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Tampa City Council
Thursday, January 25, 2007
5:01 p.m. session

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17:04:38 >> Good evening everyone.
17:04:39 It's my pleasure this evening to introduce Becky
17:04:42 Steele, the Executive Director of Florida's ACLU, and
17:04:46 she is going to grace us tonight with an invocation.
17:04:49 Let us all stand for that.
17:04:50 And then remain standing for the pledge of allegiance.
17:04:54 Thank you for joining us tonight.
17:04:57 >> Last year I gave the invocation, and we begin by

17:05:04 sitting in silence for maybe 10 or 15 minutes.
17:05:12 When I mentioned this last year, the chair looked at
17:05:15 me kindly but nervously as if to say, you're not
17:05:19 really going to do that to us, are you?
17:05:21 And then when the founders of our nation formed the
17:05:25 first Constitutional Congress, Benjamin Franklin
17:05:28 proposed that a clergy be inviolated to open each
17:05:31 session with a prayer, but our founders decided not to
17:05:33 do that.
17:05:34 And therefore by consent of a government without
17:05:41 invoking religion, the wisdom of that judgment the
17:05:46 sectarian violence of so many people around the world.
17:05:50 So in light of that I thought it wasn't appropriate
17:05:53 for me to impose my religious beliefs on this
17:05:55 governmental meeting.
17:05:56 Instead this evening, I invoke the spirit of justice
17:05:59 and liberty that is the ultimate foundation of our
17:06:01 Constitution.
17:06:02 I ask as we meet and deliberate that you consider the
17:06:06 equal rights of all of our citizens, even those who
17:06:08 appear different from the majority.
17:06:11 May you be led today to decide justly, to rule
17:06:16 correctly and fairly, to seek what is right in the
17:06:21 business that comes before you, as well as the matters
17:06:23 of utmost importance.
17:06:25 Ski this in the freedoms and Constitution of our
17:06:28 founding freedoms that you are sworn to protect,
17:06:30 freedoms that are thoughtful and used by every
17:06:33 generation including this one.
17:06:34 May you continue and lead in that work today and every
17:06:37 day.
17:06:38 Thank you.
17:06:47 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
17:06:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
17:07:01 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Here.
17:07:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
17:07:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
17:07:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
17:07:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
17:07:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 1 is a continued public
17:07:10 hearing and they would like to have this withdrawn.
17:07:13 >> So moved.
17:07:13 >> Second.
17:07:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to have item number

17:07:16 one withdrawn.
17:07:19 [Motion Carried Unanimously]
17:07:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I believe the representative for
17:07:25 petitioner is also present.
17:07:29 That's it.
17:07:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
17:07:32 We'll be in recess until 6 p.m
17:07:33 (Recess)
18:05:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
18:05:48 Roll call.
18:05:48 [Roll Call]
18:05:49 >>GWEN MILLER: At this time we are going to go to --
18:06:00 >>> Land Development Coordination.
18:06:01 I would like to clear the agenda at this time.
18:06:05 Z 06-109, they requested a continuance to March
18:06:09 22nd.
18:06:12 Number 2 on the agenda.
18:06:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Alvarez wanted to speak on number
18:06:17 2.
18:06:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
18:06:19 I would like to talk to Mr. Scime about this for a
18:06:24 minute.

18:06:28 Good afternoon.
18:06:30 I got an e-mail from Janice Williams, the president of
18:06:38 the old West Tampa neighborhood association.
18:06:42 She has some concerns --
18:06:44 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry to interrupt.
18:06:47 Ms. Alvarez, is this relating to something that is
18:06:50 substantive about this particular zoning?
18:06:55 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
18:06:56 What it is is they are worried about the signs, and
18:06:58 they have not gone to the overlay committee.
18:07:00 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I guess the question is whether the
18:07:03 petitioner is aware of the existence of this e-mail.
18:07:05 Are you aware of the existence of that e-mail?
18:07:08 >>> No, Ms. Alvarez, I'm not.
18:07:11 >>THE CLERK: The public hearing is not open.
18:07:13 >>GWEN MILLER: We need oh open it anyway to continue.
18:07:17 >>> I'm willing to answer your question.
18:07:19 >>GWEN MILLER: we need to open the public hearing.
18:07:21 >> So moved.
18:07:22 >> Second.
18:07:22 (Motion carried).
18:07:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If you wish to discuss this issue, we

18:07:28 could take it up when the time comes rather than clear
18:07:33 the agenda.
18:07:36 Excuse me, clear the agenda first and come back if
18:07:38 it's going to be continued.
18:07:39 It's number 2 on the agenda.
18:07:40 So it will be the first one up.
18:07:42 Do you want to take care of this now?
18:07:44 Or do you want to have the staff finish preparing --
18:07:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Let's take care of this one.
18:07:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's fine. The question then would
18:07:52 be, do you wish to take sworn testimony at this time?
18:07:56 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Just the concerns of the neighborhood.
18:07:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Okay.
18:07:59 >>GWEN MILLER: If he's going to continue, he needs to
18:08:04 know the nature of what they want him to do.
18:08:06 >>MARY ALVAREZ: My first thing was the e-mail said he
18:08:10 didn't meet with the overlay committee yet.
18:08:14 >>> No, ma'am.
18:08:15 The overlay committee, no, we did not.
18:08:17 We sent out notices.
18:08:18 And the people who did contact us were ecstatic about
18:08:22 the improvement that we are going to be making at that

18:08:24 corner.
18:08:27 >>MARY ALVAREZ: And have you purchased your signs yet?
18:08:30 >>> Yes, ma'am.
18:08:30 We did take the pictures and turn them in, yes, ma'am.
18:08:34 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I just want to make sure that all of
18:08:36 this is in order before you come back on March
18:08:39 22nd.
18:08:39 That's the reason I'm requesting this.
18:08:42 >>> All right.
18:08:42 And I will make an attempt to set up the meeting with
18:08:44 the overlay district.
18:08:47 Thank you.
18:08:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:08:49 wants to speak on the continuance of item number 2?
18:08:53 Okay.
18:08:53 We need a motion to continue.
18:08:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to continue.
18:08:56 >> Second.
18:08:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to continue to when,
18:09:00 March 22nd at 6 p.m.?
18:09:02 All in favor of that motion say Aye.
18:09:04 Opposed, Nay.

18:09:04 (Motion carried).
18:09:05 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
18:09:08 >>> Number 3 on the agenda, Z 06-137 has requested a
18:09:12 continuance.
18:09:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Need oh open number 3.
18:09:15 >> So moved.
18:09:15 >> Second.
18:09:16 (Motion carried).
18:09:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead.
18:09:19 >>> We requested a continuation to April 26th, 6
18:09:24 p.m.
18:09:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:09:26 wants to speak on the continuance of item number 3?
18:09:28 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to continue to April 26th.
18:09:37 >> Second.
18:09:37 (Motion carried).
18:09:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 6 p.m.?
18:09:41 >>GWEN MILLER: 6 p.m.
18:09:43 (Motion carried).
18:09:44 >>> Number 6 on the agenda.
18:09:45 Z 06-140.
18:09:51 >> Move to open.

18:09:52 >> Second.
18:09:52 (Motion carried).
18:09:53 >>> They continue a -- requested a continuance to
18:09:55 April 26th, '07.
18:09:57 I have a letter from the petition and I believe is
18:09:59 present as well.
18:10:00 >> Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak
18:10:02 on the continuance on item number 6?
18:10:04 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to continue to April 26, 6 p.m.
18:10:07 >> Second.
18:10:08 (Motion carried).
18:10:15 >>> Number 10 on the agenda.
18:10:18 Z 06-144.
18:10:20 >> Move to open.
18:10:21 >> Second.
18:10:21 (Motion carried).
18:10:23 >>> They have requested a continuance to March
18:10:25 22nd, '07.
18:10:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:10:29 wants to speak to the continuance on item number 10?
18:10:32 >> Move to continue to March 22nd.
18:10:34 >> Second.

18:10:35 (Motion carried).
18:10:42 >>> Number 13 on the agenda, Z 06-66.
18:10:46 >> Move to open.
18:10:46 >> Second.
18:10:47 (Motion carried).
18:10:49 >>> They have requested to February 8th.
18:10:59 >>THE CLERK: On your February 8th night meeting,
18:11:02 let me look at my calendar here.
18:11:03 You currently have a 5:30 brownfield designation
18:11:06 public hearing.
18:11:07 You have four continued land rezonings, public
18:11:09 hearings, nine land rezonings, eight comp amendments.
18:11:15 >>GWEN MILLER: The next week?
18:11:20 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.
18:11:21 This is an area-wide rezoning.
18:11:25 We have had another case dropped on the 8th.
18:11:27 So we still would not be exceeding the 13 case limit
18:11:31 for that night.
18:11:31 It's an area-wide.
18:11:33 So this can continue to that night and when would
18:11:37 continue the morning meeting as well so I'll be back
18:11:40 in two weeks as well.

18:11:45 >>MARTIN SHELBY: February 8th?
18:11:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:11:48 wants to speak to the continuance on item number 13?
18:11:50 >> Move to continue to February 8, 6 p.m.
18:11:54 >> Second.
18:11:54 (Motion carried).
18:11:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Can we go back to number 11?
18:12:00 The affidavit wants to withdraw.
18:12:02 Make a motion to withdraw number 11.
18:12:04 >> So moved.
18:12:05 >> Second.
18:12:05 (Motion carried).
18:12:15 >> Back to item number 4.
18:12:20 (Motion Carried).
18:12:20 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Need to swear in the witnesses.
18:12:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone that's going to speak on 4, 5,
18:12:28 7, 8, 9, 12 and 14, would you please stand and raise
18:12:32 your right hand?
18:12:33 (Oath administered by Clerk).
18:12:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I ask that all communications
18:12:51 relative to tonight's hearing which have been
18:12:53 available for public inspection at City Council office

18:12:56 be received and filed into the record at this time.
18:12:59 Madam clerk, do you have anything to file?
18:13:02 Motion please?
18:13:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Need a motion.
18:13:04 >> So moved.
18:13:04 >> Second.
18:13:05 (Motion carried).
18:13:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
18:13:08 Also a reminder.
18:13:09 Please, council, if you had any verbal communication
18:13:11 with any petitioner or his or her representative or
18:13:14 any member of the public in connection with any of the
18:13:16 tonight's hearings, please prior to the vote disclose
18:13:18 the following: The person or persons, group or entity
18:13:21 with whom the verbal communication occurred, and the
18:13:23 substance of that verbal communication.
18:13:26 Finally, ladies and gentlemen, in order to reaffirm
18:13:28 that you have been sworn, when you state your name, I
18:13:32 put a sign up to remind you, please state after you
18:13:35 state your name that you have in fact been sworn.
18:13:37 I won't have to interrupt you.
18:13:38 Thank you very much.

18:13:44 >>> Jill Finney: Land Development Coordination.
18:13:47 I have been sworn.
18:13:47 Z 06-138.
18:13:49 Address 2831 and 2831.5 west Shelton Avenue requesting
18:13:58 a rezoning from RS-60 residential single family to
18:14:01 RS-50 residential single family, to create two
18:14:04 buildable lots on which the existing house will remain
18:14:07 and another single family dwelling will be
18:14:14 constructed.
18:14:16 105 feet of depth.
18:14:18 The lot would be -- with the existing structure will
18:14:22 measure 53.8 feet of frontage, and the newly created
18:14:26 lot will have 52.3 feet of frontage.
18:14:32 It was originally platted at 60 by 105.
18:14:34 The request is a standard Euclidean zoning district,
18:14:39 and therefore no waivers will be considered.
18:14:43 I do want to mention that this site is just south of
18:14:45 the zone and is not part of the abatement area.
18:15:01 The zoning around the property is RS-60.
18:15:15 This is an aerial view of the site.
18:15:29 This is the existing structure.
18:15:34 A photo of the lot.

18:15:37 This is the view of the east of the site.
18:15:47 This is the home across the street, to the south.
18:15:56 There's a house to the west of the site immediately.
18:16:00 And this is on the backside of the block immediately
18:16:03 abutting the subject property to the north.
18:16:12 I do want to mention that I researched 80 properties
18:16:17 in the immediate area, 100% of conforming standards or
18:16:26 higher.
18:16:35 The request is 19.
18:16:36 Therefore Land Development Coordination objects to the
18:16:39 request on the basis that it would -- there is no
18:16:42 other precedent set in the area for this.
18:16:49 And that concludes staff's presentation.
18:17:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So every other house up and down
18:17:03 Shelton is 60 feet wide or great er?
18:17:06 >> They are conforming.
18:17:07 There are a few lots along platted at 50.
18:17:12 But they were platted out.
18:17:15 >> But on the interior, the bulk of Shelton up and
18:17:17 down Shelton is 60 or large er?
18:17:22 >>> Yes.
18:17:23 Built at a lot and a half.

18:17:26 That would have been 75 feet.
18:17:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission?
18:17:33 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
18:17:39 I have been sworn in.
18:17:46 Future land use designation for this area are two
18:17:49 primarily residential 10, which is what the subject
18:17:53 properties consist of.
18:17:54 This is recreational to the west of MacDill.
18:17:57 And this is mixed use along the eastern part of
18:18:01 MacDill.
18:18:05 Basically, the issue over here that the applicant is
18:18:07 requesting, basically because of this little parcel
18:18:09 over here, this odd parcel, to be able to split to
18:18:13 allow a buildable lot here, from a technical aspect as
18:18:18 far as being able to be consistent with an RS-60 or
18:18:21 RS-75 lot.
18:18:22 That's understandable from the ground aspect.
18:18:27 From a land use aspect these are single family
18:18:29 residences that are in these areas, characteristic of
18:18:32 the area.
18:18:33 Of course on the periphery over here you do have the
18:18:35 town home development along -- you do have a

18:18:38 development that was approved by council over here for
18:18:44 additional town homes.
18:18:50 There are a variety of uses as far as single family
18:18:52 detached as far as the types of homes in the area.
18:18:56 I understand the character of this particular area, do
18:18:58 you have two homes over here that do face MacDill
18:19:01 Avenue that are at the 50-foot width.
18:19:07 The lots oaf here by looking at the parcelization, I
18:19:09 believe on this map, you will see the character over
18:19:12 here, do you have wider, shorter lots over here, and
18:19:16 lots over here to the street on Shelton, then
18:19:20 lengthier lots and of course the much newer lots over
18:19:22 here.
18:19:23 It is a bit an anomaly but I don't think will set a
18:19:27 precedent, a lot of vacant lots in the area.
18:19:30 I do not think the request for the development of one
18:19:34 lot is going to significantly impact this particular
18:19:37 strip of Shelton.
18:19:38 Planning Commission staff, therefore, finds the
18:19:41 request consistent with the character and
18:19:42 compatibility of the area and has no objections to the
18:19:44 request.

18:19:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
18:20:01 >>> I have been sworn in.
18:20:02 I reside at 2831 west Shelton Avenue.
18:20:05 I'm here in front of you tonight to ask that you
18:20:08 approve my petition to rezone property at 2831 west
18:20:13 Shelton Avenue and a half Shelton Avenue.
18:20:20 2831 west Shelton Avenue and 2831.5 west Shelton
18:20:26 Avenue are separate lots, one measures 30 by 100 feet
18:20:30 and the other is 75 by 100 feet.
18:20:35 Nothing can be built on the 30 by 105 lot in the
18:20:43 neighborhood.
18:20:44 If rezoned, the total width of the two lots would be
18:20:46 able to support one lot, one an existing lot with my
18:20:52 residence and another 51-foot lot or so building.
18:21:01 I have some visual aids here, and I do not have enough
18:21:08 for everybody here.
18:21:19 If you need one, let me No.
18:21:35 75 by 105.
18:21:38 What I propose is two lots split down the middle,
18:21:44 given RS-50 zoning, and it's a little like this.
18:21:55 The bottom is a driveway.
18:22:00 Concrete that I put in there to make a driveway out of

18:22:03 it.
18:22:11 And the left page here is proposed house, more or less
18:22:16 what it would look like.
18:22:19 If you look at the darker shaded area, the house, and
18:22:23 has setback on this page.
18:22:29 And I think some of the houses have less area between
18:22:33 them than what I am trying to propose here.
18:22:36 And I I'm not trying to build a big house or anything
18:22:39 like that.
18:22:40 Single-family home.
18:22:46 As I said earlier, there's lots over on south Lindell
18:22:52 and Shelton that are -- I don't see how it is a
18:22:59 precedent.
18:23:01 I don't see how it's much different than anybody
18:23:04 else's.
18:23:05 It might be smaller.
18:23:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Alvarez?
18:23:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Sir, you said it looked like the
18:23:13 driveway, where your house is, and then it looked like
18:23:19 it jogs away from the building itself?
18:23:24 Is that what you plan to use as a driveway?
18:23:28 >>> No.

18:23:28 No, ma'am.
18:23:29 When I purchased that house about four years ago,
18:23:31 there was this thick concrete wall, in a rectangle,
18:23:37 and they just filled it with sand and rock.
18:23:43 And I was going to do something with it.
18:23:44 I just didn't know what yet.
18:23:46 Because I wasn't sure if they were doing it for a
18:23:48 carport or something of that structure because it
18:23:51 almost looks like a foundation.
18:23:53 >> So what are you planning to do with it?
18:23:55 >> Probably, pending the approval, this approval, the
18:24:01 driveway, because it would become part of the new
18:24:04 rezoned lot, or the wall, as far as the other lots,
18:24:10 there's a two-foot wall in front of the house, and
18:24:13 joining the sidewalk.
18:24:15 Just even it out with the rest of the house to the
18:24:18 west of the house.
18:24:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I guess I don't understand.
18:24:26 I'm looking at the dark blue area there.
18:24:28 That's supposed to be where the house you are planning
18:24:30 to build is?
18:24:31 >>> That's correct.

