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Special meeting
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
5:01 p.m.

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[Sounding gavel]
17:06:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Tampa City Council will now come to
17:06:10 order.
17:06:10 We will stand for the invocation and pledge of
17:06:13 allegiance.
17:06:15 >> Father, you have instructed us to acknowledge you
17:06:16 in all of our ways and to will the direction of our
17:06:16 path. Today we thank you for such a beautiful day.
17:06:24 You blessed us to allow us to walk in this day.

17:06:27 Tonight we come take care of those important issues
17:06:29 relative to our community, to our city.
17:06:31 Thank you for those who labor and work so hard on this
17:06:34 budget and through the budget process.
17:06:35 And giving so much.
17:06:37 Thank you for our staff, our mayor, the City Council
17:06:43 tonight as we deliberate together.
17:06:44 We pray not only for our city but we pray for our
17:06:47 nation, our national crisis that we find ourselves in,
17:06:50 the war that we are in.
17:06:51 We pray for the men and women and ask you bring them
17:06:55 home safely.
17:06:58 We ask all this in your name.
17:07:00 Amen.
17:07:01 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
17:07:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Roll call.
17:07:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
17:07:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Here.
17:07:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
17:07:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
17:07:23 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
17:07:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

17:07:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
17:07:28 Tonight we are here for our second public hearing on
17:07:30 the budget.
17:07:31 What I'll do is ask Councilwoman Mary Mulhern now to
17:07:39 read the setting the millage, then following that
17:07:41 we'll have a presentation from Bonnie Wise, and then
17:07:44 following that we will have comments from the public,
17:07:48 should there be any.
17:07:49 And then we'll move forward approving -- yes.
17:07:52 >>MARTIN SHELBY: A motion to open the public hearing,
17:07:54 please.
17:07:55 >> So moved.
17:07:55 >> Second.
17:07:56 (Motion carried).
17:07:57 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to yield to another
17:08:02 council member to read the millage rate as I didn't
17:08:04 vote for this rate.
17:08:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right, then.
17:08:12 Councilman Miranda.
17:08:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
17:08:19 This is the second public hearing for the City of
17:08:21 Tampa for the year 2009 budget.

17:08:25 The proposed millage rate is 5.7326 mills which is
17:08:30 6.14 less than the rollback millage rate of 6.1254
17:08:36 mills.
17:08:36 Property tax funds are used to support the general
17:08:40 fund operating budget of the city.
17:08:42 These funds include such departments as fire rescue,
17:08:46 police, human resources, parks and recreation, and
17:08:49 public works.
17:08:53 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Miranda, Mr. Chairman.
17:08:56 Mr. Miranda, could you just read the proposed millage
17:08:59 rate and the rollback rate again, for the record?
17:09:03 I have been advised that the numbers were transposed.
17:09:08 I apologize.
17:09:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You mean read it back what I just
17:09:12 read, it's going to be transposed again.
17:09:15 >> No.
17:09:16 Are these numbers correct?
17:09:17 >> He said 6.14 rather than 6.41.
17:09:22 >> All right. Well, that's my Hispanic in me. The
17:09:24 proposed millage rate is 5.7326 mills which is 6.41
17:09:29 less than the rollback millage rate of 6.1254 mills.
17:09:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you very much.

17:09:37 I apologize.
17:09:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Now, council attorney, we don't need
17:09:47 to carry that yet, do we?
17:09:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: No, sir.
17:09:50 Now you can proceed.
17:09:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We'll have Ms. Wise come now and make
17:09:56 a presentation.
17:09:57 And then we will have public comment.
17:09:59 And then council will have any discussion.
17:10:01 >>BONNIE WISE: I'm Bonnie Wise, director of revenue
17:10:05 and finance.
17:10:05 As we have before you tonight the second public
17:10:08 hearing for the budget, we have been through budget
17:10:12 workshops, the budget presentation, and the first
17:10:15 public hearing, and so I wanted to just give you a
17:10:18 brief overview.
17:10:20 We have had numerous PowerPoint presentations, but
17:10:22 tonight I am just going to give you an overview and
17:10:25 ask for any questions you may have.
17:10:28 I want to thank you for your year of input into our
17:10:30 budget process, to the department heads and budget
17:10:33 office who worked so diligently on this budget.

