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Tampa City Council meeting
Thursday, June 21, 2007
9:00 a.m. Session

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09:09:35 [Sounding gavel]
09:09:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
09:09:37 The chair will yield to Mr. John Dingfelder.
09:09:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:09:41 It's my pleasure for this morning's invocation to
09:09:44 introduce Mona, a high school student, joined here by
09:09:51 her mother, as well as her guidance counselor Marcie
09:09:58 lever from Tampa Bay tech.
09:10:00 Let me tell but Mona.
09:10:02 We got a Mona just graduated from Tampa Bay tech, a
09:10:11 fine school in the city, planning on attending the
09:10:14 University of South Florida and pursuing nursing and
09:10:16 surgery.
09:10:17 And she loves basketball and volleyball and she also
09:10:21 loves -- volleyball and loves animals and cares for
09:10:24 them greatly.
09:10:25 It's my honor to present Mona who will give the
09:10:28 invocation.
09:10:30 Remain standing for the pledge of allegiance.
09:10:32 >>> In the name of God, the magnificent.
09:10:36 Hello everyone and good morning.
09:10:38 I would like to thank God for bringing us here on such
09:10:41 a beautiful day on such an occasion.
09:10:44 I thank him for giving us the good health we have for
09:10:48 bringing us here, something we take for granted every
09:10:53 day.
09:10:53 Let us begin our prayer.
09:10:57 All powerful creator, hear our prayer.
09:11:01 It is you that grants us life that you can you can
09:11:04 take.

09:11:04 It is only you that we fear and to you we are forever
09:11:08 grateful.
09:11:08 To you we turn for guidance.
09:11:10 For you are the all knowing, the all hearing, the all
09:11:13 seeing and the life.
09:11:15 Give us wisdom.
09:11:19 And help keep us from mischief.
09:11:25 Help us recognize our mistakes as we present them.
09:11:29 Give us light among the darkness that we face and
09:11:32 strength to the obstacles we face.
09:11:35 Keep us from the grief we may have but be of value.
09:11:46 We offer our prayers to you and praise for others.
09:11:49 We want to share what we give whether it is in the
09:11:52 physical or emotional manner.
09:11:54 And for the good that we do, even though the action
09:11:57 may not be noticed or rewarded by others, for it is
09:12:01 you who is the all seeings, all knowing.
09:12:04 Almighty God, to you everything in the heavens and
09:12:08 earths belong and whatever we take action upon what is
09:12:12 in our minds.
09:12:15 You forgive those who you please to forget and punish
09:12:18 those who you please to punish for you are the all

09:12:22 powerful.
09:12:22 Our great light, help us with the burden that you
09:12:28 place on us, which is no more than the soul can bear
09:12:40 Let us keep us from being lost.
09:12:47 Creator, let us balance forgiveness.
09:12:50 Have mercy on us.
09:12:52 You are our protector.
09:12:53 And finally, Lord, unite us for only with unity will
09:12:58 we have power and only with unity will we truly be
09:13:01 considered to live in not but one world.
09:13:04 Amen.
09:13:04 Thank you everyone.
09:13:05 Have a great day.
09:13:07 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
09:13:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:13:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:13:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:13:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
09:13:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:13:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
09:13:29 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:13:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:13:31 At this time we have to do a commendation for Officer
09:13:36 of the Month.
09:13:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'm going to ask the chief now if he
09:13:57 would come forward.
09:13:58 >>GWEN MILLER: He's behind you.
09:14:11 >>> Thank you very much.
09:14:11 Once again we do appreciate -- when I say we, I speak
09:14:14 for the police department.
09:14:16 The recognition of the Officer of the Month every
09:14:18 year, or every month by council, and I would like to
09:14:21 say thank you on behalf of all the police department
09:14:24 for this recognition.
09:14:27 This month in June 2007 we are particularly pleased to
09:14:31 announce officer Marilyn Lee, a 25 year veteran of the
09:14:44 police department.
09:14:44 She's done many things over the course of her career,
09:14:48 and in fact this -- most police officers of the
09:14:52 police, in fact a vast majority, the very small
09:14:55 minority is recognized as Officer of the Month during
09:14:58 their career. This is the second time that Marilyn
09:15:00 has been recognized for this honor.
09:15:01 So this tells you her work ethic and the kind of

09:15:04 things that she does for us.
09:15:06 What we are recognizing her for here today is an
09:15:10 investigation that she did in the Grant Park Highland
09:15:13 pines area.
09:15:14 We had a particular problem in that area with a gang
09:15:19 called the young gods that was essentially just a
09:15:23 criminal enterprise centered around narcotics sales.
09:15:27 And Marilyn went into that area alone and made
09:15:34 numerous narcotics purchases, but she went well beyond
09:15:38 that.
09:15:38 She essentially infiltrated the organization by
09:15:42 winning their trust and purchasing so many drugs from
09:15:50 them they thought she was one of them in fact it makes
09:15:54 me a little nervous how well she did.
09:15:56 [ Laughter ]
09:15:57 But she has a unique ability to work undercover, and
09:16:02 it takes a unique ability.
09:16:04 Most police officers are not that good at it, because
09:16:08 they are a little stiff and they can't relate too well
09:16:10 to the people that are selling drugs.
09:16:13 But Marilyn has a way of getting in.
09:16:16 And she did that in Highland pines.

09:16:19 And not only was it a particularly successful
09:16:23 investigation which resulted in the arrest of 22
09:16:27 people for selling narcotics, but it completely
09:16:29 changed the complexion of that neighborhood when we
09:16:32 did that roundup and took that gang out of there, and
09:16:36 even to this day they are still completely disrupted.
09:16:38 And it kind of gave the neighborhood back.
09:16:41 And it was the gang unit that did it as an
09:16:46 organization.
09:16:46 But somebody always has to lead that investigation and
09:16:49 Marilyn Lee is the person who took the lead, did the
09:16:53 lion's share of the undercover work, and made that
09:16:56 happen.
09:16:56 So it is my pleasure to announce Marilyn Lee as our
09:16:59 Officer of the Month for June 2007.
09:17:05 [ Applause ]
09:17:12 So on behalf.
09:17:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So on behalf of the Tampa City
09:17:17 Council, chairwoman Gwen Miller, we would like to
09:17:21 present with you this commendation, Marilyn Lee, and a
09:17:26 lot of the information the chief covered is in this
09:17:29 commendation.

09:17:30 I want to add two heros.
09:17:33 Public safety is so important to every community and
09:17:36 particularly to this community.
09:17:38 Every day these people who are protecting us,
09:17:41 firefighters and police, are putting their lives on
09:17:43 the line.
09:17:44 And that takes a lot of courage.
09:17:47 For that we are very grateful and very appreciative of
09:17:50 that.
09:17:50 Thank you for what you have done not only for the City
09:17:56 Council but for the entire community.
09:17:58 We would like to present you with this commendation
09:18:00 presented to Marilyn Lee.
09:18:02 [ Applause ]
09:18:15 >>> My name is Tony, on behalf of Tampa's Lowry Park
09:18:20 Zoo, would like to invite Marilyn to come and enjoy a
09:18:24 day at Lowry Park.
09:18:31 >> Diane Martin, representing Bill Currie Ford.
09:18:35 On behalf of Bill Currie Ford and all of its
09:18:38 employees, we would like to present with you this
09:18:40 watch.
09:18:46 >>> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing.

09:18:50 On behalf of Stepp's towing service and Jim and Judy
09:18:56 Stepp we would like to thank you for what you do for
09:18:58 us and present a statue of our appreciation,
09:19:07 [ Applause ]
09:19:14 >>STEVE MICHELINI: I'm here on behalf of a variety of
09:19:16 different folks who would like to honor you.
09:19:18 The first is Bryn Allen studios to present you with a
09:19:24 certificate for your portrait for you and your family
09:19:26 and you can schedule that at any time you like.
09:19:29 On behalf of the Hillsborough County towing
09:19:31 association we would like to provide you with a $50
09:19:33 gift certificate to your choice of Carabbas or Outback
09:19:36 steak house.
09:19:37 On behalf of Bern's steak house, David laxer and list
09:19:43 development company will provide with you a $100 gift
09:19:47 certificate to Bern's steak house.
09:19:49 Enjoy yourself there.
09:19:50 One of the things that we sometimes forget is that
09:19:52 these folks sometimes put their lives on the line
09:19:54 every day.
09:19:55 Just recently we obviously had a loss in the
09:19:58 brotherhood of firefighters in South Carolina, and

09:20:01 certainly they ought to be recognized with a moment of
09:20:03 silence in their honor and for all the men and women
09:20:06 who serve us in the public sector.
09:20:08 (moment of silence)
09:20:11 Thank you.
09:20:13 [ Applause ]
09:20:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Now we will have major McNamara to
09:20:23 come and make remarks on her behalf.
09:20:25 As you know, we don't want to reveal that on camera.
09:20:32 Major?
09:20:33 >> Good morning.
09:20:33 George McNamara, criminal investigations, Tampa
09:20:36 police.
09:20:38 We can't allow officer Lee, for obvious reasons, to
09:20:40 come stand before you, but she's very humbled, very
09:20:43 honored to be here today as a recipient for this
09:20:45 prestigious award.
09:20:47 Let me say that her actions, like the chief said,
09:20:51 aren't just in this investigation.
09:20:52 She's continuing operations and working not just with
09:20:54 our agency but also with the Hillsborough County
09:20:56 sheriff's office.

09:20:58 The chief has said many times, we don't take gangs
09:21:03 lightly.
09:21:03 We are going to do what we have got to do within the
09:21:05 city and county to disrupt them.
09:21:07 She's certainly an integral part of that.
09:21:09 She also received praise and recognition from the
09:21:11 Hillsborough County state attorney's office on this
09:21:13 investigation.
09:21:14 Of the 22 individuals who we charged, over 55 felony
09:21:20 charges, the majority have already pled guilty so
09:21:22 that's a great credit to her work.
09:21:23 And she thanks you for your recognition and time.
09:21:26 Thank you again.
09:21:28 [ Applause ]
09:21:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That you, Madam Chairman. That
09:21:41 concludes our presentation.
09:21:43 >>GWEN MILLER: At this time Ms. Saul-Sena has a
09:21:46 commendation.
09:21:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: would you come forward?
09:21:51 We are going to 23 on our agenda which is the
09:21:53 recognition of Alan Wright for the Hillsborough River
09:21:57 Blueway and I'll join you there.

09:22:19 And Alan Wright should come up also.
09:22:24 Then morning we have a special, special recognition.
09:22:28 And this was initiated by Sally Thompson.
09:22:31 You are the chairman of the river board?
09:22:37 >>> Of the city greenways committee.
09:22:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And I'm chair of parks and rec so
09:22:45 that's why we are here to invite Alan front and
09:22:48 center.
09:22:49 Many people have done work on behalf of the
09:22:53 Hillsborough River.
09:22:54 Many of them are in the audience today to recognize
09:22:57 them because of everyone who put in time, energy,
09:23:00 love, and years and years of dedication.
09:23:02 Alan Wright is that person.
09:23:04 It is such a thrill today to recognize Alan Wright as
09:23:08 the recipient of the first --
09:23:14 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Hold it higher, Linda.
09:23:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The Hillsborough blueway.
09:23:22 You heard of greenways.
09:23:24 Blueways are water versions of trails for people who
09:23:27 go out on the river and in the bay and they are
09:23:29 blueways.

09:23:31 This is our first-ever annual recognition of a
09:23:37 blueway, and no one is more deserving than Alan
09:23:41 Wright.
09:23:42 [ Applause ]
09:23:51 >> Alan has been known as Mr. River for how many
09:23:53 years?
09:23:54 At least 20.
09:23:55 He has been there helping the river in whatever way he
09:23:58 could just for so long.
09:24:01 He makes sure that we are all straight, whether it's
09:24:04 the public sector, whether it's the private sector.
09:24:07 He's been an advocate for the river like nobody else
09:24:10 in this community.
09:24:11 So thank you, Alan, very much
09:24:22 >> I'm getting to that age where I need my notes.
09:24:24 >> And your glasses.
09:24:25 >> Yes, and my glasses.
09:24:27 Good morning council, Chairman Miller.
09:24:28 My name is Alan Wright, Planning Commission staff to
09:24:31 the Hillsborough River planning board technical
09:24:34 advisory council.
09:24:35 Because of this long-term planning effort by the

09:24:38 Planning Commission, out standing recreation and
09:24:43 economic opportunities on the Hillsborough River
09:24:45 become a reality.
09:24:46 Because of continued community support of the blueway
09:24:50 and becoming a model blew way system.
09:24:53 In 19 -- blueway system.
09:24:59 Were included with exception of one, the Hillsborough
09:25:01 River.
09:25:03 The site was discovered in 1994 and with the support
09:25:06 of the river board and TAC, staff initiated the
09:25:09 application process to add the Hillsborough River to
09:25:11 the state canoe system.
09:25:14 Adding a trail had never been done before in time to
09:25:16 coordinate local support by the state's criteria. One
09:25:21 public hearing was held in Tampa in 1995. The
09:25:24 application for designation was deemed complete and
09:25:28 the Hillsborough River was added to a canoe trail
09:25:31 system.
09:25:31 This inclusion benefited the river immediately by
09:25:35 being noted in all state recollection nation
09:25:37 information pertaining to waterway recognition systems
09:25:40 from that time forward.

09:25:42 This designation did not come without a long-term
09:25:45 commitment at the local level.
09:25:47 Local jurisdictions supporting the designation agreed
09:25:50 to bring the actual trail to life with facilities,
09:25:54 trail markers, maintenance and the provision of
09:25:57 information and educational material.
09:25:59 Today, I'm happy to report to you that your staff of
09:26:03 the Tampa Parks and Recreation Department primarily
09:26:06 under Mary Helen Duke in conjunction with the
09:26:10 Hillsborough County parks and recreation and
09:26:11 conservation department primarily under ... has more
09:26:18 than met the tasks.
09:26:19 In fact the new web site in the greater Tampa area is
09:26:22 nearly ready to be launched, and bring higher public
09:26:25 visibility than ever before.
09:26:27 My involvement of the Tampa greenways and trails and
09:26:33 blueways has been due to the fine folks associated
09:26:35 with this development.
09:26:36 And thanks to those who dipped their paddles into the
09:26:40 Hillsborough River exploring the community from
09:26:42 another perspective and sharing in the wonder of its
09:26:45 nature.

09:26:46 They too are to be commended for their endurance to
09:26:48 seeing this blueway become a reality, a
09:26:51 community-based asset that will continue to encourage
09:26:56 us to respect nature and the river and others for the
09:27:00 years to come.
09:27:03 [ Applause ]
09:27:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: All of you river advocates or
09:27:26 Planning Commission, fellow staff members with Alan
09:27:28 who have come here to recognize his work today, this
09:27:31 is very special.
09:27:33 Thank you.
09:27:37 This is in fact a simile of the marker which will be
09:27:41 installed at the blueway in Sulphur Springs.
09:27:44 Is there anybody else who would like to come up and
09:27:46 say a few words?
09:27:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. John Dingfelder.
09:27:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Linda and staff, and Karen Palus
09:27:54 from parks and rec and a lot of other supportive
09:27:57 people, and Alan, as the city's representative on the
09:28:02 Hillsborough River board, it's been my honor and
09:28:05 pleasure to work with you, and to keep working with
09:28:09 you hopefully the next four years, and you are just so

09:28:12 loyal and dedicated to one cause, and that's the
09:28:17 river.
09:28:17 And I know you have been at this for decades.
09:28:22 And we really appreciate all your hard work.
09:28:25 And this is just a small token of our appreciation.
09:28:30 Thank you.
09:28:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you all for coming today.
09:28:37 [ Applause ]
09:28:39 >> Now a presentation by Ms. Mary Mulhern.
09:28:47 >>MARY MULHERN: I would just like to introduce Melissa
09:28:49 Meehan who I had the good fortune of giving a
09:28:56 presentation for her organization, which is the
09:28:58 southern alliance for clean energy, which is promoting
09:29:02 energy usage and the whole -- actually maybe the whole
09:29:10 southeast region.
09:29:10 It was very impressive.
09:29:12 The thing that was most impressive about it was she
09:29:14 had a lot of solutions.
09:29:17 I know that we are hearing about global warming in
09:29:20 scary terms, and it is scary.
09:29:22 But this organization, and Melissa especially has some
09:29:26 great ideas, great regional local, state solutions

09:29:30 that we can approach.
09:29:32 And since this administration, this council, has made
09:29:35 a real commitment to not only green building but
09:29:39 energy efficiency in doing everything we can in that
09:29:42 area, I asked Melissa to come and share this with us.
09:29:46 She has five minutes so it's going to be kind of an
09:29:49 abbreviated version of way saw.
09:29:51 But they are a fantastic resource for everyone in the
09:29:55 area who wants to know what we can do in the energy
09:29:58 efficiency area.
09:30:00 Thanks.
09:30:02 >> Melissa MEEHAN: Is my PowerPoint accessible?
09:30:06 Can that be brought up?
09:30:08 >>GWEN MILLER: It will be part of your presentation.
09:30:11 You have five minutes.
09:30:12 >> And I do use my computer to bring it up?
09:30:14 >> No.
09:30:15 It's on already.
09:30:17 >> Oh, okay, great.
09:30:20 Thank you very much, Mary, for inviting me to be here,
09:30:23 commissioner Mulhern.
09:30:25 As you mentioned, I'm Melissa Meehan, Southern

09:30:29 Alliance for Clean Energy, a regional nonprofit,
09:30:32 nonpartisan energy advocacy group, clean energy
09:30:39 solution.
09:30:43 I only have five minutes.
09:30:45 I am not going to talk too much about the warming.
09:30:47 Next slide, please.
09:30:48 Do I change the slide?
09:30:51 How do I do that?
09:30:55 >>GWEN MILLER: It changed already.
09:31:00 >> I quantity to make it very clear that there is
09:31:03 broad scientific consensus that global warming is
09:31:06 real, it's caused by man and we need to do something
09:31:09 about it.
09:31:10 There have been major academic bodies that have put
09:31:13 out very strong statements about the causes and effect
09:31:16 of global warming.
09:31:19 You have the national academy of sciences.
09:31:21 This was by the bush white house as the golden
09:31:25 standard in scientific academic review and saying not
09:31:28 only is the scientific understanding much global
09:31:30 warming clear, but it's clear enough to warrant action
09:31:35 now, that we need to start taking action now to reduce

09:31:38 the problems of global warming.
09:31:39 You also have the intergovernmental panel on climate
09:31:43 change.
09:31:44 This is a group of 2000 scientists from 100 countries,
09:31:50 a group that gets together every four or five years
09:31:52 and issues a statement. The most recent statement was
09:31:54 very strong saying not only is global warming real,
09:31:58 it's caused by man, but the changes we are seeing
09:32:00 today, the things that are occurring today are very
09:32:05 likely part of that global warming trend.
09:32:09 So it's very important that we all address this issue,
09:32:13 acknowledge this issue and start to take action.
09:32:15 Next slide, please.
09:32:20 So what if we don't do anything about this problem?
09:32:25 What if we just continue on with business as usual, we
09:32:28 don't address the problem?
09:32:30 And what will Florida look like in 100 years?
09:32:33 You have all heard projections of ice caps melting but
09:32:37 what does this mean to the State of Florida?
09:32:39 Well, Steven Mulky, who is the chief scientific
09:32:43 advisor for the Florida century commission, he issued
09:32:44 a study with the institute of alternative futures what

09:32:50 would happen with Florida. You can see some of the
09:32:51 impacts here.
09:32:51 I don't have time to go through all of them, but you
09:32:55 will need to build seawalls around coastal cities like
09:32:58 Tampa and Miami.
09:32:59 I want you to think about how much will that cost to
09:33:02 build a sea wall around Miami?
09:33:04 Also, you will have lots of beach front property, you
09:33:08 will have major homes with insurance -- I think we all
09:33:11 know insurance is a problem, and it's probably going
09:33:16 to get worse with the impact of global warming.
09:33:19 You will also have leaching, and these are serious
09:33:28 problems that we need to address now.
09:33:30 So I wanted to submit to you some potential solutions.
09:33:34 Next slide, please.
09:33:36 The great news is that cities are taking action.
09:33:41 I would like to commend Mayor Iorio for taking the
09:33:44 first step.
09:33:45 She signed the U.S. mayor's climate protection
09:33:48 agreement which says that cities will take action to
09:33:50 reduce emission.
09:33:51 And I understand that you are well underway in

09:33:54 starting to reduce those emissions, specifically I
09:33:57 understand that you are purchasing hybrids.
09:33:59 I think that's fantastic.
09:34:00 You are looking to buy diesel.
09:34:04 You are looking at ultra low sulfur diesel.
09:34:09 These are great ideas.
09:34:10 Way would like to submit to you, if I may, I have some
09:34:15 documents I would like to submit for the record:
09:34:25 I would submit for your consideration a few simple
09:34:28 things that you can do to save energy and save money.
09:34:31 And this will also help protect the climate.
09:34:34 Because when we reduce our energy bills we also reduce
09:34:37 the amount of global warming solution that goes into
09:34:39 the air.
09:34:40 For things like LED traffic lights.
09:34:43 This is to consider, for example, in Denver, Colorado,
09:34:49 by switching to LED traffic lights, they were able to
09:34:52 save $800,000 a year.
09:34:55 Also in New Jersey, by switching 40 intersections to
09:35:00 LED traffic lights which are just more efficient
09:35:02 traffic lights, they save $65,000 a year.
09:35:05 So there's really potential savings.

09:35:08 And I understand that you are all going to have to
09:35:10 deal with the property tax reform that is happening.
09:35:14 You are probably looking at budget cuts.
09:35:16 And I'm sure that's a huge challenge.
09:35:21 And I encourage you to consider investigating now in
09:35:25 energy efficiency that will pay off in the future and
09:35:28 reduce electricity bills.
09:35:30 There are lots of other things that you can do.
09:35:32 For example, L.E.D. exit signs in building.
09:35:39 The signs that are here are traditional incandescent
09:35:42 lights.
09:35:42 If you switch to L.E.D.'s which are smaller lights and
09:35:47 more efficient, you save on electricity bills.
09:35:50 Just smaller things like that you can begin to take
09:35:52 these steps.
09:35:53 This guideline is for you which I would love to share
09:35:55 with you.
09:35:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Hand it to Mr. Caetano.
09:35:58 Thank you.
09:35:59 We appreciate it.
09:36:00 Thank you.
09:36:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thanks so much for coming.

09:36:06 >>GWEN MILLER: At this time Mr. Scott has a
09:36:10 commendation for Lewis Miller.
09:36:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We invited Mr. Miller to come and make
09:36:15 a brief presentation.
09:36:18 We invited him because he is the Executive Director
09:36:21 for the aviation authority airport, and we have one of
09:36:29 the best airports in the country, in the nation.
09:36:34 And so I invited Mr. Miller to come.
09:36:37 And we will give him a commendation.
09:36:43 >>> Louis Miller: We miss you on our board, Reverend
09:36:45 Scott.
09:36:46 He was very involved, very actively participated in
09:36:48 what we did for five years, which is really great.
09:36:51 So we appreciate your being here.
09:36:53 We do have a PowerPoint that's going to come up.
09:36:57 I won't take very long.
09:36:59 We actually -- two separate independent surveys were
09:37:04 done by outside objective agencies, not by us but done
09:37:10 by the airlines.
09:37:12 This is done by John mark survey and they go out to
09:37:15 the airport and survey the customers in, this case
09:37:17 over 30 airports participate.

09:37:19 The survey distribution occurs approximately 3 days a
09:37:23 month so year round they come up every three years,
09:37:27 they rate their airports from one through five, one
09:37:30 being four, five being excellent.
09:37:32 And the response rate is incredible at 10 to 20% of
09:37:36 the number of people that received surveys.
09:37:38 So if you look at this -- and it's very hard to see --
09:37:41 but if you look, Tampa International Airport rates in
09:37:45 overall satisfaction at 4.3.
09:37:47 4.36 to be precise on a scale of 1 to 5, which is
09:37:52 10.3% higher than the national average.
09:37:55 When you go to each one, availability of parking, cost
09:37:58 of parking, clearness to follow signs, this is what
09:38:02 the customers like to see, cleanliness, actually the
09:38:05 highest is in cleanliness at 4.31, which is very, very
09:38:09 important because the customer expects they want to
09:38:11 see clean restrooms, clean facilities when they go
09:38:14 through.
09:38:14 So we work very hard to do this.
09:38:16 The most amazing numbers down at the bottom shows
09:38:20 3,000 people responded to the survey last year.
09:38:22 So you actually get people responding and coming back.

09:38:26 The next one I will go through quickly.
09:38:28 This is kind of the overall satisfaction of the
09:38:30 airport.
09:38:31 Right between 4.3 and 4.5 on a scale of 1-5.
09:38:37 At the bottom shows what the average is about peer
09:38:42 airports across the country.
09:38:43 We continue to do well because we have employ that's
09:38:46 work very hard.
09:38:47 This shows parking, cost of parking.
09:38:50 I won't get into details on that but Tampa has some of
09:38:52 the most convenient parking of any airport in the
09:38:54 country.
09:38:55 And we give our customers four choices.
09:38:58 They can come to the airport and park economy parking,
09:39:02 which is the garage we just opened, least expensive
09:39:05 parking lot.
09:39:05 We are the only airport in the country that has
09:39:08 economy parking actually in a covered garage.
09:39:10 Your next choice is long-term parking 250 feet across
09:39:12 the street from the terminal building, very
09:39:15 convenient.
09:39:15 If you want to park short term parking you park on the

09:39:18 roof of the garage.
09:39:20 Get in the escalator and come down.
09:39:23 Then we want the highest level of service, valet
09:39:26 parking.
09:39:27 The customers want a choice and I think that's what's
09:39:29 important for customers.
09:39:30 Cleanliness and signage, I talked about those.
09:39:33 Very important people come to the airport for the
09:39:35 first time trying to get around, have to have clearly
09:39:38 easy to follow signs.
09:39:40 I think that's another one we stress with our
09:39:42 employees to keep customers happy.
09:39:44 Concessions and restrooms.
09:39:47 The concession area, the restroom you see is very
09:39:50 high.
09:39:50 The concession area is a little lower.
09:39:52 That's the area we are going to be working on.
09:39:55 I got another chart to show you, to try to improve the
09:39:58 quality of the concession facilities both food and
09:40:02 beverage concessions and merchandise concessions.
09:40:05 So they are also important to the customer.
09:40:08 Transportation to the departure gates.

09:40:10 I think Tampa international has some of the finest
09:40:12 systems to get you from the terminal to the gate.
09:40:15 You are right out on the airport people movers system,
09:40:20 automated people mover system.
09:40:22 By the way, that has a 99.4% reliability.
09:40:28 We spend a lot of time to make sure it's working all
09:40:31 the time.
09:40:31 There are times something could go down and people
09:40:33 would have to walk but that's really, really rare.
09:40:36 That's another important one.
09:40:37 And the last one I want to show you.
09:40:39 This is a separate survey, another survey done by the
09:40:42 airlines.
09:40:42 And they actually come out and do this every six
09:40:45 months and they have done this now for the last
09:40:47 actually for ten years, for four years worth.
09:40:53 Again it shows where Tampa, an overall satisfaction is
09:40:56 4.25 on a scale of 1 to 5 which is 18.6 higher than
09:41:01 the national average.
09:41:03 And they have even broken down regionally and
09:41:07 geographically where the airports are located on that
09:41:09 schedule.

09:41:10 Here again, the cleanliness is one that's really,
09:41:12 really important to us.
09:41:14 Important to our customers.
09:41:16 With 16% above the national average and actually the
09:41:19 highest rated in this area.
09:41:21 We have taken provisions, for example, clean restrooms
09:41:25 as you all agree is the most important thing you are
09:41:27 going to have.
09:41:28 If the rest aren't clean it's in bad shape.
09:41:34 So we have gone so far with the janitorial
09:41:37 contractors.
09:41:38 That's a premium job.
09:41:39 They get paid a higher hourly rate.
09:41:42 They are in to do that to make sure they maintain the
09:41:45 commerce the satisfaction they need.
09:41:46 So these are small things that you can do to make it
09:41:49 work.
09:41:50 And I know, with the Reverend Scott sitting on the
09:41:54 board for five years, helped us develop a lot of they
09:41:57 policies and procedures. Anyway, I appreciate the
09:41:59 opportunity to be here today. We are not one that is
09:42:01 like to talk a lot about how we do things.

09:42:03 We like to do a good job and show people but this is
09:42:06 really a thrill for me.
09:42:09 Thank you very much.
09:42:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Miller, for your
09:42:19 presentation.
09:42:20 On behalf of the City Council, I would like to present
09:42:24 you with this commendation from Tampa City Council.
09:42:28 You have done an out standing job.
09:42:31 Been there since July 1996.
09:42:34 And course this outlines a lot of your
09:42:36 accomplishments.
09:42:37 I had the privilege of working with you for five
09:42:39 years.
09:42:40 And I have learned that you really get to know people.
09:42:43 You work with them.
09:42:47 By working with you over the five years you have done
09:42:49 an out standing job not only at the airport but at
09:42:51 this community and all other boards you serve on.
09:42:53 I sincerely appreciate the job that you are doing.
09:42:55 And I want to present this to you.
09:42:59 I'm sure you have plenty.
09:43:02 This is for your collection.

09:43:05 >>> It means a lot.
09:43:06 Thank you very much.
09:43:06 [ Applause ]
09:43:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I had the pleasure of working with
09:43:14 you for many years on the MPO and I am so proud of
09:43:18 Tampa International Airport.
09:43:19 It was a terrific airport before you came to Tampa and
09:43:22 it's become even more excellent.
09:43:25 It's a source of pride to our community.
09:43:27 We are known nationally and internationally as an
09:43:29 excellent airport.
09:43:31 It sets the tone when people come to our community
09:43:34 that they have high expectations of excellence and
09:43:37 beauty.
09:43:38 I really think that air side C is a most beautiful
09:43:41 terminal.
09:43:42 Congratulations.
09:43:42 Thank you for what you give our community.
09:43:46 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go to item 4.
09:43:50 Mr. Carlos LaCasa.
09:43:55 >> Good morning.
09:43:58 Carlos LaCasa, Miami, Florida, member of the Ruden

09:44:02 McClosky law firm.
09:44:06 Many of you know my colleague Steve Anderson.
09:44:09 I am just here to introduce myself as a member of the
09:44:12 taxation and budget reform commission.
09:44:14 I have the privilege of serving with senator Les
09:44:18 Miller on that commission as well.
09:44:19 As you know the legislature passed significant
09:44:22 legislation this year affecting primarily homestead
09:44:27 property owners in Florida.
09:44:29 The statutory changes that were made that go into
09:44:33 effect as soon as the governor signs them affect
09:44:36 rollback rates throughout the state, and impose
09:44:39 revenue tax on local government, and the
09:44:42 Constitutional amendment that's been Senate resolution
09:44:50 4-B, affects homestead rates, they call it the super
09:44:54 homestead exemption and creates tangible personal
09:44:57 property tax exemptions and so forth and benefits for
09:45:00 affordable housing and so forth.
09:45:02 All of these changes are very important.
09:45:03 But as you well know, there were some folks that did
09:45:07 not benefit from these changes.
09:45:09 Businesses primarily.

09:45:10 And non-homestead property owners.
09:45:13 So I think that it's safe to say that between home
09:45:17 grown initiatives, citizen initiatives, they are out
09:45:20 there right now, collecting for different ideas to put
09:45:24 on the ballot plus the work of the TDRC, our
09:45:28 commission, it's safe to say the issue of property
09:45:30 taxes has not yet been put to rest.
09:45:33 There's still a lot of work to do. I'm here as a
09:45:35 member of the commission reaching out to you and other
09:45:37 local governments throughout the state.
09:45:39 Eventually we'll do it as a full commission.
09:45:41 Right now I think individual commissioners are
09:45:42 reaching out.
09:45:43 I want to know what you think.
09:45:44 I want to be available to you, to hear your thoughts
09:45:47 on the reforms, where we should go, what we should be
09:45:49 looking at as we continue our work on the TDRC.
09:45:54 And that's it in a nutshell.
09:45:57 If you have any questions or comments, I would like to
09:46:00 hear them.
09:46:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
09:46:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Carlos, thanks for joining us,

09:46:06 members of your firm as well.
09:46:07 And we appreciate your many hours, I'm sure, that you
09:46:10 put into that as a volunteer.
09:46:14 As I pretty much read the paper and watched all this
09:46:17 evolve, I was very hopeful they were going to a --
09:46:22 going to address and help small business and
09:46:24 landlords.
09:46:24 Of course, because landlords affect tenants.
09:46:29 When all talk about affordable housing.
09:46:31 One of the areas I'm very, very concerned about is how
09:46:36 this is going to impact landlords, residential
09:46:40 landlords, and therefore their tenants.
09:46:45 And I heard a story the other day about a lady who had
09:46:47 a small house up in Seminole Heights, and she was
09:46:50 renting for $ 00.
09:46:52 And because of the tax increases and the property
09:46:55 insurance increases that she was going to have to
09:47:00 change that up to $1,000.
09:47:02 And she was a very nice lady.
09:47:03 And it hurt her because she had had the same tenant
09:47:06 for about ten years.
09:47:07 But she didn't have a choice.

09:47:09 She either has to sell the house or raise the rent.
09:47:12 And she's afraid, she admits she's now going to lose
09:47:15 this long-term tenant.
09:47:17 And I think that's, I'm sure, one of probably a
09:47:20 million stories around the state.
09:47:23 And did you all come up with a proposal?
09:47:28 And likewise for small businesses, for mom and pop
09:47:31 business happens to be lucky enough to own the little
09:47:33 piece of land that they run their lawnmower shop or
09:47:38 something like that, they are going to be impacted
09:47:41 tremendously as well.
09:47:42 Did you all have proposals that sort of died on the
09:47:44 vine?
09:47:45 >>> Well, the TDRC organized within the last 60 days.
09:47:50 >> Okay.
09:47:51 You're the newer group.
09:47:52 >>> We are the new group.
09:47:53 And the answer to your question is no.
09:47:56 We are right now in the process of taking testimony
09:47:59 from the experts, analyzing what the legislature did
09:48:02 in its special session, and we'll begin the process of
09:48:06 hashing ideas, I suppose by late summer.

09:48:10 I'm sure many of the commissions including myself
09:48:12 ideas already they want to test in the process.
09:48:15 But as a commission, no, we are not there yet.
09:48:18 >> There was a commission last year, I guess prior
09:48:21 commission, wasn't there, under the prior governor?
09:48:25 >>> There was a committee created by the governor to
09:48:28 review tax policy that was dissolved earlier this
09:48:31 year.
09:48:31 But the commission is a Constitutional commission.
09:48:34 It convenes every 20 years.
09:48:35 And it just happened -- it would be a coincidence,
09:48:40 that we convened our 20-year cycle this year, and it
09:48:44 also is the year in which the legislature took a
09:48:47 special interest in property tax issues.
09:48:50 Had the real estate bubble not occurred over the last
09:48:52 five years, the commission would be on its own talking
09:48:56 about anything other than property tax perhaps.
09:48:58 But this year it just happened to be that way which
09:49:01 means for the public a second bite at the apple.
09:49:03 >> I'm sure those are two areas that you are going to
09:49:06 be looking at very closely.
09:49:08 >>> And I want to say, commissioner, that it doesn't

09:49:10 have to be limited to those two.
09:49:12 I think the mandate -- this is my own opinion and it
09:49:15 will be put to the test as we go forward -- I think
09:49:18 the mandate of the tax and reform commission is
09:49:21 sufficiently broad that we can consider many things.
09:49:23 For example, highest and best use issues, unfunded
09:49:27 mandate issues, I think that we even need to talk
09:49:30 about reserves at the local level for wind storm, and
09:49:35 other unknowns in the planning process of local and
09:49:39 state level.
09:49:40 >> I'm sure you have met with rob Turner because he
09:49:43 has some great ideas on this issue, our property
09:49:46 appraiser.
09:49:47 We all read and heard some of his proposals.
09:49:50 >>> I had an excellent meeting with Mr. Turner
09:49:52 yesterday.
09:49:52 And I found it very enlightening.
09:49:56 >> Other questions?
09:49:57 Thank you, Mr. La Casa.
09:50:02 >>> Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:50:03 You can reach me at TDRC or Steve will get you in
09:50:07 touch with me at any time.

09:50:08 Thanks very much.
09:50:08 >>GWEN MILLER: We oh now go to item number 5.
09:50:13 Cheryl Schroeder and Mary Boufford.
09:50:25 >> Good morning.
09:50:27 Thank you for having us here this morning.
09:50:29 My name is Cheryl Schroeder, Executive Director of the
09:50:34 federation of, and with me is Mary Boufford.
09:50:41 >> Good morning, council members.
09:50:44 Thank you very much for your consideration, council
09:50:47 members, of this resolution in support of the employee
09:50:49 free choice act.
09:50:52 As you know, we gave you some information prior to the
09:50:58 May meeting. The employer free choice act is federal
09:51:01 legislation, that has already gone through the house.
09:51:03 It passed the house in 241-85 vote.
09:51:08 It is now being debated right now in the Senate, and
09:51:12 our own senator Bill Nelson has co-sponsored the
09:51:15 employee free choice act.
09:51:16 Why is this act so important?
09:51:18 Well, right now, under the NORA, which governs when we
09:51:24 go to organized memberships into a union, is being
09:51:28 violated repeatedly by the employer.

09:51:31 And I talk about the tactics they use as captive
09:51:36 audience meeting, used 78% of the time, to move the
09:51:40 business or close the doors.
09:51:41 They do that 51% of the time in an organizing drive.
09:51:45 Firing of union supporters through our campaign is 25%
09:51:48 of the time.
09:51:49 That's one in five union supporters are fired.
09:51:53 And the employer one out of three times, or one-third
09:51:57 of the time, never gets an agreement in the first
09:52:00 contract once a union is voted in at the workplace.
09:52:06 What the employee free choice act does is it truly
09:52:10 makes it the employee's choice.
09:52:14 Right now we have employers that think that choice is
09:52:16 theirs and not the employees.
09:52:17 The employees free choice truly makes it their choice,
09:52:21 whether they want to organize, or support a union
09:52:24 coming into their workplace.
09:52:26 It provides for majority sign-up.
09:52:32 If they get the majority of the members to sign the
09:52:34 cards, and majority rule is democracy.
09:52:37 And this brings democracy into the workplace.
09:52:40 It provides for mandatory mediation to the employer

09:52:45 who will not go to their first contract within the
09:52:47 first three months after the union is voted in.
09:52:51 And then it puts real monetary penalties on the
09:52:54 employer that violates the law, where there is no
09:52:59 penalty to them right now, when he fire it is
09:53:01 employee, when he coerce it is employee, not to join
09:53:04 the union.
09:53:05 And I'm quoting to you U.S. labor statistics.
09:53:08 This isn't something that we just came up with.
09:53:11 So we are here because it's an issue that affects all
09:53:16 working families.
09:53:17 It is not just a union issue.
09:53:19 As you know, unions stand for good benefits, good
09:53:23 wages, quality work, good productivity, and quality
09:53:29 family values.
09:53:32 And actually we are the folks that brought you the
09:53:34 weekend.
09:53:36 [ Laughter ]
09:53:38 As I said, the U.S. department labor of statistics
09:53:43 when I reference those statistics that I gist just
09:53:46 gave you.
09:53:47 You yourself as Tampa City Council members, you have

09:53:49 three unions that represent your city workers.
09:53:53 And employees of the City of Tampa enjoy job security,
09:53:58 good wages and benefits, and defined pension plan.
09:54:03 Don't you agree that all working families in Tampa
09:54:06 deserve the same?
09:54:08 And that's all we're asking.
09:54:10 Your passage of this resolution supporting the
09:54:13 employee free choice act proves that the elected
09:54:19 leadership in Tampa truly supports Tampa working
09:54:21 families.
09:54:22 Thank you.
09:54:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would the proper thing to do be to
09:54:30 get a copy of this resolution and share it with
09:54:32 council and then be able to move it?
09:54:34 >> I believe the copies were provided.
09:54:37 >>GWEN MILLER: I have one.
09:54:42 >> I would like to move the resolution.
09:54:47 (Motion carried)
09:54:47 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you for coming.
09:55:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:55:12 >>> I just wanted to thank you on behalf of all those
09:55:15 employees who are in the union who are really going to

09:55:17 appreciate that union support now that we are having
09:55:25 tax cuts and jobs maybe protected because of that.
09:55:30 >> We went to a rally a couple of days ago in front of
09:55:33 one of the major Tampa businesses in the area, and the
09:55:35 people were so intimidated that they were literally
09:55:37 throwing notes out of their car saying "go union."
09:55:41 The employers are choosing this for the employees and
09:55:46 it's time to turn that around.
09:55:47 Thank you very much.
09:55:49 We appreciate it.
09:55:50 >> Thank you very much.
09:55:51 >> Now we need to do the approval of the agenda.
09:55:53 Any items would you like to pull?
09:56:02 We need to move it then.
09:56:04 >> So moved.
09:56:05 >> Second.
09:56:05 (Motion carried).
09:56:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Sal Territo.
09:56:19 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
09:56:20 I'm here on item number 31.
09:56:22 I just wanted to give you a brief overview of what 31
09:56:26 is dealing with.

09:56:27 This is another one of our resolutions dealing with a
09:56:31 bond issue for the volunteers of America.
09:56:33 What we are doing here is the city will be issuing
09:56:36 bonds and then turning around and loaning them to the
09:56:38 volunteers of America for SOP social programs.
09:56:41 This is the first step in this particular process.
09:56:45 The city has no liability on these bonds, a as with
09:56:48 all pass-through bonds.
09:56:49 The bondholders will be looking to the volunteers of
09:56:53 America to pay these bonds back so there's no
09:56:55 liability.
09:56:55 The city does receive a fee for issuing these bonds.
09:56:58 And what we do is turn around and loan the money to
09:57:00 the volunteers of America.
09:57:01 We have people in the audience if you want to hear
09:57:04 about it but I wanted to give you a brief overview.
09:57:07 It's on the consent agenda.
09:57:09 It's the typical kind of bond we do for bond
09:57:13 organizations.
09:57:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:57:14 Item number 6.
09:57:16 Do we have a written report?

