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Thursday, September 16, 2010

9:00 a.m. session


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09:07:58 >> Then the CRA will convene.
09:08:00 >> This is the meeting of the CRA.
09:09:02 Roll call, please.
09:09:03 >> Caetano.
09:09:04 >> Here.
09:09:05 >> Capin.
09:09:06 >> Here.
09:09:07 >> Scott.
09:09:08 >> Here.
09:09:08 >> Miranda.
09:09:10 Stokes.
09:09:10 >> Here.
09:09:11 >> MulhERN.
09:09:13 >> Thank you.
09:09:13 First order of business, where are we, here.
09:09:22 We have our QUARTERLY report by CRA activities,
09:09:26 Mr. Huey?
09:09:27 >> Yes, as is our custom, good morning, mark huey,
09:09:33 as your custom, you hear from one of the community
09:09:36 leaders, community advisory chairs in your CRA.
09:09:42 This month we're pleased to have Evangeline Best
09:09:47 from east Tampa to visit with us.
09:09:54 >> Good morning.
09:09:55 >> Morning.
09:09:55 >> Good morning.
09:09:56 I need TO put on the record that my preparation
09:10:00 for my eight-page report is in the car.
09:10:10 Now I have to do it off the top.
09:10:12 For some of you, you say thank you.
09:10:14 >> Thank you.
09:10:16 [ Laughing ].
09:10:17 >> One of the things that I do want to emphasize,
09:10:20 in this report, is that the east Tampa community
09:10:26 partnership and the CRA has been very consistent
09:10:29 in our meetings.
09:10:31 I can report to you that since my last visit in
09:10:35 February, the CRA committee has met six times on a
09:10:42 regular basis.
09:10:44 The ETCRP, the community group, has done the same.
09:10:48 And why do I point this out to you?
09:10:50 I want to just emphasize, I think that's what has
09:10:54 made our group and the community realize the
09:11:00 sustainability and the importance of coming
09:11:03 together.
09:11:04 Number two, it is also been a place where people
09:11:06 know they can come to, when they can't get answers
09:11:10 anywhere, let me come to the meeting and be
09:11:12 prepared to just ask questions, and somebody in
09:11:14 the audience, which is very unique about our
09:11:19 meeting, many times there are staff persons from
09:11:22 the city that are sitting in the audience.
09:11:24 So when a person raised a question, it can be
09:11:29 answered right then.
09:11:30 Or they can connect the Dots been a few minutes.
09:11:34 Also, we have our residents that are very
09:11:37 knowledgeable about the workings of how you get
09:11:40 things done, and they will volunteer.
09:11:42 And so, I see our meeting as a place that you get
09:11:46 answers very quickly.
09:11:47 And when we do not get them, at that moment, we
09:11:51 have a staff, the east Tampa group, we have
09:11:54 challenged ourselves in the last couple of years,
09:11:57 that within 30 days a person that raced a question

09:12:00 in our meetings will get an answer, or at least
09:12:02 before the next meeting.
09:12:04 So that's really, I think, what sets us as far as
09:12:06 a unique group, that we consistently have our
09:12:11 meetings, and the public knows when they are.
09:12:14 Next, I would like to just recognize that we had
09:12:17 an election just on Tuesday.
09:12:20 For new advisory board members.
09:12:22 I want to go on record that I want to recognize
09:12:26 and say thank you to those that are leaving us,
09:12:29 because they tide work real hard, and they were
09:12:32 part of that regular meeting group that was there
09:12:34 for us.
09:12:35 And gave input.
09:12:37 We did have an election, we don't have the results
09:12:40 yet, I can't tell you exactly who is going to be
09:12:43 coming onboard.
09:12:45 But we have seven slots and there were seven
09:12:48 candidate.
09:12:48 I think everybody might be coming aboard.
09:12:50 I think there might be.
09:12:53 The other thing I want to emphasize is that I know
09:12:56 in the past there have been some questions about
09:13:01 if our groups, the C.A.C. and ETCRP are aware of
09:13:07 what is going on in east Tampa before it comes
09:13:09 before you.
09:13:09 I can tell you that we do.
09:13:13 It has been done many times consistently.
09:13:20 Nothing is happening A new communication process
09:13:23 is the way it's done.
09:13:24 I meet with Mr. Huey and Ed on a regular basis.
09:13:27 And at the same time, the community is made aware
09:13:31 of any groundbreakings, they're invited to attend,
09:13:35 so they hear the beginning stage.
09:13:37 Just last Tuesday, a developer came before the
09:13:41 ETCRP group and presented his plans to bring a new
09:13:48 business into east Tampa, long before it comes
09:13:50 before you.
09:13:50 We want you to know we have a new system in place,
09:13:53 how things are coming from the ground up, and we
09:13:55 are aware of what is going on before it comes
09:13:58 before you, and it is approved.
09:14:00 Secondly, I'd like to report on some of the
09:14:04 committees.

09:14:04 As you know, as our community group, we have seven
09:14:09 standing committees.
09:14:10 And these are additional meetings that if you want
09:14:13 to be involved with the partnership, or the
09:14:15 C.A.C., these are other meetings you come to.
09:14:18 They focus on certain issues that are then brought
09:14:21 up to us.
09:14:22 Two groups I want to emphasize.
09:14:26 The economic development committee, I would say as
09:14:30 far as Ernest coney Jr., he has been there, he's
09:14:34 consistent.
09:14:34 But one of the things we've found with the trying
09:14:37 to full committees together, and he and I would
09:14:41 say Francis Brooks and Spencer case have decided
09:14:45 to come together.
09:14:46 And they represent the land use committee.
09:14:48 So that eliminates another meeting.
09:14:51 They meet together and it relates to economic
09:14:53 development and land use, whatever issues they are
09:14:56 discussing right then and there.
09:14:57 The other thing I want to mention about the
09:14:59 economic development committee is that we did have
09:15:02 a workshop for the community.
09:15:05 It was a very hands-on committee.
09:15:07 About the business facade.
09:15:09 As you know, Ed has said while we weren't getting
09:15:12 a lot of takers in terms of applying.
09:15:15 But by having this process, the report that I got,
09:15:18 we had about 10 new business persons to at least
09:15:23 go through the process in terms of finding out
09:15:25 what all it entails in terms of application
09:15:28 process.
09:15:29 Ed will tell you whether they have completed the
09:15:32 other part.
09:15:33 The H.E.S. committee which we refer to as health,
09:15:38 education and social service.
09:15:39 That committee is three different areas.
09:15:41 Has been very busy for the last couple of months.
09:15:45 One, they started out in January, doing a followup
09:15:49 report.
09:15:51 About a year ago, we did and repeated an
09:15:55 assessment that was funded, we used some funds of
09:15:57 the TIF funds to do what we call a
09:16:00 community-driven needs assessment that was

09:16:04 attached to the strategic plan that we've already
09:16:08 approved.
09:16:09 In that process, we hired residents, it was over
09:16:14 70-some persons hired, they did the door-to-door
09:16:17 canvassing and asked what the community really
09:16:19 wanted.
09:16:20 We felt that we needed to go back and give them a
09:16:23 report.
09:16:23 In January, we did that.
09:16:25 That we called a meeting, it was good turnout and
09:16:29 we reported back to the community results of that.
09:16:32 The next thing this committee has done is that we
09:16:35 have three major events during August.
09:16:39 It's a very busy time for us.
09:16:41 We were tired.
09:16:42 We didn't want to talk to each other at the end of
09:16:45 August, almost.
09:16:46 One of the things we did, we started out what we
09:16:48 call a survival day.
09:16:49 And it is something that I would encourage you
09:16:52 all, when we announce it again, please come in
09:16:56 August.
09:16:56 When we say survival day, the basic needs of the
09:17:00 community are being addressed there.
09:17:02 We have persons that save and give used clothing,
09:17:06 they give everything that is possible.
09:17:09 You can get it free there.
09:17:11 We did this year, and I am going to only have one
09:17:14 copy of some pictures that I will share with you.
09:17:18 If you pass this out for me, Ed.
09:17:21 If you all would look at this report, it's under
09:17:25 survival day.
09:17:26 What is unique about it is that, as I say, the
09:17:29 basic needs.
09:17:30 We give physicals, we give hairdos, we get your
09:17:34 hair done, can you get your haircut, and we did --
09:17:38 we had the university there that, you're going to
09:17:42 see a million dollar robot that was there on our
09:17:45 grounds in east Tampa.
09:17:46 It was able to tell, especially for women, some of
09:17:49 the new surgeries that are available for them that
09:17:52 don't have to go through all this massive cutting
09:17:54 of their bodies.
09:17:55 Especially in the area of the thyroid and some

09:17:59 things with the diabetes.
09:18:00 I thought that was very informative how that went
09:18:03 over.
09:18:04 Please look at.
09:18:04 That and I will pick that up, that's my only copy
09:18:07 of that.
09:18:07 So I need that back.
09:18:08 But I want you to see what is going on.
09:18:10 The attendance, we billed that as over 1,000
09:18:14 people showed up.
09:18:17 And just to see the floor of that activity, and
09:18:21 people walking out with bags of clothing, walking
09:18:24 out, I got my physical, I got my hair done, it
09:18:27 was.
09:18:27 There it was a very rewarding experience.
09:18:30 The next event is one of the events called the
09:18:33 welcome new teacher.
09:18:35 And why do we do that?
09:18:37 Because we feel that we want the community to know
09:18:40 that when you come into east Tampa, that is a very
09:18:43 special move.
09:18:44 And that what we want the teachers to know that we
09:18:47 welcome, it's not only the teachers, it's
09:18:49 administrators and other support staff.
09:18:52 We bring them together and provide them with a
09:18:55 breakfast, and we give them supplies, the supplies
09:18:58 that they said that were very important to them
09:19:01 was, like, reams of paper, that we got
09:19:04 partnerships to donate that.
09:19:06 It was hand sanitizing things, to keep in the
09:19:10 classroom and keep our children in school.
09:19:12 This year, I think we outdid ourselves.
09:19:15 It was at orange grove school.
09:19:18 And we had over 200 outside persons.
09:19:23 When I say that, we set this up with what we call
09:19:28 hidden treasures.
09:19:30 Teachers are put by their schools but we have
09:19:34 hidden community leaders.
09:19:35 And residenTS that are sitting at the table with
09:19:37 them.
09:19:38 And they get to know them.
09:19:40 And the reason for this, thee are really potential
09:19:43 volunteers.
09:19:43 And so we're giving them potential volunteers, if

09:19:47 they connect with these persons they have
09:19:49 volunteers in their school.
09:19:51 We had a perfect attendance in terms of all
09:19:54 schools showing up.
09:19:55 And we had over -- transferring in this year, over
09:19:59 175 new persons.
09:20:01 Coming in to east Tampa.
09:20:03 And even though we say new teachers, it's not
09:20:06 necessarily they're new to the system.
09:20:08 They might have just before transferred into east
09:20:11 Tampa.
09:20:12 I'll share that with you.
09:20:13 You have extra copies of that.
09:20:15 And, Ed?
09:20:16 Ed is going to work today, okay?
09:20:20 Because I forgot my speech, he has to help deliver
09:20:24 for me.
09:20:25 In there, you will also see a little closure on
09:20:29 when the mayor came to visit with us.
09:20:33 It was a memorable experience for all of east
09:20:37 Tampa when the mayor came.
09:20:40 But at the back you will see that we presented her
09:20:43 with a scrapbook.
09:20:44 And what was unique about the scrapbook is that
09:20:47 the community presented what we wanted her to know
09:20:51 was important to us.
09:20:54 The unique thing about this book, it was over 150
09:20:57 pages long, two books volume.
09:20:59 And as I understand, it will not leave her home.
09:21:03 She is going to keep it at her home because she
09:21:05 said, and I think you all heard her say, it meant
09:21:08 a lot to her.
09:21:08 That we as a community compiled this.
09:21:11 What was unique about this was that all
09:21:14 neighborhoods presented what they have done in
09:21:18 their neighborhood.
09:21:19 So she had a global approach of what other
09:21:23 activities that maybe never meets the media.
09:21:25 That is in that book that she will of as a memory
09:21:29 book.
09:21:30 Lastly, I would like to mention to you that I know
09:21:34 that the budget has been brought to your attention
09:21:37 that we did approve it back in July.
09:21:40 And that we did have some questions, and many of

