square
19:45:07 feet.
19:45:08 So being pleased with those aspects and concessions.
19:45:13 I'm still very concerned with density and continuity
19:45:19 of 300 cars coming down a very small street.
19:45:24 I took away from the last council meeting in July that
19:45:29 there was some concern about the density.
19:45:33 And I think there's no traffic light on the Kennedy
19:45:41 corner of Rome or the Cleveland corners.
19:45:45 And we are still at 120,000 square feet for the garage
19:45:50 the same size as it was presented in July.
19:45:56 Still has concerns for the density.
19:45:58 And I appreciate your consideration.
19:46:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:46:02 Next.

19:46:08 >>> Jimmy Barker, 120 south Rome.
19:46:10 And I have been sworn in.
19:46:13 Basically, I do appreciate the new residential, retail
19:46:18 and whatnot, the efforts that the developer is trying
19:46:20 to make.
19:46:21 But I do agree that my biggest concern would still be
19:46:25 density of the project.
19:46:26 I don't feel like they have actually -- when we talk
19:46:29 about stuff like you guys said something about scaling
19:46:32 back a little bit, but I feel like you actually added
19:46:36 on top of what they have already got.
19:46:37 So my thought is, I guess what I'm imagining this new
19:46:41 project, in effect, I'm seeing somewhere around 9:00
19:46:44 in the morning, somewhere around noon, and somewhere
19:46:46 around 5:00.
19:46:48 About 300 to 400 new vehicles coming in and out of
19:46:52 that area.
19:46:53 And if you are familiar with that area, it's pretty
19:46:55 small.
19:46:56 A couple streets.
19:46:58 So I guess that's my biggest objection.
19:47:00 I would like to see something scaled back, something

19:47:03 similar to what we have got.
19:47:05 But, you know, just a smaller version, taking into
19:47:10 account the traffic situation.
19:47:11 I think it's going to stir spill out onto Kennedy and
19:47:17 then you are going to have new problems.
19:47:18 Thank you.
19:47:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:47:20 Next.
19:47:24 >>> I have been sworn in.
19:47:25 Kevin Freal, 120 south Rome Avenue, again pretty much
19:47:30 what the other neighbors are saying, concerned about
19:47:32 the density, and glad to see some residential added.
19:47:36 Again the density, I worry about the traffic coming in
19:47:39 and out of there.
19:47:41 9:00 in the morning, lunch time and evening getting
19:47:43 out of there.
19:47:46 I don't know if lights are going to help.
19:47:47 There is some drainage problems.
19:47:49 They are saying again about the city will address
19:47:51 that.
19:47:51 Well, it's something that needs to be addressed now,
19:47:54 not later on.

19:47:54 We already have a lot of issues in that area.
19:47:57 So kind of against the project.
19:48:02 I like the idea of the residential.
19:48:05 It will be nice to have more retail, what have you, at
19:48:08 this location.
19:48:08 I think this is where the old Miller high life brewery
19:48:13 was at Kennedy.
19:48:14 And there's going to be, I believe, at least 10
19:48:18 residential on packwood.
19:48:22 At Rome we have three in the back.
19:48:23 So we have six, about 16 residences there now.
19:48:28 Thank you.
19:48:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:48:29 Next.
19:48:30 Petitioner, you can come back.
19:48:35 >>> Yes, ma'am.
19:48:36 I would like to address the comments not necessarily
19:48:39 in order.
19:48:40 The first one I would like to point out, the comment
19:48:46 about there being only 150 square feet of restaurant.
19:48:50 It's actually 150 seats for the restaurant.
19:48:56 It's half of the downstairs, if you will, of the

19:48:58 building.
19:49:04 Maybe the print is not as easy to read on the site
19:49:06 plan as it should be.
19:49:07 I don't know.
19:49:11 At our meeting with the neighborhood groups, and with
19:49:15 the developer of the town homes on Packwood, we
19:49:19 presented a plan that at that time -- and this was in
19:49:22 August -- envisioned a 5-story building.
19:49:26 We were taking the original four-story office building
19:49:29 and placing a floor, restaurant and commercial beneath
19:49:33 it.
19:49:34 We also had proposed a larger number of residences
19:49:39 along packwood and Rome.
19:49:42 Subsequent to those meetings, we reduced the size of
19:49:45 the building, reduced the numbers of the residential
19:49:49 units.
19:49:51 The building as proposed tonight is actually smaller
19:49:55 than it was in July by some 8,000 some odd square
19:49:59 feet.
19:50:07 The existing zoning on this property, particularly on
19:50:10 the Rome side, is CI.
19:50:17 That would accommodate such uses as a jiffy lube or

19:50:22 self-storage or things of this nature.
19:50:24 We believe that this proposal will go a long way in
19:50:28 providing the people who are already residents on Rome
19:50:33 Avenue with the assurance that their across-the-street
19:50:38 neighbor will be residential, and that they will have
19:50:41 a residential streetscape, together with usable
19:50:44 commercial at the corner of Kennedy and Rome.
19:50:58 I don't know what to say about the trees. That
19:51:00 property is already zoned -- excuse me.
19:51:06 >>> Mary Daniel, Land Development Coordination.
19:51:08 I have been sworn.
19:51:08 In regards to the tree, what I usually do before I go
19:51:14 out to the site is look at an aerial photo.
19:51:16 I would like to look at the site plan and prepare to
19:51:19 see if there are any trees shown in the photo that are
19:51:23 not shown on the site plan.
19:51:24 And I reviewed the aerial.
19:51:28 And at that point, there was not a large tree.
19:51:32 It was roughly referenced by the other gentleman.
19:51:36 Basically, I reviewed the site plan based upon the
19:51:38 surveys provided that showed the existing trees.
19:51:41 When I went out to the site and did my site

19:51:43 inspection, the trees that were on the survey where
19:51:45 the trees were on site.
19:51:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What's the date of that aerial?
19:51:51 >>> 2004.
19:51:57 >>> That aerial shows the buildings that were torn
19:51:59 down about two years ago.
19:52:04 So either the tree disappeared before that, or I don't
19:52:10 know what to tell you.
19:52:18 I was not involved in the earlier rezoning that
19:52:23 presented or was approved.
19:52:27 And incorporated residential on the south end, and
19:52:34 commercial on the north end up on Kennedy.
19:52:44 I have a letter from the developer of the town
19:52:47 homes -- I say a letter.
19:52:50 It's an e-mail.
19:52:51 I'm having a hard time figuring out whether e-mails
19:52:54 really are letters.
19:52:55 It was apparently sent to each of you as well as to
19:52:57 myself.
19:53:00 And I need to put this into the record or read it into
19:53:03 the record.
19:53:05 He is completely in favor of this proposal.

19:53:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Give it to the clerk.
19:53:18 >>ROSE FERLITA: Mr. Reynolds, I don't want to
19:53:20 interrupt your presentation.
19:53:21 I wanted to ask you a question.
19:53:25 >>> At any time.
19:53:25 >> I don't remember but I do remember that the
19:53:29 neighborhood had some concerns last time this was
19:53:31 presented, two fold, partly because of density and
19:53:34 partly because of residents looking at a wall, a
19:53:38 parking garage.
19:53:39 The last time density versus this one.
19:53:42 How do they compare?
19:53:43 I'm not talking about how it's configured or --
19:53:47 density versus density, square footage of the project.
19:53:52 >> Well, the last time we were here, we had no square
19:53:54 footage of residential.
19:53:55 >>ROSE FERLITA: No, but the overall project.
19:53:59 >> The overall project?
19:54:01 Occupy the same amount of land.
19:54:05 The parking garage is one floor tall.
19:54:09 Because as we squeezed in to accommodate putting
19:54:11 residential units, on the streetscape, we lost spaces.

19:54:18 The office building is smaller than it was three
19:54:22 months ago.
19:54:25 It was 96,000 square feet.
19:54:27 It's 88,000 square feet.
19:54:29 It includes an arcade around it and provisions for
19:54:34 outdoor.
19:54:42 >> I'm not sure you exactly answered my question but
19:54:45 height.
19:54:47 >>> The same height, office building.
19:54:49 The parking garage is about 10 feet taller than it was
19:54:54 before.
19:54:59 The present zoning would permit a height on the
19:55:02 packwood side, and to our south of 40 feet.
19:55:08 The CI zoning of the other half of the block would
19:55:11 permit 45 feet.
19:55:14 The top of the residential units will be approximately
19:55:18 between 45 and 47 feet depending on where the fire
19:55:22 walls are.
19:55:23 The top of the stairwells in the parking garage will
19:55:26 be 55 feet.
19:55:30 >>ROSE FERLITA: Okay.
19:55:31 Thank you.

19:55:41 We believe we truly did listen to our neighbors, not
19:55:44 just at the hearing three months ago, but when we met
19:55:46 with them about a month and a half ago.
19:55:49 We reduced the size of the office building after our
19:55:55 meetings with the neighbors in August.
19:56:01 Truly, I think this is the best that can be done to
19:56:06 present an interface with this neighborhood, and
19:56:10 provide a development that complies with the Kennedy
19:56:13 Boulevard overlay, which we do comply with, and are
19:56:20 sensitive to.
19:56:22 One other thing that we have taken great care is to
19:56:24 make sure that the bus stop on Kennedy, the Hartline
19:56:30 stop, is there and provided for in notes on the site
19:56:33 plan.
19:56:39 As our neighbor on packwood said, it's well planned
19:56:46 for the neighborhood, it fits the goals and
19:56:47 requirements of the Kennedy Boulevard corridor plan,
19:56:50 and will anchor and guide further development in this
19:56:53 area.
19:56:54 We also believe it's sensitive to our current
19:56:57 neighbors who we have great respect for, and when hope
19:57:00 that -- it will be amazing.

19:57:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. English -- thank you.
19:57:14 I think this project is a significant improvement over
19:57:18 where we were.
19:57:19 After a lot of pressure trying to replace windows in
19:57:23 some of these discussions.
19:57:24 But in her absence, I feel the need to bring up some
19:57:28 of the things that I know she would.
19:57:29 It looks like it's a true mixed use project.
19:57:32 A lot of people say they are mixed use.
19:57:34 But they are really not.
19:57:35 This is pretty good mixed use project.
19:57:38 You have residential.
19:57:39 You have got office.
19:57:40 And you have got, you know, a decent size restaurant
19:57:43 and some decent retail.
19:57:45 So that's kind of exciting.
19:57:47 My biggest concern, Mr. English, would you put up your
19:57:54 west elevation, if you have it handy?
19:57:56 And I know you are going to degree with me completely
19:57:59 because I know that you have been in the new urbanism
19:58:09 concept.
19:58:10 As a new urbanist tell me what's wrong on the

19:58:12 residential side.
19:58:13 And if you can't I'll get Wilson to come up and do it.
19:58:33 We could probably waive some of your retail or
19:58:35 restaurant parking.
19:58:36 It looks like you're not asking for parking waiver.
19:58:38 I think we could waive some of the parking.
19:58:42 But if you could get rid of that, those exterior
19:58:45 garage doors, and -- you have a great opportunity to
19:58:49 create a brownstone look, you know, with steps leading
19:58:52 up to the first two floors of the units.
19:58:58 It's just a wonderful opportunity, and such a better
19:59:02 look.
19:59:02 And I'm sure your neighbors across the street, in
19:59:06 packwood and whatever the other street is, would feel
19:59:08 so much better about looking at, you know, steps and
19:59:12 real neighbors, as opposed to double garage doors.
19:59:19 >> Let me have him come forward and address that and
19:59:22 then I may have a finishing answer to that as well.
19:59:26 >>> Robert Furrow with the Beck group.
19:59:30 I have been sworn in.
19:59:31 I believe that was actually a response at one time
19:59:33 from comment that we heard from staff.

19:59:39 To park the cars within the garage.
19:59:41 So if Council pleases, yes, we can remove the garages.
19:59:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Would there be some type of access?
19:59:49 >>> The garage itself, there would be an access,
19:59:52 already is one provided within the inside.
19:59:54 >> I mean street access.
19:59:56 >>> Yes, there would still be street access to the
19:59:58 apartment.
20:00:07 >> A little stoop.
20:00:09 A couple of stairs.
20:00:10 Real door.
20:00:11 A great opportunity there.
20:00:12 >> There is a pedestrian entry.
20:00:14 And a vehicle entry also for each of the units,
20:00:17 directly off street for each one of units already.
20:00:23 To put a vehicle entry within the garage.
20:00:25 >> That would be wonderful.
20:00:26 >>> And still maintain the pedestrian entry.
20:00:30 >>: Maybe improve aesthetics on the pedestrian entry.
20:00:34 >>> Absolutely.
20:00:34 >> And I looked at this called perspective looking
20:00:38 northeast.

20:00:39 >>> I don't see any pedestrian entry on that one.
20:00:49 >> That's not the kind of entry I'm talking about.
20:00:53 >>> We'll give you -- make the
20:01:03 >> I think Mr. Reynold makes a very good point.
20:01:09 The current zoning is commercial.
20:01:11 It's already 45 feet allowed under the commercial.
20:01:13 You know, that sort of thing.
20:01:15 So I don't know if there's anything we can do about
20:01:17 that.
20:01:17 But I think we can make it at least a better looking,
20:01:19 better functioning street-friendly project.
20:01:22 >> Well, there's one thing I wanted to add about Ms.
20:01:25 Ferlita's question.
20:01:28 A commercial building is smaller.
20:01:35 And we weren't all that happy about residential next
20:01:40 to that garage.
20:01:41 But after we started looking at it, what it really
20:01:45 does is create a real neighborhood and that's
20:01:49 important.
20:01:51 You don't know how many residential uses within that
20:01:54 area between Cleveland and Kennedy and you have
20:01:56 traffic is an issue and Hyde Park and everything, but

20:02:00 that is not that intense a project.
20:02:02 I think a much better knowledge than before.
20:02:11 Thank you.
20:02:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
20:02:13 You asked for a continuance.
20:02:16 How long will it take you to do all those?
20:02:20 Three weeks?
20:02:22 What is three weeks?
20:02:23 November 2nd.
20:02:31 In the morning at 10:00?
20:02:33 Can we get a motion?
20:02:34 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
20:02:35 >> Motion and second to continue item 3 to November
20:02:38 2nd at 10 a.m.
20:02:40 (Motion Carried).
20:02:44 >>> We'll bring it back.
20:02:45 Thank you, Madam Chairman.
20:02:48 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Land development.
20:02:50 Item number 2, V 06-09 needs to also be continued.
20:02:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
20:02:56 >> Second.
20:02:56 (Motion carried).

20:02:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 4 is a continued public
20:03:02 hearing.
20:03:10 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Land development.
20:03:34 I have been sworn.
20:03:36 Before you is V 06-61.
20:03:42 It's rezoning at 6718 north Rome Avenue from RS-50
20:03:48 residential single-family to a planned development,
20:03:51 sin will-family attached residential.
20:03:55 If you take a look at the Elmo, and the zoning map,
20:03:59 you will see the affected site.
20:04:03 RS-50.
20:04:05 You have residential office across the street.
20:04:09 R 01 to the north.
20:04:12 I will show you some pictures we took.
20:04:18 They are a little blurry.
20:04:19 It's not your eyes.
20:04:22 Top picture is subject site.
20:04:30 Mobile home park adjacent to the site.
20:04:32 To the north again, I don't know how clearly you can
20:04:35 see this.
20:04:36 I apologize.
20:04:37 Looking north on Rome.

20:04:39 And the bottom picture is looking south.
20:04:45 Bottom picture shows adjacent single-family
20:04:48 residential home.
20:04:51 I don't think you will be able to make out what that
20:04:54 is but that's a single-family home also.
20:04:56 And some vacant land.
20:04:59 I don't know what happened.
20:05:03 This first came before you.
20:05:06 And you have seen it before.
20:05:07 The way you saw this, the site plan before us, was
20:05:10 with, I believe, 24 attached town homes.
20:05:16 There is neighborhood opposition.
20:05:19 Council said, you know, that's too much.
20:05:22 They continued out.
20:05:24 They came back to staff with a completely revised site
20:05:27 plan showing 12 single-family detached homesite.
20:05:34 They made that 12 go to 11 and what you see before you
20:05:38 is 10 so they worked with neighborhood concern to
20:05:43 create less expensive.
20:05:48 Under land use they would be allowed 25 units.
20:05:54 The detached single-family homes will have two-car
20:05:58 garages.

20:05:58 And like I said, the subject site is on Rome Avenue
20:06:01 just south of Sligh.
20:06:03 Adjacent to the Sligh Avenue recreation area is to the
20:06:07 north.
20:06:07 There's a mobile home park to the south.
20:06:10 And there's single-family residential across Rome
20:06:12 Avenue to the east.
20:06:14 In addition, there's the RO office to the east and the
20:06:16 subject site.
20:06:17 The proposed units will be two-story.
20:06:20 With a maximum building height of 35 feet.
20:06:24 Provided illustrations with proposed design.
20:06:26 The architectural element to ensure that each
20:06:30 individual resident has his own personality.
20:06:32 The PD setbacks shown on the site plans are front yard
20:06:36 setbacks are 20, side yard 7, and rear 20.
20:06:40 So they need RS-50, underlining zoning district
20:06:46 setback.
20:06:46 Two structured parking spaces have been provided for
20:06:49 each unit.
20:06:50 Guest parking will be provided in the driveway of each
20:06:53 respective unit.

20:06:57 Staff has no objection to the site plan.
20:07:00 The petitioner has worked very hard to come in with a
20:07:04 product that they also felt will meet retention.
20:07:10 They did work hard to do that.
20:07:12 As far as our presentation, I'll defer to the Planning
20:07:14 Commission.
20:07:15 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
20:07:30 I have been sworn.
20:07:36 I shall give you a little more context on this area.
20:07:38 We have revisited this site.
20:07:41 This is the third time, I believe.
20:07:48 Residential 20, which is what the land use categories
20:07:50 for the proposed site.
20:07:52 Residential 10.
20:07:53 And recreational open space.
20:08:01 The site is situated on Rome Avenue in close proximity
20:08:04 to Sligh Avenue.
20:08:06 Sligh Avenue is an arterial road.
20:08:09 Rome L Rome Avenue goes down into the River Bend
20:08:12 neighborhood association boundaries.
20:08:14 As you can see, most occur from the east side to the
20:08:17 south of the mobile home park, with single family

20:08:19 attached residential.
20:08:20 As Ms. McDonald has correctly stated to you, this
20:08:23 previously came to you as a single-family detached,
20:08:29 approximately 19 units.
20:08:32 What you have before you this evening are 10
20:08:35 single-family detached units, a reduction of
20:08:39 approximately 45% of the original density of the
20:08:45 project.
20:08:46 The request does provide additional housing in close
20:08:49 proximity to the local commercial note where the Rome
20:08:53 and Sligh park is located at.
20:09:04 Other potential uses at the site.
20:09:06 Would be much more intense for the site.
20:09:10 We, the Planning Commission, do believe, as well as
20:09:12 the staff, that the applicant, who is the developer,
20:09:16 had come in in good conscience and is trying to work
20:09:18 with the neighborhood and presenting to you a project
20:09:21 that complies with the overall vision and intent of
20:09:24 the neighborhood which would be a single-family
20:09:26 detached residential project that meets with the
20:09:31 setbacks the RS-50 standards.
20:09:33 So even though some of the lots on there as it is come

20:09:35 in as a PD do not necessarily need to meet that
20:09:38 requirement.
20:09:39 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
20:09:41 proposed request.
20:09:43 >> Petitioner?
20:09:52 >> Good evening.
20:10:01 An 18 unit condominium.
20:10:12 To provide single lots,
20:10:19 Hopefully you will allow to us build some houses.
20:10:54 >>> Mario Espariot.
20:10:57 I have been sworn in.
20:10:58 I just want to go over the site so I can explain in a
20:11:02 little more detail.
20:11:17 We are proposing ten lots, and the lots are 80 feet
20:11:24 with 50-foot right-of-way and 20-foot street with a
20:11:28 hammer head for the emergency vehicles at the end of
20:11:29 the road on the west side along for emergency vehicles
20:11:34 to go in and return.
20:11:37 We are proposing -- based on existing sidewalk on the
20:11:41 side of the property on Rome Avenue we are proposing
20:11:44 to take that sidewalk out and put a wider sidewalk on
20:11:49 the outside, because the sidewalk -- we are going to

20:11:55 have retention for this property, engineer, we are
20:11:59 going to have engineers to do all the engineering,
20:12:03 about the drainage.
20:12:04 So all drainage is going to be within the lot.
20:12:11 For a 100 year flood.
20:12:13 I don't know exactly which way we are going to go.
20:12:16 But hopefully it will retain all the water for the
20:12:19 impervious area.
20:12:24 We redesigned this a few times.
20:12:26 And the last time we did that was because the staff
20:12:29 had some comments about the trees.
20:12:33 So we changed the size of some of the lots.
20:12:36 Some of the lots are bigger than what I said before.
20:12:38 They are 52 feet like the first lots and we did that
20:12:42 because we wanted to preserve all the trees that you
20:12:46 can see here, the previous houses.
20:12:48 So there's really one house that has a setback less
20:12:52 than what they said before, 5-foot setback but we have
20:12:55 to do that in order to retain the trees.
20:12:57 We are retaining more than 80% of the trees here.
20:13:02 Really they need to be preserved.
20:13:05 All the trees taken out are -- and the bigger trees on

20:13:11 the back of the property and all on the north side.
20:13:14 There's a lot of oak trees on the south.
20:13:18 You can see that we are going to be proposing new
20:13:23 trees.
20:13:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members?
20:13:31 Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on
20:13:33 item 4?
20:13:34 Will you come up and speak?
20:13:45 >>> Good evening.
20:13:46 I have been sworn.
20:13:47 I'm a resident of a mobile home park adjacent to the
20:13:50 property.
20:13:52 Also president of the homeowners association.
20:13:54 And with the playgrounds right adjacent to it is a
20:14:03 concern as far as adding additional traffic in the
20:14:07 area with the kids in the playground nearby.
20:14:09 We are still questioning whether there's adequate
20:14:12 parking available to offset the extra traffic that it
20:14:15 brings into the neighborhood.
20:14:17 Thanks for your time.
20:14:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:14:20 Next.

20:14:25 >>> Laura Shae, three blocks south of this proposed
20:14:29 site.
20:14:30 And I have been sworn in.
20:14:36 My neighborhood is back again.
20:14:39 Developers are threatening to -- build a structure on
20:14:49 substandard type lots.
20:14:50 This will redefine the character which we currently
20:14:53 love about our neighborhood.
20:14:56 Most of our homes are two and three story bungalows on
20:15:00 lots as small as 50 by 100-foot.
20:15:05 Investing in this neighborhood is investing in our
20:15:07 lives, not just the financial investment, much more.
20:15:10 Our house is our home.
20:15:15 We celebrate life and we mourn death in our homes.
20:15:17 We recover from illness in our homes.
20:15:20 Our homes are our refuge.
20:15:23 We have neighbors that lived near 30, 40, ooh years so
20:15:26 now we value our homes beyond the monetary value.
20:15:29 Many of us chose this neighborhood with our family in
20:15:32 mind raising our family in a house with the yard as
20:15:34 part of what we call the American dream.
20:15:37 We have raised our children with the influence of

20:15:40 neighboring children and their parents.
20:15:42 Many new families have the same opportunity.
20:15:45 We have been here a few times in opposition to
20:15:47 townhouses and condos.
20:15:49 You have heard the many concerns of this neighborhood
20:15:51 about raw sewage, traffic congestion and stormwater.
20:15:54 Because of these concerns we want to prevent it from
20:15:59 becoming worse.
20:15:59 These developers want you to make an exception to the
20:16:02 codes that were created for everyone's protection.
20:16:04 However, allowing this will increase the burden of
20:16:09 management over stormwater, the sewage treatment
20:16:12 facilities.
20:16:13 We are not completely opposed to new development,
20:16:15 although our structure is delicate.
20:16:18 By the -- structure is Dell carat.
20:16:21 We do have
20:16:25 Opportunities of sinkholes in our neighborhood.
20:16:28 All over our neighborhood, they are not asking to be
20:16:31 an exception to the rules.
20:16:34 We are supposed to be -- we are opposed to the
20:16:40 substandard lots to make this new development

20:16:44 consistent and compatible with the homes that are
20:16:47 already here.
20:16:48 What they are proposing are, this kind of development
20:16:56 might fight in oakwood but not here.
20:16:58 I have been included in a few of the meetings with the
20:17:00 developers.
20:17:00 They have intended to pacify us and change our mind
20:17:03 but have not corrected what we have proposed all
20:17:06 along, the sub standard size lots.
20:17:09 I oppose this plan, with big huge houses and larger
20:17:19 yards.
20:17:19 I have 200 letters from people opposing this kind of
20:17:24 development.
20:17:25 And they are all within three blocks of the site
20:17:28 except for the bottom five from the neighborhood
20:17:31 association meeting.
20:17:32 But the other 200 are within three blocks of the site,
20:17:41 the authority, the south and the east.
20:17:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Give it to the clerk.
20:17:48 Thank you.
20:17:59 >> Council, my name is Frank Greco, the president of
20:18:02 the River Bend civic association.