18:24:32 That's right under 25 feet.
18:24:33 So those are the reasons why --
18:24:37 >> Yes, but did Lou at the driveway?
18:24:39 It looks like I don't know how much, maybe 5 or 6-foot
18:24:42 it jogs to the right?
18:24:45 >>> That's correct.
18:24:46 >> So if you are planning to make that a driveway,
18:24:48 wouldn't that kind of offset it?
18:24:55 >>> Well, I haven't consulted an architect or anybody
18:24:58 that would be able to design anything.
18:25:02 But, I mean, this could be anything.
18:25:04 This is concrete and can be removed, or can be
18:25:07 converted for a walkway in front of the house.
18:25:14 I'm not sure exactly how far away from the 51-foot
18:25:19 parrot proposed property line.
18:25:23 But maybe seven or eight feet.
18:25:28 It's within the property line.
18:25:29 >> Let me ask you another question.
18:25:32 Is this the only lot that's left in this block here?
18:25:37 >>> No, ma'am.
18:25:37 There are two lots on the east side of Shelton Avenue
18:25:43 that I am currently developing right now.

18:25:46 >> Do you have a match?
18:25:47 Could you show me where it is?
18:25:49 What's your name, Gayle?
18:26:06 >>> These two houses here, I don't see it on this map
18:26:10 but I think I have a copy of this here that I can
18:26:12 point it out to you.
18:26:21 And this right here, these two lots, a single-family
18:26:24 home on both of them.
18:26:25 And I'm not sure of the parameters or what the
18:26:29 dimensions are of those lots.
18:26:31 But two-story buildings on there.
18:26:38 So it's a development.
18:26:41 As a matter of fact, I think I have some pictures of
18:26:42 that.
18:26:44 >> I'm just wondering if -- because from what I have
18:26:49 here, it looks like all the lots are completely built
18:26:54 out except for one that I see between Two Bleu roofs
18:27:00 there.
18:27:04 >>> I believe that picture you are looking at is
18:27:06 outdated.
18:27:07 >> This is outdated?
18:27:10 >>> I think so, ma'am.

18:27:16 >> It looks like it's January 24th, 2007.
18:27:19 >>> As a matter of fact, there is a house, I think, on
18:27:26 that empty lot you're referring to,
18:27:44 This is the foundation for one of them here.
18:27:48 The other lot is the lot to the west.
18:27:50 >> Are those RS-60 lots?
18:27:53 >>> I'm not sure.
18:27:55 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Gayle?
18:27:58 >>> Yes, ma'am.
18:27:58 Anything that is being done on those is being done
18:28:01 conforming with --
18:28:03 >> The only one left there would be his, and we are
18:28:05 looking at RS-50?
18:28:09 >>> Yes, ma'am.
18:28:10 And if you split his lot down the middle, he will not
18:28:13 be able to meet his setbacks.
18:28:16 So it is offset a little bit.
18:28:17 He does not have a driveway to his current existing
18:28:20 home.
18:28:20 And another concern that we did have is that if it's
18:28:23 zoned RS-50 in an RS-60 area the front setback is
18:28:27 different and we have no way of enforcing that he

18:28:29 would build it at the 25-foot set back as opposed to
18:28:33 the 20-foot.
18:28:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:28:36 wants to speak on item number 4?
18:28:37 Anyone that wants to speak on number 4, please come up
18:28:41 and speak.
18:28:58 >>> My name is Linda Chavez and I have been sworn in.
18:29:01 As a matter of fact, we own the property next to the
18:29:04 house that he would like to build.
18:29:05 And we also own another property next to that house.
18:29:09 So we own two properties right there.
18:29:12 I have been in the area there since 1978.
18:29:17 And we are finally back.
18:29:20 Right now I do not see a problem with hiss him
18:29:22 building his house here.
18:29:23 I think, as a matter of fact, it would enhance the
18:29:25 area.
18:29:26 On that end of the street.
18:29:27 Because on that end of the street, mostly all the
18:29:30 houses are older houses.
18:29:35 At the beginning of this street where they are
18:29:36 building the two houses, one house is there.

18:29:42 They tore it down.
18:29:44 They rezone it to two lots. The lots will not be as
18:29:46 large as the old lots but on the other hand building
18:29:49 the houses there would enhance the street.
18:29:52 As the neighbor next to him I do not see any problem
18:29:55 with him building that house.
18:29:58 Of course, what we are looking for, we are looking for
18:30:00 our street to be more at hand and I don't think it
18:30:05 will be a problem with the size of the lot, why that
18:30:07 is mostly because all the houses, they have trees, so
18:30:10 you can't really tell what size the lot is.
18:30:13 My house is an extremely large house that I went back
18:30:20 to Tampa after my husband was in the military and
18:30:22 retired, we rebuilt the house and made it larger.
18:30:25 And so far we do not have an objection.
18:30:28 We look at it as an asset to the property and that's
18:30:32 all I have to say.
18:30:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
18:30:34 Would anyone else like to speak?
18:30:53 >> Is this area in the JLUC abatement area?
18:30:57 >>> No, it is not.
18:30:58 It's about a block and a half south of that.

18:31:00 It just misses that.
18:31:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, do you want to say
18:31:03 something else?
18:31:04 >>> Yes.
18:31:04 The Ballast Point homeowners is association, Mr.
18:31:09 Mederer, and he does not object to rezoning the
18:31:12 property.
18:31:14 He said he was going to be here today.
18:31:16 So the majority of the neighbors, the neighbors across
18:31:18 the street from me, neighbors to the west of me, and
18:31:22 to the east of me, they are all for it.
18:31:25 And everybody would welcome a new house in that area.
18:31:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
18:31:30 Need to close the public hearing.
18:31:31 >> So moved.
18:31:32 >> Second.
18:31:32 (Motion carried).
18:31:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Do we have an ordinance?
18:31:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance rezoning property
18:31:51 in the general vicinity of 2831 and 2831. a west
18:31:55 Shelton Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida and more
18:31:58 particularly described in section 1 from zoning

18:32:00 district classification RS-60 residential single
18:32:05 family to RS-50 residential single family providing an
18:32:08 effective date.
18:32:09 >> Second.
18:32:10 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
18:32:11 (Motion carried)
18:32:14 Need to open item number 5.
18:32:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
18:32:17 >> Second.
18:32:17 (Motion carried)
18:32:51 >>> Jill Finney, Land Development Coordination,
18:32:54 address 503 south Boulevard.
18:32:57 They are requesting a rezoning from RO 1 residential
18:33:01 office and RM-24 residential multifamily to PD planned
18:33:04 development for mixed use, office retail, and
18:33:08 residential.
18:33:10 The petitioner proposes to rezone the property to
18:33:12 construct an office building consisting of a maximum
18:33:15 of 9,390 square feet office on the ground and second
18:33:20 floor, up to 750 feet of that amount for retail on the
18:33:25 ground floor, and two residential dwelling units on
18:33:27 the first floor.

18:33:29 It would be a three-story structure.
18:33:31 The setbacks are five feet from the front, two feet
18:33:35 from the side, with parking provided in the rear of
18:33:37 the site, as well as on the first floor structure.
18:33:42 The maximum height requested is 39.5 feet.
18:33:49 35 spaces are required and the plan shows 35 parking
18:33:52 spaces are provided, 57% compact spaces. The site
18:33:59 will have access from south Boulevard, and the public
18:34:01 area to the rear.
18:34:04 The site is vacant as the previous structure has been
18:34:09 demolished.
18:34:28 >> The area is to the west of the school and designed
18:34:33 as an office, the middle school is two blocks to the
18:34:40 south as well.
18:34:58 I do want to add that the site is not in the local
18:35:01 historic district.
18:35:02 It's in the maximum historic district.
18:35:14 Here is a picture of the site from the east looking
18:35:16 west.
18:35:23 That's gory elementary school to the west.
18:35:26 Looking to the east of the site, gory elementary.
18:35:33 South of the site -- [ Laughter ]

18:35:51 To the west of the site, apartments.
18:35:58 Here is the rear.
18:36:03 And here's an example of the structured parking.
18:36:15 Transportation staff does have objections.
18:36:18 They object to accessing Addison Avenue.
18:36:21 And they would like to speak to that matter.
18:36:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you have elevations?
18:36:36 >>> Jill Finney: Yes, ma'am.
18:36:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The other question I have -- well,
18:36:45 I'll ask transportation when they come up.
18:36:53 >>> I do want to mention the existing street off of
18:36:59 south Boulevard onto the site, and it has been
18:37:02 existing, and it was previously medical office, it has
18:37:06 always been there.
18:37:10 We have had extensive conversations.
18:37:18 Wilson Miller.
18:37:19 They have been very supportive of the project.
18:37:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can you leave that picture up?
18:37:31 The only concern I have about this was you can see the
18:37:35 crosswalk rate here.
18:37:36 And you see this on your screen.
18:37:37 It's a crosswalk.

18:37:38 And then there's driveway.
18:37:40 And this is a very -- a lot of kid walk to it and I
18:37:49 want to make sure it's safe.
18:37:50 I'm fine with the access and the alley.
18:37:54 I think that's far safer than these kids walking past
18:38:00 the garage to the front and I -- what do you think of
18:38:07 this idea?
18:38:10 >>> Melanie Calloway, transportation.
18:38:13 I have been sworn.
18:38:16 I actually do have a pretty good picture of this
18:38:19 driveway.
18:38:27 My code they are allowed to access south Boulevard.
18:38:32 They are not by code allowed to access the alley.
18:38:36 They asked for that waiver, which you guys can get
18:38:40 done.
18:38:43 I would caution you not to have their primary access
18:38:46 off of the alley, because that alley is only platted
18:38:53 20 feet wide, but existing pavement is less than --
18:39:05 probably more like 10.
18:39:09 There's a picture of a car, a Ford Taurus, so you can
18:39:13 see it's very narrow.
18:39:14 And we require 20-foot width for two-way traffic.

18:39:20 If they want to access it as a second area.
18:39:22 But the problem is their primary access is on south
18:39:25 Boulevard.
18:39:25 There's no way to appropriately sign and let the
18:39:28 public know that the access is in the rear.
18:39:32 It's very difficult for people to find the parking lot
18:39:36 when there's no way of seeing it from North Boulevard.
18:39:45 >> So the curb cut is existing.
18:39:47 >> And the medical office was there.
18:39:50 You can see there's light, crosswalk and crossing
18:39:53 guard, as I know, are there, the code does allow it in
18:40:01 this location.
18:40:08 The alley, you may grant that.
18:40:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions?
18:40:14 Ms. Saul-Sena, are you okay?
18:40:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm okay.
18:40:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff?
18:40:17 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
18:40:25 I have been sworn.
18:40:26 Just a couple of additional comments.
18:40:35 Ms. Saul-Sena, I had the same concerns you did with
18:40:37 the crosswalks and the one good thing about having a

18:40:40 crosswalk there is I think do you have a control.
18:40:43 You do have a controlled pathway there as far as
18:40:46 safety for the children.
18:40:49 As far as the land use categories, we have the
18:40:52 public-quasi-public, which is residential 50,
18:40:55 residential 35, community mixed use 35.
18:41:01 As far as the request, I think the request is
18:41:03 something that we would probably like to see more in
18:41:05 the Historic Hyde Park area as far as live-work types
18:41:08 of projects like this type of product.
18:41:11 As far as the proposal to build the two condominium
18:41:14 units and the office space.
18:41:16 A couple of questions that surfaced in my mind while I
18:41:19 was listening to the presentation that I that you
18:41:23 might want to ask the applicant when he makes his
18:41:25 presentation.
18:41:26 I do not recall what the hours of operation for the
18:41:29 site are going to be.
18:41:30 I don't know if that's going to be significant to you
18:41:33 all but I thought it might be of interest to you as
18:41:35 far as what the hours of operation would be and as far
18:41:37 as access to the alley to the rear.

18:41:40 The amount of traffic that they will have as far as
18:41:44 how many visitors they think they will have coming to
18:41:48 their site, or if they do a lot of off-site
18:41:51 consultation.
18:41:53 I think that's a significant thing to inquire about as
18:41:56 far as the amount of traffic they are going to have
18:41:58 going in and out of the site.
18:41:59 The only other issue we had, we noticed initially they
18:42:02 had asked for office and residential, and then the
18:42:05 subsequent site plan asked for 750 feet of retail,
18:42:09 especially retail.
18:42:10 So I was kind of wondering what that was about.
18:42:13 And I have actually found out in subsequent
18:42:15 conversation from talking about -- and you can
18:42:17 probably bear me out when you get up here -- they
18:42:21 talked about having some something that the teachers
18:42:27 can actually go to from Gorrie.
18:42:29 You don't know if that's necessarily the case but
18:42:31 that's what I have been told.
18:42:32 I am only going by what I have been told F.that's not
18:42:35 the case we still have the outstanding issue of 750
18:42:38 square feet of retail space which would potentially, I

18:42:41 think if it were signed and such, could potentially
18:42:43 bring a higher vehicular component into the picture.
18:42:48 But I don't think that's necessarily the case.
18:42:51 It's not anything that is going to be that much more
18:42:53 significant but still the presence would still be
18:42:55 there.
18:42:55 But if it's for that use, and it will be an ancillary
18:42:58 use to the Gorrie staff, that will probably be
18:43:00 something pretty good.
18:43:03 Staff had no objections to the request.
18:43:05 The request is consistent for office low-density
18:43:10 commercial uses.
18:43:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: where the crosswalk is located, is
18:43:20 there a traffic light there?
18:43:21 >>> Yes, there is.
18:43:22 >> There is one?
18:43:23 Okay.
18:43:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
18:43:28 >>> My name is Dennis Johnson.
18:43:30 Address is 2707 west Azeele, Tampa, Florida and I have
18:43:34 been sworn in.
18:43:35 Thank you for taking the time tonight.

18:43:37 My own mistake, I realize it, I should have had
18:43:41 Saul-Sena and Dingfelder sign up when we took our
18:43:43 picture.
18:43:44 Sorry about that.
18:43:45 [ Laughter ]
18:43:48 Just to give you a little background.
18:43:50 I am a licensed land developer and with my two
18:43:53 friends, Mark Sullivan and Ramone Perez who owns a
18:43:58 home building company, we acquired the site and wish
18:44:01 to build offices for ourselves.
18:44:02 We need three offices for our specific businesses.
18:44:06 And we all three needed some expansion.
18:44:08 So we decided this is a great site.
18:44:10 Actually went on this site about five years ago and a
18:44:15 town home developer and I believe Gloria Moreda had
18:44:18 approved 12 or 13 town homes on the site and as you
18:44:21 know the market changed somewhat and there was less
18:44:25 demand for that, came back to buy the site and put our
18:44:27 offices there.
18:44:30 That's what we have been working on quite a bit.
18:44:32 As you can see, I have got the site plan here.
18:44:43 I have a much better rendering of what we are using.

18:44:45 We are using Nelson architect.
18:44:48 They did the Jim Burke building on MacDill across
18:44:50 from the country club, several other projects around
18:44:53 town.
18:44:54 And we specifically requested some type of bungalow
18:44:57 look.
18:44:57 We are right on the edge of a historic district.
18:45:02 There were over 112 notices sent out to neighbors.
18:45:05 I met with every adjacent neighbor to the parcel.
18:45:08 Also spent several hours with Wilson at festival,
18:45:16 Gorrie, they were favorable with the project as well
18:45:18 as the adjacent neighbors.
18:45:20 We have received no calls, no questions, objections,
18:45:22 as of lunch today when I left the office, when I
18:45:26 called requesting the information.
18:45:28 We did try to contact the Board of Directors of Hyde
18:45:30 Park place on several times, sent certified letters.
18:45:33 In one ever called back.
18:45:35 That's the project to the rear.
18:45:44 It is a mixed use project.
18:45:46 As I mentioned our original plan was to have an office
18:45:49 for ourselves and put two residences on top, most

18:45:51 likely the corporations would retain one of the small
18:45:54 residences possibly as a corporate apartment.
18:45:56 The other one we would probably put on the market for
18:45:58 sale or probably sell to an employee.
18:46:02 As far as traffic downtown count, the three offices we
18:46:04 do, we come to the office and do most of our work at
18:46:07 the office.
18:46:08 The engineering firm, Mark Sullivan's firm, the staff
18:46:13 say there and work on projects.
18:46:15 He does have some surveyors that come, park their car,
18:46:19 leave.
18:46:20 We do not create a lot of traffic.
18:46:21 For me two visitors a day is a lot.
18:46:24 For a home builder to have two is a lot.
18:46:27 If we generate five to ten visitors a day, that would
18:46:31 be a lot.
18:46:32 It's not a retail type of operation.
18:46:35 Most of the employees would be parking on the rear of
18:46:37 the lot, we would access off Edison.
18:46:39 The seven spaces under the building would most likely
18:46:43 be used for visitors that could come at any time
18:46:45 during the day and access off south Boulevard.

18:46:47 We did develop the project.
18:46:49 We went to transportation first because I had some
18:46:52 concerns about the crosswalk.
18:46:54 The crosswalk literality takes up about the middle 40%
18:46:57 of our lot.
18:46:58 So we had so many feet to the north and so many feet
18:47:01 to the south.
18:47:02 We had more feet to the north.
18:47:04 So they could get through.
18:47:06 We had our driveway cut to the north.
18:47:14 We have moved the crosswalk, our access point, as far
18:47:18 north as they would let us.
18:47:20 But I don't anticipate being a huge demand on traffic.
18:47:23 I spoke to the principal at Gorrie and she was all in
18:47:26 favor of the Edison access because she said in the
18:47:30 morning south Boulevard does get quite congested.
18:47:32 I said 99% of our employees come from the west.
18:47:36 Palm Beach park, we would come in and access off
18:47:39 Edison.
18:47:39 That would be our plan.
18:47:40 We will have a stop sign and stop bumper on that
18:47:43 access on Boulevard.