09:21:43 us were shocked at how our budget had dropped.
09:21:46 But it was explained to us in very tee tail, in
09:21:49 terms of the economy -- in very detail, in terms
09:21:52 of the economy and us not having a lot of economic
09:21:54 things going on.
09:21:55 I'm so proud to announce some of the new economic
09:21:57 things that are coming into east Tampa.
09:22:00 We've been to a groundbreaking, we are going to
09:22:02 have two new restaurants that are going to be
09:22:04 coming into east Tampa on east Hillsborough,
09:22:08 that's right next to fifth third bank.
09:22:13 It's a Chinese eatery that we've been saying we
09:22:16 wanted to have in east Tampa.
09:22:18 And as I said, just on Tuesday, a developer came
09:22:24 to us and announced his intentions to put a family
09:22:28 dollar right in east Tampa, on Martin Luther king
09:22:32 at 15th street.
09:22:33 As I said, in closing, and because I don't have my
09:22:39 eight pages, I want to emphasize that --
09:22:40 [ LAUGHING ]
09:22:42 -- there were many more things I wanted to say to
09:22:46 you.
09:22:47 But I think you realize that we are very busy, we
09:22:51 stay active and we stay very sensitive to what the
09:22:55 community is saying.
09:22:56 If things are brought to our attention we try to
09:22:59 make sure we can address it.
09:23:00 One thing I wanted to emphasize, it's all about
09:23:05 the rails.
09:23:07 We have been meeting, had people come to us, we
09:23:10 have had many of our C.A.C. members go to the
09:23:14 countywide meeting, and they bring back
09:23:16 information back to the community.
09:23:18 We had one just this past Tuesday, very lively
09:23:22 discussion, very debatable.
09:23:25 And like we say, our intent is just to educate our
09:23:28 community and make sure that it's at the end of the
09:23:31 day, when they go to vote, they will vote as an
09:23:34 intelligent resident.
09:23:35 Any questions?
09:23:40 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Yes?
09:23:41 >>Yvonne Capin: I want to thank you, a lovely
09:23:44 report.
09:23:45 Absolutely wonderful what is going on there.

09:23:47 Thank you very much.
09:23:48 >> Thank you.
09:23:51 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Thank you, ma'am.
09:23:52 Any other questions?
09:23:53 I'm sorry, I didn't see you.
09:23:57 Mr. Chairman.
09:23:58 >>Thomas Scott: That's all right.
09:24:00 I guess because you're sitting so close.
09:24:03 Not used to sitting this close, always on the
09:24:05 other even.
09:24:07 Ms. Best, thank you so much.
09:24:08 I can truthfully say under your leadership we have
09:24:11 seen a lot of progress.
09:24:12 A lot of work has been done.
09:24:14 And I want to thank you, and all the committee,
09:24:17 and Ed Johnson and his staff for working with you
09:24:20 all there.
09:24:20 In east Tampa, to bring about a lot of things that
09:24:24 are happening.
09:24:26 Also, I want to say, I don't think I heard you
09:24:30 highlight 22nd street.
09:24:31 >> No, I didn't.
09:24:33 >>Thomas Scott: On making the improvements on 22nd
09:24:36 street that have begun.
09:24:37 That is a major project.
09:24:39 You may want to take a minute or so to say
09:24:41 something about that.
09:24:42 >> We're just excited about it.
09:24:44 It is a little inconvenience, we're one-way going
09:24:47 north, only.
09:24:48 But when the community realizes what is going on,
09:24:53 it is going to be a fabulous improvement for the
09:24:55 community.
09:24:55 >>Thomas Scott: It's a great project.
09:24:58 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Anyone else?
09:24:59 >>MARY MAHERN: Thank you for your report, I'm sorry I
09:25:02 missed the beginning.
09:25:03 You may have talked about this.
09:25:05 But if not, I'm going to remind you, so you can
09:25:08 tell people.
09:25:10 One of the best meetings, I think you had last
09:25:13 year, might have been year before, is where you
09:25:16 had your CRA advisory committee invite the
09:25:22 neighborhoods from east Tampa to come.

09:25:24 And several of us from council were there.
09:25:27 Did you talk about that?
09:25:29 >> No.
09:25:29 And we did not do that this year in that format.
09:25:32 >> It would be really great for council to be able
09:25:36 to see, it's so huge, east Tampa.
09:25:39 And to see -- meet who the leaders are in the
09:25:42 different neighborhoods.
09:25:43 It was really impressive that the outreach that
09:25:45 you do to them.
09:25:46 I wanted to give you some compliments on that.
09:25:49 >> I would like to follow up about the
09:25:51 neighborhoods.
09:25:52 If you are privileged to look at the Florida
09:25:56 Sentinel, they take up the paper now.
09:25:58 All of the neighborhoods.
09:26:00 Because they're having their meetings and they are
09:26:02 reporting the results.
09:26:04 And that, to me, I'm very happy to see that.
09:26:09 Because that means in terms of the whole
09:26:11 communication process, once they come to our
09:26:13 meeting they're taking it down and it's coming
09:26:15 back up.
09:26:16 We can pick up from that what is going on in all
09:26:18 of the neighborhoods.
09:26:19 Like I say, we've increased from 10 to up to 16.
09:26:24 And they're all meetings.
09:26:27 It's a challenge, but they're doing it.
09:26:29 And I appreciate them.
09:26:30 >>Mary Mulhern: That's great.
09:26:32 And the other question, this is something I doubt
09:26:34 you're going to want to answer comprehensively,
09:26:38 but something to think about.
09:26:39 I'm very interested, and I think we all are, in
09:26:43 what the feeling is, and if there was any kind of
09:26:48 consensus or even if there were specific roots or
09:26:54 modes when you got -- get the rail presentation, I
09:26:58 think it's mostly from HART or moving Hillsborough
09:27:03 forward.
09:27:03 If you feel like there is a consensus emerging
09:27:06 about where you want the stations and the lines to
09:27:10 go.
09:27:11 At least within the options that they're
09:27:13 presenting.

09:27:14 >> Well, we make it clear when we've been asked
09:27:19 repeatedly, they want to come, we want you to talk
09:27:22 about what is going to happen in east Tampa.
09:27:24 They're drilled very thoroughly in that area.
09:27:27 We were challenged just this past Tuesday to say,
09:27:31 we want to hear the other side.
09:27:34 We are to bring those that are not proponents of
09:27:37 the rail, to the group.
09:27:39 Because they kept saying, you get one-sided,
09:27:42 you're trying to INFORM why we should.
09:27:45 But because of that, we will be bringing, and one
09:27:47 of the advisory board members said they would tell
09:27:49 us who we need to bring in.
09:27:51 Because we do want to have a balance of what is
09:27:54 going on.
09:27:55 >>Mary Mulhern: Maybe you'll find out there aren't
09:27:57 any improvements.
09:27:58 >> I understand.
09:27:59 But in this position, I have to do both sides.
09:28:02 >>Mary Mulhern: I'm just teasing.
09:28:04 Thank you so much.
09:28:04 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Anyone else?
09:28:06 >>Yvonne Capin: What were the hours of survival
09:28:09 day?
09:28:10 >> Starting at 7:30 in the morning, you can have
09:28:13 breakfast.
09:28:13 And we ended around 2:00.
09:28:19 But we didn't leave at 2:00.
09:28:21 >>Yvonne Capin: And you thought about 1,000
09:28:22 people.
09:28:23 >> Yes, it was great.
09:28:24 >>Yvonne Capin: Very good.
09:28:26 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Thank you, Ms. Best.
09:28:28 Mr. Huey?
09:28:31 >> How do you follow that with a monthly report?
09:28:37 We appreciate working with Ms. Best, as you can
09:28:40 imagine.
09:28:40 Nobody in all of our CRAs, nobody works harder to
09:28:44 bring the community together.
09:28:46 You know east Tampa is our largest redevelopment
09:28:49 area, eight square miles.
09:28:50 Bringing that together and creating the kind of
09:28:53 community engagement that she has, is a huge
09:28:56 undertaking.

09:28:58 And at the same time, she keeps us focused.
09:29:01 She knows we have a limited time, and limited
09:29:05 resources, as staff and volunteers.
09:29:07 And she keeps us focused on the things that are
09:29:09 most important.
09:29:10 And you can tell she does it all with a lot of
09:29:13 love for the community and the people.
09:29:15 So we love working with you.
09:29:17 Thank you.
09:29:20 Throughout the redevelopment agency, moving on to
09:29:23 our monthly report, a lot of things going on as
09:29:27 usual.
09:29:27 I want to highlight, just a few things.
09:29:31 If I can have the ELMO.
09:29:38 We have a major event occurring in a couple of
09:29:40 days, with the opening of the new children's
09:29:44 museum in downtown.
09:29:46 It will be next Saturday.
09:29:49 There will be events throughout the day,
09:29:52 celebrating the opening of that, with a ribbon
09:29:55 cutting at 8:30.
09:29:56 We want to thank everyone in the community to be
09:29:58 part of that celebration.
09:30:01 So many have been working in the community, and at
09:30:03 the city, and I know you as council and
09:30:07 redevelopment board have been so supportive of
09:30:10 that new amenity for our community.
09:30:13 Come on down.
09:30:16 We have another groundbreaking imminent for
09:30:20 heritage place, the affordable housing community
09:30:23 at St. Paul AME.
09:30:25 Some time in the next 30 days, will be a
09:30:27 groundbreaking associated with that.
09:30:29 And we look forward to hosting you and the
09:30:31 community there.
09:30:34 The CAMLs project continues to move forward
09:30:37 successfully.
09:30:38 That's our partnership with the University of
09:30:40 south Florida, in a project downtown.
09:30:44 I'll report to you that yesterday the state board
09:30:46 of governors in Tallahassee approved the project.
09:30:49 Which was the last milestone at the university
09:30:53 side for moving forward on this project.
09:30:55 So, a significant event.

09:30:57 We also had a new restaurant open on Franklin
09:31:00 street fresh, great place to have lunch or dinner.
09:31:06 And YBOR, you will be hearing a report on the YBOR
09:31:11 vision plan, the incorporation of YBOR into that.
09:31:16 That has been a major activity to bring that to
09:31:18 closure this month.
09:31:20 Their special event co-sponsorship work has been
09:31:23 completed this month, a lot of interest in a lot
09:31:29 of events in YBOR city.
09:31:33 The stabilization of the macaroni factory.
09:31:35 That was a major historic preservation concern in
09:31:40 Ybor city.
09:31:40 This board moved forward to make available
09:31:44 $100,000 of TIF funds with the support of the
09:31:48 YCDC.
09:31:49 That work has been completed.
09:31:51 In the panel district, we're bidding on the park.
09:31:54 Our first neighborhood park in the channel
09:31:58 district.
09:31:59 And that's moving forward.
09:32:01 We had a restaurant open there, too, a sports
09:32:03 themed bar.
09:32:04 I have been to fresh but I haven't been to the
09:32:06 garage yet, look forward to doing.
09:32:08 That maybe for a Rays game as good as they're
09:32:11 doing.
09:32:13 Drew park, we awarded our first facade grant
09:32:16 thanks to your support.
09:32:18 We are in the process of putting a bike patrol in
09:32:22 place with TPD to enhance public safety and we
09:32:26 hope that will be operational in October.
09:32:28 We're working with the nonprofit group rebuilding
09:32:32 together Tampa bay to identify homes in drew park
09:32:35 that would be suitable for rehabilitation.
09:32:39 Not saying anything more about east Tampa.
09:32:42 You have heard all the wonderful things going on
09:32:44 there.
09:32:45 The heights, we're in some early discussions with
09:32:48 the developers of the Beck office building about
09:32:51 doing some enhancements to water works park.
09:32:55 And we look forward to how those might unfold in
09:32:59 reporting to you.
09:32:59 In central park, want to compliment Michael
09:33:03 hatchet, he brought to closure a comprehensive map

09:33:08 amendment, work on that a good nine months or so,
09:33:10 I think, very lengthy process, and we got that
09:33:13 done.
09:33:14 We're at the early stages of beginning our work to
09:33:17 design Perry Harvey park for its construction per
09:33:22 our commitment to the encore project.
09:33:25 And the CDD was completed, the first hearing, with
09:33:30 your support on City Council in support of the
09:33:33 encore project.
09:33:36 And lots of things, as I said, going on throughout
09:33:39 the redevelopment areas.
09:33:40 Lastly, I'll mention we've been working on the
09:33:43 transportation impact fee waiver ordinances.
09:33:47 Those were approved for east Tampa and west Tampa
09:33:51 and we're finalizing the one for Ybor city which
09:33:55 reduces transportation and tax fees as an
09:33:57 incentive.
09:33:58 I'll be glad to answer any questions that you
09:34:00 might have of the work that the team is doing
09:34:05 throughout our redevelopment areas.
09:34:11 If not?
09:34:13 >> The streetcar update.
09:34:14 >> The streetcar update.
09:34:16 When we presented the budgets last month, you
09:34:18 might recall this was a major issue.
09:34:21 And in fact just in the way of background, again,
09:34:26 downtown, channel district and Ybor city, each
09:34:30 support with TIF dollars the streetcar.
09:34:33 And this year, that support increased from
09:34:37 $100,000 in HCRA to $150.
09:34:42 One of those redevelopment areas wasn't
09:34:45 comfortable supporting that.
09:34:46 The budget we presented to you, we indicated that.
09:34:51 In those discussions, with channel district, with
09:34:55 Ybor city who also struggled with their support
09:34:58 and downtown, we made a commitment and we reported
09:35:01 to you that we would work toward putting on the
09:35:05 streetcar board, a representative, one
09:35:08 representative of these three redevelopment areas.
09:35:10 I wanted to report to you that today we have
09:35:12 followed up on that.
09:35:13 We've had a couple of meetings with the Presidents
09:35:16 of the three redevelopment area, or the
09:35:19 chairpersons of those advisory committee.

