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Tampa City Council
Thursday, August 9, 2007
9:00 a.m. session

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09:02:59 [Sounding gavel]
09:03:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
09:03:02 The chair will yield to Mr. Scott.
09:03:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I am delighted to introduce Dr.
09:03:11 Reverend Jeffrey Johnson, a graduate of Warner
09:03:14 Southern College, Lake Wales, Florida, bachelor of
09:03:17 arts in church ministry, the honorary doctorate from
09:03:20 the divinity degree from Jacksonville.
09:03:26 And he also serves as the president for the Florida

09:03:31 State association of church of God as a youth pastor.
09:03:36 More importantly, served as the pastor and he's
09:03:45 married to my daughter, Marla Scott.
09:03:50 That's the most important one.
09:03:51 Dr. Johnson, will you come and give the invocation
09:03:54 this morning?
09:03:59 >>> Shall we bow for a moment of silence?
09:04:05 It is this day that we come to say thank you, for
09:04:09 mercy, for your love, for your grace, and your
09:04:12 faithfulness.
09:04:13 God, as we come, we come to live up our issues of this
09:04:18 city.
09:04:18 We pray, Lord, that you will give them the endowment
09:04:23 of your will, they will fight for righteousness and
09:04:27 justice for all mankind.
09:04:29 We thank you.
09:04:31 For it is in your name that we do pray this day.
09:04:34 Amen.
09:04:35 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
09:04:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
09:04:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:04:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:04:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
09:04:57 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:04:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:04:59 I would like to put on the record that council will be
09:05:02 taking a recess at 11:45 so we can attend the mayor's
09:05:05 upcoming budget for the fiscal year at 2008, providing
09:05:09 quality service, going to be held at Reagan community
09:05:12 center at 12:00 so we will take a recess at 11:45.
09:05:16 >> Does Vermont to be by unanimous vote?
09:05:18 [ Laughter ]
09:05:19 >>GWEN MILLER: It's up to you.
09:05:25 >> I'm only joking, Madam Chair.
09:05:27 I wouldn't do that to you.
09:05:28 Or maybe I would.
09:05:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
09:05:35 I will yield to you to give a presentation.
09:05:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:05:57 Honorable members of Tampa City Council, it's a
09:05:59 pleasure to be here this morning to make a
09:06:01 commendation.
09:06:03 During our recess, I came in like most of you did, and
09:06:06 I noticed that the council chambers were not the same.

09:06:09 They were all full of this technology equipment that
09:06:12 was being remodeled, and the communications room right
09:06:18 next to us.
09:06:19 And I watch these individuals day in and day out.
09:06:23 And they did it in-house.
09:06:26 They did it on their knowledge and experience that
09:06:31 they have in doing these things.
09:06:32 And if I or maybe some other council members would
09:06:34 have done this we never would have had television
09:06:37 again in the city.
09:06:37 But Mr. Dan Foglia is the team leader, and his capable
09:06:45 communication team.
09:06:46 If you want to step up, sir.
09:06:55 >> In recognition of their dedication to the City of
09:06:57 Tampa by initiating and completing the technically
09:07:00 challenging cable renovations in City Council chambers
09:07:05 at enormous financial savings to the city.
09:07:07 It is this kind of cost saving and dedication that is
09:07:10 appreciated and commended to you and to your staff.
09:07:16 Thank you for all that you have to do on behalf of the
09:07:19 Tampa City Council and the City of Tampa.
09:07:21 And again, if you look at that equipment, they got one

09:07:24 there that they can scan the world, I think, and tell
09:07:28 you in different areas what's happening and what's not
09:07:30 going on.
09:07:30 But they did it much under budget, bid nothing out.
09:07:38 They did it in-house and it's an honor to be here
09:07:42 representing Tampa City Council in awarding this
09:07:44 commendation to all of you.
09:07:47 Each one of you for the work that you have done.
09:07:49 [ Applause ]
09:07:56 >> Dan: Thank you.
09:07:58 I'm very grateful and honored for this commendation
09:08:01 but if not for the effort of the whole staff behind
09:08:03 me, none of this could be possible.
09:08:07 We try to provide a when not able to be here the same
09:08:14 as being here. So we are very happy for this award.
09:08:16 And thank you.
09:08:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Who is running the cameras?
09:08:28 [ Laughter ]
09:08:28 >>CHAIRMAN: We now go to approval of the agenda if
09:08:35 there are any items council would like to pull.
09:08:37 I'm going to pull item number 60.
09:08:40 We need to have a quorum to vote.

09:08:44 Reverend Scott will not be here so we are going to
09:08:46 pull item 60.
09:08:47 Then move up item number 4.
09:08:58 I need to put on the record that Reverend Scott will
09:09:00 be leaving at 9:45.
09:09:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 6 and 60.
09:09:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would like to give everyone an
09:09:11 opportunity to understand what's going on.
09:09:13 I would like to pull 18 and 19 so the administration
09:09:15 can make a presentation on behalf of those two items.
09:09:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Madam Chair, I would like to ask to
09:09:30 not necessarily remove it but I would like to have a
09:09:32 translation of number 34, which the language is kind
09:09:37 of hard to understand what we are actually approving.
09:09:41 So I need a little technical translation.
09:09:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other items?
09:09:50 Mr. Dingfelder?
09:09:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Number 33, a similar type question.
09:10:05 And item number 34, too.
09:10:10 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: On item 22 I would like to get a
09:10:12 little explanation on that expenditure.
09:10:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

09:10:17 >>GWEN MILLER: If there is none others can we get a
09:10:22 motion?
09:10:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Julie has asked that item be removed
09:10:32 from the agenda.
09:10:32 If you can take it out we can do so.
09:10:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Number 25 I would like an explanation.
09:10:50 CHARLIE MIRANDA: I want to speak on 22 when it's
09:10:52 pulled.
09:10:52 I can tell you exactly what happened and what it is.
09:10:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I can speak to that when we get to
09:11:00 it.
09:11:01 >>GWEN MILLER: I need a motion.
09:11:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.
09:11:05 >> Second.
09:11:05 (Motion carried).
09:11:06 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go to our sign-in sheet.
09:11:08 Mr. Steve Daignault.
09:11:14 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Administrator, public works,
09:11:16 utility services.
09:11:17 I'd like to speak and make a short presentation on
09:11:19 items 18 and 19.
09:11:24 I'm going to start with number 18, which is a

09:11:28 resolution to reduce the rate for reclaimed water from
09:11:34 $1.34 per CCF to 1.20.
09:11:39 The resolution you have in your package includes a
09:11:41 paragraph 3 which talks about giving the water
09:11:44 department director the ability to negotiate with big
09:11:47 users.
09:11:49 We still want to do that.
09:11:52 We had put that in there with the intent of allowing
09:11:55 us to go start those negotiations, and then come back
09:11:58 to the council with each of those agreements as a
09:12:01 contract.
09:12:02 However, we recognize that there are a lot of details
09:12:06 involved in that, that we need to again come back to
09:12:08 the council with a presentation on reclaimed, and so
09:12:12 we would like to do that within 60 days.
09:12:15 So what I would like to do today is I'd like to offer
09:12:18 a substitute resolution, and all this does is take
09:12:22 that third paragraph out.
09:12:24 It does still reduce the rate of reclaimed.
09:12:27 And again this would be effective on 1 October.
09:12:38 >> I just move to accept that replacement resolution.
09:12:42 >> Second.

09:12:42 (Motion carried)
09:12:51 >> Subparagraph.
09:12:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Did we vote on the motion?
09:12:57 >>GWEN MILLER: We accepted.
09:12:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The substitute being offered.
09:13:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, Mr. Daignault.
09:13:07 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Thank you.
09:13:09 I would like to go ahead with the presentation now if
09:13:11 I could have that up.
09:13:12 This is a presentation that you all have seen before.
09:13:15 But again I think it's important for the public again
09:13:17 to understand what we are proposing to do.
09:13:22 We are looking to do a five-year rate adjustment for
09:13:29 water.
09:13:29 In that rate adjustment we have operations and
09:13:33 maintenance.
09:13:35 And as I explained to you before and provided a sheet
09:13:37 of explanations, there are operational things that
09:13:39 have caused this to go up.
09:13:42 The cost of electricity.
09:13:43 The cost of chemicals.
09:13:45 People cost.

09:13:46 That first line.
09:13:47 The second line is the pipe and plant replacement.
09:13:50 Again we have old pipes and we have about 30 projects
09:13:56 in our 2008 budget that we would like -- these are
09:14:00 replacement projects, about $47 million worth. The
09:14:04 third line item is Star 1 subsidy.
09:14:09 The water department has been paying the debt service
09:14:12 on the Star 1 area since 2002.
09:14:16 And that service started in the area of 800,000, has
09:14:20 gone up to over a million and will increase again in
09:14:26 2009.
09:14:26 So that is again to cover the subsidy, the debt
09:14:29 service of the star one area that we had been paying.
09:14:33 Star 2 expansion, that's the one to allow us to go
09:14:36 forward to connect to the big users, and to get them
09:14:39 involved in helping us with funding those pipes that
09:14:44 would bring the reclaimed water to them and get them
09:14:47 off the potable, giving big user or any user off the
09:14:51 potable is the most important thing that we could do
09:14:53 to help us copy our potable rates down.
09:14:56 And then the last one is the funding that would be
09:15:00 required to provide the projects, to meet the minimum

09:15:03 flow in the Hillsborough River.
09:15:08 Just as an example, a small user, a 5 CCF user would
09:15:12 go from $5.35
09:15:17 And I can't see the bottom there.
09:15:19 I'm sorry.
09:15:21 It would go to about $5.94 in that first year.
09:15:24 And then again it would go up over the five-year
09:15:28 period.
09:15:31 This is a more middle user would go from 11-dollar to
09:15:36 12.62 the first year and then again small increments
09:15:39 over the next five years.
09:15:44 This is a medium commercial user who would go from
09:15:47 about $208 to about 231 in the first year and then
09:15:55 again up over time.
09:16:01 This is a composite that puts them all together if you
09:16:03 would like to compare them side by side.
09:16:05 And then this is what we think is probably the most
09:16:07 significant chart in here that shows where we are
09:16:10 relative to all of the other water providers in the
09:16:14 area, or government entities in the area.
09:16:18 The city of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, city of
09:16:20 Clearwater, Hillsborough County, it shows where they

09:16:23 are, what their rates would be in 2008.
09:16:26 And then it shows where the City of Tampa is in 2007
09:16:29 and where we would be even at the end of this
09:16:32 five-year period.
09:16:33 So everyone at the end of this five-year period we
09:16:36 would be significantably below where we are in 2008.
09:16:41 And then as I mentioned, the reclaimed rates, we would
09:16:46 like to drop that reclaimed rate from $1.34 to 1.20.
09:16:51 Again the intent, trying to make reclaimed more
09:16:53 attractive.
09:16:54 When the potable is cheaper than reclaimed, it's to
09:16:59 convince people to move to reclaimed so we want to get
09:17:03 some distance to those two.
09:17:04 That's the intent of dropping that.
09:17:06 Again the second part of being able to negotiate an
09:17:09 arrangement with big users.
09:17:11 We would like to come back to you, again probably
09:17:13 within 60 days to -- with more definition than that
09:17:18 for your approval on that.
09:17:20 And then finally, this is what we have been looking at
09:17:26 for the big users for reclaimed.
09:17:28 We have four major areas there.

09:17:30 A, B, C and D.
09:17:31 And we have started.
09:17:33 We have begun speaking with all of those big users,
09:17:36 the ones that continue to show interest.
09:17:40 But we cannot consummate a deal until we come back to
09:17:44 you and you give us the authority to go negotiate that
09:17:46 so that's why it's important.
09:17:47 But we are moving in that direction.
09:17:49 We would have consultants and construction companies
09:17:54 set up to do that work.
09:17:56 So again we are kind of -- everything is moving in
09:17:58 that direction.
09:17:59 And again, we hope that you will be in support of it.
09:18:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
09:18:03 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: That's short and sweet.
09:18:08 I made this presentation before out here as well as to
09:18:10 each of you individually.
09:18:11 So I'll be glad to answer any of your questions and
09:18:13 I'll be available later when this comes up for a vote.
09:18:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Daignault.
09:18:23 I think coming up with a financial incentive to use
09:18:25 reclaimed is smart.

09:18:26 I'm very interested in particularly making that choice
09:18:31 dramatic for large industrial users.
09:18:33 And I desperately want them to use reclaimed as a way
09:18:37 to underwrite financing or the expansion of our
09:18:40 system.
09:18:42 Are you creating any opportunity for them to invest in
09:18:47 advance to help speed the expansion?
09:18:52 >> What our plan going forward would be, would be to
09:18:54 contact them, determine what the total usage, let's
09:18:57 say, in the "A" area would be and what their
09:19:01 proportionate fair share of that pipe would be.
09:19:03 If they will pay their proportionate fair share of
09:19:07 that pipe up front, basically help us with the capital
09:19:10 cost, then we can significantly improve, we believe,
09:19:13 their reclaimed rate over time.
09:19:16 So, again, that's what we hope will be the incentive.
09:19:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good.
09:19:21 Good.
09:19:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
09:19:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: A few questions.
09:19:25 Thank you.
09:19:27 I'll start with the easy one.

09:19:29 More of a comment.
09:19:30 I think the name "star" was a wonderful choice
09:19:34 probably in the beginning, but I think it's sort of
09:19:37 tainted.
09:19:38 And I think it would be wonderful if we could --
09:19:43 sometimes we do PR.
09:19:44 Maybe we could do a little PR and come up with a new
09:19:48 program name, you know.
09:19:51 I think the rest goes without saying.
09:19:58 Steve, you guys always focus on the fact that the City
09:20:00 of Tampa is less expensive, our water is less
09:20:03 expensive, I think our garbage costs more than out in
09:20:06 the county.
09:20:07 I'm not sure about our wastewater.
09:20:10 Are we higher or lower?
09:20:14 >>> We are lower.
09:20:15 >> Why are we less expensive water?
09:20:18 Let me put that better.
09:20:20 In the -- the City of Tampa customers pay less than
09:20:23 other area governments.
09:20:24 Why?
09:20:26 >>> Because we don't buy all of our water from Tampa

09:20:29 Bay water.
09:20:30 That is the main reason.
09:20:32 >> But even before Tampa Bay water even existed, I'm
09:20:34 sure we were lower.
09:20:39 Basically because we are not pumping it?
09:20:41 Because we are not pumping it out of the ground,
09:20:43 because we are not building reservoirs and desal
09:20:47 plants and that sort of thing, because we have the
09:20:49 river, right?
09:20:50 >>> Well, it is the unified rate.
09:20:52 The fact that Tampa Bay water's rate covers all of the
09:20:57 water sources, and all you of their development going
09:21:02 forward, and their loans and their debt service. That
09:21:04 all goes into one rate.
09:21:06 And if you look at our rate versus the county and the
09:21:08 other entities, I think the one thing that stands out
09:21:11 is that rate.
09:21:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I've heard members of Tampa Bay
09:21:16 water, when I tune in to channel 22, I've heard them
09:21:20 say that the City of Tampa needs to get our rate
09:21:23 higher and higher so we are the same rate as everybody
09:21:25 else.

09:21:26 Is that our goal?
09:21:28 >>> No, sir, it is not our goal.
09:21:29 It is our goal, as you saw up here, to make sure that
09:21:33 we fix our pipes, replace our pipes, keep our
09:21:36 infrastructure modern so we can continue to grow and
09:21:39 not have to focus so much of our energy and attention
09:21:41 on repairing breaks.
09:21:44 That is primary.
09:21:45 Then the other one would be to keep our rates low by
09:21:47 getting people off of potable and onto reclaimed for
09:21:50 irrigation.
09:21:52 >> I agree with you wholeheartedly.
09:21:55 I think those are important issues.
09:21:56 We need to fix the pipes and that sort of thing.
09:22:00 But it really bothers me when I hear us use that
09:22:02 excuse that we are so much lower than everybody else,
09:22:04 therefore we can't afford to go out.
09:22:08 It's one of the perk that is people in the city have.
09:22:13 A lot of other things cost more.
09:22:15 Housing costs, rent and everything else.
09:22:16 But to live in the city, we have cheaper water so
09:22:19 let's try to keep it that way.

09:22:21 >>> Yes, sir.
09:22:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The Star 1 subsidy, you and I
09:22:28 talked about this earlier in the week.
09:22:29 How much does a typical residential family, if the
09:22:34 line is now in front of their house in South Tampa,
09:22:37 wherever the line is, in Beach Park or what have you,
09:22:40 how much do they have to pay a plumber and the city to
09:22:43 hook up?
09:22:46 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: We have heard numbers from 2 to
09:22:48 $300 up to 5 or $ 00.
09:22:50 It depends on their system.
09:22:52 It depends on how complicated the crossover, the
09:22:54 changeover would be.
09:22:55 >> And right now that's their responsibility.
09:23:00 Do we have a fee also for that?
09:23:03 >>> We do not have a fee also for that.
09:23:05 Anybody that paid their $50 deposit up front who said
09:23:09 they would sign up, up front, there is a meter at
09:23:12 their house already so they do not even have to pay a
09:23:15 meter charge.
09:23:15 If they didn't sign up there would be a meter
09:23:18 installation charge.

09:23:19 >> How much is that, Steve?
09:23:21 >>> 350.
09:23:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: $350.
09:23:25 You and I talked over the weekend.
09:23:27 I think as part of this subsidy, as part of the
09:23:29 incentive program, I think it's really important.
09:23:31 You know, we have tens of thousands of homes, I
09:23:33 believe -- you can correct me if I am wrong -- that
09:23:38 now have reclaimed water, you know, at their door
09:23:41 steps.
09:23:42 And for whatever reason, they haven't signed up.
09:23:45 Now, we are taking the right step in creating an
09:23:48 incentive program.
09:23:49 The rate is going to be lower on a per gallon basis.
09:23:52 But, still, that is a long-term situation.
09:24:01 Yes, they have foresight.
09:24:02 But some are still faced with a plumbing charge or
09:24:06 $350 fee to the city to hook up and that can be
09:24:09 daunting to some people.
09:24:11 Some people may not see the payoff long-term.
09:24:13 And then we have older people who live in those
09:24:16 neighborhoods, too, who definitely might have to see

09:24:21 the long-term payoff.
09:24:23 As part of the subsidy program, I think we really need
09:24:25 to take a serious look at some type of grant program,
09:24:28 some type of rebate program, where we can get those
09:24:30 people to hook up.
09:24:33 And I think if they don't hook up, I think at some
09:24:36 point down the road, we have to seriously explore the
09:24:39 fact that we might preclude them from watering their
09:24:42 yards.
09:24:43 There is no reason, if people have -- and I'm not
09:24:45 talking about that today, I'm talking about that down
09:24:47 the road.
09:24:48 But a couple years from now, if we can't get people on
09:24:53 reclaimed water, on star, with incentives and grants
09:24:57 and what have you, then we might have to say, now
09:24:59 what?
09:24:59 The reclaimed water is right there.
09:25:01 And if you don't use it then you can't water your
09:25:05 yard.
09:25:06 At some point, we can't waste that potable water on
09:25:09 the yards.
09:25:09 If there's a viable alternative sitting there three

09:25:13 feet from their door.
09:25:15 But, Steve, going back to this grant subsidy idea, I
09:25:19 know we paid a consultant like $100,000 to help us on
09:25:24 some of these issues and never got an exact report
09:25:26 back from a consultant.
09:25:28 >>> I understand.
09:25:29 Again we were focusing on the large users, and that
09:25:33 consultant -- well, the chart that you saw with the
09:25:35 four areas and the -- what it would take to get into
09:25:39 each one of those areas is what has been provided.
09:25:41 And again we'll make that presentation to you when we
09:25:43 come back.
09:25:46 As far as an individual incentive, please keep in mind
09:25:49 that in many areas, when you hook up to reclaimed,
09:25:53 where they put the reclaimed water in front of your
09:25:56 property, you pay an assessment of some sort.
09:25:58 Our folks have paid nothing up front other than to
09:26:01 connect.
09:26:01 And so it is a very minimal cost.
09:26:04 And certainly we'll have to take a look at that, at
09:26:08 whether it makes more sense for to us put in -- to
09:26:12 offer a rebate for a certain period of time or

09:26:14 something like that.
09:26:15 We can look at that.
09:26:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Sometime, you know, they say you
09:26:21 can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink.
09:26:25 We might have to do more than just lead them to water.
09:26:32 On the consultant issue, when you all came in and said
09:26:35 we are going to hire a consultant about Star 1, I know
09:26:39 we hired a consultant to help us and they are still
09:26:41 working on the piping problems, the debris problems,
09:26:45 that sort of thing.
09:26:46 But we were also told that the consultant was going to
09:26:48 help us with these rate issues, not related to the
09:26:51 expansion, to the wholesale users.
09:26:55 But to the rate structure.
09:26:59 Is that how we are going down to the dollar 20?
09:27:02 Is that what the consultant told us or suggested?
09:27:04 >>> Well, certainly, all the information that we have
09:27:07 gathered has led us to this point.
09:27:10 It is partly because of what they are indicating to us
09:27:16 is there are only so many ways that you can try to
09:27:20 change how those people, or how we pay for that
09:27:25 system, that existing system.

09:27:27 There's only so many ways you can do that.
09:27:29 And we have chosen a way to try to entice them rather
09:27:35 than to charge them directly.
09:27:36 And so, again, that's why I say, we'll have to look at
09:27:39 the possibility of providing more incentive by
09:27:43 additional funds for connecting.
09:27:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Again one of the things we might
09:27:50 want to do is hang out that cut-off date.
09:27:52 If that pipe is in front of your house by 2010 and you
09:27:55 are not hooked up then you are not going to be able to
09:27:58 water.
09:27:59 And at least that would sort of amortize that, give
09:28:02 them 24 months to get on board, and sign up, and we
09:28:05 can do it through incentives for awhile, but you have
09:28:08 to have something hanging out there to really be a big
09:28:11 incentive.
09:28:12 And I think that's something we need to talk about.
09:28:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder, other people want to
09:28:17 speak.
09:28:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm sorry. The last thing I want
09:28:20 to say is, you are suggesting a five-year program
09:28:23 right now.

09:28:24 And you are asking this council to vote for five years
09:28:26 out.
09:28:31 I might suggest there might be too many unknowns to be
09:28:34 doing a five year program.
09:28:35 I mean, what if it's not enough money for the water
09:28:37 department?
09:28:39 Then they have to come back to us, or to the next
09:28:42 council in 2011 or 2012 or whatever, why are we going
09:28:47 five years out?
09:28:49 >>> Council, for a number of reasons.
09:28:51 Perhaps most significantly is we don't need all the
09:28:54 money up front.
09:28:55 That's number one.
09:28:56 We need it over time because we are going to do these
09:28:58 projects over time.
09:28:59 And rather than say we need to have all the money up
09:29:02 front, which is not necessarily the case, we think we
09:29:04 can spread it out and make the increase less per year.
09:29:09 >> My question really, Steve, why don't you come to us
09:29:12 every year and say this is the money we need next year
09:29:15 like every other budget department?
09:29:17 >>> I understand.

09:29:18 Again, let me finish my --
09:29:20 >> I'm sorry.
09:29:21 >>> -- my explanation. The second reason is because
09:29:25 by spreading it out over time -- hang on just a
09:29:31 second.
09:29:32 You made me lose it when you did that.
09:29:38 We want to spread it out so that it is a little bit at
09:29:41 a time, in lieu of.
09:29:44 Here's the answer.
09:29:45 In lieu of going a year or two down the road and
09:29:47 having to have a large spike all at one time.
09:29:50 I don't think we want to hit that kind of a wall.
09:29:54 We know what we need for those pipes.
09:29:56 We know what we need for star.
09:29:58 We know what we need for MFLs.
09:30:01 Could something else happen?
09:30:02 Yes, it could.
09:30:03 But these are probably the most significant things
09:30:05 facing us over the next five years.
09:30:07 We think it's better to plan for it, to lay out a plan
09:30:10 and say, this is the financial plan to do them rather
09:30:13 than to come piecemeal at a time.

09:30:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We are about to vote on this unless
09:30:23 we --
09:30:25 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to come back.
09:30:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That was my last question.
09:30:30 >>GWEN MILLER: It's 9:30. He has to leave and we have
09:30:33 to do two items before he leaves and we don't have the
09:30:36 time.
09:30:36 We'll come back.
09:30:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Chair, are we voting on this
09:30:39 today?
09:30:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
09:30:41 Reverend Scott has to leave.
09:30:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
09:30:45 89 we'll come back.
09:30:46 We go to item number 6.
09:30:48 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, this is before you pursuant
09:30:51 to rule 4-C of the council's rules of procedure.
09:30:54 Reverend Scott was not present at the time of the
09:31:00 vote.
09:31:00 Reverend Scott, are you prepared to vote today?
09:31:03 Okay.
09:31:03 I believe Ms. Coles had some statements to begin the

09:31:09 process with.
09:31:09 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
09:31:11 The way it was left last week is that a 3-3 vote was
09:31:14 taken and no action.
09:31:15 And it rolled over this week.
09:31:17 I indicated at the end this item last week that some
09:31:21 issues were raised that I thought would necessity
09:31:23 reopening the public hearing.
09:31:24 Therefore I'm asking you to reopen the public hearing
09:31:26 for the limited purpose of clarifying a specific issue
09:31:30 related to the elevation.
09:31:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved to open the public
09:31:35 hearing.
09:31:35 >> Second.
09:31:35 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?
09:31:39 (Motion carried).
09:31:39 >>JULIA COLE: Some comments and concerns were raised
09:31:43 to elevations both at the last hearing and the first
09:31:46 hearing.
09:31:46 And I just wanted to clarify for the purposes of the
09:31:48 record that the elevations that were received in this
09:31:50 project prior to the first hearing complied with city

09:31:53 code, that those complied with the requirements for
09:31:55 city code.
09:31:57 There were some questions that did get raised at the
09:32:00 public hearing.
09:32:01 However, no vote was taken as to whether or not the
09:32:03 elevations contained enough information to make a
09:32:07 decision.
09:32:10 While there were discussion there is was no vote to
09:32:12 bring additional elevations.
09:32:14 However, additional elevations were submitted to city
09:32:16 staff but unfortunately did not make it as part of
09:32:17 your record at second reading.
09:32:19 You received a letter from Mr. Keith Bricklemyer that
09:32:23 was actually -- to Cathy Coyle but did submit those
09:32:26 elevations to you.
09:32:27 What I would like to do for the purposes of the record
09:32:29 since that was done outside the record, to submit into
09:32:31 the record additional elevations which were submitted
09:32:34 to you.
09:32:41 That is the end of my presentation as to what needs to
09:32:51 be added in the public record.
09:32:52 However, I believe Mr. Bricklemyer, who represents the

09:32:55 developer, did want an additional comment as it
09:32:57 relates to the elevation issue.
09:33:00 Thank you.
09:33:07 >>> Keith Bricklemyer, attorney for MetLife, the
09:33:10 applicant in this project.
09:33:11 Thank you for reopening the public hearing to give us
09:33:14 an opportunity to clarify the record.
09:33:16 Our architects throughout this process have been
09:33:18 working diligently with city staff and the elevations
09:33:22 and the residential component of the project were
09:33:24 submitted between first and second reading.
09:33:27 Had I known that they had not been distributed to City
09:33:30 Council, I would have made a presentation at the last
09:33:33 hearing, and I apologize for that oversight.
09:33:36 But thank you for the opportunity of clarifying the
09:33:38 record.
09:33:39 MetLife is very proud to present this project to you
09:33:42 for approval.
09:33:44 It is a demonstration of your continued long-term
09:33:47 commitment to the City of Tampa and we request your
09:33:50 approval.
09:33:51 Thank you.

09:33:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Further questions by council members?
09:33:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:33:55 May I see this elevation?
09:33:57 My concern is -- it hasn't come over.
09:34:05 >>MARY MULHERN: You can have mine.
09:34:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The city staff is supposed to
09:34:11 receive elevations of all the buildings in a PD.
09:34:15 And we have no elevations of the proposed residential
09:34:19 unit.
09:34:20 And that was not noted in the city staff report, nor
09:34:25 was it noted that it had come in.
09:34:28 And so this criticism is really not as much for the
09:34:30 developer as for our staff.
09:34:32 We have this rule which we made which said -- and it
09:34:35 was because of the hospital on the island where
09:34:37 everybody said, oh, my God, it's going to look like
09:34:40 that.
09:34:40 And the answer was we didn't have an image it what it
09:34:43 would look like.
09:34:44 Council needs to have, according to our rules,
09:34:47 adequate information before we begin a rezoning
09:34:49 process.

09:34:50 And we need to have staff commentary on it.
09:34:54 And this is not what we have been told is going to be
09:34:58 there.
09:35:00 We were told on the site plan it's going to be a ten
09:35:02 story building. This is not ten stories. This is
09:35:05 about six. This is not residential, this is
09:35:06 commercial.
09:35:11 It's a process we can improve and this is not
09:35:14 adequate. The other question that I might ask that
09:35:17 maybe Julie can address or Mr. Bricklemyer is how are
09:35:20 we going to protect the residential neighborhoods
09:35:23 located adjacent to this from cut-through traffic?
09:35:27 We were told we were going to have to change the DRI
09:35:30 formula to spend money on traffic calming.
09:35:32 But has there been anything submitted which will give
09:35:36 comfort to council, that the residential neighborhood
09:35:39 adjacent to this project will be protected from the
09:35:41 commercial traffic?
09:35:46 >>> As I indicated previously, because it's part of
09:35:49 the Westshore DRI, that traffic calming in the
09:35:53 neighborhood is part of the neighborhood improvement
09:35:57 given to the Westshore DRI, that this developer is

09:36:00 required to pay.
09:36:03 There are organization, neighborhood associations that
09:36:05 oversee and manage how those funds are spent and
09:36:07 that's the purpose of these funds.
09:36:09 So as part of the requirement for this developer, they
09:36:12 need to pay the funds and that's how the money is
09:36:16 distributed.
09:36:17 But my understanding is that that money currently can
09:36:21 only be spent on capacity.
09:36:22 It can't be spent on traffic calming and pedestrian
09:36:25 improvements.
09:36:25 >>> No.
09:36:26 There's no amounts of money in the Westshore DRI that
09:36:28 a developer pays.
09:36:29 One is transportation impact fees, and those then
09:36:34 there's also a neighborhood improvement fund that they
09:36:36 also need to pay to, I think it's like 11 cents a
09:36:40 square foot or something like that, that's a separate
09:36:42 and part of the impact fee. That is paid by the
09:36:45 developer within the Westshore DRI, and that money is
09:36:48 specifically delineated to alleviate issues within the
09:36:52 neighborhood, and it is managed by, I think, three or

09:36:57 four different presidents of neighborhood associations
09:37:00 are on this neighborhood improvement fund committee.
09:37:02 And they determine where that money is spent.
09:37:05 And that is how it is delineated within the Westshore
09:37:08 DRI.
09:37:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can we, the city, can the staff,
09:37:12 can the developer, can somebody write down on the site
09:37:16 plan that we are being asked to approve that indeed
09:37:18 this money will be specifically targeted on traffic
09:37:23 calming to protect the neighborhoods adjacent to it?
09:37:26 >>> Because the neighborhood Westshore DRI is written
09:37:29 that money has to be spent as delineated within the
09:37:32 Westshore DRI which is pursuant to a committee of
09:37:35 residents who make the decision on where that money is
09:37:37 spent.
09:37:40 >> With help from all over, not just this
09:37:42 neighborhood.
09:37:42 >>> That's correct.
09:37:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.
09:37:46 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm following up on what Ms. Saul-Sena
09:37:49 was asking.
09:37:50 Basically you are telling us there's no way for us to

09:37:52 know what is going to be done as a result of this
09:37:58 project as far as traffic, and writs going to be done.
09:38:03 So we are voting on this without knowing what the
09:38:14 improvements are going to be, I understand, because
09:38:15 the way the Westshore DRI was written.
09:38:18 I think I have a problem with that, that we don't
09:38:20 know.
09:38:21 We don't know how much money either.
09:38:22 We don't know how much money is going from this
09:38:28 development is being put into traffic, by impact fees
09:38:33 and what the other -- I don't know what you call it.
09:38:36 >>> The neighborhood improvement.
09:38:37 >>MARY MULHERN: The neighborhood improvement.
09:38:39 We don't know that it's going to be tied to this
09:38:42 particular neighborhood.
09:38:47 >>> There may be some calculation that the developer
09:38:48 has.
09:38:50 I can't tell you exactly how much money that is.
09:38:53 They would have to pay impact fees.
09:38:56 I can't tell you whether or not there's a specific
09:38:57 dollar amount.
09:38:58 That specific dollar amount would not be within -- I

09:39:02 don't believe it would -- to indicate how much that
09:39:04 is.
09:39:04 What I'm saying is how that money is spent, is spent
09:39:08 in accordance with the Westshore DRI, which govern the
09:39:12 development.
09:39:13 And just so everybody understands, the Westshore DRI
09:39:16 is -- there's a develop development order between the
09:39:21 city and this developer and that's how that's
09:39:23 delineated.
09:39:24 And so we cannot pursuant to the rezoning, in essence,
09:39:29 amend what is within the Westshore DRI development
09:39:31 order to change how the moneys are spent.
09:39:35 >>MARY MULHERN: I still feel like we don't know what's
09:39:39 going to happen.
09:39:40 Maybe Mr. Bricklemyer has some more information for
09:39:42 me.
09:39:44 >>> Keith: You are correct, we don't know in the way
09:39:47 the DRI is structured, it gives that decision making
09:39:49 authority to the four neighborhoods that are in the
09:39:52 area wide DRI.
09:39:54 Two of the four neighborhoods are represented in the
09:39:57 Carver City Lincolns garden group at our organization

09:40:01 hearing.
09:40:02 As to the original amount of money it's on our site
09:40:04 plan under neighborhood improvement, note number 33,
09:40:10 says pursuant to the Westshore area wide DRI the
09:40:12 developer will pay the Westshore residential
09:40:14 neighborhood improvement fee of 11 cents per square
09:40:17 foot which is estimated to be $146,451.16.
09:40:23 It's a substantial pot of money, is the way the DRI
09:40:26 structured, these neighborhood groups determine how
09:40:30 it's going to be spent.
09:40:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair.
09:40:32 I heard things over the last week or two or three
09:40:35 weeks about changing the DRI or the Westshore.
09:40:40 I don't have that right to change the neighborhood DRI
09:40:43 for Westshore.
09:40:44 Only they can do that because they are the ones that
09:40:46 created it.
09:40:47 They are the one that is got to make any adjustment
09:40:50 that they wished for their own DRI.
09:40:55 When you speak about funds going into the square
09:40:58 footage it's not only this wonderful neighborhood but
09:40:59 it's all of the DRI within the prescribed area that it

09:41:05 includes.
09:41:05 So something that is on Kennedy and Westshore, it
09:41:10 goes -- that's a reasonable nexus, which I don't know
09:41:14 what that means, I'm just bringing it up, it sounds
09:41:17 good, which means within that confine, where that
09:41:19 money is generated, it must be spent.
09:41:21 So that's exactly what the DRI is doing at Westshore
09:41:25 Boulevard.
09:41:26 And, you know, if I was a betting man, I could tell
09:41:31 you how this vote is going to come out.
09:41:33 But since I don't bet, I can't tell you.
09:41:37 But we can kill this to death by talking about it.
09:41:42 And it's something I've never heard of any area where
09:41:46 we question Westshore, where the money is being spent,
09:41:50 not one time.
09:41:56 I'm finished now.
09:41:57 Thank you very much for letting me speak.
09:41:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: As I recall we had discussion on this
09:42:01 very same issue and the very same point, what we
09:42:05 could, what we could not do.
09:42:11 The neighborhood improvement, whatever, what our
09:42:14 desire was.

