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Thursday, April 9, 2009
9:00 a.m. session

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[Sounding gavel]
09:04:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Tampa City Council will now come to
09:04:20 order.
09:04:21 The chair at this time will yield to councilman Joe
09:04:26 Caetano.
09:04:27 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Good morning.
09:04:28 This morning we have the honor of Mr. Jim Crew from
09:04:31 our city clerk's office who will give an invocation.
09:04:35 And after that please stand for the pledge of

09:04:36 allegiance.
09:04:47 >>> Let us pray.
09:04:48 Lord, we come before you this morning with grateful
09:04:50 hearts.
09:04:51 We are thankful for all of your many and great
09:04:54 blessings to us, and during this season in which we
09:04:56 celebrate Passover and Easter holiday we are
09:04:59 especially thankful for the blessing and protection
09:05:03 you made available to all who call upon your name.
09:05:06 Cause us now and always to draw near to you because
09:05:10 you said if we draw near to you that you will draw
09:05:12 near to us and if we return to you that you will
09:05:14 return to us.
09:05:15 We pray for these your servants and for all authority
09:05:18 that you will grant them and guide them your wisdom
09:05:20 and grant them your peace in the midst of difficult
09:05:24 decisions and difficult times.
09:05:27 In all these things we pray in your holy name giving
09:05:30 you honor and glory always.
09:05:31 Amen.
09:05:34 (Pledge of Allegiance)
09:05:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We will now have roll call.

09:05:54 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.
09:05:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.
09:05:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.
09:05:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
09:06:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.
09:06:03 Let me submit to the clerk for the record, we have a
09:06:05 memorandum from Councilwoman Mary Mulhern, I regret
09:06:09 that I am unable to attend the special called meeting
09:06:11 on April 9, 2009.
09:06:13 I appreciate the memo being read into the record.
09:06:16 So this is for Councilwoman Mary Mulhern, won't be in
09:06:22 the meeting today.
09:06:25 What we have on our agenda for this special called
09:06:28 meeting to address the issue and of course councilman
09:06:32 Dingfelder was not here, the whole idea was to set
09:06:36 this meeting this morning for the CRA meeting which
09:06:40 will come right after this, to have a full board.
09:06:43 So clearly we don't have a full board today to take up
09:06:47 this particular item.
09:06:52 I guess the only thing to do is to have a continuance,
09:06:55 I guess, to our next meeting.
09:06:57 Yes, Councilwoman Saul-Sena.

09:06:58 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I will not be at the meeting on
09:07:00 April 16th.
09:07:02 So I respectfully request that when continue it until
09:07:06 the workshop meeting which is the following Thursday.
09:07:08 I think that's the 23rd.
09:07:11 I'll look at the calendar.
09:07:19 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Perhaps he's on his way in.
09:07:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, the problem is we aren't going
09:07:28 to have a full board anyway.
09:07:29 Councilwoman Mulhern isn't going to be here.
09:07:32 Plus this is a special called meeting of Council, and
09:07:32 then we have to adjourn this meeting and then the
09:07:34 clerk has to set up for the CRA meeting.
09:07:36 And then that meeting is probably going to be about
09:07:37 two hours.
09:07:45 Yes?
09:07:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That being said, if we are going to
09:07:47 go and have further, I have to make some commendations
09:07:52 for different individuals while we are in special
09:07:54 called meeting.
09:07:55 I can't do it in the CRA meeting.
09:07:56 So if we are going to vote on this, let's do it now so

09:08:01 I can make clear the items that I have to present at
09:08:05 this meeting.
09:08:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena wanted to
09:08:10 continue it to the workshop meeting, so if you want to
09:08:13 do that, that's fine.
09:08:14 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I would like to move that we
09:08:17 continue this to the City Council workshop session
09:08:19 held on April 23rd.
09:08:25 Mr. Dingfelder is here now.
09:08:27 >> Second.
09:08:28 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Well, does everybody think that
09:08:31 they are going to be here on April 23rd?
09:08:33 Then I move that we continue this to April 23rd at
09:08:36 9 a.m.
09:08:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Now that Mr. Dingfelder is here, can we
09:08:44 vote?
09:08:48 >> It's his item. He requested it be placed on the
09:08:50 agenda.
09:08:51 Mr. Dingfelder?
09:08:51 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
09:08:55 I apologize.
09:08:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mulhern won't be here