20:18:03 And I have been sworn.
20:18:06 I'm here tonight to tell you a little bit about what
20:18:09 the neighborhood has decided in previous meetings for
20:18:14 this project.
20:18:17 I have a little presentation to give you.
20:18:20 And some of the things that the residents had
20:18:24 complained about was road width on the project.
20:18:29 40% thought it was wide enough, others thought it was
20:18:36 too narrow for emergency vehicles. The site plan
20:18:38 shows at one point it was 40-foot by 80 fat lots and
20:18:41 now 40-foot by 08-foot lots and the neighborhood found
20:18:47 80% were accepting of the 40 by 80-foot lots and 70%
20:18:51 thought it was too small.
20:18:53 There were 5-foot setbacks, the individual properties
20:19:00 a little more than 5-foot setbacks.
20:19:02 So as the neighborhood, 30% of the neighborhood
20:19:06 thought that it was acceptable and the rest did not
20:19:08 feel that it was acceptable.
20:19:18 That would be a proposed price range and owner
20:19:21 occupied and feet presentation.
20:19:23 75% of the neighborhood thought that this project
20:19:26 would be good in those areas for the neighborhood and

20:19:29 25 thought that it would not.
20:19:40 River Bend, it was 50-50 in this area.
20:19:42 And when started to accommodating to River Bend, felt
20:19:46 that they were trying to maintain the character and
20:19:51 also providing two-car garages, the 50%.
20:20:00 The other area was -- redesigned to the attached
20:20:07 houses, were very grateful that they did, re designed
20:20:12 to attached houses.
20:20:17 The impact fee with the River Bend neighborhood,
20:20:20 traffic, 50% felt they would moderately impact traffic
20:20:24 and 50% thought it would greatly impact traffic.
20:20:27 As far as the sewer system, 85% felt that it was
20:20:30 negatively impacted, the remaining 15% felt that there
20:20:35 was little impact.
20:20:40 Finally, in my presentation of River Bend, we had
20:20:48 River Bend project was accepted.
20:20:50 75% approved, with changes, to the plan, some percent
20:20:56 disapproved after it was presented.
20:21:01 And a quick survey of the neighborhood found that a
20:21:11 few of these percentages actually changed.
20:21:16 And at this point I would like to detach from the
20:21:18 River Bend civic association and just give you my own

20:21:22 personal comments.
20:21:26 The neighborhood feel this will bring economic
20:21:28 improvement to the neighborhood, and some upgraded
20:21:30 houses.
20:21:31 And those who are against it are afraid of the
20:21:37 infrastructure project.
20:21:44 That's where the concerns are.
20:21:45 Thank you.
20:21:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:21:46 Next.
20:21:50 >>> My name is Vivian cannon.
20:21:52 I live at 5905 north Brown Avenue.
20:21:57 And my husband is not able to attend and I'm speaking
20:22:04 for him.
20:22:06 I'd like to see some improvements of the plan that
20:22:09 they have.
20:22:10 And these are the comments my husband has made.
20:22:14 My husband is an architectural engineer, and looked at
20:22:19 the plans.
20:22:20 He said the 20-inch drive is insufficient.
20:22:27 24 -- I'm sorry, foot wide drive is insufficient.
20:22:30 24-foot required -- we are concerned about the mailman

20:22:40 coming through.
20:22:42 Will there be ten mailboxes at the end of the corner
20:22:45 on Rome?
20:22:47 And we're concerned about the trash.
20:22:53 Will there be 10 trash receptacles at the end of Rome?
20:22:58 We have to walk all the way from our house to the
20:23:01 street for our trash and our neighbors' also.
20:23:05 So we wanted to know what will they do with the trash
20:23:09 problem?
20:23:09 Will there be the pickup at the end of the road?
20:23:15 If so the 25-foot radius is not wide enough for a
20:23:19 garbage truck or fire truck, a 50-foot radius would be
20:23:23 required.
20:23:24 Number 3 would be there are some oak trees there on
20:23:28 the property, which they had not considered more than
20:23:33 two feet in diameter.
20:23:35 And while my husband was reviewing he felt it was
20:23:48 condensed to put the trees in.
20:23:49 The houses are too close to Rome Avenue so the
20:23:53 reflection of our neighborhood character, it's very
20:23:57 close to the road.
20:24:04 >> Thank you.

20:24:05 Next.
20:24:14 >>> I have been sworn.
20:24:16 Can't read my own writing.
20:24:17 I represent hundreds of people, but one of these
20:24:21 houses on a decent size lot is a home.
20:24:24 Ten on a little over an acre with a mountain of
20:24:27 concrete.
20:24:27 No green space.
20:24:28 No breathing space.
20:24:30 You know the problems we have which sewage, drainage,
20:24:34 traffic, et cetera, et cetera, that have not been
20:24:36 addressed or even properly acknowledged.
20:24:40 Changing the zoning code adds to and complicates the
20:24:44 problems.
20:24:44 We are asking that City Council stand firm with us to
20:24:48 control the growth in our neighborhood.
20:24:51 We are trying to defend some standard of sanity.
20:24:55 I'd like to also say that you have stood with us and
20:24:58 we have hail appreciated it.
20:25:00 And in doing so, the property that was to the south of
20:25:03 us, three and a half acres, they are only building
20:25:07 three houses and saving one that was on the property.

20:25:11 They are going to be million dollar homes.
20:25:13 We're talking about the possibility of growth in a
20:25:17 more positive way, in an area that's going to be very
20:25:20 vital in the future of Tampa.
20:25:22 I speak as a long-time resident of Tampa.
20:25:26 I look forward to growth in a positive way.
20:25:29 Thank you very much.
20:25:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:25:31 Next.
20:25:34 >> Linda bellman, here representing my father, Mr.
20:25:41 Beasley, who is directly across the street from the
20:25:44 petitioner.
20:25:45 I have been sworn in.
20:25:48 I only have five things.
20:25:50 One, nothing has changed about the traffic since I was
20:25:54 here last time.
20:25:59 It is a Dale Mabry Highway.
20:26:01 It's also not treated like an Azeele or any of the
20:26:04 streets in the South Tampa area.
20:26:05 You drive down that highway.
20:26:07 I have a brand new car.
20:26:08 I can tell you, you can't drive five feet without hit

20:26:11 ago pot hole.
20:26:12 It's just wherever it's at, okay, it pales in
20:26:17 comparison to what the big picture here is.
20:26:19 But my father has been on that piece of property for
20:26:22 45 years.
20:26:22 I was born and raised here and I know the neighborhood
20:26:25 and that's just one that unfortunately hasn't been
20:26:27 taken care of like it should have been.
20:26:33 Three weeks ago, I think it was the final baseball
20:26:36 game where they had the big baseball game.
20:26:39 They have baseball games there all the time on that
20:26:41 baseball field, which, by the way, could you throw a
20:26:45 rock to the adjacent property that they are getting
20:26:47 ready to build on.
20:26:49 There were not a few cars.
20:26:51 There were hundreds of cars, up and down north Rome,
20:26:56 up and down Sligh, up and down side streets, up and
20:26:59 down as far as could you go in both directions.
20:27:03 And again, last time, people being able to get in and
20:27:10 out.
20:27:10 And now, in fact, on that piece of property, people
20:27:16 were actually parking everywhere on that property up

20:27:18 and down the trailers, because they absolutely ran out
20:27:22 of room.
20:27:24 And I think the other thing that's really important to
20:27:27 me to say is that even though there are some
20:27:29 single-family homes in there, there's also property in
20:27:32 there with large parcels.
20:27:35 Moi my father has almost an acre of land in Tampa
20:27:38 right across the street.
20:27:39 That's a lot of property.
20:27:40 And if we continue to approve these kind of things
20:27:43 with this kind of -- with these kind of developments,
20:27:47 we are just going to absolutely continue to ruin the
20:27:49 neighborhood.
20:27:51 Traffic, traffic, traffic.
20:27:52 I just don't even -- you know, I guess I can't say
20:27:58 more than that.
20:27:59 Thank you.
20:27:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:28:00 Next.
20:28:02 >> I have been sworn.
20:28:02 My name is Michael Petrosky, I live almost directly
20:28:07 across the parcel, 6703 north Rome Avenue.

20:28:12 I think I am in the same concern.
20:28:15 It just too dense.
20:28:16 And I realize these folks have come back a few times
20:28:19 and from condos down to single-family homes.
20:28:23 But it's too dense.
20:28:25 I agree with my neighbors as well that the
20:28:27 infrastructure of this neighborhood right now is to
20:28:30 the point of crumbling.
20:28:31 We have serious, serious water issues.
20:28:33 We have serious, serious problems with north Rome
20:28:36 Avenue as far as speed, which unfortunately from TPD
20:28:38 is not very well enforced.
20:28:41 And I just -- I know the strange size and strange
20:28:48 piece of land that I do believe the minimum standard
20:28:51 of 50 by 100 that you folks have been forced all of
20:28:54 these years in this case should definitely be enforce,
20:28:58 that 50 by 100 should stay impact intact and it's just
20:29:01 too many units right now.
20:29:02 It needs to be reduced back down.
20:29:04 I know as I said before, it's a strange size property.
20:29:08 But I really think that there may be 3 or 4 units in
20:29:11 there. You would actually be okay.

20:29:13 But as of right now, it's just still a little too
20:29:16 dense.
20:29:16 Thank you.
20:29:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:29:17 Next.
20:29:21 >>> I live in -- been there about 12 years.
20:29:26 I would rather have homes in there than another
20:29:29 apartment project.
20:29:32 Traffic in our neighborhood -- South Tampa, go to New
20:29:39 Tampa, you got problems.
20:29:40 I have no problems in my neighborhood.
20:29:43 These people want to keep that neighborhood in dense,
20:29:46 20 years ago.
20:29:51 This project should go.
20:29:54 That's all I got to say.
20:30:00 >>> Kimberly Berone, almost directly across from where
20:30:08 this project is proposed and I concur with my
20:30:11 neighbors that this project is too dense, there are
20:30:14 too many units, that it creates more havoc than we can
20:30:17 afford at this time.
20:30:19 Rome Avenue is a very tight road.
20:30:22 We do have a lot of traffic concerns.

20:30:25 Again like they mentioned with the neighbor field we
20:30:28 have a lot of overflow from that.
20:30:30 This is only going to create additional problems for
20:30:32 our neighborhood.
20:30:33 And we want to maintain the integrity of the
20:30:37 single-family homes in that neighborhood.
20:30:39 We feel like that's an important part of our family.
20:30:43 The reason that we moved there in the first place.
20:30:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:30:47 Would anyone else like to speak?
20:30:49 Petitioner?
20:30:52 You may come back.
20:30:55 >>> I just would like to answer some of the concerns
20:30:56 of the neighborhood.
20:30:59 They talk about the -- this street in the center of
20:31:02 the lot is a standard size street, 20 feet.
20:31:06 I mean, we have gone a few subdivisions.
20:31:08 We could finish one and I could show you the picture
20:31:12 here.
20:31:17 We complain with the same size street.
20:31:20 There's no complaint.
20:31:23 The tractor, the truck can get in and out.

20:31:27 I would we have to turn around and come back.
20:31:31 All the concerns we had in the green area.
20:31:34 We are providing setbacks that are the standard
20:31:37 setbacks, like normal lots, we are creating a smaller
20:31:41 footprint house, two-story, looks exactly like a house
20:31:47 on a 50 by 100 house.
20:31:49 It's a two-story house, modern footprint, set back in
20:31:54 the front, standard setback.
20:32:00 I don't see the concern about the green area.
20:32:03 You can get a pool in the back like a normal house.
20:32:11 A month ago when we came here and asked for the
20:32:13 consequence answer -- continuance, there was south of
20:32:19 Rome, and we see that there's a double -- and I can
20:32:28 show you.
20:32:29 This site was approved about a month ago.
20:32:35 These lots are 28-foot wide, and on top of that, the
20:32:43 setback in the back of the house.
20:32:44 The houses are -- somebody drop something from the
20:32:51 back window, you have to ask permission from the
20:32:53 neighbor to pick it up.
20:32:54 They approved that, not us.
20:33:00 These houses they approved, we went back and did

20:33:04 two-car garages.
20:33:14 I'm sorry, I'm a little bit nervous.
20:33:16 We have some pictures here.
20:33:35 We are just trying to say, we are giving them a better
20:33:38 product, a better look, we are improving the
20:33:41 neighborhood.
20:33:42 We don't see that it's going to be -- just for that
20:33:46 neighborhood, better parking, we are providing a
20:33:52 double wide, every house, four-car parking there. I
20:34:07 think we are improving.
20:34:07 We are not going backwards here.
20:34:16 These lots, even the turn-around for the truck,
20:34:21 started retention pond inside the lots.
20:34:25 We tried to keep everything out of this lot.
20:34:27 They are smaller, I know.
20:34:29 I complain about the houses.
20:34:32 The retention pond.
20:34:34 The turn-around.
20:34:37 So we feel that we are giving them -- and we really
20:34:40 tried from the beginning to give them what they want.
20:34:43 We went from 18 units back to 12, 11, now to 10.
20:34:49 And we don't see -- I mean, we could do less.

20:34:56 But I don't think for the size of this lot, which
20:34:58 is -- we are going to end up with lots 200 feet deep,
20:35:05 I mean, and for developing, we think this is the best
20:35:08 way to do it.
20:35:10 We came and tried to change it.
20:35:12 And we changed it a few times for them.
20:35:16 And I think we are trying and we tried our best, I
20:35:18 think.
20:35:20 >>> I would like to say something.
20:35:22 On this site plan some of the members are talking
20:35:24 about having a 50 by 100.
20:35:30 This lot over here actually has the turnaround inside.
20:35:34 This lot --
20:35:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Sir, sir, point of order.
20:35:38 We are supposed to be focused on your plan.
20:35:42 >>> All right.
20:35:42 I am just trying to make --
20:35:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I understand but that's our rules.
20:35:52 >>> The development has approved.
20:35:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Are there other questions from council
20:35:58 members?
20:35:59 Mr. Harrison?

20:35:59 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Sir, you mentioned just now, you
20:36:01 said we can make them bigger but we don't think that
20:36:04 will work.
20:36:04 If you went with 50 by 100 lots, 5,000 square feet,
20:36:09 how many would you be able to do on this site?
20:36:17 >>> About four.
20:36:18 Because they are going to be long and narrow.
20:36:19 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Land development.
20:36:27 Without going through a rezoning, they have 200 feet
20:36:31 of frontage.
20:36:32 They could get four single-family lots out of that.
20:36:34 It would be 50 by 299 feet deep.
20:36:38 So they could get four houses without rezoning.
20:36:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
20:36:48 Mr. Dingfelder?
20:36:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
20:36:51 I have a stormwater question.
20:36:54 Well, the neighbors had a stormwater question.
20:36:56 The neighbors had a traffic question.
20:37:02 So I ask if they could come out.
20:37:04 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Before they come out, I will
20:37:08 let you know this has gone through several staff

20:37:10 reviews.
20:37:11 And solid waste signed off, transportation,
20:37:17 stormwater.
20:37:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
20:37:23 There's been some concern from the neighborhood that
20:37:25 the 20-foot driveway is too narrow, it doesn't meet
20:37:30 city standards.
20:37:31 Can you clarify that?
20:37:32 >>> It meets the standards. That is the minimum.
20:37:35 >> Minimum for, what, a private lane?
20:37:38 >>> For a drive.
20:37:40 >> So because it's a private drive, that makes the
20:37:43 difference then, right?
20:37:44 >>> A private road being minimum 40 feet of
20:37:46 right-of-way.
20:37:48 So you are actually taking the whole right-of-way into
20:37:50 account.
20:37:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
20:37:59 I see what you're saying.
20:38:00 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I don't.
20:38:01 Explain that, please.
20:38:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You say from the edge, inside edge

20:38:11 of the sidewalk to the inside edge of the sidewalk.
20:38:14 40 feet.
20:38:16 But the paved park is 20 feet.
20:38:20 >>> Correct.
20:38:21 That's minimum standard for city code.
20:38:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The other question I had.
20:38:28 There was some concern from the neighborhood about the
20:38:31 stormwater and the drainage from this project.
20:38:34 It appears to me that the drainage going into looks
20:38:38 like underground retention vaults on the west side.
20:38:44 >>> Alex Awad, stormwater department.
20:38:46 I have been sworn.
20:38:46 Yes, that was the note on the plan that they are going
20:38:49 to develop their drainage.
20:38:53 As far as we are concerned they do have a note that
20:38:58 they will meet the requirement for the site plan which
20:39:00 is the standard five year, 25 year development
20:39:04 standard.
20:39:04 But we do not have a detailed design of that at this
20:39:09 point.
20:39:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So the fact there's this note on
20:39:12 the plan that says underground retention, are they

20:39:15 bound to that?
20:39:16 >>> Normally the way we look at it, if they go from
20:39:20 above-ground retention pond to a vault system, then
20:39:25 that's okay.
20:39:26 But we don't like them to go from a vault system to an
20:39:28 above ground retention pond because then it may affect
20:39:31 the neighborhood.
20:39:31 >> And then as far as the solid waste, we don't have
20:39:40 anybody here from solid waste.
20:39:53 >>> It would be curbside and they would retain from
20:39:55 the structure.
20:39:57 >> They wouldn't pick up at the road.
20:40:00 Up the street.
20:40:02 >>> Correct.
20:40:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
20:40:04 Need to close the public hearing.
20:40:06 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Wait a minute.
20:40:09 I guess, Alex, stormwater was mentioning that there
20:40:13 might be a possibility of sinkholes because of what's
20:40:17 behind there.
20:40:17 Is there a problem?
20:40:21 >>> Well, there are some issues with sinkholes in the

20:40:23 north Ashley, the 900 block of Ashley that I know of.
20:40:29 But I don't know that the -- because of them, they are
20:40:34 developing sinkholes or not.
20:40:37 I do not know that.
20:40:42 But there are some --
20:40:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: but not in this area.
20:40:46 I don't think they would be putting an ASR if they
20:40:49 might be having sinkholes in there.
20:40:51 Because I think that's one million gallons of water
20:40:56 that they are retaining.
20:41:00 >>> The water department can address that better than
20:41:02 I can.
20:41:02 But the reason for the ASR is to pump it into areas
20:41:05 that do have.
20:41:12 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
20:41:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
20:41:15 We need to close the public hearing.
20:41:16 >> So moved.
20:41:17 >> Second.
20:41:17 (Motion carried).
20:41:17 >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, there is no doubt in
20:41:23 my mind that the developer has come back with a better

20:41:26 configuration.
20:41:27 Not a good enough configuration but a better
20:41:29 configuration.
20:41:30 I know they are talking about 10 to make this viable
20:41:36 financially.
20:41:36 But, you know, we cannot fault the neighborhood, or we
20:41:39 cannot base our opinion on the fact that your
20:41:43 configuration of lots would comfortably allow four
20:41:46 units, whether or not that works for you financially,
20:41:48 I don't know, and that's really not an issue in this.
20:41:51 The second thing, I think, sir, that you tried to
20:41:54 bring up another petition that was approved that again
20:41:56 is not Jermaine to what we are looking at.
20:41:59 Every time we have looked at something in this
20:42:01 particular neighborhood the neighborhood has come, as
20:42:03 far as I'm concerned, with very valid complaints and
20:42:05 very valid considerations in terms of density, in
20:42:09 terms of compatibility, in terms of traffic, in terms
20:42:11 of drainage.
20:42:13 I think you have a nice project.
20:42:14 But again I still think that this is too dense for
20:42:17 what this particular specific area will tolerate.

20:42:20 And I won't support it.
20:42:22 As a matter of fact, I will move for denial.
20:42:24 >> Second.
20:42:24 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second for denial.
20:42:26 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
20:42:32 >>> Hold it just a moment.
20:42:33 As I indicated to you previously after October
20:42:35 1st, if you are going to deny a petition, you have
20:42:38 to state the section of the code you are basing your
20:42:41 denial on.
20:42:43 I would recommendation maybe take a moment to look at
20:42:49 the staff report to see if there's any sections in
20:42:52 there that you believe are applicable.
20:42:53 I will also given you a handout of applicable code
20:42:57 provision that you can look toward.
20:42:59 And it sounds top me from what Ms. Ferlita is
20:43:02 indicating that what you would be looking for is the
20:43:05 question of compatibility.
20:43:07 One of the provisions you have in your code that
20:43:10 relates to compatibility are plan development for
20:43:14 section 27-321, subsection 6, which states that a PD,
20:43:21 in order to be approvable, should promote, encourage

20:43:25 development where appropriate character and
20:43:27 compatibility with surrounding impact to the
20:43:29 neighborhood, environment, and existing geography.
20:43:33 >>ROSE FERLITA: And I have that right in front of me
20:43:37 Mrs. Cole.
20:43:38 That basically goes to the heart of my objection.
20:43:42 >>JULIA COLE: The motion to deny must contain that,
20:43:45 because the statute requires a notice be sent to the
20:43:50 property owners specifically --
20:43:52 >>ROSE FERLITA: Thank you for the guidance.
20:43:54 And let me reiterate my move for denial.
20:43:58 My denial is based on the compatibility issue, based
20:44:01 on a PD request, section 27-32-1-6, promote,
20:44:07 encourage, compatibility with the surrounding impact
20:44:12 neighborhoods, environment, and existing geography,
20:44:15 and I believe I have concerns with that.
20:44:17 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
20:44:19 Mr. Dingfelder?
20:44:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I can't support the motion.
20:44:26 I think you really have a split neighborhood.
20:44:28 I think there are quite a few folks who indicated
20:44:30 through their neighborhood president and also by

20:44:32 coming down here tonight that they prefer this as
20:44:36 compared to potentially an apartment complex that
20:44:41 might be the next thing that is offered on this
20:44:44 project, on this parcel.
20:44:46 The big problem with this parcel is the land use, the
20:44:49 underlying land use, which is in the long-range
20:44:53 comprehensive plan, allows for 20 units to the acre.
20:44:56 And I think, you know, what they started out at 17
20:45:02 units, down to 12, down to 11, now there are 10.
20:45:06 When I look at the individual parcels, the typical
20:45:09 RS-50 is 50 by 100.
20:45:11 I live on an RS-50.
20:45:14 50 by 100. This project, by the majority of it, is 47
20:45:19 by 80.
20:45:20 So they are a little bit shallow, you know, by 20
20:45:24 feet, they are shall O.but other than that, the width
20:45:26 is virtually a 50-foot width.
20:45:29 So now there's single-family detached.
20:45:34 They look like they are going to be selling for
20:45:36 300-something thousand dollars or thereabouts.
20:45:40 I mean, you know, I don't know.
20:45:42 I just feel really horrible when we tell somebody, fix

20:45:46 this, fix this, go back, fix it, and then we still
20:45:49 turn it down.
20:45:50 And it just doesn't seem right to me.
20:45:54 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, Madam Chair.
20:45:56 The reason I asked the question, if you were to go
20:45:59 with 50 by 100 lots, how many can you get on this
20:46:03 site?
20:46:04 The answer I got was 4, which doesn't make any sense
20:46:06 to me, because they are putting 10 on here now, and
20:46:11 they are at 3900 some square feet.
20:46:14 So it would seem to me, I don't know what the
20:46:17 geography lays out.
20:46:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's the Rome frontage.
20:46:25 >>SHAWN HARRISON: anyway, at 50 by 100, I don't think
20:46:28 anyone really can complain, because that is a
20:46:31 legitimate lot size in the City of Tampa.
20:46:34 If this came back at 50 by 100 or 5,000 square feet
20:46:38 lots, maybe you didn't have to go back and reconfigure
20:46:42 and maybe get seven or eight.
20:46:44 It's better than four.
20:46:45 And I think that probably the neighborhood would say,
20:46:48 well, we don't really like it, but at least you're

20:46:50 sticking with the minimum lot size in Tampa.
20:46:53 So that's the reason for my support of Ms. Ferlita's
20:46:58 motion to deny.
20:46:59 >>ROSE FERLITA: Thank you, Mr. Harrison.
20:47:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. White.
20:47:03 >>KEVIN WHITE: I was going to say the reason that I
20:47:05 was going to be able to support the motion to deny on
20:47:07 this particular project is I have the privilege, if you
20:47:12 will, to travel quite often on the road.
20:47:16 I see the speed that goes up and and down that.
20:47:19 I see the high number of accidents that happen right
20:47:21 in the middle of that intersection on a weekly basis.
20:47:26 These are some horrific accidents.
20:47:28 And they are not low-speed accidents.
20:47:30 People are knocked pooh into the bridge and against
20:47:32 the telephone poles out there.
20:47:34 And as well through the evening, when they have
20:47:38 baseball games and other activities in the park.
20:47:40 It's sometimes hard to even maneuver down Rome Avenue,
20:47:45 with other traffic, and with all the cars parked all
20:47:47 along the area.
20:47:49 And this would just do nothing but exacerbate those

20:47:52 conditions, as well as I do have friends and
20:48:00 acquaintances that live in the area as well and I'm
20:48:02 familiar with some of the infrastructure problems and
20:48:05 at times the water level -- and this addition, burden,
20:48:13 restraint on that situation, I just don't think is
20:48:19 fair or comparable, and I don't think it would be
20:48:24 smart on our part, even though we can get 20 units to
20:48:26 the acre by virtue of a code, that we don't have the
20:48:29 infrastructure in place to handle the capacity of what
20:48:32 we have now.
20:48:34 There's no sense in putting the constraint on the
20:48:39 neighborhood.
20:48:39 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion on the floor for
20:48:41 denial.
20:48:41 All in favor say Aye.
20:48:43 Opposed, Nay.
20:48:44 >>THE CLERK: Dingfelder and Alvarez, no.
20:48:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
20:48:48 We need to open item number 8.
20:48:51 >> So moved.
20:48:51 >> Second.
20:48:51 (Motion carried).

