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Thursday, October 7, 2010

9:00 a.m. session.


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09:31:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Tampa City Council will come to order.

09:31:55 We'll have roll call.

09:31:56 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:32:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:32:02 >>CURTIS STOKES: Here.

09:32:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:32:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:32:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

09:32:10 For those who are just joining us, let me give you a

09:32:13 little information.

09:32:14 We have a letter from Councilwoman Miller's office that

09:32:17 she will not be in today, advise that chair pro tem

09:32:25 Miller will be absent on October 7, 2010 due to the

09:32:31 passing of her mother, Mrs. Willburn Rivers.

09:32:34 The funeral will be held this coming Saturday at

09:32:37 11 a.m. at the new mount Zion Baptist church, 2511 east

09:32:41 Columbus drive in Tampa, Florida.

09:32:44 Pastor -- reverend Dr. Walter J. Williams will be

09:32:48 officiating that service.

09:32:51 Visitation hours will be Friday to five to nine at the

09:32:54 Wilson funeral home, 3000 north 29th street.

09:32:59 And so for those who are here, those that are

09:33:03 listening, certainly we extend to Ms. Miller our

09:33:05 condolences and our prayers and our support during this

09:33:11 very difficult time the hours of visitation scheduled

09:33:19 for five to nine at Wilson funeral home Friday night,

09:33:25 and then Saturday morning at 11:00 at new mount Zion

09:33:30 missionary Baptist church on Columbus drive.

09:33:32 Okay.

09:33:34 With that being said, we will now review our agenda.

09:33:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Good morning, Mr. Chairman, members

09:33:41 of City Council.

09:33:43 Before you, you have the request for the adoption of

09:33:46 the minutes of the session held on the 24th and

09:33:51 26th of August.

09:33:52 >> So moved.

09:33:53 >> Second.

09:33:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: For the 24th and August 26th.

09:33:58 All in favor?

09:33:59 Opposed?

09:33:59 Okay.

09:33:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Members of council, Mr. Chairman, did

09:34:04 you also, by the way, make note of the fact that you

09:34:06 will be leaving -- you will not be returning after

09:34:10 lunch?

09:34:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

09:34:14 I did say that earlier and there will be two council

09:34:16 persons that will not be in the afternoon session.

09:34:18 Ms. Miller, Councilwoman Miller, because of the passing

09:34:22 of her mother, and also I submitted last week for the

09:34:25 record to all of council and the clerk that I have a

09:34:29 scheduling for this afternoon conflict that I will not

09:34:34 be here this afternoon.

09:34:35 I will be here all morning but not during the afternoon

09:34:38 session.

09:34:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Scott, you had provided a memo

09:34:41 regarding a new business item. Did you want to take

09:34:44 that up at this time because you will not be here for

09:34:46 new business?

09:34:47 >> I can certainly do that.

09:34:49 That new business item, I would like for the

09:34:54 administration to give us a report on the accident and

09:34:58 death that occurred on 34th street and Chelsea,

09:35:03 that happened about three weeks ago.

09:35:05 I did have opportunity to go out and walk around the

09:35:07 site and visit the site and I can tell you there's a

09:35:13 major issue, blocking the view of those who are coming

09:35:17 off of Chelsea.

09:35:18 But I would like for the administration to report on

09:35:20 that.

09:35:21 And what action they are going to take to correct the

09:35:25 issue relative to that.

09:35:27 That's a very dangerous intersection on 34th and

09:35:30 Chelsea.

09:35:31 I would like for the administration to appear at our

09:35:34 next regular meeting with a report relative to the

09:35:36 accident and how to try to correct the problem.

09:35:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That was for the 17th?

09:35:50 Oh, the 21st.

09:35:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Scott,

09:35:56 seconded by Mr. Caetano.

09:35:58 The ayes have it.

09:36:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You have a request by City Council

09:36:03 Chip Fletcher who is present for a walk-on resolution.

09:36:08 Amending resolution 2010-838 by correcting a

09:36:11 scrivener's error in section 1.

09:36:13 I don't know if Mr. Fletcher needs to address it with

09:36:15 council.

09:36:15 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: We need to indicate the crest

09:36:22 correct funds it needs to be deposited into.

09:36:25 There was an error in the organization original

09:36:27 resolution.

09:36:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Fine.

09:36:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: So did you wish to --

09:36:34 >> So moved.

09:36:35 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

09:36:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

09:36:38 Opposes?

09:36:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.

09:36:41 Council, with regard to items to be removed from the

09:36:45 agenda, I believe you received a memorandum from

09:36:51 Chairman Scott requesting the removal of items 16, 20,

09:37:00 21, 23, 24, 28, 38 and 42.

09:37:10 Is that correct?

09:37:12 Those are the items you wish to have removed under

09:37:15 staff reports?

09:37:17 >> Under staff, yes.

09:37:18 >>MARTIN SHELBY: For discussion.

09:37:20 Also, council, with regard to item number 70 on your

09:37:25 agenda, that's under the consent docket, but that will

09:37:28 require a separate vote because my understanding is

09:37:31 that council member Stokes will be declaring a conflict

09:37:33 on that, and abstaining.

09:37:37 So if he could -- just a reminder of that.

09:37:42 Council, item number 22 is on the consent docket.

09:37:46 And I apologize, this doesn't appear on your addendum.

09:37:49 I am asking that the rules of procedure be moved to

09:37:52 staff reports.

09:37:53 I have a very minor revision to make, and I would like

09:37:57 to do a substitution and have the opportunity to

09:37:59 explain it to you.

09:38:00 It really is not a substantive change but I would like

09:38:03 to remove 22 through staff reports.

09:38:10 Item number 62 is a resolution setting a public

09:38:15 hearing.

09:38:17 What you have before you is a request for a substantive

09:38:20 legal description and updated ownership lift and as

09:38:26 part of the agenda that you accept that substitution.

09:38:31 I believe number 73, council, is a 9:30 second reading

09:38:38 and adoption public hearing, and, council, that pass on

09:38:45 first reading on a four-to-three vote.

09:38:49 And council member Miller was on the prevailing side.

09:38:53 She being absent, in order for this to go forward, if

09:38:56 it does go forward today, you would have a three-three

09:38:59 tie.

09:38:59 And there may be a request, I believe, from the

09:39:02 petitioner for a continuance on that item.

09:39:05 If you wish to take that up now, council, it is after

09:39:08 9:30, it would be appropriate to do that if that's your

09:39:11 pleasure, or you can wait till you get to the public

09:39:13 hearings.

09:39:14 >> Lauralee west, requesting that this be heard before

09:39:22 full council on 10-21, please.

09:39:25 10-21, your next regularly scheduled.

09:39:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So we can take that up now?

09:39:31 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You can make a motion to open the

09:39:33 public hearing.

09:39:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved to open item 73.

09:39:36 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

09:39:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

09:39:38 Opposes?

09:39:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Now you can inquire.

09:39:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Does anyone here wish to address the

09:39:43 continuance to October 21st?

09:39:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, I move to continue

09:39:49 this hearing to October 21st and leave it open so

09:39:54 we can continue it as it is.

09:39:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And that would be set for 9:30 a.m.

09:40:00 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 9:30 a.m.

09:40:02 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

09:40:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

09:40:03 Opposes?

09:40:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.

09:40:09 Item 78 is going to be taken up at 10:00.

09:40:12 And you will be requesting at that time to receive a

09:40:16 substitute ordinance deleting 8061 South Westshore

09:40:22 Boulevard from the proposed designation provided by

09:40:25 senior assistant attorney Julia Cole.

09:40:28 At 10:30 a.m., there will be a request for a substitute

09:40:31 ordinance to be moved amending the Tampa comprehensive

09:40:35 plan by adding definitions and amending certain

09:40:40 chapters and objectives and associated policies, and

09:40:43 that will be taken up at 10:30.

09:40:46 Council, item number 64 is an ordinance amending

09:40:52 chapter 2, the standards of conduct and accountability

09:40:55 requirements for nonprofits.

09:40:58 That's for second reading.

09:41:00 I believe Mr. Fletcher is requesting a continuance of

09:41:02 that item to October 21st at 9:30 a.m.

09:41:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move item 64 be opened.

09:41:10 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

09:41:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

09:41:13 All in favor?

09:41:14 Opposes?

09:41:16 Anyone from the public?

09:41:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move that item 64 be continued to

09:41:22 10-21 at 9:30 a.m.

09:41:25 >> seconded by Councilwoman Mulhern.

09:41:28 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

09:41:31 Opposes?

09:41:31 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Item 85, council, is a request by

09:41:36 council member Stokes to have that item removed from

09:41:38 the agenda.

09:41:41 And that could be taken up as part of the approval of

09:41:44 the agenda.

09:41:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I just have some questions when we come

09:41:50 too that relative to this item that I raised with the

09:41:53 attorney but we can take it up when we come to that.

09:41:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: We will not act on item 85 until that

09:41:58 item comes up.

09:42:02 Item number 90, 1:30 in the afternoon, it cannot be

09:42:08 taken up until that time, but to put the public on

09:42:11 notice that file C-10-13, the petitioner Levine medical

09:42:17 in North Beauty Heights is going to be requesting a

09:42:19 continuance to November 18 at 1020.

09:42:23 That cannot be taken up until that time.

09:42:32 Council, I believe there are no other changes that I am

09:42:34 aware of to today's agenda.

09:42:36 Madam clerk, please correct me if I am wrong.

09:42:38 And I present it to you for your approval.

09:42:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I just need to raise a question on item

09:42:44 91.

09:42:46 That is man grove, I'm sure there are going to be a lot

09:42:51 of people here but you are down to five members this

09:42:53 afternoon.

09:42:57 Is that something we can address now so we don't have

09:43:00 all these people in here coming down?

09:43:02 I just want ton know how to handle it at this point.

09:43:06 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Unfortunately this is set for a time

09:43:08 certain.

09:43:09 1:30 in the afternoon or thereafter.

09:43:11 It would be appropriate for council to take it up.

09:43:15 At this point in time neither the petitioner nor any

09:43:18 members of the community are here to set forth what

09:43:20 their positions are so I believe that would be

09:43:22 appropriate.

09:43:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I just wanted to raise it as a concern.

09:43:30 Of this will be the third time we have heard this case,

09:43:32 I believe.

09:43:35 So understand that you are down to five council people.

09:43:41 >>MARY MULHERN: I think just to let anyone who is

09:43:45 watching expecting to be here at 1:30 that there's a

09:43:48 fairly good likelihood that it will be continued.

09:43:51 So that's all we can do.

09:43:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Motion to approve the changes to the

09:43:58 agenda.

09:43:58 >> So moved.

09:43:59 >> Second.

09:44:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

09:44:01 Opposes?

09:44:01 Okay.

09:44:02 We'll take public comment at this time.

09:44:05 We'll take public.

09:44:07 This is your time to talk about whatever you desire on

09:44:12 the agenda first.

09:44:13 Those who want to speak may speak first to items on the

09:44:16 agenda.

09:44:18 You have three minutes.

09:44:19 State your name and address for the record.

09:44:20 >> My name is Al Davis, at 3717 east wilder.

09:44:29 And the item on the agenda is item number 24.

09:44:39 Mr. Chairman, I'm a little puzzled from the item being

09:44:51 on the City Council agenda in the form of a resolution.

09:44:57 I'm puzzled because I am not certain if there is a

09:45:05 strict personality of the City Council and the agency

09:45:13 that it created called the committee redevelopment

09:45:20 agency.

09:45:23 The Community Redevelopment Agency.

09:45:28 I'm asking when your personality is in the form of an

09:45:30 agency, I go to the agency.

09:45:32 Now your personality is in the form of the City Council

09:45:37 on the topic for which it relates to the agency.

09:45:43 So just to be sure I'm okay myself in terms of the

09:45:53 similarity, you are the City Council, you are the

09:46:00 governing body of this municipality.

09:46:09 You created the agency, and you managed that agency by

09:46:25 the members of the council.

09:46:27 I believe I'm correct in that.

09:46:28 Correct?

09:46:30 Item number 24 is an agreement that the city is dealing

09:46:40 with the agency.

09:46:46 Well, when you end your role as a City Council, I think

09:46:52 I can deal with that.

09:46:57 But when I get to the agency, and then I deal with the

09:47:04 agency, I do try to deal with them in a different, you

09:47:08 know, structure organization, but with the same people

09:47:17 in a different role.

09:47:20 Having said all of that, Mr. Chairman, I would like to

09:47:25 present to the council concerning item number 24, that

09:47:37 there's some need for absolute clarity in terms of what

09:47:44 I'm about to speak to now.

09:47:54 The agency and its policy has delegated some

09:47:58 responsibility to an organization called East Tampa

09:48:07 Community Redevelopment Agency.

09:48:09 (Bell sounds)

09:48:11 Please extend just another minute, Mr. Chairman.

09:48:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Ordinarily I would do it but because

09:48:17 it's ten to ten and I will not be here this afternoon,

09:48:20 but let me just say, Mr. Davis, the CRA agency function

09:48:31 created under Florida statute 163 -- is that right?

09:48:37 All right.

09:48:37 This was on our agenda today.

09:48:40 Actually the interlocal agreement, a memorandum between

09:48:43 administration and the CRA.

09:48:46 We are just simply ratifying the action that the CRA

09:48:50 took earlier.

09:48:52 Now it's coming to us for ratification.

09:48:54 >>> Yes.

09:48:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So that requires a vote of the City

09:48:59 Council.

09:49:00 Relative to what you are talking about, that is a CRA

09:49:03 issue, because your reference to the valuable work

09:49:10 that's been given oversight, I guess, of East Tampa,

09:49:14 that's done through the CRA.

09:49:16 City Council does not do that.

09:49:17 The CRA did that.

09:49:19 The only thing we are ratifying today is this agreement

09:49:22 to have allow the administration to service, as I

09:49:27 understand, service or administrate those CRA areas.

09:49:32 >> Yes, sir.

09:49:34 But the agreement specifically identifies East Tampa

09:49:44 Community Redevelopment Agency as a required element of

09:49:53 your function.

09:49:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Davis.

09:49:55 Okay, Mr. Davis, thank you very much for your public

09:49:57 comment.

09:49:59 You have to address that issue with the CRA which is

09:50:02 not in session now.

09:50:03 They were in session at 9:00.

09:50:05 This is the Tampa City Council.

09:50:08 The only action that we have is to vote on this

09:50:12 memorandum of understanding or this service agreement.

09:50:15 That's the only action we are taking today.

09:50:17 >>>

09:50:18 >>> But when you do that, you are locking in the

09:50:22 problem that I am trying to address through this

09:50:24 agency -- through this City Council, because when you

09:50:28 ratified that agreement, you are ratifying the problem

09:50:35 related to the partnership.

09:50:40 >>MARTIN SHELBY:

09:50:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Davis.

09:50:44 >>> Mr. Chairman, is that partnership a legal --

09:50:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Davis, Mr. Davis, your three

09:50:50 minutes is up.

09:50:50 Thank you.

09:50:51 I'm trying to be as gentle as I can to my senior

09:50:54 colleague and my senior constituents.

09:50:57 Okay?

09:50:57 Thank you very kindly.

09:50:59 >>> So can I leave these?

09:51:01 For the record?

09:51:02 >> Yes, sir, you can certainly do that.

09:51:06 Sal, just speak briefly on this service agreement, and

09:51:11 that's just pretty much our role.

09:51:12 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

09:51:14 The service agreement is an agreement between the city

09:51:16 and the CRA.

09:51:17 The CRA approves it as an independent body.

09:51:20 What the City Council is being asked to do is

09:51:21 authorizing the mayor to execute this agreement that

09:51:24 will allow them to have their employees serve the CRA

09:51:29 as necessary.

09:51:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

09:51:34 Thank you.

09:51:40 Thank you very much.

09:51:41 Next?

09:51:45 >> My name is Jennifer Hollowell, east Navaho Avenue.

09:51:52 I was disturbed by Mayor Iorio's reaction to the latest

09:51:57 bicycling death.

09:51:57 She said she can't control behavior of drivers.

09:52:02 Why not?

09:52:03 She has a police force, doesn't she?

09:52:05 Why not enforce existing traffic laws?

09:52:08 If Tampa police crack down and enforce the laws that

09:52:11 are out there, Tampa would be a safer place to bicycle.

