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Tampa City Council
Thursday, December 13, 2007
6:00 p.m. Session

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18:03:36 [Sounding gavel]
18:03:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to order.
18:03:39 Roll call.
18:03:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
18:03:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
18:03:46 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
18:03:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
18:03:54 >>JILL FINNEY: Land Development Coordination.
18:03:58 I am going to start by clearing the agenda.
18:04:00 I have some for you.

18:04:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
18:04:28 Ready?
18:04:30 >> Staff requests that council remove item number 3
18:04:33 from the agenda and it will be reset at a further
18:04:36 date.
18:04:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Can we get a motion to remove?
18:04:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
18:04:40 >> Second.
18:04:40 (Motion carried).
18:04:41 >>JILL FINNEY: We request item number 4 be rescheduled
18:04:46 for February 14th, 2008.
18:04:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved.
18:04:51 >> Second.
18:04:51 (Motion carried).
18:04:52 >>JILL FINNEY: Item number 5 can be removed from the
18:04:57 agenda.
18:05:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved.
18:05:02 >> Second.
18:05:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: May I inquire, is that to be
18:05:08 rescheduled, require that?
18:05:09 >> Actually being running concurrent with a rezoning
18:05:14 and don't need that.

18:05:16 Item number 6 and 7 are also running concurrent and we
18:05:19 request that both of them be continued to March
18:05:21 13th.
18:05:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
18:05:25 >> Second.
18:05:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That is a continued public hearing.
18:05:29 Would you wish to inquire if anyone would like to
18:05:31 speak to the continuance?
18:05:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Did anyone come to speak on item number
18:05:34 7 and 6?
18:05:35 It's a continued public hearing, 6 and 7.
18:05:39 Okay.
18:05:40 We have a motion and second to continue.
18:05:42 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:05:43 Opposed, Nay.
18:05:44 (Motion carried).
18:05:45 >> Again date and time please.
18:05:48 >>> March 13th, 2008, 6 p.m.
18:05:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
18:05:54 Number 6 and 7.
18:06:05 >>JILL FINNEY: Number 8, staff requests that it be
18:06:07 rescheduled for January 24th; 2008.

18:06:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Is there anyone here?
18:06:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
18:06:15 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:06:17 Opposed, Nay.
18:06:20 (Motion carried).
18:06:20 >>JILL FINNEY: Item number 12 has requested a
18:06:23 continuance to February 14th.
18:06:25 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to open the public hearing.
18:06:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move to open.
18:06:30 >> Second.
18:06:31 (Motion carried).
18:06:31 >>GWEN MILLER: If anyone came to speak on item number
18:06:37 12 you can speak on the continuance.
18:06:40 What date do you want it continued to?
18:06:43 >>JILL FINNEY: February 14, 2008.
18:06:46 (Motion carried).
18:06:47 >>JILL FINNEY: Item number 13 has been reset by city
18:06:54 staff to January 10th, 2008, and already made
18:06:59 notice.
18:07:00 We are asking it be removed from the agenda.
18:07:02 >> So moved.
18:07:04 >> Second.

18:07:04 (Motion carried).
18:07:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, staff has a
18:07:12 question.
18:07:12 It seems that we have had several of these continued
18:07:14 because their affidavit was filed.
18:07:16 Are we not making it clear to the public what the
18:07:18 proper process is?
18:07:19 Maybe we need to clarify this process for them a
18:07:23 little better.
18:07:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, if I may, I had an
18:07:27 opportunity to be at a meeting where the city clerk
18:07:32 Foxx-Knowles is aware of that.
18:07:34 >> We should do like exit interviews with people who
18:07:38 don't do it properly and find out what the problems
18:07:40 are because it messes up our schedule, it affects
18:07:43 everybody, and so I could ask for a report back on the
18:07:47 improvements that are being made at our first council
18:07:51 meeting in January.
18:07:52 I make a motion that the administration report back to
18:07:56 council at our first meeting in January.
18:07:58 January 10th.
18:08:00 And a staff report -- actually, I would like the city

18:08:03 clerk to be there.
18:08:04 What they discovered the problems are in getting these
18:08:06 things filed properly and the improvements they make.
18:08:13 A real person.
18:08:14 >> Second.
18:08:15 (Motion carried).
18:08:16 >>GWEN MILLER: We go to item number 1.
18:08:27 We have a resolution.
18:08:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move items 1 and 2.
18:08:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I didn't hear a second.
18:08:33 >> Second.
18:08:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Question, Mr. Shelby?
18:08:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, because these are items
18:08:38 that would normally be on a regular meeting, I would
18:08:41 just ask if there's any public comment relative to
18:08:43 both these items.
18:08:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone want to speak on items 1 and 2?
18:08:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I see none.
18:08:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
18:08:49 (Motion carried).
18:08:51 >> Do we have the ordinance for item number 2?
18:09:03 Would you read that, please?

18:09:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Madam Chair.
18:09:09 I move an ordinance making lawful the sale of beverage
18:09:12 containing regardless of beer, wine and liquor 4(COP)
18:09:19 on consumption on premises and in sealed containers
18:09:22 for consumption off the premises in connection with a
18:09:24 business establishment on that certain lot, plot or
18:09:28 tract of land located at 777 north Ashley drive,
18:09:32 Tampa, Florida, as more particularly described in
18:09:34 section 2 hereof waiving certain restrictions as to
18:09:37 distance based upon certain findings, imposing certain
18:09:40 conditions, providing for repeal of all ordinances in
18:09:43 conflict, providing an effective date.
18:09:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
18:09:49 All in favor of that motion say Aye.
18:09:51 Opposed, Nay.
18:09:53 >>MARTIN SHELBY: This is for first reading.
18:09:55 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
18:09:57 Second reading and adoption will be held on January
18:09:59 10th, 2008 at 9:30 a.m
18:10:10 >> If anyone in the public is going to speak on item 9
18:10:13 through 14, would you please stand and raise your
18:10:15 right hand?

18:10:23 (Oath administered by Clerk).
18:10:33 >>CHAIRMAN: We are going to hear item 14 before number
18:10:36 11.
18:10:37 We are going to move item 14 up ahead of item number
18:10:40 11.
18:10:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY: What is the order of business going
18:10:42 to be?
18:10:42 >>GWEN MILLER: 14, going to move it up ahead of item
18:10:45 number 11.
18:10:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: So item number 11 will be taken
18:10:48 after --
18:10:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Last one on the agenda, yes.
18:10:52 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a couple of preliminary matters
18:10:54 before we begin.
18:10:59 Ladies and gentlemen, the purpose of the sign-in sheet
18:11:03 outside, if you noticed, when you came in, there was a
18:11:06 sign-in sheet asking you to print your name and sign
18:11:08 in.
18:11:09 If you intend to speak.
18:11:11 At a public hearing.
18:11:12 The purpose of that sign-in sheet is not to determine
18:11:16 the order in which you will be called.

18:11:18 The chair will ask people if anyone intends to speak,
18:11:24 at which time they may approach the lectern.
18:11:26 Purpose of the sign-in sheet is to direct your
18:11:28 attention to two provisions in council's rules, a sign
18:11:31 for which is next to the sign-in sheet.
18:11:35 And I would like to bring that to your attention, if I
18:11:37 can.
18:11:38 The first one being that a person appearing before
18:11:43 City Council shall first declare that the evidence
18:11:45 presented is truthful by taking an oath or
18:11:49 affirmation.
18:11:49 The oath or affirmation shall be administered by the
18:11:51 city clerk, the deputy clerk or notary public of the
18:11:54 state designated by the city clerk.
18:11:58 And then all persons giving testimony shall
18:12:00 acknowledge in writing on a sign-in sheet that you are
18:12:04 testifying under oath.
18:12:04 The other thing that I would like to direct your
18:12:07 attention to, ladies and gentlemen, pursuant to
18:12:09 council rules, is that all persons who provide
18:12:12 testimony, information or opinion regarding a petition
18:12:15 in a quasi-judicial matter pending before City Council

18:12:17 must disclose any direct or indirect business or
18:12:20 personal interest between themselves and the
18:12:22 petitioner or applicant which is requesting action.
18:12:25 The information shall not be used to deny the
18:12:27 petitioner the matter but goes to the weight of the
18:12:31 evidence, the information, or the opinion provided.
18:12:35 So ladies and gentlemen, for the purposes of the
18:12:37 record, I would ask that when you state your name,
18:12:40 that you do reaffirm that you have been sworn.
18:12:43 I have a little placard to remind to you please do so.
18:12:48 Thank you, Madam Chair.
18:12:49 A couple other reminders.
18:12:50 Council, I would ask that all records and information
18:12:55 received that have been available for public
18:12:57 inspection relative to tonight's hearing that have
18:12:59 been available for inspection in council's office be
18:13:02 received and filed on motion at this time.
18:13:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Need a motion.
18:13:05 >> So moved.
18:13:06 >> Second.
18:13:07 (Motion carried).
18:13:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Open item number 9.

18:13:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Lastly, Madam Chair, a reminder to
18:13:14 City Council if anyone had an ex parte communication
18:13:17 that prior to taking the vote please disclose when and
18:13:20 with whom that verbal communication occurred and the
18:13:24 substance of that verbal communication.
18:13:25 Thank you.
18:13:27 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to open item 9.
18:13:29 >> So moved.
18:13:30 >> Second.
18:13:30 (Motion carried).
18:13:31 >> Petition Z 07-101, 115 east broad street, going
18:13:40 from RS-50 residential single-family to PD planned
18:13:43 development single-family, single-family detached.
18:13:47 The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property to
18:13:49 allow for the development of two semi detached
18:13:52 residential structures.
18:13:54 The 9002 is surrounded by a mix of mixed uses.
18:14:02 The PD principal setbacks are as follows: From the
18:14:05 north 14 feet, from the east 13 feet, from the south
18:14:08 62 feet, from the west 10 feet.
18:14:14 The maximum building height has been proposed at 27
18:14:16 feet.

18:14:16 Required number of parking spaces is 5, and 6 spaces
18:14:19 are being provided.
18:14:20 The site will access the rear alley with the
18:14:23 residential structures oriented towards broad street,
18:14:28 elevations have been submitted.
18:14:31 Here is a zoning map of the area.
18:14:45 You can see several PDs have been rezoned in the
18:14:50 area.
18:14:53 Here is an aerial, a little outdated, as the --
18:15:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I'm sorry, I'm having trouble
18:15:04 understanding where this is.
18:15:05 I know, I gather, but can you give me some major
18:15:09 east-west, to the north and south?
18:15:12 >>> Yes.
18:15:13 Broad street is directly to the north.
18:15:15 And Florida is to the east.
18:15:17 It's near the oaks at Riverview housing.
18:15:25 >> Where is it in relation to Hillsborough?
18:15:29 >>> South of Hillsborough.
18:15:30 >> North of Martin Luther King?
18:15:32 >>> Yes.
18:15:32 I'm sorry.

18:15:33 >> Thank you.
18:15:37 >>> Here is the site itself.
18:15:41 This is the Oaks housing authority project located
18:15:55 directly north of the site.
18:16:00 Going a little like east.
18:16:05 This is looking east.
18:16:12 This is the single-family unit located directly west
18:16:15 of the site.
18:16:27 The parking space that was provided for the guest
18:16:32 space on the site plan was found to be inadequate.
18:16:38 But petitioner has agreed to request a waiver for
18:16:40 that, for that space.
18:16:44 Other than that the city staff finds it ...
18:16:59 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
18:17:06 I have been sworn in.
18:17:10 >> Looking very dapper tonight.
18:17:15 >>> Thank you, Mr. Dingfelder.
18:17:18 You, too.
18:17:18 I would like to give you a few little factual tidbits
18:17:22 as relates to the project.
18:17:23 As you can see there are several land use.
18:17:26 This is in the Old Seminole Heights neighborhood

18:17:28 association.
18:17:28 It is lodged between the commercial corridors of
18:17:32 Florida Avenue and Nebraska Avenue, Florida to the
18:17:36 west and Nebraska to the east, Waters Avenue to the
18:17:39 north and Hillsborough River directly to the north.
18:17:42 As you can see the land use categories, residential
18:17:46 35, heavy commercial 24, residential 10, and subject
18:17:51 properties contained along this particular south part
18:17:53 is residential 20.
18:17:55 The proposed request is for two attached residential
18:17:58 units on the south.
18:18:00 This does meet the density requirements and provides a
18:18:02 significant and logical transmission in the
18:18:06 development to the north, residential 35, down to
18:18:09 residential 20, down to residential 10.
18:18:11 Planning Commission staff finds the proposed request
18:18:13 consistent with a comprehensive plan.
18:18:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
18:18:19 >>> My name is -- I have been sworn, 5310 north
18:18:28 Central Avenue.
18:18:29 Suite D.
18:18:32 Before I get started, I don't know if all the

18:18:35 commissioners are aware of this or not.
18:18:37 But the day before yesterday, a very important person
18:18:41 in our neighborhood passed away. Stephen Gluckman.
18:18:46 So he's been a big part of this neighborhood and will
18:18:54 be sorely missed because he was probably more
18:18:57 influential than any other person in the neighborhood
18:18:58 for our neighborhood being the way it is.
18:19:02 So they are going to have a memorial service for him
18:19:04 at the Seminole Heights Garden Center at 10:00 in the
18:19:09 morning this Saturday if anybody would like to attend.
18:19:13 >> Thank you.
18:19:21 I'm not sure how much in daily need to go through on
18:19:44 this.
18:19:44 We met with the land use committee, Old Seminole
18:19:48 Heights civic association more than several times, and
18:19:52 I think they provided a letter, they said they were
18:19:55 going to provide a letter of support.
18:19:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Let me see if you have any opposition
18:19:58 here.
18:20:04 >> I understand there's a 24 and 20-inch tree that are
18:20:07 going to be removed, and the staff had written that
18:20:09 they wanted you to replace them, and you had written

18:20:12 down, 2-inch trees are lollipops.
18:20:20 Way would suggest is that you put in at least two
18:20:23 4-inch trees.
18:20:24 Would you agree with that and can we write on the site
18:20:26 plan?
18:20:34 >>> Those trees are dangerous and staff reflected we
18:20:37 remove them.
18:20:38 So move the building over and save all the other trees
18:20:42 and they requested that and we had to take them down.
18:20:44 So we are putting those two back in.
18:20:47 We moved the building over, and just saved, I think,
18:20:52 the 24-inch trees on the east side of the property.
18:20:55 >> Good.
18:20:56 But that wasn't my question.
18:20:57 My question was will you put in two 4-inch trees?
18:21:02 >>> No, ma'am.
18:21:02 >> Why not?
18:21:04 Did you read the staff report?
18:21:05 >>> Yes, I read the staff report.
18:21:07 And the staff report, what it says is two 2-inch trees
18:21:10 because we had a typo.
18:21:11 It was a typo.

18:21:12 But we had already met with staff and came up with
18:21:15 those terms with the two 1-inch trees.
18:21:22 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Could you put your name on the record
18:21:23 for the clerk and state you have been sworn?
18:21:24 >>> I have been sworn.
18:21:25 Charlie Thomas.
18:21:26 5009 north Central Avenue.
18:21:30 >>> Mary Daniels Bryce on, tree and landscaping.
18:21:34 I have been sworn.
18:21:35 The petitioner has put mitigation on the plan as one
18:21:40 2-inch tree and we had agreed to two 2-inch trees for
18:21:44 each hazardous tree.
18:21:46 And we do mitigation on the lower level when there's a
18:21:52 hazardous tree and we are requesting the tree -- but
18:21:58 given that the trees are going away were like 24
18:22:00 inches, and a two-inch tree is like nothing, don't you
18:22:03 think it would be better if they were replaced with
18:22:06 like a 3 or 4-inch tree?
18:22:08 >>> Oh, I would definitely love that.
18:22:10 But by code I can't --
18:22:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Can't major they them do that.
18:22:15 >> but he's asking -- okay.

18:22:17 On a PD we can.
18:22:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone in the public that
18:22:23 wants to speak on item number 9?
18:22:24 >> No.
18:22:31 We are not going to close.
18:22:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you want to say something else?
18:22:34 >>> Yes.
18:22:35 There's one other comment I want top address.
18:22:37 That's the parking waiver.
18:22:38 We certainly agreed to the parking waiver from the
18:22:42 side down to four.
18:22:44 We did provide actually an extra space for each lot
18:22:47 where they could parallel park of a the alley but
18:22:51 since it doesn't technically meet the parallel parking
18:22:53 standards it's 20 feet instead of 24 that couldn't be
18:22:58 counted so that's why we are asking for the parking
18:23:00 waiver.
18:23:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think you have done a really nice
18:23:03 job in terms of the design of the structures and the
18:23:06 relationship to the neighborhood, and those garages
18:23:09 being in back and access from the alley.
18:23:14 But I think because one of the aspects of Seminole

18:23:17 Heights is the tree canopy, you ought to spring for
18:23:19 the larger tree.
18:23:21 It's worth it.
18:23:22 Would you agree to making that change on your site
18:23:23 plan?
18:23:24 You can do it in the course of this evening.
18:23:26 Just by second reading strike through 2 inches and
18:23:28 write 4 inches so it will be two 4-inch trees.
18:23:32 >>> I have to refer to the owner.
18:23:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why don't you go confer?
18:23:37 >> When don't have to approve this PD either.
18:23:45 The point is, Seminole Heights as now is a canopy, you
18:23:49 are removing these trees.
18:23:50 >>> I understand that.
18:23:53 But you have to take the site in its totality and we
18:23:57 have moved the building over and the intent of council
18:23:59 is not to strong arm someone and say, we want to you
18:24:01 put the 4 when we worked with staff to meet the needs
18:24:04 that staff asked for, and are working -- and we are
18:24:07 working to save the other trees, and we weren't going
18:24:09 to remove those trees, the 24 inches.
18:24:12 That's on the property.

18:24:14 But staff said, no, you have to take that down because
18:24:16 it's hazardous.
18:24:18 And I do feel like that's a bit much to say we don't
18:24:21 have to approve it and we have done everything to meet
18:24:25 with staff.
18:24:27 But I do appreciate you -- [ Laughter ]
18:24:32 We will do the 4-inch trees but that doesn't give us
18:24:36 warm fuzzies.
18:24:38 Even the gentleman who thought of all these great
18:24:41 ideas about the neighborhood he kind of took me
18:24:43 understand my wing and said you can build all these
18:24:45 new things and make it historic and make it nice.
18:24:48 So that's how we got this design compared to some of
18:24:52 these other designs.
18:24:53 My point, we take a lot of time and effort to make
18:24:56 nice, affordable housing that looks nice and looks
18:24:58 historic.
18:25:02 Thank you.
18:25:03 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the public hearing.
18:25:04 >> So moved.
18:25:05 >> Second.
18:25:05 (Motion carried)

18:25:12 >> I would like to move an ordinance zoning property
18:25:16 in the general vicinity of 115 broad street from
18:25:23 zoning district classification RS-50 residential
18:25:26 single-family to PD planned development single-family
18:25:29 semi detached, providing an effective date.
18:25:31 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
18:25:32 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:25:34 Opposed, Nay.
18:25:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Nay.
18:25:37 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Saul-Sena voting no,
18:25:40 Dingfelder being absent at vote and Miranda being
18:25:43 absent.
18:25:44 Second reading and adoption will be January 10th,
18:25:46 2008 at 9:30 a.m.
18:25:48 And who was the seconder on that, please?
18:25:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Mulhern.
18:25:53 We need to open item number 10.
18:25:57 >> So moved.
18:25:59 >> Second.
18:25:59 (Motion carried)
18:26:10 >>JILL KARSI: Land Development Coordination.
18:26:12 I have been sworn.

18:26:12 We are here for petition Z 07-103, 815 north 26th
18:26:17 street going from IH industrial heavy to IG industrial
18:26:22 general.
18:26:22 The petitioner proposes to rezone the property to
18:26:25 industrial general to allow for more commercial
18:26:28 oriented use on the site.
18:26:29 The IG zoning requires a minimum of 5,000 square feet
18:26:34 and the site contains approximately 4.3 acres of land
18:26:37 area.
18:26:37 Development must adhere to all City of Tampa land
18:26:40 development regulations at the time of permitting.
18:26:43 No waivers have been requested.
18:26:59 >>> Here is a zoning map of the local area, to be
18:27:02 predominantly industrial.
18:27:04 Directly to the west is where the ITS site has been
18:27:12 recently rezoned.
18:27:15 There is an aerial with heavy 60, north of the
18:27:24 Crosstown.
18:27:25 26th street is to the west.
18:27:31 There is a picture of the site as it currently is.
18:27:38 This is looking south of Crosstown.
18:27:45 Then warehousing uses.

18:27:50 Staff has found this request to be consistent with
18:27:52 Land Development Code.
18:27:55 I'm available for questions.
18:28:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question.
18:28:02 Just for the record, does the IG involve crematories?
18:28:10 >>> With the new change on that, I would have to ask
18:28:13 the zoning administrator.
18:28:15 I can confer.
18:28:30 >>> I think to answer your question, I don't know that
18:28:32 much about it but I do know we reviewed the chapter 27
18:28:35 changes and one of the subsections referred to
18:28:37 crematoriums.
18:28:38 That's probably going to come up in front of council
18:28:40 in January.
18:28:41 I think there are some restrictions as far as distance
18:28:44 requirement from historic districts and there are
18:28:48 going to be certain restrictions as far as the
18:28:49 operation.
18:28:50 I think it's going to be a special use.
18:28:51 They are going to change it to special use.
18:28:53 I don't recall if it's allowed in the IG or not.
18:28:56 She's going to have to definitely check in the back.

18:28:58 But in the interim I will make my presentation on this
18:29:00 particular project.
18:29:07 This is located south of Adamo drive, east of 26th
18:29:11 Avenue.
18:29:13 This is Adamo drive, the site of the future IG
18:29:16 development that's already been approved by council.
18:29:19 Land use category to the east of 25th is heavy
18:29:22 industrial which allows all the commercial zoning
18:29:24 district CI, CG and CN including the IG which is
18:29:30 requested by the applicant.
18:29:30 The request is going to be for a furniture/warehouse
18:29:33 type of showroom.
18:29:35 I believe the applicant will speak.
18:29:43 The furniture concept is what's known as furniture
18:29:46 row.
18:29:47 I think it's since furniture row they are going to be
18:29:50 next to a big furniture company.
18:29:51 I'm sure they are taking advantage of the regional
18:29:54 nature of an IKEA in that this is probably something
18:29:57 that you will see as far as all the other properties
18:30:00 directly to the east and probably in the immediate
18:30:03 area of the IKEA location.

18:30:05 You will probably subsequently see several other
18:30:07 rezonings coming into the area to try to take
18:30:09 advantage of the attracter of the IKEA location.
18:30:13 Planning Commission staff found the proposed request
18:30:16 consistent with T comprehensive plan.
18:30:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Petition every?
18:30:19 >>> As regulations stand today it would be allowed in
18:30:24 the IG today.
18:30:25 However in the January cycle the changes are going to
18:30:27 be proposed.
18:30:30 And in the IH it would be an allowable use.
18:30:33 In the IG it would be a special use.
18:30:36 So they would have to come for approval.
18:30:42 >> Kevin Manier representing the furniture row
18:31:23 furniture company and the redevelopment of a site
18:31:26 across from IKEA, just north of the Selmon expressway
18:31:30 on the east side of 26th street for a new
18:31:32 furniture store.
18:31:35 Furniture row wants to buy this parcel and it's
18:31:37 currently being used by the North American moving
18:31:40 company.
18:31:40 The parcel is currently zoned heavy industrial, which

18:31:42 does not allow for furniture store.
18:31:44 So we have to rezone to light industrial which it
18:31:49 does.
18:31:50 The store would be much, much smaller than IKEA with
18:31:54 far fewer parking spaces.
18:31:55 I have a packet of information that I handed out.
18:31:57 And I would like to quickly discuss.
18:31:59 The first is a map of the comprehensive plan.
18:32:01 It shows that our area designated heavy industrial
18:32:05 today.
18:32:05 It's adjacent to a mixed use district, that's the area
18:32:08 in the pink, and that's IKEA.
18:32:10 The next map is a zoning map which basically indicates
18:32:12 the same thing, on the west side, 26th is IKEA, on
18:32:17 the west side it's all zoned heavy industrial.
18:32:21 Our requested industrial zoning district is consistent
18:32:23 with the comprehensive plan, but it is of a lesser
18:32:27 intensity than the existing heavy industrial zoning on
18:32:30 the property.
18:32:32 The next graphic that you all have is the aerial, and
18:32:36 it's in my opinion that the site is currently being
18:32:39 underutilized, it's a moving company, with a complete

18:32:44 lack of landscaping and open storage of the moving
18:32:46 trucks and trailers, and we believe our use as a
18:32:49 furniture store is a much cleaner use with far few
18:32:52 impacts and contributes to the revitalization of the
18:32:55 Adamo drive redevelopment corridor.
18:32:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Can I interrupt you for one second?
18:33:00 Is there anyone in the public that wants to speak on
18:33:02 item number 10?
18:33:05 We need to close.
18:33:05 >> I'll move to close.
18:33:10 >> All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:33:12 (Motion carried).
18:33:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In all candor, you can speak.
18:33:17 >> I move an ordinance rezoning property in the
18:33:20 general vicinity of 815 north 26th street in the
18:33:24 city of Tampa, Florida, more particularly described in
18:33:26 section 1 from zoning district classifications IH
18:33:30 industrial heavy to IG industrial general, providing
18:33:33 an effective date.
18:33:34 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
18:33:35 All in favor of that motion say Aye.
18:33:37 Opposed, Nay.

18:33:39 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.
18:33:42 Second reading and adoption will be held on January
18:33:45 10th, 2008 at 9:30 a.m.
18:33:48 >>GWEN MILLER: I would like to put on the record that
18:33:49 Mr. Miranda will not be here for medical reasons.
18:33:54 We are going to go to item 14.
18:34:01 >> Move to open.?
18:34:06 >>JILL KARSI: Land Development Coordination.
18:34:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: As a preliminary matter, I would like
18:34:14 to bring to council's attention, pursuant to council's
18:34:16 rules, City Council has received a copy of a letter
18:34:23 from the attorney for the petitioner C. Graham
18:34:29 Carruthers, or Mr. Shimberg I believe is here on his
18:34:32 behalf.
18:34:33 Pardon?
18:34:33 >> Item 14.
18:34:38 >> Stand corrected.
18:34:39 Go ahead.
18:34:40 Proceed.
18:34:41 >>JILL FINNEY: Land Development Coordination.
18:34:43 I have been sworn.
18:34:43 We are here for petition Z-0715 locate at 1810 North

18:34:47 Armenia Avenue, and also located within the West Tampa
18:34:51 overlay district, going from RM-16 residential
18:34:54 multifamily to PD planned development, with the
18:34:57 proposed use of office, business professional,
18:35:00 single-family residential.
18:35:01 So it needs to revert.
18:35:03 This petition was previously heard before council on
18:35:05 March 22nd, 2007 at the Euclidean rezoning request.
18:35:09 At that time, council had requested the petitioner
18:35:11 consider amending to a planned rezoning with a low
18:35:16 intense office use.
18:35:17 The petitioner is proposing to rezone the property to
18:35:22 allow for a professional office use on-site.
18:35:25 The 8,836 square foot site is located in an RM-16
18:35:29 zoning district and surrounded by a mix of commercial
18:35:32 uses to the north, east, and south, with single-family
18:35:36 residential to the west.
18:35:37 PD setbacks are as follows.
18:35:38 To the north is 35 feet.
18:35:40 To the east is 18 feet.
18:35:42 To the south is 4 feet.
18:35:43 To the west is 4 feet.

18:35:45 A maximum of 15 feet in height has been requested for
18:35:49 the building.
18:35:51 The requested building configuration is consistent
18:35:53 with the existing structure on-site.
18:35:55 A total of 400 spaces are required and 4 parking
18:35:59 spaces are provided.
18:36:11 Here is a zoning map of the area.
18:36:13 As you can see, up and down Armenia, there's been a
18:36:16 lot of rezoning activity, predominantly commercial
18:36:24 general.
18:36:27 Here is an aerial of the area.
18:36:30 Armenia to the east.
18:36:35 Spruce is to the north.
18:36:51 This is looking directly north across the street.
18:36:54 Here is another view of the building.
18:36:59 This is looking across to the east.
18:37:06 An to the west further down.
18:37:11 Uses up and down Armenia, the council had requested
18:37:15 that the person come back with a PD.
18:37:19 City staff has found this request to be consistent
18:37:21 with our code and regulations, and I will be happy to
18:37:27 answer questions if you have any.

18:37:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: First of all, I have a
18:37:30 recommendation from the that says inconsistent.
18:37:32 So do you have a more recent one?
18:37:37 >>> I handed out --
18:37:42 >>GWEN MILLER: You must have the old one.
18:37:43 >> I do have the old one.
18:37:45 Well, is there a design guideline that's used in this
18:37:52 area?
18:37:53 >>> Yes, there is.
18:37:54 >> Does it meet the design guidelines?
18:37:56 >>> Well, urban design did come in -- had no
18:38:00 objections, other than the fact it's an existing
18:38:04 structure.
18:38:05 >> In other words, to me, if somebody wants to come in
18:38:09 and do something new when they are requesting a
18:38:12 rezoning it's an opportunity to make a bit more in to
18:38:17 what our aspiration is for the area.
18:38:18 And this does not fit for West Tampa.
18:38:23 Did you discuss that with the petitioner?
18:38:25 >>> I believe we -- I spoke with the urban design
18:38:31 people, and --
18:38:32 >> Are they here tonight?

18:38:33 >>> Yes.
18:38:34 >> Could they come and discuss this?
18:38:38 No, not you, the staff.
18:38:44 Our staff.
18:38:48 Don't we have West Tampa guidelines?
18:38:50 >>> Nicole barrio, yes, we do have West Tampa
18:38:54 guidelines but petitioner is not coming before us for
18:38:57 a building design.
18:38:57 They are just doing the parking lot for the office
18:39:02 building that they are trying to propose.
18:39:03 So we really don't make them do anything to the
18:39:06 elevation if they are not doing the structure.
18:39:11 So if they were proposing to do a new structure or if
18:39:13 they were touching the building, but they are not
18:39:15 touching it so we can't make them do anything to the
18:39:17 facade of the building.
18:39:21 >> Our design guidelines aren't triggered when
18:39:24 somebody comes in for rezoning?
18:39:25 >>> The guidelines are triggered, but as far as
18:39:27 elevations and building design, we cannot force them
18:39:31 to do anything to the elevations. Building.
18:39:33 >> Cannot discuss the signage or the parking or

18:39:39 anything like that?
18:39:40 >>> Sure, discussed parking, and it does meet the West
18:39:43 Tampa guidelines.
18:39:44 >> So if we wanted to have the building revisited we
18:39:48 would have to change our guidelines?
18:39:49 >>> That's correct.
18:39:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
18:39:54 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
18:40:00 >>> Just a couple of extra facts.
18:40:12 Now this has been continued several times and the
18:40:14 initial reason of finding of consistency was fog for
18:40:17 the CI instead of the 7 because it is residential
18:40:20 office.
18:40:21 The corridor, it does vice-president the West Tampa
18:40:24 overlay guidelines as you have said, Mrs. Saul-Sena.
18:40:27 In this particular case since the structure was a
18:40:30 residence at one time they wanted to come in for a CI,
18:40:33 which allowed a variety of CI uses, but the trend is
18:40:37 not what the trend is on this particular segment of
18:40:39 Howard Avenue -- Armenia Avenue, excuse me.
18:40:42 So that being the case, we also recommended, as your
18:40:45 city staff did over here, Land Development

18:40:47 Coordination together with PD, that being said, the
18:40:49 applicant is coming in with a PD.
18:40:51 But since they are not going to go ahead and modify
18:40:54 the existing structure on-site, that's where it comes
18:40:57 in to play where they don't actually have to make any
18:40:59 changes or comply with the guidelines.
18:41:03 And that's what they have to do is comply with
18:41:05 anything regarding landscaping or lighting or putting
18:41:07 in parking.
18:41:08 But as far as the actual structure they are not going
18:41:11 to be actually modifying the structure but if they did
18:41:14 it would have to compete with the West Tampa overlay
18:41:16 guidelines.
18:41:16 So with the PD coming in, which is what our main
18:41:19 concern was, Planning Commission staff now finds the
18:41:21 new request consistent with the comprehensive plan.
18:41:23 Thank you.
18:41:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
18:41:30 >>> Carlos Castilla.
18:41:33 And 1936 west Martin Luther King.
18:41:38 I am representing the owner of the building.
18:41:41 And the only thing I have to say, with the City of

18:41:47 Tampa regulations.
18:41:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone that wants to speak on
18:41:52 item 14?
18:41:53 I have a motion and second to close.
18:41:55 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:41:56 (Motion carried).
18:41:58 Give to the Mr. Caetano.
18:42:03 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: An ordinance rezoning property in
18:42:04 the general vicinity of 1810 North Armenia Avenue in
18:42:07 the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly
18:42:10 described in section 1 from zoning district
18:42:12 classifications RM-16, residential multifamily, to PD,
18:42:18 planned development, office, business, or
18:42:20 professional, and single-family residential, providing
18:42:24 an effective date.
18:42:25 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.
18:42:27 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
18:42:28 Opposed, Nay.
18:42:30 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being absent
18:42:32 at vote and Miranda being absent.
18:42:34 Second reading and adoption will be on January
18:42:36 10th, 2008 at 9:30 a.m.

18:42:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to open item number 11.
18:42:41 >> So moved.
18:42:42 >> Second.
18:42:42 (Motion carried).
18:42:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In regard to item 11, some people
18:42:54 are aware, my law office is in Hyde Park Village, for
18:43:00 the last five years my law office has been a tenant of
18:43:05 the applicant who is in front of us here tonight.
18:43:09 As of November 30th our law office moved, but we
18:43:11 only moved three houses away from Hyde Park Village on
18:43:15 Swann Avenue.
18:43:17 I didn't give this much thought because I just didn't
18:43:20 give this much thought, but Mr. Shelby, I am going to
18:43:22 throw Marty under the truck, as he says.
18:43:25 He called me up yesterday and said, John, he said, I
18:43:29 think you need to recuse yourself from Hyde Park
18:43:31 Village.
18:43:32 And I was sort of aghast because I know I am going to
18:43:35 make people upset on all sides of this issue.
18:43:37 But Marty has done the research.
18:43:41 Mr. Shelby, if you want to speak to this.
18:43:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Dingfelder, I have had the

18:43:45 opportunity based on the fact as I am aware of them,
18:43:48 and as you stated, based on my research, I believe
18:43:54 that it would be in your best interest, based on
18:44:02 several tests, speculative tests, or the size of class
18:44:09 test, but the bottom line, sir, is that it can
18:44:14 reasonably -- I'm trying to correct the correct
18:44:21 phrase -- but there can be a perceived conflict of
18:44:25 interest, and as such Florida statutes would allow you
18:44:29 to recuse yourself.
18:44:31 It's my recommendation, Mr. Dingfelder, that you do
18:44:33 recuse yourself and refrain from voting on this issue.
18:44:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This is not an easy decision for me
18:44:40 to make.
18:44:40 I have wrestled with it for about the last 24 hours.
18:44:44 I believe when you are in a position like we are all
18:44:47 in that you have to err on the side of caution.
18:44:52 I don't want anybody second guessing my judgment on
18:44:56 something like this so I think it's bet theory I do
18:44:59 recuse myself pursuant to the advice of counsel.
18:45:03 The grounds stated on the official form are that the
18:45:08 measure before council would either inure to my
18:45:13 special gain or loss or that it would inure to the

18:45:15 special gain or of my business associates.
18:45:19 Under either scenario, Florida law says I need to
18:45:23 recuse myself and I apologize.
18:45:25 I need to do so.
18:45:29 >>> A preliminary matter in addition to this.
18:45:37 It is a preliminary mat we are regard to this
18:45:39 petition.
18:45:41 Has it been opened?
18:45:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, it has.
18:45:43 >>> The City Council has received a letter from a
18:45:48 representative of petitioner, which under council's
18:45:52 rules it's allowed.
18:45:55 I would like to read rule 6-B for you.
18:45:57 It says request for additional time may only be
18:46:01 granted if the party making the request establishes to
18:46:03 the satisfaction of council that the additional time
18:46:06 is necessary to afford procedural due process.
18:46:09 Council members shall by majority vote grant or deny
18:46:12 the request and determine the additional time
18:46:14 necessary, if any, and I believe the petitioner is
18:46:16 here to address that request.
18:46:21 Sir, if you could state exactly what your request is,

18:46:24 for how much time.
18:46:25 >>JIM SHIMBERG: Holland and Knight, 100 North Tampa
18:46:28 Street here on behalf of the applicant.
18:46:30 As you all know, this is a pretty complex matter, and
18:46:34 there's a lot of material that we think it's important
18:46:36 to put on the record tonight, and explain.
18:46:40 We have worked very hard to condense that as much as
18:46:42 possible, and reduced it to what we think is about a
18:46:46 30-minute presentation.
18:46:47 Okay, a little less than that.
18:46:49 Your rules allow 15.
18:46:50 We are asking for an additional 15 minutes.
18:46:53 Again, we are eliminating a lot of stuff that we think
18:46:57 is important, but we are cognizant of your time and
18:47:00 the people that want top speak after us so we would
18:47:02 ask for 15 additional minutes, a total of 30 minutes.
18:47:05 >> So moved.
18:47:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: There's an issue with regard to the
18:47:09 letter states you are asking for an additional ten
18:47:12 minutes for rebuttal.
18:47:14 Right now under council present rules you are allowed
18:47:16 five minutes for rebuttal and the letter from Mr.