09:35:21 We have agreed to a process of selecting the
09:35:25 representative.
09:35:26 And each of those areas at their next meetings, of
09:35:31 their advisory committees, will be putting a no
09:35:34 nation in place.
09:35:36 Then the three presidents will be meeting to
09:35:38 select among those three nominees, who they would
09:35:41 like to represent them on the streetcar board.
09:35:44 Then the mayor will move forward to make that
09:35:47 appointment.
09:35:48 I wanted to bring that matter to an update with
09:35:50 you, and to closure.
09:35:53 Any questions about that?
09:35:56 And, again, we appreciate how everybody is working
09:35:58 together.
09:35:59 I think the cooperation that is occurring is going
09:36:01 to be beneficial.
09:36:02 >> We have a question here.
09:36:07 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Ms. Capin?
09:36:08 >>Yvonne Capin: With the board appointment, is
09:36:10 that going to change the contribution, the budget?
09:36:15 >> No.
09:36:16 >>Yvonne Capin: It stays --
09:36:17 >> It will have no impact.
09:36:19 The contributions that we would be making from the
09:36:24 redevelopment agency would be per the budget that
09:36:27 you will be approving in September at the special
09:36:31 called -- in October, I mean, at the special
09:36:33 called meeting.
09:36:34 And this is a separate matter.
09:36:36 Put one that we think is very important so that
09:36:39 the redevelopment areas can feel engaged in the
09:36:44 work of the streetcar and good about how their
09:36:45 funds are being invested.
09:36:47 09:36:56
09:36:47 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Next is the SBIC update.
09:36:54 >> Yes.
09:36:55 You recall this in last year's budget, we have
09:36:58 made a commitment, in east Tampa and Ybor city to
09:37:06 help small businesses in east Tampa and Ybor city.
09:37:10 At that time, during those budget discussions, we
09:37:12 committed to providing you period yuck updates on
09:37:15 the work that they're -- periodic updates on the
09:37:18 work we're doing.

09:37:19 I'd like Lynn Shultz from the small business
09:37:21 information center at the county give us an
09:37:24 update.
09:37:24 Thank you, Lynn.
09:37:25 >> Thank you.
09:37:26 Good morning.
09:37:27 I don't have an eight-page report.
09:37:28 However I do have a short powerpoint I'd like to
09:37:31 present to you, updating you on the status of the
09:37:34 east Tampa and Ybor city CRAs and the business
09:37:39 technical assistance we've established in those
09:37:40 areas I was fortunate to speak to you
09:37:42 approximately a year ago, many of you were able to
09:37:45 see my report, my proposal at that time, that we
09:37:48 were partnering, hopefully partnering with the
09:37:51 city of Tampa to establish the business technical
09:37:55 assistance program in east Tampa and Ybor city.
09:37:58 We're produce proud to announce Hillsborough
09:38:01 county and the city of Tampa have formed that
09:38:02 partnership, the program was launched in April of
09:38:05 2010.
09:38:05 At this point -- there's know powerpoint.
09:38:10 At this point I will provide you the quarterly
09:38:13 update which will include the month of April, may
09:38:15 and June.
09:38:16 Some of the numbers I do have through August,
09:38:19 which include new businesses but I'll get into
09:38:22 that shortly.
09:38:22 What I'd like to start out with is the history on
09:38:25 the SBIC, small business information center.
09:38:28 Some of the services and resources that we provide
09:38:30 throughout Hillsborough county and within the city
09:38:32 of Tampa.
09:38:33 Our mission is to support economic development to
09:38:37 entrepreneurs who are creating or expanding that
09:38:39 you are businesses, small minority and women owned
09:38:43 and veteran owned businesses throughout
09:38:45 Hillsborough county.
09:38:46 Since October of 2009 until July 2010, we have
09:38:49 provided over 32,000 points of assistance to
09:38:52 business owners throughout hillsborough county and
09:38:57 within the city of Tampa.
09:38:58 We're proud that we travel all over the county,
09:39:00 providing business technical assistance to all

09:39:02 businesses, whether it be in the town and county,
09:39:05 new Tampa area, and also focus in east Tampa, west
09:39:09 Tampa and Ybor city.
09:39:11 The business technical assistance includes free
09:39:15 one-on-one confidential counseling that we partner
09:39:17 with various partners to provide that free
09:39:21 counseling.
09:39:21 We host workshops throughout the county like I
09:39:24 mentioned from new Tampa, pretty much everywhere
09:39:27 throughout Hillsborough county as well as clients
09:39:29 who walk in the doors at the SBIC offices and
09:39:32 satellite offices throughout the county.
09:39:37 Our partnerships that we have formed over the last
09:39:39 ten years include just a few of them, that are
09:39:42 listed here.
09:39:43 The city of Tampa, of course, the Ybor city
09:39:45 development corporation as well as the east Tampa
09:39:47 redevelopment office and east Tampa partnership
09:39:49 which consists of the economic development
09:39:52 subcommittee as well.
09:39:53 I'll get into each of those in more specific
09:39:55 detail as we go into my presentation.
09:39:57 As listed here, the small business development, we
09:40:02 partner with them to provide that one-on-one
09:40:05 confidential counseling to the business owners
09:40:06 through the entire county.
09:40:08 The small business administration we're very
09:40:10 fortunate to have them co-located with us in our
09:40:12 office, which is located on 56th street north of
09:40:16 king high school.
09:40:18 Additionally Hispanic business initiative fund due
09:40:21 to the high Hispanic population throughout
09:40:24 Hillsborough county there is a need for workshops
09:40:26 and business counseling to be conducted in spanish
09:40:29 for the business owners.
09:40:30 Score, organization of retired executives, also
09:40:33 located in our office with us on 56th street, they
09:40:35 also provide workshops, their workshops are
09:40:39 primarily hosted at our office on 56th street.
09:40:42 They go out and meet business owners as well as
09:40:45 provide free counseling throughout the county and
09:40:47 surrounding counties.
09:40:49 The next one listed here, Tampa bay economic
09:40:54 development corporation on 56th street office,

09:40:57 they oversee various loan programs, somebody is
09:41:00 looking to purchase a building, new equipment,
09:41:02 improve their building they can visit those folks
09:41:04 within our office as well.
09:41:06 Hillsborough county public library property, we go
09:41:09 throughout the county, the library is our primary
09:41:12 source of where we host our workshops.
09:41:14 They provide us a space to host a classroom
09:41:17 setting.
09:41:18 And then the greater Brandon chamber of commerce,
09:41:21 we have established a satellite office on two
09:41:24 years ago, start agent that location, one day per
09:41:26 week, providing business counseling.
09:41:28 That has increased due to the demand of the miss
09:41:30 owners throughout the county, or through that
09:41:32 specific area.
09:41:33 We have increased now that we're there at that
09:41:35 location two days per week.
09:41:37 We host workshops at the Brandon chamber on a
09:41:39 monthly basis.
09:41:41 Just a general idea, some of the workshops that we
09:41:44 host, this is just a sampling of some of them we
09:41:46 host.
09:41:47 We add others based on requests from our business
09:41:50 owners and what the need is based on the current
09:41:53 economic time.
09:41:54 Night going to go through each of these.
09:41:56 I will highlight some of the ones that are most
09:41:58 highly attended right now.
09:41:59 It seems to be that the businesses are trying to
09:42:01 go back to the basics and survive in the current
09:42:04 climate.
09:42:05 Bookkeeping essentials, we're averaging over 40
09:42:09 business attendees to these workshops.
09:42:11 Also the restaurant series which is a two-part
09:42:13 series, we're averaging about 22 people attending
09:42:16 those workshops as well.
09:42:17 Now, getting into more specifics on the two
09:42:21 program that did launch in April of 2010.
09:42:24 Starting with east Tampa, the satellite office was
09:42:27 established in east Tampa at the end of April,
09:42:30 2010.
09:42:30 At this location we do physically have office
09:42:33 space that we provide free one-on-one confidential

09:42:36 counseling to the clients in those areas.
09:42:38 We're there two days a week, typically Wednesday
09:42:41 and Friday, sometimes that alternates based on
09:42:43 appointments that are scheduled.
09:42:45 If we do not have appointments scheduled within
09:42:47 the office at that location we are out in the
09:42:49 community visiting the businesses and providing
09:42:52 them resources and letting them nope the services
09:42:55 provided at the east Tampa office.
09:42:56 In addition at that office we have a resource
09:43:00 center set up, within the office space, so that if
09:43:03 perhaps we're not there on a specific day of the
09:43:04 week and somebody comes, in and they're looking
09:43:06 for information, they can visit all of our
09:43:09 different -- we have walls covered with fliers and
09:43:11 information, that they can access.
09:43:13 Then schedule a future appointment with us when we
09:43:15 are in the office.
09:43:19 And as we're out in the community, and as well as
09:43:22 providing the counseling within the office, just
09:43:23 to highlight some of the things that have been
09:43:26 point of interest among the business owners, and
09:43:29 information that we're dispersing throughout the
09:43:31 community, I'd like to highlight the facade
09:43:34 improvement program.
09:43:36 We have helped key create awareness of the program
09:43:39 throughout east Tampa and sent several business
09:43:41 owners to their office to seek information on the
09:43:43 facade improvement program and hopefully take
09:43:46 advantage of that as well as the enterprise zone,
09:43:48 east Tampa and enterprise city are within the
09:43:51 enterprise zone.
09:43:52 I happen to be the Hillsborough county enterprise
09:43:55 zone coordinator.
09:43:56 We're familiar out in the community providing the
09:43:58 information and centers they can -- tax center
09:44:02 they can take advantage of.
09:44:04 And just some numbers to highlight since we've
09:44:07 been established, since the end of April, 2010 we
09:44:09 have provided over 70 hours of one-on-one
09:44:12 confidential counseling to 49 business owners
09:44:14 throughout the east Tampa area.
09:44:16 And this is not including the additional 159
09:44:20 businesses that we have gone out and visited to

