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Thursday, January 28, 2010

9:00 a.m. Workshop Session


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09:05:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The meeting will come to order.

09:05:43 The chair will yield to the honorable Linda Saul-Sena.

09:05:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It is my great pleasure this

09:05:47 morning to introduce Mrs. Judy Lisi from the Tampa Bay

09:05:52 Performing Arts Center, the Straz Center.

09:05:54 She will lead us in our invocation.

09:05:56 As she's coming up to the podium I wanted to brag for a

09:05:59 moment.

09:06:00 Tampa's Performing Arts Center is the fifth largest in

09:06:03 the country.

09:06:03 It's the largest south of Washington and it is the home

09:06:09 of so many innovative events, and the success of the

09:06:12 center has really been led by Ms. Lisi's leadership.

09:06:16 It's a pleasure to have you with us today at Tampa City

09:06:18 Council.

09:06:19 Let us all stand for the invocation and remain standing

09:06:22 for the pledge of allegiance.

09:06:23 >> We thank you, O Lord, for your continued blessings

09:06:28 on our great City of Tampa, for its people, its

09:06:31 resources, and it creativity.

09:06:34 We also thank you for our dedicated City Council

09:06:36 members and ask that you continue to help them in the

09:06:38 many decisions they make as they conduct the work of

09:06:41 the people.

09:06:42 We also wish to remember our neighbors in Haiti as they

09:06:44 begin to rebuild their lives, and the many individuals

09:06:49 in our community and elsewhere who have come to their

09:06:52 aid.

09:06:52 We also ask your blessings on our president who will be

09:06:56 visiting our city today.

09:06:56 We offer this with gratitude, hope and good will.

09:06:59 Amen.

09:06:59 (Pledge of Allegiance).

09:07:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Roll call.

09:07:21 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:07:23 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Here.

09:07:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:07:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:07:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:07:32 We have a memorandum from Councilwoman Mary Mulhern.

09:07:34 I regret that I will be unable to attend the workshop

09:07:37 session on today's council meeting.

09:07:39 Thank you for your attention to the issues.

09:07:41 And for reading this memo into the record.

09:07:43 Okay.

09:07:48 We need to clear up a few items on the agenda.

09:07:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Good morning members of City Council.

09:07:53 As you know, for housekeeping matters, it is council's

09:07:57 attention to adjourn today at 10:30 this morning to

09:08:01 allow City Council to attend the meeting with the

09:08:04 president.

09:08:05 Because of that, accommodations need to be made.

09:08:13 The city attorney's office has requested that item 8 be

09:08:15 removed from the agenda.

09:08:20 And item 9 is being requested to be scheduled for the

09:08:26 March workshop.

09:08:28 I believe the date is March 25th at 10 a.m.

09:08:33 So those will be motions to be made to make that

09:08:38 adjustment.

09:08:38 Finally, council, you have received a letter from Ann

09:08:47 Pollack on behalf of the petitioner related to

09:08:50 alcoholic beverages.

09:08:51 They are requesting that that be withdrawn.

09:08:53 So those three items are housekeeping matters that we

09:08:56 ask council to make an adjustment by motion, please.

09:09:01 >>GWEN MILLER: So moved.

09:09:03 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

09:09:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and S and seconded.

09:09:07 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

09:09:09 Opposes?

09:09:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you very much.

09:09:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: At this time the chair will yield to

09:09:13 the honorable Gwen Miller.

09:09:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Good morning, council.

09:09:29 We have a lot of accommodations to present.

09:09:31 But this first two we always do and we are always proud

09:09:36 to have these two, to the police department and the

09:09:39 fire department.

09:09:39 We are going to start with the police department which

09:09:41 is not the police -- Master Police Officer Neal

09:09:45 Williams.

09:09:46 And I am going to turn to Chief Jane Castor.

09:09:49 >> It's always my pleasure to come before you for the

09:09:52 Officer of the Month.

09:09:53 This is our first one for 2010 and we are starting off

09:09:56 with an outstanding member of the Tampa Bay police

09:09:58 department.

09:09:58 Neal Williams isn't going to be up here today.

09:10:00 He has a friend and co-worker, also, works undercover

09:10:06 so officer blanko is going to accept the Officer of the

09:10:10 Month award.

09:10:13 He has 24 total years of law enforcement experience.

09:10:16 He's been with quad, which is our street level

09:10:18 undercover narcotics squad for five years.

09:10:21 And I just want to illustrate a couple, quickly, a

09:10:24 couple of cases that officer Williams has been involved

09:10:26 in.

09:10:27 We had some issues with the VME neighborhoods, you

09:10:31 know.

09:10:32 There are people moving in.

09:10:33 They are bringing that neighborhood back.

09:10:34 And we still have some quality of life issues to

09:10:36 address.

09:10:38 And one individual who lives on 26th Avenue, he

09:10:41 didn't live there, there was a residence there that he

09:10:43 would come to and there was drug activity,

09:10:46 prostitution, all types of criminal enterprise, and he

09:10:48 had been investigated by myriad different officers and

09:10:53 divisions within the Tampa police department and really

09:10:55 nothing to any substance, any consequence came from

09:10:59 those cases until officer Williams got involved.

09:11:02 He got involved and was able to do some undercover

09:11:07 buys, get evidence compelling enough that this

09:11:10 individual was taken to trial and sentenced to 15 years

09:11:14 in prison.

09:11:15 So he did what a lot of other officers had attempted

09:11:18 and were unable to do.

09:11:21 There was another case in the area of 23rd and

09:11:24 Second Avenue, again a particularly troublesome

09:11:27 individual that had been arrested and convicted 16

09:11:31 times but had never spent more than a couple of years

09:11:34 in jail at any given time.

09:11:36 Officer Williams did an investigation on him, followed

09:11:39 through with that investigation with the state office,

09:11:43 on probation, and he went before the judge, the

09:11:47 individual scored out for six years in prison, he went

09:11:50 before the judge in the sentencing phase and the judge

09:11:53 actually gave the individual eight years in prison

09:11:55 based on Officer Neal's testimony.

09:11:57 He is just an outstanding officer, very, very thorough

09:12:02 in his investigation.

09:12:03 He brings all other agencies, local, state and federal

09:12:06 into his investigation, does a great job.

09:12:09 He's an asset to the community.

09:12:10 And I'm very proud that he is our officer for January

09:12:14 2010.

09:12:16 Officer NEAL Williams.

09:12:20 [ Applause ]

09:12:25 >>GWEN MILLER: We are very proud.

09:12:28 Would you give him this commendation and tell him all

09:12:31 the things the chief says right on this commendation.

09:12:33 And we are going to have some gifts from the private

09:12:35 sector.

09:12:37 First I want to give you one from Charlie's steak

09:12:40 house, a gift certificate, and some on the things.

09:12:46 Come up here to receive them.

09:12:47 >> And be sure you get them to him.

09:12:50 >> Danny Lewis from Bill Currie Ford.

09:12:53 This is a watch with a TPD logo on it.

09:13:06 >> Tampa TPA, want to give you a $100 gift certificate.

09:13:28 >> On behalf of Stepp's towing service we would like to

09:13:33 present you this statue for a job very well done.

09:13:37 I'm sure you will hand that off to Neal.

09:13:41 Also a gift certificate to Lee Roy Selmon Expressway.

09:13:45 We appreciate it.

09:13:46 >> Representing Lowry Park Zoo.

09:13:54 We thank all of you for what you do for us.

09:13:58 And after you give that to officer Williams we want him

09:14:01 to come to the zoo on us.

09:14:05 Thank you very much.

09:14:11 >> You can give this to the officer but I won't say

09:14:17 anything.

09:14:25 >> This is as close as I am going to get to Officer of

09:14:28 the Month so I am going to enjoy this.

09:14:31 I would first like to say good morning, City Council.

09:14:33 Officer Williams wanted to be here in front of you

09:14:35 today, but like Chief Castor said, unfortunately due to

09:14:39 his duties at work he's unable to.

09:14:41 I have known officer Williams for the better part of my

09:14:44 career here at TPD.

09:14:45 I have had the opportunity of working with him at quad

09:14:47 four years, two of which I was his partner.

09:14:49 He's been a mentor and role model for myself and

09:14:52 numerous other officers that came into the narcotics

09:14:55 unit.

09:14:55 As a senior quad officer he's taken the time to teach

09:14:58 and arena force the skills and tactics utilized daily

09:15:01 in narcotics, many which keep us alive on the streets

09:15:04 when we go to work.

09:15:06 I have seen officer Williams a achieve what others

09:15:08 couldn't because of his patience, dedication in this

09:15:12 job, search warrants, working confidential informant,

09:15:15 conducting complaints, investigations, he's helped

09:15:18 provide years of relief to the streets of East Tampa.

09:15:24 He's helped had he give back the streets to the

09:15:26 residents of these neighbors.

09:15:28 These efforts made an impact, taken uniform patrol

09:15:31 units years to accomplish, and ultimately helped

09:15:33 restore the faith in the police department for many

09:15:36 members of our community.

09:15:39 Anyone who worked with him knows he's a very humble

09:15:42 officer not motivated by awards or accolades.

09:15:45 He works hard because he takes pride in his work, is

09:15:48 concerned about the outcome of his investigations and

09:15:50 cares about the public for whom he serves.

09:15:53 It nice to see him acknowledged for his hard work and

09:15:55 efforts.

09:15:57 This award has been a long time coming for officer

09:15:59 Williams and it well deserved.

09:16:01 Officer Williams wanted me to take a moment to thank a

09:16:03 few people with regards to this award.

09:16:05 First, the local businesses that donated the gifts.