17:10:37 Theme this year is commitment to process, reflecting
17:10:39 the commitment to our residents and moving our city
17:10:41 forward, public safety and significant infrastructure
17:10:46 improvements within our city.
17:10:47 The budget is $836 million.
17:10:51 It is made up of our tax operating fund of $423
17:10:55 million which is a slight decrease from last year.
17:10:58 Our enterprise fund of $276 million which is a 10.6%
17:11:02 increase from last year, and our internal service and
17:11:05 other funds of 17.9 million which is a 1.4% increase.
17:11:10 The big increase this year is in our bond and loan
17:11:12 funds of $103 million, and that is appropriating
17:11:17 various bond funds from C.I.T., wastewater, water,
17:11:23 local option gas tax, and that is what has made --
17:11:28 allows us to do many of the infrastructure
17:11:30 improvements that we have planned throughout the year.
17:11:32 Our millage rate is established at the same rate as
17:11:36 last year, 5.7326 mills, and one mill brings in
17:11:40 approximately $27.7 million.
17:11:43 For someone in the city, and they look at their entire
17:11:47 tax bill, about 26% of their whole tax bill goes to
17:11:50 the City of Tampa.

17:11:51 The rest goes to the county and various other
17:11:54 jurisdictions.
17:11:55 So I just wanted to make that very clear that all the
17:11:58 taxes on the tax program don't go to the city, just
17:12:02 about 26%.
17:12:03 Tonight you have four items for your consideration,
17:12:07 and after we have gone through those items, there was
17:12:10 a motion at the last public hearing for a $50,000
17:12:15 resolution for the green initiative.
17:12:18 Sal does have that resolution for you tonight.
17:12:20 And we can go through that resolution afterwards.
17:12:26 I also -- would you like me to go through the C.I.T.
17:12:30 budget, Mr. Chairman, right now to get that completed?
17:12:33 >> That's all right.
17:12:35 >>BONNIE WISE: The C.I.T. budget for 2009 totals
17:12:38 $169.2 million which is up from last year, and it is
17:12:44 predominantly in those bond funds that I mentioned and
17:12:47 65 and a half million in operating.
17:12:51 In emphasis on investing in neighborhoods.
17:12:53 And in this fiscal year 03 that amount has increased
17:12:59 almost three times.
17:13:00 Major projects in the city include 40th Street,

17:13:03 various stormwater projects, the Tampa Theatre, Tampa
17:13:06 Museum of Art, myriad water and wastewater projects
17:13:10 throughout our city, and really all areas of our city
17:13:13 are being touched, everything from fire station roof
17:13:15 replacement to water expansion, to efficient lighting
17:13:19 in our various parking garages.
17:13:21 If I could, I would just like to take a few minutes
17:13:23 really to talk about the financial markets.
17:13:25 This is weighing on everybody's mind.
17:13:28 Good news we have heard last week was that the Strand
17:13:30 case, which impacts the ability for CRAs to borrow,
17:13:34 was resolved favorably with the Florida Supreme Court.
17:13:39 That is of course good news.
17:13:41 The not-so-good news is that it's come at a time when
17:13:46 the ability to borrow, the ability to issue municipal
17:13:51 bonds, is really very, very difficult.
17:13:53 So for tax increment funds for CRAs, it's even more
17:13:59 difficult than our regular water and wastewater type
17:14:02 financing.
17:14:04 Particularly the last few weeks the financial markets
17:14:06 have deteriorated immensely.
17:14:07 Although the city itself doesn't own any direct

17:14:10 investments, as Lehman Brothers or Merrill or AIG,
17:14:14 some of these names you have heard a lot about, it is
17:14:16 still significantly impacting the city, as its
17:14:19 impacting your individual retirement accounts, it
17:14:21 impacts the city as well.
17:14:24 AIG especially is a very large purchaser of municipal
17:14:28 bonds.
17:14:29 Merrill is a big purchaser of municipal bonds on the
17:14:32 market.
17:14:32 Whole municipal bond insurance industry has changed
17:14:36 significantly.
17:14:37 Many of you are familiar were the name municipal bond
17:14:40 insurers.
17:14:41 A year ago, there were four main insureds that had the
17:14:44 AAA rating.
17:14:45 Three of those four no longer carry AAA ratings. A
17:14:49 new one has emerged.
17:14:50 They are very selective.
17:14:52 It's very expensive.
17:14:54 But whole bond insurance market has changed.
17:14:56 And then as far as the credit enhancement goes on the
17:14:59 bank side, the ability to attain credit enhancement