18:47:47 We have not had any -- in my conversation was all the
18:47:53 neighbors, and those principals, they never talked
18:47:56 about our project.
18:47:57 All they kept talking about is, gosh, we wish we had
18:47:59 some retail within walking distance.
18:48:01 There's nowhere to get a pocket sandwich, nowhere to
18:48:05 get a coffee, nowhere to pick up your drycleaning.
18:48:09 It would be great if we could have a space to walk.
18:48:11 I mean literally the principles are like we have a
18:48:14 thousand parents dropping off kids in the morning.
18:48:16 We would love to have something when they park their
18:48:18 cars and drop something off at Gorrie or Wilson they
18:48:20 could walk down there and get something.
18:48:22 So we kind of put that in as an after-thought.
18:48:25 I kind of anticipate fill more valuable space.
18:48:29 I have a feeling when we go in with three office that
18:48:31 is 750 square feet may not be left because that's
18:48:34 originally how we had it planned.
18:48:35 We had no sense of having a restaurant or anything.
18:48:39 It would strictly be a walk in, walk out, maybe a
18:48:42 coffee shop, may be, like we said, a pre-package
18:48:45 gourmet thing where you have light sandwiches.

18:48:48 At this point we have no specific plans.
18:48:53 We did try to stay in the historic district.
18:48:59 Not to bore you, but I think it's kind of important
18:49:01 because there hasn't been a lot of mixed use in Tampa,
18:49:05 and doing a lot of research throughout the country,
18:49:08 there is a lot going on in other areas of the country,
18:49:13 and we kind of worked on that.
18:49:15 And I would like to read a couple quick excerpts which
18:49:18 I think are important.
18:49:21 There is a building in Berkeley, California that was
18:49:23 built ten years ago.
18:49:24 My architect gave me the article.
18:49:26 An award-winning building, a 98 square foot building
18:49:30 living, working, parking, living all in one small
18:49:33 corner site.
18:49:33 The edge of the downtown and the urban neighborhood.
18:49:37 In two years since its completion it already helped
18:49:40 change the neighborhood for the better.
18:49:42 Brought a business back in the neighborhood where
18:49:44 people use the coffee shop and restaurant without
18:49:46 getting in cars and making the neighborhood more
18:49:48 lively, brought back a good dwelling unit where

18:49:52 someone lives, is helping enhance the sense of living
18:49:54 within a village.
18:49:57 A study of the quality, live, in-fill can have a
18:50:02 positive effect on the ability of a neighborhood.
18:50:05 Urban live and work can be a good neighbor and
18:50:09 contribute to the sustainability of the neighborhood.
18:50:19 Quickly to jump to the rendering.
18:50:31 We tried to design a project that was not too large in
18:50:34 mass and scale.
18:50:36 At this point the majority of what you will see from
18:50:38 the street line is about 26 feet, just a little over
18:50:41 two stories.
18:50:41 We our setbacks are consistent with all the newer
18:50:48 buildings that are being built along Platt and
18:50:50 Boulevard.
18:50:52 Most are set back from five to eight feet along
18:50:55 Boulevard, side setbacks anywhere from two to five
18:50:59 feet.
18:51:02 The prior zoning on the property was a combination of
18:51:06 RM-24 and RO-1.
18:51:09 So we are actually less intense in a way because we
18:51:11 can go an RM-24 design.

18:51:18 Originally across the street from us north of Gorrie
18:51:23 was approved for six story residential buildings on
18:51:25 that site.
18:51:26 Gorrie is 39.5 feet.
18:51:27 Hyde Park place behind is 39.5.
18:51:29 And ours is 39.5.
18:51:31 So we tried to stay in the size of the neighborhood.
18:51:48 This is south Boulevard.
18:51:49 As you can see from Platt Street to Swann, there were
18:51:52 16 locations including some vacant parcels.
18:51:56 We had 11 professional offices, 5 medical offices, a
18:52:00 school, a bank and a gas station.
18:52:02 It's a mix as you can see from 25 to 35 feet in
18:52:08 height.
18:52:08 Very close setbacks up on the street.
18:52:34 A little better photo of the site there. Were four
18:52:36 oak trees of any significance, 22 inches, 35.
18:52:41 We have taken the 35-inch, the 30-inch and 19-inch.
18:52:43 We are only taking out one oak which is a 22-inch.
18:52:46 All the other trees that are being removed or
18:52:48 relocated are basically the cabbage palm scrub, the
18:52:52 kind of stuff that grows out the side and not the

18:52:54 pretty ones so there was not a whole lot of trees of
18:52:57 significance.
18:53:00 And the last, we thought and thought about the
18:53:05 objections.
18:53:08 Every single parcel -- that is interesting.
18:53:18 I didn't know about it when we were fighting about it.
18:53:21 Every single parcel from Clark to Swann on Edison,
18:53:27 every single parcel with ownership adjacent to Edison
18:53:31 either has access to Edison or access to the
18:53:34 residential side street or both.
18:53:36 The only parcel that does not is our piece and we had
18:53:40 it on the prior development.
18:53:42 So I don't think we are inconsistent with the
18:53:44 neighborhood.
18:53:46 On that request.
18:53:47 I do have a letter that I would like to submit in the
18:53:50 file from Gorrie elementary, PTA, basically to
18:53:55 paraphrase it says, keep the traffic flow where south
18:54:01 Boulevard is quite congested.
18:54:17 I'm not sure if I have anything else.
18:54:18 I would be glad if you have any.
18:54:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Hours of operation.

18:54:25 >>> We would be in there from 8 o'clock to 8 o'clock
18:54:28 30 and business hours 5 to 5:30 for the professional
18:54:31 office.
18:54:31 Of course you have the residences on top.
18:54:33 At this point, whether we use the seven or six square
18:54:37 feet, I don't know.
18:54:39 And we will be glad to conform to whatever is required
18:54:42 in the code.
18:54:44 We have the parking spaces.
18:54:46 We won't be more intense on the parking.
18:54:48 And I imagine anything we put through would be an 8 to
18:54:51 2 type of thing.
18:54:54 There's not a lot of life -- night life.
18:54:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to compliment you.
18:55:02 I think it's attractive.
18:55:04 I think it's great.
18:55:05 As a Gorrie alum there used to be a candy store, and
18:55:10 it had a lot of traffic.
18:55:11 So I think that that would probably be extremely
18:55:14 popular.
18:55:17 >>> An ice cream shop or maybe coffee.
18:55:19 But I think it would be a great little kiosk place.

18:55:22 We would like to actually -- we are actually trying to
18:55:25 under contract to purchase the property to the south,
18:55:28 which is another tear-down type building, and maybe
18:55:33 add another little type of retail similar to this or
18:55:38 continue, you know, the change of the street.
18:55:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:55:43 wants to speak on item number 5?
18:55:45 >> Move to close.
18:55:46 >> Second.
18:55:46 (Motion carried).
18:55:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Alvarez, will you read that,
18:55:51 please?
18:55:52 >>MARY ALVAREZ: An ordinance rezoning property in the
18:55:56 general vicinity of 503 south Boulevard in the city of
18:55:59 Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in
18:56:02 section 1 from zoning district classifications RO-1
18:56:07 residential office and RM-24 residential multifamily
18:56:09 to PD, planned development, mixed use, office retail,
18:56:12 and residential, providing an effective date.
18:56:14 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
18:56:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
18:56:18 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor say Aye.

18:56:20 Opposed, Nay.
18:56:20 (Motion carried).
18:56:21 Need to open number 7.
18:56:25 Motion and second.
18:56:26 (Motion carried)
18:57:20 >>> Jill Finney, Land Development Coordination.
18:57:22 I have been sworn.
18:57:23 We have Z 06-141 located at 9704 north pawnee Avenue,
18:57:29 proposing rezoning from RS-60 residential single
18:57:33 family to planned development, single-family
18:57:36 residential homes.
18:57:40 Proposing the rezonings of the property to split 9600
18:57:47 square feet to create two buildable lots.
18:57:49 The site presently has 213 feet along on north pawnee
18:57:55 Avenue. The proposed frontages are 66.7 feet on the
18:57:59 southern parcels and 46.5 feet on the northern parcel.
18:58:08 Existing home on-site will be demolished and two new
18:58:10 single-family homes constructed.
18:58:12 PD setbacks are 15 feet on the front, sides, 13 feet
18:58:16 on the side, and a rear setback of 28 feet.
18:58:20 The proposed site setback is consistent with the
18:58:22 placing of the existing home on-site.

18:58:35 You can see that the zoning in the area predominantly
18:58:38 RS-50 with a few little RS-50ment
18:58:52 There's a lot of odd shaped lots.
18:58:55 It's a diagonal.
18:59:25 This is the currently vacant lot.
18:59:35 This is to the east of the site.
18:59:48 This is from the north on pawnee looking south.
18:59:52 This is the adjacent home in the same block area.
18:59:59 Another home.
19:00:03 Land Development Coordination does have objections
19:00:07 based on the fact that on the final round, the
19:00:13 petitioner had added a note to the plan indicating
19:00:18 that refuse bins will be stored outside -- I'm sorry,
19:00:24 that they will be located within the garage, and once
19:00:26 that happens, transportation will ask them to
19:00:31 dimension the garage to show that it will fit, to have
19:00:34 the option to either do that or else add a note saying
19:00:37 that it will be placed outside in a screened area with
19:00:40 a six-foot high fencing.
19:00:48 That concludes my presentation.
19:00:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: On my site plan there are X'es
19:00:53 through the trees but when you look on the tree table

19:00:55 it looks like only one is being removed.
19:00:57 Can somebody address that?
19:01:11 >>> Mary Daniels, Land Development Coordination.
19:01:13 I have been sworn.
19:01:16 This is a -- the tree table that I have does show
19:01:25 trees that are being retained, and just a few trees
19:01:27 that are being removed.
19:01:30 Some of the trees, there was a golden Raintree which
19:01:38 is not a protected tree.
19:01:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You're okay with it?
19:01:46 >>> Yes.
19:01:47 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
19:01:57 I have been sworn.
19:01:57 The predominant land use classification for the
19:02:00 residential plan use as you can see on the overhead,
19:02:03 this piece is right at the intersection of pawnee and
19:02:11 Tacoma.
19:02:15 I think you all can see by the parcelizations, quite a
19:02:21 variety of different types of lots.
19:02:28 It's pretty much all over the place as far as
19:02:31 consistency with planning and development uses.
19:02:36 The way they are juxtaposed, giving you a variety of

19:02:46 uses.
19:02:49 The continuity of any kind of consistency and pattern.
19:02:53 Planning Commission staff really had no -- again,
19:02:56 probably very similar to what we talked about on
19:03:00 MacDill.
19:03:03 Over here you do have such a different variety.
19:03:07 But we are only talking about of those, the number of
19:03:11 units that we are talking about, and being placed over
19:03:15 here, and again talking about some newer homes in an
19:03:19 area with some newer houses.
19:03:26 Planning Commission staff had no objections to the
19:03:31 proposed request.
19:03:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:03:45 >>> Steve Allison.
19:03:46 I have been sworn.
19:03:47 I'm here tonight representing a petitioner Lisa
19:03:54 Montelione.
19:03:56 She's also my friend.
19:03:57 Also here tonight is David Bilyeu, a professional
19:04:01 engineer, should you have any questions of a more
19:04:03 technical nature particularly in regard to stormwater.
19:04:06 Lisa asked me to help her on this matter, but in fact

19:04:11 I think my help was not really needed.
19:04:14 She's done a very good job in formulating the site
19:04:16 plan.
19:04:17 She's responded to all the concerns raised by city
19:04:20 staff over time.
19:04:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Let me see if Lisa did a good job.
19:04:24 Does anyone in the public want to speak on item number
19:04:26 7?
19:04:28 Okay.
19:04:29 You have to go ahead.
19:04:30 You have one.
19:04:31 You have one person.
19:04:32 Now keep on going.
19:04:35 >>> Okay.
19:04:43 Importantly, Lisa lives just a few houses from the
19:04:45 site of the rezoning.
19:04:46 She is invested in the neighborhood.
19:04:47 She plans to remain a neighborhood resident
19:04:50 indefinitely.
19:04:51 The zoning is to enable development of two single
19:04:54 family detached homes.
19:04:56 They would be approximately 1100 square feet, 3

19:04:59 bedroom, 2-bath units with front porches and attached
19:05:03 garage.
19:05:03 They would replace a structure on-site that is in a
19:05:08 state of disrepair, it has historically been a rental
19:05:12 property, and that would go away.
19:05:15 We do concur with the findings of your staff and the
19:05:18 Planning Commission.
19:05:20 There's a few items in those reports that I would like
19:05:23 to highlight.
19:05:25 First, they make several quotations of the purpose of
19:05:29 the planned development.
19:05:30 One is to promote the efficient and sustainable use of
19:05:34 land and infrastructure.
19:05:35 That's exactly what in-fill development is supposed to
19:05:37 be about, and that's what this is.
19:05:40 PDs are to allow flexibility in the redevelopment of
19:05:43 the older areas of the city the.
19:05:47 The design of development should be comparable to the
19:05:51 neighborhood.
19:05:51 These were all positive findings.
19:05:54 They also found the architectural feature of the
19:05:57 addition of front porches to be a positive.

19:05:59 Planning Commission found the report consistent with
19:06:03 policy 3.3-B, also consistent with policy D-3.1,
19:06:09 calling for integrated development through creation of
19:06:13 like or complementary uses.
19:06:15 I think most on target was the request was found
19:06:19 consistent with housing element policy 2-1-3 which
19:06:24 states the city will ensure the land development
19:06:26 regulation to provide for varying and innovative
19:06:29 housing types and location including the affordable
19:06:34 housing unit while preserving the character of the
19:06:36 existing neighborhood.
19:06:38 Planning Commission staff concluded in that regard
19:06:40 that this policy indicates the city's desire to
19:06:44 compatible integrated development.
19:06:46 The request for rezoning is appropriate in-fill that
19:06:50 is consistent with the existing character of the
19:06:51 neighborhood.
19:06:54 We have done a little bit of additional research.
19:06:57 I'll go over it very briefly.
19:07:15 We looked at the 25 homes immediately surrounding the
19:07:20 site.
19:07:23 First in regard to the size of those homes.

19:07:26 In this neighborhood the size ranged from a small --
19:07:30 the smallest was 792 square feet of heated area.
19:07:33 The largest was 1958.
19:07:36 The median housing size in this immediate neighborhood
19:07:39 is 1269 square feet, which is very comparable to what
19:07:45 we are proposing.
19:07:52 The proposed lots, of course, are smaller than what's
19:07:57 currently allowed under RS-60.
19:08:01 But when you look at the specifics of the site plan to
19:08:07 careful placement of these structures, done for
19:08:09 multiple purposes, one of which was to save trees --
19:08:12 and I'll mention that more in a minute -- but in
19:08:14 fact -- is this on?
19:08:19 Our setbacks to the south RS-60 requires a 7-foot
19:08:28 setbacks.
19:08:28 We are providing setbacks of 12 feet to the north, 7
19:08:33 feet is required.
19:08:34 We have 6 feet to the garage.
19:08:38 To the rear, to our neighbors here, the 20-foot
19:08:42 setback is required under the current zoning.
19:08:44 We have setbacks of approximately 30 feet.
19:08:49 So in terms of the perceived impact from adjacent

19:08:53 properties, it could actually be less for our proposal
19:08:57 than what would be allowed under the current zoning.
19:09:01 In regard to trees, we did provide a report into the
19:09:05 record by a certified arborist.
19:09:08 There's no grand oaks to the property.
19:09:10 There are two oaks of some significance, both of which
19:09:13 will be preserved.
19:09:14 Otherwise, they will be preserved due to structure,
19:09:19 placement and construction techniques pursuant to city
19:09:22 code.
19:09:22 There are some exotic invasive species on the site
19:09:26 which will be removed.
19:09:29 Traffic, of course, is negligible for this situation
19:09:33 and is documented by your staff.
19:09:36 The only concern that we have heard in regard to this
19:09:40 proposal is a fear of rental housing.
19:09:45 I can state honestly on the record that that is not
19:09:47 the intent of the petitioner.
19:09:50 Her intent is to build them and sell them to new
19:09:53 families.
19:09:56 If there was a means to provide legal assurances I
19:09:59 would certainly do so.

19:10:00 I don't think such means exist.
19:10:01 But if they did we would certainly do so.
19:10:07 Logically, this is not a neighborhood where you would
19:10:09 do that, where you would redevelop it for that
19:10:12 purpose.
19:10:13 There's a very low incidence of rental housing.
19:10:15 And, in fact, a benefit of the rezoning is to
19:10:19 eliminate the rental housing that is currently there
19:10:22 in favor two of new homes.
19:10:24 We do have 17 letters signed by adjacent neighbors,
19:10:30 all in support of this petition, most of whom live in
19:10:35 the immediate vicinity.
19:10:37 We also have a letter from the Terrace Park civic
19:10:41 association acknowledging the meeting that we had.
19:10:46 They can't take a formal position but they did
19:10:50 appreciate the communication.
19:10:51 We truly feel this is a rezoning that is at the right
19:10:55 time in the right place and in the best interest of
19:10:57 this neighborhood.
19:10:58 And we are available for any questions.
19:11:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
19:11:03 wants to speak on item 7?

