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09:22:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
09:22:38 The chair will yield to Ms. Mary Alvarez.
09:22:41 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
09:22:43 It gives me great, great pleasure this morning to
09:22:46 introduce our wonderful city clerk, who has done a
09:22:49 tremendous job in the last four years that we've been
09:22:51 on Council here.
09:22:54 She's one that we really truly respect and appreciate.
09:22:59 So please stand for the invocation and stay standing
09:23:02 for the Pledge of Allegiance.
09:23:06 >> Thank you.
09:23:07 Good morning, Council and everyone, let us pray.

09:23:10 Father, what a joy it is to praise you and to be here
09:23:14 once again to give you the thanks for your grace and
09:23:18 your mercy.
09:23:19 Thank you, father, for how you have blessed us.
09:23:22 You have been so good to us, and we are truly
09:23:26 thankful.
09:23:27 Thank you for being here at this moment in time.
09:23:30 Bless our Council, our Mayor, our administration, our
09:23:35 employees and our wonderful citizens.
09:23:38 Continue to keep us all in your care.
09:23:41 Today, we ask you to bless this meeting as Council
09:23:46 takes care of city matters.
09:23:47 Guide our Council so that they will do what is best
09:23:50 for all of our citizens.
09:23:53 Continue to make them instruments of your will.
09:23:57 Lead them as they make decisions that affect all our
09:24:01 lives.
09:24:01 Father, we remember to be kind to one another and to
09:24:06 always give you all the praises and thanks, in your
09:24:10 most holy name we pray.
09:24:11 Amen.
09:24:14 [pledge of Allegiance]

09:24:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:24:34 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Here.
09:24:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
09:24:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
09:24:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
09:24:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:24:41 At this time, we'll go to our staff sign-in sheet.
09:24:44 We have Ms. Julie K..
09:24:51 >> Good morning.
09:24:51 Julie Kabougeris with the Legal Department.
09:24:53 I'm here on item number 2.
09:24:55 I'm requesting substitution of a resolution.
09:24:58 Copies have been given to the clerk.
09:25:03 >> When we get to it, we'll approve it then.
09:25:14 >> Item number 12, I'm also requesting substitution of
09:25:18 an ordinance.
09:25:19 Some minor changes that had to be made.
09:25:21 That's also been provided to the clerk.
09:25:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
09:25:23 We'll move that at that time, too.
09:25:31 Jill Finney.
09:25:32 >> Jill Finney, Land Development coordination.

09:25:34 I'm here to request -- it's not on the agenda for
09:25:37 today, but I wanted to request a scheduling of Z07-16
09:25:42 to the April 12th p.m. agenda.
09:25:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So move.
09:25:46 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:25:47 All in favor, aye.
09:25:48 Bonnie Wise.
09:25:54 >>BONNIE WISE: Good morning, Council members.
09:25:57 I'm here for item 27.
09:25:58 And I'm also here for various items related to the
09:26:02 downtown CRA.
09:26:03 I believe there's one of those items that can't come
09:26:06 up until 9:30.
09:26:08 But item number 27 is refunding of the occupational
09:26:11 license tax bond.
09:26:12 I previously sent you a memo on February 27th.
09:26:15 This is an opportunity to refund some outstanding
09:26:18 bonds.
09:26:18 Those bonds are currently in a variable rate mode.
09:26:22 It gives us an opportunity to take advantage of the
09:26:24 very low tax-exempt interest rates that we have in the
09:26:28 market.

09:26:33 I'm also pleased to report that as we went through the
09:26:34 process, we were able to get an upgrade on the bonds
09:26:37 from Moody's from A-plus to double A 3.
09:26:41 So that is another good sign.
09:26:43 That also helps us get a low bond insurance premium.
09:26:45 Also helps us get the lowest interest rate on the
09:26:48 bond.
09:26:48 As of right now, it looks like we'll be able to refund
09:26:51 the bonds with interest rate less than 4.5%, which is
09:26:55 just really a great rate.
09:26:56 The bonds will mature October 1, 2027.
09:27:00 It is the same maturity date of the bonds currently
09:27:04 outstanding.
09:27:04 So we're not extending the debt in any way.
09:27:07 It's just an opportunity because the rates are so low,
09:27:10 instead of having it in the variable rate mode, to go
09:27:12 ahead and fix it at this time.
09:27:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
09:27:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just finish up on this issue, and
09:27:18 then I have a question for her related to occupational
09:27:22 tax.
09:27:22 Is there a motion you need on this?

09:27:26 >> It's on consent.
09:27:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Bonnie, let me ask you a question
09:27:31 generically about occupational tax.
09:27:32 This is out of left field, so you don't know it's
09:27:35 coming.
09:27:35 That makes you feel good, doesn't it?
09:27:38 The interesting thing about -- of being out and about
09:27:43 as much as we all have been recently, you get a lot
09:27:46 more input from folks than we normally do.
09:27:48 And I was talking to this gentleman the other day, and
09:27:51 he said, you know, I just started a new business, and
09:27:56 I came in to the county to pay their occupational
09:28:00 license.
09:28:00 And it's, like, 20 or 30 dollars or something very
09:28:04 low.
09:28:06 I went over to the city to pay my occupational license
09:28:08 and it was a few hundred dollars.
09:28:10 I said, yeah, I'm familiar with the occupational
09:28:13 license fee.
09:28:14 I pay it myself as an attorney.
09:28:17 And it's a couple hundred dollars and it hurts.
09:28:21 He said it really hurts when you're a new business

09:28:25 starting out.
09:28:27 I talked to him about it for a while.
09:28:33 I thought, you know, we talk a big game about
09:28:36 encouraging small business and encouraging new
09:28:38 business and encouraging minority business and that
09:28:39 sort of thing.
09:28:40 But I think it would be a wonderful gesture if the
09:28:43 city, if somebody came to us as a new business, if we
09:28:46 gave them a one-year, first-year discount and a really
09:28:51 substantial discount.
09:28:52 I'm talking about 90%, so in their first year of
09:28:55 operation, they came to the city, they would only be
09:28:58 paying $20 or $30 or something like that.
09:29:00 And then in subsequent years, they would go up to
09:29:03 what's normal.
09:29:04 Hopefully by their second year they are up and running
09:29:06 and then $200, $300 wouldn't be as painful.
09:29:10 I'm catching you out of left field, and I'm not
09:29:13 looking for an answer.
09:29:14 What I'll do --
09:29:15 >>BONNIE WISE: Before you do that, because it really
09:29:17 is partly a legal question.

09:29:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's part of the answer then.
09:29:22 >>BONNIE WISE: But partly because we have the bonds
09:29:24 outstanding just to catch you before we go along this
09:29:26 path is this revenue is pledged toward repayment of a
09:29:31 debt.
09:29:31 We can't impair the revenue.
09:29:32 The other thing, too, we have to treat all our
09:29:35 businesses the same.
09:29:36 We do prorate it if it is a part of the year, however.
09:29:39 So if they are coming in --
09:29:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here's the question, and I want you
09:29:46 all to look at it in great detail and not give me an
09:29:49 answer today because I'm throwing it out to you from
09:29:51 left field, but the question is, impair what?
09:29:56 Because maybe there's an opportunity.
09:29:57 Maybe we can take the money and then rebate it through
09:30:00 a different program.
09:30:02 Like we're doing on the service folks, in that service
09:30:08 men and women's program.
09:30:10 So I think there might be some opportunity for
09:30:13 creativity.
09:30:14 So that's what I want you all to look at, both legal

09:30:17 and staff.
09:30:18 I'm not saying that we're going to do it.
09:30:20 I just want you to look at it, to explore it, give us
09:30:24 report on the possibilities and be creative as
09:30:26 possible to look at the possibility of doing it, but
09:30:29 from a legal and staff perspective.
09:30:31 I would give you plenty of time to do it, which would
09:30:33 be, let's say, 120 days.
09:30:35 That's my motion.
09:30:38 >> Second.
09:30:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
09:30:40 All in favor of the motion, aye.
09:30:42 Opposed, nay.
09:30:42 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Nay.
09:30:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
09:30:48 >> 9:30, we can move to the other item.
09:30:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: See, that's why I did that for you,
09:30:52 Bonnie.
09:30:53 Just taking up some time.
09:30:54 >>BONNIE WISE: Terrific.
09:30:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: One other thing on that motion, and
09:31:01 it's very critical.

09:31:01 I want to know what you project the financial impact
09:31:04 of that would be.
09:31:05 In other words, how many new businesses do we have
09:31:07 every year, multiplied times the 90% rebate or
09:31:12 whatever rebate we would come up with, as part of the
09:31:16 report, what is the financial impact on annual basis,
09:31:19 might only be 10, 20, 50 thousand dollars, something
09:31:23 like that.
09:31:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, Madam Chair.
09:31:25 Are there any other items other than item 69 you wish
09:31:28 to take up at this time?
09:31:30 >>BONNIE WISE: These are all related.
09:31:31 Item 26, 34, and 69.
09:31:34 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 26, 34, and 69.
09:31:37 69 is a public hearing.
09:31:39 Madam Chair, would you please see if there are any
09:31:41 other changes to the agenda, and approve the agenda
09:31:44 taking items 69, the public hearing first?
09:31:48 Did you want to roll in numbers 26 and 34 or did you
09:31:51 want to have them taken under the consent docket.
09:31:54 Did you have any particular order?
09:31:56 >>BONNIE WISE: It's the pleasure of the council.

09:31:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If we could have approval of the
09:31:59 item --
09:32:00 >> [INAUDIBLE].
09:32:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Why don't you bring it to Council's
09:32:04 attention now.
09:32:04 Which item is that?
09:32:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Why don't we go to Ms. Feeley to -- and
09:32:09 then come back to Bonnie.
09:32:12 Ms. Abbye Feeley.
09:32:16 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Good morning, Council.
09:32:17 Abbye Feeley, Land Development.
09:32:19 I am here on items 29 through 31 which are temporary
09:32:22 wet zonings that are coming before you this morning
09:32:25 for the ACC tournament that's in downtown this
09:32:27 weekend.
09:32:29 Those items will need a waiver of the 15-day notice
09:32:32 requirement.
09:32:34 So I wanted to bring that before you.
09:32:39 >>GWEN MILLER: When we get to them, we'll make a
09:32:41 motion at that time.
09:32:42 >>ABBYE FEELEY: One other item came up right before I
09:32:45 left the other building.

09:32:46 It was item number 59 to be scheduled for hearing
09:32:49 today.
09:32:49 We would like to ask that that item be removed from
09:32:52 the agenda.
09:32:54 59.
09:32:55 It was being set for public hearing.
09:32:56 If we could ask that that be removed.
09:33:05 >>GWEN MILLER: When we get to 59 in new business,
09:33:07 he'll take care of it.
09:33:09 Mr. Sal Territo.
09:33:11 >> Good morning.
09:33:12 Sal Territo, Legal Department.
09:33:13 I've been asked to make a substitution on item 33.
09:33:17 There's a typographical error on the numbers on the
09:33:22 budget resolution.
09:33:22 It's item number 33.
09:33:27 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a substitute for that?
09:33:28 >> Yes, ma'am.
09:33:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
09:33:29 Thank you.
09:33:30 Now, Ms. Wise, the time has come that we can approve
09:33:34 the agenda.

09:33:34 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
09:33:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:33:37 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to approve
09:33:38 the agenda.
09:33:39 All in favor of the motion, aye.
09:33:40 [Motion Carried]
09:33:41 Okay, Ms. Wise.
09:33:42 >>BONNIE WISE: Thank you, Council members.
09:33:45 This is a continuation of what we were discussing this
09:33:47 morning at the CRA meeting.
09:33:50 This is an opportunity for our city to pledge the tax
09:33:53 increment revenues from the downtown area for up to a
09:33:57 40 million-dollar borrowing from the Florida municipal
09:34:01 loan Council.
09:34:01 This is a program -- new program through the Florida
09:34:04 league of cities.
09:34:05 This is an exciting time for us.
09:34:06 It gives us the opportunity to put some money towards
09:34:10 some projects that we have been talking about in our
09:34:14 downtown for a long time.
09:34:15 But because we did not have sufficient tax exempt
09:34:19 revenues, tax increment revenues and not have the

09:34:21 ability to fund the projects.
09:34:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Do you wish to open the public
09:34:25 hearing for item number 69?
09:34:27 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
09:34:28 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:34:29 All in favor, aye.
09:34:30 [Motion Carried]
09:34:31 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
09:34:32 >>BONNIE WISE: There is a public hearing required
09:34:33 because we are pledging tax increment revenues, which
09:34:37 is different than the bond issue I was just
09:34:39 describing.
09:34:40 That's why there's a different process.
09:34:44 It is as I mentioned a program through the Florida
09:34:46 league of cities.
09:34:47 We will only draw the funds as we need the money and
09:34:51 therefore only pay debt service as we draw the funds.
09:34:53 It's a very flexible program.
09:34:55 We can repay the debt at any time and without any
09:34:58 penalty.
09:34:59 So with that, you have various documents before you.
09:35:03 This is the same -- the memo I sent previously to you,

09:35:07 there's an interlocal agreement, a resolution, and
09:35:10 reimbursement resolution.
09:35:12 Those documents are all before you for consideration.
09:35:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Alvarez.
09:35:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Ms. Wise, this question just popped
09:35:18 into my mind.
09:35:21 The convention center is in the CRA area, right?
09:35:24 >>BONNIE WISE: Yes, ma'am.
09:35:25 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Had we known about this, say, three or
09:35:28 four months ago, we wouldn't have had to ask the
09:35:31 county for money, right?
09:35:33 >>BONNIE WISE: Well, as I have said, over time, since
09:35:35 1990, the city has been having to supplement the debt
09:35:39 service on the convention center since its inception.
09:35:42 This is the first year we didn't have to do that where
09:35:44 we had a million-and-a-half dollars above and beyond
09:35:47 the convention center debt service.
09:35:50 Since 1990, the city has subsidized the convention
09:35:53 center debt service $133 million.
09:35:56 So the city has put substantial resources into the
09:35:59 convention center.
09:36:00 And the convention center really is a regional

09:36:03 facility that is to benefit all our area.
09:36:06 So we do believe using tourist development tax for
09:36:09 that purpose, you know, six million dollars is really
09:36:13 an appropriate mechanism.
09:36:15 This opportunity really gives us the ability to do
09:36:18 these projects that we haven't been able to do in our
09:36:21 downtown for all these years.
09:36:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I agree with you.
09:36:25 Thank you very much.
09:36:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions from Council
09:36:27 members?
09:36:28 We need to move the resolution.
09:36:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move the resolution.
09:36:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Need to ask if there's anybody in the
09:36:32 public.
09:36:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Anybody in the public want to speak on
09:36:34 item 69.
09:36:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
09:36:36 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close.
09:36:38 All in favor of the motion, aye.
09:36:39 [Motion Carried]
09:36:39 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move the resolution.

09:36:43 >> I just actually wanted to thank Ms. Wise for
09:36:45 bringing this today.
09:36:46 She's done excellent work getting these together for
09:36:48 us.
09:36:49 And going to save the city a lot of money and interest
09:36:53 in using these innovative programs.
09:36:55 So I just wanted to thank you very much.
09:36:57 >>GWEN MILLER: We need a second.
09:36:59 We have a motion and second.
09:37:00 All in favor, aye.
09:37:01 [Motion Carried]
09:37:01 All right.
09:37:04 Are there any items you want to pull from the agenda?
09:37:06 Anybody want to pull any items from the agenda?
09:37:19 None.
09:37:20 Okay.
09:37:20 We'll move on.
09:37:24 Item number 1.
09:37:27 We have a resolution, item number 1.
09:37:29 We need to move the resolution.
09:37:30 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So move.
09:37:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

09:37:32 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:37:34 [Motion Carried]
09:37:36 Item 2, we have a substitute resolution.
09:37:37 Need to move the substitute resolution.
09:37:39 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So move.
09:37:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:37:41 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor, aye.
09:37:42 [Motion Carried]
09:37:42 Item 3, the Legal Department.
09:37:50 >> Move the resolution.
09:37:51 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:37:52 All in favor, aye.
09:37:53 [Motion Carried]
09:37:54 Item number 4, anybody from administration to talk on
09:37:59 item 4?
09:38:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think they are talking outside.
09:38:04 Can we come back to that?
09:38:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 5, anybody -- he's outside,
09:38:10 too.
09:38:15 Let's go to item number 6.
09:38:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move the resolution.
09:38:31 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

09:38:32 All in favor, aye.
09:38:33 [Motion Carried]
09:38:34 Mr. LaMotte came in.
09:38:37 Let's go back to item 4.
09:38:41 >> Good morning.
09:38:41 Ray LaMotte, transportation manager.
09:38:43 I stepped out of the room to speak to Mr. Choy on item
09:38:48 four.
09:38:48 Basically, we began conversations with them.
09:38:50 There is an issue that Mr. Choy would like to ask for
09:38:54 an extension of 30 days in order to have consolation
09:38:57 with his legal counsel, and I believe that's
09:38:59 appropriate with this situation.
09:39:01 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:39:02 All in favor, aye.
09:39:03 [Motion Carried]
09:39:04 Number five.
09:39:06 >> Thank you.
09:39:09 >> Good morning, Council, we submitted a memorandum to
09:39:12 you again.
09:39:12 The request was made of transportation to ask
09:39:14 consideration of placing a stop sign on the ramps at

09:39:17 Davis Islands.
09:39:21 I'll defer to a photograph on the elmo at this time.
09:39:24 Basically showing the approach from Hyde Park Avenue
09:39:28 and again from Bayshore drive, there's a 500-foot
09:39:31 distance between the two, which is a merge situation
09:39:34 that takes place here.
09:39:36 The ramp on the right goes to the Davis Islands
09:39:40 boulevard, Davis Islands and ramp goes to TGH.
09:39:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just a clarification, Roy.
09:39:45 Linda, I think it was your motion, where were you
09:39:48 suggesting the stop sign?
09:39:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Where the old sign currently is.
09:39:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So they are not further back toward
09:39:55 Hyde Park?
09:39:56 Because there's another one there.
09:39:58 There's another yield sign further back toward Hyde
09:40:00 Park.
09:40:00 Never mind.
09:40:02 That's the one you're talking about right there.
09:40:08 You mean that little loop you do off of Bayshore?
09:40:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Not there.
09:40:12 I was suggesting it -- thank you, Mr. LaMotte.