09:08:58 today.
09:08:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right.
09:08:59 Well, we know what her vote was last time.
09:09:02 I think we all know from that.
09:09:04 So if we go ahead and vote, it might be dispositive.
09:09:13 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I withdraw my motion then,
09:09:15 Mr. Chairman.
09:09:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So we are back to the main motion.
09:09:19 The amended motion, rather.
09:09:20 Is that right?
09:09:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Actually in this sense it's a new
09:09:26 motion on the floor because the ordinance did pass and
09:09:28 was enacted and took effect on April 3rd.
09:09:31 So now the motion is before you on your agenda that
09:09:35 council amend said ordinance to allow ordering every
09:09:38 other -- watering every other week but they have to
09:09:40 make a stricter interpretation if necessary.
09:09:43 That was the motion of Mr. Dingfelder's.
09:09:47 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Right.
09:09:48 And just for clarification, I believe the intent of my
09:09:51 motion really goes back now three or four weeks ago
09:09:55 when the staff first came to us and suggested exactly

09:09:59 this.
09:10:02 Staff and the administration suggested that we start
09:10:04 off with an every-other-week watering plan, and then
09:10:09 if things get worse that we consider the no irrigation
09:10:17 for lawns at all.
09:10:21 So, anyway, last time when we voted it was 3-3, Ms.
09:10:25 Mulhern voted against the motion, and that's where we
09:10:28 are.
09:10:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?
09:10:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I want to thank all the agencies.
09:10:37 We have gone from 240 million pumping of underground
09:10:39 water and wells drying up, communities drying up,
09:10:43 lakes, to less than 90 less last calendar year this
09:10:50 year because of the situation we are in.
09:10:51 Some don't think it's an emergency.
09:10:52 But if it wasn't an emergency, why is it that now we
09:10:55 are going to have to pump, we meaning Tampa Bay water,
09:10:58 upwards to 140 to 170 million gallons a day.
09:11:02 That in itself proves that there is an emergency.
09:11:05 When we have to do something according to something
09:11:08 that we said that we were not going to do, and we have
09:11:11 to do it, because of the events of nature, and the

09:11:15 events of individuals who possibly design con and
09:11:21 construct items that are not properly working, this is
09:11:23 why we are here today.
09:11:26 I or no one else wants these things to happen but
09:11:30 unfortunately we don't have care, custody, control of
09:11:33 nature.
09:11:34 That's one thing that we don't have.
09:11:36 I can also tell you that for the first time in an ad
09:11:41 in the newspaper, I got a copy of right here, the want
09:11:45 ads, there's an individual who is willing to sell
09:11:47 reclaimed water on a truck, 2,000 gallons, 3,000
09:11:51 gallons and 4,000 gallons.
09:11:54 So there are individuals now who because of this have
09:11:58 started going into business and taking care of those
09:12:01 who says they need it.
09:12:03 And I understand both sides.
09:12:05 But I also understand the necessity of rolling the
09:12:09 dice.
09:12:10 This is not Las Vegas.
09:12:11 This is a fact.
09:12:12 And the fact is you roll the dice.
09:12:15 And the dice come up wrong.

09:12:17 Health and welfare of this great community will be in
09:12:20 danger.
09:12:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, the motion -- yes?
09:12:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: There's one more thing I need to
09:12:25 bring to council's attention before this vote.
09:12:27 Just a reminder that your vote on this motion will
09:12:29 have no legal effect on the ordinance that is already
09:12:32 in existence.
09:12:34 This would then cause you to need to make a motion to
09:12:37 have that ordinance officially amended.
09:12:39 So just so that people know just by this motion today
09:12:45 it does not change the ordinance in effect.
09:12:47 You have to take additional steps to enact that
09:12:49 pursuant to Florida statutes.
09:12:50 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Why don't we amend the motion, in
09:12:56 light of what you just said, we should be doing
09:12:59 something that has meaning and effect, okay.
09:13:05 Why wouldn't we amend -- I'll go ahead and amend the
09:13:08 motion saying that if it passes, and we go to every
09:13:12 other week, that we would ask legal staff to draft
09:13:16 that and come back with that next week, not for a new
09:13:24 vote, I don't think.

