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Tampa City Council
Thursday, October 25, 2007
6:00 p.m.

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18:08:20 [Sounding gavel]
18:08:20 >>CHAIRMAN: Tampa City Council is called to order.
18:08:23 Roll call.
18:08:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
18:08:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
18:08:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
18:08:33 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
18:08:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
18:08:35 At this time we are going to clean up the agenda.

18:08:37 Who is doing it?
18:08:38 >>> Jill Karsi, Land Development Coordination.
18:09:12 Number five on the agenda, the petitioner has
18:09:14 requested that this petition be withdrawn.
18:09:24 Number 5.
18:09:25 >> Move to withdraw.
18:09:26 >> Second.
18:09:27 (Motion carried)
18:09:30 >> Item number 11, petitioner has requested a
18:09:36 continuance to 11-29-07 at 6 p.m.
18:09:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to open the public hearing.
18:09:44 >> So moved.
18:09:45 >> Second.
18:09:45 (Motion carried)
18:09:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Did anyone come to speak on item number
18:09:49 11?
18:09:50 >> Move item 11 for the 29th of November at 6:00.
18:09:55 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion an second.
18:09:57 (Motion carried)
18:09:59 Jill Karsi: Item number 12 and 13 are running
18:10:04 concurrently, a vacating along with a rezoning, and
18:10:07 petitioner has requested a continuance to December

18:10:09 13th, 07, at 6:00.
18:10:11 >> Need to open the public hearing.
18:10:13 >> So moved to open 12 and 13.
18:10:15 >> Second.
18:10:16 (Motion carried).
18:10:16 >>GWEN MILLER: Did anyone come to speak on item 12 and
18:10:20 13?
18:10:21 >> Move to hold the hearing on the 12 and 13 at 6:00.
18:10:28 >> Second.
18:10:29 (Motion carried)
18:10:31 Jill Karsi: Item number 6 is -- can't be heard.
18:10:36 We are not certain why it's misnoticed.
18:10:38 The petitioner had miss node and he had previously --
18:10:46 you had continued out for today, and he had already
18:10:49 noticed at that point.
18:10:51 And he was not instructed by council to renotice.
18:10:53 So we're not quite certain why that's been misnoticed.
18:10:59 So if -- that's item number 6.
18:11:04 >>CHAIRMAN: You want to continue or what?
18:11:08 >> I believe the clerk has --
18:11:10 >>THE CLERK: Yes, he was noticed to renotice the
18:11:12 hearing by certified mail.

18:11:21 >>> He did an amendment.
18:11:22 He was going to Euclidean zoning and then went to PD.
18:11:26 >>THE CLERK: It was set for this evening, October
18:11:29 25th at 6 p.m.
18:11:30 >> Is that going to be removed then?
18:11:32 Is there a request to have this removed?
18:11:35 >> At this point.
18:11:35 We could ask to have it reset for the 29th of
18:11:38 November.
18:11:38 >>CHAIRMAN: Need a motion to continue.
18:11:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We have to open it first.
18:11:46 >> It has to be refiled.
18:11:50 >> Move to reset Z 07-15 to the 29th of November
18:11:55 for 6 p.m.
18:11:57 >> Second.
18:11:57 (Motion carried).
18:11:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And strike from our agenda today.
18:12:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 5, 6, 11, 12, 13.
18:12:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Under parks and recreation we have a
18:12:13 resolution to pass.
18:12:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move item number 1
18:12:21 and 2.

18:12:22 (Motion carried).
18:12:23 >>CHAIRMAN: Finance, Mr. John Dingfelder, resolution
18:12:25 needs to be passed?
18:12:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
18:12:28 I would like to pass that.
18:12:29 And Mr. Marshall, are Mr. and Mrs. Marshall here in
18:12:35 the audience tonight?
18:12:36 This is a compromise settlement.
18:12:38 I won't get into it but it looks like the city had an
18:12:41 issue, a little sewer backup, and messed up their
18:12:44 house.
18:12:44 And I just want to extend the city's apologies for the
18:12:48 inconvenience, and looks like we are ending up with a
18:12:51 reasonable settlement with the Marshall family.
18:12:53 So with that I'll move item 3.
18:12:55 >> I have a motion and second.
18:12:56 (Motion carried)
18:12:59 Item 4 is the second reading.
18:13:02 Ordinance for second reading.
18:13:05 Mr. Miranda?
18:13:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move an ordinance re-- for second
18:13:10 reading, rezoning property in the general vicinity of

18:13:14 4806 north Habana Avenue, city of Tampa, Florida and
18:13:17 more particularly described in section 1 from zoning
18:13:19 district classifications RS-50 residential
18:13:21 single-family and RO 1 residential medical office,
18:13:24 providing an effective date.
18:13:24 >>CHAIRMAN: Question on the motion.
18:13:27 Mr. Dingfelder.
18:13:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Does the agenda indicate -- any
18:13:35 negative votes?
18:13:36 Was it a unanimous vote in the first reading?
18:13:38 >> If I recall, it was.
18:13:42 My computer is only half on.
18:13:43 >>> This was the certified site plan that needed to be
18:13:46 submitted one week prior.
18:13:47 This should have gone to second reading last Thursday
18:13:49 but the site plans have not been turned in.
18:13:52 They have been received now and filed and certified by
18:13:53 the zoning administrator.
18:13:55 It was a unanimous vote on first reading.
18:13:58 >> It was unanimous with Saul-Sena and Caetano being
18:14:00 absent.
18:14:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: This being the second reading, I

18:14:04 believe you would ask for public comment.
18:14:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:14:08 wants ton speak on item 4?
18:14:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to close.
18:14:12 >> Second.
18:14:12 (Motion carried).
18:14:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The ordinance has already been read.
18:14:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Voice roll call.
18:14:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
18:14:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.
18:14:25 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
18:14:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
18:14:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.
18:14:29 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Yes.
18:14:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
18:14:32 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
18:14:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just a point of personal privilege.
18:14:37 I just wanted to recognize Wayne Garcia, and looks
18:14:42 like he has two members of his Boy Scout troop.
18:14:46 Either that or they are all dressed up for Halloween.
18:14:49 Sitting in the back, way in the back.
18:14:52 If one of your boys is about to reach eagle scout,

18:14:56 correct?
18:15:02 So he'll be here soon.
18:15:04 We welcome the Dale Mabry Bay to Bay troop.
18:15:06 Congratulations to your future eagle scouts.
18:15:09 Thank you, Madam Chairman.
18:15:10 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to do item 9 and 10.
18:15:12 Petitioner has to catch a flight.
18:15:14 Need to open that first.
18:15:16 Now we are going to open all the items from item
18:15:18 number 7 through 15.
18:15:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.
18:15:25 >> Second.
18:15:26 (Motion carried).
18:15:26 >>GWEN MILLER: 16.
18:15:29 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:15:31 Is there anyone in the public going to speak on items
18:15:34 through 16?
18:15:35 Will you please stand and raise your right hand if you
18:15:37 are going to speak?
18:15:37 (Oath administered by Clerk).
18:15:48 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I ask that all written communication
18:15:50 which has been available for the public for inspection

18:15:53 at City Council's office be received and filed at this
18:15:55 time.
18:15:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.
18:15:58 >> Second.
18:15:59 (Motion carried).
18:15:59 >>> I have been sworn.
18:16:35 Petitioner is requesting to vacate a portion of Ball
18:16:42 Street lying between Channelside Drive and Cumberland
18:16:44 Avenue, running to Meridian.
18:16:53 The Elmo.
18:17:00 (off microphone)
18:17:02 This is a more detailed shot of that intersection of
18:17:26 Meridian.
18:17:36 This is a shot of the property line on the south side
18:17:41 of Ball.
18:17:42 This is the north side of Ball.
18:17:48 And there is the roadway agreement associated with the
18:17:55 vacating down the road.
18:17:57 Petitioner has agreed to reopen that portion.
18:18:04 Staff has no objection to this vacating request.
18:18:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So we are vacating and then --
18:18:24 >>> this portion of ball, associated with a rezoning,

18:18:31 this portion of the property on the back of Cumberland
18:18:34 which was vacated.
18:18:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?
18:18:38 Petitioner?
18:18:39 Planning Commission, do you have something to say?
18:18:58 >>> Jill Karsi, Land Development Coordination.
18:19:01 I have been sworn.
18:19:02 I will go ahead and present this number Z 07-85, 502
18:19:13 south Caesar street and 1005 Cumberland Avenue.
18:19:17 This petition is going from a CDB 2 central business
18:19:21 district to CDB 2 central business district with use
18:19:25 of office, professional, bank, retail and principal
18:19:31 use parking.
18:19:34 The petitioner is requesting the rezoning in order to
18:19:36 develop the site with 4,83700 square feet of building
18:19:41 area.
18:19:42 Of this square footage.
18:19:44 457,140 square feet will be rentable floor area,
18:19:49 including 4,38400 square feet dedicated to
18:19:53 professional office use.
18:19:56 6700 square feet of bank use, 4200 square feet of
18:20:01 restaurant use, and 7,840 square feet of retail use on

18:20:07 Caesar.
18:20:08 The development has a proposed maximum height of 285
18:20:12 feet and 20 stories.
18:20:15 The adjacent parking structure located behind the
18:20:18 proposed office building contains 572,934 square feet,
18:20:24 which allows for 1,794 parking spaces within the
18:20:28 structure and proposes a maximum height of 93 feet, or
18:20:33 9 stories.
18:20:38 467 places are required for the requested uses
18:20:41 on-site.
18:20:42 Remaining 1,327 spaces are requested as principle use
18:20:47 parking spaces.
18:20:48 In addition petitioner has requested that all parking
18:20:51 spaces be permitted as simple use parking outside the
18:20:55 conventional business hours.
18:20:57 The front entrance will be oriented towards
18:20:59 Channelside Drive to the east of Meridian, to the
18:21:02 north Cumberland and to the west Caesar street.
18:21:06 An outdoor cafe is being proposed for the area
18:21:09 fronting on Channelside while a retail component has
18:21:11 been incorporated along sea breeze street and has the
18:21:14 potential for pedestrian activity.

18:21:23 Here is the zoning map of the area.
18:21:40 Here is an aerial.
18:21:48 That would be located directly to the east.
18:21:55 This is a picture of the proposed site.
18:22:06 And another one looking north.
18:22:07 You can see the -- here is the picture of Channelside,
18:22:15 the view that is from the property.
18:22:19 Then looking southeast to Channelside.
18:22:26 Then directly south of the site.
18:22:28 Harbor Island over there.
18:22:36 This is looking west from the site.
18:22:49 City staff has found this petition to be inconsistent
18:22:52 with our standards.
18:22:53 However, everything that needs to be changed is
18:22:57 considered not be major.
18:22:59 They are minor.
18:23:00 And they can be done between first and second reading.
18:23:04 The first thing that would need to be done would be
18:23:09 general note number 2, the stormwater system to the
18:23:12 city Tampa system at their cost would need to now read
18:23:15 stormwater City of Tampa system at the developer's
18:23:21 sole expense.