09:16:08 It nice to know the hard work of the Tampa police

09:16:13 officers they put in day in and day out is appreciated

09:16:15 by the community.

09:16:17 Secondly, I wanted to thank sergeant pat Cray for

09:16:23 taking the time to nominate him for his work.

09:16:27 The majority of police investigations are a team

09:16:29 effort.

09:16:30 And these cases are no different.

09:16:32 So recognition also needs to go out to other members of

09:16:34 his quad squad. Kevin, John Fitzgerald, Mike Strom and

09:16:44 Chris Cornelius.

09:16:47 In closing, officer Williams wanted me to recognize one

09:16:51 of the main reasons he does all this -- his family.

09:16:54 His wife Connie and sons Nicholas and Cal.

09:16:57 Again, thank you.

09:17:00 [ Applause ]

09:17:04 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Before the members of the police

09:17:10 department leave, we all know that this weekend is

09:17:12 Gasparilla, which is a particularly challenging weekend

09:17:15 in our community.

09:17:17 And I just want to recognize the good work that you do,

09:17:20 and I know that this year will be the lowest-key

09:17:27 Gasparilla ever.

09:17:28 Thank you for all that you do.

09:17:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Now it is my honor to recognize our

09:17:33 fire honoree this morning, district chief Troy Basham

09:17:42 and Chief Jones to present it to him.

09:17:44 >> It's my honor to recognize firefighter it of the

09:17:47 quarter, district chief Troy Basham as our first

09:17:52 firefighter of the quarter for 2010.

09:17:54 Chief Basham has been with the department for 26 years,

09:17:56 and apparently started as a district chief in charge of

09:18:00 the west and northwest communities of Tampa.

09:18:03 During his tenure with the department, Chief Basham has

09:18:06 worked his way up through the ranks.

09:18:08 He was a paramedic, res cute lieutenant, has he was

09:18:13 part of our medic team and also a captain.

09:18:17 In addition to his fire department service he's also

09:18:20 been a medic on board the helicopter from Tampa general

09:18:24 and instructor with the fire academy of Tampa.

09:18:30 Chief Basham is known for his consummate support and

09:18:34 participation in community events including many

09:18:36 fund-raisers for cancer awareness and military support

09:18:39 groups.

09:18:39 One of his most noteworthy achievement was his long and

09:18:44 dedicated service in the Air Force reserves.

09:18:46 His hard work and active participation as a firefighter

09:18:50 in the military reserves earned him the honor of being

09:18:53 the Air Force reservist of the year in 2000 and more

09:18:57 recently Chief Basham was awarded a bronze star for his

09:19:00 service in Baghdad.

09:19:02 Chief Basham's dedication to his career and service to

09:19:07 this country are exceptional.

09:19:10 And for these and many, many more reasons, we are proud

09:19:13 to recognize district chief Troy Basham as Tampa's

09:19:16 firefighter of the quarter.

09:19:17 [ Applause ]

09:19:28 >>GWEN MILLER: We would like to present you a

09:19:30 commendation and all the good things Chief Jones just

09:19:33 said so I will not read it.

09:19:35 Come up close and I have a gift certificate is for you

09:19:38 by Charley's steakhouse, and we have some other gifts.

09:19:47 >> Danny Lewis from Bill Currie Ford.

09:19:50 Chief, congratulations.

09:19:51 I want to give you this watch for firefighter of the

09:19:56 quarter but also thank you personally for the great

09:19:58 work we do with the brothers and sisters.

09:20:02 Thank you.

09:20:06 >> Congratulations, chief.

09:20:09 Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing service.

09:20:14 Jim and Judy Stepp would like to present this

09:20:17 firefighter statute and this gift certificate to Lee

09:20:20 Roy Selmon Expressway.

09:20:20 And I would also like to thank you for your service to

09:20:22 the city, but as a former marine your service.

09:20:29 Thank you.

09:20:29 >> Representing Tampa the's Lowry Park Zoo, and thank

09:20:35 you for everything you do for us.

09:20:37 We would like to invite you and your family to come

09:20:43 visit us.

09:20:44 Thank you very much.

09:20:44 >> Island flowers.

09:20:51 These are for you or your significant other.

09:20:56 Thank you very much.

09:20:56 >>STEVE MICHELINI: On behalf of a couple of folks who

09:21:00 would like to make you fat, we are going to feed you.

09:21:07 Bern's steakhouse is going to provide with you a $100

09:21:09 gift certificate and rig a Tony's a gift certificate

09:21:14 for your choice lunch or dinner.

09:21:16 And after you get way out of shape we are going to take

09:21:18 your picture at Bryn Allen's.

09:21:23 Thank you very much.

09:21:23 >>> Those who know me asked me to keep this brief.

09:21:29 And they know me well so I will try to do so.

09:21:32 It all started in the hills of Kentucky back in 1963 --

09:21:35 no, I don't want to go there.

09:21:36 I do have something to say.

09:21:39 It is such an honor to represent the men and women of

09:21:41 Tampa fire in this capacity and to those who made it

09:21:44 possible, I give my deepest thanks for that.

09:21:46 It is on their backs that I have arisen, and any good

09:21:51 manager knows it is a reflection to the manager of the

09:21:53 performance of those people who have done it.

09:21:56 I do wish to take an opportunity to recognize one

09:21:58 individual who is very instrumental in my coming to

09:22:01 Tampa fire, and he's here today.

09:22:05 Jack Ballinger, retired captain with Tampa fire.

09:22:08 I met him when I was going to paramedic school.

09:22:10 And you never know how one meeting can change your life

09:22:14 or change the impression that someone may have of an

09:22:17 organization.

09:22:18 Captain Ballinger represented Tampa fire in that

09:22:21 capacity and I was so impressed with his

09:22:23 professionalism and knowledge that I went on to join

09:22:26 this organization.

09:22:27 Real quickly, just about everybody up here in the

09:22:30 staff, I have had opportunity to work for in some

09:22:33 capacity.

09:22:33 And I cannot say enough about the professionalism and

09:22:36 dedication of the men and women of Tampa Fire Rescue

09:22:39 who have given me this opportunity to represent them as

09:22:42 firefighter of the quarter.

09:22:43 And to them I give my thanks for the recognition of my

09:22:45 accomplishment.

09:22:46 Thank you.

09:22:48 [ Applause ]

09:22:57 >>GWEN MILLER: We are going to recognize some of our

09:23:01 young people's accomplishments and I am asking them to

09:23:03 come up.

09:23:04 We have the Copeland park first.

09:23:15 On behalf of Tampa City Council I would like to present

09:23:37 this commendation to the Copeland park step team for

09:23:41 recognition of Copeland park's step team who won first

09:23:48 place at the national championship of American youth

09:23:50 football cheer and step competition on December 12,

09:23:54 2009.

09:23:55 Tampa City Council would like to take this opportunity

09:23:56 to congratulate you on your overall skill, spirit and

09:24:00 championship qualities.

09:24:02 We are proud of you and encourage you to continue this

09:24:05 commitment as you move forward in your professional and

09:24:08 personal endeavors.

09:24:10 Tampa City Council extends best wishes to you all in

09:24:12 all your future endeavors.

09:24:19 Would you like to say something?

09:24:25 >> Good evening.

09:24:29 We would just like to thank everybody for the wonderful

09:24:34 opportunity for youth to stay out of trouble, and wish

09:24:38 to thank everybody.

09:24:40 Good job, and keep up the good work, ladies.

09:24:43 Thanks.

09:24:44 [ Applause ]

09:24:49 >>GWEN MILLER: I would like for the unity soul

09:24:52 steppers to come forward.

09:25:00 I have a commendation to present to the unity soul

09:25:22 steppers in recognition of the unity soul steppers 15

09:25:25 and on the members winning first place at the national

09:25:28 championship of the American youth football cheer dance

09:25:30 and step competition on December 12th, 2009.

09:25:33 The Tampa City Council would like to take this

09:25:35 opportunity to congratulate you in your overall skill,

09:25:40 spirit, championship quality.

09:25:41 We are proud of you and encourage you to continue this

09:25:43 commitment as you move forward in your profession and

09:25:45 personal endeavors.

09:25:47 And we say congratulations again to you.

09:25:50 I would like to present this to you.

09:25:51 >> Good morning, City Council.

09:25:59 First off, we would like to thank Deidre Anthony for

09:26:04 allowing us the opportunity to express our stepping and

09:26:09 dancing, and also to miss Barbara Norton, who we all

09:26:15 call auntie Barbara, and takes time out of her busy

09:26:18 schedule to make sure the girls have a place to go.

09:26:21 We want to the say thank you again for allowing us the

09:26:26 opportunity.

09:26:26 Thank you.

09:26:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

09:28:14 Very good.

09:28:15 >>GWEN MILLER: I want to present to you now the

09:28:19 Copeland park -- is the football team here?

09:28:26 They won the championship.

09:28:35 I would like to present this commendation to the

09:28:51 Copeland park saints for the unity football conference

09:28:55 winner of the national title of the all American sixth

09:28:59 grade division in 2009.

09:29:04 Tampa City Council would like to express their

09:29:09 congratulations in defeating the Connecticut bridgeport

09:29:12 chargers 30-22.

09:29:14 We are very proud of you and we know that you will all

09:29:16 go a long ways both professionally and personally.

09:29:19 We would like to congratulate you again and best wishes

09:29:22 to all of you.

09:29:23 I present this to the coach.

09:29:25 Would you like to say something?

09:29:27 [ Applause ]

09:29:31 >> Good morning.

09:29:33 My name is Tracy.

09:29:34 I am the football commissioner of the Cohenland park

09:29:37 saints.