20:48:52 >>SHAWN HARRISON: The motion was denied.
20:49:37 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Land development.
20:49:39 I have been sworn.
20:49:40 Item number 8, Z 06-103.
20:49:50 This rezoning, the request is going from RS-50
20:49:54 single-family to a planned development, single-family
20:49:57 attached.
20:50:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Hold on one second.
20:50:04 Let's get organized.
20:50:12 Okay, we are organized.
20:50:14 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: On the Elmo, the subject site.
20:50:21 As you are aware,
20:50:35 I'm sorry.
20:50:35 This is Hubert.
20:50:38 Gray Street.
20:50:40 A town home project which I will show you pictures on
20:50:42 this corner of Hubert and Gray.
20:50:45 Also, Z 06-40 was approved a couple months ago.
20:50:51 In this area.
20:50:53 Another PD was approved a month and a half ago for
20:50:57 town homes.
20:50:58 These are town homes.

20:51:02 This is a picture of the subject property.
20:51:13 This is a home.
20:51:13 This is a view looking north on Hubert at the
20:51:17 interstate and a commercial office building.
20:51:26 This was previously approved.
20:51:29 This is looking south on Hubert.
20:51:35 Towards Kennedy.
20:51:35 This is adjacent single-family home.
20:51:37 This is the being prepared for single-family town
20:51:45 homes.
20:51:46 This is a PD that was just approved for six
20:51:49 single-family town homes.
20:51:51 And an aerial.
20:51:54 The subject site.
20:51:55 Again there are in a longer houses in this area.
20:52:00 This is a PD.
20:52:10 This petition proposing four single family attached
20:52:13 residential units.
20:52:13 The acreage is approximately .278 acres.
20:52:17 The project will have one-story buildings -- I'm
20:52:23 sorry, two-story buildings containing a maximum height
20:52:26 of 31 feet with set back of 18 feet front, 5.3 feet on

20:52:31 the side, 22.47 on the rear.
20:52:35 Each unit will be 1618 square feet for a building
20:52:40 total of 6,472.
20:52:43 All units will have attached two-car garages.
20:52:46 It is being designed, if you look on the front page of
20:52:49 the elevation, in Italian Mediterranean style with the
20:52:55 variation.
20:52:57 The garages and front doors are facing Hubert.
20:53:01 There are objections to the site plan, and they are
20:53:06 from our landscape specialist.
20:53:09 If you look at the staff report, there are one, two,
20:53:12 three, four, five, six, seven, eight items that need
20:53:16 to be addressed, some as simple as on the site plan,
20:53:20 it shows the tree table, the credit debits.
20:53:24 It needs to be revised.
20:53:26 It's not in the form we normally have.
20:53:28 I do know that they were asked and it wasn't
20:53:31 addressed.
20:53:32 Some of the things are providing calculation for
20:53:35 minimum recommended trees.
20:53:38 Placed on the site plan.
20:53:39 There will be no underground utilities within 20-foot

20:53:42 protective radius of any grand trees.
20:53:48 Some of it is as simple as placing it to the site plan
20:53:52 and correcting tree tables.
20:53:58 The comment from our landscape specialist that none of
20:54:01 the above comments were addressed from previous
20:54:03 submittal.
20:54:03 And she said I added the green space and ceiling which
20:54:09 could accommodate the deficiency previously addressed
20:54:11 in my prior comments.
20:54:12 Fire department does have an objection.
20:54:15 They feel like the site plan does not meet their
20:54:17 access requirements.
20:54:24 They said if they sprinkle the building it would be in
20:54:27 compliance that the sprinkler system would have to be
20:54:30 monitored off site.
20:54:31 I will let petition area dress these comments.
20:54:34 We find it does meet 27.13 the single-family attached
20:54:38 design standards.
20:54:39 Under those design standards, it talks about each unit
20:54:43 fronting the public street.
20:54:46 And storage containing two enclosed parking spaces,
20:54:51 two-car garages, and about no more than from three to

20:54:57 eight dwelling units, and this project has four
20:55:00 dwelling units.
20:55:03 Also for council's consideration is the purpose under
20:55:05 the planned development code.
20:55:08 And with that I'll defer to the Planning Commission.
20:55:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Marty, would you put this on the
20:55:15 overhead, to the extent that you can fit it?
20:55:19 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: The elevation?
20:55:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
20:55:43 >> That gets the point.
20:55:45 Sometimes it seems like forever we are trying to fix
20:55:47 something, we mess up something else.
20:55:53 Specifically, there's four units here.
20:55:57 And so now we have got these eight garages facing the
20:56:01 street.
20:56:02 So you are driving down the street.
20:56:03 And what was a single-family house, you are now going
20:56:07 to look at four double garages, eight garages.
20:56:12 And I think part of that is because we required this
20:56:17 indoor parking, and we have -- that we have to have
20:56:22 two spaces, two indoor spaces.
20:56:26 And because we were seeing some of this before.

20:56:28 But sometimes we would see a single-car garage, and
20:56:31 you would have some stacking, or, you know, some
20:56:34 staggered parking, that sort of thing.
20:56:36 But now, it's like we have demanded this, and this is
20:56:39 what we get in response.
20:56:41 And this the disgusting in terms of the aesthetic
20:56:44 appeal from the street.
20:56:46 Are there any architects in the audience?
20:56:50 You're doing.
20:56:52 >>SHAWN HARRISON: You're doing a great job of playing
20:56:54 one, Mr. Dingfelder.
20:56:55 >>> I wanted to clarify.
20:56:56 Did you say eight garages?
20:56:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I said four double garages.
20:57:00 Eight spaces.
20:57:01 >>> There's four driveways.
20:57:04 To a double car garage.
20:57:06 Correct.
20:57:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think I'm looking at four double
20:57:11 garages, aren't I?
20:57:13 >>> There are, yes.
20:57:14 >> And I think that's because we are requiring --

20:57:18 >>> Require parking, yes.
20:57:21 >> I realize that's the code today.
20:57:23 I think we have to revisit this to really see
20:57:25 aesthetically what are we doing?
20:57:30 But anyway.
20:57:35 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
20:57:37 I have been sworn in.
20:57:39 I'll make my present -- your point is well taken, Mr.
20:57:51 Dingfelder, from a design aspect but as far as
20:57:53 compatibility to the comp plan, I want to make several
20:57:55 points very quickly before the representative for the
20:57:58 applicant comes up an makes his presentation.
20:58:00 Two things.
20:58:01 We all know the interstate expansion is going to go
20:58:03 down to the south and it's almost going to go all the
20:58:05 way down Columbus street and in some cases does go all
20:58:09 the way down Columbus street so you have an erosion
20:58:13 for the Westshore Palms and you already know there's
20:58:16 been an erosion of the attached residential character.
20:58:19 Because the land use pretty much supports that type of
20:58:21 use, you have a residential 20 land use category here.
20:58:27 I was actually going to use your zoning map but I can

20:58:30 do it on the aerial.
20:58:31 It's just as easy.
20:58:34 Just so you have a series of PDs, there's a little
20:58:39 circle that shows you the most recent one.
20:58:41 But the PDs for six town home units, this project
20:58:45 over here was for 30 town home units.
20:58:48 This has like 15.
20:58:49 One across the street.
20:58:50 So throws a significant transition expressly within
20:58:53 this particular intersection of gray and Hubert.
20:58:57 There's a lot of activity on there, on gray as far as
20:59:01 town homes go.
20:59:02 But as you can see, there are quite a few PDs.
20:59:05 Most of these are reflective of town homes.
20:59:07 There are a lot that are also going up in the area.
20:59:13 So there is a significant transition away from single
20:59:16 family detached.
20:59:19 It is pretty much residentially integrated.
20:59:22 Westshore is probably a crack example of the types of
20:59:25 uses, you have anything from condos to apartments, to
20:59:29 town homes, to single-family detached in this
20:59:32 particular neighborhood.

20:59:34 It's quite a variety of uses.
20:59:36 So based on where it's located, in close proximity to
20:59:40 the Westshore business district, it's in compliance
20:59:43 with your intent of the comprehensive plan to provide
20:59:47 more intensity of the uses or density in proximity to
20:59:54 those providing significant employment base, which the
20:59:56 Westshore business district does do.
20:59:58 Planning Commission staff has no objection to the
21:00:00 proposed request.
21:00:03 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Petitioner?
21:00:04 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Good evening.
21:00:25 John Grandoff, suite 3700 Bank of America Plaza.
21:00:29 I have the pleasure of representing Charles and Terry
21:00:35 Corces.
21:00:39 I put the site plan up on the board and I can point
21:00:42 out a few things to you.
21:00:47 Briefly you know where the site is.
21:00:48 Tony forgot to give you the restaurant report.
21:00:50 He usually does where all the main restaurants are
21:00:52 there.
21:00:53 I have been sworn, also.
21:00:54 And to comply with Mr. Shelby's requirement.

21:00:59 Let me show you a site plan.
21:01:01 And one correction on Marty.
21:01:03 Report.
21:01:05 She has a setback.
21:01:08 It's going to be 25 feet, the requirement over the
21:01:16 district.
21:01:18 (off microphone)
21:01:19 That's a typo in the report.
21:01:21 But it is 25 feet.
21:01:24 And 22 feet in the rear.
21:01:30 If you look at it from a plan use these walkways were
21:01:35 designed from the streets all the way to the porch,
21:01:40 and, yes, the garages are provided as required by
21:01:42 code.
21:01:47 It's an interesting concept here.
21:01:49 And he identified that there's no designs that are
21:01:56 providing housing for disabled or handicapped folks
21:01:59 that want to northbound this marketplace.
21:02:01 And what's been the issue is all of the bedrooms are
21:02:04 being denied on the second and third floors.
21:02:07 What chuck and Terry decide to do is let's put
21:02:10 everything on the ground floor so you are getting a

21:02:12 very pedestrian use, mark it handicapped and disabled
21:02:18 folks that will be able to come into this neighborhood
21:02:19 just like everyone else and be able to have their
21:02:22 kitchen, bathroom, living area, and obviously their
21:02:24 bedroom on the first floor.
21:02:25 And that's the design concept they are going for and
21:02:28 put living area on the second floor and do that within
21:02:33 31 feet of height where you have an allowance of 35
21:02:36 feet of height.
21:02:37 It's a very creative idea.
21:02:39 And I think the first time, they are going for
21:02:44 specific market.
21:02:45 And I think that's very commendable.
21:02:48 The area is townhouse neighborhood.
21:02:52 Very close to Westshore plaza and the Westshore
21:02:54 business district.
21:02:58 This is where R-20 has been indicated, the market is
21:03:02 coming to that.
21:03:03 And I agree with all of Ms. Boyle's findings and Mr.
21:03:07 Garcia's findings.
21:03:08 We have no opposition that I know of.
21:03:11 We have letters from surrounding owners and we

21:03:13 respectfully request your approval.
21:03:15 I'm available for any other questions you may have
21:03:16 this evening.
21:03:17 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Questions for the petitioner? Is
21:03:20 there anyone in the audience that would like to speak
21:03:22 on item number 8?
21:03:23 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: One thing.
21:03:27 Petitioner is correct, there was 25 feet being
21:03:30 mistakenly put to 18.
21:03:36 >>> I forgot the objections.
21:03:38 The objections for the landscape department, let me
21:03:40 explain.
21:03:40 We met with Mary on Monday.
21:03:42 And we addressed all of the objections, the site plan,
21:03:48 prepared to address all of those objections.
21:03:50 We will file it by Monday.
21:03:51 This is where the 13 day rule is caught up, did the
21:03:55 other project earlier this evening.
21:03:56 We have addressed all those objections including the
21:03:58 tree table.
21:03:59 Number two, the fire department wanted the building
21:04:02 sprinkled and we will sprinkle the building and we

21:04:04 also put that condition on the site plan.
21:04:05 So that resolves all objections and we are willing to
21:04:08 submit the revised plan by Monday afternoon.
21:04:10 >> So this has to be continued for two weeks.
21:04:13 >>> Yes.
21:04:13 >> Mr. Dingfelder?
21:04:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Two quick questions.
21:04:17 One, spoke to a waiver of green space with a fee in
21:04:21 lieu payment.
21:04:22 Is that part of the condition now?
21:04:25 >> Mary Daniels, Land Development Coordination.
21:04:27 I have been sworn.
21:04:28 The green space calculation included the retention
21:04:32 pond, which was two feet deep, and currently they have
21:04:35 revised that, and the retention pond, where it can be
21:04:41 included in the calculations, the revisions to the
21:04:45 plan.
21:04:46 They will then meet the green space requirement.
21:04:48 And I did meet with Mr. Grandoff.
21:04:50 And we did go over line item by line item the
21:04:54 conditions for the objections, and they have set aside
21:04:59 those.

21:05:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Grandoff, the other question I
21:05:05 have, if it's going to be handicapped, wheelchair,
21:05:12 accessible.
21:05:14 >>> ADA?
21:05:14 Yes.
21:05:15 >> Did they already have it in their plans the ability
21:05:17 to get from the garage level up to the first floor
21:05:21 level, which is a difference of one foot?
21:05:24 >>> Yes.
21:05:24 In fact, the garage -- one irony is the larger garage
21:05:30 makes it a little easier for folks to get out of their
21:05:32 cars when they have a disability.
21:05:35 So yes, they will be able to access immediately onto
21:05:37 the first floor.
21:05:38 >> There's a one-foot differential on your plans?
21:05:42 So is it going to be a ramp?
21:05:44 >>> I'm sorry, I misunderstood your question. Having
21:05:46 to get from the garage to the first floor.
21:05:49 >> There's a one-foot difference.
21:05:51 It would probably take 12 feet of ramp to do one foot
21:05:54 differential.
21:05:54 >>> They'll have to design that within the

21:05:56 construction.
21:06:00 >>SHAWN HARRISON: We need a motion to continue this
21:06:02 for two weeks.
21:06:04 >> So moved.
21:06:05 >>ROSE FERLITA: Second.
21:06:05 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Any discussion?
21:06:07 Mr. Shelby?
21:06:08 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, for what time?
21:06:10 Do you want it in the morning or in the evening?
21:06:15 >> Morning.
21:06:15 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That date is again?
21:06:18 The 26th, thank you.
21:06:20 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Motion and second to continue to
21:06:23 October 26th, 10 a.m.
21:06:24 All in favor say Aye.
21:06:26 Opposed?
21:06:27 Make.
21:06:29 >>CHAIRMAN: We need to open number 10.
21:06:32 >> So moved.
21:06:33 >> Second.
21:06:34 (Motion carried)
21:06:34 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Land development.

21:07:11 I have been sworn.
21:07:11 The proposed rezoning in front of you, council, is a
21:07:15 request going from commercial general to a planned
21:07:18 development, retail sales.
21:07:22 The location of the property is also on Kennedy.
21:07:28 It's on the corner of Grady and north Bay behind the
21:07:36 subject property.
21:07:37 It is commercial general, as seen along the corridor,
21:07:41 several commercial general property, UCI, across, and
21:07:47 to the east, 16 to the north, some R-24 and RS-60 to
21:07:53 the south.
21:07:58 I'll show you the aerial.
21:08:01 You do have an existing, which will be removed to a
21:08:08 section of the strip mall that will be retained.
21:08:12 And I will go through that further in my staff report.
21:08:15 But this is the aerial view of what is existing.
21:08:18 You have trips to the east, commercial uses to the
21:08:22 west, and across the street.
21:08:28 Commercial office with parking along Kennedy.
21:08:34 I'll show you the photos.
21:08:35 This is the existing strip mall that will be removed.
21:08:42 The view looking east on Kennedy.

21:08:46 Another view of Kennedy.
21:08:49 This is the strip mall to the east.
21:08:55 This is a view of north "A" that runs behind -- I'm
21:08:58 sorry.
21:09:00 It's Grady, looking down Grady towards the north.
21:09:05 This is the rear of the existing strip center.
21:09:09 This is north "A."
21:09:11 That runs behind the project.
21:09:13 And this is a better view of north "A" that will run
21:09:15 behind the project.
21:09:18 The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property.
21:09:21 The property address is 40011 Kennedy.
21:09:24 The petitioner is proposing to remove approximately
21:09:27 18,000 square feet out of a total of 21,000 square
21:09:31 feet of an existing strip mall.
21:09:34 The remaining 3,000 square feet will be renovated to
21:09:36 accommodate a retail sales office.
21:09:41 And you have the elevation, I believe, in front of you
21:09:44 showing the building that is remaining.
21:09:53 The strip mall is to the east of the property along
21:09:56 north Grady street.
21:09:57 The outer display area will be towards the front.

21:10:00 And parking will be towards the rear along with
21:10:03 customer and employee parking.
21:10:12 Building is a one-story with a maximum height of 45
21:10:16 seats.
21:10:17 The main office is off of Kennedy with a left out only
21:10:19 access on north heal Avenue. The -- Hale Avenue.
21:10:26 It's subject to comply with all overlay standards.
21:10:31 As to objections, before I go through that, there is
21:10:34 waivers being requested.
21:10:37 And while there needs to be waivers being requested,
21:10:41 the one first us, waiver number 1, to allow 80% of the
21:10:46 parking to be located in the front of the parcel.
21:10:49 That's a requirement under the Westshore commercial
21:10:53 overlay district, the parking to be used to the rear.
21:10:57 I believe this picture will explain the display area
21:11:01 is their retail use and not necessarily parking.
21:11:07 The objection that staff has first from land
21:11:10 development, that this is within the Westshore
21:11:14 commercial overlay district, and we would like a note
21:11:16 added to the site plan stating that they will comply
21:11:18 with all design standards.
21:11:22 Also, we don't feel like it addressed the outdoor

21:11:27 lighting fixtures that are required under that overlay
21:11:30 district.
21:11:33 Under chapter 27-463 it talks about equipment
21:11:37 including vents and stairways.
21:11:40 We ask that there be a note with compliance to that.
21:11:43 And then on parking standards, that is where standards
21:11:46 of Westshore overlay comes in.
21:11:48 It speaks about no parking to the front.
21:11:51 There should be no parking in the rear.
21:11:54 They are proposing their auto sales to be located in
21:11:57 the front.
21:11:57 So we are asking for that.
21:12:03 There is in the objection from land development,
21:12:06 landscape specialist, about general note number 21.
21:12:12 She asked the petitioner amend the note.
21:12:15 They amended it but she only wanted part of it amended
21:12:20 so they need to fix that and I know that they are
21:12:22 willing to do that.
21:12:24 Our urban design manager has concerns, and under the
21:12:30 Westshore commercial overlay district, they need to
21:12:33 show elevations of all sizes of -- sides of the
21:12:36 building, and that's one of their comments.

21:12:38 They feel like they have only got one side or two
21:12:42 sides of the elevation.
21:12:43 Typical elevation depicting architectural detailing of
21:12:47 the materials.
21:12:48 Plans showing sufficient pedestrian amenities along
21:12:51 north Grady, west north "A" and north Hale.
21:12:55 Plan clarifying new wall placement, exterior lighting
21:12:58 plan in keeping with the Westshore commercial overlay
21:13:01 district, and that the elevation to be to scale, and
21:13:09 design in color material and lighting in keeping with
21:13:12 the Westshore overlay district.
21:13:14 Transportation has objections.
21:13:15 They object to the driveway on north Hale.
21:13:19 The code requires any nonresidential street be
21:13:24 accessed.
21:13:24 You need to go to arterial collector, not local
21:13:28 streets.
21:13:28 They have asked for a waiver of that condition.
21:13:30 And also their statement is the Westshore commercial
21:13:33 overlay standards which will match the Kennedy
21:13:37 overline standards, including sidewalks need to be
21:13:40 complied and shown on the plan.

21:13:43 Under findings of fact, we do find that it meets
21:13:45 certain aspects of the Westshore commercial overlay
21:13:47 district, as to the amenities.
21:13:51 We feel like the landscaping has been provided along
21:13:54 Kennedy Boulevard.
21:13:56 Another condition is that at least 30% of the ground
21:13:59 level of principal facade shall be constructed of
21:14:02 transparent material.
21:14:03 Land Development said we feel that they meet that
21:14:10 standard; however, I do know that Urban Design would
21:14:12 like elevations of all sides to be able to see that
21:14:14 clearly.
21:14:16 They are not providing any chain link or wooden
21:14:18 fences. Those are prohibited.
21:14:25 And that is all for Land Development.
21:14:29 There are objections to the site plan as it is.
21:14:34 As it is existing.
21:14:42 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
21:14:44 I have been sworn in.
21:14:49 There are two predominant land use studies in this
21:14:52 area.
21:14:52 Residential 10, and urban mixed use 60.

21:14:56 Kennedy Boulevard of course is a redevelopment
21:14:59 designated as a redevelopment corridor.
21:15:02 It is the only currently designated redevelopment
21:15:04 corridor you have, just adopted recently, which will
21:15:09 come back to DCA, designated redevelopment corridor.
21:15:13 Actually have two in the entire city.
21:15:15 With that, you are allowed to have the land use
21:15:18 designation of urban mixed use 60.
21:15:20 If you recall earlier this evening, we had a project
21:15:24 in front of you for a project, for an office building
21:15:27 of approximately 88,000 square feet, 75 feet high,
21:15:31 same land use category, urban mixed use 60.
21:15:34 That is the potential that you are allowed to put as a
21:15:39 possible use under the urban mixed use category.
21:15:43 What the applicant is proposing to do with this
21:15:45 particular site, as Ms. McDonald has stated to you
21:15:48 already, as you can see, on this northern face, from
21:15:56 Brady going west, pretty much with the exception of
21:15:59 this one unit here, pretty much everything up to north
21:16:02 "A" street is nonresidential.
21:16:05 What is significant also is that before the applicant
21:16:10 is willing to reduce the commercial structure

21:16:13 approximately of 85%, going from 21,000 square feet to
21:16:17 3,000 square feet.
21:16:19 The remaining use will be strictly for sales.
21:16:25 There's an interesting proposal in that you actually
21:16:26 have a reduction of intensity which in a manner of
21:16:30 speaking is something that I think that the residents
21:16:32 of the particularly affected neighborhood, which is
21:16:37 north Bon Air, are sensitive to, which is the space of
21:16:43 the commercial uses along Kennedy Boulevard to the
21:16:46 residential neighborhood.
21:16:46 So in this case you do actually have reduction of the
21:16:50 intensity of the structure that's on-site, but there
21:16:54 is a question as to the use on the site as far as the
21:16:57 neighborhood is concerned.
21:16:58 And we understand those concerns.
21:17:03 It is in accordance and is consistent with the uses,
21:17:06 which is why I wanted to point out what you can
21:17:09 potentially put on the site based on the earlier plan
21:17:11 amendment that's in front of you, where you have that
21:17:14 88,000 square foot office building.
21:17:17 So tough second most intensive land use category,
21:17:20 urban mixed use 60 along Kennedy Boulevard.