18:23:22 Transportation objects to the northern driveway at
18:23:28 Cumberland.
18:23:28 The gates need to be placed at least 20 feet from the
18:23:32 sidewalk to avoid blocking the sidewalk while waiting
18:23:35 for the gate.
18:23:36 The following note needs to be placed on the site
18:23:37 plan.
18:23:38 If the gate becomes a safety hazard such as but not
18:23:42 limited to vehicles maneuvering in the right-of-way as
18:23:45 determined by the transportation division, then the
18:23:47 gates will be removed or redesigned with approval of
18:23:50 the transportation division.
18:23:55 The following note needs to be placed on the plan.
18:23:57 Note 16 of the rezoning petition V 0453 requires a
18:24:01 minimum 20 feet setback shall be provided along the
18:24:05 southern project boundary.
18:24:07 As stated in resolution number 2002-943, that the
18:24:14 expressway authority grants and delivers to the City
18:24:16 of Tampa an easement which provides the right to
18:24:18 utilize the portion of original platted right-of-way
18:24:21 at the intersection of Cumberland street and Meridian
18:24:25 Avenue West of Meridian for the purposes of a roadway

18:24:28 and the petitioner owner executes and delivers to the
18:24:30 city an acceptable roadway development agreement, then
18:24:33 the City of Tampa will release petitioner from the
18:24:36 requirement of note 16.
18:24:40 And stormwater requests two notes to be added, and
18:24:44 they are existing storm structures within the
18:24:47 development area will be demolished to be located as
18:24:50 necessary to remove structures from within the
18:24:53 development area.
18:24:54 Work will be done in conjunction with vacating city
18:24:57 right-of-way within the development.
18:24:59 Public drainage is not and will not be conveyed across
18:25:03 the development area, and will be removed and replaced
18:25:11 within city right-of-way.
18:25:12 Developer is not proposing drainage easements for
18:25:14 stormwater systems, and at permitting the engineer
18:25:17 shall demonstrate capacity of existing system at
18:25:22 Caesar street, city designed criteria for five years,
18:25:25 or design on-site stormwater facilities in accordance
18:25:29 with the city stormwater manual section 9-C-2,
18:25:36 providing retention for the 25 year storm with run-off
18:25:41 for the five year historic condition.

18:25:45 If those were to be changed, modified to the site
18:25:47 plan, staff would find them to be consistent with our
18:25:50 standard.
18:25:52 This is my presentation.
18:26:04 >>> Good evening.
18:26:05 Tony Garcia, Planning Commission staff.
18:26:07 I have been sworn.
18:26:10 A few additional comments to add onto Ms. Kearsey's
18:26:15 comment as relates to the comprehensive plan.
18:26:17 The site in question came to council in 2004 and was
18:26:21 in the '02 project after its approval.
18:26:24 Some of you will remember that the pinnacle project.
18:26:32 The project is here on the northwest corner of
18:26:46 Channelside Drive and Meridian.
18:26:49 Land use category, central business district, CBD2 to
18:26:53 CBD2.
18:26:55 As you can see the system, most of the aerial over on
18:27:00 Meridian is parking which is the lowest you can have
18:27:04 for a parcel of land.
18:27:06 What's coming over here is really going to enhance the
18:27:11 area.
18:27:13 She's already given you some information regarding

18:27:15 context of the area, towers of Channelside.
18:27:27 Over here on the north side of Cumberland, we will
18:27:29 have the Seaboard square project which you all
18:27:32 approved, approximately six acres.
18:27:35 One of the significant issues that's being addressed
18:27:39 over the years is the issue of connectivity.
18:27:43 It's not that much of a functional street, Ball, which
18:27:49 Cumberland will become a through street, will connect
18:27:51 into the downtown core, and therefore this will create
18:27:59 a logical, functional 4-way intersection.
18:28:04 Planning Commission staff, based on the request for
18:28:08 approximately 485,000 square feet, request the CDBG,
18:28:17 and finds the proposed request consistent with the
18:28:21 proposed plan.
18:28:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just have a question.
18:28:25 And it's for either staff member.
18:28:27 We are losing Ball Street.
18:28:29 And I can understand that in terms of vehicular use.
18:28:32 But if a person is walking, it's a big block to walk
18:28:35 around.
18:28:35 Is there any kind of pedestrian connectivity?
18:28:38 Oh, I see.

18:28:41 >>CHAIRMAN: Petitioner?
18:28:45 >>> Good evening.
18:28:49 I'm not sure how to initiate our presentation this
18:28:51 evening on PowerPoint.
18:28:54 >> it's on.
18:28:58 It's on.
18:29:01 >>> I'm Bob Eberger, 400 north Ashley, suite 1700.
18:29:08 I have been sworn.
18:29:10 First, we agree with all the notes that have been
18:29:12 requested by staff, and especially appreciate the
18:29:17 exhaustive work that your staff has committed to get
18:29:20 in front of you today.
18:29:21 It's been a great team effort and we have enjoyed
18:29:24 working with all of the departments and soliciting
18:29:26 their input.
18:29:26 On behalf of my team, we appreciate the opportunity
18:29:30 this evening, but I would also request, since we have
18:29:33 two petitions, your tolerance and perhaps letting us
18:29:37 go a bit over the 15 minutes but we'll be as brief as
18:29:40 possible.
18:29:47 We are going to present the opportunity that this
18:29:49 unique opportunity offers the City of Tampa, and to of

18:29:52 course request your approval of rezoning and vacation
18:29:55 of Ball Street.
18:29:57 Those of you who had a chance to work with -- who I
18:30:00 have had a chance to work with over the years and
18:30:03 serve on numerous boards with know I have long been
18:30:05 committed to work to improve our community and the
18:30:08 economic development of Tampa Bay.
18:30:10 The team all assembled helped me craft a vision that
18:30:14 will accomplish key objectives for our community.
18:30:19 Primary incentive, bring a key employment center to a
18:30:27 redevelopment area.
18:30:27 It will solve a transportation problem that will open
18:30:29 the potential of an entire district.
18:30:33 It will fulfill the mixed use promise that Channelside
18:30:35 can uniquely realize for our city, and position Tampa
18:30:39 to take the lead in sustainable design.
18:30:45 I assembled a strong team, committed local players
18:30:47 with national strength behind them, to help craft this
18:30:52 vision.
18:30:53 With me this evening, I have Duncan Boyd, heading
18:30:58 H.O.K. as my architect.
18:31:00 I had Mike English heading Wilson Miller ath as our

18:31:04 civil engineer.
18:31:04 I am bill Burnett as contractor and R.
18:31:11 And my chief legal counsel.
18:31:13 Of course I represent NCB Richard Ellis.
18:31:17 We have a strong local presence, ties to our
18:31:19 community, and a great track record of past successes
18:31:23 here in our city.
18:31:24 I would like to open our presentation by asking Mike
18:31:27 English to address the current site conditions.
18:31:30 Thank you.
18:31:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Wanted 15 minutes.
18:31:38 Council did not give you that.
18:31:39 I don't want you to think that they have.
18:31:41 So we took you out of order to facilitate the needs of
18:31:45 some of your team members.
18:31:46 But there's also a lot of people here that were ahead
18:31:49 of you.
18:31:50 And we did it out of order to facilitate the airline
18:31:52 and your meeting those obligations.
18:31:55 So I would like to keep it to 15 minutes if we may.
18:31:58 So please be very specific.
18:31:59 >>> We'll do our very best.

18:32:01 >> Thank you very much, sir.
18:32:04 >>> Michael English.
18:32:07 My business address is 2205 north 20th street and
18:32:10 I'll be very brief.
18:32:15 The existing conditions on this property are really
18:32:20 very important, as you can see.
18:32:23 The property is located sort of in a donut hole.
18:32:27 A lot of progress has been made with the St. Pete
18:32:29 Times Forum, the headquarters Marriott, Cotanchobee
18:32:36 park, the shop at Channelside, all the new things in
18:32:39 the Channel District.
18:32:40 Unfortunately, the property to the north and east of
18:32:44 this site all the way to downtown is a wasteland.
18:32:49 There are a number of issues that you need to be aware
18:32:51 of, which include a number of things such as the
18:32:59 St. Pete Times Forum.
18:33:00 This beautiful structure will begin to set a trend and
18:33:04 create a neighborhood concept that doesn't exist
18:33:07 today.
18:33:08 There is no significant office employment in this
18:33:13 district, which this building will also address.
18:33:16 Finally, there are major transportation issues

18:33:18 associated with our inability to extend Cumberland for
18:33:22 years, and CSX spur, inhibiting that road.
18:33:28 And finally, the issue of street car ridership finally
18:33:31 beginning to serve a major office structure.
18:33:33 So I would like to have Steve Mitchell come forward
18:33:35 and talk a little bit about the benefits of the site.
18:33:38 Thank you very much.
18:33:42 >>> Thank you, Mike.
18:33:44 Steve Mitchell, an attorney with the square centers
18:33:47 and Dempsey firm, one Tampa City Center, and I have
18:33:51 been sworn.
18:33:52 With respect to the prime Meridian center, I do have a
18:33:56 few comments to talk about with respect to the
18:33:57 benefits.
18:33:58 I'm truncating my presentation to make sure we hit the
18:34:01 15 minutes.
18:34:02 So basically the prime Meridian center brings key
18:34:09 employment center into the currently dormant CRA, as
18:34:12 well as the enterprise zone.
18:34:14 There's not been a new office building for the central
18:34:17 business district in Tampa for the past 15 years.
18:34:22 And in light -- the prime Meridian center once

18:34:31 completed will bring over 2,000 employees into the CRA
18:34:34 every day, all of whom or most of which will utilize
18:34:38 the various facilities that are developed in the CRA,
18:34:41 or will be developed in the CRA in the future.
18:34:45 The Meridian center will also cause a major roadway
18:34:50 that Wilson Miller talked to you about.
18:34:52 I'll talk about that later
18:34:55 The New Tampa history museum as well as the historic
18:34:59 streetcar line will both economically benefit from the
18:35:03 development of the prime Meridian center.
18:35:05 Proximity of both of those facilities to the prime
18:35:08 Meridian center is accessibility to the employees,
18:35:11 guests, business associates, tenants of the prime
18:35:14 Meridian center, will strengthen the ridership and
18:35:19 utilization. Museum as well as the streetcar center,
18:35:23 thereby positively adding to the economic viability of
18:35:25 both those programs.
18:35:31 The prime Meridian center will also provide a
18:35:33 connectivity to the riverwalk.
18:35:36 The riverwalk will be connected to the pedestrian
18:35:39 trail that is being established by the city, will go
18:35:41 from the riverwalk to Kennedy.