18:47:20 Carruthers asks for an additional ten minutes
18:47:23 rebuttal.
18:47:25 >> Then I will move that we grant 25 minutes total and
18:47:28 then ten minutes for rebuttal.
18:47:29 25 minutes for the presentation, 10 minutes for
18:47:32 rebuttal.
18:47:32 >> Second.
18:47:33 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion and second.
18:47:34 (Motion carried).
18:47:35 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.
18:48:02 I have been sworn.
18:48:04 I just wanted to clarify briefly, because I don't
18:48:11 believe that my staff report included all the
18:48:13 addresses.
18:48:14 I do want to make sure that it's clear for the record.
18:48:18 Following petition before you is V-06-71, the property
18:48:22 address is 16 oh 1 and 1616 snow circumstance 702 and
18:48:29 1509, 1510, 1601 and 1660 Swann Avenue.
18:48:38 The request is for rezoning planned development mixed
18:48:41 use to PD planned development mixed use.
18:48:43 There are five waivers that are associated with the
18:48:45 development tonight.

18:48:49 The first is to reduce the required loading berth on
18:48:53 block A from 5 to 3 and the second 5 to 2, the second
18:48:58 is to allow offstreet compacting in the right-of-way.
18:49:01 For block H the third is to allow the vehicle use area
18:49:06 green space requirement to be reduced to 18 with a
18:49:08 payment in fee in lieu, and I believe roughly 337
18:49:13 square feet.
18:49:15 Fourth is reduce the parking minimum garage drive
18:49:18 aisles in both blocks A and H from 26 feet to 24 feet.
18:49:23 And the last is to reduce the height of projecting
18:49:26 signs over public or private pedestrianways from 9
18:49:29 feet to 8 feet.
18:49:32 To quaint with you the site, I'm sure that many of you
18:49:49 are familiar with Hyde Park Village.
18:49:52 This is an existing PD, Swann Avenue, that runs
18:49:57 east-west, and you have Dakota and Rome here, and then
18:50:02 snow Avenue traversing here.
18:50:05 You also have Valencia immediately to the north, the
18:50:09 Swann Avenue site.
18:50:11 Case before you tonight is going to deal with blocks A
18:50:14 and H of this development, which block A is here, just
18:50:17 north of Swann, Rome to the west, Dakota to the east,

18:50:21 and block H here with snow to the north, Rome to the
18:50:25 west, Dakota to the east.
18:50:30 I provide you with an aerial view.
18:50:36 Down block A, and block H.
18:50:42 I do have some photos of the site to share with you.
18:50:46 Some are better than others.
18:50:50 Block A currently houses the wine exchange, the old
18:50:56 movie theater.
18:51:00 Here is a view looking to the east.
18:51:09 I'm sorry, northeast.
18:51:13 The view looking directly north.
18:51:16 Here is a view, the north.
18:51:23 It's a little bit dark.
18:51:24 That is the parking to the north of block A.
18:51:30 Here is a view of Valencia.
18:51:34 Also have a view from the top of the parking garage
18:51:38 looking north that shows block A with the Valencia in
18:51:43 the background.
18:51:58 I guess the sun got in there on me.
18:52:00 That's not such a good shot.
18:52:03 Dark.
18:52:03 I'm sorry.

18:52:04 That's the image.
18:52:09 The view looking south.
18:52:14 The view of the existing parking structure.
18:52:19 One more view, the existing parking structure.
18:52:25 The tree in there a little bit.
18:52:29 What I would like to do is run over the overall
18:52:32 changes that are being requested, then break it down,
18:52:36 block A and H, and then staff findings.
18:52:39 The overall changes that are being proposed this
18:52:41 evening is an increase.
18:52:44 And what I want to do is I believe that the petitioner
18:52:47 is going to be providing you with this documentation
18:52:57 as well.
18:52:58 It's a good tabulation of the information.
18:53:01 It's an increase of 163 residential units, 85 of those
18:53:05 units on block A, 78 of those units on block H, there
18:53:09 is also an increase of 17,174 square feet of general
18:53:16 commercial retail office, 46,000 of that will be on
18:53:21 block A, 43,000 of that will be on block H.
18:53:26 Current maximum allowable height in the Village is 40
18:53:29 feet.
18:53:29 They are requesting this evening to raise that to 90

18:53:35 feet on block A, and to 80 feet on block H.
18:53:37 And I want to talk about that further.
18:53:39 You will see in your elevations that are attached to
18:53:41 your site plan, those are percentages of the block
18:53:45 area in relationship to the entire block.
18:53:49 Last week, there will be 348 parking spaces on block
18:53:53 A, and 263 spaces on block H.
18:53:58 Which is an overall increase of 276 feet, I believe.
18:54:10 Also encompassed in this proposal is an amendment to
18:54:12 the building footprints on block E which was recently
18:54:17 renovated and they are trying to bring that block into
18:54:20 conformance with the recent renovation.
18:54:22 The increased maximum project F.A.R. to 1.3.
18:54:26 To allow for general commercial land use to R-9
18:54:30 residential block with retail shoppers, goods to be
18:54:34 limited to block A, and the deletion of parcel A-1
18:54:39 from the site plan, and the increase of maximum height
18:54:41 which I talked about.
18:54:42 Block A, which is the movie theater site, and what we
18:54:46 just went through.
18:54:53 The development review committee did find this
18:54:55 petition consistent.

18:54:58 And if you will turn to page 3 on your staff report
18:55:00 there were two conditions that I was recommending of
18:55:03 council this evening.
18:55:05 One is in relation to a substantial change.
18:55:10 Substantial change process is an administrative
18:55:13 process that is possible to planned development after
18:55:17 rezoning has occurred.
18:55:18 Through that process a site can potentially get an
18:55:20 additional 24 feet in height through the
18:55:24 administrative process for nonresidential uses, as
18:55:27 long as that does not go over 5% of the floor area
18:55:33 Given the sensitivity of this site, I do not feel
18:55:37 comfortable with allowing that 24 feet to come forth.
18:55:40 So what you see there is a recommendation to allow
18:55:43 nothing, no additional height to come forth.
18:55:47 In addition, there is a second condition that I asked
18:55:50 for the elevations that are currently a breakdown by
18:55:54 percentage of height on each block to be categorized
18:56:01 and brought forth on the site plan as well.
18:56:06 The petitioner has read my staff report, has looked at
18:56:10 the conditions, and we have had further discussions
18:56:13 related to that.

18:56:15 And what I would like to provide with you is a revised
18:56:19 condition that, I think, addresses our concerns, and I
18:56:27 would like to go through that with you as well.
18:56:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Copy for the clerk, please.
18:56:38 Thank you.
18:56:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We have two missing council members
18:56:52 so you should have enough.
18:56:55 >>> I want to put this on the Elmo, also, and walk
18:56:58 through it.
18:57:00 As I am recommending this will be a council condition,
18:57:02 should this be council's desire to approve this
18:57:05 project.
18:57:07 These are staff concerns that we have now discussed
18:57:09 with the petitioner, and the petitioner has read these
18:57:13 and finds them acceptable as well.
18:57:17 On block A, in the first part of the table you will
18:57:21 see the building height, and in column B you will see
18:57:25 the maximum percentage of the block, that could be of
18:57:29 that height.
18:57:29 For example, you have the 90 feet on block A, and it
18:57:32 is going to be 36 percent of that block area.
18:57:37 Through a substantial change process that I just

18:57:40 discussed, there would be a potential for 24 feet
18:57:42 additional, which we are not comfortable with.
18:57:46 We did discuss it.
18:57:48 And to go back to ARC for further review and design
18:57:53 elements may happen, we talked about a potential for
18:57:59 60 that would be administrative so it would still have
18:58:01 to come for review, would not be at right, it would
18:58:05 come through a substantial change process and would be
18:58:07 reviewed for a potential 6 feet.
18:58:09 50s oops that is not a given 6 feet.
18:58:12 It would need to be reviewed by staff per code, per
18:58:14 substantial change criteria.
18:58:16 It would be coupled with the 5% floor area that could
18:58:21 not be exceeded, and it would also be required to go
18:58:24 back before ARC for that change as well.
18:58:28 So there are some other checks and balances there.
18:58:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Why did you say that this is more
18:58:35 stringent?
18:58:35 This is less stringent.
18:58:36 This is 90 feet.
18:58:38 This says the maximum building height of uninhabitable
18:58:42 space up --

18:58:43 >>> I'm going to get there.
18:58:45 That's the next column.
18:58:46 >> The 96 is more than 90.
18:58:48 >>> Yes, it is.
18:58:49 And that just allows for site alteration, and that
18:58:54 needs to be adjusted.
18:58:55 The last column that I want to talk about is the
18:58:59 maximum building height with uninhabitable Spates.
18:59:04 Right now code allows for architectural features to
18:59:07 protect about the height of a building to an unlimited
18:59:12 height, as long as it does not exceed 20% of the roof
18:59:17 area.
18:59:18 That's like steeples on churches, I'm trying to think,
18:59:26 different architectural features that may exceed --
18:59:29 point towers that may exceed above the maximum height
18:59:32 of the building that are uninhabitable space, that
18:59:36 could be limited as long as they do not exceed more
18:59:40 than 20% of the total roof area of the building.
18:59:44 So what we are recommending here is the 13-foot
18:59:46 maximum on those items.
18:59:48 So those items would no longer be unlimited.
18:59:52 Those items would be capped at 13 feet.

18:59:56 And that's what you see reflected in the tables before
19:00:04 you.
19:00:04 And I can put up the elevation.
19:00:07 We can talk a little more how this table affects the
19:00:10 actual elevation that's before you this evening.
19:00:14 In relation to those items.
19:00:26 The other conditions -- I want to make sure I'm
19:00:31 covering everything.
19:00:33 Sorry, there's a lot to this case.
19:00:35 The other conditions that you will see on this
19:00:39 documentation refer to the elevations, the massing,
19:00:43 and the percentage break downs that's being presented,
19:00:47 all coming in line with one another in order to
19:00:49 represent this formula for those maximum Heights.
19:00:57 There are also a couple other conditions that are
19:00:59 mostly technical in nature, and that was the revision
19:01:02 of note number 35 to take care of the placement of air
19:01:07 conditioning, the waiver for number 2, and also
19:01:13 clarification for note number 36 in relation to
19:01:18 visibility triangles.
19:01:20 You will see those as well.
19:01:21 The development review committee has found this plan

19:01:38 consistent with code requirements.
19:01:40 The ARC staff has found this plan consistent with the
19:01:45 historic guidelines.
19:01:47 This plan did go before the ARC on November 7th,
19:01:51 and the ARC did recommend for denial of this project
19:01:54 by City Council.
19:01:56 And I would like to go ahead right now and read that
19:01:58 motion into the record.
19:02:01 The ARC voted to recommend denial at public hearing
19:02:05 because while the proposed plan development provides
19:02:07 appropriate variety and mapping and reduces scale in
19:02:11 appropriate locations and is consistent with relevant
19:02:15 guide lanes and other regards, the overall volume in
19:02:18 mass and scale, the project exceeds that of
19:02:20 surrounding properties and similar projects in the
19:02:22 district has no precedent in the historic district,
19:02:25 and in its present form should be denied.
19:02:27 And I would like to direct you back to full staff
19:02:30 report provided by ARC staff is attached to this as
19:02:33 well.
19:02:57 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
19:02:59 I have been sworn.

19:03:00 As relates to the comprehensive plan, we have the
19:03:06 following categories for you to take into
19:03:09 consideration.
19:03:09 This is the area known as Hyde Park.
19:03:12 This is within the Hyde Park neighborhood area.
19:03:17 There are other areas, other neighborhoods within the
19:03:19 area, to the northwest and several other very nice
19:03:24 neighborhoods within the general area.
19:03:26 The predominant land use category for the portion in
19:03:30 question, the number of parcels over here, these
19:03:32 series of parcels, known as Hyde Park Village.
19:03:36 So you have got the word "village" expressed a couple
19:03:39 of times throughout the presentation over here from
19:03:42 Ms. Feeley and of course from myself.
19:03:45 So you have Hyde Park, the neighborhood which is
19:03:47 classified in the comprehensive plan as an urban
19:03:50 village, and there's an urban village concept.
19:03:52 There are four urban villages in the plan.
19:03:57 Then you have Hyde Park Village, the development
19:03:59 itself.
19:03:59 This particular -- these particular parcels over here
19:04:03 which have land use category of community mixed use

19:04:06 35.
19:04:07 So you have one entity here with another large entity
19:04:12 which is the Hyde Park neighborhood.
19:04:14 Land use categories here are residential 10,
19:04:16 residential 20, this is Kate Jackson park down to the
19:04:21 southwest, of the Hyde Park Village.
19:04:25 The area of course is located south of Kennedy
19:04:27 Boulevard, north of Bayshore Boulevard, east of
19:04:30 Howard, the area known as Soho but still considered
19:04:34 part of the Hyde Park historic area.
19:04:38 As it deals with community activity centers, which is
19:04:41 this particular Hyde Park Village, it's classified as
19:04:45 a community activity center.
19:04:46 Land use element states that the community activity
19:04:48 centers are points of concentration that provide focal
19:04:52 points for surrounding neighborhoods.
19:04:53 These typically include a variety of public facilities
19:04:55 and services, including commercial and office
19:04:58 development, the integration of viable residential
19:05:01 neighborhoods, and the redevelopment of appropriate
19:05:03 areas for higher intensity uses.
19:05:05 These activity centers will be encouraged to develop

19:05:08 activities centers surrounding residential areas.
19:05:10 This Hyde Park Village, CMU 35, has been designated in
19:05:15 the comp plan as a community activity center.
19:05:18 Also supporting policies regarding community activity
19:05:21 centers, do have an objective that recognizes perhaps
19:05:25 existing urban form of activity centers and corridors,
19:05:28 to build upon it by concentrating mixed use so the
19:05:31 majority of employment based on the city's
19:05:33 concentrated in those areas.
19:05:34 This particular area is considered one of the best
19:05:38 neighborhoods of the central business district core,
19:05:40 one of the major employment centers for the City of
19:05:42 Tampa and Hillsborough County.
19:05:44 Policy A-1.1 talks about in order to encourage a
19:05:47 mixture of uses in activity centers and the
19:05:49 development of residential uses in conjunction with
19:05:52 office and retail uses and the community mixed use 35,
19:05:55 urban mixed use 60 and land use 100 categories the
19:06:00 calculations to determine the maximum amount of
19:06:03 residential development permitted may be based on
19:06:06 either your density calculation which is what the 35
19:06:08 number is, or the F.A.R. which is the 1.5.

19:06:11 As Ms. Feeley has already state towed the applicant
19:06:14 has come in under the cap of 1.5 and 1.3 F.A.R.
19:06:19 So the proposed request is consistent with that
19:06:21 particular policy, the aforementioned policies.
19:06:27 The Hyde Park neighborhood is an urban neighborhood
19:06:32 which does contain this particular community center,
19:06:34 the purpose of the urban village concept is to permit
19:06:38 supporting uses at a scale combatable with existing
19:06:42 development and historic character of the area.
19:06:44 Four urban villages as I have stated have been defined
19:06:47 in the comprehensive plan.
19:06:48 Seminole Heights, West Tampa, Ybor City, and of course
19:06:51 Hyde Park.
19:06:52 Each village has its own unique trends.
19:06:55 West Tampa is also classified as a community activity
19:06:58 center.
19:07:00 You also have Ybor City is classified as a mixed use
19:07:04 activity center.
19:07:06 Didn't want to have any yet but they are working on
19:07:11 it, Seminole Heights.
19:07:12 Good luck to them.
19:07:13 That being said, the Hyde Park Village that we're

19:07:16 talking about here, this particular project, is known
19:07:20 as a community activity center, has served as a town
19:07:23 center, rightly so, for approximately the last 25
19:07:26 years, for the residents of the Hyde Park area, and
19:07:28 also the surrounding areas.
19:07:30 But it was also known in its heyday as a destination
19:07:33 for many people that lived in many other
19:07:35 neighborhoods.
19:07:36 Further away from Hyde Park itself.
19:07:38 And unfortunately it has not been able to maintain,
19:07:44 even come to the wonderful image that Hyde Park
19:07:48 neighborhood has today.
19:07:49 Hyde Park, as many of us know, that have lived here
19:07:52 all our lives, know that the Hyde Park neighborhood
19:07:54 itself was not necessarily the best neighborhood about
19:07:57 30 years ago.
19:07:58 And I think that the people that have moved in and
19:08:00 have invested in it with their sweat equity have done
19:08:03 a marvelous job in creating one of the most wonderful
19:08:08 historic neighborhoods.
19:08:09 That being said Hyde Park Village itself, by having
19:08:12 CMU 35 designation is concentrated as a development in

19:08:16 area which does not bleed over into the historic
19:08:18 character of the surrounding areas of historic
19:08:23 residential homes that so gracefully surround this
19:08:27 particular area of South Tampa.
19:08:30 The proposed development will modify what is already
19:08:33 identified as a community activity center and the
19:08:37 Tampa comprehensive plan as I have stated.
19:08:39 They are providing additional residential
19:08:40 opportunities.
19:08:41 This is consistent also with policy B-4.3 which talks
19:08:44 about the maximization of available public facilities
19:08:47 in minimizing the need for new facilities and also
19:08:50 policy B-6.1 which talks about new commercial
19:08:53 development and major commercial renovations, also
19:08:59 talks about new sidewalks, I'm sure will include new
19:09:02 sidewalks and pedestrian facilities, that do exist
19:09:05 along today cot and other parts that lead into Hyde
19:09:08 Park Village but with the development coming in as it
19:09:10 is, as recommended, it is still encouraged that they
19:09:13 are encouraged to go ahead and improve their
19:09:16 pedestrian connection even more.
19:09:18 As I stated Hyde Park Village and Hyde Park do have

19:09:22 some similarities.
19:09:23 They have also had resurgence at one point in time,
19:09:27 actually one create board of director the same time
19:09:28 that one was coming in to its own, Hyde Park the
19:09:33 neighborhood was coming in to its own just about 25
19:09:37 years ago with a lot of redevelopment.
19:09:40 I know, because I had relatives that lived there a
19:09:42 long time ago, about that time, and I recall what it
19:09:45 was like, what the condition was like.
19:09:48 And it really was and I think a lot of people
19:09:51 admittedly say it was not the best place but it has
19:09:53 had a marvelous, marvelous Renaissance into one of the
19:09:57 premiere historic neighborhoods, not just locally
19:10:02 here, but I think nationally, for those of us that
19:10:05 have traveled around the country.
19:10:07 The question now becomes one of balance.
19:10:12 Balancing what can be done for Hyde Park Village, the
19:10:15 community activity center, and what can be done for
19:10:17 Hyde Park, the historic neighborhood.
19:10:20 That's not an issue that you can be quantitatively or
19:10:23 qualitatively issued in the plan, as state on the
19:10:27 comprehensive plan, what the policies are as it

19:10:29 relates specifically to this project.
19:10:30 We have talked with all the staff members of the City
19:10:32 of Tampa, section at the Planning Commission, and we
19:10:36 have come to an agreement that we have to find this
19:10:40 particular project consistent with the comprehensive
19:10:41 plan as it relates to the purpose and intent of the
19:10:44 policies that I have mentioned to you previously.
19:10:48 That concludes my presentation.
19:10:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.
19:10:56 >>MARY MULHERN: You're distinguishing between the Hyde
19:10:58 Park Village and the Hyde Park historic district.
19:11:01 But isn't the Hyde Park Village within the boundaries
19:11:05 of the Hyde Park historic district?
19:11:08 >>TONY GARCIA: Sure.
19:11:08 >>MARY MULHERN: Because the way you were just talking
19:11:13 about, it seemed like it was separate.
19:11:15 But it's not.
19:11:16 >>> It has a different -- it is contained within the
19:11:21 suburban -- the urban village.
19:11:23 And the urban village, you have a local district and
19:11:25 you have a national district contained in one of them.
19:11:28 >> Right.

19:11:29 But when you look at -- and when you say that urban
19:11:32 village is the residential of the residential, it has
19:11:37 single-family families house as round that are outside
19:11:39 of the Hyde Park Village boundary that we are log at
19:11:42 on our map here.
19:11:43 Are those part of that urban village?
19:11:49 >>> All of it is.
19:11:50 >> Okay.
19:11:51 >>> But one is different from the other.
19:11:53 >> Right.
19:11:54 >>> Hyde Park Village is identified as a different
19:12:02 thing in the comprehensive plan.
19:12:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Petitioner?
19:12:09 >>JIM SHIMBERG: Holland and Knight.
19:12:11 I have been sworn.
19:12:12 I am co-counsel with Graham Carruthers of record,
19:12:17 representing Wasserman real estate capital in
19:12:20 connection with this project.
19:12:21 Let me start by saying that there's friends on both
19:12:23 sides of the issue.
19:12:24 Our client is completely respectful of the
19:12:26 neighborhood, the different views that have been

19:12:28 heard.
19:12:29 The last year and a half tried to reach out as much as
19:12:31 possible to take the input, to make changes, and what
19:12:34 you will hear tonight we think is a much better
19:12:36 project than they started with 18 months ago.
19:12:39 The overall presentation will enter a comprehensive
19:12:43 aspect that will summarize things that we are saying
19:12:45 to you tonight.
19:12:46 Wasserman road is a 40-year-old real estate firm that
19:12:50 acquires and develops diversified real estate projects
19:12:53 unique in scope, location and geography.
19:12:55 The property spans coast to coast from palm Bosch to
19:12:58 Pasadena from New England to the north sea of San
19:13:02 Andrews, Scotland.
19:13:03 They purchased the project in 2005.
19:13:05 Their track record is evidenced by mixed use
19:13:08 development, tenants and multifamily developments.
19:13:15 Many of these are in-fill development sites with a
19:13:18 creditworthy tenant.
19:13:19 Their goal in each case is to create a strong economic
19:13:21 foundation with consideration for responsible
19:13:24 community development, commitment to public art, and

19:13:27 design.
19:13:28 Their corporate philosophy is to support the
19:13:31 communities where they own projects and where their
19:13:33 employees live and work.
19:13:34 Our presentation tonight will focus on three things.
19:13:36 First of all the request is in compliance with your
19:13:39 comprehensive plan, your Land Development Code, and
19:13:41 the guidelines of the Hyde Park historic district, and
19:13:45 if the zoning change is necessary at this time in
19:13:47 order to keep Hyde Park project viable.
19:13:49 Second, this project is not too big or too tall.
19:13:52 We'll show you the changes to the project will enhance
19:13:55 the pedestrian experience with no negative impacts to
19:13:59 the surrounding historic district.
19:14:01 Finally, since you heard from Mr. Garcia that this
19:14:03 project is a community activity center within an urban
19:14:06 village for your comprehensive plan, it's supposed to
19:14:08 be different from the rest of the residential portions
19:14:10 of Hyde Park.
19:14:12 Comparisons to properties with less than 10 land use
19:14:15 designations we don't think is appropriate.
19:14:18 Our presentation will consist of three speakers,

19:14:20 Michael English from Wilson Miller will talk about the
19:14:22 project's compliance with the comp plan, zoning issues
19:14:24 and some relevant history of Hyde Park Village.
19:14:27 Stephani Gaines, our architect, will walk you through
19:14:31 specific architectural aspects of the plan.
19:14:35 Then David Wasserman will share his vision for Hyde
19:14:37 Park Village and why his company proposes to put $100
19:14:40 million into this project.
19:14:42 We have other experts like Steve Henry from links and
19:14:45 associates if necessary for rebuttal.
19:14:47 At this point let me turn it over to Michael English.
19:14:53 >>> Thank you.
19:14:54 I would like to start with a PowerPoint.
19:14:56 My name is Michael English with Wilson Miller.
19:14:59 I'm really proud to be here tonight.
19:15:01 I think the proposal we have before you is really
19:15:03 appropriate for Hyde Park's future health and welfare.
19:15:08 Mr. Garcia and Ms. Healey really handled the planning
19:15:12 issues well so I am not going to repeat them and I am
19:15:15 going to try to keep my comments brief.
19:15:17 You will remember, if you have lived in Tampa for a
19:15:20 long time, Hyde Park has been around a long time.

19:15:23 When it was first developed and people jumped the
19:15:25 river to build it, it was a suburban area.
19:15:29 That has been in an evolutionary stage ever since.
19:15:33 Hyde Park is close to downtown, an important
19:15:35 neighborhood, is becoming more urban and more dense
19:15:37 really ever since, certainly since the 1920s.
19:15:41 It's also important to understand that the fundamental
19:15:46 policy shift that made Hyde Park Village an important
19:15:49 and much denser urban project was in 1980 when it was
19:15:54 zoned and subsequently the comprehensive plan was
19:15:56 changed to recognize the development and to recognize
19:15:59 it as an important urban village in the community.
19:16:03 And frankly, today, Hyde Park Village has been a
19:16:07 healthy system bionic partner with the Alagon and
19:16:15 restoring Hyde Park single family historic
19:16:17 neighborhood around us, and I think it's safe to say
19:16:20 that it has done no damage whatsoever, perhaps has
19:16:23 been a partner in the success of this neighborhood
19:16:25 since its inception which was emotional A as this
19:16:31 hearing will be as you will see.
19:16:33 You can see from the red arrows, it's in the hiss
19:16:36 historic district.

19:16:37 It is not in the national historic district.
19:16:39 It was removed.
19:16:40 The fabric was removed when Hyde Park Village was
19:16:44 built but remains in the district so that you and ARC
19:16:48 and the neighborhood can always know what's going on
19:16:50 and hopefully be comfortable with things as they
19:16:53 change.
19:16:54 And this isn't the first or second time that it's
19:16:56 changed although it's built that potential so it won't
19:17:02 change much in the future.
19:17:03 It is a unique neighborhood.
19:17:05 This is the zoning plan for it.
19:17:07 I think that you know that there are two major
19:17:12 changes.
19:17:12 We are redeveloping two blocks.
19:17:14 The block that the movies used to be in and the block
19:17:18 that Brooks Brothers were in, adding not outrageous,
19:17:23 not imposing, 163 new residences, and to put this in
19:17:30 context, there are currently over 3100 residences in
19:17:34 Hyde Park, and you over the past several years have
19:17:36 zoned 4200 new residences in the Channel District.
19:17:41 So 163 dwelling units is really not imposing and they

19:17:44 will be occurring in two new low mid rise buildings,
19:17:49 we think not of outrageous scale, we think of
19:17:52 beautiful design as you will see in a few minutes.
19:17:55 Specifically in block A, 85 new residences and 46,000
19:17:58 square feet of commercial property in block H, 78 new
19:18:03 residences and 43500 square feet of general
19:18:07 commercial.
19:18:10 This is the first time but not the last that you will
19:18:12 see this drawing tonight.
19:18:13 The blocks that are being redeveloped have shown, and
19:18:17 it's important for to you think about it in the
19:18:19 context of change and no change.
19:18:22 Hyde Park Village has been evolving.
19:18:24 But you know it's never jumped its borders, it's never
19:18:28 created precedent for new or denser things along
19:18:31 Swann, along Rome, south of the neighborhood -- not
19:18:35 north of the neighborhood other than Valencia.
19:18:38 And Valencia had a planned designation that was
19:18:42 appropriate for what you are allowed to do there.
19:18:47 As Mr. Garcia said, the future land use designation
19:18:53 for this project is CMU 35.
19:18:55 That is a designation that's been there for a long

19:18:58 time since the project was first developed.
19:19:00 It is also a community activity center.
19:19:05 It's an urban village.
19:19:07 It is one of the most important, dense and mixed use
19:19:11 neighborhood in the history of the city.
19:19:13 It's restoration and economic success frankly has been
19:19:16 responsible for stimulating economic success in every
19:19:19 other neighborhood in Tampa.
19:19:23 It's spread through South Tampa and spread to West
19:19:25 Tampa, it has gone through Ybor City, it is in
19:19:28 Seminole Heights, and it all came from the success of
19:19:31 this neighborhood, the economic as well as the
19:19:33 aesthetic success of the neighborhood.
19:19:36 We have looked and talked and talked to the Planning
19:19:47 Commission.
19:19:48 There was a point early on in this project where they
19:19:50 did not think it was consistent, the project was much
19:19:52 bigger at that point.
19:19:53 They are comfortable that this is consistent.
19:19:56 It's not just the two or three important designations,
19:20:00 with all the goals and policies in the comprehensive
19:20:02 plan which encourage urban neighborhoods such as Hyde

19:20:06 Park to support mass transit in the future, which
19:20:10 encouraged neighborhood centers such as Davis Island,
19:20:14 and Hyde Park, and others.
19:20:16 It's a model for what you are trying to accomplish in
19:20:18 every other neighborhood in the city.
19:20:20 You may have seen this recently.
19:20:24 We were chosen number 30 out of 30 surveyed in terms
19:20:29 of walkability.
19:20:31 I think that's an unfair designation and certainly if
19:20:33 you look at Hyde Park, the interior of Hyde Park is
19:20:35 the most walkable neighborhood in the city perhaps,
19:20:38 and certainly one of the most please ant to be in.
19:20:42 After 25 years of Old Hyde Park Village, it remained
19:20:45 as wonderful and elegant to walk through as it was 25
19:20:48 years ago.
19:20:50 Although certainly much wealthier, I think that the
19:20:53 properly value increases in Hyde Park have been more
19:20:56 astounding than any other single neighborhood in the
19:20:58 city, in large part because of the success of this
19:21:00 commercial center.
19:21:06 This is a view of Swann Avenue on a typical day.
19:21:08 It's a wide street.

19:21:10 It's gotten out of control.
19:21:11 People drive 60 miles an hour on this street.
19:21:15 They endanger pedestrians, endanger people with baby
19:21:19 carriages and dogs.
19:21:20 We have all been there. We have all tried to cross
19:21:21 it.
19:21:22 It is not pleasant.
19:21:23 The developer is very interested in making
19:21:28 contributions to change which I will get to in a
19:21:31 moment.
19:21:31 But I also want to add and will be happy to answer
19:21:33 questions on rebuttal that the proposed changes
19:21:36 represent a minimal impact on traffic in this
19:21:40 neighborhood.
19:21:43 In the PM period, there will be about 100 more trips
19:21:49 than when the property was fully operational and the
19:21:54 movies were operating and all the stores were full.
19:21:57 In the A.M. it is about 110 trips, more than it has
19:22:02 been in that former buildout style.
19:22:05 So there will be more traffic, we don't deny it.
19:22:07 But it is not going to be a back breaker.
19:22:09 It is by matter of percentage not much.

19:22:13 And our traffic experts will be happy to show you this
19:22:16 in a few minutes.
19:22:18 With regard to parking, the neighborhood has been very
19:22:21 concerned about parking, hates the idea of overflow
19:22:25 into neighborhood.
19:22:25 We are overparking residential.
19:22:27 We are overparking commercial in both blocks and
19:22:30 overall.
19:22:31 It requires parking for the project as 1023 spaces.
19:22:36 We are providing over 1300.
19:22:37 We'll have extra spaces in both buildings for
19:22:39 residents and extra spaces in both buildings for
19:22:43 retail customers and visitors.
19:22:47 I want to talk about, briefly, before I conclude,
19:22:49 about collateral investors. This is the traffic
19:22:55 calming concept that has been accepted by the City of
19:22:56 Tampa transportation department.
19:22:58 City administration has agreed to contribute $150,000
19:23:02 to the cost of this which we estimate will be several
19:23:05 thousand -- excuse me, several million dollars, and
19:23:08 it's going to traffic calm Swann Avenue and the
19:23:10 interior street in the project, Swann, Dakota and

19:23:17 parts of Rome.
19:23:19 It will help slow people down.
19:23:20 It is not going to create more congestion, it's going
19:23:23 to create livability.
19:23:24 It's going to honor the pedestrians and is going to
19:23:26 make automobiles go slower when they go through this
19:23:30 neighborhood.
19:23:30 What we hope is, it will become a model for the way
19:23:34 Swann should be traffic calmed, certainly from Howard
19:23:38 Avenue to Boulevard.
19:23:40 It's a big commitment and it is not officially part of
19:23:43 the zoning.
19:23:44 You should know that.
19:23:46 It's in the public right-of-way.
19:23:47 But it's a firm commitment from the developer.
19:23:49 This is a view of the building and before.
19:23:54 It's important for to you know.
19:23:55 If you looked at the building they just rebuilt, where
19:23:58 the Cactus Club used to be, when this project is
19:24:00 approved and they build these new two new beautiful
19:24:03 buildings they are going also going to do face lifts
19:24:06 on every other building.

19:24:07 This is a rendering of the style and quality that they
19:24:09 will do throughout the village on all the other
19:24:12 buildings, so that the architecture is consistent and
19:24:15 elegant.
19:24:17 They are also going to make significant contributions
19:24:19 in the area of public art and public realm
19:24:22 improvements.
19:24:22 Finally I want you to know that this project is going
19:24:24 to generate, at the outset, from when it's built, over
19:24:30 $1.7 million in new ad valorem taxes, 752,000 in
19:24:36 impact fees, and an additional $77,000 as a
19:24:40 transportation mitigation fee.
19:24:44 We will build a new transit shelter at Swann and Rome,
19:24:47 and all replacement trees will be 6-inch minimum DBH,
19:24:52 Mrs. Saul-Sena, which are big and expensive.
19:24:55 In order to maintain the quality and spirit of this
19:24:58 development, this is a place that people should be
19:25:01 living directly in.
19:25:02 They should be on the streets in the morning.
19:25:04 They should be on the streets in the evening.
19:25:07 It will attract better, nicer stores, better, nicer
19:25:10 restaurants, and be a great contribution to the

19:25:12 community as it has always been.
19:25:14 I want to thank you very much.
19:25:16 I would like Stephani to talk about the architecture,
19:25:18 please.
19:25:29 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: How much revenue comes in there
19:25:30 now in ad valorem tax?
19:25:32 >>> About $750,000.
19:25:34 So --
19:25:35 >> That's just to the city or the county?
19:25:37 The total tax bill.
19:25:38 >>> That's the total.
19:25:41 I'll dig those numbers out for you and give them to
19:25:43 you exactly.
19:25:44 I have a table.
19:25:45 >> Because I have some numbers.
19:25:47 I think it's about 26 million.
19:25:53 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry to interrupt.
19:25:54 I was out of the room.
19:25:55 Respectfully, I would like to ask if it's possible for
19:25:58 petitioner to finish his presentation and hold the
19:26:01 questions till the end.
19:26:01 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: All right.

19:26:06 >>> Stephani Gaines with Kirk Gaines Jones architects.
19:26:11 I have to begin bid admitting they've not been sworn.
19:26:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone that came in and was not sworn,
19:26:18 please raise your right hand.
19:26:21 (Oath administered by Clerk).
19:26:30 >>> Thank you.
19:26:32 When PD zoning gets to this point, that is when it's
19:26:35 before council and ready for a vote, you are presented
19:26:39 with beautiful renderings of the project, and you get
19:26:43 to see the end results that normally go into the
19:26:50 project.
19:26:50 But you don't often experience what those projects
19:26:55 have gone through to get to this point.
19:26:57 And we certainly don't want to replay the last 18
19:27:01 months.
19:27:04 That this project has been -- has undergone to adjust
19:27:13 and shape itself.
19:27:13 But we do want to walk you through a few issues
19:27:16 tonight, so that we can explain the logic that
19:27:19 resulted in what we'll show you tonight.
19:27:22 I want to go back to the PowerPoint.
19:27:27 I was going to skip through a few slides here just

19:27:29 because we shortened the presentation.
19:27:33 As you know, the design of every project is influenced
19:27:35 by many forces.
19:27:36 All of these forces push and pull on the project, and
19:27:41 formed into its final shape and certainly these
19:27:43 elements common to most projects.
19:27:46 This project, though, in addition to the common things
19:27:49 such as programming, ordinances and colors and budget
19:27:53 and practicality, the three prime area additional
19:27:57 influences on this project have been the existing
19:28:03 conditions issues, the neighborhood input and the
19:28:05 historic district.
19:28:06 First, we are affecting an existing operational retail
19:28:09 area, and it's critical that we maintain function of
19:28:13 that space throughout the design and development of
19:28:17 the project.
19:28:18 But we retain the important existing and new leases
19:28:21 that are ongoing in the village.
19:28:24 Secondly, we are located in a local historic district
19:28:27 as Michael mentioned.
19:28:28 And so, as you know, must comply with additional
19:28:31 design guidelines which require sensitivity of this

19:28:33 development to the surrounding historic input, and
19:28:40 last and most importantly there are many people in the
19:28:44 community that are deeply interested and care about
19:28:47 this project.
19:28:47 It's taken on some sort of strange celebrity process,
19:28:51 seems to be a bridge between the history of the area
19:28:53 and the future.
19:28:55 I hope that throughout this presentation you will see
19:28:58 that we, the design team put together, has taken that
19:29:02 responsibility seriously.
19:29:04 And we design a project that not only respects the
19:29:07 history, but also embraces its future.
19:29:12 Just for a point of reference, I always like to get my
19:29:14 reference point straight.
19:29:17 We use federal aerial views of the plan, some from
19:29:24 north, some to the side. This is the way my plan
19:29:26 views will show you.
19:29:29 North is to the left in this drawing.
19:29:30 Swann runs through the middle of the site, from the
19:29:33 bottom of the page to the top.
19:29:34 And to the left is an outline of the Valencia
19:29:38 building.