09:13:26 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You would have to enact that with a
09:13:29 new vote.
09:13:31 You actually have to have a first reading, and then
09:13:34 have a second reading, a public hearing on that,
09:13:37 unless you take it up as an emergency ordinance, which
09:13:39 is a question of law, but I really don't have the
09:13:43 answer to today whether you can do that.
09:13:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I guess I thought that's what we
09:13:47 were doing today, was doing it as part of the
09:13:50 emergency ordinance, just like we adopted the
09:13:52 emergency ordinance to start with.
09:13:53 I thought that's what was going to be doing today.
09:13:57 So perhaps if we pass it this morning, right now, then
09:14:01 later in the morning, staff can bring that first
09:14:04 reading to us.
09:14:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.
09:14:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:14:10 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: I need to fin usual my sentence.
09:14:11 Maybe staff can bring that to us later this morning
09:14:14 because we are going to be here I'm sure for an hour
09:14:17 or two, and then we can do a second reading next week.
09:14:23 Do we need second reading on an emergency ordinance?

09:14:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Fletcher, do you want to opine?
09:14:30 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Chip Fletcher, city attorney.
09:14:32 Typically an amendment to an emergency ordinance or
09:14:34 order is done in that same process.
09:14:39 I will check if the direction is to redraft the
09:14:42 ordinance to confirm the statute provides that, but I
09:14:44 believe it does.
09:14:46 The one thing we would have to address in drafting
09:14:48 that is during the pendency of this process, the water
09:14:52 management district has issued an emergency order for
09:14:55 watering restrictions that actually includes elements
09:14:58 of what we already have in place, so it's not an
09:15:04 obstacle we can't overcome but we need to take the
09:15:08 time to make sure we draft the ordinance to not be
09:15:10 inconsistent with the water management district's
09:15:12 current restriction that is changed since we first
09:15:14 brought this to you.
09:15:15 That's why we recommend coming back next week, I think
09:15:18 as had been indicated for one reading.
09:15:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Saul-Sena.
09:15:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:15:25 City attorney, I have looked at the SWFWMD rules and

09:15:27 what we are proposing is Mr. Dingfelder's motion, and
09:15:32 I just wanted to speak to why I seconded his motion,
09:15:35 and that is, we have a responsibility to protect our
09:15:38 water supply, and we have done that this last week by
09:15:44 radically cutting down on the amount of water use.
09:15:46 What Mr. Dingfelder is proposing is that we go from
09:15:49 the rate that we have prior to April to watering twice
09:15:53 a month, which means that those other two weeks we
09:15:56 would radically cut down on our water use.
09:15:59 But it also might be enough to keep people's gardens
09:16:02 alive.
09:16:02 And until this situation becomes severe enough that
09:16:08 our staff comes to us as they did the first time and
09:16:11 said we have two levels of proposal, the twice a month
09:16:15 level and the not at all proposal.
09:16:17 Until we get to that point, I think that what we are
09:16:21 considering this morning is prudent.
09:16:22 I think that twice a month is reasonable, it's
09:16:26 congruent with the SWFWMD rules, and I think that it
09:16:29 provides a balance for our community, and I encourage
09:16:32 my fellow council members to support it.
09:16:34 >>MARTIN SHELBY: May I make a suggestion?

09:16:37 I'm sorry, pledge Mr. Chairman.
09:16:39 To take up the motion as it is unless Mr. Dingfelder
09:16:42 feels differently, and then a subsequent motion to
09:16:43 direct the legal department to do that.
09:16:46 Unless you want to amend the motion as proposed.
09:16:55 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Well, that's fine.
09:16:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Miranda.
09:16:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: As you well know, Mr. Chairman,
09:17:01 City of Tampa is unique.
09:17:04 We mainly are a surface water plant.
09:17:08 It means the Hillsborough River.
09:17:10 I don't know if we had a monsoon from last week to
09:17:13 this week.
09:17:13 I know we have had a monsoon of people doing the right
09:17:16 thing, and that's watering less.
09:17:20 Have we done better?
09:17:21 I commend all those individuals who have certainly
09:17:24 adhered to the health and public safety of this great
09:17:28 city and the 640,000 customers that we serve.
09:17:33 Has it improved?
09:17:34 Well, if that's what you call improvement.
09:17:39 If a patient is stable and he ain't dead, I guess you

