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Tampa City Council
Thursday, May 22, 2008
6:00 p.m. session

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18:06:01 [Sounding gavel]
18:06:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Tampa City Council is will now come to
18:06:05 order.
18:06:06 Roll call.
18:06:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
18:06:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
18:06:13 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
18:06:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
18:06:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
18:06:20 Staff, you may want to review the agenda with us,

18:06:25 those items that we need to go ahead and take care of
18:06:27 in terms of continuances.
18:06:28 >>LaCHONE DOCK: Land Development Coordination.
18:06:33 I have handed out a copy of the marked-up agenda and I
18:06:36 would like to go through those items briefly.
18:06:39 On item number 2, staff requests council to remove
18:06:42 this item from the agenda and reschedule it to June
18:06:44 12th.
18:06:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved.
18:06:47 >> Second.
18:06:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor let it be known by Aye.
18:06:51 Opposes.
18:06:52 So moved.
18:06:53 Okay.
18:06:53 >>LaCHONE DOCK: Item number 5, staff in coordination
18:06:56 with petitioner requests a continuance to June
18:06:58 12th.
18:07:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Motion?
18:07:02 >> So moved.
18:07:05 >> Do we need to hear from the public?
18:07:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's a continued public hearing.
18:07:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Do you wish to hear if anybody wishes

18:07:14 to speak to the continuance?
18:07:15 >> Yes.
18:07:15 Is there anyone here to speak to the continue ant
18:07:18 only?
18:07:19 Anyone want to speak to the continuance on number 5, V
18:07:26 07-62, motion to continue this item.
18:07:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
18:07:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me for interrupting but
18:07:38 since we have four council members I would think you
18:07:40 want to let the council know that it takes a unanimous
18:07:44 vote, and if they want to wait until they have more
18:07:48 council members here.
18:07:48 That's up to you.
18:07:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, sir.
18:07:50 There's a motion on the floor.
18:07:52 All in favor?
18:07:54 Opposes?
18:07:55 So item number 5 is continued.
18:07:57 >>LaCHONE DOCK: On item number 6, there is an e-mail
18:08:00 received from Michael Horner, petitioner, as
18:08:03 representative, requesting a continuance to June
18:08:05 12th.

18:08:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone here want to address the
18:08:13 council on item number 6 on this continuance?
18:08:16 Item number 6.
18:08:18 That is Z-08-23.
18:08:23 Okay.
18:08:24 Motion?
18:08:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Continuance to June 12th.
18:08:27 >> Second.
18:08:28 (Motion carried).
18:08:29 >>LaCHONE DOCK: On item number 8, staff in
18:08:35 coordination with petitioner requests a continuance to
18:08:37 June 12th.
18:08:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Does anyone here want to address
18:08:42 council on the continuance of item number 8, that's
18:08:45 Z-08-29.
18:08:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to continue to June
18:08:54 12th.
18:08:55 >> Second.
18:08:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved and ordered.
18:09:00 Okay.
18:09:00 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Excuse me, I believe number 8 was not
18:09:04 a continued public hearing so if you could please make

18:09:06 a motion to open the public hearing.
18:09:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move to open the public hearing
18:09:10 item number 8.
18:09:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
18:09:13 (Motion carried).
18:09:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And motion to continue.
18:09:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to continue to June
18:09:17 12th.
18:09:17 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
18:09:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved and ordered.
18:09:22 Okay.
18:09:23 So then we will be addressing item 1, 3, 4, and 7
18:09:28 tonight.
18:09:29 Okay.
18:09:33 That's going to address counsel or talk, you need to
18:09:37 stand and be sworn, and raise your right hand.
18:09:40 (Oath administered by Clerk).
18:09:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Motion to open the public hearings.
18:09:49 >> So moved.
18:09:49 >> Second.
18:09:50 (Motion carried).
18:09:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We'll take item number 1.

18:10:14 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.
18:10:16 I have been sworn.
18:10:16 Item number 1 on your agenda is Z-07-100, located at
18:10:22 6608 South Westshore Boulevard.
18:10:24 This case was previously heard on February 14th in
18:10:27 association with a vacating for Everett street.
18:10:33 At the time of the hearing there was some discussion
18:10:35 about Everett, the trail, what is going on so the
18:10:39 petitioner asked for a continuance, and to date the
18:10:43 status of this is that the vacating portion, that
18:10:45 portion of every receipt has been withdrawn.
18:10:50 That is a previous motion of council at the request of
18:10:53 the petitioner to withdraw that vacating petition.
18:10:56 And the site is now moving forward independently of
18:11:00 itself.
18:11:02 Petitioner is proposing to rezone from IG industrial
18:11:04 general to PD planned development for the construction
18:11:07 of 246 multifamily residential units and 6,500 square
18:11:12 feet of retail restaurant uses.
18:11:15 Just to make a comment in relation to my staff report,
18:11:19 I believe there are notes on the plan they are
18:11:22 restricting to restaurant use on the outparcel and it

18:11:25 will be a sit-down restaurant only.
18:11:27 I believe petitioner will speak further to that.
18:11:30 The PD setbacks include 100 feet to the north, 60 feet
18:11:34 to the east, 24 feet to the south and 54 feet to the
18:11:37 west.
18:11:38 The site will contain four multifamily residential
18:11:41 structures and a 6,000 square foot accessory building
18:11:44 with amenities and leasing on the southern parcel
18:11:47 considered the outparcel will include the 6,500 Kuwait
18:11:52 Foo foot restaurant.
18:11:53 Maximum building height has been proposed at 64 feet 4
18:11:56 inches, required amount of parking is 411 spaces, and
18:12:00 438 spaces are being provided.
18:12:02 The petitioner has submitted four-sided building
18:12:07 elevations that I provided to you.
18:12:11 If you look at page one of the bottom of the staff
18:12:15 report, February 14th in combination with the
18:12:18 vacating.
18:12:19 Vacating has been rescinded and the PD site plan has
18:12:23 been revised for the northern portion of the property.
18:12:27 Total count is 28 units.
18:12:36 Just to acquaint you with the site, it this is

18:12:42 Westshore to the west.
18:12:45 Everett street to the north.
18:12:47 McCoy to the south.
18:12:48 CSX railroad.
18:12:52 I also have some photos.
18:13:05 I don't know if you want me to go through a full
18:13:07 presentation.
18:13:09 Since you have seen this before, I'm completely at
18:13:12 your discretion.
18:13:13 I can keep going.
18:13:14 It's a pretty lengthy hearing the first time.
18:13:18 >>MARY MULHERN: If you can just put up a few to
18:13:21 refresh my memory anyway.
18:13:25 You don't have top go through the whole thing.
18:13:36 >> This is a picture of the site.
18:13:43 To the south of the site.
18:13:52 This is to the north of the site.
18:13:56 That's to the west.
18:14:02 To the north.
18:14:11 This is looking south on Westshore.
18:14:13 Staff has found the planning consistent.
18:14:23 There are a couple technicalities that need to be

18:14:25 changed between first and second reading.
18:14:30 There was a discussion awhile back about the use of
18:14:33 some larger caliper trees for replacement trees, that
18:14:38 was not carried through on this site plan.
18:14:40 There was also a scrivener's error related to the
18:14:42 trees required for multifamily that needs to be
18:14:46 addressed.
18:14:48 Transportation would like a note added related to
18:14:51 signs and structures, that they will comply with site
18:14:54 visibility requirements.
18:14:55 Stormwater would like a note removed from the plan.
18:15:00 Water needed a note added to the plan.
18:15:02 And then land development needed one and a note added
18:15:06 for general maximum height of the building.
18:15:09 I do have a sheet that has all the changes required
18:15:13 between first and second reading that I would like to
18:15:16 provide to you, if it is council's pleasure to approve
18:15:20 this on first reading you can motion that those
18:15:22 changes be included.
18:15:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Dingfelder.
18:15:31 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
18:15:34 Abbye, I think we remember this when it came into us

18:15:39 last time and of course a lot of the discussion had to
18:15:41 do with the vacating of the right-of-way, and the
18:15:45 possibility of a trail and that sort of thing.
18:15:48 It looks like all of those now are moot now that they
18:15:51 are not going to be involved in the right-of-way.
18:15:56 That's sort of a double edged sword but not
18:15:59 necessarily relevant to tonight.
18:16:00 But what is relevant is the changes that were made on
18:16:05 the north side.
18:16:06 You said they removed some units, or some units I
18:16:12 guess have been removed total.
18:16:14 Were they removed from the north side?
18:16:16 Is there a greater buffer now on the north side?
18:16:21 And any aesthetic considerations on the north side?
18:16:26 >>ABBYE FEELEY: This setback actually remains the
18:16:28 same.
18:16:29 >> The line moved but the setbacks -- okay.
18:16:33 So was there parking -- was there parking previously
18:16:37 on the north side?
18:16:39 I thought it looked like there was parking now on the
18:16:41 north side.
18:16:47 >>> This was the previous plan, and there was parking

18:16:51 along that north side.
18:16:58 You see now there is the required landscape buffer to
18:17:17 the north side, and they have not asked for any
18:17:20 waivers.
18:17:23 The one waiver that they are asking for is the access
18:17:26 down here for commercial access to a local street.
18:17:30 I'm sorry you can't see that very well.
18:17:32 But it's related to the outparcel of the restaurant.
18:17:35 And there are no other waivers requested.
18:17:37 So they are meeting all the requirements in
18:17:40 relationship to buffers for the site.
18:17:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?
18:17:53 Planning Commission?
18:17:53 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
18:18:07 I have been sworn in.
18:18:10 Just a few additional comments to make, some of the
18:18:16 statements that were made by Ms. Feeley, a much larger
18:18:21 picture we are going to be looking at this evening.
18:18:23 As far as the categories that are concerned in the
18:18:25 surrounding area of the particular site, the site,
18:18:28 land use designation land use 24.
18:18:31 What is significant about transitional 24 does allow,

18:18:34 as well as residential use, allows the potential for
18:18:36 industrial use.
18:18:37 As you all know, the required use of -- prior use of
18:18:40 this site was a warehouse site that produced a lot of
18:18:45 noxious uses that were potentially adversely --
18:18:51 produced some potentially adverse contaminants to the
18:18:54 surrounding residential area.
18:18:55 Now what you have proposed before you tonight is
18:18:57 primarily a residential project that offers a
18:19:00 commercial outparcel right here on the southwest
18:19:03 quadrant of the subject site.
18:19:06 The land use category is residential 10 to the north,
18:19:09 residential 20 and 35 to the west, heavy commercial 24
18:19:13 to the south, recreational open space to the
18:19:15 southeast, and of course residential 10 on this side.
18:19:17 You also have a similar land use category directly
18:19:20 across the railroad right-of-way, transition use 24.
18:19:23 You can see the residential characters as evidenced by
18:19:27 the aerial that is in front of you now that shows
18:19:31 multifamily use to the northwest of the site, which is
18:19:34 similar in character to what the proposed use will be
18:19:37 for the site that you have before you this evening for

18:19:40 review.
18:19:40 And of course the single-family residential character
18:19:43 to the north and to the west of the site.
18:19:44 And to the southeast of the site.
18:19:47 Based on the request, the similarity of uses in the
18:19:50 area and the reduction of intensity, of intensity to
18:19:54 the surrounding neighborhoods, Planning Commission
18:19:56 staff found the proposed request overall consistent
18:19:58 with the comprehensive plan.
18:20:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Questions?
18:20:08 Okay.
18:20:09 Petitioner?
18:20:09 >>> David Smith, 401 East Jackson Street 33602.
18:20:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Wait a minute.
18:20:22 You have 15 minutes.
18:20:23 >>> Shorter than that.
18:20:25 The staff report was generally accurate.
18:20:27 Just one thing I'll clarify.
18:20:32 The building has been pulled back an additional 35
18:20:35 feet from the northern property line so there is
18:20:37 additional buffer there.
18:20:39 There was basically two rows of parking.

18:20:43 Pretty much what occurred is the trailer has been
18:20:45 removed and building A is reduced to three stories,
18:20:48 and so we basically provided a little additional
18:20:52 buffer on that front building to reflect it.
18:20:54 Of those, quickly since you have heard this before,
18:20:58 but I want to point out this.
18:21:07 The entire site runs from Everett street right-of-way
18:21:13 all the way from McCoy, from Westshore to the
18:21:16 railroad track.
18:21:17 I believe the graphic that was pulled out highlighted
18:21:20 just part of the site.
18:21:23 This property in its current location is surrounded by
18:21:28 single-family homes to the north, and single-family
18:21:30 across Westshore, commercial property to the south,
18:21:34 the railroad tracks and then the dairy across the
18:21:38 railroad tracks.
18:21:40 I think the last discussion we had regarding the
18:21:43 property dealt with a lot of the buffering, and let me
18:21:52 get to that graphic for you.
18:21:54 First I just confirmed the setbacks on the graphic on
18:22:00 page 10 shows the setback of the buildings, to the
18:22:03 back of the building, right-of-way.

18:22:06 195 feet from this building which is where the
18:22:08 100-foot setback occurs, 230 feet, at this point,
18:22:14 basically from the property line to the back of the
18:22:15 first house is 110 feet across the right-of-way to the
18:22:19 house, 71 feet, along Westshore Boulevard.
18:22:25 You might recall from the prior conversation that
18:22:27 staff had several comments on the original design
18:22:31 which had parking in front of the building.
18:22:33 In order to provide a more urban feel, we had the
18:22:37 entire building frontage, eliminated the parking in
18:22:40 front from the two front buildings and just had those
18:22:43 as accessways for garages.
18:22:45 I'll show that in a couple of the graphics in a
18:22:48 second.
18:22:49 This is the one view that councilman Dingfelder asked
18:22:53 about before, was what was going to happen along
18:22:56 Westshore, and what was going to happen with the
18:22:58 garages.
18:22:59 What we have here is a hedge, a fence, and we have our
18:23:04 natural landscaping, and that provides the break-up of
18:23:08 the view corridor from Westshore as you drive down
18:23:15 The parking structures themselves, have individual

18:23:18 garages, are set back from the face of the building so
18:23:23 these are not garage doors right on the face of the
18:23:28 structure but -- recessed.
18:23:30 Some of the views that we have on the streetscape
18:23:34 again, this feature here is a break-away gate for fire
18:23:39 access only.
18:23:40 That prevents there from being -- quick access and
18:23:47 makes everybody come through the main court yard and
18:23:49 then distribute within the project.
18:23:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Point to that gate again?
18:23:54 >> This is the breakaway gate for fire purposes.
18:23:58 It is not for anybody else other than the fire
18:24:00 department.
18:24:08 Now get over to the corner.
18:24:09 This is the central core and courtyard, through the
18:24:13 property, with the leasing and then it disabilities
18:24:18 people, trying to keep up with the boards, but I think
18:24:26 he has a very good idea what we are dealing with here.
18:24:28 This is the commercial building and this is the very
18:24:31 important element for the community association.
18:24:34 They are concerned about the lack of opportunity for
18:24:37 retail, or the restaurant uses in this area, the

18:24:42 developer, in conjunction with the property owner,
18:24:47 went back, and restricted it to sit-down uses only, no
18:24:53 drive-through restaurants, no fast-food restaurants.
18:24:55 Basically, we pretty much restricted it to a nice
18:24:59 sit-down restaurant and that's what the community
18:25:01 wanted.
18:25:01 This is also the source that was requested.
18:25:06 I think it also note on the project, a multifamily
18:25:10 with its restaurant outparcel, we asked for one
18:25:13 waiver, and it's only associated with the request for
18:25:16 the outparcel and the retail, the nonresidential
18:25:19 access to McCoy.
18:25:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Question before you move on,
18:25:24 Mr. Chairman?
18:25:25 I just want to catch him before he moves.
18:25:28 I want to focus in on that issue.
18:25:31 It appears to me, I see connectivity between your
18:25:34 parking for the south side, apartment building C, and
18:25:40 the, quote, restaurant parking.
18:25:43 Can you drive from the apartment building parking to
18:25:47 the restaurant parking?
18:25:49 >>> You can drive from the apartment to the

18:25:51 restaurant.
18:25:54 A gated apartment complex for security but there's
18:25:57 free circulation within, and you can walk in, drive to
18:26:00 this restaurant from the multifamily.
18:26:02 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That's good.
18:26:05 But my concern is -- and this relate to McCoy
18:26:08 street -- if you continue -- I'll just say this for
18:26:14 the benefit of all council who aren't as familiar
18:26:16 necessarily with McCoy street.
18:26:18 I think McCoy continues down to the east, across the
18:26:23 tracks, and goes down towards Robinson high school.
18:26:29 And as it goes down ton -- I think it's industrial.
18:26:39 But as you continue on down, I believe, if I'm not
18:26:43 mistaken, McCoy goes through some residential.
18:26:45 >> Right.
18:26:46 It begins residential over here, and the park is here,
18:26:50 this is the dairy parcel.
18:26:52 >> Right.
18:26:55 So it goes in front of our new rec center and then
18:26:59 passes alongside residential before it hits Manhattan.
18:27:03 My concern, David, is that if I live in that apartment
18:27:08 complex, Westshore is one of the busiest roads in

18:27:10 South Tampa.
18:27:11 And if I live in that apartment complex, and I want to
18:27:14 avoid Westshore, I can come out on the -- the way it's
18:27:17 laid out right now, I can come out on the McCoy
18:27:20 side, take a left and head down to Manhattan, okay.
18:27:26 Take a left on Manhattan and come out on Gandy and
18:27:29 Manhattan.
18:27:31 It would ab very logical thing for me to do.
18:27:33 And then that way if I live in there I never have to
18:27:35 come out on Westshore.
18:27:37 It didn't dawn on me when I saw this project a few
18:27:40 months ago when you were here before, otherwise I
18:27:42 would have asked you then, and I apologize for not
18:27:44 doing that.
18:27:45 But if that parking lot and the McCoy street exit is
18:27:48 just for the restaurant, then I don't have a problem
18:27:53 with it because the restaurant is a community use.
18:27:56 But I have a big problem if this entire couple of
18:28:00 hundred spaces, everybody in that complex has the
18:28:03 ability to do what I just described.
18:28:05 So you all can think about it a little bit.
18:28:07 I see some folks from the neighborhood here, not

18:28:11 necessarily who live along that street, but I see some
18:28:14 Port Tampa folks here.
18:28:15 Maybe they might want to comment on that as well.
18:28:17 But that concerns me a little bit.
18:28:19 >> Well, and I appreciate your concern.
18:28:21 I think the initial comments I would have is that
18:28:25 right now, in its configuration you can probably have
18:28:31 multiple outparcels under the current zoning. This is
18:28:34 like the minimum access necessary.
18:28:35 I think it also provides for circulation for the fire
18:28:38 department.
18:28:38 >> That property hasn't been used for 20 years.
18:28:42 >> I know it.
18:28:42 >> It been vacant and abandoned for 20 years.
18:28:46 >> But I think as far as the fire department
18:28:48 standpoint, for development and mixed use development,
18:28:51 they like to have multiple access points to a
18:28:55 property.
18:28:55 They would prefer not to come into one access point.
18:28:58 >> For fire department it's feign.
18:29:01 You can have a point there and they can do whatever
18:29:04 they have to do to bus through and use it.

18:29:08 But day to day egress, and ingress as well, that
18:29:13 concerns me.
18:29:14 >>> I'll talk to the client about that.
18:29:18 I think the idea is if we have any access point on
18:29:22 Westshore maybe it would be more difficult to do that,
18:29:25 but those who want to do that would do it anyway.
18:29:28 They would come out, take a left, go to McCoy, take
18:29:31 a left, and go on.
18:29:33 We also have a requirement for signalization of that
18:29:36 intersection, in the future on that.
18:29:39 But the developer would contribute to, I think within
18:29:41 a three-year period now.
18:29:43 So obviously, if we didn't have any access to that
18:29:49 intersection we wouldn't be doing that.
18:29:50 >> We can have our traffic people speak to this but
18:29:52 the reality is the corner of Westshore and Gandy is
18:29:55 much more congested than the corner of Manhattan and
18:29:58 Gandy.
18:30:00 Everybody who lives along there slides down, in the
18:30:04 quickest and easiest way possible to get over to
18:30:06 Manhattan and come out on Manhattan.
18:30:09 I have seen it firsthand.

18:30:11 Think about it a little bit.
18:30:12 >>> I will.
18:30:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Ms. Mulhern.
18:30:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Believe it or not, with all that
18:30:17 paper, I can't figure out where Gandy is.
18:30:19 Is this south or north.
18:30:21 >>> It's south of Gandy.
18:30:23 And north of Interbay.
18:30:26 >> Okay.
18:30:26 How far south?
18:30:27 Because we don't have a map that shows that much.
18:30:29 >> it is probably two and a half miles, two miles
18:30:33 south.
18:30:33 It pretty far south.
18:30:35 >> This is all the way down by port of Tampa?
18:30:37 >>> Port of Tampa, yes, ma'am.
18:30:39 >> And my other question is I'm looking at this
18:30:45 picture on the overhead, but then I'm looking at this,
18:30:49 and it looks like you are coming all the way down
18:30:51 here.
18:30:52 Is this part of your property?
18:30:54 >>> That's what I was clarifying before.

18:30:56 We have all the way to McCoy, and I'll show you a
18:31:00 graphic that reflect that.
18:31:01 >> And it's all zoned IG right now?
18:31:04 >>> Yes, ma'am.
18:31:04 It's all zoned industrial general right now.
18:31:08 Here is an aerial shot that gives you the entire
18:31:10 property.
18:31:12 Here is McCoy.
18:31:14 Westshore.
18:31:15 You have a street right-of-way.
18:31:16 And the graphic that you have just really took the
18:31:20 building itself.
18:31:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, thanks.
18:31:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any on the questions by council?
18:31:29 >>> I will save any time for rebuttal and also to talk
18:31:33 to the applicant regarding that transportation
18:31:34 question.
18:31:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.
18:31:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to clarify that you
18:31:40 understand that you committed to previously to put in
18:31:43 larger trees but the comp man doesn't reflect that.
18:31:46 >>> Yes, ma'am.

18:31:47 We provided a schedule of note changes.
18:31:49 I met with Mary on that.
18:31:51 In fact I can provide you a copy of that right now
18:31:53 that we have agreed to.
18:31:55 It basically deals with that, that we agreed to do
18:31:59 that.
18:32:02 Basically we agreed to make all the changes requested
18:32:05 by staff, fix the scrivener's error on the table, and
18:32:11 with that, we --
18:32:17 >> You gave a minimum of 2-inch caliper trees.
18:32:20 We decided that 2 inches doesn't cut it.
18:32:23 >>> That's the minimum requirement.
18:32:25 And the original commitment to you was that we would
18:32:27 incorporate 4 and 8-inch trees into our landscape
18:32:31 plan.
18:32:31 That is what we put on the plan.
18:32:33 That's what Mary expected.
18:32:35 It wasn't that we were going to have 4, 8-inch over
18:32:38 the entire because we had 59 replacement trees to put
18:32:41 on this property.
18:32:42 So we were going to vary the tree Heights, incorporate
18:32:45 4 and 8-inch into the landscape plan, and provide for

18:32:48 a greater canopy on the initial planting.
18:32:51 And that was the intent.
18:32:53 We could ask Mary regarding that.
18:32:58 >> Is there a specific commitment to number of larger
18:33:01 trees?
18:33:02 >>> She didn't tell us what she was looking for and we
18:33:04 just committed to incorporate them into our plan.
18:33:07 If she has a percentage that she has in mind, we will
18:33:10 be glad to hear what that is.
18:33:11 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
18:33:25 >>> Mary Daniel bray son, land development.
18:33:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Louder.
18:33:29 >>> Mary Daniels Bryson, Land Development
18:33:31 Coordination.
18:33:32 I have been sworn.
18:33:33 Basically, there were three large trees that were
18:33:35 removed.
18:33:39 So probably about five to eight -- four to eight-inch
18:33:44 trees would contemplate for that.
18:33:46 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So it's inch for inch replacement?
18:33:49 >>> Basically, yes.
18:33:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions, council?

18:33:56 We'll hear from the public at this point.
18:33:58 Anyone wishing to address council on this zoning?
18:34:03 Anyone that would desire to speak to council?
18:34:06 Anyone from the public?
18:34:12 Anyone else?
18:34:13 If you all will come and start lining up we would
18:34:16 appreciate that very much.
18:34:17 That will help us with our time factor.
18:34:19 Anyone else?
18:34:19 Thank you.
18:34:22 >>> I have something to submit.
18:34:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You have three minutes.
18:34:26 State your name and address for the record, please.
18:34:31 >>> My name is Jim Beuford.
18:34:38 I live at 6904 south Fitzgerald street in Tampa.
18:34:42 I'm the past president it of the civic association for
18:34:45 Port Tampa, president Tom Bento could not be here
18:34:48 tonight and he asked me to stand in for him.
18:34:51 I have a very easy task.
18:34:53 I have two tasks tonight.
18:34:54 Our Board of Directors wanted me to come and talk
18:34:55 about the first task on here to thank John McCrawford,

18:35:03 MUSAZ and team for working with the Port Tampa
18:35:06 community as closely as they have.
18:35:07 Site plan that was presented to you at the last part
18:35:11 of this hearing we felt was a very good plan.
18:35:16 We worked very hard on it, and we are still in support
18:35:19 of that plan.
18:35:20 However, I'm also here.
18:35:23 There was a lot of questions about the Everett street
18:35:30 right-of-way and the trail and all that good stuff and
18:35:33 we are on here to just clarify a few things about the
18:35:36 greenways and the trails in Port Tampa.
18:35:38 They are very important to the Port Tampa community
18:35:40 and that's what I passed out to you right now.
18:35:43 The first -- upside down?
18:35:53 You now have a whole picture of where we are all
18:35:57 located at.
18:36:03 The properties locate right here.
18:36:05 The vacating Everett street that is no longer part of
18:36:11 this plan is right here.
18:36:13 Across the street, there is a blue portion, Casa bell
18:36:19 a, and the next fixtures that you have.
18:36:28 This is Casa Bella.

18:36:30 The next picture that you see.
18:36:34 This is the trail running across Casa Bella, the front
18:36:37 of Casa Bella down Westshore Boulevard.
18:36:40 The right-of-way here.
18:36:45 Westshore and meet up with the vacated, unvacated,
18:36:52 whatever, the right-of-way right there.
18:36:54 All right?
18:36:54 This is the Casa Bella trail.
18:36:58 It was the first trail in Port Tampa so we are very
18:37:01 proud of it.
18:37:01 This is the southern portion of part of the
18:37:06 development of Casa Bella, was it would go along the
18:37:11 southern portion of their property.
18:37:12 This is the southern portion of the property.
18:37:14 And as you can see right here these little white dots
18:37:18 in the background, that's the building that will come
18:37:23 down for the Zaremba property.
18:37:25 This trail face it is property we are talking about
18:37:28 tonight.
18:37:29 The next picture that I'm showing you, same trail,
18:37:32 same basic thing that I thought was very important
18:37:36 that we show this is a truly dedicated public trail.