19:29:39 And the center of the property is the green area.
19:29:42 The center is the square that we are all familiar
19:29:44 with.
19:29:46 The design did not start with arbitrarily deciding to
19:29:51 tear down blocks A and H and rebuild those areas.
19:29:54 We studied the entire village.
19:29:57 Deposited negative aspects of the projects and how it
19:30:01 interacts with the rest of Hyde Park and we used this
19:30:04 diagram to explain a few those issues.
19:30:06 In the center of the project as you can see is the
19:30:08 green area, is the square, and it is the process in
19:30:14 the village dominated by the water feature.
19:30:16 It is in the center of the village, not just
19:30:18 physically but also philosophically.
19:30:22 Even though this area is not publicly owned, it is
19:30:24 used as a public space.
19:30:25 And we felt that it was very important to enhance that
19:30:28 area and to provide connectivity between it and other
19:30:33 public spaces that are used in Hyde Park, in
19:30:36 particular down to the bottom of your screen and to
19:30:38 the right, the Kate Jackson park.
19:30:42 So we developed additional gathering, smaller

19:30:47 gathering spaces along those pedestrian paths, such as
19:30:51 in the middle of block H shown in the middle of your
19:30:55 screen.
19:30:55 In the center of block E which is behind where Cactus
19:30:58 Club is, and as you may know if you visited the
19:31:01 village recently that those improvement versus already
19:31:04 taken place in that area is much improved area, no
19:31:07 longer an alley.
19:31:08 And finally to the left and bottom of your page is the
19:31:11 green space that surrounds the large oak tree at the
19:31:14 corner of Swann and Rome, where the wine exchange uses
19:31:19 outdoor area.
19:31:20 Red area on your screen is the retail.
19:31:24 And we felt pretty quickly in this study process that
19:31:27 it was important to maintain those areas surrounding
19:31:30 the Central Park area during the redevelopment because
19:31:38 those surround the park and create a real viability
19:31:41 for the area all the time, but particularly during the
19:31:43 redevelopment.
19:31:44 So we quickly then moved to the realization that the
19:31:49 best area to be redeveloped are the blocks A, the left
19:31:53 of your screen, and H, to the right of your screen.

19:31:59 On block A, we have added some mid rise residential
19:32:02 components which are shaped similarly to adjacent
19:32:06 higher density uses, and along the busy street of
19:32:10 Swann, and on block H, we pulled the mid rise
19:32:13 components into the center so that we can give a focal
19:32:17 point to the square, and bull that height away from
19:32:21 the adjacent property.
19:32:26 This is the result of the design efforts and plan
19:32:29 view.
19:32:30 And here you see block A on the left, and block H on
19:32:33 the right, and even though we have added a variety of
19:32:36 height to the design, you can begin to see how those
19:32:41 forms are being broken down to be more in compliant
19:32:44 with our adjoining neighbors both to the left of the
19:32:48 Valencia, and to the south on the right-hand side, the
19:32:53 historic areas on the north side of Swann, as well as
19:32:56 other structures in the area.
19:32:59 We quickly move through block A.
19:33:02 Michael talked to you about the square footages so I
19:33:05 am just going to cover a little bit the heights.
19:33:07 The medium gray areas that you see reflect 35% of the
19:33:13 site area and rise up to 90 feet.

19:33:16 And they are similar in building form to the Valencia
19:33:20 which is shown to the left.
19:33:21 We have graduating other Heights between those two
19:33:25 areas of the 70-foot section, and then the
19:33:28 right-of-way area down to Swann, the other area
19:33:33 stepping down to the north, from 50 to 40, some areas
19:33:38 are 30 feet, some areas are 20 feet.
19:33:41 They respond to the adjacent uses.
19:33:45 This is a diagrammatic elevation of the Rome Avenue
19:33:50 view.
19:33:51 Valencia building profile is shown on the left side of
19:33:54 this diagram, and they are all the same angles, just
19:33:58 different solutions.
19:33:59 And the parking garage where component is on the
19:34:03 corner, it's shown on the right side of this diagram.
19:34:05 Top view demonstrates what the current PD zoning
19:34:08 allows, a 40-foot edge to edge building form.
19:34:13 Monolithic in nature.
19:34:14 The middle section is a design solution which we
19:34:19 considered but not for very long.
19:34:21 And we believe that it probably would not have gotten
19:34:24 much neighborhood concern.

19:34:27 It would be to propose a two-story addition which
19:34:30 steps in gently from the edges a bit, and then covers
19:34:33 the rest of the site.
19:34:34 That would have given the developer the right amount
19:34:37 of square footage that he needs to make this a viable
19:34:40 project.
19:34:42 The bottom view is what we ended up with.
19:34:45 And it is actually formed specifically to me to meet
19:34:50 the design guidelines.
19:34:53 It steps away from the adjacent uses and steps away 75
19:34:57 feet from the Valencia unit, and to the right it steps
19:34:59 down to 40 feet aligning with the adjacent uses to the
19:35:04 south on Swanned and steps up.
19:35:07 Some areas are taller.
19:35:08 But you can see how the building was formed
19:35:10 specifically.
19:35:12 With direction by the guidelines.
19:35:15 We show you a few renderings of the buildings placed
19:35:18 in photographs. This is a view of Rome Avenue looking
19:35:20 up at Valencia.
19:35:25 This is a view of placing our proposed design block A
19:35:29 into the same view.

19:35:32 This is a view of Swann looking toward Howard, to the
19:35:36 west.
19:35:36 On the left is life-style.
19:35:40 On the right is Wachovia bank building.
19:35:44 This is our proposal of block A where we have a taller
19:35:48 component into the center of the intersection there at
19:35:51 Swann and Dakota.
19:35:54 Now we are going to move to block H.
19:35:56 We have outlined the proposal for block H simply
19:35:59 because we wanted to point out, in this particular
19:36:01 case, we have greatly increased the setbacks of the
19:36:05 design, more than what's existing.
19:36:08 You may see on the outer edges of the other
19:36:11 construction, not the existing construction that we
19:36:13 are removing.
19:36:15 So we wanted to point out how we particularly, on the
19:36:17 bottom of the page is Rome, and you can see that
19:36:20 there's substantial setback to align with the
19:36:24 single-family and duplex structures to the right side.
19:36:28 Running north up on your page is the alley which we
19:36:31 have increased also, and across Dakota, you can see
19:36:35 how we pushed the building back to align with those

19:36:38 single-family homes in the neighborhood, although this
19:36:41 property is divided by a six foot fence.
19:36:45 And those properties are difficult to see together but
19:36:48 nonetheless that meets the guidelines established for
19:36:52 the area.
19:36:54 Here, I want to review the heights with you real
19:36:56 quickly.
19:36:57 The darkest area in the upper left corner is the
19:37:00 tallest part of the building.
19:37:01 it has a height of 80 feet.
19:37:04 There we have three units.
19:37:05 They have two-story spaces.
19:37:07 Then the next area to the right as we move down to the
19:37:10 right is a 70-Foot height.
19:37:14 In the center we drop down to 30 feet and a 40-foot
19:37:17 area where our amenities are going to be on the
19:37:20 rooftop.
19:37:21 Then the next area is at a 60-foot height.
19:37:24 Those areas that appear are two stories above the
19:37:27 parking structure, at a Height of 50 feet and the
19:37:31 parking structure itself is reduced from an existing
19:37:34 38 feet now to proposed 30 feet. We have a similar

19:37:36 diagram. At the top is what's allowed now under the
19:37:36 code for a PD plan.
19:37:49 A 40-Foot tall edge to edge building form, which is
19:37:52 essentially what exists today.
19:37:56 The middle section is again using that same scenario
19:37:59 of proposing additional square footage, just to go up
19:38:03 to 50 feet and stepping in from the edges.
19:38:07 And the bottom diagram is what we designed which meets
19:38:10 the guidelines by stepping away from the neighbors to
19:38:13 the right side by pushing in, by breaking the building
19:38:18 massing down.
19:38:22 But formed to meet the guidelines. In fact I keep
19:38:25 saying formed.
19:38:26 And really, design guidelines for most historic
19:38:29 districts are written very much like a form based code
19:38:31 which the city Is currently studying.
19:38:34 They don't necessarily put limits, that gives the
19:38:40 developer the abilities to form the building to fit
19:38:45 within the context.
19:38:46 Again we'll run through some placement of our proposal
19:38:50 in the photograph.
19:38:51 This Is Rome Avenue looking to the north.

19:38:55 There's a duplex just to the south of the project, and
19:38:58 the parking garage existing.
19:38:59 This is the proposed development.
19:39:02 We pushed the building away from the residences away
19:39:06 from the street, and stepped it up into -- step into
19:39:10 the center of the village.
19:39:12 Here Is a closeup of that alley view showing the
19:39:14 duplex on the right, existing parking structure on the
19:39:18 left.
19:39:18 And Our proposal.
19:39:20 And notice how we step away and down at that edge.
19:39:26 This is the Dakota view which is on the north of the
19:39:31 block H.
19:39:32 And shows how you enter the project from the
19:39:34 neighborhood.
19:39:37 This is an existing Hyde Park on the right and our
19:39:40 existing parking on the left.
19:39:43 This is our proposal.
19:39:45 We have increased the setbacks 12 to 15 feet and the
19:39:48 tree canopy in the distance from this angle, show you
19:39:53 that none of the height that is in the center of this
19:39:57 development can be seen from the neighborhood.

19:40:01 Here's just a close-Up of the middle of Block H as
19:40:04 seen from the front door and how we might enhance the
19:40:08 pedestrian experience there across the street.
19:40:11 And last view is looking at the north end of Block H
19:40:17 with the park on the left-hand side, and our proposal.
19:40:20 Now, this is the tallest part of this area.
19:40:27 This directs us visually into the center of the
19:40:43 village.
19:40:43 And adjusts building form to meet the design
19:40:49 guidelines.
19:40:50 This is just a quick section of the entire site.
19:40:56 You can see the Valencia on the top of the page.
19:40:59 The Seville which is in the middle of the historic
19:41:01 district on the right-hand side.
19:41:03 And following the design guidelines in and away from
19:41:11 those edges.
19:41:14 And the aerial of the existing village, which you have
19:41:17 seen, I think, and you can see on the upper left hand
19:41:21 corner, the monolithic form of Block A in front of the
19:41:25 Valencia, and particularly of Block H in that
19:41:29 triangular shape.
19:41:30 And the implementation of Our design into the project,

19:41:34 which breaks down that monolithic.
19:41:37 Yes, it adds a little bit of height.
19:41:39 But it breaks the building form down --
19:41:44 [Sounding Gavel]
19:41:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Ladies and gentlemen, we are not going
19:41:46 to have it.
19:41:46 >>> It breaks those building forms into smaller, more
19:41:52 compatible building forms and moves that away from the
19:41:57 adjoining neighborhood.
19:41:58 That concludes my portion of the presentation.
19:42:00 I Would like to turn it over to David Wasserman.
19:42:04 >>GWEN MILLER: How much more time do they have?
19:42:07 We are going to find out how much more.
19:42:10 45 seconds.
19:42:11 >>> We'll defer the testimony to rebuttal.
19:42:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Sir, I have a request, though.
19:42:16 And Council, it's important to remember this for
19:42:18 purpose of rebuttal as you know, things that are
19:42:23 raised during the public comment.
19:42:24 So why we ask particularly, and I would ask of all
19:42:27 petitioners, that rebuttal be responsive to the
19:42:31 testimony.

19:42:32 If there's something you wish to put in for the
19:42:34 purpose of direct, actually, evidence, I would ask
19:42:38 that you take the opportunity to do that now if
19:42:40 possible.
19:42:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Let Mr. Wasserman say he we wants.
19:42:46 >> Three minutes.
19:42:48 >> Can we say a minute?
19:42:50 >> A minute.
19:42:51 Then we'll just reduce our rebuttal.
19:42:55 >> Give three minutes for rebuttal.
19:43:04 >>> Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to
19:43:05 present our petition.
19:43:06 We appreciate your allowing us the time to provide a
19:43:10 complete presentation this evening.
19:43:12 Council members, my name is David Wasserman, address
19:43:16 providence, Rhode Island, real estate capital and I
19:43:19 have been sworn in.
19:43:20 The plan we ask you to approve tonight is the result
19:43:23 of much work, much time, much compromise.
19:43:26 It's considered the future and vitality, its
19:43:29 relationship to the neighborhood and its relationship
19:43:31 to the city.

19:43:32 And a statement about the region and the international
19:43:34 urban planning community.
19:43:36 Yes, these projects are studied worldwide.
19:43:39 To summarize what we have done to date and describe
19:43:41 our vision for Hyde Park, this evening you have heard
19:43:43 from all reviewing agencies and our project complies
19:43:46 with City of Tampa comprehensive plan, City of Tampa
19:43:48 land development regulations, and the Hyde Park
19:43:51 historic district design guidelines.
19:43:54 ARC did not recommend this project even though the ARC
19:43:57 staff and commissioners both found this project
19:44:01 complies with applicable design guidelines.
19:44:03 These types of recommendations are a result of 18
19:44:06 months of working with city staff and interested
19:44:08 neighborhood residents, replacing our original
19:44:11 architects with a local architectural firm recognized
19:44:14 for its preservation work and meeting one to one as
19:44:20 well as community wide meetings.
19:44:21 I think we held at least 25 to 30 meetings since May
19:44:24 of last year.
19:44:25 Because of everyone's involvement arguably much
19:44:27 improved project is the.

19:44:30 We have not previously been before you.
19:44:32 You may not be aware of the changes made as a result
19:44:34 of our meetings with the neighborhood.
19:44:36 We did reduce the height and density by almost 30%.
19:44:39 In Hite hindsight we could have made changes to our
19:44:42 plan and left more substantial plans for tonight.
19:44:46 Other developers do this.
19:44:47 This is not our style.
19:44:48 Instead of slick pictures we are reporting the facts,
19:44:51 the reality of our extensive community outreach, the
19:44:53 result of that of how they fall within, and the city
19:44:56 codes and guidelines applicable to this property.
19:44:58 This is a plan that has significant neighborhood
19:45:01 support, allows us to provide the financial commitment
19:45:04 to the village, required for addressing immediate
19:45:07 needs and ensure the long-term viability of the
19:45:10 village.
19:45:10 In response to the feedback we received we reduced the
19:45:13 number of residences by 28% or about 80,000 feet,
19:45:18 eliminated 63 one bedroom residences to shift to next
19:45:21 to larger residences, reduced office space by 20,000
19:45:24 square feet, reduced Heights and retail area of this

19:45:27 project by about 14% of 37,000 feet.
19:45:30 We have spent our acquisition investment nearly 10
19:45:35 million of improvements.
19:45:38 We have also made significant financial commitment
19:45:40 except the wine exchange, Brooks Brothers in Hyde
19:45:43 Park, worked with Brooks to move them from Swann
19:45:46 Avenue and create a flag shift for them in Tampa,
19:45:51 restored 18 spaces and creating better public open
19:45:54 space.
19:45:55 I don't think anyone will deny how beautiful and how
19:45:57 well that new public space looks and functions.
19:45:59 We have improved management and maintenance of the
19:46:01 center as a cornerstone of our plan.
19:46:03 We brought 15 new retail tenants including BT, Indigo
19:46:08 Coffee, Bang and Olufsen, and Learning Express to the
19:46:09 village.
19:46:09 In addition we are currently actively engaging other
19:46:12 tenants including a well-known market.
19:46:15 We have created city for a traffic calm along Swann
19:46:20 and much needed on street parking, engaged
19:46:23 international artists that contribute significant
19:46:27 public art as an integral part of this development.

19:46:29 Beatrice is subject to the museum in London, modern
19:46:37 art, and Vito has part of every major collection in
19:46:41 the world. This creates an amazing sense of expanded
19:46:44 community and sense of special space. In just the
19:46:47 last month Dennis Hopper unveiling of a video arts
19:46:51 public project that we made part of a building in a
19:46:53 national historic register in Pasadena, California,
19:46:56 and was a subject and published as part of a Miami
19:47:02 show that opened last week in art plaza. We have
19:47:05 focused on creating healthy urban environment where it
19:47:08 uses healthy friendly environment and open spaces.
19:47:13 Tonight is not just about.
19:47:15 It's about revitalizing the village while being
19:47:18 sensitive to the surrounding historic district, about
19:47:20 maintaining, enhancing property values, which are in a
19:47:23 downturn across the region nationally.
19:47:25 We can make this area an exception.
19:47:28 These are the kinds of things that Tampa wants to be
19:47:30 known for.
19:47:30 It will be a positive economic development for the
19:47:32 City of Tampa, this redevelopment creates new jobs,
19:47:36 and our initial capital investment of nearly $100

19:47:40 million.
19:47:41 >>GWEN MILLER: How much more do snuff.
19:47:42 >> Just another paragraph.
19:47:44 I have spoken about projects like this one to the
19:47:45 Urband Land Institute sessions in Toronto and
19:47:48 Los Angeles, and NYU Stearns school of business where
19:47:51 I am on the faculty.
19:47:53 Tampa has an opportunity by encouraging us and other
19:47:55 responsible development to continue and be at the
19:47:57 forefront of good smart urban planning.
19:47:59 I truly believe we are all united in our desire to
19:48:03 revitalize the village.
19:48:04 Your approval will allow an already great progress in
19:48:07 Tampa and already great liveability in the City of
19:48:10 Tampa to create jobs, add to the city's tax base and
19:48:13 add to an important neighborhood center.
19:48:15 I ask for your approval and available to answer any
19:48:18 questions you may have.
19:48:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Wasserman, I have a few questions.
19:48:29 When did your company purchase the village?
19:48:31 >>> Purchased in 2005.
19:48:32 >> 2005?

19:48:34 >>> Yes.
19:48:34 >> And when you purchased it, you were aware of the
19:48:36 zoning regulations existing?
19:48:39 >>> Yes, we were.
19:48:40 >> So what was your -- what was the original plan?
19:48:43 >>> The original plan is very much a version of what
19:48:47 we are talking about today.
19:48:50 The existing -- revitalize what was a downturn in
19:48:55 tenancy.
19:48:56 Of course people aren't privy to all the contracts and
19:48:59 leases, for all these leases by the tenants, no real
19:49:04 leases in place.
19:49:05 We lost some tenants.
19:49:07 We were able to bring back some tenants.
19:49:09 We have given enticements.
19:49:11 And they have banked on us doing what we have done in
19:49:13 other places like Pasadena, Boston, others to try to
19:49:17 bring the kind of revitalization to a property, a
19:49:22 deteriorating asset, and in the center of a wonderful
19:49:25 community.
19:49:25 >>MARY MULHERN: And what is it that in your project,
19:49:31 in your original vision, what is the thing that's

19:49:36 different, that you thought would revitalize this?
19:49:39 Because the way I looked at it, we are talking about
19:49:45 urban village and mixed use, and retail, there was a
19:49:52 movie theater, there's offices.
19:49:54 We had a mixed use development.
19:49:57 What about what you were envisioning did you think was
19:50:00 going to turn it around?
19:50:02 >>> I think all around the country, around the world,
19:50:06 areas change.
19:50:07 Shopping patterns and things.
19:50:08 And things shift and change.
19:50:10 I think you saw that very much so here in Tampa where
19:50:13 the tenants who were at Hyde Park Village opened up
19:50:18 new stores and Westshore and international because
19:50:21 those opportunities were there.
19:50:22 It's a bit of the urban sprawl that happens, and
19:50:26 affects the interior core of the city, when the
19:50:28 department store left here, the next thing, the movie
19:50:32 theater, again a great neighborhood but not growing,
19:50:39 not enough outside of the neighborhood into the core.
19:50:42 What's interesting about what's happened today both
19:50:45 nationally and internationally, again, is that people

19:50:47 have wanted to return to the cities, but they are
19:50:50 looking for livable, walkable, sustainable
19:50:52 communities.
19:50:53 People bow rather walk.
19:50:55 It decrease it is carbon footprint.
19:50:57 There's just many things that happen that are all kind
19:50:59 of part of this.
19:51:00 >> I live -- I'm attracted to the neighborhood.
19:51:05 In fact I walk there.
19:51:06 I live probably a mile from there.
19:51:08 And since I have lived in my neighborhood for ten
19:51:10 years, I've walked to Hyde Park, and to the park, and
19:51:19 not my shopping but it is a walkable, sustainable,
19:51:22 lovely place right now.
19:51:23 So what is it that this brings that we don't have
19:51:26 there at the moment?
19:51:27 >>> Actually, I don't think it's sustainable is really
19:51:30 what the crisis is here.
19:51:31 >> In what way is it not?
19:51:34 >>> Having difficulty in their businesses, there's no
19:51:38 --
19:51:39 >> Right, well, how does your project accomplish that?

19:51:41 >>> Because I think putting a fresh face, there are
19:51:47 cracked sidewalks, canopies that show -- again, by
19:51:55 bringing, again, a revitalization to it, to bring
19:51:58 public art, to bring more of a sense of community, all
19:52:02 these things.
19:52:02 And frankly, the way that that happens today is a bit
19:52:06 more density, and density allows to us make those
19:52:08 improvements, allows us to spend $2 million on road
19:52:12 improvements and get on-street parking.
19:52:14 The very first time I came to the village, I couldn't
19:52:16 believe that I could park in a parking garage, walk
19:52:19 down a set of stairs and into a back alley to go have
19:52:22 a cup of coffee.
19:52:23 That's just not what good planning is.
19:52:26 >> Your tenants are going to be parking in a parking
19:52:29 garage, aren't they?
19:52:30 >> I'm talking about in terms of the morning if you
19:52:32 want to come in and have coffee, we want to provide
19:52:34 on-street parking.
19:52:35 We moved the coffee shop out to more sensible place
19:52:40 where you can come and go sit in the park.
19:52:42 We then reconstructed that, creating more space.

19:52:46 Again these things cost money.
19:52:48 Again what the tenants are counting on is a complete
19:52:50 makeover in order to bring, you know, the national
19:52:55 retailers and the best of Tampa and others to the area
19:52:58 because they believe there's going to be a bit more
19:53:00 density.
19:53:00 Density is a revitalization.
19:53:04 That's what it is.
19:53:04 >> But the amount of density you are bringing to this
19:53:15 neighborhood, do you have some evidence that this is
19:53:17 going to turn around this shopping district?
19:53:19 Or is this going to change from being, you know, an
19:53:24 urban mall, or a shopping area into something else?
19:53:28 Are you envisioning that?
19:53:30 Because the changes you're talking about to me aren't
19:53:34 that costly.
19:53:35 Fixing sidewalks and hanging awnings.
19:53:38 And if that was the fix that was needed there, I think
19:53:42 that probably would have happened.
19:53:44 >>> It's a lot more extraordinary than that.
19:53:46 Again, $2 million to fix the traffic patterns here.
19:53:50 Again what we are trying to do is take what is a

19:53:53 deteriorating asset, that's gone down, made deals in
19:53:59 order to bring new tenants in the village but they are
19:54:03 all frankly temporary, so a redevelopment plan is in
19:54:07 place.
19:54:08 A shopping center can easily empty out, and be zero
19:54:11 tax base, fewer jobs, and again, as you said --
19:54:15 >> But what have you -- give me some examples of what
19:54:19 you have done to revitalize this, in these two, that
19:54:24 you have owned it so that the businesses could afford
19:54:26 to stay there, and stay in business.
19:54:28 >>> have we done up to this point?
19:54:33 >> right.
19:54:34 >>> You can see the tenants we have asked to stay and
19:54:36 we have kept on -- we made a promise to our tenants
19:54:38 that, you know, wait till we can see if we can have a
19:54:41 plan approved here, we can have a plan approved here,
19:54:43 great, your leases are permanent. If there's no plan
19:54:45 approved, you are where you are and you can pack your
19:54:49 bags and leave.
19:54:50 It's not our ability to solve that.
19:54:52 We tried to pick a businesslike -- the movie theater
19:54:58 went out of business.

19:55:05 A ship without a sail.
19:55:06 Again we said we are going to move you into the
19:55:08 village and try to, you know, save your business here
19:55:11 while we wait for these things to happen.
19:55:12 >> The businesses were all waiting for --
19:55:20 >>> waiting for something to happen here.
19:55:22 >> How many businesses, you told us you added 15 new
19:55:25 businesses.
19:55:25 How many left in those two years that you have owned
19:55:27 it?
19:55:28 >>> I think like, I don't know off the top of my head,
19:55:32 but certainly, you know, the movie theater, there was,
19:55:36 you know, storehouse, I mean, I don't know the exact
19:55:48 number.
19:55:48 But CHICO's is gone.
19:55:52 These are all national retailers.
19:55:58 >> Well, you know, we have all been living here, and
19:56:02 seeing it's a really vital place and recognize we lost
19:56:10 a wonderful shopping district due to the increase in
19:56:12 malls that went on here.
19:56:14 >>> Right.
19:56:14 >> And that's a problem that's not going to go away.

19:56:19 >>> It will go away, because I think again, I think
19:56:21 that what you are seeing, other places really around
19:56:25 this country, in other places there's an opportunity
19:56:30 for urban villages to be revitalized because people
19:56:32 like them very much but you have to present something
19:56:34 that they can like, and that's really --
19:56:37 >> But we had everything you could possibly have.
19:56:41 >>> You had and it's gone because of what happened.
19:56:43 Now there's a chance to bring it back here.
19:56:45 And if anything, it's investment.
19:56:50 >> I guess what would be really good to see is if you
19:56:56 give us those numbers.
19:56:57 Because the only thing I can see that's going to be
19:56:59 different is the residential density.
19:57:03 >>> Actually adding retail.
19:57:05 >> Right.
19:57:06 So can you show me another place where that actually
19:57:11 turned something around, a neighborhood around?
19:57:13 >>> We have to talk about a project that I am in fact
19:57:15 developing in Pasadena, California.
19:57:17 There is a macies store which is on the national
19:57:20 historic register.

19:57:21 Building built by Wilson Beck et, who created the
19:57:26 Capitol records building, and iconic building.
19:57:29 I think the youngest building on the national historic
19:57:32 register.
19:57:33 Lake Avenue in Pasadena which was an alternative to
19:57:37 rodeo drive for many, many years.
19:57:39 Over the course of time, there was no capital
19:57:42 investment.
19:57:43 The neighborhood started to turn.
19:57:46 It was on the cusp of probably one of the wealthiest
19:57:50 areas in California, San Marino, but stores came in
19:57:55 and you went from Tiffany's to T.J. Maxx and
19:58:01 businesses started to go out of business.
19:58:03 Restaurants went downhill.
19:58:04 Started to happen.
19:58:07 Here we had a building in the middle of the street and
19:58:10 what the city of Pasadena allowed to us do to restore
19:58:13 that building, to be able to afford to restore a
19:58:17 historic building we actually built two parking
19:58:19 structures and two levels of retail.
19:58:21 Then on top of that we were adding 78 homes which will
19:58:26 be actually the highest building in all of the entire

19:58:31 quadrant of Pasadena. Since we have finished that
19:58:34 project up, it's 100% reigned, we received design
19:58:38 awards, tours of the site, we have two public arts
19:58:43 projects there that are internationally known, that
19:58:45 have been toured by the whiten museum in New York to
19:58:49 the trustees and local museums in Los Angeles and have
19:58:53 been the subject of a number in 2006.
19:58:59 And there was a dollar and book stores, and then
19:59:07 there's a new restaurant that came in, opened by
19:59:09 Jennifer Lopez.
19:59:11 >> Right.
19:59:12 >>> And you look at it --
19:59:17 >> I have one more.
19:59:18 Okay.
19:59:19 But we already have Anthropologie and this
19:59:22 neighborhood is going nowhere but up.
19:59:25 You are talking about revitalizing.
19:59:27 A neighborhood that's only gotten better.
19:59:31 (applause).
19:59:35 >>GWEN MILLER: I hate to ask you to leave but we are
19:59:37 going to ask you to leave.
19:59:38 We are going to sit and listen, not applaud and laugh

19:59:41 out.
19:59:47 >> Thank you.
19:59:48 I appreciate it.
19:59:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a couple of questions, too.
19:59:50 Number one, is this proposal before us the last
19:59:54 request for changes on this property?
19:59:58 >>> Yes, it is.
19:59:59 I think at this point, we have actually -- again one
20:00:02 of the things I realize when we came in and purchased
20:00:04 the property, 1.5 F.A.R., that was suggested for this
20:00:08 area for the City of Tampa we came and proposed a 1.5
20:00:14 F.A.R.
20:00:17 It met with community approval.
20:00:19 We reduced the F.A.R. to 1.3.
20:00:21 When we completed there, I don't really see any
20:00:23 area -- this is kind of ensuring in the next 50 years
20:00:30 or however many years, the future of this area, going
20:00:33 to bring more interested and passionate residents who
20:00:36 want to live here.
20:00:37 Again pick up the wall street journal and watch out
20:00:40 buildings are, watch out cranes are sitting idle.
20:00:48 If we can do this we think we can have the synergy to

20:00:53 stop the opportunities -- the property values from
20:00:57 falling and hopefully enhance it.
20:00:58 >> My second question is and you might have said this
20:01:00 but I missed 2 the number.
20:01:02 What was the original request you made in terms of the
20:01:04 number of units versus what is the number of units you
20:01:08 are requesting today?
20:01:09 >>> I think I said here that we reduced the number of
20:01:14 residents by 28%.
20:01:20 63 units we have taken off the project.
20:01:22 >> And the current number is 163?
20:01:25 >>> Correct.
20:01:25 >> And you removed 60.
20:01:27 >>> Yes.
20:01:28 >> Thank you.
20:01:36 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: What project did you do in
20:01:38 Boston?
20:01:38 >> It's called the Bryan, mixed use residential and
20:01:43 retail and sits on Columbus Avenue as you turn the
20:01:46 corner.
20:01:47 It spans the cusp of south end, block of historic
20:01:54 buildings, and we have kind of blended that project

20:01:56 into the neighborhood to seamlessly fit into a
20:02:01 ten-story project, the largest project on the block.
20:02:04 On the other hand, we filled a hole that was there,
20:02:06 and retained a couple of historic buildings alongside
20:02:11 to the redevelopment.
20:02:12 And that project is coming up a story a week out of
20:02:16 the ground, again a residential project ground level.
20:02:20 >> I went to Hyde Park to visit yesterday, and I have
20:02:23 been in Tampa 20 years, and I have gone there a lot.
20:02:27 I was stunned when I got there, when I saw the vacant
20:02:31 stores and people who have left.
20:02:34 And I'm a small businessman.
20:02:36 And if you don't have revitalization you are not going
20:02:40 to be successful.
20:02:41 And I commend your company for what you are attempting
20:02:43 to do, because with that it will happen.
20:02:47 And I know the mayor is always saying, we are going to
20:02:51 be the next great city, but we'll never be the next
20:02:54 great city if we keep voting no on projects like
20:02:56 yours.
20:02:57 I do support your project.
20:03:03 (scattered applause).

20:03:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Ladies and gentlemen.
20:03:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Now you will get your chance to speak.
20:03:13 Ladies and gentlemen of the public.
20:03:14 Now those who are in opposition, I ask you to line up
20:03:16 over here to my left.
20:03:17 Those who are for the project line up to my right.
20:03:23 When you come up to speak -- listen.
20:03:31 [Sounding gavel]
20:03:31 Who is going to start speaking?
20:03:49 First speaker, let's go.
20:03:51 All right.
20:03:52 When you come up, if you have any new information, say
20:03:57 you're for the project or you're opposing the project.
20:04:00 If you have nothing new to tell us, please don't
20:04:01 repeat what has been said.
20:04:03 Say I'm for the project or I'm against the project,
20:04:06 either one.
20:04:09 And make sure you are sworn.
20:04:11 Has anybody come in that has not been sworn?
20:04:14 Would you please everybody raise your right hand if
20:04:15 you have not been sworn so we don't have to stop.
20:04:19 Please come in and raise your right hand if you are

20:04:23 going to speak.
20:04:23 If you are not going to speak you don't have to be
20:04:25 sworn in.
20:04:27 If you don't want to speak, downtown have to speak.
20:04:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Don't we have space downs where is
20:04:43 people can wait?
20:04:44 >>GWEN MILLER: In the Mascotte room.
20:04:45 >> After you have spoken if you want to go downstairs
20:04:48 and wait, it's an option.
20:04:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Raise your right hand if you are going
20:04:52 to speak.
20:04:54 >> Do you swear or affirm to tell the truth, the whole
20:04:56 truth and nothing but the truth?
20:04:58 Thank you.
20:04:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Again, ladies and gentlemen, for the
20:05:00 purposes of the record when you state your name,
20:05:02 please reaffirm that you have been sworn.
20:05:04 Otherwise I am going to have to interrupt and ask you.
20:05:06 But for the sake of consistency if you can say, I put
20:05:11 a sign to remind you.
20:05:12 Thank you very much.
20:05:12 >>> My name is Steve Mitchell.

20:05:15 I live at 275 Bayshore Boulevard and I have been
20:05:19 sworn.
20:05:20 I am here as an interested citizen of Tampa.
20:05:22 I am not here as a lawyer.
20:05:24 I do not represent the petitioner.
20:05:27 I do not represent any tenant at Hyde Park Village.
20:05:30 But what I would like to address is actually some of
20:05:32 the questions that came up today.
20:05:36 What piqued my interest and the reason why I am here
20:05:38 is that I started practicing law here in Tampa in
20:05:41 1973.
20:05:42 I was here, and I saw what Hyde Park Village looked
20:05:46 like.
20:05:46 When the original Hyde Park petitions were being
20:05:49 proposed.
20:05:50 I was here and listened to many of the objections,
20:05:53 many of which you are going to hear again today.
20:05:56 Massing, traffic, density, all of them were discussed
20:05:59 back then.
20:06:01 I went on the Internet to try to find a newspaper
20:06:04 article.
20:06:04 Unfortunately the St. Pete Times is the only one that

20:06:06 puts on the Internet their papers all the way through
20:06:09 January 1 of '88 so I couldn't go prior to that but I
20:06:14 did find an interesting article, in October of 1988,
20:06:22 this is in the St. Pete Times, there was a gentleman
20:06:25 they are referring to.
20:06:27 When residents were kicking and screaming about their
20:06:30 intrusive new neighbor, sure to inflict traffic, noise
20:06:33 and other urban woes, add to their sleepy streets.
20:06:37 He only heard about the controversy surrounding the
20:06:39 early days of Old Hyde Park Village, a project that
20:06:42 started and stopped stirring up dust and disputes for
20:06:45 nearly five years.
20:06:46 It finally opened in 1985.
20:06:50 The same questions came up back then.
20:06:51 The City Council back then, under a great deal of
20:06:55 opposition, moved forward and entitled this project.
20:06:59 What happened as a result of that?
20:07:00 Hyde Park Village was created.
20:07:02 It became the vibrant economic center.
20:07:04 It became the jewel of Tampa.
20:07:09 Its luster glowed favorably in the City of Tampa and
20:07:12 more importantly on the neighborhoods that surrounded

20:07:14 Hyde Park Village.
20:07:15 All of the neighbors benefited from the value created
20:07:18 by this wonderful project.
20:07:20 We have the same issues here today.
20:07:22 The reason why this gentleman is trying to propose
20:07:24 this particular project, under the new urbanism
20:07:28 retail, residential to retail is extremely critical.
20:07:32 It provides a base of economic support by the existing
20:07:35 users.
20:07:36 Without that existing user support, they don't really
20:07:40 have the ability to go out and make additional
20:07:42 investments, capital improvements.
20:07:44 This is a way that everyone is dealing in these new
20:07:47 urban projects, they go ahead and enhance the
20:07:50 environment for this retail.
20:07:52 It allows the perpetuation of new trendy restaurants,
20:07:58 the uses such as single floor feeders and putting in
20:08:01 stadium theaters, it enhance it is overall
20:08:03 environment.
20:08:04 I compliment Mr. Wasserman for what he's doing.
20:08:07 I never met him.
20:08:08 I never even saw him till today.

