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Tampa City Council
Thursday, February 8, 2007
9:00 a.m. Session

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09:07:48 >>GWEN MILLER: City Council is called to order. The
09:07:50 chair will yield to Mary Alvarez.
09:07:52 >> Thank you, Madam Chairman. This be morning it
09:07:54 gives me great pleasure to introduce Mrs. Sarah
09:07:57 Mickelson representing a place for women who comes to
09:08:06 us, and we welcome her to give the invocation today.
09:08:11 Please stand and remain standing for the pledge of
09:08:13 allegiance.
09:08:15 >> Please pray with me.
09:08:17 Holy God, thank you for calling us to service and
09:08:22 filling our hands with opportunities.
09:08:24 Bless the conversations we have, prompt and direct our
09:08:27 actions and strengthen our resolve to be a blessing to
09:08:30 others in all that we endeavor.
09:08:33 Amen.
09:08:34 (Pledge of Allegiance).
09:08:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:08:56 >>GWEN MILLER: He will be late.
09:08:57 [Roll Call]
09:08:58 >>GWEN MILLER: At this time we have a commendation by
09:09:05 Mr. Dingfelder.
09:09:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Good morning, council.
09:09:38 It's my privilege and honor to recognize the
09:09:40 University of Tampa, and especially the University of
09:09:44 Tampa volleyball team.
09:09:46 And that's this group towering behind me.
09:09:52 And behind me we have the fantastic team led by their
09:09:58 coach Chris Catanach, and we have Jeff Rand, the
09:10:02 assistant coach.
09:10:02 And the players who we are honoring today include
09:10:06 Melissa, Emily, Camilla.
09:10:18 Some of them are probably in class today.
09:10:21 Who do we have here?
09:10:29 We are so happy that they can be here.
09:10:31 The reason we are recognizing them, we have two
09:10:34 commendations today.
09:10:36 One is for the team and their 35-1 record and their
09:10:42 national championship, which is just amazing.
09:10:46 Amazing honor for the university and the city.
09:10:48 And the coach Catanach won national coach of the year
09:10:54 for 2006.
09:10:56 Coach, why don't you tell us a little bit about your
09:10:58 season and your team and then we'll do the
09:11:00 commendation.
09:11:02 >> well, we had a magical year, had the opportunity to
09:11:05 win the first women's national championship for our
09:11:07 university.
09:11:08 We had six or seven men's national championships but
09:11:11 this is our first women's.
09:11:12 So we lost one match during the middle of the season.
09:11:15 And then we went on a 15 or 16-match win streak to win
09:11:19 the championship.
09:11:20 And we are very proud.
09:11:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Great.
09:11:24 [ Applause ]
09:11:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's start with the team.
09:11:32 Ladies, come on in here.
09:11:41 The University of Tampa volleyball team, possessors of
09:11:44 an outstanding record of 35-1, the University of Tampa
09:11:47 volleyball teal capped a phenomenal season when they
09:11:51 defeated the university of north Alabama to win the
09:11:54 division 2 national championship.
09:11:56 The third time since 1999 that the university had
09:11:59 reached the finals and the third time proved to be the
09:12:02 charm as the team came from behind in the first game
09:12:05 to take the lead.
09:12:07 After splitting the first two games of the match, they
09:12:10 hit their style in the third game, 30-21.
09:12:16 To take a two-game to one lead.
09:12:20 Everything came together in the fourth game as you
09:12:22 crushed north Alabama 30-17 to take the title.

09:12:27 Fantastic.
09:12:30 Of particular notice is the reflection of the Spartans
09:12:40 players.
09:12:42 Honoring the University of Tampa, Tampa City Council
09:12:44 is proud to present this commendation to you for your
09:12:48 outstanding season and accomplishment.
09:12:50 We wish you success in the future in volleyball and
09:12:56 life.
09:12:56 Congratulations.
09:12:57 [ Applause ]
09:13:01 And, coach, not only is a great coach of these young
09:13:09 ladies, but he's also a South Tampa resident, I'm
09:13:13 proud to say, 23 years at the University of Tampa.
09:13:15 Amazing.
09:13:16 And his daughter Kelly is on the Plant High School
09:13:18 team which also won a state title.
09:13:24 It's in the blood, I guess.
09:13:26 All right, coach, we are giving you this commendation.
09:13:30 University of Tampa volleyball coach and South Tampa
09:13:32 resident.
09:13:33 You have been named division two coach of the year for
09:13:35 2006.

09:13:39 National coach of the year.
09:13:43 Coach Catanach earned the second coach of the year
09:13:45 award.
09:13:46 The first time was at the end of the '91 season. The
09:13:49 national title came on the university of campus third
09:13:52 trip to the title game.
09:13:57 He remarked: I'm thrilled to represent all the
09:14:00 coaches as coach of the year.
09:14:01 There are really phenomenal coaches out there so it
09:14:03 makes it even greater to be selected.
09:14:05 I guess humility is part of the game.
09:14:08 Coach has an outstanding record of 721-143, one loss
09:14:18 record, which puts you at the top of all active
09:14:21 coaches in division 2 play.
09:14:23 Led his team to 15 conference championships, 21 NCAA
09:14:28 tournament matches.
09:14:33 I'm sure if they have a national Hall of Fame you are
09:14:35 going to be there, too.
09:14:36 In your years of continuing outstanding service to the
09:14:39 academic the Tampa City Council is proud to extend our
09:14:44 congratulations to you and your team and many more
09:14:48 years of success.

09:14:49 Congratulations.
09:14:53 And as I said, do you have a few words to say about
09:14:59 your coach and the team?
09:15:01 >>> I don't even know what to say.
09:15:05 It was a great year.
09:15:08 We have been close several times.
09:15:09 And it's just great to finally get to where we wanted
09:15:12 to be, and been an honor to work with Chris.
09:15:16 Hopefully we'll bring back a couple more.
09:15:24 [ Applause ]
09:15:29 >>GWEN MILLER: I think we will go to our staff
09:15:32 reports.
09:15:33 Mr. Sal Territo.
09:15:39 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
09:15:40 I have been asked to make a substitution for item
09:15:42 number 19.
09:15:43 There's a typo on one of the account numbers.
09:15:45 I would like to request that I make that substitution
09:15:47 at this point.
09:15:47 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
09:15:50 >> Second.
09:15:50 (Motion carried).

09:15:50 >>GWEN MILLER: We will move that in our committee
09:15:54 reports.
09:15:57 Mr. David Smith, is he here?
09:15:59 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
09:16:14 I want to provide you some information and give you a
09:16:16 little bit of background on a couple of election
09:16:18 issues that have been of import of late.
09:16:36 As the city attorney, I represent you as City Council
09:16:38 members.
09:16:38 I do not represent you in your efforts to get elected.
09:16:41 That's your individual attorneys and representatives.
09:16:43 But I do want to bring a couple things to your
09:16:47 attention to make sure we avoid any complications and
09:16:49 any problems.
09:16:51 And usually these are issues that I get calls on, I'm
09:16:56 getting calls on, you are going to be getting them
09:16:58 soon even if you are not the object of the call.
09:17:01 I have handed you a couple of pages that are relevant
09:17:03 to our brief discussion this morning.
09:17:08 If you look at the front page it talks about campaign
09:17:10 ethics.
09:17:11 Section 2-600, it's been fairly straightforward, I

09:17:14 doubt any of you will have any problems with this.
09:17:16 It deals with not using your office in any way that's
09:17:21 coercive for the support or vote.
09:17:25 I don't think there's any ambiguity.
09:17:27 I doubt that's going to be an issue for any of you.
09:17:29 If you look at section 2.601, however, on the third
09:17:34 page, this can get a little more subtle.
09:17:36 And the types of things we like to avoid is having any
09:17:40 inadvertent violation.
09:17:42 If you look at the first sentence it says it is
09:17:44 unlawful for a person to make or solicit or knowingly
09:17:47 accept any campaign contribution in a building owned
09:17:52 by the city.
09:17:55 Clearly when you are here as City Council members you
09:17:57 will not be able to solicit or accept campaign
09:18:00 contributions.
09:18:01 What might be a little more subtle is everybody has a
09:18:05 mailing list.
09:18:05 It is incumbent upon you that your mailing list does
09:18:09 not include city employees so that you are mailing to
09:18:12 city employees, a solicitation for funds, at the
09:18:15 office.

09:18:16 You can mail it to their homes.
09:18:18 That's perfectly appropriate.
09:18:19 But we shouldn't be doing that here.
09:18:21 And if any of you have any questions about that we
09:18:24 would be happy to work with you directly.
09:18:25 I know no one would intentionally violate that
09:18:28 provision but it's easy to unintentionally violate
09:18:30 that but it would still be a violation.
09:18:33 By the way, I should tell you as a cautionary measure
09:18:38 on this next issue, I am officially no party
09:18:43 affiliation.
09:18:44 I have been a democrat in the past.
09:18:45 I have been a Republican in the past.
09:18:46 So I have no ax to grind on this issue.
09:18:48 I am standing here simply as your attorney today to
09:18:51 provide you some advice with respect to this issue.
09:18:54 Also, as you know, I love every one of you, but I do
09:18:59 not respond to any requests for solicitation or attend
09:19:03 your fund-raisers.
09:19:04 It's not because I don't support you.
09:19:05 I think it's inappropriate for me to get actively
09:19:08 involved in supporting anyone who knows who is going

09:19:10 to win, we need to stay out of the political fray.
09:19:13 So please don't take any of that personally.
09:19:15 I have known some of you for a long time.
09:19:17 But that's why I respond in that way.
09:19:28 And I do advise and encourage strongly my staff to do
09:19:32 the same.
09:19:33 We can't prevent people from political activities, a
09:19:36 first amendment right as you know.
09:19:38 Now let's look at the last page of the handout I gave
09:19:40 you.
09:19:40 This one is a complex and nuance issue.
09:19:43 But I'm referring to specifically to 8.19,
09:19:52 nonpartisan elections.
09:19:53 The last I noticed there is no candidate instruction
09:19:56 that applies to principles so we look to the text for
09:20:01 the plain meaning.
09:20:03 Let's look at exactly what it says.
09:20:04 Again it's important to know the context.
09:20:06 This is a first amendment issue.
09:20:08 What we are dealing with is people first amendment
09:20:11 rights, yours as a candidate and electors as citizens,
09:20:16 any narrow -- electors, any narrowing of those rights

09:20:22 has to be strictly construed.
09:20:26 Obviously I am not advising you as politics.
09:20:31 But anyone hop tells you the jurisprudence of the
09:20:34 first amendment is completely consistent and clear,
09:20:39 but what is clear is the idea of the first amendment
09:20:42 rights are strongly protected.
09:20:44 That in mind, this provision has two sentences.
09:20:47 The first one says, City of Tampa municipal elections
09:20:50 shall be called, held, conducted and regulated without
09:20:55 regard to political party.
09:20:57 The subject in that sentence is "the City of Tampa."
09:21:01 That pertains to what the city can do and must do and
09:21:04 how it must comport itself in this process.
09:21:06 That's why we do not have party identification on the
09:21:09 ballot.
09:21:10 Everybody has to be an electorate.
09:21:15 All of you are registered as something.
09:21:17 But it will not be on the ballot.
09:21:18 And the second part addresses what the candidates can
09:21:22 and cannot do.
09:21:23 A candidate for municipal office shall not, one,
09:21:28 campaign as a member of any political party.

09:21:33 Two, publicly represent or advertise as a member of
09:21:36 any political party.
09:21:38 And, 3, solicit or accept political party funds or
09:21:43 endorsements.
09:21:44 Let's look at that again more carefully. The first
09:21:46 one, campaign as a member of any political party.
09:21:50 I would encourage you to use as you all go to public
09:21:53 speaking engagements, I would start out, if I were
09:21:56 you -- sorry, can't tell you -- (laughter).
09:22:05 >> What do you mean?
09:22:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We'll find out next week.
09:22:09 >>> I would encourage all of you to start your
09:22:11 speeches with, I want to remind you, this is a
09:22:14 nonpartisan race.
09:22:16 I am not going to talk about my party affiliation, nor
09:22:18 am I going to promote it or seek your vote for that
09:22:21 reason.
09:22:21 So you have got the disclaimer at the outset.
09:22:25 You just can't campaign on that basis.
09:22:27 So I would recommend you do that, put you a little bit
09:22:31 beyond the accusation that someone would make if they
09:22:34 chose to do so.

09:22:37 The publicly -- you all have campaign materials.
09:22:42 None of your signs, literature, invitations indicate
09:22:45 your party affiliation.
09:22:47 You should avoid subtle things, too, like putting an
09:22:50 elephant or donkey on your invitation.
09:22:53 Just to make sure you don't run afoul.
09:22:58 Lastly, and solicit party funds or endorsement.
09:23:05 This doesn't mean political parties might in fact
09:23:08 endorse you.
09:23:09 You cannot solicit or accept.
09:23:10 So if someone does endorse you, very nice, don't
09:23:15 comment on it.
09:23:15 Move on down the road.
09:23:16 Now dealing with this specific issue that came up
09:23:19 recently, there's lots of organizations out there,
09:23:22 whether it's Emily's list, which as I understand
09:23:24 primarily solely supports democratic women, or the
09:23:27 federation of Republican women.
09:23:31 I think a person can speak to any organization if
09:23:33 invited.
09:23:34 I'm not saying this is an absolutely clear issue when
09:23:38 someone else has identified you as having a specific

09:23:40 party.
09:23:40 But the freedom the first amendment allows is you can
09:23:44 speak to groups.
09:23:45 Do not identify yourself as a particular partisan.
09:23:50 In fact I would -- I would encourage you to indicate
09:23:54 it's not a partisan issue.
09:23:57 And not that someone couldn't challenge, you know, you
09:24:00 in that regard.
09:24:02 But if you do attend such an event, just make it clear
09:24:07 where you stand in terms of being nonpartisan.
09:24:11 And I don't think we can deprive your first amendment
09:24:14 rights to speak to various groups who want to hear
09:24:17 from you.
09:24:18 But be very careful.
09:24:20 People mean well but they can get knew trouble very
09:24:24 inadvertently.
09:24:25 And I'm simply providing you this background because
09:24:27 there are a lot of nuances to this issue.
09:24:29 And although the two reporters who cover this are very
09:24:32 bright and do a very good job, there's background I
09:24:34 want to make sure you are aware of.
09:24:37 That having been said, if you have any questions on

09:24:40 any of those issues I would be happy to try to answer
09:24:43 them.
09:24:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Smith, why is it that the county
09:24:50 is political party affiliation, and not us?
09:24:55 >>DAVID SMITH: Well, the provision that you read on
09:24:57 the last page, 8.19, that is literally part of the
09:25:00 related law of the City of Tampa.
09:25:03 It's a special act.
09:25:06 Treated tantamount to the charter.
09:25:08 Not technically the charter but cellular in its
09:25:10 application.
09:25:11 So we have a specific legal prohibition about
09:25:16 partisanship.
09:25:18 >> Did that come up because of something that happened
09:25:20 years and years ago?
09:25:21 >>> Actually the information I have was primarily
09:25:23 gleaned from the paper this morning.
09:25:25 I understand it came up in 1953.
09:25:27 The city did not have an entirely honorable political
09:25:31 past.
09:25:32 Various segments of our population were not allowed to
09:25:35 participate in the process and partisanship was part

09:25:39 of the cause of that.
09:25:41 So it was made a nonpartisan election.
09:25:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, David.
09:25:47 And I'm glad that you briefed us on this and these
09:25:52 issues.
09:25:52 But especially on the partisanship issue.
09:25:56 I think it's one of the things that makes this body a
09:25:59 really productive body, and a good body, as compared
09:26:02 to another body up the street that often is less
09:26:07 productive.
09:26:08 I think they get wrapped up in partisan issues.
09:26:12 And I'm really proud in my term for the last four
09:26:14 years that these kind of issues have never come up.
09:26:17 And they shouldn't come up because we are here to, you
09:26:19 know, to fix the streets and the sewers and the roads
09:26:24 and things like that.
09:26:25 And just partisanship shouldn't have a place in it and
09:26:31 I'm glad in the 1950s they recognized that and I
09:26:34 hope this board continues along that way.
09:26:36 And I'm confident that everybody who is running for
09:26:38 office on this panel will respect the charter, and
09:26:43 will stay away from all those partisan issues.

09:26:46 I know when I do go door to door people ask me that.
09:26:49 They say what party are you?
09:26:51 Or I'm not going to talk to you.
09:26:53 And I'm adamant and I say, now what?
09:26:55 It's a nonpartisan race and we don't need to talk
09:26:58 about that, you know. It's not an issue for City
09:27:00 Council.
09:27:00 And I think that this city is better served to stick
09:27:04 with that policy.
09:27:05 And I urge all candidates across the board to do that.
09:27:12 >>> And you have legal support for not answering that
09:27:14 question.
09:27:14 You can't campaign as a democrat or Republican.
09:27:17 Anything else?
09:27:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:27:19 We now go to the approval of the agenda.
09:27:21 Are there any items we need to pull?
09:27:24 >> Move to approve.
09:27:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I believe there has been a
09:27:30 request, number 15 set for the end of the meeting.
09:27:32 I believe there is a request to move that up.
09:27:41 If you want it at the end of staff reports or

09:27:43 anyplace.
09:27:44 But you can make that determination now.
09:27:45 Secondly, there's also a request, I believe, number
09:27:49 10, I believe it is, by Mr. Healey, for various
09:27:54 reasons, he's requesting that that be the first one
09:27:58 taken.
09:27:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other items?
09:28:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move that we make Mr. Huey first
09:28:04 and the Planning Commission staff second.
09:28:16 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
09:28:17 I am requesting on behalf of staff and applicants to
09:28:20 continue item number 2 until March 8th.
09:28:26 >> So moved.
09:28:26 >> Second.
09:28:26 (Motion carried).
09:28:27 >>CHAIRMAN: Now Ms. Saul-Sena.
09:28:33 >> My motion is to have Mr. Huey first, Planning
09:28:36 Commission second.
09:28:37 >> Second.
09:28:38 (Motion carried).
09:28:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Chair, on item 4, just trying
09:28:44 to clean up a little bit.

09:28:45 I talked to staff, and we are in agreement that this
09:28:48 item is not ripe.
09:28:50 I move to continue another six weeks.
09:28:52 >> Second.
09:28:53 >> Motion and second.
09:28:54 (Motion carried).
09:28:55 >>GWEN MILLER: That's it?
09:28:58 Okay, Mr. Huey.
09:29:01 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development administrator for
09:29:03 the city.
09:29:05 Here to give you a brief update on our progress with
09:29:11 EL Centro.
09:29:12 A few weeks ago, we took control and possession of
09:29:16 this important historic landmark building in the heart
09:29:19 of West Tampa.
09:29:21 We did that with council support and we thank you for
09:29:23 that.
09:29:24 I know together we have a great resolve to have that
09:29:29 important building be a center piece of West Tampa's
09:29:33 continued revitalization.
09:29:34 We are very early in the process.
09:29:36 We have only had it a few weeks.

