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APRIL 23, 2009

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>>THOMAS SCOTT: Tampa City Council will now come to
09:06:45:00 We will rise for the invocation given by our clerk,
09:06:50:27 Ms. Shirley Foxx-Knowles and remain standing for the
09:06:54:06 Pledge of Allegiance.
09:06:55:00 >>The Clerk: Good morning, Council.
09:06:56:07 Let us pray.
09:06:57:06 O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the
09:07:00:18 Earth.
09:07:01:06 I will praise thee, O Lord, with all my heart, I will
09:07:04:18 be glad to rejoice in thee.
09:07:10:06 Gracious father, thank you for the beautiful morning
09:07:12:09 here in the City of Tampa.
09:07:14:00 Thank you for this Council workshop meeting.

09:07:17:18 We ask that you bless our firefighter of the quarter,
09:07:21:28 our police officer of the month and our honoree,
09:07:24:24 Dr. Walter L. Smith and his family and friends.
09:07:29:04 Bless everyone assembled here for this meeting.
09:07:32:09 Bless our Mayor, the administration, and our great
09:07:36:09 employees.
09:07:37:00 Bless our Council members and continue to make them
09:07:40:15 instruments of your will.
09:07:42:28 Guide them so that they do that which is acceptable in
09:07:45:24 your sight and is uplifting for the residents of our
09:07:49:19 fair city.
09:07:50:12 Father, we thank you for your grace and your mercy.
09:07:54:22 Thank you for how you have blessed us.
09:07:57:09 You've been so good to us, and we are truly grateful.
09:08:03:25 We again say thank you for everything and ask that you
09:08:06:03 continue to bless and guide us in your way.
09:08:08:18 These things we ask with humble hearts, let us all say,
09:08:12:27 amen.
09:08:13:15 [Pledge of Allegiance]
09:08:32:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We will now have roll call.
09:08:37:24 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: Here.
09:08:38:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:08:39:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:08:40:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:08:41:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:08:44:25 >> Dingfelder?
09:08:46:16 Scott?
09:08:47:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:08:48:00 The chair will now yield to councilwoman Gwen Miller
09:08:51:16 for presentations this morning for firefighter, police,
09:08:55:15 and Dr. Smith.
09:09:08:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Good morning.
09:09:09:00 And good morning, Council members.
09:09:10:18 It is indeed an honor this morning to have so many good
09:09:15:03 people in our community going to receive awards.
09:09:17:27 Our first one will be the officer of the month.
09:09:20:04 The officer of the month is master patrol David Shepler
09:09:27:12 and Chief Hogue will tell us more about why he is
09:09:30:19 receiving this award.
09:09:31:19 >> Good morning, Council.
09:09:33:00 It's a pleasure to be here.
09:09:34:13 Once again, I would like to thank Council for
09:09:36:15 recognizing the officer of the month.
09:09:38:12 It's David Shepler for April 2009.
09:09:42:27 I'll tell you a little bit about why we selected David.
09:09:45:12 First of all, he's a 21-year patrol -- master patrol
09:09:50:13 officer here at the Tampa Police Department.
09:09:51:24 He does an outstanding job for us on a daily basis.
09:09:54:27 But we do have a particular incident here that occurred
09:09:58:04 that was of particular interest and is the reason we

09:10:03:06 selected him.
09:10:03:27 A little while ago, we had a lady who could not speak.
09:10:08:24 She could not hear, and she was legally blind even
09:10:12:00 though she could see narrowly in front of her for very
09:10:15:19 short distances, and she took the bus to work every
09:10:18:21 day.
09:10:19:21 And she would sit on the bench and occasionally some of
09:10:26:00 her coworkers would come by in the car and pick her up.
09:10:29:18 And she would get in the car and sometimes she would
09:10:32:19 catch the bus.
09:10:33:15 Apparently this day, the suspect had observed her,
09:10:36:06 because you just about had to to know her routine,
09:10:40:24 stopped, pretended to be a coworker.
09:10:44:15 Of course, she couldn't tell who was in the car.
09:10:47:15 Got up off the bench, start into the car.
09:10:50:10 He grabbed her, pulled her into the car, started to
09:10:53:27 drive away.
09:10:54:16 She was fighting with him.
09:10:55:27 He was groping her.
09:10:57:18 Fortunately, she managed to escape out and ran to a
09:11:03:10 convenience store that was there or where the gas
09:11:07:00 station, actually.
09:11:07:28 And, of course, she couldn't speak, so she wrote down
09:11:11:06 some of the things that she could remember.
09:11:12:28 She saw the color of the car, very sketchy description

09:11:16:27 because, obviously, she does not see very well.
09:11:21:12 And David heard this call go out.
09:11:24:18 21 years in the business, there's not much he can't do
09:11:30:00 and doesn't know.
09:11:31:06 A newer officer, somebody with less experience would
09:11:34:19 have raced right to the scene and started talking to
09:11:38:01 the complainant.
09:11:39:09 Well, he was racing right to the scene to talk to the
09:11:42:04 complainant, but as he was going, he was looking out in
09:11:46:01 the area for this vague description of this vehicle and
09:11:49:12 this suspect.
09:11:50:04 And he sees the vehicle and the suspect in a car that,
09:11:54:12 yeah, looked like that could be it, possibly, and he
09:11:58:18 pulls it over and stops that vehicle.
09:12:02:12 And sure enough, he has arrested this -- he eventually
09:12:07:12 arrests this subject that tried to abduct this woman.
09:12:10:27 This is a very, very dangerous individual that we got
09:12:14:16 off the street or David did through his actions.
09:12:17:09 We don't know -- he had a past history of the similar
09:12:21:13 actions, and we think that in the future we would have
09:12:26:07 seen more of this kind of activity from him if David
09:12:29:09 hadn't apprehended him at that time.
09:12:31:25 One thing that can be said also about master patrol
09:12:36:09 officer Shepler is that he works as hard today as he
09:12:41:12 did 21 years ago when he first came on the Tampa Police

09:12:46:09 Department.
09:12:47:13 So we're very, very proud of him.
09:12:50:00 We're very proud of his accomplishment, and his son,
09:12:54:04 who is currently in the police academy, and we hope to
09:12:57:15 get on the Tampa Police Department, we just hope he's
09:13:01:01 as good a police officer as his dad.
09:13:03:04 So congratulations, David.
09:13:04:12 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:13:13:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Master patrol Shepler, we have a
09:13:15:15 commendation to present to you from City Council.
09:13:17:21 I will not read it because Chief Hogue said all the
09:13:20:15 good things you have done to deserve it, so I'll
09:13:23:09 present it to you.
09:13:24:06 >> Thank you so much.
09:13:24:24 I so appreciate that.
09:13:25:28 >> Now we have some gifts from our private sector.
09:13:29:27 I'll start with Charley's Steakhouse.
09:13:35:24 >> I thought somebody was coming up behind me.
09:13:37:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Charley's Steakhouse has a gift
09:13:41:03 certificate for you.
09:13:45:09 [ LAUGHTER ]
09:13:47:13 >> Good morning.
09:13:48:01 Danny Lewis from Bill Currie Ford Lincoln Mercury.
09:13:54:19 I'm honored to present you this watch from the Bill
09:13:56:03 Currie family.

09:13:58:00 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:14:01:06 >> My mom and my father.
09:14:07:00 This is my wife.
09:14:08:03 >> Good morning.
09:14:09:21 Tony Laforgia representing Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.
09:14:14:06 We thank you for everything you do for us and the
09:14:16:09 community.
09:14:16:15 We would like to invite you and your family to come and
09:14:19:00 spend a day at the zoo on us.
09:14:21:24 >> Appreciate that.
09:14:23:00 Thank you so much.
09:14:23:24 >> Good morning, Council, Michelle patty from the
09:14:26:21 Michelle B. patty medical and attorney referral
09:14:30:21 service.
09:14:30:27 That day as a woman I watched in horror, and I started
09:14:33:06 to pray that please, Lord, catch that fellow so he
09:14:35:28 won't hurt anyone else.
09:14:37:09 And you done it.
09:14:38:00 So we say thank you with much gratitude.
09:14:40:12 We're very proud to give you this gift certificate to
09:14:42:21 Macy's.
09:14:44:01 >> Whoa!
09:14:44:21 Thank you.
09:14:44:28 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:14:47:15 >> Good morning.

09:14:50:27 Congratulations.
09:14:51:09 >> Well, thank you.
09:14:52:15 >> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's Towing.
09:14:55:03 On behalf of Jim, Judy and Todd Stepp, we would like to
09:14:58:28 present this police officer trophy to you and also for
09:15:01:07 a job well done, gift certificate to Lee Roy Selmon's.
09:15:05:03 >> Thank you.
09:15:05:13 I appreciate that.
09:15:06:00 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:15:10:21 >> You like that, you're going to like this.
09:15:13:07 What do you want to start with?
09:15:16:28 Pick a number.
09:15:20:12 >> One.
09:15:20:27 >> All right.
09:15:21:04 Number one, Bryn Alan studios.
09:15:24:12 >> Oh, that's great.
09:15:25:22 >> Bryn Alan studios is going to provide you with a
09:15:28:06 gift certificate so that you can have your photographs
09:15:30:19 taken for you and your family.
09:15:32:28 >> Oh, that's great.
09:15:34:03 >> What's the next one?
09:15:35:06 >> Two.
09:15:35:28 >> Number two.
09:15:36:21 Number two is Bern's Steak House.
09:15:40:22 David Laxer is going to entertain you at Bern's Steak

09:15:44:18 House so you and your wife can enjoy yourselves over
09:15:47:18 there.
09:15:48:00 Number three is when you finish dinner, if you'd like,
09:15:54:00 you can go to the Imax theaters over at Channelside.
09:15:57:00 You and seven of your best friends.
09:16:00:25 >> Sounds like my squad.
09:16:02:03 [ LAUGHTER ]
09:16:03:22 >> All right.
09:16:04:12 You want number four?
09:16:05:27 >> Okay.
09:16:06:07 >> Number four, lunch at Rigatoni's.
09:16:09:27 >> Oh, I'll have to run extra miles here.
09:16:13:16 >> You'll have to keep up with the chief.
09:16:15:06 Is he still running?
09:16:17:00 >> Look at him.
09:16:17:22 He's in great shape.
09:16:18:25 What do you think?
09:16:19:18 >> I think he's in great shape.
09:16:21:06 I think you'll have fun and we certainly appreciate
09:16:23:01 what you do for the city.
09:16:24:06 >> Oh, I so thank you.
09:16:26:03 >> Congratulations.
09:16:26:27 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:16:30:21 >> Jimmy Myer from the Tampa PBA.
09:16:34:04 In conjunction with law enforcement supply of North

09:16:37:00 Tampa, we have a $100 gift certificate for your great
09:16:40:24 work and great appreciation from both the union and the
09:16:43:04 business.
09:16:44:15 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:16:48:21 >> And last but not least, I'm from Island Flowers.
09:16:54:12 We're in Ybor.
09:16:55:24 This is for you, but it's for your significant other.
09:16:57:19 [ LAUGHTER ]
09:16:59:16 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:17:04:03 >> This is my mom, Phyllis and her husband Andy.
09:17:14:24 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:17:15:03 Mom has put up with those nights of what every police
09:17:21:15 officer goes through.
09:17:22:19 You don't know.
09:17:24:21 And she said I'm about to get my own taste of that
09:17:29:18 medicine with my own son.
09:17:31:00 This is my wife Renee.
09:17:35:12 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:17:36:27 She's very, very supportive of me, and I really
09:17:39:09 appreciate that.
09:17:40:12 She's understanding, and she listens to all those
09:17:43:18 nights I come home and say, was a day you do not want
09:17:48:03 to hear about.
09:17:49:00 She also hears about the days that the chief described
09:17:51:24 that absolutely are the most rewarding moments of this

09:17:54:12 job is to make the city a better place that we all live
09:17:57:04 in and we all love.
09:17:58:12 And my father, David Shepler, same name.
09:18:03:27 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:18:04:24 My father was highly encouraging when I decided to
09:18:10:03 choose this career in the '80s and he said go with
09:18:12:18 your heart and do what you want to do because you've
09:18:14:24 got to do it the rest of your life.
09:18:16:18 So enjoy what you're doing.
09:18:17:28 And I so appreciate my father having done that for me
09:18:20:24 and directed me in this field.
09:18:23:00 Because it has been a rewarding career.
09:18:25:09 So thank you, dad.
09:18:27:12 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:18:27:19 I would just like to really thank the City Council.
09:18:32:22 I mean, I so appreciate you acknowledging it.
09:18:36:00 There are so many good people in the department that
09:18:37:25 deserve to be here, and I feel guilty in some way of
09:18:40:27 being here, because without them, it is a team event
09:18:45:03 out there.
09:18:45:22 And we work as a team.
09:18:47:24 And to be acknowledged as an individual, to me, it's so
09:18:52:03 rewarding but at the same time, it does make me feel
09:18:56:01 somewhat guilty because I know my brothers and sisters
09:18:58:09 out there that work with me, they deserve as much as

09:19:03:01 this as I'm receiving today.
09:19:04:15 I would like to thank the chief as well.
09:19:06:12 He has done a phenomenal job with this department.
09:19:08:22 I've been here 21 years --
09:19:10:06 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:19:11:13 I will say that this department is in the best hands
09:19:16:03 that it's ever been in.
09:19:18:06 That old expression it trickles down from the top and
09:19:20:28 it starts right here with you folks at the City Council
09:19:23:01 and the Mayor's office, you are the ones that are
09:19:26:00 directly responsible for organizing us and picking the
09:19:29:09 right people to pick the right people.
09:19:31:09 And you've done a magnificent job with the chief
09:19:34:00 because it has trickled down.
09:19:35:24 I'm at the bottom of the trickle-down effect.
09:19:37:28 I'll tell you something, it's awesome.
09:19:40:00 As my own son told me, everybody wants to work for the
09:19:43:09 City of Tampa Police Department.
09:19:44:15 That is the greatest compliment that you could ever pay
09:19:48:24 to a chief.
09:19:49:15 So you have done a great job, and you should be getting
09:19:52:04 this award, too.
09:19:53:06 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:19:54:03 And I could not go without thanking my major, Sophie
09:20:00:28 Teague.

09:20:02:15 She has come into our district and just stepped up the
09:20:05:06 acknowledgment of officers doing their job, and I told
09:20:08:09 her the other day, I said, you know, I don't need that,
09:20:13:04 but I so appreciate that, because it makes me feel like
09:20:17:12 I'm worth the value that I put in myself.
09:20:20:24 And she has just done a great job.
09:20:23:12 And my sergeant, she's here today, Sergeant Fullwood,
09:20:27:10 and she is the motivator behind the people in our
09:20:31:07 squad, and she's done a great job.
09:20:33:12 And I'm just so honored.
09:20:34:27 I really mean this from the bottom of my heart, I am
09:20:38:27 just so honored to be affiliated with the Tampa Police
09:20:40:24 Department and all the people that are here that run
09:20:43:12 this department.
09:20:44:07 I can tell you the greatest compliment I could pay to
09:20:48:07 you is I would take my own son and put him here because
09:20:51:21 I'm so proud of the city that I work for and the
09:20:54:15 department that I'm affiliated with.
09:20:56:04 So I once again, thank you so much for these gifts.
09:21:00:06 I so appreciate it, all of you.
09:21:02:24 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:21:20:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Now, Council, we would like to present
09:21:23:00 the firefighter of the quarter.
09:21:23:27 And he is paramedic Jason.
09:21:28:13 Is chief Jones here?

09:21:33:15 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:21:35:12 >> Good morning, Chairman Scott, members of the
09:21:37:25 Council.
09:21:38:18 It's a distinct honor and a high privilege to be here
09:21:41:01 today to recognize the firefighter of the quarter for
09:21:43:24 Tampa fire rescue.
09:21:45:06 Jason Kissick, and he's joined by his mother Vicky.
09:21:51:03 Jason Kissick was hired by Tampa fire rescue nearly
09:21:54:19 seven years ago.
09:21:55:19 He's currently working as a paramedic on rescue 15,
09:21:58:15 that's south of Gandy in south Tampa.
09:22:00:18 According to his supervisor, Jason is a hardworking,
09:22:03:01 reliable and knowledgeable paramedic.
09:22:05:07 He combines a considerable level of skill with an
09:22:08:24 appropriate amount of concern and compassion for the
09:22:12:07 sick and injured citizens and residents of Tampa.
09:22:15:06 Paramedic Kissick is a certified critical care
09:22:20:13 paramedic and is currently also on the lieutenant's
09:22:24:06 promotional list.
09:22:25:24 Recently, while off duty, paramedic Kissick was
09:22:29:01 exercising in a lifestyle gym?
09:22:32:09 Citrus park when a 40-year-old man suddenly collapsed
09:22:35:12 from a heart attack.
09:22:37:03 Without hesitation, paramedic Kissick swung into
09:22:40:00 action.

09:22:40:07 He took charge of the situation, provided CPR to the
09:22:43:15 unconscious man, had the staff bring him the gym's
09:22:47:07 automatic defibrillator.
09:22:49:06 Thanks to paramedic Kissick's quick response and timely
09:22:53:00 delivery of medical care, the man's heart was
09:22:55:03 restarted.
09:22:56:00 When the county paramedics arrived on scene at the gym,
09:22:59:12 they continued to provide medical care and transported
09:23:02:13 the man to a local hospital.
09:23:04:21 According to a note written by the responding captain
09:23:07:06 from the county fire, Jason Kissick is the reason this
09:23:13:03 40-year-old man is alive today.
09:23:15:06 His quick actions saved a man's life.
09:23:18:06 For his immediate actions that day and his professional
09:23:21:18 and dedication to the city every day, we are proud to
09:23:27:13 recognize today paramedic Jason Kissick as Tampa's
09:23:31:06 firefighter of the quarter.
09:23:32:24 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:23:33:01 We do have a plaque from the Tampa fire rescue awards
09:23:44:00 review board recognizing paramedic Kissick as the
09:23:46:19 firefighter of the quarter for the second quarter.
09:23:48:15 Congratulations.
09:23:50:21 >> Thank you.
09:23:51:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Paramedic Kissick, on behalf of Tampa
09:23:53:24 City Council, we would like to present you a

09:23:55:12 commendation.
09:23:56:01 It says all those good things chief Jones just said, so
09:23:59:12 I will not read them.
09:24:01:03 I'll present it to you.
09:24:02:09 At this time, the private sector has gifts for you,
09:24:04:16 too.
09:24:05:09 >> Good morning.
09:24:06:15 Bill Currie Ford Lincoln mercury.
09:24:08:10 I guess you know you are now eligible for firefighter
09:24:11:09 of the year.
09:24:12:01 >> That's what I hear.
09:24:13:01 >> And yesterday, we made the annual fishing trip with
09:24:15:16 a firefighter of the year.
09:24:16:13 I was telling my chief earlier, we played stump the
09:24:19:12 paramedic yesterday, and we named over 40 different
09:24:22:04 types of medicines.
09:24:23:07 And this young man was able to tell color, what it's
09:24:26:21 used for and the number on each one.
09:24:29:13 We finally gave up.
09:24:30:16 I know you can do the same thing as part of your
09:24:34:12 training.
09:24:34:27 There's your watch.
09:24:36:21 Thank you so much.
09:24:37:03 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:24:42:19 >> Congratulations.

09:24:43:07 Good morning.
09:24:44:00 Steve Stickley representing Stepp's Towing service.
09:24:46:21 Appreciate everything you do for us.
09:24:48:01 On behalf of Jim and Judy Stepp, Todd Stepp and Stepp's
09:24:52:27 Towing service, we'd like to present you with this
09:24:55:19 firefighter statue and also a gift certificate to Lee
09:24:58:09 Roy Selmon.
09:24:59:24 I want to thank you very much.
09:25:00:12 I'm a Port Tampa resident myself.
09:25:02:12 I appreciate everything you do.
09:25:03:19 >> Thank you.
09:25:03:22 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:25:08:12 >> Good morning.
09:25:09:15 Michelle Patty from Michelle Patty Attorney and Medical
09:25:13:21 referral.
09:25:14:06 We would like to say thank you.
09:25:16:09 We are honored to be here this morning and recognize
09:25:18:12 you for doing an outstanding job.
09:25:20:15 >> Thank you very much.
09:25:20:25 Thank you.
09:25:21:03 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:25:21:25 >> Tony Laforgia representing Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.
09:25:27:22 We thank you for everything you do for us, and we would
09:25:30:03 like to invite you and your family to spend a day at
09:25:33:06 the zoo with us.

09:25:34:15 Thank you for everything you do.
09:25:35:27 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:25:36:21 >> See, I can't do the numbers with you.
09:25:38:28 >> Uh-oh.
09:25:39:24 >> But they took all the certificates.
09:25:41:09 I printed some more up.
09:25:44:06 >> Appreciate it.
09:25:44:21 >> We have some new ones right here.
09:25:46:18 I can't do the one, two, three, four thing, but I can
09:25:49:21 assure you that everyone is so pleased with what you do
09:25:53:03 for the city on a daily basis.
09:25:55:10 And again, you know, MPO Shepler talked about the
09:26:02:15 police department and what the chiefs do and all you do
09:26:05:00 and the trickle down and all that, I can assure you
09:26:08:09 that is so true for the firefighter as well as it for
09:26:11:00 the police department.
09:26:11:22 The Council is behind you, the Mayor is behind you and
09:26:13:27 the community is behind you.
09:26:15:15 That's why the people come up.
09:26:16:19 They don't have to give you these things, but they
09:26:18:25 appreciate what you do every day.
09:26:20:18 That's why I'm here to tell you that they appreciate
09:26:22:09 it.
09:26:22:28 And on behalf of Rigatoni's, you can go have lunch.
09:26:27:06 >> Perfect.

