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Tampa City Council
Thursday, December 20, 2007
9:00 a.m. session

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09:03:01 [Sounding gavel]
09:03:06 >>CHAIRMAN MILLER: Tampa City Council is called to
09:03:18 order.
09:03:18 The chair will yield to Mrs. Linda Saul-Sena.
09:03:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It is my great pleasure this
09:03:26 morning to introduce my Rabbi from Schaarai Zedek,
09:03:28 Rabbi Birnholz.
09:03:31 He has led us for 21 years with eloquent kindness,
09:03:34 love, and a great and deep understanding of our
09:03:37 religion.

09:03:38 I would like everyone to rise while he provides the
09:03:40 invocation and then remain standing for the pledge of
09:03:43 allegiance.
09:03:45 >>> Let us pray.
09:03:47 Master of the universe, we begin this beautiful day
09:03:50 with trust in you.
09:03:52 We ask you to bless the mayor and City Council of our
09:03:55 great city, along with all who serve together with
09:03:58 them.
09:04:00 Help them to use the fullness of their humanity and
09:04:04 the service of our people.
09:04:05 Grant them a sense of purpose that they may govern
09:04:08 with direction, a sense of duty that they may work
09:04:11 with conviction, and a sense of humor that they may
09:04:16 bring a touch of humanity to all.
09:04:20 Help them to know that it is just as important to a
09:04:23 portion money and power with compassion as it is to do
09:04:27 so with precision.
09:04:29 Teach them to be grateful for the gift of diversity
09:04:32 which gives Tampa its character, and for the vision of
09:04:37 harmony which gives us a feeling of community.
09:04:40 Most of all, God, let them plant seeds of justice and

09:04:44 opportunity so that they build not only for us today
09:04:48 but for our children who look toward tomorrow.
09:04:53 Be with all of our families in this joyous holiday
09:04:57 season.
09:04:57 Enable us to remember the lessons of understanding
09:04:59 which the season teaches us and give us the courage to
09:05:04 apply these lessons throughout the coming new year.
09:05:07 We thank you, God, for giving us a community in which
09:05:11 all may have a voice, a democracy in which all may be
09:05:15 heard, and a sense of peace which all of us have the
09:05:19 power to bring.
09:05:21 Let us be co-partners with you in the continued
09:05:24 building of a city and a world of peace.
09:05:28 Amen.
09:05:30 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
09:05:52 >>CHAIRMAN: Roll call. .
09:05:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:05:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:05:58 >>MARY MULHERN:
09:06:00 >>CHAIRMAN: I would like to put on the record that
09:06:03 City Council will go on a lunch break at 12:00.
09:06:06 City Council will go into recess today at 12:00.

09:06:10 At this time,
09:06:35 It is really an honor for me to give this commendation
09:06:38 this morning to an outstanding young man who is
09:06:40 serving our country protecting us and we love men like
09:06:45 that.
09:06:47 Master sergeant Henry E. forward.
09:06:49 It is with great pleasure that we the members of Tampa
09:06:52 City Council give this commendation on the sincere
09:06:55 appreciation for your years of dedicated service and
09:06:57 outstanding performance in the United States Army
09:06:59 reserve and to the youth of Tampa, Hillsborough
09:07:02 County.
09:07:04 Master sergeant forward has served as mentor to a
09:07:08 group of 24 young men in the City of Tampa and
09:07:11 Hillsborough County.
09:07:12 Helping them to develop and enhance their physical
09:07:15 fitness, I did verse confidence, self-esteem,
09:07:18 knowledge of the game of basketball, leadership and
09:07:20 overall appreciation for athletic sportsmanship, while
09:07:25 maintaining his duties in the United States Army
09:07:28 reserve center in Pinellas Park, Florida.
09:07:31 With much pride and distinction, your leadership

09:07:34 ability, your valuable time, and personal finance
09:07:38 helped the north Tampa sport an youth basketball team
09:07:41 become successful, the vision, the league, they.
09:07:48 The team posted 16 wins and two losses enroute to the
09:07:54 team accomplishment.
09:07:57 For this and many other reasons, we wish master
09:08:04 sergeant Henry forward the best in coming years.
09:08:08 [ Applause ]
09:08:16 >> City Council, I thank God above all and let I thank
09:08:26 the kids and the City of Tampa for allowing me to come
09:08:28 in and do what I'm good at doing.
09:08:31 Above all, thank you, City of Tampa.
09:08:36 [ Applause ]
09:09:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Saul-Sena and I are going
09:09:08 to together offer the commendation for Alan Steinback
09:09:12 who I have had the great privilege and experience of
09:09:16 working with just for the last six months on the
09:09:26 metropolitan planning organization with our great
09:09:29 exciting plans for transit.
09:09:30 And Linda has been working together with him for --
09:09:37 how long, seven years?
09:09:38 Since Alan started.

09:09:39 And together they created a livable roadway -- or
09:09:43 Linda created it earlier.
09:09:45 But, anyway, they have been managing this livable
09:09:48 roadways committee that has done incredible things
09:09:51 working with the city, the county, FDOT, and creating
09:09:57 walkable -- doing the work that we just got thanked
09:10:00 for recently of not having a walkable community.
09:10:03 They are making our community walkable, bikable,
09:10:07 landscaping, and all the things that make this the
09:10:10 kind of place where people want to live and where they
09:10:13 can commute.
09:10:17 I'll read this.
09:10:18 For your outstanding leadership as a transportation
09:10:21 planner, advocate for our community since October
09:10:25 2003, when you joined the staff of the Tampa,
09:10:27 Hillsborough County Planning Commission, your
09:10:30 effective ability to coordinate land use and urban
09:10:33 design with transportation needs has benefited Tampa.
09:10:37 As project manager for livable roadways guidelines you
09:10:40 have created a user friendly tool for improving our
09:10:43 streetscape.
09:10:44 As project manager for Kennedy Boulevard, Busch

09:10:47 Boulevard and the Westshore pedestrian study, your
09:10:50 clear, thoughtful work led to implementation of real
09:10:53 improvement which will improve the safety and beauty
09:10:55 of Tampa.
09:10:56 Alan has contributed to Tampa's quality of life as
09:11:00 principal planner for the 2007 metropolitan planning
09:11:03 organization transit plan.
09:11:08 As Tampa City Council members we are grateful for your
09:11:10 dry wit, clear proceeds and extraordinary work ethic.
09:11:13 We wish you well and absolute your work for our
09:11:17 community.
09:11:17 Thank you, Alan.
09:11:20 [ Applause ]
09:11:26 And dry wit is not always appreciated everywhere you
09:11:28 go.
09:11:28 Thank you, City Council.
09:11:29 I'm very honored by this.
09:11:31 And you all make it very easy to do what I do for
09:11:35 service to this council, to this community, other
09:11:39 board of county commission.
09:11:40 I have been very appreciative for the opportunity to
09:11:42 serve the Planning Commission and you all through my

09:11:44 work.
09:11:44 Thank you.
09:11:46 [ Applause ]
09:11:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: When we began to figure out what
09:11:51 Alan had accomplished it was shocking to discover that
09:11:53 he had accomplished so much in four years, and I have
09:11:55 asked Karen from the downtown partnership and Chris
09:11:59 weekly from the Westshore alliance to express their
09:12:02 gratitude for what Alan has accomplished for their
09:12:04 area.
09:12:09 >>> Good morning.
09:12:11 Karen crest with the downtown partnership.
09:12:15 I had the pleasure of working with Alan and the MPO
09:12:17 staff on the downtown transportation vision plan.
09:12:21 About two years ago, I think it was, and you will be
09:12:23 glad to know this I wanted to give you a quick flavor
09:12:29 for some of the guiding principles that we identified.
09:12:32 I am happy to send you a link to our report if you
09:12:35 would like to read it more in depth.
09:12:38 Implemented a sense of place, provide mobility to
09:12:42 support vibrant neighborhoods, create pedestrian
09:12:44 oriented streets and places that are comfortable, safe

09:12:47 and accessible, I won't read you all of them, don't
09:12:51 worry.
09:12:54 View transportation assets to reinforce downtown as a
09:12:56 destination that evokes a sense of civic pride and to
09:12:59 reflect the unique identity and distinct.
09:13:02 Character of the city and downtown districts.
09:13:05 These are some of the things that our transportation
09:13:07 committee continues to work toward.
09:13:09 And I have already lobbied Alan to come back and put
09:13:16 all of that into law.
09:13:17 Congratulations, Alan.
09:13:18 [ Applause ]
09:13:24 >>> Chris Weber, Westshore alliance.
09:13:26 On behalf of our members and staff, we appreciate
09:13:29 our -- express our appreciation to Alan.
09:13:33 The last several years, as Karen was saying, he has
09:13:36 been involved in a lot of projects.
09:13:38 He did the Westshore mobility plan, he's completed our
09:13:41 pedestrian plan.
09:13:42 Most plans -- those plans will be very helpful to us
09:13:46 in the future.
09:13:47 He worked with members with, the business community

09:13:49 with, residents, and to create these plans, and we are
09:13:52 actually going to be used way down in the future for
09:13:55 strategies that we can use for pedestrians and
09:13:58 mobility improvements.
09:13:59 It was Alan that was always out front communicating to
09:14:03 the community communities, the neighborhood
09:14:05 associations, the business people.
09:14:07 So we have some really good products thanks to Alan.
09:14:12 We received a lot of good comments.
09:14:14 And he should take the majority of the credit.
09:14:17 So thank you for your help.
09:14:19 I appreciate it.
09:14:20 Hope to look forward to working with you again.
09:14:23 Okay.
09:14:25 [ Applause ]
09:14:35 >>CHAIRMAN: At this time we go to our council agenda.
09:14:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Before you, the City Council
09:14:46 addendum.
09:14:47 It's rather lengthy.
09:14:48 There are some changes I would like to apprise council
09:14:50 and the public of, to allow this very long meeting to
09:14:53 proceed smoothly.

09:14:54 The first item is a request from Steve Daignault, the
09:14:58 administrator of public works facility services to
09:15:01 schedule a 15 minute PowerPoint and video presentation
09:15:04 by Thomas Balsley on the new Curtis Hixon design,
09:15:10 requesting a time certain.
09:15:17 Would you have a preference?
09:15:18 It would be the 24th, which I believe is a
09:15:20 workshop day.
09:15:22 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to do it between 10 and 11.
09:15:25 He has a flight to New York.
09:15:27 Can we do it at 11:00?
09:15:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, the city attorney
09:15:37 requesting that the WMBE report also take a two hour
09:15:45 slot.
09:15:45 I will not be here.
09:15:46 It needs to be in the morning.
09:15:48 Late afternoon I will not be here.
09:15:49 I want us to be aware that before we start scheduling
09:15:53 things for the 24th of January that, number one,
09:15:56 that's a workshop day.
09:16:02 We have a history of -- according to the city
09:16:06 attorney's memo, and Mr. Smith, am I accurate on that?

09:16:16 He referenced -- gave us a memo saying that today that
09:16:20 he relies on us to continue, or to place on the
09:16:24 workshop day for the 24th.
09:16:25 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
09:16:27 Referring to the workshop and the WMBE ordinance, we
09:16:30 did request January 24th.
09:16:32 It would be advisable if we could, to take it up first
09:16:35 because I do believe we have a lot of people that want
09:16:38 to be heard.
09:16:40 I assume you are going to open it for public comment.
09:16:43 It depends whether you are going to make it an
09:16:45 internal discussion or open it up.
09:16:49 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know.
09:16:51 Sorry.
09:16:51 I don't know if I'm log at the wrong page but my
09:16:53 January 24th has -- I don't see the WMBE.
09:17:05 >>GWEN MILLER: It's not on there.
09:17:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah.
09:17:08 So we have comp plan, adaptive reuse, TECO franchise,
09:17:12 sustainability, maybe we can try to reschedule Mr.
09:17:20 Balsley.
09:17:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think that should we see if Mr.

09:17:35 Balsley has more flexibility in the afternoon?
09:17:37 And see if the WMBE discussion should be a separate
09:17:41 day just for that because it's so important.
09:17:44 Perhaps at 5:00 on a Tuesday evening to make it easier
09:17:47 for the public to participate.
09:17:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
09:17:50 We will table that item and come back later.
09:17:52 Mr. Shelby.
09:17:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: There's a request by council member
09:17:59 Scott for a blue ribbon committee regarding the
09:18:04 pipeline proposal.
09:18:06 I believe Mr. Smith is rising.
09:18:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That comes under new business.
09:18:11 And you bring it up understand new business to be
09:18:17 placed on the agenda.
09:18:18 And so that's where I wanted to bring it up.
09:18:21 And I got Mr. Smith's memo so I'll address it at that
09:18:24 time.
09:18:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to take number 77 off.
09:18:33 >>CHAIRMAN: Let Mr. Shelby finish, please.
09:18:35 Mr. Shelby?
09:18:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, there's a request by city

09:18:39 attorney David Smith to present the draft of UMBE
09:18:44 orthopedics.
09:18:45 I believe City Council has received in the electronic
09:18:46 form.
09:18:47 Did you want to take that up under new business or do
09:18:49 you wish to make a request of council?
09:18:52 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
09:18:54 Actually that was not my request.
09:18:56 I do have the WMBE ordinance that he would mailed out
09:19:00 last week or e-mailed last week.
09:19:02 I also have a red line version.
09:19:04 I do not know whether you got both.
09:19:06 If you did not, I would suggest, I forward to you red
09:19:09 line version that shows you the changes from the
09:19:12 version you looked at on the October workshop.
09:19:16 If you did not get that I apologize.
09:19:18 We intended to send you both.
09:19:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I got my copy on Tuesday, by the way.
09:19:23 I got my copy Tuesday.
09:19:25 And I only got one.
09:19:27 So both copies would be helpful to me.
09:19:33 And I don't know about everybody else but I received

09:19:35 mine on Tuesday.
09:19:39 It didn't allow me to go through it thoroughly to
09:19:41 discuss it today so that's why I like your suggestion
09:19:43 of taking it up in a workshop format.
09:19:45 >>DAVID SMITH: Yes, sir.
09:19:50 Oh.
09:19:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: There's a request by city attorney
09:19:52 David Smith to allow an emergency contract to be
09:19:55 ratified by Ralph Metcalf.
09:19:58 Council, I'm not familiar with this.
09:19:59 Was that provided to council?
09:20:01 >>DAVID SMITH: City attorney.
09:20:02 No, it was not.
09:20:03 It just came up yesterday morning.
09:20:04 I was called at my home due to an emergency problem
09:20:07 with a wastewater pipe that had broken.
09:20:10 And there was an issue that you came up.
09:20:12 What I recommend we do given your very busy agenda
09:20:15 today, we can bring that back to you in the normal
09:20:19 process for an emergency contract.
09:20:20 So I would suggest we get that on your regular agenda
09:20:23 for your first meeting in January.

09:20:25 It gives us time to make some additional -- it was
09:20:30 negotiated in a hurry in order to get the repairs
09:20:33 underway immediately so people would not have sewage
09:20:35 in their yard, so we can pass on that.
09:20:38 But I would suggest instead we go to the next issue,
09:20:41 Mr. Shelby, next on our agenda.
09:20:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: By Mr. Smith to introduce Tom
09:20:49 Gonzalez with respect to item number 76 on today's
09:20:53 agenda.
09:20:53 I believe under unfinished business, staff reports.
09:20:56 >>DAVID SMITH: That's correct.
09:20:59 For the record David Smith, city attorney.
09:21:01 Reason I would like to introduce Mr. Gonzalez to you
09:21:04 at the outset is there are very sensitive issues with
09:21:07 respect to this matter.
09:21:08 It is important how the council proceeds.
09:21:11 Mr. Gonzalez, for those of you that do not know him,
09:21:14 is our outside counsel for labor and employment
09:21:18 matters, one of the preeminent labor lawyers in the
09:21:20 State of Florida if not the southeast.
09:21:22 We are very fortunate to have him representing us.
09:21:24 Before I turn it over to Tom, however, I would like to

09:21:27 just explain one caveat.
09:21:28 The previous e-mails that I sent you in the form of
09:21:31 memoranda, were not and are not intended to infringe
09:21:35 in any way on this council's policy issues.
09:21:38 I certainly understand the concern and the intent that
09:21:41 the council has with regard to the issues being
09:21:44 discussed.
09:21:44 My only concern is that we make sure we do so in a way
09:21:48 that doesn't unnecessarily jeopardize the city in
09:21:51 terms of potential litigation liability.
09:21:54 So please understand my e-mails and my memoranda were
09:21:58 intended in that vein.
09:21:59 I hope they were understood and proceed in that vein
09:22:02 and were not a criticism of this counsel or any member
09:22:05 of this council.
09:22:05 With that caveat I would like to have Mr. Gonzalez
09:22:08 explain to you the sensitivity of these issues so you
09:22:10 are aware of them, and he will also have
09:22:13 recommendations on how you may want to proceed later
09:22:16 today.
09:22:17 Thank you.
09:22:18 >>MARY MULHERN:

09:22:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Is there any reason why we can't do
09:22:24 that at the regular agenda time that comes on the
09:22:26 meeting?
09:22:27 >> The reason is you are going to have public comment
09:22:36 before it comes up on the agenda and it's extremely
09:22:39 important that you know what you should or should not
09:22:41 do with respect to potential liability for the city.
09:22:45 The reason why I asked to do this first is that it's
09:22:48 also part of Mr. Gonzalez's explanation to you will
09:22:53 deal with the public comment and what your response or
09:22:57 participation should or should not be.
09:22:59 That's why I moved it up very early on the agenda.
09:23:02 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a question for the -- is our
09:23:07 public comment on this normally going to be at the
09:23:09 time that it's on the agenda?
09:23:11 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, it is.
09:23:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's not quite.
09:23:15 Quite accurate.
09:23:16 It's not quite accurate.
09:23:17 Our rule calls for us, end.
09:23:22 Items on the agenda are to be discussed first,
09:23:25 priority first to those items that are on the agenda

09:23:26 for the first 30 minutes.
09:23:28 All public comment.
09:23:29 I thought we would take it at the end of the agenda.
09:23:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Same thing.
09:23:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Same thing.
09:23:38 On the agenda for public comment.
09:23:42 >> Public comment is going to come first.
09:23:45 Because it seems that there are so many people here,
09:23:49 perhaps we should move that item earlier.
09:23:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:23:54 That's what I was going to suggest, that item 62 I
09:23:58 want to pull from the consent agenda for additional
09:24:01 discussion.
09:24:01 And item 76.
09:24:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby, are we going to let him
09:24:14 speak first?
09:24:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I just would like to have a clear
09:24:18 understanding of counsel's intention.
09:24:21 Council's rule says 30 minutes shall be allotted for
09:24:24 public comment at that point in the agenda early on.
09:24:28 With each person permitted to speak on any matters not
09:24:30 scheduled for public meeting.

09:24:32 Council.
09:24:34 Persons wishing to address items on the agenda.
09:24:35 Those persons after the allotted time shall have the
09:24:38 opportunity at the end of the meeting.
09:24:40 Council's rule is, for whatever number of people here,
09:24:43 after 30 minutes --
09:24:46 >>CHAIRMAN: Time is up.
09:24:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Time runs and then those people have
09:24:49 the opportunity to speak at the end of the agenda.
09:24:52 Pursuant to council rules.
09:24:54 >>CHAIRMAN: Okay.
09:24:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, the question is, do you wish
09:25:00 to have -- what is the pleasure of council with regard
09:25:03 to Mr. Smith's request to have Mr. Gonzalez advise
09:25:07 council prior to public comment?
09:25:10 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we should go ahead, listen to
09:25:13 him, and because of our rule, let's just follow the
09:25:15 rules.
09:25:17 >> Mr. Tom Gonzalez.
09:25:23 >>> Tom Gonzalez, outside counsel for the city.
09:25:26 I would like to just briefly address an issue, because
09:25:29 as you all know, the difference between the city and

09:25:32 other employers is that many times issues of labor
09:25:36 relations employment are discussed in the public as
09:25:38 opposed to other places.
09:25:39 And that raises some issues that I think it's always
09:25:42 good to remind ourselves of.
09:25:44 The first of them is this: In the.
09:25:49 We are dealing with employees of the city who are
09:25:52 represented by collective bargaining contract and
09:25:55 represented by labor organizations, and by law, that
09:25:58 labor organization is the exclusive voice for those
09:26:01 employees for wages, hours, in and terms and
09:26:05 conditions of employment, which means that all those
09:26:07 folks fully, absolutely fully retain the right as
09:26:12 citizens to speak.
09:26:14 Burr neither they nor the council have a right to
09:26:18 engage in a back and forth, because that's
09:26:20 negotiations, and those negotiations have to occur
09:26:22 between that union and the chief executive, which by
09:26:26 law, state law, is the mayor.
09:26:29 So in the context of the public comment, I think it's
09:26:32 very important to keep in mind that although these are
09:26:34 all citizens and all entitled to speak that you can't

09:26:40 have a back and forth in terms of discussing options
09:26:44 and having input, because that can only occur at a
09:26:47 collective bargaining session between the chief
09:26:49 executive and the collective bargaining agent.
09:26:52 The second thing I would like to talk to you about is
09:26:55 that obviously when the council acts as the council
09:26:58 and makes decisions, it engages in policy making and
09:27:02 discussions of policy, and I have no brief and don't
09:27:06 intend to address that at all, obviously having worked
09:27:09 with the council for years I know their power and I
09:27:13 the one thing I would like to point out to you is that
09:27:17 although the council can act for many reasons, it
09:27:19 cannot make decisions in government based on race,
09:27:22 ethnicity or gender.
09:27:24 And so it is imperative when discussing these things
09:27:27 that you consider the fact that all these categories
09:27:29 are protected under the Constitution, these laws, all
09:27:34 of them have the right to have that considered, and
09:27:36 simply -- simply is not acceptable and is in fact
09:27:39 unconstitutional to make decisions and to have these
09:27:41 discussions based on race.
09:27:43 And lastly, aside from the legality of it, you have

09:27:47 the question of frankly of risk management.
09:27:50 And I will tell you from personal experience that
09:27:52 suits are brought on a lot less than commentary from
09:27:56 council in their meetings with respect to taking race
09:27:59 and those kinds of things into consideration.
09:28:02 The courts are very clear in terms of saying that if
09:28:04 it's on the forefront, if it's being discussed, then
09:28:07 it's something that can be used as suggesting that the
09:28:12 decision making was based on one of those municipal
09:28:17 notice and having been involved in the layoff side of
09:28:21 the issue, no decision was made based on those
09:28:23 categories, and those decisions were not things that
09:28:25 were considered as the Constitution requires, and I
09:28:29 believe that those principles should guide the
09:28:31 discussion, and that should be kept in mind.
09:28:33 >> Is it permissible for us to ask if people have
09:28:43 health care or for people to say that they have or
09:28:45 have not health care?
09:28:47 >>> To ask that?
09:28:48 >> No, not us, for people to say if they currently
09:28:52 have health care.
09:28:53 >>> Ma'am, these people consider say whatever they

09:28:55 like at this podium.
09:28:56 They absolutely are free to say that.
09:28:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Shelby?
09:29:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: With regard to substitution of agenda
09:29:03 items, on item 100 we have a request by assistant city
09:29:06 attorney John McKirchy to substitute ordinances for
09:29:14 items 100 and 101.
09:29:17 Mr. McKirchy.
09:29:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Do it now?
09:29:21 >> Do you want to accept the substitution?
09:29:23 >>GWEN MILLER: We'll do it when we get to it.
09:29:25 >> Do you want a motion to accept the substitution?
09:29:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Can I get a motion?
09:29:29 >> So moved.
09:29:30 >> Second.
09:29:30 (Motion carried).
09:29:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's 100 and 101.
09:29:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's correct.
09:29:37 Council, on item number 40 on your consent docket, you
09:29:39 have a request from assistant city attorney Wigginton
09:29:45 asking for a 30-day continuance.
09:29:47 I believe he is present.