09:52:15 I have to ask you people, you obviously drove down

09:52:18 here, and drive around the City of Tampa, how often you

09:52:23 come to a red light that people actually stop.

09:52:25 Is it more not often the norm that people run red

09:52:29 lights and scoot through the intersections?

09:52:37 I think it's become the norm people are in such a hurry

09:52:39 that they see red lights as a chance -- anyway, my

09:52:46 point is, if the City of Tampa police department

09:52:51 enforced the traffic laws, Tampa would be a safer place

09:52:55 to bicycle.

09:52:56 Second, if Tampa ever hopes to become a great city, it

09:52:59 needs to find a way to raise a bicycling culture.

09:53:03 Right now we are slaves to our automobiles.

09:53:04 We have a bicycle-friendly terrain.

09:53:08 It flat out there.

09:53:09 We have bicycle-friendly weather.

09:53:11 It doesn't get too hot here.

09:53:12 We do not have bicycle friendly streets.

09:53:15 And what's to not like about the bicycle as

09:53:18 transportation?

09:53:18 It gets cars off the road, which reduces our dependence

09:53:23 on oil, and it reduces pollution.

09:53:25 And it's healthy.

09:53:28 What a great way to fight America's ever growing

09:53:32 waistline.

09:53:33 I urge you to listen to Alan's presentation closely, to

09:53:37 make Tampa a bicycle-friendly city.

09:53:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next.

09:53:49 Thank you very much, ma'am.

09:53:50 >> My name is Nancy Byrd, 3317 west Sevilla circle,

09:53:56 Tampa.

09:53:57 And thank you very much for taking the time to hear us

09:54:00 this morning.

09:54:02 I am a nurse at Tampa general and I have worked there

09:54:04 25 years, and the last ten of those years I have ridden

09:54:08 my bike to work, and our president of Tampa General

09:54:11 Hospital Mr. Ron hightop was kind enough to build a

09:54:15 bicycle corral for our bicycles in the garage so we

09:54:19 check of in with the cashier, get a key and put our

09:54:22 bicycles in there and it's a nice safe place and a

09:54:25 great place to ride your bicycle, too.

09:54:27 Unfortunately, I live on the other side of the

09:54:30 peninsula of Tampa, near Westshore Boulevard, and I

09:54:32 have to cross over to Bay to Bay, so there's not really

09:54:35 any safe way to cross lower peninsula of Tampa.

09:54:41 They were going to make a bike lane on Euclid Boulevard

09:54:44 but the residents said, they want to park on the

09:54:48 streets.

09:54:51 It's not really safe to park on, they don't leave their

09:54:54 cars there, so there was enough room there to make a

09:54:57 safe bike lane.

09:54:58 There's no bike lanes on El Prado Boulevard.

09:55:01 There's no bike lanes on Bay to Bay across the

09:55:04 peninsula.

09:55:04 So it would be nice to have a safe way to cross the

09:55:07 peninsula.

09:55:07 Then once you get across, then you can ride on the bike

09:55:11 lane on Bayshore Boulevard which abruptly ends near

09:55:13 Rome street.

09:55:15 So I don't know why the bike lanes just abruptly end

09:55:18 the way they do.

09:55:19 There's several other areas in Tampa whereof they

09:55:21 abruptly end like that.

09:55:29 Westbound down on Manhattan, they started bike line

09:55:32 that abruptly ends near Gandy.

09:55:34 So there's a couple places.

09:55:36 Anyway with, I do hope that you will consider what Alan

09:55:39 presents this morning and really bicycling is a

09:55:42 wonderful thing to do here in Tampa, and I love it.

09:55:46 Thank you very much for your time.

09:55:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

09:55:51 Next speaker.

09:55:51 >> My name is Moses Knott, Jr., I reside at 2902 East

09:55:59 Ellicott three nights a week and then again I thank God

09:56:03 for his grace and his mercy.

09:56:05 Get along good if you believe in it.

09:56:07 Thank you very much.

09:56:09 But Mr. Chairman, I want to speak on the bicycling and

09:56:12 then the light rail.

09:56:18 A theme song, we don't need light rail, we need bicycle

09:56:22 trails.

09:56:22 Let me tell you, East Tampa is the only place in the

09:56:25 world, we don't have a walk trail, let alone a bicycle

09:56:28 trail.

09:56:28 I have been coming to this podium about 20 years, and

09:56:32 she's gone now but she knows about it.

09:56:34 But you hear me talk about it all the time.

09:56:36 I'm a bicycle person.

09:56:39 I own over 20 bicycles.

09:56:42 People kid me why do you have these bicycles?

09:56:44 Now the bicycle is going to come into play.

09:56:47 Right now bicycling in the city, you have got to have a

09:56:50 bicycle now.

09:56:51 Poor people, we need a bicycle to go to work, and

09:56:54 transportation.

09:56:58 People in north Tampa, South Tampa, St. Petersburg,

09:57:00 they ride their bicycle on the trail.

09:57:01 They rich.

09:57:02 Oh, they have an exercise bicycle.

09:57:05 But I used to stow my bicycle on the top of the pickup

09:57:12 truck and go to the rich part of town.

09:57:15 I been here a long time.

09:57:17 I been coming hereto years ago.

09:57:19 Long time ago, ten years ago, when I ride a bicycle I

09:57:23 put my bicycle on the back of my truck.

09:57:25 It's dangerous over there.

09:57:26 And another thing.

09:57:31 Don't who know who get on a bicycle over there.

09:57:34 They don't even report it.

09:57:36 On Hillsborough and 22nd all down through there, people

09:57:41 knock you over a bicycle, but it's going on.

09:57:52 But I tell people like I do animals today, one for four

09:58:00 or five black peoples.

09:58:02 And it's the same with the bicycle trail.

09:58:04 But like I said about this -- that high-speed train,

09:58:11 I'm going to tell all of the poor people, don't put a

09:58:14 penny into this thing, not near a penny.

09:58:18 The community tax thing, I told all the black people to

09:58:22 vote yes for it, that their children go to school and

09:58:26 get free lunch.

09:58:27 See, I will defend the poor peoples.

09:58:31 Nobody wants that job.

09:58:32 But when it's voting time, these people 6:00 come in.

09:58:40 But right now, my theme from now on out, we don't want

09:58:44 light rail.

09:58:45 We want bicycle trail.

09:58:47 We never had a bicycle trail over there.

09:58:49 Ms. Miller, God bless her, she's not here this morning.

09:58:56 Around that -- all them walking there.

09:59:00 In Hillsborough County, we don't even have a walk

09:59:02 trail.

09:59:03 We got one park and then this year they charge $25 for

09:59:09 a child to go to a park.

09:59:10 It's a shame over there.

09:59:12 I'm going to call it little Haiti because we get along

09:59:14 the same way they do over there.

09:59:16 It's a shame.

09:59:16 And this morning, you all got this $800,000 over there.

09:59:22 $800,000.

09:59:24 East Tampa --

09:59:30 (Bell sounds)

09:59:31 >> Thank you, Mr. Knott.

09:59:34 >> We don't need light rail.

09:59:36 We need bicycle trails.

09:59:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

09:59:40 >> Chip Donnis, 1219 East Hunter Avenue. And I

09:59:49 certainly agree with that.

09:59:50 I want to talk about bike safety and actually road

09:59:52 safety for everyone.

09:59:53 And I want to mention three reasons why you and all of

09:59:57 us should care about maximizing bike safety and

10:00:01 promoting bike riding.

10:00:05 Two briefly alluded to but driving is an echo logic

10:00:09 disaster, completely unsustainable for a number of

10:00:12 reasons, the most obvious which would be the toxic

10:00:15 fumes coming out of everyone's tail pipe, not to

10:00:18 mention the carbon dioxide which is going to be a

10:00:22 really big problem.

10:00:23 And since driving is so disastrous, bicycling is not.

10:00:28 We should be doing everything in our power to promote

10:00:32 biking as an alternative to driving.

10:00:35 And the second reason is, any need to reduce our

10:00:39 dependency on oil is dependent on reducing our

10:00:44 dependency on the car.

10:00:45 And the third reason is -- the third may be the one

10:00:50 that motivates you most to action, but the automobile

10:00:52 is quickly becoming financially unsustainable for a

10:00:55 majority of Americans when 50% of the American

10:00:58 household's income there's less than $50,000, and it

10:01:01 costs 6 to $9,000 to own a car.

10:01:05 Simple arithmetic says that cannot continue much

10:01:08 longer.

10:01:09 And we are going to see a radical transformation in

10:01:12 this country to two and three wheeled vehicles, and the

10:01:16 community communities that anticipate this the best and

10:01:20 prepare for it are going to be the most successful, and

10:01:23 best community to live in.

10:01:25 And I am not talking 20 years down the road that this

10:01:27 is going to happen.

10:01:28 It's going to happen in the next decade.

10:01:30 People are running into a financial withdrawal and they

10:01:32 are not going to be able to afford to own a car for

10:01:35 much longer.

10:01:36 We need to do things like build the Hillsborough River

10:01:39 trail.

10:01:40 A very doable trail that runs along the Hillsborough

10:01:42 River from Temple Terrace to downtown, the plans were

10:01:46 drawn up 15 years ago.

10:01:48 They are out there somewhere.

10:01:51 Right-of-way is mostly owned by the county and the city

10:01:53 of Temple Terrace and the City of Tampa.

10:01:55 A little cooperation between those three entities, we

10:01:57 could have this done in two or three years.

10:01:59 We need to do more public service ads.

10:02:02 During these meetings when you are on recess, there's a

10:02:04 screen that says nothing else but Tampa City Council in

10:02:07 recess.

10:02:08 Let's use that time to broadcast public service ads,

10:02:13 tip of the month, how you can ride safer, how you can

10:02:15 share the road safer as a motorist.

10:02:18 And we need to adopt things like the Idaho stop that

10:02:25 allows bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs

10:02:28 and red lights as stop signs.

10:02:32 These are the kinds of things that will promote and

10:02:34 encourage bike riding.

10:02:36 But more than anything, we need to get a handle on

10:02:39 reckless and aggressive driving that is so prevalent on

10:02:44 area roads here.

10:02:45 If we do not do that, it will never be safe to ride.

10:02:49 And of in Oklahoma City, they made a conscious effort

10:02:53 to crack down on road crimes, about 10, 12 years ago.

10:02:57 They got a grant that put three extra officers on the

10:03:00 road.

10:03:01 But I talked to the sheriff of in Oklahoma City, and he

10:03:03 said that after two years of cracking down on motor

10:03:07 vehicle crimes, all crime got reduced about 50%,

10:03:10 because most criminals are breaking laws of the road so

10:03:15 they were taking a lot of people circulation.

10:03:17 (Bell sounds).

10:03:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

10:03:20 Anyone else?

10:03:21 Okay.

10:03:33 Reconsideration on a legislative matter?

10:03:35 We will take up the first ordinance, item number 1

10:03:38 that's on our agenda.

10:03:39 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That needs to be read by title.

10:03:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, item number 1 for

10:03:54 first reading, an ordinance presented for first reading

10:03:57 consideration, an ordinance of the City of Tampa

10:03:59 repealing Tampa code section 14-27 relating to the

10:04:04 impoundment of motor vehicles used to facilitate

10:04:07 prostitution and drug related crimes and providing an

10:04:09 effective date.

10:04:10 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

10:04:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It's my understanding it will repeal

10:04:14 this but the Florida statutes still is in place to

10:04:17 cover this.

10:04:17 Is that correct, legal?

10:04:18 Do you want to come to the to state it on the record?

10:04:24 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

10:04:24 That's correct.

10:04:25 If this is repealed, the Florida statute will still be

10:04:27 in effect.

10:04:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And what this means, if you do it,

10:04:31 you lose your car.

10:04:32 >>SAL TERRITO: Yes.

10:04:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And a second.

10:04:37 Seconded by councilman Caetano.

10:04:40 All in favor?

10:04:41 Opposes?

10:04:41 Okay.

10:04:41 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried we've Miller being absent.

10:04:45 Second reading of the ordinance will be held October

10:04:49 21st at 9:30 a.m.

10:04:51 >> our committee report, public safety, councilman

10:04:57 Miranda.

10:04:57 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:04:59 Move items 2 through 5.

10:05:03 >> Second.

10:05:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:05:07 All in favor?

10:05:08 Parks and recreation.

10:05:09 Councilman Stokes?

10:05:10 >> Move item 2 through 16.

10:05:16 >> Second.

10:05:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:05:18 Opposes?

10:05:18 Okay.

10:05:19 Public Works Committee.

10:05:21 Councilwoman -- councilman Charlie Miranda.

10:05:25 Sorry.

10:05:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's all right.

10:05:28 [ Laughter ]

10:05:30 Sound like the mayor coming up.

10:05:32 Anyway, I move items 11 through 15.

10:05:37 >> Second.

10:05:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:05:40 All in favor?

10:05:42 Finance Committee.

10:05:43 Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:05:44 >>MARY MULHERN: I move item 17 through 19.

10:05:52 >> Second.

10:05:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:05:56 Opposes?

10:06:03 We are holding now --

10:06:05 >>MARY MULHERN: --

10:06:11 >> 20 through 24, I believe.

10:06:14 >>MARY MULHERN: 20 through 22.

10:06:18 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: 20 to 22.

10:06:21 Correct.

10:06:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:06:28 Let me add back in item 21 and 22, and hold item 20.

10:06:33 Can we do that?

10:06:35 I got the answer to 21 and 22.

10:06:37 >> Then I'll move item 21.

10:06:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: To 22.

10:06:43 >> To under staff reports.

10:06:46 So I move item 21.

10:06:47 >> Second.

10:06:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:06:50 All in favor?

10:06:51 Opposes?

10:06:51 Okay.

10:06:56 Building and zoning.

10:06:57 Councilman Caetano.

10:06:58 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I want to move items 23 to 55,

10:07:05 and we'll leave out, 23, 24, 28, 38, 42 and 53.

10:07:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We are only going to pull out item 23

10:07:15 and 28. You can leave the rest of them in there. I

10:07:16 got the answers on the other ones.

10:07:23 Moved and seconded.

10:07:24 All in favor?

10:07:25 Opposes?

10:07:29 Transportation committee.

10:07:41 Councilwoman Capin.

10:07:43 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move items 56 through 60.

10:07:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

10:07:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor? Opposes?

10:07:53 Then we need to set the items.

10:07:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Set for public hearings items 61 and

10:07:57 62 as substituted.

10:08:00 And 63.

10:08:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, if I may.

10:08:04 Just to direct your attention to item number 61.

10:08:09 And the request came through setting the public hearing

10:08:15 for 1:30 in the afternoon on November 18.

10:08:19 And I believe council wishes to change its policy in

10:08:22 that regard to remind you November 18th is your

10:08:25 last meeting before Thanksgiving break.

10:08:29 You have a regular council meeting scheduled for the

10:08:31 morning.

10:08:32 You have an evening meeting.

10:08:33 And I guess my question would be do you wish to have

10:08:36 this hearing set for the morning?

10:08:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

10:08:42 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

10:08:44 It is possible, but if I could, I would like to present

10:08:47 a substitute resolution, because per the notification

10:08:51 for vacations of right-of-way is actually the

10:08:55 resolution setting the public hearing.

10:08:56 So I'll go ahead and put a substitute, and if you could

10:09:04 give me the time you want to schedule it for we'll go

10:09:06 ahead and get that.

10:09:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I thought we voted on our last regular

10:09:10 meeting to start doing everything on the morning agenda

10:09:12 because the morning agenda has gotten shorter, so we

10:09:15 said that we will start trying to get everything on the

10:09:17 morning agenda.

10:09:18 >>JULIA COLE: I think this probably went into problem

10:09:20 sees prior to that motion being made but we can change

10:09:22 it.

10:09:23 I just would like to revise the resolution and bring

10:09:25 that back, because that resolution is in fact what is

10:09:28 mailed out.

10:09:28 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If we can hold that then.

10:09:30 And Ms. Cole, if that could be set for 10:30 a.m.?

10:09:35 >>> I can make that happen.

10:09:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you. So we'll move 62 and 63.

10:09:39 Moved and seconded.

10:09:42 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:09:44 Opposes?

10:09:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Excuse me.

10:09:47 Forgive me.