09:26:27:18 >> You and your seven best friends.
09:26:29:06 How many guys in your station?
09:26:31:03 >> Less than seven, but I'll find the rest.
09:26:33:27 >> I'm sure you'll find some friends.
09:26:35:19 You'll find lots of company now.
09:26:37:15 Just don't find any company when you go to Berns,
09:26:44:12 because I don't think you can take all of them to
09:26:46:22 Berns.
09:26:47:03 You can take you and your wife.
09:26:49:00 >> Got to meet her first.
09:26:50:03 I'll find somebody.
09:26:52:04 >> See, he's on the market.
09:26:53:12 Take a good look.
09:26:55:18 He's on TV.
09:26:56:18 It's going out all over the community.
09:26:59:21 Take your best shot.
09:27:02:15 >> Yeah, really.
09:27:03:12 Call me.
09:27:07:12 >> On behalf of Bryn Alan studios, we'll provide you
09:27:10:21 with a gift certificate for your photographs, so you
09:27:13:01 can wait for your girlfriend or get it beforehand and
09:27:15:21 put it on the Internet.
09:27:16:27 >> Perfect.
09:27:18:24 >> Put it on Myspace.
09:27:19:24 Congratulations.

09:27:20:09 >> Thank you, sir.
09:27:21:03 Appreciate that.
09:27:22:27 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:27:27:27 >> I have 12 single stem Roses which you can hand out
09:27:36:06 to your buddies.
09:27:37:07 [ LAUGHTER ]
09:27:37:27 Call me later and I'll deliver it to your girlfriend or
09:27:41:24 your wife and other.
09:27:44:22 You can save it up for one year.
09:27:46:07 If you want to hit me at Valentine's Day when Roses are
09:27:49:13 $100, I'll do it then.
09:27:52:01 >> Thank you.
09:27:54:09 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:27:57:18 >> I'd like to give thanks to chief Jones, everyone
09:28:09:12 else, my mother, for being here.
09:28:11:03 It's a big day for me.
09:28:13:00 I'm proud to be a firefighter for the city.
09:28:14:18 I'm proud to wear the uniform.
09:28:15:25 That day was a stressful day.
09:28:17:24 The wife came up to me, high school sweethearts, known
09:28:23:03 each other 20, 30 years.
09:28:25:01 I think he was 47, 48.
09:28:26:19 It was a big moment and really impacted me personally
09:28:29:12 to see the personal side.
09:28:30:18 A lot of times at work we don't get to see that

09:28:33:01 aftereffect of what goes on.
09:28:34:16 It was a big day, big moment.
09:28:36:06 And to be honest, I did everything that anyone here
09:28:39:10 with me or anyone at the station would do.
09:28:41:28 It's my job, and I did it well that day, and just glad
09:28:47:22 to be recognized for it.
09:28:48:22 Thank you.
09:28:48:27 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:28:54:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Would Dr. Walter Smith please come
09:29:15:27 forward?
09:29:16:09 Council, it is my honor this morning to recognize one
09:29:31:27 of Tampa's own.
09:29:33:03 This is one of our native Tampans.
09:29:38:21 Dr. Walter Smith.
09:29:40:01 Dr. Smith's career spanned more than four decades in
09:29:41:03 education, government, private industry and
09:29:43:12 professional organizations.
09:29:44:12 He has served as provost of Hillsborough community
09:29:48:16 college in Tampa, president of Roxbury Community
09:29:51:16 College in Boston, Massachusetts, president of Florida
09:29:56:06 A&M University, FAMU in Tallahassee, Florida, and a
09:29:58:13 professor of higher education and institute of higher
09:30:00:24 education in the University of Florida.
09:30:03:15 He is the recipient of many illustrious awards.
09:30:07:01 That is why he has written a book about the magnificent

09:30:09:19 12, Florida black junior colleges.
09:30:13:00 This is why he will receive this award.
09:30:15:12 I'll read this commendation for you.
09:30:17:04 In recognition of Dr. Walter Smith being selected as
09:30:20:06 the 2009 Applegate-Dorros Peace and International
09:30:25:00 Understanding award recipient by the National Education
09:30:28:10 Association, Tampa City Council would like to take this
09:30:31:21 opportunity to applaud and congratulate you for many
09:30:34:28 years of human and civil rights goals and aspirations
09:30:38:28 that have affected many Americans across the nation.
09:30:41:07 We encourage you to continue your commitment in the
09:30:44:03 area of education, which will ultimately contribute to
09:30:47:09 international understanding and motivate our youth to
09:30:50:03 work for world peace.
09:30:51:21 We are very proud to have you in our midst and are
09:30:55:21 deeply honored to call you a City of Tampa citizen.
09:31:01:06 Tampa City Council extends best wishes to you and all
09:31:03:21 your future activities and endeavors.
09:31:06:06 It's signed by all the Council members.
09:31:07:28 [Applause]
09:31:15:06 >> I have to bring my family.
09:31:30:18 Samuel and my veterans of foreign wars.
09:31:32:28 I'm a veteran of the Korean war.
09:31:34:21 Good morning, Council.
09:31:37:03 I cannot tell you how gratified I am to have received

09:31:43:10 this award.
09:31:44:06 I'll be going to San Diego, California, on July 2nd
09:31:53:21 to accept the Applegate-Dorros International Peace and
09:31:58:07 Understanding Award, which I'm very proud of.
09:32:01:01 I got to tell you that it's good to be back home.
09:32:04:25 I left home under some very interesting circumstances,
09:32:08:21 and I just got to take a minute to tell you those
09:32:11:03 circumstances because I was perhaps the most notorious
09:32:17:24 hooky player at Dunbar Elementary School.
09:32:23:03 They used to come and pull me out of the Hillsborough
09:32:25:10 River to go to class.
09:32:27:12 And as quickly as principal G.V. Stewart turned his
09:32:32:09 back, I would be back in the river.
09:32:34:01 And finally my mother said, we've got to work.
09:32:37:00 We can't follow you.
09:32:38:13 We're sending you to Georgia.
09:32:40:27 So they sent me to the cotton fields of Georgia where I
09:32:44:27 worked alongside my grandma Susie picking cotton,
09:32:51:01 peanuts, cutting okra and stripping sugarcane.
09:32:53:24 I ran away at 17 to New York City where I lived on the
09:32:57:18 streets of New York City until I was 23.
09:33:00:15 Never finished high school.
09:33:02:03 Finally, I got a GED.
09:33:07:13 And thank God for Gibbs Junior College that used to
09:33:11:06 exist in St. Petersburg, one of the brainchilds of the

09:33:15:04 late governor LeRoy Collins and Jim WATTENBACHER.
09:33:21:15 I can tell you it was there that my life turned around.
09:33:24:06 I swore that I would dedicate the rest of my life to
09:33:27:15 people, and I have.
09:33:28:15 With the help of my family, we have built a library in
09:33:35:03 Tampa.
09:33:36:21 Some of you have been there -- only two of you.
09:33:40:18 I beg all the time for you to come and see it.
09:33:43:15 The ribbon cutting was done by the Mayor and my
09:33:48:10 96-year-old mother in 1995.
09:33:50:21 We serve the young people in West Tampa and anyplace
09:33:53:12 else that they come from.
09:33:54:15 We take them off the streets, and when you complain
09:33:58:27 about the boys with their drawers showing and I say it
09:34:02:15 just as it is, it's not unusual for me to go to the
09:34:06:09 fence and grab one and talk to him.
09:34:08:12 And the moment I do that, he pulls his pants up, comes
09:34:11:15 in the library, and his first words are, "Wow, I didn't
09:34:15:21 know this was here."
09:34:17:00 And what I'm saying to you is, this award is wonderful.
09:34:22:21 But what's more important is the need to meet our young
09:34:27:15 people where they are.
09:34:29:06 And that's in the streets, and help them to revitalize
09:34:35:04 their lives and enhance the quality of life in our
09:34:40:03 community thereby enhancing the development of a new

09:34:43:15 world order.
09:34:44:15 So today I simply say to you that I'm one of those kids
09:34:51:13 who could have been out there, but something happened.
09:34:58:00 And that something that happened to me doesn't happen
09:35:00:09 often today, but my mother turned me around when I was
09:35:07:12 23 years old and put her hands on her hips and told me,
09:35:12:06 don't dispute her word about going to school and she
09:35:16:00 meant I must go to school.
09:35:17:18 And I came back and went to junior college at age 25.
09:35:22:18 And I'll tell you that I'm proud that I did that.
09:35:25:09 I'm proud to be a part of Tampa.
09:35:27:15 And I hope that you will find the time to come to the
09:35:32:24 102-year-old house that sits on Albany Avenue, 905, 907
09:35:41:21 is the parking area.
09:35:43:03 909 is the computer science research and technology
09:35:46:21 center.
09:35:47:00 Funded by me.
09:35:50:03 Every dime of my retirement went into building this
09:35:55:00 library.
09:35:56:09 There was no charge by any child who comes.
09:35:59:18 And we sometimes become a babysitting center for
09:36:03:10 parents who decide they are just going to blow the horn
09:36:06:12 and keep going.
09:36:07:12 I know I've taken too much time, but I had to say what
09:36:10:16 I needed to say, and I hope that you will find the time

09:36:18:21 and I say you, but I'm looking at you, members of the
09:36:21:09 Council, all those behind me, too.
09:36:23:15 I'm looking at them.
09:36:25:03 Hope you will find the time to come, see what we do.
09:36:28:18 And I appreciate the help from those who you see
09:36:31:16 standing here, because they have contributed to the
09:36:34:06 library.
09:36:34:21 And my wife, Barbara, simply say to her, when things
09:36:41:07 get tough --
09:36:41:21 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:36:42:21 -- and I can't be at the library on time, I'll call her
09:36:47:27 and say, honey, you have the bundle of keys, she says
09:36:52:06 yes.
09:36:53:03 I say, be sure the library is open on time.
09:36:56:06 She is there to receive the kids and I love her.
09:36:58:09 This is my youngest son Walter.
09:37:00:25 Some of you know him.
09:37:01:28 He's a civil engineer, and hopefully he's going to
09:37:04:15 continue to make a difference in Tampa.
09:37:06:00 He was one of those who took the leadership some years
09:37:08:04 ago in cleaning up the alleys in Tampa, Florida.
09:37:11:06 So thank you so much for this opportunity.
09:37:15:04 And the rest of these are FAMU alumni and my veterans
09:37:18:12 of foreign war comrades.
09:37:20:09 Thank you so much.

09:37:21:27 [ APPLAUSE ]
09:37:31:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Dr. Smith, and
09:37:32:24 congratulations.
09:37:33:06 Council, we need to take action on two items that's
09:37:40:27 before us.
09:37:42:03 One is the public safety committee chair by
09:37:44:15 councilwoman Miller, and then item five, the public
09:37:48:07 work committee chair by councilman Charlie Miranda.
09:37:52:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
09:37:53:18 I move resolution item 4.
09:37:56:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.
09:37:57:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and second.
09:37:58:06 Any question?
09:37:58:21 All in favor, signify by saying aye.
09:38:00:28 Opposes?
09:38:01:27 Item 5, Public Works Committee councilman Charlie
09:38:07:06 Miranda.
09:38:07:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
09:38:08:27 Move item number five.
09:38:10:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.
09:38:12:06 Seconded by councilwoman Mulhern.
09:38:13:28 Any question?
09:38:14:21 Yes.
09:38:16:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I just wanted to point out because I
09:38:19:03 see that our solid waste director is here that this

09:38:21:03 weekend is the TV drop-off that I know a lot of people
09:38:25:16 were interested, so I wanted to give everybody a heads
09:38:28:15 up that's happening.
09:38:31:12 >> Where?
09:38:33:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Perhaps you should announce it.
09:38:35:01 The last time there was a huge number of people who
09:38:37:12 wanted to participate because of the switchover.
09:38:41:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do you want to come forward and tell us
09:38:43:06 the drop-off?
09:38:51:09 >> Good morning.
09:38:52:04 Tonja Brickhouse, City of Tampa, Department of Solid
09:38:54:10 Waste and Environmental Program Management.
09:38:58:15 I am pleased to announce that the spring household
09:39:01:00 chemical and electronics collection for the City of
09:39:03:12 Tampa will be held at a new venue.
09:39:06:25 Bird Street just south in the parking lot, just south
09:39:10:12 of the dog track.
09:39:11:18 We heard the citizens of Tampa and their concerns about
09:39:15:15 the long waits and some other issues related with
09:39:18:15 previous household chemical electronic collections.
09:39:21:10 So now we're trying to do something different.
09:39:24:15 So if you could, please, we have done much with media
09:39:29:12 to get the word out, but it never hurts to just, again,
09:39:32:07 emphasize.
09:39:32:27 Bird Street location, a change of venue from 9 a.m. to

09:39:36:24 2 p.m., and great teamwork from the TPD and my
09:39:42:10 department and the two contractors that are going to be
09:39:45:09 supporting this event.
09:39:46:13 I'm looking forward to some really good -- a good
09:39:53:00 experience, a different experience and a good
09:39:55:12 experience, but change and hopefully it will be for the
09:39:58:06 better.
09:39:58:15 >>GWEN MILLER: What is the date?
09:40:00:16 >> I'm sorry.
09:40:01:06 Saturday, April 25th.
09:40:02:15 I apologize.
09:40:03:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: This coming Saturday.
09:40:04:28 Councilwoman Mulhern.
09:40:05:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Ms. Brickhouse, can you tell us what we
09:40:09:21 can drop off there?
09:40:10:25 >> Oh, you can drop off any kind of electronics.
09:40:13:06 That means TVs, fluorescent light bulbs, computers,
09:40:18:24 paint, doing household, chemical and electronics
09:40:21:16 collection.
09:40:21:28 So the full gamut of what we do twice a year in October
09:40:25:15 and April, but anything, and we're encouraging.
09:40:28:15 Of course, you all know this effort is to make sure
09:40:30:18 that we cut down on illegal dumping, to make sure that
09:40:35:27 we divert a lot of these things from the waste stream.
09:40:38:16 Great opportunity and the price is right.

09:40:39:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
09:40:40:24 Thank you very much.
09:40:41:06 Been moved and seconded.
09:40:43:28 All in favor, signify by aye.
09:40:45:19 Opposes?
09:40:46:15 Okay.
09:40:46:27 So moved and ordered and carried.
09:40:48:15 Okay, we have several workshops that are on our agenda
09:40:52:01 for today.
09:40:52:21 And the first one --
09:40:55:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, we've had a request from
09:40:59:12 the clerk for a motion to open the workshops.
09:41:03:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to open the workshops.
09:41:05:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:41:05:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor, signify by saying aye.
09:41:07:21 Opposes?
09:41:08:18 Councilwoman Mulhern is the Chairman of the Finance
09:41:18:15 Committee.
09:41:19:04 I'll give her the opportunity to open and have comments
09:41:22:00 first.
09:41:22:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
09:41:23:10 Welcoming Bonnie Wise, our finance budget director, to
09:41:28:27 give us the fiscal year update six-month revenue and
09:41:33:24 expenditure overview for 2009.
09:41:37:06 Thanks, Bonnie.

09:41:37:28 >>BONNIE WISE: Thank you, Council members.
09:41:39:18 You should have a report in front of you.
09:41:44:12 And we do have some extra copies.
09:41:46:18 Most of this audience, there are many members from the
09:41:50:00 budget office.
09:41:50:18 If there are any certain questions.
09:41:53:28 Steve Daignault is here as well as certain enterprise
09:41:57:09 fund directors.
09:41:58:01 I want to thank you.
09:41:58:24 We have had several meetings with the Mayor already to
09:42:01:03 talk about some forecasts that we're making for fiscal
09:42:04:01 year 2010.
09:42:07:10 This report today is really going over where are we
09:42:09:28 based on some of our experiences through March 31st
09:42:14:09 and then some projections individually for certain
09:42:17:00 revenues and expenses.
09:42:18:03 And those other meetings, we haven't spent much time
09:42:22:01 talking about the enterprise funds, and I'm going to
09:42:24:12 cover those as well today.
09:42:25:15 As I mentioned, we have had various meetings with the
09:42:34:24 Mayor and with you-all.
09:42:37:12 We have certain budget workshops that are going to be
09:42:39:21 scheduled.
09:42:40:09 So for now, I just have June and July listed there.
09:42:43:04 You-all will need to select those dates that are

09:42:45:22 appropriate for you.
09:42:46:28 And we have the budget public hearings, and these are
09:42:50:13 just tentative dates that we have.
09:42:52:12 And they are, of course, the two budget hearings are in
09:42:54:22 the month of September.
09:42:55:22 First, I'm going to go through the general fund.
09:42:59:12 I know that you have seen many of these charts already.
09:43:05:06 I'll try to go through those that you are familiar with
09:43:07:19 quickly.
09:43:08:00 Those are the general fund revenues made up of various
09:43:10:27 revenues, property taxes, of course, being the largest
09:43:13:24 single revenue source that we get at the city.
09:43:16:25 We have various intergovernmental revenues, the
09:43:20:21 franchise fees from TECO, other franchise fees, and
09:43:23:16 various other fees and charges and reimbursements and
09:43:26:01 transfers.
09:43:26:16 I'm going to go through individually various revenue
09:43:29:10 sources for you.
09:43:30:00 And here we have just generally all the revenue
09:43:32:24 sources.
09:43:33:12 So you're going to see a format that's similar.
09:43:37:06 We have what we have budgeted.
09:43:38:21 We have what we have actually collected through the end
09:43:41:12 of March, what we're projecting through the end of the
09:43:43:28 fiscal year, and then a total for you.

09:43:46:16 But if I can just bring you to the bottom line, we had
09:43:50:03 budgeted that we were going to have to have a fund
09:43:52:28 balance transfer of about $11.4 million, and with that,
09:43:56:27 we still see that our revenues are anticipated to be
09:44:00:00 less than what we had budgeted.
09:44:02:13 Where is that happening?
09:44:03:24 It's happening a little bit in property taxes.
09:44:07:16 You can see going back to '04 through fiscal year '07
09:44:11:09 that we had had increases in property tax revenues
09:44:15:01 every year.
09:44:16:10 Back in '07, it was about an 18% increase.
09:44:19:27 Then with the tax reform that did occur, we had started
09:44:22:21 to see the decline.
09:44:24:01 So not only are we not seeing an increase that we had
09:44:27:00 been used to in prior years, now we're seeing a
09:44:29:18 decline.
09:44:30:07 And collections have been less than what we had
09:44:34:10 anticipated to date.
09:44:35:24 The tax certificate sales average $7 million in the
09:44:40:07 last two years.
09:44:41:00 It's really the highest ever.
09:44:42:18 TECO franchise fees just down slightly.
09:44:49:25 Sales tax revenues.
09:44:51:06 You've heard me talk about this one quite a bit.
09:44:53:13 You can see there that there has been a big decline

09:44:57:03 fiscal year '08 and then again fiscal year '09.
09:45:01:04 And this is one of those ones that we are really
09:45:03:03 monitoring very closely.
09:45:04:21 It doesn't only hit us here in the sales tax, but it
09:45:07:24 also hits us on the CIT, which, of course, is a sales
09:45:11:03 tax that we use for various capital projects.
09:45:14:01 So we had our five-year CIT plan, and now those
09:45:17:18 revenues are coming in less than experienced as well,
09:45:22:03 and that will be for a future discussion that we can
09:45:24:09 talk about the CIT.
09:45:25:19 We did budget 28.5 million for sales tax, and you can
09:45:29:06 see we're expecting that to be considerably less.
09:45:32:21 P.I.L.O.T. AND P.I.L.O.F.
09:45:34:18 You've heard that term.
09:45:32:24 Payment in lieu of taxes, payment in lieu of franchise
09:45:39:06 fees, that's what the enterprise funds pay into the
09:45:43:09 city.
09:45:45:03 That's a little bit less, too, because their revenues
09:45:47:01 are down as well.
09:45:47:28 And municipal revenue sharing.
09:45:49:27 Had been pretty much static the last few years, and now
09:45:54:00 we're seeing that decline as well.
09:45:56:03 Convention center revenues.
09:45:57:15 That's another one that we're expecting to see a
09:46:01:07 decline from what we budgeted.

09:46:03:06 And quite a large decline from the prior year.
09:46:05:27 I know that the convention center staff is really
09:46:08:12 trying to do some local bookings, and they did that
09:46:12:15 last year.
09:46:14:00 However, based on what they foresee, anyway, on the
09:46:17:19 books for right now, that's what we're anticipating.
09:46:19:22 And building permit fees.
09:46:21:06 Also expected to be slightly less than budget.
09:46:24:09 As you recall, we did have a rate change January 1st,
09:46:27:27 2009.
09:46:29:00 However, even with the rate change because of volume,
09:46:32:19 we're anticipating that to be a little bit lower.
09:46:34:22 How do we spend our money on the general fund?
09:46:38:01 You can see the biggest part, police and fire.
09:46:41:18 Code enforcement is about $5 million of that, so you
09:46:44:18 can see, of course, the largest piece is police and
09:46:47:15 fire.
09:46:48:00 Parks and recreation, convention center, public works,
09:46:50:18 the next largest.
09:46:51:18 And then what are we doing on the expense side because
09:46:57:07 as we're monitoring, our revenue is going down, what
09:47:00:16 steps are we taking?
09:47:01:16 We talked a lot about that already, things that we're
09:47:04:21 not purchasing, positions that are vacant that we're
09:47:07:21 eliminating.

