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CRA meeting.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

10:00 a.m. session.


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10:25:06 >>GWEN MILLER: I call the CRA to order.

10:37:25 Roll call.

10:37:26 [Roll Call]

10:37:29 >>GWEN MILLER: I would like to put on the record that

10:37:36 Reverend Scott will not be attending the CRA meeting.

10:37:39 At this time I am going to turn it over to Mr. Charlie

10:37:41 Miranda to present a commendation.

10:37:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Madam Chair, members of

10:38:00 City Council.

10:38:00 I'm pleased and honored to be before you this morning

10:38:03 to make a commendation on behalf of the council.

10:38:05 Although they are not here I want to recognize the

10:38:07 coaches that have brought these young ladies to where

10:38:10 they are at today.

10:38:20 Also, the all-stars had team manager angel Lopez and

10:38:26 J.D. Fernandez.

10:38:27 If I may give this, and if you would help me.

10:38:40 Let me tell you first what these young ladies have

10:38:43 accomplished.

10:38:44 Never in had history of Tampa little league have the

10:38:47 junior league softball gotten out of the district.

10:38:52 These young ladies won the district, they won the state

10:38:57 championship, and that encompasses a lot of teams.

10:39:01 And then they went on.

10:39:03 They weren't satisfied with just being state champions.

10:39:06 They wanted to be the best.

10:39:07 So they went on and became the southeast champions.

10:39:12 That means all the area of the United States in the

10:39:14 southeast.

10:39:16 Well, that's more responsibility than the mayor has.

10:39:20 More authority, too.

10:39:22 They can say they have done more.

10:39:23 But in doing that, they have earned their way to

10:39:28 Kirkland, Washington to play for the World Series

10:39:32 junior softball league, young ladies 13 and

10:39:36 14-year-olds.

10:39:37 And I think their main starting opponent is Canada.

10:39:41 Remember that?

10:39:41 And the thing I like about Canada is Dan Murray and

10:39:50 Celine Dion.

10:39:51 I think there's five teams in one pool and five teams

10:39:55 in another pool.

10:39:56 I think the team from Puerto Rico that won the world

10:39:59 champions, I believe two out of the last three years,

10:40:02 but they ever played West Tampa, your favorite.

10:40:07 So if I may, somebody a sis me -- assist me, recognize

10:40:14 the individuals, because we are doing something never

10:40:18 done before, so I'm very proud as the council, as all

10:40:22 the members of this community are.

10:40:30 Monique Pointes.

10:40:33 Natalie Mocavo.

10:40:39 I believe you are the catcher?

10:40:40 Well, let me tell you something.

10:40:42 When the guy called me, he said Charlie, why don't you

10:40:46 finally throw me a strike?

10:40:48 I can tell you that.

10:40:48 Alina Venezuela.

10:40:55 Chelsea Gray.

10:41:04 Amanda Weathers.

10:41:08 Mickey Lopez.

10:41:20 Vizzy Otorica.

10:41:33 Caroline Jesse.

10:41:48 Stacy Dominquez.

10:41:51 Marissa Hernandez.

10:42:00 Carla Fernandez.

10:42:07 Kayla.

10:42:15 I'm sorry.

10:42:17 I get nervous.

10:42:17 And I must have missed a name because I got an extra

10:42:22 won.

10:42:24 One.

10:42:25 No wonder I never got to the World Series because of

10:42:34 these little mistakes.

10:42:35 In all sincerity, it's a first for West Tampa the.

10:42:40 It's the first time that these young ladies have

10:42:43 experienced this.

10:42:43 And I have talked to them a couple of times, and I told

10:42:46 them that during their life they will remember this

10:42:49 moment forever.

10:42:53 Good luck.

10:42:57 Have fun.

10:43:01 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Miranda, before you leave,

10:43:03 this experience, I think the big thing is, because they

10:43:07 are up in front of you today also in giving these

10:43:10 commendations.

10:43:11 How many games have they won this year?

10:43:13 >> We have won 16.

10:43:15 >> And you have how many more games left?

10:43:17 >> Six.

10:43:18 >> Six games.

10:43:19 And they are going to be played in Washington?

10:43:22 >> Uh-huh.

10:43:23 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: And how many no hitters have you

10:43:26 had?

10:43:26 >> About two or three.

10:43:35 And a perfect game in sectional.

10:43:36 >> It's too bad the coaches are not here because they

10:43:39 deserve a lot of credit, too, for these young girls to

10:43:43 carry on to where they are at today.

10:43:45 It's a real accomplishment.

10:43:51 >> I'd like to thank all the council and the community

10:43:54 for helping us out, and helping us get here.

10:43:57 Our coaches really prepared us and working together and

10:44:00 playing as a team.

10:44:03 I think all of us would like to thank you guys, because

10:44:07 we just reached our goal last night.

10:44:09 And we had a lot of donations, and everybody helped us

10:44:14 out and supported us.

10:44:15 And we are going to go out to Washington and bring it

10:44:18 back to Tampa.

10:44:20 [ Applause ]

10:44:24 >> Like Monique said we are one team and play very,

10:44:43 very well together.

10:44:44 Just one goal, it very exciting and it drives all of us

10:44:47 to achieve that and bring it back to Tampa, like she

10:44:50 said.

10:44:50 So definitely excited to go to Seattle and bring it

10:44:53 home.

10:44:56 [ Applause ]

10:45:09 >> Thank you very much.

10:45:10 We appreciate what you have done and what you are going

10:45:11 to accomplish.

10:45:12 And sometimes you play against players that you feel

10:45:15 are better than you, but the desire to win in you is

10:45:18 greater than it is in them.

10:45:20 So it's not about who you are playing or how big they

10:45:22 are, how strong they are.

10:45:26 It's the desire and determination to win.

10:45:27 And all of you have to have desire and determination

10:45:30 and I know you are going to come back victorious.

10:45:32 >> Thank you.

10:45:36 [ Applause ]

10:46:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I got to follow that.

10:46:18 Thanks a lot.

10:46:25 >>MARK HUEY: Are we ready to start the CRA meeting

10:46:27 officially?

10:46:28 >>GWEN MILLER: We did.

10:46:30 >>MARK HUEY: Our first item is when we monthly receive

10:46:35 a present from one of the community advisories

10:46:38 committee, one of the chairpersons, earlier this

10:46:41 morning the mayor mentioned her visit to East Tampa

10:46:43 earlier this week, and for that visit she has prepared

10:46:48 a video that highlighted the accomplishments in the

10:46:53 spirit of the young lady who was up here just a minute

10:46:56 ago where collectively we had a goal to make a

10:46:58 difference in East Tampa, and this video reflect how

10:47:02 you as a CRA board, the administration and the

10:47:05 community, have worked together to make a big

10:47:08 difference in East Tampa.

10:47:09 So with that I would like to queue it up and show you a

10:47:14 short video about the last eight years of progress in

10:47:17 East Tampa.

10:47:19 >> Open air drug dealing has trance formed into a

10:47:37 thriving neighborhood, home to more than 30,000

10:47:39 residents.

10:47:41 ΒΆΒΆ

10:47:42 >> Under the leadership of Mayor Pam Iorio and the

10:47:56 Tampa City Council, working in partnership with

10:47:58 dedicated East Tampa residents, progress has been made.

10:48:02 Change began in May of 2003 with operation commitment,

10:48:06 the administration's first initiative focused on

10:48:08 tackling crime, drug dealing, code enforcement, and a

10:48:12 illegal dumping.

10:48:13 In 2004 the Board of County Commissioners approved East

10:48:16 Tampa as a community redevelopment area and a 30 year

10:48:21 community redevelopment plan was developed setting a

10:48:22 new course for the community.

10:48:24 New businesses have opened.

10:48:25 Public improvements have been made.

10:48:27 And more than $25 million in tax increment financing

10:48:31 revenues everybody reinvested in the area.

10:48:34 The safety of our residents was central to providing a

10:48:37 good quality of life.

10:48:38 The Tampa Police Department has been dedicated to

10:48:40 reducing crime in our city, and more importantly they

10:48:44 focus much effort on making East Tampa safer.

10:48:47 Since that first flesh tiff in 2003 crime has dropped

10:48:51 37%, and the office has formed a real partnership with

10:48:55 the community, focusing efforts on eliminating street

10:48:58 level crime.

10:48:58 The district 3 police station was constructed on north

10:49:01 22nd street.

10:49:02 Further promoting the safety of the residents, becoming

10:49:06 a central part of the community.

10:49:08 Parks and recreation facilities are finally community

10:49:12 access.

10:49:13 We remain committed to providing quality programs and

10:49:15 green space that enrich the day-to-day lives of our

10:49:19 resident.

10:49:19 East Tampa is now home to two passive recreational

10:49:22 areas renamed as community lakes in honor of Robert L.

10:49:26 Cole, Sr., and Herbert D. Carrington, Sr.

10:49:31 Cyrus green park and the Highland pines park now

10:49:34 provide families with places to enjoy programming and

10:49:36 recreational opportunities.

10:49:38 The national organization, along with Home Depot,

10:49:42 partnered with the city to bring the kids of Highland

10:49:46 pines a new playground.

10:49:47 >> A swimming pool originally built in 1937 was

10:49:51 renovated and the Cyrus Green pool reopened.

10:49:56 Giddons Park underwent major improvements including a

10:49:59 few splash pad from and the community celebrated its

10:50:06 completion.

10:50:06 City government has been focused on making improvements

10:50:08 to the basics.

10:50:09 The fundamentals that make for a better quality of

10:50:12 life.

10:50:14 Roads throughout East Tampa are resurfaced while

10:50:16 sidewalks leading to ten local public schools were

10:50:18 installed, helping to ensure the safety of our

10:50:21 neighborhood children.

10:50:22 But perhaps one of the most transformative public

10:50:25 improvements was the enhancement of Lake Avenue

10:50:27 creating an attractive roadway with landscaping,

10:50:31 bicycle lanes and improved bus routes.