09:40:16 I'm pointing here, but you can't see where I'm
09:40:19 pointing.
09:40:19 Can you point to where the existing yield sign is?
09:40:23 >> It's right at the --
09:40:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I was suggesting that perhaps
09:40:26 instead of a yield sign which people blow through,
09:40:30 that they put a stop sign and then people would stop.
09:40:32 That was my thought.
09:40:38 >> Give you a little more discussion, implement might
09:40:42 give you more detrimental impact than what you
09:40:44 achieve.
09:40:45 What they really need is a ramp lane.
09:40:47 If you stop motorists on a ramp lane, the anticipation
09:40:51 is you'll increase -- one person will stop.
09:40:53 Someone else won't stop.
09:40:55 You'll have more rear-end collisions on this ramp than
09:40:58 you really want to have to begin with.
09:40:59 Second, they need the amount of speed to carry on the
09:41:02 merge and be able to provide the gap space to combine
09:41:05 the traffic.
09:41:06 This is why we're discouraging this fact at this time.
09:41:09 But what we are suggesting is that right on the

09:41:11 pavement marking itself, we have the merge message
09:41:14 provided to them, and we raise the existing yield sign
09:41:18 that's out there today, and we also had a supplemental
09:41:21 sign so that motorists coming in from the left also
09:41:24 know that there's a merge taking place.
09:41:26 We felt it was inadequate warning notice here.
09:41:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to thank you for a really
09:41:32 excellent analysis.
09:41:32 I've been asking for this for decades.
09:41:35 And you gave me the best analysis anybody ever has.
09:41:38 The answer is still no, but at least you are doing
09:41:41 some other things.
09:41:41 What I'm going to do is circulate your information to
09:41:45 the people on Davis Islands, and then, you know,
09:41:49 see -- because I received letters and e-mails from
09:41:53 people who heard that this was coming up today, and
09:41:55 they were enthusiastic about the idea of a stop sign.
09:42:00 The problem is that many people don't yield, and they
09:42:03 just absolutely blow through the yield sign.
09:42:05 If you are in the through lane, you are worried about
09:42:08 what to do.
09:42:09 Do I anticipate somebody is not going to yield?

09:42:11 Do I anticipate that they yield?
09:42:13 It's troubling.
09:42:14 Although your report indicated that there's only been
09:42:16 one accident in three years, there are a lot of close
09:42:19 calls.
09:42:20 And people are going to the hospital, and they are
09:42:22 preoccupied.
09:42:23 I mean, I understand that it's a complex situation.
09:42:26 I thank you for your report.
09:42:28 We'll keep an eye on it.
09:42:30 And I really hope that the improvements that you
09:42:32 intend to make will make motorists more careful.
09:42:36 Thank you.
09:42:37 >> Thank you very much.
09:42:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. LaMotte.
09:42:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Roy, this is a follow-on to that.
09:42:43 Is there such a thing as a yield ahead sign?
09:42:47 >> There is.
09:42:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And I'm thinking that you know, the
09:42:50 locals, everybody knows there's a yield there, and
09:42:53 some people choose to abide by it.
09:42:55 Some people don't.

09:42:56 We can't control that.
09:42:57 But there's a lot of out-of-towners who are coming to
09:42:59 the hospital and that sort of thing.
09:43:04 Often in a big hurry, maybe if they are going to the
09:43:07 hospital.
09:43:08 Maybe if we had a yield ahead sign, we could put it a
09:43:11 little in advance of that curve.
09:43:14 >> We'll look at the opportunity.
09:43:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:43:16 Item number 7.
09:43:17 Mr. Dingfelder, did you have anything on that?
09:43:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We talked to staff about giving us
09:43:26 a report before we transmit these changes over to
09:43:28 the --
09:43:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Snelling is coming in.
09:43:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: There he is.
09:44:04 >> Good morning, Council, Thom Snelling.
09:44:08 We were asked to come ahead and provide an update on
09:44:11 the changes coming forth for the architectural review
09:44:14 commission as part of the chapter 27 changes that will
09:44:16 be in front of you on the 15th.
09:44:20 What I've handed out to you is -- actually, there are

09:44:22 three items.
09:44:23 Quick cover sheet that kind of discusses the time
09:44:27 lines as to where we are in this and what processes to
09:44:30 come yet.
09:44:32 Attached in that packet is a memo from a constituent
09:44:37 who describes some of the issues that he would like to
09:44:41 make sure that Council was aware of, as well as
09:44:44 another packet from an individual who also had some
09:44:49 specific comments on the code changes that enough
09:44:52 front of you.
09:44:53 Both of these came in after we had our workshop on the
09:44:55 27th.
09:44:56 They came in subsequent to that.
09:44:59 I did want to tell you today that we did have a
09:45:01 workshop on February 27th.
09:45:04 There were a few Council members present and the
09:45:07 number of individuals from both the development
09:45:11 community and the historic preservation community
09:45:13 neighborhood, couple of neighborhood activists as
09:45:15 well.
09:45:16 It was a very good meeting.
09:45:17 It was a very good workshop.

09:45:18 We were scheduled to go an hour and we had almost like
09:45:21 two hours.
09:45:21 There was a lot of give and take.
09:45:23 And we made quite a few changes.
09:45:26 The changes that came up in that meeting have been
09:45:28 incorporated into the draft that you have in front of
09:45:31 you.
09:45:34 As you look at the strike-through underline under each
09:45:37 of these, the changes specifically discussed in that
09:45:40 meeting are reflected in these changes here.
09:45:44 The first public hearing that will come forward for
09:45:46 Council to take an official action on, well, certainly
09:45:51 today you can take a look.
09:45:52 If you have questions, I'll answer them.
09:45:53 It will be on the 15th.
09:45:55 On Monday we're going to the Planning Commission to
09:45:56 discuss this very thing.
09:45:58 They'll come back with their recommendation.
09:46:00 We'll start up with Council on the 15th and then go
09:46:02 forward.
09:46:02 However the public hearing and public process takes
09:46:04 place after that, we'll be in front of you.

09:46:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Chair?
09:46:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
09:46:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ms. Saul-Sena, were you first?
09:46:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think so.
09:46:13 I want to thank you, Mr. Snelling, for working so hard
09:46:16 on this.
09:46:16 That was a really productive meeting.
09:46:21 There's been a bunch of e-mails going back and forth
09:46:23 about, I like this, I like that.
09:46:25 I believe there's an HPC meeting scheduled for --
09:46:31 >> I think the 13th.
09:46:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The 13th at 9 a.m.
09:46:33 I was going to suggest that if people didn't make it
09:46:37 here today or if we don't want to get into the
09:46:39 substance today or if people have additional feedback
09:46:42 that they attend that.
09:46:45 Because it would be lovely to come finally with
09:46:48 something that everybody sings kum ba yah about.
09:46:53 >>THOM SNELLING: Correct.
09:46:56 And this document reflects some of the changes that
09:46:59 came out -- well, all of the changes that came out of
09:47:01 this meeting.

09:47:02 Plus any comments I received, whether neighborhood
09:47:05 group, historic preservation, private developers, I'm
09:47:08 transmitting to Council.
09:47:10 As soon as I get them, I ship them immediately to
09:47:12 Council so you have time to digest what other people
09:47:14 are saying about this.
09:47:16 I encourage people to put these in writing so there's
09:47:19 no confusion about did you mean this or that?
09:47:22 When it's in writing, you can react to it a little
09:47:25 better.
09:47:25 Those are the two packets I attached to the handout.
09:47:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Great job to you and your staff and
09:47:33 everybody who worked on this.
09:47:34 I --
09:47:37 >> Rebecca Kert was instrumental as well.
09:47:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Dennis and the community.
09:47:42 When Linda and I attended that meeting I think last
09:47:45 week or the week before, it was very obvious the
09:47:48 community had been deeply involved in this from all
09:47:51 angles.
09:47:52 But my question is actually a little bit more
09:47:55 procedural.

09:47:55 Rebecca, maybe you can help.
09:47:58 It seems like we're a little bit ahead of ourselves,
09:48:02 because we have sort of a draft that is still in flux
09:48:05 going to the Planning Commission.
09:48:07 And then it's going to come back to us.
09:48:09 What if we make some of the changes, you know, we
09:48:13 don't make some of the changes, and then does it have
09:48:16 to go back to the Planning Commission again?
09:48:25 >> Rebecca Kert, Legal Department.
09:48:27 It would depend on how substantive those changes were.
09:48:30 Most of the changes we have discussed would not be of
09:48:32 the sort that you have to send it back to the Planning
09:48:33 Commission.
09:48:35 If it was an entire rewrite, something that could
09:48:37 possibly conflict with something in the comprehensive
09:48:39 plan, then we would need to send it back.
09:48:41 But the minor changes, no, would not have to go back
09:48:44 to the Planning Commission.
09:48:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All right.
09:48:45 I guess we'll play it by ear and see how it goes.
09:48:48 >> Case in point, one of the changes that came out of
09:48:50 the meeting that we had last week was the emphasis to

09:48:53 put language in there that talks about being a member
09:48:57 of a local historic preservation board as a board
09:48:59 member or an officer.
09:49:01 We added the word "local officer."
09:49:04 That is not substantive.
09:49:05 It doesn't really change the intent of what you're
09:49:07 trying to achieve.
09:49:08 You added a couple of words.
09:49:09 Even though a lot of those changes are minor
09:49:13 wordsmithing and they make a difference, it doesn't
09:49:15 really change the substance of what you're trying to
09:49:17 achieve.
09:49:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The last question I had, in all the
09:49:19 colors we have here, very colorful document.
09:49:22 >> We try to do that.
09:49:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What should I look for that would
09:49:25 tell me what has changed over the last week?
09:49:29 >> The red.
09:49:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, no, I don't think it's the
09:49:31 red.
09:49:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it's the blue.
09:49:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's hear from Thom since he's the

09:49:35 master of this document.
09:49:37 >>THOM SNELLING: The red were the initial changes.
09:49:39 The addition -- the blue is going to be some of the
09:49:41 stuff that we change as the original document came
09:49:44 out.
09:49:45 We don't have a third color, so I'm going to take a
09:49:50 quick look at something that we did change.
09:49:53 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Maybe you ought to put a color-coding
09:49:57 section.
09:49:57 >>THOM SNELLING: I think we have too many colors in
09:49:59 our computers, to be honest with you.
09:50:03 The blue represents the most recent changes.
09:50:06 And the changes that came out of the meeting on last
09:50:08 Tuesday, two Tuesdays ago, the 27th, are going to be
09:50:12 reflected in the blue portion of the changes.
09:50:13 The reds will be the very initial first changes.
09:50:16 Blue are the changes that happen subsequent to the
09:50:19 first document going out and everybody kind of poking
09:50:21 and prodding at it.
09:50:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
09:50:23 Thank you, Thom.
09:50:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:50:25 One other quick question, if somebody reads this and
09:50:27 has some brilliant idea of something, somehow
09:50:30 overlooked, which is hard to imagine --
09:50:34 >>THOM SNELLING: They should e-mail me directly.
09:50:36 Because it's like everything, councilwoman, it is best
09:50:40 to get it in writing, then there's no confusion, et
09:50:42 cetera.
09:50:43 Plus, when I have it in writing, I can distribute it
09:50:45 easier to everybody else.
09:50:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Again, I want to thank you so much.
09:50:49 This has been quite a process, but I think we're
09:50:51 coming up with an ordinance that's going to be a big
09:50:53 improvement.
09:50:54 It's going to be more user friendly.
09:50:56 It will make things go more quickly for the public.
09:50:58 I think that it's going to clarify the board's role
09:51:01 better.
09:51:02 It's really an improvement.
09:51:03 So thank you.
09:51:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Would you like to give your phone
09:51:05 number out?
09:51:06 >> 555-5555.

09:51:09 [ LAUGHTER ]
09:51:10 Call collect.
09:51:14 Absolutely.
09:51:14 My e-mail is
09:51:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Snelling.
09:51:23 Item number 8.
09:51:25 >> Julia Cole, Legal Department.
09:51:28 If I could just make a comment relating to the HPC
09:51:30 meeting that's scheduled for Tuesday the 13th in the
09:51:32 Mascotte Room, that is a regularly scheduled HPC
09:51:35 meeting.
09:51:36 And it's part of their obligation, they are also
09:51:38 reviewing the proposed ordinance.
09:51:40 And I did want to let Council know that if Council
09:51:43 members wanted to go ahead and attend and participate
09:51:47 in that conversation, that would be appropriate.
09:51:49 And we would go ahead and post required notice to
09:51:51 allow that to occur.
09:51:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 8.
09:52:05 >> Good morning, again, Council.
09:52:07 Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk.
09:52:11 I forwarded a memo regarding the boards and committees

09:52:16 procedures.
09:52:17 I don't know if you had an opportunity to review or if
09:52:20 you want to postpone adopting, or you can adopt what
09:52:25 you have in front of you.
09:52:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would like a little bit of time
09:52:31 on this, just to have a chance to study it and talk to
09:52:34 you and to Mr. Shelby.
09:52:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's
09:52:42 something that goes along with this that may also be
09:52:44 appropriate to bring up when this comes back.
09:52:46 And that would be the reconstitution of the nuisance
09:52:50 abatement board.
09:52:52 That has not been finalized.
09:52:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We need to do that.
09:52:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And obviously, that will require
09:52:58 Council members to make their appointments to the
09:53:01 nuisance abatement board.
09:53:02 But that's something I would like added on.
09:53:05 If you can, when this does come back, so that it
09:53:07 doesn't fall off the agenda, that we do bring it back.
09:53:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Are you planning on doing that before
09:53:13 March 31st?

09:53:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, so you can make an appointment.
09:53:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's a question of Council.
09:53:18 If I understand correctly, Ms. Foxx-Knowles, there
09:53:21 have been some Council members have forwarded names,
09:53:23 but not everyone has yet.
09:53:26 >> That's correct.
09:53:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: So Council is really not prepared to
09:53:29 make appointments to the full board at this time.
09:53:31 So I don't know how Council wishes to proceed, if it
09:53:34 wishes to do it before the end of this term or to give
09:53:37 the new Council members the opportunity to make
09:53:39 appointments to the nuisance abatement board.
09:53:41 However it wishes to proceed.
09:53:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I'd like to let the new Council make
09:53:46 that decision.
09:53:47 After all, they are the ones who are going to work
09:53:49 with them.
09:53:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Maybe we -- I move that we put this
09:53:53 back on under unfinished business for the second week
09:53:55 in April.
09:53:56 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
09:53:57 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

09:53:58 All in favor of the motion, aye.
09:53:59 [Motion Carried]
09:54:01 >> Thank you.
09:54:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 9.
09:54:07 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Didn't we have to go back to number 7
09:54:10 and continue the report?
09:54:13 Or not? We don't have to do that, Mr. Shelby.
09:54:17 We don't have to do anything with that?
09:54:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: My understanding from what
09:54:21 Mr. Snelling said, it will be going to the Planning
09:54:23 Commission and then coming back to Council.
09:54:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Okay.
09:54:25 On the 15th.
09:54:29 >> Good morning, Steve Daignault, administrator for
09:54:32 public works and utility services.
09:54:35 This is on the ethanol plant.
09:54:37 I'm here to answer any questions you may have on the
09:54:39 water requirements.
09:54:40 This is a project in the Port Authority area.
09:54:42 And there are other folks here to address other
09:54:44 questions, but I can address the water and their water
09:54:48 needs.

09:54:49 Please do.
09:54:50 We've been in touch with them.
09:54:53 They are interested in using up to four or five
09:54:56 hundred thousand gallons of water a day.
09:54:58 And we would certainly like that to be reclaimed.
09:55:01 They are interested and reclaimed can be used for that
09:55:04 purpose.
09:55:04 Again, we're moving forward with them.
09:55:08 I'm trying to figure out how we can get that water to
09:55:10 them.
09:55:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
09:55:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
09:55:14 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Steve.
09:55:18 I don't know the exact location of the site right now.
09:55:23 I'm a little bit -- I've been a little bit confused on
09:55:26 it.
09:55:27 Is it in the city?
09:55:28 In the county?
09:55:29 In the county with the city service area?
09:55:31 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: It is in the county.
09:55:33 It is south of 22nd Street Causeway Boulevard over
09:55:35 there.

09:55:36 It is in the port property, and it is in the city
09:55:39 service area, utility service area.
09:55:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And right now, is there a potable
09:55:43 water pipe that would suffice to give them that amount
09:55:48 of water, the four or five hundred thousand gallons a
09:55:52 day?
09:55:53 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: We may have to do some minor
09:55:54 changes, but we have that capability over there.
09:55:56 Again, we would prefer to use reclaimed, and we're
09:55:59 working to that end.
09:56:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What type of discussions have we
09:56:04 had with them?
09:56:05 How high a level?
09:56:06 How serious a discussion to make sure that they do
09:56:09 reclaimed instead of potable water?
09:56:11 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: We have had discussions with
09:56:13 Mr. Hawk, who is U.S. enviro fuel project manager.
09:56:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Because I know -- well, you've seen
09:56:22 in the newspaper, and you've gotten the phone calls
09:56:24 that we all have, that the community is extremely
09:56:27 concerned about, you know, that type of new industrial
09:56:30 use for that level of consumption.

