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Tampa City Council
Thursday, May 31, 2007
9:00 a.m. session

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09:03:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
09:03:33 The chair will yield to Mr. Joseph Caetano.
09:03:42 >>> Good morning.
09:03:43 We have the director of St. Johns Episcopal church.
09:03:48 He will give the invocation.
09:03:50 Then stand for the pledge of allegiance.
09:03:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Please stand.
09:03:54 >>> Let us pray.
09:03:55 Almighty God, we thank you for the gift of this City
09:03:57 of Tampa.
09:03:58 We ask you to bless our city with honorable industry
09:04:00 and sound learning and pure manners.
09:04:03 Save us from violence, discord and confusion, pride
09:04:07 and arrogance and evil ways.
09:04:09 Defend our liberty fashioned into one united people
09:04:12 with multiple attitudes of many nations.
09:04:15 Give us creative wisdom for those who in your name we
09:04:19 entrust the authority of government that there may be
09:04:21 justice and peace, and that we may show for the R
09:04:26 forth your praise among all the people we meet.
09:04:28 Almighty God, come down upon Gwen, Mary, Linda, John,
09:04:32 Thomas, Charlie and Joseph, give them wisdom, charity
09:04:37 and justice, that with steadfast purpose they may
09:04:42 faithfully serve in their purpose to promote the
09:04:44 well-being of all the people of Tampa.
09:04:46 In God's name we pray.
09:04:48 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
09:05:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:05:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.

09:05:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:05:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:05:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
09:05:13 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:05:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:05:15 At this time we need to approve the agenda.
09:05:17 >> So moved.
09:05:18 >> Second.
09:05:18 (Motion carried).
09:05:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Are there any items we need to pull?
09:05:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes. This is the point in the agenda
09:05:25 where any items that would like to pull any item from
09:05:28 the docket for discussion.
09:05:29 Council, as a remainder, I don't know if any council
09:05:32 members received this but there was a request from a
09:05:35 constituent's group to continue item number 4.
09:05:37 That can be taken up at that time.
09:05:38 Specifically, council, just a reminder to the council,
09:05:42 and to the public, that at 10:00 or immediately
09:05:50 thereafter council will be recessing for a closed
09:05:52 session.
09:05:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No.

09:05:54 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry?
09:05:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: After our meeting is over.
09:05:59 >>GWEN MILLER: What he said.
09:06:03 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The entire agenda will be done.
09:06:05 But set for a time, at 10:00 or as soon thereafter as
09:06:10 the agenda is completed.
09:06:12 However, council will have to take a recess after
09:06:15 that.
09:06:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Come back.
09:06:17 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Come back.
09:06:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Right.
09:06:18 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Reconvene to close the agenda.
09:06:21 The question is whether council wishes to move the
09:06:23 general public comment normally saved for the end of
09:06:26 the agenda, to move that up before you recess for the
09:06:29 closed session so people don't have to wait if they
09:06:32 wish to address council.
09:06:33 That is a decision you can make.
09:06:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to do that.
09:06:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.
09:06:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Items to pull.
09:06:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item number 22.

09:06:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Item 20?
09:06:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council member Scott, did you want to
09:06:59 have a staff member here?
09:07:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
09:07:03 >>GWEN MILLER: They'll come before that.
09:07:10 Any other items?
09:07:11 We need to move it.
09:07:13 Motion to approve those.
09:07:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move the agenda with those pulled.
09:07:18 >> Second.
09:07:19 (Motion carried)
09:07:24 Our staff.
09:07:25 >>PHIL SCHULZ: Land Development Coordination.
09:07:27 I would like to refer you to item 35 on your agenda.
09:07:30 The rezoning case Z 07-59 that you are scheduling for
09:07:35 public hearing on July 26th.
09:07:37 We would like you to make a motion to direct the city
09:07:40 clerk's office to remove 6511 west executive drive
09:07:44 from that public notice and from future agendas.
09:07:49 This is a historical address used for research only by
09:07:52 our right-of-way division.
09:07:54 >> So moved.

09:07:55 >> Second.
09:07:55 (Motion carried).
09:07:56 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to our unfinished business, item
09:08:03 number 1.
09:08:12 >>BONNIE WISE: Director of revenue and finance.
09:08:14 I'm here today to give you a brief review of where we
09:08:17 are on the property tax situation that's going on in
09:08:20 Tallahassee.
09:08:22 And I have previously discussed with you and submitted
09:08:26 to you some information that we have submitted to our
09:08:29 legislative delegation and that we have been using
09:08:31 throughout the legislative process.
09:08:33 When we first scheduled this update, we had discussion
09:08:37 that ended and that we would have information to
09:08:39 report back to you.
09:08:41 However, as you know, there will be a special session
09:08:44 on June 12th to 22nd to talk about further
09:08:49 property tax reform in the state.
09:08:51 And I have for you -- and I have it on Elmo -- this is
09:09:04 a chart you have seen before to give you a feel for
09:09:07 how we spend our general fund dollars.
09:09:09 If you look at the pie chart, you see that we have

09:09:12 $353 million in general fund revenue.
09:09:16 In fiscal year that we are in, fiscal year '07 we
09:09:20 receive about $164 million in property taxes.
09:09:24 So, yes, we receive $164 million.
09:09:27 Our entire general fund is 353 million.
09:09:30 You can see that police and fire make up about half of
09:09:35 that general fund budget.
09:09:37 When you include Hart, public works and the CRA
09:09:40 obligation that's 75% of our general fund.
09:09:45 There are many proposals that have been discussed
09:09:47 throughout this legislative process.
09:09:49 And I really just highlighted a few.
09:09:58 To give you a feel for the magnitude, the first is
09:10:02 house bill 7001, the original house bill that was
09:10:05 discussed during the legislative session.
09:10:07 And that would have cost us, had it been in effect in
09:10:10 the year that we are in, $49 million.
09:10:14 Like I mentioned, we received $164 million in property
09:10:18 taxes that would have cost us $49 million.
09:10:22 The Senate also had a bill, Senate bill 1020.
09:10:25 If that had been in effect that would cost us $16
09:10:29 million.

09:10:31 There have been other proposals discussed.
09:10:36 They are early on in the process of the discussion of
09:10:38 just simply doubling the homestead exemption.
09:10:41 They calculated that to give you a feel from 25,000
09:10:44 homestead exemption to 50,000.
09:10:47 The impact of that would be $11 million.
09:10:50 And now a discussion that's taking place is a
09:10:53 discussion regarding what they are calling super
09:10:57 homestead exception, and it would be perhaps a
09:11:00 percentage of the median price of a home in each
09:11:04 county, and it could be maybe 80%, for example, the
09:11:11 Rubio plan is 80%, I believe, the first 300,000, then
09:11:15 70% of the next 700,000.
09:11:17 It's a sliding scale.
09:11:23 Authorizes for illustrative purposes, an example of
09:11:25 the super homestead concept.
09:11:28 But the Rubio plan that we did calculate, that would
09:11:30 have an impact of $27 million.
09:11:32 And that's just a one-year impact.
09:11:35 So some of these would have multiple year impacts.
09:11:39 I want to make a distinction.
09:11:41 There are some things that the legislators can do with

09:11:46 the referendum and some things they don't need a
09:11:48 referendum in order to implement.
09:11:51 The first two bills, the house bill and the Senate
09:11:53 bill, when they were discussing what we were calling a
09:11:56 roll-back, where they were forcing to us roll back our
09:12:00 millage rate to prior year levels in order to only
09:12:03 receive a certain amount of property tax income, a
09:12:08 roll back mechanism can be done without a referendum.
09:12:12 The legislature can mandate that for all local
09:12:15 governments to lower our millage rate and to roll
09:12:20 back.
09:12:20 That does not require referendum.
09:12:22 A change to the homestead would require a referendum.
09:12:26 So there's discussion on when would that referendum
09:12:28 occur?
09:12:29 Would it occur in September?
09:12:30 Would it occur in November?
09:12:31 Would it occur in January?
09:12:33 That has yet to be determined.
09:12:35 I just wanted to make a distinction between what could
09:12:38 happen that would impact our current fiscal year and
09:12:42 what would happen to be done by referendum.

09:12:48 The key negotiators of the legislature are meeting
09:12:51 next week.
09:12:51 And as I mentioned special session.
09:12:54 And I'm sorry I should have mentioned this early on.
09:12:56 We, too, believe that the property tax structure in
09:12:59 Florida has unfair elements, that there does need to
09:13:03 be property tax reform.
09:13:05 We all have seen it time and time again.
09:13:07 People are trapped in their homes, they feel they
09:13:10 can't move, we have neighbors living next to neighbors
09:13:12 with comparable homes paying very different property
09:13:14 taxes.
09:13:15 But we think that local government should participate
09:13:20 in the discussion on how to solve the real problem
09:13:24 that exists in our structure and that local government
09:13:27 shouldn't be the only one forced to basically cut
09:13:30 services in order to solve this very difficult
09:13:32 property tax condition that we have.
09:13:35 So with that, I wish I had more information for you,
09:13:39 more definitive information, but we will have that
09:13:45 within the next few weeks.
09:13:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to thank you inform this

09:13:49 most succinct, clear description of the different
09:13:52 proposals and the different impacts on the city. This
09:13:56 is an excellent tool for us.
09:13:58 Tuesday night is legislature is going to hear from the
09:14:01 public.
09:14:01 And I'm going to be there and I encourage you all to
09:14:03 come.
09:14:05 As you all look at this list you can see the
09:14:06 difference between the house bill and the Senate bill,
09:14:09 the difference between a $49 million cut and the $16
09:14:12 million cut.
09:14:13 A $16 million cut will be extremely difficult.
09:14:16 We will lose a number of quality of life public
09:14:20 services.
09:14:21 A $49 million cut will be completely devastating.
09:14:26 And I think we need to share with our legislators what
09:14:31 quality of life impact this will have on our citizens.
09:14:34 So I will be there and I encourage you all to come up.
09:14:37 Thank you.
09:14:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Ms. Wise.
09:14:40 >>BONNIE WISE: Let me clarify one thing.
09:14:43 They could do a rollback.

09:14:44 And then also do a further homestead exemption.
09:14:49 So it could be both.
09:14:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:14:52 Item number 2.
09:15:02 >>> Good morning.
09:15:02 My name is David McCary, director of environmental
09:15:07 waste management.
09:15:09 My appearance today is to provide with you an update
09:15:11 on our neighborhood drop-off center.
09:15:14 One of the things I need to ask you if you would to
09:15:16 make a slight correction on the item number 2, it's at
09:15:22 22nd street and Sligh versus 26th street.
09:15:26 One of the things that we have been asked to do by the
09:15:30 community is to address our illegal dumping within the
09:15:33 City of Tampa.
09:15:38 We currently have 36 illegal dump sites out of 52.
09:15:44 There is clearly a challenge for to us address that
09:15:45 issue.
09:15:46 One of the ways that we look forward to addressing
09:15:50 provides with you a neighborhood drop-off center that
09:15:52 is strictly for residential neighbors.
09:15:54 One of the things that we will ask you to do today is

09:15:57 to look at a video.
09:15:59 It's an animated video that we would like to share
09:16:02 with you.
09:16:03 When you hear of neighborhood drop-off center, it's
09:16:07 unfortunate that oftentimes it's mischaracterized in
09:16:11 its description.
09:16:12 Oftentimes you will hear individuals call it a city
09:16:16 dump. That is far from the truth.
09:16:17 We are talking about a nice structured, aesthetically
09:16:23 pleasing facility that I think will bring a whole lot
09:16:25 of what he would call benefits to our community.
09:16:29 So I am going to ask that the staff, if they would
09:16:34 play the animated version.
09:16:35 It's about a 2-minute version.
09:16:37 And then I'll explain the rest.
09:16:39 Thank you.
09:18:54 >>> That particular animated version, our facility
09:18:57 that we are proposing is a seven-day-a-week facility.
09:19:02 In FY 2006 you have actually already approved the
09:19:07 facility itself with 275,000 dollars.
09:19:12 What has happened at the time is we did not have a
09:19:15 site specific for that, and we didn't have the details

09:19:17 of the design.
09:19:18 This is where we are today.
09:19:21 We were looking for three to four acres of city-owned
09:19:25 property.
09:19:25 And as we looked for the three to four acres of
09:19:28 city-owned property, that gives us enough in our
09:19:31 buffer areas to accommodate the needs of the facility.
09:19:35 What we will be receiving at that facility is simple,
09:19:40 your unwanted discarded items such as furniture,
09:19:42 appliances.
09:19:44 If you have yard waste you would like to dispose of, a
09:19:50 tricycle with tables.
09:19:53 We would like to provide a drive-in facility at this
09:19:57 location.
09:19:57 One thing we will not service, and it's clear, is no
09:20:00 hazardous waste will be taken at this site, nor will
09:20:03 there be your raw garbage.
09:20:13 We are only thinking about those things that residents
09:20:15 are currently having to drive further from the McKay
09:20:18 Bay facility to dispose of this as well.
09:20:20 Now, when you think about the environmental officers
09:20:23 that are having to move forward -- and it's true that

09:20:27 over the last few months they made up to 22 arrests
09:20:30 for individuals that are illegally dumping within our
09:20:33 city, and the good part about it is they are
09:20:38 committed, and also seeing this particular project go
09:20:40 through.
09:20:41 One of the things that I wanted to tell you is that we
09:20:44 have been visiting with the community group that
09:20:47 surround this piece of property.
09:20:49 I would like to share with you, if I can, the Elmo.
09:20:54 Hear, the proposed site, if this is 22nd street
09:21:06 going this way, with Sligh running east and west, then
09:21:09 you can see you have Old Seminole Heights, the
09:21:12 property itself does not fall within any jurisdiction,
09:21:15 but you do have to go through Old Seminole Heights
09:21:20 community as well as 22nd street.
09:21:23 Part of Sulphur Springs you have to go through, off of
09:21:28 Rowlette Park, and at the same time we are looking to
09:21:30 communicate with River Grove as well as Woodland
09:21:34 Terrace.
09:21:35 That in itself pretty much will allow you to
09:21:38 understand the impact and how residential communities
09:21:42 may feel about it.

09:21:44 One of the things that this particular site is most
09:21:47 appealing is because in the site itself -- I'm going
09:21:51 to use the Elmo one more time.
09:21:52 I want to show you something.
09:21:58 I kind of would like for you to look at the facility
09:22:02 here.
09:22:02 It's directly behind the operations of TECO.
09:22:05 If you will notice, there's a depression in the
09:22:10 location.
09:22:10 Even though it's a 22-acre site, and you can see the
09:22:13 opening on the other side next to Rowlette Park is why
09:22:17 this is most appealing at this time.
09:22:20 We have one other property for the city -- thank
09:22:24 you -- that is actually across the street, that
09:22:28 accommodated three acres of land.
09:22:30 But it is actually adjacent to city-owned property.
09:22:36 It's adjacent to two schools, not one school but two
09:22:40 schools.
09:22:41 The closest school to this particular property is
09:22:43 across the street from Sligh, on the other side.
09:22:47 So we feel that we are pretty safe in making certain
09:22:51 that we will honor and put some safety precautions in

09:22:55 place as it relates to this.
09:22:57 One of the things that we are doing on June 18th
09:23:00 is we are having a workshop, again with Old Seminole
09:23:03 Heights.
09:23:05 There are some concerns from the community.
09:23:07 We would like to address those concerns.
09:23:09 We would love to come in on the Rowlette park site,
09:23:17 but CSX, we are not receiving the communication we
09:23:19 would like from them.
09:23:21 I know there are some hazards, there are some safety
09:23:23 related issues when crossing railroad crossings.
09:23:26 So those are our challenges.
09:23:27 The site is ideal.
09:23:30 But, nevertheless, we want to make certain that we are
09:23:33 giving to the public back what they have actually
09:23:36 asked for.
09:23:36 And as we move forward, we want to keep you up to
09:23:39 speed.
09:23:40 We do have some challenges with the actual cost
09:23:46 because of the road and different constructions for
09:23:48 it.
09:23:48 So we'll be looking back, to come back with the actual

09:23:52 true cost of this.
09:23:53 But at the same time we are going to continue to move
09:23:55 forward.
09:24:00 And this is our proposed recommendation at this time.
09:24:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me raise a question, Mr. McCary.
09:24:10 How many sites exist now in the facility and where are
09:24:14 they located?
09:24:15 >>> The only one we currently have that is strictly
09:24:17 for yard waste only is Manhattan site location which
09:24:21 is in our far south near MacDill Air Force Base
09:24:25 right off of Manhattan.
09:24:26 That only accommodates yard waste.
09:24:30 The particular model that you see here will be like no
09:24:34 other in our state, in fact.
09:24:38 I can actually show you some pictures, if you like, of
09:24:41 facilities in Pinellas County.
09:24:42 They don't have the appeal that this will have or some
09:24:46 of the safety features.
09:24:48 Because they will be manned seven days a week that
09:24:50 means that anything that comes in to that facility
09:24:52 will be managed properly.
09:24:54 That means that any litter that comes up 22nd

09:24:59 street and Sligh.
09:25:01 >> So we only have one site out of the whole City of
09:25:04 Tampa, and is not even similar, just pretty much yard
09:25:08 waste.
09:25:10 >>> That's correct.
09:25:10 And the second site would be our McKay bay facility.
09:25:14 We have one in the southeast and one in south west.
09:25:20 >> So as I understand, you are creating this site
09:25:22 because there appear to be 46 or 47 illegal dumping
09:25:29 sites.
09:25:30 >>> That's correct.
09:25:30 >> So we have no other illegal dumping sites
09:25:33 throughout the City of Tampa other than East Tampa?
09:25:35 >>> You have a majority.
09:25:37 Again there's 36 out of 52 in East Tampa.
09:25:40 >> We look around the community.
09:25:41 What do we do different than the other communities to
09:25:44 eliminate the problems without creating one of these
09:25:49 drop-off sites?
09:25:51 What have we done differently?
09:25:54 For the other communities to eliminate --
09:25:56 >>> I understand.