09:44:21 make sure that they are aware of the services free
09:44:23 and available to them to access.
09:44:25 We're also as part of the program with the east
09:44:31 Tampa office, we're hosting workshops at that
09:44:34 location, police station on 22nd street.
09:44:36 And, yes, construct has been fun.
09:44:39 On 22nd street.
09:44:40 We hosted our first workshop July 28, the
09:44:43 enterprise zone in your business workshop.
09:44:45 We had seven attendees and scored a 5 out of 5 ON
09:44:47 the evaluation.
09:44:50 I'd like to point out of two those attendees have
09:44:52 been continuously taking our workshops and
09:44:55 receiving counseling from the small business
09:44:56 information center on a regular basis.
09:44:58 Additional workshops are scheduled at the east
09:45:04 Tampa redevelopment office on 22nd street.
09:45:06 Our next workshop is September 22nd, it is a smart
09:45:09 start your business workshop, as of this morning
09:45:12 we had 10 people register for the workshop.
09:45:14 It is titled smart start.
09:45:16 However it is to both existing and potential
09:45:18 business owners within the east Tampa area, who
09:45:22 may relocate to the east Tampa area.
09:45:24 It is amazing how many businesses are already in
09:45:27 business don't have the basics and don't know what
09:45:30 licensing is required of them.
09:45:32 We have several attendees for this workshop
09:45:33 already in business as well.
09:45:35 And then between now and March 31, 2011 we will
09:45:41 have five additional workshops that are very
09:45:43 specific to that area.
09:45:46 And then I'm not going to read through one of
09:45:49 these numbers, I'll go to the grand total.
09:45:51 Since April of 2010 through the end of July, 104
09:45:54 new businesses opened in the east Tampa area.
09:45:56 This is according to the Hillsborough county
09:45:58 business tax office.
09:46:00 What we do is we go out and visit these businesses
09:46:03 if they're on the commercial corridors, not
09:46:05 home-based.
09:46:06 If it's a home-based business we mail the
09:46:08 information to them.
09:46:09 But the businesses who are located on the main

09:46:12 corridors we go out and visit them and provide
09:46:14 them the information and make sure they are
09:46:17 tapping into the resources that we're providing at
09:46:19 the east Tampa office.
09:46:20 And then just a recap of everything, of total
09:46:28 client counsel, hours, just over 70 hours to those
09:46:31 49 clients.
09:46:32 And the resources we provide is over 159.
09:46:35 You're looking at 319 points OF assistance that we
09:46:39 have provided in the east Tampa area.
09:46:44 A few business testimonials, I won't read them out
09:46:47 loud individually.
09:46:48 You can see them on your screen.
09:46:50 There has definitely been a need and they're very
09:46:55 receptive of the community, the business owners
09:46:57 enjoying the services, appreciative of the
09:46:59 services and we hope to continue providing lots
09:47:01 more great service and resources to them that they
09:47:04 may not have been aware of prior to our
09:47:06 establishment of the SBIC office at that location.
09:47:10 Going into the Ybor city business technical
09:47:12 assistance program, this is a little different
09:47:14 than what has been established in east Tampa.
09:47:17 We do not have a physical satellite location in
09:47:20 Ybor city.
09:47:20 However we are going to the business owners' place
09:47:23 of business and providing them that same
09:47:25 one-on-one confidential counseling.
09:47:27 We're typically there on Fridays, we try to do by
09:47:30 appointment only, but if we do not have
09:47:32 appointments scheduled we are also going
09:47:34 door-to-door in that community to make sure they
09:47:36 know they can tap into the free resources
09:47:39 available to them.
09:47:40 In addition to the counseling that we're providing
09:47:44 at the business locations, this project includes a
09:47:47 phase one and phase two of a potential incubator
09:47:50 to be established hopefully in the Ybor city area.
09:47:53 Kind of jumped ahead.
09:47:55 We are as I mentioned, the business counselors are
09:47:58 providing technical assistance at the owner's
09:48:00 place of business.
09:48:03 And just a highlight of some of the services and
09:48:05 information that we're providing to the business

09:48:07 owners, very similar to the east Tampa program,
09:48:10 again Ybor city is an enterprise zone we're making
09:48:13 sure they are aware of the incentive there is.
09:48:16 And some numbers between April, 2010 and August
09:48:20 2010, business counselors have provides over 65
09:48:24 hours of counseling to 62 businesses in the Ybor
09:48:26 city area.
09:48:29 And according to the Hillsborough county taxes
09:48:32 list here, there is a total of 14 businesses that
09:48:34 have opened between April and July in the Ybor
09:48:37 city area.
09:48:38 Just like the east Tampa program, we go to these
09:48:40 businesses if they are on a main corridor, provide
09:48:43 them information, or mail the information if they
09:48:46 were a home-based business.
09:48:47 And then here is a recap of the Ybor city as well.
09:48:56 The phase one, the foundation phase of the
09:48:59 business, the potential business incubator to be
09:49:02 established in Ybor city, phase one, will be
09:49:05 complete by September 30, that will include the
09:49:07 following components that you see on your screen
09:49:09 there.
09:49:10 And then moving on to phase two, where we get into
09:49:14 more of assessing a local real estate location
09:49:17 where the incubator possibly could locate.
09:49:21 To phase two will be complete during the fiscal year
09:49:24 2011.
09:49:24 My goal personally is to have it done by January.
09:49:35 Testimonials, we have a few testimonials here of
09:49:38 those that have been grateful of the services
09:49:41 provided.
09:49:43 Also, something new, that I'm working closely with
09:49:46 Ed on, is establishing the enterprise zone
09:49:49 program.
09:49:50 The city and the county are potentially going to
09:49:53 partner to oversee the enterprise zone program.
09:49:56 As I mention, I am the Hillsborough county
09:49:59 enterprise zone coordinator.
09:50:01 What we're trying to do hopefully by October is
09:50:04 establish a program between the city and the
09:50:06 county.
09:50:06 We'll all be overseeing the enterprise zone for
09:50:08 east Tampa, Ybor city and west Tampa, providing
09:50:12 community outreach, making sure they are aware of

09:50:15 the program, assisting them with filling out their
09:50:18 applications.
09:50:18 Ed and I will be working together on that program.
09:50:22 And at that this point if there are questions
09:50:25 and/or comments.
09:50:26 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Commissioner Stokes.
09:50:28 >>Curtis Stokes: Good morning.
09:50:29 >> Thank you.
09:50:30 >>Curtis Stokes: Thank you for the work you do
09:50:32 with the enterprise zones.
09:50:33 From your list of partners, I notice that the
09:50:36 BVIC, business investment corporation, wasn't
09:50:41 listed.
09:50:42 They are a financing arm for the businesses that
09:50:47 you have counselled.
09:50:51 They're able to provide technical assistance,
09:50:54 financing for startups, 104 startup new businesses
09:50:58 that you helped train between April and July.
09:51:02 Any reason why they're not included, any plans to
09:51:06 get them included as a partner?
09:51:07 >> We do distribute their resources as well.
09:51:10 We have their information located at the east
09:51:12 Tampa office, a brochure.
09:51:14 I just highlighted the partnerships that are
09:51:16 inclusive within our office and then also the
09:51:18 satellite offices listed here.
09:51:20 They are definitely one of our partners and one of
09:51:21 the resources that we provide information on.
09:51:24 We have a lot of fliers and brochures.
09:51:26 >>Curtis Stokes: Great, I didn't see it in your
09:51:28 material.
09:51:28 Thank you.
09:51:29 >>Thomas Scott: The satellite office, are you in
09:51:34 the same building with Ed Johnson?
09:51:36 >> Yes.
09:51:38 >>Thomas Scott: Then there is partnering with --
09:51:41 how are you all coordinating the facade, is there
09:51:48 coordination with that program with Ed?
09:51:49 >> Yes.
09:51:50 As our counselors are in the community we have the
09:51:53 fliers that Michelle and Ed provide to us and
09:51:55 we're referring them back to Ed and Michelle to
09:51:57 get more additional information on the facade
09:52:00 improvement program.

09:52:01 We're passing out and distributing the fliers,
09:52:04 actively.
09:52:05 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Anyone else?
09:52:10 >>Mary Mulhern: This is great to hear the work
09:52:11 you're doing, amazing what you have done in a
09:52:13 year.
09:52:14 >> Thank you.
09:52:15 >>Mary Mulhern: So the east Tampa satellite office
09:52:16 is at the police station, 22nd street.
09:52:20 >> Yes.
09:52:21 >>Mary Mulhern: Where is the Ybor city one?
09:52:23 >> It's virtual, basically we're on foot.
09:52:26 If we need to we can utilize the YCDC office if
09:52:30 the client wants to meet at that location, based
09:52:32 on where they prefer to meet.
09:52:34 Our goal there is to go to the business owner's
09:52:36 place of business.
09:52:37 Typically in Ybor city it's a one-person shop.
09:52:42 They can't leave their place of business.
09:52:44 We go there to create a convenience for them.
09:52:46 If they have a customer that walks in their
09:52:48 priority is to attend to the customer and we wait
09:52:50 for them and then continue the counseling service.
09:52:54 >>Mary Mulhern: And the Brandon --
09:52:56 >> We're not on foot as much in that area.
09:53:00 We will if the client is interested.
09:53:02 We offer that service throughout the county, if
09:53:04 somebody can't leave their place of business we go
09:53:06 to them.
09:53:07 But we're there two days a week, Tuesdays and
09:53:11 Wednesday at Brandon.
09:53:12 >>Mary Mulhern: If some one wants to get in touch
09:53:15 with you, where, physically, address, and e-mail
09:53:18 and phone number.
09:53:19 >> Our main office is located 56th street.
09:53:21 And they can do a referral to any of the other
09:53:24 satellite offices.
09:53:25 Typically, what will happen, they'll identify
09:53:27 where that business is located and maybe suggest
09:53:29 one of the other locations that might be more
09:53:32 convenient for them whether it be Brandon, east
09:53:33 Tampa or Ybor.
09:53:35 >>Mary Mulhern: Okay, thanks.
09:53:37 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Thank you very much.

09:53:39 Very good report.
09:53:39 >> Thank you.
09:53:47 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Thank you, Lynn.
09:53:48 Great to have partners like that that we can work
09:53:51 with.
09:53:51 >> And Leverage our resources with.
09:53:54 And we're excited about the work going on there.
09:53:56 My able assistant reminded me that I continue to
09:54:00 struggle to know how to count.
09:54:02 And I missed item 3 on the agenda.
09:54:05 Which had to do with your community board
09:54:08 meetings.
09:54:11 Remember, you have a policy in place where on a
09:54:14 four times a year, you have a meeting, in one of
09:54:17 our redevelopment areas.
09:54:19 This year the month of February, we're in Ybor
09:54:26 city.
09:54:26 In April you were in the channel district.
09:54:29 We had been working on a meeting in downtown, you
09:54:32 might recall, that got delayed.
09:54:34 This was going to focus on the high-speed rail
09:54:38 station planning effort.
09:54:42 We recently had, and some of you attended that, a
09:54:45 conference that was put on by the Florida high
09:54:48 speed rail enterprise.
09:54:50 It was actually an all-day event, the afternoon
09:54:54 had to do with the opportunities for disadvantaged
09:54:57 businesses and the evening was a public forum
09:55:00 about the planning work that is going on, and the
09:55:03 progress of the high-speed rail.
09:55:06 At this point, I wanted to really seek your
09:55:10 guidance about when and if and what you'd like to
09:55:14 do as another community forum.
09:55:18 Your policy says that in the month of October,
09:55:21 thereabouts, you would have one -- I would be
09:55:28 happy to entertain ideas as a staff.
09:55:30 We do not have a particular recommendation at this
09:55:33 time.
09:55:33 Normally we seem to have something going on of
09:55:35 interest in a particular redevelopment area, which
09:55:38 would cause reason for you, maybe, to target
09:55:42 average community meeting in a redevelopment area.
09:55:45 But at this time we don't have such a situation.
09:55:50 So, really, it's open for your discussion and

09:55:53 guidance to me.
09:55:54 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Any questions?
09:55:58 >>Mary Mulhern: I'd like to suggest that I think
09:56:00 it would be a good idea to do a downtown one.
09:56:03 Because we haven't con that.
09:56:05 We haven't done that.
09:56:06 That is where a lot of economic activity is
09:56:09 happening.
09:56:10 I mean, there's lots to certainly talk about, the
09:56:14 Campbell's project, the new children's museum, art
09:56:18 museum, the park.
09:56:19 >> Okay.
09:56:20 Yes, there are a lot of things happening in
09:56:22 downtown.
09:56:23 >>Mary Mulhern: It seems like we've done pretty
09:56:25 much all of the other ones.
09:56:27 >> Yes.
09:56:28 >>Mary Mulhern: Maybe not Tampa heights.
09:56:30 About it, it is kind of slow over there.
09:56:32 >> You did Tampa heights a year ago.
09:56:34 >>Mary Mulhern We did?
09:56:35 >> Yes.
09:56:36 Actually, I will report that their President
09:56:38 requested that you come back to the heights.
09:56:41 But with some of the events unfolding there, we
09:56:44 weren't sure how productive that would be.
09:56:47 >>Mary Mulhern: Well, I would think to have a
09:56:49 meeting downtown.
09:56:50 Maybe at one of the new museums.
09:56:52 >>Thomas Scott: I think the downtown area --
09:57:00 Mr. Chairman?
09:57:01 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Yes.
09:57:02 >>Thomas Scott: The downtown area is the only one
09:57:04 we haven't had a meeting in.
09:57:06 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Yes.
09:57:07 >>Thomas Scott: And they're all set up on a
09:57:09 rotating basis, I guess.
09:57:14 >>Joseph P. Caetano: All right, we will --
09:57:17 >> All right, we will move to work to putting one
09:57:19 together downtown.
09:57:20 >>Thomas Scott: What I would suggest, is
09:57:23 supposedly we're still working on these
09:57:25 transportation meetings, in the various areas.
09:57:29 So you all have scheduled a lot of meetings in