10:50:33 Late they are year similar enhancements will begin on

10:50:35 north 22nd street.

10:50:36 Public investment has contributed to the vibrancy of

10:50:39 this community, but more importantly investments from

10:50:42 the private sector helped reshape the East Tampa

10:50:45 economy from housing units to restaurants, the private

10:50:47 sector has demonstrated its commitment to the area,

10:50:52 almost 900 new affordable housing units were added to

10:50:55 the marketplace.

10:50:57 Fifth Third Bank, the first commercial bank in East

10:51:01 Tampa is more than 30 years is serving residents.

10:51:04 The city partnered with the developer to upgrade the

10:51:07 walkways and landscaping, capital partners invested $7

10:51:12 million to upgrade the Tampa festival center.

10:51:15 Bible ministries launched a center providing programs

10:51:19 for health, education and spiritual growth.

10:51:22 Fast lane clothing was brought into the community.

10:51:26 The Chloe coney enterprise center opened and located

10:51:31 $16 million center in East Tampa.

10:51:36 And 2010 brought additional restaurant and retail

10:51:38 investment and attracted new commercial tenants in the

10:51:42 Suncoast retail centers.

10:51:43 In an effort to further enhance the aesthetics of the

10:51:46 community the East Tampa center youth program was

10:51:48 initiated and the environmental program was established

10:51:51 to proactively pursue illegal dumping.

10:51:54 85 senior and low income homes have been rehabilitated

10:51:57 with funding and the state housing incentive program, a

10:52:01 $2 million investment.

10:52:02 East Tampa has been fortunate to have the support of

10:52:06 many community partners including the University of

10:52:07 South Florida and the Tampa Bay Rays.

10:52:10 The Rays partnered with the city and other community

10:52:13 least leaders to renovate and improve the historic

10:52:16 Belmont Heights little league field.

10:52:18 USF worked with the community on everything from

10:52:20 neighborhood beautification projects and community

10:52:22 planning projects to local clean-up efforts.

10:52:24 East Tampa is a vital part of our city, and because of

10:52:27 the investment from both the public and private sector,

10:52:30 as well as the support from the residents and community

10:52:32 leaders, East Tampa has transformed for the better, and

10:52:36 its future is brighter than ever.

10:52:55 >>MARK HUEY: That you to you and your team.

10:52:57 And Mrs. Best would like to come up and just share a

10:53:02 word.

10:53:07 >> He advantage lien best, the chairman of East Tampa

10:53:10 partnership.

10:53:12 I just want to say thank you to you all, for the CRA

10:53:17 and for a person like myself and other chairpersons and

10:53:22 residents.

10:53:23 This has given us an opportunity to have really a

10:53:29 meaningful part in the development of our

10:53:30 neighborhoods, and specifically for East Tampa, I stand

10:53:36 before you now and just say thank you.

10:53:39 Thank you for supporting us and guiding us.

10:53:41 I think the -- thank the staff for in my case really

10:53:47 letting me grow and ask a lot of questions.

10:53:50 On last Tuesday, we wanted to show the mayor how much

10:53:53 we appreciate everything that has been done in East

10:53:56 Tampa, and we presented her with a scrapbook to let her

10:54:00 see that each of the neighborhoods has spent hours at

10:54:04 the police station, putting it together with me and she

10:54:10 was overwhelming and most appreciative.

10:54:12 We had another person to present, and I would like for

10:54:15 you -- and I'm sure you will see it one day -- we saw

10:54:19 real evidence of the jewels and the treasures that are

10:54:21 in East Tampa, and she was presented with a plaque that

10:54:25 spelled out East Tampa, that all the letters came from

10:54:28 East Tampa.

10:54:29 I just want to say thank you.

10:54:31 Any questions of me?

10:54:32 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say thank you to you

10:54:37 and to your committee for the incredible amount of

10:54:40 work, especially for our new council people, CRA board

10:54:44 members, to know that the East Tampa CRA advisory

10:54:49 committee is an example of the incredible amount of

10:54:53 community service, hours and hours and hours, years of

10:54:58 hours, that they put into this, and especially Ms. Best

10:55:03 has brought so many neighborhoods together, because

10:55:07 that's such a huge district, and they are all working

10:55:11 together, and I feel like since I have been here, more

10:55:13 and more of the people who live in East Tampa feel like

10:55:17 they are having more and more input.

10:55:19 So it's been a really impressive four years that I have

10:55:24 seen.

10:55:25 And a I think eight years under Mayor Iorio, and under

10:55:29 this CRA board, which I think has been more and more

10:55:33 tried to listen to all the neighborhoods.

10:55:36 You have been doing a great job.

10:55:37 And we saw you run through that fountain on a hot day.

10:55:43 >> It shows we can also have fun while we are making

10:55:46 progress, as I told the mayor.

10:55:48 Thank you.

10:55:59 >>MARK HUEY: The next item is my monthly report.

10:56:02 We are very pressed for time, as now, this morning.

10:56:04 You already had the mayor and Bonnie Wise give the

10:56:08 city's budget presentation.

10:56:10 We have a budget presentation to share with you as

10:56:12 well.

10:56:13 And I know you are against a deadline, an important

10:56:17 deadline this morning.

10:56:18 So if you have any questions about the monthly reports,

10:56:20 I'll be glad to answer those at this time.

10:56:23 Otherwise, we could move on to the budget presentation.

10:56:31 All right.

10:56:32 We do have a PowerPoint presentation, not as long and

10:56:38 elaborate as Mrs. Wise's, but we look forward to

10:56:44 walking you through the budget recommendations that

10:56:45 have come forward through the community advisory

10:56:48 committees and the work of the staff.

10:56:50 But before we move forward on that PowerPoint

10:56:53 presentation, I do have an important budget matter that

10:56:56 I wanted to address right upfront, and that has to do

10:57:00 with how the Tampa historic streetcar funding is

10:57:05 reflected in the budgets that you are reviewing.

10:57:10 As you are aware, over the past years, the three

10:57:14 redevelopment areas that the streetcar connects, Ybor

10:57:17 City, the Channel District and downtown, have been

10:57:20 providing TIF resources to support the operation of the

10:57:24 streetcar.

10:57:26 This year, that support is proposed to increase from

10:57:32 $100,000 in each community redevelopment area to

10:57:36 $150,000 in each community redevelopment area.

10:57:44 And that request, that proposal, has been a point of

10:57:47 frustration in two of the redevelopment areas, Ybor

10:57:51 City and the Channel District.

10:57:52 And, in fact, in the case of the Channel District, that

10:57:55 community advisory committee has not in fact supported

10:57:58 the budget that you will be seeing in just a minute.

10:58:03 The budget that we are going to be presenting you shows

10:58:05 the streetcar at 150,000, and they voted for an

10:58:09 allocation of $100 that you to the streetcar.

10:58:12 So 50,000 less.

10:58:16 And in the case of Ybor City, while their board did

10:58:20 vote to support the streetcar allocation, it was done

10:58:24 after considerable difficult debate and discussion,

10:58:29 which I will get to in a minute.

10:58:32 I wanted to deal with this right up front because this

10:58:34 is really the first time I have had the pleasure of

10:58:37 working with the CRA board for seven years now, and

10:58:40 this is the first time I'm bringing to you a budget

10:58:42 where there is this kind of disagreement.

10:58:46 So for that reason, I wanted to give this special

10:58:50 presentation.

10:58:52 The increase that is being proposed of 150,000 versus

10:58:57 100,000 is not accidental.

10:58:59 The increase was planned as part of the process of

10:59:04 extending the streetcar, that was a process that the

10:59:08 city engaged in with Hart.

10:59:12 The process began in 2007, and it was approved in 2008.

10:59:17 Many of you might recall Kathy Castor, representative

10:59:21 Castor was successful in winning a grant for our

10:59:24 community that provided the federal funding source that

10:59:28 really allowed the expansion project to move forward,

10:59:33 and it was a progress that many in the community, once

10:59:35 that grant was awarded, began to work on to push

10:59:38 forward.

10:59:40 As part of the process of approving the extension of

10:59:43 the streetcar, it required -- and the federal funding

10:59:48 source requires an update to what's called the 20-year

10:59:52 business plan of the streetcar.

10:59:54 And I know board member Mulhern has served on the

10:59:59 streetcar board.

11:00:01 Board member Capin is just now getting ready.

11:00:04 So you will get familiar with that over time.

11:00:06 And essentially, it's a bit of a dizzying spreadsheet

11:00:12 that really talks about many different revenue sources,

11:00:15 and there's 20 different revenue sources, and there's a

11:00:17 variety of operating expenses, as you might imagine, to

11:00:21 support the streetcar.

11:00:22 And then there's an endowment in place that helps fund

11:00:26 the subsidies of operating the streetcar.

11:00:30 So in order for the extension to go forward, it was

11:00:33 required that that business plan be updated, and that

11:00:36 was part of the approval process.

11:00:37 And that was done.

11:00:39 And within the business plan, it was recognized that

11:00:44 the three redevelopment areas -- Ybor City, Channelside

11:00:49 and downtown -- would need to increase their support of

11:00:52 the streetcar.

11:00:54 At the time, each CRA was providing $50,000 of support.

11:01:00 And since then it's gone to 100, and now this year it

11:01:03 was scheduled to have go to $150,000.

11:01:07 At this point you might be thinking, okay, what's all

11:01:11 the fuss?

11:01:11 We are just really trying to do exactly what we said we

11:01:15 were going to do back in 2008.

11:01:17 And just as a reminder to the board, when the extension

11:01:23 occurred, the streetcar board approved it, Hart

11:01:27 approved it, and Mr. Armijo, because the streetcar was

11:01:34 so involved in the financial plan, came and made a

11:01:35 presentation to the CRA on June 12, 2008, to answer any

11:01:39 questions that the board may have about the project and

11:01:42 about the increased TIF participation.

11:01:47 So what's all the fuss?