09:42:14 That was the extent of that conversation because we
09:42:16 have no control over that fund or that pot of money.
09:42:19 It's left up to those neighborhoods.
09:42:21 And so I don't know why we spend time on the issue
09:42:24 when we went over this I think two weeks ago or
09:42:27 whenever it was.
09:42:28 We spent a lot of time on this very -- issue and we
09:42:32 came to a consensus, I thought, having staff express
09:42:35 to that neighborhood group what our desire and wishes
09:42:38 were in terms of the surrounding areas.
09:42:40 >>CHAIRMAN: Transportation stated that they could find
09:42:46 some traffic calming devices so we are working with
09:42:49 that area.
09:42:50 So they are satisfied.
09:42:51 They said they are going to help with traffic and
09:42:54 neighborhood is agreeable.
09:42:55 I don't know why we are going over the same thing, Mr.
09:42:58 Dingfelder.
09:43:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I do believe our transportation
09:43:01 folks are wonderful folks.
09:43:02 But they are constrained by one major issue, which is
09:43:06 lack of money.

09:43:07 They don't have the money to help that neighborhood.
09:43:10 And that's why when major projects like this one that
09:43:13 comes in, and I can't remember the exact dollar amount
09:43:16 of this project but I think it approached $100
09:43:19 million.
09:43:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: A 30-acre site.
09:43:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: With thousands of cars coming and
09:43:26 going, we can say, oh, the transportation department
09:43:28 is going to help that neighborhood.
09:43:29 But if there's no money then it's an empty promise.
09:43:32 And that's why those folks left here that night
09:43:34 shaking their heads, extremely disappointed, that they
09:43:38 were not in going fact going to be protected.
09:43:41 I think the project is beautiful.
09:43:43 I think it's a great project, it's going to do
09:43:46 wonderful things for that area, et cetera, et cetera.
09:43:48 But it will have traffic impacts.
09:43:50 And I believe that that neighborhood is not satisfied
09:43:52 that those traffic impacts are going to be mitigated
09:43:55 or otherwise cured.
09:43:57 So that's why I can't support it right now.
09:44:00 I don't think we did enough for the neighborhood.

09:44:03 And so be it.
09:44:04 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the public hearing.
09:44:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Before you vote on that, I would just
09:44:09 ask that before you close the public hearing, if Mr.
09:44:13 Bricklemyer wishes to make any closing comments.
09:44:17 Mr. Bricklemyer, did you wish to have any closing
09:44:20 comments?
09:44:20 >>GWEN MILLER: No.
09:44:21 Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on
09:44:23 item 6?
09:44:27 (Motion carried)
09:44:29 What is the pleasure of council?
09:44:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 6.
09:44:33 I move an ordinance re-- move an ordinance following
09:44:37 adoption for second reading, move an ordinance
09:44:39 rezoning property in the general vicinity of 4010,
09:44:41 4100 Boy Scout Boulevard in the city of Tampa, Florida
09:44:44 and more particularly described in section 1 from
09:44:46 zoning district classification CI commercial intensive
09:44:48 and PD planned development, mixed use, retail, hotel,
09:44:53 residential, providing an effective date.
09:44:53 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

09:44:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:44:57 This is a very big project.
09:44:58 It's very exciting.
09:45:01 We are talking perhaps up to ten buildings.
09:45:03 We are talking 30 acres.
09:45:05 There's an opportunity here to be very deliberate in
09:45:10 terms of what kind of new development we want to see
09:45:13 in the city.
09:45:13 It could be greener.
09:45:15 It could be more pedestrian friendly.
09:45:17 And I hope that in the future, when we have
09:45:19 opportunities like this, we can press to make sure
09:45:23 that those things happen.
09:45:27 I think we would love to see an "A."
09:45:30 >>MARY MULHERN: I would just like to say that after
09:45:33 reviewing the evidence, I don't believe there's merit
09:45:40 of zoning change by the particular criteria that they
09:45:45 are going to do to change it from its current zoning,
09:45:48 commercial industrial, currently office building, to
09:45:53 the planned development, and especially in particular
09:45:56 the residential unit.
09:45:59 I just want to enter into the record the reasons that

09:46:01 I don't think it is.
09:46:03 And these are our findings of fact, what we need to
09:46:08 feel comfortable with to vote for something, PD.
09:46:13 I don't think number one it provides sustainable use
09:46:15 of land and infrastructure.
09:46:19 Under number 2, a compatibility with the site design
09:46:22 and scale.
09:46:22 And that's part of the problem that Linda brought up,
09:46:25 that we didn't see the elevation.
09:46:28 Once we saw them, they were not the same as what we
09:46:30 have seen on the site plan.
09:46:32 And I believe there's a current building that's not
09:46:36 even coming down so we haven't had a visual of what
09:46:39 even that's going to look like, under number 5.
09:46:42 We are supposed to encourage flexible land
09:46:44 development, which reduces transportation needs.
09:46:47 And I don't feel that we have been shown in any way
09:46:51 that this is going to do that.
09:46:53 Number 6, promoting, encourage development where
09:46:56 appropriate and location, character and compatibility.
09:47:00 I don't feel like this is compatible with the
09:47:02 single-family homes, when you look at the residential.

09:47:05 It would be compatible if we were just looking at
09:47:07 office-hotel but I don't think it's compatible.
09:47:11 The residential component is not compatible.
09:47:13 Number 7, promote more desirable living and working
09:47:18 environments.
09:47:18 I think unless we have -- know what kind of traffic
09:47:23 improvements we are going to have, we can't assume
09:47:25 it's going to be a better desirable living or working
09:47:28 environment.
09:47:31 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I know I'm new on this council
09:47:34 but this is a $200 million project.
09:47:36 It's going to bring a lot of jobs.
09:47:40 And Mr. Dingfelder was saying that our biggest problem
09:47:42 is money.
09:47:43 If we keep chasing people away like MetLife, no one is
09:47:48 going to want to come to Tampa.
09:47:50 Come here for a hassle every time these people come
09:47:53 before this board.
09:47:54 It costs them more money.
09:47:55 It costs them money to come here.
09:47:57 I'm sure we have a capable staff and a competent
09:48:01 staff.

09:48:02 If there are problems with traffic, it will be
09:48:04 resolved.
09:48:07 Thank you.
09:48:07 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and a second.
09:48:09 Vote and record.
09:48:25 >>THE CLERK: It knots popping up on our screen.
09:48:27 I do not know who the votes were.
09:48:30 >> Do a voice vote.
09:48:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please do a voice vote.
09:48:34 Saul-Sena ding Dingfelder no.
09:48:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
09:48:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
09:48:41 >>MARY MULHERN: No.
09:48:42 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Yes.
09:48:43 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Saul-Sena,
09:48:46 Dingfelder, and Mulhern voting no.
09:48:49 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to go to item number 60.
09:48:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would just like to make a request
09:48:55 that in the future, when we have DRIs that require
09:48:58 elevations, that the staff ensure that before it comes
09:49:02 to council on first reading that elevations are part
09:49:05 of the packet that council receives.

09:49:07 >> Second.
09:49:07 (Motion carried).
09:49:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 60: Let's open item 60.
09:49:18 >> So moved.
09:49:19 >> Second.
09:49:19 (Motion carried).
09:49:19 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Are there any items that need to be
09:49:22 received and filed?
09:49:23 Madam Chair, if there is anybody that needs to be
09:49:26 sworn, if you could ask --
09:49:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public going to
09:49:30 speak on item 60?
09:49:31 Would you please stand and raise your right hand?
09:49:34 Does anyone want to speak on 60?
09:49:37 >>> I see none.
09:49:38 >> Move to close.
09:49:39 >> Second.
09:49:39 (Motion carried).
09:49:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda, would you read that one?
09:49:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move an ordinance for second
09:49:45 reading, an ordinance approving a special use permit
09:49:47 S-2 approving a drive-in window in a CG and RS-75

09:49:51 zoning district in the general vicinity of 3010 West
09:49:55 Gandy Boulevard in the city of Tampa, Florida and more
09:49:57 particularly described in section 1 hereof providing
09:49:59 an effective date.
09:49:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Need a second.
09:50:02 >> Second.
09:50:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Vote and record.
09:50:10 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder, Mulhern
09:50:12 and Saul-Sena voting no.
09:50:15 >> Now we go back to our regular agenda.
09:50:17 Mr. Steve Daignault, is he still here?
09:50:25 I think Ms. Mulhern had some questions.
09:50:33 >>MARY MULHERN: In response to John Dingfelder's
09:50:36 question, four years ago it would have cost us, as a
09:50:39 residential customer, $500 to pay a plumber to do
09:50:42 this.
09:50:45 I'm sure it costs more now.
09:50:47 And as far as his suggestion about marketing, don't
09:50:50 pay a consultant, why don't we just call it what it
09:50:53 is?
09:50:53 It's reclaimed water.
09:50:58 That's from my marketing and branding experience.

09:51:00 And, also, I was thinking about this.
09:51:04 And the city could maybe work with some plumbing
09:51:07 contractors so that residents could maybe get a break
09:51:11 on getting hooked up by giving having a plumber make a
09:51:16 bid to do an area or block or certain amount of money.
09:51:22 That might make it easier to do that.
09:51:25 I still am not able to do it because we need a new
09:51:28 roof.
09:51:30 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Ms. Mulhern, when we first did
09:51:36 star, there were some folks who did, the whole block
09:51:40 got together and did hire a plumber to do all of them
09:51:42 and they did get a break.
09:51:44 So that's a good way to do it and we can certainly
09:51:46 talk to some folks to see if they would be interested
09:51:48 in doing that and make them available somehow.
09:51:50 >>GWEN MILLER: You had a question, Mr. Caetano?
09:51:53 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: No.
09:51:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
09:51:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll wait for the vote to speak my
09:51:58 piece.
09:51:58 >>GWEN MILLER: You didn't have more questions?
09:52:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No.

09:52:02 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to Mr. David Smith.
09:52:08 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
09:52:10 I'm here to request that you set a closed session for
09:52:14 noon on the 23rd of August to be held in the
09:52:18 conference room on the 8th floor of old City Hall.
09:52:20 The purpose of the closed session is to discuss with
09:52:23 you settlement negotiations or strategy sessions
09:52:28 related to litigation expenditures.
09:52:32 We may not complete this meeting depending on what
09:52:35 happens between now and then but I think we need to
09:52:37 set the meeting and hopefully as things continue to
09:52:39 unfold we can have a fruitful meeting at this date and
09:52:44 place and time.
09:52:44 And I need to you set that this week.
09:52:47 And then we need to notice it which will take care of
09:52:50 appropriately and provide the chairwoman the
09:52:51 appropriate things two weeks from now when we start
09:52:54 it.
09:52:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much, Mr. Smith.
09:52:58 I'm looking forward to this.
09:52:59 I think it's exactly what we need.
09:53:02 We are looking today at the water rates on some money

09:53:04 we need to spend and certainly that's part of it.
09:53:06 >>DAVID SMITH: I didn't even tell what you the case
09:53:09 was. The case deals with the challenge to the Tampa
09:53:12 Bay water permit, and there's associated rule making
09:53:16 pertaining to the recovery strategies.
09:53:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great.
09:53:23 So moved.
09:53:23 >>DAVID SMITH: That will be the 23rd, your next
09:53:27 meeting, which is two weeks from now.
09:53:29 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:53:30 We need a second.
09:53:32 >> Second.
09:53:32 (Motion carried).
09:53:32 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to item 2 and 3.
09:53:37 The clerk will handle those two.
09:53:46 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.
09:53:52 I sent you a memo, several memos, really.
09:53:57 This one pertains to the ARC.
09:54:01 We have a council vacancy due to the resignation of
09:54:07 Sara Romeo, and we have -- we received an application
09:54:11 from Mr. John Collin.
09:54:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?

09:54:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Shirley, thank you.
09:54:23 Didn't we as a board decide we are going to advertise
09:54:26 things when we have vacancies?
09:54:28 And was this advertised?
09:54:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
09:54:33 We have applications.
09:54:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That wasn't the question.
09:54:36 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: We will be advertising several
09:54:39 other vacancies.
09:54:40 Downtown have to appoint now, if you want to.
09:54:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just think as a matter of
09:54:44 process, when we have vacancy, it should be
09:54:46 advertised, certain period of time, then bring us the
09:54:52 names, then we'll vote or something like that.
09:54:53 But I think that we keep going round and round on this
09:54:57 for all the boards.
09:54:59 It's just uncomfortable.
09:55:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Did you have an opportunity to
09:55:03 contact the local chapter of the AIA, to solicit their
09:55:08 responses for this vacancy?
09:55:10 The AIA locally has 500 members.
09:55:13 And amazingly only got one response.

09:55:16 So I think we have an opportunity to cast a wider net.
09:55:19 What I would like to do is request that you
09:55:21 readvertise, that you specifically contact the AIA and
09:55:25 a group called the urban char rat -- charrettes, a
09:55:31 group of architects, and that you -- it's in two weeks
09:55:34 and come back in three weeks with some names.
09:55:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
09:55:38 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion say Aye.
09:55:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And also with the Planning
09:55:43 Commission I know we are going to lose -- we need to
09:55:47 address our Planning Commission representatives that
09:55:49 are appointed by Tampa City Council.
09:55:52 And so I would like you to readvertise it.
09:55:54 Because what's come before us are a list of people who
09:55:56 are currently there.
09:55:57 But we decided that we are going to, each time there's
09:56:01 an opportunity, we are going to open it up to the
09:56:03 public.
09:56:04 Even though I think we have great people there.
09:56:07 But I think we need to open it up to the public.
09:56:09 So I would like to make a second motion that we do the
09:56:12 same advertising process.

09:56:14 And also include our neighborhood person, Shannon
09:56:18 Edge, to let people know about the Planning Commission
09:56:20 vacancies.
09:56:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Would you put a date on that?
09:56:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
09:56:25 Two weeks from now is the 23rd.
09:56:28 You send it back today.
09:56:30 You get it back by the 23rd.
09:56:31 It appears before council the following week, which
09:56:33 would be the 30th.
09:56:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Do we have a second?
09:56:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll second it and I just have a
09:56:41 comment.
09:56:41 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Would you like that also for
09:56:45 historic preservation?
09:56:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think, Marty, we should have a
09:56:51 board policy, a council policy related to all boards.
09:56:53 Then there's clear direction to this clerk and any
09:56:56 future clerk that this is the way it should be done.
09:57:00 And then I know this is the way they do it at county
09:57:04 commission.
09:57:05 Mr. Scott could speak to that but I think it's a good

09:57:08 thing.
09:57:09 When board openings come up they get advertised in a
09:57:12 certain way, certain period of time and it's more
09:57:18 methodical.
09:57:18 And if we had a board policy we wouldn't be dealing
09:57:21 with this.
09:57:22 >>> If council wishes me to bring that back on the
09:57:25 23rd I can do that for you.
09:57:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: For now we can deal with Linda's
09:57:32 motion.
09:57:33 >>GWEN MILLER: And then next week.
09:57:38 >> I would like to push it a week ahead, the 7th.
09:57:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: For receiving the applications or
09:57:47 for voting?
09:57:48 >> For voting.
09:57:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Can I inquire for clarification
09:57:52 purposes?
09:57:53 What I understand you are asking for is a deadline to
09:57:56 advertise and then have it come back to you the
09:57:58 following week.
09:57:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to reclarify my
09:58:03 motion.

09:58:04 My motion in deference --
09:58:05 >>GWEN MILLER: The Planning Commission.
09:58:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: For Planning Commission, that we
09:58:10 receive applications by the 30th, and we vote on
09:58:13 the 7th.
09:58:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And my question to council is,
09:58:18 because council has previously had discussion, I don't
09:58:21 know what the resolution is, when you say vote, do you
09:58:24 mean to have the applicants present?
09:58:26 There was a discussion at one point for council to
09:58:28 have the people appear before council votes.
09:58:33 Do you wish to vote solely on the basis of the
09:58:35 applications received?
09:58:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Shelby, yes.
09:58:39 Thank you for that clarification.
09:58:42 Is my motion clear?
09:58:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Will appear on the 6th.
09:58:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
09:58:49 I'm sorry.
09:58:50 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
09:58:52 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
09:58:53 Opposed, Nay.

09:58:58 (Motion carried)
09:58:59 You had one about civil service?
09:59:02 Do you want to take that now?
09:59:03 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to discuss that, too.
09:59:05 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: We have a vacancy on the civil
09:59:08 service board, a council appointment, and we received
09:59:15 just one application.
09:59:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: In an effort to get the highest
09:59:20 quality responses, I would like to just make a blanket
09:59:23 motion, maybe a policy suggested by Mr. Dingfelder,
09:59:25 that we go to this broad advertisement using our
09:59:30 neighborhood services people, using --
09:59:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: City television.
09:59:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: To make sure people have this and
09:59:41 the civil service, reflect the same deadlines that I
09:59:45 just reflected in my motion.
09:59:46 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: We have somewhat of an
09:59:49 emergency on the civil service.
09:59:52 >> They have a quorum.
09:59:54 >>GWEN MILLER: No, they don't.
09:59:56 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: We have an emergency due to

09:59:57 lack of a quorum.
09:59:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What about the other members?fox.
10:00:06 >>GWEN MILLER: They do not have a quorum because they
10:00:09 do not have enough persons on the board and one person
10:00:11 on the board is in the hospital.
10:00:12 So they need someone to come in so they can meet.
10:00:15 They have not been able to have meetings.
10:00:17 So one person has sent in an application for the civil
10:00:21 service.
10:00:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: How did we get to this state?
10:00:36 Since the mayor is here why don't we take it up after
10:00:39 our discussion?
10:00:40 >>GWEN MILLER: It's 10:00.
10:00:42 Our mayor, Pam Iorio.
10:00:45 >>MAYOR IORIO: Thank you for giving me the time this
10:00:47 morning for myself and Bonnie Wise to present the
10:00:49 budget for fiscal year '08.
10:00:52 Madam Chairman, before I get into the budget, I was
10:00:55 listening to the conversation regarding the water
10:00:57 rates.
10:00:59 And I would like to address an issue that was raised
10:01:01 by councilman Dingfelder regarding why five years?

10:01:05 And I think this is a very important issue and one
10:01:08 that's fundamental to the proposal that is before you
10:01:10 today.
10:01:12 I know it is not how the city has done business in the
10:01:14 past, and that's the very point.
10:01:17 Business as usual is not satisfactory going forward.
10:01:21 In the past, our enterprise funds have taken a year by
10:01:26 year approach.
10:01:27 That's why a lot of progress has not been made.
10:01:31 Think about what this five-year water rate will
10:01:34 accomplish.
10:01:36 Number one, it gives us a plan for addressing the
10:01:39 leaky pipes that are throughout our city.
10:01:42 Number two, it provides for a sensible plan for
10:01:46 reclaimed water going forward.
10:01:50 Number 3, it addresses the minimum flow issues with
10:01:53 the Hillsborough River which protects our environment.
10:01:57 Now, let's say we are going to try to address these
10:01:59 three major issues year by year.
10:02:01 How does our staff properly plan, design the
10:02:05 engineering work and the kind of planning that needs
10:02:07 to take place for $40 million worth of capital

10:02:10 projects with the minimum flow for the Hillsborough
10:02:13 River if they don't know on a year to year basis what
10:02:15 you are going to approve?
10:02:17 The water department is a business.
10:02:19 It runs on the fees that the customers pay.
10:02:24 All good businesses plan beyond just the 12-month
10:02:28 horizon.
10:02:31 All businesses, all enterprise funds have been hurt
10:02:33 over the years because there hasn't been solid
10:02:35 planning beyond 12 months and every year it comes back
10:02:37 to council and every year there has been a res
10:02:40 attention to even ask for a rate increase, much less
10:02:43 one in the double digits to pay for something like MFL
10:02:48 which I think people would be very hesitant to do
10:02:50 that, because, of course, of the desire to keep rates
10:02:55 low.
10:02:56 And so what's happened is we haven't made the kind of
10:02:59 progress that we ought to make.
10:03:01 We haven't provided a sound basis for operations for
10:03:03 some of these departments.
10:03:05 We haven't been able to tackle the reclaimed water I
10:03:07 shall knew a comprehensive way.

10:03:09 We haven't been able to protect the environment on the
10:03:11 Hillsborough River with a sensible plan and
10:03:14 cooperation of SWFWMD.
10:03:16 Are we doing business as usual in presenting with you
10:03:19 a five-year plan for rate increase?
10:03:21 Absolutely not.
10:03:23 We are not about doing business as usual.
10:03:25 We are about doing something in a progressive manner.
10:03:28 If you approve this five-year rate structure, you will
10:03:30 be doing something that's very progressive.
10:03:32 And I can tell you other governments have done it.
10:03:35 And let me also remind that the bondage sis appreciate
10:03:38 that kind of five-year planning.
10:03:41 Bondage sis appreciate two key things: Reserves, and
10:03:45 five-year plans.
10:03:46 Because they know that when governments have solid
10:03:49 reserves and have five-year plans, they are running in
10:03:52 a business-like way.
10:03:54 When they don't see those two things, they get
10:03:56 concerned.
10:03:57 So, council members, I appreciate you allowing me a
10:04:01 couple of minutes just to give my view of the

10:04:04 five-year rate increase.
10:04:05 I wholeheartedly endorse it and put it before you for
10:04:08 your consideration.
10:04:09 And I do believe it will be among some of the more
10:04:12 progressive moves that you can make as a City Council.
10:04:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
10:04:17 Madam Chair.
10:04:18 And thank you, Madam Mayor, for that explanation.
10:04:20 I don't think it's any surprise that I ask a lot of
10:04:25 questions.
10:04:27 And I think it's a very important question as to why
10:04:31 we would have a long-term commitment like that.
10:04:33 I think that's a pretty good answer.
10:04:34 >>MAYOR IORIO: Good.
10:04:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Doesn't necessarily mean I am going
10:04:38 to support the whole thing but I appreciate the answer
10:04:40 and I appreciate you coming down and clarifying that.
10:04:43 >>> It's a good question and I'm glad I had the
10:04:44 opportunity to be here to address it.
10:04:47 And I would like to present the FY 08 budget.
10:04:50 As you know -- perhaps let me start off with a word of
10:04:53 thanks.

10:04:53 Bonnie Wise will be presenting the budget in greater
10:04:56 detail.
10:04:57 Jim Stefan is also here.
10:04:58 There are a lot of people that aren't here.
10:05:00 They are the budget staff that have been working over
10:05:02 time to bring the budget to you.
10:05:03 This has been a particularly challenging year for our
10:05:06 budget and finance people because, as you know, the
10:05:08 financial policy set for us wasn't set until the
10:05:13 special session in June.
10:05:14 There were other details that weren't worked out until
10:05:16 even later than. That we now have new formulas and so
10:05:19 forth and it's all been very detailed, and yet I think
10:05:22 our budget staff has come through with flying colors
10:05:24 in presenting you a balanced budget that still meets
10:05:27 the needs of our citizens, reduce it is millage
10:05:30 according to the state statute, and one that I think
10:05:32 provides for quality services in the City of Tampa.
10:05:36 So I thank them for all of their very good work.
10:05:41 We all have challenges before us.
10:05:43 How do we reduce revenues in the face of growth?
10:05:45 Typically, growth communities take that new revenue,

10:05:48 and it helps to create a better community.
10:05:51 That's what we have been doing for the past four
10:05:53 years.
10:05:53 We have been taking the increase in growth and we have
10:05:55 been investing it right back into neighborhoods and
10:05:58 other infrastructure needs that have been long
10:06:00 neglected.
10:06:01 In fact one of the things we have done is we created
10:06:04 emergency hurricane reserve.
10:06:05 It not nearly where it ought to be.
10:06:07 But it was an acknowledgment on our part that our city
10:06:10 had to be better prepared in case of a catastrophic
10:06:13 event.
10:06:14 The new formula, the new statute by the state, it
10:06:17 totally changes the dynamics of how local governments
10:06:20 are funded in the future.
10:06:22 It really says that our ability to do things like put
10:06:26 money into emergency reserves, that's greatly
10:06:30 diminished if not totally eliminated.
10:06:32 We are fortunate just to be able to balance a budget
10:06:34 and provide essential services.
10:06:36 So we have some real challenges in the future.

10:06:39 We need to continually shrink the size of city
10:06:42 government in order to balance the budget from here on
10:06:46 in.
10:06:47 You know, when we met a few weeks ago, we talked
10:06:50 about -- and you know, and some of you were new to
10:06:53 this process but some of you heard me now for several
10:06:55 years present the budget.
10:06:56 Now that I never like to present the budget with just
10:06:58 a one-year snapshot because that's not reality.
10:07:02 When you run a company as big as the City of Tampa,
10:07:04 you have got to look out to future years.
10:07:07 And you have got to plan for those future years even
10:07:09 as you are presenting the budget for the here and now.
10:07:12 Well, I can look out to the future years and I can see
10:07:16 that under the new restricted funding formula, yes, we
10:07:20 can take in new growth, but we can't take in higher
10:07:23 assessments.
10:07:24 And our future growth is limited, and we already know
10:07:27 what it takes to take our current city government and
10:07:32 move from the one year to the next, and we already
10:07:34 know that that price tag is going to be larger than
10:07:36 our future growth revenues.

10:07:39 We know that.
10:07:40 Now, this year, we have dealt with it.
10:07:42 We have presented you with a balanced budget.
10:07:44 And I think we have done a good job of presenting you
10:07:48 with a budget that, while it has been -- there have
10:07:52 been service cuts, they are minimal in the scheme of
10:07:54 everything that we provide as a city government.
10:07:58 But we have to look to those future years, and so
10:08:02 continuing to shrink the size of city government is
10:08:04 going to be a priority.
10:08:06 Continuing to look at ways that we can reduce money
10:08:08 with a greater efficiencies, and greater, better ways
10:08:12 to do business.
10:08:12 That's going to be a high priority going forward.
10:08:15 Continuing with a hiring freeze except for those
10:08:17 essential fire and police, that's going to continue
10:08:19 going forward.
10:08:23 In fact, we have a task force now for efficiency and
10:08:26 effectiveness and we are looking at a whole host of
10:08:28 issues that we believe if we did business a different
10:08:31 way and change the way we did a number of things that
10:08:33 we could save the city a great deal of money.

10:08:36 And you are going to hear about those in the coming
10:08:38 years.
10:08:39 And councilman Miranda, we did cut travel by $100,000.
10:08:43 I want you to know that we heard you on that issue and
10:08:46 of course that was just one of many issues that we
10:08:48 looked at operationally.
10:08:50 But we have significantly cut operating expenses of
10:08:53 all departments including things like travel.
10:08:56 We reduced 240 positions in city governments.
10:09:01 Our millage, of course, has gone down 10.5%.
10:09:05 So our taxpayers, when they receive their tax bills
10:09:08 this year, they will see a reduction between the city
10:09:11 and the county combined, and all other special
10:09:14 districts, they will see a reduction.
10:09:16 Our service cuts.
10:09:18 And of course you are going to hear from people who
10:09:21 are affected by the cuts and it's going to be mostly
10:09:24 in parks.
10:09:25 And think about this as we look at the big picture of
10:09:28 our budget.
10:09:29 We don't want to cut police and fire service to the
10:09:32 public.

10:09:34 We have made some cuts in police, but they really have
10:09:36 not affected the service delivery to the public.
10:09:40 Fire cannot afford another dollar in cuts.
10:09:44 In fact, fire needs more.
10:09:48 And we are going to speak to that in this coming year,
10:09:51 how next year we plan on giving fire more.
10:09:53 We have got to find a way to increase the size of our
10:09:56 fire department.
10:09:57 What does that leave?
10:09:58 It leaves this very large department of parks and
10:10:00 recreation.
10:10:01 Because you can't get there by cutting all the other
10:10:04 departments.
10:10:05 They are not large enough and still be able to provide
10:10:08 their core functions.
10:10:09 And that's why, when you hear from the public this
10:10:12 year, you are going to hear about the various cuts we
10:10:15 have made in parks and recreation.
10:10:18 You are going to receive a booklet on all of those
10:10:20 cuts that go into more detail as to the history of
10:10:23 every program that's been cut.
10:10:25 But we tried very hard to look at programmatic cuts

10:10:29 that didn't affect huge numbers of people.
10:10:32 And we have got to take that approach.
10:10:34 If we don't shrink somewhere, and we know we can't
10:10:37 shrink police and fire past a certain point before we
10:10:40 start affecting service delivery, then we have got to
10:10:43 look to the second largest department that we have,
10:10:47 which is parks and recreation.
10:10:49 Again, I think we have been very careful about those
10:10:51 cuts.
10:10:51 Are you still going to hear from the affected
10:10:54 constituencies? Absolutely.
10:10:55 But I think overall when you look at $14 million worth
10:10:59 of cuts it really has been done in a sensible way with
10:11:02 a lot of sensitivity towards the public.
10:11:06 Our approach with nonprofits.
10:11:08 As you know, we subsidize nonprofits to a very high
10:11:12 degree.
10:11:13 We are a city of the arts and we really believe in
10:11:15 investing in the arts.
10:11:16 Not only do we pay the debt service for major
10:11:18 organizations, we subsidize operating expenses for
10:11:21 major organizations.

10:11:22 And that's because we believe in the cultural life and
10:11:27 vibrancy of our city and we want to continue to
10:11:29 support the arts.
10:11:30 The approach we have taken this year is that for every
10:11:34 nonprofit that resides in a city building, we have cut
10:11:38 their subsidy by 10%.
10:11:40 For all other nonprofit that is have no direct
10:11:43 relation to the city, they don't reside in a city
10:11:45 building, they are just a nonprofit that we believe
10:11:47 does a good job of providing some service to the
10:11:49 public, we cut their subsidy by 20%.
10:11:54 I have met with every single nonprofit, their
10:11:57 Executive Director and the chairman of the board, and
10:11:58 I can tell you across the board they were very
10:12:01 appreciative that the cuts were not greater given what
10:12:04 many other local governments have done.
10:12:05 We did not make the cuts greater because we believe in
10:12:08 their mission, we believe they provide a great service
10:12:12 to the public, and we want to give them an opportunity
10:12:14 to adapt to this changing fiscal environment, because
10:12:18 many of these nonprofits are affected by many
10:12:21 different governments.

10:12:23 Our theme for our budget this year -- L -- and this is
10:12:26 our citizen budget report, and of course I'll be
10:12:28 making a presentation to our neighborhood groups today
10:12:30 at noon -- subpoena providing quality services,
10:12:33 because I think in spite of these budget cuts we
10:12:35 should never lose sight of the quality service that is
10:12:38 we provide to our citizens and to the tourists, the
10:12:42 convention visitors who come here every single day.
10:12:45 Our police department is probably one of the finest in
10:12:47 the country.
10:12:47 Our crime rate dropped 36% over the past four years.
10:12:50 Our neighborhood, we continue to invest, in fact, in
10:12:53 spite of the budget cuts, we are investing even more
10:12:56 and are investing in neighborhood programs.
10:12:58 This year $6.4 million in increase from last year.
10:13:04 East Tampa, again we are seeing such progress, not
10:13:06 only in East Tampa but in every community
10:13:09 redevelopment area where this previously had been
10:13:12 blight.
10:13:12 I think you should feel very proud of how so many
10:13:16 neighborhoods are turning around in this city.
10:13:18 Stormwater.

10:13:19 What was a dormant issue years ago that wasn't being
10:13:23 addressed at all, now every year we are adding
10:13:25 additional stormwater projects.
10:13:26 You know, we can't get them done fast enough.
10:13:29 And on the heels of finishing a stormwater project in
10:13:32 Ybor City a few years ago look how much Ybor City
10:13:35 flooded.
10:13:36 That's because there's the need not for one stormwater
10:13:39 project in Ybor, not for two, there's a need to build
10:13:42 seven stormwater projects in Ybor City.
10:13:43 But now what?
10:13:44 We are chipping away at the problem, aren't we?
10:13:47 Paxton street used to be people lined up saying their
10:13:50 homes were flooded.
10:13:51 We are getting rid of the problems one by one and I'm
10:13:53 proud of that stormwater.
10:13:54 I thank you for the stormwater fee and the fact that
10:13:56 we are absolutely making a difference, albeit not an
10:14:00 overnight difference, but we are making a difference.
10:14:04 Bonding.
10:14:05 And bonding is going to go over the fact that overall
10:14:08 our budget has only increased because of our bonding

10:14:11 this year.
10:14:12 That's why it's increased.
10:14:13 It's not increased because of operation and so forth.
10:14:15 That part has decreased this year we are expend
10:14:19 ago lot of money on bond issues.
10:14:21 Wastewater.
10:14:21 Again it's the underground work that a lot of cities
10:14:24 and counties wish they didn't have to deal with and
10:14:26 certainly it's been neglected in our city for a long
10:14:28 time.
10:14:28 Now I keep talking about the basics, and that's
10:14:30 because I feel if the foundation of a city is not
10:14:33 strong, what do you have to build on?
10:14:36 If the sewage pipes are leaking, if we are losing
10:14:38 water through leaky pipes, pipes are getting near 100
10:14:42 years old and not doing anything about it, then how
10:14:45 can you with a straight face say this is going to be
10:14:47 one of the livable cities in the United States?
10:14:49 So bond issues, we already have a $36 million bond
10:14:53 issue for wastewater.
10:14:54 We are committed to fixing those infrastructure
10:14:57 problems that have plagued this city for a long time.