09:57:32 October, I know, a lot of meetings.
09:57:37 >> Evening meetings?
09:57:39 >>Thomas Scott: That we may want to look at, maybe
09:57:41 combine some of them.
09:57:42 I don't know.
09:57:43 If the opportunity presents.
09:57:45 >>Mary Mulhern: That's a good idea.
09:57:46 Or do it in November.
09:57:48 Wait.
09:57:49 >>Thomas Scott: You may want to give Mr. Shelby
09:57:51 who has been working on the transportation
09:57:54 meetings, when we schedule, I think, in October.
09:57:57 Maybe we can do something jointly, I don't know.
09:58:00 >> I will follow up on that.
09:58:03 >>Thomas Scott: Just dialogue and talk about it.
09:58:04 >> Yes, you have given me some good direction.
09:58:09 >>Yvonne Capin: Also November is the
09:58:10 ribbon-cutting for the streetcar.
09:58:12 >> Um-hum.
09:58:13 >>Yvonne Capin: A lot of activity.
09:58:14 >>Mary Mulhern That would be a good one.
09:58:16 >> The extension of the streetcar.
09:58:17 >>Yvonne Capin: Yes.
09:58:21 That would be excellent there.
09:58:23 >> Okay.
09:58:26 I appreciate that guidance.
09:58:27 And I will work with it, and move forward.
09:58:31 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Thank you Mr. Huey.
09:58:33 >> The next item is another presentation update
09:58:35 that we have for you, earlier with miss best when
09:58:41 she was here presenting, we talked about 22nd
09:58:43 street and the important improvements that are
09:58:46 getting ready to happen that the communities are
09:58:48 excited about.
09:58:49 Well, there is another 22nd street initiative,
09:58:52 that we wanted to make sure you were updated on,
09:58:55 that is piggybacking on top of that infrastructure
09:58:59 investment.
09:58:59 And at this time, I'd like to have Ed come up and
09:59:02 share more about that.
09:59:03 >> Thank you, mark.
09:59:10 Good morning, board.
09:59:12 Ed Johnson, CRA manager for east Tampa.
09:59:16 Let me get the powerpoint out.

09:59:19 Here we go.
09:59:20 What mark was alluding to is that we have an
09:59:24 opportunity to utilize the neighborhood
09:59:28 stabilization $10 million funding that we received
09:59:32 recently to do a multi-family initiative along
09:59:37 22nd street, kind of co-existing with our
09:59:41 enhancement project that we are under way with.
09:59:46 This presentation this morning will highlight some
09:59:48 of that for you.
09:59:50 Next slide.
09:59:51 Will show you the purpose of this presentation, it
09:59:54 is for me to explain to you, this $10 million and
09:59:59 funding for this opportunity, describing our 22nd
10:00:01 street initiative, providing some status of the
10:00:05 RFP process that we are engaging as we speak,
10:00:09 seeking a private developer for this 22nd street
10:00:11 project.
10:00:11 And then describe the next steps in the process.
10:00:16 The next slide, kind of gives you the background
10:00:19 behind this east Tampa NSP2 funding.
10:00:26 In JANUARY 2010 the housing urban department
10:00:29 awarded the Tampa housing authority with $38
10:00:32 million for the neighborhood stabilization 2
10:00:35 program funding.
10:00:37 And it is called NSP2.
10:00:40 $28 million of the funding was set aside for the
10:00:44 infrastructure work for the encore project over at
10:00:46 central park.
10:00:47 And then the remaining $10 million would be used
10:00:49 for the greater east Tampa for acquisition,
10:00:54 rehabilitation, construction and land banking
10:00:57 foreclosed property and vacant land within the
10:01:02 area.
10:01:02 We believe investing the funds in multi-family
10:01:06 development will foster redevelopment of vacant
10:01:08 land along our major corridors like 22nd street.
10:01:11 Our overview here, our goal, is to encourage a
10:01:18 privately developed, affordable multi-family
10:01:20 rental community.
10:01:22 We believe that on this particular site, we will
10:01:25 get somewhere in the neighborhood of between 50
10:01:28 and 75 units of affordable housing.
10:01:31 And under the NFP2 program, that requirement was
10:01:38 that, for this $10 million, we had to create at

10:01:40 least 100 units of affordable housing.
10:01:44 So second bullet, we'll leverage the $10 million
10:01:47 of NSP2 funding with other state, federal and
10:01:51 city-owned land.
10:01:53 We're also proposing that the site for the NSP2
10:01:58 focus would be located along our phase 2 of our
10:02:00 22nd street enhancement project, which is located
10:02:04 at links street.
10:02:07 Why is this site so significant?
10:02:09 This site also compliments the attractive Belmont
10:02:13 heights estate located right across the street,
10:02:16 I'll show new a subsequent slide.
10:02:19 Also, the site was acquired in 2008 through a TIF
10:02:24 investment of $461,000 where we where we purchased
10:02:29 seven lots available at this site and combined
10:02:31 those with the other city-owned land to make this
10:02:34 an attractive site for potential developers.
10:02:38 Also, this investment compliments the $9 million
10:02:41 of TIF we're investing in the 22nd street
10:02:45 enhancement, currently under way with phase one
10:02:47 starting up Dr. Martin Luther king going down to
10:02:51 lake avenue.
10:02:51 Again, this location also leverages neighborhood
10:02:55 investment and other amenities.
10:02:57 This is A pretty busy slide but what I wanted to
10:03:03 show you here, the darker area is the Belmont
10:03:05 heights estate project.
10:03:07 And the project that we're talking about is
10:03:12 bordered in red, that is the site of the potential
10:03:15 development, right in front of that huge retention
10:03:19 pond, located on 26th avenue.
10:03:25 Lee Davis center is nearby, Tampa police
10:03:27 department, redevelopment offices are nearby.
10:03:30 Great location.
10:03:32 For continuing the multi-family development.
10:03:35 And as you recall, some of our previous slides
10:03:38 where we showed you the work that we're working on
10:03:40 the 22nd street to make the enhancement project.
10:03:48 On the left side is the Belmont heights estate, on
10:03:51 the right side is the proposed site.
10:03:53 And of course in the middle is the enhancement
10:03:55 that we're going to make along 22nd street just in
10:03:58 front of where the project takes place.
10:04:00 So, update, where are we in the RFP process?

10:04:07 The RFP was issued on April 19, seeking this
10:04:11 developer, development entity.
10:04:13 We have six proposals that were received.
10:04:17 The three that scored the highest were then
10:04:20 advanced for our financial analysis portion on
10:04:24 July 29.
10:04:25 Those proposals included the plans, cost
10:04:29 estimates, financial feasibility to fund the
10:04:31 project and also an assurance from the prospective
10:04:35 developer they would start the project in a timely
10:04:37 manner.
10:04:40 We're also looking at selfing some NSP2 fund from
10:04:46 our $10 million grant from HUD, also tiff, state
10:04:54 and/or federal funds and also city-owned land.
10:04:57 As I stated earlier, we purchased some property
10:04:59 with tiff, and we also had some pre-existing
10:05:03 vacant lots that were already in the city's
10:05:05 inventory that we combined to make this a
10:05:08 development subsidy that could be used for also
10:05:12 gap financing.
10:05:13 The financial reviews were completed September 10.
10:05:17 And we are scheduled right now, to reconvene the
10:05:22 committee to review the financial work that our
10:05:24 outside financial consultant has prepared, the
10:05:29 recap of all three of those individual proposals,
10:05:32 that we will review.
10:05:36 Finally our next steps, review committee, which is
10:05:39 made up of staff and also a representative from
10:05:42 our community advisory committee, will make the
10:05:44 final selection of the developer by September 30.
10:05:48 At that time then we will start negotiating with
10:05:50 the developer to reach an agreement which will --
10:05:55 which may include tiff funded land for approval to
10:05:57 the CAC, CRA board and council in November of this
10:06:03 year and hopefully construction will get targeted
10:06:05 for 2011.
10:06:11 So that is my report on that.
10:06:13 If you have any questions, I'd be glad to
10:06:15 entertain them at this time.
10:06:16 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Mr. Scott?
10:06:18 >>Thomas Scott: Yes, thank you and your staff for
10:06:20 what you are doing in east Tampa.
10:06:23 Let me raise a question.
10:06:24 In the RFP was there any language in there, that

10:06:28 spoke to the encouragement or participation of
10:06:32 WMBEs?
10:06:33 >> Yes, sir.
10:06:36 As a matter of fact, the new language that was
10:06:37 added to this particular RFP also included the
10:06:40 work that we have been working with our community
10:06:43 advisory committee and our employment task force,
10:06:45 and we have crafted language that encourages the
10:06:48 developers to not only hire WMBEs, but residents
10:06:54 from the community.
10:06:55 Which was very important, very important aspect of
10:06:59 us utilizing the tiff resources to fund these kind
10:07:01 of projects.
10:07:02 We wanted to make sure folks from our community
10:07:05 are employed on the developments that happen
10:07:08 within this community.
10:07:09 There is language within the RFP that highly
10:07:13 encourages them.
10:07:13 There's points to assess in the review process.
10:07:18 >>Thomas Scott: Can you tell us what are the
10:07:19 points, what is the percentage, if you have that
10:07:21 in that language?
10:07:22 >> We did not set it as a percentage goal.
10:07:26 It's the language that we were highly encouraging
10:07:29 them to hire folks from the community.
10:07:31 But we did not put --
10:07:34 >>Thomas Scott Okay.
10:07:35 Let me follow up, what if I don't follow your
10:07:38 highly encouragement in your -- how do you address
10:07:41 that?
10:07:44 How would that be addressed?
10:07:45 You put in the RFP that you highly encourage, I
10:07:48 understand that.
10:07:49 But what if I, as a developer, come along and I
10:07:52 did not use any minorities or any RMBEs in that?
10:07:58 >> Will be a penalty assessed.
10:08:01 Obviously.
10:08:02 There is language in all of the developers that
10:08:05 came to the pre-RFP process, did make a commitment
10:08:10 that they would seek to hire folks from our
10:08:14 community through our partners.
10:08:16 And the partners that were mentioned in the RFP
10:08:18 were the CDC of Tampa and also workforce
10:08:21 development.