09:47:08:09 Even when we have attrition on certain mission critical
09:47:13:00 item areas, we're not filling those immediately.
09:47:16:06 So every department is taking steps, and you'll be able
09:47:19:10 to see that throughout this presentation.
09:47:20:22 So we're seeing some savings in our personnel versus
09:47:25:10 budget, operating versus budget, and so we're expected
09:47:28:06 to save about $7 million by taking those steps.
09:47:33:04 What does that mean just overall generally?
09:47:36:00 Our projected revenues are to be about 353 million.
09:47:40:09 Projected expenses to be about 353 million.
09:47:42:27 I think I mentioned that to you in our previous
09:47:45:12 workshops that in the end, because of the steps we're
09:47:48:27 taking, we are going to be about even, but we had
09:47:52:16 budgeted in that revenue number to use $11.4 million of
09:47:56:10 fund balance to make that happen.
09:47:58:03 On the utility tax side, those are major sources there,
09:48:06:24 communication services.
09:48:07:19 You can see that that one is actually projected to be
09:48:10:00 slightly higher than budget.
09:48:11:10 The TECO U tax and just in general, all those revenues
09:48:17:10 are anticipated to be higher than what we had budgeted.
09:48:20:03 We did have a one-time increase this year in our
09:48:24:18 communication services tax of $1.8 million.
09:48:28:06 The state had made some audit adjustments.
09:48:31:06 The Department of Revenue is the one who monitors the

09:48:34:18 communication services tax.
09:48:35:18 And, frankly, kudos to Sharon fox in my office who
09:48:39:00 monitors this like a hawk, and this is from previous
09:48:43:25 years' adjustments, but that is a one time
09:48:46:12 $1.8 million.
09:48:47:12 We are certainly pleased to get that this year.
09:48:50:24 TECO utility tax is expected to be slightly higher than
09:48:54:13 budget.
09:48:54:28 However, new rates for TECO are going to go into
09:48:59:01 effect.
09:48:59:13 And so that will impact going forward.
09:49:01:21 And water utility tax, just slightly below budget.
09:49:06:18 And so here is the expenditure side.
09:49:13:03 As I mentioned, we're making various adjustments.
09:49:16:07 Every department is making adjustments on their
09:49:18:24 expenditure side to meet their budget, to meet the
09:49:20:28 needs.
09:49:21:13 So you can see there for capital equipment and vehicles
09:49:24:12 where we're not spending about $2.7 million in order to
09:49:29:13 help balance that budget.
09:49:30:21 On the utility tax side, we, too, had a budget transfer
09:49:35:09 of $7.1 million, so we did go into this year thinking
09:49:38:19 that we're going to need $7.1 million to balance the
09:49:42:15 budget on the utility tax side.
09:49:44:00 In the end, however, based on the projected revenues

09:49:47:21 and the cost-cutting items that we are doing to keep
09:49:50:04 our expenses down, it looks like we're probably not
09:49:53:16 going to need that $7.1 million that we had budgeted,
09:49:56:16 because in the end, it looks like we're going to be
09:49:58:12 about $8 million revenues over budget, so we won't need
09:50:01:18 to transfer that $7.1 million.
09:50:03:21 So I would say kudos to the departments for making
09:50:08:27 those expense cuts to ensure that that happens.
09:50:13:21 I'll talk about some other areas as well.
09:50:16:27 Federal funds, Community Development Block Grant
09:50:20:24 dollars decline -- seem to be declining somewhat every
09:50:24:21 year.
09:50:25:01 And shortly, we'll be receiving our '09 allocation.
09:50:30:03 Was this we're estimating.
09:50:35:06 On home also, every year, a little bit down, further
09:50:39:03 down.
09:50:39:10 Fuel is one of those items that we've been monitoring
09:50:43:15 quite a bit.
09:50:44:21 Fortunately, right now, we're at a situation where our
09:50:48:13 fuel price is declining.
09:50:50:01 And you can see that just over this multiyear period
09:50:53:09 how we've had -- gone up significantly, 46%.
09:50:59:00 We've had a drop from a high.
09:51:03:09 And then these are our fuel costs for the city.
09:51:05:13 So that's an area there where an external force has

09:51:09:03 actually helped us save some money.
09:51:10:25 So you can see that we budgeted 9.6 million, but we're
09:51:13:18 anticipating $6.7 million.
09:51:17:00 Our health insurance costs tend to -- are projected to
09:51:23:06 go up slightly this year, about 2%.
09:51:26:19 And this is our property insurance premium.
09:51:29:27 It's anticipated to stay about the same, but I'll show
09:51:33:06 you on the next chart where our coverage has declined,
09:51:36:24 however.
09:51:37:04 So if we can go to this chart, and I know this is quite
09:51:42:06 busy.
09:51:42:21 In fiscal years '04 and '05, the property insurance
09:51:46:09 companies did not make a distinction between named
09:51:50:01 storm coverage and just regular perils such as fire,
09:51:53:27 for example.
09:51:54:09 However, after the hurricanes and other things that
09:51:59:06 occurred, they did then start to distinguish between
09:52:03:13 specifically storm coverage.
09:52:04:27 And so the blue part, for example, as you see in fiscal
09:52:08:18 year '06 is when they started to just name our coverage
09:52:11:13 for storm coverage.
09:52:12:12 And so in fiscal year '08, you can see where we were
09:52:15:04 able to obtain the coverage and fiscal year '08, we had
09:52:20:00 $115 million of named storm coverage.
09:52:22:25 However, going into fiscal year '09 and it did just

09:52:27:13 renew just a week or so ago, we have 50 million for
09:52:30:06 named storm coverage for nonwater and sewer facilities
09:52:34:16 and then 50 million separately for water and sewer
09:52:37:07 facilities.
09:52:37:15 So I just want you to see that, although the premium is
09:52:40:00 about the same, what we're getting for it isn't quite
09:52:42:24 the same.
09:52:43:13 Having said that, other jurisdictions had seen about a
09:52:47:13 14% increase in their price.
09:52:50:15 So ours didn't go up.
09:52:53:04 There's the bright side.
09:52:55:00 Ours didn't go up.
09:52:56:06 You have seen various charts on the number of positions
09:52:59:15 at the city.
09:53:00:04 This is just the general fund, just wanting you to see
09:53:03:24 police and fire versus the rest of the employees.
09:53:05:27 We already talked about how citywide, we've reduced the
09:53:09:12 workforce about 10%.
09:53:10:21 And these are our personnel costs.
09:53:14:07 We are expecting --
09:53:15:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Excuse me.
09:53:16:09 Are you all leaving?
09:53:17:09 Coming back?
09:53:19:10 Okay.
09:53:19:22 Go ahead.

09:53:23:09 >>BONNIE WISE: Our general fund personnel costs,
09:53:25:13 because of, as I mentioned, the hiring freeze, the
09:53:28:12 elimination of positions and we're expected to save
09:53:31:27 some money there.
09:53:34:24 Overtime is another area.
09:53:37:00 Every department is monitoring very closely.
09:53:39:00 Pension.
09:53:43:06 You can see there this is the general employees
09:53:44:28 pension.
09:53:45:06 This is citywide, so this includes the enterprise funds
09:53:48:15 as well.
09:53:49:00 You can see back to '04 where the city's contribution
09:53:51:27 was just $6.8 million, and now we're budgeting -- what
09:53:57:15 we budgeted for '09 is 13.2 million.
09:54:01:18 It's fiscal year 10 is when we are really expected to
09:54:05:21 see the big increase because of what has happened in
09:54:08:06 the market.
09:54:08:25 The actuarial reports are still not -- they are not
09:54:11:24 complete yet, but based on what the experience of those
09:54:15:18 various funds, we're expecting this number, for
09:54:17:15 example, to be in the $22 million range for next year.
09:54:21:06 And that is consistent with what I had been showing you
09:54:25:09 in previous presentations.
09:54:26:12 For fire and police, we're seeing similar increases, so
09:54:32:15 $6 million this year, $11 million next year.

09:54:36:18 Once again, we'll wait for the actuarial reports to
09:54:40:10 give us the full impact, but it's going to be a big
09:54:42:21 increase.
09:54:43:00 This is a good segue into the enterprise fund.
09:54:47:03 The number of utility accounts that we bill on a yearly
09:54:52:24 basis, and we're experiencing something that we haven't
09:54:55:04 experienced before where the number of accounts is
09:54:59:04 actually declining.
09:55:00:12 For many years, it was just that we were always adding
09:55:03:03 customers.
09:55:04:06 Now we're experiencing, we're losing customers, and
09:55:08:09 it's when houses are vacant.
09:55:10:15 It used to be that people would keep their utilities
09:55:14:07 on, and now we're seeing that because they are being
09:55:17:21 vacant for so long, they are actually shutting off
09:55:20:09 utilities.
09:55:20:27 So we're having a loss of customers.
09:55:22:22 And the 1.48 million that we projected for the end of
09:55:26:09 this year is simply a projection based on our
09:55:28:27 experience.
09:55:29:04 If we're continuing to see the same decline we
09:55:31:22 experienced the first half of the year, we'll continue
09:55:34:06 to experience the next half of the year.
09:55:35:25 And this impacts our water revenues, our wastewater
09:55:40:01 revenues, solid waste revenues.

09:55:42:21 And with that, I'll move to the enterprise fund.
09:55:45:09 Are there any questions on the first part?
09:55:47:19 Okay.
09:55:51:22 >>MARY MULHERN: I just had a few questions that I'm
09:55:55:13 sure you're going to be able to answer for me.
09:55:58:03 On page 5 of our packets, the general revenue fund, I'm
09:56:03:24 just curious why your '09 budget projection went up by
09:56:11:18 more than 2 million, because I wouldn't have expected
09:56:14:27 us to be, you know, projecting to have that.
09:56:20:15 >>BONNIE WISE: On page 5.
09:56:23:00 >>MARY MULHERN: -- in this economy.
09:56:24:24 Yeah, on the top -- the sales tax revenue.
09:56:28:10 I'm sorry.
09:56:31:09 >>BONNIE WISE: Yes, actually sales tax is expected to
09:56:33:13 be down.
09:56:34:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
09:56:35:15 But what I was wondering why based on the actual
09:56:40:06 revenue from 2008, the budget projection went up to
09:56:46:03 28.5 million from 26.
09:56:48:06 >>BONNIE WISE: Okay.
09:56:49:01 Now I understand, why did we budget something --
09:56:51:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Why did we budget more?
09:56:53:12 >>BONNIE WISE: Of course, when we budget, we don't have
09:56:55:07 the full year's actual.
09:56:56:12 And if you think about when we're budgeting, we're

09:56:58:24 budgeting about now or in a month or two from now.
09:57:01:10 If you take yourself back to about a year ago, we
09:57:04:16 hadn't really had the huge decline in the market that
09:57:08:16 we experienced in August, September, October.
09:57:11:15 So we didn't have the information that we have now, and
09:57:15:07 it has only deteriorated since we budgeted.
09:57:17:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
09:57:18:18 The only reason I ask is because when we looked at what
09:57:22:24 we're calling a budget shortfall, I think -- I wouldn't
09:57:30:04 have expected us to budget receiving more sales tax
09:57:35:06 this year.
09:57:35:24 If I looked at it last year.
09:57:37:16 So it might help -- I mean, mostly, you've been really
09:57:42:24 conservative about on the budget.
09:57:44:18 But in that case -- and I think also in the general
09:57:50:12 fund -- actually had it going down, that was fine.
09:57:54:24 The other one that I noticed was the -- on page 7, the
09:58:02:13 permitting fees, we had them going up.
09:58:04:28 You know, I can understand that based on --
09:58:08:00 >>BONNIE WISE: The rate increase.
09:58:09:03 >>MARY MULHERN: -- how bad things have gotten.
09:58:13:00 >>BONNIE WISE: The budgeting for the permitting fees,
09:58:15:03 we knew we would have a rate increase.
09:58:18:07 We knew the volume would decline.
09:58:19:27 The other place that we get the sales tax numbers from

09:58:22:10 is really from the state.
09:58:23:18 The state gives us guidance and, of course, you-all
09:58:26:21 remember how the state has revised their sales tax
09:58:29:19 revenues time and time again.
09:58:32:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Um-hum.
09:58:32:24 You were basing it on what they were --
09:58:36:00 >>BONNIE WISE: What they were providing us.
09:58:38:06 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
09:58:38:21 And then I just have a question on the pie chart on the
09:58:44:04 same page.
09:58:44:19 The general fund expenditures.
09:58:46:00 >>BONNIE WISE: Um-hum.
09:58:48:03 >>MARY MULHERN: 20 million, 6% in reimbursement, what
09:58:52:07 is that reimbursement to the city?
09:58:55:04 Or reimbursement within?
09:58:57:18 >>BONNIE WISE: Yeah, it could be reimbursements --
09:59:02:15 sorry.
09:59:03:00 My version is slightly different than yours.
09:59:04:18 >>MARY MULHERN: It's right after the general fund
09:59:07:24 revenues chart.
09:59:11:21 And I think it's the first pie chart in here.
09:59:23:00 >>BONNIE WISE: It's CIP reimbursements.
09:59:25:06 And -- it's transferring within the city.
09:59:29:00 >>MARY MULHERN: So that's just within the city and it's
09:59:33:10 CRA funds?

09:59:34:03 >>BONNIE WISE: Some of it is CRA, yes.
09:59:36:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
09:59:37:09 So the CRA is -- what exactly is happening there?
09:59:42:25 Being moved from the CRA account?
09:59:46:21 >>BONNIE WISE: No, the city actually -- well, there are
09:59:48:16 two things that are happening, actually.
09:59:50:01 The city gets all the property tax revenues and from
09:59:53:21 those property tax revenues, we make our contributions
09:59:56:00 to each CRA.
09:59:56:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
09:59:59:09 I see.
09:59:59:21 >>BONNIE WISE: Separately, the CRA pays the city back
10:00:01:24 for certain expenses that the city provides to the CRA.
10:00:04:07 So we do have transfers going in and out.
10:00:06:16 >>MARY MULHERN: So that's in and out money.
10:00:08:09 It's just money being moved around between --
10:00:10:27 >>BONNIE WISE: Right.
10:00:11:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
10:00:12:07 I think that might be it.
10:00:13:18 Wait.
10:00:14:00 I have one other one.
10:00:15:03 On the fire and police pension.
10:00:19:24 >>BONNIE WISE: Yes.
10:00:24:01 >>MARY MULHERN: This is a question that's been kind of
10:00:27:03 raised -- budgeted by committee, but based on the

10:00:33:00 losses that they've seen, I'm wondering why we have
10:00:39:16 that projection to going up.
10:00:42:24 Oh, that's our contribution -- yeah, I'm sorry.
10:00:45:06 Why it's only going up six million and if you think
10:00:48:28 that that's really realistic --
10:00:51:00 >>BONNIE WISE: That's for fiscal year '09.
10:00:53:21 That's the year that we're in.
10:00:55:00 So that number is what it is for this year.
10:00:58:01 The actuarial report that we'll get shortly will be for
10:01:01:15 fiscal year '10.
10:01:02:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
10:01:03:18 So that's based on what we've already got.
10:01:07:00 Actuarial report we already have for this fiscal year.
10:01:11:06 >>BONNIE WISE: Yes.
10:01:12:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
10:01:13:09 Thanks.
10:01:19:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thanks for a very comprehensive
10:01:22:03 doom-and-gloom report.
10:01:23:21 I'm serious.
10:01:26:24 It is rough times that we're all in, and we appreciate
10:01:29:27 the update.
10:01:31:00 On page 18, utility accounts billed, the chart seems to
10:01:42:00 indicate 1.48 -- we're down from 1.52 which was a high
10:01:47:09 in '07 down to 1.48 for utility accounts billed.
10:01:54:21 In my typical bill at home, I must represent, what,

10:01:57:13 three or four different accounts, water, sewer --
10:01:59:21 >>BONNIE WISE: No, you are one bill.
10:02:01:06 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'm one bill?
10:02:02:22 How is it that we have 1.4 million bills.
10:02:06:01 >>BONNIE WISE: It's how many bills we send out in a
10:02:08:12 year.
10:02:09:03 So you would be 12 bills.
10:02:11:24 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Oh, that's per year.
10:02:13:06 I'm with you.
10:02:14:15 Thank you.
10:02:17:12 >>BONNIE WISE: Because some people, just so that you
10:02:19:00 know, we do have some water-only customers.
10:02:21:15 We have, you know -- not everybody gets all three
10:02:25:00 charges.
10:02:27:10 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: Thank you, Bonnie.
10:02:28:15 The convention center, 7 million, what are the
10:02:32:01 outstanding bonds presently?
10:02:35:18 Is that the bonds paid from the 7 million?
10:02:38:18 >>BONNIE WISE: No, the debt service, you mentioned,
10:02:41:24 there is debt outstanding that built the convention
10:02:45:01 center and actually tax increment revenues that pay the
10:02:48:00 debt on the convention center.
10:02:50:03 Those tax increment revenues, the TIF revenues, are
10:02:53:06 sufficient to pay the debt service on the bonds.
10:02:55:25 They have been sufficient to pay the debt service on

10:02:59:03 the bonds solely just for the past few years, but prior
10:03:03:28 to that, just so that you know, any shortfall, because
10:03:08:10 TIF revenues were not enough, the city had to pay the
10:03:11:16 difference with utility taxes.
10:03:13:07 But the past few years, there have been sufficient TIF
10:03:15:21 revenues for that purpose.
10:03:16:21 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: How is this 7 million used?
10:03:19:19 >>BONNIE WISE: This is to operate the convention
10:03:21:04 center, general operating.
10:03:22:18 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: Salaries.
10:03:23:21 >>BONNIE WISE: Exactly.
10:03:24:16 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: Utility bills.
10:03:25:18 >>BONNIE WISE: Everything, yes.
10:03:27:09 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: Thank you.
10:03:27:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Ms. Saul-Sena.
10:03:28:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, one quick question.
10:03:30:19 I'm very concerned about the hurricane coverage, and I
10:03:33:04 know that it's tough all over, but could you tell us,
10:03:38:09 did you look exhaustively for additional coverage, and
10:03:42:21 how much do we have now?
10:03:44:00 Is it like 150 million?
10:03:46:01 >>BONNIE WISE: Right.
10:03:46:24 I will tell you that Mike Laperch, our new risk
10:03:51:19 manager, spent a lot of time on this and did meet with
10:03:54:24 Darryl and me several times about it.

10:03:56:22 One of the good things he did is a full analysis of all
10:04:02:18 the city properties and their true values.
10:04:05:04 So now we have true replacement values on all our
10:04:09:12 property.
10:04:09:27 We did not have that prior to this year.
10:04:12:15 So that was a really good thing.
10:04:14:00 And then he was really trying to distinguish between
10:04:18:06 some things that may occur that is not a storm related,
10:04:22:04 fire, sinkhole, some other events and really look
10:04:25:16 through that.
10:04:26:01 They made certain hardening plans on certain facilities
10:04:32:06 in order to structurally make certain things more
10:04:35:06 sound.
10:04:35:18 So I will tell you that he has really done a very good
10:04:39:25 job to get the city the best deal.
10:04:41:28 In order to get more storm coverage, it was going to be
10:04:45:18 astronomically more expensive to get only a little bit
10:04:49:03 more storm coverage.
10:04:50:15 So it's a case where it's not even, like, realistically
10:04:55:10 even available in the market.
10:04:56:15 So the fact that we got what we got is really good,
10:05:02:10 albeit I'm with you that I would much prefer to see
10:05:07:09 much greater storm coverage.
10:05:09:18 Even last year, I would have wanted to have greater
10:05:12:03 storm coverage and now we have less.

10:05:13:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I want to thank you for presenting
10:05:16:04 us with basically a balanced budget without having to
10:05:18:22 cut additional positions.
10:05:21:09 But of all the components of the budget, the one that
10:05:23:18 gives me the most anxiety, I guess, is the storm
10:05:27:22 coverage, because we have so many significant expensive
10:05:33:07 city buildings adjacent to the water and are
10:05:35:18 vulnerable.
10:05:35:28 I know that's what our emergency fund is for.
10:05:38:03 But what is the total of our emergency fund now?
10:05:41:12 >>BONNIE WISE: It's just under $7.5 million.
10:05:44:01 You're right.
10:05:44:21 Our major properties are right along the water here.
10:05:48:15 And so it's not only this building and City Hall, it's
10:05:52:00 the convention center.
10:05:53:04 It's the Performing Arts Center.
10:05:54:19 It's the aquarium.
10:05:55:15 And various others.
10:05:57:06 So it's not just this building and the police building
10:06:00:18 downtown.
10:06:01:00 It's all our structures that we have to be concerned
10:06:02:25 about.
10:06:03:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:06:06:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me follow up on the convention
10:06:09:22 center.

10:06:10:03 Does the convention center receive any funding from the
10:06:12:00 TDC fund, tourist development tax?
10:06:14:19 >>BONNIE WISE: Yes, the convention center does receive
10:06:18:01 TDC funds.
10:06:20:10 Those are typically used for capital projects.
10:06:23:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just one other follow up, on the
10:06:26:10 utility accounts bill, if you do the math, it appears
10:06:28:24 that we have approximately 4,000 more empty homes or
10:06:35:04 businesses from '07 to '09 than we did in '07.
10:06:39:13 Like, three to four percent more is a little bit
10:06:47:15 mind-boggling.
10:06:49:12 >>BONNIE WISE: The manager of that area who actually
10:06:51:28 was really reluctant to do a projection.
10:06:54:16 So I did this projection.
10:06:56:09 He has been with the city for a very long time, and
10:07:00:19 every year since he's been here, the number of accounts
10:07:03:07 has increased.
10:07:04:03 He has never seen this.
10:07:06:09 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Do we have a projection to '10 on
10:07:09:24 that or are we scared to do that?
10:07:11:24 >>BONNIE WISE: B.
10:07:15:03 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I'll leave it at that.
10:07:16:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mulhern.
10:07:18:21 After this, we have to move.
10:07:19:18 >>MARY MULHERN: I want to say it's in both papers today

10:07:22:16 that more people are moving out of Florida.
10:07:24:09 And I think the number for Hillsborough County was
10:07:28:25 2,000 residents had moved out, moved out of state this
10:07:33:28 year.
10:07:34:13 It doesn't surprise me at all that we're having less
10:07:41:15 utility revenue.
10:07:43:06 >>BONNIE WISE: We also have, if you look at downtown,
10:07:45:09 several vacant units, for example.
10:07:47:24 So it's not only people have moved out, they've never
10:07:50:21 moved in.
10:07:51:12 Okay.
10:07:53:21 Let's go on to the enterprise funds, if we could.
10:07:56:09 President first one is, this is all the enterprise
10:08:02:19 fund.
10:08:03:00 You can see where wastewater is the largest enterprise
10:08:05:10 fund that we have at the city.
10:08:06:24 First I'll talk about water.
10:08:09:21 And I know that you have received several updates on
10:08:13:00 water, so I'll try not to reiterate what they have told
10:08:16:03 you already.
10:08:16:21 But our water sales is our largest component and, of
10:08:21:00 course, July of '07, we instituted the Tampa Bay Water
10:08:25:00 pass-through charge.
10:08:26:03 And that is for any water that we purchase from Tampa
10:08:28:27 Bay Water, we do pass that on through to our customers.