11:01:48 Well, the main reason is, as we found out, the two CRA

11:01:53 areas in question, Channelside and Ybor, were not

11:01:56 aware, apparently, of their increased level of

11:01:59 participation, and that they were going to be asked

11:02:03 this year to go up to $150,000.

11:02:07 So both of them had that initial reaction.

11:02:11 That is my responsibility.

11:02:15 Certainly a redevelopment area, our community advisory

11:02:18 committees are very hard working, and we don't ever

11:02:20 want them to feel uninformed about the work that we are

11:02:22 doing, and so to the extent that they do, that's my

11:02:26 "buck stops with me" and that's my problem to deal

11:02:31 with.

11:02:31 Once you get past the "I didn't know," the concerns

11:02:34 that were raised are varied, but here are the basic

11:02:37 things that we heard.

11:02:41 There are some people who do not believe TIF funds

11:02:43 should be used at all to support the streetcar.

11:02:47 And that has been true since the first days that we

11:02:49 started using TIF funds to support the streetcar.

11:02:52 And so those individuals who feel that way still feel

11:02:55 that way.

11:02:57 There are some who believe that if we do not

11:03:01 continue -- if we keep allowing the TIF support to grow

11:03:06 on the basis that we have planned, it will never stop,

11:03:10 that it will keep growing and growing.

11:03:11 And so this was a desire to send the message, if you

11:03:15 will, that we do not want to see those kinds of

11:03:18 increases.

11:03:22 Some were concerned about how diligently the streetcar

11:03:25 leadership, the board, the staff associated with it,

11:03:29 are pursuing revenue increases and operational cost

11:03:33 efficiencies, and are they being diligent in that

11:03:37 process?

11:03:39 Others had operational concerns about the streetcar,

11:03:41 the way it works, its hours, and its services to

11:03:45 customers.

11:03:46 And others really spoke about the lack of

11:03:49 representation of the CRAs.

11:03:54 Again, they had a representative, and one of you board

11:03:59 members as a member of the streetcar board, but having

11:04:02 additional representation of the CRAs at the

11:04:04 streetcar board level.

11:04:06 So I hope I have represented the different arguments

11:04:09 well.

11:04:10 But these were some of the themes of the discussions

11:04:13 that occurred at YCDC and in the Channel District.

11:04:19 One of the things as I share these concerns, I think it

11:04:23 important to let you know that all of the participants

11:04:29 really value the streetcar.

11:04:30 And so even though they share these concerns, certainly

11:04:33 at the heart of the dialogue was a recognition of how

11:04:39 important the streetcar is to Ybor City, to the Channel

11:04:41 District, and to downtown, and how vital it is to our

11:04:46 economic engine in our urban area.

11:04:51 At the end of the day, the Ybor City redevelopment area

11:04:54 did support the budget that we are presenting to you,

11:04:57 but they did so with a variety of recommendations, and

11:05:02 as I said, it was a very lengthy, deliberate and

11:05:09 involved discussion.

11:05:13 And among their recommendations included, as I said

11:05:16 earlier, better CRA participation, more CRA

11:05:20 participation at the streetcar board, and they

11:05:24 certainly really wanted to let us know that next year,

11:05:28 they will be more engaged and more involved in the TIF

11:05:31 support of streetcar.

11:05:35 In the Channel District, as I mentioned earlier, they

11:05:37 actually voted not to support the budget that we are

11:05:40 presenting to you, and to support instead a lesser

11:05:44 amount to the streetcar of $100,000.

11:05:51 One of the positive things that came out of this

11:05:53 discussion and debate is that there was a desire for

11:05:58 the CRAs to work together on this matter.

11:06:02 So the Channel District and Ybor City and downtown, the

11:06:06 three participating CRAs, would collaborate more and

11:06:09 discuss more and work together in their role in the

11:06:14 future of the streetcar.

11:06:15 And in that spirit, we have already begun the work on a

11:06:20 process for having an individual representing those

11:06:25 three CRAs be appointed to the streetcar board.

11:06:30 So already positive things have come out of the

11:06:32 discussion and debate that we are working on together.

11:06:36 Again, the budgets before you today do reflect in each

11:06:40 of the three CRAs $150,000 commitment to the

11:06:44 streetcar that is consistent with the business plan

11:06:46 approved in 2008, and is consistent with the

11:06:51 presentation to the CRA board on June 12th.

11:06:55 And with that I will be glad to answer any questions on

11:06:57 that matter before proceeding with the rest of the

11:07:00 budget discussion.

11:07:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda?

11:07:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Instead of asking direct questions,

11:07:06 I believe Mrs. Miller and I were the only two council

11:07:09 members here that are here today, that were here when

11:07:11 this whole thing started about the streetcar.

11:07:15 I remember the struggles that we had.

11:07:17 I remember the decisions that we had to make one way or

11:07:21 another.

11:07:22 What happened?

11:07:25 Well, as I look at it, if you go to San Francisco, you

11:07:29 don't just think of the 49ers.

11:07:32 You think of the streetcar.

11:07:34 When people came to Tampa on convention, what did they

11:07:38 see?

11:07:38 I'll tell you what they saw.

11:07:39 Nothing.

11:07:41 There was no Channelside.

11:07:42 There was no Ybor City to speak of.

11:07:46 There was very little for them to do anything while

11:07:51 they were in convention.

11:07:53 When people go to convention they like to do their due

11:07:56 diligence and everything but they also like to

11:07:58 experience the aroma, the taste of the city, wherever

11:08:02 you are at.

11:08:06 Our sidewalks used to roll up at 5:00.

11:08:09 I see vibrancy now in the city to a much more degree.

11:08:12 Whether we like or dislike what we did, I think it for

11:08:15 the betterment of this whole area.

11:08:17 When you look at talking about the Channelside, when

11:08:19 you looked at the cruise ship lines, doing maybe

11:08:25 200,000 a year or maybe less and now they are doing

11:08:28 close to 700,000.

11:08:29 When they see that streetcar, and they go back

11:08:32 somewhere, wherever they came from -- and maybe riding

11:08:35 to Ybor City and that's why we are looking at the cost

11:08:37 factor within these three downtown Channelside, Ybor

11:08:40 City -- they take something back with them that they

11:08:44 never saw before when they came to Tampa.

11:08:49 I say things that come from me, and they are not

11:08:53 politically correct because I'm not a politically

11:08:56 correct individual.

11:08:57 When I look at the bed tax, it all goes to a certain

11:09:00 area, most of it to a certain area, and I won't discuss

11:09:03 that.

11:09:03 But what about a day where they do something to help

11:09:06 this community, not this community, so that people come

11:09:09 back and show you the flavor of this wonderful city?

11:09:12 And I'm not talking against them.

11:09:14 I'm just saying what if.

11:09:18 And I'm saying if we had sat here and done nothing,

11:09:22 nothing would be hatching.

11:09:25 The discussion would be moot.

11:09:27 We would still have run down Ybor City, run down

11:09:32 Channelside.

11:09:33 Now you look at the ad valorem tax base not only for us

11:09:36 but for other municipalities in the counties.

11:09:38 What happened?

11:09:38 Yeah, you can criticize for spending so much money,

11:09:41 borrowing money from the feds to do this, that or the

11:09:44 other.

11:09:44 But no one talks about the other side.

11:09:48 What's the tax base then, what's the tax base now, and

11:09:51 where is it going to be in 10, 15 years?

11:09:54 So I think Tampa is on the right track.

11:09:56 I think Tampa is moving forward.

11:09:57 I applaud those individuals that live in downtown.

11:10:00 I think they come more and more for the urban flavor of

11:10:04 the city and they are going to enjoy life.

11:10:06 What would have happened possibly no museum.

11:10:10 Possibly no children's museum.

11:10:12 Possibly no history museum.

11:10:14 Possibly no nothing.

11:10:17 So you have to take a bold step or baby step, anyway

11:10:20 you want to gob, somewhere down the line, 20, 30 years

11:10:23 from now.

11:10:23 What do I think about the streetcar?

11:10:26 First it was a shame what we did in the fifths but

11:10:30 that's somebody else's problem.

11:10:32 More importantly I think that streetcar has to make a

11:10:34 complete loop.

11:10:36 To connect downtown, residents, Ybor City, Channelside,

11:10:43 downtown, and I think this is the first baby step -- I

11:10:46 may be wrong -- towards doing something like that.

11:10:48 Palm Avenue would be a great lane to go straight

11:10:51 through and make a complete circle.

11:10:53 Things have to happen in the city for people to

11:10:55 recognize that there's a wonderful place to be.

11:10:59 I just come from Alaska.

11:11:00 It was cold as you know what.

11:11:03 A month ago.

11:11:04 I enjoyed it.

11:11:05 Would I go back?

11:11:06 I don't know.

11:11:06 But I can tell you that I saw things that I experienced

11:11:09 that I never experienced before, even thought of Alaska

11:11:12 being.

11:11:13 So I want that same feeling for people to come here and

11:11:15 to feel.

11:11:16 You know, the Marriott hotel, this month it will be ten

11:11:19 years old.

11:11:20 Seems like yesterday that it opened.

11:11:24 But visionary and discussion among different things, we

11:11:28 gamble.

11:11:29 It was no convention hotel for the convention center.

11:11:32 Business was dismal.

11:11:36 And as bad as the economy is now, they are doing fairly

11:11:40 well compared to the rest of the country.

11:11:41 The embassy suites wasn't there.

11:11:43 There's so many things that have happened in this area

11:11:46 that something had to help.

11:11:49 I'm not saying it was all the street car.

11:11:51 What I'm saying is the streetcar was one of the

11:11:53 components that made this happen.

11:11:55 Yes, some people are not happy that they are paying for

11:11:58 it.

11:11:58 Well, let's say there was no streetcar.

11:12:02 Let's say the streetcar shut down.

11:12:05 Tell me what's going to happen to the people in Ybor

11:12:07 City.