18:37:39 It's separate from Casa Bella.
18:37:45 And I want to thank Phillips development and Casa
18:37:52 Bella.
18:37:53 Can you guys still hear me?
18:37:55 Okay.
18:37:57 Next is the Tampan trail.
18:38:05 The reason we call it the Tampan trail is because it's
18:38:08 the nature preserve.
18:38:10 (Bell sounds).
18:38:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Three minutes.
18:38:13 >> Am I done?
18:38:15 >> Yeah, because we got a lot of people here tonight.
18:38:17 >> Can I just make a note on the last pictures that
18:38:20 you have?
18:38:20 The last pictures, this is the trail on the southern
18:38:23 portion of the Port Tampa boundaries, and it's done by
18:38:28 Ashton Woods development.
18:38:29 I just wanted to mention that.
18:38:30 Because it's very important.
18:38:32 Thank you very much.
18:38:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
18:38:34 Next speaker.

18:38:44 >> Kevin: I live in Port Tampa city, Florida,
18:38:51 currently the treasurer for the civic association,
18:38:54 also a member of the Tampa greenways committee, and we
18:38:56 have been working diligently on updating the master
18:38:59 plan.
18:39:00 The two issues that I really want to address here was
18:39:04 I had heard secondhand, I don't know who said it, that
18:39:07 somebody mentioned the possibilities of what we were
18:39:10 envisioning as the trail on Everett street was a trail
18:39:13 to know where, and technically that is not true
18:39:17 because the plan as you see in the map that my wife
18:39:19 Jill Buford just presented to you has that trail going
18:39:22 across that entire corridor which is an old rail
18:39:25 corridor which I do believe now is owned by the Parks
18:39:27 Department, or at least they have the lease on the
18:39:30 things, which is going to connect to the next street
18:39:34 over which is Manhattan.
18:39:35 And you will be seeing hopefully the finalization of
18:39:39 those plans, and sometime probably in '09 to 10 start
18:39:45 to see construction of the trail running from the
18:39:47 Tyson rail corridor all the way south to Interbay.
18:39:51 So from the standpoint of to me that's not technically

18:39:55 a trail to nowhere.
18:39:57 I am a little disappointed in the sense that my tax
18:40:00 money is now going to be required to the $450,000
18:40:05 worth of clean-up that is going to be included on
18:40:08 that.
18:40:08 Now granted the city had the other side which I'm sure
18:40:10 has arsenic as well, but I would suggest that when
18:40:13 that time comes, that the city contact the restoration
18:40:17 advisory board at MacDill Air Force Base, and
18:40:21 working on I believe plans that will suck the arsenic
18:40:24 up out of the ground.
18:40:25 And I kind of liken than to in the sense of your going
18:40:30 to come forward and you are going to see
18:40:32 presentations, you are going to see here in the next
18:40:34 five to ten to 15 years request to build trails.
18:40:38 I think in the sense what you need to look at is we
18:40:40 are creating, for the short term, linear parks.
18:40:43 And once those parks that we are going to have to
18:40:46 peace this together, because unfortunately we are
18:40:48 going to have to beg, borrow and steal to find the
18:40:51 money to build what we want to as far as the trails
18:40:53 go.

18:40:54 So you want you to keep that in mind as you see that.
18:40:57 As my wife said, we worked very diligently with the
18:41:01 developer this year and we are working to try to find
18:41:05 ways to fund trails without come out of public bombs.
18:41:10 We do envision eventually going across the southern
18:41:13 canal section, across the creek.
18:41:16 We talked to people from the Audubon society and they
18:41:19 think they may be able to find a grant for that.
18:41:22 The other issue is, the civic association in the
18:41:24 letter that was addressed to you on February 11, 2008,
18:41:28 from Tom Bento, want to going forward address each
18:41:32 individual property on its own merits.
18:41:36 We don't want to start setting precedents in the site.
18:41:40 That means everybody else is going to be able to come
18:41:42 in behind it.
18:41:43 I think we need to take into effect accumulation of
18:41:48 what is already approved and maybe not built.
18:41:50 I think those something you guys need to look forward
18:41:52 as far as you planning a new vision.
18:41:54 And to me, that is critical, is we are going to see.
18:41:58 Unfortunately, I'm sure most of you read, national
18:42:04 gypsum is shutting down its plant in Port Tampa.

18:42:07 That has been there since approximately 1941 in one
18:42:11 form or another and my guess is when it shuts down
18:42:14 this time it's not going to reopen and you are going
18:42:16 to wind up with future residential development.
18:42:18 Thank you very much.
18:42:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.
18:42:24 >>> My name is Carol Curtis, 8032 Interbay Boulevard,
18:42:29 Port Tampa.
18:42:30 I have lived there for 35 years.
18:42:32 I love Port Tampa.
18:42:33 I love its history.
18:42:36 Several months ago, I talked with Mr McLaughlin and
18:42:45 asking if there was any memorabilia that I could
18:42:48 research and find and salvage for the community's
18:42:51 history.
18:42:53 It's been there for 40 years or more.
18:42:56 I know from personal experience that the company
18:42:59 produced an excellent product, because I was a studio
18:43:03 artist for 15 years doing custom tile work.
18:43:10 Mr. McClockland had allowed me to retrieve memorial
18:43:14 bill yeah of the business, including tile, including
18:43:18 brick used in the kiln for the firing of the tile.

18:43:25 He's also given the brick and the other firing
18:43:28 equipment to several entities in the area including
18:43:31 the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
18:43:35 college, St. Petersburg clay company, the tile
18:43:39 heritage foundation in California, and several local
18:43:43 artists.
18:43:44 He's done a lot of good there on the property already,
18:43:47 so he's already a good neighbor.
18:43:48 He's cleaned up this contaminated soil.
18:43:53 He's been generous to the community with the gifts
18:43:56 I've just mentioned.
18:43:58 Personally there are times that I don't like progress,
18:44:00 about but in this case I believe this project would be
18:44:03 an asset to Port Tampa.
18:44:05 Thank you.
18:44:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
18:44:08 Any more questions by council?
18:44:11 If not --
18:44:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question for staff.
18:44:14 I don't know if it parks and recreation staff to ho
18:44:19 could raise the neighbors about the trail.
18:44:21 Is there anybody monitoring that for the city these

18:44:23 days?
18:44:30 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.
18:44:31 I don't know if what you want to hear about is what's
18:44:34 happening and the discussions of the PD or what the
18:44:37 future plans are from the city's perspective on the
18:44:40 potential for the future becoming a trail.
18:44:44 >> I guess the future because the past is moot.
18:44:46 >>> I don't know if there is anybody here to talk
18:44:48 about --
18:44:53 >>> David.
18:44:55 Parks and recreation.
18:44:56 I don't have the force you just requested.
18:44:58 I will pass it on to Karen, our director, and let her
18:45:03 get back with you.
18:45:04 But I'm not privy to that information.
18:45:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My question really is in the future
18:45:08 going forward, is there someone from parks to take the
18:45:12 role that Mary Helen used to take which is to try and
18:45:15 get developers to donate land?
18:45:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Sir, you can't talk from the audience
18:45:30 like that.
18:45:33 >>> Yes, we have not abandoned.

18:45:35 I know that Kathy Beck my supervisor is very closely
18:45:39 involved with the greenways and trails and we have our
18:45:41 map up.
18:45:42 So I know there's people doing it.
18:45:44 If it one person or not, I don't know.
18:45:46 And again, I will have Karen Palus respond back with
18:45:51 you with that information.
18:45:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
18:45:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Rebuttal?
18:46:07 >>> A couple of points that were made.
18:46:10 Councilman Saul-Sena, we can commit to at least 5% of
18:46:15 replacement trees at 4-inch.
18:46:17 I believe Mary indicated that would be more than
18:46:19 adequate and expected, to be added to the list that we
18:46:23 would make that commitment.
18:46:25 Regarding the access points, clearly, the petitioner
18:46:31 is concerned with the negative effect it would have on
18:46:34 the circulation pattern within his complex.
18:46:40 It's funny that we are asking for aware of residential
18:46:43 traffic on a residential street but we wouldn't be
18:46:45 able to get residential access for the residences.
18:46:47 That's just an observation.

18:46:49 However, if that is a concern of council with respect
18:46:52 to improving this -- approving this project live with
18:46:56 the exit point that council would approve as well as
18:46:59 to residential.
18:47:00 But clearly we have a concern on the impact it would
18:47:03 have on the internal circulation.
18:47:06 I don't know that there's much to rebut from the
18:47:08 residents.
18:47:09 We have worked very hard with them and we appreciate
18:47:14 their support, and we hope council will also put this
18:47:17 project with the agreements and commitments.
18:47:21 >>MARY MULHERN: I think it looks great, and it's so
18:47:27 nice to hear that people in the neighborhood -- and it
18:47:30 was great to see all those trails that are going in
18:47:34 down there, which I haven't seen.
18:47:35 My one question -- and I don't know if this is a
18:47:38 question for you or somebody on staff -- but when Mr.
18:47:43 Dwyer was talking about being unfortunate that the
18:47:46 city was going to have to pay for the clean-up, was he
18:47:49 talking about because you are not doing the vacating?
18:47:55 >>> Yes, ma'am.
18:47:56 The arsenic contamination is solely within the

18:47:58 right-of-way which is part of the easement, associated
18:48:04 with the railroad, spurs and tracks, and therefore
18:48:07 since it's not on our property, we are not required,
18:48:10 and D.C. confirmed it isn't as a result of this
18:48:13 project.
18:48:14 >> Okay, that's great.
18:48:15 I'm thrilled to see we are getting some apartments.
18:48:20 >> Move to have close.
18:48:21 >> Second.
18:48:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We can't close until we clarify.
18:48:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm going to in the motion.
18:48:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Motion to close.
18:48:32 (Motion carried)
18:48:35 Okay.
18:48:42 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Chairman, I'll be glad to move
18:48:43 the following ordinance for first reading, let me just
18:48:46 clarify that I would add the notes that were provided
18:48:49 to us by staff.
18:48:50 It on urban studios letter head dated May 22nd, 2008.
18:48:57 It looks like there's five categories and I'll attach
18:49:03 to the city ordinance when I give it back to the
18:49:05 clerk.

18:49:05 And I would also request that in between first and
18:49:10 second reading staff can amend the site plan to
18:49:14 clarify with Ms. Saul-Sena's request with the 5% four
18:49:21 to eight inch trees, and also my motion would include,
18:49:25 since the petitioner agreed to it, that the
18:49:27 residential side of this would not be able to access
18:49:33 McCoy street.
18:49:36 Fire, we definitely want fire access whatever fire
18:49:38 wants to access for the break down gate or whatever
18:49:43 but on a day-to-day basis petitioner agreed to that.
18:49:47 Move an ordinance rezoning property in the investigate
18:49:49 interest of 6608 South Westshore Boulevard in the city
18:49:53 of Tampa, Florida more particularly described in
18:49:55 section 1 from IG industrial general to PD planned
18:49:58 development residential multifamily, restaurant,
18:50:01 retail, providing an effective date.
18:50:02 And I do want to say that it looks like it's going to
18:50:04 be a very nice project.
18:50:06 It's a greatly improved from the blight that's been
18:50:10 there for more than 20 years.
18:50:12 I commend Mr. McCrackin for buying it many years ago
18:50:15 and working to get it to this state and the other

18:50:19 folks involved.
18:50:20 That's my motion.
18:50:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's been moved and seconded.
18:50:28 Okay.
18:50:28 So moved.
18:50:29 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.
18:50:32 Second reading and DOS adoption will be on June
18:50:34 5th at 9:30 a.m.
18:50:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
18:50:38 We had a few people that came in.
18:50:47 I want to make sure that you are sworn.
18:50:49 If you are going to testify before council, you need
18:50:51 to be sworn tonight.
18:50:57 Anyone that came in, if you are going to testify
18:50:59 before council you need to stand and raise your right
18:51:03 hand.
18:51:03 If you have not been sworn.
18:51:09 (Oath administered by Clerk).
18:51:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
18:51:18 Item number 3.
18:51:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved to open.
18:51:21 >> Second.

18:51:26 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.
18:51:28 I have been sworn.
18:51:29 Item 3 on your agenda this evening is Z-08-06 located
18:51:34 at 3708 west Bay to Bay Boulevard.
18:51:37 The site is currently PD, planned development, office,
18:51:41 real estate.
18:51:42 And Tampa request before you this evening is for PD,
18:51:45 planned development, office, business, professional.
18:51:49 There was a prior petitioner on this site of Z-0004.
18:51:54 As you can see in the staff report, there were several
18:51:58 waivers previously approved by City Council associated
18:52:01 with Z-0004.
18:52:04 Those are being carried forward.
18:52:05 There is one new waiver being requested, and that is
18:52:08 to allow turf block for the drive aisle and all
18:52:11 parking spaces except for the ADA.
18:52:13 That is to reflect the existing condition on the site.
18:52:17 This is completely a built site.
18:52:19 There are no structural modifications being proposed
18:52:21 this evening, there is no expansion.
18:52:25 The request before you this evening in relation to

18:52:26 this is for the addition.
18:52:30 The PD was restricted to real estate office only,
18:52:33 which under our definition falls within business
18:52:37 professional office, and the petitioner is before you
18:52:39 this evening to ask for business professional office.
18:52:51 I'll show you the zoning atlas.
18:52:56 This is the site here in green.
18:52:59 Bay to Bay.
18:53:00 Dale Mabry.
18:53:00 Sterling.
18:53:05 Sun drive to the south.
18:53:06 There is a PD immediately adjacent to the west.
18:53:09 That is an assistive living facility.
18:53:12 There is parking here for the church located on the
18:53:14 north portion of bay to bane immediately on the
18:53:17 remaining part of the block.
18:53:25 An aerial of the site.
18:53:31 The existing structure that had an addition under the
18:53:33 previous PD, and does maintain residential look and
18:53:36 feel.
18:53:39 You will see that from some of the pictures shortly.
18:53:41 This is parking for the church.

18:53:42 The church complex to the north.
18:53:46 Here some single-family residential.
18:53:50 The picture of the site.
18:54:01 Picture of the parking area.
18:54:02 This is the area I referred to for the new waiver.
18:54:05 This is for the turf block at this time with the
18:54:07 exception of the ADA parking space that is being
18:54:10 proposed.
18:54:10 They are asking for a waiver to maintain the turf
18:54:12 block area.
18:54:14 The single-family residential next door.
18:54:21 The assisted living facility.
18:54:25 Site directly to the north.
18:54:29 A picture of the church.
18:54:32 Staff did find it inconsistent.
18:54:42 We have just a few minor technical issues that need to
18:54:46 be in place.
18:54:50 If you look on the site plan, I suggested that those
18:54:53 are really asking for the same thing, that one of
18:54:56 those could be removed.
18:54:57 There are five compact parking spaces on-site.
18:55:00 She's asking that those be labeled.

18:55:03 And the last is clarification needed for the ADA
18:55:06 access.
18:55:07 Right now the site plan isn't showing a back door.
18:55:10 The ADA space that is located to the south of the
18:55:13 parking -- the row of parking spaces does have a
18:55:17 required pathway, and that pathway does in fact lead
18:55:22 into a door.
18:55:23 I think the petitioner is here to speak tonight, and
18:55:29 she'll show you a picture of that back door.
18:55:32 As I said this is a PD.
18:55:33 The PD request for a 3006 square foot office building
18:55:41 and the request before you this evening is to modify
18:55:43 the uses permitted in that building to include
18:55:45 business and professional office.
18:55:47 Staff is available for any questions.
18:55:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
18:55:53 I guess I'm a little confused.
18:55:55 What were the allowed or what was the allowed uses
18:55:58 before that are prompting this change now?
18:56:02 >>> It was real estate office.
18:56:05 Real estate.
18:56:06 >>: Real estate office.

18:56:07 So it was very limited.
18:56:08 And now they want to broaden that out a little bit.
18:56:11 >>> Yes.
18:56:13 I believe the petitioner is here to speak to some of
18:56:15 the history of the site.
18:56:16 I was not the planner on the case.
18:56:18 The petitioner did come before Land Development
18:56:19 Coordination to ask for a substantial change
18:56:22 determination to go ahead and allow business
18:56:25 professional office uses.
18:56:29 Catherine Coyle and myself reviewed the transcripts
18:56:32 from City Council, and it was restricted at that time
18:56:36 specifically to real estate office.
18:56:37 So through the administrative process of substantial
18:56:40 change I could not approve the additional use per
18:56:43 code.
18:56:44 That's why it is before you this evening to ask for
18:56:46 that additional use.
18:56:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We appreciate your diligence in not
18:56:52 allowing it administratively, because I think it was
18:56:56 actually two councils ago before I was on.
18:56:58 Mr. Miranda was on.

18:56:59 Mrs. Miller was on.
18:57:01 Ms. Saul-Sena was on.
18:57:02 But, anyway, but it's good that you are bringing it
18:57:05 back to council so it can have a full public airing.
18:57:09 >>> And I think what's happening partially is they are
18:57:13 trying to sell the property, and the property is still
18:57:16 restricted per the PD zoning that they couldn't allow
18:57:18 for an attorney or an accountant or smaller office use
18:57:21 to be able to go in there right now.
18:57:23 I know you all are aware of the market, et cetera.
18:57:26 So that is why Ms. Brown is back before you this
18:57:28 evening to ask for some of those.
18:57:30 >> Are there any limitations in your mind to business
18:57:34 professional office?
18:57:37 >>> No.
18:57:38 When I went back through the definitions, professional
18:57:41 office actually calls out attorney, accountant, real
18:57:43 estate office.
18:57:44 So when it was restricted, I told you, I did look at
18:57:48 the transcript.
18:57:49 I believe there were some issues with converting this
18:57:51 property to that asset.

18:57:56 There doesn't seem to have been any problems or
18:57:59 adverse impacts on the surrounding neighborhood based
18:58:02 on what I could see looking at records, looking at
18:58:05 code enforcement to see.
18:58:06 I didn't see anything in there.
18:58:08 So I don't have any apprehension with saying that the
18:58:13 use would be compatible especially given that block
18:58:17 space and the character of that block space.
18:58:21 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Are there any differences in the
18:58:23 number of parking spaces required for the different
18:58:26 professional offices?
18:58:29 >>> No, ma'am, there is not.
18:58:31 Business professional office has one parking ratio and
18:58:34 that ratio is the same if you have medical office you
18:58:37 are required more intensive parking.
18:58:39 >> And the fact that there is a sign there now, that I
18:58:43 think it's larger than is currently allowed in our
18:58:51 sign code, or is it the same -- the monument sign, is
18:58:55 it currently a same size as allowed?
18:58:58 If this comes up for hearing shouldn't they have to
18:59:00 conform to our current code?
18:59:02 >>> I can let Julia Cole speak to that further.

18:59:06 When we have been treating PDs to PDs. We have been
18:59:11 looking specifically at the request, what they are
18:59:12 then required to comply with as far as going back and
18:59:15 retro'ing the site to a new code.
18:59:17 I mean, if they were to be denied today, they would
18:59:21 get what they have -- that's why it's grandfathered
18:59:25 in, so to speak, so they wouldn't have to go back and
18:59:28 change that.
18:59:29 That's something you could discuss with the
18:59:30 petitioner.
18:59:31 I believe that they did comply with 20.5 as it was
18:59:34 previously written, but a new sign code did go into
18:59:38 effect in February of this year.
18:59:40 I could look at the sign and see, because the sign now
18:59:43 is 1.25 per linear square foot, I could go back and
18:59:48 look at that if you would like to know what it is.
18:59:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay.
18:59:52 Just because there's going to be a new use, there's
18:59:56 going to be a new sign to bring it into conformance.
18:59:59 >>> And I believe it does state, there is a note on
19:00:01 the site plan that says it will comply and I will
19:00:03 double check on that for you.

19:00:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Planning Commission?
19:00:08 >>> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
19:00:14 Tony Garcia Planning Commission staff.
19:00:16 I have been sworn in.
19:00:18 Some comments relating to the proposed request as it
19:00:22 relates to the comprehensive plan, which is going to
19:00:24 be your larger picture that I will zoom out a little
19:00:27 bit and show you basically what the land use are.
19:00:31 This is located in the southeast intersection of Bay
19:00:35 to Bay Boulevard and South Dale Mabry Highway.
19:00:38 The land use categories are residential 20, along part
19:00:42 of South Dale Mabry Highway.
19:00:45 To the north, you have the yellow color which is
19:00:47 residential 6.
19:00:48 And then to the south, residential 10.
19:00:52 South of Bay to Bay an and on the north south of Bay
19:00:56 to Bay.
19:00:57 These parcels here consist of a UCLF and the proposed
19:01:01 site before you this evening has a land use category
19:01:03 of suburban use 6 which allows low density office use,
19:01:07 of course with one is consistent currently on the
19:01:12 site.

19:01:13 As was brought up by Mrs. Feeley, this site was
19:01:17 specifically limited to real estate use or real estate
19:01:22 associated use.
19:01:23 This would allow an expansion of professional office
19:01:26 uses which are either attorneys offices or accountants
19:01:32 offices or some type of professional use as that.
19:01:36 She also stated to you medical office cannot be taken
19:01:40 into consideration because it kicks in a higher
19:01:43 element for parking.
19:01:44 So as far as impacts from the transportation impact
19:01:46 and as far as the character and scale an mass of the
19:01:50 site, and the site is going to remain in existence,
19:01:53 with just a little over 3,000 square feet.
19:01:57 So the request before you this evening is for
19:01:59 expansion.
19:02:00 It's only a small expansion when you think about the
19:02:03 number of uses allowed by business, professional
19:02:05 office.
19:02:06 It is in close proximity to your note over here which
19:02:09 is Bay to Bay.
19:02:10 And Dale Mabry, you do have, when you look at the
19:02:13 aerial, do you have a much larger structure over here,

19:02:16 it generates a lot more, you have a church over here,
19:02:20 a real estate office here, you have commercial offices
19:02:22 over here, you have a parking lot as well as a church
19:02:25 over here, ALF over here, and as one transitions away
19:02:29 from this intersection over here which is a major
19:02:32 arterial and Bay to Bay which is a collector, you do
19:02:35 have finally this small professional office.
19:02:42 We have used historical let's say the eastern terminus
19:02:45 for uses relative to the Dale Mabry Sterling Avenue,
19:02:48 and this parcel is consistent with the pattern of
19:02:52 nonresidential development, but still consistent with
19:02:54 the transition of intensity away from a major arterial
19:02:57 of Dale Mabry.
19:02:58 Based on those findings, Planning Commission staff
19:03:00 finds the proposed request consistent with the
19:03:03 comprehensive plan.
19:03:12 >> Questions by council?
19:03:13 In a questions.
19:03:13 Okay.
19:03:14 Petitioner.
19:03:20 >>> My name is Barbara Brown and I have laryngitis.
19:03:26 Bear with me.

19:03:27 I have been sworn.
19:03:28 My address is 6118 west Cleveland street.
19:03:32 I will be very brief.
19:03:36 The substitute and the usage, for real estate. There
19:03:38 actually is no category for real estate.
19:03:42 It does fall under office, business and professional.
19:03:47 There are no changes. And we were very, very diligent
19:03:58 of making sure that the property --
19:04:05 Tear down the walls, and we were very careful about
19:04:10 that.
19:04:14 And been a good neighbor.
19:04:16 I do want to show you. (Coughing)
19:04:22 This is my property.
19:04:31 Can you hear me okay?
19:04:34 This is the parking lot.
19:04:37 And these are the office condos.
19:04:42 This is a church.
19:04:45 Another.
19:04:50 I will do a quick visual.
19:04:52 This is the property.
19:04:54 And the adult living facility is right here.
19:04:57 And this is an adult living facility.

19:05:03 This is to the west.
19:05:08 Dale Mabry.
19:05:15 And Dale Mabry and the church.
19:05:17 And the church does own all of the fences on Bay to
19:05:22 Bay, and the fence continues over to Orleans.
19:05:26 There's a house across the street.
19:05:28 Ms. Feeley showed you, this is the property to the
19:05:35 east.
19:05:36 This is the back of my property.
19:05:41 It has 125-foot concrete block wall.
19:05:50 The neighborhood personnel.
19:06:14 The property owner shall I have written letters.
19:06:23 Can I do that at this time?
19:06:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You certainly may.
19:06:47 >> Back to the elmo. The orange from people who I got
19:06:51 response.
19:06:51 I walked the entire neighborhood. In White, I didn't
19:06:52 get an answer from anybody there.
19:06:54 I did not -- I do not believe I have anyone else.
19:07:05 I wanted to make sure if anyone wanted to see the site
19:07:07 plan.
19:07:08 But I was available.