09:29:37 And I just want to talk a little about our football

09:29:41 organization and our conference.

09:29:43 First, we want to thank the unity football youth

09:29:46 conference.

09:29:46 We are going into our fifth year of the unity football

09:29:49 conference.

09:29:51 What sets us a part from other conferences is our goal

09:29:55 is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to

09:29:59 learn the fundamentals of football on and off the

09:30:03 field.

09:30:03 Registration fees, you know we do a lot of

09:30:08 fund-raising, do a lot of working for funds, set up at

09:30:12 Sam's to make sure we ensure that our children are

09:30:14 taken care of.

09:30:15 I want to thank Orlando good and Deidre Willis on the

09:30:19 board of youth football conference.

09:30:23 They are there for us as a conference, make sure we are

09:30:26 following everything so that we can be successful at

09:30:28 the end of the year.

09:30:29 Second, I want to thank my coaching staff.

09:30:32 I have my head coach.

09:30:37 He's a schoolteacher so he does a lot as well as

09:30:41 recruiting and making sure kids go Do good in school.

09:30:44 You can get out in the field, and see who is not doing

09:30:48 good in school that day.

09:30:49 So our coaching staff, they are not there just to

09:30:52 coach.

09:30:52 They are teaching our boys the fundamentals of football

09:30:56 on and off the field.

09:30:57 I also have the offensive coordinator.

09:31:00 His name is coach Derrick Hawn.

09:31:07 He's been coaching with us now a couple of years.

09:31:10 Honorable mention, the defensive coordinator is Maurice

09:31:15 gray.

09:31:15 He lives in Brandon and he drives to Copeland park

09:31:18 every day when we are having practice.

09:31:21 And, you know, just the note that we are all

09:31:24 volunteers, none of us get paid for this.

09:31:26 This is our part giving back to the community.

09:31:30 Also, I would like to thank the supporting staff.

09:31:34 Miss Charlotte, she is our team mom.

09:31:36 She makes sure the jerseys are clean, make sure the

09:31:39 kids are in order, makes sure the phone calls are made

09:31:42 to the parent, makes sure the snacks are there for the

09:31:44 kids after their game.

09:31:45 I just cannot thank them enough for everything they

09:31:48 have done over the years.

09:31:51 Next, I want to thank of course our football players.

09:31:53 This is not all of our football players.

09:31:56 He actually only took 15 boys to Orlando, and they won.

09:32:01 I'm trying not to cry.

09:32:02 So we have deLONTE Haines, Marco Hanson, Mr. Izzy, Mr.

09:32:17 Richard -- we call him Luther, and Mr. Coulter.

09:32:25 He was on the line as well.

09:32:26 We can't thank you enough as well as a City Council to

09:32:28 allow us to practice at Copeland park.

09:32:31 A lost fund-raisers at Copeland park.

09:32:35 Also want to mention the Copeland park is very

09:32:39 supportive.

09:32:41 We just want to thank everybody as a whole and hope

09:32:44 that we can compete and go forth, because our motto is

09:32:49 disciplined to win.

09:32:50 One thing we teach our kids, if you are disciplined and

09:32:52 you are humble, at the end of the day it going to pay

09:32:54 off.

09:32:55 And to just see the looks on their faces when they win,

09:32:58 at the end of the year, when they have learned it's not

09:33:02 just about -- it about going out, making sure your

09:33:06 homework is done, making sure you are good in school,

09:33:10 and having our coaches teach them the fundamentals of

09:33:13 football.

09:33:13 Again I want to thank everybody.

09:33:16 [ Applause ]

09:33:16 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

09:33:17 >>GWEN MILLER: You cannot have a win withing team

09:33:24 without a winning coach.

09:33:25 We would like to have coach Clarence maxwell to come

09:33:28 up.

09:33:32 He's not able to be here this morning.

09:33:37 His sick.

09:33:38 His daughter is going to accept his award.

09:33:40 On behalf of the City Council in recognition of coach

09:33:44 Clarence maxwell, Copeland park unity football

09:33:47 conference being inducted into the American youth

09:33:49 football league Hall of Fame on December 9th, Tampa

09:33:52 City Council would like to take this had opportunity to

09:33:55 applaud and congratulate you on the years of dedicated

09:33:57 service and community involvement.

09:33:59 We are sure at this time that you have spent getting

09:34:02 involved with the youth for all of the citizens.

09:34:07 We also would like to commend you on your bravery

09:34:11 during the time protecting America as members of the

09:34:14 United States Air Force and the Tampa City Council's

09:34:16 best wishes to you.

09:34:17 So would you give this to your father for us?

09:34:20 Thank you.

09:34:21 [ Applause ]

09:34:26 >> Good morning.

09:34:29 Orlando Goode for the football conference.

09:34:32 This is our fifth year.

09:34:33 We are a strong conference.

09:34:34 We started off with a lot of teams when I first started

09:34:37 the conference.

09:34:37 But rules and regulations, we are smaller now.

09:34:47 We do get some with the kids with the north Tampa

09:34:53 group, and that works well with us.

09:34:57 Our fees, they are very low.

09:34:59 I would say on average 30% of our kids don't pay to

09:35:03 play.

09:35:04 Our program is geared discipline-wise and we than

09:35:10 courage parent participation.

09:35:11 We are small in number but I can say for the third year

09:35:15 in a row our conference, in Hillsborough County, in the

09:35:19 state, to win three national title back to back.

09:35:21 So we are very proud of that.

09:35:23 We help to incorporate the step program.

09:35:31 Two years our program has won nationally.

09:35:34 We are happy with what we are doing with the city parks

09:35:36 and recreation staff helping us to get these kids off

09:35:40 the street.

09:35:41 So having a youth football conference, we thank the

09:35:43 City Council, and I would be remiss if I didn't say

09:35:46 thank you to our sponsors.

09:35:48 There's one gentleman that I have to recognize, Ken

09:35:51 Stoltenberg.

09:35:52 He couldn't be here.

09:35:54 He has called me and said, what do you need?

09:35:56 And I'm not talking about small donations.

09:35:58 We couldn't survive last year without Mr. Stoltenberg.

09:36:02 He is a good -- he has donations to us every year, he

09:36:07 support us, he comes out, and we really embrace him for

09:36:10 the things he does.

09:36:13 You have been on this council a long time and every

09:36:15 year I call you and tell what you we have done.

09:36:18 You recognize us here at council.

09:36:20 We greatly appreciate what you have done.

09:36:22 Thanks very much, council.

09:36:26 [ Applause ]

09:36:30 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Chairman?

09:36:32 It positive to start the day with success stories like

09:36:34 this.

09:36:34 Thank you all for coming down.

09:36:36 It's a real pleasure.

09:36:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

09:36:39 Congratulations again.

09:36:43 We move now to item 6.

09:36:46 I believe Ms. Miller is going to make a presentation.

09:36:51 This is the fire and police trust fund.

09:36:57 This originally was initiated by Mr. Dingfelder and Ms.

09:37:04 Saul-Sena but Mrs. Mary Mulhern is very involved we've

09:37:07 that.

09:37:07 >>CINDY MILLER: I'm Cindy Miller.

09:37:12 I usually introduce myself as director of growth

09:37:15 management development services.

09:37:16 Today, however, I'm before you as a member of the Board

09:37:18 of Trustees for the City of Tampa fire and police

09:37:21 pension fund.

09:37:22 I'm here in that capacity and in my role as director.

09:37:26 And the motion was to discuss and explain the fire and

09:37:29 police trust fund issues, and also discuss whether

09:37:32 there is anything council or the fire and police

09:37:34 pension board can do to reduce the city's obligation.

09:37:37 I would like to basically just lay out the foundation

09:37:41 for the fund, and then will also introduce the plan

09:37:45 administrator who will do the more extensive discussion

09:37:47 of the financial situations.

09:37:51 The pension fund was established by special act of the

09:37:53 state legislature quite some time ago.

09:37:56 As a member of the Board of Trustees, I serve with

09:37:59 eight other members, three elected police, three

09:38:01 elected fire, and two other mayoral appointments.

09:38:05 I have served in that capacity for over 12 years now,

09:38:08 and have just re-upped for another three years.

09:38:11 I must say that it is one of my proudest parts of my

09:38:17 service.

09:38:18 I not only get to serve with some very dedicated,

09:38:23 active members that are members of the Board of

09:38:25 Trustees, but also get to participate in meetings with

09:38:29 a number of our folks that have served before fire and

09:38:33 police and are now retirees.

09:38:37 The boards are elected, the fire and police members of

09:38:40 the board are elected by both active and retired

09:38:42 members of the fund and all of us serve on a rotating

09:38:46 basis.

09:38:47 So there are three members of the board that are

09:38:49 elected or appointed each year.

09:38:51 There's always six people that had at least one year of

09:38:54 service.

09:38:55 One thing I want to mention is -- and I think you all

09:38:59 know that I am a former auditor as well as serving in

09:39:02 my current capacity.

09:39:04 This fund is probably one of the most well-documented

09:39:09 funds, from the standpoint of the types of professional

09:39:14 reviews we have done, the actuarial evaluation as an

09:39:19 example, is only required by the state every three

09:39:21 years.

09:39:21 We do that every year.

09:39:24 Performance measurement, how the funds' investments are

09:39:28 doing as required by the state every three years.

09:39:31 We do it quarterly.

09:39:32 So we know where we stand with other comparable funds.

09:39:37 Actuarial experience.

09:39:39 Whether the assumptions we make as to life expectancy,

09:39:43 investment returns, a whole number of other items.

09:39:46 We do that every five years.