18:35:46 The prime Meridian center will also be one of the new
18:35:51 developments that will address the sustainability
18:35:54 concept.
18:35:59 Buck Burnett the Beck group will give the
18:36:03 sustainability of the prime Meridian project.
18:36:06 Last but not least, over ten years ago Bob and I stood
18:36:10 before you and we told you we would build the Marriott
18:36:12 center at Riverside.
18:36:16 There were many doubting members but thank goodness
18:36:19 none on City Council.
18:36:20 We went out and built the Tampa Marriott waterside
18:36:23 hotel.
18:36:23 That project has been a significant benefit not only
18:36:25 to the convention center but also to the community as
18:36:28 a whole.
18:36:29 Both Bob and I stand before you today to a sure that
18:36:32 you when the prime Meridian center is built that it
18:36:36 will also provide positive benefits to the community.
18:36:39 It will also be a catalyst for additional development
18:36:41 within the CRA.
18:36:42 And it will also be an iconic structure that the
18:36:46 residents and the City of Tampa itself will be very

18:36:48 proud of.
18:36:49 Thank you very much.
18:36:50 And I would like to turn this over.
18:36:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder?
18:36:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Mitchell.
18:36:57 Two questions.
18:36:58 An both related to transportation.
18:37:01 Looking at your conditions related to Hartline, it
18:37:04 says the developer will coordinate with Hartline and
18:37:08 design the coordination of a bus stop facility.
18:37:11 Very often in these type of projects we see it, it
18:37:14 says developer will billed build a shelter at
18:37:16 developer's expense.
18:37:17 Is that anticipated or was that discussed?
18:37:24 Okay.
18:37:25 And then staff will add that between first and second
18:37:28 reading.
18:37:29 And the other question on paragraph 26 that speaks to
18:37:33 improvements on Cumberland -- that guy looks familiar.
18:37:42 Are you all building that section of Cumberland?
18:37:46 >>>Al by Smith will get into it but we are building
18:37:52 from Caesar to south Meridian.

18:37:56 We are going to be dedicating the portion of the
18:37:57 property that we own which is contiguous to the north
18:38:00 of the prime Meridian site.
18:38:03 It will be dedicated to the city.
18:38:06 >> Will you all be helping to get CSX --
18:38:10 >> Well, we are going to work very, very hard and
18:38:12 expressway authority has been very supportive as well
18:38:14 as the city, and specifically addressing that issue.
18:38:17 But, yes, we will.
18:38:19 Thank you.
18:38:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I guess from my standpoint, when I
18:38:27 look at the site, those who are here this evening have
18:38:34 a real doubt.
18:38:35 I just have a question of staff what is required, and
18:38:39 that is inconsistent.
18:38:40 Well, we are willing to move forward to do what staff
18:38:43 has requested us to do.
18:38:46 I would like to hear that and voice some concern.
18:38:51 What my concern, and opposition to move forward, it's
18:38:55 a good plan, it's in the CRA, it also is going to come
18:39:01 back to us, to the CRA board at some point, too.
18:39:10 I just want to hear that you agree with all the

18:39:12 elements.
18:39:12 >> Yes.
18:39:13 We agree to all staff comments.
18:39:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:39:16 wants to speak on item 9 and 10?
18:39:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
18:39:20 I have a question about the parking structure.
18:39:26 From the drawings that we have in the booklet, it's
18:39:28 not clear, it's really visible from Meridian.
18:39:38 >> Could you advance to one of the renderings that I
18:39:40 think will satisfy staff?
18:39:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: While I didn't want to discuss
18:39:47 anything I sat in close proximity to him a couple
18:39:51 weeks back in a basketball game and his team lost.
18:39:54 My granddaughter's team won.
18:39:56 [ Laughter ]
18:39:58 >> He probably threw the game just because he knew you
18:40:00 were going to be here.
18:40:02 [ Laughter ]
18:40:03 >> You have a question.
18:40:08 >> If you excuse me, I'm Duncan Borde, one Tampa City
18:40:15 Center, and I have been sworn in.

18:40:17 I will generally go through some of these slides, just
18:40:20 to show you what's happening with the parking garage
18:40:22 in the building. This is a have you coming down
18:40:24 Meridian from the Crosstown.
18:40:28 We can actually take advantage of a lot of landscape
18:40:30 on the Meridian, the Crosstown expressway.
18:40:36 Those are real trees.
18:40:37 And if we go through.
18:40:46 This has been affectionately known as Wilson's retail.
18:40:57 We worked very closely the last few months.
18:41:00 And this is actually a two-story addition on the side
18:41:03 of the garage, in order to create retail space.
18:41:05 It actually gives us what I would call real retail
18:41:08 with a real colonnade when the storefront is actually
18:41:11 set back from the columns, the face of the columns is
18:41:14 set back from the property line which gives us real
18:41:17 street and shade, and it sets you up for future retail
18:41:21 on the other side of Caesar and reduces the garages as
18:41:25 you walk up to it and around it.
18:41:28 That's a pretty good addition to the project.
18:41:33 And the way the garage integrates from the base of the
18:41:35 building we have the covered drop-off so you can

18:41:38 actually go from Caesar to Meridian, getting into the
18:41:41 building, into the restaurant, into the bank, drop off
18:41:44 cars, get into the parking garage, so you don't have
18:41:47 to walk around the entire block to get through.
18:41:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I wanted to see what was going on
18:41:58 on the Meridian side in terms of screening.
18:42:00 >> And what we have done -- gosh.
18:42:09 >> You have this image in your -- it's not screened.
18:42:15 >> No.
18:42:16 What we have done there is at street level, the first
18:42:18 two floors where we connect with the bike path, bike
18:42:24 paths are going in there. We are going to do a street
18:42:27 level, shade awnings.
18:42:29 We are using stairs on the end as iconic stairs, and
18:42:33 they will be open, and give you some orientation.
18:42:37 And what I'll do is articulate the precast and change
18:42:41 the color of the precast so that as well as creating
18:42:44 not just horizontal garage, we have a great deal of
18:42:50 articulation inside the garage to help what it looks
18:42:53 like.
18:42:54 >> But will it be screened?
18:42:57 >>> I'm not sure I know exactly what you mean by

18:43:00 screened.
18:43:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think it's the slots, the long
18:43:05 slots.
18:43:05 >> Will we see cars?
18:43:06 >> The parapets on the parking garage are tall enough
18:43:09 that you won't see cars from street level.
18:43:18 >> Architect, don't go away.
18:43:21 Is this the rendering at Meridian?
18:43:24 >>> Yes.
18:43:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Hopefully you can explain it.
18:43:31 I see that rails, I see the site path, and I see -- is
18:43:39 there actually sidewalk when you go on the -- this is
18:43:42 on the northeast side.
18:43:45 >>> There is sidewalk on the -- from the curb.
18:43:53 Sorry.
18:43:53 Sidewalks from the curb over to where the railroad
18:43:56 spur is, which is the urban trail.
18:44:01 And then a parking garage, the railroad spur comes
18:44:06 down over Cumberland.
18:44:07 >>MARY MULHERN: I guess my question is, I hear you say
18:44:11 bike lane or --
18:44:14 >> Not bike lane.

18:44:17 >> Bike path.
18:44:17 >> Pedestrian drive trail, I think the expressway
18:44:19 authority is calling it, which connects.
18:44:21 So it's not a bike "lane" within the traffic lanes.
18:44:24 It's sidewalk.
18:44:25 >> So it's sidewalk.
18:44:26 So there's a continuous sidewalk?
18:44:28 >>> There's a continuous sidewalk outside, and then
18:44:32 there's also the space between the spur and the garage
18:44:34 that we can park and create some shade up against the
18:44:36 garage.
18:44:37 >>GWEN MILLER: We have two people that want to speak.
18:44:43 Another question.
18:44:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think one of the most exciting
18:44:46 things I saw in the booklet in addition to the
18:44:49 beautiful building is the sustainability and the LEED
18:44:54 certification.
18:44:54 I think it's important the community hear about that.
18:44:57 >>> Could you help us out there?
18:45:00 >>> Absolutely.
18:45:01 Beth Burnett from the Beck group, 5100 West Kennedy
18:45:04 Boulevard and I have been sworn.

18:45:07 I think as you have seen from my colleagues that this
18:45:11 is really no ordinary building.
18:45:14 The site allows -- it's going to allow for the
18:45:17 reduction of fossil fuel, because people, this is the
18:45:21 first urban employment center in the City of Tampa,
18:45:25 where people can walk to, they can ride a bike, they
18:45:29 can use the streetcar, they can walk to the burgeoning
18:45:35 residential district, and Channelside, they can walk
18:45:37 to retail, and they can go to the building from the
18:45:41 riverwalk.
18:45:42 Energy savings in this building -- I'm going to say a
18:45:45 couple of really bold statements -- this building is
18:45:48 going to use a million kilowatt per hours per year
18:45:53 less than a conventional office building, which is 30%
18:45:58 greater efficiency than the current under the energy
18:46:02 code.
18:46:03 We are committed to it.
18:46:04 And we have priced it into pro forma.
18:46:09 Letters also a key ingredient in this building.
18:46:14 We have used some strategy in the design process to
18:46:18 use low flow faucets, fixtures, it's going to be
18:46:22 state-of-the-art equipment so we are going to be

18:46:23 saving 1.3 million gallons of water again over a
18:46:26 conventional office building.
18:46:27 And we really didn't stop there, because we also have
18:46:30 a cistern that's going to be located beneath the
18:46:33 parking garage.
18:46:34 We are going to collect rain water, stormwater off the
18:46:37 building, and we are going to provide up to 90,000
18:46:41 gallons of water to water all the landscaping that's
18:46:44 going in the base of the building.
18:46:46 And I think the most exciting thing, if I can go to my
18:46:49 slide, this is one side I want to show you, is we are
18:46:56 going to announce here tonight that we are actually
18:47:01 going to exceed expectations.
18:47:02 And we are going to go for gold from the United States
18:47:08 green building council, which will mean that the City
18:47:09 of Tampa will have the only urban gold office tower in
18:47:16 the southeast.
18:47:18 Charlotte is the next closest place.
18:47:21 So we are really proud of it and we're ready to go.
18:47:26 >> A question on that.
18:47:27 In regard to the gray water, you said it's going to be
18:47:31 used for irrigation. Are we also able to use it for

18:47:34 the plumbing, the passive plumbing?
18:47:37 >>> No, again we have site with 22% open space and
18:47:42 lush landscaping so the cistern will satisfy our
18:47:44 ability to keep that area vibrant.
18:47:47 What we have done is use low volume fixtures that
18:47:51 enable us to achieve the significant saving in
18:47:55 portable water.
18:47:58 -- potable water.
18:48:00 >> Super.
18:48:00 Congratulations.
18:48:01 >>CHAIRMAN: We are going to hear from the two people.
18:48:04 >>> Kristin Burdick with downtown Tampa partnership.
18:48:09 I have not been sworn and I happen to know the
18:48:11 gentleman behind me has not either.
18:48:14 (Oath administered by Clerk)
18:48:19 >>> I have a letter to distribute to you after I read
18:48:22 it.
18:48:23 I apologize for tardiness in getting in.
18:48:26 But you know for more than 21 years the downtown
18:48:28 partnership has provided in addition to your council
18:48:34 stewardship for the vision of a vibrant and viable
18:48:37 downtown to the City of Tampa.