09:17:42 can say he's improved.
09:17:45 The river is not dead, so I guess it's improved.
09:17:49 But what happens if it goes under that 15-foot?
09:17:56 20.
09:17:57 Hasn't improved to 25 or anything else greater than.
09:18:00 That so what I'm saying is to change this for
09:18:03 something that is working, I am not a gambler.
09:18:08 I do not roll dice when the numbers may come up
09:18:11 against public health and safety.
09:18:14 I have told you before, I'm not a pretty good
09:18:18 politician because I tell you the facts.
09:18:20 I don't try to barter on both side.
09:18:24 I tell you just like it is.
09:18:25 You can like me and you can dislike me.
09:18:28 But when I'm home I always look at myself in the
09:18:31 mirror and I tell myself that I do the right thing,
09:18:35 and the mirror hasn't cracked yet.
09:18:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Dingfelder followed by
09:18:39 councilman Caetano, then we need to vote on the
09:18:42 motion.
09:18:43 Councilman Dingfelder.
09:18:45 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Thank you, Mr. Miranda.

09:18:47 I'm not a gambler either.
09:18:49 But I am a public servant.
09:18:51 I don't consider myself a, quote, politician per se,
09:18:55 but as a public servant I think it's our obligation
09:18:58 listen to our constituents.
09:18:59 It's also our obligation to listen to staff.
09:19:01 And staff has never come to us and said that we
09:19:06 recommend that you enact the conditions and the
09:19:12 restrictions that this body already enacted.
09:19:15 Staff never recommended that.
09:19:17 Staff came to us three, four weeks ago, and
09:19:20 recommended every other week watering.
09:19:23 Now 99% of the time we go along with staff
09:19:26 recommendations.
09:19:28 They are the one whose have scientists on board, they
09:19:30 are the one whose have engineers on board, they are
09:19:33 the ones who talk about the 20 feet and the reservoir
09:19:36 versus the 15 feet of the reservoir, put together all
09:19:38 these grafts and everything else.
09:19:42 Mr. Daignault is over here, and I won't put him
09:19:44 through what I put him through last week.
09:19:46 But the bottom line is we never heard any factual

09:19:49 information saying we have to today, this week, okay,
09:19:52 in the beginning of this month, enact these harsh,
09:19:56 harsh, unprecedented restrictions that we are
09:20:00 currently at.
09:20:01 Instead, staff recommended every other week.
09:20:03 Now, I wanted to clarify something Ms. Saul-Sena said.
09:20:06 Because in my motion last week, and I have been
09:20:09 consistent on this, that if and when -- if this passes
09:20:13 every other week, and when we ask staff to draft this,
09:20:17 it doesn't mean that this would come back to us when
09:20:19 things get worse.
09:20:21 What I've said consistently is, in this emergency
09:20:25 ordinance we would go every other week and delegate
09:20:27 the authority to the mayor and her staff, that when
09:20:31 and if they decide that things are bad enough to go to
09:20:34 the zero watering, then that would be the mayor's
09:20:38 responsibility to enact that, and we can delegate that
09:20:41 responsibility to her, because, again, she has the
09:20:44 expertise in her staff and we do not.
09:20:48 It doesn't need to be a legislative decision at that
09:20:51 point.
09:20:51 It doesn't need to be a political decision at that

09:20:53 point.
09:20:54 It needs to be a policy decision based upon scientific
09:20:58 information.
09:20:59 But again, I have to repeat, up until this day, we
09:21:01 have never heard any signs of information that says we
09:21:05 have to go to zero watering.
09:21:06 We are the only city in this entire state that has
09:21:09 gone, as far as I'm aware of, that's gone to zero
09:21:12 watering, and we did it prematurely.
09:21:16 Excuse me, this body did it prematurely.
09:21:19 And I think it was a mistake.
09:21:21 I think we can back peddle a little bit, give people
09:21:26 some relief, save their thousands and thousands of
09:21:29 investment in their yards, until things get baaed
09:21:32 enough, because there is no gambling, the mayor will
09:21:34 take hold of that and she'll make the right decision
09:21:36 when the time is right.
09:21:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Caetano.
09:21:39 >> I pass.
09:21:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I guess I don't hear well.
09:21:47 Thank you.
09:21:47 Some of you don't hear well either.