09:56:36 And then the other thing that I also heard, and I
09:56:39 don't know if it's just rumor, Steve, is that that
09:56:43 might just be the beginning usage, that a half million
09:56:46 gallons a day -- yeah, half million gallons a day
09:56:52 might be just like Phase One for this project and that
09:56:54 they have the ability to grow that plant -- grow that
09:56:57 facility if they are successful, and, therefore, the
09:57:00 consumption would increase similarly.
09:57:04 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: We're being told 800,000 gallons
09:57:06 per day by 2013.
09:57:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Exactly.
09:57:11 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Again, which has more impetus for
09:57:14 us to use reclaim.
09:57:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Maybe we should get S.W.F.W.M.D.
09:57:19 and TBW as part of that discussion.
09:57:21 If they or we need grant money to help us build the
09:57:24 pipe line over to that industrial area, you know, we
09:57:26 can get their help.
09:57:27 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Absolutely.
09:57:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.
09:57:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Daignault, I really
09:57:32 appreciate you looking into this.

09:57:33 We have a tiered water rate, and I feel like
09:57:39 individual property owners are really being more
09:57:44 conscientious.
09:57:45 They are installing microirrigation.
09:57:47 We're turning off the sink when we brush our teeth.
09:57:50 But those amount to virtually nothing compared to a
09:57:53 new demand of this magnitude.
09:57:55 And I'm very concerned that we -- that we not -- it
09:58:02 seems to me that we should have some opportunity to,
09:58:08 if not say no to them, to charge them enough that will
09:58:12 make them perhaps more conservation minded and
09:58:18 specifically toward using the recycled water.
09:58:21 I know that you all -- I believe that you all have a
09:58:23 new grants writer on board.
09:58:26 I think this is of the highest concern.
09:58:28 When the press told me initially about this project
09:58:31 and it was going to demand that amount of water and
09:58:33 that we had no ability to say no to it, I couldn't
09:58:39 believe it.
09:58:39 So perhaps you can share with us exactly what
09:58:42 constraints we have.
09:58:44 Could Council as a policy put some sort of surcharge

09:58:48 on new consumers of over a hundred thousand gallons a
09:58:50 day to discourage them from using potable and make the
09:58:54 recycled water seem like a more financially attractive
09:58:59 choice?
09:58:59 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Well, as you say, we have a tiered
09:59:02 potable rate structure for that exact purpose, to try
09:59:04 to discourage people from using greater amounts of
09:59:07 water.
09:59:08 The more you use, the more you pay per gallon or per
09:59:11 thousand gallons.
09:59:13 As you also know, we're trying to look at all the big
09:59:17 users that could provide or could use reclaimed water.
09:59:22 We have a consultant who is out looking right now for
09:59:25 those big opportunities, big users.
09:59:28 We have, in fact, as Mr. Dingfelder mentioned, talked
09:59:31 with S.W.F.W.M.D., and they are committed -- don't
09:59:35 have any agreements in writing -- but they are
09:59:37 committed to funding a portion of that reclaimed
09:59:39 expansion.
09:59:40 So, again, we're moving in that direction.
09:59:42 This is going to be probably the most important thing
09:59:45 that the city could do to help keep its rates down for

09:59:49 water and make sure that we have enough potable water
09:59:52 as we move forward and continue to grow.
09:59:56 So I think it is going to be incumbent upon us not
09:59:59 only to watch the potable side, but also to see if we
10:00:02 can't find an attractive industrial rate, perhaps, for
10:00:07 our reclaimed side.
10:00:08 And again, we're looking at all of those things.
10:00:10 We're trying to find out how many big users there are
10:00:13 out there, and what it would take to make that
10:00:17 attractive for these businesses, because it's a
10:00:19 business decision for them.
10:00:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Fletcher.
10:00:25 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Thanks for coming and presenting
10:00:28 on this.
10:00:30 There was a meeting on Davis Islands about this
10:00:32 facility that I did not attend, but my AIDE attended
10:00:35 and brought back some information for me.
10:00:42 Has there been any discussion of I guess what I would
10:00:46 call more direct reuse of water.
10:00:48 There are a number of industrial facilities in the
10:00:50 area of the proposed ethanol plant.
10:00:52 Got the TECO power plant that has cooling water that

10:00:57 gets discharged.
10:00:58 I don't know what the rate is, but it's fairly
10:01:01 substantial.
10:01:01 There are other facilities around there.
10:01:03 Has there been any discussion of a direct reuse of
10:01:06 some of those industrial higher quality industrial
10:01:10 wastewaters for this facility?
10:01:11 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: To my knowledge, we have not
10:01:13 discussed, for example, reusing the water that TECO is
10:01:17 using right now.
10:01:19 We are in discussions with TECO examining the
10:01:23 characteristics of our reclaimed water to see if they
10:01:26 might be able to use that in that area also.
10:01:28 So we believe that there may be some other industrial
10:01:31 users in that area that would make, again, a pipeline
10:01:35 over there economical.
10:01:37 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: And certainly, you could condition
10:01:40 an approval for potable use for the ethanol facility
10:01:44 on use of reclaimed water when it becomes available.
10:01:49 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Certainly.
10:01:50 That would be a good thing to do.
10:01:51 We couldn't get it there for their initial needs.

10:01:55 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Right.
10:01:56 And would this user be assessed as a connection
10:01:58 charge, for example, or some other mechanism, the cost
10:02:02 of getting the reclaimed water to their facility?
10:02:04 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Well, we're going to still have to
10:02:08 work that out.
10:02:09 The way we did it the first time was done by grants
10:02:15 and by the city funding it and then recouping it in
10:02:19 rates.
10:02:20 So that's the format that we have at the moment for
10:02:23 expanding reclaimed.
10:02:25 We're going to have to explore other opportunities.
10:02:28 On the potable side, it's as you described.
10:02:31 But on the reclaimed side, we haven't gotten into this
10:02:35 industrial type huge needs in the pipe line connection
10:02:39 charges previously.
10:02:43 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Actually, the only other question,
10:02:45 on our agenda, it lists there are some other folks
10:02:49 potentially here to speak on this.
10:02:50 Are they here?
10:02:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, call them up now.
10:02:54 >> Fire marshal with Tampa fire rescue.

10:02:56 I cannot speak first hand with any firsthand knowledge
10:03:00 of this plant as it is in Hillsborough County.
10:03:02 But I can give you some general ideas of the types of
10:03:05 issues that come up with plants like this.
10:03:07 Ethanol is ethyl alcohol, which is considered to be a
10:03:12 flammable liquid like gasoline, although the flash
10:03:15 points are a little different.
10:03:16 And as such, there's a nationally recognized state
10:03:19 adopted fire code that deals with construction and
10:03:23 operation of plants like this.
10:03:27 -- deals with processing, storage, transportation of
10:03:30 flammable liquids.
10:03:32 I'm confident that the Hillsborough County fire
10:03:34 marshal's office will hold them to these standards.
10:03:38 And they deal with issues such as automatic detection
10:03:44 systems, automatic fire suppression systems,
10:03:48 separation of storage tanks and so on to give safe
10:03:52 distances.
10:03:52 The advantage, from our perspective, in this plant, is
10:03:55 it will all be new technology equipment.
10:03:59 I'm also confident that we within Tampa fire have
10:04:03 resources that deal with an emergency and facility

10:04:06 like that.
10:04:06 I know that Hillsborough County fire rescue does also.
10:04:11 We have a very good working mutual aid agreement.
10:04:13 If any of you were in the neighborhood several nights
10:04:16 ago, you will have noted that we had a significant
10:04:19 response from Hillsborough County to our fire
10:04:22 downtown.
10:04:24 The issues in a plant like this will be not only the
10:04:28 alcohol production, but as part of that, if it's a dry
10:04:34 mill process like new plants are using that have been
10:04:37 constructed the last few years, there's also a dust
10:04:40 explosion component that comes as the corn is ground
10:04:43 into flour, in essence.
10:04:45 And there are processes and standards in place to deal
10:04:49 with those materials also.
10:04:55 My understanding through published reports is this
10:04:57 plant will produce about 44 million gallons of ethyl
10:05:01 alcohol a year.
10:05:03 While that seems like a significant -- and it is -- a
10:05:05 significant amount of flammable liquid, to keep it in
10:05:09 perspective, if you look at what comes through the
10:05:11 port of Tampa each year, it's less than 1%.

10:05:15 There are 19.7 million tons of flammable liquid that
10:05:20 came through the port last year.
10:05:22 And while we have concerns, we also have confidence
10:05:26 that this new plant will meet current safety
10:05:30 requirements and problems would be minimal.
10:05:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
10:05:35 One of the concerns has been expressed by Davis Island
10:05:38 and Harbour Island residents is not just the flammable
10:05:41 nature of the ethanol itself, but also, again, I'm not
10:05:45 being completely familiar with -- what are the
10:05:48 neighboring plants?
10:05:50 Are there any adjacent plants that have -- you know,
10:05:53 if tragedy happened and the ethanol plant went up,
10:05:56 could it put the other adjacent plants at risk,
10:06:00 ammonia or whatever else is over there.
10:06:03 >> It's my understanding, and, again, I can't say that
10:06:06 I have firsthand knowledge, but I got a chance to do a
10:06:09 little homework, this plant will be in port Sutton.
10:06:15 My limited familiarity with the port places that in an
10:06:18 area right now.
10:06:20 Right now, there's a 70-acre area there that really is
10:06:23 fairly well isolated.

10:06:26 And in situations like this, distance is the safety
10:06:28 factor.
10:06:30 And again, not having seen any specific plans, I can't
10:06:35 speak definitively, but I know that part of the code
10:06:39 requirements in placing a plant like this would be to
10:06:43 consider those distances to other exposures.
10:06:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm sure you work closely with
10:06:51 Hillsborough County on lots of issues, planning and
10:06:53 other safety issues.
10:06:56 Is it possible that over the next couple of months
10:06:59 that as these plants develop that you could go talk to
10:07:04 them, see the plans, get a better firsthand feel for
10:07:07 what's going on, and then that way you could report
10:07:09 back to the city, you know, the county -- the county
10:07:13 is over there, but we need you to report back to the
10:07:15 city and to our constituents about what's going on.
10:07:18 >> Yes, sir.
10:07:18 And absolutely.
10:07:19 The Fire Chief has had some conversations with
10:07:21 Hillsborough County fire rescue.
10:07:22 And he's at a funeral this morning.
10:07:25 I offer his apologies.

10:07:27 But absolutely.
10:07:27 That is an area that we would respond to along with
10:07:31 Hillsborough County at their request or the port's
10:07:34 request.
10:07:34 And it will be in our best interest.
10:07:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is there somebody else?
10:07:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:07:43 >> Good morning.
10:07:43 Cindy Morris with Hillsborough County Health
10:07:46 Department.
10:07:47 Dr. Holt sends his regrets for not being able to
10:07:49 attend this morning.
10:07:50 We made contact with EPC and DEP, the permitting
10:07:54 authority.
10:07:55 Based on the information they provided to us, we have
10:07:57 no objection to the plant obtaining permit through
10:08:01 that regulatory authority, DEP.
10:08:04 And we work very closely with them to ensure that the
10:08:07 health of the community is protected in that we rely
10:08:10 on the regulatory authority to monitor and permit
10:08:14 according to the EPA guidance and monitor the
10:08:17 hazardous air pollutants that's required by permit.

10:08:22 If there are any questions I can address.
10:08:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:08:28 The biggest concern I've heard from my constituents is
10:08:30 that of the potential odor of this proposed plant.
10:08:35 And the concern I have is what if this goes along its
10:08:39 merry way, gets permitted, gets constructed and then
10:08:41 we have an odor problem?
10:08:45 What would we as the city be able to do to protect our
10:08:50 constituents?
10:08:51 >> The regulatory authority and the permit, DEP has
10:08:56 written into the permit regarding odors.
10:08:58 And I would refer the question to the regulatory
10:09:01 authority of how they would control the odors, that
10:09:04 they meet the EPA standards.
10:09:06 The health department becomes involved if they are not
10:09:09 meeting those standards, and they feel there is a
10:09:11 health threat, then we use our experts in Tallahassee
10:09:14 to determine the public health risk.
10:09:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My concern is that of timing.
10:09:19 Let's say there's a horrible odor.
10:09:21 What you just described is many tiered and it suggests
10:09:25 to me that it would take some period of time.

10:09:27 In the interim, if the plant -- did the plant stop or
10:09:31 continue to operate?
10:09:32 >> Again, the DEP specific in the permit and I would
10:09:36 defer the questions to them --
10:09:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are they here today?
10:09:39 >> I did contact them and let them know that we would
10:09:41 be speaking today.
10:09:43 They were not able to attend.
10:09:45 I also contacted EPC, and EPC said certainly they
10:09:49 would answer your questions, if you invited them.
10:09:52 However, they are not the permitting authority in this
10:09:55 case.
10:09:55 It is the state department of environmental
10:09:58 protection.
10:09:58 Now, I did review that permit, and it does call for
10:10:01 notification within a certain period of time when they
10:10:04 do not meet those standards to both EPC and DEP.
10:10:08 But I would really prefer you to ask them those type
10:10:12 of questions.
10:10:16 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Thank you.
10:10:17 And actually, just to kind of address some of
10:10:22 councilwoman Saul-Sena's questions, because I actually

10:10:24 did talk with EPC.
10:10:26 They provided me a copy of the permit.
10:10:29 The odor issue, the way air permitting is done, there
10:10:32 is a construction permit that is issued.
10:10:34 Then they go into a test mode and have some operations
10:10:40 while they determine whether or not they can meet the
10:10:41 requirements such as the one indicated prohibition
10:10:45 against noxious odors.
10:10:47 And so that would be the initial point in time where
10:10:50 that would be reviewed.
10:10:51 And then they get an operation permit at that point if
10:10:54 they've been able to meet all the standards and if all
10:10:56 the pollution control devices are operating properly.
10:11:00 The vast majority of the operation is covered by some
10:11:05 type of a control device such as a flare that will
10:11:12 burn off, the organic compounds that would cause the
10:11:15 odors.
10:11:16 There are some parts of the facility that are not
10:11:18 covered.
10:11:19 But most of them are.
10:11:21 So I can't answer your question about whether or not
10:11:23 there's going to be odors, but the opportunity to find

10:11:26 out would be during that testing, that testing
10:11:29 process.
10:11:31 Where they are required to meet those standards.
10:11:32 So that would be the point in time where you would get
10:11:35 into that.
10:11:36 And the permit does prohibit odors.
10:11:40 For what that's worth.
10:11:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Isn't that a hard thing to measure?
10:11:50 Are there technical ways to measure odors?
10:11:54 >> Typically odors are associated with sulfur and
10:11:56 volatile organic carbons or compounds that can then --
10:12:01 they are like solvents and other things that are
10:12:03 burnable.
10:12:03 And typically the way to control those are by having a
10:12:07 flare or some other kind of thing to burn them.
10:12:10 In this case, they use natural gas to do that.
10:12:13 So that is the way that anything within the structures
10:12:15 is controlled.
10:12:16 But the unloading and loading of the grain cars from
10:12:19 the railroad area is not covered within a structure,
10:12:22 according to the permit.
10:12:24 All the other aspects are.

10:12:27 Whether or not you're going to get odors from grain
10:12:30 being unloaded from a train car, I don't see that
10:12:34 personally, but that's the part of it that does not
10:12:37 appear to be covered under the permit.
10:12:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I went to the Port Authority
10:12:43 meeting on this, and I spoke against the lease.
10:12:49 Unfortunately, and, you know, the Mayor and
10:12:51 commissioner Ferlita voted against the lease, and
10:12:55 we're looking for a continuance.
10:12:58 But the other port commissioners approved it.
10:13:00 When I did that, the operator of the plant say, and
10:13:03 they admitted.
10:13:04 They said, well, there are odors on the plant facility
10:13:09 grounds.
10:13:09 As they said, it's kind of like a yeast-type smell or
10:13:12 sort of like a bread factor type smell.
10:13:15 But they said, but don't worry, it won't go beyond the
10:13:18 grounds of the plant.
10:13:19 And I think that that's the problem that Harbour
10:13:21 Island and Davis Island are having with this.
10:13:24 Because they might give you that assurance.
10:13:25 If there's a nice, brisk breeze blowing in the wrong

10:13:29 direction, that I think it could be an issue.
10:13:31 And that's what everybody is concerned about.
10:13:34 >> It may be where you want the regulatory authority
10:13:36 to answer some of those questions for you.
10:13:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What would be the opportunity for
10:13:40 input on that for the general citizen?
10:13:44 >> I believe they already issued the permit.
10:13:49 >> The construction permit has been issued.
10:13:52 The next point at which they would make a decision
10:13:54 would be after testing has been started.
10:13:57 And they would go into their testing phase before the
10:14:00 operations permit is issued.
10:14:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is there public input in that part
10:14:05 of the process?
10:14:07 >> There could be.
10:14:08 >> EPC will be on board with that testing as well so
10:14:11 they can notify you as well as the residents when
10:14:13 that's occurring, so they can ensure that the
10:14:16 residents know that they are meeting those standards.
10:14:22 >> These permits are typically for a number of years,
10:14:24 in this case, it's good through June of 2009.
10:14:27 So that would be when they need to come in for renewal

10:14:30 and you would have an opportunity to get into all
10:14:32 these issues again when that permit got renewed at
10:14:34 that point.
10:14:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:14:39 I think what would be helpful, thank you very much, is
10:14:41 for us to invite some representative from EPC to come
10:14:44 to Council, let us know what, you know, what the
10:14:47 opportunities for public input are so it's out for the
10:14:50 public.
10:14:50 Let us know when the testing opportunity for comment
10:14:56 is.
10:14:58 And to help us understand in the future when we could
10:15:02 say yes or no to something prior to, or at least have
10:15:07 some input prior to the initial permit being allowed.
10:15:10 So I guess my motion would be to have a representative
10:15:14 of the environmental protection commission come back
10:15:16 in four weeks under staff reports and give us a brief
10:15:21 report on those dates.
10:15:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll second that with a slight
10:15:23 amendment also.
10:15:24 And again, invite Tampa fire rescue to give us an
10:15:28 update on what they learned about the fire safety

10:15:31 issues.
10:15:38 >> EPC could probably tell you the process.
10:15:40 Did you want to include anybody from DEP?
10:15:44 And that's just a question.
10:15:47 >> That was my question as well.
10:15:48 Since they are issuing the permit in this case and
10:15:50 have direct regulatory authority, they would have more
10:15:52 knowledge than EPC.
10:15:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's include you with the
10:15:56 follow-up on the water issues.
10:16:02 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:16:04 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:16:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:16:06 And at that time, if you would like to make any
10:16:09 recommendations, Mr. Daignault, to Council in terms of
10:16:13 perhaps structuring the water fees for industrial
10:16:17 uses, industrial users over 100,000-gallons of potable
10:16:22 a day, I think this Council would be very supportive
10:16:24 of that.
10:16:26 >> Council member, I'm not sure about the timing, but
10:16:29 we are looking at all the possibilities that we can do
10:16:33 with big users on reclaimed right now.