10:09:50 You will recall, I looked at item 63.

10:09:52 I'm sorry I missed that.

10:09:53 That is also -- Ms. Cole, item 63 is a VRB hearing.

10:09:58 I don't know be if that's going to be the same issue.

10:10:00 >>JULIA COLE: No, you can schedule that by motion.

10:10:03 The vacations and the right-of-way are only ones that

10:10:05 require the actual resolution to be mailed out.

10:10:08 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Could you make a motion to amend

10:10:10 number 63 to 10:30 a.m. on November 18th?

10:10:15 >>MARY MULHERN: So moved.

10:10:16 >> Second.

10:10:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:10:18 Opposes?

10:10:19 >>JULIA COLE: And I'll make sure that all the

10:10:21 attorneys in the land use group understand in

10:10:23 scheduling the public hearing, that they schedule them

10:10:25 all beginning at 10:30.

10:10:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

10:10:29 93:06 public hearings.

10:10:31 Reading of the second ordinance.

10:10:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll move all those items be read at

10:10:35 9:30 at second reading, to open, 64 through 77, I

10:10:43 believe, 73 moved earlier to 10-21.

10:10:47 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

10:10:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:10:53 Opposes?

10:10:54 Okay.

10:10:55 Thank you very much.

10:10:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, I believe 64 was taken

10:11:00 care of.

10:11:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 64 has been continued.

10:11:04 65.

10:11:04 >> Even item 65.

10:11:24 >> I'll move the ordinance.

10:11:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor to close?

10:11:30 (Motion carried).

10:11:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: An ordinance of the city of Tampa,

10:11:33 Florida making revisions to the City of Tampa code of

10:11:35 ordinances chapter 22, section 22-103 to provide for

10:11:39 certain exceptions when new sidewalk construction is

10:11:42 required and a certain exception when a contribution to

10:11:44 the sidewalk trust fund is made in lieu of construction

10:11:47 of a sidewalk is required providing for severability,

10:11:50 providing for repeal of all ordinances oar technical

10:11:52 manuals or resolution in conflict here with, providing

10:11:57 an effective date.

10:11:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: This is where you have been working on

10:11:59 for some time on the sidewalks?

10:12:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.

10:12:01 I had curls when this first started.

10:12:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So we are making progress.

10:12:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.

10:12:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:12:07 Moved and seconded.

10:12:08 Record your vote.

10:12:25 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.

10:12:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Mr. Miranda, for your

10:12:30 leadership on that.

10:12:31 Item 66.

10:12:31 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Items number 66 through 77 are

10:12:36 quasi-judicial and require witnesses to be sworn.

10:12:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:12:39 Everybody please stand and be sworn, if you are going

10:12:42 to be speaking, if you think you want to speak, stand

10:12:44 and be sworn.

10:12:45 (Oath administered by Clerk).

10:12:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I ask that all written communications

10:13:01 which have been available for public inspection in City

10:13:03 Council's office be received and filed into the record

10:13:05 by motion at this time.

10:13:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is there a second?

10:13:10 >> Second.

10:13:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:13:12 Opposed?

10:13:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Second, just to remind the public

10:13:15 there is a sign-northbound sheet outside, and to assist

10:13:18 the clerk please make sure if you do speak today that

10:13:20 you have signed the sign-northbound sheet.

10:13:22 And lastly, council, if there's been any ex parte

10:13:26 communications with any member of the public in

10:13:28 relation to any of today's hearings, please disclose

10:13:30 that prior to council taking action on that item.

10:13:34 Thank you.

10:13:34 >> Item 66.

10:13:46 Anyone from the public?

10:13:47 Motion to close?

10:13:51 >>MARY MULHERN: So moved.

10:13:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

10:13:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded

10:13:58 Mr. Stokes?

10:14:00 >>CURTIS STOKES: An ordinance of the city of Tampa,

10:14:01 Florida renaming certain real property located at 5000

10:14:05 north river Boulevard Tampa, Florida that has been

10:14:08 dedicated as river crest linear park to Ignacio Haya

10:14:13 linear park providing for severability, repealing all

10:14:16 ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith,

10:14:20 providing an effective date.

10:14:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded by Councilwoman

10:14:22 Mulhern.

10:14:23 All in favor record your vote.

10:14:32 >> Motion carried with Miller being absent and Miranda

10:14:35 being absent at vote.

10:14:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 67.

10:14:38 Anyone from the public wish to address council on item

10:14:41 67?

10:14:43 Motion to close?

10:14:46 >> So moved.

10:14:47 >> Second.

10:14:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved by councilman Stokes, seconded

10:14:50 by councilman Caetano.

10:14:51 All in favor?

10:14:52 Item 67.

10:14:53 Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:14:54 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance being presented

10:15:00 for second reading and adoption.

10:15:01 An ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida approving an

10:15:04 amended and restated development order for the Tampa

10:15:06 Bay center development of regional impact DRI number

10:15:09 16, previously approved development of regional impact

10:15:13 rendered pursuant to chapter 380, Florida statutes,

10:15:16 providing an effective date here hereof.

10:15:20 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

10:15:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:15:23 Record your vote.

10:15:24 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent

10:15:33 and Miranda being absent at vote.

10:15:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 68.

10:15:38 Item 68.

10:15:40 Motion to close?

10:15:41 >> Move to close.

10:15:44 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

10:15:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:15:46 Opposes?

10:15:46 Item 68.

10:15:47 Councilwoman Capin.

10:15:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:15:50 I move to adopt the following ordinance for second

10:15:53 reading.

10:15:54 An ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida approving an

10:15:57 amended and restated development order for the Tampa

10:16:00 Bay center limited partnership parcels development of

10:16:03 regional impact DRI number 16-A, a previously approved

10:16:08 development of regional impact rendered pursuant to

10:16:11 chapter 380, Florida statutes, providing an effective

10:16:14 date.

10:16:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Second?

10:16:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

10:16:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Record your vote.

10:16:24 Item 68.

10:16:27 Record your vote.

10:16:40 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I voted once.

10:16:46 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.

10:16:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Stem 69.

10:16:49 Anyone from the public wish to address council?

10:16:53 69.

10:16:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

10:16:57 >> Second.

10:16:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:16:59 Opposes?

10:17:00 Item 69.

10:17:00 Councilman Caetano.

10:17:02 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: An ordinance presented for

10:17:04 certificated reading and adoption, an ordinance of the

10:17:07 City of Tampa approving an amended and restate

10:17:10 development order for the Tampa Bay center school

10:17:13 parcel development of regional impact DRI 16-B a

10:17:16 previously approved development of regional impact

10:17:18 rendered pursuant to chapter 380 Florida statutes,

10:17:22 providing an effective date.

10:17:25 Original motion to place this ordinance on first

10:17:28 reading initiated by Miranda.

10:17:29 When don't need that

10:17:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is there a second?

10:17:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

10:17:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: By councilman Miranda.

10:17:41 Record your vote.

10:17:50 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.

10:17:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 70.

10:17:55 Item 70.

10:17:56 Anyone from the public wish to address council?

10:17:59 Anyone from the public?

10:18:00 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I believe that council member Stokes,

10:18:04 you will be abstaining from this?

10:18:11 >> Yes, I will.

10:18:11 >> It involves first third bank by which you are

10:18:16 retained.

10:18:17 >> Yes.

10:18:18 >> Land development.

10:18:21 Item 70, 71, 72, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 and 80 all require

10:18:31 certified site plans.

10:18:32 Site plans have been certified and provided to the

10:18:34 clerk.

10:18:35 Copies are available for council.

10:18:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Now move to close.

10:18:41 >> Second.

10:18:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:18:43 All in favor?

10:18:45 Okay.

10:18:47 Councilman Stokes can't read that.

10:18:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: He's abstaining.

10:18:53 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance being presented

10:18:57 for second reading and adoption, approving a special

10:19:01 using permit S 2 approving a bank drive-in window in a

10:19:04 VC commercial general in the general vicinity of 2206

10:19:09 east Fowler Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida and as

10:19:11 more particularly described in section 1 hereof

10:19:18 providing an effective date.

10:19:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:19:22 Record your vote.

10:19:36 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent

10:19:38 and Stokes abstaining.

10:19:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anyone wishing to addressing council

10:19:41 on item 71?

10:19:42 Item 71.

10:19:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

10:19:45 >> Second.

10:19:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:19:47 Okay.

10:19:50 71, councilman Stokes, do you want to read that?

10:19:55 >>CURTIS STOKES: An ordinance being presented for

10:19:56 second reading and adoption, an ordinance approving a

10:19:59 special use permit S-2 for alcoholic beverage sales

10:20:02 small venue and making lawful the sale of beverages

10:20:04 containing alcohol of more than 1% by weight and not

10:20:07 more than 14% by weight and wines regardless of

10:20:10 alcoholic content beer and wine 2(COP-R) for

10:20:13 consumption on the premises only in connection with a

10:20:15 restaurant business establishment on that certain lot,

10:20:18 plot or tract of land located at 3501-3503 North

10:20:23 Armenia Avenue, Tampa, Florida, as more particularly

10:20:26 described in section 2 hereof, providing for repeal of

10:20:29 all ordinances in conflict, providing an effective

10:20:32 date.

10:20:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This close he is alcohol before

10:20:38 midnight, or at midnight?

10:20:41 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

10:20:46 Let me just check for that.

10:20:48 Catherine Coyle had presented this case to you on

10:20:51 September 23rd.

10:20:55 Yes, sir.

10:21:00 Hours of operation will be Monday through Sunday,

10:21:02 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

10:21:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:21:07 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded by Councilwoman

10:21:08 Mulhern.

10:21:09 Record your vote.

10:21:19 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.

10:21:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 72.

10:21:24 Item 72.

10:21:25 Anyone from the public wish to address council?

10:21:29 Moved and seconded.

10:21:31 All in favor?

10:21:32 Opposes?

10:21:33 Okay.

10:21:33 Item 72. Councilman Miranda.

10:21:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to move it because it

10:21:39 closes by midnight.

10:21:40 I move an ordinance repealing ordinance for second

10:21:43 reading and adoption number 2007-169 approving a

10:21:48 special use permit S-2 for alcoholic beverage sales

10:21:51 small venue and making lawful the sale of beverages

10:21:53 containing alcohol of more than 1% by weight and not

10:21:56 more than 14% by weight and wines regardless of

10:21:58 alcoholic content beer and wine 2(COP-R) for

10:22:01 consumption on premises only in connection with a

10:22:03 restaurant business establishment on that certain lot

10:22:06 plot or tract of land located at 2507 South MacDill

10:22:09 Avenue and 3105 west Palmira Avenue Tampa, Florida as

10:22:13 more particularly described in section 3 hereof

10:22:15 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,

10:22:19 providing an effective date.

10:22:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:22:27 Record your vote.

10:22:28 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.

10:22:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 74.

10:22:34 Anyone from the public?

10:22:35 Anyone from the public wish to address council?

10:22:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

10:22:39 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Second.

10:22:39 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:22:41 Opposes?

10:22:41 All right.

10:22:43 Item 74.

10:22:44 Councilwoman Capin.

10:22:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move to adopt the following ordinance

10:22:49 for second reading.

10:22:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

10:22:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance rezoning property in the

10:22:55 general vicinity of 1307 West Kennedy Boulevard and 109

10:22:59 north Willow Avenue in the City of Tampa and more

10:23:02 particularly described in section 1 from zoning

10:23:04 district classifications CI commercial intensive and IG

10:23:08 industrial general to PD planned development, medical

10:23:12 and business/professional office, hospital, hotel will

10:23:18 be motel daycare and nursery facility college and all

10:23:22 CI uses providing an effective date.

10:23:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by councilman Miranda.

10:23:25 Record your vote.

10:23:36 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent

10:23:39 and Mulhern being absent at vote.

10:23:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 75.

10:23:44 Anyone from the public wish to address council?

10:23:46 Item 75. 75.

10:23:48 Anyone from the public?

10:23:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

10:24:01 >>> My name is Joseph Brantley, 4732 Bay Vista Avenue,

10:24:08 and I have been sworn in before.

10:24:12 The last time I was here, I felt like I was battling a

10:24:26 losing cause, I thought, because I know how things

10:24:28 work, unfortunately.

10:24:31 I'll make a little comment.

10:24:32 I will say one thing.

10:24:37 I send letters constantly to Washington and get letters

10:24:39 from congressmen from all over the country, and every

10:24:43 letter I write to Washington, I write, I love my

10:24:46 country.

10:24:49 In all the letters I write, I love my country.

10:24:52 It's the government I'm afraid of.

10:24:54 And that's the way I feel as an individual,

10:24:57 unfortunately.

10:24:58 It's a shame that I feel that way.

10:24:59 But that's the way I feel.

10:25:01 Anyway, I got a picture here of my house before I did

10:25:08 the remodeling.

10:25:14 You can see how it was.

10:25:20 It was supposed to be a residential community, and I

10:25:22 remodeled my home.

10:25:25 And you can see it looks a lot better now.

10:25:27 It doesn't have that driveway because I changed the

10:25:30 driveway over to the Westshore side.

10:25:36 But I'm against changing the residential to commercial

10:25:44 or whatever they are going to put it in there.

10:25:46 Mainly because I have seen other areas.

10:25:51 When I first moved into that neighborhood, like I said,

10:25:54 back in 1951, I used to drive back and forth.

10:26:00 I worked at the airport.

10:26:01 I went back and forth between Westshore.

10:26:05 And everything on the Beach Park area south of Sunset

10:26:09 Park, all these areas south, on the west side of

10:26:13 Westshore, evidently was set up for business, because

10:26:17 they had trailer parks, a small little store close to

10:26:21 my house.

10:26:22 It was all on the west side.

10:26:26 The east side was set up for residential.

10:26:30 And that's the reason I bought the house there.

10:26:33 I did remodeling and everything.

10:26:35 Now they are going to change.

10:26:37 I know in the past I see where you change one area, the

10:26:40 first thing you know there's a second area, and then a

10:26:42 third area.

10:26:43 And that's why I'm against it.

10:26:45 I do not favor changing it from RS to anything else.

10:26:51 That's all I have to say, folks.

10:26:53 I'm sorry.

10:26:55 That's just the way I feel.

10:27:03 I joined the marine corps many years ago and fought for

10:27:10 this country and in a way I feel sorry for the way it's

10:27:14 going.

10:27:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Next speaker.

10:27:15 Thank you.

10:27:16 >> My name is Richard O'Brien.

10:27:22 I'm the agent, and I have been sworn.

10:27:25 I just wanted to basically restate what we have stated

10:27:28 before.

10:27:29 We had worked with the neighborhood and had virtually

10:27:32 unanimous support.

10:27:34 And then also with the neighborhood association, Jerry

10:27:37 Houser the president of bayside west did do a vote and

10:27:40 it was an overwhelming majority in support.

10:27:43 And of course if we, being a site plan rezoning, in the

10:27:48 future, if anybody wanted to do anything different,

10:27:50 they would, obviously, have to go back before City

10:27:53 Council.

10:27:54 Thank you very much.

10:27:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

10:27:58 Anyone else?

10:27:58 >> May I make a statement?

10:28:03 >> No, sir, you can't do have that.

10:28:04 Sorry about that.

10:28:04 Anyone else?

10:28:05 Motion to close.

10:28:06 >> So moved.

10:28:08 >> Second.

10:28:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:28:11 Councilwoman Capin.

10:28:15 75.

10:28:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move to adopt the following ordinance

10:28:20 for second reading, an ordinance rezoning property in

10:28:22 the general vicinity of 4733 west Bay Vista Avenue in

10:28:27 the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly

10:28:30 described in section 1 from zoning district

10:28:32 classifications RS-60 residential single to PD planned

10:28:37 development, office, business, professional, providing

10:28:40 an effective date.

10:28:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is there a second?

10:28:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

10:28:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

10:28:47 Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:28:48 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Brantley, I vote against this and

10:28:53 I will be voting against it again.

10:28:56 And while the plans for this office building look

10:29:02 really nice, and I think it's, you know, it will be an

10:29:07 acceptable thing to the neighborhood in general, we

10:29:12 have one of the long-time neighbors here who lives

10:29:15 adjacent to it, and I think this is -- there is a trend

10:29:20 as you go south on Westshore.