10:15:00 Now, I think it's important to talk about downtown.
10:15:03 It's everybody's neighborhood.
10:15:04 And I'm not sure we have said enough about what's
10:15:07 about ready to happen in this coming year.
10:15:09 This is the fiscal year where it's all coming
10:15:12 together.
10:15:14 First of all, we'll go out to bids on the New Tampa
10:15:17 Museum of Art in the November-December time frame.
10:15:22 They will go to construction in January-February.
10:15:25 You know, think about this.
10:15:27 This is going to be a ripple effect.
10:15:29 This is from old community investment tax bonds that
10:15:33 were issued in 2001, not new money but is finally
10:15:36 going to get spent on what it's intended to be spent
10:15:38 for.
10:15:38 The new museum will go under construction. The old
10:15:41 museum will be demolished.
10:15:42 Parking garage underneath. The new Curtis Hixon park
10:15:45 will go under construction.
10:15:47 You all have already heard about the new Curtis Hixon
10:15:49 park.
10:15:50 Of course you know it's designed by Thomas Balsley.

10:15:53 It is going to be Tampa's premier Central Park, not
10:15:56 only the front door to the New Tampa Museum of Art and
10:15:59 the new children's museum but it is going to be
10:16:01 Tampa's park.
10:16:04 Now for the public that's listening right now this $15
10:16:07 million park is being funded entirely from revenues
10:16:09 from property owners in downtown Tampa.
10:16:12 It's the TIF revenue.
10:16:14 As you know, you approved earlier $40 million line of
10:16:17 credit that could be drawn down for some of these
10:16:20 downtown projects.
10:16:21 That's where the money for the new Curtis Hixon Park
10:16:25 is coming from. It does not affect other taxpayers in
10:16:27 the city and I think that's an important point.
10:16:29 So simultaneous with the construction of the New Tampa
10:16:31 Museum of Art, the new Curtis Hixon park, both must be
10:16:36 under construction at the same time.
10:16:38 Then we have got Kiley Gardens, Kiley Park, which as
10:16:42 you know we have had this issue for a number of years
10:16:44 where it's leaking into the garage below, we have to
10:16:47 fix it, we put aside moneys to do it. That too is
10:16:50 going under construction this year.

10:16:51 This is the year for Kiley Gardens.
10:16:53 We are going to go through, and we are going to tear
10:16:56 out what's there, fix the drainage issue, put back
10:16:59 something that is still in keeping with the original
10:17:03 design, but will not cause future problems with the
10:17:05 garage below.
10:17:07 And that's a very important project.
10:17:10 Continuation of the two-waying of east-west streets.
10:17:14 Again another five-year plan.
10:17:16 We are big on five-year plans because that's how you
10:17:18 get things done.
10:17:19 You get it done methodically one year after another.
10:17:21 This year we are going to two-way Polk. The reason we
10:17:25 are zipping over Zack is we are putting money in the
10:17:28 design for Zack as the Avenue of the Arts and next
10:17:32 year we will tell you how we are designing for that,
10:17:36 the Avenue of the Arts.
10:17:37 But with enhanced crosswalks, making it more
10:17:40 pedestrian friendly, it's recognizing that downtown
10:17:42 Tampa is a neighborhood, is becoming a neighborhood.
10:17:44 We have got to make it more walkable, more pedestrian
10:17:46 friendly, more attractive.

10:17:48 And so we'll be embarking on that.
10:17:53 Mathau park, little known park, little used, not
10:17:55 particularly attractive, been there for many years,
10:17:58 has been closed down for awhile.
10:17:59 We are redesigning it.
10:18:00 We are going to get input from the neighborhood
10:18:02 because now there's actually a neighborhood there.
10:18:04 And we have money in this year's budget to totally
10:18:06 redo Matthew park.
10:18:08 Again that comes from the downtown TIF.
10:18:11 Now, this is not a city project, but I think it still
10:18:14 bears noting that this year, too, around the December
10:18:19 time frame, the Tampa Bay history center goes under
10:18:22 construction, just to the east of Cotanchobee park.
10:18:28 As part of that we will be building a heros park
10:18:31 adjacent to the Tampa Bay history center.
10:18:35 It's going to be an extension of Cotanchobee park.
10:18:38 It's going to honor our war dead from all wars, from
10:18:42 the beginning of time, people who have served in our
10:18:46 various wars in our country and have lost their lives
10:18:49 and are from Tampa.
10:18:53 We are going to honor them through a heroes park.

10:18:57 We are working with the Tampa Bay history center as
10:18:59 they go under construction.
10:19:00 Think about that.
10:19:01 That is going to be the beginning of the riverwalk.
10:19:02 It is going to provide for a new park around the Tampa
10:19:05 Bay history center.
10:19:06 And it should all be done at the same time that the
10:19:09 Tampa Museum of Art and the Curtis Hixon park is done.
10:19:12 So we are really talking about transforming
10:19:15 everybody's neighborhood.
10:19:16 And it is a very exciting time, because we are right
10:19:19 on the cusp of this transformation that subpoena so
10:19:23 critically important.
10:19:25 So we do have a lot of challenges ahead.
10:19:28 And I think one of the greatest challenges, it really
10:19:31 does deal with our fire department, because we do need
10:19:33 to shrink the size of government, but not the fire
10:19:36 department in fact, we have a couple of fire stations
10:19:40 planned up in New Tampa, and we have the construction
10:19:43 money for both of those, and that's solidified.
10:19:47 But what we lack is the certainty of operational
10:19:50 funds.

10:19:51 And so we need to work in this coming year to carve
10:19:56 out additional money so that we can continue to beef
10:20:01 up our fire department, because they need more
10:20:04 personnel.
10:20:05 That's the bottom line.
10:20:06 We have been adding seven new firefighters a year up
10:20:09 until this point.
10:20:10 We have been adding rescue cars, and of course the
10:20:12 personnel that goes along with that.
10:20:14 This is the first year since I have been mayor that we
10:20:16 have not added that.
10:20:17 I think it's to the detriment of our city that we are
10:20:20 not adding.
10:20:21 We are going to find a way to do it.
10:20:22 And you know my message to you today is, yes, we have
10:20:25 challenges, yes, this has been a tough budget, but we
10:20:29 can meet those challenges.
10:20:31 This city is going to continue to make progress in
10:20:33 every single neighborhood.
10:20:35 We are going to continue to tackle tough
10:20:37 infrastructure problems.
10:20:38 We are going to continue to make our downtown

10:20:40 something that is just absolutely the focal point of
10:20:45 the west coast of Florida.
10:20:47 We are going to continue to support the arts and the
10:20:49 cultural life of our city.
10:20:50 We are going to continue to focus on those basic
10:20:54 services that our citizens absolutely have the right
10:20:58 to expect.
10:20:58 And those services ought to be quality services.
10:21:02 And so, council members, I look forward to working
10:21:04 with you over the next couple of months as you analyze
10:21:06 the budget.
10:21:07 I am always available for any question that you might
10:21:10 have on any part of the budget.
10:21:12 And of course we have a very responsive budget staff
10:21:15 that are always eager to answer your questions.
10:21:17 I know you have a couple of workshops planned.
10:21:20 You just let us know what information you desire and
10:21:23 we'll make sure we present it to you.
10:21:26 Thank you for your kind attention.
10:21:27 I'll be happy to answer any questions before I turn it
10:21:29 over to Bonnie Wise.
10:21:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, mayor.

10:21:34 We appreciate that.
10:21:36 >>> Thank you very much.
10:21:36 I would like to introduce Bonnie now.
10:21:43 >>BONNIE WISE: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
10:21:44 Bonnie Wise, director of revenue and finance.
10:21:47 As the mayor mentioned, he have budget year has its
10:21:50 own set of challenges and this year as she mentioned
10:21:51 is no different.
10:21:53 There are several other folks that I would like to
10:21:55 mention who really helped us get through this process,
10:21:58 some in the budget department, some who are not.
10:22:01 And of course I would like to thank you all for your
10:22:03 guidance during this past year, and also especially
10:22:06 during the past few months, your attention to this
10:22:09 special session.
10:22:10 And when I send you updates I really appreciate your
10:22:13 input on that.
10:22:14 For the mayor who got this process and got the
10:22:19 department directors through today.
10:22:20 All the department directors, the administrators, and
10:22:21 all the staff, have done an amazing job during this
10:22:25 challenging time.

10:22:26 And they did it when they kept the best interest of
10:22:28 the public in mind.
10:22:30 And that's how they made their decision as they
10:22:32 formulated this budget.
10:22:34 Alan Frazier and sue winter were an integral part of
10:22:37 the design and typesetting of the budget books you
10:22:40 have. In fact the budget books will be in your office
10:22:42 after this presentation.
10:22:43 What you will have is the budget supplement, the
10:22:45 capital improvement budget, and parts of the annual
10:22:48 budget.
10:22:50 Due to the time constraints we were unable to get the
10:22:52 entire budget but that will be forthcoming.
10:22:56 We have had various technical issues this year so we
10:22:59 really had to rely on our amazing staff who worked
10:23:03 with us weekly, and we have some new folks on the
10:23:07 budget staff who really did a Trask job with all the
10:23:10 technical part of the budget.
10:23:11 We also had to recruit some former budget people,
10:23:14 Nemoy from purchasing and cliff Langdon who we took
10:23:20 out of retirement to come back and Jim Stefan and the
10:23:23 entire budget staph.

10:23:24 They have worked tirelessly, professionally, and they
10:23:28 served the public, the citizens of Tampa, and for that
10:23:30 I am very grateful.
10:23:32 And with that I will go through our budget for fiscal
10:23:35 year 08 providing quality services.
10:23:39 As the mayor mentioned, the budget this year increased
10:23:45 about 5% to $761 million.
10:23:51 As you can see the tax operating fund, that's the part
10:23:53 where the property taxes are located, decreased one
10:23:58 percent and the bond and loan fund and the mayor
10:24:01 previously mentioned predominantly due to wastewater
10:24:04 bonds and our CI T-Bonds for the parks and recreation
10:24:07 project, that increased 132%.
10:24:10 So you can see in total where the major increases in
10:24:14 the budget.
10:24:15 So we went from 725 million last year to $761 million.
10:24:23 This is last year's general fund.
10:24:25 I know you have seen this chart many times.
10:24:27 But it is the basis for how we got to this fiscal year
10:24:31 08 budget.
10:24:31 So I just wanted to remind you of this chart.
10:24:36 As you remember, half of our general fund is for

10:24:38 police and fire.
10:24:40 So least year, in '07, the year we are in, 353 million
10:24:45 of which about 76% is personnel.
10:24:51 As we started this budget process now we started in
10:24:54 April and May of the year.
10:24:55 We had a general fund budget of 353 million.
10:24:59 And we knew then that just taking the existing
10:25:02 personnel in the general fund, the existing salaries,
10:25:07 wages, pension, going from one year to the next would
10:25:10 cost us about $15 million more, so we would have
10:25:13 needed about ask $368 million.
10:25:16 And given, you know, a year we would not have changed
10:25:23 the millage rate, that would have accommodated such an
10:25:25 increase. In fact, if we kept the millage rate at the
10:25:29 current level, that would have resulted in about $19
10:25:31 million more than we have.
10:25:33 So this is graphically where we were.
10:25:36 353 million.
10:25:38 We know we need 15 million just to go into fiscal year
10:25:43 '08.
10:25:45 What happened? A lot of things.
10:25:48 We too recognize that we have a property tax structure

10:25:51 that is unfair and needs to be fixed.
10:25:54 And that there was a property tax reform commission.
10:25:57 I think I spoke to you when I spoke for those of you
10:26:00 who were here at that time in November, I spoke before
10:26:03 the property tax reform commission, specifically about
10:26:06 CRAs at that point because we really wanted them to
10:26:08 understand that CRAs rely completely on ad valorem
10:26:12 taxes, and what they do needs to be considered as they
10:26:16 go through.
10:26:17 Of course, the Florida House of Representatives, the
10:26:20 Senate, they all came out with their own proposals.
10:26:22 I was sending you information, this proposal, that
10:26:25 proposal, some proposals suggested we go back to a
10:26:28 2001 taxing levels, some suggested a complete
10:26:31 elimination of property taxes, sales taxes.
10:26:34 We were trying to keep not for profits on the various
10:26:38 changes. The governor had his own proposals.
10:26:40 And as we were beginning the budget process, we knew
10:26:42 we had to make some changes.
10:26:45 So what we asked the departments to do in March and
10:26:47 April, the mayor sent in her memo to department
10:26:53 directors is asked the departments to please stay at

10:26:56 their levels for fiscal year 07 and that would have
10:26:59 saved the $15 million that we discussed earlier.
10:27:01 Look at all the functions of your department.
10:27:03 What are the non-core functions? What are the
10:27:05 essential services? What can we do?
10:27:08 And we instituted the hiring freeze at that time in
10:27:10 April.
10:27:12 So she asked the departments to go back to the 353
10:27:17 million level.
10:27:18 That's the one in red that you see.
10:27:21 In May and June the legislature, of course, was going
10:27:27 through their process.
10:27:28 We knew that we wanted to preserve public safety, and
10:27:33 therefore the other departments needed to step up and
10:27:36 provide some additional resources so that we as a
10:27:40 community could preserve the public safety.
10:27:43 A special session was established.
10:27:45 That special session went from June 12th, so mid
10:27:49 June is when that occurred.
10:27:50 And at that time the legislature did establish a
10:27:54 millage rate reduction mandate.
10:27:56 What did they do?

10:27:58 For fiscal year 08 there's a formula -- and I have
10:28:01 explained this to the to you in the past as well --
10:28:04 they are requiring a mandatory rollback to the '07
10:28:09 property tax levels.
10:28:10 In addition to that, governments throughout Florida
10:28:14 have to have an additional reduction, 0, 3, 5, 7 or
10:28:20 9%.
10:28:20 And that depended on how much growth a community had
10:28:23 during a certain time period from 01 to 06 compared to
10:28:27 the state as an average.
10:28:28 And we fell in the category of an additional 5%
10:28:33 reduction.
10:28:34 So we have the rollback of 5%.
10:28:38 There was some language in the legislation that did
10:28:42 protect the CRA increment increase.
10:28:44 It's a very complicated part of the tax form.
10:28:47 But our bond council, our legislative assistants
10:28:54 worked through that.
10:28:55 I am very pleased that language was added.
10:28:57 It really helped the City of Tampa.
10:28:58 There's also language in there for new construction.
10:29:01 And what it did is certain penalties and constraints

10:29:06 on how you move forward.
10:29:07 So if you don't follow these new trim guidelines then
10:29:10 a government could lose its sales tax revenue.
10:29:13 And for the City of Tampa that's $30.6 million.
10:29:17 So they did put in a very strong hammer.
10:29:19 There are provisions on ways to not meet those caps
10:29:22 with super majorities and referendum and unanimous
10:29:26 votes, but this is the mandate that they established.
10:29:30 And what that meant for us is bringing that '07
10:29:33 general fund to $347 million and that includes, not to
10:29:40 be too technical but includes cost allocations and the
10:29:44 stormwater transfers, how they got to that number.
10:29:46 So we have asked departments to go to 353.
10:29:50 We then had to go to 347.
10:29:53 Where does that take our millage?
10:29:55 Our '07 millage, 6.408 mills.
10:30:00 The mandatory rollback would have taken to us that
10:30:02 6.03. And the additional 5 percent takes us to a new
10:30:05 millage rate of 5.7326, and that is the rate we are
10:30:09 proposing.
10:30:11 This is not just the one-year issue.
10:30:17 The legislature established how we are to move forward

10:30:20 going into future years.
10:30:22 In '09 the formula changes, however.
10:30:25 Once again, we are going to have to go back to our
10:30:27 mandatory rollback.
10:30:30 But instead, we are going to be able to allow for new
10:30:32 construction, and they have added an index of Florida
10:30:36 personal income growth index.
10:30:38 And then also once again it has CRA information in
10:30:41 there.
10:30:42 That new index is going to be based on the economy.
10:30:45 Of course new construction based on the economy.
10:30:47 So going forward, we are going to be constrained on
10:30:51 how much we grow.
10:30:52 In addition, also out there is the referendum that's
10:30:56 going to be on January 29th of 2008 regarding a
10:30:59 super homestead exemption.
10:31:01 And that would allow for greater homestead exemption.
10:31:06 That would have a minimum homestead exemption of
10:31:08 50,000 and 100,000 for low income seniors but
10:31:13 homestead exemption.
10:31:15 Those who have the homestead exemption would have the
10:31:17 ability to choose between their existing save our

10:31:20 homes or the new super homestead exemption.
10:31:22 That would cost us additional moneys as well if that
10:31:25 should pass.
10:31:27 So this is a snapshot of what we propose would happen
10:31:30 in the future.
10:31:32 So the estimate of '09 needs, we think that going from
10:31:36 '08 to '09 would cost the city about $14 million
10:31:40 because we'll have -- we now have a reduced workforce.
10:31:43 So we'll need about $361 million in the general fund.
10:31:47 However, based on some predictions, we think we are
10:31:50 only going to have about 355 million in the general
10:31:54 fund in '09.
10:31:56 These are based on various assumptions as far as
10:31:58 growth and new construction, what the index may be.
10:32:02 The biggest unknowns in that 14 million, of course, is
10:32:05 what's going to happen with pension, and insurance,
10:32:07 and some of those things that we don't know at this
10:32:10 time, that are the main factors, much of the factors
10:32:15 in determining how much it cost us to move forward
10:32:16 from one year to the next.
10:32:22 What we are going to continue to do is focus on the
10:32:25 course of services in our community.

10:32:26 As the mayor mentioned we are going to look at ways to
10:32:28 be efficient.
10:32:30 We always have to factor in our collective bargaining
10:32:33 agreements.
10:32:33 As I mentioned our pension costs.
10:32:35 That service, we are always looking at ways to see if
10:32:38 we can come to you with bond refunding.
10:32:40 We have been successful with those in the past.
10:32:42 We have to look at our internal costs, insurance and
10:32:46 our Red in and program with the goal of acting
10:32:53 responsibly of the taxpayer fund.
10:32:55 Again a snapshot of this year's budget.
10:32:57 I am going to go into detail of the various revenue
10:33:01 sources for you.
10:33:04 The tax operating fund as I mentioned declined about
10:33:06 $4 million this year.
10:33:08 We have some departments whose budgets actually
10:33:11 increased a little bit.
10:33:12 And those are fire and police.
10:33:14 Fire just minimally.
10:33:16 Although they deleted some positions as the mayor
10:33:18 mentioned not affecting the services to the community.

10:33:22 Police deleted some positions but nothing at the
10:33:25 street level.
10:33:27 Technology and innovation have declined.
10:33:30 Economic development has declined.
10:33:33 Also, when you look at your budget and you see the
10:33:35 details, because we have the personnel from each year
10:33:38 to the next, economic development did see a change
10:33:42 because the WMBE area moved from economic development
10:33:45 and went to the administrative area.
10:33:47 And that is footnoted in the budget.
10:33:49 But we did have some changes that occurred during the
10:33:52 year, not pursuant to the budget.
10:33:55 Process.
10:33:59 As the mayor mentioned we are not adding to our
10:34:01 emergency fund this year.
10:34:02 I am going to talk a little more about that.
10:34:04 Last year, we added about $4.7 million to our
10:34:08 emergency reserve.
10:34:09 We didn't do that this year.
10:34:11 Last year, we transferred a million dollars to our
10:34:13 fund balance.
10:34:14 We are not doing that this year.

10:34:16 And the mayor noted the changes to the public service
10:34:18 agencies.
10:34:19 Neighborhood services had a decline.
10:34:22 However, their position count is different, too.
10:34:25 As you recall, clean city used to be part of parks and
10:34:29 recreation, 61 personnel.
10:34:32 And now they are in the neighborhood services area.
10:34:34 So parks and rec, you saw about 100 positions
10:34:38 eliminated, plus 61 from clean cities, 61 just
10:34:42 actually moved over to neighborhood services.
10:34:46 Let me go through some of the other major revenue
10:34:48 sources.
10:34:49 This is our tax operating fund.
10:34:50 This is where the money comes from.
10:34:52 So you can see about 39% coming from property taxes.
10:34:56 Last year that number was 164.3 million.
10:34:59 You can see that that number has declined.
10:35:03 We have the other categories, CIT, 17.9 million.
10:35:08 That's local option gas taxes, state revenue sharing,
10:35:12 transfers and fund balances, $80 million.
10:35:15 Going to go into detail.
10:35:16 The communications services, tax and franchise fees,

10:35:20 utility tax of $80 million.
10:35:22 Sales tax of 30 million.
10:35:23 Fees and charges, this includes operational license
10:35:26 fees, transportation impact fees,
10:35:28 EMS services, convention center, stormwater
10:35:31 assessment.
10:35:33 That's the fees and charges category.
10:35:36 What's happened to our property evaluation over the
10:35:38 past few years?
10:35:39 You can see that it has gone up.
10:35:42 And it has gone -- increased almost 10% in fiscal year
10:35:47 just for this budget '08.
10:35:49 Last year, from '06 to '07 the increase was 20.7%.
10:35:55 So you can see that the change in property value
10:35:57 increases has been material to now only 9.9%.
10:36:04 Net new construction was really a banner year in the
10:36:06 City of Tampa.
10:36:09 $830 million of new construction, a 27% increase from
10:36:13 last year.
10:36:13 That really helped us on our property tax side because
10:36:18 it helped us provide for that new construction in our
10:36:21 community.

10:36:23 And here is our property tax chart.
10:36:25 So you can see there's 164.3 million from last year,
10:36:30 down 1.6% for this coming year.
10:36:33 As I mentioned, if the millage rate stayed at that
10:36:37 6.408 mills it would have been $19 million more.
10:36:46 And here is our millage rate.
10:36:47 It had been 6.539 for many, many years.
10:36:51 Last year, fiscal year 07, reduced to 6.408.
10:36:55 Now as I previously mentioned, 5.7326 mills, a
10:36:59 reduction of 10.5% of the millage rate.
10:37:04 What does that mean for an average home?
10:37:09 This is an average home, $185,000 in the City of Tampa
10:37:13 that has a $25,000 homestead exemption.
10:37:16 And so that would mean a savings of a little over $108
10:37:19 per year.
10:37:20 Now, what that will be coupled with is the county
10:37:24 making a similar reduction, and some of the other
10:37:26 agencies making a reduction as well.
10:37:31 But the property taxes paid to the city down $108.
10:37:34 If you look at your entire tax bill, sometimes people
10:37:38 think the entire tax bill goes to the City of Tampa.
10:37:41 But, in fact, 27% of the total taxes you pay go to the

10:37:45 City of Tampa.
10:37:50 Sales tax revenue is a major revenue source for us.
10:37:53 You can see that we are budgeting $30.6 million.
10:37:56 Last year we budgeted 31.7.
10:37:59 In fact you all have heard about what is happening, at
10:38:02 least at the state level.
10:38:03 They have a 1.5 billion shortfall and we are seeing
10:38:08 that in our sales tax collection this fiscal year 07.
10:38:12 So though we budgeted 30-point million in 07 we are
10:38:15 expecting that only to be 30.5 million.
10:38:18 So we are anticipating collecting less than what was
10:38:21 budgeted in the sales tax this fiscal year.
10:38:23 We are seeing that impact already.
10:38:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Make a correction now that we know
10:38:33 it's coming.
10:38:34 >>> We made the correction for advertise Cal year 08.
10:38:37 That's why we made that change.
10:38:38 We have budgeted only 30.6 million for '08.
10:38:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So we won't see the impact on that?
10:38:44 >>> Oh, we will feel the impact, in fiscal year '07.
10:38:48 That was what was budgeted one year ago.
10:38:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Oh, I see.

10:38:51 Thank you.
10:38:57 >>> Franchise fees, utility taxes, communication
10:38:59 services taxes, you can see that it's increasing a
10:39:01 little bit from last year.
10:39:05 You know, $3 million or so.
10:39:09 The communication services tax is one that I have
10:39:11 spoken to you a few times about, that we are starting
10:39:14 to see that really stabilizing now.
10:39:16 The city has really had some dips in the
10:39:18 communications services tax over time.
10:39:20 And at least it's stabilizing at this point.
10:39:24 How do we spend our money?
10:39:27 And when I show you this chart for the tax operating
10:39:30 fund, the 415 million, we use the state's chart of
10:39:34 accounts.
10:39:35 It's called the uniform accounting manual.
10:39:37 So when you see public safety, public safety for their
10:39:40 purposes is defined as Tampa Fire Rescue, police, code
10:39:44 enforcement, building inspection.
10:39:46 So we follow those chart of accounts.
10:39:50 You can see 48% of our whole tax operating fund,
10:39:53 essential government, 46 million, that's everything

10:39:55 from City Council, the mayor's office, human
10:39:58 resources, finance, internal audit, economic
10:40:02 development, minority, you can see CIP, CIT, vehicles,
10:40:08 354 million, debt service of $20 million, public works
10:40:12 42 million, parks and recreation includes Tampa
10:40:15 Theatre, museum, art programs, convention center.
10:40:21 I mentioned before our property tax proposal is going
10:40:23 to be about 161.6 million.
10:40:26 And we compared this to the police budget.
10:40:29 Just kind of to give you a feel of where do your
10:40:32 property tax dollars go, the police budget, this
10:40:34 includes their CIP projects, their vehicles,
10:40:37 everything related to operating the police department.
10:40:41 And then here we have included also Tampa Fire Rescue
10:40:44 of almost $60 million.
10:40:46 So you can see that property taxes alone are not
10:40:49 sufficient to cover the budgets of police and fire in
10:40:52 our community.
10:40:56 What has happened to the personnel over time?
10:41:00 These are budgeted figures and we do have some changes
10:41:03 that occurred throughout the year.
10:41:04 You can see fiscal year '07 we had 5042 position that

10:41:09 is we budgeted for.
10:41:11 And this budget as you can see, 4767.
10:41:16 Of the general fund positions, 1971 of those are in
10:41:19 police and fire.
10:41:21 The largest general fund positions are police of 1324,
10:41:26 fire with 647, and now parks and rec is third with
10:41:31 538.
10:41:31 Once again remembering that 61 positions moved over to
10:41:34 clean cities.
10:41:36 The largest departments in the other category,
10:41:39 wastewater is the largest, 376.
10:41:42 Then water 272.
10:41:45 This is a comparison of the number of sworn officers
10:41:51 to our population.
10:41:52 And you can see that we are the highest of our peers
10:41:56 at 3 officers per thousand.
10:42:03 The mayor mentioned our emergency reserves.
10:42:05 I spoke to you, those of you that were here last year
10:42:09 about this and how important I felt that it was to
10:42:11 have this emergency reserve, and we still do think
10:42:15 it's very important.
10:42:15 However, this year, we are not able to add to the.

10:42:18 We are just keeping it under the current balance, a
10:42:20 little over 7.6 million.
10:42:23 If you recall we had $3 million.
10:42:25 Last year we added about 4.6 million.
10:42:28 We just don't feel that our existing dollars are
10:42:32 sufficient to address emergencies.
10:42:34 We need that money to be very acceptable, and to set
10:42:37 aside for this purpose.
10:42:41 As I mentioned, we are not going to be adding to the.
10:42:45 We still have our goal of 15 million.
10:42:50 It was something 15 million was about the right number
10:42:54 but needed to be evaluated annually. I want to let
10:42:55 you know that the rating agencies -- I have had
10:42:56 several conference calls with the rating agencies
10:42:59 lately.
10:43:00 They are really watching what governments are doing
10:43:01 pursuant to property tax reform and being that we are
10:43:04 the third largest city in the state, we are one of the
10:43:06 cities that they contacted.
10:43:08 And their concerns, they just wanted to know how we
10:43:11 are handling it with service cuts, are we handle it
10:43:13 with personnel cuts, are we going to dip into

10:43:17 reserves? Not the answer they would have wanted to
10:43:19 hear.
10:43:20 And so they were really pleased, at least
10:43:24 preliminarily, with our responses, and our
10:43:26 administration's philosophy is not to dip into
10:43:29 reserves, is not to hit fund balances, is to look at
10:43:34 our needs over time and address them.
10:43:36 I think for those of you who are here, you might
10:43:39 recall that when we had our utility tax refunding,
10:43:43 having the emergency reserve and our reserve, one of
10:43:47 the things they specifically mentioned when they
10:43:50 upgraded our bond rating.
10:43:51 And we were very pleased with that.
10:43:53 Like I said, we are preserving it.
10:43:54 We are just not able to add to it at this time.
10:43:59 Our community investment tax, our CIT program, once
10:44:02 again, another five-year program.
10:44:04 We are in the third part of the five ---third series
10:44:09 of five years and this covers from fiscal year 07
10:44:12 through 11.
10:44:13 And it is a significant source for capital
10:44:17 programming.

10:44:17 We cannot use this money for something other than
10:44:20 capital.
10:44:21 I know sometimes it gets a little confusing. That is
10:44:24 how it was on the ballot.
10:44:27 It's for capital purposes, knots for operating
10:44:29 purposes.
10:44:30 We expect 16.6 million of expected funds for fiscal
10:44:34 year '08.
10:44:35 And how are we going to spend it this year?
10:44:37 Parks and recreation, a million dollars, really trying
10:44:40 to hit areas throughout our community with this
10:44:44 million dollars.
10:44:45 Fire rescue.
10:44:47 A big portion of our whole five-year program was to
10:44:51 address fees and fire rescue.
10:44:54 You can see they are a little over $2 million.
10:44:56 For fire rescue from vehicles, to station
10:45:00 improvements, and new and replacement stations.
10:45:03 Just to give you a feel for station 22, I have some
10:45:07 projected costs on a new station in New Tampa.
10:45:12 It would require about 30 firefighters, just under $2
10:45:16 million a year for operating.

10:45:17 The gear, the clothing, the trucks, the fire engine,
10:45:21 total of about $3.1 million.
10:45:23 Kind of what it costs to get a fire station going.
10:45:26 Our investing in neighborhoods program, $2.25 million
10:45:30 of the CIT money for those purposes.
10:45:33 Continuing with our vehicle replacement programs,
10:45:36 almost $5 million.
10:45:40 And two bond issues that we have outstanding.
10:45:43 As the mayor mentioned the 2001 bond issue and the
10:45:46 2006 bond issue that we issued in December.
10:45:50 And that was for $17 million.
10:45:52 So we have to pay the debt service on those.
10:45:55 As you might recall, we included a reserve for the
10:45:57 various projects in that five-year program.
10:46:00 And so we have $1.2 million with any of those items to
10:46:04 go into overruns.
10:46:08 And just a reminder of what our bond issue, our 2006
10:46:14 bond issue covered.
10:46:15 Some of the money has been spent already.
10:46:17 And this is the amount that we anticipate spending in
10:46:19 this coming fiscal year.
10:46:21 So you can see from Ballast Point pier, gardens

10:46:27 center, Wellswood, continuing with New Tampa community
10:46:29 center, Macfarlane Park, freedom playground, we expect
10:46:33 to spend over $13 million in those bond proceeds this
10:46:36 coming year.
10:46:38 And here is the old Ballast Point pier.
10:46:41 We continue with our vehicles program.
10:46:45 Tampa police has over a thousand marked and unmarked
10:46:49 vehicles.
10:46:50 And we tried try to replace one seventh of the feet
10:46:54 each year, spend about 2.4 million in '08.
10:46:58 Tampa Fire Rescue, keeping the age of that equipment
10:47:02 down as much as we can, too.
10:47:04 In '07 we did purchase one new engine, and that was
10:47:08 about 395,000.
10:47:10 We did purchase an aerial truck just under 900,000.
10:47:14 This year we anticipate purchasing three new rescue
10:47:17 cars, two new engines.
10:47:22 And city-wide, our replacement program really tried to
10:47:26 not keep vehicles much older than seven years.
10:47:28 That doesn't mean when they turn search years we
10:47:30 immediately get rid of it.
10:47:32 We did look at it, see the mileage, what has been the

10:47:34 maintenance history and sometimes we do keep some that
10:47:37 are a little older than that.
10:47:38 And that's going to be about $15.2 million.
10:47:41 For one cent increase in fuel cost it costs the city
10:47:45 $27,000 annually.
10:47:47 So to kind of give you a feel for what that means
10:47:50 city-wide.
10:47:53 City-wide, we have 3,189 vehicles.
10:47:57 I am going to go into the enterprise fund.
10:48:00 Enter fries fund is about 250 million-dollar.
10:48:04 They are not directly affected by the property tax
10:48:06 cut.
10:48:07 But the enterprise funds too ask how can you operate
10:48:11 more efficiently, see what personnel changes could be
10:48:14 made, and impact the rate structure.
10:48:18 So they need to operate as efficiently as possible as
10:48:21 well.
10:48:22 Wastewater being the largest enterprise fund.
10:48:25 $91 million.
10:48:27 36%.
10:48:28 In the other category includes the marina, and utility
10:48:31 accounting.

10:48:32 You could see parking at 16 million.
10:48:34 Water at 69 million.
10:48:36 Solid waste at 70 million.
10:48:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: May I ask a quick question?
10:48:41 Thank you.
10:48:42 Note as we go into the new fiscal year we are going to
10:48:46 look at building permits, enterprise fund.
10:48:49 Is that reflected in the chart?
10:48:53 Is that the little yellow "other"?
10:48:56 >>> No, that would not be part of the enterprise fund.
10:48:59 When that does get complemented I will bring you
10:49:02 information.
10:49:02 That would really affect the general fund side as
10:49:05 well.
10:49:09 What have the enterprise funds been doing?
10:49:12 As the mayor mentioned we are very concerned about
10:49:14 what's happening under the ground.
10:49:15 Water department of course has recognized their aging
10:49:18 infrastructure, wastewater, $36 million of bonds last
10:49:22 year.
10:49:22 And stormwater as well.
10:49:25 Hundreds of miles of pipe that's being tested to see

10:49:29 what needs to be addressed.
10:49:35 So in '07 we established a commercial program for
10:49:40 water, the plan is to draw as necessary, and
10:49:43 wastewater issue, their bond, of which we are going to
10:49:46 spend about $24 million of those wastewater bonds this
10:49:49 fiscal year.
10:49:51 In the background you can see the officials statement.
10:49:56 That's the bond document that was used for the
10:49:59 wastewater bond.
10:50:02 We really tried to use a combination of fixed rate
10:50:04 bonds as well as commercial paper.
10:50:06 As you know, a big proponent of commercial paper when
10:50:09 it's necessary, I like the commercial paper program,
10:50:12 because it allows us to only borrow the money as we
10:50:15 need it, draw on it as we need it.
10:50:18 We can repay it without penalty.
10:50:19 So for something like CIAC, where we have a lot of
10:50:23 revenues coming in, we are not having to pay a penalty
10:50:25 to repay that debt early.
10:50:29 I know that you all postponed the item on water but I
10:50:34 really wanted to you see what that does to an average
10:50:36 bill.