09:29:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
09:29:56 >> Second.
09:29:56 (Motion carried).
09:30:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Counsel, on item -- council, on 55,
09:30:04 you have an sift by city attorney Julie Kabougeris.
09:30:18 >>> That's correct.
09:30:19 >>CHAIRMAN: Motion and second.
09:30:22 All in favor of the motion say Aye.
09:30:24 Opposed, Nay.
09:30:25 (Motion carried).
09:30:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: With regard to item 113, council,
09:30:30 that is a continued public hearing that is set for
09:30:33 9:00.
09:30:34 It is appropriate for council to take it up now if it
09:30:36 wishes.
09:30:37 Mr. Michelini is present to discuss, the staff is
09:30:40 present, for the purposes of requesting a continuance.
09:30:43 >>CHAIRMAN: You may do so.
09:30:46 >>STEVE MICHELINI: To take it off your agenda today
09:30:48 and continue for 90 days.
09:30:50 >> It's a continued public hearing so it would have to
09:30:52 be set for a date and time certain.

09:30:54 >>STEVE MICHELINI: 9 a.m. is fine.
09:30:57 The date, no, the clerk will have to give me the date,
09:31:00 90 days.
09:31:00 >> We can't continue it until we know what the date
09:31:05 is.
09:31:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: March 20th.
09:31:10 >> March 20th, 2008, 10 a.m.
09:31:16 (Motion carried).
09:31:16 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Thank you.
09:31:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Anything else, Mr. Shelby?
09:31:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to approve the agenda.
09:31:36 >>GWEN MILLER: Item 117.
09:31:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 117 cannot be heard.
09:31:43 No affidavit has been filed.
09:31:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to strike.
09:31:45 >> Second.
09:31:46 (Motion carried).
09:31:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: 119.
09:31:51 >> Second.
09:31:52 (Motion carried).
09:31:53 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move to strike 125 and 126.
09:32:06 >>GWEN MILLER: 18 and 19.

09:32:08 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That has to be taken up at 10 a.m.
09:32:13 Was there a motion on item 119?
09:32:15 >> Yes.
09:32:17 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Was there a motion on 125?
09:32:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Can't do that until 10:00.
09:32:21 >>MARTIN SHELBY: With regard to 71 to 73 Ms. Cole is
09:32:26 present to make a request of council.
09:32:27 >>JULIA COLE: I'm requesting to substitute those
09:32:29 resolutions scheduling a public hearing for chapter 27
09:32:32 to clear up minor --
09:32:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.
09:32:35 >> Second.
09:32:36 (Motion carried).
09:32:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Item 81 is a request by Tony
09:32:42 Rodriguez for a continuance on the Bayshore Boulevard
09:32:45 project to February 21, 2008.
09:32:48 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So moved.
09:32:50 >> Second.
09:32:51 (Motion carried).
09:32:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Item number 85 is a request by
09:32:54 Darrell Smith chief of staff to continue a report by
09:32:57 Gregory Spearman regarding review and progress of

09:33:01 quality employers to January 17th, 2008.
09:33:05 (Motion carried)
09:33:08 >> I believe the last item on the agenda, number 105,
09:33:16 needs to be removed from the agenda as the amendment
09:33:18 was denied at first adoption public hearing.
09:33:22 It would have to be removed from the agenda.
09:33:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Second?
09:33:26 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
09:33:28 (Motion carried).
09:33:28 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And I believe there is a request by
09:33:37 assistant city attorney Kathy Ginster to consider
09:33:42 adoption of resolutions regarding a brownfield area,
09:33:47 if council would be able to take that up at, I
09:33:49 believe, after 10 a.m.
09:33:52 Is that the correct time?
09:33:53 >>> Needs to be taken up after 10 a.m. but the request
09:33:58 is to make sure that's taken up before.
09:34:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.
09:34:03 I believe there are other that council members have
09:34:06 made requests for items 15 and 19, memorandum.
09:34:11 Would council members like to do that at this time?
09:34:14 >>GWEN MILLER:

09:34:21 >> (off microphone).
09:34:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
09:34:27 >> 51.
09:34:28 >> 23.
09:34:29 >> 62.
09:34:31 >>GWEN MILLER: 62.
09:34:33 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Madam Chair, I had requested that
09:34:38 the city manager with the city of Temple Terrace join
09:34:42 us this morning, because he had some comments that
09:34:45 were related to 62, and in deference to another
09:34:49 municipality, I would love for him to get into this
09:34:52 first batch of people who speak under public comment.
09:34:56 >> 62?
09:34:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The city manager for the city of
09:35:01 Temple Terrace is with us this morning, he has some
09:35:03 comments on 62 and I'm asking to respect his position
09:35:09 with another municipality that we allow him to speak
09:35:11 at the beginning of public comment.
09:35:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can we do it during public comment?
09:35:16 >> I just want to make sure he makes the first round.
09:35:21 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I have been informed with regard to
09:35:23 one of the items that has been pulled, and I don't

09:35:27 recall which one, I believe it's Mr. Buckhorn is
09:35:30 present to let, I believe, that the parties here are
09:35:35 present in the audience, that he would council wishes
09:35:38 to discuss it those parties are available for
09:35:40 discussion if you wish.
09:35:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mrs. Saul-Sena and Mrs. Mulhern
09:35:47 brought up items 76 and 77.
09:35:49 It appears to me that there are many people here that
09:35:51 want to hear our discussion about 76 and 77 and hear
09:35:55 what the administration's presentation is going to be.
09:35:59 Accordingly, I respectfully concur with Mrs. Saul-Sena
09:36:04 and move 76 and 77 up to really right after agendaed
09:36:09 public comment.
09:36:10 That way if folks need to get on with their day and
09:36:12 get on with their day and we can move on perhaps a
09:36:15 little more efficiently.
09:36:16 So that would be part of my -- you can lump that into
09:36:20 the changes into the agenda.
09:36:30 With everything else.
09:36:31 76 and 77.
09:36:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Do you wish to take --
09:36:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Take 77 first and then do 76.

09:36:37 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think they are kind of
09:36:39 interchanged.
09:36:50 >>MARY MULHERN: (off microphone) so that's going to be
09:36:53 first.
09:36:54 >>MARTIN SHELBY: My understanding is that number 62
09:36:56 you had asked the request to have that individual
09:36:59 speak at the beginning of public comment.
09:37:03 >>CHAIRMAN: Okay.
09:37:04 We need the motion and second.
09:37:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I want to be clear for the clerk's
09:37:10 purposes.
09:37:10 The items requested to be removed, I want to make sure
09:37:13 I am able to follow, please.
09:37:15 Items 15, 19, 23 and 62, and then of course the motion
09:37:19 with regard to moving up 76.
09:37:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You missed some.
09:37:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Highlighting for staff.
09:37:31 >>GWEN MILLER: 27.
09:37:38 >> Charlie had one.
09:37:39 >>CHAIRMAN: 27.
09:37:44 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Are you clear, madam clerk?
09:37:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Move the changes.

09:37:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:37:49 (Motion carried).
09:37:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Now we need the to approve the agenda.
09:37:54 >> So moved.
09:37:55 >> Second.
09:37:55 (Motion carried).
09:37:56 >>CHAIRMAN: We now go to our public comment.
09:38:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Madam Chair, without making -- I
09:38:04 would like a show of hands of people who would like to
09:38:07 speak today.
09:38:08 Okay.
09:38:09 In light of that, it's an unusual number.
09:38:13 We are just getting used to the 30-minute thing.
09:38:16 I think we have a couple of choices.
09:38:18 I think we can elongate it to an hour and go three
09:38:21 minutes each for an hour, out of a fairness thing, or
09:38:27 we can leave it alone.
09:38:28 Under our rules we have three minutes each up to 30
09:38:31 minutes.
09:38:31 Or we could trim down the amount of time to a minute
09:38:36 or two.
09:38:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.

09:38:39 >>CHAIRMAN: Wait a minute, if you want to speak, we
09:38:42 are not going to have booing.
09:38:44 We are going to come here and act like ladies and
09:38:46 gentlemen.
09:38:48 We want you to be respectful to us.
09:38:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: My intent is to get as many people
09:38:53 to the podium.
09:38:54 You see we have a very large agenda.
09:38:56 We have a lot of important issues including yours.
09:38:59 So I'm amenable to hearing other council members'
09:39:02 thoughts on what might be fair.
09:39:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I move that we allow everyone to
09:39:06 speak for two minutes.
09:39:09 For 30 minutes.
09:39:11 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Second.
09:39:12 Second.
09:39:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Everybody who wants to speak.
09:39:17 Up to 30 minutes.
09:39:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Then anybody who doesn't get to
09:39:22 speak during the 30 minute period can wait till the
09:39:24 end of the meeting and we'll still be here this
09:39:26 afternoon and they can speak then.

09:39:28 >>CHAIRMAN: We are and the gentleman from Temple
09:39:35 Terrace.
09:39:38 I have a motion an second.
09:39:39 All in favor of that motion say Aye.
09:39:40 (Motion carried).
09:39:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The Temple Terrace city manager.
09:39:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What is this issue?
09:39:52 >>> It relates to 62.
09:39:54 >>> Thank you for the promotion.
09:39:56 I'm actually the city services manager.
09:40:00 I'll make this quick.
09:40:01 I realize you have a big agenda.
09:40:03 Tampa Bay was just voted by the Brookings institute as
09:40:07 the least walkable of the 30 largest metro areas in
09:40:12 the country and the city of Temple Terrace has
09:40:15 embarked on an effort to become the most walkable
09:40:17 small city to the formation of a multimodal
09:40:20 transportation district.
09:40:23 With the formation of the multimodal transportation
09:40:25 district the city will modify its transportation
09:40:28 concurrency ordinance so that all developer
09:40:32 contributions through a proportion of fair share

09:40:35 provisions will be used to fund not just roadway
09:40:39 improvements but transit operational costs, pedestrian
09:40:43 improvements, bike paths, routes, and of course the
09:40:47 roadway improvements.
09:40:49 The idea here is to make our entire city walkable,
09:40:53 bikable, and pedestrian friendly.
09:40:56 And I -- I lived in Tampa most of my life, and your
09:41:01 neighborhoods are just the size of our city.
09:41:04 We have 24,000 residents.
09:41:06 And I would like the council to consider a multimodal
09:41:11 district.
09:41:12 It relates really to the Oliver selection, because
09:41:15 perhaps part of that, their scope of work could be to
09:41:18 look at this alternative, because we all know that
09:41:23 Hart is hurting for operational funds.
09:41:25 Their expansion is going to be hindered with the
09:41:27 property tax issue.
09:41:29 And if we can get the development community to
09:41:30 contribute to transit, we really think in the long run
09:41:34 we are all going to be better off.
09:41:36 So just a suggestion.
09:41:38 Temple Terrace is embarking on this multimodal

09:41:40 district.
09:41:41 I have a copy here that I can certainly give to your
09:41:44 council members.
09:41:45 I think Mrs. Saul-Sena has a copy of that already.
09:41:48 Just an idea of what we are doing and a suggestion for
09:41:51 our larger great neighbor.
09:41:54 Thank you.
09:41:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Ralph.
09:41:56 My question, and this is really our problem, not
09:41:59 yours, but your district is the entire city.
09:42:02 >>> That's correct.
09:42:04 >> So would you foresee us doing that as creating
09:42:09 neighborhoods?
09:42:09 Or are you suggesting we can do that for the whole
09:42:11 city?
09:42:12 >>> If there's no rule on how you do it -- you have
09:42:16 transportation improvement exception areas all over
09:42:18 the city.
09:42:19 Good news and bad news with those is that they allow a
09:42:22 lot of flexibility of what goes on with your transit
09:42:24 money, but it doesn't give you an overall plan, or a
09:42:28 plan for pedestrian friendly walkability.

09:42:32 And there's a lot of staff discretion on how the TCEA
09:42:37 funds get spent and that's the good thing.
09:42:39 The bad thing is there's no overall plan.
09:42:41 And what neighborhood in your city doesn't want to be
09:42:44 walkable or pedestrian friendly?
09:42:46 I doubt if you would find one.
09:42:47 >>MARY MULHERN: That would be a good starting point,
09:42:51 to take our TCEA district and make it a multimodal
09:42:55 district.
09:42:55 >>> Yes.
09:42:58 In a patterned way and planned way fold in our own
09:43:02 TCEA which is our downtown business district into the
09:43:05 overall multimodal in a phased approach so that any
09:43:08 projects that are in process can finish up and move on
09:43:12 so that the entire city becomes a walkable community.
09:43:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you so much for coming and
09:43:19 sharing.
09:43:28 Wait, Charlie.
09:43:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, it was not going to be too
09:43:32 complimentary, so go on.
09:43:35 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
09:43:37 I don't know if you want to hear from staff on this

09:43:39 particular issue.
09:43:40 But.
09:43:45 >> County wait.
09:43:46 >>CHAIRMAN: Now we go to 30 public comments for 30
09:43:51 minutes.
09:43:51 Two minutes each.
09:43:52 If you are going to speak, come up now.
09:43:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Could babies be taken to the lobby?
09:44:13 >>CHAIRMAN: 30 minutes.
09:44:14 Time it for 30 minutes.
09:44:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Clarification.
09:44:23 Reverend Scott, county is 30 minutes.
09:44:28 As people come to the podium, do you stop the clock
09:44:30 and then start again?
09:44:31 I don't know how it goes.
09:44:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It just runs.
09:44:35 >>GWEN MILLER: You may begin, sir.
09:44:37 >> Get up to the microphone fast.
09:44:39 Clock is running.
09:44:40 Gerald.
09:44:40 >>> Good morning, Council.
09:44:41 Gerald White, resident of the City of Tampa, 24-year

09:44:45 member IBW local 108, former vice-president, first
09:44:52 African-American vice-president Tampa Electric
09:44:52 Employees Union, former board member of the Central
09:44:56 Florida Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.
09:44:59 I stand in support of the workers here in the City of
09:45:02 Tampa.
09:45:02 I'm just asking that the citizens, for fairness, that
09:45:08 cuts be looked at across the board. I'm opposed to
09:45:10 privatization of public jobs.
09:45:13 Sure, we want to run like a business, but we are not a
09:45:14 business.
09:45:15 We are a government in whole, and I would ask the mayor
09:45:17 conduct herself in that way.
09:45:19 The mayor has been a friend to the black community, the
09:45:22 Hispanic community, and I do not want any union leader
09:45:25 to leave here believing that the mayor has been in any
09:45:29 way harmful to the black people, African-American
09:45:29 citizens.
09:45:32 She's been friends to the black people, and I wanted to
09:45:35 make that clear.
09:45:36 She's a friend to the Hispanic community.
09:45:38 And this city has always been a safe haven for
09:45:41 African-Americans and Hispanics.
09:45:44 Keep the argument where it needs to be, collective
09:45:46 bargaining.

09:45:47 And I'm a strong supporter of collective bargaining.
09:45:50 And I support the labor members here within the City of
09:45:54 Tampa, work with them, look across the board, look at
09:45:58 some of the professional positions and be at the table.
09:46:02 There are very positive ways in order to reach positive
09:46:05 solutions for everybody.
09:46:06 And I'm asking you just to open up the whole city
09:46:08 government, look at all the positions in the city
09:46:10 government from the mayor's position, under the mayor's
09:46:13 position on down.
09:46:14 No one should be exempt from a cut, from being relieved
09:46:18 of their duties.
09:46:21 (Applause)
09:46:22 Combine the services with the city and the county.
09:46:24 It's time to look at combining some of these local
09:46:27 services to save the taxpayers some money and keep
09:46:29 people working.
09:46:30 I'm a strong supporter in workers.
09:46:33 We can do it.
09:46:34 We need to do it together.
09:46:35 The workers and the elected officials working together
09:46:38 for one community, the City of Tampa. (Applause)
09:46:47 >>> Good morning.

09:46:49 I'm Martha Stevens, president and business agent of
09:46:52 amalgamated transit union local 1464, and I represent
09:46:55 the bargaining unit employees of the -- employees, and
09:46:59 I stand here this morning, our issue is not race,
09:47:03 color, creed.
09:47:05 I represent the employees, I represent all the
09:47:08 employees in the bargaining unit.
09:47:11 Our concern is the employees' jobs.
09:47:14 These people you see standing here are not only
09:47:16 employees of the City of Tampa, they are citizens of
09:47:20 the City of Tampa.
09:47:22 They are taxpayers.
09:47:24 The union wants to be involved in the decision-making
09:47:28 of the City of Tampa employees.
09:47:29 We don't want to hear from the media.
09:47:33 Last month I was in Orlando attending a training class.
09:47:36 I got a call from my office that the media had
09:47:39 contacted us about the 100 people layoff.
09:47:42 I got another call saying HR wants to meet with us.
09:47:47 All after the fact.
09:47:48 We are saying let's sit down to the table together like
09:47:51 Mr. Gonzalez say.

09:47:53 There's a bargaining agent here. It's the City of
09:47:55 Tampa bargaining agent and myself as president of the
09:47:58 local 1464.
09:48:00 Our concern is that privatization is going to do away
09:48:03 with these peoples jobs.
09:48:07 They are lacking health insurance.
09:48:09 They are going to be lacking foreclosure on their
09:48:11 homes.
09:48:12 We have elderly people concerned here.
09:48:14 We have people 55 years old, people that have dedicated
09:48:18 over half of their life to the city.
09:48:19 Dedicate to the city doing their part, you know, I'm
09:48:24 doing my part for the City of Tampa.
09:48:25 They have done their part.
09:48:27 And I know the mayor has the authority to lay off and
09:48:30 whatever, cutbacks, but what we are asking you all,
09:48:33 when you look at these contracts, low at them
09:48:36 seriously.
09:48:37 Ask the question why?
09:48:39 Are these contracts going to pay livable wages to these
09:48:42 people?
09:48:42 Are they going to be under health insurance?

09:48:44 Because what we are talking about unlike the previous
09:48:48 layoff where some employees had bunker rights, these
09:48:52 people are at the bottom.
09:48:53 They are page rate 14 to 16.
09:48:57 You can't bump up.
09:48:59 You bump down.
09:49:01 And as you bump down they are busting out of the doors.
09:49:04 We are a public government here.
09:49:06 We are not a private industry.
09:49:07 And we want to be treated, these are public employees.
09:49:11 They came to the City of Tampa because we are public
09:49:15 employees, we are unionized, and feel they have job
09:49:19 security unlike the private industry.
09:49:20 So we ask you take a serious look when you okay those
09:49:24 contracts or not okay them.
09:49:25 Thank you.
09:49:33 >>> Good morning, council members.
09:49:43 We know we have two minutes.
09:49:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Keep talking.
09:49:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Keep talking.
09:49:50 Hurry up.
09:49:52 >>> Okay.

09:49:52 Me and my fellow employees, we would like to read this,
09:49:58 each two minutes each.
09:49:59 First of all I would like to say this morning to thank
09:50:02 you personally, for taking his own time of our own very
09:50:11 busy schedule to a very important meeting with the
09:50:16 mayor, privatization plan, and allowing all of us the
09:50:19 chance, and opportunity to give input and testimony of
09:50:25 this very important issue.
09:50:32 Mailed a letter to each of us and it was greatly
09:50:34 appreciated.
09:50:37 We also brought the support and request for information
09:50:43 of gender, race, background, and the city health care
09:50:51 plan, despite the fact the mayor and the city attorney.
09:50:57 An investigation over several days for demographic
09:51:02 information for security for minorities.
09:51:07 Also the fact that these noted positions have been
09:51:10 targeted and we are the ones who are at the bottom of
09:51:13 the ladder. In city government no one who can afford
09:51:16 it the least.
09:51:20 Those who live in the east side of the city want to
09:51:22 redevelop, and an economic issue and out standing
09:51:32 service.