10:08:22 There is language in there for them to make sure
10:08:24 that they utilize these services.
10:08:26 And if not, we will be controlling that through
10:08:29 our contract administration process, and also the
10:08:33 community will be monitoring that through our
10:08:35 partnership with the CDC of Tampa and workforce
10:08:38 development.
10:08:38 >>Thomas Scott: Let me follow up one last
10:08:40 question.
10:08:40 What I like to have from you, from mark, who ever,
10:08:44 I want to know, today, how much money have we
10:08:46 spent from the tiff dollars in east Tampa.
10:08:49 And I want to know from that, how much of that was
10:08:54 made available, how much participation was made
10:08:57 available to WMBEs and residents in east Tampa.
10:09:02 Okay, so we have spent millions of dollars in east
10:09:05 Tampa.
10:09:05 Those millions of dollars, I want to know, see a
10:09:08 breakdown, by ethnicity, by male-female, how many
10:09:17 dollars that they receive from the expenditure
10:09:20 from those and residents.
10:09:26 Mr. Stokes?
10:09:27 >>Curtis Stokes: As we're developing the
10:09:32 affordable housing along 22nd, commercial
10:09:36 corridors seems as if something that is lacking in
10:09:39 the redevelopment of that CRA.
10:09:42 Can you speak to plans to develop commercial
10:09:47 corridors and get commercial development going in
10:09:49 east Tampa?
10:09:50 >> Yes.
10:09:53 Great question, we are still purchasing property
10:09:58 when it's available, especially in the area where
10:10:02 we made the recent -- not recent, couple of years
10:10:04 ago, bought the Gene's ball property.
10:10:09 We purchased several other properties just south
10:10:11 and west of that location, which we have
10:10:15 successfully acquired.
10:10:17 And we are, at one point we're going to continue
10:10:20 to look for retail and commercial development
10:10:24 opportunities on this property.
10:10:26 We're negotiating right now with several business
10:10:29 owners, property owners, on some adjoining
10:10:32 properties there also that hopefully within the
10:10:36 next several months we'll be able to put out again

10:10:38 another RFP, seeking commercial retail development
10:10:43 to build something along the 22nd street corridor.
10:10:46 One of the proposed developers for the 22nd street
10:10:52 multi-family did submit their proposal with a
10:10:56 mixed use component to it.
10:10:58 They're looking at that, if possibly even being
10:11:01 some small retail or commercial to be added to
10:11:04 this development, too.
10:11:05 We're going to obviously look at all of that when
10:11:08 we review it.
10:11:10 >>Curtis Stokes: Thank you.
10:11:11 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Yes, Ms. Capin?
10:11:13 >>Yvonne Capin: In reference to the $10 million,
10:11:16 the requirement was 100 units.
10:11:19 >> Correct.
10:11:20 >>Yvonne Capin: And this phase is 70 unit.
10:11:22 >> Possibly.
10:11:23 We belief we can get 50 to 70.
10:11:26 >>Yvonne Capin: That's on the seven lots?
10:11:28 >> Well, that was the seven lots that we purchased
10:11:30 with the $460,000.
10:11:33 But there were other additional properties that
10:11:34 the city had owned.
10:11:36 We're combining those 7 that we purchased with
10:11:39 others.
10:11:39 There's about 15 property in there.
10:11:41 A little over two acres of land in there.
10:11:44 Almost three acres of land.
10:11:46 >>Yvonne Capin: How much frontage on 22nd?
10:11:49 >> It has about, probably about 200 feet on
10:11:55 frontage on 22nd itself.
10:11:57 >>Yvonne Capin: Okay.
10:11:58 Thank you.
10:12:00 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Thank you Mr. Johnson.
10:12:02 Anyone else?
10:12:03 >> Thank you.
10:12:04 >> We look forward to updating you on that important
10:12:16 initiative.
10:12:16 Next, we have update for you on the Ybor vision
10:12:20 plan.
10:12:20 I'd like to have Vince Pardo come up and kick that
10:12:24 off.
10:12:24 We have a presentation by the consultant who hah
10:12:27 been working on that for us.

10:12:29 But this is something we've been keeping you
10:12:32 posted on.
10:12:32 So today we look forward to immersing you in the
10:12:35 work that's been Going on.
10:12:40 >> Good morning, Vince Pardo, Ybor city
10:12:46 development manager.
10:12:48 Pleasure coming to you today with a report.
10:12:52 You've all received the full report this past
10:12:54 week.
10:12:55 Combination of a lot of work as you'll hear today.
10:12:59 Making the report is Mr. Tony Garcia from the
10:13:02 planning commission, which was our interlocal
10:13:03 agreement consultant.
10:13:07 And with Tony is Steve SHUcraft with HVR, input
10:13:14 with the community and working through this.
10:13:16 Just a little bit of feedback, we did our first
10:13:19 vision map in 2005.
10:13:21 You may remember in 2003 we updated the CRA plan
10:13:25 for Ybor one.
10:13:26 First update since its inception in 1988, long
10:13:31 overdue.
10:13:32 We realized as mark and his department were coming
10:13:35 together, you have strategic action plans, a lot
10:13:37 of them in CRAs, Ybor city with the historic
10:13:41 properties is not something we will look at doing
10:13:42 a clean slate of anything.
10:13:44 We're WEAVing around historic properties and
10:13:47 things.
10:13:47 Most of that 2005 plan dealt with operational
10:13:50 kinds of things.
10:13:50 We need ordinances on this, on that.
10:13:52 It mainly was set in place to really set a tone
10:13:56 for future councils and future administrations
10:13:59 that we're getting complaint that the city says
10:14:01 you want to have this, but you possible an
10:14:04 ordinance or policy that sometimes does the
10:14:06 reverse of that.
10:14:06 We want to get away from that schizophrenic kind
10:14:10 of thing.
10:14:10 We feel that the original vision plan did that
10:14:12 even though it was financed by Ybor 1, it EMbraced
10:14:16 the city in one area over the other.
10:14:19 We found in the last year that we wanted to have
10:14:21 more fess physicality as residential component

10:14:24 becomes more and more important in the city,
10:14:26 always has been, as far as development.
10:14:28 We wanted to have an amendment to the plan.
10:14:30 We're not having two Ybor city vision plans.
10:14:33 This is an amendment to the original plan.
10:14:34 We have a comprehensive plan.
10:14:36 It was financed through with tiff out of Ybor 2
10:14:40 and gives more specificity in public, good 90%
10:14:43 deals with all of Ybor 2 and that component.
10:14:46 Together, I think that brought a comprehensive
10:14:48 vision for Ybor.
10:14:49 With that, I'll introduce Tony Garcia and have him
10:14:52 kick off the presentation.
10:15:00 >> Good morning, council.
10:15:04 >> State your name for the record.
10:15:05 >> Of course, Tony Garcia with the planning
10:15:07 commission.
10:15:08 I don't need to be sworn in right now.
10:15:10 [ Laughing ]
10:15:10 That's later on tonight.
10:15:15 Pleasure, to be with you this morning in a
10:15:18 different light to talk to you about CRA
10:15:21 specifically for the Ybor city vision plan a
10:15:23 Mr. Pardo talked to you about.
10:15:25 I'm going to have a presentation that will come up
10:15:26 here in a second.
10:15:27 There we go.
10:15:31 As Mr. Huey has said, we are the consultant on the
10:15:34 project.
10:15:35 We were contracted with the INTERlocal agreement,
10:15:39 the planning commission has been.
10:15:41 After we did that, secured that agreement, we
10:15:43 contracted with a consultant that we worked with
10:15:47 in the past, familiar with this type of work, HVR
10:15:51 engineering.
10:15:52 Their project manager is Steve SHUcraft sitting
10:15:56 next to Mr. Pardo.
10:15:57 If you have any specific questions that you would
10:15:59 like to ask regarding -- relating to the plan in
10:16:02 front of you, he will be happy to answer those
10:16:04 questions for you.
10:16:05 Let me get, without further ado, into the
10:16:08 powerpoint.
10:16:13 As Vince has told you, the Ybor city vision plan

10:16:15 was completed in 2005.
10:16:17 CRA 2, really has a lot more life left in it.
10:16:21 You have about 20 years, a little bit more 20
10:16:23 years left in that plan.
10:16:24 The original CRA plan was created in 1988.
10:16:28 It's pretty much in its twilight.
10:16:31 When you see the map, that represents CRA 2,
10:16:42 you'll see that we're looking at a much larger
10:16:46 residential component here when we're looking
10:16:48 at -- you have 7th avenue, which goes across.
10:16:53 So you have -- you're going from sixth avenue
10:16:56 south, MEANDERS me almost down to -- and extends
10:17:02 down, to I think, 26th street to the east and then
10:17:04 you have a little section up there by the
10:17:06 interstate, up in the northwest quadrant up there.
10:17:11 Which I think the German-American club is up
10:17:16 there.
10:17:17 That is a component also.
10:17:18 You have opportunities for A variety of different
10:17:20 things over here.
10:17:20 We know that the character west of 22nd street and
10:17:24 east of 22nd street are significantly different
10:17:26 from a residential aspect.
10:17:28 You have a little bit more opportunity on the
10:17:30 western side for probably a little bit more
10:17:32 mixture of uses, versus a little bit more
10:17:35 opportunity on the east side of 22nd street for
10:17:38 more types of residential redevelopment.
10:17:41 Which is what that particular association is
10:17:43 really interested in Trying to attain.
10:17:46 Let's talk about what we did during the process.
10:17:48 There are some key strategies that we have in the
10:17:51 vision plan.
10:17:55 Preservation and quality development, neighborhood
10:17:58 liveability, streetscapes and public spaces,
10:18:00 connectivity and mobility, infrastructure.
10:18:03 We will be going through those in a little bit
10:18:05 more detail in some of the slides that I will be
10:18:07 talking to you about subsequently.
10:18:10 I want to talk to you a little bit about the
10:18:14 actual public participation that we went through,
10:18:15 the planning process.
10:18:18 Phase one, we had through August and September of
10:18:22 2009.

10:18:23 We met with the neighborhood community
10:18:25 associations, there were two of them.
10:18:27 And we also had another major meeting in the
10:18:32 downtown.
10:18:33 What happened in these meetings is we had Ybor CRA
10:18:38 2 neighborhood issues and ideas report generated,
10:18:40 and also we have preliminary inventory maps that
10:18:43 were developed.
10:18:49 Then we have the phase 2 planning process.
10:18:52 This was undertaken, a little longer process --
10:18:56 I'm going ahead of myself.
10:19:00 I have to get used to this clicker.
10:19:08 This was undertaken January through July of 2010,
10:19:12 resulting in the preparation of the conditions
10:19:14 assessment which really, your YCDC group provided
10:19:18 much information to the consultants to really dig
10:19:21 down and see what your assessment was.
10:19:25 Of a snapshot in time of what we had right over
10:19:27 there in Ybor city.
10:19:29 Then, from that, there was a series of meetings
10:19:31 conducted with the YCDC board with the
10:19:35 neighborhood association, again, with stakeholders
10:19:37 in Ybor city, and also with the planning and
10:19:43 infrastructure subcommittee.
10:19:45 A lot of public involvement, a lot of information
10:19:48 shared throughout the process.
10:19:51 Ultimately, what happened after we had the plan
10:19:53 framework and strategies developed was an action
10:19:55 plan was developed, at the end of that report that
10:19:57 you have in front of you there.
10:19:59 So it's also going to be done in stages.
10:20:02 That action plan, you can see there is a five-year
10:20:04 plan, ten-year plan and long-term plan in there.
10:20:07 Which is a really good thing to have.
10:20:16 So this IS pretty much what I've told you.
10:20:18 We had sessions to get input from a lot of the
10:20:24 people that are stakeholders, residents as well as
10:20:26 business owners.
10:20:28 We had a large scale public workshop in may.
10:20:32 The information that was gained during the work
10:20:34 sessions, as I said, we put that all together in a
10:20:38 framework created, then we had an action plan that
10:20:41 was created.
10:20:45 Some of the subjects that were discussed by the

10:20:48 participants, enhanced safety and security, a
10:20:53 balanced mix of uses, preservation and quality
10:20:56 development, quality streetscapes and public
10:20:59 spaces, improved connectivity and mobility,
10:21:03 effective implementation.
10:21:08 We went into the framework.
10:21:12 And we developed the framework in the action plan
10:21:15 items.
10:21:15 So we went into, we had infrastructure, use
10:21:20 conflicts, transit, pedestrian connectivity,
10:21:25 vacant and underutilized sites, development
10:21:29 potential and market conditions.
10:21:31 So all of these things we went into a little bit
10:21:33 more detail with the people and found out what
10:21:36 their concerns were, what they thought could be
10:21:37 done in the future for these things.
10:21:39 A lot of constructive input we got.
10:21:50 In the planning principles that were developed out
10:21:52 of the framework plan were to promote preservation
10:21:55 and reinvestment, improve the streets and public
10:21:59 spaces and leverage trail enhancements much
10:22:02 getting back to what I talked about in an earlier
10:22:04 slide on the plan strategies, one was preservation
10:22:08 and quality development.
10:22:09 What Came from all of these discussions were these
10:22:11 things.
10:22:13 Preservation programs and incentives of the
10:22:15 concern for infill development, more infill
10:22:18 development, concern about corridor redevelopment,
10:22:21 land use transitions from commercial to
10:22:24 residential to industrial uses, make sure the code
10:22:27 enforcement was targeting the proper areas.
10:22:33 The next area was -- is gone.
10:22:39 Okay, neighborhood liveability.
10:22:42 The concerns were about creating neighborhood
10:22:45 business incentives, to make sure there was proper
10:22:47 neighborhood marketing, the industrial use impacts
10:22:49 were not going to be invasive to the residential
10:22:52 component in the area.
10:22:54 Surface parking limits and reduce and the -- REuse
10:22:57 and the entertainment uses.
10:23:04 Regarding streetscapes and public spaces, a lot of
10:23:09 talk about the 21st and 22nd street redesign.
10:23:12 The city is going get that back in a few years, if

