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Tampa City Council
Thursday, April 19, 2007
8:30 a.m. CRA meeting

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08:34:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I call the CRA meeting to order.
08:34:31 Roll call.
08:34:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
08:34:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
08:35:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
08:35:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
08:35:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
08:35:10 Thank you, madam clerk.
08:35:11 Let me just welcome everybody this morning to the CRA
08:35:16 meeting.
08:35:16 I was going to say our first CRA, but I guess my first
08:35:20 CRA meeting.
08:35:22 And I look forward to working with everybody, CRA on
08:35:30 council and administration.
08:35:33 There's a lot that we can do to work together to become
08:35:36 more informed about CRA and the process and everything.
08:35:40 I look forward to that.
08:35:41 With that being said, I want to ask Mr. Huey, I
08:35:46 believe, to come forward under administration.
08:35:48 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development administrator.
08:35:52 I'll start out with by welcoming the new board.
08:35:54 And we are looking forward to working with you as well.
08:35:56 I wanted for the benefit of the new board members to
08:35:59 just take a minute to introduce the CRA managers that
08:36:02 we have here this morning.
08:36:06 Vince Pardo, who heads our Ybor City redevelopment.
08:36:10 Ed Johnson who heads up East Tampa.
08:36:12 Michael Hodges to works on the heights and Central
08:36:15 Park.
08:36:16 Janett withdrew park.
08:36:20 And the only other CRA manager not present, Mike Chen,
08:36:23 who has our downtown and Channel District
08:36:26 redevelopment.
08:36:28 And they look forward as well to working with you over
08:36:30 the coming years.
08:36:31 We have a number -- three items of business, two
08:36:36 approvals, one informative report.
08:36:42 And then there's a number of items for scheduling
08:36:44 purposes that we would like to work with you on, the
08:36:47 CRA board meeting, and some other matters.
08:36:49 So we look forward to making good use of our 30
08:36:52 minutes.
08:36:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
08:36:57 >> I would like by asking Herb FECTER.
08:37:10 >> Real estate manager for the city.
08:37:13 I believe, Ms. Saul-Sena, regarding your interest in
08:37:16 the second floor spaces at the union station.
08:37:22 We were asked to return with comment to that subject.
08:37:25 It is the determination. Administration at this time
08:37:28 that the city will retain the use of those second floor
08:37:33 office spaces at the union station.
08:37:37 So unless there were other questions regarding that, I
08:37:42 would be happy to address them.
08:37:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
08:37:48 The reason I raise this issue is because there's a
08:37:51 great meeting space in union station that I use
08:37:54 frequently and I notice that the other second floor
08:37:56 offices are vacant.
08:37:57 And I thought either a revenue producing opportunity or
08:37:59 we should -- I'm glad to hear that the city is going to
08:38:03 use them.
08:38:04 Personally, if I had a very small department, I can't
08:38:06 think of a place I'd rather have office space because
08:38:09 it's so attractive and easy to get to.
08:38:11 So I'm glad to hear that something will come of it.
08:38:14 >>> They are in use.
08:38:15 Excuse me, ma'am, they are in use, by two departments.
08:38:18 One is "it" and the other is the neighborhood community
08:38:23 group with Shannon Edge, and that office has been
08:38:26 recently repainted and sealed from a water damage
08:38:29 issue.
08:38:29 But both of them will be retained for city purposes.
08:38:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great.
08:38:35 Actually, I heard that the transportation -- the group
08:38:44 that oversees taxicabs is interested in perhaps taking

08:38:47 over, doing a long-term lease for the baggage building
08:38:50 and I think that would be great because then everyone
08:38:52 getting a taxicab license will have to go where the
08:38:55 train station is, and they'll invest in the
08:38:57 refurbishing of the historic building, and it will be
08:39:00 an adoptive reuse.
08:39:02 Currently the baggage building has no bathrooms or air
08:39:05 conditioning or heat so it will be a pretty significant
08:39:07 investment but I think it would be a good long-term
08:39:09 safe tenant.
08:39:11 >> May I comment on that?
08:39:13 We being the real estate division met with Mr. Greggory
08:39:16 Cox of the Hillsborough County public transportation
08:39:18 commission.
08:39:21 And met with him to determine what his needs might be,
08:39:24 and how and if the baggage building would meet those
08:39:27 needs.
08:39:27 It was determined that after that conversation that
08:39:32 perhaps the baggage building would not be workable,
08:39:34 particularly because of the requirements of the
08:39:36 commission to queue their vehicles on station ground
08:39:42 for inspection purposes.

08:39:43 And that includes not only taxis but limousines, in
08:39:48 some cases small buses, and it's the intent, I believe,
08:39:52 to utilize the station to attraction members of the
08:39:59 public to various stations and we felt that queuing
08:40:01 situation and that inspection procedure might not be
08:40:04 conducive to that.
08:40:05 So we have agreed to disagree with Mr. Cox on that
08:40:09 idea.
08:40:11 So that's where that is.
08:40:13 >> So the baggage building --
08:40:15 >>> The baggage building is available.
08:40:17 As you may know, there's no electrical service there.
08:40:20 There's no plumbing.
08:40:21 There's no HVAC.
08:40:24 So that's quite a remodeling project.
08:40:27 But we are showing it from time to time and when would
08:40:29 certainly welcome use of that building.
08:40:38 The second item I think I am to address is to do with
08:40:42 the pinnacle project.
08:40:48 This is a property that's in the Channelside district,
08:40:52 and we rather lightly refer to it as a donut hole.
08:40:56 It was a lot owned by the city that was overlooked in

08:40:59 the acquisition process by the developer.
08:41:03 And the developer needs the lot for his planning
08:41:06 purposes to include some zoning.
08:41:10 And the real estate division, along with the legal
08:41:14 representative for the developer, has come to an
08:41:17 agreement as to the price of the property, which is a
08:41:21 55 by 120 lot, some 6,624 square feet.
08:41:27 We agreed on a price as opposed to going the cost and
08:41:31 time of an appraisal, and we have agreed to transfer
08:41:35 the property for $78.05 a square foot, which totals
08:41:40 517,000 for that lot.
08:41:43 And that is the transaction.
08:41:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do we have a procedure in regard to
08:41:55 appraisal versus not appraisal?
08:41:59 >> This was put out on RFP, councilman, and filed
08:42:06 appropriately.
08:42:06 >> I mean, typically on a parcel that's that pricey,
08:42:13 you usually give us appraisals.
08:42:14 That's why I was wondering --
08:42:17 >>> The appraisal wasn't required.
08:42:19 >> How do we come up with comparables, I guess is my
08:42:21 question, if we didn't do appraisals?