10:29:22 However, everything, it's mostly still residential

10:29:27 surrounding there.

10:29:29 And the -- you know, Mr. Brantley and other people are

10:29:33 told here, well, this doesn't mean that anyone else can

10:29:37 build anything like this.

10:29:38 But actually, as council approves this, it becomes the

10:29:42 precedent.

10:29:43 And we are showing that today if we do pass this.

10:29:47 So this is similar to a lot of other neighborhoods

10:29:50 where a street has become more intense like Westshore

10:29:55 has, and very similar to say, you know, West Tampa up

10:30:02 by St. Josephs, Mr. Miranda's neighborhood, where all

10:30:06 of the residential streets have gradually become

10:30:12 commercial or office and, you know, it's just a

10:30:18 slippery slope, and I think considering those are all

10:30:20 houses around there, and the other thing that really

10:30:27 strikes me, especially in the South Tampa desirable

10:30:30 neighborhoods westbound good public schools, those

10:30:35 houses that are on the corners of busier street are

10:30:39 really some of the only affordable houses, and they are

10:30:42 smaller, and the smaller houses like these ranch houses

10:30:45 that were built are the houses that young families can

10:30:49 afford to buy or to rent.

10:30:51 So I'm not going to be supporting this.

10:30:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded by councilman

10:30:57 Stokes.

10:30:57 Record your vote.

10:31:05 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent

10:31:07 and Mulhern voting no.

10:31:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 76.

10:31:12 Anyone from the public wish to address council on item

10:31:14 76?

10:31:14 >> Move to close.

10:31:22 >> Second.

10:31:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 76.

10:31:25 Councilman Caetano?

10:31:27 .

10:31:27 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: An ordinance presented for second

10:31:29 reading and adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in

10:31:31 the general vicinity of 3324 and 3330 South MacDill

10:31:36 Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida and more

10:31:38 particularly described in section 1 from zoning

10:31:40 district classifications PD planned development,

10:31:43 office, business, professional, multifamily, and RO-1

10:31:48 residential office-1, to PD, planned development,

10:31:52 congregate living facility, large group care, providing

10:31:56 an effective date.

10:31:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by councilman Miranda.

10:32:00 Record your vote.

10:32:01 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.

10:32:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 77.

10:32:17 Anyone from the public wish to address council on item

10:32:19 77?

10:32:20 Anyone from the public?

10:32:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

10:32:23 >> Second.

10:32:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:32:25 Opposes?

10:32:26 Item 77.

10:32:27 Councilman Stokes.

10:32:31 >>CURTIS STOKES: Ordinance being presented for second

10:32:33 reading and adoption.

10:32:34 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity

10:32:36 of 5142, 5210 and 5220 West Spruce Street in the city

10:32:41 of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in

10:32:43 section 1 from zoning district classifications PD

10:32:46 planned development, business/professional office,

10:32:50 hotel, general retail, restaurant, to PD, planned

10:32:52 development, business/professional office, medical

10:32:55 office, hotel, airport shuttle service, principal

10:32:58 parking, general retail, restaurant, vehicle leasing,

10:33:02 providing an effective date.

10:33:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by councilman Miranda.

10:33:06 Record your vote.

10:33:16 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.

10:33:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Council, we have the 10:30 time for

10:33:26 staff reports.

10:33:27 I would like to get through the 10:00 items within the

10:33:31 next five or ten minutes.

10:33:32 Let's try that.

10:33:33 And then we'll take up staff reports right after that.

10:33:35 Okay.

10:33:36 Item 78.

10:33:37 Item 78.

10:33:38 Anyone here wishing to address council on item 78?

10:33:41 >> Dennis Fernandez, historic, design manager.

10:33:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think Mr. Miranda opened all these

10:33:53 items, I believe, did you not earlier?

10:33:56 >> All through 80.

10:33:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Through 80.

10:34:02 >> Second.

10:34:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:34:08 You're on a roll, Mr. Miranda.

10:34:10 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:34:14 Okay.

10:34:14 Go ahead.

10:34:14 >> I'm here on two items today before you which is a

10:34:19 pleasure to be here with a recommendation for the HPC

10:34:22 to create various historic designations for the

10:34:26 properties.

10:34:26 The first being item number 78 which is a multiple

10:34:30 properties listing for the Beach Park neighborhood.

10:34:34 I have a brief PowerPoint on that.

10:34:40 On your monitor, the proposal is for a multiple

10:34:43 properties grouping in the Beach Park neighborhood.

10:34:46 This is a very early established neighborhood of the

10:34:50 City of Tampa.

10:34:51 In 1923, developer T. Roy Young purchased 350 acres of

10:34:57 Culbreath's orange groves and with his partners they

10:35:01 planned to develop to a residential community Beach

10:35:03 Park on the bay.

10:35:06 You see in the 1931 map the early development plans for

10:35:10 the area parts it out with residential and commercial

10:35:15 uses and also there were definitive gateways created

10:35:19 for this particular neighborhood, one off of Swann and

10:35:23 Lois which is recently rehabilitate and a second at

10:35:25 Cleveland hand Westshore which unfortunately is no

10:35:27 longer in existence.

10:35:31 The Beach Park development company had afternoon series

10:35:36 of man made canals and bayous, creating an idealic

10:35:40 planned community, one of the first for the City of

10:35:42 Tampa.

10:35:42 Actually this was in the county when it was actually

10:35:45 created.

10:35:46 And taking its key from other successful upscale

10:35:50 developments in Florida, Mediterranean revival was

10:35:54 chosen takes preferred architectural style, and believe

10:35:56 it or not back then they actually had an architecture

10:35:59 review board which reviewed these designs and found

10:36:01 that they were acceptable to the quality and design of

10:36:04 the neighborhood.

10:36:06 The staff initially engaged in a survey of the

10:36:10 remaining original structures.

10:36:13 We determined that 78 buildings remain from the

10:36:16 original Beach Park development company, based on a

10:36:19 previous survey.

10:36:20 65 actually remained that were considered to be

10:36:23 contributing.

10:36:23 The others had been altered and lost their historic

10:36:27 integrity.

10:36:28 The staff essentially sent letters to the property

10:36:30 owners, asked if they were interested in participating

10:36:34 in a development of a designation.

10:36:36 We received eight initial applications, and those are

10:36:39 the ones that were we are here before you on today.

10:36:42 And you see those spread out throughout the

10:36:45 neighborhood.

10:36:46 Since our initial outreach to the neighborhood, we have

10:36:49 received additional letters and we'll process those at

10:36:52 a future date.

10:36:53 And just to quickly go through those, we have 4510 west

10:36:58 Beach Way Drive built in 1926, 4508 west Rosemere road

10:37:06 built in 1924, 45606 Sylvan ramble constructed in 1925,

10:37:14 4505 west Beach Park drive constructed in 1925, 4521

10:37:21 west Azeele street constructed in 1929, 704 Westshore

10:37:28 Boulevard constructed in 19256, 414 royal palm way

10:37:35 constructed in 1925, 407 royal palm way constructed in

10:37:43 1926.

10:37:47 Under our code, these particular properties satisfy the

10:37:51 criteria under criteria A, community planning and

10:37:55 development, and criteria C, architecture.

10:37:59 And there's the recommendation of the Historic

10:38:00 Preservation Commission that the multiple properties

10:38:03 designation be created.

10:38:05 Thank you.

10:38:05 That completes this presentation.

10:38:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Did you say this is the is the first

10:38:13 time we have done this or first time of in this

10:38:15 neighborhood?

10:38:16 >> This would be the first -- first multiple property

10:38:20 district within Beach Park.

10:38:21 >>MARY MULHERN: But we have them in other?

10:38:25 >> We have other property designations.

10:38:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:38:30 >>> Sure.

10:38:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Of this is a demonstration of how the

10:38:34 neighborhood came and moved Ford cohesively?

10:38:39 >>> That's correct.

10:38:40 We did a lot of outreach we've this particular

10:38:42 neighborhood and we think they have a program that they

10:38:44 are interested in participating.

10:38:45 >> Which this is how you want it to work.

10:38:47 >>

10:38:50 >>MARY MULHERN: That's great because they all

10:38:52 individually opted in.

10:38:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's what I'm saying.

10:38:56 The process, you know, you have them involved, and they

10:39:01 all participated, and as a result of that, it's moving

10:39:05 forward.

10:39:06 So I think we have to commend Beach Park for their

10:39:10 working together, their cohesiveness and support in

10:39:14 moving this forward.

10:39:15 And thank the staff.

10:39:19 Anyone from the public wish to address council on this

10:39:21 item?

10:39:21 This is a public hearing.

10:39:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

10:39:26 >> Second.

10:39:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:39:29 Okay.

10:39:29 Councilwoman Capin, do you want to read that?

10:39:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'll read it.

10:39:38 At least five or six of these were my neighbors for ten

10:39:41 years, and it is a wonderful neighborhood and very

10:39:44 cooperative with each other.

10:39:47 So here we go.

10:39:52 Move to adopt for first adoption public hearing, an

10:39:56 ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida creating Beach

10:39:58 Park multiple properties designation to include

10:40:01 properties located at 4505 and 4510 west Beachway

10:40:06 drive, 4508 west Rosemere road, 4506 Sylvan ramble,

10:40:13 4521 west Azeele street, 704 and 801 South Westshore

10:40:19 Boulevard, 407 and 414 royal palm way --

10:40:25 >> Excuse me, there's a substitute.

10:40:27 >> I'm sorry.

10:40:31 Thank you.

10:40:31 >> Substitute ordinance for first reading.

10:40:37 >> Substitute ordinance being presented for first

10:40:39 reading consideration.

10:40:40 An ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida creating

10:40:43 Beach Park multiple properties designation to include

10:40:45 properties located at 4505 and 4510 west Beachway

10:40:50 drive, 4508 west Rosemere road, 4506 Sylvan ramble,

10:40:56 4521 west Azeele street, 704 South Westshore Boulevard,

10:41:02 407 and 414 royal palm way, Tampa, Florida, A as more

10:41:08 particularly described in section 3 hereof, as a local

10:41:11 landmark, providing for repeal of all ordinances in

10:41:14 conflict, providing for severability, providing an

10:41:18 effective date.

10:41:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded.

10:41:21 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:41:25 Opposes?

10:41:26 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.

10:41:28 Second reading of the ordinance will be held October

10:41:31 21st at 9:30 a.m.

10:41:33 >> item 79.

10:41:38 >>DENNIS FERNANDEZ: Dennis Fernandez, historic

10:41:39 preservation, urban design manager, here on the

10:41:41 proposed designation.

10:41:43 Roy Jenkins swimming pool at 154 Columbia drive as a

10:41:48 local landmark.

10:41:49 And you have a presentation on that as well.

10:41:55 The Roy Jenkins swimming pool formerly known as the

10:41:58 Davis Island swimming pool was constructed as part of

10:42:00 the Davis Island development in 1929.

10:42:03 You have a picture from 1931 on your monitor.

10:42:08 It is located on the eastern side of Davis Island west

10:42:11 of the yacht basin and the baseball fields.

10:42:15 You see the highlighted area.

10:42:19 BP Davis developed the Davis Island by dredging 9

10:42:22 million cubic yards of sand out of Hillsborough bay to

10:42:26 stabilize and expand the mud flats formerly known as

10:42:29 little and big grassy island.

10:42:32 You see Mr. Davis on the left.

10:42:34 His vision of a Venetian paradise with the

10:42:37 Mediterranean style civic and commercial residential

10:42:39 buildings with amenities addressing all forms of luxury

10:42:42 community living year round was embodied in the Davis

10:42:45 Islands community, and one of the most important

10:42:48 components of that was this vision of a Roman pool

10:42:51 which we see manifested in the Roy Jenkins pool.

10:42:57 After experiencing a number of financial problems the

10:43:01 Webster stone development group took over the project

10:43:04 from Davis and continued to build it.

10:43:06 Although they did attempt to down-size the project

10:43:10 somewhat, it did end up completing the vision of that

10:43:14 Mr. Davis originally had.

10:43:18 The outside of the pool demonstrates all the hallmarks

10:43:21 of Mediterranean revival signs, tiled roofs, punched

10:43:29 windows.

10:43:31 The park still maintains its footprint.

10:43:34 However, no longer remains it's lushly landscaped

10:43:39 gardens that it featured.

10:43:41 There's a set of exterior stairs which flanked the

10:43:44 towers at both ends with designs and plaster cast

10:43:48 stones.

10:43:50 The open entry is gated with additional Franking and

10:43:54 enter your stairs.

10:43:55 The entire counter has ceramic tile and additional

10:43:58 plaster detailing.

10:44:01 Currently closed for evaluation, the three sections of

10:44:03 the pool are drained, to the north end has a covered

10:44:08 resting area with an open rafter system.

10:44:11 The basement levels house mechanics and locker rooms,

10:44:16 with windows to allow light in.

10:44:20 This is not the first historic pool, above-ground pool

10:44:24 to be designated, both in the state or in the City of

10:44:26 Tampa around the country.

10:44:28 Other above-ground pools in Florida including the Coral

10:44:31 Gables pool, the built-in -- the same period of time.

10:44:39 You see that on the left, listed in 19981 in the

10:44:43 national register of historic places.

10:44:47 The pool, built in 1937, a landmark of the City of

10:44:55 Tampa, the same designer designed the pool that is

10:44:58 featured in the upper left there.

10:45:00 Built in Missouri in 1936 and then in 19226 have an

10:45:05 additional one on the national register located in

10:45:10 Michigan.

10:45:13 The Roy Jenkins pool meets the criteria under the local

10:45:16 ordinance for designation under community planning and

10:45:20 development as an integral part of the Davis Islands

10:45:23 development, and plan, and under architecture as one of

10:45:27 the remaining original elements of Davis Island.

10:45:30 One of the first planned communities in the City of

10:45:31 Tampa featuring Mediterranean revival architecture.

10:45:37 As a footnote, Mr. Jenkins who was honored with the

10:45:41 pool's naming in 1965, he had passed away in 1964.

10:45:45 He was an avid proponent of aquatic safety and

10:45:50 dedicated his life for many years to the Red Cross and

10:45:52 its life saving program.

10:45:53 That concludes my presentation.

10:45:55 And the recommendation of the HPC is to landmark this

10:45:59 particular structure.

10:46:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me just say that this was initiated

10:46:05 by council under the leadership of Councilwoman Mulhern

10:46:08 who I think made the motion and led the discussion on

10:46:12 this, and for the renovation of this particular pool,

10:46:20 as I recall.

10:46:22 This has been two budget cycles ago, right?

10:46:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you for reminding me.

10:46:29 I was wondering about this.

10:46:31 It's not really a question for Dennis, but you probably

10:46:33 know where we are as far as of what we have committed,

10:46:38 what this administration has committed to toward the

10:46:41 restoration.

10:46:42 >> I have to say at this point, contract administration

10:46:48 has issued a request for qualifications to individual

10:46:51 architect and engineers in the community.

10:46:53 That was done in July.

10:46:54 They have created a short list.

10:46:56 I believe there's three and we'll be making a decision

10:47:00 on the appropriate contractor engineer in the upcoming

10:47:03 weeks.

10:47:03 And that's essentially the status I'm aware of.

10:47:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I do believe, though, I was briefed

10:47:13 that administration do feel that this would be kind of

10:47:16 hard to move forward in the future in terms of the

10:47:18 upkeep, because of historic designation now.

10:47:21 Is that accurate?

10:47:22 >>> Well, the initial assessment of the pool noted a

10:47:30 number of issues that needed to be resolved.

10:47:34 To me the issues were health and safety dealing with

10:47:37 how the water is filtered, the filtration system that's

10:47:40 in place, although state of the art in 1929, obviously

10:47:45 it does not meet today's requirements.

10:47:46 There were also a number of accessibility issues

10:47:50 dealing with the ladders and the way that the pool is

10:47:53 accessed.

10:47:54 And also health issues, safety issues related to some

10:47:58 of the gradings and separators and overflow systems

10:48:02 that are in place.

10:48:03 These are very common challenges to historic

10:48:08 preservation.

10:48:11 Our goal is to accommodate these challenges in the most

10:48:13 sensitive way.

10:48:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

10:48:15 Anyone from the public wish to address council on this

10:48:17 item?