11:12:10 Tell me what's going to happen to the tourists, the

11:12:11 young people that go and the people who want to have

11:12:14 fun, like Ms. Miller and myself, if we want to have a

11:12:20 little fun, we go there and we sit, and we use Caetano

11:12:26 as our babysitter, and we go to Ybor City and have a

11:12:28 nice meal and so forth and so on.

11:12:30 Now there's no streetcar.

11:12:33 And the meters come back.

11:12:35 You know, this city has given a lot to Ybor City.

11:12:38 It used to be way back, when we first took office back

11:12:42 in '95, for my third or fourth time, I forget which,

11:12:46 the only thing they had was tumble weed and high crime.

11:12:51 Things have changed.

11:12:53 Change because people not only in this current

11:12:55 government but in other governments took bold steps,

11:12:58 just like they did in East Tampa earlier.

11:13:00 And you have to take risks to get rewards.

11:13:04 You just can't sit.

11:13:05 You know, it's great to be an elected official where

11:13:08 things are great and wonderful and you sit back, don't

11:13:11 say nothing, you get reelected.

11:13:12 I'm not that way and neither -- all of us are the same

11:13:16 way.

11:13:16 They want to do something to better their city.

11:13:18 So you have to take risk in order to get rewards.

11:13:23 You see us running for office.

11:13:24 We want to do it business-like.

11:13:27 If you want to dot business-like now is the chance to

11:13:30 prove it.

11:13:31 And I appreciate the time, Madam Chair.

11:13:33 And these things have to be done for the betterment,

11:13:37 not only of these three CRAs, but for the whole area

11:13:43 of this west coast, so that people come visit us and

11:13:46 not just go to the beach for two days.

11:13:51 We were a landing airport to support Orlando's Disney

11:13:54 World.

11:13:55 That's all we were.

11:13:56 People didn't stay here.

11:13:58 They came in.

11:13:59 They got a car.

11:14:00 They went over there.

11:14:01 That was the end of it.

11:14:02 Now there's things to do in Tampa.

11:14:04 And they are staying here longer.

11:14:05 The arts have certainly done the thing.

11:14:10 The performing arts.

11:14:13 I believe number one in the country.

11:14:17 We have a lot of number ones here.

11:14:19 And these are the things that we forget, because we

11:14:22 live here.

11:14:23 But when people come in from out of town, what a

11:14:30 beautiful place, what a nice city.

11:14:31 Thank you, Madam Chair.

11:14:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Mulhern.

11:14:35 >>MARY MULHERN: I think that's a great idea.

11:14:37 The bed tax doesn't contribute to the streetcar at all?

11:14:40 >> I don't believe it does.

11:14:41 I'm not saying it should.

11:14:43 I just brought it out.

11:14:46 >>MARK HUEY: Under the Florida State statutes that

11:14:48 governing the use of bed tax they can't go towards

11:14:51 street cars.

11:14:51 So it is a good idea.

11:14:54 But it would require a change in state law.

11:14:58 >>MARY MULHERN: I was just saying it's a good idea.

11:15:01 The other thing I wanted to say, you brought up the

11:15:03 fact that the CRA people felt the -- people on the

11:15:10 advisory committee felt like they didn't have the input

11:15:13 they wanted.

11:15:15 And this is probably -- I don't know if it state law or

11:15:18 charter or what.

11:15:19 But we only have our representative on the streetcar

11:15:23 board is a mayoral appointee, is that right in so now

11:15:29 the CRA district, three of them are giving how much?

11:15:32 500,000?

11:15:34 >>MARK HUEY: 450.

11:15:35 >>MARY MULHERN: The CRA board $450 million a year to

11:15:41 the streetcar.

11:15:45 Our board, 450,000 -- sorry, I have a problem with

11:15:49 that -- we have no one representation on the streetcar

11:15:56 board, do we?

11:15:57 >> Councilwoman Capin is a representative.

11:16:01 And the way the streetcar board is --

11:16:03 >> But she's a mayoral appointee.

11:16:05 >>> Yes.

11:16:08 >>MARY MULHERN: What could we do to get a CRA board

11:16:10 member to be on the board?

11:16:12 >>MARK HUEY: The mayor has four appointments and Hart

11:16:15 has three appointment on the seven-member streetcar

11:16:18 board.

11:16:19 And what the mayor has agreed to do immediately is to

11:16:21 take one of her remaining three appointment, because

11:16:24 one of them was a council member, so there are three

11:16:26 remaining appointments, and use one of those

11:16:29 appointments immediately to appoint an individual that

11:16:32 the three redevelopment areas would agree would be an

11:16:35 effective representative of the community redevelopment

11:16:39 areas.

11:16:39 And so we are right now working through the early

11:16:42 stages of the process to help identify the right

11:16:46 individual to do that.

11:16:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, what I'm saying is this is the

11:16:51 Board of Directors for the CRA, taxing district.

11:16:55 So it seems to me -- I think maybe when that board was

11:16:59 created, the CRA districts weren't contributing.

11:17:03 Were they contributing?

11:17:07 >>MARK HUEY: There wasn't even, for example, the

11:17:09 Channelside CRA at that time.

11:17:11 Streetcar was put together.

11:17:12 So, yes, you have a board member on the streetcar

11:17:15 board.

11:17:16 This board does.

11:17:17 And then the community, the three CRAs will have a

11:17:21 representative.

11:17:22 So the CRA will have in effect two representatives

11:17:28 representing redevelopment.

11:17:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

11:17:30 But what I'm saying is it's not by us.

11:17:33 It a representative that serves at the pleasure of the

11:17:36 mayor, not as a representative of the CRA board.

11:17:41 >>MARK HUEY: Well, that's one of the questions that

11:17:46 has come up that we are working through because we

11:17:48 certainly want to memorialize the idea that three

11:17:53 communities will select a person, and the mayor,

11:17:56 whoever that is, will not be heavy handed or involved

11:17:59 in that.

11:17:59 She will simply take the recommendation --

11:18:03 >>MARY MULHERN: I understand what you are saying, but

11:18:04 you are not talking about the elected --

11:18:08 >>GWEN MILLER: What she was saying, we should have two

11:18:10 council members on the board, one the mayor appoints

11:18:13 and one that we appoint.

11:18:15 >>MARY MULHERN: That's right.

11:18:16 The CRA board should have a representative on the

11:18:20 streetcar board.

11:18:21 And a I can understand maybe why we didn't have that

11:18:23 before.

11:18:24 But now that we are contributing that much money, this

11:18:28 board should have more representation on there.

11:18:31 And that's, you know, we are elected.

11:18:37 And that's what our job is, to oversee this budget.

11:18:40 >>MARK HUEY: Well, you serve on it so you have a very

11:18:45 good experience of what the board does and what they

11:18:46 have done.

11:18:47 So, again, I am just sharing with you the path we are

11:18:52 on.

11:18:52 There's other ideas that would like to be suggested.

11:18:57 Again, changing it would involve changing an interlocal

11:19:00 agreement, and that certainly can be done, and we are

11:19:05 open to any ideas.

11:19:06 But I wanted to share with you the idea we are

11:19:09 presently working on, because the benefit of the

11:19:12 approach I have suggested is that it can take effect

11:19:15 very quickly.

11:19:16 And our goal, because of some of the miscommunication

11:19:21 that seems to have occurred, is to really engage a

11:19:24 redevelopment area representative very quickly.

11:19:28 And so we thought there was merit.

11:19:29 And that can't preclude board member Mulhern's

11:19:32 additional ideas or consideration.

11:19:35 But for now, we were trying to move with some

11:19:37 expediency to engage someone quickly on the streetcar

11:19:41 board.

11:19:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: First of all, I'll get back to that,

11:19:51 but to what board member Miranda was referring to, in

11:19:57 2002 I was part of the Ybor chamber and the

11:20:00 inauguration of the street board -- of the historic

11:20:03 streetcar.

11:20:07 My first meeting for the streetcar board is going to be

11:20:10 next Wednesday.

11:20:11 But I have had a lot of communications with everyone

11:20:15 involved.

11:20:18 I agree, this is an investment in the future.

11:20:22 And Miranda called it a gamble on many things.

11:20:25 It's not a gamble.

11:20:26 It's seeing an opportunity and taking it, advantage of

11:20:30 it.

11:20:30 That's where we are at right now.

11:20:32 What we do here, not only with the streetcar, with East

11:20:36 Tampa, everything that's happening here, is going to

11:20:40 set the tone for the City of Tampa for the next

11:20:42 century.

11:20:43 We have a lot of opportunities coming in 2010.

11:20:49 The areas, of course, that are impacted, the CRA is

11:20:53 Channelside, downtown, and Ybor.

11:20:57 And I understand where we have allotted for that amount

11:21:07 of money to come to the streetcar.

11:21:12 Now, when it comes to the 150,000 for the Channel

11:21:18 District recommending 100,000, our choices here to be

11:21:27 fair would be either reduce the other two to 100 or

11:21:30 increase Channelside to 150.

11:21:33 That is the choice that we have here.

11:21:35 As far as -- I understand the bed tax.

11:21:41 One of the things I would like to present is that the

11:21:45 streetcar is transportation.

11:21:47 We are proposing a one-cent -- and I call it a one

11:21:51 penny investment in November.

11:21:57 I would like to see -- and what we need for the

11:22:00 streetcar is minuscule compared to all of our

11:22:04 transportation.

11:22:04 I would like to see something in that tax to come to

11:22:09 help support the streetcar, which is going to be a

11:22:13 symbol of Tampa, along with the University of Tampa

11:22:16 minarets and the rest of it, and Ybor lamps.

11:22:23 It is transporting our tourists that come down here,

11:22:25 our convention people, which is so important to our

11:22:28 bottom line.

11:22:30 That's just a proposal that I would like to bring up.

11:22:38 Let me see what else.

11:22:40 Oh, and as far as this board member, what they proposed

11:22:44 from Ybor, to have a representative from the CRA, it

11:22:49 would be from the CAC?

11:22:54 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, presumably.

11:22:56 There's a criteria that we will be working on, coming

11:22:59 to agreement on, and then some process they will go

11:23:02 through among themselves to nominate some different

11:23:04 individuals, and then pick a representative.