09:39:48 And it's not something that is mandated to be done.

09:39:52 It's good, fiscal best practice.

09:39:54 And that is one reason why I have had the pleasure to

09:39:56 serve this long.

09:39:58 And it continues to be a pleasure.

09:40:00 Although we do have some very interesting active

09:40:02 comments both among the trustees, and with our members.

09:40:06 But it is not only here at the local level that it has

09:40:11 scrutiny but also at the state level, the Division of

09:40:13 Retirement reviews basically every three years.

09:40:17 They have this information.

09:40:20 And when it comes to changes, let me just sort of talk

09:40:23 about what that entails.

09:40:33 We administer the pension staff.

09:40:35 The pension contract is collectively bargained among

09:40:37 the ^ ^ city and their respective unions.

09:40:42 When a pension contract, there is an agreement to make

09:40:45 a change to it, it goes to the collective bargaining.

09:40:48 It comes before you.

09:40:51 It then must have an amendment to, by special act, it

09:40:55 must go through the legislature.

09:40:57 It must have an actuarial analysis done in order to

09:41:00 make the change, whether there is no effect or what the

09:41:03 effect would be, and whether it can be paid for.

09:41:06 That then takes an act of the state legislature and

09:41:11 signature by the governor.

09:41:12 So there are a number of steps before any changes can

09:41:14 be made.

09:41:15 And I think that is something that again, because we

09:41:19 are established by special act, that type of scrutiny

09:41:22 at every level of our local and our state government is

09:41:26 necessary.

09:41:29 I would like now to introduce Jennifer Campbell, who is

09:41:32 the plan administrator.

09:41:33 She is an employee of the pension board, and she will

09:41:39 basically present to you a very brief outline of how

09:41:41 the pension it works and the funding mechanisms in

09:41:44 order to pay the retirees their current pension, cost

09:41:49 of living, and to have the plan available for when our

09:41:53 active members go into their retirement.

09:41:55 If I may now introduce Jennifer Campbell.

09:41:58 >>> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, council members.

09:42:03 Thank you for the opportunity to address you today.

09:42:05 I would like to present a sketch of how the pension

09:42:08 fund works, if I could have it turned on, please.

09:42:15 This is a simplification of the current structure of

09:42:17 the pension fund.

09:42:19 Over here, we have -- thank you -- the basic count

09:42:25 which pays the monthly base pension benefits which are

09:42:28 longevity benefits, death and a disability benefits.

09:42:30 The basic counts or the base fund is the very

09:42:33 foundation of our pension funds.

09:42:36 Over here, we have what's called the post retirement

09:42:39 adjustment account, just another word for COLA, cost of

09:42:43 living.

09:42:43 It's broken down into two pieces, the allocated and the

09:42:46 unallocated.

09:42:47 The allocated is the portion that is set aside or

09:42:51 reserved to pay for COLA increases that all retirees

09:42:54 are currently receiving for the rest of their lives.

09:42:56 The unallocated COLA is reserved to pay for future cost

09:43:00 of living adjustments for all of our retirees and

09:43:03 beneficiaries.

09:43:04 Then we have an account which is a stand-a alone

09:43:09 portion of the fund funded with excess investment

09:43:11 returns, and then the drop accounts, the deferred

09:43:13 retirement option program.

09:43:14 The 13th check and the drop account essentially

09:43:17 stand on their own.

09:43:18 Investment returns, gains and losses, remain with them,

09:43:22 those pieces of the fund.

09:43:23 Then I have a portion.

09:43:25 We call these our pie charts.

09:43:28 And our fund is invested as one pool of assets with our

09:43:32 professional investment manager.

09:43:34 And the pieces of the fund are broken out, as I just

09:43:37 showed you.

09:43:38 You have your base plan, your allocated COLA,

09:43:44 unallocated COLA, and the drop account.

09:43:47 As you see here, using some past history, this is

09:43:51 some-1 of 2000, sitting at 1.27 billion dollars.

09:43:55 We lost money in 2001 as did everyone else.

09:43:59 We saw the entire pool of assets that are invested get

09:44:02 smaller.

09:44:04 Unfortunately had a second consecutive negative

09:44:06 investment return, and we saw the pie get even smaller

09:44:10 that year.

09:44:11 Because the asset are invested as one pool of assets,

09:44:15 they rise and fall with the market.

09:44:17 And when there are losses, the losses are assessed

09:44:20 proportionately across the pension fund.

09:44:24 This next diagram shows the allocation of investment

09:44:28 return and moneys coming into the pension fund.

09:44:30 All contributions, whether they are from the employees,

09:44:33 the employer, or the State of Florida, all

09:44:37 contributions flow into the base fund.

09:44:40 Then investment return, the first 5% from zero to five

09:44:44 percent are allocated to the base account.

09:44:46 The base fund is funded with the first five percent of

09:44:50 investment on the investment fund.

09:44:53 The next 5% is allocated to the COLA or the post

09:44:57 retirement adjustment account.

09:44:59 If we return from 10 to 11% and certain actuarial

09:45:04 conditions are met that 10 to 11% can flow into a

09:45:07 13th check account and a 13th distribution is

09:45:09 made to all retirees and eligible surviving spouses.

09:45:13 In a sense, when the fund does well and is actuarially

09:45:16 sound we share the gains with all retirees.

09:45:19 Then if there is investment return in excess of 10%,

09:45:22 all investment returns after the 10th to 11th%

09:45:26 has gone to the cola account, it goes back into the

09:45:31 cola account.

09:45:32 So as you can see the cola account is funded solely by

09:45:35 excess investment return.

09:45:36 The base guarantees the first 5% of return.

09:45:40 The cola gets the next 5%, and then anything over 11%.

09:45:45 Now to give you a more updated pie chart, if you will,

09:45:50 as of 10-1-07 we recovered substantially in the market.

09:45:54 Our total at that point in time was 1.7 billion.

09:45:57 And as you can see the entire pie got larger.

09:46:00 And we got some historical investment return up here as

09:46:03 well.

09:46:05 And when the fund does well, the investment return

09:46:09 flows into the fund as I have diagrammed for you.

09:46:12 When the fund does not do well, when there are losses

09:46:15 in the market the entire pie of the investment return

09:46:17 shrinks.

09:46:18 Now with that, that's an oversimplification of the

09:46:21 structure of the pension fund.

09:46:23 And I would like to ask if there's anything else to

09:46:26 add.

09:46:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Questions?

09:46:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:46:30 I think you have an excellent report.

09:46:32 But that being said, I think you have to go a little

09:46:36 further back in history, so we can understand where we

09:46:38 are at today.

09:46:40 This fund was not only sound, it was in terrible shape

09:46:45 36, 40 years ago.

09:46:47 I can remember when this fund maybe even had a zero

09:46:51 balance on the negative side.

09:46:53 And through payroll increases that the employees paid

09:46:58 and contributions, it started getting steam.

09:47:03 And somewhere, this thing was in the very close to

09:47:07 zero, as you can get, and then it went to 20-some

09:47:11 million.

09:47:11 And from that, you and the retirees have built it to

09:47:15 something of substantial value.

09:47:19 Let me say that all of you have done an excellent job.

09:47:23 When you look at your comparative, and you compare your

09:47:28 decreases in 2000 and 2001 and so forth and so on,

09:47:35 where the losses of the stock market, I don't believe

09:47:38 you lost equal to or greater than the amount that was

09:47:41 lost in the stock market percentwise.

09:47:44 Is that true?

09:47:45 >>> That's true.

09:47:46 >> So something is doing something right.

09:47:48 So you can see my name is not on these things because I

09:47:51 don't want as an elected official to tell any fund that

09:47:56 has been managed so properly to get involved and mess

09:48:01 up, because if I get involved, I'm an elected official.

09:48:04 To some I'm a politician.

09:48:06 I understand that.

09:48:08 But the main thrust of these things, why it was set up

09:48:13 that way through the legislature was that who is going

09:48:16 to watch over their money better if not the people that

09:48:20 are watching their own money, like you having your own

09:48:22 account at the bank.

09:48:23 Why should I tell you what to do at the bank?

09:48:26 It's not that simple, but it is complicated.

09:48:29 And your board and the board of others, and from the

09:48:34 mayor's office and so forth, have taken this head on.

09:48:38 I don't know what your fund balance is today in 2010,

09:48:42 but I would imagine it's much better than Watt was in

09:48:46 2001.

09:48:46 >> You're absolutely right.

09:48:50 In 1969, the pension plan was substantially rewritten

09:48:54 and reconstituted.

09:48:55 And since that time, it has been funded on an actuarial

09:48:59 basis and has been able to meet all current obligations

09:49:02 as they occur.

09:49:03 In 1974, when we hired our current investment firm, we

09:49:07 gave them every penny that we had in the fund which was

09:49:10 $12.1 million.

09:49:12 As of this fiscal year, we are now at 1.3 billion

09:49:17 dollars.

09:49:17 >> You have gone from 12 to 1.3 billion?

09:49:21 >> Yes, sir.

09:49:22 So you are absolutely right.

09:49:23 >> I was here in '74.

09:49:27 That's why I said that.

09:49:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do we have any other questions of

09:49:31 council?

09:49:31 Yes, Councilwoman Saul-Sena.

09:49:32 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I had the opportunity to speak at

09:49:35 length with both these women, and they really explained

09:49:39 clearly where we are, how we got there, and what the

09:49:43 legal limitation as are on ourselves as council members

09:49:46 in this area.

09:49:47 And based on the conversations we had, I feel very

09:49:53 comfortable with the way that things are going.

09:49:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?

09:49:57 Okay.

