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MARCH 8, 2007

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05:35:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Call to order.
05:35:44 The chair will yield to Ms. Mary Alvarez.
05:35:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Madam Chairman.
05:35:49 It gives me great pleasure to introduce my able aide,
05:35:52 Desiree Valdez.
05:35:54 To do the invocation tonight.
05:35:56 Please stand for the invocation and stay standing for
05:35:59 the Pledge of Allegiance.
05:36:01 >> Thank you, Council.
05:36:02 Good evening.
05:36:05 It's just good to see so many neighborhood presidents
05:36:07 here this evening, as I am a neighborhood president of

05:36:09 riverside.
05:36:10 So I just wanted to acknowledge that.
05:36:12 Good to be here tonight.
05:36:15 Let us pray.
05:36:17 Dear God, thank you for the many blessings you have
05:36:19 bestowed on us, the power of knowledge to know right
05:36:23 from wrong, the knowledge of courage to take us
05:36:26 through, and make the decisions not based on biased
05:36:29 feelings of self, but decisions for the goodness of
05:36:33 others from the heart.
05:36:35 Gather here now, we ask that you guide this Council
05:36:37 through this evening's proceedings with the strength
05:36:40 and conviction of understanding and reason, all
05:36:43 encompassed in the duties we've elected them here to.
05:36:47 May everyone here who enters this chamber be blessed
05:36:50 with integrity, honesty, and patience, and for those
05:36:53 near and far, standing true for our freedom, may God
05:36:57 be with them always.
05:36:59 For this we pray.
05:37:00 Amen.
05:37:03 [pledge of Allegiance]
05:37:16 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Desiree.

05:37:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
05:37:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
05:37:24 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Here.
05:37:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
05:37:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
05:37:32 At this time, we'll skip number one and go to number
05:37:35 two, the Community Development Block Grant.
05:37:37 Mr. Stefan.
05:37:43 We have a motion and second to open.
05:37:44 All in favor, aye.
05:37:45 [Motion Carried]
05:37:50 >> Good evening, Council.
05:37:51 Jim Stefan, budget officer for the City of Tampa.
05:37:56 We have a couple of documents that I put in your
05:37:59 chair, and I think one is a brief overview on the
05:38:04 public hearing.
05:38:04 And I think you have it, and we have copies for the
05:38:07 public out in front.
05:38:08 And then there's also a copy of the Powerpoint
05:38:11 presentation that I'm going to give that should
05:38:13 hopefully take about five or seven minutes.
05:38:18 So if we could start the Powerpoint presentation, then

05:38:21 I can just go quickly through this and answer any
05:38:24 questions that you have, and then turn it over to the
05:38:29 block group advisory president, Frank Roder.
05:38:33 First of all, the purpose of the public hearing is to
05:38:38 present information regarding not just the Community
05:38:40 Development Block Grant, but also about emergency
05:38:43 shelter grant, the home partnership, investment
05:38:46 partnerships and the housing opportunities for
05:38:48 programs for people with aids.
05:38:51 And it's also to give an idea to the general public
05:38:58 and to City Council about the different activities
05:38:58 that we've taken over time for the block grant
05:39:03 program.
05:39:03 And to provide any people that come here to have -- to
05:39:08 be heard and to give their input.
05:39:13 Funding, usually we have a slide that goes over what
05:39:17 the proposed funding for this year is, for next year
05:39:21 and compare it to this year.
05:39:22 This year, we only have, you'll notice that the FY '07
05:39:26 year, which is this year.
05:39:28 The Feds, even though they have just come up with a
05:39:32 budget, they haven't allocated it out to anybody, but

05:39:35 the preliminary information that we have is that it
05:39:37 should be relatively close to the amounts that we got
05:39:40 this year.
05:39:41 So what we're doing is, we're trying to show everybody
05:39:45 on the screen here approximately how much money we're
05:39:47 expecting to get for FY '08.
05:39:49 But we won't know that for anywhere from one to three
05:39:55 weeks from now.
05:39:55 As soon as we find out, we'll let Council know as well
05:39:58 as all of the advisory committees of the block group.
05:40:02 The next thing I want to briefly go over is the
05:40:06 calendar.
05:40:10 And as you can see, the program started actually in
05:40:14 the beginning of February when we had a technical
05:40:17 assistance workshop and we had about 53 people
05:40:22 actually attend from different agencies throughout the
05:40:24 city.
05:40:24 And that's basically for outside agencies.
05:40:28 It's one way of the public service programs that we
05:40:32 have.
05:40:33 It's the outreach program that we do with outside
05:40:36 agencies.

05:40:37 The next thing is, tonight's meeting, which is to set
05:40:45 off the actual needs and recommendations of the
05:40:46 citizens advisory group and then the neighborhood
05:40:49 presidents that are out there.
05:40:50 There was a problem in some of the e-mails and
05:40:55 communications with some people about the needs and
05:40:58 recommendation process.
05:41:01 We have e-mailed and faxed a whole bunch of letters
05:41:05 and memos to all the Neighborhood Association
05:41:08 presidents and some other folks yesterday to make sure
05:41:11 that everybody had gotten an e-mail.
05:41:14 We had heard that some people hadn't, so we wanted to
05:41:16 ensure that everybody had gotten them.
05:41:19 And we believe that yesterday we did a blast to a
05:41:22 whole bunch of folks, and hopefully everybody has
05:41:25 gotten it, and we've extended the deadline on the
05:41:28 needs and recommendations part for another two weeks,
05:41:30 to give everybody an opportunity to submit stuff.
05:41:33 And as we get stuff in during that two-week process,
05:41:37 we'll put it all together, and then we'll ship it to
05:41:40 each of the Council people as well as to the block
05:41:43 group advisory committee.

05:41:46 Then you'll notice also on here that we have the RFP
05:41:50 deadlines and when they are due.
05:41:52 And hopefully during the month, the ending part of
05:41:56 March through May is the review process that we have,
05:42:00 and we'll be coming back to you in the middle of July
05:42:05 hopefully with a recommendation on the CDBG program.
05:42:10 And during this whole time, we meet periodically with
05:42:16 the citizen advisory group to go over changes to the
05:42:21 program.
05:42:22 We address some of the concerns that they have.
05:42:24 We work very well with the association president.
05:42:29 And we basically get feedback, how we're doing, what
05:42:34 are we doing, when the review process goes on RFPs,
05:42:39 we review the results and stuff like that with the
05:42:41 advisory group.
05:42:42 So we try to keep them as briefed as possible as well
05:42:45 as City Council.
05:42:49 And I guess in the middle of July, we expect to come
05:42:51 to you with a program, and then in early August, we'll
05:42:55 be asking and sending the program up to HUD for their
05:42:59 approval.
05:43:00 And again, the beginning of the fiscal year starts

05:43:06 October 1st.
05:43:09 Briefly, I just want to share with you the request for
05:43:12 proposal process.
05:43:15 That was the RFP process that we talked about in
05:43:19 February.
05:43:20 This was the third year that we actually had a
05:43:24 technical assistance workshop and the outside agencies
05:43:28 are very pleased with the process and to get the
05:43:31 information.
05:43:32 And it's also televised over cable TV, and it's
05:43:37 periodically, you might still in the middle of the
05:43:39 night, if you turn on channel 15, you might catch a
05:43:42 glimpse of one of them.
05:43:43 But we continuously try to get feedback from the
05:43:46 outside agencies also on that process.
05:43:55 Again, these are the deadlines that we have for those
05:43:58 programs.
05:43:58 And now the needs and recommendations process, we had
05:44:03 first public hearing tonight, and usually the needs
05:44:06 and recommendations are due tonight, but, again, we've
05:44:10 extended that for a two-week period just in case
05:44:14 somebody didn't have the opportunity or didn't know

05:44:16 about the process, so we're going to extend it for two
05:44:19 weeks.
05:44:19 And then tentatively, the second public hearing is
05:44:23 scheduled for July 19th.
05:44:30 And when we come up with the program and City Council
05:44:34 approves it, we'll have that program updated with the
05:44:38 budget information from the final budget, and we'll
05:44:40 have those responses that will be provided not only to
05:44:45 City Council, but to the citizen advisory committee as
05:44:48 to when those projects that were approved will be
05:44:51 undertaken.
05:44:54 Now I would like to turn over the podium to Frank
05:44:59 Roder, who is the president of the advisory group, and
05:45:06 open up the public hearing then.
05:45:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Jim, for this oversight.
05:45:15 I believe this process is really working a lot better
05:45:18 than it had been in the past.
05:45:20 And we really thank the technical advisory group and
05:45:25 also the presidents of the neighborhoods for doing
05:45:29 superb job in this.
05:45:31 My question is, are we on target on the expenditures
05:45:34 for this year now?

05:45:37 >>JIM STEFAN: It's a good thing that you asked that.
05:45:40 I'll make my comments brief.
05:45:42 For the last two years, we had some concerns about
05:45:46 spending rates, and we undertook a monthly review
05:45:52 beginning in December to actually go over with all the
05:45:59 responsible departments how the projects are going,
05:46:01 making sure that the monies are getting spent and the
05:46:04 projects are getting done.
05:46:06 And that's the important thing, that the projects get
05:46:08 done so the neighborhoods can have the projects done
05:46:10 instead of just saying, well, it's on the plan.
05:46:15 So we have now met, for now going on almost the
05:46:20 beginning of the third year on this, and I'm happy to
05:46:23 say that the goal for, I believe it's by the end of
05:46:30 July of '07, the federal rate that they say that you
05:46:34 should be at is 1.5 times the grant, and we're at 1.63
05:46:40 now, I believe, which is an excellent -- this time
05:46:46 last year we were at around two at this point in time.
05:46:50 So we're back in the groove, and we're spending the
05:46:54 money in a timely fashion, and hopefully we're only
05:46:57 going to do things to improve that performance.
05:47:00 And we've also -- and that was with the block grant

05:47:02 program.
05:47:03 We have now done the same type of thing for the home
05:47:05 program dollars, and we're undertaking quarterly
05:47:10 reviews now to make sure that we have timeliness
05:47:13 programs for the home program.
05:47:15 And we're going to be -- as soon as we get the next --
05:47:19 all the programs under control, then we keep on --
05:47:22 we'll go to the next program to make sure that
05:47:25 everything is on a timely process so that the projects
05:47:28 can get done in a timely fashion and that the citizens
05:47:31 and neighborhoods can actually see the projects
05:47:33 completed in a timely fashion.
05:47:36 >>MARY ALVAREZ: One other question, when you come to
05:47:38 the end of the year, the fiscal year for this -- for
05:47:45 these funds and you have an excess, and I'm sure we
05:47:48 talked about this before, but bear with me, what
05:47:51 happens to those funds?
05:47:53 Do they go back into the pot?
05:47:54 Or do you roll them over to the following year?
05:47:58 >>JIM STEFAN: What happens on a lot of the -- the regs
05:48:04 differ depending upon what the dollars are to be used
05:48:10 for.

05:48:11 In general terms, on things like public service
05:48:13 programs where we have dental and vision program and
05:48:16 where we have the day care programs and programs of
05:48:20 that like the program actually ends on
05:48:23 September 30th.
05:48:24 So any dollars that haven't been expended by
05:48:28 September 30th or that services haven't been
05:48:31 provided to clients by September 30th, those
05:48:34 projects basically end and we roll them into the next
05:48:40 year's program.
05:48:41 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Do you roll it over into the same
05:48:43 programs that they were allocated to?
05:48:46 Or do you put it in a fund?
05:48:49 >> On that one, if you recall, going back a couple of
05:48:51 slides, you saw that the FY '07 budget was something
05:48:56 like $3.8 million.
05:49:00 With the dollars that are available from this -- from
05:49:03 the prior year that we anticipate won't get spent,
05:49:06 that makes that 3.8 million around $4.8 million.
05:49:11 So we have about a million -- a million dollars or so
05:49:15 of programs that for one reason or another had some
05:49:19 balances left over or program income that was greater

05:49:22 than we expected.
05:49:23 But that goes to accelerate the program level for each
05:49:28 year.
05:49:28 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Okay.
05:49:29 Thank you very much.
05:49:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Roder.
05:49:35 >> Good evening, members of Council.
05:49:36 My name is Frank Roder.
05:49:37 I live at 908 East Louisiana Avenue.
05:49:40 I want to start off talking about, yes, we've had some
05:49:43 problems as far as getting our needs and
05:49:44 recommendations in, but we have eight new neighborhood
05:49:47 proposals this year.
05:49:48 Some more people are more aware of what we're doing,
05:49:50 how we're doing it.
05:49:51 So I see a lot of positive steps going on and there's
05:49:54 a lot of communication between the Department of
05:49:55 Community Affairs and the neighborhood liaison's
05:49:58 office.
05:49:58 So there are a lot of positive things going.
05:50:01 We're still fine tuning the process, but we are moving
05:50:03 in the right direction.

05:50:04 I would like to start off if you look at the CDBG
05:50:08 request for citywide request, we have changed the way
05:50:11 we do that this year.
05:50:12 I did some investigating ahead of time and wrote up a
05:50:14 plan and proposal of what we think is more workable.
05:50:18 First one is transportation notification system.
05:50:20 In previous years, we actually ask for transportation
05:50:23 task force to keep everybody informed of what's going
05:50:25 on.
05:50:26 We realized that was not doable nor practical.
05:50:29 So we came up with a transportation notification
05:50:31 system.
05:50:31 And what we're asking basically is for development of
05:50:35 a better method of communication between the Florida
05:50:38 Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan
05:50:40 Planning Organization, the county and city and the
05:50:42 neighborhoods.
05:50:43 We request implementation of a notification process to
05:50:47 inform residents and neighborhood leaders of projects
05:50:49 for undertaking prior to commencement of work.
05:50:52 I would like to draw your attention to the repaving of
05:50:55 Nebraska Avenue from Hillsborough Avenue north.

05:50:57 Basically, the old Seminole Heights Neighborhood
05:50:59 Association was not informed of that until work began.
05:51:01 It was a little late to change anything.
05:51:03 The work had already started.
05:51:05 We would like a notification system ahead of time when
05:51:09 projects affect neighborhoods.
05:51:10 The second deals with neighborhood insurance for
05:51:13 events.
05:51:13 We request the City of Tampa create the availability
05:51:15 of grant money to be used for insurance to allow
05:51:17 neighborhoods to hold events in their community.
05:51:19 The current structure for insurance severely limits
05:51:23 neighborhoods from holding events and disallows for
05:51:25 communication of community and neighborhood functions.
05:51:26 I am pleased to say I met with Shannon Edge on Monday
05:51:29 night.
05:51:30 She shared with me that there will be grant proposals
05:51:32 out for neighborhoods to be able to apply for to get
05:51:34 some money to go towards insurance.
05:51:36 This one we've already come a long way on it.
05:51:39 However, we are still asking for more money to be put
05:51:42 aside for insurance for neighborhood events.

05:51:44 Number three deals with trash receptacles.
05:51:46 And we are very supportive of the antilitter campaign
05:51:50 starting in Tampa.
05:51:50 Very excited about the clean cities division of
05:51:54 getting involved.
05:51:54 The kickoff that will be held in May, we're also
05:51:58 concerned because Tampa is number 37 on the list of 50
05:52:03 cleanest, dirtiest cities.
05:52:04 Our neighbor, Orlando, is number 8.
05:52:07 We're number 37.
05:52:08 We're concerned about the image Tampa has as being a
05:52:11 dirty city.
05:52:12 What we are asking for is that the City of Tampa match
05:52:14 with CDBG funds.
05:52:16 The clean cities of the -- providing adequate trash
05:52:20 receptacles throughout the City of Tampa to make Tampa
05:52:22 a little bit more litter free.
05:52:26 We're requesting $35,000 for 50 additional trash
05:52:29 receptacles at cost of 700 keep.
05:52:31 That's for trash receptacle and its installation.
05:52:36 We hope to have these installed throughout the city.
05:52:39 We figured that's one big step in getting rid of some

05:52:43 of the litter.
05:52:44 Number four, Nebraska Avenue and the lighting.
05:52:47 Again, asking clean city division to be actively
05:52:50 involved in this project, ensure that enhanced
05:52:52 landscaping remains a vital part of the project.
05:52:54 Also requesting that signature lighting be added to
05:52:57 Nebraska Avenue.
05:52:58 Basically, this is a grand corridor that will bring
05:53:02 people into the city, and we feel it should reflect
05:53:05 the new look of the avenue with the new lighting.
05:53:07 We also have concerns about drainage on Nebraska
05:53:10 Avenue.
05:53:11 D.O.T. just recently repaved Florida Avenue.
05:53:13 One of the things not addressed in that repaving of
05:53:15 Florida Avenue was the drainage.
05:53:17 Florida Avenue still floods very badly.
05:53:19 We do not want that to happen on Nebraska Avenue, so
05:53:22 we're asking that, number one, that the city look at
05:53:24 the plans they have for drainage, number one.
05:53:28 And second, that F.D.O.T. would be held accountable
05:53:32 and responsible if there are any flooding concerns
05:53:34 after they finish the project so we don't have to

05:53:36 worry about that.
05:53:37 Our fifth request deals with the environmental police
05:53:39 officers and also citywide antidumping campaign.
05:53:43 And right now, we know that the city has two new
05:53:47 people who are working with Tampa Police Department,
05:53:49 two detectives that are working in East Tampa as
05:53:53 environmental police officers.
05:53:54 And we anticipate they are going to be very
05:53:56 successful, reduction in illegal dumping, all those
05:54:00 problems associated with it.
05:54:01 And what we would like to see, if possible, to extend
05:54:04 that program citywide with the addition of four more
05:54:07 environmental police officers.
05:54:08 After talking to Chief Hogue, we realized it's a very,
05:54:12 very expensive request and probably not possible, so
05:54:14 in the meantime, we're asking that the clean city
05:54:17 division actively develop and promote a campaign to
05:54:20 address illegal dumping citywide.
05:54:22 This campaign could be coordinated through the
05:54:24 antilitter campaign.
05:54:25 It could be very effective in controlling some of the
05:54:27 dumping.

05:54:29 Our sixth request deals with CPTED, Crime Prevention
05:54:34 Through Environmental Design, which is the street
05:54:36 lighting program.
05:54:37 And we realize that CPTED is ahead of schedule in
05:54:42 updating the lighting.
05:54:43 However, currently, there's no -- nothing done for the
05:54:47 dark area.
05:54:48 They are changing the watts in the bulb, putting new
05:54:51 lights in.
05:54:52 If there's a dark area in the neighborhood and not a
05:54:54 light pole in the area, it -- what we are asking the
05:54:57 city to do is purchase additional light poles and
05:55:00 fixtures for the areas and neighborhoods that still
05:55:02 remain dark even after the upgrade has been put in
05:55:06 place.
05:55:06 All the neighborhoods that had the upgrade are very
05:55:09 appreciative of the efforts, however, there are still
05:55:11 dark pockets throughout.
05:55:12 Our 7th request, kind of timed in.
05:55:15 We just found out that D.O.T. is doing a presentation
05:55:18 on Gandy boulevard on March 23rd.
05:55:21 It's supposed to be looking at this project beginning

05:55:23 in September of '07.
05:55:25 We're concerned about the gridlock along Gandy
05:55:27 Boulevard, particularly between Dale Mabry and
05:55:29 Westshore.
05:55:33 Traffic light at Lois Avenue and Gandy Boulevard be
05:55:35 removed and installed at the intersection of Clark and
05:55:38 Gandy, because there's a banking operation there and a
05:55:41 lot of traffic that comes in and out of that entrance.
05:55:44 We feel that light would be more useful at Clark
05:55:46 rather than Lois.
05:55:48 We also would like to have the exit ramp at the
05:55:51 crosstown expressway examined, particularly the one
05:55:53 that heads West on Gandy Boulevard.
05:55:55 We feel that's a major contributory some of the
05:55:58 gridlock along Gandy.
05:56:00 Also request examination of the Gandy Boulevard and
05:56:01 MacDill Avenue intersections for possible
05:56:04 improvements.
05:56:07 Those are citywide requests.
05:56:08 We went a little different this year and talked to the
05:56:10 departments ahead of time to get an idea if it could
05:56:12 be done or what's the best way to do it.

05:56:15 Hopefully we'll be more successful in that way.
05:56:19 What I would like to do is go through the nine area
05:56:22 block areas.
05:56:26 We'll go one through nine.
05:56:28 I'll turn it over to anybody in block area one.
05:56:34 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Number six, you were talking about the
05:56:36 CPTED.
05:56:38 I'm the one that started the street lighting program a
05:56:40 few years ago.
05:56:41 One of the things that we were talking about with TECO
05:56:43 is they were supposed to add the additional poles
05:56:46 wherever there was an area that needed lighting.
05:56:56 The additional poles were supposed to be part of that
05:56:59 plan.
05:56:59 >> At this time, it has not been done.
05:57:01 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like to make a motion to ask
05:57:03 the transportation or the traffic or whatever
05:57:05 department it is.
05:57:06 I think it's transportation, to come and talk to us
05:57:08 about that because this is something that was -- we
05:57:13 talked about this many years ago.
05:57:16 So I'm a proponent on making sure that TECO is doing

05:57:21 their job along with our transportation department.
05:57:23 >> Well, they are coming through, and they are
05:57:25 lighting up the neighborhood.
05:57:27 You can see a big difference.
05:57:32 However, from my understanding of what I found out,
05:57:34 they are not putting any additional poles up.
05:57:35 Basically, every neighborhood has dark pockets.
05:57:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes, and I would like a report from the
05:57:35 transportation department.
05:57:35 That's my motion.
05:57:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
05:57:44 All in favor of the motion, aye.
05:57:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Mr. Roder.
05:57:48 >>GWEN MILLER: You may call them up now.
05:57:49 >> Block area one.
05:58:08 >> Well, let me speak to block area one.
05:58:08 Since I see my neighborhood located in block area one
05:58:08 and I'm president of my neighborhood association, so I
05:58:10 want to -- Northview Hills, for example.
05:58:27 My question would be, we have been requesting
05:58:27 improvement of William Park Center playground for more
05:58:27 than two years, and I haven't seen no movement towards

05:58:32 getting any of these things done.
05:58:35 So my question would be, why?
05:58:39 Because I think this is about the third year.
05:58:42 So I don't know if you can answer or who can answer.
05:58:46 But what is delaying the process for getting any of
05:58:50 these things done or if they are going to be done?
05:58:53 >> Basically, it's a very, very slow process.
05:58:55 Some of the neighborhood requests are three, four,
05:58:57 five, six years in the making.
05:58:59 Basically the more you get it out, sooner or later, it
05:59:02 gets picked up.
05:59:03 It's a very slow process, and it's very frustrating at
05:59:06 times as well.
05:59:07 >> Are the funds available to get these done?
05:59:10 >> That would be Jim Stefan's department.
05:59:31 >> Improvement for the William park center playground.
05:59:35 I was just stating that we have requested for more
05:59:37 than two or three years about having this project
05:59:43 funded, this project implemented.
05:59:45 And I was just wondering, are funds available, and I
05:59:48 understand this is a delayed process, it might take a
05:59:52 while, but I haven't gotten any update in three years

05:59:55 about where we're at with this.
05:59:57 >> To tell you the truth, I don't know, I thought that
06:00:00 I saw some work being done on plans for Williams, but
06:00:05 I'm not positive.
06:00:06 I can get back by this time next week and give you an
06:00:11 update as to where we are on that.
06:00:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: I appreciate that.
06:00:14 Thank you.
06:00:16 >> Block area two, I have a request that was just
06:00:19 submitted to me this morning from Ruth Flemming, who
06:00:22 lives at 3605 East Lambright street.
06:00:27 Basically asking for a neighborhood watch grid, walk
06:00:30 around the edge of woodland terrace park for walking
06:00:33 and fitness.
06:00:34 This is a fitness trail.
06:00:36 Anybody else from area 2?
06:00:42 Block area 3 I can speak to block area 3, since that's
06:00:55 my neighborhood, southeast Seminole Heights.
06:00:56 The first request we had concerns our community
06:01:00 center, Catherine Malone center.
06:01:03 At this time, Sherry Simons is our association
06:01:06 president and she will submit to Council some pictures

06:01:08 of our community center, the Catherine Malone center.
06:01:11 The Catherine Malone center is a very small building.
06:01:15 Basically our neighborhood repainted it, cleaned it up
06:01:18 so it could be used by our neighborhood.
06:01:23 However, the recreation department is using it and we
06:01:26 as a neighborhood try to use it, but it's a very, very
06:01:29 small building.
06:01:30 At the present time, there's not enough room in the
06:01:33 existing building to accommodate the neighborhood's
06:01:34 needs.
06:01:34 The needs of the kids in the neighborhood.
06:01:40 Basically, it's been utilized city Parks Department,
06:01:43 but only holds 20 to 25 people comfortably inside the
06:01:48 building.
06:01:49 When Giddens Park was first being redeveloped under
06:01:52 the green print initiative, they took money or land
06:01:57 area aside to build a new neighborhood center.
06:02:00 The last four years, we requested a new building be
06:02:02 placed there.
06:02:03 And we hope it can.
06:02:05 We are a very active neighborhood association.
06:02:06 We'll be able to use that building to a large degree,

06:02:09 and you can see by those pictures, there's not a lot
06:02:12 of room in that building for anything.
06:02:15 Okay.
06:02:15 Our second request is similar to what we asked for
06:02:18 last year.
06:02:18 Last year, we asked for speed tables basically to be
06:02:22 put on 12th street between Martin Luther King and
06:02:25 Hillsborough.
06:02:26 And we also asked for speed tables to be placed on
06:02:29 Chelsea between 15th street and Nebraska.
06:02:34 Both of those requests were turned down.
06:02:38 However, 12th street, they had a traffic study.
06:02:43 And on April 19th, 2006, 24-hour speed and volume
06:02:48 study, 1,628 vehicles were on that road.
06:02:51 819 vehicles were going northbound and 809 vehicles
06:02:54 were going southbound.
06:02:56 And that was the area between Osborne and MLK from the
06:03:00 area from Osborne to Hillsborough, 917 vehicles use
06:03:04 the same thing.
06:03:05 This is a residential street.
06:03:08 It is on the side of Giddens park.
06:03:10 It is a very narrow street, no right-of-way for

06:03:13 sidewalks.
06:03:14 We tried to do that as well.
06:03:15 And traffic goes by way over the 25-mile an hour speed
06:03:18 limit.
06:03:20 On Chelsea, they did a traffic study on March 21st.
06:03:23 And on that residential street, 1,270 vehicles use the
06:03:29 street.
06:03:29 Again, it's a residential street and with that kind of
06:03:32 volume of traffic, it's just a question of time before
06:03:34 somebody gets hurt.
06:03:35 Anybody else have any additions for area number three?
06:03:43 >> Sherry Simons, president of the southeast Seminole
06:03:45 Heights Civic Association.
06:03:46 I wanted to add two things.
06:03:49 One thing is, the association has worked really,
06:03:51 really hard in the last three years to support the
06:03:55 park, the green printing, which is now I think in its
06:03:58 fifth year, four and a half.
06:04:00 We've raised money.
06:04:01 We've used -- thanks to the East Tampa partnership, we
06:04:06 were a part of the TIF money.
06:04:07 We directed all that TIF money towards the park.

06:04:11 We need a community center for these kids.
06:04:13 The other thing that we need is, they need to be able
06:04:16 to get there without getting run over.
06:04:20 12 runs between the Kathryn Malone Center and dog park
06:04:26 on one side and end of Giddens Park on the other.
06:04:29 There's a constant foot traffic on and off.
06:04:32 People come whipping in off of Hillsborough.
06:04:36 I've nearly been hit a couple of times.
06:04:38 Anytime you get anybody parked in front of the Kathryn
06:04:40 Malone Center, it makes that little area there where
06:04:43 there's actually traffic on the road very narrow.
06:04:46 So in order to walk, you've got to walk kind of out in
06:04:49 the street in order to go by.
06:04:52 To me, that's extremely important, too.
06:04:54 And that's really all I wanted to say.
06:04:56 Thank you.
06:04:58 >> Block area four.
06:05:03 Block area five.
06:05:08 Block area six.
06:05:12 Block area seven.
06:05:18 >> Good evening, Council.
06:05:19 Terry Neal, 4703 East River Hills Drive, Tampa,

06:05:22 Florida.
06:05:23 When I come before you and ask for sidewalks on river
06:05:26 hills drive, I feel like I'm asking for you to build
06:05:29 40th street, because we've been asking for the
06:05:32 fill-in of sidewalks on river hills drive for about 20
06:05:37 years.
06:05:38 It's a connector road, and we have people who
06:05:41 actually -- not people, but one or two people who
06:05:43 actually have a motorized wheelchair that can't get up
06:05:47 on the existing sidewalks because there's no
06:05:50 wheelchair accessible so they have to go down river
06:05:52 hills drive in their motorized wheelchair.
06:05:55 So anyway, I really appreciate your consideration for
06:05:58 that.
06:05:59 Most importantly, though, is the parkland that is
06:06:01 listed on the petition for the seven acres that is
06:06:05 on -- and 46.
06:06:09 Well, I haven't begged, borrowed and steal, but I'd
06:06:14 give up my first borne child if I had one to get you
06:06:17 to consider or at least make an offer or the
06:06:19 administration make an offer on this piece of land.
06:06:22 It's the last large greenspace that we have in this

06:06:25 area.
06:06:26 And the people at river manor, their homeowners
06:06:29 association, they have also asked for this land to be
06:06:32 turned into a park.
06:06:35 We really do not have any kind of greenspace in this
06:06:38 part of Temple Crest.
06:06:40 Once 40th street is built, the neighbors are very
06:06:43 concerned about children crossing the streets to go
06:06:45 over to the Temple Crest park.
06:06:48 So once again, on this CDBG application, I'm asking
06:06:52 for the park to be -- for that land to be purchased as
06:06:57 a park.
06:07:00 We have other needs, but I think the neighborhood
06:07:01 would agree with me that that's a very important one.
06:07:07 >> Block area 8.
06:07:13 >> Good evening.
06:07:14 My name is Wayne Stodghill.
06:07:17 1305 East gnomes street, Sulphur Springs.
06:07:20 I come on behalf of the Sulphur Springs action league
06:07:23 in my neighborhood.
06:07:24 My grant application is for a replacement of the
06:07:27 Sulphur Springs pump station at 13th and gnome.

06:07:32 And we come asking and bringing our support, I have a
06:07:38 petition signed by as many as we could, lots of our
06:07:41 neighbors, like to submit to City Council to
06:07:43 requesting your support for this.
06:07:46 This has been a problem in our neighborhood for over
06:07:51 25 years now.
06:07:53 The city even recently has told us to stop calling.
06:07:56 We can't do anything to help you, so please don't
06:07:58 bother us anymore, and that's not acceptable.
06:08:01 The pumping station, something needs to happen.
06:08:04 We have come for years complaining.
06:08:06 This year we come prepared with a proposal to solve
06:08:10 the problem.
06:08:10 The neighborhood got together, worked very hard on
06:08:14 this grant to try to help you help us.
06:08:17 We want you to take a serious look at this
06:08:20 application.
06:08:21 Please, something must be done to the Sulphur Springs
06:08:24 pump station.
06:08:25 We cannot continue to live under these conditions.
06:08:28 We have bleached tankers in our yards several times a
06:08:33 week right in our streets.

06:08:35 Kids can't play.
06:08:37 Odors are so noxious in our neighborhood.
06:08:39 Many of the City Council people who have actually come
06:08:41 out and toured the facility have now moved on to other
06:08:43 jobs in the city and council.
06:08:46 They are all aware that they left this chamber without
06:08:49 doing anything.
06:08:49 And we hope you will finally take a look at this.
06:08:53 It's a neighborhood proposal.
06:08:54 We think it will work, but we're going to need your
06:08:57 support.
06:08:58 Thank you very much.
06:08:59 There are several people here to speak on the support
06:09:02 of this grants.
06:09:15 >> Hi.
06:09:16 Sarah Hoy.
06:09:18 912 East BIBCO.
06:09:21 I would like for the rest of us who are not going to
06:09:23 speak, to please stand up.
06:09:28 President of our civic association, Mr. Robinson, and
06:09:31 several other neighbors.
06:09:33 There were another half dozen who were going to come,

06:09:36 unfortunately, they are in bed with respiratory
06:09:39 problems.
06:09:40 We think may be a real concern for us.
06:09:48 Anyway, in my case, I have chronic obstructive
06:09:53 pulmonary disease.
06:09:54 I do not use chlorine products to clean my house,
06:09:58 because they are very corrosive.
06:10:01 My doctor who says that the water aerobics is
06:10:04 wonderful for me, but don't go in that pool right
06:10:07 after they put chlorine in it.
06:10:09 Yet this pumping station pumps out chlorine fumes.
06:10:14 We don't make good neighbors, that pumping station and
06:10:17 I.
06:10:22 I live four blocks away, so I don't get it as badly as
06:10:26 many other people.
06:10:27 But in this petition, we have me four blocks away on
06:10:31 one side.
06:10:32 And then another person four blocks away in the other
06:10:36 direction getting the odor.
06:10:37 So you have probably a good square mile of people
06:10:42 impacted daily with fumes of one kind or another, none
06:10:47 of which are good for us.

06:10:48 I would like to read from that petition that was just
06:10:50 handed, a couple, you know, some of the things that
06:10:54 people said so that it will be in the record.
06:11:01 25 years of chemical and sewer gases and getting
06:11:04 worse.
06:11:04 Many days, I come home for lunch or dinner and it
06:11:07 smells so bad, I go out to eat.
06:11:10 The smell is real bad.
06:11:11 You can smell it inside the house.
06:11:13 We've also had people talk -- it gets into our
06:11:17 curtains and our upholstered furniture.
06:11:20 You'll be lying on the couch and you turn over and
06:11:23 your couch smells.
06:11:24 Nasty.
06:11:24 Awful smell.
06:11:25 My children have breathing problems.
06:11:34 The smell constant.
06:11:39 Then someone says, I would like to have visitors
06:11:42 without the smell.
06:11:45 Another lady says, I can't open my windows.
06:11:48 My house will smell like rotten eggs and chemical.
06:11:52 It burns my eyes.

06:11:53 If I had known of the sewer problem, I would not have
06:11:56 moved here and bought my house.
06:11:57 I'm stuck.
06:11:58 Please help.
06:12:03 The rest of that are basically repeats.
06:12:09 Underground pipes are also bad, and we've already
06:12:12 witnessed a major spillage.
06:12:13 I don't know if you remember that, but it was a couple
06:12:15 of years ago.
06:12:17 But this pipe that's bigger around than I am tall
06:12:21 broke or exploded or something because it was a
06:12:24 terrible loud boom in the middle of the night that
06:12:27 woke me up four blocks away.
06:12:30 And raw sewage spilled all over our neighborhood.
06:12:34 Some of our neighbors are still in court with the city
06:12:37 over that one.
06:12:40 The spillage, the stench, it comes down to my end of
06:12:44 the street.
06:12:45 This is the person at 1505 river cove, which is, as
06:12:49 you know, four blocks the other direction.
06:13:00 The chemical smell is outrageous.
06:13:02 It never quits.

06:13:03 My clothing gets the smell.
06:13:05 Sometimes my house shakes.
06:13:06 There were times when all the dirty water was in my
06:13:09 yard and no one ever came to clean it up.
06:13:12 That was the time the pipe block.
06:13:14 Is that the end of my time?
06:13:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, ma'am.
06:13:16 >> Okay.
06:13:17 I am basically, I think, done.
06:13:18 It's pretty much covered.
06:13:20 Except for one person.
06:13:21 The plant power goes out.
06:13:22 And that causes my electric to go off.
06:13:27 The city has spent considerable time at this plant and
06:13:30 it still is a persistent problem.
06:13:34 I thank you very much for your consideration.
06:13:35 We really realize that nobody ever intended for us to
06:13:39 be suffering, but that we have a plant that was built
06:13:43 30 years ago to do a small job that is now precious to
06:13:50 doing a very large job, including New Tampa.
06:13:52 It's simply not up to it.
06:13:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, ma'am.

06:13:56 >> Thank you very much.
06:13:57 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. STEFAN.
06:14:17 This is truly a public health issue.
06:14:19 >> Yes, I don't recall this one, and I'm just reading
06:14:22 it now.
06:14:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Isn't there something that we maybe
06:14:27 ought to have Mr. Daignault look at without it going
06:14:29 through the CDBG fund.
06:14:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'll second the motion.
06:14:33 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like to do that.
06:14:34 I would like to have Mr. Daignault take a look at this
06:14:37 and come back with a report for us.
06:14:41 Unfortunately, I won't be here in about 60 days.
06:14:45 Maybe we can do it a little earlier.
06:14:47 Two weeks would be fine.
06:14:50 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
06:14:51 All in favor, aye.
06:14:52 [Motion Carried]
06:14:52 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
06:14:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
06:15:00 >> LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you for saying that,
06:15:02 Ms. Alvarez.

06:15:03 I think this is something that is a health risk and,
06:15:05 therefore, we should address with other funding in a
06:15:07 more timely way.
06:15:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
06:15:20 >> Good evening.
06:15:21 My name is Mildred Francis Ginny.
06:15:22 My house is 7908 North 13th Street.
06:15:26 My house is right next to the treatment plant.
06:15:28 I have gone to the hospital because of breathing
06:15:33 problems.
06:15:37 I am now on a nebulizer and advair medication.
06:15:39 The smell was so bad that I called the supervisor,
06:15:43 very nice man, he came by, and he even smelled the
06:15:48 smell and the gases.
06:15:49 My house shakes.
06:15:50 They spend more than two thousand five hundred
06:15:51 thousand dollars in fixing the plant, and now it's
06:15:58 worse.
06:15:58 Because after that, the pipes busted.
06:16:01 There was sewer water in my yard all over the
06:16:05 neighborhood.
06:16:05 They never came to clean it.

06:16:09 They never even came to spray my yard.
06:16:16 And I have spent a lot of money fixing my house.
06:16:19 I'm a disabled person and I live on a limited income.
06:16:24 And I cannot keep spending all this money and I cannot
06:16:28 sell my house because of the smell.
06:16:30 I have problem.
06:16:31 My son moved in three months ago.
06:16:34 He works with discount auto parts.
06:16:36 He's the manager.
06:16:37 His wife is a social worker for the sheriff's
06:16:39 department and they have a three-month-old baby.
06:16:42 And he got up in the middle of the night and he says,
06:16:44 mom, the house is shaking.
06:16:47 Every time the motors go on, my house shakes.
06:16:51 This is horrible.
06:16:52 And then the smell comes out.
06:16:58 I baby-sit my other two grandchildren on the weekend
06:17:01 because their mother works at the airport.
06:17:04 So my grandkids, they come in, grandma, there are
06:17:08 astronauts in front of the house.
06:17:09 They told us to come inside the house.
06:17:11 So I go outside and I say, what is it?

06:17:14 What's going on?
06:17:16 In front of my house, I have the fire department.
06:17:18 I have the police.
06:17:19 I have these men with masks with all uniforms.
06:17:23 I couldn't get out of my house.
06:17:25 They told me, lady, just go inside your house with the
06:17:28 kids.
06:17:29 I wish I had a camera.
06:17:30 I wish I had a video camera so I could record.
06:17:34 They were on the phone.
06:17:36 I couldn't get out.
06:17:37 I went outside to my other neighbor, I said, what is
06:17:39 going on?
06:17:40 She said, I don't know.
06:17:41 I don't know if there's a bomb or some chemical issues
06:17:44 in there.
06:17:46 I was stuck in my house, and ever since then, because
06:17:49 my kids told their mother that there were astronauts
06:17:51 in front of my house, the police and the fire
06:17:54 department, I can't have my grandkids on the weekend
06:17:57 because she's afraid that something might happen.
06:17:59 So I can't have my grandkids.

06:18:01 I couldn't only have it X amount of time on Saturdays.
06:18:10 The fence is all rot be on -- the fence is all rotten
06:18:14 on the treatment plant.
06:18:16 The lot is so small and they have built such a huge
06:18:19 treatment plant on that little piece of property.
06:18:21 The building is -- it needs painting.
06:18:26 I have talked to the employees.
06:18:32 My neighbor, she has cats and I buy her the food for
06:18:35 the cats so we can control the rat problem that we are
06:18:39 having.
06:18:42 I have purchased trees, citrus trees, more than ten.
06:18:48 They have died ever since we had the busted pipe.
06:18:51 I don't know what else to do.
06:18:57 I had talked.
06:18:58 I have called, and everything they tell me we try to
06:19:03 do the best I can.
06:19:05 It's scary.
06:19:06 And I wish that something could be done or move the
06:19:10 plant or buy the property and build a big plant.
06:19:13 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Ma'am.
06:19:15 We're addressing that.
06:19:16 We're asking for the director to come and talk to us

06:19:18 in a couple of weeks.
06:19:20 This will be done and addressed.
06:19:22 Thank you very much.
06:19:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ma'am, your house looks really
06:19:26 lovely, and we're going to get a report in two weeks
06:19:29 at 9:00.
06:19:30 And you can watch it on TV.
06:19:31 It's live.
06:19:32 The director of public works will tell us what the
06:19:35 story is.
06:19:40 >> I have 11 grand babies and I want to see my grand
06:19:43 babies come and play in my yard.
06:19:49 >> Block area eight.
06:19:55 And block area nine.
06:20:00 >> Hi.
06:20:01 I'm the president of the Civic Association for port
06:20:03 Tampa.
06:20:04 Most of you know me.
06:20:05 I haven't been here a while, but most of the Council
06:20:07 knows me.
06:20:08 I'll be addressing the recommendations on page 30, and
06:20:11 I have two documents that I wanted to -- [not speaking

06:20:13 into microphone] -- the first recommendation, the
06:20:23 first document is the Port Tampa City truck route
06:20:27 study produced by URS but for the City of Tampa dated
06:20:32 May of 2005.
06:20:34 The second document is the neighborhood's responses to
06:20:37 the truck route study also dated 2005.
06:20:41 They address basically the same things that we're
06:20:44 asking for in the block grant recommendations.
06:20:49 And I'll just go over the premise of what our problems
06:20:51 are.
06:20:52 On number one of the Port Tampa City transportation
06:20:55 issues, it says port Tampa generates over 1600
06:20:58 industrial truck or tanker trips per day traveling on
06:21:01 commerce street.
06:21:02 At the point where commerce street divides
06:21:05 approximately half the truck travel North on Westshore
06:21:07 Boulevard and the other half travel onto Interbay
06:21:10 Boulevard.
06:21:12 All of this movement happens in our neighborhood.
06:21:16 That's how many per day, seven days a week, 24 hours a
06:21:19 day these trucks are rolling through our neighborhood.
06:21:22 All of this is happening in the neighborhood, and it's

06:21:25 happening at recommendation number one, the
06:21:28 intersection of Interbay Boulevard, Westshore
06:21:30 Boulevard and commerce street.
06:21:33 We are asking that the city continue on its quest.
06:21:36 We now have the city's -- we have a report from you
06:21:40 guys.
06:21:40 We have a report from the neighborhood.
06:21:41 And we're asking you to continue with your quest and
06:21:46 fund some of these improvements that have been
06:21:48 recommended to you to calm the traffic at this
06:21:50 intersection.
06:21:51 We started out.
06:21:51 We were going to do a roundabout.
06:21:53 That's been scratched, so we need some new
06:21:56 improvements, some new ideas to get this intersection
06:21:59 calmed down.
06:22:02 Way too many things going on.
06:22:03 There's not even a crosswalk at this intersection.
06:22:06 So we're looking for some help there.
06:22:08 We're also looking at number four on page 30,
06:22:10 traffic-calming devices on Interbay.
06:22:13 That's the same deal.