21:17:22 And then you have this proposed project that's coming
21:17:25 in front of you.
21:17:26 There are some design issues.
21:17:28 I think that the applicant needs to be sensitive as
21:17:31 far as making sure that they apply what they are
21:17:35 stating on their site plan as far as proper mitigation
21:17:38 of their site from the existing residential uses along
21:17:40 the north side of north "A."
21:17:42 Planning Commission staff overall finds the proposed
21:17:46 request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
21:17:47 >>CHAIRMAN: Petitioner?
21:19:10 >> Good evening, my name is Mark Bentley, 201 North
21:19:18 Franklin Street, Tampa 33602 and I have been sworn.
21:19:22 Before I get into the merits of the project, I'd like
21:19:26 to note for council that staff recommended suggestion
21:19:30 to the site plan.
21:19:31 Some of those are just a matter of semantics.
21:19:34 We concur with all the suggested changes.
21:19:37 That's not a problem.
21:19:39 We are kind of struggling through the implementation.
21:19:40 I think this is the first real case you have had in
21:19:45 terms of implementation of the Westshore design

21:19:47 standards so we are working through that and we don't
21:19:48 have any problems doing that.
21:19:50 We will submit a revised plan hopefully by Monday.
21:19:56 I have in attendance Mr. J.P -- Jason Kuhn, of Kuhn
21:20:11 Honda.
21:20:12 Along with Sol Fleischman, our architect.
21:20:15 We are pleased to present a prototype first of its
21:20:19 kind auto sales in Hillsborough County, going to set
21:20:22 the bar in the county.
21:20:24 This is the result of the implementation of your
21:20:28 Westshore design standards along with input from your
21:20:31 professional standing staff and the neighborhood.
21:20:33 Actually, some plans have suggested that our site plan
21:20:36 and design, the renderings utilized, are illustrations
21:20:40 for the Westshore design standards.
21:20:44 In any event, what we are presenting is to implement
21:20:46 what the council has been working on for the last few
21:20:49 years, and that's to clean up the Gateway, so it's a
21:20:52 redevelopment corridor.
21:20:53 Like I said it's probably the first significant
21:20:55 redevelopment project in that area.
21:20:57 However, most importantly, what we are presenting to

21:21:00 council tonight is the elimination of approximately
21:21:02 60-year-old strip center, that's 1.25 acres and 99%
21:21:07 impervious with concrete and parking.
21:21:11 It has over 1,000 square feet of signage and no
21:21:14 drainage.
21:21:15 We intend to replace that with the state-of-the-art
21:21:18 sales facility that has low level signage, 3,000
21:21:20 square feet versus 22,000 square feet drainage,
21:21:24 approximately half the site is going to be landscape
21:21:26 or vegetation.
21:21:29 Hopefully this project will be the catalyst and maybe
21:21:31 jump start some of your development in that area.
21:21:34 That's been a concern in the city.
21:21:46 What I would like to do now is kind of walk you
21:21:48 through the property and the characteristics of the
21:21:53 surrounding area.
21:21:55 Here is an aerial, as you can see, 1.25 acres, 99%
21:22:01 impervious.
21:22:01 You can see the parking.
21:22:02 Everything is not conforming to the code obviously.
21:22:06 No drainage.
21:22:08 If you look at on the east side, for example, the

21:22:10 Brady side, you can see parking that doesn't meet your
21:22:13 code now, requires backing out onto the Brady
21:22:17 right-of-way.
21:22:17 >> Who are some of the tenants?
21:22:19 I'm trying to picture that.
21:22:21 >>> A lot of people know it as the Radio Shack center.
21:22:28 So essentially what you have here is just all this
21:22:30 parking, about 90 spaces in the 22,000 square foot
21:22:35 building.
21:22:37 This is what we have once we build the project.
21:22:41 As you can see, the northern half towards north "A,"
21:22:45 the residential area, that's all dedicated to
21:22:47 retention of buffering.
21:22:49 Employee customer parking centered in the property.
21:22:52 And display area located to Kennedy.
21:22:54 The important thing I think about this project versus
21:22:59 without the existing project right now really causes a
21:23:01 lot of interaction with the community.
21:23:03 For example, there are five driveways connections.
21:23:08 I'll get back to this aerial.
21:23:10 There's two on Brady.
21:23:12 Two on Hale.

21:23:13 There's one on Kennedy.
21:23:15 So what happened here, 22,000 multi-tenant center, a
21:23:19 lot of people actually drive through the community to
21:23:21 get to the location.
21:23:22 You will see on our site plan what we have done to
21:23:25 eliminate that possibility is we went to the D.O.T.,
21:23:30 and they gave us a driveway connection for our project
21:23:33 to west Kennedy, and the only egress on a residential
21:23:40 street is north Hale.
21:23:41 We only have two driveways on north Hale.
21:23:44 And the way it's designed is one of these traffic
21:23:47 computer devices, raised curbing, would divert traffic
21:23:53 back to Kennedy.
21:23:55 So with this design, and signage saying no right turn,
21:24:00 et cetera.
21:24:01 With this design, it's an possibility for traffic to
21:24:03 get back into the community.
21:24:05 Now here's a shot of the center.
21:24:09 Here's the rear of the center.
21:24:11 Walk see here is impervious surface.
21:24:17 And this has been a problem with the neighbors, not
21:24:22 just on our property, from the other side of the wall.

21:24:25 What you are going to see is our project would
21:24:27 eliminate that possibility as well.
21:24:34 I would like to talk briefly about signage.
21:24:36 Here again the design standards for Westshore are very
21:24:39 stringent.
21:24:40 Right now, what you have with the property is roughly
21:24:45 1,000 square feet on Cadillac drive.
21:24:51 All shapes and sizes, pipes in the city code right
21:24:54 now.
21:24:55 And what we intend to do is eliminate all these signs
21:25:02 and replace it with two signs, one on each corner that
21:25:05 would adhere to your regulations.
21:25:10 It would be an 80% reduction over what's there in
21:25:13 terms of signage.
21:25:21 The surrounding area to the east, that you can see
21:25:23 here -- again another nonconforming strip center, the
21:25:29 signage, substantially code, certainly would be
21:25:34 compatible with that.
21:25:36 Looking to the west here, and the signage here, that
21:25:42 is directly west of Hale Avenue, an office complex,
21:25:47 and here's a shot at the rear.
21:25:51 Our proposed access to Hale would be right across from

21:25:55 this.
21:25:58 Quite frankly between North A and Kennedy, budges at
21:26:03 commercial street.
21:26:06 So here again, you can see what we are dealing with on
21:26:08 the other side of the street, not just literally in a
21:26:12 public right-of-way, et cetera.
21:26:15 Then what you have on the north side of us is some
21:26:18 strip centers, and some -- EPD has another name for
21:26:25 those but that's a whole different issue.
21:26:27 Theoretically, our property is 5.
21:26:32 Tony mentioned, even though it's 22,000 square feet
21:26:35 out there at this time, under UMU it could have
21:26:37 theoretically 100,000 square feet.
21:26:43 We are looking at north "A".
21:26:45 Primarily residential, older home.
21:26:52 Y'all see that north "A" directly behind the center,
21:26:55 there are five units and four of those five property
21:26:58 owners have weighed in and anybody that would be
21:27:02 adversely affected by them, that's important, the
21:27:06 project.
21:27:07 Actually, what you have right now if you look at this
21:27:14 on the Elmo, this is a shot looking toward the center,

21:27:18 south on north "A."
21:27:19 And this is what it was like, apparently keep parking
21:27:25 along the wall there.
21:27:26 So they said -- what we decided to do is in agreement
21:27:35 with the mayor's beautification program is put
21:27:37 vegetation at our expense and we are going to maintain
21:27:43 it in the right-of-way and sidewalk to prohibit that
21:27:46 kind of parking.
21:27:47 And here's another shot of what the neighbors see on a
21:27:50 daily basis.
21:27:51 This is pretty much out of control, the illegal
21:27:54 dumping.
21:27:55 That will be rectified by our project.
21:27:58 So if you are on north "A" now, what you are going to
21:28:01 see once the project is developed is north "A"
21:28:04 allocation, and we'll speak to that a little later on
21:28:10 in the presentation.
21:28:11 You have a 6-foot buffer wall.
21:28:12 You have the Key West style office here.
21:28:15 The actual vehicles that are for sale are 150 feet on
21:28:18 the other side of the wall, heavily treed, plant 36
21:28:25 shade trees on the property, which is in excess of the

21:28:28 code requirement.
21:28:28 So the people on north "A" do not see anything there.
21:28:47 Talk a little about the project, what we intend to do
21:28:49 is sell pre-owned upscale cars, and more in line with
21:28:53 BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Jaguar, those types of vehicles.
21:28:58 Notably, KUHN auto sales, his market is notably South
21:29:04 Tampa.
21:29:05 You might think a lot of these are -- notably we have
21:29:09 a line of dealers. A lot of people go to Bradenton
21:29:12 because of the synergy between the dealers and they'll
21:29:15 find a lot of opportunities to buy a car, whereas KUHN
21:29:18 Honda will concentrate on the South Tampa market.
21:29:21 So Mr. Jason KUHN, believe me, there lab some -- some
21:29:29 of the prior history across the state and made great
21:29:32 efforts, and there's a great relationship for Oakford
21:29:35 Park civic association, and it's taken a lot of work,
21:29:39 okay?
21:29:39 So this guy is very sensitive to his reputation and
21:29:42 standing in the community.
21:29:44 Can't spend to thereby for the long haul and doesn't
21:29:46 do anything to jeopardize that.
21:29:51 So if that can be one of these buy here, pay here

21:29:55 situations, and we stipulate add lot of conditions
21:29:57 where you can't have a lot of balloons, outside
21:30:00 speakers, et cetera, that we'll get into in a second.
21:30:03 I want to talk about the neighborhood concerns.
21:30:05 I know some people are in opposition here.
21:30:09 We have been in it since April, had a very productive
21:30:15 meeting, had two formal meetings with residents and or
21:30:18 the civic association.
21:30:20 A lot of people seems like didn't participate in the
21:30:24 meeting.
21:30:24 In any event, quite honestly, throughout this process,
21:30:28 other than during the course of those two meetings, I
21:30:31 had absolutely no negative feedback whatsoever.
21:30:34 I got a letter in support.
21:30:36 I think council already has that.
21:30:38 And that be received and filed.
21:30:42 And also on north "A" behind the project a gentleman
21:30:45 will be speaking in support.
21:30:58 Four of the five property owners, stakeholders
21:31:01 immediately adjacent, are in support of the project.
21:31:03 I want to talk a little about some of the
21:31:05 neighborhood's concerns.

21:31:06 For example, they had concerns about traffic, cutting
21:31:10 through the neighborhood.
21:31:11 Here again we have five driveway connections now.
21:31:13 We intend to reduce that down to 2.
21:31:16 With all traffic being diverted back toward Kennedy.
21:31:20 They also were concerned about lighting.
21:31:22 We dealt with that on the site plan.
21:31:25 Low-level lighting.
21:31:26 That's not an issue.
21:31:28 Hours of operation, we stipulate to that, have to
21:31:31 close 7:00 Monday through Friday, 6:00 Saturday and
21:31:33 Sunday.
21:31:34 Right now the existing zoning has no hours of
21:31:37 operation limitations.
21:31:39 You can virtually put a Denney's, Village Inn, Taco
21:31:45 Bell, they can go 24 hours a day.
21:31:48 One of the concerns, and I just saw a letter there in
21:31:51 opposition from Bon Air civic association, they
21:31:54 suggested something about property values.
21:31:55 Actually, the concern, the feedback we got is they are
21:31:59 concerned about a nice project enhancing or increasing
21:32:03 their property values.

21:32:04 So which is kind of a switch.
21:32:08 But I tried to reassure them that the Hillsborough
21:32:10 County appraiser does not use commercial sales as
21:32:15 comparable sales for residence properties. And having
21:32:18 your property value go up is not really a bad thing
21:32:20 from my perspective. The thing about flags and
21:32:23 balloons, we put notes on the plans to prohibit that.
21:32:25 Loud speakers, they are concerned about drainage.
21:32:28 Right now there is no drainage.
21:32:32 Dumpster use, location.
21:32:34 Originally on the plan we had a dumpster.
21:32:36 Neighbors were concerned about when they pick up the
21:32:38 trash, too early in the morning might wake them up and
21:32:42 the opportunity for illegal dumping which you saw they
21:32:45 have already.
21:32:45 So what we did was met with solid waste, and they
21:32:49 allowed us to use curbside service.
21:32:51 So we eliminated the dumpster. That was a request of
21:32:53 the neighborhood.
21:32:56 Concern about location of vehicles, I showed you my
21:32:59 sight plan.
21:33:00 They are located toward Kennedy.

21:33:02 Landscaping.
21:33:04 The landscaping, right-of-way, these on our plan.
21:33:07 We intend to accommodate the neighborhood.
21:33:09 Finishing the wall.
21:33:11 And security.
21:33:12 A couple neighbors on North "A" actually requested
21:33:14 that we assist them with security.
21:33:18 We have this as a note on the plan or condition of
21:33:20 zoning that we will put security cameras on our
21:33:22 project at the corners focused on the residential
21:33:25 properties.
21:33:26 Okay?
21:33:29 Monitored 24 hours a day.
21:33:30 So we committed to that as well.
21:33:32 Consequently, we have addressed every -- each and
21:33:34 every concern raised by the neighborhood and each and
21:33:37 every concern raised by your staff.
21:33:38 >>KEVIN WHITE: The neighbors on North A actually want
21:33:50 a camera?
21:33:53 >>> Well, Mr. Fay is here.
21:33:54 He lives on one corner.
21:33:56 And Liz Staff who lives on one of the corners is here.

21:34:03 If they don't want the cameras --
21:34:08 >> You're considering your location.
21:34:09 But speaking personally --
21:34:14 >>> A Big Brother type thing?
21:34:16 >> Yes.
21:34:16 >>ROSE FERLITA: Kevin doesn't want any cameras looking
21:34:23 at his house is what he's trying to tell you,
21:34:27 Mr. Bentley.
21:34:29 >>> Another concern raised by the neighbors is
21:34:29 establish a precedent on the other side of Kennedy
21:34:31 Boulevard. Okay.
21:34:33 Because of the unique zoning we have on the property,
21:34:35 that really can't occur.
21:34:37 In order for another car sales facility to be
21:34:41 constructed on the north side of Kennedy, that would
21:34:43 require a land use plan amendment.
21:34:46 And Tony is here, if you have any questions from him.
21:34:49 And I don't think City Council would be inclined to
21:34:52 grant any plan amendment between Westshore Boulevard
21:34:55 and Dale Mabry.
21:34:57 So the likelihood of that occurring is pretty remote.
21:35:02 Probably the biggest concern from my perspective, they

21:35:04 are concerned about test driving of vehicles.
21:35:06 Okay?
21:35:08 Our proposed vehicle display area will accommodate
21:35:11 roughly 60 vehicles.
21:35:16 First, at the existing facility located on the south
21:35:20 side, they do not test drive through the neighborhood.
21:35:23 They actually have a routing plan that all their
21:35:27 salesmen use, which is essentially you go down Kennedy
21:35:32 to Westshore, go north to boy scout, Boy Scout to Dale
21:35:36 Mabry, south back to Kennedy.
21:35:40 And that's your ride from.
21:35:41 And here again the way we designed the project with
21:35:44 that pork chop, you can't get into the neighborhood.
21:35:47 And quite frankly not too many people want to test
21:35:49 their cars at 15 miles per hour.
21:35:52 They don't test in a neighborhood.
21:35:53 Also in anticipation of the issue come up we have
21:35:56 statistics from KUHN Honda that indicate for the month
21:36:00 of July through October of this year that they had at
21:36:05 the main fa facility 24 test drives a week.
21:36:08 And when you interpolate that, and correlate it to our
21:36:11 facility, display area versus display area, we would

21:36:15 have less than five test drives a week.
21:36:17 We only anticipate five, eight customers a day at our
21:36:22 facility.
21:36:30 >> Eight customers a day and five test drives a week?
21:36:33 How does that work?
21:36:35 >>> I'm saying they are open seven days a week.
21:36:37 You might have a customer but doesn't necessarily test
21:36:39 drive a car.
21:36:40 >> Really?
21:36:43 >>MARK BENTLEY: So, in any event, the only remaining
21:36:48 driveway is on Hale.
21:36:50 You can't get back in the neighborhood the way we
21:36:52 designed it.
21:36:52 And also most significantly the business closes as I
21:36:56 mention at 7:00, weekdays at 6:00.
21:37:02 Right now the existing trip generation that your city
21:37:04 transportation department uses for the strip center
21:37:06 indicates it will be 946 trips a day.
21:37:09 We are reducing that based on the same standards to
21:37:13 100 trips per day, which is a 90% reduction in
21:37:16 traffic.
21:37:16 And our traffic being diverted out to Kennedy is not

21:37:19 shooting through the neighborhood to get to Radio
21:37:21 Shack or Porter paint.
21:37:23 I mean, logically, this is a great improvement for the
21:37:25 neighborhood.
21:37:36 Going back to the site plan once again, what we have
21:37:38 here is the 3,000 square foot, one-story building, Key
21:37:42 West style architecture, retention area, trees, we
21:37:47 agreed to put sidewalk around the entire perimeter of
21:37:50 the project.
21:37:51 The only sidewalk right now is on Kennedy.
21:37:53 If go out there, there's no other project along
21:37:56 Kennedy, in the rear of the project.
21:37:58 This will be the first one on Kennedy Boulevard.
21:38:01 Also as you can see here, substantial buffers are on
21:38:06 the perimeter of the property and also as I mentioned
21:38:09 we have curbside service which will be enclosed and
21:38:11 the architecture, the enclosure would match the
21:38:14 building as well.
21:38:15 And here you see the vegetation that the neighbors
21:38:18 wanted on north "A" street right away.
21:38:35 One point I would like to raise is that our vehicle
21:38:37 display area will actually hold fewer cars than the

21:38:41 parking lot in front of the center now and probably
21:38:44 the key difference, those are moving cars that come
21:38:47 and go, okay?
21:38:48 And what we are proposing here is static vehicles,
21:38:52 there's not going to be any synergy or leaving the
21:38:56 property except on rare indication.
21:38:57 So actually we are reducing the parking and quite
21:39:00 frankly you are not going to see it from the
21:39:02 neighborhood at all.
21:39:03 And both projects east and west also have parking on
21:39:05 the front.
21:39:06 And finally, the issue came up last week and we
21:39:09 committed to this, is the Hartline and the city --
21:39:12 excuse me, Hartline wanted to install not just a bench
21:39:15 but a bus shelter at the location.
21:39:18 There already is a bench on the east side of the
21:39:23 project.
21:39:23 We agreed to do that.
21:39:29 Here is a shot of the existing Hartline shelter.
21:39:32 Their prototype.
21:39:34 Not a very good picture.
21:39:35 Kind of a simulated wrought iron look.

21:39:37 We intend to do that as well.
21:39:40 At this time I would like to turn the presentation
21:39:41 over to Sol Fleischman to kind of give you some
21:39:45 insight as to the architecture and design of the
21:39:48 project.
21:39:48 Sol.
21:39:55 >> Sol Fleischman, Jr., architect, Hyde Park Avenue,
21:39:59 and I have been sworn in.
21:40:02 This development is extraordinary for the high
21:40:08 quality, design, lush landscaping, and the sensitivity
21:40:14 to the adjacent residential neighborhood.
21:40:17 Set a high standard for future commercial development.
21:40:21 In the Westshore commercial overlay district.
21:40:25 As mark said, we took the east end 2000 square foot
21:40:30 part of the shopping center and turned it into an
21:40:34 office pavilion.
21:40:36 Old Florida Key West architecture.
21:40:39 We have free standing columns, brackets on the
21:40:44 columns, we have two levels to break down the
21:40:50 architectural height and to add I am to the roof.
21:40:58 We have stucco walls in a warm wage color.
21:41:04 Windows.

21:41:04 We have large windows with overlay district.
21:41:09 And more to residential scale.
21:41:12 The end result of all of this is a residential scale
21:41:17 that is sympathetic and compatible to the adjacent
21:41:20 residential architecture just north of north "A"
21:41:24 street.
21:41:25 I would be happy to answer any questions you have.
21:41:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions by council members?
21:41:28 Mr. Dingfelder?
21:41:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Fleischman, I was curious about
21:41:38 a couple things.
21:41:39 Alluded to perhaps pylon signs.
21:41:42 And I'm wondering, you know, if we are really trying
21:41:44 to improve the look, why would we get a monument sign?
21:41:52 >>> Mr. Dingfelder, we don't have a problem with that.
21:41:54 We had discussed that.
21:41:55 So the code gives you the option, pylon or monument.
21:41:59 So we don't have a problem with monument.
21:42:02 >> It just seems it's a more modern, more
21:42:05 aesthetically pleasing way to go.
21:42:10 I don't think that you are showing any wall signs.
21:42:13 But I didn't see any reference to it on your site

21:42:15 plan.
21:42:18 It says you are going to comply with Westshore overlay
21:42:21 district.
21:42:21 Westshore overlay district allows wall signs.
21:42:23 So I just wanted to perhaps --
21:42:27 >> Really, it's so far removed to the rear it's really
21:42:33 not going to entice anyone to come there so we would
21:42:35 stipulate there wouldn't be any signs on the building
21:42:38 as well so that's not a problem.
21:42:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The no car transports, how is that
21:42:46 going to be enforced?
21:42:48 You have got to bring cars in.
21:42:50 >> Here's the way we are going to do that.
21:42:51 There's a vehicle delivery, delivered to the facility
21:42:54 on the south side of Kennedy.
21:42:55 Okay.
21:42:56 Then driven over to the location.
21:42:57 And quite frankly, the width of our driveway and the
21:43:00 way it's laid out, you couldn't get a transport
21:43:02 facility in there if you really wanted to.
21:43:04 And you can talk to your engineers about that.
21:43:08 So that's the way we would handle that.

21:43:09 And we put a note on the plan.
21:43:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And the same question about
21:43:17 service?
21:43:19 >> No service.
21:43:19 Just sales.
21:43:20 >> Maybe could you add that to the plans.
21:43:22 >>> That's not a problem.
21:43:24 >> These things will be nailed down forever so 20
21:43:26 years from now, they get a new owner, just so it's all
21:43:29 there.
21:43:31 You are going to add a note on the bus shelter.
21:43:34 Because right now there's no bus shelter.
21:43:40 >>> Yes.
21:43:41 I don't have the notes in front of me but I'll take
21:43:43 your word for it.
21:43:45 >> It says an ADA pad but it doesn't speak to a
21:43:48 shelter.
21:43:49 >>> We'll address that.
21:43:50 No problem.
21:43:51 We committed to that.
21:43:52 >> And the other thing is we are not going to have
21:43:54 test drives through the neighborhood.

21:43:55 Why don't you add that as a condition?
21:43:57 >>> Not a problem.
21:43:59 >> That way the next own Kerr know that's one of the
21:44:02 commitments.
21:44:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members?
21:44:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: One other question, I'm sorry.
21:44:11 The roof pitch -- Sol, maybe you can help out.
21:44:14 The Westshore overlay district, it said room pitch
21:44:16 shall be a minimum of 6 to 12 ratio.
21:44:20 Did you all take that into consideration?
21:44:22 I don't know what 6 to 12 is.
21:44:26 >>> It's probably 6 to 12 on the lowest load.
21:44:29 And that is -- we just wanted to keep the height
21:44:33 lower.
21:44:34 We would be happy to do that.
21:44:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's a requirement of the Westshore
21:44:37 overlay district.
21:44:38 I think it is anyway.
21:44:40 You want to be careful on that.
21:44:42 You know what?
21:44:47 That was the Seminole overlay district.
21:44:51 >>> I'm about to wrap it up.