10:23:16 D.O.T. gets control of that.
10:23:18 Once that overpass is done to the cross town
10:23:21 connector, then FDOT is going to give the streets
10:23:25 back to the city of Tampa.
10:23:26 There is a lot of interest in the future of the
10:23:29 character for 21st and 22nd street.
10:23:31 And the 7th avenue streetscape, even though it's
10:23:35 been named in the APA one of the top ten character
10:23:39 roadways, it's still something that is constantly
10:23:42 in a state of refinement.
10:23:44 We're also looking at the streetscape
10:23:47 improvements, south of seventh avenue, a lot of
10:23:49 the streets.
10:23:50 There is a lot of potential for a lot of
10:23:52 improvement.
10:23:53 And modification.
10:23:54 Also talk about alley preservation and
10:23:57 improvement.
10:23:57 Also to create new and to improve public spaces in
10:24:00 the area.
10:24:01 And to make sure that people knew where the
10:24:04 gateways were in Ybor city.
10:24:11 Connectivity and mobility, make sure that there
10:24:14 were proper trail and green way connections, Ybor
10:24:18 city prides itself on being a pedestrian oriented
10:24:21 type of community.
10:24:22 And the high speed rail impacts.
10:24:24 The high speed rail is going to be coming off of
10:24:27 the interstate as it comes into the downtown.
10:24:32 It'll skirt the northern part of Ybor city just
10:24:36 coming right off the interstate, just to the
10:24:38 south.
10:24:38 It will be about 90 feet up in the air when it
10:24:40 comes down, off about 19th street.
10:24:42 There was some concern from the residents, if you
10:24:44 recall the map I showed you, the Ybor two, is
10:24:47 right up in that area.
10:24:48 That a piece of that Ybor two is right up in that
10:24:51 area where the high speed rail is coming tune.
10:24:53 People in that area had concern about how
10:24:57 potentially the high speed rail would impact that
10:24:59 area.
10:24:59 That's not something that we specifically had an
10:25:01 answer for them at that time, but it's something

10:25:03 that we're having to work with a little bit more
10:25:06 with FDOT and the consultant on that project for
10:25:10 the high speed rail.
10:25:11 Of course something that has always been a concern
10:25:14 in Ybor city, infrastructure to make sure that,
10:25:18 because since it is one of the older communities,
10:25:20 you have a lot of aged infrastructure and storm
10:25:24 water issues.
10:25:25 People want to make sure there is an ongoing
10:25:28 coordination between the city and neighborhood
10:25:30 associations and the YCDC as to the concerns for
10:25:32 that area.
10:25:33 Also to make sure there was a fair share of the
10:25:36 allocation of funds as appropriate for the Ybor
10:25:38 city area.
10:25:39 And, again, DRAINAGE issues.
10:25:42 There are parts that experience some significant
10:25:48 storm water impacts.
10:25:51 All that being said, what is going to happen now
10:25:53 with all of these strategies, now you have the
10:25:56 action plan.
10:25:56 So the plan framework was finalized in the
10:26:00 strategies prioritized and incorporated into an
10:26:02 action plan to guide the city and the YCDC
10:26:06 decision-making regarding planning and funds over
10:26:09 the next 20 years.
10:26:10 That's what you have broken down in the back part
10:26:13 of that action plan.
10:26:14 Now, you have an action plan for the CRA that's
10:26:19 really going to be able to assist making a lot of
10:26:21 good decisions.
10:26:22 In the most important thing, we really had a lot
10:26:25 of significant input from all of the stakeholders
10:26:30 in Ybor city.
10:26:31 The YCDC board unanimously adopted the findings
10:26:36 that were done over here.
10:26:37 I'd like to take this opportunity to really thank
10:26:41 HDR.
10:26:42 ThEY Did a wonderful job, specifically
10:26:44 Mr. SHUcraft in making sure that he took a lot of
10:26:48 care in listening to the people very well and
10:26:50 getting their concerns.
10:26:52 Attended.
10:26:53 Meetings.

10:26:53 The people were very active in it.
10:26:56 So I was very, very pleased myself, personally,
10:26:59 with the level of cooperation that we had
10:27:01 throughout the entire process.
10:27:02 That's iters thank you very much.
10:27:03 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Thank you Mr. Garcia.
10:27:06 Very good report.
10:27:10 >>Thomas Scott: One of your better reports.
10:27:13 >> I'll take whatever I can get, thanks.
10:27:16 Do you have any questions?
10:27:18 >>Thomas Scott: The presentation is good.
10:27:22 Speaking of the high speed rail that will be 90
10:27:24 feet in the air coming off I-4?
10:27:26 >> It is going to go over a span.
10:27:28 The way the engineering works, it's really a big
10:27:32 piece of machinery.
10:27:35 It has to come in at 90 feet, it will be in the
10:27:38 right-of-way.
10:27:38 When it comes up, it's going to go over -- it's
10:27:41 going to go over one of the pieces of the
10:27:44 interstate.
10:27:44 It has to do that.
10:27:45 >>Thomas Scott: Wow.
10:27:46 >> When it comes into the downtown it will be 60
10:27:49 feet high.
10:27:50 When it comes in it's going to be at a second or
10:27:52 third level.
10:27:53 That was probably going to be the biggest
10:27:54 structure in downtown Tampa when it's developed
10:27:57 with the high speed rail station.
10:27:59 >>Thomas Scott: Right.
10:28:00 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Okay, thank you.
10:28:09 >> You each had a chance to get a copy of the plan
10:28:12 itself.
10:28:12 A lot of hard work, a lot of tremendous community
10:28:16 engagement.
10:28:16 We presented it to you today for your review.
10:28:19 Next month, we will have it on the agenda for
10:28:22 actual adoption.
10:28:23 So if you have any comments, if you'd like any
10:28:26 more information about it, I know we would be
10:28:29 happy to arrange a personal visit with you on it.
10:28:32 >>Thomas Scott: Good.
10:28:33 With that, we have public comment.

10:28:35 >>Joseph P. Caetano: All right, any public
10:28:39 comment, anything that's on the agenda.
10:28:53 >> HELLO, Mr. Chairman, I'm Al Davis.
10:29:00 I'm retired.
10:29:01 Excuse me.
10:29:06 At 3717 east white avenue.
10:29:12 President Ronald Reagan some time ago made the
10:29:15 Russian proverb very popular.
10:29:17 That was, trust but verify.
10:29:24 Another saying is that, you know, eagles represent
10:29:28 the very best of our nation.
10:29:31 Sometimes they fly over.
10:29:35 And what they do as eagles, some one tried to tell
10:29:40 me that was MANNA from Heaven.
10:29:46 Mr. Chairman, I'm from east Tampa CRA.
10:29:54 I've been familiar with east Tampa CRA since its
10:30:00 inception.
10:30:02 And Mr. Chairman, this morning, I'm a little bit,
10:30:06 UH, should I say disturbed.
10:30:10 I have another street language word for it but I'm
10:30:14 going to say "PERSTURBED."
10:30:21 I talked with the department head, I talked with
10:30:24 the east Tampa bay city manager, and my reaction
10:30:34 to their reaction is kind of like my dad used to
10:30:38 tell me, it went in one ear out the other.
10:30:48 The fact that I pay tiff dollars every year would
10:30:55 entitle me to be directly engaged in the citizen
10:31:01 involvement of the redevelopment, through the
10:31:04 C.A.C., they call it community advisory committee.
10:31:07 But you know what, Mr. Chairman, I've been
10:31:12 unfairly denied that.
10:31:18 That opportunity.
10:31:21 The answer that I get, Mr. Chairman, you know,
10:31:24 it's almost shameful.
10:31:28 So I'm asking this board, under its power, under
10:31:34 your community advisory policy, to consider
10:31:41 appointing me to serve at least the next three
10:31:45 years.
10:31:45 You know you have a term limit of four.
10:31:51 I've served one.
10:31:53 And I can't get a decent answer as to why I was
10:32:01 not nominated, if you will, to serve.
10:32:10 Mr. Scott I appreciate your role -- I'm sorry,
10:32:14 your role and involvement in the creation of the

10:32:17 CRA.
10:32:19 I appreciate your leadership in trying to fashion
10:32:23 an environment so that -- by the way, you know
10:32:26 that east Tampa is supposed to be a role model
10:32:30 what is going on in east Tampa, to change it from
10:32:33 blight, slum, deterioration to that of a, what do
10:32:38 you call it, revival, redevelopment, and a good
10:32:45 area where we can live, work and play.
10:32:47 I've got some people, Mr. Chairman, that have
10:32:51 dominated the east Tampa leadership that don't
10:32:53 even live --
10:32:56 >>Joseph P. Caetano Mr. Davis your three minutes is up,
10:32:58 I'm sorry.
10:32:58 >> Thank you, sir.
10:33:00 I would like some response.
10:33:04 >>Thomas Scott: I'll ask some questions of staff
10:33:06 on the administration.
10:33:09 >> I'm pastor William, Frank William, paradise
10:33:13 missionary Baptist church.
10:33:15 I have concern like Al Davis.
10:33:18 It's a shame that you do not have him on the
10:33:20 committee.
10:33:20 He has been working around Hillsborough county for
10:33:22 a long time.
10:33:24 Trying to bring equal justice for all people.
10:33:27 And I would like to -- for to you look into that,
10:33:30 brother Scott, and let him be nominated as one of
10:33:33 the committee members.
10:33:34 He would do a great job.
10:33:37 Another thing that CRA, I want to know, do you all
10:33:42 have the diagram on the Internet so that we can
10:33:45 see the speed rail train, which direction it's
10:33:47 going?
10:33:47 How it's going to be built?
10:33:54 >> I'm not sure they have that yet.
10:33:56 I think they're still working on that.
10:33:57 Isn't that right?
10:33:59 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Plans are not final.
10:34:01 >> Correct.
10:34:02 The plans aren't final.
10:34:03 There should be some imminent, relatively soon in
10:34:09 the next, 3060 days it will be finalization of the
10:34:13 right-of-way and then some -- 30 to 60 days,
10:34:16 drawings to help you understand.

10:34:18 >> Yeah, that's what I'd like to know.
10:34:20 Because when you say by the rail train going to
10:34:24 be -- might have some problems.
10:34:30 But once I see the design, maybe I can understand
10:34:32 it better.
10:34:34 I thank you for that, giving me an answer to that.
10:34:37 Also, I got to speak about my church.
10:34:41 I wanted to bring my church members down here.
10:34:43 You all seem to be unjustifiable to the church of
10:34:47 Paradise missionary Baptist church.
10:34:50 Over there, it is in central park.
10:34:53 They want to delete me out of the --
10:34:59 [No audio ]
10:35:02 nobody tells me, they came and destroyed my
10:35:07 right-of-way.
10:35:07 Let me tell you, this is unbelievable.
10:35:10 Having a home, a memorial service there for two
10:35:14 young boys that got killed in central park.
10:35:18 Do you know what the mayor did?
10:35:20 Sent 13 squad cars over there, made us demolish
10:35:25 our memorial service.
10:35:28 That is unbelievable.
10:35:29 I know the mayor don't like me because I come
10:35:32 against her on a lot of opposition that she brings
10:35:34 up.
10:35:36 But regards to whether she like me or not, she
10:35:39 ought to respect the man of God.
10:35:41 And that's what I am.
10:35:43 I'm going to preach the truth until I go to the
10:35:46 graveyard.
10:35:46 I'm not a rebel.
10:35:50 I'm just a minister, I'm not a reverend.
10:35:52 God say reverend and holy is his name.
10:35:55 I'm note going to use God's name in vain.
10:35:57 Now, do I have a chance for public comment?
10:36:00 >>Joseph P. Caetano: That is public comment.
10:36:04 >> Yeah, no, you say respond to this, here.
10:36:07 I still not -- okay.
10:36:10 This man shaking his head.
10:36:14 >>Thomas Scott: Until the buzzer goes off you have
10:36:15 three minutes.
10:36:16 >> Jim crew, city clerk's office.
10:36:18 I did pause the time for the question and answer.
10:36:20 >> You said respond to the CRA, that's what I'm up