09:57:18 We need to receive and file it.
09:57:20 >> So moved.
09:57:21 >> Second.
09:57:21 (Motion carried).
09:57:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 7.
09:57:25 Someone here from administration to talk about it.
09:57:33 >>ROY LAMOTTE: Transportation manager.
09:57:36 I have some handouts for you this morning related to
09:57:38 this topic and then I'll go into the presentation.
09:57:41 I'll give that to the city clerk at this time.
09:57:43 It's my pleasure to update you on the status of this
09:57:56 particular topic.
09:57:57 As you recall, back in April, we had the item that
09:58:00 came before us, and there was a question about a lack
09:58:03 of sidewalk that's contiguous to a particular facility
09:58:08 known as TC Choy.
09:58:10 Back in -- I have to go back in time a little bit to
09:58:13 say to you, back in January of 2000, City Council
09:58:17 sitting at that time passed ordinance 2025.
09:58:22 And the significance of that is basically they based
09:58:25 the buffering requirements between land uses so it
09:58:28 will eliminate some of the finished masonry wall and

09:58:32 reducing the width of the required landscaping.
09:58:35 They also waived the requirement to provide sidewalks
09:58:38 along Platt, and moody street.
09:58:46 I am going to use the Elmo in a couple of pictures to
09:58:49 demonstrate where we are and where we have been.
09:58:56 The first particular picture demonstrates the actual
09:59:00 site of TC Choy located along Howard and Platt Street.
09:59:09 There does exist a sidewalk on the north side of the
09:59:12 street.
09:59:14 It's located as exhibit B in the packet that I gave
09:59:16 you.
09:59:17 TC Choy is located along this side, on the south and
09:59:22 on the north side.
09:59:27 There is a sidewalk in place.
09:59:30 Now there is a professional difference in the survey
09:59:33 findings of the sidewalk and the buffered area that's
09:59:37 contiguous to this facility.
09:59:39 Again I'm going to demonstrate through photos what we
09:59:42 are talking about.
09:59:43 This is TC Choy's as we are looking on the corner,
09:59:47 that corner of Platt and Howard.
09:59:50 And this is what brought us to the discussion today.

09:59:56 It's exhibit C in your packet.
09:59:59 Basically, it was felt that there was no sidewalk
10:00:02 provided, but there is this walkway that existed
10:00:04 through TC Choy leading to the and the signal
10:00:10 facilities there.
10:00:11 Again we have a demonstrated photo that points out to
10:00:14 you that it is used opportunity currently as a walkway
10:00:18 but there's no exit to the actual intersection.
10:00:23 Our surveyor did do a survey of the complete area and
10:00:27 found that there is an area that has a 3-foot buffered
10:00:33 area that we see actually from the railing in the
10:00:35 photograph over the curbside.
10:00:39 Then we were asked to look into the area just west of
10:00:41 TC Choy in front of their parking lot.
10:00:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Roy, could I ask real quickly?
10:00:49 Go back for a second.
10:00:51 >>> Sure.
10:00:53 >> Before you leave the restaurant, I think the
10:00:55 critical question from the last time this issue was in
10:00:57 front of us is whose property is underneath the
10:01:01 awning?
10:01:04 >>> It's been confirmed it is TC Choy's.

10:01:09 >> Because the premise all along was that everybody
10:01:12 thought it was city property, and therefore we should,
10:01:16 you know, take it back as a sidewalk.
10:01:21 >>> That is correct.
10:01:21 >> But that's not --
10:01:22 >>> That is not the case.
10:01:23 We did confirm that with our city surveyor.
10:01:28 And the thought was that we would -- but they also
10:01:37 raise the issue, why put in this extension or allow us
10:01:41 to go through our walkway when you have no walkway to
10:01:44 the west?
10:01:46 And what I am about to demonstrate is the other side
10:01:49 of their driveway.
10:01:50 And you can see looking westbound on their side, this
10:01:53 is a driveway, the alleyway that you will take up a
10:01:56 little later today.
10:02:02 You can see there is no sidewalk here and the
10:02:04 contention is, could we put one in?
10:02:07 And we did investigation that -- investigate that.
10:02:10 And it would cost 25,000.
10:02:12 We did consult with stormwater to see if it would
10:02:15 affect the swale that's in place here.

10:02:17 What you are looking at here is actually a stake --
10:02:21 and you can see the surveyor's stake.
10:02:27 On the initial survey provided by Mr. Gluckman, it was
10:02:31 done begun by an outside firm that said it was only
10:02:34 3.3 feet.
10:02:35 Our surveyor confirmed there is four feet and we could
10:02:38 put in a sidewalk here.
10:02:39 It would be substandard in the fence it wouldn't be
10:02:42 five feet but it would be usable.
10:02:49 Right now we are looking at what would actually be the
10:02:53 side street heading back towards TC Choy.
10:02:56 This is the actual intersection.
10:02:58 You can see the signal here and I believe you have the
10:03:01 property in your packet today known as exhibit E.
10:03:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Roy, isn't there going to be a
10:03:07 Publix toward where I'm sitting?
10:03:13 >>> If we go back to this graphic you can see the
10:03:16 particular site here, their relationship with TC Choy,
10:03:19 the alleyway and South Moody Avenue.
10:03:22 >> So that connective piece that you described for
10:03:25 25,000 is actually the connector between TC Choy's
10:03:28 property and Publix, and Publix is going to have a

10:03:31 sidewalk because that's part of their PD requirement.
10:03:36 >>> That is correct.
10:03:36 Now the area that abuts the railing, that's the
10:03:40 leftover piece if I can refer to it as that, you can
10:03:44 see there are actually some plantings in here, is only
10:03:47 three feet wide, is not very wide at all and it was
10:03:50 our contention that it would be advised to try to put
10:03:53 in a sidewalk there because the problem happens to be
10:03:57 it is very close, and I think this photo demonstrates
10:04:00 that again how much lift there is between the railing
10:04:04 and the actual curve.
10:04:16 Now the city again reached out to the owners of TC
10:04:18 Choy and asked if they would be cooperative and they
10:04:21 actually felt it was unnecessary at this time, and
10:04:27 discussion was Mr. Gluckman to explain their position.
10:04:30 But we again stressed that we thought it would be
10:04:32 advisable, if they would cooperate, that we would
10:04:35 consider putting in this additional sidewalk to have
10:04:38 connectivity in place.
10:04:39 We also had consultation with our legal department on
10:04:43 what our rights were to ask this owner to cooperate
10:04:46 and basically said it's a private owner consideration,

10:04:48 and I think Julia Cole can speak to that issue but at
10:04:53 this time the city has concluded our investigation.
10:04:56 And if there's any desire that you would like us to
10:04:58 do, we would be glad to follow it.
10:05:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I really appreciate the energy that
10:05:06 you put on this critical piece of sidewalk.
10:05:09 The reason that it's so important, of course, is that
10:05:11 this Publix is going to be created immediately to the
10:05:15 west of it is going to generate a lot of pedestrian
10:05:17 traffic and we need to make it safe for people.
10:05:20 And this portion of Platt Street is one way, it's
10:05:24 pretty high speed, and right now people are walking in
10:05:27 the dirt, which is not a good option, or in the
10:05:29 street, which is even worse.
10:05:31 It's my feeling that we should pursue the westerly
10:05:35 portion of the sidewalk, and we should consider, even
10:05:38 though it's substandard, it's better than nothing.
10:05:42 Removing the landscaping and putting in the three feet
10:05:44 of sidewalk on the eastern portion next to TC Choy,
10:05:48 or, if they would be cooperative, putting it in their
10:05:55 covered position.
10:05:56 I feel it would be so irresponsible for us not to move

10:05:58 ahead with some provision for public safety for
10:06:01 pedestrians in this location.
10:06:05 >>> Very good.
10:06:06 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. LaMotte, could we look at this on
10:06:11 the overhead?
10:06:13 >>ROY LAMOTTE: Yes, ma'am, we can.
10:06:17 >> As we look at the south side of Platt Street, going
10:06:22 from that Publix, the proposed Publix, and then going
10:06:26 east, where you showed the four feet right-of-way that
10:06:39 we have by TC Choy's parking lot, here's what I'm
10:06:44 trying to understand.
10:06:45 Is that all the space we have, if you go all the way
10:06:48 from Armenia, and then go east to Howard?
10:06:53 All of that property, we have only got that little
10:06:55 bit?
10:06:56 Or do we have more, like along this strip, than we
10:07:03 have when we get east to where the restaurant actually
10:07:05 is?
10:07:08 >>ROY LAMOTTE: We actually have more footage in this
10:07:10 particular area as you see right here, actually
10:07:14 infiltrated the right-of-way with shrubbery and
10:07:17 sprinkler systems and those would be removed at the

10:07:19 time of construction.
10:07:20 >> So my question, what happened?
10:07:22 Did we vacate in front of TC Choys so we don't have
10:07:28 any of that?
10:07:29 I'm trying to understand why we have front here than
10:07:39 we do here.
10:07:40 >>> That was back in 2000.
10:07:43 We do have right-of-way.
10:07:47 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: What is the setback requirement
10:07:50 where that porch, whatever you want to call it, meets
10:07:53 the property line?
10:07:54 Isn't there a setback requirement?
10:07:57 >>> I would have to defer to the zoning administrator,
10:08:01 Cathy Coyle.
10:08:02 Would you like to comment?
10:08:06 I don't know the setback requirements.
10:08:10 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Land development. The zoning if I
10:08:12 recall is CG, a ten foot setback.
10:08:16 We had other related issues with this particular
10:08:18 property but we. Been involved to this point.
10:08:21 >> So right now they own up to the property line.
10:08:24 >>> Correct.

10:08:25 >> So there's no setback?
10:08:26 >>> That's correct.
10:08:27 >> Aren't they in violation?
10:08:28 >>> Potentially.
10:08:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What?
10:08:33 >>> Potentially.
10:08:34 The easement granted as I recall was specifically for
10:08:37 the architectural feature along the front on Howard,
10:08:39 not for anything along the side street along Platt.
10:08:45 I don't have that file with me.
10:08:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: How was it permitted?
10:08:50 >>> I would have to go back and review the permitting
10:08:52 records.
10:08:52 I can't answer you directly.
10:08:59 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Every building has a setback
10:09:02 requirement.
10:09:02 You can only build so close to the land and this is in
10:09:05 violation.
10:09:05 I think this is something the legal department needs
10:09:07 to pursue.
10:09:17 >> This is specifically for the parking on the back,
10:09:19 not for the building itself.

10:09:24 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Let me give you a little bit of
10:09:27 background.
10:09:27 First of all Platt street was not vacated.
10:09:30 What happened was, this is an original property line.
10:09:35 And when they widened Platt Street they used part of
10:09:39 the right-of-way for the additional lanes that they
10:09:41 were developing to go eastbound into the city.
10:09:45 That's why you have a small remainder.
10:09:48 In terms of the building itself, there are no
10:09:50 violations there.
10:09:51 This was done some time ago.
10:09:54 I didn't represent TC Choys at that point and I don't
10:09:58 really know who did.
10:10:01 They came before City Council with a site plan showing
10:10:03 the various issues here, including the waiver of the
10:10:06 buffering and things like that.
10:10:08 It was approved by council back in, I guess, 2000.
10:10:12 And Mr. LaMotte and I had done a lot of research
10:10:15 together to find those old documents, to try to
10:10:18 determine exactly how these issues came forward.
10:10:23 And Mr. Gluckman is representing property owner
10:10:26 themselves in terms of the use of that walkway

10:10:29 underneath the canopy.
10:10:30 But the building is not in violation.
10:10:33 That's been researched and gone through I don't know
10:10:36 how many times.
10:10:37 We are going over and over again the same issues, and
10:10:42 we are rechurning them. This will be about the
10:10:44 seventh time we have been back in front of City
10:10:46 Council on the same issue.
10:10:48 To make the most succinct statement to you, the
10:10:52 property to the west has an availability for sidewalk.
10:10:55 It's about four feet.
10:10:57 When you get closer to Howard Avenue, it narrows.
10:11:00 And it narrows because the street was widened, not
10:11:03 because TC Choy's encroached.
10:11:06 The remainder is not safe.
10:11:08 We have talked about that.
10:11:09 If you do decide to go with a sidewalk, I would
10:11:11 strongly recommend that you install a railing along
10:11:13 the street side so that people don't step off, or they
10:11:16 are not accidentally hit by a car.
10:11:22 So those are the issues.
10:11:24 There aren't any encroachments.

10:11:25 There aren't violations existing with this.
10:11:27 We have gone through all the permit records.
10:11:29 There's nothing to be found here that TC Choy did
10:11:32 improperly back when they originally permitted it.
10:11:35 It's unfortunate now, the area has built up, there's
10:11:40 more traffic, the neighborhood has been reclaimed, and
10:11:42 then there's more people living there, we have a
10:11:44 Publix coming in, so it's undergoing some growing
10:11:47 pains.
10:11:48 But, anyway, Mr. Gluckman can talk about the use of
10:11:51 the area underneath -- underneath the canopy but to my
10:11:55 knowledge there are no violations or encroachments.
10:11:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Michelini.
10:12:00 Mr. LaMotte?
10:12:02 In the area that Ms. Mulhern was talking about before,
10:12:06 we have four feet.
10:12:08 And then the city property now is three feet I think
10:12:11 is what you said.
10:12:12 As you go next to TC Choy.
10:12:15 >>> That's correct.
10:12:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I know it takes a little more work
10:12:18 and a little more money, but it's also my recollection

10:12:23 that Publix has a commitment to us for some additional
10:12:26 sidewalk money off site.
10:12:28 I don't know if you remember that from the PD.
10:12:31 >>> I do not.
10:12:32 >> Okay, look into it because there's a commitment to
10:12:35 the neighborhood to create some off-site sidewalks.
10:12:40 But my point is, it is possible from a physical
10:12:46 perspective, we own the street, and we can move a foot
10:12:49 into the street to create the four feet, move the curb
10:12:53 in into the street one foot, restripe, and you average
10:12:58 that out across the four lanes or whatever the lanage
10:13:01 is across there, and each lane reduce three or four
10:13:08 inches.
10:13:08 >>> I think that's a possibility we could look at.
10:13:10 Frankly if there's some money in that Publix fund,
10:13:15 maybe that's a feasible -- something feasible that we
10:13:18 could do.
10:13:19 I think that's a real important.
10:13:22 >> I think that's a real important connection for that
10:13:24 neighborhood.
10:13:26 Mary and I were at a meeting the other day and talking
10:13:29 about the relationship to the Publix and this is going

10:13:31 to be a walkable Publix and all of. That I think we
10:13:34 can't go under their awning.
10:13:36 That's obvious now.
10:13:37 They are not being cooperative to allow us to do that.
10:13:40 And on a voluntary basis that's their prerogative.
10:13:44 So let's look thinking outside the box and maybe
10:13:47 reclaiming a foot of our street to accomplish the
10:13:50 sidewalk.
10:13:52 >>> We'll be glad to investigate that and have an
10:13:55 estimate done and consider that possibility.
10:13:59 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we need to look at the overall
10:14:02 picture, which I should have done before I spoke the
10:14:04 first time.
10:14:04 But sorry to have to take more time.
10:14:07 But another thing that this neighborhood has been
10:14:10 talking about as you go east, the fact that there is
10:14:15 not enough parking on Howard.
10:14:18 So as we look at Platt Street block by block by block,
10:14:23 one of the ideas was to allow parking of a parking
10:14:29 lane along Platt Street so that it would be less of an
10:14:32 avenue.
10:14:33 So as we are looking at this sidewalk, and the new

10:14:38 Publix, let's look at Platt Street, too, and let's
10:14:41 look at Howard and let's look at the bigger picture on
10:14:45 this.
10:14:46 If we are going to put a sidewalk in -- I mean,
10:14:52 sidewalk should be planned block by block.
10:14:55 I would like us to look at that.
10:14:57 >>> We'll be glad to investigate that as well.
10:15:00 We have done some preliminary work already on that and
10:15:02 investigating the Soho improvements and the connection
10:15:04 along Howard street and the whole issue about the
10:15:08 parking shortage.
10:15:09 So we'll be glad to consider that as a possible
10:15:11 option.
10:15:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano?
10:15:14 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. LaMotte, one of the pictures
10:15:17 here looks like a sewer entrance underneath the arch.
10:15:25 >>> I believe you are referring to this particular
10:15:27 manhole?
10:15:28 >> Yes.
10:15:28 Whose manhole is that?
10:15:30 >>> Again it's on private property and part of their
10:15:33 piping system that belongs to TC Choys.

10:15:37 I came to that same conclusion early on to take a look
10:15:40 at that as well.
10:15:41 >> How wide is that street at that point?
10:15:43 >>> The street itself?
10:15:45 >> Yes.
10:15:45 >>> I believe we have three lanes across, probably
10:15:49 closer to -- not having a measurement here today but
10:15:54 contention is it's probably greater than 30 feet.
10:15:57 >> It looks like a one-way street, right?
10:16:00 >>> Absolutely.
10:16:00 >> I think as Mr. Dingfelder said, I would shorten the
10:16:03 street there and put a rail there and make a
10:16:06 reasonable width on that sidewalk.
10:16:08 I think you need to protect the people there.
10:16:14 There's going to be a lot of foot traffic there.
10:16:16 >>> We understand the concept.
10:16:17 We probably have to take it back a little further to
10:16:19 look at tapers and so forth if we were doing that.
10:16:22 And I will tell you it would be a much more expensive
10:16:25 venture than just putting in the sidewalk and the
10:16:27 25,000.
10:16:28 But we will continue to investigate.

10:16:31 >> 25,000 just for the sidewalk.
10:16:33 How long is that sidewalk?
10:16:34 >>> That sidewalk is just that block face.
10:16:38 In front of their parking lot there.
10:16:39 And again venture to say to you it's probably less
10:16:42 than 400 feet.
10:16:47 >> What are you talking a foot?
10:16:49 >>> Again I am going to have to calculate.
10:16:50 I don't have it with me today but I will be glad to
10:16:54 prepare and submit for you what it will cost to get
10:16:56 that additional foot.
10:16:57 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you.
10:16:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council?
10:17:03 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, there has been no action.
10:17:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Call the question on the motion.
10:17:09 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The maker of the motion, there was no
10:17:14 statement.
10:17:17 I don't know if that was your intent.
10:17:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you want to come back to us and
10:17:21 give us an update on this maybe in six months to see
10:17:25 what creative ideas you come up with, and the
10:17:28 financing?

10:17:31 >>> Whatever your pleasure is.
10:17:33 We'll be glad to come back in six months if you
10:17:35 desire.
10:17:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: At this point not focusing so much
10:17:38 on TC Choy.
10:17:39 I think the TC Choy is a private issue, can't be much
10:17:42 there.
10:17:42 But what can we do to improve the public realm of
10:17:46 those two blocks?
10:17:49 And that would be my motion.
10:17:56 Just to explore the sidewalk options on both of those
10:17:58 blocks and tell us what the possibilities are, and if
10:18:00 we have made any progress in six months.
10:18:04 >>> Very good.
10:18:05 We can do that.
10:18:05 I think I checked the survey a moment ago, it 130
10:18:10 feet, councilman Caetano, that fronts that parking
10:18:14 lot, just for the record.
10:18:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you want to speak?
10:18:20 >>> Jeremy Gluckman, an attorney and I represent the
10:18:22 Choy family. The reason why I have asked for an
10:18:26 opportunity to speak very briefly is to first perhaps

10:18:31 correct a misapprehension.
10:18:32 I heard the word "lack of cooperation" used by certain
10:18:36 council members.
10:18:37 I didn't hear it used by Mr. LaMotte, and hopefully he
10:18:40 would not use that, because the property owners have
10:18:43 been fully cooperative.
10:18:46 I have met with Mr. LaMotte several times.
10:18:48 We have gone over a large variety of options.
10:18:51 And at this point, the fact that he and I have not
10:18:54 been able to find a way to work out what the council
10:18:58 seems to prefer is perhaps just a matter of
10:19:02 unfortunate timing.
10:19:03 I would add to his report just the three letter word
10:19:07 "yet."
10:19:08 We have not reached an agreement yet.
10:19:10 As the council is waiting for the Publix development
10:19:13 and commissioner -- councilman Dingfelder has talked
10:19:17 about using funds from that development project, my
10:19:21 clients also have a contractual relationship with
10:19:23 Publix.
10:19:25 I am not going to bore you with the details of it.
10:19:27 Mr. LaMotte is fully aware of those issues are.

10:19:31 But we too are waiting for Publix, once we resolve the
10:19:35 issues that we have with Publix under our various
10:19:38 contracts with them, we think that it will clarify
10:19:42 what our needs are, what our drainage problem is.
10:19:45 Mr. LaMotte has suggested that there would be no
10:19:48 drainage problem created by this sidewalk.
10:19:52 Unfortunately my clients have had a very difficult
10:19:54 time over the years with SWFWMD, who has concurrent
10:19:57 jurisdiction on that issue.
10:19:58 And they have made it very clear that even the
10:20:01 slightest moderation or amendment to the current
10:20:04 drainage on that property is going to create a serious
10:20:06 problem.
10:20:08 That goes back to our situation with Publix.
10:20:12 So if we can work all of those things out, put it
10:20:14 together, we may well have a sidewalk, not a
10:20:18 substandard sidewalk, and it's my client's hope that
10:20:22 with all of the combined efforts and the good will of
10:20:24 all the parties involved, that we'll come up with a
10:20:27 way to preserve the landscaping so that we'll have not
10:20:30 just a sidewalk that is convenient, but a sidewalk
10:20:33 that's going to be attractive both to the neighborhood

10:20:36 and hopefully encourage pedestrians to use that area.
10:20:39 My clients are not opposed to pedestrian traffic.
10:20:42 They love to benefit as Publix hopes to benefit from
10:20:45 pedestrians using their business.
10:20:47 So I would appreciate the council deferring any
10:20:51 definitive decisions for perhaps six months.
10:20:55 If Publix progresses as they have promised me they
10:20:58 will be, we should be well passed resolution of our
10:21:02 issues with them at that point.
10:21:04 And then I will go back to Mr. LaMotte and we'll
10:21:06 continue the dialogue that we have been engaged in
10:21:09 over the last four months.
10:21:11 Thank you.
10:21:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have been listening very quietly
10:21:18 here and understanding what the whole problem is.
10:21:21 We widen the street, with the accessibility to get
10:21:24 things moving.
10:21:25 Now we are going to narrow the street, put a sidewalk.
10:21:29 Why don't we elevate a sidewalk to the same level of
10:21:32 the pass-through that TC Choy has with a rail so
10:21:38 pedestrians can't get hit?
10:21:39 Because they will be a foot and a half, two feet

10:21:41 higher than the roadway.
10:21:43 If you put, say, pedestrian crossing at that
10:21:46 intersection and walking on a narrow street, or a
10:21:51 narrow sidewalk, I don't care what kind of rail you
10:21:54 put, their lives are in danger there because it's
10:21:57 close to the road.
10:21:58 There is no six-foot buffer.
10:22:00 It's right there next to the curve.
10:22:01 So I'm just throwing that out as a suggestion to have
10:22:04 an elevated sidewalk.
10:22:07 And I think you can work in concert to get something
10:22:11 done.
10:22:12 >>> Councilman, if I may respond, I don't have any
10:22:15 authority at the moment regarding what I am about to
10:22:17 say but my clients have made it clear that they are
10:22:19 not unalterably opposed to allowing pedestrian
10:22:23 movement across that patio area.
10:22:26 We just have to make sure that all of the impacts of
10:22:30 this proposal on that property are taken into account,
10:22:33 because, as I've said, there could be very serious
10:22:37 repercussions that my client is just not prepared to
10:22:40 deal with.

10:22:45 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Very quickly, we had an alley
10:22:47 vacating petition that was following this and tracking
10:22:52 at the same time for the alley that's running north
10:22:55 and south between TC Choy.
10:23:06 >> Point of order.
10:23:07 >> But they are joined.
10:23:08 That's the only reason I am bringing them up.
10:23:10 They were purposely joined previously.
10:23:12 I'm not trying to jump the order here.
10:23:15 >>> That's fine.
10:23:15 But if we are going to proceed on that now, we have to
10:23:18 open the public hearing.
10:23:22 My request is to open the hearing so that we can
10:23:27 continue the hearing to begin with, not that I mind
10:23:33 waiting and going back to the but Mr. LaMotte and I
10:23:36 suggested some concerns that need to be taken into
10:23:39 consideration.
10:23:40 >>GWEN MILLER: So can we do that?
10:23:42 >>STEVE MICHELINI: It's item 51 set for 9 a.m.
10:23:48 >> What is the religion of council?
10:23:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If council wishes to take it now, it
10:23:52 would not be inappropriate to open the public hearing

10:23:56 and take it.
10:23:57 Council has the discretion to control its agenda.
10:24:02 It's a continued hearing.
10:24:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Number 51.
10:24:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's a continued public hearing.
10:24:09 >> Item 51.
10:24:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to waive the rules to allow
10:24:16 discussion because they are physically adjacent.
10:24:18 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.
10:24:20 (Motion carried).
10:24:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Nay.
10:24:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Question on the motion?
10:24:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Don't matter now.
10:24:29 I was trying to find out waiving the rules to discuss
10:24:32 it as opposed to the public hearing.
10:24:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: To allow us to discuss number 51.
10:24:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: A continued public hearing, a
10:24:39 continuation of a public hearing, and now you have
10:24:42 made a motion to take up item number 51 which is to
10:24:45 vacate.
10:24:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's why I was waiving the rules.
10:24:57 >>GWEN MILLER: We'll take you up when we get to the

10:25:05 public hearing.
10:25:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to make a motion that
10:25:11 Mr. LaMotte come back in six months?
10:25:13 >>GWEN MILLER: He already made that motion.
10:25:16 We need a second.
10:25:17 >> Second.
10:25:17 (Motion carried).
10:25:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Shirley Foxx-Knowles.
10:25:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Roy.
10:25:38 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Good morning again honorable
10:25:41 council.
10:25:42 City clerk.
10:25:43 I'm here regarding appointments to the public Nuisance
10:25:46 Abatement Board dealing with item number 8 on your
10:25:51 agenda.
10:25:54 Following the appointment, you will probably ask legal
10:25:59 to bring back a resolution confirming the appointment.
10:26:03 I gave you a little summary sheet.
10:26:06 We currently have seven vacancies, and we have seven
10:26:10 applicants.
10:26:11 And as noted on the sheet, historically, each council
10:26:15 member has appointed an individual to serve on the

10:26:18 board from their respective district, and wanting to
10:26:23 also note that any one of the applicants could serve
10:26:31 in districts 1, 2 and 3.
10:26:33 What is your pleasure?
10:26:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Shirley, the paper you gave us for
10:26:41 the public nuisance showing eight?
10:26:44 I count eight.
10:26:45 Did any of them drop out?
10:26:49 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Yes, there's eight.
10:26:50 I'm sorry, there's eight applicants.
10:26:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So can we eliminate somebody or
10:26:55 make them an alternate?
10:26:58 >>> You don't have an applicant for district 7.
10:27:00 >> I understand.
10:27:00 So we can spread them around.
10:27:02 >>> Yes.
10:27:03 >> We have eight for seven slots.
10:27:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby?
10:27:09 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can, council, traditionally
10:27:11 what's happened as Ms. Foxx-Knowles said each council
10:27:16 member has made an appointment.
10:27:17 My suggestion would be that you do it however the

10:27:19 chair wishes sequentially in whatever district you
10:27:25 wish to do it that a council member makes an
10:27:27 amendment, somebody second it, there would be a vote,
10:27:29 and once you make that motion and it's passed, that
10:27:32 constitutes their appointment.
10:27:34 The resolution is just a mere formality.
10:27:36 So when it comes to back on the consent docket it is
10:27:40 not subject to discussion, they are in effect pointed.
10:27:45 If that's the way you wish to do it, my suggestion you
10:27:47 do it by district and then it will sort itself out
10:27:50 just in the process.
10:27:51 Either you have somebody in mind who you wish to
10:27:55 appoint, or somebody brought a list of applicants
10:28:00 would. That be appropriate?
10:28:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you have a question?
10:28:09 >>> These are just applicants that have submitted
10:28:11 paperwork.
10:28:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:28:13 We received a memo from you the other day about this
10:28:15 and I returned to you the person that I am nominating
10:28:21 from district 3.

10:28:22 Do you have a list of those from all the council
10:28:24 members?
10:28:24 Because that might expedite this.
10:28:26 >>GWEN MILLER: You didn't give to me for the Nuisance
10:28:32 Abatement Board.
10:28:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I did this for the Nuisance
10:28:34 Abatement Board.
10:28:36 So I'm willing to say the person I suggested is
10:28:38 from -- my appointee from district 3 is Melissa
10:28:44 Steadman to move things along.
10:28:50 >> You stole my name.
10:28:52 >> Let me get somebody in before I --
10:28:55 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Do you want to go in order?
10:28:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Let's go district one.
10:29:00 Mine is Lynette judge.
10:29:03 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: District 2?
10:29:10 (off microphone)
10:29:11 I'll pick James Chittenden.
10:29:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Wait a minute, that's mine.
10:29:18 [ Laughter ]
10:29:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm sorry.
10:29:22 I'll come up with somebody else.

10:29:23 I don't have anybody right off the top of my head
10:29:26 because I thought --
10:29:32 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: We can skip over and go to
10:29:34 district 4.
10:29:36 >> Melissa Steadman.
10:29:38 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: District 5?
10:29:41 >> I asked Ms. Judge to serve.
10:29:43 [ Laughter ]
10:29:50 >> Who did you want?
10:29:50 ?
10:29:51 >>GWEN MILLER: He wants Lynette judge.
10:29:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, cast two votes.
10:29:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: You can only have --
10:30:00 >>GWEN MILLER: You can have that.
10:30:03 I'll take Susan long.
10:30:07 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: So judge is for district 5.
10:30:12 District 6.
10:30:14 >> James Chittenden.
10:30:17 And there's other itself in district 7.
10:30:20 You have a choice.
10:30:21 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: So we have 3 and 7.
10:30:27 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I have not received any

10:30:28 applications.
10:30:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you know anyone that's interested
10:30:30 in?
10:30:32 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: No, I don't.
10:30:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena?
10:30:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I will choose somebody who applied
10:30:38 for another seat who I think would be really out
10:30:40 standing, Joseph Citro for district 3.
10:30:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you want to question it now or do
10:30:52 you want to wait actual later?
10:30:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'll go ahead and move it now.
10:31:00 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
10:31:02 If you choose someone who is already serving on
10:31:04 another board they'll have to consent to resigning
10:31:07 from the other board if they are going to serve on
10:31:09 this one.
10:31:09 It may come to the point where they may prefer staying
10:31:12 where you are and then you have a vacancy for this
10:31:15 board.
10:31:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Then I will wait and check that
10:31:17 out.
10:31:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If we take that vote, a little

10:31:25 caution.
10:31:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The legal effect from my
10:31:27 understanding of the ethics --
10:31:30 >>SAL TERRITO: I think if you choose them and they
10:31:32 refuse to serve they haven't really been on the board.
10:31:35 They can turn it down.
10:31:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'll hold off and come back with an
10:31:39 additional recommendation.
10:31:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano, have you decided on
10:31:45 somebody?
10:31:46 Have you decided on a name?
10:31:48 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Who is left?
10:31:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Richard Remis, a good guy, good
10:31:57 advocate.
10:32:00 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Okay.
10:32:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'll come up with somebody this
10:32:05 coming week.
10:32:17 Because we are in the sunshine I didn't know that.
10:32:25 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: So we have all the applicants
10:32:28 except for 3.
10:32:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena will take Jerry green.
10:32:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Can I just recount this, ladies and

10:32:39 gentlemen?
10:32:39 Do you want to do that with the what the names are by
10:32:41 district?
10:32:43 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Susan long for district 1.
10:32:46 District 2 is Walter Crumbley.
10:32:50 District 3 is Jerry green.
10:32:53 District 4 is Melissa Steadman.
10:32:56 District 5 is Lynette judge.
10:33:00 District 6 is James chit I deny.
10:33:04 District 7 is Mr. Reavis.
10:33:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.
10:33:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a reminder when it does appear
10:33:15 because this happened in the past and sometimes it
10:33:16 takes a little while to get on the agenda but when it
10:33:18 does appear as a resolution the council has voted as
10:33:23 of today and it will be an official action so that
10:33:26 will be a mere formality.
10:33:27 Just so you are reminded when the time comes.
10:33:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
10:33:31 (Motion carried).
10:33:31 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you, council.
10:33:35 Moving onto the enterprise zone development agency, we

10:33:39 have two vacancies, and two applicants, because
10:33:45 Lynette Judge is no longer available.
10:33:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
10:33:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move Mr. Patel and Mr. Kalaydjian.
10:34:02 (Motion carried).
10:34:03 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: We have two vacancies for
10:34:11 nurseryman and for a neighborhood civic
10:34:11 representative. We currently don't have applicants
10:34:13 for the nurseryman.
10:34:15 However, we have contacted the International Society
10:34:19 of Arbiculture regarding the vacancy.
10:34:24 Regarding the neighborhood civic representative, we
10:34:27 have seven applicants.
10:34:30 They include Mr. Joe Citro, Seth Nelson, Steve
10:34:34 LaBour, Randy Barron, Derrick Gill, Nick Bradof.
10:34:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Will you entertain applicants?
10:34:59 I don't mean interviewing the applicants.
10:35:01 Just discussion among ourselves.
10:35:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Who wants to start?
10:35:05 Mr. Dingfelder?
10:35:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If I could.
10:35:08 There are two folks who actually I think are here

10:35:11 today, Steve LaBour and Seth Nelson.
10:35:15 Do you guys want to raise your hands?
10:35:17 They have been serving as alternates for the last
10:35:20 several years.
10:35:21 I think Steve has served a little longer than Seth.
10:35:26 And I think as alternates, I think they have worked
10:35:31 hard, and they both deserve a promotion.
10:35:34 I wish we had two slots to move them up and they are
10:35:37 both well deserving.
10:35:40 >> We have two slots.
10:35:41 >> Only one slot as a neighborhood person and neither
10:35:44 of them are nurserymen.
10:35:46 I'm sure they are good gardeners.
10:35:49 But they are both good guys, I think both deserve our
10:35:52 support.
10:35:53 And it's a very hard decision.
10:35:55 On a personal note I am going to support Steve
10:35:58 LaBour just because he has been serving a little bit
10:36:00 longer and therefore he has seniority.
10:36:02 But they are both well deserving, both good guys and
10:36:06 both have done a great job.
10:36:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks for pointing those out that

10:36:13 those are alternates at this point which I think is
10:36:15 good for us to know.
10:36:16 My question is, if one of the alternates does indeed
10:36:21 get this opening, I have a couple of questions.
10:36:25 Are we able to pick from this list an alternate?
10:36:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry to interrupt.
10:36:33 Depending on which alternate is selected one of the
10:36:35 alternates in question is a mayoral appointee
10:36:38 alternate.
10:36:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Which one?
10:36:41 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Seth Nelson.
10:36:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And obviously the other candidate is
10:36:46 a City Council alternate appointee.
10:36:48 So depending on who is selected will determine who
10:36:52 makes the selection for the alternate, which vacancy
10:36:55 exists.
10:36:57 >>MARY MULHERN: That's helpful.
10:36:59 Now my next question is the arborist nurseryman, urban
10:37:05 forester, I would like to know what an urban forester
10:37:09 is.
10:37:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Steve Graham is our employee.
10:37:17 >> Is there any possibility of considering one of

10:37:19 these applicants is actually a landscape architect,
10:37:23 which to me seems close to the idea.
10:37:26 So if we don't happen to have -- I don't know how long
10:37:30 this has been posted but if we don't have a candidate
10:37:33 coming forward, or haven't so far, that sits in that
10:37:37 category, if we could consider a landscape architect
10:37:41 for that opening.
10:37:42 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: We checked that out and we
10:37:45 were told that, no.
10:37:48 >> Who told that you?
10:37:50 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: We talked with Mr. Graham.
10:37:52 >>THE CLERK: There is a category that is for landscape
10:38:03 architect, attorney, urban planner, et cetera.
10:38:06 Those positions are already filled so there is no
10:38:09 vacancy available for landscape architect.
10:38:16 >>MARY MULHERN: This is something that I would like to
10:38:18 us maybe think about.
10:38:20 You know, maybe we don't get a person for this today.
10:38:23 But if we haven't gotten an applicant maybe in the
10:38:25 next month, we should reconsider requiring that.
10:38:30 I mean, I think landscape architect, is there only one
10:38:33 landscape architect on the Variance Review Board?

10:38:37 >>THE CLERK: We have right now, we have provided a
10:38:40 list to council.
10:38:41 At this time one of the categories, there has to be an
10:38:44 attorney, architect, urban planner, landscape
10:38:47 architect.
10:38:48 Council has appointed an urban planner, and appointed
10:38:52 an architect to that position.
10:38:54 That category is filled.
10:38:55 There's no vacancies for that area.
10:38:57 >>MARY MULHERN: So on the Variance Review Board right
10:39:00 now, do we have a landscape architect?
10:39:03 >>THE CLERK: There's four positions to be filled.
10:39:06 County either be an attorney, architect --
10:39:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
10:39:10 I'm talking about the actual people on the board.
10:39:11 Do we have a landscape architect?
10:39:14 >>THE CLERK: Urban planner already.
10:39:17 >>MARY MULHERN: But an architect?
10:39:22 >>JULIA COLE: I think I know what your question is.
10:39:24 I think what I hear your question to be, suns we don't
10:39:26 have a landscape architect filling that category can
10:39:28 we use a landscape architect to fill the category of

10:39:31 the urban forester, nurseryman position?
10:39:34 Technically those are two separate disciplines, and
10:39:38 the intent of the code that was to have those two
10:39:41 separate disciplines, calling out a landscape
10:39:43 architect and urban forester, et cetera, on the other.
10:39:46 So I don't think that you can really utilize that
10:39:50 position of a landscape architect to fill the
10:39:54 nurseryman, urban forester.
10:39:57 >>MARY MULHERN: But you still didn't answer my
10:39:59 question.
10:40:00 Right now, is there a position on the Variance Review
10:40:02 Board that's only for landscape architect?
10:40:06 >>> No.
10:40:07 >> So currently, do we have a landscape architect on
10:40:11 the variance review board?
10:40:13 >>> No.
10:40:13 Because they are sitting in a category where it can
10:40:15 either be -- one, two or three, and they are not the
10:40:19 one, two or three chosen.
10:40:23 >>MARY MULHERN: I think that's worth our considering,
10:40:25 whether we are going to have this nine-person board
10:40:29 with architect while we are waiting for a nurseryman.

10:40:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Catalano is a great guy.
10:40:40 He's listed as than urban planner, he's an engineer.
10:40:44 I think we have used discretion in terms of
10:40:47 professional qualifications.
10:40:50 And so I think we should give ourselves, as you
10:40:58 suggested, Mary, that's a great idea, if we don't have
10:41:01 an applicant, we should broaden the definition.
10:41:03 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm ready to vote.
10:41:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: While she's counting the vote I took
10:42:01 the liberty to ask my aide to develop for me, and
10:42:04 council may want to consider this, a format that I
10:42:10 think may be a little easier.
10:42:12 I want to pass it out to everyone for your
10:42:14 consideration in the future, if you don't mind.
10:42:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:42:20 Great idea.
10:42:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It may help us.
10:42:26 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, the person receiving
10:42:29 four votes for the neighborhood civic representative
10:42:34 is Steve LaBour.
10:42:37 With Seth Nelson receiving three.
10:42:40 So it is Steve LaBour.

10:42:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Congratulations.
10:42:47 Steve, do you want to say anything?
10:42:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Steve LaBour, would you please come
10:42:55 up?
10:42:56 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's done by ballot.
10:42:58 Is a motion necessary?
10:42:59 Do we have official action?
10:43:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I move Steve LaBour.
10:43:03 >> Second.
10:43:03 (Motion carried).
10:43:04 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.?
10:43:05 >>STEVE LaBOUR: Steve LaBour, 2310 Morrison Avenue.
10:43:15 Thank you for your support.
10:43:16 I agree with Ms. Mulhern, having served on the VRB. I
10:43:18 do think the membership requirements and categories
10:43:20 probably should be reexamined and made a little more
10:43:23 simple than what they are.
10:43:25 But I appreciate your support.
10:43:26 Thank you.
10:43:27 >>GWEN MILLER: We now move to item number 11.
10:43:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Point of order.
10:43:37 With Steve's appointment it does -- with Steve, it

10:43:43 creates a council vacancy.
10:43:44 With Seth it would have created a mayor vacancy.
10:43:48 So, Shirley, you will bring that back to us at an
10:43:51 appropriate time?
10:43:52 Thank you.
10:43:55 >> You're correct.
10:43:56 It creates a council vacancy for the alternate.
10:43:59 And also just to remind you, because recently, this is
10:44:03 the official board action.
10:44:06 We will be bringing back a resolution.
10:44:07 But this is the official board action.
10:44:10 We will bring a resolution back soon affirming the
10:44:16 action that you took just now.
10:44:18 >>GWEN MILLER: When do we take action on the
10:44:20 alternate?
10:44:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: When Shirley brings it back to us.
10:44:24 >>> Right.
10:44:24 When Ms. Foxx-Knowles brings it back to you.
10:44:28 >>MARY MULHERN: My question then is for the alternate
10:44:34 position.
10:44:36 Will we be asking for new applicants?
10:44:38 Or will we use these applicants to apply for the

10:44:44 position openings for that?
10:44:46 It's the same one.
10:44:54 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to use this for alternate.
10:44:57 Would anyone like to make a motion?
10:45:06 >>MARY MULHERN: If we are going to do that we can do
10:45:10 it now.
10:45:11 I would like to make the motion we make that vote for
10:45:14 the alternate now.
10:45:15 You can make copies of the ballots you just-you just
10:45:22 gave us.
10:45:22 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion.
10:45:23 (Motion carried).
10:45:24 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to move on while she's
10:45:26 doing the ballot.
10:45:27 Mrs. Cindy Miller.
10:45:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I didn't want to lose the thought
10:45:31 we had all shared about reexamining the categories
10:45:35 under the variance review board.
10:45:37 So my motion would be to ask the Variance Review Board
10:45:40 working with legal to develop a recommendation to
10:45:43 council, categories that they think would be the most
10:45:46 helpful and just bring that back in the next 60 days.