08:42:24 >>> We utilized comps from the immediate area,
08:42:27 properties that had sold in that area, including one
08:42:31 that was based on a very recent appraisal, and
08:42:35 concluded that value.
08:42:39 >> 70-something per foot?
08:42:42 >>> 78.05 per square foot.
08:42:45 >> I see you did due diligence on I guess I couldn't
08:42:55 afford to go the 05.
08:43:00 Is that a motion?
08:43:06 >> So moved that the sale goes through as far as the
08:43:10 property of the sale of the pinnacle place, the City of
08:43:14 Tampa for $517,000.
08:43:18 That's a little over half a million.
08:43:22 >> Second.
08:43:22 >>GWEN MILLER: it's
08:43:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilman Miranda, seconded
08:43:32 by councilman Dingfelder.
08:43:33 (Motion carried).
08:43:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we have the East Tampa CRA, item
08:43:41 number 3?
08:43:49 >>> Ed Johnson, East Tampa CRA manager.
08:43:52 Before is you a request to make a text amendment change

08:43:57 to our fiscal year 2007 East Tampa CRA budget.
08:44:03 Under one of them, the line items for the neighborhood
08:44:06 infrastructure improvement projects.
08:44:09 The text in that organization agreement didn't really
08:44:11 allow for the spending of those funds in our
08:44:18 recreational areas.
08:44:19 And several of the neighborhood projects that were
08:44:21 requested under that line item have some requests for
08:44:26 equipment and other infrastructure improvements to our
08:44:30 area recreation facilities.
08:44:31 So we are requesting that you approve amendment -- text
08:44:35 amendment change to allow the language to include the
08:44:39 words "and other improvements and equipment" to area
08:44:44 parks and recreation facilities.
08:44:47 Later this morning under consent agenda there will be a
08:44:49 resolution for approval of the funding that relates to
08:44:54 those items that were purchased for recreational parks
08:44:57 in East Tampa.
08:44:58 The rest of the request is before you.
08:45:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Move the resolution.
08:45:04 >> Second.
08:45:04 >>GWEN MILLER:

08:45:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilman Miller, seconded by
08:45:11 councilman Miranda.
08:45:15 All in favor?
08:45:19 (Motion carried) so moved.
08:45:20 Thank you, sir.
08:45:22 Let me go back to the public comment and come back on
08:45:25 that.
08:45:29 Public comment.
08:45:30 Anyone here want to address the CRA board?
08:45:36 The public?
08:45:37 Okay, good.
08:45:40 Maybe we are doing a good job already.
08:45:42 [ Laughter ]
08:45:44 Mr. Huey.
08:45:47 Update on the CRA.
08:45:48 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, wanted to discuss with the board a
08:45:56 few administrative matters.
08:45:57 We have two redevelopment areas, Central Park and East
08:46:00 Tampa are right now involved in the strategic action
08:46:02 planning process.
08:46:03 Very important planning process.
08:46:09 I wanted to ask the board how would you like to engage

08:46:11 with those consultants.
08:46:13 We are on the front end of those planning processes.
08:46:15 There will be public meetings that you will each be
08:46:17 invited to.
08:46:18 So that is one way that you will be able to
08:46:20 participate.
08:46:21 But in addition, if you would like them to interact
08:46:23 with you on some workshop basis or at least introduce
08:46:28 themselves to you at a meeting, we would be happy to
08:46:31 arrange that.
08:46:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
08:46:36 It's my strong feeling that one of the ways that this
08:46:39 CRA under your leadership can be more effective is if
08:46:43 we had more conversation up front.
08:46:44 In the past, we have been very passive.
08:46:46 We have received things fait accompli.
08:46:51 I think we are interested in getting the information up
08:46:53 front and helping a part of the process.
08:46:55 To that end, I would suggest to you that these 8:30
08:46:59 meetings once a month are completely inadequate to
08:47:01 really dig into what we need to do as a CRA.
08:47:04 And so I think we should engage with these people, but

08:47:07 I think we need to give ourselves also adequate time to
08:47:10 really understand what's being proposed, and help shape
08:47:13 it.
08:47:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Why don't we then -- I have stuff on
08:47:24 the agenda, too.
08:47:26 Talks about scheduling meetings, and length of
08:47:28 meetings, and participation and involvement, in regards
08:47:32 to some type of workshop.
08:47:35 Talk about chapter 163 which CRA comment, I understand
08:47:40 your role and function.
08:47:45 Secondly, to understand how all these CRAs are
08:47:49 functioning, operating, because as I understand they
08:47:52 all function somewhat differently.
08:47:54 And I believe there should be some consistency and
08:47:59 continuity, that they should be functioning pretty much
08:48:01 the same.
08:48:05 I only have one vote, one person, so need some kind of
08:48:10 workshop.
08:48:11 Then we need to talk about -- I think on the front end
08:48:19 rather than the back end.
08:48:20 If you look at the CRA now, probably 83, 84, 85, not a
08:48:26 lot of money but now there's a lot of revenue that has

08:48:29 come in through CRA.
08:48:36 And the other item is I was told there was an
08:48:39 interlocal agreement by the CRA with the administration
08:48:41 that they would, I guess, carry the responsibility out,
08:48:44 and then I understand there is no agreement, it was
08:48:48 done by bylaws.
08:48:49 So all that -- we have three new members on the board.
08:48:53 We need to have some kind of workshop on how CRA is
08:48:57 functioning, how do the codes function, statute, what
08:49:03 is our obligation and how we want our meetings.
08:49:07 Sal, you want to speak to that?
08:49:09 >>SAL TERRITO: We talked about this morning about
08:49:13 having legal department or anyone else come in and give
08:49:16 you a run down on what the authority on the 163 is,
08:49:19 explain the process as it has been proceeding so far,
08:49:23 the structure that we have set up, the authorities that
08:49:26 have been split between the city and the city and the
08:49:28 administration, try to go through that for you at your
08:49:32 convenience at workshop.
08:49:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
08:49:40 The need for time is the most critical need. The need
08:49:42 for time for the CRA to address fully what we need to

08:49:50 do and I think everything else is just corollary to
08:49:53 that.
08:49:53 So it would be my suggestion that perhaps what we do,
08:49:55 because 8:30 doesn't seem to be adequate and he would
08:49:58 don't want to throw the rest of the day off, that we
08:50:00 set aside afternoons twice a month at 1:30 on Thursday.
08:50:05 Because Thursday is our council day to address CRA
08:50:09 issues.
08:50:10 And give -- if we meet at 1:30 that gifts us the time
08:50:14 to then listen to and participate in conversations with
08:50:19 consultants, give our citizens the respect of knowing
08:50:22 that if they come to speak on the CRA things that it
08:50:25 will be a time certain when they get to listen and
08:50:28 participate, and since we have the responsibility of
08:50:31 overseeing these many CRAs, it will give us the tools
08:50:35 we need to do what we should be doing.
08:50:37 I just want to share with you a memo that I had written
08:50:39 in January asking the status of several issues, several
08:50:44 of them are within CRA districts, and the point is not
08:50:47 these particular issues.
08:50:48 The point is that this is written in January.
08:50:51 We haven't had responses to several of these.