21:44:52 I know it's a longs day for you all.
21:44:54 I have given you a handout entitled commitments to the
21:44:56 neighborhood we just stipulated to that would relate
21:45:01 to signage, test drive, et cetera.
21:45:03 Here's the list of everything.
21:45:04 It's either part of the design or note on the plan.
21:45:10 Neighborhood, sidewalks, around the entire project,
21:45:12 hours of operation, security cameras, no outside loud
21:45:15 speakers.
21:45:16 That was very important to some of the residents.
21:45:18 No flagpoles.
21:45:20 No banners, balloons, no special sales, no dumpsters,
21:45:23 et cetera, et cetera.
21:45:24 As a result of these conditions, or design features,
21:45:28 these would be the consequential benefits to the
21:45:32 community.
21:45:34 So if you look at it and just kind of boil it down,
21:45:38 it's going to reduce the building area 86%, 22,,
21:45:42 3,000, it's going to reduce the concrete impervious
21:45:45 surface from 99% to 60% and provide 36 shade trees and
21:45:50 40% green area.
21:45:51 It eliminates existing access into a neighborhood and

21:45:54 cut-through traffic which they have as we speak.
21:45:57 It improves -- and I say drainage, reduces signage by
21:46:01 80%, provides prototype mass transit shelter requested
21:46:07 by Hart, control the hours of, eliminates the issues
21:46:12 of dumpling, north "A" resident protection, and 946
21:46:18 trips to 100 trips per day which is a 90% reduction.
21:46:23 So in closing, as you can see, the project is exactly
21:46:26 the kind of project that council was advocating when
21:46:29 it adopted the Westshore design standard.
21:46:34 They will set the benchmark in the City of Tampa.
21:46:38 The project will eliminate the blighting effect this
21:46:41 has on the community in terms of impact on lack of
21:46:43 drainage, he is excessive frontage and traffic.
21:46:46 So we would respectfully request that you approve our
21:46:48 petition, obviously subject to making the changes that
21:46:50 have been suggested by council and staff.
21:46:53 Thank you very much.
21:46:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:46:54 Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on
21:46:57 item number 10?
21:47:04 >> Also I would like to submit into the record the
21:47:06 statistics over the period I stated, and also their

21:47:13 test drive map. .
21:47:38 >>> I have been sworn.
21:47:39 I'm Amy Patrick, president of the north Bon Air
21:47:44 association.
21:47:45 I also sit on the Westshore Neighborhood Redevelopment
21:47:49 Council.
21:47:51 That's an advisory council.
21:47:55 After hearing Mr. Bentley account of our intercourse
21:48:02 between the neighborhood association and how he saw it
21:48:08 and how it happens, I am speechless.
21:48:12 However, this happens in court a lot of times.
21:48:15 You get and you don't even recognize some of the facts
21:48:21 of what was said.
21:48:22 After our first meeting with him, we wrote him a
21:48:25 letter and told him that our Board of Directors
21:48:29 unanimously did not support this plan.
21:48:35 We have to admit, it's beautiful.
21:48:38 And it looks wonderful.
21:48:40 So when you look down the road apiece, we could get
21:48:45 into big trouble.
21:48:47 We have been watching what has been going on in
21:48:49 Florida estates hind KUHN motors.

21:48:59 He has taken down four houses in there.
21:49:02 And he says he's not going to extend his business
21:49:06 there.
21:49:10 When the council of several weeks ago, church street,
21:49:14 he tore down the house, and the last time I was by
21:49:17 there, 15 days ago, it had a chain link fence about
21:49:22 six foot tall around it.
21:49:24 Well, that doesn't look very good in a neighborhood.
21:49:27 He says he did that so that in the evening when some
21:49:33 of his employees walk to -- their employee parking
21:49:39 lot, which council gave them nearly the whole block of
21:49:43 Malcolm court as off-site, that it's dark and
21:49:49 dangerous, so he tore that house down so they could
21:49:52 have clear access to their parking area.
21:49:59 Well, a few concerns are that if he goes into our
21:50:03 neighborhood, will he start taking down houses for one
21:50:07 reason or another, in our neighborhood, where we have
21:50:11 to be coming back to council on a regular basis to try
21:50:17 to maintain our community?
21:50:22 The other thing is, it isn't quite true that people
21:50:31 don't go into a neighborhood to test drive cars.
21:50:33 I have two members of my board that recently bought

21:50:36 cars from Kuhn, and where did they go?
21:50:39 Through Suwanee Estates, up and down, and the
21:50:44 neighbors tell me, they are driving us crazy.
21:50:46 Well, our Westshore redevelopment has funded speed
21:50:53 tables on one of our streets, and three or four of
21:50:57 theirs.
21:50:58 And to slow down traffic because they try those cars
21:51:02 out.
21:51:02 And the other thing is, we have lost our CG
21:51:10 businesses.
21:51:11 We no longer have community support businesses.
21:51:15 Upscale cars will not benefit anybody in our
21:51:18 neighborhood.
21:51:20 Now, I have members from our board that would like to
21:51:23 address some other issues for you.
21:51:25 Thank you very much.
21:51:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:51:27 Next.
21:51:33 >>> Good evening.
21:51:33 My name is Richard Ravis, West Gray Street.
21:51:37 Yes, I have been sworn in.
21:51:38 At this time I would like to present to council with

21:51:41 the original petition of over 200 signatures of the
21:51:44 north side area opposing the --
21:51:56 They are opposing the development of this area to
21:51:58 become a high end used car lot.
21:52:00 And Mr. Bentley talked about the traffic, that they
21:52:05 would not be allowing the test car, the cars be test
21:52:09 driven in the neighborhood, as was just stated, I am
21:52:14 one of the people that just purchased a car from KUHN
21:52:17 back in June.
21:52:18 And, yes, I test drove right in estates.
21:52:25 I test drove two cars the same day.
21:52:32 On my street in gray we already get cars traveling
21:52:35 between Lois and Dale Mabry.
21:52:36 Right now they are doing a traffic study to see about
21:52:38 putting up to four-way stop signs, with even if it's
21:52:43 five more cars a week, that's still going to be adding
21:52:47 traffic.
21:52:48 There is a nursery right across the street from me.
21:52:50 There is another one on Fig Street a block away.
21:52:54 There is another family that watches children
21:52:56 throughout the day.
21:52:57 So more traffic is not what we need in the

21:52:59 neighborhood.
21:53:06 I don't have a problem with growth in the
21:53:08 neighborhood.
21:53:08 But no matter how pretty a picture you paint it, a
21:53:11 used car lot is still a used car lot.
21:53:13 And it's not conducive with our neighborhood.
21:53:15 And we don't want it.
21:53:17 Thank you.
21:53:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:53:19 Next.
21:53:24 >>> Good evening, Tampa City Council.
21:53:26 My name is Sonya Ortiz Rodriguez.
21:53:31 Yes, I have been sworn in.
21:53:31 I own the property and live in the home at 3912 west
21:53:36 "A" street, also representing my partner and our
21:53:40 daughter and mother all of which will be impacted by
21:53:42 the decision rendered.
21:53:44 The proposed redevelopment of the subject property is
21:53:46 a topic which many have an opinion on.
21:53:48 Those involved in the business end have a right to
21:53:51 engage in business opportunities and prosper which is
21:53:56 the American way, which by the way is a belief that

21:54:00 Jose, retired United States marine, and many others
21:54:02 who served and hold close and dear.
21:54:05 Then there are those who own the surrounding property
21:54:07 and live in the homes of the adjacent everyday
21:54:10 American neighborhood who also have the right to
21:54:11 purchase homes along with the expectation to also live
21:54:16 the American dream and raise families in the
21:54:19 surrounding areas in which they initially purchased
21:54:21 the American dream.
21:54:23 And also have the right not to have their lives
21:54:25 permanently changed.
21:54:26 And now you, who have been entrusted with the honor
21:54:29 and privilege to serve us all, and will make the
21:54:32 decision which will impact the mass compared to the
21:54:35 few.
21:54:36 Although we all have opinions, what are they based on?
21:54:39 Are those opinions based on sound information,
21:54:42 supported with accurate, independent data by motions
21:54:46 and perceived outcome or by proposed business revenue?
21:54:50 So the balance of the decision of the proposed
21:54:52 rezoning and redevelopment are the subject property is
21:54:55 or should be based on the common good for all.

21:54:59 But what is the common good for all if it is changing
21:55:01 the lives of the established homeowners and their
21:55:03 families and the adjacent neighborhoods in favor of a
21:55:06 proposed business plan?
21:55:11 We believe not, from not -- we cannot support a
21:55:15 favorable decision as to sound information which is
21:55:18 supported with accurate independent data, the
21:55:23 destination is what will be the environmental or
21:55:26 social impact on the community and the areas such as
21:55:28 safety, light pollution, et cetera, traffic, and
21:55:33 hazardous materials?
21:55:34 Current currently our neighborhood is in our opinion a
21:55:37 safe neighborhood.
21:55:38 But what will be the case with the proposed rezoning
21:55:40 and redevelopment?
21:55:41 What are the statistics of crimes associated with
21:55:44 transients test driving an established safe
21:55:47 neighborhood, during the day when most homeowners are
21:55:49 at work?
21:55:50 Will burglaries increase?
21:55:52 Additionally, what will be the traffic impact on the
21:55:54 entire neighborhood when many test drives are taken

21:55:57 throughout the neighborhood?
21:55:58 From a business proposal which intends to be a
21:56:00 lucrative business venture?
21:56:03 Will we be exposed to higher traffic densities?
21:56:06 What guarantees are there that we won't?
21:56:08 What will be the noise and light impact coming from
21:56:11 Kennedy Boulevard traffic and business?
21:56:14 We don't know because we have not collected and
21:56:16 recorded any scientifically measured data to validate
21:56:18 our concerns.
21:56:19 But we can tell you that there is a substantial
21:56:21 increase in both noise and light pollution from our
21:56:24 experience as we walk this area daily in the early
21:56:27 mornings and nights.
21:56:28 The levels of noise and ambient light from the traffic
21:56:31 and businesses on the Boulevard is evident and
21:56:34 impact -- impact you as you cross the intersection of
21:56:37 north Grady I have a and north "A" street and north
21:56:40 Hale Avenue an north "A" street.
21:56:42 Apparently at this location the proposed rezoning
21:56:45 site, there exists a building which takes up the
21:56:47 entire proposed redevelopment site and acts as a noise

21:56:50 and light buffer, with the proposed redevelopment,
21:56:53 this buffer will be eliminated, in conclusion, these
21:56:58 are but a few of our concerns which will impact our
21:57:00 quality of life, and with accurate independent data we
21:57:06 base our decision not for the rezoning and
21:57:10 redevelopment plan and using our request.
21:57:13 I thank you on behalf of my family, my neighbors and
21:57:16 myself, and may you be guided to enact a decision for
21:57:20 the good of the mass and the American dream.
21:57:23 Thank you.
21:57:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:57:24 Next.
21:57:28 >>> I'm Robert Yoladis, 4006 north "A" Street and I
21:57:33 have been sworn in.
21:57:34 Again, I want to reiterate some of the concerns with
21:57:37 my neighbors.
21:57:38 Traffic is a problem.
21:57:39 I don't care if they are directing the traffic back
21:57:41 out onto Kennedy Boulevard.
21:57:44 I live in this neighborhood.
21:57:46 People cut through the neighborhood, when the traffic
21:57:49 backs up on Kennedy.

21:57:50 And it backs up every day.
21:57:52 And it's a big problem.
21:57:55 It's a pretty picture to paint.
21:57:56 It looks great.
21:57:58 But, again, I don't see how a dealership is going to
21:58:01 survive selling eight cars a week or whatever they
21:58:06 propose.
21:58:09 They want as many people in, test drive those cars and
21:58:12 put them down the road in.
21:58:14 As far as I'm concerned, what is that going to create?
21:58:17 More traffic.
21:58:17 More problems for us.
21:58:18 Noise, light, what have you.
21:58:21 I'm opposed to it.
21:58:22 And I would think you people that take the
21:58:26 consideration if it was your backyard.
21:58:28 And it is our backyard.
21:58:29 And we like the peacefulness.
21:58:32 Thank you.
21:58:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
21:58:33 Next.
21:58:41 >>> I have been sworn in.

21:58:42 My name is ALANA.
21:58:45 And Mark Bentley does paint a lovely picture.
21:58:49 Looks good on paper.
21:58:50 But we all know what you see is not what we always
21:58:53 get.
21:58:56 And my family has lived in this neighborhood 42 years.
21:59:02 We came here as did our neighbors, without the fear of
21:59:06 ever losing our right to the quiet enjoyment of our
21:59:09 surroundings.
21:59:11 The businesses and retailers that served this area for
21:59:15 so many years have blended in with our working class
21:59:18 environment.
21:59:19 The businesses now overtaking our area are not
21:59:24 neighbors.
21:59:24 They are enormous commercial ventures that are
21:59:27 eliminating the neighborhood feeling of our community.
21:59:31 We are being forced into a transformation from the
21:59:35 family environment to an industrial commercial complex
21:59:39 that is ever-growing and expanding daily.
21:59:43 Each expansion in our neighborhood has been the end of
21:59:45 a mom and pop business, a neighbor, and our way of
21:59:50 life, one business, one resident, one family history

21:59:56 at a time.
21:59:58 The residents of our community have seen no benefits
22:00:01 of this commercial, for certain we will see increased
22:00:06 levels of noise, traffic and air pollution.
22:00:09 The aggravations that accompany car lots, the
22:00:13 intercom, speakers, halogen lights, test driving
22:00:19 through the neighborhoods, and what about the weekend
22:00:20 shoppers?
22:00:21 These aggravations will be shared by all of us.
22:00:28 These will be attracted to our area in increasing
22:00:32 numbers.
22:00:36 It will put us at a greater risk of safety when we
22:00:38 venture out for walks.
22:00:41 The value of the residences will decline, and our
22:00:44 lifetime investments will be rendered near
22:00:46 worthlessness.
22:00:48 A car lot of this magnitude does not belong on the
22:00:51 Boulevard to downtown Tampa.
22:00:53 The dealership has already ruined the south side of
22:00:56 Kennedy Boulevard.
22:00:58 It is an inappropriate addition to the mayor's
22:01:02 beautification plan.

22:01:02 We do not want this dealership, especially a in's used
22:01:07 car lot ruining the north side of Kennedy Boulevard.
22:01:10 Thank you.
22:01:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
22:01:12 Next.
22:01:21 >>MARGARET VIZZI: 213 South Sherill.
22:01:24 I have been sworn.
22:01:26 I Mr. Patrick asked me to submit sh.
22:01:47 Furman motors realized that Kennedy Boulevard is not
22:01:50 the place for car dealerships.
22:01:51 And we all applaud that decision.
22:01:56 And that is my problem with this request from council.
22:02:03 I serve as chair of the Westshore neighborhood
22:02:06 improvement committee.
22:02:08 And we very carefully reviewed the Kennedy Boulevard
22:02:12 plan, and the plans for Kennedy Boulevard, as the lady
22:02:16 just referred to, and nowhere in there did I see car
22:02:20 dealerships.
22:02:21 I don't think car dealerships should be on Kennedy
22:02:24 Boulevard.
22:02:27 He referred to the fact that KUHN has been a good
22:02:31 neighbor to the estates neighborhood.

22:02:33 That is not true.
22:02:34 All I heard from that neighborhood is the problems
22:02:38 that they have had with them.
22:02:42 He said that, again, they have no objection to this.
22:02:47 Yet their president was here last month when we were
22:02:50 down here, waited here three and a half hours for a
22:02:53 rezoning of another lot that he wanted, and the
22:02:57 petitioner's representative asked you to continue
22:02:59 that.
22:03:00 I don't know where that has gone.
22:03:02 But she was down here to oppose it.
22:03:06 But for him to stand up here and say that that
22:03:08 neighborhood thinks they are great, I know personally
22:03:11 that they don't.
22:03:14 My main concern is about the fact that the Kennedy
22:03:18 Boulevard plan does not promote this kind of
22:03:23 development on Kennedy Boulevard.
22:03:25 And therefore, council, I would hope that you would,
22:03:31 in Linda's absence, recall how long the Kennedy
22:03:35 Boulevard plan was studied and looked at and how
22:03:38 indeed it is supposed to be a grand entrance into the
22:03:42 city, and deny this.

22:03:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
22:03:44 Next.
22:03:50 >>KEVIN WHITE: Ms. Vizzi, Linda might be swayed when
22:03:52 she sees all the trees on the lot.
22:03:55 >> Good evening.
22:03:56 My name is Helen Thompson.
22:03:58 I live at 3920 West Harmon Street.
22:04:02 I lived there for 56 years.
22:04:05 Been a wonderful neighborhood.
22:04:06 And I wasn't intending to speak tonight.
22:04:08 But after hearing what was said, I felt like I had to.
22:04:15 In this past month, I saw them park on the median, in
22:04:19 fact, on a Sunday morning.
22:04:25 I don't know exactly what they were doing an Sunday
22:04:30 morning.
22:04:30 And the fixing it so they have to turn right on
22:04:33 Kennedy to get out?
22:04:34 Go down the next block when they come out of the blood
22:04:37 bank.
22:04:38 It says turn right but they turn left.
22:04:42 I mean turn left to get out onto Kennedy.
22:04:45 Excuse me.

22:04:45 Everybody turns right.
22:04:47 So that's not going to solve anything there.
22:04:56 And as I said, I wasn't going to speak tonight.
22:05:02 But I had to talk about this, and that exit.
22:05:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: We're sworn in, ma'am?
22:05:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I was.
22:05:15 Didn't I say that? I thought I did.
22:05:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
22:05:17 Next.
22:05:21 >>> Sullivan, 501.
22:05:26 I have been sworn in.
22:05:26 I am against this rezoning simply because it doesn't
22:05:30 fit in with the Kennedy redevelopment plan.
22:05:33 Thank you very much.
22:05:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
22:05:34 Next.
22:05:39 If you are going to speak, sir, would you please come
22:05:41 and speak?
22:05:49 >>> I'm Joshua Fay.
22:05:51 I have been sworn in.
22:05:52 I live at 4011 north "A" street.
22:05:55 I'd like to apologize.

22:05:58 My home is in one of the photos.
22:06:04 But I really support Mr. KUHN's plan.
22:06:08 The first meeting I had with some of the members of
22:06:10 the Bon Air council.
22:06:13 They are amenable to every objection we were able to
22:06:16 throw up.
22:06:17 And the truth is, I have this is in my front yard.
22:06:21 And every time I sit on my front patio, I would see
22:06:25 blight and eyesore.
22:06:26 There is a storm sewage drainage problem on the
22:06:29 intersection of Hale and north "A" street.
22:06:33 It's 100 nonpermeable now.
22:06:36 There's no place the water to go but my front yard.
22:06:39 Here they have retention ponds for the city's proposal
22:06:42 to soak up some of that water.
22:06:44 Second, I think that there is a traffic problem on
22:06:47 North "A" Street that people use as a bypass to
22:06:52 Kennedy it's neither going to fix nor greatly increase
22:06:58 that traffic.
22:06:59 That's people trying to bypass Kennedy.
22:07:09 The light, even security cameras, point a security
22:07:14 camera in my direction.

22:07:15 They have been very up front.
22:07:17 I don't think they are double dealing with us.
22:07:18 And I think there are -- the south Kennedy site.
22:07:24 Mr. KUHN and his representative had a good answer for
22:07:27 every one of those things that people have been able
22:07:29 to bring up.
22:07:30 There used to be a parking problem.
22:07:35 He purchased parking lot for his employees.
22:07:37 That's pretty fair.
22:07:38 I would real appreciate that council consider this and
22:07:42 approve it.
22:07:43 Thank you very much.
22:07:44 >> Thank you.
22:07:44 Next.
22:07:49 >>> My name is Lynette daily, at the corner a few
22:07:55 blocks from North A and I have not been sworn in.
22:07:58 Can I swear?
22:07:59 How do I do that?
22:08:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Raise your right hand.
22:08:03 (Oath administered by Clerk).
22:08:08 >>> I am a sick will parent.
22:08:09 I have been living in the neighborhood for about five

22:08:11 years.
22:08:11 A few years ago I had a break-in at my house.
22:08:14 And I joined our neighborhood association.
22:08:19 I had a very great response from Thompson and Patrick
22:08:23 and this is the first time ever attended a City
22:08:25 Council meeting and I'm very impressed.
22:08:27 I have two children.
22:08:28 My 17-year-old works at Jimbo's barbecue on the corner
22:08:32 of Kennedy and Clark which is very close to that Radio
22:08:34 Shack area.
22:08:36 Sometimes my son wax up Clark street.
22:08:39 And it is very dangerous.
22:08:41 I have decided that I pick him up every night.
22:08:45 And I don't live but a few blocks from there.
22:08:47 And I have a great concern about that used car lot
22:08:50 going in there.
22:08:51 I want to see sidewalks in my neighborhood.
22:08:55 I recently joined -- and I don't know if I have this
22:08:58 right -- the CDBG committee, and attended a meeting on
22:09:03 Monday.
22:09:05 I am 48 years old.
22:09:07 I'm a teacher at Mabry elementary.

22:09:10 I would like to be able to walk to school with my
22:09:12 daughter.
22:09:12 She's ten years old.
22:09:13 I want to see my community grow.
22:09:16 But I want to see it a family neighborhood.
22:09:19 I was very fortunate.
22:09:23 My mother moved here a few years ago from Toledo,
22:09:28 Ohio.
22:09:29 I don't like all the condos coming up in that area.
22:09:32 I don't want to let in the my area.
22:09:34 It took me almost five years as a singe will -- single
22:09:37 parent to buy me home and I'm struggling to survive
22:09:40 there with taxes going up, and I don't get support by
22:09:45 my children's father.
22:09:46 I do it on my own.
22:09:48 And I don't wanted to see that car lot come in.
22:09:51 I don't want my property value to go down.
22:09:53 I want to be able to walk around the neighborhood with
22:09:57 sidewalks.
22:09:57 I don't want to see cars rushing through my
22:10:00 neighborhood.
22:10:01 I thank you for your time.

22:10:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
22:10:03 Next.
22:10:10 >>> I live at 1407 west Fig Street.
22:10:14 I have been a resident there for approximately 18
22:10:16 years.
22:10:16 I lived there with my son.
22:10:19 I have been sworn in.
22:10:20 And I am an attorney.
22:10:28 Not to recap everything, but just to let -- let the
22:10:33 court know -- I'm sorry, let the council know.
22:10:36 I think I'm in court.
22:10:37 BMW and porches are the fancy cars, and the people
22:10:46 that want to test drive them.
22:10:48 Just so you know that BMW, which I owned three of
22:10:51 them, 7.5 second from zero to 60.
22:10:59 Now, how long does that take for them to go four
22:11:01 blocks?
22:11:03 It takes 15 seconds.
22:11:05 92 miles per hour.
22:11:07 Now, does it happen?
22:11:13 Absolutely.
22:11:14 And how is that going to be enforced?

22:11:16 It's not enforceable favor cars a week.
22:11:24 That is enough to kill one child.
22:11:26 And that could be my child.
22:11:29 My son almost got killed because of speeders and thank
22:11:36 God he wasn't hurt.
22:11:37 But it happens.
22:11:38 We are now looking forward to having new car
22:11:42 dealerships especially with exotic and luxury car
22:11:46 nature.
22:11:48 We also object to this, the site plan, because there
22:11:52 are also daycares and a lot of children.
22:11:56 This is a very young neighborhood.
22:11:59 As you heard from the previous speaker, she's a
22:12:03 teacher, single parent, and we have a lot of parents
22:12:05 like that in our neighborhood.
22:12:08 And having that used car lot in our neighborhood,
22:12:11 again, neighborhood compatibility.
22:12:17 Personally, Thursday night coming back from work, at
22:12:24 night, cars across the street from Kennedy taking up a
22:12:28 whole lane, now, Kennedy, three lanes, but they took
22:12:31 up one lane.
22:12:35 Besides that, they say they don't do it, you know they

22:12:38 do it.
22:12:38 All of our residents everybody there for a long, long
22:12:40 time.
22:12:41 I have been there 18 years.
22:12:43 We are simply asking to reconsider and deny the
22:12:48 petition, based on, as Mr. Alfonso earlier said, this
22:12:56 will not enhance the corridor gateway to the Kennedy
22:13:00 beautification project.
22:13:07 The way I see for council to deny that based on
22:13:12 27-32-1-6, which says that such project does not --
22:13:23 neighborhood compatibility shall be denied.
22:13:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
22:13:26 Next.
22:13:28 >>> Barbara stack.
22:13:30 I have been sworn in.
22:13:30 I live at 201 north Brady.
22:13:33 I also own the property, one of them, one of the five
22:13:39 immediately behind where the wall would be.
22:13:42 I would like to just clarify a couple things.
22:13:48 I have been to all the meetings that have been held.
22:13:50 And I do commend Jason and mark and all of them in
22:13:55 addressing all of the requests we have had.

