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Budget hearing

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5:01 p.m. session


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17:03:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Tampa City Council will now come to

17:03:10 order.

17:03:11 We'll stand for the invocation, pledge of allegiance.

17:03:18 We pray tonight.

17:03:19 We want to pause and remember our great citizen

17:03:22 humanitarian of our community, Reverend Brown, and so

17:03:25 we bow our heads and pray tonight for him as well and

17:03:31 for his family.

17:03:34 (Moment of silence)

17:03:39 >> We now thank you for this day and the blessings of

17:03:42 this day, for your grace and your mercy upon our lives.

17:03:45 We thank you for walking with us and bringing us

17:03:48 together tonight to share in this public hearing,

17:03:55 relative to our budget, relative to the needs of our

17:03:58 city.

17:03:58 And we thank you now as we look to you and we pray you

17:04:02 give us wisdom and knowledge and insight as we make

17:04:06 wise decisions for this coming year.

17:04:08 We pray tonight that you continue to bless our nation,

17:04:10 bless our country, bless those who are fighting for our

17:04:13 democracy around the world.

17:04:16 Bring them back home safely.

17:04:18 Tonight again we say thank you for this day and the

17:04:21 blessings of this day.

17:04:22 We thank you for the Reverend Abraham Brown, one of

17:04:27 your servants, who served the community well, great

17:04:30 man, great humanitarian.

17:04:32 We pray for his family tonight and be with them and

17:04:36 guide them in the days and months and years to come.

17:04:38 In your name we pray.

17:04:39 Amen.

17:04:40 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

17:04:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Roll call.

17:05:07 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

17:05:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

17:05:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

17:05:13 >>CURTIS STOKES: Here.

17:05:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

17:05:16 Tonight we are here for our first public hearing, one

17:05:18 of two public hearings tonight.

17:05:21 The next one is set for the 28th, I believe, of

17:05:24 September.

17:05:26 This public hearing tonight is relative to the budget.

17:05:30 And so I would like to receive a motion at this time to

17:05:33 open the public hearing.

17:05:35 >> So moved.

17:05:36 >> Second.

17:05:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

17:05:39 All in favor?

17:05:40 Opposes?

17:05:40 Okay.

17:05:41 At this time, the chair will yield to the honorable

17:05:44 Mary Mulhern for our public statement.

17:05:49 >>MARY MULHERN: And I will shuffle through my papers.

17:06:01 The first public hearing for the City of Tampa fiscal

17:06:04 year 2011 budget.

17:06:06 This is the first public hearing of the City of Tampa

17:06:10 fiscal year 2011 budget.

17:06:12 The proposed millage rate is 5.7326 mills, which is

17:06:20 11.699% less than the rollback millage rate of 6.4913

17:06:29 mills.

17:06:30 Property tax funds are used to support the general fund

17:06:33 operating budget of the city.

17:06:36 This fund includes such departments as fire rescue and

17:06:40 police, human resources, parks and recreation, and

17:06:43 public works.

17:06:49 We will be having presentations from Bonnie Wise, our

17:07:00 budget and finance director.

17:07:02 >>BONNIE WISE: Director of revenue and finance.

17:07:07 I am going to go through a brief presentation of the

17:07:11 fiscal year 11 budget.

17:07:13 The budget before you is a balanced budget.

17:07:16 The budget presentation was held on August 12, as the

17:07:21 chairman mentioned, the second public hearing will be

17:07:22 on September 28.

17:07:24 I would like to thank you for all the workshops, the

17:07:27 meetings that we have had throughout the year, and the

17:07:29 administrators and the department heads who have met

17:07:33 with council members as well as the citizens budget

17:07:35 advisory committee, and I especially want to thank my

17:07:39 reorganized budget office for preparing this budget,

17:07:43 especially throughout these summer months.

17:07:45 Once again the theme of this year's budget is sensible

17:07:48 solutions in tough economic times, reflect ago

17:07:51 commitment to solving our economic challenges while

17:07:54 allowing our city to move forward.

17:07:56 As previously stated, the millage rate is to remain

17:07:59 5.7326 mills.

17:08:03 The budget is $787 million.

17:08:07 The 4.4% increase over last year.

17:08:10 The general utility tax and other operating funds is

17:08:13 $436 million less than a 3% increase than last year.

17:08:17 Due to increases to the capital programs and vehicle

17:08:21 programs, the operating budgets for the department are

17:08:25 less than they were in fiscal year '10.

17:08:29 The enterprise funds are increased 10% over last year,

17:08:32 304-point will million, and internal service and other

17:08:36 funds are at 616.9 million, the 1.3 million increase

17:08:41 from last year.

17:08:42 Bond funds are at $1.1 million.

17:08:45 For a home of $157,000, which would typically have a

17:08:49 $50,000 homestead exemption, the total mills would be

17:08:53 paid is 21.45 mills, approximately, of which 25% goes

17:08:59 to the City of Tampa.

17:09:01 And tonight you have the first reading of the budget

17:09:03 ordinance.

17:09:06 In addition we will discuss the CIP budget, the capital

17:09:08 improvement budget, which this year totals 135.7

17:09:13 million, up from last year's 87.3.

17:09:16 And I will go into greater detail in that regard.

17:09:20 117 million from operating funds ands 18.1 million in

17:09:24 bond funds really with an emphasis on our investing in

17:09:27 neighborhoods program of $10 million, increasing 285%

17:09:34 since fiscal year '03 with major projects in water,

17:09:38 wastewater, stormwater, transportation areas, as well

17:09:41 as our technology program, our ERP program, with

17:09:46 Hillsborough County and other capital improvement

17:09:48 projects.

17:09:48 And it goes through the PowerPoint which you should all

17:09:51 have copies.

17:09:53 We have some additional copies for the audience if

17:09:54 anybody would like one.

17:09:56 The key principles in this budget are the five main

17:10:02 principles that we have had consistently over the last

17:10:03 few years, protecting the key public services, doing an

17:10:08 ongoing review of our business practices, going through

17:10:10 our efficiency and effectiveness program that has saved

17:10:15 $11.7 million annual so far, building infrastructure,

17:10:20 improving our community, whether that's water,

17:10:23 wastewater, stormwater, transportation, solid waste.

17:10:26 You have heard me talk about a lot over this past year.

17:10:30 Preserving our reserves to remain financially healthy.

17:10:34 We have established a policy of our 20% of reserve

17:10:38 policy.

17:10:39 And I have been spending a lot of time with the bond

17:10:42 rated agencies over the last few months, and that has

17:10:44 been a key principle in us maintaining our bond rating.

17:10:48 And to strategically strength if I the city government,

17:10:52 and over the past three years we have eliminated over

17:10:55 673 positions, and I have the chart that outlines that.

17:10:59 As I previously mentioned, the budget is about 4.4%

17:11:04 increase over last year's $787 million, really in the

17:11:08 areas of CIP, we have some significant increases in

17:11:12 regards to transportation, water, for example, Bruce B.

17:11:17 Downs, a new tax side we have improvements to fire

17:11:24 station 1 and various facilities, repair and renovation

17:11:28 including roofs and other projects of that nature.

17:11:31 Redo have the ERP project at $9 million, and $8 million

17:11:37 going forward in this coming year, joint partnership

17:11:41 with Hillsborough County.

17:11:42 And we have various C.I.T. community investment tax

17:11:45 projects.

17:11:47 How did we balance the budget this year?

17:11:50 We had some various changes, things that we did in

17:11:52 fiscal year '10 that helped us get ready for the

17:11:56 challenges that we were facing for fiscal year 11.

17:11:59 As I mentioned, we eliminated various positions.

17:12:02 And during fiscal year 10, we asked our departments to

17:12:05 roll back their operating budgets.

17:12:08 And so not spend the moneys that they were allocated in

17:12:11 fiscal year 10 but to roll back to the fiscal year '09

17:12:15 levels and then we asked them further for fiscal year

17:12:18 11 to roll that back another 3%.

17:12:21 So, therefore, we were able to increase our fund

17:12:24 balance effectively in and save money, about 19.5

17:12:28 million of savings in fiscal year 10 to help us get

17:12:32 ready for fiscal year 11, in addition to using 12.3

17:12:36 million of fund balance to provide fund fiscal year 11.

17:12:42 We have our continued EETF program.

17:12:45 We have had various consolidations.

17:12:47 You have heard us talk about those in the technology

17:12:49 and innovation area, revenue and finance, neighborhood

17:12:52 services, and those ongoing consolidations save about

17:12:57 $2.2 million annually.

17:13:01 Talked a little about funding our reserves in our fund

17:13:03 balances.

17:13:04 We know that we had increases of pension, our balances

17:13:08 helped us prepare for that, and we could have, as well

17:13:11 as we have had the past few years, decreases in

17:13:14 property tax collection.

17:13:16 We have really tried to provide adequate fund balance,

17:13:19 and we have done so with this budget before you.

17:13:23 This chart, I believe the mayor presented this chart to

17:13:27 you during her presentation in August, shows how what

17:13:31 we first, in 04, how we worried about the 15% fund

17:13:36 balance level, and in the 08-07-09 you can see how that

17:13:42 has increased over time, and we were fortunate enough

17:13:44 to save those moneys, and we expect to end fiscal year

17:13:48 10 because of the savings and the steps that we took in

17:13:51 fiscal year '10, you participated in that operating

17:13:56 reduction as well to get that to that 30% level, so

17:13:59 therefore with our fiscal year '11 budget we are still

17:14:02 above our 20% threshold.

17:14:06 We go through some of the major revenue sources.

17:14:10 The general utility tax and other operating fund, about

17:14:15 $436 million, you can see the largest single revenue is

17:14:19 property tax at $122 million, a decrease from last

17:14:24 year.

17:14:25 Last year was 138 million.

17:14:32 And this exemplifies the changes we made during fiscal

17:14:36 year '10.

17:14:37 These are general and utility tax funds transfers.

17:14:41 Originally in fiscal year 10 we thought we were going

17:14:44 to have to use $31 trillion of fund balance but we are

17:14:48 only going to have to use about 10 million because of

17:14:50 the steps everyone took and use that money for fiscal

17:14:53 year 11.

17:14:54 So we made conscious decisions throughout the year not

17:14:56 to spend moneys and to reduce positions, to change our

17:15:00 operating expenditures, and to save those moneys.

17:15:05 This is a chart of the taxable property valuation since

17:15:09 fiscal year 07, our property values declined in since

17:15:14 fiscal year 11, 12.5%.

17:15:18 The prior year was about 12.5 as well so in the last

17:15:21 two years we had about a 25% reduction in value.

17:15:25 Net new construction is down to 379 million, and than

17:15:29 is a decline of about 24% since last year.

17:15:33 The high of new construction, as you can see there,

17:15:37 over a billion dollars in fiscal year '09.

17:15:40 >> Our property taxes -- sorry.

17:15:48 I'm behind her.

17:15:49 Our property taxes are declining as well at 121.9

17:15:54 million.

17:15:54 However, for fiscal year 10, you can see there that the

17:15:58 budget was 137.8 million.

17:16:00 We do anticipate collecting a little over 139 million

17:16:04 for fiscal year 10.

17:16:08 As the values throughout the city decline, the values

17:16:10 in the CRA have declined immensely, and I wanted you to

17:16:14 see that for fiscal year 10 the city had contributed

17:16:18 $12.5 million to the CRAs, but our contribution in 11

17:16:23 because of the values have declined so significantly

17:16:26 and the CRAs were down to $8.8 million, a 29%

17:16:32 reduction.

17:16:32 So of the 121.9 million of property tax revenues we

17:16:36 collect, we then turn over 8.8 million of those to the

17:16:40 CRAs.

17:16:40 >> The CRAs are also funded by other taxing entities

17:16:46 contributing to it.

17:16:46 Almost 10 million coming from other taxing entities and

17:16:49 the 8.8 million coming from the City of Tampa.

17:16:55 In the statement that was read, it mentions the

17:16:57 rollback or the rollup rate, in this particular case.

17:17:00 That red bar is the rate that the city would have to

17:17:03 charge if we would want to get the same amount of

17:17:06 property tax revenue that we collected last year.

17:17:10 However, just to be very clear, we are not proposing to

17:17:14 go up to that higher millage rate.

17:17:17 We are proposing to have the same millage rate of 5.7

17:17:20 mills, and not increase our millage rate.

17:17:27 You can see there that the City of Tampa's collection

17:17:31 or amount on this property tax bill is about 25%.

17:17:39 Sales tax revenue has declined somewhat since fiscal

17:17:41 year '08.

17:17:42 The peak of sales tax actually is in fiscal year '06

17:17:46 when it reached just over 30 million.

17:17:48 But we are seeing some glimmers of hope in the sales

17:17:52 tax side.

17:17:53 The last few month we have seen some collections

17:17:55 increasing and therefore have budgeted $24.8 million on

17:17:58 the sales tax side.

17:18:03 Franchise fee revenues have remained relatively stable,

17:18:07 and we are budgeting $27.6 million for franchise fees.

17:18:13 Communications services taxes being declining somewhat

17:18:15 over time.

17:18:17 Fiscal year '09 we had a bump of about 1.7 million from

17:18:22 an audit reduction at the state level, so that was just

17:18:24 a one-time number.

17:18:26 But as people are eliminating their land lines, we are

17:18:30 seeing a reduction in those communication services tax

17:18:33 revenue.

17:18:34 Utility tax, however, has been increasing.

17:18:38 Electric utility taxes are expected to be higher as

17:18:41 well as the water utility taxes.

17:18:42 So you can see there that we budgeted just shy of $39

17:18:46 million.

17:18:52 And I am going to talk about the expenditures now.

17:18:56 You can see 436 million, about half going to public

17:18:59 safety.

17:19:00 The other big component here is the CIP and the

17:19:04 vehicles.

17:19:05 As I mentioned, in the first presentation, if you

17:19:08 compare this chart to last year, you would see that the

17:19:11 CIP, C.I.T. vehicles actually increase from 50 million

17:19:14 to 67.7 million.

17:19:17 We are purchasing a fair number of TPD vehicles

17:19:20 actually this year, as well as central government last

17:19:23 year was 45 million and now that is at $41 million this

17:19:30 year.

17:19:31 It's 11% for the budget, now it's only 9.

17:19:36 We have an ongoing EETF program that encourages

17:19:41 city-wide participation, all levels of the organization

17:19:46 where employees come up with ideas, and implement

17:19:49 reduction possibilities.

17:19:51 And so on an annual basis we have saved about 11.7

17:19:55 million, and one-time savings of about $4 million.

