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Tampa City Council
Tuesday, November 28, 2006
9:00 a.m. special session

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09:05:30 [Sounding gavel]
09:05:31 >>CHAIRMAN: Tampa City Council is called to order for
09:05:33 special session.
09:05:36 The designated aide of Mary Alvarez will do the
09:05:39 invocation.
09:05:41 Would you please stand?
09:05:43 >> Good morning, Madam Chair, honorable members.
09:05:46 I would like to take a minute to share a prayer that
09:05:48 maybe at some point in your lives you thought about.
09:05:50 I know and truly believe that everything happens for a
09:05:53 reason.
09:05:54 The good, the bad, the ugly.
09:05:56 They all happen for a reason.
09:05:57 And in my heart I truly believe that although we don't
09:05:59 know exactly why things happen the way they do, this
09:06:03 prayer gives us hope that later on the answer will
09:06:08 reveal itself and all will understand.
09:06:09 So I ask all of you now to bow your heads as we pray
09:06:14 for those protecting our freedom near and far, and for
09:06:17 each member before us, this prayer is called God
09:06:20 knows.
09:06:21 For every pain that we must bear, for every burden,
09:06:25 every care, there's a reason.
09:06:27 For every grief that bows ahead, for every tear drop
09:06:31 shed, there's a reason.
09:06:32 For every hurt.
09:06:33 For every fight.
09:06:34 For every lonely pain there's a reason.
09:06:36 For all the blessings that are known and all the

09:06:38 blessings yet bestowed there's a reason.
09:06:40 But if we trust in God as we should, all will work out
09:06:44 for all good, for God knows the reason.
09:06:46 Amen.
09:06:48 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
09:07:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:07:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
09:07:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:07:09 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Here.
09:07:10 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
09:07:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:07:11 >>GWEN MILLER: At this time I would like to turn it
09:07:14 over to our city attorney, Mr. Marty Shelby.
09:07:32 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
09:07:34 What I wanted to make sure was that the as parents
09:07:38 were fully advice that sometimes it can sometimes
09:07:41 discourage people from participating in public office.
09:07:43 Hopefully not that -- we feel it's important that they
09:07:47 know these requirements and it's our aim to wish to
09:07:50 eliminate themselves.
09:07:52 Please let us know so that the process can be
09:07:54 conducted more efficiently.

09:08:00 As you all know, there's rather extensive financial
09:08:04 disclosure attendant to serving in this position.
09:08:07 It doesn't matter whether you are elected by the
09:08:09 electorate at-large or electorate of council, you are
09:08:14 obligated to make those disclosures.
09:08:16 There is what we call the City of Tampa form 6.
09:08:19 And I am going to have copies up here for people to
09:08:21 pick up so that they can look at the nature of that
09:08:24 disclosure and make sure it's something they are
09:08:27 comfortable with.
09:08:28 Because what we don't want to have happen is to have
09:08:30 the council go through its process, select the two
09:08:33 people and then have someone say, oh, that's a little
09:08:36 more than I reckoned with.
09:08:37 So please, and this is for the applicant, make sure
09:08:40 you look at these and make sure you are comfortable
09:08:41 with the requirements.
09:08:43 There's also what we refer to as the state form 6,
09:08:46 which is promulgated by the state law, the city form 6
09:08:50 just puts the city name on it.
09:08:51 It's essentially the same set of requirements but they
09:08:53 are here for you to see as well.

09:08:55 Finally, there is form 1 which is the more extensive
09:09:00 state requirement.
09:09:00 Generally speaking, you are disclosing your business
09:09:03 interests and you are disclosing any asset worth
09:09:06 $1,000 or more.
09:09:07 So those of you who do not want that kind of financial
09:09:10 disclosure, you need to know that comes with the
09:09:12 office.
09:09:13 Additionally, I have for the applicants to look at an
09:09:17 excerpt from our city code.
09:09:18 And this is our ethics code.
09:09:20 And most importantly, what it refers to is a couple of
09:09:23 items of paramount importance because of what was
09:09:27 serving in this four-month job.
09:09:30 When referring to section 2.5 1, which has post
09:09:34 employment restrictions, and representations of others
09:09:38 before this tribunal, basically if you serve in this
09:09:41 capacity, you are prohibited from doing that for a
09:09:43 period of two years.
09:09:44 The specifics are going to be in this particular
09:09:47 excerpt.
09:09:48 In addition to that, if you serve this capacity, you

09:09:51 are prohibited from employment with the city,
09:09:55 compensated employment with the city, or appointment,
09:09:58 which is compensated, for a period of one year after
09:10:01 you serve -- cease serving in that office.
09:10:05 So for any of you applicants who are considering those
09:10:08 types of activities, please understand you would be
09:10:10 precluded.
09:10:11 Again, I do not intend to discourage anybody.
09:10:15 But sometimes as the resident curmudgeon I have to let
09:10:21 you know what you can and cannot do so that is my job.
09:10:24 It is up here on the desk.
09:10:26 Please get a copy before you leave today.
09:10:27 And make sure that you have read it.
09:10:29 And if you have any questions call my office.
09:10:32 274-7312.
09:10:35 Thank you very much.
09:10:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:10:39 Mr. Shelby?
09:10:41 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, council, good morning.
09:10:44 Pursuant to council's motion, you have interviews in
09:10:51 district 2 and district 5 due to the resignation of
09:10:54 council members Ferlita and white, you have scheduled

09:10:56 today a workshop for the purpose of hearing those
09:11:00 interviews in order to lighten your load on Thursday
09:11:04 when you have to make your decision.
09:11:11 Council made the motion to reduce the time of speaking
09:11:13 per applicant from 3 minutes as originally
09:11:16 contemplated to two minutes for the sake of expediency
09:11:19 because of the large number of applicants that applied
09:11:23 for the positions.
09:11:24 Also, council, I believe you had contemplated, as I
09:11:31 recall, that you had contemplated that you would not
09:11:35 have discussion or -- excuse me, would you not have
09:11:38 questions of the applicant at this time.
09:11:40 But if you had individual questions of the applicant,
09:11:42 you individually have the opportunity to contact them
09:11:44 and have a dialogue.
09:11:46 That's my recollection.
09:11:50 Council, I provided for you to refresh your
09:11:53 recollection in advance of Thursday and for today, a
09:11:56 copy of appointment policy and procedure guidelines
09:12:00 relative to filling those vacancies that you passed by
09:12:03 resolution.
09:12:04 And I stand by to assist you in any way I can.

09:12:06 Good luck.
09:12:11 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:12:13 Logistically, do we want to set some guidelines, which
09:12:17 I might suggest, instead of having questions and
09:12:21 answers for individual applicants while they are at
09:12:23 the podium, if we all hold our questions until after
09:12:26 everybody is done, and then we can ask individuals to
09:12:29 come back up, if we want to do that?
09:12:32 Otherwise, just state that there will be no questions
09:12:35 and answers and deal with that Thursday.
09:12:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby stated we would not have
09:12:40 council asking questions.
09:12:41 If we have questions personally, we will need to call
09:12:45 them personally, see you and ask the questions.
09:12:47 Ms. Saul-Sena?
09:12:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:12:49 I have to compliment those in the audience today who
09:12:55 are interested in this process and putting yourselves
09:12:58 up for selection.
09:12:58 When we originally discussed it, I had no idea we
09:13:01 would have such a wide field of candidates.
09:13:03 I really am impressed with the quality and the

09:13:06 quantity of the people who volunteered to serve in
09:13:11 this capacity.
09:13:12 And given the great number of people, I think it would
09:13:14 be most expedient if we just heard from folks today,
09:13:19 go through them individually if we have additional
09:13:21 questions, and then really saved our discussion for
09:13:24 Thursday when we will vote.
09:13:26 Now, I have two questions.
09:13:31 One is how folks will know what their time is
09:13:39 Then the other question is, if we can go over before
09:13:41 we leave today what will be the process on Thursday, I
09:13:44 think everybody would benefit from that.
09:13:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Shirley Foxx-Knowles.
09:13:53 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Good morning, council.
09:13:54 We have 52 applicants.
09:13:58 We have three that have withdrawn.
09:14:00 They include some district 2, Randy Bisan.
09:14:17 And from district 5.
09:14:20 We had two people call today and wanted to you know
09:14:22 that our office mailed, e-mailed and telephoned
09:14:29 everyone regarding today's meeting.
09:14:30 We were going to recall everyone in alphabetical

09:14:33 order, beginning with Enza AIELLO.
09:14:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mrs. Foxx-Knowles, I'm sorry.
09:14:45 You had an opportunity to contact those people.
09:14:46 I understand you verified information with the
09:14:49 supervisor of election.
09:14:50 There were some people who were -- who had applied
09:14:53 that did not qualify under the charter.
09:14:56 Did you notify those people in advance or are they
09:14:59 present?
09:15:01 >>> They are probably present.
09:15:02 We did not notify them as far as their being outside
09:15:05 of the city limits.
09:15:06 I'm sure they can probably explain it this morning.
09:15:10 >>CHAIRMAN: I would like to remind all applicants you
09:15:12 have two minutes to speak.
09:15:13 We have a buzzer.
09:15:14 When the buzzer goes off they know their time is up.
09:15:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Two things.
09:15:21 One, perhaps Mr. Shelby, in the interim, while people
09:15:27 are starting to address us, maybe want to chat with
09:15:31 the one or two people that might have residency
09:15:34 problems.

09:15:34 And to just save everybody time.
09:15:37 Then the other thing is, maybe you would like a
09:15:41 baseball game, ask people to take a look at the list
09:15:45 and then be on deck so they can seat themselves.
09:15:48 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going by alphabetical order so
09:15:50 if you know you are next, be ready to come up after
09:15:53 that next one.
09:15:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Perhaps one way to do it is to call
09:15:57 the first name and announce who will be followed by so
09:15:59 that person knows they are in the circle.
09:16:02 I believe there was one other issue.
09:16:04 I don't know whether you wish to address that now.
09:16:06 There was one person, I believe, who applied for, I
09:16:09 believe, seat 5 but did not live in that district.
09:16:13 And I believe had a request of council.
09:16:16 Do you wish to take that up at this time?
09:16:19 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: I believe they will do that.
09:16:21 They wanted to switch.
09:16:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's obvious they are on the list but
09:16:32 if council wishes to take that up now or at the time.
09:16:37 >> I think it's a bigger question.
09:16:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Your feelings.

09:16:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My feeling is the numbers are
09:16:44 confusing and the person probably did it inadvertently
09:16:46 so I would be okay.
09:16:48 >>CHAIRMAN: Everybody agree with that?
09:16:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You feel we have any discretion,
09:16:53 Mr. Shelby?
09:16:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, these are pursuant to your
09:16:57 policy and guidelines, these are yours and you can
09:17:03 have the discretion.
09:17:04 I would just point out two things just so you know.
09:17:09 I mean in a disrespect to any individual applicant.
09:17:12 I did it in the form that I did it where you had given
09:17:14 me direction to come up with a process.
09:17:17 I created the application that required somebody to
09:17:21 choose at the time of the application, by the deadline
09:17:24 of submission, to choose which seat they wish to be
09:17:26 considered in.
09:17:27 I did that for two reasons.
09:17:28 Number one is to avoid confusion.
09:17:31 And number two is to avoid creating the element of
09:17:35 something that would complicate the process.
09:17:38 So what I did was I created the guidelines which

09:17:41 council approved by resolution saying that if an
09:17:47 application did not choose one particular seat, it
09:17:51 would be rejected by the clerk.
09:17:53 If an application indicated two seats chosen, it would
09:17:56 be rejected by the clerk.
09:18:03 Also having a notarized signature at the end, the
09:18:06 purpose being that one would contemplate knowing that
09:18:08 they are submitting correct applications.
09:18:15 It seems to be only one person who has this request.
09:18:18 If council wishes to consider it, it would be up to
09:18:22 you to do so.
09:18:25 I created this process to avoid confusion or
09:18:29 complication, but ultimately, it's council's process
09:18:34 which controls how it wishes to proceed.
09:18:37 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I agree with Ms. Saul-Sena.
09:18:39 If your willing to go up against 42 other applicants
09:18:45 then you can compete with everybody else in district
09:18:47 the.
09:18:48 So when that person comes up, I'm okay with that.
09:18:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If we go from 2 to 5 it might be
09:18:54 more of a question.
09:18:54 If we are going from 5 to 2 --

09:18:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Are you okay with it?
09:19:01 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Whatever you all think.
09:19:04 >> Do you want to do that by motion?
09:19:06 >> So moved.
09:19:07 >> Second.
09:19:07 (Motion carried).
09:19:13 >> Although this is a workshop and no official motion
09:19:20 or action can be taken, be that as it may, would you
09:19:22 like that person who speaks in a district 5 group,
09:19:25 would you like that person to be placed alphabetically
09:19:27 into the district 2 group.
09:19:37 >>CHAIRMAN: Move it up.
09:19:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Ms. Foxx-Knowles.
09:19:47 >>> Enza Ailello followed by Ross Alander.
09:19:52 >> I'm happy to be here today and participate in the
09:19:54 process to select a new City Council person for
09:19:57 district 2.
09:19:58 I want to share with you my background and way believe
09:20:00 qualifies me for this appointment.
09:20:02 Tampa has been my home since 1979.
09:20:06 I established my company design resource of Hyde Park
09:20:09 in 1986 and interior design company satisfying clients

09:20:14 and a.
09:20:17 I have partnered with the City of Tampa in the Kate
09:20:19 Jackson recreation center since 2003 and for the
09:20:27 community in the program around the bay and also
09:20:29 featured in the South Tampa news.
09:20:32 I organized and presented the holiday designing and
09:20:35 party planning seminar in Old Hyde Park Village,
09:20:39 mobilizing over 30 local and national merchant
09:20:44 participation.
09:20:45 A portion of the proceeds went to benefit the
09:20:48 community.
09:20:48 Hyde Park neighborhood association president.
09:20:51 My desire and reestablishing the neighborhood
09:20:54 association was to promote and ensure the preservation
09:20:57 of the social, historical and cultural aspects of our
09:21:01 neighborhood which had been neglected for some time.
09:21:06 A desire to sustain quality of life in partnering with
09:21:10 neighborhood businesses, schools, churches, artists
09:21:14 and musicians.
09:21:17 Honors and accomplishments.
09:21:18 Neighborhood recognition award and letter of
09:21:20 accomplishment, special event category, for the Hyde

09:21:23 Park north neighborhood association family fair and
09:21:26 expo from the Hillsborough County commission and the
09:21:29 City of Tampa mayor Pam Iorio.
09:21:31 Recipient: Certificate of completion, USF community
09:21:35 development program and alumnae trainer.
09:21:39 Delivered on location July 2006 Tampa City Council.
09:21:46 East Tampa revitalization and community partnership.
09:21:52 Executive board member, volunteer, co-chair person,
09:21:55 aesthetics and beautification subcommittee, September
09:21:59 2004 to September 2006.
09:22:01 As a stakeholder in East Tampa I promote our mission,
09:22:04 which is to help transform East Tampa, community of
09:22:09 vibrant, residential, business, recreational, social
09:22:12 and cultural life.
09:22:15 Gory elementary school PTA, parent welcome chairperson
09:22:19 since 2004.
09:22:23 Thank you very much.
09:22:23 >>GWEN MILLER: All right.
09:22:25 Next.
09:22:29 >> My name is Ross Alander.
09:22:31 And I live in South Tampa.
09:22:32 I'm here with no political aspirations.