08:50:54 And the problem is that council acting as the CRA
08:50:57 hasn't really spent the time working closely with staff
08:51:00 to make sure that they respond to us.
08:51:03 But I think if we set the time aside, then we will get
08:51:05 to the heart of many of the issues that will make us in
08:51:08 the neighborhood more effective.
08:51:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, on that matter CRA
08:51:17 meetings, if I recall, and here again you're in council
08:51:30 meeting, the council would stop at a certain hour and
08:51:32 go into a CRA session and the chair would close the
08:51:34 meeting, chairman or the chairperson would start the
08:51:40 CRA process.
08:51:41 You're in council meeting when the public was here.
08:51:44 And it went along fine.
08:51:47 For us to extend more and more like this agenda we
08:51:49 have, it continues and continues and continues.
08:51:53 I'm not going to be a part of continuation.
08:51:55 I'm not going to be a part of more and more.
08:51:57 I think we can do what we have to do within the time
08:52:00 constraints if we only speak to what's on the agenda.
08:52:04 And that's just my opinion.
08:52:06 If you really want the public involved, you're in

08:52:10 council meeting, stop at 10:30 once a month and start
08:52:13 it then.
08:52:14 And it courses us to be more diligent on what we are
08:52:17 doing on the council.
08:52:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Chair, I think that there's a
08:52:28 good idea banging around here.
08:52:29 And I think you have assumed the chairmanship, and I
08:52:32 think we are going to look to you through your
08:52:34 leadership on kind of reorganizing a little bit, and
08:52:38 perhaps coming back to us after talking to Mr. Huey,
08:52:41 and the council to come back to us with what your idea
08:52:49 is.
08:52:49 Because, you know, too many things.
08:52:53 And I think we can all give you our input.
08:52:56 Linda has got some good ideas on a memo here and that
08:52:59 sort of thing.
08:53:00 One thing I'm going to toss in for your decision-making
08:53:06 is the last item on Ms. Saul-Sena's memo, which is the
08:53:12 going out to the community.
08:53:14 I think at least about three years ago, the CRA passed
08:53:19 the unanimous vote to say that we should hold some of
08:53:24 our meetings at least once a year out in each CRA.

08:53:31 So that way the community feels, you know, don't have
08:53:34 to come downtown, we will come to them.
08:53:36 Hopefully we'll get a decent turnout and we can have
08:53:39 good dialogue with the community that we are helping.
08:53:44 And I think it's real important.
08:53:46 I'll trust in the your hands to massage all this and
08:53:49 come back to us with some ideas about reorganization
08:53:53 and that sort of thing.
08:53:57 >>MARY MULHERN: My question, Linda suggests that we
08:54:02 suggested that we have these meetings at 1:30 on a
08:54:05 regular basis for the CRA board.
08:54:08 And my first thought was, oh, we won't be done with the
08:54:11 morning meeting by then.
08:54:15 Charlie suggests that we could do it during the
08:54:17 meeting.
08:54:17 So the time factor is huge.
08:54:21 And just from my brief career here on City Council,
08:54:27 it's hard to see how we could do -- I mean, I think we
08:54:31 would be pushing it to do it at 1:30 as opposed to
08:54:34 trying to fit it in in the morning meeting.
08:54:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, I think either way we are going
08:54:41 to be pushing it.

08:54:42 It's been my experience in my short term, I was shocked
08:54:45 to come in at 8:30 and we only have 30 minutes.
08:54:53 It's not enough time adequately to take care of the
08:54:55 business that we need to take care of.
08:54:57 These CRAs are huge and they are important to the
08:55:01 city, to the community.
08:55:08 You have at least three major ones anyway, four,
08:55:12 really.
08:55:12 You have Central Park that's under way.
08:55:15 And that started.
08:55:18 But that is a huge CRA.
08:55:21 You need information.
08:55:22 You need what's going on.
08:55:24 You need to participate.
08:55:26 Okay?
08:55:27 You have East Tampa, which is your largest CRA in the
08:55:30 city.
08:55:31 You have Drew Park that is underway.
08:55:38 And then you have downtown.
08:55:43 And Ybor.
08:55:48 I'm saying, 30 minutes, in my opinion, is not adequate.
08:55:52 Now, the problem we have -- and you all do everything

08:55:56 on Thursday.
08:56:03 Thursday for me is very -- you think you have zoning on
08:56:06 Thursday, regular meeting.
08:56:07 Everything is there.
08:56:08 And got out at last Thursday night at 1:15 in the
08:56:14 morning.
08:56:15 I'm saying we need to find a way how to balance our
08:56:19 time, or some of these can be moved to a different
08:56:25 time, different day, so that we can at least be
08:56:28 effective, do a good job.
08:56:30 I mean, you are talking millions of dollars to these
08:56:34 CRAs now.
08:56:34 Maybe in 1989 they were not but now you are talking
08:56:39 millions, talking a lot of money.
08:56:41 And under the charter and -- well, actually came up in
08:56:44 the charter, CRA did.
08:56:47 Under the Florida statute, you have a huge
08:56:49 responsibility and obligation for oversight of CRA and
08:56:57 it's up to us to take a look at that.
08:56:59 I am amenable, whatever council wants to do.
08:57:03 I want to make sure that we can all be here, that we
08:57:06 have interest and make sure we get the most out of our

08:57:10 time together.
08:57:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think historically we didn't
08:57:18 always meet on Thursday.
08:57:19 It was before my time but Tuesdays, I think, council
08:57:22 met at some point.
08:57:24 So there's not anything in the charter that precludes
08:57:27 us from meeting on other days of the week.
08:57:28 That's just for your information.
08:57:30 But I think maybe a thing to do would be a query, not
08:57:35 out loud but in a written form, different council
08:57:37 members as to what -- if they needed to come up with
08:57:40 three more hours every two weeks, when would they
08:57:43 prefer that those three hours come from?
08:57:45 And I also want to share with you, Mr. Chairman, that
08:57:47 at our previous -- in our previous four years, that one
08:57:51 of the council members -- it doesn't have to be
08:57:57 everybody, if somebody just found it too difficult for
08:58:00 their schedule.
08:58:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, I would like to bring everybody
08:58:04 along.
08:58:04 I hope we can all be here.
08:58:06 I think it's very important.

08:58:07 I would say part of being an elected offerings is we
08:58:09 have been elected by the community to do a job and I
08:58:12 hope we can all participate and do that.
08:58:14 I'm just speaking for me.
08:58:15 Now, back to the I would like to have a motion so we
08:58:23 can iron some of these issues out.
08:58:26 I would think a workshop.
08:58:32 On CRA at least from my legal perspective in terms of
08:58:35 chapter 163, how they function now, and all of that.
08:58:38 I think it's very important.
08:58:40 So I would entertain a motion for that.
08:58:50 >> I have our schedule for the next couple of weeks.
08:58:52 And on the 26th at 1:30 we could have a workshop,
08:58:55 or the 3rd.
08:58:57 We don't have anything at 1:30.
08:59:01 We have night meetings all these nights.
08:59:02 We have night meetings.
08:59:04 Next week we have a 1:30 workshop on affordable housing
08:59:07 which I think is going to be complex.
08:59:09 I'm just putting this out there.
08:59:11 And if somebody else has a better suggestion I'm open
08:59:13 to it.