09:25:57 What has happened is, what we are trying to do
09:25:59 differently at this time is we have enforced this
09:26:02 through our environmental officer.
09:26:04 We are also being proactive in actually addressing
09:26:07 illegal dump sites because we know that this is pretty
09:26:11 repetitive.
09:26:11 All you have to do is wait a few days, you can go back
09:26:14 to the same spot and it's there.
09:26:15 In fact some are dumping on the signs.
09:26:18 So in terms of addressing it, the only site we have
09:26:21 ever proposed are the ones that currently exist and
09:26:25 that predates my time here.
09:26:26 >> My question, maybe I need to restate my question.
09:26:31 Given the whole City of Tampa, there appears to be no
09:26:34 illegal dumping in other areas, only in East Tampa,
09:26:37 what it sounds like, okay?
09:26:39 So my question is, in other areas of the community,
09:26:42 you don't have a large-scale illegal dumping like do
09:26:46 you in East Tampa.
09:26:47 So why is that?
09:26:48 >>> I think that there is a couple of reasons for it.
09:26:52 One would be the fact that you get community

09:26:56 participation.
09:26:57 You have some that will immediately see something
09:26:59 abnormal in their community, will call the officers
09:27:02 and report it.
09:27:04 That could be a part of it.
09:27:06 Also, you have to look at the streets and where
09:27:09 there's greater opportunities for someone to dump
09:27:11 illegally without being seen.
09:27:13 That in itself could create an environment that is
09:27:16 more appealing to someone.
09:27:19 One of the things we found out when we talked to some
09:27:22 of the officers that are making some of these arrests,
09:27:24 they are having some of the Ma And Pa, if you will,
09:27:28 that are trying to hustle a little business.
09:27:32 I'll take care of this for you, pay me a few dollars,
09:27:35 and then they go to a dead-end street or they try to
09:27:38 use something that's more convenient.
09:27:40 In some cases, others will ask for a reputable person,
09:27:44 tell me what you are going to do with this, my name is
09:27:47 attached to some of the debris you are going to throw
09:27:51 away and that's how we catch some of them.
09:27:53 Oftentimes they leave a trail.

09:27:55 >> Well, my concern is, my office has been inundated
09:27:58 with calls and e-mails with regard to this site.
09:28:01 I have a whole file here of calls.
09:28:04 And not only Seminole Heights but also River Grove
09:28:08 area has been calling and complaining about this
09:28:11 particular site.
09:28:14 And wondering if you have other areas to see
09:28:21 opportunity to --
09:28:22 >>> Yes, sir, we actually do a survey to find out what
09:28:26 city parcels could accommodate our needs, which would
09:28:29 be three to four acres of land.
09:28:31 What typically happens -- and let me be honest with
09:28:34 you -- part of the reason that you are getting calls
09:28:36 is because you have had individuals that have
09:28:39 misrepresented what we are trying to achieve as a
09:28:43 city.
09:28:44 You are having individuals that are sending out fliers
09:28:47 saying, do you want this "dump" to be in your
09:28:50 neighborhood, which is, again, framing it in the wrong
09:28:54 posture altogether.
09:28:55 And it's unfortunate that those that have taken that
09:28:57 posture, even before you make a presentation, it's

09:29:01 already characterized as an illegal dump site, that's
09:29:06 going to be not good for the community, when you can
09:29:08 see in the presentation that it's clearly
09:29:11 aesthetically pleasing, it's something that is needed
09:29:13 in East Tampa.
09:29:15 Enforcement.
09:29:18 One of the reasons why we are proposing this is we
09:29:21 want residents to have an opportunity to come without
09:29:23 any hassle, even if you forgot your water bill, we'll
09:29:27 have a database set up where we just type it in, if
09:29:31 your license matches your address then you are able to
09:29:35 dump as a resident.
09:29:36 We won't allow businesses to come in quite naturally
09:29:39 because there's an abuse of the system there.
09:29:41 But it is for the community.
09:29:43 Either it's going to be on the grounds, and it is now,
09:29:47 or give them some alternatives so when they are
09:29:51 arrested, were you aware that we did have a
09:29:53 neighborhood drop-off site?
09:29:55 Well, it's too far, everything is in the south part of
09:29:57 the city.
09:29:58 I would love to see this in every quadrant of the

09:30:00 city.
09:30:01 That's the ideal.
09:30:02 You have some in Pinellas County now that if you try
09:30:07 to take their neighborhood drop-off site from them
09:30:11 they would fight you tooth and nail because they
09:30:13 understand the benefit of it.
09:30:14 And it's just unfortunate this is a first for us as a
09:30:18 city.
09:30:19 >> Well, I would only suggest again, I don't know how
09:30:22 many meetings you had with the community, but
09:30:24 obviously the community is very concerned about this
09:30:27 particular site, issue, and I have a whole list of
09:30:31 e-mails and phone calls, file folders, so there are a
09:30:35 number of people who have inundated my office with
09:30:38 calls, complained, even stopped me on the street
09:30:40 saying, you know, how do you allow this to happen?
09:30:44 Well, again, this is administration moving forward
09:30:46 with this, and I just think we should look at -- I'm
09:30:52 just concerned that when we look at East Tampa we sort
09:30:54 of get 50-some illegal sites.
09:30:58 Certainly, there ought to be some other thing that we
09:31:01 can do to eradicate those sites.

09:31:06 Now, I will tell you what it sound like to me, it is
09:31:09 not the residents pretty much that's dropping this
09:31:12 stuff, it sounds like people being hired and picking
09:31:16 up stuff and driving to other areas of the community.
09:31:19 >>> I asked that question to the environmental
09:31:21 officers.
09:31:22 If I'm not mistaken, they reported about half and
09:31:24 half.
09:31:24 Some are residents, and SOP are hired to dispose of
09:31:30 it.
09:31:30 That's one of the reasons why we are inviting
09:31:32 workshops.
09:31:33 We are scheduled for June 18th once again to meet
09:31:36 with Old Seminole Heights.
09:31:38 Now, think about it.
09:31:39 You go to Sulphur Springs, and their whole version of
09:31:44 this is great, they are looking forward to it.
09:31:47 Because you have to think about, there are some of our
09:31:49 communities that are actually being dumped on.
09:31:50 And there are some of our residents that can't afford
09:31:53 to drive as far as McKay Bay or Manhattan site, and
09:31:59 it's a convenience issue oftentimes.

09:32:01 I will tell you this, that you need multiple
09:32:04 solutions.
09:32:05 One solution to just arrest people or to give
09:32:09 individuals fines won't cut it.
09:32:12 We have to give our community some alternatives.
09:32:14 And I think if you have a facility that says bring to
09:32:17 the me for free, you are not going to be charged, we
09:32:19 are going to make it aesthetically pleasing, that has
09:32:23 to be part of the solution and the educational
09:32:25 component.
09:32:26 >> So then what I am hearing you say pretty much that
09:32:28 this site will eliminate the 52 dump areas in East
09:32:32 Tampa?
09:32:34 >>> It's part of the solution.
09:32:35 That's why I am sharing with you that it will help on
09:32:38 a multiple level.
09:32:39 You have got to have multiple solutions for this.
09:32:42 We hope not only will it reduce.
09:32:44 We do believe it will reduce.
09:32:46 But we are also hopeful it will eliminate some of
09:32:49 these sites.
09:32:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?

09:32:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to reinforce a little
09:32:55 bit of what David said.
09:32:56 Because we have gone to this last year but it was
09:32:59 really the community that kept coming in and
09:33:02 identifying these dump areas within their own
09:33:04 communities, Sulphur Springs and East Tampa.
09:33:07 And those various neighborhood groups through the CRA,
09:33:10 and through others coming in and saying, you know, we
09:33:14 really want this.
09:33:14 And so I think we came up with the environmental
09:33:18 detectives, combined with this project as a solution.
09:33:22 So I think it's a positive thing.
09:33:24 Let's talk about the money for a second, David.
09:33:26 You said 275,000 capital.
09:33:29 I think that was just sort of the engineering and
09:33:31 design?
09:33:33 >>> That's basically really getting started.
09:33:35 Some of the costs before you really get into
09:33:40 contingencies, and others, because we are talking
09:33:43 about putting piping, water, electricity.
09:33:46 You are looking at close to easily a million dollars.
09:33:50 >> I thought that's what you told us originally.

09:33:52 Do we have that on a long-term capital project basis?
09:33:56 >>> Yeah, what we are trying to do is first confirm a
09:33:59 location.
09:34:01 What I promised Old Seminole Heights community that I
09:34:04 would come back to them, because they gave me some
09:34:06 alternatives to look for other sites.
09:34:09 And that's what we did.
09:34:10 Unfortunately, if we go out and buy a 3 to 4-acre
09:34:14 park, then there's another million dollars added to
09:34:16 the budget.
09:34:17 >> The last thing in regard to operating.
09:34:20 Obviously, we are having to cut back on the operating.
09:34:23 It comes out of the general fund but you have your own
09:34:25 enterprise fund.
09:34:26 So are you anticipating that operating will come out
09:34:30 of your own?
09:34:31 >>> Well, we are absorbing the cost and manpower or
09:34:37 staffing for that.
09:34:39 We already have that established.
09:34:41 We don't need to add staff levels.
09:34:43 We have 235 and we are going to maintain our 235.
09:34:48 >> If we can build it with capital funds, then you can

09:34:51 staff it?
09:34:52 >>> Yes.
09:34:52 >>MARY MULHERN: It's beautiful.
09:34:56 I enjoyed the tour.
09:34:57 But I am still trying to figure out where the items
09:34:59 are getting dropped off.
09:35:01 Is it these blue --
09:35:05 >>> Yeah.
09:35:06 What I have given you is a handout that actually shows
09:35:10 40 cubic yard dumpsters.
09:35:12 They were actually driven up at a higher level and
09:35:15 then you unload the tailgate of the pickup and then
09:35:18 you would just offload it directly into the 40-yard
09:35:23 boxes.
09:35:23 That would be mostly for appliances, furniture.
09:35:26 Your yard waste would have a separate section as you
09:35:29 go off to the right as you enter the facility.
09:35:31 But the cubic yard boxes, we will have a driver and
09:35:34 roll-off truck that will be designated for that
09:35:37 facility for the entire day, so they will be able to
09:35:40 pull in and out as it accumulates.
09:35:46 >> It just looks like throws a lot of room for traffic

09:35:51 and cars but the blue, those are the drop-offs?
09:35:56 >>> Yes.
09:35:57 It looks that way from the picture but it's a pretty
09:35:59 big area.
09:35:59 Yes, it is.
09:36:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What is the total size of the site,
09:36:05 the number of acres?
09:36:06 >>> The total site is 22 acres.
09:36:09 >> So only three or four will be used for this
09:36:11 facility?
09:36:12 >>> That's correct.
09:36:13 >> And looked like there was a kind of attractive
09:36:16 winding drive-through that takes you through facility.
09:36:18 So from the street where you see the fa -- will you
09:36:22 see the facility?
09:36:23 >>> No, you won't.
09:36:24 You will just see the two entrance gates in the
09:36:26 animated version.
09:36:27 And as it winds through, there's already a depression
09:36:31 inside, and once you get to the other side there's an
09:36:34 actual clearing.
09:36:35 So we already have plans for any tree that has to be

09:36:39 taken out will be replaced.
09:36:42 >> It looks really attractive.
09:36:45 I can't think of anything comparable that we have now.
09:36:52 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I'm glad you cut all those trees
09:36:55 down.
09:36:56 Linda is going to like that.
09:36:57 One thing, when they back up, is there a ramp?
09:36:59 In other words, when they get up on the truck, that
09:37:02 box is going to be below that?
09:37:04 >>> Yes, it will be at a lower grade.
09:37:06 Their tailgate will be at the level of the highest
09:37:09 point of the box and they will of course have not been
09:37:15 allowed to roll off.
09:37:17 >> What are you going to have for surveillance?
09:37:19 If someone dumps illegal --
09:37:22 >>> We plan on having cameras in the area.
09:37:25 So will it will be a monitoring motion type camera all
09:37:30 the time when we are not there.
09:37:32 Because we'll be staffing it seven days a week, then
09:37:34 you always have staff there.
09:37:35 But what happens with the night riders and what have
09:37:38 you, that will be a problem that we are hopeful that

09:37:42 our cameras will pick up.
09:37:45 >> It will be open in the evenings, also?
09:37:47 >>> It will be open from typically 7:30 to 5:30 in the
09:37:51 afternoon.
09:37:51 And during the summers, we'll open it real late.
09:37:54 We just don't want anyone to be there after dark, for
09:37:57 safety reasons.
09:38:00 >> That's very impressive.
09:38:02 >>> One of the other things that our community has is
09:38:05 more recycling.
09:38:06 If we are able to put recycling boxes that are there,
09:38:10 and you don't want to wait and you're in an apartment
09:38:14 complex you can actually bring thereto as well if you
09:38:17 are a resident of Tampa.
09:38:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I will only tell you I have been
09:38:20 around a long time and two things I hear most time in
09:38:23 the communities that they don't want, a jail site, and
09:38:28 dump site.
09:38:33 >>> Help me out.
09:38:34 >> Let me finish.
09:38:38 It's those two issues.
09:38:39 I'm being inundated with calls on those issues.

09:38:42 So the drop-off site, you need to do a better job and
09:38:51 meet with residents and talk with them and educate
09:38:54 them about that and be involved.
09:38:56 Right now it doesn't appear that they are on board
09:38:58 with it from my perspective.
09:39:02 Thank you.
09:39:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. McCary, can you take that
09:39:06 PowerPoint with you and maybe when you go to the
09:39:09 meetings you can let them see?
09:39:12 >>> Actually they have seen the exact presentation.
09:39:15 Yes, ma'am.
09:39:15 And the animated version as well as the PowerPoint
09:39:17 that you have.
09:39:18 I have actually given you what we pass around to them.
09:39:23 You know, again, it's a neighborhood drop-off center.
09:39:26 It's very user friendly.
09:39:28 It's designed for the residents in the community.
09:39:30 And it's there.
09:39:32 And it will be in a pleasing manner.
09:39:36 Yes, we do have some challenges, council member Scott,
09:39:39 you're absolutely correct.
09:39:40 I couldn't agree more.

09:39:41 But I am not going anywhere.
09:39:43 I'm here.
09:39:43 Whatever it takes.
09:39:44 If someone wants to look at me eye to eye, give them a
09:39:48 chair, I just need to talk to them, because we'll try
09:39:50 to work through it.
09:39:51 >>GWEN MILLER: You know, the first time you meet with
09:39:55 someone it doesn't really sink in.
09:39:57 Maybe this time if you really explain to them and show
09:40:00 them again what it's going to be.
09:40:02 They just think it's a dump site.
09:40:04 We know it's not a dump site.
09:40:06 Because I know we need to clean up East Tampa.
09:40:09 As I drive around, there's a lot of things that's
09:40:11 dumped on the property and makes it not as pleasing as
09:40:17 other parts.
09:40:19 We need something like that.
09:40:20 If they use it it will really help East Tampa and I
09:40:23 think that's a good idea.
09:40:25 Thank you for being there.
09:40:27 I'm going to move back to the staff report.
09:40:31 Mr. Dennis Fernandez has a walk-on.

09:40:39 >>DENNIS FERNANDEZ: Historic preservation manager.
09:40:42 I have an item to walk on today.
09:40:43 Its approval of a resolution approving the submission
09:40:48 of an application to the State of Florida, division of
09:40:50 historical resources for our grant in the amount of
09:40:53 $350,000 to replace the roof at the El Centro Espanol.
09:41:04 >> So moved.
09:41:04 >> Second.
09:41:04 (Motion carried).
09:41:05 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a question by Reverend Scott.
09:41:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: This is on the Centro Ybor issue?
09:41:12 West Tampa?
09:41:13 I'm sorry, the building.
09:41:16 My only concern again, council members, I know you all
09:41:19 may be accustomed to this.
09:41:21 I saw this for the first time this morning.
09:41:23 I would like to read backup so I know what we are
09:41:26 voting on.
09:41:28 I want to see things before the day of the vote.
09:41:33 Follow what I'm saying?
09:41:35 >>> Yes, sir.
09:41:35 I apologize about that.