09:22:35 I see this appointment should I get it as an
09:22:38 opportunity for community service.
09:22:41 As I won't be running in March.
09:22:43 In the 23-year-plus resident of Tampa and Hillsborough
09:22:46 County.
09:22:47 I have a son who is a senior at plant.
09:22:49 In fact he's on the football team.
09:22:52 And I'm a management study at USF.
09:22:59 One of the things I do in teaching management studies,
09:23:01 I spend a lot of time on customer service.
09:23:03 And I would like to kind of keep going back to the
09:23:06 city in remembering who the customer is.
09:23:08 And I would say the customer is the public.
09:23:12 We need to continually remind ourselves of that.
09:23:14 The other thing I feel I'm confident for, I worked in
09:23:18 the public sector, quite comfortable with the Sunshine
09:23:20 Law, and ready to take that on.
09:23:28 I know the appointment is only for four and a half
09:23:30 months or so.
09:23:31 I don't have a lot of time to do much.
09:23:33 But there are three seeds that I would like to plant.
09:23:35 One, to show equal spending in all areas of Tampa, all

09:23:39 the streets, the parks, whether it's Bayshore
09:23:41 Boulevard or 22nd street, or Kate Jackson park or
09:23:45 another park.
09:23:46 To assure equal spending throughout the community.
09:23:50 I would also like to explore with our new county
09:23:53 commission some innovative ways of doing joint
09:23:58 ventures in an effort to save money, save taxpayer
09:24:00 dollars, and be more efficient.
09:24:04 I have looked at and read the studies in other areas
09:24:06 of the country that do that.
09:24:08 And we just need to do that.
09:24:15 Aspects of community service where is we can do more
09:24:17 with less.
09:24:18 The third thing I would like to recommend is we move
09:24:22 toward the more diverse economy and that depends on
09:24:26 industry.
09:24:27 There's a recent article in governing magazine about
09:24:30 cities that become too dependent on one organization
09:24:32 or one company or one industry, including my hometown
09:24:35 of flint, Michigan.
09:24:37 And the whole town disinterest greats, tax base goes,
09:24:41 and an example of over 200,000 people, now there's

09:24:45 about 120,000.
09:24:47 We need to have that I did verse economy.
09:24:50 In summary, I just feel that with my community
09:24:54 experience, community background, and involvement in a
09:24:57 lot of different community activities, that I can
09:25:00 serve well for four months.
09:25:01 Thank you.
09:25:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:25:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, I am going to as best as
09:25:08 I can, I know I will mispronounce the names, I will
09:25:11 announce the names of each speaker.
09:25:13 At the same time I announce who they will be followed
09:25:15 by to give that person an opportunity to be on notice.
09:25:18 So the next speaker is W. Reynolds Allen, followed by
09:25:21 Robert Ashworth.
09:25:23 >> Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
09:25:25 I too have no political aspirations.
09:25:29 And would appreciate your attention and consideration.
09:25:33 I'm an immigrant from Wauchula.
09:25:36 I feel particularly qualified for this position since
09:25:39 I am a regular member of the patches breakfast group,
09:25:44 which Mr. Dingfelder attends regularly.

09:25:48 Consequently, we have all the answers for all the
09:25:50 problems that face the city.
09:25:56 I'm an attorney semi-retired, I have represented many
09:26:01 cities, counties, fire districts, police departments,
09:26:05 and thoroughly familiar with the way you operate,
09:26:12 councils and commissions operate.
09:26:13 I have done a lot of collective bargaining.
09:26:16 I am very familiar with and very uncomfortable with
09:26:20 the sunshine law as most of us are, and you are, for
09:26:23 sure, which I consider to be one of the stupidest laws
09:26:27 ever passed.
09:26:29 Be that I comply with it regularly.
09:26:32 Everything I have to say, I think I said in my
09:26:34 application.
09:26:35 If you have any questions at any time, please pick up
09:26:38 the phone and give me a call.
09:26:39 I answer regularly.
09:26:41 Thank you.
09:26:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Robert Ashworth
09:26:45 followed by Cole Atkinson.
09:26:47 Mr. Ashworth?
09:26:54 Cole Atkinson, please.

09:26:56 I don't see Mr. Ashworth at the moment.
09:27:01 And I have a Christmas tree blocking my view.
09:27:04 Mr. Cole Atkinson?
09:27:07 The next speakers then would be Joseph R. Bryant,
09:27:10 followed by L. mark Carron, if I pronounced it
09:27:16 correctly.
09:27:17 >> My name is Joseph Bryant.
09:27:19 I live at 411 west DeLeon.
09:27:21 I'm a third generation Tampa native from old cigar
09:27:27 took try, a practicing lawyer in Tampa.
09:27:30 I would like to have this position to fulfill civic
09:27:34 obligation.
09:27:34 I know it's three and a half, four months and I pledge
09:27:37 I will not, number one, run for this position again.
09:27:39 Number 2, I will give 110%.
09:27:41 Number 3, most importantly, I want to defer to the
09:27:45 wisdom of the elected City Council personnel for the
09:27:50 issues that are ripe.
09:27:53 Thank you for your consideration.
09:27:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is L. mark Carron,
09:28:02 followed by Denise D. Cassedy.
09:28:07 >> Good morning.

09:28:08 Native of Tampa and registered voter since 1975.
09:28:11 I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for the
09:28:13 district 2 temporary seat.
09:28:16 My family civic involvement in Tampa dates back over
09:28:18 50 years and my own direct involvement in local causes
09:28:21 includes University of South Florida, Florida
09:28:23 orchestra, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa
09:28:26 Museum of Art, Tampa General Hospital write was born,
09:28:29 and most recently serving as employment trustee for
09:28:34 the City of Tampa general employees pension fund, a
09:28:37 non-paid position, provide insight into the city's
09:28:40 retirement and disability personnel issues, as well as
09:28:43 overseeing the management of the $525 million
09:28:47 investment portfolio.
09:28:48 As a private sector investment industry professional
09:28:51 working in downtown Tampa for over 24 years, also
09:28:54 serve as an investment consultant for the Tampa
09:28:56 historical streetcar.
09:28:58 These roles allow me to work closely with city staff,
09:29:03 agency personnel, and also worked in the United States
09:29:06 Senate as a staff assistant, graduate school intern
09:29:08 and Florida governor's office of planning and

09:29:11 budgeting, and co-eau authorizing a study entitled
09:29:13 central cities growth and decline, combined with my
09:29:16 private sector business career with E.F. Hutton and
09:29:21 Raymond James financial to allow me to work as a
09:29:24 council member.
09:29:24 I have no political aspirations to run for any elected
09:29:27 office.
09:29:28 I would like to continue my civic commitment by
09:29:30 serving on City Council during then interim period.
09:29:32 Having functioned in the sunshine on two boards
09:29:35 provides experience dealing with many different fiscal
09:29:38 issues.
09:29:38 Please, read my application as you deliberate this
09:29:40 week and you will see my dedication to the city and
09:29:43 you can be assured of my continued altruistic
09:29:46 involvement.
09:29:47 Your consideration is greatly appreciated.
09:29:48 I hope your support enables me to temporarily become a
09:29:51 colleague of yours dealing with important public
09:29:53 policy challenges.
09:29:54 Thank you.
09:29:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Denise D. Cassedy

09:30:00 followed by Denise Chavez.
09:30:07 >> Good morning.
09:30:08 I'm Denise Cassedy, a Davis Island resident.
09:30:12 I grew up in the Tampa community.
09:30:15 I attended all local public high schools.
09:30:18 And I have lived here most of my life.
09:30:20 I did attend university, the university college court
09:30:25 in Ireland and continues my education with an MBA at
09:30:28 the University of South Florida.
09:30:30 After completing my MBA, I loved to London and I
09:30:33 worked with management consultant, marketing dynamics.
09:30:36 From there I started my financial career with chief
09:30:42 international as institution Alec quit trader.
09:30:44 After I left London, I went to work for Raymond James
09:30:48 here locally in St. Petersburg.
09:30:50 I joined institutional trader and then continued with
09:30:56 heritage economic management for Raymond James.
09:31:00 I currently have over 15 years of experience in the
09:31:02 financial arena.
09:31:04 I have worked with small companies and their
09:31:07 retirement plans at Cassedy financial group.
09:31:11 Tampa is a great community and a wonderful place to

09:31:14 live which I'm sure everybody in this room agrees.
09:31:16 We have much to be thankful for here in Tampa.
09:31:19 And our unique community continues to provide
09:31:22 opportunity for improving our quality of life every
09:31:25 day.
09:31:28 Mayor Iorio has continued her mission to strengthen
09:31:31 our community.
09:31:32 She's supporting a vibrant downtown with new
09:31:34 townhouses, condominiums, stores, and restaurants.
09:31:37 We have great parks, great neighborhoods, and it's
09:31:42 generally a very viable place to live.
09:31:45 I have been an active member of our community for many
09:31:47 years.
09:31:48 I am the past president of the Davis Island civic
09:31:50 association, and I'm totally committed to making Tampa
09:31:54 the best that it can be.
09:31:57 I have been active in the Tampa homeowners and
09:31:59 neighborhood association of neighborhoods.
09:32:01 These groups with the continual protection of our
09:32:09 neighborhood.
09:32:09 I would like to say that Tampa, general hospital, is a
09:32:11 fabulous institution.

09:32:13 And now we need to make it better, not just bigger.
09:32:17 We need to focus on making Tampa General Hospital one
09:32:21 of the premiere hospitals in this country.
09:32:24 At the same time, we have to -- Tampa general has to
09:32:30 manage its growth and be sensitive to the
09:32:32 neighborhood.
09:32:32 I plan to be involved in the civic life of Davis
09:32:35 Islands for a long time.
09:32:37 I would enjoy the opportunity to participate in City
09:32:42 Council.
09:32:42 And thank you very much for your time today.
09:32:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:32:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Denise Chavez,
09:32:49 followed by Karencia L. Ciagala.
09:32:55 >> My name is Denise Chavez.
09:32:59 I have given you my resume.
09:33:02 I have lived in Tampa for 47 years.
09:33:05 I have watched Tampa grow and I from a small laid back
09:33:10 community to a large city.
09:33:12 And it's interesting the international airport didn't
09:33:18 have, we have a football team, we have hosted Super
09:33:20 Bowl, and we have competed with other cities to bring

09:33:28 large national conventions here.
09:33:30 I think Tampa is on the verge of becoming one of the
09:33:34 nation's largest cities and I would really like to be
09:33:36 involved in making it the better part, not the worst
09:33:41 part.
09:33:41 I have experienced all aspects of living in Tampa.
09:33:44 I raised a family.
09:33:46 I have been a property owner.
09:33:47 I have worked as a volunteer for years in nonprofit
09:33:50 organizations in the community.
09:33:52 I have worked with mentally ill, and I own a small
09:33:56 business.
09:34:01 I realize that -- I would really like to be part of
09:34:10 the solution of our growth.
09:34:12 I think it's going to take a very creative City
09:34:15 Council to come up with solutions that benefit
09:34:18 everybody.
09:34:19 And I would very much like to be part of the
09:34:21 implementation.
09:34:26 I was raised in a political family.
09:34:28 Both of my parents have been involved at one time or
09:34:31 another so it seems like a natural fit to go along and

09:34:34 serve the community.
09:34:36 I served as a volunteer.
09:34:38 I think it's the next step.
09:34:41 I hope you will consider my application.
09:34:43 Thank you.
09:34:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Karencia L.
09:34:48 Ciagala.
09:34:49 The next speaker Joe Citro indicated he is unable to
09:34:55 attend due to a prior commitment.
09:34:57 So the speaker after that will be Robert J. Clark, Jr.
09:35:00 >> I'm Karencia Ciagala. I would like to thank you
09:35:06 for this opportunity.
09:35:07 I served the community for the last three years as a
09:35:10 public service officer for the City of Tampa police
09:35:12 department.
09:35:13 Prior to that I was a bank officer.
09:35:17 The hotel supervisor of elections manager, a legal
09:35:22 assistant, county attorney's office, and opinion
09:35:27 columnist for the newspaper Hernandez Today Tampa
09:35:32 Tribune.
09:35:33 I served in many capacities over the years besides
09:35:35 working full time. As a volunteer on many appointed

09:35:39 boards, one being appointed by Gov. Bush to the
09:35:42 Withlacoochee basin board, three other committees that
09:35:48 I served on, were the district 13 Health and Human
09:35:51 Services Board which consists of 15 members overseeing
09:35:54 the Department of Health in five counties. I've also
09:36:01 served on the County Executive Health Care Board and
09:36:01 on their Children's Advisory Board, was appointed by
09:36:01 the School Board to serve on the Superintendent Search
09:36:01 Committee to help select new superintendents for that
09:36:17 county.
09:36:18 I served as one of the original directors on the Civil
09:36:20 War Reenactment in Hernando county and I have served
09:36:25 in many capacities over the years.
09:36:28 I have worked with and served in 15 counties, 5
09:36:32 counties, 67 counties. I have served them all.
09:36:34 This shows that I can work for the committee and the
09:36:38 community at large and make a difference.
09:36:41 I have served the citizens of Tampa for almost three
09:36:45 years as a public service officer.
09:36:47 I attend what I call unplanned events.
09:36:51 I try to help those involved see that for whatever
09:36:53 reason it was meant to be.