10:16:36 And at some time in the future, we will be talking to
10:16:39 the Council about that rate structure.
10:16:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you have any idea when?
10:16:43 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: At this moment, I don't.
10:16:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I mean, like April or like October.
10:16:48 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: I'm going to say that it's going to
10:16:50 be probably a couple of months after April.
10:16:53 We'll be meeting with our consultant in April and
10:16:55 we'll go from there.
10:16:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:16:59 Mr. Fletcher.
10:16:59 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: If I could just make a comment on
10:17:02 this.
10:17:02 I've spent a lot of time looking at this facility, and
10:17:07 at the Davis Islands meeting, there were
10:17:09 representatives from a number of environmental groups,
10:17:12 including the natural resources defense Council.
10:17:14 And I think there are a lot of issues that need to be
10:17:16 examined with this facility, but I am hopeful that we
10:17:19 are able to find a way to site this facility within
10:17:23 the city and that it can do what we need, which is to
10:17:27 develop alternative fuels and that we are able to

10:17:31 continue to grow our industrial tax base in our
10:17:37 economic development and industrial sector.
10:17:39 What I would not like to see is them decide that the
10:17:43 City of Tampa is too hard to deal with, and they are
10:17:45 going to go and build their facility in Hillsborough
10:17:49 County.
10:17:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's not in the city.
10:17:52 It's just in the city water use area, but in
10:17:55 Hillsborough County.
10:17:58 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Well, I would be a little
10:17:59 concerned if we aren't able to accommodate this kind
10:18:03 of development, because I think it is very good for
10:18:05 our community and for our region.
10:18:08 I think we need to get down on a lot of these issues.
10:18:11 I'm hopeful it will come forward and we'll be able to
10:18:14 have it here and have it contribute to alternative
10:18:17 fuels in our area, because I think we really need it.
10:18:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:18:21 Item number 10, Ms. Fenton.
10:18:28 >> Good morning, Council members, Jeanette LaRussa
10:18:29 Fenton, Economic and Urban Development.
10:18:32 I am here to provide you with a status report and

10:18:35 update on the Centro espanol building.
10:18:38 To begin with, just a few basic facts on the building,
10:18:41 as you know, we acquired the building and the adjacent
10:18:45 lots back in January.
10:18:46 The Centro espanol building is an extremely
10:18:49 significant building, not only to us locally, but it
10:18:52 is on the national registry of historic places and is
10:18:55 a designated local landmark.
10:18:57 And certainly, I may add, is a West Tampa icon.
10:19:00 It is one of the centerpieces of that community.
10:19:04 In addition to the building, the adjacent lots are
10:19:08 also part of that facility.
10:19:10 There is a private company that has a lease on the
10:19:14 southern lot on the corner of cherry and Howard.
10:19:18 That lease runs through April of 2008, and there is an
10:19:22 option to renew for an additional two years.
10:19:27 You also know that there have been many sources of
10:19:29 funding that have gone into the building through many
10:19:33 years in the past, both federal and state.
10:19:35 And because of that, we do have some use restrictions
10:19:38 that are going to expire at varying times over the
10:19:41 next two to three years concerning use of that

10:19:44 building as a community, cultural, and education
10:19:46 facility.
10:19:48 In terms of the building itself, it's smaller than
10:19:52 most people think.
10:19:54 There is about 10,000 square feet of usable space over
10:19:57 the two floors in the main building.
10:19:59 And then an additional 5,000 square feet in the
10:20:02 theater.
10:20:03 The exterior needs some maintenance and cosmetic work.
10:20:07 Our city crews are mowing and maintaining the ground
10:20:10 so that they will be presentable and attractive.
10:20:13 There's a fence around the retention pond that needs
10:20:16 probably replacement, and we will do that in
10:20:19 accordance with historic standards.
10:20:23 The interior of the building is in reasonably good
10:20:26 shape.
10:20:26 As you know, the urban league did a lot of work to
10:20:28 renovate, and it looks good.
10:20:30 There are some cosmetic things that need to be done
10:20:33 internally.
10:20:34 Unfortunately, the grand staircase is severely damaged
10:20:37 and not usable.

10:20:41 The theater is an extremely -- is in extremely poor
10:20:45 condition.
10:20:45 For any of you who have been in the theater, you know
10:20:47 that it is absolutely spectacular.
10:20:49 When renovated, it could be in the comparable to Tampa
10:20:52 Theater on a smaller scale.
10:20:54 And I'll be happy to, for any of you that haven't seen
10:20:57 it, I'd be happy to arrange for you to view it.
10:21:00 But it is truly spectacular, but requires total
10:21:03 rehabilitation and renovation.
10:21:05 Our facilities management staff is still assessing the
10:21:09 building, but they have already identified that
10:21:11 significant roof repairs are going to be needed, most
10:21:14 likely replacement.
10:21:15 We're talking in the realm of $350,000 or so.
10:21:23 There's termite damage.
10:21:25 To tent a building of that size, you're talking 25 to
10:21:26 26,000 dollars.
10:21:28 The heating and cooling systems are operational, but
10:21:30 they will need some repairs.
10:21:32 Of course, as with any historic building, windows are
10:21:34 a perpetual problem.

10:21:36 And there are no estimates yet, but there is going to
10:21:42 need to be some work on the windows.
10:21:44 As far as the annual operating expenses, we're looking
10:21:46 at a minimal $135,000 a year.
10:21:48 And please keep in mind, that is a conservative
10:21:51 estimate, because that is based on estimates of usage
10:21:55 during the past three years when the building was not
10:21:57 fully occupied and fully used.
10:22:00 So we expect that annual operating and maintenance
10:22:02 costs are going to exceed that amount.
10:22:07 I think Council also asked about grants.
10:22:09 The city does intend to pursue grants for the
10:22:12 structure.
10:22:13 State grants and federal grants are limited, but we do
10:22:16 have the historic preservation and cultural facility
10:22:19 and planning grant.
10:22:20 The historic preservation grants are up to
10:22:22 $350,000 annually.
10:22:24 And that funding cycle opens now April 1st through
10:22:28 the end of June.
10:22:29 That's the first one.
10:22:30 Planning grants are available.

10:22:31 That funding cycle would be in December for up to
10:22:34 $50,000.
10:22:36 We think another source of grants would be through
10:22:39 private foundations.
10:22:40 And those will certainly be researched and also looked
10:22:44 into.
10:22:45 We also had discussions about the possibility of
10:22:47 forming a nonprofit or private foundation locally for
10:22:51 the preservation of the Centro espanol building.
10:22:55 So those are some of the things that we're pursuing
10:22:58 and will continue to explore.
10:23:02 As far as future uses, everyone knows that the
10:23:04 Virginia river's creative Arts program is certainly
10:23:07 the prime candidate for location in the building.
10:23:09 And that does have a lot of support, certainly from
10:23:12 the community and would be a wonderful use for the
10:23:15 building.
10:23:17 It also has the potential to be done in connection
10:23:20 with upgrading of services and programs across the
10:23:24 street at ray park.
10:23:26 So that's definitely something that is being explored.
10:23:28 The West Tampa Council on Arts, culture and history

10:23:32 has also asked a group of USF students to create a
10:23:36 business plan for use of the building for community
10:23:39 Arts and cultural purposes.
10:23:41 We expect that that report will be done by probably
10:23:44 late April, early May.
10:23:48 We've received, as you can imagine, many inquiries
10:23:50 from folks interested in the building, many uses.
10:23:54 For instance, the Tampa Bay federal credit union who
10:23:58 previously had space there is interested in returning.
10:24:01 I won't go through all the list of inquiries.
10:24:03 But there's obviously a lot of interest in the
10:24:05 building.
10:24:07 There have been no decisions made about future uses
10:24:09 for the building at this time.
10:24:11 We're still analyzing that.
10:24:12 But the emphasis will be on uses that bring with them
10:24:16 a funding stream, obviously, because we are going to
10:24:20 need that for renovation and for ongoing maintenance.
10:24:23 So there will be an emphasis on that.
10:24:25 There is certainly going to be a public involvement
10:24:27 process.
10:24:28 The idea is to have a community meeting at the Centro

10:24:31 espanol building, perhaps with tours of the building
10:24:34 that would proceed that.
10:24:36 We have not identified a specific date for that yet,
10:24:39 but that is in the planning stages.
10:24:42 So, Council members, in conclusion, the Centro espanol
10:24:45 building is a major asset, not only to the West Tampa
10:24:48 community, but to the entire region and statewide and
10:24:52 nationally.
10:24:52 So we know that it's going to require significant
10:24:54 funding to renovate it, to maintain it, and so forth.
10:24:58 So it will be a tall task to find a financially
10:25:03 sustainable plan for the building along with
10:25:06 appropriate uses, appropriate partners, and we are
10:25:09 moving forward on that.
10:25:10 We welcome your input and involvement.
10:25:13 And with that, I'll be happy to answer any questions.
10:25:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena -- Ms. Alvarez.
10:25:19 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Jeanette.
10:25:21 This is a great comprehensive report.
10:25:23 I think we've all been waiting to hear what is going
10:25:26 on with that building.
10:25:28 One of the questions that I was asking, you said that

10:25:30 there were two floors, and it was 10,000-square-foot
10:25:34 building.
10:25:35 Did you say that 5,000 square foot of that was a
10:25:40 theater so that only leaves 5,000?
10:25:42 >> No, let me clarify.
10:25:43 The main building is 10,000.
10:25:46 5,000 on each floor and then additional 5,000 would be
10:25:49 the theater.
10:25:49 So you were talking about 15,000 total.
10:25:51 And that's usable.
10:25:52 If you talked about raw gross square footage, it's
10:25:56 larger than that.
10:25:57 But we've counted out rest rooms and things of that
10:26:01 nature, hallways.
10:26:02 >>MARY ALVAREZ: What about CDBG funds?
10:26:05 Are we able to obtain some of those?
10:26:08 >> Well, actually, CDBG funds were used as part of the
10:26:12 purchase price, and they've been used in the past.
10:26:14 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We can use that again?
10:26:17 >> Oh, yes.
10:26:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Along with the historic grants.
10:26:20 >>JEANETTE FENTON: It will take a mix of funding

10:26:24 sources.
10:26:25 >>MARY ALVAREZ: The business plan that the USF
10:26:25 students are planning to do, what would that entail?
10:26:30 Give me an example.
10:26:32 >> They are looking at the building in terms of what
10:26:34 might be appropriate uses for community and cultural
10:26:39 and art uses and how those might be funded to support
10:26:42 those uses.
10:26:44 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, it's a great plan.
10:26:46 Looking forward --
10:26:48 >> We'll see what they come up with in about a month
10:26:50 and a half.
10:26:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Of course, you know, by the time --
10:26:53 there's a date set for the community meeting, I would
10:26:56 really like to be involved in that.
10:26:58 >> Absolutely.
10:27:00 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you very much.
10:27:01 Great report.
10:27:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much.
10:27:05 This made me feel like we are beginning to make
10:27:07 progress.
10:27:08 There are tax credits that could be sold because this

10:27:12 is a historic structure.
10:27:13 It takes sophistication, Mr. Snelling is familiar with
10:27:18 it.
10:27:18 It's what they used in Cleveland for the Cleveland
10:27:21 play house project.
10:27:22 That might be an additional funding source.
10:27:27 26 years ago, I made a film about historic clubs, and
10:27:33 I featured this theater, and at that time, while we
10:27:35 were shooting, pieces of the ceiling were gently
10:27:38 dropping.
10:27:38 So it's been in bad shape for a really long time, but
10:27:42 it has potential to be beautifully refurbished.
10:27:45 I know that council is really interested in figuring
10:27:47 out where to get the resources to accomplish this.
10:27:51 I've had a business person in West Tampa approach me
10:27:54 about a nonprofit foundation that would be willing to
10:27:58 donate some money.
10:27:59 I will share that information with you, and I hope
10:28:01 that you pursue it.
10:28:04 I want to make a motion for this to come back before
10:28:06 Council after you have the community meeting.
10:28:11 You need to give me a target date so I can schedule

10:28:13 this for the following week.
10:28:15 >> I would say it probably wouldn't be -- I wouldn't
10:28:17 imagine the community meeting happening sooner than
10:28:21 within the next 60 days.
10:28:23 I think by the time we notify everybody and all that,
10:28:25 so I would say that time frame.
10:28:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Oh, I think in West Tampa, you can
10:28:30 get the word out pretty fast.
10:28:33 >> We're still doing some assessments that we want to
10:28:35 be able to have before we do that.
10:28:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So the end of May.
10:28:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Linda, allow the administration to
10:28:41 come back to us when they have everything together.
10:28:44 I don't want them to come every 30 days or something
10:28:46 to give us a report on something that is just going to
10:28:50 be redundant.
10:28:51 Let them come to us and tell us at the time it's
10:28:56 ready.
10:28:56 >>GWEN MILLER: I agree.
10:28:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: After the meeting, you'll let us
10:29:00 know.
10:29:01 And you'll let us know when the meeting will be.

10:29:03 >> Absolutely.
10:29:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Ms. Fenton.
10:29:07 Item number 11, need to continue to March 29th.
10:29:10 We have a motion and second.
10:29:11 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:29:13 Is there anyone in the public who would like to
10:29:15 request a legislative matter?
10:29:22 Okay.
10:29:23 We now go to our public comment.
10:29:24 Anybody like to speak on an item on the agenda that is
10:29:27 not set for a public hearing?
10:29:29 Okay.
10:29:29 We go to item number 12.
10:29:31 We have a substitute ordinance.
10:29:32 Ms. Alvarez, would you read that substitute ordinance
10:29:34 for first reading.
10:29:39 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
10:29:40 An ordinance, vacating, closing, discontinuing and
10:29:42 abandoning a certain right-of-way, a portion of that
10:29:48 alleyway lying south of East Chelsea Street, north of
10:29:51 East Genessee Street, and east of North 21st Street
10:29:55 along with a portion of East Genessee Street in

10:29:59 Strathmore, a subdivision located in the City of
10:30:00 Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, the same being
10:30:02 more fully described in section 2 hereof, providing an
10:30:04 effective date.
10:30:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: A question on the motion.
10:30:07 I don't know if I was here for this discussion.
10:30:08 Does anybody have a recollection of the argument or
10:30:11 purpose as to why this alleyway was being vacated?
10:30:18 Julie, any recollection?
10:30:21 >> Julie Kabougeris, Legal Department.
10:30:24 This is a vacating that staff has been working on
10:30:27 since 2003.
10:30:33 There are certain areas that were not vacated and
10:30:36 certain areas that there was an agreement to vacate.
10:30:39 And the petitioner's representative was here.
10:30:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can I hear a little bit more?
10:30:45 Thank you.
10:30:50 >> Good morning, council.
10:30:51 Chuck Marshall, Holland and Knight, LLP, 100 North
10:30:52 Tampa Street in Tampa.
10:30:54 Mr. Shelby, I have not been sworn.
10:30:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's a first reading.

10:31:00 It's not really a public hearing yet.
10:31:02 >> Very well.
10:31:02 Councilman Dingfelder, the petitioner is Mr. Curtis
10:31:05 brown.
10:31:06 He's lifetime and longtime resident of East Tampa.
10:31:09 Has owned this property since, gosh, about or his
10:31:12 family since about 1970, 1973.
10:31:16 Mr. Brown is a businessman and an educator, but what
10:31:21 he is hoping to do at this location is to develop some
10:31:25 office uses here where --
10:31:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Oh, okay.
10:31:28 I'm looking at the map.
10:31:29 I remember this one, and there was the D.O.T. issue
10:31:32 and there was the side street issue.
10:31:40 Then we reached the compromise.
10:31:41 Remind me what the compromise was that we're voting on
10:31:44 today.
10:31:45 >> Surely.
10:31:45 What we decided -- what Council decided to do,
10:31:48 Mr. Dingfelder, was a couple of the areas that were
10:31:53 going to be vacated were taken out of the mix.
10:31:55 That was 22nd Street North.