09:21:49 Let me say this.
09:21:51 When staff was here last week, 15 days currently
09:21:55 straight, 15 straight days, they had the lowest water
09:22:01 condition in the river since records were kept 69
09:22:06 years ago.
09:22:07 For 69 years, the last 15 days when they were here, I
09:22:13 guess the saying the gentleman over here didn't give
09:22:18 us the right power information.
09:22:19 I don't believe that.
09:22:20 That the lowest recorded flow in the river, and those
09:22:24 15 days, every day was a record, for the last 69
09:22:28 years.
09:22:29 I guess that's not an emergency.
09:22:32 I guess it's not an emergency when you don't have
09:22:35 water.
09:22:36 I guess it's not an emergency when you are dependent
09:22:39 only on the river.
09:22:41 We are different than a lot of areas in this State of
09:22:47 Florida.
09:22:47 We don't have droughts every year.
09:22:50 But every period of time between April and June
09:22:57 15th, you either have a drought or you have a

09:23:01 scarcity of water.
09:23:05 If you want to blame me, blame the council, blame the
09:23:07 mayor, blame anybody you want, and you better start
09:23:12 blaming yourselves for the abuse of it, for the use of
09:23:14 it, for not planning ahead, and making sure that you
09:23:19 have water like this gentleman did, buying a used
09:23:23 water truck and making your business survive and be
09:23:27 able to support.
09:23:28 There is nothing wrong with that.
09:23:30 I encourage, the City of Tampa has offered free
09:23:33 reclaimed water to anyone that's not a big container.
09:23:38 They are not going to do five gallons at the time.
09:23:40 But if you have a big truck that can -- they can fill
09:23:43 it up for you for free.
09:23:45 I don't know what else we can do.
09:23:46 I don't know what else we can say.
09:23:49 You know, Mr. Chairman, I'm not here to debate anyone
09:23:54 on this council.
09:23:55 I'm not here to question anyone's vote.
09:23:58 They got elected just like I did.
09:24:00 And that's all I got to say, Mr. Chairman.
09:24:04 Thank you.

09:24:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: There's a motion on the floor, moved
09:24:07 by councilman Dingfelder, seconded by Councilwoman
09:24:10 Saul-Sena.
09:24:11 All in favor of the motion signify by saying Aye.
09:24:15 Opposes, Nay.
09:24:18 >>THE CLERK: Motion fell with Caetano, Miller, Scott
09:24:21 and Miranda voting no.
09:24:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
09:24:26 Last week our meeting went a little long, and there
09:24:28 was something I wanted to bring up about wetland
09:24:30 protection, speaking of water and wetlands, under new
09:24:33 business, if I may.
09:24:35 It will just take a moment.
09:24:40 Thank you.
09:24:42 I'm the chair of the interlocal river board.
09:24:47 And the legislative delegation is considering whether
09:24:50 or not to retain local control and oversight of the
09:24:53 wetlands regulation.
09:24:54 The interlocal river board -- and I attach the
09:24:57 motion -- has asked our legislative delegation to
09:25:00 support keeping control local by continuing our
09:25:04 support of the local agency, the Environmental

09:25:06 Protection Agency.
09:25:09 The technical advisory committee voted unanimously to
09:25:13 support it.
09:25:14 Our interlocal river board voted to support it.
09:25:16 And I would like for council to let our local
09:25:19 legislative delegation know that we want the
09:25:21 Environmental Protection Agency to continue to be
09:25:24 supportive.
09:25:25 So I would like council, the chairman, to write a
09:25:29 letter, and I'll draft it.
09:25:31 >> Second.
09:25:33 >> To the legislative delegation suggesting we
09:25:36 continue to support the Environmental Protection
09:25:37 Agency.
09:25:38 Thank you.
09:25:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's my understanding we don't have
09:25:44 new business on this agenda so we have to add it to
09:25:47 it.
09:25:48 So let's have a motion to add the new business to the
09:25:50 agenda.
09:25:51 >> So moved.
09:25:52 >> Second.

09:25:53 (Motion carried).
09:25:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second Ms. Saul-Sena's motion.
09:25:58 >> All in favor?
09:25:59 Opposes?
09:26:00 Okay.
09:26:01 Who is next?
09:26:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, I got various things
09:26:04 to make regarding water.
09:26:05 The City of Tampa would like to ask for a workshop on
09:26:09 May 28th for approximately one hour.
09:26:12 This is the final presentation, or the first
09:26:16 presentation, finalization between the consultant and
09:26:18 the city regarding reclaimed and the uses and the
09:26:23 distribution and so forth and so on.
09:26:25 And I think it would be very interesting to everyone
09:26:28 in the audience today and those listening what we want
09:26:30 to do and how we are going to do it and how we are
09:26:33 going to accomplish it so I move we have it on May
09:26:35 28th for approximately one hour, if that's
09:26:38 acceptable by council members.
09:26:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:26:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we have anything else on that date,