10:50:37 You can see that there's an average customer whose
10:50:39 bill currently is $70.40.
10:50:42 If the water rate increase were to take effect, so
10:50:46 it's an 11% increase on the water portion of the bill,
10:50:49 it would mean that somebody's total utility bill would
10:50:52 go to $71.67.
10:50:55 So it's a 1.8% increase of their bill.
10:50:58 And I think you had asked that question earlier.
10:51:03 There are some comparisons in Hillsborough County,
10:51:05 it's $95.66.
10:51:07 St. Petersburg $85.36.
10:51:10 And we have some other comparables if you would like.
10:51:18 Water department and budget.
10:51:19 A little bit more than last year.
10:51:21 But they did eliminate a position.
10:51:26 Once again about half their infrastructure is greater
10:51:29 than 60 years old.
10:51:30 Their ongoing capital program is 7 million but they
10:51:33 really want to issue bonds to really address the major
10:51:36 water needs coming forward.
10:51:39 As I mentioned, we have available, as has been
10:51:42 previously approved, $43 million for commercial paper

10:51:47 for CIAC which we have not yet drawn upon.
10:51:50 This is a is a water pipe for the Hillsborough
10:51:54 crossing pipeline rupture, what that was for.
10:51:58 The wastewater budget very similar to last year.
10:52:01 They have a few personnel reductions.
10:52:03 And they are -- not that they are going to pull from
10:52:07 their genre serves, reduce about a million and a half
10:52:11 dollars.
10:52:11 Wastewater, some of their infrastructure, 60 to 90
10:52:15 years old, their ongoing capital improvement program
10:52:18 $5 million.
10:52:18 We talked a lot about the wastewater bonds already.
10:52:22 This is a wastewater pipe replacement between Lake
10:52:27 Avenue and 28th Avenue.
10:52:31 This is the 12th Street break.
10:52:34 And this was in May of '06 that this break occurred.
10:52:38 The estimate to fix this is $16 million.
10:52:46 Solid waste budget also very comparable.
10:52:49 They had a few personnel adjustments.
10:52:51 Their rent actually went down $640,000 due to the
10:52:55 renegotiation of their vehicle leases.
10:53:01 And this year they are going to have a CIP project for

10:53:03 a vehicle loss that has been discussed since I have
10:53:08 been here.
10:53:10 Here is one of our recycle trucks, recycling, yard
10:53:17 waste.
10:53:21 The parking fund decreased a little bit as well.
10:53:24 They have some personnel changes.
10:53:26 Their debt service declined a little bit.
10:53:28 And we have a lease with HCC, and that term has
10:53:32 expired.
10:53:36 This is one of the new parking pay stations.
10:53:38 You may have seen these.
10:53:39 This is at the Tampa convention center and the Poe
10:53:43 garages.
10:53:43 This is part of the plan that was done a few years ago
10:53:46 to see about making the parking lots and garages
10:53:50 operate most efficiently.
10:53:54 And stormwater, budget very comparable to last year.
10:53:57 They did eliminate five positions.
10:54:02 And as the mayor mentioned, we have had now a
10:54:05 first-time where we have had an ongoing stormwater
10:54:09 program to address the flooding problems in our
10:54:11 community.

10:54:15 They, too, have borrowed on commercial paper.
10:54:21 We drew $1.6 million.
10:54:23 I think it was in the past month or so.
10:54:25 And this is the stormwater pipe replacement at 8th
10:54:30 Avenue and 15th street.
10:54:32 We go through our capital improvement program, because
10:54:37 it is such a big part of our budget this year.
10:54:39 You can see there that operating revenues are
10:54:42 accounting for $53.2 million of the total $118 million
10:54:48 capital improvement program.
10:54:49 And 65.5 million are coming from those bonds.
10:54:56 The investing in neighborhoods program, 6.45 million.
10:55:00 Street resurfacing, sidewalks, sign replacement,
10:55:03 traffic calming, we are going to continue with this
10:55:07 aggressive program.
10:55:08 A 4% increase from last year.
10:55:10 And then you can see the history on the whole
10:55:13 investing in neighborhoods program.
10:55:14 Our sign going up 5%, resurfacing 134%, sidewalks 5%,
10:55:20 traffic calming 21%.
10:55:22 For a few years, they included some core neighborhood
10:55:25 projects, some roadway projects, in our calculation.

10:55:28 Now 4.6 million is strictly for these four core
10:55:34 services.
10:55:35 Sidewalks.
10:55:41 And here's a street sign.
10:55:43 913,000.
10:55:46 You all see this slide each year.
10:55:48 40th Street is the key transportation priority for
10:55:52 this administration.
10:55:53 And the 40th Street map.
10:55:56 I think last year I told you it was an $85 million
10:55:58 project.
10:55:59 This year I am going to tell you that it's a $100
10:56:02 million project.
10:56:03 Five segments to 40th Street.
10:56:05 Segments D and E are complete.
10:56:07 D is 35% complete.
10:56:09 A and C, we are purchasing right-of-way.
10:56:11 And here is the bridge at 40th Street.
10:56:15 35% complete.
10:56:16 The mayor talked about what we are doing downtown,
10:56:20 with configuration of one-way streets to two-way
10:56:23 streets, really have a plan N.'06.

10:56:28 This year we did Twigg, and in '08 we are going to do
10:56:31 Polk and design Zack.
10:56:32 And in '09 construct Zack.
10:56:37 And this is the new two-lane at Twigg.
10:56:42 And this is the pedestrian cross walk.
10:56:47 I think we all like that count down, really made it
10:56:51 much improved.
10:56:53 The D-3 police headquarters, I talked about that each
10:56:57 year, too. Police moved in.
10:57:02 Many of you have been there already.
10:57:03 $9.2 million.
10:57:04 The various revenue sources to get this accomplished.
10:57:08 Really terrific.
10:57:09 And here is a photo of D-3.
10:57:13 And the New Tampa community center, awarded in August
10:57:18 of '06, estimated for completion the first quarter at
10:57:22 5.3 million project.
10:57:24 Very exciting.
10:57:26 And the New Tampa Museum of Art.
10:57:29 Construction to begin in early 2008, and as was
10:57:33 previously mentioned, 2001 CI T-Bonds used for that
10:57:37 purpose.

10:57:39 All of our capital improvement projects can be seen on
10:57:42 the city's web site,
10:57:47 I did a demo for you in the past that you can click on
10:57:51 a department if you want to see all the stormwater
10:57:53 projects.
10:57:54 We'll put those on the map.
10:57:56 If you want to click on a certain particular bullet
10:57:59 there, it will show you all the information related to
10:58:02 each of those CIP projects, a great feature.
10:58:06 I really want to thank "IT" for working with us on
10:58:10 that.
10:58:13 As previously mentioned, presentation, of course,
10:58:16 today, we have two public hearings, the first one is
10:58:18 September 4th.
10:58:20 It is a Tuesday night. This is different than what we
10:58:22 have held in the past.
10:58:23 So I want to stress that.
10:58:25 September 19th, a Wednesday evening.
10:58:28 And so that would be for the public to come out and
10:58:30 speak on the budget.
10:58:32 In addition, you all have scheduled two workshops,
10:58:34 August 21st at 9 a.m., and August 30 at 1:30.

10:58:42 As I mentioned, very proud of the budget staff, the
10:58:47 I.T. group.
10:58:49 We have some new folks in our department who have done
10:58:52 a fabulous job.
10:58:53 Last year's budget got the distinguished budget
10:58:55 presentation award by the government finance officers
10:58:57 association.
10:58:58 That is the 20th year.
10:59:00 As I mentioned, the books are going to be available in
10:59:02 your office.
10:59:04 All the budget books will be available online today
10:59:07 for the public to review.
10:59:08 We have some copies available.
10:59:11 And with that we'll answer any questions that you may
10:59:14 have.
10:59:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This isn't a question, it's a
10:59:20 compliment.
10:59:21 Every year, your presentation gets clearer.
10:59:24 This year I know it was particularly challenging, and
10:59:29 I think you have done a very thorough and responsible
10:59:32 job of addressing our needs.
10:59:34 And I look forward to looking at it in greater detail.

10:59:37 But today's presentation was just excellent.
10:59:38 And I want to congratulate the mayor and you and your
10:59:42 budget staff on thinking long-term, how do we begin to
10:59:46 address these problems of an aging infrastructure?
10:59:52 They are so not glamorous but so critically important.
10:59:55 And I'm very, very pleased at the tone and direction
10:59:59 of this budget.
11:00:00 I want to thank you and compliment all of you all.
11:00:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Mayor, just a quick question,
11:00:07 if I could.
11:00:12 I think one of the hardest things you have had to do
11:00:15 in your four and a half years is to lay off about 100
11:00:20 employees.
11:00:21 It was a tough day, one of the toughest days, I think,
11:00:24 for the city.
11:00:25 And all of us as well.
11:00:28 I think it was very humane of you that you gave them
11:00:32 90 days.
11:00:33 I know a lot of other jurisdictions are not going to
11:00:35 be in that position.
11:00:36 And I think that was very farsighted and wise of you
11:00:41 to do that.

11:00:43 One of the things you indicated back in June was that
11:00:46 you were going to have your HR folks work with them
11:00:49 for placement and I'm wondering if you can give us an
11:00:51 update on what you are hearing about how they are
11:00:54 doing.
11:00:55 >>MAYOR IORIO: Council members, I really prefer to
11:00:59 give you an overall update near the end of the time
11:01:02 period in September because it's ongoing.
11:01:04 But our HR department has been doing an excellent job
11:01:06 of working with the affected staff in helping them
11:01:10 with seeking new employment, resumes and so forth, as
11:01:16 well, many have been applying for vacant positions
11:01:19 within city government that are not subject to the
11:01:21 freeze.
11:01:22 And so we have been working very hard.
11:01:25 A handful have retired.
11:01:27 Some have found other employment outside of the city.
11:01:30 Some are applying for, some have already found
11:01:32 employment within the city.
11:01:33 And some are availing themselves of the opportunity
11:01:36 afforded by our HR staff.
11:01:40 Prior to the conclusion of the budget on September 30,

11:01:42 we will issue a report to all seven of you so that you
11:01:45 know the status of the affected employees and how many
11:01:50 found other employment, either within the city or
11:01:53 outside of the city.
11:01:54 We are very concerned about all of them and we are
11:01:56 doing all we can to help them.
11:01:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just wanted to reiterate what
11:02:01 Linda said. This is clearly one of the toughest years
11:02:05 that we have all had on the budget.
11:02:07 And I think that you have a very positive way about
11:02:13 you, and as always you are making lemonade outs of
11:02:17 lemons.
11:02:18 We commend you.
11:02:19 >>MAYOR IORIO: Thank you very much.
11:02:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?
11:02:22 Thank you, mayor.
11:02:23 Thank you, Ms. Wise.
11:02:26 We appreciate that.
11:02:27 It was very clear.
11:02:37 Let's go back.
11:02:43 We are going to talk about the civil service.
11:02:46 We have one application.

11:02:47 And she is going to advertise it because we need some
11:02:51 more vacancies filled.
11:02:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My question is this, Ms.
11:03:01 Foxx-Knowles.
11:03:02 How many vacancies do we have?
11:03:05 And how can we as a council responsibly begin to
11:03:10 create a process well in advance of vacancies
11:03:15 occurring so that we are not caught in this stop-gap
11:03:20 way?
11:03:20 I think we want to cast a net as wide as possible for
11:03:26 the best applicants for these boards.
11:03:27 I think after we deal with this specific one, I think
11:03:30 we should think about a process where three months in
11:03:33 advance of a vacancy occurring we begin the
11:03:35 advertising process.
11:03:36 Because usually these appointments are for a couple of
11:03:38 years so we have that kind of lead time and knowledge.
11:03:40 And I think we end up with the best possible ones.
11:03:47 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.
11:03:50 I want to go back and let now about the civil service
11:03:53 board.
11:03:53 The reason we have the situation that we have is, one,

11:04:00 because of Joe Citro's resignation.
11:04:03 He had the situation with the dual office.
11:04:07 So he had to resign.
11:04:10 And then we had Baroncott who was hospitalized, so we
11:04:19 did not expect those vacancies.
11:04:25 And we had another member that had a pre-scheduled
11:04:30 vacation.
11:04:30 With that, we are having to cancel Monday's meeting,
11:04:38 August 13th, and because we don't have a quorum.
11:04:44 It's a five-member board, and three of the members
11:04:47 won't be there.
11:04:49 We have another meeting scheduled for August 20th
11:04:52 that we are really hoping to have a quorum.
11:04:55 And that's why the emergency.
11:05:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Are there alternates on the civil
11:05:06 service board?
11:05:08 >>> No.
11:05:09 >> So we should do a big advertising push for that.
11:05:13 So could we add alternates?
11:05:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
11:05:17 >> Well, we do have an applicant.
11:05:19 >>GWEN MILLER: He we can't do that.

11:05:23 >>THE CLERK: This particular board was set up by
11:05:25 special act of the State of Florida for reassignment.
11:05:28 They would have to change the legislation to have
11:05:30 alternates.
11:05:33 >> Oh.
11:05:33 >>MARY MULHERN: That probably answers my next
11:05:35 question.
11:05:37 I understand that there are some appointees that don't
11:05:40 show up on a regular basis.
11:05:42 I was wondering if that was happening, if we could
11:05:44 kind of write in to the appointment that if you don't
11:05:49 show up, we can appoint someone new.
11:05:54 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
11:05:56 It's all statutory. This is one of the unusual ones.
11:05:58 You only have two statutes, one dealing with pensions,
11:06:01 one dealing with civil service.
11:06:02 You have to go back and change the special act.
11:06:05 There are there are no provisions for alternate and
11:06:08 removing someone is difficult to put it mildly.
11:06:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it would be worth pursuing,
11:06:15 as aspect acts, clarifying that people can be removed
11:06:18 for lack of attendance, and that we create an

11:06:20 alternate position.
11:06:21 But specifically, when did Joe Citro resign?
11:06:24 When did it become apparent that he had this conflict?
11:06:27 Wasn't it June?
11:06:28 So if it's June and it's now August, we would have had
11:06:30 time to do a broader sweep if we had known.
11:06:33 So that's why in the future we set up this three
11:06:35 months in advance process, then we won't be in this
11:06:39 position in the future.
11:06:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Since we are in this position and we do
11:06:43 have one applicant interested, she gave it to you.
11:06:48 Everybody got one this morning.
11:06:53 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: It's Miss Charlotte Hersey.
11:06:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: As a point of order the civil
11:07:00 service issue is not on our agenda so if we are going
11:07:02 to take any officials action we have to recognize we
11:07:05 are doing it as an off-agenda item.
11:07:09 I am not saying we should or shouldn't.
11:07:11 But I just want to point that out.
11:07:13 Because the other boards, ARC and HPC, are on our
11:07:18 agenda but this is not on our agenda.
11:07:20 You say there is a meeting on the 20th scheduled?

11:07:23 >>> If there is a scheduled meeting that we are hoping
11:07:25 not to cancel.
11:07:26 >> How many folks do we have right now?
11:07:28 >>> We have two members that say they will be
11:07:31 available.
11:07:32 >> And we need three for a quorum?
11:07:34 >>> Yes.
11:07:35 >> And there's some type of official action that needs
11:07:38 to be addressed?
11:07:39 >>> An actual meeting.
11:07:41 >>CHAIRMAN: At the board meeting, yes.
11:07:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
11:07:45 I reviewed miss HERSEY's application.
11:07:49 She comes well recommended by several people including
11:07:52 Patty Moses who we all know, and she's a long-time
11:07:59 resident since 1962 in Hillsborough County.
11:08:03 So based upon that, I'm comfortable -- I'm not
11:08:08 comfortable with the whole process, but in light of
11:08:10 this so-called emergency, I'm comfortable with going
11:08:13 ahead and moving Ms. Hersey to add her to the civil
11:08:17 service board.
11:08:19 >> Second.

11:08:19 (Motion carried).
11:08:20 THE CLERK: We would need to have a resolution by
11:08:25 tonight.
11:08:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Need a motion to Britt back the
11:08:29 tonight.
11:08:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.
11:08:31 >> Second.
11:08:31 (Motion carried).
11:08:32 >>GWEN MILLER: The clerk is going to advertise because
11:08:33 she feels like the other person might not be able to
11:08:36 come back.
11:08:38 Do you want this to come back at the same time we are
11:08:40 doing the Planning Commission or longer?
11:08:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move the advertising goes out, due
11:08:48 on the 30th, comes back to us on the 6th.
11:08:50 >>GWEN MILLER: For civil service.
11:08:52 >> Second.
11:08:52 (Motion carried).
11:08:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'd like to go back to the
11:08:57 recommendation made by Mr. Shelby that we make, I
11:09:01 believe, that we create a process, and we put that as
11:09:05 part of council's rules.

11:09:06 Could you restate that?
11:09:08 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That was council member Dingfelder's
11:09:11 suggestion that the process be incorporated into the
11:09:14 council's rules of procedure.
11:09:16 Articulated within council's rules of procedure.
11:09:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move we do that with the idea
11:09:24 that three months before a term is due to expire, we
11:09:28 advertise, we give people a month to respond, two
11:09:33 weeks later we schedule an appearance before council,
11:09:38 where the applicant will have an opportunity to speak
11:09:39 to us, and we make a decision, and that gives them a
11:09:42 month to -- six weeks to get it on their calendar.
11:09:45 I think that would be very responsible.
11:09:47 Then if we have to put it off because the meeting
11:09:49 schedule, we still build in enough lead time, that we
11:09:54 won't be in this tough situation that we find
11:09:57 ourselves in today.
11:09:58 That's the motion.
11:09:59 Was that clear?
11:10:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Need a second.
11:10:03 >> Second.
11:10:05 Question on the motion?

11:10:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm thinking, maybe if this was
11:10:11 just done quarterly for all boards, it might be easier
11:10:17 on the clerk's office, and easier in terms of the
11:10:21 advertising, that City Council has the following board
11:10:25 openings anticipated over the next three months, and
11:10:28 then that way, in one particular meeting, we would be
11:10:32 interviewing and dealing with it and just done with
11:10:34 it.
11:10:36 >>GWEN MILLER: So you say all boards at one time?
11:10:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think that's an excellent
11:10:40 suggestion because sometimes there are people
11:10:41 interested in volunteering, maybe they retired and
11:10:43 they would be willing to serve on one -- on several
11:10:46 boards.
11:10:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Can't serve on but one board.
11:10:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I understand that, Madam Chair.
11:10:52 But if they don't get this one they can -- I think
11:10:55 that's a great idea: So I amend my motion to reflect
11:10:59 this being a quarterly process.
11:11:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Shelby, do you want to draft a
11:11:04 policy?
11:11:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can, Ms. Foxx-Knowles and her

11:11:09 office did prepare a policy on a quarterly basis.
11:11:12 It hasn't been incorporated into the rules.
11:11:16 >> What do we need to do?
11:11:18 >>> I think a motion to make that process and
11:11:21 incorporate it into the council rules and bring it
11:11:23 back, the draft.
11:11:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Then that's my motion and ask you
11:11:26 what she's done and make it quarterly.
11:11:29 And to bring it back on the 23rd.
11:11:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Is that clear, clerk?
11:11:33 We have a motion and second.
11:11:34 (Motion carried).
11:11:35 >>THE CLERK: Just for clarification, we have provided
11:11:39 the council with all the expirations that will come up
11:11:42 through December 31st.
11:11:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Bring them all back.
11:11:47 THE CLERK: You still have to address item 3 yet.
11:11:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Foxx-Knowles?
11:11:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My motion would be we get the
11:12:01 application by the 30th.
11:12:03 It comes back to us by the 6th.
11:12:08 >> We have a motion and second.

11:12:09 (Motion carried)
11:12:11 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to item 4.
11:12:15 Ms. Miller.
11:12:17 >>> Cindy Miller, director of growth management and
11:12:19 development services.
11:12:20 I'm here on item 4, 5, and for clarification, number
11:12:24 33.
11:12:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: On number 4, we received your
11:12:28 written memo.
11:12:30 I think the bottom line is, you are working closely
11:12:33 with public works on the TCA issue and you want to get
11:12:37 back the with us, when, September?
11:12:41 >>> We expect to have the reports from the consultants
11:12:43 in September.
11:12:43 You already have a workshop scheduled with the
11:12:46 Planning Commission in September to talk about the
11:12:48 transportation element of the comprehensive plan.
11:12:50 Because the consultant's report dovetails into that,
11:12:54 we would like to basically take that up with you and
11:12:57 discuss it at the workshop.
11:12:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: In the September workshop, will we
11:13:02 address these and where they can be spent,

11:13:06 transportation impact fees and where they can be
11:13:08 spent?
11:13:09 >>CINDY MILLER: Let me make sure there is a
11:13:11 presentation on how the transportation impact fees and
11:13:14 TCA is there for the workshop.
11:13:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Great.
11:13:18 Because that's something that's very concerning to us.
11:13:20 Every week we have rezonings which have implications
11:13:23 about spending money on things other than just --
11:13:30 >>CINDY MILLER: May I add with the Planning Commission
11:13:32 and our other staff from the city, when it comes to,
11:13:36 this afternoon you have a workshop, you will have
11:13:37 another one September on the transportation.
11:13:40 We also will be putting together workshops regarding
11:13:43 transportation and transit.
11:13:45 That really show best practices from around the
11:13:47 country.
11:13:48 So I think we will have some very good information in
11:13:51 forthcoming workshops, whether that's in September or
11:13:53 when you start your workshop process in October.
11:13:56 >>MARY MULHERN: My question is, this is to comply with
11:14:01 the growth management law, right?

11:14:04 What are our deadlines for that?
11:14:07 >>CINDY MILLER: For the comprehensive plan itself?
11:14:09 I believe you will have a time line this afternoon
11:14:11 from the Planning Commission.
11:14:12 They will have a draft report towards the end of the
11:14:15 year, along with public workshops, I believe in
11:14:18 November and December.
11:14:19 And it will come back before you during that time
11:14:21 period.
11:14:22 But they have the time line they are presenting to you
11:14:24 this afternoon.
11:14:25 I believe adoption goes to August of next year.
11:14:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.
11:14:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead.
11:14:31 >>CINDY MILLER: I believe item 5, are there any
11:14:34 questions?
11:14:35 This is on the consolidated plan.
11:14:37 9 no.
11:14:37 >>CINDY MILLER: For item 33, $40,000 of transfer of
11:14:41 funds for temporary and emergency relocation
11:14:45 assistance.
11:14:45 This is basically a budget adjustment to put funding

11:14:50 in place, for whether it's existing, say
11:14:53 rehabilitation of houses where we have to temporarily
11:14:55 relocate the homeowner while we are working on their
11:14:58 house.
11:14:59 Because sometimes the improvements are so massive we
11:15:02 can't let them be staying in the middle of the work
11:15:04 area.
11:15:05 And other related housing programs that we have
11:15:10 through our community development program itself.
11:15:14 So it is a shifting of budgets in order to accomplish
11:15:18 those programs.
11:15:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Ms. Miller.
11:15:21 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I have been informed that staff is
11:15:24 present to address item 34 if council wishes to do
11:15:26 that now.
11:15:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Who is going to do that?
11:15:32 >>> Economic development administrator.
11:15:35 Glad to be here to answer questions about the agenda
11:15:41 item.
11:15:41 Actually a very promising initiative that we have
11:15:44 initiated through the redevelopment agency.
11:15:49 Social compact is an organization that is comprised of

11:15:52 business leaders around the country who are committed
11:15:55 to helping attract private investment to underserved
11:15:59 markets around the country.
11:16:02 Communities like East Tampa, for example, where
11:16:05 traditional market data, that retailers use to
11:16:09 evaluate the potential of a market like East Tampa,
11:16:12 does not really, in their experience, reflect the true
11:16:16 market potential.
11:16:18 So they have developed a market rolldown process where
11:16:21 they use nontraditional forms of data that they
11:16:25 collect to create a different picture to allow
11:16:30 retailers to apply to their own business models to see
11:16:34 markets like in East Tampa, if I can use that as an
11:16:36 example again, as a bet are business opportunity, than
11:16:40 traditional data sources.
11:16:41 They initially pioneered their methodology, and many
11:16:45 of you might be aware of the economic resurgence that
11:16:48 occurred in Harlem, New York.
11:16:50 Social contact -- compact was the initiator with Bank
11:16:54 of America.
11:16:55 Bank of America retained them to evaluate the Harlem
11:16:58 market for opportunities to put bank granting.

11:17:02 Their methodology of helping Bank of America
11:17:04 understand the opportunity of that market caused Bank
11:17:08 of America to open branches, and you know the rest of
11:17:11 the story, tremendous private investment has occurred
11:17:13 there.
11:17:13 That same methodology has been applied in markets now
11:17:17 all over the country, from California, to Texas, in
11:17:21 Florida, Jacksonville, and currently Miami is working
11:17:24 with social compact, in a way similar to a way that we
11:17:28 are proposing.
11:17:30 The agreement before you simply is a memorandum of
11:17:33 understanding, that shares how we will be cooperating
11:17:37 with them through the process.
11:17:38 There's in a cost to the city that's included in the
11:17:43 memorandum of understanding.
11:17:45 Plus it's really staff time and engagement to support
11:17:48 their work.
11:17:49 The study will be completed in the fall.
11:17:53 Something we have already engaged, the private
11:17:56 financial community and understanding that we are
11:17:58 doing it.
11:17:58 And they are looking forward to getting the results of

11:18:01 that.
11:18:01 And we hope that it might redirect investment into
11:18:04 markets like East Tampa.
11:18:06 We actually are trying to bring social compact here
11:18:10 for presentation to the CRA board.
11:18:12 We have not been able to work it into our busy CRA
11:18:16 board agenda, but we are hoping possibly in the
11:18:18 September board meeting that we will have them here to
11:18:21 be able to make a presentation.
11:18:23 But we do need to move forward today on the memorandum
11:18:25 of understanding.
11:18:27 Hopefully that gives you a feel for what we are doing.
11:18:29 I will be glad to answer questions.
11:18:32 >>MARY MULHERN: As a CRA board it assumes this is
11:18:34 something that needs to come in front of us before we
11:18:37 have a memorandum of understanding.
11:18:40 So I'm kind of surprised to just be hearing about
11:18:43 this.
11:18:45 And at some point, I assume there would be a contract.
11:18:51 And the money is going to come out of the CRA budget
11:18:53 for that?
11:18:55 >>> There is no funding associated with it.

11:18:56 This is the agreement.
11:18:57 It's a very simple memorandum of understanding.
11:19:00 There will be no further agreement.
11:19:03 >>MARY MULHERN: They are a not-for-profit group?
11:19:07 And who funds that?
11:19:08 >>MARK HUEY: Who funds them?
11:19:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.
11:19:11 >>MARK HUEY: They are funded through a variety of
11:19:14 partnerships.
11:19:19 Each community approaches it a little bit differently.
11:19:22 >> So is this something that our local businesses are
11:19:24 going to be funding?
11:19:28 >>> I can't tell you exactly how this particular study
11:19:30 is being funded.
11:19:34 I just can tell you it's not costing the citizens of
11:19:36 Tampa any money, and that the study is a public
11:19:40 document at the end of the day, and it's not being
11:19:43 used by any particular private entity to the exclusion
11:19:48 of any other.
11:19:48 It will be made available to all the lenders, all
11:19:51 investors.
11:19:51 We will be part of that process.

11:19:53 That is the mission of social compact.
11:19:56 I do have some information about them in it would be
11:19:59 helpful for to you learn more about them.
11:20:02 But again we are trying to get it in front of the CRA
11:20:05 board, just as a point of information.
11:20:07 Again, we work on many fronts to encourage private
11:20:10 investment, and this is one of the, I think, more
11:20:15 innovative things that we are trying to do.
11:20:18 But there's no financial commitment of TIF resources
11:20:23 involved.
11:20:24 So we would like you to be more aware of it, as we
11:20:29 made the lending community aware we are doing it and
11:20:30 the development community.
11:20:31 But you have seen our CRA meetings, and they have been
11:20:35 rather packed with activity recently.
11:20:40 >> Well, if you just have some information about it,
11:20:42 we would like to see it.
11:20:44 >>> Sure.
11:20:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
11:20:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mark, first off, I would agree with
11:20:52 Ms. Mulhern, that if anything involves CRA staff time
11:20:58 we probably should have been briefed as CRA on the

11:21:01 issue before it came to us at council.
11:21:04 But that's procedurally, and I'm sure you will fix it
11:21:06 in the future.
11:21:09 It sounds like a good program.
11:21:10 I still don't understand the word drill-down. That
11:21:15 must be a --
11:21:18 >>MARK HUEY: Again, the concept is, they are drilling
11:21:21 deeper into understanding the market environment of a
11:21:27 traditional market analysis tool that companies like
11:21:31 Publix, as an example, or Home Depot, use when they
11:21:36 are evaluating sites for site selection.
11:21:40 >> So drilling deeper.
11:21:42 >>> So they are drilling deeper into that.
11:21:44 And what they are saying is those traditional
11:21:46 methodologies in an underserved market like East Tampa
11:21:50 underrepresent the real market potential.
11:21:52 And they have been -- you need to understand, I see
11:21:56 international council of shopping sent certifies very
11:21:59 supportive of this methodology.
11:22:01 It's been written up favorably by the Chicago federal
11:22:04 reserve.
11:22:06 It's well recognized, now, throughout the industry, as

11:22:11 a helpful tool for a neighborhood to underserved to be
11:22:16 able to take advantage of, to attract more investment.
11:22:22 We will not know that until we get the results.
11:22:25 But we are hopeful that they will provide a new tool
11:22:27 for us in marketing and communities like East Tampa,
11:22:31 also Central Park Village, as another example of that
11:22:34 community unfolds.
11:22:35 It mites also benefit our downtown marketing efforts.
11:22:38 So we are hopeful in the fall that we will have some
11:22:42 richer marketing information than presently exists to
11:22:46 open the eyes of investors, lenders, and retailers.
11:22:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:22:51 We are going to go to number 25.
11:22:53 Mr. Stefan.
11:22:59 >>JIM STEFAN: Budget officer.
11:23:04 I understand council had a question regarding number
11:23:06 25.
11:23:07 I could give a brief overview of what the purpose of
11:23:11 that is.
11:23:14 Earlier this spring the city entered into an
11:23:16 interlocal agreement with the county, the Veterans
11:23:18 Affairs office to be particular, to enter into a

11:23:21 program that last year the county provided funding for
11:23:25 and this year we are providing funding, and what it is
11:23:28 for is to reimburse active U.S. military personnel who
11:23:33 are in combat for a portion of their homesteaded
11:23:37 property taxes that they paid.
11:23:41 The dollar amount that we had from an estimate from
11:23:43 the county was originally in the 40 to $50,000 range
11:23:49 and now looks like about $80,000.
11:23:51 So we are putting an extra 35 in there in anticipation
11:23:56 of more soldiers actually applying.
11:24:00 To date we have about 5 applications that we
11:24:04 processed.
11:24:07 >>MARY MULHERN: How much of the -- has the county put
11:24:10 toward this so far?
11:24:12 >>JIM STEFAN: What the county did the first year is
11:24:14 they provided funding for all residents in the county,
11:24:18 through the countywide village.
11:24:20 This year, they said they were going to provide, just
11:24:25 to use the portion in the unincorporated county in the
11:24:28 municipalities, were going to pick up for the citizens
11:24:33 within their own jurisdiction.
11:24:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Ms. Mulhern, for pulling

11:24:42 this because I think it's a great item.
11:24:46 Jim Norman came up with this, I believe the county
11:24:50 commission a couple years ago, and said that, you
11:24:52 know, we need to help our soldiers and their families
11:24:56 from the community who are overseas fighting for our
11:25:01 nation.
11:25:01 And regardless of how we feel about any particular
11:25:04 battle or whatever, I think we all respect and admire
11:25:08 the folks who do go over there and sacrifices that the
11:25:11 families make.
11:25:11 So I actually made the motion a couple years ago that
11:25:15 the city get on board with this program, because
11:25:17 originally the county was going to leave us out.
11:25:22 And I didn't think that was right, because, you know,
11:25:25 all the soldiers should be treated the same regardless
11:25:27 of whether or not they live in the city or the
11:25:29 unincorporated area, Temple Terrace or Plant City.
11:25:32 So the motion was made.
11:25:34 I'm glad that we have got a budget item in there.
11:25:37 And I hope we will continue it in future years.
11:25:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.
11:25:41 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say it's a wonderful

11:25:43 effort and I'm really glad we are doing it.
11:25:45 And we wouldn't have had to pull fountain somebody had
11:25:48 just said some -- we are pulling these items a lot of
11:25:55 times because we have no idea what we are voting for.
11:25:58 So if we just get a little more detail on the agenda.
11:26:01 >>GWEN MILLER: You call him and he will come explain
11:26:09 it to you.
11:26:10 Is there anyone in the public that would like to
11:26:12 request a legislative matter?
11:26:14 Reconsideration for a legislative matter?
11:26:16 We go to our audience portion.
11:26:18 Anyone in the public that would like to speak to any
11:26:20 item on the agenda not set for a public hearing?
11:26:25 >>> Thank you very much for this privilege.
11:26:28 Madam Chair, I would like to present you with these
11:26:31 documents.
11:26:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Which item is that?
11:26:41 >>> (off microphone).
11:26:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Is it on the agenda?
11:26:44 Go to the mike.
11:26:45 Go to the mike.
11:26:48 Okay.