19:07:13 I did not ask anyone to come speak for me tonight,
19:07:16 because I had the staff report and the petition.
19:07:23 As far as ADA compliant, this is the back door.
19:07:37 Any question about that?
19:07:42 This is a parking space with a proper drive, proper
19:07:47 signage.
19:07:51 And 40 inches, and 55 inches.
19:07:59 Then this is some of that door.
19:08:06 There's no question about the ADA ability of that.
19:08:10 This was a big presentation in the keeping with the
19:08:34 rest of the neighborhood.
19:08:40 >> Okay, ma'am, thank you very much.
19:08:41 Let me see if I can help you out here.
19:08:43 Is anyone here in opposition to this petition?
19:08:45 Anyone here in opposition?
19:08:48 To address council?
19:08:49 Council, do you have any question to the petitioner?
19:08:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
19:08:55 Thank you, Mr. Dingfelder.
19:08:56 I remember this.
19:08:57 You're right, Mr. Dingfelder, I think there was three
19:08:59 of us -- two of us are here today and one is not here

19:09:03 today, that remember this very much so.
19:09:07 This is a long process back.
19:09:09 I forget, the year 2000 or something like that.
19:09:13 And there was a lot of apprehension.
19:09:17 But for maybe two years or two and a half years that I
19:09:20 was here after that I heard of no complaints from this
19:09:23 location.
19:09:24 I certainly don't know what happened the last four
19:09:27 years.
19:09:27 But I can tell you the time that I was here, there was
19:09:33 no contrary to he said or she said, everything the
19:09:40 petitioner said at that time I think was that. and
19:09:42 that's all I have to say on the record.
19:09:47 As long as this change does not effect the traffic
19:09:50 count, I think that was stated earlier by Abbye, it's
19:09:53 not going to be a doctor's office, that's for sure,
19:09:56 and it can only be something like an accounting office
19:09:59 which a lot of that is handled through the mail or
19:10:01 legal office, again it not much of individuals, and
19:10:09 all the new inventions that they have.
19:10:11 And I can understand petitioner's request.
19:10:17 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Barbara, it mate not come as any

19:10:21 surprise that John Weiss is haunting you from Europe.
19:10:25 >> He's in Grand Rapids, isn't he?
19:10:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: No, he's in Europe.
19:10:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I didn't want to mention any names.
19:10:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: John is -- we received a copy of
19:10:38 this yesterday, and the clerk has a copy, and I can
19:10:41 make a copy if council want it.
19:10:43 John is a very dedicated neighborhood representative,
19:10:49 and I'm going to read this into the record.
19:10:53 I just want to say that having lived behind this
19:10:56 property for eight years, after it had its PD re
19:10:58 zoning, that the parking space requirements were
19:11:01 frequently not adhered to.
19:11:02 The petitioner assured City Council that a reduction
19:11:04 in the required amount of space is needed for the
19:11:06 business would not be an issue, because it would just
19:11:09 be her and her secretary at the office.
19:11:11 As a real estate agents worked from home.
19:11:14 Oftentimes that lot was overflowing with cars and the
19:11:17 trees and shrubbery that were supposed to be planted
19:11:19 along the east side of the property never got planted,
19:11:23 and the small amount that did get planted just got run

19:11:26 over by the cars.
19:11:27 Thom Snelling and Gloria Moreda can attest to how the
19:11:30 PD requirements were not adhered to.
19:11:32 I suggested a way to have an equity compromise to make
19:11:35 sure the property doesn't get overrun with vehicles
19:11:37 again, to show on the new PD site plan substantial
19:11:40 planting along the entire eastern side of the
19:11:43 property, and five feet from the property line.
19:11:47 Signs along the chain link fence to the side of the
19:11:50 property that says overflow parking only.
19:11:52 Oftentimes just would park there, leaving the building
19:11:58 open for crime.
19:11:58 It nice to see Bay to Bay but it isn't nice to see
19:12:02 haphazard parking lot to really junk up the look of
19:12:06 the neighborhood.
19:12:06 Just reading it, I'm not agreeing with it necessarily,
19:12:09 but I believe that John Weiss deserves, even though
19:12:12 he's out of town for a couple years, he deserve it is
19:12:14 respect to have it read into the record.
19:12:16 The other thing, Mr. Chairman, and I also put this
19:12:20 e-mail in the record, from Mark Niclow, who I believe
19:12:25 is in the neighborhood association, and he has some

19:12:27 concerns about the waivers shouldn't be granted until
19:12:29 we know what type of business is going to be located
19:12:32 there.
19:12:36 Since I have read this into the record, I think you
19:12:38 have a right to rebut it or to respond to it,
19:12:41 especially John's concern about the fact that some of
19:12:45 the original trees and shrubberies that were planted
19:12:49 or to be planted along the eastern edge either didn't
19:12:54 get planted or run over by cars.
19:12:55 >>> Would you like me to respond take to that?
19:12:59 >> Yes.
19:12:59 >>> Everything was planted and more.
19:13:03 The plants I believe have to be maintained.
19:13:05 Plants die.
19:13:07 We did everything we were supposed to do.
19:13:13 We are actually going to plant more because --
19:13:21 >> I think that was the main I shall Jew the park.
19:13:23 >> oh, yes, the staff parking and overflow parking?
19:13:27 >>> The parking issue was resolved.
19:13:32 Gloria Moreda, Bill Doherty, my attorney, all came
19:13:37 out, determined that we should set up signs that say
19:13:42 overflow parking, and we should have parked in the

19:13:45 parking spaces first.
19:13:47 I was told I did not have to go out to the parking lot
19:13:52 and tell people to move into the parking space.
19:13:58 I have no violations.
19:14:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is the sign still up?
19:14:05 >>> Yes.
19:14:05 >> So you will agree to replace the bushes or plants
19:14:09 that were originally on the original site plan?
19:14:13 I mean, because that's what you said a minute ago that
19:14:15 you are going to replant to make it look better or
19:14:18 something?
19:14:18 >>> It just has to have water.
19:14:23 That's about it.
19:14:24 It's just a lawn issue.
19:14:26 I mean, I have always done everything I am supposed to
19:14:29 do.
19:14:30 It's been beautiful, even though -- the value of the
19:14:33 neighborhood, has been a quote-unquote problem
19:14:41 property.
19:14:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Mulhern and then
19:14:49 councilwoman Saul-Sena.
19:14:50 >>MARY MULHERN: It's a good thing John read that

19:14:53 because I couldn't understand why there was any
19:14:55 question here.
19:14:56 But I got your site plan, and it says there are three,
19:15:01 three-inch on-site oak trees planted 2001.
19:15:06 Are those still there?
19:15:09 >>> They are.
19:15:10 >> If you open the site plan, you can see where there
19:15:16 are plants there.
19:15:20 >> Thank you.
19:15:21 I wanted to hear from Mary Bryson.
19:15:31 >>> Can I talk about that, Mrs. Saul-Sena?
19:15:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let Mary answer the question first.
19:15:41 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: If I may, our staff person, Mary or
19:15:45 Abbye.
19:15:48 >>> Mary Daniels Bryson, Land Development
19:15:49 Coordination.
19:15:52 I have been sworn.
19:16:07 Referring to the east or the west.
19:16:09 The east is a single family house.
19:16:11 West is the apartment side.
19:16:13 I'm a little confused about the statement.
19:16:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If we can put that up, on the east.

19:16:47 >> Mary and I were just conferring.
19:16:48 This is the western side.
19:16:49 I think you're referring -- I don't know. There are
19:16:55 trees there in the "elm" that are labeled oak along
19:17:01 the back.
19:17:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We have the site plan of the new
19:17:07 project.
19:17:12 >>> That is the PD site plan.
19:17:14 >> This is the PD site plan for the old project.
19:17:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The only thing I would suggest is
19:17:21 now that the question has arisen, I am not going to
19:17:25 hold it up for this issue but maybe on first and
19:17:29 second reading you can drive by and take a closer look
19:17:32 at the site plan and make sure the plans and trees on
19:17:34 the site plan are still there and in good shape.
19:17:37 >>> I did.
19:17:38 This is the site.
19:17:39 When I visited the site, there were trees and shrubs
19:17:42 that were required to be planted as part of the PD
19:17:44 project were in place, and were in good condition.
19:17:50 >> Fair enough.
19:17:50 You have already done your due diligence.

19:17:53 Thank you.
19:17:54 >>> I just wanted to speak for the signage.
19:17:56 I did check the site plan.
19:17:58 There is not currently a note on the site plan that
19:18:00 talks to signage, chapter 20.5.
19:18:03 So should it be the desire of council tonight to
19:18:07 approve those, I did mention a couple of changes.
19:18:10 I would ask that you then move that change that you
19:18:12 would like, that is -- related to 20.5 percent.
19:18:16 Just so you know they would be allowed under current
19:18:18 code a free standing sign and a wall sign, and they
19:18:22 would need to comply with the standards of today.
19:18:24 And you could also add that note at the time of change
19:18:29 of use, which would for the new tenant, then they
19:18:32 would have to --
19:18:36 Could petitioner come up one more time?
19:18:39 Do you agree to those changes, or those
19:18:42 recommendations there?
19:18:44 >>> Yes.
19:18:45 This is the first time the sign issue ever came up.
19:18:48 It never was said to me.
19:18:51 >> But you agree to those conditions?

19:18:53 >>> Yes, sir.
19:18:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
19:18:54 Motion to close.
19:18:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved, Mr. Chairman.
19:18:56 (Motion carried)
19:19:02 >>> May I say something?
19:19:04 >> No.
19:19:05 >>> Oh, it's a compliment.
19:19:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We don't need compliments.
19:19:15 They are few and far between.
19:19:16 >> I'll do it e-mail.
19:19:21 >> An ordinance rezoning property in the general
19:19:24 vicinity of 3708 west Bay to Bay Boulevard in the city
19:19:28 of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in
19:19:30 section 1 from zoning district classifications PD,
19:19:34 planned development, office, real estate, to PD,
19:19:37 planned development, office, business, professional,
19:19:40 providing an effective date.
19:19:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Does that include the -- between
19:19:49 first and second reading it will comply with the
19:19:52 current design code that that note will be added?
19:19:57 >> The recommendations made to be included in the

19:20:02 motion.
19:20:04 >>ABBYE FEELEY: And the other items that I mentioned
19:20:05 at the beginning.
19:20:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
19:20:08 All in favor?
19:20:09 Opposed same sign.
19:20:10 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.
19:20:13 Second reading and adoption will be on June 5th at
19:20:16 9:30 a.m.
19:20:19 >> So moved to open number 4.
19:20:21 >> Second.
19:20:22 (Motion carried).
19:20:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 4.
19:20:29 >>LaCHONE DOCK: Land Development Coordination.
19:20:46 And I have been sworn.
19:20:47 The next item on tonight's agenda is item number Z
19:20:51 08-30 for the property located at 301 South Dale Mabry
19:20:53 Highway.
19:20:55 The request is to rezone the property from PD planned
19:20:57 development to PD planned development.
19:21:00 The petitioner is requesting to rezone the property
19:21:03 from PD to PD to develop a mixed use project, fitness,

19:21:07 retail, restaurant, on the first floor, fitness on the
19:21:10 second floor, and fitness and office on the third
19:21:13 floor.
19:21:14 The property contains approximately 2.06 acres.
19:21:18 The plan proposes 3,000 square feet of restaurant,
19:21:21 50,000 square feet of fitness office, and 15,500
19:21:27 square feet of retail.
19:21:28 The PD sites are as follows: North and east 7 feet,
19:21:31 west 65 feet, and south 7 feet.
19:21:34 The plan proposes a 4-story parking structure which
19:21:37 will be located on the western portion of the site.
19:21:39 The project requires 439 parking spaces, and 439
19:21:43 parking spaces are being provided.
19:21:46 The maximum building height is 65 feet.
19:21:50 This is the site here in green located on Dale Mabry.
19:22:07 Platt to the north.
19:22:07 Azeele south.
19:22:12 This is an aerial of the site with Dale Mabry here.
19:22:19 This is recent development here, west of the site.
19:22:22 Multifamily.
19:22:23 Platt is here.
19:22:25 Azeele.

19:22:26 Church.
19:22:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: This is the former Mario's site?
19:22:34 So it all leveled last year, right?
19:22:37 >>LaCHONE DOCK: Right.
19:22:39 And this is on Dale Mabry.
19:22:46 This is another view of the site.
19:22:48 This is south of the site.
19:22:56 Another view further south.
19:23:02 This is southeast of the site on Dale Mabry.
19:23:06 North of the site.
19:23:10 Another view north.
19:23:14 This is west of the site on Platt.
19:23:18 And west of the site on Azeele.
19:23:25 Staff has reviewed the petition and find it
19:23:27 inconsistent, City of Tampa Land Development Code.
19:23:30 However, if the applicant provides a site plan with
19:23:33 the required note and site plan revisions as stated,
19:23:36 and the revision, the actual site plan revision sheet
19:23:40 that I have provided between first and second reading,
19:23:44 we will amend the determination and find the petition
19:23:47 consistent.
19:23:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Questions?

19:23:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
19:23:53 The sheets that you handed out, the last note under
19:23:55 developer, requested changes, there's the request to
19:23:58 reduce the structured parking garage from four
19:24:01 stories, a maximum height of 54 feet to three stories
19:24:04 with a maximum height of 44 feet.
19:24:07 I'd like to hear who made that recommendation and why.
19:24:11 >>LaCHONE DOCK: Okay.
19:24:13 And the petition actually is going to address those.
19:24:16 These are items that -- some of them were concerns
19:24:18 from the surrounding neighborhood, and the petitioner
19:24:21 --
19:24:22 >> Yes, but I would like to hear from staff.
19:24:25 What was this a staff request, the height of the
19:24:27 parking structure be reduced?
19:24:30 >>> No, Watts not a staff request.
19:24:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay, thank you.
19:24:39 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Planning Commission.
19:24:51 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
19:24:52 I have been sworn in.
19:24:55 Some issues as relate to the comp plan itself.
19:25:00 Looking at the picture over here we know it was

19:25:02 located in the South Tampa area, several blocks south
19:25:04 of the intersection of Dale Mabry and Kennedy
19:25:06 Boulevard.
19:25:07 One of our major commercial notes within the City of
19:25:10 Tampa.
19:25:11 Land use category you can see south is community mixed
19:25:16 use 35 which allows various uses, various intensities
19:25:20 that are allowable.
19:25:21 You have a 35-unit to the acre, under the category,
19:25:25 you also have a 1.5 F.A.R., to allow CG and CMU uses
19:25:33 along western faces of south Dale Mabry.
19:25:36 Land use category that you see, residential 35,
19:25:39 residential 20, residential 10, as one goes farther to
19:25:42 the east and to the west, away from south Dale Mabry.
19:25:45 Here's residential 20 here along Azeele street, which
19:25:48 is a collector road, which funnels out from Dale Mabry
19:25:51 to the east, into the Soho area as one goes farther to
19:25:57 the east, Armenia, north-south corridors, and of
19:26:01 course into the Soho area and Hyde Park area.
19:26:06 But as we are here, in this area proper, one can see
19:26:09 that most of the existing uses here, and Mr.
19:26:12 Dingfelder, you were exactly correct, this is the

19:26:14 former Mario's site.
19:26:16 You kind of took that away from me.
19:26:18 I was going to tell you that of course. But this was
19:26:22 a very well-known restaurant and community gathering
19:26:24 place for many years in the South Tampa area, and was
19:26:28 quite a venue in its time.
19:26:30 As you can see over here, as we go to the existing
19:26:33 uses on the site it is reflected of the commercial
19:26:35 uses, Pizza Hut, this is a little bit more recent, as
19:26:43 you do see the site here in question.
19:26:49 This restaurant, of course, you have the commercial
19:26:52 over here which has a restaurant and you have several
19:26:55 other restaurants in the area.
19:26:56 And of course general commercial uses.
19:26:58 As one goes away from this side of Dale Mabry, you
19:27:02 will see that there is some strip commercial, and
19:27:05 there is also, as one goes to church street over here,
19:27:08 there's a lot of town home development before you get
19:27:10 to church.
19:27:12 And once you get to church going west, it becomes a
19:27:14 lot more single-family detached residential, more
19:27:18 solid residential base over here.

19:27:20 On the eastern side.
19:27:22 This is Swann estates.
19:27:24 On the eastern side you have Bon Air, Gray Gables, in
19:27:27 that general area.
19:27:28 But this is primarily Bon Air.
19:27:31 And you do have single-family detached residential
19:27:34 primarily to the east.
19:27:35 Once you get away from the CMU 35 uses, along the
19:27:40 eastern faces of south Dale Mabry.
19:27:42 This is alighted intersection, at the intersection of
19:27:45 Azeele and south Dale Mabry.
19:27:46 And Ms. Feeley has already gone into the specifics for
19:27:49 you as far as the use.
19:27:53 The request is consistent with the intensities and
19:27:56 densities allowed on the CMU 35.
19:27:59 When you look at the functionality in the transition
19:28:01 of the use of a particular site, the applicant is
19:28:03 providing, and if you look at the side of the
19:28:06 building, I think it's a design that will be
19:28:09 complementary, and actually Wayne's, I think a little
19:28:14 bit of a face lift to the south Dale Mabry corridor,
19:28:17 which has been in need of a face lift for quite a few

19:28:19 years now, and in addition to that, I think the
19:28:22 functionality of putting structured parking west of
19:28:25 the site, and bringing the actual structure to the
19:28:28 east right up close to Dale Mabry, is a much better
19:28:32 design concept, and also provides transition of
19:28:36 intensity by putting the extraordinary parking over
19:28:39 here as one goes back, which will interface with the
19:28:44 new -- I might say new -- nice town home development
19:28:48 over here in between where the extraordinary parking
19:28:50 is going to go and church street.
19:28:51 I do belief that what is provided to you this evening
19:28:55 is a model and based on functionality should serve as
19:28:59 a model for future commercial uses that can be
19:29:01 considered along the Dale Mabry corridor.
19:29:03 Based on what has been provided and analysis we made
19:29:09 Planning Commission staff finds the proposed request
19:29:11 consistent with the comprehensive plan.
19:29:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions?
19:29:16 Petitioner?
19:29:18 >>> Good evening.
19:29:20 Jim Shimberg, Jr., with Holland and Knight, 100 North
19:29:23 Tampa Street.

19:29:24 I'm here tonight representing Masonite Corporation and
19:29:29 Brian Taub and his development company.
19:29:31 As you heard the site is the former Malio's and we
19:29:34 were here a few years ago and Masonite was going to
19:29:37 build their U.S. headquarters there and within a few
19:29:42 weeks of starting construction and the corporation got
19:29:44 changed from a public to a private, and there was a
19:29:47 change of control, and the new leadership decided they
19:29:49 didn't want to do that.
19:29:50 So since that point, they have been working to try to
19:29:52 find another developer who could develop a very
19:29:58 visible location in South Tampa.
19:29:59 And if Mr. Garcia can agree, there's been a number of
19:30:03 meetings with proposed developers and some of them
19:30:05 needed to change the comp plan in the back, and
19:30:07 there's been a lot of proposed uses.
19:30:09 A lot of people have looked at it.
19:30:11 But Masonite felt very fortunate that Brian Taub who
19:30:15 you will hear from in a minute has done some other
19:30:19 very nice projects in South Tampa, came to the table
19:30:21 and for the last probably four, five months, he has
19:30:25 been working extremely hard to meet with all the

19:30:27 neighborhood groups.
19:30:28 He met with the city, talked about transportation
19:30:31 issues, worked very hard to try to come up with a
19:30:33 project that we think will fit in nicely in this
19:30:36 location, will complement the surrounding
19:30:38 neighborhood.
19:30:38 I think you will be excited to hear from some of the
19:30:41 speakers tonight to tell but this exciting project.
19:30:44 At this point I would like to ask Bryan Taub to come
19:30:49 forward and we have some other members of the team in
19:30:52 the presentation.
19:30:53 Jim.
19:30:53 >>> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
19:30:56 My name is Bryan Taub and I am the applicant for
19:30:59 petition number 08-30.
19:31:01 I would like to submit binders for the record.
19:31:08 The purpose of these binders are to help you hopefully
19:31:12 follow along with the presentation and make it a
19:31:14 little easier.
19:31:15 I also recently developed the center to the north
19:31:20 which currently has furniture, diner, and
19:31:24 communications.

19:31:25 I am proposing a state-of-the-art mixed use
19:31:28 development for south Dale Mabry.
19:31:33 We are embodying the epitome of urban development
19:31:39 which utilizes the property in combination with number
19:31:42 one, ideal neighborhood uses, including a health and
19:31:45 fitness club, and juice and fitness bar, which
19:31:48 encourages pedestrian and neighborhood traffic.
19:31:52 In addition to corporate offices, number 2, a
19:31:55 possession friendly design, which brings the building
19:31:58 close to the street, front door space on Dale Mabry,
19:32:02 and the addition of benches, a water fountain, bike
19:32:07 rack, and Hartline shelter.
19:32:10 And, number three, a unique and attractive urban
19:32:14 architectural design bringing south Dale Mabry into
19:32:16 the 21st century.
19:32:19 We feel that we have pursued this development
19:32:21 opportunity properly, always keeping the community's
19:32:25 interest and concern at heart while addressing city
19:32:28 and staff, Planning Commissions input and
19:32:32 recommendations.
19:32:35 Prior to developing the design concept that you now
19:32:38 see, we met with the city staff three times, and the

19:32:40 Planning Commission, before the meeting.
19:32:45 Since that March meeting, we have had numerous other
19:32:47 meetings with them for additional guidance.
19:32:52 We incorporated all of the staff's recommendations
19:32:55 into our plans, which included moving the building
19:32:58 closer to the street, relocating the access off 3rd
19:33:01 Street, closer to south Dale Mabry, and by making it
19:33:11 part of the commercial sector of that street, while
19:33:14 also making the Platt Street access a left-in
19:33:20 right-out only channeling the commercial traffic
19:33:22 toward Dale Mabry and away from the neighborhood.
19:33:25 The Platt Street access on the current PD does not
19:33:30 channel the traffic towards Dale Mabry.
19:33:32 As a footnote, solid waste is requiring the Platt
19:33:37 Street access as may be referenced in a letter under
19:33:40 tab 6 of your binder.
19:33:45 In addition we met with neighbors in an attempt to
19:33:47 obtain their input and ultimately their support for
19:33:50 our project.
19:33:52 Our first meeting was with the neighbor to the west,
19:33:56 an upscale community, because they are most affected
19:34:00 by our proposal.

19:34:01 As a result of this meeting, we agreed to move the
19:34:04 extraordinary parking garage 65 feet away from --
19:34:09 easterly away from the property, and we agreed to keep
19:34:14 the trash compacter and loading area away from the
19:34:17 property and adjacent to our building.
19:34:22 We are pleased to have support as is referenced in the
19:34:27 letter under tab 4 in your binder. Also agreed to a
19:34:35 reduction in required buffer from 15 foot to 5-foot on
19:34:38 the western boundary, Which is referenced in a letter
19:34:41 under tab 5 of your binder.
19:34:46 This reduction from 15 foot to 5-foot on that buffer
19:34:49 has already been agreed to in the current PD.
19:34:54 We also met with other neighbors, including the two
19:34:57 neighborhood associations, in the referenced area,
19:35:03 Swann estates and Bon Air, in order to inform,
19:35:05 educate, and ultimately obtain their support as well.
19:35:09 Through these efforts, we have been successful in
19:35:12 obtaining 46 signatures on a petition, and four
19:35:16 letters endorsing our project.
19:35:19 Two of these letters are from each of the neighborhood
19:35:21 associations.
19:35:24 You may refer to the letters and petition under tab 3

19:35:29 and 4 of your binder.
19:35:31 The way this endorsement received this week was from
19:35:33 the Bon Air association, which included a caveat.
19:35:39 The following note will be added to the site plan as a
19:35:41 part of the PD: It says -- a sign will be installed
19:35:47 at the driveway connection that says, quote, do not
19:35:51 block intersection, unquote.
19:35:54 The location of said sign shall be approved by the
19:35:57 transportation division as a part of the commercial
19:36:00 site plan review.
19:36:02 This accommodation is being made in an attempt to
19:36:06 address the neighborhood concern about traffic,
19:36:09 specifically at the south Dale Mabry an Azeele
19:36:13 intersection.
19:36:13 Prior to this, however, we had met with, and spoke to
19:36:18 representatives from the city transportation
19:36:20 department, FDOT, and the independent traffic
19:36:23 consultant numerous times, in an attempt to exhaust
19:36:26 all possibilities.
19:36:28 We inquired about turn signals, and widening of Azeele
19:36:36 west of Dale Mabry.
19:36:37 And this was to alleviate again the neighbors'

19:36:40 concerns.
19:36:40 We were, however, turned down each and every time we
19:36:44 made that effort, and they are evidenced in letters in
19:36:48 your binders under tabs 7 and 8.
19:36:54 As a developer, I approach this proper eagerly
19:37:00 recognizing it is a tremendous location, but with many
19:37:02 challenges.
19:37:04 Perhaps the most constant obstacle is the fact that
19:37:07 this two-acre parcel will be in the heart of South
19:37:10 Tampa, has two different land uses.
19:37:13 CMU 35 and res 20.
19:37:17 Please refer to tab 10 of your binder.
19:37:22 Taking this into consideration, I felt this was
19:37:25 ideally suited for urban redevelopment with a
19:37:29 neighborhood/mixed use theme.
19:37:32 When we originally conceptualized this project we
19:37:35 anticipated mutt am tenants with a variety of uses as
19:37:38 was depicted in our submission package.
19:37:41 During this practice however we became very, very
19:37:45 fortunate.
19:37:45 We believe in fact that we hit a home run, not just
19:37:48 for ourselves but for the community as well.

19:37:52 Life-style family fitness has decided to make this
19:37:54 location their home.
19:37:56 Life-style, based in Pinellas County, has 56 locations
19:38:01 in four different states.
19:38:03 They have annual sales that exceed $100 million.
19:38:07 There's more information in your binder under tab 11
19:38:10 about the company.
19:38:13 It may be interesting to note that there are many
19:38:15 owners and investors of life-style that are Tampa
19:38:20 residents.
19:38:23 They are so excited and impressed with the location
19:38:25 and design of this facility that they have decided to
19:38:29 establish a state-of-the-art health and fitness center
19:38:34 which will include an indoor swimming pool, spa,
19:38:38 sauna, aerobics room, weight train area, physical
19:38:42 therapy, personal training, baby-sitting area, weight
19:38:46 management programs, sales of nutritional products,
19:38:52 and juice bar, this to be located in South Tampa will
19:38:57 be the first of its kind in Florida and truly will be
19:38:59 their flagship location.
19:39:02 In addition, they were so enamored with the site that
19:39:06 they decide to relocate their corporate headquarters

19:39:10 here from Pinellas County.
19:39:13 In order to fully appreciate what this means to the
19:39:15 City of Tampa, I have engaged Dr. Dennis coaly, a
19:39:20 research consultant, to perform an economic input
19:39:23 study based upon employment information with
19:39:28 life-style, i.e., number one, 150 new jobs to the City
19:39:33 of Tampa as a result of the new corporate headquarters
19:39:37 at an average of $50 that you per worker.
19:39:40 Number two, 40 new jobs in the health club and an
19:39:44 average of $40,000 per employee.
19:39:47 The total annual economic contribution to the City of
19:39:50 Tampa creates 318 new jobs, 15-plus million dollars in
19:39:58 total worker earning contribution, and 50-plus million
19:40:02 dollars in total sales.
19:40:05 Dr. Cory utilizes the system used by the U.S. bureau
19:40:11 of economic analysis.
19:40:13 Complete economic impact study can be further seen in
19:40:16 tab 9 of your binder.
19:40:21 To further demonstrate how this proposed development
19:40:23 is beneficial for the community, I would like to offer
19:40:26 the following information: Health and fitness clubs
19:40:30 are not regional use facilities, but rather

19:40:34 neighborhood use amenities.
19:40:36 In fact, according to life-style, 70% of their
19:40:41 membership base comes from a three-mile radius of
19:40:44 their club.
19:40:46 Their demographic profile also tells us that 15% of
19:40:51 the population works out in health clubs.
19:40:54 At this particular site, this interprets to
19:40:58 approximately 2100 new clients, all within a one-mile
19:41:02 radius or walking distance to this club.
19:41:08 This fitness quiet population -- other health clubs
19:41:17 that may not be convenient to their homes as this
19:41:20 proposed facility.
19:41:21 Therefore we are theoretically reducing the fitness
19:41:24 traffic especially eastbound on Azeele and southbound
19:41:27 on Dale Mabry, where other clubs exist.
19:41:31 As a result of identifying one user for this location,
19:41:35 we can also announce one additional significant
19:41:38 benefit for the community.
19:41:40 We have agreed, with no help from the staff but we
19:41:45 have agreed on our own, to modify our PD by reducing
19:41:48 the overall square footage from 78,500 square feet to
19:41:53 68,500 square feet, and remove one level of parking,

19:42:00 from four levels above grade to three levels above
19:42:03 grade.
19:42:03 The number of cars are being reduced from 439 cars to
19:42:07 370 cars.
19:42:09 This is still 70 cars more than what is needed
19:42:13 according to the city's transportation count.
19:42:17 Of all the potential uses for this high profile
19:42:20 commercial property, including restaurants, bars, and
19:42:23 retail shops, all which would generate more traffic
19:42:27 through the neighborhood, we feel this would be an
19:42:29 ideal fit for the community.
19:42:31 Thank you.
19:42:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: In all my years as sitting as a
19:42:41 member of City Council I have never had a developer
19:42:43 come up and say, and we are going to reduce the square
19:42:46 footage and the number of parking spaces
19:42:49 spontaneously, and bike facilities, and a fitness
19:42:53 club, and an outdoor cafe.
19:42:56 You are reflecting the requirement of the Westshore
19:42:59 district, and you are not even in the Westshore
19:43:02 district.
19:43:03 This is really exciting.