19:11:08 Come on up.
19:11:10 We have a question for you.
19:11:12 >>MARY ALVAREZ: How do you address the two objections
19:11:17 of the garage --
19:11:19 >>> Procedurally staff would have to tell me to answer
19:11:22 that.
19:11:22 It's simply a matter of the trash facility.
19:11:26 Either we'll put it in the garage if we can fit it.
19:11:29 We made some manipulation to the site plan in the
19:11:32 placement of that garage to save a tree.
19:11:35 Whatever is required by city staff, we will certainly
19:11:38 comply with.
19:11:40 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, is this a garage, a minimum of
19:11:45 14 by 24?
19:11:47 I see where these are like nine feet.
19:11:55 It looks like the garages are 9 feet.
19:12:02 Is that right, Gayle?
19:12:05 Jill or Gayle?
19:12:06 What's your name, Jill?
19:12:10 >>> Jill Finney: Yes, Jill.
19:12:13 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I like Gayle.
19:12:14 [ Laughter ]

19:12:20 >>> Transportation.
19:12:20 I have been sworn.
19:12:21 The garage actually measures 10 by 22, which is
19:12:25 sufficient for a one-car garage.
19:12:29 We are going to need to take the bins in there we need
19:12:32 to make another four by four for it, where they place
19:12:36 a note on the side plans if they are going to keep
19:12:39 them outside.
19:12:53 >>> I'm not quite sure what to do.
19:13:00 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in?
19:13:02 >>> No.
19:13:05 (Oath administered by Clerk)
19:13:11 >>> I am having to do this myself.
19:13:12 I don't have anyone to represent me so I'm a little
19:13:14 nervous.
19:13:15 Be patient with me, please.
19:13:16 My name is Cathy Muller and I live at 9706 pawnee and
19:13:22 I have been sworn in.
19:13:22 And I live on the adjacent north site property.
19:13:27 You I owned my home for 30 years and it's my most
19:13:30 major investment.
19:13:33 I have seen the neighborhood change over the years but

19:13:34 I do not feel this is going to be a good change for
19:13:36 the area.
19:13:37 The property is really too small to accommodate two
19:13:40 homes without infringing upon the setbacks.
19:13:43 To go forward, the street is pretty heavily congested
19:13:47 in that area southbound, and you have two stormwater
19:13:52 drains.
19:13:52 I have pictures I can show you on that.
19:13:55 I think this will only set a precedent for others that
19:14:00 sell their land and decide they have to force
19:14:04 something in.
19:14:05 I'm also concerned that the closeness of the two homes
19:14:08 together, I talked to the fire marshal and he says it
19:14:14 definitely does increase, if a fire starts, to jump
19:14:18 one to the other and the trees that we've in the area
19:14:20 as well.
19:14:21 I have a petition that I took around, because people
19:14:25 in the area are older and they can't come down here,
19:14:28 or they have small children, so there's issues with
19:14:31 that.
19:14:32 And I have 26 signatures on it.
19:14:34 And it was around the block.

19:14:37 And I have all of the adjacent neighborhoods -- all
19:14:43 the adjacent properties as well.
19:14:46 Who wants those?
19:14:48 Here is a picture of homes that are across.
19:15:25 Other than the pawnee addresses at that corner.
19:15:28 You can see the difference between the houses is
19:15:30 greater than what the setbacks dictate.
19:15:36 My house, on the picture it shows smaller than what it
19:15:41 was.
19:15:41 The fence is here.
19:15:49 The other house is very close.
19:15:51 I very much object to that.
19:16:04 This is pawnee.
19:16:05 This is where the current driveway is.
19:16:07 This is a stormwater drain here.
19:16:12 One here.
19:16:12 Fire hydrant over here.
19:16:12 So when you make this corner, you have another
19:16:21 driveway here.
19:16:25 Mine is behind this car.
19:16:27 They have theirs over here.
19:16:32 By the time you get going, the other house is between.

19:16:37 So it's kind of jogging around.
19:16:40 You have these kind of issues.
19:16:43 This is a little better from my house over here is the
19:16:46 property line.
19:16:47 (Bell sounds).
19:16:48 This is pawnee.
19:16:49 You can see the existing driveway here.
19:16:52 And they have another driveway here, which is like not
19:16:55 room.
19:16:55 I don't see how they can possibly do anything.
19:16:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Your time is up.
19:16:59 You have to wrap it up.
19:17:00 Your time is up.
19:17:02 >>> Okay.
19:17:02 This is just the property itself.
19:17:03 And you can see where it juts over here.
19:17:08 So.
19:17:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
19:17:12 Thank you.
19:17:13 Petitioner, do you want to come up for rebuttal?
19:17:37 >>> Good evening.
19:17:38 I'm Lisa Montelione.

19:17:44 I own the property and I live down the street.
19:17:46 I have been a resident for nine and a half years.
19:17:52 The question as to any of the issues that have been
19:17:57 raised by the neighbors, unfortunately I spent some
19:18:01 time out of town around the holiday when the notice
19:18:04 letters went out, and visiting family.
19:18:06 And I wasn't able to talk to all of the neighbors as
19:18:11 quickly or as efficiently as I would have liked to.
19:18:14 But I did go to -- I walked the neighborhood on the
19:18:18 weekends, and talked to everyone that I could talk to,
19:18:22 showed them the site plan, talked about what my plans
19:18:26 for the property were, addressed any of their
19:18:28 concerns, and I found once they understood the
19:18:33 project, they did either have no feeling either way,
19:18:38 or, yeah, it's going to be built there and that's
19:18:42 fine, I don't really object either way.
19:18:44 Some of them were very much for it.
19:18:46 And I have 16 letters, and I think Mr. Ellison showed
19:18:53 you the map of where those 16 letters of support came
19:18:55 from, and the zoning immediately adjacent to the rear
19:18:59 did agree with the project and does like the project.
19:19:05 Any concerns about traffic in the area on adding one

19:19:09 single-family residence to the neighborhood, and Mr.
19:19:17 Gentry addressed that concern and i.e. mailed him to
19:19:20 ask him that question and he said the addition of one
19:19:22 single-family residence is negligible from a
19:19:28 transportation view of pad add -- adding traffic to
19:19:30 the street.
19:19:31 I'm familiar with traffic on the street.
19:19:32 I live there.
19:19:33 I drive it every day in and out of work.
19:19:39 I've never seen or had a problem at that intersection
19:19:44 getting in, getting out.
19:19:45 And coming and going during rush hour when I leave for
19:19:50 Bork and when I come home.
19:19:55 That's it.
19:19:55 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I have a question.
19:19:57 Ma'am, looked like there was some duplication on the
19:20:02 signatures.
19:20:02 Some people signed in favor and some signed as being
19:20:05 against.
19:20:06 >>> That is true.
19:20:13 Like I say, when the notices went out, I was out of
19:20:15 town.

19:20:16 When I came back I made every attempt to visit the
19:20:18 neighbors and talk to them.
19:20:19 And several of them were not given the benefit of the
19:20:24 fact of the review of the site plan, or what the plans
19:20:30 actually were for the property, what I had filed with
19:20:33 the city, and they went ahead and signed the petition.
19:20:37 When I went back and I talked to some of these folks,
19:20:41 they said, well, you should have come to us sooner
19:20:44 because we already signed the petition against.
19:20:47 And I said, well, why did you do that?
19:20:51 I live in the neighborhood.
19:20:52 I know most of these people.
19:20:55 >> Do you know your neighbors next door?
19:20:57 >>> I'm sorry?
19:20:58 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Do you know your neighbor next door?
19:21:00 >>> I have been to a civic association.
19:21:03 We have never met.
19:21:05 But I own two dogs and I walk them on a regular basis.
19:21:07 And for nine years, I have never seen her outside or
19:21:11 had an opportunity to chat with her.
19:21:13 The neighbor immediately north adjacent to hers, so
19:21:17 they would be the property I own, Mrs. Miller's

19:21:20 property, and then the adjacent, she's the handwritten
19:21:24 letter.
19:21:24 She wanted to be here tonight.
19:21:26 But her husband was taken ill and is in the hospital.
19:21:29 They took him to the hospital this morning.
19:21:31 So she called me up.
19:21:33 She said, they took Barry to the hospital and I can't
19:21:35 come down there but I'll write you a letter and I'll
19:21:38 leave it on the porch and come pick it up.
19:21:39 And that's why it's handwritten.
19:21:49 >> Do a lot in the neighborhood talk --
19:21:53 >>> No, I haven't had the opportunity.
19:21:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:21:56 Anyone else want to speak?
19:22:04 >> Robert Fenton.
19:22:05 I have been sworn in.
19:22:06 My wife Janice and I own a home at north pawnee been
19:22:11 there since 1983 and we are in support of building two
19:22:14 new affordable homes on our street.
19:22:16 And removing a present eyesore.
19:22:20 Thank you.
19:22:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

19:22:21 Anyone else?
19:22:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
19:22:24 >> Second.
19:22:24 (Motion carried).
19:22:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I see a hand.
19:22:29 >>GWEN MILLER: If you are going to speak, please get
19:22:31 up.
19:22:31 Anyone else that's going to speak, please get up and
19:22:34 speak.
19:22:37 >>> My name is Joshua Gary and I have been sworn.
19:22:39 I live at 9814 north pawnee Avenue.
19:22:42 And I'm for the new houses.
19:22:46 It can only enhance the neighborhood.
19:22:48 Brand new homes.
19:22:49 A lot of houses are old.
19:22:50 The one there obviously you have seen the pictures; is
19:22:54 run-down and I think will only enhance the
19:22:57 neighborhood and bring value to the neighborhood.
19:22:59 And all the adjacent properties.
19:23:00 Thank you.
19:23:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:23:02 We can close the public hearing.

19:23:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
19:23:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Wait, wait.
19:23:08 I need to ask staff a question that we need to do
19:23:11 before we close the hearing.
19:23:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Come on, staff.
19:23:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And that is the question of, can
19:23:15 you tell us how the petitioner can meet your
19:23:18 objections about --
19:23:23 >>> Yes.
19:23:23 The dimension, the garage on the site plan, which
19:23:25 would show, you know, whether or not they had enough
19:23:27 room, or else add a note saying that the bins will be
19:23:35 stored outside behind the facilities, screening.
19:23:50 It will put them in a continuance situation adding the
19:23:54 note.
19:23:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to ask the petitioner
19:23:57 would you like to ask for a petitioner to put that
19:23:59 note on there?
19:24:03 >>> I wasn't familiar with the procedures, I guess.
19:24:07 And I had e-mailed Jill when that issue came up.
19:24:13 I will do both.
19:24:14 I will next the garage and put a note on the plan.

19:24:19 How many copies do you want me to bring to the
19:24:21 meeting?
19:24:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: At least 20.
19:24:24 [ Laughter ]
19:24:25 >>> As she said at that time, we can't introduce
19:24:27 anything once the final comments came out.
19:24:30 But I would have brought them here tonight, or even
19:24:34 hand-write.
19:24:35 >> Do you have them ready to go?
19:24:40 >> Yes.
19:24:41 Absolutely.
19:24:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Can we have first reading or second
19:24:44 reading and be sure that is written on there?
19:24:52 >>> Donna Wysong, legal department.
19:24:54 What was the question?
19:24:55 >> Can we have first reading and make sure everything
19:24:57 is written on the plan?
19:24:59 >>> No, I'm sorry.
19:25:00 Unfortunately if there's going to be any change to the
19:25:02 plan we have to move it to first reading again.
19:25:04 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Of course that's going to be changed
19:25:06 when the time is brought back up.

19:25:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: How quickly can --
19:25:13 >>> Bring it back for first reading again?
19:25:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: This week?
19:25:18 >> Two weeks.
19:25:20 >> Daytime?
19:25:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Daytime.
19:25:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to continue for two weeks,
19:25:25 daytime.
19:25:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Make that the 2nd.
19:25:41 >>> (off microphone)
19:25:48 >>> The gentleman who prepared the site plan for me,
19:25:54 he's not working tomorrow.
19:25:55 He's taking a long weekend.
19:25:56 But if I could, if it's acceptable, if I could bring
19:26:01 write an additional note and make it note number 18,
19:26:05 that the 4 by 4-foot, 6-foot fence enclosure, would be
19:26:11 added to the plan, living in the neighborhood, there's
19:26:17 not one neighbor in my neighborhood that puts their
19:26:21 can in the garage.
19:26:22 They are all outside.
19:26:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: This is a new rule.
19:26:30 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion.

19:26:33 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I will tell you that I am not sold
19:26:40 on the project right now.
19:26:42 This is my district.
19:26:43 And I am jealously protected of this neighborhood.
19:26:50 I think it's a neighborhood that's coming back.
19:26:51 A beautiful location, very close to a nice little park
19:26:58 that the City of Tampa is putting a lot of money into
19:27:00 refurbishing.
19:27:04 >>> I appreciate that.
19:27:05 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I think you can use a little more
19:27:07 imagination with your elevations.
19:27:09 The elevations that I saw, they don't look like they
19:27:12 are going to add much to the neighborhood.
19:27:14 And I think that if you come back with something a
19:27:16 little bit more creative, you might sway some of that
19:27:21 opinion on the people who have been opposed to this.
19:27:24 It looks -- we are seeing this sort of in-fill all
19:27:28 over north Tampa now.
19:27:29 And eight years ago I thought that was probably a
19:27:32 great thing because in-fill in north Tampa was good.
19:27:36 No matter where we were.
19:27:37 Now, north Tampa is coming back like the rest of

19:27:40 Tampa, too.
19:27:40 And I think that we are going to have to address the
19:27:43 way that our in-fill housing works even if it is
19:27:46 affordable housing.
19:27:48 >>> And I agree with you.
19:27:49 One of the reasons why I wanted to purchase this
19:27:52 property is because I witnessed other builders
19:27:56 building the in-fill in my neighborhood.
19:27:58 And frankly, I really don't like it.
19:28:02 I mean, the stucco, plain front, cookie cutter house
19:28:07 isn't what I want to see in my neighborhood either.
19:28:10 And just because I don't have a lot of money and
19:28:12 didn't have really nice elevations but the front
19:28:15 porches, you know, I can come back with better
19:28:19 pictures and better elevations.
19:28:21 I'll bring that for you.
19:28:23 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I really think just a bit of
19:28:24 creativity.
19:28:25 And show that to the folks that were next door.
19:28:29 I'm very interested in their opinion.
19:28:31 They are the most intimately affected by it.
19:28:34 You can screen it, put some vegetation up or something

19:28:37 like that.
19:28:39 >>> Okay.
19:28:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: I would also agree that you probably
19:28:46 need to use a little more imagination.
19:28:51 We see two sets of petitions.
19:28:54 And you have got almost equal numbers of those who are
19:28:58 opposed and those who are for it.
19:29:02 I did hear a few comments that this will be a
19:29:07 beautification.
19:29:07 But some of those in the community don't want it
19:29:13 there.
19:29:14 I think you can work out to them and work out some
19:29:16 relationship with them, that this will be an asset to
19:29:19 your community.
19:29:22 Those will be disappointed when we have almost equal
19:29:25 numbers sign a petition opposing as well as
19:29:27 supporting.
19:29:29 I just offer that.
19:29:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, three weeks will bring you
19:29:35 to a daytime meeting.
19:29:36 Is that council's intention?
19:29:46 Four weeks would give you sufficient time.

19:29:48 Is that acceptable to the petitioner? Four weeks in
19:29:49 the evening?
19:29:50 >>CHAIRMAN: We need a motion to continue for four
19:29:53 weeks.
19:29:54 >> So moved.
19:29:55 >> Second.
19:29:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to continue for four
19:29:58 weeks at 6 p.m.
19:29:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Can I have the date, please?
19:30:04 February 22nd.
19:30:05 Thank you.
19:30:06 (Motion carried).
19:30:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to open item number 8.
19:30:09 >> So moved.
19:30:10 >> Second.
19:30:10 Thank you.
19:30:45 >>> Jill Finney, Land Development Coordination.
19:30:47 I have been sworn.
19:30:48 The next petition is Z-06-142 located at 3109 north
19:30:56 OLA Avenue and 206 west Plymouth street. The site is
19:31:00 currently zoned RS-50 residential single family with a
19:31:05 requested retention to PD planned development with a

19:31:08 use of bed and breakfast, Hostel.
19:31:15 The to bring the existing use of bed and breakfast use
19:31:18 into compliance with current zoning regulation.
19:31:21 The site contains approximately 6050 square feet with
19:31:26 110 feet of frontage along Plymouth street, and 55
19:31:31 feet of frontage on north OLA Avenue.
19:31:35 The PD setbacks are one foot from the front, one foot
19:31:38 side, and a rear setback of two feet.
19:31:42 The proposed setback is consistent with the placement
19:31:44 of the existing structure.
19:32:03 The site is located in a predominantly RS-50 area, the
19:32:07 playground to the west of the cemetery and single
19:32:10 family houses to the northeast.
19:32:16 We can get a better observation of that.
19:32:32 There's a picture of the site.
19:32:33 A corner lot.
19:32:34 This is north.
19:32:39 This is north on Plymouth looking south.
19:32:49 This is from the west looking east on OLA.
19:33:01 Another view of the site.
19:33:06 The neighbor to the south.
19:33:14 This is the cemetery but just north of this park.