09:26:46 the 28th?
09:26:47 What time?
09:26:48 >>THE CLERK: Currently you have a presentation of
09:26:50 commendation.
09:26:51 9:00 you have a budget workshop on the review of the
09:26:53 property tax proposal.
09:26:55 11:00 you have a workshop to discuss the 209
09:26:58 amendments being made to chapter 27 which they ask for
09:27:01 45 minutes.
09:27:02 At 11:00 you have a continued workshop regarding
09:27:05 contract issues including local vendor preference,
09:27:08 workers' compensation, livable wage.
09:27:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 1:30 will be fine.
09:27:15 We can do that at 1:30.
09:27:16 This is very important, not only to the audience here
09:27:18 but to all the citizens of the City of Tampa.
09:27:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.
09:27:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me raise the question, the 9:00
09:27:28 budget workshop, and this particular type of proposal,
09:27:31 how long do you think that would take?
09:27:37 I thought maybe we could squeeze it in there.
09:27:39 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: We have a pretty full morning and I

09:27:43 don't believe we have a meeting that evening.
09:27:46 >> You have an evening meeting.
09:27:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You have an evening meeting.
09:27:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You have an evening meeting.
09:27:50 You have an alternative, to schedule it in the
09:27:52 morning, see how things go.
09:27:54 You can choose by vote to work through lunch.
09:27:57 You don't have to come back, and then come back at
09:27:59 night.
09:27:59 Or you can come back at 1:30.
09:28:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Whatever the chairman licks to do.
09:28:04 This is very important.
09:28:05 We have been working on this for the last six months.
09:28:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I agree.
09:28:07 I agree.
09:28:08 Why don't we schedule it for 9:30 and see how long the
09:28:12 budget workshop?
09:28:12 And then we may have to go into the lunch.
09:28:15 Okay.
09:28:18 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: If I was going to suggest to
09:28:20 lighten up that day a little bit.
09:28:22 The 28th, we had also scheduled, I think, the

09:28:26 local -- what was it, the local vendor preference?
09:28:30 We could put that off till June and notify the people
09:28:34 who are working on that.
09:28:36 I think it's clearly a little less critical than our
09:28:40 water issues.
09:28:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Right.
09:28:43 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: That way we can move that reclaimed
09:28:45 water into that slot.
09:28:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We can do that.
09:28:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second that.
09:28:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The motion, changing the time again,
09:28:57 we have to make a motion to move that.
09:28:58 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: It's a double motion.
09:29:00 Pull that one out, move it to June.
09:29:03 >>MARTIN SHELBY: June 18th.
09:29:04 Would 11:30 be acceptable, council?
09:29:07 >> Why, you have other stuff?
09:29:08 >>MARTIN SHELBY: On the June workshop, you have
09:29:10 9 a.m., police Officer of the Month, you have a 9 a.m.
09:29:13 budget workshop, and I believe that should be more
09:29:16 extensive.
09:29:17 And then 11:00 you have transfer development rights.

09:29:22 >> 11:30 is fine.
09:29:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?
09:29:30 Opposes?
09:29:30 (Motion carried)
09:29:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A commendation to the University of
09:29:34 South Florida ladies basketball team for winning the
09:29:37 NIT, which is a great feat in itself.
09:29:40 I'll find out what date is available.
09:29:42 >> Second.
09:29:45 (Motion carried).
09:29:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The third one, Mr. Chairman, is a
09:29:48 commendation to coach Frank weed for winning his
09:29:53 500th baseball game as a coach.
09:29:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Second.
09:29:59 (Motion carried).
09:30:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Our office has been contacted by
09:30:02 Nancy McWilliams of seniors and services of Tampa
09:30:05 Bay, Inc. They would like to come before council to
09:30:08 thank the city for its support and give a brief
09:30:11 presentation about their program.
09:30:12 They are asking for 15 minutes on either June 4th
09:30:15 or June 18th.