10:45:52 >>MARY MULHERN: I second that, with making it less
10:45:58 constrictive, restrictive, easier.
10:46:03 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
10:46:05 I think the most appropriate way for that to be
10:46:07 accomplished is to ask staff to review it, maybe look
10:46:15 at some other jurisdictions and come back with a
10:46:17 recommendation which we can bring back to council.
10:46:23 >> That would be my motion.
10:46:25 >> The idea that it's less restrictive.
10:46:27 (Motion carried).
10:46:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Now he can speak.
10:46:33 >>> Cindy Miller, director growth management
10:46:36 development services.
10:46:36 I will try to be brief.
10:46:38 About 30 days ago, Ms. Wiggins and other
10:46:42 representatives from the East Tampa business and civic
10:46:44 association were before you, and it was requested I
10:46:47 come back and do an oral report.
10:46:49 One thing I would recommend is that I put this in a
10:46:52 more formal form.
10:46:53 And I will be back before you in about another 30 days
10:46:55 with a broader review of impact fees and other fees

10:46:59 that are assessed for affordable housing and I would
10:47:03 incorporate most of these comments in that report as
10:47:05 well.
10:47:05 And then you will have a written report for that as
10:47:07 well as a presentation.
10:47:08 Basically, I have divided the response into three
10:47:11 areas, sidewalks is the first.
10:47:13 Sidewalk construction for in-fill homes or for new
10:47:17 subdivisions are a requirement under our code.
10:47:19 And they also are included in our housing community
10:47:22 development division's design criteria. One thing
10:47:25 that has complicated the situation that was addressed
10:47:28 or mentioned here is that City Council previously had
10:47:31 eliminated all waivers for the payment of in lieu fees
10:47:37 for sidewalks.
10:47:37 There had been waivers in past years.
10:47:39 Currently it's not a waiver.
10:47:41 For the locations for the not for profit entities
10:47:44 where we currently have transferred lots to them for
10:47:47 construction of homes, and where a grand tree or
10:47:51 protected tree is in conflict with the construction of
10:47:53 that sidewalk which I believe is the particular

10:47:55 situation raised, it's our intention as the city to
10:47:59 amend our funding agreement with a not-for-profit so
10:48:04 the in lieu of fee is an eligible expense, in effect
10:48:08 we'll be able to use grant money to do that.
10:48:11 Since a waiver is not authorized under our code, we
10:48:14 feel that doing an appropriate reimbursement is
10:48:17 appropriate.
10:48:17 For the future looking at this on a more global basis
10:48:20 with affordable housing, I will bring this back before
10:48:23 you to look at sidewalks and construction in our later
10:48:27 report to you in about a month.
10:48:29 When it comes to permitting, which is a second area, I
10:48:34 can assure you that I concur with Mrs. Wiggins when it
10:48:37 comes to the number of lots that are allocated or
10:48:40 transferred to the not for profit organizations.
10:48:42 These lots were he is cheated lots which come back to
10:48:49 the county or city through back taxes.
10:48:51 There are some very good reasons why these lots have
10:48:53 been vacant for as long as they have been and that has
10:48:55 been our greatest challenge.
10:48:57 Where there has been a grand tree in a certain
10:48:59 location or other concerns.

10:49:00 So permitting, we do have an expedited permit review
10:49:04 that these lots are the type with expedited permitting
10:49:08 simply did not work.
10:49:09 Waive done is put together a team of all of my
10:49:11 divisions.
10:49:11 Mr. Barrios in the construction services division, Ms.
10:49:16 West in the housing community development division,
10:49:18 and I have my deputy Thom Snelling coordinating
10:49:22 everyone along with right-of-way and Land Development
10:49:24 Coordination to be able to address the concerns of
10:49:27 these particular lots so they'll get personal
10:49:29 attention, and do that with other lots that are
10:49:32 transferred from the city.
10:49:33 So I believe that will address those specific
10:49:36 concerns.
10:49:36 When it comes to real estate transactions which is the
10:49:38 third area, I just want to let you know we basically
10:49:42 had two processes for these lots that we have made
10:49:44 available.
10:49:45 One is the not for profits were lots in urban listing
10:49:49 and were able to choose which lots they were able to
10:49:52 select.

10:49:53 And that was the first process and that's where the
10:49:55 permitting and construction is now going forward.
10:49:57 We did transfer the lots at below market value, and we
10:50:00 did provide 30% of the financing for construction
10:50:03 costs.
10:50:05 There is a second request for proposal process that we
10:50:07 are still working through.
10:50:09 And in this case, the not for profit organizations
10:50:11 were given their first choice of which lots they were
10:50:14 to choose.
10:50:16 And they were given that choice before private
10:50:19 developers.
10:50:19 That transaction for the transfer of those lots have
10:50:22 not yet come before council.
10:50:24 That will be coming to you in the near future.
10:50:26 When it comes to the transfer of the lots to the not
10:50:29 for profits, if they have an eligible -- an income
10:50:33 eligible family who earns less than 80% of median area
10:50:39 income our request for proposal identified the land
10:50:41 would be transferred to the not for profits at no
10:50:44 cost.
10:50:44 So they are making affordable housing available to

10:50:47 income eligible families, less than 80% of immediate
10:50:50 income.
10:50:51 It will be the -- the land will be provided so we can
10:50:55 bring the total cost down.
10:50:58 Fourth item that was mentioned in the listing was
10:51:02 coordination with the housing authority.
10:51:06 Specifically on section 8, where we have a section 8
10:51:10 home ownership program, that housing community
10:51:12 development division is coordinating with the housing
10:51:14 authority.
10:51:15 And they are working diligently to smooth out that
10:51:18 process so that we do hope that that will become
10:51:22 smoother.
10:51:22 It's a new venture, a new program, and we hope that
10:51:25 will work.
10:51:26 That concludes my comments.
10:51:28 As I say I will put this in a more formal presentation
10:51:31 when I come back to see you at the end of July.
10:51:33 But I'm available for any questions.
10:51:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Have you had opportunity to review
10:51:38 those with Ms. Wiggins and came before us and have a
10:51:41 workshop?

10:51:42 >>> I have not but I will provide that to them today.
10:51:45 I wanted to bring it to you and address any questions
10:51:47 before I send it along to them.
10:51:49 >> Because I would like to get their feedback on this
10:51:51 as well.
10:51:52 Secondly, in terms. Sidewalk, as I understand it,
10:51:55 because there is no waiver provision now in place, I
10:51:58 will tell you, in some of these areas, some of these
10:52:02 community goals, you have one house, and that one lot,
10:52:04 and you have a sidewalk.
10:52:05 I mean, something has to be done about that.
10:52:11 It doesn't look good for the neighborhood.
10:52:13 You have got a neighborhood, and you may have 10 or 12
10:52:16 houses and you have one house, one lot, that has a
10:52:20 sidewalk and it's like it goes in where.
10:52:23 >>> And that's write recommend to look at that as we
10:52:25 come back and look at it in the totality of our
10:52:28 affordable housing program so that we are able to
10:52:30 address it and we will have a recommendation to you in
10:52:32 30 days.
10:52:33 We already are scheduled to be back before you July
10:52:35 19th.

10:52:36 >> Right.
10:52:37 And also coming back, those items then that we
10:52:40 highlighted and pointed out for affordable housing,
10:52:43 part of that will be in the report as well?
10:52:45 >>> Exactly.
10:52:46 There were certain pages.
10:52:47 >> And highlighting.
10:52:50 >>> That is the report we are coming back W.we'll have
10:52:52 both a written outline for you as well as a personal
10:52:55 appearance.
10:52:55 Thank you.
10:52:55 >>MARY MULHERN: In addition to what Mr. Scott was
10:52:59 saying about the sidewalks, what I heard you say was
10:53:03 that the waiver, you're suggesting that the waiver
10:53:08 could be paid out of grant money?
10:53:12 >>> This is an eligible cost meaning the state and
10:53:15 federal government will recognize this is the cost of
10:53:17 constructing the house.
10:53:18 We can use grant money in order to pay for that cost.
10:53:21 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to second what he said
10:53:25 and have us look at eliminating the waiver and
10:53:28 circumstances where there is unlikely to ever be a

10:53:31 sidewalk.
10:53:32 Beyond just being a grand tree.
10:53:35 I think the Tampa that I live in, I see lots and lots
10:53:39 of neighborhoods where there are no sidewalks.
10:53:41 So if you're building in a neighborhood where there
10:53:44 are no sidewalks, I think that we should look at
10:53:47 eliminating that from -- or putting back a waiver, an
10:53:54 area where a sidewalk is not really even a reasonable
10:53:57 expectation for any length on that block.
10:54:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Scott and Ms. Mulhern,
10:54:07 sidewalks are a big deal to neighborhoods.
10:54:09 And I have been on council long enough -- we used to
10:54:12 allow waivers wholesale when there weren't sidewalks.
10:54:15 Maybe about five years ago we got serious about
10:54:17 sidewalks and said we aren't going to allow waivers.
10:54:20 And what's been happening that's very significant, is
10:54:22 that first you put one in and it looks weird.
10:54:25 It looks like a kid that's getting their grown-up
10:54:27 teeth and they have a gap.
10:54:29 But over time we have seen the gaps fill in.
10:54:31 And what it provides the neighborhood is a really
10:54:35 quality community enhancement.

10:54:37 These neighborhoods in East Tampa particularly don't
10:54:40 usually have curbs or gutters or the street edges are
10:54:46 crumbly and they look mediocre.
10:54:49 When you put in a sidewalk it really Chris PS things
10:54:55 up.
10:54:56 Sometimes the first improvement for pedestrian safety
10:54:58 we have seen in the neighborhoods ever.
10:55:00 And to just allow we are going to allow wholesale
10:55:04 waivers, way would like to do is do a little field
10:55:06 trip when we go to East Tampa and look at where you
10:55:09 have the sidewalks and where you don't.
10:55:11 Because over time, things redevelop, and it really
10:55:13 increases the livability of that neighborhood.
10:55:20 >>MARY MULHERN: Neither of us are talking about
10:55:24 wholesale waivers.
10:55:25 I'm talking about waiver in a place where there's no
10:55:27 reasonable expectation that you are ever going to have
10:55:30 a sidewalk that connects to anything.
10:55:31 I mean, I love sidewalks.
10:55:33 I moved to my neighborhood because it has sidewalks.
10:55:36 It's one of the only neighborhoods I know that has
10:55:39 sidewalks.

10:55:40 So maybe we need to talk about it more and maybe this
10:55:43 is true that putting one in front of one house when
10:55:46 there's 100 other houses on the block is starting a
10:55:49 trend.
10:55:49 But if not, and when we are talking about, now, maybe
10:55:52 just in these neighborhoods where we are talking
10:55:54 about, you know, affordable housing, it's a cost.
10:55:58 And I don't think they should have to take away from
10:56:01 their grant money to put --
10:56:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
10:56:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Perhaps coming at it from different
10:56:15 ways.
10:56:16 On one hand we want to be affordable to housing.
10:56:27 I heard the other day that there's more than a million
10:56:30 dollars in our sidewalk fund.
10:56:31 I don't know if that's a rumor or what.
10:56:33 But I think that in these opportunities, perhaps we
10:56:37 should specifically target the affordable housing, and
10:56:42 perhaps waive it for the person or the family that's
10:56:45 building that affordable home, that the city would
10:56:48 come in and put that sidewalk in out of the sidewalk
10:56:52 fund.

10:56:56 FROM THE FLOOR: Amen.
10:56:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you. Anyway, that I think is
10:57:02 a really good, you know, opportunity for us to
10:57:05 accomplish both goals.
10:57:10 >>> And perhaps when I come back in a month, one thing
10:57:12 we are doing in this report is we are looking across
10:57:14 the city at every department that can touch these
10:57:17 types of programs.
10:57:18 So, therefore, let us come back with how we do intend
10:57:21 to address it, how sidewalk construction has been done
10:57:23 in the past, and if there's recommendations for the
10:57:25 future.
10:57:26 So let us give you an jut line that might be something
10:57:28 that's a workable outline for to us look at in the
10:57:31 future.
10:57:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And we could change the ordinance
10:57:34 or do it by resolution to say that anytime you have an
10:57:36 affordable housing project, that the city would
10:57:39 supplement that through Roy, who is sitting right
10:57:43 behind you, through his sidewalk fund.
10:57:45 And even though it would create that little strange
10:57:48 little one spot, I can guide you to many, many

10:57:54 neighborhoods in South Tampa where, as Linda says, you
10:57:56 put one here, three years later put one here, five
10:57:59 years later put one here.
10:58:00 After ten years you put them all together and you have
10:58:02 a nice sidewalk and that's going to happen all across
10:58:05 the city.
10:58:06 It takes time and patience but it happens.
10:58:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda?
10:58:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Again I am not trying to be
10:58:12 different.
10:58:12 But every neighborhood is different.
10:58:14 And every sidewalk is different.
10:58:16 And their needs.
10:58:18 The location is different from street to street.
10:58:20 I can only attest that how am I going to ask somebody
10:58:23 to put money into a sidewalk fund if you live mostly
10:58:27 in West Tampa, when you have a ditch in front of your
10:58:29 house you couldn't build a sidewalk if you wanted one.
10:58:38 Maybe the book is wrong.
10:58:40 Because you can't put money in where you can't build
10:58:43 something.
10:58:43 And I have also heard these contractors and these

10:58:45 homeowners tell us, or tell me, anyway, you know, I
10:58:49 could build a sidewalk much cheaper, but they want
10:58:53 three-something a square foot.
10:58:55 The figure may not be correct, but I remember them
10:58:58 telling me it's based on square footage and it costs a
10:59:01 lot of money to do a sidewalk.
10:59:11 9 thank you, Ms. Miller.
10:59:13 Number 12, we need to get a written report.
10:59:17 Ms. Saul-Sena, do you want to continue it?
10:59:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:59:23 I received a written report and it says we are talking
10:59:28 with the school board.
10:59:29 I would like to make a motion that the administration
10:59:32 provide a written report 60 days from now.
10:59:41 At which point they will know to have a green light or
10:59:44 red light.
10:59:44 (Motion carried).
10:59:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Number 13 is a resolution to the plan.
10:59:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Chair, the clerk has given us
10:59:59 the ballot for the alternate position.
11:00:01 Let me make one clarification.
11:00:03 Mr. Nelson is listed as number 5.

11:00:05 Mr. Nelson is already the mayor's alternate.
11:00:08 So I would suggest -- and I just chatted with Seth in
11:00:10 the hallway.
11:00:11 He's going to stay on as the mayor's alternate so he
11:00:14 doesn't need our vote on this ballot because right now
11:00:17 we are looking to fill -- so scratch Mr. Nelson.
11:00:26 He will understand what I'm saying.
11:00:28 >>GWEN MILLER: The mayor has an alternate and the City
11:00:30 Council?
11:00:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
11:00:33 We are just filling Steve's position which is our
11:00:36 alternate position.
11:00:36 So that would be one, two, three, four or six.
11:00:40 That would be my suggestion.
11:00:42 You all do what you want.
11:00:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, yeah.
11:00:56 >> Thank you, Ms. Mulhern, for bringing that up and
11:01:00 getting it done.
11:01:01 >>MARY MULHERN: You're welcome.
11:01:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I feel like things are already
11:01:14 moving quickly.
11:01:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano, if you are here, would you

11:01:32 please come to the table so you can vote?
11:01:34 We'll go to item 13.
11:01:42 Item 13.
11:01:43 13.
11:01:44 Need to move the resolution.
11:01:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I had a question on 13 and 14.
11:01:49 Mr. Spearman and Mr. Hart have been waiting patiently.
11:01:52 We appreciate.
11:01:54 Guys, if you want to come up and chat about this for a
11:01:57 minute.
11:02:04 Our Greg and Greg show.
11:02:06 Gentlemen, we pulled this item a week ago.
11:02:10 And if you could just explain to council a little bit
11:02:13 about what these two items are, you know, this is I
11:02:19 think a change in the way we do business, why you
11:02:21 think it's a good change, and also -- and I invited
11:02:24 Mr. Hart specifically.
11:02:26 I had some concern about the impact of this change on
11:02:28 our minority WMBE and small business program.
11:02:33 And so if you all could speak to that.
11:02:37 >>> Greg spearman, director of purchasing.
11:02:39 Items 13 and 14 relate to a new concept known as job

11:02:45 order contracting.
11:02:47 You have already approved one job contract that
11:02:50 appeared on your agenda, and due the 7th.
11:02:55 Presently it's a performance based fixed price
11:02:59 contract which allows you to handle very efficiently
11:03:05 and effectively small to medium size projects.
11:03:10 The concept has been around for 22 years, started off
11:03:14 in the federal government, now to state and federal
11:03:18 government.
11:03:18 We have several entities that actually use it right
11:03:22 now. This particular program is critical and crucial
11:03:24 to our WMBE program because it was one of the
11:03:27 recommendations that came, the City of Tampa disparity
11:03:33 study was done over two years ago so we are looking to
11:03:35 this program to do a really good job in terms of
11:03:37 meeting our goals with regard to the WMBE program not
11:03:42 to mention the fact it's going to bring about a lot of
11:03:45 effectiveness in terms of how we award and issue work
11:03:49 orders for small to medium size projects.
11:03:55 >>> Gregory Hart, manager, minority business
11:03:58 development.
11:03:58 I would like to echo Mr. Spearman's comments and that

11:04:01 we assure you that the JOC procurement method is to
11:04:08 address participation in both the prime contracting
11:04:11 level, as well as at the subcontracting level, for
11:04:15 minority and women owned firms.
11:04:17 We support the JOC program.
11:04:19 As Mr. Spearman mentioned, it was a principal
11:04:23 recommendation in the disparity study to, in fact,
11:04:27 have the City of Tampa apply this procurement process
11:04:31 in order to address increased opportunity at the prime
11:04:35 contracting level for women and minority firms.
11:04:37 Within the JOC contract itself, we have subcontracting
11:04:41 goals, and whereby the prime contractor will arrange
11:04:47 for his work orders to include participation by women
11:04:52 and minority owned firms.
11:04:54 I would like to point out that one of our JOC
11:04:57 contractors that's before you this morning is in fact
11:05:00 a City of Tampa certified firm.
11:05:03 So we will accomplish both participation at the prime
11:05:06 level as well as continue subcontract level
11:05:11 participation by WMBEs within the work order jobs
11:05:14 that are assigned to these contractors.
11:05:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chairman and councilmen, let me

11:05:23 first of all thank Mr. Hart and Mr. Spearman for
11:05:28 giving me a thorough review on this whole job program
11:05:31 initiative and I want to thank them for doing that.
11:05:38 I think, in my discussion with them, that the
11:05:40 potential and opportunity to also -- and it was a
11:05:45 million dollars but we can raise it to 2 million as we
11:05:47 talk about our discussion.
11:05:49 It seems the program is working very well in other
11:05:51 municipalities.
11:05:55 But I have a question.
11:05:56 At this point, Mr. Hart, Mr. Spearman, what do the
11:06:01 numbers look like in terms of WMBE participation?
11:06:07 Do you have the numbers offhand in terms of
11:06:09 participation, and the amount?
11:06:14 >>> If you are referring to the JOC program, sir?
11:06:19 We do have a project of the cypress point, which is
11:06:26 being awarded to the JOC contract, which was approved
11:06:31 at your last meeting.
11:06:32 And over the term of the contract, the job contractor
11:06:37 will achieve a 25% subcontract participation.
11:06:44 I would like to point out the experience has been
11:06:48 throughout the program within other Florida

11:06:50 municipalities as well as across the country who also
11:06:53 have subcontract goals from 20 to 25% at the end of
11:06:58 the contract.
11:06:59 We have actually achieved 10 or 15% participation
11:07:02 greater than at baseline.
11:07:04 So based on that history and that experience, we
11:07:08 anticipate a very successful job program.
11:07:11 >> Based on what you showed me the other day, I think
11:07:13 most of them have shown higher and higher numbers in
11:07:16 terms of participation.
11:07:18 But I was specifically more specifically because what
11:07:21 I would like to see is what are the numbers now that
11:07:26 administration has in terms of participation from
11:07:28 MBEs and SBEs, what are the numbers?
11:07:35 Do you follow what I'm saying?
11:07:37 >>> Yes.
11:07:37 >> So we'll R we'll have something to look at and
11:07:40 compare it to.
11:07:42 That's why it's important to move forth the ordinance
11:07:46 as well and look at and see how well the city is doing
11:07:49 in terms of NBE participation.
11:07:55 >>MARY MULHERN: I appreciate you taking the time to

11:07:57 explain to the me, too.
11:07:58 And I think the reason we weren't ready to pass this
11:08:00 last week is because we looked at them, some of us,
11:08:04 and said what is this?
11:08:05 Not that there is anything wrong with it.
11:08:08 But I would like to, since we are looking at adopting
11:08:11 this new way of awarding smaller contracts and
11:08:17 subcontracts, I would like to make sure, as you are
11:08:22 writing the requirements into these, for these
11:08:24 contractors, that we make sure that they are -- you
11:08:29 are adopting responsible, or we are hiring people that
11:08:33 have responsible employer guidelines.
11:08:35 And I kind of brought this up with you a little bit,
11:08:39 and find out more about it after I talked to you the
11:08:41 other day.
11:08:42 But not only do we want to award these contracts to
11:08:47 women and minority businesses, but we also want to
11:08:49 make sure that we are hiring -- we are getting quality
11:08:52 construction, and we are hiring responsible employers
11:08:56 that are providing benefits, and that are using, you
11:09:00 know, have the proper certifications.
11:09:02 So I think that it's especially in the smaller

11:09:07 contracts where we have to worry about having the
11:09:13 quality employers and the quality employees, and the
11:09:18 tradesmen that we want to see that are building the
11:09:20 kind of buildings that we need, and that are treating
11:09:23 their employees right.
11:09:24 So I'm hoping that you will look at that as you look
11:09:27 at these new guide lanes for the small contracts.
11:09:30 Think about responsible employer guidelines.
11:09:32 And I have some specifications that I can share with
11:09:36 you.
11:09:36 I think everyone on council has been hearing from the
11:09:39 building trades people about how they would like to
11:09:42 see better construction and better practices going on
11:09:46 on these small contracts.
11:09:48 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I'm glad I met with you and to
11:09:52 find out more about this program.
11:09:53 I didn't understand it.
11:09:54 And one thing that I brought out in our meeting was
11:09:59 when Hayes, who was the primary contractor, gets a
11:10:03 subcontractor to do this work, I asked you about their
11:10:07 liability and their benefit program.
11:10:09 So when Hayes signs up a contract with the Smith

11:10:13 company, does he get documentation on all of this
11:10:18 stuff to put in that particular work file?
11:10:23 >>> What the prime contractor is obligated to do is
11:10:25 apply the same rules and criteria that we currently
11:10:28 have in place in our traditional procurement
11:10:31 processes.
11:10:32 Those things are applied to the subcontract agreements
11:10:35 in which they enter into.
11:10:36 So nothing has really changed in terms of enforcing
11:10:40 state, local and federal laws as relates to prevailing
11:10:43 wage rates and safety, OSHA, all those various things,
11:10:49 insurance requirements, et cetera, still apply.
11:10:53 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: So what applies to Hayes will
11:10:56 apply to the subcontractors?
11:10:58 >>> That's correct?
11:10:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
11:11:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I met with these two fine gentlemen
11:11:05 yesterday for about 30 minutes, and I bring up the
11:11:08 same concern, not only about these two businesses
11:11:13 because it's not only about these two businesses.
11:11:16 Does the city have any way of all businesses that they
11:11:19 verify their certification of different things, if you

11:11:21 are a welder, there is a law that says you McMullen
11:11:23 Booth a certified welder.
11:11:26 If you are in need of bond, do we verify those bonds
11:11:32 are in essence -- and I'm not talking about these two.
11:11:34 I'm talking about a broad form of information.
11:11:39 When they apply for workmen come to you and they have
11:11:43 compensation, worker's comp insurance and so forth,
11:11:48 does the city have any mechanism at all where they
11:11:51 verify that all those documents are instead indeed
11:11:55 factual documents, where you check with the provider,
11:11:57 the issuer of those policies, like we do?
11:12:05 >>> Greg spearman: Yes, we do verify that
11:12:08 information.
11:12:09 We work very closely with the legal department, and
11:12:11 also with the risk management in terms of determining
11:12:15 not only if the insurance certificates are valid but
11:12:18 also the required levels.
11:12:20 But there's a hand and glove relationship with legal
11:12:23 in terms of the bond review, with the department.
11:12:27 We have a responsive test before any bid is awarded.
11:12:32 We actually pull those documents out of the bid and
11:12:34 verify that the bond is valid, the insurance is valid

11:12:37 before we actually bring it before council for
11:12:39 approval.
11:12:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
11:12:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, gentlemen.
11:12:43 And thank you, council, for putting the time into
11:12:46 this.
11:12:46 Because it's an important issue.
11:12:48 It's a change in how we do things.
11:12:50 And it concerned me greatly because my common sense
11:12:52 would dictate, to say they are going into a larger
11:12:56 contract, we might be cutting out small business and
11:12:58 minority business, women owned business.
11:13:00 In reality now that you have informed us, both of you,
11:13:04 and especially Mr. Hart, you have informed us that
11:13:06 there's this 25% goal, and that you are going to push
11:13:09 these vendors very hard to achieve that goal and maybe
11:13:12 they will even do better in that goal so at the end of
11:13:15 the day you are putting this into play to try -- so we
11:13:18 can even be a better community in terms of MBE and
11:13:25 WMBE and I think it's great.
11:13:28 We are so much better than a week ago because we
11:13:30 didn't understand it a week ago.

11:13:31 Now we understand it better.
11:13:33 Ms. Mulhern, you bring up a good point and I'm glad
11:13:36 you reminded us.
11:13:37 This issue of making sure that -- and this would apply
11:13:40 to really across the board not only with contracting
11:13:43 but hopefully with purchasing as well, that we are
11:13:46 dealing with quality employers, employers who care
11:13:49 about their employees, employers who care about health
11:13:52 care benefits for their employees, and making sure
11:13:55 that their welders are certified and not just off the
11:14:00 street with a torch in their hand.
11:14:02 You know, these are things that we care about not only
11:14:05 for the quality of the -- quality of construction but
11:14:07 also for the quality of our community.
11:14:09 So I am going to make a motion, just so we continue to
11:14:12 talk about this, to you, Mr. Spearman, that you get
11:14:16 back with us in six months, and look at some of these
11:14:18 documentations, I think Ms. Mulhern referenced it, has
11:14:23 come to all of us from the community and look at these
11:14:26 issues of, are we ensuring that we are dealing with
11:14:28 quality employers?
11:14:30 That's my motion.

11:14:31 Just get back with us in a report in the six-month
11:14:37 time frame.
11:14:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me just speak to that.
11:14:41 Because I would hope we are not saying only
11:14:46 minorities.
11:14:47 Let me say this.
11:14:48 But I'm saying we want to make sure that whatever
11:14:50 business the city is doing is across the board for
11:14:52 everybody, not just for minorities and women, that we
11:14:57 want to make sure for everybody.
11:14:58 If the city is doing business with anybody, you should
11:15:00 verify and make sure that all of their certifications
11:15:03 is in place and that they are qualified, and they are
11:15:06 licensed and everything is in place.
11:15:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And, Tom, I appreciate it.
11:15:14 Mr. Spearman is in charge of all purchasing and
11:15:16 contracting.
11:15:18 If I directed to WMBE, I would have directed to the
11:15:23 Mr. Hart.
11:15:24 Clearly my motion applies to anybody we are dealing
11:15:26 with.
11:15:26 I am not picking on all of them.

11:15:28 So that would be my motion.
11:15:30 Just to report back six months, tell us how the
11:15:33 administration feels about these issues and what kind
11:15:35 of progress we can make on that.
11:15:37 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:15:38 (Motion carried).
11:15:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And my other motion relates
11:15:43 specifically to these three JOC contracts we have just
11:15:47 done and I understand we have another one coming.
11:15:48 I would like a report back in about a year, which
11:15:52 would tell us how have we done with these JOC
11:15:55 contracts?
11:15:56 Have we achieved the goals we have set?
11:15:58 Have we surpassed the goals we have set?
11:16:00 So to get back with us in a year, and tell us our
11:16:04 success story in this.
11:16:06 That would ab motion.
11:16:08 >> Second.
11:16:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:16:10 (Motion carried)
11:16:14 Are you ready to move item 13 and 14?
11:16:17 >> So moved.

11:16:17 >> Second.
11:16:17 (Motion carried).
11:16:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Shirley Foxx-Knowles.
11:16:32 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.
11:16:35 Council, filling your vacancy as a council alternate
11:16:39 will be Randy Barron receiving four votes.
11:16:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.
11:16:47 Congratulations to Mr. Barron.
11:16:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
11:16:50 (Motion carried).
11:16:50 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Thank you.
11:16:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:16:55 would like to request a legislative matter?
11:16:56 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Last week, I made a request to you
11:17:01 regarding your chapter 27 changes.
11:17:06 Specifically, the provision that does not allow an
11:17:09 application to move forward without a transportation
11:17:12 analysis being performed and conducted in advance of
11:17:15 the application moving.
11:17:18 My request to you is to allow -- to make that change.
11:17:22 And I have specific language which I have given to the
11:17:25 staff last week.

11:17:27 And the language would say something in association --
11:17:29 something like this: Transportation shall advise the
11:17:32 applicant at the time of the submission of the
11:17:35 application that an associated transportation analysis
11:17:38 is required, and the report shall be produced and
11:17:41 submitted to the City of Tampa in accordance with the
11:17:44 City of Tampa code not less than 45 days prior to the
11:17:47 scheduled hearing.
11:17:49 In the event that the 45 day deadline is not met a
11:17:52 continuance of the hearing will be required.
11:17:53 The staff will be protected in terms of their ability
11:17:57 to review the transportation analysis, and it would
11:18:00 give them at least 30 days, actually gives them 45
11:18:03 days, prior to a hearing being scheduled.
11:18:06 And it doesn't penalize the applicant and hold the
11:18:08 process up in terms of the submission and the
11:18:11 processing with the other departments.
11:18:15 The issue that I have is that although Cathy seemed to
11:18:19 indicate it was a matter of due diligence, you
11:18:22 potential can add 60 to 90 days delay on the front end
11:18:27 of the submission of a project.
11:18:28 If you allow the two things to run concurrently then

11:18:31 Tau advantage at the same time that the other
11:18:33 applicants -- the other departments are reviewing the
11:18:36 application.
11:18:37 And they are not penalized.
11:18:41 This is especially on the smaller projects, it holds
11:18:43 them up.
11:18:43 It ties their money up.
11:18:45 And, for example, I met with the property appraiser's
11:18:49 office yesterday and I asked them what was the cost to
11:18:51 the city for he have month that a project is delayed
11:18:53 in getting on the tax rolls?
11:18:55 Every month that that delay occurs, the tax revenue
11:18:59 lost to the city is about $2200 for a million dollar
11:19:02 project.
11:19:03 That doesn't include the jobs and it doesn't include
11:19:05 the cost of materials and equipment that also go into
11:19:09 those projects.
11:19:10 So at a time when the critical issues are getting
11:19:15 projects approved, if they are good projects.
11:19:17 If they are not good projects that's a different
11:19:19 issue.
11:19:19 But if it's a good project and an in-fill project it

11:19:22 needs to move forward and doesn't need to be penalized
11:19:25 by providing for at least stopping the application
11:19:29 process at the beginning.
11:19:31 You will discover that if there's a problem where you
11:19:33 are in the middle of that review anyway.
11:19:35 And you will be revising your site plans.
11:19:37 But the applicant should not be penalized and not be
11:19:41 stopped at the beginning of the process.
11:19:42 These two issues should be running concurrently and
11:19:45 not horizontally in terms of one single line of
11:19:50 continuum.
11:19:51 I am respectfully asking the City Council to
11:19:53 reconsider their action to direct the staff and legal
11:19:56 department to prepare the appropriate documents to
11:19:59 amend the code to reflect the ability of the applicant
11:20:04 to submit the application but not have the hearing if
11:20:05 they don't meet the criteria.
11:20:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda?
11:20:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I listened to the debate of the
11:20:16 legal department and staff that are here for that
11:20:17 purpose.
11:20:17 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

11:20:19 I ask Mr. Shelby to correct me if I am wrong.
11:20:21 The only action you can take is to vote two weeks.
11:20:24 What that would do is procedurally, we could come
11:20:28 back -- we would have to turn second reading that's
11:20:32 coming back to you next week into first reading, have
11:20:34 it debated as part of the public hearing process.
11:20:37 It would be at that time that you could request the
11:20:39 legal department to make that change.
11:20:40 But I don't think it's appropriate to have debate with
11:20:44 staff at this point because we are not in the public
11:20:46 hearing process which is required under Florida
11:20:48 statute for these types of changes.
11:20:50 So the action would have to be to vote to reconsider,
11:20:54 and then when we get to first reading, second reading
11:20:57 next week, to durn that into first reading and direct
11:21:00 legal to make whatever changes you're discussing, and
11:21:03 staff would be able to comment at that time.
11:21:07 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Land development.
11:21:10 The other issue is, as I said, as we noted last time
11:21:14 with that entire ordinance is that it's a 40-page
11:21:17 document.
11:21:18 There are many sections in that.

11:21:19 It would be safe at this point as an aid to Mr. Mick
11:21:25 Mr. Michelini as well, that's part of the code today.
11:21:28 We are just moving that into the new process.
11:21:30 We are not changing what we are doing, or any process
11:21:33 that we have in that type of review.
11:21:36 He's asking for a change in the way the code is read
11:21:38 today, in the new code.
11:21:40 Which is fine.
11:21:41 We can have that debate.
11:21:43 What I would ask is that we don't hold this up.
11:21:45 We can certainly talk about that for the July cycle if
11:21:47 he wants to make that change.
11:21:49 But not to hold up the ordinances before you today.
11:21:54 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I haven't had a chance to discuss
11:21:56 this with Mr. Michelini but when he mention it is
11:21:59 language that concerns me is that a public hearing is
11:22:01 set and advertised, is noticed, but if a
11:22:06 transportation analysis is not done within 45 days a
11:22:09 continuance is required.
11:22:10 I believe it was council's intention to not create
11:22:13 opportunities for continuances at the time when an
11:22:17 application is set for public hearing is when the

11:22:19 application is complete, and ready for council to be
11:22:21 heard.
11:22:21 That was my understanding of council's intent.
11:22:24 And I don't take a position except I just raise that
11:22:27 concern about granting continuances as a matter of
11:22:31 requirement.
11:22:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you want to say something, Melanie?
11:22:37 Come up.
11:22:41 >>> I have discussed this with Mr. LaMotte in
11:22:43 transportation already.
11:22:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Melanie, did you want to speak?
11:22:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And oh Roy is here.
11:22:52 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
11:22:54 I think it's not appropriate to discuss the merits of
11:22:56 this request because we are outside of a public
11:22:59 hearing process where this has been noticed.
11:23:01 I think the options are to either vote to reconsider
11:23:04 this and then we would go down the path that I was
11:23:06 speaking of, or as Cathy Coyle suggested vote to have
11:23:11 this issue brought up during the July cycle, which the
11:23:14 amendments are due July 15th.
11:23:22 >> Ms. Cole, you and I have --

11:23:31 14 my motion would be to bring this up in the --
11:23:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Maybe this motion is better than
11:23:40 main.
11:23:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion would be to not delay the
11:23:43 improvements to chapter 27 that we have worked on a
11:23:46 really long time but rather to consider Mr.
11:23:47 Michelini's issue during the July chapter 27
11:23:54 improvements.
11:23:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Point of order.
11:23:59 I would like to hear from our attorney before we vote
11:24:01 on that motion.
11:24:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Did you hear what I said?
11:24:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Let's hear what Mr. Shelby has to say.
11:24:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: She made a motion.
11:24:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion is to move ahead --
11:24:18 excuse me, Julia, are you listening?
11:24:21 I couldn't tell.
11:24:23 Okay.
11:24:23 My motion was to move ahead as planned with chapter 27
11:24:27 changes and to investigate the -- or to consider the
11:24:32 recommendations made by Mr. Michelini in our July
11:24:35 cycle.

11:24:37 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Could I speak to that for a second?
11:24:39 One of the things that the staff has told you is that
11:24:41 that's currently the city code.
11:24:43 If you look at what was presented, that's underlined
11:24:46 material.
11:24:46 That's new language.
11:24:48 They may be operating under a policy that requires to
11:24:51 you do that.
11:24:52 But this is brand knew language being inserted in the
11:24:54 code.
11:24:54 According to the draft that we received, it's
11:24:58 underline language, not stricken through, it not
11:25:00 anything like that.
11:25:01 So I beg to differ with the staff about whether or not
11:25:06 that's currently code.
11:25:07 It's policy.
11:25:08 And my concern is if you codify this, all you have
11:25:12 done is continued to exacerbate the process, and you
11:25:16 institutionalized a delay that's not necessary.
11:25:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Council members, it's not that we
11:25:28 are for or against but we are going to discuss in the
11:25:31 July if it gets voted on.

11:25:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Legal?
11:25:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, it sounds like Mr. Michelini
11:25:38 is asking council to consider changes to chapter 27
11:25:40 that weren't contemplated at the first reading.
11:25:43 Two public hearings are required.
11:25:45 If at the second hearing which is presently scheduled
11:25:48 and advertised council then wishes to take up that
11:25:50 issue, council could then direct us to have those
11:25:53 changes be made and go back to first reading with
11:25:56 those changes made, discussing the merits of it, if it
11:25:59 is meritorious.
11:26:00 If it is not, council then has the option after
11:26:03 hearing all the evidence of the public hearing to then
11:26:06 adopt it at the second public hearing as it was
11:26:08 presented by the administration.
11:26:09 Council does not necessarily have to grant the request
11:26:14 today to take it up.
11:26:16 The effect was, if council were to make the motion to
11:26:18 reconsider, as Ms. Cole would say, the process would
11:26:21 be, you would have to readvertise it, go back to first
11:26:24 public hearing, and then go through the process.
11:26:27 As you presently structured, council will have the

11:26:29 opportunity to discuss the merits of the proposal at a
11:26:33 second public hearing.
11:26:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The motion by Mrs. Saul-Sena, I'll
11:26:41 second the motion.
11:26:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Weaver a motion and second.
11:26:43 (Motion carried).
11:26:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Nay.
11:26:47 >>THE CLERK: Mulhern, no.
11:26:50 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go to the public.
11:26:53 Anyone in the public that would like to speak to any
11:26:55 item on the agenda not set for a public hearing.
11:27:09 >>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: I reside at 2902 East Ellicott
11:27:14 Street three nights a week.
11:27:17 And I thank God for his grace and his mercy.
11:27:20 Especially this morning.
11:27:21 I wasn't supposed to be here this morning.
11:27:23 I went ahead, somebody else was going to take up some
11:27:26 business.
11:27:26 Headed this way, caught up with Mr. White this
11:27:36 morning, county commission. Anyway, I want to talk on
11:27:39 this article 4 here, and being down here, number 11,
11:27:43 talking about these lots.

11:27:47 You know, I been preaching about this land with the
11:27:49 city for years and years and years, I been chasing
11:27:52 down this land with the city.
11:27:54 You know, all this here, now, I been telling you -- I
11:28:00 just come out Bible class reading about Deuteronomy 27
11:28:02 talking about these curses, you know. The rest of you
11:28:02 know what I'm talking about.
11:28:07 And one of the verses said, if you take land from
11:28:12 peoples and there would be a curse put on you.
11:28:17 And I been here ten years with a curse on me.
11:28:21 And it's a curse on me because I'm with human rights.
11:28:24 And I got it right now.
11:28:26 I have a blessing on me now.
11:28:28 But these lots was taken from people years and years
11:28:32 ago from that crack house through mayor Freedman.
11:28:35 When she took the lots she was intending to nonprofit
11:28:40 but they passed a law in Tallahassee where you have to
11:28:43 pay a tax.
11:28:44 So the county has land there for years and years, then
11:28:47 turned around and told the city you all can have these
11:28:50 lots if you all pay taxes on them.
11:28:52 But down through the years I been siting with the --

11:28:56 fighting with the real estate, you all didn't have
11:28:58 anything to do with it.
11:29:00 See, that hurt me.
11:29:01 The city mayor's office, you all had nothing to do
11:29:04 with these lots, period.
11:29:07 But what I'm saying, though, many people wants to buy
11:29:10 these lots now.
11:29:10 They talk about nonprofit?
11:29:13 That make my blood boil.
11:29:16 Sell a poor person's house for $200,000 for nonprofit.
11:29:20 Then said she's going to get the lots free.
11:29:24 Go say to a poor person for $200,000.
11:29:26 Now, where is the nonprofit coming in at?
11:29:30 Somebody is making a lot of money.
11:29:33 This morning, Mr. John, you were talking about this
11:29:40 morning, you know, I think I'm an educated man in the
11:29:44 Bible.
11:29:45 But now somebody created those problems.
11:29:47 And you know where the problem came from?
11:29:52 It probably came from the property appraiser's office.
11:29:54 You were talking about this morning, all over town,
11:29:56 the property appraiser raised these people that you

11:29:59 been living in a house for years and years and $80,000
11:30:02 and all of a sudden, your housing is worth $100,000.
11:30:09 Where is the property coming from?
11:30:11 You know, like gas.
11:30:16 Everybody pay $3 for gas but nobody tell you why.
11:30:19 Know why?
11:30:19 Because they can charge you whatever they want to
11:30:22 charge you.
11:30:23 They can charge you.
11:30:25 You know, talking about taxes on this gas deal.
11:30:29 The government, every time the governor says, I am
11:30:34 going to go investigate and see how much money they
11:30:36 are getting and then the gas praise starts easing down
11:30:40 and nobody knows why it come down.
11:30:43 Thank you.
11:30:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:30:44 Would anyone else like to speak?
11:30:46 Okay.
11:30:46 We go to our committee reports.
11:30:48 Public safety.
11:30:49 Mr. Thomas Scott.
11:30:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move items 1 through 19.