17:19:59 We had everything from what we call payable to

17:20:02 different method of paying our vendors, online

17:20:05 auctions, workforce reductions, mowing contract, so

17:20:08 ideas big and small have all been incorporated into

17:20:11 this program.

17:20:14 Our property tax collection of 121.9 million, when I

17:20:19 compare that to both the police and the fire budgets --

17:20:22 and this includes capital improvement projects for

17:20:25 police and fire as well -- you can see there that the

17:20:27 property tax revenue does not cover those two budgets.

17:20:34 The personnel over time has declined.

17:20:37 You can see in fiscal year 07 we had authorization of

17:20:40 over 5,000 employees who, and we are down to 4416.

17:20:47 13% reduction full time equivalence over the past few

17:20:52 years.

17:20:52 Of the general fund positions, 1894 of those positions

17:20:55 are from police and fire.

17:20:57 The biggest areas.

17:20:59 Police have 1225.

17:21:02 Fire rescue has 669.

17:21:04 And the top five departments in the other funds area,

17:21:07 this is the biggest is wastewater, then water, solid

17:21:10 waste, and parking.

17:21:12 It we have seen parking decline and FT decline fairly

17:21:17 significantly over the past few years.

17:21:20 As our population is increasing and our population did

17:21:23 in fact increase slightly this past year, the number of

17:21:27 employees per thousand of residents has been declining.

17:21:32 And we had 15.44% employees per thousand of residents.

17:21:36 However, now we are down to 13.

17:21:44 This shows the position of layoff vacancies, that we

17:21:49 have garnered the past few years.

17:21:52 There have been about 235 layoffs, 438 vacancies for a

17:21:57 total of 673 positions.

17:22:01 However, our biggest expense continues to be the cost

17:22:05 of personnel.

17:22:06 And you can see there that in the blue area, that's

17:22:10 salaries and wages, and the red area being the

17:22:13 benefits.

17:22:13 And you can see that although the number of positions

17:22:16 have declined, the amount that we are spending on those

17:22:19 people is increasing somewhat.

17:22:22 Especially in that red area where we have had big

17:22:25 increase in pension.

17:22:26 We have included in this budget step increases for

17:22:31 those who are covered by the union contracts, and the

17:22:34 cost of that is about $2.4 million.

17:22:36 That is already built into this budget.

17:22:40 You can see there the pension increases over time.

17:22:44 Police and fire being in the green part, and general

17:22:47 employees being in the yellow.

17:22:49 And so this year our budget for those contributions,

17:22:53 the city's contribution, are 40.6 million.

17:22:57 I will note that police and fire do contribute to their

17:23:00 own pension, so as the city has an in crease, they too

17:23:05 have an increase in their contribution rates.

17:23:10 Community investment tax.

17:23:14 I am going to talk a little about that.

17:23:16 As you know, the community investment tax, the C.I.T.,

17:23:20 could only be used for capital projects.

17:23:23 We have seen somewhat of a decline in the C.I.T.

17:23:26 revenues from the high of 16.2 million in fiscal 07 to

17:23:32 what we anticipate in fiscal year 08 of 13.2 million.

17:23:35 Next year, you will begin thinking about the next

17:23:40 four-year program, next five-year program, and that

17:23:47 will be having a public hearing on that in the

17:23:50 springtime -- sorry, in the June time frame.

17:23:54 We had various projects in fire, parks and rec, public

17:23:58 works, transportation this year, and of course we had

17:23:59 two bond issues outstanding for C.I.T.'s 2001 beyond to

17:24:04 2006, and I have to give a little bond plug.

17:24:08 We are looking at refunding the 2001 bond issue that

17:24:11 will be coming before you on Thursday.

17:24:16 We have ongoing projects in the C.I.T. area, in the

17:24:20 parks and recreation area about $750,000 in projects,

17:24:24 and fire over 1.7 million.

17:24:28 And then there's the debt service on the two bond

17:24:33 issues.

17:24:37 This year, we have an emphasis on purchasing various

17:24:41 TPD vehicles, 131 marked detective sedans and trying to

17:24:47 get that on a quicker replacement cycle.

17:24:50 It's going to require about 3.9 million.

17:24:52 Some moneys we have available already in fiscal year 10

17:24:55 and some from fiscal year 11 funds.

17:24:59 I am going to talk about the enterprise funds.

17:25:02 We have the five-year water rate plan.

17:25:05 And that is to provide various improvement improvements

17:25:08 for the water system.

17:25:10 The water budget increases this year as one of the

17:25:15 consolidations we have was the utility accounting

17:25:18 moving from the red finance area into water.

17:25:21 And so that increased their budget.

17:25:23 And they have various capital improvement projects, an

17:25:27 increase of about 27 million for various capital

17:25:30 improvement projects.

17:25:31 We will probably be coming before you for a bond issue

17:25:34 to retire some of their outstanding commercial paper.

17:25:42 Over $100 million hack spent or placed under contract

17:25:47 in the water area since fiscal 07 for various pipeline

17:25:50 projects and treatment plant improvements.

17:25:52 In fiscal year 11 we will be replacing part of the

17:25:56 Bruce B. Downs area to $10 million, and some various

17:26:04 treatment plants.

17:26:05 We also have the three-year waste weight water plan for

17:26:08 various collections and rehabilitation there, and

17:26:11 various operating compliance.

17:26:16 Staff is expected to increase just slightly from the

17:26:18 prior year.

17:26:19 The cost of the chemicals are remaining relatively

17:26:21 unchanged.

17:26:22 And I would mention on the capital side, we have been

17:26:25 seeing very good construction, and so we have as you

17:26:29 know especially in the wastewater site some

17:26:34 infrastructure 50 to '09 years old, so of this is a

17:26:37 good opportunity to make some of these improvements

17:26:39 before we have some very disruptive breakage.

17:26:43 On the solid waste side, the budget is expected to be

17:26:46 actually slightly lower, really a conscious effort on

17:26:51 the part of the solid waste department to decrease

17:26:53 their operating expenses.

17:26:58 And we have done that through various programs.

17:27:00 The savings with the holiday makeup days and various

17:27:04 automated programs as well.

17:27:07 On the parking division, we actually have an increase

17:27:11 in their budget there.

17:27:13 We have talked a lot about parking.

17:27:16 We had our June, I believe, our June workshop where we

17:27:19 talked a lot about the parking systems.

17:27:21 And their operating expenses are actually going down --

17:27:27 sorry, going up about a half million dollars due to

17:27:31 their various costs, and capital and CIP are going

17:27:36 down.

17:27:36 Debt service is the key factor here, an increase of

17:27:39 about $4 million this year.

17:27:41 Some of the items that they have taken, done in the

17:27:44 parking area, they are increasing their equipment

17:27:46 automation that has helped them reduce their staffing

17:27:51 and increase theory collections.

17:27:52 Their full time equivalent have gone from a high of 188

17:27:56 to about a hundred employees, full time equivalent, so

17:27:59 they have really made some changes in the way they do

17:28:01 their business.

17:28:02 Use of part-time employees.

17:28:04 And they have made various energy upgrades into the

17:28:08 parking system which will help with the operating

17:28:10 costs.

17:28:11 However, this is the debt service.

17:28:13 You have seen this chart before.

17:28:15 When we did sell the Tampa general garage we were able

17:28:18 to take out some of the red area of the debt service.

17:28:22 However, fiscal year 11 is when we go back to that

17:28:26 level where it was prior to the Tampa general sale.

17:28:28 So we are having to use about 1.9 million, transfer

17:28:32 over from utility tax fund to help fund the parking

17:28:38 fund.

17:28:38 On stormwater, stormwater is now with the division of

17:28:42 public works, but wanted to separate this out for you

17:28:44 so you can see, they have had some operating expenses,

17:28:47 reductions in the mowing contract which has helped.

17:28:51 But we do have a continued emphasis on environmental

17:28:54 projects on the stormwater side.

17:28:57 And so there are various projects, capital improvement

17:29:00 projects in this budget, a lien, the pond and the water

17:29:07 management program that is included in this budget

17:29:09 before you.

17:29:10 And you can see there the various projects of up 21.4

17:29:16 million.

17:29:20 Because of the water and weight water three year and

17:29:25 five year plan there will be a rate increase that will

17:29:27 take effect on October 1, and you can see there that

17:29:30 that will increase the bill about 8.7%.

17:29:36 However, when you compare us to various other

17:29:39 jurisdictions, you can see there that the monthly

17:29:41 utility bill is still at the lower end of our peers.

17:29:48 The capital improvements projects, if you like, I have

17:29:51 been speaking about those throughout the

17:29:53 presentation -- will go from 87.3 million to 135.7

17:29:59 million.

17:29:59 When you compare that to what we had in '09 it's still

17:30:03 a reduction from there, but an increase from last year.

17:30:06 So as I mentioned it will include various

17:30:08 transportation projects, various utility projects,

17:30:12 utility tax projects, including fire and stormwater,

17:30:16 about 5 million in stormwater, but the big number is

17:30:19 really in water of about 35 million.

17:30:24 Transportation impact fee projects and wastewater of

17:30:26 just under $14 million are the main increases this

17:30:30 fiscal year.

17:30:32 And here is the investing in neighborhoods program.

17:30:34 You can see going up each year.

17:30:37 And finally reaching the goal of $10 million.

17:30:45 And you can see there in each of the areas of the

17:30:48 investing in neighborhood projects we have an increase

17:30:52 ranging from 2% to 44% in the various areas.

17:30:55 So if you are going to resurface about 37 miles of

17:30:59 roadway, we are going to have new sidewalks, as well as

17:31:02 various signs and traffic-calming devices throughout

17:31:04 the city.

17:31:09 Finally, 40th Street is nearing its completion.

17:31:12 Segment C to be completed at the end of December.

17:31:17 And segment A to be completed in the spring of 2011.

17:31:21 So I know that this is a project that you heard us talk

17:31:23 about each year and finally we are getting to the

17:31:26 completion of 40th Street.

17:31:27 And here is a visual of the before and after of segment

17:31:33 of 40th Street.

17:31:38 And this is our timetable for budget hearing.

17:31:43 And then the second budget hearing on September

17:31:46 28th.

17:31:47 Thank you.

17:31:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Did anyone have questions for Ms.

17:32:07 Wise?

17:32:07 Or are we going to save that till after public comment?

17:32:13 >>BONNIE WISE: And at the appropriate time I know

17:32:14 there's been some questions regarding back street.

17:32:16 And so there's a short presentation on back street.

17:32:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The agenda calls for a presentation

17:32:24 next.

17:32:24 >>MARY MULHERN: You want to hear all the presentations

17:32:26 and then the public comment then.

17:32:28 >>BONNIE WISE: Thank you.

17:32:35 >> Good afternoon.

17:32:36 I'm here to present an abbreviated PowerPoint on the

17:32:44 Zack Street progress, Zack Street schematic design.

17:32:47 My name is Phil Graham of Graham booth landscape

17:32:53 architects, in the region for 42 years, and we have

17:32:55 done a number of projects in the Tampa Bay area, about

17:32:58 4,000.

17:33:00 Over that time period, and working on -- we have worked

17:33:04 on Meridian here in Tampa and USF park, downtown, and

17:33:09 MacDill park for you.

17:33:11 Currently working on the DALI museum in St. Petersburg.

17:33:16 We have been engaged by the city to produce a schematic

17:33:20 design for the Zack Street Promenade of the arts,

17:33:24 concept that was proposed I think awhile back, and we

17:33:29 are here to just run through the PowerPoint with you,

17:33:32 if I could have the PDF file.

17:33:36 Thank you.

17:33:40 The actual project was conceived as a transforming

17:33:45 element to provide a cultural and visual link to the

17:33:47 park and cultural centers.

17:33:51 Comfortable and engaging safe place for pedestrians,

17:33:54 and to make a positive statement about the future of

17:33:57 the City of Tampa.

17:34:03 We have done a great deal of research.

17:34:05 The project runs from Ashley to Nebraska.

17:34:10 And it has about a quarter mile walking radius.

17:34:13 We have studied all of the elements that are on Zack

17:34:16 Street and around it.

17:34:19 We are a wonderful fabric of a diverse compilation of

17:34:23 buildings and uses, as you can see on the right.

17:34:27 And we also have a series due to budget constraints and

17:34:33 also actual activities along Zack.

17:34:37 They are divided into three levels of activity.

17:34:40 Zone A is what we would consider the most important and

17:34:47 the highest activity area for pedestrians and retail

17:34:51 and so forth, that kind of activity.

17:34:54 There's a big residential component there as well.

17:34:57 Zone B is a little less expense.

17:34:59 And then zone C goes to almost an accessway to some of

17:35:03 those other facilities that are west -- or east of

17:35:07 Jefferson.

17:35:10 We wanted to concentrate today on zone A, because of

17:35:17 budget constraints we only have the opportunity to do

17:35:20 three blocks of a master plan that we developed for

17:35:23 that whole distance.

17:35:24 So that's what I will be focusing on.

17:35:27 We have a number of principles that we have put

17:35:31 together for this project.

17:35:33 And they really involve project catalyst for turning

17:35:37 Tampa into not merely a community that supports the

17:35:41 arts but really a destination as an art community.

17:35:44 And provides elements that are not trendy, they are not

17:35:53 kitschy, they are sustainable, they are long lasting,

17:35:56 durable, and they are relevant.

17:35:58 So this is not an artsy craftsy project.

17:36:02 This is a project that is a sophisticated art in the

17:36:05 street, creating a place for pedestrians and the

17:36:11 community to enjoy.

17:36:15 There are several considerations that have been made.

17:36:17 As you can see there, we looked at all of those

17:36:19 elements, as you see on the screen, and we also have

17:36:24 looked at the ways, things that we have to incorporate

17:36:29 in the city on a street could be incorporated as a

17:36:34 visual component that would be kind of exciting, and

17:36:37 that would be engaging.

17:36:38 So we are looking at signage.

17:36:41 We are looking at the crosswalks, the sign posts, the

17:36:44 light posts, benches and so forth, even manhole covers,

17:36:49 to express a form of public art.

17:36:55 Additionally, we are looking -- we looked at the

17:36:58 traffic circulation, how pedestrians are going to be

17:37:00 interact with automobiles.

17:37:02 And when we studied this, the best cities have broad

17:37:08 walks, broad sidewalks, for example, the 80 feet wide

17:37:13 in Paris, and not that I am comparing Zack to Champs

17:37:19 Elysees, but right now the walks are not in that

17:37:25 gracious format.