09:49:57 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I was impressed with did meeting

09:50:03 I had with Ms. Miller and the young lady.

09:50:05 In fact, I asked her how come she's so smart, because

09:50:09 she knows what she's doing, and she does a good job.

09:50:12 Thank you.

09:50:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here again, some conversation

09:50:20 about getting money from the unfunded, put it to the

09:50:23 funded.

09:50:25 To me, I know that's not your recommendation.

09:50:27 I don't believe it is.

09:50:28 To me, that's a very terrible move because if you

09:50:34 borrow money that you are going to have to pay later on

09:50:37 in the future, when you get to the future, who is going

09:50:39 to pay for it, if you use it?

09:50:42 Not only do you have to meet that obligation but you

09:50:46 are going to have to meet the obligation of what you

09:50:49 borrow the money from.

09:50:50 So I am not a member of your board or your trustees or

09:50:53 any one of you.

09:50:54 But I would -- my advice is don't borrow, because you

09:50:58 have got to pay it back.

09:51:00 Thank you.

09:51:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you so very much for your

09:51:03 presentation.

09:51:05 There is no action necessary by council.

09:51:10 We will open the floor now for comments from the

09:51:15 public, those who wish to address council from the

09:51:17 public.

09:51:21 You may come forward at this time.

09:51:28 You have three minutes.

09:51:28 >> Jim Curtis, 205-122nd Avenue in Tampa.

09:51:34 Thank you being members.

09:51:34 Good to see you all again.

09:51:36 This is a continuation of discussion from last week.

09:51:38 I'm happy to see that City Council is at least for this

09:51:42 week decided to continue with invocations.

09:51:46 It's an encouragement.

09:51:50 After last week's meeting I went back and read over the

09:51:52 Constitution again.

09:51:53 I carry one with me.

09:51:55 It's in my car.

09:51:56 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Talking about the pension?

09:51:59 >> Oh, this has to do with the pension?

09:52:01 I'm sorry.

09:52:02 I apologize.

09:52:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: No problem.

09:52:04 >> We got the drift, though.

09:52:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, sir.

09:52:08 Thank you.

09:52:10 Today is a workshop today so we only take comments on

09:52:13 workshop issues.

09:52:14 Okay.

09:52:15 No comments, then, that will conclude our discussion on

09:52:17 the police and fire pension fund.

09:52:19 Okay.

09:52:22 Thank you very much.

09:52:27 We will take up item 7.

09:52:43 Julia Cole.

09:52:54 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

09:52:58 I'll give a minute to clear the room.

09:53:01 This is a continuation of discussion that we had in

09:53:20 September of in which City Council asked the legal

09:53:23 department to provide some recommendation on your land

09:53:27 use appeal process.

09:53:29 As we were going through that discussion, it was the

09:53:32 recommendation of the legal department that we also

09:53:34 review the zoning administrator process specifically,

09:53:38 the process for written determinations of our zoning

09:53:40 administrator, because as you know, many of the appeals

09:53:43 that you receive come directly out of that process as

09:53:45 well.

09:53:47 I submitted to you late last week some proposed

09:53:52 language regarding our zoning administrator process, as

09:53:55 well as the proposed language regarding our appeal

09:53:59 process, which has now been named a review process.

09:54:03 I am going very briefly first go through the proposals

09:54:07 for the written determinations of zoning administrator,

09:54:10 and then also to discuss some of the proposals for the

09:54:13 review process, which came as a result of our

09:54:15 discussion in September.

09:54:20 Of what you have in front of you is a complete revision

09:54:23 of your zoning review practice.

09:54:25 I am focusing on the one process that you see in your

09:54:27 appeal, which is when any person, could be a property

09:54:32 owner, could be a third party for other person's

09:54:35 property, comes to the zoning administrator, pays a fee

09:54:38 and requests a written determination.

09:54:41 As the process is today, it's very open-ended.

09:54:45 Anybody can make a request.

09:54:46 Anybody can pay their fee.

09:54:48 Anybody can get a determination.

09:54:51 And after that determination they have the right to

09:54:53 appeal that process.

09:54:56 What it lacks today and what we are proposing is to put

09:55:00 some more teeth in the process as it will, one of the

09:55:05 pieces of the process today is the zoning administrator

09:55:08 issue determination.

09:55:09 It is solely based upon whoever applied for that

09:55:11 determination, whatever information is given to the

09:55:13 zoning administrator, and whatever information the

09:55:16 zoning administrator may have from their own review,

09:55:20 but does not contain other information which may come

09:55:24 from other people, from other places.

09:55:28 It is really in effect very one-sided, and that is a

09:55:31 real problem when we have our review process, and our

09:55:34 appeal process -- and I will describe that a little

09:55:37 more.

09:55:38 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Could you just give us an example?

09:55:42 >>JULIA COLE: If somebody wants to come and request a

09:55:44 zoning administrator render an interpretation, for

09:55:47 example.

09:55:48 You have an a applicant.

09:55:49 That applicant doesn't have to be a property owner for

09:55:53 the property.

09:55:54 It can be any person.

09:55:56 They ask a question.

09:56:00 They maybe give the zoning administrator a certain

09:56:02 level of information.

09:56:03 Zoning administrator takes that information in, maybe

09:56:06 does their own research and has 30 days to render a

09:56:09 written determination.

09:56:10 There is no notice of it.

09:56:14 In fact, there is no opportunity to request additional

09:56:16 information.

09:56:17 >> Does staff provide input?

09:56:21 >> No.

09:56:22 The staff -- I'm sorry, the staff -- what I am saying

09:56:26 is it's very open ended and there is no delineation in

09:56:28 the process.

09:56:29 And what we are seeking to do in this is to place that

09:56:31 kind of delineation.

09:56:32 And what we are recommending is that we create a

09:56:36 three-tiered process, the first tier being a formal

09:56:39 decision process, the second tier being a certification

09:56:45 process, and the third tier being an advisory opinion

09:56:47 process.

09:56:48 And the purpose behind this is to give it a little bit

09:56:51 more teeth so when the zoning administrator is making a

09:56:54 determination, a written determination, there is an

09:56:57 opportunity to have more information flow into the

09:57:00 process.

09:57:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: To put this into a context that

09:57:05 council will recall, two decisions that the zoning

09:57:08 administrator made came before council that will give

09:57:12 you a sense of the things you have to grapple with, one

09:57:14 is the retreat, and the other is the marina.

09:57:17 Those are both issues that had to come before council

09:57:21 through the process of what currently exists for what

09:57:23 we call now an appeal of a zoning administrative

09:57:26 determination.

09:57:27 >> I just want to chime in open one point.

09:57:32 Those are two good examples.

09:57:33 In one instance a member serves a property owner, asks

09:57:37 for a determination and in one else in the community

09:57:39 was aware of it.

09:57:40 Their evidence, their information about what that

09:57:42 should be was not reviewed or received by the zoning

09:57:46 administrator, because of the nature of the process.

09:57:50 And the other one, it kind of happened the other way,

09:57:52 the request was by not the property owner, but again

09:57:56 the property owner's information was not available when

09:57:59 the determination was made.

09:58:00 What we are trying to do is create a notice and time

09:58:03 period for all that information to be submitted.

09:58:06 It wouldn't necessarily foreclosure additional

09:58:08 information coming in later on, but it would create a

09:58:10 more structured process, whether it be an opportunity

09:58:13 for both the property owner and the neighborhood folks

09:58:16 to get in their information before that initial

09:58:18 determination is made.

09:58:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: State your name for the record,

09:58:23 please.

09:58:24 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Chip Fletcher, city attorney.

09:58:27 Thank you.

09:58:27 >>JULIA COLE: That's exactly what we are trying to

09:58:31 accomplish here, is to create something more specific.

09:58:33 I do want to make it clear, though, though is only for

09:58:36 a very narrow process called our written decision

09:58:38 process.

09:58:38 The zoning administrator speaks to other departments,

09:58:41 renders information, our building department, renders

09:58:47 information to City Council, the legal department, that

09:58:48 is not what we are talking about here.

09:58:50 What we are specifically talking about here is the

09:58:53 formal decision for receipt of a written

09:58:56 interpretation, determination of the zoning

09:58:58 administrator.

09:58:59 As we said, as Mr. Fletcher said, the formal decision

09:59:02 process -- and that's one of the three types of

09:59:04 structure processes we are creating in this proposed

09:59:08 code provision.

09:59:09 The formal decision process is intended for those types

09:59:12 of decisions that the zoning administrator has the

09:59:14 authority to render, which create a property right.

09:59:18 That's the right to determination.

09:59:22 On the types of determinations that have impact on

09:59:26 these property rights and really is the kind of

09:59:28 decisions that tend to get appealed, because they have

09:59:30 an impact on some of these property rights.

09:59:33 Through that process, there will be a notice period.

09:59:37 And what we are calling an open record period.

09:59:39 And that open record period would allow persons who

09:59:42 receive notice, neighborhood associations, to submit to

09:59:44 the zoning administrator information as it relates to

09:59:47 the request.

09:59:49 Something we do not have today.

09:59:51 At the end of that open record period, the zoning

09:59:53 administrator would have the authority to render a

09:59:56 written determination that will be very formal.

09:59:59 It will contain findings of fact, conclusions of law, a

10:00:04 summary of all the evidence upon which the zoning

10:00:06 administrator is rendering the determination, and so at

10:00:08 the end of that process you will have a formal written

10:00:11 decision that is then reviewable.

10:00:15 And I'll talk about how that will be reviewed and what

10:00:17 we are proposing after I go through the other types of

10:00:20 decisions.

10:00:20 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: So the administrator has 30 days

10:00:29 in which to render an opinion on that particular item.