10:48:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

10:48:21 >> Second.

10:48:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:48:23 Councilwoman Mulhern, do you want to read that?

10:48:25 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance being presented

10:48:30 for first reading, and first reading consideration, an

10:48:34 ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida designating the

10:48:37 Roy Jenkins swimming pool locate at 154 Columbia drive,

10:48:41 Tampa, Florida as more particularly described in

10:48:42 section 3 hereof as a local landmark providing for

10:48:46 repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing for

10:48:48 severability, providing an effective date.

10:48:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by councilman Miranda.

10:48:56 All in favor?

10:48:57 Opposed?

10:48:58 Okay.

10:48:58 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.

10:49:02 Second reading of the ordinance will be held October

10:49:05 21st, 9:30 a.m.

10:49:07 >> Item 80.

10:49:09 Item 80.

10:49:09 Anyone from the public wish to address council on item

10:49:12 80?

10:49:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move to close.

10:49:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

10:49:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

10:49:19 Opposes?

10:49:19 Okay.

10:49:20 Councilwoman Mulhern, do you want to read that one?

10:49:25 Stokes and Miranda voted no.

10:49:27 >> Move an ordinance being presented for first reading

10:49:33 and adoption, an ordinance rezoning property in the

10:49:35 general vicinity of 3410 and 3412 west fielder street

10:49:38 in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly

10:49:40 described in section 1 from zoning district

10:49:42 classifications RS-50 residential single-family to PD

10:49:46 planned development, residential single-family,

10:49:49 providing an effective date.

10:49:49 >> Voice roll call on that one, please.

10:49:55 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Yes.

10:50:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

10:50:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

10:50:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

10:50:09 >>CURTIS STOKES: No.

10:50:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

10:50:11 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Stokes

10:50:16 voting no and Miller being absent.

10:50:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 81.

10:50:21 Item 81.

10:50:22 Anyone from the public wish to address council on item

10:50:25 81?

10:50:30 Motion to close?

10:50:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.

10:50:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Legal?

10:50:39 Okay, moved and seconded.

10:50:40 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:50:43 Opposes?

10:50:43 Okay.

10:50:45 Councilman Miranda, do you want to read?

10:50:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, this is a first public

10:50:50 hearing for consideration.

10:50:57 Community affairs, City of Tampa agreement between the

10:50:59 State of Florida, Department of Community Affairs, City

10:51:01 of Tampa Florida rock and tank lines, Inc., and spray

10:51:06 MISER, Inc.

10:51:09 >> You should have an ordinance.

10:51:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't have the ordinance,

10:51:12 Mr. Chairman.

10:51:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Do you have the substitute?

10:51:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't have it here.

10:51:23 Nobody threw me a lifeline.

10:51:28 Thank you all.

10:51:31 Move an ordinance presented for first public hearing,

10:51:37 an honest of the city of Tampa, Florida amending the

10:51:40 Tampa comprehensive plan, definition section by adding

10:51:42 definitions as more particularly described in section 2

10:51:45 below and amending the Tampa comprehensive plan chapter

10:51:47 3 objective 19.7 and associated policies, as more

10:51:51 particularly described in section 3 below, providing

10:51:53 for severability, providing an effective date.

10:51:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Been moved and seconded by

10:51:58 Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:52:00 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:52:02 Opposes?

10:52:02 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miller being absent.

10:52:05 Second reading of the ordinance will be held on October

10:52:08 21st at 9:30 a.m.

10:52:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move to our staff reports.

10:52:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If we can to recall item number 61.

10:52:16 That's the change of times to November 1th at

10:52:19 10:30.

10:52:20 I do have the resolution that council can move at this

10:52:22 time.

10:52:22 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Motion to move.

10:52:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So move the resolution 61 within the

10:52:27 substitute resolution.

10:52:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by Councilwoman Capin.

10:52:30 All in favor?

10:52:36 All in favor signify by saying Aye.

10:52:38 Opposes?

10:52:40 Thank you.

10:52:41 Staff reports.

10:52:43 Move report item 82.

10:52:46 Item 82.

10:52:51 This is relative to the transit referendum, I guess,

10:52:55 initiated by Miranda and Caetano.

10:52:59 According to the agenda.

10:52:59 >> David singer from Holland and Knight.

10:53:09 Addressing you on an important ballot initiative before

10:53:13 the voters of Hillsborough County in November for a 1%

10:53:20 sales surtax that will fund countywide transportation.

10:53:24 Included in that is 43% of funds to light rail, 32% to

10:53:28 bus service, and 25% to improved and new roads.

10:53:33 This morning, I would like to thank you on behalf of

10:53:37 the community for educating your constituents as to the

10:53:42 particulars of this referendum.

10:53:45 Through the course of public meetings that have been

10:53:47 held in the course of public meetings that are to be

10:53:49 held, you will be educating and have educated the

10:53:52 public on 46 miles of light rail.

10:53:55 And what that means to the community.

10:53:57 Educating the public on doubling the bus fleet,

10:54:00 instituting express bus service, instituting bus rapid

10:54:03 transit, and additional local service, over 400 miles

10:54:08 of new bus service for our constituents and your

10:54:12 constituents.

10:54:12 Over $800 million in local roads, new roads, bike lanes

10:54:16 and pedestrian walkways.

10:54:19 All of this money as you have educated the public will

10:54:22 be deposited into a dedicated trust fund with a

10:54:25 citizens Oversight Committee, these funds may only be

10:54:29 spent on transportation and may not be used for any

10:54:32 other purpose.

10:54:33 You have educated and will educate about what other

10:54:36 communities have done and what they have seen including

10:54:38 Phoenix, who has seen 7.1 billion dollars of private

10:54:42 investment over the last ten years.

10:54:44 You have educated about Charlotte who has seen almost

10:54:46 $2 billion in private investment over the last three

10:54:49 years in a struggling economy.

10:54:52 And I will remind you again we are talking about 46

10:54:54 miles of just rail here in this county.

10:54:58 In Phoenix it was just 20 miles N.charlotte it was just

10:55:02 eight miles.

10:55:03 You have been educating and will educate the public

10:55:05 about how this initiative is about job creation, about

10:55:08 lowering the unemployment rate here in the city, and

10:55:11 the county, in creating both public sector and private

10:55:14 sector jobs, and helping the 96,000 people many of whom

10:55:18 are your constituents who cannot drive due to age

10:55:22 income or disability in getting them mobility options

10:55:24 which we do not currently have here in Tampa.

10:55:27 In total this is one of the most important and most

10:55:29 comprehensive initiatives ever to face the voters here

10:55:31 in Hillsborough County in the City of Tampa, and we

10:55:34 would like to thank you for your continued education

10:55:36 and your continued leadership surrounding this issue.

10:55:39 And I would certainly entertain any questions that you

10:55:43 may have that would help you continue to educate the

10:55:46 public before November 2nd.

10:55:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any questions by council?

10:55:51 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Singer, I just have one question

10:55:56 that I don't know if you heard from all the people on

10:56:00 the next item on the agenda is about bicycle safety.

10:56:03 So can you elaborate a little bit about how bicycle

10:56:09 paths, and also access to the trains?

10:56:15 What you are proposing?

10:56:18 And what is included, where that's included in this

10:56:21 referendum?

10:56:22 >>> A full 100 million dollars has been approved in

10:56:26 this referendum and in this initiative for sidewalk and

10:56:30 bike lane and bike trail improvements.

10:56:33 The county has committed to ensuring that those

10:56:36 improvements are made.

10:56:38 And they have already approved a list of where those

10:56:41 improvements will be made, and it is available on the

10:56:45 board of county commission Web site and I can certainly

10:56:47 deliver of that to you.

10:56:48 But it is not simply in the City of Tampa, it is not

10:56:51 only here, it is in the county as well.

10:56:54 Bike lanes are a big part of the $100 million

10:56:59 improvement that is dedicated towards intersection and

10:57:02 road improvements.

10:57:05 I don't have the exact list here in front of me but we

10:57:08 do have the exact list.

10:57:09 >>MARY MULHERN: I thought I had heard something

10:57:13 different from Hart or from the county.

10:57:18 Is that what you heard?

10:57:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Bike trail?

10:57:24 We discussed it on Tuesday night, I think it was,

10:57:28 and --

10:57:30 >> If I may, the -- Chip Fletcher, city attorney.

10:57:33 The interlocal agreement that you all approved that was

10:57:35 negotiated with the county, Hart, and the thee cities

10:57:39 in Hillsborough County includes a number of projects

10:57:42 that the county will complete with money dedicated to

10:57:47 those projects on the list in the first ten years.

10:57:51 The variety, as Mr. Singer indicated, of the

10:57:54 intersection and road improvements, which include bike

10:57:59 trails, bike lanes, other bike pedestrian improvements,

10:58:02 and so they are a part of that list that's in that

10:58:05 interlocal agreement, and construction that was

10:58:08 approved by Hillsborough County, and that would be the

10:58:10 list this afternoon we would want to reference to come

10:58:12 up with those.

10:58:13 You can certainly pull off the ones that are specific

10:58:17 to bike and pedestrian safety and provide those to you

10:58:20 separately, if you would like.

10:58:22 >>MARY MULHERN: I think that would be really helpful

10:58:24 considering that the obvious interests especially from

10:58:28 people in the City of Tampa and the county about

10:58:32 bicycle safety and that they could see -- their

10:58:39 specific projects have gone through the approval

10:58:41 process in the county, right?

10:58:45 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: That's correct.

10:58:46 There are some in the south county area, some in the

10:58:49 Brandon area.

10:58:50 I'm not sure where they all are.

10:58:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Are there any in the City of Tampa?

10:58:54 >> I would have to look.

10:58:55 I believe so.

10:58:57 But I would have to go and look.

10:58:58 It's not split up by city and unincorporated county.

10:59:03 The list of projects that are approved are countywide

10:59:05 including within the municipalities.

10:59:07 So we would have to look and see.

10:59:10 >> I think that's what we need to see.

10:59:11 That would help.

10:59:13 Okay.

10:59:13 Thank you.

10:59:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And that list, I believe, is for the

10:59:17 first ten years, though, right?

10:59:19 >> Yes, that's the first ten years of the proceeds of

10:59:23 the referendum.

10:59:24 There is a large amount, almost all of it, that is

10:59:28 dedicated for specific transportation projects already

10:59:30 approved by the county in the capital plan, and those

10:59:34 funds will be spent, we project, within the first ten

10:59:37 years, but those projects will get built with the

10:59:39 proceeds to the referendum.

10:59:41 >> And I mention that because should this pass, and

10:59:48 this is in perpetuity, which means other additional

10:59:50 remedies as you move forward.

10:59:53 It will be good, should it pass, we have those relative

10:59:57 to bike trails are highlighted in the first ten years

11:00:01 of the program.

11:00:01 >> Are there any other questions from council that I

11:00:10 can address?

11:00:12 >>CURTIS STOKES: Mr. Singer, there's been some

11:00:14 questions in the community regarding WMBE

11:00:19 participation.

11:00:19 >> Just last week at Hart's board meeting, there was a

11:00:23 recommendation from the board to adopt an SBE program,

11:00:27 and there had been adoptions just in the meeting

11:00:32 before, for moneys to be committed to a disparity study

11:00:35 for the WMBE program, that Hart does not currently have

11:00:41 but will have in the future.

11:00:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You say voted?

11:00:47 >> The SBE program that was approved on the MBE

11:00:51 program.

11:00:52 It was committed to the Finance Committee which will

11:00:54 then refer back out to the Hart at the next board

11:00:58 meeting for approval.

11:00:58 >> Do they vote on a percentage?

11:01:00 >> I think it's just for the funding for the disparity

11:01:02 study so they can determine the proper percentage.

11:01:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So they voted for the disparity study?

11:01:07 >>> Yes, sir.

11:01:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, let me just say this for the

11:01:12 record, and I don't understand why we have to have a

11:01:19 study.

11:01:19 We already know some of the dollars -- even this

11:01:22 morning that's why I pulled an item this morning on the

11:01:24 city.

11:01:25 We have a contractor coming in for us on larger

11:01:27 amounts, 8 and $10 million, there's only one percent or

11:01:31 two percent to minorities, an embarrassment, it's an

11:01:34 embarrassment.

11:01:34 Okay.

11:01:35 So I don't know why we need a study to know what the

11:01:39 obvious is.

11:01:40 It's there.

11:01:40 And I understand you are with moving Hillsborough

11:01:47 forward.

11:01:47 So I'm just simply saying, you want minorities to

11:01:55 support this and pass this and then you are saying,

11:01:58 well, we are going to do a study on this before we can

11:02:00 commit to anything.

11:02:01 That's an embarrassment.

11:02:02 I just want to say that, okay?

11:02:04 >> Trust me that there is no connection between the

11:02:09 campaign and the organization, and your frustration

11:02:12 certainly has --

11:02:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, that's why I said, I know you

11:02:15 are not the one.

11:02:16 You are on the other side.

11:02:17 I understand.

11:02:17 But I just need to say that, because, you know, the

11:02:21 question was raised as to whether they made a

11:02:24 commitment.

11:02:25 Now you are on the Hart board.

11:02:27 Is that right?

11:02:28 >>> Yes, sir.

11:02:28 >> So that needs to be conveyed with you being on the

11:02:31 Hart board, when we talk about these studies and all

11:02:34 that.

11:02:35 Yes, sir, I see counsel getting up.

11:02:38 >> If you would like, I can describe why the disparate

11:02:41 study is part of the process to put in a race-conscious

11:02:45 --

11:02:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I have been around a long time, about

11:02:48 14 years, with the county for ten years, been over here

11:02:52 for four.

11:02:52 I understand all the disparity stuff.

11:02:55 I understand what the court says.

11:02:56 But at some point, let's just do what's right, what's

11:02:59 fair for everybody.

11:03:00 We don't need a study for everything.

11:03:04 Let's just do what's right and fair.

11:03:05 And the people who are in power to do that just need to

11:03:08 do it.

11:03:08 That's all.

11:03:12 The entire community needs to benefit from this.

11:03:16 We are talking about a tax that's going to be in

11:03:18 perpetuity for years.

11:03:19 >> Forever.

11:03:24 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, forever, that's right.

11:03:26 Forever.

11:03:27 So let's be fair and do right for everybody.

11:03:30 You don't need to come for a study.

11:03:32 Just sit down and how do we want to make sure that

11:03:35 every person that's doing business in Hillsborough

11:03:36 County, City of Tampa, to benefit from the taxes that

11:03:40 they are going to be paying?

11:03:44 Why $10,000 to do a study for that?

11:03:47 That okay, that's all.

11:03:48 I'm sorry.

11:03:49 I'm on my soap box but I'm just telling you.

11:03:51 >> And I would encourage everyone here today and

11:03:54 watching and reads the transcript back to encourage the

11:03:57 Hart board members to do this as expeditiously as

11:04:01 possible so that when we do implement this program that

11:04:05 there are minority contracts and fairness surrounding

11:04:09 this process.

11:04:13 >>CURTIS STOKES: As a Hart board member, we did as a

11:04:15 board voted to increase the WMBE percentage from

11:04:21 previous years.

11:04:22 We increased that in the budget cycle.

11:04:24 But I think the question is going forward, before, this

11:04:30 should be a memorandum of understanding with the NAACP.

11:04:34 I think we are waiting to get signed before certain

11:04:38 numbers of the community agreed to come onboard and

11:04:41 support the transit tax.

11:04:44 And I do agree with Chairman Scott, sometimes, we study

11:04:48 things to death that shouldn't be studied.

11:04:51 It should be something that's automatically done.

11:04:53 But I do nobody that's in process.

11:04:55 We do have a Hart board meeting on Monday.

11:04:59 At 8:30.

11:05:00 And I think that will be one of the topics that we'll

11:05:03 be talking about in the morning.

11:05:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm on the board of the historic

11:05:12 streetcar, and I would like to see a little bit of this

11:05:22 penny forever to help the streetcar.

11:05:27 It is transportation.

11:05:31 And I don't think it's on there.

11:05:32 I didn't see it.

11:05:34 Am I correct?

11:05:34 >> There is nothing currently in the initiative that

11:05:38 spells directly out to streetcars.

11:05:40 You are correct.

11:05:41 Right now it is buses and rail and road improvements.