17:15:03 whether it's letters of credit or whatnot, the banks
17:15:06 are required now, and they are being very, very
17:15:09 selective, so it's trickling down into everything we
17:15:14 do.
17:15:14 We have outstanding commercial paper through the
17:15:16 Florida association of counties, commercial paper
17:15:18 program.
17:15:21 From the last six months, those rates have averaged
17:15:24 1.56%.
17:15:27 Without any fees associated with it.
17:15:29 It's just about 57 more.
17:15:32 So 1.56% in the last six-month period.
17:15:35 Last Friday those commercial paper rates traded at 9%.
17:15:40 So this week, they have traded above 8 and 9%.
17:15:46 I'm hoping of course that this is an anomaly, nothing
17:15:51 we have seen in those rates before, but in the
17:15:53 interim, water, transportation, stormwater, under that
17:15:58 CP program, will see some increases and those CP
17:16:02 rates.
17:16:02 It really emphasizes the importance of having
17:16:07 significant fund balances in reserve.
17:16:10 You know, when the interest rate quadruple in a week,

17:16:14 it really shows you how important that is.
17:16:17 Regarding long-term municipal bonds, it is
17:16:19 increasingly more difficult to get deals done.
17:16:22 We don't have any financing scheduled in the next few
17:16:25 months.
17:16:26 So that's the good thing.
17:16:27 So what we are seeing now is even a competitive sale,
17:16:31 an AA competitive deal that was priced a week ago,
17:16:35 with these three bids, where I would say a year ago
17:16:39 they would have received eight or ten bids.
17:16:42 As we are seeing this consolidation in the municipal
17:16:44 market we are going to see fewer bids, wider spreads
17:16:47 on deals, and it's just getting harder and harder to
17:16:49 get deals done.
17:16:51 So what I understand, what I believe is the credit
17:16:56 quality is paramount.
17:16:57 So it's going to be important for to us make sure that
17:17:02 we structure any of our financing with adequate debt
17:17:05 service coverage, and those reserves that are going to
17:17:09 be really mandated in the market, in order to get a
17:17:12 deal done at competitive interest rates.
17:17:15 Finally, as I mentioned before as your retirement

17:17:18 account and all of our retirement accounts and our
17:17:21 investments are seeing hits, so were the pension
17:17:24 funds.
17:17:24 So our pension funds have had negative returns over
17:17:27 the past year.
17:17:29 That does is not reflected in our 09 budget because it
17:17:33 works in arrears, but we will really see that in our
17:17:39 2010 budget.
17:17:41 So these are the things that I am monitoring closely,
17:17:44 working with our financial advisors, participating in
17:17:49 conference calls and keeping up to date with that.
17:17:51 I just wanted to give you a brief overview of the
17:17:54 world that we are facing right now.
17:17:57 With that, I will answer any questions that you may
17:18:00 have on the budget.
17:18:02 And once again, after adoption, we do have that one
17:18:06 resolution as well.
17:18:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I feel really fortunate for the
17:18:12 City of Tampa, that you are our budget director,
17:18:15 because I feel like your in-depth knowledge of the
17:18:18 market is invaluable, particularly at this time.
17:18:22 I'm also so pained that the Strand decision happened

17:18:25 when it did, because you had done such a great job of
17:18:29 securing that $40 million and now it looks like that's
17:18:32 in Timbuktu.
17:18:34 But thank you for bringing us up to speed.
17:18:38 And particularly the pension fund is of concern.
17:18:43 And perhaps, you know, a few months from now, it would
17:18:46 make sense, instead of just having a half a year
17:18:51 update we could have a quarterly one top see how we
17:18:54 are doing so we can begin to understand what sorts of
17:18:59 adjustments we'll need to make in the coming year.
17:19:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Things change in a couple weeks, don't
17:19:07 they?
17:19:08 I was wondering -- and my question had to do with the
17:19:11 pension fund, and with any other investments that the
17:19:15 city might have in those mortgage-related securities,
17:19:22 the toxic securities they have been calling them.
17:19:25 But I know that we are kind of waiting to see what
17:19:30 Washington is going to do.
17:19:31 But I think that decision will probably be made in the
17:19:34 next week at the very latest.
17:19:38 So I was wondering if anybody next week, or our next
17:19:43 council meeting, we could have a report on where we