18:48:39 While our organization doesn't endorse specific
18:48:42 projects, we monitor proposed real estate developments
18:48:45 and advocate for well designed, market feasible
18:48:48 projects, that complement existing uses and will
18:48:52 stimulate further economic development.
18:48:54 For some time we considered the needs for new
18:48:56 commercial office development, and where it may be
18:48:59 located to take best advantage of transportation
18:49:01 opportunities, available land, growing space demands
18:49:06 and future office uses.
18:49:08 In light of the expanding residential, retail,
18:49:11 entertainment, and transportation development in the
18:49:13 Channel District, consideration of a proposal such as
18:49:17 this to build what could be the first new office
18:49:19 project in downtown Tampa in 15 years at Channelside
18:49:23 Meridian is a very positive action, and the additional
18:49:29 opportunities for LEED certification for the
18:49:31 additional retail and the good design, just make this,
18:49:35 it would seem, a very positive addition, one that we
18:49:38 have been always an advocate for.
18:49:40 Therefore, we encourage your consideration of action
18:49:43 before you today that might help continue the positive

18:49:46 growth and redevelopment already begun in downtown
18:49:49 Tampa both by your actions and by our good developers.
18:49:54 So I urge your consideration.
18:50:04 >>> My name is Ken Stoltenberg, 1000 Channelside
18:50:08 Drive, suite 304, and I would just like to say that I
18:50:12 think this is a very nice building and certainly
18:50:16 having 2,000 people work right next to the Channel
18:50:18 District where there are now finally plenty of places
18:50:21 for people to live, it's a very good thing.
18:50:23 And also being one who drives from the Channel
18:50:26 District quite often, the connection on Cumberland is
18:50:32 very much needed and very important.
18:50:33 It's going to make things a lot easier for everyone to
18:50:36 get along down there. Eights well planned building
18:50:39 with a very skilled and experienced project team.
18:50:42 And I think it's going to make downtown, and the
18:50:45 Channel District where I have invested interest, a
18:50:47 better place to live, work and play.
18:50:49 So I would humbly request your support for this
18:50:52 project.
18:50:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?
18:50:54 Okay.

18:50:54 >>> In closing, I made the comment some time ago, that
18:51:02 got quoted in the paper, this project will let our CDB
18:51:07 get its MoJo back and a lot of my friends and people
18:51:12 in this room gave me a hard time for that but it's
18:51:14 something that's a reality for this project.
18:51:16 I have never been afraid to better our downtown, and I
18:51:20 have been a student a long time of what works and what
18:51:22 doesn't work, and this project will work.
18:51:24 It will uniquely bring back the competitive edge that
18:51:27 our CDB needs.
18:51:28 It will provide key public benefits and connectivity.
18:51:31 It will settle a new standard in design, and as Beth
18:51:35 mentioned earlier with your approval this evening
18:51:37 we'll have the first LEED gold office tower south of
18:51:40 Charlotte in a CBD in the southeast.
18:51:43 So we appreciate your time.
18:51:45 We appreciate staff's time in getting here this
18:51:47 evening.
18:51:47 I want to thank my team for a tremendous effort to get
18:51:49 us here.
18:51:50 What I have for you, consistent with our commitment to
18:51:53 sustainability as well.

18:51:55 We didn't want to give you hard copies of our
18:51:57 presentation.
18:51:58 So disk drives of our presentation that we believe we
18:52:05 should conserve energy and go paperless and we respect
18:52:10 your approval.
18:52:11 >> I con served so much energy, I don't have a
18:52:14 computer.
18:52:15 [ Laughter ]
18:52:15 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the public hearing.
18:52:19 >> So moved.
18:52:20 >> Second.
18:52:20 (Motion carried)
18:52:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The announcement tonight that this
18:52:26 is going to be a gold LEED building is just absolutely
18:52:29 thrilling.
18:52:31 And the first office building in 15 years.
18:52:34 And it looks like the design is attractive.
18:52:37 It creates synergy.
18:52:39 I couldn't be more excited about it.
18:52:42 Move for approval.
18:52:43 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.
18:52:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone on the vacating?

18:53:08 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: An ordinance vacating, closing,
18:53:11 discontinuing, abandoning a certain right-of-way, all
18:53:16 that portion of Ball Street, bound by Caesar street to
18:53:20 the west, and South Meridian Avenue to the east, in an
18:53:27 A.W. Gilchrist Oak Grove, a subdivision in the City of
18:53:29 Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, the same being
18:53:32 more fully described in section 2 hereof, providing an
18:53:35 effective date.
18:53:37 >>CHAIRMAN: I have a motion and second.
18:53:38 (Motion carried)
18:53:41 Mr. Dingfelder.ding.
18:53:44 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
18:53:46 Second reading and adoption will be on November
18:53:48 15th at 9:30 a.m.
18:53:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.
18:53:55 I would like to congratulate Mr. Eberger and his team.
18:53:59 It looks like it's going to be a beautiful building
18:54:01 and sustainabilities aspect and the fact it's going
18:54:05 gold LEED is extremely exciting and you are really
18:54:07 going to lead the way for this community in regard to
18:54:10 those issues as well.
18:54:11 So we are all very excited to see that built.

18:54:13 I would also like to recognize staff.
18:54:16 Obviously a building as complex as this and the Wilson
18:54:22 office complex there, Wilson Stair, retail complex
18:54:25 obviously staff put a lot of time into it as well and
18:54:29 we appreciate it.
18:54:31 I move an ordinance rezoning property in the general
18:54:34 vicinity of 536 and 544 Channelside Drive, 502 south
18:54:39 Caesar street and 1005 Cumberland Avenue from zoning
18:54:43 district CBD-2 central business district, to CBD-2,
18:54:48 central business district, office, business and
18:54:51 professional restaurant, bank, retail, principal use
18:54:53 parking providing an effective date.
18:54:55 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
18:54:56 (Motion carried).
18:54:58 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously, second
18:55:01 reading and adoption will be on November 15 at 9:30
18:55:04 a.m.
18:55:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And my motion included and whoever
18:55:07 made my second, my motion included the staff changes
18:55:12 that were read into at the beginning of the hearing.
18:55:15 >>> Thank you.
18:55:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Now we go back to item number 7.

18:55:28 > That's a big team.
18:55:30 >> Are the tenants here too?
18:55:33 >> Wow, what a crowd.
18:55:34 >> Probably the biggest team I've ever seen at
18:55:38 council.
18:55:39 >> The room just tilted.
18:56:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just as a point of order.
18:56:07 The next petition is on behalf of Russell Versaggi, a
18:56:15 client of my law firm and I recused myself in the past
18:56:17 on that basis as I will again today.
18:56:19 Mr. Shelby, will you prepare something for me?
18:56:22 Thank you.
18:56:24 >>> Abbye Feeley, Land Development Coordination.
18:56:28 I have been sworn.
18:56:29 Before you is item number 7, Z 07-81, previously
18:56:33 approved as a PD under Z 05-135.
18:56:36 The location of the site is at 2901, 2903, 2905, 2907,
18:56:42 and 2909, weather Haya street, from PD to PD to
18:56:51 construct a medical office.
18:56:54 The request has five waivers.
18:56:57 The waivers are section 27-242 to allow the reduction
18:57:00 of parking, from 39 to 3 spaces.

18:57:04 Section 27-130 to allow for reduction of required
18:57:07 buffer to a residential use from 15 feet to 6 feet.
18:57:11 Section 27-130, also buffering to allow for a 6-foot
18:57:16 vinyl fence in lieu of the required 6-foot masonry
18:57:19 wall.
18:57:20 Section 27-246-J to allow for nonresidential parking
18:57:23 lot access to a local street.
18:57:25 And section 27-246 to allow for solid waste for trucks
18:57:31 to maneuver in the right-of-way.
18:57:33 I will go ahead and acquaint with you the site.
18:57:40 The site is located on the southwest corner of Haya
18:57:45 and Habana.
18:57:46 You may recall, you just did a recent PD up here which
18:57:51 is also originally a professional office with some
18:57:55 town homes in the back that just went to add medical
18:57:58 office use.
18:57:59 This is the public shopping center on Hillsborough and
18:58:01 Habana.
18:58:03 There are a series of medical offices along ha ban
18:58:07 A.there is also an office complex immediately to the
18:58:09 south of this that has office and mixed use
18:58:12 residential.

18:58:26 Develops along with Habana.
18:58:28 There's some residential office uses.
18:58:36 >> The City Council's monitor still says gold standard
18:58:41 and we would like to see what you are putting up
18:58:43 there.
18:58:46 >>> I'll show you a couple pictures of the site real
18:58:54 quick.
18:58:54 It is a vacant site right now.
18:58:58 The previous PD that was approved on it, currently
18:59:01 zoned on it for town home, this is a look looking
18:59:05 down -- view looking down hayey, there's some other
18:59:09 pictures of the vacant site.
18:59:12 >> Put them up a little, please.
18:59:14 >>> Sure.
18:59:15 He a picture of the family structure west of the site.
18:59:31 This is looking west on Haya.
18:59:37 Immediately south of the property on the corner of
18:59:41 Haya and Habana as well.
18:59:43 This is the PD, office in front with mixed multifamily
18:59:47 in the back.
18:59:49 Multifamily.
18:59:56 Here is another multifamily single-family in that

18:59:59 area.
18:59:59 Looking down Habana from the corner of Haya.
19:00:05 And this is across Habana looking north to the other
19:00:12 PD, medical use as well.
19:00:15 If I could provide one shot looking east along Haya
19:00:20 that shows predominantly residential character of the
19:00:23 street.
19:00:23 >> Excuse me, could you put that?
19:00:26 That picture.
19:00:35 >> The petition receiver proposing to rezone the site
19:00:39 to a 6500 square foot medical office.
19:00:42 It is surrounded as I just showed you by a mix of
19:00:45 uses, several PDs along Habana, single-family,
19:00:49 multifamily is in there.
19:00:52 They are asking for a series of waivers.
19:00:54 The PD setback will be north nine feet, east along
19:00:59 Habana at 8 feet, south along Haya 9 feet and the west
19:01:04 will be 235 feet.
19:01:07 It's a fairly big lot located with a long frontage,
19:01:10 along Haya, over 300 feet.
19:01:15 They had done their best to locate the retention pond
19:01:17 immediately adjacent to the single-family use to the

19:01:19 west, and then their parking and then the structure
19:01:23 along Habana.
19:01:25 So they have done their best to design it to a point
19:01:29 where there is buffering for that residential use.
19:01:34 What we have is a finding inconsistency with
19:01:39 applicable codes.
19:01:40 There are some errors in notes that are mislabeled
19:01:43 that need to be corrected.
19:01:44 I provided those on your motion sheet, should you
19:01:47 choose to approve this this evening you would need a
19:01:50 motion with those changes to be made in order for this
19:01:52 site plan to be found consistent.
19:01:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have two questions.
19:01:59 What is the width of Haya street?
19:02:14 >>> The site plan shows 35 feet of right-of-way, with
19:02:17 20 feet of asphalt.
19:02:19 >> 20 feet of asphalt.
19:02:20 Okay.
19:02:24 The petition, is there a log of any protected trees?
19:02:29 >>> No.
19:02:31 I saw the site plan.
19:02:36 I just couldn't tell.