09:51:32 To do so currently as expressly required and demand by
09:51:37 the city, of the city, by spend the attachment and good
09:51:43 reasons of service.
09:51:51 For the position of the City of Tampa and security.
09:51:57 When the mayor was first elected five years ago, the
09:51:59 election campaign was for outstanding quality service,
09:52:03 and her vision was that Tampa will be recognized as a
09:52:08 diverse program.
09:52:08 (Bell sounds).
09:52:10 >>CHAIRMAN: Put your name on the record for the clerk.
09:52:12 What's your name?
09:52:17 We can't hear, they are clapping.
09:52:18 >>> Delory Francis.
09:52:23 >>> To enhance the quality of life within our
09:52:30 community.
09:52:31 In order to achieve a vision, mission and goal, she had
09:52:34 to be guided by a set of core values.
09:52:38 These core values include integrity, teamwork,
09:52:41 excellence and respect, to ensure the support of all
09:52:44 employees and to concentrate on the outstanding quality
09:52:48 of customer service offered to the taxpayers, the
09:52:51 residents, business owners and citizens of our

09:52:53 community and city.
09:52:54 The mayor developed, implemented and initiated the
09:52:57 strategic plan, the customer service center process,
09:53:01 revised and implemented a code of ethics and also
09:53:04 developed and implemented programs for all employees to
09:53:07 be involved in and to be proud of being a part of the
09:53:10 program -- of this program.
09:53:13 Called "I am Tampa" doing my part.
09:53:16 All employees jumped on this campaign bandwagon and
09:53:20 supported the mayor and her efforts to achieve the
09:53:23 vision and mission throughout her first four-year term
09:53:25 as mayor.
09:53:26 As a city employee, we all maintain integrity.
09:53:29 Demonstrating honesty and sincerity in all of our
09:53:34 dealings, upholding only the highest ethical, sensible
09:53:37 and making decisions that reflect the highest standards
09:53:41 of stewardship and accountability of sources.
09:53:45 Excellent being accountable for our actions, delivering
09:53:49 every product and service of city government in an
09:53:51 outstanding manner, developing a quality workforce and
09:53:54 showing pride in our efforts, and the community in
09:53:58 which we live and work, respect, showing consideration,

09:54:01 and regard for individual institutions, judging all
09:54:05 people on their own merits, being tolerant and
09:54:08 appreciative and accepting individual differences, and
09:54:13 teamwork, working in full cooperation and with mutual
09:54:16 support that inspires trust, respect, in order to
09:54:20 achieve a common goal, spirit of service, above and
09:54:23 beyond any other.
09:54:24 My job as security guard along with all of my other
09:54:27 co-workers and colleagues take pride in and value our
09:54:31 jobs.
09:54:32 We are committed to our success with our own blood,
09:54:36 sweat and tears by following all of the above mentioned
09:54:39 items, dedicated and loyal to our employer, and have
09:54:43 contributed long hours, hard work put in, that extra
09:54:47 effort when needed.
09:54:50 With those normal season and special events, holiday,
09:54:53 weekends, and diversified shifts, when needed.
09:55:00 >>> Due to severe inclement weather along with weekends
09:55:09 and holiday, and especially in hurricane season.
09:55:13 Security guards have been committed to train and
09:55:16 discipline, held the highest recruitment standards, for
09:55:20 the disposition of the results we have senior

09:55:25 professional officers, well over 20 years of
09:55:27 outstanding service for our customers and citizens.
09:55:31 Each of these employees, security guards, have made a
09:55:34 career out of this employment, giving them a level of
09:55:38 comfort to be vested in years of service, benefits and
09:55:41 retirements, most of all, health benefits.
09:55:44 Not only for themselves but with employees but to their
09:55:48 families as well.
09:55:49 Due to the loyal service they have not been rewarded
09:55:55 for their outstanding service, well deserved, but still
09:55:58 remains below our internal pay scale.
09:56:03 Also, nail scale and skill.
09:56:09 City of Tampa employees security guard are responsible
09:56:13 for the protection of life, limb, and municipal
09:56:17 property within city limits.
09:56:19 My task involves the assignment municipal facilities,
09:56:24 or properties, either by fought or motor vehicle,
09:56:29 preventing fire, threat, crime, other disruptive acts,
09:56:36 injuries to our commerce, ensuring their safety.
09:56:38 The time and effort for the replacement of multiple
09:56:45 over special events of city co-sponsored events
09:56:48 throughout the year.

09:56:49 Ensure that these facility, buildings, equipment,
09:56:52 materials, are secured and fire extinguishers along
09:56:59 with alarms, operational systems are operatable.
09:57:03 We make monthly inspections and reports, and report
09:57:08 unusual circumstances, conditions or activities, keep
09:57:13 unauthorized persons out of the area.
09:57:17 We investigate areas of concern to take immediate
09:57:21 action if required and warranted.
09:57:23 We resolve problems of disturbance and if necessary
09:57:27 report persons violating rules, procedures, policies or
09:57:30 regulations as needed.
09:57:32 We thank you very much.
09:57:37 (Bell sounds)
09:57:39 >> Point of order.
09:57:45 Can we allow the next person that's going to finish
09:57:47 reading this statement so it doesn't get out of
09:57:49 continuity?
09:57:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.
09:57:53 >>> Deondrey Woods from the parking division.
09:58:04 >> Louder.
09:58:04 >>> I'm sorry.
09:58:06 And standards in operating a vehicle with current valid

09:58:08 Florida driver's licenses as required along with
09:58:11 Florida State certification as parking enforcement
09:58:15 specialist and security.
09:58:17 Issuing citations is also among --
09:58:29 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can I interrupt for one second?
09:58:31 We have a limited amount of time.
09:58:33 This is a great document.
09:58:34 Would you speak to us and tell us from right here how
09:58:37 you feel?
09:58:39 >>> Okay, sir.
09:58:42 (applause)
09:58:44 We feel that privatization is unfair.
09:58:51 And we challenge you to show us that anywhere, where
09:58:58 privatization has worked even better than ours.
09:59:07 I have been here 13 years.
09:59:10 I'm in the parking division, like I said.
09:59:12 We tried privatization before.
09:59:13 It's not worked to this date.
09:59:18 There are inherent, many problems with privatization.
09:59:25 But the bottom line remains that what you get with the
09:59:29 city employee is accountability.
09:59:31 Bottom line.

09:59:32 Accountability.
09:59:36 [ Applause ]
09:59:37 >>> My name is Ronnie Gipson.
09:59:43 I'm a member of the City of Tampa park and recreation
09:59:46 security.
09:59:47 I'm a sing also military veteran.
09:59:52 Obviously, also, in my department, at least 85% of us,
09:59:57 are military veterans.
10:00:00 >> Ms. Saul-Sena also asked about health care benefits.
10:00:03 >>> Basically, privatization is not going to work.
10:00:07 Private security cannot do the job in which we do.
10:00:10 We are involved with a wide variety of basically
10:00:15 anywhere from domestic violence, civil disturbance, we
10:00:18 get break ins that wove to respond to, and you can talk
10:00:23 to a lot of officers out there at Tampa Police
10:00:25 Department can tell you that basically they wouldn't
10:00:28 like the job that we have because the fact of the
10:00:30 matter is we deal with the same element of crime that
10:00:33 TPD deals with but within the park.
10:00:38 Privatization is not going to work.
10:00:42 I wish one would look better and realize that private
10:00:45 security is not going to be able to do what we do.

10:00:49 We respond to a lot of other elements outside our job
10:00:54 that the city requires us to do, and if anyone has put
10:00:59 really serious thought into this, they will realize
10:01:02 that private security is not the way to go.
10:01:07 [ Applause ]
10:01:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
10:01:10 >>> My name is Ronald Starr, security officer in the
10:01:13 parking division.
10:01:14 And I like what you said, Mr. Dingfelder.
10:01:16 I'm going to speak from my heart.
10:01:19 I have been with the city over 20 years.
10:01:20 I have dedicated my life to this city.
10:01:24 I have been a loyal, outstanding employee for over 20
10:01:29 years, which you can check this out with my valuations
10:01:33 that I have every year.
10:01:35 I have gotten outstanding evaluations.
10:01:37 I have made employee of the month for the whole City of
10:01:40 Tampa once.
10:01:42 And to take all this away just isn't right to me.
10:01:48 Because you're dealing with dedicated, professionals.
10:01:52 I consider myself as a professional employee by the job
10:01:56 that I do and the knowledge that I acquired over the 20

10:02:00 years that I have been with the city, that I know how
10:02:02 to deal with things out there because I'm the midnight
10:02:05 shift.
10:02:06 I don't have a supervisor that I can call up every time
10:02:09 I need a decision made.
10:02:12 A lot of times, I have to make these decisions on my
10:02:15 own through common sense and through evaluation, and it
10:02:22 appears that every decision that I have made has been
10:02:24 the right decision.
10:02:27 So I'm talking from this standpoint.
10:02:30 I love the City of Tampa.
10:02:32 I have laid down my life for 20-some years with the
10:02:35 city.
10:02:36 I have done everything that I have been asked to do, as
10:02:39 well as some of my other security officers.
10:02:41 We have gone above and beyond what was expected from
10:02:44 us.
10:02:46 And I think you all should just really think about this
10:02:52 and just realizing, if this happens, if they go
10:02:57 privatization, which I used to be in the private sector
10:03:01 as a security guard, so I know the problems you're
10:03:04 going to deal with, and it's not a good thing that you

10:03:08 are going to have to deal with a private security
10:03:10 company compared to the loyal, dedicated city
10:03:13 employees, okay?
10:03:16 And I really appreciate you all listening to us today,
10:03:22 and thank you very much.
10:03:23 [ Applause ]
10:03:24 >>> Good morning.
10:03:29 My name is George Cooper.
10:03:33 My number one problem is the layoffs, with my fellow
10:03:37 co-workers, starting at the bottom.
10:03:39 I have a problem with the city starting at the bottom.
10:03:44 If they would consider across the board cuts, maybe
10:03:47 that would probably help us out.
10:03:49 But starting from the guys -- I started out in the city
10:03:53 working in the gym, cleaning the gym as an SA-2 and we
10:03:59 not only cleaned the building, we also do private
10:04:03 security when we are in there.
10:04:05 We have looking out for the kids.
10:04:09 And now working the park.
10:04:12 We also had to do security in the park when security is
10:04:16 not around.
10:04:18 The other problem I have is that not informing the

10:04:25 union and giving us a fair break, a fair break on
10:04:29 what's happening with the layoffs.
10:04:30 Now, we realize that we are part of collective
10:04:34 bargaining agency, and the mayor didn't inform them of
10:04:38 what was going on as far as the layoffs.
10:04:41 And we need to be -- we need to have a better look at
10:04:45 this situation.
10:04:46 It seems like the mayor is -- I don't want to use the
10:04:52 word renegade, you know.
10:04:56 She wants to go private.
10:04:58 But we, as employees of the city, we don't think that's
10:05:03 going to work for the city, because we are most
10:05:05 dedicated in our jobs, and basically we love our job,
10:05:09 you know.
10:05:11 You hear a lot of people say that.
10:05:13 But most of the guys I work with are really dedicated
10:05:16 guys and really like what they do and they are really
10:05:18 concerned about what goes on in their jobs, in the
10:05:22 everyday duty, and I'm getting up in age and I need my
10:05:27 benefits.
10:05:28 And don't want to start over at 56.
10:05:30 If you really look at that, the bottom line is, we

10:05:34 consider this whole layoff deal with city employees.
10:05:40 Privatizing is not a good idea.
10:05:45 I know the mayor wants to save money.
10:05:47 But she needs to look at other areas.
10:05:50 Of saving money.
10:05:54 Resident employees, benefit employees, we are making a
10:05:59 decent living for themselves.
10:06:02 [ Applause ]
10:06:06 >>> Greg Pound.
10:06:09 I want to say the issue here, the service problem --
10:06:15 losing our jobs is just the surface problem.
10:06:18 The real problem is the internal problem we have with
10:06:20 our government, the corruption that we have in the
10:06:22 laundering of money.
10:06:24 Now I have a web site called so you can
10:06:30 see what's going on with federal grant money of
10:06:32 children in Florida and this is bringing a judgment on
10:06:34 our economy and on our state, as I told them in
10:06:36 Tallahassee, the bankers, the real estate people, I
10:06:39 told them, listen, you're bringing a state under
10:06:42 judgment because of your agreed and the lust and the
10:06:45 evil that you are doing to us as a people.

10:06:47 We have elected people in office to protect our
10:06:49 interests, not to take us and use us, and then when
10:06:54 they get done with us discard us.
10:06:56 As you look at what's going on in Florida just for
10:06:59 money look, at the internal corruption going on in our
10:07:01 judicial system, in our courts, just what it's doing
10:07:06 with federal grant money.
10:07:07 So this is my opportunity to say to Hillsborough County
10:07:09 and the rest in the State of Florida, this is just the
10:07:13 beginning of the judgment because as leaders we have
10:07:15 chosen a leader.
10:07:16 If they are not looking out for us as a people.
10:07:18 They are looking out for their own pocket.
10:07:20 They.
10:07:21 And now when the money runs out we are going to pay for
10:07:24 it.
10:07:24 Just look at what they are doing to the families and
10:07:26 look at what they are going to do -- this is just the
10:07:29 beginning of what's happening in the State of Florida.
10:07:31 You watch this web site,
10:07:36 If you tell me this isn't true I'll give you a thousand
10:07:39 dollars.

10:07:39 Call me.
10:07:40 >>> Bruce baker.
10:07:51 What I'm concerned about is favoritism and nepotism.
10:07:56 The people who are at the bottom of this particular
10:07:59 train is getting laid off, never had an opportunity to
10:08:02 promote.
10:08:03 And you have got people who have three years, some ten
10:08:08 years, that's been promoted, now being the ones laid
10:08:12 off as opposed to the one that is got three years on
10:08:14 the job.
10:08:17 If just the way that people like to higher their own
10:08:23 family members and promote them or whatever the deal
10:08:25 is.
10:08:25 But most of the of those laid off are those who never
10:08:29 had the opportunity to get promoted and I think that's
10:08:31 unfair.
10:08:34 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thanks.
10:08:37 >>> Steve Slidell, I'm with the communication workers
10:08:41 of America, a different union.
10:08:43 But I represent public workers in Pinellas County,
10:08:46 Clearwater, Largo, St. Pete Beach, Madeira Beach, Port
10:08:49 Richey.

10:08:49 Privatization has been the battle cry used against us
10:08:55 for all the 20 years I have been involved in the labor
10:08:58 movement.
10:08:58 This is no different than any other time that it's been
10:09:03 tried.
10:09:04 When you privatize security services, all you have for
10:09:07 accountable is a contract, with the private contractor.
10:09:12 That's it.
10:09:13 You cannot discipline individuals hired by them.
10:09:16 You might be able to criminally prosecute them but
10:09:19 that's all you would be able to do.
10:09:21 And your liability for the contractor -- by the way,
10:09:25 you contract away reliability so that means that these
10:09:29 folks, many of who will be hired without background
10:09:31 checks or minimal background checks, many who would be
10:09:34 temporary workers, day laborers, because that's how
10:09:38 private security keeps their cost down so they make the
10:09:41 most profit.
10:09:41 They don't make profit with full-time, well educated
10:09:45 well trained employees.
10:09:46 They make profit where pay the somebody the least
10:09:51 amount of money possible by law.

10:09:52 That's how they make their money.
10:09:54 And those are the people that will be -- your
10:09:59 government to the citizens of Tampa.
10:10:02 You must remember that you must keep that in mind.
10:10:05 In Clearwater we tried privatizing all kinds of things.
10:10:09 But the fact of the matter is, at then of the day,
10:10:12 mostly everything comes back to us.
10:10:13 And that's okay.
10:10:15 We it's good to know that it will show that we were
10:10:24 right to begin with.
10:10:36 Privatization is nothing more than a good old boy
10:10:38 network.
10:10:39 Okay?
10:10:39 Who gets the contract?
10:10:43 All kind of shenanigans.
10:10:45 At the end of the day it's always the low bidder.
10:10:47 He has to make a profit.
10:10:48 He's not going to do it for free.
10:10:50 He might do it for free the first year of the contract.
10:10:53 I have seen contractors the second year lose money.
10:10:55 But by the third year they own you, you don't own them.
10:10:58 Please remember that.

10:10:59 Please low at all the numbers.
10:11:04 The department of corrections, PCC, correction
10:11:06 institute, that the state privatized the jails with.
10:11:10 $51 million unaccounted for.
10:11:13 Recently, PCA made a settlement with the state
10:11:17 government to pay back $3 million of it.
10:11:23 [ Applause ]
10:11:24 >>> Good morning, City Council.
10:11:30 Happy holiday.
10:11:32 I want to thank you for this opportunity to be able to
10:11:35 speak.
10:11:36 I'll sum it up rather quickly.
10:11:40 The gentleman said speak from your heart.
10:11:42 Maria D. Wellman.
10:11:44 Pi work for the parking division.
10:11:45 I'm a service attendant 3.
10:11:47 When I started working for the City of Tampa I made
10:11:49 $7.76 an hour.
10:11:51 I had no benefits.
10:11:53 And I took pride in this job, in this community.
10:11:57 And serving my internal, my external customers.
10:12:00 The job that we have is being classified as janitorial.

10:12:05 But actually in the parking division, service is
10:12:08 utilized for various tasks, from pressure washing to
10:12:12 painting.
10:12:13 We help with events.
10:12:14 We have help with traffic.
10:12:19 We work with customers.
10:12:20 So we have a variety of duties that we perform.
10:12:23 And at this present time, we have some private people
10:12:29 that are working within our organization.
10:12:32 And the dedication and the accountability that you get
10:12:36 from a city employee because they have pride in knowing
10:12:40 the customers, availability to work any hours, which we
10:12:43 are asked to work in any types of weather, different
10:12:47 varying shifts, we do several different
10:12:49 responsibilities for the parking division, and I
10:12:51 personally myself have been proud to work with these
10:12:54 people.
10:12:56 I've learned a lot from them.
10:12:57 I take a lot of pride in the city.
10:12:59 And I just would hope that you would take this into
10:13:03 consideration as you are thinking about this, because
10:13:06 there are those of us that truly love serving this

10:13:08 city.
10:13:09 Thank you.
10:13:16 >>> Al Steenson, 4100 west LEILA Avenue, Tampa, Florida
10:13:22 president of Gandy civic association.
10:13:24 I don't mean to detract from what appears to be a very
10:13:27 volatile issue today but I'm here to talk about item
10:13:30 82.
10:13:30 This was triggered by a notice of intent that was sent
10:13:36 by D.O.T. to the Wal-Mart folks, and having sent that
10:13:40 to Mr. Dingfelder, he then put this item on the agenda.
10:13:46 What has transpired since then, as Wal-Mart has filed
10:13:50 what they classify as -- I don't know exactly the name
10:13:54 of it.
10:13:55 A petition for formal proceedings in which in effect
10:13:58 they are asking for an appeal.
10:14:00 Now, we don't know what the outcome of this is going to
10:14:02 be.
10:14:03 If D.O.T. will prevail, or will Wal-Mart prevail?
10:14:08 I can tell you this right now.
10:14:09 If D.O.T. prevails, the site plan that was shown to our
10:14:13 association, showing 160,000 square foot building and
10:14:18 658 parking places, as far as we are concerned, is

10:14:21 unacceptable, because you cannot put all that traffic
10:14:27 onto Lois Avenue, which is a two-lane, local street.
10:14:30 I realize part of it is a truck route.
10:14:33 But it's still a two-lane local road.
10:14:35 And if D.O.T. prevails on this -- and I don't know
10:14:39 whether they will or not, I have no clue -- what we
10:14:43 have seen thus far is totally unacceptable to the Gandy
10:14:47 civic association.
10:14:48 We haven't seen a site plan.
10:14:51 We haven't seen a rendering of what the building is
10:14:53 going to look like.
10:14:55 All we know is that they filed an appeal.
10:14:58 Thank you very much.
10:14:58 You all have a wonderful holiday.
10:15:04 [ Applause ]
10:15:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Even you get applause, Al.
10:15:08 Even you get applause.
10:15:11 >>> Good morning, City Council.
10:15:15 >> I'm sorry, the 30-minute time period is up.
10:15:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The last speaker was not part of the
10:15:26 deal.
10:15:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Anybody can speak.

10:15:28 Anybody can speak now.
10:15:31 Go ahead and finish sir.
10:15:33 >>> My name is Alonzo Ramirez.
10:15:37 I own one of the six security officers at the water
10:15:41 treatment plant which is the main polluter of drinking
10:15:50 water.
10:15:50 When we were hired five years ago because of the 9/11
10:15:53 terrorism attacks, the city hired us because we have
10:15:56 the skills and expertise in all security areas.
10:16:01 I will let background speak for itself.
10:16:02 The member of my crew are people retired from police
10:16:10 department, secret service and the armed forces. It's
10:16:13 going to be difficult for terrorists to get easy
10:16:13 access while we are still working.
10:16:16 There is no way that anybody can compare the type of
10:16:19 security that when bring to the department with any
10:16:23 private company.
10:16:28 I have a lot of experience with private security
10:16:29 company, and they hire anybody without even running
10:16:34 background check.
10:16:35 In five years that we took over the security in this
10:16:36 plant nothing happen.