10:36:24 here responding to the CRA.
10:36:26 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Your three minutes is on,
10:36:28 sir.
10:36:28 >> Let me read to you out of the Bible.
10:36:32 You all seem -- they have said in their heart
10:36:35 there is no God.
10:36:36 They are corrupt, they have done abominable work.
10:36:39 There is none that do good.
10:36:42 I have another scripture, out of the book of -- I
10:36:45 hope the clock don't tick out on me.
10:36:47 I now Y'ALL will speed it up, Y'ALL don't want to
10:36:51 hear the truth.
10:36:52 Book of Romans.
10:36:53 There is therefore now no condemnation to them
10:36:58 which are in Christ Jesus, walk not after the
10:37:00 flesh but after the spirit.
10:37:02 For the law of the spirit of life, are in Christ
10:37:06 Jesus, have made me free --
10:37:08 >>Joseph P. Caetano Sir you have to contain your remark
10:37:10 to the CRA.
10:37:11 This is a CRA --
10:37:13 >> That's what I was asking you.
10:37:15 If you let me --
10:37:16 >>Joseph P. Caetano Contain your remarks to the CRA
10:37:18 meeting.
10:37:18 >> Wait a minute, wait a minute.
10:37:20 You're confusing me now.
10:37:21 First when I first came up here, you said anybody
10:37:23 have any responses to the CRA meeting.
10:37:26 That's what I came up here first.
10:37:27 Now you got on your agenda, say open comment.
10:37:31 >>Joseph P. Caetano: This is about the CRA.
10:37:33 >> Okay, I have the next three minutes, right?
10:37:37 >>Joseph P. Caetano: No, you don't.
10:37:38 You're on your three minutes now.
10:37:40 Three minutes --
10:37:41 >> This don't make no sense.
10:37:44 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Thank you, sir.
10:37:49 All right, next item.
10:37:50 >>Thomas Scott: Mr. Chairman, before you move to
10:37:55 that, I guess I need to find out -- I'm not sure
10:37:58 about what Mr. Davis is raising about he's not
10:38:01 afforded the right to the CRA?
10:38:05 >> His frustration is that he was not nominated

10:38:13 through the east Tampa partnerships process.
10:38:15 Which is governed by bylaws and structure process.
10:38:20 That we evened up not being one of the nominees.
10:38:23 And as you might remember, was it last month, Ed,
10:38:26 that they -- the way east Tampa's advisory
10:38:30 committee is selected, they select as a community
10:38:32 a slate of nominees and those nominees come before
10:38:36 you, they did last month, for your ratification
10:38:39 prior to the community holding their elections
10:38:42 which are scheduled for this month.
10:38:44 >>Thomas Scott: Right.
10:38:45 >> They had them on Tuesday.
10:38:48 The frustration was that he was not part of that
10:38:53 nomination.
10:38:53 >>Thomas Scott: I was trying to get clarification
10:38:56 on that.
10:38:57 All I heard him say, I heard his whole 3 1/2
10:39:00 minute comment, was that based on our procedure
10:39:04 and policies that we should -- him being a
10:39:06 taxpayer he should have a right to participate in
10:39:10 the process of the CRAs.
10:39:14 So I was trying to find out exactly what was he
10:39:17 referencing to.
10:39:18 And so you explain, though, he was on a committee,
10:39:21 but he was not renominated.
10:39:24 >> Right.
10:39:24 >>Thomas Scott: By the advisory committee.
10:39:26 Whatever that committee was, I guess.
10:39:28 Okay.
10:39:30 Secondly, he still has a right, though, to attend
10:39:33 any CRA meeting.
10:39:35 >> Yes, they're public meeting.
10:39:36 >>Thomas Scott: They're public meetingS, noticed
10:39:38 meetings.
10:39:39 Which still affords him the opportunity to meet
10:39:42 and participate, raise any questions, or any issue
10:39:45 that he may have.
10:39:46 He may not be on a board because the policy group
10:39:50 or the nominating committee did not nominate him
10:39:53 to go back on the ballot.
10:39:55 And I think, under our guidelines, we don't
10:39:59 appoint anybody, we just more or less ratify the
10:40:02 slate of officers that comes before us.
10:40:05 >> Yes.

10:40:05 >>Thomas Scott: Mr. Davis' request was, as I
10:40:08 understood it that, we appoint him to a three-year
10:40:12 term.
10:40:12 Which is out of our purview, out of our power, our
10:40:15 authority to do that based on the fact the
10:40:19 structures and the policies you have in place
10:40:22 anyone serving on the advisory committee.
10:40:23 My point, Mr. Davis, that this council, this CRA
10:40:27 board does not have the power to appoint you to
10:40:31 any board or committee that is set up by our own
10:40:37 policies, as I understand it.
10:40:39 We only ratify the slate of officers that come
10:40:42 before us.
10:40:43 I just want to make sure we address that.
10:40:46 >> That's correct.
10:40:47 It would require you to override the policy
10:40:49 framework you put in place.
10:40:51 >>Thomas Scott: And I address that, because, I'm
10:40:54 always wanting the community to know, people watch
10:40:56 these things, and then get the wrong impression.
10:40:59 Mr. Davis used the word that we were not affording
10:41:02 him the right to participate.
10:41:04 And I just want to say Mr. Davis that isn't quite
10:41:07 accurate.
10:41:07 He may not have been renominated to serve on a
10:41:11 committee.
10:41:11 But he does have the right to attend any CRA
10:41:14 meeting, any CRA meeting, really, within the city
10:41:17 of Tampa.
10:41:19 Not only just east Tam parks any CRA meeting, any
10:41:22 member of this community can attend, they can
10:41:25 raise questions, and participate as a private
10:41:29 citizen.
10:41:29 I want --
10:41:32 >> Good clarification.
10:41:33 >>Thomas Scott: I wanted to address that.
10:41:35 >> Thank you.
10:41:36 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Thank you Mr. Huey.
10:41:38 >> The last three items 8, 9 and 10 are accounting
10:41:41 approvals, budget approvals, custom area at this
10:41:45 time of this year when we work towards spending
10:41:48 our budgets.
10:41:48 In this case, unfortunately, this year really
10:41:51 reflecting the lower budgets of that next year,

10:41:54 where we're realigning resources to meet community
10:41:57 priorities.
10:41:58 >>Thomas Scott: Mr. Chairman I move item 8, 9 and
10:42:01 10.
10:42:01 I have read the backup material.
10:42:03 Looks like the change in one was $138,000, one
10:42:07 was, what, $18,000.
10:42:10 And one was $3,238.
10:42:12 If I can do that, I will move all three, item 8, 9
10:42:17 and 10.
10:42:18 >> Second.
10:42:21 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Motion made hand second.
10:42:22 All in favor to move 8, 9 and 10.
10:42:25 >> Aye.
10:42:26 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Anybody opposed?
10:42:29 All right, motion passes.
10:42:34 >> That concludes --
10:42:36 >> Mr. Chairman, before you adjourn, may I respond
10:42:38 to the Councilmember Scott and also to clarify the
10:42:47 situation, would you permit me a couple of
10:42:52 minutes?
10:42:53 >>Joseph P. Caetano: I'll give you one minute to
10:42:55 clarify what you want to say.
10:42:59 >> The assessment is that I was treated unfairly.
10:43:05 The east Tampa CRA has a 13-member allocated
10:43:14 advisory committee.
10:43:16 Those slots have not been filled to the 13.
10:43:23 I'm aware of that because of the fact of my
10:43:27 observation and attendance to meeting.
10:43:30 Mr. Scott, I understand that as a citizen I have a
10:43:32 right to engage in a public forum.
10:43:35 But this meeting that is the members of the CAC,
10:43:40 is a creature of this council, I mean, I'm sorry,
10:43:44 this agency, through its policies.
10:43:49 This agency does have the authority to appoint.
10:43:54 You do it for every other CAC -- I'm sorry -- yes,
10:43:59 for the CRA, except for two.
10:44:04 And the one that affects me mostly is their policy
10:44:08 is so flawed, Mr. Chairman, as some one said you
10:44:12 can drive a MACK truck through it.
10:44:17 Now, it doesn't matter, really, only from the
10:44:22 point of view of being fair and equitable.
10:44:27 The process Mr. Scott, member Scott, is good.
10:44:37 And the process that the east Tampa group used was

10:44:42 unfair.
10:44:45 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Thank you.
10:44:46 >> And they know it.
10:44:48 I tried to explain it to the department heads.
10:44:51 I tried to explain it to the manager.
10:44:55 And of course the chairperson, may the lord have
10:45:01 mercy.
10:45:01 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Mr. Davis, your time is up.
10:45:05 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:45:07 I would like for this agency --
10:45:09 >>Joseph P. Caetano All right.
10:45:10 >> -- to have a look at it.
10:45:13 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Any other comments?
10:45:15 >>Thomas Scott: In terms of the attorney, you can
10:45:17 speak to -- he said that we have the power.
10:45:21 Again, I don't think we do.
10:45:22 But you may want to speak to their policy on their
10:45:26 bylaws of how the government functions in terms of
10:45:29 the appointment and ratification process.
10:45:32 >> Do you want me to speak to that now?
10:45:36 >>Curtis Stokes: Yes.
10:45:37 >> You set up a policy on how you make
10:45:39 appointments to the various advisory committees.
10:45:42 As Mr. Davis mentioned, there is east Tampa and
10:45:45 Ybor, two exceptions.
10:45:48 Their nominating process is the process that
10:45:50 they're allowed to use.
10:45:51 We don't get into their process.
10:45:53 We say you bring to us a slate of candidates, we
10:45:56 can accept them, all of them, deny some if we
10:46:00 don't want them.
10:46:00 Then they go back and bring a different group or
10:46:04 additional members before this board.
10:46:05 But you take the slate that they supply not any
10:46:08 appointments that you make yourself.
10:46:10 That is the policy you have chosen.
10:46:12 >>Joseph P. Caetano: So we just ratify their
10:46:15 noTations.
10:46:15 >> You can deny if they bring some one before you,
10:46:18 you have a right to deny that and ask them to do
10:46:21 it again.
10:46:21 But you don't put people on their committee, they
10:46:24 choose.
10:46:24 If you don't like who they choose you deny those

10:46:27 members and they bring new members forward.
10:46:30 >>Thomas Scott: So I'm just trying to make sure, I
10:46:32 understand the process and what happens, I want to
10:46:34 make sure everybody else understands and the
10:46:37 community understands.
10:46:40 [ No audio ]
10:46:42 >>Thomas Scott: The wrong message getting out, someone
10:46:44 has been unduly, have been unduly overlooked or have
10:46:50 been unduly mistreated, or have been not been afforded
10:46:56 their rights, Mr. Davis.
10:46:58 In essence I think what I hear you trying to do is
10:47:02 because the process that you went through did not
10:47:04 nominate you, you have now appealed to this board
10:47:07 to override their process which at this point I
10:47:12 believe would be -- place us in a very precarious
10:47:16 situation to do that.
10:47:17 We have never done that before, for any of the
10:47:19 CRAs.
10:47:21 They have a process, that we have established, and
10:47:24 we have agreed to, and for us to override that
10:47:26 from my standpoint,s will put us in a very bad
10:47:31 light.
10:47:37 To the executive committee, they have an executive
10:47:39 committee and board, is that right, Mr. Huey?
10:47:43 >> That process is flawed!
10:47:45 >>Thomas Scott: Yes, Mr. Davis.
10:47:46 But you can appeal to --
10:47:49 >> There is no appeal process.
10:47:51 >>Thomas Scott: Mr. Davis, Mr. Davis, now, you've
10:47:55 been around a long time.
10:47:56 Thank you.
10:47:57 I understand.
10:47:59 But there is a process -- you can appeal to that
10:48:04 body, and they can address that if they so desire.
10:48:07 But we as a board cannot do anything here.
10:48:10 Thank you anyway.
10:48:11 >>Joseph P. Caetano Any other position information or
10:48:13 new business?
10:48:14 >> Motion to receive and file.
10:48:15 >> So moved.
10:48:16 >> Second.
10:48:18 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Adjourned, thank you.
10:48:21 >>Thomas Scott: You have to carry that motion.
10:48:22 Move and second.

10:48:24 >>Joseph P. Caetano: Motion made and second.
10:48:26 >> All in favor.
10:48:27 >> Aye.
10:48:27 >> Opposed?
10:48:28 >> Okay.
10:48:29 Adjourned.
10:48:29 (Meeting adjourned at 10:48)


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