09:29:38 As you might imagine, our first steps have to do
09:29:40 with -- we have our facilities department out
09:29:45 assessing the interior and exterior condition of the
09:29:48 building.
09:29:49 There's a variety of legal matters that we have been
09:29:51 researching.
09:29:52 We are trying to get our arms around the operating
09:29:54 costs of the building.
09:29:56 We have been researching diligently grant
09:29:58 opportunities for the building which we think there
09:30:00 are significant grant opportunities to help with the
09:30:05 capital improvements in the building.
09:30:09 And so we are pleased with our progress on that.
09:30:11 But we are early into getting our arms around a number
09:30:15 of important issues.
09:30:17 Certainly an important part of what we are thinking
09:30:19 about is how to embrace community input about the
09:30:22 future of the building.
09:30:23 And that will be an important part of our process.
09:30:27 That is already happening informally, as you might
09:30:31 imagine, with the various stakeholders in West Tampa.
09:30:34 Jeanette Fenton is here, who is our redevelopment

09:30:36 manager for West Tampa, and she has been receiving
09:30:40 from a variety of interested parties ideas about the
09:30:43 future of the building.
09:30:44 So informally we are certainly receiving ideas, and we
09:30:47 appreciate those ideas, and stimulation and in our
09:30:52 thinking that they provide.
09:30:53 But we will also come forward with a more formal way
09:30:56 to receive community input as we put our plans
09:31:00 together.
09:31:00 As far as the future of the building, we have no
09:31:03 preconceived notion busy the future use of the
09:31:06 building, with one exception, a very important part of
09:31:09 our planning consideration is to include Virginia
09:31:13 rivers public theater as part of the future of the
09:31:16 building.
09:31:17 So beyond that, we are very open at this point to have
09:31:21 the future of the building unfold and we look forward
09:31:25 to working with council over the coming months in that
09:31:28 process.
09:31:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Huey, this is good
09:31:34 news.
09:31:34 I think huge credit goes to the West Tampa community

09:31:36 who have coalesced strongly as a neighborhood who made
09:31:41 their voices heard about this previous proposal, who
09:31:44 encouraged the city to purchase the building, and who
09:31:46 are now working with the University of South Florida
09:31:48 to look at ideas for this.
09:31:52 We are all eager for something healthy and good to go
09:31:54 in there.
09:31:55 We know that there's some vandalism based on the fact
09:31:57 that the building is empty. The quicker we get good
09:32:00 uses in there the better while we plan for the
09:32:02 theater.
09:32:03 I have a request that we hear back from you all in a
09:32:06 month on how things are progressing.
09:32:08 And that there be an opportunity for community input.
09:32:12 I know there's a number of interested stakeholders.
09:32:16 Historically the theater, in addition to having live
09:32:18 performances, has movies.
09:32:23 And I love movies.
09:32:23 And there's no place in West Tampa to go to the
09:32:26 movies.
09:32:26 There's just no place from the river over to Westshore
09:32:30 plaza, and from Kennedy, even south of there.

09:32:34 There's no ability for someone in the neighborhood to
09:32:36 go to the movies.
09:32:37 So I think you should factor that into your thinking.
09:32:41 And it could be a revenue generator.
09:32:44 And it's an easy use that doesn't preclude other uses.
09:32:48 Throw that in the pot.
09:32:50 >> That could be used for the Tampa Theatre as well.
09:32:53 >>> Absolutely.
09:32:56 >> Thank you.
09:32:56 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Huey, I guess you know that I have
09:33:00 been waiting for this for a long, long time.
09:33:03 And I agree to a certain point with Ms. Saul-Sena
09:33:07 about the theater.
09:33:08 But we need to make it first and foremost the Virginia
09:33:12 rivers creative arts department, and then if they are
09:33:18 not using it at night or Saturday or Sundays we can
09:33:22 certainly look at the theater part of it.
09:33:25 But this is a promise that the administration has made
09:33:31 for the last four or five years, before I left, and
09:33:36 I'm just elated and so proud and so thankful that we
09:33:40 are able to find a place for Virginia rivers.
09:33:44 As you all know, she was a schoolmate of mine.

09:33:48 And I was so happy to see her the last week that she
09:33:54 was alive that we were able to give her a
09:33:57 commendation, and to recognize the work that she had
09:34:00 done for the city for so many years.
09:34:02 So of course you know how happy I am about that.
09:34:04 And I would like to know when the community input is
09:34:07 going to be done, because I would like to be there at
09:34:12 the time, if I can.
09:34:15 Huh hue we'll come forward with a plan on that.
09:34:17 >> That's great.
09:34:18 >>> And I would be neglectful if I didn't share with
09:34:20 all of council that Mary had a particular interest in
09:34:24 the future of the EL Centro.
09:34:28 I think hardly a week went by where Mary wasn't
09:34:32 cornering me by phone or in the hallway and asking me
09:34:35 the latest about what was going on.
09:34:37 Because you know we have been involved in this project
09:34:39 for over a year.
09:34:40 So I appreciate your assistance.
09:34:44 Thank you.
09:34:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Huey, are you planning on
09:34:49 utilizing any nonprofit agencies to provide social

09:34:52 services in the West Tampa area?
09:34:57 >>MARK HUEY: As I said, there are no preconceived
09:35:00 notions about what we would or wouldn't do at this
09:35:02 point.
09:35:03 There are some nonprofits have come forward and
09:35:06 expressed an interest in providing some uses in the
09:35:10 building.
09:35:11 All that will be taken into account.
09:35:14 Councilman Reddick, as we move forward.
09:35:17 Again at this point we are more trying to get our arms
09:35:19 around --
09:35:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: The reason I say that is because when
09:35:26 the urban league had intentions to be in there, one of
09:35:30 their primary focuses was to provide in that
09:35:35 community.
09:35:35 And now that they will not be there, I think it is
09:35:39 incumbent upon this council to ensure that some of
09:35:42 those services be provided that the community
09:35:45 anticipated them doing.
09:35:47 So I would hope in part of the planning and
09:35:50 development you will take that into consideration some
09:35:54 of the services that the urban league intended to

09:35:57 provide and.
09:36:02 >>MARK HUEY: And I can assure you, councilman Reddick,
09:36:07 part of the resources was in CBDG funding which does
09:36:13 in fact require services to be provided that are
09:36:15 benefitting the neighborhood.
09:36:17 >> Part of the planning of the future of the building.
09:36:32 >>GWEN MILLER: That will be a name change.
09:36:34 Do you have an idea what the name would be?
09:36:37 >>> That isn't anything that's actually been discussed
09:36:40 at this point.
09:36:41 In the future naming of the building.
09:36:47 So that's something that he involves out of our
09:36:52 planning process and the future use of the building,
09:36:54 I'm not sure, but at this point that hasn't been part
09:36:57 of any discussions that I have been a part of.
09:37:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to recognize Mrs.
09:37:03 Alvarez for her leadership in this and all of council
09:37:06 who were here when Virginia rivers -- it was at a week
09:37:10 before she died and we all promised her that we would
09:37:13 have an arts center in her honor.
09:37:16 And it was very powerful and very moving.
09:37:19 And none of us who were here will forget that.

09:37:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: She came in her wheelchair and was
09:37:25 very, very ill.
09:37:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to make a motion that
09:37:29 a month from now we have a report back on how it's
09:37:31 going.
09:37:31 I would love to see a time frame on when the community
09:37:34 meeting is and when we are going to move forward with
09:37:37 applying for grants and figuring out what we are doing
09:37:40 and getting something in there.
09:37:41 My feeling is that we need to do something immediate
09:37:45 and active as a first step.
09:37:48 Even if it's putting some city staff in there, just
09:37:51 getting a live, functioning presence in there, to give
09:37:55 the neighborhood hope.
09:37:56 Because it's been empty for so long.
09:37:58 So my motion is to get a report back.
09:38:00 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:38:02 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
09:38:03 (Motion carried).
09:38:04 Thank you, Mr. Huey.
09:38:08 Now we hear from the Planning Commission.
09:38:17 >> Thank you very much.

09:38:18 If we could have if PowerPoint on I would appreciate
09:38:20 it.
09:38:21 I'm here to talk about multi-modal transit.
09:38:23 Some of you may have heard this presentation, although
09:38:25 it keeps evolving.
09:38:27 But just to get you thinking about it as we update our
09:38:30 MPO plan for a new way of looking at things.
09:38:33 I personally am very much a proponent of transit,
09:38:36 because of an experience that happened to me as a
09:38:39 chilled.
09:38:39 I was raised by Riverview, moved to Chicago when I was
09:38:43 nine, and you can imagine the -- but it changed my
09:38:51 life that I was able to be self-sufficient as a
09:38:54 teenager without a car and access a great city like
09:38:58 the city of Chicago offered a young person.
09:39:00 And I really think it's important because I don't
09:39:01 think my own children had that same opportunity here.
09:39:04 And as we move into becoming a bigger and bigger city
09:39:09 it's important that when look in that direction.
09:39:11 So what I am here to talk about is a lot of things
09:39:14 that are happening not only in Tampa but also across
09:39:16 our country.

09:39:17 The U.S. is one of the only industrialized countries
09:39:20 that is actually growing at a rapid rate. This shows
09:39:23 how quickly it took to reach 100 million.
09:39:25 As you can see we are growing at an accelerating rate
09:39:30 so it's not just Tampa or Florida.
09:39:31 We are one of the fastest growing areas in the United
09:39:34 States.
09:39:35 We have changing demographics with more empty nesters,
09:39:38 elderly single-person households, houses and
09:39:42 preferences in lifestyles are changing.
09:39:44 This isn't the same community or same demographic it
09:39:47 was after World War II.
09:39:56 Rail transit is something we haven't looked at too
09:39:58 seriously in the past.
09:40:00 We have other forms of transportation but we need to
09:40:02 add rail to our tool box of possible transit systems.
09:40:05 Why now?
09:40:06 Some things have changed.
09:40:07 There's been great success in other sun belt cities
09:40:10 that did not exist a decade ago.
09:40:12 Of course we all know about the cost of oil.
09:40:14 We know about our growth trend.

09:40:16 Tampa is an employment hub.
09:40:17 In fact it has the third highest percentage of people
09:40:19 coming into a city to work in the country after
09:40:23 Washington and Atlanta.
09:40:24 There is a limit to road-only approach.
09:40:27 And I continually find that out more and more as I
09:40:30 drive on 275, my suburban home into Tampa.
09:40:35 Sun belt cities recently, they have jumped on the rail
09:40:39 and multi-modal bandwagon, Dallas and Charlotte.
09:40:45 Cities even like Houston, which is a very
09:40:47 auto-oriented city now has a rail transit system.
09:40:51 San Diego, one of the first sun belt cities in the
09:40:54 late 80s to develop a system using existing rail
09:40:57 lines.
09:40:57 Even cities like Albuquerque which are much smaller
09:41:02 than the Tampa metro area now do have some type of
09:41:04 rail system.
09:41:05 Other cities coming up right in our own backyard is
09:41:08 the city of Orlando who has come up with a creative
09:41:11 way of looking at transit.
09:41:12 Cities like Salt Lake, Minneapolis, Denver, and the
09:41:16 last decade added extensive systems.

09:41:19 What's happening in a city like Denver is that once
09:41:22 one line is in, they have clamored for other lines and
09:41:26 referendums to add onto the system.
09:41:30 Same as what happened in Dallas.
09:41:31 Again we get back to the flexibility of people that
09:41:34 don't drive, don't want to drive or can't drive.
09:41:36 And we have to provide for those people also in our
09:41:40 community.
09:41:49 It's about land use, land development to be supportive
09:41:52 of transit.
09:41:55 If we don't have a good pedestrian environment it
09:41:58 doesn't work well.
09:41:59 Two areas that were designed with transit in mind, one
09:42:02 has transit, one doesn't but is ready, are west park
09:42:05 village and the Channel District downtown.
09:42:09 West park village is a walkable community.
09:42:13 There's a map of what I mean by pedestrian oriented
09:42:15 again in contrast to the number of automobile oriented
09:42:21 developments.
09:42:25 Only one or two trains a day.
09:42:27 The idea in the 1990s was that it would have even a
09:42:30 place for a station.

09:42:31 But that kind of fell through.
09:42:33 The community was built and it's ready.
09:42:35 And it's there.
09:42:36 And would serve very well for transit and other
09:42:40 communities that he would build like this in the
09:42:43 future would help support transit.
09:42:45 The Channel District.
09:42:47 We are all familiar with that if you look at where the
09:42:49 new developments are proposed in regard to where the
09:42:52 streetcar is, you can see there's definitely a cause
09:42:55 and effect in development so it is a way to guide
09:42:57 development also.
09:43:00 How do we fit into the metropolitan areas?
09:43:03 Tampa is in the top 25 metropolitan areas in the
09:43:05 country, happens to be number 19.
09:43:08 Some interesting statistics, we have our world class
09:43:11 metro areas.
09:43:12 We have Chicago, Los Angeles.
09:43:14 Two have multi-modal transportation systems.
09:43:17 One did not have it but now is spending extensive
09:43:23 amounts of money to try to recoup that.
09:43:25 I would hate to see Tampa follow in the path of

09:43:27 Los Angeles because it's much harder to go back and
09:43:30 retrofit a city like Los Angeles or even building
09:43:33 subways there now, rapid transit light rail.
09:43:37 It's very difficult once the city has developed that
09:43:39 level of population growth.
09:43:42 The next level, other metro areas, cities like
09:43:46 San Francisco, that build multi-modal systems, same
09:43:50 with Washington, very successful, Atlanta, Miami,
09:43:53 older cities such as Philadelphia and Boston, and
09:43:57 newer additions such as Dallas and Houston added rail
09:44:02 and multi-modal systems.
09:44:04 Older established metro areas like St. Louis, Detroit,
09:44:07 Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit is the one that does not
09:44:11 have a rail system.
09:44:15 Next city, Minneapolis, Portland, Denver, San Diego,
09:44:19 Tampa.
09:44:19 This is where we fit in.
09:44:20 We are the only city in this group that has not had
09:44:24 the plans for existing rail system.
09:44:26 So if you look at the only areas there's only two in
09:44:28 the top 25, Detroit and Tampa that do not have plans
09:44:31 or existing rail system.

09:44:32 Now if you go to the next tier, smaller cities, cities
09:44:36 like San Diego, Sacramento, Charlotte, Raleigh, you
09:44:40 can see that very much we are in line in population
09:44:42 with these other cities.
09:44:43 So some are smaller, some are larger so it's not a
09:44:46 question of population.
09:44:48 It also is in the question of density.
09:44:50 The density in the City of Tampa is almost 3,000
09:44:53 people per square mile.
09:44:55 Very comparable to Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, a
09:44:58 little bit less than Denver, more than Austin.
09:45:01 So, again, we do have the density of rail needs in our
09:45:07 community.
09:45:10 We are talking about the corporate limits.
09:45:12 The corporate limits of Tampa.
09:45:13 One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to
09:45:16 take an entity like Hillsborough County, a thousand
09:45:20 square miles and divide the population.
09:45:22 We have no intention of serving with any kind of
09:45:24 transit areas like fort lonesome or something.
09:45:28 And it makes it appears that -- theory that we are
09:45:31 much more dense and we see a three dimensional thing

09:45:34 that makes my point a couple slides down.
09:45:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: (off microphone) talking about
09:45:42 regional -- you are talking regional?
09:45:45 >>> Connecting regional dots.
09:45:47 Not taking regions and as if the area is spread evenly
09:45:52 across the region.
09:45:52 You serve parts of the region that have the density we
09:45:55 need just like other cities have done.
09:45:59 But that is the corporate limits of Tampa compared to
09:46:01 the corporate limits of Atlanta and all that.
09:46:04 This is the employment again.
09:46:06 We have a lot of -- 1.2 million in the Tampa Bay area.
09:46:10 Again we'll have 2 million by 2025.
09:46:13 Much more than a lot of cities that already have
09:46:16 transit.
09:46:17 To give you an idea, we will be approaching Atlanta's
09:46:20 number of employees by 2025.
09:46:22 And I'm talking about the Atlanta metro area.
09:46:25 So we are talking about a lot of people.
09:46:30 Where do we rank again?
09:46:31 13th largest television market, Tampa and Detroit
09:46:37 are the only two that don't have light rail.

09:46:41 All of the counties are increasing in population.
09:46:45 Hillsborough County, the numbers increasing the most.
09:46:48 When people say everybody is moving to Pasco County.
09:46:51 Pasco County is smaller, higher percentage.
09:46:54 Hillsborough County is still growing.
09:46:56 Much faster in numbers than Pasco County.
09:47:00 To give you an idea of growth we are going to have
09:47:02 here, if you took the corporate limits of the city of
09:47:05 Atlanta or the corporate limits of Minneapolis, and
09:47:08 dropped them into Hillsborough County over the next 20
09:47:10 to 25 years.
09:47:11 That's the kind of growth we are having.
09:47:13 So it's not about now.
09:47:15 It's about where we are going.
09:47:19 To give you an idea how our public transportation road
09:47:24 service miles compare, these are the corporate limits
09:47:25 of Atlanta and Minneapolis.
09:47:28 Jumping to the rail issue each one has about 25 miles
09:47:30 of rail.
09:47:31 We of course have three miles of streetcar which isn't
09:47:34 really a commuter transit system.
09:47:36 But you can see the vast differences in populations

09:47:40 really aren't that different.
09:47:41 Same if you look at the whole county, even compared
09:47:44 with the corporate limits of Atlanta and Minneapolis,
09:47:47 you will see we have much less transit service of any
09:47:50 type even considering bus.
09:47:54 This is population per acre, 2025.
09:47:58 You can see that the population is concentrated in a
09:48:00 number of centers around USF, downtown Westshore, and
09:48:06 out in the emerging I-75 corridor, Brandon area.
09:48:10 Those are the areas you have to connect where people
09:48:12 live.
09:48:12 It's not spread evenly over the county.
09:48:14 So the system is called connecting the dots.
09:48:19 Employment is even more dramatic.
09:48:21 Again you can see the concentration of employees in
09:48:24 2025.
09:48:25 It's focusing very specific areas that we need to
09:48:29 serve.
09:48:32 If you take areas, three miles USF, three miles around
09:48:37 Brandon, two miles downtown, two miles Westshore, and
09:48:40 just ignoring political boundaries or downtown service
09:48:44 district, anything else, these circles make up 7.6% of

09:48:47 the land area.
09:48:48 Hillsborough County, within these areas, the
09:48:51 employment -- in the employment centers the population
09:48:55 itself is 20%.
09:48:56 And 20% of the population for county living in these
09:49:02 circles.
09:49:04 Jobs.
09:49:04 Much more dramatic.
09:49:05 You have 42% of the jobs are within the four circles
09:49:11 so you do have a concentration in these areas.
09:49:14 Again looking at the employment center of growth, it's
09:49:16 only going to get larger over the next 25 years and
09:49:18 more intense as we see happening in downtown Westshore
09:49:22 and USF areas right now.
09:49:26 This is total trips 2025, where they are coming from.
09:49:30 Again as I mentioned Hillsborough County is the center
09:49:32 for the whole Tampa Bay area in employment and a lot
09:49:35 of people come from outside of Hillsborough County
09:49:37 into Tampa to work.
09:49:40 What are the goals of rail transit as part of the
09:49:43 multi-modal strategy?
09:49:45 Go by cost effective transportation to provide

09:49:47 mobility needs and enhanced quality of life by
09:49:49 promoting these developments, and transit oriented
09:49:53 development pattern.
09:49:54 So it's a 3-tiered thing.
09:49:56 Mobility, economic vitality and quality of life.
09:50:00 We are competing.
09:50:01 And the reason that I think these efforts are
09:50:03 different this time is the business community was
09:50:06 largely neutral in the 1990s when we talk about the
09:50:09 things that are not neutral anymore.
09:50:11 We are lectured by the Tampa Bay partnership as to why
09:50:15 we are not promoting this.
09:50:16 I said, now what?
09:50:17 I have been waiting to hear this.
09:50:20 Because they realize we are competing with other
09:50:22 cities for jobs and employers like Bank of America and
09:50:26 city are going to ask questions about what kind of
09:50:29 transit you get.
09:50:30 They have people that come from cities that have
09:50:32 transit and expect that type of service.
09:50:35 The nature of our growth cap, our mobility options,
09:50:39 there is a limit to how much water you can get through

09:50:41 the hose and how many cars you can get through the
09:50:43 interstate.
09:50:44 You have to have alternatives.
09:50:47 Congestion and long-distance driving result in more
09:50:50 driving behind the wheel.
09:50:51 We know that.
09:50:53 Transportations are high.
09:50:53 Just to give you an idea if you can eliminate one car
09:50:56 from a household, you have $6,000 in that person's
09:50:59 income, about $60,000 more of a home that they can
09:51:02 purchase.
09:51:02 So it is an issue of affordable housing, too.
09:51:09 Cost of housing as we know is growing faster than
09:51:12 salaries.
09:51:12 So that's an important consideration.
09:51:16 So it's all these things working together.
09:51:20 The resolution Planning Commission task was to
09:51:22 encourage all appropriate government agencies within
09:51:25 Hillsborough County including city's comprehensive and
09:51:29 updated vision of alternative forms of transportation,
09:51:31 includes roads, light rail, bus, rapid transit.
09:51:35 Consider the interaction of land use.