17:19:46 are with relation to what's happened with the
17:19:50 financial market, as far as the city's investment.
17:19:53 >>> Actually, right now as far as the city is not
17:19:58 invested in any of those securities directly.
17:20:00 We are only invested in U.S. treasury securities.
17:20:03 So as far as city reserves, fund balances, our daily
17:20:08 type of investments, we are not vested in any of
17:20:14 those, so our only exposure to that directly is in the
17:20:17 pension funds and it's really whether, in the GE
17:20:21 pension fund, for example, whether any of those
17:20:24 pension funds happen to hold Lehman or anything of
17:20:28 that nature.
17:20:29 Now these funds are very much diversified, so there
17:20:34 would not be any substantial percentage of any
17:20:36 particular stock.
17:20:37 The problem is that the entire market is down.
17:20:42 But what that does mean is that as people are buying
17:20:45 treasury bonds, and that is what the city is investing
17:20:49 in, is treasury yields with decline, and so the
17:20:52 investments that worry going to earn on our own
17:20:55 portfolio is down.
17:20:57 But the city does not hold any of those securities.

17:21:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe just once you have some kind of
17:21:05 report what the pension funds look like.
17:21:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Is that a motion?
17:21:14 >> That's a motion.
17:21:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll second it.
17:21:17 Just for clarification, will you be getting a report
17:21:19 from the pension folks and the managers anytime soon?
17:21:25 >>> Well, we actually don't -- we get information from
17:21:27 our pension at our monthly meetings.
17:21:30 We get return information.
17:21:32 So we have that always.
17:21:34 But we do not go through exactly what securities they
17:21:39 are holding.
17:21:40 But we have returns on our pension funds.
17:21:42 We get that at our monthly --
17:21:45 >> How about if we just get those sent to us?
17:21:49 >>MARY MULHERN: The information is in there.
17:21:51 We just get the returns, we don't find what funds are
17:21:54 invested in.
17:21:54 >>BONNIE WISE: I'm speaking for GE, general employees
17:22:00 pension fund, for example.
17:22:01 That's the board I happen to sit on.

17:22:02 So quarterly, we get their holdings.
17:22:05 But they have a requirement in their agreement that
17:22:07 they cannot invest more than a certain percentage in
17:22:11 any one stock anyway.
17:22:12 But we get monthly updates on our returns of our
17:22:17 pension fund.
17:22:17 I would be happy to share that with you.
17:22:19 >> That would be great, if the next time you get a
17:22:21 monthly update.
17:22:23 >>> Yes.
17:22:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
17:22:29 So is that a motion?
17:22:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, that's a motion, that after Ms.
17:22:37 Wise receives the next monthly report on our pension
17:22:42 fund that she bring to the next council meeting.
17:22:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Can't she send it to us?
17:22:53 >> Do you want it routed?
17:22:57 >>> We can just route it.
17:22:59 That's fine.
17:22:59 >>MARY MULHERN: That's fine.
17:23:01 It doesn't have to be an appearance.
17:23:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's moved and seconded.

17:23:04 (Motion carried).
17:23:06 Any additional questions?
17:23:07 Okay.
17:23:07 Thank you, Ms. Wise.
17:23:11 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I would like to ask Ms. Wise a
17:23:15 question.
17:23:15 I understand that government is supposed to be getting
17:23:17 smaller and I understand we are starting a new
17:23:19 department, and it's called the auction department.
17:23:21 Are you aware of that?
17:23:23 >>BONNIE WISE: It is not necessarily a new department.
17:23:26 It's going to be part of the purchasing department.
17:23:28 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: So you're taking somebody from
17:23:33 purchasing and moving him over to the auction house,
17:23:36 which is going to be run out of a yard wherever they
17:23:40 keep the surplus vehicles and stuff like that?
17:23:43 Is he going to run that department by himself?
17:23:49 >>BONNIE WISE: I just want to confer.
17:23:51 There is not going to be a new department established.
17:23:53 This is something that we are doing to streamline -- I
17:23:58 think you are speaking of the way we sell items.
17:24:00 >> Well, how we sell our auction.