22:13:58 And certainly we have had them.
22:13:59 I mean, obviously I do not support it.
22:14:03 And we obviously hope it will not go through.
22:14:06 However, by some chance we lose that and we want to
22:14:10 have whatever benefits we can get, and the kind of
22:14:15 designs and levels.
22:14:17 And to address Mr. White.
22:14:20 I was one of the ones that asked for one of the
22:14:23 security cameras to face up the street.
22:14:25 Because if there are problems, I'd like to be able to
22:14:28 find out quickly.
22:14:31 We have had graffiti on the back of that wall twice in
22:14:34 the past year or two.
22:14:36 And it took a major act the first time in having to
22:14:40 get the city and everybody else to come in and smudge
22:14:44 it as opposed to clean it.
22:14:47 And we notified them that it wasn't taken care of.
22:14:50 So I'd like those things to be able to be solved a lot
22:14:54 quicker.
22:14:58 And this KLM or whatever has owned this property, or
22:15:04 is the management of it, for close to three years now,
22:15:07 and while you saw pictures there representing how

22:15:11 awful it looks, and how this is going to improve it,
22:15:17 they have been the ones that allowed it to look like
22:15:20 this for the last three years, which we have also
22:15:23 complained strenuously about.
22:15:27 The fact that they are indicating four out of five of
22:15:30 the people right behind are in agreement is slightly
22:15:34 misleading.
22:15:35 I would like to extend that to there's a house on the
22:15:39 Grady side that is sideways from their property.
22:15:43 Mine is diagonally immediately there.
22:15:46 So I consider both of those to be a patch.
22:15:50 I own one of the other properties.
22:15:52 So we really are only talking about four unique
22:15:54 owners.
22:15:55 Because three of the houses are owned by the same
22:15:57 family.
22:15:58 So in that sense, it's a 50-50 split, not four out of
22:16:04 five.
22:16:05 I also bought a car across the street six weeks ago
22:16:08 and was directed to Swann estates.
22:16:11 I even asked should I go on to Kennedy?
22:16:14 And was told, no, took me through the back to go that

22:16:16 way.
22:16:17 So I really did want -- I do love the design they put
22:16:24 in place.
22:16:25 But I miss rep ridge farm.
22:16:28 I miss the kinds of things that used to be there that
22:16:32 are no longer there. I buy my paint at Scott paint.
22:16:36 I go to Radio Shack.
22:16:37 There's a hairdresser there.
22:16:39 All of those kinds of things are what we want in our
22:16:42 neighborhood.
22:16:43 I already bought my new car six weeks ago.
22:16:47 Probably the rest of my life I won't be buying one of
22:16:50 their upscale used cars.
22:16:52 So it's not a neighborhood advantage.
22:16:55 And just one other comment from something, John, you
22:16:58 said.
22:16:59 We don't like the garage doors, but we are going to
22:17:02 like 70 cars on Kennedy.
22:17:06 It kind of goes the same way as far as I see it.
22:17:10 As I see what we are really doing to Kennedy to
22:17:12 improve the looks of it.
22:17:14 I like the trees, too.

22:17:16 But not enough.
22:17:17 Thank you.
22:17:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
22:17:21 Mr. Bentley, would you like rebuttal?
22:17:24 >>MARK BENTLEY: Thank you very much.
22:17:26 You have been very good with the time with me but I
22:17:28 want to just make a couple points.
22:17:31 I am not going to go through the whole litany.
22:17:34 Unfortunately I think there's been some misinformation
22:17:36 provided to council and I'm sorry a lot of the stuff
22:17:38 is personalized.
22:17:39 For example, the test riding.
22:17:43 To get to the light for a couple of blocks so you have
22:17:47 to get to a light to Lois to get onto Kennedy.
22:17:50 I'm not going to break that down.
22:17:52 But, you know, Mr. KUHN bought that property three
22:17:55 years ago and he inherit add lot of baggage, I guess
22:17:58 could you say, which is an understatement.
22:18:00 He's work diligently to kind of resurrect what is
22:18:03 going on there.
22:18:04 He did purchase the property for security reasons.
22:18:06 A couple were kind of dilapidated houses he knocked

22:18:09 down, there was drug activity there. He has no
22:18:12 desire, he has no expectation to expand on the south
22:18:15 side of Kennedy Boulevard.
22:18:18 And in any event, before we close, Jason just wanted
22:18:21 to be on record here --
22:18:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Did you mean the north side or
22:18:26 south side or both?
22:18:28 >>> Both sides.
22:18:29 I trade to indicate on the land use you can't expand
22:18:32 on the north side unless you get a comp plan
22:18:34 amendment.
22:18:34 I would like to allocate just a couple minutes to
22:18:37 Jason.
22:18:37 He wants the opportunity to just kind of explain his
22:18:39 position, perspective on things and his relationship
22:18:43 with the community.
22:18:44 Thank you very much.
22:18:47 >>> Jason KUHN: I have been sworn.
22:18:52 I just want to thank you all for the time that you
22:18:53 have given this project tonight.
22:18:58 This is a very, very important project, I think, for
22:19:03 business, but for the City of Tampa.

22:19:06 For some reason cars and car dealers evoke a whole
22:19:09 range of emotions.
22:19:11 And there are really two issues that I want to speak
22:19:14 to tonight real quickly.
22:19:16 One is the number of cars being driven through the
22:19:20 neighborhood.
22:19:21 I wish that we would be able to attract 900 cars a
22:19:27 week to a pre-owned upscale car lot.
22:19:31 We are tracking 900 cars a week to the shopping center
22:19:35 now.
22:19:35 And by all accounts if we attract 50 a week down from
22:19:41 900, that would be a very, very good job.
22:19:43 So while the concern that we are going to increase
22:19:46 traffic, we are going to dramatically decrease
22:19:49 traffic, everyone if every single person is directed,
22:19:55 however, off of the back road but goes on the back
22:19:58 roads anyway.
22:19:59 Every single person goes on the back roads.
22:20:01 We are still reducing traffic off of Kennedy by up to
22:20:05 90%.
22:20:07 The second issue is safety.
22:20:08 Because safety is something that I take very

22:20:10 seriously.
22:20:11 We have 205 employees across the street.
22:20:14 And since I bought the property almost three years
22:20:18 ago, we installed 52 video cameras that we use for
22:20:22 surveillance.
22:20:23 In fact, much the police department has worked in
22:20:25 conjunction with us numerous times, taking
22:20:30 surveillance that we have copied and captured off of
22:20:32 our cameras to arrest various felonies for stealing
22:20:37 cars around the neighborhood.
22:20:38 The second thing is that we have paid for out of my
22:20:42 own pocket a private security service on the south
22:20:45 side of Kennedy to Rome the -- roam to streets not
22:20:48 only in front of my dealership but also the streets
22:20:50 immediately behind the dealership.
22:20:52 And that security force has stopped numerous vandalism
22:20:59 cases, and we intend to do the same on the north side
22:21:04 of Kennedy, if this project is approved, not only
22:21:08 putting the surveillance cameras, which are very high
22:21:11 end expensive cameras, which are able to capture
22:21:15 license plate numbers, but also to pay for our
22:21:20 security force, our private security force, to drive

22:21:23 through the neighborhood, which if they are concerned
22:21:25 about safety, which is a valid concern, that would
22:21:29 seem to me that that would dramatically increase the
22:21:32 safety, not decrease the safety.
22:21:34 So those, I think, are two of the most important
22:21:37 issues, and two of the issues that most of the
22:21:41 neighbors are concerned about.
22:21:42 I think that we have been very, very open.
22:21:45 And I certainly have been open to meet with anybody at
22:21:47 any time at my dealership, to speak personally with
22:21:50 them about any of the concerns we have.
22:21:51 And unfortunately I have not heard from a lot of then.
22:21:54 But I just want to thank you very much for your time.
22:21:57 And would hope for your support.
22:21:58 Thank you.
22:21:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
22:22:00 Any questions from council members?
22:22:01 Mr. Dingfelder?
22:22:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: For staff.
22:22:09 Marty?
22:22:10 The existing zoning is CG commercial general, right?
22:22:15 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Right.

22:22:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm going to make this great
22:22:18 assumption that car lots are not allowed in commercial
22:22:21 general?
22:22:25 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: That's correct.
22:22:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Bentley alluded to the types of
22:22:32 use that is could be allowed in a CG zoning district.
22:22:36 And this concerns me greatly.
22:22:38 And I didn't really hear the neighbors speak to this.
22:22:42 Because if Mr. King got denied and he doesn't want to
22:22:46 operate a strip center anymore and he can sell the
22:22:48 property and somebody can knock it down and build, in
22:22:52 a CG --
22:22:54 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: I can go through the uses.
22:22:56 >> Anything off the top of your head?
22:22:57 >>> Well, any of the retail sales.
22:23:01 >> Fast food chains?
22:23:04 >>> Personal services.
22:23:06 Fast food chains in commercial general.
22:23:07 You have to get a special use for the drive-through.
22:23:10 You could do medical office.
22:23:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
22:23:17 >>SHAWN HARRISON: One of the concerns we have heard

22:23:26 stressed was the test driving through the
22:23:29 neighborhoods.
22:23:29 And we are going to put a note on the site plan that
22:23:33 says no test driving through the neighborhood.
22:23:36 But how is that enforced?
22:23:40 Apparently it's the policy across the street and it's
22:23:42 not being enforced.
22:23:43 So what do you suggest?
22:23:46 >>> First of all from a physical standpoint, if we
22:23:49 Zane and build it as represented in the site plan as
22:23:51 requested by staff you couldn't get into the
22:23:53 neighborhood without going out onto Kennedy.
22:23:55 Then once you get on Kennedy, certainly if you go to
22:23:58 the next street, Mr. Harrison, get back in.
22:24:00 So all we can do here is just have -- just part of the
22:24:04 policy, I guess could you say, with the salesmen, that
22:24:08 Jason ensures that they don't do that.
22:24:11 And it's a pretty active neighborhood, too.
22:24:14 I guess it would be a code enforcement issue.
22:24:17 I'm certain you all would hear about it if that
22:24:19 happened.
22:24:20 I think that's about all you can do is ensure that the

22:24:22 salesmen don't do that.
22:24:24 And, you know, before I met Jason, I took a test drive
22:24:28 over there, too, with my daughter, 16.
22:24:30 And they took her out on the northwest expressway with
22:24:33 me in the back street, much to my chagrin.
22:24:36 But immediately to Kennedy to get out of there.
22:24:39 It wasn't even an issue at all.
22:24:42 That's the way they directed me.
22:24:44 But you had to go through Swann estates.
22:24:47 No one wants to drive a car 15 miles through the
22:24:49 neighborhood.
22:24:50 But a series of stop signs, even A, B, C, they are all
22:24:53 stop signs.
22:24:54 A lot of them are four-way stop signs.
22:24:56 So it really doesn't make sense.
22:24:58 But if you have a better idea, or suggestion, we'll
22:25:00 certainly consider it.
22:25:04 >>SHAWN HARRISON: The only thing I can think of is a
22:25:06 salesman goes on every test drive.
22:25:09 >>> They have to.
22:25:10 >> They do now.
22:25:11 So the salesmen -- that doesn't seem like it makes

22:25:14 sense, if people are saying they are still -- still
22:25:17 coming through my neighborhood but there's a salesman
22:25:21 with them all the time.
22:25:22 The employees are the ones that are breaking the
22:25:24 rules.
22:25:24 It's not people driving the cars.
22:25:34 >>KEVIN WHITE: I was listening, is it Mr. Rivas out
22:25:39 there, who said he purchased a vehicle and he lives in
22:25:41 that neighborhood.
22:25:43 I fortunately or unfortunately had the opportunity,
22:25:48 but one of the reasons that people will go through a
22:25:50 neighborhood is if you live there, they want to show
22:25:55 their wife, want to show their family members, a car.
22:25:57 Even though you are test driving it and the
22:25:59 salesperson is not going to risk not making that sale
22:26:02 if an individual wants to take that vehicle home to
22:26:05 show their significant other.
22:26:09 To help make a purchase or a decision.
22:26:11 But that's just one of the rationales.
22:26:14 Not saying that was the reason.
22:26:17 But, you know, it needs to be a little more stringent,
22:26:22 rules.

22:26:27 But that may be one of the -- as a matter of fact I
22:26:34 know it's one of the determinative factors.
22:26:37 I'll save the rest of my comments for when we close
22:26:39 the public hearing.
22:26:40 But that's just one of the scenarios.
22:26:44 >>> Jason told me if he has knowledge of the salesmen
22:26:47 test driving through a residential neighborhood or
22:26:48 neighborhood they are reprimanded.
22:26:50 So I guess what Jason is telling me, I'm not that
22:26:56 familiar obviously with the nature of his business,
22:26:59 that some of these test drivers actually don't have a
22:27:02 salesman occasionally.
22:27:04 But it's always been my experience that, even with my
22:27:08 kid there was a salesman in the car.
22:27:10 We'll put a note on the plan.
22:27:11 We'll make it a policy, enforceable through code
22:27:14 enforcement.
22:27:15 Here again he's not going anywhere for hopefully
22:27:17 another 40 or 50 years.
22:27:18 If there's a problem they can simply pick up the phone
22:27:21 and he'll correct it immediately.
22:27:23 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I think you put it on the site plan

22:27:25 that there was a salesman that's going to go on test
22:27:28 drives, then you got someone to look to.
22:27:30 I mean if someone in the neighborhood says there are
22:27:33 test drives going on through my neighborhood, and, you
22:27:35 know, either number one they are going through the
22:27:39 neighborhood, and that's a violation.
22:27:40 Number two, there's not a salesman in the car, and
22:27:43 that's a violation, that gives on-site accountability
22:27:48 for that.
22:27:49 I have been on test drives where there's no salesman.
22:27:54 >> Well, Jason said that's not a problem.
22:27:57 He would agree to a condition to require a salesman on
22:28:00 any test drive.
22:28:02 >> Move to close.
22:28:04 >>GWEN MILLER: We have another question.
22:28:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just make sure that when you revise
22:28:10 the plan that you include everything that you have
22:28:12 committed to on there.
22:28:14 And the other thing is, I would like an opinion from
22:28:18 one of the neighbors who lives directly behind.
22:28:20 But I was thinking the woman who spoke about the
22:28:23 graffiti, I was thinking that if you planted Ivy and

22:28:28 had some irrigation with the Ivy, that it might be
22:28:31 better an blank wall.
22:28:33 And at least you can't paint --
22:28:36 >>> Put signs on the wall, architecture and it's going
22:28:41 to be irrigated and public right-of-way.
22:28:43 >> The vines that would cover the wall.
22:28:46 Yes, sir.
22:28:48 >>CHAIRMAN: Mr. Dingfelder, no, no.
22:28:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just was asking.
22:28:54 He lives directly behind it.
22:28:56 We didn't close the public hearing.
22:29:01 >>> Councilman Dingfelder, a few months ago, we had a
22:29:04 meeting and my neighbor Barbara brought that up and at
22:29:10 that time is when they stated if that's a problem then
22:29:12 they are going to make sure that is covered with
22:29:17 vegetation.
22:29:17 Of course a graffiti artist, if they really want to,
22:29:21 they are going to mess something up.
22:29:23 But if you look at their plan, they have taken action,
22:29:26 it seems to me, to ameliorate it and make it a little
22:29:30 easier.
22:29:31 And when some graffiti was brought to his attention,

22:29:34 that's when he had some employees go out there, and
22:29:38 paint over the wall to take down the graffiti.
22:29:43 >> Do me a favor, some covering like Ivy or something.
22:29:47 >>> Oh, definitely.
22:29:49 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Also, you are going to have security
22:29:50 cameras out there so if anybody is messing around with
22:29:52 that wall you are going to catch 'em.
22:29:55 >>> Exactly.
22:30:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to close the public hearing.
22:30:04 (Motion carried).
22:30:07 >>KEVIN WHITE: Let me take a stab at this and go one
22:30:10 way or the other here.
22:30:11 First of all, I would like to look at the map that Mr.
22:30:17 KUHN's representative has put in the record as far as
22:30:20 the test drive route that's been established for the
22:30:23 dealership.
22:30:26 It looks like they go out of the current existing
22:30:31 dealership.
22:30:35 Goes out of the main road one way or the other.
22:30:38 Where they come out of the side or out of the north
22:30:40 and -- Kennedy to Dale Mabry.
22:30:44 Okay.

22:30:45 Kennedy to Dale Mabry, Dale Mabry north up to the
22:30:48 interstate, the interstate back to looks like Lois,
22:30:51 and then back down.
22:30:52 Okay.
22:30:55 I guess that's what is supposed to take place.
22:31:02 There's probably more.
22:31:03 But there's four professions that I know, the great
22:31:08 majority of citizens, attorneys, police officers, car
22:31:17 dealers, and politicians.
22:31:21 You have, I have been three of four.
22:31:25 I have had the unfortunate but fortunate opportunity
22:31:28 to be an automobile salesman, automobile executive,
22:31:33 and rent a car dealership.
22:31:35 Things don't always go smoothly.
22:31:37 Sales reps don't always do what it is that they are
22:31:40 told to do.
22:31:41 Because the bottom line is they are trying to look out
22:31:43 for their pockets and their families and they don't
22:31:45 want to lose the sale.
22:31:46 But with that being said, that is no right or no
22:31:50 reason to infringe upon a neighborhood.
22:31:54 Traffic issues, I think at this point in time it's

22:31:57 like we said two petitions ago with the Sligh issue we
22:32:02 have to take each petition on face value.
22:32:07 Traffic concerns on this particular petition on the
22:32:11 north side of Kennedy that concern me, because they
22:32:15 only go northbound into the lot.
22:32:17 And if they are coming out on Hale Avenue, if there's
22:32:23 whatever type of device, a traffic calming device,
22:32:28 going to direct them back south to Kennedy, and then
22:32:30 they can only go westbound, there's no way that they
22:32:33 can go back up into the neighborhoods, unless they go
22:32:36 back down a couple of blocks and come back in.
22:32:39 And at that point in time, like the young lady in the
22:32:42 back, I think it's Ms. Ortiz Rodriguez?
22:32:49 Ms. Ken, I'm sorry, that drives her BMW.
22:32:54 And I too have had high performance cars.
22:32:57 You don't want to drive high performance cars through
22:33:00 neighbors.
22:33:01 You said it takes four blocks and you can get up to 90
22:33:04 miles per hour.
22:33:04 That is absolutely true.
22:33:05 But who is going to drive a car 90 miles an hour
22:33:08 through a residential neighborhood on a test drive?

22:33:10 If I were a sales rep, you need to be in jail, sir.
22:33:22 Okay.
22:33:22 But, anyway, with that being said, the compatibility
22:33:33 with this particular project, we are looking at a
22:33:35 strip mall that has five or six retail uses in it that
22:33:40 has traffic coming and going all day, every day, at
22:33:45 all times of the day.
22:33:46 And ware looking at a high-end professional used car
22:33:52 facility that will maybe attract a lot of lookers.
22:34:00 Buyers.
22:34:05 I remember these type of dealerships, in South Tampa,
22:34:11 Kennedy and north Boulevard, they are right next to
22:34:13 Valencia Gardens, a high end dealership there called
22:34:17 Anthony GAULT.
22:34:23 North Boulevard.
22:34:26 And I happened to personally know Anthony Gault.
22:34:32 Back then they sold probably 20 automobiles a month.
22:34:35 That's less than one a day.
22:34:37 Now, if you get five or six people, if you get ten
22:34:40 people a day that would come in and take a look at
22:34:43 automobiles in that dealership, that is still
22:34:47 minuscule in comparison to the amount of trips that

22:34:52 five to six retail establishments would use coming in
22:34:55 and out of that facility.
22:34:56 And you have to admit, fa T facade of this proposed
22:35:04 project is much more aesthetically appealing than
22:35:07 what's there now.
22:35:10 You have a row of dumpsters.
22:35:11 You have illegal dumping.
22:35:13 You have graffiti on the wall T. Young lady that was a
22:35:16 teacher said she would love to have sidewalks so she
22:35:18 could walk her child to school.
22:35:20 This project has sidewalks all around it which
22:35:23 would -- and people are out walking through
22:35:29 neighborhoods.
22:35:30 And especially if they keep landscaping up the way
22:35:35 that is proposed on this site plan.
22:35:40 From an aerial perspective, this looks more like a
22:35:43 park than a car lot.
22:35:47 Also, from the crime perspective, I have yet to know a
22:35:55 car dealership that brought criminal element into any
22:35:59 community.
22:36:01 If that were the case, right down the street at
22:36:04 Westshore mall where the pickings are ripe, where

22:36:09 there's 3,000 cars every day that would be broken into
22:36:13 or stolen on a daily basis, that had no security
22:36:17 measures, roving security guards.
22:36:21 There was also a mention of Furman.
22:36:24 Well, Furman got $20 million to sell their property so
22:36:30 they can put in high end condos or another office
22:36:33 complex, I would have sold that too, especially with
22:36:36 the product they have right now that is within that
22:36:38 location which is Chrysler and Jeep, which is on the
22:36:40 down trend right now in Chrysler and Jeep are having a
22:36:43 hard time giving a car away let alone talk about
22:36:46 selling one.
22:36:47 So now is the right time to sell that.
22:36:52 Compatibility.
22:36:55 No, it's not compatible, I don't think, with the
22:36:58 neighborhood.
22:36:58 But it is compatible with the Kennedy Avenue corridor.
22:37:02 And this is not -- this is just abutting a
22:37:05 neighborhood, which the brick wall that's behind the
22:37:10 strip mall is still better.
22:37:13 If you are looking at the pictures that were shown to
22:37:15 us, where you are still looking at the back door of an

22:37:18 abandoned strip center, where you would see nothing
22:37:22 but a beautiful landscaped wall with Ivy -- and I'm
22:37:26 hoping, advocating this project that it's going to
22:37:28 look like -- then keep that look.
22:37:35 Especially if you are going to now be trying to sell
22:37:39 the types of automobiles that I think you will.
22:37:43 It's amazing.
22:37:47 As people, we want, what we don't want, what we don't
22:37:51 want in our neighborhood, but we need these services,
22:37:55 we need these types of retail.
22:37:58 But we just don't want it here.
22:38:00 The unfortunate reality is, I know with the facility,
22:38:12 the garage project on the other side of the street had
22:38:17 been approved the way it came in in the first time at
22:38:19 seven or eight stories there would be no problem with
22:38:21 parking or anything else over there and I think
22:38:23 basically we are trying to say if we can go ahead and
22:38:26 make this, all the compromises that the neighbors
22:38:30 want, and they need, with lighting, the landscape, the
22:38:34 security features, it's going to be a low intensity,
22:38:37 low intrusive project.
22:38:40 Let's try to make everything a win-win situation.

22:38:43 It's not going to do anything but beautify and enhance
22:38:45 the Kennedy Avenue corridor and it will implement the
22:38:48 dealership right across the street.
22:38:49 And with that, Madam Chair, I move for approval.
22:38:53 >> Second.
22:38:57 Oh, I move to continue it until we can get the
22:38:59 corrected notes on the site plan, and then brought
22:39:03 back in two weeks at 10 a.m.
22:39:08 Mr. Bentley, is two weeks enough time?
22:39:13 Is two weeks enough time?
22:39:14 >>MARK BENTLEY: That's fine, thank you.
22:39:20 >> Move for two weeks at 10 a.m.
22:39:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If this is for the purpose of
22:39:26 continuing I would ask you to reopen the public
22:39:29 hearing.
22:39:29 >>KEVIN WHITE: Move to reopen the public hearing.
22:39:34 >> Second.
22:39:34 (Motion carried).
22:39:36 >> I move to continue for two weeks 10 a.m. to give
22:39:39 the Peter opportunity to make the necessary revisions
22:39:41 to the site plan.
22:39:42 >>CHAIRMAN: All in favor of the motion say Aye.

22:39:44 Opposed, Nay.
22:39:44 (Motion carried).
22:39:46 Mr. Dingfelder?
22:39:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The only reason I'm supporting this
22:39:54 is, if we were just starting from scratch, then I
22:39:58 wouldn't support it.
22:39:58 But we are starting with the CG.
22:40:00 We are starting with commercial general.
22:40:02 And I think there's a list of possible uses that's
22:40:05 probably 50 uses long that could include, you know,
22:40:09 fast food restaurants and everything else.
22:40:11 And I don't see that as beneficial to the
22:40:14 neighborhood.
22:40:15 So, you know, I think we are going to make the best of
22:40:18 this, and let's hope that Mr. Kihn hold to his word.
22:40:32 >> We are going to have so much to do on the 22nd.
22:40:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Two weeks.
22:40:36 Number 15, we can go right through quickly?
22:40:53 We are going to do 12.
22:40:54 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: I have item number 12.
22:40:59 >>GWEN MILLER: We figured number 15 would go right
22:41:01 through quickly.