08:59:14 So my motion would be, I guess, May 3rd at 1:30
08:59:18 that we would have a workshop.
08:59:22 We have a meeting that night.
08:59:23 The first evening meeting we don't have a meeting that
08:59:26 night is a month from now.
08:59:28 And I don't know if you want to wait a month.
08:59:30 I don't think so.
08:59:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I don't think so either.
08:59:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Chairman, you know, having day
08:59:37 meeting and night meeting, staff can -- we can do it on
08:59:44 a Tuesday, a Wednesday, and I think it would be more
08:59:47 feasible than keeping us here from 8:30 in the morning
08:59:50 till 1:00 at night.
08:59:52 I would like to take a break and come back at six
08:59:55 instead of all day long.
08:59:57 So I would rather do it on another day.
09:00:00 >>MARY MULHERN: I would agree with that.
09:00:02 Maybe do it on a Tuesday night or Wednesday because
09:00:04 Wednesday we are getting ready for the Thursday
09:00:06 meeting.
09:00:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Got my vote.
09:00:11 >> Is that a motion?

09:00:12 >>GWEN MILLER: I'll make a motion.
09:00:14 I don't have the date.
09:00:15 On a Tuesday.
09:00:16 We can come back with the date.
09:00:21 That council members write to the chair what days will
09:00:24 be available, and what Tuesday will be available for
09:00:26 each council member, give it to the chairperson, let
09:00:29 him tell us so we can meet like that.
09:00:33 I make a motion that we'll meet on a Tuesday.
09:00:36 Morning or evening?
09:00:39 >> Tuesday mornings are MPO meetings the first
09:00:41 Wednesday of the month two weeks from now so maybe May
09:00:45 3rd.
09:00:48 I'm not on it.
09:00:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We meat the first Tuesday of the month.
09:00:51 >>GWEN MILLER: We can meet on the second Tuesday of the
09:00:54 month then.
09:01:03 Like 9:00 in the in the morning.
09:01:08 >> MPO meets the first Tuesday of the month.
09:01:11 The second and fourth Tuesday, something like that, at
09:01:14 1:30.
09:01:14 >>THE CLERK: You would also need to check the

09:01:17 availability of chambers, too.
09:01:22 Do you want it on May 8th?
09:01:26 >>GWEN MILLER: If it's available.
09:01:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:01:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I need clarification.
09:01:32 Are we talking about the workshop that Mr. Chairman was
09:01:34 talking about?
09:01:35 Or talking about setting up something permanent?
09:01:37 Because I'm hearing Linda, you're saying the second and
09:01:40 fourth or first and third or whatever.
09:01:43 Sounds permanent.
09:01:45 >> Just the workshop.
09:01:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just the workshop.
09:01:48 >>GWEN MILLER: On the 8th.
09:01:51 Second Tuesday.
09:01:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All right.
09:01:55 >>GWEN MILLER: One workshop.
09:01:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Workshop and then go from there.
09:01:59 >>THE CLERK: 1:30?
09:02:07 >>GWEN MILLER: No, 9:00.
09:02:09 For Tuesday.
09:02:15 We are trying to get away from 1:30.

09:02:18 >>MARY MULHERN: The 8th is fine because there's no
09:02:20 MPO meeting.
09:02:21 >>GWEN MILLER: At 9:00 in the morning.
09:02:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
09:02:25 What I'm hearing, nine and one-thirty.
09:02:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Nine.
09:02:32 >> Second.
09:02:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Council member Miller made a motion that
09:02:35 we meat on the 8th of May at 9 a.m. in the morning.
09:02:38 And seconded by councilwoman Saul-Sena.
09:02:44 All in favor?
09:02:45 (Motion carried).
09:02:46 So we have that workshop then.
09:02:49 So our attorney will come back and kind of frame an
09:02:53 agenda in terms of a workshop.
09:02:55 Okay?
09:02:56 Mr. Huey, do you understand?
09:02:59 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
09:03:00 The workshop, I think there's also a need to immerse
09:03:06 knew what's going on in each of the CRAs.
09:03:08 And whether or not that fits into this workshop or not,
09:03:11 we'll work on the agenda.

09:03:14 It sounds like really you're wanting to have an
09:03:19 organizational sort of focus for this particular work
09:03:22 session.
09:03:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think if we are going to start at
09:03:26 nine that morning that we can probably do the legal
09:03:29 aspects of that, and the attorney can correct me as
09:03:35 well as you come back, give us some update on all of
09:03:38 the CRA.
09:03:41 >>> That would be great.
09:03:43 And there is another workshop that the previous CRA
09:03:48 board has put in motion and scheduled about our
09:03:50 advisory committee policy.
09:03:52 Would it be your preference to schedule that today, or
09:03:55 to schedule it at this May 8th workshop?
09:04:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I don't know.
09:04:01 >>GWEN MILLER: May 8th.
09:04:04 >>MARK HUEY: A collaborative workshop with the board
09:04:07 and various advisory committees.
09:04:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This workshop is going to take some
09:04:17 conversation and it's going to involve representatives
09:04:18 of all our different areas, and a different content
09:04:21 than the thing that we scheduled the 8th.

09:04:24 What I would suggest, it's really important that we do
09:04:26 that, but that we hear from all the board members to
09:04:29 find out when a convenient time would be.
09:04:31 I would say that's going to be a two-hour conversation.
09:04:34 I would think.
09:04:34 It's pretty complicated and everybody wants to
09:04:37 participate.
09:04:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So we will have another workshop with
09:04:40 the advisory committee is what I'm hearing, or at least
09:04:43 a workshop on the policies of the advisory committees?
09:04:47 Is that what I'm hearing?
09:04:49 So we need to schedule that at a different time.
09:04:51 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, I agree.
09:04:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So then what I would suggest is maybe
09:05:01 on the 8th, then we have a time that we can
09:05:04 identify for that workshop.
09:05:07 Okay?
09:05:07 >>MARK HUEY: And the 8th workshop, would that be
09:05:17 the time when you might want to discuss when and how
09:05:19 you might interact with our EDAW consultants and the
09:05:27 consultants we have in East Tampa?
09:05:29 Or would you like to address that today?