17:37:27 So what we had decided in our plan is to narrow the

17:37:31 street, slow traffic down, and make the lanes narrower,

17:37:35 still provide access for parking but close kind of Zack

17:37:40 to high mobility and make it for access.

17:37:47 These considerations do provide the narrower lanes, as

17:37:49 I mentioned.

17:37:50 And we looked at the 50-foot right-of-way which really

17:37:53 runs from Jefferson to Nebraska, and then the 80-foot

17:37:57 right-of-way which is what we are going to be talking

17:37:58 about today.

17:37:59 So that's the little wider right-of-way.

17:38:07 There are opportunities that are provided, and there's

17:38:08 a number of strategies that we incorporated to get our

17:38:13 arts so that was really meaningful and not trendy.

17:38:17 And it really will make a sense of place.

17:38:21 It will give Zack Street an identity, and it will link

17:38:26 Zack Street and the downtown core to the arts district.

17:38:32 So it will give the pedestrian Promenade, if you will,

17:38:34 a connection to the arts center.

17:38:39 Additionally, what the art can do for us, many

17:38:43 communities have really been elevated to sophisticated

17:38:47 urban centers simply through the use of public art.

17:38:53 And some of the examples of that would be Asheville,

17:38:57 North Carolina, for example, has really become an art

17:38:59 community.

17:39:01 Santa Fe, of course, is known for its art and so on.

17:39:04 So this is something that is an economic driver and

17:39:07 cultural driver, and it's not simply decorating the

17:39:10 street, but far, far more than that.

17:39:14 We have some choices that we have developed.

17:39:18 And so we put place holders where we could not afford

17:39:24 in the initial budget to put art, we put placeholders

17:39:28 for that art.

17:39:29 For example, Ashley at the corner.

17:39:32 I'll show you an example of that.

17:39:33 Bullet there might be some opportunities.

17:39:35 You can imagine coming off the interstate and seeing

17:39:37 some grand vertical elements that would really

17:39:41 celebrate the entrance top the city, and also tie Zack

17:39:46 to the corridor.

17:39:47 So, you know, you feel as though you entered a special

17:39:51 place, and that there is a level of sophistication that

17:39:53 you are not finding in most of Florida cities.

17:39:58 Additionally, we will have spaces and functional items

17:40:01 that we can use as art top tie the entire corridor

17:40:05 together.

17:40:06 For example, on the left, you see a picture -- we are

17:40:09 going to have to widen some of the sidewalks.

17:40:12 So on the TECO block, for example, there's beautiful

17:40:15 brick there already, so we would maybe in the widening,

17:40:18 we would maybe use that space for a piece of art that

17:40:21 would be a linear expression right in the pavement and

17:40:26 provide an opportunity.

17:40:28 Additionally, on the right, you see banners, but those

17:40:31 are actually digital banners, and you can do

17:40:34 programming with it, announce events, put art on them

17:40:38 and actually program for various uses.

17:40:41 And the functional items, such as the bicycle rack on

17:40:44 the top left, the paving itself, benches, there's a

17:40:52 effect at the bottom left which is the entrance to a

17:40:54 library, and it's books stacked up, as ballards.

17:40:59 So these are opportunities for us.

17:41:02 Art choices also for comfort and for safety of the

17:41:05 pedestrians.

17:41:06 So at the bottom left you see an opportunity that

17:41:09 another city has done, adding shade to the corners.

17:41:14 We all know the sun is pretty brutal on us here in

17:41:17 Florida, and that is a real need when it comes to

17:41:21 engaging pedestrians in an urban space.

17:41:26 The other thing is that with the Lights on Tampa, and

17:41:30 many of the other activities, this is a great van vas

17:41:33 for that to express itself in those events.

17:41:38 So there's many opportunities for performing arts, for

17:41:42 visual arts, and for two dimensional and three

17:41:46 dimensional and digital.

17:41:49 The streetscape itself, these are the three blocks we

17:41:52 are looking at in this exercise for construction.

17:42:00 Zone A is Ashley.

17:42:02 You all are familiar with that, the connection there.

17:42:04 And the first block.

17:42:09 The drawing you see up above is the existing condition,

17:42:12 and the bottom is the proposed.

17:42:13 And bringing your attention to the width of the

17:42:16 sidewalk itself, and how much paving we have eliminated

17:42:20 and still provided parallel parking on both sides.

17:42:24 Where you see the red asterisks, those are our

17:42:29 opportunities, and they will be the same in all of the

17:42:32 drawings I show you.

17:42:33 And then where you see the four rather colorful circles

17:42:37 on the left, that is a public art opportunity.

17:42:41 We are not including that in the budget, but that could

17:42:44 be a major gateway to come under Robin Nigh's

17:42:49 department, and actually be a public art project that

17:42:51 we could do later, and that would again tie this all

17:42:54 together.

17:42:57 In doing this, in the upper left, you see what they

17:43:00 have done down in Miami in terms of tying a plaza all

17:43:04 the way across.

17:43:06 There's actually a roadway that runs through the middle

17:43:08 of that into their arts center, so they have actually

17:43:12 taken the pavement and run it all the way across,

17:43:15 making it a unified system, in Scottsdale, in the in

17:43:20 the middle, that's four corners of vertical element,

17:43:23 very attractive both day and night.

17:43:26 At night it's spectacular.

17:43:28 And there's some other iconic elements that can be used

17:43:31 from the art world.

17:43:33 I am going to move to the next block.

17:43:35 This is the Tampa street, Franklin Street, and there

17:43:39 are some good existing elements on this block, and we

17:43:43 want to maintain those.

17:43:44 But we also want to encourage public-private

17:43:48 partnerships.

17:43:49 And I think TECO and many of the corporate partners

17:43:51 along the way can be engaged to help us express this

17:43:55 art, both on their buildings in some way hanging

17:43:59 things, or participating in other ways.

17:44:03 So as you see the existing condition is now there is a

17:44:07 nice trees at the top, a very comfortable street up in

17:44:13 that area, along Franklin there.

17:44:15 But what we feel, the walk isn't quite big enough, and

17:44:19 we have choked in the intersection.

17:44:21 I want you to notice that above, we have about 50 to 60

17:44:25 feet of pavement that you have to walk across as a

17:44:29 pedestrian.

17:44:31 In the lower ones we have choked that down to 22 feet.

17:44:34 So we have cut out 30 feet of walking in traffic for

17:44:37 the pedestrians.

17:44:38 So it's much safer.

17:44:40 It's a much more enjoyable experience.

17:44:43 The other thing I wanted to mention in this drawing is

17:44:47 that there is a little diagonal in the TECO plaza, and

17:44:53 that would be an opportunity for that public

17:44:55 private-public partnership with that little digital

17:44:59 screen that could actually have program -- artists

17:45:02 could come and give their digital programs and it could

17:45:04 be a part of an ongoing expression of digital art.

17:45:17 This is Franklin Street and Florida Avenue.

17:45:19 If you will please take notice of the picture on your

17:45:21 left, that's existing condition there.

17:45:23 The sidewalk is kind of -- it's been done once, but

17:45:27 it's kind of not real exciting.

17:45:31 Let me put it that way.

17:45:33 And then there is some work in the side of the building

17:45:39 there which is what the pedestrian experiences.

17:45:41 So we would hope that we could maybe do some art work

17:45:43 on that ventilation system that runs along there, and

17:45:47 again this is a joint use with the property owner.

17:45:51 What you are looking at, the middle one is a blank wall

17:45:54 of the Tampa Theatre which could be tremendous, a

17:45:59 canvas for some sort of a movie or a visual art.

17:46:06 It could be shot up on that wall.

17:46:08 So there's lots of opportunities that can happen.

17:46:12 Additionally, that's the existing that you see above,

17:46:16 and proposed below.

17:46:18 And we are proposing that each of the areas with the

17:46:23 asterisk would be an art opportunity.

17:46:29 The art itself on the top left could be painted for or

17:46:37 put something over that vent, ventilation system, and

17:46:40 then bring that full street alive.

17:46:44 Could you do a faux storefront and make it feel like

17:46:47 it's a retail center.

17:46:48 So there's a lot of creative things that we can do.

17:46:50 The mosaic on the right could be on the sidewalk, in

17:46:55 that entire walk-up as you engage the pedestrian.

17:47:01 This is very abbreviated, and I appreciate the time to

17:47:04 be able to show you what we have come up with.

17:47:07 But we feel like now is the time, I don't think we

17:47:10 could do a better project for the City of Tampa in

17:47:14 engaging, really changing the face of downtown.

17:47:18 And the prices are so right now that work we are

17:47:21 getting done is very reasonable.

17:47:23 I think it's probably the best time I have seen in my

17:47:26 career to get something like this done.

17:47:27 The artists need the work.

17:47:29 The constructers need the work and so on.

17:47:34 I'm pleased to be here to answer any questions later or

17:47:36 anytime that you would like.

17:47:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm all for this other than two

17:47:54 things.

17:47:54 Digital signs and digital screens.

17:47:57 I never vote for the government to have something that

17:47:59 the public can't have.

17:48:00 And as you well know, we have been struggling and

17:48:04 debating the old sign codes versus the new sign code

17:48:08 versus the digital sign codes.

17:48:10 And just about two weeks ago, we just said, let's stay

17:48:13 the way it is.

17:48:14 So I like it.

17:48:18 I'm a proponent of the art.

17:48:20 I think it changes people's perspective not only of

17:48:23 their city but of themselves.

17:48:24 And when you start talking about digital signs with me,

17:48:28 especially on those light poles, I don't even like the

17:48:32 flags up there, because the private sector can't use

17:48:35 it.

17:48:36 So, I mean, this is something that you caught me off

17:48:42 guard a little bit.

17:48:43 But don't worry, I'll come back within the alignment of

17:48:47 today.

17:48:47 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to ask for some

17:48:50 background.

17:48:50 I don't know hop would want -- Bonnie, if you or

17:48:54 Santiago, or Mark Huey wants to explain how this

17:48:59 relates to the budget tonight.

17:49:04 And my first question is, first of all, I would like to

17:49:09 remind people, and especially the new people on

17:49:12 council, that last year the administration asked for $2

17:49:18 million for Zack Street.

17:49:21 And this council voted, and we heard from a lot of

17:49:29 people in the community, and there were a few programs

17:49:32 in particular.

17:49:33 One was for the Davis Island pool -- I can't remember

17:49:38 the name of that pool -- to restore it.

17:49:40 And another one was for friendship park to build a

17:49:45 playground there.

17:49:46 So what the public had asked for was to take that money

17:49:54 for beautifying Zack Street and instead -- and it was

17:49:59 $2 million -- and instead use it for those two

17:50:04 particular projects.

17:50:05 And then I believe Karen Palus, we talked about the

17:50:09 Parks Department and their needs, and what I recall --

17:50:14 I know what I asked for in the end, and I'm not sure

17:50:18 positive how we ended up voting.

17:50:21 I asked for a compromise that we would give the $1

17:50:25 million for two waying the street, and then the other

17:50:30 $1 million we were requesting that that money be put

17:50:34 towards Parks Department projects.

17:50:36 >> For the pools.

17:50:40 >> For the pools.

17:50:41 Is that what it was be? So that was last years budget.

17:50:44 So that brings me -- and then what we did find out

17:50:47 through the process of this year's budget was that they

17:50:51 were able to do the two-waying.

17:50:56 I thought $1 million was a lot of money for that.

17:50:58 I think a lot of us D.and of course they came in way

17:51:01 under budget.

17:51:02 I would like to know how much it costs to do just the

17:51:05 two-waying.

17:51:06 Then I would like to know what this presentation we

17:51:10 have heard from Mr. Graham, how much this costs, this

17:51:18 plan so far, what the city has spent on it, and where

17:51:23 that came from within the budget.

17:51:29 >>BONNIE WISE: Last year, we had a million dollars to

17:51:32 go toward Zack Street and we did do the two waying

17:51:35 already, and we spent about a half million dollars two

17:51:41 waying Zack Street already, and that has been done.

17:51:44 In this year's budget we have, in this budget that I

17:51:48 just presented, we have $1 million for Zack Street

17:51:51 under one of the capital improvement projects.

17:51:53 So there is a description of those projects in there.

17:51:56 The other million dollars was used the way the -- the

17:52:03 way the motion was for last year was for the Parks and

17:52:05 Recreation Department for various projects and Karen

17:52:08 has spent it on various projects within parks and rec.

17:52:10 >> So can we have a list of that, where -- that one

17:52:14 million that we asked for last year to go towards

17:52:17 toward the parks, what that was from.

17:52:20 So you use 500,000.

17:52:24 And now you want another million this year to do what

17:52:31 we didn't approve last year.

17:52:33 But how is this project so far?

17:52:37 How much have we spent on this landscape, and when was

17:52:44 that approved and did that come in front of council?

17:52:48 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Administrator for public works and

17:52:50 utility services.

17:52:51 The million dollars in the 2010 budget that you

17:52:54 approved last year was for two-waying and for

17:52:56 conceptual design, and that's what this --

17:52:59 >> Was it?

17:53:00 >> Yes.

17:53:01 This piece cost $103,000 of the money that's been spent

17:53:06 so far.

17:53:07 And then it was around 400 that you for the two-waying.

17:53:14 Again we spent a little over half million dollars for

17:53:17 the two-waying.

17:53:19 >> So this presentation, what we heard today was part

17:53:21 of the 500,000 on two waying?

17:53:25 >> That's been spent from the 2010 budget.

17:53:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

17:53:31 Well, does that include the work and the presentation

17:53:35 that we heard tonight?

17:53:38 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: That's correct.

17:53:38 It does.

17:53:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

17:53:41 So you are for another total right now $1 million for

17:53:45 this year.

17:53:47 >>BONNIE WISE: And what was presented to you for the

17:53:50 first three blocks is approximately $933,000 for

17:53:56 various surveys and some other fees so that matches the

17:54:00 million dollars.

17:54:01 It doesn't do the entire zag street but that session A.

17:54:05 Karen just handed me various projects they have done in

17:54:08 fiscal year 10, everything from preparing construction

17:54:11 documents for Roy Jenkins pool.

17:54:13 That's the pool you were looking for.

17:54:16 Moneys spent in Williams Park, Friendship Park, Bern's

17:54:20 Park, Sulphur Springs, Wayne Papy, Seminole Heights

17:54:25 Athletic Center, Ben T. Davis, Hyde Park, River Crest

17:54:27 Park, and Robles Park improvement.