10:16:42 I don't know about tomorrow if a private company takes
10:16:48 over the security at that plant.
10:16:55 I am sure that with no members of my group they have a
10:17:01 chance to do something like that.
10:17:02 Also, it's a big risk for the community and the city
10:17:06 employees to not have the proper level of security in
10:17:11 this type of plan.
10:17:14 What about if terrorists decided to target our main
10:17:18 sources of water tomorrow?
10:17:20 My question to everybody is, is it worth it to put the
10:17:22 lives of millions of people in jeopardy to save some
10:17:26 money when there are many ways to save it?
10:17:31 Also, I am pretty sure that the city has many ways to
10:17:34 save money.
10:17:35 For example, this is my first pair of shoes. Five
10:17:35 years I wore these. The city gave me these shoes.
10:17:35 $160 pair of shoes.
10:17:35 Why don't they just give me an $80 pair of shoes every
10:17:35 two years?
10:17:35 [ Laughter ]
10:17:59 There are many ways to save money.
10:18:00 I don't need $160 pair of shoes when I can have $80
10:18:00 every two years.

10:18:02 And also, it's not just going to be our losses. Every
10:18:02 family member here. We are going to lose our work. We
10:18:02 are going to lose probably our houses, everything.
10:18:02 -- And I appreciate your time.
10:18:37 [ Applause ]
10:18:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Madam Chair.
10:18:39 I want to thank everybody for coming.
10:18:42 I think this council spends a lot of time on far less
10:18:47 important issues and I would make a motion that we
10:18:49 spend about another 15 minutes or so.
10:18:52 There's a lot of people who have come and they are
10:18:55 going to leave disappointed not to tell us how they
10:18:57 feel.
10:18:58 I would just ask indulgence of council for another 15
10:19:00 minutes of two minutes each for so we can get another
10:19:04 seven or eight folks to speak.
10:19:06 [ Applause ]
10:19:07 >>CHAIRMAN: We have a motion and second.
10:19:17 All right.
10:19:18 Go ahead, sir.
10:19:19 >>> Thank you.
10:19:20 For your time and.
10:19:22 My name is Jay West.

10:19:25 This is my mother, Brenda West.
10:19:26 She also works for the city.
10:19:27 I represent the parks and recreation security.
10:19:31 >>> Good morning, City Council.
10:19:32 My name again is Brenda West and I'm an SA-2, Parks
10:19:35 Department.
10:19:37 >>> I'm going to actually just touch on my particular
10:19:39 division.
10:19:39 I'm sure many of you have seen us.
10:19:42 I have worked with many of these ladies and gentlemen
10:19:45 on both sides, custodial as well as the security aspect
10:19:48 of it.
10:19:49 Something that I hope you guys look into is the actual
10:19:52 side of how we affect the community.
10:19:55 We are part of the community.
10:19:56 But we also affect the community.
10:19:59 We actually adopted a motto: It starts in the parks.
10:20:03 And it starts in the parks as far as crime, as far as
10:20:08 different services that we also render in order to
10:20:10 eliminate that.
10:20:11 And if you actually go back he would work closely in
10:20:14 hand with TPD.

10:20:15 You can actually find some of the reports.
10:20:17 I have worked with some fine gentlemen.
10:20:18 We have prevented rapes.
10:20:19 We have saved lives as far as poem falling into the bay
10:20:23 and losing their life.
10:20:25 This is life that we talk about that we effect.
10:20:27 We have prevented violent acts, violent crimes with
10:20:30 weapons, handguns.
10:20:32 This is what we bring to the community.
10:20:35 And that's the type of passion that I think that you
10:20:38 should think about, because you cannot put a dollar
10:20:41 amount on that.
10:20:42 We actually adopted a creed: I am Tampa.
10:20:45 We have lived by that creed.
10:20:49 I am Tampa.
10:20:51 We have affected the community.
10:20:53 We affect each other as a group.
10:20:56 And I've seen some valued work from all of these ladies
10:20:59 and gentlemen that are in here because I know quite a
10:21:01 few of them and have worked closely with them.
10:21:03 And I would hope that you would think closely and
10:21:06 really consider, can you actually give the same type of

10:21:11 value and efficiency from a privatized group?
10:21:16 [ Applause ]
10:21:18 >>> We were asked to be -- Mayor Iorio, to be all
10:21:29 inclusive, and I do think that we as a whole in our
10:21:32 department, the entire employee staff that work with
10:21:34 the City of Tampa have tried to make their jobs all
10:21:36 inclusive.
10:21:37 They have asked to us multitask.
10:21:39 We multitasked.
10:21:40 We have done everything you all heard before other
10:21:42 people speaking as I came in, we painted walls, we and
10:21:47 this is SA-2, people that go out, weeding flowers, we
10:21:51 come inside.
10:21:52 I mean, we have done every single thing that we have
10:21:54 been required to do.
10:21:55 And this was before we even knew these cuts were
10:21:58 coming.
10:21:58 You know, you asked us to speak from our heart.
10:22:02 I'm speaking from my heart.
10:22:04 I can vouch for my co-workers, paintbrushes, rolling,
10:22:10 going outside, planting sod, the flowers.
10:22:15 We have done it.

10:22:20 [ Applause ]
10:22:21 >> Good morning.
10:22:23 I'm Mary Neumeier.
10:22:27 Previous president of amalgamated transit union, local
10:22:30 1464, retired city employee, and I'm coming today to
10:22:34 talk to you about being a security officer.
10:22:37 I have a part-time job and I'm a security officer for a
10:22:40 private company.
10:22:41 Let me tell you what you are going to get.
10:22:43 First of all -- [ Applause ]
10:22:47 Not me, okay?
10:22:49 First of all, when I decided to become a security
10:22:52 officer, you have to go to security training.
10:22:54 Let me tell you, a lot of people in my class were not
10:22:58 the sharpest knives in the drawer, okay?
10:23:01 And the supervisor, our trainer, was mostly concerned
10:23:05 about making sure everybody passed.
10:23:09 Everybody passed.
10:23:10 If you get my drift.
10:23:11 Okay?
10:23:12 Then we had to be state certified.
10:23:16 Well, curiously enough, my son also took the training

10:23:19 class, managed to get his name misspelled on his
10:23:23 application, the state did a background check with his
10:23:28 misspelled name and still said he's a fine citizen.
10:23:32 So these are the kind of glitches you are going to wind
10:23:35 up with.
10:23:36 I want to also say that in the industry, they have a
10:23:39 thing where they like to work people 12-hour shifts.
10:23:43 I don't think he would want people working 12-hour
10:23:46 shifts.
10:23:47 And being as aware of these individuals are when they
10:23:54 were.
10:23:56 I'm not going to touch on the pay rate.
10:23:58 That's been touched on much too much.
10:24:00 I will tell you one thing, though.
10:24:02 Loyalty.
10:24:02 That's been use a lot today.
10:24:04 Think about it.
10:24:05 When you're working for a company, are you loyal to the
10:24:09 place you're working?
10:24:10 Are you loyal to the person who is writing your
10:24:13 paycheck?
10:24:16 Also, contracts when you privatize, you have a

10:24:20 contract.
10:24:20 Contracts come um up for renewal. That means every
10:24:23 time there's a contract, anybody and their brother can
10:24:26 bid on it.
10:24:27 And what do you have when you have overturn of company?
10:24:30 You have lots of personnel.
10:24:32 So that means every three years, some people might,
10:24:36 quote-unquote, go with the new company that's coming
10:24:39 in, so they still have a job and they know everything,
10:24:41 but there's going to be a lot of new people that have
10:24:44 to be retrained every three years.
10:24:47 Do he would want that?
10:24:48 That's a lot of learning that has to go on as I heard
10:24:53 today.
10:24:54 And lastly, I want to address that this issue came
10:24:57 about because of -- I don't know if it was a blue
10:25:00 ribbon committee or whatever they called it.
10:25:02 But I'm sure that the people that were on that
10:25:04 committee --
10:25:07 (Bell sounds).
10:25:08 That wanted to do this were all supervisor, upper level
10:25:13 management.

10:25:16 [ Applause ]
10:25:17 If you ask the employees what they can do to save
10:25:20 money --
10:25:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Your time is up.
10:25:24 [ Applause ]
10:25:29 Dipping ding what type of license do you have?
10:25:31 Did you get it at 22nd street or another school, HCC or
10:25:36 which one?
10:25:37 >>> No, sir, I work for a private company and fill in
10:25:42 for a lot of other people when they don't show up for
10:25:44 work.
10:25:45 I have the -- I don't want to carry a gun.
10:25:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: D license. Thank you.
10:25:52 >>> Giving honor due to the mayor's council and the
10:25:54 distinguished members of the Tampa City Council, my
10:25:57 name is Essie Sims, Jr., an FA-2 park attendant
10:26:01 employed by the City of Tampa.
10:26:03 I have some thoughts here on paper.
10:26:05 I will be brief.
10:26:07 I wanted write in response to the issue that mayor Pam
10:26:11 I your or owe and this administration is laying off
10:26:14 another 100 workers.

10:26:17 I can and may have already been targeted for a layoff
10:26:23 so I write to you devoid of any ill will of this
10:26:28 administration but I would be cheating myself if I
10:26:30 didn't take the opportunity to come up and speak for
10:26:32 myself, because no one speaks better for you than
10:26:35 yourself.
10:26:36 In life we must all be ready to embrace change, and
10:26:40 change will come no matter what life that you walk in.
10:26:45 But I ask the question, should we embrace such a change
10:26:47 that this administration is trying to push upon the
10:26:51 workers of this city, that is baseless and without
10:26:55 merit?
10:26:56 I feel the administration has been overzeal.
10:26:59 Zealous from the very beginning.
10:27:00 Making privatizing these positions to outside
10:27:05 contractors does not benefit the workers of this city,
10:27:07 or -- excuse me, does not benefit the workers who are
10:27:11 being affected nor does it serve in the best interest
10:27:14 of what the community of this city.
10:27:17 If passed, this measure stands only to benefit those
10:27:21 that are rich or those that will soon be rich at the
10:27:25 expense of these workers that are being laid off.

10:27:28 Contractors who are in it only for the money, they are
10:27:30 not here to serve this community, but to profit only.
10:27:33 The only time they will care about -- the only thing
10:27:36 they will care about is the bottom line and nothing
10:27:38 else.
10:27:39 There is nothing personable about this.
10:27:42 Where as my co-workers and myself greatly care about
10:27:46 the services that we provide to the citizens of this
10:27:48 community.
10:27:51 Show where it service serve it is citizens of this city
10:27:54 where we contract jobs out to companies in other states
10:27:57 and other cities who take it back to their own state or
10:28:02 own cities, let the people of those communities reap
10:28:04 the benefit at the expense of the citizens of Tampa.
10:28:07 Who loses?
10:28:08 We do.
10:28:09 Why do you say we lose?
10:28:10 Because those dollars that are given to those
10:28:12 contractors are not being filtered back into the
10:28:15 community that stabilizes the structure of this city.
10:28:20 Do I want my job?
10:28:22 Yes, I do.

10:28:23 It's not only a paycheck, it's a life-style, because I
10:28:26 do care.
10:28:27 [ Applause ]
10:28:29 >> Good morning.
10:28:35 Buckley, City of Tampa employee, resident of the city.
10:28:38 Council members, I don't know if you all remember, when
10:28:40 we were America's next great city.
10:28:44 Remember that?
10:28:45 Are we there yet?
10:28:47 I guess it depends on how you look at it.
10:28:49 Greatness is a way of life, not a destination.
10:28:52 I'm a state certified building contractor, and I
10:28:56 learned that sometimes the lowest bidder is not the
10:28:58 best choice for a project.
10:29:00 And even the highest bidder may not meet expectations.
10:29:04 Right now we have direct control of certain services.
10:29:08 We have in place a dedicated staff led by professional
10:29:10 managers.
10:29:11 I don't believe we can do better than that.
10:29:14 Even with creative accounting.
10:29:17 Let's examine the alternatives.
10:29:18 Suppose we hire a contractor and they can maintain the

10:29:21 standard we expect.
10:29:23 Perhaps the contractor does not provide health or
10:29:25 retirement.
10:29:27 But those employees cannot pay for those benefits, then
10:29:30 the employees may become financial liabilities to the
10:29:33 taxpayers.
10:29:34 At that point we have only deferred our savings to be
10:29:37 paid out later, not to mention any moral responsibility
10:29:41 our city may have.
10:29:43 I would like to quote Mayor Iorio.
10:29:46 This is in the city web site.
10:29:50 She says, the most important asset of Tampa is the
10:29:52 people, people who go the extra mile, people from all
10:29:56 walks of life who every day work to make this city
10:29:59 great.
10:30:00 They are police officers, firefighters, lifeguards,
10:30:05 teachers, corporate executives, athletes, neighborhood
10:30:09 leaders and solid waste collectors.
10:30:12 They embody a spirit of hard work and dedication to
10:30:14 making Tampa, our community, a better place to live.
10:30:17 This campaign is a celebration of all those people,
10:30:21 everyone who does their part to make Tampa better.

10:30:24 The mayor forgot to mention City Council specifically,
10:30:27 but I'm sure you all -- [ Laughter ]
10:30:32 Let us lead our employees through encouragement, not
10:30:35 fear.
10:30:36 I believe encouragement will keep Tampa a great city.
10:30:39 Happy holiday.
10:30:42 [ Applause ]
10:30:46 >>> Good morning, City Council members.
10:30:50 I am here regarding the mayor's privatization plan.
10:30:56 I am one in security being affected by the plan and
10:31:00 concerned citizen for.
10:31:02 The mayor says these cuts need to be are due, due to
10:31:09 tax reform, but how will these people losing their
10:31:11 jobs, how are they going to pay their taxes?
10:31:14 And the city is spending millions of dollars on
10:31:17 riverwalk and art museums, which I think is a fine
10:31:21 thing and a wonderful thing for this city, but not at
10:31:24 the cost of people losing their livelihood.
10:31:26 Mayor said the employees may be hired by the private
10:31:29 sector.
10:31:30 But most likely those that will be hired by the private
10:31:33 sector will have little or any benefit and probably

10:31:38 half the pay and many have worked hard for many years
10:31:42 for the for the pay that they are receiving now.
10:31:45 There will be many turnovers and lack of quality
10:31:49 services and the companies will be the benefactors, not
10:31:52 the employees.
10:31:53 And I have read that there will only be like $355,000
10:31:59 maybe saved a year by letting these employees go, and
10:32:03 we are going to -- we are spending millions of dollars
10:32:05 on riverwalk, art museum, and like I said, is a
10:32:09 wonderful idea, but not at the cost of people's
10:32:12 livelihoods.
10:32:14 The layoff is very unfair.
10:32:16 There's no regards for the length of service,
10:32:18 dedication, or these people, a.
10:32:25 There is a froze on all jobs so there can't be any
10:32:28 transfers of any other job in the city, they can't
10:32:32 transfer anywhere because of the freeze on all the
10:32:34 jobs.
10:32:35 So employees will be left with know options at all.
10:32:38 And I'm sure the morale of the city employees right now
10:32:42 that's being affected is -- being effected in a very
10:32:46 negative way.

10:32:47 Please try to put yourselves in the shoes of all these
10:32:49 employees and their families that will be affected by
10:32:52 this decision.
10:32:52 Most of these people live paycheck to paycheck and
10:32:56 can't afford to lose their job.
10:32:58 So I appreciate that you would take this into
10:32:59 consideration.
10:33:00 And I thank you for your time.
10:33:01 >>CHAIRMAN: Put your name on the record for me, ma'am.
10:33:04 Didn't hear you.
10:33:06 >>> Denise.
10:33:15 >>MOSES KNOTT, JR.: 2902 East Ellicott street and I
10:33:18 thank God for his grace and his mercy, especially
10:33:21 today. I want to speak on article 52 plus this work
10:33:26 thing.
10:33:26 Somebody said to this podium this morning and said the
10:33:28 mayor is not racist, don't include the blacks.
10:33:33 I want to prove that point.
10:33:34 As a matter of fact, ray Charles can see that.
10:33:39 But the point that the mayor had community office a
10:33:45 fair led by Fred Hearns. That was all black.
10:33:51 And then I want to go on to say that article 52, this

10:33:57 thing is a curse on the city.
10:34:01 A cut is going to come maybe seven years, eight years,
10:34:04 ten years but it's going to come.
10:34:07 This thing about houses way back in '88, we had a mayor
10:34:10 going to build a brand new city, tore down, I think,
10:34:13 about 6,000 black peoples houses, wood frame houses.
10:34:18 All because but I'm going to close this thing by
10:34:22 saying, I think article 51 about where you all did
10:34:29 SHIP, I think about $600,000.
10:34:35 Anybody that wants to donate -- this thing operated by
10:34:39 helps the black poor neighborhood more than anybody
10:34:41 did.
10:34:43 People come to me.
10:34:44 How can I get min mine -- call SHIP.
10:34:51 They put a roof on your house.
10:34:55 $600,000.
10:34:56 But I want to say, though, this thing started a long
10:34:58 time ago with housing.
10:34:59 Because I told you all beings you all started this
10:35:01 thing about, what they call it, $250,000 houses.
10:35:10 That is totally wrong.
10:35:13 The other day, black people can build a house for

10:35:15 20,000, 30,000.
10:35:17 Those days are gone.
10:35:19 But the thing, the black people flipping hamburgers and
10:35:23 frying fish and hamburgers, they can't live in one of
10:35:26 those houses you all got today.
10:35:28 But I am going to cut this short BUS because there are
10:35:31 a lot of people in this city out of jobs.
10:35:34 Thank you.
10:35:35 >>> Good morning.
10:35:39 My --
10:35:40 >>THE CLERK: Madam Chair, that's the end of the
10:35:42 15-minute time period.
10:35:45 >>CHAIRMAN: Finish.
10:35:45 >>> When I started with the city I was making 1.32 an
10:35:50 hour. That was a long time ago.
10:35:51 I'm retired now.
10:35:54 I still feel like I'm part of the city.
10:35:56 The city family.
10:35:57 And I came with the city because we have retirement,
10:36:04 and we had bad working positions.
10:36:09 We didn't have the proper stuff to work with.
10:36:11 And I work for the solid waste department.

10:36:16 We had to throw garbage.
10:36:24 We worked hard to make things better with the city
10:36:26 employees, and where they can't have a job.
10:36:31 Please, I ask you all, don't leave those workers off.
10:36:35 You can find another way to get the money to keep these
10:36:43 workers.
10:36:44 They have families.
10:36:46 And health insurance.
10:36:47 That's number one.
10:36:49 Do you know when you get sick and don't have nothing to
10:36:52 do go to a doctor, and you are sick, what can you do?
10:36:57 You can't get help from nobody.
10:36:59 The state don't have no money to help you with.
10:37:02 Nobody have nothing to help you with.
10:37:04 But please don't lay these workers off.
10:37:06 Because they are still family.
10:37:11 Thank you.
10:37:11 [ Applause ]
10:37:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, the time is up for speaking.
10:37:14 So anyone who wants to come back after lunch and speak,
10:37:17 we'll be here to hear you.
10:37:18 But now we have to cut it off.

10:37:20 And anybody that would like to come back, you can come
10:37:23 back after lunch.
10:37:28 That was our last speaker.
10:37:29 So anyone that wants to speak can come back after
10:37:32 lunch.
10:37:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to say to everybody that one
10:37:36 of the big things pushing us is the fear of the tax cut
10:37:39 legislation that's going to northbound January.
10:37:40 So if you're concerned about your jobs, if you're
10:37:43 concerned about the finances of the city, you need to
10:37:45 tell your friends and neighbors to vote no on the
10:37:48 proposed January tax duties cuts because that's going
10:37:52 to require the city to cut millions more from our
10:37:54 budget.
10:37:55 And have even additional cuts beyond the ones that have
10:37:58 been proposed.
10:37:59 January tax cuts will really hurt the city budget.
10:38:03 You all need to go and speak to your friends and
10:38:06 colleagues about it.
10:38:07 And your eloquence is really moving.
10:38:10 We were all really touched by what you said today.
10:38:12 Thank you for coming down.

10:38:16 69 we are going to move to our agenda.
10:38:18 We are going to go to item 111 and 112 because we need
10:38:23 to get that out, the brownfield.
10:38:27 111 and 112.
10:38:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Would you just wait for a few minutes?
10:38:33 What I'm concerned about, council, is because there was
10:38:37 an issue with you regard to the fire marshal, these are
10:38:40 public hearings, I do want to be clear that people who
10:38:43 are here for the public hearing are not barred by the
10:38:46 fire marshal from hearing it.
10:38:52 >>CHAIRMAN: We are going to move them out.
10:38:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right after we do 111 and 112 we are
10:38:58 going to do item 76 and 77.
10:39:00 Here's what we voted on.
10:39:03 >>CHAIRMAN: We are going to do one more.
10:39:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Anyway we are shortly going to do 76
10:39:07 and 77.
10:39:08 I know many of have you to go back to your work but if
10:39:11 anybody wants to stay for that part of it, we are going
10:39:14 to do that next.
10:39:15 >>CHAIRMAN: Is anyone here for 11 and 112?
10:39:22 >>DAVID SMITH: I know there are people her for 111 and

10:39:34 112.
10:39:34 >>CHAIRMAN: He's coming now.
10:39:43 >>> Thank you for considering these brownfield second
10:39:46 public hearings.
10:39:47 My name is Cathy Ginsburg with the city legal
10:39:54 department, the second public hearing for a brownfield
10:39:56 designation for Central Park Village area.
10:39:59 And after the public hearing is held, council will be
10:40:03 asked to pass a resolution designating the property of
10:40:08 brownfield on behalf of the applicant, Tampa housing
10:40:10 authority and Central Park development.
10:40:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to open item 111 and 112.
10:40:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.
10:40:18 >> Second.
10:40:18 (Motion carried).
10:40:19 >>CHAIRMAN: What's your pleasure?
10:40:20 >> So moved.
10:40:27 >>CHAIRMAN: Does anyone in the public want to speak on
10:40:30 111 or 112?
10:40:32 Do we close it first?
10:40:34 >>MARTIN SHELBY: This requires the adoption be during
10:40:36 the public hearing, close the public hearing and then

10:40:40 vote, if it's acceptable --
10:40:43 >>> are you having a public hearing on both items?
10:40:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I want to be -- I want to be clear for
10:40:49 the record.
10:40:51 Madam clerk, is it for both 111 and 112 together?
10:40:57 >>THE CLERK: That's my understanding.
10:40:59 >>> It was my misunderstanding.
10:41:02 Item 112 is for the second and final public hearing for
10:41:05 the proposed brownfield designation, the property for
10:41:11 the IKEA project on behalf of the applicant.
10:41:21 And the answer to your question is you would hold the
10:41:24 public hearing, then close the public hearing and vote
10:41:27 on the resolution..
10:41:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Madam Chair.
10:41:30 Are the IKEA representatives here, I hope?
10:41:34 Is somebody here representing IKEA, I hope?
10:41:37 >>> I don't see anybody.
10:41:40 >>DAVID MECHANIK: 305 South Boulevard.
10:41:42 We are here on behalf of the property owner Pannatoni.
10:41:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:41:48 I want to share with council members, I don't object to
10:41:50 the.