11:30:53 >> Second.
11:30:55 (Motion carried).
11:30:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Parks and recreation, Linda Saul-Sena.
11:31:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'd like to move items 20 through
11:31:07 26.
11:31:08 >> Second.
11:31:08 (Motion carried).
11:31:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Public works, Mr. Charlie Miranda.
11:31:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Dingfelder would like to
11:31:18 discuss number 27, I think.
11:31:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just very quickly.
11:31:22 Usually I make my phone calls in Mondays.
11:31:25 Because we were in retreat on Monday I didn't get a
11:31:27 chance so I would like the courtesy of just pulling
11:31:30 number 27 for one week so I could have a discussion
11:31:35 with Mr. Metcalf and budget on this issue.
11:31:38 I don't think it's a big usual you but I just wanted a
11:31:41 clarification.
11:31:41 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:31:43 (Motion carried).
11:31:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move 28.
11:31:51 >> Second.

11:31:51 (Motion carried).
11:31:54 >> Finance Committee, Mr. John Dingfelder.
11:31:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move 31 through 37.
11:31:58 >> Second.
11:31:59 (Motion carried).
11:31:59 >>THE CLERK: On 37 you have to waive the 15 day
11:32:07 filing.
11:32:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What do you want, reconsideration?
11:32:17 I'll add that to my motion, waive the rules for number
11:32:20 37.
11:32:22 >> Motion and second.
11:32:22 (Motion carried).
11:32:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Building and zoning, Mr. Joseph
11:32:28 Caetano.
11:32:28 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I would like to move items 38 to
11:32:32 40.
11:32:33 >> Second.
11:32:33 (Motion carried).
11:32:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Transportation, Mary Mulhern.
11:32:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Move 41 and 42.
11:32:42 >> Second.
11:32:42 (Motion carried).

11:32:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
11:32:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll move items 43 to 48 setting
11:32:49 for future public hearings.
11:32:51 >> Second.
11:32:51 (Motion carried).
11:32:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 49 for second reading.
11:33:00 >>: Move to open.
11:33:01 >> Second.
11:33:01 (Motion carried).
11:33:02 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
11:33:05 You have a memorandum asking for continuance.
11:33:08 It has been decided if you agree they would like to
11:33:16 withdraw that completely.
11:33:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Completely?
11:33:19 >> So moved.
11:33:20 >> Second.
11:33:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Sal, so we approved it on first
11:33:23 reading.
11:33:24 Did it have no legal effect?
11:33:26 >> That's correct.
11:33:27 If there's no second reading it's a non-event.
11:33:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So move to strike the item and it

11:33:32 dies on the vine?
11:33:33 >>> Correct.
11:33:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second to withdraw.
11:33:35 (Motion carried).
11:33:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 50.
11:33:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to open item number 50.
11:33:43 >> Second.
11:33:43 (Motion carried).
11:33:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:33:45 wants to speak on item number 50?
11:33:47 Would you please stand and raise your right hand?
11:33:50 All right.
11:33:54 (Oath administered by Clerk).
11:34:03 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I ask that all written communications
11:34:05 relative to today's hearings which have been available
11:34:07 in council's office for public inspection be received
11:34:10 and filed into the record.
11:34:12 >> So moved.
11:34:12 >> Second.
11:34:13 (Motion carried).
11:34:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:34:16 wants to speak on item 50?

11:34:19 Need to close the public hearing.
11:34:21 >> Move to close.
11:34:22 >> Second.
11:34:22 (Motion carried).
11:34:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano, would you read that for
11:34:30 adoption?
11:34:37 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Number 50.
11:34:39 An ordinance to vacate --
11:34:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano.
11:34:45 >> All that portion of north B street, north A street,
11:34:49 gill Christ Avenue, Delaware Avenue, New Port Avenue,
11:34:53 alleyway's lying north of Kennedy Boulevard, west and
11:34:57 north of North Boulevard and south and east of CSX
11:35:02 railroad right-of-way in Collins addition to West
11:35:05 Tampa, a subdivision in the City of Tampa,
11:35:08 Hillsborough County, Florida, providing an effective
11:35:09 date.
11:35:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Second?
11:35:11 >> Second.
11:35:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Before you vote, the intent of the
11:35:15 maker of the motion is to adopt the ordinance on
11:35:17 second and final reading?

11:35:19 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Yes, sir.
11:35:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Vote and record.
11:35:23 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:35:36 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go to our public hearings.
11:35:38 Anyone in the public that's going to speak on 51
11:35:40 through 57, you need to stand and raise your right
11:35:43 hand.
11:35:52 (Oath administered by Clerk).
11:35:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Ladies, when you state your name
11:35:59 please reaffirm that you have been sworn.
11:36:02 I put a sign up so I don't have to remind you.
11:36:05 >>STEVE MICHELINI: I have been sworn.
11:36:07 This item we would like to continue for six months and
11:36:09 Vermont run concurrently with item 7 previously
11:36:13 addressed on your agenda so that when those two items
11:36:16 show up, they should show up together instead of being
11:36:19 separated so that we can discuss both issues
11:36:22 simultaneously.
11:36:25 >> That's fair enough.
11:36:26 >> So moved.
11:36:26 >> Second.
11:36:27 (Motion carried)

11:36:32 >>STEVE MICHELINI: And continue for six months.
11:36:34 Thank you.
11:36:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to open item 52.
11:36:37 >> So moved.
11:36:38 >> Second.
11:36:38 (Motion carried)
11:36:38 >>SAL TERRITO: Apparently they showed the wrong item
11:36:58 on the screen.
11:36:58 I think you voted on the proper item. The screen was
11:37:01 correct.
11:37:02 Showing you are voting on 49.
11:37:05 You weren't.
11:37:05 It was item number 50.
11:37:06 I think what did you was correct.
11:37:08 The screen was just correct.
11:37:09 Thank you.
11:37:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Will the record reflect it properly?
11:37:13 Thank you.
11:37:15 >>BARBARA LEPORE: Land development.
11:38:15 I have been sworn.
11:38:16 Here on WZ 07-74 for 8401 North Armenia Avenue.
11:38:25 To sell beer and wine as a package store in

11:38:29 conjunction with the sale of goods.
11:38:33 The sale of alcohol will be incidental.
11:38:36 At this location the previous wet zoning contains
11:38:39 16,000 square feet.
11:38:40 The wet zone reverted to dry status in 2005.
11:38:46 At this time the petitioner is requesting to wet zone
11:38:50 11,000 square feet.
11:38:56 The property is located at Armenia.
11:39:03 (off microphone)
11:39:04 There are also some properties which already have wet
11:39:13 zoning.
11:39:17 Land development has no objection to this request.
11:39:28 >> Officer Don Miller, City of Tampa police
11:39:30 department.
11:39:31 I have been sworn.
11:39:32 City of Tampa police department has in a objection to
11:39:35 this request.
11:39:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:39:51 >>> I have some pictures I would like to show you.
11:39:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Put them on the Elmo.
11:39:54 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Have you been sworn in, ma'am?
11:40:00 Excuse me, ma'am?

11:40:01 Have you been sworn?
11:40:03 Please?
11:40:04 Were you in?
11:40:05 >>> Yes.
11:40:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Can you get the picture on the screen,
11:40:33 please?
11:40:36 >>> This is the supermarket on the corner of Armenia
11:40:40 and Watters.
11:40:41 We have mostly Spanish products.
11:40:43 We have a restaurant, bakery, and a meat department.
11:40:47 And we are asking to sell alcohol and wine for closed
11:41:00 package sale.
11:41:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You mean to say beer and wine.
11:41:05 >>> Beer and wine, yes.
11:41:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:41:08 wants to speak on item 52?
11:41:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.
11:41:11 >> Second.
11:41:11 (Motion carried)
11:41:12 ?
11:41:14 >>GWEN MILLER: We have an ordinance?
11:41:15 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance making lawful the

11:41:26 sale of beverages containing alcohol of more than 1%
11:41:29 by weight and not more than 14% by weight and wines
11:41:32 regardless of alcoholic content, beer and wine,
11:41:36 2(APS), in sealed containers for consumption off
11:41:40 premises only from that certain lot, plot or tract of
11:41:42 land located at 8401 North Armenia Avenue, Tampa,
11:41:46 Florida as more particularly described in section 2
11:41:49 hereof waiving certain restrictions as to distance
11:41:51 based upon certain findings, providing for repeal of
11:41:55 all ordinances in conflict, providing an effective
11:41:56 date.
11:41:58 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
11:41:59 (Motion carried)
11:42:01 We need to open item 53.
11:42:03 >> So moved.
11:42:04 >> Second.
11:42:04 (Motion carried)
11:42:28 >>BARBARA LEPORE: Land development.
11:42:31 I have been sworn.
11:42:31 I'm here to represent WZ-07-85.
11:42:36 The request for the wet zoning to sell beer only at
11:42:40 the premises for consumption on the premises at the

11:42:44 location 5802 North Armenia Avenue unit A.
11:42:49 If approved, the wet zoning will contain 1600 square
11:42:53 feet.
11:42:54 The sell of alcohol will be incidental.
11:43:00 There are wet zoned establishments as well as the
11:43:02 institutional establishments and residential
11:43:04 establishments in the area.
11:43:08 I have a picture of the establishment.
11:43:16 The establishment is on the corner of Armenia, in the
11:43:24 south corner of the lot.
11:43:29 There are institutional establishments right behind it
11:43:32 and also a church.
11:43:44 About 40 feet from this wet zoning request.
11:43:46 This is the front where they are requesting the wet
11:43:53 zoning.
11:43:54 And this is a little more to the east side of the
11:43:58 establishment.
11:43:59 This is the picture across the street from the
11:44:04 establishment.
11:44:05 And residential uses.
11:44:12 And also behind it, behind this there is a church.
11:44:22 The petitioner is requesting a waiver to the distance

11:44:26 separation.
11:44:31 Again the department has in a objection to the
11:44:32 request.
11:44:32 Thank you.
11:44:34 >>> Officer Miller, City of Tampa police department.
11:44:37 We have no objections to this wet zoning.
11:44:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:44:50 >>> Good morning.
11:44:51 My name is Luca Castellano for petitioner.
11:44:59 It is a grocery store, a little mini market, and it's
11:45:02 for beer take-out only.
11:45:05 They sell groceries and certain miscellaneous items,
11:45:10 and they request to be approved on the 1(APS) for wet
11:45:14 zoning.
11:45:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:45:16 wants to speak on item 53?
11:45:18 You may come up and speak.
11:45:27 >>> Good morning, City Council.
11:45:29 My name is Richard Diaz.
11:45:33 I came to oppose this.
11:45:34 I also own a convenience store up the street from him.
11:45:40 It's more of a convenience and grocery store which I

11:45:44 also have the 1(APS) for beer and cigarettes.
11:45:52 If I'm not mistaken, I think there's supposed to be
11:45:56 1,000 feet for a person to be approved for the
11:45:59 license.
11:46:02 That's way heard.
11:46:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Kert, would you come up, please?
11:46:10 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.
11:46:11 There is a 1,000-foot separation between alcoholic
11:46:14 beverage establishments.
11:46:15 However, City Council has the ability to waive that
11:46:17 1,000 feet, if the sale of alcoholic beverage is
11:46:21 incidental to the primary use.
11:46:22 The applicant has indicated that it will be
11:46:24 incidental.
11:46:26 >> Just for the record.
11:46:28 You mean you are opposing it because you have the same
11:46:30 thing that he wants?
11:46:33 >>> That's one thing.
11:46:34 Besides that --
11:46:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, that's my question.
11:46:40 >>> Yes.
11:46:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?

11:46:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close the public hearing.
11:46:48 >> Second.
11:46:48 (Motion carried)
11:46:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move an ordinance making lawful the
11:46:59 sale of beverages containing alcohol of more than 1%
11:47:02 by weight, beer, wine, APS in sealed containers for
11:47:06 couples off premises only, at or from the certain lot,
11:47:09 plot or tract of land located at 5802 North Armenia
11:47:12 Avenue, A, Tampa, Florida more particularly described
11:47:15 in section 2 hereof waiving certain restrictions as to
11:47:18 distance based on certain findings, providing for
11:47:20 repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing an
11:47:23 effective date.
11:47:23 ?
11:47:26 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
11:47:28 (Motion carried)
11:47:30 Item number 54, we need to reschedule for July
11:47:34 19th ironed Miranda move to reschedule for July
11:47:37 19th at 10:00 in the morning.
11:47:40 >> Need to open number 55.
11:47:42 >> So moved.
11:47:42 >> Second.

11:47:43 (Motion carried)
11:47:44 >>BARBARA LEPORE: Land development.
11:48:12 I have been sworn.
11:48:12 I'm here to represent case WZ-07-88 for the location
11:48:16 of 9310 North Florida Avenue.
11:48:20 This property in 2002, case number 02-66, which would
11:48:28 allow the restaurant at the location.
11:48:36 I have for your review if you wish.
11:48:38 The petitioner is requesting 2(COP-R) for sale of
11:48:42 alcohol including beer and wine for the consumption
11:48:44 only on the premises in conjunction with the
11:48:47 restaurant.
11:48:49 If approved the wet zoning will contain over 7200
11:48:52 square feet.
11:48:53 There are existing 40 parking spaces.
11:49:02 There are wet zoning in 1,000 feet of the residential
11:49:06 properties, and the institutional properties.
11:49:12 Petitioner is asking waiver of the distance
11:49:15 separation.
11:49:18 At this time, land development has no objection.
11:49:21 I would like to inform you, who resides on North Tampa
11:49:33 Street, in opposition to this wet zoning due to the

11:49:38 problem with the access to the property.
11:49:52 I could give an overview on the zoning if you wish.
11:50:17 This is Florida Avenue.
11:50:20 This is the establishment.
11:50:25 Allows the zoning on the south side of the property
11:50:27 and also by zoning the request was to close the
11:50:32 driveway which was on the closest to the Florida
11:50:35 Avenue.
11:50:42 The grass was planted on the side closest to the
11:50:44 Florida Avenue.
11:50:45 The driveway was opened and the west side of the
11:50:48 property, but the driveway was not channelized.
11:50:54 I think he has an objection because it is still wide
11:50:57 open.
11:50:58 So can turn left or right.
11:51:00 I have some pictures of the establishment.
11:51:07 This is across the street.
11:51:19 This is the driveway.
11:51:24 This is the area where the driveway was closed.
11:51:30 This is the back, the buffer wall.
11:51:48 >>> Officer Miller, City of Tampa police department.
11:51:50 We have no objections to this wet zoning.

11:51:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:52:07 >>> My name is Hubert Lewis, we are the owners of the
11:52:12 property and requested to come up here to ask you
11:52:15 accommodate our patrons with beer and wine.
11:52:17 We are a Caribbean restaurant.
11:52:19 And enjoy meals with a beer or glass of wine.
11:52:27 That's the reason why we are here this morning.
11:52:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public going to
11:52:31 speak on item number 55?
11:52:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to close.
11:52:36 >> Second.
11:52:36 (Motion carried).
11:52:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: At this time I will move an ordinance
11:52:46 making lawful the sale of beverages containing alcohol
11:52:49 of more than 1% by weight and not more than 14% by
11:52:53 weight and wines regardless of alcoholic content beer
11:52:58 and wine for consumption on the premises only in
11:53:00 connection with a restaurant business establishment on
11:53:04 that certain lot, plot or tract of land located at
11:53:06 9310 North Florida Avenue Tampa, Florida, as more
11:53:10 particularly described in section 2 hereof waiving
11:53:12 certain restrictions as to distance based upon certain

11:53:15 findings, providing for repeal of all ordinances in
11:53:18 conflict, providing an effective date.
11:53:20 >> I have a motion and second.
11:53:21 (Motion carried)
11:53:24 We need to open 56.
11:53:25 >> So moved.
11:53:26 >> Second.
11:53:26 (Motion carried)
11:53:27 >>BARBARA LEPORE: Land development.
11:53:58 I have been sworn.
11:54:00 I am here to report on WZ 07-89 for 220 east Madison
11:54:09 street. Petitioner is requesting 2(APS) for the sale
11:54:10 of beer and wine at the location which is the use
11:54:15 is -- the site contains over 5500 square feet of
11:54:22 approved wet zoning, one-year conditional last year.
11:54:29 At this time petitioner is requesting to get the wet
11:54:34 zoning in the location.
11:54:37 There are other wet zone PD establishments, at this
11:54:43 time there are no residential uses at the location.
11:54:48 In the 1,000 feet.
11:54:50 I think have been knows the location.
11:54:58 On the corner of Madison.

11:55:00 This is the CVS store.
11:55:05 Just across the street, on the other side.
11:55:11 Land development has no objections to this request.
11:55:15 The application has been sent to the department for
11:55:19 their review.
11:55:20 Thank you.
11:55:22 >>> Officer Miller, City of Tampa police.
11:55:25 This is a conditional one-year coming back now.
11:55:30 During this time there was in a incidence of alcohol
11:55:32 problems so the police department has in a objection
11:55:34 to this wet zoning.
11:55:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
11:55:42 >>> I apologize.
11:55:42 I have not been sworn yet.
11:55:46 (Oath administered by Clerk).
11:55:52 >>> Grace YANG, 201 North Franklin Street, here on
11:55:58 behalf of holiday CVS.
11:56:02 This is a CVS store that was grant add one year
11:56:06 conditional last summer.
11:56:07 At the time certain council members had expressed some
11:56:09 concerns about open container violations, and possible
11:56:13 problems with the homeless population in the area.

11:56:15 And so we consented to a one-year conditional.
11:56:19 And also as previously stated, we are happy to say in
11:56:22 this one year, there have been no alcohol violations
11:56:27 tracked back to this store, no alcohol violations from
11:56:30 the state enforcement agents also that I am aware of.
11:56:33 So we request consideration for a permanent wet
11:56:37 zoning.
11:56:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
11:56:38 wants to speak on item 56?
11:56:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close the public hearing.
11:56:42 >> Second.
11:56:42 (Motion carried)
11:56:54 >> I would like to move this ordinance repealing
11:56:56 ordinance 2006-175, making lawful the sale of wines
11:57:02 not more than 2% by weight regardless of alcoholic
11:57:04 content beer and wine 2(APS) in sealed containers for
11:57:07 consumption off premises only at or from that certain
11:57:11 lot, plot or tract of land located at 220 east Madison
11:57:16 street, Tampa, Florida, as more particularly described
11:57:20 in section 3 hereof waiving certain restrictions as to
11:57:23 distance based upon certain findings providing for
11:57:26 repeal of all ordinances in conflict providing an

11:57:27 effective date.
11:57:28 >>CHAIRMAN: I have a motion and second.
11:57:29 (Motion carried).
11:57:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I know you are going into a
11:57:34 public hearing on a rezoning first reading, continued
11:57:37 public hearing.
11:57:38 You are approaching the noon hour.
11:57:39 What is council's pleasure?
11:57:41 >>GWEN MILLER: We need a motion?
11:57:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Tell me how when you are going to
11:57:50 finish.
11:57:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I don't think it will be long.
11:57:53 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:57:54 (Motion carried)
11:57:58 >> Truett Gardner.
11:57:59 We have a DVD that we were hoping to get to the staff
11:58:03 by 8:30 by our architect flew in from Miami, didn't
11:58:07 get here till 9:30.
11:58:09 So might need a little time to set it up.
11:58:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Find out what we have here.
11:58:14 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
11:58:16 I think this may take a little longer than everybody

11:58:18 thinks it's going to take.
11:58:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I withdraw my motion.
11:58:23 I withdraw my motion.
11:58:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Withdraw the motion.
11:58:27 Come back -- we have a 1:30.
11:58:31 Be the first one at 1:30?
11:58:33 We have a workshop at 1:30.
11:58:35 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: No, we have a CRA at 1:30.
11:58:38 We have a workshop at 3:00.
11:58:42 >>GWEN MILLER: What time do you want to take this
11:58:44 hearing?
11:58:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman.
11:58:49 >> I would suggest we come back at 1:00 rather than
11:58:51 1:30 and take this up at 1:00 prior to our CRA
11:58:54 meeting.
11:58:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Do we get a second?
11:58:58 >> Second.
11:58:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Taking number 57 at 1:00.
11:59:02 All in favor of that motion say Aye.
11:59:03 Opposed, Nay?
11:59:05 We go to information from council.
11:59:08 We have three minutes.

11:59:09 We can do that.
11:59:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to request that the
11:59:11 legal department develop some language to require
11:59:17 people, if there's a rezoning and they are benefiting
11:59:23 financially from the rezoning, that they share that
11:59:25 information with us at the beginning of their
11:59:26 testimony.
11:59:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Second?
11:59:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I appreciate that.
11:59:34 But you are going to see a whole list of stuff when I
11:59:36 come back on new business that some of you may like,
11:59:39 some of you ma I not like and some of you may want to
11:59:41 dance to your own song.
11:59:43 But it's all about zonings.
11:59:45 It's all about groups, individuals, associations,
11:59:48 CDCs and other things that have not been sitting
11:59:53 well with me for the last couple of months.
11:59:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
11:59:59 You will come back.
12:00:03 >> My request is that the legal department develop
12:00:06 that and bring it back.
12:00:08 >> Second.
12:00:08 It will be done much quicker than we think.
12:00:10 (Motion carried)
12:00:12 79 anything else?
12:00:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's going to take more than three
12:00:20 minutes.
12:00:21 But I need a commendation for Monsignor Higgins.
12:00:25 >> Second.
12:00:25 (Motion carried).
12:00:28 >> If you want to start with the other one I have a
12:00:30 lot of documents for you to read.
12:00:31 I have three different -- two are contractual
12:00:35 agreements between a party and another party.
12:00:37 And I don't know if you can do this in three minutes.
12:00:42 It's all information.
12:00:43 It's all in the new --
12:00:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Do we have to vote on it now?
12:00:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We don't have to vote on it now by
12:00:53 I'll wait will (
12:00:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott?
12:01:01 Ms. Mulhern?
12:01:02 Mr. Caetano?
12:01:03 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I would like the administration

12:01:05 in conjunction with Mr. Barios from the building
12:01:08 department to research what happens when an apartment
12:01:12 changes over to a condo.
12:01:15 We have a nightmare going on in my district right now.
12:01:20 An apartment house that converted to a condo.
12:01:24 I know when an apartment house is built, there are
12:01:27 certain specifications.
12:01:29 And there are different specifications when a condo is
12:01:33 being built from zero.
12:01:34 So we need what is the process for inspections,
12:01:39 et cetera, it seems to be a major, major thing going
12:01:43 on in the Highland, which is an apartment complex that
12:01:46 was converted to condos.
12:01:49 And we are talking about millions and millions of
12:01:52 dollars.
12:01:53 And the people who bought these condos are being
12:01:56 assessed.
12:01:57 And they have no choice.
12:01:59 We are talking maybe $11 million.
12:02:02 To bring it up to code.
12:02:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second it and see Wan the vote is.
12:02:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: For the sake of the motion how long

12:02:15 do you wish to have it before it comes back on the
12:02:17 agenda?
12:02:17 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: What woo Do we need?
12:02:20 90 days?
12:02:20 Can we get an answer in 90 days?
12:02:25 Try 90 days.
12:02:26 And if they can't do it in 90 days we'll give them an
12:02:29 extension.
12:02:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else, Mr. Caetano?
12:02:33 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: No.
12:02:34 >>GWEN MILLER: I have request from the administration
12:02:37 on June 28th, Mr. Steve Daignault would like to
12:02:40 come to us regarding the water rates.
12:02:42 It will take about 15 minutes.
12:02:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.
12:02:45 >> Second.
12:02:45 (Motion carried).
12:02:45 >>GWEN MILLER: And I have a request from the mayor on
12:02:50 Wednesday, June 27, from 9:00 to 10:30.
12:02:53 She would like to meet with all council members on how
12:03:02 affecting the budget and she's going to have the
12:03:05 strategic plan for 2008, and legislation impact on the

12:03:09 city in the -- city in the future and property tax, so
12:03:16 everyone is on the same level.
12:03:18 Is that okay?
12:03:19 So Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 10:30.
12:03:25 >> So moved.
12:03:26 >> Second.
12:03:26 (Motion carried).
12:03:26 >>GWEN MILLER: It will be noted, the administration to
12:03:30 notice it and it will be in the mayor's conference
12:03:32 room.
12:03:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: 9:00 or 9:30?
12:03:35 ?
12:03:36 >>GWEN MILLER: 9:00.
12:03:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Question.
12:03:38 Obviously, the mayor -- your understanding is the
12:03:42 administration will notice it?
12:03:45 >>GWEN MILLER: I would say yes.
12:03:48 >>MARTIN SHELBY: With regard to recording it and the
12:03:51 minutes?
12:03:51 >>GWEN MILLER: I will do that.
12:03:52 Ville somebody taking notes.
12:03:57 It's Sandy Marshall's birthday today.

12:04:02 >> Happy birthday.
12:04:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Clerk, do you have anything?
12:04:08 >>THE CLERK: Next Thursday for approximately 15
12:04:12 minutes to provide a briefing, the first briefing
12:04:14 regarding the budget.
12:04:17 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
12:04:18 (Motion carried).
12:04:19 >>THE CLERK: We also have a memorandum from Jim
12:04:22 Stefan.
12:04:24 He's requesting the mayor and Bonnie Wise be scheduled
12:04:26 on August 9th at 9:30 to present the 2008 budget.
12:04:32 >> So moved.
12:04:32 >> Second.
12:04:32 (Motion carried).
12:04:33 >>CLERK: Receive and file documents.
12:04:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to receive and file all doing
12:04:40 ultimate.
12:04:40 >> Second.
12:04:41 (Motion carried).
12:04:41 >>GWEN MILLER: We will be adjourned until 1:00.
12:12:22 (City Council recess.)

Tampa City Council meeting
Thursday, June 21, 2007
1:00 p.m. Session

The following represents an unedited version of
realtime captioning which should neither be relied
upon for complete accuracy nor used as a verbatim
transcript. Because this document has not been
edited, there may be additions, deletions, and/or
words that did not translate correctly.

13:04:57 >> Honorable Chair, Phil Schulz, Land Development
13:04:59 Coordination.
13:05:01 I have been sworn.
13:05:03 Item 57, rezoning case Z06-92 in district 6, Rocky
13:05:07 Point Harbor Neighborhood Association located at 7616
13:05:13 West Courtney Campbell Causeway.
13:05:14 The petitioner Naidip Tampa Bay LLC care of Orion
13:05:21 Communities, Inc.
13:05:22 This is a continuance from 4/19/07.
13:05:26 The development review committee has reviewed the
13:05:28 petition and has no objections to the request based on
13:05:31 the revised site plan submitted on 6/8/07.
13:05:36 The rezoning request is to convert a property
13:05:39 currently zoned CG, commercial general, to PD, planned
13:05:42 development for single-family residential attached,
13:05:46 potential hotel, marina, and office use.
13:05:48 Waivers being requested are, one, from section 27-246
13:05:53 to reduce the drive aisles in the parking garage from
13:05:55 26 to 24 feet.
13:05:57 Number two, section 26-246, to reduce the total amount
13:06:00 of required residential loading berths from four to
13:06:04 two.
13:06:04 Item three, section 27-248-1, that all delivery
13:06:10 vehicles within the development be limited to a size
13:06:14 from WB-50 to WB-35, and that the condo and office
13:06:20 tenants have it stipulated in their lease accordingly.
13:06:25 And the last waiver, number four, section 13-161-E, a
13:06:30 waiver of greenspace of 486 square feet with an
13:06:34 assessed payment in lieu fee to be paid to the City of
13:06:37 Tampa parks and recreation department at the current
13:06:40 rate assessed at the time of permitting.
13:06:42 This shall be paid prior to the issuance of the first
13:06:45 building permit.
13:06:46 The project at 7616 West Courtney Campbell, is bounded
13:06:52 on the east by Rocky Point Drive, on the north by
13:06:57 Courtney Campbell Causeway, and on the south end east
13:07:02 by Tampa Bay.
13:07:02 The mixed use project will have 20,000 square feet of
13:07:05 office, 41,225 square feet of amenities and common
13:07:10 area.
13:07:11 And a total of 252 residential units.
13:07:14 Part of the 41,225 square feet is proposed for
13:07:17 marina-related uses, which will be subject to
13:07:21 permitting from other governmental sources.
13:07:23 The residential units will consist of 208 studio,
13:07:27 one- and two-bedroom units and 44, three-bedroom and
13:07:31 penthouse units.
13:07:33 The proposed project will contain two residential
13:07:36 towers and is allowed F.A.R. of 2.5.
13:07:39 The project is proposing a 2.375 floor area ratio to
13:07:44 be built for a total of 555,553 square feet.
13:07:49 The proposed height of the office building is 43 feet,
13:07:55 and contains two floors.
13:07:56 The height of the residential units is 220 feet,
13:07:59 subject to FAA and HCAA review and approval.
13:08:03 I would like to enter in the record, madam Chairman, a
13:08:05 letter I just received on the 14th of June from
13:08:08 Nadine Jones, and she indicates in her letter that the
13:08:14 final site plan dated 6/8/07 specifies proposed
13:08:18 building height of 220 feet.
13:08:19 This is acceptable if the maximum building height does
13:08:23 not exceed 230 feet above mean level and contingent on
13:08:28 the project receiving a determination of no hazard
13:08:30 from the FAA.
13:08:32 The project will have a total of 17 floors with a
13:08:51 mechanical floor.
13:08:52 The parking garage is incorporated into the west
13:08:55 structure, and it is proposed to have a height of
13:08:57 35 feet with three elevated decks.
13:09:00 The site will access Courtney Campbell.
13:09:05 The site plan proposes 18 guest parking spaces, 63 are
13:09:09 required.
13:09:10 However, they have a total of 553 spaces being
13:09:15 provided with a total of 529 required.
13:09:18 14 of these are going to be ADA handicap accessible
13:09:22 spaces.
13:09:23 The PD setbacks are 25 feet on the north fronting
13:09:26 Courtney Campbell causeway, 25 feet on the south.
13:09:29 10 feet on the east fronting Tampa Bay and 25 on the
13:09:33 west.
13:09:34 The petitioner also proposes a 33 slip marina on Tampa
13:09:38 Bay.
13:09:39 Per note 27, while not requesting specific number of
13:09:44 hotel rooms, the petitioner is proposing an
13:09:47 equivalency matrix that will provide an option to
13:09:50 modify the permitted uses and establish a trade-off
13:09:53 mechanism per the floor area ratio at 7.21 hotel rooms
13:09:58 per thousand square feet of office or .7 hotel rooms
13:10:02 per one residential dwelling unit for hotel use.
13:10:06 ELMO, please.
13:10:07 As you can see by the aerial photo, Tampa Bay subject
13:10:15 parcel, Courtney Campbell Causeway, Rocky Point.
13:10:21 Over here is the project that is currently under
13:10:24 development, which is 07-25 and you also approved the
13:10:29 Westin Hotel directly across the way that will be
13:10:33 coming in fairly soon as well.
13:10:35 So we have three new projects in this respective area.
13:10:38 The current zoning, as you can see, is CG, but all the
13:10:45 other parcels are PD.
13:10:47 This is a picture currently of the subject parcel.
13:10:54 Landry's restaurant.
13:10:56 You can see the five-story parking structure, I

13:10:58 believe, over here of the home bank property.
13:11:04 This is Home Bank.
13:11:08 You can see that really the frontage there is mostly
13:11:10 just cars.
13:11:12 So it's set back quite a ways from this subject
13:11:16 parcel.
13:11:19 This is island club condominiums directly to the south
13:11:23 and a little bit to the west of the project.
13:11:25 These two parcels were interconnected at one time.
13:11:28 They have a shared lift station.
13:11:34 Here's a view from the back of the subject parcel
13:11:36 looking towards the home bank structure.
13:11:44 This is looking directly south, and as you can see,
13:11:46 another 14-story, roughly 13 or 14-story high-rise to
13:11:52 the rear of island club.
13:11:56 This is the amenities area for island club.
13:12:00 As you can see, they still have a walkway and a gate
13:12:03 connecting the two properties.
13:12:06 This goes into island club's pool area.
13:12:09 This is the shared or common area, and if you look at
13:12:13 access to the lift station here, this is city easement
13:12:20 area, actually, and it goes along this area right

13:12:25 here.
13:12:25 Here you see on this side is the home bank, their
13:12:29 parking structure, island club.
13:12:30 This area right here is a city-owned easement that
13:12:35 goes from the rear of the property all the way north
13:12:37 to Courtney Campbell.
13:12:39 And that shows on your site plan, and then the subject
13:12:42 property is over here.
13:12:43 The property line for the proposed project is this
13:12:46 chain-linked fence here.
13:12:48 But, again, this is utility and city-owned easement
13:12:50 right here.
13:12:51 It goes back to the lift station.
13:12:53 And the subject property then will start their project
13:12:58 after this 25-plus foot setback.
13:13:00 It's actually a larger setback than that.
13:13:03 But it starts right here.
13:13:07 This is looking down -- I don't know if you can see it
13:13:09 very well.
13:13:10 This is looking west down Courtney Campbell Causeway.
13:13:19 This is looking directly across the street.
13:13:22 You can see the Westin sign and some of the mid-rises

13:13:25 across the way.
13:13:27 This is directly across the street.
13:13:30 It's the Westin hotel where the green iguana used to
13:13:33 be.
13:13:34 Anybody like the green iguana?
13:13:37 And then this is looking east.
13:13:39 You can see the other two high-rises over here towards
13:13:45 Tampa international on Courtney Campbell.
13:13:48 This is just to give you a little perspective.
13:13:52 On the intersection of -- right adjacent to the
13:13:57 Shriners international headquarters looking back
13:14:01 toward the subject property, this is a home bank
13:14:03 building right next door, looking from west to east,
13:14:06 this is their building again.
13:14:08 Little sunrise.
13:14:09 That's all I have.
13:14:11 If there are any questions, I'll be available.
13:14:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
13:14:29 >> Truett Gardner, 101 south Franklin Street.
13:14:34 I have been sworn, before lunch, if that makes a
13:14:37 difference.
13:14:37 But we're happy to finally be in front of you.

13:14:41 You had the packages for a while.
13:14:43 You've probably seen this project evolve.
13:14:45 It's a special piece of property and we're proposing
13:14:47 what you hope is a special and iconic building.
13:14:49 I want to leave the bulk of the time and there's one
13:14:52 outstanding issue which I'll address but I want to
13:14:55 leave the bulk of the time to the architect.
13:14:57 But that one outstanding issue is there is litigation
13:15:00 involving this property.
13:15:01 It actually was brought by Landry's, the prior owner
13:15:06 who my client purchased the property from, and it
13:15:08 involved 12 parties.
13:15:09 It's been resolved with -- it's been completely
13:15:12 resolved with nine of the parties.
13:15:14 Two, it's agreed to in principle.
13:15:17 There's one outstanding.
13:15:18 Ray Allen is here representing the one, the completely
13:15:22 outstanding issue, but I believe we've got a
13:15:24 resolution that we've worked with Julia on, which is
13:15:28 we'll say in record and I'm saying now, if need be,
13:15:31 the developer can say as well, and then in two weeks
13:15:33 at the second reading, if we get that far, we'll be

13:15:36 back with something in writing basically saying that
13:15:39 we will not pursue the issuance of building permits
13:15:41 until this litigation is resolved.
13:15:43 And I believe Mr. Allen will say that he concurs with
13:15:46 that.
13:15:47 So I wanted to air that one issue out there.
13:15:49 And we're available.
13:15:50 We have the whole development team and developers --
13:15:53 excuse me.
13:15:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Excuse me.
13:15:55 Hold it, sir.
13:15:56 Who are you?
13:15:57 >> I am the objector, and I think -- I want to at
13:15:59 least get on the record that we have an agreement --
13:16:01 for the record, my name is ray Allen.
13:16:03 I'm here representing prudential life.
13:16:06 I'm an attorney.
13:16:06 I have been sworn.
13:16:08 I'm an attorney with Carlton fields at 4221 west Boy
13:16:11 Scout Road.
13:16:13 Truett is correct.
13:16:14 I think we have reached a tentative agreement that

13:16:16 what we will do is sit down within the next two weeks
13:16:19 and try to reach a written agreement that we can bring
13:16:22 back and present to the Council that hopefully will
13:16:25 resolve this issue because we don't think the
13:16:27 litigation is going to go away and we want to at least
13:16:29 allow the project to go forward in the permitting
13:16:32 scheme and let the litigation resolve itself.
13:16:34 And I think that's the agreement we've reached.
13:16:36 And hopefully we'll be back in writing at the next
13:16:38 hearing.
13:16:39 Thank you.
13:16:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
13:16:42 >> Again, I completely agree with that and stating
13:16:44 that on the record.
13:16:45 So with that, we've got the development team here.
13:16:47 If you've got any questions, feel free to ask either
13:16:50 me, we have Randy Cohen with traffic issues,
13:16:55 engineers, architects, whole nine yards.
13:16:57 But I wanted to preserve some time for Patricia
13:16:59 Kalafitch of Architect Hanukkah down in Miami to
13:17:04 present the project.
13:17:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The Courtney Campbell scenic

13:17:07 corridor committee is very concerned about pedestrian
13:17:10 safety.
13:17:10 I believe there's a bus stop on the other side of the
13:17:13 street, and somebody who gets off the bus there might
13:17:15 be coming to your building.
13:17:16 Does a pedestrian have a chance?
13:17:20 Are you making accommodations?
13:17:22 >> They are going to have a much better chance than
13:17:24 they currently have.
13:17:26 We've worked with Hart as well as the Parks
13:17:27 Department.
13:17:28 If you notice in the site plan, there are trails
13:17:29 around.
13:17:30 We also agreed to extend the sidewalk running down
13:17:32 Courtney Campbell to 10 feet in width.
13:17:34 If there's one there now, it's not a very good repair,
13:17:38 but we agreed to do that prior to the issuance of
13:17:42 building permits as well.
13:17:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Excellent.
13:17:44 Thank you.
13:17:51 >> Good afternoon.
13:17:53 My name is Patricia.

13:17:58 I'm representing the architect here.
13:18:02 Like to give a brief explanation of what the prior
13:18:07 components are.
13:18:07 I would like to divide this presentation into two
13:18:09 parts.
13:18:09 I'm going to show the components again where they look
13:18:12 at it within the site, and then I'm going to talk a
13:18:15 little bit about the architecture and actually finish
13:18:17 with an animation that we have that would only last 60
13:18:21 seconds.
13:18:21 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Before you begin, were you sworn in?
13:18:25 >> No, actually.
13:18:26 I was wondering if I should --
13:18:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else need to be sworn in before
13:18:31 you start speaking?
13:18:32 Anyone else need to be sworn in.
13:18:33 Would you please stand and raise your right hand.
13:18:39 (Oath administered by clerk).
13:18:41 >> Yes, I do.
13:18:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
13:18:45 >> 7616 west Courtney Campbell.
13:18:51 We have kept the existing entrance to the site, and we

13:18:54 have located entrance separate for the office building
13:18:58 which is located in this area of the site, and we also
13:19:01 have a separate entrance for the residential component
13:19:06 and service lining the back of the site that will
13:19:08 serve both the residential and the office component.
13:19:14 The project, like he mentioned, we have two
13:19:18 residential towers that sit -- the whole parking
13:19:22 garage structure that will hold parking spaces in the
13:19:25 ground level for the office building, which is located
13:19:27 over here.
13:19:28 And it has direct access to those parking spaces.
13:19:32 And then the rest of the upper levels will hold the
13:19:35 residential parking for residential towers.
13:19:39 On level four, we have -- [INAUDIBLE] -- that we are
13:19:44 providing all the amenities at this level.
13:19:46 And I've taken the advantage of, you know, having the
13:19:50 view on both the east and the west site.
13:19:55 And that's something that we like about the project.
13:19:57 We're providing this whole greenspace in -- on both of
13:20:02 the sites that both of the neighbors will enjoy and
13:20:08 the building that we're planning here.
13:20:11 I would like to talk a little bit about the

13:20:13 architecture.
13:20:13 I'm going to take this -- when we first saw this site,
13:20:22 we saw an amazing opportunity to, you know, create an
13:20:25 iconic building here.
13:20:26 We have this wide dimension here that is on the water
13:20:32 and the location being on the Courtney Campbell
13:20:34 causeway that has all this traffic everyday, we felt
13:20:37 we wanted to bring a building that would be friendly
13:20:40 looking that will bring a lot of glass so it can
13:20:48 reflect the water.
13:20:52 That's why we went with a blue color in the glass so
13:20:55 it feels like a continuation of the water.
13:20:57 We had several studies of what to do on the top of the
13:21:00 building and how actually to treat the project.
13:21:04 We first originally thought about maybe one tower, but
13:21:07 I think we wanted to be sensitive to the neighbors
13:21:09 next door and decided -- in two so we can still have
13:21:15 view to the back there.
13:21:19 On the water, we came up with this idea of having
13:21:22 weights on the top.
13:21:23 I think it's something very nicely on the project.
13:21:27 And something else I want to bring on.