17:54:29 So various park improvements throughout the city.

17:54:32 >>MARY MULHERN: So that is list is what the $1 million

17:54:35 was spent on.

17:54:36 Can you tell me how much went to friendship park and

17:54:38 how much went to Roy Jenkins?

17:54:40 >> Friendship park 70,000.

17:54:42 And Roy Jenkins 160,000.

17:54:45 >> Okay, thank you.

17:54:55 I think it's a wonderful idea, this Avenue.

17:55:02 And I don't have problems with it.

17:55:07 I think whatever is going to happen there is not going

17:55:10 to be -- I got this presentation this morning and

17:55:17 thought it was very broad, and we were not really sure

17:55:21 exactly what, but if you look into this, what they are

17:55:25 proposing is not a lot for this first part.

17:55:28 But I think on principle, I'm a little concerned, and

17:55:37 I'm not sure how I feel about approving this, because

17:55:40 last year in, you know, our 700 whatever million dollar

17:55:48 budget, the City Council asked for one change, one line

17:55:55 item compromise.

17:55:58 And some citizens came and spoke, and our budget

17:56:02 advisory committee came and spoke, and I'm not sure

17:56:12 that doing this for a year is really showing a whole

17:56:15 lot of sensitivity and concern from the citizens.

17:56:21 I mean, this is a beautiful project, if this is a worse

17:56:29 year than last year and as you indicated projections

17:56:32 inform next year are much, much worse.

17:56:37 No one is arguing with it being a very nice idea, but

17:56:40 we don't have -- this council, since I have been here,

17:56:44 has very seldom asked for anything different, and

17:56:48 hasn't had the, you know, the votes to ask for that and

17:56:55 don't have any way of making what we would like to see

17:56:57 happen.

17:56:59 So I feel like bringing this back as your, you know,

17:57:03 the mayor's number one presentation is -- I question

17:57:11 whether I am going to be able to support it.

17:57:14 But we'll hear from our budget advisory committee and

17:57:17 our public comment.

17:57:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Before we do that let me speak to the

17:57:21 item.

17:57:22 Because I did receive some calls about this.

17:57:23 I asked the administration to be prepared to make a

17:57:26 presentation.

17:57:27 That's why it was on the agenda, number one.

17:57:29 Number two is if you recall last year they had in the

17:57:33 budget $2 million for this project.

17:57:35 We, the council, pulled out a million dollars to go

17:57:39 towards parks and recreation.

17:57:42 We made it very clear that the million dollars would

17:57:44 only go so far, as I recall.

17:57:48 So coming back now, a million dollars in the budget for

17:57:52 this project, a couple things are very important.

17:57:54 One is a million dollars will not complete the process.

17:57:57 First of all we have to be clear.

17:57:59 Only carry those three blocks, and Zack goes all the

17:58:03 way to Nebraska.

17:58:04 So that's secondly.

17:58:06 The third thing is when you look at the development

17:58:09 that has taken place downtown, with the children's

17:58:11 museum, the parks, all of this tied into that, to make

17:58:16 this a lot better and a lot more attractive and helps

17:58:23 downtown significantly, we could probably do this

17:58:33 project cheaper -- right now you can do a lot of

17:58:36 projects cheaper because of the economy.

17:58:41 Actually it's about jobs.

17:58:43 All of us have been talking about jobs, creating jobs.

17:58:46 That's what we want.

17:58:47 That's what this does.

17:58:48 It creates jobs.

17:58:51 And you are able to do it now at a much cheaper rate,

17:59:01 good for a few years from now.

17:59:04 Now, councilman Miranda did raise a question about

17:59:06 digital signs.

17:59:07 I'm not sure if digital signs are included in this,

17:59:10 Charlie, as I understand it, they are not included in

17:59:13 this phase of it.

17:59:14 I don't think that was a part of it.

17:59:17 So, again, because I knew when this was raised, Mr.

17:59:25 Daignault came and met with me briefly on it, him and

17:59:28 Santiago, I talked to the mayor this morning as well

17:59:31 for this presentation, because that way, the more

17:59:33 information you have, then you can go forth and make a

17:59:37 much better decision.

17:59:39 I think from my standpoint it is a good project, given

17:59:44 the park and the museum and the children's museum and

17:59:48 all that.

17:59:50 It will complement when we start talking about what we

17:59:54 want to the do with downtown, and you start talking

17:59:56 about high-speed rail, light rail, I mean, all of that,

18:00:02 and Encore, I mean, a million dollars, in my opinion,

18:00:07 is very minimal consider where we are going, what we

18:00:12 are trying to do for this community, and all of the

18:00:14 projects that we have done downtown and continue to do.

18:00:18 Councilman Stokes.

18:00:21 >>CURTIS STOKES: You said the same thing I was going to

18:00:23 say.

18:00:24 Mr. Graham, thank you very much for your wonderful

18:00:26 presentation.

18:00:26 The Zack Street Promenade.

18:00:28 I think it's very important as a council that we do

18:00:33 engage in the arts.

18:00:34 I agree with councilman Miranda that the engaging in

18:00:37 the arts changes our outlook on ourselves Anand gives

18:00:43 us a new look to our downtown.

18:00:49 The comments of Chairman Scott, downtown we have the

18:00:51 New Tampa Museum of Art.

18:00:54 The museum opens pretty soon.

18:00:57 Curtis Hixon and Encore.

18:01:00 We have to move in a direction to make downtown Tampa a

18:01:02 focal point, a destination point for high-speed rail,

18:01:07 light rail, as they are in the process in the city

18:01:12 Tampa.

18:01:12 So I support the Zack Street Promenade it arts.

18:01:16 And again, Mr. Graham, wonderful presentation.

18:01:19 I think we need to move forward, $100,000 for the part

18:01:26 A is not a lot of money.

18:01:29 We spent moneys.

18:01:33 I think it's important we move in this direction.

18:01:35 Thank you very much.

18:01:37 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I echo your sentiments and also

18:01:42 Mr. Stokes.

18:01:43 As far as the digital signs, I think it's essential

18:01:45 that we have these digital signs there, and perhaps the

18:01:48 vote that we took a few weeks ago could be changed.

18:01:53 Okay.

18:01:53 Because I do support the digital signs.

18:01:57 And we need to go forward.

18:01:59 Jobs, it going to create a lot of jobs.

18:02:02 A lot of money is going to be spent and it going to be

18:02:05 close to the museum, and section A, and Mr. Daignault

18:02:08 made a presentation to me.

18:02:10 And I got a little -- from Mr. Santiago on how well the

18:02:17 convention center is doing.

18:02:18 >> A side school?

18:02:23 >> Well, he had a little piece of paper he took out:

18:02:27 It's amazing what he has done over there.

18:02:28 Thank you, Mr. Santiago.

18:02:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I also appreciate the presentation, and

18:02:38 as a new member I was aware of what took place last

18:02:41 year.

18:02:42 But thank you for reminding us.

18:02:48 As far as the digital, we keep calling it signs.

18:02:53 That means referred to as art, and there is such a

18:02:57 thing as digital art.

18:03:00 And it's very different from digital signs.

18:03:02 But that's not something we are going to deal with

18:03:04 today.

18:03:09 I also believe that we as a city decided to invest in a

18:03:14 museum, in a park, right there on Zack.

18:03:23 And this is part of our investment.

18:03:25 This goes along with what we decided to do.

18:03:31 Not doing this is basically closing up shop.

18:03:35 And I don't think that after investing the kind of

18:03:38 money that we have invested in our arts and in our park

18:03:46 that we will not continue even at this slow pace,

18:03:50 because again there are jobs, and it will stimulate our

18:03:56 economy here in Tampa and in downtown.

18:03:58 Thank you.

18:03:59 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say it's pretty ironic

18:04:04 that I'm the one that's not defending the public art.

18:04:07 But I am not saying I am not going to support this.

18:04:10 I want to hear from the public.

18:04:11 And I think, you know, it looks like a very, very nice

18:04:15 ideas, and I hope we can accomplish them.

18:04:19 I just am not sure that this year -- I think a million

18:04:22 dollars is a big investment.

18:04:25 So I would like to hear from the public.

18:04:27 I would like to ask that our citizens advisory Budget

18:04:31 and Finance Committee be able to do a presentation.

18:04:37 This is a group of citizens that has been studying the

18:04:41 budget.

18:04:41 This is their third year.

18:04:42 They met regularly.

18:04:44 And met with different departments and met with the

18:04:47 budget department to loon at the budget and are able to

18:04:53 do what we as council people do not have the staff time

18:04:59 or the hours to do.

18:05:02 So I would like to ask that they have five minutes.

18:05:09 Mark Anderson is the chair of the committee.

18:05:12 >> Mark Anderson: Let me say thank you to the many

18:05:17 people who spent time working with us in our task this

18:05:20 year.

18:05:24 The first thing I want to talk about is more than just

18:05:31 fiscal 2011 budget.

18:05:32 It's the long-term trends of what the city is facing in

18:05:36 terms of budget and revenue.

18:05:40 And we have kind of a busy graph ahead of you, in front

18:05:43 of you.

18:05:44 And let's just talk about some what's happening to

18:05:47 revenue, what's happening to costs, over a many-year

18:05:50 period.

18:05:51 So let's first open with property taxes.

18:05:53 The light blue bar on the left.

18:05:55 As you can see, revenues have decreased roughly 25% in

18:06:00 2009 through I think 2010 -- 2011, and going forward

18:06:07 there's no reason to believe that property values are

18:06:09 going to stabilize or increase.

18:06:10 So we believe property tax revenues for the city are

18:06:14 going to continue to decrease.

18:06:17 $60 million last year alone.

18:06:19 So the fact that revenues are rapidly decreasing.

18:06:24 Let's move the to costs for a minute.

18:06:27 Pension costs.

18:06:27 The dark blue bars in the middle have gone from just

18:06:31 under $20 million in 2009 to $40 million this year.

18:06:39 Next year, we are going to go up another 10.

18:06:41 Next year another 10.

18:06:42 So by 2013, we'll likely have $60 million in annual

18:06:48 pension costs.

18:06:48 This is all a result of the 2008 bare market and the

18:06:57 pension fund.

18:06:57 So here is another pressure.

18:06:59 We are going from just under 20 to $60 million in

18:07:02 costs.

18:07:03 There's $40 million hit.

18:07:08 Mrs. Wise mentioned employment costs as well.

18:07:11 The lighter blue bar on the right.

18:07:13 We have gone from just over $50,000 in 2008 to what we

18:07:18 predict will be over $60,000 for city employees by

18:07:22 2013.

18:07:23 So the city faces long-term systemic budget pressure.

18:07:32 What are some of the conclusions?

18:07:34 What are some of the honest observations? Citizens are

18:07:36 hurt had gone.

18:07:37 Many people in our community experience layoffs,

18:07:40 furloughs, foreclosures.

18:07:42 There's no understanding that any of these are going to

18:07:45 flow.

18:07:45 There's no understanding of when pension costs might

18:07:49 drop.

18:07:52 Our personal costs are escalating.

18:07:54 Pension problems are likely going to worsen

18:07:57 dramatically in the next three years and not go down.

18:07:59 The citizens committee does not recommend pay increases

18:08:01 until the city stops balancing its operating budget off

18:08:06 of reserves.

18:08:07 In the last two years, we have spent tens of millions

18:08:10 of dollars balancing our operating budget on reserves.

18:08:14 That's an unsustainable trend.

18:08:20 The city he's estimated water and wastewater revenue

18:08:23 for 2011 even in light of the rate increases seems

18:08:27 somewhat optimistic.

18:08:29 We talked about the parking problem.

18:08:31 We talked about the fact that this bond issue kicks in

18:08:36 in 2011.

18:08:37 That's going to draw 4 to $6 million annual parking

18:08:41 deficit for the city.

18:08:46 We stood in front of you last year discussing many of

18:08:49 these same problems, and many of these same problems

18:08:52 haven't been addressed.

18:08:53 Nothing has been done on parking, or very little.

18:08:59 We don't think we have a lot of time.

18:09:02 We need to start working on these budget pressures as

18:09:04 quickly as we can.

18:09:07 And incremental change may not be sufficient.

18:09:10 A lot of good work has been done in 2010.

18:09:13 Consolidation, HR consolidation, stormwater

18:09:16 reorganization.

18:09:17 A lot was done.

18:09:18 But the pace of revenue reduction and cost increases is

18:09:25 real.

18:09:26 And incremental, one at a time change may not cut it.

18:09:32 As Ms. Wise told you, our reserve situation becomes

18:09:38 from 34% reserve to 21% in the last two years.

18:09:43 That's the parachute for 2012.

18:09:46 We don't have it.

18:09:47 Some big issues for 2011 budget, the use of reserves.

18:09:51 Again, it's not fiscally prudent to fund operating

18:09:54 costs on reserves.

18:09:56 It's unsustainable.

18:09:58 We are now at rock bottom.

18:10:03 Pension employee costs rise, and that will not only

18:10:06 cost the city in terms of wages, but also benefits,

18:10:08 health care costs, pension costs.

18:10:12 The program is roughly $135 million in one year.

18:10:19 A lot of that is for critical infrastructure such as

18:10:22 water project for the Bruce B. Downs water unit for the

18:10:26 bridge in new Tampa.

18:10:29 But there are many that him going to talk about in a

18:10:32 minute but perhaps would be construed as being

18:10:34 non-essential.

18:10:37 So Tampa we believe needs to take a more aggressive

18:10:41 action.

18:10:42 We believe the comprehensive pay, comparison survey

18:10:46 needs to be done for city employees.

18:10:48 It's been talked about for several years.

18:10:51 It hasn't happened.

18:10:52 For example, we have seen executive aides in city

18:10:56 government make $70,000 plus a year.

18:10:59 It does not seem realistic or competitive in the Tampa

18:11:01 market.

18:11:01 That's one example.

18:11:04 The mercury fleet study was depleted last year and was

18:11:07 only for a fraction of the fleet, a portion of the

18:11:09 fleet.

18:11:09 We believe the mercury study should be completed for

18:11:12 the entire fleet.

18:11:14 The original Mercury study yield great savings,

18:11:17 opportunities.

18:11:18 We believe it should be continued.

18:11:20 As we discussed last year.

18:11:24 Outsourcing the privatization should be investigated.

18:11:27 There are obviously social implications of outsourcing

18:11:30 on a rod scale.

18:11:32 For example, the Tampa Sports Authority to run their

18:11:34 golf courses, outsource course maintenance, a portion

18:11:37 of it last year, saving about $300,000 annually, and by

18:11:41 all measures and means, the quality of the golf courses

18:11:44 has increased significantly.