09:36:56 And I tried to help them leave with a better
09:36:58 understanding of how the investigative process works
09:37:02 and that we are here to serve.
09:37:03 And I hope that you will allow me to serve in that
09:37:07 capacity.
09:37:09 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Robert J. Clark,
09:37:12 Jr., followed by Logan Cobb.
09:37:22 >> I'm Bob Clark.
09:37:24 I'm president of Tampa Steel Erecting.
09:37:28 I'm in the iron and steel business.
09:37:30 My family fabricates steel bridges.
09:37:37 You have a packet of my resume.
09:37:40 You know that I am on a half dozen boards.
09:37:42 I'm active in probably another 20 organizations in
09:37:46 Tampa.
09:37:47 If you look at the things that I support, you will see
09:37:49 that I am active in the community, that I support
09:37:52 things.
09:37:53 And I would like to be associated with you all as a
09:37:57 member of the interim City Council.
09:38:00 I have no political aspirations, being a president of
09:38:05 a small company.

09:38:09 I could take four months to get involved with you but
09:38:11 other than that I don't think my business would stand
09:38:13 it right now.
09:38:14 We were Small Business of the Year in 2001, with 50
09:38:19 employees and over.
09:38:20 All of you know that I am on the Expressway Authority
09:38:23 because you all read the newspaper.
09:38:25 And contrary to what Rosemary Futro says, I do feel
09:38:30 that I am qualified to serve on the City Council.
09:38:32 Thank you.
09:38:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Logan Cobb.
09:38:40 Jill Collins, who would follow, had communicated that
09:38:42 she is unable to attend prior to a prior commitment so
09:38:45 the following speaker would be Cornelius Neil
09:38:50 Cosentino.
09:38:52 >> Good morning.
09:38:55 I know how difficult and delicate this process is, the
09:38:58 enormity of selecting representatives, even temporary
09:38:59 ones for the City of Tampa.
09:39:01 It's a difficult burden to bear.
09:39:04 However, I am going to try to make this process as
09:39:07 easy as possible by highlighting some of what I bring

09:39:09 to the table.
09:39:10 First, I have a strong allegiance to an open
09:39:12 deliberative process.
09:39:14 I firmly believe that substantive progress is best
09:39:16 achieved by transparent processes, which invites
09:39:23 community participation, community involvement being
09:39:24 important to incorporate as many potential solutions
09:39:25 and perspectives, policy discussion, ensuring that
09:39:29 decisions are made through a field of ideas as wide
09:39:29 and deep as possible.
09:39:37 Second, I do not present myself for nomination
09:39:37 advocating a radical agenda. Candidates seeking to
09:39:39 effect major policy changes should submit themselves
09:39:42 before the electorate for approval or rejection.
09:39:44 Not try to shoe horn themselves in for influence.
09:39:48 However, this should not be construed to suggest that
09:39:51 I am opposed to change.
09:39:52 If a policy is ineffective, I would take an active and
09:39:56 lead role in the reformation or replacement of that
09:40:01 policy.
09:40:02 What is important is that selected council members
09:40:04 have a deliberative mindset from which to review

09:40:06 policy initiatives.
09:40:06 Finally, and most importantly, I do have many
09:40:09 political aspirations.
09:40:11 However, I will be going to college next fall.
09:40:13 I will under no circumstances be running for any city
09:40:15 office in the spring.
09:40:18 It is crucial that the replacement for both seats not
09:40:22 be potential candidates in the spring.
09:40:24 As my government class has taught me, the advantage of
09:40:27 incumbents in political elections is absolutely
09:40:30 overwhelming.
09:40:31 And handing that advantage to a candidate who is being
09:40:37 appointed would prohibit the ability of the people in
09:40:39 the City of Tampa to participate in an open and fair
09:40:42 electoral process when they go to select their
09:40:45 representative in the spring.
09:40:45 With that, if any council members have any other
09:40:47 questions for me, I would be more than happy to answer
09:40:50 them, and I thank you for your time.
09:40:53 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Cornelius Neil
09:40:56 Cosentino, followed by Walter S. Crumbley.
09:41:01 >> Good morning.

09:41:02 I'm a Vietnam veteran with a Distinguished Flying
09:41:07 Cross and pen oak leaf which means I have flown a lot
09:41:08 of combat missions.
09:41:12 We are at war and our troops will be coming home soon.
09:41:15 And I think I'm very well qualified in a short period
09:41:18 of time to help them readjust and help our veterans.
09:41:21 In addition to that, I repeat on my application that I
09:41:27 would like to serve my community for four months to
09:41:31 make Tampa a better place to live, work and play. And
09:41:35 in that regard, as many may know, as a citizen, we can
09:41:42 do many things.
09:41:44 And one of the things in that respect was getting our
09:41:47 city into the Olympic bid which was indeed my
09:41:51 initiative and we were successful.
09:41:53 And it's too bad, we could have won the bid but that's
09:41:56 another story. If anyone wants to know why he would
09:41:58 didn't win the bid I'll be glad to explain why we
09:42:01 didn't win the bid.
09:42:02 But in any case, on more positive things, I was also
09:42:05 involved in an effort to save the Gandy bridge.
09:42:08 So as far as a track record, as far as contributing
09:42:13 through our community, I contributed to the two and a

09:42:15 half mile bridge and millions of dollars involved in
09:42:17 the Olympic bid.
09:42:19 And that's just some of the things.
09:42:25 But I have been working on many programs.
09:42:31 And one of the programs I bring today to the table is
09:42:33 called Renaissance 1901-2101.
09:42:38 Renaissance 1901 at 2101 is a 100 year master plan for
09:42:43 the city, which takes all of us down through Kennedy
09:42:47 and Ashley in the year 1901, and we look around, 360
09:42:52 degrees, and say, if we were citizens in 1901 what
09:42:56 would our city look like?
09:42:58 And we can go down to that same corner today and look
09:43:02 100 years ahead, and we are faced with the same
09:43:06 problems, because if we don't think ahead, in our
09:43:10 community and our planners and our citizens, our
09:43:13 business people, and our educators, we are going to
09:43:16 make the same mistakes that these good people made.
09:43:20 They were good people but they weren't thinking far
09:43:22 enough ahead.
09:43:23 So our city should have a 100 year master plan.
09:43:26 And I bring to the table a 100 year master plan.
09:43:29 It's called Renaissance 1901-2101.

09:43:33 Thank you very much.
09:43:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Walter S.
09:43:39 Crumbley, followed by Eddie H. Diaz.
09:43:45 >> Good morning, council.
09:43:46 It's nice to see you and not have something to pick on
09:43:48 today.
09:43:49 My name is Walter Crumbley.
09:43:51 I have lived here in Tampa for 73 years.
09:43:54 I can remember when the city limits stopped at Howard
09:43:57 Avenue, and David island was very scarcely populated.
09:44:05 I would like to do this job purely and simply for
09:44:08 community service.
09:44:09 I have in a problems with the ethical restrictions.
09:44:15 For the 29 years I was federal judge, I filed
09:44:18 financial disclosure and operated under much more
09:44:21 stringent than anything the city and state has.
09:44:26 If you will review my resume, I believe my
09:44:29 qualifications are that I have a bachelor of science
09:44:32 degree in business administration, a master's degree
09:44:35 in public administration, and a law degree.
09:44:39 I taught public administration at masters level for 17
09:44:43 years.

09:44:44 I taught administrative law and practiced management
09:44:50 in law school for 16 years.
09:44:52 This is in addition to being a judge for 29 years.
09:44:57 I have lived in this community, as I indicated, for 72
09:45:00 years.
09:45:01 My father was U.S. Marshall here for 33 years.
09:45:04 And we have got a long history here in the community
09:45:10 of public service.
09:45:11 I believe that I can fairly hear the issues that come
09:45:14 before council, and can fairly decide those on the
09:45:19 facts and the law.
09:45:21 I have had tremendous experience, over 18,000 cases
09:45:26 that I heard in 29 years, and I believe I know how to
09:45:30 do it right.
09:45:32 If you have any questions, I would certainly be glad
09:45:34 to hear from you.
09:45:36 Thank you.
09:45:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Eddie H. Diaz
09:45:43 followed by Sean V. Donnelly.
09:45:47 >> Thank you very much for the opportunity to present
09:45:48 my qualifications and points of views.
09:45:52 I understand for me city government is basically my

09:45:56 livelihood.
09:45:57 I workday to day doing business with not just
09:46:00 government but the community.
09:46:02 And with that experience, I, over the years, owned
09:46:07 multiple companies.
09:46:08 15 years in the computer business so I can be pretty
09:46:11 verse with technology.
09:46:12 30 years of being a real estate broker, doing pretty
09:46:16 much every facet of real estate.
09:46:19 I was the first in the State of Florida to set up a
09:46:23 job care program and build the daycare center within
09:46:26 the office building in Westshore, and was very
09:46:29 successful with that, and ultimately selling it off to
09:46:32 the Westshore alliance.
09:46:35 In my years of community service, I have dealt many,
09:46:39 many issues.
09:46:40 I could spend hours talking about what I tried to do
09:46:42 and what I have been involved with.
09:46:44 One of the ones I am most proud of is being a member
09:46:48 of the board of adjustment and also chairman of the
09:46:50 board of adjustment during my term.
09:46:53 I have also been a member of Hillsborough County

09:46:56 chilled care licensing board.
09:46:57 I established many new rules, passed legislation in
09:47:01 Tallahassee.
09:47:02 Allow for daycare to be placed into high-rises and so
09:47:05 forth.
09:47:06 I have also served as a hearing officer and dealing
09:47:10 with a lot of sensitive issues.
09:47:11 I think that's a lot of hard issues in my life.
09:47:15 In my practical experiences, I have taken a few
09:47:17 opportunities to work for government.
09:47:20 One of the most exciting times I had in my younger
09:47:23 years was going to work with the State of Florida
09:47:27 under the department of administration which at the
09:47:28 time ran all the state government, park personnel
09:47:33 office, retirement, and budget office, and was
09:47:40 involved working with a project in town for the
09:47:49 governor's office.
09:47:50 I have also been a vendor for the State of Florida.
09:47:53 Actually didn't do much business with the city, but
09:47:56 did a lot with the big government.
09:47:58 I am director of two youth programs.
09:48:01 I run pony baseball and run American Legion baseball

09:48:05 programs for the last eleven years.
09:48:07 Because of my interest, the only way I can have enough
09:48:12 time to manage this is to watch you guys at 2 in the
09:48:15 morning on cable access.
09:48:16 So with that, if there's any additional questions,
09:48:19 please feel to call me.
09:48:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Sean V. Donnelly
09:48:27 followed by Debra Kent Faulk.
09:48:32 >> Good morning.
09:48:34 I appeared before you and I will quickly run through
09:48:41 my qualifications.
09:48:42 As you know I'm a real estate attorney, been before
09:48:44 you representing interests all over the city.
09:48:46 I have worked very closely with the staff and with
09:48:48 you, and in fact on all of the projects I have been
09:48:52 before you, I don't think I ever had a no vote on any
09:48:54 of my projects so I think that I have been able to
09:48:57 work closely and compromise with anything that the
09:48:59 city has required.
09:49:00 Beyond that my educational background is pretty
09:49:02 straightforward.
09:49:03 In addition to my law degree I have an undergraduate

09:49:06 economics agree as well as MNA, so some things are
09:49:12 well within my purview.
09:49:14 Beyond my educational practical experience, what lends
09:49:18 itself most to this position in 1998 I organized the
09:49:22 South Westshore neighborhood civic association for an
09:49:25 area that was unrepresented.
09:49:26 I served as its president for six years, was also a
09:49:29 representative to T.H.A.N.
09:49:31 In 1999, I ran for City Council, district 4, and was
09:49:37 handily beaten by Linda Saul-Sena.
09:49:40 However it gave me insight into the process.
09:49:42 And I'm very collegial and I think that's evident,
09:49:51 that Ms. Saul-Sena nominated me for code enforcement
09:49:54 to which I was appointed and I served on Code
09:49:56 Enforcement Board for the last seven and a half years.
09:49:58 The last two and a half of which have been chairman of
09:50:01 the Code Enforcement Board.
09:50:05 This is my primary experience.
09:50:07 We sit in exactly the same place you do.
09:50:09 We handle the same type of issues that come before
09:50:11 you.
09:50:12 We see issues from all over the city.