10:41:50 >>JULIE BROWN:Field designation.
10:41:52 I think this is going to be an improvement.
10:41:54 However, I drafted a letter to IKEA, for a site plan
10:42:00 that's from 1970 that's incredibly retro.
10:42:03 They don't have decent -- IKEA claims, as a corporate
10:42:08 entity to value the environment, to value good design
10:42:12 and to value sustainability, and their site plan, which
10:42:15 is a lot of surface parking with the 350,000 square
10:42:19 foot without a groan roof, is absolutely not -- it
10:42:24 doesn't come part with their stated corporate mission,
10:42:27 which is to bring good design and sustainability to the
10:42:31 world.
10:42:32 And while I wouldn't hold Wal-Mart to any sort of
10:42:34 standard because they don't claim to be committed to
10:42:36 good design and sustainability, IKEA does.
10:42:40 So I am going to share with council members and with
10:42:41 everybody, and particularly with IKEA, my third letter
10:42:44 to them, encouraging them to do a better design, and
10:42:48 it's not to embarrassing them for doing such a poor
10:42:52 design such as the one that was documented by City
10:42:53 Council.
10:42:54 And I appreciate your firm sharing with me their

10:42:57 address so I could communicate.
10:42:58 And I'm very disappointed that they haven't decided to
10:43:02 change their template, which is developed 15 years ago
10:43:05 before we were all concerned about climate change by
10:43:07 putting a very flawed product in Tampa.
10:43:12 >>CHAIRMAN: Mr. Miranda?
10:43:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I certainly will only speak for
10:43:15 myself and my belief.
10:43:18 I don't send letters out to corporations stay away from
10:43:20 here because this is what I want.
10:43:24 I don't know how else to put it.
10:43:26 But the world, maybe the city ought to start will go at
10:43:29 all of us, and the administration, and see what we
10:43:33 spent spend on electricity, what we spend on water, and
10:43:37 how groan our own buildings are.
10:43:41 Anytime they want to do that, they are welcome to
10:43:43 research anything I have.
10:43:47 And before I write a letter, I have got to clean up my
10:43:49 own house.
10:43:50 So what I'm saying is, if that's what we are heading
10:43:54 for here, I don't see too many green buildings in
10:43:57 Tampa.

10:43:58 In fact the only ones I see in Tampa are the
10:44:00 expressway.
10:44:02 That's it.
10:44:03 And any business, if you don't move forward and
10:44:06 increase that business, actually you're dying.
10:44:10 Because if you stay with the same customers, they also
10:44:13 die.
10:44:14 So what I'm saying is, that's just my feeling.
10:44:18 I would certainly like to see everybody do green,
10:44:21 purple, orange, whatever you want to call it.
10:44:24 But I can tell you this, before I write a letter, I am
10:44:28 going to make sure that my home meets all the criteria
10:44:33 I'm asking somebody else to do.
10:44:35 That's all I'm going to say.
10:44:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, just again, a reminder for
10:44:39 the purpose of the record, Ms. Ginster has prepared a
10:44:42 memo for City Council regarding the issues that are
10:44:44 before you today with regard to the gren building, and
10:44:47 I'm sure that these comments will not weigh in any way
10:44:50 upon your determination of the issue that's before you
10:44:52 with regard to these -- I'm sorry, the brownfield
10:44:56 designation.

10:44:56 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry that I didn't go along with
10:45:00 you, Linda, when you were trying to -- when we were
10:45:05 voting on the IKEA project and try to spur them on some
10:45:08 more.
10:45:08 Perhaps if you had some support they would have agreed
10:45:11 to do it.
10:45:12 At this point I don't see any reason why we can't keep
10:45:15 asking.
10:45:15 But I did, believe it or not, I'm going to defend
10:45:18 Wal-Mart.
10:45:19 Because Wal-Mart is way ahead of everybody in green,
10:45:26 use of clean energy.
10:45:28 They are ahead of everybody.
10:45:29 So you can low at Wal-Mart differently.
10:45:34 There's still the building the big boxes but they are
10:45:37 building green buildings.
10:45:38 They have reduced their fleet.
10:45:40 Using alternative energy.
10:45:42 They are spending a lot of research.
10:45:44 This might be a first for me.
10:45:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Does anyone in the public want to speak
10:45:47 on 111 and 112?

10:45:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to close.
10:45:51 >> Second.
10:45:52 (Motion carried).
10:45:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we have a resolution?
10:45:56 I will move items 111 and 112.
10:46:01 >> Second.
10:46:02 (Motion carried).
10:46:03 >>CHAIRMAN: Okay.
10:46:06 We are going to do 118 because it's going to be
10:46:08 continued.
10:46:14 Continue to January --
10:46:18 >> Need to move.
10:46:19 Open the public hearing?
10:46:20 >> So moved.
10:46:21 >> Second.
10:46:21 (Motion carried).
10:46:22 >>CHAIRMAN: Does anyone want to speak on the
10:46:24 continuance of 118?
10:46:26 We need to make a motion.
10:46:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to continue to January 17th
10:46:32 at 10:00 in the morning of the year 2008.
10:46:35 >>CHAIRMAN: We have a motion and second.

10:46:36 All in favor say Aye.
10:46:38 (Motion carried).
10:46:39 Now we are going to go to item 77 and 76.
10:46:42 We are going to do 77 first.
10:46:52 >>> James Buckner, director of technology and
10:46:54 innovation for the city.
10:46:57 I have a short presentation for you on our program
10:47:00 titled changing the business of government.
10:47:02 Before I put the slides up on the screen, I wanted to
10:47:04 make just a couple of introductory remarks.
10:47:07 Give you a little bit of background in the program.
10:47:10 The program was actually initiated in June, July of
10:47:13 this year.
10:47:15 We brought together 14 people from diverse backgrounds
10:47:19 in the city, different departments, to form what we
10:47:23 called an efficiency and effectiveness task force.
10:47:27 That's basically the group that's pushing this program.
10:47:30 And the concept of the program is essentially
10:47:34 fundamentally changing the way the city does business.
10:47:37 What we are really trying to do is low at all of the
10:47:40 business processes that he would use across the city,
10:47:43 and try to make those processes efficient and

10:47:45 effective.
10:47:47 We are trying not to cut our or compromise any services
10:47:50 to the citizens.
10:47:52 We are trying to accommodate necessary growth in
10:47:54 services that may be needed.
10:47:56 And finally we are trying to save money.
10:47:59 And there's a number of driving factors that you have
10:48:01 already heard some about this morning that are pushing
10:48:04 this us with this program.
10:48:07 You all know that he would took a significant budget
10:48:09 reduction this year and we had to react in a very
10:48:18 direct fashion.
10:48:19 Reactionary approaches sometimes don't give you the
10:48:21 most optimal results.
10:48:24 Secondly, we expect, as you have heard a minute ago, a
10:48:28 further budget reduction with tax cuts coming up in
10:48:31 January, and we need to be prepared to accommodate that
10:48:35 as well.
10:48:36 Our general fund, as you know, was reduced from FY 07
10:48:41 to FY 08 by about $7 million.
10:48:43 We expect that kind of trend to continue on.
10:48:45 So even if this particular resolution is not passed in

10:48:49 January, I'm sure there will be other ones that will
10:48:52 continue to drive our budget down, so we must take
10:48:55 action in that respect.
10:48:57 We have to think about escalating costs.
10:48:59 It costs us more to do business here in the city every
10:49:02 year.
10:49:03 In fact, to go from next year to the next will cost us
10:49:06 additional $14 million just to do the same services
10:49:09 that we are doing today.
10:49:12 And finally, we need to add additional services.
10:49:14 We talk about a new fire station, for example.
10:49:18 We may have the money to build the fire station, but we
10:49:21 don't have the money to then operate it, in terms of
10:49:25 operational costs.
10:49:26 So let's put the charts up, if we would.
10:49:31 And we can start talking through some of the details
10:49:34 associated with this program.
10:49:40 Again, a systematic approach.
10:49:42 That's what the program is about, trying to take a
10:49:44 fresh look at all of our processes and make sure we are
10:49:47 doing the absolute best that we can in each area.
10:49:51 What you see here is the first phase of this program.

10:49:55 And it will be an ongoing program indefinitely, because
10:49:58 he would need to continue to improve our business.
10:50:02 We have come up initially in our brainstorming with a
10:50:05 number of ideas, and we selected eleven of those ideas
10:50:08 for execution.
10:50:09 The eleven are detailed in charts here that you will
10:50:12 see this morning.
10:50:14 Ones fully implemented these eleven ideas will save the
10:50:18 city $3.4 million per year in ongoing basis.
10:50:23 Yes, these eleven changes do result in reduction of 100
10:50:27 positions or roughly 100 positions within the city.
10:50:30 And this is a 3-year program, an ongoing program,
10:50:35 shortly after the first of the year we'll be heading
10:50:37 toward the second phase where we will be identifying
10:50:39 some additional ideas to approach.
10:50:43 The first of the eleven ideas, janitorial services.
10:50:47 We looked across the city and learned that we have
10:50:51 currently in place 17 different contracts that are
10:50:55 providing janitorial services.
10:50:57 We also have more than 100 city personnel that spend at
10:51:01 least part of their time each day doing these same
10:51:05 kinds of services.

10:51:06 This begs for a consolidation, standardization
10:51:09 approach.
10:51:09 That's what we were log for here.
10:51:11 Planning to put into place a consolidated, competitive
10:51:16 sourcing by the second quarter of 2008.
10:51:19 This is expected to save the city about $950,000 per
10:51:24 year each year.
10:51:26 And would affect about 38 positions.
10:51:30 I mentioned there were over 100 people who do this part
10:51:34 time, so, therefore, there's about 38 total equivalent
10:51:39 positions that will be affected.
10:51:43 The second idea that you see here is mowing.
10:51:46 Again, we have 19 different mowing contracts that have
10:51:50 been put in place over time, different levels of
10:51:52 service, different types of mowing, as you see on the
10:51:55 chart.
10:51:56 What we are proposing to do is to consolidate those
10:51:58 mowing contracts into a much smaller number,
10:52:02 standardize the support, and hopefully to save about
10:52:08 $465,000 per year in that activity.
10:52:14 The next one is online auctions.
10:52:18 Previously, the way the city was disposing of our

10:52:20 equipment and vehicles when they were no longer needed
10:52:26 or aged was to use a local option firm, turnover to
10:52:29 them, and take the money from them when they sold the
10:52:32 item.
10:52:33 That basically gave us a local area buying audience to
10:52:38 go to.
10:52:40 What we have done now is to basically take these same
10:52:44 things and put them on the Internet, so that we have
10:52:46 got a worldwide audience.
10:52:48 We expect that this is going to bring significantly
10:52:51 more revenue in, because people are willing to bid for
10:52:53 things, ALA eBay.
10:52:57 We have already begun this and he would sold over 50
10:52:59 items already, and we are achieving about a 50%
10:53:03 better revenue gain on each item.
10:53:05 You can see there that we are going to save about
10:53:07 $21,000 per year in costs, but will increase our
10:53:11 revenues by about $412,000 per year.
10:53:18 The next one is just in time inventory or just in time
10:53:23 supply.
10:53:23 As now we have lots of equipment and materials stored
10:53:26 around the city in various warehousing operations.

10:53:29 What we want to move to is a situation where we don't
10:53:32 store that material, we order it from the suppliers,
10:53:35 and they deliver it at the time that we need it.
10:53:38 Many organizations are moving to this already.
10:53:41 What we chose to do in this case was to start a pilot
10:53:44 project in this phase of the program.
10:53:48 We have attacked janitorial and custodial supplies, as
10:53:52 well as parts for fleet and vehicles, sedans and small
10:53:59 trucks.
10:54:00 You might understand that's the tip of the iceberg
10:54:02 because throws a lot of other materials like water
10:54:04 pipes and sewer pipes and valves and things that are
10:54:07 much bigger and take up a lot more space, so we started
10:54:10 on a small scale with this.
10:54:12 Basically, by doing this, we think we are going to save
10:54:15 about $377,000 annually for this particular pilot area.
10:54:22 It would reduce the number of positions needed to
10:54:25 support that by eight persons.
10:54:28 But as I said, later on in subsequent phases, we'll
10:54:31 move into other areas and should be able to save
10:54:35 significantly more money in those areas.
10:54:39 The next one is security services.

10:54:41 Again, we looked across the city and found that we have
10:54:44 five contracts in place now, where we outsource
10:54:49 security, and we have a number of city employees who
10:54:51 are also performing this type of service.
10:54:54 Again, consolidation and standardization is the key
10:54:57 here.
10:54:58 We look at competitive sourcing for this.
10:55:00 And we anticipate that we will save about $355,000 per
10:55:05 year.
10:55:06 This will reduce the number of positions in the city by
10:55:10 about 50, once fully implemented.
10:55:15 The next area is electronic payment.
10:55:18 In the past, we have paid more conventionally our
10:55:21 vendors when they provide gods and services to the
10:55:24 city.
10:55:24 We write them checks, large amount of handling costs
10:55:29 associated with that.
10:55:30 What we are switching over to is electronic payment
10:55:32 where we allow the bank to pay the bill for us out of
10:55:36 our accounts.
10:55:37 Basically, it allows the payments to be made quicker, a
10:55:40 little more accurately, and we actually get the benefit

10:55:43 of a rebate from the financial institution doing this.
10:55:47 We estimate saving about $340,000 per year with this
10:55:52 approach.
10:55:53 The next one is centrally managing client technology
10:55:58 equipment and software.
10:55:59 If you don't know what that is it's computers and all
10:56:01 the associated technology that goes it with, printers,
10:56:04 fax machines, copiers, so forth.
10:56:06 Today we boy those from multiple sources, different
10:56:09 brands, different models, different styles, makes it
10:56:11 hard to maintain, hard to warranty.
10:56:13 We are talking here about centralizing this, going to
10:56:16 central buying concepts, standardizing, extending
10:56:19 warranties and making it easier to maintain all this
10:56:25 equipment across the city.
10:56:26 We anticipate once implemented about a $332,000 per
10:56:29 year savings here, and a reduction of about two
10:56:33 positions from the city to support that maintenance.
10:56:39 The next one is centralized payroll.
10:56:42 Basically, we have about 46 employees spread across the
10:56:45 city who, on a part-time basis, deal with payroll and
10:56:49 personnel issues.

10:56:51 They keep track of all the accounting function.
10:56:56 They are decentralized at this point.
10:56:59 What we are talking about here is centralizing those,
10:57:02 optimizing their processes, and thus saving about
10:57:05 $98,000 per year, which would be the equivalent of
10:57:08 about two personnel, or two positions that he would cut
10:57:14 back.
10:57:18 The next one is payroll processing.
10:57:20 We have about 1300 of our city personnel who are still
10:57:24 paid on a weekly basis.
10:57:25 Now, of course, the trend is to move to biweekly, and
10:57:30 that's where most of our personnel are paid, so we
10:57:32 propose to go and move these 1300 personnel to be paid
10:57:36 every other week instead of every week.
10:57:38 We want to move to direct deposit for all employees
10:57:41 that we can possibly do.
10:57:44 There are several hundred who are still getting manual
10:57:47 checks.
10:57:48 That costs a lot more to process that.
10:57:51 And we also print payroll advises or basically check
10:57:55 stubs each week for all employees.
10:57:58 We already have that information on our web site that

10:58:02 the employee can access anytime they need to.
10:58:05 For every person that we possibly can, we'll try to go
10:58:08 to direct deposit, and stop printing those pay stubs,
10:58:12 and that processing will save us about 62,500 per year.
10:58:20 The next one is time card processing for salaried
10:58:23 employees, our exempt employees, about 775 of the
10:58:27 cities employees are salaried and go through each week
10:58:31 filling out a time card.
10:58:33 We print a time card.
10:58:34 They fill out the time card, go through all of that
10:58:36 handling, sixth and so forth, and it's basically a moot
10:58:39 point, because they are on salary and they don't go
10:58:42 through that.
10:58:42 So to cut that out, we could go save about 12,370.
10:58:53 And you will not see any savings specifically.
10:58:57 We know we are saving money but we haven't quantified
10:58:59 that yet.
10:59:00 In the past the way we got quotes for products and
10:59:03 services was to keep a list of vendors, we would call
10:59:06 up those vendors at least three of those vendors, we
10:59:09 would ask for a quote, we would take the lowest bid,
10:59:11 and we would record all of that for statistics

10:59:14 purposes.
10:59:16 Quote wire basically allows the vendors to register.
10:59:19 When we need something we send out a solicitation and
10:59:22 they are all able to bid electronically, and we keep
10:59:24 all those statistics electronically.
10:59:26 So this is basically going to help our competitive
10:59:30 situation, we'll be able to keep the statistics on who
10:59:34 bid and what type of corporations they were, what
10:59:36 categories they fit into, and who won.
10:59:38 So we'll have all that online in a database.
10:59:42 Those are the eleven ideas that we are addressing right
10:59:45 now.
10:59:47 On the next chart you will see that there are more to
10:59:49 come.
10:59:50 These six are represented of future one that is will be
10:59:54 working the first of the year and you can see similar
10:59:56 kinds of things, consolidation of similar function as
10:59:59 cross the city, call center consolidation, further
11:00:03 optimization of fleet maintenance and so forth.
11:00:05 This is an ongoing program.
11:00:07 We'll continue to think of these ideas.
11:00:09 We'll think of ways that we can optimize our processes,

11:00:13 make our business run better, and save money in the
11:00:16 process.
11:00:20 At that point I'm done with the presentation so will
11:00:22 entertain any questions.
11:00:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you for your creative thinking
11:00:28 on how we can save money.
11:00:29 Almost all the things you put up here involve using
11:00:32 technology in a savvier way, looking at processes more
11:00:37 streamlined.
11:00:39 Those are all admirable to the good and we support them
11:00:41 completely.
11:00:43 Recently City Council was asked to approve several
11:00:46 million dollars in settlement where city -- anyway,
11:00:50 there are problems sometimes with the public suing the
11:00:55 city for different things.
11:00:56 My question is, when you are doing your analysis, if we
11:00:59 go to private security firms, for example, and think
11:01:03 blackwater on a national level, and the private
11:01:07 security firm screws up and injuries a citizen or
11:01:10 something like that or has a problem, when the citizen
11:01:15 sues, do they sue the private security firm or do they
11:01:18 sue the city?

11:01:19 Because we could easily spend millions of dollars in
11:01:21 liability from hiring people from a private firm hiring
11:01:25 people who are not adequately trained and appropriately
11:01:31 responsive to our citizenry.
11:01:35 It could more than wipe out our issues with the savings
11:01:38 for the private firm.
11:01:39 And I just need to be confident that in the
11:01:45 thoroughness of your analysis you consider the
11:01:47 potential liability that would be due to the city
11:01:50 because of working with private security firms.
11:01:54 That's something I think that a real dollar and cents
11:01:58 consideration, and it's something that I think we need
11:02:00 to consider very, very thoroughly.
11:02:02 But I applaud you on your creative ways of using
11:02:06 technology and electronics to save us money and have it
11:02:10 function more smoothly.
11:02:13 >>MARY MULHERN: I have many, many questions at how you
11:02:19 arrived at this.
11:02:20 And I just want to say that it's been interesting that
11:02:25 City Council I remember the day the mayor the had the
11:02:33 press conference and changing the business of
11:02:34 government.

11:02:35 We were in chambers that day that we couldn't attend.
11:02:37 So we as council had no idea what was going to happen.
11:02:40 Now we found out that the employees didn't know this
11:02:45 was coming, and that their union didn't know that it
11:02:47 was coming.
11:02:48 So one of my questions is for Mr. Gonzalez, were you
11:02:53 involved in this decision about cutting unions out?
11:03:02 .
11:03:04 >>> No, ma'am.
11:03:05 >> Because you told us earlier about -- warned us about
11:03:09 getting involved in the process of, you know,
11:03:12 collective bargaining.
11:03:15 But you would be the one to represent the city in that,
11:03:17 right?
11:03:18 >>> Yes, ma'am.
11:03:20 If I could, so that council understands, in the context
11:03:24 of these kinds of decisions, that process was bargained
11:03:32 long ago.
11:03:33 The responsibility and power to decide whether or not
11:03:36 to discontinue operations or positions is a unilateral
11:03:39 right of the city.
11:03:40 And in the contract already is a provision of what you

11:03:45 do when you make that decision.
11:03:46 So the process of was bargained a long time ago, and
11:03:50 that's my point, that this is a matter of a contractual
11:03:53 procedure that goes back to the 70s.
11:04:01 >> So you don't talk to the union -- we don't talk to
11:04:04 the union before we plan to make significant layoffs?
11:04:08 >>> Certainly you talk to the union.
11:04:10 But what you don't do is you can't bargain.
11:04:12 That's why you have this process.
11:04:13 The process is a decision that traditionally, and by
11:04:17 state statute, is preserved to the employer to make
11:04:20 that decision and has to live with that decision and
11:04:23 not one that's negotiated.
11:04:24 No, ma'am.
11:04:25 That's standard with respect -- that's what a
11:04:26 management rights clause is.
11:04:38 >> You have a Constitutional right to bargain in the
11:04:41 State of Florida and with respect to the statute that
11:04:44 enables or puts that into effect, the statute begins
11:04:47 very early with the preservation of certain things.
11:04:50 In other words, there are certain things that
11:04:52 government can't put off oh.