11:26:50 >>> First of all my name is Laura Harris.
11:26:54 1515 west union street, Tampa, Florida.
11:26:56 And this, Madam Chair, forgive me, is item 5.
11:27:03 So these documents that I just handed you will show
11:27:08 why I am objecting this time for the council to
11:27:14 authorize the mayor to submit that plan for approval,
11:27:21 because the top document you have clearly shows you
11:27:25 that the meeting that we have been invited to is to
11:27:28 occur tomorrow morning at 10:00.
11:27:33 The bottom page is happening now, at the home
11:27:37 ownership center, for Tampa housing, that workshop
11:27:45 that is happening at this time.
11:27:46 And I am sure that that report that is being requested
11:27:50 to be submitted will say that we have had numerous
11:27:54 meetings throughout the year, and the end of the year,
11:28:00 and I don't know what else.
11:28:01 Actually, I have to wait until 10:00 in the morning to
11:28:05 see what is in that plan.
11:28:07 So as the top page says, kickoff meeting, I don't know
11:28:13 of a game that has kickoff after the game has been
11:28:16 played.
11:28:17 I just don't.

11:28:17 But then I don't know everything.
11:28:19 I really enjoy entertaining positive, happy, hopeful
11:28:24 thoughts.
11:28:24 You know, I'm just really glad that this matter can be
11:28:27 discussed also in another forum and presented.
11:28:30 But I wonder if this council knows what's going on, or
11:28:35 if this council does not know what is going on, and
11:28:40 each scenario, both of those scenarios, don't give me
11:28:43 positive, happy, hopeful thoughts.
11:28:46 And I really enjoy having positive, happy, hopeful
11:28:51 thoughts.
11:28:52 So I thank you for your time.
11:28:54 And I am asking that you still postpone the
11:28:58 authorizing the mayor to submit that report, simply
11:29:02 because it's not Friday, August 10th, and we, as
11:29:07 public housing residents, as council leaders, have not
11:29:12 even seen the plan.
11:29:15 And I am sure that they are implying in their report
11:29:20 that everything is just honky dory.
11:29:22 We have been meeting every month. This meeting that
11:29:24 will happen tomorrow is the first meeting with
11:29:26 resident council leaders of the year 2007.

11:29:30 This two-day workshop is happening at home ownership
11:29:33 is the first meeting with resident council leaders in
11:29:35 the year 2006.
11:29:38 Thank you very much.
11:29:45 >>MARY MULHERN: You haven't seen the plan?
11:29:49 >>> In a, we have not.
11:29:50 >> And you think you are going to have it tomorrow?
11:29:52 >>> Absolutely.
11:29:52 >>: The white notebook.
11:29:56 If we are going to postpone approving it, it would be
11:29:59 good if you come back.
11:30:05 >>> Oh, I'll be glad to come back.
11:30:07 >> But if you can give us specifics.
11:30:08 If there are things that you don't agree with, we are
11:30:10 going to need -- what exactly they are.
11:30:13 I am just saying it is a big document.
11:30:16 >>> I love reading.
11:30:18 Thank you very much.
11:30:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena?
11:30:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My feeling is it would be
11:30:23 appropriate for to us put this under unfinished
11:30:25 business, and invite Mr. Evans -- or, excuse me, I

11:30:32 don't know whether we should invite the chairman of
11:30:34 the board as the director of the housing authority to
11:30:36 come over here to answer questions that we might have,
11:30:39 and also questions that the public might pose.
11:30:42 So I'm thinking perhaps the 30th or the 23rd.
11:30:48 Maybe the 23rd would be an appropriate time under
11:30:51 unfinished business to invite the director of the
11:30:54 housing authority, Mr. Ryan, to come here and address
11:31:00 us.
11:31:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Sal Territo, do you want to speak ton
11:31:02 that?
11:31:03 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.
11:31:04 May I suggest that you continue this to 1:30 to give
11:31:08 the administration a chance to come down?
11:31:09 I'm not sure if we are dealing with a deadline here.
11:31:11 I'm not sure what the major of the report, and I don't
11:31:15 want to have where the report had to be filed on a
11:31:19 certain day and we are missing that date and there's
11:31:22 no one here to address that issue.
11:31:23 I just request if you are going to postpone to give
11:31:26 them an opportunity to come back today to give you an
11:31:28 idea what the issue is.

11:31:29 That's all I'm suggesting.
11:31:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just for clarification or point of
11:31:33 order, I think we approved item 5.
11:31:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Already.
11:31:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: By Mrs. Miller, she was here.
11:31:41 I was going to raise that issue.
11:31:43 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to postpone?
11:31:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We haven't voted on it so we can
11:31:50 defer until the arch.
11:31:53 >> Second if that's a motion.
11:31:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's a motion if that's fine.
11:32:00 >>SAL TERRITO: Actually, come back at whichever
11:32:04 workshop at 1:30 but still a part of your -- it's part
11:32:08 of your regular City Council meeting.
11:32:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's my motion, to defer to the
11:32:13 afternoon so everybody knows what the story is.
11:32:18 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a question.
11:32:19 I hope that there isn't a deadline because it's a
11:32:22 consolidated five-year plan -- no, three years.
11:32:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You never know.
11:32:29 >>MARY MULHERN: But hopefully we are not going to have
11:32:31 to approve this today.

11:32:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:32:39 (Motion carried).
11:32:43 >>> Ms. Harris: Please clarify for me what you just
11:32:46 decided.
11:32:46 >>GWEN MILLER: At 1:30 we are going to come back
11:32:49 because we have to have someone from administration to
11:32:51 come and talk about this.
11:32:52 >> Is my presence necessary?
11:32:54 >>GWEN MILLER: If would you like to.
11:32:56 If not we can let now what happened.
11:32:58 >>> I would appreciate it.
11:32:59 Thank you.
11:32:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:33:00 >>> Mark Klutho, 14496 120th Avenue North, Largo. I
11:33:07 want to speak to the budget.
11:33:09 Right here in the other room, you're burning
11:33:14 incandescent light bulbs.
11:33:17 What a foolish waste. The taxpayers money up in
11:33:21 smoke.
11:33:28 It's a heater that gives off some light.
11:33:33 Can't have enough money.
11:33:35 Here's my copy of energy unbound, signed by Ann Marie

11:33:41 Levens, held here in Tampa 1992 for mark Klutho,
11:33:48 partner in America's future.
11:33:51 Now we have governor Crist, energy commission,
11:33:57 Florida's energy commission's advisory group on
11:34:02 climate change.
11:34:03 They met at the airport Tuesday, May 8th, and now
11:34:07 you are talking about climate change and
11:34:12 sustainability and you are going to go green.
11:34:16 If it was a dart game, the darts are going, choo.
11:34:23 Whew!
11:34:25 Bull's eye up there.
11:34:26 And the mayor today talked about the arts.
11:34:33 You are going to squander the tax pairs' money.
11:34:37 There was an interview by the St. Pete Times arts
11:34:41 critic, with the Newark text that you hired for this
11:34:47 building, and he likened architecture to preparing
11:34:52 food, food that you eat, and then you poop and flush
11:35:01 down the toilet.
11:35:03 You hired a fool.
11:35:06 This building isn't going to be green.
11:35:08 And it's going to end up wasting tons and tons of the
11:35:14 taxpayers money.

11:35:16 We are never going to have a good budget here.
11:35:22 Levens wrote in fine home building in 1991, if it's
11:35:25 not efficient, it's not beautiful.
11:35:28 And he says here, energy and water efficiency don't
11:35:31 depend much on a building's size or style, nor on
11:35:36 climate.
11:35:38 But you got rid of the Nolie and now you hired a worse
11:35:43 fool to make a stupid building.
11:35:47 It's not green.
11:35:48 And you keep wasting the taxpayers money, ignoring
11:35:52 science and technology.
11:35:54 You can't even get the lights in this building right.
11:35:59 How can the taxpayers expect that a budget can be
11:36:06 right?
11:36:06 You can't plant trees in the right place.
11:36:10 In downtown here, we have in the sidewalk trees that
11:36:15 are going to end up killing people.
11:36:20 This is malfeasance.
11:36:22 Oh, yes, trees.
11:36:28 They will start coming apart.
11:36:30 They should not be planted anywhere near any buildings
11:36:33 where people will be.

11:36:35 (Bell sounds).
11:36:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
11:36:36 Next.
11:36:46 >>> Spencer Cass, 1001 north Howard Avenue.
11:36:50 Mr. Shelby has what I am going to present today.
11:36:54 I'm here on item number 19 which is the increase in
11:36:56 the water rates.
11:36:59 If I could have the Elmo, I would appreciate it.
11:37:05 First I would just like to point out that if any
11:37:08 member of the public ever presented what city staff
11:37:12 presented today in the misleading fashion that it was
11:37:15 presented, this council would tear them apart.
11:37:20 The resolution before you is a five-year plan, where
11:37:23 what your city staff showed you was the rate increase
11:37:25 for one year.
11:37:26 A little footnote at the bottom, a little asterisk.
11:37:32 That's a one-year change.
11:37:33 You are passing a five year plan. The water rates are
11:37:35 going to double.
11:37:36 Double means double.
11:37:37 Twice as much.
11:37:39 So that everyone is on the same page if you look at

11:37:41 the Elmo, this rate increase is the equivalent of
11:37:43 raising the millage rate in the City of Tampa by 25%.
11:37:48 That's the kind of money we are talking about.
11:37:50 It is an increase of 1.641 mills that's being imposed
11:37:56 on the resident of the City of Tampa.
11:38:00 Next, the city has no specific plan on how to spend
11:38:05 the money.
11:38:05 What the administration has asked this council is give
11:38:08 us the money --
11:38:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Back that off.
11:38:14 >>> You have copies.
11:38:16 There is no plan on how to spend the money.
11:38:26 In the reality that I live in, first you identify the
11:38:29 problem.
11:38:29 Then you come up with a plan to stop the problem and
11:38:33 then you raise the money.
11:38:34 You don't just say let's raise tons of money and then
11:38:37 see how we fix the problem.
11:38:38 You received no specific information from the
11:38:40 administration on how much water this is supposed to
11:38:42 take.
11:38:42 What if the answer is zero?

11:38:45 Do you want to spend 42 million a year if the answer
11:38:47 is zero?
11:38:48 Maybe it's a ton of water.
11:38:50 You don't have those specifics.
11:38:51 In the package you have, there's a list of specific
11:38:54 questions.
11:38:54 I gave council this list of questions over a month ago
11:38:56 when this issue was raised.
11:38:58 Now, no one of the questions has been answered.
11:39:06 How long is it going to take?
11:39:07 This is just very basic, common sense stuff.
11:39:11 As you heard this morning this city floated $36
11:39:16 million in bond financing.
11:39:17 So far they haven't spent any of it.
11:39:20 Their plan is to spend 24 million so they have extra
11:39:23 money for repairs sitting around but don't have a plan
11:39:26 how to spend it.
11:39:27 Raising the money now just doesn't make sense.
11:39:29 I also want to point out that by doing this as a rate
11:39:32 increase, City Council will have no say on how the
11:39:37 money is spent.
11:39:38 You might remember the problems that occurred on

11:39:41 Granada street. The only way council was able to stop
11:39:43 that from occurring was by telling the administration
11:39:46 you will not spend the project.
11:39:50 If you do this as a rate increase, if they use their
11:39:54 own internal staff, this council gets absolutely no
11:39:56 say in how that money is spent.
11:40:00 If council is bent on doing this, then what I suggest
11:40:03 is that the money be placed aside in separate funds,
11:40:06 that it can be tracked, see that it's going toward the
11:40:09 project it's supposed to be.
11:40:11 Honestly, I recommend that you pull this item from the
11:40:13 agenda, the answers to the very basic questions that I
11:40:17 presented with you, you don't proceed with.
11:40:20 Thank you very much.
11:40:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
11:40:25 Next.
11:40:27 >>> Good morning.
11:40:30 Costantino, 708 south Davis Boulevard, in Tampa.
11:40:33 And I'm representing camera Florida, community based
11:40:40 think tank.
11:40:41 I think we have a great mayor.
11:40:42 I think we have a great council.

11:40:44 I think we have a hard-working admin in the city.
11:40:50 And I think you could win the city Super Bowl with the
11:40:56 team but that doesn't mean you are win all the games
11:40:58 and you are always right.
11:40:59 And in the case of the budget, I'm here to flag one
11:41:05 item, actually two items, and to try to take this out
11:41:09 of what is going on.
11:41:11 There seems to be a rush to develop downtown, which is
11:41:17 a great thing, and there's absolutely nothing wrong
11:41:21 with that.
11:41:22 And as a matter of fact we have looked at the program,
11:41:24 and we agree that the Tampa Museum of Art is a good
11:41:28 project.
11:41:29 We also agree with the gentleman that said it should
11:41:33 be a lot greener, it should be unacceptable if it's
11:41:35 not green.
11:41:37 We also agree that the Kiley Park should go forward,
11:41:41 and we also agree that the Tampa riverwalk should go
11:41:44 forward.
11:41:46 But when you look at the Curtis Hixon park, I think
11:41:51 some people have said that the train has left the
11:41:53 station in that park.

11:41:55 So I'm here to ask that the train stop at the next
11:41:58 station, because I think there's kind of a train wreck
11:42:03 ahead financially.
11:42:04 And I think it's also the worst thing that can happen
11:42:08 is to give our mayor two black eyes, and if she has
11:42:11 two black eyes on this program then the city gets two
11:42:14 black eyes.
11:42:15 And way mean by a black eye in this case, one black
11:42:19 eye, is the city of the arts does not destroy a
11:42:21 museum.
11:42:23 That's a $5 million museum.
11:42:25 It's a quality of life investment, infrastructure, and
11:42:29 that should not happen.
11:42:30 The garage is the other black eye.
11:42:32 And when you destroy a downtown garage, when you are
11:42:35 going to have a riverwalk, and the garage actually
11:42:38 shows up on the books every year as $315,000 when the
11:42:44 riverwalk is complete, would probably earn half a
11:42:48 million dollars a year in revenue, that's a black eye.
11:42:52 Because it doesn't make any sense to the average
11:42:55 person and doesn't make sense -- doesn't make any
11:42:58 sense to our think tank that you destroy a structure

11:43:00 like that as 5 million, as you destroy the museum,
11:43:04 that's another 5 million.
11:43:06 You have a park there already, and we are going to
11:43:09 destroy that.
11:43:09 And with all this you are going to create some park
11:43:14 that I don't think at this time is really a good
11:43:19 option.
11:43:20 When you balance everything that's going on.
11:43:23 So we are not saying that parks shouldn't happen.
11:43:27 We are just saying that it should be placed on the
11:43:30 shelf.
11:43:30 We think because of this steam rolling thing -- well,
11:43:36 it's a whole vision, and it's a great vision.
11:43:38 But this particular part of the vision, we feel, that
11:43:40 the city, the council, the administrator, and everyone
11:43:43 should take a look at that point.
11:43:46 Because when that gets out into the public, that's
11:43:50 where the black eyes occur.
11:43:52 Because it's a quality of life issue.
11:43:54 It's a museum.
11:43:55 And we don't have a reputation of probably
11:43:58 historically the only city that's ever destroyed a

11:44:01 27-year-old museum.
11:44:02 I don't think that should happen.
11:44:04 Thank you very much.
11:44:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
11:44:07 Next.
11:44:12 >>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: I reside at 2902 East Ellicott
11:44:20 street three nights a week.
11:44:22 Again I just thank God for his grace and his mercy.
11:44:29 And I believe in prayer.
11:44:34 If we ever pray, we need to pray now.
11:44:36 Things are happening all over the world, come out
11:44:39 green awhile ago.
11:44:39 The other day I looked, it was hotter since 1800.
11:44:45 This world is going to be destroyed by fire.
11:44:47 So you see where it's coming from.
11:44:50 But this morning, I want to speak on number 18, 19,
11:44:55 and number 7, the budget.
11:44:57 And this budget thing here, I agree with those
11:45:01 gentlemen what they just said awhile ago.
11:45:03 I am going to start on that first.
11:45:05 I agree with everything they said this morning.
11:45:07 That black eye thing.

11:45:08 But my part was, when the mayor -- I am going to tell
11:45:12 you.
11:45:13 Some things hit me sometimes.
11:45:16 I have to come in every week to have a chance to speak
11:45:18 on it.
11:45:19 But when that gentleman came in three or four weeks
11:45:22 ago and told you you all made a bad mistake when the
11:45:25 mayor -- Mr. Fred Hearn, that's a great black man,
11:45:32 sent him home, wiped out his whole entire office.
11:45:39 That's a place where us poor peoples go when somebody
11:45:43 do something to us, we run over there to them, and
11:45:45 they can help us.
11:45:46 Now we got nowhere to go.
11:45:49 But when the mayor says cut back, the police,
11:45:56 something strange about that.
11:45:59 But the gentleman said awhile ago, there's another
11:46:03 thing I want to speak on, that gentleman this morning
11:46:06 hit it this morning about that river sidewalk, that
11:46:08 museum.
11:46:09 This morning the mayor was just smiling, and she was
11:46:12 talking about that, there was a smile on her face,
11:46:15 talk about that riverwalk and all that stuff downtown.

11:46:17 But what I want to say, though, that I disagree with
11:46:22 the mayor about this budget thing of giving away
11:46:25 property for the city.
11:46:27 And we talked about that for years.
11:46:29 The mayor said we got 200 some vacant lots in East
11:46:33 Tampa she's going to give away.
11:46:34 And then give people $200,000 to buy Gene's Bar.
11:46:42 Sell that place to the highest bidder.
11:46:43 Over in West Tampa, that place in West Tampa there,
11:46:48 paid the city millions of dollars for that building.
11:46:50 And that's where bought that building for two or three
11:46:55 million dollars.
11:46:55 Sell that property.
11:46:56 Get out of the real estate business.
11:46:58 We got contractors here from all over the world, want
11:47:01 to build houses.
11:47:03 Like birds, because this is a big business of building
11:47:06 houses.
11:47:07 Sell that city land.
11:47:08 That way you can have some of them people in community
11:47:11 affairs, sell the land to the highest bidder.
11:47:15 Mr. Dingfelder, I appreciate what you said about the

11:47:18 water this morning.
11:47:20 Somebody said about cheapest water in the country.
11:47:22 Now what they do?
11:47:24 They might have cheaper water.
11:47:25 But they add the bill onto the water.
11:47:31 The house, try to build a house in the state of
11:47:37 Florida, I know you all talk about old ladies.
11:47:45 When it comes to water and garbage you all don't have
11:47:48 no senior citizens.
11:47:52 I appreciate what you said this morning, too. You
11:47:53 have a good heart.
11:47:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Are you going to come and explain
11:47:58 number 5 real quick?
11:48:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just a point of order.
11:48:02 There was a motion and a second that number 5 would be
11:48:05 dealt with this afternoon.
11:48:06 I think it's out of order for us to deal with it now.
11:48:12 And I know Mr. Stefan was working hard and I apologize
11:48:16 for you coming over.
11:48:17 I just think it's --
11:48:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
11:48:23 Item number 7.

11:48:27 Not 7.
11:48:28 67 wants a continuation.
11:48:29 >>REBECCA KERT: Item number 67 is an appeal there.
11:48:32 Was a notice issue and it needs to be continued for
11:48:35 two weeks until August 21st.
11:48:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.
11:48:39 >> Second.
11:48:39 >>GWEN MILLER: We stand adjourned until 1:30.
11:48:41 (Meeting recessed at 11:48 a.m.)

Tampa City Council
Thursday, August 9, 2007
1:30 p.m. session

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13:34:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.
13:34:49 [Roll Call]
13:34:50 >>GWEN MILLER: At this time we go back to item number
13:34:53 5, Mr. Jim Stefan.
13:34:55 >>JIM STEFAN: Budget officer.
13:34:57 I guess there was a question regarding item number 5.
13:35:00 The consolidated plan has been something that we have
13:35:04 been working with council and the community since
13:35:07 about March when we do the -- this whole process has

13:35:12 moved along for about six months.
13:35:14 The actual document has been advertised in the
13:35:19 newspaper the beginning part of July in both the
13:35:27 Tribune and copy of the plan was available for public
13:35:29 review both in the city clerk's office and in the main
13:35:32 library downtown.
13:35:35 We also talked about it last week.
13:35:37 And we put a copy of the final product online in doc
13:35:43 agenda for the public to view the final document.
13:35:47 And the law requires that we have this document up to
13:35:53 Jacksonville by the 14th.
13:35:56 So City Council has to approve this today in order to
13:36:02 meet the deadline.
13:36:05 We talk about $11.5 million.
13:36:08 And I think I mentioned last week when we put the
13:36:11 final document there that we would be asking council
13:36:15 to act on it today.
13:36:23 We have communicated with the housing authority today,
13:36:25 and he's aware and has a copy of the consolidated plan
13:36:28 in his hand.
13:36:29 We previously met with other housing authority staff
13:36:33 about the part of our plan that involved the housing

13:36:36 authority, and our housing people are in the process,
13:36:45 in talking to Laura Harris, to explain to her, and it
13:36:48 appears that there is a misunderstanding in regard to
13:36:53 our planning process and the Tampa housing authority's
13:36:56 planning process, which her correspondence is talking
13:36:59 about the Tampa housing agency's plan and their
13:37:02 capital improvement program, which is different from
13:37:09 the City of Tampa.
13:37:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you for the explanation.
13:37:11 I believe Ms. Harris was confused between the two.
13:37:14 And I appreciate you getting back in touch with her.
13:37:17 And I'll be willing to move this.
13:37:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.
13:37:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
13:37:23 Thank you.
13:37:24 Jim, I just want to make sure, since she's not here,
13:37:27 if she has another question or she brings something
13:37:30 up, that the city could amend that plan.
13:37:33 It seems like most problems when you submit a plan, or
13:37:37 any kind of document, you always have the opportunity
13:37:39 to possibly amend it down the road.
13:37:41 Did you look into the possibility that we could amend

13:37:44 it?
13:37:46 >>JIM STEFAN: This along with any other plan or
13:37:48 financial document that we have can be amended.
13:37:51 And if she has any questions at all, I'll be very
13:37:53 happy to talk to her.
13:37:54 >>GWEN MILLER: I think it's important that, you know,
13:37:56 if there is anything that comes up, you know, in any
13:37:59 of these future meetings with the housing authority or
13:38:02 wherever, that we could always amend the plan if we
13:38:05 needed to.
13:38:06 Thank you.
13:38:06 >> motion and second.
13:38:07 (Motion carried).
13:38:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
13:38:10 But I thought that Ms. Harris' point was well taken,
13:38:12 that because so much of what the housing authority
13:38:15 does affects Tampa citizens, that it would be well for
13:38:18 us to be updated on what their long-term planning is.
13:38:24 Perhaps not immediately but in September, I think it
13:38:27 would be appropriate to invite Mr. Lyons over to
13:38:30 council for maybe a six-minute presentation on what
13:38:35 their plan is.

13:38:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: How about October?
13:38:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay, October has a ring to the.
13:38:43 In October we are beginning our new --
13:38:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We could do it in a workshop day.
13:38:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Or under staff reports.
13:38:51 I think staff reports would be adequate.
13:38:52 So that would be either October 4th or the
13:38:56 18th.
13:38:58 So I'd say the 18th under staff reports.
13:39:01 I'd like to move Mr. Lyons, the director of the
13:39:04 housing authority, come to council with a five minute
13:39:06 presentation on their plan.
13:39:11 >> Second.
13:39:11 (Motion carried).
13:39:12 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to item number 8.
13:39:15 Mr. Caetano, would you read that, please?
13:39:25 >>> An ordinance being presented for the first reading
13:39:28 consideration, an ordinance authorizing the
13:39:30 installation and maintenance of encroachments, ten
13:39:35 awnings and canopies by Novare group, known as east
13:39:42 Cass Street, North Tampa Street, east Polk street and
13:39:45 north Franklin street as more particularly described

13:39:48 herein subject to the certain terms, covenants,
13:39:51 conditions, and agreements as more particularly
13:39:53 described here, providing an effective date.
13:39:56 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
13:39:58 (Motion carried)
13:40:00 We now go to our committee reports.
13:40:02 Public safety, vice chair, Charlie Miranda.
13:40:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move items 9 through 13.
13:40:08 >> Second.
13:40:08 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
13:40:10 (Motion carried)
13:40:11 Parks and recreation, Linda Saul-Sena.
13:40:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move resolutions 14
13:40:16 through 16.
13:40:17 >> Second.
13:40:17 >>CHAIRMAN: Motion and second.
13:40:18 (Motion carried)
13:40:20 Public works, Mr. Charlie Miranda.
13:40:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to move 17 through 23.
13:40:25 I want to speak to 22 that was presented earlier on
13:40:27 the $2 million expenditure.
13:40:31 This here is regarding methane which is an item which

13:40:37 is a very in the plant.
13:40:39 We are currently out of it. The pricing of it is not
13:40:42 done.
13:40:43 It's done through a lot of exchanges in the market.
13:40:46 And on the availability of it.
13:40:49 The only area on the whole southeast, Paladine is the
13:40:56 distributor of this, and they are in Blacksboro,
13:41:01 Georgia, a big city over there.
13:41:03 It's something that is very much needed.
13:41:04 It's been through every acceptable process, through
13:41:07 the legal department, through the purchasing
13:41:09 department, and we need this because we are running
13:41:13 out of it right now.
13:41:14 And it will be in the budget year 07 and 08.
13:41:18 The 2 million will be distributed that way.
13:41:21 If anybody has any questions we can go from there.
13:41:24 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Miranda, where is this
13:41:27 product delivered to?
13:41:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Maybe somebody in the department
13:41:31 can help me on this but it's a very volatile
13:41:34 commodity.
13:41:37 It's not brought in as needed so you don't have a big

13:41:41 storage on hand.
13:41:42 But that's to the best of my ability.
13:41:46 >>> Former assistant director.
13:41:46 >>BRAD BAIRD: Former deputy director, wastewater
13:41:51 department.
13:41:51 It is delivered to the treatment plant.
13:41:55 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: That is the only place it is
13:41:57 delivered to?
13:41:58 >>> It is delivered to the Howard Curran treatment
13:42:03 plant.
13:42:03 It is used in the treatment process specifically, the
13:42:06 filters for treatment.
13:42:09 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I don't know if you are familiar
13:42:11 with a spot up on Tampa Palms Boulevard near the
13:42:14 entrance to Ashton.
13:42:17 There's like a pump station there.
13:42:19 And every now and then late at night I see a truck
13:42:21 there.
13:42:22 It looks like a gas propane truck.
13:42:26 What are they delivering there?
13:42:28 Is that this product?
13:42:32 >>> No, it is not that product but I do not know what

13:42:35 that delivery would be.
13:42:36 It could be odor control chemicals but I don't know.
13:42:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
13:42:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just in regard to the rate hike.
13:42:48 I know we have had lengthy discussion on it and I
13:42:50 don't want to belabor it too much.
13:42:52 I think that, Brad, I shared with you the questions
13:42:59 that were raised by Spencer Cass earlier.
13:43:08 And I know that you could stand here and we could talk
13:43:13 about these, you know, 13 different lines of questions
13:43:17 for a long, long time.
13:43:19 And I'm not going to subject council to that.
13:43:22 But I do think there is some important issues, that
13:43:27 apparently the community is not real clear on this.
13:43:31 For one thing, I think if you haven't spoken with Mr.
13:43:36 Cass, he's a knowledgeable guy and he does ask a lot
13:43:38 of good questions like these and I think it would
13:43:41 probably be worthwhile to him and the community as
13:43:43 well as the department to have a discussion with him,
13:43:45 number one.
13:43:48 >>> We are available to them if they would like to --
13:43:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We'll try to coordinate that with

13:43:56 you guys.
13:43:57 But number two, on the star program, I'll support the
13:44:02 motion.
13:44:02 I think the most important thing that we are doing
13:44:04 here on 17 and 18, or is it 18 and 19?
13:44:10 18 and 19, is we have to repair and replace our
13:44:13 facility and our pipes.
13:44:16 This country's infrastructure is falling apart piece
13:44:19 by piece.
13:44:20 It hasn't been paid attention to for 50 or more years
13:44:23 and that goes with the City of Tampa.
13:44:25 And I think the administration is on the right track.
13:44:27 I have always been supportive of repairing and
13:44:29 replacing infrastructure and that's the main part of
13:44:32 this rate hike and I'll support it.
13:44:34 I do have issues about the star program, or whatever
13:44:38 we might call it in the future.
13:44:43 In terms of the incentives that we talked about
13:44:46 earlier, in terms of the grant program to get people
13:44:48 to really get people on board, like the Mulherns, you
13:44:51 know, who can't do it because they have to do their
13:44:54 roof first, and I understand that.

13:44:56 It's a real concern.
13:44:57 If you have a $4,000 roof that you are replacing you
13:45:01 are not going to pay four or five hundred dollars for
13:45:05 reclaimed water even though you may want to.
13:45:07 So I think we need to look at that very, very
13:45:09 seriously and hopefully we can find this money to
13:45:12 include that as part of the grant program.
13:45:14 And the other thing is, very seriously, council passes
13:45:19 ordinances, if we didn't oh know that, and the more
13:45:21 ordinances we can pass, if we can put a drop dead date
13:45:26 on sign ups and we can tell people if you don't sign
13:45:29 up at the end of this five-year period, okay, or
13:45:32 four-year period or whatever, then you are not going
13:45:34 to be able to water your yard.
13:45:36 And we could attach that as an ordinance.
13:45:41 When we are done with this I am going to make a motion
13:45:43 to look at both of those issues and come back in maybe
13:45:47 three to six months and really start hashing these
13:45:50 issues out.
13:45:55 >>THE CLERK: I just want a clarification, you are
13:45:57 moving the resolution?
13:45:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm moving -- I want council to

13:46:01 have the right to discuss 18 and 19 and then I'll move
13:46:05 them after all the discussion is complete.
13:46:06 I don't want to move anything until it's completed and
13:46:10 hashed out.
13:46:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Since we delayed this between lunch, I
13:46:14 got a call from one of my constituents who is
13:46:17 concerned about by raising these rates what kind of
13:46:25 things may be happening?
13:46:26 What kind of projects may be used, capital projects
13:46:29 are going to happen?
13:46:30 And he's worried because he's one of the people that
13:46:32 lives on Granada, and that big stormwater project
13:46:38 happened without notice to them.
13:46:40 So I just want to make sure, I know he's watching, but
13:46:45 we remind to you let us know early on what the big
13:46:49 capital projects are being planned.
13:46:53 >>> I understand.
13:46:53 We'll have to come to council both for the design and
13:46:55 the construction contracts for all those things.
13:46:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda, are you going to move?
13:47:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I will move them.
13:47:03 I can say this.

13:47:04 All of us have been through this many times.
13:47:06 It's not easy to do things like we are doing today or
13:47:08 hopefully do today.
13:47:09 I don't know how the vote is going to come out.
13:47:12 But I can tell you all during the discussions, during
13:47:14 the election time, everybody said they were going to
13:47:17 do this, that I heard of, anyway.
13:47:19 So, again, it's very difficult to do this.
13:47:22 I think you made an excellent presentation when you
13:47:25 compared, even at the highest level, five years down
13:47:28 the road, that the rate will still be under the normal
13:47:34 consumptive rate cost per unit of water and total bill
13:47:38 of the total area that we live in.
13:47:41 And it's a lot more than just a rate increase.
13:47:45 It's a lot more about pipes that are falling down,
13:47:47 bridges that are collapsing in this country, because
13:47:50 no one is given the authority to look at them and do
13:47:53 them right.
13:47:54 And elected officials who are afraid to put their hat
13:47:59 on in front of a fire because like myself maybe and
13:48:03 these things have to be addressed.
13:48:05 I didn't run for office to be popular.

13:48:07 I don't ever want to be popular.
13:48:09 But you show me one leader who hasn't been criticized
13:48:13 and I'll show you someone who has not been a leader.
13:48:17 I move item 17 through 23.
13:48:20 >> Second.
13:48:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
13:48:21 (Motion carried).
13:48:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The issue that was raised about
13:48:27 Granada is one that council is very sensitive to, and
13:48:30 I assume, Mr. Daignault, that you will begin talking
13:48:34 to neighborhoods, not at 60% drawings but like before
13:48:39 you start planning the project to kind of see what the
13:48:41 sense of the neighborhood is.
13:48:42 Because it's painful for us to spend money to do the
13:48:45 engineering on a project that can't go forward because
13:48:48 of the public's concern.
13:48:49 And the earlier you communicate the better it does, so
13:48:53 thank you.
13:48:54 And I anticipate you will come back to us, and more
13:48:57 importantly to the neighborhood, before anything is
13:49:00 invested in the planning.
13:49:04 >> Absolutely.

13:49:05 Thank you very much.
13:49:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
13:49:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Based upon what I said a minute
13:49:09 ago, I would like for to us get quarterly reports on
13:49:14 the star program and the expansion of the star
13:49:16 program.
13:49:16 And we can have these discussions including the ones
13:49:19 that I just brought up, and let's go ahead and start
13:49:22 that in November.
13:49:25 >> Second.
13:49:28 >> Or before November.
13:49:30 Is there a fourth meeting in November?
13:49:32 Or is that Thanksgiving?
13:49:34 >> That's probably Thanksgiving.
13:49:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: On the reclaimed water issue.
13:49:44 >>> Your fourth Thursday is Thanksgiving.
13:49:47 There is a fifth Thursday.
13:49:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The fifth.
13:49:50 >>THE CLERK: 29th of November?
13:49:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And I would also like legal to be
13:49:57 involved in that discussion as it relates to the
13:50:01 possibility of the ordinance that I was talking about,

13:50:05 you know, not tomorrow, not tomorrow, but four or five
13:50:08 years out if people are on notice to that, that could
13:50:11 be a little more incentive.
13:50:14 So I would like legal to be part of that first
13:50:16 discussion in November, and then we'll see where it
13:50:18 goes.
13:50:19 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
13:50:20 (Motion carried).
13:50:21 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to Finance Committee, Mr. John
13:50:28 Dingfelder.
13:50:30 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.
13:50:33 Unless there's anything anybody has an issue with,
13:50:36 I'll move items 24 through 32.
13:50:40 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Did we pull 25?
13:50:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: 24 to 30.
13:50:48 25 we talked about.
13:50:49 Any other questions?
13:50:51 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: No.
13:50:52 >> 24 to 30.
13:50:54 >> Second.
13:50:54 (Motion carried).
13:50:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: On item 31 move to waive the 15 day

13:51:01 filing requirement.
13:51:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
13:51:03 (Motion carried).
13:51:06 >> Move 31.
13:51:07 >> Motion and second.
13:51:08 (Motion carried).
13:51:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And file number 32.
13:51:15 >> Second.
13:51:15 (Motion carried).
13:51:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Building and zoning, Mr. Joseph
13:51:18 Caetano.
13:51:18 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I'd like to move items 33 to 39.
13:51:22 I believe item 40 was removed.
13:51:27 >> Second.
13:51:27 (Motion carried).
13:51:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Transportation, Ms. Mary Mulhern.
13:51:34 >>MARY MULHERN: I move -- do you want to move those,
13:51:42 41 and 42?
13:51:44 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Oh, I'm sorry, that's mine, too?
13:51:46 Also included in my move is 41 and 42.
13:51:50 >> Second.
13:51:50 (Motion carried).