10:00:34 But during that 30 days, the petitioner's

10:00:38 representative may be contacting the zoning

10:00:40 administrator for weeks at a time and not getting an

10:00:45 answer to their question.

10:00:46 So there's a delay.

10:00:49 >> Yes, that's why we have created three different

10:00:55 options.

10:00:55 One is a formal determination which is like was

10:00:59 indicated, vested rights.

10:01:00 Those things that really bind the property rights, and

10:01:05 going to create some legal impact.

10:01:07 For somebody that doesn't need that, but just needs

10:01:12 something that's more formal like -- less formal like a

10:01:15 determination on how many square footage is available,

10:01:19 or something, or looking at investing in property, and

10:01:23 needs some clarity as to what the zoning is, that's

10:01:27 through -- what did we call it?

10:01:29 A certification by the zoning administrator, which if

10:01:33 you are buying property, could you come in and get that

10:01:35 certification, rely on that for purposes of going

10:01:38 forward, but it wouldn't be anything more than telling

10:01:41 you what the code provides for you right now.

10:01:44 It wouldn't be based on a lot of evidence related to

10:01:46 historical use of the property like vested rights

10:01:49 determination, or a nonconforming use determination.

10:01:53 It would really be how does the code a apply to the

10:01:55 property?

10:01:55 So we did try to recognize that there is a need for a

10:01:59 quicker turn around in certain circumstances.

10:02:01 And that's what we tried to do through the

10:02:03 certification process which is more the way things work

10:02:13 right now, just moving it into a more formal process.

10:02:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can just follow up.

10:02:19 Mr. Caetano, I believe that when you look through this,

10:02:22 you will see much more of a delineation of the duty,

10:02:25 the expectations, set forth in the code, a more formal

10:02:28 process, which may in fact, I believe, address a lot of

10:02:34 those concerns, that will make the process be more

10:02:37 clear, so that the expectations will be delineated, and

10:02:41 everybody will know what their obligations are.

10:02:43 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Just one other point of

10:02:49 clarification.

10:02:49 The certifications, say a real estate purchaser would

10:02:54 use for their due diligence, that's also not a

10:02:57 appealable through the more elaborate process that

10:03:00 would go to council that we were talking about for the

10:03:03 vested rights and nonconforming use determinations.

10:03:06 So, again, that's hopefully going to create more

10:03:10 efficiency for those folks that are looking at making

10:03:13 investments in property or making business decisions,

10:03:16 and eliminate that opportunity for a long, lengthy

10:03:19 review of that process through the DRV and council or

10:03:24 whatever mechanisms are available.

10:03:25 >>JULIA COLE: And I think that is a very important

10:03:31 point of what's happening today because the question is

10:03:36 very large decisions getting bogged down with very

10:03:38 small decisions, and they are all required to be

10:03:40 reviewed in the same time frame, and it is creating --

10:03:43 you are probably correct -- inefficiencies by

10:03:45 formalizing these different kinds of processes, you are

10:03:47 able to separate them out, the time frames will have

10:03:53 their own route and will hopefully create better

10:03:57 efficiencies.

10:03:58 And to the certification that was just discussed we

10:04:00 also have a category called an advisory opinion which

10:04:02 is really what you have today, which is a very simple

10:04:07 request, they don't have binding effect, they don't

10:04:10 require a lot of evidence, and they are intended to be

10:04:12 for more of a quick turn-around without the same type

10:04:18 of appeal process in the code today.

10:04:20 As we stated, there's a real need to formalize this,

10:04:24 even though it might seem as if it's almost

10:04:26 overformalized because of the nature of the decisions

10:04:29 that are being rendered, and because of the review

10:04:32 process that we are also recommending.

10:04:35 And there's other changes that we are proposing to the

10:04:38 zoning administrator process.

10:04:40 I'm not going to spend much time on this because I

10:04:42 don't know that that was the focus of your request.

10:04:44 And because I think this is really a procedural

10:04:47 question, and so we can discuss some of those other

10:04:50 changes.

10:04:51 A lot of it is clarification of this section.

10:04:54 I'm just making it more specific.

10:04:56 But talking about what was the appeal process that we

10:05:01 are turning into a review process.

10:05:04 And it really is intended to dovetail into the zoning

10:05:08 administrator, formal review process, given the nature

10:05:12 of these kinds of decisions.

10:05:15 When you discuss these issues in September, we did

10:05:17 discuss the idea of creating a certain type of decision

10:05:21 that would go to a hearing officer with a

10:05:24 recommendation to City Council versus say your board

10:05:29 decisions, variance review board, your BLC decisions

10:05:34 and given the nature of our processes as it is today, a

10:05:39 writ of certiorari review standard in front of you.

10:05:42 So there was a request on the part of City Council that

10:05:46 we identify the opportunity for a hearing officer and

10:05:51 certain decisions to come to this board as de novo

10:05:55 fashion.

10:05:57 And to talk about the hearing officer process, I think

10:06:00 that's the part that we needed to flesh out a little

10:06:03 more after our last discussion.

10:06:06 Those formal decisions of the zoning administrator, as

10:06:08 I stated, are types of decisions that have a very

10:06:12 specific property rights orientation to them.

10:06:15 They are the ones that we spend a lot of time with the

10:06:18 department.

10:06:18 We are recommending that in the code provisions that

10:06:22 what we do with those decisions is have them come,

10:06:26 those who are hearing officer process where you have a

10:06:29 hearing officer hold a full de novo review, and that

10:06:33 de novo review, a full hearing, evidence will be taken,

10:06:39 will result in a formal recommended order that would

10:06:43 come to City Council, for City Council to make the

10:06:46 final decision on.

10:06:47 The process as we have outlined it is modeled under a

10:06:51 statutory provision called a 120 proceeding.

10:06:54 It's also a similar process used in Orlando for their

10:07:00 quasi-judicial proceedings.

10:07:02 And I think that there's a lot of value in having a

10:07:06 hearing officer in these kind of decisions.

10:07:09 As I said, there are a lot of times highly legalistic.

10:07:13 It's hard to draft this kind of process, knowing that

10:07:17 you also have citizens involved.

10:07:19 So try to be very careful not to overlegalize it, to

10:07:27 keep it as simple as I possibly can, while also having

10:07:30 the formality in there that's necessary.

10:07:32 The way the process works is after a formal decision is

10:07:35 rendered by the zoning administrator, anyone who

10:07:38 participated in that decision by submitting evidence to

10:07:42 the zoning administrator would have an opportunity to

10:07:45 file for what we are calling review.

10:07:47 That would be sent to a hearing officer.

10:07:50 A date would be set for that hearing.

10:07:52 They would have a hearing in front of the hearing

10:07:54 officer.

10:07:55 The hearing officer would have the opportunity to take

10:07:59 in all of the evidence that was submitted to the zoning

10:08:01 administrator, as well as any new information that they

10:08:03 may receive during the course of the hearing.

10:08:06 At the conclusion of that hearing, they would, as I

10:08:08 said, render a formal written recommended order that we

10:08:12 come then to City Council.

10:08:14 It would be scheduled for a hearing in front of City

10:08:16 Council.

10:08:17 But that hearing would be limited because if you don't

10:08:20 limit that hearing, it kind of negates the idea of

10:08:24 having a hearing officer.

10:08:25 And what that hearing would be limited to is the

10:08:27 recommended order.

10:08:29 Parties would have an opportunity after the recommended

10:08:32 order is issued prior to it coming to City Council to

10:08:36 submit what we are calling exceptions which are really

10:08:38 objections to the order, indicating what the problems

10:08:41 are with the order.

10:08:42 You would have an opportunity at the hearing to make

10:08:45 the decision as to whether or not you wanted to hear

10:08:48 oral argument, and there's an article argument standard

10:08:51 of how you make that decision that's similar to what

10:08:54 they do in Hillsborough County for oral argument.

10:08:57 So we are trying to model this after things that are

10:08:59 already in existence, not to re-create the wheel.

10:09:03 So City Council, after request for oral argument may

10:09:06 want to open up the hearing for oral argument.

10:09:09 They would have that opportunity.

10:09:11 But no new evidence that wasn't submitted to the

10:09:13 hearing officer could come in.

10:09:14 It would be argument only from the record.

10:09:17 At the end of that hearing, you close, and then City

10:09:22 Council would be taking action on the recommended

10:09:25 order, and you would need an order to overturn a

10:09:30 recommended order to find flaws in the recommended

10:09:32 order as opposed to, you know, be weighing out there.

10:09:41 Now, through the other types of appeal City Council

10:09:44 has, that's just a quick discussion of that, and I'm

10:09:47 sure there may be questions.

10:09:49 For the board's decision, that would come to City

10:09:53 Council, and what we have done, after City Council's

10:09:59 last discussion, is it would be a pure de novo review

10:10:02 in front of City Council, meaning, to rewe the

10:10:06 evidence, it could be an entirely new hearing.

10:10:10 The only limitation from what those stated at the VRB

10:10:16 or BLC is who can file for review, only those persons

10:10:20 who participated by submitting testimony or evidence at

10:10:22 the lower board can fail for review in front of City

10:10:25 Council.

10:10:26 Once it gets to City Council, it is a full-blown

10:10:28 hearing.

10:10:29 And you can take new evidence, testimony, render a

10:10:34 different decision.

10:10:37 Whatever would be the pleasure of City Council.

10:10:38 Wouldn't have the same level of limitation that you

10:10:41 have today but you can accept new evidence and you have

10:10:43 to review it, what we are calling a writ of certiorari

10:10:48 standard.