19:43:04 This is great.
19:43:04 Thank you.
19:43:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Ms. Mulhern.
19:43:10 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a different reaction than Linda
19:43:15 tonight.
19:43:16 Unusual.
19:43:21 When I look at this, you're asking for -- are you
19:43:24 asking for waivers to make the setback from Dale
19:43:27 Mabry?
19:43:29 Which street?
19:43:31 It's hard for me to figure out which streets you're
19:43:35 asking for a reduction in setback.
19:43:42 >>> The set back is set by the PD.
19:43:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh.
19:43:48 Okay.
19:43:48 I guess my first question is, why does this need to be
19:43:51 a PD instead of a commercial mixed use?
19:43:59 >>> This site used to be Malio's.
19:44:03 When Masonite came in and wanted to do an office
19:44:07 building they approved it for a specific office
19:44:09 building.
19:44:09 The only use was office building.

19:44:11 And if Brian wants to do something from that, he needs
19:44:13 to come in and amend the PD.
19:44:15 But he's changing the PD from 40,000 something square
19:44:21 foot office building to his mixed use project.
19:44:23 So changing the zoning.
19:44:25 >> Okay, the other PD.
19:44:27 Is this the first proposal we have seen for this site
19:44:33 since --
19:44:37 >>> Yes.
19:44:37 Yes.
19:44:38 >> I guess when we are looking at this and you are
19:44:40 talking about pedestrian friendly, the first thing, I
19:44:43 think of when I see this is that those sidewalks,
19:44:46 there's nothing between the sidewalk and Dale Mabry.
19:44:49 And it sound like our land development people
19:44:55 encouraged you in that direction.
19:44:57 But it would make much more sense to me.
19:45:01 And this is something that I have seen, especially in
19:45:04 Channelside, that this idea that being pedestrian
19:45:08 friendly is to put the building right on the street.
19:45:12 It makes sense if you have a big enough sidewalk and a
19:45:14 buffer between the sidewalk and the street, so that

19:45:17 you are not right on a really busy street.
19:45:21 And especially on Dale Mabry, that just looks like a
19:45:23 very small area sidewalk.
19:45:35 The plants are up against the building, and the
19:45:37 sidewalk is up against the street.
19:45:41 On Dale Mabry, and I think on at least one other side.
19:45:50 >> We have a nine foot sidewalk that's been developed.
19:45:52 In addition, because of the building and because of
19:45:59 the reduction of square footage we have been able to
19:46:02 build push the building back three additional feet
19:46:04 from Dale Mabry.
19:46:05 >>MARY MULHERN: What are you reducing it from?
19:46:09 >>> From 78,500 square feet to 68,500 square feet.
19:46:14 >> That's from the previous PD?
19:46:16 >>> No.
19:46:18 >> I thought this was the first time we saw this.
19:46:25 It is?
19:46:25 So how do you reduce something if you didn't have
19:46:27 something in the first place in the PD?
19:46:31 >>ABBYE FEELEY: What they are showing to you is the
19:46:33 last site plan that was allowed to be submitted prior
19:46:35 to us coming to council.

19:46:37 Since that has happened and they have secured this
19:46:39 client, their request now is going to be to reduce
19:46:42 that another 10,000 square feet, because of what has
19:46:45 happened in between the time that they submitted that
19:46:47 to come which was 30 days ago till now.
19:46:51 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
19:46:52 Well, to me, since I haven't seen it before, it looks
19:46:55 like a huge, big block that goes in nine feet on Dale
19:47:01 Mabry, is not very wide.
19:47:04 And if you are going to use part of -- I would just --
19:47:08 I just think there's not enough room there.
19:47:11 And I also don't see any shade.
19:47:14 So the idea that this is pedestrian friendly, and I
19:47:17 think part of this is the way that we push people,
19:47:21 this idea that the building needs to be right on the
19:47:23 street to be pedestrian friendly, is taken to the
19:47:28 extreme here.
19:47:29 >>ABBYE FEELEY: If I could just clarify.
19:47:32 They are providing a 9-foot sidewalk which is 4 feet
19:47:36 more than code currently requires.
19:47:39 Sidewalk is in public right-of-way.
19:47:40 It not on their property.

19:47:41 It is adjacent to it so that design is following the
19:47:45 way code is today.
19:47:46 Unfortunately on this site they do have a split land
19:47:49 use, so given their desires was to bring that
19:47:51 building, you know, partially up.
19:47:53 You might ask them if they would consider alternating
19:47:56 some trees in there that are more shade trees than
19:47:59 what you are seeing if that's your desire.
19:48:01 As far as what code requires, and the way that the
19:48:04 property is situated, they are meeting code in that
19:48:07 respect.
19:48:07 And providing a more generous sidewalk, almost double
19:48:10 what we request.
19:48:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
19:48:13 But I guess what I'm saying is that if you are looking
19:48:16 at the busiest street in South Tampa, 9 feet isn't
19:48:23 very wise wide. If you are going to use nine feet I
19:48:25 would rather you use three feet of it in between the
19:48:28 sidewalk and the road and have some shade.
19:48:31 And I don't see that.
19:48:35 And then I also don't understand why if you are
19:48:39 trying -- why you are channeling traffic towards Dale

19:48:44 Mabry instead of having the entrance be on Dale Mabry.
19:48:54 >>> I would be happy to answer that one N.our binder
19:48:57 that's in front of you, under tab number 8, from the
19:49:02 Florida Department of Transportation, there's a letter
19:49:04 there that denies us access off Dale Mabry.
19:49:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, staff won't let you use Dale
19:49:14 Mabry.
19:49:18 That and pedestrian friendly don't go well together
19:49:21 either.
19:49:31 It doesn't look like that to me.
19:49:46 Am I wrong, that the sidewalk -- there's nothing
19:49:51 between the sidewalk and Dale Mabry?
19:49:53 >> There is a sidewalk that's approximately nine foot
19:49:58 and then there's a landscape -- would you like me to
19:50:03 come up and show you?
19:50:04 >> I'm trying to see if the landscape is jays an to
19:50:06 the Street or adjacent to the building.
19:50:16 >> Let me clarify.
19:50:17 This is a problem and it's actually been a problem in
19:50:19 other situations.
19:50:20 I know that council gets frustrated with it but not
19:50:23 all of these are City of Tampa rights-of-way, but FDOT

19:50:27 which this is, FDOT, I would say beyond reluctant to
19:50:31 allow any type of trees or anything maybe other than
19:50:35 grass to be planted with the right-of-way.
19:50:38 So we are really restricted in what we can require as
19:50:42 part of that.
19:50:52 >>MARY MULHERN: But could you have something between
19:50:54 the street --
19:50:55 >>JULIA COLE: Not necessarily.
19:50:56 That's the problem.
19:50:57 We don't control what you can do within the
19:50:59 right-of-way in terms of the planting of vegetation.
19:51:04 If -- in FDOT --
19:51:10 >>MARY MULHERN: FDOT -- you say you can't have grass
19:51:13 between the street and the sidewalk?
19:51:16 >>JULIA COLE: They sometimes do. they decide.
19:51:19 We don't know in this case.
19:51:20 Maybe what can happen here is between first and second
19:51:23 reading, or you can continue it, you can have that
19:51:26 conversation with FDOT.
19:51:27 I will tell knew other situations, I have dealt with
19:51:29 FDOT and having conversations with them, and I will
19:51:32 give you the example of Kennedy, about having trees,

19:51:36 vegetation, and other items within their
19:51:39 rights-of-way, and they raise a lot of issues.
19:51:43 They don't want to be responsible for maintenance,
19:51:45 they don't wanted to be responsible for any view
19:51:48 corridor problem, other than standard sidewalks.
19:51:52 It is very difficult to get them to agree to allow
19:51:56 other things to be in their right-of-way.
19:51:59 And I want to make sure that we can ask for them to go
19:52:02 back.
19:52:03 But there's no guarantee that they are going to say
19:52:05 yes.
19:52:05 And it's probably unlikely we will get much of an
19:52:08 answer from them within a 30-day time frame.
19:52:12 >>MARY MULHERN: And this restriction is coming from
19:52:14 FDOT?
19:52:15 Okay.
19:52:16 Well, those are my problems.
19:52:17 So I guess unfortunately you have to do what they tell
19:52:22 you to do.
19:52:28 I guess that was it.
19:52:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Miranda.
19:52:32 >>MARY MULHERN: So I don't really have any questions.

19:52:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
19:52:38 I understand, and I appreciate the two prior council
19:52:43 members comments, and I agree with some of it and
19:52:45 disagree with some of it also at the same time.
19:52:49 The sidewalk on Dale Mabry, like the legal department
19:52:53 stated, you are talking to the Department of
19:52:55 Transportation, the Florida Department of
19:52:56 Transportation, and those sidewalks are not going to
19:52:59 get much better than what we see here, throughout Dale
19:53:02 Mabry, that's the standard bearer.
19:53:11 I'm sorry?
19:53:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm sorry.
19:53:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I didn't hear too well so I thought
19:53:16 I was hearing voices again.
19:53:18 We heard an accolade from 68,000 -- can you tell me,
19:53:27 what was the square footage of the Masonite project?
19:53:31 I wasn't there.
19:53:31 Was that 47,000 square feet?
19:53:37 >>> 40-plus-thousand.
19:53:40 >> So you actually have an increase of 21 that you
19:53:44 square feet.
19:53:47 I understand what I heard and I tried to put in

19:53:49 context of what was coming there, and what was coming
19:53:54 again.
19:53:55 My only concern, one that I think is an appropriate
19:54:00 concern, is the ingress and egress off of Platt and
19:54:04 off of Azeele.
19:54:05 Way I look at the Platt Street, it looks like it's
19:54:08 angled, that you can only come out of the project to
19:54:12 Dale Mabry.
19:54:14 >>> We did this at the request of staff.
19:54:16 >> I understand.
19:54:18 >>> And now you have --
19:54:21 >> I understand that, sir.
19:54:22 And the one on Azeele, I think you can go both ways.
19:54:27 That's the way it looks here.
19:54:27 >>> That's correct.
19:54:29 That's because Azeele is a collector road.
19:54:32 >> But it's a narrow collector road.
19:54:37 It changes when you cross from the east side of
19:54:41 Azeele, it changes from this side.
19:54:44 >>> I requested a widening of Azeele, and that letter
19:54:54 is in tab 7 of your binder.
19:54:56 >> And then, if I recall, the black immediately west

19:54:59 of Azeele is a four-way stop sign.
19:55:05 >>> At church street.
19:55:07 Correct.
19:55:07 >> So I'm just thinking it out.
19:55:09 I knew that Mario's was a very vibrant and successful
19:55:13 restaurant.
19:55:14 But at the time that they had their business, is when
19:55:17 the residents were working and dormant most of the
19:55:20 time, and there would be hardly any traffic during
19:55:25 neighborhood hours, what I would say that Mario's
19:55:27 would empty out at 10:00, 11:00, 1:00 in the morning.
19:55:31 And in this case, you are not going to have that.
19:55:34 You are going to have a much vibrant community, which
19:55:37 I hope it is, and you would have more people come in
19:55:41 and out of the project, that may create -- might
19:55:45 create more traffic.
19:55:46 I don't know.
19:55:47 But those are the questions in my mind that are there
19:55:52 now.
19:55:53 >>> Would you like me to address them?
19:55:55 >> Well, I would appreciate it if you can.
19:55:57 >>> Well, of all the uses that we could have in this

19:56:00 location, we feel that the most pedestrian-friendly,
19:56:06 neighborhood friendly use would be a health and
19:56:10 athletic club, which is the offering.
19:56:16 That would increase the use of the traffic only in
19:56:20 that area.
19:56:20 Again, most of their clients come within a three-mile
19:56:24 radius, and many of them come within a one-mile
19:56:26 radius.
19:56:27 And most of the people that are health and fitness
19:56:30 conscious, one would think, would be able to walk
19:56:32 there, and that was the purpose of the many of the
19:56:34 communities west of Dale Mabry have small lots and/or
19:56:39 mixed uses as town homes and apartments and
19:56:43 condominiums, and they do not vice-president the
19:56:45 amenities that we are offering.
19:56:47 So they are welcoming this to the neighborhood that
19:56:53 they don't have to pay for as part of their community.
19:56:55 But we are hoping, and based on what history tells us,
19:57:00 that the traffic will be actually reduced because the
19:57:02 people aren't going to be going further from their
19:57:05 homes to other clubs.
19:57:09 Approximately 25 to 30% of membership in the Hyde Park

19:57:16 area is west of Dale Mabry.
19:57:18 So immediately, one would think that that traffic is
19:57:21 going to go to this location, which is more convenient
19:57:25 and easier to get to, and therefore some of the
19:57:28 traffic that is going eastbound on Azeele and Dale
19:57:32 Mabry where much of the congestion is will be reduced.
19:57:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I am not trying to be
19:57:40 argumentative, in math I certainly understand what you
19:57:42 are saying but 25% is not a definitive answer because
19:57:46 25% and 25% of 10,000 is something else.
19:57:49 >>> You are absolutely correct.
19:57:51 And one of the reasons why we hired a traffic
19:57:53 consultant, Randy Coen, who I'm sure can probably
19:57:56 answer this better than I could.
19:57:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
19:58:00 I appreciate the answer.
19:58:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone here in opposition to this
19:58:12 project?
19:58:12 Anyone here in opposition?
19:58:14 Come on up, sir.
19:58:21 >>> My name is Daniel Friar, you live at 11239 cedar
19:58:26 hollow lane, Tampa.

19:58:27 I represent property management, the owners of Azeele
19:58:34 plaza, located in the southwest corner of Azeele and
19:58:37 Dale Mabry.
19:58:40 Our reasons for being opposed to this project, two
19:58:43 primary reasons.
19:58:46 The main concern is the setback of the project, which
19:58:49 appears to be set seven to ten feet front and side
19:58:55 setbacks.
19:58:56 From the artist's rendering sketches that were
19:58:59 provided to us by Mr. Taub in a recent visit to our
19:59:01 office, it appeared that the building is a three-story
19:59:05 complex, the parking garage in the rear of the
19:59:08 building.
19:59:09 Proposed building shield our business and building
19:59:13 from the view of oncoming southbound traffic.
19:59:18 If you look at the -- I have an artist's rendering.
19:59:25 Our buildings are located right here.
19:59:45 The subject corner of Azeele and Dale Mabry.
19:59:53 You have to keep in mind that signage is a very
19:59:56 important part of any business' success.
19:59:59 Okay.
20:00:04 Our Starbuck's pylon sign in which the front edge of

20:00:07 the sign is about 11 or 12 feet from the sidewalk and
20:00:10 the back edge from the sidewalk is clearly visible as
20:00:16 far north as Kennedy Boulevard.
20:00:18 Okay.
20:00:18 The visibility that it would be reduced by the setback
20:00:22 of the proposed building to about a half a block.
20:00:28 The inclusion of any landscaping is pictured in the
20:00:32 artists renderings will reduce the visibility even
20:00:35 further.
20:00:37 So that's reason number 1.
20:00:40 The second reason is, this project rates with any
20:00:45 setback precedent that has been established on that
20:00:47 part of Dale Mabry Highway.
20:00:49 For example, we took the time to measure setbacks on
20:00:54 both the east and west sides of Dale Mabry Highway,
20:00:57 between Kennedy and Henderson Boulevard.
20:01:01 On the west side, on the west side, the land is set
20:01:04 back about 220 feet.
20:01:07 The shortest was 33 feet.
20:01:09 The average setback is 60 to 70 feet.
20:01:14 In addition, the side yard set back on most of the
20:01:17 buildings within this area is an average of 15 to 20

20:01:21 feet.
20:01:21 On the east side, these buildings were set back
20:01:24 similar to the west side of Dale Mabry with the
20:01:26 exception of some several old one-story buildings that
20:01:30 appear to be old houses that were converted into
20:01:33 businesses.
20:01:37 All newer buildings that we found were no closer than
20:01:41 an average of 60 to 70-foot setbacks with the
20:01:47 exception of one on Neptune Street and Dale Mabry.
20:01:49 Its set back to the main building was 26 feet.
20:01:54 Okay.
20:01:56 Can I just finish, summarize?
20:01:58 >> Your time is up.
20:01:59 Councilwoman Saul-Sena, councilman Miranda, then --
20:02:08 >> I was waiting till after they were done.
20:02:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: After public comment.
20:02:14 If you want to go now but you said after the public
20:02:16 comment.
20:02:18 So go ahead.
20:02:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Save the best for last, I always
20:02:22 say.
20:02:23 >>> Thank you for your time, council.

20:02:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sir?
20:02:33 I want to say first of all I am a frequent patron of
20:02:36 your Starbuck's.
20:02:37 Secondly, I think a lot of the patronage comes from
20:02:40 people who live in Tampa and are familiar with it and
20:02:43 based on the traffic jams getting in and out of there,
20:02:45 it's really popular, and I don't think that the sign
20:02:48 makes any difference at all.
20:02:49 We all know it's there.
20:02:50 It's a great place and it's always busy, busy, busy.
20:02:54 Thank you.
20:02:56 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: How far back is your building
20:02:57 from the street?
20:02:59 >>> From the street?
20:03:01 >> It's about 50 feet?
20:03:02 >>> Yes.
20:03:03 I think it's 50, 60 feet.
20:03:04 >>: Then you could have moved your building a little
20:03:06 closer and put your parking in the rear.
20:03:08 >>> The building has been there for 20 years.
20:03:10 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Okay.
20:03:12 Well, that's the reason your sign can't be seen

20:03:14 because you're so far back.
20:03:15 >>> But in addition, though, a company like Starbuck's
20:03:19 spend as lot of money on signage.
20:03:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
20:03:23 You answered the question.
20:03:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, thanks again for the
20:03:26 floor.
20:03:26 Sir, the building was there but that was a 7-Eleven or
20:03:33 little general before it was a Starbuck's.
20:03:35 >>> I believe so.
20:03:36 >> And that came for a rezoning, I think, here, didn't
20:03:39 it?
20:03:39 >>> I'm not sure.
20:03:40 We didn't own it then.
20:03:42 >> You didn't own it but I'm almost sure they came in
20:03:44 for something here back in the late 90s, early
20:03:52 2000s.
20:03:53 Mr. Caetano is right.
20:03:55 At that time, I'm not certain but I remember something
20:03:58 there, and I know it was either 7-Eleven or little
20:04:02 general.
20:04:03 I think it was a 7-Eleven.

20:04:05 And there was a strip.
20:04:08 But like Mr. Caetano, I can't vote up or down this
20:04:13 zoning or any other zoning for someone saying that
20:04:15 they are going to take my visibility away.
20:04:18 I have nothing built anywhere.
20:04:21 >>> But I think setting a new press tent --
20:04:24 >> What precedent?
20:04:25 The modern -- the way of development, sometimes I
20:04:31 agree with it, sometimes I disagree with it.
20:04:33 But Ms. Saul-Sena is one that always speaks about
20:04:36 building towards the front and parking in the back.
20:04:39 Now, do I agree with that?
20:04:41 Periodically.
20:04:43 [ Laughter ]
20:04:45 That's the best I can answer.
20:04:45 >>> Well, can I ask you one question?
20:04:48 What is the current precedent in that area of Dale
20:04:50 Mabry?
20:04:51 >> The current president, let me try to explain.
20:04:54 I'm not a developer.
20:04:55 The only thing I develop is my own house.
20:04:58 But it's best used not only for the land, but for the

20:05:03 neighbors.
20:05:04 And to push this development back, it would certainly
20:05:08 interfere on sizewise with abutting neighbors, that
20:05:13 they would have the larger part of the blunt of the
20:05:16 traffic, and of the size of the structure, whereas the
20:05:21 building up front -- and this is my assumption --
20:05:24 would be something that would be more applicable to
20:05:26 Dale Mabry, which is a very heavily traveled road.
20:05:29 I mean, when you look at the development that happened
20:05:32 on the interstate and Dale Mabry, and the targets and
20:05:40 the Home Depots that were not there 20 yourself ago,
20:05:42 it used to be those Jim Walter two towers.
20:05:46 And that's certainly been a success.
20:05:47 And that's what I'm looking for, that if there's some
20:05:50 kinks in here I think they should be worked out
20:05:52 definitely.
20:05:53 But I can't vote something up or down, not in your
20:05:57 company.
20:05:58 I'm simply saying that my signage isn't going to be
20:06:01 viewed.
20:06:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
20:06:06 Those who are in support, anyone here in support of

20:06:09 this petition?
20:06:11 Anyone in support that wants to address?
20:06:18 The question I raised was for all those in opposition.
20:06:21 We had one person, right?
20:06:22 >>> No.
20:06:23 I was in opposition, also.
20:06:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I asked, those in opposition come
20:06:30 forward.
20:06:30 Only one came forward.
20:06:31 Go ahead.
20:06:33 >> My name is Jim Delgado, 4014 west Azeele street and
20:06:39 I'm approximately two and a half blocks off of Dale
20:06:41 Mabry.
20:06:45 Specifically my concern is that having first-hand
20:06:50 knowledge of that street, I just really want to make
20:06:53 sure that everyone present recognizes that busyness of
20:06:59 Azeele and specifically the intersection of Dale Mabry
20:07:01 and Azeele.
20:07:03 I lived there when Malio's was in place, and even
20:07:11 Starbuck's went in.
20:07:13 That Starbuck's impacted that intersection of Dale
20:07:15 Mabry and Azeele significantly.

20:07:19 And with the entrance and exit for this business,
20:07:23 entrance and exit being off of Azeele, it's going to
20:07:25 be even more significant.
20:07:32 Putting up pylons or cones, that intersection to kind
20:07:37 of control traffic.
20:07:38 And I just really feel that the size of this building,
20:07:41 and the amount of traffic that is it's going to incur,
20:07:44 is going to have a significant impact on that street.
20:07:49 I just want to express that.
20:07:51 Thank you.
20:07:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
20:07:57 >>> I'm bill wallmain, 3707 west Cleveland.
20:08:01 I have been sworn.
20:08:02 I would like to give council the -- I'm not sure, I
20:08:15 guess I need to plead no contest, because I think we
20:08:18 as a neighborhood totally support this project, with
20:08:21 one issue, and the issue has already been brought up,
20:08:25 has to do with Azeele.
20:08:26 And all I want to do is try to make sure that we have
20:08:34 this east-west on Azeele that works, and we have cars
20:08:43 coming out of this project, turning left, between
20:08:46 11:30 and 9:30, and 4:30 and 6:30 -- I don't know

20:08:51 about the morning -- you will disrupt the flow of
20:08:53 traffic going east and west.
20:08:56 This is number one.
20:08:57 You can see the line of traffic going back on Azeele.
20:09:03 Just in case that one didn't get it.
20:09:06 Okay, this is a different time.
20:09:12 This is the next one.
20:09:13 These are numbered 1 through 5 on what you have.
20:09:16 There's always traffic here.
20:09:18 It's a continual line.
20:09:19 It's going to take you between two and three turns at
20:09:23 the light to get through.
20:09:27 This intersection.
20:09:28 Here is the next one.
20:09:33 If anybody has been there using it knows that all of
20:09:35 this is true.
20:09:37 Now, this is the last one.
20:09:39 Whatever time of day between those hours any day,
20:09:43 because I was there for nine hours over the different
20:09:45 days.
20:09:46 This is what you get.
20:09:47 That's why I took these pictures.

20:09:50 Having said that, something is going to go on this
20:09:54 property.
20:09:58 In the community, Bon Air voted with their block
20:10:02 captain and we like this project.
20:10:04 I don't think there's anything we don't like about it
20:10:06 except this one aspect.
20:10:08 And we don't want to have an unintended consequence
20:10:12 that's going to make it substantially worse moving
20:10:14 east and west on Azeele.
20:10:16 So we would ask something be done about how to make
20:10:19 that happen.
20:10:21 We think do not block the intersection is something
20:10:23 the police can enforce might be the thing to do there.
20:10:27 So that's my response.
20:10:30 One other thing.
20:10:37 At the intersection I noticed while I was doing these
20:10:40 pictures, at the intersection of Dale Mabry and
20:10:41 Azeele, on a continual basis, north and southbound,
20:10:47 primarily northbound on Dale Mabry, block that
20:10:51 intersection on a daily basis and don't allow access.
20:10:56 I think if you can do something about that while we
20:10:58 are talking about it.

20:10:59 Other than that, I apologize, Brian, but I want to
20:11:04 tell you, he has been great to work with.
20:11:10 Fantastic.
20:11:11 I was in Winter Park a month ago.
20:11:13 And one of the things they did that I would suggest --
20:11:17 this is a request -- is they had vines growing up to
20:11:20 the first level of the parking garages, and it
20:11:24 substantially took away the massiveness of that
20:11:26 building.
20:11:27 Just a suggestion.
20:11:28 Thank you for your time.
20:11:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: International only attest to what
20:11:34 the gentleman said is 100% factual when you try
20:11:38 heading west on Azeele and you try to cross Dale
20:11:40 Mabry, you better have a semi rig with you because
20:11:43 they block it all the time.
20:11:45 And I've seen very little -- maybe they have given
20:11:50 tickets there, but you have to wait two or three light
20:11:53 cycles to cross the street.
20:11:54 You may be able to make a right-hand turn sometime
20:11:57 between somebody gives you a break but it's a very
20:12:01 difficult corner and it's not about the development.

20:12:02 This is our problem that's existing now.
20:12:05 This is not futuristic or anything.
20:12:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next speaker.
20:12:13 >>> My name is Don Kester, president of east Swann
20:12:17 estates neighborhood association.
20:12:20 I have met with Mr. Taub several times, and in
20:12:24 reference to the traffic and this project, and we are
20:12:27 about 100% in favor of the project.
20:12:29 We like the concept.
20:12:30 We like the building, the architecture.
20:12:32 We like the plan of it being a fitness center as
20:12:37 opposed to an office building.
20:12:40 I have been assured by the folks running the fitness
20:12:42 center that most of their clients come and go after
20:12:44 work hours, and before normal work hours.
20:12:48 I feel competent there will be some traffic
20:12:51 congestion, but I feel confident that the area can
20:12:53 handle it.
20:12:54 And something will be built there.
20:12:56 And most of my neighbors, we like this idea the best.
20:13:03 I'm glad I'm not Mr. Taub.
20:13:05 And I thank you.