17:24:02 >>> Sell our items for surplus property.
17:24:05 The intent of this is actually to get better bids,
17:24:09 more bids, and open up the whole market for selling of
17:24:12 surplus property.
17:24:13 So the idea is one of our EET efforts, efficiency
17:24:18 initiatives, and the whole idea is to get more money
17:24:21 into the city, and so the result will be a net savings
17:24:24 for the city, net increase in revenue.
17:24:29 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Where did that opinion come from
17:24:31 that you are going to get more money into the city?
17:24:35 >>> Well there, was a committee that established that
17:24:38 reviewed the process.
17:24:40 And determined that there would be significant
17:24:44 savings, increased revenue.
17:24:48 >>> Greg Spearman, director of purchasing. We did a
17:24:52 pilot program, councilman Caetano, on that auction
17:24:56 program, compared it with our traditional auction, and
17:24:58 we determined through the power program that we would
17:25:01 be saving substantial money in two ways.
17:25:04 Number one, because we have increased exposure on the
17:25:07 Internet.
17:25:07 We are getting more bids, higher bids, better bids,

17:25:10 and also paying a lower commission.
17:25:12 And those two components come together to make more
17:25:16 revenue for the city.
17:25:17 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Did I give you the pictures that
17:25:19 were supplied to me by people who won something on a
17:25:23 bid or were the successful bidders, and they came down
17:25:25 to the yard to pick the stuff up, and we had our
17:25:30 people, whoever they are, we had these people walking
17:25:33 around the yard, we got a liability with these people
17:25:37 walking around the yard.
17:25:38 Some people would come in and do repairs on these
17:25:41 vehicles.
17:25:42 Now, I have the whole list from 1906, right here.
17:25:47 This is from the auction house, out on 301.
17:25:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You mean 2006?
17:25:53 >> 2006, yes.
17:25:56 Well, that's 2007.
17:25:58 I would like to know where this money is going to come
17:26:01 from to start this program.
17:26:02 >>> First of all, the procedures that were in place
17:26:06 several months ago have been completely changed and
17:26:09 updated.

17:26:10 We don't have people roaming around on the yard
17:26:12 anymore.
17:26:13 We do have a dedicated person who actually runs the
17:26:16 auction that Ms. Wise spoke about.
17:26:20 The money actually comes from the savings that we are
17:26:22 generating from not having to pay somebody for the
17:26:25 auction house.
17:26:25 We have a special account set up within the city, and
17:26:28 we actually take that money that we use to pay the
17:26:30 commissions, that we use to pay the auction house, and
17:26:33 we now have taken that money to cover this particular
17:26:37 program.
17:26:38 We are getting -- we are paying less revenue.
17:26:42 We are in good shape with that.
17:26:43 We are bigger savings.
17:26:47 There has not been any new money in this program at
17:26:50 all.
17:26:51 It's a way to enhance the revenue by getting better
17:26:55 sales on the Internet and also by paying lower
17:26:58 commission.
17:26:58 So no new money is involved.
17:27:01 >> What do you pay the Internet provider?

17:27:03 >> The Internet provider is paid 7.5% retailing fee,
17:27:08 on the auction house locally 10%.
17:27:11 So we are saving 2.5% on commission.
17:27:14 Plus we are getting better value.
17:27:15 We are getting better prices.
17:27:20 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: How did that stuff get to the
17:27:22 auction house?
17:27:22 Did they come and pick it up?
17:27:24 >>> Most of the vehicles are currently stored in fleet
17:27:27 right now.
17:27:28 So we don't have to move things around.
17:27:29 We do have an existing location, that we were able to
17:27:32 use in terms of our fleet location, actually have
17:27:36 these.
17:27:37 The person who runs the auction.
17:27:38 It didn't cost anything to establish that particular
17:27:41 operation, except just put a person out there and run
17:27:45 it.
17:27:45 You paid the previous auctioneer 10% of the profit,
17:27:48 now?
17:27:49 And now we are paying 7%, plus we have to have
17:27:52 employees, and liability insurance and everything else