13:21:29 A large project like this requires a lot of parking
13:21:33 spaces, which that's why we have this three levels of
13:21:36 garage.
13:21:37 And we wanted to be very careful in how to treat the
13:21:41 look of the parking garage.
13:21:42 We just didn't want to have another parking garage
13:21:44 sitting there that people will see it.
13:21:46 So we came up with the idea of wrapping the garage
13:21:49 with residential units that we have on the ground
13:21:51 level.
13:21:51 So they totally screen the parking garage.
13:21:55 You almost can't tell that there's a parking garage
13:21:58 there.
13:21:58 And this corner over here, we look at the office
13:22:01 building, which hides the parking garage over there.
13:22:05 It's exactly the same height of it.
13:22:08 In the back, and I'm going to show -- I'm going to
13:22:10 change to this board over here, this whole back
13:22:13 service corridor, we have the garage covered in green.
13:22:19 Besides, probably no one will see it.
13:22:21 We wanted to bring that green around the garage,
13:22:24 because it's possible to provide office parking garage

13:22:30 that works as a parking garage but also adds a little
13:22:33 bit of beauty to the neighbors.
13:22:35 Somebody is going to see it.
13:22:36 So the developer was willing to go into the cost but
13:22:42 have a very nice project.
13:22:43 Something else that I would like to bring that we
13:22:49 were -- while we were going through this review
13:22:51 process was to bring some open space area to the
13:22:55 people that will probably work in the office building.
13:22:59 So we accommodated some pedestrian paths along this
13:23:03 area here that can be used for the people that are
13:23:08 working in the office building, we have some benches.
13:23:10 And we can see it over here, some nice walking paths
13:23:13 that we're proposing, some water features.
13:23:16 People can have lunch over there.
13:23:18 Public, open area.
13:23:20 Somebody could go there and enjoy the water view.
13:23:23 And we also have the friendly pedestrian walkway
13:23:28 along.
13:23:28 I think we are ready.
13:23:32 I think these are the major things I wanted to bring
13:23:35 up on the project.

13:23:36 We are very happy with the project.
13:23:38 We're very excited to be working here in Tampa.
13:23:40 And I think we have come up with a good project and I
13:23:43 hope you guys like it.
13:23:44 I'm going to finish this presentation with the
13:23:46 animation that we have prepared.
13:23:48 It actually will give you an overview of the whole
13:23:52 project surrounding.
13:23:54 It's pretty much done.
13:23:55 Like, if you were driving on the Courtney Campbell.
13:23:58 So I hope you enjoy it.
13:24:00 Thank you very much.
13:25:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are the buildings curved?
13:25:23 >> [INAUDIBLE]
13:25:27 Actually, there is an effect that we're creating with
13:25:31 the balcony.
13:25:32 The actual building is not curved.
13:25:34 It's the balcony.
13:25:35 So we're able to play with different shapes.
13:25:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else?
13:25:44 >> That's it unless you have any questions of us.

13:25:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions, Council members?
13:25:47 Anyone in the public want to speak on item 57?
13:25:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.
13:25:56 >> Second.
13:25:56 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion to close,
13:25:58 aye.
13:25:58 [Motion Carried]
13:26:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mountains rezoning property in the
13:26:10 general vicinity of 7616 west Courtney Campbell
13:26:13 Causeway in the City of Tampa, Florida, and more
13:26:16 particularly described in section one from zoning
13:26:18 district classification CG commercial general to PD
13:26:20 planned development, single-family residential
13:26:22 attached, hotel, marina, office, providing an
13:26:24 effective date.
13:26:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.
13:26:27 All in favor of the motion, aye.
13:26:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, I wanted to say --
13:26:32 it's not too late to say -- this is the first building
13:26:35 in Tampa designed by the Miami firm, Architect
13:26:39 Hanukkah.
13:26:40 They are the ones who became famous with the Miami

13:26:43 vice building, and this is very exciting architecture.
13:26:46 I'm sure it will be an icon of Tampa Bay, and it's
13:26:49 beautiful and completely innovative and we look
13:26:54 forward to it.
13:26:55 The pedestrians along Courtney Campbell will
13:26:58 appreciate it because right now it's completely
13:27:00 impossible.
13:27:00 >> Thank you.
13:27:01 It's been a fun project to be a part of.
13:27:03 >>GWEN MILLER: We're now going back to information
13:27:05 from Council members.
13:27:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Council members, I would like to
13:27:21 pass out a distribution.
13:27:23 Maybe this has been discussed before, and it's got
13:27:27 clearly marked one, two and three.
13:27:30 And I tell you what it's about as soon as I get him
13:27:34 out here.
13:27:34 Let me say this.
13:27:55 I in know way mean to infer that the documents that
13:27:58 I'm presenting to you are unique in nature and that
13:28:02 anyone has done any wrong doing.
13:28:05 It's incumbent on all of us to feel our way around and

13:28:09 understand what is happening in this great city of the
13:28:11 City of Tampa, Florida, and the other day when we had
13:28:14 to stop a hearing, it was stopped just because of
13:28:17 this.
13:28:20 And let me, if I may, take the liberty to discuss
13:28:23 these items, and then I'll go to specifics on these
13:28:27 items.
13:28:28 I'll be asking later on to change an act to the ethics
13:28:33 code, two sections that are written on number three.
13:28:37 That would be new section 2-550 and 2-551.
13:28:41 Let me say this, we have been working on some ethics
13:28:46 proposed changes, and I've been working on this with
13:28:51 two great people that work for the city, senior city
13:28:55 assistant attorney, Julia Cole and our other City
13:28:58 Council attorney, Martin Shelby.
13:29:01 The question is, why?
13:29:02 Number one.
13:29:03 Number two, is, do we need to do so?
13:29:06 And three, what would the addition and how would it
13:29:10 work?
13:29:11 Why?
13:29:12 During recent Council meetings I have felt uneasy

13:29:15 about not the zoning itself but about the side
13:29:20 agreements between development and individuals, groups
13:29:21 of individuals, associations, CDCs or committees.
13:29:25 We need to do -- when developers, individuals, groups
13:29:31 of individuals, associations, CDCs or committees
13:29:35 make side deals without complete disclosure to
13:29:39 officials by voting on such zonings, I believe this is
13:29:44 wrong.
13:29:46 It would also be wrong even if I knew and they had
13:29:50 disclosed it, in my opinion.
13:29:51 It has gone as far as some of us would like to think.
13:29:57 Three types of zonings.
13:29:58 Good zonings, bad zonings, and bad zonings that are
13:30:01 good because of money.
13:30:02 I don't know how many such side agreements have been
13:30:09 agreed to by development and groups, individuals,
13:30:13 associations, CDCs or committees.
13:30:16 However, our review indicates that there has been more
13:30:19 than one, possibly as high as four.
13:30:23 How do these side agreements happen?
13:30:26 Does a developer find the individual, groups of
13:30:29 individuals, associations, CDCs or committees?

13:30:32 Or do these individuals, groups of individuals,
13:30:35 associations, CDCs or committees seek out the
13:30:38 development as prey?
13:30:41 In other words, what's wrong?
13:30:44 Maybe nothing, but how do they meet?
13:30:47 How do they discuss these things?
13:30:49 Who comes up with the price?
13:30:51 These acts have cast a large shadow of darkness on the
13:30:55 way a workable system that has been working fine till
13:30:59 now exists.
13:31:01 Is good zoning good or does money make bad zoning even
13:31:06 better?
13:31:07 We have prepared for you two such side agreements.
13:31:10 They are in the -- document one and document two.
13:31:13 No reference made to them.
13:31:15 In my opinion, they are used for seeing what the
13:31:18 actual problem and how it's been created and how it's
13:31:21 been divulged into these things.
13:31:23 One of them calls for a payment of $225,000.
13:31:27 The other one called for a payment of $525,000.
13:31:30 Or 750,000 or equals to three-quarters of a million
13:31:36 dollars.

13:31:37 But when you read the document, it goes further than
13:31:41 that.
13:31:41 It goes to almost $900,000.
13:31:44 It goes to payments for fees of managing.
13:31:50 It goes for payments to help in other areas for those
13:31:54 individuals that have worked out these two private
13:31:57 agreements.
13:32:01 To me, that's wrong.
13:32:02 I ask your support in section 2-550 and section 2-551,
13:32:07 and I would like to, again, thank Julie Cole and
13:32:10 Martin Shelby for allowing me and working with me to
13:32:14 these ends.
13:32:15 Hopefully this public notice is enough and will end
13:32:20 these types of deals.
13:32:21 Let me say this, that they had been so bold sometimes
13:32:24 that they would put them on the site plans.
13:32:29 That's been stopped.
13:32:30 These two deals that you have here, that I have
13:32:32 nothing against the development, believe me, I don't,
13:32:35 also has indicated to my knowledge from talking to
13:32:38 different people in the administration, that those two
13:32:42 deals are off the table.

13:32:44 I have in the past, and I always will vote my
13:32:46 conscience on city matters including zonings.
13:32:51 Sometimes I'll stand alone and sometimes against
13:32:53 popular response.
13:32:54 However, I will never encourage any development to
13:32:56 attain my vote through a side deal.
13:33:00 I am not amused by such acts.
13:33:05 I'm disheartened that anyone would think we can't do
13:33:08 without those things being done.
13:33:12 I'm talking about all of us.
13:33:13 I wonder if this is an isolated issue or is this
13:33:16 common practice in today's ever-changing world?
13:33:19 Or is this common practice not only in this government
13:33:23 but in other governments in our vicinity?
13:33:25 We cannot allow the darkness cloud to cover the
13:33:30 brilliance of this city and the future that this city
13:33:34 has.
13:33:36 It is paramount to me anyway, that these agreements
13:33:42 were made in the past and this one, I believe there
13:33:44 may be one or two others.
13:33:45 And if those agreements were signed and ordered, and
13:33:49 if you read them in real detail, it was done by

13:33:51 somebody who knows what they are doing, that those
13:33:53 monies are given back to the developers.
13:33:55 I don't have a cash and carry zoning operation here.
13:33:58 I'm only speaking for me.
13:34:00 And I'm sure other Council members feel the same way.
13:34:03 Good zoning is not based on cash.
13:34:05 It is based on the facts that are presented to us from
13:34:08 the Planning Commission, the facts that are presented
13:34:11 to us from the Legal Department.
13:34:13 The facts that are presented to us from our own
13:34:15 planning staff that they got to go through hoops.
13:34:19 This morning, you heard some of the hoops discussed by
13:34:21 Mr. Michelini who was trying to change the system to
13:34:23 some degree.
13:34:24 Right or wrong, I don't know.
13:34:25 But we'll look at that time in July.
13:34:27 So all of these things have to be taken into
13:34:29 consideration.
13:34:30 When we start knowingly that there are side deals,
13:34:34 we're heading into darkness.
13:34:36 This cannot continue, and it should not.
13:34:39 Let me warn you, if I know there's a side deal, I

13:34:44 don't care how good the development is, I don't care
13:34:47 what it does to me, I will vote against a side deal.
13:34:55 I will vote against the whole development.
13:34:57 That's just the way I was brought up.
13:35:00 It's not the proper thing to do.
13:35:02 It puts a cloud cover over my head.
13:35:06 And the way I look at it, I need all the sunshine that
13:35:08 I can get.
13:35:09 But let me say this, I like to review the proposed
13:35:15 amendments, and if Julie Cole would like to help me
13:35:18 out, I appreciate it.
13:35:19 It reads section 2-550.
13:35:22 Any threats, coercion, extortion or requests in
13:35:25 connection with or any change for support for
13:35:28 opposition to a request of petition pending before the
13:35:31 city, no person or entity shall threaten, coerce,
13:35:36 extort or request an application on any petition or
13:35:39 matters pending before the city to directly or
13:35:41 indirectly donate, give, promise, render, and pay
13:35:44 monies, service or anything of value in exchange for
13:35:48 that person's entity support or opposition to a
13:35:51 pending petition no matter what before the city.

13:35:55 Nothing herein shall prevent or prohibit any applicant
13:36:00 from donating, giving, promising, rendering or paying
13:36:03 money, services to other valuable things to the city
13:36:06 in order to mitigate the impacts of petition or
13:36:10 matters as provided by the applicable law.
13:36:12 Just today, we talked a little bit about sidewalks.
13:36:15 There's a mitigation program where you can pay to the
13:36:18 sidewalk fee.
13:36:19 There's a tree ordinance, but there's also mitigation
13:36:21 where you can pay into the tree fund.
13:36:23 There's a wetland ordinance, you can pay for that, but
13:36:25 we don't have it here.
13:36:27 I think it's incumbent upon us to act and act
13:36:31 accordingly so these things are carried out in the
13:36:33 future in a very business like manner.
13:36:36 What does 2-551 mean?
13:36:39 Individuals appearing before City Councils and boards,
13:36:41 disclosure of business or other interest.
13:36:45 We swear people in here with good intent, all of them.
13:36:49 They come up, and the vast majority say, hi, I've been
13:36:53 sworn.
13:36:53 My name is Charlie Miranda, and I'm for the project.

13:36:56 They sit down.
13:36:57 How can they violate the law when no one ever asks
13:37:02 them a question?
13:37:03 Can't lie to yourself.
13:37:05 You stated the truth.
13:37:07 Here is where the kicker comes in.
13:37:09 All persons who provide testimony, evidence,
13:37:12 information, or opinion regarding a petition on
13:37:14 matters pending before the City Council or any other
13:37:17 board of the city must disclose prior to giving
13:37:21 testimony, evidence, information, or opinions, any
13:37:24 direct or indirect business, personal or other
13:37:27 interests between themselves and the petitioner or
13:37:30 applicant which is requesting action to be taken by
13:37:33 the petition or matter.
13:37:36 This information should not be used -- this is very
13:37:38 important -- to deny the petition on matter, but goes
13:37:41 to the weight of the testimony, evidence, information,
13:37:44 or opinions provided.
13:37:45 In other words, we can't say to the petitioner,
13:37:48 because so and so got up and said that that is a
13:37:53 matter of which they have -- they're going to provide

13:37:55 the concrete for the sidewalk, you can't deny the
13:38:00 petition just for that.
13:38:01 It's got to be based on actual facts and matters that
13:38:04 relate to the actual zoning.
13:38:05 And Julia, please, get up and save me once in a while
13:38:08 here, because I may be getting in trouble.
13:38:10 Am I correct in what we stated?
13:38:15 >>JULIA COLE: Julia Cole, Legal Department, yes, you
13:38:19 are.
13:38:19 The only additional commentary I would say is, if this
13:38:23 is something that City Council would like to implement
13:38:25 in this forum or some kind of different forum, I would
13:38:29 motion to direct the legal counsel to review how we
13:38:31 would need to amend that ethics ordinance and it may
13:38:34 take some other amendments and we may also have to
13:38:36 take that back to the ethics commission as well.
13:38:38 Or it may be after looking at it it's more
13:38:41 appropriately placed in another portion of the code.
13:38:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano has a question.
13:38:48 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: Mr. Miranda, now I know why you were
13:38:51 not at the treat.
13:38:52 You were working on this.

13:38:53 Thank you for this.
13:38:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I will not lie to you.
13:38:55 I was working on this.
13:38:56 I had to find these documents somewhere out in the
13:38:58 street.
13:38:59 But I don't think I would have attended it anyway,
13:39:02 because I had another thing I had to do.
13:39:04 Clarifies that.
13:39:07 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: Mr. Miranda, I would like to ask you
13:39:09 a question, and Ms. Cole, do you feel there appears to
13:39:12 have been criminal activity in what Charlie is
13:39:14 bringing before us here today?
13:39:16 >>JULIA COLE: I'm not in a position to comment about
13:39:18 that at this moment.
13:39:20 I'd have to find out more information.
13:39:22 And if I did come to some conclusion in that form, I
13:39:26 would request to be able to brief you all
13:39:28 individually.
13:39:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, first of all, let me just say to
13:39:32 Mr. Miranda, thank you for bringing this to Council.
13:39:34 I think this is very important.
13:39:36 I think the intent here is to try to keep our zoning

13:39:38 process as pure as possible.
13:39:41 And that's why, again, allude to the fact of the
13:39:48 zoning hearing master, it has helped the county
13:39:50 commission back in similar issues, I think it was '80,
13:39:55 here again, we have an element of what appears to be
13:39:58 extortion or something of that nature.
13:40:01 I'm not an attorney or someone of that nature.
13:40:07 Again, this rises out of the fact that it appears
13:40:12 there's something that's going on that's in the dark
13:40:15 and does not lend the zoning process to its purest
13:40:19 form.
13:40:20 And I think we as a body of elected officials want to
13:40:23 make sure that whatever we do there's no cloud over
13:40:26 it.
13:40:26 It is good government, and good zoning.
13:40:29 And so, Mr. Miranda, I want to commend you for
13:40:31 bringing this to Council for our review and we look
13:40:34 forward to the attorney bringing back to us some
13:40:36 recommendations on how we can proceed on this issue.
13:40:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena.
13:40:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Miranda.
13:40:42 If you move this, I'll second it unless you have

13:40:44 already done it.
13:40:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: He's entitled to move it.
13:40:48 Save me a vote.
13:40:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: He moved it.
13:40:50 I seconded it.
13:40:51 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion, aye.
13:40:53 Opposed, nay.
13:40:56 >>JULIA COLE: Before we go forward, I want to make
13:40:58 sure I understand what the motion is.
13:40:59 Is the motion to direct legal to implement --
13:41:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: -- ethics commission with the
13:41:03 proper changes on --
13:41:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: With the understanding that it might
13:41:07 require changes outside of just the ethics code in
13:41:10 addition to the ethics code.
13:41:12 And one of the things I'm thinking of in particular,
13:41:14 it would probably affect Council's rules and
13:41:16 procedures in the way they do business, especially
13:41:18 with quasi-judicial hearings.
13:41:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me talk about that, I think the
13:41:23 judicial quasi hearings are fine.
13:41:25 I think the system has to be tuned to some degree.

13:41:28 I hate to see Mr. Shelby, in fact, I was walking down
13:41:31 the street and somebody said, here is Mr.-- are you
13:41:34 sworn in?
13:41:34 And we had a system in the past -- and I'm not telling
13:41:40 you it's perfect -- we had a sign-in sheet.
13:41:43 What item you wanted to speak on.
13:41:45 What was your subject matter and we can expound on
13:41:47 that if the Council desires to do something like that
13:41:49 through the leadership of the chair and work these
13:41:50 things out.
13:41:51 The second item is related to the first item, and I'm
13:41:54 not going to go through the whole thing.
13:41:56 I know we have a lot of good people here to come in
13:42:00 for the discussion here shortly, and Mr. Reverend
13:42:03 Scott's agenda.
13:42:07 I'm going to request that this -- that this City
13:42:10 Council, in other words, there are only two unique
13:42:12 CDCs that are different from the rest.
13:42:14 I'm not an investigator.
13:42:21 I don't investigate things.
13:42:22 I don't talk to people that are directly involved.
13:42:24 I just make an assumption of fact and try to go out

13:42:26 and find my own facts to meet whatever I'm looking at
13:42:30 at that point in time.
13:42:31 But I'd like to ask the city's Legal Department to
13:42:35 remove the requirement in the East Tampa and West
13:42:38 Tampa overlay, that the applicant submit the
13:42:43 application first of all to the community association
13:42:45 as part of the review requirements.
13:42:46 Let me say why.
13:42:49 I think everybody is entitled to listen to this and
13:42:51 try to digest it.
13:42:52 I don't need a conduit to tell me how to vote.
13:42:57 These individuals that come here, like those in the
13:43:00 audience now, are individuals that mean to do better
13:43:04 for their own community and make it better for
13:43:06 themselves and their sons and family.
13:43:10 These individuals that come here, whether we like them
13:43:12 or not in the development area, they have gone through
13:43:15 the process.
13:43:16 They have gone through the Planning Commission.
13:43:18 They have gone through the Legal Department.
13:43:20 They've gone through every hoop and holler in
13:43:25 construction services across the street, and the City

13:43:28 Hall annex.
13:43:29 For us to put these individuals in the hands of a lay
13:43:32 group, no matter who they are, could be members of my
13:43:36 family, they didn't get elected.
13:43:38 We did.
13:43:39 And it's up to us to stand up if there's a crowd of a
13:43:44 hundred here and say I don't like that petition.
13:43:46 And the crowd is for it, that's what we got elected to
13:43:49 do.
13:43:50 We can't make things easier to make it softer for us
13:43:53 to handle.
13:43:55 I don't like easy things at the end cost a lot more
13:43:58 than things that are much difficult, because you earn
13:44:01 those things.
13:44:01 And I asked this Council to please support me in
13:44:04 changing that to have the Legal Department move those
13:44:08 two sections, those two entities from that one section
13:44:11 that they have to have approval before they come here.
13:44:13 They already have their day in court.
13:44:16 They've already been through the Planning Commission.
13:44:18 They have already been through the Legal Department.
13:44:20 They have already been through every hoop and holler

13:44:22 we can put them through that at the end they start off
13:44:25 big, strong individuals.
13:44:26 What I'm seeing here, they are nothing more than
13:44:28 tweaky little skinny guy that we got rid of and just
13:44:32 worked him to death.
13:44:33 And I'm not trying to be humorous, but I'm trying to
13:44:36 say that these are the things that we have to look at
13:44:39 to make a better city.
13:44:43 We never had this before that I know of.
13:44:45 This is the first time that it's appeared.
13:44:48 And again, I want to thank Julia Cole and Martin
13:44:51 Shelby for working with us, and spending some long
13:44:55 hours with us in detailing and tweaking these things
13:44:58 to try to meet a goal that there's no -- nothing but
13:45:03 sunshine all the way through.
13:45:07 >>GWEN MILLER: So you want to take --
13:45:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I made that motion.
13:45:10 I think Ms. Saul-Sena seconded the motion.
13:45:12 >>GWEN MILLER: I want to hear the motion again.
13:45:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The motion is to request the city
13:45:16 Legal Department to remove the requirement in the East
13:45:18 Tampa and West Tampa overlay that the application

13:45:21 submitted to the community association as part of a
13:45:25 review requirement, can the city stop this practice
13:45:28 now?
13:45:28 And I stated the reason why.
13:45:30 They've been through a review.
13:45:32 They've been through the Planning Commission.
13:45:33 They've been through the Legal Department.
13:45:36 They've been through every hoop and holler the city
13:45:38 can put them out to.
13:45:40 They've been strained and drained.
13:45:42 They don't need another review.
13:45:44 We are the ultimate, final review, and we should
13:45:46 adhere to that.
13:45:47 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
13:45:48 I just want to clarify with the staff, that doesn't
13:45:50 mean that as an applicant for any kind of rezoning
13:45:53 they wouldn't contact the Neighborhood Association as
13:45:55 part of their rezoning process.
13:45:58 This just removes the requirement that this group look
13:46:01 at it and weigh in on it as another level of scrutiny.
13:46:06 >>JULIA COLE: Julia Cole, Legal Department.
13:46:09 We still will have the requirement that notice gets

13:46:12 sent out to Neighborhood Association, and still most
13:46:16 developers as part of that process will contact the
13:46:22 Neighborhood Association and discuss it with them.
13:46:25 In these overlays districts we took it a step farther
13:46:28 and specifically required the application once it's
13:46:31 submitted to the city to be sent to these groups, and
13:46:33 it does create a specter that they are part of the
13:46:38 internal review process.
13:46:39 And it's my recommendation that we do remove those.
13:46:41 That is part of chapter 27, so I will have to bring
13:46:44 that back as part of the chapter 27 changes for the
13:46:46 July cycle.
13:46:47 However, what I could do is I can bring those back to
13:46:50 you next week, if you want me to.
13:46:52 We can add that on to the agenda, and you can invoke
13:46:56 the pending ordinance doctrine and then advise
13:46:59 petitioners who are moving forward in those areas that
13:47:01 they will not have to comply with that provision.
13:47:04 We can either do it next week or on the meeting back
13:47:06 or whenever you all want.
13:47:08 That would be the best way to deal with it.
13:47:10 An interim basis, until we get these processed through

13:47:13 the July chapter 27 cycle.
13:47:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would appreciate if you can bring
13:47:19 it back next week, but that's up to the majority of
13:47:22 the Council.
13:47:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Next week?
13:47:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.
13:47:28 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to bring it
13:47:30 back next week.
13:47:30 All in favor, aye.
13:47:31 Opposed, nay.
13:47:34 [Motion Carried]
13:47:34 Anything else?
13:47:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, ma'am, I'm finished.
13:47:37 I'm sorry to take up so much time.
13:47:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Before we adjourn and go to CRA, I
13:47:42 would just like to have a moment of silence for
13:47:44 Mr. Jim Shimberg who passed away this week, and we
13:47:48 would just like to say to his family, we have all of
13:47:51 our condolences, and we wish them the best and be able
13:47:54 to get through this.
13:47:55 [Moment of Silence]
13:47:55 Amen.

13:48:05 We now adjourn and go into CRA.

13:48:14 CRA MEETING
13:48:14 DISCLAIMER:
13:48:14 The following represents an unedited version of
13:48:14 realtime captioning which should neither be relied
13:48:14 upon for complete accuracy nor used as a verbatim
13:48:14 transcript. Because this document has not been
13:48:14 edited, there may be additions, deletions, and/or
13:48:14 words that did not translate correctly.
13:48:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Call to order the Community
13:48:52 Redevelopment Agency at this time.
13:48:53 Do we need to do roll call?
13:48:56 Okay.
13:48:56 We'll have roll call at this point.
13:48:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
13:49:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
13:49:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
13:49:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
13:49:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
13:49:07 Thank you.
13:49:09 At this time, we'll have Mr. Mark Huey come and -- I
13:49:14 think we have several points that we want to do today
13:49:16 on our agenda.
13:49:17 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, good afternoon.

13:49:19 Good to be with you.
13:49:20 We have some consistent with the priorities that you
13:49:25 established as a board, that we would focus on over
13:49:27 the next four or five months.
13:49:29 Two of those priorities where the public/private
13:49:34 partnership that we're embarking on with the Bank of
13:49:35 America and Tampa Housing Authority to redevelop
13:49:38 Central Park village.
13:49:39 So today, we have a presentation regarding that,
13:49:43 especially to familiarize the new board members with
13:49:46 that very important initiative.
13:49:48 Secondly, we have a strategic action plan in process
13:49:52 in the East Tampa community.
13:49:53 And another one of our most important initiatives.
13:49:56 So we have the planning team that is doing that here
13:49:59 today to give you a progress report.
13:50:01 In addition, we have a couple of administrative items
13:50:04 for your approval.
13:50:05 We also have a brief update on the Central Park
13:50:08 strategic action planning process, and I'll come back
13:50:12 at the end of the meeting to talk about our upcoming
13:50:15 board meetings, which will focus on the budget, the

13:50:18 upcoming TIF budgets for the coming year.
13:50:21 So with that, I will turn it over to mike hatchet, our
13:50:26 planning manager, our manager for the Central Park and
13:50:30 the heights area, to introduce the Central Park topic.
13:50:37 >> Good afternoon.
13:50:38 My name is Michael hatchet.
13:50:40 I'm the urban development manager with the department
13:50:41 of economic and urban development.
13:50:43 Manage the Central Park and the heights CRA.
13:50:46 It's my pleasure today to be before you to introduce
13:50:49 the development team for the redevelopment of Central
13:50:52 Park Village.
13:50:54 As Mr. Huey indicated, this redevelopment is the
13:50:57 largest public/private redevelopment partnership the
13:51:00 City of Tampa has ever engaged in.
13:51:02 It's an exciting opportunity to be a part of and an
13:51:06 exciting redevelopment, bringing new housing
13:51:09 opportunities with a significant affordable housing
13:51:12 component that is truly affordable serving persons at
13:51:15 60% and below variable median income.
13:51:20 It's bringing to the city all new infrastructure in
13:51:22 the neighborhood, including the re-creation of an

13:51:26 urban street grid that will reconnect the neighborhood
13:51:29 to greater downtown.
13:51:31 It's also bringing $3.5 million worth of improvements
13:51:34 to Perry Harvey Senior Park.
13:51:36 Also, bringing the preservation of St. James historic
13:51:41 church as a community asset to serve the community.
13:51:45 And it's also a development that appreciates the
13:51:49 historic and cultural significance of the
13:51:52 neighborhood.
13:51:52 And so with that, I would like to introduce Mr. Jerome
13:51:55 Ryans, who will step forward and begin the
13:51:57 presentation on behalf of the development team.
13:51:59 And I'll have some handouts for you shortly.
13:52:05 >> Gentleman who needs no introduction.
13:52:08 >> I don't know if that's good or bad.
13:52:10 Good afternoon.
13:52:11 My name is Jerome Ryans, Tampa Housing Authority.
13:52:14 It's certainly a pleasure to be here to walk through a
13:52:18 process with you that we have been working on probably
13:52:20 for the last five and a half, maybe seven years at
13:52:23 this point.
13:52:23 And we're finally getting very close to getting this

13:52:26 deal done.
13:52:29 Two pieces of this project, basically.
13:52:30 One is the relocation process.
13:52:33 We think it's important to talk about that, because
13:52:34 that has been an issue that most people have talked
13:52:36 about.
13:52:36 The other piece is redevelopment issue.
13:52:38 I'm going to ask Leroy Moore, our chief operating
13:52:42 officer, to talk about the relocation process, and
13:52:44 I'll turn it over to Bank of America to talk about the
13:52:46 redevelopment process.
13:52:47 We do have some handouts for you, and we'll share that
13:52:50 information with you as soon as Leroy completes his
13:52:53 presentation.
13:52:54 Leroy.
13:52:54 Leroy Moore happens to be our chief operating officer,
13:52:59 also the project director as it relates to this
13:53:01 project.
13:53:01 I want to introduce you to him.
13:53:03 I think some of you have had an opportunity to meet
13:53:05 him.
13:53:05 Very sharp young man and very glad to have him

13:53:08 onboard, and he's doing a good job for us.
13:53:11 Wait a minute -- I don't want to miss somebody here.
13:53:13 We have the president of the resident association
13:53:17 along with the vice president.
13:53:18 They work very closely with us, too, on this process
13:53:24 especially during the relocation process.
13:53:25 I don't think we could have gotten to where we are
13:53:27 today without their help and support.
13:53:29 Leroy?
13:53:31 >> Thank you, Mr. Ryans.
13:53:33 Leroy Moore, Tampa Housing Authority, chief operating
13:53:37 officer.
13:53:37 I would also like to recognize one of our board
13:53:40 members of the Tampa Housing Authority, Manny Alvarez,
13:53:43 who is here with us today as well.
13:53:44 It's my pleasure to give you an update on the
13:53:47 relocation process.
13:53:49 Our relocation process actually got underway last
13:53:52 year, April.
13:53:53 We had a total of 483 units at Central Park Village in
13:53:58 which 456 were occupied at the time.
13:54:02 As of this week, there's 130 families remaining

13:54:05 on-site.
13:54:06 Those 130 families all have section 8 vouchers in hand
13:54:10 and have been searching for the last 30 days, or they
13:54:13 have a public housing unit already assigned.
13:54:16 Those that are going into the public housing program
13:54:19 will be all relocated this week.
13:54:21 So that would leave a remaining 115 families on-site
13:54:25 with section 8 vouchers as of next week, that will be
13:54:29 moving over the course of the next 30 days.
13:54:31 It is our projection that the entire site will be
13:54:34 vacated by the end of July.
13:54:37 Demolition will be getting underway immediately after
13:54:39 the last family is relocated.
13:54:41 We'll actually be starting demolition on the
13:54:44 northernmost part of the site, which is already as of
13:54:47 this week, will be fully vacated.
13:54:49 And that demolition will actually start around mid
13:54:53 July of that section of the property.
13:54:55 And that's a totally separate section divided by Scott
13:54:59 street as the east-west or the north-south boundary of
13:55:02 the Central Park Village site.
13:55:04 Our families have all been relocated to date under the

13:55:10 approved relocation plan that has been approved by you
13:55:13 and approved by our board.
13:55:16 The same relocation plan underwent a 45-day public
13:55:19 review process.
13:55:21 That was not required by HUD, but it's just part of
13:55:24 the process that we go through when we do a major
13:55:26 redevelopment that involves relocation.
13:55:29 We put the document out for public inspection.
13:55:32 And we send copies to individuals that have expressed
13:55:36 an interest in the relocation process asking for input
13:55:40 from a wide spectrum of both people who are directly
13:55:42 impacted meaning our families as well as people who
13:55:44 are indirectly impacted, those service provides and
13:55:49 those businesses in the neighborhood and the citizens
13:55:51 at large.
13:55:52 That relocation plan went to our board in final form
13:55:56 last year, and it was approved by our board last year
13:56:00 in May.
13:56:01 All of our families received a copy of that relocation
13:56:04 plan and all of our families received one-on-one
13:56:08 relocation counseling with the relocation manager.
13:56:10 There's a relocation staff that has been in place

13:56:14 since April of last year to handle all the unique
13:56:18 relocation needs of all the families.
13:56:20 The relocation staff consists of five outreach
13:56:24 workers.
13:56:24 Outreach workers are those individuals that work hand
13:56:27 in hand with the residents, educating them on the
13:56:31 relocation plan, educating them on their benefits
13:56:34 under the relocation program, educating them on how to
13:56:38 use the relocation process to better themselves and
13:56:40 get relocated into a neighborhood of their choice.
13:56:43 It is what we call a choice base relocation plan.
13:56:46 We do not dictate any locations of re-- any locations
13:56:51 of moves.
13:56:52 We don't dictate to the residents where they may move
13:56:56 but provide the residents with either a section eight
13:56:59 voucher which they are able to rent either in the
13:57:03 private sector, anywhere in the city, county,
13:57:06 throughout the state and they can take the voucher
13:57:09 outside of the state.
13:57:12 As some households have chosen to do.
13:57:14 Those families that choose not to go into the section
13:57:17 8 program are offered the public housing transfer.

13:57:21 Any of our properties throughout control, first choice
13:57:29 relocated Central Park resident.
13:57:30 That is every unit that we have, every vacancy that we
13:57:34 incur is frozen and first offered to relocating
13:57:37 Central Park family if they do not want it, then we
13:57:40 will go to the waiting list and pull individuals off
13:57:43 our waiting list.
13:57:44 That's how our relocation process has worked through
13:57:46 our East Tampa relocation that relocated 1300 families
13:57:51 through our North Tampa, which is -- was called
13:57:53 Riverview terrace relocation process which relocated
13:57:57 360 families as well as 1500 other families that have
13:58:00 been relocated through our major modernization
13:58:04 activities all since 1998.
13:58:06 The housing authority in total has relocated in excess
13:58:08 of 2,000 families under this same relocation process.
13:58:12 The Central Park families, and we consider ourselves
13:58:15 somewhat experts at what we do.
13:58:18 I want to give you just a few indications of the types
13:58:21 of resources that have been available to our families
13:58:25 as they have been relocated throughout the various
13:58:29 communities.

13:58:29 This is just a sample map.
13:58:33 One of the things that we offered during this
13:58:35 relocation is tours.
13:58:38 Far ahead of when the actual relocation actually
13:58:40 started.
13:58:41 We organized four tours per week.
13:58:45 Tuesdays and Thursdays every week for six months.
13:58:48 We offered tours to families.
13:58:50 Familiarization tours, familiarizing them with
13:58:57 properties throughout the state.
13:58:58 We have done an incredible job over the last nine
13:59:00 years in renovating a lot of our communities.
13:59:03 And to an extent that most people in the communities
13:59:05 don't recognize certain properties as public housing
13:59:08 any longer, which is a great thing.
13:59:10 What we wanted to take our families and actually show
13:59:12 them our -- all of our public housing, so every site
13:59:16 that the housing authority owns, public housing,
13:59:18 nonpublic housing, affordable rental as well as mixed
13:59:22 income properties that the housing authority owns, we
13:59:26 put on this tour, as well as some of our larger
13:59:29 section eight.

13:59:30 This tour was divided into north, south, east and west
13:59:33 tours.
13:59:34 Residents were able to sign up as far in advance as
13:59:37 six months if they chose to, where they would like to
13:59:40 go, which time slot they would like to go or in
13:59:43 which -- the north tour, south, east, west.
13:59:46 This is just the north tour site that shows the
13:59:49 various sites throughout the service area as well as
13:59:52 the south Tampa area tour.
13:59:57 The East Tampa area tour and finally, the West Tampa
14:00:03 area tour.
14:00:04 Those are only the properties that we control.
14:00:07 Resident receiving a section eight voucher then is
14:00:10 able to relocate outside of properties that we
14:00:13 directly control into the private market.
14:00:16 Our participating section eight landlords, which is
14:00:19 over 3,000 participating landlords now on our 5,000
14:00:24 unit section 8 program, contribute to a section 8
14:00:28 availability list that's published on our Web site,
14:00:31 and then printed out on a weekly basis at the office
14:00:35 at Central Park Village.
14:00:37 So those participating landlords that want to

14:00:39 advertise their vacancies, notify us via the Internet.
14:00:43 We post it, we print it out.
14:00:45 We make those handouts available to our families.
14:00:47 In addition to the resources that we directly control.
14:00:51 Those were our direct guided tours that we provided
14:00:59 for that six-month period of time.
14:01:01 Some of our residents are quite mobile themselves.
14:01:03 They own their own car.
14:01:04 They work during the week, or they don't want a group
14:01:08 tour.
14:01:09 They would like the direction to provide their own --
14:01:13 look for housing on their own.
14:01:14 In that case, we provided directions.
14:01:16 Once again, north, south, east, west of those
14:01:18 resources that we control and that's just a sample of
14:01:21 those.
14:01:21 We provide information and background on each of the
14:01:24 properties that involve identifying, you know,
14:01:28 depending on the site that they are interested in, the
14:01:31 closest boys and girls club to that location, to
14:01:35 schools, elementary, middle school, and high school
14:01:38 and the grades of those schools so that they can make

14:01:41 wise, informed choices on the neighborhood that they
14:01:43 may choose to relocate into.
14:01:46 That various information sometimes can be exhausted,
14:01:50 but this is all given to our residents and in handout
14:01:54 form.
14:01:54 Once again, it's correspondence with the -- it
14:01:57 corresponds with the location of the property, whether
14:01:59 it's in North Tampa, south Tampa, east, or west of the
14:02:04 city.
14:02:04 We identify resources.
14:02:06 Resources for our families as well as resources that
14:02:08 are available to our seniors.
14:02:11 This is a list of those senior site resources.
14:02:15 Just properties that accept senior-only residents.
14:02:19 Once again, that's a separate tour that we sponsored
14:02:22 for the same six-month period of time to all of our
14:02:25 families.
14:02:25 Those were the group tours.
14:02:27 In addition to the group tours, once a resident
14:02:30 identified an area that they were interested in moving
14:02:32 to, they were then teamed with an outreach worker, who
14:02:37 has a car provided by the housing authority and make

14:02:39 appointments with our families, we then take our
14:02:41 families on area tours one by one in a car so that we
14:02:47 can educate them on the area, show them where the
14:02:50 schools, the nearest grocery store, the bus stops, et
14:02:52 cetera, in that area.
14:02:54 Very intent, very individualized services that we
14:02:58 provide to those families.
14:02:59 Those five outreach workers, three of them are current
14:03:04 residents of Central Park Village.
14:03:07 Individuals that we brought in, trained, provided all
14:03:11 the supplies and information that they need so that
14:03:13 they can actually educate their fellow residents.
14:03:16 So three of the five members are long-term residents
14:03:20 of the property.
14:03:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me just let him finish before we
14:03:25 raise questions.
14:03:25 The process -- outline the process, that is I would
14:03:28 like for the presenter to finish and then just write
14:03:30 your questions down.
14:03:31 That way we can move much faster, I think.
14:03:34 >> For the whole presentation or just his?
14:03:36 Can I ask him when he's done?

14:03:38 My question goes to him.
14:03:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yeah, when he gets through, then we'll
14:03:43 ask him.
14:03:43 So let me just say, Mr. Moore, I think, though,
14:03:48 Council is concerned to make sure that there is a
14:03:50 process in place to assist the residents, you know, in
14:03:55 relocation, and that you're giving that a top
14:03:59 priority.
14:03:59 And that's what I'm hearing you say here today, that
14:04:03 that is a top priority, that you allocate resources in
14:04:06 staff to make sure that happens, that no one will be
14:04:08 excluded, no one left behind, and that they are given
14:04:11 the utmost respect and care as you move forward.
14:04:15 I believe that's what I'm hearing you say.
14:04:17 >> Yes, sir.
14:04:17 That is exactly what I'm saying.
14:04:19 And I'll condense the rest of my presentation.
14:04:21 But I do want to talk briefly on our supportive
14:04:24 services program.
14:04:25 That's our relocation program.
14:04:26 Our supportive services program began last year, last
14:04:30 year April as well.

14:04:31 And it will run for a total of five years.
14:04:33 It's a THA funded process.
14:04:36 We're funding through the proceeds from the sale of
14:04:38 the actual property.
14:04:40 And I will provide this handout to you, and many of
14:04:42 you who actually participated in some of our tours in
14:04:46 the past have already seen a lot of this information.
14:04:49 But this is just a list of those relocation benefits
14:04:52 and services, and it identifies a lot of the stuff
14:04:54 that I've already talked to you about, but it also
14:04:58 specifically makes it very clear that all the
14:05:00 relocation costs that are incurred through this
14:05:02 relocation process is paid for by the housing
14:05:05 authority.
14:05:05 The residents do not pay any unreimbursed
14:05:08 out-of-pocket costs.
14:05:09 Most of their costs are not paid by them at all.
14:05:12 They may pay an application fee, 35 or 50 dollars when
14:05:15 they go to apply to a section 8 landlord.
14:05:18 That's 100% reimbursed out of housing authority.
14:05:21 All the other benefits -- all their other costs such
14:05:24 as the actual cost of moving is paid by the housing

14:05:27 authority.
14:05:27 We've hired a moving company.
14:05:29 Been on board since April.
14:05:31 It's a 100% minority owned, African-American minority
14:05:34 owned moving company that has provided all of the
14:05:36 moves to date.
14:05:37 We pay all of those direct costs, cost of boxes, the
14:05:41 cost of tape for the boxes, et cetera.
14:05:43 Families can come and pick up tape and boxes from the
14:05:48 housing authority at no cost to them.
14:05:51 They are moved at no cost -- if they don't have
14:05:55 transportation themselves through our outreach
14:05:57 workers.
14:05:58 We make sure that we work with them to get all the
14:06:01 utilities transferred over.
14:06:02 And all the utility costs are reimbursed or paid
14:06:06 directly by the housing authority.
14:06:07 Phone, cable, water connection charges, et cetera.
14:06:11 None unreimbursed cost.
14:06:17 In addition to that, if they move into the section
14:06:20 eight program, we pay their security deposit on their
14:06:22 new unit, regardless what that security deposit is.