20:08:09 But I believe what they are doing is really going to
20:08:12 set the stage for continued -- actually continue to
20:08:15 improve the economic viability of the Hyde Park
20:08:19 Village, and by doing that it will continue to shine.
20:08:23 Without this, I'm afraid that its luster will slowly,
20:08:28 slowly dissipate.
20:08:30 Negatively, not only on Tampa, but on the surrounding
20:08:33 neighborhood, much to the disappointment of many
20:08:36 people here.
20:08:36 I strongly urge you, you sit in an extremely important
20:08:40 role.
20:08:40 Your decisions bring in quality projects with quality
20:08:44 developers.
20:08:44 This is a quality project.
20:08:46 This is a quality developer.
20:08:48 I urge you to make the right decision and approve this
20:08:50 petition.
20:08:51 Thank you very much.
20:08:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:08:53 Opposition?
20:08:54 We are going from left to right.
20:08:56 Okay.

20:08:57 Over here.
20:08:59 >>> Good evening, council members.
20:09:02 My name is Barbara Deakin.
20:09:04 I reside at 1408 south DeSoto Avenue.
20:09:09 I'm sorry, I have not been sworn in.
20:09:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone else that needs to be
20:09:14 sworn in?
20:09:15 Please come in and raise your right hand.
20:09:22 (Oath administered by Clerk).
20:09:28 >> I'm on a Board of Directors for Historic Hyde Park
20:09:33 neighborhood association and I would like to read our
20:09:35 position statement.
20:09:36 The Board of Directors has spent considerable time in
20:09:40 reviewing the rezoning application of Hyde Park
20:09:43 Village as presented by Wasserman real estate.
20:09:46 We have heard from many residents in our neighborhood,
20:09:50 some who are in favor of the rezoning application,
20:09:53 some are okay, with the rezoning, but have
20:09:56 reservations at the rezonings impact on traffic and
20:10:00 utilities, as well as concern for what if the
20:10:04 redevelopment fails?
20:10:05 And some are just flat-out opposed.

20:10:07 The Board of Directors responsibility is to promote,
20:10:11 develop, maintain and preserve the aesthetics and
20:10:16 communicate characteristics of the area and to promote
20:10:19 on behalf of the citizens enforcement of the laws
20:10:22 pertaining to preservation and zoning restrictions and
20:10:26 the integrity of significance of our historic
20:10:28 district.
20:10:29 For those reasons, it is the unanimous opinion of the
20:10:32 Board of Directors that we cannot support the revised
20:10:34 request to rezone the PD and redevelopment of Hyde
20:10:38 Park Village as presented by Wasserman real estate.
20:10:43 One member of our board did recuse himself from this
20:10:45 statement.
20:10:46 The residents of Hyde Park want an economically viable
20:10:50 urban village at the center of the neighborhood but we
20:10:53 must be prudent and continuously recognize the value
20:10:56 of keeping the city's historic district intact and
20:11:00 held to a high standard.
20:11:02 Long-term businesses are far greater important than
20:11:05 the short-term value to the developer in allowing
20:11:08 inappropriate growth.
20:11:10 Most specifically, we point out that Hyde Park Village

20:11:13 is one of Tampa's designated urban villages.
20:11:16 Guidelines for this the urban village is part of the
20:11:19 comprehensive plan, and those include policies for
20:11:23 compliance, specifically policies section A-7.5, and
20:11:27 A-7.6, in the unique historical character of each
20:11:33 neighborhood will guide new development and
20:11:34 redevelopment, and that development will adhere to
20:11:37 city adopted historic guidelines where applicable.
20:11:41 Further the Hyde Park design guidelines referenced in
20:11:46 policy A-7.6 to the comp plan states, quote, the focus
20:11:50 of design guidelines is on the compatibility of new
20:11:53 construction with the existing character of the
20:11:55 neighborhood without dictating style.
20:11:58 The term compatible design refers to architectural
20:12:02 design and construction which will fit harmoniously
20:12:05 into the historic district.
20:12:07 The revised and proposed plan presented by Wasserman
20:12:10 real estate introduces a massive scale far beyond what
20:12:14 unique historical character of the neighborhood
20:12:17 displays.
20:12:19 It also exacerbates the current in-fill density on the
20:12:24 immediate surrounding property that includes the 277

20:12:28 units of multifamily residents developed by Amlea and
20:12:36 its successors all part of the Old Hyde Park PD.
20:12:40 These include the Old Hyde Park residential
20:12:42 condominiums.
20:12:44 We will be available to review any future plans
20:12:47 Wasserman real estate may present for redevelopment of
20:12:50 Hyde Park Village that reflect the letter and spirit
20:12:53 of the historic preservation, zoning ordinances, and
20:12:57 the Hyde Park design guidelines, and the Tampa
20:13:00 comprehensive plan.
20:13:01 With that in mind we are reflective to the Hyde Park
20:13:05 Village where our residents gather, shop and dine but
20:13:09 also needs to be a village that is harmonious with our
20:13:12 historic district.
20:13:13 I believe --
20:13:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, your time is up.
20:13:16 >>> I have put together a binder with some exhibits
20:13:19 that other members of our neighborhood will be
20:13:22 speaking to.
20:13:24 Rather than giving them to you individually, we put
20:13:27 them all together so that you have one document to
20:13:30 refer to.

20:13:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, given the number of
20:13:35 citizen residents we have here tonight, and fear that
20:13:39 all of them may not get up to speak, I would like to
20:13:41 move that we limit to two minutes, from three minutes
20:13:45 to two minutes of each speaker.
20:13:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chairman, I know that there
20:13:51 are some individuals who are speaking for several
20:13:53 individuals.
20:13:54 So if that's the case, then we need to make people
20:13:57 aware that if they sign up, they can give a minute to
20:13:59 somebody else for not speaking themselves.
20:14:04 Has anybody explained that?
20:14:05 Maybe Mr. Shelby can, the ability if you sign a
20:14:08 speaker waiver form saying I won't speak, you can give
20:14:11 a minute to someone else.
20:14:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's located at the circular unit
20:14:17 outside, the speaker waiver form, whereupon people oh
20:14:23 who wish to waive their time, they can waive their
20:14:26 three minutes of time and give a speaker an extra
20:14:29 minute of time.
20:14:29 So, for instance, if seven people sign the speaker
20:14:32 waiver form, they can have somebody representing them

20:14:35 speak for a total of ten minutes.
20:14:37 The request is that you present the speaker waiver
20:14:40 form prior to the speaker speaking, and secondly, that
20:14:45 those people whose names are on the list are written
20:14:49 legibly so I can call your name and a sure that you
20:14:51 are here so you in fact do waive your time.
20:14:53 And that's how you can speak up to ten minutes.
20:15:00 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion.
20:15:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I have reservations about
20:15:06 that.
20:15:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Shelby, let me just say that we
20:15:10 had two speakers and that's why I did that while we
20:15:12 only have two speakers, one for each side, one for the
20:15:15 pro, one for the con.
20:15:16 I think that's fair.
20:15:20 >>GWEN MILLER: I don't think there's going to be much
20:15:22 new evidence.
20:15:23 Everybody will be redundant.
20:15:24 I don't think anybody will have any new information.
20:15:29 >>MARTIN SHELBY: With all due respect, council, if you
20:15:31 could give me 30 seconds, because I want to be able to
20:15:34 be sure that all due process rights are afforded, if

20:15:37 you could just do that.
20:15:38 Give me 30 seconds, please.
20:15:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Go ahead and speak.
20:15:43 We have a motion on the floor that the public will
20:15:46 have two minutes apiece.
20:15:47 Mr. Shelby will check it out.
20:15:49 You may start.
20:15:49 >>> Michael Eachon, and I reside at 2104 West Deakle
20:15:55 Avenue in Hyde Park, also a member of the Historic
20:15:57 Hyde Park neighborhood association, very active.
20:16:00 I have a 25 year professional career in banking and
20:16:02 finance specializing in residential and commercial
20:16:04 lending here in Tampa.
20:16:05 I first moved to Hyde Park in 1982, right behind where
20:16:09 the village stands, before the village was built, with
20:16:13 where the movie theater stands now.
20:16:15 My family and friends thought I was Devil Rays I
20:16:17 because I it was a very dangerous neighborhood at that
20:16:19 time and I thought a lot of residents don't know that
20:16:23 or forgotten how bad things were.
20:16:26 I remember the proposal to build Hyde Park village
20:16:28 brought the same arguments now being levied against

20:16:30 the current property improvements.
20:16:32 Those arguments turned out to be false. In fact the
20:16:34 Renaissance of our residential neighborhood in Hyde
20:16:36 Park traces back directly to the creation of Hyde Park
20:16:38 Village.
20:16:41 These many years later we enjoy a substantial return
20:16:45 on our investment because of this.
20:16:47 The Hyde Park shopping district now flounders for a
20:16:50 multitude of reasons.
20:16:52 From my banking background I think it boils down to
20:16:54 people get bored after a period of time going to the
20:16:56 same places doing the same thing.
20:16:58 How many times has Westshore mall been redone?
20:17:02 Tampa Bay center whip was once our shopping gem
20:17:04 doesn't exist anymore.
20:17:05 Look at the problems in Centro Ybor.
20:17:10 Owners of developments like Hyde Park Village have to
20:17:12 constantly change, improve and reinvent themselves in
20:17:15 order to survive.
20:17:16 The difference in Hyde Park is that the vibrancy of
20:17:19 the neighborhood is so closely tied to the strength of
20:17:20 the village.

20:17:21 We rely mutually on each other.
20:17:24 My banking experiences taught me the financial
20:17:26 collapse of Hyde Park Village would be a disaster for
20:17:29 an entire neighborhood where people I think are very
20:17:32 naive or ill informed if they I think otherwise.
20:17:35 I think Washington group has activated in good faith,
20:17:36 have made countless revisions and concessions during
20:17:39 this extended process.
20:17:41 They can't please everyone but I feel they have made
20:17:43 an attempt to please the majority of reasonable
20:17:44 people.
20:17:45 I also believe the city has no real basis for
20:17:48 rejecting this proposal.
20:17:49 Your own staff has recommended approval.
20:17:51 You yourselves have approved several projects in
20:17:55 historic district including the Valencia which sits
20:17:58 right next door.
20:17:59 These have clearly opened the door for this current
20:18:01 proposal, and I am confident that the city would lose
20:18:03 big if a developer is forced to take this to court.
20:18:06 The city can't afford to encourage huge legal fees on
20:18:09 a losing proposition like it just did with the

20:18:11 unsuccessful fight against the proposed at DeSoto and
20:18:15 Bayshore.
20:18:16 I think it's time that we put this behind us and get
20:18:18 on with other big issues that confront us.
20:18:20 As you can see here tonight, this has caused much
20:18:23 heated division within our neighborhood.
20:18:25 And it's creating enemies out of people that should be
20:18:28 friends.
20:18:29 It's time for the debate to end tonight and I
20:18:32 recommend your approval of the project.
20:18:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:18:34 Mr. Shelby.
20:18:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Respectfully, I have had the
20:18:37 opportunity to briefly confer with assistant city
20:18:40 attorney Julia Cole.
20:18:44 Council, I have reservations and concerns with
20:18:45 changing the time allotments at this point in the
20:18:48 hearing.
20:18:49 This is my recommendation.
20:18:52 No one is under an obligation to speak their full
20:18:54 time.
20:18:55 [ Laughter ]

20:18:55 Secondly, one can make their point more forcefully if
20:19:05 they are concise.
20:19:08 Third, repetition will only prolong the process.
20:19:13 It is appropriate for the chair, if the chair
20:19:17 recognizes that what is being heard is tangential to
20:19:21 the discussion or repetitious or overly repetitious.
20:19:25 You can question that person do you have any new
20:19:30 evidence or thoughts or even opinions based on
20:19:33 substantial -- competent, substantial evidence to add.
20:19:36 But at this point in time, council, with the direction
20:19:39 of the public to please cut to the chase, it would be
20:19:41 my recommendation that you not change the time limit
20:19:44 in the course of the hearing.
20:19:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Or you may just say I oppose the
20:19:49 project or I'm from the project.
20:19:51 That would be better
20:19:52 >> Helen powowski, 927 south Oregon.
20:20:00 I am reading a letter from Maureen Patrick who is the
20:20:02 president of the Tampa historic society, couldn't be
20:20:04 here tonight.
20:20:06 Honorable councilmen and women.
20:20:07 Since 1971 Tampa historic societal, members and boards

20:20:12 have served as custodians, interpreters of the area's
20:20:15 history and heritage.
20:20:16 In that long tenure we have watched many successes but
20:20:19 unfortunately an equal number of failures by local
20:20:22 citizens, governmental and neighborhood organizations,
20:20:27 preserved valuable artifacts for Tampa's future.
20:20:30 The Hyde Park neighborhood is one such artifact.
20:20:32 It is not just an interesting or quaint relic of the
20:20:37 pioneer decades, it is about the rarest kind of
20:20:39 history.
20:20:40 By entering this district, brought into being by the
20:20:43 building of the Lafayette street bridge during from
20:20:48 the Hillsborough River to the young city on the
20:20:50 eastern banks, Tampans and visitors encountered
20:20:54 streets and homes via aesthetics, lifestyles and
20:20:56 values of Tampa's rising middle class in the 1880s
20:21:00 through the 1920s, the signature decades that made
20:21:03 Tampa Tampa.
20:21:04 The infusion of shopping and dining has done much to
20:21:06 increase visitorship to the area, heightening its role
20:21:10 as a model for learning about Tampa's past while
20:21:12 affirming its importance to Tampa's future.

20:21:15 This pattern represents responsible custodial care on
20:21:18 the part of the City Council who has been called upon
20:21:21 in the past to preserve the vital role the
20:21:24 neighborhood plays with inappropriate challenges has
20:21:29 been presented to Hyde Park's historical identity and
20:21:32 preservation.
20:21:33 Tampa's historical society urges the council very
20:21:36 strongly to be critical of the currents Wasserman
20:21:39 proposal for development at the Hyde Park village.
20:21:41 This plan includes elements including density, height,
20:21:45 mass, and traffic pattern restructuring we know to be
20:21:49 out of character for the district and severely
20:21:51 threatens its historical enactment.
20:21:55 We recommend the council disapprove any plan that does
20:21:57 not conform in any way to standards and
20:22:00 recommendations consistent with preserving the
20:22:02 historic district.
20:22:03 We support the Historic Hyde Park neighborhood
20:22:06 association and Hyde Park preservation, Inc., in its
20:22:10 endeavor and implore the council to adhere to as well
20:22:15 as heeding objections to any future development
20:22:18 project that may endanger this priceless and

20:22:20 irreplaceable historical asset.
20:22:22 Sincerely, Maureen Patrick.
20:22:24 And just for the record, I oppose it as well.
20:22:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Before the next speaker.
20:22:35 Excuse me.
20:22:36 Madam Chair, given the legal opinion of our counsel I
20:22:39 will withdraw my motion from the floor.
20:22:41 So we don't have that motion out on the floor.
20:22:45 >>GWEN MILLER: It has been withdrawn.
20:22:47 Okay, sir.
20:22:49 >> Thank you, council for hearing us.
20:22:51 I'm Tom Thomas.
20:22:53 Retired civil engineer.
20:22:54 I have been sworn in.
20:22:58 I was am within 100 lineal feet, within 300 feet of
20:23:04 the center of Old Hyde Park Village.
20:23:08 I have been there 50 years, okay?
20:23:10 I was on the original committee that reviewed the
20:23:13 plant family.
20:23:15 We went through some adjustment but it came through.
20:23:17 Thank God it did.
20:23:18 I implore you to approve Wasserman.

20:23:20 I don't know any of these people.
20:23:22 I don't care to know them.
20:23:23 All I want to know is they are going to spend some
20:23:26 cotton-picking money.
20:23:29 [ Laughter ]
20:23:29 And you guys need to have -- I won't say that.
20:23:33 Get off center.
20:23:37 Do something positive.
20:23:38 I'm tired of listening to all --
20:23:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:23:42 [ Laughter ]
20:23:51 >>> Susan long, 921 east broad street, Old Seminole
20:23:55 Heights neighborhood association.
20:23:57 I would like to read a letter from our neighborhood
20:24:00 association.
20:24:01 The board of Old Seminole Heights neighborhood
20:24:03 association on August 19th, 2007, voted
20:24:06 unanimously for the Hyde Park preservation, Inc.,
20:24:11 against the rezoning presently configured.
20:24:13 The reason for opposing rezoning is the mass of the
20:24:17 approached structures relative to the surrounding
20:24:19 community.

20:24:20 Current proposal includes 8 and 9-story elements that
20:24:22 by most standards are out of character for the
20:24:25 surrounding historic community.
20:24:26 While increased density may be acceptable, all this
20:24:29 density is being placed on two blocks, and is
20:24:31 inconsistent with the historic district.
20:24:33 We support redevelopment. Village.
20:24:35 We want the work in a fashion that is sensitive to
20:24:38 surrounding historic districts and we do not feel that
20:24:41 curb proposal meets -- current proposal meets these
20:24:43 standards.
20:24:43 While surgeon rounding structures are one to two
20:24:46 stories in height this proposal is eight and nine
20:24:48 stores.
20:24:49 We are aware and appreciative of the developer's, but
20:24:54 an acceptable solution has not yet been found.
20:24:58 Thank you.
20:24:59 >> My name is David Hunter, shall I reside at 435
20:25:03 south Oregon Avenue and I have been sworn in.
20:25:06 My wife thinks I'm a big geek because rather than
20:25:09 watching shows like survivor, I enjoy watching things
20:25:12 like City Council meetings, architectural review

20:25:15 committee, variance committee, and of course my
20:25:17 favorite, "The Mayor's Hour."
20:25:19 That said, I have been following this project for
20:25:23 awhile and appreciate the opportunity to speak on it
20:25:26 now since just three weeks ago my wife and I moved to
20:25:29 Hyde Park and whatever happens tonight will have a
20:25:32 direct impact on the both of us.
20:25:35 Throughout this process, there's been a great deal of
20:25:37 discussion on scale.
20:25:40 Many of those in opposition have argued that the scale
20:25:41 of this project is just too large for the quaintness
20:25:45 of the village.
20:25:46 What I would like to discuss is that there is a much
20:25:48 bigger issue here with regards to scale.
20:25:50 I think it is essential to look at this project and
20:25:55 the macro scale that is Florida and not just the
20:25:57 microscale that is Old Hyde Park Village to. Further
20:26:00 explain there's a great deal of buzz in the industry
20:26:02 that talks about sustainability.
20:26:04 I would like to point out that sustainable design is
20:26:07 much more than solar panels on the roof, and high
20:26:10 efficiency light bulbs.

20:26:12 Part of sustainable design entails higher density
20:26:15 living and growth, thereby minimizing the footprint
20:26:19 that we as humans leave behind.
20:26:22 I challenge you to find any architect or urban plan
20:26:25 theory says horizontal growth is more efficient than
20:26:29 vertical growth.
20:26:30 Problem here is that as long as we continue to develop
20:26:32 and grow outwards we continue to have places blank in
20:26:38 Tampa which will soon be followed by newer Tampa,
20:26:40 followed by new newer Tampa.
20:26:43 If anything, it's just too confusing.
20:26:45 This project is a catalyst for what I would call
20:26:47 responsible architecture in Tampa, and even more so in
20:26:50 Florida, for no other reason than scale, it is
20:26:54 promoting smart, sustainable growth that is absolutely
20:26:57 essential for our future.
20:27:00 For the macro scale Florida, we not only need but
20:27:02 should demand projects like this on the microscale.
20:27:06 The ramifications of this project and others like it
20:27:08 are so much larger than whether or not a handful of
20:27:11 peoples view changes.
20:27:15 Those familiar with TGHJ architects and what they have

20:27:18 done with the armory site down the road and
20:27:20 furthermore seeing how much effort they have put into
20:27:22 this project to direct the issues of the neighborhood,
20:27:25 I encourage you to unanimously pass this project and
20:27:28 continue to not only talk the talk but continue to
20:27:31 walk the walk for responsible growth and the future of
20:27:35 Florida.
20:27:40 >>> Robert H.FARRAH, U.S. marines, retired, I have
20:27:48 been sworn.
20:27:52 Height density, need to revisit that.
20:27:54 I think the concerns that I have as a parent are
20:28:02 traffic.
20:28:03 And I heard traffic calming.
20:28:05 Right now you don't have to worry about traffic
20:28:06 calming.
20:28:07 Anybody that's traveled Swann Avenue and Howard Avenue
20:28:10 between 3:30 and 6:00 at night or in the morning, in
20:28:13 the a.m., there's no talk of traffic calming.
20:28:16 You have a dead stop as the light cycles through.
20:28:19 There's more to traffic study than narrowing streets,
20:28:23 on-street parking, how you are going to enter a
20:28:25 building, how you are going to exit it.

20:28:26 Right now there's a traffic problem in South Tampa,
20:28:28 around the village, regardless of the amount of
20:28:31 commercial development that's there, or will be there.
20:28:35 The other concern I have are schools.
20:28:38 Right now, Gorrie Elementary school is 10% overcrowded
20:28:43 as reported last week by Susan foster, the principal
20:28:45 there at Gorrie.
20:28:46 You can be certain that the development in South Tampa
20:28:49 and around Hyde Park to include Madison Soho, and
20:28:56 continues to be developed there, what's going to
20:28:57 happen to Mitchell, what is happening to Mitchell and
20:28:59 what is happening to Gorrie and how they are going to
20:29:02 accommodate the increase in students.
20:29:03 We saw that growth largely because of the condos,
20:29:07 Harbor Island, Davis Island, and that's what they are
20:29:09 experiencing now in the schools, from 25 students in
20:29:14 my daughter's third grate grade class at Gorrie.
20:29:19 The other thing I mention, I'm glad that councilman
20:29:21 Dingfelder recused himself, because of his
20:29:23 relationship in the village and next to the village.
20:29:27 I also know that after this, if this passes in
20:29:31 whatever form it happens, you will very shortly on the

20:29:33 heels of it see and hear from his partner, Mr.
20:29:37 Scarritt, and if you want to check into this you can,
20:29:42 it was hard for me to do as a citizen, but check with
20:29:46 the expressway authority, check with the Department of
20:29:49 Transportation and see what plans are in for a
20:29:52 retention pond right there on the corner of Rome and
20:29:54 Swann, where Mr. Scarritt, Mr. Dingfelder's partner,
20:30:00 has the concept of an overwater parking facility with
20:30:03 a business concept which will only as the precedent is
20:30:05 set with this project make it easier for him to
20:30:08 accomplish that goal and Wasserman go through.
20:30:11 I want to see success in the village.
20:30:13 I want to see it be maintained.
20:30:15 But it's got to be, if we further compromise this,
20:30:20 it's got to be consistent with what the majority and
20:30:22 the people have expressed themselves.
20:30:28 That's all I have.
20:30:28 Thank you, ma'am.
20:30:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:30:31 Next.
20:30:32 >>> Jim blackwood, I live at 2105 Marjory Avenue.
20:30:36 I will be brief.

20:30:37 I am for the Wasserman development project.
20:30:40 You have heard, and you will continue to hear a number
20:30:42 of statements on mass and scale.
20:30:46 You need to consider, please, the ARC's objective
20:30:50 review of the criteria, the historic guidelines.
20:30:53 They showed that without exception the Wasserman plan
20:30:56 complies with the Hyde Park historic guidelines.
20:30:59 Again, I would ask you to, when you cast your vote,
20:31:03 use objective, not subjective criteria.
20:31:07 The second point I want to make is whether we like it
20:31:11 or not, we are going to be voting for change tonight.
20:31:14 Now change can come in the form of the planned
20:31:19 development as we have it right now, or it can come in
20:31:22 the form of the no vote where the consequences of
20:31:26 uncertainty, despair and possibly depression to the
20:31:31 Hyde Park area is a result.
20:31:33 Those are the unforeseen consequences.
20:31:35 The foreseen consequences are those in line with the
20:31:38 Wasserman plan.
20:31:40 Thank you very much.
20:31:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:31:46 To my left.

20:31:50 >>>
20:31:52 (off microphone)
20:32:04 Let me begin by asking, Sylvia Petisi?
20:32:13 That's one extra minute.
20:32:14 And you will not be speaking tonight, is that correct?
20:32:16 Okay.
20:32:17 Are there multiple copies of the same thing?
20:32:22 Thank you.
20:32:24 >>> My name is Patrick Hiamino, I live at 709 south
20:32:32 Delaware Avenue and I have been sworn in.
20:32:34 I'm the current president of Hyde Park preservation,
20:32:37 Inc.
20:32:38 The board of Hyde Park preservation hereby issues and
20:32:41 clarifies its position regarding the current evolution
20:32:44 of the plans of Wasserman realty for the proposed
20:32:48 planned development rezoning application so-called
20:32:52 block A and block H.
20:32:55 With rezoning plan.
20:32:57 Let me preface our position by clarifying and stating
20:33:00 certain facts.
20:33:03 The zoning for blocks A and H currently does not allow
20:33:06 residential and contains a further 40-foot height

20:33:11 limitation reflective of the entire village.
20:33:13 We fully support the revitalization of the village.
20:33:16 We welcome Wasserman's prior purchase and current and
20:33:20 ongoing investment in the revitalization of the
20:33:22 village.
20:33:23 However, we also state that there is not necessarily a
20:33:28 clear and direct link between the construction and
20:33:31 sale of condominium units and the renovation of the
20:33:35 physical structure of the village and an increase in
20:33:38 quality and quantity of retail centers.
20:33:43 We engaged Wasserman for over a year in formal and
20:33:51 informal conversation.
20:33:52 We appreciate the opportunity to participate in that
20:33:54 dialogue.
20:33:56 As a result, numerous changes have been made to the
20:33:58 plan.
20:34:00 From the initial proposal, and the vast majority of
20:34:02 these changes we believe have been for the positive
20:34:05 and have made the plans more consistent with the
20:34:08 requirements of applicable code as well as historical
20:34:11 character of the adjoining neighborhood.
20:34:15 With that said, we have previously suggested to

20:34:17 Wasserman to sign off specific changes which would
20:34:21 allow the board to support the proposal.
20:34:25 These changes we believe would increase the
20:34:26 compatibility of the plan with the adjoining
20:34:29 neighborhood and applicable historic precedence.
20:34:32 These changes we further believe would allow Wasserman
20:34:35 to have a retail project of significant scope given
20:34:38 the surrounding neighborhoods and other residential
20:34:40 projects.
20:34:42 Wasserman has declined to make those final changes and
20:34:46 is moving forward with the current plan which were
20:34:49 subject to the ARC's recent 5-2-2 vote against
20:34:54 recommending approval of those plans.
20:34:56 As a result, the board must unfortunately continue to
20:35:00 oppose these plans with the understanding that the
20:35:04 board believes some additional concessions would allow
20:35:08 us to support these plans, and at the same time allow
20:35:11 Wasserman and a significant residential
20:35:16 entrepreneurial opportunity.
20:35:18 We encourage council to carefully consider the plan
20:35:22 and balance Wasserman's request for the
20:35:25 entrepreneurial opportunity against the language of

20:35:27 the code, historic precedence, and the general
20:35:32 character of the surrounding neighborhood.
20:35:34 We believe a further and final evolution of these
20:35:39 plans is justified, and those final modifications
20:35:41 would allow the community at large, and Wasserman, and
20:35:45 its current retailers in particular, to have the
20:35:48 benefit of an attractive upscale residential
20:35:50 condominium project, which is of significant size, but
20:35:55 still consistent with the foregoing noted criteria.
20:35:59 Thank you very much.
20:36:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sir, do you have anything
20:36:04 specifically written that -- points that you want
20:36:08 addressed other than the general criteria?
20:36:10 >>> I don't have those with me.
20:36:11 >> Does somebody?
20:36:15 Well, if somebody does, it would be helpful.
20:36:17 Thank you.
20:36:17 >>> Thank you.
20:36:23 >> I'm Kit Stewart.
20:36:25 And I am a merchant.
20:36:27 And my store is Kit's Well-Heeled and Well-Dressed in
20:36:32 Hyde Park.

20:36:32 I have been there for three years now.
20:36:36 And I really thought things would change.
20:36:41 I came with a great deal of hope for Hyde Park because
20:36:43 I love that area.
20:36:46 It is the only open air little shopping village in
20:36:49 this whole community.
20:36:52 And it's something that it's just so special.
20:36:55 And our community doesn't have anything like that.
20:36:57 And what's sad is that I look out in this room, there
20:37:03 are more people in this room than there are in Hyde
20:37:07 Park Village.
20:37:09 You look out as a shop owner, and I am not kidding.
20:37:12 The other night we had a little Toys for Tots party,
20:37:16 and that was Wednesday night.
20:37:19 And, you know, we invited a lot of our customers, and
20:37:23 most of my customers are repeat customers because half
20:37:25 the people in town don't even know I'm there.
20:37:27 But the children in the park, they do such a great job
20:37:32 trying to bring people into the park.
20:37:35 And when the children stop playing there's nobody
20:37:40 there.
20:37:40 The lights were out.

20:37:41 It was dark there. Were no people walk around.
20:37:44 So wherever all this traffic is going on Swann, I can
20:37:46 a sure you, they are not coming into the village.
20:37:50 Because they are not there.
20:37:53 And I'm telling you, as a store owner, life my store
20:37:57 with a passion.
20:37:58 I'm there because I want to be there.
20:37:59 I don't want to have to move.
20:38:00 But there comes a point in time that you have to make
20:38:04 a smart business decision.
20:38:05 If things don't change, we don't have the support
20:38:08 there.
20:38:09 We can't afford to have quality merchandise and just
20:38:12 lose.
20:38:15 You know, I have great merchandise.
20:38:20 But I can't afford to continue to do that.
20:38:22 Or I can tell you, most of the merchants there, they
20:38:25 will not be able to stay.
20:38:30 It's so important to us.
20:38:31 One by one, they won't be able to afford to make it.
20:38:38 And my grandchildren, they live a couple of blocks
20:38:41 away on DeLeon.

20:38:42 They come over to Hyde Park almost every day to run in
20:38:46 and see me.
20:38:47 But what they love, they make a wish in the fountain,
20:38:53 when we grab a cup of coffee, we go over and get a
20:38:57 little smoothie.
20:38:59 And now there's a little fudge store.
20:39:01 And that is so exciting.
20:39:03 I hope they make it.
20:39:04 But there's another little store, the toy store, too.
20:39:08 Then they love to run to the toy score.
20:39:10 Can you imagine -- and I will wind this up -- but
20:39:13 without this village and not having those amenities
20:39:16 that all of us so much enjoy, including me?
20:39:20 I live only two minutes away.
20:39:21 And I support this project wholeheartedly.
20:39:24 We desperately as merchants must have some people
20:39:29 around.
20:39:32 Thank you very much.
20:39:33 I really, really, I'm telling you, we need it.
20:39:35 We need to move on.
20:39:37 We have waited long enough.
20:39:39 Thank you so much.

20:39:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in?
20:39:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, I was.
20:39:45 Thank you.
20:39:47 >>> My name is Gilbert Petisi, I live at 929 south
20:39:52 Oregon Avenue and I was sworn in.
20:39:53 I'm reading a letter from the Gray Gables neighborhood
20:39:57 association, as well as express an opinion of my own.
20:40:01 Dear City Council members, I'm writing to express
20:40:03 concern over the proposed redevelopment and rezoning
20:40:05 of Hyde Park Village.
20:40:06 The area is not only a historic significance but is
20:40:09 truly one of the most charming communities in all of
20:40:11 Tampa.
20:40:12 Although some form of redevelopment as a shopping
20:40:15 district is welcome and necessary, the sheer scale of
20:40:18 the proposed building is what's disturbing.
20:40:21 I sincerely feel for the neighborhood property owners
20:40:23 who bought homes in this charming neighborhood with
20:40:26 views off their front porch, speaking for the canopy
20:40:29 of old oaks, that if this proposal passes they will be
20:40:31 looking at the side of an 8-story building.
20:40:34 The project may jeopardize the very attraction of the

20:40:37 neighborhood itself, which is its charm.
20:40:39 All property owners new the zoning when they bought
20:40:43 the current property, both the developer and the
20:40:44 residential homeowners. This change in zoning is
20:40:47 something the developers are requesting and is a
20:40:50 possible hardship on nearby property owners.
20:40:53 The burden of making this an agreeable project for all
20:40:55 should fall on the developers.
20:40:57 They are the ones asking for the change.
20:40:59 Please make sure that every effort has been made to
20:41:01 explore both profitable and agreeable rezoning in this
20:41:05 lovely community.
20:41:06 This is from mark TOPP, president of Gray Gables
20:41:11 association.
20:41:12 From my own perspective as a resident, I think it's
20:41:15 clear from all of house live in Hyde Park that
20:41:17 revitalization is absolutely necessary.
20:41:19 The businesses need to the survive.
20:41:21 We do need that density.
20:41:23 And we agree that density needs to come.
20:41:25 Question is how it comes and what form. And I think
20:41:29 that's really the challenge for the City Council here,

20:41:32 is making those kinds of decisions.
20:41:34 I don't think there's a decision to be made.
20:41:36 I think we need to have more people in Hyde Park.
20:41:39 We need to have more businesses in Hyde Park.
20:41:41 The real issue is how do we accomplish that in a way
20:41:45 that helps everybody.
20:41:47 And is at a disadvantage in terms of what the
20:41:51 community really is, which is a really lovely
20:41:53 community and a nice place to live and walk.
20:41:55 Thank you.
20:42:00 >> Thank you for your time.
20:42:02 My name is Ron Stewart.
20:42:04 I live on SULFO just off of Morrison Avenue.
20:42:09 I want to say I have had a lot of experience in Hyde
20:42:11 Park.
20:42:12 I went to school at Mitchell.
20:42:13 I went to school at Woodrow Wilson.
20:42:17 I have many, many friends that live on all the streets
20:42:19 one block, two blocks, three blocks from this
20:42:21 development.
20:42:21 I remember as the other eloquent gentleman said, he's
20:42:26 been there 50 years when this was a vacant lot, so to

20:42:29 speak, with trash, et cetera.
20:42:33 I was very happy and excited when -- by the way, I
20:42:41 must say that my wife just spoke so I do have a little
20:42:44 bit of a selfish interest in this.
20:42:46 In addition to that, we do own property very close to
20:42:48 there, both commercial, residential.
20:42:52 Five kids that live in that neighborhood.
20:42:53 We live in that neighborhood.
20:42:55 I have 13 grandkids.
20:42:56 So we do have an interest.
20:43:00 Everybody that's come up here with a prepared speech,
20:43:02 and that's wonderful.
20:43:03 There is a lot of pros and a lot of cons.
20:43:07 They haven't dealt with the city and county for so
20:43:09 many years, have to move on.
20:43:11 Mr. Wasserman looked like a fairly young man but by
20:43:14 the time he gets around doing this he's going to be an
20:43:16 old man like me.
20:43:17 That's just not right.
20:43:18 Everybody seems to be in favor of doing something.
20:43:22 And they have time to do something.
20:43:25 This company has tried to do something.

20:43:27 I know they have talked with the neighbors.
20:43:30 I know they have had meetings.
20:43:31 And I'm speaking to you as a developer of real estate
20:43:33 for the last 40 years.
20:43:35 Sure, it's easy to say let's do something, let's
20:43:37 change this.
20:43:38 But you have to look at the economics of it, too.
20:43:41 I can a sure you that after et cetera been looked at,
20:43:44 scrutinized by the Wasserman real estate company over
20:43:46 and over and over.
20:43:47 And if they are not allowed to go forward with what
20:43:49 they have to plan, there's or something very, very
20:43:53 close, I fear for the outcome of what will happen to
20:43:56 Hyde Park.
20:43:57 You know, I'm not 100% in favor of what they are
20:44:00 doing.
20:44:01 But we'll never be at 100%.
20:44:04 I dare say that these people that are here, that want
20:44:06 to speak against it, they are not 100% representative
20:44:09 of that neighborhood.
20:44:10 I know many, many people that live there and they are
20:44:12 thrilled to death to have a development like this.

20:44:14 And I do remember when the houses and the recent real
20:44:18 estates market in that general area, wasn't so hot.
20:44:21 And there are lots and lots of houses that need
20:44:25 housing and so forth. This development needs -- needs
20:44:29 rehabbing and I hope and I know you guys will do the
20:44:32 right thing and not drag it on.
20:44:33 Let's get on with it and do the right thing.
20:44:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Sir, I didn't hear you say whether
20:44:37 you were sworn.
20:44:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: What would you like for me to say?
20:44:40 >> Were you sworn in, sir?
20:44:42 >>> I was.
20:44:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Ladies and gentlemen, to speed things
20:44:44 along so I don't have to interrupt if could you just
20:44:47 do that as you speak.
20:44:48 >>I was not sworn in.
20:44:50 >> Anyone else?
20:44:51 >>> Sorry.
20:44:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If there's anyone else that needs
20:44:57 sworn in to speed things along, would you please also
20:45:00 stand and raise your hand?
20:45:05 (Oath administered by Clerk).