19:33:29 There's another view.
19:33:30 And this is the backside.
19:33:37 This is the alley immediately abutting the property.
19:33:49 Transportation does have objections to the project.
19:33:54 And I can let transportation speak to their concerns.
19:33:57 I do have almost 60 letters of support through the
19:34:01 neighborhood association, as well as several national
19:34:05 and international.
19:34:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you have Ms. Amparo's letter in
19:34:28 opposition?
19:34:29 >>> No, Ernesto received any letters in opposition.
19:34:38 >> I would just state transportation's objection
19:34:40 objecting to the five foot sidewalk in the
19:34:43 right-of-way abutting the property line.
19:34:49 But they are not providing an ADA parking space.
19:34:53 And anything in the right-of-way needs to be going
19:35:01 through the permitting process for the city of
19:35:02 transportation division.
19:35:10 That concludes staff presentation.
19:35:14 >> The site plan that we have shows an ADA parking
19:35:17 space.
19:35:18 Do you know what the basis for the objection --

19:35:21 >>> Yes, it's not the proper dimensions of what it
19:35:24 needs to be.
19:35:28 >> This is a rather transient use.
19:35:30 People who come here aren't generally people who need
19:35:33 transportation.
19:35:37 The ADA has never been an issue knew this site.
19:35:44 They have been at the site having the use for over 20
19:35:48 years.
19:35:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff?
19:35:58 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
19:36:00 I have been sworn in.
19:36:04 As it relates to the land use, land use categories,
19:36:08 the question is land use designation of residential
19:36:11 single family detached residential uses which is
19:36:14 really the predominant use of your existing
19:36:17 environment east of OLA Avenue.
19:36:21 The park to the west and identified as recreational
19:36:23 space and you have the cemetery located to the
19:36:28 northwest of the site.
19:36:30 Another interesting situation here, this happens to be
19:36:40 the boundary lane for part of the western terminus of
19:36:43 the enterprise zone of which this property happens to

19:36:46 be within.
19:36:47 The enterprise zone goes along Plymouth and goes up
19:36:50 along OLA.
19:36:54 So most of this property, this segment that goes south
19:36:59 of Columbus drive, and the western terminus of where
19:37:03 most of the enterprise zone, where part of this area
19:37:07 begins.
19:37:08 So this part is right within the boundaries of the
19:37:11 program which allows a little bit of latitude for the
19:37:14 city to possibly use provisions to encourage economic
19:37:21 development within the area.
19:37:23 That being said, that may be a little bit of a stretch
19:37:26 for this particular parcel.
19:37:27 However, this parcel has been operating as this use
19:37:32 for a significant amount of time, and tried to weave
19:37:39 itself into the fabric of the area.
19:37:44 Ten or twelve years ago there was a parcel to the east
19:37:47 of the site but the original parcel around the corner
19:37:50 has been there serving this use for a significant
19:37:53 amount of time.
19:37:54 We have driven the area, and it is pretty much as far
19:38:01 as fencing is concerned, I believe that's the nature

19:38:04 of what they have there, and the reason that the
19:38:06 applicant is before you this evening is because of the
19:38:08 constraint that they have imposed upon the property in
19:38:10 having to come in for a PD now to ask for, I think, a
19:38:13 waiver of what would normally have been code
19:38:15 enforcement type issues, and I think is one of the
19:38:18 main reasons why they had to come into the area.
19:38:20 What I do know about the site also is the site is not
19:38:24 any adverse impact as far as the use itself to the
19:38:28 neighbors in the immediate area.
19:38:29 We have not heard -- we have not received any reports
19:38:33 of any significant of transportation.
19:38:43 That being the case Planning Commission staff,
19:38:46 objections find it consistent with the Planning
19:38:47 Commission staff.
19:38:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:38:58 >>> Good evening, council.
19:39:00 I'm representing the property owner and I have been
19:39:02 sworn in.
19:39:05 Sarah Romo.
19:39:07 I am only going to speak very briefly because I
19:39:08 believe we have about 20 people in the audience

19:39:10 tonight that would like to speak to this request.
19:39:15 We have already presented with you about 60 letters in
19:39:19 support of this project.
19:39:21 I was just handed two minutes ago a letter that is
19:39:24 objecting.
19:39:26 Just scanning over briefly, a number of the objections
19:39:29 seem to have to do with code violations which have
19:39:31 been corrected at this point.
19:39:35 What we are seeking to do is to come into compliance
19:39:39 with an existing property.
19:39:41 There will be no changes on the property as it exists,
19:39:44 and have operated for the last 18 or 20 years.
19:39:48 The owner of the property has owned and occupied the
19:39:52 property for 30 years.
19:39:54 And you will notice in the letters repeatedly, the
19:39:57 neighborhood, all the surrounding neighbors are in
19:40:00 full support of this.
19:40:01 Due to the fact that when Mr. Holland came in he tried
19:40:10 a bit of rehabilitation of other homes.
19:40:12 So I think what I would like to do, before we go any
19:40:15 further, is perhaps allow some of the other people to
19:40:18 speak, if that would be all right with the council,

19:40:20 and then I'll be on hand for any rebuttal.
19:40:23 >>GWEN MILLER: That's fine.
19:40:24 Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on
19:40:26 item number 8, please?
19:40:27 Come up and speak.
19:40:30 >>> Particularly could I ask if you would allow them
19:40:32 to introduce themselves, then I could speak further.
19:40:39 >>> Good evening.
19:40:41 Officer Scott, Tampa police and I also was sworn in.
19:40:44 I was asked to come here and speak on behalf of this
19:40:48 establishment.
19:40:49 I have been the community officer in Tampa Heights for
19:40:50 four years.
19:40:52 I'm not here to tell you to approve or disapprove it.
19:40:55 I am just going to give you my synopsis of what it's
19:40:58 been.
19:40:58 In the four years that I have been the officer I have
19:41:00 never received a complaint on that property.
19:41:02 Nor have I ever investigated any problems related to
19:41:05 that property. The only thing I saw in the records
19:41:08 background were criminal mischief and burglary, auto
19:41:11 burglary, stuff related to cars parked out side, one

19:41:15 being the owner's vehicle, stuff like that.
19:41:18 I talked with the president of Tampa Heights civic
19:41:20 association as well as the Board of Directors last
19:41:22 week asking if they minded me coming up here.
19:41:26 They are all in support of keeping this establishment
19:41:29 there.
19:41:31 I could just tell you from my experience I don't see
19:41:33 any harm from what's going on there.
19:41:40 I never heard anything negative.
19:41:43 I have much more problems with other residential
19:41:45 things in the area than that particular establishment.
19:41:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:41:55 >>CHAIRMAN: Does anyone else need to be sworn?
19:41:57 Please raise your right hand.
19:41:59 Please stand and raise your rate hand.
19:42:04 (Oath administered by Clerk).
19:42:09 >>MARTIN SHELBY: For those of how came in late, would
19:42:11 you please state your name, reaffirm that you have
19:42:13 been sworn?
19:42:14 Thank you.
19:42:16 >>> My name is Sherri king, 918 West Virginia Avenue,
19:42:19 Tampa 33603.

19:42:21 I'm not here representing the Riverside Heights Civic
19:42:23 Association.
19:42:25 We don't get involved in other neighborhood issues but
19:42:28 I am representing myself and others who called me to
19:42:33 ask me to come and speak in favor of the petition.
19:42:38 We feel the establishment is an asset to the entire
19:42:40 community.
19:42:43 I know that council, code enforcement, land
19:42:46 development, legal staff, the city staff, is well
19:42:50 aware that there are other businesses operating
19:42:54 without the proper zoning.
19:42:55 There's one less than a mile from Mr. Holland's place,
19:42:58 which I brought to council's attention.
19:43:01 And our neighborhood has accepted the explanation that
19:43:05 this business is now set for the community.
19:43:08 Well, that being the case, this business is a triple
19:43:11 asset to the community.
19:43:12 It's an asset not only to Tampa and the area,
19:43:15 nationally, internationally, and I happen to have
19:43:18 firsthand knowledge of this because I volunteer at the
19:43:21 Ybor City museum.
19:43:22 And whenever people come for a tour, I ask them where

19:43:26 they are from, and where they are staying.
19:43:28 And invariably, especially the Europeans will tell me
19:43:31 they are either staying at a mom and pop place on the
19:43:34 beach in Pinellas County or they are staying in Gram's
19:43:38 Place especially the younger people.
19:43:40 I want possibly to realize that he serves a niche, and
19:43:48 he caters to the people that travel.
19:43:51 I don't do this myself.
19:43:53 I probably, like you, stay in a hotel, turn on the
19:43:56 cable, I think it's a great night if no one speaks to
19:43:59 me.
19:43:59 That's not what he caters to. He caters to Europeans
19:44:02 and people in this country that want to visit with
19:44:05 someone, that want to have a drink with someone, that
19:44:08 want to learn about another culture, that want to sit
19:44:10 down and share.
19:44:11 And that's the niche he's deserving and it's an
19:44:14 important niche.
19:44:15 Not only that, but the Europeans go there, people that
19:44:20 are transfer -- transferred here for business, they
19:44:24 often stay with him to try to get the feel about the
19:44:26 city and try to decide where to live.

19:44:29 A reasonable place for them to stay.
19:44:31 Many artists that perform in different venues stay
19:44:34 with him.
19:44:35 They feel comfortable there.
19:44:36 You know, he's an artsy kind of guy.
19:44:38 He's got a great collection of memorabilia, that I
19:44:42 invite any of you to come see.
19:44:44 And so I hope that, you know, you will try to -- I
19:44:53 hope that we can keep a little bit of Cosmopolitan
19:44:56 flair, international flair.
19:44:57 It won't hurt Tampa.
19:44:58 It's good for all of us.
19:45:00 Hopefully I can thank you ahead of time for your
19:45:02 support.
19:45:03 Thank you very much.
19:45:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
19:45:07 >>> My name is Valerie Valdez.
19:45:09 And I have been sworn in.
19:45:12 I'm a resident in the neighborhood.
19:45:15 And Mr. Holland is my neighbor.
19:45:16 I live directly across the street from him.
19:45:20 I have been a neighbor of his for the past 15 years.

19:45:24 And Mr. Holland and I have a relationship now as a
19:45:30 neighbor.
19:45:34 He allowed us to open our doors to each other and our
19:45:36 families.
19:45:37 He's come over to our house for Thanksgiving.
19:45:40 I have gone over to his home.
19:45:41 And he's been very instrumental in the neighborhood.
19:45:46 As far as streetlight put up for us in the
19:45:48 neighborhood.
19:45:51 Unfortunately an accident had to happen on that
19:45:53 corner.
19:45:53 And also when I moved in the neighborhood, he was
19:45:57 instrumental in helping the park over there, clean it
19:46:02 up, because there was a lot of drug activity over
19:46:04 there.
19:46:05 But now the neighborhood is worthy now.
19:46:07 And I thank God for that.
19:46:10 Also, Mr. Holland is a very likeable person.
19:46:15 And the lady has pretty much said it all about people
19:46:20 that come in and out over there.
19:46:21 And I have children, too.
19:46:23 So I know that he's very respectable to me, I'm

19:46:26 respectable to him, have no complaints whatsoever in
19:46:31 the past 15 years that we have been neighbors.
19:46:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I have a question for you.
19:46:39 We received a letter from his next door neighbor at
19:46:42 3107.
19:46:45 Do you know her?
19:46:47 Marian Amparo?
19:46:51 >>> Where does she live?
19:46:53 >> She's at 3107 and Mr. Holland at 3109 OLA.
19:46:59 >>> And I'm 3201 OLA.
19:47:02 North OLA.
19:47:03 >> Anyway, I think she said she's right next door to
19:47:06 him on OLA.
19:47:07 But, anyway, so you don't know her.
19:47:10 She has some problems.
19:47:11 She has some issues about the property.
19:47:13 We don't know her, you haven't talked to her.
19:47:16 She says she's out of the country.
19:47:17 That's the last part of her letter to us.
19:47:19 She says unfortunately I'm out of the country.
19:47:22 It not possible for me to be here.
19:47:24 I'm just wondering if you talked to her.

19:47:26 >>> No.
19:47:33 >>> I would like to thank council for letting me take
19:47:35 the time to speak.
19:47:36 I have been sworn in.
19:47:40 My name is Molly Bruce and I own 204 west Plymouth
19:47:44 street which is located right next to Mark Holland's
19:47:48 property.
19:47:49 While visiting my childhood neighborhood.
19:47:52 And I stayed at Gram's Place several weekends some six
19:47:56 years ago.
19:47:57 Through Mark I found this property.
19:47:58 It was a derelict cottage that probably most would
19:48:01 have torn down.
19:48:03 I suppose reconstruct. This property was used as a
19:48:09 dumping ground for trash and junk vehicles and was
19:48:12 infested with rats and vermin.
19:48:14 I found the neighborhood intriguing.
19:48:16 And I invested.
19:48:18 Mark Holland was the catalyst for one more person
19:48:21 contributing to the restoration of this neighborhood.
19:48:24 I was able to rekindle my love for Tampa, and all the
19:48:27 amenities the city provides.

19:48:32 I'm a member of Tampa Theatre, member of Tampa zoo, I
19:48:35 go to Ruth Eckerd hall, I pay my taxes, I frequent the
19:48:38 market in Ybor City.
19:48:40 I lovingly restored my property.
19:48:43 All of this is through a visit to a quiet little
19:48:46 corner of the world called Gram's Place.
19:48:48 Mr. Holland seems very unconventional to some.
19:48:51 To me coming to Tampa is my peace and my sanctuary.
19:48:55 And Mark is one of the many reasons that I reconfirmed
19:48:59 my past with the Tampa Bay area.
19:49:01 We have a cultural diversity that matches very few
19:49:06 places in the world.
19:49:08 Gram's Place contributes.
19:49:12 When we had the hurricanes come through Gram's Place
19:49:15 did take a beating but the doors were open to those
19:49:19 that needed to evacuate.
19:49:21 Mark accepted the pets and their children had a place
19:49:24 to play whistle they waited for the fate on the other
19:49:28 coast.
19:49:28 I have never heard any music or any noise coming from
19:49:31 Mark's property, although I constantly have issues
19:49:34 with the property to my east side.

19:49:38 His guests are a gentle and kind nature.
19:49:41 We should encourage diversity and uniqueness to our
19:49:44 beautiful city.
19:49:45 Why do we all have to be Hyde Park-like to be thought
19:49:48 of as beautiful?
19:49:49 Hyde Park has its own unique place and charms, as does
19:49:52 Tampa Heights.
19:49:53 We are all not in our youth and neither is our
19:49:58 neighborhood.
19:49:58 Please fight with me to help keep our neighborhood
19:50:00 improving and let Gram's Place stay.
19:50:03 Tampa is a wonderful city to live in.
19:50:05 And I have seen the improvements that have taken place
19:50:09 in our neighborhood in the last six years.
19:50:11 And I do live right next door to Mark.
19:50:17 I live on the east side.
19:50:19 So I am an adjoining neighbor.
19:50:22 Valerie is on the other side.
19:50:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Again could I ask, have you spoken
19:50:29 with her?
19:50:30 >>> I had one confrontation with this lady.
19:50:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay. People that live in her

19:50:39 property that come and go.
19:50:44 I don't have anything really good to say because
19:50:47 there's never been a good communication between her
19:50:49 and I.
19:50:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:50:53 Next.
19:50:57 >>> Hello, council.
19:50:58 I'm John Kruvetts.
19:51:03 I have been sworn in.
19:51:04 I consider Mark Holland my best friend.
19:51:06 I have known him for almost 30 years.
19:51:08 I have been living at Gram's Place assisting
19:51:11 approximate Mr. Holland for the last 15 months.
19:51:13 I have known the whole history of his project.
19:51:16 And he is a son of Tampa.
19:51:18 He has done nothing but try to improve his
19:51:21 neighborhood and his communicate by bringing in people
19:51:25 from around the world who probably wouldn't stay in
19:51:28 Tampa had there not been this operating at Gram's
19:51:34 Place.
19:51:35 I am familiar with Miss Amparo and I would be happy to
19:51:41 answer any questions you have in that regard.

19:51:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I mean since she's not in the
19:51:45 country, I think it's important to at least address
19:51:48 her concerns.
19:51:49 She says over the years they built sub standard
19:51:54 structures.
19:51:54 When I look at the pictures, there's a lot of wall
19:51:57 that sort of looks like a compound but there's a lot
19:51:59 of walls that look like they come right up to the
19:52:01 sidewalk, the fences and that sort of thing.
19:52:05 I have never seen the structure personally so I don't
19:52:07 know.
19:52:08 But just looking at those pictures.
19:52:09 >> I can say to Miss Amparo she came to Gram's
19:52:15 Place --
19:52:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me finish.
19:52:17 She mentioned some of those fences might create a site
19:52:19 obstruction.
19:52:20 >>> Everybody can see over those fences.
19:52:22 If you stand inside the fence you can see over the
19:52:24 fence.
19:52:26 >> Site obstruction for driving.
19:52:27 Like out the corners.

19:52:29 That sort of thing.
19:52:30 >>> It's never posed a problem.
19:52:31 Nor have there ever been accidents that I have been
19:52:35 there in the 15 months.
19:52:37 Most of the travelers who come usually come by bus or
19:52:39 by cab.
19:52:40 We have probably 20% that bring their own vehicles,
19:52:43 and there's plenty of parking on the road, for cars
19:52:49 that never had an overflow.
19:52:51 The property itself is sound.
19:52:53 And I don't know what her objections are.
19:52:56 She did approach me back in November two years ago.
19:53:00 She had initial concerns about Mr. Holland's property,
19:53:05 and she took a very negative tone towards working with
19:53:10 Mr. Holland to address the issues.
19:53:11 So at this point, I think she has basically set
19:53:16 herself of any activity over there for the last year,
19:53:23 I believe.
19:53:23 She has been a good neighbor through her family, who
19:53:25 does reside in the house next door.
19:53:27 But she herself has not been a resident of the
19:53:30 neighborhood.