06:22:15 We're looking for crosswalks.
06:22:16 We're looking for all kinds of things, anything to
06:22:19 slow the traffic down.
06:22:21 We have a tremendous amount of cut-thru traffic from
06:22:24 Pinellas County to MacDill Air Force Base back and
06:22:27 forth.
06:22:28 Along with those 1600 trucks that are rambling through
06:22:31 the neighborhood.
06:22:32 So we definitely are hoping that you can help us out
06:22:35 with that.
06:22:35 And then the last request is traffic-calming devices
06:22:38 on commerce street.
06:22:40 Commerce street is -- South of this intersection, and
06:22:43 it receives all of the trucks from the port.
06:22:45 1600 trucks going through this neighborhood is
06:22:48 ripping -- the neighborhood -- it looks very rough and
06:22:51 it needs some help and we need calm that traffic down
06:22:54 as well.
06:22:55 We have evidence that the trucks are running right off
06:22:57 the road and leaving large gaps in the easements.
06:23:00 And that's all I have.
06:23:02 I just hope you will consider funding some of our

06:23:05 recommendations.
06:23:06 Thank you.
06:23:11 >> Block area nine.
06:23:16 We would like to thank you again for your time.
06:23:19 Appreciate it.
06:23:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
06:23:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This port Tampa traffic issue is
06:23:33 sort of a never-ending saga, and we need to find an
06:23:36 end to it.
06:23:40 So if it's appropriate, Madam Chair, if we're
06:23:42 transitioning from CDBG back to something else, I
06:23:45 would like to make a motion and ask Mr. LaMotte to
06:23:50 come talk to us about specifically about these port
06:23:53 Tampa issues and the traffic light and the
06:23:56 traffic-calming issues and come back to us in, let's
06:24:01 say, April 12th.
06:24:02 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
06:24:03 All in favor of the motion, aye.
06:24:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's during the morning meeting,
06:24:07 let's say staff reports.
06:24:09 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I think you need a motion, please, to
06:24:12 close the public hearing.

06:24:13 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
06:24:14 All in favor, aye.
06:24:15 [Motion Carried]
06:24:16 Okay.
06:24:16 We go back to item number 1.
06:24:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you all for coming down.
06:25:07 >> Good evening.
06:25:08 Dave Vaughn, contract administration.
06:25:12 We're happy to have Tom Balsley with us from Balsley
06:25:16 and Associates in New York.
06:25:17 He's here to provide a briefing on the waterfront
06:25:19 park.
06:25:31 >> May I have the Powerpoint up?
06:25:41 Shall I begin?
06:25:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, you may.
06:25:44 >> It's so nice to see you again.
06:25:45 I'm pleased to be here to share with you the progress
06:25:49 our team has been making on the waterfront park from
06:25:53 the planning stage all the way through what we refer
06:25:56 to in the business as schematic design level.
06:25:59 That's the point at which we are here tonight.
06:26:01 This is the site, of course.

06:26:03 We all know it, so I'll scoot right to these.
06:26:06 As part of this work, we did an awful lot of research
06:26:10 as to the kind of -- the constituents we felt the park
06:26:14 should represent as well as the kind of activities
06:26:16 that would be appropriate in the park.
06:26:18 And so there's lots of eye candy images here that I'll
06:26:23 flash through very quickly, because I know you're
06:26:25 really in interested in getting to the park itself.
06:26:28 But as you can see, there are all kinds of activities
06:26:30 that we planned for this park that will ensure that it
06:26:34 will remain vibrant and a sustainable, active park
06:26:39 throughout the months of the year as well as into the
06:26:41 early evening.
06:26:47 Okay. So this is the plan.
06:26:52 And I don't know how I can possibly use the laser
06:26:56 pointer, so I'll have to walk you through the plan.
06:26:59 As you can see, there's a blue form along Ashley that
06:27:04 you can see.
06:27:05 It's at the bottom of the slide.
06:27:06 And that is a big spectacle fountain that will sort of
06:27:11 be the parks public announcement to the world as
06:27:13 people come into the city from Ashley.

06:27:16 There are also very tall pylons.
06:27:18 Very large greenspace on the center of the park that
06:27:21 is not only just a wonderful open green, but will also
06:27:24 host all the events that we imagined for the park.
06:27:27 Along its southern edge, along the 400 Ashley
06:27:31 property, there will be a visitors center up along the
06:27:36 plaza along Ashley.
06:27:37 And then a little bit further into the park along that
06:27:40 edge, there will be a park pavilion building where we
06:27:43 imagine a cafe, bike rentals, park offices and the
06:27:47 like.
06:27:48 Finally down near the water's edge, there will be a
06:27:50 waterfront restaurant, whose upper level will lead out
06:27:53 on to the terraces of Kylie garden.
06:27:55 That will be a nice way of activating Kylie garden and
06:27:58 giving it meaning.
06:27:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excuse me, do you have something
06:28:01 you can hand us with these pictures?
06:28:03 >> I'm afraid I don't.
06:28:04 That would have been a good idea, handouts.
06:28:07 [ LAUGHTER ]
06:28:08 But I don't.

06:28:11 I thought I would have a laser pointer.
06:28:13 Is there a way that people point with this?
06:28:15 Do you know?
06:28:20 For what it's worth, I've been told the presentation
06:28:22 will be on the web tomorrow.
06:28:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: For those old-fashioned folks, a
06:28:29 print copy would be swell.
06:28:30 >> Maybe we can arrange for that to be done tomorrow
06:28:33 as well.
06:28:34 Along the north edge of the park, along Poe garage,
06:28:36 you'll see two gray forms.
06:28:38 Those two gray forms, the one closest to Ashley is the
06:28:42 proposed children's museum.
06:28:44 And we've been working with that group, and we're
06:28:46 going to have a big coordination meeting tomorrow with
06:28:50 all of the players in and around the park.
06:28:52 And then just to the west of that is the new Tampa
06:28:56 Museum of Art.
06:28:58 That proposed site and beyond that, lawns that lead
06:29:01 down to the river.
06:29:03 And then just to the North, of course, are connections
06:29:06 over to the performing art center.

06:29:09 So all together, this park has almost all of these
06:29:13 elements working in a wonderful synergy in a way that
06:29:15 we think is going to make it one of the most
06:29:19 successful urban downtown parks in the country.
06:29:22 Just some close-up views and some imagery to help you
06:29:25 imagine.
06:29:26 This is the plaza along Ashley.
06:29:28 There will be pavilions and spectacle fountains and
06:29:32 these tall illuminated pylons that will announce Tampa
06:29:35 as people come in from the city as well as other
06:29:38 multimedia displays.
06:29:40 The big green, of course, is there for performances.
06:29:43 But as well as just lounging out and looking out over
06:29:46 the river and the University of Tampa beyond.
06:29:52 Down by the water's edge, again, there's a plaza there
06:29:55 to pick up all the people from the Riverwalk.
06:29:58 There will be an interactive plaza.
06:30:01 Child friendly interactive plaza also supplemented
06:30:04 with a play area and a little food kiosk to make sure
06:30:07 that area down by the water is always busy with
06:30:11 families and children.
06:30:14 Along the southern edge, this is the park pavilion

06:30:18 building.
06:30:18 That along with palm groves will provide wonderful
06:30:21 shaded areas to look out over onto the park as one has
06:30:25 their bottle of water.
06:30:26 And then just to give you an idea, we've been looking
06:30:31 at some of the Cass Street crossings, moving from the
06:30:34 park over to the Performing Arts center, looking at
06:30:37 ways to make those more pedestrian friendly.
06:30:39 You may know that, well, you can see the upper photo
06:30:42 and then the lower photo, we're making sense out that
06:30:47 have network of streets very vehicular in its fashion
06:30:50 to help make these connections over with a Performing
06:30:53 Arts center.
06:30:54 Now, to give you something easier to see and
06:30:57 understand this will give you an artist rendering of
06:31:00 the park as we're looking from Ashley.
06:31:03 And you can see these tall pylons and the entrance
06:31:06 plaza fountain, the green areas beyond.
06:31:08 And then some computer images.
06:31:10 We're kind of hovering over Poe garage looking down to
06:31:13 the park from there.
06:31:14 You can see the pylons down by the water, and the

06:31:17 waterfront restaurant.
06:31:21 A look from the northwest corner into the park, again,
06:31:24 you see the waterfront restaurant, the pylons down by
06:31:28 the water --
06:31:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I ask a quick question about
06:31:31 that?
06:31:33 In a sort of center low, there's something that looks
06:31:35 like a series of triangles around each other.
06:31:41 >> Those are contours for a mound.
06:31:43 That's a little viewing mound to get you a little
06:31:46 higher.
06:31:50 Do you want to see that view again?
06:31:52 >>MARY ALVAREZ: That major expanse that you have in
06:31:54 the middle there, that's where you said that there's
06:31:56 going to be, like, for concerts and things like that.
06:31:59 >> Yes.
06:32:00 >>MARY ALVAREZ: No trees for shade or anything in that
06:32:02 area?
06:32:03 >> Well, you can't have big open concerts and trees
06:32:08 because they block the sight lines.
06:32:10 There are trees along the edges.
06:32:13 You noted the importance of shaded areas, there are

06:32:15 lawn areas, terrace lawn areas with shade and trees
06:32:18 along those edges, but we leave the one in the center
06:32:21 open so it's flexible and it can accommodate those
06:32:25 larger masses.
06:32:26 >>MARY ALVAREZ: What about lighting in that area?
06:32:28 >> There will be lighting.
06:32:29 The last image shows us a little bit of lighting.
06:32:32 There will be general lighting, but what we're finding
06:32:35 is each performance has a different requirement for
06:32:38 lighting, and they typically bring them in themselves.
06:32:42 We'll make sure they have all the power they need, but
06:32:44 they'll bring in the big show lighting, if you will,
06:32:47 but there will be general lighting for the park in
06:32:50 that big green every night, whether there's a
06:32:54 performance there or not.
06:32:58 The view from Kylie gardens out to the park, just
06:33:01 suggesting children's museum and museum of art beyond.
06:33:05 And they are going to be very nice in creating a nice
06:33:08 new architectural edge for the park instead of Poe
06:33:12 garage.
06:33:12 Lastly, the view from the water, again, you can see up
06:33:15 the green, the terrace lawns up to the terrace, up to

06:33:18 the plaza by Ashley.
06:33:24 The nighttime spectacle is very important to us.
06:33:27 We brought in one of the best lighting designers in
06:33:29 the world who is going to be working on this and
06:33:31 working out all the details, but some of the ideas
06:33:35 these wonderful lit pylons and, of course, lighting
06:33:37 throughout the park, interactive light features down
06:33:40 by the water to encourage children and families to
06:33:43 interact with the light.
06:33:44 And all of this is sort of in keeping with the
06:33:47 building heritage of the festival of light that the
06:33:50 city has.
06:33:50 So we think that the nighttime lighting in this park
06:33:53 should work right into that.
06:33:54 And add to the kind of excitement that comes with that
06:33:59 festival.
06:33:59 And that is it.
06:34:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
06:34:04 Very nice.
06:34:04 It will be great when it's finished.
06:34:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
06:34:08 This is very exciting.

06:34:10 And I look forward to additional information as you
06:34:15 work with the other entities in the park.
06:34:19 I just need to know that it's all going to work nicely
06:34:24 together, and that the flow from the part you designed
06:34:29 and the part that EDAW designs to the part that HDR
06:34:34 designs, could you just reassure us on that point?
06:34:37 >> Sure.
06:34:38 Along those lines, I'll be meeting tomorrow, actually
06:34:42 spending an entire day meeting with the people working
06:34:44 on Ashley with the Performing Arts center folks,
06:34:47 children museum center folks, museum of Arts folks and
06:34:51 riverwalk people.
06:34:53 I think those are all the stakeholders if I've got it
06:34:55 right.
06:34:55 And so the purpose of this, this is really the first
06:34:58 of what we expect to be many meetings that will be on
06:35:01 a monthly basis where I've been asked by the city to
06:35:04 be the overall urban design coordinator for all those
06:35:07 projects to make sure that it's all working in tandem
06:35:10 and that the interests of the park are not being
06:35:13 compromised by a museum or vice versa.
06:35:17 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Thank you for coming and

06:35:19 presenting.
06:35:20 This really helps in my mind crystallize how all this
06:35:23 will come together.
06:35:25 Because I've heard bits and pieces from all the
06:35:28 different players, and seeing how all of that was
06:35:31 going to come together in my mind was a major
06:35:34 challenge.
06:35:35 I commend you for taking this on and trying to get
06:35:37 everybody together.
06:35:42 Critical in making this work so that everything is
06:35:44 congruous, everything fits together and we have one
06:35:47 large forum for which we can have large public events
06:35:52 in great downtown open space.
06:35:53 Thank you.
06:35:54 I did have one question about your presentation.
06:35:57 I couldn't tell at this point, is there any proposal
06:35:59 to change the street alignment with the Cass Street
06:36:03 and the road that goes under the Poe garage and that
06:36:07 in that area?
06:36:09 >> Well, I showed you just a very early sketch that
06:36:12 explored some possibilities with a little bit of minor
06:36:16 realignments, we can make it much more pedestrian

06:36:20 friendly.
06:36:20 Of course, we have to get the folks from Riverwalk
06:36:24 past Cass.
06:36:25 I don't know whether that's under, over, or just how,
06:36:28 but the at-grade is what we call the interim
06:36:32 condition.
06:36:33 We think people will be automatically drawn from the
06:36:34 Performing Arts center over to this new park and that
06:36:37 we should make it a better pedestrian environment for
06:36:39 them to do that.
06:36:41 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: If I could, I agree with that,
06:36:43 because I've spent a number of evenings at the Art
06:36:45 Museum, and then go over.
06:36:48 >> Dodging cars?
06:36:49 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Well, there are creative ways to
06:36:51 get there without dodging cars, but to have a nice
06:36:54 vista that you could walk through over to the
06:36:56 Performing Arts center would be very nice.
06:36:58 I think that would be great.
06:36:59 Competing with that is the need for the museums to be
06:37:01 able to get buses in to have children and museum-goers
06:37:06 in.

06:37:06 You have a challenge there.
06:37:07 But I think you're up to it.
06:37:09 >> The one thing we have going for us there, is we
06:37:11 have Gasparilla.
06:37:12 It's a great drop-off spot for both those museums and
06:37:15 it's very safe.
06:37:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Gasparilla drive.
06:37:20 >> Yes, Gasparilla.
06:37:20 Well, that's the one that goes under Poe, right?
06:37:23 >> Yes.
06:37:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Alvarez.
06:37:25 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you, Mr. Balsley.
06:37:27 I'm really excited about this.
06:37:29 What I understand to ask you was the time line.
06:37:35 >> That's why I brought David Vaughn with me.
06:37:38 >>MARY ALVAREZ: All right.
06:37:39 I would love to hear from David Vaughn about a time
06:37:41 line.
06:37:42 There's so much going on and, of course, I think with
06:37:44 the way to bring in the buses would be through the Poe
06:37:47 garage that Mr. Fletcher was talking about.
06:37:49 I believe that could be utilized for that.

06:37:52 There's a big tunnel in there that you could bring the
06:37:55 buses in.
06:37:57 Okay, David, you're on.
06:37:58 >> The magic date, as we're looking at start of
06:38:01 construction for the park in January of 2008.
06:38:04 By the end of this year, first of next year.
06:38:07 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Thank you.
06:38:08 And so then how long does it take?
06:38:10 >> Right now, we're projecting both the park and the
06:38:13 museums as a 16-month project, so you'll be looking at
06:38:17 spring of '09.
06:38:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Good.
06:38:19 And so when does the museum of art building come down?
06:38:23 >> It will come down early in the process, early in
06:38:26 '08.
06:38:27 >>MARY ALVAREZ: When?
06:38:28 >> Early in 2008.
06:38:32 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Very interesting.
06:38:33 Thank you very much.
06:38:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
06:38:35 Ms. Saul-Sena.
06:38:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

06:38:37 I have a question for Tom about sustainable
06:38:42 architecture.
06:38:42 We're trying to get the museum, those of us interested
06:38:45 are trying to get the museum interested in thinking in
06:38:47 terms of the green building as well as a history
06:38:49 center.
06:38:50 Have you given that any thought in your planning?
06:38:53 >> We have in the park planning.
06:38:54 I'll be meeting with the museum architects tomorrow.
06:38:57 Obviously, that will be brought up.
06:38:58 But in the park, we're anticipating that the new park
06:39:01 building that I made reference to will have a green
06:39:03 roof, an accessible green roof.
06:39:05 So not only will it have a visible -- I was told
06:39:10 tonight it would be Tampa's first green roof.
06:39:12 If that's the case, I'm happy that we're a part of
06:39:15 that.
06:39:15 There are also a lot of sustainable strategies that
06:39:18 are sort of below the surface that you don't see
06:39:21 having to do with water quality, storm retention,
06:39:25 other things like that.
06:39:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

06:39:27 We appreciate you coming.
06:39:29 We look forward to this great architect work you're
06:39:32 going to do.
06:39:32 Just can't wait.
06:39:33 >> It's my pleasure.
06:39:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Vaughn, can we be -- Council is
06:39:39 interested, really interested in being a part of this
06:39:44 all along the way.
06:39:45 We don't want to wait until the end and cut the
06:39:48 ribbon.
06:39:48 We want to be part of the conversation.
06:39:50 So can you let us know when Mr. Balsley is coming back
06:39:54 to town and make it available for him to update us on
06:39:57 how things are going?
06:40:00 And will Mr. Balsley be able to not just coordinate
06:40:04 everything, but rather direct it?
06:40:06 For example, he referred to the fact that this needs
06:40:08 to be a pedestrian friendly project.
06:40:12 Will he have the ability to make sure of that?
06:40:18 >> He has been asked to do that.
06:40:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay.
06:40:22 We're really interested in seeing how that progresses.

06:40:25 The -- it's critical that pedestrians feel comfortable
06:40:31 and that they are our target market.
06:40:33 Because otherwise they don't get to the museum.
06:40:36 Thank you.
06:40:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
06:40:40 Now we go to our 6:00 zonings Land Development.
06:40:50 Would you please come up and clean the agenda?
06:40:54 >> Phil Schulz, Land Development Coordination.
06:40:56 I would like to clear the agenda please.
06:40:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Hold on one second.
06:41:01 Get reorganized for a second.
06:41:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead.
06:41:11 He doesn't even have one.
06:41:14 >> Yes, Madam Chairman.
06:41:15 Item number 3 on your agenda, Z 06-92, the petitioner
06:41:21 is here requesting an extension to -- Mr. Truett
06:41:27 Gardner is here, and I think he wants to speak to
06:41:30 41207.
06:41:33 >> Truett Gardner, South Franklin Street.
06:41:36 We had some technical issues with the site plan that
06:41:38 we need to remedy.
06:41:39 In addition to that, we're going to add addition use

06:41:42 of hotels to hopefully get this project going quicker.
06:41:45 So we need a little more time to do that.
06:41:47 We're asking for April 12th at 6 p.m.
06:41:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public who wants
06:41:51 to speak on the continuance of item number 3?
06:41:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If there's no one here, perhaps we
06:41:59 can set it for a day meeting.
06:42:01 I see some nods.
06:42:02 So I would like to move --
06:42:04 >>GWEN MILLER: You want to have it in the day,
06:42:05 Mr. True snit.
06:42:06 >> That would be fine
06:42:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The 19th.
06:42:18 >>GWEN MILLER: How about the 12th --
06:42:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: 19th in the day?
06:42:24 >> That's fine.
06:42:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to continue until April 19th
06:42:27 at 10 a.m.
06:42:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
06:42:29 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
06:42:30 All in favor of the motion, aye.
06:42:31 Opposed, nay.

06:42:32 [Motion Carried]
06:42:33 >> Thank you.
06:42:34 >> The next item, Madam Chairman, is item number five,
06:42:37 V07-06.
06:42:39 This was a misnotice.
06:42:40 The petitioner is here to request a continuance to
06:42:45 4/12/07.
06:42:47 I believe that's Pastor MIKEY Jones.
06:43:08 >> Good evening.
06:43:08 My name is MIKEY Jones.
06:43:12 I guess it's my fault that I failed to get the papers
06:43:16 to the City Council, was it?
06:43:19 City clerk.
06:43:20 I was supposed to got him to her and I brought them to
06:43:23 Mr. Schultz.
06:43:24 So would you please give us the hearing on April the
06:43:32 12th, and we'll try to have all that back to you.
06:43:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 6 p.m.?
06:43:37 >>GWEN MILLER: 6 p.m.
06:43:39 Readvertise and pay the fees?
06:43:40 >> Yes, ma'am.
06:43:42 >>GWEN MILLER: All right.

06:43:44 Make a motion.
06:43:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is there anyone in the audience?
06:43:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Can't be heard.
06:43:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Has to be renoticed.
06:43:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Need a motion to continue to April the
06:43:51 12th at 6 p.m.
06:43:52 >> So moved.
06:43:53 >> Second.
06:43:53 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
06:43:55 [Motion Carried]
06:43:55 April the 12th.
06:43:57 >> Thank you, kindly.
06:43:58 Thank you, sir.
06:43:59 >> The next item, Madam Chairman, is item number 9.
06:44:02 Z07-09, Mr. Ken Stoltenberg is here to request a
06:44:09 rescheduling of his public hearing.
06:44:14 >> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
06:44:16 We would respectfully request to reschedule our
06:44:20 hearing for April 12th.
06:44:21 We have two issues.
06:44:22 We had a misnotice that we realized our mistake and
06:44:25 came to the city and told them that.

06:44:27 We also had a note which did not get on the site plan
06:44:30 where we agreed to pay additional traffic impact fees
06:44:33 in addition to what our normal fees were, and we
06:44:36 weren't able to get that note on in time.
06:44:38 We're excited about the project, and would like to
06:44:40 come see you on the 12th.
06:44:41 I don't think anybody would have a problem with us
06:44:44 paying extra impact fees.
06:44:45 We would like to put that on.
06:44:47 There.
06:44:48 I would respectfully request to be heard on the
06:44:49 12th.
06:44:53 >>GWEN MILLER: It can't be heard.
06:44:55 There's nobody in the audience.
06:44:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So there's no option for the
06:45:00 daytime because it's a first hearing.
06:45:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Right.
06:45:01 All in favor, aye.
06:45:02 [Motion Carried]
06:45:06 >> The next item, two items tied together, item 11 and
06:45:10 item 13.
06:45:11 Item 11 is Z07-12, Bermuda vista.

06:45:15 Linda Pearson is here to request a continuance on
06:45:20 that.
06:45:20 And item 13 is C06-26, which is street vacating for
06:45:26 that respective project.
06:45:27 Ms. Pearson?
06:45:29 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to open those two public
06:45:30 hearings.
06:45:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So move.
06:45:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
06:45:33 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor, aye.
06:45:34 [Motion Carried]
06:45:37 >> Can't be heard.
06:45:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 11 and 13.
06:45:40 They cannot be heard?
06:45:41 >> They cannot open the public hearing.
06:45:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Oh, sorry, I take it back.
06:45:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Has it been noticed?
06:45:49 Will it have to be renoticed?
06:45:50 It will have to be renoticed?
06:45:52 Okay.
06:45:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All right.
06:45:54 The motion was moot.

06:45:56 Right, Marty?
06:45:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Right.
06:45:58 So it cannot be heard.
06:45:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Well, I guess what will happen --
06:46:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Do we need to close it back?
06:46:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It couldn't get open.
06:46:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Well, there was a motion to open.
06:46:09 Why don't you make a motion to rescind.
06:46:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to rescind.
06:46:13 All in favor, aye.
06:46:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 11 and 13.
06:46:16 >>GWEN MILLER: What do you want to do with that?
06:46:18 11 and 13.
06:46:19 >> Madam Chairman, Linda Pearson, for the record.
06:46:22 We are requesting a continuance.
06:46:23 We discussed some issues with staff as late as
06:46:26 yesterday afternoon.
06:46:27 We're trying to work out and modify our site plan to
06:46:30 deal with the retention of a grand tree on the site.
06:46:35 There were some interpretations issues where there was
06:46:37 a miscommunication, I think, with our engineer and
06:46:39 with the parks and recreation staff.

06:46:41 So we are working on those issues, and if there's no
06:46:45 opposition tonight, we would like -- we submitted a
06:46:48 letter yesterday requesting to go to the March 22nd
06:46:52 daytime hearing.
06:46:54 >>GWEN MILLER: That's for both of them?
06:46:56 >> Yes.
06:46:56 One is a vacation of right-of-way that is a large
06:46:59 five-acre tract in Palmetto Beach we're redeveloping.
06:47:02 It includes vacation of right-of-way and rezoning that
06:47:05 staff and us would like to have heard concurrently.
06:47:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby.
06:47:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I'm a little confused.
06:47:12 If this is not able to be heard tonight, and you
06:47:14 cannot open it, then the continuance is out of order.
06:47:17 It cannot be continued because it is -- won't be a
06:47:20 continued public hearing.
06:47:21 If it requires renotice or notice as I hear, then how
06:47:25 much time is required for the notice?
06:47:30 Closure is 30 days and zoning is 30 days.
06:47:34 And pardon me.
06:47:36 The closure would need a new resolution prepared?
06:47:39 To set the new public hearing.

06:47:42 Is what the deputy clerk informs me, Council.
06:47:44 So I don't know what is appropriate, if there are any
06:47:47 suggestions from staff, I would be very happy to
06:47:50 assist.
06:47:51 >> We would like for the rules to be waived so we can
06:47:52 move forward.
06:47:53 I'm not aware of any opposition that we have from the
06:47:55 community on this.
06:47:56 We met with them on numerous --
06:47:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I don't believe you can waive notice
06:47:59 if it's not able to be heard.
06:48:03 >> For the daytime meeting we're talking about.
06:48:08 March 22nd, daytime.
06:48:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm at a loss to see how it can be
06:48:16 renoticed.
06:48:17 Did you want to discuss this with the petition and
06:48:21 come back?
06:48:23 Right now, what's the next available date with notice?
06:48:26 >> April 12th, evening.
06:48:31 >> When would the notice have to go out by?
06:48:33 >> Tomorrow.
06:48:33 >> We would need a resolution to set the public

06:48:35 hearing, 30-day notice -- [Not speaking into
06:48:38 microphone].
06:48:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam clerk.
06:48:56 Is a motion for the 12th appropriate, can we do
06:48:58 that?
06:49:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Why don't you take the microphone.
06:49:06 >>CLERK: On the closure petition, it would require a
06:49:08 new resolution to be prepared setting a new public
06:49:10 hearing date.
06:49:11 That would require at least 30-day notice in order for
06:49:15 us to put it into the paper.
06:49:16 If a resolution was presented tonight, we would have
06:49:19 to have it in the paper by Saturday in order to meet
06:49:21 the 30 days.
06:49:22 The zoning, you can reschedule it for 30 days, but if
06:49:26 it's running in conjunction with the closure petition,
06:49:28 you would have to have them both set for the same
06:49:30 date.
06:49:31 So April 12th would be impossible.
06:49:38 >> I hope I have a solution.
06:49:39 Donna Wysong, Legal Department.
06:49:42 The problem is with number 11, Z07-12.

06:49:47 That is the one that does not meet the minimal
06:49:49 requirements to even be on the agenda tonight.
06:49:51 That's why it had to be pulled.
06:49:52 However, number 13, C06-26, that has met all of the
06:49:57 notice requirements, et cetera.
06:49:59 So technically, we could open that one tonight and
06:50:02 then continue it to whatever date that we do that.
06:50:06 And that's the one that requires the 30 days.
06:50:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why don't we do that then.
06:50:13 >> Why don't we open 13, continue it to whatever date
06:50:15 that you-all decide on for number 11.
06:50:17 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I would say suggest that you deal
06:50:19 with number 11, then you'll know the dates --
06:50:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I move number 11 to give them an
06:50:26 opportunity to set it for the April 12th, in the
06:50:30 evening.
06:50:30 Right?
06:50:32 And it seems like there's enough time for that.
06:50:34 That would be my motion.
06:50:35 And as long as there's a space on the calendar, which
06:50:37 it sounds like there is, then that's my motion.
06:50:39 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

06:50:40 All in favor of the motion, aye.
06:50:42 Opposed, nay.
06:50:42 [Motion Carried]
06:50:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I move to open number 13.
06:50:45 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 6 p.m.
06:50:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Open number 13.
06:50:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.
06:50:49 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
06:50:50 All in favor of the motion, aye.
06:50:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll move -- continue number 13 to
06:50:53 April 12th, 6 p.m.
06:50:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby, question on the motion?
06:50:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Wanted to see if anybody wishes to
06:51:00 address the continuance on number 13.
06:51:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Anybody in the public want to talk on
06:51:04 the continuance of item number 13?
06:51:08 You need a second.
06:51:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.
06:51:09 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
06:51:11 All in favor, aye.
06:51:12 [Motion Carried]
06:51:14 >> Thank you, Madam Chairman.

06:51:15 The last item is item 15, Z06-66.
06:51:19 The petitioner is -- has requested a continuance to
06:51:22 3/22/07.
06:51:24 There is a slot available for that for your
06:51:26 consideration.
06:51:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
06:51:29 speak on the continuance of item number 15?
06:51:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to continue number 15, 3/22,
06:51:38 6 p.m.
06:51:40 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
06:51:41 All in favor, aye.
06:51:42 Opposed, nay.
06:51:43 [Motion Carried]
06:51:44 Anyone in the public going to speak on item number 4?
06:51:49 , 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, would you please stand and
06:51:58 raise your right hand.
06:52:02 16.
06:52:07 (Oath administered by clerk).
06:52:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, I would ask that all
06:52:18 written communications relative to tonight's hearings
06:52:20 that have been available for public inspection in
06:52:23 Council's office be received and filed into the record

06:52:25 at this time by motion, please.
06:52:41 Motion to receive and file, please.
06:52:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Need a motion.
06:52:45 >> So moved.
06:52:47 >> Second.
06:52:47 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
06:52:48 All in favor, aye.
06:52:49 Opposed, nay.
06:52:50 [Motion Carried]
06:52:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you, Council.
06:52:51 Also, a reminder, please, if you've had any verbal
06:52:54 communication with any petitioner, his or her
06:52:56 representative or any member of the public in
06:52:58 connection with any of tonight's hearings, please
06:53:00 prior to action disclose the following, the persons,
06:53:02 group or entity with whom the verbal communication
06:53:04 occurred and the substance of that verbal
06:53:06 communication.
06:53:07 Finally, ladies and gentlemen, there's a lot of people
06:53:09 in the audience.
06:53:10 It will be a busy night for testifying.
06:53:12 To speed things along and to keep me from interrupting

06:53:15 you, when you state your name, please reaffirm that
06:53:18 you have been sworn.
06:53:18 I'll put a little sign up there at the lectern to
06:53:21 remind you.
06:53:22 Thank you.
06:53:28 >> Madam Chair, Phil Schulz, Land Development
06:53:29 Coordination.
06:53:30 I have been sworn.
06:53:31 Good evening.
06:53:32 The first item is number 4 on the agenda.
06:53:35 Zoning case Z06-122, located at 403 South Albany
06:53:42 Avenue.
06:53:42 District 4, Courier City/Oscawana Neighborhood
06:53:42 Association.
06:53:45 The petitioner is requesting to rezone from RM-16 to
06:53:51 PD, planned development.
06:53:53 The DRC has objections to this request for a petition.
06:53:59 The waivers are, number one, section 27-246, to reduce
06:54:05 vehicle backout distance in the rear along the alley
06:54:07 for both the tandem and guest parking spaces from 26
06:54:11 to 22 feet.
06:54:13 In summary, the petitioner proposes to rezone property

06:54:16 at 403 South Albany Avenue to planned development to
06:54:20 construct 5,800-square-foot, four-unit town house.
06:54:25 Setbacks for the site include 19 feet in the fronting
06:54:30 on Albany with a 5-foot porch, 5 feet on the side
06:54:34 yard, and 26 in the rear yard.
06:54:36 Located in the Hyde Park national historic district.
06:54:39 However, it is not located in a local historic
06:54:41 district.
06:54:41 And not subject to A.R.C. review.
06:54:45 The proposed plan requires one guest parking space,
06:54:48 two compact guest parking spaces are provided off the
06:54:52 alley.
06:54:52 The proposed maximum building heights for the bungalow
06:54:56 craftsman-style structure is 35 feet.
06:55:02 Land Development Coordination has reviewed this in
06:55:05 consideration of planned development section 27-321,
06:55:10 subsection 1, 2 and 6.
06:55:13 Our concerns are compatibility with the adjacent
06:55:17 bungalows in the area.
06:55:18 And I would like to show that.
06:55:20 Elmo, please.
06:55:22 To orient you to the location of this, here is the

06:55:27 subject property.
06:55:29 We have Azeele Street to the North.
06:55:32 Here's Albany.
06:55:35 We have to the West is Westland and Horatio to the
06:55:41 South.
06:55:43 Here is an aerial photo where you can obviously see,
06:55:49 which I'm going to show you right now, if you would,
06:55:51 please.
06:55:52 Due North of the parcel is a historic, restored fire
06:55:59 station.
06:55:59 To the South, there are three bungalows.
06:56:03 Across the way, there are two bungalows and -- well, I
06:56:09 would say contemporary style home on the corner.
06:56:12 And then we have four bungalows on the North side of
06:56:17 Azeele and three bungalows on the West side of the
06:56:20 North side of Azeele.
06:56:21 In the rear, we also have a one-story office in the
06:56:23 corner.
06:56:24 And then we have a one-story home directly to the
06:56:29 rear.
06:56:30 All of the rest of the area, however, has transitioned
06:56:33 to two-and-a-half to two-story bungalows.

06:56:39 Here's a picture of the subject parcel and property.
06:56:43 As you can see, it's already been somewhat salvaged by
06:56:48 the petitioner for some of the historic artifacts that
06:56:51 are contained in the structure.
06:56:53 This is the home that is directly to the South of this
06:57:00 building.
06:57:01 This is a historic fire station.
06:57:04 And here's a little better shot of it actually and how
06:57:07 that's been restored into office.
06:57:09 This is a bungalow that's directly South -- it's the
06:57:14 second one to the South.
06:57:16 This is a bungalow that is directly across the way.
06:57:21 This is the one-story, somewhat contemporary home on
06:57:25 the corner.
06:57:28 This is a one-story, but it's a multiunit.
06:57:31 You can't really see it, but in the back, there are
06:57:34 other units in the back of that structure.
06:57:36 This is a town home, four units down the way having
06:57:40 the access comparable to this in the rear.
06:57:44 This is a view of the street, Albany looking to the
06:57:46 South.
06:57:47 You can see that there are -- and again, this goes to

06:57:51 compatibility.
06:57:54 There's one driveway per bungalow, whereas, we're
06:57:59 proposing two in the proposed plan.
06:58:02 Here are the bungalows on the North side of Azeele,
06:58:05 which is on the, actually the East side of Albany.
06:58:12 This is the West side of Albany.
06:58:14 On the North side, you can see the bungalows here.
06:58:18 This is the one-story home on Westland, but, again,
06:58:22 they have a two-story over the garage.
06:58:26 And this is a converted office on the corner of Azeele
06:58:29 and Westland.
06:58:31 This is four units, single story that's also to the
06:58:36 rear on Westland.
06:58:42 Land Development Coordination will be available for
06:58:44 any questions you may have concerning this case.
06:58:46 And now I would like to turn this over to Tony Garcia
06:58:50 from the Planning Commission.
06:58:52 Mr. Garcia.
06:58:55 >> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
06:58:57 I have been sworn in.
06:59:01 Just a few additional comments to add on to what
06:59:03 Mr. Schultz has already briefed you on regarding this

06:59:09 case.
06:59:09 The land use designation for this area which is in the
06:59:12 Oscawana, Courier City area.
06:59:14 There are two predominant land use areas South of
06:59:16 Platt Street, CMU 35, community mixed use-35, which is
06:59:20 the pinkish color.
06:59:22 The darker brown color, this rust color is residential
06:59:25 35 land use category.
06:59:27 Going to the aerial, the residential 35 based on the
06:59:30 acreage does allow consideration in the project
06:59:34 consistent as far as R-35 standards for the four units
06:59:36 that the applicant has requested.
06:59:41 Regarding the overall context of the area for
06:59:44 Oscawana/Courier City, of course, we do know that we
06:59:48 have an integration of residential uses in the area.
06:59:51 And Mr. Schultz has already described to you, we do
06:59:54 have various residential uses.
06:59:58 Do you have the three bungalows over here.
07:00:00 You have an office use.
07:00:02 You have single-family detached, single-family
07:00:05 detached over here and then the other uses, little
07:00:08 integrated here along South Albany Avenue.

07:00:11 Council will also be very familiar with the project
07:00:13 adjacent to this particular one right on the corner of
07:00:15 Horatio and Albany which came to you at the last
07:00:18 hearing, which is this parcel over here for a similar
07:00:21 type of request for four units.
07:00:24 As I recall, Council as requested that this particular
07:00:27 applicant take the project back and probably come back
07:00:29 with a different type of design and reduced intensity.
07:00:32 So from a compatibility aspect, I would say that since
07:00:35 you do have an integration of residential uses in the
07:00:38 area, you can find this case consistent as far as what
07:00:42 the request is going to be, but I do see where council
07:00:47 has been going in the past, and I think it's a wise
07:00:49 way to go from a neighborhood local issue, Council is
07:00:54 basically asking applicants to come back with
07:00:56 potential reduced density in design.
07:00:59 So I believe it's a design issue, because I think you
07:01:02 probably could have a duplex with a design over here
07:01:04 that could still be very compatible with what the uses
07:01:07 are in the area and to allow the developability of a
07:01:10 parcel for a potential developer in the area.
07:01:12 Planning Commission staff had no objections to the

07:01:14 proposed request.
07:01:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You said it's basically a design
07:01:23 issue, but it's also a density issue.
07:01:25 Because I think the project in front of us is a quad.
07:01:28 >> Correct.
07:01:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: But you said perhaps a duplex might
07:01:31 be more compatible or in line with where Council has
07:01:34 been headed.
07:01:35 >> That's the direction that Council has been going.
07:01:37 That's a request that you actually made for the one
07:01:39 right down the street, about four units down.
07:01:41 That is Council's pleasure as to whether or not they
07:01:44 will find.
07:01:45 It's a mass density issue over here, but the density
07:01:49 in the comp plan, you have a residential 35.
07:01:51 So it just allows them to go over four units.
07:01:53 So they do meet the density requirements under the
07:01:56 residential 35 category, Mr. Dingfelder.
07:01:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: For the comp plan.
07:01:59 >> Yes, sir.
07:01:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
07:02:00 Thank you.

07:02:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
07:02:16 >> Good evening, for the record, once again, Linda
07:02:18 Pearson, 1200 West Platt, suite 204, 33606.
07:02:21 I have been sworn.
07:02:22 With me tonight is Michael Morris, the land owner.
07:02:26 Also, we have Jeff Conner, our architect and Phyllis
07:02:29 Flemming, a planner, is here to assist me tonight.
07:02:33 She will also be making a presentation shortly.
07:02:35 This request is for a quadruplex development.
07:02:38 The site is currently developed with an existing
07:02:41 single-family structure.
07:02:42 We've provided you each with a booklet of documents
07:02:45 which we will be using during our presentation tonight
07:02:48 because we feel it's very important to provide you a
07:02:50 good history of this entire area.
07:02:53 If you would turn to tab one that says "area study,"
07:02:57 the first graphic in that document, if we can show
07:03:02 that, our subject site is outlined in yellow.
07:03:07 You will see that predominantly in this area, our
07:03:11 multifamily uses.
07:03:12 And if we can zoom out just a little bit more.
07:03:15 The gold properties are existing multifamily

07:03:21 properties in this area.
07:03:22 And you can see that the gold color with multifamily
07:03:26 uses is the predominant land use.
07:03:29 The lavender site, which includes the converted fire
07:03:34 station to our North and others scattered throughout
07:03:37 the community are existing office projects.
07:03:41 The red sites are your existing commercial projects in
07:03:44 this area.
07:03:45 This graphic clearly demonstrates the historic trend
07:03:48 for multifamily development in this general area.
07:03:51 Our next graphic, which we have to share with you
07:03:55 tonight on the next page is an overview of the
07:03:57 surrounding development pattern within a one-block
07:04:00 area of the subject property, and we have provided for
07:04:04 you an ideal -- an idea of what other multifamily
07:04:10 projects are within our one-block area.
07:04:13 And you will see that they are both to our North,
07:04:16 South, East and West within this area.
07:04:18 And this has been the predominant trend for
07:04:21 development in this res-35 land use category within
07:04:25 the last 10 years.
07:04:27 If you turn to the next page, we show photos of the

07:04:31 existing quadruplex structures and their location in
07:04:35 proximity to the subject property.
07:04:36 We are also showing you the single-family houses that
07:04:39 are along both sides of Albany, between Azeele and
07:04:43 Horatio.
07:04:45 And we show you the office to the North, which is the
07:04:48 converted fire station.
07:04:53 The fire station structure is approximately two and
07:04:55 one half stories in height.
07:04:56 It abuts our northern border.
07:04:58 And all of the other recently developed parcels in
07:05:01 this area have been developed with quadruplex units,
07:05:04 as you can see in the last ten years.
07:05:07 The next graphic depicts our Albany Avenue profile.
07:05:11 The subject property is shown in yellow once again.
07:05:15 Notice the mix of office, quadruplex and single-family
07:05:19 in this block.
07:05:23 I'd like to further expand on the single-family in
07:05:25 that area.
07:05:26 And I'll direct your attention to the graphic labeled
07:05:33 homesteaded versus nonhomesteaded project.
07:05:36 The green lots in this graphic depict single-family

07:05:41 structures that are not homesteaded.
07:05:43 The remaining lots, the gold lots are the homesteaded
07:05:48 single-family projects in this area.
07:05:50 There's one directly abutting us to the South.
07:05:52 There are no others on Albany between Azeele and
07:05:56 Horatio on either side of the block that we are
07:05:59 facing.
07:06:00 The remaining lots that are not colored in this
07:06:02 graphic that you just see the aerial photographs of
07:06:04 are multiple family projects, basically quadruplexes.
07:06:11 I'd like to note that this graphic clearly
07:06:14 demonstrates that the entire block between Albany and
07:06:19 Horatio, that there's only one single-family house
07:06:25 that is homesteaded on our entire block.
07:06:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Between what and what?
07:06:30 >> Between Azeele --
07:06:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You said Albany.
07:06:32 >> On Albany, on either side of Albany, between Azeele
07:06:36 and Horatio, there's only one single-family house
07:06:41 that's homesteaded.
07:06:42 The others are apparently rental investment
07:06:44 properties.