09:41:37 We did have confusion, the deadline date.
09:41:39 Originally, it was supposed to be in mid June.
09:41:41 And we found out it actually was today at 5 p.m.
09:41:46 That's why we were rushing this through.
09:41:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, I'm only saying for my
09:41:51 perspective, you all are accustomed to that.
09:41:54 But I like to have things in advance so I can read
09:41:57 through it so I know what I'm voting on.
09:42:00 >>> Yes, sir.
09:42:01 We'll try to do that in the future.
09:42:02 >>GWEN MILLER: We go back to unfinished business, item
09:42:05 number 3.
09:42:11 >>SANTIAGO CORRADA: Neighborhood services
09:42:12 administrator here to report on item number 3 which
09:42:15 has to do with the difficulty encountered by patrons
09:42:20 trying to access drinking water at the 98 south fest
09:42:24 in the south parking lots of Raymond James stadium on
09:42:26 April 29, 2007.
09:42:27 Before I get into the report that was provided to me
09:42:30 by the Sports Authority, for clarity sake and for our
09:42:34 viewers at home I want to indicate this was not a city
09:42:37 co-sponsored event, city was not involved in

09:42:40 organizing the logistics of the event or promoting the
09:42:42 event.
09:42:42 However, we do have firefighters, EMS personnel and
09:42:46 police that report to the stadium for incidents, and
09:42:48 that were paid on this particular date.
09:42:50 We have an excellent working relationship with the
09:42:52 Tampa Sports Authority, Mr. Mickey fowl, operations,
09:42:57 does a great job and provided me with a bulleted
09:43:00 report on the events of that day.
09:43:02 There were a number of variables that conspired to
09:43:05 make it a very difficult day for rock fest.
09:43:07 It was an extremely hot day in April.
09:43:09 Temperatures were in the 90s but we don't want to
09:43:12 just blame mother nature for some of the problems.
09:43:15 The promoter had been promised by the vendor to have
09:43:17 available five locations for drinking water on the day
09:43:20 of the event.
09:43:21 Only three were available.
09:43:24 In addition, the promoter had made a decision prior to
09:43:27 the event not to allow patrons to bring in their own
09:43:30 bottled water. That decision was changed prayer to
09:43:32 the gates opening at 10:45 a.m. but it was a little

09:43:36 bit too late, patrons were not aware they were able to
09:43:39 bring in the drinking water.
09:43:40 And then to further complicate issues, they had a
09:43:44 system of two lines working.
09:43:48 Purchase what they call money or coupons.
09:43:52 You are thirsty at that line, then you have to go to
09:43:54 another line to pick up a bottled water.
09:43:56 You are still thirsty waiting for your water.
09:43:58 So that added to the wait for water.
09:44:00 And they had two first-aid tents with limited supplies
09:44:04 of ice and water for patrons.
09:44:07 And then again a conspiracy of events.
09:44:11 They were short staffed that day.
09:44:12 But to the promoters credit when they found there was
09:44:15 a major problem with the drinking water they purchased
09:44:17 a truck and distributed 12,000 bottles of water for
09:44:21 free to patrons.
09:44:22 Immediately after the event of course, being great
09:44:24 stadium operators, the Sports Authority met with the
09:44:26 promoter and they have agreed to do things very, very
09:44:29 differently in the future.
09:44:30 Patrons will be permitted to bring in their own

09:44:32 drinking water.
09:44:34 That will be highly advertised provider to the event.
09:44:36 There will be many locations to acquire water.
09:44:41 Squid money will only be purchased for the use of
09:44:43 alcoholic beverages so you will only be in one line
09:44:46 for water.
09:44:46 There will be three large first aid tents that will
09:44:49 have side panels and there will be plenty of water and
09:44:52 ice available at no charge.
09:44:54 And there will be a large tent to shelter patrons from
09:44:58 the extreme heat and sun that occurs during the summer
09:45:02 months.
09:45:03 And the promoter will explore the utilization of
09:45:07 misters to cool down patrons.
09:45:10 So they have taken corrective action to ensure that
09:45:12 they don't have another difficult rock fest.
09:45:16 The second part of the motion is what can the city do
09:45:19 to prevent an event like this from occurring?
09:45:22 And I have been dealing with special events now for a
09:45:24 little over three years.
09:45:25 We have not had an issue with drinking water at any
09:45:29 city co-sponsored event.

09:45:30 And I'll give you, for example, the Shriners
09:45:34 convention when they were in town last year, in the
09:45:38 summertime, we were very concerned about drinking
09:45:41 water for the Shriners parade.
09:45:43 They made sure they had water.
09:45:44 We were out there with water.
09:45:46 We have not encountered this issue.
09:45:48 However, we have been very proactive with promoters
09:45:51 coming in to do events in the summer months, late
09:45:53 April through late August and making sure that they
09:45:56 provide water that we are there to provide water, and
09:46:01 we have staff that have been involved in special
09:46:03 events for over 20 years and we never had this issue
09:46:06 brought before us of a problem with drinking water.
09:46:08 We have had other issues, traffic, things like that,
09:46:11 but never anything with drinking water.
09:46:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
09:46:20 It sounds like the perfect storm in terms like
09:46:23 everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong
09:46:26 that particular day but it was definitely a little
09:46:28 scary when we saw it on television, it was like, thank
09:46:31 goodness nobody, you know, really got hurt bad.

09:46:35 But one of the things I think that I noticed was,
09:46:38 didn't we issue -- it wasn't a city co-sponsored event
09:46:41 but didn't we issue permits for the street closure and
09:46:44 for the wet zoning, temporary wet zoning?
09:46:47 >> We do have permitting partnership with the Sports
09:46:50 Authority to have large events like this.
09:46:52 We do provide auxiliary services.
09:46:55 Sometimes we do co-sponsor.
09:46:56 They did not ask for co-sponsorship for this event.
09:47:00 However our police reports to EMS at the stadium and
09:47:04 naturally they pay for those services when they don't
09:47:06 ask for co-sponsorship and that's why you saw our EMS
09:47:11 personnel involved when people suffered from
09:47:13 dehydration, sun exposure, et cetera.
09:47:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess my suggestion would be to
09:47:18 the administration, we have seen these forms, pretty
09:47:21 lengthy form for any event, for street closures or
09:47:25 temporary wet zonings, and I guess what I would
09:47:28 suggest is perhaps on that form we ask the question,
09:47:32 you know, what are you doing about drinking water, or
09:47:36 that sort of thing.
09:47:38 >>> And we can.

09:47:38 And we already do.
09:47:40 I mean, when we are involved in the planning and
09:47:42 organizing --
09:47:44 >> That's not what I am talking about.
09:47:45 I say when we issue any permit.
09:47:47 Because these permits come through us.
09:47:50 That's why I made the motion.
09:47:51 I felt a little bit responsible because we issued a
09:47:54 street closing permit or a wet zoning --
09:47:57 >>> Wet zoning.
09:47:58 Street closures as well.
09:48:01 >> So, therefore, we are sort of involved.
09:48:04 We didn't co-sponsor it.
09:48:05 But when we do that, we ask them a hundred different
09:48:08 questions about how many police you need and how many
09:48:10 of this and that.
09:48:11 Why don't we just ask them what their water situation
09:48:14 is going to be?
09:48:16 >>> Yes, sir.
09:48:16 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Corrada, the emergency
09:48:20 services, do they pay for that?
09:48:24 >>> When they are having an event that is not

09:48:25 co-sponsored by the city, they do pay for those
09:48:28 services.
09:48:29 >> The ambulance service, and whatever?
09:48:31 >>> Yes, sir.
09:48:31 They pay for on-site staff that are there to handle
09:48:35 emergencies like this.
09:48:37 And I believe we had to call in extra folks because of
09:48:40 the magnitude of the problem.
09:48:41 But, yes, they do pay for police and EMS personnel to
09:48:45 be on-site during the event when it is not city
09:48:47 co-sponsored.
09:48:48 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to maybe move that we do
09:48:55 what John suggested and add that.
09:49:01 Maybe we could add that to the temporary wet zoning
09:49:03 applications, a line that says that.
09:49:05 And then my other concern was -- and I read this in
09:49:07 the paper, that this promoter for the event next year
09:49:12 had agreed to make sure, but there are a lot of us at
09:49:16 Raymond James, and if we are seeing it through
09:49:20 permits, great.
09:49:21 But I'm just concerned that we are dealing with that
09:49:23 one promoter and that one event and not necessarily

09:49:26 looking forward to other events that are going to be
09:49:28 happening there, especially in the summer.
09:49:32 >>> Councilwoman, it only takes one situation like
09:49:34 this to make everybody extra vigilant.
09:49:38 I think everybody is really looking now to make sure
09:49:40 it doesn't recur because it's not a good situation for
09:49:42 the promoter, not a good situation for the Sports
09:49:44 Authority, not a good situation for us all to react to
09:49:49 that.
09:49:49 That's why we have so many dedicated employees to make
09:49:56 sure that goes off without a hitch.
09:49:58 I will hand to the my folks in wet zoning and see how
09:50:01 difficult it would be to do that.
09:50:03 I don't know.
09:50:03 I would have to talk to them.
09:50:04 Absolutely.
09:50:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just want to thank Mr. Dingfelder
09:50:08 for bringing it to the forefront.
09:50:10 I know that we have limited say-so at that property.
09:50:14 Although in the beginning we do have some input.
09:50:17 And I think just the notification of today's meeting
09:50:22 will certainly change all the events that happen

09:50:24 there.
09:50:25 So again, thanks to Mr. Dingfelder and to the city
09:50:28 staff for putting all this together and looking
09:50:31 forward to the benefit and health and welfare of those
09:50:34 that attend the events at the stadium.
09:50:36 >>> Thank you.
09:50:37 My pleasure.
09:50:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:50:39 Other questions?
09:50:39 Thank you, Mr. Corrada.
09:50:42 Item number 4.
09:50:42 Mr. Daignault.
09:50:47 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Back on May 3rd, we did a
09:50:50 presentation on the canals at that time, that council
09:50:52 asked for information about Lake Kipling and requested
09:50:55 it by July 17th.
09:50:57 Then two weeks ago, there was another request for
09:51:00 information, and that we come back in two weeks.
09:51:03 So we provided a memo to you.
09:51:07 There's a couple of points on that memo about this
09:51:09 issue that I just hope we can maybe put to rest today.
09:51:14 There has been an issue for some time, it seems, about

09:51:17 the use for the $1.3 million that is a grant money.
09:51:26 That is federal money.
09:51:28 That was federally earmarked for that.
09:51:31 And attached to my memo is the request that went
09:51:33 forward.
09:51:34 And as you can see on that request, it addresses 13
09:51:39 estuaries.
09:51:40 It lists spring lake canal, or channel, I'm sorry,
09:51:44 Lake Kipling, Lake Dundee, lagoon, and those are
09:51:49 included.
09:51:49 It does not say exclusively for.
09:51:52 So again it has always been our belief that those
09:51:54 funds could be used for any and all of those canal
09:51:58 issues.
09:52:02 Additionally what we pointed out on here is that we
09:52:05 have been very successful actually.
09:52:08 I am going to give Mr. Walter who is not here today
09:52:11 some credit.
09:52:11 He has been very successful in getting grant money.
09:52:14 We have some grant money from Southwest Florida Water
09:52:16 Management District in the amount of $420 which we
09:52:20 have to match.

09:52:21 That's $840,000 of, again, separate money from that
09:52:26 1.3 million which is earmarked for work in those three
09:52:29 lakes.
09:52:30 Lake Edna, lake Roberta and Lake Kipling.
09:52:33 As I have listed down here, we expect by early fall to
09:52:37 be able to award a construction contract to do some
09:52:41 clearing and some work in Lake Kipling.
09:52:43 So again, it's our hope that this is information
09:52:49 that's useful to you, and hopefully that this puts the
09:52:52 issue of the funding to rest.
09:52:56 And I also think that I'm aware that there was a
09:53:00 letter sent from the canal folks to council addressing
09:53:04 the issue as well.
09:53:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We all received a letter from Mr.
09:53:12 Costa, and were disappointed to not be at council
09:53:19 today.
09:53:19 They do want an opportunity to come before council to
09:53:21 speak, or to get an update on the timing for the canal
09:53:25 improvements.
09:53:25 And they requested that I think July 19th item,
09:53:32 that you do come forth July 19th and give an
09:53:35 update, maybe a time frame on how you anticipate the

09:53:38 canal improvements coming forward.
09:53:42 They really want to participate and they want council
09:53:45 to have an opportunity to discuss it.
09:53:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: My question is, why are you here today
09:53:50 if you are going to come back the 19th?
09:53:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is different. This is about
09:53:54 whether the funding received for Lake Kipling is
09:53:57 appropriate for that.
09:53:59 This is more of a funding discussion.
09:54:01 >> Couldn't it all have been wrapped in one?
09:54:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We made the other request in
09:54:08 response to a citizen who came and spoke to us.
09:54:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
09:54:14 Mr. Miranda?
09:54:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:54:16 If I quickly did my math, when you talk with about the
09:54:20 1.3 and you talk about certain amount being for Lake
09:54:24 Kipling, that's about 40% or 1.3, am I correct when I
09:54:29 say that?
09:54:34 >>> Well, the 420 -- that's separate funding now.
09:54:39 From the 1. --
09:54:41 >> From the 1.3.

09:54:42 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: And that is dedicated to just those
09:54:45 three lakes, to work on just those three lakes.
09:54:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions?
09:54:49 Thank you.
09:54:50 Mr. Dingfelder?
09:54:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Steve.
09:54:54 In regard to July 19th, about six weeks off, and
09:54:59 I'm just wondering if that's really enough time for
09:55:01 you to have anything new to report to us.
09:55:04 Because in reading your memo and hearing your report,
09:55:07 I'm not really sure that much is going to happen
09:55:09 between now and then.
09:55:10 Is there a better date that you can suggest, perhaps
09:55:14 August or early September, that mitt work out where
09:55:18 you might have some more of a design in place, you
09:55:22 might have contractors lined up, that sort of thing?
09:55:27 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Let me suggest this.
09:55:28 >> I think we need periodic updates on this issue
09:55:31 because it is such a hot button issue, not just Lake
09:55:34 Kipling, not just these other lakes but the whole
09:55:37 canal system as well.
09:55:38 >>> Again, I hope I have successfully addressed the

09:55:41 Lake Kipling issue here today.
09:55:43 The issue of the canals and dredging is a whole other
09:55:47 larger issue.
09:55:48 If you would like to keep July 19th on your
09:55:51 calendar, what I would propose is that we have the
09:55:55 canal folks come and talk to you at that time.
09:56:00 And together we'll be glad to tell you schedulewise,
09:56:03 and again they are the ones that are driving this
09:56:07 requirement.
09:56:07 And so I think by then, they will have some
09:56:11 information to pass along.
09:56:13 They are very well organized.
09:56:14 They are very concerned.
09:56:15 They are very interested in making this happen.
09:56:19 So, again, that's about enough time.
09:56:21 And again I would let them come and make that
09:56:24 presentation and we'll be glad to assist.
09:56:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm good with that on the canal
09:56:29 issue.
09:56:30 But I guess in regard to Lake Kipling we also have a
09:56:33 responsibility to continue to update the folks who
09:56:35 live around all three of those lakes in terms of how

09:56:38 their project is going, if you are going to
09:56:40 differentiate between their project and the other
09:56:42 project, then let's keep them updated.
09:56:45 >>> Absolutely.
09:56:45 >> Quarterly, periodically.
09:56:47 >>> Public hearing in early July, again there's a
09:56:50 schedule for all three of those things on that memo.
09:56:53 And we plan to do that in all three of those
09:56:55 locations.
09:56:56 We will be talking with the public, keeping them
09:56:58 informed.
09:56:59 >> I'm just saying if you get a council report, then
09:57:02 everybody gets to hear it via television so it's
09:57:05 helpful for the total community.
09:57:07 >>> We will come back and tell where you we are on the
09:57:09 schedule at that time.
09:57:10 We'll be glad to do that.
09:57:11 >> When would you want to do that?
09:57:13 >>> Again, the 19th, July time frame.
09:57:16 We'll be glad to update you where we are on this
09:57:18 schedule.
09:57:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I hope this is not taken anyway but

09:57:21 factually.
09:57:23 We are going to have a lot of people here.
09:57:25 And we as a council can do very little until the
09:57:30 administration sets the course, makes an agreement
09:57:32 with the neighborhood one way or the other, then those
09:57:36 agreements are brought before this council and voted
09:57:38 up, down, or let's change it.
09:57:41 We are waste ago lot of good people's time, and I'm
09:57:44 not talking about the elected officials, coming down
09:57:46 here time and time again.
09:57:48 What they know and we know that we are legislative,
09:57:53 not administrative.
09:57:53 What we need to do is get a fast track to getting this
09:57:58 thing accomplished for the neighborhood to vote on.
09:58:02 There are pros and there are cons. This has been
09:58:05 going on for 20-some years.
09:58:07 It's still not solved.
09:58:08 And hopefully we can solve this in the next few
09:58:10 months.
09:58:11 Notice I use the word "hopefully."
09:58:13 There are issues there that some people want their
09:58:16 canals dredged and they are willing to pay.

09:58:18 Other side of the coin there are people that don't
09:58:21 want the canals dredged and don't want to pay.
09:58:24 So it's a complex issue.
09:58:25 And we oh could work on this here from now until -- I
09:58:31 grow long hair again.
09:58:32 That's not going to happen and it's not going to
09:58:34 happen in this chamber by having these good people
09:58:36 come down here, and in essence, nothing is going to
09:58:41 get accomplished with us.
09:58:42 It's an administrative issue.
09:58:43 And I'm sure that the administration will resolve this
09:58:47 issue in an orderly fashion that we can all agree to,
09:58:51 or not agree on and make some amendments to their
09:58:54 agreement was the neighborhood so they can get this
09:58:57 thing worked out.
09:58:59 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Daignault, specifically on
09:59:02 Lake Kipling, when was the money put on the table for
09:59:04 that?
09:59:05 Over two years ago?
09:59:08 >>> Which money are we talking about?
09:59:12 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I remember seeing it at one of
09:59:13 the council meetings that money was allocated for Lake

09:59:16 Kipling.
09:59:17 >>> Well, that's the confusion that I hope I'm
09:59:19 clearing up today.
09:59:19 The $1.3 million -- again if you read the attachment,
09:59:23 this is the request that went forward.
09:59:25 This is the money that was approved about two years
09:59:28 ago.
09:59:28 It's a federal line item, or earmark, and it was for
09:59:32 all of these, not just Lake Kipling.
09:59:34 So that money has been there for about two years.
09:59:38 That is correct.
09:59:38 It requires a match.
09:59:39 And it requires that we do an environmental process
09:59:43 before we use those funds.
09:59:46 >> When did we get these matches?
09:59:48 >>> Well, the match is city stormwater funds.
09:59:51 So we had that in the budget to use that money.
09:59:54 >> You had that money for two years and nothing has
09:59:56 happened yet.
09:59:57 And it may not happen unless it's approved by the
10:00:01 people who live in that area?
10:00:04 >>> That's correct, sir.