11:05:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I don't think the law addresses where

11:05:50 it can be used for that.

11:05:51 I don't think, Chip -- I don't know your experience on

11:05:54 that.

11:05:54 I think that's an issue because the way the ordinance

11:06:00 statute is addressed, it's on the only addressed in

11:06:04 certain categories, and I think street cars are not one

11:06:06 of those areas.

11:06:07 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Of that is my understanding,

11:06:11 Mr. Chairman.

11:06:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Because I was on the task force and

11:06:14 that came up as well.

11:06:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Well, thank you for answering that.

11:06:18 I appreciate it.

11:06:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilwoman Mulhern.

11:06:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah, we are kind of getting into the

11:06:24 big picture here.

11:06:28 I would just like to point out, it's been frustrating

11:06:32 for me on this council, and I think perhaps other

11:06:35 people, that fortunately the mayor did appoint a

11:06:40 council person to the Hart board.

11:06:43 But this council doesn't have a representative on the

11:06:46 Hart board, and -- well, we do, but we don't appoint

11:06:52 someone.

11:06:53 We don't appoint someone on the board.

11:06:56 And we also don't have an appointment on the TBARTA

11:07:02 board.

11:07:02 So even though we are asking our taxpayers to vote on

11:07:06 this referendum, the city's elected government, other

11:07:11 than, I guess, the mayor has some input, but the

11:07:18 council people and the people who are the most local,

11:07:21 the district representatives for people, don't --

11:07:25 haven't been able to have direct input on this.

11:07:32 So it's been interesting sort of being more observers

11:07:43 than having to have a lobbyist come here and tell us

11:07:45 about this plan that we are asking.

11:07:50 Our constituents are being asked to support.

11:07:53 But I would like to see us have more participation on

11:07:57 the Hart board.

11:07:58 And I also wanted to say to Councilwoman Capin about

11:08:04 the streetcar.

11:08:05 In everywhere but Hillsborough in Tampa when people

11:08:08 talk about light rail, street cars are a category of

11:08:12 light rail.

11:08:14 And even when you look at the funding sources for

11:08:19 federal funding, there isn't a streetcar category, a

11:08:25 streetcar is a kind of light rail.

11:08:28 So I don't know, it's probably not going to make any

11:08:30 difference in this funding, but it's interesting to me

11:08:32 that we have a streetcar system that isn't ever --

11:08:41 although I did get the MPO to make a map.

11:08:45 There is a map available that shows not only all the

11:08:47 Bart plans, light rail and high-speed rail but it's got

11:08:51 our existing streetcar and our old streetcar lines are

11:08:54 on that map. Anyway, I have it on my wall in my

11:09:00 office.

11:09:00 >> One of the fundamental pieces of the initiative is a

11:09:06 citizens advisory board committee that will be

11:09:09 appointed to oversee all of the spending, and the City

11:09:13 of Tampa has three appointments out of those eleven

11:09:17 members that will be on the task force.

11:09:20 The citizens oversights committee.

11:09:22 I encourage you to take that responsibility very

11:09:25 seriously and appoint people who will advocate in the

11:09:28 best interest, not only for the county as a whole, not

11:09:30 only for this initiative as a whole, but for the City

11:09:33 of Tampa as well.

11:09:34 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

11:09:37 Any other questions?

11:09:38 Thanks for being here today.

11:09:39 >> Thank you all very much for your continued

11:09:42 leadership on this issue.

11:09:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Item 83.

11:09:45 Item 83.

11:09:46 Alan SNEL.

11:09:51 >> Good morning, council.

11:09:53 Thank you, Chairman Scott.

11:09:58 I was invited by Councilwoman Mary Mulhern to offer a

11:10:01 presentation about bicycle infrastructure, and I'm

11:10:05 actually not very new to you folks because I have been

11:10:08 coming here for two years, and I notice the two new

11:10:11 council members that I haven't met yet, so I wanted to

11:10:15 say hi and introduce myself to you folks as well.

11:10:19 This presentation is one that I provided to the MPO on

11:10:25 three different occasions, 2001 three different

11:10:29 committees, and it's based on photos on bicycling in

11:10:42 metro, Denver.

11:10:43 I used to work and live in metro Denver.

11:10:45 It was a place as a bicyclist I thought was very

11:10:49 hospitable and accommodating to the bicyclists.

11:10:53 And I also worked as a newspaper reporter there

11:10:55 covering a lot of the projects and came to fruition

11:10:57 when I returned just in late July.

11:11:01 So I started taking photos in Denver and I started

11:11:06 hearing news. Two days later when I got to Colorado a

11:11:09 friend said LeRoy Collins was killed on a bicycle.

11:11:12 And I came back with my photos and PowerPoint, and I

11:11:15 began showing them, as I said, to MPO committees, and

11:11:19 more and more bicyclists have been killed of in Tampa,

11:11:26 or outside of Tampa in, St. Pete and New Port Richey.

11:11:30 And I wanted to give you that back drop, because I just

11:11:35 wanted to show you some nice infrastructure stuff in

11:11:39 another part of the country, and now there's a whole

11:11:42 new context to this.

11:11:43 And I need to kind of recalibrate my comments, because

11:11:47 a lot of wheels are turning.

11:11:51 I met with commissioner Mark Sharpe of Hillsborough

11:11:53 County on Friday, and he put an item on the agenda

11:11:56 yesterday that resulted in Hillsborough County's

11:12:00 commission approving a bike safety action plan.

11:12:04 And I just felt that Commissioner Sharpe -- spoke to

11:12:07 Commissioner Sharpe before today's council meeting, and

11:12:10 he has pledged the commission's support in working with

11:12:15 City Council and city officials to make this a unified

11:12:18 plan so we can move forward together, because as a

11:12:20 bicyclist, if I'm bicycling on a road, I don't see

11:12:24 where you are city and county boarder is.

11:12:28 I can be biking in the City of Tampa on 30th

11:12:31 street, and then continue up to Bruce B. Downs and all

11:12:33 of a sudden I'm in the county.

11:12:35 But if you get hit by a car, doesn't really matter if

11:12:40 it's city or county at that point.

11:12:43 So the city and the county needs to work together.

11:12:46 And I hope you follow through on that.

11:12:51 There's several other, before I launch into my

11:12:53 PowerPoint, there's several other moving farther parts

11:12:57 that I think the council should know.

11:13:00 You folks, I understand I guess the MPO is paying for

11:13:07 Tyndall Oliver consultants to do a bicycle plan for the

11:13:11 city, so I am suggesting that that plan be integrated

11:13:15 into this new bicycle action program that is being

11:13:20 launched, and from what I understand, it's going to be

11:13:23 a sweeping broad-based look at bicycling.

11:13:27 It's going to look at educating both drivers and

11:13:30 bicyclists, because we bicyclists need to be educated

11:13:34 as well.

11:13:34 It will be looking at an awareness plan, looking at

11:13:39 sites and trying to increase enhanced engineering, so

11:13:43 it's safe for bicyclists, and will look at police

11:13:46 enforcement.

11:13:47 I can tell you that bicyclists are very upset that they

11:13:52 get hit and they perceive that justice is not served.

11:13:55 As you folks know, there's a law on the books here in

11:13:57 the State of Florida that say when you pass a

11:13:59 bicyclist, you have to pass that person by at least

11:14:03 three feet.

11:14:05 I personally know people have been hit.

11:14:07 I don't know a single occasion where a citation was

11:14:12 issued for a three-foot buffer violation.

11:14:15 So bicyclists are also about that, upset about that.

11:14:18 So this CT county program I think is in essence a

11:14:25 county-city program, taking abroad-based sweeping look

11:14:28 at all the issues about bicycling so that we can

11:14:31 enhance safety.

11:14:32 Also, you need to know that Tampa Bayside is a

11:14:36 wonderful bike program here, in Tampa Bay, a

11:14:41 representative, Karen crest, and she informed me they

11:14:47 are also working on initiatives that can be dovetailed

11:14:51 into this unified program so that we move ahead

11:14:53 together as one.

11:14:54 So I just wanted to give you a little briefing of

11:14:57 what's going on because originally I came here to show

11:14:59 you some pretty photos of bicycle infrastructure from

11:15:02 metro Denver, and since that time a lot of things have

11:15:06 happened here locally.

11:15:07 So with that in mind, I am going to launch right into

11:15:12 the PowerPoint.

11:15:14 I have never done that before here in this building so

11:15:17 I'm wondering if there's someone who can just show me.

11:15:22 I sent a PowerPoint presentation in.

11:15:29 I sent one in and I was told that it was good to go.

11:15:39 Sometimes as a bicyclist I anticipate stuff and I

11:15:46 brought my photos.

11:15:50 Because you always have to be prepared.

11:15:52 So I just need to prepare.

11:15:58 They are representative photos, and they give you a

11:16:00 pretty good view of just what's out there.

11:16:02 What's interesting is that some of you, there's

11:16:07 something going on right now in the city.

11:16:09 I had a terrific conversation with your transportation

11:16:11 director Jean Dorzback along with John marsh who is

11:16:16 kind of the point person for pedestrian and bike

11:16:18 issues.

11:16:18 I met them for 90 minutes on Monday afternoon.

11:16:21 And they are committed to this issue.

11:16:26 So in fact you folks have painted your first bicycle

11:16:35 show this past week.

11:16:37 You should be happy and proud about that.

11:16:38 That's a big deal.

11:16:39 I am going to show you some of my photos, and some of

11:16:43 the images that I have been showing of the MPO.

11:16:51 Of this is your bicycle lane.

11:17:01 You have a few of these and I bicycled one from my

11:17:03 house down to the office here and parked my bike, had

11:17:06 the best parking in town.

11:17:08 No cost.

11:17:09 This is a typical bike lane in the city of Denver.

11:17:13 If you notice, you have room for parking.

11:17:15 You have a bike lane and traffic lane.

11:17:21 And these are all over the city of Denver.

11:17:30 What's fascinate being this photo, you will be seeing

11:17:42 shadows.

11:17:43 They were applied this week.

11:17:44 And what's fascinate being this photo is that this is a

11:17:50 sharrow, shared lane marking on a road that has very

11:17:54 fast traffic.

11:17:55 Most bicyclists are not keen on biking on roads whereof

11:17:59 cars move very fast.

11:18:00 But there are some parts of the state and also here in

11:18:03 Florida where sometimes you only have a couple of roads

11:18:06 in a region to get from point A to B so here is an

11:18:10 opportunity south of Ft. Collins about 45 miles north

11:18:12 of Denver where their D.O.T. designated a lane as a

11:18:17 shared lane.

11:18:19 Again, it comes down to commitment.

11:18:21 If you want to improve conditions for bicyclists, you

11:18:26 build infrastructure such as this.

11:18:36 How do I access this?

11:18:42 >> It will pop right up.

11:18:43 >> Okay.

11:18:44 We are in action.

11:18:46 I feel like I just fixed my flat and I'm biking now.

11:18:53 You see that photo.

11:18:54 Again, this is a bike show that I saw in many

11:18:59 neighborhoods in Denver, and hopefully these are coming

11:19:03 to a city called Tampa.

11:19:05 These are right now like I said on Euclid, and they

11:19:09 indicate to the driver that bicyclists will be in the

11:19:11 lane, and they are usually accompanied with a share the

11:19:14 road sign or sign that you have right now on Euclid

11:19:17 that says bicycles in lane.

11:19:20 It gets back to the belief that bicycles are co-users

11:19:24 of the road.

11:19:25 When I goat to Tampa in 2004 there seemed to be a

11:19:27 little conflict.

11:19:28 I think car drivers thought that they owned the road.

11:19:31 And the message out of Washington, your transportation

11:19:38 secretary saying if we are going to build roads, we

11:19:43 build them for everyone.

11:19:44 So this indicates to the motoring public that be aware

11:19:49 of bicyclists.

11:19:51 This is again bike lane in a neighborhood in Denver,

11:19:56 room for parked cars, bike lane and traffic.

11:19:59 This is downtown Denver.

11:20:00 Again, during the rush hour the buses and bicycles are

11:20:06 co-users of this lane.

11:20:07 Again it shows the commitment to alternative

11:20:09 transportation outside of a car.

11:20:13 This is a sign.

11:20:15 This is actually a sign and a half suburb called

11:20:21 webridge and signs like these by themselves might not

11:20:24 be that effective.

11:20:25 (Bell sounds)

11:20:27 But, again, this is one of the signs, watch for bikes

11:20:36 and pedestrians.

11:20:38 You might want to put those in intersections where

11:20:41 there are crashes.

11:20:41 Do you have signs which explain which intersections are

11:20:45 the most dangerous.

11:20:46 I'm not a professional engineer but maybe you want to

11:20:49 put these signs at the intersections that are more

11:20:51 prone to bicycle-car crashes.

11:20:56 I like this combination sign action here just south of

11:20:59 Ft. Collins.

11:21:00 You have a lot of roads just like this in Tampa where

11:21:03 you have suburban commercial development kind of roads

11:21:05 leading into your urban core.

11:21:08 And you have two bicycle sign combination.

11:21:12 You have the sign in the foreground is indicating to

11:21:15 people leaving the parking lot that you should be on

11:21:20 the look for bicycles, and then you turn right, you

11:21:23 have another share the road sign.

11:21:25 So I would -- bicycle accidents are, dangerous for

11:21:33 bicycles are cross sections and cross streets and going

11:21:37 in and out of shopping centers.

11:21:39 Denver has a very, very comprehensive bike rental

11:21:45 program.

11:21:45 They call it bike share.

11:21:47 But I think you are renting it but whatever you call it

11:21:52 it's a bike rental program.

11:21:54 You folks out here are hosting a Republican convention

11:21:56 in a couple of years, and a great way to get people

11:21:59 around the core is by having a bike sharing program.

11:22:05 The mayor of Denver, by the way, supports that and he

11:22:07 was accused of being a communist by a tea party

11:22:10 candidate.

11:22:12 An antidote.

11:22:14 Bicycle infrastructure comes in all forms.

11:22:20 On road bake lines, signage, share roads, and bike

11:22:28 trails.

11:22:28 This is a bike trail running along, cherry creek, and

11:22:34 it goes right into the heart of Denver to the north.

11:22:38 If you go in the opposite direction you hit another

11:22:40 regional trail called the Platt river trail, and this

11:22:44 is my big philosophy about trails, is that you need a

11:22:48 trail network just like a highway system.

11:22:51 And there's a gentleman who spoke today, Chip Thomas,

11:22:55 who said bicycle trail along the Hillsborough River.

11:23:00 Same concept because the rivers are usually leading

11:23:02 into a downtown, follow the river into downtown.

11:23:06 Again, this is -- this functions almost like a bicycle

11:23:11 highway.

11:23:12 I love this photo.

11:23:15 The previous photo you saw of the cherry creek trail is

11:23:20 coming in the opposite direction coming towards us, and

11:23:22 you are looking at bicyclists leaving a big building.

11:23:27 We would be positioned here in our big RAI outdoor

11:23:31 equipment building, and these bicyclists are going down

11:23:34 to the Platt river which will connect into that other

11:23:38 trail.

11:23:39 And what's fascinating if you look just in the back

11:23:43 there, you will see a brown colored bridge that leads

11:23:48 to more development.

11:23:49 And we'll look into this later.

11:23:52 Bicycle infrastructure leading into -- just not a

11:23:56 quarter for bicyclists but being integrated into your

11:23:59 urban development.

11:24:02 This is a closer view.

11:24:03 This is what I wanted to show you how bicycles are

11:24:06 leading right into the residential development.

11:24:10 There in downtown Denver.

11:24:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: How much more?

11:24:14 >> Three minutes.

11:24:16 Three or four minutes.

11:24:17 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Because I think we are about 15

11:24:18 minutes.

11:24:19 >> I'll wrap things up.

11:24:20 I'll fly through here.

11:24:21 This is a pedestrian bike ridge that leads from one

11:24:26 side of the trail to the other side.

11:24:31 Again, this is a project that I reported on back in the

11:24:34 mid 1990s and now has come to fruition.

11:24:37 You have to be committed to a long-range plan.

11:24:40 This bridge is going from one side of the interstate to

11:24:43 the other.

11:24:44 And if you notice all the residential development.