09:51:36 Again this isn't just about transportation.
09:51:38 It's about transportation and land use supporting each
09:51:41 other.
09:51:45 This is what we want to do as a part of long range
09:51:48 transportation plan.
09:51:49 We want to also in the future create a long-term base
09:51:52 going out even further than our 25 year plan once we
09:51:55 are done with this update to make sure we are making
09:51:57 long-term investments and ensure lifestyles and
09:52:02 mobility choices.
09:52:03 And Planning Commission wants to work cooperatively to
09:52:05 implement, support this long-term vision, and they
09:52:07 have directed their staff to present this resolution
09:52:10 to the board and other agencies in Hillsborough
09:52:13 County.
09:52:15 With that, the first tool to do this is the MPO plan
09:52:18 update, which has a transit component, which we are
09:52:22 going to explain to you how we get from hear to there.
09:52:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
09:52:31 Before the MPO.
09:52:33 Ray, your team and council were working on the update.
09:52:40 What do we do that, every five to ten years?

09:52:44 >>> Five to seven years. The county is one year ahead
09:52:46 of you and we just took those to the Planning
09:52:48 Commission Monday night.
09:52:49 You're a year behind.
09:52:51 >> So we are doing an update of our long-term
09:52:54 comprehensive plan, 2025 now.
09:52:57 >>> Yes.
09:52:57 >> And do we have an aggressive program or aggressive
09:53:03 plan to change our land use map, to change our
09:53:06 policies, to reflect this type of thinking?
09:53:11 >> We do have an aggressive plan.
09:53:13 I will tell you Tampa land use plan isn't that bad.
09:53:18 You do get high density areas.
09:53:28 How you configure that development in those high
09:53:29 density areas.
09:53:30 In other words if we are going to build a Westshore
09:53:33 let's build in the a pedestrian oriented way.
09:53:34 We have a lot of things going on but we need to shift
09:53:38 with policies in the plan to promote more of that
09:53:42 orientation.
09:53:44 I think it's a big part of what we do in East Tampa's
09:53:47 plan.

09:53:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record.
09:53:51 >>> Ray Chiarmonte, Executive Director of the Planning
09:53:55 Commission.
09:53:57 >>MARY ALVAREZ: You talked about that Tampa and
09:53:59 Detroit are the only ones that don't have a rail
09:54:02 system.
09:54:03 Is Detroit planning on one?
09:54:05 >>> I don't think that they are.
09:54:07 I'll tell you the case with the city of Detroit is
09:54:10 actually going down in population.
09:54:12 It's only half the population it was in 1950.
09:54:15 Detroit was one of the largest cities in this country
09:54:17 right up in the top 5.
09:54:19 But they dropped considerably.
09:54:20 And I think in some of our lifetime the Tampa Bay area
09:54:24 will probably be bigger than Detroit.
09:54:26 So it's a different situation.
09:54:27 Although they have talked a little bit about it.
09:54:30 But I don't think there's that growth pressure like we
09:54:33 have.
09:54:33 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Then we are pretty much the only ones
09:54:44 out there that don't have a rail system.

09:54:46 >>> In cities of our size, yes.
09:54:48 >> What about Pasco County?
09:54:49 You mentioned that they are growing faster than
09:54:54 Hillsborough.
09:54:54 >>> They are growing in percentage faster but in
09:54:56 absolute numbers Hillsborough is growing quite a bit
09:55:00 faster because their population is only like in the 3
09:55:03 to 400 that you range where ours is well over a
09:55:06 million.
09:55:09 So it doesn't take as many people to make their
09:55:11 percentage higher, which it is.
09:55:12 >> Is Pasco County larger than Hillsborough County?
09:55:14 >> In area?
09:55:15 It's smaller.
09:55:17 Regardless of what anybody says, Hillsborough County
09:55:19 is always going to be the biggest county in the area
09:55:21 because it's bigger in the area.
09:55:22 Not only is it already bigger, it's bigger in area.
09:55:25 So there's no way that Pasco County is ever going to
09:55:28 grow in density to even approach Hillsborough County
09:55:30 in population.
09:55:33 >> One last question.

09:55:34 How are we going to pay for this?
09:55:44 >>> I think our role as professional planners is to
09:55:46 come up with a plan as -- whether they have existing
09:55:53 funds or referendum or whatever, that's down the road.
09:55:56 First we have to figure out what the system is going
09:55:58 to be, and what we want to recommend, and then the
09:56:03 elected officials in my opinion need to debate how
09:56:06 they want to pay for it.
09:56:07 >> One more.
09:56:09 When Mr. Dingfelder was talking about whether this is
09:56:12 a regional thing or not, and we are going to connect
09:56:15 the dots, we are talking about a Regional Planning
09:56:18 Council now, or transit council now, where we are
09:56:23 adding counties to it.
09:56:26 That's what you're talking about, right?
09:56:28 >> Yes.
09:56:29 And I think we absolutely need to do that.
09:56:31 I think in the '90s, Pinellas was going their own
09:56:35 way.
09:56:36 We were going -- now, those days are over.
09:56:38 We need to work together.
09:56:39 Because people do not live along political boundaries.

09:56:43 People in Pinellas County work in downtown Tampa, vice
09:56:46 versa.
09:56:46 We are kind of going all over and these centers are
09:56:49 growing.
09:56:49 We have to connect all these places.
09:56:51 And, you know, it's about peak hour traffic, rush hour
09:56:56 traffic.
09:56:56 The total daily trips, those concentrated times when
09:57:01 people cannot get to where they are going.
09:57:02 At some point people -- in my opinion aren't going to
09:57:05 be able to get to the airport if you have a plane
09:57:07 after 4:00.
09:57:08 It's going to be a question of whether you can make
09:57:11 that plane.
09:57:13 That's why the aviation authority is supportive of
09:57:15 this move too.
09:57:16 >> I remember a couple of months ago, maybe my first
09:57:19 month on the MPO, I saw the west central Florida plan,
09:57:23 transit plan, where a lot of counties in there that
09:57:27 were working together, and one of those lines came
09:57:31 down to Polk County.
09:57:32 And we were left out.

09:57:35 So I think it's time for to us start connecting those
09:57:39 dots, and I think we were even planning to bring Polk
09:57:43 County back to connect to that point there.
09:57:46 So great presentation.
09:57:48 I'm always glad to see it.
09:58:00 It's so important that we stop -- start this because
09:58:03 we can't depend on roads anymore.
09:58:04 >> And it takes a long time to do this.
09:58:07 >>> It takes a long time to do it.
09:58:08 Thank you very much.
09:58:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry to interrupt.
09:58:13 And I recognize it's a very important discussion.
09:58:16 It should have been appropriate for me to raise the
09:58:18 issue with you the approval of the agenda.
09:58:19 But normally by your council rules, staff reports are
09:58:22 limited to five minutes.
09:58:23 And by moving it up at this point, I received he --
09:58:30 understand he received more time and it's a
09:58:32 presentation.
09:58:33 I wonder how council wants to give the public an
09:58:37 opportunity about how much time council wishes to
09:58:39 spend on this discussion.

09:58:43 >>GWEN MILLER: How long is your report?
09:58:45 >> Five minutes max.
09:58:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move we have five minutes more.
09:58:50 >> Second.
09:58:51 (Motion carried).
09:58:52 >>> My name is Lucy and I am Executive Director of the
09:59:00 Hillsborough County MPO and basically I am just going
09:59:06 to follow up on what he has said.
09:59:13 The MPO has directed staff to put this together, this
09:59:15 multi-modal mass transit study, and you have heard we
09:59:20 intend to look at land use patterns as well as transit
09:59:24 technology.
09:59:26 And previous studies, as this map indicated.
09:59:34 Before we had studies that would go from Polk County
09:59:41 to the east to Pinellas County to the west.
09:59:42 And we will look at what the study that was produced
09:59:50 by Pinellas County in 2004 and see how to interconnect
09:59:54 with them as well.
09:59:55 And part of the committee as we can see there, all
10:00:04 kind of lines which anticipate counties and MPOs.
10:00:09 So, also, at the state level, the state has done a
10:00:13 multi-modal study.

10:00:14 And already bought the properties in the downtown.
10:00:18 That's the old jail.
10:00:21 So we are going to use strategic locations of the
10:00:24 transit studies.
10:00:25 To concentrate.
10:00:27 And also studying a regional assessment.
10:00:33 And we are going to use as much as we can on all the
10:00:36 information they have.
10:00:38 But the most important thing is that there was a Tampa
10:00:42 rail project that was actually approved by the federal
10:00:44 government a couple of years ago.
10:00:46 We are going to use their information, to also update
10:00:51 more of them.
10:00:52 And connecting to the various counties that we
10:01:00 mentioned, Polk County, and passing through Pasco
10:01:04 County to Hernando county all the way to Sarasota.
10:01:10 And then St. Petersburg.
10:01:15 What we want to do is make sure we do two things, look
10:01:18 at the transit technology, as well as looking at the
10:01:21 land use connection.
10:01:23 We have formed all kind of teams.
10:01:28 As a matter of fact, the first leadership team is

10:01:30 going to have a meeting February 16th at 9 a.m. to
10:01:34 11 a.m., and chairman Harrison has sent an invitation
10:01:42 to all of you.
10:01:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: (off microphone).
10:01:55 >>> That's rapid transit.
10:01:57 It's a regular bus stop and a railing.
10:02:11 It's very important for us to talk with you all to get
10:02:16 your input, and then to look at how transit can
10:02:22 connect everything in terms of mobility, economy, and
10:02:26 also the quality of life.
10:02:37 There is activity going on and we are going to deal
10:02:39 with that as well.
10:02:44 As I mentioned there was a meeting scheduled.
10:02:46 And then in March, we are going to invite all the
10:02:49 citizens in Hillsborough County to come and talk to
10:02:51 us, and that's going to be in the middle of March.
10:02:55 March 13th at the state fairgrounds.
10:02:59 And so people can come in the daytime, come in the
10:03:04 evening.
10:03:05 And then after that we are going to do all the
10:03:07 technical background work.
10:03:08 We intend to look at all different technologies and

10:03:12 then come up with some cost estimates so that you all
10:03:14 know what you are buying.
10:03:17 And we intend to finish this by the end of the year
10:03:20 and get the approval by the MPO.
10:03:22 And that ends my portion of the presentation.
10:03:24 And I really appreciate your time, and for us to let
10:03:27 you know what's going on.
10:03:29 Thank you very much.
10:03:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:03:30 Mr. Harrison?
10:03:32 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, Lucy, thank you, ray.
10:03:34 We have -- everyone it seems like now has a
10:03:39 transportation study underway.
10:03:42 And the MPO and the Planning Commission have been
10:03:45 doing this for many, many years.
10:03:47 That's their job.
10:03:50 I think that what Lucy just finished up with is really
10:03:52 the very salient point, and that is not only are we
10:03:57 taking a look at transit options and taking those out
10:04:00 to the county, but the MPO is also studying the
10:04:05 available technological advances that have been made
10:04:07 over the past several years, since the last time

10:04:10 anyone in this community looked at light rail or other
10:04:13 forms of mass transit.
10:04:16 We can't just simply go in and dust off the old light
10:04:19 rail study that was done eight years ago.
10:04:21 Doesn't work that way.
10:04:21 So what we are doing is taking a comprehensive look at
10:04:24 everything that's available, how much it costs, and
10:04:27 which ones of those options makes sense for this
10:04:30 community.
10:04:31 And I think Lucy said that probably by the end of the
10:04:33 year we would have that done, we would have that done
10:04:36 in conjunction with our public meetings out in the
10:04:39 community to gauge support.
10:04:41 And then we can start developing an overall plan.
10:04:45 And I really do think that that is the only way to get
10:04:49 widespread community buy-in throughout the county, is
10:04:53 to have a multi-modal plan that's going to have a
10:04:56 positive impact, no matter where you live in the
10:04:58 county.
10:05:00 That might be mass transit options such as light rail
10:05:03 for those of us who live within the city.
10:05:05 It might be commuter rail options for those who live

10:05:08 in the suburbs and want ways to come into the central
10:05:11 business district or other employment centers.
10:05:13 And it might be new roads for more remote parts of the
10:05:17 county that won't be serviced by mass transit.
10:05:19 But I think only if we look at using that balance
10:05:24 approach can we put together a package that could
10:05:27 receive widespread community buy-in.
10:05:29 So I really do think we are on the right track.
10:05:33 We went a bit over our allotted time but it's been a
10:05:36 good presentation.
10:05:37 Thank you all for being here.
10:05:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to compliment Mr. Harrison.
10:05:41 He's been a terrific chairman of the MPO.
10:05:44 And I think that that's one of the reason why council
10:05:50 has been supportive of the transit mode and your
10:05:54 presentation is excellent, and take it out to the
10:05:57 community, because I think the community when seeing
10:06:00 that will recognize the need and we can move forward.
10:06:02 And I think we are all eager to move forward as
10:06:05 rapidly as possible.
10:06:06 Thank you.
10:06:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

10:06:08 Now we go to our staff report.
10:06:10 Item number 3.
10:06:19 >>> Karen Palus, director of public recreation.
10:06:24 Item 3 is for the possible use of the groan space at
10:06:29 275, Florida Department of Transportation property.
10:06:34 We have had several discussions in the past with FDOT
10:06:37 on this site.
10:06:38 Based on those discussions and our current concerns
10:06:41 with the constraints, as well as any parks in the
10:06:46 area, he would do not feel that is a proper site for a
10:06:49 playground at this time.
10:06:50 Most importantly, it's unfunded as well as the fact
10:06:53 that it would not be our property, it would always be
10:06:56 FDOT property and would be utilized for future
10:06:59 development as needed.
10:07:00 It wouldn't offer any -- that is a concern object for
10:07:06 us as well.
10:07:07 We do have 13 at that site six of which are scheduled
10:07:14 for improvements and renovations and there are nine
10:07:18 playgrounds in that particular area.
10:07:19 So at this time we are not recommending that site be
10:07:21 utilized for a playground.

10:07:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you for sharing the
10:07:27 information about the parks in proximity.
10:07:29 The neighbors who contacted us about this, I don't
10:07:32 know if they are aware of the projected improvements.
10:07:35 If you could share that with the neighborhood
10:07:37 association, it would be really appreciated.
10:07:41 I have to say that the upside of potential improvement
10:07:46 are for 25 years out.
10:07:48 I wouldn't hold my breath.
10:07:50 I think we need to think about using this in the
10:07:52 future.
10:07:52 As Tampa Heights becomes more dense and people need
10:07:55 relief from the density, parks, as you know, are so
10:07:59 critical.
10:07:59 And perhaps there can be some thoughts toward future
10:08:03 funding.
10:08:04 Perhaps not in the city.
10:08:05 Perhaps the neighborhoods can initiate something with
10:08:08 private nonprofit.
10:08:11 Maybe the mayor's beautification.
10:08:12 But I think that just the fact that FDOT is going to
10:08:16 use it at some time shouldn't preclude us using it.

10:08:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I brought this issue up just
10:08:25 because I drive by there.
10:08:26 I don't know, it's a large fenced-off area that D.O.T.
10:08:34 owns.
10:08:35 There's some grass in there now.
10:08:37 It's not something he would want to make much
10:08:40 investment in or -- I don't know if you talked to
10:08:42 D.O.T. about this.
10:08:43 >>> We had several discussion was D.O.T.
10:08:44 They asked us on many indications -- on money
10:08:50 indication occasions to pick up the maintenance.
10:08:53 >> What is the closest dog park?
10:08:55 I know when I'm at Davis Island, I talk to people, and
10:08:58 they say, oh, I'm out here from Seminole Heights or
10:09:01 Tampa Heights or what have you, because they like the
10:09:05 dog park.
10:09:05 And I'm just wondering, you know, maybe it's something
10:09:08 that we could have more of a passive use like just an
10:09:12 open field as a dog park.
10:09:15 >>> That may be something we could look at and
10:09:18 consider.
10:09:18 There is maintenance responsibility with those.

10:09:21 Even a dog park facility.
10:09:22 Some of the constraints as well.
10:09:27 Triangular configuration of it.
10:09:33 We need to look at how to design a park and that's a
10:09:38 park we could look at.
10:09:41 >> Is there any dog park currently in Tampa Heights?
10:09:44 >>> In that area there is not currently.
10:09:47 The closest one is probably going to be Davis Island
10:09:50 at this time.
10:09:52 >> Maybe we can have the Tampa Heights neighborhood
10:09:55 association and see if that's something they might be
10:09:57 interested in.
10:09:57 >>SHAWN HARRISON: This is a broader topic but related.
10:10:03 Karen, as we look around everything that's happening
10:10:06 downtown, Channelside, Franklin Street, we are going
10:10:13 to need some urban park opportunities there.
10:10:15 And I know you all are on top of that and working on
10:10:18 that.
10:10:18 But I don't know what you have in mind.
10:10:23 But maybe if you could come back in a month or so and
10:10:27 just brief us on how we are going to ensure that the
10:10:30 folks who are moving into the downtown core, which we

10:10:33 are desperately trying to revitalize, what recreation
10:10:36 opportunities are they going to have as well?
10:10:39 >> That is something that's very much on the forefront
10:10:43 as we plan for this.
10:10:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:10:48 Item number 5.
10:10:49 Ms. Miller has a report.
10:10:55 >> Number 4?
10:10:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder made a motion to
10:10:57 continue it.
10:10:58 He continued it.
10:11:00 Two weeks.
10:11:02 >>> Thank you.
10:11:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Number 5 we need to move and receive.
10:11:07 >>SHAWN HARRISON: So moved.
10:11:08 >> Second.
10:11:08 (Motion carried).
10:11:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Number 6.
10:11:13 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
10:11:18 I would like Cathy Coyle to come up.
10:11:22 They have some pictures they have taken.
10:11:26 Then we can discuss what the options are.