10:10:48 There's one other type of permit that comes to you,

10:10:51 that actually I didn't really think about when we were

10:10:54 discussing your a appeal process, but it bass it was

10:10:58 pointed out to me in the code you do have several other

10:11:02 types that you do hear from actions of the zoning

10:11:05 administrator.

10:11:06 For example, one approval by the zoning administrator,

10:11:09 appeal to you, if there is an incremental review on a

10:11:14 PDA and somebody doesn't like the way the zoning

10:11:17 administrator has made that determination, they can

10:11:19 appeal that to you.

10:11:20 It's, I think in my entire career here, I have only

10:11:24 seen of appeals that come directly to you, there

10:11:28 everybody a couple of PD types a appeals, but it's

10:11:31 exceedingly rare but we need to account for it in here.

10:11:34 So what we are doing is providing that it has the same

10:11:36 type of review as your board review which is similar

10:11:39 actually to what you do today.

10:11:40 But that isn't something you see very often.

10:11:43 But we do need to account for it.

10:11:45 That's all I have.

10:11:47 In going through this process.

10:11:49 I try to keep it quick.

10:11:51 The other thing I want to indicate is on Tuesday, Mr.

10:11:54 Shelby's suggestion, I thought it was a good

10:11:57 suggestion, we held a public information meeting and

10:11:59 invited folks in the community to come down for us to

10:12:05 discuss this.

10:12:05 It was kind of done at the last minute so I'm sure

10:12:08 there are a lot of folks who couldn't attend but I

10:12:10 wanted to at least take an initial opportunity to

10:12:13 discuss this because it is a little bit complicated,

10:12:15 and for the average citizens who seem a little bit,

10:12:19 like I said, too legalistic, but it's hard to strike a

10:12:23 balance.

10:12:23 I also did -- we have practitioners in the land use

10:12:30 arena attend that meeting.

10:12:31 If I could briefly tell you a few of the comments that

10:12:33 I heard at that meeting, just so you sort of get a

10:12:36 sense of what we are hearing.

10:12:37 And I will tell you, I think it was -- I didn't hear a

10:12:41 resounding "are you crazy?

10:12:45 But I do think that it's something that obviously

10:12:48 touches on many of the citizens activists, the

10:12:53 practitioners, so I think it's important to understand

10:12:55 the perspective.

10:12:57 To go through a couple of the concerns that I heard,

10:12:59 that there is no opportunity for a neighborhood

10:13:01 association to request review.

10:13:05 Now, today, a neighborhood association, that's the

10:13:10 standard you have today as opposed to a property owner

10:13:12 within 250 feet, and they wanted us to look at that, as

10:13:16 to whether or not that would be an option to give

10:13:19 neighborhood associations separate standing to request

10:13:21 review.

10:13:22 Some concerns that the process is too legal, and I

10:13:26 think that's going to have to be something we have to

10:13:29 balance.

10:13:29 There were some issues that were raised, that issue

10:13:32 process that Mr. Fletcher was discussing.

10:13:34 That process really is something that is used for due

10:13:37 diligence, it has a meaning, and I think some of the

10:13:43 practitioners are concerned about that process being

10:13:45 clear enough to be able to be used for their purposes.

10:13:48 And there was also some concerns raised as to if you

10:13:52 had a de novo review on your board hearing, does it

10:13:56 really kind of take away from the whole idea that you

10:13:59 have a first tier board hearing, a Variance Review

10:14:01 Board, if it can be just relitigated or reheard here in

10:14:08 front of City Council.

10:14:09 Whether or not that would make those decisions at your

10:14:12 lower boards irrelevant or diminish them.

10:14:16 Very briefly some of the concerns I heard, I know there

10:14:18 are some folks here, and I think that this is something

10:14:21 we need to continue to discuss, but we feel we have

10:14:23 done the best job to strike that balance in this

10:14:26 proposal.

10:14:27 Thank you.

10:14:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Shelby?

10:14:29 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I would like to thank Ms. Cole for

10:14:33 all her work she's done on this and Mr. Fletcher.

10:14:36 But to share with you that this proposal reflects

10:14:40 council's direction to the legal department two-fold.

10:14:48 Number one is with regard to the de novo reviews, what

10:14:51 this does is this will do away with you having to

10:14:53 review the tapes, the transcripts, and then having to

10:14:57 know what was discussed, whether somebody testified at

10:15:00 the lower, whether it was the same testimony.

10:15:03 So in that sense, this follows council's direction.

10:15:07 The other point with regard to the zoning administrator

10:15:11 determinations, council has had some experience with

10:15:13 those kinds of hearings, and it is my opinion, and I

10:15:18 believe the legal department shares this, that the code

10:15:21 needs to catch up to the challenges that City Council

10:15:23 faces, and this is a means of addressing that.

10:15:26 A reminder that with the new comprehensive plan, there

10:15:31 are going to be new questions and new challenges.

10:15:33 And I think that this is being proactive in

10:15:37 anticipating this.

10:15:38 So while this is a preliminary discussion of council,

10:15:42 it is my opinion that what you presently have is

10:15:46 problematic and does need to be addressed.

10:15:49 So the good part to the community is involved in this,

10:15:52 and continues to be, and their participation and input

10:15:56 is invited to make the process even better, but there

10:15:59 is a need to actually move forward with this so we can

10:16:01 actually solve the problems before they come to you.

10:16:05 >> Any questions by council?

10:16:08 Any questions?

10:16:10 Okay.

10:16:11 We will hear from the public at this time.

10:16:14 Come forward and state your name for the record.

10:16:17 Three minutes.

10:16:17 >>STEVE MICHELINI: I had a couple of requests that I

10:16:22 would like for the council to entertain.

10:16:24 One would be to divide this process into what we have

10:16:27 characterized as small scale versus large-scale

10:16:31 determinations.

10:16:32 And what happens in that case would be you have

10:16:35 ordinary and routine reviews that are done by the

10:16:37 zoning administrator, but they don't have to wait and

10:16:41 sit on the zoning administrator's desk because you have

10:16:44 one person with a tremendous amount of responsibility

10:16:47 and authority that's vested in one person.

10:16:51 That not only does the zoning administrator have the

10:16:54 power but the zoning manager, who is the zoning

10:16:56 administrator's boss, doesn't have that same power.

10:17:02 So you have a zoning administrator, and if you want me

10:17:04 to use names I'll be using them, but Cathy Coyle has

10:17:08 the power.

10:17:09 Gloria Moreda, who is her boss, doesn't.

10:17:12 So if you are waiting on a decision from the zoning

10:17:14 administrator, if they are out on vacation, out on sick

10:17:17 leave or whatever else they are doing, then your

10:17:21 request sits and sits and sits waiting for the review.

10:17:25 And other requests come in.

10:17:27 So in the meantime you have not only your request, but

10:17:30 anyone else's behind that that are now stacking up.

10:17:33 So I would request that you look at dividing the

10:17:36 process into ordinary and routine versus -- and sort of

10:17:41 small scale versus large-scale complicated issues like

10:17:44 the marina issue and other things like that, that they

10:17:47 have two separate processes to go through.

10:17:51 And the second thing is that perhaps you empower the

10:17:55 zoning manager as well as the zoning administrator, and

10:17:58 consider in the absence of the zoning administrator,

10:18:02 zoning manager has the same authority.

10:18:05 And then the third thing would be to consider

10:18:09 establishing a position of a small scale zoning a

10:18:11 administrator reviewer who would have the authority to

10:18:15 move the process forward, review small scale issues,

10:18:20 and leave the larger scale, more complicated

10:18:23 determinations for the zoning administrator, whoever

10:18:25 that might be.

10:18:27 And in that way, you have vested the process.

10:18:32 You don't want to encumber all of the people doing

10:18:35 these things at a very high level, and it moves things

10:18:38 forward and you don't have to sit and wait on the

10:18:43 determination.

10:18:43 And I think that will help a lot in the process.

10:18:46 I think my three minutes is up.

10:18:48 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

10:18:53 Actually it is something I neglected to say.

10:18:56 The formal decision, the way the formal decision is

10:18:59 something that needs to be determined by the zoning

10:19:01 administrator as it is today.

10:19:03 But what we have done with the certifications and the

10:19:07 advisory opinions is it a allows it to be delegated to

10:19:12 on the staff members, because the way it is today --

10:19:14 and I think one of the problems today is there is no

10:19:18 opportunity for the zoning administrator to delegate it

10:19:21 to the legal department, they must sign off on every

10:19:25 decision.

10:19:25 Thank you.

10:19:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, thank you.

10:19:27 >> Bill -- I'm here representing the neighborhood

10:19:35 association.

10:19:35 We met with Ms. Cole last week, this week, I guess it ^

10:19:39 was, and I found her to be very open.

10:19:43 It looks like we have a meeting scheduled after this

10:19:45 one.

10:19:45 What I would like to see is the neighborhood

10:19:48 association have the opportunity to get involved

10:19:52 earlier in this process.

10:19:54 I'll give you an example.

10:19:55 There was a motion that came before council for

10:20:00 lifestyles.

10:20:00 This was last year, I believe last year.

10:20:03 And that particular developer came to the neighborhood.

10:20:07 We met.

10:20:08 We went through the process.

10:20:09 By the time we got here, we had the neighborhood

10:20:15 supporting it because we understood what they were

10:20:17 trying to do. We worked on the things that we didn't

10:20:19 think were appropriate.

10:20:20 And the net of it is, there was like one thing I think

10:20:24 that council decided.

10:20:26 So my view is I would like to have the neighborhoods be

10:20:28 able to get involved earlier, get their input, so

10:20:31 probably eliminate a lot of problems as you go along,

10:20:34 just from misunderstanding.