19:02:40 They have actually redesigned the site to preserve a
19:02:43 42-inch oak that is located here, a 36-inch oak that
19:02:47 is located here, along the northern boundary, 28
19:02:50 inches that is located -- located on the southern
19:02:53 boundary.
19:02:54 So they have used a combination of design, in order to
19:02:58 meet protected radii and protect those trees on-site.
19:03:03 >> Okay.
19:03:04 And is there lighting of the parking areas designed to
19:03:08 not create a problem for the neighbors?
19:03:13 >>> At this time, they have not called out the
19:03:15 lighting outside of what would be required by city
19:03:19 code.
19:03:19 I know in the past there are several PDs that have
19:03:22 listed, a separate note to direct light ago way from
19:03:26 the residential area, so if that is council's desire
19:03:31 they are amenable to that as well but right now
19:03:32 doesn't call out anything separate.
19:03:47 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
19:03:48 I have been sworn.
19:03:54 The site in question is located between Hillsborough
19:03:58 Avenue located to the north and Dr. Martin Luther King

19:04:01 Jr. Boulevard located to the south.
19:04:03 It's locate on the western side of Habana Avenue, the
19:04:09 land use category is residential 35 which allows
19:04:13 consideration of this use for a medical office use, as
19:04:18 it is residential 35 and has direct access which
19:04:23 Habana Avenue -- Ms. Feeney already stated to you
19:04:27 there are a variety of medical office uses already in
19:04:29 the area and evidenced by the aerial.
19:04:34 Council will recall, this development letter was
19:04:39 recently approved for medical office.
19:04:41 And there are other uses in addition to medical office
19:04:43 uses.
19:04:45 This is a medical office use, of course.
19:04:49 This was previously approved in a rezoning to 19 town
19:04:55 home units prior.
19:04:56 So the impact as far as the hours of use, you are not
19:05:05 going to have that evening impact as far as that's
19:05:08 concerned.
19:05:08 The area is residential.
19:05:10 Do you have single-family attached and attached uses.
19:05:13 Also as Ms. Finney has state in the DRC meeting, first
19:05:17 iteration of the site plan, we did have some concerns

19:05:19 about the tree issues and we also recommended to them
19:05:23 as far as positioning their retention area there was
19:05:25 actually no need for the elimination of any of the
19:05:28 trees, and trees actually would assist within the
19:05:31 stormwater issues within the area.
19:05:32 So the applicant has been very accommodating in
19:05:35 providing the request made built various departments
19:05:39 during the DRC.
19:05:40 Also, they have provided some additional softening in
19:05:44 the way of additional landscaping on that northern
19:05:47 face of Haya to present a much more palatable view to
19:05:52 the residential units that are located to the south
19:05:56 and of course you have the use consistent with the
19:05:59 other medical trend going on in this particular
19:06:01 segment of ha ban A.staff found it consistent with the
19:06:07 comprehensive plan.
19:06:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:06:16 >>> Steve Burstein, I have been sworn in.
19:06:21 As Abbye mentioned the site was previously zoned for
19:06:24 19 multifamily units, worked closely with the
19:06:27 neighborhood on that zoning, and as a result we have a
19:06:29 fairly strong relationship with the neighbors.

19:06:32 Since the market, the residential market has changed
19:06:34 somewhat, we want to activate the site from its use
19:06:39 for residential, in a manner consistent with the area,
19:06:42 and that's also somewhat sensitive to the
19:06:47 neighborhood.
19:06:47 As a result of that, the previously explained
19:06:51 circumstances, we are requesting a rezoning to change
19:06:53 the use from residential to a medical office building.
19:06:57 We have discussed the proposed use with the majority,
19:07:00 I should say, all of the neighborhoods surrounding the
19:07:02 site, and haven't had any objections.
19:07:06 We find the use will be a little less intense and it
19:07:09 will be residential.
19:07:10 Basically, the hours of operation, a nine to five
19:07:16 Monday through Friday as opposed to a 24-hour use.
19:07:22 At this time I would like to go through a few things
19:07:24 on the site plan.
19:07:31 We situated the structure itself along Habana Avenue,
19:07:34 and put the retention in the rear mainly because
19:07:40 there's a single-family residence in the back there,
19:07:43 and we are trying to provide a substantial buffer.
19:07:46 In addition to that, provided landscaping along Haya,

19:07:51 since the residents across the street didn't look at
19:07:53 this retention, once again a buffer.
19:07:57 We face some challenges as Tony said in designing the
19:08:00 site around the trees.
19:08:01 We went back and worked with staff, came up with a
19:08:03 plan for public building, basically will allow us to
19:08:13 keep the four grand oaks around the site.
19:08:16 Our initial plan was we were going to remove the
19:08:19 trees, three oaks -- two oaks and cypress tree.
19:08:27 We are trying to maximize the space.
19:08:30 We are well aware it is a rather deep site but we are
19:08:33 trying to provide a number of buffers that will not
19:08:38 impact the neighborhood quite as much.
19:08:41 The other hinge we did, we put a curb cut on Haya,
19:08:49 hopefully towards Habana.
19:08:53 The people that are using this office more than likely
19:08:55 won't have to -- wouldn't have any reason to go back
19:08:58 to the neighborhood.
19:08:59 So hoping to decrease traffic in the neighborhood.
19:09:04 As Tony said, this is -- Habana Avenue is somewhat a
19:09:09 medical row.
19:09:11 Any development across the street from us is a similar

19:09:15 size.
19:09:15 I think council approved a similar development just
19:09:17 south, on the east side of Habana, once again.
19:09:26 We got a few changes that we need to make to the site
19:09:29 plan.
19:09:31 There were things mislabeled.
19:09:34 I would like to do that between first and second
19:09:36 reading if council will allow that.
19:09:39 >> Let's see if there's anyone in opposition.
19:09:41 Anyone in the audience that came to speak on number 7?
19:09:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Let me ask you a couple quick
19:09:46 questions.
19:09:47 Signage, I didn't see it on the site plan.
19:09:49 >>> The sign will be posted at the front of Haya and
19:09:53 Habana.
19:09:53 >> Small monumental sign?
19:09:55 >>> Small monument.
19:09:56 >> How small?
19:10:02 >>> Hadn't come up with the sign size yet but it's
19:10:05 just going to be little, obviously for visual reasons.
19:10:08 >> The second question is, you're waiving the setbacks
19:10:12 in the residential uses behind you and you are getting

19:10:18 really close to them and you asked to not put a
19:10:20 masonry wall.
19:10:22 How come you all don't want to put up the masonry
19:10:24 wall?
19:10:25 >> It's a pier and lintel system.
19:10:29 So I don't have an easier way, pressure wash.
19:10:37 And it's a pier and lintel system so we don't have to
19:10:45 dig a footer.
19:10:46 >> Did you talk to the neighbors behind you?
19:10:47 >>> We did.
19:10:48 >> Lastly I'm very concerned about the lighting
19:10:51 interfering with the neighbors.
19:10:53 If you wouldn't mind putting that note on your site
19:10:55 plan, that would be really good.
19:10:56 >>> Certainly.
19:10:58 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to close the public hearing.
19:11:00 >> So moved.
19:11:00 >> Second.
19:11:00 (Motion carried)
19:11:05 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance rezoning property
19:11:16 in the general vicinity of 2901, 2903, 2905, 2907, and
19:11:21 2909 west Haya street in the city of Tampa, Florida

19:11:25 and more particularly described in section 1 from
19:11:28 zoning district classifications PD, planned
19:11:31 development, single-family attached, to PD, planned
19:11:34 development office, medical, providing an effective
19:11:36 date.
19:11:37 >>CHAIRMAN: I have a motion and second.
19:11:38 (Motion carried).
19:11:40 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
19:11:44 Second reading and adoption will be on November
19:11:46 15th at 9:30 a.m.
19:11:48 >>> I need to add those other --
19:11:57 >> With all the conditions and notes.
19:12:00 >>> I didn't state -- the items before you.
19:12:08 >> You need me to read that?
19:12:11 And.
19:12:12 >>> And also to add the lighting condition to that.
19:12:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Do I need to read the whole thing
19:12:19 over?
19:12:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Read the 7.
19:12:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Moving the ordinance, approved first
19:12:35 reading with certain conditions of ADA space to ensure
19:12:38 it does not contain impervious pavement, may require

19:12:42 relocation, revise parking waiver, fully channelize
19:12:45 the driveway, correction to the tree table removal of
19:12:48 citrus trees, and addition of note for pervious
19:12:53 surface to solve property parking spaces, and the note
19:12:57 about lighting.
19:12:58 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: On one of your waivers, number 6,
19:13:06 to allow reduction of UEA green space of blank square
19:13:12 feet. Is there supposed to be a number in there?
19:13:15 >>> That staff report was actually revised.
19:13:17 I provided a revised one.
19:13:19 Wee we redid the calculations based on the site plan
19:13:22 and no green space waiver is needed for this
19:13:24 development.
19:13:24 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Okay.
19:13:26 >> we now go to item number 8.
19:13:37 >>> Item number 8, Z open-83 is located at 2910 and
19:14:16 2912 north Decatur Avenue.
19:14:19 The request for you this evening is to rezone some RO
19:14:23 60 residential to PD planned development to construct
19:14:29 residential single-family detached, single-family
19:14:33 homes.
19:14:35 I'm going to go ahead and --

19:14:49 The site is located here in green.
19:14:51 Decatur.
19:14:56 You can see there are several PDs in the area.
19:15:03 In your package is also provided a compatibility
19:15:07 analysis, we call conforming, nonconforming.
19:15:10 This is based on the original subdivision that this
19:15:14 site is located in, it was a small subdivision, and it
19:15:17 shows you in red those sites that currently conform to
19:15:21 the R 60 zoning district with a frontage of 60 feet or
19:15:25 more.
19:15:25 In the blue it shows you those that are currently
19:15:28 zoned RS-60 but do not conform to the RS-60 because
19:15:32 they have frontage that is less at 60 feet.
19:15:38 At the total 20 lots there are six that are conforming
19:15:41 to the RO 60 and 14 or 70% that are conforming, or
19:15:45 nonconforming, excuse me.
19:15:50 Some pictures of the site.
19:15:54 It is vacant.
19:15:56 No grand tree is located in the middle which is very
19:15:58 nice.
19:16:04 There's a look from the street a little farther.
19:16:06 Here is the south immediately to the south.

19:16:11 A little further to the south on Decatur.
19:16:15 This is a view looking south on Decatur.
19:16:20 This is the house immediately across the street.
19:16:25 Here are a couple views.
19:16:26 You can see the park.
19:16:27 There's a ball field locate to the north here.
19:16:29 City of Tampa property.
19:16:42 This is a look to the north on Decatur just north.
19:16:48 The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property to
19:16:51 PD to split the 11,445 square foot, two buildable
19:16:57 lots.
19:16:57 The site currently has 105 feet of frontage, along the
19:17:01 western portion of Decatur Avenue and a depth of 109
19:17:04 feet along west coral street.
19:17:07 Lot one is vacant and proposed to be 50 by 109 for a
19:17:10 total of 5,450 square feet.
19:17:14 The PD setbacks are 20 feet, from 6 feet rear to the
19:17:18 detached garage, 5 feet south side yard to the
19:17:22 detached garage, and 14 feet north side yard.
19:17:25 Lot 2 has an existing single-family home and is
19:17:29 proposed to be 55 by 109 as well.
19:17:32 I'm sorry, 55 for 109 which would equal total of 5,995

19:17:37 square feet.
19:17:38 The PD setbacks for the existing home are 19 feet
19:17:41 front, 2.3 rear to the accessory structure, 3 feet to
19:17:46 the south side yard to the accessory structure, and
19:17:49 nine feet north side yard.
19:17:51 Minimum building separation is 16 feet.
19:17:55 You can see, and I briefly went over, this was a
19:17:59 subdivision that was originally platted at 50 by 109
19:18:03 lots and 55 at the corners and 55 by 109.
19:18:08 This will actually put the development back to
19:18:11 originally platted land.
19:18:12 Based on the development pattern and surrounding
19:18:15 neighborhood, the request is consistent with the
19:18:18 development pattern.
19:18:22 Staff found this consistent with City of Tampa code.
19:18:26 There were a couple notes that needed to be added to
19:18:28 the plan.
19:18:29 Landscape would like to see the monkey puzzle tree
19:18:36 removed.
19:18:38 Mary is not with us tonight.
19:18:39 But the solid waste has a few notes that need to be
19:18:43 added related to the driveway connecting, and also

19:18:53 that they would like the visual depiction of the solid
19:18:56 waste container removed since the containers will be
19:18:59 stored in the garages, and lastly, stormwater needed a
19:19:03 note added that the site will comply with stormwater
19:19:06 technical standards.
19:19:09 I'm sorry, stormwater technical standards will apply.
19:19:12 So with those notes added to the site plan, staff find
19:19:15 it consistent.
19:19:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Abbye, I mean this in all
19:19:20 seriousness.
19:19:21 But the monkey puzzle tree, is that the one was the
19:19:25 thorns on the bark?
19:19:26 >> No.
19:19:27 I think that's a silk tree is the one --
19:19:31 >> So what's wrong with the monkey puzzle tree?
19:19:35 It sound so interesting.
19:19:36 >> I know.
19:19:38 Let me see if I can find Mary's comments real quick.
19:19:56 The monkey puzzle, what do we call them, invasive?
19:20:00 Okay.
19:20:01 That's all right.
19:20:05 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.