17:27:55 there.
17:27:55 >>> We are self-insured, councilman Caetano.
17:28:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right, councilman Miranda.
17:28:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
17:28:05 I don't know how to put this other than say it.
17:28:09 Not this administration but the prior administration,
17:28:12 I had approached them about some information that I
17:28:15 had received years ago, and some of the doings that
17:28:21 were happening, and it wasn't to do with the
17:28:23 auctioneer or anything of this nature, but the police
17:28:25 department, I'm sure there are still people there that
17:28:27 recall that there was an internal investigation into
17:28:29 what was going on.
17:28:32 There was at least six vehicles that were designated
17:28:34 as compact in a little metal box.
17:28:40 Well, guess what, we found the six vehicles in
17:28:42 Riverview, Florida, a sales lot.
17:28:45 There was one Corvette that had a 454 engine.
17:28:49 We sent it out for repairs.
17:28:51 When it came back, came back with a 350 engine.
17:28:53 The difference is about $200 in value.
17:28:59 There were some vehicles going somewhere else to be

17:29:01 sold, and I'm not going to mention where, because I
17:29:04 don't know that were sort of prepped up a little bit
17:29:10 like recapped tires, newer tires being put on, and
17:29:13 being sold.
17:29:14 So I think that the system that we have in place --
17:29:16 and I'm not certainly looking for any -- and Mr.
17:29:20 Caetano may be 100% right, but I'm saying that these
17:29:24 things could happen under the prior system.
17:29:27 If you are selling something on the Internet as is,
17:29:30 you come pick it up, you bought it.
17:29:32 In fact a lot of people even getting married that way.
17:29:35 And it's not the right thing to do, but it's --
17:29:39 >> It's hard to kick the tires.
17:29:41 >> Yeah, right.
17:29:42 [ Laughter ]
17:29:44 And the tires may be flat.
17:29:46 But, anyway, what I'm saying with all these things
17:29:48 here is the necessary things that I think you're doing
17:29:54 will be better documented, so that the taxpayers can
17:29:59 certainly see what's going on.
17:30:03 Am I supposed to auctioneers? Not at all.
17:30:06 But I think that the system is where I'm even in favor

17:30:10 of starting a little storefront somewhere to sell all
17:30:13 the documents the city has -- to take out of service.
17:30:18 All these traffic lights, although we donate them to
17:30:21 countries that need them and I think that's a great
17:30:23 thing, there's a lot of things that could be sold, and
17:30:26 I'm not opposed to putting all of that on the
17:30:28 Internet.
17:30:28 If they can sell a Leer Jet on the Internet, at least
17:30:33 advertise that we can sell cars.
17:30:35 >>> Councilman, you are correct.
17:30:36 We expanded the program not just vehicles but every
17:30:39 item the city has, so it's a much bigger program.
17:30:43 >> Don't put me on your opening bid.
17:30:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right.
17:30:45 I have a goal to get us out of here, and that goal
17:30:48 just went out the window.
17:30:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If I could, Mr. Chairman.
17:30:56 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Having previously worked in the
17:31:01 state, is the state doing some of their surplus by
17:31:04 computer, do you know?
17:31:06 >>> I can't really be certain.
17:31:08 We haven't asked them about that.

17:31:09 But I wouldn't be surprised if they are.
17:31:11 >> I wouldn't be surprised either.
17:31:12 Thank you.
17:31:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We'll hear from the public.
17:31:15 The public comment forth, state your name and address.
17:31:19 You have three minutes.
17:31:20 Anyone want to address council?
17:31:23 Okay then.
17:31:24 We have to close the public hearing.
17:31:25 >> Move to close.
17:31:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.
17:31:28 >> Second.
17:31:28 (Motion carried).
17:31:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right.
17:31:31 We will have now the resolution has to be read in its
17:31:33 entirety.
17:31:34 Isn't that right?
17:31:34 Council member Miranda, do you want to read that?
17:31:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.
17:31:38 This is the same one that's on the agenda or another
17:31:39 one?
17:31:44 Mr. Chairman, I move a resolution levying an

17:31:49 ad valorem tax rate at five and seven thousand, three
17:31:54 hundred twenty-six ten thousandths 5.7326 mills upon
17:32:02 all real and personal taxable property in the city of
17:32:05 Tampa, Florida for fiscal year 2009, authorizing the
17:32:08 mayor and city clerk to certify such millage,
17:32:11 providing an effective date.
17:32:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think you have to read the whole
17:32:18 thing.
17:32:19 >> The chairman is mad at me.
17:32:21 Section 1.
17:32:22 That the ad valorem tax rate are 5.7326, 5.7326 mills,
17:32:33 to raise the amount of money at a fixed for the annual
17:32:37 city of Tampa, Florida commencing October 1st,
17:32:41 2008, and ending September 30, 2009, for the general
17:32:45 fund, for the maintenance and operation of the City of
17:32:47 Tampa is hereby levied as provided by law on all real
17:32:52 and personal property tax for the purpose of the City
17:32:55 of Tampa, section 2, that the mayor and city clerk,
17:33:00 upon authority of the City of Tampa, are dual
17:33:04 authorized empowered and directed to certify the
17:33:08 property appraiser of Hillsborough County, Florida,
17:33:10 the millage to be levied for all purpose of the fiscal