22:41:02 Do you think so?
22:41:03 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: There is no objection.
22:41:09 >> Move to open 15.
22:41:10 Oh, it's continued.
22:41:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: It's continued.
22:41:39 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: This is item number 15.
22:41:43 V 06-101.
22:41:45 This originally came before you, original date, I
22:41:51 believe, of September 28th.
22:41:54 And they have some technical issues to work out.
22:42:09 I thought you needed me to stop.
22:42:10 >> No, no.
22:42:11 >> This originally came to you September 28th.
22:42:14 And the site plan, it's at 4412, 4422 east Columbus.
22:42:23 Petitioner needed to revise their site plans and have
22:42:27 first reading two weeks, three weeks later.
22:42:30 And there are now know staff objections.
22:42:38 And I can go further to refresh your memory or we can
22:42:41 hear from the petitioner if you like.
22:42:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
22:42:46 >> law firm of bush-Rauch representing petitioner
22:43:07 tonight, business address 220 South Franklin street,

22:43:10 Tampa, Florida.
22:43:10 And the design staff has not been sworn.
22:43:14 We need to be sworn at this time.
22:43:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Please raise your right hand.
22:43:18 Everybody that needs to be sworn in, please stand and
22:43:20 raise your right hand.
22:43:24 (Oath administered by Clerk) at this time if I could
22:43:33 introduce into the record for the benefit of the
22:43:35 council our presentation material, as well as some of
22:43:38 the letters from local organizations in support of
22:43:42 this project.
22:43:44 >>GWEN MILLER: While you are doing that, I could ask,
22:43:47 does anyone in the public want to speak on item 15?
22:43:51 If you don't mind you don't need to do your
22:43:53 presentation.
22:43:55 Nobody wants to speak.
22:43:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are you all here on 15 or 12?
22:44:03 >> 12.
22:44:04 >>GWEN MILLER: They are on 12.
22:44:05 We are on 15.
22:44:08 Anyone in the public want to speak on item number 15,
22:44:10 the last one on the agenda?

22:44:12 Does anybody want to speak --
22:44:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is anybody here for the DACCA?
22:44:18 >> There are several people here in favor.
22:44:21 >>GWEN MILLER: They are in favor, not against.
22:44:29 You have a question?
22:44:30 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I have a question.
22:44:31 Is there anyone here in opposition to item number 15?
22:44:34 Dacco?
22:44:37 Okay.
22:44:37 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the public hearing.
22:44:39 >> So moved.
22:44:40 >> Send.
22:44:40 (Motion carried).
22:44:41 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Move an ordinance rezoning property
22:44:55 in the general vicinity of 4412 and 4422 east Columbus
22:44:58 drive from zoning district classification CI
22:45:02 commercial intensive and IG, industrial general, to
22:45:05 PD, planned development, professional residential
22:45:07 facility, drug treatment, rehabilitation,
22:45:10 administrative office, support services, providing an
22:45:12 effective date.
22:45:13 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

22:45:15 (Motion carried)
22:45:16 Now we need to open number 12.
22:45:20 >> So moved.
22:45:21 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Brilliant.
22:45:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Chair, point of order.
22:45:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Are you ready to close out?
22:45:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes, I'm done.
22:45:35 I am going to abstain from item 12.
22:45:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Oh, you are trying to get out of here.
22:45:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Versaggi is a client of my law
22:45:45 firm as stated numerous times, and we'll fill out the
22:45:49 appropriate paperwork.
22:45:50 >> You can't leave, we'll have three members.
22:45:53 >>MARTY BOYLE McDONALD: Land development.
22:46:29 I have been sworn.
22:46:30 Item number 12.
22:46:31 V 067-119.
22:46:33 This project is located at 3613 MacDill, 3101 and
22:46:39 3103 Euclid Avenue.
22:46:41 It is proposed to take from an RS-60 residential
22:46:45 single family to a planned development single family
22:46:48 attached.

22:46:50 On the Elmo is the rezoning map.
22:47:04 Previously you approved phase 1, single-family,
22:47:09 detached unit.
22:47:12 I'll show you the photograph.
22:47:16 You have multifamily in this area.
22:47:38 This is Euclid.
22:47:39 This is -- this is Waverly.
22:47:41 Phase one was approved.
22:47:44 This is phase 2 of the project this is on Euclid
22:47:54 looking south
22:48:05 Looking west on Euclid.
22:48:10 This is looking east on Euclid.
22:48:12 This is directly across the street from the property
22:48:15 on Euclid.
22:48:30 This is subject site for the homes to be removed.
22:48:33 Another one of the homes proposed to be removed.
22:48:37 This is MacDill.
22:48:39 This is the view looking north.
22:48:41 And there is a multifamily town home.
22:48:44 I believe it's multifamily apartment right there.
22:48:49 Looking north on MacDill.
22:48:52 This is south on MacDill.

22:48:53 This is directly across the street on MacDill on
22:48:57 the subject site.
22:48:58 Again another view.
22:49:03 This is that small little building.
22:49:05 I don't know if it's residential use or commercial
22:49:07 use.
22:49:07 But here's the parking lot and signifies commercial
22:49:11 use.
22:49:13 This is further down MacDill.
22:49:19 Another commercial project.
22:49:21 It is south of Euclid.
22:49:23 Just south of Euclid.
22:49:27 This is a different view of the commercial use.
22:49:32 Town homes.
22:49:33 Another view of town homes in the area.
22:49:40 The petitioner will construct ten single-family
22:49:42 attached residential units.
22:49:44 All units will have a two-car garage.
22:49:46 And it will have six guest parking spaces will be
22:49:49 provided.
22:49:51 Three guest parking spaces are required.
22:49:53 The petitioner designed the site to be a

22:49:55 pedestrian-friendly.
22:49:58 The units along MacDill are walk-up units.
22:50:04 The setbacks along MacDill are the frontage
22:50:09 approximately eight feet to seven feet on Euclid
22:50:11 Avenue and 19 to the west were the setbacks.
22:50:15 The units along MacDill will have front door
22:50:18 facing MacDill and there will be walk-up units.
22:50:20 There will be parking in the rear.
22:50:22 And it's accessible through a center drive.
22:50:25 The buildings will be three stories with a maximum
22:50:27 proposed height of 35 feet.
22:50:30 Finally, 910 square feet of green space has been
22:50:34 provided per proposed townhouse.
22:50:38 Staff feels that this exceeds, far exceeds the 350
22:50:41 square feet required per unit.
22:50:43 In addition, there is a 59-inch grand tree located to
22:50:48 the rear of the site that will be preserved and
22:50:51 protected.
22:50:52 The petitioner originally came in with eleven units on
22:50:55 the -- they lost a unit to make sure that they
22:50:59 protected the tree and the way it should be protected.
22:51:06 Staff feels that it needs the section of the code,

22:51:10 section 27-321.
22:51:12 The purpose as a PD.
22:51:15 We find that it's compatible with the neighborhood.
22:51:19 And along MacDill Avenue with the uses along
22:51:21 MacDill Avenue.
22:51:22 Also, we feel that it meets all the design standards
22:51:25 of single-family attached.
22:51:28 We would also like to note on the site plan this T
22:51:31 petitioner has agreed to, and if anyone sees
22:51:46 construction vehicles parking off site.
22:51:48 Also, they have agreed to dedicate the easterly three
22:51:50 feet of the property, prior to the first building
22:51:54 permit issued.
22:51:56 They are doing this for future transportation roadway
22:52:01 improvements.
22:52:03 Staff has no objection to the petition.
22:52:09 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
22:52:17 I have been sworn in.
22:52:18 Just several comments.
22:52:25 We have three land use categories, residential 20
22:52:29 along MacDill Avenue, which is a collector roadway
22:52:32 in the area, in the South Tampa area.

22:52:33 Residential 10, which is characterized by a single
22:52:40 detached residential use on this side.
22:52:41 Then you have community mixed use 35 which is the more
22:52:44 intense use down to the south.
22:52:48 Looking at the aerial, as Ms. McDonald has already
22:52:58 shown you and given you a series of residential uses
22:53:02 on a line along MacDill Avenue and this property
22:53:05 directly to the north as she stated has been approved
22:53:08 as V 06-24, this has approved by council, Z-06-73
22:53:15 which face as town home development that's been there
22:53:18 a number of years.
22:53:20 We have a project up here, on the east side and the
22:53:24 west side, these are the Waverly apartments.
22:53:30 These are also multifamily uses.
22:53:33 As one comes down further they have more intensive use
22:53:36 was the TECO substation, gas station here, and
22:53:40 actually some neighborhood commercial uses.
22:53:43 As one goes further south on this segment of
22:53:45 MacDill.
22:53:46 A very large percentage of all the use as long this
22:53:49 segment of MacDill are either higher density uses
22:53:52 or nonresidential uses, which is synonymous with the

22:53:56 intent of the land use category of residential 20, and
22:54:00 also the way we would like to have this type of
22:54:04 intensity directed onto the primary collector road
22:54:07 down to the South Tampa area.
22:54:09 So with we found it consistent.
22:54:11 Of course we have seen the trend going in the
22:54:13 direction in this particular area as far as the
22:54:16 similarity of like uses of the town home development,
22:54:18 the apartment, the higher density directed toward
22:54:20 MacDill.
22:54:21 One final comment I would like to make as far as
22:54:24 potential concerns people have, I would go to this
22:54:30 future land use map and show you that once you leave
22:54:32 this intersection and go to the east and to the west,
22:54:35 you pretty much have single family detached use as
22:54:38 long both sides.
22:54:39 This is residential 10.
22:54:40 So the likelihood of proliferation of this type of use
22:54:44 to the east and to the west is highly unlikely as, A,
22:54:49 the land use category is much lower, residential 10,
22:54:52 and different characteristically and you have a
22:54:55 different land use category which is R-10 compared to

22:54:55 the R-20.
22:55:00 Planning Commission staff has no objection to the
22:55:01 proposed request.
22:55:12 >>> Truett Gardner, 101 South Franklin street.
22:55:15 This is sort of like deja vu all over again with a few
22:55:20 changes.
22:55:21 I have been sworn.
22:55:24 I can tell you once again representing the urban edge,
22:55:29 and the architecture is in keeping with and pretty
22:55:32 much mirrors what was approved last July, the first
22:55:36 phase.
22:55:37 And his team poured their heart and soul into the
22:55:45 project and this is the type of project here in the
22:55:47 area to stay, and that's what we are bringing forward
22:55:50 tonight.
22:55:58 If you remember back in July the first phase was
22:56:00 approved and the second phase, we weren't able to move
22:56:02 forward at that time. The biggest reason why is we
22:56:05 didn't own the property or control the property.
22:56:06 At this time we do.
22:56:07 And we can go forward.
22:56:09 You will probably also recall Gina Grimes represented

22:56:12 the neighborhood at that time.
22:56:13 And she had several conditions that were very good
22:56:16 conditions that were noted on the site plan at that
22:56:18 time.
22:56:20 Most notably, one that would not allow some of the
22:56:25 increased guest space, increased guest parking spaces,
22:56:28 and she has one from the other.
22:56:30 We are actually exceeding those standard.
22:56:33 I think Marty mentioned the 59-inch grand tree, which
22:56:36 is being preserved on-site.
22:56:39 And in addition to that, we are providing three times
22:56:44 the required green space once again.
22:56:46 In this, you get the new code provision requiring 2.5
22:56:54 guest spaces per unit.
22:56:56 One of the issues was did lack of guest spaces and we
22:56:59 are doubling that requirement.
22:57:00 Again, I think going back to Tony's point, one of the
22:57:04 concerns that was raised before that I think was
22:57:08 illuminated, and what Tony said is the same as this,
22:57:14 is there was a fear that this type of development,
22:57:16 while maybe appropriate on MacDill, we go through
22:57:20 those numbers and do it again, we took a half a mile

22:57:24 either way and determined that 90% of those uses were
22:57:27 nonsingle-family residential, either commercial or
22:57:30 multifamily in nature.
22:57:31 But there was a fear that this type of use could
22:57:34 encroach back into the neighborhood, and not likely
22:57:40 that it would.
22:57:40 I think he would tell you that he asked them that he
22:57:43 wouldn't be supporting this project as strongly as it
22:57:45 is, if at all, if it was back in the neighborhood.
22:57:48 So as far as the fear of sinking back in, I don't
22:57:53 think it's a reality.
22:57:55 And lastly, with this, and most importantly, if I
22:57:59 could, we had made a commitment, which you may
22:58:06 remember, but just to refresh your memory, this was
22:58:09 the first phase here.
22:58:12 And there was some talk about a transportation issue
22:58:17 at the intersection of MacDill and Euclid and the
22:58:19 city had a strong desire to widen this road, or widen
22:58:24 MacDill to allow for dedicated turn lane at the
22:58:27 intersection of Euclid and MacDill.
22:58:29 Mr. Versaggi previously had gone to the city, wanted
22:58:33 to come up with a solution, and we committed the last

22:58:40 tame to dedicate three feet -- not me, Mr. Versaggi,
22:58:45 three feet of his property to be used for this
22:58:47 widening.
22:58:48 This second phase simply allowed them to live up to
22:58:51 that commitment.
22:58:52 We are furthering that all the way down the property
22:58:55 line, that additional three feet will go all the way
22:58:58 across.
22:58:58 In addition to that, the pedestrian experience was a
22:59:02 concern.
22:59:04 We are using $25,000 which is the estimation to cover
22:59:09 the lion's share of the improvement for not only
22:59:13 pedestrian crosswalk, but count down throughout
22:59:17 downtown, and to provide for a safe pedestrian
22:59:20 experience.
22:59:21 So with that, I'll close.
22:59:23 And I'll turn things over to Mr. Versaggi to briefly
22:59:27 speak about the project.
22:59:28 But in closing, we feel like this is in keeping with
22:59:32 the comp plan.
22:59:33 We defer to your staff and the strong support of this
22:59:35 project.

22:59:35 And lastly, compared to even the last one, I believe
22:59:39 this is more appropriate in the sense that it's at the
22:59:42 intersection of two collector streets, MacDill and
22:59:45 Euclid as opposed to the previous request which was
22:59:47 MacDill and Waverly. With that I'll turn things
22:59:49 over to Mr.Er is advantage I.
22:59:54 >>> I'm Russell Versaggi.
22:59:56 I have been sworn in.
22:59:57 Truett pretty much covered everything so I'll be very,
23:00:00 very brief.
23:00:01 As you can see from the site plan, the two rows of
23:00:06 houses, both have the inside drive aisle right here.
23:00:15 The vehicles exit from either MacDill Avenue,
23:00:17 which is right here, or on Euclid, right here.
23:00:25 This is a drive aisle.
23:00:28 And as has been pointed out the grand tree we are able
23:00:31 to save and build around.
23:00:44 I would like to point out this corner unit right here
23:00:48 on Euclid and MacDill has a rounded upper balcony
23:00:54 as well as a rounded garden with a wrought iron garden
23:01:00 that will be from that corner and the building to the
23:01:06 rear at the westerly end right here has -- there's a

23:01:10 masonry wall that runs along the rear of the property.
23:01:13 We pick it up and stop it at the point of the
23:01:16 backyard.
23:01:19 And actually stuff it down to a wrought iron type of a
23:01:24 fence which is very open.
23:01:25 And will be landscaping along that as well.
23:01:30 But from a sidewalk perspective, from the production
23:01:32 perspective, it will be open, and decorative.
23:01:36 So that as you are walking along, it will not be a
23:01:39 wall that is keeping anybody out of the open feeling.
23:01:43 So put a lot of thought into how the project would
23:01:48 greet the Euclid street.
23:01:50 Because as has been demonstrated here previously, we
23:01:56 wanted to share that with you.
23:01:57 And this is essentially a rendering of what that
23:02:01 masonry wall will be like when it ends at the backyard
23:02:04 level.
23:02:05 And then steps down in that open space.
23:02:10 This is the terrace garden, as well.
23:02:12 So you can see that there's a real sensitive, openness
23:02:18 that's been thoughtfully provided for both Euclid and
23:02:22 MacDill.

23:02:23 Thank you.
23:02:24 I'll answer any questions that you might have.
23:02:26 I'll turn it over to Steve.
23:02:31 >>> Actually, it's me.
23:02:32 I neglected to mention two things that I want to do.
23:02:35 At the last hearing there was a concern about height.
23:02:38 A resolution on that was to reduce the height down to
23:02:41 what's currently allowed under the RS-60 zoning
23:02:44 district which is 35 feet.
23:02:45 We are again maintaining the commitment on this.
23:02:48 And then briefly, there's a mention of a waiver in
23:02:52 your information in the staff report.
23:02:55 And I wanted to explain that.
23:02:57 What this brownstone architecture, which is very
23:03:01 unique to Tampa, what it does, the moves the building
23:03:07 forward so tough greatest pedestrian experience and
23:03:10 really a neat little idea for the city.
23:03:13 But our code isn't exactly designed for that.
23:03:18 We have the traditional yard in the front like would
23:03:20 you see on a single family street.
23:03:22 So we had to request this waiver.
23:03:25 What it deals with is the area between the property

23:03:30 line and the building.
23:03:32 So in this situation, where we are pushing the
23:03:35 building forward on purpose to provide a better
23:03:37 pedestrian experience, it calls for a waiver. The
23:03:41 good side is you can see often in your staff reports
23:03:44 that we are providing three times the required green
23:03:46 space.
23:03:46 I just want to make that clarification.
23:03:48 It's not like we were trying to chintz on the green
23:03:52 space.
23:03:52 It's just a way of shifting the build anxious round to
23:03:55 provide a better experience on MacDill.
23:03:59 And with that we'll close and reserve time for
23:04:02 rebuttal.
23:04:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Any question from council members?
23:04:04 Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on
23:04:06 item number 12?
23:04:07 You may come up and speak now.
23:04:09 Please get up, line up and come speak.
23:04:17 >> My name is Robin Bishop.
23:04:21 I have been sworn in.
23:04:22 I live at 3009 Euclid Avenue which is about three

23:04:26 houses to the east of this proposed project.
23:04:29 And a couple comments right off.
23:04:31 I'm really surprised that we don't have more people
23:04:33 from our homeowners association here tonight.
23:04:36 I think we are just worn out.
23:04:39 After living in the house for 19 years, I personally
23:04:44 have been before City Council way too many times about
23:04:47 these rezonings.
23:04:48 I think our neighborhood has spoken loud and clear.
23:04:50 We are RS-60 and we want to the stay that way.
23:04:53 With regard to this small building at the corner of
23:04:56 Euclid and MacDill, we came before City Council
23:05:01 because a developer did go in and try to do a lot of
23:05:06 things on that site that we did not feel was
23:05:08 appropriate.
23:05:11 I think our neighborhood association is just warn out.
23:05:13 I'm just going to be very brief here and say, if it
23:05:16 ain't broke don't fix it.
23:05:18 This is an RS-60 neighborhood.
23:05:20 Particularly on Euclid.
23:05:21 There are two brand new homes under construction,
23:05:24 single-family homes, under construction, just to the

23:05:29 west of the Euclid site that they are proposing.
23:05:34 Also, there are brand new homes, single-family, under
23:05:37 construction, on MacDill Avenue.
23:05:39 Now granted MacDill has become more of a
23:05:42 commercial corridor.
23:05:43 But if you look up at MacDill and Swann, they are
23:05:45 very nice single-family homes, that will have a
23:05:49 MacDill address.
23:05:50 So I just don't think that we need to introduce this
23:05:53 type of development in our RS-60 neighborhood.
23:05:55 And I would ask you to help to preserve our
23:05:59 neighborhood.
23:06:00 Thank you.
23:06:00 .
23:06:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
23:06:02 Next.
23:06:03 >>> Edward shock and I have been sworn in.
23:06:12 With Mr. Versaggi last week and I appreciate the time
23:06:16 it took.
23:06:17 I was opposed to phase one of the development.
23:06:21 I'm opposed to phase two.
23:06:23 I believe it's making a bad situation worse.

23:06:25 As was previously mentioned, these are zoned RS-60.
23:06:30 They have always been zoned RS-60.
23:06:32 We already have plenty of multifamily housing in the
23:06:35 area already.
23:06:36 This is just making a bad situation even worse, with
23:06:41 more density, more traffic.
23:06:53 Exiting onto Euclid Avenue.
23:06:56 The next block.
23:06:59 It's already a heavily trafficked road.
23:07:02 So I urge you to vote this down.
23:07:06 I don't believe this is in the best interest of the
23:07:08 neighborhood.
23:07:08 Bayshore Beautiful is a primarily single-family
23:07:13 neighborhood.
23:07:15 And I believe it should remain that way.
23:07:17 I think it is possible that you can have economically
23:07:24 viable single-family housing on a busy street, going
23:07:30 on right now.
23:07:30 And I don't think we have to make the neighborhood too
23:07:36 dense to be economically viable.
23:07:38 Thank you.
23:07:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

23:07:40 Next.
23:07:43 >>> My name is Jody marry.
23:07:48 My I have been sworn in.
23:07:51 I really struggle with whether I should come here
23:07:53 tonight and if it was really worth my time.
23:07:55 I was unable to attend the first meeting but I watched
23:07:58 it on TV.
23:08:01 To address council with the concerns, the deferral and
23:08:05 each person had a financial benefit from the project.
23:08:07 The neighbors were concerned about the density,
23:08:09 traffic problems, and nature of the very large town
23:08:13 homes proposed for the single family lot in question.
23:08:17 They asked you to consider leaving the zoning as it
23:08:19 was, in accordance with the way it was done, when they
23:08:22 bought their homes in the neighborhood single-family
23:08:25 home.
23:08:25 The developer and the former property owners pleaded
23:08:28 with the council to let it go through.
23:08:31 The former owner said they really tried to sell their
23:08:34 houses to families but nobody was able to buy them.
23:08:37 I was able to figure out -- but if Tau a single piece
23:08:42 of property, rezone it and quadruple the density, you

23:08:45 can get way more than the property is worth.
23:08:47 The only two council members that thought it was best
23:08:50 to leave the zoning as it was gave educated comments
23:08:53 and voted against the rezoning.
23:08:55 Thank you, Ms. Ferlita and Mr. Harrison.
23:08:57 Ms. Mr. White said there was no getting around traffic
23:09:02 jams because everybody wants to live in a great
23:09:04 community like ours.
23:09:06 Other members offered no explanation why they voted
23:09:08 for the rezoning.
23:09:09 I watched many council meetings when Ms. Saul-Sena and
23:09:12 Ms. Alvarez praised the neighbors for coming and
23:09:14 taking the time to present their concerns, sending
23:09:17 developers away and leaving the property as is.
23:09:19 I immediately wanted to.
23:09:25 Just told us that that's what we get for a community
23:09:28 in a community that's really nice.
23:09:30 I like new development.
23:09:33 I even like town homes. Several years ago when town
23:09:36 homes started to spring up around South Tampa I they
23:09:40 were a nice addition to our community.
23:09:42 Now there are town homes all over South Tampa.

23:09:44 There is an overabundance of town homes, complexes of
23:09:49 town homes.
23:09:50 The four newest town homes on in our neighborhood at
23:09:56 Waverly everybody for sale for eight months.
23:09:58 We do not have a waiting list and need to rezone this
23:10:01 property for dense development.
23:10:02 If you allow this to go through our neighborhood will
23:10:04 be from the corner lot two blocks from the west side
23:10:08 of MacDill to the northwest two blots two story
23:10:12 town homes.
23:10:13 With four unsold town homes and we will have a total
23:10:17 of 34 two story towns homes for five single families.
23:10:24 I am not here to say that you that the plans are not
23:10:27 attractive.
23:10:28 I am here to say they are unwelcome and unnecessary.
23:10:30 And if you were looking at the people that voted for
23:10:33 you were pleading for you to vote against this
23:10:35 rezoning, consider what all the.
23:10:41 I was in a Monterey, New Mexico suburban and I think
23:10:46 it's the hottest place on the planet.
23:10:50 I had forgotten about this recently until when I
23:10:53 walked by our new 150 unit neighbor.

23:10:56 During the cool part of the morning I was chilly until
23:10:59 I walked past the conned O.the temperature was at
23:11:01 least 15 degrees warmer until I got past the building.
23:11:04 Please pause to consider how your decisions affect
23:11:07 your constituents.
23:11:12 If our -- the town homes will not be compatible with
23:11:15 our single family neighborhood.
23:11:16 Thank you.
23:11:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
23:11:18 Next.
23:11:23 >>> My neighbor name is Robert Fryer, 3906 Waverly
23:11:27 Avenue.
23:11:27 I have been here before.
23:11:30 I am going to use the same arguments I used before.
23:11:35 We had a lot of people here.
23:11:37 Ms. Ferlita, I think a lot of you remember the last
23:11:41 time.
23:11:41 They are not here tonight.
23:11:42 And I will be very blunt.
23:11:45 The reason they are not here is they have been beat to
23:11:48 death.
23:11:49 You approved the Liss project for town homes.

23:11:53 You approved Versaggi phase 1.
23:11:56 Nine more.
23:11:57 Mize, 11.
23:12:02 Now we have Versaggi phase 2, ten units.
23:12:06 If it wasn't for the developer that couldn't get that
23:12:09 one little house on the corner of Waverly and
23:12:13 MacDill, we could have a clean sweep, two blocks
23:12:18 of solid town homes.
23:12:23 Our neighbors are disenchanted.
23:12:25 They are mad.
23:12:27 Where does it end?
23:12:29 When is enough?
23:12:31 I served, as mayor of city of New Port Richey until I
23:12:37 was out of terms.
23:12:38 I served as chairman of the Regional Planning Council.
23:12:40 I heard staff talk about consistency.
23:12:43 Yes, it is consistent.
23:12:46 Consistent doesn't mean it's good or that it's right.
23:12:50 I think sooner or later this council has to address
23:12:54 the issue of what happens, a subthreshold development
23:13:01 built upon subthreshold development and it has a
23:13:03 punitive effect.