09:50:15 Not specific to one area, and district wide seat.
09:50:18 I think it's very important that I see the concerns
09:50:21 that are raised throughout this area.
09:50:23 I have represented people and I have heard from people
09:50:25 throughout the entire area of the city.
09:50:28 And I think that it's that experience that would lend
09:50:31 itself very well to this interim position.
09:50:35 Like I said, I have worked with staff, and we have
09:50:38 gone through the procedural aspects of the Code
09:50:41 Enforcement Board.
09:50:42 So the transition -- you wouldn't be educating me as
09:50:46 to what needs to be done from meeting to meeting.
09:50:48 This is a short time and we need someone that can come
09:50:51 in and step right into the position.
09:50:53 I'm familiar with the issues, the procedure, the
09:50:56 staff, and the way that everything is run.
09:50:58 And I think I would be an ideal candidate for it.
09:51:02 So if there are any questions you have, I would thanks
09:51:05 for the opportunity.
09:51:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Debra Kent Faulk
09:51:10 followed by Charles "Chip" Fletcher.
09:51:13 >> I'm Debra Faulk and I'm very honored to be here

09:51:16 today. I would like to highlight some of the
09:51:18 attributes that make me a good candidate for this
09:51:21 position at this time.
09:51:22 In addition to what you saw in my application, I have
09:51:25 a bachelors of science in public relations from the
09:51:27 University of Florida, and I also earned a masters of
09:51:30 public administration 2005 from USF.
09:51:33 Throughout my graduate studies, I made it a point to
09:51:36 integrate the City of Tampa -- any City of Tampa
09:51:39 policy investigation and action in my required course
09:51:43 work.
09:51:44 For example, I examined the impact of the tree
09:51:46 ordinance which led to my involvement in the creation
09:51:48 of a grand tree registry in partnership with T.H.A.N.
09:51:51 I studied neighborhood organizing and then worked to
09:51:54 create environmental improvements in front of the
09:51:57 enterprise community.
09:51:58 I presented the administration with ways to encourage
09:52:00 the development of affordable workforce housing in our
09:52:03 central business district.
09:52:06 I have performed City of Tampa budget analyses, I
09:52:09 studied alternative funding sources, for public sports

09:52:13 venue, and I studied privatization issues.
09:52:16 I use this knowledge and experience today as a member
09:52:19 of the Code Enforcement Board with Sean.
09:52:22 I'm a small business owner currently with 20 years
09:52:25 experience in commercial and social marketing.
09:52:27 My public relations firm specializes in developing
09:52:30 public-private partnerships and community outreach.
09:52:33 Prior to serving as the Executive Director of the
09:52:36 mayor's beautification program, I worked in the
09:52:38 private sector.
09:52:40 There, I'm most proud of craft ago two-year public
09:52:43 information program that linked Westshore plaza over
09:52:46 12 neighborhood associations and a variety of special
09:52:50 interest groups in conversations of the plans being
09:52:54 developed for the $170 million renovation project that
09:52:58 you see today.
09:52:59 We are one of the first developers, I believe maybe
09:53:01 the first, to work with citizens prior to going before
09:53:04 this board for rezoning petition.
09:53:08 My work in facilitating public-private partnerships
09:53:12 has been honored by the Hillsborough education
09:53:14 foundation, the Florida forestry council, the IRS,

09:53:18 Florida public relations association, and I have even
09:53:22 received a Tampa City Council commendation.
09:53:25 Earlier this month I participated in a 60-mile walk to
09:53:28 benefit breast cancer treatment and research.
09:53:32 During my six month training I logged more than 600
09:53:34 miles throughout this city on foot.
09:53:36 I saw the good and the bad.
09:53:38 It made my desire to be an active participant in my
09:53:41 city even stronger.
09:53:43 I love this city.
09:53:44 And I would be proud to serve it.
09:53:46 Thank you for your consideration.
09:53:48 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Charles "Chip"
09:53:51 Fletcher followed by Don R. Gordon.
09:54:00 >> Good morning, Madam Chair and honorable members of
09:54:04 the City Council.
09:54:06 It's a pleasure to have this opportunity to speak to
09:54:08 you all today.
09:54:11 And I really am honored by the opportunity to present
09:54:16 to you my qualifications and interest in serving on
09:54:19 City Council.
09:54:21 As you may have seen in the Tampa Tribune last Friday,

09:54:26 the paper ran an editorial that described me as a
09:54:29 champion of good government.
09:54:30 And we all have our opinions about the Tampa Tribune,
09:54:33 but in this case, I think it's summed up better than I
09:54:38 can, my professional life, my career and my interest
09:54:41 in serving on the City Council.
09:54:43 I'm here today because I believe in good government
09:54:45 and the value of public service.
09:54:47 I have spent most of my professional life working for
09:54:51 good government, consulting throughout Florida,
09:54:56 working for state government and the federal
09:54:57 government in various capacities as both a lawyer and
09:55:00 environmental engineer.
09:55:02 Each of you have given much of yourselves to the city
09:55:06 over many, many years, and I have to believe that is
09:55:09 because you share my commitment to good government and
09:55:12 belief in public service.
09:55:14 Good government is not about partisan politics, not
09:55:18 about who gets what or who beats who.
09:55:23 It's working deliberatively on the complex and
09:55:26 difficult issues that face the city every week when
09:55:28 you come here to council meetings.

09:55:30 While attending council meetings over the last few
09:55:33 months, this is what I have seen on the City Council.
09:55:36 I have seen that every person that's come before you,
09:55:38 whether they are from New Tampa or Beach Park or Ybor
09:55:41 City, or West Tampa, has gotten a fair shake from you
09:55:47 all.
09:55:47 And that's the kind of City Council that I would like
09:55:50 to be part of, a City Council that's dedicated to good
09:55:53 government, public service, and I believe I can become
09:55:55 a productive member of the City Council as one of your
09:55:58 colleagues.
09:56:01 I recognize that serving on City Council is a weighty
09:56:04 responsibility.
09:56:05 It's not easy.
09:56:05 You make difficult decisions every week that effect
09:56:09 the future of the city and the lives and the
09:56:11 livelihoods of every single person that comes before
09:56:13 you every week.
09:56:15 Each of you has the benefit of many years of
09:56:18 experience in public office, to learn how to make the
09:56:21 difficult decisions that only the Tampa City Council
09:56:23 can make.

09:56:25 None of us in this audience have had the benefit of
09:56:27 those years' experience.
09:56:30 I have, however, had years of experience working for
09:56:33 local governments throughout Florida, and I hope you
09:56:35 will honor me with the opportunity to serve with you.
09:56:37 Thank you.
09:56:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Don R. Gordon
09:56:43 followed by Aria Ray Green.
09:56:48 >> Good morning.
09:56:49 Rather than make my presentation a two-minute spot
09:56:52 commercial, and with due regard for the old saying
09:56:56 that self-praise is half scandal, I want to outline my
09:57:01 overall approach to serving City Council if I am
09:57:04 honored with an appointment.
09:57:05 First, I come to you with no agenda.
09:57:07 I represent no special interest or neighborhood action
09:57:11 group.
09:57:12 And I will not be a candidate for City Council in the
09:57:14 upcoming election.
09:57:16 My approach has always been to stress teamwork,
09:57:20 professionalism, and integrity in everything I have
09:57:23 ever done.

09:57:24 As to teamwork with almost one-third of the City
09:57:26 Council being unelected after this coming Thursday,
09:57:31 close working relationships and consensus building is
09:57:33 not an aspiration but an imperative, I believe, during
09:57:38 this transition period.
09:57:39 With regard to professionalism, I have always been --
09:57:44 considered myself as a problem solver.
09:57:46 In the aftermath of the well publicized detainee
09:57:50 abuses at Abu grab prison in Iraqi was appointed
09:57:55 central command point of contact for all reports
09:57:57 originating from the international committee of the
09:57:59 Red Cross.
09:58:00 This process gave us realtime reporting of any
09:58:03 potential problems and provided much needed oversight.
09:58:08 I have a broad financial background in the public
09:58:11 sector with a 14 year career as an investment banker,
09:58:15 during which time I provided complex advice to
09:58:18 financial institutions.
09:58:19 This experience would be helpful to council in
09:58:22 prioritizing spending, reviewing budgets and analyzing
09:58:26 any public finance matters.
09:58:28 I am very familiar with crisis and contingency

09:58:30 planning, which would be useful in examining in the
09:58:35 city's disaster preparedness or consequence management
09:58:37 plan.
09:58:38 I have extensive background with government contracts
09:58:42 having served as a legal advice or on central
09:58:45 command's legal contract review board for over ten
09:58:48 years, and finally a grounding in government ethics.
09:58:52 I have written legal opinions and provided ethics
09:58:55 advice and guidance to commanders dating as far back
09:58:58 as general Norman Schwarzkopf.
09:59:03 I know the rules and would never bring discredit on
09:59:05 either City Council or myself.
09:59:07 With the observance of the time limitation, this
09:59:10 concludes my presentation pending your questions.
09:59:12 Thank you very much.
09:59:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is ARIA ray green
09:59:17 followed by Julie Harris.
09:59:28 >> I have always had a strong interest in public
09:59:31 service both in my career and my private life.
09:59:33 I served 26 years with Tampa foyer rescue, at the
09:59:39 management level and finally serving as fire chief in
09:59:41 the department.

09:59:42 I consistently and frequently made decisions on the
09:59:45 routine and emergency positions that concern safety
09:59:49 and welfare of the citizens as well as the
09:59:52 firefighters.
09:59:53 I always felt there was more that I could do.
09:59:55 Several years ago my wife and I decided to begin a
09:59:58 ministry in the north Tampa area. The majority of our
10:00:00 congregation came from low income families.
10:00:05 In addition to worship services, during the week we
10:00:07 also provided for children, providing food, clothing
10:00:12 and sometimes financial aid when needed.
10:00:15 For the last 12 years I have also worked as a
10:00:17 registered nurse in the acute care psychiatric field,
10:00:21 and on some indications in my professional
10:00:23 relationship with my patients and their families, door
10:00:30 knockers for ten years.
10:00:31 I am also a member of several service organizations
10:00:33 and this has afforded me the opportunity to work with
10:00:36 pastors, religious leaders and business people in the
10:00:39 community on a fairly frequent basis.
10:00:42 And this has provided me with a broader view of the
10:00:45 needs of citizens in business in our city.

10:00:49 My life experience, my education, training, in various
10:00:54 careers and endeavors, have given me an opportunity to
10:00:57 meet the people in our community, from various areas.
10:01:03 I am blessed at the present time I am in a position
10:01:05 that I can give back to the community.
10:01:08 And I wish to do so.
10:01:09 I truly believe that it's everyone's duty to give back
10:01:12 to their community.
10:01:15 If you would like to look at the specifics of my
10:01:19 resume, I encourage to you do so.
10:01:21 If you have any questions about anything, please call
10:01:23 me.
10:01:24 Thank you.
10:01:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Julie Harris
10:01:29 followed by James N. Holmes.
10:01:33 >> Good morning.
10:01:34 Thank you for this opportunity.
10:01:36 My name is Julie Harris.
10:01:38 I am a life-long resident of the City of Tampa.
10:01:41 My family goes back in Tampa four generations.
10:01:44 I am currently employed as officer for Tampa Bay
10:01:48 federal credit union.

10:01:49 Prayer though that a small business owner and
10:01:51 previously a 21 year employee of the City of Tampa.
10:01:54 I retired in April 2003.
10:01:56 During my tenure as the city I served under three
10:01:59 mayors, Bob Martinez, Sandy Freedman and mayor Dick
10:02:03 Greco.
10:02:03 I began working for the city in 1982 in personnel and
10:02:06 transferred to the city clerk's office write was
10:02:08 secretary for the Code Enforcement Board and
10:02:11 parliamentarian for the City Council.
10:02:12 I was promoted to the legal department while I worked
10:02:15 under the chief land use attorney Gina grahams, then
10:02:18 onto the sewer department write wrote construction
10:02:20 projects contracts and monitored them.
10:02:22 I was then write was supervising payroll and
10:02:29 personnel.
10:02:29 I was in when mayor Dick Greco was elected.
10:02:34 It was in that position write was given the
10:02:36 opportunity to be director of communications and the
10:02:39 mayor's neighborhood liaison.
10:02:40 I served in the capacity for nearly a year.
10:02:44 It was our neighborhood liaison write got to know

10:02:47 every aspect of city government and working with all
10:02:50 departments and with all neighborhoods.
10:02:52 From Port Tampa to New Tampa, East Tampa to West
10:02:55 Tampa, I traveled he have street in the city and got
10:02:57 to know it's business leaders, its community
10:03:01 organizers and neighborhood groups.
10:03:03 I have a knowledge of the city neighborhood needs,
10:03:06 their challenges.
10:03:07 I believe I know the opportunity that local government
10:03:12 has and making a difference in the lives of our
10:03:14 citizens.
10:03:15 I am very familiar with the charter and ordinances of
10:03:17 the city, your rules and procedure.
10:03:19 And I believe I have a proven track record in helping
10:03:22 our citizens.
10:03:23 I can step into this position with no on-the-job
10:03:28 training.
10:03:28 I have a great respect for this council and I know
10:03:30 what your legislative role is radar how important that
10:03:33 is to our citizens and good government.
10:03:35 I know decisions made in this chambers are not always
10:03:39 easy ones.