17:33:14 year 2009 in the City of Tampa, to wit: 5.7326 mills,
17:33:21 which is less than the rollback rate as defined in
17:33:28 section 200.0651 of the Florida statutes by 6.41%, and
17:33:38 to request the millage to be set forth on all real and
17:33:44 personal property in the city of Tampa, Florida as set
17:33:46 forth in accordance with the provision of the
17:33:50 Constitution and laws of the State of Florida.
17:33:53 Section 3, that the other proper offices of the City
17:33:59 of Tampa are authorized to do all things necessary and
17:34:03 proper in order to carry out and make effective the
17:34:08 terms and conditions of this resolution which shall
17:34:11 become effective immediately upon its adoption.
17:34:17 Passed on and adopted.
17:34:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It has been moved and seconded, motion
17:34:22 made again by councilman Miranda, seconded by
17:34:25 councilman Dingfelder.
17:34:26 All in favor signify by saying Aye.
17:34:28 Opposes?
17:34:28 >>THE CLERK: Mulhern voting no.
17:34:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Now we need to adopt the capital CIP.
17:34:35 Is that right?
17:34:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Actually, you have number 3 which is

17:34:37 the ordinance being presented for adoption on second
17:34:40 reading.
17:34:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
17:34:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That would have to be red.
17:34:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.
17:34:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: As on the agenda.
17:34:48 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move an ordinance presented for
17:34:52 second reading and adoption, an ordinance adopting the
17:34:54 budget for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2008
17:34:57 and ending September 30, 2009, as presented by the
17:35:00 mayor, providing for the levy as provided by law of a
17:35:04 tax on all taxable property in the City of Tampa and
17:35:07 fixing the millage within said city, making
17:35:09 appropriations in accordance with the provisions of
17:35:12 said budget, authorizing and directing the mayor and
17:35:14 city clerk as the proper authority of the City of
17:35:17 Tampa to certify to the property appraiser of
17:35:20 Hillsborough County, Florida the millage to be levied
17:35:23 for all purposes for the fiscal year 2009 in the City
17:35:26 of Tampa providing an effective date.
17:35:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's been moved and seconded, by
17:35:31 councilman Dingfelder, all in favor?

17:35:35 Do roll call?
17:35:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.
17:35:38 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Yes.
17:35:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.
17:35:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.
17:35:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.
17:35:43 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Yes.
17:35:44 >>MARY MULHERN: No.
17:35:45 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern voting no.
17:35:52 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll move number 4 adopting the
17:35:56 City of Tampa capital improvement budget and program
17:36:00 for the fiscal year 2009 through 2014.
17:36:03 >> Seconded by councilman Saul-Sena.
17:36:10 So moved and ordered.
17:36:11 All right.
17:36:12 Number 5.
17:36:16 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I would be honored to move the
17:36:17 resolution as related to creating an incentive program
17:36:21 for green buildings, item 5.
17:36:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we have a resolution?
17:36:26 Okay.
17:36:29 Thank you very much.

17:36:30 It's been moved and seconded.
17:36:31 Who seconded that?
17:36:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I did.
17:36:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by councilman Miranda.
17:36:36 All in favor?
17:36:38 Opposes?
17:36:38 Okay.
17:36:39 Anything else, council?
17:36:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: New business?
17:36:46 Just recently on "Meet the Press," there was a very
17:36:49 interesting discussion between the mayor of New York,
17:36:53 mayor Bloomberg and Tom Brokaw, and they were talking
17:36:57 about the 70s and what happened in their great city.
17:36:59 And I read that, and it sat in my mind for today's
17:37:04 budget.
17:37:04 And I supported the budget and I'll tell you why.
17:37:06 We are not going to stop policing our streets.
17:37:09 And this is not me, this is really from Bloomberg.
17:37:13 We are not going to stop screaming our streets.
17:37:16 We are not going to stop cleaning the graffiti on the
17:37:18 buildings.
17:37:19 We are not going to stop supporting our culture,