10:31:57 Mr. Brown removed that from his petition.
10:31:59 And he also narrowed the area that he had requested
10:32:04 along Genessee with consultation with city staff, they
10:32:10 gave the opinion that that area would not be needed.
10:32:12 But Mr. Brown said it would still be very useful if
10:32:15 that seven feet, which will probably be used for
10:32:18 setback, could be included within the vacation in
10:32:21 addition to the alleyway.
10:32:22 So I guess the compromise was what we are at right now
10:32:26 with respect to the alleyways and the seven feet on
10:32:29 Genessee.
10:32:30 It used to include about seven or eight more feet on
10:32:33 Genessee and then 30 feet on 22nd Street.
10:32:37 But, of course, that's been tossed out and we're left
10:32:39 with what we have here this morning.
10:32:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Does legal agree with that?
10:32:44 Do you guys agree with that analysis, that that's the
10:32:47 compromise?
10:32:48 >> Yes.
10:32:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
10:32:50 We have a motion and second.
10:32:51 All in favor, aye.

10:32:52 Opposed, nay.
10:32:53 [Motion Carried]
10:32:54 We now go to our committee reports.
10:32:56 Public safety, Ms. Mary Alvarez.
10:32:57 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
10:32:59 I move items 13 to 16.
10:33:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
10:33:02 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:33:03 [Motion Carried]
10:33:04 Parks, recreation, Mr. Frank Reddick.
10:33:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: I move 17 and 18.
10:33:09 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:33:11 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:33:13 [Motion Carried]
10:33:13 Public works, Mr. John Dingfelder.
10:33:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.
10:33:17 I'll move items 19 through 25.
10:33:20 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
10:33:20 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:33:22 All in favor, aye.
10:33:23 [Motion Carried]
10:33:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to point out, item

10:33:26 25, $2,800,000 to reroof the Tampa convention center.
10:33:31 So and item 24 is similar, so hallelujah.
10:33:37 Thanks to the county for working with us on that.
10:33:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Finance Committee, Mr. Charles
10:33:41 Fletcher.
10:33:43 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: I move items 26 through 31.
10:33:49 And I believe if I remember correctly, we made it to
10:33:53 waive the 15-day rule.
10:33:57 >> 15-day rule for items 29 through 31.
10:34:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Alvarez has a question.
10:34:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes, on item 28, I would like to let
10:34:12 the new Council do the reappointment for John Weiss.
10:34:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You want to continue that?
10:34:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I want to continue that for the new
10:34:20 Council to do that.
10:34:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why?
10:34:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Because I don't want to do it now.
10:34:25 I think that the new Council should be doing the new
10:34:31 appointments -- the new appointments and
10:34:32 reappointments.
10:34:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just have a point of order for
10:34:34 Mr. Shelby then.

10:34:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes.
10:34:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are you up with us on number 28?
10:34:40 The motion already passed.
10:34:42 We've had this issue before.
10:34:44 The motion already passed to appoint him.
10:34:46 This is just the formalization of the actual
10:34:49 resolution.
10:34:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's correct, this is the
10:34:52 formalization of the actual resolution.
10:34:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We've been told on a prior occasion
10:34:56 that the formal act is really rather meaningless in
10:34:58 that the vote last week was the vote to appoint
10:35:02 Mr. Weiss.
10:35:04 So where are we on this?
10:35:07 >> Julie Legal Department.
10:35:08 Last week, you directed legal to come back with a
10:35:10 resolution, ratifying the appointment.
10:35:12 The appointment, technically, occurred last week.
10:35:15 So this is just a formality.
10:35:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Okay.
10:35:23 Then I'll vote no.
10:35:26 >> If you desire to vote no, do we need separate

10:35:29 motions?
10:35:30 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: First move items 26 and 27.
10:35:34 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:35:35 All in favor, aye.
10:35:36 [Motion Carried]
10:35:37 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: I move item 28.
10:35:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
10:35:40 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:35:41 All in favor, aye.
10:35:42 Opposed, nay.
10:35:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Nay.
10:35:45 >> Nay.
10:35:49 >> Can I have a vote count?
10:35:55 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Alvarez and Reddick
10:35:57 voting no.
10:35:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Hold on, we have another member
10:36:01 coming in.
10:36:14 >> One, two, three, four.
10:36:16 Good.
10:36:16 Thank you.
10:36:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Did you vote?
10:36:20 She was out of the room.

10:36:21 We have to revote.
10:36:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Wait, wait, 4-2.
10:36:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, excuse me, I just -- I'm
10:36:30 sorry, Council.
10:36:31 I heard the clerk announce that the motion passed with
10:36:35 Alvarez and Reddick voting no.
10:36:38 That's what I heard announced.
10:36:40 Is that an accurate statement?
10:36:42 >>GWEN MILLER: No, miller voted no.
10:36:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Was that the silent vote?
10:36:48 >>GWEN MILLER: We're going to vote again, because
10:36:50 Mr. Harrison is in now.
10:36:53 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm going to ask Council to waive its
10:36:56 rules to not have to carry it over to the next
10:36:58 meeting.
10:36:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
10:37:03 Just for clarification, Mr. Harrison, the issue that
10:37:09 Ms. Alvarez brought up, she said she wanted to carry
10:37:12 this over till the next board was on after
10:37:14 April 1st.
10:37:15 I don't know if you heard that discussion when you
10:37:17 were out of the room.

10:37:18 And legal said, well, we already approved Mr. Weiss
10:37:22 last week, but this is just the formality of the
10:37:25 resolution.
10:37:25 This is kind whereof we are.
10:37:27 I thought we got rid of the formality of the
10:37:30 resolution.
10:37:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Frankly, Council, that I think the
10:37:33 appropriate way to do this is one of two ways.
10:37:35 You either do it by an oral vote, verbal vote, which
10:37:41 has the effect of a resolution pursuant to your
10:37:44 charter.
10:37:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Which was done last week.
10:37:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: But, once you bring something back,
10:37:49 there are times you direct legal to bring back a
10:37:53 resolution.
10:37:54 My interpretation is that a resolution, to have a
10:37:58 resolution before you, a formal resolution still has
10:38:02 the full weight and effect of a resolution.
10:38:06 In other words, you have to vote on the resolution.
10:38:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Then you have conflicting
10:38:11 resolutions.
10:38:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: In effect, you do.

10:38:13 This does have to be resolved.
10:38:15 I think the way to remedy this would be if Council
10:38:17 wishes to have a formal resolution, then you direct
10:38:20 legal to bring back the resolution, and then that's
10:38:22 when you vote on it.
10:38:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Actually, I could have pulled it from
10:38:26 the agenda.
10:38:27 I could have pulled this before we even started.
10:38:29 >> Yes, you could have.
10:38:32 >> Would the more appropriate motion, if what is --
10:38:35 not that I'm supporting this, but what is attempting
10:38:37 to be done is undo the motion from last week to
10:38:42 appoint Mr. Weiss.
10:38:45 Would an appropriate motion be a motion to reconsider
10:38:48 the vote?
10:38:48 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, if that's the intent of the
10:38:50 maker of the motion.
10:38:56 There was a motion that was made -- there was an
10:39:00 affirmative motion to accept the resolution.
10:39:06 My understanding is based on what I heard from Council
10:39:09 ratified by the clerk, that motion has failed on
10:39:12 three-three with Mr. Harrison being absent at vote.

10:39:19 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Well, if the appropriate mechanism
10:39:20 is that we do reconsider the last week's vote and that
10:39:24 motion has to come from a member of the prevailing
10:39:29 side, I will make that motion.
10:39:34 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:39:36 All in favor, nay.
10:39:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I didn't understand that motion.
10:39:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Could the clerk please restate the
10:39:44 motion?
10:39:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Harrison restate the motion and
10:39:50 what the intent.
10:39:51 >>SHAWN HARRISON: It was to reconsider it so that we
10:39:53 can hear all of the opinions.
10:39:55 I mean, I tend to agree with Ms. Alvarez that this
10:39:59 should probably wait until the new Council is seated.
10:40:02 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
10:40:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So why don't we wait until the new
10:40:06 Council is seated then.
10:40:08 How do we get there?
10:40:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Let me see if I understand where we
10:40:12 are right now.
10:40:13 Right now, you have a three 3-3 vote with Mr. Harrison

10:40:17 absent.
10:40:17 You can either reconsider that vote now and waive your
10:40:20 rules that require it to come back on the next regular
10:40:22 meeting as unfinished business, which is what your
10:40:24 rules require, and then vote again.
10:40:27 You can take up the matter now and give it finality if
10:40:29 you wish.
10:40:29 Either way.
10:40:33 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I'm perfectly happy with waiving the
10:40:36 rules and allowing this thing to be voted up or down
10:40:38 right here today.
10:40:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If that's a motion and second.
10:40:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
10:40:42 Motion and second to vote up or down today.
10:40:44 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:40:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Wait.
10:40:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Fletcher, you had a question.
10:40:50 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: If that's where we're going,
10:40:52 that's fine.
10:40:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion would be then to continue
10:40:57 this until there's a new Council, which is I think
10:40:59 what Ms. Alvarez' first motion was.

10:41:02 >>MARY ALVAREZ: That's right.
10:41:03 But then you all made such a big deal, I'm ready to
10:41:07 vote it up or down now.
10:41:10 I'll tell you how I'm going to vote.
10:41:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Fletcher.
10:41:13 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: I just want to make sure that we
10:41:15 have a clear record.
10:41:16 Whatever we do, I don't want to leave Mr. Weiss
10:41:20 hanging and not knowing where he is.
10:41:22 If we continue action on this resolution at this time,
10:41:29 the prior action of the Council to appoint him will
10:41:32 continue in full force and effect.
10:41:35 This resolution simply will not have been passed.
10:41:39 >> Right.
10:41:39 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: So I just want to make sure
10:41:41 everybody is on the same page as we go forward on
10:41:43 this.
10:41:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Let me ask a question.
10:41:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can you restate that, Mr. Shelby?
10:41:49 >>MARY ALVAREZ: If I wanted to, I could have gone and
10:41:52 when we said we were going to approve the agenda, I
10:41:56 could have come and I could have said I want to pull

10:41:58 item 28.
10:41:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's correct.
10:42:01 And if that's -- I'm sorry, I didn't want to cut you
10:42:03 off.
10:42:04 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes, go ahead.
10:42:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If that's the case, then the issue is
10:42:07 whether the exact motion of Council previous was to
10:42:11 appoint or to bring legal or to direct legal to bring
10:42:16 back a resolution to appoint.
10:42:19 And that is something that has to be clarified in
10:42:23 order to determine what the proper motion at this time
10:42:26 would be, because, again, what Mr. Fletcher would say
10:42:29 is correct.
10:42:31 Once Council did that, if, in fact, they did appoint,
10:42:33 it has the effect and Council has acted and the boards
10:42:37 have acted in that way consistently, that once that is
10:42:40 done, that person is appointed.
10:42:41 Then the appropriate motion would be then,
10:42:44 Ms. Alvarez, to then reconsider that previous motion
10:42:48 and to bring that decision to the table, your previous
10:42:54 direction to Council.
10:42:57 What is Council's pleasure.

10:42:58 >> Julia Cole, Legal Department.
10:43:00 I'm going to request that we table this for about ten
10:43:02 minutes so we can pull the action agenda.
10:43:05 Figure out what the previous vote was, and then move
10:43:08 forward in the appropriate manner.
10:43:09 I will tell you at this point, if nothing does happen
10:43:12 right now, Mr. Weiss would sit until somebody else is
10:43:16 appointed.
10:43:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Point of order on that suggestion.
10:43:18 I think that's a good suggestion, but I have a problem
10:43:20 with just looking at the typed version.
10:43:22 I think you need to listen to the tape, which will
10:43:24 take a little longer, because I think that, you
10:43:27 know -- I think we need to be very precise on this,
10:43:30 since it's become a bigger deal.
10:43:33 And I think that we need to look at the motion that
10:43:35 was actually -- listen to the motion that was actually
10:43:38 made as opposed to reading the typed version.
10:43:44 >> Ask a sense of the Council, question.
10:43:45 If Mr. Weiss is there and he will continue to serve
10:43:49 until such time somebody else is appointed, rather
10:43:52 than have a vote which could basically be to not

10:43:55 reappoint him, maybe we should just continue this
10:43:57 until such time as the new Council is here.
10:44:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: How do we get there?
10:44:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Don't do anything.
10:44:08 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I thought I made a motion to
10:44:10 reconsider the prior.
10:44:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No, no, it didn't pass, because
10:44:14 there was no full count.
10:44:15 Everybody was confused on the motion.
10:44:17 I don't know that you announced the count, did you
10:44:19 madam clerk?
10:44:24 >> Mr. Harrison is correct.
10:44:27 It's a pending motion.
10:44:33 >> Everybody said "what?"
10:44:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Harrison's motion was to --
10:44:39 >> Reconsider.
10:44:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Reconsider.
10:44:41 >> Last week's?
10:44:42 >> Yes.
10:44:43 We have a second.
10:44:44 We have a motion and second.
10:44:45 All in favor of the motion, say aye.

10:44:47 Opposed, nay.
10:44:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Ask the clerk to announce the vote.
10:45:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No.
10:45:11 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
10:45:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
10:45:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
10:45:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No.
10:45:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.
10:45:29 >> I do want to just make it clear for purposes of the
10:45:31 record that Mr. Weiss will remain in place, and with
10:45:36 this vote, the clerk will have to go out and
10:45:39 readvertise the position, I believe.
10:45:42 >>GWEN MILLER: We're going to wait until we get a new
10:45:44 Council.
10:45:46 >> But we'll have to start the process over and bring
10:45:48 it back, because he has now not been appointed.
10:45:51 The decision of last week has now been rescinded --
10:45:54 >> No, it hasn't.
10:45:55 That was a motion to reconsider.
10:45:58 >> We haven't taken action on that yet.
10:46:01 >> I apologize.
10:46:03 >> Now, what I don't have for you, unfortunately, is

10:46:05 that motion originally on the floor, whether it was,
10:46:09 unless Council wishes to just operate under the
10:46:11 assumption that it was to appoint rather than to
10:46:14 direct legal.
10:46:16 >> Could you leave it pending and then there's been no
10:46:18 action at all and he continues to serve.
10:46:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And he has served for four years or
10:46:22 more.
10:46:23 >> Yes, but I believe his term has expired.
10:46:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The issue now, Council, what you have
10:46:32 before you is whether this Council wishes to take up
10:46:34 the appointment of this individual to a member of the
10:46:39 variance review board.
10:46:44 The vote was February 22nd.
10:46:50 Fascinating.
10:46:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Let legal chew on this for a while.
10:46:56 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I'm going to ask that you
10:46:58 continue this for one week.
10:46:59 I'm going to hash out procedurally how we can avoid
10:47:02 this ever happening again.
10:47:03 My apologies to this Council.
10:47:04 My apologies to the applicant.

10:47:06 My apologies to the staff.
10:47:09 What you have is you have a motion on the floor that
10:47:12 is out of order because we have just learned,
10:47:16 Ms. Cole, if you would just announce, this is not the
10:47:18 action of last week.
10:47:19 This is the action of --
10:47:21 >> February 22nd is when the action was taken.
10:47:23 So it would not be the subject of reconsideration at
10:47:25 this meeting.
10:47:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So the vote is moot because it was
10:47:32 out of order.
10:47:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's correct.
10:47:36 Council, I'm going to respectfully hash this out
10:47:39 methodically and present Council with a resolution --
10:47:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I move we continue this for one
10:47:43 month.
10:47:44 That was my motion.
10:47:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
10:47:46 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to continue
10:47:49 for one month.
10:47:50 All in favor, aye.
10:47:51 Opposed, nay.

10:47:52 >> Nay.
10:47:52 >> Nay, no.
10:47:54 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried, Reddick voting no.
10:47:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
10:47:59 We go back to committee reports.
10:48:00 Building and zoning, Ms. Linda Saul-Sena.
10:48:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I believe we haven't done 29
10:48:05 through 31 under Mr. Fletcher's committees.
10:48:07 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: That's correct.
10:48:11 I made the motion, but I don't know that we ever voted
10:48:14 on it.
10:48:14 29 through 31, waiving the 15-day rule.
10:48:18 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:48:19 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:48:22 [Motion Carried]
10:48:23 Building and zoning.
10:48:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
10:48:25 Number 33, I'd like to move resolutions 32 through 42
10:48:35 with a substitute motion for number 33.
10:48:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:48:39 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:48:41 Opposed, nay.

10:48:43 [Motion Carried]
10:48:43 Transportation, Mr. Shawn Harrison.
10:48:46 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I believe Mr. Dingfelder had a
10:48:48 question on 44.
10:48:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes, 44, Mr. Chairman, I need to
10:48:52 recuse myself, and I'll ask Mr. Shelby to prepare the
10:48:55 appropriate paperwork, specifically, my wife is
10:48:58 involved with the Festa -- it's actually Festa
10:49:01 Italiana.
10:49:07 Item 44, Festa Italiana.
10:49:10 I recuse myself because it's in the benefit of my
10:49:13 wife's pecuniary interest.
10:49:15 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Move items 43 to 48.
10:49:18 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:49:19 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:49:21 [Motion Carried]
10:49:25 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I move new business items 49 through
10:49:33 60 with removal of 59.
10:49:35 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:49:36 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:49:38 Opposed, nay.
10:49:38 [Motion Carried]

10:49:39 We now go to our public hearings for second reading.
10:49:45 Anyone in the public speak on item 61 through 68,
10:49:49 would you please stand and raise your right hand.
10:49:55 (Oath administered by clerk).
10:50:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby.
10:50:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, Council, I understand there have
10:50:03 been written communications relative to today's
10:50:05 hearings, which have been available for public
10:50:08 inspection in the City Council office.
10:50:09 I ask they be received and filed into the record at
10:50:13 this time by motion.
10:50:14 >> So moved.
10:50:15 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:50:16 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:50:18 [Motion Carried]
10:50:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Again, thank you, Council.
10:50:21 Just very briefly, a reminder, if you've had any ex
10:50:24 parte communications with anybody relating to today's
10:50:28 hearings, please disclose them prior to the vote.
10:50:30 Lastly, if you do testify, ladies and gentlemen,
10:50:30 please reaffirm for the record that you have been
10:50:34 sworn.