10:00:05 >> Why has it taken two years to get to this point?
10:00:09 >>> As Mr. Miranda just pointed out, there are those
10:00:11 that want this to happen and there are those that
10:00:13 don't want this to happen.
10:00:15 Again, we have been trying to work with the folks that
10:00:17 do want to have this happen.
10:00:20 And it needs to be a citizen request program.
10:00:22 And again, they are doing that.
10:00:25 They are very organized.
10:00:26 They are dealing with all of the residents along these
10:00:29 canals.
10:00:30 And they are moving forward.
10:00:31 Again, I am very impressed with how they are moving
10:00:33 forward with this thing.
10:00:35 It will come to a vote of those residents at some
10:00:39 time, and it will then either be successful or not.
10:00:41 But again it's a citizen-driven process that we are
10:00:45 going through.
10:00:46 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you.
10:00:47 >>MARY MULHERN: The agreement I have is $1.2 million.
10:00:55 Was it 1.2 or was it changed?
10:00:58 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: It's actually 1.3 is what was

10:01:00 approved.
10:01:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Are the matching funds going to come
10:01:03 from the assessment to those neighbors in those
10:01:08 districts?
10:01:08 Or where do they come from?
10:01:12 >>> They come from place operations and maintenance.
10:01:14 The assessment cannot be used for capital projects.
10:01:17 So it will either come from new tax or from general
10:01:20 fund dollars.
10:01:21 >> Okay.
10:01:21 So that's part of what -- that's what we really need
10:01:24 the agreement on, right?
10:01:25 The neighbors have to agree on whether they want to --
10:01:29 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Do you remember my presentation
10:01:31 back on May 3rd, what we are waiting on is an
10:01:34 agreement of the assessment methodology, an agreement
10:01:37 of what type of vote is required.
10:01:40 Does it require 50% plus 1?
10:01:44 Does at that time 50%, 60% of the people to approve
10:01:48 it? Again this group is working to develop that
10:01:50 methodology.
10:01:51 >> That's going to come from the neighborhood group.

10:01:53 >>> Yes, ma'am.
10:01:57 >> Mr. Daignault, if you could explain that the
10:02:00 improvements to Lake Kipling are not dependent upon
10:02:03 this neighborhood.
10:02:04 Lake Kipling has been clogged up, and we are using
10:02:07 some of this federal money to unclog it.
10:02:10 We are not waiting for a vote.
10:02:11 We already have the money there to begin those
10:02:13 improvements.
10:02:14 And that clogging of Kipling is what caused the
10:02:18 neighborhood to hire a lawyer for the city to go after
10:02:21 federal money, and that's, thank heavens, actually
10:02:25 kicking in.
10:02:28 >> To just add onto that, no one that lives around
10:02:33 Lake Kipling would be in this assessment area.
10:02:38 >> Right.
10:02:38 That's part of the confusion.
10:02:39 >>> Involved in the assessment area whatsoever.
10:02:42 The folks that live on Kipling are actually across the
10:02:45 street so they don't front on Lake Kipling.
10:02:47 >> Maybe you can do some one on one, because it has
10:02:51 such a history to kind of bring everybody up to speed.

10:02:55 Quite a saga.
10:02:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The only thing I want to clarify,
10:03:00 Mr. Daignault, the city has received, or at least
10:03:04 commitment from the federal governmental for the 1.3.
10:03:07 Regardless of the vote, we are never going to give it
10:03:12 back because I'm sure we have projects in the lakes or
10:03:14 elsewhere that we can utilize this.
10:03:17 I mean, that was why we applied for it.
10:03:20 That's why it's there.
10:03:21 I would hope we are never going to give it back.
10:03:27 Wouldn't it be your hope, too?
10:03:29 >>> My hope as well.
10:03:30 Again we do have matching funds for it and.
10:03:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Following up on what Mr. Caetano
10:03:38 asked, why can't we use a portion, get started with
10:03:41 that portion of the 1.3 million that is going for the
10:03:45 lakes, or the lake, since we are not waiting for an
10:03:50 assessment on that?
10:03:51 What's holding that up?
10:03:53 >>> 840,000?
10:03:55 >> Is that --
10:03:57 >>> It's from southwest Florida water management

10:04:00 grant.
10:04:00 We are moving ahead with the design.
10:04:03 And we will award a contract by early fall to do that
10:04:06 work.
10:04:07 Separate money.
10:04:08 >> Okay.
10:04:13 What about the 1.3 million, the portion of that that's
10:04:16 going to the lakes?
10:04:17 That's separate?
10:04:18 Or is that the 850?
10:04:22 >>> Hopefully the $1.3 million won't necessarily be
10:04:25 needed in the Kipling part of the work, that the 850
10:04:29 will cover it.
10:04:30 There are approaches to Kipling that will probably be
10:04:33 addressed with some of the $1.3 million and other
10:04:38 links along there.
10:04:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I don't know that this requires a
10:04:44 motion, but just in an abundance of caution I move
10:04:47 that we do have you come back on July 19th with an
10:04:50 update on the overall canal budget under staff report.
10:04:54 Thank you.
10:04:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Daignault.

10:04:58 Item number 8.
10:05:00 5.
10:05:01 I'm sorry, 5.
10:05:02 >> Was there a second?
10:05:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't think we need a motion.
10:05:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's already on the agenda.
10:05:08 >>GWEN MILLER: All right.
10:05:08 Number 5.
10:05:15 >>> God morning.
10:05:16 David Vaughan, contract administration.
10:05:17 I have a handout.
10:05:26 I have a handout being distributed.
10:05:27 I'm here to provide a briefing report on the Ashley
10:05:33 corridor project.
10:05:34 Back in March when Mr. Daignault did the last report
10:05:36 on the project, he outlined a series of council
10:05:40 briefings and public hearings to move forward with the
10:05:43 project.
10:05:43 Today's briefing was on that schedule, and is in
10:05:48 anticipation for the public workshop that's being
10:05:51 planned for June.
10:05:53 I do not have a date.

10:05:54 We will announce that early next week.
10:05:57 We will final he.
10:05:59 Finalize the location.
10:06:00 Certainly provide you with written notice of that.
10:06:03 But we want to show you the kinds of things that we
10:06:05 have been working on in preparation for that.
10:06:08 We are still in conceptual design.
10:06:11 So we are not showing you which paper worry using.
10:06:17 Ware not there yet.
10:06:18 What we have been focused on is what sort of civic
10:06:24 opportunities are there to approve pedestrian
10:06:26 accommodation, both in the amount of space that's
10:06:28 provided, as well as trying to reduce the crossing
10:06:33 distances at intersections.
10:06:34 The good news is that there is significant opportunity
10:06:37 there at every block, at every intersection, at every
10:06:41 crossing.
10:06:42 In just a few moments, I am going to have Steve
10:06:46 seacrest to talk about the highlights of this.
10:06:51 In the interest of time and because this is in
10:06:53 preparation for the workshop, there are some of these
10:06:55 graphics that will be worked on between now and then,

10:06:59 to get certain of the -- we will certainly leave these
10:07:04 with you to look at and to get comments and questions.
10:07:08 We will also be posting this on the web.
10:07:10 At this time we'll turn it over.
10:07:21 >>> Steve Shupak, HDR engineering incorporated,
10:07:27 consultants helping this out.
10:07:28 We are working with livable streets on the projects.
10:07:32 And we are somewhere around halfway, two-thirds
10:07:38 through the conceptual design stage.
10:07:40 I'll define what our conceptual design is, explain to
10:07:43 you what you have in the packaging material provided
10:07:46 and some of the things you have been working on.
10:07:48 And again as David mentioned, we are in the midst of
10:07:52 that process.
10:07:53 We wanted to give you a report on where we stand now,
10:07:59 what we expect to be able to present at the workshop,
10:08:02 between now and then, and in the kinds of discussions
10:08:04 that we anticipate, having the workshop and the
10:08:08 feedback we would expect, the ability to move through
10:08:12 a series of decisions about the fundamentals of the
10:08:16 design, the street geometry, and then more into the
10:08:19 design details of the projects into the actual design

10:08:22 and engineering effort.
10:08:30 This basic work right now focuses on basic
10:08:43 enhancements, some of the key decision that is lead us
10:08:47 into the more detailed, and typical kind of streetscape
10:08:53 discussions and materials.
10:08:59 What we are looking at now are fundamentals of the
10:09:02 design.
10:09:02 We are looking at intersection geometry, sidewalks,
10:09:06 pedestrian crossings.
10:09:07 We understand fundamentally that this project is about
10:09:10 improving pedestrian conditions on Ashley Boulevard,
10:09:14 and north and south across the side streets along
10:09:16 Ashley.
10:09:18 We understand that this is about transforming Ashley
10:09:22 from a significant barrier between what will become
10:09:25 very livable, lively 24-hour downtown and the
10:09:28 riverfront which is being transformed as we speak,
10:09:32 that's under way for the parks, the riverwalk, the
10:09:35 museum, into a fabulous regionalization.
10:09:40 So actually needs to transform connecting between the
10:09:46 great destination along the riverfront, and in
10:09:49 downtown.

10:09:53 The initial process, these enhancements we are going
10:09:57 to focus on today, during the workshop we'll present
10:09:59 ideas about the next steps, design details and
10:10:03 operations, and get into some specifics about how the
10:10:07 streetscape works and how it looks and feels from a
10:10:10 design standpoint.
10:10:12 All the pedestrian amenities, some significant
10:10:16 questions, how to get folks from one side of the
10:10:21 street to the other.
10:10:22 We are not into that level of detail today.
10:10:25 We will start to talk about these things at workshops
10:10:30 and get approval.
10:10:32 Some of the slides with the basic enhancements,
10:10:36 elements of design.
10:10:37 One of the fundamentals of the property, the colored
10:10:44 version that you have should be a little clearer.
10:10:46 One of the big things we look at when we are trying to
10:10:51 right-size urban boulevards, urban streets, is low at
10:10:54 first the travel lane.
10:10:55 Right now the travel lanes are oversized, at least 12
10:10:58 feet, and some are wide turn lanes.
10:11:01 So we can immediately think about a reduction to

10:11:05 right-size the street, to promote safer travel by
10:11:09 vehicles, just by log at the fundamental change in the
10:11:12 geometry.
10:11:13 And for travel lane is actually a significant
10:11:18 difference.
10:11:18 This signals this is a different environment.
10:11:20 You are not on a highway.
10:11:23 You are in an urban Boulevard, and the lane widths
10:11:27 force drivers to think more carefully about their
10:11:29 environment, pay attention and slow down.
10:11:30 So we are looking at a design speed in designing that
10:11:34 design speed.
10:11:35 And
10:11:42 There's been other discussions about the appropriate
10:11:45 lane configurations.
10:11:46 What we are going to show you today, and this isn't by
10:11:49 any means a final recommendation.
10:11:53 What we are looking at based on the modeling and our
10:11:55 discussion was the city, converting the existing
10:11:58 street section from a six through travel lanes to five
10:12:03 through travel lanes, to gain space for a variety of
10:12:07 purposes, for pedestrians, parking, landscaping,

10:12:11 median.
10:12:11 We are looking at how he would allocate that street
10:12:14 space from building space to building space and
10:12:16 convert as much of that space as we can to the
10:12:19 amenities an support, pedestrian crossings, the
10:12:23 corridor.
10:12:27 We are moving one of the northbound lanes.
10:12:29 We believe the existing and projected traffic volumes
10:12:33 allow that without increasing congestion.
10:12:36 We are moving the southbound right turn lane which
10:12:39 runs from Tyler to Gasparilla, which if you traveled
10:12:44 Gasparilla in the morning, people use that right lane
10:12:47 to get around traffic, to block intersections, a very
10:12:51 complicated intersection and doesn't serve a great
10:12:54 amount of volume to get into the Poe garage.
10:12:58 There's not significant backup to that.
10:13:00 We think that's a possibility.
10:13:01 And we are looking at reconfiguration of the street in
10:13:06 downtown, from one way to two way, converting some of
10:13:10 the turn lanes that we are allowing the greatest
10:13:13 queuing to provide better access to parking areas
10:13:20 downtown, so people can get off Ashley, without

10:13:24 blocking up individual intersections.
10:13:29 What that shift does, it allows us to look at, what to
10:13:35 do with that travel lane.
10:13:39 Again, a couple of blocks, along the entire corridor.
10:13:46 We are looking at, based on the discussions in the
10:13:50 first workshop, discussion was the city and feedback
10:13:53 we received, we think it makes sense to use that space
10:13:55 to widen the sidewalk on the east side of Ashley.
10:13:59 What this results is in is more balanced condition
10:14:02 right now.
10:14:02 The sidewalk on Ashley is about eight feet, far below
10:14:06 any published standards for urban streets and
10:14:09 Streetscapes.
10:14:09 We are log at increasing the sidewalk with 16 to 24
10:14:13 feet along the east side, and that allows us also to
10:14:16 provide parallel parking along the east side of
10:14:20 Ashley.
10:14:22 So the medians, the sidewalks and the parking.
10:14:35 The pedestrian experience is in the northbound, south
10:14:40 movement along Ashley from the east and west side, as
10:14:43 well as the crossing.
10:14:44 And the crossings are a key point.

10:14:47 And we have been log at ways, a number of different
10:14:50 ways, the initial design effort, to improve that
10:14:55 crossing experience.
10:14:56 And based on -- on the drawings we looked at, reducing
10:15:02 the curb radius, curb return, we have run some models
10:15:13 which show that we can still turn successfully without
10:15:16 that curb RADII, and bring that crossing and the ADA
10:15:21 ramp as close to the curb line as we can and narrow
10:15:25 that crossing distance.
10:15:26 So we reduced the crossing distance 20, 25% across
10:15:29 Ashley, at each of the intersections, and substantial
10:15:33 changes at a couple intersections.
10:15:35 When we are down to Kennedy, we are reducing that
10:15:37 distance 30 to 35 feet.
10:15:41 And on the north end of the corridor, we are reducing
10:15:44 that about 20 to 30 feet.
10:15:50 Then in terms of the intersections there's a real
10:15:52 disconnect now.
10:15:56 The existing crosswalks don't align with the sidewalks
10:15:58 on the side street, as you are coming down the side
10:16:01 street.
10:16:01 As a pedestrian you have to make adjustments to get to

10:16:04 where you need to go.
10:16:04 In some cases, they don't end in a sidewalk, they end
10:16:09 in an intersection with another crosswalk, a very
10:16:11 strange situation that exists and that's partly as a
10:16:14 result of the curb radii.
10:16:18 This is very broad curb radii at that intersection.
10:16:22 If we can close that up we can reduce the distance of
10:16:26 crossing substantially with a simple change, without
10:16:31 affecting traffic flow, without affecting movements
10:16:35 for vehicles.
10:16:40 In your packet, I'll show you quickly.
10:16:43 This is a rough 3-D.
10:16:49 Looking from over waterfront park, in the foreground.
10:16:56 This shows what that scheme looks like, removing one
10:17:04 of the northbound turn lanes, and making adjustments
10:17:06 like the side streets, the parking area on the
10:17:11 northbound lanes, and very broad crossings with very
10:17:17 significant and -- in the median, these include both
10:17:25 narrowing of the street but also maintaining and
10:17:27 extending the median to fully protect pedestrian users
10:17:32 at a minimum of 10 feet.
10:17:34 So we have been able to maintain even where there's a

10:17:38 left turn lane a minimum of 10 feet at the end of each
10:17:41 block.
10:17:48 This shows a comparison.
10:17:51 You can see the red line.
10:17:55 The existing curb line.
10:17:58 You can see how we extended that sidewalk
10:18:01 substantially as well as added the parallel parking
10:18:04 there.
10:18:07 So these are, again, the beginning graphics and the
10:18:12 beginning part of the discussion for the workshop in
10:18:14 June.
10:18:14 We still have some homework to do.
10:18:16 There are some discussions we need to do about the
10:18:19 lane reduction.
10:18:21 But we wanted to give you an update on where we stood.
10:18:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you for being here this
10:18:25 morning.
10:18:27 Every design begins with a basic program.
10:18:29 And your basic program was to make Ashley more
10:18:32 pedestrian friendly, and attractive.
10:18:35 But you took as the beginning data study that was done
10:18:41 by Kittleson which basically premised that Ashley

10:18:44 still had to be a major point of access from the
10:18:46 interstate.
10:18:47 It didn't think about Tampa street.
10:18:49 It didn't think about other transportation
10:18:52 improvements that are being made in the area.
10:18:55 Have you had the freedom or flexibility in your
10:18:58 thinking to even consider that Ashley's real goal is
10:19:03 to do what you stated initially, to be pedestrian
10:19:06 friendly?
10:19:06 And were you able to even consider that the southbound
10:19:10 lanes be narrowed?
10:19:15 >>> From the early workshop that we had last summer
10:19:18 now, we've drawn dozens of different street sections
10:19:25 for the street including going to two lanes in both
10:19:30 directions, we looked at a scheme based on Barcelona,
10:19:35 taking all of that space that we gained into the
10:19:37 median.
10:19:38 We looked at shifting left and right.
10:19:40 We looked at jogging back and forth a little bit.
10:19:42 All of this has been looked at from a design
10:19:44 perspective.
10:19:45 From a traffic impact, from a modeling perspective.

10:19:48 We looked at the existing configuration and we looked
10:19:51 at lane reduction.
10:19:52 And we saw there was a capacity issue, primarily in
10:19:56 the southbound lane, once additional development
10:19:59 downtown was factored in.
10:20:00 Even with some reduction in the impact of that
10:20:02 development based on shifting of trips.
10:20:11 That's led us to this scheme.
10:20:12 And again it's not our final scheme by any means.
10:20:16 The two lane northbound, three southbound, seems to be
10:20:23 the most favorable based on that model.
10:20:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:20:30 Mr. Dingfelder?
10:20:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This might not be a question to
10:20:33 you, more to David or Steve.
10:20:35 In terms of money, I know we are in design and that
10:20:38 sort of thing, and that's wonderful.
10:20:39 But where do we go from here in terms of fund these
10:20:47 great improvements, D.O.T. funding possibility since
10:20:51 this has always been referred to as some sort of exit
10:20:53 and entrance ramp to the interstate, number one, and
10:20:57 if not, or in conjunction with that, do we have city

10:21:00 budget for this?
10:21:07 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: I not on the FDOT work plan.
10:21:10 It's not in their plan to fund any of this work.
10:21:13 The plan has been to use some bonding downtown, TIF
10:21:18 funded bonding downtown.
10:21:20 And it is very much dependent on what happens in
10:21:23 Tallahassee and the outcome and the impact of that.
10:21:27 >> If they treat CRAs differently and that sort of
10:21:29 thing.
10:21:30 Then how about the D.O.T.?
10:21:33 Have we ever asked them to put it on the work plan?
10:21:37 Several of us are on the MPO.
10:21:40 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: To my knowledge, that has not
10:21:43 occurred.
10:21:47 >> Maybe if it looks like we can't do it through TIF
10:21:50 maybe you should let our members know and get the FDOT
10:21:56 to help us.
10:21:57 >>> I understand.
10:21:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern?
10:22:02 >>MARY MULHERN: I have several questions.
10:22:03 One, on one of these pages where you talked about
10:22:08 narrowing, you are narrowing the roadway and

10:22:15 increasing the sidewalk on the east side of Ashley.
10:22:19 But then you mentioned possibly putting in parallel
10:22:23 parking.
10:22:26 And that would be a net loss as far as pedestrian
10:22:32 access, if you are going to be using some of that what
10:22:36 looks like sidewalk.
10:22:37 Is that what the goal is, sidewalk?
10:22:45 >>> It was shown that way.
10:22:46 Parking has always been an issue around that part of
10:22:49 town.
10:22:49 And what we wanted to show is you have the
10:22:52 flexibility, and in fact you could almost go block by
10:22:55 block and decide on this block we prefer off this to
10:22:57 have those wider sidewalks.
10:22:59 But on this next block maybe because of its nature you
10:23:02 could have parking there.
10:23:03 So it is an opportunity, and we have shown it as a
10:23:06 possibility, as we develop this further, as we hear
10:23:10 from the public and the shareholders, you know, the
10:23:13 stakeholders in this, we'll flush that out.
10:23:15 But it is possible, and even with the parking you do
10:23:20 actually have an increase in the sidewalk.