17:37:22 institutions, building parks and those kind of things.
17:37:25 And we are going to go ahead and continue with all the
17:37:28 things that make this city a wonderful place to live.
17:37:30 And we have to understand that it's much easier to
17:37:34 vote no than to vote yes to these things, because of
17:37:37 politics, I can go out and say, I voted against the
17:37:41 tax.
17:37:43 So I'm certainly -- everybody has their own way of
17:37:47 doing things.
17:37:48 And I just wanted to put on the record what makes a
17:37:50 city a city.
17:37:51 If we don't pay for our own needs today, who is going
17:37:56 to pay?
17:37:56 Our children?
17:37:57 Our grandchildren?
17:37:59 Somebody has got to pay.
17:38:01 If we don't take care of our infrastructure, who is
17:38:04 going to pay?
17:38:05 This city will be in a disastrous condition.
17:38:09 We must keep this city however it is, certainly the
17:38:13 chief of police, the fire chief was here, those
17:38:15 department heads working so diligently, and over 4,000

17:38:18 employees of the city that are doing what they do
17:38:20 every day to make this city sparkle.
17:38:22 And it's going to get better.
17:38:24 And we must continue to do more with less.
17:38:26 And that's what our objective is, all of us, on that
17:38:30 side and this side.
17:38:31 So I feel confident that we have done our job, unless
17:38:36 we stop producing, and doing what I just said.
17:38:39 We must continues take one step forward every day,
17:38:43 never look back, like old Satchel Paige said, somebody
17:38:48 may be catching you if you are looking back, and he
17:38:50 was right.
17:38:50 I can always tell you, and I'm proud to serve, I'm
17:38:54 proud of my public service record, and I would be
17:38:56 willing to debate these items on any political trail,
17:38:59 not that I'm -- I'm not a good politician.
17:39:02 I really am not.
17:39:03 I admit to that.
17:39:04 I think I'm a pretty good elected official but I'm a
17:39:07 terrible politician.
17:39:08 Because I like to say it like it is.
17:39:11 And that's not accepted in today's politics.

17:39:14 But I understand that and I welcome a debate with
17:39:18 anyone at one time.
17:39:19 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
17:39:22 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Mr. Miranda, you and I were
17:39:24 watching the same program.
17:39:26 I heard mark Bloomberg say that and was poignant as
17:39:30 related to our day to day business and I thought
17:39:33 perhaps he had been listening to you talking.
17:39:35 But, no, in all seriousness, he's an amazing guy.
17:39:40 And he's very smart.
17:39:41 And I agreed with him in what you said wholeheartedly.
17:39:44 We do have to move forward.
17:39:45 >> Mr. Dingfelder, we both have a checking account.
17:39:48 He's got a little bit more zeros.
17:39:49 >> Yes, a little bit.
17:39:52 >>MARY MULHERN: I just would like to point out to Mr.
17:39:54 Miranda that the citizens of New York, of Manhattan
17:39:59 and the Bronx are going to be paying for the new
17:40:03 Yankees stadium that Mr. Bloomberg is building.
17:40:11 >> Since she mentioned my name.
17:40:13 Just one more thing.
17:40:18 Really, people don't know this.

17:40:19 They think I wore black because of the stadium.
17:40:22 And I let that go on.
17:40:23 I really wore black because I had two suits, a white
17:40:26 one and a black one.
17:40:28 [ Laughter ]
17:40:28 And I wore the white suit.
17:40:30 I had to take it to the cleaners.
17:40:32 And because you can see the dirt on it.
17:40:34 So I wore the black suit and I just shook it off and
17:40:37 put it on every day.
17:40:38 So it saved me a lot of money in cleaning bills and
17:40:41 that's the way it is in life.
17:40:42 And I was the only vote to vote to give away public
17:40:48 money, and I will always stand by that and I will
17:40:51 always defend that, and I will always vote against
17:40:53 anything that comes like that.
17:40:55 But thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.
17:40:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you all tonight.
17:40:59 I missed our adjournment by 15 minutes but I don't
17:41:02 feel bad.
17:41:03 We stand adjourned.
17:41:04 Have a good evening.

17:41:05 Thank you.

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