19:53:30 She's a property investor, to my knowledge, and any
19:53:34 concerns she may have are not as a resident of the
19:53:37 neighborhood, just as a property owner who I believe
19:53:41 had more of a bone to pick with Mr. Holland over
19:53:44 personal grievances.
19:53:48 Wasn't really in relation to the property.
19:53:51 But I give my full support to the project and the
19:53:53 continuance of what Gram's Place has meant to the City
19:53:55 of Tampa and to the people worldwide who have come
19:53:59 here, who have stayed at Gram's Place to relocate to
19:54:04 the Tampa area.
19:54:05 We have several people who still live in the Tampa
19:54:07 Heights area who came, state stayed at our place, had
19:54:11 an opportunity to see what a wonderful city we had,
19:54:14 and have been in contact with us, and have been very
19:54:17 gracious to share their knowledge of Gram's Place with
19:54:21 others who have come and stayed and we hope this will
19:54:24 continue.
19:54:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:54:27 Next.
19:54:29 >>> My name is Kevin HUTT and I have been sworn in.
19:54:32 I was a previous resident of Mr. Holland's guest

19:54:36 house.
19:54:38 I can speak on behalf of the transient visitors that
19:54:41 you hear so much about.
19:54:42 After being -- after serving four years in the Navy I
19:54:45 was a transient with few possessions.
19:54:47 I decided to relocate to Tampa.
19:54:49 I learned at Gram's Place through a hostel web site.
19:55:01 I stayed there and used Hartline to gain employment,
19:55:05 now lived in Tampa about three years now putting down
19:55:07 roots, and when my family comes to visit, I recommend
19:55:11 Gram's Place.
19:55:13 I will be brief to avoid redone dance of what you
19:55:15 heard, but as far as any objections, as far as setting
19:55:22 any precedent, this is a request to keep what has
19:55:26 already been in existence,.
19:55:31 To change it would be to deny the application and to
19:55:33 the detriment of the city.
19:55:35 Thank you.
19:55:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
19:55:41 >> Dan Borchet. I've been sworn.
19:55:45 I live in the neighborhood a few blocks away.
19:55:46 I have invested over a million dollar in the

19:55:48 neighborhood the past years.
19:55:50 I worked in culture the past decades, promoters of
19:55:54 assemblies, worked in 36 states, I traveled throughout
19:55:56 the world.
19:55:58 I stayed in four and five-star hotels and hostels and
19:56:03 every kind of place and I would say that this is a
19:56:06 unique item that you are dealing with.
19:56:08 If you ever go out to L.A. and visit Waecht towers in
19:56:13 the residential area, this particular item is right
19:56:15 across from a green space, the largest green space
19:56:17 north of downtown.
19:56:19 So it's actually well situated for its purposes.
19:56:23 Traffic, I drive back and forth every day, and there's
19:56:27 a minimal amount of traffic on that corner but I can
19:56:30 tell you there was a murder on that corner just a year
19:56:32 ago.
19:56:33 So it's quite a realistic answer for people from Japan
19:56:39 or Singapore or China who might be visiting who are
19:56:42 not familiar with some of the darker aspects or
19:56:45 tougher aspects of the town.
19:56:46 But I would say as a world traveler and a person of
19:56:49 culture that there are three things that are of

19:56:52 particular interest when you are traveling.
19:56:53 Now, this area is well-known for a corporate area in
19:56:58 the United States.
19:56:59 Orlando is the number one corporate city.
19:57:00 Tampa is the number two according to urban studies.
19:57:03 But what really is of interest in culture is that
19:57:07 which is indigenous, that which is local, and I would
19:57:11 say grassroots music is a contribution to the world
19:57:13 that the Tampa area has made, if Lou at all the
19:57:16 figures that come from this area.
19:57:17 That is what we contribute to the world culture and
19:57:20 that's what he promotes, grassroots music.
19:57:22 Every nook and cranny which I have examined is
19:57:25 dedicated to such a thing.
19:57:27 True, nostalgia is culture.
19:57:29 And we know that the Tampa Theater or any item that we
19:57:32 are looking at are real items from once upon a time.
19:57:38 Three, the neighborhoods are really a golden part of
19:57:40 Tampa.
19:57:41 That which isn't commercial. This is not a commercial
19:57:44 enterprise.
19:57:45 I think it's a cultural enterprise.

19:57:47 And culture is something which is human scale and
19:57:50 these what this is.
19:57:51 It's not corporate.
19:57:52 This is something that's home grown.
19:57:55 Mark Holland was born and bred and is a hero, a
19:57:59 cultural hero in Tampa, and that's why I came to even
19:58:04 skip dinner and join the cause.
19:58:06 The bottom line is, this is an asset.
19:58:08 Living in the neighborhood, I have been a community
19:58:10 activist for many decades and we always try to keep
19:58:13 commercial enterprise out of the neighborhood.
19:58:15 There's no way around that.
19:58:16 This isn't commercial.
19:58:18 This is a culturally unique item that people from
19:58:20 around the world can testify to.
19:58:23 And that's if I were traveling and I came to Tampa as
19:58:27 a traveler, I would make sure to find that thing which
19:58:30 is uniquely Tampa.
19:58:31 And that's what you have got here.
19:58:32 Something which is human, unique, colorful,
19:58:36 legitimate, authentic, and anybody that goes there
19:58:40 falls in love with the place.

19:58:42 Thank you.
19:58:44 >>> My name is Don Amparo and I have been sworn in.
19:58:52 I was a resident of my mother's house in the Ola
19:58:58 property just behind Mark's property.
19:59:00 And there was one property issue that was an old fence
19:59:06 line that predated Mr. Holland, or my mother's
19:59:10 ownership, connecting two properties.
19:59:13 I personally corrected that.
19:59:16 I put up some new fence myself and made sure that none
19:59:19 of any overhangs were across anyone else's property.
19:59:23 And also have a document from her that acknowledges
19:59:25 that. I don't have it with me.
19:59:28 My mom has since used that property for teaching
19:59:32 nurses.
19:59:33 She runs a CNA web site. She teaches nurses there. I
19:59:38 believe one of her -- the certified nursing assistants
19:59:43 actually is a caregiver for Mr. Dingfelder's father or
19:59:53 was at one point. Her students have used the Plymouth
19:59:53 Park parking lot.
19:59:56 While living at the old location. I had a printout of
20:00:00 the web site if you would like to see where she had
20:00:02 her teaching location at 3107 North Ola.

20:00:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: 3107?
20:00:15 Are you Mr. Amparo?
20:00:24 >>> Yes. I'm her son.
20:00:26 >> For the record, I don't know your mother.
20:00:28 I don't remember your mother.
20:00:32 She referenced my mother and that's fine.
20:00:34 A lot of people know my mother.
20:00:38 >>> One of her students was hired to be --
20:00:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And I appreciate that.
20:00:43 >>> Okay. But I'm expressing to her character. I
20:00:43 love my mom.
20:00:43 And why she would object to commercial traffic, which
20:00:46 I believe is in the letter, when she herself does
20:00:50 bring in some extra commercial traffic to the
20:00:52 neighborhood, I don't understand for most of the last
20:00:56 year.
20:00:57 She did have that one issue with the fence line which
20:00:59 I resolved.
20:01:14 She had operated her nursing business for part of 2005
20:01:16 and early part of 2006 without any complaints.
20:01:18 Mark Holland operated his for several years without
20:01:21 any neighborhood complaint.

20:01:22 And each has handled just from my personal experience
20:01:24 of knowing both of them maybe five to ten students or
20:01:27 guests at a time per day.
20:01:31 So I don't understand what her motives are at this
20:01:34 point.
20:01:34 I believe it's a personal grudge that she has, because
20:01:38 they actually campaigned together in 2004.
20:01:41 They were friends.
20:01:45 At this point I'm not sure what her grudge is between
20:01:48 them personally.
20:01:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: When your mother comes back from
20:01:55 overseas, you are going to be in big trouble, is that
20:01:58 it?
20:01:59 >>> No, she's aware -- I worked in a hostel in
20:02:04 San Francisco once before.
20:02:05 But I don't think it should affect a rezoning petition
20:02:07 especially when she takes advantage of the parking
20:02:10 situation and is able to run her nursing business next
20:02:14 door. Okay.
20:02:15 And I would just like to read a recommendation.
20:02:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm chuckling because it's unusual
20:02:23 that a son would be speaking against his mother.

20:02:26 >>> Well, I'm not speaking against.
20:02:27 I'm just speaking for. Okay.
20:02:33 So Mark Holland has been our neighbor for nearly two
20:02:35 years.
20:02:35 This is when I previously owned the property.
20:02:36 (Bell signal)
20:02:36 I'll be very brief.
20:02:38 Ever since we moved in the house next door, we had a
20:02:42 very good relation, making the neighborhood more
20:02:43 secure, includes requests for the city to install more
20:02:44 spotlights in Plymouth Park, marks along the road to
20:02:44 avoid running into parked cars, is a boon to the
20:02:44 community, and personally introduced thousands of
20:02:52 guests from other states and other countries to
20:02:54 Seminole Heights and Tampa Heights neighborhood, his
20:02:56 walls are adorned with pictures of Tampa's history and
20:02:59 often refers others, or various businesses in the area,
20:03:04 as an aficionado, streetcar transportation, introduced
20:03:09 numerous guests to the Tampa streetcar line.
20:03:11 We never heard a poor comment from any other
20:03:12 neighbors.
20:03:13 On the contrary, very surprised and disappointed that

20:03:16 Mr. Holland never received a civic award despite
20:03:19 videos on Fox 13 --
20:03:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, you have to wrap up now.
20:03:23 >>> Okay.
20:03:23 I just end up with he was written up by the associated
20:03:27 press and listed five hostel around the world and is
20:03:34 unique in recommending this hostel, one was in
20:03:37 Olympus, Turkey, one in Hawaii, one in Slovenia, one
20:03:42 in Canada.
20:03:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: When got the picture.
20:03:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:03:48 Next.
20:03:57 >> Don Miller. I have been sworn in.
20:03:58 I live at 118 West Plymouth.
20:04:02 And I also own 114 West Plymouth.
20:04:05 I lived in the neighborhood since 1997.
20:04:09 When we were looking in Tampa for a place to live, we
20:04:12 stayed at Gram's Place.
20:04:16 Mark runs a very clean, respectable establishment.
20:04:20 And we have never had any trouble.
20:04:24 We had family that had to evacuate New Orleans.
20:04:27 And of course we wound up with seven people and six

20:04:32 dogs and two cats at our house.
20:04:34 And Mark was able to take some of that burden and help
20:04:37 us with that.
20:04:38 Thank you.
20:04:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
20:04:48 >>> My name is William Azeele.
20:04:50 I am sworn in.
20:04:53 And I go by WAZ in the music industry.
20:05:00 I have been familiar with Mark Holland since he was
20:05:02 17.
20:05:02 I saw him struggle to try and get a Gram's place
20:05:10 museum built there, you know, and then go from that to
20:05:12 the bed and breakfast, and finally to the youth
20:05:15 hostel.
20:05:17 When it came time for the youth hostel to be designed,
20:05:22 he asked me if I would design it for him, and I spent
20:05:27 about four months building it, an art room that was
20:05:33 also utilitarian as a hostel for overseas students.
20:05:42 I myself have -- my daughter was sent as a foreign
20:05:49 exchange student, last year high school one of two in
20:05:52 the state over to Europe, and the value she had by
20:05:58 traveling around Europe is incomparable. She is

20:06:06 highly successful now and I believe these students
20:06:08 coming over here need the same opportunity.
20:06:17 With the world the way it is today, it's better off
20:06:22 with the place where they can go and be greeted warmly
20:06:25 in the United States and have a good feeling of Tampa.
20:06:30 Thank you.
20:06:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:06:32 Next.
20:06:38 >> My name is Rocky Rockido, I have been sworn.
20:06:43 I'm 499 feet away from Gram's Place according to
20:06:47 Google.
20:06:48 I lived in my address for about two and a half years,
20:06:52 and I had the privilege of -- with him firsthand the
20:06:56 rapid improvement of that street.
20:07:00 And Gram's Place, I believe, is an important part of
20:07:02 our fabric, because this is a very eclectic
20:07:06 neighborhood, all types of different people, all types
20:07:08 of different cultures, all types of socioeconomic, and
20:07:14 think it's a very important part of our fabric.
20:07:17 One thing I get the privilege of seeing quite often is
20:07:20 I see people from all over the country walk past my
20:07:23 house to go to Gram's Place.

20:07:26 They take the bus.
20:07:27 There's never any parking issues there.
20:07:29 I walk by Gram's Place every single day because I take
20:07:33 my dog to the park.
20:07:36 So I witness firsthand never any parking issues.
20:07:40 As far as the site obstruction allegation with the
20:07:44 fence, I can tell you that I frequently had made use
20:07:50 of my customer service center from Tampa, and I have
20:07:54 reported site obstruction.
20:07:56 I met Mr. Holland six months ago when I learned what
20:07:59 was happening with his property.
20:08:02 I can tell you that if it was a site obstruction at
20:08:06 that area, I would have reported it via the customer
20:08:09 service center myself, and I wouldn't have known it.
20:08:12 There is no site obstruction issue there.
20:08:14 That's not true.
20:08:17 Another thing about it is, there are frequently people
20:08:21 there.
20:08:23 I do walk my dog in that area.
20:08:26 I believe that Gram's Place contributes to the safety
20:08:28 of that area as well.
20:08:31 There is usually someone outside of that fenced area.

20:08:34 And that fenced area, the off-set is kind of
20:08:38 important.
20:08:38 Mr. Holland did give me a tour.
20:08:42 They have a little garden area in there.
20:08:43 And that's where the guests sit, and talk, and spend
20:08:48 time together, a little area in there.
20:08:55 So to eliminate that would eliminate the whole use of
20:08:58 the property.
20:09:01 The guests at Gram's Place are welcome guests in my
20:09:04 neighborhood.
20:09:05 I don't question any safety issues with them.
20:09:09 I am comfortable going to work and leaving my house
20:09:12 alone.
20:09:18 With the guests in the neighborhood.
20:09:19 They are law-abiding.
20:09:21 And I just wanted to come for Mr. Holland.
20:09:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
20:09:29 >>> Rose Petrucha, 167 Baltic circle.
20:09:33 I'm speaking as a concerned citizen.
20:09:35 And I represent my mother Agnes Petrucha, Highland
20:09:42 Avenue, the home in which I grew up.
20:09:44 I have been sworn.

20:09:48 I just want to state and put on the record that Gram's
20:09:52 Place is really a cultural asset to the community.
20:09:55 However, there are some site characteristics that I
20:09:59 think you need to be aware of because it is a public
20:10:01 safety concern.
20:10:25 Between Columbus, Martin Luther King, the only two
20:10:29 streets that go continuously across are Plymouth
20:10:31 street and OLA Avenue.
20:10:33 All the other streets, and the way this area has been
20:10:37 plotted, you can only live a couple blocks, and then
20:10:42 you have to turn.
20:10:42 So it's a very safe area of driving because you can't
20:10:46 go too fast.
20:10:47 However, OLA Avenue, which is about a mile long, was
20:10:53 paved by the city a number of years ago and there are
20:10:56 no stop signs.
20:10:57 So that particular street has become like a raceway.
20:11:03 As a result, the City of Tampa, after they have paved
20:11:05 this road, they ended up putting speed bumps on this
20:11:11 road from Columbus drive all the way over to MLK to
20:11:15 try to slow the traffic down.
20:11:16 So understand that there are traffic concerns in this

20:11:21 particular area.
20:11:22 Plymouth street has two stop signs.
20:11:30 This is OLA Avenue, at the intersection of Plymouth.
20:11:36 The park, you can see the heights of Woodland
20:11:38 cemetery.
20:11:40 The single-family home to the northwest corner of this
20:11:43 intersection has a gradual rise, and Gram's Place also
20:11:49 has a similar rise as the cemetery because of these
20:11:54 heights.
20:12:04 If you were to make a right turn, there is an area in
20:12:07 this particular adjacent to Gram's Place that has a
20:12:12 lot of vegetation.
20:12:15 In addition with the 6-foot hey fence, this area
20:12:20 obstructs the view of anything that is coming along
20:12:24 Plymouth street.
20:12:33 As one turns and goes to Plymouth there are areas of
20:12:39 on-street parking.
20:12:40 This is taken today.
20:12:41 There were no cars there. But as you make that turn,
20:12:44 if there were cars parked or an oncoming car you have
20:12:47 to really slow down, which is fine.
20:12:49 But you don't know if there's anything there as you

20:12:52 are making the turn.
20:12:56 If you come from the other direction off of Plymouth,
20:13:02 if you are coming along Plymouth and going west, you
20:13:06 have to stop at the stop sign.
20:13:08 That's the intersection of OLA.
20:13:11 If you are looking for the oncoming traffic coming
20:13:14 along OLA, again, you have a lot of site on
20:13:20 instruction in this right-of-way.
20:13:21 Palm trees, oak trees, plantings, railroad ties.
20:13:25 And this is a pretty extensive planting area.
20:13:29 As a result, you have to edge your way out and be
20:13:32 very, very careful and hope that no one is speeding
20:13:35 along OLA Avenue.
20:13:43 Because if a car is coming up OLA and there is a
20:13:46 collision you will end up in the concrete retaining
20:13:48 wall at Woodlawn cemetery.
20:13:50 >>GWEN MILLER: All right.
20:13:51 Let's wrap it up.
20:13:52 Time has passed.
20:13:54 >>ROSE PETRUCHA: As a result, the only concern with
20:13:56 regard to the site condition that are there today.
20:14:00 Thank you.