07:06:45 And that has been consistent in our research.
07:06:48 We verified it now twice as late as even this
07:06:51 afternoon.
07:06:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why is that relevant to planning?
07:06:54 >> I think it's important, because we are requesting
07:06:57 multifamily development.
07:07:00 And a lot of the single-family houses in this area are
07:07:02 rentals, and they are being used for multiple units.
07:07:08 They are not being used for single-family.
07:07:08 The one on Albany that's three lots down has five
07:07:11 units.
07:07:11 It looks like a single-family house, but it has
07:07:14 fire -- it has two buildings behind it.
07:07:16 You don't see it from the street.
07:07:18 And I think that is important to show, because there
07:07:20 may be arguments that this is a viable single-family
07:07:23 neighborhood, and it is not.
07:07:25 Not in this area.
07:07:26 It is not.
07:07:26 The single-family detached homes in this area are an
07:07:31 anomaly.
07:07:32 They are not typical.

07:07:33 And if you go and look and, again, let me just direct
07:07:37 you back, because I see you shaking your head, the
07:07:46 goal is your multifamily.
07:07:48 That's the way they are developed, and that's what
07:07:50 they are.
07:07:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, you have multifamily already.
07:07:53 You have RM-16 already.
07:07:55 >> Yes, we do.
07:07:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You've had it probably for 20 or 30
07:07:58 years.
07:07:58 >> Yes, and we'll be going into the zoning history of
07:08:00 the entire area from the 1950s forward very shortly.
07:08:03 The Planning Commission staff has appropriately
07:08:05 documented their findings and found that there is a
07:08:09 mixed use of older single-family detached, newer town
07:08:13 homes and multifamily buildings in the area.
07:08:15 They find that we have provided adequate buffering,
07:08:18 committed to the design in a bungalow craftsman-style
07:08:22 to be sensitive to the character of the remaining
07:08:25 area.
07:08:25 And they found us consistent and do not object.
07:08:29 I would like to introduce Jeff Conner, our architect,

07:08:32 who will be followed by Phillip with the balance of
07:08:35 our initial presentation.
07:08:42 >> Good evening, Council.
07:08:43 Jeff Conner.
07:08:44 I have been sworn in.
07:08:46 The premise for the design of the quadruplex which has
07:08:51 been used quite a lot in that area and basically, I am
07:08:58 an advocate in promotion of a more pedestrian city.
07:09:01 And I feel that the urban boundary should contain
07:09:05 areas sustaining multifamily densities.
07:09:10 This look at 403 South Albany in close proximity to
07:09:13 the CSX right-of-way which will be a proposed light
07:09:17 rail route is an appropriate location to encourage
07:09:20 multifamily growth.
07:09:34 In following where the yellow circle is the
07:09:40 neighborhood that's in question right here.
07:09:41 And this would be the CSX right-of-way line following
07:09:45 right through that.
07:09:52 There are areas that are adjacent to that corridor
07:09:56 which are not appropriate for multifamily development
07:10:01 and should be protected as single-family development
07:10:04 areas such as new suburb beautiful in Hyde Park in

07:10:07 terms of the historic district.
07:10:10 This request is supported by a historic neighborhood
07:10:16 pattern of multifamily zoning which has just
07:10:19 previously been discussed and the current Howard
07:10:21 Avenue overlay district which encourages an active
07:10:25 pedestrian environment.
07:10:27 The building model for this quadruplex is derived from
07:10:32 the historical multifamily structures that are
07:10:35 prevalent in the area from the turn of the century.
07:10:39 And in general terms, those are two-story structures,
07:10:42 which utilize a middle hallway addressing both the
07:10:46 street and the alley and minor property setbacks.
07:11:09 This development utilizes and has the front porch and
07:11:21 the entry component extend out as the major front
07:11:25 component of the building which was the 14-foot
07:11:27 setback from the open porch.
07:11:29 The recessive components, which would be the opaque
07:11:33 wall where the garage structure is located is set back
07:11:36 at 20 feet on the street side and 25 feet on the alley
07:11:41 side.
07:11:46 And this design and use has historically been the
07:11:49 development component in the neighborhood, and I feel

07:11:52 it is an appropriate direction for the future growth
07:11:54 in Tampa.
07:11:57 Other components on this building are the breaking
07:12:01 down of the scale and mass of the structure from the
07:12:06 two stories which has the pitched roof, which is the
07:12:09 reason for the 35 feet, the actual plate line of the
07:12:13 building is approximately 22 feet.
07:12:16 And the articulation of the front with the columns and
07:12:19 the porches and lower roof line brings the scale down
07:12:23 and addresses single-family structures in the
07:12:28 neighborhood with the lower rooflines also.
07:12:35 That would conclude my presentation.
07:12:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
07:12:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Conner.
07:12:42 Jeff, you know I respect your work tremendously.
07:12:45 I think you're one of the best architects in this
07:12:48 city.
07:12:49 And, therefore, I'm going to ask you this question,
07:12:52 because I know you and I sat together on this panel
07:12:55 right here at the VRB for years.
07:12:57 I know you'll give me a straight answer.
07:13:00 If this was a duplex, two units instead of four, then

07:13:04 that double garage that I'm looking at right there or
07:13:07 the two single garages would be eliminated and you
07:13:11 would have two -- you would have rear entry off the
07:13:13 alley for those two units, right?
07:13:15 >> If I was to design this property as a duplex, two
07:13:20 units, yes, I would put garages off of the rear.
07:13:23 I would not put garages off of the front, because the
07:13:26 opportunity presents itself.
07:13:28 The impetus that I have for putting four units on the
07:13:32 property goes back to my premise of the encouraging
07:13:37 what the Howard Avenue overlay district is trying to
07:13:40 promote.
07:13:42 You know, and that's bringing a little more density at
07:13:45 some areas within the city for light rail and other
07:13:50 pedestrian friendly activities to occur, we have to
07:13:53 increase density at some locations.
07:13:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And I understand that premise.
07:14:00 But here is my problem with that premise.
07:14:02 We have already approved at the Heidt & Associates
07:14:07 building, whatever we call that building, already
07:14:09 approved hundreds of units there that have not been
07:14:12 built.

07:14:12 Further up the street, there's an addition to the
07:14:14 apartment complex, what's that called?
07:14:17 Post.
07:14:18 I think that's under construction now.
07:14:21 We've got, thanks to you and others, you know, who
07:14:25 have done a nice job in this area, but I think we're
07:14:28 sort of hitting kind of a maximum threshold, we've
07:14:32 already got many, many quads already been constructed
07:14:34 or under construction in this area.
07:14:36 And that I think what we're hearing from the folks
07:14:38 that are living in this area is that we've got some
07:14:41 severe parking problems, on-street parking problems.
07:14:44 We've got, you know, we've got some significant
07:14:48 problems that we haven't been able to address yet.
07:14:50 And to talk about a train, a light rail that we would
07:14:53 all, I think most of us would like to see a light rail
07:14:57 come through there, but I don't know that the light
07:14:59 rail, you know, five or ten years down the road can
07:15:02 justify putting more density in today.
07:15:04 And that's the problem that I'm wrestling with.
07:15:07 I'm wrestling with it tremendously.
07:15:08 And I don't know, maybe I'm putting you on the spot.

07:15:11 You're the architect of record, and do you a beautiful
07:15:14 job.
07:15:14 It's a lovely job if we approve a quad.
07:15:17 But I'm not sure the density for continuing the quad
07:15:20 trend in this neighborhood is appropriate.
07:15:22 And that's what I'm having a big problem with.
07:15:26 >> Just in response to that, part of what I think this
07:15:28 quad does is, I know there's been some that are three
07:15:32 stories in height and some others, but I think the
07:15:34 two-story component is a compatible size because it
07:15:38 reflects -- basically what the other apartments are
07:15:43 from the turn of the century that were built as well
07:15:46 as creating density on a smaller scale.
07:15:49 Now, the one that you mentioned with post and with the
07:15:52 Heidt & Associates property, if I kind of think back
07:15:55 to the Jane Jacobs super block models of where I
07:16:00 create these megaprojects, you know, these are small
07:16:03 projects that utilize 24 units to the acre.
07:16:06 That's just about what this runs if you do a density
07:16:09 calculation on it.
07:16:10 It's just a little bit short of that.
07:16:12 But they break that scale down to where I have a

07:16:15 moderate density in small components that are actually
07:16:20 spread and dispersed throughout the neighborhood
07:16:22 rather than a big concentration all at one location.
07:16:25 To me, I think that's a good thing.
07:16:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: There's some legitimacy to that.
07:16:31 Here is the other problem I have with it.
07:16:33 You have a single car garage for that unit.
07:16:36 And we pretty much are seeing that these are two-car
07:16:39 families that are buying these units.
07:16:41 So where is the other car going to go?
07:16:43 It's going to constantly be sitting on that front
07:16:47 little stretch there, or if they don't want to stack
07:16:50 in front of each other, then they will be fighting for
07:16:52 the on-street stuff along with everybody else.
07:16:56 So, yes, you've lowered it, which I appreciate, and
07:17:00 you've reduced the mass, but you safely, you've done
07:17:03 that by giving up an inside parking space.
07:17:06 >> The guest parking is on the backside of this
07:17:09 property.
07:17:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm not even talking about the
07:17:12 guest spot.
07:17:12 I'm talking about the resident parking.

07:17:14 >> Well, my office is in this neighborhood.
07:17:16 This is kind of a sidebar to this, but the one thing
07:17:20 that I actually do appreciate, that's cars that park
07:17:23 on the street and I wiggle through them all day
07:17:26 myself, they slow down traffic.
07:17:28 When they are not there, the cars fly down.
07:17:32 You can go up to Carrollwood and see no cars --
07:17:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The fire department has a different
07:17:38 angle on it.
07:17:39 >> I'm sure they do.
07:17:42 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Just one question, sir.
07:17:45 You're showing us the two -- a duplex in the front.
07:17:51 Where is the back?
07:17:53 Do you have a rendering of the back part of it?
07:17:57 >> Let me put a building plan there.
07:18:05 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Does it look like the same as the
07:18:07 front?
07:18:07 >> Yes, two units that face the alley and part of the
07:18:09 precedent for that was how the old apartments in the
07:18:12 neighborhood actually have the hallway that goes
07:18:14 through and addresses units off of the alley as well,
07:18:18 which, you know, people that lived in those apartments

07:18:23 utilized those alleys as their local street it wasn't
07:18:27 a through street, that was their local street.
07:18:30 >>MARY ALVAREZ: How about the alley?
07:18:33 How wide is that alley?
07:18:34 >> It's 15 feet.
07:18:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: 15 feet.
07:18:37 >> Right.
07:18:37 And the rear setback for the back of that is 25 feet
07:18:40 off of the property, which, you know, allows 40 feet
07:18:43 of width between parking and backout space.
07:18:47 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So where would you put the guest
07:18:50 parking that you said there was one guest parking
07:18:53 space.
07:18:53 Where would you put it if you had tandem parking for
07:18:58 the front and the back.
07:18:59 >> Right.
07:19:01 They are adjacent across the back.
07:19:03 And they are being pointed out on the plan right now.
07:19:05 >>MARY ALVAREZ: It would be on the side of the house
07:19:10 itself.
07:19:11 >> Yes, ma'am.
07:19:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

07:19:17 Is there anyone in the public want to speak on item
07:19:19 number 4?
07:19:21 >> We haven't finished.
07:19:22 We have one more speaker.
07:19:23 >>GWEN MILLER: You have some more.
07:19:24 I'm sorry.
07:19:25 Just wait in line.
07:19:26 >> I'll be quick.
07:19:27 Phyllis Flemming, DS Pearson.
07:19:30 I have been sworn.
07:19:31 I wanted to take the time available to me tonight to
07:19:34 review with you the historic growth patterns of the
07:19:37 area.
07:19:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just a quick point of order.
07:19:42 Phyllis, I'm not picking on you by any means, but this
07:19:47 issue had been raised at some point.
07:19:51 There's a preclusion from a staff person leaving the
07:19:55 city and then coming back in front of us.
07:19:57 But Phyllis, you had worked at the Planning
07:19:59 Commission, which is a different entity.
07:20:01 And I just want to make sure that there's no issue of
07:20:04 conflict or preclusion in terms of that.

07:20:08 Have you looked into that, Phyllis?
07:20:10 >> Thank you for pointing that out.
07:20:12 I believe I am free of conflict and not having been
07:20:16 employed by the city.
07:20:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: By a different agency.
07:20:21 Donna?
07:20:21 >> That's correct.
07:20:22 The two-year limitation on appearing before Council
07:20:26 only applies to employees of the city.
07:20:28 Unless there's a conflict with the Planning
07:20:31 Commission, her employment there, there's no --
07:20:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to clear that air
07:20:36 just so it's all clear.
07:20:38 Thank you.
07:20:39 >> Thank you.
07:20:41 I did want to take the time available to me tonight to
07:20:43 review the historic growth patterns of the area and
07:20:46 also because we're proponents for creating a variety
07:20:49 of transportation choices, for those who might want or
07:20:52 need them.
07:20:55 I'll discuss this application as it relates to the
07:20:59 broader policy decisions we make for the city.

07:21:02 First, let's review the growth trend.
07:21:04 The first graphic is historic zoning Atlas for the
07:21:07 City of Tampa.
07:21:08 It shows the original R-3, multifamily zoning
07:21:12 designations in the area.
07:21:14 It also shows the nature of the urban form of the city
07:21:17 as you travel from what was outskirts at R-1 and R-1-A
07:21:24 to the area of the subject site, R-3.
07:21:26 The next graphic is an enlargement of the site and
07:21:29 surrounding area.
07:21:30 It shows the predominance of R-3, multifamily
07:21:33 designations at this location as well as to the North
07:21:36 and to the East.
07:21:43 This is a graphic of the rezoning approvals in the
07:21:45 area.
07:21:45 It refers to the rezoning approvals, including
07:21:48 multifamily approvals that have occurred between 1993
07:21:51 and 2003.
07:21:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: How many PDs are there?
07:22:03 >> Quite a few.
07:22:04 >> I think what this --
07:22:06 >> About 25.

07:22:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Out of how many in that entire
07:22:10 quadrant?
07:22:16 I guess out of all the lots -- I thought approve more
07:22:21 PDs in that area, but appears there's 25 out of
07:22:24 hundred or more.
07:22:27 >> [not speaking into microphone]
07:22:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right, is it 100 lots or more?
07:22:35 >> [not speaking into microphone]
07:22:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
07:22:39 Thank you.
07:22:44 >> Next are some excerpts from the 2006 City of Tampa
07:22:48 evaluation and appraisal report.
07:22:51 The report discusses the city's future population
07:22:53 growth, and I quote, "Projected population increase
07:22:57 for the City of Tampa from 2005 to 2025 is 92,860
07:23:04 people.
07:23:04 As a result, the City of Tampa will need to redevelop
07:23:07 sufficient land to house 51,320 people or around
07:23:13 21,630 housing units.
07:23:16 For comparison purposes, on April 1st, 2005, there
07:23:20 were 2,320 housing units on Harbour Island.
07:23:24 Between 2005 and 2025, the city will need to redevelop

07:23:29 sufficient land to house the equivalent of nine
07:23:33 Harbour Island.
07:23:34 The absolute increase of approximately 93,000 people
07:23:37 will require substantial redevelopment in the city
07:23:40 given the limited amount of remaining vacant land
07:23:44 within the existing city limits.
07:23:48 The next graphic is a map of the areas most likely to
07:23:52 use transit.
07:23:53 You can see by this map that the section of the city
07:23:56 shows a high propensity of transit use.
07:23:59 For years, we have discussed the need to sustain and
07:24:01 support the use of viable transit, we must have
07:24:06 density.
07:24:07 Last month, the MPO hosted a meeting with the transit
07:24:10 study leadership team.
07:24:12 Transit and transit-oriented development experts from
07:24:15 Dallas, Denver, and Portland made presentations about
07:24:17 what creates the basis for supporting transit.
07:24:20 The last graphic is an excerpt from GB Arrington's
07:24:25 presentation to the leadership team on Portland's
07:24:26 redevelopment.
07:24:27 As he points out, Portland has grown up and not out.

07:24:31 Their almost 20-year growth trends have shown a 30%
07:24:35 increase in population with only a 16% increase in
07:24:37 land area.
07:24:38 I believe it is incumbent on the city to embrace the
07:24:41 attitude of density as it applies to applications such
07:24:47 as this infill development application that is before
07:24:50 you this evening.
07:24:51 Finally, I would like to introduce the 31 letters
07:24:54 we've received in support of this project.
07:24:57 These letters are from residents who have reviewed the
07:24:59 site plan and the elevation and who own and reside in
07:25:02 the area.
07:25:03 Thank you very much.
07:25:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you have a question, Ms. Saul-Sena
07:25:10 in.
07:25:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No.
07:25:11 I'll wait.
07:25:12 >>GWEN MILLER: All right.
07:25:12 We'll hear from the public.
07:25:17 >> After that dynamic presentation, how can I ever
07:25:20 rebut it in three minutes?
07:25:21 My name is Walter Crumbley.

07:25:24 President of the Courier City/Oscawana Homeowners
07:25:28 Association.
07:25:28 I brought along some pictures for you to take a look
07:25:32 at.
07:25:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Crumbley, were you sworn in?
07:25:40 >> Yes, I've been sworn.
07:25:44 It was really interesting to be here tonight, because
07:25:47 the last time I was here, you recall we postponed a
07:25:51 meeting, and your directions then to Ms. Pearson was
07:25:55 that they should get their house in order and get back
07:25:58 with the homeowners association, and it's good that we
07:26:02 did not hold our breath, because I never heard from
07:26:05 her since.
07:26:09 Be that the case, we don't like quadruplexes.
07:26:14 Watch my lips.
07:26:15 I don't know how to say it any stronger, and I brought
07:26:17 a bunch of my other folks here to say the same thing.
07:26:21 It's not compatible with the neighborhood, with the
07:26:24 houses on that street.
07:26:27 You know, the Mayor is all concerned about saving
07:26:30 Seminole Heights, but hello there, you've got the same
07:26:33 thing, houses 50 to 80 years old in Courier City that

07:26:38 are getting torn down right and left.
07:26:43 You're still talking about garage doors on the front
07:26:46 of the building.
07:26:46 You're still talking about no greenspace.
07:26:49 You're still talking about mass and scale that's
07:26:52 extremely out of proportion to the surrounding towns
07:26:57 or things.
07:26:59 We're still talking about people with their primary
07:27:02 entrance on the alley.
07:27:03 Hello there, there are a couple of pictures in there
07:27:06 of this is what you see when you open your front door.
07:27:08 You look at a dumpster.
07:27:11 Now, get real, folks.
07:27:14 The overall appearance, the mass and the scale, but
07:27:18 besides that, this just doesn't fit in with the
07:27:23 character of the neighborhood.
07:27:24 Look at a bungalow, and then look at one of these
07:27:29 craftsman duplexes.
07:27:30 There's no comparison.
07:27:36 Now, whether or not that four-plex or a duplex is
07:27:42 economically sound is none of your concern.
07:27:45 I cited a case the last time, you bought into this

07:27:49 deal with an RM-16.
07:27:51 And if you don't like it, you only had a hope and a
07:27:55 prayer that you all at the City Council would change
07:27:58 that zoning for them.
07:28:01 So I caution you to remember that, that you don't have
07:28:05 to worry about the economics of this thing.
07:28:08 All you've got to do is do what's right and what's
07:28:11 good for the neighborhood.
07:28:14 Because they can talk all they want to about these
07:28:17 great transportation plans, but if you can't get out
07:28:20 of your driveway, what good does light rail do you.
07:28:25 And if you can't walk down the sidewalks because
07:28:28 you're getting run over by all the cars, light rail
07:28:32 isn't going to mean a thing to you.
07:28:38 And this thing about Howard Avenue and that planned
07:28:41 development, notice it only goes in one block.
07:28:45 And this is two.
07:28:47 So let's talk about houses, not about commercial
07:28:50 development, which is what that Howard Avenue deal is
07:28:53 all about.
07:28:55 Thank you.
07:28:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

07:28:57 Next.
07:29:00 >> Hi.
07:29:01 I'm Donald Morrill.
07:29:03 405 South Albany, next door.
07:29:06 I have been sworn in.
07:29:07 I have several points to make, but one, I think to
07:29:10 begin with pertains to the argument that's been made
07:29:14 tonight.
07:29:14 The argument has been made that we need to have
07:29:18 greater density and more multifamily units in this
07:29:21 area to the great destiny of Tampa and also for the
07:29:25 future development of light rail.
07:29:27 This seems to me to bring us to an interesting point.
07:29:32 I have lived on Albany Avenue for 15 years.
07:29:36 I was a renter for seven years at 407 and I've owned
07:29:40 the house at 405 for eight years.
07:29:42 And I've seen the development.
07:29:43 And some of it I have welcomed.
07:29:46 But we have come to a tipping point where we have
07:29:52 intensification of a certain type of architecture,
07:29:55 mostly alienating architecture with garages out front.
07:29:58 I can assure you I've lived there.

07:30:00 I know the difference between talking to your
07:30:02 neighbors on the porch and the folks who are driving
07:30:05 underneath into the bat cave.
07:30:12 If you ratify this change, you're essentially
07:30:17 sanctioning the development of these plexes throughout
07:30:23 the neighborhood.
07:30:24 That's really the bottom line.
07:30:26 We can talk about the aesthetic problems.
07:30:28 I can tell you that, yes, we will be next door to one
07:30:31 and I'll be able to see out my dining room window
07:30:34 beyond the window seat and I will see a wall.
07:30:37 And that, you know, that's the biggest window in our
07:30:40 house and we won't be able to have a view.
07:30:44 I could tell that you there are parrots in the palm
07:30:47 trees out front of that house, two parrot colonies
07:30:50 that have been there for years.
07:30:52 I can tell that you people have tried to buy the other
07:30:54 bungalows on the street over the last five or six
07:30:56 years.
07:30:58 And the people who are absentee landlords won't sell
07:31:00 them because their long-range plan is to bulldoze
07:31:04 them.

07:31:04 I can also tell that you the people who have rented
07:31:06 there have been renting there for many, many years.
07:31:09 It is a very stable neighborhood.
07:31:11 And if the economic situation wasn't as it is, you
07:31:14 would have more people owning there.
07:31:16 By the way, in that regard, I have pictures of the
07:31:19 house at 403 and a letter from Brendan guyette who
07:31:25 lived there for a couple of years and has now moved
07:31:28 after, of course, it was purchased, to 407 and has
07:31:33 testimony about parking and those kinds of issues.
07:31:45 It's true, there are double-story houses, buildings,
07:31:49 rather, long that street that have been there for a
07:31:51 long time.
07:31:52 But there have been many, many bungalows that have
07:31:54 been there for a long time, too.
07:31:57 They have historical standing and compatibility as
07:32:01 well.
07:32:07 I think that's probably all I have to say.
07:32:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can I ask you a question?
07:32:14 I've been to meetings in the neighborhood, and the
07:32:18 constant discussion is parking and traffic.
07:32:20 How many years have you been in the neighborhood?

07:32:22 >> I've been in the neighborhood since 1992.
07:32:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Since '92.
07:32:27 I would say the quads have been the 20 or so quads
07:32:31 have been built over the last five, seven years
07:32:34 thereabouts.
07:32:36 Have you noticed a difference in terms of the parking?
07:32:40 I'm not just talking about Friday night parking,
07:32:42 because we know a lot of that comes from Howard
07:32:45 Avenue, which just exacerbates it.
07:32:46 But I'm talking about the daytime parking or the
07:32:49 weekday parking, is there a difference between what
07:32:51 you experienced in the early '90s and mid '90s
07:32:54 compared to in this decade.
07:32:57 >> Oh, yeah, well, there are more people living there
07:32:59 and more people who have more income and more cars.
07:33:03 They don't have places to park them.
07:33:04 They parked them on the street.
07:33:06 And you described it earlier quite well.
07:33:08 That's the situation.
07:33:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: My description is not important.
07:33:13 I need your description.
07:33:14 >> My description is, people do have more than one

07:33:17 car.
07:33:17 They put them on the street.
07:33:18 They don't have adequate parking.
07:33:20 And yes, then there are all the other issues with
07:33:24 Howard Avenue.
07:33:24 But if we have more of these units, we'll just have
07:33:27 more problems with the parking.
07:33:29 And it is also true, if you want multifamily units
07:33:33 here, this particular property is already zoned for
07:33:36 duplex.
07:33:37 That's multifamily.
07:33:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, sir.
07:33:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Any other questions?
07:33:40 Sir, I have a question for you.
07:33:42 You are adjacent to the South of the subject property.
07:33:48 >> Yes, I am.
07:33:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If you look out your front door,
07:33:50 what's across the street from you?
07:33:52 >> I have two bungalows across the street.
07:33:54 A green one, and a Spanish med.
07:34:02 As a matter of fact, the people who live in the green
07:34:04 one have been in that house for, I don't know, eight

07:34:07 or nine years.
07:34:08 And they are renters.
07:34:11 And the Spanish med has had three sets of people in it
07:34:15 all the years I've been here.
07:34:16 As a matter of fact, the previous tenant is returning
07:34:18 there.
07:34:19 We just got an e-mail today from D.C. and is rerenting
07:34:22 it and has tried to buy it so many times, but they
07:34:26 won't sell.
07:34:26 So that's the situation there.
07:34:30 I might add also, some of my neighbors who do own the
07:34:34 town houses have told me over and again, part of the
07:34:36 reason that they bought the town houses on that lot
07:34:38 was because there were so many bungalows and they
07:34:41 liked to be able to look at them and see them.
07:34:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Next.
07:34:48 >> Hi.
07:34:49 I'm Paula, 301 South Albany.
07:34:52 I remembered tonight.
07:34:53 I have been sworn.
07:34:57 What I have to say echos what my neighbors are saying.
07:35:01 The diversity of this neighborhood is what attracted

07:35:04 most of us to it.
07:35:06 I moved in 18 years ago and have seen immense changes
07:35:14 in this neighborhood.
07:35:15 Some of it very good.
07:35:16 Some of it, such as this direction, very bad.
07:35:19 The density issue has become a very serious problem,
07:35:24 primarily related to the garages on the front being
07:35:28 single car garages that end up having an individual
07:35:32 parked on the apron blocking the sidewalk.
07:35:37 Catty-corner on the East side of Albany at Horatio is
07:35:45 a med-REV, five-unit, two-and-a-half, three-story town
07:35:51 home.
07:35:51 One of those units which was completed last October,
07:35:54 one unit in that five-unit place has sold.
07:35:56 The fellow drives a very nice car and parks it in
07:36:00 front of his single car garage.
07:36:02 He never pulls it in.
07:36:04 So it's blocking the sidewalk.
07:36:06 Portland has done an outstanding job with their
07:36:10 density issue, primarily because they build multi-rise
07:36:16 condos and apartments such as we're seeing coming into
07:36:19 Channelside and the downtown area, which is ideal for

07:36:22 it.
07:36:23 Eventually, it may reach a point where our
07:36:25 neighborhood is absorbed by that type of growth, but
07:36:28 that is not now.
07:36:32 As a neighbor said a couple of months ago to me, this
07:36:35 is architecture for cars, not for people.
07:36:40 And we would love it if the mass transit came as close
07:36:43 as it might, but it's not going to happen for a long
07:36:46 time.
07:36:49 In a perfect world this would stay as a bungalow.
07:36:52 When I moved in, it was one of the best bungalows in
07:36:54 the neighborhood.
07:36:56 It is still known to many of us as Bob Buckhorn's
07:36:59 house.
07:37:00 And next door is George Meyer's house where we used to
07:37:05 have some really good parties.
07:37:08 In September, someone came in and took the pillars off
07:37:11 the front of this gray bungalow and put up four by
07:37:14 fours.
07:37:15 There was no purpose other than to make it look like a
07:37:19 derelict building worthy of being torn down.
07:37:22 People went in our neighborhood begging to purchase

07:37:26 the bungalows and the landlords will not sell them.
07:37:29 There are five units, five bungalows in the 200 block
07:37:33 of South Albany where long-range, long-term renters
07:37:37 have wanted to purchase and the owner will not sell.
07:37:41 I'm asking you to deny this.
07:37:43 If it's going to be a duplex, we can live with that.
07:37:46 And because the light is yellow and because this is
07:37:49 hopefully the last time I will see you before Council
07:37:52 turns over next month, to those of you who are coming
07:37:56 back, to those of you who won't be and to those who
07:37:59 don't know yet, what you do is often a thankless job,
07:38:04 and I want to say thank you, because even though I
07:38:08 don't always agree with what you do, I believe all of
07:38:10 us come here wanting to do the best thing that is best
07:38:14 for Tampa.
07:38:16 And as the director Robert Altman told Garrison when
07:38:20 they made "Prairie Home Companion" into a movie, if
07:38:22 you and I agreed all the time, one of us would be
07:38:25 unnecessary.
07:38:26 And I would like to think we all are.
07:38:28 [ LAUGHTER ]
07:38:32 >> Levity is a good thing.

07:38:34 Next.
07:38:36 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Levity or brevity?
07:38:39 >> Levity.
07:38:39 >> Good evening.
07:38:40 I'm Lisa Baldman.
07:38:42 I have been sworn in.
07:38:44 I live at 405 South Albany Avenue.
07:38:47 Donald Morrill is my husband.
07:38:50 We spent many happy years, 15 years in the
07:38:53 neighborhood.
07:38:53 And we feel it's home.
07:38:55 And we've seen lots of changes that are very
07:38:58 distressing and this, of course, is the worst, to lose
07:39:03 our pretty street and the feeling of the neighborhood
07:39:07 that's so precious to us.
07:39:10 I want to talk about issues of lighting and privacy
07:39:14 and view, if I can, just for a minute.
07:39:19 Our main area of windows is in our dining room.
07:39:22 It looks out onto the house next door.
07:39:25 If we have 35 feet of concrete, we won't get any light
07:39:28 in our house, and it's going to affect that whole side
07:39:32 of the house where most of the windows are and most of

07:39:34 the living areas are, kitchen and living room and
07:39:39 dining room.
07:39:40 This I know has happened to people all around the
07:39:43 neighborhood, but it's terribly distressing when it
07:39:45 happens to you.
07:39:46 And something like a CVS is right next door to you all
07:39:51 of a sudden when you've had a bungalow there.
07:39:52 The bungalow next door deteriorated very rapidly, as
07:39:55 Paula said, in the last, really, less than a year.
07:40:02 It's almost as though they made it look a lot worse,
07:40:05 and the photographs that my husband brought forward, I
07:40:08 hope you'll look at and you can see inside that house,
07:40:13 even at the point of, say, a year ago, it was looking
07:40:16 just lovely and was just in need of a paint job
07:40:19 outside, maybe a new roof.
07:40:21 Nothing more than is ordinary in an old home.
07:40:25 With the lawn all grown over and the pillars taken
07:40:29 out, pillars that were not exceptional and were not
07:40:32 anything to be salvaged, anyway, they vanished, and
07:40:36 the place started looking very, very bad.
07:40:40 So it seems that it would be really wonderful if the
07:40:45 house could be rehabbed and at worst, maybe a duplex

07:40:50 put in.
07:40:51 Another issue for us is that we have a garage
07:40:53 apartment that serves as our guest room when we have
07:40:56 company and family.
07:40:57 And it looks down the driveway across to the bungalows
07:41:01 and the Mediterranean house across the way and into
07:41:04 the pair lot colonies in the palm trees, et cetera.
07:41:07 There's a little porch outside where two people can
07:41:10 wake up and have coffee and look out around the
07:41:14 neighborhood and see beautiful homes.
07:41:16 And that, of course, will be entirely obscured by the
07:41:19 35-foot structure that goes all the way back to that
07:41:22 point in the driveway.
07:41:24 So it's a great loss to us.
07:41:25 And just one point about parking, many nights of the
07:41:29 week, I have trouble pulling into my driveway or out
07:41:32 of my driveway because of the parking issues on the
07:41:35 street.
07:41:35 So it's a constant problem and not just an issue on a
07:41:38 couple of nights a week.
07:41:39 We're very, very concerned about the parking and
07:41:43 gotten quickly worse.

07:41:45 Thank you very much for your time.
07:41:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Next.
07:41:57 >> Good evening, Council.
07:41:57 My name is Linda Crumbley.
07:41:59 503 South Westland.
07:42:02 I have been sworn.
07:42:04 Before I begin, I am going to present you with some --
07:42:08 a list of code violations, some photographs and a
07:42:11 petition of the neighbors that asked that you please
07:42:14 deny this request.
07:42:22 This house was purchased in June of 2006 at 403 South
07:42:28 Albany.
07:42:29 And the violations on this home began on August 15 of
07:42:32 2006.
07:42:36 I recovered this report from code violations
07:42:40 personally.
07:42:40 I have talked with the person who has inspected this
07:42:43 house, and they have failed to comply with anything
07:42:47 that has occurred on this property since they owned
07:42:50 it.
07:42:51 If you will please look at the details on that code
07:42:54 enforcement, you will see that this is true.

07:42:58 I ask you to view the photographs.
07:43:00 This is the current condition of this house at this
07:43:03 time.
07:43:05 They were to clean the yard, cut the debris.
07:43:08 They were to do a lot of things.
07:43:10 As you can see, trees are overgrown, the alleyway is
07:43:13 not as clear as it should be.
07:43:14 The backyard is a wreck.
07:43:17 The house itself shows that the pillars have been
07:43:20 removed.
07:43:21 The paint is chipping, and this has gone on since
07:43:24 2006.
07:43:25 There is no call for this, because we are now still
07:43:30 nowhere.
07:43:33 We love these bungalows.
07:43:35 They are a part of our history.
07:43:36 They are historically significant to our area.
07:43:42 They have taken away the pillars on that home.
07:43:46 They took away planters.
07:43:48 They let the yard overgrow when the sign was posted
07:43:53 for their code to change that graph got so high, you
07:44:01 could not -- that grass got so high, could you not see

07:44:03 the sign.
07:44:04 Then they cleaned the alleyway, they disposed of the
07:44:07 sign.
07:44:07 My question is, perhaps, did they even post it long
07:44:10 enough?
07:44:13 I ask you to look at the fact that these petitioners
07:44:16 have failed to comply with our City Code inspectors.
07:44:20 They have failed to maintain the property in the time
07:44:23 that they have owned it.
07:44:25 They show no goodwill to our neighborhood.
07:44:28 They have shown no respect for our neighbors, our
07:44:32 neighborhood, or our city.
07:44:34 I ask that you deny this petition to zone to four
07:44:40 units.
07:44:41 The neighborhood would really like to see it come back
07:44:44 to a bungalow.
07:44:45 The people in the town houses think it should be a
07:44:50 town house, should be a bungalow, and they would love
07:44:53 to have it there.
07:44:57 Myself and the neighbors tonight present this petition
07:45:00 to you and ask the City Council take a look at it and
07:45:04 based on the neighbors and what their position is, we

07:45:09 ask that you deny the petition.
07:45:12 Before I leave, I have been asked to remark that for
07:45:17 the couple that just spoke that have the home right
07:45:20 next to it, they lose all of their privacy if this
07:45:23 goes into a four.
07:45:25 Quad.
07:45:25 Thank you very much.
07:45:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
07:45:28 Any questions.
07:45:28 Next?
07:45:32 >> Jason GERARDI, 310 South Albany Avenue.
07:45:36 I have been sworn in.
07:45:38 I moved into the neighborhood about a year ago, but
07:45:41 I've been in the general neighborhood for about three
07:45:44 years.
07:45:44 The development that has gone on there has become out
07:45:47 of control.
07:45:50 The parking there is a nightmare, especially during
07:45:52 the weekends, and, you know, aesthetically, that isn't
07:45:56 very important to me.
07:45:57 It is very important to others in my neighborhood.
07:45:59 I would like to see a bungalow stay there or a duplex,

07:46:03 if it fits into the neighborhood properly.
07:46:06 But a quadruplex, we need to draw the line in the sand
07:46:11 eventually here, because the construction has gotten
07:46:14 out of control there, and we need to get our arms
07:46:17 around it, because it's affecting the residents that
07:46:19 live there.
07:46:20 I'm one of them.
07:46:21 My house was homesteaded.
07:46:22 I think there are many of the others that are here
07:46:25 also are homesteaded.
07:46:26 So I ask that you maintain the zoning in place today.
07:46:30 Thank you.
07:46:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
07:46:32 Mr. Dingfelder.
07:46:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Our attorneys will always tell us,
07:46:41 it's never enough for neighbors to say we don't want
07:46:44 it, we don't like it.
07:46:46 We hear it a lot, about you from a legal perspective,
07:46:50 it's not enough.
07:46:51 You say these quads are affecting the quality of your
07:46:55 life.
07:46:55 The quads are incompatible, is what we heard

07:46:57 Mr. Crumbley say.
07:46:58 Can you elaborate on that a little bit, you know, in
07:47:02 terms of how, little more detail, you know, that sort
07:47:05 of thing?
07:47:07 >> Just specifically, I have a problem with the
07:47:09 parking situation.
07:47:10 Because as it's been mentioned, whether you have
07:47:13 one-car garage or two-car garage, people are going to
07:47:16 park on the street that live there, because they will
07:47:20 inevitably use their garage as a storage unit.
07:47:24 You have a lot of cars on the road as it is today.
07:47:26 You cannot drive down that road side by side another
07:47:30 car.
07:47:31 You literally have to park -- you have to drive in
07:47:33 between cars as it is today and wait for cars to pass.
07:47:37 You cannot drive back and forth.
07:47:39 That's the way it is today, and obviously on the
07:47:41 weekends, it's a bigger problem.
07:47:43 But adding a quadruplex to this area is going to
07:47:47 worsen the problem that we already have that really
07:47:49 isn't being addressed.
07:47:50 And that's whole 'nother issue.

07:47:52 But I just ask, a duplex, if it ends up being that,
07:47:56 that's what it is known for today, that's fine.
07:47:59 But doubling that is just really should be looked at
07:48:03 closely.
07:48:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, sir.
07:48:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Next.
07:48:11 >> My name is April black.
07:48:13 306 South Albany.
07:48:15 I have been sworn in.
07:48:16 I just wanted to touch on the point that about a month
07:48:19 ago, maybe six weeks ago, we were invited to a traffic
07:48:22 study, a traffic seminar at Kate Jackson.
07:48:26 All the people that live in the Courier City, Oscawana
07:48:29 neighborhood.
07:48:30 And it was pointed out to us by the fire department
07:48:33 and the traffic people that the parking needed to be
07:48:38 put on one side of the street in this neighborhood.
07:48:40 They needed to put signs on one side of the street and
07:48:42 tell people they couldn't park on that side.
07:48:44 Everyone was going to have to park on the one side of
07:48:46 the street.
07:48:47 They hadn't determined which side it would be yet.

07:48:49 But we are already at a loss for places to park.
07:48:54 The guest parking, it's a problem.
07:48:57 I put my guests in my driveway with my car because
07:49:00 there really isn't any guest parking on the street.
07:49:02 And when we build these quadruplexes, we take away the
07:49:07 little bit of street we have now, disappeared.
07:49:10 It becomes driveway for this house.
07:49:12 And the city and the residents of that neighborhood
07:49:15 are never compensated for that.
07:49:17 We don't get anything for that.
07:49:18 We just give that away.
07:49:19 And we've given that away -- you saw the pictures of
07:49:22 the quadruplexes.
07:49:23 Every time one of those was built, we gave away street
07:49:27 parking.
07:49:28 There's very little to give away.
07:49:30 There's very little left to give away.
07:49:33 Right before Christmas, I had a Christmas party, and
07:49:36 we put all the people in my driveway, and when it was
07:49:40 time for them to leave, they couldn't leave because
07:49:42 people had parked across my driveway.
07:49:44 It happens.

07:49:45 These things happen.
07:49:46 People are desperate for a parking place in that
07:49:49 neighborhood.
07:49:49 For some reason, it's a matter of life and death, if
07:49:52 you do not get to those establishments on Fridays and
07:49:56 Saturdays.
07:49:56 But, it does diminish our quality of life.
07:49:59 We do have that problem.
07:50:00 We do have the traffic.
07:50:02 We have the kids walking up and down the street.
07:50:04 They need someplace to park, giving away parking
07:50:08 spaces is not the answer here.
07:50:10 And the way I see it, and this is just my opinion, the
07:50:13 fire department -- excuse me, the fire department has
07:50:16 this beautiful building there on the corner.
07:50:18 And the footprint it takes up is about the same
07:50:21 footprint that this current house takes up.
07:50:25 And what we're going to put on that piece of property
07:50:28 goes pretty close to the front and pretty close to the
07:50:30 back.
07:50:31 It's about 5,000 square feet is what I heard.
07:50:34 My house is a pretty big house.