18:11:46 So there are success stories going on there.

18:11:50 The non-essential revenues are stable and reserves are

18:11:54 not being used to fund daily operations.

18:11:56 We heard from Mr. Graham.

18:11:57 I think we can all agree we would like more art in the

18:12:01 city.

18:12:02 We would like Tampa to be like Paris, if you will.

18:12:04 I would like more art in my house.

18:12:06 But I am not going to do it be if it sits on a

18:12:09 revolving credit card.

18:12:10 Until we balance our budget on our revenues an not on

18:12:13 reserves, I'm not sure how much of that we can afford.

18:12:18 And our committee does not understand that either.

18:12:21 Delinquent accounts receivable.

18:12:24 There's a common practice in the private industry if an

18:12:28 organization has delinquent account receivable as is

18:12:31 the case with the City of Tampa, it would sell the

18:12:34 account receivables to any independent third party

18:12:37 agency at a fixed value on the dollar.

18:12:42 30 cents on the dollar.

18:12:44 We think that should be investigated by the City of

18:12:46 Tampa.

18:12:47 And again consolidations.

18:12:49 Many of them done success comply but there are many

18:12:51 more opportunities whether it's within the city, 911

18:12:55 centers, whether between fire and police, whether

18:12:58 between county government and city government, other

18:13:01 cities in Tampa.

18:13:02 That should be --

18:13:08 >> 2012 is going to bring us $12.5 million reserve

18:13:12 draw.

18:13:13 This year it's not going to be available.

18:13:15 The pension fund we believe is going to go up another

18:13:18 $10 million to 50.

18:13:19 Actually 50, not 40 in 2012.

18:13:23 We discussed the $46 million parking fund problem, $3

18:13:27 million in health insurance increases and potential,

18:13:29 another 10 million or more in property taxes, sales

18:13:33 taxes, 16 million from 10 to 11.

18:13:36 It could be another 16.

18:13:37 It could be 20.

18:13:42 And with that, I want to share with you, under the box

18:13:49 ideas we have with some of these issues, it's a big

18:13:54 number we face.

18:13:55 So it's 30, 40, 50 million potentially in 2012 and

18:13:59 potentially going forward it's the same magnitude in

18:14:03 2013.

18:14:04 So what are some things which maybe could be done?

18:14:07 Outsourcing and privatizing, non-essential services,

18:14:11 whether that's ma written an operations or -- marina

18:14:16 operations or grass or -- there are many things that we

18:14:22 should consider in the outsourcing and privatizing.

18:14:25 We talked about the warehousing functions in the City

18:14:27 of Tampa.

18:14:29 Capital deferments.

18:14:30 We don't think it's unreasonable to defer $10 million

18:14:32 in capital projects this year.

18:14:34 We talked about Zack Street.

18:14:36 There's a public art purchase line item of 450,000.

18:14:40 We don't think it's unreasonable that the city could

18:14:42 find $10 million in deferments.

18:14:46 Privatized parking.

18:14:48 That's something that's been done in many places, in

18:14:53 many areas, and cities and other places.

18:14:55 I think $4 million is reasonable as well.

18:14:59 One of the big is the pension.

18:15:04 The city does have a committee now looking at options.

18:15:07 But, if pull, with respect to transitioning to either

18:15:13 defined benefit or Florida pension system.

18:15:15 I it's very difficult because it's wrapped up in

18:15:18 legislation in Tallahassee.

18:15:21 One of the single biggest increases in costs we have

18:15:24 scheduled to go up 300 percent from 09 to '13.

18:15:30 And we think it's something that needs to be addressed,

18:15:33 pursued in conjunction with the police and fire to look

18:15:35 at options on stabilizing the pension plan.

18:15:40 (Bell sounds)

18:15:42 Review ordinances that were created in times which

18:15:45 mandate art purchases.

18:15:46 Again, when you are balancing your books on reserves, I

18:15:53 don't know that that's a reasonable thing to do.

18:15:56 And lastly the most increase which is counterintuitive

18:16:03 of everything else that I have been talking about is

18:16:06 people manage to the budget they are given.

18:16:07 One of the things we talk about with respect to

18:16:09 motivating management to reduce costs and creative,

18:16:14 energetic manner is to cut budgets a little further, a

18:16:16 little more aggressively.

18:16:18 And one way of making that happen is to cut millage

18:16:22 rates.

18:16:22 We could force budget reductions in the different city

18:16:27 departments, and that might be one way out of the box

18:16:30 as motivating management to think about things a little

18:16:33 more differently.

18:16:35 And with that I say thank you.

18:16:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

18:16:39 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Anderson, you mentioned Bruce

18:16:48 B. Downs.

18:16:48 Our cost is only to extend the water lines?

18:16:53 >> I believe it's utility --

18:16:58 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: The package was 40.5 million, I

18:17:00 believe, when it went out to bid it was estimated to be

18:17:04 70 million.

18:17:04 And that money has already been collected and I believe

18:17:13 the city has some $22 million for that bridge.

18:17:17 >> It's a 17 million line item.

18:17:22 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Thank you, sir.

18:17:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Anderson.

18:17:28 Let me thank the whole committee for your work and

18:17:31 taking the time to go through these items.

18:17:35 I would like for Ms. Wise to respond, though, to a few

18:17:40 of those items.

18:17:42 I'm not sure they are quite accurate.

18:17:44 So if you could --

18:17:47 >>BONNIE WISE: Thank you.

18:17:47 I apologize, but I just did get this presentation this

18:17:50 morning, so I really haven't had a chance to -- or

18:17:57 understand the assumptions that were made.

18:17:59 A few of the items on the chart that were shown to you,

18:18:02 I'm not really sure where the employees costs or even

18:18:07 the pension costs increase.

18:18:08 We don't know of course what will happen with the

18:18:10 pension over the next year.

18:18:12 I don't know if it was based on an actuarial analysis

18:18:16 that it would increase each year so I'm not sure if it

18:18:19 made those projections, and the employee costs are not

18:18:22 really consistent with what I have.

18:18:24 There was a statement that called our reserves rock

18:18:26 bottom.

18:18:27 And I want you to a sure you that our reserves are not

18:18:30 rock bottom.

18:18:31 We have established what I think is a very sound fiscal

18:18:34 policy in our reserves, and that the rating agencies

18:18:38 feel is a very sound fiscal policy.

18:18:41 And so I don't want anybody leaving here thinking that

18:18:44 our reserves are rock bottom.

18:18:47 In addition, what we did in the fiscal year 10 where we

18:18:51 asked departments to roll back their budgets and not

18:18:53 spend their moneys and to save almost $20 million, I

18:18:57 fully anticipate our departments will do that in fiscal

18:19:00 year 11.

18:19:01 So even though we are showing that we'll end the year

18:19:04 at 21% which is higher than our threshold, I fully

18:19:07 anticipate that we will end the year at something

18:19:10 higher than that, because we know the steps that our

18:19:12 departments will take and aggressively managing their

18:19:15 budgets.

18:19:18 Regarding the mercury fleet study, just as a point, and

18:19:21 I believe IRV Lee shared this with you before, about

18:19:25 60% of our vehicles have been covered under the mercury

18:19:28 study.

18:19:29 What we did not include was the emergency vehicles,

18:19:31 because they really have a different utilization.

18:19:34 And so all the vehicles that seemed reasonable to

18:19:37 include in this study have been included.

18:19:41 We have from time to time come before you and as a

18:19:45 council you determined it wasn't in the best interest

18:19:48 at the time.

18:19:49 So I just will say that.

18:19:53 I'm not sure how one can make the conclusion that these

18:19:56 reserves won't be available, because once again the

18:19:59 steps and the aggressive actions that our departments

18:20:02 take will ensure that we do have reserves.

18:20:06 I do believe that there will be a very slow recovery.

18:20:11 I was hoping there would be a recovery.

18:20:12 We of course don't know what will happen in the future.

18:20:15 But I don't expect the 20% increase like we had in

18:20:19 years past.

18:20:21 I think we are going to have to be fiscally prudent as

18:20:24 we move forward, and I believe the budget that you have

18:20:26 before you is fiscally prudent.

18:20:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

18:20:30 I will say, Mr. Anderson is correct that we do agree

18:20:35 that we have to take money from reserves to balance the

18:20:38 budget.

18:20:44 Going back to that particular point.

18:20:45 But I want to highlight one other thing.

18:20:48 There has been already a comprehensive study done in

18:20:51 February of 2007 so that has been done.

18:20:57 I have a copy of that.

18:20:58 So I just want to make you aware of that, yes.

18:21:01 >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to make some comments in

18:21:05 response to the recommendations and the report, because

18:21:11 a lot of work and a lot of really good ideas, and it

18:21:15 good to hear from the public, from our constituents

18:21:20 about how they would like to see their tax moneys, tax

18:21:28 dollars spent.

18:21:29 So I really appreciate all the great work you have

18:21:32 done.

18:21:32 I think you do raise some really good ideas that we

18:21:37 could look at, and I think this administration has

18:21:41 looked at a lot and continues to look at a lot of them.

18:21:44 So I think in a lot of ways you are on the same page.

18:21:50 I would -- I have to say a few things.

18:21:55 You know, this process, this budget process we have

18:21:57 where council gets, you know, a half hour or whatever

18:22:01 to ask questions and look at this, you know, huge

18:22:05 amount of data, and we have set up this committee, and

18:22:09 they have tried really hard to get a lot of data and

18:22:12 details from the different departments, and haven't had

18:22:17 a lot of success, I hear, which is probably true

18:22:22 because I haven't had a lot of success.

18:22:23 So I would like to point out a few things.

18:22:26 The pay comparison study, I have been asking for the

18:22:31 original report of data for years, and I have never

18:22:36 gotten it.

18:22:37 What I have gotten was what the city's HR department's

18:22:46 take on whatever those recommendations were.

18:22:48 So that was what year?

18:22:52 >> February 2007.

18:22:54 >>MARY MULHERN: So I would still like to see that,

18:22:56 maybe on the way out the door for next year, fiscal

18:22:59 year.

18:22:59 Somebody can dig it up or the next administration can

18:23:02 dig that up for us, at which time it will not mean

18:23:06 anything.

18:23:06 But it certainly is worth looking at

18:23:11 The fleet study, I was very, very impressed with the

18:23:15 conclusions they came to.

18:23:17 And I was really happy that we were going to implement

18:23:20 that.

18:23:20 But I also think that we need to see that it has been

18:23:23 implemented, because my understanding was that we

18:23:28 weren't necessarily going to follow all those

18:23:30 recommendations.

18:23:31 And I don't know if we made those savings.

18:23:33 So I guess what I would like to see and what we need to

18:23:37 see is what in the last, I guess said about a year or

18:23:44 toe two since we got those recommendations, what steps

18:23:46 we have taken and what savings we have actually

18:23:48 realized.

18:23:53 The idea of outsourcing and privatization, this

18:23:59 council, this former council did vote against some

18:24:04 proposals for privatizing.

18:24:05 But we have to look at privatizing on a case-by-case

18:24:08 basis.

18:24:09 You can't just say, yes, it's a good idea.

18:24:11 And this is another area where I feel like we haven't

18:24:15 had the transparency and the research that we need to

18:24:19 do.

18:24:20 If the administration wants to be propose privatizing

18:24:26 something, we need to see some examples of other places

18:24:29 that have done that.

18:24:31 And more than a year's worth of what those savings are.

18:24:34 Because there is a trade-off.

18:24:37 If you privatize, then someone has to make a profit.

18:24:41 And the assumption that because you are saving money,

18:24:44 because you are cutting jobs, you know, this is another

18:24:49 thing that I have been asking for, for quite some time

18:24:53 and never seen any of it, once we have made these

18:25:00 layoffs and there's a claim that we saved all this

18:25:02 money from layoffs, well, I have never seen an

18:25:07 accounting of all the private contracts that replaced

18:25:10 all that work, and how much that is costing us.

18:25:15 So we have never seen those comparisons.

18:25:17 And we have been asking for them.

18:25:19 And I think, you know, we are entitled to see them.

18:25:22 At this point I feel like this budget hearing this year

18:25:25 is really about -- maybe these could be some questions

18:25:28 in the next debate.

18:25:31 What are you going to do about this and how do you feel

18:25:34 about this particular thing?

18:25:35 Because this is my fourth year and I'm still asking the

18:25:38 same questions and haven't gotten answers on them.

18:25:43 But I am saying to this administration, you can propose

18:25:48 privatizing to us, and I think this council is willing

18:25:51 to consider it.

18:25:52 But we need to see that it's actually going to save us

18:25:56 money.

18:25:58 In addition to -- it's not just about the social costs.

18:26:01 It's about whether it really works.

18:26:06 I think it's a great idea to investigate.

18:26:08 Here is a good exam.

18:26:12 There's a couple of good examples of the

18:26:13 recommendations.

18:26:14 I really hope this administration will listen to

18:26:17 looking at privatizing the parking.

18:26:18 And if we are not going to privatize we have to raise

18:26:21 our rates because we are not charging what we should

18:26:23 be.

18:26:24 And we are going to have that done forever if we don't

18:26:27 get, you know, up to what the market rates should be

18:26:30 for parking.

18:26:32 Investigating delinquent accounts.

18:26:33 That's something that I think makes a lot of sense to

18:26:36 privatize.

18:26:37 We are not, you know, we are not a collection agency.

18:26:40 We are a city.

18:26:41 And most people do outsource that.

18:26:49 Yeah, I think that those are the major things that I

18:26:55 think that we have got a council, we have citizens, and

18:27:02 I think we have the administration that are all

18:27:03 interested in investigating some of these things.

18:27:06 So it might be a nice thing for us to agree to work

18:27:10 together on looking into those in the future, and if we

18:27:15 have shown our willingness to consider some of these

18:27:19 solutions.

18:27:20 The one other thing that I did want to bring up, and I

18:27:23 can't remember if I found it here or where, but we have

18:27:29 been supportive -- we supported the PBA contract which

18:27:36 included their step increases, but since I have been

18:27:44 here I have been recommending -- and I know the county

18:27:48 clerk and the county and I believe the school board

18:27:52 have investigated furloughs, and pay cuts as opposed to

18:28:01 laying people off.

18:28:02 And we brought it up every year.

18:28:03 It's never been looked at.