09:05:31 We do have -- EDAW, some of their team is from out of
09:05:35 town.
09:05:35 They are going to be in town on May 24th as part of
09:05:38 their planning process.
09:05:40 So I was going to suggest if we could have a special
09:05:45 30-minute meeting that morning.
09:05:47 That's a regular council meeting.
09:05:51 That they could come here at that time and the agenda
09:05:53 for that meeting would just be an introduction of them
09:05:56 and an interaction with them on their planning process.
09:05:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
09:06:01 I think that's a good suggestion.
09:06:02 Council, how do you think about that?
09:06:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll move that May 24th at 8:30
09:06:07 a.m.
09:06:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:06:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilman Dingfelder,
09:06:16 seconded by councilwoman -- 8:30 on the 24th.
09:06:20 All in favor let it be known by Aye.
09:06:23 (Motion carried).
09:06:24 On the 24th.
09:06:28 >>THE CLERK: We have just checked with the council

09:06:29 chambers schedule.
09:06:31 May 8th from 9 to 12 is the Historic Preservation
09:06:33 Commission.
09:06:35 It's already scheduled.
09:06:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Should we do it at 1:30 then?
09:06:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Can we move it to 1:30?
09:06:47 So the afternoon is available?
09:06:50 I'm a morning person but.
09:06:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would you like to do it Wednesday
09:06:56 the 9th?
09:06:57 >>THE CLERK: Wednesday we you have code enforcement.
09:07:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Can you amend the motion for 1:30 on
09:07:04 May 8th? 1:30.
09:07:07 Would that meet your -- the 8th.
09:07:13 Mr. Attorney, would that meet your schedule?
09:07:15 Good.
09:07:15 >>THE CLERK: Motion made by Saul-Sena.
09:07:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is there anything else that you have,
09:07:25 Mr. Huey?
09:07:26 >>MARK HUEY: One item.
09:07:47 You know as of December 31st we put together our
09:07:49 first quarterly financial reporting process, our first

09:07:52 document was distributed in February.
09:07:55 As of March 30th, we are distributing again
09:07:57 financials.
09:07:59 It's just for you to receive at this point.
09:08:01 No formal action is required.
09:08:03 Of course we are available to answer questions.
09:08:05 But we continue to feel good about the progress that we
09:08:08 are making in our stewardship of TIF resources.
09:08:11 This gives you information tracking the 05, 06, 07
09:08:18 budgets and updates on all the projects.
09:08:24 So we hope Bonnie and everyone that helped put this
09:08:27 together.
09:08:28 >> I want to commend you for the report.
09:08:30 Very good report.
09:08:31 And also this particular -- one to everybody, right?
09:08:37 Very nice, very helpful.
09:08:39 I want to commend you and your staff for that for the
09:08:45 report.
09:08:46 This came up during the CRA of Central Park, and the
09:08:50 statute of course requires.
09:08:52 And so I think for the first time we again to get these
09:08:56 reports.

09:08:59 >>MARK HUEY: And any of you that have suggestions on
09:09:01 how we can make our reporting better, we want to know
09:09:04 and want to continue to serve your needs and the
09:09:06 community's needs.
09:09:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Very good report.
09:09:10 >>MARK HUEY: And the board member manual, that is
09:09:12 something we put together for the new board members,
09:09:15 and we are going to give copies as well to the existing
09:09:17 board members.
09:09:18 I think it will give you some helpful information.
09:09:20 But sometimes its useful to have at your fingertips
09:09:23 during board meetings.
09:09:30 >> Mr. Chairman, we have a motion to change the time
09:09:32 from 9:00 to 1:30.
09:09:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I thought we could amend that but
09:09:38 that's all right.
09:09:39 All in favor?
09:09:41 Opposed?
09:09:42 So moved and ordered.
09:09:43 Thank you.
09:09:45 Anything else?
09:09:50 Would you just state where we are and where Tallahassee

09:09:52 is on the property tax issue?
09:09:55 Because that will affect our CRAs.
09:09:57 >>MARK HUEY: It certainly will.
09:10:00 And I think at your workshop on May 8th we'll know
09:10:03 a lot more.
09:10:04 Right now, as you are aware, there are very significant
09:10:08 changes being contemplated that will effect all
09:10:10 municipal governments across the state.
09:10:13 And will have an impact on community redevelopment
09:10:16 agencies as well.
09:10:18 There are many proposals.
09:10:21 So the specific implications are not worth talking
09:10:24 about at this point except to say that they will be
09:10:26 negative in terms of available TIF revenues.
09:10:30 So that's something very important to be on our radar
09:10:35 screen.
09:10:35 I know Bonnie is monitoring all of that.
09:10:37 And as the session proceeds in Tallahassee and it
09:10:41 becomes clear exactly the recommendation that will be,
09:10:45 or the statutes that will come forward, we will
09:10:48 interpret that for you very specifically, analytically
09:10:53 in terms of how it will affect our TIF revenues going

09:10:56 forward but even something as important as the downtown
09:11:00 bond financing, TIF financing that the board approved
09:11:03 previously last month, is a question as to whether or
09:11:06 not that can happen, or the amount of that particular
09:11:10 financing, whether it can be 40 million or some lesser
09:11:13 amount.
09:11:14 So very significant consequences for community
09:11:18 redevelopment across the state.
09:11:19 And we will keep you informed as we know more about the
09:11:23 specific implications.
09:11:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Huey, those bills are hard to
09:11:31 keep up with.
09:11:31 Did any of the bills specifically carve out CRAs or
09:11:34 recognize CRAs as unique entities that had some
09:11:40 special concern?
09:11:42 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.
09:11:43 There is language that is identifying issues related to
09:11:45 CRA, like financing.
09:11:48 You can imagine if it's a CRA, we have yet committed to
09:11:52 the $40 million, but if we had, and all of a sudden the
09:11:58 implications, the new statutes would reduce the TIF
09:12:04 revenue that the financing was underwritten under it's

09:12:07 quite a problem for municipalities.
09:12:09 So those kinds of issues are part of the dialogue
09:12:12 that's occurring in Tallahassee.
09:12:14 How they ultimately end up being documented in the
09:12:17 final statutes, we don't know.
09:12:19 But, yes, while CRAs are not a critical part of the
09:12:24 discussion, there certainly are enough issues that have
09:12:30 implications for CRAs that it is becoming an
09:12:33 increasing part of the dialogue.
09:12:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Because our various budgets and our
09:12:38 strategic action plans and everything are also hinged
09:12:41 around these expectations.
09:12:45 >>> Absolutely.
09:12:46 >> I guess if they are going to change, we are going to
09:12:48 have a lot of extra days and hours to put in.
09:12:51 >>> The same thing you will be going through on the
09:12:53 municipal government side with major changes will be
09:12:57 occurring, will dramatically shape our redevelopment
09:13:01 plan, certainly.
09:13:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And the organization up there that
09:13:06 we are part of --
09:13:07 >>> Florida redevelopment association?