10:08:31:22 And the installation and connection fees, something
10:08:36:09 that's done.
10:08:36:28 Of course, the real estate market being down.
10:08:39:12 So here we have each of the revenue sources, and you
10:08:42:06 can see there that our revenues are anticipated to be
10:08:45:21 about $4.6 million less than what we had budgeted.
10:08:50:09 So '08 actual turned out to be a decline, and then
10:08:59:27 we're expecting about 4.6 million, as I mentioned.
10:09:02:06 On the expense side, however, we are buying a lot of
10:09:06:21 water from Tampa Bay Water due to the three-year
10:09:10:12 drought and chemical costs continue to rise.
10:09:15:16 So on the expense side, we're going to see about over
10:09:23:00 $8 million additional expenses than what we had
10:09:26:24 budgeted.
10:09:27:18 And you can see a big component of that is in the Tampa
10:09:30:12 Bay Water area, some capital and, of course, in the
10:09:34:15 operating when there are chemicals.
10:09:37:19 This is what the expenses look like.
10:09:39:18 Really, going to almost $95 million on the expense
10:09:42:19 side.
10:09:45:21 So what does that mean overall?
10:09:48:04 We're anticipating revenues about 81.8 million.
10:09:52:15 Expenses of 94.8.
10:09:54:10 And they are going to in the end have to use about
10:09:57:07 $13 million that we did not budget in fund balance this

10:10:03:01 year.
10:10:03:09 Wastewater, the largest component there are disposal
10:10:13:03 charges.
10:10:13:15 Once again, the economy leading to vacant homes,
10:10:16:21 decline in construction, all these things impacting our
10:10:20:04 enterprise funds.
10:10:21:04 And then, of course, next year, although this is
10:10:23:25 talking about fiscal year '09, we had the Smithfield
10:10:28:03 plant closing, and that will impact wastewater revenues
10:10:31:01 going forward.
10:10:31:24 And our wastewater revenue down about $4.6 million.
10:10:39:00 You can see that there.
10:10:45:21 And on the expense side, they have been deferring some
10:10:50:03 equipment, but there will be various CIP projects, as
10:10:55:27 you can see, in the second half of the year.
10:10:57:15 About $9 million.
10:10:59:21 But because they are making some changes on their
10:11:06:00 expense side -- sorry, I went through that a little bit
10:11:08:00 too quickly -- you can see some personnel and operating
10:11:11:15 savings that they are anticipating.
10:11:14:13 Their expenses are anticipated to be less than what we
10:11:16:18 had budgeted for them.
10:11:17:18 So what does that mean overall?
10:11:20:07 That their revenues will come in about 94 million and
10:11:25:00 their expenses are going to come in about 94 million.

10:11:27:18 However, part of their budget to balance their budget
10:11:30:27 this year was using $8.7 million of their fund balance
10:11:37:00 in order to balance their budget.
10:11:38:18 I think Ralph has shown you various charts before that
10:11:41:10 shows that his revenues are not sufficient to pay his
10:11:44:15 expenses and his debt service.
10:11:46:00 And this is where you can see that, that we were
10:11:48:09 required to use some of their fund balance to just
10:11:50:19 balance their budget.
10:11:51:15 On the solid waste side, there is a pie chart of all
10:11:57:18 their revenues.
10:12:00:03 And here is a breakdown.
10:12:02:24 And it looks like although within the categories, there
10:12:05:12 are some that are up and some that are down, in total,
10:12:08:15 they are looking to be almost exactly on budget at this
10:12:11:12 point.
10:12:11:27 And then these are their expenses.
10:12:19:21 And they are making some adjustments in what they can,
10:12:29:03 however, their expenses are anticipated to be about
10:12:32:01 $1.7 million higher than what we had budgeted.
10:12:34:22 There you can see it on a historical basis.
10:12:39:01 So what does it mean for them?
10:12:41:25 Their revenues are anticipated to be about 73 million
10:12:45:15 with their expenses at 74 million, so they are going to
10:12:48:25 be under budget about a million and a half dollars.

10:12:53:27 However, we had already assumed they were going to use
10:12:56:12 $1.8 million of fund balance so now they will use the
10:12:59:21 1.8 plus another 1.5.
10:13:01:21 On the parking fund, you can see there the garage is
10:13:10:18 the largest component of revenue source.
10:13:12:12 This is where we are really seeing some economic
10:13:14:12 impacts as well.
10:13:15:15 For the first time in recent years, there's not a
10:13:17:18 waiting list for the garage.
10:13:20:04 Historically, we had had waiting lists for garages.
10:13:22:12 So we're seeing that.
10:13:23:15 The forum revenues are anticipated to be down during
10:13:26:28 the second half of the year.
10:13:28:15 There really aren't any major -- well, there are no
10:13:31:24 hockey playoffs, and there's only one major concert
10:13:35:28 scheduled at this time.
10:13:36:21 So their revenues are anticipated to be pretty close to
10:13:42:13 budget but down slightly.
10:13:44:00 The parking revenue has declined.
10:13:52:00 I just want to mention that in fiscal year '04 and '05
10:13:56:12 is when we had the Tampa General garage.
10:13:58:03 That's why you see the big decline in '06, because
10:14:00:15 prior to that time, it did have Tampa General Hospital
10:14:05:15 revenues.
10:14:06:07 This is the parking expenses.

10:14:07:27 Just about half for personnel and 28% for operating.
10:14:11:00 Everybody is trying to make adjustments, as I
10:14:16:12 mentioned.
10:14:16:27 You can see in the operating area that they are
10:14:19:03 projecting to use a little bit less than what has
10:14:21:12 budgeted and pretty much expenses coming right in line
10:14:23:27 with what was budgeted.
10:14:25:00 You can see it there on a historical basis.
10:14:29:06 What does this mean overall for the parking fund?
10:14:34:21 Revenues, about 14.4 million.
10:14:38:01 Expenses 14.6 million.
10:14:39:21 So they are going to have to use about $258,000 from
10:14:43:27 fund balance.
10:14:44:22 However, if you remember, this year is the first year
10:14:48:09 that we actually had a general fund transfer into the
10:14:50:24 parking fund to help balance the parking fund budget.
10:14:54:27 And that's because the parking fund historically at the
10:14:57:00 city has kind of been used as an economic development
10:15:00:12 source.
10:15:01:18 For example, the forum garage, the parking fund has
10:15:04:03 been paying for some of those expenses, but it really
10:15:06:21 is an economic development effort.
10:15:08:24 So we had budgeted to use 118,000 of fund balance and
10:15:14:00 the city transferred 300,000 in the general fund and
10:15:16:22 yet we're still going to have to go into fund balance

10:15:19:06 about $258,000.
10:15:21:04 Stormwater is not really an enterprise fund.
10:15:26:00 It gets general fund contributions as well as utility
10:15:29:15 tax contributions, but yet it also has the special
10:15:32:24 assessment.
10:15:33:24 In a perfect world, it would be a self-supporting kind
10:15:37:10 of fund, but at this time, it's a quasi-enterprise
10:15:41:18 fund, if I could loosely use that term.
10:15:44:24 So you can see there where the various revenue sources
10:15:48:25 come from, the transfer from the general fund at the
10:15:50:18 top there of 3.3 million and transfer from utility tax
10:15:53:09 for projects of 8 million, and then there's the special
10:15:55:21 assessments of 5.7 million.
10:15:57:06 And their revenues are anticipated to come in pretty
10:16:02:18 close to budget at this time.
10:16:03:24 Partly because the city does control the transfer from
10:16:08:00 utility tax and the general fund and special
10:16:10:21 assessments are projected to be slightly higher than
10:16:13:12 what was budgeted.
10:16:14:06 So you can see there how their revenues have been
10:16:19:21 increasing over time.
10:16:20:24 And their expenses, personnel, operating and capital on
10:16:26:00 the pie form.
10:16:27:09 On the expense side, they have various increases and
10:16:34:04 decreases.

10:16:36:03 In the end, pretty close to budget, about $500,000 off.
10:16:39:13 And then you can see it on a historical basis, and then
10:16:48:27 for stormwater, pretty close revenue, projected
10:16:52:09 revenues, projected expenses.
10:16:54:25 Revenues about $250,000 higher than the expenses.
10:16:58:04 And that's what I have for the enterprise funds.
10:17:04:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Dingfelder.
10:17:06:12 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:17:07:22 Two questions, Bonnie.
10:17:08:27 On page 23, the water fund, projected fund balance used
10:17:18:06 of $13 million for the water fund and you said a lot of
10:17:21:00 that was related to the additional purchases from Tampa
10:17:25:27 Bay Water, which we all understand all too well.
10:17:29:09 But is that sort of a short-term, like a bridge loan
10:17:35:22 sort of a to ourselves and the pass-through will
10:17:40:01 eventually replenish some of the fund balance?
10:17:42:01 >>BONNIE WISE: The pass through does lag about a
10:17:44:00 quarter.
10:17:44:09 So, yes, we will see some of that come through.
10:17:46:24 So some of that fund balance use is because of our
10:17:49:15 purchase of Tampa Bay Water.
10:17:50:28 We don't recoup everything that we spend on Tampa Bay
10:17:53:22 Water.
10:17:54:04 We recoup some of it.
10:17:55:22 But a lot of it is the drought and just the use of

10:18:00:09 water that we have fewer customers, not watering, there
10:18:05:00 are just other factors as well that are factoring into
10:18:07:15 that $13 million, but the Tampa Bay Water is a large
10:18:10:24 component of it.
10:18:12:04 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
10:18:12:24 I'm wondering, and this might be more of a question for
10:18:20:24 Steve.
10:18:22:15 When we get into those situations, Steve where -- I
10:18:24:25 mean, it's sort of a catch-22 because on the one hand,
10:18:28:06 we tell people, you know, limit your watering, cut out
10:18:31:12 your watering, but then the flip side is from a revenue
10:18:34:12 stream, now we're hurting that fund, obviously, because
10:18:38:03 we're not getting the revenue from the use of the
10:18:40:24 potable water.
10:18:43:24 Long, philosophical debate we could have about all of
10:18:48:00 that.
10:18:48:12 But are there ever any opportunities to get grants or
10:18:51:28 anything or to apply for grants or anything like from
10:18:54:12 S.W.F.W.M.D. to address that sort of strange catch-22
10:18:58:16 that I just described?
10:18:59:28 >> Sir, I'm just not aware of any grants to backfill
10:19:04:01 the city for its loss of revenue as a result of reduced
10:19:07:18 use.
10:19:09:12 Under this scenario, we've all been trying to have
10:19:11:09 people be conservative.

10:19:12:18 So I'm just not aware of it.
10:19:14:00 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Maybe it's discussion we should have
10:19:16:09 with S.W.F.W.M.D. because we all want to be good
10:19:18:16 conservators of this resource of water, but at the same
10:19:21:07 time, now we have a utility that is in the red.
10:19:25:03 And, obviously, I mean, S.W.F.W.M.D., they want to help
10:19:28:15 us in many, many of our programs, and this might be
10:19:30:28 something they should look at helping us.
10:19:32:18 Just a thought.
10:19:34:21 The other question I had -- thank you, Steve.
10:19:37:00 The other question I had related to wastewater, Bonnie,
10:19:42:04 and that's on the top of page 24 in our book.
10:19:47:22 I find some inconsistency between departments in terms
10:19:52:24 of when they show fund balance on their revenue chart
10:19:58:09 and wastewater is showing the use of $8.6 million of
10:20:01:21 fund balance on their revenue chart, and then other
10:20:04:27 departments don't show the fund balance, but then you
10:20:07:00 say we'll have to make up the use of the fund balance.
10:20:09:12 So I guess just some consistency.
10:20:12:15 >>BONNIE WISE: Well, that's me.
10:20:14:03 Water did not have a budgeted fund balance use, so
10:20:16:15 that's why water doesn't have it.
10:20:18:00 Wastewater's was so big we gave it its own line, and
10:20:24:03 sometimes I group it into another area.
10:20:26:09 Sometimes in an other revenue category.

10:20:29:00 I'm just really trying to keep it from not getting too
10:20:32:19 long on a page.
10:20:33:19 That's why I specifically culled it out on the summary
10:20:38:21 page so that you can see what the fund balance use.
10:20:41:01 Water, we did not budget a fund balance use.
10:20:43:12 Wastewater, we did.
10:20:44:24 Parking, we did.
10:20:46:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: In your world, when we look at a
10:20:48:16 revenue page, should the fund balance be shown?
10:20:53:07 The use of a fund balance, should that be shown as a
10:20:55:27 revenue stream or should it not?
10:20:57:24 I'm not in your world.
10:20:58:21 >>BONNIE WISE: Well, we actually debated that in our
10:21:01:12 world, but because --
10:21:02:27 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Now I feel a little weird.
10:21:04:22 >>BONNIE WISE: No.
10:21:05:19 Yeah, you're in our minds here.
10:21:08:19 Because it was the way we budgeted it, I wanted to show
10:21:12:04 you what we budgeted.
10:21:13:07 So if you picked up the budget book, it would be
10:21:15:27 consistent.
10:21:16:07 In the future, whether we make a change or not, but
10:21:19:15 because we had done that, I wanted it to be transparent
10:21:21:24 here for you today.
10:21:22:24 So I just wanted it to be consistent.

10:21:24:15 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Okay.
10:21:25:15 Thank you.
10:21:28:24 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say on that topic, I
10:21:31:12 appreciate your separating that out and, you know,
10:21:33:10 whether you call it a revenue source or not, I think
10:21:35:21 it's really helpful for us when you do present the
10:21:38:09 budget in our workshops, if we can see where the fund
10:21:43:03 balance is, which department or which revenue source or
10:21:50:10 enterprise fund they belong to.
10:21:52:16 So I find that helpful, whatever you want to call it.
10:21:57:09 >>BONNIE WISE: Right.
10:21:57:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions from Council?
10:22:00:18 Thank you, Ms. Wise, for a very thorough report today.
10:22:04:06 It was very helpful.
10:22:05:01 >>BONNIE WISE: Thank you.
10:22:07:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Those that wish to address Council on
10:22:09:03 this particular issue may line up and come forward at
10:22:11:09 this time.
10:22:11:21 If you want to address Council regarding the budget
10:22:14:21 presentation, we have set aside some time for those who
10:22:19:24 want to have a question.
10:22:22:10 Is there anyone here who wants to talk to Council about
10:22:24:15 the budget?
10:22:25:03 Okay.
10:22:25:15 All right.

10:22:26:03 Thank you very much.
10:22:26:18 Seeing none.
10:22:27:24 We have some children that were scheduled to be here
10:22:30:12 this morning.
10:22:31:00 I was waiting for about 15 of them.
10:22:33:03 Are they still here?
10:22:34:00 I think a few of them are here.
10:22:35:24 Are they still here, the children?
10:22:37:18 Did all of them ever come in?
10:22:41:09 I was told that we were expecting about 15 children
10:22:44:13 this morning.
10:22:47:09 All of them come forward.
10:22:51:22 Bridget Gordon from the transportation division of
10:22:54:00 public works has with her probably 15 children who are
10:22:58:03 participating in this year's "bring your kids to work
10:23:01:03 day."
10:23:01:21 So they are here with us observing city government in
10:23:07:00 action.
10:23:07:12 And so we want them to come forward at this time to be
10:23:10:03 recognized.
10:23:10:22 And we have some goody bags that we're going to give
10:23:15:22 each one of them on behalf of City Council.
10:23:18:21 Come on in.
10:23:23:27 Welcome today.
10:23:25:13 Give us your name.

10:23:26:24 You're on television.
10:23:29:00 [ LAUGHTER ]
10:23:29:04 Smile.
10:23:35:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: What's your name?
10:23:37:03 >> My name is --
10:23:40:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Just talk normal.
10:23:41:25 Just talk normal.
10:23:47:18 >> It's okay.
10:23:57:12 >> My name is Steven and my school is Davis elementary.
10:24:04:24 [ APPLAUSE ]
10:24:09:21 >> My name is Glenda.
10:24:22:24 [ APPLAUSE ]
10:24:24:07 >> My name is Calloway.
10:24:30:21 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Calloway, we know her.
10:24:32:27 >> My name is Andrea Gordon, I attend Progress Village.
10:24:38:09 [ APPLAUSE ]
10:24:39:09 >> My name is Andres, and my school is academy.
10:24:47:09 [ APPLAUSE ]
10:24:48:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank each of you for being here today.
10:24:51:01 And the clerk has some goody bags for each one of you.
10:24:54:22 Thank you very much.
10:24:56:09 Okay.
10:25:10:09 We'll move to our next workshop, and our next workshop
10:25:20:00 related to the U.S. department of -- no, that's not
10:25:22:03 right.

10:25:22:18 Green jobs.
10:25:23:06 That's right.
10:25:23:18 That's it.
10:25:24:12 Green jobs, we want to discuss the connection with the
10:25:27:15 green jobs with the stimulus package.
10:25:29:15 So I'm assuming someone from staff, Ms. Miller, will
10:25:33:24 you come forward?
10:25:40:00 >>CYNTHIA MILLER: Good morning, Cindy Miller, director
10:25:41:25 of growth management and development services.
10:25:44:09 To some extent, I would like to defer -- Council member
10:25:47:10 Mulhern had put some folks in contact with me, and I
10:25:51:04 believe we have a presentation from Mr. Warren Clark.
10:25:56:10 And what I would like to say is it was very good to get
10:26:00:00 sort of reacquainted with Warren.
10:26:02:03 He and I worked on some things about 10 or 12 years ago
10:26:05:13 here with the city.
10:26:06:09 If I could have Warren Clark come forward and then I'll
10:26:08:24 have comments after his presentation.
10:26:10:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's fine.
10:26:13:15 >> Thank you.
10:26:16:06 >>MARY MULHERN: I want to maybe give a little
10:26:17:27 explanation.
10:26:18:09 I think everyone that came to this meeting knows what
10:26:21:15 green jobs are and that's why they are here.
10:26:23:27 It's become a goal of this administration and the

10:26:29:18 stimulus money, which is the American -- ARRA --
10:26:34:09 recovery and reinvestment act.
10:26:37:15 That money, a portion of it has been earmarked for
10:26:44:22 green jobs.
10:26:46:15 And specifically for energy efficiency and
10:26:51:12 weatherization in certain neighborhoods, in low-income
10:26:56:24 neighborhoods.
10:26:57:04 So it's part -- I have this book which I'll lend to
10:27:04:09 Cindy, but it's the green economy and the organization,
10:27:11:18 not for profit is called Green for All.
10:27:13:28 But Van Jones is the new advisor to the president, and
10:27:17:12 this was sort of his brainchild, the idea that you can
10:27:22:15 solve our energy problems and our poverty and economic
10:27:26:24 problems by stimulating and creating green jobs so that
10:27:33:10 you're giving people jobs.
10:27:35:01 They are local jobs, and that's going to spur economic
10:27:40:24 development.
10:27:41:09 So I think there are three -- the definition of what a
10:27:45:09 green job is, a job that helps the environment, that
10:27:49:16 pays better than a service job, and that is available
10:27:53:27 to anyone with the right training.
10:27:55:10 So it also involves getting people trained to do these
10:27:59:03 jobs, which is a big problem.
10:28:00:19 And this is what pastor Clark is going to talk about,
10:28:04:16 and we have Tony watts from the East Tampa CDC, from

10:28:12:04 the center of women to talk about these are some of the
10:28:14:28 things they do.
10:28:15:21 The bigger conversation outside of the weatherization,
10:28:19:24 which Hillsborough County, I believe, has $3 million
10:28:23:18 for this.
10:28:25:04 Not a lot of money.
10:28:26:00 So we'll be getting a part of that, and it will be
10:28:29:09 probably administered through these existing programs
10:28:31:25 such as the CDC.
10:28:33:00 Somewhere in here I read that -- I think something like
10:28:44:09 $3 million or something, $3 million does not create a
10:28:48:09 huge number of jobs.
10:28:49:09 And I think Warren and Cindy probably have an estimate.
10:28:52:06 But the point is, we're going to need a lot more help
10:28:55:01 if we're really locally going to be able to stimulate
10:28:59:24 green jobs.
10:29:00:09 So this is just the beginning of it, and I think we
10:29:03:24 need to look further in ways that we can leverage some
10:29:08:22 of the federal funds that will be coming for green jobs
10:29:14:25 and alternative energy, helping entrepreneurs in
10:29:17:25 creating jobs and bringing businesses here that are
10:29:20:09 going to create solar energy.
10:29:22:21 Also using EPA money, which I was really pleased to
10:29:28:15 hear that our Water Department has applied for some
10:29:32:21 grants that will go toward expanding our reclaimed

10:29:35:15 water system.
10:29:36:03 So there's going to be a lot of opportunity for jobs,
10:29:38:24 but at this point, the weatherization is the money that
10:29:42:12 we know we have we've got to use.
10:29:45:21 And I think that's what our guests want to address.
10:29:49:24 >> Well, I'm delighted to be with you this morning.
10:29:51:16 Warren Clark, 12207 Brightwater Boulevard.
10:29:55:04 I want to start by simply saying that in the Chinese
10:30:01:00 language, the word for "crisis" is made up of two
10:30:06:15 Chinese characters.
10:30:07:22 One is the character for danger.
10:30:09:15 And the other is the character for opportunity.
10:30:11:28 In the situation that we have with climate change,
10:30:17:03 which has begun to occur, and which is accelerating
10:30:20:00 more and more rapidly, we have a really dangerous
10:30:23:16 situation.
10:30:23:24 And so it is, actually, serving as quite a spur to us,
10:30:29:06 both at local levels and also at national and
10:30:31:21 international levels.
10:30:32:10 To do what we can as quickly as we can to reduce carbon
10:30:37:09 emissions so that we mitigate the worst effects of
10:30:39:28 climate change.
10:30:40:27 That absolutely impacts us here in Tampa.
10:30:46:01 And as far as the potential for all kinds of impacts of
10:30:50:12 climate change, including water shortages.