10:11:37 >>CATHERINE COYLE: land development.
10:11:39 Mr. Cook and I went out Tuesday or Monday?
10:11:41 Tuesday.
10:11:44 And we looked at the site.
10:11:47 What we found in our records was that TC Choys was
10:11:52 granted an encroachment permit from City Council on
10:12:01 Howard.
10:12:01 And that was done in 2002.
10:12:05 That was the only piece of the encroachment that was
10:12:08 granted.
10:12:09 I do have the survey that was done as well.
10:12:35 You can see on the site plan, a survey of the
10:12:38 property.
10:12:38 There was originally -- this is the structure that
10:12:41 existed.
10:12:43 There was approximately a setback along both sides.
10:12:53 This is 6 feet by 28 feet.
10:12:56 And that was the encroachment that City Council
10:12:59 granted.
10:13:00 There was also a special use permit granted in January
10:13:06 2000 that within that special use permit, what that
10:13:11 was for was the rear property along Platt and moody

10:13:15 which was for the parking.
10:13:16 It was specifically an off-street parking permit that
10:13:19 was given, not for the main structure.
10:13:21 But in that, council granted a waiver to the sidewalk
10:13:25 along Platt.
10:13:26 In 2000 council could waive the sidewalk with in lieu
10:13:32 fee.
10:13:32 It wasn't until May 2001 when it was instituted.
10:13:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can I ask one question?
10:13:41 The Platt Street side of this, which as we are looking
10:13:48 to the picture to the right -- all right.
10:13:53 There you go.
10:13:58 Is there any right-of-way through there and point to
10:14:00 it if there's right-of-way?
10:14:03 >>> There's approximately 3 feet here where the
10:14:04 sidewalk would have gone.
10:14:07 >> But we didn't vacate that right-of-way, correct?
10:14:10 >>> Correct.
10:14:12 >> And my only issue is that with that blockage there,
10:14:18 and the little stones, the Little Rocks, you know,
10:14:22 otherwise, it looks like people would be able to use
10:14:25 that, you know, the public could use that little

10:14:27 corridor underneath there, and is that private
10:14:30 property now?
10:14:31 >>> It is.
10:14:34 >> And we talked about doing some sort of hold
10:14:40 harmless agreement.
10:14:41 And we asked if we could try to negotiate some way to
10:14:46 allow this to occur.
10:14:48 This piece of wall would have to be removed.
10:14:50 It is on private property with the exception of a few
10:14:52 inches right here.
10:14:53 And then the only thing is, to put tables and chairs
10:15:01 out there.
10:15:01 >> In that case the neighborhood would have to remove
10:15:03 the shrubbery and put the sidewalk over there which is
10:15:06 not as safe a place for the sidewalk to be, obviously.
10:15:08 >> It's approximately the same width on the other
10:15:11 side.
10:15:11 >> But it's not safe to cross.
10:15:17 So we shouldn't be forcing people to cross the street
10:15:19 and go over to the other side of Platt, and that's a
10:15:22 busy, busy, one-way, two or three-lane road there.
10:15:28 I think we need to improve that corner for

10:15:30 pedestrians.
10:15:30 We are going to have a new Publix within that vicinity
10:15:34 that folks are going to need to walk through there.
10:15:37 I think we have an issue there.
10:15:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I happen to cross this street two
10:15:42 nights ago and it was absolutely terrifying.
10:15:44 It is not pedestrian friendly.
10:15:46 It is pedestrian daunting.
10:15:48 And I agree with Mr. Dingfelder, we have to come up
10:15:51 with a way to make it safe for the public.
10:15:56 >> If you would like to put the sidewalk in the city
10:15:59 will have to pay for it at some point.
10:16:03 Reprioritize.
10:16:04 I don't know how do you that with transportation.
10:16:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I like the idea of approach the
10:16:09 restaurant first, Choy, and see underneath the awning,
10:16:16 if we can do that.
10:16:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If this construction were done
10:16:21 without permits initially, couldn't we -- was it done
10:16:25 without permitting that the installation of the
10:16:28 foliage of the sidewalk?
10:16:33 Wasn't that done initially without permits?

10:16:35 >>> That I can't speak it.
10:16:42 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
10:16:43 Putting the shrubbery in the right-of-way, I guess
10:16:48 would need a right-of-way permit.
10:16:49 But the transportation manager has the right to just
10:16:52 go in and remove the right-of-way and then charge back
10:16:57 the property owner.
10:16:58 So, yes, if it was there, it would have been the
10:17:03 right-of-way, any type of encroachment but items that
10:17:06 are not considered permanent structures, there is no
10:17:08 mechanism to deal with temporary encroachment.
10:17:12 It would be something that the transportation manager
10:17:14 would have the right under code to remove and charge
10:17:16 back to the property owner.
10:17:17 But I think the point was that whether or not a
10:17:22 sidewalk could go there, that's been waived so that
10:17:24 would be something the transportation department,
10:17:27 however you all prioritize it, would have to go in and
10:17:30 do.
10:17:30 But the transportation manager will have the right to
10:17:32 move everything out of the right-of-way that is not
10:17:34 there with a permit.

10:17:36 >> It would be preferable to work in conjunction with
10:17:38 the property owner to create a safe passage for
10:17:41 pedestrians.
10:17:43 But it's obvious after walking there a few days ago
10:17:46 that we need to create that.
10:17:48 It is not currently safe.
10:17:49 And as Mr. Dingfelder said, as Publix is created, as
10:17:54 we have increased density, as you all know we had a
10:17:56 number of zoning applications to create a variety of
10:17:58 uses that will increase the pedestrian traffic.
10:18:01 We have got to make it safe for folks.
10:18:06 >> talk first with the property owner.
10:18:12 >> Exactly.
10:18:13 >> could we have a report back in four weeks perhaps
10:18:15 on how that progresses?
10:18:17 >> Sure.
10:18:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, I think we just said what I
10:18:21 wanted to say and that is have you had any
10:18:24 communication was the property owner?
10:18:25 And if so --
10:18:27 >>> We have just been trying to gather the information
10:18:29 about the approvals that have been granted to see what

10:18:31 was permitted and what wasn't.
10:18:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.
10:18:41 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Council, I represent the property
10:18:43 owners.
10:18:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to waive the rules.
10:18:45 >>> Second.
10:18:45 (Motion carried).
10:18:46 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Thank you.
10:18:48 I represent the property owners.
10:18:50 Steve Michelini.
10:18:54 And I have been talking with staff about this over the
10:18:55 last few days.
10:18:56 And actually we are trying to figure out how to make
10:18:59 this safe passage work.
10:19:01 Because if you're further down to the east, there's a
10:19:06 retention pond where you have also waived the
10:19:08 sidewalk.
10:19:11 Going back toward Armenia.
10:19:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's west.
10:19:16 >>STEVE MICHELINI: West, I'm sorry.
10:19:18 Anyway, the eastern end, I guess the east end of the
10:19:21 property going further west is more difficult to

10:19:24 figure out how to get that connection when you are
10:19:26 looking for that would provide the access to Publix.
10:19:30 I don't know how we are going to achieve that but I
10:19:33 will certainly be working with the staff to figure out
10:19:35 how to get them at least from the alley.
10:19:41 >>GWEN MILLER: And already working with the owner and
10:19:43 owners working with the staff?
10:19:46 >>> I haven't approached the owner yet about it
10:19:48 because we weren't quite sure what direction council
10:19:50 is going in, that the motion that was made was kind of
10:19:53 a strong one to force the owner to do certain things,
10:19:56 and I'll be waiting to see what exactly direction we
10:19:59 want to go in.
10:20:00 But I have been talking to the staff about potential
10:20:02 solutions.
10:20:03 And I also met with Mr. LaMotte about how to achieve
10:20:06 that.
10:20:07 So we are working on the solution.
10:20:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I believe the original motion and
10:20:14 the original discussion was probably based upon the
10:20:16 fact that I thought that the city right-of-way went
10:20:21 further up toward the restaurant and under the awning.

10:20:24 I think the owner put an awning over city property.
10:20:29 That was my mistake in that regard.
10:20:30 But we still have right-of-way there.
10:20:33 We still have a couple feet of right-of-way.
10:20:34 And we have major pedestrian issues in that area and
10:20:37 major safety issues.
10:20:38 So I'm glad, Mr. Michelini, that together with your
10:20:42 client is willing to work with us.
10:20:44 Thank you.
10:20:44 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Cathy is right, it is very narrow
10:20:48 there.
10:20:48 And to put a sidewalk in, where people could
10:20:51 potentially be hit by cars.
10:20:53 It is very narrow.
10:20:54 And you have to put up a safety rail if you go on the
10:20:56 outside of that awning.
10:20:58 So my objective would be to get the owners to agree to
10:21:01 allow some kind of easement that would allow some
10:21:04 sidewalking underneath as opposed to putting them in
10:21:07 harm's way.
10:21:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:21:09 I appreciate that.

10:21:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion is to hear back from the
10:21:12 administration in 30 days how the conversation is
10:21:14 going.
10:21:16 >> Second.
10:21:17 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
10:21:18 (Motion carried).
10:21:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, did you want that as a
10:21:22 personal appearance by staff or written report?
10:21:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: A personal appearance.
10:21:26 Thank you for the clarification.
10:21:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 7 need to continue to
10:21:34 February 22nd.
10:21:35 >> So moved.
10:21:36 >> Second.
10:21:36 (Motion carried).
10:21:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 8.
10:21:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Did you do 7 yet?
10:21:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
10:21:44 We had a continued.
10:21:50 >>> Dave Vaughan, contract administration, here along
10:21:51 with some of the members of the consultant team, if
10:21:55 needed, to follow up on the written report that I

10:21:58 provided you for the Ashley project.
10:22:03 In a nutshell, we are poised to come with a second
10:22:08 public workshop in just a few weeks, at which time we
10:22:12 will look at potential concepts for the street.
10:22:19 If you have particular questions that you would like
10:22:20 for me to answer.
10:22:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm just eager to see what you all
10:22:25 are coming up with.
10:22:26 And do you have a date for us?
10:22:28 >>> No.
10:22:28 We are meeting tomorrow with the downtown partnership,
10:22:33 transportation committee, and we had to.
10:22:40 We are looking at the end of this month, early March
10:22:42 for that to happen.
10:22:43 So it's in there.
10:22:44 >> Will that date be for a public conversation?
10:22:47 >>> For public.
10:22:49 >> So if we were to set something in the beginning of
10:22:51 March for council for you to come back after you met
10:22:53 with the public --
10:22:55 >>> Certainly.
10:22:55 >> Great.

10:22:56 Madam Chairman, I would like to put this on our agenda
10:22:58 then for March.
10:23:04 Would March 1st be too soon?
10:23:07 >>> No.
10:23:08 That would be fine.
10:23:09 >> For March 1st for a report on how Ashley is
10:23:12 going.
10:23:12 Thank you.
10:23:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll second the motion.
10:23:17 Have we heard recently back, David, from you guys on
10:23:21 the other component there of the Curtis Hicks Hixon
10:23:26 Park and all those plans?
10:23:29 Those are still underway, right?
10:23:33 >> The planets are aligning at this point.
10:23:36 Mr. Vawsly was in town to meet with the mayor about a
10:23:39 week or so ago.
10:23:40 At that time, the same sort of time frame, early
10:23:46 March, to come to council with a briefing on the
10:23:48 project.
10:23:48 >> So maybe we should combine the two.
10:23:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's a lot.
10:23:55 Ashley is looking primarily at land reduction and ways

10:23:59 of redoing and I'm really disappointed that they
10:24:01 didn't find that that was possible.
10:24:03 And I wonder, is there any possibility of revisiting
10:24:05 that conclusion?
10:24:08 >>> What I have provided you so far is kind of a cover
10:24:10 letter.
10:24:11 I would be happy to share with you the larger report
10:24:13 that shows you the basis.
10:24:15 It's really not close.
10:24:17 And one of the reasons that it's taken us some time to
10:24:20 get to this point is because we wanted to give that
10:24:24 very careful consideration.
10:24:26 >> How would we phrase the question?
10:24:32 >>> As talked about in the letter it looked at peak
10:24:35 hours.
10:24:35 It also looked at -- in conjunction with the
10:24:45 transportation looking at projected growth and traffic
10:24:47 counts, again for me to be able to provide you
10:24:51 detailed information I would suggest that I provide
10:24:53 you the report, and if we can answer some follow-up
10:24:56 questions.
10:24:57 >> Great.

10:24:57 And all the council members to the downtown
10:25:02 partnership.
10:25:02 This is, I know, very significant for our downtown
10:25:05 developers, as well as everyone who wants to make
10:25:07 Tampa, downtown Tampa more pedestrian friendly.
10:25:10 Because the current configuration as we all know is
10:25:14 very pedestrian hostile.
10:25:16 So I'm very interested.
10:25:19 >> Well, the transportation committee is meeting
10:25:21 tomorrow morning.
10:25:21 It will be a dialogue.
10:25:23 9:30.
10:25:24 >> Where?
10:25:28 >>> I can't remember off the top of my head.
10:25:30 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:25:31 (Motion carried)
10:25:35 Item number 7.
10:25:38 I mean 9.
10:25:39 Number 9.
10:25:58 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Land development.
10:26:00 I was asked to appear to discuss the property at
10:26:07 3rd and 26th, a possible crematorium use.

10:26:11 What I prepared for you is a map which is the zoning
10:26:15 classification and the uses essentially from the
10:26:20 property.
10:26:22 The red line you see running up 26th is the
10:26:25 historic Ybor designation line. Everything to the
10:26:28 west of the map is the Ybor City historic district.
10:26:32 Everything to the right is outside of the district.
10:26:36 You will note the classifications that are labeled YC
10:26:40 6, YC 7, IH and IG.
10:26:43 I have noted at the top right what the classifications
10:26:46 mean.
10:26:47 IG is industrial general.
10:26:48 IH is industrial heavy.
10:26:51 YC 6 community -- it's essentially IG.
10:26:57 To RS district.
10:27:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You have given us the underlying
10:27:07 land uses but it appears from within those parcel are
10:27:12 actually residences.
10:27:14 Do you have a map that shows where residential uses
10:27:16 are?
10:27:17 Because I think that's really what council was very
10:27:20 concerned about.

10:27:23 >>> The yellow and black lettering.
10:27:29 SF is single family.
10:27:31 Then warehouse.
10:27:31 If you look at the block the immediate west, the
10:27:33 parcel here.
10:27:34 >> Well, what about to the east?
10:27:36 I see where it says IG.
10:27:38 I can't tell if those are homes or offices or
10:27:42 industrial uses.
10:27:48 >>> If you look at just the basic arrow, you can see
10:27:50 this is kind of the dividing line between the smaller
10:27:53 growth and the mixture of single family and service
10:27:55 uses.
10:27:56 If you look at this side, generally, you can see the
10:28:00 heavy industrial uses.
10:28:01 >> And one other quick question.
10:28:02 If you were to draw a circle that was 200 feet, how
10:28:06 far?
10:28:08 >>> This is approximately an 800-foot radius.
10:28:11 The one block out.
10:28:13 >> The one block?
10:28:14 >>> This is one block radius from the property.

10:28:17 And it's about 800 feet radius in here.
10:28:22 >> Thank you.
10:28:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Could you tell me, how many homes
10:28:26 would you estimate within two miles of this proposed
10:28:31 site?
10:28:31 >>> Two miles?
10:28:33 Well, two miles is a very long distance.
10:28:37 >> How many homes would you estimate?
10:28:38 >>> I couldn't.
10:28:40 >> But would you consider it to be quite a few
10:28:43 residential homes?
10:28:45 >>> To miles to the east, probably not.
10:28:47 Two miles to the west, I would say so.
10:28:50 You're crossing over in the Riverside heights past the
10:28:53 river, two miles is a pretty far way.
10:28:56 >> Shorten to the one mile.
10:28:58 >>> You know, I can't picture the section map right
10:29:01 now.
10:29:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think you can see in this
10:29:04 picture.
10:29:05 >>> There are single families.
10:29:08 This block to the west, there is one single-family

10:29:11 residence.
10:29:13 It's just the nature of Ybor surrounded by industrial
10:29:16 uses.
10:29:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: The reason I asked that, I think this
10:29:20 last time you appeared before us the question came up,
10:29:24 and I think you indicated that there was none at that
10:29:26 time.
10:29:28 >>> I understood the question to be were there any
10:29:30 next to the property.
10:29:31 >> Okay.
10:29:32 >>> And there are no single family houses adjacent to
10:29:35 the property.
10:29:35 But there are within a one-block radius.
10:29:38 >> Okay.
10:29:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions?
10:29:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move to waive the rules to allow
10:29:49 people from the neighborhood to speak.
10:29:52 >> Second.
10:29:52 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I just -- does that complete your
10:29:55 discussion with council with regard to the issues?
10:29:58 >> I understand what the issues are from the
10:29:59 neighborhood.

10:30:02 I just would state for the record, it's zoned
10:30:05 industrial heavy.
10:30:05 They have not applied for a permit from the city yet.
10:30:08 It doesn't come to the zoning office for allowable
10:30:10 use.
10:30:11 I will never actually see the permits.
10:30:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: I think we saw somewhere when we last
10:30:17 brought the discussion up last week, there was a point
10:30:25 where I think February 15 or February 10th.
10:30:29 >>> I know they are going through the permit progress
10:30:31 sees with the BBC.
10:30:33 >> Have they completed the process?
10:30:34 >>> I don't believe so.
10:30:36 >> So EPC --
10:30:37 >>> I believe the property owner or operator is here
10:30:40 as well.
10:30:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you want to hear from the operator
10:30:44 first before we hear from citizens?
10:30:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
10:30:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, operator come up, please.
10:31:03 >>> I also have with me Carmen, the other owner, as
10:31:07 well as John Cory to give you some information on this

10:31:09 new property that you're discussing.
10:31:13 The crematorium.
10:31:14 When we were here last we had a property that was over
10:31:17 off of north Florida area.
10:31:19 And it was adjacent to some residential properties,
10:31:22 although it was zoned appropriately, and there was
10:31:25 nothing hindering us from operating at that location.
10:31:29 In light of all the discussions that have gone on, and
10:31:34 the scope of what we were interested in doing, we
10:31:37 decided to look around and continue looking for other
10:31:39 properties that might also be appropriate for our use.
10:31:43 In fact this took a great deal of hard work to find
10:31:46 something in a heavy industrial, which is the highest
10:31:48 classification in zoning, that actually had a property
10:31:51 that was conducive for you.
10:31:55 It's not adjacent to any homes.
10:31:58 In fact it's very hard to even see any homes from the
10:32:01 property itself.
10:32:02 And John will be coming up in a couple moments.
10:32:06 He has some photographs to show you basically the
10:32:08 views from the property itself.
10:32:10 To give you an idea what the neighborhood looks like.

10:32:15 When we looked for this property, we looked at the
10:32:18 zoning level, the zoning classification.
10:32:20 That was something that a lot of people brought up,
10:32:23 that your council also discussed that you didn't feel
10:32:25 necessarily that commercial intensive or commercial
10:32:27 general was appropriate for a crematory.
10:32:31 We took that advice, even though we weren't required
10:32:33 to change the classification at this point, because
10:32:36 the commercial wasn't entirely appropriate.
10:32:38 We did look at the industrial.
10:32:41 We found this property, and we looked around at the
10:32:46 neighborhood.
10:32:46 We did drive around.
10:32:48 Adjacent to it, there's actually quite a few chemical
10:32:55 companies in the area as well.
10:32:56 This is a very industrial neighborhood as you see from
10:33:00 the photograph.
10:33:00 This is not -- although the line is where there's
10:33:06 going to be a regeneration of the area from historic
10:33:09 Ybor City, the area is nothing like that now.
10:33:12 But maybe many years down the line.
10:33:14 And you will notice that directly next to the property

10:33:17 that we have, there's a building that has been redone,
10:33:21 that has been remodeled to be attractive in
10:33:24 appearance, and that is also what W this building as
10:33:26 well.
10:33:27 People won't have any idea we are there once we are
10:33:31 operating out of there.
10:33:31 It's a very unobtrusive operation.
10:33:36 >> Do you have some pictures?
10:33:38 >>> We do.
10:33:38 >> We would like to see the pictures.
10:33:45 >> My name is John coral with information services of
10:33:49 Tampa.
10:33:50 I have a set of photos for council, if they would like
10:33:54 to see them.
10:34:26 This first photo shows the exterior as it currently
10:34:30 exists.
10:34:39 The second photo is a view from the back end of the
10:34:42 street.
10:34:42 There are three dumpsters in the road.
10:34:43 This is related to the business up there at the end of
10:34:48 the street.
10:35:00 Photo 3 is front view of the property wedged between

10:35:04 two industrial buildings and a vacant lot in the front
10:35:07 of the building.
10:35:16 Photo 4 is from the front of the building, and there's
10:35:20 another view of the vacant lot with the warehouse and
10:35:23 industrial building beyond the lot.
10:35:25 To the west.
10:35:36 I think this is important because this is a garbage
10:35:40 and scrap metal dumping truck that comes down our road
10:35:44 to go to the scrap yard.
10:35:45 This happens all day long.
10:35:47 This is not a residential area.
10:35:57 Photo 6 is quite easy to see.
10:36:00 It's a close-up of the scrap business at the end of
10:36:02 the street.
10:36:11 Photo 7 is diagonally on the front side of the
10:36:16 property, is a chemical pumping station.
10:36:27 Photo 8.
10:36:28 This is the location of the labor pool on the backside
10:36:31 of our property.
10:36:32 They provide day labor to industrial businesses in the
10:36:35 area.
10:36:37 Photo 9 is a picture of the next door neighbor's

10:36:48 property.
10:36:49 Heavy industrial.
10:37:00 Photo 10 is one of the neighbor's property,
10:37:06 surrounding the area in question.
10:37:08 Photo 11 is a car lot diagonally across from the
10:37:17 property, breaking down wrecked vehicles.
10:37:21 We are bounded on all sides, in all directions, by
10:37:23 industry.
10:37:28 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, how much more time did you
10:37:29 want to give?
10:37:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Photo 12, heavy steel fabricating and
10:37:36 assembly within one half block of the questioned
10:37:38 building.
10:37:43 13.
10:37:43 Industrial chemical mixing plant.
10:37:46 Across the street.
10:37:55 14.
10:37:56 From highway 60 in Brandon, you can see a white tower
10:38:00 which is visible.
10:38:02 This is an incinerator ventilation pipe. The
10:38:06 ventilation pipe for our building will not be visible.
10:38:15 This is much shorter.