09:30:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let's cut it down to ten minutes.
09:30:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Down to ten minutes oh on your
09:30:23 advice, Mr. Chairman.
09:30:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Ten minutes on June --
09:30:26 >>> Whatever it is, June 4th or June 18th.
09:30:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If you would like it in the morning,
09:30:36 or add it on June 4th, or you can add it to the
09:30:39 workshop.
09:30:44 If you do the workshop it's pretty full on the
09:30:47 18th of June.
09:30:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I assume council will have a full
09:30:50 meeting on the 4th, too as well.
09:30:52 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Right now you only have one staff
09:30:54 report.
09:30:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We'll add it to the June 4th date.
09:30:57 Okay.
09:30:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Did you want it early I?
09:31:01 A set time?
09:31:02 >> Let's put it under staff reports.
09:31:04 Only one at this point of?
09:31:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: So that would be 10:30.
09:31:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 10:30, right.

09:31:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
09:31:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.
09:31:14 All in favor signify by saying Aye.
09:31:16 Opposes?
09:31:17 Okay.
09:31:18 Anything else?
09:31:19 Mr. Dingfelder?
09:31:20 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: Along with what Ms. Saul-Sena said,
09:31:23 the legislature right now is considering zero funding
09:31:26 for the -- as related to the trust for public land,
09:31:39 trust money that the city has been the benefit of on
09:31:41 numerous occasions as well as the county to match
09:31:46 ELAPP funds.
09:31:47 The city has used it to acquisition to Cotanchobee
09:31:53 park, what's the park over on the causeway, Linda,
09:31:55 that we built recently, the dog beach was out there?
09:31:59 Anyway, the legislature is looking at zero funding for
09:32:02 the --
09:32:05 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Ben T. Davis.
09:32:08 >>JOHN DINGFELDER: The Florida Forever funds.
09:32:10 And we all know these issues get lower on the priority
09:32:13 in these tough times but at the same time when can't

09:32:15 disregard the environment.
09:32:16 So I would -- my motion would be to -- with Mr.
09:32:21 Shelby's assistance to draft a letter to the
09:32:23 legislative delegation urging them for at least a
09:32:26 minimal funding for the Florida Forever program for
09:32:30 environmental acquisitions in support of the trust for
09:32:33 public land.
09:32:35 And I'll help them draft that.
09:32:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second, and I would like to speak
09:32:39 to that.
09:32:40 The citizens of the state spoke loudly that they want
09:32:43 that to continue.
09:32:44 Land is as inexpensive as it will ever be in the
09:32:48 future and it's so short sighted to take that money
09:32:51 away.
09:32:52 Certain things like the preservation trust fund have
09:32:54 gone to 17 million to zero for the last two years.
09:32:57 But I feel like we can kind of hold on with this land
09:33:00 acquisition is so critical right now.
09:33:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's a motion and second.
09:33:05 (Motion carried)
09:33:07 Councilwoman Miller?

09:33:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
09:33:10 A couple weeks ago I made a motion to give Dr. Roy
09:33:14 Smith a commendation.
09:33:15 I did not have a date.
09:33:16 I do have a date now, the 23rd.
09:33:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.
09:33:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor signify by saying Aye.
09:33:24 Opposes?
09:33:25 Councilwoman Saul-Sena.
09:33:26 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.
09:33:27 I learned yesterday that Tampa's roller derby darlings
09:33:31 won the state championship in roller derby and I would
09:33:34 like to give them a commendation.
09:33:37 >> Second.
09:33:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Commendation for Florida -- Tampa's
09:33:42 roller derby darlings.
09:33:44 >> Second.
09:33:44 (Motion carried)
09:33:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I have just been informed that Mr.
09:33:59 Horton who was for years on the school board --
09:34:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Jefferson high school.
09:34:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Right, head of the NAACP for years,

09:34:09 very strong in the community, passed away, so
09:34:11 certainly we want to remember him, and his family
09:34:14 during this time of bereavement.
09:34:17 We are going to miss all of his participation, his
09:34:19 involvement, I'll tell you.
09:34:21 He was a great man, a great contributor, great
09:34:24 educator to this community.
09:34:29 Councilman Caetano, do you have anything?
09:34:32 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: No.
09:34:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.
09:34:34 Then he have receive and file.
09:34:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Move to receive and file.
09:34:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.
09:34:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Wonderful clerk keeping me straight.
09:34:43 (Motion carried).
09:34:45 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Adjourn the special called meeting?
09:34:47 >> The special called meeting is adjourned.
09:34:48 And the CRA will convene.
09:34:51 We stand adjourned.
09:34:53 (The City Council meeting was adjourned)