11:23:07 And we don't have the details of that yet.

11:23:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And the mayor is the final word on it

11:23:14 but this is for expediency so it can be done immediate.

11:23:17 I would like to also see it in the future that that

11:23:22 person be on a slate and brought to the board, and the

11:23:28 board then recommend to the mayor, who they feel would

11:23:32 be a good representative there.

11:23:35 >>GWEN MILLER: We can't change that.

11:23:47 >> Excuse me?

11:23:48 >>GWEN MILLER: We can't do that.

11:23:55 Bring it to the board and we vote on it.

11:23:57 >>MARK HUEY: Again I'm writing down ideas and

11:24:00 thoughts.

11:24:00 And I appreciate everyone is trying to be helpful.

11:24:03 So I'm making note of those ideas.

11:24:07 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Just an idea, in the future, possibly.

11:24:09 It's a recommendation.

11:24:10 >>MARK HUEY: I know everyone wants to be helpful and I

11:24:16 appreciate it.

11:24:16 >>MARY MULHERN: I just got back from another country

11:24:23 and need to remember how to speak English.

11:24:25 Those were great ideas.

11:24:26 And you are now on the streetcar board.

11:24:29 And there are things that you could propose and discuss

11:24:32 at the board, bring it back to us as council.

11:24:38 It's an interesting -- this board is interesting

11:24:43 because we are the board of the CRA districts, and the

11:24:48 administrative staff that we use from the city, we

11:24:53 direct them.

11:24:54 So I find it unusual that this board, who oversees the

11:25:03 allocation of those tax dollars, doesn't actually have

11:25:08 appointments to the board.

11:25:09 So I think we should look into it some more.

11:25:12 Thank you.

11:25:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Move on.

11:25:16 >>MARK HUEY: With that, we'll queue up our actual

11:25:19 budget presentation.

11:25:20 And we are going to try to move through it at lightning

11:25:24 speed, given the time.

11:25:28 What you are being asked today to consider are the work

11:25:34 we are doing on all of our redevelopment areas.

11:25:41 Trying to get to the next slide.

11:25:55 The agenda -- oops, too fast.

11:25:59 Let me go back.

11:26:01 We last July had a budget presentation, gave you an

11:26:09 initial feel for where the budgets were heading and our

11:26:12 work with the community advisory committee.

11:26:14 Today, August 12th, we are actually presenting to you

11:26:17 the budget recommendations that are being supported

11:26:21 through the hard work of the advisory committees,

11:26:23 except as I just noted, and you each have, I think, a

11:26:27 copy of the actual budget booklet that was prepared,

11:26:31 that had many more details than we will be presenting

11:26:35 today.

11:26:35 Today we will just, through our PowerPoint, provide you

11:26:37 a quick overview.

11:26:39 Just as a reminder, 30% decline in TIF revenues you see

11:26:44 in read the 18 million, $18.7 million budget, 29%

11:26:50 decline from the $26 million budget of last year.

11:26:57 There is one change since last month.

11:27:01 And last month I showed you this slide that shows how

11:27:04 TIF revenues have declined in each of the different

11:27:06 redevelopment areas.

11:27:09 In our due diligence and review of the tax assessors

11:27:13 information, it turned out there was a property that

11:27:17 has been built in the Channel District that was

11:27:18 accidentally put into the downtown assessment base.

11:27:21 So the new numbers that you see here are, in the case

11:27:25 of downtown, about $335 less and in the -- 335,000 less

11:27:33 and in the case of the Channel District about that much

11:27:35 more.

11:27:36 So, again, downtown had a disadvantage, and Channel

11:27:39 District benefited from the change.

11:27:43 In the case of downtown, it was significant, because as

11:27:46 you recall, we had barely enough TIF funds this year to

11:27:50 really cover our responsibilities to debt service.

11:27:54 We in fact do not have enough TIF funds to cover the

11:27:57 debt service of the convention center.

11:27:59 Our commitment to the streetcar and staffing.

11:28:01 So because of that, there's actually an approval later

11:28:04 in your agenda this morning that is emptying a lot of

11:28:08 coffee cans in our previous downtown CRA budgets to

11:28:12 make up the shortfall.

11:28:17 These were the priorities that I reviewed with you last

11:28:28 month.

11:28:29 They reflect the things we are going to focus on.

11:28:32 Again, I won't get involved in going through each of

11:28:35 these again, but suffice to the say, despite the

11:28:40 decline in TIF revenues, we look forward to much, much

11:28:44 progress in all of our redevelopment areas, whether

11:28:47 it's the Encore project moving forward, projects moving

11:28:51 forward in East Tampa, because of the SP neighborhood

11:28:55 stabilization federal dollars, the high-speed rail

11:28:57 initiative in downtown, we have many priorities that

11:29:01 are moving us forward.

11:29:05 This is the breakout.

11:29:06 Overall in the TIF budget.

11:29:09 Again, the yellow slice of the pie is operations and

11:29:14 administration.

11:29:15 We have had to -- in light of the decline in TIF

11:29:18 revenues we have had to shrink our staff accordingly,

11:29:21 and particularly because we don't see TIF revenues

11:29:23 growing in the near future.

11:29:25 So we are spending just over 6% of our TIF revenues on

11:29:30 operations.

11:29:32 Last year we spent 5.6%.

11:29:34 So we have worked very hard to try to spend as much of

11:29:39 our budgets as possible in redevelopment and not on

11:29:43 staffing and administration.

11:29:47 At this point I would like to invite each development

11:29:49 manager up.

11:29:50 And again they are going to move quickly.

11:29:52 They are going to share with you their priorities and

11:29:55 goals.

11:29:55 And then their budget recommendations.

11:29:58 And with that I would like to have Bob McDonaugh come

11:30:02 up and start with downtown.

11:30:03 >> Bob McDonaugh, downtown Channel District CRA

11:30:09 manager.

11:30:10 Just as a quick review, downtown, we have northern

11:30:15 boundaries, 275, the Hillsborough River, Meridian to

11:30:19 the east, and channel to the south.

11:30:25 As mentioned the challenge right now in downtown is

11:30:28 meeting our convention center bond payment.

11:30:31 The revenue this year is 13,253,000 and our obligation

11:30:37 is about 13,500,000.

11:30:40 So what we will be doing is, again, taking money, and

11:30:43 you will be asked to reprogram some moneys later in

11:30:46 today's meeting.

11:30:47 Our key redevelopment objectives are coordinate with

11:30:50 the D.O.T., to a sure city goals for the high-speed

11:30:52 rail intermodal station integrated it's the RFP and

11:30:57 help the station planning effort.

11:31:00 We have one chance and we want to make sure we are

11:31:02 going to do it correctly.

11:31:03 It's an opportunity that really no other city in the

11:31:05 United States gets, and we did.

11:31:08 So it's probably the number one operator for the next

11:31:10 five years.

11:31:15 The Curtis Hixon waterfront park including the opening

11:31:18 of the new children's museum.

11:31:19 The park has been a success and we would like to keep

11:31:21 it a success.

11:31:22 Encourage more residential growth in downtown.

11:31:25 People have decided they want to live in urban areas,

11:31:28 and make it easier for them to make that choice.

11:31:30 Continue investing in community improvement projects in

11:31:34 downtown activities including plans for the

11:31:35 redevelopment of Zack street, facility tailgate

11:31:38 development.

11:31:38 Old federal courthouse, and we are going to reprogram

11:31:42 funds to supplement fiscal year 2011 TIF revenues for

11:31:48 the convention center bond.

11:31:52 There is a relatively bare bones budget.

11:31:56 Our goal again is to maintain the obligations that we

11:31:59 have and the activities that we have in our downtown.

11:32:04 Any questions?

11:32:12 >>CURTIS STOKES: I'm looking at the fiscal year '08.

11:32:15 There was 108,000, with 17 million revenues, and this

11:32:19 year it's 121 staff and operating with 12 million in

11:32:24 revenues.

11:32:25 >>> Yes, sir.

11:32:30 >>CURTIS STOKES: I understand with less people, you

11:32:31 spent -- with less money coming in, you had more staff?

11:32:36 >>> No, sir.

11:32:38 I am the lone Indian.

11:32:40 I share the administrative aide with three other CRA --

11:32:48 I have been here two and a half years and I make the

11:32:49 same salary as I did when I got here two and a half

11:32:52 years ago.

11:32:52 There could be changes in the city's overhead as far as

11:32:55 insurance and pension contribution.

11:32:56 But we have not increased staff in the downtown market.

11:33:01 >>CURTIS STOKES: But it's in the detail of fiscal year

11:33:06 '08, the operations and administration in fiscal year

11:33:13 2008 was 108.

11:33:16 >>> 121.

11:33:21 >>CURTIS STOKES: With less revenue coming in.

11:33:22 >>> Yes, sir.

11:33:23 I'll look at that and get back to you.

11:33:25 >>CURTIS STOKES: It's the same with Drew Park and Tampa

11:33:29 Heights as well.

11:33:34 >> I'll get back to you on that.

11:33:36 Thanks.

11:33:36 >> Certainly.

11:33:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You are the representative for the

11:33:40 downtown CRA.

11:33:42 At the time they took the vote that they had -- did

11:33:46 they have full members present?

11:33:50 >> Sir, the contribution to the downtown --

11:33:52 >> The Channelside.

11:33:53 >> The Channelside is the one that did that, yes, sir.

11:33:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, thank you.

11:33:57 >>> I will move on then to the Channel District CRA.

11:34:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's the question I was going to

11:34:05 ask you for the Channel District.

11:34:06 >>> Yes, sir.

11:34:08 Again, we have the Crosstown to the north, Meridian to

11:34:13 the west, the Ybor channel to the east, and the water

11:34:19 to the south for the physical boundaries for the

11:34:24 Channel District.

11:34:27 Here is our current TIF revenues.