20:45:06 >>> I live at 17 on the Richardson place.
20:45:14 I have lived in Hyde Park for eleven years now.
20:45:18 I am strongly opposed to this current proposal,
20:45:22 although I am in favor of revitalization of the
20:45:24 village.
20:45:27 I think my problem with this proposal is that it is
20:45:32 the only approach to revitalizing the village.
20:45:35 Now, what I don't understand is that over the eleven
20:45:39 years that I have lived in Hyde Park, and the 22 years
20:45:42 that I have lived in South Tampa, I have seen the
20:45:46 village become unvitalized, and I have watched South
20:45:51 Howard become extremely vitalized.
20:45:54 South Howard has crummy sidewalks.
20:45:57 It doesn't have fancy awnings.
20:46:00 There's no public art.
20:46:01 There's not even any parking to speak of.
20:46:05 Now, what is the reason all this retail is attracted
20:46:12 to South Howard and not a tracked to the village?
20:46:16 I do not see how adding more residential units in the
20:46:20 village is going to somehow attract retail.
20:46:23 Retail seems to be going everywhere but the village.
20:46:27 This leads me to conclude that in order to revitalize

20:46:31 the village, Mr. Wasserman, instead of rezoning a
20:46:36 property that he bought, knowing what the zoning was,
20:46:40 he needs to look at what is happening on South Howard
20:46:45 and learn how to attract retail.
20:46:48 Perhaps the rents are too high in the village.
20:46:50 I don't know.
20:46:51 But it's not sidewalks, awnings or lack of public art
20:46:55 that is the problem in the village.
20:46:58 The original zoning, the original height, was
20:47:01 compatible, contested at that point but compatible
20:47:05 with the village.
20:47:06 I don't see how this proposed solution is going to
20:47:09 solve the problem.
20:47:10 I think in fact it will create many more problems than
20:47:14 it will address.
20:47:16 Finally, as a homeowner, I am bound by the ARC.
20:47:21 I want to do something to my home.
20:47:23 The ARC says, no, I go back to the drawing board.
20:47:26 What if a business or developer were told no by the
20:47:29 ARC?
20:47:30 They just come to City Council.
20:47:35 I have to build in accordance with historic

20:47:37 regulations and according to the permission of the
20:47:39 ARC.
20:47:40 I don't see why all of a sudden a developer is told no
20:47:44 by the ARC, they come to the City Council, and you are
20:47:47 going to bless them?
20:47:48 Let's be certain that their proposed solution is
20:47:52 really going to solve the problem.
20:47:54 I'm not convinced that it is.
20:47:56 I think it will bring many more unforeseen problems in
20:47:59 terms of traffic, school problems, and you know what?
20:48:05 Georgette's is a lovely store.
20:48:07 I have never bought anything there.
20:48:08 Okay.
20:48:09 There are many lovely stores in the village.
20:48:12 I have never bought a thing.
20:48:13 I used to go to the movies.
20:48:15 I used to shop at a couple of little shops that use
20:48:18 used to be there.
20:48:19 I think Wasserman et al need to talk to the councilman
20:48:24 here who is in business and knows something about
20:48:27 retail, and analyze what market they are trying to
20:48:31 attract and design retail to attract that market.

20:48:36 I'm not sure that putting 100,000 more condos in Hyde
20:48:40 Park is really going to drag that much more business
20:48:43 into Anthropologie.
20:48:45 It's a lovely store.
20:48:46 But how much of the thing does each person buy?
20:48:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
20:48:56 >>> I have been sworn in.
20:48:58 My partner and I own the exchange at 1611 West Swann
20:49:02 Avenue.
20:49:03 I don't possess the expertise in land use, or other
20:49:07 issues that you will be considering this evening.
20:49:09 I would, however, like to share some personal
20:49:12 experiences that I have had with Wasserman.
20:49:15 During initial negotiations for the relocation of the
20:49:19 line exchange, representatives from Wasserman were
20:49:22 attendant to our needs and did negotiate in good
20:49:24 faith.
20:49:25 Unfortunately, we were unable to reach an agreement.
20:49:29 When we announced the closure of the line exchange we
20:49:32 were blessed with tremendous community support.
20:49:35 The Wassermans responded to the community and
20:49:37 requested the negotiations be resumed.

20:49:40 With our mutual effort, we are now moving forward with
20:49:43 construction and look forward to opening our new
20:49:46 restaurant in the village after the first of the year.
20:49:49 Without their support,an and frankly my confidence in
20:49:53 them, this wouldn't have happened.
20:49:54 The line exchange has been part of this community for
20:49:58 almost 18 years and knowing the history of Hyde Park
20:50:00 Village and its decline under previous owners, I truly
20:50:04 fear for its survival.
20:50:06 Unless dramatic progress is made, and frankly made
20:50:11 soon, the village at as Tampa once new never might
20:50:17 reemerge.
20:50:18 I believe the Wasserman group wants to work with the
20:50:20 community and rejuvenate Hyde Park Village.
20:50:23 Prior to their purchasing the property there was no
20:50:25 strategic plan to rescue the village.
20:50:27 I do believe they are dedicated to making the village
20:50:30 successful, and a valuable and vibrant part of the
20:50:33 South Tampa community.
20:50:36 I do appreciate your time and have confidence that
20:50:39 your decision this evening will be based on the law
20:50:41 and what you consider to be in the best interest of

20:50:45 the entire Tampa Bay community.
20:50:47 Thank you for your time.
20:50:54 >>> Mr. Shelby, I have been sworn.
20:50:57 Rose Ferlita, 808 south Willow Avenue, Tampa 33606.
20:51:02 I guess I have heard the theme tonight that we have to
20:51:06 put the residential in order to resurrect or restore
20:51:08 the village.
20:51:11 The neighborhood serving commercial use.
20:51:15 With this request tonight, in its current
20:51:17 configuration, the character of the village changes
20:51:19 from neighborhood commercial to a multifamily
20:51:22 development.
20:51:23 The real issues here this evening are these: Height,
20:51:26 block H particularly.
20:51:28 90 feet abutting a single-family neighborhood, more
20:51:31 than double what is currently allowed.
20:51:34 35 feet abutting 90 feet.
20:51:37 Single residence versus a 90-foot tower.
20:51:40 Even stepped back.
20:51:43 That's not compatible.
20:51:44 Density.
20:51:45 Approval of additional density again changes the

20:51:47 character of the village to a high-rise multifamily
20:51:50 development.
20:51:51 This is not compatible for the single-family
20:51:54 neighborhood.
20:51:54 The Planning Commission and the comp plan category
20:51:58 does allow a maximum range of density.
20:52:01 But that's not an entitlement.
20:52:02 That's not a right.
20:52:04 That's leaves the density still determined on a
20:52:08 case-by-case basis.
20:52:10 We look at the three key issues: Height, density, and
20:52:14 compatibility.
20:52:15 That's what should be the key essentials to you
20:52:18 tonight as you deliberate.
20:52:20 We always talk about case by case on its own merits.
20:52:23 But yet tonight, much reference has been made to the
20:52:27 Valencia, a high-rise multifamily development tucked
20:52:31 away, close to the Crosstown, and certainly not sold
20:52:35 out, I can a sure you of that.
20:52:37 That is precedent setting.
20:52:39 That is precedent setting.
20:52:41 So now we look at the unintended consequences, ladies

20:52:44 and gentlemen.
20:52:46 If this is approved as it is tonight, it will be seen
20:52:49 as a precedent-setting for the next project a block
20:52:54 away, two blocks away, or somewhere in close
20:52:57 proximity.
20:52:57 Again please consider that in your deliberations.
20:53:01 Some of us shared that same thought not too long ago.
20:53:04 And I know it was tough.
20:53:06 I know it was very tough for you this evening.
20:53:07 I think I more than most can appreciate what you are
20:53:10 having to deliberate along tonight.
20:53:11 But this is my neighborhood.
20:53:13 And I am compelled to submit my concerns into hope
20:53:16 that ultimately, and both sides have been doing a lot
20:53:19 of work, but that both sides would come to some
20:53:23 resolve and I can tell you from my standpoint we are
20:53:24 not there yet.
20:53:25 We are not there tonight.
20:53:26 We absolutely are not there.
20:53:27 Perhaps close but we are not there.
20:53:31 To you, Mr. Caetano, please make no mistake, we, that
20:53:35 neighborhood, want development.

20:53:36 We want that vitality.
20:53:38 We want that growth.
20:53:38 We want that excitement.
20:53:40 But what we ask you tonight, as our representative, is
20:53:43 simply when you compromise and blend it nicely enough
20:53:47 what the end product will be, is the character that
20:53:50 exists today and the character to come in the future,
20:53:52 will compliment, not contrast.
20:53:56 I certainly thank you for your time.
20:54:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Welcome back to your chamber, madam
20:54:04 commissioner.
20:54:04 I assure you, you enjoy the hearing master process.
20:54:10 [ Laughter ]
20:54:13 >> Historic Hyde Park village, 712 south circle.
20:54:20 I didn't think I would have to come after rose mer
20:54:23 Ferlita who I respect very much, voted for you every
20:54:25 time, rose.
20:54:28 No, I did vote for you, absolutely.
20:54:32 When I first moved into the village in 2004, one of
20:54:38 the commissioner pulled me back, said one of the first
20:54:42 things is don't go against the neighborhood.
20:54:43 I said what do you mean?

20:54:44 He said just don't go against the neighborhood.
20:54:47 So I took that into consideration and now I understand
20:54:49 what he's talking about.
20:54:50 But I'm not here to go against the neighbors.
20:54:52 I'm actually here tonight to fight for my business.
20:54:56 I had a store on Howard Avenue, I heard someone talk
20:54:59 about that and I couldn't wait to get out of Howard
20:55:02 Avenue.
20:55:03 It's not retail Howard friendly, never will be retail
20:55:06 friendly.
20:55:07 It's restaurant and bars and service oriented and
20:55:08 that's what Howard Avenue is built and will not see
20:55:14 retail stores, will not see women with babies getting
20:55:17 out of their cars, walking their dogs up Howard
20:55:19 Avenue.
20:55:20 But you will see that in the village.
20:55:21 And the reason why this project is so important
20:55:23 tonight is because in order for them to be competitive
20:55:26 and get the retail stores that people want there, they
20:55:29 have to offer them something.
20:55:31 And being in the village for three years, I would get
20:55:34 proposals every couple of months, from developers

20:55:36 asking me to relocate, open a second store, in a
20:55:42 development and when I look at these projects, they
20:55:44 all have something in common.
20:55:46 Either they have residential, or the Ritz Carlton
20:55:49 hotel.
20:55:50 So they are showing that they need more than an anchor
20:55:54 store.
20:55:55 They need people coming in and coming out.
20:55:56 They need people actually living or visiting hotels.
20:55:59 And that's what Hyde Park needs.
20:56:01 So having this development is really going to help.
20:56:07 What they -- the only way they are going to see the
20:56:10 retail, they want to see the Hyde Park.
20:56:13 All that's going to happen is they have to be able to
20:56:15 offer tenants something different.
20:56:17 We are competing against international, we are
20:56:19 competing against Westshore, we are also going to be
20:56:21 competing against an IKEA store going into Ybor.
20:56:24 I'm very scared about that.
20:56:26 What does Hyde Park have to offer?
20:56:28 If they can build these happy condominiums and they
20:56:30 know people are living here, I think the traffic is

20:56:33 phenomenal.
20:56:34 I'm here to ask you tonight for my business, it's so
20:56:38 important that they do this because I really think the
20:56:40 neighbors' concerns are valid, but I don't think they
20:56:42 are going to come to fruition, because they haven't in
20:56:45 the past.
20:56:46 They worked with us.
20:56:48 They worked with the ARC.
20:56:50 They met with the neighbors.
20:56:52 They called me.
20:56:53 They asked if I wanted to come down to a meeting.
20:56:56 I told them don't use an out of town one, use someone
20:56:59 locally, someone in the community.
20:57:00 They have done all those things.
20:57:02 So I really implore you tonight to please, from a
20:57:05 business point, my sales have been down, I have had
20:57:07 one of the worst years I have had since I have been in
20:57:09 the village.
20:57:10 I know retail is a Ken big concern.
20:57:12 But I would love to see all the people in this room
20:57:14 tonight, come shop with us, and if they really support
20:57:17 the village they would be there.

20:57:18 So I'm really asking you please seriously think about
20:57:21 this.
20:57:21 I think it will help us all.
20:57:22 I think Wasserman group has done and outstanding job.
20:57:26 They are great landlords to have.
20:57:27 They work with me.
20:57:28 I have never had landlords like this.
20:57:30 I really don't want them to leave.
20:57:32 I don't know what will come down the pike.
20:57:34 So I really ask you please to approve it.
20:57:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in?
20:57:42 >> Oh, yes, I was sworn in.
20:57:44 >> My store is located right in the circumstance.
20:57:53 I'm right in the middle.
20:57:54 I want to tell you very quickly how I got to the
20:57:57 village, is the prior owners would call me every
20:57:59 single week and they said, we want you in the village.
20:58:03 We want a one of a kind, independent unique store.
20:58:06 That's the way it was in the 80s.
20:58:07 Nothing is back like the 80s.
20:58:09 The only thing that represents the 80 is probably my
20:58:12 hair style and that's about it.

20:58:13 [ Laughter ]
20:58:14 But I really think it's a great project.
20:58:16 I really hope you support it.
20:58:18 I really do.
20:58:19 Thank you.
20:58:25 >>> Lester Murphy.
20:58:27 I live at 1605 west Richardson place, one door off of
20:58:33 Rome and two doors off of Bayshore.
20:58:36 And I have been sworn.
20:58:38 And I'm a lawyer and I know what the swearing means.
20:58:42 I don't represent anybody in this case.
20:58:44 I have no ax to grind other than we live in Old Hyde
20:58:49 Park.
20:58:50 And mind you, we don't live in the urban village.
20:58:55 We don't live in urban Hyde Park.
20:58:59 And lawyers are wordsmiths.
20:59:02 And you have heard some of that tonight in their
20:59:04 initial presentation.
20:59:05 We live in Old Hyde Park.
20:59:08 And living in Old Hyde Park, we live in a home that's
20:59:11 97 years old.
20:59:13 And we came before the board, and we had to fire the

20:59:19 architects and get new ones on there to please the
20:59:22 board with what we needed to do over the years, each
20:59:25 time we did any type of renovation.
20:59:30 There are reasons that zoning is in effect.
20:59:34 And, yes, there are reasons to change it sometimes and
20:59:38 make an exception.
20:59:39 And obviously you folks tonight, or pretty soon, have
20:59:44 got to weigh that and make that decision.
20:59:46 Okay?
20:59:46 But the thing that I think is important, number one,
20:59:54 the premise is given that by changing the nature and
21:00:01 the historic way that Old Hyde Park has looked and
21:00:05 attracted people for years is somehow going to be
21:00:10 changed, and everybody is going to run into these
21:00:13 folks' stores, because there is another 120 families
21:00:18 that are living there?
21:00:23 I mean, if you go down Rome, you can see all the new
21:00:27 townhouses that were built there.
21:00:30 We used to have a pizza place across the street from
21:00:32 us, real expensive townhouses in there, and going
21:00:36 towards Hyde Park is all townhouses.
21:00:38 You go across Morrison.

21:00:40 It's full of new townhouses.
21:00:43 And, you know, South Howard is still walking distance
21:00:47 from Old Hyde Park, if you're down there near Swann.
21:00:52 And we have got four solid blocks that is nothing but
21:00:57 new buildings, residences, not commercial, which can
21:01:03 see Old Hyde Park.
21:01:04 And the gentleman -- I used to go to the store when he
21:01:07 was on South Howard.
21:01:09 And I went to his store this week on Old Hyde Park.
21:01:12 And I go to his store because he sells good stuff.
21:01:16 You know?
21:01:19 So you are not going to make a home run just because
21:01:22 you're in Old Hyde Park.
21:01:26 But if you bring something there, I think our
21:01:30 community isn't falling away.
21:01:38 Because it's because of the nature of what has been
21:01:39 there.
21:01:40 And I welcome certainly the changes that are going to
21:01:42 be made.
21:01:43 I'm not opposed to changes.
21:01:45 I don't think any of us are.
21:01:47 But to put two towers in certainly is totally away

21:01:57 from where we have been for all these years in Old
21:01:59 Hyde Park.
21:02:01 The nature of the beast that is there with no longer
21:02:08 historic with that there.
21:02:09 Thank you so much.
21:02:10 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, sir.
21:02:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I have a speaker waiver form.
21:02:15 Is Rene gazzet here?
21:02:19 Adam?
21:02:21 Andrew Tila?
21:02:24 And Julia Gorzke?
21:02:26 An extra four minutes, please.
21:02:28 >>> My name is Karyn Sabia.
21:02:33 I live at 2010 east Palm Avenue.
21:02:35 I probably won't be speaking for all that time.
21:02:37 I did have a presentation prepared, about eight
21:02:41 minutes long.
21:02:42 Very formal filled with a lot of statistics.
21:02:45 Also backed up by the bibliographers to go with them.
21:02:53 The land institute.
21:02:54 All of these studies and statistics across the country
21:02:57 make the case for density as the solution, especially

21:03:01 in these urban centers within neighborhoods.
21:03:05 You asked for some examples.
21:03:08 The French quarter in New Orleans is one such example.
21:03:11 There are also examples in Alexandria, Virginia.
21:03:14 Arlington, Virginia.
21:03:15 Charlotte.
21:03:16 Baltimore.
21:03:17 Denver.
21:03:18 San Francisco.
21:03:20 San Diego.
21:03:22 Austin.
21:03:23 Houston.
21:03:26 And numerous others.
21:03:28 Boston is a big example.
21:03:29 Chicago is a big example.
21:03:30 And newcomer in providence.
21:03:34 They are all embracing densities, because they all
21:03:38 know that there are two generations about to collide
21:03:41 heavily.
21:03:42 The empty nesters, 82 million, the Millennial, 78
21:03:48 million, and between now and 2024, they are looking
21:03:53 for urban centers to live in.

21:03:57 And we are competing with other cities across the
21:04:00 country for those residents to boost our economy.
21:04:05 If we don't jump on projects like this, we are going
21:04:08 to lose them.
21:04:10 The economy will certainly not improve.
21:04:13 Areas like Hyde Park will continue to suffer.
21:04:16 Hyde Park is a unique neighborhood.
21:04:19 People love it.
21:04:20 People want to be there.
21:04:22 And having densities in an urban village will draw
21:04:27 people from across the country to work there.
21:04:31 And this is something very important.
21:04:32 And also having density and diverse housing in the
21:04:37 urban core will give you just that, diversity.
21:04:43 We have diverse pockets, but we need to start drawing
21:04:46 those people together.
21:04:49 I have a masters and my background is in urban design.
21:04:54 I'm 29 years old.
21:04:56 I'm a member of the creative class.
21:05:00 Young professionals which there are not a lot of in
21:05:02 Tampa.
21:05:03 We all know that Tampa doesn't score well in terms of

21:05:05 attracting young professionals.
21:05:08 We need to and we hope to.
21:05:09 And many of you have said that you would like to see
21:05:11 that happen.
21:05:13 Projects like this will make it happen.
21:05:16 But right now I don't have a lot to tell my friends
21:05:19 about as to why they should come here.
21:05:22 Other than I believe that Tampa will do these things.
21:05:26 Density is not a four letter word.
21:05:33 As I said, it is the solution.
21:05:35 More and more cities are finding this to be true.
21:05:40 The comprehensive plan has designated urban villages
21:05:44 as places of density, of places of activity, of being
21:05:48 the heart.
21:05:52 The heart of the neighborhood.
21:05:53 And a heart is a beating, living, vibrant organ, which
21:06:00 is what this urban village needs to be.
21:06:03 And it's not going to be that way regardless -- unless
21:06:08 you bring the density with it.
21:06:10 This is a well designed project.
21:06:13 They thought carefully about where the density goes,
21:06:16 how to hold the edge of this urban center.

21:06:19 There's a reason for the height and scale of certain
21:06:23 portions.
21:06:24 And it's to be an I had fire of this urban center, and
21:06:27 it should be.
21:06:28 And if you look at projects across the country, you
21:06:30 will find, this is not unique.
21:06:33 We heard that there's no precedence for it.
21:06:35 Well, it's quite the contrary.
21:06:37 There's precedence everywhere for it.
21:06:39 It also has the opportunity to later become a transit
21:06:42 oriented development which is tremendous and could be
21:06:46 the first of its kind here in Tampa.
21:06:49 And maybe one of the first of its kind across the
21:06:51 state.
21:06:53 These are important, important steps to take and I'm
21:06:56 asking you to be visionary and asking you to take that
21:06:59 step, to see Tampa for what you want it to be 20 years
21:07:03 from now, because it will take that much time to keep
21:07:07 growing.
21:07:07 And if it keeps growing -- we are going to keep losing
21:07:13 these individuals who will boost the economy, who will
21:07:17 come here, who will love it here, hole bring more

21:07:19 people here, and we need that to keep living.
21:07:22 We need that to keep surviving.
21:07:27 I can't say the word density enough.
21:07:29 I'm hoping everyone will start saying density with a
21:07:32 smile.
21:07:33 It's an important word.
21:07:36 It's one that we can't be afraid of.
21:07:39 It's not bad.
21:07:43 In the historical context, people look at density and
21:07:48 moved away from it, just post World War II.
21:07:52 But we are finding people are flocking to urban
21:07:54 centers now.
21:07:55 And without strong urban centers in and around our
21:07:58 employment areas, we will fail.
21:08:02 And we won't bring empty nesters.
21:08:06 And we won't bring professionals.
21:08:10 I keep mentioning these because these are the two most
21:08:13 important groups.
21:08:13 50% of the market for unban housing are young
21:08:17 professionals and young couples.
21:08:20 40% are empty nesters and retirees.
21:08:23 10% are families and nontraditional families.

21:08:28 You can see why it's so important that we do these
21:08:30 projects.
21:08:31 We need this diversity.
21:08:33 We need the densities to support retail centers.
21:08:37 And not just in the neighborhood or even in the
21:08:40 village, but it has to be such a draw to draw others
21:08:44 in as well for an urban village to survive.
21:08:48 And we have that.
21:08:51 For a short time.
21:08:52 For a little bit.
21:08:55 Not to the extent it should have been.
21:08:56 And now we are presented with an opportunity to make
21:08:59 it what it should have been all of this time.
21:09:04 I urge to you vote in favor of this petition.
21:09:08 This is a wonderful project.
21:09:09 It will bring wondrous things to this area.
21:09:16 Please embrace density and please, please bring more
21:09:20 of the creative thought to Tampa.
21:09:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in?
21:09:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY:
21:09:26 >> I was sworn in.
21:09:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.

21:09:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I have a question.
21:09:30 Ma'am?
21:09:33 One other question.
21:09:37 Are you here on your own?
21:09:38 Or do you represent somebody?
21:09:41 >>> Am I here on my own?
21:09:43 I'm co-director of the urban charrette, the four
21:09:47 individuals that gave me their minutes are all part of
21:09:49 the creative class of the young professionals.
21:09:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So you have no interest, you have no
21:10:01 investment or interest in the developer on this
21:10:03 project?
21:10:04 >>> In the developer, no.
21:10:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
21:10:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
21:10:13 Next.
21:10:13 >>> Steven sylar, south Edison Avenue, I have been
21:10:18 sworn.
21:10:18 I will skip most of my three minutes of presentation
21:10:21 because everything I will say would be covered by
21:10:24 somebody who will speak after me.
21:10:27 I want to make a couple of points that are very

21:10:29 important to me.
21:10:30 As a long-time resident of Hyde Park, I feel
21:10:33 passionately about this, and as I have listened to
21:10:37 this, Mr. Wasserman has many good things that I heard
21:10:41 about him.
21:10:41 His comments about what will happen to the village if
21:10:44 you vote no I find disingenuous, that it will be
21:10:49 abandoned and boarded up is not the case.
21:10:51 I believe someone with more imagination will come in
21:10:54 and say, what can I do with 40 feet from Hyde Park
21:10:57 Village?
21:10:58 And Hyde Park Village will change for the better.
21:11:02 The second point, I think you will hear a number of
21:11:04 people come from this side and talk about money, and
21:11:09 this side of the line and talk about the quality of
21:11:11 life of our families, our neighbors and our children.
21:11:15 And I am for you with all my heart.
21:11:18 Do not choose money over people.
21:11:23 There are places in this city where this would be a
21:11:25 wonderful development.
21:11:27 But they are north of Platt where the roads are wider
21:11:30 and traffic can handle the density.

21:11:33 Swann Avenue is choked now at rush hour, and 200
21:11:36 condos are not going to fix all the retailers
21:11:40 problems, but they are sure going to clog up the
21:11:42 streets of our neighborhood.
21:11:43 Thank you for your vote tonight.
21:11:44 I hope you vote with the people and not with profit.
21:12:02 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would everybody, everybody that
21:12:06 might speak please be sworn in now or forever hold
21:12:09 your peace?
21:12:15 (Oath administered by Clerk)
21:12:19 >>> My name is Liz Goodman, 907 South Orleans Avenue.
21:12:24 We have lived in Tampa for 13 years.
21:12:28 Three years ago we moved into Hyde Park from new
21:12:31 suburban.
21:12:32 One of the reasons that we chose Hyde Park is because
21:12:34 of the village.
21:12:35 The village is an enormous attraction to us, and walk
21:12:38 to the movie theater, routinely eat dinner in the
21:12:42 village, we are very concerned that an absence of this
21:12:45 development that the village will cease to be there,
21:12:48 the competition is such that the village, the village
21:12:54 has gone down in the three years we have lived in Hyde

21:12:56 Park and we are worried it will go completely out of
21:13:00 business.
21:13:02 I'm in the sandwich generation where I have an aging
21:13:04 father who lives an hour 45 minutes away.
21:13:08 I would like to move him nearer to me, but I'm not
21:13:11 going to be able to do that if there aren't place that
21:13:13 is I can walk to.
21:13:14 Otherwise I might as well get in the car.
21:13:16 And the idea of having this there and having the
21:13:19 ability to move him closer to me is very appealing to
21:13:21 me, and to have a place where he doesn't have to get
21:13:24 in the car to go shopping, and to do things, and be
21:13:30 active.
21:13:30 One of the reasons that Hyde Park is so appealing to
21:13:32 people like me is that it is an urban community.
21:13:34 I don't have to be in a mall.
21:13:36 I don't have to be -- to get in the car to go
21:13:40 someplace.
21:13:40 I don't like living in the suburbs.
21:13:42 Don't.
21:13:42 And the idea that Hyde Park would go away because we
21:13:45 aren't able to do the development is very stressing to

21:13:47 me.
21:13:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
21:13:51 Next.
21:13:53 >>> My name is Suzanne Cooper, I live at 610 south
21:13:58 Rome Avenue, Tampa.
21:13:59 I have been sworn.
21:14:00 I wanted to say that I support Mr. Cimino and Ms.
21:14:06 Ferlita. I believe there is a place for viable
21:14:08 commercial and increased density but I feel that it
21:14:10 is -- that Hyde Park Village is economically viable
21:14:14 and that it's correct tenant mix to complement the
21:14:19 successful uses would definitely work much better
21:14:22 there than a total redo of the tenants and there needs
21:14:29 to be more thought given to who the tenants are.
21:14:31 We use the village.
21:14:33 We walk, and go to dinner there, and we see a lot of
21:14:36 friends from outside of that area.
21:14:37 So people are coming from outside to use the village
21:14:41 as well as people that live there.
21:14:46 I think if anything has changed it's just been the mix
21:14:48 of tenants, and the empty storefronts, which have been
21:14:53 probably due to high rent.

21:14:58 157 residential units will not -- will not resurrect
21:15:05 the village.
21:15:08 That's not going to happen.
21:15:09 There's plenty of residential there.
21:15:10 I urge you also to look at the Valencia which is where
21:15:13 I live, and when you look at the plan of the area
21:15:18 which shows clearly the Valencia, and there's been a
21:15:21 lot of to-do about the size of that, it's a very small
21:15:25 footprint.
21:15:26 There are only 22 units.
21:15:28 It's set well back from Swann.
21:15:30 It was set back as a stair step from Swann to the
21:15:36 height of the theaters and then to the Valencia.
21:15:39 And I think that's what should be maintained.
21:15:41 I believe that the height of new development there
21:15:46 should be in a taller than the existing height of the
21:15:48 structures along Swann Avenue so that you would have
21:15:50 that setback.
21:15:53 I suggest that to look at the commercial mix very
21:15:59 carefully.
21:16:00 Look at Harbor Island.
21:16:01 It's incredibly -- there's no sense of community, no

21:16:05 commercial there. It's not working.
21:16:07 Why isn't it?
21:16:08 We have got the density.
21:16:09 That's what they want.
21:16:10 Tremendous density.
21:16:12 Downtown, tremendously dense.
21:16:15 Still to be determined whether that's going to be
21:16:17 successful as an urban village.
21:16:22 I encourage you not to approve the plan as it's been
21:16:25 proposed, send it back, and to look at something
21:16:28 that's in scale with the existing development in Hyde
21:16:31 Park.
21:16:31 Thanks.
21:16:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
21:16:34 Next.
21:16:40 >>> Good evening.
21:16:42 I'm Steve prally, I live at 725 south DeLeon Avenue
21:16:46 in Hyde Park and I have been sworn.
21:16:48 Our home was built in 1912, and we had a big
21:16:52 commitment to historic commitment and vitality of our
21:16:55 neighborhood.
21:16:56 I originally purchased property within walking

21:16:58 distance of the village 14 years ago.
21:17:00 And I have also previously served as a member of our
21:17:03 neighborhood board, HPPI.
21:17:06 When it comes to matters of business, I have to
21:17:08 confess that I am a recovering skeptic.
21:17:12 I ask others to show me results rather than to make
21:17:15 promises.
21:17:17 I have been to countless meetings where our neighbors
21:17:19 where made requests for design and mass modifications.
21:17:23 I have personally been very demanding of developers
21:17:26 with respect to traffic concerns.
21:17:28 It's a pleasure to tell you that these requests have
21:17:31 been enthusiastically embraced by the Wasserman group.
21:17:36 At issue tonight, is whether we wish to participate in
21:17:39 a bold redevelopment of a commercial cornerstone of
21:17:42 our neighborhood, or whether we wish to continue to be
21:17:46 a bunch of naysayers who believe that commercial
21:17:49 vitality of the village can occur without change.
21:17:52 Commercial vitality requires that we change.
21:17:56 In addition to giving the commercial portion of our
21:17:58 neighborhood a much needed face lift.
21:18:02 Redevelopment is good business for property owners and

21:18:04 for the city.
21:18:06 As you have seen in the materials that have been
21:18:07 presented to you, this proposal will increase the
21:18:10 assessed valuation of properties within the village by
21:18:14 $75 million.
21:18:16 This translates into $660,000 of additional ad valorem
21:18:21 taxes going directly into the city's coffers.
21:18:25 $660,000 every year is a very tidy sum that can be
21:18:30 used by the city to invest in further historic
21:18:34 preservation projects.
21:18:37 We la to you this evening to help us enhance the
21:18:40 vitality of our historic neighborhood.
21:18:42 I ask for your favorable decisions tonight.
21:18:47 Your vote to approve will serve to reestablish the
21:18:50 village as a beacon to our historic neighborhood, and
21:18:53 to providing a signature for Hyde Park.
21:18:56 Thank you for your consideration.
21:19:01 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
21:19:02 Next.
21:19:06 >>> I'm Susan Lu, and I live at 1102 south Rome
21:19:12 Avenue, and I think everything I had planned to say
21:19:14 has been said.

21:19:16 The one thing that I'm a little bit disappointed in is
21:19:22 the renderings that I have seen presented at the ARC
21:19:27 and at the different meetings at the Hyde Park village
21:19:37 and then again tonight, the scribble drawings which
21:19:40 really in proportion don't really seem like 90 feet or
21:19:46 80 feet tall, when you compare them to the homes next
21:19:49 door.
21:19:51 So it's really hard for me to envision that those are
21:19:59 what we will be living with.
21:20:01 But I am a good -- I do have a good imagination, and
21:20:09 at 1102 south Rome, I do live one house off Bayshore,
21:20:14 so I am not right on the village and I will not have
21:20:18 to live next to these high towers that the neighbors
21:20:26 will be living next to, and I do pity them.
21:20:31 And so I must say that I just can't go along with the
21:20:39 new height rezoning, or the mass rezoning.
21:20:47 And then Mr. English's description of the center with
21:20:52 a T traffic and bigger trees is -- I have to drive
21:21:00 down Swann Avenue and turn onto Dakota and onto Rome.
21:21:05 And it's already congested and slow moving.
21:21:12 It's very trying.
21:21:14 And the only other path to get to my house to anywhere

21:21:21 else would be down Morrison Avenue, which people in
21:21:23 South Tampa really don't have adequate parking, and a
21:21:28 lot of people have to park in the street.
21:21:30 And so on a two-lane street, you are relegated to
21:21:37 pretty.
21:21:37 Going around people's vehicles.
21:21:41 Some people drive hummers.
21:21:42 And so you have to wait your turn.
21:21:46 Some people are not courteous.
21:21:48 And so many times you have to wait for two or three
21:21:51 people to go around two or three cars, and the young
21:21:57 lady who was part of the young urban whatever society
21:22:02 that she's with, the density, density, density person,
21:22:06 there is really not a lot of opportunity to get to the
21:22:11 density that she wants to see in the Hyde Park Village
21:22:17 which I would like to live in a dense community, too,
21:22:22 if there were perhaps more routes into the density.
21:22:28 That's all I would like to say.
21:22:30 I object.
21:22:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn?
21:22:33 >>> Yes, I was sworn.
21:22:39 >> Next.

21:22:41 >>> Chris Christenberry, I have been sworn and sworn
21:22:47 at, all kind of things in this matter.
21:22:49 Actually, I was originally opposed to it.
21:22:53 I'm not a high-rise type of person.
21:22:55 I heard there was going to be some big high-rises in
21:22:57 the neighborhood.
21:22:58 I will say that my wife is on HPPI, so I wags informed
21:23:03 every night how tall the buildings were going to be.
21:23:07 My opinion has changed because of the way that the
21:23:12 group seems to be working with the neighborhood.
21:23:16 You know, if I had a high-rise or a mid rise or
21:23:20 whatever abutting my home, I probably wouldn't.
21:23:28 Would be opposed to the but tonight it doesn't seem
21:23:29 it's going to be that large.
21:23:31 It doesn't appear that it's going to block the trees,
21:23:37 the way it's set out to me, it looks like our trees
21:23:40 are going to die because the building is going to be
21:23:42 so high no sun can get to it.
21:23:45 So when I was trying to make up my mind which side I
21:23:47 was on, I tried to look at -- I don't think you are
21:23:51 going to win here, for you.
21:23:56 The neighborhood had always pretty much not wanted

21:24:01 anything.
21:24:01 They didn't want -- they didn't want the movie
21:24:05 theaters, they opposed the movie theaters, and came
21:24:09 and opposed the movie theaters.
21:24:10 And then when the movie theaters went away, they were
21:24:13 upset about it.
21:24:17 We wanted -- there was a grocery store proposal, and
21:24:22 that was -- the ARC or someone disapproved a grocery
21:24:26 store.
21:24:27 And now people are saying, I'd like to have a grocery
21:24:30 store.
21:24:30 I hear complaints about lifestyles.
21:24:34 Yes.
21:24:34 A lot of people in this room, they say it's not
21:24:39 fitting for the type of retail that they want there.
21:24:41 All I want is a vibrant retail.
21:24:45 And I don't know, maybe the density will not bring it.
21:24:50 But I tend to believe that it will bring it.
21:24:52 And I am not one of those neighbors for money or
21:24:56 against money.
21:24:57 I just want my children to be able to go into the
21:25:02 neighborhood or go into the village and enjoy it, for

21:25:04 us to be able to go to and see restaurants, and
21:25:07 enjoy -- and I'll give up a little bit of density,
21:25:12 some taller buildings for that.
21:25:13 So I'm for it.
21:25:14 I hope you approve it.
21:25:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
21:25:21 >>> Terrence Moore, I live at 1013 South Dakota and I
21:25:24 have been sworn.
21:25:26 I have lived in this area in Hyde Park for most of the
21:25:29 last 20 years.
21:25:30 I spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars
21:25:33 renovating houses in Hyde Park.
21:25:35 And other parts of South Tampa as well.
21:25:37 I love that neighborhood.
21:25:38 And I don't want to see it be destroyed.
21:25:41 I oppose this project.
21:25:43 I hope that Mr. Wasserman will do a project to
21:25:47 renovate Old Hyde Park Village.
21:25:49 Just not this one.
21:25:50 And I see two problems with it.
21:25:52 I don't think we need 106 new residences there. They
21:25:55 talk about traffic calming.