10:30:52:19 This is the beginning of it.
10:30:54:03 Because Florida will become drier.
10:30:56:24 But also with that, there is the character for
10:31:00:03 opportunity.
10:31:00:25 And that's what we're speaking to here today.
10:31:03:01 And that is there is an opportunity to create a green
10:31:08:07 collar economy, a new economy, that has within it the
10:31:11:10 potential for transforming our society towards one
10:31:15:03 which is more socially responsible, towards one where
10:31:18:22 there is more equity, where there are opportunities and
10:31:22:01 pathways out of poverty if we choose to focus ourselves
10:31:25:28 that way as local governments.
10:31:27:12 If we want to do that, we can have that be another
10:31:31:15 outcome from what we do with developing a green economy
10:31:34:18 here in Tampa.
10:31:35:25 And so that's really the focus, and that's the
10:31:38:03 direction of what we have to say today.
10:31:39:24 I want to say that our presentation that we're going to
10:31:42:18 make is general.
10:31:44:22 It's not directly on to the specifics today.
10:31:48:04 It is to set two general tones or directions for us to
10:31:51:15 consider as we move forward as the City of Tampa.
10:31:55:27 And those two directions are that it be with more
10:31:58:24 equity as we move into this economy, and that we also
10:32:01:22 call for collaboratives.

10:32:03:27 To do this in a collaborative way.
10:32:05:22 But let's get -- let me go on ahead and make a
10:32:08:18 presentation that we have to make to you, and I'm
10:32:12:00 delighted to be joined by Tony Watts and Beth.
10:32:15:24 I really am.
10:32:16:12 It's really good.
10:32:17:12 Also, what I would like to do is ask the other persons
10:32:20:03 that are in this new group that formed in our
10:32:22:03 community, called "green jobs for the people," would
10:32:24:25 you all stand so people can see the rest of you that
10:32:27:00 are here.
10:32:27:18 That would include the students as well that are with
10:32:33:06 power shift, because you were involved in it.
10:32:35:15 Great.
10:32:37:15 Glad you-all are here.
10:32:39:13 This is an important thing this morning.
10:32:41:06 Okay.
10:32:41:24 Here we go.
10:32:42:09 Like I said, the economic and climate change crisis
10:32:46:12 that faces our nation and world contains danger and
10:32:49:21 opportunity, and we can choose this new path to create
10:32:51:28 a sustainable and more just future in our nation and in
10:32:55:21 Tampa and Hillsborough County.
10:32:57:25 So we have an opportunity in this to create a more
10:33:02:03 equitable society.

10:33:03:10 And the recently passed American recovery and
10:33:06:00 reinvestment act and funding from additional
10:33:08:06 forthcoming clean energy laws can serve as a down
10:33:13:07 payment if invested wisely on building an inclusive
10:33:17:22 local green economy, strong enough to lift people out
10:33:21:09 of poverty.
10:33:21:24 So it's not just the stimulus monies, it's also what
10:33:25:00 else is going to be coming, which will be significantly
10:33:27:15 larger.
10:33:27:24 And it can be the beginning for us to move in a new
10:33:30:12 direction with this economy.
10:33:31:15 With hundreds of millions of dollars to build
10:33:36:03 modernized and retrofit homes, public buildings,
10:33:38:21 schools, transit systems, parks and water
10:33:41:06 infrastructure as well as a significant investment in
10:33:43:03 our nation's human capital through education and
10:33:45:13 workforce training, this period of landmark legislation
10:33:49:12 could be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to move the
10:33:53:04 nation along the arc that bends toward justice, full
10:33:57:06 inclusion and sustainability.
10:33:58:24 While swift action is critical to get the economy back
10:34:01:27 on track, the need for deliberate speed shouldn't
10:34:08:01 undermine the opportunity to utilize the dollars that
10:34:10:15 transform our economy here locally into one that is
10:34:12:27 more just and green and it provides real opportunities

10:34:16:00 for all of the workers in our local economy.
10:34:19:06 Green-collar jobs can help us conserve resources and
10:34:25:12 they can create new sources of energy and give our area
10:34:28:00 the power to grow our economy again.
10:34:30:21 This could be the real stimulus that we need for
10:34:34:10 growing our economy.
10:34:35:24 So call to action.
10:34:42:00 >> Good morning, Council.
10:34:42:27 I'm delighted to be here and delighted to be a part of
10:34:45:15 the infancy of the collaboration called Green Jobs for
10:34:49:21 the People.
10:34:50:03 It is absolutely critical that we make sure that we
10:34:52:24 take advantage of this opportunity not only to create
10:35:00:06 jobs but also to be able to retool a society and to be
10:35:03:27 able to help them to transition into these green type
10:35:12:12 of jobs.
10:35:13:00 It's our mission here being that we are going to be
10:35:16:09 doing things that will, one, protect the environment,
10:35:19:03 and, two, to be able to retool a workforce to be able
10:35:23:12 to take advantage of these green-collar jobs that are
10:35:26:27 going to be happening.
10:35:27:27 It's here.
10:35:28:12 It's here today.
10:35:29:03 So our call to action is that when congress passed the
10:35:31:18 green jobs act of 2007, it allocated $500 million for

10:35:36:15 green jobs.
10:35:37:28 Of that 500 million, 20%, or 100 million was designated
10:35:43:16 to help people in poverty through green jobs, training,
10:35:47:03 and placement.
10:35:48:00 So to help them to find pathways out of poverty.
10:35:50:28 So that this is equitable.
10:35:52:28 This is equitable across all lines, and we're not at
10:35:56:27 the very top end of environmental protection, but we
10:36:00:10 are also touching people across all lives.
10:36:05:09 Although those funds were never allocated under the
10:36:08:00 previous administration, it is clear that prior to the
10:36:11:06 current administration, the federal government was
10:36:12:24 stating in law that their goal was to increase energy
10:36:16:19 efficiency and enhance pathways out of poverty.
10:36:19:07 Now, two years later, the American recovery and
10:36:21:15 reinvestment act, the stimulus act, gives us an
10:36:24:24 opportunity to foster a more equitable community.
10:36:28:03 Green jobs for the people calls for the City of Tampa
10:36:31:18 to take advantage of funding for green jobs, training,
10:36:34:16 and placement, funding and the stimulus act to develop
10:36:38:22 our community capacity to open pathways out of poverty.
10:36:42:06 Fortunately, we have a number of organizations that
10:36:44:03 have many years of experience working in this.
10:36:47:06 We have center for women, who has been doing
10:36:49:09 weatherization, CDC of Tampa has placed green building

10:36:53:03 strategies in our new home construction, and we have
10:36:55:09 done some rehab work.
10:36:57:12 Of course, we are heavily involved in job training and
10:37:00:13 placement as well as the center for women.
10:37:03:06 And then there are other organizations, the coach
10:37:05:10 foundation, East Tampa Business and Civic Association,
10:37:07:24 the Sierra club, and fuse, which is faith united for
10:37:12:12 sustainable energy that are sitting around the table
10:37:17:00 and now talking about these opportunities.
10:37:20:16 It's the beginning.
10:37:21:15 I'm excited.
10:37:22:09 And I know that the rest of us are excited and the
10:37:26:21 people, it's an exciting time for people to be able to
10:37:29:22 transition.
10:37:30:12 We want to build on our capacity and learning from
10:37:34:15 already existing best practices in other parts of the
10:37:37:24 country.
10:37:38:24 As Dr. Clark talked about, we can position our area to
10:37:43:07 effectively compete for critically needed resources to
10:37:46:00 stimulate our local economy.
10:37:47:09 Thank you.
10:37:50:07 >> I'm Beth Ficquette, Executive Director of The Centre
10:37:52:15 for Women, 305 South Hyde Park Avenue.
10:37:54:28 And I'm going to address a little bit the collaborative
10:37:59:19 portion of the importance of this.

10:38:03:00 There's the global effort in terms of the conservation
10:38:08:24 of energy, but also, as Dr. Clark mentioned, the
10:38:13:21 importance of the collaboration among different groups.
10:38:16:00 And beyond initial stimulus monies, there will likely
10:38:18:28 be additional funds coming down for energy efficiency
10:38:23:12 because of anticipated federal energy legislation.
10:38:26:15 So competition for these funds is going to be stiff in
10:38:29:10 terms of metropolitan areas trying to seek them.
10:38:34:01 The size of the effort challenges our community to work
10:38:38:25 collaboratively.
10:38:39:18 Green jobs for the people urges the City of Tampa to
10:38:43:00 foster collaborative efforts to enhance already
10:38:47:13 existing corporate energy efficiency programs to expand
10:38:50:21 the capacity of minority and women-owned businesses, to
10:38:54:07 build on and expand already existing nonprofit capacity
10:38:57:27 and job training and placement of persons with low
10:39:00:21 incomes and weatherization for energy efficiency, to
10:39:04:27 tap into the wisdom of people, congregations, and
10:39:07:21 organizations in communities which face major economic
10:39:10:27 difficulties even in the best of times and to learn
10:39:14:06 from and exchange information with other metropolitan
10:39:18:09 areas, which are pursuing socially responsible green
10:39:21:09 jobs development.
10:39:22:06 These collaborative efforts will enhance our position
10:39:25:15 as we apply for federal and state funding and other

10:39:29:04 resources, because resources coming into our community
10:39:32:01 are unique in their size and their call for equitable
10:39:35:21 application, and also unique in the amount and just
10:39:40:27 this whole change in terms of the recovery funding.
10:39:44:09 We now have a chance to build a new clean energy
10:39:48:03 economy in Tampa in ways that reflect our deepest
10:39:52:00 values of inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunity
10:39:54:15 for everyone.
10:39:55:16 This is the promise of green jobs for the people.
10:40:03:24 >> Just a couple of comments here that are kind of an
10:40:09:03 overview of this.
10:40:10:09 Participating organizations in green jobs for the
10:40:12:21 people bring depth of experience, providing job
10:40:16:21 training and placement.
10:40:17:13 And several have specific experience in retrofitting
10:40:20:12 buildings for weatherization.
10:40:21:15 And they are connected to communities, as we've been
10:40:23:24 saying, that have economic difficulties and really
10:40:29:03 understand those communities and know them at depth and
10:40:33:00 what is needed in order to help people move out of
10:40:35:21 poverty and out of situations that are difficult and
10:40:39:21 challenging and be able to move forward.
10:40:42:01 And that is both the organizations that are represented
10:40:45:15 here and then a broader community that has many
10:40:48:04 institutions, including congregations that also can be

10:40:50:21 players within this as we invite that in.
10:40:54:10 As we invite our groups with that experience into this
10:40:57:06 process.
10:40:57:16 And so these organizations, particularly the ones that
10:41:02:24 are here at the podium and several that we have in our
10:41:05:24 group here, they have developed their job training
10:41:08:25 programs to mitigate difficulties that employers
10:41:11:16 encounter in hiring persons with background challenges.
10:41:14:28 And so here are some examples.
10:41:16:12 If you just speak to the CDC.
10:41:19:15 Sorry about that.
10:41:21:12 >> We have a presentation handout packet for each one
10:41:25:12 of you, that we'll give you.
10:41:28:09 The CDC of Tampa, we've been in existence since 1992.
10:41:33:13 I'm one of the very first programs that we started was
10:41:37:21 workforce development.
10:41:38:16 And that was out of a needs assessment that was
10:41:40:27 conducted by residents of the East Tampa community and
10:41:45:00 the results came back with 26 needs.
10:41:47:24 Job training placement was number three.
10:41:50:10 I always tell that story.
10:41:51:15 And we chose job training and placement because
10:41:54:19 affordable housing and day care and other things we
10:41:57:24 felt if you had enough money from jobs, then you'll be
10:42:01:06 able to afford the other things.

10:42:02:27 It has been an evolving process.
10:42:07:00 We began working with the University of South Florida.
10:42:10:22 They are a strong partner, and I'm sure they will be a
10:42:13:00 partner in this collaborative, to create a
10:42:16:21 community-based program where people could go and
10:42:20:15 access opportunities to employers that are coming into
10:42:24:00 the community, to gain skills in how to present
10:42:28:27 themselves, to work on their resumé, and we also did
10:42:34:15 some customized training for specific industries.
10:42:37:06 For example, customer service industries, we did a lot
10:42:41:12 of customized training for the hotel/motel
10:42:44:03 associations.
10:42:44:21 People that had low skills, no skills, background
10:42:47:27 challenges, noncustodial parents, just challenging
10:42:56:03 people getting into employment.
10:42:57:12 And we've had a lot of success with that.
10:42:59:04 We worked with the first Kash N' Karry that came in on
10:43:04:12 Nebraska and Martin Luther King.
10:43:05:07 We placed all of their initial people that were there,
10:43:07:10 and it wasn't because that they selected our candidates
10:43:11:03 or we had some type of a deal, we just did the
10:43:13:09 training, sent them down and they presented themselves
10:43:16:21 and they were hired.
10:43:17:15 We did that over a number of years.
10:43:19:00 We worked with Hillsborough Community College with

10:43:22:06 cable repair for noncustodial parents and did an
10:43:25:19 excellent job with that for three years.
10:43:27:28 What has happened over the time, we generally see about
10:43:30:27 3,000 people a year.
10:43:33:24 We see new every year, somewhere between three and five
10:43:38:18 hundred.
10:43:39:00 And we know that because we do an orientation on
10:43:41:00 Wednesday where new people come into our doors.
10:43:43:18 And what the outcome of that has been, there has been
10:43:49:15 about 200 jobs and placements.
10:43:52:15 So that gives us the understanding that there is a high
10:43:55:16 demand for jobs for the population that's coming
10:43:58:21 through our doors that need additional training to be
10:44:01:06 able to go into the workforce.
10:44:02:18 And so we begin to start looking at different
10:44:09:04 industries.
10:44:09:15 We're looking at the construction industry as an
10:44:11:27 opportunity to place people and looking at
10:44:15:25 weatherization as an opportunity to place people.
10:44:18:03 And when you take those two and put those two together,
10:44:21:09 then you can see there's a large opportunity for job
10:44:24:00 generation.
10:44:30:09 >> Regarding the center for women, I think as most of
10:44:32:22 you know, because we've had contracts with the city for
10:44:37:09 years to provide home repair and home rehab, including

10:44:41:21 weatherization, also very long-term relationships with
10:44:44:22 TECO, who has helped us in terms of support for this.
10:44:51:06 So we've been in business doing this for over 25 years.
10:44:54:12 We're state certified construction business.
10:45:01:21 I can go on into the types of repairs we make, but you
10:45:05:21 can kind of figure it out.
10:45:07:00 Things related to weatherization.
10:45:08:12 And we're also well-known for our employment and
10:45:11:00 placement program for women.
10:45:12:28 And that was actually our first program when we were
10:45:17:04 founded in 1977, focusing on employment for women.
10:45:22:18 And we've utilized our home repair program many times
10:45:26:15 to provide women jobs in a nontraditional field.
10:45:30:21 So there are -- we have skills in terms of actually
10:45:34:15 doing the work as well as tieing in with Tony and CDC
10:45:40:24 and other groups to train people to do other types of
10:45:44:09 programs.
10:45:44:24 And there are really many opportunities in the funding
10:45:47:12 in terms of commercial, government buildings, schools,
10:45:50:21 public housing authority, just basic residential.
10:45:53:24 So there are many opportunities for funding that are --
10:45:57:03 that will be coming available if they aren't already.
10:46:02:09 >> I would like to highlight the coach foundation.
10:46:04:03 Reverend Dixon, and he's here today, and he may well
10:46:07:15 have something to say a little later on.

10:46:09:24 But this is an organization that has long experience in
10:46:13:28 real estate development, purchase and rehabilitation of
10:46:15:16 housing, especially in low income areas of the city.
10:46:18:04 And job placement of persons with background
10:46:21:07 challenges, especially former prisoners and helping
10:46:24:12 families with low incomes realize homeownership.
10:46:27:06 So there are groups that are here within our community.
10:46:31:21 Here's the thing.
10:46:32:13 This is an opportunity for us right now to be able to
10:46:35:25 develop the capacity of a collaborative.
10:46:37:24 And to do that with the monies that are coming down
10:46:40:16 through the stimulus and also a little bit later on
10:46:43:00 with monies that are going to be coming in from clean
10:46:47:09 energy legislation that will be happening.
10:46:49:07 And so it's the chance that we have to then make
10:46:55:13 ourselves really positioned to write grants and to call
10:46:59:00 for funding on a much larger scale in the future.
10:47:01:25 But we need to develop that capacity within our
10:47:04:27 community to do that.
10:47:05:19 We have the base and the foundation for doing that.
10:47:09:03 And for forming a good collaborative effort on it.
10:47:13:24 So that and wanting to really encourage that we work
10:47:17:21 towards equity, those are the two main emphasis that we
10:47:21:12 wanted to share with you all.
10:47:28:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me say before you leave, I

10:47:30:01 appreciate the presentation.
10:47:30:28 However, I was under the impression that we were going
10:47:34:00 to talk about the actual dollars relative to the green
10:47:38:00 jobs and the money that is available.
10:47:40:21 I met with someone last week who told me that's already
10:47:46:21 been dedicated for this area or identified $32 million
10:47:49:27 in the stimulus for green jobs.
10:47:53:03 I don't know how accurate it is, but I suppose it came
10:47:55:00 from a reliable source.
10:47:56:06 I'm trying to find out.
10:47:57:06 I was assuming that's the kind of conversation that we
10:47:59:09 would have today about green jobs, that we have
10:48:01:09 $32 million.
10:48:03:00 Of that $32 million, where it's going and how many
10:48:05:06 green jobs it is going to create.
10:48:07:06 I also know that THAP is a big player with
10:48:12:15 weatherization, because $5 million allocation that they
10:48:15:27 get.
10:48:16:04 Now, someone said the county, but actually, the
10:48:18:15 county -- but it doesn't go to the county.
10:48:20:27 It comes to THAP.
10:48:22:18 I just want to be clear when we're giving information,
10:48:25:15 I want to be accurate there.
10:48:27:09 That's the kind of information I really was looking
10:48:29:18 for.

10:48:30:06 I know what CDC does.
10:48:32:06 Does an excellent job.
10:48:33:06 I know what coach does.
10:48:34:28 Center for women.
10:48:36:01 Re-did their house and all that.
10:48:41:12 I was hoping with the collaboration, with the
10:48:43:07 allocation, $32 million, $5 million, that this is how
10:48:46:27 many jobs it will create.
10:48:48:22 This is where it will be going.
10:48:50:00 This is what we'll be doing as an organization.
10:48:53:18 That was the kind of discussion I was hoping we would
10:48:55:12 have today.
10:48:56:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I think that -- Cindy Miller will
10:49:00:24 be able to fill in some of that.
10:49:02:12 That is part of what we need to hear.
10:49:05:09 I don't know if we have the exact numbers now.
10:49:11:07 I don't know if they are available.
10:49:12:15 I think Cindy will give us whatever we can have.
10:49:15:01 But I do want to point out that Reverend Clark and the
10:49:21:04 CDC and the center for women wanted to talk about,
10:49:25:27 basically about environmental justice and getting these
10:49:29:00 jobs into the communities that need them the most.
10:49:30:27 But there are a lot of people here from the
10:49:35:09 environmental community, people who are doing green
10:49:38:06 building, people who are doing energy efficiency,

10:49:41:00 people who are supporting alternative energy.
10:49:43:24 So I'm hoping that we can give people a few minutes to
10:49:47:18 speak, after Cindy gives us whatever numbers and
10:49:52:09 background she can, part of this was to hear from -- I
10:49:56:19 thought for us to hear, but also for the public to hear
10:50:02:12 where, you know, as much as we can find out about that,
10:50:06:09 what money may be coming in, and also to let everyone
10:50:12:06 know and let the public say how they would like to see
10:50:14:21 the future dollars being spent.
10:50:19:15 If we get $32 million worth of stimulus money, I don't
10:50:22:22 know how much of that would be dedicated for
10:50:25:03 sustainable and green jobs and energy development, but
10:50:27:27 I want to make sure that when the city, when we have
10:50:31:06 the opportunity to have the input into how that is
10:50:35:00 spent, that we hear from our constituents and from the
10:50:41:12 experts in both the industries and in the social sector
10:50:46:10 about how they'd like to see them spent.
10:50:51:18 >>CYNTHIA MILLER: Cindy Miller, director of growth
10:50:53:24 management development services.
10:50:55:19 And I will have to come back to you about the
10:50:58:03 $32 million.
10:50:59:06 That's the broader stimulus information, and we'll have
10:51:01:15 to do that as a separate presentation.
10:51:03:10 But one comment I made to Warren, he was nice not to
10:51:06:15 take my punch line away, why wait?