14:06:25 We've had security deposits as high as $1300.
14:06:29 One month rent is the max that we pay.
14:06:31 If one month's rent is $1300 in a private section
14:06:34 eight landlord unit, we pay the security deposit in
14:06:37 the amount of $1300 for those families direct to the
14:06:40 landlord.
14:06:41 When that resident moves, that security deposit is
14:06:45 theirs.
14:06:45 If they leave the unit in decent condition, they can
14:06:48 get that security deposit back themselves at the end
14:06:52 of their tenancy.
14:06:54 In addition to the actual relocation costs, the
14:06:58 supportive services program is extensive.
14:07:00 $3.5 million over the next five years will be paid to
14:07:02 the -- to provide further education.
14:07:06 Counseling services, job and skill enhancement
14:07:11 services to our family, day care assistance.
14:07:13 We provide individuals with all the services that they
14:07:15 need so that they can better themselves over the next
14:07:18 five years, and not just relocate off the site.
14:07:20 We have individuals that are going through --
14:07:24 graduating with their medical assistance careers.

14:07:27 We help them get placed in a physician's office.
14:07:29 We have purchased their uniforms if it's required or
14:07:32 their tools if they are going into a skilled trade.
14:07:36 We give them bus passes if they need passes to get to
14:07:40 their school or their educational area.
14:07:42 We provide them with a voucher to put their kids in
14:07:45 day care so that they can go to training and jobs of
14:07:49 that nature.
14:07:50 So it's a very intense, very individualized program of
14:07:53 supportive services that's provided to all the
14:07:55 families.
14:07:56 I have copies of that last handout that I will provide
14:07:59 to the members of the board.
14:08:02 In addition to a copy of our most recent monthly
14:08:05 newsletter that goes to all of our families on-site as
14:08:09 well as to the relocated address, we provide the same
14:08:12 newsletter to a large list of interested parties that
14:08:18 have expressed interest to us of being aware of what's
14:08:21 going on at Central Park.
14:08:23 Many of you have gotten these same newsletters.
14:08:27 Some of the newer members, I believe we have since
14:08:30 added you to our mailing list as well.

14:08:32 We want you to be aware of all the resources that
14:08:34 we're providing to our families through the relocation
14:08:36 process.
14:08:37 I think that concludes my brief discussion on
14:08:40 relocation.
14:08:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.
14:08:43 Councilman John Dingfelder, then councilwoman Mary
14:08:46 Mulhern.
14:08:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It sounds like you're doing a great
14:08:56 job on these providing these services and helping
14:08:58 people getting relocated.
14:09:00 I used to teach over there at Booker T. Washington
14:09:04 right across the street, and many of my students, of
14:09:06 course, were Central Park residents.
14:09:08 So when I would go over there, what I would observe
14:09:10 and, you know, negative things about Central Park, but
14:09:14 on the positive side of things, I used to observe that
14:09:18 the folks who had been there a long time, they sort of
14:09:21 had this extended family.
14:09:22 It was kind of a village.
14:09:24 In terms of being its own neighborhood.
14:09:28 And granted, you know, we needed to move on and level

14:09:33 it and, you all get the people relocated and some of
14:09:36 them I guess might come back eventually and you'll
14:09:39 probably talk about that.
14:09:40 But what I'm wondering about is, in the interim, are
14:09:42 you doing anything to keep this village intact in
14:09:46 terms of on a social, on a social basis, are you
14:09:50 creating any social opportunities, perhaps, you know,
14:09:52 like potluck dinners or things like that, so people
14:09:55 can get back together with the folks that they've
14:09:57 lived with perhaps for decades and continue that
14:10:01 networking that is important?
14:10:04 >> Yes, and we started with that kind of social
14:10:08 activity, that is getting residents to identify among
14:10:11 themselves respect and be aware of the fact that this
14:10:15 will be their last Christmas or their last
14:10:18 Thanksgiving at Central Park Village.
14:10:19 And we celebrated various activities.
14:10:22 In terms of the way we're going to keep that
14:10:25 neighborhood connected with information flow, the
14:10:28 newsletter will continue until the last building is
14:10:32 built back at Central Park Village.
14:10:34 It's the same thing we've done in all of our past

14:10:36 relocation and redevelopment efforts.
14:10:38 The newsletter continues.
14:10:39 It will go to a quarterly basis after all the females
14:10:42 have relocated, but it will still be sent to all the
14:10:45 relocated addresses.
14:10:46 We typically have special events such as the
14:10:49 demolition ceremony that we will have sometime toward
14:10:52 the end of July.
14:10:53 We will invite all the families back for that event.
14:10:57 We will invite all the families back for the first
14:10:59 ground breaking of the new buildings next year in
14:11:02 March and, of course, the ribbon cutting on the first
14:11:06 property.
14:11:06 Our community supportive services staff remain in
14:11:10 contact with those families over the next five years.
14:11:12 That's a staff of five individuals, case managers that
14:11:16 is responsible for creating a case plan for each
14:11:18 individual resident, and then getting them through
14:11:21 those steps to self-sufficiency.
14:11:25 And there are certain activities that they organize.
14:11:27 We typically call it the spring fling, but it actually
14:11:31 occurs every season.

14:11:34 Spring, fall, summer, and winter.
14:11:36 But there's a spring fling that we conduct through our
14:11:39 supportive services staff where all the families are
14:11:41 invited to come and have a potluck or a boxed lunch,
14:11:47 hear new information and experience one another again
14:11:50 and just sort of catch up.
14:11:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are you getting good attendance on
14:11:54 that sort of thing, or is it just getting started?
14:11:56 >> No, we've had three or four since April of last
14:11:59 year.
14:11:59 All on-site.
14:12:01 Once the site is demolished, we'll have those at our
14:12:04 program and property services office.
14:12:06 That's the hub for all of our resident services
14:12:09 programs.
14:12:10 To give you an example on our last redevelopment,
14:12:13 which was 360 units, 222 families relocated, we
14:12:17 typically got, you know, less than a hundred, I would
14:12:21 say 50 to 75 people on the average that would come to
14:12:24 those.
14:12:24 Those would also be organized around job fairs.
14:12:27 We'll have, you know, job training and job fair and

14:12:31 employers seeking employment come to the same event so
14:12:34 that it is not just a social function, but it's an
14:12:37 opportunity for them to also, you know, seek to better
14:12:40 themselves through the process.
14:12:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Great.
14:12:42 Thank you.
14:12:42 >> MARY MULHERN: I might be jumping ahead, and John
14:12:48 started to ask this question.
14:12:49 But what is the process after the new Central Park
14:12:55 Village buildings become completed and projects for
14:13:02 the people who left to be relocated back there?
14:13:05 Is there already a waiting list?
14:13:07 Do they get some kind of priority if they're a
14:13:09 guarantee for that for people to be able to move back
14:13:12 into their old neighborhood?
14:13:14 >> Yes, in the relocation plan, there is a resident
14:13:19 reoccupancy agreement, an agreement that the housing
14:13:22 authority has signed with the resident counsel.
14:13:24 And that's actually in the relocation plan.
14:13:26 The relocation plan provides for a guaranteed first
14:13:30 right of refusal to move back into the units at
14:13:33 Central Park Village, the new Central Park Village,

14:13:36 which we're going to be calling the encore.
14:13:40 All of the -- it's on the list, the form that I passed
14:13:43 out to you as well toward the bottom.
14:13:45 You see that every family will have first right of
14:13:47 refusal to return to the new property should they
14:13:50 choose to.
14:13:50 They will have to qualify.
14:13:52 Qualifications mean that they have maintained lease
14:13:56 compliance from the period when they were relocated to
14:13:59 the period that they decide that they want to come
14:14:02 back.
14:14:03 We're guaranteeing them that we're not going to look
14:14:09 at payment histories or criminal activities that
14:14:11 existed prelocation off-site.
14:14:15 Except for, and it's spelled out in the relocation
14:14:18 plan, serious felony, bodily harm against another
14:14:21 person.
14:14:22 But if the residents maintain compliance with their
14:14:27 lease, wherever they move to for the period of
14:14:29 relocation, they will be guaranteed a unit to come
14:14:33 back, via public housing or section eight unit or tax
14:14:36 credit unit back on the new property as well as the

14:14:38 affordable ownership units.
14:14:42 To date, we have 119 of the 456 families that have
14:14:47 already indicated a desire to move back.
14:14:51 We don't just work with that 119, all of the families
14:14:56 would be renotified when the first units start coming
14:14:59 available in case they have changed their mind.
14:15:02 Usually once the building activity starts and they see
14:15:05 the product, a lot of them will change their mind and
14:15:07 choose to want to return back to the new community.
14:15:10 But 119 people relocating off the site have already
14:15:13 indicated an interest in wanting to return to the new
14:15:16 property.
14:15:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
14:15:20 Thank you, sir.
14:15:20 And let me just point out to Council that what
14:15:25 Mr. Moore has really talked about is the 20-acre site,
14:15:29 is that right?
14:15:31 >> The 28-acre --
14:15:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 28 acres, but when you look at the
14:15:34 whole park, you're talking, what is it -- 100,
14:15:37 200 acres.
14:15:38 143.

14:15:39 So he's only talking about the 28 acres in development
14:15:43 in terms of the CRA area.
14:15:44 So I wanted you to keep that in mind.
14:15:46 And that is in regards to the residents who are being
14:15:50 relocated to other areas.
14:15:55 >> Thank you.
14:16:02 >> Good afternoon, my name is Roxanne Amoroso.
14:16:06 Senior vice president with Bank of America Community
14:16:07 Development Corporation.
14:16:08 My job is to lead the southeast development team in
14:16:11 our affordable housing activities.
14:16:13 And with me is Mike Marshall, and he is the project
14:16:16 manager for the master and vertical development that
14:16:19 we have been working in partnership with the Tampa
14:16:21 Housing Authority to make a realization.
14:16:25 And it's a very exciting development, and we're really
14:16:29 happy to be here today to tell you of the many things
14:16:32 that have occurred since the last time that we've come
14:16:34 before Council.
14:18:30 We thought it was a great opportunity to come before
14:18:32 you and give you an update of activities and create a

14:18:36 forum that we could answer questions.
14:18:38 I'm told that we are to refrain from discussing any
14:18:41 future potential zoning, your use changes, so forgive
14:18:46 me if we don't go down that particular road.
14:18:48 But other than we hope to give you a good overview of
14:18:51 activities that have occurred.
14:18:53 If we could start the presentation.
14:18:56 The first thing we would like to tell you is that we
14:18:58 create group of marketing professionals, and
14:19:03 development team including representatives of the
14:19:06 residents of Central Park Village in a marketing
14:19:09 effort to rebrand the area.
14:19:12 Because we recognize that there are some incredible
14:19:15 opportunities both for the master development and for
14:19:19 the vertical buildings that will come of a the
14:19:22 infrastructure work is complete.
14:19:24 In doing our homework, we recognized incredibly rich
14:19:28 history.
14:19:28 There is a musical history that should not be ignored.
14:19:31 And the more homework we did, the more we found and
14:19:35 the more excited we became about all the things that
14:19:38 occurred there.

14:19:39 As a result of that, the master development has been
14:19:43 renamed and will be called in the future the encore.
14:19:47 The primary Boulevard, which will run east and west,
14:19:51 which will be for all of the retail access, as well as
14:19:56 the residential buildings, will be referred to as ray
14:19:59 Charles Boulevard.
14:20:02 As you will get to see in future drawings, we'll be
14:20:05 showing you in a few moments some renderings of our
14:20:10 preliminary design work for our family and our senior
14:20:15 buildings, our first two buildings, that will be
14:20:17 referred to as the temple and the ALA.
14:20:22 So we have a musical and historical theme in the
14:20:27 common areas and the residential buildings as well.
14:20:29 What is before you right now is the proposed street
14:20:32 grid that we brought before council, which depicted
14:20:35 the 12 lots, and the eleven acres of the city work
14:20:39 that is to be restored.
14:20:45 This is an overlay of the elevation of the actual
14:20:48 blocks that were to be created, and the uses
14:20:52 associated with those.
14:20:53 And in this particular drawing you are seeing a park
14:20:55 that has not been designed.

14:20:57 We did go through design charrettes, public ones,
14:21:01 several, that helped us develop what the uses should
14:21:03 be in that park.
14:21:04 And currently we are working with a stakeholders
14:21:07 council that have several representatives of the
14:21:09 community that are helping us identify the ways that
14:21:12 we should be responding to the historic nature there,
14:21:16 and the way that we should be embracing the rich
14:21:19 history there, and to make it an area that is a
14:21:23 destination point within the City of Tampa.
14:21:26 We'd like to tell but the accomplishments that we are
14:21:29 so proud of that we have achieved since we last came
14:21:31 before council.
14:21:33 As Mr. Moore explained in some detail, the relocation
14:21:37 process is going very well, and the Tampa housing
14:21:40 authority has been a tremendous partner.
14:21:42 We worked very closely together on all aspects that
14:21:46 touch the master development, and that includes the
14:21:49 success of the relocation process, and the demolition.
14:21:53 However, as part of our activities, we have formed
14:21:56 agreements that we have completed that will bring us
14:21:59 to the point and actually taking off the venture.

14:22:06 As we concluded our joint venture agreement, we have a
14:22:09 partnership agreement now between Bank of America
14:22:12 Community Development Corporation and the Tampa
14:22:15 housing authority and how we will proceed together
14:22:18 effectively as master developers.
14:22:19 Earlier the question asked, was there a process by
14:22:22 which the residents had a priority to return?
14:22:25 That is actually embedded in that document.
14:22:27 So there are certain obligations that we made sure we
14:22:31 recognized in a legal forum to preserve the rights of
14:22:34 the existing residents.
14:22:36 We have also executed a purchase contract of the
14:22:39 Central Park Village site, including the Meacham
14:22:44 school site with the board of education, and some
14:22:46 additional land.
14:22:48 As you all know, as a result we have the CRA to look
14:22:53 forward to being a part of today.
14:22:56 And we concluded the rezoning of the master area, and
14:23:03 the rezoning entitlements that went with the
14:23:07 individual sites that you will be creating later.
14:23:10 Eventually we created all of the master design work.
14:23:12 We have very in-depth market studies, and there will

14:23:17 be some tweaking that you will see coming down the
14:23:19 road.
14:23:20 We have a completed community design charrettes on
14:23:25 Perry Harvey park.
14:23:26 We are still working through the historical
14:23:29 recognition, do we have talking monuments, do we have
14:23:34 walking trails, what is the correct form?
14:23:36 We are working with professionals as well as the
14:23:38 stakeholders in the community to define the best
14:23:42 approach.
14:23:42 So we have allocated budget dollars but we haven't
14:23:45 determined yet exactly what those things will be
14:23:47 within the park.
14:23:48 It's a group process that's evolving right now.
14:23:52 We have also submitted a brownfield application, is
14:23:56 there lead paint, asbestos in the building? That will
14:24:01 afford the vertical developments the opportunity to
14:24:02 save sales tax on the building materials in future
14:24:06 development, which is an important financing tool that
14:24:09 will help us in all, but particularly the affordable
14:24:14 ones.
14:24:14 So that's in process right now.

14:24:16 We have secured frontage, 200 feet directly on Trask
14:24:25 street.
14:24:25 We have an additional road which is very important.
14:24:27 So not only do we have more access on all sides of the
14:24:31 initial parcel but we have direct frontage now on
14:24:34 Trask street which we are going to use to the benefit
14:24:37 of the master development.
14:24:41 The property is part of the CDBG and will be added.
14:24:45 We are in the final negotiation was TECO for a road to
14:24:50 be extended into Cass Street, so we are going to have
14:24:53 double connectivity.
14:24:54 TECO has been working with us in the process of
14:24:57 designing their substation that will serve the utility
14:25:01 requirements for the area.
14:25:03 They have been a good partner.
14:25:04 And we have gone through quite an undertaking there.
14:25:07 It is going to provide utilities not only for the
14:25:11 Central Park Village area, but for many outlying
14:25:14 areas.
14:25:14 It's a very important component for the future growth
14:25:18 of the City of Tampa.
14:25:21 We completed our schematic initial design on the ELLA,

14:25:27 our seniors development, which is proposed to be built
14:25:30 on lot 40, and our Tempo, our family development,
14:25:36 which is proposed to be built on lot 2.
14:25:38 And the Tempo will be a 203-unit multifamily building.
14:25:43 The ELLA will be a 160 unit multifamily building.
14:25:48 We have submitted to the State of Florida 90% tax
14:25:53 credit applications for both the ELLA and Tempo and
14:25:57 seeking more than $20 million in low-income housing
14:26:00 tax credits for each development that will be the
14:26:03 primary source of funding to help these developments
14:26:06 go forward and become a realization.
14:26:09 The ELLA is going to be at 80% affordable development,
14:26:13 and the Tempo will be a 70% affordable development.
14:26:17 In addition to that, we secured other funding
14:26:21 commitments both for Hillsborough County, the City of
14:26:22 Tampa, private equity, brownsfield sales tax.
14:26:27 We have a multitude of funding sources that we
14:26:31 received commitments for, and while a lot of
14:26:34 negotiations still need to occur, and we are in a
14:26:38 competing process for the tax credits, which are a
14:26:42 primary funding source, very feel very good about the
14:26:45 strides we have been able to make, the dream of

14:26:49 bringing these vertical in March of next year.
14:26:59 God willing, should the residents successfully move in
14:27:02 the time line that we believe they will, should the
14:27:05 demolition occur in the time line that we believe it
14:27:07 will, in January, we are going to be able to pull
14:27:10 permits that will start the infrastructure for new
14:27:15 roads and the new infrastructure will be underway.
14:27:18 God willing, we will have our first family, and our
14:27:23 first senior development, and we hope to see two other
14:27:26 lots being developed at the same time.
14:27:30 After the children's summer program at Perry Harvey
14:27:33 park concludes, we will begin the rebirth of Perry
14:27:36 Harvey park.
14:27:38 So we are very excited about everything that's going
14:27:45 on there.
14:27:47 And we work very hard to make this dream a reality.
14:27:52 We have also worked through some very painful tax
14:27:56 incremental financing projections and they are painful
14:27:59 knowing what's happening today in state legislation,
14:28:01 or how they could affect future development and how
14:28:04 they could affect the city's and the county's funding.
14:28:07 It's a reality that we don't know the outcome of that

14:28:10 yet.
14:28:10 We know what the outcome could be.
14:28:12 We know what the impact could be. But until our
14:28:14 legislative body concludes the proper size it is an
14:28:18 issue that is outlined, that we all need to be mindful
14:28:21 of.
14:28:22 We believe pre-sales activities, and we are working
14:28:27 very hard with developers to secure the commencement
14:28:33 of two of three of our developments anymore to the
14:28:36 multifamily affordable.
14:28:37 If we go to the depiction adjacent to lot 10 and 11,
14:28:43 Trask street, you can see the TECO substation and the
14:28:47 proposed road that will bring us down to Cass Street.
14:28:50 In addition, the land directly below lot 10 is the
14:28:54 land that we have under contract and that will give us
14:28:58 that 200 feet of frontage directly on Cass.
14:29:02 We are recognizing that the desired objective is the
14:29:06 most connectivity that we can possibly V.we are
14:29:11 looking at an alternative to what has been approved,
14:29:13 and we are looking at what that will do to the
14:29:16 buildability of the lots on the southern boundary of
14:29:18 the so what you see is a depiction of what we are

14:29:22 running the numbers on right now, which would be the
14:29:24 alignment of Harrison.
14:29:28 Clearly we will have the road run south to Cass, which
14:29:30 is an extension.
14:29:31 But it would provide the straightening out of the
14:29:33 infrastructure.
14:29:34 It's our objective to try to do that.
14:29:36 But we don't want to jeopardize the values of the
14:29:39 southern market rate loss as they are the financial
14:29:44 backbone of making the development successful.
14:29:47 It will be probably two more weeks before we know what
14:29:49 the economic conclusion is, and to see what we can
14:29:52 actually do that, but we are very mindful of
14:29:54 connectivity in the development.
14:29:56 To give you an overview of the milestone, we envision
14:30:00 that by August of this year, the relocation of the
14:30:03 residents will have been completed, and we are
14:30:06 planning on closing on the school property in October.
14:30:10 We are also going to close on the Cass Street property
14:30:13 in October.
14:30:14 And the demolition of the improvements -- of the
14:30:17 existing improvements, should be complete in November.

14:30:22 Reality, it might be December.
14:30:23 But before year's end, because we plan to close on the
14:30:33 primary the first week of December.
14:30:37 The buildings will be RAZed this year, and it's really
14:30:44 exciting to be at that point.
14:30:48 We weren't sure if we would be at that point.
14:30:52 I can see it now.
14:30:53 We are also now, we are ready to conclude the master
14:30:59 agreement and the TIF fund and we know that based on
14:31:02 the process of the time lines that it needs to go
14:31:05 through, through the approval of that, all those will
14:31:07 be concluded sometime in November of this year, which
14:31:11 is a significant funding source for all of the
14:31:15 infrastructure.
14:31:19 In December, we are closing for the existing Tampa
14:31:24 housing authority property.
14:31:26 In April, you actually see the bulldozers going full
14:31:31 bore, because at the same time we will be starting the
14:31:33 initial staging for the first two vertical
14:31:35 developments, which are the mixed income properties.
14:31:39 In July of 2008 you are going to see those buildings
14:31:43 going vertical.

14:31:44 In late 2008 -- we can't talk about that one year.
14:31:48 In 2012, we will be looking for project completion of
14:31:52 all buildable lots.
14:31:55 We'd like to show you the renovation, the plan that
14:31:59 evolved from the design charrettes on Perry Harvey
14:32:02 park.
14:32:03 Mike, would you like to speak to the end result?
14:32:05 We have three design charts that were very public.
14:32:08 It was a really interesting process.
14:32:10 There are several engineers and consultants, gave
14:32:13 everyone a hand full of Docs, color coded.
14:32:21 Through this process we were able to determine through
14:32:23 the public's mind-set of what needed to be there and
14:32:26 some of the things that came out were not necessarily
14:32:28 painfully expected, but it's what the public needs and
14:32:31 wants to see.
14:32:36 >>> Michael: You can see that several people came up
14:32:38 with what they want to see in the park. That reflects
14:32:42 musical history of neighborhood.
14:32:43 They want to see that returned to neighborhoods so
14:32:45 they have an amphitheater.
14:32:47 There will be an open space amphitheater, closed

14:32:50 amphitheater that they can put on events monthly,
14:32:53 semimonthly, however often it sees fit.
14:32:56 Multi-purpose field which will be recreation fields.
14:32:59 Then we have to the south, playground equipment, and
14:33:03 picnic area that will serve the condominium for the
14:33:06 families that live in the south part of the
14:33:07 development.
14:33:08 To the north, we have active recreation that will
14:33:11 serve the middle school that is going to be built on
14:33:13 lot 1 directly to the east of. That and then we have
14:33:17 our favorite project, the skate park, which is a
14:33:20 replacement in the middle of the park right now.
14:33:24 We have been working with the parks and the
14:33:26 skateboarders, and we have got a design firm proposal
14:33:29 in hand, and we are going to be re-creating that state
14:33:33 park to the north and also some others.
14:33:37 Now, you can see the yellow areas.
14:33:40 That is where we are going to honor the history of the
14:33:43 community and music and we have been working with the
14:33:46 mayor's advisory board for Perry Harvey park, Fred
14:33:51 Hearns, and we have been meeting once a month, and we
14:33:53 are coming up with sculpture ideas and those kinds of

14:33:56 things, and in August we should have a firm plan for
14:33:58 what we are doing there.
14:34:11 >> Should we keep going?
14:34:14 >> Yes.
14:34:14 >> The next picture shows where the proposed rental
14:34:19 housing is located, in the top left field side you are
14:34:22 seeing a depiction called the Terry Harvey -- Perry
14:34:26 Harvey park.
14:34:27 Immediately next to that, an eight-story buildings
14:34:33 that have respectively five and three-story garages
14:34:40 into the component.
14:34:42 There is retail on the base of the ground floor of
14:34:44 these buildings.
14:34:45 On top of the garages are pools and rooftop amenities.
14:34:49 We would like to show you now some depictions of the
14:34:53 buildings.
14:34:54 These are preliminary schematic designs which allow us
14:34:59 to get our unit counts and sizes correctly to apply
14:35:02 for financing.
14:35:03 This is the Tempo.
14:35:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Before you go there.
14:35:09 Linda, do you have a question on the park?

14:35:11 Is that where your question was?
14:35:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
14:35:14 Is this going to be Wi-Fi wired?
14:35:17 >>> The park?
14:35:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Everything Chen champion we haven't
14:35:22 decided that yet.
14:35:23 >>> Typically we wire all of our buildings and
14:35:25 residential units, in the residential units we do the
14:35:29 bedrooms and the living room.
14:35:31 I don't think we know what's going to happen in the
14:35:33 park area yet, the common area.
14:35:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: City Council, I don't know if you
14:35:38 know this but we had some conversations about Wi-Fi
14:35:43 wiring and is something that people are really coming
14:35:46 to expect in public space where is we want them to
14:35:49 gather and I think it would be really a great amenity.
14:35:51 >>> I think it would be something very worthwhile
14:35:54 considering.
14:35:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I had a quick question on the park.
14:36:01 It sounds very exciting and something that I think
14:36:06 perhaps a rhetorical question but is this the type of
14:36:09 thing that the city parks and rec could -- you

14:36:12 mentioned the residents are excited about that, but is
14:36:15 this something our parks and rec folks could also
14:36:18 program as well?
14:36:20 >>> Absolutely.
14:36:20 When we conclude the redevelopment of Perry Harvey
14:36:25 park we will be dedicating it to the City of Tampa for
14:36:27 control by the City of Tampa for all uses.
14:36:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That sounds great.
14:36:33 Because right now, those types of things, Lowry Park
14:36:38 which is wonderful, but to refocus on these musical
14:36:41 events back downtown is great.
14:36:42 >>> We think that's exactly what needs to hatch there.
14:36:45 It's not our intent to do anything more than provide
14:36:49 amenities that the residents will benefit from, but
14:36:52 all of the residents will benefit from.
14:36:55 >> Bring the whole city back into that Venn village is
14:36:58 the way to go.
14:36:59 >>> Thank you.
14:37:03 We are just showing you a depiction which had 203
14:37:07 units.
14:37:08 The units are one to four-bedroom units, an
14:37:12 eight-story building with a five-story parking garage

14:37:15 with two pools on top of the parking garage.
14:37:17 It is a beautiful green court yard, between the front
14:37:20 face of the building and the garage structure.
14:37:24 And the retail space in the front is two-story,
14:37:28 referring to a green court yard, which gives a nice
14:37:32 feel of amenity.
14:37:33 In that retail location, we also have some incredible
14:37:37 amenities planned.
14:37:38 A private theater, a library, a computer lab, a
14:37:42 fitness center, community rooms, and management and
14:37:46 leasing services.
14:37:48 We thought you might like to see a depiction from
14:37:51 different angles.
14:37:52 You can see how we integrate into the area.
14:37:54 So this is the Tempo.
14:37:56 And now we have the ALLA.
14:37:59 It's also eight stories, comprised of 160 units, has a
14:38:03 3-story parking garage, it has one of two bedroom
14:38:07 units and is slated to be rented to people over the
14:38:11 age of 55 years old.
14:38:15 Its amenities are identical to the Tempo with the
14:38:17 exception it has a singular pool and shuffleboard and

14:38:21 gathering areas on top of the garage.
14:38:23 And this is a depiction from various angles. ELLA.
14:38:31 This gives you an aerial view of the entire
14:38:34 development when we finish.
14:38:35 If you look, it's running from the northwest corner,
14:38:39 looking toward southeast.
14:38:41 In your bottom left corner the white area is the new
14:38:45 middle school.
14:38:45 In our agreement with the board of education, which
14:38:47 the Tampa housing authority loves, we were able to
14:38:52 acquire the existing elementary school.
14:38:54 There's already an elementary school across the
14:38:57 street.
14:38:57 And we were able to buy that site and get that land
14:39:03 for the creation after new middle school which the
14:39:04 neighborhood does not have presently.
14:39:08 We also wanted you to see what types of a feel this
14:39:12 development is going to have when it's finished.
14:39:14 This is a depiction of town center.
14:39:16 What you are looking at is ray Charles Boulevard.
14:39:18 It has a 100-foot-wide green space.
14:39:24 I neglected to mention -- and I think it's

14:39:26 important -- the buildings that you just saw
14:39:29 renderings of will be LEED certified buildings.
14:39:35 They will be at the silver level.
14:39:36 They will be very energy efficient and very friendly
14:39:40 buildings.
14:39:41 This is a walkable community.
14:39:42 It's intended to be traffic calming by design.
14:39:46 We would like to see a restaurant in effect in some of
14:39:51 the retail area.
14:39:53 We want it to be an area where people want -- and it's
14:39:58 a feel good place and it will be an extension of Perry
14:40:01 Harvey park.
14:40:02 This is an aerial view of downtown.
14:40:04 You can see the existing downtown in the background.
14:40:08 And that will be looking from the northeast corner to
14:40:12 southwest.
14:40:16 And that's our overview of the encore.
14:40:22 I would be very happy to answer any questions.
14:40:25 We have members of our entire team here.
14:40:27 We would be happy to answer any questions you may
14:40:28 have.
14:40:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

14:40:30 Councilwoman Saul-Sena, then councilwoman Miller.
14:40:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is so exciting.
14:40:36 Thank you so much.
14:40:37 One quick question.
14:40:38 Over to Nebraska, there's two blocks there where
14:40:43 there's no east-west connectivity.
14:40:46 And I'm wondering if you are working on that.
14:40:49 I think as much connectivity as you can build into
14:40:51 this, it will enhance the walkability.
14:40:56 >>> Lot 12.
14:40:59 >> The grocery store.
14:41:04 >> It's the other side of the lot.
14:41:06 Sorry about that.
14:41:11 >> There's a cut-through road there now.
14:41:13 I wouldn't courage that.
14:41:14 I think this is going to be a very heavily walked
14:41:18 area.
14:41:19 And to make people go two blocks around is not a fun
14:41:25 way of allowing it.
14:41:26 >>> We recognize that that could be a very good
14:41:28 amenity.
14:41:29 And we are looking at the footprint, that we do this

14:41:36 right now because we are looking at it to be not just
14:41:38 walkable, we're actually looking at a road. That
14:41:42 would be even better.
14:41:42 >>GWEN MILLER: You stated you are closing Meacham
14:41:42 Elementary School. Does that mean you are going to
14:41:49 demolish Meacham School?
14:41:51 >>> Meacham will be demolished and we understand the
14:41:55 new middle school will be named to carry the name
14:41:57 Meacham.
14:42:03 >> Not a historical building?
14:42:10 >>> Would you like to speak to that?
14:42:17 >>> Management school district.
14:42:19 It is all locally designated.
14:42:21 And it has gone through the permitting process to be
14:42:24 demolished through the housing authority, but is not
14:42:30 prohibited to be demolished.
14:42:34 It went through the historical resources?
14:42:37 It went through the historical resources board and all
14:42:41 those factors consider considered by the Tampa housing
14:42:44 authority.
14:43:02 That would be eligible for consideration and we told
14:43:04 people they need to bring that forward at the time

14:43:05 that new school comes and renaming that school, to
14:43:14 either use in the community or use elsewhere in a new
14:43:18 school.
14:43:24 >>GWEN MILLER: So it will be named Meacham?
14:43:30 >>> The school board -- I the conversation at the
14:43:39 school board when we entered into the agreement was
14:43:41 that that is the recommendation, but obviously the
14:43:46 future board will make that decision.
14:43:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I met with people who raised the issue
14:44:00 on the historical site, given the fact there's only a
14:44:02 few African-American elementary schools left in
14:44:05 Hillsborough County.
14:44:06 And so that was a concern.
14:44:07 In fact there is a movement to preserve Meacham so you
14:44:11 need to be aware of that fact.
14:44:14 That is a concern by some of the citizens at Tampa
14:44:19 that that not be RAZed.
14:44:26 Particularly I'm surprised it was given federal and
14:44:31 national historical designation but not local.
14:44:38 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
14:44:42 I did want to let you know that the issue of the
14:44:44 designation of Meacham did go before the HPC, of a

14:44:49 hearing evidence and public hearing, it was determined
14:44:52 not to designate that as a local landmark.
14:44:55 And from my recollection of what occurred is it's
14:45:08 determined that the structure in and of itself,
14:45:12 because of the name and what occurred there and those
14:45:14 issues and part of what was made to determine whether
14:45:18 or not they were going to move forward with the
14:45:19 designation, there were mitigation measures which were
14:45:24 put into place, including potential of naming it, and
14:45:26 it was made clear that the school board, the fact that
14:45:32 we are in the building would be able to be received
14:45:34 and moved and part of the museum, and being discussed.
14:45:39 I want you to know that the HPC did have a public
14:45:42 hearing on that and took action and did not recommend
14:45:45 to designate that structure.
14:45:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: A group of citizens raised that as a
14:45:52 concern.
14:45:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Is the proposed middle school on the
14:45:58 same site?
14:46:01 >>JULIA COLE: If you look in the packets that we
14:46:03 handed out, you can see that the lots that are
14:46:07 absolutely in the middle that is proposed, the

14:46:10 southern-most multifamily lot is where we an
14:46:15 elementary school is now located, and the new location
14:46:17 for the proposed middle school is in the upper left
14:46:22 hand corn.
14:46:40 >>> Currently the Meacham elementary school is one of
14:46:43 four proposed mixed income rental development. The
14:46:45 new location for the proposed middle school is here in
14:46:50 the middle west corner of the current Central Park
14:46:53 Village site.
14:46:55 >> Is that near Nebraska?
14:46:58 >>> No, ma'am.
14:46:58 It's directly adjacent to Perry Harvey park, so that
14:47:01 the park amenities would be available to serve the
14:47:04 middle school.
14:47:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Is that where the Meacham school is
14:47:10 now, and you said proposed mixed income.
14:47:13 Is that one of your projects you have shown on here?
14:47:18 >>> No, ma'am.
14:47:20 Where it's currently located also has the primary
14:47:24 road.
14:47:25 It does have some significant implications.
14:47:28 >>MARY MULHERN: So that's part of where that Boulevard

14:47:31 is?
14:47:31 >>> Yes.
14:47:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Can you show me on the map?
14:47:41 >>> Right in the center.
14:47:43 >>> That's correct.
14:47:43 Okay.
14:47:44 Well, my question is, is this in the central business
14:47:53 district?
14:47:54 So does that make this a required public arts
14:47:59 component?
14:48:00 >>> No.
14:48:01 The land that is not the Central Park land is not in
14:48:07 the central business district.
14:48:09 >> So it doesn't follow the requirement for percentage
14:48:12 for public arts?
14:48:15 >>> No.
14:48:15 Although we plan some very significant public art
14:48:21 specifically recognizing the historical background of
14:48:24 the area.
14:48:24 >> Will that be part of that Boulevard?
14:48:28 >>> All through the Boulevard and all through Perry
14:48:30 Harvey park.

14:48:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
14:48:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?
14:48:35 Let me just qualify with a few questions, if I may.
14:48:40 >>> Certainly.
14:48:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: In terms of outreach, that's 28 acres,
14:48:47 right?
14:48:48 >>> Our focus is on the 28 acres.
14:48:49 We did do outreach to other properties.
14:48:54 But as the Tampa housing authority has stated in the
14:48:56 very beginning, this is a five to seven-year process.
14:49:00 It became pretty evident what would be affordable,
14:49:04 what could work, what could be financially feasible,
14:49:08 and we will continue to do outreach.
14:49:10 But at this point we probably are not able to.
14:49:17 >> My concern is the CRA has covered 143 acres, and I
14:49:25 think, what was it, went through this whole consulting
14:49:29 piece, and I'm looking at the broader picture and not
14:49:30 just the 28 acres but a broader piece, which to me
14:49:34 would require a master plan.
14:49:37 What opportunities are there going to be for Bank of
14:49:39 America to move beyond just the 20 acres and include
14:49:43 the other areas so that not only does the 20 acres get

14:49:47 developed, but that entire area get developed?
14:49:55 That's key, I mean.
14:49:57 You would have 20 acres.
14:49:59 But also other components, apartments and those other
14:50:04 areas are very important for this project to be real
14:50:07 successful.
14:50:08 >>> We absolutely agree that the development of the
14:50:09 Tampa park apartments and all of the surrounding area
14:50:12 in the CRA is crucial for the success of that area.
14:50:17 From a TIF standpoint, any private entity who is a
14:50:21 developer has the right and quite frankly the duty to
14:50:26 negotiate the TIFs that they are creating through
14:50:30 their private development.
14:50:32 A development of this magnitude is an awesome
14:50:36 undertaking in itself.
14:50:37 There are financial guarantees.
14:50:39 There are bonding.
14:50:41 There are legal requirements.
14:50:43 I would not begin to be prepared to say that the bank
14:50:46 is prepared to take responsibility for areas that they
14:50:49 are not developing on.
14:50:51 But I would tell you that any developer has the

14:50:54 ability to do what we are doing.
14:50:57 And would we lead them through the process?
14:51:06 We would be happy to work with them.
14:51:08 >> Another question.
14:51:09 In terms of the minority participation as you recall
14:51:12 going back to my previous life at county
14:51:15 commissioner --
14:51:18 >>> I remember.
14:51:19 >> -- all levels including construction, design and
14:51:22 all of that.
14:51:22 Have you all at any point come up with a goal or
14:51:26 outreach to minorities?
14:51:31 >>> We are.
14:51:31 And our funding sources also guarantee that as well.
14:51:34 Directly in our agreement with the Tampa housing
14:51:36 authority, our master development agreement as joint
14:51:39 venture partners, a minimum of 20% minority
14:51:44 participation across the board.
14:51:49 Believes in diversity and minority opportunities.
14:51:52 As a point in fact we automatically track every dollar
14:51:55 spent in minority participation, both who the minority
14:51:58 is, where they are based, what their he's nicety is,

14:52:03 the amount of dollars spent.
14:52:04 We want to create jobs and opportunities, not just
14:52:08 housing.
14:52:09 So it's very important.
14:52:12 But we found in this relationship today is not only is
14:52:14 the Tampa housing authority a great partner, but that
14:52:17 we have the same goals, which is revitalization of a
14:52:20 community.
14:52:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Very good.
14:52:24 I would say that this is a very good rendering.
14:52:31 Apparently you all have been doing a lot of work.
14:52:34 >>> Definitely.
14:52:35 >> I applaud you for that.
14:52:36 >>> Thank you.
14:52:37 >> I would hope as we move forward that it becomes
14:52:42 reality for Central Park, for Tampa, for the entire
14:52:46 community.
14:52:46 And certainly this whole community will benefit from
14:52:54 such redevelopment.
14:52:55 And you are to be commended thus far for what you have
14:52:59 here.
14:53:00 >>> Thank you.

14:53:00 >> And I hope you continue to move forward.
14:53:03 >>> We certainly think --
14:53:06 >> And that it's an inclusive process as far as making
14:53:10 sure that residents are relocated, and satisfied.
14:53:13 Now, I will tell you that if this is a project that
14:53:21 all Hillsborough County, not just the city, but all
14:53:25 Hillsborough County eyes are on this project.
14:53:27 >>> I will tell that you eyes all over the nation are
14:53:29 on this project.
14:53:30 >> Yes.
14:53:31 So I would hope that as we move forward that this will
14:53:34 become a model of housing development in terms of
14:53:38 redeveloping areas that have been stressed and
14:53:41 depressed, and how to relocate people respectfully,
14:53:44 and how to bring them back into the process, or
14:53:47 relocate them back, as well as making sure that it is
14:53:53 an inclusive process, so this becomes a good model
14:53:57 throughout the nation as you pointed out.
14:54:02 One last question.
14:54:03 In terms what the legislature has done, you all don't
14:54:10 know the total impact.
14:54:11 Given what happened in the referendum, have you looked

14:54:17 at what will be the impact financially in terms of --
14:54:20 >>> We have.
14:54:21 We have approximately five different what-if
14:54:25 scenarios.
14:54:26 We know that we have the ability to go forward in the
14:54:28 worst scenario that we see.
14:54:31 And that we will have the funding sources to redo all
14:54:33 of the infrastructure to commit to the first two
14:54:37 affordable garages, to redo Perry Harvey park in all
14:54:40 of the common areas.
14:54:43 In the event of a catastrophic reduction as a result
14:54:45 of tax movement, we will have to seek other funding
14:54:49 sources for future things, such as garages for other
14:54:55 public purpose or mixed income components within the
14:54:58 development.
14:55:02 And very committed to doing this very well.
14:55:04 And we recognize the importance, and the awesome
14:55:08 obligation of being the leader.
14:55:12 So we fully intend to live up to the city's
14:55:16 expectations.
14:55:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: With good to hear that.
14:55:20 I look forward to the project moving forward.