20:13:08 [ Laughter ]
20:13:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So do I.
20:13:12 I don't want to comb my hair every day.
20:13:16 >>> Stuart Lasher.
20:13:17 I live at 4931 New Providence Avenue. Culbreath Isles.
20:13:20 And I lived in Tampa for about 20 years.
20:13:24 I'm the chairman and largest shareholder of Life-style
20:13:28 Family Fitness.
20:13:29 As Brian mentioned we operate 56 fitness centers,
20:13:32 predominantly in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and
20:13:35 Indianapolis.
20:13:36 And we have tried to build this organization with a
20:13:39 lot of people from the Tampa Bay area.
20:13:42 And as Brian supplied you earlier we have a lot of
20:13:45 very well-known investors, we are well funded, and we
20:13:48 have a tremendous commitment to the Tampa Bay area.
20:13:50 In January 2003, Hyde Park Village, Jacobson's Hyde
20:13:56 Park Village closed and we really took a major
20:13:59 initiative and major risk opening a fitness center
20:14:02 there.
20:14:02 It was a major concern to us because that was the
20:14:04 first tame we. Had ground parking.

20:14:06 It was a parking garage.
20:14:07 But we have a commitment to Tampa.
20:14:09 We felt like we could really revitalize Old Hyde Park
20:14:13 Village.
20:14:14 And as you all can see today, Old Hyde Park Village is
20:14:19 thriving.
20:14:19 Part of the reason it's thriving is because of that.
20:14:21 We brought a new resurgence to that area.
20:14:26 For the past five years since when opened up Hyde
20:14:28 Park, the location in Hyde Park Village, we have been
20:14:30 looking for another site in South Tampa, and this site
20:14:34 is perfect for us.
20:14:35 As was mentioned earlier, about 25 to 30% of our
20:14:39 members are west of Dale Mabry, and there's a
20:14:43 tremendous opportunity for additional clients in that
20:14:45 Westshore area.
20:14:48 We plan to build a flagship location here.
20:14:50 Not many of our locations in Florida.
20:14:56 We made a commitment to pull into this location, a
20:15:00 personal training area, physical therapy.
20:15:02 This is going to be the state of the art.
20:15:04 And we really think it will help the community.

20:15:07 In addition, I'm so committed, besides a convenience
20:15:10 for me.
20:15:11 I live probably three miles away.
20:15:12 We are going to relocate our corporate offices from
20:15:15 St. Petersburg to Tampa.
20:15:17 We have about 140 corporate office employees, and we
20:15:22 are fully committed to relocating to Tampa.
20:15:28 We also are very much involved in the community.
20:15:31 We have many different programs.
20:15:32 One program is for active aging population.
20:15:35 We have water aerobics classes.
20:15:37 We have fitness classes.
20:15:39 In fact we have about 7,000 apartments in our silver
20:15:43 sneakers program sponsored by Humana.
20:15:47 And we provide group fitness classes for the golden
20:15:51 aged.
20:15:52 We have we provide free teen members membership to
20:15:58 tight the teen obesity crisis.
20:16:01 Last year we had about 5,000 teens sign up for that
20:16:03 program, and it's free for three months during the
20:16:05 summer.
20:16:06 We do give back to the community.

20:16:07 We have a great product.
20:16:08 I really feel tremendous about the product.
20:16:12 We were hoping what I believe is the health crisis
20:16:14 today, which is being more practice active, in
20:16:19 fighting health care costs rather than reactive.
20:16:21 I am fully committed to the project.
20:16:23 I am happy to answer any questions that anybody might
20:16:26 have.
20:16:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
20:16:27 Next speaker.
20:16:33 >>> My name is Mike Geist.
20:16:35 I'm the director of ISF operations for life-style
20:16:38 fitness.
20:16:38 I live at 3810 west DeLeon street.
20:16:41 So I'm just a couple blocks south of the proposed
20:16:44 location, so you can imagine my family is very excited
20:16:47 about the opportunity.
20:16:49 What I can tell you about I have been with the
20:16:52 organization for three years.
20:16:53 It's the type of organization I want to be associated
20:16:55 with and the type of organization I would like in my
20:16:58 backyard. I'm looking forward to putting my son over,

20:17:01 putting him in daycare, working out.
20:17:02 I can tell you the office is excited.
20:17:06 We are all looking forward to the opportunity.
20:17:07 We are very hopeful.
20:17:08 For us from a technical standpoint, gives us an
20:17:11 opportunity to work through the full base.
20:17:14 We have some that don't want to cross the bridge, if
20:17:20 you will.
20:17:21 That's all I have.
20:17:22 I appreciate your tame.
20:17:29 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we are hearing more from the
20:17:31 petitioner here.
20:17:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The petitioner is Mr. Taub.
20:17:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
20:17:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: This is a potential tenant.
20:17:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
20:17:44 >>> David Carney.
20:17:47 I have been sworn in.
20:17:47 I'm the vice-president of lifestyles family fitness.
20:17:52 And I'm just going to reiterate some of the things.
20:17:55 Actually one thing that Brian mentioned, and Stewart
20:17:59 stole most of my thunder.

20:18:01 I'm in charge of club operations but also in charge of
20:18:04 programming.
20:18:04 We put a concerted effort this year, and it will
20:18:07 continue over the next couple years to be more
20:18:09 involved in our community.
20:18:11 Stewart mentioned silver sneakers.
20:18:14 We just initiated a program called fit for life, which
20:18:18 is -- I have daughters that are 11, 13 years old.
20:18:22 I'm very involved in the community, living in beach
20:18:24 park.
20:18:26 Very excited about this program.
20:18:28 We have been trying to push it up for about four, five
20:18:32 years, the fit to life small children's program.
20:18:35 We have a mommy me fitness come in.
20:18:39 As well as Stuart mentioned after school programs.
20:18:42 I think we are going to benefit, again Brian mentioned
20:18:45 the three-mile radius.
20:18:48 We have done in the every suburban club that we have
20:18:50 opened.
20:18:51 And again, the members attest to that.
20:18:57 With what the gentleman stated earlier, I was
20:19:00 mentioning to Mike a minute ago, I would guess that

20:19:02 when would probably improve the Starbuck's business by
20:19:07 probably 300, 400%, because a lot of people are going
20:19:10 to be going to Starbuck's like we have done with the
20:19:13 retailers next to us.
20:19:14 So, again, I wanted to talk about the fact that we
20:19:16 will be very involved with the community locally, and
20:19:20 again, with the various programs for seniors as well
20:19:24 as children.
20:19:25 Thank you.
20:19:30 >>> Richard Rabke, I have been sworn in.
20:19:34 I'm the vice-president, private investment, we are
20:19:41 directly adjacent to the west side of the project.
20:19:45 Everybody said about everything I want to say.
20:19:48 Mr. Taub came to us and we asked for some concessions
20:19:51 and he did it.
20:19:52 I think he's a good neighbor.
20:19:55 Strongly support the project.
20:19:56 And you have my letters in the file.
20:19:58 I just want to come here personally tonight and
20:20:00 reiterate.
20:20:03 We have the same concerns about traffic as everybody
20:20:05 else.

20:20:05 The traffic is there.
20:20:06 And I don't see it as an issue directly related to
20:20:14 this project.
20:20:15 I think the intersection needs to be cleaned up,
20:20:17 Azeele.
20:20:18 City tried to get me to put a left turn lane all the
20:20:20 way down Azeele.
20:20:21 But we are for the project.
20:20:24 All I wanted to do was come today and reiterate that
20:20:28 in person.
20:20:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next speaker.
20:20:31 >>> Good evening.
20:20:32 My name is Sanford mile.
20:20:34 I have not been sworn in.
20:20:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone else here has not been sworn?
20:20:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Who intends to speak even at the
20:20:44 other hearing?
20:20:46 >> Anyone here you want to speak before City Council
20:20:48 tonight.
20:20:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Stand and raise your right hand,
20:20:53 please.
20:20:55 (Oath administered by Clerk).

20:20:57 >>> It's a pleasure to be before you again.
20:21:02 I'm a commercial real estate broker.
20:21:04 My name is Sanford miles, the mile company.
20:21:07 I reside at 5207 Bayshore Boulevard.
20:21:10 I have been in the commercial real estate business and
20:21:13 had the high honor and privilege of doing so in Tampa
20:21:15 for approximately the past 25 years.
20:21:20 I've seen Tampa grow.
20:21:22 I have worked with most, if not close to all of the
20:21:26 major developers in Tampa.
20:21:28 And it rare within one's career that one is able to
20:21:33 work with a developer of such a high caliber
20:21:39 development who I have known and worked with over
20:21:41 approximately the past 15 years.
20:21:44 It's further rare to be a conscientious citizen of a
20:21:49 community that I have grown to love and call my home
20:21:52 and be able to see not only a home-based developer,
20:21:58 but yet a home based user come together on a
20:22:04 home-based reputable site and create a product that is
20:22:11 a blend, a mosaic, if you will, of taking the best of
20:22:14 Tampa's development and the best of Tampa's
20:22:19 entrepreneurialship and blending it in a well-known

20:22:22 site and creating what we call specifically, in our
20:22:26 industry, what is known as a generative site which
20:22:37 works in concert with recipient sites to the extent
20:22:40 that a generative site, some of you know them as
20:22:43 anchor sites in retail shopping centers, then generate
20:22:46 a momentum and/or a.m. by audience and/or feel which
20:22:53 then allows other lesser -- not lesser in terms of
20:22:56 economics or stature, but lesser in terms of maybe
20:23:02 size to be able to be the beneficiary of the
20:23:04 businesses of the generative site produces.
20:23:10 This site, this project will not only be generate I've
20:23:13 to the extent it's the best use of the site, but I can
20:23:16 tell you that we have been involved in this site since
20:23:18 early 2006.
20:23:21 We have had the majority of the type of developers
20:23:24 that could make use of this site, look at it, work
20:23:28 with it, and there's only one that has had the
20:23:32 persistence, the determination, the vision, the
20:23:35 ability, the quality, and the reputation to be able to
20:23:40 produce a product that not only you all, but all of
20:23:43 your constituents and all of the neighbors and the
20:23:47 rest of Tampa, Florida will be able to be able to take

20:23:50 pride in and will be able to help us create more of a
20:23:56 corridor and more of a South Tampa urban,
20:24:01 pedestrian-friendly, less-traffic-oriented environment
20:24:05 for our businesses to thrive.
20:24:08 These are difficult economic times that most people
20:24:10 say we are in because of a myriad of things, the high
20:24:14 cost of gas not the least of which, the high cost of
20:24:19 transportation, the very essence of what this site is
20:24:22 proposing to do.
20:24:24 We'll address those.
20:24:25 And I encourage you to look at the benefits that this
20:24:28 will have not only for the immediacy of this site.
20:24:32 (Bell sounds).
20:24:34 Thank you all very much.
20:24:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Dingfelder, Saul-Sena, and
20:24:39 Mulhern.
20:24:40 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I have a few questions stored up a
20:24:43 little bit.
20:24:47 Ms. Calloway, transportation department.
20:24:49 Mr. Taub wrote an e-mail, in his binder it's at tab 7
20:24:56 dated March 18th, 2008.
20:24:59 One of the questions he addressed, it says, let's see,

20:25:04 anyway, he was talking about the only option I have
20:25:07 not addressed is widening Azeele west of south Dale
20:25:12 Mabry, would you please look at the possibility and
20:25:14 see if it's a viable option?
20:25:15 Mr. Rabkey mentioned the city had been pressure him
20:25:19 when he was building MAGDALENA but I guess he
20:25:26 resisted, successfully.
20:25:27 I didn't see in Mr. Taub's package what the city
20:25:31 transportation response was to that particular issue.
20:25:36 I saw the response to other issues.
20:25:39 I'm not saying it or did I not get that page?
20:25:45 >>> It's the last page on tab 7.
20:25:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Didn't get copied into mine.
20:25:50 So what was the staff's answer?
20:25:56 >>> Melanie Calloway, transportation.
20:25:58 I have been sworn.
20:25:58 I didn't see it either.
20:25:59 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I got your question but I didn't
20:26:02 have the answer.
20:26:03 >>> I have the question.
20:26:03 He wrote it into the customer service center, and I
20:26:07 did reply, but I'm not sure --

20:26:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Can you tell us what you think your
20:26:14 answer was?
20:26:15 Or what is it?
20:26:16 >>> Widening of Azeele between Dale Mabry and church?
20:26:19 It's currently a turn lane that's right there on
20:26:22 Azeele.
20:26:22 >> It's a short turn lane, though.
20:26:24 >>> Yes.
20:26:24 I understand.
20:26:25 But the issue is not the turn lane stackable cars
20:26:30 within the turn lane.
20:26:31 The question is, how much green time does that left
20:26:35 turn get to turn northbound?
20:26:37 The problem is that we can't give any more green time
20:26:40 to Azeele --
20:26:42 >> I understand that.
20:26:42 I read that part.
20:26:44 Way wonder about -- and I have been in this -- my
20:26:46 father lives at the further end of Azeele.
20:26:49 So periodically I'll head that way for a variety of
20:26:52 reasons, including visiting.
20:26:53 But what I wonder about -- and it seems to me I have

20:26:59 seen many cars stack up there, where then if you have
20:27:02 a car that doesn't want to go straight, they end up in
20:27:06 the sort of straight stacking, and there's a lot of
20:27:11 folks from that neighborhood, but it just seems
20:27:13 like -- Mr. Taub, was that your intent, to add more
20:27:16 stacking into that left turn lane, when you talked
20:27:19 about widening?
20:27:23 >>> My intent was to address the neighborhood
20:27:26 concerns, and to try to resolve all the possibilities
20:27:29 which included as the last option the widening of the
20:27:33 street.
20:27:33 The response, and I'm sorry it wasn't attached as a
20:27:36 backup sheet, was that the city did not have enough
20:27:39 money to provide for widening of Azeele.
20:27:43 >> So was that your offer that the city should do it,
20:27:47 or was it your offer that the developer should do it?
20:27:50 >>> Based on the fact that this property does not take
20:27:53 up the entire street of Azeele, we would have paid our
20:27:56 pro rata share if that was a possibility.
20:28:00 We would have considered doing that.
20:28:02 But we came as a good neighbor, and we actually
20:28:07 offered to put some money in escrow at the first DRC

20:28:11 meeting for a turn signal at Azeele and Dale Mabry.
20:28:14 >> But the D.O.T. didn't want it.
20:28:16 >> And that was turned down.
20:28:18 So we tried to invite other possibilities.
20:28:21 And one of these, besides the turn signal and the
20:28:24 green tame on Azeele, was widening Azeele.
20:28:28 And that was negative as well.
20:28:31 >> Okay.
20:28:43 You have obviously studied this.
20:28:45 Your name for the record.
20:28:45 >>> Randy Goran, west Cyprus street.
20:28:50 I have been sworn.
20:28:51 >> I don't want to leave loose ends dangling.
20:28:54 Is there any benefit to this entire traffic tangle to
20:28:57 widening or extending the stacking for the left turn?
20:29:03 >>> Actually, virtually none.
20:29:05 But let me tell you, if I may, what the city is doing,
20:29:09 what will have a dramatic effect and improvement on
20:29:12 the intersection of Azeele and Dale Mabry.
20:29:14 Azeele has level of service on both sides of Dale
20:29:18 Mabry, operates fine until you get to Dale Mabry and
20:29:21 then it becomes a very difficult proposition.

20:29:23 I travel through it every day.
20:29:24 What the city is doing right now, they are at 90%
20:29:27 design plans for an additional northbound lane on Dale
20:29:30 Mabry highway, south of Kennedy Boulevard.
20:29:35 Their improvement is to add an additional through-lane
20:29:39 so traffic can go north through the Kennedy
20:29:42 intersection with three lanes, with the outside new
20:29:44 lane also serving as the right turn lane, as the
20:29:47 second lane does today.
20:29:49 The real issue here is to get rid of or minimize that
20:29:52 queue, the amount of time that the traffic on the
20:29:54 south side of Kennedy Boulevard stacks all the way
20:29:58 back to Azeele.
20:29:59 That's the problem at lunch time.
20:30:00 That's the problem in the afternoon during the peak
20:30:04 hour.
20:30:04 This improvement will make that situation much better
20:30:06 than it is today.
20:30:07 I will tell you it not going to be 100% everything
20:30:10 will be perfect and fine, but it will have a very
20:30:13 substantial impact, and lessening the amount of queue
20:30:17 that we have that goes back to the intersection of

20:30:19 Azeele.
20:30:20 >> As you go north.
20:30:23 >> It certainly does as backs through the
20:30:26 intersection.
20:30:27 That's primary problem both during lunch time and
20:30:30 the p.m. peak hour.
20:30:32 I know if the city were committing to put do not block
20:30:36 intersection signs at the intersection of Dale Mabry
20:30:38 and Azeele.
20:30:39 Of course that goes back to our D.O.T. issue of what
20:30:42 they will permit or not.
20:30:43 Enforcement could take place at that intersection but
20:30:46 more importantly the city is 90% design plans on that
20:30:49 particular improvement.
20:30:50 It is fully funded.
20:30:51 I talked with Jim burnside.
20:30:54 He anticipates that hopefully within six months they
20:30:56 will commence the construction project which is
20:30:59 bidding it for a contract, et cetera, and moving
20:31:01 forward with the improvements.
20:31:02 So I believe we have a very short-term possibility of
20:31:05 a very significant improvement that will make the

20:31:08 intersection of Azeele and Dale Mabry work better
20:31:11 simply because we'll get rid of that backup that comes
20:31:13 into the intersection.
20:31:14 >> Another transportation question for you.
20:31:19 As we go out on Platt Street, I know you are putting
20:31:21 in a curb there.
20:31:24 Sometimes we emphasize that with additional concrete.
20:31:29 Are you negotiating with the city and put that -- what
20:31:32 do they call those?
20:31:34 Pork chops?
20:31:35 >>> Yes, basically what will happen is that will come
20:31:37 in at the time of commercial site plan review when
20:31:39 they are actually into engineering.
20:31:42 Indication here is we will do whatever is appropriate
20:31:44 and necessary so that the Platt Street intersection
20:31:46 will basically be a left turn off of Platt and a right
20:31:50 turn out onto Platt.
20:31:52 Trying to restrict traffic from going back to the west
20:31:54 on Platt street because it's very different in
20:31:57 character than Azeele.
20:31:59 We want to make sure that folks from the west of the
20:32:02 site can actually get into the property.

20:32:04 That's the other reason.
20:32:05 >> There's a commitment to do a workshop -- pork chop
20:32:12 or apply for a pork chop?
20:32:14 A pork chop is that hard structure --
20:32:19 >>> A channelized drive.
20:32:21 And the current PD again tonight, PD situation, in
20:32:29 previous office discussion, on the current PD there is
20:32:32 no translation, it is open and of course if you deny
20:32:34 them access to Dale Mabry as well, so the current
20:32:36 office PD that's sitting on there has full ins and
20:32:40 outs on Platt and Azeele.
20:32:42 What they are proposing is channelized.
20:32:47 >> I see that it's angled.
20:32:49 It doesn't reference a concrete pork chop structure.
20:32:53 >>> I don't believe there is a place for that to go in
20:32:57 this.
20:32:57 It could go possibly right here if that's the desire.
20:33:00 >> If you don't put it and people jump curbs and make
20:33:03 left turns across grass.
20:33:04 >>> They could put it --
20:33:08 >> Randy Cohen again for the record.
20:33:10 I believe this is something that may be possible.

20:33:13 However this is also the access point for solid waste
20:33:15 so we have a very large solid waste but I think we can
20:33:22 craft something between first and second reading.
20:33:24 This is the intent to do, based upon the design and
20:33:27 characteristics of the intersection.
20:33:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I think it's important to the folks
20:33:31 who live further west on Platt including the mayor.
20:33:34 But, anyway.
20:33:37 [ Laughter ]
20:33:39 But Mr. Rabkey, can you come up for a second?
20:33:47 I have concern about your residents who aren't there
20:33:50 yet.
20:33:52 It's a beautiful town home development that you have
20:33:54 built there.
20:33:55 But I'm trying to picture the two or three units, or
20:34:01 two or four units that are the eastern-most units.
20:34:05 >>
20:34:06 >>> Two of them, yes.
20:34:07 >> Two of them.
20:34:09 Do they have five windows or anything?
20:34:12 >>> They do, and that's one of the concessions.
20:34:14 We talked about landscaping and trees and stuff to

20:34:17 block their view, and landscaping along the western
20:34:20 side of the parking garage.
20:34:21 Those are some of the issues that we were discussing.
20:34:23 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
20:34:25 Along those lines, Mr. Taub, if you would, I'm glad
20:34:31 you reduced the height of the garage.
20:34:34 I think that's a good improvement.
20:34:36 Even though he worked a lot of this out, if I were him
20:34:43 I would ask for -- a lot of times especially because
20:34:45 you are going to have a lot of evening traffic, and
20:34:47 you have the ramps facing his two units.
20:34:51 There's a lot of light and noise activity on ramps, as
20:34:54 we know.
20:34:55 And what I would suggest is additional opaqueness,
20:35:02 architectural opaqueness, on the sides of your garage.
20:35:08 And you can work that out with staff between first and
20:35:11 second reading.
20:35:11 I'm not trying to hold you up.
20:35:13 But I think it's extremely important.
20:35:15 I don't know if folks live there yet, you know, they
20:35:18 are obviously not here tonight.
20:35:19 I think it's extremely important from a buffering

20:35:22 perspective, especially because you are asking for a
20:35:25 reduction, I think, in some of that west side buffer.
20:35:31 >>> The buffer is green space, like the difference
20:35:35 between the property line and structured parking
20:35:39 garage is 65 feet?
20:35:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I've seen it.
20:35:42 But car lights and car horns and motor noises and
20:35:47 stuff, 60 feet is nothing.
20:35:51 >>> In addition to that the ramps are going north and
20:35:54 south.
20:35:55 >> I know.
20:35:55 >>> So the light will be going north and south, as
20:35:58 compared to towards the property westerly.
20:36:00 >> Until you turn.
20:36:06 What I'm saying is, what I would suggest between first
20:36:09 and second reading is that you all think about this a
20:36:11 little bit and put in some -- we have done this on
20:36:14 numerous occasions.
20:36:17 Mr. Shimberg is well familiar with it, is to put in
20:36:19 some type of additional procedure, or features on the
20:36:22 side of your garage, to buffer the noise from the
20:36:26 light.

20:36:26 And somebody had the idea, one of your neighbors oaf
20:36:29 there, had the idea about some living cover as well.
20:36:34 H which would have the same effect. and with staff who
20:36:41 is standing right behind you.
20:36:46 That's all I have, whoever is chairing.
20:36:52 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ms. Mulhern?
20:36:54 >>MARY MULHERN: (off microphone)
20:37:08 I'm sorry.
20:37:08 My questions before were problems with the state.
20:37:13 So obviously you are doing what you have to do.
20:37:15 I do understand the neighbor who leases to Starbuck's.
20:37:21 And I do think he makes a good point that nowhere else
20:37:26 on Dale Mabry, everyone else had the huge setback.
20:37:30 But this seems to be the policy decision that the city
20:37:34 has come to, where we are putting buildings right, you
20:37:37 know, decided we don't want parking in front, so the
20:37:41 building comes all the way to the road.
20:37:44 And I think we need to rethink that, because I think
20:37:51 taken to an extreme where it is not walkable.
20:37:55 And I just want -- this, I guess, is a question for
20:37:58 Mr. Cohen.
20:38:01 How are you going to widen Dale Mabry?

20:38:03 How are you adding another lane on Dale Mabry?
20:38:05 Where are you actually getting --
20:38:08 >>> Actually the lane comes out of the property in
20:38:10 front of the CVS store right at the southeast corner
20:38:12 of Dale Mabry and Kennedy.
20:38:15 Also the Jiffy Lube which is immediately south of
20:38:18 there.
20:38:18 That's where the lane is being developed.
20:38:20 The real issue is you have such a backup and you only
20:38:22 have two lanes that can continue northbound across
20:38:25 Kennedy and Dale Mabry.
20:38:30 What will happen is you will have a third lane, Dale
20:38:32 Mabry to the north already has a through-lane so
20:38:36 there's a little modification on that as well and when
20:38:39 the light turns green it will be able to process many
20:38:41 more cars through that intersection, the cycle which
20:38:44 then decreases the few that we have that goes all the
20:38:48 way back to Azeele.
20:38:49 It not the perfect panacea doing six-lane Dale Mabry
20:38:52 south of Kennedy for a very long distance.
20:38:54 But it will make a significant difference in what's
20:38:56 happening today.

20:38:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, I'm at that intersection all the
20:39:02 time.
20:39:05 I have to say that our transportation department did a
20:39:09 fantastic job after years of fixing Azeele and
20:39:15 MacDill.
20:39:16 >>> Yes.
20:39:17 Very much.
20:39:17 >>MARY MULHERN: And I put my life in my hands every
20:39:20 day just picking my kids up from school.
20:39:23 They did it there.
20:39:25 Maybe we can work on Azeele and Dale Mabry, too.
20:39:30 >>> And that was literally taking care of the queue of
20:39:33 left turns.
20:39:34 I think you will see a similar result at this
20:39:36 intersection because of the improvement of Dale Mabry
20:39:37 and Kennedy.
20:39:38 It will certainly be recognizably different, I
20:39:42 believe.
20:39:44 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Any other council members?
20:39:45 Any more public comment?
20:39:46 Rebuttal?
20:39:47 >>> I would just like to make two comment.

20:39:52 One is when the property was under the ownership and
20:39:57 control of Malio's and the restaurant existed, the
20:40:00 property was zoned CG, and under the CG zoning, the
20:40:04 property setback allows for ten foot.
20:40:07 And, number two, with regards to our neighbor to the
20:40:11 south, where the retail centers where Starbuck's is
20:40:15 located, I did my initial visit with the gentleman who
20:40:19 owns the property.
20:40:19 I offered our cost to relocate his sign further south
20:40:24 away from the intersection to where we could set it
20:40:29 back five feet from the front property line according
20:40:32 to the sign ordinance.
20:40:33 And he decided not to accept that offer.
20:40:41 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Could I ask one more question?
20:40:43 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Sure.
20:40:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Somebody had the suggestion, I
20:40:47 think it was Ms. Feeley, on this shade issue.
20:40:52 It's a nice wide sidewalk.
20:40:54 I think that's good.
20:40:55 But -- actually --
20:41:00 >>ABBYE FEELEY: When I went back and looked on the
20:41:01 site plan, although his elevation showed palm trees

20:41:06 he's actually showing black Myrtles which is a shade
20:41:10 tree so there was a little bit of a discrepancy there,
20:41:12 as far as if they be palms or wax myrtles.
20:41:16 The site plan is currently showing wax myrtles which
20:41:20 is a shade tree along that area.
20:41:22 It may have been incorrectly depicted in the
20:41:24 elevation.
20:41:24 >>> I would be happy to make that consistent.
20:41:28 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
20:41:31 Mary?
20:41:33 I'm not sure what a max myrtle is compared to a crepe
20:41:36 myrtle.
20:41:37 >>> Mary Daniels Bryson, Land Development Coordination.
20:41:41 I have been sworn.
20:41:42 Inside it's equivalent to a holly, it's a moderate
20:41:47 shade tree.
20:41:48 >> And how many are they showing?
20:41:52 How close -- I mean, I agree with what Abbye said
20:41:57 before.
20:41:57 If you can butt them up against the sidewalk, and they
20:42:00 are intended to go up to be frequent enough and to
20:42:03 grow over the sidewalk, I think that not only would be

20:42:06 nice for pedestrians, but I think it would be nice for
20:42:09 the view corridor of Dale Mabry, which is horribly
20:42:14 concrete.
20:42:14 >>> I agree.
20:42:15 And there's seven of them.
20:42:17 And they are about 30 feet apart.
20:42:20 >> Is that sufficient to create a nice line of shade?
20:42:24 >>> One every 40, so they are more --
20:42:28 >> I was not asking about the code, I was asking about
20:42:31 creating -- you are familiar with the tree.
20:42:33 How big is the tree going to grow?
20:42:35 Is that going to fill in to create a continuous shady
20:42:38 sidewalk?
20:42:38 >>> 18 to 20 feet in height.
20:42:41 Canopy spread, maybe 16 feet.
20:42:47 >> So what's the answer then?
20:42:52 >>> It will be sufficient.
20:42:54 It's a sufficient amount of canopy.
20:42:56 >> Are they butted up against the sidewalk?
20:42:59 >>> Yes.
20:43:00 Yes, they are.
20:43:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay, good.