10:51:08:21 We don't have to wait for the new energy grants to be
10:51:14:00 announced. We already have housing dollars that we
10:51:17:15 already have incorporated over the last few years when
10:51:19:19 it comes to our rehabilitation of houses.
10:51:22:00 We already include energy star appliances.
10:51:24:07 We already include weatherization.
10:51:25:25 I mean, replacing leaky doors and windows is sometimes
10:51:28:27 the first step we do in any rehabilitation of a house.
10:51:31:12 Low-flow toilets, more efficient air-conditioners.
10:51:35:03 Those are the kinds of things we've been doing.
10:51:38:18 There are opportunities coming up in the next few
10:51:40:24 months, as a matter of fact right now, there already is
10:51:43:00 a request for proposal, quote, out on the street, using
10:51:46:03 neighborhood stabilization dollars in order to do
10:51:51:25 permanent rental housing for folks through social
10:51:55:15 service entities.
10:51:56:06 That's already out there.
10:51:57:06 We had our preproposal.
10:51:58:15 Those proposals are due April 30th.
10:52:00:13 We will have a series of proposals -- and I don't want
10:52:02:09 to go through the whole neighborhood stabilization
10:52:04:12 because I'll be back in may for that.
10:52:06:22 But we have home and ship funds.
10:52:08:18 You will be considering TIF funds in order to use it
10:52:12:03 for what we call sort of a partnership or leveraging of

10:52:14:28 our neighborhood stabilization dollars.
10:52:17:15 Also put historic preservation dollars in there.
10:52:20:13 If there's anything that's great, it's historic
10:52:22:24 preservation.
10:52:23:09 What I'm encouraging everyone to do is just don't look
10:52:25:24 for energy efficiency weatherization.
10:52:27:22 Look at when we're talking rehabilitation of housing
10:52:31:25 for either first-time home buyers or other purpose.
10:52:34:25 Take a look at that because this is the way to start
10:52:37:27 building capacity.
10:52:38:25 We already have in our proposal document that's already
10:52:41:13 out there on our Web site, that partnerships are what
10:52:44:12 we're encouraging, whether you call it collaborative.
10:52:47:21 Whether you call it partnerships, we like to have
10:52:49:24 groups come together, because if anything, you get a
10:52:52:18 much more solid product when you do have folks from the
10:52:55:22 private sector with the social service entities and
10:52:59:06 working with us from the public sector and through
10:53:01:21 various not for profits.
10:53:02:27 So that is definitely something.
10:53:04:06 Don't wait.
10:53:05:00 Those will be coming out in the next couple of months,
10:53:07:09 and I'll have a more thorough presentation for you at
10:53:09:12 your may meeting.
10:53:10:18 The other aspect I would like to mention, let me talk a

10:53:14:21 little bit about advocacy.
10:53:16:06 And I think it was -- might be something that we had
10:53:19:18 worked on with Ms. Watts.
10:53:22:07 And this was a simple rehab.
10:53:24:06 Some of the things we face, I know I sound like a
10:53:26:21 stick-in-the-mud sometimes and maybe that's my former
10:53:28:27 auditor hat or being a CPA or something.
10:53:32:09 One thing we have to keep working with, the regulations
10:53:34:21 that come down from HUD when we're looking at housing.
10:53:37:09 We have something as simple as the installation of a
10:53:40:03 ceiling Nan got disallowed because it already had air
10:53:43:15 conditioning in the house.
10:53:44:18 Now, a ceiling fan, from my understanding, is a great
10:53:47:27 way of preserving energy and not having to turn on the
10:53:51:04 air conditioning for a while, but that's the kind of
10:53:53:18 stuff -- stuff, I'm sorry, I'm getting into vernacular,
10:53:57:03 those are the kind of things that we need to be able to
10:54:00:06 talk with HUD about.
10:54:01:10 Frankly, sometimes government to government doesn't
10:54:03:09 work, but what I would especially like to ask our
10:54:06:03 various colleagues in the room is when we see something
10:54:08:24 that's sort of a misconnect of something of that type,
10:54:12:16 they will help us with that.
10:54:13:27 The secretary of HUD, I think it was about a month ago
10:54:18:16 I was reading is saying that when it comes to utilizing

10:54:21:06 the energy efficiency that might be in a new home, they
10:54:25:22 don't consider that in the carrying costs when we're
10:54:29:10 looking at down payment assistance.
10:54:31:00 That's crazy.
10:54:31:15 If utilities are costing you less, you should either be
10:54:33:28 able to qualify for a certain size of home or maybe
10:54:37:21 slightly bigger if your family needs it, and also be
10:54:41:00 able to show that you're going to have better carrying
10:54:44:00 costs.
10:54:44:15 We also think there needs to be a better look at using
10:54:46:28 recycled materials in the home construction.
10:54:48:21 Sometimes they cost a little bit more but we think
10:54:51:21 that's a good public purpose.
10:54:52:28 Those are the kind of things we hope we'll be able to
10:54:55:06 call upon folks that if we need a little extra boost,
10:54:58:18 believe me, there's usually not enough letters going in
10:55:00:25 when folks are making rule making and everything else
10:55:03:21 at the federal level, that any amount of involvement
10:55:05:21 will get a positive response.
10:55:07:00 When it comes to one other aspect, you did mention the
10:55:12:21 weatherization, those are dollars that will not be
10:55:15:22 administered by the city.
10:55:16:27 What we keep talking about, I think it was $3 million
10:55:19:06 allocated within the city, but that is going to another
10:55:23:15 entity.

10:55:24:00 We are in contact with them.
10:55:25:25 And I think from that standpoint, what I've been
10:55:28:13 reading in the popular press, is that the
10:55:30:16 weatherization is $6,500 per household.
10:55:33:15 That could take care of a lot of doors and windows and
10:55:37:06 other situations, along with, but the income, again,
10:55:40:12 income qualified.
10:55:41:07 So, again, I'm reading this in the popular press.
10:55:44:06 It's around $44,000 for family of four.
10:55:47:00 Is the income level to qualify.
10:55:48:28 So even though that is not going to be directly
10:55:52:28 monitored by us or managed by us, we are in contact
10:55:58:15 with staff in order to make sure that we have all the
10:56:00:16 appropriate partnerships, and I'm sure that they will
10:56:02:12 be in touch with a number of the folks here in the
10:56:04:18 room.
10:56:04:27 So I guess my message is, don't wait till the folks and
10:56:09:03 colleagues that are here, but pay attention to what we
10:56:11:21 put on our housing and community development division
10:56:15:03 Web site.
10:56:15:09 I also would encourage them to either send an e-mail,
10:56:21:03 Sharon will kill me,
10:56:25:22 The housing and community development division number
10:56:27:15 is 274-7954.
10:56:30:09 Because we want to make sure we have the e-mail mailing

10:56:32:21 list for anyone who wants to partner and hopefully gain
10:56:37:07 groups of partners that will participate in our request
10:56:39:12 for qualification, request for proposal process in the
10:56:41:28 coming weeks and months.
10:56:43:09 Thank you.
10:56:47:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena and then
10:56:49:18 Mulhern.
10:56:50:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
10:56:50:25 I appreciate that attitude of let's not wait.
10:56:53:19 I think that one of the concerns that I've heard from
10:56:56:18 the community here is the idea that we've heard from
10:57:00:13 our congresswoman Kathy Castor that there will be a
10:57:06:10 variety of initiatives from the federal level to the
10:57:09:16 local level to make us more sustainable.
10:57:11:09 And it's not completely clear, and that's what you can
10:57:15:09 address now, how we the city are collaborating with the
10:57:20:28 community and reaching up to Washington and saying, let
10:57:24:27 us look at this, let us look at that.
10:57:27:15 In addition to the areas you've identified, whether
10:57:30:12 it's before a boat to clean up the river, retrofitting
10:57:37:13 city buildings to be more energy efficient or offering
10:57:41:06 incentives to the private sector.
10:57:42:18 I see Mr. House -- building a LEED-certified building,
10:57:52:18 could we provide additional incentives as a city to
10:57:55:06 entities that use solar panels?

10:57:57:22 That kind of thing.
10:57:58:21 I think we all recognize that this is not a time for
10:58:03:27 passivity.
10:58:04:27 This is a time for very much articulating what our
10:58:08:15 initiatives will be, reaching our hand out to the
10:58:10:13 private sector and working together with Washington to
10:58:13:15 get some of those resources to our community so that we
10:58:16:19 can become a more sustainable community.
10:58:21:19 >>CYNTHIA MILLER: Council member Saul-Sena, it's not
10:58:23:18 that we are being silent because we're not actively
10:58:25:28 looking at things, but we are now waiting, I believe
10:58:28:09 it's about two weeks away.
10:58:30:04 We're waiting for the federal government to do their
10:58:32:06 notice of availability of funding.
10:58:34:06 And that is, we need to see what rules they are
10:58:37:28 putting, how they are packaging these grants.
10:58:40:12 So that will be the first step.
10:58:41:21 There's already been appropriations this year.
10:58:43:12 And I think what we're looking at for the future is
10:58:46:00 appropriations coming out of budget -- appropriations
10:58:50:24 when it comes to congressional action.
10:58:52:09 But in I believe the first week of may, the federal
10:58:54:15 government has indicated they will make this
10:58:56:27 information available as to what grants would be made
10:58:59:12 available.

10:58:59:24 So in that case, we'll see whether it's something that
10:59:01:27 the city can apply for, something that private groups
10:59:04:18 can apply for, and we'll have a much better
10:59:06:27 understanding of that once we see what the fine print
10:59:09:00 is.
10:59:09:12 So we as a city have a group of folks from various
10:59:13:09 departments taking a look at how the city can interface
10:59:15:22 on that.
10:59:16:12 And we will need to get back to you with that once we
10:59:19:15 see what the federal government has issued in its rules
10:59:21:18 and with its grant application process.
10:59:23:28 But like I said, that's where I'm saying, let's not
10:59:27:12 just wait for them.
10:59:28:12 Let's do it under our existing monies as well.
10:59:31:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah, I think that Linda really summed
10:59:33:28 up what we would like to hear from the city, from the
10:59:39:21 administration, and I mean, I'm finding out, because
10:59:42:24 every time I get an e-mail, I have a friend who sends
10:59:46:21 me an e-mail every time there's an appropriation for
10:59:53:03 the recovery act.
10:59:54:00 So I got an e-mail about money from the EPA about --
10:59:58:15 for water resources, and when I sent it on to Steve
11:00:03:09 Daignault, he told me, oh, we've already applied for
11:00:06:13 five different, I think they are loans to help with our
11:00:09:22 reclaimed water system, which is fantastic.

11:00:13:01 I'm thrilled to hear that, but I didn't know that was
11:00:15:04 happening.
11:00:15:15 So I think what we need to hear from you or from maybe
11:00:19:21 from other department heads is right now, so far, how
11:00:26:00 much money do we think we'll get as a city for
11:00:29:27 sustainable projects that will create green jobs.
11:00:33:27 Where are those dollars going to be -- what are we
11:00:37:28 applying for?
11:00:40:21 What are we asking for?
11:00:42:01 Where is our wish list and what are we trying to get
11:00:44:21 right now?
11:00:45:19 And I think your message is very good to everyone here
11:00:49:13 that we need to -- really what needs to happen is that
11:00:52:21 the agencies and the private sector need to get ready
11:01:00:27 as far as having the ability to train and to, you know,
11:01:06:06 to train and have people ready to be put into these
11:01:12:21 jobs.
11:01:13:01 But the other question is, what money is the city going
11:01:16:09 to have to administer?
11:01:17:24 How is it going to be administered?
11:01:19:12 And what do organizations and companies need to do to
11:01:23:03 get in line to be able to be eligible for that in the
11:01:27:18 future?
11:01:28:00 So I know that's a lot, but anything that you can
11:01:32:16 enlighten us with right now would be helpful.

11:01:34:27 And I understand that the money for the weatherization
11:01:39:15 is going through the county and state appointee, which
11:01:44:06 is THAP.
11:01:46:13 What can people here do to apply for that or see how
11:01:50:00 they can get some of that money, and is that going to
11:01:55:10 be what we'll be looking at in the future as far as
11:01:59:09 anytime we get money for weatherization, is it going to
11:02:01:09 be administered through them?
11:02:02:24 Or is there a way that our agencies in the city can
11:02:07:21 apply for that?
11:02:08:28 And we can administer it directly.
11:02:12:19 >>CYNTHIA MILLER: That's where the broader picture of
11:02:14:04 what is happening with the stimulus does have to come
11:02:18:10 for a later meeting.
11:02:19:06 That's the message I wanted to communicate.
11:02:21:09 We've already been doing weatherization as part of
11:02:23:18 housing rehabilitation.
11:02:24:12 Center of women, as mentioned, Beth mentioned, that is
11:02:27:18 already work that they are doing.
11:02:28:24 When it comes to the message of what Dr. Clark
11:02:33:18 identified, those are programs they already can
11:02:36:04 participate in, and that's where I think the best thing
11:02:39:03 to not take more time in your workshop today, is the
11:02:42:13 first meeting in May, I believe it's May 7th, I will
11:02:45:24 be presenting to you our neighborhood stabilization

11:02:47:22 program where we stand now, and I think that would be
11:02:50:18 our best opportunity where I can show you the dollars,
11:02:53:03 show you how we're going to be utilizing it.
11:02:56:00 That will be the best opportunity.
11:02:58:21 >>MARY MULHERN: But that's not stimulus money.
11:03:00:06 I mean, we're talking about the additional money that
11:03:03:06 we may be able to get from the federal government.
11:03:05:15 >>CYNTHIA MILLER: I understand.
11:03:06:12 That I think has to be a later presentation.
11:03:08:00 I don't have that information.
11:03:08:22 What I'm trying to present is a response for Dr. Clark
11:03:12:03 is that we can start now.
11:03:13:10 We don't have to wait for stimulus money.
11:03:15:06 They can start building capacity in the coming months
11:03:18:04 and not wait longer for when those other grants are
11:03:21:06 done.
11:03:21:16 From that standpoint, I think the good news is, we
11:03:24:01 already think it's important enough from our city
11:03:28:01 standpoint from both the administration and Council
11:03:29:24 standpoint to be sure that we incorporate green
11:03:35:12 practices, weatherization in our existing programs, and
11:03:38:15 it doesn't have to have a special name, because we're
11:03:40:24 going to do it anyway, because that's how -- we think
11:03:43:19 that's important.
11:03:44:07 We have been and we continue and we intend to expand

11:03:47:12 that program.
11:03:48:01 When it comes to the broader stimulus discussion, I
11:03:50:12 think we have to have that as a separate discussion at
11:03:53:04 a future either workshop or City Council date.
11:03:55:18 Because very frankly, we simply don't have the
11:03:58:07 information as of yet standing here today.
11:04:01:06 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, can you tell us what we are doing
11:04:04:09 so far?
11:04:04:21 I mean, I know I heard about the water application to
11:04:09:12 the EPA.
11:04:10:09 Are there any other --
11:04:12:21 >>CYNTHIA MILLER: I personally can't -- I do think
11:04:14:21 would you have to request that that report come at a
11:04:16:24 later date before Council.
11:04:18:00 Because there are so many other members of the
11:04:19:22 administration working on it.
11:04:21:09 I think you really have to have that broader picture.
11:04:25:18 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: One of the things that the public
11:04:28:13 and Council is interested in is the collaboration among
11:04:33:24 the members of the administration and who is sort of
11:04:35:27 the person in charge of the administration's request
11:04:39:06 for stimulus money.
11:04:41:00 So perhaps the appropriate thing is to schedule
11:04:44:10 something in three or four weeks where whoever that is
11:04:46:24 or whatever department heads are involved in this, come

11:04:51:00 to Council and to the public and explain this.
11:04:53:18 Because right now, we know you're the point person for
11:04:56:18 housing, Mr. Daignault is the point person for public
11:05:00:03 works, but I didn't know if there's like one sort of
11:05:04:22 grant writer or grant reader, sort of convener of all
11:05:10:06 the departments in terms of being the city's point
11:05:12:27 person for the recovery money.
11:05:14:24 >>CYNTHIA MILLER: Well, I can tell you the person who
11:05:16:19 has been making sure that we look at it all is the
11:05:19:00 Chief of Staff, but I believe if you just say the
11:05:21:15 administration to come back, that's certainly an
11:05:23:18 appropriate proposal, because whether it's Mr. Smith or
11:05:27:24 members of the revenue and finance, Bonnie Wise or a
11:05:30:09 group of us, I think that would be a good approach.
11:05:34:27 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Good.
11:05:37:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I was just handed something here from
11:05:39:15 my aide that states that under the American Recovery
11:05:43:06 and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the Community Development
11:05:46:00 Block Grant and the EEI team participating members, the
11:05:52:15 Energy Efficiency Working Group, the EEI lead is Eric
11:05:57:03 Ackerman, and EEI staff Becky Hash.
11:06:02:00 And the key provision of this was one billion dollars,
11:06:08:07 and it came out of U.S. department of housing and urban
11:06:10:21 development funding to be used by local governments to
11:06:12:28 undertake a wide range of activity intended to create

11:06:15:22 suitable living environmental providing decent
11:06:19:18 affordable housing and create economic opportunities
11:06:22:28 primarily for persons of low and moderate income under
11:06:25:09 the recovery act.
11:06:27:06 Recipients are required to give priority to projects
11:06:29:09 that can be -- can award contract based on the bid
11:06:33:15 within 120 days of the grant agreement.
11:06:35:27 This implementation was posted March 11, '09.
11:06:44:27 So I was just handed this.
11:06:46:27 I guess what I'm saying, too, and this is very clear,
11:06:49:27 that with this money, there's a time constraint.
11:06:54:21 What someone told me was, with the 32 million that
11:06:57:12 we've been allocated that's supposed to be coming to
11:07:00:12 the City of Tampa alone relating to green jobs that
11:07:02:21 they have to spend those dollars within, like, 90 days.
11:07:06:06 That's a lot of money for one agency.
11:07:09:07 So I'm hoping that whoever -- that's what I don't know,
11:07:12:01 who has the money.
11:07:13:06 Where it's going.
11:07:14:01 That's the kind of information I need to know and how
11:07:17:00 we can collaborate together so that we make sure that
11:07:20:00 we don't lose the funding, that the money don't go back
11:07:22:21 to Washington because we couldn't collaborate, we
11:07:24:21 couldn't partner, we couldn't work together.
11:07:26:21 I'm hoping that we can -- if the city, if you can take

11:07:30:07 the -- if the city can take the lead on this, fine,
11:07:33:27 pull everybody together, make this happen.
11:07:35:21 Make this be a reality, I think that would be great for
11:07:37:24 the City of Tampa if all the people interested in green
11:07:41:03 jobs and who are interested in the environment.
11:07:43:04 I think it's an excellent opportunity.
11:07:47:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, thank you.
11:07:47:27 I think that's exactly what we need.
11:07:50:01 First, I'd like to say I hope we can allow some public
11:07:54:19 comment.
11:07:55:00 I know we don't have a lot of time, but maybe one or
11:07:57:10 two minutes a person.
11:07:58:21 People should start lining up if you want to speak so
11:08:00:27 we have an idea of how much time we'll be able to give
11:08:06:25 people.
11:08:07:10 Do we need to vote on that?
11:08:09:27 Is that okay?
11:08:12:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's already in the rules.
11:08:13:06 >>MARY MULHERN: The one thing -- the motion I would
11:08:15:09 like to make, because, as you brought up, the deadlines
11:08:18:15 and the fact that we don't know how much money is out
11:08:21:16 there available or how we can access it, I'd like to
11:08:24:22 have a report at our Council meeting next week from the
11:08:29:07 administration about where they are as far as applying
11:08:35:01 for any of these -- what grants are out there that we

11:08:38:03 are applying for, and what amount of money we expect
11:08:43:00 the city to be able to access.
11:08:45:12 And I don't know, is that $32 million you mentioned, is
11:08:49:28 that money that has been appropriated or earmarked for
11:08:54:15 the city?
11:08:55:07 Or is that what we could possibly get, do you know?
11:08:58:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It is my understanding that $32 million
11:09:00:01 is what we, the City of Tampa is supposed to be getting
11:09:02:00 in terms of green jobs and weatherization.
11:09:05:06 That's what I was told.
11:09:06:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
11:09:06:27 So if we could have a report on that from the
11:09:11:06 administration at our Council meeting next week.
11:09:14:00 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No, next week, we don't have a
11:09:15:24 regular Council meeting.
11:09:16:24 We do have a 5:30 meeting.
11:09:18:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: May 1st.
11:09:21:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Two weeks.
11:09:22:12 >>MARTIN SHELBY: May 7th.
11:09:23:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: May 7th.
11:09:24:12 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know.
11:09:25:18 I want to be really specific about this so we actually
11:09:28:09 get the answer.
11:09:29:01 I would like to hear about the weatherization money and
11:09:31:28 the specific funding that Chairman Scott mentioned, and

11:09:37:09 also about, basically about the green job stimulus
11:09:44:00 money, what is available to the city, and what are we
11:09:46:25 doing to get some of that money.
11:09:49:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We have a motion, been moved and
11:09:52:22 seconded.
11:09:53:03 All in favor, signify by aye.
11:09:54:15 Opposes?
11:09:55:03 Okay.
11:09:56:09 [Motion Carried]
11:09:56:28 >> Good morning.
11:09:57:09 Diane Hart, 5006 Cumberland drive.
11:10:00:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Before you get started.
11:10:02:10 Two minutes for everybody.
11:10:03:15 Two minutes.
11:10:04:28 Two minutes and a 50 seconds.
11:10:10:15 >> Diane Hart, 5006 East Cumberland Drive, Tampa,
11:10:12:03 Florida.
11:10:12:18 I am the CEO of East Tampa Business and Civic
11:10:13:24 Association.
11:10:16:04 We are involved in the city's affordable housing
11:10:18:18 program.
11:10:18:25 Yes, we are doing many of the things that Ms. Cindy
11:10:24:21 Miller spoke about.
11:10:25:19 I would like to address Council, and I would like Cindy
11:10:31:04 and Sharon to be kind of be aware of the fact that our

11:10:33:15 fees have risen so high on the permitting fees until I
11:10:36:18 would like to know how we can maybe do something about
11:10:39:06 these permitting fees to allow us to incorporate green
11:10:42:07 building into the houses and still be able to make
11:10:44:09 these houses affordable for the low income families.
11:10:49:03 That is definitely a problem for us right now.
11:10:51:24 And I know because of all the budget cuts that the
11:10:55:07 fees, the permitting fees probably can't be waived.
11:10:58:18 At some points, we did have some fees that were waived
11:11:01:24 because of it being in the CRA and being in the East
11:11:03:24 Tampa area where most of the houses are being sold to
11:11:06:27 people of low income.
11:11:08:18 But we've got to take a look at that.
11:11:11:09 And I don't know if when we're applying for funding,
11:11:13:24 we're asking the federal government for some dollars
11:11:15:12 that we might be able to use to offset some of these
11:11:18:04 permitting fees, but the fees are killing us on the
11:11:20:27 nonprofit side, which makes it.
11:11:23:12 It's going to make it very, very difficult for us to
11:11:26:10 incorporate as many green features as we would like to
11:11:29:00 see going into the new houses.
11:11:31:00 Please, I would like in the next -- maybe the next time
11:11:34:07 we have a meeting, that that's one of the things that
11:11:36:22 we address.
11:11:37:18 How can we do something about some of the fees so we'll

11:11:41:04 be able to incorporate as much green building as we can
11:11:45:09 into these new affordable housing.
11:11:46:22 So that's critical to all of us in a nonprofit world.
11:11:49:18 Thank you very much.
11:11:50:03 And I greatly appreciate you-all taking the time to
11:11:52:28 discuss this.
11:11:54:04 The green jobs are critical.
11:11:55:25 Especially to the low income.
11:11:58:18 Folks who don't have that opportunity.
11:12:00:03 I was just reading in the paper this morning that the
11:12:03:18 persons that are losing the most jobs are black men and
11:12:08:09 women.
11:12:08:21 And I was kind of surprised.
11:12:10:06 I mean, not surprised, but it just goes back to say
11:12:13:21 that we cannot continue to build houses in East Tampa
11:12:16:27 and sell them to anybody because there are no jobs.
11:12:18:27 So this green jobs will definitely help us continue to
11:12:21:21 provide affordable housing in our communities and
11:12:25:00 stabilize it with the rehab rental program as well.
11:12:29:24 So thank you very much for your time.
11:12:32:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
11:12:33:03 Next speaker.
11:12:36:18 >> I'm Mark House.
11:12:38:06 I'm with The Beck Group.
11:12:39:13 And we're in Tampa Heights.