10:03:40 I offer you my knowledge and experience with the city
10:03:43 and would consider it an honor to serve with you.
10:03:45 Thank you.
10:03:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is James N Holmes
10:03:53 followed by Joel Thomas Hooper.
10:03:55 >> Good morning. The first thing I would do is ask
10:03:57 you to deal with the very real question of street
10:04:01 people.
10:04:01 It's a disgrace that we have these people in our
10:04:04 streets.
10:04:04 We deserve better in Tampa and need to address that
10:04:06 issue.
10:04:07 Secondly, transportation all over the city, and the
10:04:12 Marion street bus terminal is so full of secondary
10:04:15 smoke that many cannot stand fountain we have to wait
10:04:20 across the street.
10:04:21 And when the bus comes we run and get in because
10:04:24 cannot stand the secondary smoke.
10:04:26 City Council, I would hope, would deal with that.
10:04:28 Next, I think that this City Council has to pay for
10:04:31 and support the placement of a statue of Dr. Leon
10:04:38 Beverly where he led the civil rights by integrating

10:04:44 the lunch counter.
10:04:45 A great American, a great patron, a great citizen of
10:04:48 Tampa should be honored.
10:04:49 Next, I would ask the City Council to look into the
10:04:51 possibility of establishing a memorial for peace.
10:04:59 We have all kinds of memorials for war.
10:05:01 We have nothing that speaks to speaks, of goodness, of
10:05:05 righteousness, of justice.
10:05:06 We need to have that.
10:05:07 And I would encourage City Council to do that if I
10:05:10 were nominated.
10:05:11 Finally, I believe that the $12,000 that is being
10:05:15 talked about to be given to the billionaire Glazers to
10:05:20 enhance their stadium is wrong.
10:05:22 It is evil.
10:05:26 And I believe that we need to strengthen and stand up
10:05:32 and say, it might be legal but it's wrong, and we
10:05:36 shouldn't do it.
10:05:37 When we have people living in the street, little
10:05:39 children with no medical care in this town, and people
10:05:44 leaving this fine city because they can't pay for
10:05:47 their property taxes.

10:05:50 And finally, I'm sitting here this morning.
10:05:53 Where on earth is the menorah?
10:05:59 We have a Christmas tree and no menorah.
10:06:01 We live in a pluralistic society, my friend.
10:06:07 It's incredible that we don't have a menorah.
10:06:16 I would promote that we have a menorah placed in this
10:06:19 council immediately.
10:06:21 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Joel Thomas
10:06:32 Hooper, followed by James G. Jones.
10:06:39 >> That was the luck of the draw.
10:06:41 [ Laughter ]
10:06:45 I'm just a normal, average, ordinary father, wakes up
10:06:49 in the morning, comes to work, does his job.
10:06:53 I have -- I don't have the answers to everything.
10:06:57 All I can do is promise to study hard and listen to
10:07:00 the opinions and make hopefully the right decisions.
10:07:10 I don't have political aspirations.
10:07:12 And I would just life to serve the city.
10:07:18 40 years.
10:07:19 I just enjoy the city.
10:07:20 Father of two children.
10:07:21 And thanks very much.

10:07:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is James G. Jones,
10:07:28 followed by John L. Jones.
10:07:31 >> Good morning.
10:07:33 I'm Jim Jones.
10:07:34 For my two minutes I have two things to say.
10:07:36 First, I want to talk about decisions.
10:07:38 Then I want to talk about Tampa.
10:07:41 I know the job of the council is to make decisions.
10:07:45 And my whole life has been making decisions.
10:07:49 As you saw in my application, I'm a retired major
10:07:52 general.
10:07:53 I spent 32 years in the Air Force.
10:07:56 And another 15 years in business after that.
10:08:01 I made decisions in the air, in war, I have been a
10:08:06 chief of police.
10:08:07 I created insurance programs.
10:08:11 And I run a very large base which is like a small
10:08:16 city, 16,000 personnel, 25,000 students, a budget of
10:08:21 $400 million, and a hospital with 200 doctors.
10:08:26 So I have done a lot of decisions.
10:08:30 And because I know your job is to make decisions, I
10:08:32 think I can help you.

10:08:34 The other thing I want to talk about is Tampa.
10:08:37 Anybody on the council has to know Tampa.
10:08:39 I have lived here 18 years.
10:08:41 And I have seen Tampa grow amazingly.
10:08:44 It's a great city.
10:08:49 I understand about the traffic.
10:08:50 I understand about the taxes and the homes that
10:08:52 everybody is worried about now.
10:08:54 I know how the costs of insurance is going up, about
10:08:57 the hurricanes.
10:08:59 I know about everybody have been is interested in
10:09:01 water.
10:09:02 I know that they are all interested in schools.
10:09:05 I everyone know about the sports.
10:09:07 I know about the yanks coming and the lightning coming
10:09:11 and about the tax on the stadium and how you can't
10:09:14 find anybody today who voted for the tax on the
10:09:16 stadium, but somebody must have.
10:09:18 So I know about Tampa.
10:09:21 I know about how to make decisions.
10:09:23 And I would like to have the job with you.
10:09:25 Thank you very much.

10:09:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is John L. Jones
10:09:29 followed by Susan W. long.
10:09:33 >> Good morning, council.
10:09:36 Wow, this is a great turnout.
10:09:38 A lot of well qualified people.
10:09:41 What can I say in two minutes, since everybody has
10:09:46 already stolen my thunder, I think.
10:09:49 I want to tell a story about a friend of mine who
10:09:51 retired some years ago, and I asked him what he was
10:09:55 going to do next because he's still a relatively young
10:09:58 man.
10:09:59 He said he didn't know, that he had three criteria for
10:10:01 making determinations.
10:10:02 And the first was it had been something that he was
10:10:07 interested in.
10:10:08 And he was interested in a lot of things.
10:10:10 And also had to be something else.
10:10:12 And the second thing was that it had to be something
10:10:14 that he was uniquely qualified to do.
10:10:17 But since there were a lot of other people out there
10:10:19 who were equally qualified, he thought the third thing
10:10:22 that was important was that it had to be something

10:10:26 that he could bring something uniquely to the project.
10:10:32 And looking here at the 40-plus people who are
10:10:36 interested in the project, in the position, many of
10:10:41 them are very well qualified.
10:10:45 And the final thing is the ability to bring something
10:10:47 unique to the table and be effective at it.
10:10:52 I think that there's a lot of qualified people.
10:10:58 I think I can bring in terms of health care is the
10:11:00 ability to make decisions, be fair and balanced, and
10:11:07 the applicants, which are the majority of what you do,
10:11:11 a great deal of policy setting, budgeting at this
10:11:16 stage the next four months.
10:11:17 I have no agenda.
10:11:18 Knife political aspirations.
10:11:19 I think the primary thing is to be able to come in,
10:11:25 keeping the city moving forward.
10:11:28 I would be pleased to serve with you.
10:11:30 Thank you.
10:11:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Susan W. long,
10:11:34 followed by Seth Robert Nelson.
10:11:42 >> Good morning.
10:11:43 My name is Susan long.

10:11:45 I currently live in Old Seminole Heights where I
10:11:48 resided over nine and a half years.
10:11:50 One of your requirements, requests, was being a
10:11:53 neighborhood activist.
10:11:54 I certainly qualify.
10:11:55 I'm currently chair of the Old Seminole Heights --
10:12:01 code enforcement commit.
10:12:02 I'm treasurer of the Old Seminole Heights.
10:12:04 I'm on the city code enforcement citizens advisory
10:12:08 committee.
10:12:09 I'm on the city's code enforcement committee for
10:12:11 Seminole Heights building task force.
10:12:13 And I'm co-chair of home tour committee.
10:12:19 The Evelyn city watch group many years ago and still
10:12:23 active.
10:12:23 I'm in the old Seminole crime watch which is often
10:12:27 referred to as hooker patrol.
10:12:29 We have drastically reduced the incidence of
10:12:31 prostitution and other crimes on Nebraska between MLK
10:12:34 and the river.
10:12:37 The impact of citizens working together with the
10:12:39 police to handle crime in the city.

10:12:41 I have lived in the Tampa area for 24 years.
10:12:44 Prior to moving to Old Seminole Heights, I lived in
10:12:46 Carrollwood where I was in charge of maintaining our
10:12:49 subdivision wall.
10:12:53 I have a doctorate in finance economic and statistics.
10:12:57 I owned my own business since 198.
10:12:59 I served on the following boards: Tampa crossroads,
10:13:04 maternal health coalition which does.
10:13:08 In 2005 I helped start care charity compose of the
10:13:13 Gasparilla crews in partnership with angel flight.
10:13:16 The crews raised money, for hurricane relief.
10:13:20 Angel flight southeast delivers them.
10:13:22 In the mid 70s I started the first domestic violence
10:13:25 center in North Carolina.
10:13:27 I raised two children, Tampa's public schools, and am
10:13:30 a former university professor.
10:13:32 I am currently a forensic economic, statistician and I
10:13:35 do business consulting.
10:13:37 I was editor of the international journal.
10:13:40 I teach statistics through doctoral students.
10:13:44 Like other applicants to this position I worked in
10:13:46 both large and small organizations.

10:13:49 I have lived in old central city neighborhood, and in
10:13:52 newer suburban deed restricted neighborhoods.
10:13:56 Thus I know the problems, not just in Seminole Heights
10:13:58 but of the city.
10:13:59 I will not be running for City Council but I can lend
10:14:02 my knowledge and my energy to the current council to
10:14:05 help make this city a better place to live in Florida.
10:14:08 Thank you.
10:14:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Seth Robert
10:14:12 Nelson followed by William J. Podolsky III.
10:14:18 >> Good morning.
10:14:19 As you know, my name is Seth Nelson.
10:14:21 It's ooh little odd to be standing before you
10:14:23 advocating for myself because I usually come before
10:14:26 you advocating for neighbors and neighborhoods.
10:14:29 I'm passionate about our neighbors and neighborhood.
10:14:31 It's what makes this city strong.
10:14:33 You have seen this passion.
10:14:34 I have represented Historic Hyde Park association
10:14:37 fighting to keep the sky rise off the Bayshore and out
10:14:40 of the historic district.
10:14:40 You have seen support our parks when it comes before

10:14:44 you for Palma Ceia to change the code to keep the dog
10:14:49 park that is now thriving and enhancing our community.
10:14:52 You have seen me here late at night well past midnight
10:14:55 last on the agenda representing the Channelside
10:14:57 district.
10:14:58 In that case we came before you as the neighbors to
10:15:00 support the development in the Channelside district.
10:15:03 Because I believe it's important for the council
10:15:04 members to hear when the developers are working with
10:15:07 the community and doing a good job, and not just as
10:15:10 the neighbors and neighborhood show up to oppose a
10:15:13 project.
10:15:13 The other thing I am passionate about is a fair
10:15:16 hearing with an open and orderly process.
10:15:18 Sitting where you sit right now, I sit on the variance
10:15:21 review board.
10:15:21 I believe even though I haven't agreed with every
10:15:25 petition that's come before that board, I have treated
10:15:27 everyone that's come before the board fairly, and if I
10:15:30 was going to disagree with their position, they
10:15:33 understood why.
10:15:33 I believe that's an important aspect.

10:15:36 I have tried to be a voice of reason on that, as a
10:15:40 hard working board we do a fine job.
10:15:42 Reasonable people can differ on what comes before that
10:15:45 board.
10:15:46 But at the end of the day the people standing before
10:15:49 you need to understand why a petition was denied if it
10:15:51 is.
10:15:51 I know you have got a long day ahead of you and you
10:15:53 have got a tough decision.
10:15:55 I appreciate your support.
10:15:57 Thank you.
10:16:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is William J.
10:16:04 Podolsky followed by Jane F. soiling.
10:16:12 Mr. Podolsky is not here?
10:16:15 Jane F. Siling?
10:16:21 I can't see behind the Christmas tree.
10:16:24 >> Good morning.
10:16:25 Thank you for your time and your consideration.
10:16:27 I'm Jane Siling recently retired after 30 years of
10:16:32 distinguished service in the City of Tampa police
10:16:35 department.
10:16:35 Within that capacity over 20 years was spent in highly

10:16:38 responsible and responsive administrative positions
10:16:43 within the police department.
10:16:44 Eight years of which was as the chief financial
10:16:47 officer for the police department, which I think is
10:16:52 the nuts and bolts of the operations of the city.
10:16:54 You can understand if you can understand city finances
10:16:59 you can understand just about anything because it's
10:17:01 really unique.
10:17:01 I don't think it's anything like I have ever seen in
10:17:06 other public or private sectors anywhere else.
10:17:09 My entire career with the police department was spent
10:17:13 giving back to the community, with being responsive to
10:17:16 council's needs, and requests, and demands, I should
10:17:20 say, especially from the community, where there's a
10:17:24 problem, usually the first person or entity that's
10:17:26 called within the city is the police department.
10:17:31 I have always gone out of my way to see if we could
10:17:33 resolve an issue, bring different groups together to
10:17:37 mediate a problem, and hopefully everyone go away
10:17:41 happy, if you will, or at least a sense of
10:17:44 accomplishment or satisfaction that someone has
10:17:48 actually listened to those concerns and then followed

10:17:52 through.
10:17:55 I organized and planned so many initiatives over my
10:17:59 time within the police department, neighborhood
10:18:01 initiatives, East Tampa initiative in particular where
10:18:04 weighed law enforcement, and every other city
10:18:07 department involved in trying to make East Tampa a
10:18:10 better place.
10:18:11 And I think it truly is.
10:18:13 We have done it in West Tampa.
10:18:14 We have done it in South Tampa.
10:18:15 We have done in the north Tampa.
10:18:17 We have done it especially in Ybor City.
10:18:19 All the nights that we are out there around the clock
10:18:22 and with many of you out there also to see what was
10:18:24 going on with the noise ordinances and the drinking,
10:18:27 the fights and all those kinds of problems.
10:18:29 I give my heart and soul to this community.
10:18:31 I have continued as a reserve officer with the police
10:18:35 department, because I guess I wasn't ready to fin
10:18:37 usual my career.
10:18:38 But certainly as a volunteer.
10:18:41 I absolutely believe in that.