10:23:22 But it's available.
10:23:23 >> Looking at this, it somehow isn't -- you talked
10:23:31 about aesthetics, and pedestrian design, and it being
10:23:35 livable, and I know there will hopefully be other
10:23:39 drawings, we'll see that we'll show something green,
10:23:42 and some of the actual aesthetics in design.
10:23:46 But I recall from several years ago when we had a
10:23:52 beautiful -- and it was even displayed at the art
10:23:55 museum, had a beautiful plan for Ashley and I know
10:24:01 that it was way -- turned out to be way more than we
10:24:04 could do, just like the museum design was.
10:24:08 But it really turned it into a Boulevard, and made it
10:24:13 that way.
10:24:13 And I really hope going forward we are going to see
10:24:16 more of that -- not traffic design but woo we need for
10:24:27 this main Boulevard, our main Boulevard with the
10:24:30 museums and the new park and the riverwalk.
10:24:33 It just doesn't feel like, you know, just echoing what
10:24:36 Ms. Saul-Sena said, it doesn't feel like the livable,
10:24:40 walkable Boulevard that worry looking for.
10:24:44 >>> We would have been better served to have one of
10:24:46 those big-these are not our primary for the workshop.

10:24:54 The next step is to work with our designers on those,
10:24:57 the aesthetics, the attractiveness, all of the issues
10:25:00 about pedestrian amenities.
10:25:03 This is really -- we could show you those drawings,
10:25:07 but until we get some of these fundamentals of the
10:25:10 street geometry worked on, we are really kind of
10:25:12 spinning our wheels.
10:25:13 So we want to make sure we do this homework first
10:25:16 before we start to get into those.
10:25:21 >> I would like to ask that you think about people
10:25:23 walking.
10:25:24 It's hard for us in Tampa to envision that but that's
10:25:28 our goal is to think of that part of downtown for
10:25:34 pedestrian, for traffic to be secondary.
10:25:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This before us is the bone
10:25:40 structure.
10:25:40 It is the basis on which everything else will be
10:25:45 premised.
10:25:45 This is not as pedestrian friendly as it needs to be.
10:25:48 The city -- and I'm sure you got a letter from Karen
10:25:53 Crest of the downtown partnership, where she dissected
10:25:56 the Kittleson study, pointed out the flaws, and you

10:26:00 are basing this design on a study that we are supposed
10:26:04 to be thinking about pedestrians, but the entirety of
10:26:07 the study, the entirety is concerned about people
10:26:10 driving through downtown, getting from somewhere in
10:26:13 the north to somewhere in the south and using Ashley
10:26:17 as the conduit.
10:26:18 And I think the basic premise of what you should be
10:26:20 doing should be what you stated, which is to create a
10:26:23 more pedestrian friendly space.
10:26:25 If we look at the majority of the bones you have put
10:26:30 before us, it's not five lanes, it's six lanes.
10:26:33 You provide such generous stacking for west turn lanes
10:26:35 that it is not five lanes.
10:26:38 I think it should be four lanes, not six or seven or
10:26:41 eight.
10:26:42 And I really want you not to worry more about the
10:26:45 decoration but to go back to the premise, and I assume
10:26:51 you are a transportation engineer.
10:26:53 >>> I'm an urban designer.
10:26:54 >> Well, then you as an urban designer need to go toe
10:26:57 to toe with the transportation people and say, urban
10:26:59 design is not being well served.

10:27:04 The transportation is trumping the urban design.
10:27:06 And the premise of this project is to be an urban
10:27:10 design project.
10:27:11 And you need to make that clear.
10:27:13 And that is what City Council gave the administration
10:27:16 money to do on Ashley drive, was to create an urban
10:27:20 design Boulevard, not a way to get cars from the north
10:27:24 to the south.
10:27:25 And this is too wide.
10:27:28 I'm very concerned about this.
10:27:30 Thank you.
10:27:30 >>GWEN MILLER: We'll do a workshop, and all these can
10:27:33 be ironed out.
10:27:36 We can take all those ideas to the workshop and -- we
10:27:40 can do it at the workshop.
10:27:42 What we need to do, I think we can wait and go to the
10:27:47 workshop, let them know what we want, and then we can
10:27:51 get it straightened out there.
10:27:54 Again it's not the last time coming back to council.
10:27:57 >> Madam Chairman, the design --
10:28:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Why can't we do it at the workshop?
10:28:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: He needs to hear this today.

10:28:07 >> Well, would you make an appointment and sit down
10:28:09 and talk?
10:28:10 >> I would love to make an appointment.
10:28:11 The administration hasn't encouraged me to do that
10:28:14 but, David, may I?
10:28:17 Thank you.
10:28:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda?
10:28:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I haven't spoken to this and other
10:28:28 council members have taken two bites of the apples and
10:28:31 according to the rules I think that's the way it is.
10:28:33 I'm not here to give a lesson or anything.
10:28:36 I take this route every day when I come downtown.
10:28:40 It's a very difficult task that you have.
10:28:42 I'm not an urban planner.
10:28:44 I'm not a traffic planner.
10:28:47 I'm just a driver who uses this road.
10:28:49 I can tell you one thing -- and I'm not here to bait
10:28:53 the issue whether you needless length in a left-hand
10:28:56 turn or not.
10:28:57 I ask everybody on this council to drive that same
10:28:59 road at 8:30 in the morning, and I can assure you,
10:29:04 when you are heading south on the left lane, you are

10:29:08 going to get out of that left lane and go to the
10:29:10 middle lane and almost have an accident with somebody
10:29:14 in the other lane because the lanes, to make the left
10:29:16 turn, are backed up into the oncoming lane.
10:29:19 So it's not a real simple problem to solve.
10:29:23 As this community grows -- and I'm not talking about
10:29:26 the City of Tampa, I'm talking about the whole area --
10:29:28 more and more people, and more and more people are
10:29:31 moving in to live in this wonderful city, and along
10:29:35 that corridor.
10:29:36 When we try to make this urban friendly, which I'm
10:29:40 for, you also have a complex problem on what they have
10:29:42 at Times Square.
10:29:43 People versus cars.
10:29:45 And cars versus people.
10:29:47 And that's not the way it should be.
10:29:48 And I agree with Ms. Saul-Sena, I agree with
10:29:51 everything those been said.
10:29:52 The problem is very, very difficult.
10:29:54 Because you have stacking at those times, you cannot
10:29:58 make a left-hand turn.
10:30:00 Therefore you try to go around them and that's where

10:30:02 the accidents happen.
10:30:03 So I urge everybody to take this at 8:30 in the
10:30:05 morning.
10:30:06 And you let me know if I'm rate or wrong.
10:30:09 >>GWEN MILLER: You're right.
10:30:09 Tay the same, Mr. Miranda.
10:30:13 The workshop again is when?
10:30:15 In June what?
10:30:19 All these problems that we have, we'll bring them to
10:30:21 the workshop, and we have a person, any council member
10:30:26 that wants to meet with them, meet with them.
10:30:32 Thank you very much for being here.
10:30:34 Okay.
10:30:35 Is there anyone in the public that would like to
10:30:36 request a legislative matter, consideration of a
10:30:39 legislative matter?
10:30:42 Okay.
10:30:42 We go to our audience portion.
10:30:44 Anyone in the public that would like to speak to any
10:30:46 item on the agenda not set for public hearing.
10:30:48 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, with regard to item 20.
10:30:50 Are you holding that for council members to come

10:30:52 what -- council member Scott to come back?
10:30:55 Because that was removed from the consent docket.
10:30:57 >>GWEN MILLER: We have to wait till he comes back.
10:30:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just a point of order.
10:31:01 Do we have a 10:00 time certain and I see on the
10:31:05 agenda it's a request for continuance.
10:31:06 I would just like to go ahead and give that petition
10:31:10 theory courtesy.
10:31:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Otherwise.
10:31:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Otherwise they are going to be
10:31:15 behind all these people.
10:31:16 >>GWEN MILLER: If the people don't mind can we take
10:31:18 this one item, item number 41.
10:31:31 >>THE CLERK: You noticed to open.
10:31:32 >> So moved.
10:31:33 >> Second.
10:31:33 (Motion carried)
10:31:36 Vin Marchetti, developer for the developer of New Port
10:31:41 Tampa Bay.
10:31:42 We filed a vacation before you.
10:31:45 We also filed a companion PDA for the project.
10:31:48 Our request this morning is to actually continue this

10:31:50 vacating petition until August 23rd versus
10:31:54 September 27th.
10:31:56 Also, we are requesting council to consider setting
10:31:59 the PDA application either by PDA application, also
10:32:06 August 23rd.
10:32:07 As I understand it that date is set aside right now
10:32:10 for comp plan amendments.
10:32:11 I believe you have eight perhaps on that agenda.
10:32:14 We would like to go to hearing on our PDA application
10:32:17 August 23rd versus waiting an additional month on
10:32:21 September 27th.
10:32:22 This just filed both petitions in march and normally
10:32:26 would have come before council in July.
10:32:27 However comp plan amendment versus superseded those
10:32:30 cases.
10:32:31 So that's our request to continue.
10:32:33 The vacating petition till April 23rd on the PDA
10:32:38 application for August 23rd as well.
10:32:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Marchetti, do you have that file
10:32:44 number for the PDA?
10:32:48 >>> I do.
10:32:48 Let me get the file and get it to you.

10:32:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: V 07-48?
10:32:57 >>GWEN MILLER: You wanted to say something?
10:33:06 Okay, we have a motion and second.
10:33:07 (Motion carried).
10:33:08 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's to continue both items to
10:33:12 August 23rd.
10:33:13 p.m.?
10:33:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
10:33:15 >>THE CLERK: On the zoning petition we will need to
10:33:18 have the petition so we can prepare the notice.
10:33:20 And also the publication.
10:33:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The legal department to do that.
10:33:28 >>> We actually certify the application.
10:33:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:33:32 Now we go to our public.
10:33:36 >>> Lawrence Shepherd, the chief operating officer at
10:33:39 the Performing Arts Center.
10:33:41 I want to speak to the matter of Ashley Boulevard, and
10:33:45 dysfunction we have experienced for a great number
10:33:48 years with our over 600,000 patrons that attend the
10:33:51 facility on an annual basis.
10:33:53 Many of them crossing Ashley to get to our area, as

10:33:56 well as our volunteers who work there, many of them of
10:34:01 an elderly age, find some difficulty there that they
10:34:04 ultimately get on my desk with these concerns.
10:34:07 So first of all, we would like to say that we are
10:34:10 tremendously concerned that the matter has come to a
10:34:14 focus, and adequately noted in the S.O.N. studies and
10:34:22 other studies that have taken this matter into
10:34:24 consideration.
10:34:24 So hopefully now we are moving towards some practical
10:34:27 solution and achievable solution, particularly of
10:34:30 course with the funding aspects.
10:34:33 We believe that the modifications are a requirement,
10:34:37 to serve today's constituents as well as for what will
10:34:42 soon emerge as a tremendous enclave for cultural and
10:34:46 recreational activity including the John Germany
10:34:49 library, Museum of Art, children's museum, Curtis
10:34:52 Hixon park, Kiley gardens and the riverwalk.
10:34:55 And I think about that.
10:34:57 That's six or seven major items, all of which are on a
10:35:04 go pattern now.
10:35:05 These aren't assumed projects.
10:35:07 They are being funded.

10:35:09 Plans are being drawn up.
10:35:11 And before 2010, all of these things will emerge.
10:35:15 In the meantime, we'll have residents right across the
10:35:19 street to participate in that.
10:35:21 I had discussions with the library there, anticipating
10:35:24 a growth in their attendance with downtown residents
10:35:28 who simply walk across the street to utilize the
10:35:32 library.
10:35:35 In our research we are finding libraries, a new
10:35:39 emergence, and what a wonderful thing for downtown
10:35:41 Tampa, for that along with all these other centers to
10:35:46 come together, and probably what is left for that
10:35:50 quarter mile.
10:35:51 So the same concern exists on Tyler street, which
10:35:54 serves as the primary route to the Performing Arts
10:35:55 Center.
10:35:57 We are encouraged that the museum and park planners,
10:36:00 as well as city officials, have recognized this, and
10:36:03 are committed to coordinating with us and others the
10:36:06 library perhaps, to plan for better improvements on
10:36:09 Tyler street.
10:36:10 Tyler street is the Indianapolis speedway,

10:36:13 perpendicular to the other Indianapolis speedway.
10:36:16 Ashley continues to be a barrier to the river.
10:36:19 We recognize that the current volume of traffic
10:36:22 presents a challenge.
10:36:22 We encourage an approach with deferred traffic to
10:36:27 Tampa street. This process should begin at the
10:36:29 interstate ramp and will require infrastructural
10:36:32 modifications as well as proper signage.
10:36:34 Yes, I agree that Ashley is tremendously busy at 8:30
10:36:38 in the morning.
10:36:38 So there has to be a solution.
10:36:40 It can't just change to pedestrian friendly and we
10:36:43 walk away.
10:36:43 But the answer we believe is probably in Tampa, and it
10:36:46 starts at the interstate ramp.
10:36:48 So there has to be a committed through-way.
10:36:51 We are also concerned about the issue approach to Poe
10:36:54 garage.
10:36:55 Eliminating the entrance to Poe garage, when all these
10:36:59 activities come on line, I think there has to be a
10:37:02 coordination between the museum planners, this study,
10:37:07 and how the Poe garage is going to be managed, not

10:37:11 only with regards to the deficit parking spaces that
10:37:15 will come into the area once the museum parking is
10:37:17 taken away, but also how people will get in and out of
10:37:23 that facility.
10:37:24 In our instance, they come in an hour and a half,
10:37:26 two-hour period usually towards the last 30, 40
10:37:30 minutes of that period, but they all leave at the same
10:37:33 time.
10:37:34 And that is kind of unique.
10:37:36 The museum won't have that unless they have a special
10:37:39 activity.
10:37:40 The park won't have that unless they have a special
10:37:42 activity.
10:37:42 The patron will come and go as they pleas but a very
10:37:46 defined departure causes disgruntlement for users of
10:37:50 the city garage, and can have them choose other
10:37:54 alternates.
10:37:55 Thank you for your earths morning.
10:37:56 And we are hopeful for a successful outcome.
10:37:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Quick question.
10:38:00 Thanks for coming over.
10:38:02 Specifically, does the sent Vera position on the

10:38:07 subject Ms. Saul-Sena was bringing up about this
10:38:10 concept of two lanes, or four lanes versus six lanes,
10:38:14 four lanes or six or seven lanes?
10:38:17 That sort of thing?
10:38:19 >>> If you imagine all of the activities that I listed
10:38:22 coming about in 2010, and for the residential projects
10:38:28 that are coming about, we would certainly be on the
10:38:31 opposite side of Ashley, the opportunity for a
10:38:34 wonderful, livable downtown Tampa, we can't imagine
10:38:38 Ashley being anything less than primarily pedestrian
10:38:41 friendly.
10:38:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So you would like to see it reduced
10:38:46 down, the laneage reduced down?
10:38:48 >>> I'm looking forward to the workshop where we can
10:38:51 deliberate on the specific aspects, and their pros and
10:38:55 cons.
10:38:55 But, yes, we would believe that's the direction to go
10:38:58 to.
10:38:59 If throws an alternate for the traffic concerns.
10:39:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Next speaker.
10:39:10 >>> Fred Framm here for the Seminole Heights project
10:39:15 to talk about the waste transfer station.

10:39:17 Mr. McCary handed out a flyer.
10:39:20 I was actually the person that did that because the
10:39:22 neighborhood members that were affected were not
10:39:24 noticed.
10:39:25 In January we had the largest attendance of Old
10:39:28 Seminole Heights meeting in years, over 140 people,
10:39:31 not what the paper said.
10:39:34 Only one person's opinion was changed by Mr.
10:39:37 McCary's presentation.
10:39:38 It was a great presentation.
10:39:40 Mr. McCary even said it would be such a great place
10:39:43 that you would want to take your children.
10:39:45 We hardly think this is Tampa's next greatest
10:39:47 attraction or point of destination.
10:39:51 This is supposed to address illegal dumping.
10:39:53 Most of the illegal dumps are closer to McKay Bay
10:39:56 than they are to this proposed site.
10:39:58 And are yes, East Tampa does need to be cleaned up
10:40:03 and, yes, this is part of East Tampa but you can dump
10:40:05 the same thing that are proposed for this transfer
10:40:07 station at McKay Bay for free.
10:40:11 I do it lots of times.