11:24:49 I mean, this is amazing bicycle ped infrastructure and

11:24:56 happy we've that commitment across from the interstate,

11:24:59 connecting the neighborhoods, making those people who

11:25:01 live on this side, they can bike or walk right over.

11:25:06 Again, bicycle infrastructure comes in all forms.

11:25:09 This is part of a regional trail system.

11:25:14 The regional trail system is still developing.

11:25:15 You actually have roundabouts.

11:25:18 This is 20 miles south of downtown Denver.

11:25:23 This is on the highway.

11:25:24 This is a trail that's going along the interstate about

11:25:28 30 to 40 miles west of downtown Denver.

11:25:33 Ft. Collins has, get this, it has a bicycle library.

11:25:37 You check out afternoon bicycle for free.

11:25:38 It's fantastic.

11:25:41 Check out the bike storage area.

11:25:47 This is outside of a micro brew pub where the actual

11:25:51 lock-up area includes the emblem, that the emblem

11:25:57 actually is the logo for the company, and that's how

11:25:59 you integrate bicycle into culture.

11:26:04 With that said, you guys did sign a commendation, I

11:26:07 understand, very interested in bicycling.

11:26:12 I mean, I know you signed it so you have put your John

11:26:16 Hancocks on it.

11:26:17 Now we actually need the city's commitment to work with

11:26:20 Hillsborough County, and obviously there are other

11:26:23 wheels in motion that I would love to have see us work

11:26:25 together.

11:26:27 I don't mean to end on a sad note, but 11 a.m. was the

11:26:33 burial time for the last bicyclist who died last Friday

11:26:36 and that's why there was family members who planned to

11:26:38 be here to talk to you folks, they can't be here, but

11:26:40 they are in your mind.

11:26:42 So I also ride a memorial bike ride and love bicycling.

11:26:47 I do all kinds of biking.

11:26:53 I'm asking folks to hop on.

11:26:58 We need more than just signatures and words.

11:27:01 I mean, we need people working together in one

11:27:06 direction to enhance bike safety.

11:27:07 So I really appreciate your time.

11:27:09 And I want to thank the chairman and also Councilwoman

11:27:12 Mulhern for inviting me today.

11:27:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Alan.

11:27:15 Of course, I want to note this is not your first time

11:27:18 here.

11:27:18 You have been here on numerous occasions talking about

11:27:21 bikes and bicycling, and here with the expressway

11:27:28 authority.

11:27:28 >> I also need to thank the chair because we actually

11:27:31 first melt when I showed up at the expressway authority

11:27:35 thinking maybe on Sunday mornings when no one is using

11:27:37 the upper deck maybe we can bike ride from 7 to 10 a.m.

11:27:41 up there.

11:27:41 It has been done.

11:27:42 And the chairman actually asked the authority to look

11:27:46 into that.

11:27:47 So no one else on that board did.

11:27:49 I mean, to this day I'm thankful that at least we got a

11:27:53 shot at looking at it.

11:27:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

11:27:55 Councilman Caetano.

11:27:56 >> I don't know if you have seen this report from

11:28:01 Curtis brown from the sheriff's office.

11:28:02 It puts Hillsborough County at number 3 in traffic

11:28:05 deaths.

11:28:05 And since this report I think there's been five or six

11:28:08 bicycle accidents.

11:28:09 I would like to give you this report for your records.

11:28:21 >> I am not a, quote, staff member or official but as a

11:28:24 person who represents ten bike stores and a lot of

11:28:27 customers in the bike stores, I'm just asking to see if

11:28:30 the council can informally just -- I don't know if take

11:28:35 action.

11:28:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We will.

11:28:39 Let me hear from Councilwoman Mulhern.

11:28:41 I am sure we are going to take some kind of action or

11:28:43 pass a resolution to encourage the administration to

11:28:46 work with the county.

11:28:47 >>MARY MULHERN: I was going to suggest maybe -- stay

11:28:51 there in case we have a few questions.

11:28:53 But I was going to suggest in addition to making a

11:29:00 motion that we work with the county commission and the

11:29:07 MPO.

11:29:08 Chairman Scott and I and councilman Caetano are all on

11:29:13 the MPO, and I have to mechanics mention Linda

11:29:17 Saul-Sena because she's been working on these issues

11:29:20 with the city and advocating for more trails, and bike

11:29:26 paths, and everything that you are advocating for, and

11:29:29 we have had -- actually had a meeting.

11:29:33 I don't know if you were there but I know Chip Thomas

11:29:35 was there a couple of years ago, with our

11:29:39 transportation department, and they really do want to

11:29:41 work on this.

11:29:42 So and they have been.

11:29:44 And I think you mentioned to me or someone did the

11:29:48 success with Nebraska Avenue with the bicycle lane

11:29:52 there.

11:29:52 >> You do have some outstanding examples of great

11:29:55 infrastructure, and in fact I was pleased to talk with

11:29:58 your staff on Monday, and I got more details about how

11:30:01 North Boulevard will be going from four to three lanes,

11:30:04 and there will be bike lanes, transitioning into

11:30:07 sharrows from Main Street to MLK.

11:30:12 That's a great example. I understand the limitations

11:30:15 in the City of Tampa because your infrastructure is so

11:30:17 hold and you have a lot of quirky roads and stuff.

11:30:21 Let me be crystal clear.

11:30:22 I'm not asking you to slap paint on every road.

11:30:24 It can't happen.

11:30:25 It's not feasible and it's not what I am asking.

11:30:27 But there's a wide variety of tactics which I wanted to

11:30:30 present in that PowerPoint to show you.

11:30:33 You can put signs at dangerous corners on your narrow

11:30:36 two lane roads, put the share the road signs up there.

11:30:40 Those signs are not only practical for that road, they

11:30:43 tell the motoring public in general.

11:30:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What I am going to suggest is make a

11:30:47 motion.

11:30:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Here's what I suggest.

11:30:50 I'm sorry.

11:30:51 Two things.

11:30:52 One is that this council, maybe we would have a

11:30:57 resolution that we work on bicycle safety action plan,

11:31:02 which is what the county commission passed yesterday,

11:31:06 so we would be working with the county, the city, and

11:31:12 with the MPO, I believe, on this, and I don't think

11:31:17 that -- I think that's what we can do to move the

11:31:21 planning and the big picture forward.

11:31:24 So I'm going to make that motion first.

11:31:28 >> Second.

11:31:30 >>MARY MULHERN: The motion that the City of Tampa work

11:31:38 with USF, the MPO, the Hillsborough County, and the

11:31:43 other municipalities to work on a bicycle safety action

11:31:46 plan to be modeled after the MPO's pedestrian safety.

11:31:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by councilman Stokes.

11:31:56 Moved and seconded.

11:31:57 All in favor?

11:32:00 >>MARY MULHERN: The second thing I was going to ask --

11:32:06 did we vote?

11:32:07 Yes.

11:32:07 The second thing I want to do is have a workshop on

11:32:09 this, because -- and our transportation department Jean

11:32:15 Dorzback is very interested in this.

11:32:17 The MPO, we are working on it with the bicycling

11:32:21 pedestrian advisory committee, the livable roadways

11:32:24 advisory committee.

11:32:25 But I think that council should have a workshop and

11:32:30 invite our transportation staff and TPD to come and

11:32:33 talk about what specifically we can do as a city and

11:32:40 encourage some of the things that we have been asking

11:32:42 for, for years, like the sharrow, like restriping store

11:32:51 bicycles, the streetscape idea that every time we

11:32:55 repave a road that we put in a bike lane or do

11:32:58 everything we can to do that, and maybe adding the

11:33:01 sharrow that might be a good idea.

11:33:03 But there's a lot of things that we could -- there are

11:33:07 a lot of things that were brought up today that I think

11:33:09 we need to talk about with transportation staff, like

11:33:12 when they decided not to put their bike lane on Euclid

11:33:16 why we couldn't put a bike lane on El Prado.

11:33:20 I don't know why that wasn't mentioned as a

11:33:22 possibility.

11:33:23 The trails, the PSAs, on our city television station,

11:33:31 which is a great idea that Chip Thomas had, I don't

11:33:36 know why we can't do that.

11:33:38 I'm sure Alan --

11:33:40 >> They said no.

11:33:41 There's a program, too.

11:33:42 I mean, --

11:33:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, let me suggest, Alan, because

11:33:47 our time is limited, why don't you include that in the

11:33:50 workshop?

11:33:52 >>MARY MULHERN: This is all going to be in the

11:33:53 workshop but I want it to today so our staff hears this

11:33:56 and starts thinking about it, all these things that

11:33:59 they could be doing.

11:33:59 The enforcement with the TPD.

11:34:01 We can hear from them about it.

11:34:03 But the other thing, the one other thing I wanted to

11:34:05 say, which I think we heard from people today, of that

11:34:10 I think it's really about education, and FDOT at the

11:34:15 state level is working on things.

11:34:17 So there is funding out there for educating bicyclists,

11:34:21 but I think it is more important to educate the drivers

11:34:25 and the signage for the drivers.

11:34:26 So that's something that I think we can work on.

11:34:29 So that's my motion, that we have a workshop as soon as

11:34:35 possible.

11:34:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: January.

11:34:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, we are not having one in November?

11:34:45 So January.

11:34:45 But we'll work on it.

11:34:47 I'll work on these issues.

11:34:50 >> Even right now as we move forward the city

11:34:54 coordinate things with the county to get it off and

11:34:58 running.

11:34:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

11:35:00 And that first motion we passed is not about setting up

11:35:02 another committee.

11:35:03 It's about actually creating a plan and doing something

11:35:06 using staff, city, county, MPO.

11:35:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, if I can with regard to

11:35:13 your first motion with regard to the resolution, do you

11:35:15 want to come back as a written resolution on the

11:35:19 21st 1st of October?

11:35:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Do we need to do that?

11:35:23 >> Yes, yes.

11:35:24 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's part of your motion.

11:35:26 >> Yes.

11:35:29 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Did you want to set it for 9 a.m.?

11:35:31 Because currently the only thing you have in January is

11:35:33 the commendation of police Officer of the Month so it

11:35:35 would be the first item.

11:35:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

11:35:38 9 a.m.

11:35:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I would suggest that you include in

11:35:40 that the MPO being a part of that workshop.

11:35:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I thought I mentioned everyone.

11:35:46 The MPO.

11:35:47 I am going to invite the -- ask somebody from FDOT,

11:35:50 too.

11:35:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So now let me understand now, the

11:35:55 motion that we are making is for a workshop, and you

11:35:57 are going to invite all the partners, stakeholders.

11:36:02 Is that clear?

11:36:04 >>MARY MULHERN: I'll invite the MPO and

11:36:06 representative.

11:36:08 They have people who work on just bicycling stuff,

11:36:11 right?

11:36:12 >> I just want to be clear, because I know in the past

11:36:15 we kind of -- these motions kind of get lost.

11:36:19 >> Well, the MPO is invited.

11:36:22 They are here.

11:36:23 So they heard it.

11:36:23 But I'll make sure through either my office or the MPO

11:36:27 will invite someone from FDOT.

11:36:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

11:36:34 Councilwoman Capin.

11:36:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: On Euclid, I would like to follow up on

11:36:38 that, more information to me on the path, and why the

11:36:47 bicycle path -- all the way to Westshore.

11:36:50 >> Well, the lane, Mayor Iorio decided to remove the

11:36:54 lane but in its place the sharrows, and they have

11:37:00 sharrows and signs.

11:37:02 They have signs that indicate bicycles in the lane.

11:37:04 So the bike lane is removed and kind of alternative,

11:37:09 the sharrow's and the signs would work.

11:37:13 I would like to see that on other streets.

11:37:16 And one of your speakers did say how do I get across

11:37:18 the peninsula?

11:37:20 We do need suggested -- we need roads that do have

11:37:24 access for bicycles to get across the peninsula.

11:37:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Motion and seconded by councilman

11:37:31 Stokes.

11:37:32 All in favor?

11:37:33 Opposes?

11:37:34 I guess the one issue, though, that came up in the

11:37:39 discussion on Tuesday night, was that in the county or

11:37:42 was that city?

11:37:45 >>MARY MULHERN: I think it's the county.

11:37:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We have an informational hearing on

11:37:49 Tuesday night and a couple of people came in to ride

11:37:52 bikes around there and they was talking about the

11:37:54 problem with the bike lane not being quite accurate,

11:38:00 not quite right.

11:38:00 >> Concerning about the fatality at the USF campus.

11:38:05 >> Bruce B. Downs.

11:38:06 >> Technically that is the county's jurisdiction.

11:38:09 You want to double check, I believe.

11:38:11 But my point is when I'm biking I'm crossing from city

11:38:14 into county, and as a bicyclist it doesn't matter where

11:38:17 the border is.

11:38:18 But jurisdiction-wise, I believe that the county, I

11:38:23 think the county border is right around.

11:38:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We had a map and I left it --

11:38:30 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't have it either.

11:38:32 I'll get to the Alan.

11:38:33 But the other thing I think I mentioned in the first

11:38:38 resolution is that the USF people, that was a USF

11:38:42 graduate student, and they are working with the MPO,

11:38:46 too.

11:38:47 So everyone is involved.

11:38:49 We'll invite them to the workshop, too.

11:38:50 >> Thank you for your attention to this issue.

11:38:55 It stirred up a lot of interest among bicyclists.

11:38:58 And even if you don't ride a bike you know someone who

11:39:02 does.

11:39:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'll see you all over there, Alan.

11:39:06 You get around.

11:39:07 Thank you.

11:39:08 Item 84.

11:39:09 Item 84.

11:39:19 >>BRAD BAIRD: Director of Tampa water department.

11:39:22 Here to talk about item 84.

11:39:24 First, I would like to quickly provide a reminder of

11:39:30 the utilities services consolidation, which through the

11:39:35 summer of 2010 we have reorganized the distribution and

11:39:40 consumer services division of the water department to

11:39:43 include some support services.

11:39:45 Those support services are or support areas include

11:39:49 meter reading, meter services, billing, credit and

11:39:53 collections, and a call center.

11:39:55 And the call center is compromised of four small call

11:39:59 centers that will come together and handle all of the

11:40:04 issues for water, wastewater, solid waste, and billing.

11:40:11 This arrangement will result in less customers being

11:40:17 bounced around, if you will.

11:40:21 And now our goal will be one-call resolutions, customer

11:40:24 calls at one time, and we resolved that problem.

11:40:27 We are looking at improving efficiency and

11:40:29 effectiveness in all four of those areas.

11:40:35 Outsourcing, of course, is an option in every case, and

11:40:40 councilman Stokes has asked about where that fits in

11:40:45 essentially.

11:40:48 So we are looking at outsourcing all four of those

11:40:51 areas as one option.

11:40:57 Regarding outsourcing, one of the first things we did,

11:40:59 we called municipalities around Florida.

11:41:02 We called 24 of them.

11:41:05 22 responded.

11:41:06 And to see what they outsource in those four areas and

11:41:10 how it compares to what we do now.

11:41:12 And we found out that in the five areas we looked at,

11:41:22 we joust source already in three of those areas, that

11:41:26 being the printing, of the bill, the mailing service of

11:41:30 the bill, and the payment of the bill.

11:41:35 If you mail in a check, which is the first choice, or

11:41:40 the predominant way that people pay their water bill.

11:41:44 And so we found out that bottom line, we are

11:41:48 outsourcing as much or more than most of the

11:41:52 municipalities in Florida now, including most of the

11:41:57 billing services that we do.

11:42:00 We do not outsource in the collections area and the

11:42:04 meter reading area.

11:42:05 And which is typical around the State of Florida as

11:42:08 well.

11:42:10 I have all those statistics.

11:42:11 But without going into those details, we seem to be

11:42:18 aligned with that.

11:42:20 So we are looking at outsourcing or partnering in all

11:42:28 of those areas. The areas that are still inhouse such

11:42:28 as meter reading or billing, we will look at partners

11:42:40 or contractors who can do it cheaper or better or both.

11:42:45 We have been -- recently we have met with TECO to see

11:42:52 what we could have do in terms of partnering for meter

11:42:56 reading in that area.

11:42:59 Unfortunately, this week, we had decided to go a

11:43:02 different direction with automatic meter reading in a

11:43:07 very short time period and have opted not to partner

11:43:10 with us in that area.