21:25:57 There's an irony for you.
21:25:58 Drive Swann, Howard and Armenia.
21:26:01 You will have all the calm traffic you need.
21:26:04 We don't need a lot more residence there is because
21:26:06 our road can't handle it.
21:26:08 And also I agree fully with what Rose Ferlita said.
21:26:13 I won't repeat it.
21:26:14 But essentially to highlight it, having a nine story
21:26:17 building right next to a single-family residence, that
21:26:19 is certainly not conducive to good planning and to a
21:26:22 good neighborhood.
21:26:23 So I will rest with what Rose Ferlita said.
21:26:26 I have heard a lot of good comments tonight.
21:26:28 I oppose this and I hope you all will allow them a
21:26:31 chance to scale it back a little bit so they can do it
21:26:33 and it will be a good thing for them and for the
21:26:35 neighborhood.
21:26:36 Thank you.
21:26:42 >> My name is Sally Thompson.
21:26:44 I live at 814 South Orleans and I have been sworn.
21:26:49 I didn't plan to attend this public hearing because I
21:26:52 was under the impression that my entire neighborhood

21:26:54 was opposed to this project, mainly because of e-mails
21:26:58 from Hyde Park preservation, as well as flyers
21:27:01 received at my home.
21:27:02 It was not until last Saturday night when a couple of
21:27:06 neighbors asked me for my opinion that I found out
21:27:08 there were quite a few neighbors in support of this
21:27:10 rezoning.
21:27:11 My family moved to Hyde Park in 1955.
21:27:15 I grew up and went to school in this neighborhood.
21:27:18 We lived at 715 South Orleans and 805 south New Port.
21:27:24 In 1975 when I returned to Tampa, I purchased my home
21:27:28 at 814 South Orleans.
21:27:30 In part because of my interest in historic
21:27:33 preservation.
21:27:34 My house was built in 1914.
21:27:36 I live a little over a block from the village.
21:27:40 At the time I moved back, the Hyde Park plan was being
21:27:43 developed and many people returned to the neighborhood
21:27:45 to fix their homes.
21:27:46 I restored my bungalow with the approval of the
21:27:49 architectural review commission and I have proudly
21:27:53 displayed my historic preservation ban area ward from

21:27:56 Tampa Preservation for over 20 years.
21:27:58 There have been many changes in the neighborhood.
21:28:01 When I was a child, the area that is now Hyde Park
21:28:03 Village included a couple of gas stations, a costume
21:28:08 store, a five and ten cent store and several other
21:28:11 nondescript storefronts, not a historic district.
21:28:15 There were also a couple of apartment buildings.
21:28:17 In fact I babysat at one of them.
21:28:20 Although the initial plan by Amlea for Old Hyde Park
21:28:23 Village presented in 1979 was much too massive, by the
21:28:28 time it was approved, the scale had been downsized
21:28:31 considerably and over the next decade became a
21:28:34 wonderful addition to the Hyde Park neighborhood.
21:28:36 Hyde Park preservation, Inc., played an integral part
21:28:40 in making the village the success by its support at
21:28:44 that time.
21:28:44 Now it is late 2007 and times have changed.
21:28:48 The growth that has taken place in the greater Hyde
21:28:51 Park area and the Tampa Bay area and in Florida has
21:28:54 been exponential.
21:28:55 The village is no longer viable, so its scale will
21:28:58 have to be increased.

21:29:00 I believe that will enhance rather than detract from
21:29:03 the historic district if done properly and building
21:29:07 plans will still have to go in front of the
21:29:09 architectural review commission for approval.
21:29:12 The developers met with the neighbors over the past
21:29:14 several months have reduced the mass and have
21:29:17 responded to many of our concerns.
21:29:19 I have attended several of those meetings and was
21:29:21 impressed with their cooperative spirit.
21:29:24 There now seems to be a planned good mix of retail and
21:29:28 residential uses as well as traffic calming and more
21:29:31 green space.
21:29:31 We are very fortunate in Hyde Park to be considered an
21:29:34 urban village as designated in the future land use
21:29:38 element of the city's comprehensive plan.
21:29:40 Based upon my knowledge of the area, I can say
21:29:42 firsthand that this revised plan for Hyde Park Village
21:29:45 is a major enhancement.
21:29:47 Tampa has changed and we must adapt to the changes.
21:29:51 I believe in more compact development, less urban
21:29:54 sprawl, more green space, better public
21:29:58 transportation, that makes livable, walkable and

21:30:00 sustainable communities.
21:30:02 I'm also very much in support of historic
21:30:04 preservation.
21:30:05 Please support this project.
21:30:07 Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
21:30:11 >> Thank you.
21:30:14 >> My name is Trish Moore, I live at 1013 South Dakota
21:30:18 Avenue and I have been sworn.
21:30:20 And I really don't view this room tonight as being
21:30:23 divided.
21:30:24 I see a need for compromise.
21:30:27 I don't see why it's such a terrible word to use.
21:30:31 I don't see why Mr. Wasserman feels like this is the
21:30:34 last stop before he gives up.
21:30:36 There is absolutely no question that our neighborhood
21:30:39 is very quaint, charming, historical, because those of
21:30:44 us that live there, that's why we live there.
21:30:46 I mean, we keep our homes historical.
21:30:49 We spend a lot of our own personal money keeping it
21:30:51 that way.
21:30:52 So when I see a 90-foot tall building, it shocks me.
21:30:57 And I'm asking Mr. Wasserman, what attracted you to

21:31:01 our neighborhood?
21:31:02 What attracted you were the very things that a tracked
21:31:06 us, the quiet neighborhood, the historic district.
21:31:08 The charmingness of it all.
21:31:10 So why do you want to come in and make such drastic
21:31:12 changes to it?
21:31:13 It won't be the same.
21:31:15 And I'm not saying it has to be exactly the same.
21:31:17 I'm saying just be a little bit more moderate in what
21:31:20 you want.
21:31:22 I'm a developer, too, and I know that the number of
21:31:25 units you build translates into the profit margin that
21:31:28 you make.
21:31:29 Well, maybe he can't make as much money as he wants
21:31:32 to.
21:31:33 But then maybe he doesn't have to spend as much money
21:31:36 as he's proposing to spend.
21:31:37 I have to say this, too.
21:31:39 I hear a lot about increased property tax revenue for
21:31:43 the city.
21:31:44 That's a very sore subject right now.
21:31:46 A lot of us are very overwhelmed by our property

21:31:49 taxes.
21:31:50 So that part doesn't depress me either.
21:31:53 I think that the statement about the type of tenants
21:31:56 that are drawn in is a real good oh one to look at.
21:32:01 South Howard, no question.
21:32:02 Panera bread, Starbuck's, the little restaurants
21:32:04 around there, they are booming.
21:32:06 Why are they booming?
21:32:07 Because of the type of tenants that were brought in.
21:32:09 I deal with that, too.
21:32:10 I'm a landlord and I have to be really careful about
21:32:12 who I allow into my property.
21:32:16 You pair the right kind of tenants together, that's
21:32:19 where you create a real strong economy.
21:32:20 So I would say to Mr. Wasserman, think about the type
21:32:23 of tents ants you are bringing in.
21:32:25 Think about how they complement each other.
21:32:27 I'm not against increased residential units.
21:32:29 I am against the massive amount of units that he's
21:32:33 asking us to approve.
21:32:35 Thank you.
21:32:41 >> Council members.

21:32:42 My name is John Knapp.
21:32:45 I have been sworn in.
21:32:46 14 years ago, my wife and I moved to Hyde Park.
21:32:51 We had a chance to come to Tampa.
21:32:52 Actually, I had a job over in St. Pete when I looked
21:32:55 around Pinellas County, and my wife and I said, no way
21:32:59 we are going to Hyde Park.
21:33:00 So we gave our realtor an assignment and said you find
21:33:04 a house for us in Hyde Park.
21:33:05 He came back and he had 12 homes to show us.
21:33:08 We found the one and moved in to 713 South Orleans for
21:33:14 a major reason, that I was 151 steps from Hyde Park
21:33:19 village.
21:33:21 There were many, many weekends where we parked our
21:33:24 cars on Friday night and never got back into them
21:33:27 until Monday morning when we next would go to work
21:33:32 again.
21:33:32 That was back in the old days.
21:33:33 We had the Cactus Club.
21:33:35 We had Salina's.
21:33:38 We had a movie house.
21:33:42 We had Victoria secret.

21:33:44 [ Laughter ]
21:33:46 We had POLO.
21:33:48 Those are all gone.
21:33:50 We had Jacobson's, certainly.
21:33:53 Those were all there. It was a wonderful place.
21:33:54 Itself was vibrant.
21:33:56 It was exciting.
21:33:57 It was just a great place to pedestrianize, if that's
21:34:01 a verb.
21:34:02 But we enjoyed it very much.
21:34:04 We have seen over the past 14 years, ten years, take
21:34:08 whatever time you want to see the decline.
21:34:11 It has been declining.
21:34:12 A year ago, or year and a half ago, whenever we first
21:34:15 started hearing about the Wasserman project, I would
21:34:18 have been over on this side.
21:34:20 I would have been on the dark side.
21:34:23 I was not for it at all.
21:34:24 I said, good Lord, we do not need bunches of more
21:34:28 condominiums.
21:34:29 We don't need all -- why in the world would we have
21:34:32 it?

21:34:33 But after listening to their presentations, after
21:34:35 talking to them many, many times one on one after
21:34:38 hearing the changes that they made, they would borrow
21:34:42 over the past 18 months or whenever they first had the
21:34:45 idea, I have come over, I have seen the light, I am
21:34:48 now a strong proponent of it.
21:34:50 And the only thing that I would like to say -- and it
21:34:52 hasn't been introduced.
21:34:54 I hope you all have had the opportunity.
21:34:56 And I don't always agree with the editorial staff of
21:34:58 the Tampa Tribune.
21:34:59 But Tuesday, they had a very, very strong, very
21:35:03 compelling editorial supporting this project.
21:35:06 It was excellently written.
21:35:08 It made all the proper points.
21:35:10 And I would hope that you would have a chance to see
21:35:15 that.
21:35:16 I urge your support for this project.
21:35:18 We need the revitalization.
21:35:21 There's going to be some pain with it.
21:35:23 There's no question.
21:35:23 With any kind of growth with, any kind of change,

21:35:26 there's a little bit of pain.
21:35:27 There's no gain without pain.
21:35:29 But the gain is well worth it.
21:35:31 So I ask your vote to approve this project.
21:35:34 Thank you.
21:35:40 >>> Good evening, Madam Chair and council members.
21:35:42 My name is Stuart BENOIT, 931 South Dakota Avenue,
21:35:48 Tampa 33606.
21:35:49 And I have been affirmed.
21:35:52 My wife and I have been owner residents in Hyde Park
21:35:55 for over 20 years.
21:35:57 And I have been in property management for cultural
21:36:03 centers and the projects all over the nation, some
21:36:07 large and some small.
21:36:11 Two projects in which my firm has been involved in
21:36:13 Tampa is the Tampa Bay perform arts center, and the
21:36:16 convention center.
21:36:18 And as I recall, the areas of these projects were
21:36:22 roughly 3, 000,000 square feet each.
21:36:25 And that is essentially, I believe, what is being
21:36:29 proposed here.
21:36:30 And I certainly wouldn't endorse building projects of

21:36:34 this that size in Hyde Park Village.
21:36:36 My wife and I were initially distressed at the loss of
21:36:40 the cinemas in the village which played an important
21:36:43 part in the enjoyment of our unique neighborhood,
21:36:46 besides having stores and restaurants, and Victoria's
21:36:51 secret.
21:36:52 Now we are being faced with a developer's proposal of
21:36:55 tearing down these two blocks and the rebuilding of
21:37:01 blocks from that site which I submit are not
21:37:03 appropriate in the spirit of the village.
21:37:06 And what part of village does a developer and the
21:37:08 architect not understand?
21:37:13 This asset of Old Hyde Park Village is a precious
21:37:18 asset worth preserving and worth improving.
21:37:22 I guess when Madam Chair asked to form left and right
21:37:26 lines I'm actually in the middle because I would
21:37:30 endorse the principle but not in details.
21:37:37 I would sadly endorse the statements made by Rose
21:37:40 Ferlita today, because she preempted some of my
21:37:43 comments.
21:37:47 I don't think the architecture is yet appropriate for
21:37:50 a village.

21:37:51 And I believe that this developer and this local fine
21:37:55 architect are capable of better efforts.
21:37:58 And I would urge the council to really ask the
21:38:03 developer and architect to do something more about the
21:38:07 density and the heights of these buildings which have
21:38:10 been better articulated than I can do earlier this
21:38:15 evening.
21:38:22 The cinema, I think, shows the developer's -- of a
21:38:30 neighborhood to resident and utter enjoyment beyond
21:38:33 shops an restaurants.
21:38:34 There is more to life than shopping.
21:38:38 I would therefore urge you to exalt the developer and
21:38:42 architect to design something that is more village
21:38:45 sensitive and appropriate to this precious
21:38:49 neighborhood.
21:38:49 Thank you.
21:39:01 >> Peter Trent Green, professor of architecture and
21:39:04 urban design, University of South Florida.
21:39:07 Yes, I have been sworn in.
21:39:10 I would like to offer an objective opinion on this
21:39:14 proposed project.
21:39:16 No, I am not speaking as a resident.

21:39:18 And I certainly would not profess to speak with the
21:39:23 passion that a lot of residents here have done thus
21:39:27 far.
21:39:28 But what I would like to offer you is it's my
21:39:33 professional opinion on the urban design fit of this
21:39:38 project in the Hyde Park historic district.
21:39:40 After reviewing the design for this project, I think
21:39:43 it achieves a reasonable level of compatibility with
21:39:47 the surrounding neighborhood relative tiff to and
21:39:50 scale, massing, height, visual character, as well as
21:39:54 the order.
21:39:56 This project addresses scale by locating larger
21:40:01 volumes away from the smaller structures and breaking
21:40:04 them up into elements that are perceived as less
21:40:07 bulky, and less monolithic resulting in overall
21:40:12 massing of the building. This achieves setbacks that
21:40:27 relate to the established patterns of the adjacent
21:40:30 street.
21:40:30 The orientation of various components this project
21:40:36 maintains and reinforces the relationships of nearby
21:40:38 buildings.
21:40:42 And its site coverage or overall density for the

21:40:45 residential component is compatible with existing
21:40:49 multifamily residential structures as well.
21:40:51 The alignment of the major facades in this project,
21:40:56 throughout the project, has been carefully coordinated
21:40:58 to create a cohesive streetscape conditions that
21:41:01 reflect the rhythm, spacing, that is sensitive to its
21:41:07 surroundings.
21:41:11 I have been in Tampa now for 16 years.
21:41:13 And Tampa has been our learning laboratory throughout
21:41:21 this time.
21:41:21 We have also studied many other cities, and similar
21:41:26 types of conditions with projects and proposed
21:41:30 projects.
21:41:31 And I have to say my professional opinion that this
21:41:35 project has been designed to be both compatible with
21:41:40 and sensitive to the established patterns of historic
21:41:42 district.
21:41:44 I cannot honestly identify any adverse impacts that
21:41:48 this project would cause.
21:41:50 If mixed use nature will breathe new life into the
21:41:53 village, it will go a long way to contributing to
21:41:57 transforming the area into a vibrant and walkable

21:42:02 district once again.
21:42:03 An area that complements the historic neighborhood and
21:42:06 achieves symbiotic relationship with it.
21:42:09 I think this project adheres to the spirit and to the
21:42:13 intent of the established design criteria for new
21:42:18 construction, and will significantly enhance the
21:42:20 village area.
21:42:22 And in closing, since the hour has been long I'm sure
21:42:28 for everybody here, in closing, I would offer that the
21:42:32 project not only promotes good architectural design
21:42:34 but contributes also to the quality of urban design in
21:42:37 general throughout the city.
21:42:41 I would definitely characterize this as a smart
21:42:46 growth --
21:42:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Your time is up.
21:42:48 >>> Thank you.
21:42:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Next.
21:42:54 >> I'm Leslie Reider.
21:42:57 I live at 811 south Edison in Tampa.
21:43:00 I have been sworn in.
21:43:01 A long time resident of Tampa.
21:43:04 I will be brief.

21:43:06 We would all like to get going.
21:43:11 Don't like to see my neighborhood divided and I feel a
21:43:13 lot of us do feel more towards the center.
21:43:17 Can you not hear me?
21:43:18 >> Louder, yes.
21:43:19 >> I think a lost us do feel more center.
21:43:23 But I do ask that you say no to this development than
21:43:26 the Wasserman group.
21:43:28 I feel that the retail area 15 years ago, when the
21:43:34 village was busy, Jacobson's went bankrupt, CVS
21:43:38 purchased Eckerd's, Doubleday Books was killed by a
21:43:41 parent company, retail is online now and everyone is
21:43:44 struggling across the whole country.
21:43:46 And I just don't know that building more condos, there
21:43:50 are condos available everywhere, is going to solve
21:43:52 this particular problem.
21:43:53 I think we need some more imagination and maybe this
21:43:56 group can bring it.
21:43:56 And I'm sorry that they are saying this is it or
21:43:59 nothing.
21:44:00 But I don't think a lot of people on this side feel
21:44:03 that they have to feel that way.

21:44:04 So I thank you very much.
21:44:11 >>> My name is Michelle Early. I have been sworn in.
21:44:15 I am representing what you heard a little bit about
21:44:17 earlier which is the creative class and we are people
21:44:23 that are designers, engineers, we are the young
21:44:27 working professionals and I'm here representing my
21:44:29 friends that have brought the Tampa area, job
21:44:34 opportunities.
21:44:34 Many of them are employed when they left here or had
21:44:38 high grade opportunities in this area.
21:44:39 Reason they left the Tampa Bay market is because Tampa
21:44:42 is a city.
21:44:43 It's not offering them the same as other cities in the
21:44:46 nation.
21:44:48 I'm here this evening because I have hopes.
21:44:50 I have hope that you sitting in front of me will be
21:44:53 visionary.
21:44:54 And understand that you will do the research as many
21:44:57 of us have and read articles from the Urband Land
21:44:59 Institute.
21:45:02 These are organizations that are giving you guidelines
21:45:04 on how to revive your city and how to make this city a

21:45:08 place that people want to be.
21:45:12 I feel that Hyde Park Village is exactly the kind of
21:45:15 urban village that my friends have left to go to.
21:45:20 And I really hope that all of you will very seriously
21:45:23 consider what decisions you are making this evening,
21:45:26 because from my standpoint, if you keep on rejecting
21:45:30 things like this, every single time this happens a
21:45:33 little bit more, I'm a licensed exterior designer in
21:45:40 my final year at Florida State University, work for
21:45:43 historical preservation.
21:45:44 I have a great deal of admiration for historical
21:45:46 preservation and what it does.
21:45:47 But at the same time, you need to embrace change,
21:45:51 because whether or not you like it, change is coming.
21:45:54 And when you have things like this that have been well
21:45:57 thought out, you have people that care about their
21:46:00 community, that are willing to make certain changes
21:46:02 for it, you need to embrace that.
21:46:04 You need to embrace the people that have a plan to
21:46:07 make your city better.
21:46:10 I also want to end by saying that defined by the City
21:46:17 of Tampa comprehensive plan that the ingredient to

21:46:20 make an urban village is to have a strong sense of
21:46:23 place, with a vibrant retail link with residential
21:46:28 component and I ask you to consider what exactly about
21:46:30 their plan does not provide those things?
21:46:34 And as far as the trafficking situation, I also have a
21:46:38 solution that will again bring in more of the, quote,
21:46:42 creative costs to this area, which is the transit
21:46:45 line.
21:46:46 That's a complete other issue.
21:46:48 But at this point I want to say that my husband is an
21:46:50 engineer.
21:46:51 He has a degree in business administration, another
21:46:53 degree in business.
21:46:54 And I have a degree in engineering.
21:46:59 I have a bachelor's degree in interior design.
21:47:01 I have many friends there, architects and interior
21:47:03 designers, engineers and journalists that have left
21:47:06 this area because of these things.
21:47:07 And I want you to consider in making decisions that
21:47:11 aren't visionary and that aren't adapting what's come
21:47:14 your way, what that's going to do to your city.
21:47:16 Thank you.

21:47:20 >>> Good evening.
21:47:22 My name is Tony Kriseman, 811 south Edison.
21:47:26 I have been sworn in.
21:47:27 Twice.
21:47:29 The hour is very late.
21:47:31 The disadvantage of being speaker number 823.
21:47:35 But everybody said everything very eloquently.
21:47:37 But let me say a few points.
21:47:39 I am not going to go into my 20-minute diatribe.
21:47:42 I have lived in Hyde Park almost continuously since
21:47:45 1980.
21:47:46 And I have watched the evolution pre-Amlea, through
21:47:46 Amlea through Hyde Park Village and now through the
21:47:52 current proposal.
21:47:54 I think too I'm in the center of wanting some
21:47:57 development, but not wanting the particular
21:47:59 development as it stands right now.
21:48:01 We have seen an evolution in Hyde Park.
21:48:03 People have described it earlier tonight and in other
21:48:06 forums.
21:48:08 The proposal that is being talked about tonight is an
21:48:13 revolution.

21:48:14 The elephant is in the room, here is Hyde Park
21:48:17 historic district, here is the development.
21:48:19 That's an nonarchitectural term but I think it speaks
21:48:23 plainly.
21:48:24 Other elephant is the ARC.
21:48:25 Architectural review commission met in this room and
21:48:28 turned this proposal down.
21:48:29 That's not the most important thing about what they
21:48:31 did.
21:48:31 One of the members of the ARC, who in fact voted for
21:48:35 this proposal, and I'm quoting I think reasonably
21:48:39 accurate, said "this is an in your face development."
21:48:42 He is right.
21:48:42 It is an in your face development and he voted for it.
21:48:45 The remainder of the members of the ARC turned down
21:48:48 the project.
21:48:49 I think that speaks volumes.
21:48:50 So I'm going to badly mangle and paraphrase
21:48:54 councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena's earlier oh, on another
21:48:57 project where she said that when the city looks to
21:49:00 rezone something they look for aspirations for that
21:49:04 project.

21:49:05 I put to you that the majority of residents of this
21:49:07 village, this project does not meet their aspirations.
21:49:10 And I would ask that City Council consider that, and
21:49:14 vote perhaps to turn this project down, but to vote
21:49:17 for a project that is more in keeping with not only
21:49:19 our aspirations, but also the city.
21:49:22 Thank you.
21:49:29 >>> My name is pat Donohoe.
21:49:31 I live at 711 South Orleans Avenue.
21:49:33 I have been sworn in.
21:49:35 Thank you for your time.
21:49:36 My husband and I have lived in Hyde Park for almost 14
21:49:39 years.
21:49:40 And one of the things that was so exciting when we
21:49:42 first moved into the village was the vibrancy of what
21:49:46 the village had to offer, all the shops, the stores,
21:49:48 the restaurants that you heard so many of my neighbors
21:49:50 talk about and describe earlier.
21:49:51 But what's also been very disappointing is the decline
21:49:55 of the village over the last several years.
21:49:56 And when the Wasserman group came in and presented
21:49:59 their plans and their visions, there were oh-was

21:50:02 certainly a lot of controversy among all of my
21:50:04 neighbors up and down the various streets as we tried
21:50:07 to discuss what should happen and what shouldn't in
21:50:09 the best interest of our community.
21:50:11 The last several months of ongoing meetings with the
21:50:15 Wasserman group and their attentiveness to listening
21:50:18 and hearing what we have to say and compromising
21:50:21 considerably has made a huge difference.
21:50:23 You know, I get southern living magazine and all of
21:50:28 those and you look at the pages that have all these
21:50:30 urban village community centers, and it's so
21:50:33 appealing.
21:50:33 And I said to my husband, with the Wasserman group
21:50:37 coming on board we are finally going to live in one of
21:50:39 those very, very lovely communities that has so much
21:50:42 more to offer than what we have today.
21:50:45 What we are looking at today is truly a decline and
21:50:49 very -- the property value where I live, and I live
21:50:53 150 steps away from the village.
21:50:55 So I implore you to seriously consider approving the
21:50:58 Wasserman group's proposal and plan.
21:51:00 I think what they are providing us is very reasonable.

21:51:04 It's a beautiful design and building.
21:51:06 And 130 more neighbors is not going to make a
21:51:09 significant difference.
21:51:11 As for the school district, since they are going to be
21:51:14 in condos, there's not going to be too many children
21:51:20 living in those condos above retail going to school.
21:51:23 So please, be a visionary and support the plans for
21:51:27 the Hyde Park Village as they stand today.
21:51:29 Thank you.
21:51:33 >>> Mr. Scott?
21:51:49 Are you here?
21:51:50 Thank you.
21:51:53 Nicholas Kraemer, thank you.
21:51:59 Sean Yuskaitis?
21:52:04 Jack Ryan, thank you.
21:52:05 Kevin Hudson.
21:52:08 Kevin Hudson?
21:52:11 I don't see Kevin Hudson.
21:52:13 Okay.
21:52:16 Leopold Osinka?
21:52:18 I don't see Leopold.
21:52:23 One, two, three, four additional minutes.

21:52:27 >>> I live at 907 South Packwood.
21:52:31 A block away from the village.
21:52:33 First I would like to say, I was born in Argentina so
21:52:38 I have an accent.
21:52:39 There is not much I can do about that.
21:52:41 I'm a professor of economics at USF.
21:52:43 I got my Ph.D. in about 1993.
21:52:54 As a professor, I hope you don't make up your mind
21:53:02 before all the evidence.
21:53:04 The overview, what I try to show you, with this
21:53:11 project we are talking about -- we all want a better
21:53:14 village.
21:53:15 I do want a better village.
21:53:17 Second of all, the retail establishment.
21:53:31 153 units.
21:53:33 Go to the next one.
21:53:35 What we will do next, turn it around, because the area
21:53:43 for Hyde Park Village, Hyde Park village, all these
21:53:52 people you can see includes Davis Island.
21:53:56 These people that lived here, the Hyde Park Village
21:54:02 they are having some really big problems.
21:54:08 It goes beyond 275. In that case you will have to

21:54:12 fight with developers to try to get those customers.
21:54:15 Now, what they did, this was presented in 2005.
21:54:24 Now, we see 2.5-mile area there were 45,000 residents.
21:54:30 Ultimately 350 residents approximately who will move
21:54:34 into this condo, what hurts our village is not the
21:54:43 lack of people nearby.
21:54:46 Talking about stores were empty.
21:54:47 The stores were empty not because people who lived --
21:54:50 not because there weren't enough people.
21:54:51 Because people who lived in Hyde Park Village like my
21:54:54 wife have to drive to International Mall to do her
21:54:57 shopping, because Hyde Park Village doesn't have the
21:55:00 right make of the store.
21:55:01 You know, so the burden is not on the people.
21:55:08 Go to the next slide.
21:55:11 Now, I also have a big objection and I hope we don't
21:55:14 do this because this is going to make a recipe for
21:55:17 failure.
21:55:21 Basically, all of the allowable -- I don't like this
21:55:31 idea.
21:55:44 All competing for the same parking space.
21:55:46 That will always be a problem, right?

21:55:51 Traffic.
21:55:51 Now, the traffic will get much worse especially when
21:55:54 you start growing inside of the village.
21:55:58 And go to the next slide.
21:56:00 And I want to show you from the development here very
21:56:03 close to here, you can see that retail, you have some
21:56:13 parking and then you have like 8 stories of
21:56:17 condominiums, right?
21:56:21 Then a picture of Publix.
21:56:29 Customers go to the grocery store.
21:56:35 People go to Publix which is a very good grocery
21:56:38 store.
21:56:38 Right.
21:56:39 And then the people.
21:56:43 Every store is almost empty.
21:56:45 Maybe one or two stores are open.
21:56:49 This was built in 2005.
21:56:52 Residential on top of retail doesn't work.
21:56:57 You want to put residential on the side of the
21:56:58 development.
21:57:03 On top of their retail.
21:57:05 Five years from now, this village will have the same

21:57:09 problem.
21:57:09 The village will fail and there won't be anyway to
21:57:12 grow it out, you know.
21:57:14 We need to do the right thing.
21:57:15 And this is not the right thing.
21:57:19 You have to give the developer the benefit of the
21:57:21 doubt.
21:57:23 Says he's a very smart guy and I'm not.
21:57:39 There is a store there, Macy's.
21:58:07 And I wanted to say the pick that I got from the
21:58:10 development, you can see that there are three story
21:58:16 buildings throughout, and if this was what he was
21:58:20 proposing I would be in favor.
21:58:33 Rezoning decisions should not be based on developers.
21:58:41 I'm a professor of economics.
21:58:43 You should -- not people to make investment, good
21:58:48 investment, things like that.
21:58:50 There is nothing in the rezoning.
21:58:54 There is nothing here.
21:58:57 And I'm not sure but the developer will make a profit
21:59:01 right now from the condo.
21:59:03 All right.

21:59:09 So I think that a little today, to reject the project
21:59:19 for Hyde Park Village.
21:59:21 If you approve this today you are putting the last
21:59:25 nail in the coffin.
21:59:26 That's all.
21:59:27 >> I'm Jan Knapp, I live at 713 South Orleans Avenue
21:59:39 and I have been sworn in.
21:59:40 And I am going to keep this very brief.
21:59:44 I listened to people on both sides and one of the
21:59:47 things I realized early on is that many of the things
21:59:49 that people are opposed to are exactly why they should
21:59:53 be for them.
21:59:54 Because we have a village that is dying.
21:59:57 And we really need something to bring it back to life.
22:00:01 I do believe that having people live in buildings is a
22:00:05 wonderful thing, if it wasn't we wouldn't have it all
22:00:07 over this country, we wouldn't have it all over
22:00:09 Europe.
22:00:11 I like the fact that the center building is the tall
22:00:14 building, because it marks the center of the village,
22:00:17 and it's almost like a beacon.
22:00:20 It brings people in.

22:00:21 And once again that is certainly a historical factor,
22:00:24 if we look into the history of European cities, they
22:00:27 all have this.
22:00:28 So it's not something that shouldn't go in an historic
22:00:32 area.
22:00:32 That's really all I have to say.
22:00:34 I'm for this project.
22:00:35 I hope you will go along with it.
22:00:38 Thank you.
22:00:45 >>> I'm George Deakin, I have been sworn.
22:00:48 I live at 1408 south DeSoto.
22:00:51 I used to use several years on Buffalo terrace
22:00:54 immediately adjacent to Hyde Park Village.
22:00:57 I'm a registered professional engineer with over 35
22:01:01 years experience in traffic engineering.
22:01:06 I did analysis of the proposed change.
22:01:09 And I agree with their consultant, traffic consultant,
22:01:14 increased traffic both on a daily and a p.m. peak
22:01:20 basis.
22:01:20 I guess one of the things that concerns me is their
22:01:22 engineer said that their proportionate share for
22:01:25 transportation improvement is, I believe he said,

22:01:27 77,000 and that's given to the city, and that's their
22:01:33 hope, their share of impact on the -- for making
22:01:40 improvements.
22:01:41 But that does not mean that any improvements will be
22:01:44 made.
22:01:45 That's by definition, they are paying for part of the
22:01:49 improvement.
22:01:49 There's no guarantee that the city or any other
22:01:51 developer will find the rest of the money.
22:01:56 So essentially they are paying into a fund or bank
22:01:59 account and there's no guarantee that any improvements
22:02:01 will ever be made.
22:02:02 That's a concern.
22:02:12 I think there's considerable congestion and delay.
22:02:14 And right now there's no hard and fast project that's
22:02:18 going to -- or part of the improvement.
22:02:25 Thank you.
22:02:37 >> I'm Debra Kraemer.
22:02:39 I have been sworn in.
22:02:40 I live at 819 South Orleans, which is a block and a
22:02:43 half east of Hyde Park Village.
22:02:46 And I am here in favor of the project.

22:02:48 I feel like I have done my homework and done a little
22:02:51 research into parrots other projects that wasserman
22:02:53 group has done, and I think that they bring a good
22:02:57 track record.
22:02:58 I am pleased with what I have seen and I think they
22:03:00 can do a great job for our area.
22:03:03 I have been a two-term member of HPPI, and so I am
22:03:07 aware of and concerned with the historical values of
22:03:10 the neighborhood as well.
22:03:12 So I hope you will vote in favor of the project.
22:03:14 Thank you.
22:03:19 >>> Karen Crawford, 1406 South Moody Avenue, Tampa,
22:03:23 Florida.
22:03:23 I have been sworn.
22:03:25 I just want to make two points.
22:03:27 Anyone that has sat in this room in the last five
22:03:30 years know that there is absolutely no shortage of
22:03:33 density within a two or three mile radius of this
22:03:37 project.
22:03:37 There is plenty of density to support this
22:03:40 development.
22:03:41 I live just outside in one of the neighborhoods that

22:03:45 abut Hyde Park Village.
22:03:47 There's an unbelievable market out there.
22:03:49 But you call this a community activity center.
22:03:53 When I first came to Tampa 25 years ago, I had one of
22:03:57 my first meal at Fridays at Hyde Park Village.
22:04:01 Some of you don't even know there was a Fridays.
22:04:04 If you want people to come to the village you have to
22:04:06 have activity.
22:04:07 I am not going to sit around with my family on Friday
22:04:09 night and say let's rush over to Hyde Park Village
22:04:12 because they just put in 163 new condos.
22:04:15 Thank you.
22:04:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Are you going to speak over there?
22:04:23 Are you finished?
22:04:26 >>> My name is Leah Adams and I have been sworn in.
22:04:30 And I am the manager of the beautiful new Brooks
22:04:33 Brothers at the corner of Swann and Dakota Avenue.
22:04:36 I also was the manager of the now infamous Victoria
22:04:39 secrets that is no longer on the street.
22:04:42 [ Laughter ]
22:04:45 I think it's important for me to tell you that when
22:04:48 our company was bought several years ago by a

22:04:50 wonderful gentleman Claudio Dell Vecchio that he knew
22:04:56 he had to make a decision about where to put our
22:04:58 store.
22:04:59 And he worked with all of the malls in town, and he
22:05:03 talked to everybody, and he was personal friends with
22:05:05 the owner of Westshore, and they offered him a
22:05:09 sweetheart deal.
22:05:10 Of course, International Plaza also wanted us.
22:05:14 And Mr. Delvecchio is a family oriented man.
22:05:18 He believes in community.
22:05:19 He believes in our very strong relationship with our
22:05:22 communities and with the families that live in our
22:05:24 community.
22:05:25 And what we have is a community-based store.
22:05:27 I hope all of you everybody in our store and I hope
22:05:29 you feel that way.
22:05:30 When Mr. Delvecchio said we are going to take a
22:05:35 gamble, we talked to Wasserman, he seems to know what
22:05:38 he's doing, he wants to put together a wonderful venue
22:05:41 for us and we want to build a beautiful multi-million
22:05:43 dollar store on the corner of Swann and Dakota.
22:05:45 And that's what we have goth done.

22:05:48 We have been very successful there.
22:05:50 Of course we are not as successful as we would like to
22:05:52 be.
22:05:53 We know in this hard economy right now that the last
22:05:57 thing that we can do is turn down this wonderful offer
22:06:00 that Mr. Wasserman has given us.
22:06:02 We should be thanking him that he still wants to build
22:06:05 condos for us in this economy, that he wants to
22:06:08 revitalize our village, and that he wants to take us
22:06:11 back to the place that our village once was.
22:06:15 Obviously I'm highly in favor of it and I look forward
22:06:18 to seeing you all in my store very soon.
22:06:21 Thank you.
22:06:26 >>> Truett Gardner, south New Port Avenue, I'm a
22:06:29 resident of the district but also here on behalf of
22:06:31 the Historic Hyde Park neighborhood association.
22:06:33 And first I would like to reiterate that I think
22:06:36 everybody here wants to see Hyde Park succeed.
22:06:39 And I don't think anybody here is opposed to seeing
22:06:42 wasserman succeed.
22:06:43 But I do think it's important in evaluating what's in
22:06:46 front of to you look at the nature of the request.