19:20:17 I have been sworn.
19:20:20 The site is located in river hills, within the
19:20:24 boundaries of the river hills neighborhood
19:20:25 association.
19:20:29 The site lies directly north of the Hillsborough
19:20:31 River, Columbus drive lies farther to the south.
19:20:37 Predominant land use is category 10.
19:20:42 There is a small pocket of residential 20 which
19:20:44 recognizes a high-rise condo.
19:20:49 This happens to be one of the few areas that you will
19:20:51 actually see along the Hillsborough River because
19:20:53 there are a few town homes, compared to the
19:20:57 predominantly attached which the applicant -- Ms.
19:21:02 Feeley has shown you already.
19:21:04 There's already an equal percentage of conforming
19:21:08 amounts, conforming lots.
19:21:10 So there shouldn't be an issue as far as continuity
19:21:13 and compatibility with uses in the area.
19:21:15 The request is to just modify this to a use of one
19:21:21 lot, or potential single-family detached development,
19:21:24 residential development.
19:21:25 Planning Commission staff found the proposed request

19:21:27 consistent with the comprehensive plan.
19:21:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:21:36 >>> My name is Peter Mastery, I'm the registered agent
19:21:41 for Frank and Mary Tantillo, the owners of the house
19:21:47 next door.
19:21:48 We are the ones that are going to be developing the
19:21:50 lot, the single-family home.
19:21:52 It's a 50 by 109 lot, as the staff said.
19:21:59 And what we are looking for is to build a
19:22:02 single-family, two-story home, 1800 square feet, and
19:22:07 we feel it's consistent with the neighborhood, and
19:22:11 will add to the neighborhood.
19:22:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Let me see if anyone is in opposition.
19:22:15 Is there anyone that came to speak on item number 8?
19:22:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move the public hearing be closed.
19:22:22 >> Second.
19:22:23 (Motion carried).
19:22:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Would you read that, please, Reverend
19:22:26 Scott?
19:22:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move the property at 2910 and 2912
19:22:41 north Decatur Avenue from zoning district
19:22:44 classification RS-60 residential single-family to PD

19:22:47 planned development residential single-family
19:22:49 detached, providing an effective date.
19:22:50 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
19:22:52 Question on the motion, Mr. Dingfelder?
19:22:54 >> I just wanted to say the design looks really nice,
19:22:59 gingerbread, and right across from the ballpark.
19:23:05 Good luck to you.
19:23:06 (Motion carried).
19:23:07 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously, second
19:23:10 reading and adoption will be on November 15th at
19:23:12 9:30 a.m.
19:23:14 >>GWEN MILLER: And number 14, continued public
19:23:17 hearing.
19:23:48 >>> Jill Karsi, Land Development Coordination, I have
19:23:52 been sworn.
19:23:52 We are here for Z 07-62 located at 2005 and twine
19:24:00 north 64th street, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010
19:24:06 65th street, and 2106 and 2108 north 66th
19:24:12 street, going from a zoning of RS-50 residential
19:24:16 single-family to planned development, with office,
19:24:18 business, professional usage.
19:24:21 The petitioner proposed to rezone the property to

19:24:23 allow for the development of a 26900 square foot
19:24:28 professional office building.
19:24:30 The maximum building height will be 60 feet.
19:24:32 The PD setbacks are as follows.
19:24:35 On the north, 140 feet.
19:24:38 The east 8 feet.
19:24:39 From the south, 13 feet.
19:24:41 From the west, 179 feet.
19:24:44 The 3.52-acre site is located within an area of Tampa
19:24:48 that is a blend of residential and industrial uses
19:24:51 that coexist side by side.
19:24:53 A total of 89 parking spaces are required, and 137
19:24:58 spaces are being provided, to include six ADA spaces.
19:25:02 Of the spaces provided, 90 are located on the same
19:25:06 parcel as the proposed building.
19:25:08 The remaining 47 spaces are located on the parcel
19:25:12 directly to the north on Dual Avenue of this parcel
19:25:18 containing the building.
19:25:33 This is the zoning of the area.
19:25:34 To the south.
19:25:35 To the east is IC.
19:25:39 Then you have office, family, residential, commercial

19:25:41 zoning, in the immediate area.
19:25:52 Here is an aerial of the area.
19:25:57 You have Broadway to the north.
19:26:00 66th street to the east.
19:26:06 And property on the west.
19:26:07 As you can see this very heavily intensive industrial
19:26:10 uses around the majority of the site, with a few
19:26:14 residential components directly to the west.
19:26:21 A picture of the northern portion of the parking.
19:26:28 This is the area around.
19:26:39 About a block north of the site, there is a bit of a
19:26:44 trend of new housing that is coming in.
19:26:49 City staff finds this petition to be inconsistent with
19:26:59 our plans and regulations.
19:27:02 There's just a few things that can be done to modify
19:27:04 this.
19:27:08 The first thing would be the trees in a state of
19:27:15 decline will require replacement trees and are not to
19:27:17 be included in the tree table.
19:27:19 And the grand trees have been listed but the protect
19:27:23 trees were not listed in the tree table.
19:27:26 Please provide a listing of the protected trees that

19:27:28 will be allowed to be removed as hazardous, and
19:27:33 mitigation, 13 inches and larger, one 2-inch tree is
19:27:38 required.
19:27:39 The district requires an additional 16 two-inch trees.
19:27:43 This mitigation followed, then the tree and landscape
19:27:48 is found to be consistent and will not object to the
19:27:51 waiver.
19:27:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question on the trees, Madam Chair.
19:27:55 Does this imply that there are grand trees on the site
19:27:57 and are they being left alone?
19:28:00 >>> Well, there are trees, but the majority of the
19:28:02 trees on the site are in declining condition.
19:28:08 >> That doesn't speak to the condition of the grand
19:28:10 tree.
19:28:10 >>> Right.
19:28:11 They are not going to be removing any of the grand
19:28:14 trees.
19:28:14 >> Okay.
19:28:17 Is that clear on the site plan?
19:28:19 >>> Yes.
19:28:19 In order to remove it they have to request a waiver to
19:28:21 remove it.

19:28:22 And there's nothing been requested.
19:28:25 Otherwise we would be objecting and requiring them to
19:28:29 put that on.
19:28:30 And the petitioner had met in the field with city
19:28:34 staff.
19:28:34 And because of the trees that are grand, the protected
19:28:40 radius, and there needs to be a note on the plan
19:28:45 saying that it will be constructed with pier and
19:28:48 lintel in order to conserve the root structure of the
19:28:51 tree.
19:28:52 These changes are not graphical.
19:28:54 They are considered minor.
19:28:55 Therefore the notes can be added between first and
19:28:57 second reading.
19:29:00 City staff finds it to be consistent.
19:29:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It appears there are some
19:29:08 residential uses that are in proximity.
19:29:10 Again I'm concerned about the lighting.
19:29:13 Is there a note on the lighting that says nearby
19:29:16 residential uses won't be negatively impacted by the
19:29:20 lighting?
19:29:20 >>> There is only part that's going to be abutting is

19:29:25 one house that is located to the west of the site, and
19:29:27 that is not going to have -- they are going to have
19:29:31 the buffering which is mitigated with the hedges, the
19:29:35 headlights of the cars and everything, but of the
19:29:37 actual businesses and stuff, they don't Vermont.
19:29:39 If that is something you wish to have that, we can do
19:29:41 that.
19:29:42 >> It isn't headlight lighting I was concerned about.
19:29:45 This goes back to the previous petition.
19:29:48 Sometimes commercial uses feel compelled to do 30-foot
19:29:52 highlights.
19:29:53 And that would ab problem for the neighbors.
19:29:55 And I just want to make sure that the neighbors, if
19:29:57 you could have a note that says the neighbors will not
19:30:01 be impacted by commercial lighting.
19:30:04 And then whoever use it is plans, et cetera.
19:30:13 >>> Sure.
19:30:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: On your second, page 3, says the
19:30:16 green space waiver will be needed to be added to the
19:30:18 site plan.
19:30:19 >> They needed that.
19:30:25 They did need to achieve that so that is long No

19:30:28 longer need.
19:30:29 >> the other question I have as related to that
19:30:31 off-site parking, I don't know what that side street
19:30:36 is, 66th over there?
19:30:42 So they are going to have a whole strip of just like
19:30:47 extra asphalt there to service this project.
19:30:51 And they go way over and above the code requirements
19:30:55 for parking.
19:30:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Why?
19:30:58 >>> According to your notes.
19:30:59 >>> Right, right.
19:31:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Let's hear from him on that.
19:31:05 And staff didn't have a problem with that?
19:31:07 >>> No, because when they were not meeting the green
19:31:10 space we did have a big issue, a concern meeting the
19:31:13 green space now where we are okay with that.
19:31:26 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
19:31:27 I have been sworn.
19:31:31 This part of Tampa is a really interesting part.
19:31:37 You really do -- you will go from residential to these
19:31:42 light industrial uses, you know.
19:31:45 Just south of the Columbus drive, you have two lanes,

19:31:51 the heavy industrial land use, light industrial land
19:31:54 use and the transitional use 24.
19:31:56 The purpose of the transitional use 24 is to
19:31:58 facilitate a logical transition uses.
19:32:03 It was character rides by the what we see here. What
19:32:09 the applicant is asking for, when you drive down to
19:32:12 the site, actually come down 66th street, you have
19:32:17 some pretty intensive uses right along here on
19:32:20 66th.
19:32:21 You go down.
19:32:23 Then there's an office over here, silicon based
19:32:27 manufacturing business, and then you have all these
19:32:30 other uses, and so you have got all these justified
19:32:35 heavy industrial uses.
19:32:36 Then you have this little piece over here that really
19:32:38 is -- when you look at it, what they are going to do
19:32:42 is office warehouse.
19:32:43 So when you look at the site plan, it does provide a
19:32:49 logical transition.
19:32:50 When you drive down these streets, our only concern,
19:32:53 remember the applicant originally came in for an IG,
19:32:56 just wanted to do a Euclidean zoning.