20:14:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:14:12 >> I'm Laura Larson, 304 west Hilda street in south
20:14:17 Seminole Heights, not that close to Gram's Place but
20:14:20 not that far away.
20:14:21 I wanted to express my support for this proposal
20:14:23 because I believe it really adds something special to
20:14:26 this community.
20:14:32 I think a city such as Tampa should have a place for
20:14:35 people around the world to come and be together and
20:14:37 experience what Tampa has to offer.
20:14:39 And if this proposal is not approved, not only we'll
20:14:44 lose that but we'll lose one of the most special
20:14:46 hostels I ever visited.
20:14:50 I visited one in Europe when I was a student and it's
20:14:53 a very special experience for student travel towers go
20:14:56 somewhere they can afford, somewhere that is safe, and
20:14:58 somewhere where they can meet other travelers like
20:15:01 themselves from other places.
20:15:02 And so I really just wanted to express my support for
20:15:05 this proposal.
20:15:05 And I wanted you all to know that I think we really
20:15:11 would be losing something special if we lost Gram's

20:15:15 Place.
20:15:16 Thank you.
20:15:19 >>> Brian Lock.
20:15:22 I have been sworn in.
20:15:23 I live at 304 west Hilda. I'm Laura's husband.
20:15:28 And we both have had some good times with Mark just
20:15:32 getting to know him.
20:15:34 We just appreciate what he's brought to the
20:15:35 neighborhood.
20:15:40 It's an exciting opportunity, I think, for the council
20:15:42 to just make a decision that really helps further the
20:15:45 goals of just bringing a more artistic spirit to
20:15:50 Tampa.
20:15:53 I think that Tampa wants flavor.
20:15:55 And Mark brings flavor to the city.
20:15:59 And I don't have too much more to add than what's
20:16:03 already been said.
20:16:03 But I think a vote in support of Mark is a vote in
20:16:07 support of America.
20:16:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:16:19 >> My name is Andrea Amparo, daughter, and brother of
20:16:25 that guy back there. On behalf of my mother, she sent

20:16:28 me an e-mail.
20:16:30 I think she sent you all the same one about her
20:16:32 concerns and objections for the rezoning of this
20:16:34 property.
20:16:37 Strongly objects to the rezoning of this property.
20:16:39 I actually lived there like my brother did from March
20:16:43 of last year till the beginning of this year.
20:16:45 And my concern from being next door, not that it's not
20:16:51 a cultural asset to the community, but when you look
20:16:53 at the building, I would be concerned if a hurricane
20:16:56 did come through and his stairway to heaven as he
20:17:00 calls it get blown around, where is that going to go?
20:17:03 That's going to go onto my mom's house.
20:17:05 That's going to go onto another neighbor's house.
20:17:08 From my understanding when those additions were put
20:17:11 on, building permits weren't pulled.
20:17:14 Correct me if I am wrong but that's my understanding
20:17:16 with talking to my mom about it.
20:17:17 And if they are not built to code then it's going to
20:17:20 damage other property around there.
20:17:22 And who are they going to have to go to?
20:17:24 Their own property insurers to fix the problems.

20:17:27 Who are those property insurers?
20:17:29 Citizens, probably.
20:17:31 Who is he being insured by?
20:17:33 I'm not sure.
20:17:33 But they are probably not going to get any money out
20:17:37 of them.
20:17:38 So that would be my concern from my experience.
20:17:40 She has strong opposition.
20:17:42 Thank you.
20:17:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:17:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Before rebuttal, did staff --
20:17:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: One more person.
20:17:56 >>MARY ALVAREZ: One more person.
20:17:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry.
20:17:59 >>> My name is Manuel Alvarez, Ybor City.
20:18:05 How are you doing?
20:18:06 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Fine.
20:18:07 How are you?
20:18:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Have you been sworn in?
20:18:13 >>> Yes.
20:18:15 >> No relation?
20:18:16 >>> In a relation.

20:18:17 Probably should be.
20:18:18 Mark Holland has been running this business for 20
20:18:20 years.
20:18:20 As a role estate developer in Ybor City, he's
20:18:22 responsible for bringing thousands of European
20:18:26 tourists.
20:18:26 I don't know how he does it but he brings in European
20:18:29 tourists from all over the world.
20:18:31 And every time I see Mark he brings them into the Ybor
20:18:33 City area to support new businesses.
20:18:36 Basically he's been running there, you know, for
20:18:40 almost 20 years.
20:18:41 And I'm in support of it.
20:18:50 I think if a hurricane came in, I guess they are going
20:18:55 to fly like everything else.
20:18:56 Thank you.
20:18:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, it's my understanding that
20:19:01 staff wanted to say something prior to the opportunity
20:19:03 for rebuttal.
20:19:30 >>> Transportation.
20:19:30 I have been sworn.
20:19:32 I know staff is here to bring clarity usually to

20:19:35 issues.
20:19:35 Unfortunately, this is somewhat complicated.
20:19:39 The couple that's being first, the ADA parking
20:19:44 requirement is to be 18 feet in length, 12 feet in
20:19:48 width, with a 5-foot aisle making it almost square.
20:19:56 The ADA parking is shown at 22 feet 6 inches by 11
20:20:00 feet 2 inches, which is 5 feet 10 inches deficient in
20:20:08 width for an ADA.
20:20:10 In addition to the dimensions of the parking, it also
20:20:13 has to have a paved walk from the parking to an
20:20:20 entrance which it does not have.
20:20:22 And it is my understanding that being, I believe -- I
20:20:28 know it's a Florida statute.
20:20:29 I also believe it's federal law.
20:20:32 It's under discussion whether or not council has the
20:20:37 jurisdiction to approve the plan if it's shown
20:20:42 insufficient ADA parking.
20:20:46 There is a way, I believe, that it could be worked out
20:20:51 within a couple of weeks, and be presented to council
20:20:54 again.
20:20:55 One of those ways could be eliminating parking, asking
20:21:00 for 100% waiver of parking even though ADA is

20:21:05 required.
20:21:05 And council obviously has the jurisdiction to do that.
20:21:11 Another issue that was brought to my attention today
20:21:16 was the site obstruction.
20:21:21 This is Florida Department of Transportation
20:21:25 guidelines that I presented you with followed by some
20:21:28 pictures that I took today.
20:21:31 The first page that shows the guidelines from the car
20:21:36 that is highlighted which would be Plymouth heading
20:21:38 west and stop at the site sign needs to be able to see
20:21:44 the car heading north on OLA at a distance of 335
20:21:50 feet, supposing the speed limit is 35 miles per hour.
20:21:58 >> Put that up?
20:21:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So we are all on the same page.
20:22:12 The speed limit on the local road is -- I'm sorry, the
20:22:21 first picture.
20:22:22 Shows the speed table on OLA south of the project
20:22:30 location.
20:22:34 170 feet from the intersection.
20:22:36 And requires a 15 mile-per-hour speed after the table.
20:22:43 As you see, from the first page again, and D.O.T.
20:22:52 table up here is not an option.

20:22:56 30 is the minimum.
20:22:57 I haven't been able to find any tabulated or graphical
20:23:01 data that I would be able to extrapolate to 15 miles
20:23:05 per hour, to keep the site distance required because
20:23:10 obviously the further you go the less distance you are
20:23:14 required because you are able to react and stop
20:23:16 quicker.
20:23:22 The 30 miles per hour is the fastest that D.O.T. has
20:23:25 shown there on that table.
20:23:28 The next picture is a shot from the speed table to the
20:23:34 intersection on OLA, 107 feet from the intersection.
20:23:40 This is where a car would be down OLA before pulling
20:23:50 out.
20:23:53 This is the view from the car.
20:23:55 You can see here the speed table.
20:24:04 You can't see the other side for the lane in which the
20:24:06 car would be traveling.
20:24:08 But this also, I believe, can be handled, has to be
20:24:14 maintained, above 8 feet, which if some of the
20:24:21 vegetation was cut back you would be able -- you could
20:24:24 see an oncoming car.
20:24:30 Luckily for us, the tree is dead.

20:24:37 We can ask the tree experts.
20:24:41 And those are the issues.
20:24:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Isn't that a city right-of-way?
20:24:46 >>> Yes, I in the right-of-way.
20:24:53 He's got a lot of vegetation, and railroad ties in the
20:24:58 right-of-way.
20:24:59 It currently exists that way.
20:25:03 But again the site distance issue could possibly go
20:25:07 away.
20:25:09 They have the note on the plan, take care of that
20:25:13 vegetation, and of course the parking which I don't
20:25:15 believe to be unreasonable since there is off-street
20:25:19 parking on Plymouth.
20:25:20 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Do you have any data as to how many
20:25:22 accidents happened on this corner?
20:25:24 >>> No.
20:25:24 I have inquired about that today with the gentleman
20:25:27 who works for the city who would be able to provide
20:25:29 that.
20:25:29 Dy not get a response.
20:25:31 And I did not see him all day.
20:25:32 I'm assuming he wasn't here.

20:25:35 As soon as I get it, I would obviously provide that to
20:25:39 you guys because I'm curious as well.
20:25:41 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, obviously he does have an
20:25:43 encroachment on the right-of-way as far as the
20:25:45 vegetation is concerned.
20:25:47 But that would have to be fixed.
20:25:53 >>> That's something that I believe could be waived.
20:25:56 It's just more of from my standpoint anyway a safety
20:26:00 issue, and the site distance.
20:26:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: I heard some earlier comments about
20:26:10 some people brought to this place by bus.
20:26:22 Where would they park a bus?
20:26:32 >> Public transportation.
20:26:33 >>> Oh, never mind.
20:26:34 Okay.
20:26:35 >> Good question.
20:26:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
20:26:46 >> You know, it's one of those times when you meet
20:26:48 with every single department in the city, and you do
20:26:51 everything they have asked, and continue to meet.
20:26:54 And I guess even the city departments tonight were a
20:26:57 little not sure what to do here.

20:27:01 We have a situation where there's a business that
20:27:03 existed for 18 years.
20:27:06 Mr. Holland said in the 18 years that he's operated
20:27:11 the business, in the 30 years he's owned the property,
20:27:14 he knows that two fender benders on that corner.
20:27:19 I would not lick to create --
20:27:22 >> Can I ask a question?
20:27:24 >>> Yes, you can, thank you.
20:27:25 >>: Just to kind of cut to the chase.
20:27:27 The site line concerned me when I saw the original
20:27:31 pictures, and now staff has some concerns.
20:27:34 I don't think any of us want to waive or jeopardize
20:27:37 public safety.
20:27:39 But staff also said it could be fixed.
20:27:42 So take out the dead palm and trim down the rest of
20:27:46 the vegetation.
20:27:48 Would your client be willing to do that?
20:27:50 >>> Well, if it's a city right-of-way is it city's
20:27:53 responsibility.
20:27:53 >>SHAWN HARRISON:
20:27:54 >> Well, probably city's responsibility but if you
20:27:55 want to wait for that.

20:27:56 I don't think you really want to wait for it so I
20:27:58 would say -- wonderful.
20:28:05 We'll be there with the chain saw with you.
20:28:07 And the other?
20:28:09 [ Laughter ]
20:28:14 It's a dead palm.
20:28:15 Come on.
20:28:16 And the other question is the waiver.
20:28:19 Would you all be willing to ask us to waive the
20:28:21 parking requirement so we can eliminate those parking
20:28:24 issues?
20:28:26 You can still park on there but we'll just waive it
20:28:28 and take it off the site plan.
20:28:30 >>> We still do, as you can see from the drawing, we
20:28:34 missed the 18-foot handicapped parking by inches.
20:28:37 So that parking is still there.
20:28:39 But along Plymouth is typical in this neighborhood of
20:28:42 on-street parking and again parking has never been an
20:28:44 issue for this business, it's not an issue today, it
20:28:47 hasn't been in the past.
20:28:49 There is no reason we couldn't ask for 100% waiver.
20:28:54 And get rid of that issue.

20:28:56 >>SHAWN HARRISON: But if we do that, we want to make
20:28:58 sure that the place where the parking is now doesn't
20:29:01 get filled in.
20:29:03 >>> Well, no, they are not going to change at all.
20:29:06 It is not our intention to change anything at all the
20:29:08 way it is currently.
20:29:11 In fact another comment I wanted to make as someone
20:29:14 mentioned, why couldn't he just move out with the
20:29:16 zoning and have a 7-Eleven come in?
20:29:20 The waivers we have asked for here including the fence
20:29:22 waiver are only in effect, I forget the terminology,
20:29:28 but Jill and I went over this.
20:29:30 If he sells the property all this is out the window.
20:29:32 The guy would start at the beginning whoever would buy
20:29:34 it.
20:29:35 So this is not something that would be carried for and
20:29:37 could become a 7-Eleven.
20:29:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: County only remain a bed and
20:29:42 breakfast youth hostel Le.
20:29:47 Co-sell it to the next guy or woman and make at PD bed
20:29:50 and breakfast but not a 7-Eleven.
20:29:53 >> Or they could come to you and start over again.

20:29:55 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to continue for how many weeks,
20:29:58 Jill?
20:30:00 >>> I think Jill asked for three weeks.
20:30:01 If we did it for three weeks, you would have to have
20:30:04 revised site plans in by noon next Friday.
20:30:08 If you think you can make it.
20:30:09 If not we can do it at four weeks.
20:30:13 >>> By noon next Friday is fine.
20:30:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Need a motion to continue.
20:30:18 >> So moved.
20:30:19 >>> Will that be a daytime meeting?
20:30:22 >>GWEN MILLER: 10 a.m.
20:30:24 >>> And what we would like to do --
20:30:28 >> Second.
20:30:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ask for the full waiver, show
20:30:32 pictures that you cleaned up that corner.
20:30:34 Away we go.
20:30:36 >>GWEN MILLER: The 15th at 10 a.m.
20:30:38 We have a motion and second.
20:30:38 (Motion carried).
20:30:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
20:30:44 (off microphone)

20:30:49 I never heard something, a rezoning called a cultural
20:30:53 enterprise.
20:31:00 >>> Who is Gram?
20:31:01 >> Gram park, I'm sure you are going to reveal your age
20:31:07 when you say you know him.
20:31:08 But you should all stop in and visit Gram.
20:31:16 >> Thank you.
20:31:17 Need to open number 9.
20:31:19 Open number 9.
20:31:21 Need to open number 9.
20:31:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
20:31:24 >> Second.
20:31:24 (Motion carried)
20:31:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Are you ready?
20:32:35 >>> Jill Finney, Land Development Coordination.
20:32:38 I have been sworn.
20:32:41 I'm here on petition Z-06-143 located at 109 west
20:32:46 Genesee street.
20:32:49 The rezoning from RS-50 residential single family to
20:32:52 PD single family residential.
20:32:56 Petitioner is proposing to rezone the property to
20:33:00 split the parcel to create two buildable lots.

20:33:03 One lot has an existing house on it.
20:33:05 And that -- the overall lot measures 110 feet by 102.
20:33:15 They are 50 by 102.
20:33:18 The existing house will be on the lot that will
20:33:22 measure 55 feet by 102 feet.
20:33:25 And the new structure will be built upon the lot that
20:33:28 will measure 45 feet by 102 feet of frontage.
20:33:36 The PD setbacks are as follows: 17.8 feet, 5 feet by
20:33:44 46 feet in the rear yard setback.
20:33:46 The proposed setback is block averaging.
20:33:52 It's in the Seminole Heights overlay district and
20:33:55 required to comply with the applicable design
20:33:58 standard.
20:34:09 This is the zoning of the local neighborhood.
20:34:26 This is the lot in question.
20:34:43 This is the existing home.
20:34:46 This is for the vacant lot where the proposed new home
20:34:54 would go.
20:34:56 The neighbors to the south side of Genesee.
20:35:07 Immediately a butting.
20:35:08 This is the vacant lot over here.
20:35:13 And this is the west side immediately abutting the

20:35:19 property.
20:35:28 It's currently used.
20:35:30 It's an office and it's like a hazard place where they
20:35:34 go in if you have a fire damage in your house, then
20:35:39 they come out and repair.
20:35:40 At least that's on the side of the trucks.
20:35:52 No, this here is directly abutting to the west.
20:35:56 This property would be over here.
20:36:02 Staff has no objections to this property.
20:36:05 To this rezoning.
20:36:07 And if you have any further questions I'm available to
20:36:10 answer.
20:36:12 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you.
20:36:12 Planning Commission.
20:36:18 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
20:36:19 I have been sworn in.
20:36:22 The structure that you see, it's right hear.
20:36:38 Florida Avenue.
20:36:41 Southeast Seminole Heights, by the way, neighborhood
20:36:43 association.
20:36:46 I don't know if any of you had the opportunity or gone
20:36:49 down this particular segment of Genesee street.

20:36:53 I took the opportunity of going down several times.
20:36:55 There are some parts in southeast Seminole Heights as
20:36:58 you know that have become a little bit more
20:37:01 reenergized and revitalized as far as residential.
20:37:05 I think what the applicant is proposing to do is
20:37:07 definitely going to benefit, and I think you have
20:37:09 already seen over here, in disrepair.
20:37:15 I think this is really going to help contribute to the
20:37:18 housing stock.
20:37:19 Planning Commission staff had no objection to the
20:37:22 proposed report.
20:37:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can I ask you a question, since you
20:37:29 were driving around there?
20:37:32 >>> There aren't any restaurants around there.
20:37:35 >> No, that's all right.
20:37:37 The proposed new house on the smaller lot is showing a
20:37:43 two-car garage on the front.
20:37:46 And that seems a little bit out of character with
20:37:52 the -- what I think of, when I think of Seminole
20:37:56 Heights, and also shows a four-foot front porch, that
20:38:02 many architects would refer to as a front porch or --
20:38:07 faux porch or meaningless front porch, faux, fake.