10:38:18 15.
10:38:18 This is the next door neighbor to our property.
10:38:21 An electrical contractor who has taken an old building
10:38:24 and remodeled it to make it look pleasant to the area.
10:38:30 As you can tell by the photos there is no intent to
10:38:35 rename an old area.
10:38:36 The intent is to try to upgrade which is the intent of
10:38:39 cremation services of Florida.
10:38:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:38:41 Mr. Dingfelder.
10:38:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
10:38:45 Thank you, sir, for the pictures.
10:38:47 They are helpful.
10:38:50 I think you have given us the current zoning map.
10:38:53 There are places in Ybor City where we know, there's
10:38:56 transition.
10:38:57 Or there will be transition.
10:38:59 From industrial to other residential or mixed use.
10:39:03 This seems to be a well established industrial area, I
10:39:07 guess a little further east and that sort of thing.
10:39:10 What is the long-term -- long-range plan say about
10:39:14 this area?

10:39:16 On the comp plan?
10:39:17 >>CATHERINE COYLE: On the lot that they are on?
10:39:22 26th street is industrial land use as well.
10:39:24 >> So when don't anticipate even in the long-term
10:39:27 necessarily a change there?
10:39:30 >>> I can't speak past the comp plan update that's
10:39:32 coming up next year but at least through that point
10:39:34 the land use is industrial as well.
10:39:38 >> Thank you.
10:39:39 >> We now go to the audience.
10:39:41 Would anyone lick to speak on item number 9?
10:39:43 You may speak now.
10:39:52 >>> My name is Fran Costantino, president of the east
10:39:55 Ybor historic and civic association.
10:39:58 And I think those pictures will establish why we are
10:40:07 in opposition.
10:40:07 The city has a sewage plant, a smell that will turn
10:40:11 your stomach during the day and that is 22nd
10:40:16 Avenue.
10:40:16 I called Mr. Harrison yesterday -- saw Mr. Harrison at
10:40:19 6:00 on TV where he said if zoning is permitted your
10:40:24 hands are tied.

10:40:25 The zoning. It took us three years to extend the
10:40:31 historic boundaries of Ybor City to include that
10:40:33 historic fabric up to 26th street.
10:40:35 This proposed building will be within 100 feet of our
10:40:39 eastern boundaries of our historic district.
10:40:42 We are trying to encourage residential use there.
10:40:45 And I don't know how we are going to encourage
10:40:46 residential use on the vacant property of 26th
10:40:50 street if there's a creme a tore across the street.
10:41:00 The emissions and the mercury and everything that has
10:41:02 been studied by EPA.
10:41:05 The zoning allows it but you know what?
10:41:07 You can go to any part of the city, Hyde Park,
10:41:10 Channelside, downtown, and you will be able to find an
10:41:13 industrial use that will permit this kind of usage.
10:41:17 But it doesn't make sense.
10:41:19 There's heavy industrial on Adamo.
10:41:21 They are not going to allow something like that there.
10:41:23 There are plenty of places in the city that will allow
10:41:26 this and I feel like they should go way further east,
10:41:29 not even in Gary, but further east within the city
10:41:31 limits or in the county, near a landfill or something

10:41:35 that will permit it and not disrupt the citizens.
10:41:38 This is a slap in the face of the people that have
10:41:40 stayed in Ybor, never left, and now suddenly all these
10:41:44 things are coming in while we are trying to make a
10:41:47 transition to bring residential people in there.
10:41:49 There's all kinds of projects that have been approved
10:41:51 by the city, permitted and approved by the barrio,
10:41:54 that are proposed, very, very nice lag buildings.
10:41:58 And I can't see where we are going to be able to
10:42:01 encourage any more growth on the east side if you want
10:42:03 a human and animal crematory on the border of your
10:42:06 historic district.
10:42:11 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Fran, what would you have this
10:42:12 council do?
10:42:13 What is it that you would like to us do about this?
10:42:15 >> The same thing did you for Seminole Heights.
10:42:17 You listened to the neighborhood.
10:42:19 You listened to the residents.
10:42:20 And they were outraged.
10:42:23 Well, we are just as outraged.
10:42:24 They went through their application from Seminole
10:42:26 Heights because it was the thing to do. We

10:42:34 respectfully hope that they would do the Christian
10:42:36 thing, too, and move it where it's not close to any
10:42:39 residences.
10:42:40 >> But there's nothing that we can do to force them to
10:42:43 do that.
10:42:46 >>> There's nothing that would force them to go into
10:42:47 Channelside or downtown either if they found heavy
10:42:51 industrial use.
10:42:52 >> That's correct.
10:42:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Have there ever been any experience
10:43:00 with trying to get the -- what's happening in your
10:43:06 neighborhood which is immediately to the west in terms
10:43:09 of redevelopment?
10:43:12 >>> There's a lot.
10:43:14 There's not the townhouse influx like they have on the
10:43:16 west side but I think there's probably like ten
10:43:19 projects that are encouraged for -- between 22nd
10:43:23 and 26th and between Adamo and the interstate.
10:43:25 >> And are those residential?
10:43:27 >>> They are both.
10:43:29 They are new buildings.
10:43:30 They are business offices.

10:43:31 There's a lot of residential coming in to the east
10:43:34 side.
10:43:35 I mean, 22nd street is actually the mason Dixon
10:43:38 line, even though we hate to admit it between Ybor
10:43:41 City.
10:43:41 Everything as far as the city or anybody was
10:43:42 concerned, the Columbia restaurant at one point and
10:43:46 that's why we extended it.
10:43:47 But, I mean, we have residences that have never left
10:43:51 Ybor that have stuck it out.
10:43:53 And I think putting a crematory just 100 feet is going
10:43:57 to devalue those properties and is going to be
10:43:59 counterproductive to everything that we are working
10:44:01 on.
10:44:02 We are not against the business.
10:44:04 We just don't think it's the right place for the
10:44:06 business.
10:44:09 I thank you very much.
10:44:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:44:11 Next.
10:44:17 >>> I'm one of those residents --
10:44:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Put your name on the record for me.

10:44:21 >>> My name is Joan Montrero, north 26th street.
10:44:26 And my e-mail initiated this request to be heard.
10:44:31 And the reason I am concerned is that everything that
10:44:37 Fran said, as far as redeveloping our historic
10:44:39 district, because he would do have some new zoning
10:44:42 that will permit this.
10:44:46 My mother is 90 years old and she has lived in that
10:44:49 neighborhood all of her life.
10:44:51 And I have no intentions of leaving.
10:44:53 And so we are there and we are asking that you stop
10:45:04 this hopefully through supporting us on not having the
10:45:10 EPA allow them to get a permit.
10:45:16 If they don't get a permit they can't function.
10:45:18 If they go to another area that is industrial and not
10:45:22 going on residence, perhaps they can function and the
10:45:26 EPA at that point can grant them their permit.
10:45:36 I don't know if you can see it.
10:45:37 This is a dwelling that shows --
10:45:46 There are residences.
10:45:50 I live right here.
10:45:51 The proposed site is right here.
10:45:56 I have a neighbor that lives here.

10:45:59 Somebody who sits on his porch all day long, and the
10:46:02 pollution that's going on presently.
10:46:06 The smell from the pump station.
10:46:26 Then this is an industrial area.
10:46:28 Then three homes here that are occupied by renters
10:46:30 and/or owners.
10:46:34 There's a home here.
10:46:35 There's a home here.
10:46:36 And then there are all these homes here.
10:46:38 And all these approximately 50 homes, several of those
10:46:44 are being renovated.
10:46:46 Some of those are being updated and they are
10:46:49 beautiful.
10:46:49 So the neighborhood is working to grow, and the
10:46:52 neighborhood is working to redevelop family living.
10:47:00 So because of the studies -- and I do have one here
10:47:04 that I would like to submit --
10:47:16 Because we want to develop, because we want families
10:47:19 to come in, we would like this business not to be here
10:47:25 because of the pollution it can generate.
10:47:26 It's been proven that the tiny particles that EPA
10:47:31 tells me will be -- because their standards have

10:47:37 changed -- will increase heart disease, tiny
10:47:44 particles.
10:47:44 Mercury has also been proven to be emitted from these
10:47:50 crematoriums.
10:47:56 And this has been proven because it happened in
10:47:57 Georgia.
10:47:58 And all of these pollutions caused health problems.
10:48:02 So we ask, please, help us to not allow these folks to
10:48:09 move into our neighborhood.
10:48:10 Thank you very much.
10:48:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:48:11 Next.
10:48:26 >>> My name is Beatrice Genta, east 11th Avenue.
10:48:32 I know that you received the letter sent out by my
10:48:35 sister and by myself.
10:48:38 And I know that you understand the issues and the
10:48:41 concerns about the pollution in our area.
10:48:43 But we are already a very industrialized area.
10:48:48 It has a lot of pollution, not just in the immediate
10:48:50 area but because Tampa, McKay Bay waste facility,
10:48:58 et cetera, the two interstates and now the new
10:49:01 interstate about to come.

10:49:02 I would like to use some of this time to get a
10:49:06 clarification, get some information.
10:49:08 I'd like to know if there's anyone here from the EPC
10:49:11 that could answer questions and concerns that we have.
10:49:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Is anyone here from EPC?
10:49:18 No, Ms. Genta.
10:49:23 >> If my research is correct, supposedly, the only
10:49:26 thing that is monitored in crematories are in the air,
10:49:31 maybe a certain amount of carbon monoxide and
10:49:35 hydrochloric acid. The Mercury and dioxins that are
10:49:39 emitted are not monitored.
10:49:41 And that is one of our major concerns.
10:49:44 So we want you to please do whatever is within your
10:49:47 power to have the EPC perhaps give this a second look,
10:49:54 perhaps have the EPC contact the residents, the civic
10:49:59 association, because this is an issue that concerns us
10:50:02 greatly.
10:50:03 I just handed in a petition from the neighborhood.
10:50:07 We have approximately 152 people who signed it and are
10:50:13 very, very upset about this.
10:50:14 Thank you.
10:50:15 >> Thank you.

10:50:21 >> LILA Graham, 3502 east tenth Avenue.
10:50:27 I know for the city, the community, we all want
10:50:29 revitalization of Ybor.
10:50:30 I don't know don't want it to hinder pedestrian
10:50:37 friendly, you know, everyone positive coming to the
10:50:40 community.
10:50:40 I live there.
10:50:42 .9 miles away from the crematory.
10:50:45 My son goes to school there.
10:50:46 I work less than a half a mile away from the
10:50:49 crematory.
10:50:50 There's three neighborhoods directly affected.
10:50:52 There's Ybor, historic Ybor and Gary that will be
10:50:55 directly affected by that.
10:50:56 And whether it's the hindrance of growth or from
10:51:01 pollution, and I just don't see why they can't go
10:51:03 somewhere that's not in the city limits.
10:51:04 Why can't they go to the county where it's not for the
10:51:07 residential neighborhoods, and next to historic
10:51:11 neighborhood?
10:51:12 And I say that there's a lot of people that live in
10:51:15 our community who are -- if it does go there, there's

10:51:21 going to be a lot more opposition than there is today.
10:51:24 And I would just ask you to please consider all the
10:51:27 people who live in this community, and give them the
10:51:30 same consideration that you would give other
10:51:35 communities.
10:51:37 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like to direct this to Ms.
10:51:45 Coral, please.
10:51:49 Cathy, do you know about the Florida mortuary on
10:51:58 Florida and Nebraska?
10:51:59 I believe there's a crematory there, too.
10:52:03 >>> Not right off the top of my head, I don't.
10:52:05 >> I would probably like a report back if you can find
10:52:07 it, find something to just substantiate whether their
10:52:11 property values have gone up or down, and how long
10:52:17 they have been there.
10:52:18 And I would like to see a report from the EPC, or EPA
10:52:22 to see what emissions they have found, and whether
10:52:28 it's a health hazard, and whatever else you can find.
10:52:33 And I would like for you to try to find it within the
10:52:35 next two weeks, too.
10:52:38 To come back.
10:52:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

10:52:40 (Motion carried).
10:52:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just want to ask.
10:52:47 Could you come back?
10:52:57 I couldn't remember your name.
10:52:59 >> It's LILA.
10:53:00 >> Has anyone from the neighborhood had a chance to
10:53:04 meet with EPC?
10:53:05 >> You know, we weren't even notified at all.
10:53:07 We actually found out about this by accident.
10:53:09 Our neighborhood wasn't notified.
10:53:11 Our community association wasn't notified.
10:53:13 We found out from somebody who lives on the other side
10:53:16 of Columbus drive who was notified by accident.
10:53:23 If it weren't for him we would have no idea this was
10:53:25 going in here.
10:53:26 Supposedly February 11th is the day when they tend
10:53:30 to begin construction on this.
10:53:32 I mean, we had no formal notice at all.
10:53:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: It's my understanding that sometime
10:53:42 this weekend and in order to do that they are supposed
10:53:45 to notice the community.
10:53:47 >>> We haven't been noticed at all.

10:53:49 >> Let me say this.
10:53:53 EPC, we have had some environmental issues in my
10:54:00 community.
10:54:01 And I think that -- I suggest that someone contact EPC
10:54:11 immediately.
10:54:13 Before it takes place this weekend if that's what they
10:54:15 are trying to do.
10:54:16 I think you need to meet with them to find out why you
10:54:19 haven't been notified.
10:54:21 >>> And I'm sure that you all got the e-mails not just
10:54:23 from myself but from other people in the neighborhood
10:54:27 who are very concerned about this.
10:54:30 It's not just a couple of us.
10:54:32 There's quite more who are concerned about this.
10:54:36 The ones that have been notified are the one that is
10:54:39 we have notified.
10:54:39 >> One last question I guess for legal.
10:54:41 Let me ask you.
10:54:42 If EPC grants a permit to go forward, does the city
10:54:51 have to provide -- do they have a proper permit from
10:54:54 the city as well?
10:54:55 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

10:54:56 As Cathy stated, this is a use that is allowed in the
10:54:59 zoning classification as a matter of right.
10:55:02 The only permit they would need from the city is
10:55:04 change of use of the building.
10:55:05 Building type permit issues that would not be
10:55:08 environmental-type permitted issues. That goes
10:55:10 directly to the jurisdiction, not really that familiar
10:55:15 with those environmental regulations.
10:55:18 And I remember the issue did come up in the other
10:55:21 instance and that was withdrawn by the property owners
10:55:24 so that never ended up moving forward.
10:55:26 But as I told you at that point in time, we discussed
10:55:30 it at that point in time.
10:55:32 But you are probably really in a position where there
10:55:35 isn't much the city can do.
10:55:36 It's allowed as a matter of right.
10:55:40 To ask for them to come and discuss that with you.
10:55:43 I would make the recommendations of having Cathy try
10:55:47 to contact them, it would more effective if you make
10:55:50 the same request of EPC in this instance.
10:55:52 I don't know how far along they are in EPC permitting
10:55:55 and I don't know if there's a public notice

10:55:58 requirement for that permit but those are really
10:55:59 questions for the EPC.
10:56:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, if I can, I'm sorry to I
10:56:05 missed some of the conversation I.
10:56:06 I was outside.
10:56:07 On December 19th the council did ask chair to
10:56:09 draft a letter to the chair of EPC relative to the
10:56:16 location at 3900 block of North Florida Avenue.
10:56:19 I am going to distribute to you a copy of the text of
10:56:23 that.
10:56:24 And just so that people know, I did have the
10:56:27 opportunity at the direction of council, pursuant to
10:56:29 the chair's direction, I did contact the EPC staff on
10:56:32 that matter.
10:56:33 To give you a little bit of background let me begin by
10:56:36 just reading to you the text that Chairman Miller on
10:56:41 behalf of City Council did send to chairman Blair
10:56:44 referencing that permit.
10:56:46 And this is the text in its entirety.
10:56:48 Please be advised that several constituents have
10:56:51 communicated to the City Council their concerns
10:56:53 regarding the effect on surrounding residents of the

10:56:55 crematory proposed to be located in the 900 block of
10:56:58 North Florida Avenue.
10:57:00 Please give this project all due scrutiny as allowed
10:57:03 within your jurisdiction, including a public workshop
10:57:06 conducted by the EPC for consideration of all relevant
10:57:10 issues.
10:57:12 Council also made a request, chairman made a request
10:57:15 we be notified of a final agency determination of this
10:57:17 permit request.
10:57:20 Thank you very much for your attention to this matter
10:57:22 of public concern.
10:57:23 And I was advised by the EPC staff that if they in
10:57:29 their determination recognized that this does rise to
10:57:32 a matter of public concern, they can determine to have
10:57:36 a public workshop if so required, or determined by
10:57:40 their staff.
10:57:42 I learned also that the City Council does have limited
10:57:45 jurisdiction in such a matter, and this letter that
10:57:50 the chair did send, did not necessarily take a
10:57:55 position for or against, but just be given all due
10:58:00 scrutiny, which I think is what this board had
10:58:03 requested.

10:58:07 Being that there is really no jurisdiction for this
10:58:09 board to take a position one way or the other.
10:58:12 So if council wishes for a cellular letter to go out
10:58:16 to the chair of the EPC for the same reasons as what
10:58:22 has been discussed today, it can do so if it directs
10:58:25 or requests the chair to do so.
10:58:27 But with regard to the jurisdiction that this City
10:58:31 Council has over that permit process, its role for all
10:58:38 intents and purposes is not really existent.
10:58:41 >>GWEN MILLER: I would like to hear from Mrs. Porter,
10:58:44 please, is that the name, the one that's the owner?
10:58:47 Would you come up to the mike?
10:58:49 I need to ask you a question.
10:58:50 I heard someone say was Christian like, would move it
10:58:58 on Florida Avenue.
10:58:59 How do you feel about this one?
10:59:00 >> We looked at the entire city limits.
10:59:02 We looked at the county, too.
10:59:03 And the reality is that the way that Tampa has been
10:59:05 constructed and Hillsborough County as well, there is
10:59:09 probably not a single mile of land or two-mile radius
10:59:14 of land that does not have a house in it.