10:18:42 I will continue to give back to this community
10:18:44 regardless of your decision.
10:18:46 But I would ask for your consideration.
10:18:48 Thank you.
10:18:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Melissa Wentworth
10:18:53 Steadman followed by Stuart Suls.
10:18:59 >> Madam Chair, council representatives, good morning.
10:19:02 My name is Missy Steadman.
10:19:06 You have a very difficult decision ahead of you.
10:19:09 I'm honored to be among these wonderful, qualified
10:19:12 applicants.
10:19:14 I do not take my application for district 2 lightly.
10:19:17 And I have no intention of using this as a platform to
10:19:21 run for City Council.
10:19:22 My only objective is to assist this council with
10:19:26 transition.
10:19:28 Integrity, commitment, responsibility to the
10:19:30 community, kindness, thought provoking, thoroughness,
10:19:37 all qualities which have been used to describe leaders
10:19:40 of City Council.
10:19:41 Many of the e-mails and letters of support, I have
10:19:45 received from community leaders, have used those same

10:19:47 words to describe my ability as a leader and
10:19:50 commitment to the neighborhood.
10:19:53 My many years in the banking industry coupled with
10:19:56 countless hours of volunteer service have given me the
10:19:59 tools to assist in the decision-making process that
10:20:03 this council is faced with on a weekly basis.
10:20:06 More importantly, the eight years of community for our
10:20:10 neighborhood association, providing an opportunity to
10:20:13 work with the various departments within the city.
10:20:17 Our family has lived in Tampa for 34 years, and
10:20:21 witnessed a great deal of change and growth.
10:20:26 Preserving this city's past and making decisions for
10:20:29 the future of Tampa has become my passion.
10:20:33 As a council representative, I believe it's important
10:20:36 to listen and respect individuals and their opinions.
10:20:42 By researching and listening to constituent solutions
10:20:45 and compromises can be met while preserving the
10:20:48 integrity of our neighborhood.
10:20:50 You all have done this extremely well over the years.
10:20:54 I am confident I have the skills to accomplish the
10:20:57 goals and objectives of this council.
10:20:59 Thank you very much.

10:20:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Stuart Suls
10:21:06 followed by Mike Suarez.
10:21:18 >> Good morning.
10:21:19 I think listening to your own people, that's an
10:21:22 advantage.
10:21:22 Political aspirations, I can't ask for any because I
10:21:25 am asking for a political appointment so I can't say I
10:21:27 understand that.
10:21:28 My background briefly is I have a degree in economics,
10:21:31 an MBA from Duke university, and senior financial
10:21:35 executive.
10:21:36 I recently retired as the president of the world's
10:21:38 largest furniture distribution company which handles
10:21:40 rooms to go.
10:21:43 I have been very fortunate in my job working for a
10:21:45 very large company as an executive with 90,000
10:21:48 employees and $5 billion in sales.
10:21:51 I think I have seen it all, unfortunately.
10:21:54 At this point in life I said I am retired and I am
10:21:56 working to serve the community in charity.
10:22:00 I do a lot of charity work.
10:22:01 In fact at noon I will be reviewing the Tampa

10:22:04 metropolitan landscape resource budget.
10:22:10 Four years ago my colleagues and I started our own
10:22:13 charity, Tampa charities, Inc., a 501(c)3.
10:22:18 I plan to pursue that in the future.
10:22:20 It's going to be hard before this distinguished group
10:22:25 but at this point I just enjoy doing things for peep.
10:22:28 I would like to work with you all in City Council.
10:22:30 And I spend my free time doing things like running
10:22:35 marathons, triathlons and mountain climbing.
10:22:43 Thank you for your time.
10:22:45 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Mike Suarez,
10:22:48 followed by Michael F. Tedesco.
10:22:54 >> Good morning, Mike add chairman, council members.
10:22:58 Great show of democracy here showing what a difficult
10:23:03 decision it's going to be for you to decide from all
10:23:05 these qualified candidates.
10:23:07 My Mike is Mike Suarez, live long resident of the City
10:23:10 of Tampa.
10:23:11 I have a unique background.
10:23:13 I am currently in the financial services industry,
10:23:15 insurance industry, doing that job for the last 13
10:23:17 years.

10:23:18 But prior to that I worked for the federal government
10:23:20 both for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and
10:23:23 for U.S. senator Bob Graham.
10:23:26 I think as a council member you all already know,
10:23:29 something that we will find out, if one of us gets
10:23:32 selected, the three things that you really need to be
10:23:36 an effective council member, one, you have to work,
10:23:38 make sure that you understand the issues, and
10:23:40 understand what staff has given you so that you can go
10:23:44 out and make a sound decision.
10:23:45 Secondly is knowing what your constituents want and
10:23:49 need.
10:23:51 I think in my background, working for Senator Graham,
10:23:55 helped me learn how to approach people, how to treat
10:23:58 people in the right way, to understand their needs and
10:24:02 their wants, and what we can actually do to get
10:24:06 answers to their questions.
10:24:11 I think you need to be an effective communicator.
10:24:14 I think I have voted for all of you except Mr.
10:24:16 Harrison who I am not in the district.
10:24:18 And I am very proud that you all have served well for
10:24:20 many years, especially you, Mr. Ms. Saul-Sena.

10:24:24 I think the next appointed council person for this
10:24:27 district has to understand the way the city works.
10:24:30 Has to understand what constituents are looking for.
10:24:34 It's a continuation of how important constituency work
10:24:39 has been when people call on the phone, you understand
10:24:41 the difference between city, county, and federal
10:24:45 issues.
10:24:46 Many times people call, and they tray to find out, can
10:24:50 you help me with what's going on on the federal
10:24:53 highway?
10:24:53 Of course, you have no jurisdiction over that.
10:24:56 I think that's one of the most important things to
10:24:59 understand.
10:25:00 Many people have not studied government, have not
10:25:03 really thought about it.
10:25:04 They go into polls, they vote, they see their City
10:25:08 Councilman, their county commissioners, their state
10:25:11 representative, the federal representative, but they
10:25:13 don't really think about the types of decisions that
10:25:16 you make.
10:25:16 Everything that you do is a building block for
10:25:19 everything else that comes after.

10:25:22 You all are an important piece of making effective
10:25:26 public policy, both for the city and for the state.
10:25:29 Thank you very much.
10:25:30 I appreciate your consideration.
10:25:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Michael F.
10:25:34 Tedesco followed by Bruce M. Tigert.
10:25:51 >> I realize that two minutes is simply not enough
10:25:53 time for to you get to know any of the candidates.
10:25:55 As a business owner and manager, supervisor for many
10:25:59 years, I have interviewed numerous individuals.
10:26:04 Even with resumes, extensive applications, and
10:26:08 thorough interviews, it's pretty difficult to get to
10:26:10 know what an individual is going to be like when
10:26:14 performing a given job.
10:26:15 That's why many companies now use things like
10:26:17 internship and co-op programs to identify potential
10:26:21 employees.
10:26:23 Obviously, each of you already knows one or more of us
10:26:26 applicants.
10:26:27 Again, in my experience, I intend to hire someone that
10:26:33 I personally knew or was recommended by someone whose
10:26:37 judgment I trusted.

10:26:38 In this case, you are seeking to fill two temporary
10:26:42 positions.
10:26:44 Based on what I have heard and seen this morning it's
10:26:46 very unlikely you are going to be stuck with a loser
10:26:49 who matter who you select.
10:26:51 It's possible that the selected individuals may later
10:26:53 seek the position as an elective office, and that's a
10:26:57 whole other ballgame and something I personally am not
10:27:01 interested in doing.
10:27:02 So here's my point.
10:27:03 I don't believe you can collect enough information in
10:27:04 the time allotted to make a good rational decision.
10:27:09 Rather than spend time deliberating over a large
10:27:12 number of very well qualified people, I believe the
10:27:15 fair and most democratic method to select two
10:27:18 individuals, short of actually conducting a city-wide
10:27:22 election, which money and time does not permit, is to
10:27:25 choose by lot.
10:27:27 Simply put the name of each applicant in a box, those
10:27:33 qualified according to the rules previously
10:27:35 determined.
10:27:35 The two names will be drawn out.

10:27:40 If necessary the winners could then be immediately
10:27:42 validated by your vote.
10:27:43 I appreciate your time.
10:27:44 Thank you.
10:27:48 >> The next speaker is Bruce M. Tigert followed by
10:27:54 Anna Torrens.
10:27:56 >> I'm Bruce Tigert.
10:27:58 I want to make a couple points about my qualification.
10:28:00 Number one, prior to my current position, contracting
10:28:05 and development company, I attended school
10:28:08 architecture at the University of Tennessee and had a
10:28:11 class A general contractors license for the State of
10:28:13 Florida.
10:28:14 I have developed and built over 100 homes within the
10:28:16 City of Tampa.
10:28:19 I can read a set of plans and know what it is I am
10:28:22 looking at.
10:28:23 I have been on this side of the microphone many times
10:28:24 before and I am familiar with the procedures and the
10:28:26 policies regarding rezonings and I have worked with a
10:28:29 lot of staff members, particularly in the zoning,
10:28:33 permitting, stormwater, and the Parks Department.

10:28:37 My wife and I started our own company Bayshore title
10:28:41 insurance company about 20 years ago, through my
10:28:44 experience there I have learned a great deal about the
10:28:46 legal aspects of real estate.
10:28:47 I understand platting issues.
10:28:49 Legal descriptions.
10:28:50 I know the difference between an easement and a
10:28:52 right-of-way.
10:28:53 But all of those legal terms concerning real estate.
10:28:57 I'm in touch with the real estate market in our area
10:28:59 and have a pretty good working knowledge of the
10:29:01 projects that are ongoing and in the planning stages.
10:29:06 I have worked extensively with the city's real estate
10:29:10 right-of-way, and the legal department.
10:29:13 Thirdly, I have owned and operated my own business.
10:29:18 We currently employ about 40 people here in the City
10:29:21 of Tampa.
10:29:21 I am a business person.
10:29:23 I can read a balance statement.
10:29:25 I understand the X's and O's of running a business and
10:29:29 I understand the delicate balance between fiscal
10:29:32 responsibility and providing the tools and resources

10:29:34 needed for growth.
10:29:35 This is very important, that whoever is selected for
10:29:39 this position be able to understand the issues that I
10:29:41 am talking about.
10:29:41 And I think that you will agree with my background and
10:29:44 my learning curve will be very short and I can make a
10:29:47 positive contribution to the council.
10:29:49 Thank you.
10:29:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Anna M. Torrens
10:29:55 followed by Jose N. Vazquez.
10:30:00 >> My name is Anna Torrens.
10:30:03 I appreciate my time to speak today.
10:30:05 I'm a Tampa native.
10:30:06 I was born, raised and educated in this great city.
10:30:09 I grew up in the neighborhood of Seminole Heights and
10:30:11 currently am a property owner in that neighborhood.
10:30:14 While I am relatively young, I have significant active
10:30:16 experience in the Tampa Bay community.
10:30:17 I currently am serving my second term on the house
10:30:20 council of west central Florida.
10:30:22 I am participating in Rotary International local
10:30:25 district representing ar gin Tina in the spring and

10:30:28 I'm an active volunteer for many local organizations.
10:30:31 I'm likewise active in the community on behalf of the
10:30:34 University of South Florida where I currently teach as
10:30:36 an adjunct professor.
10:30:38 I currently serve as the college of public health
10:30:41 representative to the schoolhouse advisory council on
10:30:43 behalf of the university.
10:30:45 I am currently -- as the council is -- in a
10:30:50 transitional period of my career as a professional.
10:30:53 I just graduated with my doctorate from the college of
10:30:56 public health in May and seeking employment as a
10:30:59 faculty member somewhere in the country for the start
10:31:02 of fall 2007.
10:31:04 Therefore I have no current political aspirations to
10:31:06 run or be elected as a council member.
10:31:10 When I heard about the opportunity to run, to stand
10:31:13 today and speak, for an at-large position on the
10:31:17 council, I thought it would be an excellent
10:31:18 opportunity for myself to learn about the city that I
10:31:21 have given back already in so many ways but also to
10:31:25 learn more about local government because in the
10:31:26 future I do have interest in running for council.

10:31:30 Likewise, I see it as an opportunity to fill a Ned for
10:31:33 the council.
10:31:35 In Ned for someone through your transitional period
10:31:38 and like wise it gives me further opportunity to
10:31:40 continue to serve my community and give back to the
10:31:42 city that has given me so many opportunities through
10:31:45 education and experience.
10:31:47 So in closing, I would like to encourage you to
10:31:50 seriously consider my application for the at-large
10:31:53 position, knowing that what I may lack in experience,
10:31:55 I will make up through hard work and dedication.
10:31:58 Thanks for your time.
10:32:00 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Jose N. Vazquez
10:32:03 followed by Anna Rabelo Wallrapp.
10:32:09 >> Good morning.
10:32:10 My name is Jose Vazquez.
10:32:14 I am here because I know it's hard for the members to
10:32:20 select somebody.
10:32:23 So I am here for that reason, because I have.
10:32:32 My experience is public service in different areas.
10:32:36 All these areas working before for the residents of
10:32:41 the places that I lived before.