07:50:36 It's on Albany street, one block North.
07:50:39 It's less than 2,000 square feet.
07:50:41 And I feel like I have no yard compared to other
07:50:44 neighborhoods.
07:50:44 We have very small front yard.
07:50:46 Very small backyard.
07:50:48 Very little on the sides.
07:50:50 This is huge.
07:50:51 You know, this is huge.
07:50:53 Let's keep that density in mind when we're thinking
07:50:56 about okaying things like this.
07:50:59 Thank you.
07:51:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You had signed the petition, I
07:51:06 believe, correct?
07:51:07 >> Yes.
07:51:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Petition in opposition.
07:51:08 And you did speak to one of the items is a lack of
07:51:13 greenspace.
07:51:14 >> Yes.
07:51:14 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So in other words, you're saying
07:51:16 the footprint, the footprint for a quad takes up about
07:51:22 as much as the old firehouse, I guess it's a converted

07:51:27 firehouse now.
07:51:28 >> Yes, it's an office now.
07:51:31 You can see it has a lawn in the front and it has a
07:51:35 big parking lot in the back.
07:51:36 And this is going to take up almost all the space, the
07:51:42 same amount of lot, I would say.
07:51:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right.
07:51:45 With the two guest parking spaces in the back plus the
07:51:48 driveway strip, there's no greenspace in the back at
07:51:51 all.
07:51:51 >> Right, people in the back nothing.
07:51:53 I think it was five feet on either side.
07:51:55 Not too much.
07:51:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
07:51:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
07:51:59 Next.
07:52:06 >> Hi, Council.
07:52:07 My name is Jeff black.
07:52:08 I have been sworn.
07:52:09 I live at 306 South Albany.
07:52:12 I would like to talk a little bit about the fabric of
07:52:14 my community.

07:52:15 The Mayor and Council talk about the fabric of the
07:52:18 community for over 30 years, I have sat on three
07:52:21 different porch swings on my front porch facing this
07:52:25 property, looking at these two palm trees that the
07:52:28 neighbors have kind of hinted about, these aren't just
07:52:32 palm trees, these are palm trees that are taller than
07:52:34 the light posts in front of the house, by a good ten
07:52:40 feet.
07:52:41 And they have two huge colonies of Quaker parrots in
07:52:46 them.
07:52:46 You know what, it's ashame because palm trees and
07:52:49 Quaker parrots are not in danger.
07:52:51 They are not protected, but they sure make it a nice
07:52:54 place to live.
07:52:55 If we put two garage doors on that street, guess where
07:52:58 those garages are going to come right out and take out
07:53:00 those two palm trees.
07:53:01 If as Council has suggested to other developers and
07:53:05 possibly this developer, in the past, we do something
07:53:08 along the lines of Rome street.
07:53:10 No developers are looking at Rome.
07:53:13 That's a highly successful area.

07:53:16 Those duplexes are absolutely gorgeous.
07:53:18 You wouldn't even know they were duplexes.
07:53:21 If they would just go ahead and do something like
07:53:23 that --
07:53:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Talking about across the street
07:53:26 from Kate Jackson.
07:53:27 >> Yes, exactly.
07:53:30 That would be highly acceptable to us as neighbors.
07:53:33 It would blend in with our community, and we wouldn't
07:53:37 have two more garage doors on our street.
07:53:41 When you buy a piece of property, there's nothing that
07:53:46 guarantees you a profit.
07:53:49 So they bought something two years ago in the low
07:53:52 300s, and they want to cut it into four, I don't
07:53:57 think so.
07:53:58 You know, you need to wait possibly and keep your
07:54:03 investment a little bit, and in that way, don't try to
07:54:09 flip it quite so quickly for the quick vote.
07:54:12 Think about the neighbors.
07:54:13 Think of the impact on the neighborhood, and I
07:54:16 appreciate your time, thank you.
07:54:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Sir, when you were talking about the

07:54:22 duplexes, do you like the duplexes?
07:54:30 If they said we would put the duplexes in there, would
07:54:31 you like them with the same design or would you like
07:54:33 them to change the design and take the garage doors
07:54:35 out of there?
07:54:37 >> As long as the garage doors weren't in the front.
07:54:39 That's what I object to is another set of garage
07:54:41 doors.
07:54:42 That would take two more parking places off of Albany.
07:54:45 As those driveways spill out on to the street, there
07:54:48 are two more parking places and they are not going to
07:54:51 be far enough apart that you can park between them.
07:54:55 That's actually three places.
07:55:01 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Say they wanted to put a duplex in,
07:55:03 but you would want them to redesign what they have now
07:55:06 and put them in the back.
07:55:10 >> Yes, ma'am.
07:55:11 As the architect suggested in a duplex situation,
07:55:14 would have no problem putting the garage access in the
07:55:16 back.
07:55:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
07:55:26 >> Hi, my name is Phyllis.

07:55:28 I'm a resident homeowner at 506 South Melville Avenue.
07:55:32 I have been sworn in.
07:55:33 I'm also part of the neighborhood association.
07:55:37 My husband and I moved into this neighborhood in 2004
07:55:40 because we love the historic nature of the area.
07:55:42 We walk to restaurants.
07:55:44 We walk to day care center.
07:55:46 We walk to all other kinds of activities.
07:55:49 And we were happy to discover this neighborhood and
07:55:50 that it was so urbane and pedestrian friendly and
07:55:53 really full of life.
07:55:54 We bought a historic bungalow built in 1924 because we
07:55:58 love that style of housing even though some of the
07:56:01 amenities of a new house would not be available to us.
07:56:04 Since then, we watched one historic home after another
07:56:07 torn down and replaced by block construction town
07:56:10 homes.
07:56:10 I'm sure the interiors of these homes are lovely.
07:56:12 However, the graciousness of the bungalows with the
07:56:14 front porches and the neighborhood interaction gets
07:56:18 lost when the street is fronted by parking garages.
07:56:20 We lose our ability to walk on the sidewalk, because

07:56:22 the cars draped across the sidewalks.
07:56:24 We lose contact with our neighbors, because the living
07:56:26 occurs on the second story of the building as opposed
07:56:29 to on the first floor, because you're making room for
07:56:31 the cars on the first floor.
07:56:33 Part of why the developers can build and sell town
07:56:36 homes in Courier City is because the neighborhood
07:56:39 feels just like that.
07:56:40 It feels like a neighborhood.
07:56:41 So this proposal would be one more step toward the
07:56:44 destruction of that fabric.
07:56:46 In the late 1980s, the historic preservation
07:56:49 commission did a survey of the buildings in the
07:56:51 neighborhood.
07:56:51 And it's called scattered site nomination.
07:56:54 I have it here.
07:56:59 It identifies the structure that contributed to the
07:57:02 historic fabric of the neighborhood for Courier City.
07:57:05 You can see 403 Albany is identified as a contributing
07:57:09 structure.
07:57:15 And I just want to point out, the footprint of the
07:57:17 firehouse next to it, that's not even close to the

07:57:23 size of the footprint of the proposed quadruplex.
07:57:26 So even though it's a taller building because it's a
07:57:29 firehouse, the footprint is not that big, really.
07:57:34 We're designated nationally as historic district but
07:57:37 not locally, which means we can't protect individual
07:57:40 buildings from being torn down.
07:57:42 However, we believe that new construction -- new
07:57:48 construction that replaces contributing structures
07:57:50 should be in keeping with the historic nature of the
07:57:51 neighborhood.
07:57:52 It shouldn't be -- it shouldn't really detract from
07:57:55 the historic nature, which this proposal would be.
07:57:57 Last year, this Council approved a three-story town
07:58:00 house on Fremont Street because that was considered
07:58:03 the perimeter of the neighborhood, even though that
07:58:05 building would be the first three-story building.
07:58:07 Every other building was two stories.
07:58:10 The one approved last year was three.
07:58:12 The perimeter used to be the other side of Fremont,
07:58:15 which were the three-story buildings on Post.
07:58:17 So now we have crept in another street closer.
07:58:20 The perimeter is one street more.

07:58:22 But by no definition could Albany be considered the
07:58:25 perimeter.
07:58:25 If you look at where Albany is on this map, there's
07:58:30 just no way that could be considered perimeter and be
07:58:33 needing that kind of density.
07:58:34 So I would ask that you please oppose this project.
07:58:37 And help us maintain the balance in our neighborhood
07:58:40 that we all appreciate.
07:58:48 My husband sent a letter he wanted me to read if I had
07:58:49 time.
07:58:49 Dear Council members, I'm a resident homeowner on
07:58:52 South Melville Avenue.
07:58:54 The Courier City neighborhood is reaching the tipping
07:58:55 point, when we move the balance between multifamily
07:58:57 units and historic era single-family homes.
07:59:00 Once the neighborhood -- I'll give it to Harold.
07:59:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
07:59:03 Next.
07:59:12 >> Harold Sizemore, 308 South Albany Avenue.
07:59:16 I have a letter from somebody that couldn't be here
07:59:19 tonight.
07:59:19 I would also like to say a few things myself.

07:59:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Sorry to interrupt you.
07:59:24 Have you been sworn in?
07:59:25 >> I've been sworn.
07:59:27 I thought I was under the impression that the
07:59:30 petitioner was asked to talk to us again after the
07:59:33 last time.
07:59:33 I was kind of disappointed that didn't happen.
07:59:36 The other thing that you guys were talking about is
07:59:39 the parking.
07:59:40 I don't want to get into the Saturday nights and all
07:59:42 that, but to get out of my driveway now, and we live
07:59:45 on a strictly residential, we're one block North, it
07:59:48 takes two tries sometimes.
07:59:49 And this is not -- these are people that live in the
07:59:52 neighborhood to get out.
07:59:53 And if you look at my driveway now, you can see where
07:59:57 I can never stay in my driveway to get out.
07:59:59 I'm driving on the grass to get back out.
08:00:02 Actually, couple years ago, hate to admit it, but I
08:00:05 kind of backed into the guy across the street from me.
08:00:09 Anyhow, we kind of made that up and went.
08:00:12 So parking is a problem during the week as well as,

08:00:15 obviously, during the week.
08:00:17 Another thing I'm kind of concerned with, on the other
08:00:20 side of the property we're talking about now, and, to
08:00:24 the South, there is four or six-plex that's up.
08:00:28 It was finished back in October if not before.
08:00:32 Only one of those have been rented.
08:00:35 I mean, they sit there.
08:00:37 You look around the neighborhood and you see for rent
08:00:41 signs.
08:00:41 Who wants to come to a neighborhood where everything
08:00:43 is for rent?
08:00:45 People say what is wrong with this?
08:00:46 How come these places are rented out?
08:00:49 That's kind of concerning to the neighborhood.
08:00:55 Anyhow, I would want to read this from Mack Callin who
08:00:55 owns a residence at 505 South Melville.
08:00:57 I love the old character of the place I call home.
08:00:59 It was all built in 1920.
08:01:01 I love to look across the many streets and
08:01:03 neighborhoods and see other homes with the same
08:01:06 history and stories to tell.
08:01:07 What I do not like seeing are the endless condos going

08:01:11 up, those with no character, no charm, no history and
08:01:14 most importantly, no story to tell.
08:01:16 I would hate to see another home that simply needs
08:01:20 some TLC put to rest so that some developer can yet
08:01:23 again try to take away our history.
08:01:26 Also, they can make money at the expense of our
08:01:28 neighborhood.
08:01:28 There's no integrity in that.
08:01:29 I could go on about this type thing, but I'm sure you
08:01:32 all get the point.
08:01:35 We do have to stop somewhere, and every time, creep a
08:01:41 little closer as mentioned before.
08:01:43 We give little more to height.
08:01:44 Give little more greenspace away.
08:01:46 We give and we give.
08:01:47 And pretty soon, it's just going to be, if that's what
08:01:50 we want to get all these places with people packed in
08:01:54 one on top of another, so we can do light rail so we
08:01:57 can do this, well, I guess that's all okay.
08:02:00 But I don't think that's maybe what all of us want.
08:02:03 I don't think that's what we're looking for in Tampa.
08:02:07 Thank you.

08:02:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
08:02:09 Next.
08:02:13 Okay.
08:02:13 Petitioner, do you want to come back on rebuttal?
08:02:16 >> Thank you, Council members.
08:02:18 Once again, Linda Pearson for the record.
08:02:21 Just to correct the record, we met with the
08:02:23 Neighborhood Association on one evening and asked to
08:02:28 be invited to one of their meetings.
08:02:30 We did meet with them.
08:02:31 We received their input.
08:02:32 They asked us to go back and look at reducing the
08:02:35 density of the subject property.
08:02:38 We did go back and look at that.
08:02:39 I called Mr. Crumbley and I told him the applicant was
08:02:45 going to proceed with the presentation as planned.
08:02:48 When we were here last before Council, and we'll have
08:02:50 to check the record and feel free to do that, but it's
08:02:53 my understanding, the only reason we were requesting a
08:02:55 continuance at that time was to address some
08:02:57 landscaping and stormwater issues.
08:02:59 We were not directed by Council to go back and reduce

08:03:02 any intensity or density of this project.
08:03:07 And I feel firm about that.
08:03:08 The only thing that I recall hearing at that time was
08:03:10 Mr. Crumbley came up and said we heard this is being
08:03:14 continued and we wanted assurance that it would be
08:03:17 heard tonight.
08:03:17 And Ms. Saul-Sena at that time said yes.
08:03:19 And she looked at me and she said, it will be heard.
08:03:22 And I said, yes, it will be.
08:03:24 And that was the only direction that was given to us
08:03:26 at that last hearing.
08:03:29 Now, to go back to the rebuttal comments, this area
08:03:34 has a blend of residential projects, of products and
08:03:38 projects in the area.
08:03:39 It is clearly an area conceived by the Tampa
08:03:43 forefathers to provide for multifamily development
08:03:46 since the 1950s, we have shown you the zoning map,
08:03:50 this entire area in the 1950s forward has been for
08:03:54 multifamily development.
08:03:55 That zoning history has been documented.
08:03:57 Those records that we showed you tonight have been
08:03:59 pulled from city records.

08:04:01 The City of Tampa has to plan for its anticipated
08:04:06 growth.
08:04:06 The res-35 future land use map clearly labels this
08:04:11 area for higher density.
08:04:14 This is a mixed neighborhood of single and multifamily
08:04:19 development.
08:04:19 And this request before you tonight does not max out
08:04:23 the density allowed by the res-35, which would be five
08:04:26 units on this site.
08:04:29 This proposal can exist in harmony with the existing
08:04:35 neighborhood.
08:04:36 The design component that Mr. Conner has worked into
08:04:42 this project complement the bungalow craftsman-style
08:04:46 of bungalows in the area.
08:04:48 We purposely did not go with the typical Mediterranean
08:04:52 look in that area.
08:04:53 We wanted something that would blend with the bungalow
08:04:56 style.
08:04:57 Parking, you know, I can drive down any part of Hyde
08:05:01 Park or other parts of the city and there are parking
08:05:04 issues on-street.
08:05:05 You know what, it's permitted there.

08:05:07 And there are single-family residences that are
08:05:10 parking on the front of their homes, too.
08:05:12 So we -- and we can't point a finger and say every
08:05:16 time there's parking on a public street that it's a
08:05:19 result of the bungalows.
08:05:20 Everyone is parking on that street.
08:05:22 But let me just tell you that the codes have changed,
08:05:26 and the quadruplexes that we are providing for you
08:05:29 exceeds the required parking of the City Code.
08:05:34 With regard to the mass and scale, the same height of
08:05:37 this building, if it were built with the new
08:05:39 McMansion could be 35 feet in the RM-16 district.
08:05:43 That is all we're asking for.
08:05:45 The RM-16 district provides for a seven-foot setback.
08:05:49 The predominant setback other than the four corners of
08:05:52 this site are seven feet.
08:05:54 We are asking for no greenspace waiver.
08:05:57 We have met every requirement that is in the code with
08:06:00 the exception of the backout on the alley, which is
08:06:03 22 feet instead of 26.
08:06:05 But it backs out into a 15-foot alley.
08:06:10 I disagree that the mass and the scale of this

08:06:12 structure negatively impacts the abutting properties.
08:06:15 The one abutting to us is a half a story higher than
08:06:18 what we are proposing.
08:06:21 The existing 14 front setback on the existing
08:06:25 structure in the front is going to be increased by
08:06:28 this project.
08:06:29 We're providing more greenspace in the front than is
08:06:31 there now.
08:06:33 The rehab of this single-family bung slow not
08:06:37 economically feasible.
08:06:38 That has already been researched.
08:06:41 With regard to the codes, we have already been issued
08:06:43 a demolition permit.
08:06:44 It was issued months ago.
08:06:46 You know what, at my recommendation and that of
08:06:48 Mr. Conner, we indicated to the client, please don't
08:06:52 tear this down.
08:06:53 Don't anger the neighborhood.
08:06:55 We're trying to get a rezoning.
08:06:56 We could have slapped a bulldozer in there and just
08:06:59 taken care of it immediately, but we did not want to
08:07:02 do that.

08:07:03 The columns have been moved.
08:07:05 There are some other architectural features that have
08:07:07 been moved.
08:07:08 They are being donated to habitat for humanity.
08:07:10 And some of that activity has occurred.
08:07:12 The alley access is certainly adequate, and it's an
08:07:17 appropriate use for this site.
08:07:19 It's clearly working for the office use.
08:07:21 That's where they are parking off the alley on the
08:07:23 North side of us.
08:07:24 And we are also improving that alleyway.
08:07:28 The 15-foot alley is certainly a wider than any of the
08:07:32 ribbon driveways that you see on many of the
08:07:34 single-family structures in the area.
08:07:36 I've mentioned we are not waiving any greenspace
08:07:40 requirements.
08:07:40 The project that you have before you tonight, I just
08:07:43 ask you to keep a big picture in mind.
08:07:46 I used to work for Matt, one of the former Chairmans
08:07:49 of the Planning Commission, and he used to tell me,
08:07:51 when he was on the Board of County Commissioners, he
08:07:53 would say, you know, it's really hard to sit up there,

08:07:56 because I have to keep telling myself, you have to
08:07:58 keep your mind on the big picture, the big picture.
08:08:03 And the big picture here for you tonight is that this
08:08:08 request is compatible with the existing and the
08:08:12 historical development trend in this area.
08:08:14 And we respectfully request your favorable support.
08:08:17 Thank you.
08:08:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to close.
08:08:24 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
08:08:25 All in favor of the motion, aye.
08:08:26 Opposed, nay.
08:08:27 [Motion Carried]
08:08:28 Ms. Saul-Sena.
08:08:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, I would like to speak to what
08:08:37 is before us.
08:08:38 I have to tell you I'm extremely familiar with this
08:08:40 area because I was a young planner in the '70s, and
08:08:43 I wrote the Hyde Park plan.
08:08:44 And Hyde Park, everything -- in Hyde Park and in
08:08:48 Courier City, it was surveyed in the early 70s, and
08:08:51 it was all part of a national -- not a national
08:08:56 landmark area, but nationally recognized historic

08:08:59 district.
08:09:00 The deal was that the people in Hyde Park had their
08:09:03 act together, and they got their area protected.
08:09:06 And the people in Courier City didn't.
08:09:08 But everything North of Swann was zoned multifamily.
08:09:12 And that's why Mr. EFFILITO, the slumlord had a
08:09:18 million single-family homes chopped up into
08:09:20 apartments.
08:09:20 And it was all zoned multifamily, even though the
08:09:23 fabric was single-family.
08:09:25 And I was on Council in the '80s when we tried to
08:09:28 protect Courier City with this zoning, by creating
08:09:34 historic district.
08:09:36 And the zoning administrator at that time didn't
08:09:41 follow through.
08:09:42 And it was very unfortunate.
08:09:43 But we are now seeing a recognition of the
08:09:47 significance of this historic fabric.
08:09:49 What we've heard here today is that what is being
08:09:54 proposed is appropriate, but two or three weeks ago,
08:10:00 Council had a similar rezoning, and we sent it back to
08:10:04 the drawing board, because we recognized that a

08:10:07 four-plex is not compatible in this neighborhood on
08:10:11 this street, with the characteristics of the
08:10:14 single-family bungalows.
08:10:15 And I have to compliment Mr. Conner.
08:10:20 For a four-plex, this is a more compatible design.
08:10:22 But a four-plex itself is not compatible.
08:10:25 The underlying density is -- I mean, the proposed
08:10:29 density is too much.
08:10:30 If this were to be made into a duplex with a bungalow
08:10:36 front, alley access off the parking, that would be
08:10:40 acceptable and compatible.
08:10:41 This proposed four plex is not compatible and Council
08:10:45 has asked the staff -- you all missed it because it
08:10:47 was a few weeks ago -- to go back and give us the
08:10:53 proper wording so that each petitioner doesn't have to
08:10:56 come and ask for one and get turned down.
08:10:59 So there would just be a policy, and you all would
08:11:01 know.
08:11:02 Four-plexes in this area were an experiment that
08:11:05 failed.
08:11:06 We are not happy with how -- with how they have been
08:11:10 working in the neighborhood.

08:11:10 They have not been working.
08:11:12 They are not -- they are not good neighbors, because
08:11:15 they are designed for cars rather than people.
08:11:18 This is a pedestrian oriented development.
08:11:20 And I totally support transit, and I totally support
08:11:23 density, but this is not the appropriate spot.
08:11:28 So based on the compelling arguments we have heard
08:11:30 from the neighbors which cite compatibility, I will
08:11:34 move for this to be denied.
08:11:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Second.
08:11:36 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
08:11:38 Question for Donna Wysong.
08:11:42 >> Donna Wysong, assistant City Attorney.
08:11:44 Could I just have you state for the record which
08:11:46 section of the code that you're basing your denial on.
08:11:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Density and intensity and
08:11:51 compatibility.
08:11:52 >> Okay.
08:11:53 So that would be chapter 27-321 subsection 6.
08:12:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Correct.
08:12:02 >> Also subsection 2.
08:12:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Correct.

08:12:04 >> Okay.
08:12:04 Thank you.
08:12:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
08:12:12 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I just wanted to say that I have to
08:12:14 agree with Ms. Saul-Sena.
08:12:16 Of course, I seconded her motion to deny.
08:12:21 I would have liked it if it was a duplex.
08:12:23 I like the design and everything, but once I heard
08:12:27 about the garage doors being in the front, that would
08:12:32 be not compatible with this neighborhood.
08:12:34 I have a problem with the parking issue, and just
08:12:37 because they have parking issues there doesn't mean
08:12:40 that we need to exacerbate that.
08:12:42 So I kind of feel that if you need to re-design this
08:12:46 and make it a duplex, I think you would do a lot
08:12:49 better.
08:12:50 Then you also said you didn't have any waivers -- I
08:12:52 believe you said you didn't have any more waivers for
08:12:54 the greenspace, which you really did, because we're
08:12:57 doing a payment in lieu fee from what I see in this.
08:13:00 Is that correct that this is what is on the report?
08:13:06 >>GWEN MILLER: The public hearing is closed.

08:13:09 You can't answer the question.
08:13:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: No, it's okay.
08:13:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: As long as you clear that you're not
08:13:15 basing your decision on that.
08:13:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: No, I'm not basing it on that.
08:13:19 I'm basing it on the parking issues and
08:13:21 incompatibility, and I would have really liked it to
08:13:24 be a duplex.
08:13:24 That's why I seconded her motion.
08:13:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder, are you ready?
08:13:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm a little bit torn on this,
08:13:33 because my leaning might have been to send them back
08:13:36 to the drawing board and say come back to us with a PD
08:13:39 with a duplex that we can all live with and that sort
08:13:42 of thing.
08:13:42 But you know what, I think the message is loud and
08:13:48 clear from the community and from this Council, that
08:13:52 these quads are no longer acceptable in this
08:13:56 neighborhood.
08:13:56 I don't know how many times we have to keep saying it
08:13:58 until the property owners get the message.
08:14:00 Mr. Conner, you know I'm not talking to you, because

08:14:03 they brought a project to you that was a quad and said
08:14:05 make it look as good as you could.
08:14:06 And you have.
08:14:07 And I commend you for that.
08:14:09 And Ms. Pearson, same thing.
08:14:11 Do you a great job.
08:14:12 Phyllis, same thing.
08:14:13 Do you a great job with what you're given.
08:14:16 But I think that's the inherent problem is that your
08:14:18 client brings to you a quad and said make a quad fit.
08:14:22 In this case now, we're dealing with a square peg in a
08:14:24 round hole, and it's not working anymore.
08:14:27 You know what, if we deny as opposed to, say, let's go
08:14:31 back to the drawing board and work on it, maybe the
08:14:34 message will get through to the property owners in
08:14:36 this neighborhood that this Council is not going to
08:14:38 approve any more of these PD quads.
08:14:41 And then they'll start coming back to us with PD
08:14:43 duplexes, if that's what they want, and we can all
08:14:46 start from that point instead.
08:14:49 So I'll support the motion.
08:14:50 Thank you.

08:14:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
08:14:52 All in favor of the motion, aye.
08:14:54 Opposed, nay.
08:14:56 The motion carried.
08:14:58 Item number 6, we need to open.
08:15:00 We have a motion and second.
08:15:01 All in favor of the motion, say aye.
08:15:03 Opposed, nay.
08:15:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can we take a minute break?
08:15:24 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to get out of here.
08:15:34 >> Phil Schulz, Land Development Coordination, I have
08:15:37 been sworn.
08:15:38 The next case is item 6, Z07-11, located at 3608 West
08:15:47 Euclid Avenue.
08:15:48 The petitioner is Mr. and Mrs. Lewis.
08:15:53 The development review committee has reviewed this
08:15:56 petition and has no objections as of the submission of
08:15:59 1/16/07.
08:16:01 The request is to rezone from RS-50 residential
08:16:04 single-family to R.O. residential office.
08:16:08 There are three waivers requested on the site plan
08:16:11 before you.

08:16:12 Item one, section 27-130, waiver of required six-foot
08:16:16 masonry wall for a partial -- for a partial existing
08:16:21 pier and lintel six-foot vinyl fence to be extended
08:16:24 along the west lot line to the front edge of the house
08:16:26 to act as a buffer to adjacent town house development.
08:16:30 Item 2, section 13-161-E, waiver of 234 square feet of
08:16:35 greenspace to be assessed fee in lieu to the parks and
08:16:37 recreation department at a current rate assessed and
08:16:41 paid prior to the time of building permit issuance.
08:16:44 Item 3, section 13-161-G, reduction in DUA of eight
08:16:52 feet landscape buffer to .9.
08:16:54 The primary -- the petitioner proposes to rezone the
08:16:58 property at 3608 West Euclid Avenue to rehabilitate an
08:17:02 existing residence to 1,752-square-foot office to the
08:17:06 R.O. standards as a private office.
08:17:09 The existing height is 17 feet.
08:17:12 For the one-story unit.
08:17:13 The petitioner has provided photos on the site plan as
08:17:19 elevations.
08:17:20 R.O. setbacks, 46.7 feet on the South side, 25.1 on
08:17:24 the East side.
08:17:25 33.1 on the North side fronting West Euclid Avenue and

08:17:29 24.8 on the West side.
08:17:31 The petitioner is providing five new parking spaces in
08:17:36 front combined with one space in the garage for a
08:17:39 total of six parking spaces to meet the required six
08:17:42 parking spaces.
08:17:45 To orient you to the site -- question?
08:17:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Have we determined that based on
08:17:55 the petitioner's use they need six parking spaces?
08:18:00 >> Yes.
08:18:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That can be waived, right?
08:18:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wonder what their use is and do
08:18:13 they really need six?
08:18:15 >> Office.
08:18:15 They have adequate parking with what we're proposing
08:18:16 in front of you this evening.
08:18:19 As you can see, they are located adjacent to an
08:18:23 existing R.O. use.
08:18:28 There are two other -- or there's one other R.O. use
08:18:31 just down the way from -- here is Euclid.
08:18:35 Then we have here Himes.
08:18:40 Little aerial photo would demonstrate a little bit
08:18:43 better for you.

08:18:44 To orient you, this area here is the Britton Plaza.
08:18:51 Here you have Albertson's and Bealls located to the
08:18:55 South.
08:18:56 Along the southern lot line of the property, there is
08:18:58 currently an existing, if you look at the site plan,
08:19:01 there's an existing six-foot masonry wall and there's
08:19:05 also a six-foot masonry wall here.
08:19:08 The problem we have on this side of the lot line and
08:19:10 the reason for the waiver for the pier and lintel, you
08:19:13 can see there's massive trees in this area.
08:19:16 In order to maintain those trees, we need a pier and
08:19:18 lintel system, and the existing vinyl that you see --
08:19:24 which you'll see in the next photo to the house.
08:19:28 This is the subject property.
08:19:32 These are the condos going up to the West.
08:19:35 You can see a little bit of the over on this site
08:19:39 here, you can -- if I can center a little better here.
08:19:43 You can see the existing vinyl fence we're proposing
08:19:45 to bring that up farther and bring it over towards the
08:19:48 building to act as a buffer in lieu of the masonry
08:19:51 wall.
08:19:54 This is the office directly to the East of the subject

08:19:57 parcel.
08:19:58 This is the home directly across the street on Euclid.
08:20:03 And here we have a house that's just off to the West
08:20:09 of the one across the way.
08:20:11 This is a new development on the corner of Himes and
08:20:16 ewe collide -- Euclid.
08:20:19 I apologize, that's my telephone.
08:20:21 [ LAUGHTER ]
08:20:22 Land Development Coordination has no other objections.
08:20:29 I'll now turn it over to Tony Garcia.
08:20:31 If you have any questions, I'll be available.
08:20:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would you pass the pictures around
08:20:36 so we can see them closer?
08:20:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Going back to the parking issue,
08:20:41 and I don't know, maybe somebody else could answer
08:20:43 this question, but is it possible that the parking,
08:20:47 instead of it being concrete parking, maybe if it's
08:20:50 like guest parking or something that they could do
08:20:52 that, it looks like grass, turf block, the web parking
08:20:58 or whatever, where the grass comes through it.
08:21:02 >> Brian, transportation.
08:21:04 I have been sworn.

08:21:05 They would need a waiver if they wanted greater than
08:21:08 50%.
08:21:09 But they could do 50% paved and 50% paver, turf block.
08:21:14 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And has that discussion come up
08:21:17 with the petitioner at all?
08:21:19 I mean, I was just thinking that this area along here,
08:21:23 you know, yes, it's transitioning.
08:21:26 It's a little bit transitional, little bit office,
08:21:30 light office that sort of thing.
08:21:31 The more greenspace we can keep along Euclid I think
08:21:35 is kind of healthy for that mixed area.
08:21:39 So I'll ask the petitioner if they are interested in
08:21:42 that when they get to that.
08:21:44 They could go up to 50% of that without a waiver,
08:21:47 that's what you're saying?
08:21:48 >> Yes.
08:21:49 Before they had provided six parking spaces and we
08:21:51 encouraged them to move one into the garage since they
08:21:53 had that available, to protect that 42-inch tree.
08:21:56 So there's five instead of six that they originally
08:21:59 proposed.
08:21:59 Yes, it's a possibility if the petitioner would like

08:22:02 to.
08:22:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
08:22:06 >>TONY GARCIA: Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff,
08:22:09 I have been sworn.
08:22:13 We're all really familiar with this area, I know,
08:22:17 South Tampa people and natives in the area, because
08:22:19 Britton Plaza has been around one of the first
08:22:22 shopping centers in the City of Tampa.
08:22:24 It's been around for about 40 years.
08:22:26 Of course, most of these uses over here on the South
08:22:29 side of Euclid, we know as you pointed out Mr.
08:22:31 Dingfelder, do have a mixture of uses, also as
08:22:35 Mr. Schulz pointed out, some R.O.s on this side.
08:22:39 As far as the request, pretty consistent with the
08:22:41 mixture of uses.
08:22:42 You can literally say Euclid is dividing line between
08:22:45 residential, which is obviously to the North.
08:22:47 You have 10, which is the color over here.
08:22:51 There has been no encroachment to this area North
08:22:54 regarding nonresidential uses which is good.
08:22:57 Himes is a collector.
08:22:58 Euclid is a neighborhood collector.

08:23:00 So it does meet locational criteria such as
08:23:03 consideration of nonresidential use.
08:23:06 All along this part of Euclid Avenue is residential
08:23:09 20.
08:23:09 This is heavy commercial 24, which identifies Britton
08:23:13 Plaza.
08:23:15 The aerial that shows you the existing built
08:23:18 environment does kind of support the idea that you do
08:23:22 have this heavy, heavy use over here that's been in
08:23:25 existence for quite a bit of time.
08:23:26 And do you have the proposed site which is in very
08:23:30 close proximity to a collector intersection, this
08:23:33 neighborhood collector, intersection of Euclid and
08:23:35 Himes.
08:23:37 Consider the degree of intensity that's requested by
08:23:40 the applicant and also noticing that the applicant is
08:23:42 going to retain the actual structure that's on-site,
08:23:46 will retain the residential character at least of the
08:23:49 structure and not have it deviate too much from the
08:23:52 existing environment there, Planning Commission staff
08:23:53 had no objections with the proposed request.
08:23:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?

08:24:04 >> Good evening.
08:24:04 I'm David Britain.
08:24:07 101 East Kennedy Boulevard.
08:24:10 I have been sworn.
08:24:11 We are here this evening on behalf of the petitioners
08:24:15 Earl and Fazia Lewis.
08:24:17 I want to be totally honesty with Council this evening
08:24:20 at the outset of our presentation, and let you know
08:24:23 that my clients who are commercial painting
08:24:28 subcontractors purchased this property for use as a
08:24:32 business office.
08:24:33 Unfortunately, under the mistaken apprehension that it
08:24:36 actually was zoned to permit the operation of a
08:24:39 business office.
08:24:40 Much to their dismay, they received a visit from the
08:24:44 code enforcement folks a couple of months after they
08:24:46 bought it, which made them realize that they were much
08:24:48 better painters than they were commercial real estate
08:24:51 investors.
08:24:52 Once they learned of their mistake, after they had a
08:24:56 chance to study the problem, they retained our firm
08:24:58 and good engineering firm to do what the city staff

08:25:03 told us was the only thing that could be done, which
08:25:05 was go ahead with a petition to rezone a property to a
08:25:08 use that would permit office.
08:25:10 And in doing so, I want to tell that you their first
08:25:15 concern was to do it right, to try to provide adequate
08:25:19 parking, to try to comply with the site planning and
08:25:23 the landscaping requirements to the extent that they
08:25:27 could, given that this site has its own special
08:25:30 considerations.
08:25:30 And to preserve the large grand tree on the property,
08:25:33 which is located on the east side of the property
08:25:36 adjacent to the other office use, which is already in
08:25:39 existence.
08:25:40 So I don't need to go over what staff has ably gone
08:25:44 over already about the mixed use transitional nature
08:25:46 of this neighborhood, the south side of Euclid.
08:25:50 Basically, begins with an office at the corner of
08:25:52 Euclid and Himes, proceeds to this property.
08:25:55 There was a duplex town home project next to it.
08:25:58 Then basically from there all the way to Dale Mabry
08:26:01 highway, we have lines of professional offices and
08:26:04 commercial uses.

08:26:05 In the back of the property, there is Britton Plaza.
08:26:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are you aware of any opposition
08:26:12 tonight?
08:26:12 >> I've spoken to one person who is here in
08:26:14 opposition.
08:26:14 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
08:26:15 Go ahead.
08:26:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just wanted to know, do you plan
08:26:21 on parking trucks here and storing things outside?
08:26:24 >> No.
08:26:25 I questioned the clients on this.
08:26:26 They are using this for administrative business office
08:26:31 purposes.
08:26:32 They are not taking heavy deliveries here.
08:26:34 They are not engaged in outside storage of painting
08:26:38 materials.
08:26:38 There may from time to time been a bucket of something
08:26:41 stored for a very short time in the backyard, but it's
08:26:44 been moved.
08:26:46 They are not planning on operating an industrial
08:26:48 operation here.
08:26:49 This is strictly office.

08:26:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are they parking trucks?
08:26:54 >> My clients are here, and could I have them speak to
08:26:57 that.
08:26:57 I have not specifically spoken to that.
08:26:59 But they've told me that they are using it for office
08:27:01 purposes.
08:27:07 I also want to mention just a couple of brief facts
08:27:11 related to some of the waivers that we're requesting.
08:27:14 The site can't provide for parking to code and
08:27:17 accommodate the eight-foot landscape buffer.
08:27:20 That's why we have requested a waiver.
08:27:22 Every time you try to push around the parking spaces
08:27:25 on the property, you wind up losing something.
08:27:27 Of course, preserving the grand tree is paramount.
08:27:30 So they have attempted to provide all of the parking.
08:27:35 They are certainly willing to consider turf block or
08:27:38 some other pervious surface.
08:27:40 We discussed that with staff.
08:27:41 We have been very accommodating to whatever staff has
08:27:44 wanted us to do.
08:27:45 They indicated that they wanted to see it done in
08:27:47 concrete.

08:27:48 We're certainly open to other suggestions by Council.
08:27:51 They have, in fact, complied with the vehicular use
08:27:55 area, greenspace requirement in planning the site.
08:28:00 The only thing that they have done and the reason why
08:28:02 they are contributing to the parks and recreation
08:28:06 mitigation fund is because of the loss of the
08:28:08 eight-foot landscape buffer to accommodate the
08:28:11 parking.
08:28:12 It's not because of the vehicular use area greenspace
08:28:15 requirements.
08:28:16 Those are being complied with.
08:28:21 The waiver of the fence, as to the fence, you heard
08:28:23 staff say why it's necessary.
08:28:25 The vinyl fence is in like-new condition and could
08:28:28 hardly be improved upon by some kind of a masonry
08:28:31 barrier.
08:28:32 I really can't do much better in closing than fielding
08:28:35 any questions you have.
08:28:37 To cite from staff's own report, which mentions that
08:28:41 this area has experienced a waive of redevelopment
08:28:43 driven by market demand for affordable office and
08:28:45 commercial space.

08:28:48 -- flexibility to meet that demand.
08:28:50 That's paragraph four, their comments.
08:28:52 Number five, that the increased offstreet parking
08:28:55 favors the neighborhood.
08:28:56 And we've gone above and beyond to try to do that,
08:28:59 that the existing elevations complement the
08:29:02 surrounding neighborhood and housing stock.
08:29:04 That's comment number eight.
08:29:05 Number nine and finally, it is a prime example of
08:29:09 adaptive reuse of an existing structure.
08:29:12 I'll be happy to ask my clients to come up and speak
08:29:15 to the delivery of trucks question, if you like.
08:29:37 >> My name is Fazia Lewis.
08:29:40 4938 North Melrose Avenue.
08:29:43 I've been sworn.
08:29:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess the question was about --
08:29:45 whose question?
08:29:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Parking trucks.
08:29:50 Do you all park trucks there?
08:29:53 >> Basically, we don't.
08:29:54 Basically, we have five office staff, so their own
08:29:57 vehicles.

08:29:57 The only truck we do have is my husband's truck, and
08:30:00 that's just because he drives a truck.
08:30:01 It's not a work truck.
08:30:03 We don't receive deliveries at the office.
08:30:06 Deliveries go straight to the jobsite.
08:30:08 The only trucks that would ever happen to be there
08:30:12 would be FedEx or UPS.
08:30:14 That would just deliver parcels and that's it.
08:30:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public want to speak on
08:30:20 item number 6?
08:30:27 >> Good evening.
08:30:28 My name is SHAFFY.
08:30:31 I have been sworn in.
08:30:33 I live on 3617 South Himes, which I am building right
08:30:38 now, and I own also the property next to it, which is
08:30:41 3615 South Himes, which is also on the corner.
08:30:45 I bought this property back in 1999.
08:30:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The one on the corner?
08:30:51 >> Yes, Euclid and Himes.
08:30:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Northwest corner in.
08:30:55 >> That's right.
08:30:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Across the street.

08:30:57 >> Across the street.
08:30:58 Exactly across the street.
08:30:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's under construction now.
08:31:01 >> Under construction now, yes.
08:31:02 I bought the property back in 1999.
08:31:05 And I tore down the old house and I'm building
08:31:08 brand-new house.
08:31:09 That house is about half a million dollars.
08:31:13 It is going to be my home.
08:31:15 I'm not selling.
08:31:17 And those two properties that they kept mentioning,
08:31:20 condos and duplexes and all those are single-family
08:31:23 homes as well next to them.
08:31:25 Maybe it was just an error.
08:31:27 Now I'm looking out for my investment as well.
08:31:31 But I just want to understand, what does residential
08:31:34 office mean?
08:31:35 Somebody can tell me?
08:31:40 >>GWEN MILLER: After you finish, he'll tell you.
08:31:44 >> That understanding is based on what I have seen so
08:31:46 far.
08:31:47 That lawyer across the street on the corner that has

08:31:50 residential office maybe or something of that nature
08:31:53 or special use, he never occupied the house ever after
08:31:56 he got clearance or rezoning.
08:31:58 And I'm worried that also -- well, not worried,
08:32:01 actually fact that I've been watching these folks
08:32:06 since they bought it and technically they don't live
08:32:08 there.
08:32:09 They just use it as a office.
08:32:13 And that is going to affect the neighborhood and going
08:32:17 to start tearing down the neighborhood.
08:32:22 Now, there are a couple of things, even though the
08:32:35 petitioners have their business in Tampa, we would
08:32:38 really appreciate it if we, myself and my family,
08:32:41 appreciate it if they just move their office somewhere
08:32:44 else.
08:32:44 I mean, Tampa is huge.
08:32:46 It doesn't have to be on that corner.
08:32:48 They made a mistake.
08:32:49 They purchased the property without asking.
08:32:52 I don't have to pay for their mistake.
08:32:58 So I'm asking -- and we like the neighborhood.
08:33:02 Otherwise we just sell and move out.

08:33:04 But we're not going to sell.
08:33:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What's on the other side of your
08:33:08 property on Euclid?
08:33:10 Not the one across the street.
08:33:11 >> That's residential also.
08:33:14 It's a rental.
08:33:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Isn't there an office there, too?
08:33:17 >> No, it used to be special use.
08:33:21 But I decided to tear it down and put my home over
08:33:23 there.
08:33:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Was that the day care?
08:33:25 >> It used to be a salon.
08:33:28 But I decided to tear it down and put my house there.
08:33:38 Based on the residential office use, which I do not
08:33:42 understand -- quite understand, I would like to leave
08:33:46 our neighborhood as a neighborhood.
08:33:49 The office next to it, also they just rezoned to have
08:33:52 a spa or something just on the other side of Euclid,
08:33:59 down West.
08:34:02 So please leave our neighborhood for residential, just
08:34:07 like it is now.
08:34:08 Just keep it the same.

08:34:11 And please deny this motion.
08:34:14 Thank you.
08:34:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sir, I have a question.
08:34:19 So to the West of the home that you're building, there
08:34:23 are other homes.
08:34:24 And then to the East, North of Euclid, there are other
08:34:27 homes.
08:34:27 >> Yes, there is.
08:34:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, I just wanted to share this,
08:34:32 the category they are asking for is called residential
08:34:35 office, but it really means small-scale office.
08:34:38 It doesn't necessarily have residential as part of it.
08:34:42 And prior to your getting up, the staff showed us a
08:34:46 plan that basically showed that everything on the
08:34:48 North part of Euclid is completely residential and
08:34:52 it's recognized as a residential neighborhood with no
08:34:55 office uses.
08:34:56 But on the South side of Euclid, backing up to Britton
08:35:00 Plaza, there are a number of offices.
08:35:03 And I think that's -- you know, that's what we're
08:35:06 looking at today.
08:35:06 But I just wanted to clarify that for you.