20:38:13 But it's consistent with the Seminole Heights overlay
20:38:18 district like that.
20:38:19 It seems like neither one of those --
20:38:21 >> I think that --
20:38:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: They are starting from scratch.
20:38:27 Why don't, if they have a PD, why don't they put the
20:38:30 garage in the rear, now, the detached garage in the
20:38:33 rear, and let them have setback variances?
20:38:37 They have an alley they can use.
20:38:41 >>> I think that's a very legitimate request.
20:38:44 You can ask that of the applicant when they get up to
20:38:46 make their presentation.
20:38:47 >> Just tell me about consistency with the
20:38:49 neighborhood.
20:38:51 >>> Going down the neighborhood, I mean, what's
20:38:53 interesting about property in Seminole Heights, you
20:38:55 really don't -- pretty much just some driveways,
20:39:02 sometimes you will see some carports.
20:39:06 >> Is it front loaded the norm by any means?
20:39:10 >>No, not necessarily.
20:39:12 I think what's interesting is the flavor.
20:39:15 If you drive down the street, when you see them, two

20:39:21 lines, it's just a variety of uses on this particular
20:39:27 street.
20:39:30 And just the overall character of the street.
20:39:33 And some of the homes I think we see over here, what
20:39:39 you're talking about are really design issues but as
20:39:45 it relates to the design components.
20:39:47 I'm sure that the applicant will be more than happy to
20:39:51 take their recommendations under consideration,
20:39:53 particularly as relates to the faux porches.
20:39:55 Because I know how much porches are synonymous with
20:39:59 Seminole Heights and some other residential
20:40:02 redevelopment projects that we have in Old Seminole
20:40:05 Heights and of course in southeast Seminole Heights.
20:40:11 To acquiesce or at least take in serious consideration
20:40:17 your bringing up those issues, character, Mr.
20:40:19 Dingfelder.
20:40:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Jill, do you have a picture of the
20:40:25 house, the existing house that's right next to this?
20:40:32 That's it?
20:40:37 The subject house.
20:40:53 The existing house.
20:41:08 >> Was that front porch added, can you tell?

20:41:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: It looks like it's compatible to the
20:41:31 house being built.
20:41:37 >>> As long as the garage is not any further than the
20:41:40 front lot.
20:42:15 >>> David Clisset.
20:42:18 I'm the owner of this property.
20:42:20 And I have been sworn.
20:42:23 In light of the comments that have already been made
20:42:26 and the fact that the essence of what a PD is designed
20:42:29 for is to allow for in-fill in a situation like this,
20:42:32 we are preserving a home that was built in 1928 which
20:42:35 is a really unique structure.
20:42:37 The front porch that you have referred to was existing
20:42:41 and then added to, was actually smaller than what it
20:42:44 was originally as you can tell by the structure.
20:42:50 Most of the porches on the street are very small or
20:42:52 almost nonexistent.
20:42:54 Up and down Genesee street as you can tell from the
20:42:58 structure next door.
20:42:59 It's actually a commercial building.
20:43:00 The residence which exists on the west end of the two
20:43:04 lots that we are proposing was built by the same man

20:43:07 who built the commercial structure that you see there.
20:43:10 It was a cabinet shop, I believe, back in the 20s
20:43:13 when it was built and over the years has had
20:43:16 commercial use.
20:43:19 We had proposed a minimum front porch side but only
20:43:24 for flexibility and design, what we come to final
20:43:27 construction documents and most likely would put a
20:43:30 deeper porch because I think it would be appreciated
20:43:32 by the future tenants.
20:43:35 But from the schematic design standpoint, that would
20:43:39 be the minimum size that we are proposing, and
20:43:42 probably would be made a little deeper.
20:43:47 There is certainly enough dimension in the floor space
20:43:49 as presently indicated that would allow for that porch
20:43:53 to be a little bigger and move the garage back in a
20:43:55 little further and shrink the length of the house a
20:43:57 little bit.
20:43:58 But generally in a PD, from a Zane standpoint, we look
20:44:02 at it schematically rather than as a construction
20:44:05 document, or contract document.
20:44:10 I think in general we are in compliance with the roof
20:44:13 slopes and all the other things that are tenants of

20:44:15 the Seminole Heights overlay district.
20:44:17 >> We take PDs really literally because this is oh
20:44:20 our only shot at having some input and it's very
20:44:23 important to us to continue with the characteristics
20:44:29 that the neighborhood aspires to.
20:44:31 And I think that -- I hope that Genesee will continue
20:44:34 to get better and better.
20:44:36 I think if I were you, I'd call code enforcement about
20:44:39 the neighbor.
20:44:40 I think that's got to be a little --
20:44:43 >>> Other people already have.
20:44:44 >> At any rate, you will have an opportunity, you are
20:44:48 starting from scratch, like four and a half feet
20:44:50 doesn't cut it.
20:44:51 I need to see six feet.
20:44:52 Six feet you can, you know, you can sit down.
20:44:55 Four and a half feet, you fall off the edge if you're
20:44:58 not paying attention.
20:44:59 So you said that you have the room.
20:45:01 You can shift the front wall back another foot and a
20:45:04 half.
20:45:06 So what I would like to do -- we will hear from other

20:45:09 people -- but it's to continue this to allow you to
20:45:12 enlarge the front porch by another foot and a half.
20:45:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
20:45:18 wants to speak on item number 9?
20:45:21 Ms. Saul-Sena?
20:45:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sir, how long would it take you to
20:45:25 just redraw and put the porch back with another foot
20:45:29 and a half?
20:45:29 Could you have it by Friday or would it take a week?
20:45:35 >>> In the offices sometime before 4:00 tomorrow.
20:45:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: She's shaking her head.
20:45:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Deal or no deal?
20:45:51 >> I hear eight feet.
20:45:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That would be better.
20:45:54 If you could print out those drawings.
20:45:56 I'll move to continue this for two weeks so you will
20:45:59 be handing in something suitable by noon tomorrow.
20:46:03 At 10:00.
20:46:05 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
20:46:07 Question, Mr. Shelby?
20:46:09 >> Just a question for petitioner, that's acceptable
20:46:11 to you, is that correct?

20:46:12 >>> That's acceptable.
20:46:13 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor say Aye.
20:46:15 Opposed, Nay.
20:46:15 (Motion carried)
20:46:16 Number 12 is a continued public hearing.
20:46:45 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.
20:46:47 I have been sworn.
20:46:55 The project before you, Z 06-37 located at 3117 West
20:47:00 Swann Avenue.
20:47:02 Petitioner is proposing to rezone this property to PD
20:47:05 to construct a 5,000 square foot, 2-story office
20:47:09 building.
20:47:10 The proposed height will be 34.8 feet, 39.8 feet to
20:47:14 the top of the parapet.
20:47:16 The setbacks for the structure will be 20 feet front,
20:47:21 15 feet rear and 10-foot side.
20:47:23 Based on the proposed square footage of 5,000 square
20:47:26 feet, 17 parking spaces are required.
20:47:29 Petitioner is providing 17, including nine compact
20:47:34 spaces which replace the 52% compact.
20:47:52 It is on the corner of Swann and Matanzas.
20:47:56 Directly to the east is the family clinic.

20:48:01 To the west is the park condominium.
20:48:08 There's an aerial view of the site.
20:48:22 I will show you some photos.
20:48:24 This is the site.
20:48:25 It is vacant currently.
20:48:31 There's another view of the site looking north.
20:48:35 The Parkland condominium is to the west.
20:48:37 The family eye center is to the east.
20:48:43 Here is a view across Swann looking south.
20:48:48 And a view to the west again on the Parkland
20:48:52 condominium.
20:48:56 Staff has no objection to the petition.
20:49:01 You have been provided with elevations.
20:49:02 I'll let the petitioner speak to the rest of the
20:49:05 project.
20:49:08 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
20:49:19 I have been sworn.
20:49:21 Land use in the immediate area.
20:49:25 As you can see, there's a significant difference as
20:49:28 one drove south on Swann and of course north of Swann.
20:49:32 The land use designations were significantly much
20:49:34 higher in density and intensity to the north.

20:49:38 MacDill Avenue on the eastern perimeter, and land
20:49:40 use over here is community mixed use 35.
20:49:44 As one goes farther to the west you can see
20:49:47 predominant land use is residential 35 as reflected by
20:49:50 a variety of town homes, redevelopment that has been
20:49:53 in this area for the last close to a decade.
20:49:56 Of course, you have the significant condominium
20:49:59 structure which is over here of much greater height
20:50:03 and mass than the particular structure that's over
20:50:05 here that has been proposed by the currently vacant
20:50:09 site.
20:50:10 What's significant to also understand is this
20:50:13 particular site that is just north of Swann is that
20:50:16 there are no residential uses east of Matanzas.
20:50:25 The clinic and of course you have the other use.
20:50:27 So directly in between the clinic and the gas station.
20:50:31 This parcel has come to you in a different form, a
20:50:34 prior form, for about eight town homes which you
20:50:39 denied, and able to build by right seven town homes on
20:50:43 the site.
20:50:44 Considering where the location is on a corner, and the
20:50:46 existing uses that abut it, and it's facing Swann

20:50:50 which is a collector road, this does feel like a much
20:50:54 better fit to go ahead and put an office type use
20:50:57 adjacent to another medical office use, which is
20:51:01 directly to the east.
20:51:08 Planning Commission staff had no objections to the
20:51:10 proposed request.
20:51:31 >>MARK BENTLEY: I represent the petitioner as the
20:51:33 staff indicated, we are attempt to go to rezone the
20:51:35 northeast corner of Matanzas and Swann from R-24 to
20:51:42 planned development.
20:51:42 As we speak there's an existing approved project by
20:51:44 the City of Tampa for seven condominiums, roughly 60
20:51:47 feet high, and a substantially larger project than we
20:51:50 are proposing. The proposed project is composed of
20:51:56 not to exceed 35 feet in height.
20:51:57 And intends to serve as headquarters as the high point
20:52:02 development company.
20:52:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Can I interrupt you?
20:52:08 Is there anyone here to speak on item number 12?
20:52:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I have a quick question.
20:52:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Before Mr. Dingfelder -- I'm sorry.
20:52:16 For the record, just so the record is clear,

20:52:18 Mr. Bentley, did you have an opportunity to be sworn?
20:52:22 >>> Yes, I was sworn.
20:52:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder, what's the question?
20:52:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The site plan shows two ponds on
20:52:35 Swann in front of the building.
20:52:37 The drawing doesn't really show it.
20:52:38 And I just want to make sure, we are just talking
20:52:41 about basically small swales, or real ponds?
20:52:46 >>> Exactly.
20:52:47 They would be swales in the front, okay?
20:52:49 And they might even be vaulted.
20:52:50 Haven't made that determination yet, councilman
20:52:53 Dingfelder, in terms of retention.
20:52:55 >> So I'm just worried about the visual part of it.
20:52:59 Because it looks like a beautiful building at least
20:53:01 according to the drawing.
20:53:04 And, you know, a lot of retention ponds that we see
20:53:09 are actually holding water are not necessarily the
20:53:11 most attractive things.
20:53:12 >>> I understand.
20:53:15 It's my understanding we couldn't exceed two feet in
20:53:17 depth anyhow.

20:53:20 They are not proposing that.
20:53:21 What you see in terms of elevation, that's just been
20:53:23 generated the last 30 days.
20:53:26 That's what we intend to do there.
20:53:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think that this is so much
20:53:31 better, this proposal, from what was previously
20:53:35 approved.
20:53:51 This is great.
20:53:53 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close the public hearing.
20:53:54 >> Second.
20:53:55 (Motion carried)
20:54:03 >> An ordinance rezoning property in the general
20:54:04 vicinity of 3117 West Swann Avenue city of Tampa,
20:54:07 Florida and more particularly described in section 1
20:54:10 from zoning district classifications RM-24 residential
20:54:13 multifamily to PD planned development, residential
20:54:19 multifamily beings providing an effective date.
20:54:20 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
20:54:22 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Second.
20:54:24 (Motion carried).
20:54:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Item 14.
20:54:29 Continued public hearing.

20:54:41 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.
20:54:57 The following item Z 06-115 is located at 112 south
20:55:01 Fremont Avenue.
20:55:01 It is rezoning from RM-16 to PD planned development,
20:55:06 professional office.
20:55:07 There are two waivers associated with it.
20:55:09 The waiver for the percentage of compact parking in
20:55:12 this case, it is 66% for the waivers and 65 and 66%,
20:55:18 and a reduction of required green space.
20:55:21 76.27 feet with payment of C.
20:55:27 MU.
20:55:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Point of order, Madam Chair.
20:55:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, Mr. Dingfelder.
20:55:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm looking at an e-mail from Mr.
20:55:34 Crumbley, the neighborhood association president, and
20:55:36 he indicates he has a concern about signage, a sign
20:55:41 posted on the property does not comply with the
20:55:42 rezoning code, and left the signage completely blank.
20:55:46 The association therefore is requesting hearing be
20:55:54 withheld until the notice is given.
20:55:57 >>> Walter Crumbley.
20:55:58 I have been sworn.

20:55:59 We withdraw the objection.
20:56:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
20:56:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Was the sign in fact corrected?
20:56:09 Mr. Shelby?
20:56:10 If you are aware of a notice problem.
20:56:12 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The clerk has the file.
20:56:21 >> It was posted a long time ago.
20:56:24 The case has been continue add couple times.
20:56:26 The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property to
20:56:28 construct an 1800 square foot one-story office
20:56:31 building.
20:56:32 The proposed pipe is 20 feet.
20:56:35 Setback to the property would be 20 feet from -- I'm
20:56:39 sorry, 25-foot rear and 3-foot side.
20:56:43 The site is boarded on the south with planned
20:56:47 development office uses.
20:56:50 Based on the proposed square footage, the site
20:56:52 requires 6 parking spaces.
20:56:55 The petitioner is providing six spaces including four
20:56:58 compact, which resulted in 66% of the compact spaces.
20:57:06 Initially there was an objection by transportation in
20:57:08 relation to the percentage of compact.

20:57:10 That objection has been removed.
20:57:12 Therefore, there are no objections associated with
20:57:14 this petition.
20:57:22 I would like to show you a little bit about the site.
20:57:27 They are located just south of Kennedy Boulevard.
20:57:30 On south freedom Avenue.
20:57:32 Packwood is to the east of the site.
20:57:36 You can see, if we zoom in just a little bit, there
20:57:39 are PDs along Fremont all the way to -- Fremont all
20:57:44 the way to almost Cleveland.
20:57:46 And two PDs located on the backside off of Packwood.
20:57:58 An aerial of the site.
20:58:00 They were able to preserve several large tres on the
20:58:04 site.
20:58:07 With the design.
20:58:11 Here is the subject property.
20:58:20 Here is the office building immediately adjacent to
20:58:22 the south.
20:58:26 Immediately adjacent to the south is another.
20:58:32 It's a couple town homes.
20:58:39 Here is another office located immediately to the
20:58:41 south.

20:58:41 And then at the corner of Cleveland and Packwood is
20:58:47 doctor's office, medical office.
20:58:51 On the other side of the street facing me is
20:58:56 single-family homes.
20:59:06 As previously stated, staff has in objections.
20:59:14 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
20:59:16 I have been sworn.
20:59:17 A couple of additional statements to tag along with
20:59:23 Ms. Feeley's comments.
20:59:25 The land use category Kennedy Boulevard, Packwood and
20:59:30 Rome, subject site, the land use category is R-20, CMU
20:59:35 35 urban mixed use 60, along Kennedy Boulevard.
20:59:39 As she has already described to you, the uses in
20:59:42 direct proximity directly to the south are all office
20:59:45 uses on this site.
20:59:47 So this continues that particular trend along this
20:59:52 particular area.
20:59:53 So this site, you will remember, you approved for a
20:59:56 rather significant office building to the north over
20:59:58 here.
20:59:58 The aerial kind of shows, it is a little dated but
21:00:03 these have all been demolished.

21:00:05 This is the old site where you recently approved --
21:00:15 the ordeal with the garage in the back with the
21:00:19 integrated -- that's what we have over in the area.
21:00:24 So there is a significant presence of nonresidential
21:00:27 uses.
21:00:28 Again along with some town home developments
21:00:32 continuing along this particular segment, and directly
21:00:35 east of the site.
21:00:36 Again, it's R-20.
21:00:41 Kennedy Boulevard.
21:00:43 Along with Cleveland street which is also considered a
21:00:45 collector road.
21:00:46 And it's a major arterial out of the one-way street
21:00:52 which leads out of the City of Tampa.
21:00:54 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
21:00:56 proposed request.
21:00:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
21:01:03 >>> I have been sworn.
21:01:05 Inglehart-hammer representing petitioner.
21:01:08 I gist have four points I would like to make.
21:01:10 We do have staff support, no objections? We have no
21:01:14 parking waivers.

21:01:15 We are able to provide all the parking on-site in the
21:01:17 Courier City area, which I know is important, and also
21:01:20 we are able to preserve two trees, one 40-inch grand
21:01:23 oak and one 30-inch grand oak.
21:01:28 One 36 oak.
21:01:29 >>CHAIRMAN: Does anyone want to report on item number
21:01:32 14?
21:01:34 >>> My name is Walter Crumbley.
21:01:35 I have already been sworn.
21:01:39 The Courier City Oscawana homeowners association.
21:01:43 We considered this to unanimously give it our
21:01:45 approval.
21:01:47 Just in keeping with the community plan and the
21:01:51 existing uses are founded so we are in favor of it and
21:01:55 hope that you will approve it.
21:02:05 >> They will pave the alley.
21:02:06 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
21:02:10 >> Second.
21:02:10 (Motion carried).
21:02:10 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Move an ordinance rezoning property
21:02:17 in the general vicinity of 112 south Fremont Avenue in
21:02:20 the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly

21:02:22 described in section 1 from zoning district
21:02:25 classifications RM-16 residential multifamily to PD
21:02:29 planned development, professional office, providing an
21:02:31 effective date.
21:02:32 >> Second.
21:02:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
21:02:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to compliment the petitioner
21:02:37 on saving the trees and doing a pretty unique and
21:02:41 interesting facade on the building, and I wanted to
21:02:47 compliment Mr. Crumbley for waiting so late in the
21:02:49 evening in support of the petition.
21:02:53 I think that's very significant.
21:02:55 And it's important, I think, their desire to weigh in
21:03:04 positively as well as negatively.
21:03:06 67 motion and second.
21:03:07 (Motion carried)
21:03:08 Anything else to come before --
21:03:10 >> Move to receive and file.
21:03:12 >> Second.
21:03:12 (Motion carried).
21:03:13 >>CHAIRMAN: Anything else coming before council?
21:03:15 We stand adjourned.

21:03:16 (Council meeting adjourned)