11:34:36 Our two redevelopment objectives is complete the

11:34:39 reconstruction of York and Washington streets.

11:34:41 If you recall, York street is the biggest project we'll

11:34:44 ever undertake in the Channel District, essentially a

11:34:47 $6 million project with stormwater for 38 acres.

11:34:50 District.

11:34:51 We are going to be constructing the first Channel

11:34:52 District park.

11:34:54 We are going to construct Kennedy Boulevard pedestrian

11:34:57 improvements, again adding medians, so we have of some

11:35:00 safe havens for pedestrians crossing Kennedy Boulevard.

11:35:03 We are going to encourage additional residential

11:35:05 occupancy and development.

11:35:07 People want to live there.

11:35:08 And a lot of those buildings right now are at 90, 95%

11:35:14 occupancy.

11:35:15 They are not achieving the rents or sales prices they

11:35:17 would like but the buildings are filling up.

11:35:19 We are attracting additional retailers to the district,

11:35:22 and this board has approved an amenity incentive

11:35:26 program which has proved successful and I hope to

11:35:28 continue with that.

11:35:29 And then we are going to commence reconstruction

11:35:31 including installation streetscape to the 100 block of

11:35:34 north 12th Street.

11:35:35 Again, the gradual block by block reconstruction of the

11:35:38 Channel District.

11:35:42 The Channel District FY 11 TIF budget, the capital

11:35:47 improvement projects of 12th street, York street

11:35:51 loan repayment.

11:35:52 As you recall, we borrowed money to do that project all

11:35:58 at one time.

11:35:58 We had the streetcar.

11:35:59 And, Mr. Miranda, there were two of our people that

11:36:03 were missing.

11:36:04 And a it was a very lively conversation.

11:36:09 That everybody on the board recognizes the value of the

11:36:12 streetcar.

11:36:12 But when we lost considerable sums from our TIF, we

11:36:18 were looking at ways to save money, and that was one of

11:36:20 the recommendations from the board.

11:36:23 Any on the questions concerning the Channel District?

11:36:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Go to the next one.

11:36:30 >>MARK HUEY: I would like to address board member

11:36:34 Stokes' question.

11:36:35 And I want to make sure he's following in the book

11:36:39 correctly.

11:36:40 If you could turn to page 8 in your budget booklet.

11:36:45 Of that would be under your downtown tab.

11:36:49 Board member Stokes was asking about the administrative

11:36:52 expenses downtown, and you thought they were increasing

11:36:56 this year at a time when revenues are declining.

11:36:59 If you will look at page 8, and if you look at the last

11:37:03 budget line item, staff and operating, you will see in

11:37:07 fiscal 08 we spent 108 and it went to 145.

11:37:11 Are you following me?

11:37:12 >> Yes.

11:37:15 >>MARK HUEY: 141.

11:37:15 And now it dropping to 121.

11:37:17 So it's $20,000 less than last year.

11:37:20 And you will see that in all a.

11:37:21 Redevelopment areas.

11:37:23 The staffing and administration is lower.

11:37:25 The department staff, when you saw the budget last

11:37:28 year, there were 16 individuals in the redevelopment

11:37:32 staff.

11:37:32 This year there are 12.

11:37:33 And so those staff reduction versus affected all of the

11:37:38 CRAs.

11:37:38 You will see all of those costs going down.

11:37:40 That's the only reason we are still tracking at such a

11:37:45 low percent of investment overall to staff and

11:37:48 administration.

11:37:50 Does that help?

11:37:51 Are you following me now?

11:37:53 Or did you have another question?

11:37:57 >>CURTIS STOKES: I followed that, mark.

11:38:00 I think we had more revenue in '08 with less staff.

11:38:02 This year we have more staff and less revenue.

11:38:05 >> Oh, you were comparing to '08?

11:38:11 >>CURTIS STOKES: Yes.

11:38:11 >>MARK HUEY: Oh, wow.

11:38:14 I don't know.

11:38:14 I would have to do analysis.

11:38:16 >> A portion of my salary was the CRA budget.

11:38:22 >>MARK HUEY: That's true.

11:38:23 That would be one explanation.

11:38:25 >> I think that's where you are seeing a jump in '08.

11:38:30 Coming out.

11:38:30 General funds.

11:38:34 As far as CRA areas, it's apportioned by each of those

11:38:37 areas and that's part of the reason for that jump from

11:38:39 '08 to '09.

11:38:42 >>CURTIS STOKES: Thank you.

11:38:43 >>MARK HUEY: And the other explanation would be

11:38:46 compensation changes that occurred since then, and it

11:38:48 would be really -- remember in the mayor's

11:38:51 presentation, the pension and benefits area?

11:38:54 That would impact this area the same way it impacts the

11:38:57 whole city budget.

11:38:58 So while I'm not aware of many if any raises in the

11:39:03 department that occurred since 2008, I know all of the

11:39:05 management team hasn't.

11:39:07 But certainly the benefit side of the equation which is

11:39:12 uncontrollable has factored into the overall cost

11:39:16 structure.

11:39:27 >>VINCE PARDO: Manager for Ybor City.

11:39:36 Ybor City has two CRAs.

11:39:44 The commercial corridor boarded by the interstate on

11:39:48 the north, by the railroad tracks or sixth Avenue on

11:39:51 the south, 22nd street to Nebraska, and years ago we

11:39:56 created Ybor 2 which is pretty much the residential

11:39:58 community around that commercial core, and that is the

11:40:00 area around the German club east of 22nd street all the

11:40:06 way to 26th from interstate down to Adamo Drive and

11:40:09 the neighborhood to the south of the railroad tracks

11:40:12 down a particular area.

11:40:14 So we talk about separation between Ybor 1 and Ybor 2.

11:40:18 Our revenues across the board have gone down in the

11:40:25 particular areas, so we experienced in Ybor 1 a 26%

11:40:28 reduction in this particular area.

11:40:30 You will notice that the residential area is much more

11:40:35 significant decrease than the commercial core as much

11:40:38 as 26%.

11:40:42 As to our objectives, I will not read to you again.

11:40:45 These are the same projections we gave you about a

11:40:47 month ago.

11:40:49 The last bullet that you see, we just added in.

11:40:51 And that is because of the reductions in fiscal year

11:40:56 '11, I have done a lot of reprogramming of moneys that

11:41:00 I have identified either no longer priority, with the

11:41:04 community, or that we would have -- one, for example, a

11:41:09 stormwater project that we had money for the stormwater

11:41:12 project.

11:41:13 Those were programmed dollars, reprogrammed dollars.

11:41:17 The number one goal was services levels as close as we

11:41:20 can for fiscal year '11.

11:41:22 But that was a goal for things over the last three

11:41:26 month, we have actually done three budget resolutions

11:41:29 on my behalf, and one more will be coming. If you look

11:41:37 at the budget breakdown, you will see the debt service

11:41:43 is in fact the payment that goes for the loan for

11:41:47 Centro Ybor.

11:41:48 And there's an offset, only $88,000 of that particular

11:41:54 3332 is the impact on the TIF.

11:41:57 That is the amount of money that Centro Ybor is in fact

11:42:00 paying into the TIF.

11:42:01 The balance of $244,000 is actually coming out of main

11:42:05 transfer fund.

11:42:06 So keep in mind as you see that 332, there's only

11:42:10 88,000.

11:42:13 We do reprogram that main transfer, also the offset

11:42:16 expenses, and it has to be for capital expenses.

11:42:21 We have as you can see zero dollars in this particular

11:42:24 budget for capital improvements.

11:42:27 We are looking at keeping our programs and services as

11:42:29 much as we can.

11:42:29 The budget is pretty much as I described them, as we

11:42:32 talked about in July.

11:42:35 We have gone into a couple of areas.

11:42:36 Special event co-sponsorship, you will see $12,000.

11:42:41 Coming up with sort of the budget cuts, we did in fact

11:42:44 have to cut that program from 50,000 to 35.

11:42:47 The balance from that is actually coming out of fiscal

11:42:50 year 10.

11:42:52 So it is a $35,000 amount.

11:42:54 The committee meets next Tuesday to look at the

11:42:56 applications of special events in Ybor City.

11:42:58 They will be allocating 35,000, 23 from fiscal year '10

11:43:03 reappropriated and 12 from fiscal year '11. That's one

11:43:07 of the ways we kind of put that together.

11:43:09 Our sponsorship has gone down, from 200,000 to 175.

11:43:15 The ambassador program, we in fact cut in half.

11:43:18 Instead of having people from 10:00 in the morning to

11:43:23 10:00 in the evening we are now going to have them wrap

11:43:25 around core hours and that's about 50% of the hours

11:43:28 those ambassadors are on the street helping tourists,

11:43:31 helping people get the word out, bringing them back to

11:43:33 our office, and a will cut that back.

11:43:37 It's unfortunate but we do have to make some critical

11:43:39 decisions.

11:43:39 The other thing, you see landscaping and streetscape

11:43:43 actually zero.

11:43:46 There is $20,000 in fiscal year '10 money that I

11:43:50 reprogrammed that will not be spent next year, and the

11:43:52 full 244,000 out of the main transfer, the offset for

11:43:56 central Ybor, will be spent in this particular area.

11:43:59 So a lot of hard decisions by our committee butt we

11:44:02 think we came in with I think a pretty good budget to

11:44:04 keep service levels as close as we possibly could.

11:44:10 A very quick question, Ybor 2, we have a 52% reduction

11:44:17 in this particular TIF.

11:44:19 And you see the trends.

11:44:20 I think you will see each one of the CRAs.

11:44:23 Again, these objectives are identical, as we talked

11:44:29 about in the last meeting.

11:44:30 I just wanted to note, to keep in mind we have

11:44:34 experienced a 74% reduction in crime in Ybor City in

11:44:38 the last five years.

11:44:41 That's across Ybor, 1 and 2.

11:44:43 Significant factor.

11:44:44 As far as our budget, as you see here, very minimal

11:44:46 categories.

11:44:48 We pay for after-hours, after 5:00, weekend, code

11:44:53 enforcement officer.