11:04:54 On the collective bargaining process.
11:04:56 They have to do it on their own.
11:04:57 They have to make those decisions.
11:04:59 And one of them is specifically the scope and nature
11:05:02 and levels of service, the operations that are being
11:05:05 offered and the position that is are going to be here.
11:05:07 >>
11:05:13 >> Even if the city talks to the union, and hopefully
11:05:20 learned your lesson that it might be a good idea.
11:05:23 I understand that people heard even this week that they
11:05:36 had been notified that they were laid off and none of
11:05:39 them actually heard that.
11:05:42 So I think that it's just a reasonable, responsible
11:05:46 respectful thing.
11:05:47 Not you I'm talking to.
11:05:48 >>> I know.
11:05:49 >> But maybe to Darrell Smith who couldn't be here
11:05:57 today.
11:05:57 The least you could do is talk to the union.
11:06:01 And it would make sense to us, too, since we have very
11:06:04 direct contact with our constituents, and I believe
11:06:08 heard from them today, many of them if not all of them

11:06:13 live in the city.
11:06:14 So talking about privatizing jobs, we are talking about
11:06:21 privatizing jobs of people who live in Tampa, who are
11:06:24 some of the taxpayers.
11:06:31 So maybe you could tell me how this came about without
11:06:37 any, you know, notice.
11:06:43 >>> Darrell Smith, chief of staff.
11:06:46 First of all, I would like to thank James for the work
11:06:49 that he and his members have done on the efficiency and
11:06:51 effectiveness of this task force.
11:06:54 I think, as you have seen today, have really taken a
11:06:58 hard low at how we do business, and new ways of how we
11:07:02 can do business in order to save money and handle the
11:07:08 challenges of the budget in the future.
11:07:10 The bottom line, though, is at this point, the EETF
11:07:15 recommendations that were addressed here today are not
11:07:19 final.
11:07:20 You have no RFP even completed.
11:07:25 You have no completed staff coordination on any of them
11:07:31 except the online option that is on council's agenda
11:07:35 today.
11:07:36 So the answer to your question is, it's not time for

11:07:43 the appropriate notice because we don't have accurate
11:07:45 information to convey to employees.
11:07:48 >> But they read about it in the paper.
11:07:51 I'm just suggesting that if you are not ready to
11:07:54 notice, and you are calculating these savings through
11:08:02 privatizing, but we haven't actually, now, set out to
11:08:06 bid it, how did you come at these calculation that is
11:08:11 we would save so much money privatizing, if we, you
11:08:14 know, don't know, we haven't had any bid in yet?
11:08:20 >>> I'll let James handle that.
11:08:22 I would like to follow up.
11:08:25 >>> Basically, what we have done is taken the position
11:08:29 descriptions and salary ranges of the city employees
11:08:32 who are performing these functions.
11:08:36 No specific salaries, no names associated with it.
11:08:38 But the salary ranges.
11:08:39 And we took an average of the functions that are being
11:08:42 performed in the city.
11:08:44 We then looked at our existing contracts, for example,
11:08:47 in security, I mentioned we have five contracts in
11:08:49 place, in janitorial services we have 14 contracts in
11:08:52 place.

11:08:53 Those are local with the city.
11:08:56 So we basically took averages from those in terms of
11:09:00 what costs they are charging us today.
11:09:03 We also looked at other cities and local government in
11:09:06 the area, and we averaged that.
11:09:09 So that the difference that you see here is the savings
11:09:13 number that we generate in the process.
11:09:15 >> Did you look at consolidating 14 different
11:09:19 contracts?
11:09:20 >>> Yes.
11:09:20 >> Wouldn't there be some efficiencies in combining
11:09:23 some of those?
11:09:24 >>> Yes, there would be.
11:09:25 And basically what we tried to do was to see how much
11:09:28 we could save by removing some of that overhead
11:09:31 associated with monitoring and managing 14 contracts,
11:09:35 moving that down to one or two or three, and removing
11:09:39 that additional overhead as part of our expenses.
11:09:42 So that's some of the savings as well.
11:09:47 >>MARY MULHERN: I am very impressed with the savings
11:09:51 you are getting through technology and that's great,
11:09:53 and I'm sure that's your contribution to this.

11:09:55 My question is, this task force that you created, who
11:09:59 was on it?
11:10:00 I don't want to hear names, but maybe what their job
11:10:05 level was, maybe what kind of salaries they are making.
11:10:08 >>> Actually, I already submitted that to you.
11:10:13 There were 14 people on there.
11:10:15 They ranged in levels from department heads, like
11:10:18 myself, to specific management level people in
11:10:26 divisions all the way down to specific experts in
11:10:28 different functional areas.
11:10:30 So every major department is represented.
11:10:35 >> Well, I think that one of the most telling things we
11:10:39 heard today was the man with the $160 shoes that the
11:10:45 city issued him and I have been hearing that from a lot
11:10:47 of our lowest wage workers who are upset and afraid
11:10:52 they may lose their jobs, and what they say is --
11:10:56 nobody ever asks us.
11:10:58 We are on the ground.
11:10:59 We see how you can save money.
11:11:01 So I think that there certainly should have been people
11:11:05 at all salary levels on that task force.
11:11:08 I mean, the complaint we are hearing is, how come it's,

11:11:12 you know, just these low-level employees?
11:11:16 And they didn't have any say in it.
11:11:18 That might have something to do with it, or might give
11:11:21 that appearance that it wasn't done in a fair way, the
11:11:28 people who could least afford to.
11:11:31 >>> Let me address that if I could.
11:11:33 During the process of brainstorming, coming up with
11:11:36 potential ideas and potential approaches, we actually
11:11:38 opened it up to all employees of the city.
11:11:41 We put on our Internet an opportunity for people to
11:11:45 suggest ideas, and we got a number of them that came in
11:11:48 that way, we talked about it in various departmental
11:11:51 meetings, we gave all the employees the opportunity to
11:11:54 suggest ideas.
11:11:57 These particular ideas that were selected at this point
11:12:02 looked at the timing of the execution of all the ideas
11:12:04 that we had.
11:12:05 There were many of them.
11:12:08 These particular eleven we felt could be addressed, and
11:12:13 some results achieved over the next six to nine months.
11:12:18 We looked at the possibility of tax cuts, reducing our
11:12:22 budget for next fiscal year.

11:12:24 We needed to get some savings in place as quickly as we
11:12:27 could.
11:12:28 We knew that some of the ideas we were addressing here
11:12:31 would take a lot longer to implement.
11:12:34 So what we tried to address was some of the one that is
11:12:37 would have an implementation period that was six to
11:12:42 nine months long, and could have a financial payback
11:12:46 that could actually start to take effect by the time
11:12:49 the budget reductions occurred.
11:12:51 >> Well, I think the fact what you brought up about the
11:12:55 notice on the Internet, and this brings up another kind
11:12:58 of small issue, but that I would like to bring up with
11:13:01 your plan.
11:13:03 A lot of people who make nine dollars and hour and have
11:13:09 been working with the city for 20 years, 30 years,
11:13:13 don't have a computer, and if they don't have Internet
11:13:16 service, so I don't really think that's maybe the best
11:13:19 way to communicate with those people.
11:13:20 So you might want to maybe just talk to them.
11:13:25 >>> I understand.
11:13:26 And we did have some departmental announcements as
11:13:28 well.

11:13:29 >> And that reminded me of that your payroll -- this is
11:13:35 a small thing I'm bringing up but it struck a chord
11:13:39 with me because I remember when I couldn't open a bank
11:13:41 account because I didn't have any money in the first
11:13:44 place.
11:13:44 So I was getting paychecks, and getting them cashed at
11:13:50 the check cashing place.
11:13:52 A lot of people don't have bank accounts, because they
11:13:56 cost money to pay those fees.
11:13:58 And they don't have banks in their neighborhood that
11:14:01 are handy.
11:14:02 So the idea that they are supposed to be banging online
11:14:05 and not getting their check, which they can probably
11:14:08 cash at, you know, the local store, I think that they
11:14:13 should be allowed an option.
11:14:16 It's great for me.
11:14:18 I love having direct deposit.
11:14:19 But to mandate that they do that, I think you need to
11:14:22 leave people an option who want to get a check and want
11:14:26 to have their checks done, and that's another concern
11:14:28 that we heard, was that people want to see their checks
11:14:34 check stub and their hours so they can make sure they

11:14:36 were paid accordingly, and if you are just getting this
11:14:41 notice online.
11:14:42 >>> And we understand. That we will make accommodation
11:14:44 for those who have that type of situation.
11:14:49 >> Okay.
11:14:50 Are we combining these two items?
11:14:52 Because if we are, and I can say something later, I'll
11:14:56 shut up.
11:14:58 Should I shut up?
11:14:59 Okay.
11:15:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: On the items you mentioned, James,
11:15:06 auctions, I assume you are listing more than autos.
11:15:10 Is it land, also?
11:15:11 Or what?
11:15:12 >> We have not done that yet but basically the online
11:15:15 auction has been a pilot thus far and we have
11:15:18 predominantly in the automobiles at this point, and
11:15:21 service equipment like trucks and large --
11:15:24 >> Why not other areas?
11:15:25 >>> We will.
11:15:26 We are moving in that direction. This is just where we
11:15:28 started.

11:15:28 >> Technology, today you may buy a brand name whatever
11:15:34 it is, or off brand name, whatever it is, and you have
11:15:37 that throughout the whole system, once you get it
11:15:40 going.
11:15:41 And then all of a sudden that changes the price.
11:15:44 Do you have a correct contract with those individuals
11:15:46 at the escalation of price does not affect you?
11:15:49 >>> That is what we are trying to get to.
11:15:52 A negotiated price so that it will maintain over a
11:15:55 certain number of years so that --
11:15:58 >> What's number three, centralization, and time cards
11:16:03 and payroll.
11:16:05 Somewhere along the line you are going to have to have
11:16:08 something to make sure that those individuals in
11:16:12 essence that are getting a check are actually here.
11:16:14 So I would assume you are going to a thumb print,
11:16:18 information or something to that.
11:16:22 >>> We. Gotten white quite that far in the technology
11:16:24 yet.
11:16:25 We are still relying on a supervisor and manager
11:16:27 control for all employees, as we have been in the past.
11:16:30 But potentially we will move I'm sure to higher

11:16:33 technology in that area.
11:16:34 >> I would imagine that's the next thing you are going
11:16:36 to have.
11:16:37 That's the only way you can tell if you are here or
11:16:39 not.
11:16:44 Without holes in the system.
11:16:47 >>> Right.
11:16:48 >> The information I have not heard, and I don't think
11:16:50 anyone has asked about these things here, is how many
11:16:53 employees leave the city every year?
11:16:57 Is it 4%?
11:17:00 >>> I understand we have fairly low turnover rate, to
11:17:02 be quite honest with you.
11:17:03 I can't quote that number for you.
11:17:05 It's a few percent.
11:17:07 >> The reason I'm asking that, if we are talking about
11:17:09 consolidating and privatizing some jobs, I would like
11:17:15 to have that information before -- not that we are
11:17:19 going to vote on it because we can't tell the
11:17:21 administration what to do and how to do it rightly so
11:17:24 by the charter.
11:17:25 However, I would like to know how many employees leave

11:17:27 employment in a year's time, and I would gather to say
11:17:31 it's roughly 200 or just slightly over 200.
11:17:35 Every business, we have over 4500 employees or
11:17:37 something to that effect.
11:17:38 And if it's 4%, which is common in the industry, large
11:17:44 employees, they believe oh leave for various reasons,
11:17:47 are we then laying off 100, 100 retiring, and going to
11:17:53 row place somebody?
11:17:54 Something has got to give somewhere along the line.
11:17:57 >>> Well, for this reduction of positions, what we are
11:18:00 basically saying is that efficiencies in the way we
11:18:03 change the process will allow us to no longer need
11:18:08 those particular positions, because we have automated
11:18:11 the process in such a way that it no longer needs a
11:18:14 person, or we have competitively sourced that function
11:18:19 and that person may still be doing that function but
11:18:22 wearing a different badge.
11:18:23 >> I understand that.
11:18:24 But still, the question is there will be at least, the
11:18:28 way I do my math -- and I am not going to tell you I'm
11:18:31 right -- 100 every six months leaving the city for
11:18:34 whatever reason.

11:18:35 Leaving the city on their own, getting terminated,
11:18:39 retiring, things of that nature.
11:18:43 I hate to say the other one may be expiring themselves.
11:18:46 So there's a catch here that I think certainly certain
11:18:51 employees can be trained to do other parameters.
11:18:54 You speak about 14 individuals that put this.
11:18:59 Let me tell you what I think.
11:19:00 I don't look at something and go at it directly.
11:19:03 I sit back and I listen and I watch and I try to put
11:19:06 the dots like I was dozen a puzzle.
11:19:10 The puzzle tells me, maybe I'm wrong, this all started
11:19:14 in a retreat.
11:19:15 Am I right or wrong?
11:19:18 Was this brought up in a retreat?
11:19:20 >>> We talked about it in the last retreat, but we had
11:19:22 already begun the process in July.
11:19:25 We had some sessions where we discussed the approach
11:19:29 that we were going to take, and try to identify some of
11:19:33 the people that we wanted to get on the team.
11:19:35 >> And in essence this was a model that was followed up
11:19:37 to some degree.
11:19:38 I'm not going to say all of it, to this person who

11:19:41 spoke at the retreat.
11:19:43 >> Well, yeah.
11:19:49 >> Getting too heavy for James.
11:19:50 >>> The retreat occurred in November, as I recall,
11:19:55 December.
11:19:57 And this idea came up immediately after we completed
11:20:02 the last budget cycle.
11:20:05 Last budget cycle was painful.
11:20:08 We laid off about 123 people.
11:20:12 We eliminated about another 100 positions.
11:20:15 In a reactionary mode.
11:20:17 And we did not want to do that again.
11:20:19 We wanted to start early and look at every process,
11:20:24 every operation within the city, especially with regard
11:20:27 to the general fund, and see what kind of efficiencies,
11:20:33 what measures of -- what initiatives we could put forth
11:20:39 in order to reduce our costs to avoid future layoffs.
11:20:47 That was in July where we chartered this task force.
11:20:52 Task force finished phase one, in October of this year,
11:20:57 then we had our retreat going into the November.
11:21:00 The retreat emphasized and reiterated the importance,
11:21:08 and that that's what these folks are dealing with

11:21:10 today, that's what the administration is doing today,
11:21:12 and that's what the employees are doing today.
11:21:19 And it is something that we are going to have to deal
11:21:23 with, for the foreseeable fought, because the realities
11:21:27 that the budget.
11:21:29 So in answer to your question, I'm sorry, June or July
11:21:33 last summer, sir.
11:21:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If I can continue, Madam Chair.
11:21:37 I'm not opposed to change.
11:21:38 I think change is a great thing for all of us, done
11:21:43 properly.
11:21:43 I think there's another way of doing these things.
11:21:47 Certainly this year, I voted for certain percentage of
11:21:51 raises for many individuals.
11:21:52 I will not be doing that ever again.
11:21:55 So whatever your salary is, all of us, it's going to
11:21:58 stay that way with me.
11:22:03 So I'm just one.
11:22:07 I think that change of attitude would certainly trickle
11:22:12 down to all the other individuals who do negotiation
11:22:16 was the city.
11:22:18 I think we have to start at the top and work down.

11:22:23 In fact, if you want change, I wouldn't be opposed to
11:22:25 having a five-member council instead of seven.
11:22:29 And I'll be one willing to give up the seat.
11:22:33 Just find yourself another one.
11:22:35 Not that I don't like it.
11:22:36 But for the sake of change, and for the sake of doing
11:22:40 things, I gave up my travel budget in 07 about $3400.
11:22:45 I gave up my travel budget in 08.
11:22:47 And I'm still here and still alive in 09 I'll do the
11:22:50 same thing.
11:22:52 I think those are the things that are important.
11:22:54 And I'm still waiting to take a pay cut to help
11:22:56 somebody do the services for the city.
11:23:03 Not necessary for other reasons.
11:23:04 But I think through attrition, and I think instead of
11:23:07 spearheading something head on, you can accomplish the
11:23:09 same thing, sir, and have the same gratitude and change
11:23:13 the flavor of this thing.
11:23:14 The worst thing that any big company can do -- and we
11:23:17 are a big company -- is lose the morale of our
11:23:20 employees.
11:23:22 You can do that very specifically -- [ Applause ]

11:23:25 No, I'm not looking for claps.
11:23:27 I'm not looking for a damn thing.
11:23:31 I just feel that way.
11:23:33 We can accomplish our goals and the goals that you said
11:23:36 are very good.
11:23:37 I commend you for it.
11:23:38 Just like Mr. James here.
11:23:40 Even though he doesn't want to take no heat right now.
11:23:43 But what I'm saying is these things can be done in
11:23:47 another mannerism by refusing even further the travel.
11:23:51 When you look at the technology, when you look at the
11:23:55 Internet -- and by the way, I don't have Internet here
11:23:58 and I just gave away my computer and everything else at
11:24:01 the house.
11:24:01 I don't want nothing to do.
11:24:03 Just let me alone, let me live by myself and I'm happy.
11:24:06 I don't need a computer to tell me what to do.
11:24:08 But what I'm saying is, and it took me a hard time to
11:24:11 get rid of the computer in City Hall.
11:24:13 I had to call four days in a row and they said, well, I
11:24:17 said listen, if it's not here by noon tomorrow it's
11:24:19 going to be in the elevator and finally they came and

11:24:22 picked it up.
11:24:23 So what I'm saying is you can accomplish your goals.
11:24:25 I really believe you can.
11:24:27 And I really believe that by working within your same
11:24:31 14 individuals, to determine who is retiring at what
11:24:35 time, fill in the gap, are these people, individuals
11:24:38 that are being laid off for whatever reason, certainly
11:24:42 can be reclaimed -- retrained, and have those, maybe
11:24:46 even at a lesser grade, because what's leaving may be a
11:24:50 higher grade than those that are being asked to take a
11:24:55 little vacation, whatever you want to call it.
11:24:57 So what I'm saying is, these are the things that can be
11:25:01 done.
11:25:01 That's just my personal feeling.
11:25:02 I commend you for doing what you do, the work you do.
11:25:08 When I get here sometimes at 7:30 in the morning your
11:25:11 car is already there.
11:25:11 I don't know if you had a flat tire the night before or
11:25:14 whatever.
11:25:14 But it's there.
11:25:16 So I commend you for your hard work.
11:25:18 I commend you for doing what you think is best for the

11:25:21 city.
11:25:21 But I ask you to low around and see if you can get back
11:25:25 with those 14 and get this thing resolved, and I'm not
11:25:30 asking for anything.
11:25:31 I'm not asking for any favors.
11:25:32 I'm not asking this one lay off, that one not.
11:25:36 I would never do that.
11:25:37 But what I am saying is, I think you have the tools and
11:25:40 I think you have the technology, James right there, to
11:25:43 tell you what's coming up in the future the next six
11:25:45 months.
11:25:46 Certainly before you retire some months before, you
11:25:48 apply for your retirement.
11:25:51 And that's how it's done.
11:25:53 So you wouldn't know that months in advance.
11:25:57 >>> Sir, very good points.
11:26:00 I might add that since April of last year, we enacted
11:26:04 an employee hiring freeze.
11:26:07 And I personally review every position as far as when
11:26:12 it's requested, to fill from the departments.
11:26:18 We realize the importance of attrition because it does
11:26:20 not create the angst that we get involved with.

11:26:24 So last April, we did that.
11:26:27 And I believe the number is about 4 or 5%, as you are
11:26:30 in the ballpark there on the number of employees that
11:26:32 turn over.
11:26:33 But I also tell you that employee turnover, you cannot,
11:26:40 not fill some position.
11:26:41 And that's what I look at as I go through this review
11:26:44 process.
11:26:45 Police and fire.
11:26:46 We are going to fill the position.
11:26:48 Parks and recs, we may or may not fill.
11:26:51 Public works, we may or may not fill.
11:26:53 So that process is often going.
11:26:56 I do want to point out a very important point that we
11:27:01 have covered before.
11:27:03 We are talking about expenditures out of the general
11:27:09 fund.
11:27:09 Property taxes make up 46% of the general fund.
11:27:14 But the very, very important number in the general fund
11:27:17 is that approximately 76% of the general fund budget is
11:27:24 comprised of personnel expenses.
11:27:27 76%.