20:43:02 Thank you.
20:43:08 >>> Also I had a requirement on the plan and the
20:43:09 developer placed it on the plan that the parking
20:43:11 garage be 80% opaque, either through vegetation,
20:43:16 and/or fenestration of the building.
20:43:20 >> Is that a new condition?
20:43:23 >>> No, I required that they place it on the plan as a
20:43:26 part of the code.
20:43:28 >> Because it not showing that on there.
20:43:31 >>> It not showing on the elevation but it is a
20:43:35 condition of the plan that the garage be 80% opaque.
20:43:46 >>> It's kind of hard on these PDs because they are
20:43:50 more of an elevation to show you -- when they go
20:43:54 through site design and site development, that
20:43:56 condition will be construction services that the site
20:44:01 actually does comply and the garage needs that 80%
20:44:04 opacity commitment.
20:44:05 So you can ask if you would like for the elevations to
20:44:08 show more of that, you could suggest that and in
20:44:11 between first and second reading they could revise
20:44:13 those though address that for your review and that
20:44:16 would travel with the PD site plan.

20:44:18 That's completely council's discussion.
20:44:30 >>JULIA COLE: I think I understand Mr. Dingfelder's
20:44:34 concern.
20:44:35 There is a difference between what is an obligation
20:44:37 and they don't even have to show any trees.
20:44:39 That's really more artistic, for scale of the actual
20:44:43 structures versus the site plan which would rule.
20:44:45 However if comfortable is more comfortable insuring
20:44:48 that on the site plan, I will always suggest that we
20:44:50 put more rather than less.
20:44:53 But if that is something City Council wishes to put on
20:44:56 the site plan, unless there's some heartburn on the
20:44:58 part of the petitioner, I would recommend that he put
20:45:00 a note on the site plan versus having a new elevation
20:45:03 brought forward because the elevation --
20:45:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I just worry about the longevity of
20:45:08 vegetation.
20:45:09 And our ability to enforce it.
20:45:12 I think earlier tonight we heard about, you know,
20:45:15 trees or things getting knocked down, and a two-year
20:45:19 requirement, and who is going to go out and enforce
20:45:22 that.

20:45:22 If the bonds get frozen back.
20:45:24 >>> The note on the site plan is the most enforceable
20:45:26 way for you to ensure that to happen, having to change
20:45:28 to the elevation.
20:45:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?
20:45:32 Anything else of staff we need to add to the record?
20:45:35 >> Move to close.
20:45:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.
20:45:37 (Motion carried).
20:45:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll read the ordinance if I can.
20:45:43 I think a lot of the doubt has been answered.
20:45:47 Even the neighbors, some that spoke, certainly realize
20:45:53 there's going to be something built there.
20:45:54 I think that moving the building up front and taking
20:45:59 the brunt of the structure where it should be on Dale
20:46:03 Mabry, in this case, is certainly a plus, in the
20:46:06 neighborhood.
20:46:07 The requirement that they stated that a lot of their
20:46:10 customers live within three miles.
20:46:12 I forget what the figure was, but it was contained of
20:46:15 hey, tells me there are going to be liens before they
20:46:18 go into the walking machine, because they don't walk.

20:46:21 But that's how I feel about that.
20:46:25 The Malio's property was prosperous for a long time,
20:46:32 anchor in the city.
20:46:33 And now we are finding another anchor of substance.
20:46:36 And therefore, Mr. Chairman, I'll read the ordinance
20:46:38 and then any council member who would like to add
20:46:41 anything to that regarding the site plan revision and
20:46:46 Mr. Dingfelder has been kind of nice, very nice to
20:46:48 hand me over the requirements of the city revision and
20:46:53 I'll make this memo part of the record.
20:46:56 Mr. Chairman, I move an ordinance rezoning property in
20:46:57 the general vicinity of 301 South Dale Mabry Highway
20:47:00 in the city of Tampa, Florida more particularly
20:47:02 described in section 1 from zoning district
20:47:05 classification PD planned development, to PD retail,
20:47:10 fitness, restaurant, providing an effective date.
20:47:12 Along with that I would like to add this letter of
20:47:18 Z-08-30 at 301 south Dale Mabry, site plan revision
20:47:23 dated 5-22-08.
20:47:24 It's kind of lengthy so I won't read the whole memo
20:47:28 here, but I will add that as part of the ordinance, if
20:47:31 I may.

20:47:35 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would just like to add, I think
20:47:37 this is very exciting for the City of Tampa.
20:47:40 I'm very pleased that the corporate headquarters is
20:47:42 locating in the city.
20:47:43 I think that the building is very attractive.
20:47:45 And I think the aspects of walkability are critical.
20:47:50 I can't now visualize whether there are any kinds of
20:47:54 crosswalks.
20:47:55 But anticipating that people will be wanting to walk
20:47:57 here, if we don't have the countdown crosswalk we have
20:48:02 at other locations in the city I hope the
20:48:04 transportation department will look at their
20:48:06 installation because hopefully we'll see pedestrian
20:48:09 traffic coming to this site.
20:48:13 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to ask, this is a
20:48:15 suggestion, not to be put on the site plan, but you
20:48:18 need some incentives like three months for the middle
20:48:21 aged people.
20:48:22 [ Laughter ]
20:48:24 You have got the silver shoes and the white shoes or
20:48:27 whatever.
20:48:40 >> 35.

20:48:42 [ Laughter ]
20:48:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Before you move the motion, just a
20:48:44 clarification from staff.
20:48:46 Staff, what number on the note is the 80% opacity?
20:48:51 Because I'm looking.
20:48:52 I don't see it.
20:48:53 But there's a lot of small notes there.
20:49:12 >> Maybe I have got the wrong date.
20:49:15 My plan is dated February 4th.
20:49:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: While you all are looking at that, I
20:49:24 was in the back listening to councilwoman Mulhern
20:49:27 talking about the building coming up almost to the
20:49:30 sidewalk.
20:49:31 Well, I remember just a few years ago at the county,
20:49:34 we were going through this whole issue of ban design
20:49:38 and buildings and Andre Duany's style is this style
20:49:41 here.
20:49:43 That's the style where you talk about, you know, more
20:49:48 community, urban friendly and that sort of thing.
20:49:50 >>MARY MULHERN: But I have the new, new, new urbanism,
20:49:54 where really what we need is just wider sidewalks and
20:49:58 more green.

20:50:01 >>> It was note number 12, I think, Mary.
20:50:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Motion to approve, moved and seconded.
20:50:08 All in favor let it be known by Aye.
20:50:10 Opposes?
20:50:10 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.
20:50:14 Second reading and adoption will be on June 5th at
20:50:17 9:30 a.m.
20:50:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Would it be appropriate for me to
20:50:21 ask --
20:50:24 If you all can hold your conversation down, please.
20:50:26 Council is still in session.
20:50:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to ask for a written
20:50:30 report in 30 days as to land to create any kind of
20:50:35 pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of Dale Mabry
20:50:39 and Azeele, or Dale Mabry and Platt.
20:50:43 A written report will be fine.
20:50:45 But I think it's going to take awhile to make these
20:50:49 improvements.
20:50:51 So it would be nice if they could be done when the
20:50:54 building opens.
20:50:55 Or maybe Melanie knows.
20:50:56 >>> I do know.

20:50:58 Melanie Calloway.
20:51:00 Yes, sidewalks are -- crosswalks are located already
20:51:03 there for you.
20:51:04 I have an aerial of it.
20:51:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
20:51:09 Wow.
20:51:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
20:51:16 Go ahead.
20:51:20 >> LaChone Dock, land development.
20:51:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: This is our final item, item 7.
20:51:25 >>LaCHONE DOCK: Land Development Coordination.
20:51:27 I have been sworn.
20:51:28 Next item on taint's agenda is Z 08-24 for the
20:51:32 property located at 3802 west Santiago street.
20:51:35 The request is to rezone the property from RS-60
20:51:39 residential single-family to PD planned development.
20:51:44 Petitioner is proposing to rezone the property from
20:51:45 RS-60 to PD to allow for business and professional
20:51:47 office uses.
20:51:49 The petition is proposing two development scenarios
20:51:51 for the site.
20:51:52 The first proposes a conversion of the existing 2 that

20:51:55 you square foot, one-story residential building into
20:51:59 an office.
20:51:59 The maximum building height is 35 feet.
20:52:01 The existing building setbacks are as follows: West
20:52:04 32 feet, north 16 feet, south 131 feet, and east 2.3
20:52:10 feet.
20:52:10 The required parking is seven spaces and seven parking
20:52:14 spaces will be provided.
20:52:15 In addition to the proposed conversion to professional
20:52:18 office, petitioner seeks the option to retain the
20:52:21 existing residential use, and the existing structure.
20:52:25 Site is located on south Dale Mabry with frontage on
20:52:27 west Santiago, and it's surrounded by residential uses
20:52:31 to the west and south, and commercial uses to the
20:52:33 north and east.
20:52:41 And I have a map of the local area.
20:52:45 This is the site here in green on Santiago.
20:52:49 Dale Mabry.
20:52:50 East of the site.
20:52:52 San Juan to the south.
20:52:54 Church is west.
20:52:55 Bay to Bay is north.

20:52:57 And there are a couple of PD developments running east
20:53:00 along Dale Mabry.
20:53:05 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The site plan seems to indicate
20:53:07 this project will border Santiago and San Juan.
20:53:14 >>LaCHONE DOCK: You are correct.
20:53:15 It would include also.
20:53:17 >>: The first lot on --
20:53:19 >>> The first lot, yes.
20:53:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: We'll color it in, in our mind.
20:53:27 >>> This is an aerial.
20:53:29 It shows you.
20:53:34 And more about Dale Mabry.
20:53:35 Bay to Bay is north.
20:53:41 And here is a picture of the site.
20:53:44 The view on Santiago.
20:53:47 This is the west portion of the site.
20:53:54 This is west of the site on Santiago.
20:53:59 Further west of the site.
20:54:04 This is a view looking west on Santiago.
20:54:08 This is south of the site on van Juan.
20:54:13 This is southeast of the site.
20:54:15 On Dale Mabry.

20:54:19 East of the site on San Juan and Dale Mabry.
20:54:24 Northeast of the site, at the corner of Dale Mabry and
20:54:26 Bay to Bay.
20:54:31 This is on the northwest corner of Dale Mabry and Bay
20:54:33 to Bay.
20:54:35 And this is north of the site.
20:54:39 And another view north of the site.
20:54:41 On Santiago.
20:54:47 Staff has reviewed the petition and finds it
20:54:49 inconsistent with City of Tampa Land Development Code.
20:54:51 However, if the applicant revises of the site plan
20:55:00 between first and second reading, staff will amend its
20:55:02 determination and find it consistent.
20:55:09 >> Land Development Coordination.
20:55:18 We do request that the actual building setbacks are
20:55:23 listed on the plan.
20:55:25 In the site data section.
20:55:27 There is a correction on the staff report for
20:55:29 transportation.
20:55:30 They have found it consistent.
20:55:32 The two items that were listed under transportation,
20:55:36 comments have been addressed.

20:55:39 Transportation asks that they remove note number one
20:55:42 under tree and landscape notes.
20:55:46 And there's a request from the water department to
20:55:48 show a 15 by 20 grass area for the fire main on the
20:55:52 site plan.
20:55:54 And that concludes staff's presentation.
20:55:57 >> I have a question.
20:56:03 The petitioner appears to be asking for some very
20:56:06 significant waivers in terms of the buffering.
20:56:13 You note that there's waivers requested but you don't
20:56:16 object to them.
20:56:17 And my question is why?
20:56:22 >>LaCHONE DOCK: The buffering has been a concern.
20:56:25 With the residential actually directly adjacent to the
20:56:31 parcel.
20:56:31 And the buffer was actually increased from the
20:56:35 original plan that was submitted.
20:56:37 >> But what I am looking at is a request of a very
20:56:41 significant -- and the reason that we have these
20:56:44 setbacks and waivers and requests like that is because
20:56:50 we feel that it's appropriate to buffer one land use
20:56:54 from another, particularly a residential land use from

20:56:58 a nonresidential use.
20:57:01 Why, if they are requesting 15 feet to four feet and
20:57:05 15 feet to six feet, aren't you objecting?
20:57:10 Why isn't the staff objecting?
20:57:12 Isn't that a valid reason to object?
20:57:16 >>LaCHONE DOCK: Yes.
20:57:17 I mean, it could be a reason to object.
20:57:20 They are also providing buffering in the form of a
20:57:22 wall between the two.
20:57:24 Between their parcel and the adjacent parcel which is
20:57:26 residential.
20:57:27 And that was also taken into consideration.
20:57:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Planning Commission?
20:57:44 >>TONY GARCIA: Planning Commission staff.
20:57:45 I have been sworn.
20:57:50 We were revisiting the site.
20:57:52 We actually visited it earlier this evening, this
20:57:54 subject site here right here you will recall.
20:57:59 The intersection of Bay to Bay and south Dale Mabry.
20:58:02 Again the residential 6 is a land use category, this
20:58:05 yellow color to the north.
20:58:06 And we have this intersection over here, which is the

20:58:09 intersection of south Dale Mabry and Bay to Bay.
20:58:12 These four corners are nonresidential uses and we have
20:58:16 nonresidential, this site over here, which is the
20:58:20 subject site.
20:58:21 And residential 20 is pretty much along this
20:58:23 particular segment of Dale Mabry south which is on
20:58:28 this particular segment of Dale Mabry.
20:58:29 You go farther south, you will hit a higher intensity.
20:58:33 I don't have a wider map to show you the intense
20:58:38 advertise actually go higher to a residential 24 as
20:58:41 one proceeds further south but I think you all can
20:58:44 recall from your memories if you go farther south, you
20:58:47 will have more uses.
20:58:50 Transitioning from this particular segment of Bay to
20:58:52 Bay are greater uses.
20:58:55 There were smaller professional office types of uses
20:58:59 scattered along this particular segment of Dale Mabry.
20:59:01 So the point out here that Bay to Bay is a collector
20:59:05 road, and the Dale Mabry Highway is the major arterial
20:59:07 road.
20:59:09 As I said, uses on this particular part in south Dale
20:59:14 Mabry.

20:59:14 You had development east of a much greater scale than
20:59:17 what's being proposed for you this evening on the
20:59:20 subject property.
20:59:21 And I do believe from what was initially proposed as
20:59:24 one of the development scenarios on this particular
20:59:27 site the applicant is going to be retaining the
20:59:29 existing scale of what's currently an existing
20:59:34 residence on the site.
20:59:35 You will not be modifying that to deviate from the
20:59:38 residential character, the area more from a format
20:59:43 which is what we are going to be leaning for in the
20:59:45 future, going to be more consistent with what you want
20:59:48 to see so the form, of scale, is going to be more in
20:59:51 character than what the residential character is in
20:59:53 this particular area within the park.
20:59:57 Plus the residential land use category also allows
21:00:00 consideration of professional office use, because you
21:00:03 have direct access to a collector road, on a
21:00:08 functional classification of the City of Tampa.
21:00:11 Based on those findings, Planning Commission staff
21:00:13 finds the proposed request consistent with the
21:00:15 comprehensive plan.

21:00:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm a little confused but I walked in
21:00:21 a minute late.
21:00:23 I just want to see if this is a change of use or if
21:00:25 this is a new building.
21:00:26 >>ROLANDO SANTIAGO: This is a residence, I understand,
21:00:31 and it's going to be modified from being a
21:00:34 residence --
21:00:35 >> It's going to be the same building.
21:00:36 It's not a new building.
21:00:37 Okay.
21:00:38 >>> There were originally some obstacles, from what I
21:00:41 understand, there has been some discussion to try to
21:00:43 retain exactly what you have on-site so there won't be
21:00:46 any increase as far as the actual structure on-site.
21:00:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Is the address on the front on Dale
21:00:51 Mabry, or on --
21:00:54 >>> This is Santiago.
21:01:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Petitioner?
21:01:01 >> Good evening, City Council.
21:01:07 Morris Massey with hill ward Henderson, 101 Kennedy
21:01:10 Boulevard here in Tampa.
21:01:12 I have been sworn.

21:01:12 I'm representing Mr. Ken Fernandez and his father John
21:01:16 Fernandez, Jr., who own the property at 3802 west
21:01:20 Santiago which is the subject matter of tonight's
21:01:22 public hearing.
21:01:23 And as staff has explained to you, this property is
21:01:28 located south of Bay to Bay.
21:01:29 It has frontage on Dale Mabry Highway, it relatively
21:01:34 narrow, a narrow lot, and with all the evidence
21:01:40 material that we are going to be presenting tonight.
21:01:45 It's a relatively narrow lot, relatively little
21:01:47 frontage on the local street, 75 feet on Santiago, 200
21:01:51 feet of frontage on Dale Mabry.
21:01:54 There's a location map in tab 1 in the binders that we
21:01:57 just passed out.
21:01:58 Also under tab 4 are photographs of the bungalow.
21:02:02 And we are -- what we are proposing is an adaptive
21:02:06 reuse of an existing bungalow from a single-family
21:02:10 residential use.
21:02:11 Approximately 2 that you square feet in size.
21:02:14 It is located on the site, very close to Dale Mabry,
21:02:18 about two and a half feet off of the right-of-way for
21:02:20 Dale Mabry.

21:02:26 There's a map that shows how close Dale Mabry highway
21:02:28 is to the property line there, and how close the
21:02:32 trucks go toward the house.
21:02:34 Frankly it's one of the primary reasons we are here
21:02:36 before you tonight.
21:02:37 The viability of the continued use of this property
21:02:39 and this bungalow, the single-family residence, is
21:02:41 questionable.
21:02:43 Under tab 14 actually we have an opinion from a former
21:02:47 licensed real estate broker and real estate agent in
21:02:50 Tampa, Mike Palermo, who states this will affect the
21:02:55 value and the viability of this.
21:02:57 We also -- he also states in that letter that really
21:03:03 he does not think this will affect or negatively
21:03:06 reflect property values which is an issue of the
21:03:09 neighbors.
21:03:09 So again what we are proposing is an adaptive reuse of
21:03:13 the existing bungalow.
21:03:17 Tony pointed out we are in a comp plan category, R-20
21:03:20 along Dale Mabry.
21:03:21 It's a different land use track location than our
21:03:24 neighbors to the west.

21:03:24 They are R-10.
21:03:26 All the property along Dale Mabry highway, part of
21:03:31 Dale Mabry south of Bay to Bay starting at the
21:03:33 intersection is essentially R-20.
21:03:36 And over here -- and I'll try to pick up the mike and
21:03:39 talk to you about it -- the properties that have been
21:03:42 developed along this segment of Dale Mabry have
21:03:47 largely already been converted to institutional or
21:03:51 office uses.
21:03:52 Along this portion of Dale Mabry.
21:03:53 But you start on the east said over here with Palma
21:03:55 Ceia United Methodist Church.
21:03:57 You have the parking lot for Palma Ceia United
21:03:59 Methodist Church right there, the southeast
21:04:03 intersection of Bay to Bay and Dale Mabry.
21:04:05 Further south, you have got the Florida executive
21:04:08 realty office building.
21:04:10 Further south, at the northeast corner of Santiago and
21:04:14 Dale Mabry, you have the Hohn engineering building.
21:04:20 And then you have on Santiago along Dale Mabry.
21:04:24 On the west side across the street, you have got San
21:04:30 Pedro, and Dale Mabry.

21:04:36 Not jurat of that at the southwest corner of San Juan
21:04:39 and Dale Mabry, you can see how close the bungalow is
21:04:42 to Dale Mabry.
21:04:44 Then north of that goes the office condominium
21:04:47 project, just south of Bay to Bay at the southwest
21:04:50 corner of Bay to Bay and Dale Mabry.
21:04:52 And then you have the office building at the northwest
21:04:55 corner of Dale Mabry and Bay to Bay.
21:05:04 So from a comprehensive plan and zoning perspective,
21:05:07 what we believe we are offering here is something
21:05:09 that's very consistent with the pattern development in
21:05:11 this area along Dale Mabry Highway.
21:05:14 And actually very modest proposal.
21:05:16 We are asking for something much less than many of our
21:05:20 neighbors have done having the same land use
21:05:22 clatification.
21:05:22 We are asking for an adaptive reuse of a 2000 square
21:05:27 foot office bungalow as a professional office.
21:05:32 Let's address for council briefly traffic issues.
21:05:35 This has been an issue for the neighbors.
21:05:37 Under tab 9-A in your binder is an ETE trip duration
21:05:42 table for single-family residences.

21:05:47 And it shows that the average daily traffic generated
21:05:50 by single-family residences are 10 trips per day.
21:05:54 Under 9-B, the IT trip generation table for a 2,000
21:05:58 square foot office building -- again I received this
21:06:02 information from the city transportation department --
21:06:03 it's about double that, about 22 trips per day, much
21:06:06 less than the weekend actually, not surprisingly but
21:06:09 22 trips average per day.
21:06:14 Just want to note for the record that Mr. Fernandez
21:06:16 acquired this property, he obtained title to the
21:06:19 property on San Juan in 1998.
21:06:22 Then he obtained the property on Santiago in 2004.
21:06:25 We believe that market conditions would allow that
21:06:28 when could potentially build perhaps -- frankly, if we
21:06:33 were allowed on to build a residence on San Juan we
21:06:38 would be generating the same amount of traffic by
21:06:40 converting this bungalow to office use.
21:06:48 Also I want to note for the record under tab 9-C, in
21:06:51 2006 the City of Tampa transportation division did a
21:06:54 traffic calming study on Santiago between church and
21:06:57 Dale Mabry, measured the speed and the volume of
21:07:02 traffic.

21:07:03 That shows that there were approximately 200 trips per
21:07:06 day on this segment of Santiago, and the average speed
21:07:08 was 22 miles per hour, which is 3 miles under the
21:07:14 speed limit.
21:07:15 Finally regarding access, and I think you heard this
21:07:17 already tonight, we applied to D.O.T. for a curb cut
21:07:21 on Dale Mabry.
21:07:21 We asked them if we could get a curb cut on Dale
21:07:24 Mabry.
21:07:24 And we were told no.
21:07:26 And in fact the e-mail that says no is under tab 10.
21:07:29 And we would have liked to have had access on Dale
21:07:31 Mabry.
21:07:32 It actually benefits us as well, in taking traffic
21:07:35 away from the neighborhood.
21:07:37 Under your code, when you are denied access onto a
21:07:41 State Road by D.O.T., as a matter of right, we have a
21:07:44 right to access on the local street.
21:07:46 So really the only alternative that we had was the
21:07:49 approximate location of the existing driveway onto
21:07:52 Santiago.
21:07:53 What we are proposing to do here again, similar to

21:07:57 what our friends did, folks did on Platt Street, is to
21:08:03 place concrete curbing, to basically force that to be
21:08:08 a left and right out movement, to try to force as much
21:08:10 of the traffic out of the neighborhood, back to Dale
21:08:12 Mabry.
21:08:16 I also want to make sure council is aware that we had
21:08:20 several meetings in the neighborhood.
21:08:21 We know we have a lot of folks here tonight that are
21:08:23 not terribly pleased with our proposal.
21:08:25 But we did go around and meet with several of these
21:08:28 folks individually.
21:08:29 We had a neighborhood meeting with them on April
21:08:30 8th.
21:08:31 And as a result of that neighborhood meeting on April
21:08:33 8th, we actually continued our public hearings
21:08:36 last month so we could change our site plan to make as
21:08:39 many changes as we thought we could make realistically
21:08:43 to address as many concerns as we heard from the
21:08:45 neighbors and I would like to go through the list of
21:08:47 concessions we made, under tab 11 in your binder.
21:08:52 As Tony alluded, we could have removed the bungalow
21:08:56 and built the two story residential style, 3,000

21:08:59 square foot professional office building.
21:09:01 We have removed that option.
21:09:04 And what we are committed to here is rehabilitating
21:09:07 the existing bungalow.
21:09:09 Again, we have limited the access drive, Mr. San
21:09:13 Santiago -- of Santiago, away from the neighborhood.
21:09:19 We have reduced three parking spaces near San Juan and
21:09:23 the Hurley property.
21:09:24 We tried to increase the buffer to the extent possible
21:09:26 between our neighbors.
21:09:29 There are site constraints in trying to preserve this
21:09:31 old bungalow.
21:09:32 And fit.
21:09:34 The parking that's required in your code, it's a tight
21:09:38 site and there are some things that we have to ask
21:09:41 waivers.
21:09:42 They are not unusual waivers for adaptive reuse
21:09:44 projects, along the major corridors in the City of
21:09:46 Tampa.
21:09:48 We have agreed to plan -- plant a hedge and masonry
21:09:53 wall next to our neighbor, neighbors, or any other
21:09:55 type of fence field goal they don't want a masonry

21:09:58 wall.
21:09:59 We have agreed to place outside lighting, if we have
21:10:01 any, on a timer, or motion detection system between
21:10:04 the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.
21:10:07 We have agreed that outside lighting will be directed
21:10:09 a way from and shielded from the neighbors.
21:10:11 We have agreed to preserve all the protected trees on
21:10:14 or near the site.
21:10:15 We would have curbside pickup of the solid waste, and
21:10:19 won't have Sol you had waste trucks going into the
21:10:22 interior of the site and disturbing the neighbors.
21:10:24 And we have agreed to limit signage, residential type
21:10:28 of signage and to shield any type of signage along
21:10:32 Dale Mabry so it's not visible to our neighbors to the
21:10:34 west.
21:10:37 Ms. Saul-Sena's comment, and we understand it from
21:10:39 several of the neighbors have complained about the
21:10:41 numbers, the amount of waivers we have requested, in
21:10:45 order to meet the minimum code requirements for office
21:10:48 uses, and the type urban environment, to preserve this
21:10:54 bungalow, we have to ask for waivers.
21:10:56 And these are not unusual waivers.