09:13:09 >> Right.
09:13:09 Are they doing a good job?
09:13:11 >>> Yes.
09:13:11 They are very engaged in the issues.
09:13:13 They help provide us updates.
09:13:14 So they are for newer board members a redevelopment
09:13:18 advocacy group statewide.
09:13:20 And so they advocate for the interest of CRAs
09:13:23 throughout the state in many matters including
09:13:27 legislative matters in Tallahassee.
09:13:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: In an effort to be as effective as
09:13:36 we possibly can be in Dallas, because frankly CRAs
09:13:39 will be even more involved as with property taxes.
09:13:44 Have we engaged the different leaders of our different
09:13:46 areas to write their legislators and explain that this
09:13:49 is the money that we need to redevelop these areas, and
09:13:52 that if it goes away, these areas are really flat.
09:13:55 I think that's tremendously important.
09:13:57 So I do see some of them in the audience and I
09:14:00 encourage them to speak out.
09:14:01 As individual council members we can write and explain
09:14:03 this.

09:14:07 >>> Yes.
09:14:07 Impact on CRAs can get lost in the debate but they
09:14:10 are very important initiatives to cities across -- and
09:14:14 communities across our state that will be detrimentally
09:14:17 impacted.
09:14:18 So thank you for your comments.
09:14:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Huey, and to all of the
09:14:23 staff, all of the managers here.
09:14:25 >>> And Mike Chen, works in downtown and Channelside is
09:14:29 here as well.
09:14:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: thank all of you for the work you are
09:14:33 doing.
09:14:33 I appreciate it.
09:14:34 Council, thank you so very much.
09:14:36 At this time the meeting is adjourned.
09:14:39 I guess we turn it over.
09:14:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Five minutes?
09:14:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Public comment, nobody stood up.
09:14:53 Mr. Chairman Scott, can we allow the public?
09:14:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
09:14:58 >>> You have to reopen the CRA meeting.
09:15:00 >> So moved.

09:15:01 >> Second.
09:15:01 (Motion carried).
09:15:02 >>> I know you're running short of time.
09:15:08 Henry Lewis.
09:15:09 The channel council board.
09:15:10 I'll be very brief.
09:15:11 I can't predict the future of what's going to happen
09:15:15 with the tax situation or the budget.
09:15:17 But what we are hearing today to discuss is the '07
09:15:21 budget that we worked on and started on in June of '06
09:15:25 and completed 10 of '06.
09:15:30 At our meeting last night, which Mr. Chen was present,
09:15:32 and Jim Corbett from transportation, we discussed all
09:15:36 of our issues in regards to our emergency
09:15:42 infrastructure projects, which the to date has not been
09:15:47 accomplished.
09:15:47 Okay.
09:15:48 We have had some -- one crosswalk put in and these been
09:15:54 it.
09:15:56 The Channel District is in the worst shape it's been in
09:15:59 over 38 years.
09:16:01 I've been there for 38 years.

09:16:07 Nothing has been paved.
09:16:09 There are now pot holes.
09:16:10 The last paving was done by myself.
09:16:12 And I put in the first project that was put in in over
09:16:15 40 years.
09:16:17 I walk the streets.
09:16:18 I talk to my neighbors and the other businesses.
09:16:22 And they come to my door at night and say, what
09:16:25 happened to the money?
09:16:26 What happened to the infrastructure money?
09:16:29 What happened to the impact fees that all of the
09:16:31 developers pay?
09:16:32 I'm not a developer.
09:16:34 Nobody has the answers.
09:16:35 I don't have the answers.
09:16:36 All we are asking for is a quick, temporary -- a little
09:16:44 asphalt.
09:16:44 I have 38 people walking across my property to get to
09:16:48 bay engineering.
09:16:49 They walk in water.
09:16:51 I've taken photos of every parcel in Channelside of
09:16:57 standing water last year, dated, documented.

09:17:01 No response.
09:17:04 Everybody says their hands are tide tied.
09:17:08 They have to do a study.
09:17:09 How many studies can we do?
09:17:11 How many millions of dollars can he would do on
09:17:12 studies?
09:17:13 Granted, I read we are going to award to Wilson Miller.
09:17:19 That's going to take at least six to nine months.
09:17:22 After that it may take two years to complete.
09:17:25 We don't have that time.
09:17:28 We have over 900 residents, new residents, at a
09:17:31 minimum, moving in to the Channel District within the
09:17:34 next few months.
09:17:37 Months.
09:17:37 By June you will have almost 1200 people.
09:17:42 From 64 people to 1200.
09:17:46 So I ask on behalf of our residents who pay some of the
09:17:49 highest taxes in this city, and will also be one of the
09:17:54 largest -- the largest income-producing district within
09:17:59 the city.
09:18:01 And if you look at the records we will be.
09:18:03 We need help.

09:18:04 We need emergency help.
09:18:09 We will have to go to an outside source to get this
09:18:12 paving and parking done if the city obviously cannot
09:18:16 accommodate us.
09:18:16 Thank you.
09:18:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.
09:18:21 >>> Thanks for giving us some time.
09:18:26 A few on City Council know who I am.
09:18:28 I'm Francine McDonald.
09:18:29 I have been a resident in the Channel District for
09:18:31 almost two and a half years in the victory building.
09:18:34 I'm a member of the neighborhood association.
09:18:37 I'm on the board of my build willing.
09:18:40 -- building.
09:18:41 I have been very active in my neighborhood.
09:18:43 I have a background degree in economics and
09:18:46 architecture, work in an architecture firm.
09:18:49 But my common sense I think rules in this situation.
09:18:51 I pay close to $12,000 a year in property taxes to live
09:18:56 in a 2600 square foot condo with my three daughters.
09:19:01 You know, there were findings of blight in the area to
09:19:04 start the CRA.

09:19:05 Well, we have reverted right back to where we were
09:19:08 before all these multi-million dollar buildings were
09:19:11 there.
09:19:12 It's been -- to work and fight and become one voice of
09:19:22 the neighbors.
09:19:23 We have been very splintered, very divided.
09:19:25 We have become one voice.
09:19:26 We have organized.
09:19:27 We have gone through the city challenges.
09:19:28 We have worked with people.
09:19:30 We have worked with Michael Chen.
09:19:32 We worked with the downtown partnership.
09:19:34 In order to get a nice plan, a comprehensive plan, a
09:19:37 list of the to-dos that need to be done, nothing.
09:19:41 We have taken steps backwards.
09:19:43 We were all so excited about this promising jewel of
09:19:46 Tampa, in an urban setting that is right there.
09:19:50 It's right there at our fingertips, and we have let it
09:19:53 slide.
09:19:54 The graffiti, the trash, the constant traffic from the
09:19:58 construction workers, their trash.
09:20:00 I walk my dog on Sunday morning to a guy urinating on