11:44:56 The city puts in -- you will see also in Ybor 1.

11:45:00 So there is a portion of that evening code enforcement

11:45:03 officer.

11:45:03 Streetcar allocation, again, a proportional split with

11:45:08 Ybor 1 on that.

11:45:09 And the yes team.

11:45:12 What you don't see because of fiscal year '10 is about

11:45:16 $200,000 in reprogram money for fiscal year 10 that

11:45:19 will cover continuing the sod improvement program,

11:45:23 science program, residential marketing, red brick

11:45:26 pavers and brick repairs and landscaping.

11:45:31 Any questions at all on either one of these budgets?

11:45:37 >> None.

11:45:40 >>VINCE PARDO: Fantastic.

11:45:41 I will turn it over to my buddy, Ed Johnson.

11:45:51 >> Ed Johnson, East Tampa redevelopment manager.

11:45:57 There's our map.

11:46:00 Our East Tampa boundaries are Hillsborough Avenue to

11:46:03 the north, Interstate 4 to the south, Interstate 275

11:46:07 and Telefar Avenue is our western boundary, and our

11:46:13 eastern boundary goes over to 56th street.

11:46:16 This is the slide that was presented to you also last

11:46:23 month.

11:46:24 As you can see we have a drastic 80% decline in TIF

11:46:28 revenues from last year to this year.

11:46:30 But in the blue, it also reflects our reappropriations

11:46:34 that took place in previous years, to be able to spend

11:46:37 down our dollars in a timely fashion.

11:46:39 Our key objectives are also the same as were presented

11:46:43 last month, with one exception I'll note here.

11:46:47 The second from the last bullet, the award of the

11:46:50 contract for our stormwater flooding problem at

11:46:52 Hillsborough and 30th street not anticipated has

11:46:56 already been awarded and the contractor is already

11:46:58 starting the design for that project.

11:47:05 And the line item budgets that were recommended by the

11:47:08 community advisory committees are also the same.

11:47:11 As you can see there's a lot of emphasis still placed

11:47:14 on neighborhood infrastructure, and maintaining all of

11:47:17 our district programs and services like the

11:47:21 environmental clean-up, clean city team, also

11:47:25 environmental detectives, and our maintenance on our

11:47:29 pond beautification projects, and the last area shows a

11:47:32 reduction, continued reduction in our staffing because

11:47:36 of the reduction in the TIF revenues.

11:47:40 That's my presentation, unless you have any comments.

11:47:44 Thank you very much.

11:47:45 I'll turn it over to Michael hatchet.

11:47:50 >> Michael hatchet, manager for Tampa Heights,

11:47:56 riverfront and Central Park.

11:47:59 Central Park, as now, is the 143-acre redevelopment

11:48:03 area located between downtown and Ybor and home to the

11:48:07 Encore project.

11:48:10 The budget in Central Park, as in Tampa Heights

11:48:15 riverfront, has always been modest, and therefore our

11:48:18 work in these redevelopment areas is not on the TIF

11:48:21 budget but about major public private partnerships in

11:48:24 redeveloping urban neighborhoods.

11:48:27 $4,000 this year, it is what it is.

11:48:31 And redevelopment objectives have not changed since our

11:48:35 last presentation, mostly about Encore, and building

11:48:39 the infrastructure now and looking forward to vertical

11:48:41 construction in the months to come.

11:48:46 Again, just to let you know where the meter TIF dollars

11:48:52 are going, 4,000 in admin and operations.

11:48:55 Chair, I will be glad to stop and pause for questions

11:49:00 on Central Park or to move ahead.

11:49:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Move ahead.

11:49:04 >> Tampa Heights riverfront, the 66-acre redevelopment

11:49:08 area located just north of the central business

11:49:10 district on the Hillsborough River.

11:49:15 Again, historically been a modest TIF budget.

11:49:19 And then Tampa Heights riverfront.

11:49:21 And this year coming in at about $100,000.

11:49:24 Again, efforts focusing on the Heights project.

11:49:29 Which is a major public-private partnership we have

11:49:32 been working on for a couple of years in the area.

11:49:34 One thing that does change on this slide from my

11:49:37 presentation in July is in just a few minute we will be

11:49:41 asking for your approval to reprogram some fiscal year

11:49:44 '08 and '09 dollars budgeted for the infrastructure in

11:49:50 the Heights project, the capital improvement projects

11:49:52 to help us fund some park improvements and Waterworks

11:49:56 Park.

11:49:58 And the budget, roughly $100,000 this year.

11:50:04 The portion needed going towards staff and operating,

11:50:08 and also roughly $18,000.

11:50:17 This conclude Tampa Heights river front.

11:50:20 I will be happy to answer any questions.

11:50:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: When you look at all these CRAs,

11:50:28 we have to realize that I think only one had a

11:50:31 four-year experience.

11:50:32 The rest of them heavy a five-year relatively a lot of

11:50:37 happening in the CRAs.

11:50:40 Again without those happening, we wouldn't have the

11:50:42 city that we have today.

11:50:44 I mean, when you look at the things that we have done,

11:50:47 the things that the CRAs have committed to, and have

11:50:50 either completed or working on, you will find that this

11:50:54 city is certainly a better place to live because of the

11:50:58 things that we did in government to make it that way.

11:51:02 And I think all the Central Park have a five-year

11:51:05 history.

11:51:05 I believe Central Park has a four-year history.

11:51:08 And are they going to get better? Not for a little

11:51:11 while.

11:51:11 But in the meantime, you have to tell yourself that for

11:51:14 five years, we did invest, and we did do well, and

11:51:18 thanks to the committee, to all the people that are

11:51:20 here, to those that belong to the CRA, and that work

11:51:23 within themselves to make their home a better place.

11:51:27 Thank you, Madam Chair.

11:51:28 >>> I believe Mrs. Fenton will follow.

11:51:36 >> Good morning.

11:51:38 The last one, Drew Park, we'll run through this very

11:51:41 quickly.

11:51:42 We are bounded on the north by Hillsborough Avenue, on

11:51:46 the east by Dale Mabry, on the south by Tampa Bay

11:51:51 Boulevard, and on the west by Hesperides road.

11:51:58 You will see like the rest of the CRAs a substantial

11:52:01 decline.

11:52:02 This year FY 11, $602,000 and of course continuing

11:52:06 projections to be flat in our revenues.

11:52:09 I'm not going to go through our objectives as well.

11:52:12 They are the same except for one.

11:52:16 We are going to be coming before you shortly to

11:52:19 reprogram money from our stormwater improvement

11:52:21 project.

11:52:21 That is our highest priority.

11:52:23 However, it has been delayed due to the need to do some

11:52:26 extended modeling.

11:52:27 We expect that we will be developing the scope of the

11:52:30 project and moving forward with designs.

11:52:32 But until then we have other moneys to fund that.

11:52:35 So we will be reprogramming the FY 08, money to do

11:52:40 other infrastructure projects.

11:52:42 This year's budget, most of the money is focused in

11:52:45 infrastructure improvements.

11:52:47 We have another -- a little over 110,000 for various

11:52:51 uses, the facade program, our land acquisition and

11:52:55 maintenance, and also if we need to incentivize either

11:52:59 affordable housing or economic development projects.

11:53:02 We devote another 40,000 to district programs and

11:53:05 services to provide for our communications and

11:53:08 marketing, and also continue the good efforts we have

11:53:11 had with adult use enforcement and expand that to do

11:53:15 other crime prevention activity.

11:53:17 Finally our operations and administration.

11:53:21 That concludes the Drew Park portion unless you have

11:53:23 any questions.

11:53:26 Thank you.

11:53:31 >>MARK HUEY: Well, thank you for receiving the draft

11:53:34 budget presentations.

11:53:35 And we have a special called meeting on October

11:53:39 7th.

11:53:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Make a motion to do that.

11:53:43 >> So moved.

11:53:44 >> Second.

11:53:44 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to have a

11:53:47 special called meeting on October 7th.

11:53:50 9:00.

11:53:51 Our regular meeting day.

11:53:54 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

11:53:56 Opposed, Nay.

11:53:56 >>MARK HUEY: And we have a series of important

11:54:00 approvals in a minute but now you have your public

11:54:02 comment stage, and we appreciate you hanging in there

11:54:04 with the time constraints.

11:54:06 >>GWEN MILLER: We will now go to the public.

11:54:08 Anyone have any public comments?

11:54:09 Al Davis: My name is Al Davis, and I reside at 3717

11:54:28 east Wilder Avenue.

11:54:32 Madam Chairman, I do have something I would like to

11:54:34 share with you.

11:54:38 Agency members --

11:54:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Give it to our council attorney, Mr.

11:54:49 Sal Territo.

11:54:50 >> Madam Chairman, this communication was addressed to

11:54:59 you initially back in April.

11:55:01 I have not received a response.

11:55:02 And I think it's very simple and straightforward, and a

11:55:06 I would appreciate a response, Madam Chairman.

11:55:08 And I take my seat momentarily just in case you want to

11:55:12 give me a verbal response.

11:55:14 The other thing, Madam Chairman, as a member of the

11:55:20 East Tampa redevelopment area feels either he was what

11:55:25 you might call it, unfairly dealt with or either out of

11:55:33 lack of knowledge how to resolve the problem.

11:55:39 As you know, this agency ratified my appointment to

11:55:45 serve as the CAC member of the East Tampa redevelopment

11:55:48 area.

11:55:52 I applied for four years.

11:55:57 At the time it was suggested that, look, I didn't ask

11:56:05 that you serve only one year, would you accept it?

11:56:09 I just asked you give me three more years to do so.

11:56:12 I was under the impression do one year, then the next

11:56:15 time go around and do the other three.

11:56:16 But instead, Madam Chairman, I was not even recommended

11:56:20 to even serve.

11:56:25 Madam Chairman, you all trained me so well.

11:56:30 I did the workshop and I done read that big inch and a

11:56:34 half notebook of information, and I thought I was

11:56:36 qualified.