10:40:12 Okay?
10:40:13 This is not going to solve the problem.
10:40:15 If they are too liaison to go to McKay Bay they are
10:40:18 not going to drive even further to this beautiful
10:40:20 amusement park.
10:40:22 And there are only two or three sites north of this
10:40:25 transfer station on the entire east side of the
10:40:29 interstate.
10:40:29 I don't know if Mr. McCary gave you the video of
10:40:32 where the illegal dumps were but he showed it to us at
10:40:35 the January meeting.
10:40:38 22nd and Sligh is actually north of Sligh behind
10:40:41 the TECO site, now entering a commercial traffic thing
10:40:47 use on 22nd street, which is otherwise
10:40:50 residential.
10:40:53 This part of our neighborhood is really struggling
10:40:55 with issues, like frequent drug dealing at 22nd
10:41:01 and Sligh.
10:41:02 They don't want this added burden put on them.
10:41:07 Use of public projects.
10:41:10 This appears to be funding in search of a project.
10:41:13 It looks like killing this project will go a long way

10:41:17 towards cutting some money from the budget.
10:41:21 If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, and
10:41:24 if it smells like a duck, it's a duck.
10:41:26 And this is a dump no matter how you dress it up.
10:41:30 It's still a pig.
10:41:33 We as a neighborhood would like a public hearing set
10:41:35 in the evening so the neighbors can attend and speak
10:41:39 on this.
10:41:40 And we would like City Council to put this on hold
10:41:44 until such time that that can be done.
10:41:48 140 people in the neighborhood association meeting,
10:41:50 only one person's opinion was changed by the
10:41:53 presentation, and it was in the garden center.
10:42:04 This is not represented by the fancy bungalows in the
10:42:08 historic district. This is very much a working class
10:42:10 neighborhood, mixed income levels, mixed racially and
10:42:15 ethnically.
10:42:16 They don't need this burden imposed on this part of
10:42:19 the neighborhood.
10:42:20 And Old Seminole Heights is actually the only
10:42:21 neighborhood that is going to be directly affected by
10:42:24 building this.

10:42:25 It will affect the Seminole crest section of our
10:42:27 neighborhood, 22nd street is a dead-end.
10:42:31 We had this meeting in January.
10:42:32 And about two months later, suddenly the city has
10:42:35 decided that 22nd street north of Sligh that
10:42:39 dead-ends is the highest speeding use in the city and
10:42:44 they are getting speed bumps.
10:42:46 So we are a little suspect.
10:42:48 There are two schools --
10:42:49 >>GWEN MILLER: You need to wrap it up.
10:42:51 >>> There are two schools on 22nd street leading
10:42:53 up to this site.
10:42:55 That's it.
10:42:56 Thank you very much for your time.
10:42:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:43:06 >>> Marlin Anderson.
10:43:07 I live at 5007 west San Jose street, the recently
10:43:11 elected president of the Sunset Park area homeowners
10:43:14 association.
10:43:15 I have this waiver form.
10:43:16 There's three people present here that have given up a
10:43:18 minute.

10:43:18 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Actually that's only for public
10:43:21 hearings.
10:43:24 >>> Okay, then I have to talk fast.
10:43:26 I have handouts that I want to give to the council
10:43:28 members here.
10:43:29 And while I am getting these ready, I will just start
10:43:31 to speak.
10:43:32 Part of what's going on, we got this presentation from
10:43:35 Steve Daignault as far as the canals and Lake Kipling
10:43:38 and all that.
10:43:39 The thing that you have to understand is the $1.3
10:43:43 million is environmental in nature.
10:43:45 It's not a navigational type of issue.
10:43:50 I have resolutions that I want to pass around.
10:44:05 I also have these resolutions.
10:44:08 I have two sets of resolutions.
10:44:20 Okay.
10:44:21 So I originally didn't know much about this.
10:44:23 I heard a lot about this over the last year.
10:44:26 I have been on the board and I'm still investigating
10:44:29 it.
10:44:29 But I have learned in my letter that I presented to

10:44:34 you part of what is going on here, okay, the funding
10:44:41 request states -- and it lists out, first of all, if
10:44:46 you looked on the attachment that I have on this
10:44:48 letter to City Council, it says the affected areas
10:44:53 include, and it lists green lake, channel lake,
10:44:57 Kipling, et cetera, and if you look also what I
10:45:00 highlighted, says estuaries, so evident wares is what
10:45:07 we are talking about here, not canals, not man-made
10:45:11 canals.
10:45:12 If you look on the last page of this handout I have
10:45:14 highlighted a clarification by the environmental
10:45:17 program manager on January 11, 2005, and it says, in
10:45:20 our original request we identified five priority water
10:45:24 bodies that would be addressed.
10:45:25 This is 1.3 million.
10:45:28 Other estuaries may be added if the budget is
10:45:30 deficient.
10:45:31 Okay.
10:45:32 And so I have two resolutions which I passed out which
10:45:35 I was going to try to read to you but I don't have
10:45:38 time in three minutes.
10:45:39 But the essence of what we are talking about here is

10:45:42 that this is an environmental grant that we are
10:45:46 talking about, not November national so people can get
10:45:49 their boats around.
10:45:51 And the federal government really is not issuing its
10:45:56 moneys so we can help people increase their land
10:45:58 values by dredging their docks, or around their docks
10:46:02 and their canal. This is about cleaning up Lake
10:46:04 Kipling so we can create a better environment in these
10:46:07 naturally-formed estuaries, where the fish and other
10:46:11 marine life can he involve into actual mature fish.
10:46:19 And the other thing is, as far as the canal dredging,
10:46:24 at first I looked at this and thought, hey, this is
10:46:26 great.
10:46:27 Let these guys do whatever they want.
10:46:31 If they want to, that's their business.
10:46:33 But then I started looking -- I'll speak just very
10:46:42 quickly on that.
10:46:42 I find there are problems because some canal versus a
10:46:45 lot more sediment than others and if you assess
10:46:48 everybody evenly then some people that have less needs
10:46:51 are going to be essentially subsidizing those people
10:46:53 that have greater needs.

10:46:56 And it goes on like that as far as inequities, and
10:47:01 also the City of Tampa would have to actually float a
10:47:04 $4 million bond to pay for this, because the
10:47:08 contractor would need the money up front.
10:47:10 And where are we going to get the $4 million, borrow
10:47:13 the money?
10:47:13 I'm not sure if that's actually been considered in
10:47:15 this whole project.
10:47:17 So there's more that I would like to talk about that I
10:47:20 would really --
10:47:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Time.
10:47:23 Thank you.
10:47:24 All right.
10:47:25 Next speaker.
10:47:33 >>> My name is Karen Fabia, co-founder of part of the
10:47:38 Tampa community design center and here to speak about
10:47:40 Ashley drive.
10:47:42 The width of Ashley drive and the conceptual designs
10:47:45 we have seen today are absolutely too wide for a safe
10:47:48 pedestrian Boulevard.
10:47:50 Turning radius of 15 feet, what the American institute
10:47:56 of architecture would deem safe, they recommend 10

10:47:59 feet or less.
10:48:00 I would also recommend that design guidelines such as
10:48:06 crossings at mid block should be looked at as well, in
10:48:09 order to make some of the crossings more safe for our
10:48:14 pedestrians.
10:48:14 Lane widths that are six, seven, even five, are too
10:48:20 wide for a safe pedestrian area.
10:48:23 If we are only widening the east side and not the west
10:48:27 side of Ashley drive, then we are concentrating on one
10:48:30 area and not the other, which will create a problem in
10:48:33 the future.
10:48:34 If we look at case studies around the country, in some
10:48:37 of our major cities, we'll find where these mistakes
10:48:41 have been made, and now they are spending a lot of
10:48:45 money to correct them, because their pedestrians are
10:48:47 not safe because areas of streets are not being
10:48:50 utilized, businesses and retail are suffering because
10:48:53 of it.
10:48:55 We have a tremendous opportunity with the museum part
10:49:01 of riverwalk to make a very vibrant downtown.
10:49:05 And if we don't pay special consideration to Ashley
10:49:08 drive as a pedestrian Boulevard, we will lose that

10:49:12 opportunity.
10:49:12 Making wide medians isn't going to help.
10:49:16 I know there is a workshop but I would hope that this
10:49:18 workshop is not simply going in and adding pretty
10:49:24 pictures to it but rather functioning as a charrette
10:49:29 where our citizens have a voice in that design,
10:49:35 because if they don't present alternatives to the
10:49:42 public, the education of our public won't be there,
10:49:45 and they won't know the other opportunities that may
10:49:49 be available for them.
10:49:50 So I would strongly urge everyone to attend the
10:49:54 workshop, to voice Ashley as it is conceptually
10:50:00 designed right now is far too wide.
10:50:02 Thank you.
10:50:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:50:09 >>> Al Steenson, 4100 west Azeele Avenue, Tampa,
10:50:14 Florida.
10:50:14 I'm here to talk very briefly this morning about item
10:50:17 14.
10:50:17 I was hear for another reason this morning but you
10:50:20 have already taken care of that.
10:50:25 You are asking to approve the expenditure of $214,185

10:50:32 for ten 2007 Ford trucks.
10:50:35 Now, they are super cabs, crew cabs, XL, XLTs.
10:50:44 Across the street I have a '97 Chevrolet Silverado.
10:50:49 Okay?
10:50:50 I'm having to tighten my belt because of fuel costs
10:50:52 and everything else.
10:50:54 And the only reason that I'm not replacing it is,
10:50:57 number one, I maintained it properly.
10:50:58 It doesn't need it.
10:51:00 Number two, it's not in my budget.
10:51:01 Now this may be a little petty item in terms of the
10:51:04 total thing but there's an underlying thing here.
10:51:06 Why do these trucks have to have running boards?
10:51:10 Why do they have to have $4,000 security coverage?
10:51:15 Why do they have to have tool boxes on them?
10:51:19 They are replacing trucks in the fleet.
10:51:21 Are you telling me those tool boxes can't be taken out
10:51:24 of a truck that's going up to the 301 auction and put
10:51:27 on the other one?
10:51:28 By the way, there were 123 bids put out.
10:51:32 Three came back.
10:51:33 This happens to be the highest of the three.

10:51:35 Two of them were thrown out as being nonresponsive
10:51:37 because of running boards and tires.
10:51:42 I'm not spending my money on another truck, but you're
10:51:47 asking the administration is asking you to spend my
10:51:50 tax money on ten pickup trucks.
10:51:55 The mayor has got a hybrid now that uses less fuel.
10:51:59 Why are we buying extended cab pickup trucks?
10:52:06 I see them all over town.
10:52:08 Building inspectors.
10:52:09 There's only one person per truck.
10:52:11 Why do I have to have an extended cab or super cab
10:52:14 with a matched fiberglass cover on the back?
10:52:20 I would ask you to look into the backup data.
10:52:24 I have it right here.
10:52:25 You all have the same thing that I got off the
10:52:27 computer.
10:52:27 That's our money.
10:52:28 Why are we spending $21,000 more?
10:52:33 That's to the second lowest bidder.
10:52:35 It's even more if you go with the third lowest bidder.
10:52:38 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Who can tell me, who uses these
10:52:41 trucks?

10:52:41 And what apparatus are they carrying with them during
10:52:44 the day?
10:52:47 Does anybody know?
10:52:53 >> Why don't we ask the staff?
10:52:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's in my committee.
10:52:56 I think I'll pull it for two weeks and get some of
10:52:59 these questions answers.
10:53:00 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: That's at the T.H.A.N. meeting
10:53:04 this was brought up.
10:53:05 I have seen these 150 cab trucks.
10:53:07 They are pretty nice.
10:53:08 They could probably do the same thing in a Ford
10:53:10 escort.
10:53:15 >>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: I reside at 2902est Ellicott
10:53:19 street three nights a week.
10:53:21 And I just thank God for his grace and his mercy.
10:53:29 I want to speak on one and two.
10:53:32 But I am not going to put all my tame on this here.
10:53:36 Number two, garbage.
10:53:40 Let me tell you something.
10:53:43 Man, Reverend Scott, God spoke to me about you.
10:53:48 It's trying to get closed Gene's Bar.

10:53:52 But I told you way back, Reverend Scott, I represent
10:53:57 poor peoples.
10:53:59 Our poor peoples need mercy.
10:54:01 And, man, you are a preacher.
10:54:03 You got a heart full of mercy.
10:54:05 You got to have because all of your people in the
10:54:08 churches, they are poor.
10:54:10 But let me tell but this bill here.
10:54:19 You asked why all this trash is over there.
10:54:22 Is there any other alternative to do with this trash?
10:54:26 Let me tell you what.
10:54:27 In 1985 the trash wasn't there.
10:54:33 I cleaned up.
10:54:36 We had a trash company that came around every two
10:54:38 weeks and picked up everything beside the road, and
10:54:41 then if you went to jail, Monday morning comes you get
10:54:45 on the back of that dump truck.
10:54:48 All of them had that, but when mayor Freedman got
10:54:54 elected, she changed that policy.
10:54:57 Poor people over there, probably upside the road
10:55:01 there, they are going to move it.
10:55:02 But they are going to charge you and put it on your

10:55:10 water bill.
10:55:11 They can cut your water off.
10:55:12 And then the dumping fees.
10:55:16 Okay, they mentioned this morning, the landfill.
10:55:23 If you want to take that trash somewhere, you got to
10:55:26 have a truck.
10:55:27 An old lady, or young girl with two or three babies,
10:55:31 they don't have no truck.
10:55:33 And if you went and said, I want to buy -- I have been
10:55:36 in the business 40 some years or more.
10:55:38 I know everything about it.
10:55:41 Years ago told me to go and get with Mr. Baird and the
10:55:47 other guys over there.
10:55:48 I got with them and just take care of this situation.
10:55:52 But mayor Freedman got this thing out of control.
10:55:55 I want to tell you one thing.
10:55:56 This is still getting rid of the trash.
10:56:02 They got one year to come do a clean-up job.
10:56:05 Now what people do?
10:56:06 Put the stuff back of their houses.
10:56:12 For a whole year, waiting on this clean-up job because
10:56:15 they can't get rid of it.

10:56:17 I have a tree in my yard to cut down.
10:56:19 I can't get rid of it.
10:56:21 Load it in a truck and take it to a landfill.
10:56:23 But I got my license and everything.
10:56:25 But if you took regular building debris, trees or
10:56:31 construction, costs you about 350 dollars a ton, 2,000
10:56:35 pounds to get rid of it.
10:56:36 And if you took garbage, $100 a ton, you got to get
10:56:42 the truck, pay somebody to haul it away, and there's
10:56:46 no way getting rid of this stuff.
10:56:48 There is no way.
10:56:50 But years ago, please let me say this here.
10:56:55 Years ago, they had this problem, and then a local
10:57:01 hauling guy can take it and put it in a truck, and he
10:57:07 drinking liquor and everything.
10:57:10 And go over there to the landfill.
10:57:13 And then she got to show her water bill, you know.
10:57:17 And they tried it but it didn't work because nobody
10:57:20 wants to ride the truck with these guys.
10:57:22 These are some rough guys.
10:57:23 But I want to say, though,
10:57:34 >>> Wolford Johnson, Longfellow Avenue.

10:57:37 Speaking on item 4.
10:57:39 I don't live on a canal so I am really not directly
10:57:42 involved in that project.
10:57:44 However, I do think that everyone has interest and
10:57:48 concern in the environment.
10:57:50 I strongly believe that the 1.3 million federal
10:57:55 environmental grant should be used for the original
10:57:58 intended purpose.
10:58:00 I do believe that the canals need to be dredged.
10:58:03 And the city should be a major contributor to that
10:58:07 cost of the dredging.
10:58:08 However, the federal environmental grant should not be
10:58:14 used for that purpose.
10:58:16 Congressman Jim Davis was instrumental in the city
10:58:19 receiving the original 1.3 million environmental
10:58:24 grant.
10:58:24 And we requested Congressman Kathy castor to take
10:58:29 steps to ensure that the grant is used for the
10:58:32 intended purpose.
10:58:34 Perhaps the city can pursue a grant for the dredging
10:58:40 of the canals.
10:58:41 However, if the environmental grant is not used for

10:58:43 the intended purpose, I doubt that when could get
10:58:45 another environmental grant to clean the waters of the
10:58:51 estuaries in our area.
10:58:52 If I heard correctly this morning, I think you are
10:58:55 asking Mr. Daignault to go ahead and proceed with the
10:59:00 purpose of the $1.3 million environmental grant and go
10:59:03 ahead and start the cleaning, because as one of you
10:59:06 said, it does not have to be a vote for that.
10:59:12 I have seen a couple of the presentations.
10:59:14 Regarding the cost of the dredging of the canals, and
10:59:19 the 1.3 million is in there as a deduction off the
10:59:24 total cost.
10:59:24 I think it would be wrong to lump that federal grant
10:59:31 into the overall cost of the dredging of the canals.
10:59:35 It tends to get lost.
10:59:36 We may not get the environmental work done that needs
10:59:38 to be done.
10:59:38 So if it can be done on a priority basis, I think we
10:59:41 will all benefit.
10:59:42 Thank you.
10:59:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
10:59:46 >>> Good morning.

10:59:47 Greg hinder.
10:59:48 I come here this morning to talk about Ashley drive in
10:59:54 several capacities.
10:59:55 I was also asked to represent the Board of Trustees.
11:00:03 I'm a property owner, business owner in downtown and
11:00:06 future resident with my wife and two small girls,
11:00:08 seven and nine.
11:00:09 So I have an extremely large vested interest in what's
11:00:13 happening on Ashley drive.
11:00:18 I'm a complete advocate for great urban design but I'm
11:00:20 not seeing that.
11:00:21 And Linda Saul-Sena brought up clearly earlier today
11:00:26 that the premise of the way that we are going about
11:00:29 the design of Ashley drive is lost.
11:00:34 I think we failed to look at our city as a pedestrian
11:00:37 friendly city.
11:00:42 One thing that we didn't talk about, Steve Daignault
11:00:46 didn't remain here to listen to public comment.
11:00:49 I'm a little concerned about that.
11:00:50 I would like to ask that the administration and the
11:00:51 City Council really look back to say, how do we start
11:00:56 the process, not how do we continue the process.