14:55:22 I believe at some point, some contract documentation
14:55:25 will be coming back to counsel or to at least the CRA
14:55:28 agency.
14:55:33 >> In accordance with the agenda, the schedule they
14:55:35 laid out for you, the November time frame, the time
14:55:37 that this would come back formally to the CRA board in
14:55:42 particular with a development agreement that would
14:55:44 speak to financial structure, and the arrangement of
14:55:46 the TIF.
14:55:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you for your presentation.
14:55:52 Thank you for being here.
14:55:53 Certainly we look forward to a very successful
14:55:56 project.
14:55:58 We'll move forward.
14:55:59 And hopefully we can get it done over the next several
14:56:02 years.
14:56:07 I plan to be here at least four years.
14:56:13 Thank you again.
14:56:17 >>> Let me thank you for taking the time to listen
14:56:19 because as you can see we put a lot of work in this
14:56:22 whole process.
14:56:23 We have legal counsel in case you might have any

14:56:26 questions of him.
14:56:27 But also I think it's so important, as the question
14:56:29 keeps coming up -- I can assure you we'll get this
14:56:34 project done.
14:56:38 We have been working on this for seven years but we
14:56:40 made a decision a long time ago that Central Park
14:56:42 needs to be torn down because we can do better for the
14:56:46 people of that area.
14:56:47 I want to thank you, Reverend Scott, particularly for
14:56:49 your help on the county side.
14:56:50 I thank the rest of you City Council members for
14:56:53 allowing us the opportunity to share with you our
14:56:55 vision of Central Park area.
14:56:58 And we have got a lot of things on the drawing board
14:57:02 we are working on.
14:57:03 I'll be happy to come back and do that.
14:57:05 But I want to thank you personally for just taking the
14:57:08 time to listen to us.
14:57:09 Because this is a project from the heart.
14:57:12 And it's a very difficult project.
14:57:16 We made a commitment to get this project done
14:57:19 regardless what the circumstances are.

14:57:20 Again, you have been good partners.
14:57:25 Our residents have been good partners.
14:57:26 I want to share that with you and thank you again for
14:57:29 allowing us the opportunity to discuss this with you.
14:57:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's an exciting time for council, and
14:57:34 we ask Mr. Huey to bring you all in to make the
14:57:37 presentation as well.
14:57:38 My intent as CRA chairman is to make sure that council
14:57:45 involves all of the CRA area.
14:57:46 I think that's critical.
14:57:47 I think it's important they be briefed, that they be
14:57:51 knowledgeable about the issues.
14:57:52 Again, thank you.
14:57:55 >>> Thank you.
14:57:55 And the city has been a primary partner.
14:57:59 I don't think we could get as far as where we are
14:58:02 without the support of the city.
14:58:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thanks very much.
14:58:05 No other questions on Central Park, then, Mr. Huey.
14:58:10 >>MARK HUEY: We will transition to East Tampa and I
14:58:15 will invite Ed Johnson to come up and introduce our
14:58:20 planning team.

14:58:25 >>> Good afternoon, chairman Scott and board members.
14:58:27 Ed Johnson, manager for the East Tampa CRA.
14:58:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Point of order.
14:58:32 It appears on our agenda that when Mr. Johnson and his
14:58:36 group are done with East Tampa, then we are going to
14:58:39 have an opportunity for public comment.
14:58:41 That's next on the agenda.
14:58:42 Thank you.
14:58:44 Excuse me, Ed, I'm sorry.
14:58:46 >>> That's quite all right.
14:58:47 The East Tampa CRA division would respectfully hope
14:58:52 that you give us an opportunity to have the URS
14:58:56 corporation make a presentation to you this afternoon.
14:58:58 As you are wear the URS corporation has started to
14:59:03 initiate the strategic implementation process as it
14:59:07 relates to the East Tampa redevelopment plan.
14:59:12 That started in late 2006.
14:59:14 And we have with us this afternoon Mr. Keith
14:59:19 Greminger, planning and development for the U.S.
14:59:21 corporation, and he is prepared today to provide you
14:59:24 with updates relating to their work to date, which is
14:59:28 around some issues such as land use recommendations,

14:59:32 market assessments, redevelopment incentives, and
14:59:37 potential development strategies and scenarios.
14:59:39 So I want to forward it now to Mr. Greminger.
14:59:47 >>> Thank you, Mr. Chairman Scott, the rest of the
14:59:48 board.
14:59:49 Thank you for giving us the opportunity.
14:59:52 If could you get the PowerPoint up.
14:59:55 One thing that I would like to deal with is -- there
15:00:01 we go.
15:00:07 Working through the city and CRA board, working with
15:00:09 the City of Tampa, Mark Huey, Mr. Johnson and his
15:00:15 staff.
15:00:24 East Tampa is a vital process to this.
15:00:28 Our resources as we have gone through this project.
15:00:31 And then ourselves leading the planning effort.
15:00:35 With me is Christine, senior planner, Teresa Miler is
15:00:40 here as well, and also Trent Green, who is a partner
15:00:44 with our team.
15:00:46 We have also brought Lambert advisory as part of our
15:00:51 economic feasibility, market study people that are not
15:00:55 here today, and from the transportation standpoint.
15:00:59 So I want to go through this.

15:01:01 We have a lot of information, very quickly.
15:01:03 Don't hesitate to interrupt and ask questions as we go
15:01:05 through this.
15:01:06 I would like to have this to work through the effort.
15:01:11 As you know, we got involved late last year, have been
15:01:19 moving forward.
15:01:19 This is the portion of the CRA plan adopted back in
15:01:25 2004.
15:01:27 Working with the land use and zoning, with some
15:01:31 recommendations, inventory analysis that's ongoing.
15:01:34 It's a large scale CRA, seven square miles and a lot
15:01:39 of information to gather there.
15:01:45 Looking at some incentives as we go forward with
15:01:48 redevelopment as well as potential scenarios, that we
15:01:51 can walk you through.
15:01:53 Inventory analysis has been a big portion of just
15:01:56 trying to understand from a strategy standpoint what
15:01:58 it is that we are trying to accomplish here.
15:02:01 Basically, we understand the community recommendations
15:02:04 and how that's going forward and what we can do to
15:02:06 facilitate what this community would like to see.
15:02:09 Existing conditions.

15:02:11 This has been a huge part of what we have been doing
15:02:14 working with the city, trying to understand what needs
15:02:17 improvement, what has taken place, how things are
15:02:20 going forward.
15:02:21 And we use technical tools such as GIS mapping and
15:02:26 other opportunities here.
15:02:30 To keep going.
15:02:35 How do we respond to community needs?
15:02:37 We want to create something that is comprehensive.
15:02:39 We want to try to touch all edges of the East Tampa
15:02:43 CRA.
15:02:47 It will be visual appearance.
15:02:49 We want to make sure we have a recognizable
15:02:51 difference.
15:02:51 And we want to make sure it benefits.
15:02:54 The obligation to keep growing that TIF through the
15:02:58 CRA.
15:02:58 And strategically, it needs to be timed with other
15:03:02 improvement that is are happening.
15:03:03 So for the broad categories we are looking forward to
15:03:07 working with.
15:03:09 From the land use standpoint, this is the existing

15:03:13 terminology, existing future land use.
15:03:18 The land use determined from a variety of
15:03:19 developments.
15:03:20 There are issues of that we are debating and learning
15:03:26 what the land use committee from the partnership, and
15:03:28 trying to understand how this land use serve it is
15:03:32 community, and what are some of the best opportunities
15:03:34 as we move forward.
15:03:36 We want to be careful not to make any wholesale
15:03:39 changes, anything that would be dramatic.
15:03:42 There are a lot of things going on.
15:03:44 I'll talk to you a little later.
15:03:46 But one of the nice things is how to recognize in a
15:03:50 community this scale, that there's been over $100
15:03:53 million of redevelopment taking place already in
15:03:55 Tampa.
15:03:55 And there are some things at work.
15:04:00 We just want to improve upon those.
15:04:02 The proposed future land use is minimal.
15:04:07 What we are looking at, and the best way to -- we have
15:04:10 a handout to review this.
15:04:15 These are the proposed impacted parcels.

15:04:17 And what we are recommending here is that largely --
15:04:20 and I will slip back and forth to show you -- the
15:04:24 areas that are in red currently, as we move forward,
15:04:32 if we turn to the blue, going from a heavy commercial
15:04:35 use to a community mixed use, urban mixed use.
15:04:40 And different variants for opportunity for those
15:04:47 individuals.
15:04:48 The other areas will not be removed.
15:04:50 It is purely an addition to that land use.
15:04:53 So that's the process we are looking at here.
15:04:54 We don't want to make any wholesale changes. The
15:04:57 green part that you are looking at there is very minor
15:04:59 and very minute.
15:05:00 But as you look at some of the areas along the
15:05:05 corridor, that the land use has been zoned along the
15:05:09 roadway edge.
15:05:10 Okay?
15:05:10 But in some cases they are residential parcel D.
15:05:19 In today's commercial development climate, you cannot
15:05:22 physically fit the parking, the water retention and
15:05:26 the development on those.
15:05:27 So those little green parcels is where we are

15:05:30 recommending that you may actually move to the next
15:05:32 block.
15:05:34 And then you have at least a roadway as a barrier or
15:05:38 separator, some sort of distribution between as
15:05:42 opposed to one use to a property line that's really
15:05:47 invisible.
15:05:48 So there's a buffering that would take place.
15:05:56 This is where we work with the city very extensively
15:06:00 in trying to understand where we are at with the
15:06:02 collection of data.
15:06:04 Christine, you may want to join me up here.
15:06:06 I am going to go through this quickly as well.
15:06:09 Again don't hesitate to ask me questions.
15:06:11 The maintenance of jurisdiction, there's 13 miles of
15:06:18 State Road through the East Tampa CRA, and a little
15:06:20 over three miles of county road.
15:06:22 And those are identified here.
15:06:25 More importantly, the southern boundaries are the
15:06:29 federal interstate system.
15:06:32 So there's a lot of roadway connectivity that takes
15:06:34 place here.
15:06:35 And our job is to continue to make it work but from an

15:06:42 organizational and process standpoint the county,
15:06:44 state and federal groups or agencies are going to have
15:06:46 to work with them.
15:06:48 Quite honestly, the develop of -- the level of service
15:06:51 is fairly good throughout the district.
15:06:52 You can see these here.
15:06:53 Level of services are ranked from A to F, F being the
15:06:57 worst, and very small percentage to operate the F and
15:07:03 E categories, usually in the blue and purple.
15:07:07 So those are segments we need to continue to look at
15:07:09 and as we allocate dollars from the TIF, areas again
15:07:13 need helping in improvement.
15:07:19 The level of service is good but the pavement needs
15:07:21 some help.
15:07:23 There's a significant amount in the district, poor
15:07:26 conditions.
15:07:27 And as you can see, those are largely identified in
15:07:31 red, and some areas are even just grass, or dirt.
15:07:36 But, on the other hand, we look at the Grant Park area
15:07:41 to the far eastern edge along the right-hand side.
15:07:46 Those have been completely restored.
15:07:47 So with improvements that are being made and we will

15:07:51 continue to monitor those and push those forward.
15:07:54 Sidewalks inventory.
15:07:56 There are a few things in the community that helped
15:07:59 establish a community.
15:08:00 None as great as a sidewalk.
15:08:03 A sidewalk would really help.
15:08:05 We are going in between sidewalks, taking a look at
15:08:07 where they need to be improved, where they can be
15:08:09 constructed, where we can add them.
15:08:14 Curb appeal, property values, those are things that
15:08:17 important to bring the community back together.
15:08:19 The walkability and the trail systems.
15:08:21 Those are all a big part.
15:08:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Tell us which.
15:08:30 >>> Where are we on this?
15:08:32 To construct for areas that need to be constructed.
15:08:35 We have some that are nonconstructable.
15:08:38 These are categories we got from the city.
15:08:40 Whether or not there's enough right-of-way, additional
15:08:43 right-of-way needs to be gained or we need to go to
15:08:45 the residents and work with them of possibly laying
15:08:47 that out.

15:08:48 So the majority of them are existing, but the blue and
15:08:52 red are the ones that are areas that need to be
15:08:55 improved and need to be looked at.
15:09:06 Unimproved roadways.
15:09:08 70% of unimproved roadways actually exist in this CRA.
15:09:12 So there are areas that need to be looked at.
15:09:14 Areas of concern.
15:09:15 And again, if we focus more on trying to understand
15:09:18 the big picture and how all these tie back together,
15:09:22 where those improvements need to take place, and from
15:09:25 a priority standpoint, those go away as we move
15:09:29 through this process.
15:09:36 Connect.
15:09:39 From the transit standpoint, bus route.
15:09:41 We worked with Hartline, continue to discuss with
15:09:45 them.
15:09:46 One of the things we'll talk about later on, we hope
15:09:50 very soon here with the CDC and get a survey started
15:09:53 and one of the assets of that survey is to talk with
15:09:56 the residents and find out from a zip code standpoint
15:09:59 where they live, and a zip code where they work, and
15:10:02 where are those migration patterns?

15:10:05 How does that work?
15:10:06 And the Hartline route, we will continue to monitor
15:10:12 and look at that as we work through it and go from
15:10:14 there.
15:10:21 Future rail.
15:10:24 It is a great connectivity.
15:10:26 This area of town, with the University of South
15:10:31 Florida, the city to the south, the rail lines already
15:10:39 exist, transit oriented locations are already
15:10:43 identified from that.
15:10:47 So this is one of those great opportunities that cuts
15:10:50 right through the center of the CRA.
15:10:51 We are excited about hopefully progressing as those
15:10:56 plans go forward with the city.
15:11:02 Stormwater.
15:11:03 There are ponds that exist.
15:11:05 And there are station that is collect the water and
15:11:09 some upgrade projects that are taking place.
15:11:15 >>> East Tampa has some of the largest water ponds
15:11:17 around.
15:11:18 We all know that.
15:11:19 And largely a lot of them are one dimensional.

15:11:22 There's not a lot of useful stormwater.
15:11:26 What's going on right now, we have three projects.
15:11:28 We are trying to incorporate trails and other uses.
15:11:32 And they are identified by this graphic.
15:11:39 >>> Very instrumental in putting that together.
15:11:41 We need to take total advantage of, in and around the
15:11:49 development areas there.
15:11:50 >>> And excuse me, closed basins require additional
15:11:54 stormwater.
15:11:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me just interrupt.
15:12:01 >> They said to wait till the middle.
15:12:03 If you want to wait till the end.
15:12:05 I'll do it whichever way you want.
15:12:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: My question at this point, with the
15:12:10 handout, we don't have any handout.
15:12:12 But we are not getting that up here on our screen.
15:12:15 It's kind of a long way from there.
15:12:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We can't see.
15:12:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's part of the problem we need.
15:12:22 >>GWEN MILLER: You need to put the PowerPoint on our
15:12:25 screens, please.
15:12:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So we can move forward.

15:12:29 >>> You don't have it on your screen?
15:12:31 Sorry.
15:12:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Quick question.
15:12:45 I just want to make sure that we don't go ahead after
15:12:48 all this time we have been waiting and bill them while
15:12:50 you all are deciding what they should be, so they have
15:12:53 what you think they should be.
15:12:55 Are you, in coordination with the city who is in
15:12:57 charge of implementing them, to make sure that what's
15:13:03 built is what you're envisioning and what the city and
15:13:06 community wants?
15:13:07 >>> Yes.
15:13:11 Understand the community needs us.
15:13:13 So, yes, we are working through the process.
15:13:19 Yes, ma'am, absolutely.
15:13:20 As we work with the county.
15:13:24 The county's master plan, you will see that as we get
15:13:26 in a little further, come to the edge of the CRA and
15:13:31 they stop.
15:13:43 So issues again from a service standpoint.
15:13:45 Go ahead.
15:13:47 >>> Go got a news leather week in this area with the

15:13:52 city.
15:13:53 You have undersize main replacement, pipes, and of
15:13:58 course there's lack of available city-wide funding.
15:14:01 You go to very expensive upgrades that need to take
15:14:04 place.
15:14:05 Right now we are in the process of understanding
15:14:07 exactly where these deficiencies are and to what
15:14:11 degree.
15:14:12 >>> As you will see, they identify with where the pump
15:14:16 stations are and a lot of them historically and
15:14:19 typically, along with development.
15:14:22 They are aged.
15:14:23 But they are working.
15:14:26 So development comes in, that is the best time and the
15:14:30 most affordable time because all of the development,
15:14:35 additional tax TIFs will be coming and that is the
15:14:38 opportunity to do that, to pull them up and put them
15:14:40 in place will be quite disruptive, very expensive.
15:14:44 So it is typically, any CRA across the nation, it's a
15:14:50 constant upgrading issue as development takes place.
15:14:58 Parks and rec.
15:15:00 There are a lot of parks.

15:15:04 A variety of amenities and current needs that happen,
15:15:08 and there's said to be a good distribution of parks,
15:15:11 allowing cut-off by major corridors.
15:15:15 Working with the trails and park system.
15:15:24 This is a map that the park system uses that they use
15:15:27 for the parks and N a one mile radius.
15:15:30 On the top and on the bottom and the left-hand side,
15:15:32 the county trail system.
15:15:34 And it kind of makes it to the edges and doesn't quite
15:15:37 connect through.
15:15:38 So our goal is to try a little more
15:15:50 These are five minute walk zones, there are areas
15:15:53 where there are gaps.
15:15:54 We need to continue to try to credit a park setting,
15:15:58 community setting where parks are available to all
15:16:00 segments of the residential base.
15:16:02 >>> And from this we can really see the scale of the
15:16:05 community, I think.
15:16:06 These are five-minute walking zones, and good size
15:16:09 parks, but they are still quite a distance.
15:16:13 >>> So as we go through this, linking all these things
15:16:16 back together will be a huge part of the group.

15:16:21 And in our street improvement, bike trails, bike
15:16:27 lanes, using the sidewalks, these are all bits and
15:16:32 pieces, and they are not only the parks, but we have
15:16:35 identified the schools, East Tampa has some of the
15:16:39 city's largest if not the largest cemeteries which are
15:16:43 nice parks, trying to utilize those and bring those
15:16:46 into play, great three counties.
15:16:48 Again, the linkage of all this will be one of our
15:16:52 goals.
15:16:54 >>> Code enforcement, historically this area has seen
15:16:55 a large number of violations.
15:17:00 The majority are in the category which includes
15:17:04 illegal dumping, which is pictured at the top right.
15:17:10 And then there are a number of open active cases.
15:17:17 Out of the 5,000 to 6,000 cases open annually.
15:17:22 >>> And we have dealt with code enforcement as a clean
15:17:24 city, and this is a high priority that we believe is
15:17:28 very important N.talking to Mr. Kinsey, chairman of
15:17:31 the partnership, the first step of economic
15:17:34 redevelopment is cleaning up, and we agree with him
15:17:38 100%.
15:17:39 >> It's going to take several departments.

15:17:41 It's not just code enforcement.
15:17:43 They are also meeting with the city.
15:17:46 They are currently year round partners.
15:17:49 We would like to continue that.
15:17:50 They developed a master plan.
15:17:53 And one of the opportunities for gateway and landscape
15:17:56 installation within the area, having this team actual.
15:18:03 Buyer protection.
15:18:06 The 21 fire stations in the city, two are within the
15:18:09 CRA and four others are nearby and help to serve the
15:18:12 area.
15:18:24 We are hoping to encourage the trend with the
15:18:26 completion of district headquarters, which is
15:18:29 anticipated this year, which will go right in the
15:18:32 heart of East Tampa.
15:18:34 Arts and cultural affairs.
15:18:37 We have seen recently quite a few public arts projects
15:18:40 being incorporated in East Tampa.
15:18:45 St. Benedict and many others.
15:18:50 It's that's a trend we would like to also continue.
15:18:55 >>> It will be a model.
15:18:56 It does not look like a police station.

15:19:00 Nor does it function completely as a police station.
15:19:03 More of a community center.
15:19:07 >>> Neighborhood and community relations.
15:19:08 There's about B-12 registered active neighborhood
15:19:11 associations within East Tampa.
15:19:13 So one of the things you need to do as the consultant
15:19:17 is work with each of these groups and understand what
15:19:19 makes each of these neighborhoods the neighborhood.
15:19:22 >>> And there are enclaves.
15:19:31 If you see the center portion which is the East Tampa
15:19:33 business and civic area, that's the beige area in the
15:19:37 middle.
15:19:38 We know there are actually communities that exist
15:19:40 within those.
15:19:41 And trying to enrich those and give them a place,
15:19:47 everyone though they may not have a particular name
15:19:49 per se.
15:19:50 There are a lot of these neighborhoods aren't governed
15:19:53 by borders, boundaries.
15:19:56 They actually present beyond that.
15:19:59 That is the connectivity we want to push for.
15:20:05 >>> Inventory analysis.

15:20:07 It's going to be a real emphasis of our plan.
15:20:10 There's existing standard in housing in the
15:20:14 neighborhood.
15:20:14 And this is largely a residential area.
15:20:17 Sewing that we really need to address.
15:20:21 Their highest vacancy rates.
15:20:25 Actually homestead exempted properties.
15:20:32 There are construction costs.
15:20:34 They require higher density it this in the area.
15:20:39 Big area now, how to make it fit in with the
15:20:42 community.
15:20:42 But also affordable, an aspect of our plan.
15:20:58 >>> There is a mix of single family swells as well as
15:21:01 multifamily and the high cost of construction and
15:21:03 density, tanned proximity to the work core areas.
15:21:07 USF tanned city, we believe that mix will continue to
15:21:10 grow in the future.
15:21:18 From the common analysis standpoint we only began to
15:21:22 scratch the surface.
15:21:23 We started looking at the market profile, trying to
15:21:25 understand better what is taking place there, from a
15:21:30 demographic and economic standpoint.

15:21:32 The residential standpoint.
15:21:35 Looking at office, retail, industrial.
15:21:37 East Tampa has probably the best opportunity, and the
15:21:42 best location for continued growth in the industrial
15:21:45 areas.
15:21:46 Great interstate access to I-4, 50th and 40th
15:21:51 Street corridors, connection directly to 275 and 75.
15:21:59 So the opportunity there, we believe, will be grand.
15:22:04 We formulated a development strategy and bring that to
15:22:07 you in a draft and continue working with the
15:22:08 partnership, and from this, right now we are working
15:22:12 with a series of private developers, speaking with
15:22:17 them candidly on issues they see and recognize in East
15:22:21 Tampa, both positive and negative, and how we can work
15:22:26 to overcome the negative and accentuate the positive.
15:22:30 So with that, and I'll try to get intimate with this
15:22:36 seven square miles, we have identified some
15:22:38 development strategies.
15:22:39 And not so much individual projects, but areas.
15:22:42 And the green areas are areas that we call areas of
15:22:46 interest.
15:22:48 That take place.

15:22:49 Up on the upper right-hand corner along Hillsborough
15:22:53 Avenue, that's a huge gateway, not only a gateway to
15:22:57 the district but a gateway to the city.
15:22:59 That's city limits there as well.
15:23:00 And there's activity taking place there along the
15:23:03 40th corridor.
15:23:04 So some of those are general plans.
15:23:06 We look at other opportunities along Hillsborough
15:23:09 Avenue, one of the major east-west corridors.
15:23:12 40th Street, activity is taking place there from a
15:23:17 commercial corridor, mixed use corridor.
15:23:20 And on the southern end of 40th is the industrial
15:23:23 corridor, the connection over to 50th street, to
15:23:28 the interstate is a huge place and great opportunity
15:23:30 to continue industrial growth there.
15:23:32 And then on the western edge, you have Nebraska Avenue
15:23:36 is going through its redevelopment right now funding
15:23:40 happening for that, and there will be gateway
15:23:42 opportunities along I-4 and along MLK, another up in
15:23:46 Hillsborough Avenue.
15:23:47 34th street, is the T city has an RFP out for its
15:23:51 enhancements to look at that.

15:23:53 Then of course a huge investment the city is making on
15:23:55 22nd street, on Lake Avenue.
15:23:59 The addition of the police station in there.
15:24:02 So these are things that we will continue top look at
15:24:05 and build upon.
15:24:06 Not only that but there are other opportunities as
15:24:08 development moves into that.
15:24:09 And one of the things that we'll be focused on is
15:24:13 helping to identify private sector development, and
15:24:16 keeping that ball rolling.
15:24:17 Looking at areas where they have identified and are
15:24:20 making improvement.
15:24:21 And how can we supplement with infrastructure
15:24:24 improvements, from the city side.
15:24:28 So, again, from the community standpoint, meeting with
15:24:33 the revitalization partnership, we have another
15:24:37 meeting again coming up, trying to work with the
15:24:40 various committees that are involved there.
15:24:47 You see some of the meeting dates that we already had.
15:24:49 Down at the bottom there the USF community work, CDC,
15:24:54 will be a huge amount of resources from a market
15:24:56 standpoint, so you understand better what's going on

15:25:00 there.
15:25:00 And then other community and partnership meetings.
15:25:03 So right now, we hope to have a draft to you by late
15:25:07 summer, or early summer, I guess, here in Florida,
15:25:12 August, and the final draft right after the first of
15:25:14 the year.
15:25:16 But big project.
15:25:17 Big area.
15:25:18 We are very inspired by the work that has been done to
15:25:22 date.
15:25:22 And we think there's a huge opportunity for a lot of
15:25:27 areas in the district.
15:25:28 With that, the staff will take questions.
15:25:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In the inventory and analysis Mr.
15:25:57 Regard to homesteaded, and also the next page which is
15:26:02 single family and multi-family, actually my question
15:26:07 affects more single family than multifamily.
15:26:12 Is that property that is zoned single family,
15:26:14 typically things look like single family
15:26:16 neighborhoods, because there's a lot of green there.
15:26:22 Folks have duplexes and that sort of thing, maybe
15:26:26 nonconforming uses.

15:26:27 Is that shaded in red or is kind of rolled into the
15:26:30 green because it's legal nonconform?
15:26:33 >>> No, actually it went by Department of Revenue
15:26:35 codes so it's trying to find those, legal or not, or
15:26:39 conforming or not, so we could see whether or not
15:26:44 multifamily interacts with the single family.
15:26:46 >> So coordinate with the city's department?
15:26:49 >>> Exactly.
15:26:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?
15:26:56 Excellent presentation.
15:26:57 Thank you very much.
15:26:58 I just find it interesting that the illegal dumping, I
15:27:05 think you have 24,000 cases that are open with code
15:27:09 enforcement.
15:27:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Code enforcement, not illegal
15:27:15 dumping.
15:27:17 >> 2004 to 2007.
15:27:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: A lot of cases open, though.
15:27:24 >>MARK HUEY: By the --
15:27:37 >> There were clean agencies.
15:27:40 In 2003 they are virtually closed.
15:27:45 There's actually a very telling percent there.

15:27:48 The city is doing a fairly good job of closing these
15:27:50 out.
15:27:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Gotcha.
15:27:54 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: One of the issues is landlord and
15:27:58 peoples whose property is not performing, is not cared
15:28:03 for the way it should be.
15:28:04 What my hope would be is after you complete this and
15:28:06 after you have identified resource that is could come
15:28:17 to Tampa and help make -- I think people in East Tampa
15:28:26 are pretty aware of this but for some of the absentee
15:28:29 landlords that don't necessarily live there, and I
15:28:31 don't know what the mechanism is but I want you to
15:28:34 think about it, so when this is complete next year, we
15:28:37 can really say, this is what the vision of East Tampa,
15:28:41 these are the resources we are investing, public
15:28:43 resources, these are the incentives available to
15:28:46 private property owners and use that to leverage
15:28:49 additional private investment in properties that have
15:28:52 not been invested in in a long time.
15:28:57 >>> Absolutely.
15:28:57 You hit the goal on the head.
15:29:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much for lining these

15:29:08 up.
15:29:12 >>MARK HUEY: And thank you for the time.
15:29:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Also while we are on that, all these
15:29:19 CRAs, by the way, council, work with Mr. Huey to
15:29:23 schedule the tours.
15:29:26 And the schedule.
15:29:32 So we'll have public comment.
15:29:33 But we have outlined the schedule and we will try to
15:29:36 work around those that are representing our areas to
15:29:39 make sure they can obtain those.
15:29:40 I think it's very important.
15:29:42 Another issue that I think we have the privilege of
15:29:45 discussing, to bring to council.
15:29:50 Councilman Dingfelder?
15:29:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Also when you talk about scheduling
15:29:53 that, I think it's actually very gator good at our
15:29:58 retreat on Monday we talked about dedicating an entire
15:30:02 one Thursday morning per month to CRA, and that way
15:30:10 we'll all be fresh and alert at nine in the morning to
15:30:15 just talk about CRAs one Thursday a month, which,
15:30:19 Mr. Chairman, I think was your idea, and I think it's
15:30:22 a good one.

15:30:24 So we'll get there.
15:30:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, councilman.
15:30:28 That's very true.
15:30:31 >>> Michael with urban development wanted to update
15:30:34 you a bit on the strategic plan.
15:30:38 I wanted to thank you, chairman Scott, for your
15:30:41 kickoff with our consultant.
15:30:42 We had approximately 55 to 60 people attend.
15:30:45 The visioning session, we had a couple of productive
15:30:49 focus groups that helped the consultant in their
15:30:53 efforts to craft a vision for the area.
15:30:55 I want to let you know that later this summer that the
15:30:57 planning team will reconvene in Tampa, and have them
15:31:01 here back before you to provide a report very similar
15:31:04 to what was presented to you in East Tampa.
15:31:07 So we are looking forward to that.
15:31:09 Also, if I may, wanted to address councilwoman's
15:31:13 Saul-Sena's comment regarding the Wi-Fi.
15:31:16 I wanted to let you know that I am in conversation
15:31:17 with Eric Hayden at our technology division exploring
15:31:22 possibilities with the development team on the
15:31:24 profitability of Wi-Fi, not only in Central Park

15:31:27 Village but also in the heights.
15:31:29 So wanted to let now that.
15:31:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
15:31:35 We'll take public comment at this time.
15:31:37 If you come forward, state your name and address for
15:31:39 the record.
15:31:40 You have three minutes.
15:31:40 You have three minutes.
15:32:09 >>> For the last three years, I have been following
15:32:11 this project, and of course my office is located at
15:32:16 1702 north Nebraska Avenue.
15:32:17 My name is James Evans and I'm the Executive Director
15:32:21 for the Tampa Bay academy of hope.
15:32:24 I'm also a member of the Tampa Bay human rights
15:32:26 coalition.
15:32:27 And I came today with eight questions.
15:32:33 I sent these to United States Congress, sent one to
15:32:37 representative Betty reed and all of the other
15:32:39 district representatives of this project.
15:32:41 And I want to be clear that I'm a part of this
15:32:44 project.
15:32:45 I'm a part of this community.

15:32:46 And so are you.
15:32:48 And all of those that are developing it.
15:32:50 But I hope today that would you take these eight
15:32:52 questions and begin to ponder the information that I
15:32:56 have sent to you, because it really concerns me that I
15:33:01 have been trying for two years to get some of these
15:33:03 questions answered.
15:33:05 And I have been avoided on these questions.
15:33:07 It was reported in the Tampa Tribune yesterday that I
15:33:11 was -- I'm still looking for a meeting that someone
15:33:18 met with me.
15:33:18 Unless I'm a big liar, then no man has met with this
15:33:22 man.
15:33:22 So I have a problem with another man saying that he
15:33:25 has met with this man, and has not discussed these
15:33:28 issues.
15:33:29 That's my first concern.
15:33:31 You know, let the record reflect that.
15:33:33 I believe I represent people's issues and I'm not
15:33:38 afraid to meet with the community. So threat record
15:33:40 reflect that as the paper stated yesterday in the
15:33:43 Tribune.

15:33:43 Now, if I may start my three minutes.
15:33:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's already started.
15:33:49 It's almost over.
15:33:51 Question
15:33:54 >>> The Constitution prohibits government agencies
15:33:57 like the Tampa housing authority from going into
15:33:59 business with private businesses.
15:34:01 Despite the Constitution prohibition, it says the
15:34:05 attorney for the Tampa housing authority has stated
15:34:10 chapter 421 of the Florida statutes, along with --
15:34:16 allowing Tampa housing to limit liability company to
15:34:20 Bank of America, Community Development Corporation,
15:34:23 for redevelopment of Central Park Village.
15:34:28 It is the foundation of American law that federal
15:34:31 statute cannot override the state or federal
15:34:34 Constitution.
15:34:40 The authority continues to act and is violating
15:34:45 federal law in the name of redeveloping Central Park
15:34:47 Village, of this blighted housing area.
15:34:57 Law McMullen Booth observed and not broken, no matter
15:35:00 how beneficial for committee.
15:35:08 An alternative that will allow for the redevelopment

15:35:10 of Central Park Village without everything to violate
15:35:13 the federal law.
15:35:14 Number two.
15:35:15 A similar issue today, the Bank of America community
15:35:28 development, in other words, over a two-year period,
15:35:36 they have had not had to pay interest --
15:35:40 (Bell sounds).
15:35:41 -- and there is a concern --
15:35:49 >>GWEN MILLER:
15:35:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Your three minutes are up.
15:35:56 We have a public process and the public process allows
15:35:58 only for citizens to speak three minutes, and so we
15:36:01 are done.
15:36:03 Well, sir, I'm saying this.
15:36:05 I'm sorry.
15:36:06 The public process calls for three minutes regardless.
15:36:09 Three minutes, okay?
15:36:10 Now let me just say that these questions I am going to
15:36:14 turn over to our legal counsel and have him take a
15:36:16 look at them.
15:36:18 So what I will do is refer these over.
15:36:20 Do you have these yet, counsel?

15:36:24 I have my copy.
15:36:27 So I have my copy.
15:36:31 I'll refer them over to the attorney.
15:36:34 I'm referring them over to counsel -- Mr. Evans?
15:36:47 I brought this issue back in November.
15:36:50 Let's be clear on this.
15:36:54 Back, front and side.
15:36:57 Tom Scott out on the forefront of this issue.
15:37:00 Now, let me follow.
15:37:02 I talked with someone from the housing authority.
15:37:05 They said to me that they have answered all the
15:37:08 questions that Mr. Evans has raised.
15:37:11 Now, I'm just telling you, I'm forwarding this over to
15:37:16 counsel to further look -- to look at these eight
15:37:19 questions that he has raised and at some point you can
15:37:22 report back to us on our next meeting.
15:37:26 Mr. Evans?
15:37:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Evans.
15:37:38 I'm going to take a wild guess and say you might be
15:37:41 familiar with these questions.
15:37:44 >>> Very familiar.
15:37:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me ask my question first before

15:37:46 you jump in.
15:37:50 I don't want us to get into responding to these eight
15:37:55 questions right hear today. I don't think it's
15:37:57 necessarily the appropriate forum.
15:37:58 I would be curious -- and we can't demand anything of
15:38:03 you -- but working in conjunction with our legal staff
15:38:06 to the fact that this is a CRA question.
15:38:10 I'm guilty, I. Really studied them.
15:38:13 But to the extent that you could respond to those in
15:38:15 writing, working with our counsel, working with Mr.
15:38:19 Huey's folks, put the response in writing, perhaps it
15:38:24 could put these things to bed, you know, so we don't
15:38:28 have to keep going on and on because apparently these
15:38:31 questions have been outstanding for a little while,
15:38:33 and if we could get them in writing, then perhaps the
15:38:36 next time we convene to talk about whatever issues we
15:38:39 are going to talk about in the Central Park Village,
15:38:43 at least we would have these things in writing and
15:38:45 respond to you.
15:38:47 >>> Let me just answer a couple of issues that have
15:38:50 just been raised.
15:38:51 First of all let me say to you that I along, myself

15:38:54 along with Mr. Moore here, met with Mr. Evans on
15:38:58 several different occasions, two separate indications.
15:39:01 We have had hundreds of meetings with Central Park on
15:39:03 Tuesday, 6 o'clock to 7:30.
15:39:06 Mr. Evans is more than welcome to down here and ask
15:39:08 these questions and he chose not to do that.
15:39:11 As far as the legal side of it, I'm not a lawyer so I
15:39:14 am not going to speak to that.
15:39:15 But our legal counsel is here and we do have a legal
15:39:18 opinion of our attorney that we are going to pass out
15:39:21 to you regarding the issues that he's raised.
15:39:24 And I'm not going to portray myself as a lawyer
15:39:29 because I am not.
15:39:32 But we do have our own legal opinion about the
15:39:34 situation.
15:39:34 But these issues we have passed out over the last two
15:39:37 and a half years.
15:39:38 We have gone over and over and over them again.
15:39:41 But clearly, you know, it's gotten to a point now it's
15:39:45 just a waste of time but I will say to you that what
15:39:49 our issues are and Wan we feel the law is doing and
15:39:52 allows us to do.

15:39:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: A follow-up, Mr. Chair?
15:39:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Go ahead.
15:39:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't think it's necessary for us
15:39:59 to have a dissertation from legal counsel.
15:40:03 If you want to give that to us in writing, that's
15:40:05 fine.
15:40:05 But what I would like to see, Mr. Ryan, I don't know
15:40:08 if your document answers all eight questions or just
15:40:11 one of them.
15:40:12 If it answers all eight then we are done, in terms of
15:40:15 at least getting your answers.
15:40:17 And then we can go from there.
15:40:19 But if it does not answer all eight, I would love to
15:40:21 see the housing authority working with whatever
15:40:25 appropriate agency, come up with those answers in
15:40:28 questioning, and so we can have a chance to digest
15:40:31 them at some future date, not today, and then go
15:40:34 forward.
15:40:38 >>> We just got those eight questions.
15:40:41 I think everybody probably got a copy of it.
15:40:44 We'll be more than happy to sit down and try to answer
15:40:46 those questions.

15:40:47 But we do think we have a few ideas from our attorney
15:40:51 about our relationship with Bank of America.
15:40:53 This is not the first year.
15:40:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Listen, issue is not on our agenda,
15:41:00 okay?
15:41:01 This is public comment.
15:41:02 This is where the public gets a chance to talk to us.
15:41:06 Now, what council is doing, referred this over to our
15:41:10 attorney, as well the housing authority can put in
15:41:14 writing whatever their legal opinion is and hour
15:41:17 council who represents this board will provide us
15:41:19 whatever information we need.
15:41:25 >> Make the motion.
15:41:27 >> Second.
15:41:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.
15:41:29 All in favor let it be known by saying Aye.
15:41:33 Opposed?
15:41:34 Thank you very much.
15:41:37 >>> The questions that were submitted, was there any
15:41:39 supporting documentation?
15:41:41 It's very difficult to answer a question without
15:41:42 knowing the source of why the person thinks that those

15:41:45 are problems.
15:41:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Those are just questions, no
15:41:50 documentation.
15:41:51 >>> The reason I say that, I understand they may be
15:41:57 valid objections and I am not saying they are not,
15:41:59 it's very difficult to answer questions when someone
15:42:01 is claiming Constitutional statutory provisions and
15:42:04 they are not giving us their citation so I request if
15:42:06 they have eight questions that they give us their
15:42:08 supporting documentation for that so that we have
15:42:11 something to base.
15:42:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So what I would suggest, Mr. Evans, is
15:42:16 you give any documentation you have regarding your
15:42:18 eight questions to counsel so that they can further
15:42:20 review, respond back to council.
15:42:24 Thank you very much.
15:42:28 Thank you very much.
15:42:29 Okay.
15:42:30 Any other public comment?
15:42:33 No other public comment?
15:42:36 Yes, sir.
15:42:40 Public comment for CRA.

15:42:42 You can speak on any issue related to the CRA at this
15:42:47 point.
15:42:47 All right?
15:42:52 >> CRA board.
15:42:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Huey, let's try to wrap this up.
15:42:56 Then we have two issues.
15:42:58 >>MARK HUEY: To required approvals both relating to
15:43:01 East Tampa.
15:43:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I do hear a motion on items 3 and 4?
15:43:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
15:43:06 >> Second.
15:43:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Motion and second on items 3 and 4.
15:43:12 All in favor?
15:43:13 Any opposes?
15:43:14 It will be so moved and ordered.
15:43:16 So then, council, Mr. Huey, our upcoming board
15:43:24 meetings.
15:43:27 >>MARK HUEY: I am distributing right now three items
15:43:29 to you.
15:43:31 One is called the emphasis of our future board
15:43:39 meetings.
15:43:40 The calendar that gives you a sense for the topics I

15:43:46 think based on the priorities that you set as a board
15:43:48 are important for us to cover.
15:43:51 At our next meeting.
15:44:03 Do that you have?
15:44:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, they are coming at us from
15:44:07 every direction.
15:44:09 >>> Three documents here.
15:44:33 The substitute.
15:44:34 Do you have that?
15:44:38 That's what I'd like to speak to first.
15:44:42 And you will just see that the July 17th board
15:44:45 meeting, the emphasis there will be the budget, our
15:44:50 service agreement.
15:44:51 What I'll do is give general orientation to our
15:44:54 budget.
15:44:56 We are, as you heard actually earlier from Bank of
15:44:59 America with the changing property tax environment,
15:45:04 it's a challenging year for us to work through the
15:45:06 budgeting process.
15:45:07 By next month, though, I should be able to give you a
15:45:11 good guess of what the revenue funds should be and the
15:45:16 major categories being considered for budget spending.