09:20:04 the parking garage.
09:20:07 What if it was one of my daughters walking outside?
09:20:10 People park in places, destroying our building,
09:20:12 destroying our property.
09:20:14 We don't have anything, you know.
09:20:15 And it's very, very, very upsetting to pay that amount
09:20:19 of property taxes, because now no one is going to move
09:20:23 into a neighborhood that the streets are torn up, you
09:20:26 know, the condition of the neighborhood pay 300 to
09:20:30 400,000 for a small condominium, and pay 7 to 12 to
09:20:34 $15,000 a year in property taxes, to live in an area
09:20:37 that the city is thoroughly ignoring.
09:20:41 So I really appreciate your effort to organize, to
09:20:44 listen to the residents that live in the CRAs, in
09:20:49 order to give us some satisfaction.
09:20:51 And I understand the decrease in property taxes, which
09:20:54 is a necessary thing, because our community has come to
09:20:59 a halt, because the develop Evers are suffering and
09:21:01 trying to get some things going, and the city is
09:21:04 holding them back. The residents are -- there are
09:21:08 friends of mine in the architecture field that would
09:21:10 love to move into the neighborhood but they can't

09:21:11 afford, you know, the 5 to $7,000 in property taxes on
09:21:15 a $250,000 unit.
09:21:19 It's just unreasonable.
09:21:21 But then to look around you, and then to see everything
09:21:24 that's there.
09:21:27 The buildings are wasting their money that they are
09:21:29 getting from the residents.
09:21:30 We are trying to keep up with the cleaning, we are
09:21:32 trying to keep up with painting over the graffiti, you
09:21:35 know.
09:21:36 But I think you get my point and I think you get Henry
09:21:39 Lewis' point that something needs to be done.
09:21:42 We have gone through the channels.
09:21:43 We have waited.
09:21:44 We cannot wait any longer.
09:21:46 It is a critical time.
09:21:47 And from what I believe from what Henry tells me, that
09:21:50 the money is there.
09:21:51 It's been allocated.
09:21:53 But nothing has been done in a year.
09:21:55 Thank you.
09:21:55 (Bell sounds).

09:22:00 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Chairman, I don't like to hear
09:22:02 stuff like this coming before us F.we are going to be
09:22:04 the next great city we have to take care of these
09:22:06 people.
09:22:07 Who is responsible for taking care of these streets
09:22:08 down there, the paving and all that stuff with the
09:22:11 taxes of $12,000 for a 2600 square foot home?
09:22:15 Who is responsible?
09:22:22 >>> Well, we are.
09:22:23 >> Who in the city is responsible?
09:22:30 >>> The TIF funds everybody et is it aside for some
09:22:33 remedial funds in the district to make the area more
09:22:36 safe and convenient for the residents that are moving
09:22:42 in.
09:22:43 It's going to be quite a challenge for us. The public
09:22:45 works department of our city, who does all of our
09:22:47 improvement projects, takes the lead on implementing
09:22:51 the TIF funding projects that are in our CRA budget.
09:22:57 I have been is here from our public works department
09:22:58 and he would be glad to give you a quick update.
09:23:02 >> So the money is there but the work is not being
09:23:04 done.

09:23:05 How can we get this work done?
09:23:13 >>> Irvin Lee, public works.
09:23:15 I understand your concern.
09:23:16 Yes, this is a daunting challenge, because there's a
09:23:18 tremendous amount of coordination that has to be done.
09:23:20 A small -- the small accomplishments that we have made,
09:23:25 as indicated, have been just that.
09:23:31 There's a lot of coordination.
09:23:36 There are -- the multiple utilities or agencies that we
09:23:42 have to work with, because we don't want to do one
09:23:44 project just to create another problem.
09:23:48 We are in a process of trying to pull together and
09:23:51 coordinate all the assets in order to make these things
09:23:55 happen.
09:23:55 That's our challenge at the moment.
09:23:56 We are making progress.
09:23:59 And we will be happy to come back and report on the
09:24:02 planning that -- plan that we develop.
09:24:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Excuse me, sir.
09:24:09 I think, though, what I'm hearing from the residents is
09:24:12 that we have ongoing problems, we need to get it fixed,
09:24:17 okay?

09:24:17 And that's what I'm hearing.
09:24:19 Now, I'm assuming that the moneys coming from the TIF
09:24:23 revenue, is that right? It is available?
09:24:25 Is that right?
09:24:27 So the question is, why we can't get it done.
09:24:33 It don't take this long.
09:24:35 Do we need -- the public -- if public works cannot do
09:24:39 it, if you are overburdened, I don't know, an
09:24:44 opportunity to do an RFP or get someone to do it?
09:24:46 I don't know.
09:24:50 >>> We could talk about this for months, and as the
09:24:52 gentleman said this is the worst it's looked in all his
09:24:55 years down there.
09:24:56 It's got to be done.
09:24:57 Put it out for bid.
09:24:58 Let somebody do it.
09:25:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What do we do?
09:25:06 Do we do it from a legal standpoint?
09:25:09 I'm raising the question.
09:25:10 >>> The city can put it out for bid if the
09:25:13 administration decides it's the best way to do it and
09:25:15 you are getting direction on this particular issue.

09:25:17 We cannot give the money to the Channel District
09:25:20 individuals to do this on their own.
09:25:22 It has to be done but through the city process but,
09:25:25 yes, county be done and that's an administration
09:25:28 decision, a City Council decision.
09:25:30 >>MARY MULHERN: I would just like to say that obviously
09:25:32 this should be a priority for public works, because
09:25:39 I've heard a figure of we are expecting 6,000 new
09:25:42 residents to move in there.
09:25:43 And I don't know if those condos are selling right now.
09:25:46 And they are certainly not going to sell if people have
09:25:49 flooded streets and graffiti and it looks blighted.
09:25:52 So I would just like to ask that this become a priority
09:25:56 for public works and the administration.
09:26:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: One of the conversations I would
09:26:03 like to have with legal when we discuss the CRA and how
09:26:06 it functions is the question of whether the CRA has the
09:26:10 ability to perhaps retain a construction company to
09:26:18 deal with issues, in a process that's in any way
09:26:28 independent to expedite what things are being done.
09:26:32 It's an overall plan because we have to redo virtually
09:26:34 everything in the Channel District but what the

09:26:36 residents are asking for is a stop-gap, let's not have
09:26:39 huge puddles in the streets.
09:26:44 It seems to me the two are not exclusive.
09:26:46 I understand residents might have to spend money in a
09:26:48 couple of years when we put in the proper sewer pipes
09:26:52 but the patience has been extraordinary.
09:26:55 They have been organized.
09:26:56 They have come to us.
09:26:57 We have given -- the situation is what you heard today.
09:27:03 And I want you to know that our frustration mirrors
09:27:07 yours, although you have to live it with on a daily
09:27:09 basis.
09:27:16 >> Council, pretty much what I'm hearing is this
09:27:18 council wants to move forward pretty quickly on
09:27:21 addressing the issue of the neighborhood concern.
09:27:24 The problem we have is that administration oversees the
09:27:30 work.
09:27:30 So we have an issue here.
09:27:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, if I may, to speed up
09:27:38 this process.
09:27:38 I hope that we can get something from the
09:27:41 administration in the next couple of weeks, an overall