13:51:51 >>MARY MULHERN: I move items 43 through 45.
13:51:57 >> Second.
13:51:58 (Motion carried).
13:51:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I move items set for public hearing
13:52:05 by consent items 46 through 57.
13:52:19 (Motion carried).
13:52:19 >>CHAIRMAN: Now we go to our public hearings for
13:52:22 second reading, number 58 through 66.
13:52:28 (Motion carried).
13:52:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that's
13:52:31 going to speak on 58 through 66?
13:52:34 If you would please stand and raise your right hand.
13:52:39 (Oath administered by Clerk).
13:52:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I am going to put this little sign to
13:52:48 remind you, when you state your name please reaffirm
13:52:51 that you have been sworn.
13:52:52 Thank you.
13:52:52 >>CHAIRMAN: Is there anyone in the public that wants
13:52:54 to speak on item 58?
13:52:59 >> Move to close.
13:53:00 >> Second.
13:53:00 (Motion carried).

13:53:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano.
13:53:05 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Ordinance for second reading, an
13:53:08 ordinance authorizing --
13:53:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Adopted.
13:53:10 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Adopted ordinance for second
13:53:14 reading, an ordinance authorizing the installation and
13:53:17 maintenance of encroachments, power overhang with
13:53:20 light fixtures over a portion of public right-of-way
13:53:24 generally located at the intersection of east Harrison
13:53:27 street and north Morgan street in the City of Tampa,
13:53:30 Hillsborough County, as more particularly described
13:53:33 here, subject to certain terms, covenants, conditions,
13:53:37 and agreements as more particularly described here,
13:53:40 providing an effective date.
13:53:45 >> Second.
13:53:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
13:53:49 Vote and record.
13:53:56 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.
13:53:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
13:54:00 wants to speak on item 59?
13:54:02 >> Move to close.
13:54:03 >> Second.

13:54:03 (Motion carried).
13:54:04 >>MARY MULHERN: I move to adopt upon second reading an
13:54:10 ordinance being presented for second reading, an
13:54:13 ordinance approving an historic preservation property
13:54:18 tax exemption application relative to the restoration,
13:54:20 renovation or rehabilitation of certain property owned
13:54:23 by MPI box factory, LLC, located at 2001 east 2nd
13:54:28 Avenue, Tampa, Florida in the Ybor City historic
13:54:31 district, based upon certain findings, providing for
13:54:33 notice to the property appraiser of Hillsborough
13:54:35 County, providing for severability, providing for
13:54:39 repeal of all ordinance in conflict, providing an
13:54:42 effective date.
13:54:42 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
13:54:44 Vote and record.
13:54:51 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.
13:54:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
13:54:55 wants top speak on item 61?
13:54:57 >> Move to close.
13:54:58 >> Second.
13:54:58 (Motion carried).
13:54:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Move to adopt upon second reading an

13:55:05 ordinance being presented for second reading, an
13:55:08 ordinance making lawful the sale of beverages
13:55:09 containing alcohol of more than 1% by weight and not
13:55:13 more than 14% by weight and wines regardless of
13:55:17 alcoholic content beer and wine 2(APS) in sealed
13:55:20 containers for consumption off premises only at or
13:55:24 from that certain lot, plot or tract of land located
13:55:26 at 3415 west Bay to Bay Boulevard, Tampa, Florida, as
13:55:30 more particularly described in section 2 hereof,
13:55:34 waiving certain restrictions as to distance based upon
13:55:37 certain findings, providing for repeal of all
13:55:40 ordinances in conflict, providing an effective date.
13:55:41 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
13:55:43 Vote and record.
13:55:44 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.
13:55:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
13:55:53 wants to speak on item 62?
13:55:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.
13:55:57 >> Second.
13:55:57 (Motion carried).
13:55:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move the following ordinance upon
13:56:03 second reading, an ordinance make beer, wine and

13:56:09 liquor for consumption off premises only at or from
13:56:11 that certain lot, plot or tract of land located at
13:56:17 2507 South MacDill Avenue, Tampa, Florida as more
13:56:20 particularly described in section 2 hereof waiving
13:56:22 certain restrictions as to distance based upon certain
13:56:24 findings, providing for repeal of all ordinances in
13:56:27 conflict, parathyroidectomy.
13:56:27 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
13:56:29 Vote and record.
13:56:37 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.
13:56:39 >>CHAIRMAN: Is there anyone in the public that wants
13:56:40 to speak on item 63?
13:56:44 >> Move to close.
13:56:44 >> Second.
13:56:45 (Motion carried)
13:56:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you want to speak on 63?
13:56:53 >>> Council, I just want to let you know the
13:56:54 petitioner did submit the revised site plans by the
13:56:57 date required and those site plans have been certified
13:56:59 by the zoning administrator.
13:57:01 I do have a copy for the clerk and for legal.
13:57:03 I also have copies if you would like to review those.

13:57:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
13:57:07 Mr. Dingfelder, would you read that, please?
13:57:11 63.
13:57:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll move the following ordinance
13:57:14 upon second reading an ordinance rezoning property in
13:57:16 the vicinity of had 229 north Habana Avenue in the
13:57:19 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described
13:57:21 in section 1 from zoning district classifications
13:57:24 RS-50 residential single family to PD planned
13:57:26 development, medical office and business professional
13:57:30 office, providing an effective date.
13:57:31 >> Second.
13:57:31 >>GWEN MILLER: Vote and record.
13:57:36 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.
13:57:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
13:57:39 wants to speak on item 64?
13:57:41 >> Move to close.
13:57:42 >> Second.
13:57:42 (Motion carried).
13:57:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move an ordinance upon second
13:57:47 reading for adoption, an ordinance rezoning property
13:57:50 in the general vicinity of 3010, 3018 north 50th

13:57:54 street in the city of Tampa, Florida and more
13:57:56 particularly described in section 1 from zoning
13:57:58 district classification RM-16 residential multifamily
13:58:02 to CG commercial general providing an effective date.
13:58:06 >> Second.
13:58:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Vote and record.
13:58:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This is number 64?
13:58:18 I guess I can't second it and vote against it.
13:58:24 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Dingfelder voting no
13:58:26 and Scott being absent.
13:58:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
13:58:28 wants to speak on item 65?
13:58:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.
13:58:33 He she wants to speak, sorry.
13:58:36 >>> This case is the same.
13:58:37 Petitioner did make the request to change it per
13:58:39 council's motion.
13:58:41 Those site plans were submitted by the date required
13:58:43 and the site plans have been certified by the zoning
13:58:45 administrator.
13:58:46 I have copies for the clerk and legal as well.
13:58:49 And if you wish to review.

13:58:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.
13:58:54 >> Second.
13:58:54 (Motion carried).
13:58:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move the following ordinance upon
13:58:59 second reading for adoption, an ordinance rezoning
13:59:01 property in the general vicinity of 503, 505 south
13:59:05 Boulevard in the city of Tampa, Florida and more
13:59:06 particularly described in section 1 from zoning
13:59:09 district classification RM-24 residential multi-unit,
13:59:12 RO-1, professional offices, and PD, planned
13:59:16 development, to PD, land development, mixed use,
13:59:19 retail, office, and residential, providing an
13:59:21 effective date.
13:59:23 >> Second.
13:59:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Question on the motion, Mr. Dingfelder.
13:59:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Ms. Mulhern, I remember the
13:59:31 project.
13:59:31 I don't remember what your objection was to it.
13:59:35 Maybe you can be persuasive if you're still there.
13:59:40 >>MARY MULHERN: I was the only one that voted against
13:59:42 it so I don't see much chance of that.
13:59:44 But my question was --

13:59:47 >> It was late so --
13:59:50 >>MARY MULHERN: It was really a protest vote just
13:59:52 because I had questions with the fact that really with
13:59:55 our procedure and with staff, that I didn't feel like
13:59:59 we were shown that they were meeting all the standards
14:00:04 for the transportation, you know, transportation needs
14:00:08 in that area, and that this was such a huge project on
14:00:12 bringing in so much traffic, and, you know, I just
14:00:18 didn't see how we could just go ahead and approve that
14:00:21 without us having any kind of plan for any kind of
14:00:24 concurrency, and I was really using it just to bring
14:00:26 up the problem with our huge transportation
14:00:30 concurrency.
14:00:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This is the kind of plan that
14:00:36 should have bike racks, that should really encourage
14:00:40 pedestrian activity.
14:00:41 One of the reasons I supported it is because they said
14:00:44 they are will to pick up the tab on creating a
14:00:46 pedestrian island in the center.
14:00:47 And I think that this will be a very popular
14:00:52 destination if they make it into like an ice cream
14:00:56 parlor and offices where there will be a lot of

14:00:58 walking traffic from Gorrie and from Wilson, and I
14:01:01 just hope that we put in the traffic calming to make
14:01:04 it as safe as it needs to be.
14:01:07 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
14:01:09 Vote and record.
14:01:17 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern voting no and
14:01:19 Scott being absent.
14:01:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
14:01:22 wants to speak on item 66?
14:01:26 >>> This is the last certified plan on your agenda.
14:01:31 The plans were submitted by the required date and have
14:01:32 been certified by the zoning administrator as the plan
14:01:34 now contains those conditions which were previously
14:01:38 stated.
14:01:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.
14:01:40 >> Second.
14:01:40 (Motion carried).
14:01:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move the following
14:01:45 ordinance for adoption, second reading, an ordinance
14:01:48 rezoning property in the general vicinity of 402 north
14:01:50 Reo street and 5598 and 5510 and 5512 West Gray Street
14:01:56 in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly

14:01:58 described in section 1 through zoning district
14:02:02 classifications map-3 municipal airport compatibility
14:02:06 district and map 4 municipal airport compatibility
14:02:09 district to PD planned development, business,
14:02:12 professional office, retail, providing an effective
14:02:14 date.
14:02:14 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
14:02:17 Vote and record.
14:02:23 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Scott being absent.
14:02:25 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go to information from council
14:02:28 members.
14:02:29 Ms. Saul-Sena, do you have anything?
14:02:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I will share with my fellow council
14:02:36 members a you tube video of the Cypress Creek town
14:02:40 center under construction.
14:02:41 It's in Pasco County.
14:02:43 We had brought this up previously about the impact of
14:02:45 this.
14:02:46 Our drinking water source, the Hillsborough River.
14:02:49 I tried to get the city to weigh in, say that we were
14:02:53 concerned about this.
14:02:53 The administration said that we couldn't weigh in on

14:02:56 this.
14:02:56 But frankly, this YouTube video is very disturbing and
14:03:03 shows all the construction impact on one of our water
14:03:05 sources, and it's very bad stuff, and I wish that we
14:03:08 would be able to somehow convince SWFWMD that we
14:03:11 should be allowed to weigh in on things like this.
14:03:14 So I will share that that with you.
14:03:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
14:03:17 Mr. Miranda?
14:03:20 >> We are not going to get to see the YouTube with our
14:03:23 new technology?
14:03:25 >> You know what?
14:03:25 I have forgotten.
14:03:26 You know, I will make arrangements then with city
14:03:29 cable to be able to do that, perhaps under -- may I
14:03:32 show that under staff reports at the beginning of our
14:03:34 next meeting?
14:03:35 It's 60 seconds.
14:03:36 And to have our -- so I would like to make a motion on
14:03:40 the 23rd, Jan, the attorney who deals with water
14:03:46 issues, McLean, comes here, we watch the video, and
14:03:51 she tell us what our abilities are to weigh in on this

14:03:53 issue.
14:03:54 >>SAL TERRITO: The other thing I want to check on
14:03:57 before we show it is make sure there's no copyright
14:04:00 violations.
14:04:00 >>: Not a problem.
14:04:03 YouTube is highly public.
14:04:06 >>> But it's also --
14:04:10 >> Check that out.
14:04:11 The motion is to put this under unfinished business
14:04:14 for the 23rd.
14:04:17 >> Second.
14:04:17 (Motion carried).
14:04:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: As we normally, do the weekly water
14:04:22 update has improved a lot.
14:04:24 We got some water evident from looking at the report
14:04:27 that's going over the dam.
14:04:29 However, we still need to conserve water.
14:04:31 And although it has improved, the public has been
14:04:36 coming forth and reducing it from about 10 million on
14:04:40 watering days to about 3 million normal days and
14:04:44 that's 3 million gallons than should not be used when
14:04:47 we are in the rainy season and getting enough water.

14:04:49 So again the citations are still going out.
14:04:52 There were 18 issued last week.
14:04:54 And for an aggregate total 129.
14:04:57 So we are still looking at it.
14:04:59 I want to thank the administration for doing something
14:05:00 that was long overdue, in my opinion, intersection
14:05:06 improvement of MacDill and Azeele.
14:05:08 And that's the one that if you had a kidney stone you
14:05:11 couldn't make it, Tampa General Hospital to come out,
14:05:17 as rough as the pavements were there.
14:05:18 But why is it that elected officials are not too much
14:05:21 liked sometimes?
14:05:22 Well, I want to thank the Tampa Tribune today for
14:05:25 writing something about taxpayers, and they do it not
14:05:34 only downtown but throughout all the venues and
14:05:36 sports.
14:05:38 I'm for sports.
14:05:39 I like sports.
14:05:40 But, you know, they are a business.
14:05:41 And when the governmental income goes down, we don't
14:05:47 just stop there.
14:05:47 We have to reduce that.

14:05:49 We have to bite the bullet.
14:05:52 But when theirs go down, they come to the public, us,
14:05:58 and they come to governments and we give them all they
14:06:03 want, at the same time their payroll sometimes goes up
14:06:06 20, 30, 40%.
14:06:08 And if they want to do something, let them do it on
14:06:11 their own time, with their own money.
14:06:13 I'm not anti- any business but if the legislature had
14:06:17 any guts, they will repeal all the sales tax
14:06:21 exemptions throughout this great state, and put
14:06:25 everybody on the same even keel.
14:06:27 I'm dead tired of listening.
14:06:29 I want to help the poor.
14:06:30 Everybody wants to help the poor.
14:06:32 But we are punishing them more based on income than
14:06:35 anyone else.
14:06:36 Half the people in this area can't go to any one of
14:06:39 those venues because they don't have the money, and
14:06:41 they are paying for that right for them to be here.
14:06:44 What I'm saying is, the public is not going to forget.
14:06:51 Me, more than likely there will never be another
14:06:53 election.

14:06:54 But what I'm saying those that want to stick around
14:06:56 better understand that these sports venues that are
14:06:59 draining you and continues to drain your money, that
14:07:02 you can have to fix roads, to have a better
14:07:05 playground, to have government be more responsive, the
14:07:09 money is not going to be there.
14:07:10 And they keep asking.
14:07:11 And they keep asking.
14:07:13 Well, if they are going to ask me, I'm telling you now
14:07:16 what the answer is.
14:07:18 I didn't ask you to come and I didn't ask you to
14:07:21 leave.
14:07:21 So I welcome you here.
14:07:23 But if you want to leave, I'll help you pack.
14:07:25 Thank you very much, Madam Chair.
14:07:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
14:07:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't know how I follow that one
14:07:32 but -- quite an act to follow, Charlie.
14:07:36 Okay, I have a few issues.
14:07:38 First, discussion came up earlier about the museum,
14:07:44 whether or not possibly it's going to be a green
14:07:47 building is a question.

14:07:49 And then how green is it going to be?
14:07:50 Is it going to be LEED certified?
14:07:53 I think if we are moving forward on the art museum, I
14:07:56 think that -- and if council is serious about passing
14:08:00 a green building ordinance to encourage the private
14:08:03 sector to do green buildings, also an ordinance that
14:08:06 perhaps in the future would mandate the city does
14:08:09 green buildings, and I think the museum is a good
14:08:11 place to start.
14:08:12 So I'd like a report back from staff.
14:08:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
14:08:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's say August 30th to advise
14:08:23 this council on that issue.
14:08:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
14:08:29 >>GWEN MILLER: A written report?
14:08:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No.
14:08:32 A person, under staff reports.
14:08:33 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
14:08:35 (Motion carried).
14:08:36 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second, I've received numerous
14:08:39 complaints over the last couple of years about a car
14:08:41 wash located at the corner of Euclid and Manhattan,

14:08:44 3225 Euclid, it's immediately adjacent to a
14:08:47 residential neighborhood and they say it has noise
14:08:50 issues.
14:08:54 We have tried to re.
14:08:58 Settle it through my office, this and that and we are
14:09:00 not getting anywhere.
14:09:02 I would like legal to get their heads together and
14:09:04 find out what we can do about that car wash.
14:09:08 They have those big blowers, big dryers.
14:09:10 And that would be, let's say, our first meeting in
14:09:20 September.
14:09:21 The 6th?
14:09:24 >>> On the first item --
14:09:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The first item?
14:09:27 Let's vote on this first.
14:09:28 The car wash.
14:09:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Some years ago, about two years
14:09:34 ago, that car wash I'm familiar with because even
14:09:38 though it was out of the office in compile, they
14:09:40 brought to my attention, EPA or EPC did a complete
14:09:44 study on the chemicals that were being used, because
14:09:46 the wind blew it out to the neighborhoods and so forth

14:09:49 and so on, area businesses on the west side of
14:09:52 Manhattan were also involved.
14:09:54 From the report that I got back, it meant all the --
14:09:57 met all the standards.
14:09:58 I don't know if things have changed since that time
14:10:02 but I remember that report because I was involved.
14:10:04 I remember seeing it.
14:10:05 And it met the standards.
14:10:06 And there was a document that was about 20 pages in
14:10:10 depth that the neighbors themselves got together and
14:10:14 have looked at the chemicals that are used and the
14:10:18 washing and the waxing of cars that go through.
14:10:21 So I'm not going to vote against it but I tell you, I
14:10:23 know there's a report out there floating around.
14:10:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm glad you pointed that out
14:10:28 because I'll add EPC to that list, if EPC could join
14:10:34 us.
14:10:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Let's get a report, if there's already
14:10:41 a report out there.
14:10:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The reason I want live is because I
14:10:46 think these people want to come talk to us about it as
14:10:48 well.

14:10:48 I would like staff to be able to report to them.
14:10:50 I want them to hear what staff has to say.
14:10:53 This has been going on, as Charley indicates, many
14:10:55 years.
14:10:57 So that's the motion.
14:10:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's on the northeast corner of
14:11:03 Evgeny Artyukhin Euclid and Manhattan.
14:11:05 >> All in favor of the motion say Aye.
14:11:07 Opposed, Nay.
14:11:10 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
14:11:11 I just want to indicate a couple things I know about
14:11:14 the status of the building.
14:11:15 I believe they are so far down the road in the process
14:11:19 that they are virtually getting close to closing on
14:11:22 the construction --
14:11:25 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: What are we talking about?
14:11:27 >>> Talking about the museum building.
14:11:28 I understand what you want to do, admirable though it
14:11:32 may be, I think that would be devastating to the
14:11:34 museum.
14:11:35 >> They said it was going to be LEED certified.
14:11:38 >>> It may very well be.

14:11:39 All I'm telling you is you are not going to have an
14:11:41 opportunity to redo the building unless you want to
14:11:43 put the museum back -- let me finish.
14:11:48 >>CHAIRMAN: Let him finish.
14:11:49 >>> I am just trying to provide you some information
14:11:51 because I sit in on these meetings and I'm telling you
14:11:54 they are close to closing on the financing.
14:11:56 Now, if you want to have a report you should certainly
14:11:59 have a report and they will be happy to explain to you
14:12:01 where they are, what they have done, how they have
14:12:03 complied with LEED certified, et cetera.
14:12:05 I'm simply trying to provide you information to
14:12:08 suggest that you may not be able to get very involved
14:12:12 and won't be able to get involved in that design
14:12:14 process.
14:12:15 The only point I'm trying to make, very limited point.
14:12:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is the city done with all of our
14:12:20 documentation and all of our approvals related to that
14:12:24 project?
14:12:26 This City Council will never be voting on that project
14:12:28 again?
14:12:29 >>> You will be voting on an operating agreement that

14:12:31 it has been circulated recently.
14:12:33 You voted previously on the lease agreement which
14:12:38 included the facts and issues dealing with
14:12:41 construction.
14:12:42 So --
14:12:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: At least council has another bite
14:12:46 at this issue.
14:12:47 This issue has never been discussed by this council
14:12:49 specifically related to LEED certified.
14:12:52 And if we don't get a satisfactory answer, then maybe
14:12:55 we don't vote for the operating agreement.
14:12:58 >>> Actually you will have a second shot as well.
14:13:00 You will have an opportunity to a professor not
14:13:02 approve the GMP.
14:13:04 I'm simply telling you that you need to think
14:13:06 carefully about that, the guaranteed maximum price
14:13:10 with construction contract.
14:13:11 I know because I talk to these people at the museum
14:13:13 frequently.
14:13:14 They have been wondering about their operating
14:13:16 agreement.
14:13:16 And we need to be very careful about disrupting the

14:13:19 situation too much.
14:13:20 I understand your legitimate concerns about trying to
14:13:24 make sure city resources pursue appropriate city
14:13:27 objectives.
14:13:27 That's very fine.
14:13:28 I'm simply trying to provide you some input.
14:13:31 They are in the middle of a fund-raising campaign
14:13:33 which is a very sensitive issue.
14:13:36 They have had an unfortunate track record for reasons
14:13:38 we don't need to revisit.
14:13:40 All I am trying to do is caution you to be careful
14:13:42 because I know you very much want this project to be
14:13:44 successful.
14:13:49 You have no intent to disrupt, you just want
14:13:51 information that you can ensure other goals of this
14:13:53 council are being furthered in the process.
14:13:55 And that's all perfectly legitimate.
14:13:58 I'm not trying to disagree with any of that.
14:14:00 I'm just trying to be careful about what we say.
14:14:07 >> What is the date we just approved for that?
14:14:09 >>> I think you said August 30.
14:14:11 >>GWEN MILLER: 23rd.

14:14:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So the soonest sounds like it would
14:14:16 be better.
14:14:16 August 30th?
14:14:18 That's soon enough.
14:14:19 Thank you, David.
14:14:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, on that note, before David spoke
14:14:27 I was going to say that we have at least two other
14:14:30 cultural buildings being built, the children's museum,
14:14:33 and the history center.
14:14:36 I would like to know where they stand as far as LEED
14:14:42 certification and green building.
14:14:43 And I think, you know, our mayor, this administration,
14:14:46 has made a commitment to green building.
14:14:49 This council has been talking about it.
14:14:52 Our governor is talking about it.
14:14:55 We are putting a lot of money, public money into this
14:14:58 building.
14:14:58 So I don't think we need to -- I think we need to
14:15:02 explore all of our options, and even helping the
14:15:08 museum maybe find ways to get some funding.
14:15:11 I mean, we know that it's going to be more expensive
14:15:14 to have that kind of LEED certification.

14:15:17 But they also save money in the long run and this
14:15:19 museum will be here for a long time.
14:15:23 That wasn't way was going to talk about.
14:15:30 >>> If you like I could address that in terms of what
14:15:32 we know now.
14:15:33 The issue in the museum is being funded by
14:15:35 Hillsborough County bonds.
14:15:36 We contributed the land that we got from S.E.T.
14:15:40 I think it's appropriate to get any information you
14:15:42 need to have.
14:15:44 I'm not sure where that process is.
14:15:46 I think the children's museum is much earlier in the
14:15:48 process.
14:15:49 So just in terms. Sequencing of how these things are
14:15:52 occurring, you know, free information, that's what we
14:15:55 want.
14:15:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
14:15:57 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I had a request from a new
14:15:59 organization called the Hillsborough County Tennis
14:16:01 association which is an arm of the U.S. Tennis
14:16:04 association.
14:16:04 They have concerns about Hillsborough community

14:16:07 college issues and some other tennis issues.
14:16:10 They would like to come and give us three minutes of
14:16:14 their comments.
14:16:18 I told them I thought it's a very important issue that
14:16:21 the city has a major facility over there.
14:16:23 I think it's one-third of all our tennis courts are
14:16:27 over at HCC, and come January and February we are at
14:16:30 risk of losing them.
14:16:31 If we could just give them three minutes for that on
14:16:33 August 23rd, that would be my motion.
14:16:39 >> May I speak to that?
14:16:40 Second.
14:16:41 I had a conversation with Santiago about this.
14:16:43 I think it would be appropriate to ask city staff to
14:16:45 be here to address that issue, perhaps put it at the
14:16:49 same time or following the people speaking so that we
14:16:52 can have the administration's responses.
14:16:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's just call it a staff and ACTA
14:16:59 discussion about tennis issues.
14:17:02 Under staff reports.
14:17:03 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda?
14:17:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I know a lot of people like to play

14:17:10 tennis and so forth and so on but this is purely at
14:17:13 this point an administrative decision, until it
14:17:17 comes -- you can do that all you want.
14:17:19 But, I mean, I'm not an administrator.
14:17:23 A contract was approved by the council under the
14:17:25 guidance of the mayor, and then it was mayor Freedman.
14:17:30 And these things are done in that fashion.
14:17:32 So I'm going to read that charter once again.
14:17:38 And I'm also going to read when council members
14:17:43 question anything in my area, you've had the agenda
14:17:48 since Monday.
14:17:50 Tuesday, Wednesday, and it's Thursday.
14:17:52 It's time we if he is up.
14:17:54 If you want to call my aide or call anybody in the
14:17:56 government building to give you the answers.
14:18:01 I mean, we are slowing a process that should not be
14:18:04 slowed.
14:18:04 I'm not telling to you vote anyway you like.
14:18:06 That don't bother me.
14:18:07 But at least have the courtesy to call the department
14:18:10 head and find out what's going on.
14:18:11 And I think this is purely an administrative issue.

14:18:14 This is something that almost mirrors the issue that
14:18:19 we are having in a certain part of town that has been
14:18:21 coming here for the last 20 years and still not
14:18:24 solved.
14:18:25 So that's all I'm going to say.
14:18:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I don't know if we voted on that.
14:18:30 >>CHAIRMAN: If no, we didn't.
14:18:32 >> Second.
14:18:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
14:18:33 (Motion carried).
14:18:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Then the last one is, Cathy
14:18:37 Bartolotti has given 42 years of her life to serve
14:18:44 this city and she's retiring in the near future.
14:18:46 And we all know Cathy.
14:18:52 She works in purchasing and has been a wonderful
14:18:53 community volunteer in numerous respects as well as
14:18:56 city employee.
14:18:57 I would like to give a commendation to Cathy on August
14:19:01 23rd.
14:19:01 >>: Second.
14:19:03 (Motion carried).
14:19:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern?

14:19:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Charlie, when you brought up the sweet
14:19:13 deals that all the sports teams get, it just gave me
14:19:17 the opportunity to bring up the fact that sports teams
14:19:24 generally tend not to bring a lot of economic
14:19:27 benefits.
14:19:28 They make a lot of money and we don't.
14:19:30 So I agree with you that we have to be really careful
14:19:32 about any deals we enter into with them.
14:19:36 But I did want to point out that arts and culture
14:19:39 institutions do bring a lot of money in.
14:19:42 And they are always the first to get cut.
14:19:46 And I would like us all to keep that in mind.
14:19:48 And if we can give those kind of deals let's make the
14:19:56 smart decision and give the money to the arts and
14:19:58 culture instead.
14:19:59 And then I was thinking that it would be a good thing.
14:20:02 And I'll schedule this later and make a motion that we
14:20:06 could bring Melinda Chavez, who is director of the
14:20:10 business committee for the arts, to come here and give
14:20:13 her presentation about the economic benefits of the
14:20:16 arts and culture.
14:20:18 >> Second.

14:20:21 >> And then I wanted to invite my colleagues to be on
14:20:24 a team with me for a sporting event, the wheel-a-thon,
14:20:29 third annual, I think, wheel-a-thon for freedom bray
14:20:34 ground in McFarland park.
14:20:36 I don't know if, Charlie, that came up when you were
14:20:40 on council before, and I know the rest of you have
14:20:43 supported it, and it's a project that is very close to
14:20:46 my heart.
14:20:46 And I have been working on for years as a friend of
14:20:50 Stephani. Anyway, I would like to get a City Council
14:20:53 team together for the wheel-a-thon.
14:20:55 It's on September 15th at McFarland park.
14:20:58 I think it starts at ten?
14:21:02 I'll let you know.
14:21:03 If anyone wants to join me.
14:21:08 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Is there an age limitation?
14:21:11 >> There's no age limitation but you have to be able
14:21:13 to push --
14:21:15 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Past a certain age.
14:21:20 >> No, you can sit in the wheelchair.
14:21:26 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Saul-Sena?
14:21:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ms. Mulhern, great idea about

14:21:30 checking on the status of the history center and the
14:21:32 children's museum in terms of being green buildings.
14:21:37 Please make that as a motion and I'll second it
14:21:39 because I think there are some opportunities there.
14:21:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
14:21:41 I make a motion that we -- should we ask their
14:21:50 Executive Director -- I don't know if they have
14:21:52 Executive Directors.
14:21:53 They do?
14:21:53 All right.
14:21:54 To come and give us a report.
14:21:57 And I think we need to call them and see when they can
14:21:59 come.
14:21:59 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think if you make it the day of
14:22:03 the --
14:22:05 >> Oh, the other one?
14:22:06 23rd?
14:22:07 30th?
14:22:09 Okay.
14:22:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
14:22:10 (Motion carried).
14:22:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?

14:22:14 >>MARY MULHERN: No.
14:22:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano?
14:22:18 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: No, nothing today.
14:22:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby?
14:22:20 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Unless you wish to go first.
14:22:23 I would like to pass out very quickly for council the
14:22:28 draft of rules of procedure that we will be discussing
14:22:31 two weeks from today at the end of your meeting.
14:22:34 Council, at the end of the day when all is said and
14:22:37 done these are your rules for your benefit, and if you
14:22:41 wish to discuss them with me prior to the 23rd I
14:22:44 would be more than happy to discuss it with you.
14:22:46 Otherwise, I would ask to bring your questions,
14:22:49 comments or suggestions for the 23rd.
14:22:54 Thank you.
14:22:55 Also based on your motion today, I will bring back
14:22:58 language relating to the board appointment process.
14:23:01 You can incorporate -- those.
14:23:06 >>GWEN MILLER: One thing I would like to say, council
14:23:07 members, we get our agendas early Monday.
14:23:10 When do we get them, Mrs. Marshall?
14:23:13 Monday or Friday.

14:23:14 THE CLERK: We usually have the agendas out by Friday.
14:23:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Friday.
14:23:17 We get the agendas on Friday.
14:23:19 If you have a question on anything on that agenda,
14:23:21 call the staff person so you don't have to wait till
14:23:25 Thursday to pull it off and have them run over here
14:23:27 and ask them.
14:23:28 You can give a phone call.
14:23:29 I know they will call you back if they are not in
14:23:31 there.
14:23:33 Make it your agenda item that you call the staff
14:23:36 person, say I don't understand number 29, I don't
14:23:41 understand number 40, whatever it is, call them before
14:23:44 Thursday and let them know so you can get it clear
14:23:46 before you come to council meeting.
14:23:47 Mr. Shelby.
14:23:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Items that address that concern
14:23:51 are contained in that draft.
14:23:52 Number one was council's concern that all the
14:23:56 background materials from staff must be received a day
14:23:58 earlier, Thursday, instead of suddenly Friday, and
14:24:02 sometimes as you know sometimes the way things are

14:24:04 set, because the weekly meetings during the week,
14:24:08 hopefully would be going to the first and third of the
14:24:10 month.
14:24:10 That should change.
14:24:11 So that will help you get your background material
14:24:14 sooner.
14:24:15 The second thing that's in there was a suggestion that
14:24:17 was incorporated that somebody, a council member
14:24:19 wishes to pull something from the consent docket
14:24:22 similar to the way the county does, does it in advance
14:24:25 of the meeting by memorandum to the chair, the members
14:24:29 of council, and letting the chief of staff know
14:24:33 whether you want a staff member present.
14:24:38 You can still pull.
14:24:40 That remains the same.
14:24:41 But the thing is, another method would be, preferred
14:24:45 method, or in another alternative method that council
14:24:49 may wish to consider contained in the draft, is to do
14:24:51 it by memorandum in advance of the meeting to give
14:24:54 your fellow council members, and to give the chief of
14:24:57 staff a heads-up so they don't necessarily have to
14:24:59 monitor the meetings in order to be able to prepare

14:25:02 the information in advance.
14:25:03 That's contained in there as well.
14:25:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Then they mate not have to come and can
14:25:09 answer your question before meeting date.
14:25:11 You can get the answer.
14:25:12 When don't have to wait till Thursday to gets an
14:25:14 answer.
14:25:15 We can move our agenda more rapidly if we can get
14:25:17 answers without asking every staff to come over here
14:25:22 for a pulled item.
14:25:25 Ms. Mulhern.
14:25:26 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know if this is something we
14:25:28 can write into the rules but I would like to emphasize
14:25:31 it.
14:25:31 Usually, I don't pull items very often but when I do
14:25:35 it's because they are not even understandable.
14:25:38 And -- no, I think if they could actually give us the
14:25:43 information in there so we know what we are voting on.
14:25:45 There were two items, if I had known what they were, I
14:25:48 wouldn't have had to take the time to do that and I
14:25:50 wouldn't have had to take the time to write a memo or
14:25:53 to stop and call them.