11:00:58 Because the work, like any good design workshop, will
11:01:01 take public input.
11:01:03 But is mandated to use none of it.
11:01:06 I say that we need to mandate the study that we are
11:01:09 using to design Ashley drive vehicularly is sound and
11:01:16 looks at alternative pathways.
11:01:18 We already have two major thoroughfares into and out
11:01:21 of downtown maintained and operated by D.O.T. and
11:01:24 designed up to 65 miles an hour speed.
11:01:26 Those are Florida and Tampa streets.
11:01:29 I don't want the block between Ashley and Tampa to
11:01:32 become an island for pedestrians.
11:01:35 Council member, did you mention you drive into
11:01:40 downtown on Kennedy.
11:01:41 I respectfully ask that you walk it -- I mean
11:01:46 Ashley -- and if you walk it, I welcome all council
11:01:50 members to come out and meet me at any time of the day
11:01:54 and experience that.
11:01:55 It's not that HDR isn't doing a good job with what
11:01:59 information input they had.
11:02:01 I think there are cross sections, images, and their
11:02:04 work is very solid, but I think the premise of their

11:02:07 work is where we need to go back and start.
11:02:10 So chairman Gwen Miller, I ask you, you said that the
11:02:17 public input period is really for this discussion.
11:02:22 But I think what it really is, we need to mandate that
11:02:25 HDR and administration go back and change the premise
11:02:29 for that discussion.
11:02:31 I think it will have good input in the public comment
11:02:34 period.
11:02:35 But I don't think it will change the original study.
11:02:39 And that's where I think we need to go back to.
11:02:42 Ashley drive needs to become a very solid, strong,
11:02:47 beautiful gateway for our beautiful city.
11:02:50 I not only serve on the museum board but I'm involved
11:02:52 in all the things that are happening on the private
11:02:54 sector, a lot of things on the private sector across
11:02:56 the way.
11:02:57 We are investing hundreds of millions of dollars for
11:02:59 our joint venture on the residential projects in
11:03:02 downtown, and connecting those two is vitally
11:03:06 important to the future of this city.
11:03:07 I don't see how we can separate the two.
11:03:10 And frankly, it's very challenging to me as one of the

11:03:14 largest contributors to the TIF, and how this is being
11:03:18 funded, that we haven't had any public input or public
11:03:22 notification.
11:03:22 I haven't gotten any specific notice as a property
11:03:26 owner on three of the six blocks affected on Ashley
11:03:29 for any of these discussions.
11:03:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda?
11:03:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You asked me if I have ever walked
11:03:36 Ashley.
11:03:38 I am going to ask you if you ever walked on West
11:03:40 Tampa.
11:03:40 I'm not.
11:03:41 I would say that I have walked it. In fact not only
11:03:43 have I walked it, I remember it when it wasn't Ashley
11:03:47 drive.
11:03:47 I remember when there was no convention center, when
11:03:50 there was no museum, when there was nothing there but
11:03:52 Wilson and company, meat packing company, swift and
11:03:56 company, meat packing company, Jackson grain, a grain
11:03:59 company, and rats as big as Rottweilers.
11:04:05 I remember it all.
11:04:06 Whether we made a mistake in this city history will

11:04:09 prove us right or wrong.
11:04:10 So what I am saying is, I have been around Tampa a lot
11:04:13 longer an lot but than I like to even discuss about,
11:04:16 sir, and with all due respect for you, I've walked it.
11:04:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:04:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, I am going to can Q
11:04:26 that city cable make a copy of the city comment
11:04:29 section.
11:04:30 I'm very disappointed that Mr. Daignault, Mr. Vaughan
11:04:32 and the HDR person aren't hear here to hear this.
11:04:36 I am going to ask that cable make a copy of this for
11:04:39 them so that they are able to listen to the comments
11:04:42 made among the people here.
11:04:43 Because I think it's very important to shape their
11:04:47 thinking.
11:04:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Next speaker.
11:04:53 >>> Truett Gardner, 101 South Franklin street, also
11:04:56 here not in my capacity as land use attorney but as a
11:04:59 concerned citizen and somebody that's interested in
11:05:01 downtown.
11:05:01 Mr. Miranda, I think you hit the nail on the head
11:05:03 earlier when you said there's always the struggle

11:05:06 between the automobile and the car.
11:05:09 And I think Tampa is a perfect example of that.
11:05:13 And when you have got Tampa and Florida that I think
11:05:16 should win that struggle and the cars should dominate
11:05:18 and the pedestrians should be subservient.
11:05:21 Last week my family and I drove up to south Georgia
11:05:24 and we traveled faster on Florida than when did on
11:05:26 I-75.
11:05:27 And that's a good thing.
11:05:28 We need to move people out.
11:05:30 But I think Ashley is critical not just for all the
11:05:34 people that are moving in but also for all the
11:05:36 investment the city has made.
11:05:37 If you look -- I went through the list before, but we
11:05:41 have got two pocket parks, Curtis Hixon park which
11:05:44 will be redone, the museum, the riverwalk, Performing
11:05:50 Arts Center all on the other side of Ashley.
11:05:53 And I would just say, we need to look at -- cars need
11:05:57 to be able to move through Ashley.
11:05:58 But perhaps in this instance the pedestrians should be
11:06:01 the dominant, and the moving of the cars should be the
11:06:04 subservient, especially when we have Tampa and

11:06:07 Franklin.
11:06:12 Thank you.
11:06:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:06:17 >> Heidi Shimberg 2903 Vista Drive by but here as the
11:06:26 chairman of the board of Children's Museum of Tampa,
11:06:29 the Ashley Street corridor is very important to us.
11:06:32 I am not an urban planner.
11:06:33 I am not a transportation planner.
11:06:35 But I'm a visionary.
11:06:36 And I kind of would love to take you all forward three
11:06:40 years from now and try to imagine a Friday evening
11:06:44 when the Jade is sold out and the theater is sold,
11:06:50 when the art museum is having a knew opening, when the
11:06:53 children's museum is doing their first free Friday
11:06:56 where we open free to the public and we have to get
11:06:59 all of those people into our various places.
11:07:03 So when we are considering this and moving forward and
11:07:04 we are trying to make this a pedestrian friendly area,
11:07:08 keep in mind the impact.
11:07:10 What this is going to look like in three years, and
11:07:13 the needs from SkyPoint and element, some it of the
11:07:18 other residential communities, it's entirely different

11:07:20 than what we have today.
11:07:21 And so I just ask you to make sure you consider that.
11:07:24 And then for the children of our community, I also
11:07:26 want to make sure that you realize that you are going
11:07:29 to have parents and caregivers and grandparents trying
11:07:34 to cross safely with possible a stroller or two
11:07:39 strollers and child in tow.
11:07:42 Let's make sure when they are crossing and moving down
11:07:44 that, that they are not necessarily Mr. Miranda who
11:07:47 might be able to walk it at a quick clip.
11:07:50 They are going to be with strollers, and we need to
11:07:52 keep that in mind.
11:07:53 I hope when the public workshop comes forth and
11:07:55 everyone has an opportunity to speak, that when keep
11:07:58 those things in mind.
11:07:59 Thank you for your time.
11:08:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Heidi, I had knee surgery last
11:08:11 year, actually both knees, and I remember specifically
11:08:17 at the arts center one day and crossing Ashley and it
11:08:19 was very difficult.
11:08:20 It's difficult when you are able.
11:08:21 But when I wasn't very able, in that particular month

11:08:25 or two, it was very difficult.
11:08:26 So I appreciate your comments.
11:08:28 I think we need to do a better job.
11:08:31 I don't know much about the traffic issues.
11:08:33 And now I'm speaking more to council.
11:08:35 But I do know from the money side of things, because
11:08:38 when I asked Mr. Daignault where is this money coming
11:08:40 from?
11:08:42 Basically, the only pot that they are looking at
11:08:46 theoretically now is the TIF from the downtown CRA.
11:08:50 And that's all fine add good.
11:08:53 But at the earned of the day we have to remember we
11:08:55 control the TIF and control the CRA.
11:08:58 We are the CRA.
11:08:59 So maybe before this thing gets too far along, if
11:09:03 there is tremendous public outcry at the workshop to
11:09:06 say that 6/7 lanes are not the way to go then maybe we
11:09:12 need to be will go at 4/5 lanes and a better
11:09:16 utilization, then maybe that message needs to be made
11:09:20 loud and clear, at the workshop and for us as a TIF,
11:09:23 as a CRA, and controlling the TIF to say, don't spend
11:09:27 any more money on this wider road, network, let's

11:09:33 focus more on the pedestrians.
11:09:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Shimberg hit it on the head.
11:09:42 Also there's the children's museum, arts museum,
11:09:45 public arts, the riverwalk, the amount of new
11:09:49 structures for residents in downtown.
11:09:53 Where are they going to park?
11:09:55 All this is to -- if all of this is to happen, and we
11:09:59 don't have enough parking, that's a problem that
11:10:02 really concerns me, because I don't know where they
11:10:06 are going to park.
11:10:07 If the riverwalk is to be successful and all the other
11:10:09 venues are to be successful, that I know of, give me
11:10:14 more parking.
11:10:15 If Poe garage is going to have one or two floors
11:10:18 committed to the museum, the arts museum, what happens
11:10:21 when there's an event there in the evening and there's
11:10:24 other events at the performing arts, and already
11:10:28 mentioned the children's museum, and there's 5,000
11:10:31 people maybe that want to come in and enjoy a stroll,
11:10:34 just what you said earlier, with a family and the
11:10:36 kids, or the riverwalk.
11:10:40 I don't see how they are going to park anywhere.

11:10:44 I haven't seen a plan for any parking.
11:10:46 We have been talking about different things on Ashley.
11:10:48 I agree.
11:10:51 If you look at 275, there's only one exit to downtown,
11:10:55 in the close proximity, and that is Ashley.
11:10:58 There's not another exit.
11:10:59 So it's really a combined problem and we are
11:11:03 struggling with it just like everyone else is.
11:11:06 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: With all the vision that the
11:11:08 administration has and everybody else about building
11:11:12 the downtown, I guess there's only one way to get into
11:11:15 downtown.
11:11:16 That's through Ashley.
11:11:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Tampa.
11:11:19 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Tampa street.
11:11:21 Most of is it Ashley drive.
11:11:22 So maybe it's a wild idea.
11:11:24 We might need an overpass there for pedestrians.
11:11:28 If we are going to reduce the amount of traffic coming
11:11:30 down there.
11:11:32 How are all these people going to get here?
11:11:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: In downtown now I get off the

11:11:52 Jefferson street, not on Ashley.
11:11:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:11:56 Next.
11:11:59 >>> Karen crest of the downtown Tampa partnership.
11:12:02 I know my name was mentioned earlier referencing a
11:12:04 letter that when sent.
11:12:05 I did have the pleasure of reading the memo that was
11:12:08 issued, I think in December, and we did have serious
11:12:12 concerns that seemed to focus on the vehicles, not
11:12:18 much was said about pedestrians.
11:12:22 We sent a letter over to the city administration.
11:12:25 We pointed out some concerns.
11:12:30 Reduce the number of lanes right up front.
11:12:32 We sent that letter over.
11:12:34 We did meet with the administration.
11:12:36 We do have a level of comfort that they are hearing
11:12:38 these concerns, and that the public workshop that will
11:12:41 be scheduled in June, I think, will be the next step
11:12:46 and we'll certainly get the word out to encourage
11:12:47 people to come to that.
11:12:49 I want to respond on that.
11:12:53 Thank you.

11:12:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:12:57 >>> Ellie Montague.
11:13:01 Thank you for allowing me to speak.
11:13:04 We have such little time to speak to you all.
11:13:06 I hope you will read the information we have given
11:13:08 you.
11:13:11 And don't think for one moment that there's an overlap
11:13:16 on those two grants, and there is not -- everything is
11:13:20 misread a little bit.
11:13:22 On the urban lakes, it's totally different.
11:13:24 It's more studies than anything else.
11:13:26 And it's about 4020 some odd thousand, not 800.
11:13:33 We hope you will look at the environmental issues.
11:13:35 We have tried to -- spent a lot of time to give it to
11:13:40 you and I do hope you will read it.
11:13:42 It tells you all about it.
11:13:43 And it tells you that is an environmental grant.
11:13:45 It's a congressional grant.
11:13:47 It was given to EPA by Congress, that money.
11:13:53 And it does affect everyone.
11:13:58 The city is trying to get the people to pay, and they
11:14:01 want to use that 1.3 as enticement for those people

11:14:05 that we are going to already dredge the waterway.
11:14:08 They want to dredge it but don't use the environmental
11:14:12 money and don't let the city use it as an enticement
11:14:15 to people because they are ending up paying for it all
11:14:17 anyway, and that's not really right.
11:14:20 That filtration study that was done back that the
11:14:23 city -- you dump it, you pump it.
11:14:31 That's my motto. There used to be a deal where you
11:14:34 either choose to use the 1.3 or not.
11:14:38 They are having secret meetings.
11:14:39 The city is calling them.
11:14:41 They won't meet with the homeowners.
11:14:43 They refuse us and they tell us a lie about it.
11:14:46 And then they go meet.
11:14:47 And they call the meeting.
11:14:48 15 people at a time.
11:14:49 They call them canal captains.
11:14:52 This has been going on for a long Tim.
11:14:54 I wanted to read you.
11:14:55 It says Lake Kipling is a 2.1, urban lakes money,
11:15:04 reported negatively affected by sedimentation.
11:15:07 Other stormwater pollution in this project will

11:15:09 address the water quality issues by removing said
11:15:14 empty deposits at the stormwater outfalls.
11:15:18 Those outfalls are filled three quarters of the way.
11:15:20 Great big huge pipes that bring stormwater in.
11:15:27 Installation of sediment traps will be evaluated it's
11:15:30 more study than anything else.
11:15:31 Don't think for one moment it is an overlap with the
11:15:34 1.3 that's supposed to be matched by the city with one
11:15:39 more million.
11:15:39 I hope you understand when you read all of that.
11:15:42 I hope you will call us if you need some more
11:15:44 information.
11:15:44 We would love to be able to give it to you.
11:15:46 We spent a lot of money and a lot of time.
11:15:49 We will be back in July.
11:15:50 But they want that time to get together to gather --
11:15:55 their meetings together to try to con the people into
11:15:59 paying.
11:16:00 And that's the whole thing.
11:16:01 The city doesn't want to pay to clean up the
11:16:03 siltation.
11:16:04 They want the people to clean it up.

11:16:06 You have got things that I gave you pictures of.
11:16:08 Our neighborhood is not taken care of by stormwater.
11:16:11 These are concrete stacks going out on Dundee where
11:16:15 the ill performing stump is that they put in and spent
11:16:18 all the money.
11:16:19 I personally believe, and our attorney told us the
11:16:22 same thing, there's resentment because we are
11:16:25 responsible -- that was if only way we could get some
11:16:29 action for the environmental issues is by doing that.
11:16:32 So don't let this happen to us.
11:16:34 We are trying to keep it fair for everyone.
11:16:37 It.
11:16:40 It isn't just fair view.
11:16:41 Thank you very much.
11:16:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:16:50 >>> My name is Lee shnal, 2618 south Dundee street,
11:16:57 Tampa, Florida.
11:16:58 I was a registered landscape architect.
11:17:00 I worked for the New York City Parks Department under
11:17:03 Bob Moses.
11:17:05 I know what it is about the power of county
11:17:09 commissioners, City Council people.

11:17:12 There's a lot of power, thank goodness, because you
11:17:15 listen to us.
11:17:17 I listen to the people and they are on the board, the
11:17:21 sunset homeowners association, Ellie and Wolford and
11:17:28 Anderson, the president, have done their homework.
11:17:31 And I think many other citizens along the river
11:17:37 estuary would back them because they are people like
11:17:42 you who would listen.
11:17:44 We need to use the money, where Sam Gibbons had it
11:17:47 when he requested it for what it is, for environmental
11:17:51 issue.
11:17:52 We need to do what's right.
11:17:53 And I think this gentleman here who I have heard
11:17:55 before at City Council talking about the dump.
11:17:58 If I lived in his neighborhood, I would agree with him
11:18:01 that when don't Ned to have dumps.
11:18:07 Councilmen listen to people that don't want a dump
11:18:10 next to them.
11:18:11 And we have got to have some heart in here and use our
11:18:16 common sense.
11:18:18 I'm passionate about people being listened to, and the
11:18:23 environment, gives us an opportunity to use what we

11:18:26 have already spent our money on.
11:18:30 One of the top landscape architects in New York City,
11:18:33 whatever plan they did for Ashley should at least be
11:18:37 looked for because we paid.
11:18:39 I don't think Ashley changed that much.
11:18:41 It's no longer that big beer place and that other
11:18:44 stuff that Mr. Charlie Miranda mentioned, that he
11:18:49 walks the street, because you did walk the street, and
11:18:51 I remember when I didn't even want to live here.
11:18:54 My mother said, you know, she's going to be looking
11:18:58 around.
11:18:58 When I saw the sweetness and the goodness and the
11:19:01 friendliness of the Tampa people.
11:19:11 Good luck to our citizens.
11:19:12 Thank you.
11:19:18 >>> Good morning, council members.
11:19:20 I am Kay Andrews.
11:19:21 I reside at 3512 River Grove drive and I'm also the
11:19:25 publisher of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin.
11:19:27 I was watching council on TV.
11:19:30 I had one of my employees run me down here, concerned
11:19:35 that the proposed dump that they are proposing for our

11:19:38 neighborhood.
11:19:38 I live in River Grove.
11:19:41 And I was just dumbfounded with some of your comments
11:19:45 about how beautiful this dump site actually will be.
11:19:50 We live there.
11:19:51 We will be there for a long time.
11:19:54 What happens after this administration leaves?
11:19:57 And this becomes a costly situation where it won't be
11:20:02 free anymore to drop this stuff off.
11:20:04 What are they planning on doing with the stuff when
11:20:07 they drop it off?
11:20:09 Do you need three acres to drop it off unless you are
11:20:11 going to store it there?
11:20:15 It's next door to historical Rogers Park, an
11:20:19 African-American golf course that was etched out by
11:20:23 some of ours, because that was the only place we could
11:20:29 play golf.
11:20:29 That was a dump site at one point.
11:20:31 So what are we doing?
11:20:33 Going back to the same situation.
11:20:34 Because you put a few trees, and pave it, just a
11:20:38 little bit?