11:56:37 And I haven't even learned yet why I was not qualified.

11:56:45 So I would like the council under the authority that if

11:56:53 the local unit can't help, then under your powers of

11:56:56 the CAC policy, I respectfully am requesting that you

11:57:01 extend my appointment to the other three years.

11:57:03 Thank you, Madam Chairman.

11:57:05 Now, in that regard, I must acknowledge that I had

11:57:11 conferred with the department heads, and I conferred

11:57:14 with the manager, and even at the partnership meeting I

11:57:28 don't know what happened.

11:57:29 Maybe I was in another world or something.

11:57:31 But I think I was very clearly ignored on this issue.

11:57:38 And I was surprised that the -- I wasn't necessarily

11:57:43 surprised, but I was surprised that the manager did not

11:57:51 correct the presiding officer in terms of how to

11:57:54 address the issue.

11:57:55 Thank you.

11:57:55 But I appreciate your consideration.

11:57:56 >>GWEN MILLER: Next speaker.

11:57:58 >> Thank you so kindly for receiving me, council

11:58:06 members.

11:58:08 You are supposed to have a copy of each.

11:58:10 I gave it to you.

11:58:13 My name is Queen Miller, reside at 3512 north 25th

11:58:20 street.

11:58:20 And I'm here today representing College Hill crime

11:58:24 watch and district 5 police citizens advisory.

11:58:30 If you look at a diagram, it's like the College Hill

11:58:34 crime watch from Lake Avenue to 26th Avenue and

11:58:37 22nd street to the railroad track.

11:58:41 District 5 would go all the way from 50th street to

11:58:44 Florida Avenue and interstate 4 back to Hillsborough

11:58:49 Avenue.

11:58:51 But I'm here, and I want you to look at the particulars

11:58:55 on your sheet.

11:58:58 And you have this -- right across the street from me,

11:59:04 and I look at it every day.

11:59:09 It within 1,000 feet of that.

11:59:13 And it should have been gone down.

11:59:17 All this money spent in Tampa, that should have been a

11:59:19 part of it.

11:59:20 And don't let the year pass, please, without taking

11:59:23 care of this business.

11:59:24 This should have been done.

11:59:26 You wouldn't have that in some neighborhoods.

11:59:28 Really, you wouldn't.

11:59:32 And it on your sheet the particulars there.

11:59:36 Will you please adhere to that?

11:59:37 It is pressing.

11:59:39 I wouldn't be down here if it wasn't pressing.

11:59:43 We have gone to crime watch meetings.

11:59:45 We meet every month.

11:59:47 We invite you to come out to the neighborhood, meet

11:59:50 with us, see what we are talking about, but for 23

12:00:00 years College Hill crime watch has been standing, and

12:00:03 we will be standing.

12:00:07 Thank you so much.

12:00:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

12:00:09 Next speaker.

12:00:10 >> Good morning.

12:00:14 My name is Ann Morgan and I live at 1608 east 33rd

12:00:18 Avenue.

12:00:18 I was a bus driver for 32 years.

12:00:20 I'm retired now since I have been sick.

12:00:23 The street I'm complaining about is my street, 33rd

12:00:27 Avenue, and 32nd Avenue.

12:00:29 And 17th street.

12:00:31 The street is just like a roller coaster.

12:00:34 It's just sinking.

12:00:36 I have complained about it, and nobody has done nothing

12:00:38 about it.

12:00:39 And I have a house at 1606.

12:00:43 This young man has pit bulldogs, let them run loose.

12:00:49 The backyard looks like I don't know what.

12:00:52 It's garbage, and I can sit in my back window and look

12:00:57 out and see big rats going in and out over there.

12:01:01 I have complained to code enforcement, and one of the

12:01:04 employees told me if I want to clean it up to clean it

12:01:07 up myself.

12:01:07 And I would like to know why is this young man, this

12:01:11 couple here, living there, rent free, can't keep it up,

12:01:17 clean up around there.

12:01:18 Thank you.

12:01:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Would anyone else like to speak?

12:01:27 >> Item 6 on your agenda, your first approval item, is

12:01:32 required under your community advisory committee

12:01:34 policy.

12:01:35 Remember there are two of your redevelopment areas,

12:01:38 Ybor City, East Tampa, which brings you a slate of

12:01:42 recommended candidates prior to the community voting to

12:01:54 accept those candidates.

12:01:55 We sent you a memorandum indicating those community

12:01:58 representatives that they are offering up as acceptable

12:02:04 candidates to join their advisory committee.

12:02:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Miller, if I may, I have never

12:02:12 questioned any CRA on their slate of candidates.

12:02:15 I think it's up to the community to decide within their

12:02:17 own voting rights who their candidates are going to be.

12:02:20 So I have always taken that not only there but in Ybor

12:02:23 City and downtown and Channelside and Drew Park.

12:02:28 I have stayed away because I also sit on this board.

12:02:32 And if I was to get involved in a board approval or

12:02:36 community approval, I would be doing double jeopardy.

12:02:39 And I don't think any one of us was elected to select

12:02:43 committee members and then vote on members that we

12:02:46 selected.

12:02:47 It really a community operation.

12:02:50 They select the slate.

12:02:52 And we either approve them or deny them.

12:02:54 That's the way that I see it.

12:02:56 Legally maybe Mr. Territo can address that.

12:03:01 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

12:03:02 We have two exceptions in your bylaws.

12:03:04 One is for Ybor City and one with is for the East Tampa

12:03:07 group, and you have taken the position under your

12:03:09 policies that they will bring a slate of candidates to

12:03:11 you, all the other candidates will come to ow directly.

12:03:21 >>CURTIS STOKES: Motion to approve the slate.

12:03:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

12:03:25 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

12:03:29 Opposed?

12:03:30 >>MARK HUEY: Item 7 is a culmination of a lot of work

12:03:34 that the staff has been doing with the respective

12:03:38 communities regarding the sod grant program.

12:03:41 This applies to Drew Park, East Tampa and Ybor City.

12:03:44 All of the recommendations being brought before you are

12:03:47 supported by the communities involved.

12:03:53 Going to the board, the Ybor board, but it's going with

12:03:55 the recommendation.

12:04:01 We believe that they will support it and would like

12:04:04 your support for these recommendations.

12:04:07 They are all being done to make it either more user

12:04:09 friendly and easier for applicants, or enhance the

12:04:14 financial integrity of the program or make it easier

12:04:17 for us to manager.

12:04:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move item number 7 program changes.

12:04:23 >> Second.

12:04:23 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

12:04:25 Opposed?

12:04:26 >>MARK HUEY: Item 8 --

12:04:31 >>VINCE PARDO: The committee was scheduled to meet

12:04:34 Tuesday.

12:04:34 They canceled their meeting.

12:04:36 It did not go before them.

12:04:37 I am here to tell that you everything that is there for

12:04:39 Ybor City what they approved before is within the

12:04:43 program, more user friendly.

12:04:44 I personally don't expect any challenge to that.

12:04:46 >>MARK HUEY: I didn't know it was canceled.

12:04:50 Sorry.

12:04:51 Items 8 and 13 really go together.

12:04:54 They are in keeping with our earlier budget

12:04:56 presentation.

12:04:57 Really trying to help us through the coming year of

12:05:03 lower TIF dollars in downtown.

12:05:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Need to move the resolution.

12:05:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.

12:05:08 >> Second.

12:05:08 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

12:05:10 Opposed?

12:05:10 >>MARK HUEY: Item 9 is facade grant award.

12:05:15 And this is our first one in Drew Park.

12:05:20 Staff and the individual, the couple actually, the

12:05:25 pollstons who applied have been working very hard on

12:05:28 this for some four or five months so we are pleased to

12:05:30 recommend it for your approval oh.

12:05:32 >> So moved.

12:05:33 >> Second.

12:05:33 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

12:05:35 Opposed?

12:05:35 >>MARK HUEY: 10.

12:05:39 Sal, I don't know if you want to handle that

12:05:41 scrivener's error.

12:05:42 >>SAL TERRITO: That's all it is, a scrivener's error

12:05:46 to adjust a problem with one of the account numbers.

12:05:49 >> So moved.

12:05:54 >> Second.

12:05:55 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

12:05:56 Opposed?

12:05:56 >>MARK HUEY: And 11 and item 12 are budget changes

12:06:03 that were explained to you, pretty straightforward.

12:06:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.

12:06:08 >> Second.

12:06:09 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

12:06:12 All in favor?

12:06:13 Opposed?

12:06:13 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

12:06:20 That's it?

12:06:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved to receive and file all

12:06:26 documents in regard to this.

12:06:27 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to receive

12:06:29 and file.

12:06:31 All in favor?

12:06:32 Opposed?

12:06:33 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I would like to see a report back

12:06:35 from code enforcement in reference to what this woman

12:06:37 talked about what she was told to do.

12:06:41 >>GWEN MILLER: I am going to get her address and get a

12:06:43 report on it.

12:06:44 >> In 30 days.

12:06:45 >> You may want to bring it up at your City Council

12:06:51 meeting.

12:06:53 Bring it up at your City Council meeting.

12:06:56 Al Davis: (speaking from the floor) I would like to

12:07:07 ask --

12:07:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Sal Territo, our attorney, is going

12:07:12 to meet with you.

12:07:16 >> Oh, I didn't hear that.

12:07:18 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.

12:07:19 He's going to meet with you.

12:07:21 Right.

12:07:25 He will let you know after this meeting.

12:07:26 He's going to get with you.

12:07:27 >> The other item is the agency response.

12:07:36 >>GWEN MILLER: You are going to meet with Mr. Territo.

12:07:40 We are passed the comments for the public.

12:07:43 As now, you can't talk out like this.

12:07:45 You have to meet with Mr. Territo and give some

12:07:48 information.

12:07:49 >> Well, I need some help.

12:07:50 >>GWEN MILLER: He's going to help you.

12:07:55 We stand adjourned until 5:01.



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