10:20:36 And then you get hear to council and take a lot of time

10:20:39 that isn't really necessary.

10:20:40 So I would like to see us do more of that.

10:20:42 Thank you.

10:20:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next speaker.

10:20:50 >> Wofford Johnson, Longfellow Avenue.

10:20:54 And I'm with T.H.A.N.

10:20:57 We appreciate very much Ms. Cole's having the

10:21:02 information meeting on Tuesday of this week, and Marty,

10:21:05 thank you for being there.

10:21:08 I'll be very brief.

10:21:09 But T.H.A.N.'s position on this is we would like to --

10:21:15 Ms. Cole mentioned that we would like to see in the

10:21:17 review process that neighborhood associations have

10:21:20 standing.

10:21:22 And the primary reason is because many times an

10:21:26 aggrieved neighbor may not want to come forward with

10:21:29 anything because, hey, I'm a afraid of my next door

10:21:32 neighbor, and I don't like what they are doing, and go

10:21:38 to the neighborhood association to represent them, in

10:21:39 effect.

10:21:40 So I think there's some logical reasons for doing that.

10:21:43 And we would appreciate some consideration on that.

10:21:46 The other thing, this is new and is a major change.

10:21:52 We would like to have the opportunity to discuss it

10:21:54 fully before T.H.A.N.

10:21:57 And then be able to be in a position to come back and

10:22:00 give you more information, better input.

10:22:03 So we would really like to see you schedule perhaps

10:22:06 another workshop on this subject, sometime in the

10:22:10 latter part of February or early March, something of

10:22:12 that nature.

10:22:13 That would give us time to review this, et, and discuss

10:22:18 it more fully.

10:22:20 So thank you.

10:22:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:22:24 Anyone else from the public?

10:22:28 Councilwoman Saul-Sena.

10:22:29 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I have a question for Julia.

10:22:32 The process as I understand would be let's say we like

10:22:36 what's in front of us with a few little tweaks like

10:22:39 making sure the neighborhood association has standing,

10:22:41 that we would then have public hearings on it.

10:22:44 >>> Yes.

10:22:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I think the public hearings would

10:22:51 afford everybody a chance to kind of chime in, and then

10:22:56 if there were changes we want to make in public

10:22:59 hearings, we can make it -- it takes longer.

10:23:03 >>JULIA COLE: I think it is really important for us to

10:23:11 make sure that this is out and people have an

10:23:14 opportunity to see it.

10:23:15 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Right.

10:23:16 And the questions that Mr. Michelini raised about

10:23:18 process, are those questions in terms of like who in

10:23:22 the administration weighs in on it that we would

10:23:25 address here?

10:23:26 Or is that more of an administration decision thing?

10:23:29 >>JULIA COLE: The way the code is today is very

10:23:34 specific that the zoning administrator has to make all

10:23:36 of these decisions, and it makes it very difficult for

10:23:39 the zoning administrator to delegate because the legal

10:23:43 department has opined that if it is a zoning

10:23:46 administrator determination, that zoning administration

10:23:48 has to find the determination.

10:23:50 >> So we need to change the language?

10:23:52 >>> What I have done is allowed the opportunity the way

10:23:54 the code is drafted on the more minor decisions that

10:23:57 the zoning administrator has the authority to delegate

10:23:59 that decision.

10:24:00 That would be the appropriate mechanism to do that.

10:24:02 It doesn't indicate that it has to be through someone

10:24:04 lower or above.

10:24:06 That I think becomes an administrative decision.

10:24:09 >> And that's where --

10:24:11 >>> The authority to delegate is within the code.

10:24:17 It doesn't exist today.

10:24:18 There's no authority today to delegate.

10:24:20 But under this code, for the -- I mean, Mr. Michelini

10:24:24 calling the minor decisions, calling them the advisory

10:24:27 opinion or the certification, is kind of nomenclature,

10:24:33 but the intent is that those kinds of decisions can be

10:24:36 delegated, and they are not allowed to be delegated

10:24:40 today.

10:24:42 So that's the intent, is to allow them to be delegated.

10:24:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Mr. Chairman, because our workshop

10:24:48 schedule I believe is pretty hectic, what I might

10:24:50 suggest is that we go ahead and set this for a public

10:24:53 hearing in like the end of March, the beginning of

10:24:57 April, which will allow another work session, I'll call

10:25:02 it, that doesn't involve council but does involve

10:25:04 people who are interested and the staff in advance of

10:25:08 that first public hearing.

10:25:09 So you all can get together.

10:25:11 And I would ask that the legal department include the

10:25:15 two things that we heard today, that neighborhood

10:25:18 organizations have standing, and that administration

10:25:26 have people in on the levels of the zoning department

10:25:28 to make the decisions.

10:25:29 >>> If I may, on the issue of neighborhood associations

10:25:34 to be able to file appeals, I think the proper way to

10:25:39 do that would be if they are incorporated and they have

10:25:42 a clear governance structure that we be able to do

10:25:45 that, and we can work on that.

10:25:46 I just wanted to clarify that.

10:25:48 There are layers of issues there, but I think there's a

10:25:51 way to allow them to do that as an organization

10:25:53 representing their members.

10:25:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think what you can do -- and I agree

10:25:58 with Councilwoman Saul-Sena -- that maybe we need to

10:26:00 have another information meeting with T.H.A.N. and

10:26:02 raise those issues with them, so they understand

10:26:04 clearly the whole legal ramification, because here

10:26:08 again you are moving through this process because you

10:26:10 are trying to protect the city from lawsuits, because

10:26:16 of the path we are going down now, you know.

10:26:21 So let's be clear.

10:26:22 And so it may be helpful if you all had a meeting with

10:26:28 neighborhood associations and any interested parties

10:26:30 and educate them towards the process and bring it back

10:26:33 to us for first reading.

10:26:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Maybe the last council meeting in

10:26:38 March.

10:26:38 And I don't know that day offhand.

10:26:40 The 18th?

10:26:42 I think that would give us enough time.

10:26:43 That's about two months from now.

10:26:44 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: I agree, and that will give us

10:26:48 time to go out and meet with the parties, other

10:26:51 interested parties and clarify these issues.

10:26:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Could I get a second to that motion?

10:26:56 >> Second.

10:26:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So the city attorney understand it is

10:26:59 direction of council and the motion then.

10:27:01 >> Yes.

10:27:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So then it will come back to us

10:27:04 18th of March, first reading, with the

10:27:07 understanding you will meet with T.H.A.N. and all the

10:27:09 interested parties in between all the issues.

10:27:12 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: And hopefully meet with the council

10:27:15 members who weren't in attendance and explain to them

10:27:18 the conversation.

10:27:19 Thank you.

10:27:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:27:21 Thank you.

10:27:23 The motion is made by Councilwoman Saul-Sena, seconded

10:27:26 by councilman Miranda, that the legal department go and

10:27:31 have an information session, I guess we'll call it,

10:27:33 with T.H.A.N. and on the interested parties in the

10:27:35 community between now and March 18th.

10:27:39 They will come back on March 18th with the first

10:27:41 reading of the draft.

10:27:43 Is that right?

10:27:43 Okay.

10:27:44 It been moved and seconded.

10:27:45 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:27:48 Opposes?

10:27:49 Okay.

10:27:50 Anything else need to come before council?

10:27:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:27:57 I'm passing out a memo that I wrote to the mayor as

10:28:00 well as council saying that the new park downtown is

10:28:02 fantastic, and I'm asking the transportation department

10:28:06 to develop a map recommending safe bicycle routes to

10:28:10 the park from north, south, east and west, and I would

10:28:14 like to request that we receive a response to this had

10:28:17 by the end of February.

10:28:19 So our second council meeting in February is if we

10:28:23 could get a written report, which is a recommendation

10:28:28 on safe bicycle routes to our new downtown park.

10:28:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is there a second?

10:28:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Second.

10:28:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It moved and seconded by Councilwoman

10:28:35 Miller.

10:28:35 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:28:37 Opposes?

10:28:38 Okay.

10:28:38 >>GWEN MILLER: I would like to present a commendation

10:28:42 to the City of Tampa black history committee.

10:28:44 They are going to be presenting their 22nd annual black

10:28:47 history program on February 12th.

10:28:50 And a -- I'm sorry, February 17th at the convention

10:28:55 center.

10:28:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Second.

10:28:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:29:00 All in favor?

10:29:01 Opposes?

10:29:01 Okay.

10:29:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, I'm sorry to interrupt

10:29:05 but there was a request to set a presentation for

10:29:08 February 25th regarding women's history.

10:29:13 Do you want to the take that today or next week?

10:29:15 >> No, we want to go ahead and make that because my

10:29:17 understanding is we'll have a time constraint.

10:29:20 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: So moved that we do a commendation

10:29:23 of the women's history month.

10:29:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: For the 25th, I think, of

10:29:26 February.

10:29:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes.

10:29:28 9 a.m.

10:29:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:29:30 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:29:32 Opposes?

10:29:32 Okay.

10:29:34 Any other business needs --

10:29:36 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Just quick.

10:29:37 I believe you have an expressway authority meeting on

10:29:40 Monday.

10:29:40 I wonder if they did anything about the greenway.

10:29:42 City Council had written them a letter.

10:29:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: They read the letter and no action was

10:29:46 followed up, as I recall.

10:29:48 But they did read the letter.

10:29:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

10:29:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:29:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Move to receive and file.

10:29:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Second.

10:29:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor say Aye.

10:29:58 If nothing else, we stand in recess until this evening

10:30:01 at 6:00.

10:30:03 Thank you very much.



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