22:06:48 And I think there's two critical components to it.
22:06:50 First is, is the proposed amendment to the PD
22:06:54 justifiable?
22:06:54 And secondly, does the proposal satisfy the design
22:06:58 guidelines for historic district?
22:07:00 With respect to the design guidelines, there are many
22:07:02 here that will speak and have spoken that are much
22:07:07 more knowledgeable than me and I'll leave that to
22:07:09 them.
22:07:09 But I did want to just make a couple of comments on
22:07:12 the amendment to the PD and whether or not that's
22:07:16 justifiable.
22:07:17 The current PD allows for height of 40 feet and it
22:07:20 also, the number of units that presently exists is
22:07:25 195.
22:07:26 Proposal as you know would more than double the height
22:07:30 of the district from 40 feet to 90 feet.
22:07:32 In addition to that it would add 163 residential units
22:07:35 which would be an 85% increase in the overall
22:07:38 residential inventory that's currently at the
22:07:42 district.
22:07:42 So by any accounting, it's a sizable increase, and I

22:07:47 think that's why you have got a bunch of people on
22:07:49 either side here tonight.
22:07:52 And thinking of this request I couldn't help but think
22:07:55 back to what downtown has gone through the past number
22:07:59 of years.
22:08:00 And in this, just like this, we were asking for two
22:08:04 things, increased height, increased density.
22:08:06 And what we learned through that process was that you
22:08:10 as a City Council are going to hold up to a very high
22:08:14 standard of design and excellence.
22:08:16 And as a result, all the developers that I worked with
22:08:20 went to the drawing boards and said, how can we
22:08:23 possibly do that?
22:08:24 And a couple of ways since we were going to be
22:08:27 increasing height and affecting a large community was
22:08:31 increased setbacks, increase open space, and in some
22:08:35 cases add parks.
22:08:36 And this, when you look at the four corners of the
22:08:41 site plan, and take each of those elements, first with
22:08:45 setbacks.
22:08:46 In your notes it says with respect to block A, there
22:08:49 is a 15-foot setback on the rear, if you will notice

22:08:53 on the site plan that 15 feet is actually utility
22:08:56 easement.
22:08:57 In all other corners the setback is zero.
22:08:59 On block H you have also got zero foot setbacks with
22:09:03 exception of an 8-foot setbacks on the south side of
22:09:06 the current parking garage.
22:09:08 So I don't see where the give is with that.
22:09:11 Open space.
22:09:13 Second page of the site plan, actually states that
22:09:15 there is a request for a waiver of the open space
22:09:19 required.
22:09:20 And then pedestrian, there's a lot of talk about what
22:09:25 could potentially happen, that the site plan with the
22:09:28 exception of the mitigation requirement which could be
22:09:31 offset by transportation impact fees is silent except
22:09:38 for pouring of the concrete or bricking which could be
22:09:40 great for the district to slow traffic, and so again,
22:09:45 I think everybody wants the district to succeed.
22:09:49 And again I think they want Wasserman to proceed.
22:09:52 But the devil is in the details in all of these, and
22:09:55 in its current form, just have a hard time supporting
22:09:58 the request.

22:09:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Did you say you were sworn?
22:10:02 >>> Yes.
22:10:07 >> My name is --. I have been sworn in, I have been a
22:10:11 resident in Hyde Park, 603 South Orleans Avenue, and I
22:10:15 have only two things to add tonight has been an
22:10:20 education, because I haven't done any previous
22:10:22 homework, but I notice all the people, a lot of people
22:10:26 on this side have been to previous meetings with the
22:10:29 Wasserman group, but this side hasn't seem to have
22:10:32 been to any of the meetings.
22:10:34 And my points are that the traffic in Hyde Park, I
22:10:39 think, is more of a pass-through than it is a
22:10:42 destination, that people are going from downtown or
22:10:45 someplace, and used as a shortcut.
22:10:49 Those cars that go through Hyde Park now are knot now
22:10:52 not going through Hyde Park to do business.
22:10:55 And I think that anything that changes that particular
22:10:59 traffic flow will be an asset, and that ultimately it
22:11:02 will be mass transportation that deals with that
22:11:06 particular usual you.
22:11:09 And I guess that's about all I want to say.
22:11:11 Thank you.

22:11:19 Oh, one point.
22:11:21 Market.
22:11:21 Definitely want a market.
22:11:22 I would like trader Joe's, please.
22:11:30 >>> Mary Briton, 840 South Dakota Avenue and I have
22:11:33 been sworn.
22:11:34 And I would like to open with just a question.
22:11:38 I don't know if the developer will have an opportunity
22:11:40 to stress it in rebuttal or not but I would hope that
22:11:43 having been through some of the original meetings, I
22:11:45 know that they have reduced the scope of this project.
22:11:49 The number that was talked about was 28%.
22:11:52 By my calculations that's the number of units.
22:11:54 But the actual square footage has been reduced by 10%.
22:11:58 So there has been some fleck fluctuation in the number
22:12:00 of units.
22:12:01 However, the square footage has not reduced at the 28%
22:12:04 level.
22:12:05 Also I would like to say, I think there's a difference
22:12:08 between adjacent and interconnected.
22:12:12 And I don't think there's any question that we live in
22:12:16 a historic district, and there's no question that this

22:12:18 is a mixed use project.
22:12:19 I feel the current structure allows them to be
22:12:23 interconnected.
22:12:24 But what we'll have if we circumvent the historic
22:12:29 requirements and the concerns put forth by the ARC,
22:12:34 we'll have a historic community adjacent to a mixed
22:12:37 use heavy on the residential portion project.
22:12:43 And I'm talking about the height and the mass in that
22:12:45 instance.
22:12:46 I would also like to talk about -- I don't know if I
22:12:49 am allowed to use this -- the walkable urban places.
22:12:53 I saw that article too and I was very interested and I
22:12:55 downloaded that report.
22:12:57 I found that what they are talking about is areas that
22:13:00 are between 100 and 500 acres in size.
22:13:04 What we are talking about here tonight is the 12-acre
22:13:06 parcel in a neighborhood.
22:13:15 15 areas across the area were identified.
22:13:18 Many of those are historic areas and they don't have
22:13:20 this kind of height.
22:13:21 They found ways to blend and find that
22:13:24 interconnectiveness that is unique to our area and I

22:13:27 think is important here, too.
22:13:29 And I would like to say as a mother of four children I
22:13:31 know there can be certain economies of scale when you
22:13:34 increase density.
22:13:35 I am not opposed to that.
22:13:42 However in, this area I think the developer has
22:13:44 self-limited opportunity by choosing the very small
22:13:46 parcels of block A and block H rather than spread
22:13:50 willing the density throughout the whole village.
22:13:52 Now I might support that level of density in this
22:13:55 village in, this land parcel.
22:13:57 But it's limiting to those two blocks that drive the
22:13:59 height and mass on those portions that make it into an
22:14:05 historic district. So, again, interconnectiveness.
22:14:10 I support redevelopment.
22:14:11 I support higher density.
22:14:13 I just think that there's a way to blend them together
22:14:15 and I don't find it in this proposal.
22:14:17 Thank you.
22:14:20 >>> My name is Doug Anderson.
22:14:26 I have been sworn in.
22:14:27 I live at 506 south Willow.

22:14:29 And I have lived at my residence for the last two
22:14:34 years.
22:14:34 Since 2005.
22:14:35 And it was important for me to live in an urban area.
22:14:39 I am not a suburban person at all.
22:14:41 It's very important, I had to find a place close to
22:14:47 the city, close to the theater, wanted to be within
22:14:51 walking distance of a movie theater, of my coffee
22:14:53 shop.
22:14:53 So I found Hyde Park.
22:14:56 It took me awhile to find the right places for me.
22:14:59 But now I have lost my theater.
22:15:02 My mom, I walked her down to Chicos when we first came
22:15:09 back.
22:15:10 I think some of the retail that is still there is
22:15:14 because of its walking reputation and he's asked
22:15:16 people to come in and also some of the reputation that
22:15:19 he has with some of the other retailers throughout the
22:15:22 country that he has developed relationships with.
22:15:24 But I think it's important to us to give a little, to
22:15:29 say yes to this.
22:15:31 I am a huge fan of Bethesda and old town San Diego,

22:15:37 Alexandria, and all of these communities that have had
22:15:40 to build and develop some better retail.
22:15:45 Thank you very much.
22:15:52 >> Larry Thornberry, I have been sworn.
22:15:56 I am a 16 year resident of Old Hyde Park, living at
22:15:59 834 south Willow Avenue.
22:16:03 An 80-year-old house that was built before anybody had
22:16:05 the first idea what an urban village is.
22:16:13 I have listened with interest to previous speakers who
22:16:16 have suggested that somehow the success of Old Hyde
22:16:19 Park, the residential neighborhood, is associated with
22:16:26 the success of Old Hyde Park, the shopping center.
22:16:32 Hearing this makes me regret that there is no Olympic
22:16:36 event called the freestyle non sequitur.
22:16:42 I think these guys would retire the gold.
22:16:47 The success of Old Hyde Park, the residential
22:16:50 neighborhood, has to do with the beauty and the
22:16:53 quality of the neighborhood.
22:16:55 It hasn't got the first thing to do with whether or
22:16:58 not anybody is buying anything at an adjoining
22:17:03 shopping center.
22:17:05 And having the most successful shopping center in

22:17:08 South Tampa will not improve Old Hyde Park, the
22:17:14 residential neighborhood, and certainly 163 new condos
22:17:18 won't improve it.
22:17:19 So I suggest that we get away from the idea that this
22:17:23 project is somehow to improve Old Hyde Park.
22:17:27 It won't.
22:17:29 It's about improving Mr. Wasserman's bottom line,
22:17:35 period, paragraph.
22:17:38 Listening to other speakers, it's clear that some of
22:17:41 the Old Hyde Park merchants do have their problems,
22:17:44 and they have my sympathy for it.
22:17:46 But I am here tonight to plead with you not to make
22:17:51 their problems my problems and the problems of my
22:17:57 neighbors.
22:17:57 Please don't solve the very real problem of Old Hyde
22:18:03 Park merchants on my back.
22:18:05 Because it is clear as spring water that the quality
22:18:09 of life of the residents of Old Hyde Park will be
22:18:14 degraded if you approve the current Wasserman project.
22:18:19 This project would stuff condos and retail into a
22:18:24 historic and quaint residential neighborhood like pork
22:18:27 into a sausage.

22:18:30 This is one arena where there is no debate.
22:18:34 Size matters.
22:18:35 And the Wasserman project is too big for Old Hyde
22:18:38 Park.
22:18:40 It's way too big.
22:18:41 It's too tall.
22:18:42 Too many units.
22:18:45 Too much new traffic.
22:18:47 It would overwhelm the surrounding neighborhood and
22:18:50 put even more cars into the areas already traffic
22:18:54 choked streets.
22:18:55 The Wasserman project fits into Old Hyde Park about
22:18:59 like a tarantula fits on top of a wedding cake.
22:19:03 I urge you in the strongest possible terms to do the
22:19:07 right thing tonight and vote to protect the legitimate
22:19:10 interest of the residents of Old Hyde Park.
22:19:14 Vote no on this very bad project.
22:19:16 Thank you.
22:19:24 >>> My name is Norma Jean White.
22:19:26 I live at 1307 Bayshore Boulevard.
22:19:29 I have been sworn in.
22:19:30 Many times.

22:19:31 And I'm in favor of this project.
22:19:37 Catalina Wasserman has hung around as long as they
22:19:41 have because they already spent millions on. This I
22:19:43 am not going to speak for anybody.
22:19:47 I haven't hired anybody to speak for me.
22:19:48 I'm an emotional person and that's where my power, if
22:19:51 you will, comes from.
22:19:52 First of all, I would like to thank all of you for
22:19:54 your time.
22:19:55 And I feel it's very unfortunate for the Wasserman's
22:19:58 that Mr. Dingfelder had to recuse himself, and that
22:20:03 Charlie Miranda is out sick, because this is the vote
22:20:08 and two people are missing and this could change the
22:20:10 entire complexion of what is done with this project.
22:20:14 And I have a really hard time with that.
22:20:17 Having said that, my history with Hyde Park is I
22:20:22 bought my first house in 1975.
22:20:24 I had the distinction of being the only person that
22:20:27 was here before Mary Esther Parker.
22:20:31 And my crew moved over to her house.
22:20:36 That house from an insurance company, if they give me
22:20:40 the money I want to fix the house.

22:20:42 So they did.
22:20:43 Gorrie elementary school, which I attended, my father
22:20:46 attended, 'bout of my children, one of my
22:20:49 grandchildren has attended, was about to be closed,
22:20:53 because this was a very unsavory neighborhood.
22:20:55 And I lived on Davis Island, and we weren't allowed to
22:21:00 come over to Hyde Park.
22:21:03 When I was growing up.
22:21:04 As you can see there's been a huge change.
22:21:06 When I bought my first house here, there was a tiny
22:21:09 little shop, a little street, Snow street, and it was
22:21:14 shell.
22:21:14 Nothing but shell and a couple of little buildings,
22:21:18 businesses with swinging doors on them.
22:21:20 One of my cousins owns one of those shops.
22:21:24 And moved away for ten years and came back and could
22:21:27 not even afford to buy into the neighborhood in half
22:21:33 the sides of the house that I lived in in Memphis,
22:21:36 Tennessee, because prices had gone up so much in ten
22:21:38 years, because the Hyde Park village had been built.
22:21:41 The people were interested in coming to the village,
22:21:43 coming to the movie theater, eating, getting coffee,

22:21:47 going out into the park.
22:21:49 Now, that's another thing.
22:21:56 I have to go to Kate Jackson park and people said --
22:21:58 there was a lot of opposition.
22:22:00 We had lines just like this when we were building the
22:22:02 park.
22:22:04 They said children are going to hurt themselves, they
22:22:06 are going to impale themselves on the wrought iron,
22:22:09 the tree limbs are going to fall on the children.
22:22:12 Well, here we are, seven years later, and the property
22:22:16 values of these houses surrounding Kate Jackson park
22:22:18 have gone up about $200,000.
22:22:21 And as far as buildings are concerned, Sonoma, Pottery
22:22:30 Barns, they are part of a huge change.
22:22:33 And huge chains can afford to have stores that lose
22:22:36 money in certain areas just to keep their presence.
22:22:39 And I believe that these stores are hanging in there
22:22:42 so that they can keep their presence.
22:22:45 The pottery barn can make enough to cover the loss of
22:22:49 what we are seeing right now.
22:22:50 This neighborhood has come up, and it is going back
22:22:53 down again.

22:22:54 And it is very sad for me to see.
22:22:57 Thank you.
22:23:06 >>> Laura Thompson, I live at 810 South Boulevard. I
22:23:13 have been sworn in.
22:23:14 Because of the size of the density of this project I
22:23:16 am not in favor of the proposed plan.
22:23:18 However, two years ago I did serve on HPPI, and I did
22:23:22 see the first proposed plans from the Wasserman group
22:23:29 and the work that they do, and they do fabulous work,
22:23:32 and I do hope something can be worked out, that the
22:23:38 size and density can be brought down because I think
22:23:40 we would all be in great shape if that can be done.
22:23:43 My husband and I first moved to Hyde Park 17 years
22:23:46 ago.
22:23:47 We just did -- we did and do love this neighborhood.
22:23:53 I would love to see the village thrive and understand
22:23:55 the need for the retail, condos and the office space.
22:23:58 I also understand that this is a business, for this
22:24:02 company, and that they need to make this project as
22:24:04 profitable as possible.
22:24:07 I'm concerned about this.
22:24:10 Not only is this project far too massive for the

22:24:13 village and surrounding neighborhood.
22:24:15 I worry if passed it will also be a precedent for the
22:24:18 next big development idea to come along.
22:24:20 And I know a couple of other people have said this,
22:24:23 that this is going to happen.
22:24:25 And if this goes through, then we are going to have a
22:24:29 10 or 12-story building proposed, and it's just going
22:24:33 to keep going on and on.
22:24:34 Who knows, it may go to Davis Island.
22:24:36 So in Hyde Park, I have seen the village several
22:24:42 times, who knows how long the current owners will be
22:24:44 here, but if this plan goes through, those buildings
22:24:46 will be there forever.
22:24:48 I don't want the village -- I do want the village to
22:24:51 succeed and the redevelopment to occur.
22:24:54 I also think they do a fantastic job if they would
22:24:57 just shave off some levels.
22:24:59 To their height, to make their plan more appropriate
22:25:02 and in scale with our historic neighborhood.
22:25:05 Thank you very much.
22:25:12 >> My name is Charles Burr, I live at 814 South Rome,
22:25:17 and I have been sworn in.

22:25:20 The hour being what it is, I'm struggling to try to
22:25:23 think of something that hasn't been said before, so
22:25:26 I'll try my best.
22:25:29 I believe of all the people in this room who have
22:25:31 spoken tonight, I am the person who is closest to the
22:25:36 proposed project and will be most directly,
22:25:41 immediately impacted in a residential sense by the
22:25:45 project.
22:25:46 814 south Rome is one of the duplexes immediately
22:25:52 across the alley to the south of what is, I believe
22:25:56 referred to as, building H.
22:25:58 Or block H.
22:26:00 So I am one of these people who the opponents would
22:26:08 have you feel sorry for, for the mass looming above my
22:26:11 residence and people looking down and whatever.
22:26:15 I am that person.
22:26:16 And I am very, very much in favor of this project.
22:26:21 Why?
22:26:22 Because I believe it is sensitive, it is appropriate
22:26:26 in scale, it is well thought out, and thank God for
22:26:30 the Wasserman group as being willing to hang in there
22:26:34 and put up with what they have had to put up with to

22:26:36 build this project.
22:26:38 Why am I in favor of it?
22:26:40 I am in favor of it plainly and simply because I do
22:26:46 not believe the village is now or will be viable in
22:26:49 the future without something very much like Wasserman,
22:26:54 and there doesn't seem to be another Wasserman on the
22:26:57 horizon.
22:27:01 So viability is the name of the game.
22:27:03 And it's very easy to say for us here tonight to say,
22:27:08 well, we already have an Anthropologie.
22:27:13 We already have a Brooks Brothers.
22:27:16 We already have Williams-Sonoma.
22:27:19 So what's the big deal?
22:27:21 Well, I believe the big deal is from what you have
22:27:24 heard from Mr. Wasserman and the other business
22:27:28 owners, that these people are not even in that space
22:27:33 under contract.
22:27:35 They are sitting there month to month waiting to see
22:27:38 what this city does to come around and do its part.
22:27:44 And I do not believe Mr. Wasserman, being
22:27:47 disingenuous, when said if this project fails, nothing
22:27:51 is assured.

22:27:53 Nothing is assured about the village.
22:28:01 Anyway, without belaboring the point, I am in favor of
22:28:04 the project.
22:28:05 And I urge you to vote in favor of it.
22:28:11 >> Thank you.
22:28:12 Next.
22:28:17 >>> If I could have the Elmo tonight.
22:28:19 Is that possible?
22:28:20 Just lay it there?
22:28:21 I also have an extra minute, I think, that I hopefully
22:28:23 will not use.
22:28:31 >> Jason Huntfiller.
22:28:34 Thank you.
22:28:34 One extra minute.
22:28:38 >>> I have been sworn in.
22:28:40 My name is Shandra huntthorn, I'm a 21 year south
22:28:46 resident and I thank you for my patience tonight.
22:28:48 My role this evening will be to present the following
22:28:50 3-D models created by architect John windberg a local
22:28:55 architect in Tampa.
22:28:56 As a neighbor who is not an architect I have 2345 idea
22:28:58 what 90 feet versus 70 feet versus 30 feet look like,

22:29:01 so we employed Mr. Windberg who took the most recent
22:29:05 site plan from the ARC, and once we take away the
22:29:08 beautiful pastel renderings, the architectural
22:29:12 awnings, the flower pots, and goodness gracious, if we
22:29:13 have a storm and if the trees should go down, this in
22:29:16 fact once we peel the onion back what we as a
22:29:19 community are being asked to approve this evening,
22:29:21 this is block H.
22:29:23 When the village was originally designed years ago we
22:29:25 all know that the interior portion of our village was
22:29:28 designed with the lowest density, obviously to help
22:29:31 protect -- I am going use the microphone this way --
22:29:35 300 residences in Hyde Park village. If you remember
22:29:38 back in the '80s when block I, we haven't heard much
22:29:42 tonight about block I.
22:29:43 Block I sits right here.
22:29:45 This is two different aerial views.
22:29:47 In the '80s again when the village was having
22:29:50 difficulty, the village sold this property to
22:29:53 developers who then created the apartment complex.
22:29:56 Right now they have been sold to condos.
22:29:58 If you look at block H, which nestles up against our

22:30:03 single-family bungalows, I believe tonight that you
22:30:05 can say that we have fairly welcomed not only the
22:30:08 extraordinary density, this particular apartment or
22:30:12 condo complex brings to our community already 130
22:30:17 single-family homes.
22:30:19 It also takes up the entire block mostly at a height
22:30:22 of 45 feet.
22:30:24 So Mr. Garcia earlier this evening referred to point
22:30:28 of concentration, and I would dare say that our
22:30:31 beautiful neighborhood has been very, very gracious in
22:30:34 the concentration in H.
22:30:36 If we take the additional proposal tonight, as you can
22:30:39 see, not only is it out of characteristic of the
22:30:42 historic guidelines as indicated by ARC, the
22:30:45 commission, but it will add extraordinary
22:30:47 concentration to this low density area of the village.
22:30:50 Real quickly, I also wanted to share tonight with you
22:30:53 as we talk about the highest point of H, as you can
22:30:56 see, this is the new pottery barn, this is the empty
22:31:01 restaurant that used to be the Cactus Club.
22:31:08 And in this particular structure is currently 90 feet
22:31:12 high without the roof.

22:31:13 Please remember these numbers do not include the
22:31:15 height of our roof.
22:31:16 Again just a wee bit out of character for all the
22:31:20 adjacent structures.
22:31:21 I would like to finish briefly by presenting block A,
22:31:23 Of course, which is our sunrise cinema building which
22:31:26 will again be taken down, and this is a rendering that
22:31:29 shows what will be replaced.
22:31:31 Quite massive indeed.
22:31:33 This is the new Ann Taylor right here.
22:31:37 I too welcome the Wassermans, welcome additional mass,
22:31:41 additional density and scale.
22:31:42 I just suspect that we can change and meet the needs
22:31:45 of our creative generation by changing productively.
22:31:49 I welcome tonight your consideration particularly of
22:31:52 block H and the concentration that we as a
22:31:54 neighborhood have welcomed, and ask that you
22:31:56 graciously request that both buildings come down in
22:31:59 size in hopes that we can welcome them for the
22:32:02 long-term into our community as well.
22:32:04 And I thank you for your time.
22:32:06 Happy holiday.

22:32:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to remind everybody
22:32:10 that brevity is the soul of wit.
22:32:19 >>> 1605 Bayshore Boulevard.
22:32:33 I have been sworn.
22:32:35 and I shall make a statement, and cut to the chase in
22:32:42 order to be very brief.
22:32:43 I am in favor of this development.
22:32:47 I walk through the village now shows the beginnings of
22:32:50 a friendly and inviting mixed use urban space.
22:32:58 I shall make only three points.
22:32:59 One is change which is distressing to some.
22:33:02 This county has changed in pure numbers of people.
22:33:07 And many of those people have chosen to live in the
22:33:10 city, and a few, very few, walkable, urbanized areas.
22:33:18 Hyde Park is one of those special very few places.
22:33:25 The sidewalks are really large enough for more people.
22:33:29 The restaurants will have ample food.
22:33:31 And the merchants will jump for joy with more patrons
22:33:37 coming into their shop.
22:33:38 The second point is something that goes back in our
22:33:42 development history, and that is working in the
22:33:45 affordable housing sector.

22:33:49 We were often faced with something called NIMBY, "not
22:33:56 in my back yard."
22:33:57 It was overt, in the affordable housing sector, very
22:34:02 overt at saying no.
22:34:06 Here we have a highly elevated socioeconomic strata,
22:34:12 and this presentation has a very clear video and is
22:34:21 far more covert yet the premise is the same.
22:34:24 I have mine.
22:34:25 I'm not interested in more.
22:34:27 Or someone else's.
22:34:30 And finally, it is the obligation of those who serve
22:34:35 in government and those who expect to be served by
22:34:39 government, the personal property rights are respected
22:34:47 and decisions regarding those rights be based on fact.
22:34:51 Fact.
22:34:52 Not opinion. The credentials of this development
22:34:52 company are established.
22:35:00 The project is consistent with comprehensive plan and
22:35:05 guidelines and merit your approval.
22:35:08 Thank you.
22:35:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
22:35:16 Next.

22:35:16 >>> Paul Winters.
22:35:17 I have been sworn in.
22:35:18 I live at 831 South Dakota.
22:35:20 And what hits me is after standing here all these
22:35:24 hours, it's sad to see us lined up on the left and
22:35:27 lined up on the right when I'm facing my friends and
22:35:29 neighbors on the right side, the ones that are for
22:35:32 this, and I'm opposed to it.
22:35:34 We really need a line in the middle.
22:35:36 I have heard the word center mentioned a few times.
22:35:38 There is really a center here.
22:35:39 All of us want the village restored, revitalized.
22:35:43 I moved there because of the village in 1986, at the
22:35:47 corner of today cot and A and DeLeon.
22:35:49 Then I bought a better place at the corner of Rome and
22:35:52 Watrous to be near the village I bought my third house
22:35:55 because I fell in love with the park and those are
22:35:58 already declining and my third house is right next to
22:35:59 the village at the dead-end at 831 South Dakota, right
22:36:03 next to block H.
22:36:04 I mean I look out into the parking garage of block H.
22:36:07 That is one side of my house.

22:36:09 But the bottom line here is that I think there's a
22:36:11 compromise still to be had.
22:36:14 I think almost everyone in here wants the village to
22:36:16 be successful.
22:36:18 We want Wasserman to be successful.
22:36:20 I just don't believe they need the height and mass and
22:36:23 density that they are asking for.
22:36:25 And two key facts.
22:36:26 We are in the middle of one of the most dense areas I
22:36:28 have seen in Florida, so we have got the density
22:36:31 already, and we need the right stores, we need the
22:36:34 right restaurants.
22:36:35 I go to the village am every day because I enjoy
22:36:40 eating at the restaurants.
22:36:41 You put the right places in there, we'll go there.
22:36:43 I still go to Williams Sonoma pottery barn because I
22:36:50 like those places.
22:36:51 Another is the precedent.
22:36:52 Rose Ferlita said it so well.
22:36:53 I'm very scared about the precedent this sets for
22:36:56 Heights in our area because I grew up on Anna Maria
22:36:58 Island and anyone that knows Anna Maria Island knows

22:37:01 they are very strict about keeping the height level to
22:37:03 a minimum, and you look at Anna Maria Island compared
22:37:06 to St. Pete Beach, Pinellas County beaches, and that's
22:37:09 what I'm afraid could happen here if we let more and
22:37:11 more height into our area.
22:37:12 The next developer sites that one.
22:37:15 And then they add a few more stories.
22:37:16 The next one adds a few more stories.
22:37:19 And I'm so afraid.
22:37:20 So we are really going to damage our historic district
22:37:22 with the height.
22:37:23 That's my biggest fear. Thank you very much.
22:37:29 >> Thank you.
22:37:29 Next.
22:37:31 >>> My name is Rick Drummond.
22:37:33 I have been sworn in.
22:37:35 I have been a manager or owner of a business in Hyde
22:37:38 Park Village for almost 24 years.
22:37:41 And a lot of people sit here today questioning or
22:37:45 guessing about what will happen to Hyde Park Village.
22:37:47 I don't have to guess.
22:37:49 I talked to the people who are there every day.

22:37:51 I live in the village every day.
22:37:53 Every day for 24 years.
22:37:55 So you can imagine who can know more about what the
22:37:59 people in the village are saying and what the people
22:38:01 in the village are going to be doing after taint?
22:38:05 I'm not here to scare anybody.
22:38:07 I don't believe that just because someone shows up
22:38:09 with a dollar that they always have the answer.
22:38:12 But I don't see anybody else with a dollar.
22:38:14 And I don't see anybody in the future with a dollar,
22:38:17 with the market the way it is, I can't imagine.
22:38:19 But we will find out.
22:38:21 No one here has a crystal ball.
22:38:23 If one of us did, we wouldn't be asking these
22:38:27 questions.
22:38:27 We wouldn't be speculating.
22:38:28 We wouldn't be guessing.
22:38:29 We wouldn't have our own agendas.
22:38:31 We would know exactly what to do.
22:38:34 But we will find out.
22:38:35 And you will make your decision, and we will all watch
22:38:39 from the sidelines.

22:38:40 And we will see, you know, just watch, we will see
22:38:45 what we shall. So unfortunately I don't think that's
22:38:47 going to be good.
22:38:48 So I ask that you make your decision, and also, what I
22:38:53 always keep going back to in this -- by the way, I
22:38:55 wasn't always -- I didn't really know how I thought
22:38:59 about this project for a long time until I became more
22:39:01 knowledgeable about the project.
22:39:03 And then in my mind, I don't like to change my mind,
22:39:08 but I had to start facing some very obvious, some very
22:39:13 real issues regarding this, and I think it's very
22:39:19 important that we support this project.
22:39:20 It is not a perfect project.
22:39:22 No project is ever perfect.
22:39:24 But when will we have this chance again?
22:39:27 When is the next developer going to show up?
22:39:29 I mean, if a house is on the market for years right
22:39:32 now, how long will $100 million project like Hyde Park
22:39:35 Village sit?
22:39:37 And if anybody comes into this city and looks at this
22:39:39 property, and knows the problems that the previous
22:39:42 people had trying to get something done there, why

22:39:45 would they even be interested?
22:39:47 Why would they purchase the place?
22:39:49 Anyway, I have a house in the mountains so there's
22:39:52 always a place for me to go.
22:39:53 But I would like to remain in Hyde Park Village.
22:39:57 But if it happens, North Carolina is a beautiful
22:40:00 place.
22:40:01 So I thank you very much.
22:40:03 One thing I wanted to say, and like I said, I will
22:40:07 always go back to this.
22:40:09 I can't imagine that the architectural review board
22:40:13 staff doesn't know what they are talking about, I
22:40:18 can't imagine their staff doesn't know how to do their
22:40:20 job and I can't imagine their staff would suggest that
22:40:24 council, or rather the architectural review board and
22:40:28 council, I'm guessing as well, should adopt this.
22:40:30 I think they are smarter than that.
22:40:33 And I ask that you look closer at why they came to
22:40:36 their decision and why they made that recommendation.
22:40:39 And if you find out that they don't know what they are
22:40:41 talking about, either they are good or they are bad.
22:40:48 Either they know what they are talking about or they

22:40:50 don't.
22:40:51 So let's look at that a little closer.
22:40:54 Let's decide, are these the people that you need to be
22:40:57 representing our architectural review board?
22:40:59 I say yes.
22:41:00 I say they know what they are talking about after
22:41:01 reviewing all of this.
22:41:03 And I thank you very much.
22:41:04 Merry Christmas.
22:41:07 >> Next.
22:41:08 >>> Good evening.
22:41:09 I'm Anna Palmis, 827 Orleans, I have been sworn in.
22:41:15 I am a 30 year resident of Hyde Park.
22:41:17 I have been a long-term patron of the village.
22:41:20 Like many of those who come before me, I really do
22:41:22 believe that adjustments can be creatively and
22:41:25 intelligently made to this project to make it more
22:41:28 viable, and to do what really we are all responsible
22:41:32 for doing, those of us who own property in an historic
22:41:35 district, and those of you in government who had
22:41:38 ordinances and guidelines that you were expected to
22:41:40 observe and up hold.

22:41:44 I believe that wassermans have the creativity and
22:41:51 wherewithal to make adjustments total project so the
22:41:54 neighborhood can feel good about what's going up, and
22:41:58 councilwoman Mulhern, I believe you have asked the
22:42:00 right questions.
22:42:01 I appreciate that.
22:42:02 The focus needs to be the appropriateness with regard
22:42:06 to height, mass, and density.
22:42:09 It's really as simple as that.
22:42:10 Thank you.
22:42:12 >> Thank you.
22:42:13 Next.
22:42:25 >> Good evening, council.
22:42:26 I have been sworn.
22:42:27 My name is Herb Gold.
22:42:29 I live at 713 south Oregon Avenue with my wife Shaun.
22:42:34 We have lived there for nine years in South Tampa for
22:42:36 25 years.
22:42:37 I'm the president of the Old Hyde Park residential
22:42:40 association.
22:42:42 These are the residents that live above the stores,
22:42:47 also on Rome and Oregon Avenue are townhouses.

22:42:54 We are the ones that are going to be most affected by
22:42:58 this.
22:42:58 And I up hold the Board of Directors and we are for
22:43:01 it.
22:43:02 In addition to living in the village for nine years, I
22:43:04 was involved for ten years on the commercial side.
22:43:07 I was the operations manager for the holding company
22:43:09 that ran the Cactus Club.
22:43:12 At that time, the village was a vibrant place to live,
22:43:15 work and play in.
22:43:17 During the week, hundreds of people came to shop at
22:43:19 the village.
22:43:20 And on the weekends, thousands came to shop and play.
22:43:23 The village was a destination for our citizens, as
22:43:27 well as citizens of all over the world.
22:43:30 And as past chairman of the Tampa Bay visitors and
22:43:35 convention bureau, I can a sure you that the village
22:43:37 was a jewel in Tampa's crown.
22:43:40 Nine years ago, when my wife and I decided to move to
22:43:43 a larger living space, we chose the village over other
22:43:46 places.
22:43:49 Because of the urban neighborhood that village

22:43:51 offered.
22:43:52 Tonight you have heard and you will hear more about
22:43:54 the supposed problems that the village comes with:
22:43:58 Noise, people, traffic, parking.
22:44:01 We on Oregon Avenue, we experience all of this.
22:44:04 Some of is it from the village traffic and some is
22:44:07 from the Hyde Park area, and we love it.
22:44:10 That's what makes urban living a wonderful experience.
22:44:14 Even today when I was going to market in the area, in
22:44:17 the vicinity of the village, the ads say, and I quote,
22:44:22 within walks distance of the shops at the village.
22:44:27 Or close to the village.
22:44:29 This verbiage is used by Hyde Park area residents who,
22:44:33 everyone though the village is waning, feel that it's
22:44:35 still a great draw for living in Hyde Park in the
22:44:39 South Tampa area.
22:44:40 Tonight you have a chance to make the draw even better
22:44:43 by bringing that vibrant feeling back to the village
22:44:46 and make it the destination that it once was.
22:44:49 I ask you to vote in favor of the changes to make the
22:44:52 village what it was.
22:44:56 Part of the city's comprehensive plan for development

22:44:58 and return the luster to the jewel in Tampa's crown.
22:45:02 Council members, thank you for your consideration and
22:45:05 for your continued work to make Tampa a better place
22:45:07 to live, work and play in.
22:45:09 Thank you.
22:45:14 >> Thank you.
22:45:14 Next.
22:45:18 >>> Cardova, 835 South Boulevard, board member HPPI.
22:45:26 I'll try to be brief tonight.
22:45:27 After so many speakers you start to get recurring
22:45:30 scenes so I came with one and learned a second one
22:45:32 which I believe is a big need to bring Victoria secret
22:45:36 back to Hyde Park Village.
22:45:37 But interestingly we started offer the meeting tonight
22:45:40 by having everyone on both sides.
22:45:41 And although it's logical, it makes a lot
22:45:44 uncomfortable because we are friends and neighbors,
22:45:46 and spend a lot of time together which is what makes
22:45:48 Hyde Park so great.
22:45:49 But a theme you heard tonight a lot, I think, is right
22:45:53 down the center here.
22:45:55 We need to give credit where credit is due.

22:45:57 Somebody said a lot of people on this side hadn't been
22:46:00 to many meetings.
22:46:01 I can look at my notes tonight, my first notes were
22:46:03 from a meeting on January of 07.
22:46:05 I have been to all three ARC hearings.
22:46:08 I think the commissioners have been to personal
22:46:11 friends.
22:46:12 Having a block party in another week.
22:46:13 But I have been to all of the meetings.
22:46:15 And Wasserman has listened to us, they have made some
22:46:18 good changes.
22:46:18 But with that said, I think some of the speakers you
22:46:22 have heard tonight, some of the graphics you have
22:46:25 heard, but there's still a little room to move here to
22:46:28 make this project more compatible.
22:46:31 Personally, I question the direct correlation between
22:46:33 residential condominium units and the retail
22:46:37 development.
22:46:37 I have looked at some figures.
22:46:39 I was just curious.
22:46:42 The latest I could find on the 2000 census is the 336
22:46:47 area code has approximately 16,000 residents and the

22:46:52 33629 area code is approximately 23,000 residents.
22:46:53 These are seven-year-old figures.
22:46:54 There are over 40,000 people living in two areas right
22:46:57 next to Hyde Park Village with some very strong
22:47:00 demographics.
22:47:00 I'm not too sure how 163 units or approximately 300
22:47:05 additional residents, even if they are all within
22:47:05 walking distance, are going to make the difference
22:47:07 between make or break.
22:47:09 I'm also not too sure of Wasserman being a very
22:47:12 quality experienced developer to invest according to
22:47:14 the public records $36 million to buy this project, by
22:47:18 their own words tonight, over $10 million in
22:47:20 renovations already, engaging two major renovations to
22:47:24 move a wonderful and beautiful Brooks Brothers store,
22:47:26 renovate the Cactus Club and have more renovations on
22:47:29 the books.
22:47:30 Certainly they wouldn't engage in those kind of
22:47:33 renovations knowing that the only way to make Hyde
22:47:35 Park retail successful is to have 300 adjoining
22:47:40 residents nearby when they bought with no entitlement
22:47:42 in place.