21:10:58 In fact, if you look at our neighbors across the
21:11:02 street on Dale Mabry, Hohn engineering, executive
21:11:08 realty, their -- Hohn engineering goes right to the
21:11:13 wall, right to the property line.
21:11:15 No hedge there. It's a wall with a vine on it.
21:11:17 The building is two stories and gets very close to the
21:11:19 residential area.
21:11:20 That's not what we are proposing here.
21:11:23 Florida executive realty, the building is very close
21:11:25 to the property line.
21:11:27 In fact, they store their solid waste --
21:11:32 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's not coming up, by the way, the
21:11:34 overhead, please.
21:11:35 The overhead.
21:11:36 There you go.
21:11:37 Thank you.
21:11:38 >>> Florida executive realty and the structure
21:11:43 necessary there.
21:11:43 The buildings are built very, very close to the
21:11:45 property line and storing their solid -- solid waste
21:11:49 between the building and the hedge there.
21:11:50 What we are proposing is more in line with adaptive

21:11:54 reuses that you see elsewhere in the city.
21:11:56 Under tab 13 I have taken photographs of several --
21:12:01 actually very close to where I live they have been
21:12:03 converted into offices or businesses, and they have
21:12:05 been done in a very sensitive way to the neighborhood,
21:12:08 and they have asked for favors that this council has
21:12:12 granted to what we are requesting.
21:12:15 One is licensed massage therapist at the corner of
21:12:20 Cleveland, residential building, in the rear, screened
21:12:26 by wall and landscaping, so it's really not visible to
21:12:29 the residents, it fits in very nicely.
21:12:32 There is a financial services business at the corner
21:12:35 of woodland and Azeele, two-story residential building
21:12:38 that's been rehabbed, that building, in the rear with,
21:12:42 the large hedge, office, and parking from the
21:12:49 residence, been done in a very sensitive manner.
21:12:52 Also, at the corner of Azeele and me tan says --
21:12:58 Matanzas, an older home that's been rehabbed and
21:13:02 adaptively reused.
21:13:04 So this is not an unusual thing along the corridors in
21:13:08 Tampa, and all these uses are lawful without any
21:13:11 direction back out to the collector or the arterial.

21:13:17 I also want to address briefly some concerns that we
21:13:20 heard about the impact on property values.
21:13:25 When you look at the properties along this segment of
21:13:27 Dale Mabry, the ones that have not been converted to
21:13:30 office or commercial use, our property.
21:13:34 There are a few site to the south.
21:13:36 They are in very poor condition and they are
21:13:39 deteriorating.
21:13:40 Part of that is we are talking about fairly narrow
21:13:43 lots, this is close to Dale Mabry because of takings
21:13:46 or the widening of Dale Mabry in the past and their
21:13:48 viability is continuing that single-family residences
21:13:52 is a very difficult thing and I think you are going to
21:13:55 see them continue to deteriorate, even as close as the
21:13:59 Hohn engineer building, yet to the residences on the
21:14:04 east side of Dale Mabry, or the Florida executive
21:14:07 realty building.
21:14:08 If you look at those residences right behind it, they
21:14:11 have been rehabbed, they are in very good condition,
21:14:13 the property values have gone up, and those buildings
21:14:16 actually serve almost as a screen or buffer between
21:14:18 the residential neighborhood and Dale Mabry highway.

21:14:22 So we really think that allowing this adaptive reuse
21:14:27 of this bungalow will actually allow us to bring the
21:14:30 site up with more like the remainder of the
21:14:33 neighborhood and actually benefit property values in
21:14:35 the neighborhood.
21:14:37 I also want to submit into the record a petition of
21:14:41 over 56 people in the vicinity on San Juan, Santiago,
21:14:45 Bay to Bay, who supportive of this proposal.
21:14:50 Just in conclusion, what we are talking about is an
21:15:05 adaptive reuse of a historic bungalow that we believe
21:15:09 fits in with the neighborhood, it will not have a
21:15:11 negative impact on property values, it has a very low
21:15:13 impact from a traffic perspective, and we are
21:15:15 directing the traffic as much as possible away from
21:15:18 the neighborhood and back out to Dale Mabry.
21:15:21 We are mitigating other impacts, wall hedge, special
21:15:26 notes regarding lighting, signage.
21:15:28 The waivers we are asking for are really not unusual
21:15:30 for an adaptive reuse on a lot of this size.
21:15:35 This use is consistent with the zoning and the
21:15:37 development patterns on this portion of Dale Mabry.
21:15:39 And this has an R-10 comp plan category which allows

21:15:46 and encourages this type of use on major corridors
21:15:47 like Dale Mabry.
21:15:50 I would be happy to answer any questions and happy to
21:15:52 address you all for rebuttal.
21:16:01 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Massey.
21:16:06 Would you put up your portion of the site plan,
21:16:15 especially around Santiago?
21:16:20 Specifically the egress and ingress.
21:16:23 Got it?
21:16:32 Coming in off Santiago -- and I appreciate that you
21:16:36 all are angling and I hope that we can put in the
21:16:39 concrete pork chop thing in the right-of-way.
21:16:45 >>MORRIS MASSEY: I'm happy to work with transportation
21:16:47 on that.
21:16:48 >> I think it's important to emphasize that.
21:16:50 Otherwise people will abuse it.
21:16:52 But not to personalize things, but our law firm just
21:16:55 moved into a single-family home in Hyde Park, and we
21:17:01 have a single ten-fat lane, okay, leading to the
21:17:05 backyard, and in the backyard we have like eight
21:17:08 spaces, which is exactly the scenario you have, except
21:17:11 the only difference is you are showing 20-foot there.

21:17:16 And I have got a feeling staff perhaps is pushing you
21:17:19 to the wider lane of the 20 feet.
21:17:22 I think that's somewhat inconsistent with a typical
21:17:28 residential setting, and especially since this is on
21:17:31 the residential said street.
21:17:34 So I think that if you eliminated the western ten
21:17:38 feet, you wouldn't have as many waivers, because you
21:17:43 would narrow that lane.
21:17:44 You don't need a 20-foot wide, two-lane deal for seven
21:17:50 cars going in and out, because you have got plenty of
21:17:54 side view.
21:17:55 And frankly the only thing they made us do at our law
21:17:58 firm, they made us put up the silliest sign there that
21:18:01 says like "stop."
21:18:04 We put up a stop sign internal to our site telling us
21:18:07 that we had to stop before we proceeded into the
21:18:10 backyard, to make sure that we didn't go too fast or
21:18:14 something.
21:18:14 I don't know.
21:18:16 >>> We were required to have a lane by transportation,
21:18:21 one of the standards we had to comply with.
21:18:23 We have tried to reduce much of the backup area,

21:18:27 increase the buff area.
21:18:28 We are willing to consider reducing --
21:18:35 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I can't help but think -- I'm not
21:18:37 sure that's going to placate all of the neighborhood
21:18:39 concerns.
21:18:39 But -- I would think that would be a nice, you know, a
21:18:44 nice thing.
21:18:44 So that way it looks like a residential entrance.
21:18:46 >>MORRIS MASSEY: I understand.
21:18:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: So Melanie, tell us if we have the
21:18:54 ability to waive that.
21:18:56 And if you say the wrong answer, whatever.
21:19:00 It trouble.
21:19:01 >>> Melanie Calloway, transportation.
21:19:03 I have been sworn in.
21:19:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I can take you to the building.
21:19:12 1405 Swann.
21:19:13 Tell me why we can't waive it here.
21:19:15 >>> The rode code requires that the actual width of
21:19:19 your driveway in the right-of-way is 20 feet.
21:19:21 I think you were suggesting the actual aisle next to
21:19:24 the building, you are requesting it to be reduced?

21:19:27 >> Why does it have to be 20 feet if residential
21:19:30 doesn't have to be 20 feet?
21:19:32 >>> Because residential traffic is only 10 trips per
21:19:35 single-family home.
21:19:36 This is an office's commercial building. This
21:19:40 building from the side is 22 trips a day. With that,
21:19:45 with the increased traffic you are required to have a
21:19:47 wider apron.
21:19:50 I'll try to draw a picture for you.
21:19:53 These are types of driveways.
21:19:57 This one makes it a right in, right out driveway.
21:20:02 This is another -- you see a left in, right in, right
21:20:06 out. It doesn't allow a left out.
21:20:10 However, the one that now that you are looking at that
21:20:13 he has provided you was a left-in, right-out.
21:20:19 >> When you put a pork chop on the left side -- right
21:20:24 there.
21:20:24 >>> This is the angled part.
21:20:28 Curbed.
21:20:28 >> Would it be curbed and concreted?
21:20:31 That's what I'm talking about.
21:20:36 I call that a pork chop.

21:20:37 >>> You are suggesting this scenario, or the actual
21:20:40 driveway here?
21:20:41 >> I'm suggesting the whole thing be narrowed because
21:20:44 frankly it seems silly to me for 20 trips a day, which
21:20:48 is nothing, if you have a bunch of teenagers in a
21:20:50 residential house you probably have 20 trips a day.
21:20:53 So June is concurring because she does.
21:20:58 But, anyway, I just think if it something that council
21:21:04 could waive we should consider that especially since
21:21:06 petitioner is willing to waive it and I'm sure the
21:21:08 neighborhood would appreciate it.
21:21:09 >> You do have opportunity to waive the actual larger
21:21:18 buffer at this location, a driveway is required to be
21:21:21 20 feet minimum.
21:21:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: All right.
21:21:24 Let's consider waiving the drive lane then.
21:21:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mulhern, then
21:21:32 councilwoman Saul-Sena.
21:21:33 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we should hear from the
21:21:35 neighborhood before we consider anything.
21:21:42 And again it might be because I came in a little late,
21:21:44 but you have some property with the house on Santiago?

21:21:50 Is that the street?
21:21:51 >>MORRIS MASSEY: Correct.
21:21:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Then you also own a lot that's
21:21:56 fronting on San Juan?
21:22:00 >>> Yes.
21:22:01 >>: You were referring, though, to this property as a
21:22:04 lot.
21:22:05 A lot.
21:22:05 But it's actually two lots.
21:22:06 >>> There's actually I believe two and a half lots.
21:22:10 >> And it would be two different addresses.
21:22:12 >>> Correct.
21:22:13 >> Both facing residential.
21:22:18 >>> Actually one lot.
21:22:20 We have it rezoned where that property is only
21:22:22 Santiago -- I'm sorry, my name is Ken Fernandez, and I
21:22:26 have been sworn in.
21:22:27 But the property is 3802 west Santiago.
21:22:30 And we did -- we put the property as one.
21:22:33 So just the backyard, do you say.
21:22:36 >>: How did you do that?
21:22:37 Was that administrative that you rezoned this?

21:22:40 >>> I had an attorney about two years ago actually did
21:22:43 that for me.
21:22:43 >> Did it come in front of council?
21:22:45 >>> That I don't know.
21:22:49 >> It was administrative?
21:22:51 That seems odd to me.
21:22:52 >>> Combined it under one folio number.
21:22:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
21:22:59 That's so that's technical.
21:23:02 For the purposes of people who live in the
21:23:04 neighborhood those are two different lots on two
21:23:05 different streets, I think.
21:23:17 I'm having a little trouble today, tonight, because I
21:23:18 keep hearing people say things like, we agreed to do
21:23:21 this, and we are going to reduce this, and we are
21:23:24 meeting -- want to meet the requirements of office
21:23:27 use.
21:23:27 Well, this is still zoned residential, when you come
21:23:31 in here to talk to us.
21:23:32 So I feel like it's not -- I don't like to hear that,
21:23:37 because you are giving people the impression that you
21:23:41 are not asking for a zoning change, or you are making

21:23:45 agreements that actually you are in front of us
21:23:48 petitioning for a zoning change.
21:23:49 And I also feel, when you talk about -- you show
21:23:57 pictures of elsewhere in the city.
21:23:59 And on different streets.
21:24:00 And then John referred to his office that's on Swann.
21:24:04 I would like to point out that his office is on Swann,
21:24:07 which is, I don't know, a collector -- not a
21:24:10 collector, but whatever.
21:24:13 It's kind of more of a name drag on these side
21:24:16 streets.
21:24:17 And I think the problem with asking for these, what
21:24:21 looked like a little change, because they are on the
21:24:25 corner of a busy street, is that, you know, you say,
21:24:29 well, these are no longer viable.
21:24:31 But, actually, those are the only lots that would be
21:24:37 available to a lot of people of a certain income in
21:24:41 South Tampa.
21:24:41 And I know people, you know, who have actually bought
21:24:46 lots on the corner of MacDill or Dale Mabry
21:24:49 because they could build or because they could afford
21:24:51 to live there.

21:24:51 I know people who rent in those areas.
21:24:53 So I think it's not a question of whether -- it's not
21:24:57 only a question of whether the surrounding people --
21:25:00 property values are going to go up.
21:25:03 It's also the fact that in that community, that is
21:25:08 viable for some people.
21:25:10 And I also -- it's very cozy in here.
21:25:19 I feel like -- I don't know if the people in the
21:25:22 audience realize that there's two attorneys that used
21:25:24 to sit here arguing for this petition, in front of at
21:25:29 least two if not three council people.
21:25:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me.
21:25:40 Let me answer this.
21:25:41 Because I'm taking this to say that if you served on
21:25:45 the council with somebody else that you are either
21:25:47 going to get preferential treatment, or unpreferential
21:25:50 treatment, because you know somebody who is making the
21:25:52 presentation.
21:25:53 Well, guess what, I know 100% of the people that come
21:25:56 here to make a presentation one way or the other, and
21:26:00 I take that as a slap in the face, and I really don't
21:26:02 appreciate that kind of talk to me.

21:26:05 >>> I didn't mean that as a slap.
21:26:08 I meant that -- you talked about this, too, Mr.
21:26:10 Miranda, that if there is a perception.
21:26:15 There can be a perception.
21:26:16 >>> I do want to put on the record that I have had no
21:26:22 conversation --
21:26:24 >>> JULIE COLE: Excuse me, I do need to say this, and
21:26:26 this is for the purpose of the record.
21:26:27 As you know, these are quasi-judicial proceedings and
21:26:29 we have to make sure that all of our decisions are
21:26:31 made based upon competent substantial evidence and we
21:26:35 want to make a record as clear as possible.
21:26:38 Our ethics code requires that anybody who worked as an
21:26:44 assistant city attorney, city attorney, does a lot of
21:26:47 other different types of things for the city, are
21:26:49 obligated for a two-year time frame not to come back
21:26:52 in front of City Council.
21:26:53 I have no reason to believe -- and I am fairly certain
21:26:57 that there is no violation of that section.
21:26:59 I know that for a fact.
21:27:01 And in fact one of the attorneys has been here on many
21:27:05 occasions in front of you for zoning petitions.

21:27:08 I just want to make our record very clear that, of
21:27:11 course, any decision that City Council is going to
21:27:13 make on this petition is going to be based on the
21:27:15 competent substantial evidence that comes before you
21:27:17 as part of this record.
21:27:18 >>MARY MULHERN: All right.
21:27:20 I'm sorry.
21:27:21 And I'm one of the people that's not a lawyer, and I
21:27:24 don't think like a lawyer, so I apologize to have made
21:27:28 anyone feel like I was making any accusations.
21:27:38 I just felt that it might have been relevant to the
21:27:42 people that are in the audience, but I apologize to
21:27:43 everyone.
21:27:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just want to speak to the
21:27:51 technical standards manual that is going to be coming
21:27:54 before council next week.
21:27:55 The technical standards manual, I am convinced, was
21:27:58 created by this concrete producers of the western
21:28:00 world, and that always calls for more pavement.
21:28:03 And I just want to say that we need to look very
21:28:06 carefully when this comes before us about how much
21:28:10 pavement it dictates.

21:28:11 It seems to me that a practical person in a situation
21:28:14 like this would not think -- I don't need a response,
21:28:17 I'm just making a comment -- that a 20-foot width is
21:28:20 necessary for a small office use.
21:28:24 And that's my biggest problem with the idea of turning
21:28:29 homes into offices, is that we end up not with a yard
21:28:32 around the house but with a parking lot, with the
21:28:35 house in the middle, and that's the character, eroding
21:28:40 quality that is hoisted upon transportation technical
21:28:45 manual.
21:28:46 So all the council members when that comes up next
21:28:48 Thursday to look at it really, really carefully and
21:28:50 see if it represents what we want it to.
21:28:59 >> Melanie Calloway, transportation.
21:29:01 I just want to clarify something.
21:29:04 And the driveway is required to be 20 feet because a
21:29:10 normal lane of roadway is 10 feet wide so a driveway
21:29:15 has two-way traffic on it 20 feet wide, 10 feet each.
21:29:22 But if you are channelizing the driveway, if you are
21:29:25 making that a more narrow, especially with a left in,
21:29:31 right out, those cars may feel like it's too close and
21:29:36 may cause an accident, due to the fact that it very

21:29:40 close to each other if they are doing the same
21:29:41 maneuver at the same time.
21:29:42 That is why a 20-foot driveway, especially in the
21:29:46 channelization driveway, and it's a lot harder to make
21:29:50 the maneuver.
21:29:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Along the same question that Mrs.
21:29:56 Saul-Sena brought up, are we then saying that you are
21:29:58 not opposed to having a 20-foot channel going in and
21:30:01 maybe one or two car lengths dropping it in?
21:30:04 Is that what I hear?
21:30:09 >>> Yes.
21:30:09 You have the ability to narrow that drive, so we could
21:30:12 do that and create a larger buffer on the south side
21:30:16 to help the neighbors.
21:30:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I just want to make sure I was in
21:30:20 the right hearing mode.
21:30:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Those in opposition, come forward and
21:30:31 line up if you are in opposition.
21:30:44 >>> David Hurley, 3805 west San Juan street, Tampa.
21:30:50 I have been sworn.
21:30:51 I live immediately west of this property.
21:30:55 And I find it interesting that he has 56 signatures on

21:30:58 a petition supporting it.
21:30:59 I have got 32 signatures on a petition that would like
21:31:04 for you to look at it.
21:31:06 The petition -- virtually everyone in the block along
21:31:16 Santiago, the people most affected by that, have
21:31:21 signed the petition.
21:31:23 I did go to the house across the street.
21:31:25 They never answered the door.
21:31:27 The other house between Davis and Richardson, that was
21:31:34 just sold, in fact the people just moved in.
21:31:37 We haven't been able to find them yet.
21:31:39 But that's an interesting thing because the people
21:31:44 that are most affected by that really don't want it.
21:31:54 A residential lot.
21:31:55 If you go to the southwest corner of Dale Mabry and
21:31:57 Granada there's a 3,000 square foot house finished in
21:32:02 2003, at the southeast corner of Barcelona and Dale
21:32:04 Mabry, and this is just north of Bay to Bay, there's a
21:32:07 5,000 square foot house finished in 2007.
21:32:12 That's not a slum.
21:32:13 There is a 3,000 square foot house at the northeast
21:32:15 corner of Granada and Dale Mabry that's almost -- it's

21:32:19 really near completion.
21:32:20 And the big problem we have here, it changes the
21:32:26 character of the neighborhood.
21:32:27 And I guess one thing I would like to thank Mr.
21:32:30 Fernandez for is I met a lot more of my neighbors than
21:32:32 I have before, and we have a pretty nice neighborhood.
21:32:34 I mean, I like the people.
21:32:36 But they are asking for a 64% reduction in a
21:32:39 residential buffer overall.
21:32:41 And next to my house, they are asking for 73%
21:32:44 reduction in that buffer.
21:32:47 63% reduction in the buffer on Dale Mabry, 50%
21:32:50 reduction on the buffer on San Juan, 64% reduction in
21:32:54 the groan space, and after all that, they still plan
21:32:59 to reduce the backup width by 71%, the compact backout
21:33:04 by 17% and the standard backout by 80%.
21:33:08 They only have a three pound bag and 10 pounds of
21:33:13 potatoes to put in it.
21:33:16 But the access issues we have a lot of traffic that
21:33:19 shoots down San Juan and Santiago, I think because I
21:33:23 was doing a lot of walking on Santiago recently, that
21:33:26 they had more of a problem with it than we do on San

21:33:28 Juan, when traffic starts backing up at Bay to Bay at
21:33:31 the light, they start shooting down streets trying to
21:33:34 get past it and my guess is they may have had average
21:33:38 22 miles per hour.
21:33:40 There were some people going through on their walker.
21:33:43 I have seen people going through there, and I
21:33:45 guarantee they go 40 miles per hour by the time they
21:33:48 get to the middle of that block trying to beat the
21:33:50 light and that is a big issue.
21:33:52 The access to this is a very difficult situation.
21:33:55 And I see my red light on there.
21:34:01 I would like to pass this petition.
21:34:03 There is copies for everybody.
21:34:04 The original is on top.
21:34:08 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The petition that the petitioner
21:34:15 sent around had a lot of addresses of the 3600 block.
21:34:19 Is your block --
21:34:22 >>> That's on Dale Mabry.
21:34:23 >> That's on the east side of Dale Mabry?
21:34:27 That clarifies it.
21:34:28 Thank you.
21:34:30 >>> (off microphone).

21:34:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, next.
21:34:35 Thank you.
21:34:35 Thank you.
21:34:37 Okay, sir, sir, you can't -- you had your opportunity.
21:34:43 Next speaker, please.
21:34:48 >>> Good evening.
21:34:49 I'm Beverly Hurley, 3805 San Juan street.
21:34:53 I want to thank the council for taking their time
21:34:56 tonight.
21:34:56 Yes, I live next door to the proposed rezoning
21:34:59 property, and hope and pray that the council will
21:35:02 understand my fear for this change.
21:35:04 We bought this house knowing this was a residential
21:35:06 lot next door with hopes of having a residential home
21:35:09 built and a new neighbor.
21:35:11 I missed not having a family next door.
21:35:13 I do not want a parking lot next door.
21:35:16 Please.
21:35:17 This is similar concerns to what Mr. Dingfelder just
21:35:21 brought out about the parking garage at the last
21:35:23 hearing that we just heard about.
21:35:26 The end of our property is our bedrooms, upstairs and

21:35:29 downstairs along with Dr. Watkins on Santiago and all
21:35:33 of this extra noise and cars and exhaust, I don't
21:35:36 appreciate that at my property.
21:35:41 Mr. Fernandez also bought the property knowing this
21:35:44 was residential.
21:35:44 I don't feel my property value and sense of
21:35:46 neighborhood community should be taken away from me or
21:35:49 any other homeowner on these two blocks.
21:35:52 Mr. Fernandez and his father requested a meeting in
21:35:55 our home a couple of years back to discuss what would
21:36:00 be workable for us.
21:36:03 If you know my husband, how about some tennis courts?
21:36:07 That didn't go over so we were clear we didn't want
21:36:10 commercial or professional zoning and we would work
21:36:13 with them to make this work the best way possible for
21:36:15 them as residential property.
21:36:17 So I was surprised when I saw that sane up in the
21:36:20 property, and we received a letter.
21:36:23 Without any warning.
21:36:26 They later wanted to buy ten feet of our property but
21:36:29 was W a side entrance garage that would be impossible
21:36:32 to give us this space for our back-out, to be able to

21:36:35 back out.
21:36:36 And therefore the deal was not met.
21:36:39 As a property owner, I have rights, too.
21:36:41 And with the waivers being requested, I fear that my
21:36:44 rights may not be considered as a homeowner and
21:36:47 resident of this neighborhood.
21:36:49 Of course, the traffic is a concern.
21:36:54 San Juan narrows down at that point because we have
21:36:57 sidewalks on both ends.
21:36:58 The last two blocks off Dale Mabry are very narrow.
21:37:01 And maneuvering around parked cars is very difficult.
21:37:04 I believe our property value will suffer compared to
21:37:07 what it was when we made our investments.
21:37:11 Not counting the market of today.
21:37:13 Who wants to live in a high traffic street if they
21:37:15 have a choice, or next to a parking lot?
21:37:18 I am clearly against this proposed rezoning and what
21:37:22 it could do to our neighborhood now and in the future.
21:37:24 I thank the council again for hearing my concern.
21:37:28 And the neighbors as well.
21:37:30 I do want to point out there were two things that were
21:37:32 shown earlier that I feel were in error and if we have

21:37:35 an opportunity to correct that I would appreciate
21:37:36 that.
21:37:37 I was shown by the attorney.
21:37:39 And another thing we have concern about, this is
21:37:44 property across the street on San Pedro and Dale
21:37:49 Mabry.
21:37:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The other way.
21:37:55 Turn it around.
21:37:58 >>> You can see the big ol' yellow signs coming up
21:38:02 there. Somebody else had moved in there apparently,
21:38:04 taken over, and this is what we are having to deal
21:38:07 with.
21:38:09 Looking at in our neighborhood, I don't think this was
21:38:11 very neighborly or very attractive.
21:38:14 And who knows, when you say, I will take care of this,
21:38:17 I will do that, who knows what will happen in years to
21:38:20 come?
21:38:20 And I think we have to worry about that.
21:38:22 Thank you so much for your time.
21:38:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next speaker.
21:38:28 >>> Gabriel.
21:38:30 I live at 3820 west San Juan.