18:28:05 But I still think as our revenue is going down, down,

18:28:11 down, it's going to be another, what did they say, 9%

18:28:14 they said in the next year property values are going to

18:28:16 drop, so our property tax revenues are going to be

18:28:19 dropping.

18:28:19 There is no -- there's not a lot of sunshine to look

18:28:23 forward to.

18:28:24 So rather than having more people unemployed, I wish we

18:28:29 could look at furloughs, reducing ours, and reducing --

18:28:37 trueing up the salaries, because we know that there was

18:28:39 some criticism of what kind of salaries some people

18:28:43 were paid in the city, and we have never really had an

18:28:48 answer to that.

18:28:50 So thank you to the budget committee.

18:28:51 And I hope that you will continue to help us out in the

18:28:55 coming years, because we need it.

18:28:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Public comment.

18:29:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, thanks happen and things

18:29:08 don't happen.

18:29:09 And my colleague mentioned parking.

18:29:13 Parking was working fine till we gave at way.

18:29:17 I am going tock very sincere with you.

18:29:19 This administration and other administrations showed a

18:29:22 parking garage.

18:29:23 Give away parking for the lightning.

18:29:26 Well that was a real smart move.

18:29:28 And what happens there, if he end of the day, it comes

18:29:31 back to bite us.

18:29:33 In fact, got a little Rottweiler, get them when they

18:29:39 are small.

18:29:40 I'm not saying you should do that.

18:29:42 But when that Rottweiler grows up, he's going to

18:29:46 forget.

18:29:46 When you sell an asset, and privatizing sounds fine,

18:29:52 but when you look at it, somewhere along the line,

18:29:54 somebody is not going to pick up that debt, and $4

18:29:58 million a year without raising the increase.

18:30:01 To make some money.

18:30:02 That's what private is about.

18:30:04 And long-term, when you look at it ten years down the

18:30:08 line, who knows what the parking is going to be?

18:30:13 So, I mean, we created some of our own problems.

18:30:19 I'm not blaming anyone.

18:30:20 I think you had to do what you had to do at the time

18:30:22 that you had to do it in.

18:30:23 But it gets to the point that when I see the lines

18:30:28 crossing each other, property taxes going down from 160

18:30:36 some million to 120 million, less than 120, and you see

18:30:43 the pension costs going from something less than 20 to

18:30:48 this year at 40, and possibly going up to 60, you look

18:30:53 at the employee costs.

18:30:55 Let me warn you about something.

18:30:56 You better look at mime.

18:30:58 You better look at Jacksonville.

18:31:00 That's exactly how it start started.

18:31:03 And I have got all the details if anybody wants to see

18:31:05 them

18:31:06 You cannot continue.

18:31:10 If you go around privatizing, privatize your own mind.

18:31:16 Think how business thinks.

18:31:17 Do you think business would do what we do?

18:31:19 I often wonder when I sit here, would General Electric

18:31:23 select us to be their seven board members?

18:31:25 I really do.

18:31:27 And the answer doesn't come back to me.

18:31:31 And I'm not being critical of anyone here.

18:31:34 But when you start to look at the reality of the, the

18:31:38 fact is that sooner or later, those numbers are really

18:31:42 going to change.

18:31:44 I personally believe that you may be looking at a new

18:31:47 America.

18:31:50 Pits downsized.

18:31:52 It's realized.

18:31:53 And the people can't get any more critical.

18:31:55 They raise that credit card to the limit.

18:31:57 And that's why they sold so many cars.

18:32:00 They were all lease.

18:32:02 And when the lease renewal came there was no more

18:32:04 credit.

18:32:05 So it's hard.

18:32:10 I think we have great employees on all general police

18:32:12 and fire.

18:32:13 But at what time do you continue to see this change and

18:32:16 just sit idle?

18:32:18 That's the hardest thing for me and any other sitting

18:32:22 on this side of the dais to realize.

18:32:26 But Miami just took a drastic cut.

18:32:31 It been in the papers for a long time.

18:32:34 Cities have gone bankrupt throughout the country.

18:32:36 Not that they wanted to.

18:32:39 But these are the things that you have to watch.

18:32:42 And I'll say one thing.

18:32:43 The administration, however they did it, they did it

18:32:48 through at least two and a half years of reduction and

18:32:52 I applaud them for doing what they had to do.

18:32:54 However, when you are down to the minimum, what you

18:32:59 should have in reserves, and if you go under, guess

18:33:02 what happens.

18:33:03 All that good work that Bonnie Wise did to lower the

18:33:06 rates for bondholders, you have the same amount of

18:33:12 debt, twice the responsibility to pay it because your

18:33:15 bond rating and your interest payment goes up.

18:33:18 So what your net gain?

18:33:22 Minus.

18:33:23 So we have to think very broad form.

18:33:24 We have to think not one year to one year.

18:33:27 We have that one year to five years or ten years.

18:33:29 Because I don't think this is going to change at all.

18:33:32 You know, I'm a little strange at times.

18:33:35 I go sit at the auction house, at the courthouse and

18:33:38 listen to houses being sold.

18:33:39 I can tell you how to make money.

18:33:43 I can tell you how the government can make money.

18:33:45 When you sit there and you watch the holder of the

18:33:48 paper buy the house back for $100 and nobody bids,

18:33:52 guess how much money is collected in doc stamps.

18:33:56 So once you bid it up to 30,000, 40,000, let them pay

18:34:02 for it, you make money.

18:34:04 I study that.

18:34:05 And I said, this is the way to make a living, not for

18:34:07 us really, to go somewhere else.

18:34:09 But I notice this little thing.

18:34:12 I have been there three times in the last five or six

18:34:14 months.

18:34:15 And I see how things are done.

18:34:18 And I say to myself, this is lost revenue.

18:34:21 Who is going to buy a house for $100?

18:34:24 One that's worth about 250?

18:34:27 So nobody bids.

18:34:28 They buy it back for one hundred.

18:34:30 They put a lien against whoever it was, sell the

18:34:36 foreclosed home.

18:34:37 One day I bid a house about $60,000 and the guy looked

18:34:40 at me like that.

18:34:43 I was going to bid some more but I was afraid I was

18:34:46 going to buy one.

18:34:47 And then what do I do?

18:34:49 But there's little things that I watch, and those are

18:34:53 things that will work for the county and state

18:34:58 government.

18:34:59 But I'm looking at the layoffs from 2008 to now, 673,

18:35:04 whether they were vacant, or whether they were laid

18:35:06 off, laid off, I think, total 235.

18:35:11 I sit here and I say, I'm looking at a budget that's

18:35:14 very well done, very well prepared, and I'm thinking

18:35:19 235 positions.

18:35:23 I guess they are retired oar whatever.

18:35:25 And I tell myself -- I know what I have done for them.

18:35:32 They are in the unemployment line.

18:35:35 I have always been one to reduce cost, give better

18:35:43 service for the same amount of money.

18:35:44 How do you do that?

18:35:47 By not firing and take pay cut.

18:35:49 I have done that for two years.

18:35:51 But I guess I'm different.

18:35:53 I just feel that there needs to be away to get the

18:35:56 public to the service they deserve with the same amount

18:36:01 or lesser amount of money.

18:36:03 And that can be done.

18:36:04 But it can't be just me talking about it.

18:36:07 It's got to be all seven of us talking about it, the

18:36:10 administration, and all heads of those organizations

18:36:13 that represent labor.

18:36:16 And that's what happened in Miami with the stroke of

18:36:19 the pen just recently.

18:36:22 And it wasn't funny.

18:36:23 It wasn't great.

18:36:24 But they had to do it.

18:36:26 They cut out about $77 million in one stroke.

18:36:33 So we are heading in a direction that you can't see the

18:36:38 forest for the trees.

18:36:41 And I don't know how far into the woods, because I

18:36:44 don't know how deep the woods are.

18:36:47 And if I reach the halfway mark, I only need to go

18:36:52 halfway further and I'm out of the woods, but I don't

18:36:55 know that.

18:36:55 So we are dealing in waters that are tough,

18:37:01 treacherous, ever-changing.

18:37:05 Mr. Chairman, thank you for your time.

18:37:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Further comment.

18:37:10 State your name and address.

18:37:12 >> Spencer Kass representing Virginia park neighborhood

18:37:15 association, 3614 west Sevilla street.

18:37:20 I want to remind council, in Virginia Park alone, there

18:37:24 are 5,000 people just in Virginia park.

18:37:27 As many as work for the City of Tampa.

18:37:29 And the City of Tampa today, there are between 30,000

18:37:32 and 60,000 people without work or underemployed.

18:37:37 And my question is very basic.

18:37:39 What are you doing about it?

18:37:41 What's the administration doing about it?

18:37:42 What help are you providing?

18:37:44 There's one time during the year where you can provide

18:37:47 help to every citizen, every renter, every small

18:37:49 business, that's budget time.

18:37:51 My question is very basic.

18:37:54 What's the administration proposing to do and what are

18:37:55 you proposing to do?

18:37:57 We all know how the charter reads.

18:37:58 The decisions you make are yours.

18:38:00 You have to take responsibility, and you do take

18:38:02 responsibility and you are here for those decisions.

18:38:05 But when I get questions for people, how many people on

18:38:07 this council receive the foreclosures that go on in the

18:38:10 areas they represent?

18:38:11 I get a copy of the paperwork on every foreclosure that

18:38:15 occurs in Virginia park.

18:38:16 Every single house, every single business.

18:38:18 Do you do that?

18:38:19 >> I do it.

18:38:20 >> I'm sure do of you do.

18:38:21 But the question is, are all of you doing it?

18:38:24 As you say, you are not just one person up here.

18:38:27 There's all of you.

18:38:28 And the question is, who is going to help everybody?

18:38:32 Let's start with the basics.

18:38:33 Last year, year before, Bonnie stood up here and said,

18:38:38 it's not fiscally responsible to provide tax cuts,

18:38:42 because that's an ongoing expense, drawing money from

18:38:45 reserves.

18:38:46 This year, you gave out raises which is an ongoing

18:38:48 expense and you are taking it from reserves.

18:38:50 Let's be crystal clear about where we stand.

18:38:53 You made a big deal when she stood up about it that

18:38:56 year.

18:38:56 And that's what you had to do, the fiscally responsible

18:38:59 thing.

18:39:00 We are past that now.

18:39:02 So the administration -- I will e-mail this to council,

18:39:08 but I have a plan.

18:39:09 And let me tell you right now.

18:39:11 Maybe you don't agree with all of us.

18:39:13 Maybe you have a better idea.

18:39:15 But some idea is better than no idea.

18:39:17 So let's go through the three things I am proposing

18:39:20 tonight and then you can discuss it among yourselves.

18:39:22 First I'm asking for a go-year suspension of all city

18:39:24 occupied licenses.

18:39:27 We want more professionals in the city not less.

18:39:30 You shouldn't be punished for living in the City of

18:39:35 Tampa and shouldn't be charged a fee for it.

18:39:37 I'm asking for a two-year suspension of all building

18:39:40 permit fees.

18:39:42 Building permit is not just to protect the owner of the

18:39:44 property.

18:39:44 It's to protect our entire society F.your burn house.

18:39:49 So we want the inspections to occur so I am asking that

18:39:52 you suspend those fees.

18:39:54 Third, I'm asking for a military reduction.

18:39:56 While I agree with the committee, they proposed a small

18:39:58 one, I am looking for a larger military reduction.

18:40:01 I'm looking for a 1 million reduction.

18:40:04 So I have gone through this and I have read this very

18:40:07 carefully.

18:40:08 You all know I did do that every year.

18:40:11 I have a list of proposed savings.

18:40:15 I can pay for every single one of my proposed cuts.

18:40:19 Some of them many of you council members passed, staffs

18:40:24 and other departments working on various -- look, we

18:40:28 didn't eliminate all governmental inspections.

18:40:30 That's 5.3 million.

18:40:32 Outsource, that's 1 million.

18:40:35 Collecting the money we haven't collected.

18:40:36 We can make the budget raises neutral.

18:40:39 That will save us $4 million.

18:40:41 We have an administrator, we talked about how salaries.

18:40:45 I want to point out we have secretaries in the city

18:40:47 making $70,000 a year.

18:40:48 (Bell sounds).

18:40:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

18:40:51 Thank you, sir, Mr. KASS.

18:40:54 Anyone else?

18:40:55 Anyone else?

18:40:57 >> My name is Lillian Young-Green, 3406 north Evelyn

18:41:12 Avenue.

18:41:12 I'm not quite sure if this is the point wherein I

18:41:15 should come and speak to you, but I wanted to talk

18:41:20 about funds for -- we have the Tampa Bay Heights junior

18:41:26 civic association for the past six years.

18:41:29 We have received some funds from your CDBG budget.

18:41:35 As a community base, we really depend on those funds.

18:41:40 And that helps us in a way that we are actually there

18:41:46 where the children are, whether they are after school

18:41:51 or on the weekends.

18:41:54 And the funds that the city invest in the junior civic

18:41:57 association and the -- are the children that we serve

18:42:00 are really very important.

18:42:04 We are there just from nine until five -- aren't there

18:42:10 from nine until five.

18:42:11 We are there beyond that.

18:42:12 We have children now that started ten years ago that

18:42:15 are now coming back to work with the younger

18:42:17 generation.

18:42:19 And that investment is very, very important and very

18:42:23 helpful in our neighborhood.

18:42:24 So I wanted to ask if that you would consider going

18:42:29 back and providing some funds for the junior civic

18:42:36 association.

18:42:36 Thank you.

18:42:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think there was a public hearing a

18:42:40 few weeks ago, wasn't there, on the budget for the

18:42:43 CDBG?

18:42:45 Yeah, that was a few weeks ago they had a budget

18:42:48 hearing on that.

18:42:48 >> Christine Burdick with the Tampa downtown

18:42:58 partnership and I want to thank you and commend you for

18:43:00 the profoundly important work that you are doing in

18:43:03 passing this budget and trying to get the city through

18:43:06 some very challenging times, which we are all

18:43:08 experiencing in one way or another.

18:43:12 I want to address, you all did a wonderful job of

18:43:15 taking about half of what I wanted to remind you of,

18:43:18 the history of what happened last year.

18:43:21 And as many of but have recognized, Zack Street can

18:43:25 provide a link between the downtown, which is where our

18:43:31 businesses and the property owners are, the cultural

18:43:34 institutions like the Tampa Theatre, and it will

18:43:36 provide a link to that magnificent addition that your

18:43:41 constituents received, and that was paid for not by

18:43:46 general fund but by TIF sources and grants, and some

18:43:50 contributions.