10:50:34 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to open items 61 through 68.
10:50:37 We have a motion and second.
10:50:38 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:50:40 [Motion Carried]
10:50:40 Is there anyone in the public who wants to speak on
10:50:43 item 61?
10:50:45 Motion and second to close.
10:50:46 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:50:48 Mr. Reddick.
10:50:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to adopt the following ordinance
10:50:52 upon second reading.
10:50:54 Amending an ordinance 2005-56, vacating, closing,
10:50:58 discontinuing and abandoning all certain right-of-ways
10:51:01 known as Wesley drive and Langhorne Court lying off of
10:51:05 Tampa Palms Boulevard West in the map of Tampa Palms
10:51:08 area 2, 7E, unit 2, a subdivision with the Tampa Palms
10:51:13 community development district in the City of Tampa,
10:51:16 Hillsborough County, Florida; amending section 3 (D)
10:51:19 of the said ordinance to allow the petitioner
10:51:22 additional time to comply with ordinance conditions,
10:51:24 providing an effective date.
10:51:25 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

10:51:26 Vote and record.
10:51:41 >>THE CLERK: The motion carried unanimously.
10:51:45 With Saul-Sena absent at vote.
10:51:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
10:51:50 speak on item 62?
10:51:51 We have a motion and second to close.
10:51:53 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:51:55 Mr. Dingfelder.
10:51:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move the following ordinance upon
10:52:01 second reading.
10:52:01 An ordinance by the City of Tampa renaming and
10:52:03 designating several private streets within the
10:52:05 University of South Florida campus, USF, go bulls,
10:52:08 lying north of Fowler Avenue, south of Fletcher
10:52:11 Avenue, east of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and west of
10:52:13 50th Street in the City of Tampa, Florida, herein
10:52:16 further mentioned and described, provided an effective
10:52:21 date.
10:52:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Vote and record.
10:52:34 >> That was unanimous.
10:52:38 Except Ms. Saul-Sena is absent.
10:52:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We should recognize the talented

10:52:41 Kathy Betancourt on behalf of the University of
10:52:44 Florida is here.
10:52:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Now she's going to leave.
10:53:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Want a hand vote?
10:53:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public who wants
10:53:15 to speak on item 63?
10:53:18 We have a motion and second to close.
10:53:19 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:53:21 Ms. Alvarez.
10:53:21 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I move to adopt the following
10:53:23 ordinance upon second reading.
10:53:25 An ordinance approving an historic preservation
10:53:27 property tax exemption application relative to the
10:53:30 restoration, renovation or rehabilitation of certain
10:53:33 property owned by Tomybor, LLC, located at 2211 East
10:53:38 3rd Avenue, Tampa, Florida, in the Ybor City
10:53:41 historic district based upon certain findings;
10:53:43 providing for notice to the property appraiser of
10:53:46 Hillsborough County; providing for severability;
10:53:48 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict;
10:53:52 providing an effective date.
10:53:53 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

10:53:54 Vote and record.
10:54:01 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously with Saul-Sena
10:54:04 being absent at vote.
10:54:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
10:54:08 speak on item 64?
10:54:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think we're one vote behind on
10:54:13 the screen.
10:54:14 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:54:16 All in favor, aye.
10:54:18 Mr. Harrison.
10:54:19 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I move to adopt the following
10:54:21 ordinance upon second reading.
10:54:23 An ordinance approving an historic preservation
10:54:25 property tax exemption application relative to the
10:54:27 restoration, renovation or rehabilitation of certain
10:54:30 property owned by royal frank, LLC, located at 1202
10:54:35 North Franklin Street, Tampa, Florida, in the North
10:54:37 Franklin Street Historic District, based upon certain
10:54:40 findings, providing for notice to the property
10:54:42 appraiser of Hillsborough County, providing for
10:54:44 severability, providing for repeal of all ordinances
10:54:46 in conflict, providing an effective date.

10:54:47 And Madam Chair, I would add that this structure was
10:54:50 not damaged in the fire the other night.
10:54:52 Had the wind been blowing the opposite way, it may
10:54:56 very well have been.
10:54:56 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:54:58 Vote and record.
10:55:08 >>THE CLERK: The motion carried unanimously with
10:55:10 Saul-Sena being absent at vote.
10:55:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
10:55:14 speak on item number 65?
10:55:16 We have a motion and second to close.
10:55:18 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:55:19 Mr. Fletcher.
10:55:22 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: I move to adopt the following
10:55:23 ordinance upon second reading.
10:55:27 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity
10:55:30 of 2305 West Sligh Avenue in the City of Tampa,
10:55:36 Florida, more particularly described in section 1 from
10:55:38 zoning district classifications RS-50, residential
10:55:41 single-family, to RO, residential office, providing an
10:55:45 effective date.
10:55:46 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

10:55:47 Vote and record.
10:55:56 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously with Saul-Sena
10:55:58 absent at vote.
10:56:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
10:56:01 speak on item 66?
10:56:03 We have a motion and second to close.
10:56:05 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:56:09 There Fletcher, would you read 66, please?
10:56:11 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: I move to adopt the following
10:56:13 ordinance upon second reading, an ordinance rezoning
10:56:15 property in the general vicinity of 1202 North Armenia
10:56:19 Avenue in the City of Tampa, Florida, and more
10:56:22 particularly described in section 1, from zoning
10:56:24 district classification RS-50, residential
10:56:27 single-family, to PD, planned development,
10:56:31 residential, professional office.
10:56:33 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:56:34 Vote and record.
10:56:42 >>THE CLERK: The motion carried unanimously with
10:56:44 Saul-Sena being absent at vote.
10:56:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
10:56:49 speak on item 67?

10:56:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
10:56:52 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close.
10:56:53 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:56:55 Opposed, nay.
10:56:56 Mr. Harrison.
10:56:58 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Move to adopt the following
10:57:00 ordinance upon second reading.
10:57:01 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity
10:57:03 of 101 Chesapeake Avenue in the City of Tampa,
10:57:06 Florida, and more particularly described in section 1
10:57:08 from zoning district classifications RS-50,
10:57:10 residential single-family, to PD, planned development
10:57:13 single-family, semi detached, providing an effective
10:57:15 date.
10:57:15 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:57:16 We have to wait a minute.
10:57:21 It's not working.
10:57:22 Roll call vote.
10:57:25 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Yes.
10:57:27 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
10:57:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
10:57:30 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.

10:57:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
10:57:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.
10:57:37 >>THE CLERK: Saul-Sena?
10:57:39 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously with Saul-Sena
10:57:42 being absent at vote.
10:57:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public want to speak on
10:57:45 68?
10:57:46 We have a motion and second to close.
10:57:47 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:57:50 Ms. Alvarez.
10:57:51 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I move to adopt the following
10:57:53 ordinance upon second reading.
10:57:55 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity
10:57:56 of 7627 Courtney Campbell Causeway in the City of
10:57:59 Tampa and more particularly described in section 1,
10:58:03 zoning district classifications PD, planned
10:58:05 development, hotel, multifamily, restaurant to PD
10:58:09 planned development, hotel, multifamily, restaurant,
10:58:12 providing an effective date.
10:58:13 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:58:14 Roll call vote.
10:58:16 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Yes.

10:58:17 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Yes.
10:58:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
10:58:22 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes.
10:58:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
10:58:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.
10:58:25 >>THE CLERK: The motion carried unanimously with
10:58:27 Saul-Sena being absent at vote.
10:58:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
10:58:32 speak on item 70, 72, and 73.
10:58:37 Would you please stand and raise your right hand.
10:58:41 (Oath administered by clerk).
10:58:47 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to open item number 70.
10:58:50 We have a motion and second.
10:58:51 All in favor, aye.
10:58:53 >> What happened to 69?
10:58:57 >> We did that previously.
10:59:01 >> Good morning, Council members.
10:59:05 I have been sworn in.
10:59:07 Dennis Fernandez, historic preservation manager.
10:59:09 I'm here on item number 70, which is the initiation
10:59:12 for recommendation by the historic preservation
10:59:15 commission to landmark the property located at 1822

10:59:19 East Park Circle.
10:59:22 You see depicted on your map.
10:59:24 This particular property is located just around the
10:59:26 bend of the Hillsborough River, just north of Sligh
10:59:29 Avenue, and just to the west of 19th Street.
10:59:34 It is a 1925 craftsman-style bungalow built from
10:59:40 cypress logs.
10:59:41 It was built for the use of Dr. and Mrs. Harry
10:59:46 Fisk Tolle.
10:59:49 They used it as their primary residence and also used
10:59:52 the surrounding property to host Boyscout and girl
10:59:56 scout meetings.
10:59:56 You can see a picture of the structure and how it
11:00:01 appears today with cypress logs and the craftsman
11:00:05 details.
11:00:05 The interior has been maintained.
11:00:07 You can see the interior here, much of the cypress
11:00:10 features.
11:00:12 The rock fireplace with a Latin inscription, which it
11:00:19 translated refers to "keep the home's fire burning."
11:00:24 The property qualifies for designation under our code,
11:00:28 under criterion C for its architecture.

11:00:31 Thank you.
11:00:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:00:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move the item.
11:00:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public want to speak on
11:00:39 item number 70?
11:00:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to close.
11:00:42 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close.
11:00:44 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:00:45 [Motion Carried]
11:00:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll move item 70.
11:00:49 >> Second.
11:00:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do we have an ordinance?
11:00:52 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Is there an ordinance prepared for
11:00:54 item 70.
11:00:56 >> To initiate --
11:00:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: For initiation of the ordinance.
11:01:02 >> Just by your vote it will initiate the process.
11:01:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move item 70.
11:01:06 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:01:07 All in favor, aye.
11:01:09 [Motion Carried]
11:01:10 Item 71 wants to be continued to March 29th.

11:01:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It has to be opened.
11:01:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Grimes, do you want to speak on
11:01:22 that?
11:01:24 We have a motion and second to open.
11:01:25 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:01:27 [Motion Carried]
11:01:28 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Did you get the second on that?
11:01:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:01:33 >> Good morning, Gina Grimes, hill, ward, Henderson,
11:01:36 101 East Kennedy.
11:01:38 I have been sworn.
11:01:39 We are requesting a three-week continuance of this
11:01:41 item.
11:01:42 It's a vacating petition for Waverly court.
11:01:46 The reason for the continuance request, we have
11:01:50 engaged an engineer to prepare some drawings to design
11:01:53 a turnaround on Waverly court, if the vacating were to
11:01:57 be approved.
11:01:57 We just received those drawings yesterday.
11:01:59 We would like to show those to some of the neighbors
11:02:02 that showed an interest in it and also show them to
11:02:05 the city transportation division, give them an

11:02:07 opportunity to review them.
11:02:08 Also, we were just made aware yesterday, and possibly
11:02:12 the day before of some concerns of some of the
11:02:16 adjacent property owners.
11:02:17 We also would like an opportunity to meet with them
11:02:20 and try to resolve their concerns before the next
11:02:23 public hearing.
11:02:24 So we're requesting a three-week continuance to the
11:02:26 29th of March.
11:02:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
11:02:29 speak on the continuance?
11:02:30 You may come and speak only on the continuance.
11:02:32 You may come up now.
11:02:38 >> Thank you.
11:02:38 My name is Jeffrey Jones.
11:02:40 I have been sworn in.
11:02:42 My address is 2907 Euclid Avenue adjacent to the area
11:02:46 to be vacated.
11:02:48 Regarding the continuance, I would simply request that
11:02:50 the meeting be held in the evening to permit more
11:02:53 neighbors to attend, because I think a number of them
11:02:56 have an interest in this matter.

11:02:58 Thank you.
11:02:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:02:59 Anyone else like to speak?
11:03:09 >> Hi.
11:03:09 I'm Susan lane.
11:03:10 I've been dually sworn in.
11:03:12 I agree with Jeff.
11:03:13 I would like to have the continuance occur in the
11:03:15 evening instead of in the morning.
11:03:17 Thank you.
11:03:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak?
11:03:27 >> Hi.
11:03:28 I'm Linda Nelson.
11:03:29 I have been sworn in.
11:03:30 I also would like to echo Jeff's concern.
11:03:34 I took off from work today to come.
11:03:35 We were not aware of the continuance until now.
11:03:38 And we would like that to be in the evening so more of
11:03:40 the neighbors could come.
11:03:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
11:03:43 Thank you.
11:03:44 Anybody else like to speak?

11:03:46 Mr. Dingfelder.
11:03:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
11:03:49 Ms. Grimes, is there any urgency to -- I'm not the
11:03:55 least bit familiar with this particular petition,
11:03:57 because I'm not -- I think it's the first time we're
11:04:00 seeing it at Council.
11:04:02 Is there any particular urgency to this that we
11:04:04 couldn't continue it for perhaps five or six weeks to
11:04:09 give you plenty of opportunity to meet with the
11:04:11 neighborhood, meet with your engineers.
11:04:14 I also want to advise you that looking in the clerk's
11:04:17 file and in my file, which is the same as the clerk's
11:04:20 file, there are quite a few letters in there, folks
11:04:22 that you might want to be in touch with to have a
11:04:25 meeting with.
11:04:26 I would just suggest maybe five or six weeks might be
11:04:29 better.
11:04:30 And in the evening.
11:04:31 >> I have no objection to an evening meeting or if you
11:04:34 want to continue it for a longer period of time than
11:04:36 three weeks.
11:04:37 We did send an e-mail last night to Mr. Jones to let

11:04:40 him know that we would be requesting the continuance
11:04:42 and to some of the other neighbors that we were aware
11:04:44 of that we're going to come down here today.
11:04:46 We did try to let them know that we were requesting
11:04:48 the continuance.
11:04:48 So have no objection to an evening meeting or a --
11:04:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do we have a meeting already
11:04:55 scheduled six weeks?
11:04:57 >> You have open meeting, according to staff, on
11:05:00 April 12th.
11:05:00 What's the other date?
11:05:02 June 14th.
11:05:03 Those are two open meetings.
11:05:04 If not, you would -- if you want to do another date,
11:05:07 you'll need to waive the rules to allow an
11:05:09 additional --
11:05:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: April 12th, you have a
11:05:11 possibility.
11:05:12 >> You have an opening April 12th.
11:05:14 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I move it to April 12th, 6 p.m.
11:05:16 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:05:18 [Motion Carried]

11:05:18 Item number 72 is a continued public hearing.
11:05:37 >> Honorable chair, city councilman, Phil Schultz,
11:05:40 Land Development coordination.
11:05:43 I have been sworn in.
11:05:44 The case before you is V06-51, special use permit for
11:05:49 the church located at 3716 through 3721 East Paris.
11:05:56 The petitioner has, at the request of City Council,
11:06:00 revised the proposed site plan, which I presented you,
11:06:04 and they have complied with all the DRC
11:06:06 recommendations as requested.
11:06:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:06:12 >> Good morning, Council.
11:06:14 I have been sworn.
11:06:15 My name is Louis Jackson, Jackson enterprise.
11:06:22 As staff stated, we tried to meet all the requirements
11:06:25 that we had here.
11:06:27 We did have a meeting with the community.
11:06:30 The meeting was set for 2:00 on Wednesday.
11:06:36 We all met about 2:00.
11:06:40 We were slow getting there, so we didn't start the
11:06:43 meeting until about 2:20.
11:06:45 We started the meeting then.

11:06:46 I was in charge of the meeting.
11:06:48 We went over the situation.
11:06:49 I explained to the public as to what we were doing as
11:06:55 we were removing all parking against the west property
11:06:58 line of the adjacent property.
11:07:00 We made -- as you can see, we planted a couple of
11:07:03 trees in there.
11:07:05 Also removed the handicap parking by staff request
11:07:09 from that site over to the main site, as you see
11:07:12 reflected there.
11:07:14 One gentleman spoke, Mr. Fletcher, and we explained to
11:07:18 him what the situations were, and he said the main
11:07:22 thing he was concerned about was the parking against
11:07:24 that western property line with the noise and the
11:07:27 gases and so forth from the car.
11:07:29 That has been eliminated, as you see.
11:07:31 Also, we explained to him we would only be using this
11:07:35 parking lot for Wednesday and Sunday.
11:07:38 No other purpose of the parking lot.
11:07:42 Based on the second sheet there, you see that the
11:07:45 church do really need more parking.
11:07:47 It was grandfathered in a long time ago.