22:47:43 And even sitting here tonight, if you prove it, you
22:47:47 will obviously be giving permits, market conditions
22:47:49 and so forth, years before those 300 residents are
22:47:53 there.
22:47:53 So clearly there's something else going on here with
22:47:56 the village.
22:47:56 I am not going to speculate on what that something
22:47:58 else is.
22:47:59 I am not a retailer.
22:48:00 I am not a developer.
22:48:02 I leave that to people who are in that business.
22:48:04 But I am a resident.
22:48:05 And I think in general you will find that most people
22:48:07 here tonight have a degree of flexibility, they are
22:48:10 willing to accept some more residential, they are
22:48:12 willing to accept more height, they are willing to
22:48:14 accept some more mass, they are willing to accept some
22:48:16 more density.
22:48:17 A lot of concessions everybody made over a long hard
22:48:19 year.
22:48:20 And we believe most of us that additional concessions
22:48:24 are appropriate.

22:48:25 And councilwoman Saul-Sena, you had asked a question
22:48:27 early on to the current president of HPPI the
22:48:31 magnitude of what we are talking about.
22:48:32 I'm hesitant to give you any specific figures but let
22:48:35 me just say, we were talking of something of 10 to 150
22:48:40 more, whether it's one building or both buildings.
22:48:43 We are not asking at the end for a 50% cut in the
22:48:45 project.
22:48:45 Some might agree with that.
22:48:46 Some might disagree with that.
22:48:48 But we are looking for a final additional moderate
22:48:51 change.
22:48:58 >>> I have been sworn in. I live at 809 South Orleans
22:49:05 Avenue.
22:49:05 I am for this project and I urge to vote for it.
22:49:08 I don't think I can add anything to what my neighbors
22:49:10 have already eloquently said.
22:49:11 Thank you.
22:49:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
22:49:15 I hope you set an example.
22:49:16 [ Laughter ]
22:49:22 >>> I'm Ellen Fiss. I live at 800 south Willow and I

22:49:26 have been sworn in.
22:49:27 25 years ago, my love affair with Hyde Park began.
22:49:31 I had just moved to Tampa from Chicago and fell in
22:49:33 love with this charming, quaint, architecturally
22:49:35 beautiful historic neighborhood.
22:49:37 I was one of the people who loved to drive through it
22:49:40 during the holiday and dreamed of one day living
22:49:42 there.
22:49:43 Today I'm living my dream.
22:49:44 My family and I have lived in Hyde Park for almost six
22:49:47 years.
22:49:48 And it's a privilege and honor to live in what we
22:49:51 consider Tampa's finest neighborhood that once housed
22:49:53 Tampa's founder, the cigar family and former mayor
22:49:59 Curtis Hixon.
22:50:00 He called our house his home.
22:50:03 Throughout most of the last six years we have hired
22:50:06 men with year round job to restore, strip, paint and
22:50:09 repair rotted wood on our 1912 home.
22:50:12 As careful as we have been, our lives have probably
22:50:16 been shortened a bit from all the lead paint we have
22:50:18 been suppose exposed to.

22:50:20 When a window cracks we look for the old original
22:50:24 glass to maintain authenticity.
22:50:27 As historic homeowner won accepts the upkeep and large
22:50:31 expense it takes to maintain an old wooden home but
22:50:33 doesn't always show.
22:50:34 We consider ourselves caretakers of our homes for
22:50:37 future generations.
22:50:38 We were fully aware of the strict guidelines like
22:50:41 Wasserman when we made our purchases and made our
22:50:44 choices based on the standard.
22:50:46 Many of our residents have invested close to a million
22:50:48 dollars and more in our homesteads and paid the Lyons
22:50:54 shares of taxes that equate to what some families live
22:50:57 on for a year. Television and movie producers
22:50:59 frequently seek out Hyde Park its charm and
22:51:02 uniqueness.
22:51:03 You can't typically find in Florida.
22:51:05 Families wait up to two hours for a carriage ride
22:51:08 throughout Hyde Park.
22:51:09 Where else can you find that in Tampa?
22:51:13 Or to bring the same experience to take a carriage
22:51:15 ride around a massive condo tower.

22:51:17 The ambience that we all value most will be destroyed
22:51:20 if you allow these projects before you.
22:51:23 So we look to you our city's caretakers to make the
22:51:26 right decisions.
22:51:27 I have the utmost respect for what you do. You have a
22:51:31 very difficult job.
22:51:32 I live next door to former City Council woman and now
22:51:36 current county commissioner Rose Ferlita so I'm very
22:51:39 aware of the hard work and the pressure that you all
22:51:41 are under.
22:51:42 I'm sure you ran for office to make a difference.
22:51:45 And it only takes a conscious to say this project is
22:51:50 not right for the neighborhood or for the City of
22:51:51 Tampa.
22:51:52 The ARC vote confirmed that.
22:51:55 The proposed towers will not benefit anyone but the
22:52:00 out of town developer and just bring us a handful of
22:52:02 stores.
22:52:02 Our streets are overcrowded already.
22:52:06 When I see a rescue vehicle on a mission I pray they
22:52:09 get through the street without delay.
22:52:10 Please do the right thing and protect the growth.

22:52:12 We don't want another once a beautiful charming city
22:52:17 that is now gridlock.
22:52:18 Please follow your conscious and please do the right
22:52:20 thing.
22:52:20 Thank you so much for your time.
22:52:27 >> Bob Kraemer.
22:52:28 I live at 819 South Orleans and I have been sworn in.
22:52:31 I lived in Hyde Park for over 20 years.
22:52:35 I'm going to make just a few reactions to what some
22:52:40 said rather than what I planned.
22:52:41 I'm very strongly in support of the overall project
22:52:44 and the overall redesign of the village.
22:52:47 I do have some key points, that this is not just
22:52:50 adding to residential towers.
22:52:52 If that's all they were doing was just tag block A and
22:52:55 block H and putting towers in, I wouldn't be in favor
22:52:58 of it but they are planning on making a major
22:53:00 investment in transforming the village and beautifying
22:53:02 it and making it competitive and making it the best
22:53:06 destination.
22:53:07 I think it's a beautiful design and takes a lot of
22:53:09 money and I think the residential part of it is going

22:53:13 to be a positive contributor to people coming -- those
22:53:17 people shopping in the village.
22:53:19 It wouldn't be efficient by itself.
22:53:22 I think it's also integral to the overall financial
22:53:25 viability of the upgrade of the whole village.
22:53:28 They are going to be renovating.
22:53:31 And I think that's important.
22:53:32 I don't think this thing would succeed with just new
22:53:34 residential development.
22:53:35 But it will succeed if we completely redesign it.
22:53:44 Another is the height.
22:53:45 I think height is appropriate for where it's placed in
22:53:48 this design.
22:53:49 It's not right against the residential abutting
22:53:53 neighborhood.
22:53:54 Block H height is in the center of the village.
22:53:57 It's far away from Dakota, and Rome residences.
22:54:03 I frankly think they are sitting on those porches
22:54:05 because you are already looking at a two-story parking
22:54:09 garage.
22:54:09 You wouldn't see that.
22:54:10 You will see it in the middle of the village but

22:54:12 that's appropriate.
22:54:14 It's appropriate that the center tower in the middle
22:54:16 of the village.
22:54:17 And the block A is on a busy street, Swann Avenue.
22:54:20 It's really kind of the center of the village, too.
22:54:23 I think it's appropriate.
22:54:25 And again they don't mast right at the edge.
22:54:28 They mast at the middle.
22:54:30 I don't think it's too imposing.
22:54:31 I think it's going to be a beautiful design.
22:54:33 I strongly urge your approval.
22:54:41 >>> Good evening.
22:54:42 My name is Jennifer Fernandez, 710 south New Port, Old
22:54:45 Hyde Park.
22:54:46 I have been sworn.
22:54:48 I consider myself a young professional.
22:54:51 I was younger a couple hours ago when this meeting
22:54:53 started and I was a lot younger 8 years ago when I
22:54:56 purchased my home to raise my family in, in Hyde Park.
22:54:59 And I do walk to the village.
22:55:01 And I do eat at our restaurants.
22:55:03 And I do work out at the fitness center.

22:55:05 And I do that mainly, to be honest, out of loyalty to
22:55:09 the businesses.
22:55:11 Out of a desire to see them succeed.
22:55:14 And I think everybody in this room wants the
22:55:18 businesses to succeed.
22:55:20 But not at the cost of the charm and distinctive air
22:55:28 of our neighborhood.
22:55:28 Life is about compromise.
22:55:30 And there is a lot of room for compromise here that
22:55:34 would achieve what we all want.
22:55:36 And that is a successful business with the right
22:55:40 tenants, and a wonderful place to live that doesn't
22:55:44 have congested, clogged roads, and overcrowded
22:55:48 schools.
22:55:49 And I think that councilwoman Mulhern really hit the
22:55:53 nail on the head when she said, where is the proof?
22:55:56 Where is the evidence that adding 163 units, 300 new
22:56:04 residents, is going to improve the business and make
22:56:08 it flourish?
22:56:09 Obvious tonight is the fact that there is no shortage
22:56:13 of neighbors with disposable income whose want to see
22:56:17 these businesses succeed and who patronize these

22:56:20 businesses.
22:56:21 That loyalty is not necessarily going to be there by
22:56:24 adding two 90-foot towers and 163 new units, if they
22:56:29 fill them up.
22:56:32 There is not that proof that, as a lawyer, I have to
22:56:35 carry in the courtroom, and today, there just isn't
22:56:40 that nexus.
22:56:42 It hasn't been shown.
22:56:43 There is a lot of room for compromise.
22:56:44 There is a lot of passion in this room for this area,
22:56:48 for these businesses to achieve.
22:56:50 But, unfortunately, presently, this isn't it.
22:56:54 There hasn't been enough compromise.
22:56:55 And I recognize that there's been tons of money and
22:56:58 time spent.
22:56:59 But you know what?
22:57:00 If it's worth doing, and I think everyone here thinks
22:57:02 it is, it's worth doing right.
22:57:05 And, unfortunately, I just don't believe that this is
22:57:07 it.
22:57:08 And I would urge that you vote against the proposal in
22:57:11 its current form.

22:57:16 >>> Good evening, council members.
22:57:17 My name is Enza Aiello and I reside at 421 South
22:57:21 Orleans Avenue, I have been in Hyde Park since 1984,
22:57:25 when you told people in 1984 that you lived in Hyde
22:57:29 Park all they knew about it was they would say, is
22:57:32 that where the Hyde Park races were?
22:57:37 I did watch many of the beautiful homes be restored.
22:57:40 I speak from the heart tonight.
22:57:41 I actually was sitting home and my daughter wasn't
22:57:44 feeling too well, my car is in the shop, and she said,
22:57:48 mom, let's take a cab.
22:57:50 So here we are.
22:57:52 And I think that we do need to move forward in our
22:57:54 thinking and rely more on the transit, walking,
22:58:01 baking, trollies, and stop getting in our SUVs and
22:58:05 driving around the corner and use any excuse to get
22:58:09 into your car.
22:58:09 We do need to have density.
22:58:13 I am taking green leaf workshop and that's what it's
22:58:18 all about, about conservation and walking to your
22:58:20 closest retailer, and buying locally and supporting
22:58:29 the village which very magical times most of my life

22:58:33 and my child and so I am here to support the village.
22:58:36 I am here to say that I think we need to do something.
22:58:38 I walk around there.
22:58:40 And it's so sad to see so many beautiful stores.
22:58:45 And where are the people from the neighborhood?
22:58:47 Why aren't they coming out?
22:58:48 Why aren't they there every day?
22:58:50 There are enough of us to support it.
22:58:52 So I hope we do move forward on this.
22:58:54 And thank you.
22:58:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in?
22:58:57 >>> I'm sorry.
22:58:59 Can I be sworn in now?
22:59:01 >> I'll ask you if everything you said was the truth.
22:59:03 Is there anybody else who needs to be sworn in who
22:59:05 came in late perhaps or who intends to speak?
22:59:07 If could you stand up and raise your right hand if you
22:59:11 intend to speak and have not been sworn.
22:59:13 (Oath administered by Clerk).
22:59:25 >> 836 south today cot and Air Force Base sworn.
22:59:35 To get to the things that haven't been addressed.
22:59:37 Those of how know me, I'm kind of a process freak.

22:59:40 And I really want to focus on that.
22:59:44 A lot of people made a lot about the fact that staff
22:59:47 approved or recommended this to the ARC, and you
22:59:54 should accept the staff report as opposed to the ARC's
22:59:58 recommendation.
23:00:00 Reverend Scott, I heard your quip about the zoning
23:00:05 master.
23:00:05 The ARC, they are your zoning master in this case.
23:00:08 They have looked at this things over and over and over
23:00:10 again.
23:00:14 Well, in the sense of giving you the professional
23:00:15 recommendations of professionals in design criteria
23:00:19 who are schooled in this.
23:00:20 And they have looked at it repeatedly and said it's
23:00:25 too massive.
23:00:26 And I have got a couple of figures, if I can put this
23:00:32 on the Elmo.
23:00:40 If you go through the design guidelines and you look
23:00:42 at what's considered to be compatible, which is a
23:00:45 threshold criteria for the ARC, it's got to be
23:00:49 consistent with the neighborhood.
23:00:50 When you look at all of the figures of existing and

23:00:53 compatible design, you are generally looking at two to
23:00:57 three stories elements.
23:01:03 This is another perfect example.
23:01:05 Showing a relatively large development.
23:01:08 But appropriate and limited if you note two and three
23:01:13 stories.
23:01:14 This is another page from the design guidelines.
23:01:23 The ARC may not approve projects which maximize land
23:01:25 use for site coverage or adversely affect the
23:01:30 character of the district.
23:01:31 And then the caption on the photo, inappropriate
23:01:34 development, scale and site coverage adversely affect
23:01:37 the character of the historic district.
23:01:38 There was a picture of something much smaller than
23:01:42 what's being proposed here which is by definition
23:01:46 inappropriate.
23:01:48 If you look -- what they are proposing here is four
23:01:54 stories covering two blocks.
23:01:57 And then on top of it, every other major structure,
23:02:04 Valencia, Seville, and that's why the ARC couldn't
23:02:10 approve it.
23:02:11 It's just too much.

23:02:13 I think there is room for compromise.
23:02:14 I think that's what has to happen here.
23:02:16 Message from the ARC itself, what you have pointed is
23:02:22 inconsistent and I urge you to accept that.
23:02:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You handed me something.
23:02:26 What is this, Mrs. Lockett?
23:02:28 >> That is to be added to the record in support.
23:02:38 >>> My name is Duncan Elliott.
23:02:39 I live at 719 South Orleans Avenue.
23:02:43 And I have been sworn in.
23:02:50 I strongly support the project.
23:02:56 Others pretty much made the points.
23:02:58 I am not going to reiterate them.
23:03:01 So I will do you all a favor and just express my
23:03:04 support.
23:03:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.
23:03:12 >> My name is Jim Warner.
23:03:17 I have been sworn in.
23:03:19 I live at 834 South Dakota.
23:03:21 And I'm in opposition to the petition.
23:03:25 We heard a lot tonight.
23:03:26 Best way I can describe it, it's almost like -- I just

23:03:33 moved to the area for many of the reasons, but I moved
23:03:39 from a very dense area of the world called London and
23:03:44 they know density.
23:03:45 They can do it better than anybody in the world.
23:03:47 And we lived in a small setting outside of London and
23:03:50 you could not stack more people on top of each other.
23:03:52 We had trains every 15 minutes dumping hundreds of
23:03:56 thousands of people and double decker buses all
23:03:58 leading into our community, beautiful community with
23:04:00 what they call Main Street, small shops.
23:04:05 I'm here to tell that you half of those shops are
23:04:07 empty.
23:04:08 And why is that?
23:04:09 They have more people that can possibly shop in each
23:04:11 of these shops
23:04:16 The market is changing.
23:04:17 The malls are winning.
23:04:18 It's happening there.
23:04:19 It's happenings here.
23:04:20 Now, who is winning on high street in the UK?
23:04:25 It's the same people hole win here.
23:04:26 People who have decided they can't replicate the

23:04:30 international mall.
23:04:31 They have to offer the community something it needs.
23:04:33 So what's winning over there will win over here.
23:04:36 Smaller shops that respond to the needs of families,
23:04:40 respond to the needs of the neighborhood.
23:04:43 Small specialty food stores.
23:04:45 You name it.
23:04:46 I'm not a retailer.
23:04:48 It's up to the creativity of people that understand
23:04:50 what's needed.
23:04:52 The people are there.
23:04:54 You have heard this tonight.
23:04:55 We don't need to add more residential units to make
23:04:58 this a successful urban village.
23:05:02 What we need is more creativity.
23:05:04 Frankly more guts, like developers who want to come in
23:05:08 and really change the retail landscape.
23:05:10 Two streets over, Howard, they figured something out.
23:05:15 We need to figure something out that's unique to Hyde
23:05:18 Park.
23:05:19 This development is too big.
23:05:21 It's not compatible.

23:05:24 I will happily stand here in the middle and work a
23:05:25 deal right now for something for our village.
23:05:28 Apparently that's not on the table.
23:05:34 Thank you very much.
23:05:40 >> I'm Tom stafilio, 809 south Orleans.
23:05:46 I have two quick points to make.
23:05:49 I have been sworn.
23:05:49 First our village is dying.
23:05:51 An important part of Tampa is dying.
23:05:53 Hyde Park Village will become a carcass if this is not
23:05:58 approved.
23:05:58 That's my concern.
23:05:59 We have a tremendous opportunity with a developer
23:06:02 that's well respected, that has proven to be
23:06:04 sensitive, has proven to being cooperative, that is
23:06:08 proposing to invest the numbers that I have heard
23:06:10 close to $100 million in our community.
23:06:13 I think this is a tremendous opportunity to take a
23:06:17 giant step in Tampa to make Tampa an even greater
23:06:20 city.
23:06:21 And I urge you to approve this.
23:06:22 Thanks.

23:06:29 >>> I'm Cindy ram.
23:06:30 I reside at 901 south oral means and I have been sworn
23:06:34 in.
23:06:36 The ram family moved here 17 years ago and it was
23:06:42 pretty dismal until we decided to break for lunch and
23:06:45 found a cute little village and found a sandwich at
23:06:48 the cactus club.
23:06:50 For the first time I actually could see I could live
23:06:53 in Tampa.
23:06:54 We found a home a few streets away.
23:06:56 At the time the village was thriving location and the
23:06:59 neighborhood, well, it needed a little help.
23:07:01 Our family enjoyed the village every weekend for
23:07:03 several years and then we saw little by little fall
23:07:06 into a desperate state, while the neighborhood became
23:07:09 revitalized.
23:07:11 I miss the village.
23:07:12 I think that the neighborhood needs for to the come
23:07:14 alive again.
23:07:15 The Wasserman group has a good reputation, and I like
23:07:19 their vision that they have for the village.
23:07:21 Both the neighborhood and the Waterman group have

23:07:24 worked hard for finding a compromise to make this
23:07:26 work.
23:07:27 But while it seems we are very close, it appears as
23:07:30 though we are at an impasse.
23:07:32 This is unfortunate since I think one thing everyone
23:07:35 can agree on is it's time for something to happen in
23:07:37 the village.
23:07:38 Quite frankly I'm ready to see this happen and that's
23:07:41 where I put on my preservation hat, something I feel
23:07:44 is equally important.
23:07:45 Tampa is rapidly logs its history and it's imperative
23:07:48 that we retain as much possible in Hyde Park.
23:07:51 Hyde Park is a historic area, and the height and
23:07:54 density of this project is a concern to me.
23:07:57 But what concerns me most about the approval of this
23:08:00 project is once the doors are open a precedent is
23:08:03 established that makes it difficult to continue to
23:08:05 preserve our historic neighborhood.
23:08:08 As you can tell I'm struggling with what is the right
23:08:11 action.
23:08:11 Actually, I am split right down the middle.
23:08:14 I'm one of those.

23:08:15 Didn't know which side to stand on.
23:08:17 I want to support this project but it needs to come
23:08:18 down in height and density particularly on block H.
23:08:22 I think that we are close.
23:08:24 We just need to have some moderate coming together.
23:08:28 I urge both the neighborhood and the Wasserman group
23:08:30 to continue to work towards a compromise.
23:08:33 I feel as though we are very close.
23:08:34 And it can work.
23:08:35 Thank you.
23:08:37 >>> My name is Brad Welch, I live at 1311 west
23:08:44 Morrison.
23:08:45 I have been sworn in.
23:08:46 There really are three sides to this story.
23:08:48 And luckily for us you, there's the side that many of
23:08:55 us sit on where we have the concerns, the
23:08:57 preservation.
23:08:58 We bought a house in Hyde Park that was falling apart.
23:09:01 It was the Watrous family house which spent the better
23:09:06 part of the last 15 years fixing up and we are going
23:09:08 to still fix it up as many of us know, as soon as we
23:09:11 finish fixing it up you have five years before you

23:09:14 start again.
23:09:15 I will tell you a story that happened this very night
23:09:17 that really hits home on this side of the aisle, very
23:09:21 favorably, you know, completely behind this idea, and
23:09:25 that is our son returned from college tonight for the
23:09:28 first time.
23:09:28 He's a freshman at Duke.
23:09:30 And he gets to choose where he goes to dinner.
23:09:33 Dent choose the Cactus Club where he spent a lot of
23:09:36 time.
23:09:36 He didn't go to the ice cream store that doesn't
23:09:38 exist.
23:09:39 He really wanted to be where it was kind of a hamming
23:09:42 spot and we went to South Howard.
23:09:44 We own a business.
23:09:45 We own a building on South Howard, sandwiched between
23:09:48 Starbuck's and Panera, and that's where it's
23:09:51 happening.
23:09:51 That's where the kids want to go.
23:09:54 I work and own accompany that has some younger people
23:09:57 working with us.
23:09:57 When you talk to them about where they go at night

23:09:59 it's not Hyde Park, unfortunately.
23:10:01 It used to be.
23:10:03 They have the feeling that there aren't enough places
23:10:05 to go, and they have the feeling that sometimes if
23:10:09 things don't happen the way they want to, they'll move
23:10:11 to the bigger city.
23:10:12 And that's a big concern of us as an employer.
23:10:14 I will say that a big event occurs in our kids' lives
23:10:18 at 12, at least it has in the past, our third just
23:10:22 turned that age, and in fact he had the opportunity to
23:10:25 ride his bike in the Hyde Park Village which was all
23:10:28 by himself, and without parents there and what have
23:10:30 you, and possibly get impaled on those things over at
23:10:33 Kate Jackson that never seem to happen.
23:10:35 But I will tell you there's not a whole lot for him to
23:10:38 do over there so he doesn't have that huge aspiration
23:10:40 to go there.
23:10:41 I will tell you that there are a lot of positives for
23:10:46 me but the biggest is if a partner wants to spend $100
23:10:50 million fixing up an area that is dying, we use a lot
23:10:52 of the things at Hyde Park Village sporadically, not
23:10:57 the way we used to.

23:10:58 I am in favor of it.
23:10:59 And I will say to you again there are three sides.
23:11:01 There's the sides we are both standing on and the side
23:11:04 in the middle that you have to make a decision on.
23:11:06 And I completely give my support for this project.
23:11:12 (off microphone).
23:11:36 >> I will try to be briefer than that.
23:11:38 And I will need the Elmo, also.
23:11:40 My name is Stephani Ferrell.
23:11:42 I am here representing several neighborhood residents
23:11:46 in the Hyde Park district.
23:11:47 And I was hired to evaluate the planned development
23:11:51 rezoning in terms of its potential impact on the
23:11:53 historic district and its conformance with the Hyde
23:11:57 Park design guidelines.
23:12:01 As many of you know, I'm an architect specializing in
23:12:04 historic preservation.
23:12:06 I was director of the historic Tampa, Hillsborough
23:12:07 County preservation board from 1980 to 1997.
23:12:13 Our office was the city and Hyde Park neighborhood in
23:12:17 drafting the historic preservation ordinance in
23:12:20 developing the design guidelines, in securing the

23:12:23 national register of historic district, in working
23:12:26 with the city and the neighborhood and toward the
23:12:28 designation of Hyde Park as Tampa first historic
23:12:32 district under the local preservation ordinance, and
23:12:34 finally we administered the design review board from
23:12:38 1988 to 1995.
23:12:40 I also am an adjunct professor with the University of
23:12:43 South Florida school of architecture, and I teach
23:12:46 historic press preservation.
23:12:50 Regarding the character of the neighborhood, Hyde Park
23:12:52 was built as a neighborhood of predominantly one and
23:12:55 two-story houses punctuated by small scale apartment
23:12:58 buildings and small neighborhood commercial areas.
23:13:01 Prior to historic district designation one of those
23:13:04 neighborhood commercial areas was expanded, becoming
23:13:06 what we now know as the Hyde Park Village.
23:13:09 And I was here during that time period as several of
23:13:12 the rest of you have been as well.
23:13:15 Contributing residential buildings in the historic
23:13:19 district are typically one and two-story buildings
23:13:22 ranging in height from 20 to 45 feet in height, and
23:13:27 approximately 20 to 30 feet wide.

23:13:29 The pattern of development is fine grade.
23:13:32 For instance -- I will show you an exhibit that is --
23:13:41 on the Elmo.
23:13:43 This is Sanborn fire insurance map that was created in
23:13:46 1929.
23:13:48 And you can see the general grain of the neighborhood.
23:13:52 There are single-family dwellings, approximately 20 to
23:13:55 30 feet in width, and as I mentioned, and then there
23:13:58 is this, called the Seville apartments when it was
23:14:04 constructed in the 20s.
23:14:05 It is now a condominium building.
23:14:08 It spans two blocks.
23:14:10 Its principal facades are approximately 30 feet wide
23:14:14 and it's set back 20 and 40 feet from Dakota Avenue.
23:14:19 So while it is a six-story building of 85 feet in
23:14:24 height to the top of its tower, it still fits well in
23:14:27 the neighborhood because of its setbacks.
23:14:29 And I think that's a very important point to make.
23:14:34 Additionally, it is the massing is broken up
23:14:37 substantially as you will see in this photograph.
23:14:42 And it also has some information that shows the top of
23:14:46 the walls, the massing and the width of the principal

23:14:53 facades.
23:14:56 It is important to note in addition to -- in addition
23:15:00 the green space surrounding the building greatly limit
23:15:03 it is impact of the building on the neighborhood.
23:15:05 Again, that's a very important part in my
23:15:09 presentation.
23:15:12 When we move into the plans and review for this
23:15:14 rezoning application we see buildings of up to 90 feet
23:15:16 in height.
23:15:17 Difference between this proposed development and the
23:15:19 historic patterns of development is this plan calls
23:15:22 for buildings that stretch hundreds of feet along
23:15:25 street fronts, and unlike Seville there is almost no
23:15:28 setback on the street level.
23:15:30 For instance, block H in the heart of the historic
23:15:33 district is the proposed on the site at a height of 90
23:15:37 feet and portions of it but with more than 3300-foot
23:15:42 long frontage on Snow Avenue.
23:15:45 This is massive.
23:15:47 As has been said by others.
23:15:51 Per the Hyde Park design guidelines the architectural
23:15:54 review commission used five criteria, to determine

23:15:59 appropriateness to the historic district and found the
23:16:02 development to be inconsistent in terms of scale, it
23:16:06 was the first building form the second, setback the
23:16:09 third, orientation and site coverage, and they also
23:16:13 looked at alignment, rhythm and spacing.
23:16:18 How we perceive scale, it's actually very evident when
23:16:22 you see it but it's hard to describe.
23:16:24 We perceive it as a combination of a number of things
23:16:28 and those things are height, placement of building
23:16:30 mass and relationship to the sidewalk and street, the
23:16:33 building's floor plate and the design of the facade.
23:16:39 First three have the most important impact.
23:16:41 And as you have seen from prior exhibits that have
23:16:44 been presented by others, these buildings are right on
23:16:47 the property line.
23:16:51 In terms of historic precedent in the Hyde Park
23:16:54 historic district, commercial buildings generally had
23:16:57 a zero lot line, that is no set back, and were
23:16:59 typically one or two stories in height.
23:17:02 Where the height was more than three stories,
23:17:04 buildings were set back from site of property line.
23:17:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Time is up.

23:17:12 >>> Thank you.
23:17:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Can you give thaws picture to pass
23:17:18 around?
23:17:19 >>CHAIRMAN: We have it.
23:17:27 >>> Good evening.
23:17:28 I'm Christine Burdick, I'm a resident of Hyde Park,
23:17:32 721 fielding.
23:17:33 I'll be brief since I started this day in this chamber
23:17:37 with you more than 14 hours ago.
23:17:39 Tonight you have heard from many of my neighbors,
23:17:42 people who have really enjoyed living near over the
23:17:45 last five years since I came to Tampa.
23:17:49 I think the discussion of density which we have all
23:17:52 talked about over the last several years, as our
23:17:56 inevitable future for the successful growth of Tampa,
23:17:59 building from our City Center and on out to dense
23:18:03 neighborhoods.
23:18:04 Density can lead to effective successful transit
23:18:08 oriented development.
23:18:09 It supports and protects the adjacent square foot
23:18:12 dwelling neighborhood, it contributes to a higher per
23:18:17 square foot value, where built out.

23:18:19 It can support successful retail development, and it
23:18:23 is the future of our center of the neighborhood.
23:18:27 Downtown will grow as strong as its neighborhoods
23:18:30 around it will grow, in another area of my life.
23:18:33 This group is not asking for anything but your
23:18:36 approval to let them invest their dollars, to increase
23:18:39 the viability and value of this neighborhood and for
23:18:46 the public benefit, those citizens that you represent.
23:18:52 Wishing or knowing to admit that the dynamics of
23:18:56 retail today requires Hyde Park as it currently exists
23:18:58 to change will not improve its viability.
23:19:00 We will be looking at a change in this in the
23:19:04 neighborhood and in this project.
23:19:06 And I think we have the opportunity now to take
23:19:08 advantage of someone who believes in us and willing to
23:19:12 invest in us and I hope and urge your confidence in
23:19:16 voting tonight in order to support the project.
23:19:18 Thank you.
23:19:24 >>> Why don't you state on the record what you are
23:19:37 doing so they know?
23:19:39 >>> Yes, of course.
23:19:40 I'm an architect.

23:19:41 And I specialize in preservation architecture.
23:19:45 >> But, sir, you handed me some items that would you
23:19:50 like into the record.
23:19:51 Your resume, sir?
23:19:52 >>> Yes.
23:19:52 Yes.
23:19:55 I came to address the compatibility or the
23:19:59 incompatibility vis-a-vis the design decide
23:20:04 guidelines.
23:20:04 >> Please forgive me for interrupting.
23:20:07 If you can state your name for the record and whether
23:20:08 you were sworn.
23:20:09 >>> I have been sworn.
23:20:10 My name is Roger Grunke, I'm an architect, I live at
23:20:16 1906 Morrison Avenue in Hyde Park.
23:20:19 I don't normally talk about this, but I would like to
23:20:23 mention that I too am a member of the creative class.
23:20:28 I have had almost 60 years of experience and practice.
23:20:34 Not all the creative people are young.
23:20:38 And I have also had the privilege and the experience
23:20:44 of living in dense urban areas.
23:20:51 I'm a native New Yorker.

23:20:52 I spent a number of years of my adult life living in
23:20:56 Berlin and Paris.
23:20:59 Paris is not the largest city in the world, but it is
23:21:03 statistically the densest city in the world.
23:21:06 And it's a six-story city.
23:21:12 Also, as you know, Paris has no problem with its
23:21:15 retail sector.
23:21:17 Okay.
23:21:19 So onto my prepared.
23:21:27 This is the design guideline.
23:21:31 It's according to these ten standards, these criteria,
23:21:36 that any project is evaluated as to whether it's
23:21:41 compatible or not compatible.
23:21:43 It's not a matter of whether we individually like a
23:21:47 project.
23:21:49 Whether we think the project would be good for the
23:21:51 neighborhood.
23:21:54 Does this comply with the guidelines?
23:21:58 And out of the ten criteria, the first is height and
23:22:02 width, which equals scale, working together.
23:22:06 And I have to say to you, there is no building, there
23:22:10 never has been a building with the width and breadth

23:22:14 of the structures which are being proposed in this
23:22:20 application.
23:22:23 The others, the massing, number two, in the height and
23:22:27 the width and the coverage create this massing.
23:22:32 Number 4, orientation and site coverage.
23:22:36 The percentage of the site of the building which
23:22:41 covers the site, and that relationship compared to
23:22:43 other historic buildings in the district.
23:22:47 Now, the Bayshore royal occupied tall building, ten
23:22:54 stories, but it occupied less than half of the site
23:22:59 that it's on.
23:23:00 So it's all these factors working together.
23:23:05 The Bayshore Baptist church is another example.
23:23:08 It's right up on the sidewalk.
23:23:10 But half of the property to the rear is not built
23:23:14 upon.
23:23:15 If I might go back to my experiences in Paris and
23:23:19 Berlin, would you walk down the street and it would be
23:23:21 continuous facade.
23:23:23 But when you went through the front doors of the
23:23:25 buildings, you entered into courtyards.
23:23:29 All of Europe is a series of honeycomb court yards.

23:23:37 I beg to differ with some of my colleagues as to the
23:23:40 compatibility of this to the guidelines, but I do
23:23:45 agree with the ARC's decision.
23:23:53 >> I need the Elmo for just a second.
23:23:58 Harvey petty, 821 Edison.
23:24:02 I am a native of Tampa.
23:24:03 Born at Tampa general, did go to Wilson.
23:24:06 I have five historic properties in the Historic Hyde
23:24:08 Park area in 1899 that I moved.
23:24:14 You couldn't move because that was me.
23:24:18 Also in 1903, 19 12:1923.
23:24:22 So I do believe in preservation.
23:24:24 When this project first came up I was a little leery.
23:24:27 I thought the massing was too big, the height was too
23:24:30 big.
23:24:30 I have been to just about every single meeting that
23:24:32 these people have had with the ARC.
23:24:34 They all know me by name.
23:24:35 At the last design review committee that ARC H.
23:24:38 Before the meeting only two of those members were
23:24:40 there.
23:24:40 I was there: I agree with what city staff said.

23:24:45 I think these people worked all summer to get it going
23:24:49 and I think they have a good project now.
23:24:50 They have really worked on it.
23:24:52 To answer the questions that were asked tonight,
23:24:54 people said quality of life.
23:24:55 People here aren't looking at money and they aren't
23:24:58 looking -- we are all looking at Hyde Park.
23:25:01 We wouldn't be here if that wasn't it.
23:25:04 As for Howard Avenue the reason it's so bustling, the
23:25:07 Soho Madison, if you all remember before that was
23:25:10 built there was nothing there.
23:25:13 You would walk for like three blocks.
23:25:14 That's what started it.
23:25:15 It was people.
23:25:16 And with the unit that came in and brought more
23:25:18 people, they brought more people.
23:25:20 That's what brought the brownstones in.
23:25:22 Okay.
23:25:22 You asked about why you want to have residence above
23:25:27 retail.
23:25:28 Looking at Commonwealth Boulevard in Boston.
23:25:30 Okay.

23:25:30 2 reason they go there is because they live right
23:25:33 above there.
23:25:34 Simple analogy is, if you are watching TV and you want
23:25:37 to get a soda you put the TV closer to the kitchen.
23:25:42 You are not apt to get the soda if you are uppers in
23:25:45 your bedroom.
23:25:46 Closer you are, you are going to be more apt to use
23:25:49 that right downstairs.
23:25:50 That's it.
23:25:51 People mention Seville.
23:25:53 Seville is a great building, and they all seem to show
23:25:55 that side angle right there where it's like 70 feet
23:25:58 up.
23:25:58 What they don't show you is this.
23:26:01 Okay.
23:26:02 This is the side of Seville.
23:26:05 The house in blue was built in 1923.
23:26:08 Okay.
23:26:08 The garage apartment was built in 1907.
23:26:12 The Seville was built in 1926.
23:26:14 That means that actually after the house is completed,
23:26:17 a 70 -- 78 story building was erected 16 feet from

23:26:22 there.
23:26:23 I measured it.
23:26:24 16 feet.
23:26:25 8.5 or so on each property line.
23:26:27 If you measure from where wasserman wants to start
23:26:30 theirs on the area of Rome and Snow in that alley, it
23:26:35 will be 29 to 30 feet from that building that Charlie
23:26:39 BURR has to where the building starts.
23:26:42 Then it goes up 30 feet before it goes in another 20
23:26:45 feet before it goes up to 50.
23:26:47 This goes straight up 70 feet.
23:26:49 And it's only 16 feet away from historic buildings.
23:26:55 I think everybody is trying to have good faith in
23:26:57 this.
23:26:57 And I would urge that you support this project.
23:26:59 We are not going to get a developer like this with
23:27:01 this kind of money to do a quality project anytime
23:27:03 soon.
23:27:03 And please, support it.
23:27:04 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Were you sworn in?
23:27:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I was sworn in about seven times.
23:27:10 >> It only takes once.

23:27:12 But thank you.
23:27:18 I would like that in the record.