08:35:10 I hope that clarified it.
08:35:12 >> A little bit concern that it will depreciate my
08:35:17 property.
08:35:17 And I'm paying a lot of taxes on my property.
08:35:22 Even the empty lot I'm paying taxes on.
08:35:26 Secondly, there are homes next to them that are also
08:35:31 single-family homes as well.
08:35:32 Now, you mentioned earlier trucks.
08:35:35 Now, you give them rezoning, and I don't want to
08:35:37 guarantee it, but we will see trucks down there going
08:35:42 in and out, unless you guarantee that.
08:35:45 Thank you.
08:35:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
08:35:47 Next.
08:35:52 >> I have been sworn in.
08:35:53 Kathy Susec, 3614 East Sterling Circle.
08:36:01 To the west of this home, they tore down a home that
08:36:04 was there.
08:36:05 It was actually, I believe, a duplex.
08:36:09 They tore it down, and they built two homes that are
08:36:12 right now in construction.
08:36:13 Those are not condos.

08:36:14 So I don't know what they are talking about.
08:36:17 Those are two single-family homes.
08:36:18 And next to that is a home that we fought, that they
08:36:21 wanted to turn that into a massage parlor/computer at
08:36:28 night, and we fought them, and you guys gave us the
08:36:31 okay for them to put the concrete with the grass that
08:36:37 grows through it because they wanted too many parking
08:36:40 spaces.
08:36:41 They had to keep a lot of green in the front and a
08:36:43 sign that was not lighted A small sign.
08:36:46 And they kept the house looking like a house.
08:36:50 So far, that's working for the neighborhood.
08:36:53 I think it was a P.D., so that's why I'm here today to
08:36:57 stop this, because we fought about cars overflow.
08:37:02 They can't park on Euclid, what are they going to do?
08:37:05 They are going to park on that sterling circle street
08:37:08 because that's the only street around there.
08:37:10 Everything else, Himes and Euclid is very, very busy.
08:37:13 You can't park on that.
08:37:14 So they'll overflow onto our street if there is
08:37:17 parking.
08:37:18 We had a lot of neighborhood support the last time.

08:37:23 Unfortunately, there is a neighborhood meeting
08:37:25 tonight, so I think that's where a lot of people went.
08:37:27 The only thing I got was this.
08:37:29 It didn't explain anything to me.
08:37:31 It just told me that they were looking to make it an
08:37:34 office, not what kind of office, before, when we were
08:37:38 fighting the other one, we were told it was a massage
08:37:41 parlor and that upset the neighbors.
08:37:43 They didn't know if people would show up there late at
08:37:45 night, what kind of massage parlor.
08:37:48 So I'm just finding out tonight that it's an office
08:37:51 for a painting.
08:37:52 So, again, I'm kind of concerned that there will be a
08:37:55 lot of dumping maybe in the back of that, paint left
08:37:59 over from jobsites or scaffolding and stuff like that
08:38:02 that will overflow into the front.
08:38:04 They are talking about putting up concrete fence
08:38:08 because they don't want neighbors to see in the back.
08:38:11 I mean, I just, trying to protect my neighborhood.
08:38:14 Yes, I am across the street.
08:38:16 But every time we let something else go, then it just
08:38:19 opens the door for some other company to come in and

08:38:22 knock down another home and build an actual office.
08:38:24 I mean, right now, they are saying they are going to
08:38:27 keep that as a structure, looked like that yellow
08:38:30 house that it is now, but who is to say that they
08:38:33 won't turn around and knock it down and make it an
08:38:35 office building in a few years from now.
08:38:38 So I would like to say, please deny this or do like
08:38:41 they did the other home where it's residential, people
08:38:45 are going to possibly be there at night.
08:38:48 But, again, all those houses are dark, it's their
08:38:52 office, nobody is there at night.
08:38:53 The pictures he submitted, the one house across the
08:38:56 street is a rental.
08:38:59 I don't know if you just sent this to the rental
08:39:01 people, the owners probably did not get this
08:39:04 information.
08:39:06 The other house is on my street.
08:39:08 I'm surprised that neighbor is not here, because he
08:39:11 fought for the other one.
08:39:13 And the gentleman -- that was a nail salon that was on
08:39:16 the corner, and he's actually turned his house the
08:39:19 opposite direction just so he wouldn't have to face

08:39:21 that lawyer's office.
08:39:23 But that has been there an awful long time.
08:39:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
08:39:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ma'am, thank you for coming down
08:39:29 and expressing your concerns.
08:39:32 I think that Euclid, el Prado, these types of streets,
08:39:36 Manhattan, they have some problems because they've
08:39:38 become so busy, as you know, that I think it's a
08:39:42 little hard for them, in many ways, to maintain their
08:39:46 single-family character.
08:39:47 People are holding on.
08:39:48 People are raising families there.
08:39:49 I understand that.
08:39:50 At the same time, this end butts up to Britton Plaza,
08:39:54 you know, I guess that's why they thought it might be
08:39:58 an appropriate use for some type of light office, you
08:40:01 know.
08:40:01 We call it a residential office.
08:40:02 But the gentleman got a little confused.
08:40:05 It doesn't mean that you live there and work there.
08:40:07 It means that it's an office use within a residential
08:40:10 neighborhood that hopefully is not intrusive.

08:40:13 With all that said, the good news on this is that when
08:40:16 they give us the site plan, which you probably -- I
08:40:19 haven't seen until tonight, it shows the existing
08:40:24 house.
08:40:24 The only thing we're approving is that they would keep
08:40:28 the existing house and not change it into anything
08:40:31 else.
08:40:31 So if they wanted to eventually knock it down and
08:40:34 build a different office, they would have to come back
08:40:36 right here and start all over again with notice to you
08:40:39 and everything else.
08:40:40 So that concern, and it's an important concern from
08:40:43 your perspective, but, you know, this is what we would
08:40:47 be approving, if we approved anything tonight and
08:40:49 nothing more.
08:40:51 I just wanted to clarify that for you.
08:40:54 >> The neighbors were not given very much information.
08:40:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: There's not much information on
08:40:57 there.
08:40:58 And we talked about trying to fix that a little bit.
08:41:00 I think you made a very good point about hours of
08:41:02 operation.

08:41:02 I think if, in fact, this is truly just an office use,
08:41:06 then it's really just, you know, a nine to six or
08:41:10 whatever, eight to six daytime type of operation.
08:41:14 And I think that might be an appropriate limitation
08:41:16 for us to look at.
08:41:17 >> Okay.
08:41:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.
08:41:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
08:41:21 Mr. Dingfelder, this is a request to go from RS-50 to
08:41:25 R.O., not PD.
08:41:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: R.O. is a site plan controlled.
08:41:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is it site plan controlled?
08:41:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
08:41:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great.
08:41:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I said P.D., but it's still a site
08:41:36 plan.
08:41:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I didn't note on the site plan, but
08:41:39 what are they doing in terms of signage?
08:41:41 Is there any signage identified?
08:41:44 I didn't notice it.
08:41:46 No signs.
08:41:48 And what about, the lighting in back won't matter

08:41:51 because there's nobody that lives back there.
08:41:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
08:41:54 Anyone else like to speak?
08:41:56 Petitioner, would you like to come up for rebuttal?
08:42:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: There's no signage?
08:42:03 >> No, there is no signage.
08:42:04 It's purely being used for administrative office.
08:42:07 And I had spoken to my clients, we are prepared to
08:42:11 agree to a reasonable condition, if you are concerned
08:42:14 such as no on-site storage of painting materials or
08:42:19 supplies, we would certainly accept that.
08:42:23 We could agree to reasonable hours of operation, if
08:42:27 that's the Council's pleasure.
08:42:29 They are currently operating from 7:30 to 5:30, Monday
08:42:31 through Friday.
08:42:33 So if that is Council's pleasure to limit the
08:42:36 operation of it, I think we could consider that.
08:42:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
08:42:42 Mr. Britain, I think that those are great ideas.
08:42:45 We appreciate your client's, you know, suggesting or
08:42:48 at least agreeing to them.
08:42:50 I think the no on-site storage, some reference to

08:42:54 trucks, you know.
08:42:58 Obviously, a truck might show up every now and then,
08:43:00 something like that for deliver, but I mean in terms
08:43:02 of regular parking of trucks, I think it might be a
08:43:05 good idea.
08:43:06 The turf block I think would be nice for the three
08:43:08 spots, the three westerly spots, because at least --
08:43:12 right now, looking at the picture, we got grass there.
08:43:16 We have a front yard there.
08:43:17 So at least if it went to turf block, we might
08:43:20 maintain some of that greenspace type character.
08:43:23 And then the other thing I was thinking about,
08:43:25 Ms. Saul-Sena.
08:43:26 If you look at the site plan, it appears that we're
08:43:30 not buffering those three spaces at all.
08:43:33 Maybe we could -- from the street.
08:43:35 Maybe we could put up a little stem wall or, you know,
08:43:38 some shrubbery or something.
08:43:40 Now, it looks like you're pretty tight to the property
08:43:43 line.
08:43:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Maybe a landscape buffer.
08:43:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Maybe you could get permission from

08:43:47 the city to go into the city right-of-way, which is
08:43:49 right there, and put in some additional buffering.
08:43:52 >> We had discussed that, actually, with them.
08:43:55 We have a little room, I think, for some more,
08:43:58 possibly for more landscape buffering on the East side
08:44:01 of the driveway.
08:44:02 But it's very tight.
08:44:04 And we wanted to err in favor of more parking to solve
08:44:07 the transportation --
08:44:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The Euclid edge.
08:44:11 In other words, as you're driving --
08:44:13 >> Northeast side of the driveway.
08:44:14 It's a little tight over there.
08:44:16 To supply enough parking, the idea was we thought we
08:44:18 needed parking more than landscaping.
08:44:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is there a sidewalk there?
08:44:22 >> There is, yes.
08:44:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's what I'm talking about right
08:44:25 along the sidewalk.
08:44:26 In other words, as you're walking down the sidewalk,
08:44:28 you are not seeing the side of a car.
08:44:31 Maybe stem wall, shrubs.

08:44:33 >> We have no objection to landscaping there.
08:44:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think that's an excellent
08:44:37 suggestion so you just don't see cars.
08:44:40 >> It would have to be in the right-of-way.
08:44:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think it would have to be in the
08:44:43 right-of-way.
08:44:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If they maintain it, that's okay.
08:44:52 >> Brian, transportation.
08:44:53 I have been sworn.
08:44:54 We could allow something like that.
08:44:56 Normally we don't, just because in casework in the
08:44:59 right-of-way needs to be done or anything --
08:45:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think in this case it's
08:45:04 appropriate.
08:45:04 >> Right.
08:45:05 We would just need them to make some modifications and
08:45:07 add a couple of notes stating that they'll be
08:45:10 maintained at certain heights and we can remove them
08:45:13 if need to do work.
08:45:14 Also, I want to make clear, you said the three parking
08:45:16 spaces to the West, one is an ADA.
08:45:19 We need to make sure that's also hard, regular, but we

08:45:23 can take care of that later.
08:45:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You know what, if -- okay, that's
08:45:27 fine.
08:45:27 Maybe just two out of the three.
08:45:33 >> Mary Danielewicz Bryson, Land Development
08:45:35 Coordination.
08:45:36 I have been sworn.
08:45:39 If we provide shrubs in the right-of-way, we will need
08:45:42 a maintenance agreement stating the petitioner will
08:45:45 maintain those shrubs.
08:45:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think that was an excellent
08:45:56 suggestion, Mr. Dingfelder.
08:45:57 What we want is to keep the feeling of the house.
08:46:00 The fact is that the petitioner doesn't want to mess
08:46:02 with the building.
08:46:03 They don't want to put up a sign.
08:46:05 It sounds like there's not going to be a lot of back
08:46:08 and forth traffic.
08:46:09 It's mostly people working in the office during the
08:46:12 day.
08:46:12 And so the feeling level will be that of a home,
08:46:16 except for the cars parked in front.

08:46:18 So I think having a landscape buffer in front that
08:46:24 will shield the neighbors across the street to the
08:46:27 North from looking at these cars all day long, I
08:46:30 think --
08:46:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The only other thing was hours of
08:46:32 operation.
08:46:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think 7:00 to 6:00.
08:46:37 >> 7:00 to 6:00 would be fine.
08:46:38 It would be ideal.
08:46:40 That gives us a chance for people to arrive and then
08:46:42 people to depart, if they have to linger a little
08:46:44 after work, they can handle that.
08:46:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you see that just weekdays?
08:46:49 >> They are an operation Monday through Friday.
08:46:51 That appears to be sufficient.
08:46:52 Now, I assume that wouldn't prevent them from showing
08:46:55 up on Saturday and working if they wanted to for
08:46:58 normal office operations.
08:46:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Maybe that's what you would put,
08:47:01 normal office operations.
08:47:03 >> They don't have any objections.
08:47:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are you willing to meet with the

08:47:09 Neighborhood Association, members of the neighborhood
08:47:12 to explain what you just agreed to do here tonight?
08:47:15 >> Oh, absolutely.
08:47:17 Yes, absolutely.
08:47:17 No problem doing that at all.
08:47:19 If we had known they were in opposition, we would have
08:47:24 met with them before.
08:47:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We need to continue the public
08:47:27 hearing.
08:47:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Amend the site plan.
08:47:30 >> So moved.
08:47:31 >> A date and time, please.
08:47:33 How long will the petitioner need to get the site
08:47:36 plan?
08:47:39 They have to have it in tomorrow.
08:47:40 What about the maintenance agreement?
08:47:42 >> We can just sign that.
08:47:45 >> [not speaking into microphone]
08:47:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That will be placed on the site plan.
08:47:52 >> Our problem is that Otero engineering, they are our
08:47:56 engineering consultant, I don't know if David Tyler
08:47:59 can turn it around by noon.

08:48:01 Three weeks would probably be fine.
08:48:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to continue this until the
08:48:13 29th at 10 a.m.
08:48:17 For first reading, with the improvements on the site
08:48:20 plan, the notes.
08:48:21 >> 29th of March at 10 a.m.
08:48:23 >>GWEN MILLER: 29th of March at 10 a.m.
08:48:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
08:48:27 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
08:48:29 All in favor of the motion, aye.
08:48:30 [Motion Carried]
08:48:32 We need to go to item number 7.
08:48:34 Need to open it.
08:48:36 Need to open number 7.
08:48:37 >> So moved.
08:48:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
08:48:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Oh, I think I seconded the motion.
08:48:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.
08:48:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Opposed, nay.
08:48:56 >> Phil Schulz, Land Development Coordination.
08:48:58 I have been sworn.
08:48:59 The case before you Z07-20 is in district 6, northeast

08:49:04 McFarland crime watch association area.
08:49:07 Located at 2715 Tampa Bay Boulevard.
08:49:12 Hugo Ruiz is the petitioner.
08:49:15 The development review committee has reviewed the
08:49:17 petition and has no objections as of the submission of
08:49:20 the revised plans.
08:49:22 However, with the submission of the final plans, we do
08:49:24 have some objections and will require a continuance on
08:49:28 this project once I get into my presentation, I'll
08:49:30 point those things out to you.
08:49:34 Request to go from RS-50 to PD, planned development.
08:49:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If we're not in order to go forward
08:49:40 right now, why would we take the time to do it?
08:49:44 >> That's your discretion, Council.
08:49:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Maybe you can elaborate on that
08:49:48 issue first.
08:49:49 >> All right.
08:49:49 I will.
08:49:50 Solid waste required them to relocate the niche.
08:49:53 I'll put this on the elmo please.
08:49:56 If you look at the site plan, you'll notice that the
08:50:00 niche is at the front of the property.

08:50:02 It should be relocated to the rear of the property.
08:50:05 Over by the -- it would be the northwest corner, that
08:50:10 has not been removed.
08:50:12 The buffer wall was labeled as eight foot and should
08:50:16 be six foot.
08:50:17 The reason we can't put a masonry wall back here,
08:50:20 sanitary sewer easement going down the former vacated
08:50:24 alley and cannot put a masonry wall here.
08:50:27 The neighbor over here prefers that her vegetation and
08:50:31 trees not be disturbed and therefore, they are
08:50:34 requesting, again, the extension of the vinyl wall
08:50:36 with a six-foot, not an eight-foot and then a
08:50:39 four-foot from the front leading edge here to comply
08:50:44 with code.
08:50:44 So they need a waiver on the buffer to be instead of a
08:50:50 six-foot masonry wall, a six-foot vinyl wall.
08:50:54 The petitioner has discussed this with us, and they
08:50:56 are willing to do that.
08:50:57 And also relocating the niche where it's supposed to
08:51:00 be over in this location and eliminating the note down
08:51:05 here.
08:51:06 They will comply with that at Council's request.

08:51:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We have some issues, but we can
08:51:10 probably resolve them.
08:51:11 >> They can have it back in to us tomorrow.
08:51:14 They can have it in to us tomorrow before 12.
08:51:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead and hear it.
08:51:20 Okay.
08:51:20 Let's go ahead then.
08:51:23 >> The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property
08:51:26 located at 2715 Tampa Bay Boulevard to planned
08:51:30 development to construct a 1,492-square-foot,
08:51:33 two-story professional office, PD setbacks for the
08:51:36 office site, include 61 feet fronting on Tampa Bay
08:51:40 Boulevard, three foot side, on the West 10.2 feet.
08:51:45 On the rear, on the North side and 12 feet on the yard
08:51:49 on the East side.
08:51:51 The proposed plan requires five parking spaces.
08:51:53 The petitioner is providing five.
08:51:56 Including one ADA space.
08:51:57 Maximum height is 20 feet.
08:52:00 The American four square style as depicted in the
08:52:03 elevations as attached to the site plan.
08:52:08 The aerial photos you've been provided, let me orient

08:52:11 you, please, if I may, to the site.
08:52:17 Here you see the existing zoning in the area.
08:52:21 You have commercial neighborhood.
08:52:24 Next door, you have probably some of the best pizza in
08:52:28 this neighborhood.
08:52:29 We also have CN down in this area.
08:52:34 We have a small shop, salon, down in the four corner
08:52:39 on Tampa.
08:52:40 This is Tampa Bay Boulevard.
08:52:42 Here is Heiter.
08:52:46 This is -- along the easterly road here is Tampania,
08:52:54 and here we have Habana.
08:53:02 Here is the subject parcel.
08:53:03 Tampa Bay Boulevard.
08:53:03 Tampania Street.
08:53:05 Heiter Street.
08:53:09 Here's a picture of the subject property.
08:53:12 You can see the existing fences here, would actually
08:53:15 be -- well, they would be removed in place of the
08:53:20 constant vinyl fence.
08:53:21 So there's kind of a hodgepodge of metal, vinyl, wood
08:53:24 and chain-link, and that will all be changed.

08:53:34 Here is a picture of the pizzeria next door to the
08:53:39 West.
08:53:46 Here is a house directly across the street from this.
08:53:50 Here's another parcel that's directly across the
08:53:53 street.
08:53:56 This is looking towards the West to Habana.
08:54:00 And this is looking towards the East.
08:54:04 Here is the house directly to the East of the subject
08:54:08 parcel.
08:54:13 If you have any additional questions, I'll be
08:54:15 available.
08:54:18 I would now like to turn it over to Mr. Tony Garcia.
08:54:25 >>TONY GARCIA: Thank you, Mr. Schulz.
08:54:26 Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
08:54:28 I have been sworn in.
08:54:29 I'll give you a little bit more context about this
08:54:33 area of West Tampa, intersection of Tampa Bay and
08:54:35 Habana.
08:54:36 You do have a little neighborhood restaurant that's
08:54:41 had a variety of different identities over the last
08:54:44 decade or so.
08:54:45 This is a residential use here.

08:54:46 You have a medical office here.
08:54:48 This is a multipurpose office use over here.
08:54:50 You did have an attorney's office over here.
08:54:52 The attorney has since moved out -- established
08:54:55 another office.
08:54:56 Approved right across the street, about a block away
08:54:59 from Tampa Bay Elementary farther down to the west.
08:55:02 This is also -- this is a little commercial strip
08:55:06 center.
08:55:07 This is Fiesta Plaza.
08:55:08 There's a hair salon over in this area.
08:55:11 This is the vacant lot, the parking area for this
08:55:14 particular structure over here, which is the
08:55:16 neighborhood restaurant.
08:55:17 And, of course, the subject site itself, which is
08:55:20 proposed request for a low-density office use, which I
08:55:24 believe will be for like an attorney's office.
08:55:28 There's an aerial that basically depicts the character
08:55:31 of this particular part of Tampa Bay Boulevard, which
08:55:33 is considered a collector in this area.
08:55:35 Again, going back to the future land use map just very
08:55:38 quickly, you can see the land use over here is

08:55:40 residential 20, which does allow consideration for low
08:55:43 density office uses.
08:55:44 It does meet locals criteria as Tampa Bay Boulevard is
08:55:48 a collector road.
08:55:49 The Planning Commission had no objections to the
08:55:51 proposed request.
08:55:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
08:56:01 >> Frank Otero.
08:56:04 4521 West Linebaugh.
08:56:04 I have been sworn.
08:56:06 I was under the impression it would be a continuance.
08:56:09 But I do have the elevation of what it's going to look
08:56:11 like.
08:56:11 I just wanted to show you that.
08:56:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We've got it.
08:56:21 >> And basically -- we are going to make it a
08:56:33 residential look to it.
08:56:34 It will be compatible with that street, Tampa Bay
08:56:37 Boulevard.
08:56:37 To reiterate what Mr. Garcia said, up and down Tampa
08:56:41 Bay, there are law firms already there.
08:56:43 It is going to be a one-person law firm.

08:56:45 So we are definitely going to keep it compatible with
08:56:50 a residential look to it.
08:56:52 Like I said, I wasn't prepared to speak tonight
08:56:55 because of the continuance.
08:56:56 I did have letters from neighbors that they have no
08:56:59 objection to this, which I can bring in.
08:57:06 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I'm real familiar with this area, and
08:57:08 I'm just wondering why you wouldn't put the building
08:57:12 further up to the street and have the parking in the
08:57:15 back, because pretty much every one of the other
08:57:18 buildings that are there have the parking in the back.
08:57:27 It's true, you have residential right next to you, so
08:57:30 I don't think it would be really compatible that you
08:57:32 have an asphalt parking lot right in front when you
08:57:36 can probably move your building closer to the street
08:57:38 and then go around and park in the back.
08:57:41 >> Originally, that was our intention.
08:57:43 Then in speaking to the city, it was their
08:57:47 recommendation to have it in the back.
08:57:49 Right next to us, basically, there is an asphalt
08:57:52 parking structure already.
08:57:53 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I know. It used to be the Vienna --

08:57:56 but their parking is in the back, too, alongside the
08:58:01 Tampa Bay Boulevard.
08:58:01 >> But they face actually a different.
08:58:03 They don't face the actual Tampa Bay Boulevard
08:58:05 actually.
08:58:05 >>MARY ALVAREZ: No, they face Habana.
08:58:07 That's what I'm saying.
08:58:09 Their building is facing the front and then they have
08:58:11 just have parking in the front.
08:58:13 But this is on a residential street regardless of
08:58:17 whether it's transitioning or not, you still have the
08:58:19 parking.
08:58:20 It's going to look really funny when you have a
08:58:23 residential area in the front and you've got this huge
08:58:26 asphalt, you're going to have, I don't know how much
08:58:28 it is, 105 feet, almost 106 feet of asphalt right in
08:58:35 front.
08:58:35 It's just not going to be compatible.
08:58:37 I won't support this.
08:58:45 >> This is the first time we heard of not supporting
08:58:47 it like this.
08:58:48 That's how our site plan was submitted.

08:58:50 This is the first we've heard.
08:58:54 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like to talk to transportation
08:58:56 then.
08:59:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'll do whatever -- it's your
08:59:08 neighborhood.
08:59:08 >>MARY ALVAREZ: If you look up and down the street,
08:59:10 all you see is residential, especially in that
08:59:12 one-block area between Habana and Tampania.
08:59:21 You know, I would like to know why they are telling
08:59:24 you that.
08:59:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ms. Alvarez, you are completely
08:59:41 right.
08:59:42 I don't know, what was our staff thinking of?
08:59:45 >> Brian, transportation.
08:59:46 I believe it's compatible with the area, and --
08:59:50 >>MARY ALVAREZ: How do you figure that?
08:59:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Putting the parking in front?
08:59:55 >> Well, right next door to the West, they park in the
08:59:59 front and along the side abutting the property.
09:00:02 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Exactly, but take a look East of
09:00:05 there.
09:00:05 All up and down there, you've got -- there's only one

09:00:10 piece of property right next to ELIE's and they've got
09:00:17 front yard, but it's not 105 feet deep.
09:00:21 This is what I'm complaining about, because it's just
09:00:24 not going to look right in there.
09:00:26 >> I believe it would be possible to get parking in
09:00:28 the back.
09:00:29 However, that's not what was brought, the dimensions
09:00:35 and the requirements were met with what they need.
09:00:41 >>MARY ALVAREZ: You know, unless we continue this,
09:00:43 there's no way I can support it at this point.
09:00:46 >> If I understood the discussion earlier, it will
09:00:48 have to be continued any way.
09:00:50 >>MARY ALVAREZ: You need to take a look at it and do
09:00:53 something about it.
09:00:53 It's just not a good plan for that area.
09:00:58 >> Basically, our first step was to come talk to the
09:01:01 city.
09:01:01 And from my understanding, you know, we recommended
09:01:05 parking in the back.
09:01:08 Calculations, they recommended the front.
09:01:10 Better than parking in the ingress and egress.
09:01:12 It's not something we are here to fight with.

09:01:14 Basically, our intention was to make it compatible
09:01:17 with the city.
09:01:17 And there, you know, their recommendation was to put
09:01:20 in the front.
09:01:21 So basically we came to the city and they said,
09:01:23 basically put it in the front.
09:01:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think you need to go back and talk
09:01:31 to them and tell them you want it in back.
09:01:33 There's just no way.
09:01:38 I know that area really, really well.
09:01:40 If you go up and down Habana, you'll see that because
09:01:44 of the way the professional offices are on Habana.
09:01:47 But this is on Tampa Bay Boulevard and everything else
09:01:49 on that street, the parking is not on the front.
09:01:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'll second the motion.
09:01:57 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Continue.
09:01:59 >> Madam Chair, unfortunately, Ms. Alvarez, the
09:02:01 adjacent parcel does have front yard parking
09:02:04 contiguous to this property.
09:02:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: But that's to the West.
09:02:10 We're talking to the East.
09:02:11 >>MARY ALVAREZ: This is a residential street pretty

09:02:12 much.
09:02:14 >> It is, with the exception of the intersections
09:02:17 there at Habana and also down in --
09:02:20 >>MARY ALVAREZ: That was there a long time before,
09:02:23 Mr. Schultz, long time before.
09:02:32 >> Compatible with the adjacent commercial use, that's
09:02:34 why we had the parking in the front.
09:02:36 >> But you have a residential --
09:02:40 >> And we have the buffering to screen that.
09:02:43 >> Do you what you want, but I won't support it.
09:02:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, I can see where
09:02:49 staff might look at this and say that.
09:02:52 But Mrs. Alvarez really knows this street, and I think
09:02:55 that the reason we have these hearings before City
09:03:00 Council, not just based on staff opinion, but based on
09:03:04 representatives of the neighborhood because they
09:03:06 really know this.
09:03:07 So I think particularly because the petitioner has to
09:03:09 go back and redraw this anyway that we should allow
09:03:14 continuance and my question is, three weeks or four
09:03:17 weeks?
09:03:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Better do it three weeks.

09:03:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Three weeks, because Mrs. Alvarez
09:03:23 will be here on the 29th.
09:03:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
09:03:27 speak on this?
09:03:28 Does anyone in the public want to speak on item number
09:03:30 7?
09:03:31 Okay.
09:03:32 Now you can make your motion.
09:03:33 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I would like to make a motion to
09:03:35 continue this for three weeks.
09:03:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:03:39 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Actually, the 22nd, really.
09:03:42 >> The next night meeting is the 22nd, which is two
09:03:47 weeks.
09:03:47 And then after that, four weeks would bring it to your
09:03:51 next Council.
09:03:53 The question is, how long -- the question is, number
09:03:57 one, does the petitioner agree to the continuance for
09:03:59 that purpose?
09:04:01 And I'm assuming that Council was satisfied that
09:04:04 transportation agrees that parking in the back is
09:04:06 feasible.

09:04:07 I don't recall specifically whether I heard that
09:04:09 testimony.
09:04:11 And the third thing is whether this can be physically
09:04:15 done and brought in within the time constraints, even
09:04:18 within three weeks if Council were to set it for a
09:04:22 daytime hearing.
09:04:24 >> You mean, after sitting down with transportation,
09:04:26 they are recommending in the back for the
09:04:28 calculations.
09:04:29 Like I said, she's not going to approve it.
09:04:31 It's her district.
09:04:33 Sit down with you and definitely get it rezoned.
09:04:38 We'll definitely work with you.
09:04:39 I think it's unfair that this is the first time that
09:04:42 we heard that they recommend parking in the back.
09:04:44 We definitely --
09:04:46 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I didn't know that this was going to
09:04:48 be coming up like it is.
09:04:50 I never saw the site plan either.
09:04:53 It's just not a compatible plan as far as I'm
09:04:56 concerned for that --
09:04:57 >> I want to reiterate it.

09:04:59 We definitely drew it based on recommendations by your
09:05:02 staff.
09:05:04 Cost more time, more money.
09:05:07 >> Just to kind of bring this in for landing.
09:05:10 I don't think anybody is suggesting that you did
09:05:11 anything wrong.
09:05:12 >> Correct.
09:05:14 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: I think what you're hearing is a
09:05:15 sense from the Council members that they look at this
09:05:19 neighborhood differently than the staff does.
09:05:21 It's not the first time that's happened.
09:05:24 If you can redraw, redesign that site so that the
09:05:28 building is towards the front, I think you will have a
09:05:31 much more favorable hearing than with the current site
09:05:33 plan.
09:05:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: I have a question about it.
09:05:36 If we're going -- if he got information from staff,
09:05:41 you're going to ask him to redo the plan, should he be
09:05:44 responsible?
09:05:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Sir, if I can address that,
09:05:48 ultimately you rely on your staff to do their
09:05:51 investigation and to make a recommendation.

09:05:53 Ultimately, you as the finder of facts have to make a
09:05:58 determination whether it is compatible.
09:06:02 And ultimately, if Council based on the competent,
09:06:07 substantial evidence that it deduces from staff
09:06:09 reports and from reviewing the site and reviewing the
09:06:13 surrounding area determines that it is not compatible,
09:06:15 it can make its determination based on its own weight
09:06:20 of the evidence.
09:06:21 And so the answer is, he has the right tonight, the
09:06:26 petitioner.
09:06:27 Based on the site plan in front of you to have an up
09:06:31 or down vote.
09:06:32 He does not have to request a continuance.
09:06:34 He can ask Council to say either approve and ask to
09:06:39 vote -- ask to approve and Council has the right to
09:06:43 either approve or disapprove.
09:06:44 If he feels that the sense of the Council is based on
09:06:48 its weight of the evidence that it might disapprove,
09:06:51 then he could, if he wishes to continue with this
09:06:54 project, not have to have a denial and then a
09:06:57 refiling, can ask for a continuance.
09:07:00 That's his option.

09:07:01 If he doesn't ask for the continuance, you have the
09:07:04 right to vote on what's before you.
09:07:08 >>GWEN MILLER: What's your pleasure?
09:07:09 >> Definitely continue, yes.
09:07:10 [ LAUGHTER ]
09:07:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Is two weeks enough time?
09:07:18 >> I think three.
09:07:22 It's going to change everything.
09:07:25 Our neighbor to the rear was happy with the setup.
09:07:27 Now parking in the rear, our neighbor behind us might
09:07:30 be against it now for the parking in the rear.
09:07:33 It was definitely compatible -- he wanted to make it
09:07:36 conforming with the next door parking lot.
09:07:39 I understand we're willing at all sides, but now --
09:07:41 the parking in the rear definitely changes everything.
09:07:44 We definitely will go back to the drawing board.
09:07:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Transportation, do you want to say
09:07:49 something?
09:07:50 >> Yes, Brian, transportation.
09:07:51 I've been sworn.
09:07:52 That's really to what effect I wanted to speak.
09:07:58 It was doable, anything is possible, especially with

09:08:00 the right amount of waivers.
09:08:02 But the situation is very dynamic, and something will
09:08:04 have to change, whether it's the orientation of his
09:08:07 building or a waiver for a decrease drive aisle and
09:08:11 there would be less maneuverability in there, just so
09:08:15 you know.
09:08:15 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I think they'll be happier with the
09:08:18 configuration of that.
09:08:20 It will be compatible with the one on the West.
09:08:23 But when you're looking at the side where the
09:08:25 residential area is, it's just not compatible.
09:08:31 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to continue
09:08:33 it.
09:08:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just going to raise the issue and
09:08:35 Ms. Wysong can correct me if I'm wrong, but there is
09:08:39 no additional notice requirement other than what's
09:08:41 been said tonight to the date and time that will be
09:08:44 continued.
09:08:45 I don't believe there's any other requirement legally
09:08:47 to notify the neighbors if there's a change of site
09:08:50 plan that does move the parking lot.
09:08:53 >> That's correct.

09:08:54 As long as you continue it to a date certain, there's
09:08:57 no more notice required.
09:08:59 You can ask him to renotice, if you wish.
09:09:04 >>MARY ALVAREZ: We would like to continue to a day
09:09:07 meeting.
09:09:08 Three weeks.
09:09:10 >> 29th at 10:00.
09:09:11 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to continue
09:09:13 to March the 29th at 10 a.m.
09:09:15 All in favor of the motion, aye.
09:09:16 Opposed, nay.
09:09:17 [Motion Carried]
09:09:18 Open up item number 8.
09:09:20 We have a motion and second.
09:09:21 All in favor of the motion, aye.
09:09:28 [Motion Carried]
09:09:40 >> Next item on the agenda is item 8, Z06-127.
09:09:46 Located in district five, Tampa Downtown Partnership
09:09:51 area.
09:09:51 The address is 602 East Cass Street.
09:09:56 Conner property Vancouver acquisitions are the
09:10:01 petitioners.

09:10:03 The development review committee has reviewed the
09:10:06 petition and has some objections.
09:10:08 The request is to rezone from CBD-1, central business
09:10:13 district office, to CBD-2, central business district 2
09:10:17 mixed use retail office and residential.
09:10:19 There are five waivers being requested.
09:10:23 Section 27-44681 to allow loading dock maneuvering in
09:10:29 the right-of-way.
09:10:29 Section 27-441-E-2, to allow 14.1% open space instead
09:10:35 of the 15% required.
09:10:37 Section 27-437.5, requiring all redevelopment of the
09:10:42 entire city block in the central business district to
09:10:45 provide a five-foot setback on all sides to allow the
09:10:49 setbacks as shown on the site plan.
09:10:51 Development provides an average setback of 7.57 feet.
09:10:54 Item four, section 1345-G-4 to reduce the requirement
09:10:59 to preserve 50% to 40% of the existing trees.
09:11:04 Item 5, section 13161-E to waive 659 square feet of
09:11:09 greenspace and to be assessed payment of fee in lieu
09:11:13 paid to the city's parks and recreation department to
09:11:16 the current rate assessed at the time of the
09:11:18 permitting prior to issuance of the first building

09:11:21 permit.
09:11:22 In summary, the petitioner is proposing to rezone the
09:11:24 property located at 602 East Cass Street from Central
09:11:27 Business District 1 to Central Business District 2 to
09:11:32 construct a mixed use project including 369
09:11:35 residential units, 7,566 square feet of retail.
09:11:39 11,642 square feet of office for a total of 503,631
09:11:49 square feet of gross floor area.
09:11:51 The maximum proposed height is 432 feet and 36 stories
09:11:57 with a floor area ratio of 8.75.
09:12:01 The front entrance will be oriented towards the
09:12:04 southeast corner of East Cass and Morgan Streets.
09:12:08 The project is required to have 562 parking spaces and
09:12:12 588 are proposed in the first eight stories with a
09:12:16 height of 87.4 feet.
09:12:19 The ninth floor contains amenities.
09:12:23 Include the pool, four units on top of the parking
09:12:26 deck.
09:12:26 The floors 10 through 31 contain 14 units each with a
09:12:31 variety of sizes from 702-square-foot studios to 1,657
09:12:37 square feet of two-bedroom den and two-and-a-half
09:12:42 baths.

09:12:44 Floors 32 through 36 contain 1,927 square feet to
09:12:49 3,887-square-foot penthouse and junior penthouse
09:12:54 units.
09:12:54 Land Development Coordination has reviewed the
09:12:58 project, and we object to waiver number 3 on the site
09:13:01 plan per section 27441-E-2-B requiring fee in lieu
09:13:08 payment provisions for open space.
09:13:10 The fee cannot be waived.
09:13:13 Therefore, the waiver should be removed from the site
09:13:15 plan and the fee paid as required.
09:13:18 We would also ask that general note number 36 from the
09:13:22 site plan for landscape specialists per our landscape
09:13:26 specialist comments be removed from the site plan.
09:13:30 We have, as you can see by my report, substantial
09:13:37 landscape specialist objections.
09:13:39 If you would like, we could bring Mary Danielewicz
09:13:43 Bryson forward so she could discuss those.
09:13:46 We also have objections from transportation for Brian
09:13:49 gentry to present.
09:13:51 First of all, I would like to orientate you to the
09:13:53 parcel, if I may, and show you a little bit about the
09:13:56 location.

09:14:01 As you can see on the elmo, we have Cass Street.
09:14:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excuse me.
09:14:07 Where is this in relation to the Tampa Theater?
09:14:11 >> The Tampa Theater is --
09:14:14 >> It's quite a ways.
09:14:15 >> Over here.
09:14:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Where is it in relation to
09:14:21 McDonald, I mean, to the old place -- goody-goody.
09:14:32 >> It's down by the Greyhound bus station.
09:14:34 You know where the Greyhound bus station is.
09:14:39 >> Here is Florida.
09:14:53 Does that help?
09:14:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes -- thank you, yes.
09:14:56 >> This is Tyler street on the North of the property.
09:14:59 We have Pierce on the east.
09:15:03 Morgan on the West.
09:15:04 Cass Street on the south.
09:15:08 Here you can see an aerial photo of the site.
09:15:10 Please note that there's a lot of grade level parking
09:15:13 in and around this entire block.
09:15:17 As you can see, here's a picture of the subject
09:15:20 property.

09:15:21 It is a parking lot.
09:15:24 To the southwest, we have parking and high-rise to the
09:15:29 West, again, we have parking.
09:15:33 This is the spencer building to the South.
09:15:37 Here we have a grade level parking lot to the North,
09:15:41 and we look at the northeast, we see this.
09:15:47 More grade level parking, and directly West, a very
09:15:54 nice renovated warehouse building.
09:15:58 >>MARY ALVAREZ: That wasn't the bus station?
09:16:00 >> No, that was not.
09:16:01 The bus station is the spencer.
09:16:06 Mary Danielewicz Bryson will come up and make her
09:16:10 comments.
09:16:10 And then Mr. Gentry and Mr. Garcia.
09:16:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do we have some comments -- who
09:16:15 will talk about the sidewalks?
09:16:19 >> Transportation will.
09:16:23 These objections have been discussed with Mr. Smith,
09:16:26 and he is willing to come back with additional changes
09:16:30 as requested by staff.
09:16:32 And he will also be providing you with some enhanced
09:16:35 elevations to go along with those that I presented to

09:16:38 you this evening.
09:16:41 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Based on the raised hand I saw out
09:16:44 there in the audience, I'm going to need to declare a
09:16:47 conflict.
09:16:48 Apparently my wife's firm is associated with this
09:16:51 project.
09:16:52 So I'll need to recuse myself.
09:17:08 >> Mary Danielewicz Bryson, Land Development
09:17:10 Coordination.
09:17:11 I have been sworn.
09:17:12 Basically, when the tree table was presented, they had
09:17:15 switched the preserved trees with the trees that were
09:17:18 being removed.
09:17:19 And it set the tree table off balance.
09:17:23 They actually have a credit based on the
09:17:27 reconfiguration of the table.
09:17:29 And I wanted them to correct that to reflect that.
09:17:32 The only trees really required on-site are to meet the
09:17:36 urban design standards of the streetscape trees.
09:17:39 And I do have a technical objection to the waiver of
09:17:42 the greenspace.
09:17:44 It's a very minimal amount of waiver.

09:17:51 They are not required any other greenspace
09:17:54 requirements within the CBD other than vehicle use
09:17:58 area and to waive the parking areas enter into the
09:18:01 building, it's not feasible for them to put the
09:18:04 eight-foot landscape buffer based on the design.
09:18:08 The last thing, the trees, they have five trees
09:18:14 on-site.
09:18:15 They are required to preserve 50%, which would be
09:18:18 two-and-a-half trees.
09:18:19 We always round up, it's three trees.
09:18:21 The best trees on site are the sweet gum.
09:18:23 They are going to preserve those.
09:18:25 It does require a waiver in that respect.
09:18:34 That's the end of my presentation.
09:18:42 >> Brian gentry, transportation.
09:18:44 The objection to the maneuvering in the right-of-way
09:18:47 for the loading vehicle, it's kind of tough to develop
09:18:52 a whole block and not have maneuvering in the
09:18:55 right-of-way.
09:18:57 However, one loading berth is to measure 60 feet in
09:19:03 length.
09:19:04 Wheel base 50 truck has a total length of 55 feet.

09:19:08 Just so it can when it's loading, it's completely on
09:19:12 the property.
09:19:15 This is extending out over the property line to where
09:19:18 the sidewalk is, and it's the overall maneuvering in
09:19:21 the right-of-way encroaching actually a second lane as
09:19:25 it pulls in, why we don't feel comfortable with it.
09:19:28 Like I said, it's not abnormal for the maneuvering in
09:19:31 the right-of-way downtown, but in this case, I just
09:19:35 felt the need to object.
09:19:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wanted our staff to speak to it.
09:19:47 >> What about it?
09:19:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sidewalks.
09:19:50 You're transportation.
09:19:51 Does transportation address sidewalks or does Wilson
09:19:53 Stair?
09:19:54 >> Both, actually.
09:19:56 But transportation has jurisdiction over anything in
09:19:58 the right-of-way.
09:19:59 But what exactly --
09:20:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: They are not adequate.
09:20:09 >> Some places they are.
09:20:10 You can see them meander.