10:59:16 That's just the reality of the way the area has been
10:59:19 done.
10:59:19 We looked.
10:59:21 We even looked in Drew Park which is also very
10:59:25 industrial area.
10:59:26 And the only properties we found that were available
10:59:29 to fit our needs, again there were houses there.
10:59:31 These are very industrial areas.
10:59:33 So we chose a property that is as far away from houses
10:59:37 as possible.
10:59:38 And that still met all the needs that we have.
10:59:42 And it may be helpful for the community members to
10:59:44 hear from my father-in-law, a funeral director, and
10:59:51 maybe he can shed some light on how maybe calm some of
10:59:56 the concerns and fears that these residents have about
10:59:59 what a crematory is.
11:00:04 >>> Carmen, Sr., father-in-law.
11:00:11 I am a licensed funeral home representative.
11:00:17 I took on a position with one of the prestigious
11:00:20 funeral homes here in Hillsborough County, we did
11:00:25 operate a crematory there.
11:00:27 I'm sure that the county knows and city knows that

11:00:30 there are five crematories presently existing here in
11:00:32 the area.
11:00:33 We talked about Florida mortuary a few minutes ago on
11:00:38 Nebraska Avenue.
11:00:38 I think there's a lot of information out there. I can
11:00:40 appreciate the concerns of the neighbors.
11:00:43 We had conversation with the folks on Florida Avenue
11:00:45 as well.
11:00:49 We did pray about it as Christians and decided because
11:00:53 of the concerns of the neighborhood we would go ahead
11:00:54 and remove our public process and try to find other
11:00:58 properties that would more or less enhance what we
11:01:01 were trying to accomplish here as far as the
11:01:03 crematory.
11:01:06 We did do a search.
11:01:08 We felt comfortable where we were in Ybor City.
11:01:12 You saw the maps and drawings and so forth.
11:01:15 And we felt like it's heavy industrial.
11:01:18 You saw the pictures that John presented to the board.
11:01:20 And the council.
11:01:21 And we just feel like that would be suited for our
11:01:26 needs.

11:01:26 And we are working with the EPC and so forth.
11:01:31 I just don't know what else to say to you folks as far
11:01:34 as the process of a crematory.
11:01:37 I think people try to take the word crematory and
11:01:40 cremation and make it like an ugly word but it's
11:01:43 really, really not.
11:01:43 I think there's a lot of just misinformation out there
11:01:47 which draws concerns of the neighborhoods -- of the
11:01:52 neighbors supposedly in the radius of the crematory.
11:01:55 >> Have you met with the neighbors, talked with them?
11:01:57 >>> The new location?
11:01:58 >> Yes, this location on 26th.
11:02:00 Have you talked with the neighbors?
11:02:02 >>> We have not spoken with the neighbors yet.
11:02:04 >> Would you mind talking with them before you decide
11:02:07 to build your crematory?
11:02:11 >>> We would be happy to have discussion with them.
11:02:13 That's fine with us.
11:02:14 We would be happy to inform.
11:02:15 The reality is that although there's other businesses
11:02:18 in the area that we brought to your attention, that do
11:02:22 create pollutants, a crematory doesn't.

11:02:25 It's actually constructed where the initial burning
11:02:27 process takes place, and then there's a secondary
11:02:30 burning process for any resident that's left over from
11:02:33 the initial burning process.
11:02:34 So really all that is emitted, if you are operating
11:02:37 correctly, which is monitored by the EPC, there is
11:02:43 what's called particularity matter, has small impact
11:02:48 on the environment a all.
11:02:53 We really are a low impact source of any sort of
11:02:56 pollution.
11:02:57 >> But you are willing to meet with them?
11:03:03 Ms. Saul-Sena?Saul-Sena.
11:03:06 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I was going to say the main concern is
11:03:08 the pollution aspect that people are worried about --
11:03:14 wouldn't think it's anything to do with the crematory
11:03:16 itself but the pollution, and does the EPC monitor you
11:03:20 guys like every month?
11:03:22 >> What they do is they have annual visits that they
11:03:25 come out for.
11:03:26 They do on occasion come out more frequently than
11:03:30 that, but the machines themselves are constructed so
11:03:35 that the monitors any sort of malfunction.

11:03:38 It's a very easy process to look at the machine and
11:03:40 find out if it's not operating properly.
11:03:43 And in that case a technician would come out which
11:03:48 actually the crematory has technicians that are
11:03:52 experts for that machine and you set up a year
11:03:54 contract so it's not that you have to worry about
11:03:56 paying extra money.
11:03:58 It's already set into your budget.
11:04:00 The EPC, the crematory operators, and the people that
11:04:04 construct the machines all have the same goal as
11:04:06 making sure that machine operates properly and does
11:04:09 not he might emissions into the air.
11:04:14 >> Well, I would ask you to consider meeting with the
11:04:16 neighbors and kind of help them to allay their fears,
11:04:19 a also I would like to make a motion.
11:04:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Just a second.
11:04:24 Mrs. cos ten Tina, when would be a good time for to
11:04:28 you meet?
11:04:30 >>> Did I understand the EPC can meet with the
11:04:33 neighborhood as far as a meeting or workshop goes?
11:04:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: My understanding is that if the EPC
11:04:38 staff makes a determination that this is a matter of

11:04:43 public concern there are procedures within the EPC
11:04:45 that do allow a permit such as this to have a public
11:04:51 workshop but that is an EPC determination.
11:04:53 That's my recollection of my discussion, telephone
11:04:55 discussion was the staff.
11:04:56 So I can't speak specifically a de-- definitively with
11:05:02 you but that's my recollection of way was told.
11:05:05 >>> If council requests a workshop on behalf of the
11:05:07 residents?
11:05:09 We have two days.
11:05:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: I can almost tell you step by step
11:05:18 how you do it.
11:05:18 What you need to do is send a letter to Dr. Garrity,
11:05:28 we can get that information to you and have your
11:05:30 neighborhood express your concerns about this
11:05:31 particular issue.
11:05:33 Once that is done, you also include in the letter that
11:05:38 you request two things, one that EPC staff meet with
11:05:41 the neighborhood association, or, two, that you want
11:05:43 to attend a public workshop or public hearing to
11:05:45 address these issues.
11:05:49 >>> I don't know if we can do that in two days.

11:05:51 We can put it on record.
11:05:53 Hillsborough County failed to keep their records from
11:05:58 our crime watch that hasn't been in operation for four
11:06:00 years was the one that got the letter, take our letter
11:06:04 to a secretary who has not been with the association
11:06:06 for three years, so there's no telling, but we just
11:06:10 don't think it's fair.
11:06:11 But any help that you all can give us, we will contact
11:06:14 the EPC to see if they can do a workshop.
11:06:16 With two days I don't don't know --
11:06:21 >>CHAIRMAN: In two days you can't meet with them but
11:06:23 you can talk with them.
11:06:24 >>> When those citizens came forward they had asked
11:06:26 for an emissions testing and I believe it was admitted
11:06:29 on the record that there was ash that did go into the
11:06:34 air.
11:06:34 >>GWEN MILLER: When can you meet with them?
11:06:40 >>> Well, they can get with us.
11:06:42 I'll ask for a meeting.
11:06:43 Our meeting is the 28th, the last one.
11:06:47 But I can give them my cell phone and at least get the
11:06:52 board members together if not everyone.

11:06:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is something that I really
11:06:56 don't think that the property owner meeting with the
11:06:58 neighbors is going to solve.
11:06:59 I think that the neighbors need to immediately go to
11:07:01 the Environmental Protection Commission.
11:07:03 And we as council need to raise this issue immediately
11:07:06 with the environmental commission.
11:07:07 Protection commission.
11:07:09 And one of the problems with lines and boundaries is
11:07:13 that on one side of the street here to the west, you
11:07:16 have a regenerating neighborhood of historically
11:07:22 protected and on the right you have a historically
11:07:25 industrial neighborhood, and the line is a completely
11:07:28 artificial construct.
11:07:30 What you have is an industrial use that's a block and
11:07:33 a half from home.
11:07:34 We are looking toward the future.
11:07:36 We are not looking retroactively.
11:07:38 But we are looking toward the future and the
11:07:40 regeneration of East Tampa, Gary area and Ybor.
11:07:44 And we are saying we want healthy residential
11:07:47 regeneration.

11:07:49 How can we encourage this and protect it?
11:07:51 So --
11:07:55 >> Before you make the motion I just want to advise
11:07:57 council that with regard to this permit, this is not a
11:08:03 zoning matter.
11:08:03 >> I understand that.
11:08:04 >> And I cannot -- not being well versed in what the
11:08:09 EPC jurisdiction is.
11:08:11 I cannot even say that what council has heard here
11:08:14 today would even constitute anything that they would
11:08:16 even be allowed to consider relative to this
11:08:20 particular permit before us.
11:08:22 And I would just caution council, not to say this
11:08:28 isn't a matter of public concern.
11:08:30 And you have heard strongly from the community.
11:08:32 But just to be cautious about council going into an
11:08:36 area over which it just does not have jurisdiction.
11:08:40 And so I would -- preface your motion whatever that
11:08:45 might be.
11:08:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:08:48 The motion I would like to make is that it's our
11:08:50 responsibility of members of Tampa City Council to set

11:08:54 public policy that encourages a healthy community.
11:08:57 And the redevelopment of our neighborhood.
11:09:02 So in the spirit of economic development what I would
11:09:04 like to propose is that the EPC understand that, and
11:09:09 immediately to the west of this proposed area, the
11:09:11 neighborhood that's regenerating, and that look very
11:09:16 carefully at the health effects of the public use
11:09:21 based on the regeneration of this neighborhood.
11:09:23 That's my motion.
11:09:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.
11:09:25 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Madam Chair, I think the letter that
11:09:28 you send on the north Florida location is a good one,
11:09:30 and I think it is within our purview to notify the EPC
11:09:38 that these concerns have been brought before us, that
11:09:40 we are perhaps the only vehicle available for the
11:09:44 neighborhood to air their concerns, even though we
11:09:47 don't have the ability to impact the EPC decision that
11:09:52 we would bring to their attention, that there is great
11:09:57 concern, we bring to their attention what Ms.
11:09:59 Saul-Sena just said which this may be what it looks
11:10:05 like today but there is an immediate concern and if
11:10:08 there's any way to take that into your deliberation

11:10:12 take that in as well.
11:10:13 I think that's about all that we can do.
11:10:15 But we should be as strong as we can.
11:10:17 I would ask, Madam Chair, that you just include that
11:10:20 in your letter.
11:10:25 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:10:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Before we vote on the motion should
11:10:30 we hear from him?
11:10:37 >>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: I reside at 2902 East Ellicott
11:10:42 street.
11:10:43 Less than two miles from this.
11:10:48 Two miles you all are going to make this thing two
11:10:50 miles now.
11:10:51 But I'm standing here to speak for the petition this
11:10:55 morning for one big reason.
11:10:57 I been coming to this podium for many, many years, way
11:11:00 before you all ever thought about coming here.
11:11:03 But I been saying for the last 20 years, you all don't
11:11:10 care about no small businessman no more, because don't
11:11:15 count no more.
11:11:17 Okay, I'm going to tell you, I think the poor
11:11:21 people -- represent poor people and human rights and

11:11:24 property rights.
11:11:25 I'm an executive member of all these boards.
11:11:31 But I come here week after week and listen to all
11:11:34 these peoples come here and what happened to these
11:11:36 peoples.
11:11:37 I can't sleep at night, have nightmares about it.
11:11:40 But let me tell what you the deal is.
11:11:41 They were talking about Hillsborough County.
11:11:46 Never going to be done in Hillsborough County.
11:11:48 All businessmen going to be run out.
11:11:50 All the people that build houses run out.
11:11:55 But way want to say, though, that the zoning thing
11:11:59 happened to me.
11:12:00 I moved in a neighborhood, M-1, changed from M-1.
11:12:15 We don't have no rights.
11:12:17 Don't have no playground.
11:12:18 No nothing in that neighborhood.
11:12:20 And come in the neighborhood with the code
11:12:24 enforcement, drive you out.
11:12:25 Way want to say, though, it's wrong.
11:12:29 I know a lot of people try to get some points up on
11:12:33 the board at election time.

11:12:35 But another thing.
11:12:41 You don't see ten people there.
11:12:49 I told you all, it's wrong for six, seven, eight
11:12:52 people to speak for a whole neighborhood.
11:12:54 And people don't even care about what's going on.
11:12:59 These people come from miles away.
11:13:04 People are 10, 15 miles away.
11:13:07 But it's wrong.
11:13:09 And I wish you all would change that.
11:13:11 Because that's the wrong thing, though.
11:13:13 I mean, I'm a poor man.
11:13:19 A lot of people hate my guts.
11:13:25 I ain't got nothing but my soul.
11:13:27 Butties wrong about that zoning thing.
11:13:30 Thank you.
11:13:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
11:13:32 We have a motion and second on the floor.
11:13:34 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I just want to are clear.
11:13:35 I was out of the room but I believe -- I have been
11:13:38 told that councilwoman Alvarez had made a motion to
11:13:42 Cathy Coyle and I was out of the room.
11:13:44 Was that seconded?

11:13:47 Is that still on the floor?
11:13:49 That was already passed?
11:13:54 >> Report back from Cathy Coyle in two weeks, to find
11:13:59 out about the Florida mortuarium on Nebraska Avenue.
11:14:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Okay.
11:14:06 Thank you.
11:14:06 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
11:14:09 Cathy can certainly request that information but as I
11:14:11 said earlier, from council is likely to get a quicker
11:14:18 response.
11:14:18 You may want to include that as part of your letter.
11:14:22 Cathy may or may not be able to come back in two
11:14:25 weeks.
11:14:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We have two members of EPC were
11:14:35 former City Council members.
11:14:36 I think if councilwoman Alvarez directly requested to
11:14:42 get their staff to respond in a timely way that we
11:14:45 could do that.
11:14:45 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We could do that.
11:14:47 I make a motion that we ask --
11:14:49 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion on the floor.
11:14:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion was that we send a letter

11:14:55 but with the caveat that we are very concerned as
11:14:57 council because of future regeneration of the
11:15:00 neighborhood to the east.
11:15:01 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mrs. Saul-Sena, I agree with what we
11:15:08 are trying to do, but industrial heavy.
11:15:14 I'm just making the motion.
11:15:16 I'm making an observation here.
11:15:17 I'm log at this map and it goes all the way from where
11:15:24 we are showing, showing industrial heavy pretty much
11:15:26 IG, and IG-2.
11:15:28 But this place is not going to transition unless
11:15:32 somebody comes up for rezoning, that they want to put
11:15:36 something there.
11:15:37 Is that where you are going?
11:15:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I am.
11:15:41 What I'm hoping is that the petitioner for the
11:15:45 crematory recognizes that even though this is zoned IH
11:15:49 that it's so proximate -- so proximate that it will
11:16:00 pick a different site that is not on the periphery of
11:16:04 an industrial area, but further to the east in the
11:16:07 heart of one where it will have no impact.
11:16:14 >>MARY ALVAREZ: But I look at these pictures and

11:16:15 looking at the scrap metal place and places that are
11:16:20 here already.
11:16:20 I don't know what this is here.
11:16:21 But a tire place.
11:16:23 You know, how can -- how can -- we may be able to ask,
11:16:30 but unless these people are willing to move out, too,
11:16:32 this is not going to be changing anytime soon.
11:16:34 This is what I'm saying.
11:16:36 So, I mean, I feel really bad for the neighborhood.
11:16:40 I really do.
11:16:42 Ybor City is part of my life for the longest time.
11:16:45 But unless we get all these people to change, if they
11:16:49 want to move out, it's not going to happen.
11:16:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Respectfully, Channel District used
11:16:56 to be an industrial area.
11:16:57 And over time, because of the value, everybody has
11:17:01 moved out except for Con-Agra and I hope they'll see
11:17:05 the light and move out too.
11:17:06 This is something that will take place over time but
11:17:08 the immediate issue before us is this particular --
11:17:12 >>> Exactly.
11:17:13 >> I'm trying to encourage.

11:17:15 >>> I'll support your motion, but it's just --
11:17:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think perhaps a little more
11:17:23 generic, Linda. Just including in the letter and say
11:17:25 please take into consideration the existing and future
11:17:28 land use, you know, map or future land use
11:17:34 designation.
11:17:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to take something stronger
11:17:37 than that quite frankly.
11:17:38 I want to say throws a national registered historic
11:17:40 district immediately to the west, and that there is a
11:17:42 tremendous amount of neighborhood reinvestment, and
11:17:47 that through improper record keeping by EPC, the
11:17:51 neighborhood was not notified previously, and that's
11:17:54 why they are only now at the eleventh hour making
11:17:57 their concerns known.
11:17:58 I think that all those things are germain.
11:18:01 That's my motion.
11:18:04 >> Second.
11:18:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:18:06 (Motion carried).
11:18:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, I think the city
11:18:10 can do something more.

11:18:11 Not on this but in the future.
11:18:12 And that is, Julia?
11:18:17 Couldn't the city say that for a specific use such as
11:18:21 the crematory that if there were residential uses
11:18:26 within so many feet, like 250 feet, that it becomes a
11:18:32 special use, that then can trigger a public
11:18:36 conversation in front of City Council?
11:18:41 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Land development.
11:18:43 We are reporting back to you.
11:18:45 I believe it's either in March or April.
11:18:46 You had already made a motion requesting that we do
11:18:49 the research on crematoriums regulation.
11:18:52 Right now it's a special use 2 in a CG district and
11:18:56 it's an allowable use in CI, IG, and IH.
11:18:59 And many other municipalities.
11:19:01 We have about six or eight of them that we have looked
11:19:03 at around this area.
11:19:05 And it is a special use, even in the more intensive
11:19:08 commercial district.
11:19:11 We haven't come to a conclusion at this point.
11:19:13 But you can always request that something becomes a
11:19:19 special use.

11:19:19 You have to look at the criteria for that.
11:19:21 But I want to put in the perspective.
11:19:24 You look if he IH and IG district, ER especially IH.
11:19:28 If you look at the use that is are there now, you have
11:19:30 a full array of scrap metal storage, recycling,
11:19:34 explosive storage, hazardous material storage, that is
11:19:37 permitted in these districts that are much more
11:19:41 noxious and much more intrusive than a crematorium.
11:19:44 So I caution you to really think about what kind of
11:19:47 special uses and what kinds of criteria you are
11:19:50 placing.
11:19:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: As land values in Tampa increase we
11:19:56 are going to see increased pressure from the proximity
11:19:59 of industrial uses to residential uses.
11:20:02 And I site the Con-Agra plant and the challenges --
11:20:10 >>> Downtown.
11:20:11 >> Downtown.
11:20:12 It's going to be an issue and I look forward to
11:20:14 working with you in the future on how to better
11:20:15 protect the residential areas that are next to
11:20:17 industrial areas.
11:20:18 It used to be Tampa was a gride town with a lot of

11:20:24 railroad tracks and everything, zoned heavy
11:20:26 industrial, then a block away we had residential.
11:20:29 As we redevelop we are going to need to really look at
11:20:31 this and how to protect the residential uses.
11:20:34 So I look forward to working with you on that.
11:20:36 Thank you.
11:20:39 >> I thought you had seen this recently in the
11:20:41 Rattlesnake Point changing from industrial to
11:20:44 residential.
11:20:44 You would note, though, as I noted the YC-6 district,
11:20:49 the same with the Channel District, there are
11:20:51 industrial use as loud within those zoning
11:20:53 classifications as well.
11:20:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:20:58 Now we go to item number 11.
11:21:05 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Very quickly.
11:21:10 >>> Urban league director of public works here to talk
11:21:12 to you, about converting vehicles to converting fuel.
11:21:25 We have no plans to convert or retrofit any of our
11:21:28 vehicles.
11:21:29 Alternatively, what we are investigating at this point
11:21:32 is converting the actual type of fuel that we use.

11:21:35 We are working with the purchasing department to
11:21:38 solicit bids which we do on a regular basis to
11:21:41 solicit, to replace the current diesel with bio diesel
11:21:48 and the gasoline that we use with a blend.
11:21:53 It's called E-10, a blend of regular unleaded and 10%
11:21:57 ethanol called E-10.
11:21:59 So we are exploring that this year.
11:22:02 And again, we have no plans to retrofit.
11:22:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, I know that in about a month
11:22:13 you are going to be thinking about next year's budget
11:22:15 and I think you should start thinking of it.
11:22:18 And I encouraged to you look at the life cycle cost of
11:22:21 the vehicles.
11:22:21 I urge to you look at what they are doing in
11:22:23 Miami-Dade where they have virtually changed their
11:22:25 entire county fleet over to hybrid vehicles.
11:22:30 And I encourage to you look at the triple bottom line
11:22:34 when you make the evaluations on how the best way to
11:22:38 Shepherd our public dollars.
11:22:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:22:43 Item number 12.
11:22:45 Anyone here to talk about the green?