11:12:41:04 1902 Highland Avenue.
11:12:42:18 The first thing I want to say is that I'm very
11:12:45:06 concerned because we talked at length this morning
11:12:48:07 about waiting for the federal government to give us
11:12:50:13 money to be green.
11:12:51:13 And I think if we wait for somebody to be green, then
11:12:55:06 it's a huge mistake.
11:12:56:10 We need to be green right now.
11:12:57:25 Going back to the first person who spoke about fees, I
11:13:02:09 tend to agree with her on her fees.
11:13:05:07 If you look at impact fees, I'll use the specific
11:13:08:24 example, Ms. Saul-Sena brought up about LEED buildings,
11:13:12:01 leadership energy and environmental design, by
11:13:15:03 definition, a LEED building has a lower impact on the
11:13:18:00 environment.
11:13:18:22 As much as a 20 to 30 percent lower impact on
11:13:22:06 stormwater retention, sewer, water and energy
11:13:27:03 efficiency.
11:13:28:06 However, there is no benefit to applying for a LEED
11:13:32:16 building in the City of Tampa or in Hillsborough
11:13:34:04 County.
11:13:34:15 You get to move to the front of the line, so to speak,
11:13:38:09 but if you have a lower impact on the environment, on
11:13:41:22 transportation or on sewer or on water, you get no
11:13:45:06 credit for it.

11:13:45:24 You are treated just like a regular builder.
11:13:49:10 Therefore, there's no incentive for somebody to be
11:13:51:06 green, an economic incentive.
11:13:53:25 If you look at it, if there are those barriers, those
11:13:56:10 impact fees or permit fees to get buildings built, if a
11:14:00:03 building can't be built, you can't get that later on,
11:14:03:03 that property tax.
11:14:04:19 That property tax is going to be this big when the
11:14:07:03 impact fee is this big.
11:14:08:15 If you look at sales taxes, if you look at social
11:14:11:13 security taxes, the jobs that are created because you
11:14:13:21 can build that facility or go rebuild a home, those are
11:14:18:00 things I'd like you to consider, because those things
11:14:20:06 we haven't talked about at all.
11:14:21:18 The second thing is, I want to hear about some specific
11:14:25:12 jobs that we can create, some things that we can be
11:14:27:22 leaders in, and just some things right off the top of
11:14:30:04 my head, green roofs.
11:14:32:03 If you go to Chicago, you look at green roofs, Mayor
11:14:35:06 Daly came out and said we'll have a million square feet
11:14:37:16 of green roofs.
11:14:38:15 We have some of the greatest weather in the world here.
11:14:41:03 Chicago has got some pathetic weather.
11:14:43:09 [ LAUGHTER ]
11:14:43:27 We can have green roofs.

11:14:46:00 Green roofs sustain 60% of the stormwater runoff on the
11:14:50:25 roof.
11:14:51:28 So we talk about stormwater retention.
11:14:55:06 We talk about collecting condensate and using that for
11:15:00:15 our water.
11:15:01:27 Watering our lawns with condensate or collecting off
11:15:01:27 the roof, creating cisterns.
11:15:03:22 It was economically infeasible for us to put a cistern
11:15:07:12 in our new building over in Tampa Heights because of
11:15:09:24 the requirements that we had.
11:15:10:27 Anyway, those are some things we want to be specific,
11:15:14:00 get some green jobs.
11:15:15:09 It's not just give us some money.
11:15:17:22 Thank you.
11:15:20:27 >> My name is Robert Armstead, 10508 Beneva Drive in
11:15:25:15 New Tampa.
11:15:26:03 I work with the Florida Conservation Alliance
11:15:32:03 Institute, which is a state arm of the League of
11:15:33:24 Conservation Voters.
11:15:35:18 We are paying dramatic attention, especially to the
11:15:38:01 weatherization parts but also in regard to what's
11:15:40:15 happening at the federal level within the Americans
11:15:44:07 Clean Energy and Security Act 2009.
11:15:46:07 One notion I do want to put down, and I'm very
11:15:49:16 appreciative of the urgency that you're putting on

11:15:51:24 getting as much information about this, especially as
11:15:54:18 what it regards to the city and as many points as
11:15:59:15 possible and I'll be paying particularly attention to
11:16:02:03 help if at all possible.
11:16:03:22 The first notion I want to put, these jobs are going to
11:16:06:03 be the first economic indicators of exactly what this
11:16:10:03 is going to mean for our economy.
11:16:12:09 These jobs go to our hardest hit sectors of the economy
11:16:15:18 and it will bolster where we can help place a safety
11:16:20:03 net in the bottom ground, help prop up our real estate
11:16:23:12 issues that we're seeking daily here or seeing daily
11:16:27:09 here, and help reduce the risk of default on loans when
11:16:30:22 it comes to it from the city standpoint.
11:16:34:15 Another notion I want to put is with the urgency of
11:16:39:24 where we are in regards to getting this money into the
11:16:44:00 city, there should be a firm understanding of where we
11:16:46:18 are from a manpower standpoint at the city level and
11:16:50:01 how we can understand how to get that money here as
11:16:54:06 quickly as possible and as effectively as possible.
11:16:56:27 So with that understanding known, there may be
11:16:59:18 consideration to look outside, being able to hire a
11:17:02:15 third party to come into to consult or to look, get the
11:17:08:19 City of Tampa as much bang for the buck and as much
11:17:11:06 dollars as possible.
11:17:12:06 With all these, I say please follow the economics of

11:17:16:06 this.
11:17:16:28 Please understand what is the most effective way of
11:17:20:21 investing so we can get the most bang for our dollar
11:17:23:00 and create as many jobs, understand what that job
11:17:25:21 growth is and understand how that bolsters our city
11:17:28:12 even further, especially going forward with impending
11:17:30:22 federal legislation.
11:17:31:12 So thank you very much.
11:17:35:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
11:17:36:15 >> Terry Neal, president of Temple Crest Civic
11:17:38:21 Association, Tampa, Florida.
11:17:40:06 As I'm understanding this, green jobs means training
11:17:44:01 people to do things that will reduce the carbon imprint
11:17:47:18 in our city.
11:17:48:15 And in 90 days, we're not going to be able to do that.
11:17:51:13 So I hope that the federal government will be bringing
11:17:53:24 more money to us in the near future for this.
11:17:56:24 With that said, one of the things I would like to say,
11:18:01:01 form-based code design is a perfect opportunity for all
11:18:04:04 of us to integrate green elements into our community.
11:18:07:19 And we need to do that.
11:18:08:19 And I know Cindy and Tom are working with us on the
11:18:12:18 40th Street corridor to begin our form-based design.
11:18:16:00 Seminole Heights has already done that.
11:18:17:24 We have, as Cindy said, already started with some of

11:18:20:06 these things.
11:18:21:04 We came to you with a project that did not get built,
11:18:25:03 but we were going to put cisterns on every house, if
11:18:28:00 you remember that.
11:18:28:19 That reduces the amount of irrigation that's needed.
11:18:31:19 We have water that people can use for watering their
11:18:34:10 lawns, that kind of thing.
11:18:35:25 You can do permeable driveways, reduce stormwater
11:18:39:25 impact, cools the surfaces, things like that.
11:18:42:25 We need to explore those opportunities with the federal
11:18:46:24 government as well as incorporating those into our
11:18:49:27 form-based design.
11:18:51:07 Because if we don't go forward in a collaboration on
11:18:54:12 form-based design, we really are defeating our purposes
11:18:58:06 on this.
11:18:58:25 And as we begin this in July with the 40th Street
11:19:03:12 corridor, which is one -- I'm sorry, most beautiful
11:19:05:27 things I've seen, maybe I'm just prejudiced, but come
11:19:11:24 to the river, you'll see the beautiful bridge,
11:19:15:22 accidentally, we need to collaborate or otherwise
11:19:19:19 getting rid of all this municipal code on zoning and
11:19:22:15 building and everything else, it will be
11:19:25:04 self-defeating.
11:19:26:07 The form-based code has to incorporate all of these
11:19:30:15 green elements that we're talking about, plus, we need

11:19:33:10 to take the initiative with the federal government to
11:19:35:16 say, hey, wait a minute, don't turn down a ceiling fan
11:19:39:03 because the house has air-conditioning.
11:19:41:01 We'll turn the air conditioning off and turn the fan
11:19:43:01 on.
11:19:43:12 So that's all I needed to say, but I really appreciate
11:19:46:01 your doing this and thanks very much for inviting me to
11:19:48:22 this.
11:19:49:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
11:19:56:04 >> Greetings to you on behalf of the coach foundation
11:19:58:27 where I serve as Executive Director and founder, an
11:20:01:12 organization that started in October 1981.
11:20:03:18 And we have been helping ex-offenders and their
11:20:08:06 families since that time.
11:20:09:09 Presently, I am supporting the organization out of my
11:20:12:24 retirement check and my Social Security.
11:20:14:27 But it's a blessing to do that.
11:20:16:12 Now, I have a couple of concerns.
11:20:20:18 I had a young man that was released from Zephyrhills
11:20:23:12 correctional institution last week.
11:20:25:18 He came to me, and I don't think he was concerned about
11:20:28:15 the energy.
11:20:30:12 He was concerned about green, real green, because he
11:20:34:18 need a job.
11:20:36:27 If he doesn't have a job, he will go back as a repeat

11:20:40:09 offender.
11:20:40:24 Last year, in Hillsborough County, county jail, 70,000
11:20:47:16 inmates came out of Hillsborough County jail.
11:20:49:13 Their budget last year was $384,434,953.
11:20:55:09 Last year from the Department of Corrections their
11:20:59:07 budget was $2,130,186,000.
11:21:05:06 Now, if we don't help those individuals, they are going
11:21:08:22 back, because presently, you have 46.3% that are repeat
11:21:13:15 offenders.
11:21:13:27 And we as Hillsborough County last year number one
11:21:19:18 sending inmates to the Florida department of
11:21:21:10 corrections.
11:21:21:25 This year, we did a little better.
11:21:23:10 We're number two.
11:21:24:06 But still, we have more people leaving here from
11:21:28:00 Hillsborough County, but we don't prepare to accept
11:21:31:00 them back.
11:21:31:19 What are you going to do about it?
11:21:33:09 And we have started building green last year through my
11:21:37:07 contractor.
11:21:37:22 Green is nothing new.
11:21:39:00 But we need to develop jobs.
11:21:41:24 And one thing that I have a problem with, there are
11:21:44:07 large companies that come in our neighborhood, make
11:21:46:07 money, and leave out.

11:21:47:07 And we still have the same social needs.
11:21:50:12 We need to start having the local nonprofits to reap
11:21:54:00 some of the benefits so we can help people.
11:21:55:15 Then I don't have to use my Social Security money to
11:21:57:15 help inmates getting out.
11:21:59:09 And another thing I would like to say, in all fairness
11:22:02:00 to THAP, I want to ask a question.
11:22:04:00 If you got a grant in Hillsborough County for City of
11:22:09:12 Tampa, how would you feel if Clearwater wants some of
11:22:12:21 your money?
11:22:13:09 So we all have to file for our own grants.
11:22:17:21 I don't want us to pick on one organization because
11:22:19:12 they were effective enough to get some grant money.
11:22:22:03 And I would like to ask you this question, we talk
11:22:25:06 about a budget cuts, have you heard of any drug dealers
11:22:29:16 cutting their budgets?
11:22:30:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Your time is up.
11:22:32:04 >> Thank you.
11:22:34:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: One correction.
11:22:35:15 I don't think anybody here was picking on THAP.
11:22:37:07 I think we were saying they are a source of funding
11:22:41:15 administration.
11:22:46:15 I don't think anybody here was picking on THAP.
11:22:48:15 >> No, no.
11:22:49:13 I didn't say you were.

11:22:50:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's what you implied.
11:22:52:12 >> I didn't say you were, but I know their name came up
11:22:55:07 and I know they have a grant.
11:22:56:25 Because if I get a grant, I don't want anybody to take
11:23:00:04 my money.
11:23:00:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
11:23:01:18 >> All right.
11:23:02:00 Thank you.
11:23:05:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next speaker.
11:23:07:09 >> My name is Grant REMBY.
11:23:10:07 411 Island Road in your neighboring city of Temple
11:23:12:07 Terrace.
11:23:12:19 I'm here on invitation from Councilwoman Mulhern or her
11:23:17:21 aide.
11:23:18:09 I wanted to encourage you guys to move forth with as
11:23:22:24 much courage as you can muster and not be timid
11:23:28:27 regarding -- don't settle for weatherizing houses as
11:23:31:25 far as using the stimulus.
11:23:33:00 It's going to be important to know how much stimulus
11:23:35:12 money you have.
11:23:36:04 Is it 3 million or is it 32 million?
11:23:39:15 As far as what you can do, but -- I also wanted to
11:23:43:10 point out little downtown Temple Terrace has a
11:23:45:27 form-based code in place.
11:23:47:21 You guys need to step up to the plate soon.

11:23:50:16 With regarding a few ideas, historic preservation,
11:23:55:24 recycling buildings, perhaps more emphasis on that.
11:23:59:07 The city of Temple Terrace has some jewels which are
11:24:02:19 currently neglected.
11:24:03:27 Diverting dollars from road widening and road
11:24:10:00 creationing into more of a multimodal approach with
11:24:13:22 different forms of transportation and means of
11:24:18:03 transporting yourself.
11:24:19:15 Exploration of solar, geothermal, wind, passive
11:24:25:04 cooling.
11:24:25:27 I would like to -- perhaps it's a state or federal
11:24:27:27 issue, but I would love to see a rebirth of the
11:24:30:21 civilian conservation corps.
11:24:34:18 Think of what they did for the federal park system.
11:24:37:06 I can see that on a local basis for parks.
11:24:40:00 Reclaimed water, which is a huge issue in Temple
11:24:43:04 Terrace and Temple Crest where Terry Neal is.
11:24:46:24 I would love to see all county irrigation be reclaimed
11:24:52:13 water and only reclaimed water.
11:24:54:21 We should not be taking well water or city water and
11:24:58:09 potable water and using it to water our St. Augustine
11:25:01:15 lawns.
11:25:01:22 With that, I think -- oh, in the larger development
11:25:09:06 scheme, it would be great if we could start directing
11:25:13:06 development to infill gray field areas rather than

11:25:17:27 encouraging sprawling outwards farther away from our
11:25:22:22 city centers and creating the nightmare of sprawl,
11:25:25:27 which we have right now.
11:25:26:27 Thanks for having us or me.
11:25:31:10 >> Thank you for coming.
11:25:33:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next speaker.
11:25:37:12 >> I'm Stephen Breslow.
11:25:40:03 I live on Davis Island.
11:25:41:24 I am a founding member of the U.S. Green Building
11:25:44:28 Council, Gulf Coast chapter.
11:25:46:06 I'm presently the energy chair for the local Sierra
11:25:49:24 Club chapter.
11:25:50:21 I've been advocating for green power, green buildings,
11:25:57:06 green jobs for four years in this area.
11:26:00:03 It's been a very slow and very, very frustrating
11:26:05:25 process.
11:26:06:06 I talked to our local HUD officials, public housing
11:26:10:06 officials four years ago about the availability of
11:26:13:19 millions and millions of dollars.
11:26:17:00 This is 2005-2006 regarding private foundation combined
11:26:23:03 with government money available then.
11:26:24:18 Why are we having this conversation four years later?
11:26:28:24 I challenged you, the City Council of Tampa and the
11:26:33:19 Mayor's office, to get the message.
11:26:37:22 We're finally getting the message, because we elected a

11:26:40:07 president who already got the message.
11:26:43:15 Why did he get it?
11:26:45:00 Because four years ago, 70 or 80 percent of Americans
11:26:49:12 said they wanted government to do more to promote green
11:26:54:27 building and renewable energy.
11:26:56:19 Why didn't you all get that message?
11:26:58:19 Why we waited this long.
11:27:03:06 As Cindy Miller said, we can do it now.
11:27:07:22 In California, there are four or five hundred thousand
11:27:11:01 green jobs presently occupied.
11:27:14:13 State of Washington, 200,000.
11:27:16:06 They've done that without a single dollar of federal
11:27:19:00 money.
11:27:19:15 It's all been local initiatives and state initiatives.
11:27:22:09 I challenge all of you to get educated as I've educated
11:27:29:03 myself.
11:27:29:15 I'm a LEED certified builder.
11:27:31:24 And I've educated myself at great length in renewable
11:27:38:24 energy issues.
11:27:39:15 It takes some time, but more than that, it takes
11:27:42:21 motivation and commitment.
11:27:44:06 Thank you.
11:27:51:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
11:27:53:16 >> Good morning, Council members.
11:27:55:04 I'm Karen SAVIA, 2010 East Palm avenue, Ybor City.

11:27:59:27 Green incorporates so many things as we've heard today.
11:28:03:18 Everything from our transit systems and transportation
11:28:07:03 to building green to living green, to other measures of
11:28:12:06 sustainability which includes a local economy.
11:28:15:27 So one of the things I'm here to ask you for and let
11:28:19:16 you know what we think we need are more new businesses
11:28:24:06 focusing on green technologies.
11:28:26:24 I'm part of a new start-up business that wants to bring
11:28:30:00 solar power to the City of Tampa.
11:28:32:09 And more importantly, we really need assistance in
11:28:35:15 finding a location in East Tampa, because we know that
11:28:37:27 that is a place that would really benefit from having a
11:28:43:21 headquarters of this nature here in the city.
11:28:45:18 We also need assistance in job training for these new
11:28:49:00 green jobs.
11:28:49:15 So any help that we can get, including working with the
11:28:52:03 CDC, we hope to collaborate with as many organizations
11:28:55:24 as possible.
11:28:57:03 By year two, we anticipate having over 75 employees and
11:29:01:07 growing steady and strong from there.
11:29:03:15 We really want to see not only people be employed here
11:29:07:10 in Tampa, but our citizens also be able to take part in
11:29:11:04 the new renewable energy movement that's happening,
11:29:15:24 particularly solar, because we are the sunshine state,
11:29:17:24 and we can absolutely make this happen.

11:29:19:22 So whatever assistance is out there now, and with
11:29:22:28 future dollars, we hope that you'll look toward new
11:29:26:00 private businesses collaborating with some of our
11:29:28:09 nonprofits as well as the municipalities to really
11:29:30:19 bring it to the Tampa area.
11:29:33:00 So thank you very much.
11:29:40:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next speaker.
11:29:41:06 >> Good morning.
11:29:41:21 Alan Snell, director of SWFBUD, Southwest Florida
11:29:45:00 Bicycle United Dealers, East Powhatan Avenue.
11:29:49:12 Good to see you folks again.
11:29:51:15 Excuse my garb, although I'm one of the few people who
11:29:54:03 bicycled to your City Council workshop today.
11:29:55:25 I wanted to echo the gentleman from Temple Terrace
11:30:00:25 regarding making our roads more multimodal.
11:30:03:09 And it fits into the big picture of renewable energy
11:30:08:15 and making our communities more green.
11:30:10:06 I'm all for weatherization and making our buildings
11:30:13:01 more energy efficient, but there's a way -- we have to
11:30:17:16 get to the buildings.
11:30:20:15 And I can tell you first hand that people literally by
11:30:24:06 the week tell me they want to bicycle on your streets
11:30:28:21 in Tampa to their jobs, to their homes, just to even go
11:30:31:24 to the grocery store, but they do not bike because the
11:30:34:28 streets are too narrow, too dangerous.

11:30:37:07 And I'm asking that you folks look holistically at this
11:30:43:09 whole green job stimulus package in the sense that
11:30:46:24 there's no reason why jobs can't be produced to build
11:30:51:06 widening the roads, as the gentleman had mentioned.
11:30:54:00 There are some people who won't bike on roads.
11:30:56:00 You know what?
11:30:56:18 You might have to build paths and put them in efficient
11:30:59:06 areas, although I do suggest that you folks build a
11:31:03:27 network of bike lanes around the city so we can reach
11:31:07:15 our more energy efficient buildings.
11:31:10:09 Thank you very much.
11:31:16:00 >> Susan Long, Seminole Heights Foundation, 921 East
11:31:19:21 Broad Street.
11:31:20:09 One of the missions of the foundation is to assist in
11:31:25:21 the redevelopment, revitalization of Seminole Heights
11:31:28:13 commercial corridors.
11:31:29:09 In doing that, I want to just reiterate what Terry Neal
11:31:34:09 said.
11:31:34:18 We do want to make this redevelopment be as green as
11:31:37:06 possible.
11:31:37:21 That is expensive.
11:31:39:15 We will be applying for grants.
11:31:42:15 We want to work with the city.
11:31:43:19 To date, we've had very good support from the city.
11:31:46:18 We're at our infancy, but I do want to say that working

11:31:50:27 with the city so that we can get this done in a manner
11:31:53:15 that is not cost prohibitive to the developers and the
11:31:56:19 resulting businesses that go in there is our goal.
11:32:00:16 We also have worked with some of the bicycle clubs
11:32:04:06 because included in that form-based zoning is making
11:32:09:09 them more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, which they
11:32:12:06 are not right now.
11:32:13:10 They are not at all.
11:32:14:06 I mean, you drive down Hillsborough Avenue and you're
11:32:16:27 taking your life in your hands if you are on a bike or
11:32:22:03 if you are walking.
11:32:23:03 These are some of the things we want to do, and if we
11:32:25:03 do those things which we intend to do our best to
11:32:27:18 accomplish, they will provide more green jobs, and they
11:32:29:21 will provide less carbon impact, and they will provide
11:32:34:01 nicer, longer-term structures that everybody will be
11:32:37:18 happy with.
11:32:38:03 Thank you.
11:32:40:24 >> Good morning.
11:32:45:01 My name is Dena Leavengood.
11:32:46:21 I live at 3007 West Chapin Avenue.
11:32:50:09 I would like to thank you for the opportunity to come
11:32:52:01 speak before you today.
11:32:53:06 Everything that's been said this morning is really
11:32:54:27 important.