09:20:11 You're right, in some places they do fall short.
09:20:15 But, no, it wasn't something that we objected to.
09:20:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Planning Commission staff.
09:20:38 >> Wilson Stair, urban design manager.
09:20:41 I have been sworn.
09:20:43 You were asking about the sidewalks in this case.
09:20:47 We looked at the site all the way around.
09:20:52 It fluctuates.
09:20:53 Some areas are very wide, like 21 feet.
09:21:03 We ask them to go around the entire site.
09:21:07 In some areas, the sidewalk can be 28 feet wide.
09:21:12 There is one particular area that gets very narrow,
09:21:16 but I think it's more the way it's graphically
09:21:21 portrayed.
09:21:22 A tree grate has two-and-a-half feet, and they didn't
09:21:27 count that.
09:21:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So you feel like it's adequate.
09:21:32 >> It's greater than ten feet.
09:21:39 >>TONY GARCIA: Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
09:21:41 I have been sworn.
09:21:43 The land use is real easy.
09:21:45 It's all CBD as we can see.

09:21:47 But I wanted to give you a little bit more context.
09:21:51 Ms. Saul-Sena, you asked pretty good questions about
09:21:54 where everything is relative to this site.
09:21:56 This isn't quite zoomed out as much, but I will point
09:22:01 out a couple of things over here.
09:22:04 Here's the Federal Courthouse, the new Federal
09:22:06 Courthouse.
09:22:07 And this parking lot right here is the eastern parking
09:22:11 lot of what used to be the goody-goody restaurant
09:22:14 right over here.
09:22:15 So you can see where the site is -- here's an area of
09:22:20 traffic.
09:22:24 Transportation center.
09:22:24 Of course, the Central Park project that's over here.
09:22:27 Perry Harvey park.
09:22:28 The union right over here.
09:22:30 Orange Avenue, which many people take to go directly
09:22:33 up to the interstate, 275, the junction right up this
09:22:36 way.
09:22:39 I think what's significant that Mr. Schultz brought
09:22:43 up, as far as the context of the area, the site itself
09:22:45 as well as a lot of the adjacent sites are all surface

09:22:48 parking.
09:22:48 It's a really underutilized area.
09:22:51 It's really ugly, I guess.
09:22:54 And so, if you look at the illustrations that the
09:22:59 applicant has provided, they are providing an amenity
09:23:02 deck which I think is a nice feature on their 8th
09:23:06 floor.
09:23:06 They are showing landscaping.
09:23:07 That is oriented to Cass Street, which is good.
09:23:09 You also have this -- I always wondered how they did
09:23:13 this, but this is really confusing junction over here
09:23:16 where you have transportation flow coming in off the
09:23:19 interstate.
09:23:19 Of course, people trying to meander.
09:23:22 Of course, this is never really going to be solved or
09:23:25 it's not going to be -- actually this development is
09:23:28 not going to exacerbate the situation for this
09:23:30 intersection, which I think we've all had our moments
09:23:33 at this intersection.
09:23:34 Sometimes it gets a little confusing.
09:23:37 That being said, I think what they are offering to the
09:23:39 area, even though 36 stories, this is more to the

09:23:43 northeast of the CBD, which allows for a higher
09:23:47 consideration.
09:23:47 Of course, there is no F.A.R. limitation within the
09:23:50 CBD.
09:23:51 It seems that what they have offered, we have looked
09:23:54 at it regarding sidewalks.
09:23:56 They are providing landscaping around all four
09:23:59 corners, four edges of the proposed site.
09:24:01 The Planning Commission staff felt this would be a
09:24:03 positive impact to this particular area and would be
09:24:06 in addition -- an additional complementary use to, of
09:24:10 course, what has already been approved as far as the
09:24:13 Central Park project which is directly to the
09:24:14 northeast of the site.
09:24:16 Planning Commission staff had no objection to the
09:24:18 proposed request.
09:24:42 >> Good evening.
09:24:43 David Smith, 401 East Jackson Street, 33602.
09:24:47 I'm a planner with the law firm of Sterns, weaver
09:24:50 miller, representing the petitioner.
09:24:52 I have been sworn.
09:24:53 What is being distributed to you now is a book that

09:24:56 basically augments our elevations, also depicts
09:25:01 clearly the sidewalk areas and open space areas and
09:25:04 varying dimensions we have.
09:25:06 Also provides a good view of pedestrian areas and the
09:25:09 interaction that we have at the pedestrian level.
09:25:12 I believe staff has done a good job of describing the
09:25:17 general context of the development.
09:25:21 In the interest of time tonight, I won't go through
09:25:24 all that again.
09:25:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: David, if I could, it appears on
09:25:28 Morgan Street and Cass Street side, you're clearly
09:25:31 designating commercial space.
09:25:33 1648 on Morgan and almost 6,000 on Cass and the corner
09:25:38 of Morgan.
09:25:40 >> Yes, sir.
09:25:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: But I don't know what I'm seeing in
09:25:43 terms of street activity on Tyler or Pierce.
09:25:47 >> Well, those particular streets, when you look at
09:25:49 the transportation network on those two thoroughfares,
09:25:53 they are very non-- they are high traffic areas, high
09:25:57 traffic corridors and also one-way streets.
09:25:59 And there's no pedestrian flow occurring -- well,

09:26:03 there's a cemetery immediately to our north and the
09:26:05 jail beyond that.
09:26:06 So there's not a whole lot of pedestrian flow running
09:26:09 from the north to the south.
09:26:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The jail is history.
09:26:13 Soon to be history.
09:26:15 >> I'm just telling you what is there now.
09:26:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's going green.
09:26:20 >> Well, then it will be nice and green.
09:26:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I could see what you're saying on
09:26:24 the pier street side, that's where all the craziness
09:26:27 goes.
09:26:28 But on the Tyler side.
09:26:29 I mean, you look at the cemetery as greenspace.
09:26:32 >> Well, the Tyler street is -- it's a three-way,
09:26:36 one-way street that is -- has pretty much got the high
09:26:40 volume coming from Ybor running down to Florida and
09:26:43 all the cross street connections.
09:26:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is that one of the ones that
09:26:46 possibly we're looking at two-waying or not?
09:26:49 >> I have not heard about Tyler being two-way.
09:26:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Does transportation know?

09:27:04 >> Brian gentry, transportation, no, I'm not positive.
09:27:06 I know we are in the works to go north one street at a
09:27:11 time year by year.
09:27:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, we just spent a lot of money
09:27:17 and we're speeding it up.
09:27:18 >> Right.
09:27:24 When we looked at the activity areas and focus on the
09:27:26 downtown and where the other companion developments
09:27:29 are going to occur, our focus became those streets,
09:27:32 Cass and --
09:27:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Whatever is happening on your
09:27:37 inside, does your design preclude some type of retail
09:27:41 on Tyler?
09:27:43 >> Let me actually show you the floor plan, and we can
09:27:46 actually point that out.
09:27:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Cut to the chase.
09:27:52 I'm sure the people in the audience would like that.
09:27:54 >> In this particular case -- looking at the
09:28:00 orientation of the building, we have Cass, Morgan,
09:28:02 Pierce, and Tyler.
09:28:04 Tyler street is the loading dock location for us, the
09:28:10 loading space.

09:28:11 Our activity areas, you're correct, are focused at
09:28:14 Morgan and Cass Street.
09:28:15 These are the high-traffic streets right now as far as
09:28:19 North-South.
09:28:20 Morgan is two-way going North.
09:28:22 It also provides connection to the transit stop, and
09:28:26 we expect development as it occurs and redevelopment
09:28:29 to come from the central area out to this project.
09:28:33 And we think that is the best space for activity
09:28:36 areas.
09:28:36 On the backside, we have limited opportunities,
09:28:38 because what we have here, we have ground floor
09:28:41 enclosed parking because of the size of the deck and
09:28:47 trying to limit the amount of volume that we have in
09:28:49 our parking structures, so we start off with retail
09:28:54 and commercial office parking on the first two levels,
09:28:57 and then as you get up higher, that's when the parking
09:29:01 decks start for the residents and the development.
09:29:04 So when we looked at the property, and we felt that
09:29:08 this was the most efficient design, it's hard to
09:29:12 provide a floor plate without doing corkscrew parking
09:29:17 decks to get people up.

09:29:18 And that's really not something residential folks
09:29:20 typically like to do is corkscrew up in a parking
09:29:24 garage.
09:29:25 That's basically the rationale for how we've oriented
09:29:28 our space.
09:29:29 On the second deck, we also have on the same two
09:29:33 sides, we also have office space on the second floor.
09:29:35 So, again, we have a front face.
09:29:37 When I get a little later in the presentation, I'll
09:29:39 show you what we do have on that face of the building.
09:29:42 And that is actually where our public art, what's
09:29:47 intended to be a multimedia board, but we have to work
09:29:50 with the Arts Council and the sign people relative to
09:29:53 what is considered a multimedia board.
09:29:55 If not, it would probably be a mural.
09:29:57 But I'll get that to them in just a second.
09:30:03 Regarding the sidewalks and the general setbacks, I
09:30:05 would like to point out that there were several
09:30:07 waivers mentioned, but when you look at them on total,
09:30:10 they are very minor.
09:30:11 A couple of them relate to two things.
09:30:13 One, the five-foot setback around the perimeter of all

09:30:17 total block development and the other is the open
09:30:20 space.
09:30:21 We're providing 14.1% as opposed to 15%.
09:30:25 That's pretty much in direct result that we filed in
09:30:29 May.
09:30:29 Due to a glitch with the transportation study, it
09:30:31 could not be initiated for review.
09:30:33 And in the meantime, the code changed.
09:30:36 This building was totally designed under the old code
09:30:39 at 10% and no setback.
09:30:41 We ended up in a situation, at least 14.1% and we had
09:30:44 varying setbacks and very wide sidewalk areas around
09:30:47 us.
09:30:48 Now, I'll point that out.
09:30:50 We knew this would be a concern for councilman
09:30:52 Saul-Sena, so we're very careful to make sure we had a
09:30:55 graphic that depicted it on the sidewalks.
09:31:00 We have the luxury of not being like a lot of blocks
09:31:02 in Tampa, which are very close to the curb line.
09:31:07 Most blocks have very minimal sidewalk and immediately
09:31:11 to the curb line and then immediately it's the
09:31:13 property boundary.

09:31:14 In this particular case, we have the luxury of some
09:31:17 very generous curb lines which we've incorporated into
09:31:20 our design, and we've shown these as planters, these
09:31:27 little curveout areas.
09:31:28 As you can see, if you look at the graphic that's in
09:31:31 your book probably two pages in, what it shows is from
09:31:34 the curb line to the building, we have 20 feet,
09:31:38 21 feet.
09:31:40 The tightest place that we get is back on Tyler street
09:31:44 which we're talking about 12.5, 15.
09:31:48 And once we work with the landscape folks and Land
09:31:53 Development Coordination, we'll be able to determine
09:31:55 whether or not we'll be able to incorporate better
09:31:59 tree wells or to have these large planting areas.
09:32:02 We would like to do the planting areas because it
09:32:04 softens the whole pedestrian feel rather than having
09:32:07 just street tree with tree grates all up and down the
09:32:11 side.
09:32:12 We agreed to a note that allows us to work with them
09:32:15 to put tree grates in or planting areas.
09:32:18 As you go around the building, you have very large
09:32:20 sidewalks.

09:32:22 It has a very good circulation related to the
09:32:25 property.
09:32:26 Also, this relates to our setback request.
09:32:30 What we have done, as you can see where the parking
09:32:33 decks come out to the property line, those are where
09:32:35 the setbacks could not be met.
09:32:37 However, as we go around, we have pedestrian areas on
09:32:40 the corners.
09:32:42 We have where this one on the corner of Cass Street
09:32:45 and Pierce, that gray block is actually a fire
09:32:49 stairwell that's required to get out of the building.
09:32:51 We couldn't incorporate that, but we have pedestrian
09:32:55 area around it so they can walk either inside the
09:32:58 building or out to the sidewalk on the street side.
09:33:00 As we come down on Cass Street, this is where we have
09:33:04 our opportunity for outdoor seating.
09:33:09 And that's at the corner of Cass and Morgan.
09:33:12 As we come back, again at Tyler and Morgan, that's
09:33:16 also our largest seating area.
09:33:18 So we've incorporated pedestrian areas, while we may
09:33:21 not have Tyler street with all store fronts, we do
09:33:24 have seating that wraps around the area that provides

09:33:27 an atmosphere that makes pedestrians feel comfortable.
09:33:31 On the next graphic, I'll show you, basically gives
09:33:35 you the intent of the landscape plan.
09:33:39 The intent is to have a very nice pedestrian
09:33:41 landscaped area that people will feel comfortable
09:33:44 coming to.
09:33:45 What we have is, we do have an entrance off of Morgan
09:33:48 which is a two-way street and entrance off of Pierce
09:33:51 which is a one-way street, again loading.
09:33:54 As indicated by transportation, there's almost no way
09:33:57 with the size of our blocks in downtown to not ask for
09:34:00 the waiver of the maneuvering of the right-of-way.
09:34:03 We have agreed to a condition that our loading hours
09:34:06 will be six to six, and that we'll have a staff person
09:34:09 available to assist with the backing up on the site.
09:34:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you have any opposition?
09:34:19 >> Not that I'm aware of.
09:34:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Alvarez has a question.
09:34:29 >>MARY ALVAREZ: How many parking spaces do you have in
09:34:31 this building?
09:34:38 >> The parking is in he can success of the code.
09:34:40 We have I believe 588.

09:34:42 >>MARY ALVAREZ: I know.
09:34:43 But how many guest parking -- and the reason I'm
09:34:46 asking is, you have offices in this building and
09:34:50 sometimes they'll go in there and they'll put their
09:34:52 names on there.
09:34:53 They reserve spaces and so on.
09:34:57 And the guests that come in, they go round and round
09:35:00 and round trying to find a space to park.
09:35:03 So how many are you having for this type of parking
09:35:06 lot?
09:35:10 >> Hold on one second so I can get the site plan page
09:35:13 up.
09:35:22 We actually exceed the code by 26 spaces, so there are
09:35:25 26 spaces that are available for guest parking.
09:35:29 So we meet the code as far as the number of spaces per
09:35:32 bedroom.
09:35:32 Then we meet the parking relative to the office and
09:35:35 retail and then excess spaces that are intended to be
09:35:38 used for the guests.
09:35:39 Guest parking is not a requirement of the downtown,
09:35:42 but we do have it incorporated into our plan.
09:35:45 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Well, they should have it

09:35:47 incorporated, because, you know, we're at a premium
09:35:50 when it comes to parking.
09:35:52 And they have parking meters to go with that.
09:35:54 So I just wanted to make sure that there are some
09:35:58 parking areas for the bests that come in.
09:36:01 >> Yes, ma'am.
09:36:02 We were very sensitive to the fact that we didn't want
09:36:04 to have a tight parking ratio to provide enough spaces
09:36:08 for everybody as well as guests to enjoy the facility.
09:36:12 >>MARY ALVAREZ: It's a lovely building.
09:36:14 >> Thank you.
09:36:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public want to speak on
09:36:16 item number 8?
09:36:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
09:36:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:36:19 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
09:36:21 [Motion Carried]
09:36:22 >> Can I make one comment?
09:36:23 Because of the note changes that are required on the
09:36:26 plan that staff wants us to do, we're prepared for a
09:36:29 two-week continuance and can have those changes done
09:36:32 by tomorrow.

09:36:33 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to reopen the public hearing
09:36:34 then.
09:36:35 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to open.
09:36:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:36:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to reopen.
09:36:38 [Motion Carried]
09:36:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I had a question for Wilson.
09:36:41 Is he here?
09:36:49 You heard my comment before, especially as related to
09:36:52 Tyler street.
09:36:53 I understand Pierce Street with the traffic
09:36:56 strangeness over there, but on Tyler street, it looks
09:37:01 like -- I don't picture Tyler as that busy a street.
09:37:04 Do you have any concerns about a lack of any
09:37:08 pedestrian, real pedestrian activity on that side?
09:37:13 >> Yes.
09:37:13 And this is kind of been an ongoing discussion with
09:37:18 the petitioner.
09:37:20 The function came up, of course, with them wanting to
09:37:23 put parking in.
09:37:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: There are ten spaces inside on the
09:37:30 first floor and they have five hundred and something

09:37:32 total spaces.
09:37:33 I don't know if that's a big killer.
09:37:38 >> I would agree in your assessment that it's better
09:37:41 to have store front on the one street, at least, that
09:37:46 is in question, but overall, I think, you know, they
09:37:53 could change it to include retail.
09:37:57 By code, we as staff cannot mandate that they put in
09:38:01 retail.
09:38:02 The only place we mandate retail downtown is on
09:38:05 Franklin Street.
09:38:07 We can encourage it, and it certainly is good for a
09:38:12 livable city and adds interest.
09:38:15 And where they don't do it, then we have to address
09:38:19 the law and create visual complexity.
09:38:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: David, I think you have done a nice
09:38:29 job and it's a nice building.
09:38:31 From the street perspective, half the building is dead
09:38:34 space.
09:38:34 I think as a city, we've been working extremely hard
09:38:37 to get away from that, and it just seems like -- and I
09:38:42 recognize you don't have a lot of depth there.
09:38:45 I see that, because you have your drive lanes coming

09:38:48 in there.
09:38:52 But at the same time, you have a little bit of depth,
09:38:54 and you could maybe use those -- instead of having ten
09:38:57 parking spaces, maybe you could have some --
09:39:01 >> Workout area.
09:39:02 >> Yeah, there you go.
09:39:03 Something there.
09:39:04 Anyway, thank you, Wilson.
09:39:06 >> Just one more thing, it's probably a bad example in
09:39:11 the sense of depth, but Quizno's somehow fit into our
09:39:23 city parking garage down along Franklin Street.
09:39:23 And it's only got a depth of 20 feet.
09:39:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's a great example that you can
09:39:26 work with a narrow depth.
09:39:29 >> I would like Jerry Curts to be able to speak to the
09:39:33 question about that side of the building.
09:39:34 I think it has to do little more with the planning and
09:39:36 architecture.
09:39:37 Also note that Quizno's, their service areas and stuff
09:39:42 come out the back.
09:39:44 There become multiple issues when you just kind of
09:39:45 stick some retail in on a floor.

09:39:48 I'm sure Jerry knows better than I what those
09:39:51 consequences are.
09:39:52 >> Little artist space.
09:39:54 >> I'm Jerry Curts with Curts, Gaines, Hall, Jones
09:39:54 Architects.
09:39:56 I have been sworn.
09:39:58 You know, we spent a lot of time deliberating this
09:40:01 situation because of the uniqueness of this site.
09:40:05 And Tyler Street does not even have a stoplight or a
09:40:09 pedestrian crossing at that intersection, that
09:40:11 northeast intersection.
09:40:14 In fact, it's very dangerous to try to walk across
09:40:16 there, because they have multiple roads that come
09:40:18 through.
09:40:18 When we looked at the site initially, we felt like
09:40:21 really the pedestrian activity is going to be along
09:40:25 the West side and the South side.
09:40:27 That's what is going to feed back into new development
09:40:31 in the North part of downtown, and that was really the
09:40:35 reason we did this.
09:40:37 And I don't believe that there's even a commercial
09:40:43 need for store front on that Tyler side.

09:40:47 I think if we put it in, it would be an empty store
09:40:50 front.
09:40:50 Literally, nobody will go there.
09:40:52 If somebody is in the lot across the street from Tyler
09:40:55 and they want to cross Tyler, they'll go down to the
09:40:58 west end, cross, and come right past where we have our
09:41:03 street activity.
09:41:04 That's what we concluded.
09:41:07 We talked to Wilson Stair about this.
09:41:08 We talked to city transportation.
09:41:09 It's not a great solution.
09:41:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Curts, When Central Park
09:41:12 Village builds out, then the whole character of your
09:41:18 neighborhood changes.
09:41:19 >> It has to.
09:41:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And therefore, sure, what you have
09:41:23 described is today's environment, but 10 or 20 years
09:41:27 from now, we all know hopefully that we'll have a
09:41:30 different environment and you'll have all these new
09:41:33 projects -- I mean, I'm looking at this plan, you'll
09:41:37 have all this new stuff going on that is toward the
09:41:41 Pierce and Tyler side, because that's the direction of

09:41:44 Central Park village.
09:41:45 >> I think you're absolutely correct.
09:41:48 We all sit here and try to guess what that might be.
09:41:50 That intersection at Pierce and Tyler is a very
09:41:54 unworkable, bad intersection right now.
09:41:56 I know it's going to change.
09:41:58 We just don't know how to predict what's going to
09:42:01 happen.
09:42:01 But I think we can predict the sides of the building
09:42:04 on the South and West are going to have, you know,
09:42:07 people on the street, activity.
09:42:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: But at least if you reserved it,
09:42:12 maybe even made it optional, you know, instead of just
09:42:15 saying this is going to be parking.
09:42:17 Maybe if there was some type of parking or retail, so
09:42:20 there was some flexibility in the future, you know,
09:42:24 that that way down the road, you know, if and when the
09:42:27 building gets built and if and when all these other
09:42:30 things happen, at least there might be some option for
09:42:33 the future owner to respond to what is going to happen
09:42:38 in Central Park village or anything else to the North.
09:42:42 >> I think that makes a lot of sense.

09:42:44 Certainly, the building owner is going to want to take
09:42:46 advantage of the commercial space if the need is
09:42:48 there.
09:42:49 That would be easy.
09:42:51 I think we could easily do that.
09:42:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why don't you consider that when
09:42:54 you go back and look at the rest of the notes?
09:42:56 >> We can put a note on those back spaces along that
09:42:57 street that indicates or commercial space.
09:43:01 The parking will be -- the parking loss with the
09:43:04 increased retail will be an issue, but we've got some
09:43:08 extra spaces.
09:43:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Dingfelder.
09:43:18 You said that so well, I agree completely.
09:43:20 I think what we really need is transparency there, so
09:43:24 whatever you put in, in my opinion, doesn't have to be
09:43:27 retail.
09:43:27 Just needs to be something interesting to walk by.
09:43:29 So you could make it a walkout -- workout space
09:43:34 available to the tenants of the building.
09:43:36 Could make it available to artists to use and create
09:43:39 some activity.

09:43:40 This area used to be Central Avenue.
09:43:43 This was the absolute, you know, ground zero for
09:43:47 activity and life in the African-American community.
09:43:50 Urban renewal wiped everything out.
09:43:52 Created this bizarre street configuration, and things
09:43:56 are coming back.
09:43:57 We know for a fact that 6,000 people will be living
09:44:00 immediately to your West -- East.
09:44:05 >> Well, Central Park village.
09:44:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What you are doing on Ashley -- not
09:44:10 Ashley, Cass and Morgan are great, but why not Tyler
09:44:14 too in.
09:44:15 >> We don't disagree.
09:44:17 We also intended to actually punch some transparencies
09:44:21 in that space anyway to break up that wall.
09:44:25 And now we'll have the opportunity as an option to
09:44:28 bring that area in as retail or something out in the
09:44:31 future.
09:44:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What is your public art?
09:44:56 >> Let me find it for you.
09:45:03 Jerry did a very good job of illustrating it.
09:45:11 What we are proposing at this time and again that's on

09:45:14 that dead street space you're talking about, it won't
09:45:16 be so dead if we can put the media board we're looking
09:45:19 at.
09:45:20 The client is very into high-tech media boards.
09:45:24 As a matter of fact, he's probably at an electronics
09:45:27 convention right now because he's so into this.
09:45:30 He asked us to pursue and I met with the city staff
09:45:32 and sign staff and art folks, right now, the sign code
09:45:35 and Arts code are kind of butting heads as to what you
09:45:38 can do with media boards.
09:45:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We're working on that.
09:45:41 >> Yes, and we appreciate it.
09:45:42 But the concept is for this to be a large media board
09:45:46 that would have the opportunity to have maybe not
09:45:48 static art, but art displays that change.
09:45:54 So we're pursuing that in the absence, if we can't get
09:45:57 the media board, it's a mural location for the
09:46:02 developer.
09:46:02 We also have some opportunities on the front of the
09:46:05 building that currently have banners on them that we
09:46:08 can put some light displays on them as well.
09:46:11 We have a lot of area for it.

09:46:12 And we felt this is the best space, because this was,
09:46:15 as we knew, the deadest space on the project.
09:46:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is that described in a note?
09:46:22 >> As far as --
09:46:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I mean, it concerns me a little bit
09:46:25 that it could just be an advertising board.
09:46:27 >> Well, it can't be an advertising board because it
09:46:29 violates the sign code.
09:46:32 It has to be public art.
09:46:33 And as soon as it has --
09:46:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If it's a product, then it
09:46:41 becomes --
09:46:41 >> If you put Coca-Cola or Reebok or sponsored by
09:46:45 anybody and then you have a big piece of art, that's a
09:46:49 sign at the moment.
09:46:49 The intent would be eventually to have the ability to
09:46:52 have sponsorship to have changing art displays.
09:46:55 Whether or not it was Verizon or somebody had a
09:46:57 postscript at the bottom that said this display
09:47:00 sponsored by Verizon, that display could be up there
09:47:04 for a period of time and then you could get TECO or
09:47:07 somebody else that could sponsor it.

09:47:09 In the absence of that, you may be looking at a media
09:47:12 board if we can't have that type of signage.
09:47:18 We thought it out, we just can't get there under the
09:47:21 code right now.
09:47:22 >>GWEN MILLER: How many weeks you need?
09:47:24 >> We can have it tomorrow.
09:47:27 We actually have the changes done except for the note
09:47:28 on the optional retail space along Tyler.
09:47:33 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Continue for two weeks.
09:47:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:47:37 10:00.
09:47:38 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor, aye.
09:47:39 Opposed, nay.
09:47:40 [Motion Carried]
09:47:41 Need to open item number 10.
09:47:49 [Motion Carried]
09:47:53 >> The next item on the agenda, item 10.
09:47:58 Zoning case Z07-10.
09:48:04 Located in district five, North Hyde Park.
09:48:07 110 South Rome, Edgeware Road LLC is the petitioner.
09:48:15 At the time the revised plans came into our office, we
09:48:18 had objections.

09:48:19 However, all of the objections to this project have
09:48:22 been mitigated.
09:48:23 There are none.
09:48:24 The petitioner is requesting to change from CI,
09:48:28 commercial intensive, to PD, planned development
09:48:31 business office, business professional office.
09:48:33 They are requesting two waivers.
09:48:35 Section 27246 J, waiver to allow nonresidential
09:48:40 vehicle access to alleys that has access to Kennedy,
09:48:45 by the way.
09:48:46 And item 2, 27246-A, waiver to allow drive aisle
09:48:52 backup area reduction from 26 to 21 feet.
09:48:56 The petitioner proposes to rezone the property at 110
09:49:00 South Rome to planned development for a
09:49:03 4,850-square-foot professional office.
09:49:06 Setbacks for the office include five foot fronting on
09:49:09 South Rome, 3.2 to 1 on the side to the North.
09:49:13 35 feet to the rear.
09:49:17 3.2 and one foot to the side yard on the South.
09:49:21 The proposed plan requires 16 parking spaces.
09:49:24 The petitioner is providing 16, including one ADA
09:49:28 space and eight compact spaces totaling 50%.

09:49:32 Maximum height is 35 feet and the elevations are on
09:49:35 the site plan.
09:49:36 To orientate you to the site, elmo, please.
09:49:47 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Mr. Schulz, is this the report that we
09:49:50 have in front of us current?
09:49:52 >> That is based on the revised site plan.
09:49:55 As of now, there are no objections.
09:49:58 They've all been mitigated.
09:50:07 >>MARY ALVAREZ: The one I had, the date of the report
09:50:10 was 2/27 and the hearing date is today.
09:50:13 >> All of the DRC staff had submitted their final
09:50:18 reviews based on the final plan, and all of the
09:50:21 objections have been removed as of tonight, including
09:50:25 the fire department as well as landscaping.
09:50:35 If you look at the aerial photo, the subject parcel is
09:50:38 in yellow on South Rome.
09:50:39 Kennedy is to the North.
09:50:41 You have South Dakota on the West, Cleveland on the
09:50:45 South and -- on the West.
09:50:51 This is a picture currently of the subject parcel.
09:50:54 It's a fenced-in parking area.
09:50:59 This is the property directly to the North.

09:51:03 Metal building with a block front.
09:51:07 It's the cleaners and looks like it was a tire shop at
09:51:10 one time.
09:51:11 Little better perspective of it showing the subject
09:51:14 parcel and the metal building.
09:51:16 Up here, you'll see Kennedy Boulevard.
09:51:19 This is the parcel directly to the South.
09:51:22 This is also a parking lot.
09:51:24 However, they've received a citation on this.
09:51:27 This is 114 South Rome.
09:51:31 They need a variance there.
09:51:34 This is the legal office and adjacent to it, you have
09:51:38 these very attractive town homes.
09:51:40 Directly across the street, however, it is now a
09:51:43 vacant lot.
09:51:45 It's getting prepared for a PD that you approved
09:51:48 recently.
09:51:49 This is a picture of South Rome.
09:51:56 I'll be available for any questions if you have any.
09:51:58 Yes.
09:51:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Could you pass around the
09:52:00 previously submitted proposal?

09:52:04 >> Yes.
09:52:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:52:12 I saw this, because I went over this with Phillip and
09:52:16 I was looking at the proposed building and I thought
09:52:21 it was kind of uninspired in terms of design.
09:52:24 He said, you should have seen the previous one.
09:52:26 It was beautiful.
09:52:27 I saw this and I thought, wow, it looks so much
09:52:29 better.
09:52:30 What's the problem?
09:52:31 I guess the problem was the previous one had eves that
09:52:34 drained in the neighbors' property.
09:52:36 So all the rainwater would have gone on to the
09:52:38 neighbor's property.
09:52:40 But I think there has to be something in between.
09:52:42 >> The petitioner is here.
09:52:43 I mentioned this for you.
09:52:44 Mr. Michelini is willing to address that issue for
09:52:47 you.
09:52:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great.
09:52:49 Thank you.
09:52:49 Thank you so much.

09:52:53 >> Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
09:52:55 I have been sworn in.
09:52:57 Just a couple of additional statements to go along
09:52:59 with Mr. Schulz' comments.
09:53:02 We are all real familiar with this area.
09:53:04 Had a lot of activity in front of Council recently.
09:53:07 Your land use categories, this is heavy commercial 24,
09:53:10 community mixed use-35, residential 35.
09:53:13 This is urban mixed use 60 along Kennedy Boulevard.
09:53:16 The parcel to the West, corrected -- correctly stated
09:53:21 to you, come in for approval for a PD for about a
09:53:23 60,000-square-foot office and, of course, the parking
09:53:27 garage to the rear which is now supposed to have town
09:53:29 homes, I believe, to interface with the town homes on
09:53:32 either side, which he's also shown you.
09:53:36 Here is the subject side.
09:53:37 Here is the cleaner's.
09:53:38 This is the recently approved, I believe, Starbucks
09:53:40 location.
09:53:41 You also recently approved the zoning for office.
09:53:45 This is for a vacant lot over here, this particular
09:53:52 stretch of Fremont has also transitioned to low

09:53:55 density office.
09:53:56 We do have professional office over here, vacant lot
09:54:00 and professional office as well as several town homes
09:54:03 along this area.
09:54:04 It is a transitional area as we know.
09:54:07 We have the heavy commercial uses.
09:54:09 We do -- we are seeing a lot of economic redevelopment
09:54:12 along this particular site, which is really good for
09:54:15 Kennedy Boulevard.
09:54:17 Planning Commission staff has no objections to the
09:54:19 proposed request.
09:54:26 >> Good evening.
09:54:26 Steve Michelini.
09:54:28 Here on behalf of Edgeware LLC.
09:54:30 Basically, this is an existing car lot.
09:54:33 It's currently zoned CI, which would allow much more
09:54:36 intensive development than what is being proposed.
09:54:39 I've been sworn.
09:54:43 You got me, Marty.
09:54:47 Basically, it was part of the Ferman Chevrolet retail
09:54:53 sales.
09:54:53 It was actually their used car sales lot.

09:54:59 Now we're proposing to put in a professional office
09:55:00 building of 4850 square feet.
09:55:02 As they noted, the waivers we're asking for involves
09:55:05 the internal backup space for the parking areas, and
09:55:09 the exiting onto the alley, which would be northbound
09:55:12 directed.
09:55:14 I don't think the staff pointed that out to you.
09:55:17 That's a directional exit that they have requested and
09:55:19 we have complied with.
09:55:25 I sort of blocked out the eyesore immediately to the
09:55:28 West, which is the vacant lot that's waiting for
09:55:33 development.
09:55:33 This is the subject parcel here from an aerial
09:55:37 perspective.
09:55:37 There was a house here, and that's been since torn
09:55:41 down and this has been converted to a parking lot.
09:55:44 This is not part of our property.
09:55:46 We had nothing to do with that.
09:55:48 That's a different owner.
09:55:50 They have done some things in there that indicate they
09:55:53 are under citation.
09:55:55 Again, nothing to do with this property which is

09:55:57 immediately adjacent to the dry cleaners here.
09:56:00 We are proposing our main access, entry access off of
09:56:03 Rome and exit will be on the alley which will direct
09:56:06 that traffic to the northbound area.
09:56:12 The elevations that we have presented to you,
09:56:17 basically are for compatibility evaluation and
09:56:21 analysis by the staff.
09:56:22 Once they have determined that, we're not bound
09:56:25 strictly to those.
09:56:26 We have some design flexibility.
09:56:30 The point that you had raised regarding the eves
09:56:34 dripping onto the neighboring property owners is
09:56:38 because the building was wider.
09:56:40 We reduced the width of the building.
09:56:42 As a consequence of that, we had to reduce the side
09:56:44 towers on each side of the proposed development.
09:56:47 We did talk to the Neighborhood Association.
09:56:49 I met with Mr. Walter Crumbley.
09:56:53 He gave me a letter.
09:56:54 I'd like to read in record.
09:56:56 The Courier City/Oscawana Residents Homeowner
09:56:59 Association has no objection of the rezoning proposed

09:57:01 file Z07-10 and ask that you approve same.
09:57:04 I would like to receive and file that and put that
09:57:06 into record.
09:57:08 We stand before you respectfully requesting your
09:57:10 approval.
09:57:11 We have no objections from staff and concurrence with
09:57:13 the Neighborhood Association.
09:57:16 It's a compatible use.
09:57:17 It's an ideal use that transitions from heavy
09:57:20 commercial along Kennedy Boulevard, and it makes it a
09:57:24 more even and flexible use going toward the
09:57:27 neighborhood area.
09:57:28 So I think that we have met with and decided we have
09:57:32 addressed every issue addressed to us by the staff,
09:57:35 and we respectfully request your approval.
09:57:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
09:57:39 speak on item number 10.
09:57:42 We have a motion and second to close.
09:57:43 All in favor, aye.
09:57:45 [Motion Carried]
09:57:46 Do we have an ordinance?
09:57:54 >>SHAWN HARRISON: I move an ordinance rezoning

09:57:56 property in the general vicinity of 110 South Rome
09:57:58 Avenue in the City of Tampa, Florida, and more
09:58:00 particularly described in section one from zoning
09:58:02 district classification CI, commercial intensive, to
09:58:05 PD, planned development, business, professional
09:58:08 office, providing an effective date.
09:58:09 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:58:11 All in favor, aye.
09:58:11 [Motion Carried]
09:58:14 >> One thing I would like to add for Ms. Saul-Sena's
09:58:16 benefit, we did commit that since it's not a
09:58:20 requirement to stick strictly to the design element,
09:58:23 we are going to try to adjust the facade at
09:58:25 permitting.
09:58:26 But I didn't want to make that change to our site
09:58:28 plan, because that would have kicked us into a
09:58:30 two-week continuance.
09:58:32 But we have looked at it, and we will try to do that.
09:58:36 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to open number 12.
09:58:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
09:58:39 All in favor, aye.
09:58:39 [Motion Carried]

09:58:50 >> Phil Schulz, Land Development Coordination.
09:58:54 I have been sworn.
09:58:56 Next item on the agenda is zoning case Z06-133.
09:59:02 You heard this once before when it had one parcel.
09:59:08 At the request of staff, the petitioner brought in a
09:59:11 parent parcel just to give you framework here very
09:59:15 quickly.
09:59:15 The parent parcel to the other lot that he also owns
09:59:19 in order to rezone all three parcels to comply with
09:59:24 the RS-50 rezoning.
09:59:26 Located in district five, Temple Crest Civic
09:59:29 Association.
09:59:30 Address of three parcels, 8315, 8313, 8311 North
09:59:36 27th Street.
09:59:37 The owners are Mr. Derick Wynn and Mr. Thermozi
09:59:43 Thomas.
09:59:44 Previously misnoticed on January 11th, '07.
09:59:47 The development review committee has reviewed the
09:59:50 petition and has no objections to the request.
09:59:53 The request being to rezone from RS-60, single-family
09:59:56 residential, to RS-50, residential single-family.
09:59:59 No waivers are being requested.

10:00:01 The petitioner proposed to rezone 8315, 8313, and 8311
10:00:08 North 37th Street to an RS-50 zoning district to
10:00:11 create two buildable zoning lots measuring 50 by
10:00:14 121.78, total of 6,089 square feet each.
10:00:20 And bring the parent parcel, lot three, 8313 North
10:00:24 37th Street with an existing house into compliance
10:00:27 with the RS-50 zoning district regulations.
10:00:30 The subdivision was originally platted 1914 with
10:00:34 50- and 60-foot wide lots.
10:00:37 Lots two and four are currently vacant.
10:00:40 Standard setbacks for RS-50 are as follows.
10:00:43 50-foot front yard.
10:00:44 Excuse me, 20-foot front yard.
10:00:46 20-foot rear yard.
10:00:47 And seven-foot side yards.
10:00:51 This requested Euclidean zoning district, therefore no
10:00:53 site plan is required.
10:00:55 The proposed construction must also adhere to all
10:00:58 applicable City of Tampa development regulations.
10:01:03 If you look at the orientation of the zoning, you
10:01:11 previously approved a lot on 39th street here in
10:01:15 2005 to RS-50.

10:01:19 However, we did create a legal nonconforming with the
10:01:24 parent parcel, which we should probably contact that
10:01:28 individual and bring them in.
10:01:31 These three parcels are 50 feet wide and in order to
10:01:35 obtain a building permit, if the house, for example,
10:01:39 burns down, they would have to come in and obtain a
10:01:43 rezoning regardless.
10:01:44 This is an aerial photo of the area showing the two
10:01:48 vacant lots.
10:01:49 And then the house in between.
10:01:50 The house in between is the parent parcel to lot four.
10:01:54 The parent parcel to lot two on the corner of --
10:02:00 here's 37th, 39th street and this is Bird Street,
10:02:04 this parent parcel complies with the RS-60 setbacks
10:02:08 and lot requirement.
10:02:10 So it did not have to come in for this rezoning.
10:02:17 This is the red-blue consideration we use based on the
10:02:21 comprehensive plan, which I think Mr. Garcia will also
10:02:24 get into.
10:02:24 You'll see the three parcels under consideration here
10:02:28 tonight.
10:02:29 The blue indicate the -- we have 17 nonconforming

10:02:35 based on the development pattern of the area.
10:02:37 43 conforming.
10:02:39 Total of 60 units that we evaluated in this
10:02:41 assessment.
10:02:42 However, even though we do not meet the 50/50
10:02:46 criterion that has been used in the past, our
10:02:49 consideration here and recommendation to you tonight
10:02:51 is to follow your policy in the housing element policy
10:02:55 B-12 and policy B-3.3 to encourage infill into the
10:03:01 urban area to the greatest extent possible.
10:03:04 The subject house, this is what it looks like right
10:03:08 now.
10:03:09 A lot of trees in and around it.
10:03:11 And this is one of the subject parcels.
10:03:13 Unfortunately, I ran out of ink on my printer tonight
10:03:16 and was not able to get the other photographs.
10:03:19 You've seen the other photos of this area.
10:03:22 If there are any questions, I would be glad to answer
10:03:24 those for you.
10:03:26 Mr. Garcia will now present his report.
10:03:32 Which he's already presented once before.
10:03:39 >>TONY GARCIA: Tony Garcia.

10:03:40 I have been sworn in.
10:03:43 To not be redundant from my prior report, I'll just go
10:03:48 over a couple of things that I didn't mention before.
10:03:50 The obvious one, we have two parcels coming in instead
10:03:54 of one.
10:03:54 I think what also is important here to take into
10:03:57 consideration is what Mr. Schulz has stated.
10:04:01 This is predominant, your residential use is
10:04:03 single-family detached.
10:04:04 The applicant is proposing to bring in two
10:04:07 single-family lots for single-family detached
10:04:10 residential use consistent and compatible with the
10:04:13 character of the area and contributing to the housing
10:04:15 stock of the area, and also consistent with the
10:04:17 policies that he had mentioned of the comprehensive
10:04:20 plan.
10:04:20 The Planning Commission staff has no objection to the
10:04:23 proposed request.
10:04:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
10:04:26 Petitioner?
10:04:33 >> My name is Reginald Wynn.
10:04:37 I have been sworn in.

10:04:38 Thank you, Council, for giving my client and I an
10:04:41 opportunity to come before you this evening and
10:04:42 commend you for all the hard work and sacrifices you
10:04:45 make on behalf of all the citizens in Tampa and not
10:04:48 just association president.
10:04:52 I would like to now recite the words of a wise man
10:04:54 when he said -- and I agree -- that land is the basis
10:04:56 for community development.
10:04:57 I am currently seeking a BA in business management and
10:05:01 minor in economics.
10:05:02 When my client decided to purchase these lots, he
10:05:04 asked me to research the area before doing anything.
10:05:07 I advised him to locate the original plot or map of
10:05:11 the neighborhood for zoning purposes.
10:05:13 I'm going to show you the original map that we got
10:05:16 from 1924, in which all of these properties were zoned
10:05:26 50.
10:05:31 All of these original 1924.
10:05:35 As you can see, the total RS-50, which is our reason
10:05:40 for being here tonight.
10:05:41 The two lots that my client purchased were from my
10:05:45 aunt and my 82-year-old grandmother.