11:22:48 Green buildings?
11:22:55 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Can you do this in about two
11:23:00 minutes?
11:23:01 >>> Yes, sir, I can.
11:23:27 >>THOM SNELLING: I am here this morning from a motion
11:23:29 from councilman Harrison.
11:23:37 >>> Deputy director of growth management development
11:23:39 services.
11:23:40 Very quickly.
11:23:43 The motion for green initiative sustainability
11:23:46 community is not something new to the City of Tampa.
11:23:48 In the late 70s, there was a great deal of concern
11:23:52 about what was going on in McKay Bay, the city was
11:23:55 very proactive and established the wastewater
11:24:00 treatment plant as well as McKay Bay, energy, or
11:24:04 waste energy plan. The treatment plant burns the
11:24:09 methane gas.
11:24:11 It is in fact a very groan operating, also produces 60
11:24:15 million -- 61 million gallons, if I can say that, of
11:24:21 usable reclaimed water, which works part and parcel
11:24:26 with the recently implemented program not long ago
11:24:29 with the star program to utilize some of the recycled

11:24:32 water and portion in South Tampa and currently looking
11:24:34 to expand the availability of that.
11:24:37 And doing everything they can to encourage citizens to
11:24:39 try to look into that, take advantage of that, that is
11:24:44 somewhat of a unique program in the state and
11:24:47 certainly if not the country.
11:24:51 So, anyway, we have the brown fields program, and last
11:24:55 week or the week before you heard from David McCary
11:25:01 and they had the green Gasparilla where they are
11:25:07 really getting agressive in their recycling program.
11:25:10 And the reason I head to this is the one section where
11:25:12 it's called current sustainable practices.
11:25:14 I won't go through those but if you look at that, a
11:25:18 lot of the programs the city already has.
11:25:20 And I think the bottom line is that the city has done
11:25:22 not a great job allowing people to understand all of
11:25:26 the dozens and dozens and dozens of programs we
11:25:29 currently have in place.
11:25:32 And that's really part of what's going on.
11:25:34 You also know that the mayor recently signed, the
11:25:38 United States conference of mayors agreement, the
11:25:43 protection agreement, the Kyoto Treaty, showing the

11:25:49 administration concern for making these type of things
11:25:52 happen like the rail transit issue.
11:25:56 And also City Council yourself, you have already
11:25:58 adopted code changes as part of the central business
11:26:00 district periphery that incorporates -- it
11:26:03 incorporates as incentive.
11:26:07 We are doing a bad job of letting people know that
11:26:09 some of these things exist.
11:26:10 But I have a couple of other things.
11:26:18 >> On page 3, City of Tampa current sustainable
11:26:21 principal, you guys put together those big books,
11:26:25 green building initiative, about an inch thick.
11:26:28 I guess we are trying to pat ourselves on the back of
11:26:30 how green we are.
11:26:31 But on page 3, I find it really ironic that it says
11:26:34 fleet management, creation of specific goals in fleet
11:26:38 management to take the form of energy efficiency,
11:26:40 waste product management, you know, and 30 seconds
11:26:46 earlier before you started your report, public works
11:26:49 gets up and says when don't have any plans to change
11:26:51 our fleet.
11:26:53 So I think that.

11:27:02 >> Page 3, I don't see it.
11:27:04 >>> Page three, it says fleet management.
11:27:06 But there's a little bit of irony there, I think.
11:27:11 I think the various departments need to speak.
11:27:15 >>> And I agree but I think this identifies areas that
11:27:17 we can do better on.
11:27:19 >> You haven't done anything.
11:27:21 >>> The energy efficiency and waste product
11:27:23 management.
11:27:29 >> At least we are all on the same page.
11:27:32 But I think Ms. Saul-Sena was probably getting at why
11:27:35 aren't we exploring, doing a better job on hybrid
11:27:39 vehicles that are far more energy efficient.
11:27:44 I don't want to put words in your mouth.
11:27:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: But the other thing I want to
11:27:49 address since we are only here briefly is city
11:27:51 buildings.
11:27:52 It is my understanding that we have not said that when
11:27:56 we build new city buildings or retrofit old city
11:27:59 buildings that we will do it in a green manner.
11:28:01 That's something we need to say and do.
11:28:07 >>> Okay.

11:28:08 One of the things on the fleet management issue, and
11:28:11 that particular thing about knowing what everybody is
11:28:13 doing, is we are in the process of completing an
11:28:16 inventory of all the things that we do, because
11:28:19 reality is some departments don't know what other
11:28:21 departments are exactly doing in some of these
11:28:23 initiatives.
11:28:24 >> But no one is doing that.
11:28:26 >>THOM SNELLING: What we are trying to do is collect
11:28:28 the things that are being done so we don't replicate
11:28:31 things and end up wasting time.
11:28:34 That's part of what the issue is and making sure that
11:28:37 everything in an understandable fashion.
11:28:39 >> Mr. Snelling, I appreciate you being here today and
11:28:41 I appreciate the fact that we are looking backward and
11:28:45 seeing what we have done to date.
11:28:47 It is my contention that what we need to do is look
11:28:50 forward.
11:28:51 >>> That's part of my presentation I haven't been able
11:28:54 to get to yet, ma'am.
11:28:55 >>GWEN MILLER: let him finish his report.
11:28:58 >>> Speaking of the report, we did perhaps one of the

11:29:01 most widely acknowledged areas that practice green
11:29:07 facilities in Sarasota County B.four months ago we
11:29:09 organized a day trip and wept down for the day and
11:29:11 visited with the county commissioners that really
11:29:12 pushed this program, and this is everything that
11:29:16 Sarasota County, the various programs they have, how
11:29:19 they do it, the kind of incentives they are offering.
11:29:22 We finished that back in end of August, early part of
11:29:25 September that we did that trip.
11:29:27 Because it represented what best practices were.
11:29:30 And we wanted to emulate that.
11:29:31 So we have taken that for the future. The idea is
11:29:36 exactly what you are talking about.
11:29:38 What is the city going to demonstrate how serious we
11:29:41 are about this.
11:29:41 One of the things we are working through growth
11:29:43 management is to create a program, a pilot program, to
11:29:46 incorporate, city owned property and do requests for
11:29:50 proposals in order to solicit a program for affordable
11:29:53 housing along with green initiatives, and make the
11:29:56 green initiative part and parcel to that whole effort,
11:29:58 so that when people bid on that and they build it,

11:30:01 what they are building is a number of houses or small
11:30:03 subdivisions depending on where the property ends up.
11:30:07 Where we end up locating the property.
11:30:09 They'll be able to have an example of a completely
11:30:11 greenhouse, sufficient, efficient, look at it like
11:30:16 that and that's something the city is actively trying
11:30:18 to promote and support.
11:30:19 And we are already underway.
11:30:20 We met with the Tampa Bay builders association.
11:30:22 We met with local architectural groups, talking about
11:30:25 them.
11:30:25 They are very excited about it.
11:30:27 They are out there.
11:30:28 They are saying, sure, great, we can do this kind of
11:30:31 thing.
11:30:31 We need the opportunity to do so and we are looking
11:30:34 forward.
11:30:35 That's exactly what we are looking to for the future.
11:30:38 But like everything else I have to take stock in
11:30:39 everything that we have.
11:30:40 There's a bit of a list.
11:30:41 There's even more things that we have that I'm

11:30:45 discovering as we are putting this inventory together.
11:30:49 When we are doing it's like you need to put that over
11:30:51 here and where do we go and how do we enhance what we
11:30:54 already have?
11:30:55 And I think there's going to be a lot of that as well.
11:30:57 On the building codes, some of those kind of things, I
11:31:00 think as city projects go forward, that kind of
11:31:02 dialogue.
11:31:02 You have to have it and you have to have a right
11:31:04 environment for an environment able to allow that
11:31:07 conversation to take place.
11:31:14 >> I'm glad the conversation is beginning and what I
11:31:16 would like to do to move things along is set a
11:31:19 Building, Zoning and Preservation Committee special
11:31:22 discussion meeting on specifically our building codes
11:31:25 and what we can do such as encourage transit and
11:31:28 things like that.
11:31:29 I would like to set that for March 7th at noon.
11:31:35 And in the Mascotte room, to look at our building code
11:31:39 and how we can green them up, and as a contract
11:31:45 administrator to see what city projects that are just
11:31:49 beginning to be discussed, and ensure theory green.

11:31:55 >> Could you consider doing it a week later?
11:31:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sure. The 14th it at noon.
11:32:00 And it's an optional meeting for council.
11:32:04 March 14th at noon in the Mascotte room.
11:32:08 And I'm sorry, Mr. Snelling, I'm just frustrated.
11:32:10 We have been talking about this for years.
11:32:12 And it just seems to take forever.
11:32:15 And I'm glad we are starting and I just want to give a
11:32:18 little oomph.
11:32:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:32:20 (Motion carried).
11:32:21 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We have the GTE building on Columbus
11:32:27 drive.
11:32:28 That could be one of your projects.
11:32:31 >>> I'm sure the powers that be are certainly
11:32:33 listening to me now.
11:32:35 And they hear things as well as I do.
11:32:38 >> And you can probably groom the theater at EL
11:32:43 Centro.
11:32:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And the architect said he would try
11:32:47 to make the new museum a green building.
11:32:51 All the city buildings and retrofits should be green.

11:32:54 >> Any other questions?
11:32:55 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Any questions for Thom?
11:32:59 Thank you.
11:33:01 >> Mr. Green -- I mean Mr. Harrison.
11:33:04 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Number 14 we have a memo from
11:33:06 Cynthia Miller asking for continuance to March
11:33:08 8th.
11:33:10 Need to receive and file that.
11:33:12 Motion and second.
11:33:13 (Motion Carried)
11:33:14 And --
11:33:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Number 13, move it.
11:33:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:33:20 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Motion and second to move item
11:33:23 number 13.
11:33:23 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
11:33:25 on that item?
11:33:26 Okay.
11:33:27 Motion and second.
11:33:31 >>> A request to delay for one week.
11:33:33 >> No.
11:33:33 That's been addressed.

11:33:35 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Motion and second.
11:33:36 All in favor signify by saying Aye.
11:33:39 Motion carries.
11:33:40 Okay.
11:33:46 Requests by the public for reconsideration of
11:33:48 legislative matters.
11:33:49 Is there anyone that would like to us reconsider any
11:33:52 legislative action taken last week?
11:33:54 I see none.
11:33:55 Public comment.
11:33:55 Is there anyone in the public who would like to
11:33:57 comment on any item that is on the agenda but is not
11:34:00 set for public hearing?
11:34:01 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Harrison, on the agenda that item
11:34:11 14, it seems to me every time I look at this thing,
11:34:17 the West Tampa CBC.
11:34:22 I want to make sure it's the CBC and not the CDC.
11:34:27 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Make sure we do our proofreading
11:34:29 better.
11:34:29 >>> Kim rivers, 6909 north river Boulevard.
11:34:33 I would like to begin by offering my condolences to
11:34:36 mayor Pam Iorio and family on friends on the passing

11:34:40 of this wonderful learned man who was her father.
11:34:43 And I would like to express gratitude for this forum
11:34:46 where citizens of government interact.
11:34:52 I commend the mayor's administration and this council
11:34:55 for your swift and decisive action regarding the
11:34:59 Centro Espanol of West Tampa.
11:35:02 I think all of our citizens should be very grateful
11:35:05 for your acting in our best interests.
11:35:07 And preserving this national historic landmark.
11:35:12 I brought to you a vision which will read: The
11:35:17 mayor's strategic plans for City of Tampa, the
11:35:21 expressed desires of the West Tampa community, and my
11:35:26 deceased mother's Virginia river's vision for creative
11:35:30 arts theater and programs available for at-risk
11:35:32 families and children.
11:35:35 Throughout the Tampa area at large.
11:35:41 The lady and the building are a good match, of the
11:35:48 immigration of Hispanics to Tampa at the turn of the
11:35:50 century.
11:35:51 Those are expressed ways of serving the community at
11:35:56 large and providing a focal point, a gathering place
11:36:00 for culture, and the development of the Centro

11:36:05 community, and the performing arts which was part of
11:36:09 the origin of this and a big part of the nature of my
11:36:12 mother.
11:36:31 The mission would be that the Virginia rivers cultural
11:36:34 arts center's mission is to provide arts in West Tampa
11:36:39 for the leisure and enjoyment of all sectors of our
11:36:42 community, while preserving a national historic
11:36:47 landmark, the EL Centro in West Tampa, free and low
11:36:52 cost performances, performing arts education for all
11:36:55 of Tampa citizens.
11:36:58 Their special focus on arts activities for at-risk
11:37:01 children and families, interactive community arts
11:37:04 program, and utilization by Tampa's civic and arts
11:37:08 organization.
11:37:10 In continuing the vision would be, the Virginia rivers
11:37:16 cultural arts complex will increase Tampa's
11:37:18 recognition of a diverse, progressive city by making
11:37:21 arts programs and arts facilities available to all of
11:37:25 Tampa citizens regardless of their ethnicity or
11:37:29 socioeconomic status, by ensuring the future of
11:37:32 Tampa's historic preservation, arts, culture and
11:37:35 community development, the Virginia rivers cultural

11:37:38 arts complex will add to Tampa as the most desirable
11:37:43 place to live, learn, work and play.
11:37:46 Although there may be many areas of focus, here are
11:37:50 some strategic ones.
11:37:51 Nurturing West Tampa's community culture and economy,
11:37:54 preserving a nationally recognized historic Tampa
11:37:57 landmark, providing arts for at-risk children and
11:38:03 families in the community, creating a venue -- venue
11:38:09 for free and low cost arts.
11:38:11 I would like to thank at this time Mary Alvarez and
11:38:15 Shawn Harrison for placing this issue on today's
11:38:17 agenda.
11:38:17 Thank you kindly.
11:38:19 >> Thank you, Ms. Rivers.
11:38:20 Thank you for your work.
11:38:21 And this will come to fruition.
11:38:25 Yes, sir.
11:38:26 >>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: Thank God for his grace and his
11:38:37 mercy.
11:38:38 And I just thank God
11:38:56 I want to speak on West Tampa there, that you all
11:39:01 brought up this morning.

11:39:07 I'm glad you got that building but I got a problem, a
11:39:10 great big problem with you all buying up abandoned
11:39:13 property around time.
11:39:15 In West Tampa three or four weeks ago and said be sure
11:39:18 what the city buying.
11:39:22 But 2 or $3 million you all paid for this building.
11:39:28 Now, I been a businessman all of my life.
11:39:33 If I bought something I am going to get my money back
11:39:36 double, triple time but I can't see you all buying up
11:39:39 all these buildings and lots and losing money.
11:39:42 And the money, you all take the taxpayer money and go
11:39:47 in there and get these buildings.
11:39:51 One of the buildings in my part of town, and they
11:40:00 bought it.
11:40:00 But when the guy told me that the taxpayer money had
11:40:03 paid for it, I wanted to fall on the ground and cry
11:40:06 like a baby.
11:40:08 Whoo!
11:40:10 Just to get, like I say, a handful of people wanted to
11:40:14 do something.
11:40:14 But I appreciate you this morning the community, the
11:40:21 non-profit business come up there now.

11:40:23 Because I know somebody mentioned about the theater.
11:40:32 There be four or five people sometime.
11:40:35 But like I say, though, I just wish you all -- this
11:40:43 city needs money bad.
11:40:45 When you look at pot holes and when it rains it floods
11:40:48 out and everything in this town.
11:40:56 I just disagree with that.
11:40:58 But that's taxpayer money.
11:41:01 Why we can take and spend all that taxpayer money to
11:41:05 please 25 or 30 people when all the money is tied up
11:41:09 in one pot.
11:41:10 That's everybody's money.
11:41:11 And it should be for the community, not just one
11:41:13 community.
11:41:16 It should be --
11:41:24 I use that for a prop.
11:41:30 To get it for $10,000.
11:41:33 But use it, can buy it with no money down.
11:41:39 That one lot is a good example.
11:41:41 Thank you.
11:41:41 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you, sir.
11:41:42 Next.

11:41:46 >>> My name is Chris Hennessy, I'm actually speaking
11:41:51 on behalf of item number 28 on today's agenda.
11:41:57 Asking for a one oh-day temporary wet zoning.
11:42:02 I'm simply here to say thank you very much to the City
11:42:04 of Tampa and the council for their continued support
11:42:07 of this event.
11:42:08 If you are not aware, this is co-sponsored by the City
11:42:10 of Tampa, Mayor Iorio has a proclamation for the day,
11:42:18 and I also want to put out a special thanks to parks
11:42:20 and recreation specific special event to helping
11:42:24 coordinate these events in the past.
11:42:27 And the chair as well.
11:42:28 Thank you.
11:42:28 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you.
11:42:29 Our next agenda item is number 16.
11:42:33 This is an ordinance being presented for first reading
11:42:35 consideration.
11:42:37 Do we have any staff report?
11:42:41 >>> Legal department.
11:42:43 Just a request to vacate a right-of-way, an alleyway,
11:42:48 portions of Genesee Street and 21st street.
11:42:52 Asking for a one-month continuance to resolve some

11:42:56 issues.
11:42:57 >>SHAWN HARRISON: To a particular date?
11:43:00 >>> To March 8th.
11:43:01 >> We have a motion and second to continue to March
11:43:03 8th.
11:43:03 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
11:43:05 on this item?
11:43:06 Very well.
11:43:06 Motion and second.
11:43:07 All in favor of the motion signify by saying Aye.
11:43:10 Motion carries.
11:43:11 (Motion Carried)
11:43:12 That takes us to Public Safety Committee, Mary
11:43:15 Alvarez, chair.
11:43:19 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like to move item 17.
11:43:22 >> Second.
11:43:22 (Motion carried).
11:43:23 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Parks, Recreation, Culture
11:43:27 Committee, frank Reddick, chair.
11:43:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: can someone tell me what the Florida
11:43:36 program is?
11:43:36 >> I think the land acquisition, the state.

11:43:40 >> Buys a lot of environmental land?
11:43:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess looking for a new program.
11:43:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move 18 through 21.
11:43:49 >> Motion and second.
11:43:49 (Motion carried).
11:43:50 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Public Works Committee, Mr. John
11:43:53 Dingfelder, chair.
11:43:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll move items 22 and 23.
11:43:59 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Motion and second.
11:44:00 Discussion on the motion?
11:44:02 (Motion carried)
11:44:03 Finance Committee, Mr. Charles Fletcher, chair, and
11:44:06 Linda Saul-Sena, vice chair.
11:44:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move resolutions 24 through 30.
11:44:11 >> Motion and second.
11:44:12 Discussion on the motion?
11:44:13 All in favor signify by saying Aye.
11:44:15 Motion carries.
11:44:16 Building, zoning, preservation committee.
11:44:18 Ms. Linda Saul-Sena, chair.
11:44:20 >> I would like to move resolution 31 through 33.
11:44:23 >> Second.

11:44:23 (Motion carried).
11:44:28 >> Transportation committee, Mary Alvarez, vice chair.
11:44:31 >> I would like to move items 34 through 38.
11:44:34 >> Second.
11:44:35 >> Motion and second.
11:44:36 Any discussion on the motion?
11:44:38 (Motion Carried).
11:44:39 >>SHAWN HARRISON: We will need to set new business
11:44:43 items.
11:44:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like to set the items 39
11:44:46 through 44.
11:44:48 >> Second.
11:44:48 (Motion carried).
11:44:48 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Those motions are set.
11:44:54 Public hearing.
11:44:56 We have a motion to open item number 45 through 53.
11:45:06 All in favor of the motion signify by saying Aye.
11:45:09 (Motion carried) is there anyone in the public that
11:45:10 would like to testify on items 45 through 53?
11:45:17 If you are intending to testify, please stand and
11:45:19 raise your right hand to be sworn in.
11:45:22 Very good.