15:45:21 Then we'll have actually the budget books, like those
15:45:23 of you who were here last year, or familiar with.
15:45:27 We will present those in August.
15:45:28 And seek approval in September.
15:45:32 We will include in that, of course, discussions about
15:45:35 service area.
15:45:36 Next month in particular I would like to get any
15:45:39 feedback that you have about what you would like to
15:45:41 see changed in those service agreements coming into
15:45:44 the fall.
15:45:45 We will also be convening on that topic with all of
15:45:47 the advisory board presidents to get any thoughts they
15:45:52 have so what we present to you in August will be a
15:45:55 compilation of that.
15:45:59 So that's what we are planning.
15:46:00 And we will be layering in, later in the year the
15:46:04 heights project, similar to what you just saw Bank of
15:46:08 America doing.
15:46:09 We'll have the heights team coming and doing that.
15:46:11 And we also of course have bylaw changes that we'll
15:46:15 consider later in the year.
15:46:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We deferred part of council's

15:46:27 conversation about the periphery and the Channel
15:46:28 District bonus density the other day.
15:46:31 I feel like one of our opportunities as a CRA is to
15:46:36 calibrate those densities to things that the people in
15:46:43 the area want to see.
15:46:45 They are willing to accept additional height or
15:46:47 density.
15:46:48 If they are things that they care about and we heard
15:46:52 feedback the other night that some of the people in
15:46:54 the area think that some of the things on the list are
15:46:56 not reflective of what the people in the neighborhood
15:46:59 want.
15:47:00 They are things perhaps that the developer values but
15:47:02 not necessarily the value.
15:47:04 So I would like to see at our next CRA meeting an
15:47:06 opportunity as the CRA, because as part of our CRA
15:47:12 strategic plan, to look at the density trade-offs
15:47:17 specifically in the Channel District as a CRA area,
15:47:21 and to hear from the public, and see if the things
15:47:25 enumerated on the list are the things that they care
15:47:28 about.
15:47:33 My point, Mr. Chairman, I would like to see it

15:47:35 scheduled.
15:47:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: As I understand from my briefing this
15:47:39 is something already agreed upon, is that right? I
15:47:42 stand corrected if --
15:47:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I believe we have the ability to go
15:47:45 back and revisit it as the area develops, because, for
15:47:48 example, we might need a park now but down the road
15:47:50 we'll need daycare and other things.
15:47:53 And it says in the strategic plan that we should
15:47:55 revisit this.
15:47:56 We have acted in the past, Mr. Chairman, in a
15:47:59 completely passive way.
15:48:00 Basically, Mr. Huey has worked with the developers,
15:48:03 and they said these are the things that we are willing
15:48:05 to give, and what I'm hearing from the people in the
15:48:08 Channel District is that they want to weigh in on the
15:48:11 things that are important to them as Channel District
15:48:13 residents, not to the developers but to them as
15:48:16 residents.
15:48:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Since that's not on our agenda today,
15:48:19 why don't we have Mr. Huey put that on our agenda for
15:48:24 next meeting.

15:48:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That's what I'd like.
15:48:26 July 17th?
15:48:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: My concern is also the zoning process.
15:48:32 As I understand, what I am told, as we move forward
15:48:36 with zoning, comprehensive plan.
15:48:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is part of our strategic plan.
15:48:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me hear from counsel.
15:48:50 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
15:48:52 One of them, this is in your comprehensive plan.
15:48:54 If you are going to make some CRA changes, as you
15:48:56 know, the CRA plan has to be consistent to the
15:49:00 comprehensive plan.
15:49:00 So it's a couple of step process.
15:49:02 And you may be dealing with a zoning issue.
15:49:05 I understand what you are saying about the CRA.
15:49:07 If you are going to make changes to the CRA plan, if
15:49:09 that's what you are looking at, because the strategic
15:49:11 plan does not amend the CRA plan.
15:49:15 It's a goal, an aspirational document that you are
15:49:18 using.
15:49:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We need to discuss it, is the
15:49:21 point.

15:49:21 And I would love to discuss in the July.
15:49:23 It says we are having a written report on the Channel
15:49:25 District progress.
15:49:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Linda, if we don't include it in July,
15:49:31 it might be a little later, because refresh my memory,
15:49:34 we were talking about July is going to be very tight.
15:49:38 >>MARK HUEY: I think it depends on how engaged you
15:49:41 want to with the budget process.
15:49:44 I'm trying to set aside -- because I heard a lot --
15:49:48 that you want to be a lot involved with the budget.
15:49:49 I am happy to layer in a briefing on the Channelside
15:49:53 bonus density.
15:49:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So long as counsel understands, I
15:49:57 thought the focus was to the budget process.
15:50:00 That's why I thought we would spend that time.
15:50:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to do budget.
15:50:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Now, now, that means --
15:50:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Two hours?
15:50:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I mean, like today, we are way over
15:50:12 time now.
15:50:13 But, anyway, we'll work on that.
15:50:17 We'll work on that and try to work it out.

15:50:20 >>MARK HUEY: If I could -- and I don't think Linda was
15:50:23 exactly trying to characterize things the way she did.
15:50:25 But if I can just remind everyone, some of you weren't
15:50:29 involved in the Channel District process, it would
15:50:31 not -- was not Mark Huey and the developers.
15:50:35 It was intensive community input.
15:50:36 We had multiple community meetings.
15:50:38 All of the bonus density criteria that was established
15:50:42 in the plan was approved by the community.
15:50:45 So, again, people may be changing their mind.
15:50:48 But everyone needs to understand that all Channel
15:50:51 District planning is a community based planning
15:50:54 process, just like the East Tampa planning process is,
15:50:58 the Drew Park process was, and our Central Park
15:51:01 process.
15:51:01 So we always engage the community.
15:51:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Councilman Dingfelder.
15:51:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: As to Linda's issue, I think if we
15:51:10 can put it on the July 17th agenda as the second
15:51:12 item behind the budget discussion. If we get to it,
15:51:14 we get to the.
15:51:15 If we run out of time, then we can always roll it over

15:51:19 to another meeting.
15:51:23 The other point I wanted to make, mark, on the
15:51:26 community tours.
15:51:27 >>MARK HUEY: The next schedule you have.
15:51:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Pursuant to way said a little while
15:51:33 ago, if the third Thursday is possibly going to be the
15:51:38 CRA Thursday morning, then maybe we can shift those --
15:51:44 as of October, we are not going to implement that
15:51:46 until after October.
15:51:47 October 1st.
15:51:48 Maybe you can have some flexibility, possibly shift
15:51:51 the October, November, and December to coincide with
15:51:54 that Thursday morning.
15:51:56 If we need to meet, what we could do, perhaps,
15:51:59 Mr. Chairman, is meet in here nine to ten, and then at
15:52:04 10:00 we'll be done with our paperwork business and we
15:52:07 can get on a bus and go on the tour for the rest of
15:52:09 the morning, something like that.
15:52:11 But they'll work it out.
15:52:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think it all depends on how much our
15:52:16 meeting needs to be, because from my standpoint, you
15:52:18 know, I don't know how engaged council was before.

15:52:23 And I'm pretty engaged with CRA and I want to stay
15:52:27 engaged, because this is a key area of the city.
15:52:32 All the CRAs.
15:52:33 So I don't want to spend 15 minutes here and go
15:52:36 somewhere else, you know. I want to make sure that we
15:52:38 are on track, we are tracking these CRAs and that we
15:52:41 are on top of them.
15:52:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Even if we did it from nine to
15:52:48 eleven in here and then at eleven we took off, we
15:52:51 could have a lunch tour.
15:52:53 My point is, if you do it on Tuesday, I'm not going to
15:52:57 be able to attend Tuesday, the Tuesday sessions like
15:53:00 that.
15:53:00 And I think that was one of the intents of switching
15:53:03 to the Thursday mornings.
15:53:06 >>MARK HUEY: When the schedule was set, you hadn't
15:53:08 made your decisions about a dedicated Thursday
15:53:11 meeting.
15:53:12 So we can revisit that.
15:53:13 And we would be glad to.
15:53:18 >> You and I had that discussion already.
15:53:22 >>> Thank you.

15:53:23 The last item is document relating to our workshop on
15:53:27 Tuesday.
15:53:28 On Tuesday, there's a workshop scheduled.
15:53:31 Sal will be moderating that for you to discuss the
15:53:35 very important topic of the advisory board.
15:53:38 I have distributed an outline that we hope helps to
15:53:41 guide your conversation.
15:53:45 If nothing else, it covers you the question that a
15:53:48 thorough policy should address.
15:53:50 We have also integrated into that, the handout, the
15:53:54 responses that the original policy we drafted, which
15:53:56 was drafted, remember, with a certain different
15:53:59 orientation that the advisory board would not be in
15:54:02 the sunshine, but in an effort to help knew your
15:54:07 deliberation, we went ahead and provided the responses
15:54:11 from our original policy for you all to work against.
15:54:15 So we hope that's a helpful tool, as you prepare for
15:54:18 that workshop.
15:54:18 And as you go through it next week
15:54:24 And that concludes all of our business.
15:54:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Also, so everyone will know, in
15:54:30 workshop, in discussing that, all the advisory boards

15:54:39 as well.
15:54:40 I think right now, you don't have one for several of
15:54:43 the areas including downtown.
15:54:45 And you and I talked about that.
15:54:49 >>> That's right.
15:54:49 We have intentionally held off holding one in downtown
15:54:52 and the new Central Park redevelopment area pending
15:54:55 the approval of the policy.
15:54:58 And it will also affect other existing advisory
15:55:02 boards, policies for them to conform to the direction
15:55:06 that you provide.
15:55:07 So ware looking forward to the.
15:55:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So, council, you understand my
15:55:11 position is it's consistency and continuity, and that
15:55:15 we are legally following state law, state statute.
15:55:19 Okay.
15:55:19 Any other questions for council?
15:55:21 If not, then we stand --
15:55:24 >>THE CLERK: You need to receive and file.
15:55:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
15:55:30 >> Second.
15:55:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded that all documents

15:55:35 be received and filed.
15:55:36 (Motion carried).
15:55:38 So moved and ordered.
15:55:39 Thank you, Mr. Huey, and staff for a very good
15:55:42 productive meeting today.
15:55:43 Thank you very much.
15:55:44 Have a great day.
15:55:45 We stand adjourned -- I'm sorry, I turn it back over
15:55:50 to the chairman of City Council.
15:55:52 Chairwoman of City Council.
15:55:53 Thank you.
15:55:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Chapter 3.
15:56:07 >>THE CLERK: I have to get back.
15:56:14 (CRA meeting adjourned)

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Tampa City Council meeting reconvenes.
15:56:49 [Sounding gavel]
15:56:50 Tampa City Council is going to our discussion meeting.
15:56:56 We'll have roll call.
15:56:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
15:56:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
15:57:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
15:57:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
15:57:06 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
15:57:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
15:57:13 Who is in charge?
15:57:15 >>REBECCA KERT: I'm here with Catherine Coyle.
15:57:20 She is losing her voice.

15:57:21 I will do my best to do the presentation today.
15:57:27 We don't believe we will be taking too much of your
15:57:29 time this afternoon but we did want to take the
15:57:31 opportunity to provide with you an update about where
15:57:34 we are in moving the alcoholic beverage process over
15:57:39 to a special use process.
15:57:40 What we'll be doing as part of the July cycle will be
15:57:43 presenting the changes to you, a six-month process,
15:57:47 that there will be a number of additional public
15:57:49 meetings and workshops with the board.
15:57:55 Cathy and I have met with the land use group,
15:57:58 T.H.A.N., we had a public meeting where we invited
15:58:00 everyone generally from the public to attend, and
15:58:04 YCDC.
15:58:06 Where we are at this point is we have provided you
15:58:08 earlier in the week some draft language that we have
15:58:11 come up with that we are still working on and two
15:58:14 options.
15:58:14 The two options that we are talking about basically
15:58:17 are the overall framework for how we'll process it as
15:58:19 a special use.
15:58:25 The only difference between them is one has a thousand

15:58:27 foot distance separation and the other has a 500 foot
15:58:30 distance separation. What we are proposing is that
15:58:34 all alcoholic beverage special use applications, all
15:58:39 of them will be reviewed by City Council.
15:58:41 None of them will be reviewed administratively.
15:58:43 The reason that we are posing that to you at this time
15:58:46 is there was absolutely no consensus in the community.
15:58:49 And I say no consensus in the community.
15:58:51 I don't mean between the developers and the
15:58:53 neighborhoods, but among the neighborhoods themselves.
15:58:56 We got completely conflicting things.
15:58:58 From a legal perspective, which is really my forte
15:59:03 here, I strongly tug that we move this along, that we
15:59:07 move you changing your wet zoning process to a special
15:59:11 use.
15:59:14 Two years ago, already said that the wet zoning
15:59:16 process is a special use.
15:59:18 However when you set it up it wasn't intended that way
15:59:21 and City Council did not have all the tools you need
15:59:23 to evaluate the wet zoning.
15:59:25 So although I think it's a good discussion, and we are
15:59:29 hope to continue discussing with communities, whether

15:59:31 or not something should be administrative, and
15:59:34 tweaking it as we go along at this point, I strongly
15:59:37 suggest that we move forward with moving it to a
15:59:41 special use process.
15:59:42 Option one is very similar to what you have now.
15:59:44 Right now you have a 1,000 feet distance separation
15:59:47 between alcoholic beverage establishments, between
15:59:50 community uses, and between residential.
15:59:54 That would stay.
15:59:55 City Council under option 1 would be able to waive the
15:59:58 distance requirement only if the application meets
16:00:01 with a waiver, meets all the general standards for
16:00:04 special uses.
16:00:05 And you can find those on page 12 of the backup
16:00:09 material that was provided, and has to do with public
16:00:12 health, safety and welfare, compatibility, compliance
16:00:15 with the comprehensive plan as well as the ingress if
16:00:19 and he egress, off street parking, refuse, lighting,
16:00:23 drainage, and potentially adverse effects generally.
16:00:30 One that we are proposing to you has to do with we are
16:00:33 creating between large venues and small venues.
16:00:39 This basically came out of some of the concerns that

16:00:42 were expressed by council as well as the
16:00:44 administration to find a way for us to provide you
16:00:49 with the tools to effectively deal with the adverse
16:00:52 secondary impacts that are coming from the larger
16:00:55 alcoholic venues.
16:01:00 So what we have done is created a special process for
16:01:03 clubs that are over 300 person occupancy.
16:01:05 And we would like -- I think we have put forward what
16:01:11 I might suggest is 250, because that's consistent with
16:01:14 what you already have installed, what you already have
16:01:16 in your code currently to require extra security in
16:01:18 the entertainment district.
16:01:20 So for consistency, I would be recommend 250
16:01:23 occupancy.
16:01:27 So to provide additional information at the time of
16:01:30 application, or have to do with their business plan,
16:01:33 their parking plan, crowd control plan, noise
16:01:36 attenuation plan, something that would let us know
16:01:39 that they are planning ahead for secondary steps that
16:01:42 could happen.
16:01:43 We are still working on providing you with some of
16:01:45 those effective tools and when we come back in July,

16:01:48 we have been given the direction to explore option as
16:01:50 cross the country to come up with the most effective
16:01:52 tools.
16:01:53 So we are still looking at other available options and
16:01:58 seeing how they can come in with your process.
16:02:03 The only thing that will be handled administratively
16:02:05 under both option 1 and option 2 will be the temporary
16:02:08 alcohol beverage special use permits.
16:02:11 We discussed that with you previously.
16:02:13 We are also working on the sidewalk cafe.
16:02:18 What we would like to do eventually is have a process
16:02:20 when you come in for your sidewalk cafe you are also
16:02:23 getting -- getting your alcoholic beverage allowance
16:02:26 for the sidewalk cafe at the same time.
16:02:28 Currently, you have a process that will start over
16:02:33 again and go through the other process.
16:02:35 So we are trying to streamline that.
16:02:37 So that will not be a very large change.
16:02:40 Again, the only other option between option 1 and
16:02:42 option 2 is 1,000 feet which is what you have
16:02:45 currently. The 500 feet.
16:02:48 I will say that the City of Tampa, 1,000 feet, it is

16:02:53 greater than most of the other jurisdictions in the
16:02:56 state.
16:02:56 That being said, if City Council feels that is what is
16:03:00 reasonable to deal with the secondary effects of
16:03:03 alcoholic beverages, it's certainly defensible, and
16:03:06 that's a policy that.
16:03:09 And I'm available for any questions.
16:03:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?
16:03:15 Mr. Dingfelder.
16:03:16 Then Mrs. Mulhern.
16:03:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Are we hearing from the public
16:03:20 today?
16:03:22 I'll hold my question until after we hear from the
16:03:24 public, or if we are not hearing from the public I
16:03:27 will ask my question.
16:03:30 >>MARY MULHERN: I had a couple of comments.
16:03:34 One is that I think we might want to even think about
16:03:37 going below the 250, because that's a lot of people.
16:03:41 And I think unless you have any examples, I think
16:03:47 Cathy might have some examples of some establishments
16:03:50 and how many people they hold.
16:03:53 And the other thing that came up, Cathy, maybe you

16:03:55 could talk about this, too, is one of the places that
16:04:00 I get a lot of complaints of, I won't mention the
16:04:03 name, but it has outdoor seating.
16:04:05 And so the occupancy of 300 people wouldn't really
16:04:09 apply to a small club or restaurant with a big patio.
16:04:17 So we might want to think about that too as far as
16:04:19 what you call a large venue and what you call a small
16:04:22 venue.
16:04:23 And then, shoot, what was the other thing?
16:04:26 I didn't write it down.
16:04:28 Oh, the distance.
16:04:29 I'm curious, because of that 1,000 feet.
16:04:32 You know, we are not suburban.
16:04:35 When you talk about jurisdiction, maybe compare us to
16:04:40 maybe St. Pete or Miami or somewhere other than Tampa.
16:04:47 Maybe you could give us some guidance on that, too.
16:04:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
16:04:52 wants top speak on this chapter 3?
16:04:53 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Is that by unanimous consent,
16:04:58 council?
16:05:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
16:05:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's fine.

16:05:05 >>> My name is Sue Lyon.
16:05:08 I'm speaking as an individual.
16:05:11 Cathy and Rebecca came to the T.H.A.N. meeting and it
16:05:15 was one of the most interesting T.H.A.N. meetings I
16:05:17 have ever been to.
16:05:23 As she said, there was disagreement between the
16:05:25 neighbors.
16:05:27 But one thing they were very much in agreement on,
16:05:31 they are wanting to maintain the 1,000-foot
16:05:34 separation.
16:05:36 That's worked for us in the past.
16:05:39 I didn't hear anybody say that wasn't what they want.
16:05:44 One said down to 500.
16:05:46 We like the idea of that you are separating and
16:05:51 dealing with the large clubs separately.
16:05:53 Some of the areas, I'm thinking Seminole Heights but
16:05:56 I'm not saying just Seminole Heights.
16:05:59 But that Nebraska Avenue area.
16:06:06 We have a club right next to a house.
16:06:08 And they were more concerned about the mini-malls and
16:06:12 the things that sell alcohol, because you get people
16:06:18 who tend to stay around them and drink their beer

16:06:21 outside, everyone though it's illegal.
16:06:23 And if they are close to their house, you can't call
16:06:26 the cops all the time.
16:06:30 So they were particularly concerned about that
16:06:34 thousand foot separation.
16:06:35 We discussed there are not a lot of places that close,
16:06:46 but we have Nebraska Avenue and Florida Avenue running
16:06:49 right through a large residential area.
16:06:52 And that's a commercial district, and you can put
16:06:55 alcohol in places there.
16:06:57 And then the people next door to them are right there.
16:07:05 So we would like to request you stay with the thousand
16:07:08 foot separation.
16:07:13 It was an excellent presentation and most people were
16:07:15 very impressed.
16:07:16 Thank you very much.
16:07:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
16:07:18 >>STEVE MICHELINI: I have a couple of comments.
16:07:26 One, there is a provision in here.
16:07:30 I guess you gave the staff some direction on the
16:07:33 drying-up provision.
16:07:36 On the special uses there are certain criteria that

16:07:38 you have to meet in order to move forward.
16:07:42 I need to talk to staff about that because I have a
16:07:44 comment about that.
16:07:45 But on a temporary wet zoning, you have -- I'm not
16:07:49 advocating Guavaween, but you are saying in here all
16:07:52 sales cease at 11 p.m.
16:07:56 You may have other events that go beyond 11 p.m
16:08:00 The other provision in here that you have is kitchens
16:08:04 must contain a grease trap interceptor.
16:08:11 Under the old council we talked about that.
16:08:13 You are now mixing building construction standards
16:08:16 with alcoholic beverage standards which probably
16:08:18 doesn't belong in here.
16:08:20 Because there are other alternatives.
16:08:21 There are other mitigation measures that you can
16:08:25 implement that are not just grease trap interceptors.
16:08:29 I would suggest that you look at that.
16:08:32 And there's another provision in here about traffic
16:08:37 circulation plan shall be provided.
16:08:41 Now I raised the issue earlier today about traffic
16:08:45 analysis.
16:08:47 I'm not talking about providing parking now.

16:08:49 A traffic circulation analysis is an extensive process
16:08:54 that's not easily done and is expensive.
16:08:56 So you may want that but I'm suggesting especially for
16:09:01 smaller locations you can't afford to do that.
16:09:04 That requires you doing -- hiring a traffic engineer
16:09:07 and deciding exactly how you are going to propose
16:09:10 traffic.
16:09:11 Now, particularly, we talked about before about areas
16:09:14 like Seminole Heights that want in-fill, where you
16:09:17 have in-fill properties, where you are looking for
16:09:21 restaurants.
16:09:22 Don't make these restrictions so onerous that on
16:09:26 in-fill and especially in older parts of the city that
16:09:28 they can't meet the code.
16:09:30 These are expensive propositions they put in here and
16:09:34 very difficult to meet.
16:09:35 I urge to you look over those very carefully.
16:09:37 And I'll be back when they bring the final ordinances
16:09:40 to you.
16:09:40 But there's certain things in here.
16:09:42 I understand the sensitivity of in-fill and projects.
16:09:46 We are not talking about large-scale restaurants of

16:09:48 over 250.
16:09:49 Usually these are 150 or 100 feet or less.
16:09:52 They shouldn't be held to the same standards as large
16:09:55 night clubs.
16:09:56 And these are very onerous types of provisions you are
16:10:00 asking someone to meet. Anyway, I thank you for your
16:10:03 time.
16:10:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
16:10:06 Mr. Dingfelder?
16:10:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me defer to Mrs. Saul-Sena.
16:10:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
16:10:14 There's an organization locally called Tampa
16:10:16 independent business alliance.
16:10:18 And one of the -- a lot of the members are independent
16:10:21 restaurants.
16:10:21 And they talk about the fact that if we want local
16:10:30 independent restaurants, and I know we all do, we want
16:10:32 to make it not onerous for them.
16:10:34 I think the staff did a great job on this,
16:10:36 particularly the idea of separating large and small
16:10:38 venues, with the large venues having additional
16:10:41 requirements.

16:10:42 I thought Mr. Michelini's points were great about us
16:10:45 not making it difficult for the small venues in terms
16:10:48 of the traffic analysis, and grease trap interceptors,
16:10:55 and one more thought for the small venues, is perhaps
16:10:59 if they are -- if they are on a major bus line that
16:11:02 they not have the same parking requirements because
16:11:05 people, employees and patrons might be using transit
16:11:11 as opposed to driving an individual car.
16:11:13 And I really think that one of the best things about
16:11:16 Tampa are the small restaurants.
16:11:18 And we want to have some control over their liquor
16:11:20 licenses but we don't want to May make them crazy and
16:11:24 go out of business.
16:11:25 So I heartily support the idea of breaking this into
16:11:27 large and small venues with an eye toward being gentle
16:11:31 on the small venues.
16:11:32 The large venues are usually very well capitalized,
16:11:36 orphan national chains, and they can handle the
16:11:38 additional expense of doing those analyses.
16:11:42 >>REBECCA KERT: If I may, legal department.
16:11:44 The grease trap provision as well as the
16:11:47 transportation plans, that was just for the use so we

16:11:54 have taken care of that and you would have the
16:11:55 abilities to waive the parking requirement ifs that
16:11:58 becomes an issue.
16:12:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
16:12:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: A couple of questions, Rebecca.
16:12:05 On the grease trap does that language mimic Ralph
16:12:08 Metcalf's language that we all agonized over?
16:12:12 >>REBECCA KERT: Maybe I need to clarify that a little
16:12:14 further. This language was only designed to
16:12:16 identify -- you have your large venues.
16:12:20 But if you are a restaurant with a full kitchen that
16:12:22 is able to operate to serve your full capacity, say
16:12:29 you have -- a restaurant with often 600 occupancy, you
16:12:34 have to have a full kitchen that could serve 600
16:12:37 people and have a grease trap, et cetera, et cetera.
16:12:41 And then would you not have to do all these additional
16:12:43 requirements.
16:12:45 This is something we are still playing with. I
16:12:47 welcome all input. And we are happy to work with it.
16:12:50 At this point we borrowed it largely from Miami Beach,
16:12:53 who had it working down there and we are happy to
16:12:56 tailor it to the City of Tampa.

16:12:59 We are working on that.
16:13:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You all would know this better we
16:13:04 would because if you look at all these codes.
16:13:06 But if they are doing a full kitchen, their full
16:13:10 kitchen is going to have to be licensed, et cetera,
16:13:13 and they are going to have to, I assume, go through
16:13:15 the sewer department.
16:13:18 So maybe it could be redundant.
16:13:20 If it's not redundant that's fine.
16:13:23 Let's pick them up here.
16:13:25 >>REBECCA KERT: We are happy to continue to work on
16:13:27 it.
16:13:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Then what's the classification 4
16:13:32 PCG?
16:13:33 I didn't see that defined.
16:13:35 >>> 4PGC is a category that City Council enacted
16:13:40 within the last year and it is for a public golf
16:13:43 course only.
16:13:44 That is the only thing in the code that right now does
16:13:46 not require any setbacks.
16:13:48 It was done with Babe Zaharias in mind.
16:13:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I wondered.

16:13:58 >>> I know we have defined it and if it didn't make in
16:14:01 the here then I will.
16:14:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And I'll just speak to this.
16:14:06 I think the thousand feet is still good to maintain.
16:14:12 It gives us -- if we reduced to the 500, then we would
16:14:17 not see many of these projects.
16:14:21 They just wouldn't come to council.
16:14:24 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Land development.
16:14:27 >> Between 1,000 and 500 feet.
16:14:29 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Every one will be -- it's whether
16:14:34 or not they will be waiving the distance criteria. If
16:14:36 someone had 502 feet distance separation, they would
16:14:41 wouldn't be asking for a waiver but you still have to
16:14:43 find it consistent with the standards of the use.
16:14:47 If they have 598 feet, they would be asking you for a
16:14:50 waive.
16:14:50 You would have to find the waiver consistent and the
16:14:53 application consistent.
16:14:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Which is what we do now.
16:14:56 I mean that's what --
16:14:58 >>> On the special use, correct.
16:14:59 Not on the wet zoning petition.

16:15:05 >>REBECCA KERT: Option one is very similar to what you
16:15:07 do now except we move it to the local use process so
16:15:10 there's a list of criteria for you to actually
16:15:12 evaluate for the compatibility.
16:15:14 And that's what you are lacking right now.
16:15:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Makes our process a little more
16:15:20 defensible.
16:15:21 >>> Exactly.
16:15:21 There's a million different ways to set up your
16:15:23 distance setback requirements, and to balance out your
16:15:27 categories.
16:15:28 At this point, I'm not pushing for anything much more
16:15:31 than what you have now.
16:15:34 From a legal viewpoint, I really need to have this as
16:15:40 a special use.
16:15:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think it's healthy because in the
16:15:43 past we have found ourselves looking at a lot of
16:15:45 issues that were outside of the parameters of our
16:15:48 code.
16:15:48 And I think that you all have done a good job of doing
16:15:51 that.
16:15:51 But in terms of the distance, I'm still comfortable

16:15:54 with the 1,000 feet.
16:15:55 I think that if people want or need a waiver and they
16:16:00 can justify it to us and to the community, then we'll
16:16:03 go from there.
16:16:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else coming before council?
16:16:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I had one other question written
16:16:10 down.
16:16:10 I'm sorry.
16:16:11 How do you determine how many people that building is
16:16:16 permitted for?
16:16:17 And Ms. Mulhern alluded to this a little bit in terms
16:16:21 of the outdoor issue.
16:16:23 But 300 people, 250 people, it's one thing to talk
16:16:26 about chairs and tables for a restaurant.
16:16:28 But if it's not a restaurant use, do you do it by
16:16:31 square footage?
16:16:32 >>REBECCA KERT: Square footage and different
16:16:34 compartments within the building.
16:16:36 There's a certain square footage requirement for the
16:16:38 bar area, for storage area, kitchen areas, for
16:16:40 corridors, for restrooms and so on.
16:16:43 There's a calculation in the code.

16:16:44 We use that for parking requirements as well.
16:16:46 We do the breakdown of the floor areas of the
16:16:49 different components and then multiply it by the
16:16:52 parking ratio of a restaurant.
16:16:53 It's the standard that we use --
16:16:56 >> I guess I'm a little concerned that it can easily
16:16:58 be abused by an applicant, by a petitioner.
16:17:02 Because the way you might look at a -- like there's
16:17:07 500 square feet, you can safely put 250 people into it
16:17:14 but at the end of the day they might cram 200 people
16:17:17 into it.
16:17:18 >>> We can only review by minimum standards, and we
16:17:21 talk about the bar area, and 18-inch deck from the bar
16:17:24 area, and then the overall area, of that 18 inch depth
16:17:30 by the link, and then 15 square feet per person within
16:17:32 that area.
16:17:32 So it's a very standard calculation that we use within
16:17:39 the building department.
16:17:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's be cautious that we don't
16:17:45 welcome the abuse of that.
16:17:47 Because I think we can all picture a couple --
16:17:52 >>> We don't welcome abuse.

16:17:54 >> Especially along Howard who have received some
16:17:57 pretty intense crowds that I'm really not sure that
16:18:00 anybody anticipated when they were permitted.
16:18:04 >>> I was giving an example because I just reviewed
16:18:07 the Green Iguana on Westshore, flamingo and Westshore
16:18:11 that people in the audience are familiar came out
16:18:13 to 158.44 persons.
16:18:15 That's the occupancy load.
16:18:17 For that particular restaurant, it's not very large
16:18:19 but it hold 158 people, has the outdoor bar and the
16:18:23 inside bar.
16:18:24 >> We might guess that sometimes they method get more
16:18:26 than that.
16:18:27 >>> Well, not if the fire marshal --
16:18:33 >>MARY MULHERN: It's the fire code basically.
16:18:36 And that's way was referring to.
16:18:42 So is there a problem with us reducing that number
16:18:45 from 300 to -- you were talking about the green
16:18:47 Iguana. But if we reduce it to 200 or 150, is that --
16:18:53 >>> You can basically set it for anything you want but
16:18:56 it is basically a policy decision.
16:18:59 What I was saying to you about Outback restaurants and

16:19:03 chili's and those type of restaurants, they could be
16:19:06 from 200 to 250 depending on the size and I don't know
16:19:11 if you want to capture those types of restaurants.
16:19:12 What we are really trying to -- what it was geared for
16:19:16 was really a nightclub type of use.
16:19:18 That's why the full kitchen provision is in there.
16:19:21 Those types of larger restaurants are going to have
16:19:23 obviously full kitchens.
16:19:24 But a club probably won't.
16:19:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
16:19:29 Well, there is the term bar food.
16:19:32 That's what the grease trap is for.
16:19:34 How about FHP we at least reduce it to 250 which I
16:19:37 think is what Rebecca suggested?
16:19:39 >>> It would be in line with our other code provisions
16:19:42 for security.
16:19:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think between 250 and 200 -- I
16:19:50 think the intent of council is to protect
16:19:52 neighborhoods and not unduly burden really small
16:19:59 venues.
16:20:00 But if you have 250 people at your restaurant, that is
16:20:05 having an impact on the neighbors next door.

16:20:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Clerk, do you have something?
16:20:17 (off microphone).
16:20:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Before you go there can I ask a
16:20:24 question on wet zonings?
16:20:25 >>GWEN MILLER: One more.
16:20:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Rebecca?
16:20:33 Sometimes we have wet zonings that have nothing to do
16:20:35 with neighborhoods.
16:20:37 For example, International Plaza periodically, they
16:20:42 change ownership, you know, one expires, comes back,
16:20:46 we have to wet zone it, it's a big process.
16:20:49 I want to make sure as we go through this that perhaps
16:20:53 when you have an area that has no impact on, you know,
16:20:58 residential areas, not within 1,000 feet of
16:21:01 residential, that maybe we are cognizant of that, and
16:21:06 that, you know, we loosen up on some of those
16:21:10 otherwise strict and well intended standards.
16:21:14 You know what I mean?
16:21:15 Because the whole city is not the same.
16:21:17 And council is very, very careful to protect
16:21:21 neighborhoods, because they deserve protection.
16:21:24 And sometimes that imposes heavier restraints on

16:21:29 commercial business.
16:21:30 But when you have no adjacent residential
16:21:32 neighborhoods there's no reason to impose the heavier
16:21:34 restrictions on those commercial businesses.
16:21:37 >>REBECCA KERT: If I could get some clarification.
16:21:39 One thing that we proposed, and some people were
16:21:41 supportive of and some people were not, is if it meets
16:21:45 the 1,000 feet county be done administratively.
16:21:47 That would be the determination of what you all have
16:21:49 found as compatible.
16:21:50 The 1,000 feet away from all the different uses.
16:21:54 You know, that would be something that would be up to
16:21:56 City Council.
16:21:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And I think we did talk about that.
16:22:01 >>> The second criteria that we could think about
16:22:04 right now in chapter approximate 3rd we have a
16:22:06 75,000 square foot shopping center provision that you
16:22:08 can receive a waiver, you guys can consider a waiver.
16:22:12 If you are in a shopping center, 75,000 square feet or
16:22:15 larger, which is fairly large.
16:22:17 A super Wal-Mart is probably 130 to 150.
16:22:20 You are looking at a pretty big -- it probably on a

16:22:23 parcel that's fairly large.
16:22:24 But maybe if you had like a two-tier criteria, maybe a
16:22:30 faster track that you could follow because would you
16:22:31 be inside one of those larger buildings.
16:22:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right.
16:22:35 And I definitely would like you all to think about
16:22:38 that.
16:22:39 I always feel sorry for them when they come to us from
16:22:42 International Plaza, and that's just one example.
16:22:45 But there's been others, when they come to us from
16:22:47 those type of scenarios, they may have to go through
16:22:49 the whole process and come in front of us and it's
16:22:52 always like, what do we care, it's in the
16:22:55 international plaza, and they are just changing
16:22:56 ownership or whatever.
16:22:59 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to receive and file the minutes
16:23:01 from the retreat.
16:23:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Option A or B?
16:23:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are you coming back?
16:23:14 >>> This particular language, whatever the direction
16:23:16 is that we presented in the July cycle along with all
16:23:18 the other chapter 27 amendments, and that will follow

16:23:21 the public workshop track of. That so we are looking
16:23:25 at a public workshop probably late August, early
16:23:28 September.
16:23:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Right now do you want to us say
16:23:31 1,000 feet?
16:23:32 Do you want us to say 200 feet for the small venues?
16:23:36 >>> If could you give me that.
16:23:38 >> 1,000 feet.
16:23:41 Okay.
16:23:41 1,000 feet distance requirement.
16:23:45 Versus 500.
16:23:47 >> Second.
16:23:50 (Motion carried).
16:23:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would say 200 feet for the small
16:23:54 venues.
16:23:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: 200 people?
16:24:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: 200 people.
16:24:02 >> Second.
16:24:02 (Motion carried).
16:24:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: That large commercial developments
16:24:09 like shopping centers that are far from neighborhoods
16:24:14 be by staff rather than coming before council.

16:24:22 >>> Do you want to stick with the 75,000 --
16:24:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
16:24:27 Special use permit but maybe the staff reviews rather
16:24:30 than coming to council.
16:24:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
16:24:35 (Motion carried).
16:24:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Oh, and the cafes run at the same
16:24:40 time as the other requests, so that petitioner isn't
16:24:44 unduly inconvenienced.
16:24:48 >>> We are going to have to amend chapter 22 as well.
16:24:51 We are hoping if we don't get it in the July cycle, it
16:24:53 will follow very shortly thereafter.
16:24:58 And you want the temporary administrative?
16:25:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
16:25:04 Wait, let's deal with that.
16:25:05 Sidewalk cafes.
16:25:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What's the question?
16:25:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do we want them to do that?
16:25:14 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The actual sidewalk cafe, that
16:25:17 right-of-way along with the wet zoning -- I'm sorry,
16:25:19 special use permit for alcohol, the extension into the
16:25:22 sidewalk, to run concurrently.

16:25:23 Right now, one process is first.
16:25:26 Then we come for the other one.
16:25:28 So it's many, many months to get at proved.
16:25:31 Concurrent.
16:25:32 And you actually hear both of them so it makes sense.
16:25:34 >>GWEN MILLER: do it concurrent, yes.
16:25:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion is to run concurrent.
16:25:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
16:25:41 (Motion carried).
16:25:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Do special use permits -- temporary
16:25:46 wet zonings, I don't remember us ever turning them
16:25:49 down on one hand.
16:25:51 On the other hand, I think the neighborhoods want to
16:25:52 hear about it.
16:25:53 I don't know.
16:26:01 >> Right now they are not public hearings.
16:26:02 They just appear on the agenda.
16:26:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The last one that you sort of
16:26:08 bumped up against is if it's greater than 1,000 feet
16:26:12 from a residential or other institutional use, do we
16:26:18 want it to just go administratively and not come to
16:26:21 council?

16:26:24 >> I thought we addressed that.
16:26:27 You're right, they could be different.
16:26:28 >>MARTIN SHELBY: So if no waiver whatsoever?
16:26:34 Is that the question?
16:26:35 >>> You could certainly listen to the burden issue if
16:26:38 they meet the criteria, how you can approve or deny.
16:26:42 >>REBECCA KERT: From a legal standpoint if they meet
16:26:58 the 1,000 feet setback as you have it right now, they
16:27:01 would still have to -- you would still need to come to
16:27:04 you for a full review on whether or not it meets the
16:27:07 rest of the generally standards.
16:27:08 If you made it administrative, then City Council would
16:27:11 be making a determination that you feel that 1,000
16:27:14 square feet inherently meets the standard of
16:27:17 compatibility, compliance with the comprehensive plan,
16:27:20 and therefore you have delegated that finding to
16:27:26 staff, and staff would approve it if it did not meet
16:27:30 waivers.
16:27:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Did we make a motion?
16:27:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion is to --
16:27:38 >> Second.
16:27:38 (Motion carried)

16:27:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
16:27:41 >>CATHERINE COYLE: could I get one clarification, if
16:27:45 you don't mind, the temporary?
16:27:48 >> Did we do the cafe thing?
16:27:50 >>> We had it in here based on the discussions that
16:27:52 they would stop selling at 12:00 a.m.
16:27:54 But as was mentioned like Guavaween and other events
16:27:59 things go until 2:00 or 3:00 or whenever we have --
16:28:02 they have to legally stop selling alcohol.
16:28:04 So I'm not sure if you want to leave it at 12 or if
16:28:07 you want to leave it at 3:00.
16:28:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why don't you say 12.
16:28:14 And then if it's beyond 12, they have to bring it up
16:28:16 as an issue to us.
16:28:17 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The way it's tracking now it's
16:28:20 administrative and there are no waivers whatsoever.
16:28:24 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to put it at three. They are
16:28:25 going to have Guavaween.
16:28:28 I think we need to put it up.
16:28:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Does TPD have a comment on that?
16:28:39 I saw some heads moving.
16:28:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Just because they can't buy liquor

16:28:44 after midnight doesn't mean the party is over.
16:28:54 >>> Officer Miller, TPD.
16:28:57 We had an issue one time about being too close to the
16:29:00 neighborhoods at 12:00 and the cut-off.
16:29:09 >>STEVE MICHELINI: One of the suggestions, that I just
16:29:12 talked to Cathy about, was perhaps you separate small
16:29:15 neighborhood events and keep the time limit on those
16:29:18 from larger sponsored city-wide events with those
16:29:22 things that are called block party or something like
16:29:24 that.
16:29:26 So that waiver could be applied administratively for a
16:29:29 large event, but not on small neighborhood events.
16:29:33 At least that way, maybe set your limits on other
16:29:38 participants or things that are greater than that, or
16:29:41 some provision that allows you flexibility without
16:29:44 cutting off the cultural events that you want to
16:29:47 encourage.
16:29:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.
16:29:51 Even in sporting events there's a certain criteria
16:29:54 that they follow, the vendor does, and sporting
16:29:57 events, usually in baseball like the 6th or
16:30:01 7th inning they give you last call and even the

16:30:03 stadium, I think, they give you last call.
16:30:06 That doesn't matter you can't drink.
16:30:07 That just means you can't buy.
16:30:09 You know what I'm saying?
16:30:11 And even in the World Series, they had a cut-off by a
16:30:15 certain inning.
16:30:16 >>GWEN MILLER: So what is the motion?
16:30:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Cathy, is that something you would
16:30:23 be interested in in terms of differentiating between
16:30:27 the type of temporary event?
16:30:31 And then FHP we did differentiate, that way, the
16:30:34 smaller, more neighborhood oriented ones would be
16:30:38 midnight and then the other ones could do three.
16:30:41 >>CATHERINE COYLE: We could certainly look into that.
16:30:45 You issue permits for certain events which are larger
16:30:49 and we could try to differentiate between the two,
16:30:51 just to make sure it matches up with the
16:30:53 transportation code.
16:30:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
16:31:02 >>VINCE PARDO: Ybor City Development Corporation.
16:31:05 75% of events in the city are for city.
16:31:10 We had an event last year where the community response

16:31:16 and the problems they had the prior year, say sitting
16:31:19 down with events to because it was Sunday evening.
16:31:24 Sunday evening events.
16:31:28 I would say maybe not give directions.
16:31:33 Without meeting can with W staff on this.
16:31:35 On Guavaween, if last call were there and some of
16:31:40 these are extensions, the public places, you have the
16:31:43 temporaries but you also have the 4(COP)s.
16:31:46 So they could buy a 6 pack.
16:31:52 So there's pros and cons on that.
16:31:54 And bring it back with a resolution.
16:31:57 >>GWEN MILLER: We will have staff get together and
16:31:59 bring it back.