10:32:46 I am resident of the City of Tampa for the last four
10:32:48 years.
10:32:49 The hard work of this City Council to protect the
10:32:54 rights of all residents of this city.
10:32:57 I appreciate the opportunity to show my interest to
10:33:03 help this city.
10:33:07 I have experience in the political field.
10:33:13 I work in the public service for eleven years.
10:33:18 For the benefit of all the people who live around me.
10:33:21 Thank so much.
10:33:22 Have a great day.
10:33:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Anna Rabelo
10:33:29 Wallrapp followed by John C. Weiss.
10:33:34 >> Good morning, council members.
10:33:35 My name is Anna Rabelo Wallrapp, a registered
10:33:39 architect, small business owner, mother of two
10:33:42 teenagers, urged to apply for this position.
10:33:46 We have lived in Tampa for over 25 years.
10:33:48 And I was a City Council appointee to the Variance
10:33:54 Review Board.
10:33:56 And what amazed me most when I started serving on the
10:33:58 board was the number of people who actually watch it

10:34:01 on TV and not just because they are suffering from
10:34:04 insomnia.
10:34:06 I think it's because the people of Tampa really care
10:34:08 about their city.
10:34:09 The citizens are interested in how it's run, and the
10:34:13 issues that are faced by all of us, and they are very
10:34:16 willing to give us their input.
10:34:20 We have a number of people who sit through hours,
10:34:22 sometimes very long meetings, to voice an opinion,
10:34:26 whether in favor of their neighbors' request or not.
10:34:31 By the people who stop me on the street and let me
10:34:33 know when they think we have made a good decision or
10:34:38 wrong one.
10:34:39 And what I would like to say is that I am always
10:34:43 willing to listen.
10:34:44 I am open minded.
10:34:45 And fair.
10:34:47 And if I am given the chance to serve with you, I
10:34:50 promise to continue to do so.
10:34:53 And I look forward to the opportunity to serve.
10:34:59 Thank you.
10:34:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is John C. Weiss

10:35:03 followed by M.F. Ted Wilson.
10:35:07 >> Good morning, Madam Chair, council members, Mr.
10:35:09 Shelby.
10:35:10 My name is John Weiss.
10:35:12 And I would like to thank you for allowing me the
10:35:14 opportunity to appear before you this morning.
10:35:18 For approximately the past six years, I had the
10:35:20 privilege of appearing before you at this podium
10:35:23 representing the needs of the resident of the Virginia
10:35:25 park neighborhood association.
10:35:28 And in doing so, you have witnessed my commitment.
10:35:34 Some of you have gotten to know me better through my
10:35:37 involvement with revisions to chapter 27 and 13,
10:35:41 through my work on the Bayshore task force and
10:35:43 Variance Review Board.
10:35:45 I don't know that I can add any more to what you
10:35:48 already know about me or what is contained in my
10:35:51 application.
10:35:52 So I won't take any more of your time this morning
10:35:55 recounting my background, my community experience, or
10:35:59 what skills I might bring to City Council.
10:36:02 I am confident that you will make your decision not on

10:36:06 the basis of any outside pressure or lobbying, on the
10:36:10 basis of what you deem to be in the best interest of
10:36:14 the citizens of Tampa, and of the City Council.
10:36:18 And in knowing that, I'll be comfortable with whomever
10:36:21 you choose.
10:36:23 I believe that we share a common interest, and that is
10:36:26 providing good government to the citizens for this
10:36:30 community.
10:36:31 I pledge to you, if given the chance, I will work as
10:36:36 hard as you can with you to represent the needs and
10:36:39 interests of the citizens of Tampa.
10:36:42 Thank you again for your consideration.
10:36:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is the last speaker
10:36:48 of the district 2 applicants, M.F. Ted Wilson.
10:36:52 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: M.F. Ted Wilson notified me
10:36:56 that he's withdrawing his application.
10:36:58 Also, one other change.
10:37:00 Kim Henderson wants to be considered for district 2
10:37:04 instead of district 5.
10:37:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Is Kim Henderson here?
10:37:16 >> We did it for someone else.
10:37:46 Council, if I can, before Ms. Henderson speaks, I

10:37:50 would like to speak with her very briefly.
10:37:53 Also, is Tamara Shamburger present?
10:37:58 I would ask, council, for a five-minute recess.
10:38:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
10:38:06 >>CHAIRMAN: We will be in recess for five minutes.
10:50:32 [Sounding gavel]
10:50:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called back to
10:50:35 order.
10:50:35 Roll call.
10:50:39 [Roll Call]
10:50:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby?
10:50:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you, Madam Chair.
10:50:44 The next group speaking would be the district 5
10:50:49 applicant.
10:50:52 And I just want to share with you that Kim Henderson
10:51:00 had to about draw her nomination, qualification.
10:51:04 So with regard to district 5 your first speaker is
10:51:08 Warren Hope Dawson followed by Lynette Tracee judge.
10:51:13 This.
10:51:14 >> Ms. Henderson's issue was about residence? I.
10:51:17 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The issue was residency.
10:51:19 That's clearly the only qualification that didn't come

10:51:23 up.
10:51:24 Thank you for asking.
10:51:28 >> Good morning.
10:51:32 My name is Warren Hope Dawson.
10:51:35 And the theme of my application for this vacancy in
10:51:39 district 5 is verifying citizens of the City Council
10:51:43 district 5 deserve to have quality representation by
10:51:49 someone who can hit the ground running, so that there
10:51:52 is essentially seamless transition between the vacancy
10:51:58 that occurs on council and can hit the ground running
10:52:03 on day one.
10:52:04 As a practicing lawyer in the City of Tampa, for more
10:52:08 than 39 years, I understand, and I am well experienced
10:52:12 in representing people.
10:52:18 I have represented clients in both the public and the
10:52:20 private sector.
10:52:22 Much, much my legal work has involved representing
10:52:26 individual citizens, many of whom reside in council
10:52:30 district number 5.
10:52:33 In the public context I have represented the City of
10:52:36 Tampa as an assistant city attorney, the Tampa housing
10:52:41 authority as its general counsel, the Hillsborough

10:52:44 County legislative delegation as its legal advisor,
10:52:48 the Hillsborough County commission as a special
10:52:51 outside counsel, the Hillsborough County aviation
10:52:54 authority as a special outside bond counsel, and also
10:52:59 in the public sector, I have served on Hillsborough
10:53:03 County public civil service board on the Hillsborough
10:53:08 County community college Board of Trustees, the City
10:53:11 of Tampa's unified constructions trades board, and in
10:53:16 the private context.
10:53:18 I've lived in Tampa for more than 40 years, and I
10:53:21 still can relate to those who grew up with me in the
10:53:28 downtown Mulberry where I am from originally.
10:53:33 In the public sector I have made this a better place
10:53:36 for all citizens and made it possible for the citizens
10:53:39 of district 5 to have direct representation
10:53:42 opportunities on this council.
10:53:45 You may recall that not very long ago this council
10:53:49 consisted of exactly the same number of members that
10:53:51 sit there now.
10:53:55 No citizen in this community more than I called the
10:54:02 city to change, to add two more seats to this council.
10:54:04 I would like the opportunity to represent those people

10:54:06 who are the beneficiary of that to live in council
10:54:09 district number 5.
10:54:10 Thank you.
10:54:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Lynette Tracee
10:54:19 judge followed by Beverly A. Morrow.
10:54:22 >> Good morning.
10:54:23 Thank you for your time and consideration, Madam
10:54:24 Chairwoman and the members of City Council.
10:54:29 I am in a battle with cold but now is not the time to
10:54:36 rest as there is much to do.
10:54:37 Let me state that I do plan to seek the seat for
10:54:40 district 5 in the March elections as I stated in my
10:54:43 application.
10:54:44 I have been politically involved in my community for
10:54:46 many years through various organizations.
10:54:48 I have been appointed to the cable advisory board and
10:54:52 serve on several other boards.
10:54:54 Professionally, I hold a master's degree in social
10:54:56 work from Florida State University.
10:54:58 I feel my education and professional training make me
10:55:01 uniquely qualified to serve the citizens of district
10:55:03 5.

10:55:05 I understand the endeavor I am prepared to undertake
10:55:10 is time consuming and a commitment.
10:55:13 Tampa is poised to be the next great city and I want
10:55:16 to be serving in all sections of Tampa contribute to
10:55:18 the city's greatness.
10:55:20 I have been very active in my community in several
10:55:24 other organizations.
10:55:24 I currently work for the school district as a social
10:55:27 worker.
10:55:29 My training helps me with my neighbors in district 5.
10:55:36 I am prepared and qualified to accept this position.
10:55:38 Thank you for your consideration.
10:55:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Beverly A. Morrow
10:55:45 followed by Frank A. Reddick.
10:55:51 >> Good morning, council members.
10:55:53 I'm Beverly Morrow.
10:55:54 I live in southeast Seminole Heights.
10:55:58 I was born in Tampa, where I lived most of my adult
10:56:01 life.
10:56:03 I attended local public schools and graduated from
10:56:06 Hillsborough high and the University of Tampa.
10:56:09 In my professional life, I have taught school at the

10:56:12 elementary and the middle school levels in Miami-Dade
10:56:15 County.
10:56:17 For 18 years, I was self-employed as a financial
10:56:20 planner, holding the TSP designation.
10:56:24 I also have a license and sold stocks, bonds, and
10:56:32 mutual funds.
10:56:32 I was licensed as insurance and variable annuities
10:56:36 agent as well.
10:56:37 For over ten years, I have been an active community
10:56:41 leader serving as the president of the southeast
10:56:44 Seminole Heights civic association from 2002 to 2005.
10:56:51 During my term in office, our community was designated
10:56:54 as the neighborhood of the year by a national
10:56:58 organization, neighborhood USA.
10:57:02 I continue to be actively involved in the community,
10:57:06 serving as chair of the association's variance overlay
10:57:11 and oversight -- zoning Oversight Committee.
10:57:15 I also serve on the neighborhood committee,
10:57:18 neighborhood code enforcement committee.
10:57:20 For over six years, I have served as a neighborhood
10:57:23 watch and vehicle patrol volunteer.
10:57:28 Through our close working relationship with the Tampa

10:57:31 Police Department and our sister group, the Old
10:57:34 Seminole Heights neighborhood association, our
10:57:38 neighborhoods have been instrumental in greatly
10:57:41 reducing street crime and improving the quality of
10:57:44 life in Seminole Heights.
10:57:48 I have no political aspirations to run for a position
10:57:52 on City Council next year.
10:57:55 It would be an honor to serve out the remaining term
10:58:00 for the district 5 position, and I consider it to be a
10:58:04 service to the community.
10:58:06 Thank you for your consideration.
10:58:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Frank A. Reddick
10:58:13 followed by Joseph W.J. Robinson.
10:58:18 >> Good morning.
10:58:20 Frank Reddick.
10:58:21 For the past few years the City of Tampa has undergone
10:58:24 a transformation in improving the lives of residents
10:58:27 in the City of Tampa.
10:58:28 As president of one of the most respectable
10:58:31 neighborhoods, association of the City of Tampa, I
10:58:33 have had the pleasure of serving the transformation.
10:58:37 As president of my neighborhood association, I have

10:58:39 successfully led the efforts of changing the
10:58:42 protection commission for the neighborhood community.
10:58:45 I lived there for the led the effort for the
10:58:49 recreation center and led us to a minimum of $10,000
10:58:52 annually in scholarships for students in my
10:58:54 neighborhood and and surrounding community.
10:58:57 I stand before you feeling proud to say that under my
10:59:01 leadership my neighborhood was selected as one of the
10:59:03 two finest for the Hillsborough County 2006 moral
10:59:08 courage award.
10:59:09 Moreover as executive board of the East Tampa
10:59:11 partnership and chairman of the planning and
10:59:13 evaluation committee, I have had the opportunity to
10:59:15 interface with neighborhood leaders and to hear their
10:59:18 concerns.
10:59:19 One of my proudest moments as chairman is the
10:59:23 2006-2007 fiscal year budget for TIF, funding has been
10:59:27 provided for neighborhood projects under my
10:59:29 leadership.
10:59:30 The residents of this community are very elated about
10:59:35 this, opportunity.
10:59:35 Finally I believe I have the support of the community

10:59:37 and understand the community problems and needs.
10:59:38 I believe I can be an informed advocate for the
10:59:43 community issues for the City of Tampa and those I
10:59:45 will represent.
10:59:46 As a life-long resident of Tampa who is very active in
10:59:49 the community, I believe my experiences enable me work
10:59:57 effectively with the members of City Council and
10:59:59 especially the citizens of district 5.
11:00:01 I treasure this opportunity.
11:00:02 And I want to thank you for your consideration.
11:00:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The next speaker is Joseph W.J.
11:00:10 Robinson, followed by Chester White, Jr.
11:00:34 >>> Good afternoon, City Council.
11:00:35 I passed out a letter of recommendation on my behalf
11:00:41 for district 5.
11:00:42 Let me say this, so there's no ambiguity, so there's
11:00:45 no doubt about my intentions and commitment, I submit
11:00:48 the following, as Joseph Robinson.
11:00:52 I would first bring a professional commitment to work
11:00:54 with my colleagues and existing staff in a respectful
11:00:59 and a professional manner when resolving the issues
11:01:02 that affect our great city and its citizens, as I have

11:01:07 done on SWFWMD basin board, collaborating with my
11:01:11 colleagues and discussing the issues and getting
11:01:15 what's done.
11:01:16 I would work to bring a smooth transition with my
11:01:19 hands-on experience on my current and past projects
11:01:23 and organizations that I have served with our historic
11:01:28 preservation.
11:01:28 I'm one of the few that have put in an application to
11:01:31 district 5 for historic preservation.
11:01:35 Centro Espanol.
11:01:37 That's a building we need to save in West Tampa.
11:01:39 Even I spent the last ten years working on the Tampa
11:01:43 enterprise community based partnership, overseeing
11:01:46 millions of dollars on all phases, all 42 pages from
11:01:51 HUD.
11:01:51 So I have been fairly involved, not just in district 5
11:01:54 but city-wide.
11:01:57 I have also worked on the Tampa comprehensive plan.
11:01:59 I dealt with water issues, with minimum flow issues,
11:02:02 with the river that are going to be coming up.
11:02:04 I have also dealt with neighborhoods and the
11:02:06 development and the business of economic development

11:02:10 planning.
11:02:10 I have been involved in the disparity studies, writing
11:02:15 the original ordinance, and would like to see that
11:02:18 disparity study become an ordinance.
11:02:20 I have also looked at -- worked with wet zoning.
11:02:24 I have been involved with public hearings, land use.
11:02:27 I have also been involved in resolutions and also with
11:02:30 executive orders from the mayor.
11:02:32 And I have also listened to others opinions while I'm
11:02:39 doing that.
11:02:40 Therefore, I'm asking this City Council so that I may
11:02:44 finally have an opportunity to work and serve district
11:02:47 5 and the city and City Council and as a colleague for
11:02:52 four months, because I have no intentions, none
11:02:55 whatsoever, of being a candidate for Tampa City
11:02:58 Council in 2007.
11:03:00 And I thank you for your support.
11:03:02 And with that I say that I have been trying to be
11:03:06 involved with City Council a long time.
11:03:07 And I would appreciate it if you would vote for me, a
11:03:10 vote of confidence for district 5.
11:03:13 Thank you.