11:27:29 The other 24% are expenses such as travel, supplies,
11:27:36 and those other items that were used in the everyday
11:27:39 operation of the city.
11:27:43 So you can see when you are dealing with three quarters
11:27:45 of the top, this personnel, 25% is "other," and we have
11:27:52 significant budget reductions to the level of $20
11:27:55 million per year.
11:27:56 We can't get there without layoffs.
11:28:03 And I appreciate the attrition concern and will work
11:28:05 that as hard as we can.
11:28:07 We will continue to work the 14 task force members and
11:28:11 we will continue to expand that, because we have got to
11:28:13 look at other ways to do our business, a fresh look,
11:28:18 and we have got to be able to reduce costs.
11:28:21 I'll say one thing if I might before I step down.
11:28:28 As in any organization, people are our most important
11:28:31 asset.
11:28:32 Nobody will disagree with that.
11:28:34 But we have got to recognize the reality of the
11:28:38 significant budget situation that we have to deal with.
11:28:41 It is not -- it's not may, it is going to happen.
11:28:48 We already know that.

11:28:48 We just don't know the exact number but it's going to
11:28:51 be a big number.
11:28:51 So we have to deal with the reality of that.
11:28:55 We have got to continue to work toward balancing the
11:28:59 budget.
11:29:00 There's no recourse.
11:29:02 September 30th, the budget has to be balanced in
11:29:05 order to go forward.
11:29:07 The next year.
11:29:07 Hard decisions are going to have to be made.
11:29:10 And we all need to remember the reason that we exist is
11:29:14 to deliver essential services to the public.
11:29:19 We owe it to the public to continue to provide them
11:29:22 with the high level of service to the tax dollars they
11:29:25 pay.
11:29:26 That's why we all need to continue to work to improve
11:29:30 the operations and decrease our costs and increase
11:29:34 revenues wherever we can.
11:29:35 Thank you.
11:29:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: This is going to be a long day.
11:29:42 It's already 11:30 and we are just on the first or
11:29:45 second item.

11:29:46 Let me just say, council, everything has been said
11:29:51 already, articulated.
11:29:53 First of all let me just say I want to commend the
11:29:56 administration and the visionary leadership to take a
11:30:01 look at the overall approach of how to do business in
11:30:04 the in city government.
11:30:08 It is my understanding that perhaps this has not been
11:30:10 done in the past.
11:30:11 I don't know.
11:30:11 That's way was told.
11:30:12 So that's a good thing, that they take a low at how
11:30:15 this government do business in light of the implication
11:30:24 of pending cuts that may come.
11:30:26 I don't argue that side.
11:30:27 I will tell you, coming from the county side, the city
11:30:30 is way behind in technology in a lot of areas.
11:30:34 I will tell you that.
11:30:35 I mean, you can't -- when I came requesting information
11:30:39 to be prepared, I was told, we can't track that, we
11:30:42 can't follow that, we don't have that information.
11:30:44 I really wasn't accustomed to some of it.
11:30:47 So I applaud you for the whole idea of looking at how

11:30:51 you do business and how to bring us up into the
11:30:53 21st century and how to move forward.
11:30:56 However, I think, though, there's a way to do it, a
11:31:02 respectful way to do it, not implying it wasn't
11:31:04 respectful, I think that when you look at what you have
11:31:07 here, what's been presented to us, one, downtown have
11:31:11 all the facts and the information let me tell what you
11:31:15 my problem is.
11:31:16 And I said this to the mayor at my meeting with her.
11:31:23 A news reporter calling me when there's been a press
11:31:26 conference, and I don't even know what the issues are,
11:31:28 and perhaps if I had known beforehand, I could have
11:31:33 been of greater service and help.
11:31:36 Okay.
11:31:47 When I got a call, did you know that?
11:31:48 No, I didn't know that.
11:31:51 What area?
11:31:52 It's going to be in the security area and janitorial.
11:31:54 Well, you can read my quote in the paper.
11:31:57 What my response was.
11:31:59 I know generally people, I responded from that
11:32:07 particular area.

11:32:08 Also, when you look at this, say, okay, worry going to
11:32:12 save 3. point something million dollar.
11:32:16 Then tell me we really don't know because we haven't
11:32:18 done an RFP, we haven't determined whether it's going
11:32:22 to be this department or -- so you don't have all the
11:32:25 facts.
11:32:26 You don't have all the information.
11:32:27 So what happens is, you get all these people riled up,
11:32:31 right before Christmas, right before the holiday, and
11:32:38 you have what you had here today without all the facts
11:32:41 and all the information.
11:32:42 And then City Council has to understand, as I have come
11:32:44 to learn and said I would do, is understand the charter
11:32:47 and who has the authority to do the cuts, and make the
11:32:50 cuts.
11:32:51 This City Council has -- does not have the authority to
11:32:57 make the cuts, nor are we involved in those cuts in
11:32:59 terms of privatization or in terms of those persons
11:33:03 that's going to be laid off.
11:33:04 However, what City Council's role is when it comes up
11:33:10 in terms of the privatization, and dealing with the
11:33:13 contract, that's where we have say so.

11:33:17 And I made that very enclosure to those that visit me
11:33:19 in my office, that's what was under our purview.
11:33:26 Be that as it may, we could have, if we would have more
11:33:30 information, and more dialogue, we could have saved a
11:33:34 whole lot of what I see here today, okay?
11:33:36 I think Mr. Miranda raised some valid points about
11:33:40 attrition and all of that.
11:33:41 Now, I understand hiring.
11:33:46 I understand. That but last April we talked about
11:33:48 laying off, what was it, 100 or 200 some, and it ended
11:33:52 up being 53?
11:33:53 I think the final number I got was 53 or 56.
11:33:56 Do you recall?
11:33:58 We were told it was going to be 223 layoffs.
11:34:02 Do you all recall that?
11:34:03 And all it ended up being about 53 or 56.
11:34:07 Is that pretty much?
11:34:10 >>> I believe the numbers were 223 positions were cut,
11:34:14 119 were physically laid off and 59 of those 119
11:34:18 actually found other positions within the city.
11:34:24 >> So the actual layoff was less really than what you
11:34:26 had projected, is what I am saying.

11:34:30 >>> It was not the total number of positions that were
11:34:35 cut. Let's say that.
11:34:37 He would did not actually know at the time how to
11:34:38 project how other positions might be filled by these
11:34:43 personnel.
11:34:43 >> So sometimes we have a lot more information before
11:34:46 you release.
11:34:49 It's helpful to not create the kind of thing that has
11:34:52 happened here today.
11:34:54 I will tell you also in the county I think 1999 the
11:34:58 county did major cuts in terms of janitorial service,
11:35:02 security, and in solid waste.
11:35:05 The Board of County Commissioners decided they were not
11:35:08 going to touch solid waste, made the decision not to
11:35:12 touch the janitorial, as the body who made the least
11:35:16 amount of money, they were going to do the cuts and
11:35:18 start at the top first.
11:35:19 Okay?
11:35:20 And that we were not going to cut security because
11:35:23 security was so important and to the structure or to
11:35:26 the organization.
11:35:27 So I'm just saying sometimes you look at that.

11:35:30 Here again that's not within our purview.
11:35:33 That's administration.
11:35:33 I'm just saying these are issues that I have had the
11:35:38 experience of dealing with in the past and sometime,
11:35:40 you know, again, council can be much more helpful when
11:35:46 we have an opportunity to be informed, and be able to
11:35:48 work together as a team, as opposed to every time I say
11:35:53 I'm a member, or every time I want something, there
11:35:59 tends to be a -- I try to be helpful and I think from
11:36:08 my standpoint council really wants to be helpful to
11:36:10 this administration, to the city government, to the
11:36:13 constituents.
11:36:14 I do not believe that this council wants to interfere
11:36:17 and create any havoc.
11:36:23 I believe that.
11:36:24 So we are clear on that.
11:36:25 When we look at what you presented us, here again,
11:36:28 there are mixed messages.
11:36:29 Your reports are going to say save 3 point -- or $4
11:36:35 million.
11:36:35 Right?
11:36:36 Yet at the same time when I met with the mayor I was

11:36:38 told we really don't know yet because we don't know the
11:36:42 impact, we don't haven't put it out on the street, bids
11:36:47 have not come in.
11:36:48 Is that accurate?
11:36:49 >>> Yes, sir, that is accurate.
11:36:51 The numbers that you see in the presentation here are
11:36:53 our best estimates at this point.
11:36:55 Until such time as we actually get a proposal, an
11:37:00 acceptable proposal from a bidder, and we are ready to
11:37:02 negotiate that contract and award that contract, we
11:37:05 will not know the exact value.
11:37:08 Once we know that exact value, then we can calculate
11:37:12 more exactly what the savings will be
11:37:18 Let me address that from the standpoint of employees
11:37:22 knowing what's going on.
11:37:27 This process of writing a statement of work, putting
11:37:30 out an RFP, putting in proposals and selecting a
11:37:33 winner, is several months long.
11:37:37 And most of these areas we anticipate this is going to
11:37:39 be next summer before that would take place.
11:37:43 What we basically were doing here was notifying the
11:37:46 employees that this process is underway.

11:37:50 That gives the employees about a six-month head start
11:37:54 with this knowledge.
11:37:55 If we wait until we have all the exact figures, that
11:38:00 will be about next June sometime, and we'll be ready to
11:38:04 award that contract and put that contractor in place,
11:38:08 and at that point, the city employees would no longer
11:38:11 be needed, and would have to leave the payroll
11:38:14 immediately.
11:38:15 The reason we put this out early is even though the
11:38:20 numbers aren't exact, it gives about a six to
11:38:23 seven-month prior notification to the employees that
11:38:27 this is coming.
11:38:31 >> And I think we all recognize that based on what
11:38:35 happens in January there may be significant cuts.
11:38:37 We don't know.
11:38:38 It requires, I think, a 60% approval which is real
11:38:42 tight.
11:38:42 But that's neither here nor there.
11:38:45 We understand in January that there may be -- it
11:38:47 depends on what happens.
11:38:48 Let me follow with another question.
11:38:50 Health care.

11:38:51 When you look at the issue of health care, do you all
11:38:54 take that into consideration, if you are going to bid
11:38:56 this out?
11:38:58 Is health care required by the competitor, those that
11:39:02 will be bidding?
11:39:03 Because what we need to understand is when you say you
11:39:07 lay off 100 people who now have health care, need
11:39:11 benefits, they will be forced primarily to move toward
11:39:15 the county's health care plan, which again is public
11:39:18 dollars, you know, so do he would look at that as well
11:39:24 as somewhere?
11:39:25 We still may be expend ago lot of money if these
11:39:28 persons are laid off?
11:39:31 >>> That is possible.
11:39:33 However, I would think that reputable contractors who
11:39:36 do this type of work would at least offer some level of
11:39:40 insurance coverage.
11:39:42 And that's the kind of thing that we would be pushing
11:39:44 for, is to identify reputable firms that provide the
11:39:48 right level of quality and support, and support their
11:39:51 personnel with that type of package.
11:39:53 >>> We don't necessarily dictate that alternative now.

11:40:00 >>> Well, if you put it in the RFP that it's required.
11:40:03 Because I will tell you, unless -- I'm only saying, the
11:40:07 only thing they don't say is would be those employee
11:40:10 benefits, health dare, things of that nature.
11:40:12 I don't see a whole lot of savings.
11:40:17 I could be wrong on that.
11:40:22 >>> Mr. Smith tells me we can put it in the RFP if
11:40:25 that's what we choose to do.
11:40:26 And at this point the RFP has not been --
11:40:30 >> Right.
11:40:30 One last question, Madam Chair, and that's to legal.
11:40:33 That's to legal.
11:40:34 Mr. Smith.
11:40:38 Given the fact that council really don't have any
11:40:40 say-so in the layoff, that's accurate, right?
11:40:43 >>> Yes, sir.
11:40:44 >> However, the RFP is done, and if the contract comes
11:40:58 here and this council votes them down, what happens?
11:41:01 >>
11:41:05 >>DAVID SMITH: I don't generally get involved in some
11:41:07 of these specific deliberations of the administration
11:41:09 but it would seem to me one of the things they would

11:41:12 want to do before they made sure people were laid off
11:41:15 that they would have the ability to row place those the
11:41:20 intent was by privatized contract, that they would at
11:41:24 least talk to this body and have some sense of where
11:41:26 that was going, because obviously it's not a good
11:41:31 situation to have terminated people and then you don't
11:41:33 have a contract approved.
11:41:34 Now we have no service.
11:41:39 So I would assume there would be a dialogue involved of
11:41:41 some kind, as that time got closer.
11:41:44 So I think your point is there is by it nature a
11:41:52 separation of powers a need for a colloquy between the
11:41:55 branches of government and I do believe both the
11:41:57 administration and certainly this body understands
11:41:58 that.
11:42:07 >> Thank you.
11:42:07 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: It's a hard act to follow, Mr.
11:42:10 Scott and Charlie.
11:42:12 You said we have janitorial services out now, and
11:42:15 security.
11:42:15 How many contracts do we have?
11:42:17 >> In janitorial services we currently have 14 separate

11:42:20 contracts.
11:42:22 And security services, we have five separate contracts.
11:42:24 On those contracts.
11:42:26 >> On those contracts can you get me the turnover rate
11:42:28 of employees on those contracts?
11:42:32 Because I own property in three different gate
11:42:37 communities and every time I go through the gate
11:42:38 there's a new person there so there's no continuity.
11:42:41 And that's why we had gated communities.
11:42:44 And every night it's something new.
11:42:47 They want to see your identification, who are you?
11:42:50 Because I don't live in all of these places but I do
11:42:53 own property in them.
11:42:54 And I do go up there to check my property.
11:42:58 So I would like to know what the transition rate is on
11:43:01 those contracts.
11:43:02 The 14 and the 5.
11:43:04 As far as the payroll, I don't know why you are so
11:43:07 antiquated and we have time cards.
11:43:09 You can give each person a computer number or like
11:43:13 Charley said a thumb print and they get in their
11:43:15 computer.

11:43:16 I'm a small businessman.
11:43:17 And my people who are on a time clock come in and put
11:43:20 their code in there.
11:43:21 I don't know what their code is.
11:43:23 But that's their business.
11:43:24 And I think we should move towards that direction.
11:43:28 I'm surprised that we are so antiquated with all the
11:43:31 money we spent on computerization.
11:43:34 I Charlie doesn't like computers but probably has one
11:43:37 in the bathroom that he doesn't tell everybody about.
11:43:41 Anyway, I would like that information.
11:43:44 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you for your service to the
11:43:53 city.
11:43:54 Obviously there's technological things are very high
11:43:56 priority for all of us.
11:43:58 And another thing that's a high priority for all of us,
11:44:01 in addition to the administration, it's a high priority
11:44:05 for all of us to save taxpayer money.
11:44:10 There's been some scuttle butt.
11:44:13 The council may not care about as much.
11:44:17 Let me make abundantly clear we do. We are here for
11:44:20 the taxpayers.

11:44:21 We are also here for the entire community.
11:44:31 With that said let me sort of repeat Reverend Scott's
11:44:33 question with a little different twist.
11:44:39 When you were doing the analysis of the layoff of 100
11:44:43 employees, did you look to see if those 100 employees
11:44:48 had health benefits?
11:44:49 >>> No, sir.
11:44:50 >> Did you look to see if they had dependents with
11:44:53 health care benefits?
11:44:54 >>> No, sir.
11:44:55 >> Did you look to see that when those 100 employees
11:44:58 get -- well, let me put it this way.
11:45:00 I did.
11:45:01 I looked.
11:45:02 And I did my best to estimate.
11:45:03 And there's about 235 men, women and children, okay,
11:45:10 who rely on those 100 positions for health care
11:45:13 benefits.
11:45:15 All right.
11:45:15 For health insurance.
11:45:18 And this health insurance is a national issue that he
11:45:20 would all hear about, turn on debate there, it is, pick

11:45:24 up the newspaper.
11:45:26 There it is.
11:45:27 We have a health care crisis.
11:45:32 Did you look and see what happens to county taxpayers
11:45:35 when somebody without health insurance shows up at
11:45:39 Tampa General Hospital or St. Joseph's without health
11:45:43 insurance?
11:45:44 What happens to that person?
11:45:45 Did you look?
11:45:46 >>> No, sir.
11:45:47 >> Okay.
11:45:47 That wasn't part of your analysis.
11:45:49 >>> No, sir.
11:45:50 >> That's a big analysis when it comes to all county
11:45:54 taxpayers.
11:45:58 And I'm a county taxpayer even though I live in the
11:46:01 city and everybody is up here because we contribute to
11:46:04 the county health care program.
11:46:05 We contribute to the federal government's, what is it,
11:46:12 Medicaid or Medicare, Medicaid, we contribute to those
11:46:15 programs to provide health care to the indigent.
11:46:17 Okay.

11:46:19 By laying off 100 people will create 230-something
11:46:23 individuals who will now be part of the health care
11:46:29 indigent.
11:46:30 And if we didn't look at that ramification on the
11:46:38 taxpayer then we haven't done our analysis yet.
11:46:41 Number one.
11:46:41 I have a few.
11:46:45 Number two.
11:46:45 For whatever reason, for whatever reason, Madam Chair,
11:46:50 about nine months ago appointed me to be finance chair
11:46:53 and I it wasn't exactly way wanted to do on this panel.
11:46:57 But I accepted.
11:46:59 I accepted the position.
11:47:00 And I continued to hold that role.
11:47:05 You don't have to answer this question since Mr. Smith
11:47:07 is in the room.
11:47:08 Mr. Smith, has anybody approached this finance chair in
11:47:14 the last several months to talk about what sort of
11:47:17 budget crisis we have looming in the horizon?
11:47:23 From the administration.
11:47:24 >>> Any between Ms. Wise and you.
11:47:33 I do know there have been several opportunities.

11:47:35 I would assume those kind of discussions have taken
11:47:37 place.
11:47:38 I will tell you also as a follow-up to your previous --
11:47:42 >> No, I have the floor right this second.
11:47:44 I asked him a question.
11:47:46 He hasn't answered my question.
11:47:48 You can do that on your own time.
11:47:49 I only have about ten more minutes.
11:47:51 Okay.
11:47:52 But here's the bottom line.
11:47:54 I know my schedule.
11:47:55 I know who I have talked to.
11:47:57 I know who has tried to talk to me.
11:47:59 And this finance chair has not been approached about
11:48:01 anybody potential shortfalls in this budget.
11:48:05 The mayor, nor the administration, nor by anybody
11:48:08 else -- and I love Bonnie Wise, she does a great job --
11:48:12 but nobody has chosen to talk to me.
11:48:13 I don't know if they talked about the rest of you
11:48:18 because it's sunshine.
11:48:21 But that has not been a topic of conversation with me.
11:48:23 So if we have a budget crisis left over from the

11:48:25 last -- from last summer and the mayor did say things
11:48:28 are going to be tight.
11:48:29 I was in her office when she said it but that was last
11:48:32 June or July.
11:48:34 All right.
11:48:38 We have to work together as a team on the issues.
11:48:41 There's in a doubt.
11:48:43 Everybody has said it.
11:48:44 We can't be blind sided with news conference was how
11:48:47 the administration is going to single-handedly solve
11:48:50 this problem.
11:48:51 Because years ago, when we all came on board with Mayor
11:48:54 Iorio, she said we're a team, and a team has a huddle
11:48:59 every single play, and you get together and you huddle
11:49:01 and you figure out where you are going next and what
11:49:03 the next play is.
11:49:04 And that's what's caused this today.
11:49:07 That's what's caused this today.
11:49:10 There's no huddle.
11:49:11 There's no --
11:49:14 >>> Madam Chair?
11:49:15 >> No.

11:49:16 You can fin --
11:49:18 >>> may I respond?
11:49:19 >> No, excuse me, I have the floor.
11:49:22 Point of order.
11:49:23 I have the floor.
11:49:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Point of order, I want to know when
11:49:28 people ask a question --
11:49:30 >> He's making a statement.
11:49:32 >>CHAIRMAN: You want to make a statement?
11:49:34 >>> I want to respond to councilman Dingfelder's
11:49:37 statement.
11:49:37 >> Which.
11:49:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Which question?
11:49:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, point of order.
11:49:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Wait a minute.
11:49:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You can answer it at the end when
11:49:47 I'm done.
11:49:47 You have all the time in the world.
11:49:49 You can come back in the afternoon and talk about it.
11:49:51 I have got the floor.
11:49:55 Let me point blank.
11:49:57 You know, we all live and learn.

11:49:59 Okay?
11:49:59 And sometimes you hear council say things and maybe you
11:50:02 decide to change course.
11:50:04 Is it still the mayor's position to move forward with
11:50:07 the privatization of these two or three departments via
11:50:11 putting out an RFP this spring?
11:50:13 Is that still your position, the mayor's position, the
11:50:16 administration's position to go forward with that?
11:50:19 >>> May I respond now?
11:50:22 >> I would like a yes or no on that.
11:50:23 >>> Where we are in the process is we have completed
11:50:26 the efficiency and effectiveness task force.
11:50:29 We have identified eleven action items.
11:50:31 Those are going into the normal staffing process.
11:50:35 So budget, legal, other players in the process have the
11:50:38 opportunity to comment.
11:50:40 We are soliciting inputs from various portions of the
11:50:44 staff, in addition to the administration staff.
11:50:47 And we are still evaluating it, is the answer to your
11:50:51 question.
11:50:53 Annal and on because there was a lack of information
11:50:58 apparently between the administrative or the executive

11:51:01 power, and the legislative power within the city, are
11:51:05 we here today prior to us really developing and
11:51:10 providing more information for council member Scott and
11:51:13 the rest of the council members.
11:51:15 Today was not caused by the administration.
11:51:18 >> You said there was a lack of communication because
11:51:22 you got -- this is your program and there's a lack of
11:51:25 communication coming from your direction.
11:51:26 But you answered my question.
11:51:27 And I have got more.
11:51:28 You said, I asked you, is it still your position that
11:51:31 you are moving forward with the privatization and
11:51:33 moving forward?
11:51:35 And I believe indirectly you said yes.
11:51:37 Okay.
11:51:39 The next question.
11:51:40 And this goes back to James.
11:51:41 James, if I could, Mr. Smith.
11:51:46 Ms. Mulhern alluded to this a minute ago.
11:51:49 In the ballpark range what what's the lowest paid
11:51:52 person who was on your 14 panel commission?
11:51:56 Commit?