19:32:58 Our main concern was the access of the vehicles onto
19:33:01 the residential streets, going down here, looks really
19:33:06 nice.
19:33:06 We actually saw out here, habitat for humanity is
19:33:15 doing a couple of houses down here so there is a
19:33:18 residential presence there.
19:33:19 And we were aware of that which is why we asked the
19:33:22 applicant to come back with a PD so that way we could
19:33:26 enforce the ingress-egress of any commercial vehicles
19:33:29 on 66th street primarily which is one of the
19:33:32 conditions in the site plan.
19:33:32 So that being the case, we will avert any of the uses
19:33:36 that are over here that are nonresidential uses, to
19:33:39 66th street which is a more logical character,
19:33:42 which is transition into the much more intense type of
19:33:46 use, and not just type of use that is reflected on
19:33:50 66th street, therefore protecting the integrity of
19:33:53 the residential over here on this side.
19:33:55 I also think that you raise a very good point as far
19:33:58 as the lighting issue, Ms. Saul-Sena, because with the
19:34:01 advancements in technology today, directional lighting
19:34:03 is something that can easily be accomplished by the

19:34:07 applicant, and I'm sure that they would be receptive
19:34:10 to any recommendations you made regarding that issue.
19:34:13 Planning Commission staff had no objections and found
19:34:15 the proposed request consistent with the comprehensive
19:34:17 plan.
19:34:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:34:25 >> Phil Rogers from Hamilton engineering and
19:34:28 surveying, 311 north New Port Avenue, I have been
19:34:32 sworn, representing applicant.
19:34:33 Did want to point out a couple of things.
19:34:36 One in relationship to the surrounding residential.
19:34:43 The one that is you see there in orange have been
19:34:46 purchased by the applicant.
19:34:48 So most of the immediately abutting residential now
19:34:52 owned pretty by the applicant and not someone else.
19:34:55 And some of that housing may stay as employees housing
19:34:58 and that sort of thing.
19:34:59 But it does provide a natural buffer from their use
19:35:02 and other residents in the area.
19:35:04 And the trend has been as property tax becomes
19:35:08 available in the neighborhood, they have purchased
19:35:10 them.

19:35:10 So that's probably the trend that will continue.
19:35:12 So I think that addresses some of the staff's
19:35:15 concerns.
19:35:16 The other issue which was just mentioned was the
19:35:18 additional parking.
19:35:20 The applicant purchased the industrial site to the
19:35:24 south last year, and this office facility will serve
19:35:29 the employees of that industrial site, and the
19:35:33 additional parking will also serve that industrial
19:35:35 site.
19:35:36 So that's the reason for the additional parking and
19:35:38 the purchase of that property, for parking.
19:35:42 So with that, if you have any questions.
19:35:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Dingfelder.
19:35:46 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The staff calculation shows X
19:35:49 number as required, and yet your 89 spaces are
19:35:58 requiring, and you're going to 137.
19:36:01 Including 688 spaces.
19:36:04 And then I guess many of those additional spaces are
19:36:07 up on the top?
19:36:08 >>> That's correct.
19:36:09 >> And I'm just wondering why.

19:36:12 I mean, what's driving that?
19:36:13 Are you a labor intensive company?
19:36:16 >>> Yes.
19:36:17 And they work in shifts.
19:36:18 And you have got a shift there while the next shift
19:36:21 arrives.
19:36:22 There's also an overlap in parking when you have
19:36:26 shifts and that's the need for additional parking.
19:36:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's not obvious to me that there's
19:36:35 a sidewalk on 66th street, is there?
19:36:39 >> I don't believe there is a sidewalk on 66th.
19:36:42 >> Well, if people are going to be walking from the
19:36:45 uppermost parking lot past the new building down to
19:36:48 the south, to your other property, and particularly if
19:36:54 they are going to be walking at night, and the street
19:36:56 is only 20 feet wide, shouldn't you be putting a
19:37:00 sidewalk in?
19:37:00 >> I believe it shows sidewalks along 66th street
19:37:04 along the development.
19:37:05 >> It does?
19:37:05 >>> Yes.
19:37:06 >> Oh, I was looking at it and it wasn't clear to me.

19:37:08 >>> It will be built within the right-of-way, that's
19:37:11 correct.
19:37:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
19:37:13 wants to speak on item 14?
19:37:15 Going to get a motion.
19:37:16 >> Move to close.
19:37:18 >> Second.
19:37:18 (Motion carried).
19:37:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda, would you read that?
19:37:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, if I can interrupt a minute.
19:37:27 Land Development Coordination has been providing you
19:37:29 with a mocked up agenda.
19:37:31 And as you know with regards to changes in first or
19:37:33 second reading it requires the motion to contain some
19:37:37 changes.
19:37:37 I want to bring to council's attention, I wasn't
19:37:42 aware, when you see it says under item 14, for
19:37:46 instance, the City Council option, it actually lists
19:37:50 for you those specific conditions to include in the
19:37:52 motion to authorize the council the land development
19:37:57 take action.
19:38:01 From what I have been informed by Land Development

19:38:02 Coordination, they actually provide that for knew that
19:38:06 motion.
19:38:07 >>GWEN MILLER: All right, Mr. Miranda.
19:38:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move for first reading.
19:38:15 I guess if there's any waivers or anything that were
19:38:17 brought up by the land development that be included in
19:38:20 this motion.
19:38:21 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity
19:38:23 of 1901 north 66th street in the city of Tampa,
19:38:27 Florida and more particularly described in sections 1
19:38:31 from zoning district RS-50 residential single-family
19:38:36 to PD planned development office, business,
19:38:39 professional, providing an effective date.
19:38:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you have to read that first?
19:38:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The City Council conditions to
19:38:52 correct a tree table as noted on the pier and lintel.
19:38:56 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
19:38:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to include the note
19:39:02 that lighting will focus on-site.
19:39:07 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question on the lighting.
19:39:10 It appeared to me earlier, Mrs. Saul-Sena, your
19:39:12 thought is well taken, that the house, the

19:39:15 single-family house you were concerned about is now
19:39:17 owned by the petitioner.
19:39:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay.
19:39:19 >>CHAIRMAN: We have a motion and second.
19:39:23 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
19:39:25 Opposed, Nay.
19:39:26 (Motion carried).
19:39:26 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
19:39:28 Second reading and adoption will be on November
19:39:30 15th at 9:30 a.m.
19:39:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I want to make sure from Ms. Feeley
19:39:37 with regard to a previous motion, do you need
19:39:40 clarification?
19:39:40 Did you want to recall that one?
19:39:42 Was that item number -- I don't recall which one.
19:39:49 >>> Thank you, Mr. Shelby.
19:39:50 Yes, that was item number 8.
19:39:53 And --
19:39:55 >> Did you want those?
19:39:58 >>> The specific conditions.
19:40:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council member ding, if you could for
19:40:05 the record.

19:40:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That I made a mistake?
19:40:12 [ Laughter ]
19:40:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The new procedure, which is very
19:40:14 helpful, but maybe we could --
19:40:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: My motion to revisit the intent of
19:40:19 the motion was to incorporate the changes as state on
19:40:22 the agenda, including solid waste removal, solid waste
19:40:31 container, items be stored in the garage, to add a
19:40:33 note for stormwater, to read stormwater technical
19:40:37 standards to apply, and also to eliminate -- have a
19:40:41 note that would say eliminate the sad monkey puzzle
19:40:47 tree.
19:40:47 >>> Second.
19:40:49 (Motion carried).
19:40:50 >> Thank you for the clarification.
19:41:01 >>> Jill Karsi, Land Development Coordination, I have
19:41:05 been sworn, Z 07-51 located at 2301 west Sligh Avenue,
19:41:11 currently zoned RS-50 with a residential single-family
19:41:14 use, and they wish to be rezoned to RO residential
19:41:17 office for office, professional and business uses.
19:41:21 The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property to
19:41:23 allow for professional office uses.

19:41:27 The 7,960 square foot site is located in an RS-50
19:41:32 zoning district and surrounded by a mix of
19:41:34 single-family residential units and professional
19:41:36 office uses.
19:41:37 The site contains AP one-story single-family home
19:41:40 which will remain on-site and be used for the proposed
19:41:43 professional office use.
19:41:44 The sites plans setbacks are as follows.
19:41:49 From the south, 34.6 feet, from the east 5 feet, from
19:41:52 the north, 29 feet, and the west, 16.3 feet.
19:41:56 There are five parking spaces required and a total of
19:42:00 4 parking spaces being provided.
19:42:02 A waiver has been requested for the deficit parking
19:42:04 space.
19:42:23 There's a zoning man of the area.
19:42:24 And Armenia is directly to the west of the site.
19:42:27 Development to the east.
19:42:30 Property is one lot away from the subject property has
19:42:32 been rezoned to RO.
19:42:34 And then the one just to the west of that has been
19:42:38 rezoned to a PD.
19:42:48 Here is an aerial of the area.

19:42:58 Here is a picture of the site.
19:43:07 This is located to the east of the site.
19:43:09 The site being here.
19:43:13 Directly to the west of the site.
19:43:16 And then looking down further west, you can see where
19:43:18 the office business is playing a part.
19:43:27 Another standard home located to the south of the
19:43:35 site.
19:43:43 City staff finds this petition inconsistent.
19:43:46 However, all they would need to do is add three little
19:43:50 changes to the site plan, between first and second
19:43:52 reading.
19:43:53 The first one would be the T please list the proposed
19:43:56 use of the site on the site plan.
19:44:00 Please protect the proposed fencing on the site plan.
19:44:03 And please add a buffer waiver on the east-west side
19:44:06 of the side from 15 feet to one feet.
19:44:11 That concludes my presentation.
19:44:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question.
19:44:18 Currently, this house has grass in front and the
19:44:22 proposed site plan shows the entire front being paved.
19:44:26 Which is much less attractive.

19:44:29 And although they are going to capture water in the
19:44:34 back, it's going to create a lot more impervious
19:44:37 surface in the front.
19:44:39 Did you speak with the petitioner, find out what their
19:44:41 use is, and ascertain whether all the parking spaces
19:44:45 are necessary?
19:44:47 >>> Well, they are actually reducing it by one --
19:44:52 >> Yes, but the entire front is going to be paved.
19:44:54 Did you have that conversation with them?
19:44:55 >>> No, I did not.
19:44:56 >> See if you can have that now.
19:44:58 >>> But transportation would object if it was any
19:45:01 less.
19:45:06 Thank you.
19:45:10 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
19:45:12 I have been sworn.
19:45:22 The site is located just outside of the boundaries of
19:45:24 the River Bend and Lowry Park central neighborhood
19:45:27 association on the north side of Sligh Avenue.
19:45:31 Just east of North Armenia Avenue.
19:45:36 Land use category, 35, residential 10, of course
19:45:42 residential from the commercial

19:45:49 Commercial use on the east corner and several
19:45:58 residential offices which recently were approved by
19:46:01 this council, probably in the last six months.
19:46:07 There is also an RO and a PD.
19:46:12 As you can see that's established for this particular
19:46:15 area.
19:46:18 The unit next to it, there's a pretty good bet they
19:46:22 may come in for an in-fill in the future, for all we
19:46:26 know, but as far as any future expansion east of that,
19:46:31 probably would be a little bit less likely as one
19:46:37 leaves the commercial noticed at Sligh and Armenia.
19:46:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Garcia, on that corner of Sligh
19:46:45 and Garcia, what's the name of that bakery?
19:46:47 >>>
19:46:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just wanted to make sure you
19:46:53 knew.
19:46:53 This used to be a Burger King.
19:46:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's right.
19:46:58 It's AMSCOTT where you check your daily checks.
19:47:04 [ Laughter ]
19:47:05 >> Planning Commission staff found the proposed
19:47:10 request consistent.