11:45:22 All right.
11:45:24 Item 45.
11:45:25 Is there anyone in the public though ho would like to
11:45:28 speak on this item?
11:45:29 >> Move to close.
11:45:30 >> Second.
11:45:30 (Motion carried).
11:45:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move the following
11:45:35 ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance approving
11:45:37 a historic preservation tax credit, tax exemption
11:45:40 application relative to restoration, renovation,
11:45:43 rehabilitation of certain property owned by the
11:45:44 Florida Department of Transportation located at 2553
11:45:48 east 11th Avenue, Tampa, Florida in the Ybor City
11:45:51 historic district based upon certain findings,
11:45:53 providing for notice to the property appraiser of
11:45:55 Hillsborough County, providing for severability,
11:45:57 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,
11:46:00 providing an effective date.
11:46:01 >> We have a motion and second.
11:46:02 Any discussion on the motion?
11:46:03 Roll call -- or do we need roll call or voting

11:46:08 machine?
11:46:08 Please register your votes.
11:46:20 >> Motion carried unanimously.
11:46:23 >> Item 46.
11:46:25 Already open.
11:46:25 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
11:46:27 on this motion?
11:46:28 >> Move to close.
11:46:29 >> Second.
11:46:29 (Motion carried).
11:46:30 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to adopt the following ordinance
11:46:36 upon second reading, an ordinance approving an
11:46:38 historic preservation property tax exemption
11:46:41 application relative to the restoration, renovation or
11:46:44 rehabilitation of certain property owned by the
11:46:46 Florida Department of Transportation, located at 2551
11:46:49 east 11th Avenue, Tampa, Florida, in the Ybor City
11:46:52 historic district based upon certain findings,
11:46:54 providing for notice to the property appraiser of
11:46:57 Hillsborough County, providing for severability,
11:46:58 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,
11:47:01 providing an effective date.

11:47:03 >>SHAWN HARRISON: We have a motion and second.
11:47:04 Please register your vote.
11:47:11 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:47:14 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Item number 47.
11:47:15 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
11:47:17 on this item?
11:47:18 >> Move to close.
11:47:18 >> Second.
11:47:19 (Motion carried).
11:47:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move the following ordinance upon
11:47:25 second reading, an ordinance approving an historic
11:47:28 preservation property tax exemption, application,
11:47:30 relative to the restoration, renovation and
11:47:32 rehabilitation of certain property owned by Scott
11:47:38 Fitzgerald located at 1001 South Dakota Avenue Tampa,
11:47:44 Florida in the Hyde Park historic district based upon
11:47:47 certain findings providing for notice to the property
11:47:49 appraiser of Hillsborough County, providing for
11:47:51 severability, providing for repeal of all ordinances
11:47:54 in conflict, providing an effective date.
11:47:59 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
11:48:00 We already did.

11:48:00 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Are we ready to vote now?
11:48:03 Roll call.
11:48:20 Please register your votes.
11:48:23 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:48:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:48:36 would like to speak on fem number 48?
11:48:38 >> Move to close.
11:48:39 >> Second.
11:48:39 (Motion carried).
11:48:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to adopt the following
11:48:45 importance upon second reading, an ordinance
11:48:47 authorizing the installation and maintenance of an
11:48:50 encroachment canopy by Floridan LLC over a portion of
11:48:58 approximate tub right-of-way known as North Florida
11:48:59 Avenue and east Cass Street near the intersection of
11:49:02 North Florida Avenue and east Cass Street as more
11:49:04 particularly described herein subject to certain
11:49:06 terms, covenants, conditions and agreements as more
11:49:09 particularly described herein providing an effective
11:49:10 date.
11:49:12 >> We have a motion on the floor.
11:49:13 Discussion, Mr. Dingfelder.

11:49:14 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Antonakos and his team have
11:49:25 rebuilt the Floridan hotel and they are giving free
11:49:29 tours to people interested in historic preservation.
11:49:32 They are doing a wonderful job.
11:49:33 It's so exciting that that old beautiful hotel is
11:49:35 going to come back to life and probably hopefully
11:49:38 within the next year.
11:49:38 So I commend them for what they are doing.
11:49:41 And I hope the community gets behind them 100%.
11:49:45 >> Absolutely.
11:49:46 Motion and second.
11:49:47 All in favor of the motion signify by saying Aye.
11:49:51 Sorry.
11:49:52 Please record your vote.
11:49:58 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:50:01 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Item number 49. Is there anyone in
11:50:04 the public that would like to speak to this motion?
11:50:06 >> Move to close.
11:50:06 >> Second.
11:50:07 (Motion carried).
11:50:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Like to move the following
11:50:14 ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance repealing

11:50:16 ordinance number 2006-32 making lawful the sale of
11:50:19 beverages containing alcohol regardless of alcoholic
11:50:21 content, beer, wine and liquor, 4(COP-X), for
11:50:24 consumption on premises only at or from that certain
11:50:26 lot, plot or tract of land located at 4601 and 4615
11:50:30 east Fowler Avenue and 11315 north 46th street
11:50:34 Tampa, Florida as more particularly described in
11:50:36 section 3 hereof, waiving certain restrictions as to
11:50:38 distance based upon certain findings, providing for
11:50:41 repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing an
11:50:43 effective date.
11:50:46 >> We have a motion and second.
11:50:47 Discussion on the motion?
11:50:48 Please record your vote.
11:50:54 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:50:57 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Item number 50.
11:50:58 Is there anyone in the public though ho would like to
11:51:00 speak to item number 50?
11:51:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yesterday I got a call from Marian
11:51:08 Zack who said she wants to speak to me about this and
11:51:10 I said I can't speak to you because it's zoning and
11:51:14 send to the me in writing.

11:51:15 I'm passing this out to fellow council members.
11:51:17 She said the representative for the petitioner had
11:51:19 indicated that they would contact her prior to the
11:51:22 last meeting but they didn't which is why she didn't
11:51:24 show up to speak.
11:51:26 She's okay with the proposal with the exception of the
11:51:28 concern about impervious surface.
11:51:31 They have a real problem with flooding on Swann, and
11:51:35 what she's proposing, if you look at the next to last
11:51:38 paragraph, there's something, a better system,
11:51:44 cellular consignment system, which is filled with
11:51:47 gravel.
11:51:47 I don't think it would require any change to the site
11:51:49 plan to do this.
11:51:51 I don't know if petitioner is here.
11:51:53 But -- oh, good, Mr. Bentley, why didn't you call her
11:51:58 and tell her about the last meeting?
11:52:00 >>MARK BENTLEY: 201 North Franklin Street, Tampa.
11:52:02 We had 13 documented communications with Ms. Zack.
11:52:06 We sent notices twice to 100 residents in Parkland
11:52:10 manor, and as a policy we don't take on the
11:52:13 responsibility for notifying people of public

11:52:16 hearings.
11:52:17 And I understand that Ms. Zack actually had ongoing
11:52:20 communication was the zoning staff and the city
11:52:22 clerk's office.
11:52:23 So that's all I can tell you.
11:52:25 We sent letters, plans, and things like that.
11:52:28 Now with respect to the drainage issue, unfortunately,
11:52:31 Alec from stormwater is not here but when this issue
11:52:35 went to Alec, he said very ineffective, that material
11:52:39 is very weak, he wouldn't recommend it, and he said
11:52:42 the drainage problems associated with that particular
11:52:44 area of Matanzas and Swann are primarily related to
11:52:50 Parkland manor, almost 100% impervious surface.
11:52:54 So many that were -- if you want to have that
11:52:57 confirmed by Alec, in a problem.
11:53:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Chairman.
11:53:03 To move things along could we put this on the very
11:53:06 first thing tonight so we have a chance to hear before
11:53:12 when go with it?
11:53:13 To continue this to the very, very first -- 5:01.
11:53:19 Thank you.
11:53:21 >>SHAWN HARRISON: We have a motion and second to

11:53:23 continue till 5:01 this evening.
11:53:26 >> And Mr. Bentley, I would like to give you a copy of
11:53:28 her letter and provide you.
11:53:32 You can see what she's talking about.
11:53:35 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Item number 51.
11:53:36 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
11:53:38 on item number 51?
11:53:40 >> Move to close.
11:53:40 >> Second.
11:53:42 (Motion Carried).
11:53:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I move to adopt the following
11:53:48 ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance rezoning
11:53:50 property in the general vicinity of 112 south Fremont
11:53:53 Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida and more
11:53:55 particularly described in section 1 from zoning
11:53:57 district classifications RM-16 residential multifamily
11:54:00 to PD planned development professional office,
11:54:03 providing an effective date.
11:54:05 >> We have a motion and second.
11:54:06 Any discussion on the motion?
11:54:09 Please record your vote.
11:54:13 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

11:54:19 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Item number 52.
11:54:20 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
11:54:22 on item 52?
11:54:24 >> Move to close.
11:54:24 >> Second.
11:54:25 (Motion carried).
11:54:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move the following ordinance upon
11:54:33 second reading, an ordinance rezoning property in the
11:54:35 general vicinity of 2831 and 2831.5 west Shelton
11:54:39 Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida and more
11:54:41 particularly described in section 1 from zoning
11:54:43 district classifications RS-60 to RS-50 residential
11:54:47 single family providing an effective date.
11:54:49 >> Motion and second.
11:54:54 Discussion on the motion?
11:54:56 If not please record your votes.
11:54:57 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:55:01 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Item number 53.
11:55:03 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
11:55:04 on this item?
11:55:05 >> motion to close.
11:55:06 >> Second.

11:55:07 (Motion carried).
11:55:07 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Mr. Reddick, would you take that
11:55:12 one, please.
11:55:13 >> Move to adopt the following ordinance upon second
11:55:15 reading, an ordinance rezoning property in the general
11:55:17 vicinity of 503 south Boulevard in the city of Tampa,
11:55:20 Florida, more particularly described in section 1 from
11:55:23 zoning district classifications R -- 1 residential
11:55:26 office and RM-24 residential multifamily to PD planned
11:55:30 development, mixed use office, retail and residential,
11:55:33 providing an effective date.
11:55:35 >>SHAWN HARRISON: We have a motion and second.
11:55:36 Discussion on the motion?
11:55:39 If not please record your vote.
11:55:42 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:55:50 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Items 54 and 55.
11:55:53 If there is anyone in the public that intends to speak
11:55:55 on these items, please stand and raise your rate hand
11:55:57 to be sworn in.
11:56:10 Item 54 we need a motion to open.
11:56:12 >> Move to open and continue.
11:56:14 >> Move to open the item and continue it to February

11:56:17 22nd at 10 a.m
11:56:20 Any discussion on that motion?
11:56:21 Is there anyone in the public that would like to speak
11:56:23 to the continuance of item 54?
11:56:27 If not all in favor of the motion signify by saying
11:56:29 Aye.
11:56:30 Motion has been passed.
11:56:32 And that matter will be continued.
11:56:34 Item number 55 is a continued public hearing.
11:56:36 It's already open.
11:56:43 >> Good afternoon.
11:56:44 Land Development Coordination.
11:56:48 I have been sworn.
11:56:58 This petition was originally heard on January 25th
11:57:03 and City Council had requested that the petitioner to
11:57:09 make it more appealing with the Seminole Heights
11:57:11 overlay district, and you will be able to see that in
11:57:16 the site plan.
11:57:17 It is located at 109 west Genesee Street from RS 350
11:57:23 to PD planned development.
11:57:25 Basically to allow for --
11:57:35 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Petitioner?

11:57:42 >>> Sorry.
11:57:42 >> Is there a petitioner?
11:57:45 >>> The petitioner is out of town.
11:57:46 His father had a medical emergency.
11:57:48 And the authorized agent for him.
11:57:55 >>> My name is Hank Sites.
11:57:57 And my address is 18105 port Tampa, Florida.
11:58:05 I don't know how to operate this thing.
11:58:08 I have authorization from David to represent him this
11:58:13 morning due to a family emergency.
11:58:24 I believe it was originally four feet.
11:58:27 Now six feet.
11:58:28 And I'm not sure what your interest level is as far as
11:58:31 looking at the document.
11:58:37 And there is a front elevation.
11:58:44 If you want copies of this.
11:58:46 Again, I don't know, the porch, west and east, and
11:58:56 then the rear view, I believe there was also a
11:58:58 question about there was an alley in the back.
11:59:02 I guess we are kind of used to regular alleys being
11:59:06 used.
11:59:07 This alley has not been used for the past ten years.

11:59:10 And so it really is not a usable functional alley.
11:59:14 And so those to my understanding were your two
11:59:17 concerns, the porch, the alley, a alley isn't in use,
11:59:22 hasn't been in use.
11:59:24 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Is there anyone in the public that
11:59:25 would like to speak to this petition?
11:59:35 >>> Good morning.
11:59:36 Gary else worth, president, south Seminole Heights.
11:59:38 The neighborhood association has no objections to this
11:59:42 PD.
11:59:43 A couple clarifications.
11:59:45 One of them was the alley and the gentleman is
11:59:47 correct.
11:59:47 This is a non-usable alley.
11:59:49 People have basically fenced up to it.
11:59:52 Also, at the first hearing, there was some question
11:59:55 about building compatibility.
12:00:01 It's pretty much all over the place.
12:00:02 The pictures that you looked at, at the first hearing
12:00:07 showed one particular style, but there are bungalows
12:00:12 on the block.
12:00:12 We certainly feel this is going to be an asset to the

12:00:14 neighborhood.
12:00:15 And recommend your approval.
12:00:17 Thank you.
12:00:19 >> Thank you, Gary.
12:00:19 We appreciate that.
12:00:20 Is there anyone else that would like to speak on this
12:00:22 item?
12:00:23 >> Move to close.
12:00:24 >> Second.
12:00:24 (Motion carried)
12:00:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance rezoning property
12:00:33 in the general vicinity of 109 west Genesee Street in
12:00:38 the city of Tampa, Florida more particularly described
12:00:39 in section 1 of zoning district classifications RS 350
12:00:43 to PD single family detached residential providing an
12:00:45 effective date.
12:00:48 Thank you for moving the porch. We have a motion and
12:00:52 second.
12:00:53 Discussion on the motion?
12:00:54 (Motion Carried)
12:00:57 All right.
12:00:58 Information reports and new business by council

12:00:59 members.
12:01:00 Starting on my right.
12:01:01 Ms. Saul-Sena.
12:01:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Nothing, thank you.
12:01:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Just a motion to approve commendations
12:01:09 for the Alpha Kappa alpha sorority for continued
12:01:13 activity, celebration on February 15th.
12:01:21 >> Second.
12:01:22 (Motion Carried).
12:01:23 >> And the New Hope Missionary Baptist church
12:01:25 celebrating its 57th church anniversary on
12:01:28 February 11, 2007.
12:01:30 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Motion and second.
12:01:33 All in favor signify by saying Aye.
12:01:35 (Motion Carried).
12:01:37 >> And point of information, the City of Tampa has
12:01:44 begun the community block grant, CDBG, program and
12:01:49 hope qualified community housing development
12:01:51 organization.
12:01:57 Conducted a technical workshop Wednesday till 12 p.m.
12:02:03 at the police headquarters.
12:02:05 The workshop will be rebroadcast at various times on

12:02:09 CTTV.
12:02:11 Petitions are available at the budget office, 306 East
12:02:13 Jackson Street, or on the west side at WWW top
12:02:26 Wednesday, March 14th, 2007.
12:02:36 Wednesday, March 28, this, 2007.
12:02:38 That's it.
12:02:39 >> Thank you.
12:02:39 Mr. Dingfelder?
12:02:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: A couple of things.
12:02:42 A few weeks ago, I had heard, when I a fend add
12:02:46 T.H.A.N. meeting, that the "Paint Your Heart Out"
12:02:49 program for the first time in like a 20-year history
12:02:52 didn't have enough houses.
12:02:54 Senior houses to paint.
12:02:57 And so I don't think that's necessarily changed.
12:03:01 So, anyway, if anybody in the city knows of a senior
12:03:05 citizen who is in need of having their home painted
12:03:09 get in touch with the "Paint Your Heart Out" program.
12:03:11 You can probably do that through the city web site or
12:03:13 through the mayor's office.
12:03:16 Second, I think council remembers a couple of years

12:03:19 ago when we pushed real hard to get the city included
12:03:22 in the military grant program that helps out our
12:03:28 service folks who are shipped out overseas and during
12:03:31 that period of time we are trying to provide them tax
12:03:34 relief.
12:03:35 And it's my understanding we were working closely with
12:03:37 the county to be part of their program, et cetera,
12:03:40 et cetera.
12:03:41 Unfortunately I received an e-mail this week from a
12:03:44 gentleman who said that he went over there to apply to
12:03:47 be in the program and they said, oh, you're a city
12:03:50 resident, we can't process that.
12:03:52 And it appears to me that there's some kind of rift
12:03:56 going on again having to do with city versus county
12:03:58 and city money versus county money, you know, and
12:04:01 those rifts, I guess, are going to occur on indication
12:04:05 but when comes to our service folks bee can't allow
12:04:07 that to happen.
12:04:08 But one way or another we need to get that fixed.
12:04:11 If in fact it's a problem, I would like staff to
12:04:14 report back in two weeks to give us an update on the
12:04:16 military grant.

12:04:17 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Motion and second.
12:04:19 Any discussion signify by saying Aye.
12:04:21 (Motion carried).
12:04:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Finally, I read in January 5th,
12:04:26 the mayor of San Francisco made a big splash
12:04:30 announcement some of you might have read, he announced
12:04:32 that San Francisco is poised to become the first major
12:04:35 city in the country to offer free universal wireless
12:04:38 Internet access.
12:04:39 And that's not just downtown but across the entire
12:04:41 city of San Francisco.
12:04:42 The proposed free wireless is the first step in a
12:04:45 larger initiative for inclusion strategy that includes
12:04:49 computer, the agreement reached between the city and
12:04:52 OP link, which is a private company, the city can
12:04:56 deploy and plain tain the infrastructure at in a cost
12:05:00 to taxpayers, et cetera.
12:05:01 It sounds really exciting if it's technologically
12:05:04 available and if the private sector is looking to
12:05:06 partner with the city.
12:05:07 I think it's something we should look at, too.
12:05:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

12:05:11 >> So I will give staff a little bit of time, maybe
12:05:13 two months to explore and see what's going on in
12:05:16 San Francisco, as well as elsewhere in the country,
12:05:17 and get back to us to see if Tampa could be the second
12:05:20 wireless city.
12:05:23 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Thank you.
12:05:24 We have a motion and second.
12:05:25 (Motion carried)
12:05:27 Anything else, sir?
12:05:28 Mr. Reddick.
12:05:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chairman, nothing to report.
12:05:33 >> Need to receive and file.
12:05:35 >>: Move to receive and file.
12:05:36 >> Second.
12:05:37 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think it's only appropriate that we
12:05:40 send condolences to the family of the mayor for the
12:05:44 passing of her beloved father.
12:05:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Wonderful man.
12:05:48 Wonderful man.
12:05:49 >>SHAWN HARRISON: And the family is in all of our
12:05:54 prayers.
12:05:54 And Ms. Alvarez, we will leave that in your hand.

12:06:00 All right.
12:06:01 I don't have anything to add.
12:06:02 Is there anyone in the public that would like to make
12:06:04 a general comment?
12:06:06 >> Move to receive and file documents.
12:06:08 >> Motion to receive and file document.
12:06:10 All in favor signify by saying Aye.
12:06:12 (Motion carried)
12:06:13 (Meeting adjourned.)