11:51:56 >>> I don't know the answer to that.
11:52:00 >> What type of position are you talking about?
11:52:02 Talking about a supervisor?
11:52:04 >>> There were supervisors.
11:52:05 There were department heads.
11:52:06 There were divisional managers.
11:52:07 >> So somebody making 50, $06,000 as a supervisor, is
11:52:14 that a fair ballpark?
11:52:16 >>> I would assume so.
11:52:17 >> What is the terminology, what is the terminology
11:52:20 mean to you, because I heard at round different parts
11:52:23 of the administration, that we can address security
11:52:27 guards and janitors, okay, and we can take out those
11:52:30 departments and privatize those, because they are
11:52:33 low-hanging fruit.
11:52:34 Have you ever heard that terminology before?
11:52:36 >>> I've heard the terminology.
11:52:38 >> What does it mean?
11:52:39 >>> Obviously something easy to do, is what I
11:52:42 understand that terminology means.
11:52:44 That's not what would apply to this particular
11:52:47 situation by any means.

11:52:48 >> Do you know specifically January 29th is the
11:53:03 referendum that Mrs. Saul-Sena alluded to.
11:53:06 We won't get into that political discussion.
11:53:09 But without -- assuming the January 29th was not --
11:53:14 does not pass, how much money do we need to cut oh from
11:53:20 the 2008-2009 budget as compared to 2007-2008?
11:53:26 >>> As I mentioned in the presentation I gave, the
11:53:28 estimate, it costs us 14 additional million dollars to
11:53:32 move forward to the next year with the same services we
11:53:34 have for next year.
11:53:35 So if the budget is not affected by any tax cuts
11:53:39 trickling down to the budget cuts then we need to find
11:53:43 $14 million worth.
11:53:44 >> does that include pay raises?
11:53:46 >>> Yes, sir.
11:53:47 >> And do you know how much the pay raises are?
11:53:52 A portion of that this.
11:53:54 >>> I do not, no.
11:53:55 >> Mr. Gonzalez, can I ask you a question, please?
11:53:58 This relates to -- as I recall, we have like three big
11:54:01 contracts within the city government.
11:54:02 We have police.

11:54:03 We have fire.
11:54:04 And we have the general ATU contract.
11:54:07 Correct?
11:54:08 >>> Yes, sir.
11:54:08 >> And then we also have people that don't work under
11:54:12 union contract.
11:54:14 Do you know how many people we have that don't work
11:54:15 under union contract, ballpark?
11:54:18 >>> No, sir.
11:54:18 >> Mr. Smith, do you know?
11:54:24 >>> No, I don't know the answer to your question.
11:54:26 >> Is it five?
11:54:28 Is it 100?
11:54:29 >>> I do not know the answer to your question.
11:54:32 >> Can you ballpark for me, Mr. Smith?
11:54:34 >>> We can provide that.
11:54:35 If we are going to get into a legal proceedings here
11:54:37 and cross-examination and that type of dialogue, I
11:54:40 think it's inappropriate for --
11:54:44 >> I have a question.
11:54:44 >>CHAIRMAN: Mr. Shelby.
11:54:46 Hold on one second.

11:54:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Section 2.14 of the charter says under
11:54:50 investigation, in the exercise of its legislative
11:54:53 powers the counsel or any special committee thereof
11:54:55 shall have the power conduct such investigations and
11:54:58 hold such hearings as the council shall deemed
11:55:00 necessary, expedient and proper and shall have the
11:55:02 power to compel the attendance of witnesses and the
11:55:05 production of evidence by the issuance of all forms of
11:55:07 subpoena and shall have the power to punish for
11:55:09 contempt or by fine not exceeding $100 on each day any
11:55:14 such contempt shall continue shall be deemed a separate
11:55:16 offense.
11:55:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I only have a few minutes.
11:55:20 I asked a simple question, Mr. Smith.
11:55:22 Now the city like the back of your hand.
11:55:24 Could you please ballpark to me -- David, wait one
11:55:27 second.
11:55:27 I'm not getting -- I'm asking you please, Darryl, could
11:55:30 you please ballpark to me, because I don't know the
11:55:33 answer.
11:55:33 Would you please ballpark to me how many employees we
11:55:35 have -- is it about 800?

11:55:39 That's what Ms. Saul-Sena says.
11:55:41 >> 8 hundred what?
11:55:43 >> Employees who are not covered under union contract?
11:55:45 >>> I don't know.
11:55:46 >>
11:55:48 >>
11:55:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If you have a thousand in the police
11:55:51 department and 500 in the fire department that's 15,
11:55:54 and 2,000 general employees, that's 35, and if you have
11:55:56 you 45 total.
11:56:04 Now you know why I want to leave here.
11:56:10 >>> What Mr. Shelby just read was from a 214
11:56:14 investigation charter.
11:56:15 If that's what we are under --
11:56:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I could ask you a question, please?
11:56:20 It's not an investigation.
11:56:21 I asked some relevant questions.
11:56:23 I hope we are all learning things by these answers.
11:56:25 All right?
11:56:26 Under the union contracts, if the city hits an
11:56:30 emergency -- an emergency situation, I haven't read the
11:56:35 union contracts.

11:56:36 I apologize.
11:56:37 But you have.
11:56:38 You helped track them, is that correct?
11:56:40 >>> Yes, sir.
11:56:40 >> If the city has an emergency situation like a budget
11:56:43 crisis, all right?
11:56:44 Are there any provisions in any of those union
11:56:46 contracts including police, fire, ATU, and then of
11:56:48 course the nonunion people, where everybody -- might be
11:56:55 able to apply across the board, okay, some type of
11:56:57 freeze in salary, some type of freeze in pay increases?
11:57:03 >>> No, sir.
11:57:03 >> If you don't -- okay.
11:57:05 So, in other words, even if the city is about to go
11:57:08 bankrupt, we still have to make -- we still have to
11:57:11 abide by all those contracts.
11:57:12 There's no provision time?
11:57:14 >>> Not in the contract.
11:57:15 What there is is state statute --
11:57:17 >> Shhh, let me hear.
11:57:18 >>> State statute has a provision for financial
11:57:21 emergency which gives you an ability to curtail

11:57:24 negotiations, but you still have to negotiate.
11:57:27 That's the problem with dealing with those contracts.
11:57:29 >> I'm talking about existing contracts.
11:57:31 >>> Nothing.
11:57:31 >> So as our legal adviser if we hit this budget crisis
11:57:38 January 29th, if it passes, could be a huge budget
11:57:41 crisis for us, which in my opinion maybe we would just
11:57:44 say, now what?
11:57:46 Every single city employee including Charlie Miranda,
11:57:49 John Dingfelder, everybody else up here, and everybody,
11:57:52 city employee, needs to not only take a freeze on their
11:57:54 increases, everybody needs to stand together and take
11:57:58 some kind of unified, you know, X percent pay cut like
11:58:03 3%, whatever it takes to make up that difference.
11:58:05 But the problem that has been explained to me is that
11:58:08 we have these three huge union contracts that would
11:58:11 prohibit us from evening even thinking about going
11:58:13 there.
11:58:13 Or I need from you, Tom, and you -- I don't believe you
11:58:16 just answer to the administration.
11:58:19 I believe you can help council, too.
11:58:20 >>> Yes, sir.

11:58:21 >> And maybe not today.
11:58:25 It's not a complicated legal question I'm asking.
11:58:27 Maybe you can come back to us in a month or two and
11:58:29 answer that question of, is that a possibility?
11:58:32 Is it a possibility under the state statute, how can we
11:58:36 work that?
11:58:37 Because everybody should deal with pain together.
11:58:40 And I'm beyond the question now, Tom.
11:58:43 >>> I understand that.
11:58:44 But just so you understand, there is in fact a
11:58:47 provision in state statute but it requires the consent
11:58:49 of the unions negotiated or has to be imposed by this
11:58:54 council, and in fact there's as I'm sure council is
11:58:57 aware the administration is in now with the union of
11:59:01 firefighters.
11:59:02 They are trying to do just that.
11:59:03 And we have unfair labor practices we are having to
11:59:06 deal with.
11:59:06 But those are things that can be negotiated but they
11:59:08 have to be negotiated.
11:59:09 >> Or the council can impose that after.
11:59:12 >> After the special master, yes, sir.

11:59:14 >> But the bottom line is, and thank you for your
11:59:17 answer, Tom.
11:59:17 Bottom line is -- and I think I'm about wrapped up.
11:59:20 Well, no, I have one more.
11:59:21 >> We have to go.
11:59:22 >> I know we do but our Christmas party can wait.
11:59:25 >>CHAIRMAN: Wait.
11:59:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm sorry but you cut me off.
11:59:29 I apologize.
11:59:30 I apologize.
11:59:33 Listen.
11:59:37 James, have you left?
11:59:42 James, I'm going to ask you more rhetorical questions.
11:59:45 Did you look at the number of people that live, that
11:59:47 are affected by this, that live in East Tampa?
11:59:50 >>> No.
11:59:51 >> Are you aware that one of the city's initiatives,
11:59:57 number 2, speaks to economic development in our most
12:00:01 challenged areas to transform East Tampa into a
12:00:03 community of vibrant culture, life, through the
12:00:07 implementation of strategic economic development model
12:00:09 focused on neighborhood assets that can be replicated

12:00:12 in other challenged areas within the city, are you
12:00:13 aware that's number two in our mission statement?
12:00:16 >>> Yes, sir.
12:00:16 >> That East Tampa is a very, very big issue?
12:00:19 >>> Yes, sir.
12:00:20 >> But you didn't listen to see how many of these
12:00:22 people would be affected that live in East Tampa?
12:00:23 >>> No, sir.
12:00:24 >> Can I tell you?
12:00:25 Okay.
12:00:25 Because I will tell you.
12:00:26 Okay.
12:00:28 In my statistical analysis which was not that hard to
12:00:31 do, Cindy and Jim did most of it, okay.
12:00:35 75% of these affected people live within the city
12:00:38 limits, and about 30 to 35% live in East Tampa.
12:00:42 Okay.
12:00:44 If we are laying these specific people off who live in
12:00:48 East Tampa, is it safe to assume that it might be
12:00:52 contrary to the goals of that mission statement?
12:00:56 >>> It possibly could be contrary.
12:00:58 It's not contrary to the goal that we are trying to

12:01:00 accomplish and its effectiveness.
12:01:02 >> Is it only our goal as a city to look at our city,
12:01:05 bottom line, as opposed to looking at the top -- the
12:01:09 total tax bill of our citizens who live in the city?
12:01:12 In other words, there's a big shell game going on in
12:01:16 this country.
12:01:17 All right?
12:01:17 The federal government live natures programs and
12:01:21 pushing them down to the city level and I heard Linda
12:01:23 and Reverend Scott and down to the county level and the
12:01:28 city, okay, and then now what are he would doing?
12:01:30 When it comes to health care, I would say that we are
12:01:33 just taking that shell game and pushing it back up to
12:01:36 the county.
12:01:36 We are saying, well, our budget looks much, much
12:01:39 better, we just saved a million dollar.
12:01:41 But it's a shell game.
12:01:42 Because at the end of the day, you know what?
12:01:44 The taxpayer doesn't care.
12:01:46 All he cares about is that the federal government is
12:01:48 taking money from the IRS, from his bill, and on his
12:01:53 property tax bill, he doesn't care who is taking it.

12:01:56 He just cares that he or she cares that it's just
12:01:59 getting taken.
12:02:00 All right.
12:02:00 So we need to work together on these issues, and we
12:02:06 need to come to areas where we can agree.
12:02:08 And I would assert to you based on the comments that I
12:02:11 heard today -- and I'm not going to make a motion.
12:02:14 I thought about making a motion.
12:02:15 But I'm not going to make a motion.
12:02:16 But I think you heard comments today that this council
12:02:19 does not really feel very strongly about eliminating
12:02:21 the people at the bottom of the rung.
12:02:24 Eliminating the people who can feel it the least.
12:02:27 I mean who feel it the most.
12:02:29 Eliminating the people who get hurt the most.
12:02:33 Because a lot of them are making $27 a year, they are
12:02:37 below poverty level just working for this city.
12:02:39 We have pain to feel within this city government,
12:02:44 because of these budget issues, then we all need to
12:02:47 feel the pain together.
12:02:51 Thank you.
12:02:55 >>CHAIRMAN: Mr. Shelby.

12:03:00 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I just bring to council's attention --
12:03:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Council members say they want to talk.
12:03:05 I am not going to open my mouth.
12:03:07 We can just keep continuing on.
12:03:09 If you want to talk, you talk.
12:03:12 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just so I'm clear by unanimous consent
12:03:15 council is proceeding.
12:03:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
12:03:18 >>CHAIRMAN: Go ahead.
12:03:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say that Mr. Buckner is
12:03:22 working really hard to help us figure out efficiency in
12:03:26 the government, and you had a lot of great ideas in
12:03:29 here, and I'm sorry for you to be standing there and
12:03:31 having to answer for the fact that we do have to cut
12:03:35 the budget, and we did have to do that.
12:03:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: And I apologize.
12:03:42 >>MARY MULHERN: And I just feel -- but way want to say,
12:03:46 we as council can sit here until we are blue, telling
12:03:49 the administration what to do about hiring and firing,
12:03:52 and it doesn't matter.
12:03:54 I suggested to the mayor that we have a an
12:03:58 across-the-board salary cuts.

12:04:01 And I'm sure you all have, too, and that's not what you
12:04:03 have chosen to do.
12:04:04 So let's not waste our breath.
12:04:09 But this council, today, we have about 27 items on this
12:04:15 agenda, most of them on the consent agenda, out of an
12:04:19 agenda with over 100 items, and our part-time job,
12:04:25 which I attempt to do, now, even picking out one or two
12:04:29 items to see how we are spending our taxpayer dollars.
12:04:33 Well, today, 27 of these items are asking us, all seven
12:04:40 of us, to appropriate, in different amounts, over $100
12:04:45 million.
12:04:47 None of that is going for salaries.
12:04:50 Probably a good portion of it is going to contractors
12:04:54 and private, you know, privatized business.
12:04:56 None of it is going to city salaries.
12:04:58 So there is no reason why we can't look at this budget
12:05:04 and help the administration find ways to cut the budget
12:05:11 without hurting employees.
12:05:13 And I would like to do that as soon as possible.
12:05:16 I would like to do what's in our charter and hire a
12:05:19 budget analyst.
12:05:22 And I would like to put together a committee.

12:05:26 My suggestion is each of us appoint two citizens to be
12:05:32 our budget review committee, and they can help us
12:05:35 throughout the year.
12:05:39 I know I put that on the agenda but maybe we should
12:05:41 move it up and talk about it at our next meeting.
12:05:43 Because that's all we have.
12:05:45 We do have the power of the purse.
12:05:47 We just have to use it.
12:05:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: My only concern, you know, and I know
12:05:55 what you are saying, one is -- and under the charter
12:05:58 what our role is.
12:06:00 I think, though, that we can only add, I think our
12:06:06 budget at that point, I could stand corrected, and
12:06:10 council might want to speak to that.
12:06:12 I think once we get the budget, it becomes our budget
12:06:15 and at that point we can take a look at that sort of
12:06:17 thing.
12:06:24 I'm assuming that
12:06:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not going to ever support that.
12:06:37 We are talking about dismissing employees.
12:06:40 At the same time we are going to hire somebody.
12:06:42 Doesn't make sense to me.

12:06:44 And if you look at that $100 million, about 50-some
12:06:48 million of that is on a bonding I shall to you fix the
12:06:50 problems that we have on the ground in the city, the
12:06:53 sewer and the water lines.
12:06:54 So although it sounds great and it's wonderful, it
12:06:57 doesn't quite always add up that way.
12:06:59 Another 6 million is for the design and of the
12:07:03 distribution system of water.
12:07:04 And so the big items are there.
12:07:06 Yes, it's 100 million and maybe more.
12:07:09 But the problem is that it's necessary and needed for
12:07:12 this city to continue functioning as a municipality.
12:07:16 If when don't go forward and do these things, makes no
12:07:19 difference who is here and the council, the mayor, you
12:07:22 won't have a city.
12:07:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I spoke with the mayor about a
12:07:28 budget natural sift.
12:07:29 She said use somebody in the department.
12:07:32 I said great, we can start immediately.
12:07:33 I think we should each over the holiday select two
12:07:36 citizens to represent us and get going.
12:07:37 Because I want to low at things in terms of the budget,

12:07:42 as how we can be more fiscally prudent and how we can
12:07:46 be more green.
12:07:47 And that's one of the things on today's agenda.
12:07:49 We are spending, now, $800,000 redoing the building and
12:07:53 it's not green.
12:07:54 So we can use this the staff person in the variety of
12:07:57 ways and we can use our citizen helpers to help us in
12:08:01 our analysis.
12:08:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mrs. Mulhern, you and I had the same
12:08:07 thought process.
12:08:08 Last night as I went through our 100-some agenda items,
12:08:14 but in all seriousness, as I did, I started thinking
12:08:17 about these numbers.
12:08:18 Okay.
12:08:18 And the bottom line is, city government spends
12:08:22 approximately $700 million.
12:08:24 Now it comes from a variety of sources.
12:08:26 It comes from local tax.
12:08:27 It comes from state.
12:08:28 It comes from fed, here and there. But we spend
12:08:34 approximately $700 million a year. That comes out to,
12:08:36 what, I'm trying to calculate that. Anyway, that comes

12:08:42 out to 10, 12, about $13 million a month, something
12:08:48 like that.
12:08:49 No, more than that.
12:08:50 Excuse me, my math is messed up.
12:08:54 Anyway, it comes out to a lot of money, like --
12:09:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 60 million.
12:09:03 >> 60 million.
12:09:04 Thank you, Charlie.
12:09:05 A month.
12:09:06 Now I had a thought.
12:09:07 Okay.
12:09:07 And we do have responsibilities.
12:09:09 Not only do we have budget responsibilities at the end
12:09:10 of the year but every single week that we are here, we
12:09:13 have responsibility for these 100 items.
12:09:16 And if we looked at these 100 items and we carved
12:09:19 out -- we meet every other week now -- if we carved out
12:09:23 500,000 each meeting, okay, take a look at it.
12:09:26 There's 100,000 here.
12:09:27 100,000 there.
12:09:28 Everybody take a look at it.
12:09:30 We carve out 500,000 every meeting, over 12 months, we

12:09:33 would save $12 million.
12:09:36 500,000 every meeting.
12:09:38 There's an item on the agenda today that Ms. Mulhern
12:09:41 already pulled.
12:09:42 Okay.
12:09:43 Where the administration is about to waste $500,000,
12:09:46 giving something to a bidder, because the other bidder
12:09:50 had some technicality problems.
12:09:52 We are going to talk about that a little later in the
12:09:54 day.
12:09:54 But those are the kind of things that we -- we need to
12:09:58 look at with a fine toothed comb.
12:10:01 We can call ourselves part time all we want.
12:10:04 If we each take a couple, an hour or two and make the
12:10:07 phone calls and ask the questions, we can find $500,000
12:10:11 every meeting.
12:10:11 I'll give you a couple of examples.
12:10:13 And I'm not taking on any particular project or
12:10:15 department.
12:10:16 Item 7.
12:10:17 $180,000 to put in new trees at the convention center.
12:10:20 We all know that the old trees caused problems and so

12:10:22 leaks and then they fixed it and now we are putting in
12:10:25 new trees but it's still $180,000.
12:10:28 Could it wait till next year?
12:10:30 Probably.
12:10:30 $500,000 on item 15.
12:10:32 Item 17, 114,000 to mow at the water plant.
12:10:36 Now what?
12:10:38 The water plant looks really pretty, and go got a lot
12:10:41 of grass out there. The mowers should eliminate most
12:10:44 of that grass and gravel them and nobody would have to
12:10:48 mow.
12:10:53 Gravel the water goes right through it.
12:10:56 Item 27 is a million dollars under this now famous JOC,
12:11:01 city-wide job ordered contract.
12:11:03 Item 27 I looked at the fine print and 590,000 of that
12:11:08 is for new sidewalks.
12:11:09 Linda, you and I love new sidewalks.
12:11:12 But you know what?
12:11:13 And we talked about walkable city.
12:11:15 But if you have got budget crisis and you are playing
12:11:18 people off, the sidewalks can wait another couple of
12:11:20 years.

12:11:22 All right.
12:11:22 Just a couple of others that I think I saw last night.
12:11:25 Item 39 is this new building that when just purchased
12:11:28 over on Columbus Avenue.
12:11:31 $845,000 to continue to renovate it.
12:11:34 Maybe that's that can wait another year.
12:11:36 Obviously if we have employees who are working under
12:11:39 conditions that we are not thrilled with, but I think
12:11:41 it's better to keep the employees, okay, than to keep
12:11:45 fixing up, you know, that building.
12:11:47 Let it sit and mothball it for a year.
12:11:54 Mrs. Mulhern, had I agree with you, we should form a
12:11:56 commit and if we can get -- committee -- and we do need
12:12:02 independent advice.
12:12:03 But at the same time, I can't advocate paying more
12:12:07 money for it so let's do the best we can with private
12:12:09 citizens.
12:12:10 I'll bet there's a lot of retired CPAs who would like
12:12:15 to come in and help us.
12:12:16 Right?
12:12:17 Thank you.
12:12:18 >>> I have a whole Rotary Club of bankers that already

12:12:21 offered to do this.
12:12:22 But I want to say in the meantim