18:43:56 The staff of the city accomplished all what was

18:43:58 accomplished last year and you asked them at the time

18:44:00 to come up with a plan to introduce this concept of

18:44:04 Zack Street.

18:44:05 Now you are asked to consider $1 million to implement

18:44:08 the first phase of that design plan.

18:44:11 As several of you have acknowledged, continuing

18:44:16 investments such as this can help maintain and increase

18:44:19 the return to the city of the property values and the

18:44:22 other fees, the businesses that can thrive there.

18:44:26 We have all agreed that making street pedestrians

18:44:30 friendly is something that we strive to achieve with

18:44:32 shade and better pavement and parking improvements, and

18:44:35 than is block by block city-wide an important thing to

18:44:38 do.

18:44:41 The implementation of this plan, I think, will be a

18:44:45 good investment in some of the things that have been

18:44:49 done already downtown, and we really encourage your

18:44:52 positive support of it.

18:44:53 Thank you.

18:44:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

18:44:58 Next speaker.

18:45:01 >> My name is Wes wisenberger, 1919 west north "A"

18:45:06 street.

18:45:07 And if this is the public time to comment, north Hyde

18:45:11 Park has a facility known as Dillard park on the side.

18:45:16 It's a beautiful place.

18:45:17 It comes under the jurisdiction of the Parks

18:45:18 Department.

18:45:20 But in the budget, I never see anything for restroom

18:45:24 facilities.

18:45:25 How we could have a park in our community that there's

18:45:29 no budgeting for a facility that people can use when we

18:45:35 have our groups, the large groups.

18:45:38 There is nothing for people to leave the other than to

18:45:43 leave the property and go back to their homes.

18:45:45 I would like the Parks Department to look into it and

18:45:47 see if they could hook up something, with a reasonable

18:45:52 amount.

18:45:52 There's a water fountain there, but there are no

18:45:54 restroom facilities.

18:45:56 It's nice for the people who live in that area to look

18:45:59 out at this beautiful manicured park, a little bit of

18:46:05 basketball playing, but nothing for the people who come

18:46:09 over.

18:46:10 You cannot bring your children over there.

18:46:12 You can't change a diaper anywheres.

18:46:15 You cannot go anywheres unless you have -- older people

18:46:19 in our community cannot be away from their homes or

18:46:23 restroom facilities for more than a reasonable of time.

18:46:27 All I ask is that the Parks Department and the budget

18:46:29 look into that area so our community has a functional

18:46:34 park, not something that looks pretty, but something

18:46:38 that's functional for our people.

18:46:40 Thank you for your time.

18:46:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

18:46:45 Next speaker.

18:46:46 Anyone else?

18:46:48 Okay, anyone else?

18:46:52 Please come forward.

18:46:57 >> Hi.

18:46:58 My name is Janice Wilcox.

18:47:00 I live in Tampa, Florida, 8211 Northmont Street.

18:47:08 And I have raised several concerns over different

18:47:11 things, but I haven't heard any feedback from any of

18:47:17 those departments.

18:47:18 I would just like to -- waste management and the water

18:47:23 bill.

18:47:26 I can make a complaint about the houses have been taken

18:47:29 care of and there were cockroaches and a lot of coke

18:47:34 roaches at the time they opened the manhole covers.

18:47:39 And I am just suggesting whether there's any budget

18:47:43 assigned for pesticide and treating the sewage pipes,

18:47:52 underground system.

18:47:55 Also, about the garbage.

18:47:58 The garbage fees.

18:48:00 And I'm not so sure whether any more than leaving the

18:48:11 garbage can on the curve curb.

18:48:13 So I just have a few concerns but nobody actually

18:48:16 replied back to me in writing or call me back.

18:48:22 So this is just, you know, a general comment.

18:48:27 And I didn't actually prepared to come up here and talk

18:48:31 about this kind of concerns in terms of you guys.

18:48:34 But since my questions haven't been answered, and I am

18:48:38 just taking this chance to raise my concern to you.

18:48:41 Also, may I say something?

18:48:44 I'm not so sure why that's relating to this council.

18:48:49 It's about the court procedures.

18:49:01 Traffic and general case about children.

18:49:04 And I find it difficult to address, to raise the

18:49:10 concern what needs to be taken care of.

18:49:13 And it's kind of upsetting.

18:49:16 Also, I have suggested about how to keep the -- there

18:49:23 is a way to reduce the waste, garbage pickup, and the

18:49:33 fee on the garbage, on the waste management.

18:49:37 So as to reduce the frequency of the pickup.

18:49:42 I think it is a very simple solution.

18:49:44 But might look into it because it might be the same

18:49:50 rate, and that's why they come twice or three times a

18:49:54 week.

18:49:54 So the cost will stay the same so positive might as

18:49:58 well.

18:49:58 But I just would like you guys to look into it and see

18:50:02 how -- how, you know, to keep the fee down.

18:50:09 Thank you very much.

18:50:10 And also it's very important to me and I would like to

18:50:14 find out the answer.

18:50:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes, we have no jurisdiction over the

18:50:19 judicial system, court system.

18:50:21 >> Okay.

18:50:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You will have to go over to the

18:50:25 courthouse.

18:50:26 >> I did.

18:50:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Right down the street and address

18:50:28 those concerns for those at the courts.

18:50:32 However, I would ask that the administration meet with

18:50:36 you and address those concerns.

18:50:42 You can see that happens.

18:50:43 >> Yes, I did talk with Mary Biden, and I'm not sure

18:50:49 whether that has been addressed.

18:50:50 >> Yes, that's a councilman's aide.

18:50:53 >> That's why I'm saying, I didn't expect to come up

18:51:02 here.

18:51:02 But thank you very much for your time.

18:51:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, that was his office, councilman

18:51:07 Miranda.

18:51:08 But I would suggest that you meet with the

18:51:10 administration.

18:51:11 They are here tonight and they can set up an

18:51:14 appointment to review those concerns, because that is

18:51:17 in their purview to be able to address your concerns

18:51:21 and issue relative to waste management and all of that.

18:51:24 Yes, Councilwoman.

18:51:26 >>MARY MULHERN: With regard to the waste management,

18:51:29 we did bring this up a few years ago wee when we were

18:51:37 replacing all the garbage can.

18:51:39 I asked the question, I think some other people on

18:51:41 council, why we had twice-a-week garbage pickup and

18:51:45 thought we could reduce our carbon output, and also

18:51:48 reduce the cost to the city of the pickup.

18:51:52 And I didn't understand the answer, it didn't make any

18:51:56 sense to me, but you could ask Mr. Daignault, our

18:52:02 director of public works is here and maybe he could

18:52:05 explain that.

18:52:06 But they said something about how it -- they would

18:52:11 still have to make the same number of trips, even if

18:52:13 they were only picking up once a week.

18:52:16 I guess their assumption is that there is so much

18:52:20 garbage.

18:52:21 But I agree with you on that.

18:52:22 We never fill up our -- especially the big new giant

18:52:26 garbage cans we have.

18:52:27 >> Yes, because I know it's a big question of raise the

18:52:32 fee, go to waste management.

18:52:33 So I'm just wondering.

18:52:35 >>MARY MULHERN: And councilman Miranda knows

18:52:38 everything about water, sewers, and cuckarocha

18:52:48 questions.

18:52:48 >> And I also have another question.

18:52:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Ma'am, your time is up.

18:52:54 And you have three minute and you have exhausted that

18:52:56 time.

18:52:58 >> Sorry.

18:52:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I suggest you meet with administration

18:53:00 and they will certainly be happy to work with you and

18:53:02 address any concerns you have.

18:53:03 >> Okay.

18:53:04 Thank you very much.

18:53:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

18:53:05 Anyone else from the public?

18:53:08 Any other comments from the public?

18:53:14 Seeing none, then Councilwoman Mulhern, we will have to

18:53:21 close the public hearing then, right?

18:53:24 >>MARY MULHERN: I wish to close the public hearing.

18:53:27 Before I do that, though, I want to thank Santiago, or

18:53:31 Mark, whoever gave me this.

18:53:33 I think this isn't right what I was asking for.

18:53:37 Chip, did you give this to me?

18:53:39 I'll have to look it over, but I think there's

18:53:41 something like maybe a phase one park that's not here.

18:53:46 Because it talks about phase one, phase two.

18:53:48 But thank you.

18:53:49 That was fast.

18:53:54 I move to close the public hearing.

18:53:56 >> Second.

18:53:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

18:53:58 Opposes?

18:53:59 And I want to stress again, we want to thank again the

18:54:06 advisory, citizens advisory committee for their work.

18:54:14 We know you feel like your work has fallen on deaf

18:54:19 ears.

18:54:20 We do value that.

18:54:21 We appreciate so much your input.

18:54:22 Some of these things -- and I looked at some of the

18:54:24 recommendation.

18:54:27 We have to look back at what the administration did

18:54:30 have discussion with us, and opposed two of those, I

18:54:34 think the warehouse piece and the so we have to say the

18:54:40 administration did bring forth those two items relative

18:54:43 to privatizing.

18:54:45 But one is that he made a point that you have to take

18:54:53 each case on its basis.

18:54:55 And then councilman Miranda made a very good point,

18:54:59 that somebody is going to take all of that, you know.

18:55:03 Businesses are not in business to lose money.

18:55:04 They are in business to make money.

18:55:06 So the cost gets passed on somewhere.

18:55:09 But, anyway, any questions from council?

18:55:13 Discussion time, comments, questions.

18:55:15 Yes.

18:55:15 Councilwoman Mulhern.

18:55:16 >> I just wanted to say a couple of things.

18:55:19 That was kind of my point.

18:55:20 I was trying to bring up if they want to propose

18:55:23 outsourcing or privatizing, we need to see -- show me

18:55:27 how that saves money.

18:55:29 Because for the reasons you just said.

18:55:33 It's why some people call it profitizing, not

18:55:36 privatizing.

18:55:37 And I wanted to say to Mr. Kass that I just got the

18:55:43 excel spreadsheets with all the fees, like a list of

18:55:46 what all the fees are, and over the last few years how

18:55:53 they have changed and increased so we can talk about

18:55:56 that, what's going on with all the fees.

18:56:01 The difficulty for us -- a couple of years ago I did

18:56:05 support the budget advisory committee's recommendation

18:56:08 that we lower the millage rate.

18:56:11 It was in the boom time, probably at the top of the

18:56:14 market, when we might have been able to do that.

18:56:17 But it didn't happen, but at this point since then,

18:56:23 with the state legislation that's happened, our millage

18:56:27 rate has been forced, you know, rolled back to the

18:56:31 point that now with property taxes, revenue dropping so

18:56:37 much, it just doesn't make sense right now for us to

18:56:41 reduce the millage rate.

18:56:43 We just, you know, we are already -- our revenue is

18:56:49 already dropping so much.

18:56:50 But I just want you to know we do appreciate the work

18:56:54 and the research you do, and we are going to follow up

18:56:58 on it.

18:56:58 And I want to thank Bonnie and Dennis and everyone for

18:57:03 all the hard work on this, and I know, it can't have

18:57:08 been any fun the last couple of years to have to figure

18:57:12 out where to do all these cuts.

18:57:16 Thanks for your help.

18:57:17 >> Are we going to do new business?

18:57:22 >> No.

18:57:22 We are on the budget.

18:57:23 We are on the budget.

18:57:24 Still on the budget.

18:57:25 Councilwoman Capin.

18:57:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I also -- to want to thank Mark

18:57:31 Anderson and his committee, the citizens advisory

18:57:35 committee.

18:57:35 And even though some of these things are not

18:57:37 implemented immediately, when you have these advisory

18:57:42 committees, it does get looked at, and it does get

18:57:49 implemented, maybe not immediately, but some form of

18:57:52 it.

18:57:53 These ideas, some of these are excellent.

18:57:59 That being said, I also want to say that I know the

18:58:03 annual budget was quite a task.

18:58:11 But I also agree with councilman Miranda and Mulhern

18:58:17 and Chairman Scott.

18:58:22 My personal motto has always been live below your

18:58:26 means, and you will survive the downturn.

18:58:30 And I believe that the city also can do that.

18:58:37 And we don't have a crystal ball as to what's really

18:58:41 going to happen in the next couple of years or three

18:58:44 years.

18:58:45 We have an idea of it being pretty stable the way it is

18:58:50 right now.

18:58:51 And hopefully not any worse.

18:59:04 If it stays the way it is, there will have to be some

18:59:07 compromises along the lines of what hopefully did not

18:59:14 happen down in Dade County, but there will have to be

18:59:18 some compromises.

18:59:19 I appreciate all the hard work.

18:59:21 And I thank you for being here.

18:59:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman.

18:59:31 >> I want to thank the mayor and Bonnie Wise for doing

18:59:35 a fantastic job.

18:59:36 I have been here three years and it's been great.

18:59:38 You lay the fact on the table and that's the way it has

18:59:40 to be.

18:59:41 I know some people don't want to hear it.

18:59:43 But that's reality.

18:59:44 It's here.

18:59:45 And it's here to stay until it gets better.

18:59:48 Thank you.

18:59:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone else?

18:59:57 Well, before Councilwoman reads the ordinance, let me

19:00:01 just say, Ms. Wise, thank you again, you and your staff

19:00:06 and the administration for the budget presentation.

19:00:16 I think as we move forward next year it's going to be

19:00:19 more difficult.

19:00:20 It's a matter of philosophy when we start talking about

19:00:23 how to deal with the -- how to cut waste in terms of

19:00:28 lowering the millage.

19:00:30 You do know that those in Washington right now are

19:00:33 talking about that, whether to cut taxes, let them stay

19:00:36 in place, raise them, so that different philosophy

19:00:39 about how to do what.

19:00:43 As Charlie always says we don't have a crystal ball.

19:00:46 We don't know what's out there in the future.

19:00:48 But my guess is it's going to be hard even next year.

19:00:54 And it's a reef tough decision will have to be made

19:00:58 relevant to the budget and all of that next year.

19:01:01 For the next administration, the next council.

19:01:04 There's some tough decisions that are going to have to

19:01:06 be made, based on what I have seen the three years that

19:01:09 I have been here with the budget.

19:01:11 I will tell you in my 14 years in public office, and

19:01:17 ten years at the county, those were the good years, had

19:01:21 a surplus, roll back the millage at the county at least

19:01:25 every year, and had a surplus of revenue, and

19:01:29 subsequent coming over here, the economy has changed,

19:01:32 and so every year we have been cutting the budget,

19:01:36 deficits, deficits, and all of that.