11:03:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Also, I have been informed that
11:03:16 Tamara Shamburger has withdrawn her application.
11:03:20 And as a reminder, Bruce M. Tigert is being considered
11:03:24 for district 2.
11:03:25 So your last speaker is Chester White, Jr.
11:03:30 >> Good morning, council.
11:03:33 Yes, it is God morning.
11:03:34 Chairman Miller.
11:03:35 My name is Chester White, Jr.
11:03:37 I am the principal of kiss -- keep it simple.
11:03:48 My request for council in 1995 and the honorable
11:03:51 chairperson and I, we were somewhat combatants at that
11:03:54 time.
11:03:54 Dy not prevail.
11:03:56 However, standing here this morning requests almost a
11:04:01 culmination for district 5 and the Tampa community at
11:04:07 large.
11:04:07 I listened to the other applicants.
11:04:09 However, I failed to hear one thing.
11:04:11 And that one thing is this.
11:04:13 I have hands-on experience in government, internal
11:04:16 city government.

11:04:18 I have worked with city heads, laymen alike, employees
11:04:22 for the City of Tampa as the equal employment
11:04:24 opportunity officer for well over ten years.
11:04:28 I am responsible for investigating complaints of
11:04:32 across-the-board nature including racial, gender,
11:04:36 et cetera, et cetera.
11:04:38 I was the person who rendered decisions as a result of
11:04:42 investigating those complaints.
11:04:43 I interacted with two mayors, under two mayors, that
11:04:47 is, Bob Martinez, and former mayor Freedman.
11:04:50 I would consider myself a very viable candidate to be
11:04:54 appointed to this position for that very same reason.
11:04:58 If I am lucky enough to be appointed, I can assure
11:05:01 you, as a result of my legal background, having earned
11:05:05 a law degree in 1979 from Howard university school of
11:05:10 law, that I can hit the ground, hit the ground not
11:05:12 running but flying.
11:05:16 I know internal city government.
11:05:19 I can be an asset to the council.
11:05:21 I choose to be an asset to that council and I will be
11:05:24 an asset to that council.
11:05:26 I don't suspect I know what I am doing or will be

11:05:28 doing.
11:05:28 I can assure you that I do know what I will be doing.
11:05:32 Thank you.
11:05:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:05:34 >>MARTIN SHELBY: City Council, that concludes the
11:05:39 applicants who are present who are here for your
11:05:45 consideration.
11:05:45 I should remained council that two applicants, at
11:05:48 least two applicants, have previously communicated
11:05:51 that they are unable to attend today due to prior
11:05:54 commitments.
11:05:54 And I do notice that two others did not respond, so
11:06:03 they did not have an opportunity today.
11:06:05 I don't know whether council wishes to come to a
11:06:07 consensus whether they wish to grant these people the
11:06:10 opportunity to speak on Thursday.
11:06:13 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes, I think that we ought to give
11:06:16 them the opportunity to speak to us at least two
11:06:18 minutes on Thursday.
11:06:21 It won't take that long.
11:06:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Two minutes.
11:06:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Is that a motion?

11:06:27 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
11:06:30 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Just for purposes of discussing
11:06:32 this, my concern with that would be the old axiom of
11:06:38 he who speaks last sometimes sticks in the minds
11:06:40 better of the people that are voting.
11:06:43 And that could be perceived as something of an unfair
11:06:48 advantage for those who are going to be speaking on
11:06:51 Thursday.
11:06:52 So I don't know how everyone else feels about that.
11:06:54 >>CHAIRMAN: Mr. Dingfelder?
11:07:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would be okay to play it by ear
11:07:03 and see if they appear on Thursday and make a request
11:07:07 and have a legitimate excuse why they weren't here
11:07:10 today.
11:07:10 I would be amenable to hearing that on Thursday.
11:07:13 But I would rather not decide that today.
11:07:17 >>GWEN MILLER: You don't want to vote on it today,
11:07:18 just wait and see if they show up.
11:07:20 >> Show up and have a reasonable excuse as to why they
11:07:22 weren't here.
11:07:23 >>CHAIRMAN: Mr. Shelby, did they give you an excuse?
11:07:25 >> I don't recall the exact -- I do know that I did

11:07:29 have a personal conversation with Joseph Citro, who
11:07:33 did inform me that he had a prior commitment that was
11:07:36 made prior to when the council changed what the
11:07:40 process would be.
11:07:41 And to refresh your recollection, at the time of the
11:07:44 application, throughout the application process, they
11:07:47 were informed that the interview process would take
11:07:49 place on Thursday, and council in its wisdom, because
11:07:53 of the number of applicants, changed it to today so
11:07:57 that might have put people at a disadvantage who had
11:07:59 previous plans.
11:08:00 And Mr. Citro did communicate that to me personally
11:08:03 that he was one of those affected.
11:08:04 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Also, Jill Collins did call my
11:08:11 office and say that she wasn't able to make it on
11:08:13 today, but would be here on Thursday and would
11:08:16 appreciate the opportunity to speak.
11:08:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think it's only fair we give them
11:08:22 the opportunity.
11:08:24 I would like to make a motion that we listen to them.
11:08:27 I'm sure that they will be here.
11:08:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

11:08:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:08:32 (Motion carried)
11:08:35 Ms. Saul-Sena?
11:08:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Shelby, I appreciate for the
11:08:40 sake of council as well as the folks here if you will
11:08:43 explain to us what the process will be on Thursday.
11:08:45 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
11:08:52 Council, I'll refer you to the procedures, guidelines
11:08:58 that you have adopted.
11:08:59 And I will read verbatim so there's no
11:09:02 misunderstanding.
11:09:04 At the regular meeting of November 30th, 2006, the
11:09:08 matter of each district vacancy shall be taken
11:09:11 separately, with the at-large district, district 2
11:09:14 being filled first.
11:09:17 Council shall hear the two-minute applications with
11:09:20 those, I guess, who were not present today, and in
11:09:24 alphabetical order of their last names.
11:09:27 If council chooses they may question an individual
11:09:29 applicant following presentation, council made a
11:09:31 decision not to do so.
11:09:34 A vote of City Council by those members then present

11:09:38 shall be taken.
11:09:40 A ballot shall be prepared for City Council members by
11:09:43 the clerk to be distributed upon selection.
11:09:46 The completed ballots, which are public record, shall
11:09:49 be signed and dated by you the members of City
11:09:51 Council.
11:09:53 Each member of City Council shall select only one name
11:09:58 for a -- per ballot.
11:10:01 Each vacancy shall be fulfilled -- this from the
11:10:04 charter -- excuse me, by the special act that we have
11:10:07 adopted ---each vacancy shall be filled by majority
11:10:11 vote of the remaining City Council.
11:10:12 The city clerk shall tally the vote and announce the
11:10:17 results. The applicant, who receives three or more
11:10:19 votes, shall be the person selected to fill the
11:10:23 remaining term of office.
11:10:29 That is what is required by the special act.
11:10:31 In the event no applicant receives the requisite three
11:10:34 votes, only the applicants receiving the greatest --
11:10:38 on the next greatest or equal number of votes shall be
11:10:40 eligible for another ballot.
11:10:42 The city clerk will then distribute another ballot to

11:10:46 City Council with the run-off and shall announce the
11:10:52 result.
11:10:52 The applicant who receives three or more votes shall
11:10:55 be the person selected.
11:10:59 After the selection for both district vacancies, City
11:11:02 Council shall by motion direct the City Council
11:11:04 attorney to prepare a resolution appointing selected
11:11:07 applicant for each district for presentation to the
11:11:10 City Council at the evening session of November
11:11:14 30th.
11:11:16 So I will then present to you a resolution appointing
11:11:21 each member of the district, and pursuant to the
11:11:25 charter that would require a vote of at least four.
11:11:28 And again, if there were any problems where there were
11:11:32 any questions as to whether it would be unanimous
11:11:35 consent of passage on the resolution or at least four
11:11:38 if there were to be less than four -- we do -- unless
11:11:46 you know with certainty that the resolution would
11:11:47 pass.
11:11:48 As a first order of business -- excuse me, after roll
11:11:52 call at its regular meeting on December 7th, 2006,
11:11:56 the council members shall -- newly appointed council

11:12:02 members shall be administered the oath of office and
11:12:04 take their seats.
11:12:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think given the quality of the
11:12:08 applicants it's possible this is going to be
11:12:10 challenging being on Thursday so let's say we have
11:12:13 several people who got one vote, maybe one person got
11:12:15 two votes.
11:12:15 We just keep going and discussing and whittling it
11:12:20 down until we achieve consensus?
11:12:22 Is that the process we anticipate?
11:12:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Well, assuming for the sake of
11:12:26 argument, taking district 2, that you have as many
11:12:34 applicants as you have, at the end of the first
11:12:36 ballot, assuming everybody votes for a different
11:12:38 applicant, you have no more than five members of the
11:12:41 pool on that ballot.
11:12:43 For the second ballot.
11:12:45 During which time after each ballot you have the
11:12:47 opportunity, within the sunshine, to lobby your fellow
11:12:51 council members to make your positions known, and to
11:12:54 come to consensus before you cast your second ballot,
11:12:58 if you wish to come to consensus, obviously.

11:13:01 At the end of the day, however, it will take a vote of
11:13:04 three to make the selection.
11:13:08 And it is my greatest hope that council as a
11:13:13 collective body will see fit on Thursday night to pass
11:13:16 a resolution by at least a vote of four.
11:13:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: When we first reviewed the rules, I
11:13:25 didn't realize that it included a night meeting.
11:13:28 I made an announcement in all sincerity that it's my
11:13:32 wife's and my tenth anniversary on the 30th so I
11:13:36 will be here in the morning.
11:13:37 She knows I will be here in the morning but she didn't
11:13:39 know I made a commitment to the evening.
11:13:42 I was -- we were planning on taking off in the
11:13:44 afternoon and the evening and doing something fun.
11:13:47 So is there an alternative?
11:13:50 Can I vote in the morning when we are done with the
11:13:52 issue?
11:13:53 Can we take a vote on the resolution?
11:13:56 >> You can do it in one of two ways.
11:13:58 You can either pass it by resolution, allow me if you
11:14:03 wish to make a formal resolution during the day
11:14:06 meeting, and present it to council before the end of

11:14:10 the morning meeting on the 30th, or if council
11:14:13 wishes, I could come back to council on the first item
11:14:17 of December 7th with a resolution.
11:14:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So we are going to take this issue
11:14:27 up first and then you will have the rest of the
11:14:29 morning.
11:14:30 >> To prepare the resolution.
11:14:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think council knows my attendance
11:14:34 is pretty good but this is an exception.
11:14:35 I appreciate your indulgence.
11:14:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Would you like to -- I guess we can
11:14:40 take it up at the meeting.
11:14:41 But just so that everybody is on notice then, the
11:14:43 consensus of council is that I will have a resolution
11:14:46 for your consideration by the end of the morning
11:14:48 meeting.
11:14:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The morning meeting or the
11:14:54 afternoon meeting?
11:14:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, the earlier the better.
11:14:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I know that I know our attorney
11:15:04 will develop the resolution as quickly after we select
11:15:07 the candidates.

11:15:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That will be fine.
11:15:09 I appreciate it.
11:15:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:15:11 (Motion carried)
11:15:14 Anything else?
11:15:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: No, Madam Chair, that concludes my
11:15:18 presentation.
11:15:18 >>GWEN MILLER: We stand adjourned then.
11:15:22 Need to receive and file.
11:15:24 >> So moved.
11:15:24 >> Second.
11:15:24 (Motion carried)
11:15:26 (Meeting adjourned)