09:27:44 review, how much money we have, where you are at, where
09:27:46 you are going, and what temporary relief we can give
09:27:50 the Channel District, where those problems exist, and
09:27:53 we can have that, then I think we can speed up the
09:27:55 process.
09:27:56 I think it's temporary relief now, because what was
09:27:59 heard today is unacceptable, not only in the
09:28:02 Channelside, but anywhere else in the city.
09:28:04 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Do you want to make that a motion,
09:28:09 Mr. Miranda?
09:28:10 I second it.
09:28:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Unless you want to wait till our
09:28:14 next CRA meeting which I believe is a couple of weeks,
09:28:16 I believe we have to do this during council and then
09:28:18 have a report back on the 3rd.
09:28:20 A staff report.
09:28:23 >> That's my motion.
09:28:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is that correct?
09:28:26 >> I would bring this up again during the council
09:28:28 meeting, a motion at that particular point.
09:28:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's a motion made by --
09:28:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We can't vote on it.

09:28:38 We have to vote on it during council.
09:28:42 >> How does get to council?
09:28:45 I understand -- we are the same people.
09:28:47 When we operated as HPC, we had to pass a motion, then
09:28:50 adjourned, then the council voted on the same motion.
09:28:53 The commission.
09:28:54 So I want to make sure from a legal standpoint that we
09:28:57 are functioning.
09:28:59 >>> I think it's more of a formal substance at this
09:29:02 particular point.
09:29:02 If you want to take a motion now you can.
09:29:04 But I would simply repeat again --
09:29:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What I would suggest is send the motion
09:29:09 over to City Council.
09:29:11 Then City Council take it up in their meeting.
09:29:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
09:29:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We are the same people.
09:29:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think he already did that.
09:29:23 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: If Charlie wants to amend his
09:29:25 motion.
09:29:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, six of one, half dozen of
09:29:29 another.

09:29:30 We can do whatever we like.
09:29:34 >>SAL TERRITO: You could do it now as a CRA, basically
09:29:36 make your wishes known, let the administration know
09:29:39 that's your wishes.
09:29:40 If you wish to bring it up during City Council well, I
09:29:43 would say do that as well.
09:29:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think that's the best way.
09:29:47 The audience is here.
09:29:49 They may not be here when we go into regular City
09:29:51 Council meeting.
09:29:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Restate your motion.
09:29:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That we do a plan within the next
09:29:57 two weeks of administration regarding the funds
09:30:00 available, time available, to all the -- all the major
09:30:04 work that's going to be needed in the Channelside
09:30:06 district, along with a temporary relief that should be
09:30:09 immediate, so that we don't have this, not only in the
09:30:12 Channelside district but in the city, but particularly
09:30:14 in the Channelside district now, sir.
09:30:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And that's been seconded.
09:30:20 All in favor?
09:30:21 So moved.

09:30:21 Okay.
09:30:23 Thank you all very much.
09:30:24 We stand adjourned.
09:30:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Wait.
09:30:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We did ask for public comment earlier.
09:30:39 >>> I apologize.
09:30:39 I'm Brenda Doran Hicks, a long-time property owner in
09:30:45 downtown Tampa doing a small redevelopment issue there.
09:30:47 I want you to be aware.
09:30:48 The reason -- I guess this is all new -- you kind of
09:30:54 have a topic and then call for public either per topic
09:30:57 as opposed to the way it seems to be doing today.
09:31:01 That's the reason for our confusion.
09:31:02 I apologize.
09:31:03 I want you to be aware there is a neighborhood group in
09:31:05 downtown Tampa called the uptown council.
09:31:08 The group was brought back together.
09:31:11 It's been around for a long time and was previously
09:31:14 known as the North Franklin district area or the Tampa
09:31:17 Theatre district area.
09:31:19 During our reorganization in the early summer of last
09:31:22 year, we were able to bring back together about between

09:31:26 45 and 50 property owners in downtown Tampa who now
09:31:30 meet on a regular basis once a month as a neighborhood
09:31:33 group, in addition to meeting outside quite frequently
09:31:37 because our purpose when we got together, downtown
09:31:41 Tampa is a little different right now.
09:31:43 We will have residents in this group as soon as there
09:31:45 are residents downtown.
09:31:46 Right now most of us are business people.
09:31:48 Most of us own that real estate.
09:31:50 We don't really have a lot of time on our hands so he
09:31:52 would all agreed to get together, if in fact we could
09:31:55 run our neighborhood council like a business, it would
09:31:58 be very succinct, get to decisions quickly and I think
09:32:01 we have been very successful and very impressed with
09:32:06 the activities that we have had down there, like the
09:32:10 fire that occurred several weeks ago. The city came to
09:32:12 our aid and put together a document now that shows
09:32:14 every single property.
09:32:15 And it states with photographs including where the
09:32:22 properties and code enforcement stands.
09:32:24 We have had great interaction with the city so far.
09:32:26 But a lot of people do not know the work that we have

09:32:28 been doing and how excited we are about downtown.
09:32:30 And I am going to leave you with an anecdote.
09:32:33 Met a delightful woman in commercial real estate last
09:32:35 night who has been in our town for two days.
09:32:37 I said what are you doing here?
09:32:38 She said I came from St. Louis.
09:32:40 She said I came here first because of hurricane Ivan
09:32:43 and I was sent by my company to do some work and I came
09:32:46 to Tampa.
09:32:46 And she said, Tampa is St. Louis was five or six years
09:32:51 ago but there's no real opportunity for a lot of people
09:32:54 there.
09:32:54 We are finished with St. Louis but Tampa is ready to be
09:32:57 done and I want to be here and be part of it.
09:32:59 And that kind of excitement.
09:33:05 Some here have that same excitement.
09:33:07 I invite any of you to come to our meetings and we'll
09:33:10 notify you when they are by e-mail.
09:33:12 Thank you.
09:33:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Chairman, I passed this out to
09:33:15 everyone.
09:33:15 It's a list of project updates that I was curious

09:33:18 about.
09:33:18 Three of them, four of them are in the Channel
09:33:20 District.
09:33:21 The federal courthouse, Channel District, state office
09:33:23 building, and CRA field trips.
09:33:25 I would make a formal request at our next officially
09:33:29 scheduled CRA meeting which I believe is the 18th
09:33:32 of May that we get a response to this, to these four
09:33:36 questions.
09:33:37 >> Second.
09:33:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.
09:33:39 All in favor let it be known by Aye.
09:33:42 So moved and ordered.
09:33:43 Okay.
09:33:44 No other public comment.
09:33:45 Then thank you.
09:33:46 We stand adjourned.
09:33:46 Thank you.
09:33:48 (CRA meeting adjourned)