11:07:49 But we've been trying to upgrade.
11:07:51 I have some pictures of the existing property before
11:07:55 the church purchased it, if you would like to see
11:07:58 them.
11:08:00 It was two houses there, church demoed the houses.
11:08:05 Cleaned the property.
11:08:08 We got a substantial investment in this property for
11:08:10 parking.
11:08:12 So we are here to live in the community and not to
11:08:17 cause a problem in the community.
11:08:19 So if there's nothing else, we suggest and hope that
11:08:23 you would see that this could be a parking lot.
11:08:25 Thank you.
11:08:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
11:08:26 Is there anyone in the public want to speak on item
11:08:29 72?
11:08:38 >> My name is will Davis.
11:08:40 I have been sworn in.
11:08:42 I was here before, and I would like to make a
11:08:46 correction from last meeting.
11:08:50 You said the property was being used as a recreation
11:08:52 area.

11:08:52 The property, as far as I know, has never been used as
11:08:55 a recreation area.
11:08:56 But we still object to the parking lot situation.
11:09:01 We would rather see homes there than parking lots.
11:09:06 We would rather see homes there because the homes can
11:09:08 be used on a daily basis rather than parking lots that
11:09:13 are going to be used only two days out of the week.
11:09:15 With the pavement like tar pavement marring the
11:09:20 surface the three lots and cars parking there, once
11:09:24 the cars leave, they don't take the black tar pavement
11:09:29 with them.
11:09:29 They remain there to be seen unsightly by the
11:09:33 neighborhood and the community.
11:09:36 So we are asking the church to do the righteous thing
11:09:39 and to put homes there where there can be people.
11:09:43 Put homes there, where there would be souls that can
11:09:47 perhaps go to the church and those families there who
11:09:50 can enjoy the blessings of the church and once they do
11:10:00 this, perhaps and save some souls, perhaps that kind
11:10:08 of -- as of now, everybody still objects to the
11:10:11 parking lot situation.
11:10:12 And you being visionaries of the city, if you would

11:10:16 expand your focus right now and perhaps a year or
11:10:21 maybe less than a year down the road, what are you
11:10:23 going to see?
11:10:24 What you're going to see is that you have a parking
11:10:27 lot there.
11:10:28 You have a crowded parking lot that has a crowded
11:10:32 church.
11:10:32 The church walls are going to begin to bulge.
11:10:35 What are you going to do?
11:10:37 They are going to face you once again and ask you for
11:10:40 permission to expand the church walls and to --
11:10:43 handicapped parking will be moved and they will want
11:10:46 to expand that church, and we also object to that.
11:10:50 The church has been there for quite some time and it's
11:10:53 been there as a neighborhood church.
11:10:55 And because it was a neighborhood church, I think it
11:10:57 was named as a neighborhood church.
11:11:00 And so being, the community cannot handle the influx
11:11:03 of people that may come to that church.
11:11:05 We ask that the church find, establish a committee.
11:11:10 Send that committee out.
11:11:13 Find the land.

11:11:14 Once you find the land and it's good for you, possess
11:11:16 that land.
11:11:17 And then put your building there if you want to grow.
11:11:21 Where there can be ample parking for any amount of
11:11:24 people in the congregation.
11:11:27 So we still do object.
11:11:29 And we are asking that --
11:11:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Reddick has a question.
11:11:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: From my understanding, the last time
11:11:37 we were discussing this issue, you were supposed to
11:11:40 meet with the church representative and see if you can
11:11:45 come to some type of resolution for this.
11:11:48 And so it seems to me nothing changed.
11:11:51 Did you all meet, number one?
11:11:55 >> There was a misunderstanding with the meeting.
11:11:57 I met with one of the members of the church, and we
11:12:01 established a date.
11:12:03 And that date we could not -- or the church could not
11:12:06 keep.
11:12:06 So we proposed another date, but that date, no one
11:12:11 ever got back to me about that particular date.
11:12:13 So I missed the meeting, although they may have had a

11:12:17 meeting, we did have an informal meeting in my
11:12:20 driveway, and we discussed it at this time, but I
11:12:24 wasn't at the meeting.
11:12:25 And the fellow that they are speaking of,
11:12:27 Mr. Fletcher, he called me on my cell phone and told
11:12:31 me that they were having a meeting, which I knew
11:12:33 nothing about.
11:12:34 So I -- by the time I got there, it was all over
11:12:39 anyway.
11:12:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask you one -- let me ask you
11:12:43 one final question.
11:12:48 You represent the neighborhood residents, or are you
11:12:51 representing -- expressing your own personal view?
11:12:54 >> I'm expressing mine and the petitioners on the list
11:12:58 that I gave to Mr. Martin Shelby.
11:13:05 The last meeting.
11:13:08 We have a list of --
11:13:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: The reason I'm asking this, while you
11:13:19 are looking for that, if the parking is the only
11:13:21 concern, seems like you are raising the issue of
11:13:25 parking.
11:13:26 There are a lot of people attending church, and you

11:13:29 are upset because of where they park and they are
11:13:33 taking up space from your property or nearby property
11:13:37 or parking on your property.
11:13:38 >> No, they are not parking on my property, no.
11:13:41 It's their property that they are parking on.
11:13:43 But there are homes there before, and they demolished
11:13:47 the homes to make them parking lots.
11:13:49 And we would rather see homes in the community than
11:13:53 parking lots.
11:13:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: But that church has the right --
11:14:00 >> I understand.
11:14:02 I'm not here to persecute the church.
11:14:05 I'm not here to do that.
11:14:06 All I'm asking is the church to do the right thing.
11:14:08 The right thing is to consider the neighborhood.
11:14:11 If you are buying up all the property in the
11:14:14 neighborhood there, then what are you doing?
11:14:16 You're taking away from the community to put parking
11:14:19 lots.
11:14:19 We would rather see homes there.
11:14:21 We have no objection to homes there on the three lots.
11:14:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: I'm just concerned about, I know the

11:14:29 last time this came up, I was under the impression
11:14:33 that you and other residents in that community were
11:14:36 going to sit down and meet with church and their
11:14:39 representative.
11:14:39 And it seemed like there was no official meeting that
11:14:43 took place, and that basically having your own
11:14:47 informal meeting to talk with one representative of
11:14:49 the church, but did you speak with the Pastor or the
11:14:54 representative who represents the church here today?
11:14:57 Coordinating meeting, that's what I'm --
11:14:59 >> No, it wasn't coordinated.
11:15:00 It was an impromptu meeting after the meeting when I
11:15:03 got there.
11:15:04 They were trying to explain it to me.
11:15:10 On the initial date, I had informed some of the other
11:15:13 communities there, that it would be on this particular
11:15:15 date.
11:15:16 Now, once I was told that they could not meet that
11:15:18 date, I had to go back and tell them that, no, we
11:15:21 cannot meet on this particular date.
11:15:23 So we proposed another date, which the representative
11:15:29 was supposed to get back with me and let me know

11:15:31 whether it could be confirmed.
11:15:35 But no one ever got back to me.
11:15:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
11:15:38 Thank you, sir.
11:15:39 Anyone else like to speak?
11:15:42 Petitioner, would you come back up, please?
11:15:48 >> Let me set the record straight.
11:15:49 I've never spoken to this gentleman.
11:15:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Sir, you can sit down now.
11:15:58 >> The Deacon of the church, and I suggested to him to
11:16:02 contact this gentleman.
11:16:04 He contacted him and set the meeting and times.
11:16:09 The only way the other people would know about the
11:16:11 meeting would be through him.
11:16:13 He only contacted him.
11:16:15 So if the date was wrong, it went from him.
11:16:19 If the time was wrong it went from him, because we
11:16:22 didn't talk to anybody else.
11:16:24 We only talked to Mr. Davis.
11:16:25 So what happened with that, I don't know.
11:16:28 >>GWEN MILLER: How many people were at the meeting?
11:16:30 Did you all have a meeting?

11:16:32 >> Yes, ma'am.
11:16:32 >>GWEN MILLER: How many were there?
11:16:33 >> One.
11:16:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Just one person.
11:16:35 >> Mr. Fletcher.
11:16:40 This gentleman showed up maybe five minutes -- the
11:16:43 meeting was over about 2:45.
11:16:46 Started about 2:20.
11:16:47 I informed I had a drawing, showed everybody what we
11:16:50 did.
11:16:51 I talked with Mr. Fletcher that had the objections and
11:16:55 explained to him what was going on and explained to
11:16:57 him about the parking situation.
11:16:59 And he said that was fine with him.
11:17:01 That's what he was more concerned about, the parking
11:17:03 against the west property line and the noise and gases
11:17:07 and things.
11:17:08 He said that was fine.
11:17:10 There was no one else to speak to anything, so we
11:17:12 adjourned the meeting.
11:17:13 Once we adjourned the meeting, two to three minutes,
11:17:16 this gentleman showed up.

11:17:18 So to be courteous to him, I asked the Deacon to go
11:17:22 over and explain to him over on his property, went
11:17:24 over to his house, which is fine.
11:17:26 It's not an adversarial situation here.
11:17:28 We tried to explain to him what we were doing.
11:17:30 And that's, I think what he's referring to.
11:17:33 I have some pictures here of the property before it
11:17:39 was torn down.
11:17:51 This is what was out there.
11:17:52 This place was used for vagrancies.
11:17:57 You can check the police blotter.
11:17:59 There was crack being used there.
11:18:00 If you check the record, there were all kinds of
11:18:02 things there.
11:18:03 Here is another picture.
11:18:07 Showing from the front street here.
11:18:14 The house closest to Mr. Davis' house.
11:18:16 These were the properties purchased, and they were
11:18:18 demolished.
11:18:19 All that trash and stuff you see, it cost roughly
11:18:23 about $8,000 to get this cleaned up.
11:18:26 The actual purchase of the property was right at

11:18:29 $100,000.
11:18:33 The people elected to help the community by making
11:18:36 this, they clean it up and brought in fill.
11:18:40 We had to compromise with the contractor, because only
11:18:43 looking at bringing in about five or six truckloads of
11:18:46 dirt.
11:18:46 We had to bring in about 18.
11:18:51 So the church did do that.
11:18:53 So this is where we are.
11:18:54 We want to use the parking lot.
11:18:56 We want to live in harmony with this gentleman.
11:18:59 That's not our purpose.
11:19:00 And I think we can do that.
11:19:02 Any questions from anyone?
11:19:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions from Council members?
11:19:10 We have a motion and second to close.
11:19:12 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:19:14 Do we have an ordinance?
11:19:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes, ma'am.
11:19:26 Move an ordinance approving the special use permit
11:19:29 S-II approving commercial offstreet parking for place
11:19:34 of religious assembly in an RS-50 residential

11:19:39 single-family zoning district in the general vicinity
11:19:41 of 3716, 3717, 3718, 3719, and 3721 East Paris Street
11:19:49 and 3805 East Hanna Avenue, City of Tampa, Florida,
11:19:52 and as more particularly described in section 1
11:19:55 hereof, for allowing a separation of parking area from
11:19:58 principal use by right-of-way, lying directly -- to a
11:20:02 local street -- sixth street -- wood fence along the
11:20:08 rear and west lot line for buffer.
11:20:10 Providing an effective date.
11:20:13 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:20:14 Question by Ms. Saul-Sena.
11:20:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:20:16 I think that the petitioner did a nice job of
11:20:18 protecting trees and turning the paved area, the part
11:20:22 on the west to grab so that there would be greater
11:20:26 permeability for rain.
11:20:27 And I think that you're ultimately contributing in a
11:20:31 positive way to the redevelopment of this
11:20:33 neighborhood.
11:20:34 Ant to the neighbor who spent the time to come down
11:20:36 and chat with us, I appreciate what you said, but I
11:20:39 think that the church is going to do a really nice job

11:20:42 on this, and that the fencing will protect the
11:20:43 adjacent residential uses and probably 90 percent of
11:20:48 the time it will read as a neighborhood park.
11:20:51 I think it will ultimately enhance the neighborhood.
11:20:53 Thank you.
11:20:55 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:20:57 All in favor of that motion, aye.
11:20:59 [Motion Carried]
11:21:00 Item number 72 -- 73 is a continued public hearing.
11:21:19 >> Jill Finney, Land Development Coordination.
11:21:21 I have been sworn.
11:21:22 We are here on petition number Z07-05, which was
11:21:27 originally heard on February 22nd in the p.m.
11:21:32 agenda, and it's going from RS-50, residential
11:21:35 single-family, to a PD planned development with
11:21:38 professional office use.
11:21:40 Just to reacquaint you a little bit.
11:21:42 It's located in West Tampa with Howard to the west and
11:21:48 Albany to the east.
11:21:51 The petitioner has worked with staff and has added the
11:21:56 requested notes to the site plan, so staff has removed
11:22:00 all objections to this project.

11:22:02 And I believe that legal had wanted to add something
11:22:05 to the record.
11:22:07 >> Julia Cole, Legal Department.
11:22:08 There was some concern regarding waiver number two
11:22:10 which states that the proposed waiver to the
11:22:12 transportation technical manual to increase the
11:22:14 allowable 65% compact parking to 67 wasn't a
11:22:18 completely fair representation of what was being
11:22:20 waived because you're not really waiving the technical
11:22:23 standards.
11:22:23 However, I have reviewed it, and I'm comfortable that
11:22:26 the intent is to waive the compact parking
11:22:29 requirement.
11:22:30 So if Council chooses to approve it at this point, I'm
11:22:33 comfortable that can be enforced.
11:22:35 I did just want to say for the record in case there's
11:22:39 any confusion that the correct provision that is being
11:22:41 waived is chapter 27, section 27-246.
11:22:44 But, again, because of the way the note is written --
11:22:51 appropriate to move forward.
11:22:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:22:55 >> Good morning.

11:22:56 Richard Caldevilla, North Howard Avenue, 33607, I have
11:23:02 been sworn.
11:23:03 As she said, we made the revisions, hoping you all
11:23:08 approve it.
11:23:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, I know, Rick, you're going to do
11:23:11 a good job with that building just like you did the
11:23:14 one on Howard Avenue.
11:23:15 So I'm happy to support it.
11:23:16 >> Thank you very much.
11:23:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
11:23:18 speak on item 73?
11:23:20 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
11:23:21 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close.
11:23:23 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:23:24 [Motion Carried]
11:23:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: This is for you, Ricky.
11:23:31 [ LAUGHTER ]
11:23:32 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity
11:23:36 of 2133 and 2135 Union Street in the City of Tampa,
11:23:40 Florida, more particularly described in section one
11:23:42 from zoning district classifications RS-50,
11:23:45 residential single-family to PD, planned development

11:23:47 professional office, providing an effective date.
11:23:49 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:23:51 We didn't get a second?
11:23:52 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:23:55 Opposed, nay.
11:23:55 [Motion Carried]
11:23:56 Okay.
11:23:56 That cleared our agenda.
11:23:57 We now go for information from Council members.
11:24:00 Mr. Reddick, do you have anything?
11:24:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes, Madam Chair, I would like to get
11:24:05 a commendation recognized in the Belmont height little
11:24:08 league celebrating --
11:24:12 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor, aye.
11:24:13 Anything else?
11:24:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's it.
11:24:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
11:24:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes, Madam Chair.
11:24:18 A couple of items.
11:24:20 To the transportation department, there's been an
11:24:22 issue that popped up at the MPO recently about a side
11:24:27 walk on Interbay a couple of years back, the city

11:24:30 asked that we put that into the MPO sort of lineup for
11:24:34 enhanced projects.
11:24:36 MPO responded and said, well, they are not taking any
11:24:39 applications anymore for -- what is it called, Shawn?
11:24:43 The enhancement program or something.
11:24:46 But any way, but they still would take an application
11:24:49 for Interbay side walk at the surface transportation
11:24:56 program money, STP money.
11:24:59 So I would ask that transportation get back with us in
11:25:03 30 days, and report and see if we can put that in the
11:25:07 queue for that project.
11:25:09 And also, from transportation, so that's one motion.
11:25:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Question, Mr. Harrison.
11:25:17 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Mr. Dingfelder, the city would have
11:25:19 to make that application in the regular five-year work
11:25:22 program, and then it would be ranked by the MPO staff.
11:25:25 So we have to have the city make the application.
11:25:28 We can't do that.
11:25:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So that's my request to the
11:25:31 administration that they make that application and get
11:25:33 back with us in 30 days and let us know.
11:25:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

11:25:35 We have a motion and second.
11:25:36 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:25:38 [Motion Carried]
11:25:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The second thing in transportation
11:25:40 down in that same area, there's been a long discussion
11:25:43 with the Ballast Point Neighborhood Association, and
11:25:45 that came up recently when we were all there for a
11:25:48 forum, was about putting a stoplight in at Interbay
11:25:51 and Bayshore, at the corner of Interbay and Bayshore,
11:25:54 which is a very busy and dangerous corner.
11:25:56 It's not a 90-degree corner.
11:25:58 Sort of an angled corner.
11:26:00 Anyway, so I would like a report back from
11:26:02 transportation staff on the possibility of a stoplight
11:26:05 at that intersection.
11:26:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:26:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's 30 days.
11:26:09 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Did you want a written response or
11:26:12 somebody present?
11:26:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Verbal response.
11:26:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: To refresh Council's recollection, I
11:26:21 believe 30 days from now will be the first meeting of

11:26:23 the Council.
11:26:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We can make it 60 days.
11:26:30 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:26:32 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:26:34 [Motion Carried]
11:26:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'd like a report from the Planning
11:26:38 Commission staff on the status of the Virginia Park
11:26:43 comp plan amendment that they have been working on
11:26:46 with the Virginia Park Neighborhood Association.
11:26:49 And maybe get that in two weeks.
11:26:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:26:53 >>GWEN MILLER: A written report.
11:26:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No.
11:26:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Make it three weeks.
11:26:57 Make it April 2nd.
11:26:59 Make it after --
11:27:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All right, fine.
11:27:01 Fine.
11:27:02 Five weeks.
11:27:04 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:27:05 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:27:06 Opposed, nay.