14:25:54 Our time is valuable, too.
14:25:56 So I don't know how we can ask the administration to
14:26:00 be more clear in the drafting of agenda items.
14:26:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: In the past council has raised the
14:26:09 issue of the necessity for more detailed background
14:26:12 material, not necessarily a recitation of the title of
14:26:16 the ordinance or perhaps what the true budgetary
14:26:18 impact might be, what the fund is coming from, what
14:26:22 the funding source is, for the revenue to be
14:26:25 generated.
14:26:25 If council wishes to do maybe on the 23rd, I'm
14:26:28 sure the administration will follow council's
14:26:32 discussion if you wish to raise that issue.
14:26:35 Obviously they heard already.
14:26:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
14:26:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Since several of you have spoken on
14:26:41 this issue, for the last four and a half years I go
14:26:44 through the agenda early in the week before Thursday.
14:26:46 And I write at least ten e-mails every single week
14:26:49 asking, you know, eight to ten questions about eight
14:26:53 to ten different agenda items.
14:26:55 I also make phone calls, okay?

14:26:58 There are some weeks, you know, when you don't get all
14:27:02 the answers back in time, so you ask the question of
14:27:04 council.
14:27:04 There are other weeks when, frankly, I mate not get to
14:27:09 that until Wednesday or something before a meeting.
14:27:12 So, you know, I don't know where those comments are
14:27:16 directed to, but I for one, you know, feel I do my due
14:27:20 diligence, I put in a huge number of hours working on
14:27:22 this agenda far in advance of the meeting, and I'm
14:27:25 comfortable with the amount of work that I put into
14:27:29 it.
14:27:30 Sometimes questions are going to come up, and that's
14:27:33 what we are here for.
14:27:34 We are here to ask questions.
14:27:35 The public has a right to hear the answers.
14:27:38 And it's unfortunate sometimes we go over.
14:27:41 And we went over today because of the mayor and --
14:27:45 they were doing the budget.
14:27:46 That took us an hour and a half.
14:27:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything, clerk?
14:27:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to receive and file the
14:27:53 documents.

14:27:53 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion.
14:27:57 Opposed, Nay.
14:27:57 (Motion carried)
14:27:58 Anything else to come before council?
14:28:00 We go to the workshop.
14:28:02 Anything else?
14:28:03 We need to open the workshop.
14:28:04 >> So moved.
14:28:05 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
14:28:06 (Motion carried)
14:28:13 >>THOM SNELLING: Growth management services.
14:28:28 I have the pleasure today being the master of
14:28:30 ceremonies, so to speak, and just basically welcoming
14:28:33 the Planning Commission here to give you a
14:28:35 presentation.
14:28:36 We had a preview of this presentation yesterday, and
14:28:40 the work that has been done and the details which they
14:28:44 are going to present to you today is quite impressive.
14:28:46 There's a good deal of information.
14:28:48 And I think one of the best compliments I can probably
14:28:51 give is it generate add lot of very, very good

14:28:53 questions and very insightful further inquiries into
14:28:57 this which is really way think has been one of the
14:28:59 good byproducts.
14:29:01 It gets people starting to think in the same direction
14:29:04 and focus on what kinds of things we are going to have
14:29:06 to pay attention to in the future which is really what
14:29:08 this is all about.
14:29:10 I don't have any other remarks.
14:29:12 I know you have had a long day and have an evening
14:29:15 longer evening in front of you.
14:29:16 Without further ado I am going to durn this over to
14:29:18 Mr. Shermoni and Mr. Cullen.
14:29:24 >>> Thank you.
14:29:24 I want to kind of break your mood a little bit from
14:29:27 your normal day to day business to talk about the
14:29:29 long-range plan because there's a proverb that says
14:29:32 may you live in interesting times.
14:29:33 We are all going to be living in very interesting
14:29:36 times very soon.
14:29:36 Just if you look at some of the statistics of what
14:29:40 what's occurring, just one that really struck me was
14:29:42 the 2012, three times as many people who turn 65 each

14:29:47 year, that turn 65 in 2005.
14:29:50 That's a seven-year period and you are having a
14:29:53 demographic change by three times.
14:29:55 This has implications.
14:29:57 You may have read in the paper about magazine that
14:30:01 identified Tampa and St. Pete for the place for
14:30:03 50-plus people to start second lives and second
14:30:06 careers.
14:30:07 There's a whole changing demographic out there.
14:30:10 In ten years we are not going to look anything like we
14:30:13 look now, because we still have not even seen the tip
14:30:16 of the baby boomers' retirement. The first baby
14:30:19 boomer has not turned 62 yet but we are in kind of a
14:30:23 lull.
14:30:23 Right now the people turning 62 were the people that
14:30:26 were born in the last part of the war, the birth rate
14:30:28 was very low, and there's a huge tide coming.
14:30:35 I think if you talk to your friends you find out of
14:30:37 all kinds of plans in the next five years that are
14:30:39 totally different from what they are doing now.
14:30:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Some of us?
14:30:43 >>> Some of the lot of people.

14:30:45 Actually there's 78 million baby boomers.
14:30:47 That's a tremendous amount of people.
14:30:49 There's only 50 million of the generation that follows
14:30:51 them.
14:30:51 And then right after that you got 73 million
14:30:54 millennials born after 1977.
14:30:57 So you have got all these things coming together.
14:31:01 Very similar to what happened to Tampa in the early
14:31:02 70s if you remember the time that Disney World
14:31:05 opened, Tampa international was built, that was a time
14:31:07 when the World War II generation started retiring and
14:31:09 the baby boomers came into the workforce, and you had
14:31:12 this big demographic shift.
14:31:13 That's the kind of shift we are going to have over the
14:31:16 next ten years so it's very important that we get this
14:31:18 right.
14:31:18 >>MARY MULHERN: I have to say that makes us need
14:31:23 public transportation even more.
14:31:25 We don't need all those old people driving.
14:31:28 [ Laughter ]
14:31:31 >>> Well, to defend the old people the accident is
14:31:33 still higher among men in their 18 to 25.

14:31:37 With that I would like to let the staff kind of tell
14:31:39 you some of the things we have been looking at as far
14:31:42 as the planning and the things we are going to be
14:31:45 dealing with over the next 20 years.
14:31:58 >>MICHELE OGILVIE: Planning Commission staff.
14:31:59 We are aware that council has had a very long day and
14:32:02 a longer evening ahead.
14:32:04 So we will keep this workshop to an hour.
14:32:13 The purpose of this workshop is to talk to council
14:32:15 about the urban forum, Watt means, the broad issues,
14:32:20 strategies, and get council's feedback in this
14:32:22 workshop on some of the ideas representing.
14:32:25 And Terry will be carrying you through that process.
14:32:29 As a remind they are comprehensive plan update is a
14:32:31 five year effort.
14:32:33 We are in year 4.
14:32:35 At the back of your handout is the calendar of events.
14:32:39 But as we get closer to the end of this process, we
14:32:43 will be coming to City Council in April of 2008 for
14:32:48 the first public hearing on this new comprehensive
14:32:51 plan.
14:32:54 And all the pieces behind that.

14:32:56 We hope to have this adopted in September 2008.
14:33:03 We have had an extensive public involvement process.
14:33:05 And at our last workshop, Mrs. Saul-Sena asked for the
14:33:09 participants of the study circle, and that's also in
14:33:11 your packet with contact information.
14:33:16 A reminder that the overall goal of the comprehensive
14:33:19 plan update is to build a livable city, our legacy.
14:33:28 We have access, interconnectiveness, vibrant central
14:33:32 area, people involved in growing and shaping our city,
14:33:35 children, arts and culture, and neighborhood.
14:33:41 We have core values that have been identified and are
14:33:44 being integrated into the comprehensive plan.
14:33:47 They are respect, resilience, prosperity, and
14:33:50 livability.
14:33:52 Terry will now be carrying you through the next part
14:33:56 of the workshop.
14:33:58 But I would just like to leave you with a thought.
14:34:01 Robert SOLO, a Nobel prize winning economist, has been
14:34:11 quoted as saying livability isn't some middle class
14:34:15 luxury.
14:34:15 It is an economic imperative.
14:34:21 >>> Thank you, Michelle.

14:34:23 My name is Terry Cullin.
14:34:25 I'm with the Planning Commission staff.
14:34:27 Remember our first workshop we talked about people,
14:34:29 big picture, and at the time what I said is that goal
14:34:32 is that planning should delight, excite and inspire.
14:34:38 We want to continue along that same track today and
14:34:42 why that is important.
14:34:45 A couple of them qualifiers to the workshop.
14:34:48 And I am doing this on behalf of my team also in Plant
14:34:50 City and Temple Terrace.
14:34:51 Fully recognize that what we want to do is educate you
14:34:55 on some of the information that we collected and some
14:34:58 of the viewpoints we heard in the past four years,
14:35:01 because we are in year four of a five-year work
14:35:05 effort.
14:35:06 That of course goes without saying.
14:35:08 I do realize that there's a lot of tough issues out
14:35:10 there, and I can't pin down the elected officials this
14:35:14 early on in the process and say, what is your response
14:35:18 to this?
14:35:18 I wouldn't want to do that anyway, because the
14:35:20 information keeps coming in and things do change.

14:35:23 What I hope to do with these workshops is to gauge
14:35:27 your reaction to some of the things that we are
14:35:30 saying.
14:35:30 So if I see, for example, you're delighted then I know
14:35:35 I am heading in the right direction.
14:35:36 If I see absolute horror and shock I know I am going
14:35:39 in the right direction.
14:35:40 I know that there's something I need to take a step
14:35:43 back at and say, whoa, where did I go astray?
14:35:47 So I just want you to understand that, to make that
14:35:50 happen, I have to give you some information.
14:35:53 So the first part of it is a little bit one sided.
14:35:55 But then at the very end of it, I want to take a few
14:35:58 oh moments.
14:35:59 I want to talk with you about some of the material
14:36:02 that we presented and what your experiences have been
14:36:05 and what you are hearing from your constituents.
14:36:08 And I think that would be an appropriate input into
14:36:10 all of this.
14:36:11 Okay.
14:36:12 We are talking about urban form today.
14:36:15 And just give me a second.

14:36:16 I am going to put up a map here.
14:36:18 Oh, Michelle is going to do that.
14:36:20 This graphic that you see up here is our branding for
14:36:23 the comp plan.
14:36:23 You will see it's like a puzzle we are putting
14:36:26 together and you will see City Council is in there,
14:36:28 and we have been using this graphic extensively
14:36:31 wherever we go.
14:36:32 Thanks, Michelle.
14:36:34 What is the urban form and why is it we need to talk
14:36:37 about the urban form?
14:36:39 I am going to give you a simplicity way to look at it.
14:36:42 The urban form is the city's skeletal structure.
14:36:46 Just like the human form, it's based on our skeletal
14:36:49 structure.
14:36:49 And then everything else sort of hangs off of it.
14:36:52 Our muscles, our circulatory system, anyone who saw
14:36:57 "bodies in motion" at MOSI, excellent exhibit, can
14:37:01 appreciate that.
14:37:02 Why is it so important that we have to define and
14:37:05 urban form?
14:37:08 The reason being that we are able to then focus more

14:37:12 change directly rather than just scatter shooting
14:37:16 across the city.
14:37:17 And the other part of it is, too, it can help us to
14:37:20 define different functions for different areas of the
14:37:24 city.
14:37:25 So just keep that in mind, and let's zoom out here.
14:37:28 I want to do a little bit of big picture context.
14:37:32 Now what you are going to get in these workshops is
14:37:34 you are going to hear us talking about there's three
14:37:37 different levels to this comp plan that you are going
14:37:38 to get.
14:37:39 You may have heard the labels goals, objectives and
14:37:41 policies.
14:37:42 You can't get any drier than that.
14:37:45 And I don't want to use those labels, at least not
14:37:48 right now.
14:37:49 Never if I have to.
14:37:50 But the labels I'm most interested in are big picture,
14:37:55 and then from the big picture we have broad strategies
14:37:58 on how to get through the big picture, and then how do
14:38:02 we get the broad strategies?
14:38:03 We have a tool chest.

14:38:05 And that tool chest is going to contain a lot of
14:38:08 different things.
14:38:09 And so we are not going to get into so much of the
14:38:11 tool chest in these workshops, which would be like the
14:38:15 equivalent of policy.
14:38:16 We want to focus more on trying to get your reaction
14:38:19 to the big picture and the broad strategies first.
14:38:23 So if we can get everybody sort of moving in the same
14:38:26 direction with that, then we can define any number of
14:38:29 tools later on that we can talk to you about that
14:38:32 would help us make that happen.
14:38:34 All right?
14:38:34 So big picture and broad strategies, with respect to
14:38:38 what we are calling the urban form.
14:38:40 Skeletal structure.
14:38:41 Big picture context.
14:38:43 Okay.
14:38:43 We are essentially now a landlocked city.
14:38:46 We don't really have many areas left for green fill,
14:38:51 vacant land that we can go out and annex.
14:38:53 Most of our city is already developed.
14:38:55 We don't have a lot of vacant land that's ready and

14:38:59 ripe for development in the city.
14:39:00 I mean, there is, yes, something up in the New Tampa
14:39:03 area but compared to the entire city we don't have as
14:39:05 much anymore.
14:39:06 And we don't have that opportunity.
14:39:08 So look at 20 years out.
14:39:11 It pretty intuitive to say that our future is probably
14:39:14 going to be driven more by redevelopment and in-fill
14:39:18 than, say, new green fill development.
14:39:22 You go to unincorporated county, they have lots of
14:39:25 land out there.
14:39:26 And there's a lot of green fill development that's
14:39:28 occurring out there.
14:39:29 We are more focused on in-fill and redevelopment.
14:39:32 And that brings a whole different set of challenges.
14:39:36 Now, we have seen, the last plan update was done,
14:39:41 adopted in January of '98 which meant it was completed
14:39:44 between 95 to '97, so over ten years ago.
14:39:48 And if you go back to that time period it's amazing
14:39:52 where we were back then.
14:39:53 There was no Channelside to speak of.
14:39:55 There was no real estate boom.

14:39:58 There was no rapid price escalation of property that
14:40:03 we have seen in the past few years.
14:40:06 The city at that time was looking at stable and
14:40:10 sometimes almost negative growth.
14:40:11 I mean, we had remained relatively unchanged
14:40:14 populationwise for a long time.
14:40:17 So what we are experiencing now hasn't always been.
14:40:21 And so that last plan, the one that's currently in
14:40:24 place, has no guidance on where growth should go,
14:40:28 because you know what?
14:40:29 We just want to grow.
14:40:31 And the plan didn't give the guidance as to where it
14:40:34 should go within the city and that was a major
14:40:36 problem.
14:40:37 So now, more than ever before, it becomes imperative
14:40:41 that we have to focus where we want change to happen.
14:40:45 The next 20 years, you probably heard me say that we
14:40:49 will be expecting more or less 92,000 additional
14:40:52 people.
14:40:53 Not all of them are going to be immigrants coming into
14:40:55 the city.
14:40:56 A lot of them will be from natural population increase

14:40:59 here.
14:41:00 But here's another telling statistic that I didn't
14:41:03 mention to you at the last meeting.
14:41:06 Though we are expecting 92,000 additional people to
14:41:08 live here, we are expecting 1,32300 additional people
14:41:14 to work here.
14:41:18 Our workforce population exceeds our resident
14:41:21 population.
14:41:23 We are the economic center of the region.
14:41:26 People are traveling from around the region into the
14:41:29 city on a daily basis to work.
14:41:33 And a lot of them leave at the end of the day.
14:41:35 And so that role is not expected to change in the
14:41:38 future.
14:41:39 We still expect that the employment base is going to
14:41:43 be larger than the population base that lives here.
14:41:47 Now, that then begs the question, where are all these
14:41:52 people going to live and where are they going to work?
14:41:54 And then that comes back to, we had a lot of problems
14:41:58 in the past several years about growth going unchecked
14:42:01 into areas where we didn't think it made sense to be
14:42:04 going.

14:42:05 So given all of that, it then says the conclusion --
14:42:10 and this is a no brainer, downtown have to be a
14:42:12 planner for this -- but what the conclusion is that if
14:42:17 you can focus growth, most of your growth into certain
14:42:22 areas, then it's possible to find a way to stabilize
14:42:26 the areas where you don't want to see so much change.
14:42:30 And that's how the broad strategy began to emerge.
14:42:34 And then we use that as a basis to say, okay, when I
14:42:38 look at the city, if I had to focus a lot of the
14:42:42 changes in some areas of the city, where would I focus
14:42:45 that change?
14:42:46 I'm just giving you the evolution of thought here.
14:42:51 And then it came to mind as we too a look at the city
14:42:54 is we have some huge economic engines in this city and
14:42:57 with that there's a lot of spinoff development and a
14:42:59 lot of business commercial type district, and we began
14:43:02 to say, now what?
14:43:04 There's three, four large districts in the city where
14:43:07 we are seeing a lot of significant change.
14:43:11 Why not focus and build upon those areas as a means to
14:43:15 further make them successful, that also has a means to
14:43:19 help protect all the other areas?

14:43:22 So I want to direct your attention to this map that's
14:43:24 also in your package on page 4.
14:43:26 And what you are going to see is the first -- there's
14:43:29 three parts to our urban form, our skeletal structure.
14:43:33 The first one is the districts.
14:43:35 And those are the large areas where we are hoping we
14:43:38 can focus most of the change that's going to be coming
14:43:41 in the future.
14:43:42 And if you look at this, I am going to describe those
14:43:44 areas.
14:43:46 The very top one, which if you look at it closely, it
14:43:49 appears that we claim Temple Terrace.
14:43:52 We are not annexing Temple Terrace, just so you all
14:43:54 know out there.
14:43:55 But what it is is that there is a direct relationship
14:43:58 with the city of Temple Terrace up in that area, and
14:44:03 you cannot plan for that area without including them.
14:44:05 And we have been telling Temple Terrace they cannot
14:44:08 plan without including you all.
14:44:11 So that's the benefit of working with a countywide
14:44:13 agency.
14:44:14 We can communicate that message across jurisdictions.

14:44:18 Now, that area is going to be driven largely by the
14:44:23 University of South Florida, so there's a very huge
14:44:26 educational institutional component to that area,
14:44:30 economic engine.
14:44:32 This university is such a quiet player, everyone
14:44:35 though they carry such tremendous impact to our
14:44:39 community, positive impact.
14:44:41 They generate -- their investment and-and spinoff,
14:44:50 economic spinoff can be calculated in the billions of
14:44:54 dollars.
14:44:54 Unless that area we have Busch Gardens which is
14:44:56 entertainment, and we have a huge medical hospital
14:44:59 complex up there, too.
14:45:01 So you have this area that is ideally suited for those
14:45:05 types of economic factors.
14:45:11 And to build upon those and to actually increase the
14:45:14 growth and development within those areas, both from
14:45:17 an employment and from a residential standpoint.
14:45:22 Then we go to the one that's in green, and that is
14:45:26 centered around the downtown.
14:45:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me ask you a question.
14:45:29 I think you're absolutely right about the university

14:45:33 area, and we see a lot of rezoning, 10, 20 every other
14:45:41 week.
14:45:41 But what I have got to think, I can't think of large
14:45:46 projects in that orange block in the last four years.
14:45:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I had a great chat with mark Shultz
14:46:05 about this.
14:46:06 He said think of a university as a research corridor,
14:46:09 all of the old sort of abandoned commercial
14:46:11 development that is have a lot of opportunity for
14:46:14 redevelopment.
14:46:15 There are a lot of underperforming commercial uses
14:46:21 along there.
14:46:23 I think of the small shopping centers, abandoned.
14:46:28 Think of those as becoming research facilities and
14:46:30 think of how hot that could be, coupled with
14:46:33 multifamily residential, and then, you know, supported
14:46:36 retail uses.
14:46:39 I mean, it could completely change.
14:46:40 And I think that's a very credible potential scenario
14:46:44 for that area which would be so exciting.
14:46:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: On campus.
14:46:55 But I'm surprised we haven't seen any residential

14:46:57 action to speak of.
14:47:01 >> Actually, you approved last month 40th and
14:47:04 Bougainvillea a residential complex of about 40 units.
14:47:10 And you're right.
14:47:11 I mean, the area is perhaps underutilized but there's
14:47:16 a lot of opportunity there.
14:47:17 And that's what we are trying to recognize at this
14:47:19 point.
14:47:20 I'm going to just do a little side bar discussion here
14:47:23 for a moment.
14:47:24 And that is what is so critical to the City of Tampa,
14:47:28 is that we remain competitive as an economic force
14:47:34 within the region, and on the global playing field.
14:47:38 There is -- we have economic engines and assets that
14:47:42 are so entirely unique to the Tampa Bay region, such
14:47:48 as the University of South Florida, such as
14:47:50 MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa International
14:47:52 Airport, so on and so forth, is that we have to ensure
14:47:58 that 20 years from now we are still the center,
14:48:03 economically the center of the region, but also that
14:48:05 we begin to realize that we need to elevate ourselves
14:48:09 up to the global playing field.

14:48:11 We are already there in some respects.
14:48:13 But it's not being acknowledged, planned for and
14:48:16 directed in that respect.
14:48:18 And that is so important, because we are now
14:48:22 landlocked.
14:48:24 Just look at most large American cities that are now
14:48:27 completely ringed by suburbs and how their ability to
14:48:34 grow and change, because the nature of it is that you
14:48:39 do have to grow and change or you will decline.
14:48:41 We see that with so many large American cities like
14:48:44 Detroit.
14:48:45 Cleveland not so much but Detroit is a great example
14:48:47 of that.
14:48:48 So you have to find a way to redevelop creatively and
14:48:53 achieve what you are trying to achieve in terms of the
14:48:55 quality of life for your residents.
14:48:58 We have some incredible change coming.
14:49:01 Let's harness that change and use it to the benefit of
14:49:03 the people that are live here and the people that
14:49:06 already work here and also to create a better tomorrow
14:49:09 for the people yet to arrive.
14:49:11 And we can do that.

14:49:12 But we need to start working on it now.
14:49:15 Otherwise, 20 years from now, in unincorporated county
14:49:21 it's very easy for them to go out into a Greenfield
14:49:26 development.
14:49:26 They can easily build and approve and develop for a
14:49:30 suburban office park, because the space is generally
14:49:32 available.
14:49:33 It's easier to assemble the land.
14:49:35 They can also do, interestingly enough, they are doing
14:49:38 neotraditional type development out in the
14:49:42 unincorporated area, in a suburban setting.
14:49:45 They are emulating and copying inner city examples of
14:49:50 design.
14:49:51 And yet, because they are doing it out there because
14:49:53 it's a lot easier to do.
14:49:55 I remember several years ago, I talked with Andre
14:50:02 Duany and I said here's the challenge, find a mod toll
14:50:05 create a neotraditional type of project in the inner
14:50:09 city because every example you are going at is way out
14:50:12 in the suburbs.
14:50:13 And at that point in time he said, no, it's too
14:50:16 difficult to do in the inner city, I don't want to go

14:50:21 in that direction right now.
14:50:22 And I thought that was pretty surprising to me.
14:50:25 So we have unique challenges ahead of us because we
14:50:28 won't stay competitive.
14:50:30 If the surrounding governments can he can ultimate
14:50:33 your design and take away all of the inner city
14:50:36 defects with the design and create a product like a
14:50:39 neotraditional type community such as west park
14:50:42 village, if they can build suburban office parks that
14:50:46 can rival your downtown and your Westshore business
14:50:50 districts in terms of space, design and amenities, why
14:50:54 would anyone want to come into the City of Tampa to do
14:50:57 business or to live?
14:50:59 So it is absolutely critical you understand that we
14:51:01 have to make these decisions now, put into the plan,
14:51:06 so that we begin to unlock the opportunities we have
14:51:09 while we still have them coming to us.
14:51:12 We have to become sustainable.
14:51:15 That's essentially the term that's behind it.
14:51:17 All right.
14:51:19 Downtown, very quickly, the large green area that we
14:51:22 have there, it's downtown, it is a huge office

14:51:28 district, goes without saying, it's a heritage
14:51:32 district.
14:51:32 We have included from West Tampa going all the way
14:51:34 over into Tampa Heights, going to Ybor, down to
14:51:37 Palmetto Beach, Davis Island, Harbor Island, it's a
14:51:41 huge area.
14:51:42 We also have cultural maritime type economic engines
14:51:49 in there.
14:51:49 So there is a whole variety and diversity of different
14:51:52 things that are driving the success of this entire
14:51:56 area.
14:51:57 Now, let's picture what it could look like if we are
14:52:00 talking about 20, 25 years from now, what could this
14:52:03 area look like?
14:52:05 So close your eyes.
14:52:06 Let's visualize this for a moment.
14:52:09 And I also want you -- how many of you know Manhattan?
14:52:19 Okay, if you know Manhattan, now that it is not -- the
14:52:22 whole island isn't just high-rise from lower Manhattan
14:52:26 all the way to upper Manhattan.
14:52:28 That there are areas where there are parks,les little
14:52:32 village like setting, there's residential community,

14:52:34 there's a theater district, there is a whole variety
14:52:37 of different things of what you think as an outsider
14:52:41 as being the heart and soul of New York City which is
14:52:44 Manhattan.
14:52:45 Well, that's what we are thinking of when we think of
14:52:47 this large area that we are calling the downtown
14:52:49 heritage district.
14:52:51 You are going to have very quaint heritage, historic
14:52:55 type communities such as Tampa Heights, West Tampa,
14:52:59 and Ybor City, it's going to be an entertainment
14:53:01 component as we already see.
14:53:04 The downtown that you know today is going to be
14:53:07 referred to as the financial district.
14:53:09 It's not all of downtown.
14:53:11 It is just a part of downtown.
14:53:14 To the north of us you are going to see Central Park
14:53:16 and Tampa park redevelop, with a very pleasant mix of
14:53:20 mid rise, medium density residential and lots of green
14:53:24 and mixed use with shops and serving the daily needs,
14:53:31 maybe restaurants with people coming in and out around
14:53:34 there and it's all going to be linked with some kind
14:53:36 of transportation system.

14:53:37 Even as you look at today, Harbor Island, when I look
14:53:40 out my office and I see Harbor Island and see Davis
14:53:43 Island, they are side by side, yet both of them offer
14:53:45 a very different urban experience.
14:53:49 One is more suburban, historical, Mediterranean, has a
14:53:53 distinct feel. The other has a much more urban feel
14:53:56 to the.
14:53:56 So your downtown heritage cultural district is not --
14:54:00 even though we are going to be wanting to put a lot of
14:54:03 change into the districts, we are not going to be
14:54:05 putting it in just blindly.
14:54:08 It will be done in a context specific way.
14:54:12 And we are not going to put high-rise development
14:54:15 right into the middle of our treasured historic
14:54:17 district.
14:54:17 That just doesn't make sense.
14:54:19 Because we destroy the value of what those districts
14:54:24 give to us and the city.
14:54:25 Your third district which is the purple one is our
14:54:27 Westshore district office.
14:54:30 That goes without saying.
14:54:32 Airport.

14:54:33 Shopping.
14:54:33 You know, you have two major malls there.
14:54:35 There's actually a luxury component, not just with the
14:54:39 shopping.
14:54:40 I was in the Westshore area and it was intriguing to
14:54:43 me where I think it's like a jet port where you can
14:54:47 actually fly your jets in and you can go to the
14:54:52 football game, for example, and fly back out.
14:54:54 It's obviously to a very big sports component and with
14:54:58 HCC there's an educational component.
14:55:01 So I am getting you all to start thinking about these
14:55:03 districts in a completely different way.
14:55:05 They are so diverse in what they can offer us.
14:55:07 This last one down at the bottom is kind of -- it's
14:55:12 almost all residential water access oriented to Gandy
14:55:17 gateway, and the reason that's there is because so
14:55:19 much development has been approved down there.
14:55:21 So we are just by the nature of what's been approved
14:55:24 expecting a lot of change there.
14:55:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm surprised when I looked at this
14:55:30 at how generous you were, particularly the Gandy
14:55:35 gateway.

14:55:36 When I think of what we approved it's much more
14:55:38 limited than that.
14:55:39 And I just wondered what your rationale -- if I am
14:55:42 reading this right it goes from north of Gandy to
14:55:46 picnic island it looks like MacDill.
14:55:52 >>> Right, just generally speaking.
14:55:53 One is conceptual.
14:55:54 Two, it needs to be looked at holistically, where you
14:55:57 can feather the kind of development pattern out into
14:56:02 the surrounding area so it's much more -- it works in
14:56:05 a much more compatible way.
14:56:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I am going to be a little more
14:56:09 blunt.
14:56:16 Linda is the tactful one of the group.
14:56:19 I have a problem with the north-south part of it.
14:56:21 But I have a bigger problem with your east-west
14:56:24 dimension.
14:56:24 >>TERRY CULLEN: Okay.
14:56:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Because, really, the growth and
14:56:32 intensity is from Westshore Boulevard to the water.
14:56:41 Well, let me put it in context.
14:56:43 If you look up at your Kennedy purple there, it's

14:56:48 really amazing to me, do you not drop south of
14:56:50 Kennedy.
14:56:50 As a matter of fact you are not even on the south side
14:56:52 of Kennedy.
14:56:53 I can't imagine why that is.
14:56:55 And I think you should have the same respect in terms
14:56:57 of going to the east of Westshore.
14:57:00 >>TERRY CULLEN: All right.
14:57:03 >> Enough said.
14:57:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: They need to contract it to
14:57:21 Westshore.
14:57:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And the eastern boundary.
14:57:28 See, everything from Manhattan to Westshore.
14:57:33 Up and down and up and down and doesn't matter where
14:57:36 you look at it.
14:57:45 Unless it's right on Gandy Boulevard.
14:57:46 If you want to pinch out a strip along Gandy, you
14:57:50 know, I think that's bearable.
14:57:52 But other than that, I think you're asking for
14:57:54 problems.
14:57:55 We might as well nip it in the bud early.
14:57:58 >>TERRY CULLEN: All right.

14:58:00 If you all are comfortable with that we have no
14:58:02 problem.
14:58:04 That's exactly the kind of feedback we are looking
14:58:07 for.
14:58:08 >> Not a surprise either, I'm sure.
14:58:09 >>TERRY CULLEN: Those are the four districts.
14:58:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Something else while we are doing this
14:58:14 redrawing.
14:58:16 And you may disagree with me.
14:58:18 But I know, Linda, you brought up often about having
14:58:22 north Hyde Park actually be part of the district.
14:58:24 And that looks like it's being -- really being added
14:58:28 to, in that green area down here.
14:58:34 That's south of Kennedy, right?
14:58:36 >>> Right.
14:58:37 It's included.
14:58:38 Hyde Park.
14:58:39 >> Let me explain.
14:58:41 >> Soho.
14:58:42 Hyde Park.
14:58:43 >>> Yes.
14:58:43 And the idea is not so much that neighborhoods -- I am

14:58:46 going to talk a little bit about neighborhoods in a
14:58:48 moment.
14:58:48 But there is going to specifically be part of the
14:58:51 strategy, is to protect the neighborhoods that are
14:58:54 within those districts today.
14:58:57 It's not to go into, say, such as a north Hyde Park
14:59:01 and look at massive redevelopment.
14:59:05 There are opportunities where there's declining
14:59:08 industrial and heavy commercial that's going into
14:59:11 residential.
14:59:12 But south of Kennedy --
14:59:16 >> Not south of Kennedy.
14:59:16 >>> On the north side.
14:59:17 On the south side such as the wonder bread factory and
14:59:23 neighborhoods that are supporting it in and around
14:59:25 Hyde Park village.
14:59:28 So what you will see as we move further into it is the
14:59:31 direction that I'm hearing is that, you know, we may
14:59:37 not think that all of these boundaries best reflects
14:59:40 what is a concern to us.
14:59:42 So you are going to need to make sure that the
14:59:45 neighborhoods that we want protected are protected

14:59:47 within there.
14:59:49 Now, with council member Dingfelder and council member
14:59:54 Saul-Sena on the gateway district, there's very
14:59:57 specific reasons this is so residentially oriented as
15:00:02 to why you wanted contracted back so it cannot be
15:00:05 construed that that type of residential density would
15:00:07 be acceptable east of, say, Westshore.
15:00:16 >> I think that north Hyde Park was not only
15:00:18 residential but historic, and that there's been a lot
15:00:21 of change there.
15:00:22 That isn't necessarily good.
15:00:24 And I think that's part of the character there that we
15:00:28 want to preserve what we have.
15:00:30 So I would be real careful about that.
15:00:34 >>TERRY CULLEN: Let me tell sow of the strategies.
15:00:37 That's big picture for the districts.
15:00:39 Let's talk about some of the broad strategies.
15:00:42 One, we want to recognize the unique nature of each
15:00:45 district, which I've explained.
15:00:47 And its role as an economic engine, and how important
15:00:51 that is, which I have explained.
15:00:53 We want to direct capital infrastructure investment so

15:00:57 that it encourages growth and change within those
15:01:01 areas.
15:01:02 So a conscious effort to say, this is where we want to
15:01:05 put the sewer and the water and whatever kinds of
15:01:13 infrastructure that are needed to create change, to
15:01:15 foster that.
15:01:16 We want to build an effective transit system.
15:01:20 And that includes rail.
15:01:21 And you are going to get a presentation next month on
15:01:23 it, but there's also ideas about bus, rapid transit in
15:01:30 there, to connect all of these districts so that we
15:01:32 can effectively move people in and out.
15:01:34 And I think I mentioned at the last workshop to start
15:01:37 thinking about for example rail transit as an economic
15:01:42 development tool.
15:01:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Terry, I kind of flipped through, for
15:01:50 your next presentation, but I didn't see any mention
15:01:52 of transit oriented development.
15:02:04 >>TERRY CULLEN: In the outline?
15:02:06 >> And I haven't heard you talk about it either.
15:02:08 >>> We haven't goth quite gotten to that point yet.
15:02:11 That's in the tool chest of how do we make the

15:02:13 strategy work of building an effective transit system
15:02:15 that connects every one, all the districts diagnose.
15:02:18 One of the pieces or tools in the tool chest is
15:02:24 obviously going to have to be transit oriented.
15:02:26 >>MARY MULHERN: But I think to me it should go -- it
15:02:29 should be a little earlier than the tool chest.
15:02:32 Because I think it's not just about connecting the
15:02:39 district, and deciding where you want what kind of
15:02:45 growth to happen, and I think one of the things, the
15:02:53 whole idea of the density around the transit stop, and
15:02:57 then becoming less.
15:02:59 So as it goes out, it seems like you need to fit it in
15:03:05 there.
15:03:08 >>TERRY CULLEN: That's a good point.
15:03:11 We'll find a way to elevate -- to elevate its
15:03:17 importance.
15:03:18 Good point.
15:03:20 Another strategy is to protect and enhance the
15:03:23 neighborhoods within the districts to support the
15:03:24 overall area.
15:03:25 So it's very important to know that just because we
15:03:28 want to focus a lot of change in the districts,

15:03:31 doesn't mean that we want to go into established
15:03:35 neighborhoods and begin some kind of a redevelopment
15:03:38 process in there.
15:03:39 And one of the tools in the tool chest to make that
15:03:42 happen that's going to be so important is the city's
15:03:46 position on neighborhood planning, because
15:03:48 neighborhood planning is such an effective tool for
15:03:51 helping to make that happen.
15:03:53 So that's going to come at a later conversation.
15:03:57 And finally another broad strategy is that we have to
15:03:59 partner can we players to activate and make the change
15:04:07 happen.
15:04:08 Remember the conductor and the orchestra metaphor, the
15:04:12 city partnering with the likes of University of South
15:04:13 Florida in a meaningful way and perhaps Temple Terrace
15:04:18 to say, for example, councilwoman's Saul-Sena's idea
15:04:22 that she was talking about with commissioner sharp,
15:04:24 the idea of changing perhaps some of that area out
15:04:27 there into more of a research corridor, that's going
15:04:30 to require some leadership on all the different
15:04:34 players coming together and not just sitting passively
15:04:36 back expressing a desire but not following through and

15:04:39 trying to encourage that change with the people.
15:04:44 So those are some of the broad strategies on the
15:04:45 district.
15:04:49 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Terry, I just want to compliment
15:04:51 you on one of these.
15:04:58 I don't always want to appear critical.
15:05:01 Within the green block, within the purple, within the
15:05:04 purple block, within the university lot, you know, we
15:05:10 could all pick out, let's say, the green downtown
15:05:13 heritage area.
15:05:14 We could identify 15 different neighborhoods, unique
15:05:19 neighborhoods, historic neighborhoods, growing
15:05:24 neighborhoods, that they all deserve their own type of
15:05:27 protection.
15:05:27 The same thing out on the university area.
15:05:29 We just had those neighborhoods here the other day.
15:05:31 A lot of change going on in the Westshore area.
15:05:34 A lot of change going on in the Westshore area, you
15:05:37 know, commercial, et cetera.
15:05:40 But there are still neighborhoods over there that have
15:05:42 to be protected.
15:05:43 Up in the university area, you know.