21:38:32 I have been sworn in.
21:38:33 I also live on San Juan street.
21:38:35 There is a significant amount of traffic that
21:38:38 generally travels down that road, especially during
21:38:40 rush hour traffic.
21:38:42 People are trying to make the lit at Bay to Bay and
21:38:45 Dale Mabry and take any means necessary to try to
21:38:48 alleviate that.
21:38:50 By having a business there on the corner, people that
21:38:53 miss the first turn-off, because of the previous
21:38:57 business, will then come around to our street, circle
21:39:00 back around, to try to get into that business, if they
21:39:04 only have the entrance on one side.
21:39:06 So we are going to get increased traffic flow.
21:39:08 If they are trying to get to an appointment that they
21:39:10 have, they are going to be in a hurry.
21:39:12 So I don't feel that putting a business there,
21:39:15 especially with all the setbacks that they are asking
21:39:17 for -- it's one thing if they can drop in a business
21:39:21 and not impact and ask for massive waivers for
21:39:24 everybody to give away green space, to give away
21:39:27 reduction and back in, meeting with the residents and

21:39:31 the frontage growth.
21:39:33 You know, he's asking for way too much to be giving up
21:39:36 to allow him to come in and put in a business.
21:39:39 It may not be the right spot for that type of
21:39:41 business.
21:39:42 Maybe no business does belong there.
21:39:45 We have to consider that.
21:39:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
21:39:47 >>> I'm Susan Ericson.
21:39:55 You live at 3815 San Juan.
21:39:58 I have been sworn.
21:39:59 My husband and I were strongly opposed to the rezoning
21:40:03 request.
21:40:05 We are supporting our neighbors in this opposition.
21:40:07 We are also concerned for the quality of the
21:40:09 neighborhood.
21:40:10 And I have walked the neighborhood all the time.
21:40:12 I especially walk my block and the next block west
21:40:15 3900 block.
21:40:16 And I was surprised when I was speaking to those
21:40:18 neighbors, when I was talking about the zoning change
21:40:21 how many of them are opposed to it as well, even

21:40:23 though they wouldn't be impacted as much as our block
21:40:26 they certainly feel they would be impacted and I got
21:40:28 several to sign the petition in opposition to the
21:40:31 zoning change.
21:40:32 And I felt that was worthy to bring to the attention
21:40:36 of the council because it's more than just that
21:40:38 immediate block that feels strongly opposed to it.
21:40:40 Thank you.
21:40:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
21:40:47 >>> Good evening, council members.
21:40:49 My name is Chris Landcanner, I am a homeowner at 3813
21:40:56 San Juan. If I were sitting in your place, I know the
21:40:59 reasons I would look for to approve this rezoning.
21:41:03 I would look for the economic from residential to
21:41:10 commercial.
21:41:11 I would also look for the number of required variances
21:41:15 for the property.
21:41:17 What you have to do to accommodate this rezoning.
21:41:22 I would also look to the neighbors.
21:41:24 And I would say, how do the neighbors feel about this?
21:41:30 Therefore, if I were in your shoes, and I would not
21:41:35 approve this rezoning request, I would do it for

21:41:41 exactly those reasons.
21:41:43 When you go up and down Dale Mabry, you do see these
21:41:47 residential converted offices.
21:41:50 Many of them have "for lease" on them.
21:41:54 There is no shortage of office space in that area.
21:41:58 We are in an economic downturn.
21:42:00 And as was brought up earlier, we need more affordable
21:42:05 residential housing in South Tampa.
21:42:11 We also have to acknowledge the community, the
21:42:18 communities in Tampa.
21:42:19 Tampa is made up of neighborhoods.
21:42:21 And that is Tampa's strength.
21:42:26 What happens when you rezone in a residential area?
21:42:29 You start deteriorating the cohesiveness of those
21:42:34 neighborhoods.
21:42:35 We have social issues in Tampa.
21:42:37 And one of the greatest ways to combat our social
21:42:41 issues is for people to function as a neighborhood, to
21:42:47 care about their next door neighbors, their neighbors
21:42:50 across the Street and their neighbors down the block.
21:42:52 You watch each other.
21:42:53 You watch their property and you watch their children.

21:42:57 I am here to appeal to you, to deny this rezoning from
21:43:02 residential, because we are looking at the integrity
21:43:06 of survivability of our neighborhood.
21:43:10 Thank you.
21:43:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
21:43:17 >>> I am sworn in.
21:43:19 I'm Bruce Scott.
21:43:21 And I'm at 3821 San Juan street.
21:43:25 My wife and I have been in that house since 1970.
21:43:30 And I have seen that particular lot on San Juan up for
21:43:37 rezoning at least twice.
21:43:39 And it hasn't ever passed in the past, probably
21:43:44 because it should stay residential.
21:43:49 It's not viable residential because it's on Dale
21:43:53 Mabry.
21:43:54 As Mr. Hurley said, there's just a couple blocks to
21:43:58 the north.
21:43:58 There's relatively new houses on the corner of
21:44:03 Grenada, Empedrado, and I saw another one.
21:44:09 And they are viable.
21:44:10 They are new houses.
21:44:11 They didn't have any trouble being sold.

21:44:13 There's no reason why the same thing can't be done at
21:44:16 San Juan, and also Santiago, rather than tear it down
21:44:20 or change it to commercial.
21:44:23 And I would also like to state that it was done, the
21:44:36 buffer that is proposed for Dale Mabry and San Juan is
21:44:46 bushes or shrubs or something.
21:44:47 But there's a fence there now, and it is cut off at a
21:44:50 pretty good diagonal but it blocks the view for people
21:44:53 trying to get out of San Juan street.
21:44:57 The buffer that they are proposing is going to be even
21:45:00 tighter and closer to the corners.
21:45:02 So it's just not a viable option.
21:45:07 Like Mr. Hurley said, when it was purchased, it was
21:45:10 residential.
21:45:11 There was no reason to say it shouldn't stay
21:45:14 residential.
21:45:15 I rest my case.
21:45:16 Thank you.
21:45:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.
21:45:22 >>> I have been sworn in.
21:45:24 I'm Elizabeth Alexander.
21:45:26 I live at 3816 west San Juan street.

21:45:29 Which is just a few houses from this area.
21:45:33 And I have grandchildren that live next door and great
21:45:36 grandchildren.
21:45:37 And we like to walk on the streets.
21:45:39 And with a business, seven parking spaces, I don't
21:45:42 feel like it's going to be too safe.
21:45:47 My grandchildren cross the street going over to the
21:45:50 Hurley's.
21:45:51 And with more traffic coming down San Juan, it won't
21:45:54 be too good.
21:45:57 Crossing that street.
21:45:58 I'm concerned about the lives of my great
21:46:01 grandchildren.
21:46:03 And I know sometimes something happens on Dale Mabry
21:46:06 and they divert traffic down San Juan, you can't even
21:46:10 cross the street.
21:46:11 My daughter lives across the street from me.
21:46:13 She's live lived there for over 35 years.
21:46:16 My grandchildren live next door.
21:46:17 It's a home street.
21:46:20 It not a business street.
21:46:21 Not a place for business.

21:46:22 Thank you.
21:46:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone else in opposition?
21:46:28 Anyone else?
21:46:29 Okay.
21:46:29 We'll hear now from those who are in support.
21:46:31 Anyone here in support of this petition.
21:46:35 >>> I'm colonel guy Howardton.
21:46:38 I have been sworn.
21:46:39 My wife and I reside at 3802 west San Juan street on
21:46:43 the corner, immediately south of one of the peaces of
21:46:46 property under consideration.
21:46:48 We have heard an awful lot about property values
21:46:50 tonight, but nobody has put any numbers to it.
21:46:53 And I have run a little study of six residential
21:46:56 properties contiguous to favor of the businesses
21:46:59 around there.
21:47:02 Specifically, Florida executive realty on Santiago, a
21:47:07 piece of property next to it.
21:47:11 The piece of property immediately next to Hohn
21:47:16 engineering and the piece of property next to Edward
21:47:19 James investments, both on San Juan, the piece of
21:47:22 property immediately west of Bartley realty, and the

21:47:28 piece of property immediately north of Bartley realty
21:47:32 which is the home that I live in, and the piece of
21:47:34 property immediately east of merchant select services
21:47:41 at San Pedro, and Dale Mabry.
21:47:45 The property used at these particular homes and lots
21:47:51 have certainly not suffered as a result of commercial
21:47:58 businesses being close to them.
21:48:00 Quite the contrary.
21:48:02 The average increase in just value in these properties
21:48:06 over the last two years has been 18.1%, with the
21:48:14 properties next to Edward James investment, and
21:48:19 engineering, realizing 29.7 and 22.4% increase
21:48:26 respectively.
21:48:28 Number two, councilman Mulhern has made reference to
21:48:35 the necessity, as she views it are forks for some
21:48:41 properties in that area along Dale Mabry to be
21:48:44 available for those that can't afford anything else.
21:48:48 Well, I specifically resent that characterization.
21:48:55 Thank you very much.
21:48:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Could I ask you a question, sir?
21:49:01 >>> Absolutely.
21:49:02 >>: How long have you lived on Dale Mabry in that

21:49:04 location?
21:49:05 >>> we have lived there eleven years.
21:49:09 The home has been in my wife's family since 1950.
21:49:13 This has been a member of my wife's family living
21:49:15 there since 1950.
21:49:17 She grew up there.
21:49:20 >> So your wife's family, and now you folks, have
21:49:24 successfully lived on Dale Mabry for more than 50
21:49:26 years?
21:49:26 >>> That's correct.
21:49:27 >>: And is it your hope to some day sell the property
21:49:31 and have it rezoned commercial?
21:49:32 >>> It is.
21:49:33 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you.
21:49:40 >>> Manuel: I reside at 3802 west Santiago street.
21:49:44 A couple things are pretty interesting to me.
21:49:47 First of all, there wasn't quite much opposition to
21:49:50 the Malio's site which is going to have substantial
21:49:53 commercial investment, and minimal ingress and egress
21:49:57 which I don't understand.
21:49:58 Second of all, I am currently living in a house that's
21:50:01 literally two and a half foot off of Dale Mabry.

21:50:03 The house shakes when trucks are driving by.
21:50:06 I can't imagine the future saleability of the house in
21:50:09 that condition, and I don't believe -- I believe that
21:50:14 the proposed use is a much bet are use of the
21:50:16 property, and less invasive to the residents of the
21:50:20 neighborhood.
21:50:20 In fact much of the opposition comes from San Juan
21:50:23 street, which they do not have any traffic going
21:50:25 through San Juan street.
21:50:26 Actually coming off of Santiago street.
21:50:28 You can't quite understand how they think that's going
21:50:30 to add additional traffic to San Juan street as well.
21:50:33 Finally, that property is RS 20 zoning, and according
21:50:37 to my calculation, licensed real estate broker, could
21:50:41 you put five dwelling units which would address the
21:50:44 concern of having more affordable housing
21:50:47 It could actually be rezoned for a quadriplex.
21:50:50 So I just don't understand how this opposition, it
21:50:54 seems like it's almost a witch hunt for that
21:50:56 particular piece of property.
21:50:58 It's a conform use.
21:50:59 Every other property along Dale Mabry has an RS 20

21:51:01 which has been converted to commercial, it fits into
21:51:03 the future land use plan.
21:51:05 And I don't understand why it would not be part of
21:51:07 what you guys want to do with that especially since
21:51:12 they are not putting a concrete building or parking
21:51:15 lot.
21:51:16 Parking lot could be efficient for drainage, could be
21:51:18 made to be less effect to the neighbors.
21:51:20 The buffer wall actually increases increases the value
21:51:21 of the neighbors' property, and one of the concerns of
21:51:23 the neighbors was the light coming from the building.
21:51:25 I think that can be addressed with the timers on the
21:51:28 light as well.
21:51:29 That's all I have to say about that.
21:51:32 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Similar question.
21:51:35 You are living on the corner of Dale Mabry and
21:51:37 Santiago?
21:51:38 >>> Yes, sir.
21:51:38 >> How long have you been living there?
21:51:40 >>> About six months.
21:51:41 >> And when did you buy the house?
21:51:43 >>> I'm renting the house.

21:51:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: He's at the current site sing.
21:51:54 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Oh, you are in the site itself.
21:51:56 >>>
21:51:59 [Sounding gavel]
21:52:00 >> Just for clarification, our staff report says that
21:52:02 the current zoning on the property is RS-60.
21:52:07 >>> The land use on the comprehensive plan is
21:52:10 residential 20, I believe.
21:52:13 >> Which is a different usual you.
21:52:15 But the zoning classification is RS-60, which is a
21:52:20 60-foot lot in a single-family condition.
21:52:24 Thank you, sir.
21:52:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Petitioner.
21:52:29 Five minutes for rebuttal.
21:52:31 >>MORRIS MASSEY: For the record, Morris Massey.
21:52:35 First, you know, we welcome councilman Dingfelder's
21:52:40 suggestion about reducing the drive ail.
21:52:42 If we can possibly do it.
21:52:44 We believe by reducing the drive ail aisle, we would
21:52:47 be able to reduce many of the waivers and we are
21:52:50 agreeable to doing that, to increase as much as
21:52:52 possible the buffer between this site and the

21:52:56 residential uses to the west.
21:52:59 Relative to the ability to use this site for
21:53:03 single-family residential use, and the comparisons
21:53:06 that were made to several other residences that are on
21:53:09 Dale Mabry, one of the distinctions I think it's
21:53:14 important for council to realize is that colonel's
21:53:19 Howardton's lot is further off of Dale Mabry than this
21:53:24 house.
21:53:25 He's got a relatively nice side yard between his house
21:53:28 and Dale Mabry highway.
21:53:30 This house currently sits two feet off of Dale Mabry.
21:53:34 The other use, the other houses that the neighbors are
21:53:37 referring to, to the north, they are in an R-6 land
21:53:41 use category.
21:53:42 They are in RS-100 zoning, again much larger lot, so
21:53:47 the houses can be generally set back further away from
21:53:50 Dale Mabry.
21:53:52 Some of them, parking garages, the parking areas, as
21:53:55 close as possible to Dale Mabry.
21:53:57 So these are important distinctions.
21:53:59 Also some of these houses have begun redevelopment
21:54:02 when we had a very different economy.

21:54:08 Any minimum, the continued use of this bungalow in its
21:54:11 current location is something that probably will not
21:54:14 be able to be continued on a long-term basis.
21:54:17 It's just too close, and I think the rental
21:54:22 arrangement is already relatively -- very reduced from
21:54:26 the current house.
21:54:32 To address a couple other things that we heard.
21:54:38 Traffic on the San Juan, for the record, that we are
21:54:43 not proposing any direct access to a site on San Juan.
21:54:48 This is a low intense traffic use, 20 trips per day,
21:54:54 want to direct as much as possible outside the
21:54:56 neighborhood if this rezoning is approved.
21:54:57 So we don't think that we'll add measurably to the
21:55:01 conditions that exist now.
21:55:10 Relative to the office use on the other side of Dale
21:55:13 Mabry on the corner of San Pedro, that's perhaps a
21:55:17 code enforcement issue.
21:55:18 We are agreeable to conforming with your sign code.
21:55:20 In fact, we are agreeing to conditions that limit our
21:55:23 signage on the site.
21:55:31 One of the things that I think we are grappling with
21:55:34 here too is a policy question for council.

21:55:36 And that is whether council is willing to adopt reuse
21:55:42 of property along heavy traffic corridors.
21:55:46 Dale Mabry Highway is probably, on the than an
21:55:48 interstate, the most heavily traveled road in the City
21:55:51 of Tampa.
21:55:52 It's primarily a commercial thoroughfare.
21:55:55 And, frankly, that is what we are looking at here.
21:56:00 Either adaptive reuse of this property, possibly
21:56:04 taking down the bungalow, and doing what we can.
21:56:08 So I'm happy to entertain any questions.
21:56:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Massey, the existing bungalow
21:56:20 has some attractive lines.
21:56:21 It doesn't look like it in the greatest shape.
21:56:24 Have you all evaluated whether you would reuse the
21:56:30 existing structure?
21:56:33 >>MORRIS MASSEY: If this rezoning was approved, yes.
21:56:35 >> Is that commitment made on the site plan?
21:56:38 >>> Yes, it is made on the site plan.
21:56:40 There's an adaptive reuse of the existing bungalow.
21:56:43 The commitment on the site plan -- in fact we need to
21:56:47 make it clear, Mrs. Saul-Sena, that we would convert
21:56:50 the existing bungalow structure into an office.

21:56:53 >> I didn't see any signage addressed on the site
21:56:56 plan.
21:56:57 >>MORRIS MASSEY: There is a note on the site plan that
21:57:00 states that the only signage that will be permitted on
21:57:02 Santiago would be a residential scale type of signage.
21:57:06 I think it's two feet by two feet.
21:57:08 That any signage along Dale Mabry would have to be
21:57:10 screened, so it not visible to the neighbors to the
21:57:12 west, and there would be no signage allowed on San
21:57:15 Juan and would put a specific note on the site plan.
21:57:20 >> What kind of office do you think would go on here?
21:57:22 >>> An attorney, accountant, realtor, type of
21:57:25 professional office use.
21:57:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any on the questions by council?
21:57:32 Motion to close?
21:57:34 >>: So moved.
21:57:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
21:57:36 (Motion carried).
21:57:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
21:57:39 Council?
21:57:46 Motion in ordinance?
21:57:57 >>MARY MULHERN: I move to deny based on the fact that

21:58:01 it's not consistent with the residential neighborhood,
21:58:12 that it's facing Santiago, and entry from Santiago,
21:58:16 and if you look at the map, even though Dale Mabry is
21:58:23 a busy street, it's all zoned residential pretty much.
21:58:28 And especially south whereof this is, they all have
21:58:33 the same zoning.
21:58:37 I think this is current because it came in the back
21:58:40 from the petitioner.
21:58:41 And based on the waivers requested.
21:59:03 >> Second the motion.
21:59:04 >>JULIA COLE: To deny you have to have site the
21:59:09 specific section of the code.
21:59:11 I did refer you to the staff report, which does
21:59:13 contain sections of the code that that may lead to
21:59:18 what you are talking about, which are issues of
21:59:19 compatibility.
21:59:31 I'm going to say the criteria for waiving section
21:59:39 27-324, that development is unique, and therefore
21:59:49 requires waivers, and also the compatibility under the
21:59:53 PD section 27-321, to promote and encourage
21:59:58 development where appropriate, in location, character,
22:00:01 compatibility.

22:00:01 I do not think that this is compatible.
22:00:05 And I think it's clear just by looking at the map, and
22:00:08 listening to the neighbors, that it doesn't fit into
22:00:11 the residential character of the neighborhood.
22:00:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll second that.
22:00:20 And if I could give a couple of comments with my
22:00:22 second.
22:00:25 One thing, Mrs. Saul-Sena, frankly, it surprised the
22:00:29 heck out of me, when they started calling this a
22:00:32 bungalow, because I have driven by it 10,000 times and
22:00:36 it doesn't jump out at you as a bungalow.
22:00:38 And when you look at it closely, somebody changed the
22:00:41 windows, I think originally it probably was a nice
22:00:49 bungalow.
22:00:50 What happened a long, long time ago, probably 30, 40
22:00:53 years ago, was I believe the highway road department
22:00:59 widened Dale Mabry from probably a two or three-lane
22:01:02 road into four, five, whatever lane it is now.
22:01:04 Maybe -- I'm not sure how wide it is there.
22:01:07 So little by little, they purchased the property, the
22:01:11 front yard of these tape of properties so they thought
22:01:16 it was a bungalow, which it looks like it was, the

22:01:19 original property owner 50 years ago, 40 years ago,
22:01:22 when the state came along and started acquiring it by
22:01:24 condemnation, chopped off the front.
22:01:26 Somebody made money on that.
22:01:28 Okay.
22:01:34 But now that's why it so close to the road.
22:01:36 It not two feet from the -- with all due respect to my
22:01:41 good friend Morris Massey, it not two feet from the
22:01:45 edge of the curb to the house.
22:01:47 It might be from the right-of-way.
22:01:49 But really from the evenly of the curb to the house.
22:01:53 By looking at the site plan, there's a five-foot
22:01:57 sidewalk, and then there's other stuff.
22:01:58 So I have got a feeling it's more like ten feet before
22:02:01 you get to the evenly of the house.
22:02:05 This is a tough call.
22:02:07 I think in this situation, what you really have to
22:02:10 visualize is coming from Bay to Bay, and going to the
22:02:13 south, there's a section there of about three blocks,
22:02:18 three or four blocks, before you get -- and I'm only
22:02:21 talking about on the west side of Dale Mabry, that
22:02:24 there's a section along there where, for whatever

22:02:26 reason, there is not commercial yet.
22:02:29 Okay.
22:02:31 And I have always it was unusual that there was a
22:02:33 vacant lot there.
22:02:35 I visited the Hurleys as a matter of disclosure, okay,
22:02:39 and they are friends.
22:02:40 But that's not relevant to what I am suggesting.
22:02:44 When I went along their street, and they are right
22:02:47 next door, you know, the fact that there's an empty
22:02:50 lot, they are always sort of surprised.
22:02:52 But, you know, I have been surprised along Dale Mabry
22:02:54 before because people are building brand new houses
22:02:58 right on Dale Mabry, and they saved the side street.
22:03:03 And there's one up there, not all the way to Steak 'n
22:03:06 Shake.
22:03:09 Palmira on the west side -- Palmira on the west side
22:03:14 of Dale Mabry.
22:03:15 And I think maybe more than one along there.
22:03:18 So anyway, I think it's a close call.
22:03:20 I think that you could easily build a house on the
22:03:25 empty lot that faces San Juan, and it would be a nice
22:03:30 single-family house facing that way and you could push

22:03:33 it up closer to the Hurley's and give yourself a
22:03:35 little buffer along the Dale Mabry side, and then
22:03:38 likewise, if this single-family house doesn't work,
22:03:42 that's a nice big lot there.
22:03:44 It's probably 75 or 80 feet wide.
22:03:47 And could you build a brand new two-story house there
22:03:52 facing Santiago.
22:03:53 So I think there's a lot of option was this property
22:03:56 without going commercial.
22:03:57 And I think going commercial sets a bad precedent.
22:04:04 That's consistent with the neighborhood.
22:04:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: When you look around, I disagree
22:04:08 that that area there is basically all residential, or
22:04:11 mostly residential.
22:04:12 I don't have my time frame of locations, but I
22:04:18 guarantee you, from Bay to Bay south, there is at
22:04:24 least a 50-50 mix between commercial and residential,
22:04:27 facing on Dale Mabry.
22:04:29 On one side or the other side.
22:04:32 I see heads yes and I see heads know.
22:04:34 I'll tell what you, tomorrow morning I am going to go
22:04:37 count them.

22:04:37 But when we talk about the petitioner before this one
22:04:46 was identical to this, other than it had Azeele, which
22:04:49 is a T most traveled road that you cannot cross Dale
22:04:54 Mabry.
22:04:55 I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but I guess that was a
22:05:00 big one, and they had to pass, I guess.
22:05:04 You don't know.
22:05:05 But that ain't the way I look at things.
22:05:07 Let me say also for the record that I have spoke to no
22:05:10 petitioner, in this petition or in any petition in
22:05:16 five different tames I got elected.
22:05:18 And I'm speaking to one person here.
22:05:21 Let me also say that I have spoken to no neighbor in
22:05:25 this petition.
22:05:28 And I don't take the calls.
22:05:29 The first thing I told my aide who does a great job
22:05:32 is, if it's anything involving zoning, I do not speak
22:05:37 to anyone.
22:05:38 That's my standing office.
22:05:41 That's my rule that I created.
22:05:43 I don't know what other council members do.
22:05:44 But I can only tell you about me.

22:05:46 If I'm wrong, it's going to be my vote, not because I
22:05:49 know somebody in that podium.
22:05:51 Because I know 90 to 100%, like I said earlier,
22:05:55 everybody that comes to that podium.
22:05:56 I knew the attorney representing the other petition
22:05:59 before in that podium.
22:06:02 I don't know.
22:06:03 It doesn't make me any better or any worse than anyone
22:06:08 in this room.
22:06:09 So anytime they want to put me under a microscope,
22:06:15 I'll take the heat.
22:06:16 But I am going to give the heat the same way it comes
22:06:19 to me and I'm prepared for battle.
22:06:25 So I'm not going to support the petition for denial.
22:06:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
22:06:34 Council, there was some discussion amongst council
22:06:36 members about visiting the site, perhaps maybe
22:06:38 visiting a particular party.
22:06:40 I want to ask so the record is clear and protected if
22:06:44 any member of council has had any verbal communication
22:06:46 with any petitioner, his or her representative or any
22:06:49 member of the public in connection with tonight's

22:06:51 hearing, that that member should disclose prior to
22:06:54 this action, prior to the vote, please disclose the
22:06:56 person or persons, group or entity with whom the
22:06:59 verbal communication occurred, and the substance of
22:07:01 that verbal communication.
22:07:02 Thank you.
22:07:10 >>> (off microphone)
22:07:19 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Shelby, that's why you wee we
22:07:21 pay you the big bucks in regard to cautioning us on
22:07:23 these things.
22:07:26 My comment before about the Hurley's was a disclosure
22:07:29 that I think that I'm friends with David and Beverly.
22:07:35 Like Charley says we are friends but half the people
22:07:38 who get up at this podium.
22:07:39 I'm also friends with Mr. Massey and Ms. Grimes who
22:07:42 are on the other side of it, et cetera, et cetera.
22:07:44 But in response to your question, I haven't spoken
22:07:47 with David, Beverly Hurley in probably six months to a
22:07:50 year, and we have never talked about this particular
22:07:52 rezoning.
22:07:53 Thank you for letting me say that.
22:07:55 Let me give another clarification, too.

22:07:56 When I spoke about my office on Swann Avenue, I don't
22:08:01 own that office, I had nothing to do with the permit
22:08:03 on that office, my law partner owns the office, did he
22:08:07 all the permitting, he specifically excluded me from
22:08:10 any of the permit issues because he didn't want any
22:08:12 conflict of interest, and neither did I.
22:08:14 But at the end of the day when we finally moved in, I
22:08:17 noticed this lane with a funny stop sign.
22:08:21 That's the only reason I pointed it out before.
22:08:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: There's a motion on the floor.
22:08:27 Motion on the floor.
22:08:28 All in favor of the motion of denial signify by saying
22:08:34 Aye.
22:08:37 Opposes?
22:08:38 >>THE CLERK: Motion did not carry.
22:08:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The motion did carry.
22:08:45 4 to 2.
22:08:55 Motion did carry, 4 to 2.
22:08:58 That's correct.
22:09:00 Okay.
22:09:01 Do we have any other items?
22:09:02 Motion to receive and file?

22:09:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Receive and file.
22:09:10 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
22:09:12 (Motion carried).
22:09:13 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm sorry, one item I would like to
22:09:16 get a report from the Tampa Sports Authority, two
22:09:18 weeks from now.
22:09:18 Do we have a regular meeting two weeks from now?
22:09:23 >> June 5th.
22:09:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: You probably received some e-mails
22:09:27 about some chemical spraying at the Babe Zaharias golf
22:09:32 course.
22:09:33 I would like Mr. Sevedra or someone from staff to come
22:09:39 and give a report on that.
22:09:41 I won't bore you with them this late in the evening,
22:09:45 but if they will come and give a report about that
22:09:47 spraying and what they learned about it over the next
22:09:49 two weeks and come two weeks from now.
22:09:51 Thank you.
22:09:51 That's a motion.
22:09:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
22:09:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor let it be known by Aye.
22:09:56 Opposes?

22:09:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I am very concerned about the
22:10:03 technical standards manual that's coming up on June
22:10:08 5th.
22:10:09 And we don't have another council meeting prior to
22:10:13 that.
22:10:13 And I understand that --
22:10:17 >>JULIA COLE: I am going to interrupt you and say that
22:10:19 after some conversations that I have heard today and
22:10:21 conversations that I have had, and I actually had this
22:10:24 conversation with Melanie, I am actually going to
22:10:27 request I think that that get continued from the June
22:10:31 5th date so if that's appropriate --
22:10:34 To when?
22:10:35 >>JULIA COLE: I wanted to let Mrs. Saul-Sena know that
22:10:41 about rather than trying to have a special discussion
22:10:44 done before then.
22:10:45 I think we are going to have additional time.
22:10:48 I will between now and June 5th, I'll find a date
22:10:51 that's far enough out to give council opportunity if
22:10:55 they want to have a special workshop which I would
22:10:57 probably recommend a workshop.
22:10:58 I believe -- I think we all have decided a little more

22:11:02 time that's appropriate.
22:11:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you very much.
22:11:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other new business for council?
22:11:09 Okay.
22:11:15 That's it for the evening.
22:11:18 We stand adjourned.
22:11:19 Thank you.
22:11:23 (City Council meeting adjourned)

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