11:32:55:07 I really applaud you at taking the initiative to work
11:32:59:18 forward on this.
11:33:00:09 Unfortunately, City of Tampa is really behind the ball.
11:33:02:24 And there are many other surrounding communities in our
11:33:05:24 nearby neighborhoods who are much further along than we
11:33:08:25 are in terms of knowing how much money, exactly what's
11:33:11:21 available, how to spend it and so forth.
11:33:14:00 And we do have time constraints.
11:33:15:15 When we start to have this money available, we'll have
11:33:17:12 to spend it right away.
11:33:19:03 My suggestion is that there are a lot of very
11:33:21:01 knowledgeable people who are really interested in a
11:33:24:18 green community, and there are new initiatives
11:33:27:19 happening every day.
11:33:28:18 People really should collaborate, should get together
11:33:31:24 and let's share all of this information now.
11:33:34:18 One way to do that I would suggest is Creative Loafing
11:33:37:09 has just created a green communities Web site, web page
11:33:41:06 that people can sign up on to learn about this.
11:33:43:16 We have green industry initiatives.
11:33:45:12 We have green jobs listings.
11:33:47:24 We have events.
11:33:48:16 We have opportunities for education and training.
11:33:50:28 I think it's really important that maybe we need a
11:33:54:21 single leader to convene a summit here so that we can

11:33:57:18 get all the people who have information together in one
11:34:00:03 place.
11:34:00:13 I learned about several initiatives this morning that
11:34:02:24 I've never heard of, and I run a sustainability
11:34:05:18 listserv for the region.
11:34:06:15 So I think it's really important that we convene that
11:34:11:19 summit as quickly as possible, to share as much
11:34:14:03 information as we can.
11:34:14:22 We don't need to reinvent the wheel.
11:34:16:27 That's saving energy and being efficient.
11:34:18:18 Thank you.
11:34:18:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.
11:34:22:06 >> Good morning, Council.
11:34:23:01 Lisa Montelion, 9814 North Pawnee Avenue, Tampa,
11:34:27:10 Florida.
11:34:28:06 A lot of you are already familiar with what I've done.
11:34:30:28 I am here speaking to you quite often about green
11:34:34:00 building.
11:34:34:18 We have a for-profit company who has been hiring and
11:34:38:18 training ex-offenders for as long as we've been in
11:34:40:21 business.
11:34:41:01 It's not something that construction companies are
11:34:44:22 unfamiliar with.
11:34:45:22 It's something that as Cindy Miller has said, we
11:34:48:25 haven't been waiting for these types of initiatives to

11:34:51:24 come from the government.
11:34:52:27 We do them as a matter of our business.
11:34:55:25 We are building green in terrace park, and terrace park
11:34:59:06 is not -- sorry, we won't benefit really much from
11:35:02:07 form-based planning because we're bounded by Fowler
11:35:05:13 Avenue on one side and Busch Boulevard on the other.
11:35:07:21 So we don't have a real walkable neighborhood.
11:35:10:01 But it is very expensive to reiterate.
11:35:13:13 I won't go into everything that everybody else has
11:35:15:24 said.
11:35:16:01 It's very expensive.
11:35:17:01 We could not do cisterns.
11:35:18:24 It is very expensive.
11:35:19:15 We could not do solar.
11:35:20:27 We want to keep our houses under the 170,000, 180,000
11:35:26:21 dollar mark.
11:35:27:10 So it's really important that we make choices a is to
11:35:29:28 which green initiatives we can include in our houses
11:35:31:28 and which ones we can't.
11:35:33:06 And getting involved with the city and getting involved
11:35:36:15 with nonprofits and the suggestion of having one point
11:35:40:19 person that I think several Council members,
11:35:43:27 Ms. Saul-Sena and Mulhern have suggested is really
11:35:47:01 important, because it is a full-time job to do this
11:35:50:18 research.

11:35:51:03 To find out who to contact, which departments, when the
11:35:55:06 money is coming out as Councilman Scott has pointed
11:35:58:03 out.
11:35:58:18 It's uneducated in this area, and it's very, very
11:36:03:25 difficult.
11:36:05:06 The idea of Creative Loafing green Web site is
11:36:08:21 wonderful.
11:36:09:03 It does bring the community together.
11:36:10:24 As Ms. Leavengood said, having a green summit.
11:36:13:15 I think a lot of people came here today or were here
11:36:15:27 earlier and left thinking we would get real specific
11:36:18:18 information on green jobs today.
11:36:19:28 And I think some people will be disappointed that that
11:36:24:09 wasn't really the focus.
11:36:25:09 It was just kind of an airing out and fleshing out of
11:36:29:06 what's going on.
11:36:30:16 So if we can pay some specific attention and get some
11:36:33:18 specific information on how those dollars will be
11:36:35:27 utilized, when they are coming, who we can turn to
11:36:39:15 would be fabulous.
11:36:40:10 Thank you for your time, and thank you for having us
11:36:42:24 today.
11:36:47:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.
11:36:48:00 >> Hello.
11:36:48:12 Michelle Young.

11:36:49:09 3105 West Horatio Street.
11:36:51:18 I've been attending meetings with green community
11:36:56:03 people on both sides of the bay.
11:36:58:03 Longer on St. Pete side because they seem to have a
11:37:00:27 little bit more going there in communication and
11:37:02:21 collaboration, and I'm happy to see that we're getting
11:37:05:06 more involved here.
11:37:07:01 The thing that I keep hearing at the grassroots level
11:37:09:25 as we're having communication conversations that matter
11:37:13:10 with people that really do care, that aren't in an
11:37:18:25 administrative or government position, is that so much
11:37:20:21 is being put on weatherization, new construction,
11:37:23:24 transportation, what else did I hear?
11:37:26:18 Hotel, motel, and restaurant.
11:37:28:12 And if we don't have an economy where people can afford
11:37:32:10 to buy new homes, go to restaurants, go to hotels, why
11:37:35:16 are we focusing on things that we have been doing the
11:37:38:12 same all along?
11:37:40:00 There are so many entrepreneurial now called
11:37:42:22 eco-preneurial ideas out there.
11:37:48:04 I was at a meeting yesterday where somebody mentioned
11:37:51:01 how much of a carbon footprint our trucking industry is
11:37:54:09 providing because -- providing -- expending, because
11:37:58:06 they have to keep their trucks on all night as they are
11:38:00:16 sleeping in their trucks.

11:38:01:13 And why don't we have a way that we don't have to keep
11:38:05:00 using fossil fuels keeping the trucks running by
11:38:07:18 plugging in to an electrical station like the shipping
11:38:12:06 in L.A. has been doing and in California.
11:38:14:00 And if we go beyond that, what if we had solar stations
11:38:17:21 that people could plug into.
11:38:19:09 So I see your eyebrows going up, councilman Saul-Sena.
11:38:24:00 There are so many ripe, juicy ideas like this out
11:38:26:15 there.
11:38:27:00 If you talk to people, especially the young people that
11:38:29:24 are looking for market niches, where can they get jobs,
11:38:33:21 what will their four-year degree from college lead to
11:38:36:09 anymore?
11:38:36:19 The places like PTEC or Erwin Technical Institute where
11:38:41:16 they can do immediate training.
11:38:43:28 Doesn't take two years or four years, so we can use
11:38:46:16 resources that we already have to train people in jobs
11:38:49:25 that we had no idea we needed.
11:38:52:03 We're in the unprecedented, unknowingness.
11:38:56:24 In that, instead of going back to our old ways, let's
11:39:00:03 community, get together world cafes based on this
11:39:03:09 subject to invite the people, the masses that are
11:39:05:27 affected, to see what do we need to be doing in looking
11:39:08:27 at jobs so that we're not funding roads that we may not
11:39:12:00 need five and ten years from now, because we're all on

11:39:14:27 bikes or we're all on scooters or all those other
11:39:18:00 gadgets.
11:39:18:28 Or, you know, hotels.
11:39:21:10 [buzzer]
11:39:22:21 That's it?
11:39:23:21 Well, hopefully that sparks ideas.
11:39:25:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.
11:39:26:03 I want to thank everybody for being here today.
11:39:28:03 I want to again thank the center for women, Beth, Tony
11:39:32:15 watts with the CDC, Dr. Warren Clark for making the
11:39:36:12 presentation this morning.
11:39:37:22 And all of you for being here.
11:39:39:06 Thank you, again.
11:39:44:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Real quick motion to ask Council to
11:39:46:19 ask the administration to revisit our rules -- this is
11:39:49:15 a Cindy Miller issue -- to revisit our rules in terms
11:39:53:24 of construction to encourage and allow the use of
11:39:59:06 cisterns and to credit investment for green roofs in
11:40:04:00 terms of not impact -- in terms of not charging the
11:40:07:15 same stormwater fees because if 60% of the stormwater
11:40:11:09 is captured, then we shouldn't be charging for that
11:40:14:00 that's captured on-site.
11:40:16:24 So that would be my motion and to hear back in 60 days.
11:40:21:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.
11:40:22:21 Seconded by Councilman Miranda.

11:40:24:18 All in favor, signify by aye.
11:40:26:06 Opposes?
11:40:28:15 Yes, sir.
11:40:29:22 >>JOSEPH CAETANO: Mr. Chairman, thank you.
11:40:30:27 I was listening in the back.
11:40:31:22 I believe some woman got up and talked about the impact
11:40:35:15 fees and the new fees for building a building.
11:40:39:25 We have tripled our fees.
11:40:43:27 In this economy, it shouldn't happen.
11:40:45:16 I know we did the paperwork way before that.
11:40:48:00 I think we voted on that probably two or three months
11:40:51:21 ago.
11:40:51:28 And I've asked for the building department to come back
11:40:55:06 with some figures to show us where we are at.
11:40:57:24 Because I don't think we should be raising fees on perm
11:41:02:28 when people are not working and construction is
11:41:05:18 probably at zero.
11:41:08:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All right.
11:41:09:06 Thank you, sir.
11:41:10:09 Our next workshop is scheduled for 11:00.
11:41:12:16 Powerpoint presentation regarding the one bay/regional
11:41:17:21 visioning initiative.
11:41:21:21 >> Thank you all for coming.
11:41:32:00 >> If the Powerpoint can be put on the screen, please?
11:41:48:00 >> Good morning.

11:42:20:24 I'm Holly Greening.
11:42:22:06 I am the Executive Director of the Tampa Bay Estuary
11:42:24:00 Program.
11:42:24:12 And I'm also on the committee, the One Bay Executive
11:42:32:09 Committee.
11:42:33:06 My partners on the One Bay committee include the
11:42:34:09 Southwest Florida Water Management District, Tampa Bay
11:42:36:07 Regional Planning Council, Tampa Bay Vision 21 through
11:42:40:06 the Tampa Bay Partnership, and the Urban Land
11:42:42:24 Institute.
11:42:43:06 I think a number of you are familiar with one bay
11:42:49:06 initiative.
11:42:49:21 Today I wanted to give you a brief update on the
11:42:51:21 findings there.
11:42:52:10 This is very compatible with the discussion that you've
11:42:55:24 been having this morning.
11:42:56:24 One bay is a partnership of public and private leaders
11:43:00:21 aligned to facilitate the development of a regional
11:43:04:27 vision in order to achieve a sustainable, high quality
11:43:09:09 Tampa Bay in the future.
11:43:10:09 Certainly, that's an awful lot of what we've been
11:43:12:12 talking about this morning.
11:43:13:09 The future will not be like the past, as we know.
11:43:18:24 Perhaps, Greg, could you do these?
11:43:28:21 >> The national trends are changing.

11:43:43:16 The U.S. population is forecasted to be over 439
11:43:49:06 million by 2050.
11:43:52:09 Energy costs are rising, as we know, and water
11:43:55:06 resources are finite.
11:43:56:03 Very importantly, regions will be competing for jobs
11:44:04:09 and great places to live and work.
11:44:06:24 And the Tampa Bay region is one of ten megaregions in
11:44:09:06 the United States that 70 to 80 percent of the growth
11:44:13:03 is expected to occur within the next 50 years.
11:44:16:19 I think some very important overview graphics to show
11:44:24:15 here.
11:44:24:25 In 1972, this is what our population distribution
11:44:28:12 looked like in the Tampa Bay area.
11:44:30:13 The brown is -- represents development, and you can see
11:44:33:25 we had about 1.7 million people then.
11:44:36:21 With about 49 -- 493 thousand acres that were
11:44:43:12 developed.
11:44:43:27 In 2005, this is what we looked like.
11:44:48:24 The brown again is development.
11:44:51:06 Our population then was at 3.8 million.
11:44:53:15 And you can see the land developed is also very much
11:44:58:09 larger than it was in 1972.
11:45:00:01 We look forward to 2050, if we continue to grow in the
11:45:04:16 same patterns that we have been, this is what we may
11:45:06:24 look like in 2050.

11:45:08:21 You can see the population is about 7 million.
11:45:11:24 Land Development is down to 1.6 -- or up to 1.6 million
11:45:15:21 acres.
11:45:16:03 And very dramatic change, I think, in the way that
11:45:20:24 we're looking at developing here in the future.
11:45:23:00 One bay started off with a public participation
11:45:27:15 process.
11:45:29:04 Reality check in the spring of 2007.
11:45:31:24 Several of you may have participated in that effort.
11:45:35:00 We are now through a series of concepts, alternatives,
11:45:40:01 and refinements and are at the point now of working
11:45:44:27 with a vision that has been the contribution from over
11:45:50:18 3,000 different groups here in Tampa Bay and about
11:45:53:24 10,000 people to help us define how we might grow in
11:45:59:00 the future.
11:45:59:15 Some of the guiding principles that has come out of
11:46:05:18 this process, and it has been a very extensive process,
11:46:08:15 that are very important to everyone we've talked with,
11:46:12:04 creating a sense of place.
11:46:13:12 Maximizing multimodal transportation.
11:46:16:15 Certainly, this is very consistent with what we have
11:46:18:06 been hearing this morning.
11:46:19:10 Preserve natural systems.
11:46:20:21 Balancing jobs and housing.
11:46:24:27 Strengthening economic development and sustaining the

11:46:26:22 role of agriculture.
11:46:30:12 One of the elements that the participants in one bay
11:46:33:27 have been evaluating and asking to contribute to is a
11:46:38:10 look at four different scenarios of future growth over
11:46:42:10 time.
11:46:42:25 And these were presented and participants were asked to
11:46:50:00 identify which of those four or a mixture of those four
11:46:53:24 most fit with their future of how the Tampa Bay area
11:46:57:22 may grow.
11:46:58:25 Scenario "A" is model future growth based on past
11:47:03:24 trends and patterns.
11:47:05:06 And this referenced local government land use plans.
11:47:07:27 So this is, again, sort of business as usual as we go
11:47:11:01 forward.
11:47:11:13 The majority of the new development in scenario "A" is
11:47:16:27 single-family, low density and subdivisions that run
11:47:19:06 together.
11:47:19:18 Scenario "B," this scenario indicates new population
11:47:29:04 and employment where participants identified through
11:47:31:21 the reality check process, where jobs and people should
11:47:37:03 be located in the future.
11:47:38:15 There's more redevelopment and revitalization in
11:47:42:00 currently developed areas under scenario "B."
11:47:44:21 There's an increased focus on housing options.
11:47:46:27 A mixed-use development with better jobs and housing

11:47:50:06 balance.
11:47:50:28 And new development was more compact with fewer
11:47:53:24 subdivisions.
11:47:54:12 Scenario "C" was an emphasis on compact design and
11:48:04:28 transit oriented development.
11:48:06:16 Again, this referenced existing local government
11:48:10:01 transit corridor concepts, and certainly the TBARTA was
11:48:13:04 a big part of part of this element.
11:48:15:28 Commuter rail and transit is most viable under this
11:48:20:03 scenario.
11:48:22:06 Clusters development around existing and potential
11:48:24:16 activity center.
11:48:25:06 And this scenario had the least land consumed potable
11:48:29:06 water use and electric usage and also preserves the
11:48:32:22 most open space of the four scenarios.
11:48:34:21 Scenario "D," the primary emphasis here was on
11:48:42:03 protecting wetlands and habitat.
11:48:44:06 It increased emphasis on redevelopment and cluster
11:48:48:27 developments versus scenario "A."
11:48:50:27 Again, scenario "A" is business as usual.
11:48:53:15 This scenario has less than 500 acres wetlands and
11:48:57:04 priority habitat threatened and the least amount of
11:49:00:03 development in floodplains.
11:49:01:15 I think a very important thing to consider and that the
11:49:10:12 participants in One Bay considered were the indicators

11:49:13:18 for each of these four different scenarios.
11:49:15:19 The graphics here show a relative amount of impact --
11:49:20:15 land impact development.
11:49:24:25 Scenario "A" has a higher amount than B, C or D.
11:49:29:21 You can see pretty much across the board for electric
11:49:32:15 usage, told land consumed, vehicle miles traveled,
11:49:36:22 wetlands impacted and water demand that scenario "A" is
11:49:39:15 the most -- provides the most impact for all those
11:49:45:21 different scenarios.
11:49:46:13 And these are the results from, again, those 10,000
11:49:52:19 people that participated in one bay.
11:49:54:27 54% indicated that scenario "C" best reflected their
11:50:00:21 overall values.
11:50:02:03 That is by far the largest of the selections there.
11:50:06:06 The grayer shaded area in this graphic showed --
11:50:11:04 represented a selection of a blend of two or more
11:50:14:27 scenarios.
11:50:15:09 Some information on what people said about these
11:50:24:06 different scenarios, again, scenario A is business as
11:50:27:19 usual.
11:50:28:21 The majority of new development will continue in a
11:50:30:28 suburban pattern, again, about 4% of the folks
11:50:34:01 participating in this selected scenario A as their
11:50:37:00 preferred option.
11:50:37:27 Scenario B, best balances the effects of the

11:50:40:24 environment by locating jobs in housing and close
11:50:43:15 proximity.
11:50:45:00 However, this was not one of the highly selected ones.
11:50:47:24 Scenario "C" encourages mass transit through compact
11:50:52:22 design, which allows for more farmland and wildlife
11:50:55:25 preservation.
11:50:56:15 Again, these were some of the comments from the
11:50:59:18 participants, 54% chose scenario "C."
11:51:03:00 Scenario "D" emphasizes protection of wetlands and
11:51:06:12 wildlife habitat.
11:51:07:07 These are general descriptions of the scenario based on
11:51:09:21 the comments received, and we received over 2500
11:51:14:12 open-ended comments in addition to the selections of
11:51:18:22 the scenarios.
11:51:19:21 We also asked about the issues that were most important
11:51:26:00 to people, again, looking forward as we grow in the
11:51:29:28 region.
11:51:30:09 What are the most important for the future of the Tampa
11:51:34:01 Bay region?
11:51:35:07 Cost of living certainly was a very important factor as
11:51:39:06 was employment, but mass transit was most important
11:51:44:01 issue that was identified by the participants.
11:51:46:03 You can see that water quality and natural resource
11:51:51:06 conservation and traffic congestion certainly were also
11:51:54:27 important issues.

11:51:55:15 The preliminary recommendations from the one bay
11:52:03:27 technical team promote transit and transit-oriented
11:52:08:15 development.
11:52:08:27 Again, this is very consistent with the direction that
11:52:11:27 we have been talking about this morning, and through
11:52:14:21 the TBARTA efforts.
11:52:16:27 Encourage compact and mixed use development.
11:52:19:12 Encourage preservation of open space and agricultural
11:52:22:22 land.
11:52:23:04 Support increased housing options and support
11:52:25:18 environmentally sustained growth.
11:52:28:03 Some of our next steps through the one bay effort is to
11:52:35:25 continue to meet with community leaders.
11:52:38:12 This is our meeting with you today.
11:52:40:04 To complete the one bay report and to present the
11:52:44:00 findings to stakeholder groups.
11:52:46:27 Phase two is the development of an action plan
11:52:51:24 specifically for implementing these -- the direction
11:52:54:12 that we have received from the community and through
11:52:58:00 the one bay effort.
11:52:59:27 Again, very quick update of where we are.
11:53:01:24 We certainly welcome your continued participation
11:53:05:15 through one bay here.
11:53:07:15 I think one of the very important aspects that we will
11:53:11:13 be continuing to come to all of the different groups

11:53:15:19 and local governments with is how to take a look at
11:53:19:19 these future visions for Tampa Bay and how they can be
11:53:23:19 incorporated into land use decisions and some of the
11:53:29:09 very important local planning options.
11:53:34:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions from Council members?
11:53:35:28 Thank you.
11:53:37:04 We really appreciate that.
.0000000 11:53:38:12 >> Thank you.
11:53:38:25 >>GWEN MILLER: We hope everything works out fine.
11:53:41:12 >> Thank you.
11:53:42:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else to come before council?
11:53:48:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
11:53:48:28 I just wanted to point out that tomorrow is the fifth
11:53:51:06 annual river round table state of the river at 3:00 at
11:53:54:07 orange lake and all Council members are invited.
11:53:56:28 And this weekend is Ecolution.
11:54:01:16 And today at 1:30, we have a special discussion meeting
11:54:03:27 on making our land use rules reflect what we think --
11:54:08:16 what we think we're adopting and what we actually get,
11:54:13:18 making sure that that's congruent.
11:54:16:00 >>GWEN MILLER: We need to close the workshops.
11:54:17:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So move to close.
11:54:18:21 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:54:20:00 All in favor of the motion, aye.
11:54:21:06 Opposed, nay.

11:54:22:03 We stand adjourned until -- receive and file.
11:54:25:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to receive and file.
11:54:27:18 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.
11:54:29:00 All in favor, aye.
11:54:30:06 We stand adjourned until 1:30.