10:05:47 My aunt and my 82-year-old grandmother sold their
10:05:50 homes in Thomasville, Georgia, to get closer to the
10:05:53 family so we can help take care of both of them and
10:05:56 not have to put her in a nursing home.
10:06:02 The next phase was to see the direction the community
10:06:05 was going and review its current status.
10:06:08 Unfortunately, our review from grandfathered citizens,
10:06:11 if I can say that, other than -- the only improvements
10:06:17 made in the area were speed bumps for the park and
10:06:22 kids so the cars wouldn't be speeding down the road.
10:06:26 Crime, it increased in the area.
10:06:28 Because of the crime increasing in the area, we put
10:06:32 tax dollars in the area or citizens felt like their
10:06:35 tax dollars were being wasted because they had to
10:06:38 constantly keep calling the police out there to
10:06:42 vanguard the vacant lots that were out there on the
10:06:43 premises.
10:06:45 These residents feared for their safety and also the
10:06:48 maintenance of their homes and lives.
10:06:49 The park is used during football season for little
10:06:52 league team.
10:06:53 Unfortunately, our park doesn't have any lights after

10:06:57 dark which we know time changes during football season
10:06:59 during little league, the parents have to use
10:07:03 flashlights to find their kids after football practice
10:07:06 is over.
10:07:07 If you look at the eastern portion of Temple Crest,
10:07:11 which is on the other side of 40th Street, which are
10:07:11 the more expensive homes, you see a lot of
10:07:14 improvements being made.
10:07:15 But for some reason, on that side of 40th Street,
10:07:18 it's like night and day.
10:07:20 There are no improvements being made to the
10:07:22 neighborhoods.
10:07:22 And I also have some pictures to go along just to show
10:07:27 you the type of things that the children are engaging
10:07:30 in around there and why they are having to call the
10:07:33 cops.
10:07:38 These are the vacant lots that the citizens want to
10:07:41 have filled with properties.
10:07:46 This is what the kids are doing.
10:07:47 They are climbing through the gates.
10:07:49 And the residents are having to protect their homes by
10:07:52 use of this type of activity.

10:07:55 And as you can see, this lot, this fence hasn't been
10:07:58 replaced in years, so there's actually no improvements
10:08:02 being made to that side of 40th street.
10:08:12 And all I can say to that is someone has dropped the
10:08:15 ball in this area and rezoning empty lot from RS-60 to
10:08:21 RS-50 would improve many negative aspects to the
10:08:25 neighborhood.
10:08:26 As a matter of fact, the property located directly
10:08:28 behind as he stated, it was recently zoned RS-50.
10:08:32 And in just a minute, I will have a current resident
10:08:36 elaborate more.
10:08:36 My client's proposal to build on the lot and the type
10:08:41 of style home he's trying to use has come into
10:08:47 opposition of the president of the association.
10:08:48 And this is his reason.
10:08:50 And I quote, there is nothing wrong with these homes.
10:08:52 It's just that most Tampa residents dislike the fact
10:08:55 that the city approves hundreds of them all over the
10:08:59 city.
10:09:00 So, I mean, I don't know who he is speaking for, but,
10:09:04 you know, I think these homes, anytime you can have
10:09:09 housing, it helps the economy and it improves the

10:09:14 situation for the unemployed.
10:09:16 Unemployment rate dropped so he's not interested or
10:09:19 the association president is not interested in
10:09:21 improving that area from what we've seen.
10:09:27 Any form of improvement in that area with new housing
10:09:30 starts is always a positive indicator and jump start
10:09:32 the residents to take pride in the area and create
10:09:35 jobs like I said earlier.
10:09:36 Many current residents do not even have a voice
10:09:38 because they don't receive any correspondence from the
10:09:41 chair of the association.
10:09:43 And based on my client's sentiment, the chair only
10:09:46 deals with a select few in the area.
10:09:49 There's no room for feedback from the residents on
10:09:52 that side of 40th street.
10:09:54 There's a few, but it should be more than we figured
10:09:58 that he's reaching.
10:10:00 Council, I ask you to continue the precedent set forth
10:10:03 by the property directly in back of these two vacant
10:10:07 lots and a few others on the next street and change it
10:10:10 from RS-60, allow us to change and zone it to RS-50.
10:10:16 Then as as citizens of the neighborhood, we can look

10:10:19 out after each other and pool resources in order to
10:10:22 come up with different avenues for this troubled area.
10:10:25 I.e., lighting in the park.
10:10:28 Fish tournament, since it is a water view property.
10:10:33 Neighborhood crime watch.
10:10:34 Parks and vacant lot cleanup just to name a few.
10:10:37 So I thank you for your time and patience and thank
10:10:40 you for listening.
10:10:42 I'll try to answer any questions at this time if
10:10:45 necessary.
10:10:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions from Council members?
10:10:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: Those pictures that you showed and
10:10:54 the fence you showed, all of this on the West side of
10:10:58 40th?
10:10:59 >> Yes, sir.
10:11:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's all I need to know.
10:11:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
10:11:04 speak on item number 12?
10:11:06 Come on up and speak if you are speaking.
10:11:19 >> My name is bill Drake.
10:11:21 I've been sworn.
10:11:22 I live at 8115 North 37th street.

10:11:28 I would like to stretch this out a little bit so
10:11:32 everybody can see what's going on.
10:11:39 All you see here is a little bit of Temple Crest park
10:11:45 and 37th street.
10:11:47 So what you've got, all these folks on 37th street
10:11:51 have a 20-acre park across the road.
10:11:55 And then they have a 200-acre lake on the other side
10:11:59 of that.
10:12:00 And then on the other side of the river is Rogers Golf
10:12:04 Course.
10:12:04 So that means every sunset you are out there and all
10:12:08 you see are cattails, the forest, everything that goes
10:12:08 on.
10:12:09 There are no houses, no boat docks, nothing, which
10:12:18 is -- which is why I moved there.
10:12:23 As you see down here, this is where I live since 1991.
10:12:31 And this area in here hadn't been touched in 20 years.
10:12:36 It took me three years to get a lawn mower over this
10:12:43 piece of property.
10:12:44 Pulled three junk cars out of the middle of the lot.
10:12:47 One fellow decided he wanted to raise chickens.
10:12:58 If you have a 20-acre front yard onto a 200-acre lake

10:13:03 with a view from North Florida, what kind of home
10:13:08 would be appropriate for that view?
10:13:11 What would you like to put?
10:13:13 Are you going to put trailers in here?
10:13:15 No, you're not going to put trailers in here?
10:13:18 Are you going to put nice homes in here?
10:13:20 Of course, you'll put nice homes in here.
10:13:22 Right now, the entire real estate market on these
10:13:25 streets, side of 40th street is being driven by
10:13:28 40th street.
10:13:29 They have been for 40 years.
10:13:32 There are so many speculating absentee land owners in
10:13:36 this area that have come in, bought property, can't
10:13:41 keep the property.
10:13:43 Low rent it, all this, they fail before 40th street
10:13:49 is finished and they end up resorting to all sorts of
10:13:52 foreclosures.
10:13:53 So, really, all I'm trying is say just be kind to me
10:13:58 and remember I've been 15 years of hard work trying to
10:14:02 make this block nice.
10:14:04 And this end of the street is going to be turned into
10:14:09 a trailer court environment.

10:14:11 Small houses.
10:14:12 People parked out front.
10:14:14 And there's no -- it's a waste.
10:14:20 It's a waste.
10:14:21 It's not an appropriate use for that land.
10:14:23 It's much better looking than that.
10:14:25 It doesn't deserve the trailer park treatment.
10:14:29 And as far as going RS-50, I would like to ask how
10:14:35 many other properties on 37th street are RS-50.
10:14:43 There aren't any.
10:14:46 This rezoning here on 37th street is the first
10:14:49 RS-50.
10:14:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:14:53 Next.
10:15:00 >> Good evening.
10:15:00 My name is Richard Formica.
10:15:05 8713 -- I have been sworn.
10:15:09 In January, as stated before, a petition to rezone
10:15:11 8311 North 37th Street was not acted upon because of
10:15:15 a failed proper good neighbor notification to the
10:15:19 Temple Crest Civic Association.
10:15:21 After the Council session, I spoke with Mr. Wynn, the

10:15:24 petitioner of record at the time, and I and the
10:15:28 association president subsequently invited Mr. Wynn to
10:15:31 an association meeting to explain to the members what
10:15:34 his intentions were for the property.
10:15:37 Mr. Wynn did not appear at the scheduled meeting.
10:15:41 Now there are two individuals involved with the
10:15:43 rezoning of three abutting properties that were once
10:15:46 one lot.
10:15:47 What prompted these men to purchase these properties
10:15:50 without investigating fully their limitations is
10:15:53 unknown.
10:15:54 The question is, did they do it out of ignorance,
10:15:57 oversight or on purpose?
10:15:59 And should the neighborhood have to pay for their
10:16:02 action or inaction.
10:16:03 In my opinion, these men are not interested in adding
10:16:06 to or enhancing my neighborhood.
10:16:08 In my opinion, what these men want does not fulfill
10:16:12 the intent of section 321, chapter 27, which among
10:16:16 other requirements, promotes and encourages
10:16:19 development.
10:16:20 But development, which is appropriate to the location,

10:16:24 character, and compatibility with the surrounding
10:16:27 neighborhoods, architectural features and elements.
10:16:29 The properties in question are opposite a city park.
10:16:33 The other houses on this block of RS-60 zoning are on
10:16:37 properties of 60 feet or more wide.
10:16:41 The rezoning of these three properties to allow the
10:16:45 construction of small, featureless houses common to
10:16:48 50-foot wide properties is not compatible, and in my
10:16:51 opinion, not in keeping with the intent of the code.
10:16:57 Deny this petition to rezone 8311, 13, 15, North
10:17:02 37th Street from RS-60 to RS-50.
10:17:07 In closing, I would like to offer a suggestion.
10:17:10 The three properties are 150 feet wide.
10:17:13 If Mr. Wynn and his partner get together and divide
10:17:19 the property in half so that we have two 75-foot wide
10:17:24 properties with appropriately built houses, it will
10:17:28 add to the community and not subtract to it.
10:17:31 Thank you.
10:17:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, next.
10:17:35 >> My name is Derick Wynn.
10:17:38 I've been sworn in.
10:17:40 First of all, I do not have a partner.

10:17:42 This is not about a partner.
10:17:43 This is not about --
10:17:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Point of order.
10:17:47 I think he's the petitioner.
10:17:52 Are you the owner?
10:17:53 >> Yes, I'm the owner.
10:17:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You have to wait until everybody is
10:17:56 done.
10:18:00 >> Oh, I'm sorry.
10:18:01 >> My name is Elizabeth.
10:18:03 And I've been affirmed.
10:18:05 I reside -- my husband and I and our family reside at
10:18:09 3704 East DREGNOS Avenue, that's two lots from
10:18:16 Mr. Wynn's and Mr. Thermozi's place.
10:18:21 And I just wanted to mention a couple of things,
10:18:26 because I was here the first time around.
10:18:28 And I think some things were misrepresented about the
10:18:32 character of the neighborhood.
10:18:39 Well, first, I wanted to mention the 1924 plat map,
10:18:46 which has the 50-foot.
10:18:47 It was platted for 50 feet front lots.
10:18:52 And I guess that was the vision for the neighborhood

10:18:57 at that time.
10:18:57 And I think that City of Tampa's new vision by
10:19:01 implementation of the 40th street corridor
10:19:04 enhancement project, which will be widening 40th
10:19:07 street, attracting more commercial and more
10:19:10 restaurants, hence more tourists and more locals to
10:19:12 the area.
10:19:13 This rezoning change conforms to the character of the
10:19:16 neighborhood and the vision of the City of Tampa which
10:19:17 is the main reason we are here today.
10:19:22 I performed a simple research of blocks 21, 22, 23,
10:19:29 24, and I'll quickly place a map here.
10:19:31 Of this lots that are 50 feet in front.
10:19:40 These are the three lots.
10:19:44 That are being presented here today.
10:19:46 This is the one that was rezoned.
10:19:48 There's another 50-foot lot here.
10:19:50 Two others South of that, and on the East side of
10:19:56 39th street, all these lots here that are shaded in
10:19:59 are 50-foot front lots and here as well, this one and
10:20:04 these two.
10:20:08 They are not in compliance with the RS-60 zoning.

10:20:11 The neighborhood consists of mix of residential
10:20:13 commercial and rental properties.
10:20:16 Busch Gardens is in the area, and we all know Busch
10:20:20 Boulevard filled with all commercial, you know, West
10:20:23 and East of Busch Boulevard.
10:20:25 He mentioned the football season.
10:20:28 We have a lot of pedestrians walking back and forth.
10:20:32 We also have problems with crime, lighting, trees that
10:20:38 he mentioned.
10:20:39 I wanted to address the design of the houses on 37th
10:20:47 street because I took some pictures of the houses on
10:20:50 37th street.
10:20:51 They are simple ranch homes.
10:20:54 And that's what is on there now.
10:20:56 So like I said, I think there was a misrepresentation
10:20:59 of that.
10:21:00 And these are the homes -- these homes are located on
10:21:08 37th Street, and you have simple ranch homes.
10:21:14 Here's another set of pictures.
10:21:15 This is South of Busch Boulevard.
10:21:18 You have simple ranch homes.
10:21:20 This is not a high-end area, so you wouldn't find, you

10:21:24 know, fancy homes in this neighborhood.
10:21:27 So I don't think that that should be a question.
10:21:30 This is a new construction on the corner when you
10:21:33 first turn on 37th Avenue.
10:21:38 And that's the garbage that we have to deal with in
10:21:41 the neighborhood.
10:21:43 And that's all the time I have.
10:21:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:21:47 I wanted to ask how close you live to the property in
10:21:50 question, and whether your lot is 60 feet or 50 feet.
10:21:55 >> These are my lots here.
10:21:57 Lots 12 and 13.
10:22:00 And they are 50-foot front.
10:22:04 And then you have Ms. Thomas, who is a dear friend of
10:22:08 mine.
10:22:08 She's been there 20 years, homeowners association has
10:22:11 never contacted her or I.
10:22:13 I've been there two years.
10:22:15 We've never received any correspondence from the
10:22:17 homeowners association.
10:22:18 Like I said, she's been there 20 years.
10:22:21 She's on a 60-foot lot.

10:22:23 This is another neighbor of mine.
10:22:26 On a smaller lot as well.
10:22:29 So I'm one block.
10:22:33 This is my lot and then Ms. Thomas and then you have
10:22:36 the three lots in question.
10:22:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:22:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
10:22:50 >> I'm Bret Hoffman.
10:22:52 8710 -- forgot the name of my street.
10:22:56 [ LAUGHTER ]
10:22:56 I live on Edmond place.
10:23:01 Which is two blocks away from this.
10:23:03 Every morning, I get up and I walk my dog past this
10:23:06 area.
10:23:07 And it's a beautiful area.
10:23:09 We have a park.
10:23:11 We have the children's playground.
10:23:16 We have another park on the other side of the street.
10:23:20 And on the other side of the area, which you didn't
10:23:23 see on these are half million and million dollar homes
10:23:25 that are on that lake.
10:23:29 And the area is very diverse, as everybody has already

10:23:32 discussed.
10:23:33 And what we're looking at is taking lots 60-foot and
10:23:36 narrowing them to 50-foot, which is not what the
10:23:39 neighborhood is trying to do.
10:23:40 We're trying to get bigger homes in the area, clean up
10:23:43 the area.
10:23:44 The crime has gotten higher.
10:23:46 When I moved there, it was a very clean area.
10:23:50 I moved there to retire.
10:23:52 And I have retired.
10:23:53 And I watched the neighborhood go down, and we're
10:23:55 trying to bring it up.
10:23:56 I'm a member of the Civic Association.
10:23:58 I've never seen any of these people at meetings.
10:24:01 They talk about improving civic and fishing and all
10:24:04 that stuff.
10:24:05 They have never been to any of that.
10:24:06 Tuesday, I was in their neighborhood.
10:24:08 I was working in the polls.
10:24:10 I worked there from 6:00 in the morning till 7:00 at
10:24:12 night.
10:24:14 And I'm always around that neighborhood.

10:24:16 And I'm out walking an awful a lot of time and I'm
10:24:19 always outside.
10:24:20 I believe in living outside.
10:24:22 And I don't think this is compatible with what we want
10:24:25 in our neighborhood.
10:24:26 This gentleman said that he was bringing his
10:24:29 82-year-old grandmother to live in a very high crime
10:24:33 area.
10:24:33 That doesn't even make any sense to me.
10:24:36 Why would you do that?
10:24:38 My grandmother, I would try to protect, and it is a
10:24:40 high crime area.
10:24:41 Why would you want to put her in a smaller home than
10:24:44 the home that's already on the property?
10:24:46 That doesn't make any sense to me either.
10:24:49 A lot of the things they brought up just absolutely
10:24:52 don't make any sense.
10:24:54 I want to see that neighborhood grow, because not for
10:24:57 my property value, I want to live there and die there.
10:25:00 I want to die like my grandfather did in his sleep.
10:25:03 Not like the other people in the car that were
10:25:05 screaming.

10:25:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Excuse me, shirr, were you sworn in?
10:25:10 >> Yes, I was sworn.
10:25:12 >> His grandfather fell asleep at the wheel and killed
10:25:15 everybody.
10:25:16 It was a joke.
10:25:17 >> My name is Denise Williams.
10:25:19 I have been sworn this evening.
10:25:20 I'm here to represent Mary Williams who has lived in
10:25:23 this neighborhood for over 30 years, and elderly
10:25:29 woman, again, never met any of these people that were
10:25:35 in this association.
10:25:35 When he mentioned, when Mr. Wynn mentioned they wanted
10:25:38 to bring their grandmother in, they are also bringing
10:25:41 another member of the family in so they can be close
10:25:43 together and the family can come closer together.
10:25:46 I saw pictures of the house.
10:25:48 It came over when I was visiting with Ms. Mary and
10:25:51 showed me a picture of what looks to me like it will
10:25:53 be a beautiful house.
10:25:54 You know, it might not be the biggest house in the
10:25:57 neighborhood, but it's definitely not a trailer.
10:26:01 You know, the first gentleman that came up here and

10:26:04 spoke, which steamed up my mind what he said, I've
10:26:07 spent 15 years fixing this block.
10:26:10 What about the rest of the neighborhood?
10:26:12 That's my question.
10:26:14 Who is going to take care of the rest of the
10:26:16 neighborhood?
10:26:16 And if somebody doesn't start coming in and building
10:26:19 nicer places and trying to clean it up -- he
10:26:26 apparently doesn't want to come up the block.
10:26:28 Mr. Wynn and his family would like to come in and put
10:26:31 nicer things there.
10:26:33 Ms. Mary has had people in the neighborhood that are
10:26:36 across the street helping to take care of her.
10:26:39 When somebody else in her family can't get her to the
10:26:41 doctor.
10:26:42 That's a community.
10:26:43 It might only be in that one little section, but they
10:26:46 are trying to make it bigger.
10:26:48 I just hope that you approve this tonight.
10:26:50 Thank you.
10:26:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:26:52 Next.

10:27:03 >> Madam Chair, we have a speaker waiver form.
10:27:06 Missy Hoffman.
10:27:08 One additional minute, please.
10:27:12 >> Terry Neal, president Temple Crest Civic
10:27:14 Association.
10:27:15 I have been sworn, and I would like to tell you that
10:27:18 on a tour of our neighborhood, Councilman Harrison did
10:27:21 ask to see the property, and I drove him by the
10:27:24 property.
10:27:26 Well, that's the first time I've ever been blamed for
10:27:30 not bringing the association to a neighbor.
10:27:32 Democracy means that you participate.
10:27:34 It's not my fault that they don't come to the Civic
10:27:36 Association meetings.
10:27:38 I would like to explain for the record to the
10:27:42 petitioner and to whoever else needs to know, that a
10:27:46 Neighborhood Association, what Neighborhood
10:27:51 Association president and members and association must
10:27:55 do.
10:27:56 For the sake of this petition, I want to go on record
10:27:59 as to my role in this process.
10:28:02 The message I deliver is not personal, nor do I ever

10:28:06 represent my own opinion unless I say so.
10:28:10 In other words, I am a messenger.
10:28:15 I work for all of Temple Crest.
10:28:18 There are no dividing lines when I come to you for
10:28:21 help.
10:28:22 Just recently, I came and spoke for -- and Yukon
10:28:27 against a zoning to save some trees.
10:28:29 That's in their neighborhood.
10:28:31 I will not accept the blame for dividing up a
10:28:34 community when I worked so hard to pull it together
10:28:38 and to make a better place for all of us to live.
10:28:44 I always do my best to represent everyone in this
10:28:47 diverse community, and I do it for free, and I have
10:28:51 given up my time.
10:28:55 I can't contact 2,000 homeowners and say come to our
10:28:59 meetings.
10:29:00 We put signs out.
10:29:02 They can come, or they can choose not to.
10:29:09 I do want to mention that there is something called a
10:29:12 lis pendens on this property.
10:29:16 Lis pendens is notice to foreclose on the property.
10:29:20 In other words, lack of clarity regarding the

10:29:22 ownership of the property.
10:29:24 It raises a question of actually who can make this
10:29:27 petition.
10:29:30 The Neighborhood Association has never seen any plans
10:29:32 for this property.
10:29:33 The Neighborhood Association objects to down zoning of
10:29:37 any property, especially to RS-50.
10:29:39 We have come before you many times and asked, in fact,
10:29:42 to up the zone and to help us increase the value of
10:29:47 property in our neighborhood.
10:29:49 The neighborhood also objects to infill for the sake
10:29:53 of infill.
10:29:55 The last hearing you heard staff recommend infill
10:29:59 because vacant lot caused problems.
10:30:01 Vacant lots don't cause problems.
10:30:05 People do.
10:30:05 The problems that we have have to be dealt with
10:30:09 through the police, through crime watch and through
10:30:13 everybody taking care of each other.
10:30:30 I'm not going to read the rest of my notes, because I
10:30:34 dedicate myself to this community, and I have worked
10:30:37 very hard to do everything I can to bring people

10:30:41 together, to invite them to meetings.
10:30:44 When I first published my newsletter, I sent it out to
10:30:48 every home, every home that had an address in my
10:30:52 neighborhood.
10:30:53 So if they didn't get it, I don't know who did, but I
10:30:57 did make an effort to reach out.
10:31:02 And I don't know how many Neighborhood Associations
10:31:04 would do that, how many people would actually reach
10:31:07 out to every homeowner if they didn't care.
10:31:16 I'm sorry.
10:31:17 I'm very hurt.
10:31:20 When you work so hard to try to make a better
10:31:23 community, when you work so hard to try to stop crime.
10:31:28 When you work so hard to go to meetings and to hear
10:31:34 these kinds of things, it just hurts.
10:31:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
10:31:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just a comment.
10:31:42 Mr. Neil, you don't have to come up.
10:31:46 I just was going to say, I think everybody on Council
10:31:49 knows how dedicated you are to this city.
10:31:52 And we appreciate your efforts.
10:31:55 I think it's very hard to be a neighborhood leader and

10:31:59 community leader.
10:32:00 You guys are the unsung heroes out there, and we
10:32:03 appreciate it.
10:32:05 >> Good evening.
10:32:06 I don't know if this is really relevant because I come
10:32:09 off the other side of 40th street.
10:32:12 Tasha Williams, and yes, I have been sworn.
10:32:15 I come off the other side of 40th, off of tangerine.
10:32:19 And it's the same instance, the vacant lot or whatnot
10:32:24 over there.
10:32:24 And to listen the testimony stating that it's to
10:32:27 better the neighborhood, a person coming to try and
10:32:31 build something nice or newer, I'm not understanding
10:32:33 that part.
10:32:39 -- over off of tangerine, all those lots are vacant
10:32:42 lots.
10:32:43 If nobody fills those lots up, it will be the same
10:32:47 instance, whether on that side or the other side.
10:32:52 I believe he may live off of river hills.
10:32:54 That's the more high-end side.
10:32:56 So he's not going to understand how we feel on that
10:32:59 side.

10:32:59 Because as more high end, they don't have vacant lots
10:33:02 on the side where he lives.
10:33:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So you're in favor of this project?
10:33:08 >> Yes, I am.
10:33:09 Because if it happens over there, then it's a
10:33:12 possibility we can do it on the other side as well.
10:33:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
10:33:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, you can come up now.
10:33:23 >> I've been sworn in.
10:33:24 Name is Derick Wynn.
10:33:26 Like I said before, Thermozi Thomas that has the house
10:33:33 already next door to me, we don't know each other.
10:33:36 We're not partners.
10:33:37 I was advised to try to gather up everybody in the
10:33:40 neighborhood that already has houses on.
10:33:45 Some other people we want to bring in here to the same
10:33:48 petition, but have a few in San Diego, already have
10:33:52 houses on 50 feet and their houses burned down.
10:33:56 They can't build them up -- and you have some people
10:34:00 that work check to check that can't afford $1500.
10:34:03 So we were trying to bring everybody in.
10:34:05 That's why I made a phone call -- I thought Terry was

10:34:13 the president.
10:34:15 >> Terry Neal is the president.
10:34:17 >> Right.
10:34:17 That's the one I spoke to.
10:34:19 I talked with him for 20 minutes on the phone.
10:34:22 20 minutes on the phone, he called me.
10:34:25 20 minutes on the phone and he was telling me that he
10:34:28 was running for something -- he just didn't know what
10:34:32 was going on.
10:34:34 All I need to do is give him a picture and show him
10:34:37 what we want to do.
10:34:38 He didn't want a Cracker Barrel how this.
10:34:40 He didn't want a tiny match box.
10:34:43 I said this is for my grandmother.
10:34:45 To answer his question about the reason why we want my
10:34:50 grandmother to move into a neighborhood like this is
10:34:53 because we're not saying we can't pull the people
10:34:57 together.
10:34:59 We're not scared of that.
10:35:08 I went to play basketball ball when I was 10 years
10:35:11 old.
10:35:12 I've been in this neighborhood 25 years.

10:35:18 Everything is in walking distance, for my grandmother
10:35:22 to go to church on Yukon and 40th.
10:35:26 What upsets me, I call him.
10:35:29 He told me he was running -- somebody was running for
10:35:32 part-time Council or something, therefore, that's what
10:35:35 they were concentrating on on the 12th.
10:35:38 So he told me he would call me afterward.
10:35:41 As soon as I talked to him, I called Mr. Schulz.
10:35:45 I told him what he said.
10:35:46 So he reported that we didn't even try to call him.
10:35:51 Then he said the sign had the wrong day on it.
10:35:54 He kept trying to come up with different things.
10:36:01 I can show you paperwork from his phone number that he
10:36:04 called me.
10:36:05 I talked to him for 20 minutes.
10:36:07 What he told me, the city had screwed me over.
10:36:11 I called in Schultz and say what did he mean.
10:36:15 Watch the end of the tape and see what I'm talking
10:36:18 about.
10:36:27 Old president of the Neighborhood Association.
10:36:29 They are the one that told me to take these
10:36:31 pictures -- -- Ms. Jenny took these pictures that I'm

10:36:40 about to put up and told me to make sure I let you all
10:36:43 see it.
10:36:44 This is across from the fish market.
10:36:46 He told me, make sure you let them know that it's no
10:36:50 impressing him.
10:36:52 Mr. Neil do not like these kind of homes.
10:36:56 This is where people used to dump TVs.
10:36:58 People used to dump all kind of stuff.
10:37:01 When they filled this in, it make better home.
10:37:06 The only reason Ms. Jenny is not here, I'll lose a
10:37:09 friend, but she's not here because that big ol' lot
10:37:12 you know about, she needed it rezoned and she don't
10:37:16 want to have bad vibes with him.
10:37:19 But my grandmother, you know, I'm know I'm going to
10:37:23 lose a friend.
10:37:24 I've been in that area for a long time.
10:37:30 Work at different places for 15 years around there.
10:37:37 I've been around this community way longer than him.
10:37:40 And this right here is what he only sends out to a few
10:37:44 people.
10:37:44 You know I got this wrong.
10:37:47 Ms. Jenny, fish market, the old president.

10:37:50 They don't like him.
10:37:52 The preacher, Mr. Rucker, do not like him.
10:37:55 Do not care for him and he's the vice president.
10:38:02 He's making it like he likes our neighborhood.
10:38:06 There's a lot of old people.
10:38:07 My next-door neighbor, talk to her.
10:38:09 The lady -- she's not like what he's saying.
10:38:21 Even though the neighborhood is bad, they are not
10:38:23 scared of people.
10:38:23 The young people really respect older people more than
10:38:28 they respect me.
10:38:33 Got crime over there, but every place got crime.
10:38:37 We -- why would my grandmother put in a house that
10:38:43 would make a neighborhood look worse or bad?
10:38:48 I don't understand.
10:38:56 He told me he can't afford to send this to everybody
10:39:00 because they don't make no money on what they are
10:39:03 doing.
10:39:03 So I said, well, we met up at the park twice, you
10:39:07 know, left him a message.
10:39:09 He called back here and said that, hey, I was
10:39:12 threatening his position.

10:39:14 I was saying, you have to come and meet the people.
10:39:18 If not, we need somebody else who ain't scared to come
10:39:21 door to door in the neighborhood.
10:39:23 Anyway, that's all I got to say.
10:39:25 It's my grandma and auntie.
10:39:28 There's no business partner in the middle.
10:39:31 Thermozi Thomas has a house they were calling a ghetto
10:39:35 last time.
10:39:37 A lot of these people are in San Diego or live in
10:39:41 Orlando in different places.
10:39:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:39:42 Any questions from Council members?
10:39:44 We have a motion and second to close.
10:39:46 All in favor of the motion, aye.
10:39:47 [Motion Carried]
10:39:48 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Madam Chair, when I look at this
10:40:00 map, there is one thing that's clear and regardless of
10:40:05 whether or not these houses or these lots have been
10:40:07 vacant, there is no -- there are no nonconforming lots
10:40:12 along 37th street, if I'm reading this map
10:40:16 correctly.
10:40:16 If this was on 39th street, there are nonconforming

10:40:20 lots.
10:40:21 And this would be an appropriate -- I think it would
10:40:23 be appropriate to do on 39th street.
10:40:25 But given the fact that 37th, this would be the very
10:40:28 first one where we go to RS-50.
10:40:33 I'm simply not in favor of it.
10:40:35 I think it's a precedent that we would be setting, and
10:40:39 I don't think that it is appropriate given the
10:40:41 location on 37th, if it were further to the East, I
10:40:45 think it would be appropriate.
10:40:47 I'm going to move for denial.
10:40:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
10:40:51 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:40:53 All those in favor, aye.
10:40:54 Opposed, nay.
10:41:01 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Two in favor, three against.
10:41:05 Has to be held over till next Thursday.
10:41:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Dingfelder is still here.
10:41:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder, if you are in the back,
10:41:14 would you come front to the chambers?
10:41:21 Mr. Dingfelder, we are waiting for you.
10:41:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I apologize.

10:41:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby will bring you up to speed.
10:41:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, you'll have to make a motion
10:41:49 to waive the rules so you can vote on that.
10:41:53 Your rules require normally that it would come to next
10:41:56 regular meeting.
10:41:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
10:41:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Alvarez and Ms. Saul-Sena.
10:42:02 Motion and second.
10:42:03 All in favor, aye.
10:42:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And again --
10:42:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Need a new motion.
10:42:13 >>SHAWN HARRISON: My motion was for denial, seconded
10:42:15 by Ms. Saul-Sena.
10:42:17 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The basis was --
10:42:19 >>SHAWN HARRISON: The incompatibility, no 50-foot lots
10:42:21 on 37th street.
10:42:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I don't know if you were present.
10:42:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm just wondering, do you want the
10:42:30 section citation.
10:42:31 >> Just to make the record clear, let's go ahead and
10:42:34 cite the code section.
10:42:35 I believe 27-321-6 for incompatibility.

10:42:44 Oh, it's not a PD.
10:42:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Generally chapter 27.
10:42:53 >> Yes, you still need to have a denial.
10:42:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Why don't we have Mr. Schulz come up
10:43:00 here.
10:43:04 >> The correct citation is 27-77 table 4-2, compliance
10:43:08 with RS-60 zoning.
10:43:14 >>SHAWN HARRISON: There you have it.
10:43:15 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
10:43:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
10:43:18 Just a comment on the motion.
10:43:23 This is Mr. Harrison's district, I believe.
10:43:25 >>SHAWN HARRISON: It's actually Mr. Reddick's.
10:43:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Interesting.
10:43:32 Okay.
10:43:32 Never mind.
10:43:33 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion for denial,
10:43:36 say aye.
10:43:36 Opposed, nay.
10:43:43 >> Three ayes and three nays.
10:43:48 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Carries to the next regular meeting
10:43:51 as unfinished business.

10:43:52 And Mr. Fletcher will be informed of the fact that he
10:43:58 will be required to be prepared to vote at the next
10:44:01 regular meeting.
10:44:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And he'll watch the tapes.
10:44:04 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I will advise him to do that and be
10:44:07 prepared to review the record and vote on this.
10:44:14 >>SHAWN HARRISON: Could I ask that we go ahead and
10:44:16 consider item 16 since I don't believe there's any
10:44:18 public opposition.
10:44:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 14 is a continued public
10:44:38 hearing.
10:45:04 >> Madam Chair, item 14, zoning case Z06-108, located
10:45:12 district 6.
10:45:13 Bon Air Neighborhood Association, located at 3706 West
10:45:18 Roland street, Jana Goodman is the petitioner.
10:45:22 At the request of Council, you've seen this before.
10:45:25 At the request of Council, the petitioner reduced the
10:45:29 density from seven units to six on the site plans that
10:45:33 I've just handed out to you, she's increased the front
10:45:36 yard setback to comply with the RS-60 and all the
10:45:43 setbacks on the side and rear also comply with RS-60.
10:45:47 There are no objections of the request of the

10:45:51 petitioner from DRC members.
10:45:56 I'll be available for any questions that you may have.
10:46:01 >>TONY GARCIA: Tony Garcia, Planning Commission.
10:46:05 Planning Commission found it consistent with the
10:46:06 comprehensive plan and retains that finding still.
10:46:09 Thank you.
10:46:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
10:46:21 >> Jana Goodman.
10:46:22 I have been sworn in, and I just wanted to say that I
10:46:26 have complied.
10:46:27 We did talk, did try to comply.
10:46:29 I did meet with the neighborhood.
10:46:33 As many people that showed up.
10:46:35 And I would respectfully ask for your request to
10:46:39 support this project.
10:46:39 We did reduce the height.
10:46:41 The effective height is 29, and the roof, the very
10:46:46 ridge top is at 34.
10:46:49 So it is below the RS-60 zoning.
10:46:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
10:46:56 speak on item 14?
10:47:03 >> Good evening, Council members, my name is James

10:47:05 McWigen.
10:47:06 3702 West Roland street.
10:47:09 I have been sworn.
10:47:11 My wife and I live on the property right next door.
10:47:16 We're a single-family home that's zoned R-10, and this
10:47:21 unit, this planned development unit would be going up
10:47:24 right next door.
10:47:25 We don't feel this is a proper addition to our
10:47:29 neighborhood.
10:47:30 This huge, massive building on such a small lot would
10:47:33 not be a positive addition to our single-family home
10:47:37 neighborhood.
10:47:38 The whole project is out of scale.
10:47:41 Every inch of the owner's lot is being used.
10:47:45 These structures would tower over everything else.
10:47:48 There are currently no residential or other buildings
10:47:51 that I'm aware of of more than two stories high
10:47:55 anywhere in the Bon Air subdivision.
10:47:57 Our quiet residential street would no longer exist
10:48:00 with the increased parking and traffic that would
10:48:04 result from the addition of this building.
10:48:06 We, my wife and I and our lot next door to this

10:48:09 massive building, would be boxed in.
10:48:12 Our quality of life would change.
10:48:14 I'm a recent transplant recipient, and I enjoy the
10:48:19 outside and I live and enjoy my backyard.
10:48:21 My backyard would disappear with this yard -- mammoth
10:48:24 three-story wall.
10:48:30 I have been advised that over a hundred families will
10:48:35 present here tonight a petition going against the
10:48:38 construction of these town homes.
10:48:40 All I can ask for you and for my wife and anyone else
10:48:44 that's concerned is that you vote against this project
10:48:47 that would adversely affect our residential
10:48:50 neighborhood.
10:48:51 And thank you for listening to me, and hopefully we'll
10:48:55 get a favorable decision on this.
10:48:57 Thank you.
10:49:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:49:03 >> Good evening.
10:49:04 My name is David Reno.
10:49:05 I reside at 3708 West Cleveland street.
10:49:09 And I have been sworn in.
10:49:11 I oppose the petitioner's development of the site.

10:49:18 It is a massive structure.
10:49:21 It's a little bit too large for the area.
10:49:24 It doesn't fit our neighborhood.
10:49:26 I've lived in the neighborhood for three years.
10:49:28 I'm currently doing a 650-square-foot addition to my
10:49:32 home and renovating it and doing a new roof, stucco,
10:49:36 new landscaping, trying to fit the mold into the
10:49:39 existing neighborhood, which it is rehabilitating
10:49:42 itself.
10:49:43 There's already a massive traffic jam at Kennedy and
10:49:47 Dale Mabry.
10:49:48 We don't need any more traffic there.
10:49:50 Mallio's -- I don't know if you guys remember where
10:49:53 Mallio's was.
10:49:54 That was torn down.
10:49:55 There were condos built behind it.
10:49:57 Those haven't sold.
10:49:59 They've been under construction for eons.
10:50:01 I cautioned her, the petitioner.
10:50:04 She's going to develop this land and condos and she's
10:50:07 not going to be able to sell them.
10:50:09 She's not going to make money.

10:50:11 I know that's why she's doing this.
10:50:13 I just throw caution to the wind to be safe.
10:50:16 It does not fit our neighborhood.
10:50:18 We don't want it.
10:50:20 34 feet, 33 feet, 32 feet, it's not going to fit.
10:50:26 Thank you for your time.
10:50:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:50:33 >> Good evening.
10:50:33 I'm Martha Jean Lorenzo.
10:50:36 I've been sworn.
10:50:37 I live at 3612 West Cleveland Street.
10:50:43 Couple of weeks, March 17th, I've lived at this
10:50:46 house and built a home, it will be 32 years.
10:50:49 And for 32 years, on and off, I've been walking the
10:50:54 neighborhood getting petitions, getting input, trying
10:50:58 to fight to do the best for Bon Air, gray gables and
10:51:02 all of our little neighborhoods that we really need to
10:51:06 help each other.
10:51:08 And because over the years, sad to say, we have found
10:51:13 out that our neighborhoods in particular Bon Air,
10:51:16 we're not protected any longer.
10:51:19 We may be RS-60, but there's the opportunity now

10:51:23 because the City of Tampa is changing, to try and
10:51:27 swallow and eat up our little type of neighborhoods.
10:51:32 So I'm here before you.
10:51:34 My husband and I are retired.
10:51:36 We plan on staying in our home till the very end or
10:51:40 possibly giving our home to one of our children in the
10:51:43 hopes they will raise a family there and just keep
10:51:48 keep it on and on for as long as we can, have a nice,
10:51:52 viable neighborhood.
10:51:53 A few young couples who have moved in with little
10:51:56 babies couldn't come tonight because of spring break.
10:51:58 They are traveling to see their families.
10:52:00 And you know, they were very shocked about this.
10:52:03 This structure is just too big.
10:52:06 It's too massive.
10:52:07 I know Mrs. Saul-Sena made a nice comment.
10:52:11 I wasn't here at the first meeting.
10:52:15 For Jana to go back and try and draw something that
10:52:17 was more in keeping with the neighborhood.
10:52:19 I'm not against town homes, but I think you can put
10:52:23 lovely, compatible, town homes in that won't directly
10:52:28 affect the neighbors on that particular block and

10:52:32 that, you know, will just not tower over everything
10:52:35 else.
10:52:36 Once you allow this, this will be the first
10:52:38 three-story structure that City Council would allow in
10:52:42 Bon Air, they are going to start coming all over Bon
10:52:45 Air.
10:52:46 And believe it or not, the neighborhood has improved
10:52:49 considerably.
10:52:50 There are a lot of new two-story homes that are going
10:52:53 up.
10:52:54 The reason why young people want to move there, we've
10:52:57 got great public schools that those children are going
10:53:00 to be going to.
10:53:01 And so this is why they are building and buying and
10:53:04 paying taxes and suddenly they are hit with something
10:53:09 that looks too commercial and out of place.
10:53:12 We just don't want from one structure, you know what
10:53:15 will happen.
10:53:16 We'll be here fighting again over and over and over.
10:53:20 Please, vote no to this, and maybe Jana will go back
10:53:24 to the drawing board and do something.
10:53:26 The neighborhood is very, very strongly opposed.

10:53:29 We got a lot of the -- petition, and we can't tell you
10:53:35 how strongly they feel against it.
10:53:36 I hope you'll honor their wishes and mine, too.
10:53:40 Thank you.
10:53:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:53:44 >> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
10:53:45 My name is patty HALABIN.
10:53:48 3321 Henderson Boulevard.
10:53:51 I'm appearing this evening as counsel for the
10:53:54 warmingling family.
10:53:58 He couldn't be here in person because of surgery this
10:54:00 morning.
10:54:00 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Have you been sworn in?
10:54:03 >> Yes, I have been sworn.
10:54:04 Thank you.
10:54:05 The warmerling property 3707 Cleveland.
10:54:09 It abuts the subject property to the rear.
10:54:12 I'm going to put this on the overhead to see if it
10:54:21 helps everybody site this property better.
10:54:23 The subject property is outlined in the yellow block.
10:54:27 It faces Roland street.
10:54:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Show us CVS.

10:54:34 >> CVS, Mr. Dingfelder, is down here.
10:54:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You might want to lift up a little
10:54:41 bit.
10:54:41 Slide it.
10:54:43 >> Down here on the corner.
10:54:45 And the whirling would like to give the Council -- in
10:54:53 the past, it has made good decisions for the benefit
10:54:55 of Bon Air by making sure that there was no commercial
10:55:00 traffic from CVS going onto Roland.
10:55:04 And by doing the zoning that allows the commercial use
10:55:07 for the brick property at the corner of Azeele and
10:55:09 Sterling.
10:55:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Which one is your client's property
10:55:11 on that map?
10:55:13 >> On this map, it's right here.
10:55:16 It's a single-story ranch home.
10:55:18 It's been the warmerling family residence for decades.
10:55:22 The warmerlings are strongly in opposition to this
10:55:27 proposal.
10:55:28 It's not of an appropriate use for the property,
10:55:33 especially when you consider that the property across
10:55:35 the street, across Roland, this picture shows building

10:55:42 in existence, those properties have been razed.
10:55:47 This is now empty property, and there currently is no
10:55:52 comprehensive plan for a step-down or tiering from the
10:55:58 property that faces Kennedy to this empty property
10:56:01 that faces Roland to the punt property.
10:56:05 So without a comprehensive plan of how you'll tier
10:56:09 into a neighborhood to immediately go to this
10:56:12 three-story behemoth in the middle of a quiet
10:56:16 residential neighborhood is inappropriate.
10:56:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What is the zoning across the
10:56:22 street?
10:56:26 On Roland.
10:56:26 >> The zoning across the street, if I'm not mistaken,
10:56:30 is RS-60.
10:56:43 The zoning across the street and the zoning properties
10:56:47 West are the same.
10:56:48 They have recently been changed.
10:56:54 I did have that.
10:56:55 Can I put my finger on it, Mr. Dingfelder, no, I
10:56:59 cannot.
10:57:02 I do know there hasn't been a plan submitted to
10:57:04 develop that property.