11:27:08 [Motion Carried]
11:27:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And then finally, campaign finance.
11:27:14 I think you all read in the paper that I was going to
11:27:18 raise this issue today.
11:27:21 What I would like to do, and I've talked to David
11:27:24 Smith about this and Mr. Shelby about this already, is
11:27:27 I would like for the Legal Department to work with
11:27:29 Mr. Shelby and find out what our options are on
11:27:33 campaign finance reform for city elections, both City
11:27:38 Council and the Mayor elections.
11:27:39 Right now, we currently just follow state rules, which
11:27:43 is the $500 limit per person or per corporation.
11:27:47 I'm suggesting that we reduce that to a lower amount,
11:27:53 possibly a hundred dollars.
11:27:56 But in regard to researching this question, I don't
11:27:58 think it's really that relevant that we identify the
11:28:01 dollar amount today.
11:28:03 My motion specifically is to ask the Legal Department
11:28:07 to research, can we reduce the $500 down to a lesser
11:28:12 amount, number one.
11:28:14 And also, I would like the Legal Department and
11:28:15 Mr. Shelby to look into the issue of these so-called

11:28:19 527 groups.
11:28:22 I think they also referred to as the committees of
11:28:25 continuing existence groups.
11:28:28 And because I think we need to address those groups as
11:28:31 well, possibly with looking to limit their
11:28:35 contributions.
11:28:36 In other words, if they want to participate in city
11:28:39 elections, I don't think we can preclude them from
11:28:41 doing that, because there are a lot of first amendment
11:28:43 ramifications.
11:28:44 But -- but, if they want to participate, maybe there's
11:28:49 an opportunity where we can say, you can only
11:28:52 participate, but people can only give you $100 each to
11:28:56 your organization to participate in our city
11:29:00 elections. So that way it would, you know, perhaps
11:29:03 run parallel with the limitations that I'm proposing
11:29:07 for the general contributions.
11:29:10 So that way nobody would be able to do an end around
11:29:13 and circumvent, you know, the notion of our campaign
11:29:16 finance reform, which might be -- where we might
11:29:19 reduce this down to $100.
11:29:21 And then they say, okay, I'll take my $500 or my

11:29:24 $20,000 and then go put it in one of these
11:29:27 organizations and do an ugly attack ad, which,
11:29:30 unfortunately, is what happened this past Tuesday.
11:29:34 So it's a long motion, but my motion is very simply to
11:29:38 ask the Legal Department to research both of these
11:29:40 issues -- I'm going to give them plenty of time.
11:29:42 Because hopefully we have four years, before these
11:29:45 issues come up again.
11:29:46 So I'll just ask for a preliminary report back from
11:29:49 legal and from Mr. Shelby in three months, just on
11:29:54 both of these issues.
11:29:55 And we'll see where they go.
11:29:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just have a question on your motion
11:29:59 there.
11:30:00 I'm just wondering why, I think that this would have
11:30:06 been more appropriate if it was done before this
11:30:07 election.
11:30:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Hindsight is 20/20.
11:30:10 I agree with you wholeheartedly.
11:30:11 [ LAUGHTER ]
11:30:12 But we are where we are today, and I'm making the
11:30:16 motion today, and I wish we had thought about it a

11:30:19 year ago.
11:30:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Written report back.
11:30:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No, definitely a verbal.
11:30:24 A verbal presentation from legal and from Mr. Shelby.
11:30:31 Three months.
11:30:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: My concern is, I'll be happy to work
11:30:34 with Mr. Smith, clearly, about this.
11:30:36 I just want to be clear that --
11:30:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I thought you work with him closely
11:30:42 on all issues.
11:30:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Well, I'll be happy to.
11:30:46 That's fine.
11:30:46 I just wanted to be clear about it.
11:30:48 In terms of the research ant ultimately the work --
11:30:51 and ultimately the work behind it.
11:30:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll put it in Mr. Smith's lap
11:30:57 since he has more attorneys to work on these types of
11:30:58 things.
11:30:59 But I would like him to keep you updated and to confer
11:31:02 with you before it comes back to us.
11:31:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'll be happy to work with him as
11:31:07 well.

11:31:07 Thank you.
11:31:07 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I am a little confused.
11:31:09 Fortunately, I don't have to worry about any of this
11:31:12 stuff.
11:31:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You'll still be a resident, so it
11:31:15 does impact you.
11:31:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, maybe.
11:31:17 Is it in our charter, campaign contributions and
11:31:21 things like that, or is it something that is state
11:31:24 mandated?
11:31:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Normally, campaign finance is
11:31:26 governed by state law.
11:31:28 Elections are covered in the charter, but I don't
11:31:32 believe the area in which Mr. Dingfelder is discussing
11:31:36 is raised.
11:31:38 But, again, I'm not familiar with the issue of whether
11:31:45 or not we can, if it will take some research on our
11:31:49 part.
11:31:49 Obviously, you can't make it less strict than the
11:31:52 state.
11:31:52 The question is, for controlling your own city
11:31:56 election, your own home-rule powers, do you have the

11:31:59 ability to set the parameters more strict than what
11:32:01 the state law requires?
11:32:03 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think the federal has a
11:32:05 $500 contribution limit, too.
11:32:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think they are even higher.
11:32:10 >> There's is -- theirs is over a thousand dollars.
11:32:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think the question is, Mary,
11:32:14 let's send it to legal.
11:32:15 Let legal look at it.
11:32:17 It's a complicated area.
11:32:18 If 30 days isn't enough, Mr. Smith will get back --
11:32:22 excuse me, three months.
11:32:22 If three months isn't enough, Mr. Smith will get back
11:32:25 with us and tell us he needs more time.
11:32:27 You know what, we have plenty of time.
11:32:28 I think this is something that is long overdue, and
11:32:31 it's really raised its head in this election, and I
11:32:35 think that we need to get -- we need to get a grip on
11:32:39 this.
11:32:39 We need to get a handle on this.
11:32:41 There's way too much money involved and it distracts
11:32:44 people from the important issues that we should really

11:32:46 be focusing on when we're having city elections.
11:32:48 So that -- my motion is very simple.
11:32:51 Let's just ask legal to look at it and we'll discuss
11:32:53 it three or four months from now.
11:32:56 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: My only comment was going to be
11:32:59 for folks doing the research on this to make sure they
11:33:03 include what the state law calls electioneering
11:33:08 communications, which are not necessarily directly
11:33:09 advocating the election or defeat of a particular
11:33:12 candidate, but just kind of laying information out
11:33:14 there on a candidate.
11:33:15 I'm not sure which category the folks that went after
11:33:18 you fell into.
11:33:19 But that's an important piece of this.
11:33:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right.
11:33:24 And I'll add that as a friendly amendment to the
11:33:27 motion, that many of these relevant organizations --
11:33:30 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Independent expenditure
11:33:32 organizations.
11:33:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right, should be included in the
11:33:34 research.
11:33:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions?

11:33:37 We have a motion and second.
11:33:38 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:33:39 Opposed, nay.
11:33:40 [Motion Carried]
11:33:41 Anything else?
11:33:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
11:33:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Alvarez.
11:33:43 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Not a thing.
11:33:45 Just a happy camper.
11:33:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Harrison.
11:33:48 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Nothing, Madam Chair.
11:33:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena?
11:33:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:33:51 A few things.
11:33:52 We all heard about this awful downtown fire the other
11:33:56 night, and I'm really happy that it spared
11:33:59 Mr. Harrison's beautiful new office building, but it
11:34:01 was just up the street.
11:34:03 There are two things that we've been working on but
11:34:05 haven't quite gotten there yet.
11:34:06 One is a new evaluation process for historic buildings
11:34:09 that have fires.

11:34:10 I spoke with Mr. Snelling.
11:34:12 He's working on it.
11:34:13 I would like a report back in four weeks on whether
11:34:16 that new evaluation process has been adopted yet.
11:34:21 >>MARTIN SHELBY: A written report or personal
11:34:23 appearance?
11:34:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: A live report.
11:34:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry.
11:34:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: On the new valuation process for
11:34:36 historic properties that have been damaged.
11:34:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Would that be April 5th?
11:34:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's make it the 12th and I'll
11:34:47 second it.
11:34:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Make it the 12th.
11:34:50 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:34:51 All in favor, aye.
11:34:51 [Motion Carried]
11:34:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And then at the same time, I would
11:34:54 like a report from code enforcement on the status of
11:35:05 the KRESS building and two adjacent buildings in terms
11:35:10 of compliance with our code.
11:35:11 Again, historic buildings and I saw a window open and

11:35:15 a tree growing through it.
11:35:17 So I don't think that's very stable.
11:35:20 And I think that the building that burned, the Albany
11:35:26 hotel, was a very historic building.
11:35:28 It had been in the same hands for over 20 years and
11:35:30 had already received a demolition permit because it
11:35:33 was in such horrible shape.
11:35:35 That is demolition by neglect.
11:35:37 And shame on us as a city if we aren't better stewards
11:35:42 of our historic buildings than to let negligent
11:35:44 property owners be allowed to let buildings be
11:35:47 demolished by neglect.
11:35:49 So it's my hope that the administration working with
11:35:54 Council, working with the staff of the historic
11:35:59 agencies will ensure that our historic buildings are
11:36:04 properly secured if they are awaiting some kind of
11:36:09 improvements, that they are not allowed to stand there
11:36:11 in an insecured state, because what happens is,
11:36:15 somebody gets in there and lights them on fire, and we
11:36:17 just can't afford -- we don't have that many wonderful
11:36:20 old buildings left.
11:36:21 My motion would be to have code enforcement report

11:36:23 back at the same time, April 12th, on what the
11:36:27 status of the KRESS building and two adjacent
11:36:31 buildings.
11:36:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
11:36:33 All in favor, aye.
11:36:34 Opposed, nay.
11:36:34 Anything else?
11:36:36 Fletcher?
11:36:37 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: I really have nothing, only --
11:36:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Actually, I do.
11:36:42 Thank you.
11:36:43 In the next few months, I anticipate that a TECO
11:36:47 franchise agreement will come before Council.
11:36:50 While we are not allowed to discuss this with TECO, we
11:36:53 can certainly indicate by Council policies the kind of
11:36:56 things we would like to see addressed.
11:36:58 The two issues that I would like -- what I would like
11:37:01 to do is set a meeting in a month, well, in seven
11:37:05 weeks to have an opportunity to talk about policies
11:37:12 that Council would like to see addressed in the
11:37:14 contract.
11:37:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: How do we do that that?

11:37:19 In a workshop forum?
11:37:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, at Council.
11:37:23 Perhaps at 11:00 a discussion on policy issues that we
11:37:29 would like to see addressed in the upcoming TECO
11:37:33 franchise.
11:37:35 >> Second.
11:37:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: What is the date on that?
11:37:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That would be the week after the
11:37:39 12th, which would be April 19th at 11:00.
11:37:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And your motion is to --
11:37:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: To have a workshop so that City
11:37:47 Council can discuss policy issues --
11:37:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Relating to the franchise.
11:37:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Relating to things we would like to
11:37:54 see addressed in the franchise.
11:37:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And when staff does make that
11:37:57 presentation or discusses it with us, to really brief
11:38:01 us on the entire franchise agreement.
11:38:03 Because I've never been involved in that as a
11:38:06 discussion.
11:38:08 Outline about the whole thing.
11:38:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My conversation thus far with the

11:38:12 administration is, we'll negotiate it, figure it out
11:38:14 and bring it back fait accompli.
11:38:17 I wasn't satisfied with that conversation.
11:38:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What happened on the Verizon thing.
11:38:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Precisely.
11:38:22 I understand the city charter distinctly addresses the
11:38:28 Council sets policy, so this is a policy discussion.
11:38:30 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:38:31 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:38:34 [Motion Carried]
11:38:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Another policy discussion while I'm
11:38:37 at it.
11:38:37 I heard that people -- some property owners might want
11:38:46 to request filling in of waterfront in the City of
11:38:49 Tampa so that they have more land.
11:38:52 I mean, think back 40 years to Culbreath Isles.
11:38:56 That was all dredged and filled.
11:38:57 And I assumed that nobody would ask for that these
11:39:00 days, because we all know that waterfront is precious,
11:39:03 and that it's not appropriate to lose any of our
11:39:07 waterfront.
11:39:10 But I don't know if we have a policy addressing this.

11:39:11 So what I would like to do in 60 days is -- well, not
11:39:16 quite that far.
11:39:17 Why don't we say -- 30 days.
11:39:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is this just a rumor?
11:39:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, it's more than a rumor.
11:39:28 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I'm just going to caution
11:39:30 you that if it relates to a particular parcel that may
11:39:32 be coming before Council for consideration, I don't
11:39:34 know whether it's been filed or not and I don't know
11:39:36 the status of it, I'm just interjecting my own concern
11:39:39 that you limit it to generality at this point in time.
11:39:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What I'm interested in is a general
11:39:45 policy that we not lose waterfront.
11:39:47 So would that work legally?
11:39:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, and I don't know what the time
11:39:51 frame would be to get back that answer.
11:39:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: 60 days.
11:39:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It should be very quick whether the
11:39:58 city has someone very familiar with the land.
11:40:02 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Let me interject something here.
11:40:04 There are potentially two issues here.
11:40:06 One is on sovereign submerged lands, which the port

11:40:10 would probably have the permit for.
11:40:12 But the other one is on those areas that legal
11:40:15 indicated last week are privately owned submerged
11:40:19 lands.
11:40:19 So I don't even know if any permits other than
11:40:22 navigation permits are needed for filling those
11:40:28 privately submerged lands.
11:40:30 That's an issue that certainly the city could take a
11:40:32 look at.
11:40:32 But I think you need to make sure that we're looking
11:40:35 at both of those.
11:40:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would you help me state this?
11:40:41 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Motion for city staff to report
11:40:43 back on development of a policy regulating fill of
11:40:51 water bodies, fill of coastline.
11:40:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:40:55 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Within the city and within 45
11:40:57 days.
11:40:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's legal also.
11:40:59 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: I think it would be primarily
11:41:02 legal.
11:41:02 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

11:41:03 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:41:05 Opposed, nay.
11:41:05 [Motion Carried]
11:41:06 Mr. Fletcher.
11:41:07 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: My only comment was going to be,
11:41:10 it was very nice to end the day approving a good
11:41:12 project like Rick Caldevilla's project in West Tampa.
11:41:18 Really happy to have been able to do that, and that's
11:41:20 my only comment today.
11:41:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council member Dingfelder had signed
11:41:25 the conflict waiver form for the clerk.
11:41:28 You have that in front of you right here.
11:41:30 And that is part of the objects -- documents to be
11:41:33 received and filed by motion of Council.
11:41:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All documents.
11:41:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:41:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:41:39 All in favor, aye.
11:41:40 Opposed, nay.
11:41:41 [Motion Carried]
11:41:42 Clerk, do you have anything?
11:41:43 >>THE CLERK: Yes.

11:41:44 We need to set a date for Wit Ostrenko, president of
11:41:50 MOSI, to appear before Council to announce the name of
11:41:53 the recipient of the 2007 National Hispanic Scientist
11:41:57 of the Year Award.
11:41:59 And it's been suggested that he appear on April the
11:42:02 19th.
11:42:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Motion.
11:42:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:42:07 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:42:09 Anything else?
11:42:11 [Motion Carried]
11:42:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I had one other thing, it came up a
11:42:15 little while ago.
11:42:19 The swearing in, it's my understanding scheduled by
11:42:23 the Mayor's office for April 1st, because the
11:42:26 charter says that that's the date for the swearing in.
11:42:31 And so that's April 1st.
11:42:34 I don't know that there's any flexibility on that
11:42:36 according to whoever has looked at that.
11:42:39 The only question I'm wondering about, and Marty, you
11:42:42 can look at this and maybe tell us next week,
11:42:46 normally, like I remember four years ago when we had

11:42:48 the swearing in and we went right into the
11:42:50 reorganizational meeting, and I don't want an answer
11:42:53 from you today, just look at it and come back next
11:42:56 week, but I want you to think about that process.
11:42:59 Is it going to be on Sunday, because April 1st is a
11:43:03 Sunday, or will we just get sworn in, whatever people
11:43:07 are going to get sworn in and then on the following
11:43:09 Thursday, we would have our thing?
11:43:14 >> [INAUDIBLE]
11:43:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, I don't know that we are.
11:43:16 You say we are, but I'm saying, do we have any
11:43:19 flexibility.
11:43:20 Because if we had flexibility, I would say let's do it
11:43:23 on Thursday and not do it on a Sunday.
11:43:25 But, you know, I just think that's something for you
11:43:28 guys to talk about, come back to us next week.
11:43:30 And let's talk about it.
11:43:31 All right?
11:43:35 >> Want to do that in the form of a motion?
11:43:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yeah, I'm sorry.
11:43:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a confirmation of the
11:43:41 organizational meeting.

11:43:43 I know that the clerk has been planning that, and
11:43:46 actually, that came up at the --
11:43:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't know if it's "A,"
11:43:51 appropriate or desirable to be doing that on a Sunday
11:43:53 when having a business meeting on a Sunday as
11:43:55 opposed -- last time it was irrelevant because it was
11:43:58 a weekday.
11:44:00 It was appropriate.
11:44:01 But I'm just not sure about that.
11:44:02 So let's just think about it, talk about it, see if we
11:44:05 have any flexibility and come back and tell us what
11:44:07 the options are.
11:44:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:44:09 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:44:10 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:44:11 [Motion Carried]
11:44:12 Anything else to come before Council?
11:44:15 We stand adjourned until 5:30.
(The meeting was adjourned at 11:44 a.m.)