19:47:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Petitioner?
19:47:16 >>> Good evening. My name is Mario Stieb representing
19:47:26 the owner, and I have been sworn.
19:47:27 I guess they presented the whole side very clearly.
19:47:30 I'm here to answer any questions about the parking.
19:47:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mrs. Saul-Sena?
19:47:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
19:47:36 What is the proposed use for this office?
19:47:39 >>> The owner and his wife, they are lawyers.
19:47:41 They want to put more office, lawyer.
19:47:44 >> My question is this.
19:47:48 I'm concerned about the entire front yard being paved.
19:47:52 Do you think you are going to need all these parking
19:47:55 spaces? Are they going to have clients coming to
19:47:57 their office?
19:47:58 Do they go to their clients?
19:47:59 Con there be turf block?
19:48:03 Is there a way to not pave the entire front?
19:48:06 >>> If it's allowed, we can do the whole driveway out
19:48:10 of turf block so it looks a little greener, too, and
19:48:13 the parking, too.
19:48:16 The handicapped has to be asphalt.

19:48:18 And we are willing to do that.
19:48:19 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: One other quick question.
19:48:23 I didn't see a sign here.
19:48:26 >>> No.
19:48:27 We haven't set a sign here.
19:48:30 But he was asking me that just before the hearing
19:48:33 here.
19:48:33 And I guess they are going to go by the code, whatever
19:48:36 the code allows for a sign in that particular
19:48:39 property.
19:48:39 That's what they are going to do.
19:48:40 But we don't have a sign right now.
19:48:42 >> Maybe staff could address that and tell us what's
19:48:44 allowed.
19:48:45 Thank you.
19:48:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do you want to address the issue
19:48:51 you?
19:48:52 >>> Brian: Transportation staff.
19:48:54 I have been sworn.
19:48:55 The drive aisle is required to be paved.
19:48:57 They would be able to put up to 50% of their parking
19:49:00 in alternative to the pavement.

19:49:02 They can do turf block.
19:49:04 They are already having two spots in tandem.
19:49:06 And asking for a 20% reduction.
19:49:09 They may ask for a larger waiver if they deem them.
19:49:17 Transportation would most likely find it inconsistent
19:49:19 for a law office.
19:49:20 But being a residential office is something that we
19:49:22 have come into kind of a tight spot a couple of
19:49:25 different times because it's supposed to resemble a
19:49:27 residence.
19:49:29 But it's an office which requires 3.3 per thousand in
19:49:33 an ADA stall so when you have a large blue sign in
19:49:37 front, doesn't necessarily look like residential
19:49:40 office.
19:49:41 I mean residential site.
19:49:42 But it is an office.
19:49:44 Required 3.3 per thousand.
19:49:46 Like I said they are asking a waiver of the 20%.
19:49:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We can't do it tonight, but I think
19:49:53 when we look at our requirement, Karl for neighborhood
19:49:59 office where we are trying to make loot like it's
19:50:00 blending in, the less hardscape the better.

19:50:03 And I would like to look at what the true needs are
19:50:06 and see about minimizing the amount of hardscape.
19:50:08 But could we put some kind of note on the site plan
19:50:11 that the petitioner will put as much turf block, or
19:50:16 whatever alternative wording you use, as possible, you
19:50:20 know, that they'll put a minimum amount of hardscape
19:50:26 that's required, and the rest alternate, however you
19:50:30 say it.
19:50:30 >>> Absolutely.
19:50:31 That's definitely something that staff can suggest or
19:50:33 at least inform the petitioner that up to 50% is
19:50:36 allowed, and in such cases residential office.
19:50:39 >> I think it would just be much more compatible with
19:50:42 the residential uses to the east.
19:50:44 Thank you.
19:50:46 >>CHAIRMAN: Is there anyone in the public that wants
19:50:48 to speak on item 15?
19:50:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If we could just get the petitioner
19:50:53 to say that that's okay with him, and then we'll
19:50:56 approve it with that understanding, that you will have
19:50:59 some pavement.
19:51:00 >>> Yeah, we don't have a problem with that.

19:51:03 We can comply with that and put it in the site plan.
19:51:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.
19:51:07 >> Second.
19:51:07 (Motion carried)
19:51:22 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Property in the vicinity of 2301
19:51:28 west Sligh Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida, from
19:51:33 RS-50 residential single-family, to residential
19:51:36 office, office, business, professional, providing an
19:51:40 effective date.
19:51:42 >>CHAIRMAN: Will you read that on the next page?
19:51:46 On the agenda.
19:51:47 On your agenda.
19:51:48 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Oh, on the agenda?
19:51:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Top of page 5.
19:51:59 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: City Council actions?
19:52:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Starting with "to add buffer."
19:52:05 Second line.
19:52:07 >>GWEN MILLER: See it?
19:52:08 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I don't see that.
19:52:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Proposed rezoning, motion to approve
19:52:18 for first reading with the specific conditions to add
19:52:21 buffer waiver as seen on the site plan and list

19:52:26 proposed use on the plan.
19:52:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll second it with also the
19:52:29 condition that Mrs. Saul-Sena mention board of
19:52:31 director turf block.
19:52:31 >> Motion and second.
19:52:32 (Motion carried).
19:52:36 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
19:52:38 Second reading and adoption will be on November
19:52:39 15th, 2007 at 9:30 a.m
19:52:42 >>> Land Development Coordination.
19:53:06 I have been sworn.
19:53:07 We have petition Z-open-77 located at 2907 and 2909
19:53:12 west Frierson Avenue.
19:53:16 This rezoning request is from RM-16 residential
19:53:19 multifamily to PD planned development with the use of
19:53:22 residential single-family semi detached.
19:53:25 The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property to
19:53:27 allow for the development of a two-family duplex style
19:53:31 semi detached residential unit.
19:53:33 The site contains 5200 square feet.
19:53:37 The PD setbacks for both parcels are as follows: 17
19:53:46 feet in the front, 5 feet on the side, 9 feet to the

19:53:48 west side yard.
19:53:50 A maximum building height of 35 feet is proposed.
19:53:52 A total of 5 parking spaces are required, and a total
19:53:56 of 4 spaces have been provided.
19:53:58 A waiver for the deficit space has been requested.
19:54:11 We have the zoning map of the area.
19:54:17 Hillsborough.
19:54:19 Here is an aerial of the area.
19:54:44 You can see this is the Hillsborough, a lot of
19:54:50 multifamily uses in the direct vicinity of the area,
19:54:53 of their subject property.
19:55:03 To the north.
19:55:10 Adjacent to the site.
19:55:13 And this is abutting orphan Habana.
19:55:29 And adjacent to the site.
19:55:37 City staff finds the site plan to be inconsistent with
19:55:41 our standard.
19:55:44 This can be remedied between first and second reading.
19:55:47 Stormwater has requested that they add a note to the
19:55:50 site plan requesting half inch treatment for the
19:55:52 entire site, to equal 208 cubic feet.
19:55:58 And transportation has standard objections.

19:56:08 Petitioner won't be able to do anything but carry the
19:56:10 objection, and that is that compact places are
19:56:16 required to be limited, and compact spaces for
19:56:20 single-family semi detached units are not permitted to
19:56:22 be located in tandem.
19:56:26 However, something that they can change is waiver
19:56:28 number 1.
19:56:29 And it needs to be modified to state chapter 27-242,
19:56:34 to reduce the required number of parking stalls from 5
19:56:38 to 4.
19:56:42 The note is on the plan, just incorrectly stated.
19:56:46 If satisfied staff will find the petition to be
19:56:47 consistent.
19:56:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can I ask a question?
19:56:50 I thought that we had a rule that air conditioning
19:56:52 units had to be located further away from the
19:56:57 neighbors than three feet.
19:56:58 I thought there had to be five feet between air
19:57:00 conditioning units and the neighbor's property.
19:57:02 >>> I can check on that.
19:57:05 >> Because it appears on the site plan the AC is
19:57:08 pretty close.

19:57:08 >>> I do believe that it is three feet but I can
19:57:10 confirm that.
19:57:11 >> I think it's supposed to be five.
19:57:13 >>> I believe it's three feet.
19:57:21 >>CHAIRMAN: Planning Commission staff.
19:57:28 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission.
19:57:31 I have been sworn.
19:57:39 Should be familiar with the area as this is actually
19:57:41 just a couple blocks north of the site we just did on
19:57:45 Haya.
19:57:46 So actually when you look at the existing character of
19:57:50 the area, there is residence, there is multifamily,
19:57:56 and have to multifamily to the left and to the north
19:58:08 and there is one single-family here.
19:58:19 As far as the land use, residential 35 here.
19:58:26 Residential 20.
19:58:29 The applicant could actually put three units based on
19:58:32 the density of the particular area.
19:58:35 But is only requesting use -- Planning Commission
19:58:39 staff found the proposed request consistent with the
19:58:40 comprehensive plan.
19:58:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?

19:58:43 >>> I just may clarify that we did look it up in the
19:58:49 code.
19:58:49 It's three feet.
19:58:50 >> Only three feet?
19:58:51 >>> Yes.
19:58:54 Side and rear setback is three feet.
19:58:56 >> That's from the property line.
19:58:59 >>> my name is Juan Carlos Castilla.
19:59:06 I am the petitioner.
19:59:08 >>CHAIRMAN: Is there anyone to speak on item 16?
19:59:11 >> Move to close.
19:59:12 >> Second.
19:59:12 (Motion carried)
19:59:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'm assuming, staff, they agree to --
19:59:26 okay, thank you.
19:59:27 Move an ordinance rezoning property in the general
19:59:29 vicinity of 2907, 2909 west Frierson Avenue in the
19:59:37 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described
19:59:39 in section 1 from zoning district classification RM-16
19:59:43 residential multifamily to PD planned development,
19:59:47 residential single-family, semi detached, providing an
19:59:50 effective date.

19:59:52 Also, Madam Chairwoman, read into the record City
19:59:55 Council option, motion to approve on first reading
20:00:01 with specific conditions to add stormwater note and
20:00:07 transportation note.
20:00:07 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
20:00:08 (Motion carried).
20:00:09 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously, second
20:00:13 reading an adoption will be on November 15th, 2007
20:00:16 at 9:30 a.m.
20:00:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott, you have a commendation
20:00:21 you want to present?
20:00:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, Madam Chair.
20:00:27 I have a request here for -- a memo from me requesting
20:00:35 commendation, recognition, to be presented for
20:00:39 November 1st meeting, to Mr. Eugene Gilbert,
20:00:44 Russell sole at our meeting, a circus that is -- one
20:00:52 of the big top ten, with that black performers have to
20:01:00 offer.
20:01:00 I would like for to us present this.
20:01:02 >>CHAIRMAN: Motion and second.
20:01:03 (Motion carried)
20:01:06 Anything else?

20:01:07 >>THE CLERK: Receive and file.
20:01:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
20:01:11 >> Second.
20:01:11 (Motion carried)
20:01:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?
20:01:14 We stand adjourned.
20:01:17 (Meeting adjourned)