15:05:46 Those neighborhoods who need a lot of protection
15:05:48 because many of them are suffering.
15:05:51 So with that said, I'm glad that you are recognizing
15:05:55 that.
15:05:58 Which say way encourage greater intensity development,
15:06:01 et cetera.
15:06:01 But in the same breath, you're also saying, and we
15:06:05 recognize there are existing neighborhoods there, and
15:06:08 we have to do even a better job of protecting the
15:06:11 different areas, as its intensity increases.
15:06:16 >>> Thank you.
15:06:16 Thank you.
15:06:18 Under what we are just tentatively identifying in
15:06:22 those pale yellow areas which we call kind of areas of
15:06:25 stability, it doesn't mean that there's not going to
15:06:28 be any change in those areas.
15:06:30 It's just that we don't want the rate of change or the
15:06:34 scale of change to be as much as perhaps we see in our
15:06:37 districts where economic engines are.
15:06:43 Now obviously there's a lot of neighborhoods in there.
15:06:46 And a lot of those neighborhoods in the inner bay
15:06:50 area, for example, everybody impacted by growth that

15:06:53 hasn't been adequately directed by the comp plan.
15:06:57 So we saw a lot of neighborhoods that were getting hit
15:07:00 by development pressures in the interior of the
15:07:02 neighborhoods.
15:07:03 And it was creating a lot of concern with the people
15:07:06 that live in those neighborhoods.
15:07:08 So we are trying very much to find a way through this
15:07:11 plan to accommodate those interests, because it's very
15:07:14 important.
15:07:15 And the strategy once again is that we can relieve the
15:07:19 pressure off those neighborhoods by trying to focus,
15:07:22 consciously focus the change somewhere else.
15:07:25 We think that will be more helpful.
15:07:27 But what you have to realize, okay, think about this
15:07:29 for a second.
15:07:31 You have got 92,000 people coming in in the next 20
15:07:34 years.
15:07:37 You would be mistaken if you think that every one of
15:07:39 those 92,000 people are going to want to live in a
15:07:42 high-rise condominium.
15:07:43 They are not.
15:07:45 You know, people have said what we are talking about,

15:07:50 so what you are advocating then is we are going to see
15:07:52 a lot of high density residential projects?
15:07:55 I don't know.
15:07:56 We may.
15:07:58 My guess is that you won't see it much as what people
15:08:01 think they are going to see, because that's a
15:08:04 life-style that only appeals to a certain amount of
15:08:06 people.
15:08:07 Now, people that want to have children and families
15:08:09 are going to probably want to look for single-family
15:08:12 homes, or they may look for something such as
15:08:15 townhouses, or they might be in some kind of a mid
15:08:19 rise development.
15:08:20 And also, too, a lot of people are not necessarily
15:08:23 going to want to live right in the middle of all those
15:08:25 districts.
15:08:25 They may want to be near some of the neighborhoods
15:08:28 that they enjoy.
15:08:29 So what you are going to see in these pale yellow
15:08:33 areas is you are going to probably see development
15:08:36 pressures for more medium density residential
15:08:39 development.

15:08:40 And what we are talking, if that's the case, we want
15:08:43 it to be focused in the corridors.
15:08:45 And that change needs to occur at the edges and not in
15:08:49 the middle of neighborhoods.
15:08:52 Now, that's going to raise some interesting issues,
15:08:54 because there's all that inner space with the
15:08:59 neighborhood.
15:08:59 Think of all the arterial and major and minor
15:09:02 arterials that we have in the city from MacDill to
15:09:06 Florida and Nebraska.
15:09:08 Let's go up and down Nebraska for a moment.
15:09:10 And if you think about the development pattern, you'll
15:09:12 see underutilized little single-story, free standing
15:09:18 cement block buildings for businesses, next to a
15:09:22 vacant lot, next to maybe a small strip plaza, next to
15:09:25 some kind of a heavy commercial use, and you'll see
15:09:29 that there's not always a lot of depth going back, you
15:09:33 know, commercial, and there's a neighborhood that
15:09:36 abuts right up to them.
15:09:38 And this is where the challenge is going to be, and
15:09:41 going to need to get your feedback and your help to
15:09:43 make this happen, in order to make the strategy

15:09:47 successful to relieve the development pressures off
15:09:51 the neighborhoods.
15:09:52 We have to allow the development pressures in other
15:09:55 places.
15:09:56 And as much as we are going to focus a lot of change
15:09:59 within the districts themselves, particularly the
15:10:02 employment change, and some of the residential
15:10:05 population change, you would be fooling yourself if
15:10:09 you don't think you are going to get any pressure at
15:10:11 all in the outlying areas.
15:10:13 So that's something we have to have a dialogue about.
15:10:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It seems to me that what people
15:10:22 really object to is ugliness.
15:10:25 People object to tacky signs, hardscapes, and noise,
15:10:30 and like the car wash that you referred to earlier.
15:10:36 If we move toward a tighter landscaping ordinances,
15:10:41 tree ordinances, sign ordinances, and less required
15:10:47 suburban style parking, people won't object to the
15:10:50 redevelopment of these commercial corridors.
15:10:52 It's simply that our quality standards everybody
15:10:55 virtually nil.
15:10:56 And so we have the opportunity with this comprehensive

15:10:58 plan to address our ordinances and therefore make the
15:11:03 commercial development compatible if we are serious
15:11:08 about increasing the qualitative impacts.
15:11:12 And we haven't ever done that but there's in a reason
15:11:14 not to start now.
15:11:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I might just need a little education,
15:11:23 because -- I've lived here for ten years.
15:11:26 But I look at Tampa and compare it to other cities.
15:11:30 Most cities, at least the bigger cities, but started
15:11:35 around the same time.
15:11:36 I guess Tampa, we had our casitas.
15:11:39 But in New York, and -- New York you have got
15:11:43 brownstones, and graystones, Philadelphia has row
15:11:50 houses.
15:11:50 Chicago, I must have lived in ten different slabs.
15:11:53 And every one of them had the same way and it was
15:11:56 beautiful.
15:11:57 You know, two flats, three flats with space, bay
15:12:00 window in the front, 1500 square feet.
15:12:03 But it was a whole model of density, and low-rise
15:12:10 buildings, which made for -- and of course there's
15:12:13 better public transportation there, and that's part of

15:12:16 it.
15:12:17 But I don't even see historically, other than maybe a
15:12:21 little West Tampa, any kind of housing stock.
15:12:27 >> We developed later and we didn't have a transit
15:12:29 system so we never had that fabric, that dense fabric.
15:12:32 >>MARY MULHERN: But when you talk about these models
15:12:35 that are happening like in Westchase where they are
15:12:36 trying to be like urban villages or whatever, in the
15:12:40 areas where we are redeveloping -- I mean, I have had
15:12:43 a problem with Channelside all along.
15:12:46 I don't think you would have had like row houses there
15:12:49 but you could have had more of like a mid rise, and
15:12:52 something more similar to what the multifamily stuff
15:12:57 on Harbor Island.
15:12:58 That's more of kind of a village feeling.
15:13:00 And that's what drives me crazy here when I'm always
15:13:03 voting no on things, because they are always
15:13:07 high-rises.
15:13:08 So we are either a city of single-family home or
15:13:15 high-rise.
15:13:16 And there seems to be no --
15:13:20 >> No in between?

15:13:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me throw something out.
15:13:27 Looking at it a little positive.
15:13:28 >>MARY MULHERN: I was trying to be positive.
15:13:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No.
15:13:32 But we have approved a couple of projects in the area
15:13:34 you were talking about, Terry, what are they calling
15:13:37 it, north of Kennedy?
15:13:41 >>> Well, north Hyde Park, it stretches all the way.
15:13:45 >> What do they call that area?
15:13:47 >> West riverfront.
15:13:50 >> There's a catch name for it.
15:13:51 But anyway, Logan lumber, you know.
15:13:59 We have approved more than 1,000 mid rise units
15:14:06 through there, and three to six stories, that sort of
15:14:09 thing.
15:14:10 I think those are real need opportunity and that's
15:14:14 going to be a real connection area between going from
15:14:16 downtown toward Westshore, and I think that's just did
15:14:21 beginning of this stretch along there.
15:14:23 And that would be some real nice intensity, so when
15:14:26 there is a rail or some other transit system through
15:14:28 there, that will be the kind of --

15:14:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, maybe my problem is aesthetics,
15:14:35 architecture, because you see these things, you know,
15:14:39 parking garage on the first floor, instead of having a
15:14:45 house with a porch, with a cover over it.
15:14:50 You could build them.
15:14:52 They are not any more intensive.
15:14:54 But it's already been done.
15:14:56 And I don't know.
15:15:00 I guess people don't think that way.
15:15:02 But if there's a model that way, you know, and we are
15:15:06 trying -- that's what we are trying to become.
15:15:08 We are trying to in some ways go backward.
15:15:12 >> Back to the future snoop yes.
15:15:16 >>TERRY CULLEN: It's a very interesting exercise that
15:15:17 the Planning Commission and some of the staff had in
15:15:24 one of the work sessions last fall was to see if there
15:15:26 was any way to categorize the different neighborhoods.
15:15:29 And one of the ways that came out of there was some
15:15:32 look at, at what point in the history of Tampa was it
15:15:36 developed?
15:15:36 Because there are certain characteristics that go with
15:15:39 certain time periods.

15:15:42 So, for example, you had that very older historic
15:15:45 Ybor, Tampa Heights, West Tampa.
15:15:48 It's not all Hyde Park.
15:15:50 A number of different architectural styles
15:15:52 represented.
15:15:53 But it fits in there.
15:15:55 Then there's this 1920 period where you had a lot of
15:15:58 bungalow and, I mean, it took awhile for us to really
15:16:03 figure out and appreciate the subtle differences in
15:16:08 what we have in terms of architectural -- I'm not sure
15:16:12 if this is the right word -- topology here in the City
15:16:15 of Tampa.
15:16:16 So although we may not have huge numbers of them, we
15:16:19 certainly do have them, and someone else brought up,
15:16:22 you know, we have Forest Hills, and the way that was
15:16:25 developed, and there's a lot of really beautiful
15:16:27 neighborhoods.
15:16:28 And even World War II, there's a lot of people that
15:16:32 would say that there's beauty in the concrete block,
15:16:35 and having renovated a concrete block house, I have an
15:16:38 appreciation for them.
15:16:39 But where I am going with it is what's so important is

15:16:44 to look at how ho we are and recognize that we have
15:16:47 distinct assets, and that we really want to be careful
15:16:51 about trying to emulate what other cities have,
15:16:54 because the translation of experience oftentimes
15:16:58 fails.
15:16:59 And see more closely within what we have that we can
15:17:02 work with.
15:17:03 So I'm not saying that this is where we would go with
15:17:07 it, but this is a fact, that if you were to allow
15:17:12 redevelopment in an area that was more contact
15:17:15 designed and specific to the area in which it was, so
15:17:18 that it fit in with the aesthetics form and function,
15:17:22 that I think -- and put it on the corridors where we
15:17:25 have the transit, I think it would be a win-win for
15:17:28 neighborhoods, for development interests, for our
15:17:33 plans to want to have more transit in the city.
15:17:36 I think that has a lot of potential there.
15:17:38 But the ideas are wonderful, and that is trying to
15:17:42 recognize and understand that we do have different
15:17:45 architectural style houses.
15:17:48 Or a lot of people frown when they hear architectural
15:17:51 styles.

15:17:52 They think I am going to go out there and mandate some
15:17:54 kind of design characteristic.
15:17:56 All I am doing is talking big picture at this point.
15:17:59 It's more the idea that we do have something upon
15:18:02 which we can base and work from.
15:18:05 So just keep that in mind.
15:18:08 Let's see, also on the stable areas, what's really
15:18:12 important is we want to maximize each neighborhood's
15:18:14 livability.
15:18:15 Now that sounds like a really generalized statement
15:18:19 but that's a mouthful.
15:18:20 And there's a lot of stuff in there including how do
15:18:23 our parks, for example, function with our
15:18:25 neighborhoods?
15:18:29 And I know there is a lot of discussion within the
15:18:31 city administration about looking at how parks fit in
15:18:35 with the neighborhood, and how the neighborhoods
15:18:37 interact with the parks.
15:18:38 Because your traditional neighborhood, there's the
15:18:41 park, there's the school, there might be the church,
15:18:43 there might be the commercial district, and they all
15:18:45 interact together.

15:18:47 But within Tampa, the park might be over here, far
15:18:51 outside the neighborhood, the commercial district
15:18:53 might be way over there which requires you to drive,
15:18:57 the schools, you know, accessible, may end up having
15:19:01 to take your children halfway across town to go to
15:19:04 school.
15:19:04 So how do all of these things function to really make
15:19:07 the neighborhood more livable?
15:19:09 And the mayor was mentioning it this morning in the
15:19:12 budget workshop, is that neighborhoods, every
15:19:14 neighborhood deserves to have a quality of life and a
15:19:18 livable experience.
15:19:20 And even some of our highest priced neighborhoods that
15:19:23 don't have perhaps sidewalks or curbs or
15:19:27 streetlighting or flood or the water, the pressure is
15:19:30 too low, we recognize that there's a lot of catch-up
15:19:34 that has to be done but we have to keep moving towards
15:19:36 that consciously.
15:19:37 And finally, under the stable areas also along with
15:19:40 the districts I neglected to mention, is the absolute
15:19:44 critical need for workforce housing.
15:19:49 Because we are more landlocked, you can expect that

15:19:53 property price appreciation is going to go up a lot.
15:19:55 So we have got to try to continue and find as many
15:19:59 different ways as we can to provide that workforce
15:20:01 housing.
15:20:05 It's an essential part of the economic engines and
15:20:08 their ability to function.
15:20:12 Okay, and the last part of the urban form is what we
15:20:14 call the physical connectivity.
15:20:17 And that would be like your muscles and tendons
15:20:20 connecting all the skeletal structure and that
15:20:23 includes your road, network, obviously, and if we have
15:20:28 rail, bus transit, it's going to include trails, bike
15:20:31 ways, but what's often neglected in the physical
15:20:34 connectivity is the natural environment, and the
15:20:37 rivers, the bays, and any other natural environment,
15:20:41 environmental type functions we have out there,
15:20:43 because they connect us together, too.
15:20:46 So the strategies with that are we want to for the
15:20:50 first time as much as possible build a truly
15:20:52 multi-modal transportation system.
15:20:55 I think that everybody agrees with that.
15:20:59 It's not a question as I said before of are we going

15:21:02 to do it, it's a question of when are we going to do
15:21:05 it?
15:21:06 We want to make the connections beautiful, functional,
15:21:09 and able to serve many different purposes.
15:21:12 You're going to hear something that's very
15:21:14 interesting.
15:21:14 You probably have never heard before.
15:21:17 And the plan is going to talk to you about something
15:21:19 called the public realm.
15:21:21 Where we interact, where we socialize, where we come
15:21:24 out of our offices, where we come out of our homes, to
15:21:28 go to wherever we are going, we are in the public
15:21:32 realm.
15:21:33 And that public realm for most of the time is either
15:21:38 done -- you either do two things in the public realm
15:21:41 according to the standard planning practices, which
15:21:45 are changing.
15:21:46 One is, we move you, like we transport you, or you
15:21:51 re-create.
15:21:53 But there's so many different valuable functions that
15:21:55 are served in the public realm of socialization, for
15:21:58 example.

15:21:59 If we can plan an environment, a public environment,
15:22:03 that is absolutely children friendly, you will create
15:22:11 a city that works for every age group, including
15:22:13 senior citizens.
15:22:14 And growing up in an urban environment, a lot of
15:22:17 people sadly stereotype raising children in an urban
15:22:26 development is negative when actually contribute the
15:22:28 most rewarding and positive environments in which to
15:22:31 raise a child.
15:22:33 There's nowhere else will a child experience such
15:22:35 cultural diversity, and the opportunities for artistic
15:22:40 expression, or the ability to access so many different
15:22:43 types of functions and different types of services,
15:22:49 for example, than in a smaller area than you would if
15:22:52 you are in the traditional suburban-typesetting.
15:22:55 So we have to acknowledge the city serves a very
15:22:59 valuable role.
15:23:00 Remember historically, and even today, one of the most
15:23:04 vital functions of the city beyond its economic
15:23:08 function is the exchange of ideas, and culture, and
15:23:13 art come through cities, through that concentration,
15:23:18 and the pathways crossed from all different groups

15:23:21 coming a from around the world. The City of Tampa is
15:23:24 one of the most diverse cities in the country, and
15:23:26 that takes a lot of people by surprise.
15:23:29 It is based on an index scale, and the amount of
15:23:34 different cultures that are represented here in the
15:23:35 population.
15:23:36 We are recognized as one of the most culturally,
15:23:39 ethnically, I did verse cities in the country.
15:23:42 And we take it for granted.
15:23:43 And I may have mentioned in some previous workshops,
15:23:48 one of the cities that I lived up in the north, those
15:23:50 types of cultural and ethnic diversities is recognized
15:23:56 through -- even the YMCA in the hometown I grew up in
15:24:01 has English speaking language classes.
15:24:04 I don't see anything in here in our city that really
15:24:07 tries to take a look at and capitalize upon the huge
15:24:12 power of the immigrant population that we have here.
15:24:15 And everything that it has done for this community and
15:24:18 everything that it will continue to do in the future.
15:24:20 That is a big reason of why we are where we are today.
15:24:24 And if you remember in the first workshop, it's people
15:24:28 first.

15:24:29 And there wouldn't be a city if there weren't people
15:24:33 obviously.
15:24:33 There wouldn't be buildings either.
15:24:35 There wouldn't be an economy.
15:24:36 But it's that diversity of people that really drives
15:24:39 this economic engine.
15:24:40 And we are going to continue to be an attractive force
15:24:42 for immigrants in the future.
15:24:43 Maybe from different parts of the world than we have
15:24:46 traditionally seen.
15:24:47 But we have got to find a way to be as well coming and
15:24:50 friendly, and to offer them the opportunities for
15:24:55 prosperity that we all have, and to a certain degree
15:24:58 I'm an immigrant myself.
15:25:01 Up in Canada, not exactly that far away.
15:25:03 But I am an American citizen now.
15:25:11 There are so many different groups here and we all
15:25:13 enjoy the marks they left on this community.
15:25:15 So that's very important.
15:25:17 That's also part of the connectivity issue, too.
15:25:20 So that's my long-winded kind of explanation of the
15:25:23 urban form and where we are going with it.

15:25:29 What I was going to do was throw out some questions to
15:25:31 you.
15:25:31 But what you have been doing for me is answering the
15:25:34 questions I was going to ask here.
15:25:36 But one of the greatest challenges that we do face is
15:25:39 trying to balance what our community needs today
15:25:44 versus what we are going to need tomorrow.
15:25:46 I mean, you all have been on the front lines.
15:25:49 You're the ones that have to see the citizens coming
15:25:51 down here when they are looking at a rezoning in the
15:25:55 neighborhood.
15:25:56 And they are trying to explain to you why it's not
15:25:59 working.
15:26:00 And you have seen the growing frustration over the
15:26:02 years and the feeling that citizens are feeling
15:26:07 somewhat disenfranchised or they can't effectively
15:26:10 make change in the communities in which they live.
15:26:13 Another theme in this plan update is how can we
15:26:18 capitalize on that social, what's called social
15:26:22 capital, in terms of trying to get people to shape
15:26:25 their own environment, to be able to empower them to
15:26:30 create that change themselves.

15:26:31 That's what will also drive a healthy community.
15:26:33 But where I am going with all of that is that I fully
15:26:38 appreciate the fact that there are a lot of people out
15:26:40 there that have drawn a line in the sand, in some ways
15:26:44 and said, I want no more of this, and that I don't
15:26:48 want any more change, because the change I have seen
15:26:50 has not been that good.
15:26:52 Now, I don't subscribe to that philosophy myself but I
15:26:56 have heard that.
15:26:57 There's a lot of people that do believe that change
15:26:59 has been good.
15:27:00 So it does put you in a position where you are going
15:27:03 to be facing in the future, well, we are going to have
15:27:07 to make some trade-offs if we want to protect your
15:27:09 neighborhood and be able to maintain what you have
15:27:12 today.
15:27:13 Are you willing to do that?
15:27:14 So we are going to be going out in some public
15:27:17 workshop later in the fall, and we'll be putting that
15:27:20 question out to them.
15:27:22 But you may during the course of your travels, as you
15:27:25 are talking to your constituents, try to get a feeling

15:27:29 for how -- would they appreciate these concepts, and
15:27:33 the direction in which we are going?
15:27:35 If we can find a way to protect your neighborhood,
15:27:38 would it be all right if we did this, such as maybe a
15:27:43 little mid rise kind of development in the corridors.
15:27:46 If we did that, what would it be that you were looking
15:27:49 for?
15:27:49 What would be your greatest concerns?
15:27:51 So you can help us in your travel to get feedback
15:27:58 because we communicate a lot with each other and we'll
15:28:01 try to take your constituents concerns and blend them
15:28:03 into the work we are doing right now.
15:28:07 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think it would be really valuable
15:28:09 if you scheduled an hour with each of us, and maybe
15:28:12 even drove around with us, and we could show you what
15:28:15 things have worked and what things have been
15:28:17 disastrous.
15:28:18 I think it would be really helpful, and I think that
15:28:23 each of us in our different neighborhoods that we
15:28:27 represent have some examples of just disasters that
15:28:33 are the impetus to making citizens say, absolutely no
15:28:36 more, and something that's built, a disaster.

15:28:40 You have to live with this for the next 50 years.
15:28:43 And folk, remember these things, and it gives them
15:28:45 heartburn every time they drive past.
15:28:47 I think that would be S something we could do.
15:28:51 >>TERRY CULLEN: And you could also show us what are
15:28:53 great examples of things that work well, that people
15:28:57 absolutely love and would love to see more of.
15:28:59 I will definitely call each of you and offer you that
15:29:01 opportunity.
15:29:01 I appreciate that.
15:29:04 Council, that concludes my --
15:29:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let me see if there's any
15:29:08 questions.
15:29:10 >>TERRY CULLEN: Michelle wanted to put in one more
15:29:12 comment.
15:29:13 >>MICHELE OGILVIE: Ms. Mulhern spoke about transit
15:29:16 oriented development earlier.
15:29:18 And last week, Monday, I had a wonderful opportunity
15:29:22 at the University of South Florida to see five -- they
15:29:27 were just amazing designs that the students, headed by
15:29:33 Trent green, provided for us to critique.
15:29:38 And he has promised that those five patterns will be

15:29:44 available to those who judge them very soon, and I
15:29:48 would like to offer you that -- hopefully by September
15:29:53 when you come to talk about transportation, that we
15:29:56 can provide that pallet.
15:30:03 There was one to sustainable design and living.
15:30:06 They had homes that were two story and single-family
15:30:11 design, also people living on office and commercial.
15:30:18 There was another one that was designed with -- they
15:30:21 used East Tampa as the example and they integrated the
15:30:24 heritage and had all kinds of cultural experiences
15:30:28 along with residential.
15:30:32 It really opened the possibilities of what we can
15:30:36 achieve in this 20-year period with transit, with
15:30:40 urban design, which will be part of the proposed
15:30:45 comprehensive plan under public realm as well as arts
15:30:49 and culture and the things that connect them.
15:30:52 And I just wanted you to know that that is here in our
15:30:55 community, and we will be able to hopefully have
15:31:00 agreements.
15:31:01 So we'll have that for you in September.
15:31:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I had a couple things.
15:31:06 One, it took me awhile, but Ken Moore, a developer,

15:31:15 developing north Kennedy, calls an area midtown and I
15:31:19 think there's a lot of great opportunity there in that
15:31:24 Trask street area, and hopefully some day that will be
15:31:27 there.
15:31:27 But the other thing, I want to be done with that for a
15:31:31 second because I hear this comment and I have heard
15:31:34 other council members as well, people come up to us,
15:31:37 neighborhood leaders, neighborhood folks, and you
15:31:41 start off with the presumption 90,000 people are going
15:31:43 to come here.
15:31:45 At lunch today, you know, the mayor's budget lunch,
15:31:49 people come up to me and say, why do you keep
15:31:53 approving any growth?
15:31:57 We hear there's not enough water, it's hurting natural
15:32:00 resources, why does Tampa have to grow at all?
15:32:03 So I am going to be devil's advocates.
15:32:06 You're on television and you can explain to people why
15:32:07 you start out with the premise that, you know, we need
15:32:11 or should grow by 90,000 people in 20 years.
15:32:21 >>> Thank you, devil's advocate.
15:32:22 Well, for starters, the 92,000 is an estimate.
15:32:25 And people are going to show up whether you approve

15:32:33 growth.
15:32:34 Because there's a lot of things people can still move
15:32:36 into the cities regardless of whether you approve any
15:32:38 more development.
15:32:38 But the realities are, the way that the fiscal tax
15:32:44 realities are, if you don't go, you will decline.
15:32:47 And that pretty much faces just about every American
15:32:51 city because this is the question that gets asked
15:32:53 everywhere I go, and the other communities that I do
15:32:55 serve.
15:32:56 And, for example, let's say you did not grow anymore,
15:33:01 your tax revenues are going to completely flatten out,
15:33:05 they are going to be capped, if there's any
15:33:07 appreciation in the price of residential homes.
15:33:10 But the cost of providing the services that are needed
15:33:14 for people rises at a typically greater rate than the
15:33:19 tax base will if left on its own.
15:33:21 That's the idea behind it.
15:33:23 And so what happens is, that's just the speculation
15:33:27 behind it.
15:33:27 I don't know all the stats behind it.
15:33:30 I'm just trying to have a theory on it.

15:33:32 So what it is, you have to find a way to add more
15:33:35 value to your community.
15:33:36 In order to be able to keep those revenues coming into
15:33:40 the community, to be able to supply the service that
15:33:43 is function, that you have to pay for to function.
15:33:48 Plus there are deficits in many different areas that
15:33:51 we have in terms of our services that we have to catch
15:33:54 up.
15:33:54 And that's not been recent.
15:33:57 Well, it's not so much recently.
15:33:59 That goes back for quite some time.
15:34:01 So there's a fair amount of catch-up that has to go
15:34:04 with that, too, and it costs a lot of money.
15:34:06 We all realize, and Bonnie was saying this morning, a
15:34:09 lot of people don't realize that the City of Tampa
15:34:12 only gets a small proportion of the property tax
15:34:14 coming back to the city.
15:34:18 Didn't she say it was 27% this morning?
15:34:20 Because a lot of people approach me, and they want to
15:34:22 know why City Hall doesn't do something about
15:34:26 excessive taxation, and they wonder why City Hall is
15:34:30 raising their taxes, and I have to gently explain to

15:34:33 them, City Hall has no control over that.
15:34:35 And actually what they get isn't very much, by
15:34:38 comparison.
15:34:39 And so -- and it's constant.
15:34:43 And that's part of the fragmented nature of government
15:34:46 that I spoke of in the first meeting, was that a lot
15:34:48 of people don't know who is responsible for what.
15:34:53 And so there's no clear idea, and that creates a lot
15:34:55 of problems on its own.
15:34:57 But generally speaking is you are put into a position
15:35:00 where you have to -- and I use the term grow, and that
15:35:03 may not necessarily be the right term.
15:35:07 But that's generally how it's looked at in this part
15:35:09 of the country in terms of adding more to your tax
15:35:13 revenue base.
15:35:14 What you are doing is trying to find a way to add more
15:35:17 value to your community.
15:35:19 And there's a number of different ways that that can
15:35:22 happen.
15:35:23 Population growth, and what happens with development
15:35:25 is one, employment based development is another,
15:35:29 developing yourself as a business type destination

15:35:33 that brings people in from the outside, that's another
15:35:36 way to add to the.
15:35:37 There's any number different ways that can happen.
15:35:39 But like any business you have to look at the city in
15:35:42 some ways as being a business.
15:35:44 You have to continue to grow in certain ways or
15:35:47 develop more value.
15:35:48 Otherwise, you begin to decline.
15:35:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think that there's many in the
15:35:58 community that are going to need severe convincing of
15:36:01 that, because usually, you know, we hear those
15:36:03 comments, we hear them hand in hand with, you know,
15:36:07 degradation -- degradation of the quality of life,
15:36:12 folks that have not been here for decades, and have
15:36:15 seen the growth, and where we are today.
15:36:17 I think we have had a lot of growth.
15:36:18 And I think we suffer from growth.
15:36:20 I can't even imagine the traffic that Joseph and his
15:36:24 community suffer with day in and day out.
15:36:28 And part of that is because there was horrible
15:36:30 planning.
15:36:30 And Joseph, I think that's something for you to always

15:36:33 remember, is that there were developers who were well
15:36:36 meaning and this and that, you know, for a decade or
15:36:40 two, or planning these communities out there, but
15:36:42 nobody ever really figured out the transportation grid
15:36:45 to go with it.
15:36:46 And, well, they are taking the train is what they are
15:36:52 doing, because people are there and they are trying to
15:36:55 figure out how to move them, now.
15:37:00 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: We are going to have 45,000 more
15:37:05 just in New Tampa with all the growth that's going to
15:37:07 take place.
15:37:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So, anyway, a lot of challenges.
15:37:16 >>> It is a very big challenge.
15:37:17 Change is a difficult thing to deal with.
15:37:19 We have to find a way to make what happens be better
15:37:24 for all of us, and use that change as the catalyst to
15:37:27 make a better place for us, for all us that live and
15:37:31 work here today and everyone that's going to be here
15:37:33 tomorrow, because what you're hearing is a lot of
15:37:36 backlash against a lot of development that has been
15:37:41 misguided, and hasn't been given the direction of
15:37:45 where it should go in the city and has created a

15:37:47 problem, so we have to overcome that negative image.
15:37:50 But it can be a positive experience.
15:37:52 And if we commit ton that I think it's possible.
15:37:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What's that thing called, democracy
15:37:58 of a Florida?
15:38:00 Hometown democracy, there's a huge backlash, you know.
15:38:03 And we could argue that for another hour.
15:38:05 But we won't.
15:38:06 But, I mean, that's really what this is all about, is
15:38:10 hometown democracy, and that referendum is people's
15:38:13 response.
15:38:14 And Linda has been to a chamber meeting, people's
15:38:19 response to frustration from the growth, the
15:38:23 degradation in quality of life because we haven't done
15:38:26 a good job.
15:38:27 Hopefully we'll do a better job.
15:38:28 I guess what you guys are all about.
15:38:31 >>> And you.
15:38:31 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
15:38:32 This was great.
15:38:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Anything else?
15:38:34 Okay.

15:38:34 Madam clerk, thank you, Planning Commission, and Thom.
15:38:41 >>THE CLERK: For clarification.
15:38:42 On item number 2, the ARC appointments.
15:38:45 Do you want to change the date to have that come back
15:38:47 on the 30th?
15:38:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
15:38:51 That was my motion.
15:38:52 I thought I changed it.
15:38:54 The 30th.
15:38:56 The 30th to receive all the applications of the
15:38:59 6th to have an opportunity to appear before us.
15:39:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Motion and second.
15:39:10 All in favor?
15:39:11 >>CLERK: Item number 40 no officials action was taken
15:39:14 to remove that from the agenda.
15:39:18 Staff requested to withdraw.
15:39:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All right, motion and second.
15:39:23 Motion passes.
15:39:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a clarification.
15:39:26 Does the clerk's office intend to notify the
15:39:28 applicants who applied of the fact that council will
15:39:32 be inviting them to appear?

15:39:43 >> Okay.
15:39:43 Anything else?
15:39:44 Mr. Shelby, a motion to receive and file?
15:39:46 >>THE CLERK: We have already done that.
15:39:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Oh.
15:39:51 From the workshop.
15:39:54 Motion and second.
15:39:56 Motion passes.
15:39:57 Meeting is adjourned until this evening at six.
15:40:00 - - -