10:57:11 But all of the abutting property, you've already heard
10:57:14 from the owner of the property immediately to the
10:57:16 East, single-family residence.
10:57:20 The one behind it, which now face Cleveland are RS-10.
10:57:24 It is true that Ms. Goodman did meet with the
10:57:30 neighbors, and she has proposed a reduction in the
10:57:32 size of the property.
10:57:34 The roof -- the ridge line of the roof height has only
10:57:38 been reduced by two feet.
10:57:40 So you have a ridge line still at 34 feet, 11 inches.
10:57:44 So the two buildings are going to be presenting
10:57:48 exterior walls of 35 feet by 90 feet in length.
10:57:54 So this is a significant difference for this
10:57:58 neighborhood.
10:57:58 It's also likely to destabilize a neighborhood which
10:58:02 is seeing somewhat of a renaissance.
10:58:06 You heard from homeowners talking about renovations
10:58:09 that are happening.
10:58:11 There's also new construction in the neighborhood.
10:58:14 And I have the petition that's been referenced.
10:58:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:58:21 Next person.

10:58:31 >> My name is Joan TEBOW.
10:58:34 3709 West Cleveland Street.
10:58:37 And I have been sworn in.
10:58:40 In 1986, I designed and built my two-bedroom,
10:58:45 two-bath, two-car garage house at 3709 West Cleveland.
10:58:50 It's a modest home of about 1100 square feet.
10:58:53 When I applied for the permits to build, I was
10:58:57 supplied -- advised at that time that the quality and
10:58:59 quantity of the water in the area was not great, and
10:59:03 that I may wish to reconsider building my home.
10:59:07 I currently believe, infrastructure is not capable of
10:59:12 handling this new, massive structure.
10:59:16 I have plans for room addition, and I have also a
10:59:22 swimming pool to add to my residence.
10:59:25 I've gone to great expense in having these plans drawn
10:59:28 up and intend to carry forward with them.
10:59:34 I don't look forward to losing the privacy in my
10:59:36 backyard.
10:59:37 If I may show you on the picture here, I live next to
10:59:40 the warmerlings.
10:59:41 So that I feel someone would be having the, you know,
10:59:45 looking into my backyard no matter what.

10:59:52 This is my residence right here.
10:59:57 So it doesn't make me very happy that a structure of
11:00:01 this massive size which I may or may be off a few
11:00:05 square feet, but I think the footprint is just a
11:00:07 little bit shy of the size of CVS, the drugstore
11:00:11 there, which is rather massive.
11:00:16 In both design and densities, these three-level
11:00:19 proposed structures represent the beginning of a
11:00:23 cancer that will begin to eat away at our stable
11:00:26 neighborhood.
11:00:26 In closing, this structure is not compatible with the
11:00:29 Bon Air neighborhood and will negatively impact the
11:00:34 quality of life for the residents there.
11:00:36 Thank you for your consideration.
11:00:42 And the last meeting, it was my understanding and I
11:00:44 observed it on television that the PD zoning is what
11:00:48 the issue was.
11:00:49 Currently, there are four residents in the structure
11:00:53 that she is wanting to change.
11:00:59 Went for six, seven, she reduced it to six.
11:01:02 I say if we go for four, she can bring the height down
11:01:06 and make it a nice structure to fit in the

11:01:08 neighborhood and everybody would be happy.
11:01:10 Thank you very much.
11:01:13 Auto
11:01:15 >> My name Sandra Kinley.
11:01:16 I have been sworn.
11:01:19 3601 West Platt Street.
11:01:22 My family has been in continuous occupancy at that
11:01:25 address since 1941.
11:01:27 This is my neighborhood.
11:01:29 And I do love it.
11:01:32 Not all the houses are alike.
11:01:34 There are two-story houses, there are two four-plex
11:01:37 apartment buildings that have been there since as long
11:01:40 as I can remember.
11:01:46 Way back when I was much younger, we heard people
11:01:50 talking about Courier City and PD, they made our
11:01:54 argument for us against this.
11:01:57 If you change it to PD, it's the first step down a
11:02:02 very slippery slope.
11:02:06 Six units that big on that are not good.
11:02:10 The current thing is not a good neighbor.
11:02:13 It has a huge dumpster that sits out on the front for

11:02:19 garbage pickup each week.
11:02:23 People who have lived across the street have to look
11:02:25 at that.
11:02:26 If people don't do well with what they've got now, why
11:02:29 could we expect that what they will put there will be
11:02:31 any better?
11:02:32 And so make it smaller, make it shorter, make it more
11:02:38 compatible to our neighborhood.
11:02:39 Don't send us down that slope that you all were
11:02:44 worrying about earlier in Courier City.
11:02:47 We just don't want that.
11:02:48 Thank you.
11:02:49 And they don't pay you enough.
11:02:51 I don't care what they pay you, but if you sit here
11:02:53 week after week --
11:02:55 [ LAUGHTER ]
11:03:01 >> Good evening.
11:03:02 Mary Joe hathaway, 3705 West Platt.
11:03:06 I have been sworn in.
11:03:08 I wrote to -- I sent an e-mail to each of you last
11:03:12 Friday.
11:03:13 I have copies if you would like to review.

11:03:29 I wrote to you all giving my opinions of our situation
11:03:32 in the neighborhood.
11:03:33 My husband and I have lived on Platt Street over 50
11:03:37 years.
11:03:38 We've raised our children and, of course, our
11:03:41 grandchildren come and play because we do have a wide
11:03:44 open atmosphere.
11:03:45 The sidewalks, the parkways, they are very safe out
11:03:50 front.
11:03:53 It is a very nice middle class, single-family
11:03:56 neighborhood.
11:03:58 And again, I told you already about the sidewalks and
11:04:01 all.
11:04:05 We along with our neighbors hope that you all will
11:04:11 enable us to keep it that way.
11:04:13 We do not want a three-story multifamily town house in
11:04:16 this area.
11:04:17 Three stories is much too massive.
11:04:19 And by permitting the project and allowing the
11:04:22 rezoning to PD, it will open the door to most anything
11:04:27 if her plans fall through, she can come, it is my
11:04:31 understanding and maybe put anything up there.

11:04:34 And we have a bad situation across the street where
11:04:38 there have been promises made for over five years to
11:04:41 develop that property, and it has gone nowhere.
11:04:44 So I don't know who would want to buy a town house for
11:04:48 400 and some thousand dollars and look at that mess.
11:04:51 Anyway, the ideal thing would be to keep the four unit
11:04:56 apartment building that she already has and remodel
11:04:59 it.
11:05:00 However, she doesn't want to do that.
11:05:03 If she must tear it down, a two-story building is the
11:05:07 only acceptable way to go as far as the neighbors are
11:05:10 concerned.
11:05:11 Please help us by not allowing this proposal.
11:05:15 Thank you.
11:05:23 >> My name is Karen Anderson.
11:05:25 I live at 3617 West Platt Street.
11:05:27 And I have been sworn in.
11:05:30 I like the other neighbors have great concern for the
11:05:35 size and mammothness, if that's a good word of this
11:05:40 building.
11:05:41 As they've all said and I'll reiterate, it doesn't fit
11:05:44 the neighborhood.

11:05:45 I also have a concern if Ms. Woodman has the financial
11:05:51 wherewithal to handle a project like this.
11:05:53 She has not paid the real estate taxes on this
11:05:56 particular piece of property according to the tax
11:06:01 assessor's records back as far as 2001, which is as
11:06:05 far back as they go.
11:06:06 If payment is not made of the current 14,000 that's
11:06:11 due in real estate taxes, they become delinquent,
11:06:15 she'll have $63,000 owing in tax certificates on that
11:06:21 property.
11:06:21 Thank you.
11:06:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
11:06:31 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry, you handed something to
11:06:33 the clerk.
11:06:34 Ma'am, you handed something to the clerk?
11:06:36 I don't know what that is.
11:06:37 Did you put that on the record.
11:06:38 Did you say what that was?
11:06:40 >> No, sorry.
11:06:42 I didn't.
11:06:46 [not speaking into microphone]
11:06:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If you want it in the record, tell

11:06:57 the Council what it is.
11:07:01 >> Yes, these are letters from bill WIRLinger who
11:07:09 lives on Cleveland Street.
11:07:10 They are individual letters to all the Council
11:07:12 members.
11:07:12 He's out of town and asked us to hand it in.
11:07:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Next speaker.
11:07:20 Next.
11:07:26 >> Hi.
11:07:26 My name is Elizabeth Kelly.
11:07:28 I live at 3708 West Platt Street.
11:07:31 I have been sworn.
11:07:33 I currently reside at my family home.
11:07:37 My parents bought when I was just an infant back in
11:07:41 1952, so we've been in the neighborhood for quite a
11:07:45 while.
11:07:45 And being in the military, he retired to this home,
11:07:50 and this is where we always came home to.
11:07:53 So I do believe that this structure that's proposed is
11:07:57 too massive for our neighborhood, and it would be like
11:08:02 the lady said, a slippery slope.
11:08:05 Once you start down that, I think we're all going to

11:08:08 have that problem ahead of us.
11:08:10 So I ask that you deny the proposal to change it from
11:08:13 RS-60 to PD.
11:08:16 Thank you.
11:08:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:08:24 >> Good evening, Fritz Casper.
11:08:27 I've been sworn in.
11:08:28 I live on 3705 West Cleveland Street, directly behind
11:08:30 the proposed project or half of the proposed project,
11:08:34 it's a double lot project.
11:08:37 I'm opposed to this project because of its
11:08:39 incompatibility on the grounds that on our block, from
11:08:44 what I understand, there's only one two-story building
11:08:47 even on our block.
11:08:50 My building is one story, obviously.
11:08:54 I moved into my house knowing that there's an
11:08:59 apartment building behind me, that it doesn't exactly
11:09:03 tower over me right now, but there's not a real sense
11:09:06 of privacy, but that's the way life is in the city.
11:09:09 It would be nice if I had a bigger fence, but my
11:09:13 bamboo is coming in real good!
11:09:15 And it's getting really tall.

11:09:16 I guess it will have to be really, really tall if this
11:09:20 project goes by.
11:09:21 But that's really about the only countermeasure I
11:09:24 thought I would bring up, except for the fact that it
11:09:27 is a matter of incompatibility for our whole entire
11:09:30 block.
11:09:30 It would be the first PD, development of its kind.
11:09:35 Everyone lives in houses, single-family.
11:09:39 You've heard from a number of people who live on the
11:09:42 block.
11:09:43 Everyone around the project.
11:09:46 My neighbor bill warm linger who has been spearheading
11:09:52 this whole operation and who in essence brought it to
11:09:56 our attention with the clarity of scale, scope and
11:09:59 size of the future proposed project.
11:10:02 Initially, when I spoke here a couple of years ago
11:10:04 when this had come up, my first concern was whether or
11:10:07 not there would be issues with traffic.
11:10:10 I remember you ordered a traffic study.
11:10:12 I really don't know what the results of that were, but
11:10:16 I can understand that probably wasn't -- I can tell
11:10:18 you right now it wasn't the most important thing now.

11:10:21 The fact that it's huge and in my backyard, it's kind
11:10:27 of a problem for me.
11:10:28 And it's a problem for me because there's nothing else
11:10:31 like it anywhere in our neighborhood.
11:10:33 So I ask that you deny that, even though there is some
11:10:37 accommodations to size and scale, I don't think that
11:10:40 it's compatible, again, with our neighborhood, even
11:10:43 the concessions that were made.
11:10:45 And I ask Council to consider scaling down for the
11:10:52 benefit of the neighborhood, the compatibility of this
11:10:55 project.
11:10:55 Thank you.
11:11:03 >> My name is mike Farley.
11:11:04 3710 West Roland.
11:11:06 I have been sworn.
11:11:08 I live, if you look on the overhead, two houses to the
11:11:16 West of the proposed new building.
11:11:20 We have a large swimming pool in the back.
11:11:22 We probably have the largest house on the block.
11:11:25 And what we'll lose is the privacy of all the kids
11:11:30 that come into our neighborhood.
11:11:31 I know the fellow who used to own the building, and

11:11:37 it's a flat-roofed building where it is now.
11:11:40 He used to have parties up on top of the building, and
11:11:43 we would go up there and he says, oh, your kids go
11:11:47 here.
11:11:47 And I see these kids play out here at 3:00.
11:11:50 These kids play at 4:00.
11:11:51 And what I'm realizing now is the bedroom windows are
11:11:56 going to be right where I was standing when he had us
11:11:58 up there on the floor.
11:11:59 And they are going to be able to look down right in my
11:12:03 pool.
11:12:06 I have a privacy fence.
11:12:08 I don't know how high I would have to build it to get
11:12:11 the same amount of privacy I have now because the
11:12:13 trees next to the building right now kind of block the
11:12:17 windows of the structure there.
11:12:21 Plus very narrow lots.
11:12:24 They are 65 feet, which means we'll lose sunshine in
11:12:26 the mornings for heating of the pool.
11:12:32 One of the other concerns I had, across the street,
11:12:38 all those houses torn down except one.
11:12:40 The only one still there is the one right straight

11:12:43 across from my house.
11:12:44 And the only reason it is still there is because they
11:12:47 found somebody that would actually rent it.
11:12:50 And we don't know them.
11:12:52 They just moved there.
11:12:53 There was a nice couple of girls that lived there for
11:12:56 a long time.
11:12:57 As it is now, they've torn down all those buildings
11:13:01 that were decrepit across the street.
11:13:04 They were full of rats.
11:13:05 We had the bums -- I'm sorry I said that.
11:13:09 The people that go to the cafe, they used to inhabit
11:13:13 those places at night in the wintertime.
11:13:15 They would start their little fires in there.
11:13:18 That's why the buildings had to be torn down.
11:13:20 What's happening now is the rats and everything
11:13:24 migrated across to our side of the street.
11:13:26 From what I understand, that building is the main
11:13:32 residence.
11:13:32 But when they tear this down, I just don't know where
11:13:36 else they'll go, except to our neighbor, to our house.
11:13:41 We take care of it, and we have a nice yard.

11:13:45 Mr. McWigen on the other side of her property has a
11:13:48 nice yard.
11:13:49 He'll lose the sunshine at 1:00 in the afternoon.
11:13:52 He'll lose every bit of grass he has in his backyard.
11:13:55 Those are my concerns, and thank you for listening.
11:14:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner.
11:14:02 Do you want to come up and rebuttal?
11:14:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I had a question of staff before do
11:14:05 you.
11:14:09 Phil, I'm sorry I stepped out for a minute.
11:14:11 I missed the beginning of this presentation.
11:14:14 What is the current zoning on this property?
11:14:17 >> RS-60.
11:14:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So it's nonconforming, legal
11:14:21 nonconforming use, this apartment house or something.
11:14:24 >> The apartment house has been there since the late
11:14:27 '20s, yes.
11:14:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So is that what that would make it,
11:14:33 is a legal nonconforming use or something?
11:14:37 >> Yes.
11:14:38 Well, actually, the PD rezoning of that based on the
11:14:41 future land use --

11:14:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No, I mean --
11:14:44 >> The existing building, it's a legal nonconforming.
11:14:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I heard some discussion about this
11:14:55 had been here earlier or previously or there had been
11:14:59 negotiations about a smaller project or something.
11:15:01 >> I have no knowledge of that, sir.
11:15:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That seemed to be eluded to by the
11:15:06 neighbors.
11:15:06 >> There were seven units in the initial submission
11:15:08 and Council requested that they reduce it to six.
11:15:11 If you recall, this came before you February 8th.
11:15:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I didn't recall that.
11:15:19 >> It was seven units and councilwoman Saul-Sena asked
11:15:22 them to reduce the height, increase the front yard
11:15:25 setback and reduce the units from seven units to six
11:15:29 units.
11:15:29 And if you look at the record, it's on there, and the
11:15:34 petitioner did exactly what Council requested, that he
11:15:37 requested her to do.
11:15:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: As far as I can see, can you put up
11:15:44 the zoning map, I don't think I was here for the
11:15:47 discussion for some reason.

11:15:57 Just put up the zoning map.
11:15:58 >> I think I gave you my only one left.
11:16:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to make a point when
11:16:12 he puts it on top.
11:16:14 >> The subject property is in green, yes.
11:16:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
11:16:19 It appears to me that starting with the northern line,
11:16:24 the northern red line, the whole Kennedy frontage is
11:16:32 CG or PD.
11:16:33 And then you drop down to the red line.
11:16:35 And everything beneath that for the next, let's see,
11:16:40 you have one, two, three series, four series, five
11:16:44 series, five or six sets of houses going down for two
11:16:51 blocks wide is virgin territory of RS-60.
11:16:58 >> Correct.
11:16:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's never been touched.
11:17:01 It's unblemished.
11:17:02 The only blemish is this 1920s sort of leftover
11:17:07 apartment house that's legal nonconforming.
11:17:10 >> You're correct.
11:17:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So if a hurricane came along or
11:17:13 fire took that legal nonconforming use out, then that

11:17:18 property owner would be left with an RS-60 parcel --
11:17:22 >> Two RS-60 parcels.
11:17:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Two RS-60 parcel, to build two
11:17:28 single-family homes on just like everybody else in
11:17:30 that neighborhood.
11:17:31 >> Correct.
11:17:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to make it abundantly
11:17:37 clear of what we're dealing with here, because I was
11:17:39 not here the night this must have been here the first
11:17:41 time.
11:17:43 >> Keep in mind, councilman, all of these lots along
11:17:47 the southern line of Roland, not including
11:17:50 Mr. McWigen's parcel and all of the parcels to the
11:17:55 North have their underlying zoning.
11:18:00 There was a comp plan --
11:18:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Underlying land use.
11:18:03 >> Underlying land use was changed to allow higher
11:18:09 density and intensity.
11:18:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: When was that done?
11:18:13 >> Mr. Garcia can probably -- Mr. Garcia, could you
11:18:16 come in, please?
11:18:17 Mr. Garcia?

11:18:17 >> I was watching on closed captioning.
11:18:27 >> When was that land use change?
11:18:28 >> About three to four years ago.
11:18:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Who initiated that?
11:18:32 >>TONY GARCIA: Ms. Goodman did.
11:18:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: She did it on behalf of her two
11:18:37 parcels and then piggybacked with other people?
11:18:42 >>TONY GARCIA: Not PD.
11:18:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I said other people.
11:18:42 >>TONY GARCIA: Other people, yes, she came in and
11:18:43 changed the land use.
11:18:44 She had gotten the permission of the adjacent land
11:18:47 owners from her parcels to the west to all go to R-20.
11:18:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And to the north.
11:18:51 >>TONY GARCIA: No, to the north I believe is not.
11:18:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Across the street?
11:18:58 >> It's UMU.
11:18:59 >>TONY GARCIA: That's R-20 to the north and UMU-60 on
11:19:03 Kennedy.
11:19:05 There's only one parcel R-10 and that's adjacent to
11:19:08 the CVS.
11:19:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I meant the strip of five or six --

11:19:12 >>TONY GARCIA: R-20 to the North, all except one
11:19:14 parcel, which is R-10.
11:19:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Dingfelder, I
11:19:22 remember saying that evening was the brick old
11:19:27 apartment buildings in the '20s has an exact twin
11:19:32 two blocks to the South and two blocks over that's
11:19:34 being restored right now.
11:19:36 And I didn't understand why the property owner didn't
11:19:41 just do that, because it's a very beautiful, historic
11:19:45 building.
11:19:46 You get tax credits, et cetera.
11:19:48 She was saying that the cost of insurance was a
11:19:51 consideration for her.
11:19:52 But in terms of the compatibility, you're familiar
11:19:56 with the similar apartment house in Palma Ceia.
11:20:00 And it's next to single-family, but the scale of it is
11:20:04 more residential in scale.
11:20:06 It's two stories rather than three.
11:20:08 It's got, you know, smaller units.
11:20:10 It's got parking next to it.
11:20:13 That sort of fits in.
11:20:14 I think your point is well taken about the zoning in

11:20:20 this entire area.
11:20:21 I mean, it's not speckled.
11:20:23 It's absolutely completely RS-60.
11:20:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner, you may come up now.
11:20:37 >> I've owned this property I think around 2000.
11:20:39 My property taxes are up to date.
11:20:41 I have one year that I'm a little bit behind, but
11:20:44 that's not since whatever she said it was.
11:20:49 The house next to me -- I have a picture.
11:20:51 Can I use this?
11:20:53 >> Sure.
11:20:53 >> The house next to me is around what my building
11:20:57 will look like.
11:20:59 It's not any higher than that.
11:21:04 The gentleman that has the pool, that he's saying it
11:21:07 won't get any sun, this house is right next door to
11:21:10 him.
11:21:13 The green, this building here is his home.
11:21:17 And that's the structure next to my place.
11:21:24 Then if you look at the front -- out of front of my
11:21:29 building, this is what you see.
11:21:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Because somebody just tore down

11:21:38 those houses, right?
11:21:39 >> Yes.
11:21:41 Exactly.
11:21:42 It's vacant field and Jim MICAS is in full support of
11:21:46 this.
11:21:47 He owns that whole side.
11:21:48 He owns up to Kennedy.
11:21:51 And he owns all the lots back to Roland.
11:21:54 He also tried to purchase from everybody else on the
11:21:57 block, and which he did have it all under contract.
11:22:01 But something didn't go through, and that's that.
11:22:06 But he is planning on developing that.
11:22:09 And he is, you know, I believe to the front of
11:22:13 Kennedy, he can go four stories.
11:22:15 So now I have four stories looking out my front yard.
11:22:19 And I think my project is going to be a nice buffer
11:22:23 going into the residential area.
11:22:26 Cleveland behind me will probably remain RS-60,
11:22:31 whereas my front yard, I'm going to be looking at four
11:22:35 stories.
11:22:37 And probably a parking lot.
11:22:38 Somebody is going to come in there and do something.

11:22:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: But the zoning directly across the
11:22:46 street on Roland is still RS-60, correct?
11:22:53 >> Future land use -- I don't know how that will play
11:22:57 off.
11:22:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm just saying, sure, Kennedy has
11:23:02 potential to do a lot of things, I'm sure.
11:23:04 But on Roland, where they tore down those houses, that
11:23:07 zoning hasn't changed yet.
11:23:09 >> Not yet, no.
11:23:10 You would have to approve -- I believe they have to
11:23:12 come back before you, before Council and have an
11:23:16 approval on whatever project is going to be slated for
11:23:19 that area.
11:23:21 But, again, if I was to tear down this building, which
11:23:28 I can't afford to tear down the building, it's just
11:23:30 not feasible, why would I do that and put four more
11:23:34 units when I have four units already.
11:23:36 To address the two-story building that Ms. Saul-Sena
11:23:40 is talking about, I don't know of a two-story building
11:23:45 being renovated.
11:23:46 I know of a single story building renovated.
11:23:49 And it's like a massage, spa kind of thing but single

11:23:54 story.
11:23:55 >> I wasn't aware of it being renovated.
11:23:58 I've seen no work going on there or anything.
11:24:00 But I did look into that, and I did bring in a lot of
11:24:04 contractors.
11:24:04 And it is -- it just doesn't make sense economically
11:24:08 for me.
11:24:09 And I just thought that this project would be a nice
11:24:12 buffer going in.
11:24:13 I'm not trying to reduce the neighborhood or anything
11:24:16 like that.
11:24:17 And I did go down, and I brought the units down to six
11:24:22 to help with the side.
11:24:26 The length of my building that exists now is 100 feet.
11:24:30 And what I'm proposing is 89 feet.
11:24:35 So it's not larger.
11:24:38 And it's not higher than the building next to it.
11:24:41 And I've met all the RS-60 zoning for the front yard,
11:24:46 which they asked me to do, for the backyard, R-20, for
11:24:50 the sides.
11:24:51 I've got seven.
11:24:52 And I brought my height down to 34 at the tip of the

11:24:58 roof.
11:24:58 The effective height is 29, and the building right
11:25:01 next to me, who is in support of this, does not have a
11:25:04 problem with this.
11:25:06 I mean, he's higher than my building will be.
11:25:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions, Council members?
11:25:18 Close the public hearing.
11:25:18 >>MARY ALVAREZ: So moved.
11:25:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:25:20 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to close.
11:25:22 All in favor, aye.
11:25:24 [Motion Carried]
11:25:25 What's the pleasure of Council?
11:25:30 Mr. Dingfelder.
11:25:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm sympathetic with the property
11:25:38 owner's concerns about taxes and insurance and
11:25:41 everything else.
11:25:42 But by my count, that virgin RS-60 area that we
11:25:49 described a minute ago is that there's a hundred
11:25:57 individual lots there within that, you know,
11:26:03 three-by-two or four-by-two block area that have never
11:26:07 been touched.

11:26:08 And it's a pure RS-60 area.
11:26:11 And they know it is.
11:26:13 Because they've lived there going back 40, 50 years.
11:26:21 And I'll tell you what, it's pretty amazing that it's
11:26:24 remained intact to this day, because you're being
11:26:28 squeezed in by all sides.
11:26:30 And you know that, too.
11:26:32 I'm not going to be the first person to allow the
11:26:34 chink in the armor.
11:26:36 You know, I don't know what the rest of you all want
11:26:39 to do, but it's not going to be me.
11:26:41 Because you're exactly right.
11:26:42 This is what happened in Courier City.
11:26:45 Courier City, well, we'll just put one quad there, and
11:26:48 then the next quad comes along, and they say, well,
11:26:50 look at that quad, you got to give us a quad and the
11:26:50 next one and the next one and the next one and pretty
11:26:52 soon it is the slippery slope that was referred to.
11:26:55 And I'm not going to participate in that.
11:26:57 It's happened to too many of our neighborhoods.
11:27:00 Westshore Palms, right across the street and up the
11:27:02 road a bit same exact thing.

11:27:04 Now it's an apartment/condo area.
11:27:08 And right now, there are a hundred families living
11:27:11 there that are happy to be there.
11:27:12 They are happy to be in single-family detached homes.
11:27:15 And I say let them be.
11:27:17 And on that basis, I think it's bad precedent.
11:27:20 I think it's incompatible and inconsistent with the
11:27:25 surrounding property area.
11:27:27 I need to reference some statutes.
11:27:31 >> Section 27-321 subsection 6.
11:27:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And 27-321 (2) in regard to
11:27:44 compatibility and consistency in the character of the
11:27:49 neighborhood and the traffic concerns.
11:27:52 And the other things that have been testified to
11:27:53 today.
11:27:54 And I'm extremely sorry and sympathetic, like I say,
11:27:58 to the property owner, but we have a hundred other
11:28:01 property owners there that we have to look out for as
11:28:03 well.
11:28:03 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second for denial.
11:28:06 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:28:07 Opposed, nay.

11:28:10 [Motion Carried]
11:28:10 [ APPLAUSE ]
11:28:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And it's not my district.
11:28:39 >> This is the last item on the agenda tonight, item
11:28:43 16.
11:28:44 Zoning case Z07-08 in district 7, the New Tampa
11:28:51 Community council, New Tampa overlay district.
11:28:54 The property address is the westernmost portion of
11:28:57 Grand Hamptons PD-A, block 16, lot four and block 18,
11:29:04 lot five.
11:29:06 Tom Deal, Heidt & Associates, Incorporated, are the
11:29:10 petitioners.
11:29:11 The request is from PD-A, planned development
11:29:16 alternative, to PD, planned development, specific
11:29:19 portion, removal of two grand trees.
11:29:22 The DRC has technical objections, and after my
11:29:27 presentation, I would like to introduce Mr. Steve
11:29:31 Graham and also Mary Danielewicz-Bryson to present
11:29:36 detailed information and photographs of the two
11:29:38 subject trees.
11:29:42 The waivers that are requested per section 1345 allow
11:29:45 the removal of two grand trees.

11:29:47 Summary request, petitioner is proposing to rezone the
11:29:50 property located in Grand Hampton block 16 lot four
11:29:52 and block 18, lot five from PD-A to PD.
11:29:56 To allow for the removal of two grand trees to allow
11:29:59 for the development of two single-family detached
11:30:02 homes, one per lot.
11:30:04 This portion of Grand Hampton, West, phase four, has
11:30:09 not been constructed.
11:30:11 This PD rezoning request is limited to the removal of
11:30:15 the two grand trees and will not affect the previously
11:30:18 approved rezoning.
11:30:26 It's a little difficult when you look at the rezoning
11:30:29 map that I have on the elmo.
11:30:33 It doesn't really say much.
11:30:34 If you look at the aerial, it likewise, it's difficult
11:30:40 to see.
11:30:41 If you look -- you have two plans before you tonight.
11:30:43 One is the subdivision plan, and the other one is the
11:30:48 area of the PD-A.
11:30:49 And you can see the specific blocks that they are
11:30:51 talking about.
11:30:52 The area is very pristine.

11:30:56 They have begun some redevelopment in that area.
11:31:03 As you can see by some of the photos I'm laying down,
11:31:06 some homes have been built in the PD-A area.
11:31:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I ask a question?
11:31:15 >> Yes, ma'am.
11:31:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do you have to put in -- no, does
11:31:19 the petitioner have to add in a lot of fill?
11:31:21 Is that the reason?
11:31:22 Or do you have the specific lots and the specific tree
11:31:29 location?
11:31:30 I think that would be helpful to us.
11:31:33 Because these maps we have are rather grand scale.
11:31:37 >> If you look on the elmo, you'll see lot four and
11:31:43 the location of the tree dead center of the parcel.
11:31:50 And here we have lot five.
11:31:55 Also with a location that lot five.
11:32:04 Here is the 36-inch tree here.
11:32:08 Mr. Graham has photos of these trees, so you can go
11:32:15 into more detail.
11:32:16 Mr. Graham?
11:32:26 >> Madam Chair, members of Council, good evening or
11:32:28 almost good morning.

11:32:30 Good to see all of you again.
11:32:32 Steve Graham, natural resources, parks and recreation
11:32:36 department.
11:32:36 We have a technical objection to the removal of two
11:32:40 grand trees on two separate lots.
11:32:44 And while they are not hazardous, they are in poor
11:32:49 condition.
11:32:49 And so taking into consideration the construction
11:32:53 stresses that will ensue, there is a certain amount of
11:32:58 fill -- some of it is already in place, actually.
11:33:01 The barricades and erosion control are in place in
11:33:04 some of the photos that I can share with you that will
11:33:07 be evident.
11:33:07 But in addition to that, they are as Phil pointed out,
11:33:15 they are towards the center of the lots or in the
11:33:18 envelopes, which would make it very difficult to
11:33:20 preserve them.
11:33:21 Looking at the whole site and the natural resources on
11:33:25 the site in concert with Land Development
11:33:27 Coordination, Mary Danielewicz-Bryson, we were able to
11:33:33 discuss with the petitioner the preservation of 87
11:33:36 protected trees and two subgrand trees that would

11:33:39 otherwise have been removed.
11:33:44 That kind of entered our mind and leaning towards a
11:33:47 technical objection.
11:33:48 It's not that they are completely out of the picture
11:33:50 that they can be preserved, but between their fair
11:33:53 condition and the likelihood of additional stresses
11:33:56 from construction, we didn't think it was a very good
11:33:59 trade-off.
11:34:11 >> If we could negotiate additional trees being
11:34:13 preserved on-site even though they are not grand
11:34:18 trees, two are subgrand trees, we felt like that might
11:34:21 be a better arrangement for the community as a whole.
11:34:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We didn't get to that point in
11:34:26 negotiations?
11:34:27 >> No, I think we are.
11:34:27 I think petitioner is willing to do all those things
11:34:30 and we can speak to that.
11:34:31 I was just kind of giving you some background, what
11:34:33 the thought process or the logic that we went through
11:34:36 in placing a technical objection.
11:34:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm looking at number five and
11:34:45 where the tree is, and the tree is almost in the

11:34:47 center of five.
11:34:48 But if you were to split the baby, instead of lots
11:34:54 four, five and six, if you were to have a large lot
11:34:57 four and large lot six, it looks like you would have
11:35:00 this terrific tree in between the two.
11:35:02 I just wondered if that ever came up in conversation
11:35:05 with the petitioner.
11:35:07 Do you see what I'm saying? I think that's true with
11:35:09 the other.
11:35:09 In other words, the petitioner would sacrifice one lot
11:35:12 in order to get two larger lots, which they could sell
11:35:16 then for more and those lots would have really
11:35:20 terrific grand tree in the middle of them which
11:35:24 wouldn't be stressed by construction because there
11:35:26 would be big side yards because the lots are larger.
11:35:28 Did you all have that conversation?
11:35:30 >> Right.
11:35:30 And I think the petitioner can speak to the pros and
11:35:33 cons of that option.
11:35:35 It is an option.
11:35:36 That's one of the things we always discuss.
11:35:37 We go through all the options and then try to work out

11:35:40 what makes the most sense.
11:35:41 But before the petitioner speaks to that, I should
11:35:44 share with you the photograph.
11:35:45 Because that particular grand tree is probably -- is
11:35:49 not more of the aesthetic ones and has structural and
11:35:54 physical defects.
11:36:02 You can see it's rather one-sided and considerable
11:36:04 amount of dead wood or die back.
11:36:06 It's not that it couldn't be remediated, but it would
11:36:09 take an awful lot of energy and time, and that in
11:36:12 conjunction with the construction stress, we thought
11:36:15 maybe it might not even make it.
11:36:17 So in the end we might be looking at something less
11:36:19 than what we could talk about now.
11:36:21 And so in lieu of preservation, we were recommending
11:36:28 the inch branch replacement along with the
11:36:30 nonhazardous permit fee of $575 each.
11:36:37 Anything else I can share with you?
11:36:38 Did you want to see a picture of the other tree?
11:36:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sure.
11:36:42 I mean, you stuck around till 11:45.
11:36:55 >> I have it in my hand.

11:37:04 This is a little nicer looking tree, but, again, it's
11:37:07 going to be towards the center of the building
11:37:09 envelope, and it does have some structural defects.
11:37:12 Maybe if I push up a little further, you can see where
11:37:15 it's been used for target practice.
11:37:19 In earlier days.
11:37:23 Maybe this picture will show the target practice a
11:37:25 little better.
11:37:25 What you can't tell from that photograph is that this
11:37:31 stem here is actually a separate tree.
11:37:33 That's what adds a lot of inches to the calculation of
11:37:36 this grand tree.
11:37:37 That's probably a 20-inch stem.
11:37:41 So if we looked at them as two separate trees, in
11:37:44 reality, the one tree is right at border line grand
11:37:47 tree anyway.
11:37:48 It's a little better tree and yes, in theory, you
11:37:51 could preserve it, but again, taking into
11:37:54 consideration the stress of fill and draining the lot
11:37:56 after you fill and the construction activities, it's
11:38:01 probably a high-risk tree.
11:38:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

11:38:06 >> Any questions?
11:38:10 Thank you.
11:38:15 >>TONY GARCIA: Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
11:38:17 Just a couple of additional comments.
11:38:19 I know it's late in the evening.
11:38:20 The project in question has provided wetland
11:38:23 conservation areas, provided a park site, significant
11:38:25 wildlife conservation easements, and had cluster
11:38:28 development in accordance with development agreements
11:38:30 between the city and the applicant and Florida
11:38:32 administrative code requirements.
11:38:34 So they have taken the measures in the initial steps
11:38:38 of the development for conservation over and above
11:38:40 what was required.
11:38:41 So they have provided quite a bit, taking that into
11:38:45 consideration, it is consistent with several policies
11:38:46 in the future land use element and conservation
11:38:48 element, taking into consideration the request of the
11:38:51 site.
11:38:52 Also taking into consideration the reviewing agencies
11:38:54 have already determined that the trees are in not a
11:38:58 good enough condition where it would warrant trying to

11:39:00 preserve the trees.
11:39:01 Planning Commission staff has no objection and finds
11:39:03 the request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
11:39:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:39:09 >> I have not been sworn.
11:39:12 After all of this.
11:39:18 I've been waiting for you to swear somebody in.
11:39:22 (Oath administered by clerk).
11:39:25 >> I do.
11:39:26 Donna Feldman, 19321 U.S. Highway 19 North,
11:39:31 Clearwater, Florida, for the petitioner.
11:39:33 It is late, so I will just supplement some of the
11:39:36 items that staff has mentioned.
11:39:38 If you look on the overhead, this is a picture of
11:39:42 Grand Hampton, which depicts a little more clearly how
11:39:45 the project has developed.
11:39:50 The reddish areas are significant wildlife habitat
11:39:52 areas that are throughout the project.
11:39:56 These green areas here are all tree preserves and
11:40:02 significant wildlife habitat areas.
11:40:03 In particular, this is an oak hammock, and this is an
11:40:07 oak hammock, which are largely populated by oaks.

11:40:12 These are left in a preserved state.
11:40:14 As you'll recall, Grand Hampton project did go through
11:40:18 in connection with its original development, a
11:40:20 commitment to large conservation and significant
11:40:23 wildlife set-asides, which has been tallied and kept
11:40:26 up to the project.
11:40:27 This is really where we're talking about these lots.
11:40:29 One lot is over here, and one is over here.
11:40:32 We're really at the end of the project.
11:40:34 This is phase five.
11:40:36 Just a slight correction, of a five-phase project.
11:40:41 Throughout, there has been a master tree plan that has
11:40:43 been maintained to calculate the trees, and the
11:40:46 protected trees has been preserved in excess of the
11:40:48 50% requirement under the code.
11:40:52 Also, throughout this project, the staff and
11:40:58 petitioner and the engineers specifically have worked
11:41:00 as things have laid out to protect as many more trees
11:41:03 as possible and to preserve grand oaks.
11:41:05 This is the only request throughout the entire project
11:41:07 to remove grand oaks for specific lots.
11:41:10 And as we've shown you through these other lots, the

11:41:14 close-up of the lots, these grand oaks are just very
11:41:17 difficult to work around.
11:41:18 As you can see in response to councilwoman Saul-Sena's
11:41:22 comments, these lots are within neighborhoods of a
11:41:26 certain character, lots of a certain size.
11:41:28 They are not perimeter lots.
11:41:29 They are embedded within the lots, so there is already
11:41:32 a scheme within those areas that makes increasing lot
11:41:35 size not really practical from a marketability
11:41:39 standpoint or compatibility standpoint for the other
11:41:42 neighbors within the neighborhood.
11:41:44 These areas have already been platted as well.
11:41:48 We would also like to submit into the record, we
11:41:50 received and filed an opinion of a certified
11:41:54 harborist, Ron list, who has reviewed and inspected
11:41:59 on-site these oaks and in furtherance of what
11:42:03 Mr. Graham has said, the diminished condition of these
11:42:07 oaks, and, in fact, they are probably not viable.
11:42:09 And actually in his opinion to present a potential
11:42:12 hazard to neighboring owners.
11:42:14 If I can get this into the record.
11:42:25 With that, we believe in order to make a reasonable

11:42:27 use of these lots, these grand oaks need to be taken
11:42:30 down, given the overall history of the project, the
11:42:33 nature of the conservation areas, the other oak
11:42:35 hammocks, the high level of protected trees and the
11:42:38 fact that petitioner has no objection to the technical
11:42:41 objections raised by staff and will comply and adhere
11:42:44 to those.
11:42:45 We think it's appropriate to allow for the removal of
11:42:49 these grand trees.
11:42:52 And while -- and allow the project to be completed.
11:42:55 We're available for any questions you may have.
11:42:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public want to
11:43:00 speak on item number 16.
11:43:02 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to close.
11:43:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to close.
11:43:05 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:43:06 [Motion Carried]
11:43:07 Do we have an ordinance?
11:43:23 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move an ordinance rezoning property in
11:43:26 the general vicinity of the westernmost portion of
11:43:28 Grand Hamptons PD-A, block 16, lot four and block 18,
11:43:32 lot five of the City of Tampa, Florida, and more

11:43:34 particularly described in section 1 from zoning
11:43:36 district classifications PD-A, planned development
11:43:39 alternative, to PD-A to PD, planned development
11:43:44 specific portion, removal of two grand trees,
11:43:47 providing an effective date.
11:43:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.
11:43:49 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:43:50 All in favor --
11:43:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
11:43:54 Real quick.
11:43:54 I'm comfortable with it because staff -- staff is
11:43:59 comfortable with it.
11:44:00 Obviously it worked closely with this developer and
11:44:04 the net effect of -- on the total population of the
11:44:08 oak trees up there sounds like it's okay.
11:44:10 So I'm good with that.
11:44:12 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:44:13 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:44:15 Opposed, nay.
11:44:16 [Motion Carried]
11:44:17 Ms. Alvarez has something.
11:44:19 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Yes, I need a motion to have a

11:44:22 commendation prepared to honor Women's History Month
11:44:25 to be given at the celebration on March the 16th.
11:44:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:44:29 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:44:31 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:44:32 Opposed, nay.
11:44:33 [Motion Carried]
11:44:34 Ms. Saul-Sena.
11:44:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:44:36 Thinking back to earlier this evening and Courier
11:44:38 City, I would like to ask Dennis Fernandez to revisit
11:44:42 the Courier City scattered site historic district and
11:44:49 give us a report in 30 days whether he thinks there's
11:44:52 another fabric intact to protect what is still there.
11:45:00 30 days.
11:45:00 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Perfect.
11:45:01 Yes.
11:45:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Would you like that to be in writing
11:45:05 or do you want a specific appearance?
11:45:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: An appearance.
11:45:09 Thank you for clarifying it.
11:45:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: What date would that be?

11:45:13 That would be the first meeting in April.
11:45:17 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Got to break that new Council in, you
11:45:19 know.
11:45:23 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:45:24 All in favor, aye.
11:45:25 Opposed, nay.
11:45:26 Anything else to come before Council.
11:45:28 >>MARY ALVAREZ: Move to receive and file all
11:45:30 documents.
11:45:30 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:45:32 All in favor, aye.
11:45:33 Opposed, nay.
11:45:34 [Motion Carried]
11:45:34 Anything else?
11:45:35 We stand adjourned.
11:45:37 (The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 p.m.)