11:20:40 Come on.
11:20:42 We have to live there.
11:20:44 That it's not fair.
11:20:45 We are not in the CRA.
11:20:47 We are not included in the East Tampa CRA.
11:20:51 Our community does not get any of those millions of
11:20:54 dollars.
11:20:55 So for the East Tampa partnership to come on our
11:20:58 behalf does not get it, because they have no say.
11:21:03 And none of them -- only one of them that sits on that
11:21:06 board lives near where they are proposing this.
11:21:09 We have two schools, middle school which is
11:21:15 predominantly African-American, and fox grove, and
11:21:20 they are walking schools.
11:21:21 They don't bus those kids there.
11:21:23 What they are proposing that you can drop that stuff
11:21:25 off, these children will be walking to school to and
11:21:28 from school.
11:21:30 Do you actually think that the people that are dumping
11:21:33 on these lots live in our neighborhood?
11:21:35 Come on.
11:21:36 These people keep their mattresses and their furniture

11:21:40 forever and a day.
11:21:41 They pass it on.
11:21:42 Some of you know that, because we keep our stuff for a
11:21:45 long period of time.
11:21:46 What's happening are people who are come in,
11:21:48 renovating these houses, section 8 housing, are
11:21:53 putting these renters out, are the ones that are
11:21:56 leaving this stuff on the lots.
11:21:58 They don't take it to the dump because they don't want
11:22:00 to pay to do that.
11:22:02 Give us a break.
11:22:06 We are not going to agree with this.
11:22:08 And for Mr. McCary to get up and say that some of us
11:22:12 are out here misinformed, talking about the dump site.
11:22:16 Yes, he came to talk to me about two years ago, and I
11:22:19 was adamant about it then.
11:22:22 Why are you proposing this for the black neighborhood?
11:22:26 It is not fair.
11:22:27 We have enough dumps.
11:22:28 They have put 800 new units of section 8 housing on
11:22:33 the north side of Hillsborough Avenue.
11:22:36 Give us a break.

11:22:38 We do not want this, and we are not going to agree
11:22:41 with it.
11:22:42 I don't know what else to tell you, how we have to
11:22:47 jump up and down.
11:22:49 And, yes, I will run a headline every single week.
11:22:52 I will.
11:22:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
11:22:57 Okay.
11:22:57 We will go to our articles for first reading.
11:23:00 Mrs. Saul-Sena, would you read that, please?
11:23:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move an ordinance
11:23:09 amending ordinance 2007-35 which made lawful the sale
11:23:12 of beverages containing alcohol regardless of
11:23:15 alcoholic content beer, wine and liquor 4(COP-X) for
11:23:18 consumption on premises only at or from the certain
11:23:21 lot, plot or tract of land located at 4601 and 4615
11:23:27 east Fowler Avenue and 11315 Knott north 46th
11:23:31 street, Tampa, Florida, correcting a scrivener's error
11:23:33 by substituting the correct survey, providing for
11:23:35 repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing an
11:23:37 effective date.
11:23:38 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

11:23:40 (Motion carried)
11:23:42 We go to committee reports.
11:23:43 Public safety, Mr. Scott.
11:23:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I would like to move item 7 through
11:23:48 10, please.
11:23:50 >> Second.
11:23:50 (Motion carried).
11:23:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Parks, recreation.
11:23:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move 11 through 12.
11:24:00 >> Second.
11:24:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Public works, Mr. Charlie Miranda.
11:24:03 >> Move item number 13.
11:24:04 >> Second.
11:24:04 (Motion carried).
11:24:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Finance Committee, Mr. John Dingfelder.
11:24:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In regard to item 14, I am going to
11:24:13 ask the appropriate staff to give us a written report
11:24:17 on that two weeks from now.
11:24:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
11:24:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In responding to Mr. Steenson's
11:24:24 questioned in the public sessions and also the
11:24:29 question generally about do we need F 150s or can be

11:24:34 we more environmentally conscious with more fuel
11:24:37 efficient trucks, a third group of questions.
11:24:39 And so let's move that, I guess.
11:24:45 You have a motion and second.
11:24:51 >> What are you --
11:24:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Pulling item 14:continuing for two
11:24:54 weeks, with a written response from staff.
11:24:56 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of that motion?
11:24:58 (Motion carried).
11:24:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Secondly, I move item 15.
11:25:02 >> Second.
11:25:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And require a 15-day waiver.
11:25:06 I'll move that with the motion.
11:25:07 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and waiver.
11:25:09 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
11:25:11 Opposed, Nay.
11:25:13 Building and zoning, Joseph Caetano.
11:25:17 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO:
11:25:22 >> Motion and second.
11:25:22 (Motion carried).
11:25:23 >> Transportation, Mary Mulhern.
11:25:25 >>MARY MULHERN: I move item 21 through 25.

11:25:29 >> Second.
11:25:29 (Motion carried).
11:25:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move items 26 through 36.
11:25:39 >> Motion and second.
11:25:40 (Motion carried).
11:25:41 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to items for second reading.
11:25:44 Is there anyone in the public to speak on items 37
11:25:47 through 40?
11:25:48 Would you please stand and raise your right hand?
11:25:54 Okay, we need to open those items.
11:25:56 >> So moved.
11:25:57 >> Second.
11:25:57 (Motion carried).
11:25:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Does anyone in the public want to speak
11:26:00 on item 37?
11:26:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.
11:26:03 >> Second.
11:26:04 (Motion carried).
11:26:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move an ordinance making lawful the
11:26:08 sale of beverage containing alcohol more than 1% by
11:26:12 weight and not more than 14% by weight and wines
11:26:15 regardless of alcoholic content, beer and wine,

11:26:17 2(COP-R), for consumption on the premises only in
11:26:20 connection with a restaurant business establishment at
11:26:22 or from that certain lot, plot or tract of land
11:26:24 located at 4816 and 4818 east Busch Boulevard Tampa,
11:26:29 Florida more particularly described in section 2
11:26:31 hereof waiving certain restrictions as to distance
11:26:33 based upon certain findings providing for repeal of
11:26:36 all ordinances in conflict, providing an effective
11:26:37 date.
11:26:38 >> Second.
11:26:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:26:41 Vote and record.
11:26:50 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:26:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:26:53 wants to speak on item 38?
11:26:55 >> Move to close.
11:26:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question.
11:26:58 I was not here for this item.
11:27:00 I think I was out of town.
11:27:02 Looks like it's achieve Ron station, beer and wine out
11:27:08 of a Chevron station near MLK.
11:27:10 Was there any discussion or does anybody recall why

11:27:13 there was a waiver?
11:27:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Mrs. Saul-Sena?
11:27:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is right near where the
11:27:20 hospital, they previously served beer.
11:27:23 They want to be able to serve wine.
11:27:24 I believe there is another service station like across
11:27:27 the street that also has that and that's why they
11:27:29 asked for the waiver.
11:27:30 >> So any neighborhood impact?
11:27:33 >>> Nobody showed up and spoke.
11:27:34 It's really a commercial intersection.
11:27:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to close.
11:27:38 (Motion carried).
11:27:40 >> Do you feel comfortable reading it?
11:27:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
11:27:43 Move on second reading, an ordinance repealing
11:27:47 ordinance 6272-A making lawful the sale of beverages
11:27:50 containing alcohol of more than 1% by weight and not
11:27:53 more than 14% by weight and wines regardless of
11:27:56 alcoholic content beer and wine 2(APS) in sealed
11:27:58 containers for consumption off premises only at or
11:28:00 from that certain lot plot or tract of land located at

11:28:03 2720 west Martin Luther King Boulevard, Tampa, Florida
11:28:06 as more particularly described in section 3 hereof
11:28:08 waiving certain restrictions as to distance based upon
11:28:11 certain findings providing for repeal of all
11:28:12 ordinances in conflict, providing an effective date.
11:28:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:28:17 Vote and record.
11:28:19 >>THE CLERK: Carried unanimously.
11:28:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Item 39.
11:28:24 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.
11:28:26 I have spoken with Mr. Cole, an attorney.
11:28:28 He has no objection if it's going to go forward for
11:28:30 second reading but if there were to be any questions
11:28:35 or discussion he would ask it be continued but if not
11:28:38 he's fine with it going forward.
11:28:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions on item number 9?
11:28:41 So we will go ahead with it.
11:28:43 Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on
11:28:45 item 39?
11:28:46 >> Move to close.
11:28:47 >> Second.
11:28:47 (Motion carried).

11:28:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I move ordinance upon second reading,
11:28:54 an ordinance making lawful the sale of beverages
11:28:56 containing alcohol regardless of alcoholic content
11:28:59 beer, wine and liquor 4(COP-R) for consumption on the
11:29:01 premises only in connection with a restaurant business
11:29:04 establishment on that certain lot, plot or tract of
11:29:07 land located at 9399 North Florida Avenue, Tampa,
11:29:11 Florida, as more particularly described in section 2
11:29:15 hereof, waiving certain restrictions as to distance
11:29:19 based upon certain findings, providing for repeal of
11:29:21 all ordinances in conflict, providing an effective
11:29:24 date.
11:29:25 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion an second.
11:29:26 Vote and record.
11:29:28 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:29:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:29:35 wants to speak on item 40?
11:29:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.
11:29:38 >> Second.
11:29:39 (Motion carried).
11:29:39 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance for adoption on
11:29:46 second reading, an ordinance making lawful the sale of

11:29:49 beverages containing alcohol of more than 1% by weight
11:29:52 and not more than 14% by weight and wines regardless
11:29:55 of alcoholic content beer and wine, 2(APS), in sealed
11:30:00 containers for consumption off premises only at or
11:30:03 from that certain lot, plot or tract of land located
11:30:06 at 1811 A east Fowler Avenue, Tampa, Florida as more
11:30:11 particularly described in section 2 hereof, waiving
11:30:14 certain restrictions as to distance based upon certain
11:30:17 findings, providing for repeal of all ordinances in
11:30:19 conflict, providing an effective date.
11:30:22 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
11:30:23 Vote and record.
11:30:27 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:30:31 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to information from council
11:30:32 members.
11:30:33 Mr. Caetano, do you have anything?
11:30:35 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: No, ma'am.
11:30:41 >> 41.
11:30:42 >>GWEN MILLER: We have done 41.
11:30:45 Ms. Mulhern?
11:30:46 >>MARY MULHERN: No, actually.
11:30:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I would like to add on our next agenda

11:30:52 item please a commendation, I believe I handed out
11:30:56 information regarding the event that I had an
11:30:58 opportunity to attend over the weekend that involves
11:31:00 almost 2,000 people from Canada, the Caribbean, and
11:31:03 over the nation.
11:31:07 Also, there was no coverage for this but I would like
11:31:10 them to come and give us a five-minute presentation
11:31:13 and a commendation for Nate Johnson with the
11:31:18 particular track and field event.
11:31:21 >> Motion and second.
11:31:25 (Motion carried).
11:31:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We read a lot about the airport.
11:31:32 We would like Mr. Lou Miller to come and give a
11:31:37 presentation and also present a commendation for the
11:31:40 work he's done, also to explain one of the things, the
11:31:43 two elements that they don't have control over is
11:31:47 security and baggage.
11:31:51 They were rated very high on.
11:31:52 I attached to the backup where they received excellent
11:31:55 scores, excellent ratings.
11:31:56 I would like him to come and make a five minute
11:31:58 presentation and then do a commendation.

11:32:01 >> Second.
11:32:01 (Motion carried).
11:32:05 >> What date would you like it?
11:32:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The next board meeting -- why don't I
11:32:12 have my office call him, and come next board meeting.
11:32:18 >>THE CLERK: Next Thursday?
11:32:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
11:32:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's it.
11:32:24 Thank you.
11:32:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Nothing.
11:32:27 Thank you.
11:32:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Unfortunately, mother nature is not
11:32:31 cooperating with the City of Tampa.
11:32:32 We still are getting lower and lower on the river,
11:32:36 about half a foot.
11:32:37 The reservoir has also gone down about half a foot.
11:32:40 So I'm praying for rain.
11:32:43 Please conserve.
11:32:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:32:47 Two things.
11:32:47 I think you.
11:32:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think you all received a request

11:32:53 from the apartment owners association when we look at
11:32:56 our pedophile ordinance that we remove the requirement
11:32:59 that the landlords screen all potential tenants for
11:33:02 having any kind of jail history, prison history,
11:33:07 conviction history.
11:33:08 They felt they, the apartment owners, feel that's an
11:33:11 undue burden being placed on them.
11:33:14 I'll make a copy of it and maybe discuss it next week.
11:33:17 And see if we want to direct legal to remove that from
11:33:20 the pedophile ordinance which is come back to us in
11:33:22 two weeks.
11:33:23 They just felt that they as landlords shouldn't have
11:33:26 to do that kind of research.
11:33:29 I share that with you all.
11:33:31 Secondly at our meeting yesterday, or Tuesday, rather,
11:33:34 we discussed that chapter 27 is coming back to us, and
11:33:37 we discussed having a special discussion meeting on 27
11:33:40 and speeding up our process.
11:33:43 Next Wednesday at noon.
11:33:45 So I would like to make a motion that we have a
11:33:47 special discussion meeting next Wednesday at noon in
11:33:49 the Mascotte room to talk about chapter 27, and you

11:33:55 all remember Tuesday we discussed that, and how to get
11:33:58 our continuances to be more -- how to just improve the
11:34:03 process.
11:34:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I thought we would talk about our
11:34:08 recommendations made by Julia Cole.
11:34:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes, and I think it was on the last
11:34:14 page of the report.
11:34:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I thought that was the issue we were
11:34:17 going to discuss.
11:34:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think both.
11:34:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Question on the motion?
11:34:24 Mr. Dingfelder?
11:34:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm going to make a generic
11:34:27 statement.
11:34:29 I'll support the motion, and I can do these off-day
11:34:37 meetings if they are at lunch.
11:34:38 But if we start having lots of Tuesday or Wednesday
11:34:40 meetings, you can expect me not to necessarily be
11:34:44 there.
11:34:46 Not for lack of interest but for lack of time.
11:34:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's why we are having it at
11:34:51 lunch.

11:34:52 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
11:34:53 I did want to inform council that in talking about
11:34:55 this with Cathy Coyle, she will not actually be hear,
11:34:59 she will be in Orlando attending a conference.
11:35:01 So she won't be able to be in attendance.
11:35:04 I will be able to be in attendance.
11:35:05 But I just wanted to give that information ahead of
11:35:07 time.
11:35:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:35:09 So she won't be here, do you want to change the date?
11:35:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, I'll keep the date.
11:35:14 We'll have Julia Cole there.
11:35:16 She's more than adequate.
11:35:17 (Motion carried).
11:35:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Lastly, I pass a -- around to you
11:35:22 all something about the estuary program and the Tampa
11:35:26 Bay estuary program has done a great deal to improve
11:35:28 the quality of Tampa Bay.
11:35:30 And I think it's important that we recognize their
11:35:32 role.
11:35:33 They get funding from the state.
11:35:35 They also get funding from the different communities.

11:35:38 Our contribution has stayed statics for -- static for
11:35:42 probably eight years.
11:35:43 And I now it's going to be a tough budget year but I
11:35:46 think that we get many benefits from being partners
11:35:49 with them.
11:35:50 And I believe when we look at our budget I would love
11:35:54 to consider perhaps -- certainly not cutting but
11:35:57 possibly increasing what we give to them. Anyway,
11:35:59 this is for your information, great program.
11:36:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Miller cannot be with us until
11:36:09 June 21st so I will ask that it be placed on June
11:36:13 21st.
11:36:13 (Motion carried).
11:36:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:36:16 would like to speak?
11:36:19 Okay.
11:36:22 Notice is hereby given that Tampa City Council is
11:36:24 going to a closed session pursuant to section 286.008,
11:36:29 Florida statutes, for approximately one hour.
11:36:31 The meeting will convene in the City Council chambers.
11:36:35 It will be moved to the conference room on the 8th
11:36:37 floor of City Hall for the closed session.

11:36:39 The council will discuss settlement negotiations on
11:36:43 strategy session and related to litigation
11:36:44 expenditures for the case of the City of Tampa versus
11:36:47 City National Bank of Florida, Citivest Construction
11:36:52 Corp. case number 2D061383, Second District Court of
11:36:57 Appeals. The meeting will be attended by City Council
11:37:00 chair Gwen Miller, council member Mary Mulhern, Linda
11:37:04 Saul-Sena, John Dingfelder, Thomas Scott, Charlie
11:37:07 Miranda, Joseph Caetano, David Smith, city attorney,
11:37:12 Marty Shelby, City Council attorney, Jerry Derwich,
11:37:21 Donna Wysong, and Rebecca Kert, assistant city
11:37:25 attorney.
11:37:26 Following closed session City Council will reconvene
11:37:28 in open session in City Council chambers so the chair
11:37:30 can announce termination of the closed session, and
11:37:33 the council take any action deemed necessary.
11:37:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just for clarification pursuant to
11:37:39 section 286.011, subsection 8.
11:37:45 >>GWEN MILLER: So we will now be in recess until --
11:37:49 reconvene back in one hour.
11:37:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Or whenever.
11:37:53 (City Council recess)

12:44:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Pursuant to section 286.011 (8)
12:44:21 Florida statutes, the closed session to discuss City
12:44:22 of Tampa vs. City National Bank of Florida and
12:44:27 Citivest Construction Corp. Case number D-2 D061383
12:44:31 is hereby terminated.
12:44:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: A reminder to council that at 1:30
12:44:38 there will be a special discussion meeting in the
12:44:40 Mascotte room conducted by the Planning Commission
12:44:42 relative to growth management.
12:44:46 >>GWEN MILLER: We now stand adjourned.
12:44:49 (Meeting adjourned)