19:01:39 So hopefully things will get better.

19:01:42 But I think next year we are still looking at a pretty

19:01:45 rough year.

19:01:46 It's a tough decision, hard decision that has to be

19:01:48 made.

19:01:49 I do applaud the mayor and administration for making

19:01:52 some tough decisions.

19:01:54 Have to make some tough decisions with this budget, in

19:01:57 terms of the layoffs, and elimination of positions and

19:02:01 all of that.

19:02:05 And that's what I call being a real leader, getting out

19:02:09 in front, making all the decisions, and I know as

19:02:13 always it's easy to criticize, and we all get

19:02:16 criticized but eventually a tough decision is made

19:02:19 relative to this budget.

19:02:21 And last year that you all did and brought to us, and I

19:02:29 recognize the charter gives the budget oversight to the

19:02:33 council.

19:02:33 It becomes our budget.

19:02:35 However, we recognize there's work to be done.

19:02:37 The staff and energy you put into it.

19:02:39 And as a result of that, you have given us I think a

19:02:43 very good budget that we can vote on tonight.

19:02:45 So I want to thank you, Mr. Smith, the mayor and the

19:02:49 administration for that.

19:02:51 And one last thing.

19:02:52 Ms. Miller, can you speak to the CDBG?

19:02:56 Ms. Young left, but is there any opportunity for her to

19:03:00 address her concerns at some other point in the thing?

19:03:05 >>CINDY MILLER: Director growth management development

19:03:07 services.

19:03:08 We will have to review whether there was a submittal

19:03:11 from the organization during the CDBG process.

19:03:16 At this point the hearings have been concluded, and I

19:03:18 will have to get back to you, submit a memo if I may to

19:03:21 the City Council as to the status.

19:03:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And congratulations to your husband on

19:03:27 being the director of the number one airport in the

19:03:29 nation.

19:03:30 >> Thank you.

19:03:35 >> I just want to make sure I thank the budget advisory

19:03:38 committee again, because they have done all this work

19:03:41 for no pay.

19:03:47 I move an ordinance being presented for first reading

19:03:50 consideration, an ordinance adopting the budget for the

19:03:52 fiscal year beginning October 1st, 2010 and he

19:03:55 ending September 30, 2010 as presented by the mayor

19:03:59 providing for levy as provided by law on all taxable

19:04:04 property in the City of Tampa affixing the millage

19:04:06 within said city making appropriations in accordance

19:04:09 with the provisions of said budget, authorizing and

19:04:13 directing the mayor and the city clerk as the proper

19:04:15 authority for the City of Tampa to certify to the

19:04:19 property appraiser of Hillsborough County, Florida, the

19:04:20 millage to be levied for all purposes for the fiscal

19:04:23 year 2011 and the City of Tampa providing an effective

19:04:26 date.

19:04:26 >> Second.

19:04:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

19:04:31 All in favor?

19:04:32 Opposes?

19:04:33 >> Nay.

19:04:33 >>THE CLERK: Miranda voting no.

19:04:36 >>THE CLERK: The second reading and adoption of the

19:04:41 ordinance will be held on September 28th, 2010 at

19:04:44 5:01 p.m.

19:04:45 >> one last thing.

19:04:47 Can we address the gentleman about the park?

19:04:51 Can you all meet with him to address that?

19:04:54 Okay.

19:04:57 We have the capital improvements.

19:04:58 We need to open.

19:05:00 >> Move to open the capital improvements.

19:05:02 >> Second.

19:05:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

19:05:05 Opposes?

19:05:06 Okay.

19:05:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mulhern.

19:05:18 Any public comment?

19:05:20 Yes.

19:05:28 >> Good evening once again.

19:05:29 Spencer Kass representing Virginia park neighborhood

19:05:31 association.

19:05:32 I'm here not only on behalf of my association but other

19:05:35 South Tampa associations, and on behalf of friendship

19:05:38 park.

19:05:38 As we know, we have requested that friendship park be

19:05:42 made ADA accessible.

19:05:46 The parks on Bay to Bay.

19:05:48 Last year council was nice enough, we all agreed $1

19:05:52 million, half was going to go for the pools, half was

19:05:55 going to go for what we thought was going to be our

19:05:57 park.

19:05:57 We have been told from parks and rec staff in

19:06:01 San Diego, you cannot explicitly say it but half that

19:06:04 money will go towards our park.

19:06:07 I have nothing against downtown.

19:06:09 I have nothing against Zack Street.

19:06:10 I go to one of the banks on Zack Street.

19:06:13 First all, that plan calls for eliminating what looks

19:06:15 like half the parking on one side of the street.

19:06:17 I don't know if that's been discussed with the

19:06:19 businesses there.

19:06:20 More importantly, we have had we have handicapped kids

19:06:23 who can't use our park.

19:06:26 Council asked that it be -- $70,000 to.

19:06:31 They never fixed the fences.

19:06:35 Then make the bathrooms accessible to handicapped kids.

19:06:39 And the fact that they spent $07,000 on a building to

19:06:44 be torn down is beyond me.

19:06:47 We would have a whole different discussion going on

19:06:49 tonight.

19:06:50 All we are asking for is that the building be made

19:06:53 completely ADA accessible.

19:06:55 I don't think that's too much to ask for an area of the

19:06:57 city that pays into the city $4 million a year in

19:07:00 property taxes.

19:07:01 And we talk about how funds are paying for things

19:07:06 downtown.

19:07:07 Everybody knows from your base here for police and fire

19:07:09 and everything else my area of town is paying for that.

19:07:14 We are paying for it.

19:07:15 So we don't begrudge them anything and really want

19:07:18 don't want to turn this into a fight.

19:07:21 We didn't say anything about them getting their new Z

19:07:24 30 million park.

19:07:25 Now we are going to get punished because council feels

19:07:27 we have to keep expanding further and further, that we

19:07:30 are abandoned, while nobody will lift a finger to do

19:07:34 anything for us.

19:07:35 It's beyond me.

19:07:36 And if it's not addressed tonight, I can promise you --

19:07:39 because I have been hearing from so many people about

19:07:41 this -- it will be a dressed at the candidate forums

19:07:43 that we will be having in South Tampa.

19:07:45 As now the South Tampa neighborhoods are all getting

19:07:47 together for those.

19:07:48 We are going to do them down the road for mayor and

19:07:50 City Council and we are going to want to hear about why

19:07:53 things aren't being taken care of for us.

19:07:55 I don't really think it's too much to ask that

19:07:57 handicapped kids have a place to play.

19:07:59 I really don't.

19:08:00 And staff comes up with every excuse why they can't do

19:08:03 it.

19:08:04 And they can't do it because they don't want to dot.

19:08:06 Tell them to do it.

19:08:07 And if they won't do it, there are independent

19:08:11 foundations that will be more than happy to accept that

19:08:13 money.

19:08:14 You can transfer it, and they'll redo the park.

19:08:17 So it can be done.

19:08:18 You can force the administration's hand to do it.

19:08:20 We are asking that it be handled now, not later.

19:08:22 Thank you very much.

19:08:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Can we have administration address

19:08:26 that, but, by the way, council, you cannot force the

19:08:31 administration to do anything under the chart her.

19:08:35 You can have the funds but can't force them to spend

19:08:41 it.

19:08:41 >> Karen Palus, parks and rec director.

19:08:44 The funds for the Zack Street for the $70,000 for

19:08:49 restoration are currently in the path and moving

19:08:52 forward in the design but that work has not been

19:08:54 accomplished.

19:08:54 It just started this year.

19:08:55 So it's still to come as far as restroom renovations so

19:09:01 they are ADA accessible.

19:09:03 We have done renovation in the sidewalk area.

19:09:05 We have done some renovations and maintenance to the

19:09:07 playground area to make them more accessible.

19:09:10 We have installed beverages benches, receptacles, and

19:09:13 there's more work to continue on.

19:09:15 We actually had a lot of work in play.

19:09:18 I would be glad to give Mr. Kass the final tally on

19:09:21 what's been spent outside of the Zack funds. This is

19:09:21 on top of the Zack funds here, the 70 that I'm talking

19:09:24 about.

19:09:25 So I will be happy to update him on that. And we have

19:09:27 more to go, but that is the overall renovation,

19:09:30 required to do the entire building.

19:09:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So the plans are in the works for

19:09:35 complete renovation for the ADA accessible?

19:09:37 >> For the those facilities specifically, yes.

19:09:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mulhern.

19:09:45 >>MARY MULHERN: With regard to this, you know, I have

19:09:48 been through all of this, the freedom playground, and

19:09:54 I'm not sure, you know, the restrooms are one thing,

19:09:58 but the biggest problem with accessibility and

19:10:02 playgrounds is that you park your car or you wheel your

19:10:05 child or, you know, someone drives up in their

19:10:09 wheelchair, and they can't get in.

19:10:12 Or the play area is all mulched so they can't play

19:10:18 there.

19:10:18 So I'm wondering, I mean, we can't get into this

19:10:22 tonight, but if you could follow up with Mr. Kass more

19:10:29 on what the other things that they are looking for in

19:10:31 the playground, and talk about the possibilities for

19:10:34 funding those.

19:10:36 Because, you know, they did come here last year, and I

19:10:39 know we did try to make that a priority and really ask

19:10:46 that that happen, and it doesn't sound like -- it sound

19:10:49 like maybe you're there, but I'm not sure if you are.

19:10:52 So if you can just talk to him, that would be great.

19:10:54 >>KAREN PALUS: I would be happy to.

19:10:57 And we have been working with the landscape freedom

19:11:01 playground foundation.

19:11:02 They have done several fund-raisers to fund raise for

19:11:05 friendship.

19:11:06 There's a whole committee involved and engaged in that

19:11:08 project.

19:11:08 And most of the items that we have considered right now

19:11:11 have been improvements to the site structure itself,

19:11:14 the restrooms are a much larger project, and that's

19:11:18 going through construction in the administration now.

19:11:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So if you can get with Mr. Kass to be

19:11:24 address those issues.

19:11:25 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say to Mr. Kass and

19:11:28 anyone else here, I didn't realize we were going to

19:11:31 have a separate public hearing for the capital

19:11:34 improvements.

19:11:34 So I kind of floated whether we wanted to commit that

19:11:39 money to Zack, and obviously everybody was in favor of

19:11:41 doing it.

19:11:44 So I might have brought it up again if I had known

19:11:47 there was opposition.

19:11:48 But it sounds like we are getting our questions

19:11:50 answered.

19:11:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, the issue was raise last year.

19:11:55 It's my understanding we allocated out of that million

19:11:59 dollars to be used there, and it sound like it's being

19:12:01 used on top of other funds, and just going through the

19:12:03 process, I guess, of making that happen.

19:12:07 So I'm assuming that it's just a miscommunication in

19:12:16 terms of what's being done.

19:12:19 So if you could just meet with them and address any

19:12:23 concerns you have.

19:12:24 Yes?

19:12:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would also like to have a copy of

19:12:28 that, of what is happening at friendship and what is

19:12:33 proposed.

19:12:34 If you don't mind.

19:12:36 Thank you very much.

19:12:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone else from the public?

19:12:40 Okay.

19:12:40 Any other comments from council?

19:12:43 Any questions?

19:12:45 Okay, motion?

19:12:48 >> Second.

19:12:51 >> Moved and seconded.

19:12:52 All in favor say Aye.

19:12:53 Okay.

19:12:58 There's in a ordinance in mine.

19:12:59 >> Actually, council, you will be receiving the second

19:13:02 reading, you will take up the capital improvements

19:13:05 budget.

19:13:05 >> Okay.

19:13:06 >> Second on all the items that were brought up.

19:13:12 >> Moved and seconded.

19:13:13 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

19:13:15 Council, anything else?

19:13:18 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Could we bring up new business,

19:13:20 Mr. Chairman?

19:13:21 Before Charlie goes home?

19:13:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I did it earlier on September 28th

19:13:33 here in these chambers at 5:01.

19:13:36 The second public hearing.

19:13:37 September 28th.

19:13:39 The day after my birthday.

19:13:40 >> You were born the same day my daughter was.

19:13:47 A few years older, though.

19:13:49 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Recently, I attended a meeting at

19:13:56 Falkenburg road at one of our offices, the

19:13:59 administration, enforcement and fire rescue from

19:14:02 Hillsborough County, city of Temple Terrace, city of

19:14:05 Plant City, regarding the panhandling, okay?

19:14:10 And there were probably about 35 to 40 people there.

19:14:13 And I would like to have a motion to have a workshop on

19:14:19 October 14th in reference to a panhandling

19:14:23 ordinance.

19:14:23 >> Second.

19:14:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

19:14:31 What's on there now, the 14th?

19:14:33 >>THE CLERK: I'm pulling up the calendar now.

19:14:36 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: October 14th.

19:14:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: October 14th is a workshop date,

19:14:44 Mr. Chairman.

19:14:44 At 9 a.m. you have a commendation to councilman

19:14:47 Dingfelder.

19:14:48 Following that to discuss possible revisions to the

19:14:50 news rack ordinance.

19:14:53 9:30 to discuss the chapter 27 text amendment cycle

19:14:55 which also includes the community gardens, I believe at

19:14:58 that time, and may be something else to that, madam

19:15:04 clerk.

19:15:05 >> You also have an updated -- the Tampa Heights

19:15:12 neighborhood plans that was added at the last meeting.

19:15:17 You said it for a workshop.

19:15:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Set for a workshop.

19:15:22 What time is that workshop?

19:15:24 >>THE CLERK: That's at 10:00.

19:15:26 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I guess, what, 10:30?

19:15:29 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: That's fine.

19:15:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The motion for 10:30.

19:15:32 Is there a second?

19:15:34 Moved and seconded.

19:15:35 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

19:15:37 Opposes?

19:15:38 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I thank everybody.

19:15:41 It's definitely needed.

19:15:42 I got a call today.

19:15:43 I believe St. Augustine has instituted a panhandles

19:15:48 ordinance, and on a blog I was told to tell the people

19:15:54 to come to Tampa.

19:15:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

19:15:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I wish would you stop doing that.

19:16:00 [ Laughter ]

19:16:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Miranda?

19:16:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, I would like to have

19:16:03 a commendation made for the City of Tampa Hispanic

19:16:06 heritage committee on October 6th.

19:16:10 >> Second.

19:16:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

19:16:12 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

19:16:14 Opposes?

19:16:16 Any other new business?

19:16:19 No other new business?

19:16:21 Okay.

19:16:21 We stand adjourned.



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