23:13:04 One of our neighbors Mr. Kelly came to you last time
23:13:06 and brought that out.
23:13:07 I just don't think the city sees it.
23:13:09 I don't think the county sees it.
23:13:11 I know than fill is supposed to stop sprawl.
23:13:17 What I see is hair density and urban sprawl all
23:13:20 occurring.
23:13:20 It's not a solution.
23:13:21 The issues are the same ones, the height, the density,
23:13:25 traffic.
23:13:26 I can't get out from my house onto MacDill Avenue
23:13:30 and go north in the morning.
23:13:32 I don't know what these poor folks that live in these
23:13:35 townhouses are going to do. I know what they are
23:13:38 going to do.
23:13:38 They are going to cut back through the neighborhood.
23:13:40 That's what I do.
23:13:41 That's what everybody has to do.
23:13:42 The comprehensive plan is not a perfect document.
23:13:44 It was not chiseled and stone and brought down from
23:13:47 the mountain.
23:13:48 It's imperfect.

23:13:50 That's why they have the provision of growth
23:13:51 management to amend it.
23:13:52 I participated in the development in 1985 growth
23:13:56 manage am act.
23:13:57 I looked at every single comp plan for every
23:13:59 municipality and every county.
23:14:02 Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, and Manatee.
23:14:06 And I think that those of us who are involved back
23:14:09 then, if they saw some of the things that were
23:14:13 happening, we would really scratch our heads.
23:14:15 I ask that you deny this request.
23:14:17 On behalf of the citizens in my neighborhood.
23:14:20 Also, I wish staff would show the pictures, also show
23:14:24 the pictures, it would be nice to see the power plant
23:14:27 substation.
23:14:28 I would like to see the pictures of the houses in this
23:14:33 particular rezoning in question.
23:14:34 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry, were you sworn for the
23:14:37 record?
23:14:40 >>> Yes, I was.
23:14:41 And sworn out.
23:14:43 >>> Good evening.

23:14:44 My name is Troy new some and I have been sworn.
23:14:47 I live at Brookwood drive and I'm the trustee that
23:14:51 owns the house at 3103 Euclid.
23:14:54 I think the main question here is what's the highest
23:14:56 and best use of this property?
23:15:00 MacDill is a collector street, a feeder street,
23:15:02 and it is what it is.
23:15:05 And what are our options? What do we have?
23:15:07 Where can we go from there?
23:15:10 We can have commercial in that area.
23:15:12 We can have more multifamily.
23:15:14 Or we can keep it single family.
23:15:16 I just don't think single family is the best option.
23:15:23 Trend is already 80 to 90%, other than single-family
23:15:28 dwellings.
23:15:29 So the trend is pretty clear.
23:15:34 If the status quo remains, these existing houses are
23:15:37 just probably going to come around us.
23:15:42 I don't think that's progress.
23:15:43 Do we prefer to have rental neighbors or do we prefer
23:15:46 to have homeowners to the neighbors?
23:15:49 I elect for homeowners.

23:15:52 I think the best action is a very nice upscale project
23:15:56 like proposed here.
23:15:58 We already have half the block approved for this.
23:16:01 I think it would just look a lot better just to have
23:16:04 the whole block same thing.
23:16:07 Just look a lot better.
23:16:12 South Tampa is a highly desirable area.
23:16:14 It's just not Waldon Pond anymore.
23:16:20 I see multifamily housing going up all over South
23:16:22 Tampa.
23:16:26 I want quiet streets.
23:16:27 I have to wonder, why not put a nice, very upscale
23:16:32 multifamily project on a very busy feeder street?
23:16:36 Seems to me that's the highest and best use of this
23:16:38 piece of property.
23:16:40 And I hope you will support it.
23:16:48 >>> I live at 3122 Fairoaks.
23:16:50 I have lived there for 32 years and I have not been
23:16:53 sworn in yet.
23:16:58 (Oath administered by Clerk).
23:17:03 >>> I think this is a unique town home development.
23:17:05 And it makes sense.

23:17:06 And the South Tampa area, sing am family property, it
23:17:13 could take years to sell.
23:17:14 The underlying problem, it's a busy street, the cost
23:17:19 of the land, and the size of the house that you will
23:17:21 have to build on this property.
23:17:22 There are three times as many single-family homes on
23:17:25 the market today as there was last year, and this
23:17:28 would make it a challenge to sell a single-family home
23:17:31 on this property.
23:17:32 And in my personal opinion.
23:17:36 Thank you.
23:17:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
23:17:38 Next.
23:17:41 >>> 3106 Waverly Avenue and I have been sworn.
23:17:49 Tonight is the third hearing in six months where
23:17:52 developers have asked you to rezone single-family
23:17:54 properties in our area, and you have heard 30
23:17:57 condominiums now quadrupling the density.
23:18:02 With each of these requests to rezone without council
23:18:05 to consider the impact of these projects on issues
23:18:07 such as traffic, water use, safety, and compatibility
23:18:12 with the neighborhood, because these are the things

23:18:14 that matter most to the existing residents.
23:18:17 For many, many years the zoning of a property meant
23:18:20 something.
23:18:20 It was almost sacred, and it wasn't easily changed
23:18:25 without some very compelling reason.
23:18:26 Before buying our home, which is very close to
23:18:29 MacDill, we made a special point to go downtown
23:18:32 and ask about the zoning of tonight's property on
23:18:35 MacDill.
23:18:36 And we were assured that they were zoned single
23:18:39 family, period.
23:18:41 We asked about the properties just to the north where
23:18:44 there were two small duplexes.
23:18:46 Once again we were told they were zoned single-family,
23:18:49 that those were grandfathered in.
23:18:50 We were told that nothing like that could ever be
23:18:53 built there again.
23:18:55 Sadly, we trusted what the city said when we settled
23:18:57 in.
23:18:58 So what happened to change all of that today?
23:19:00 And, more importantly, where is it going to end?
23:19:04 Several council members visited our area in recent

23:19:07 months and we thought like we were beginning to
23:19:09 realize what a two block long three story condos would
23:19:15 do to our neighborhood.
23:19:16 You may have seen the news story about the wall being
23:19:18 built along the interstate to provide a buffer for the
23:19:20 people in the homes nearby.
23:19:23 The residents were quote as saying, they would much
23:19:26 prefer the interstate noise than to be walled in like
23:19:29 that by a 20-foot wall.
23:19:32 The 19 condos proposed for this project will be 40
23:19:35 feet high.
23:19:36 And they are going to be far closer to the nearby
23:19:40 homes than the wall for those along the interstate.
23:19:43 We found it hard to believe that this is what the
23:19:46 creator of the comprehensive plan meant to do to the
23:19:50 residents of our area.
23:19:51 Their color coded map doesn't specify and apparently
23:19:55 doesn't consider the size and height of effective
23:19:59 neighboring property.
23:20:00 It really should.
23:20:01 But so you will know, there will be 7'1"-story homes
23:20:05 and two two-story homes remaining on this block

23:20:10 adjacent to and immediately behind this proposed
23:20:12 project.
23:20:14 We ask tonight that you take a moment and try to truly
23:20:17 envision a 40-foot high wall of condos towering over
23:20:21 your one-story home.
23:20:23 We ask you to care about the legitimate concerns
23:20:26 expressed by those who will have to live with your
23:20:29 decisions.
23:20:30 And once again, we ask you to deny this change in
23:20:35 zoning before our area is further destroyed forever.
23:20:38 Thank you.
23:20:39 >>CHAIRMAN: Thank you.
23:20:39 Next.
23:20:47 >>> I have been sworn in.
23:20:48 I'm a homeowner at 3014 Waverly Avenue.
23:20:54 First thing I want to say, it's the first time I
23:20:57 tonight I heard staff unanimously say that they were
23:20:59 in favor of this.
23:21:00 In fact, the developer was doing 60, 70% more green
23:21:06 space so that was a good thing.
23:21:07 Second thing is, ten, eleven years ago I was involved
23:21:10 with bungalow terrace.

23:21:15 I went through this same thing. The change that
23:21:17 people don't want is amazing to me.
23:21:18 I mean, people didn't want a historical marker put up
23:21:22 on terrace.
23:21:24 They didn't want new water, sewer lines put in because
23:21:27 of noise, because of these things.
23:21:29 And it's just part of life of going through with
23:21:32 changes, development, and so on.
23:21:35 And we got through that and it's much better today.
23:21:40 Like 1916 like it was.
23:21:42 That was turned down.
23:21:43 Because the neighbors didn't want their vegetation be
23:21:47 cut away.
23:21:48 So the point on that is change is here.
23:21:51 MacDill is changing.
23:21:54 It's growing.
23:21:55 It looks good.
23:21:56 The single-family homes are behind the development on
23:22:02 MacDill.
23:22:02 My home that I own is directly across from them.
23:22:06 Tonight, I heard that a lot of people were not here to
23:22:09 speak against it but in fact three people spoke

23:22:12 against it.
23:22:13 That's it tonight.
23:22:14 And we have had three people speak for it.
23:22:16 And another person had to leave early, David brewer,
23:22:21 had the biggest tract of land in the apartment,
23:22:23 Waverly arms across the street from it.
23:22:25 Weighs in favor of it.
23:22:26 Weighs last time.
23:22:28 He has the most to gain.
23:22:29 He wants to improve his apartment but he doesn't want
23:22:31 to put any more money into his apartment to beautify
23:22:34 it because of what's across the street right now.
23:22:37 I am in real estate and I do concur that the market
23:22:41 right now is three times greater.
23:22:43 You cannot sell homes on that street for high value.
23:22:47 As we heard from John Solomon, two, three months ago,
23:22:52 he looked to buying those lots, could not make the
23:22:54 numbers work unless he sold it for 1.3 to 1.5 million.
23:22:59 He had the house on Waverly circle for sale for 1.25,
23:23:04 has not found a buyer in seven months, of a the street
23:23:07 for a 4,000 square foot home.
23:23:09 So single-family homes will not work there.

23:23:12 We all know that.
23:23:12 Commercial may work there.
23:23:14 Retail shops may work there.
23:23:15 But I don't think the residents want the traffic
23:23:17 coming.
23:23:20 Brownstone is a beautiful idea.
23:23:23 They are a great look.
23:23:23 They are uniform from one avenue to another.
23:23:26 I know a few of you voted against it last time and it
23:23:30 was approved phase one.
23:23:31 But phase two just continues to look across the street
23:23:34 from one corner to another, and uniforms that whole
23:23:39 area, and the city is getting a turn lane and some
23:23:43 other improvements, beautification.
23:23:45 Again I'm a homeowner there. I do live in Sunset Park
23:23:48 now.
23:23:48 I am going through the same things with the canal, you
23:23:50 know, and I ask for your support.
23:23:55 And I think this is a good project.
23:23:57 And I know it's better for the City of Tampa in the
23:24:01 long run to have to look at the facts.
23:24:02 And the facts are about what can go there, what the

23:24:06 setbacks are, and right now we are hearing that
23:24:10 traffic and ex-mayor and this an that and it's just
23:24:15 all feelings.
23:24:16 And I appreciate your time.
23:24:17 Thank you.
23:24:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
23:24:23 >>> I'm Christine Chapman, 3117 west Euclid.
23:24:26 I was sworn in.
23:24:31 I e-mailed you this afternoon because I was at work
23:24:33 and I got out early and I wanted to make sure you got
23:24:36 my e-mail.
23:24:37 And a co-worker who also lives on our project.
23:24:44 I am obviously opposed to this.
23:24:45 My main concern is density and traffic.
23:24:48 Frequently, when I leave for work, I can't even back
23:24:51 out.
23:24:51 I wait for lights.
23:24:53 The light at MacDill to change.
23:24:54 I can't even get out of my driveway now.
23:24:57 And now you are going to add a little street there.
23:24:59 And all that traffic is going to come out onto my
23:25:01 street.

23:25:02 And that's my concern.
23:25:03 My husband, we own one vehicle.
23:25:06 He rides a bicycle.
23:25:08 That's more vehicles that have the potential of
23:25:10 striking him on his bicycle.
23:25:12 And he's been a bicycle rider in South Tampa for 20
23:25:15 years.
23:25:16 And we have lived in our home for over 25 years.
23:25:20 And I agree that there is growth and there's a need
23:25:24 for growth.
23:25:25 But the two houses that are being built across are
23:25:27 single-family homes.
23:25:29 And there's nothing wrong with a single-family home.
23:25:32 Thank you.
23:25:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
23:25:37 Mr. Gardner, rebuttal.
23:25:41 >>> Truett Gardner. We appreciate the comments for
23:25:43 and against.
23:25:44 I want to address a few of them.
23:25:46 We would not be in front of if you this was internal
23:25:49 to MacDill but I think you have to look at this in
23:25:51 perspective and look at it in the comp plan, in

23:25:54 addition.
23:25:56 It's important to look at it from not just the comp
23:25:58 plan which is the future land use, but what the
23:26:00 current uses are.
23:26:02 And this is a stretch of road along MacDill for
23:26:07 half a mile on either side of the project.
23:26:09 But we represent everything other than single family,
23:26:13 which is 90% of all the property.
23:26:15 And so there's only 10% that are single family, and,
23:26:23 again, we would not be in front of you, nor would we
23:26:25 expect unanimous support from the staff and the
23:26:28 Planning Commission if we were internal.
23:26:30 But I think you have got to look at MacDill, you
23:26:32 have got to look at the appropriateness of this.
23:26:34 Also compared to what the commercial activity would do
23:26:37 to this.
23:26:38 And not that it's a car dealership, the one before,
23:26:43 but you have a busy street and residential behind.
23:26:46 And unfortunately, puts us in a situation where it is
23:26:50 appropriate there, but the neighbors behind.
23:26:52 It isn't what they would ideally want.
23:26:54 But it is what it is.

23:26:55 And as a result of that, Mr. Versaggi has gone to
23:27:00 great lengths to not just be a good neighbor but to
23:27:03 try to provide a solution.
23:27:04 And I think his solution is
23:27:16 At the intersection of MacDill and Euclid will go
23:27:19 a long way not just in being a good neighbor but in
23:27:21 providing a solution that's going to enhance this
23:27:25 neighborhood.
23:27:25 Just a couple other points.
23:27:28 Transportation before and the same numbers apply here.
23:27:32 We are adding a total of one-third of 1% of traffic to
23:27:35 the road networks.
23:27:37 We looked at MacDill before.
23:27:39 In this instance we looked at both MacDill as well
23:27:41 as Euclid.
23:27:42 Both of them are far in their capacity.
23:27:45 As you notice from the site plan or from the staff
23:27:47 report there are actually no objections from
23:27:49 transportation.
23:27:49 They are here tonight to answer any questions there.
23:27:54 Density was mentioned.
23:27:56 Like the last one, we are far below the density that

23:27:59 we could be asking for.
23:28:01 Mr. Versaggi then trade to provide the most green
23:28:04 space that co-and is providing three times that.
23:28:07 So with that we would ask for your support on this
23:28:09 project and feel that it's appropriate and the
23:28:16 location where it is.
23:28:17 I close with that.
23:28:20 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Looking at the rezoning map here, is
23:28:26 there a wall behind this project here going on Euclid?
23:28:32 Where is the wall that they are talking about?
23:28:40 >>> A masonry wall -- a masonry wall.
23:29:01 (off microphone)
23:29:42 >>MARY ALVAREZ: What's behind that wall?
23:29:43 >> ... 35 feet in height.
23:30:06 So people will be looking down.
23:30:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: What's the depth from the end of the
23:30:50 building to the fence, right there?
23:30:57 >>> 19 feet across.
23:30:59 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Now the other question I had, is this
23:31:04 a continuation of lass like 6 and 70 according to this
23:31:16 also plan here?
23:31:17 Is that a continuation of your project there?

23:31:19 >>> This is a stand-alone.
23:31:32 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Is that a continuation?
23:31:35 >> Yes.
23:31:37 >>: Tell me where phase one was.
23:31:41 >>> That's phase one.
23:31:54 Phase one is the northern portion.
23:32:05 >>MARY ALVAREZ: That's what I meant.
23:32:07 All right.
23:32:08 Have you started construction yet?
23:32:10 >>> We have not.
23:32:12 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
23:32:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions question by council
23:32:16 members?
23:32:18 We have a motion and second to close.
23:32:20 (Motion carried).
23:32:22 Ms. Ferlita?
23:32:22 >>ROSE FERLITA: Madam Chairman, thank you.
23:32:26 I jotted a couple of notes, almost the same notes as
23:32:28 the last time around.
23:32:30 Mr. Bishop and Mr. Prior, I think you referenced the
23:32:34 fact that some people are not here from your
23:32:36 neighborhood, not that they are supporting this any

23:32:37 more than phase one but they are tired.
23:32:40 They are really tired.
23:32:40 And I'm really tired of trying to defend this.
23:32:45 You have got RS-60 on a Euclid street, got it on
23:32:48 MacDill street so RS-60 works.
23:32:51 When we talk about this, I find it funny that we are
23:32:54 talking about compatibility based on the multi-unit
23:32:57 project that snuck in on MacDill so you are
23:33:01 looking at the compatibility from north to south, with
23:33:05 things that I'm not sure have been there in terms of
23:33:07 that very issue much of compatibility.
23:33:09 And I think somebody referenced the fact that Mr.
23:33:12 Garcia said it's not likely to encroach.
23:33:15 Well, it depends on how you look at it.
23:33:17 The single unit residences were there already.
23:33:21 And this as far as I'm concerned is an encroachment
23:33:24 and it goes against the RS-60.
23:33:33 And now I find that we are looking at phase one to
23:33:36 compare this phase two to phase one, and I think phase
23:33:39 one wasn't even -- it wasn't what should have been
23:33:43 there.
23:33:45 Mr. Chateau, you talked about bungalow terrace.

23:33:49 I don't know how you can compare this to bungalow
23:33:52 terrace.
23:33:52 I don't live very far away from bungalow terrace and
23:33:55 that's certainly not intruding on the character of my
23:33:58 single residence.
23:33:59 And Mr. Grewer, who had that multi-unit apartment,
23:34:03 well, of course he's going to support this.
23:34:05 He's got a multi-unit apartment complex that I think
23:34:08 goes against the nature of the character of that
23:34:11 residential area anyway.
23:34:13 So of course he would support it.
23:34:15 And Mr. Versaggi, I think, is very honest when he says
23:34:20 he tried to do the most he could to not be intrusive
23:34:25 and to be respective of what's behind.
23:34:27 But nonetheless, Mr. Versaggi, I appreciate your work.
23:34:30 I appreciate the quality of your work.
23:34:33 But nonetheless it's a multi-unit project.
23:34:37 It just doesn't belong there.
23:34:39 And for us to justify it, by looking at all these
23:34:42 other multi-units down MacDill corridor, that
23:34:46 totally intruded into the single residence
23:34:51 neighborhoods, it's just not good argument for me.

23:34:54 And if I wanted to pick an issue here, certainly
23:34:57 compatibility.
23:34:58 Because it doesn't promote and encourage development
23:35:01 where appropriate and location, character,
23:35:03 compatibility with the surrounding impacted
23:35:05 neighborhoods, built environment and existing
23:35:09 geography.
23:35:09 That's an issue, and I am not going to support it on
23:35:12 that basis.
23:35:12 Another thing, too, I think Mr. Prior talked about the
23:35:15 power plant.
23:35:16 I think the power plant was there a long time ago.
23:35:19 And even TECO was concerned about what the
23:35:21 neighborhood would worry about when they were going to
23:35:24 make some arrangements or make some plans for
23:35:26 expansion, because when need more power.
23:35:29 They had a meeting.
23:35:30 I attended that meeting.
23:35:31 And some of the neighbors attended that meeting.
23:35:33 And I want to tell you what, they worked very, very,
23:35:35 very hard to buffer that, put a beautiful wall up
23:35:38 there that I think is very, very expensive, and

23:35:41 really, they could have justified it by saying, we
23:35:44 were here first, guys, and that's how it is.
23:35:46 But even they understood that they needed to be good
23:35:48 neighbors to you, and protect your neighborhood by
23:35:51 putting something up there that would buffer a power
23:35:54 plant that was already there.
23:35:55 So this is a totally different story.
23:35:59 It's a multi-unit project that doesn't belong there.
23:36:03 I really don't know how much you guys can take.
23:36:05 I'm glad that I'm not in your position because I would
23:36:08 be very frustrated every time something like this
23:36:11 comes up, you guys have to come down here and try to
23:36:14 convince the citizens it's the wrong thing.
23:36:16 You certainly don't have to convince me it's the wrong
23:36:19 thing.
23:36:19 The this project based on the issue of compatibility,
23:36:23 section 27-321-6, I move for denial.
23:36:29 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Second.
23:36:30 I want to respond.
23:36:31 I did not support phase one.
23:36:37 It may be a fact that the Planning Commission believes
23:36:39 that this is compatible and city staff believes this

23:36:43 is compatible, and multifamily development,
23:36:48 condominiums along MacDill may be a good thing.
23:36:50 But what's happening is we are seeing too much of a
23:36:53 good thing.
23:36:54 We had this experience in New Tampa several years ago
23:36:57 where apartment complexes were popping up on every
23:37:01 single piece of raw land, and it was because that's
23:37:05 what everyone in the market thought was needed.
23:37:08 Well, what happened was, City Council said enough is
23:37:11 enough, balance and different types of development is
23:37:16 really what the market wants, and we have seen the
23:37:18 market respond to that.
23:37:21 Wouldn't it be interesting if we took this piece of
23:37:24 land right now that is undeveloped or single-family
23:37:29 homes, and it may be surrounded by multifamily
23:37:31 developments, but we kept it as is, and we said, let's
23:37:37 think creatively and let's not just continue with this
23:37:40 massive canyon effect of multi-story, multifamily
23:37:45 developments along MacDill.
23:37:47 So I think that, yes, this may be what everyone thinks
23:37:51 the market will bear right now.
23:37:53 But I think that balance and a little bit of eclectic

23:38:00 development along this stretch of MacDill is
23:38:02 what's really called for so I will not support it
23:38:04 either.
23:38:04 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
23:38:06 Ms. Alvarez.
23:38:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, I am not going to support the
23:38:10 denial, because this is a continuation of the PD phase
23:38:16 one that we have, and if you look at the rezoning map,
23:38:20 you have got PD zoning all around it pretty much
23:38:24 except for one RS-60 piece on MacDill Avenue.
23:38:34 I think they have done a really nice job.
23:38:36 And I believe in Mr. Versaggi.
23:38:42 I saw various other projects.
23:38:44 So I think that this is a good transitional
23:38:48 neighborhood.
23:38:49 So I won't support the denial.
23:38:53 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of denial please say Aye.
23:38:56 Opposed, Nay.
23:39:00 >>THE CLERK: Miller, Alvarez, White, no.
23:39:08 >>> I can tell you that councilman Dingfelder will not
23:39:10 be here and council member Saul-Sena will not be here.
23:39:12 So my suggestion to you is that you can make a motion

23:39:20 by unanimous vote to waive the rules, to put it on for
23:39:23 closed public hearing and a vote in two weeks time --
23:39:26 excuse me.
23:39:30 How long is she going to be gone?
23:39:33 >> Two weeks.
23:39:34 >> In the daytime then.
23:39:35 >>THE CLERK: That would be the 26th.
23:39:43 >> Boy oh boy.
23:39:44 We'll be here till 2:00 in the morning.
23:39:48 >>SHAWN HARRISON: We have continued four or five
23:39:49 things already to the 26th.
23:39:54 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to make a motion to waive the
23:39:57 rules.
23:39:57 >> So moved.
23:39:58 >> Second.
23:39:58 (Motion carried).
23:39:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to make a motion to continue for
23:40:02 two weeks.
23:40:03 >> So moved.
23:40:04 >> Second.
23:40:04 (Motion carried).
23:40:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Unfinished business?

23:40:10 When it comes back?
23:40:14 >>KEVIN WHITE: A morning meeting?
23:40:15 >>GWEN MILLER: 10:00 on the 26th.
23:40:21 It will be under unfinished business.
23:40:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Did you want the 10 a.m. group?
23:40:27 It's usually set up for unfinished business.
23:40:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, it will be under unfinished
23:40:34 business.
23:40:36 >> Move to receive and file.
23:40:37 >> Second.
23:40:38 (Motion carried)
23:40:38 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Are we adjourned?
23:41:18 (city Council adjourned)