11:43:12 But we have been working over this summer with them on

11:43:15 ways that we could make that happen.

11:43:18 So while we will continue toward that end to make those

11:43:21 support areas more efficient, and more effective.

11:43:26 With that I'll take any questions.

11:43:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

11:43:30 I understand what you're saying but we don't have the

11:43:34 same type of capabilities of reading the water meter

11:43:38 like you do in electric meters.

11:43:40 It has to be done physically really.

11:43:44 Technology, I remember, the Acalas family ten years ago

11:43:53 showed me meters that were way beyond what we have.

11:43:55 In fact, you only could purchase it with a credit card

11:43:58 inside your house.

11:43:59 You need water, you put the credit card.

11:44:01 You order so much water.

11:44:03 And it told you how much water you have left and they

11:44:05 had the same thing for the electric meter inside the

11:44:07 house.

11:44:08 You bought your own credit, electricity and water, and

11:44:12 we still don't have that in Florida.

11:44:14 But they have it in South Africa.

11:44:16 They have it in Europe.

11:44:17 They have it in Mexico.

11:44:18 Because I saw it for the Acalas family who had the

11:44:26 plant in South Africa. So I understand what you are

11:44:27 trying to do.

11:44:29 But it will take you light years to change from the

11:44:32 meters that you have to those where you can drive by

11:44:34 and it sends a signal to a tower and the tower sends a

11:44:39 signal to the computer to put your costs in line.

11:44:43 And that doesn't mean it's going to work perfect every

11:44:45 time either.

11:44:46 Not that we are perfect.

11:44:48 But the way we are doing it now, I have to admit to

11:44:50 that.

11:44:51 So I appreciate what you are looking at.

11:44:52 And you are talking about money.

11:44:54 And that's what life is all about.

11:44:58 You have to improve.

11:44:59 And the only way you can improve is by investing.

11:45:02 And if you don't have anything to invest, then you

11:45:04 can't improve.

11:45:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Any other questions?

11:45:09 Stoke.

11:45:10 >>CURTIS STOKES: This is a general statement,

11:45:13 Mr. Chairman.

11:45:15 We are probably two or three years away from the

11:45:17 economy getting back to possibly where it was for

11:45:20 years, and I thank you for your report.

11:45:25 As we start the different ways to improve our

11:45:30 efficiency here at the city, particularly with I know

11:45:35 there's the cost, the clinics, that we'll talk about

11:45:39 later on this month, I think it's very important that

11:45:42 we look for ways to save the city money going forward,

11:45:47 because not knowing where the economy will be, I think

11:45:50 the more that, the better, and I think worry all good

11:45:57 stewards of the taxpayers money.

11:46:00 And thank you for looking into this issue.

11:46:04 And if TECO opted out please don't stop in your search

11:46:08 for other partners to help us get this done.

11:46:11 >> We will not.

11:46:12 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm going to try to be brief.

11:46:19 We have already outsourced three of these operations

11:46:24 that you are reporting on.

11:46:26 And this has been my question throughout whenever we

11:46:30 have been asked to privatize some of our city services.

11:46:37 But I have never actually seen the report showing us

11:46:46 what those actual savings are in a more long-term year,

11:46:50 two year, three years.

11:46:52 So I personally, if anything is brought in front of me

11:46:57 on this council, claiming that we are going to save

11:46:59 money with outsourcing, I have to see some long-term

11:47:03 data from this city showing that in the long-term we

11:47:09 save money, and including in the contracts, because we

11:47:14 always talk about how we are saving because, you know,

11:47:19 we are saving on personnel costs because we don't have

11:47:23 to pay the benefits and insurance of the city

11:47:25 employees, but we never see -- when we get the budget

11:47:32 and we see how much we saved on that, we don't see the

11:47:34 balance of how much they contract is actually costing.

11:47:38 So I would like to see that in retrospect for some

11:47:41 contracts.

11:47:43 If you are going to bring anything to us.

11:47:44 >>> I would like to say in these three areas it appears

11:47:52 that outsourcing happened quite a few years ago.

11:47:56 And so those comparisons of how they did it back in the

11:48:01 sixth and 70s, you know, we probably wouldn't have

11:48:04 that.

11:48:05 But I'm sure in another's other cases that can be

11:48:07 provided.

11:48:07 >> Right.

11:48:09 But we do have how much we are spending?

11:48:12 >> Right.

11:48:12 >> On the contracts.

11:48:15 And it doesn't show up as personnel line item anywhere,

11:48:19 when you privatize these jobs.

11:48:26 >>BRAD BAIRD: I can itemize.

11:48:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I have questions on 16 and 23, are

11:48:32 pretty much similar, and they have to do with the

11:48:34 contract and pretty much when you look at those items,

11:48:37 item 16, there's reference to the contract, almost $8

11:48:43 million and all that, and the question I have is

11:48:47 relative to the SBL, the MBE portion of that, and you

11:48:53 have a contract that's outlined says 7.8, 7.9, and of

11:48:58 that the goal was 2.4%.

11:49:01 Okay.

11:49:01 And I understand, I had a memo, just got it this

11:49:05 morning relative to that, of how, I guess, you arrive

11:49:09 at that.

11:49:09 But this is a good observation where we are spending

11:49:12 quite a significant money and we set a goal of 2% or

11:49:16 2.4, and what the person would do, they would come just

11:49:25 enough at that, just to get by to get the contract.

11:49:29 Greg, you want to speak to that?

11:49:31 I understand what the law says and all that, but I am

11:49:33 just pointing you, the issue that's troublesome for me

11:49:36 and the reports that I have seen come in over and over

11:49:38 again, and I am going to tell you -- and I won't be

11:49:42 around to sit on this side, but the thing of it is, you

11:49:47 are going to see that minorities have not done well for

11:49:51 a lot of these contract.

11:49:52 But go ahead.

11:49:52 >> Gregory Hart, small business minority small business

11:49:59 office.

11:50:00 Chairman Scott, I really do appreciate your bringing

11:50:02 this issue to the forefront.

11:50:04 That issue being contracts and the dollar value of

11:50:08 contracts, and whether or not we are maximizing

11:50:13 opportunities for subcontracting.

11:50:14 And I can assure you that indeed we are.

11:50:17 And this is a clear case, an example of where we really

11:50:22 have to communicate the expectation that is within the

11:50:28 contracts that the city let's.

11:50:30 This particular contract is a water main distribution

11:50:34 correct.

11:50:36 It is predominantly installation of piping.

11:50:40 And our methodology for determining what the meaningful

11:50:44 opportunities for contracting include looking at the

11:50:48 entire scope of the project, looking at the dollar

11:50:51 value of that contract, and then the breakdown of that

11:50:57 scope in terms of what is subcontracted by industry

11:51:01 standards.

11:51:03 And in doing so, this is an example of the contract

11:51:09 where there aren't meaningful or very meaningful

11:51:13 subcontracts and elements that lend themselves to the

11:51:17 available pool of WMBE that are certified by the City

11:51:22 of Tampa.

11:51:24 Oftentimes, he the perception can be because it has

11:51:34 significant dollar value that it has subcontracting

11:51:37 components, and this is just not always the case.

11:51:40 But we did maximize the subcontracting that is

11:51:44 available in this project by looking at the scope,

11:51:48 looking at the dollar value, and subcontractors

11:51:51 available to respond.

11:51:54 There were somewhere around 10 or 13 components that

11:51:59 would typically be subcontracted in this project, part

11:52:04 of which actually lended themselves to the type of

11:52:12 SOBE's we have in our database, so we look at who is

11:52:17 available, what the subcontract elements are, and then

11:52:20 calculate that value to come up with the goal.

11:52:25 The goal in this case was 2.4%, if I am not mistaken.

11:52:33 The lob responsive bidder came of in with 4%

11:52:36 participation.

11:52:37 And they were over 15 bidders for this project.

11:52:42 And if I recall, the second low bidder, the third, came

11:52:47 of in with 0.1 or 5%.

11:52:51 So I'm simply saying here that --

11:52:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Just to expedite, I understand the

11:52:57 methodology that you are using.

11:53:00 Also, it is to encourage.

11:53:02 See, that's part of the problem.

11:53:04 I keep saying.

11:53:06 I said it from day one it's encouraged that no

11:53:09 mandatory requirement is to encourage.

11:53:12 So as a result of that, and you don't need to respond

11:53:15 to this, I'm just saying after $8 million contract we

11:53:20 go out and encourage somebody to do 2.4% based on the

11:53:23 methodology that they come up with and they come in

11:53:26 right at that or higher than that, so we ought to be

11:53:29 happy because we got a little over 2.4%, is what is

11:53:36 pretty much how it is.

11:53:36 But I'm just saying that given what we are in the

11:53:39 economy to me, persons -- I believe they can do better.

11:53:45 I understand what you are saying.

11:53:47 They are saying these are the minorities that may be

11:53:51 available.

11:53:51 I'm saying there's a lot more people available than the

11:53:55 method that you are using.

11:53:56 I could be wrong on that.

11:53:57 But I am just highlighting the number of contracts now

11:53:59 that we are giving out from the city perspective.

11:54:04 And in case you don't know, every week when there's a

11:54:10 contract on this agenda, I go through it, I look to see

11:54:12 how much WMBE and SLBE, what do they get?

11:54:18 I can tell you.

11:54:19 On some of the contracts like .4%, .1%, .3%.

11:54:24 I'm telling you.

11:54:25 And that's why it's so important whenever we have the

11:54:27 next workshop, I don't know when it is, to look at

11:54:30 those numbers again, because in my opinion, for what I

11:54:32 see each week to week to week, those numbers do not

11:54:35 look good.

11:54:38 What I'm saying is that these are taxpayers dollars.

11:54:41 We need to afford the opportunities for every person

11:54:44 and business, every citizen and business to be able to

11:54:46 do business with this government.

11:54:48 That's all I'm saying.

11:54:50 That's all I'm saying.

11:54:51 And the numbers, when I look at week to week, Greg,

11:54:55 they just don't look good from what I see from week to

11:54:58 week, when I look at the numbers.

11:54:59 Now, we have to look at the overall pictures to see

11:55:02 what you are going to bring back to us, which I don't

11:55:03 know when that's going to be.

11:55:05 But we have to look at the overall number.

11:55:08 So when I saw this contract here, I just wanted to

11:55:11 highlight this so that you can see, you know, what I'm

11:55:14 talking about when we talk about minority participation

11:55:16 or the SBLE and WMBE.

11:55:20 >> In regard to the next update you should be receiving

11:55:22 a communication suggesting that council perhaps look at

11:55:27 sometime before the end of the year or after the first

11:55:30 of the year, we are required to come back before you

11:55:35 with the fiscal year-end closeout.

11:55:39 So we'll be asking to schedule something around that

11:55:42 time frame.

11:55:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Stokes.

11:55:46 >>CURTIS STOKES: Mr. Hart, do you have what companies

11:55:48 make up that 3.4%?

11:55:52 >>> Yes.

11:55:52 There are two companies, both whom are SOBE certified

11:55:58 and WMBE certified.

11:55:59 >> Do you have the names of them?

11:56:01 >> I do.

11:56:03 Bear with me just a moment.

11:56:12 Those companies include MAR construction corporation,

11:56:19 and Mend-It concrete services.

11:56:24 >> Okay.

11:56:26 >> What is that first name.

11:56:28 >> First name was M.A.R. construction corporation.

11:56:32 The initials are M.A.R. construction, corp.

11:56:40 The second is MEND-IT concrete services.

11:56:47 I can certainly have this information.

11:56:51 >> Which is a Hispanic company, right?

11:56:56 >> Yes.

11:56:56 The MBE classification is Hispanic.

11:57:00 And they are both SLBE.

11:57:02 >> And they install piping?

11:57:07 The contract for installation of piping?

11:57:09 >> The Mend-it concrete services is noted as providing

11:57:14 concrete services.

11:57:19 Reinforcement services.

11:57:20 The M.A.R. construction service is noted as providing

11:57:26 valves associated with the piping or installation.

11:57:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Gutters.

11:57:35 >>CURTIS STOKES: The reason I asked, there's a piping

11:57:39 supply company in Tampa, a minority owned firm.

11:57:46 I'm surprised they didn't participate in this.

11:57:49 >> I believe they were solicited.

11:57:52 I don't recall if they quoted or --

11:57:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Can we get a motion?

11:57:59 I'm sorry, were you finished, councilman?

11:58:03 Let me get a motion to move item 16 and 23.

11:58:07 Could we get a motion to 16 and 23?

11:58:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion for 16 and 23.

11:58:13 >> So moved.

11:58:14 >> Seconded by Ms. Capin.

11:58:17 All in favor?

11:58:19 Opposed?

11:58:19 The Ayes have it.

11:58:21 >> 23 was the interlocal agreement with the SBIC, Small

11:58:23 Business Information Center, and they provided us

11:58:26 information on that.

11:58:27 Those who don't understand it, you need to recognize

11:58:30 that that interlocal agreement with the county to

11:58:33 provide technical assistance, advice and all of that

11:58:36 for East Tampa, West Tampa and Ybor City, at the tune

11:58:42 of $93,000 a year.

11:58:43 So I hope you will avail yourself to the services.

11:58:46 Technical assistance and service.

11:58:50 I think they are located in Ybor City, right?

11:58:53 Is it Temple Terrace?

11:58:56 Temple Terrace?

11:58:57 >> Ed Johnson, CRA manager for East Tampa.

11:59:02 That's correct.

11:59:03 They are located on 56th street in Temple Terrace

11:59:05 is where the SBIC's consolidate offices are where they

11:59:09 have a multitude of services available for small

11:59:12 businesses.

11:59:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I want to stress that you allow that

11:59:15 service, okay?

11:59:16 >> Mr. Chairman, I would like to make sure that you all

11:59:19 understand that part of that $93,000 fund is also --

11:59:25 there's about $28,000 that we are also utilizing for

11:59:31 SBIC's assistance in our enter praise program which is

11:59:34 also near and dear to our hearts.

11:59:36 So it's not only for training but it's also for

11:59:38 administration and outreach and enterprise zone.

11:59:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

11:59:42 Item 28.

11:59:43 I want to highlight this item to have let people know

11:59:46 that assistance is available at the tune of $100,000.

11:59:49 Go ahead.

11:59:52 >>CINDY MILLER: Director growth management development

11:59:54 services.

11:59:55 This is a grant that we have applied for, where all

11:59:57 employees by counseling constituents that are in danger

12:00:01 from the standpoint of foreclosure and danger with

12:00:04 their home Marge will be able to come to the housing

12:00:06 community development division for assistance.

12:00:08 We will be both counseling and hopefully finding

12:00:11 programs for applicants to be able to work through

12:00:14 their dilemmas that they are having.

12:00:16 I am also going to leave with you where we do have

12:00:18 brochures both in print and on our Web site that are

12:00:22 basically advice the as to how folks should be working

12:00:25 with their mortgage holders.

12:00:26 And I do thank you, sir, for highlighting this.

12:00:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

12:00:29 Again, this is a grant to the tune of $100,000 where

12:00:33 the housing assistance --

12:00:38 >> The housing community development division is

12:00:40 located on Nebraska.

12:00:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

12:00:42 Is available for helping people who find themselves at

12:00:44 the brink of foreclosure and that sort of thing and get

12:00:47 assistance.

12:00:48 So I want to highlight that.

12:00:49 So the motion to approve that.

12:00:50 >> Second.

12:00:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: No, I need someone to move it.

12:00:56 >> So moved.

12:00:57 >> Second.

12:00:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

12:00:58 Opposes?

12:00:59 Okay.

12:01:00 It's lunch time, council.

12:01:02 I have a memo from Mr. Smith that -- for discussion on

12:01:09 item 86 and 87.

12:01:17 He would like to have that item continued till they

12:01:20 have a full council, at the next council meeting

12:01:22 request, because this afternoon members won't be here.

12:01:26 Now, I still have, if you go want to go ten minutes

12:01:31 over, I have time if all want to do that.

12:01:34 I don't know.

12:01:34 But 856 is we can take that up real quick.

12:01:42 86 and 87, do you all want to continue that item to the

12:01:46 next meeting?

12:01:47 >> Yes.

12:01:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

12:01:49 Motion to continue item 86 and 87?

12:01:53 >>MARY MULHERN: So moved 134 second.

12:01:55 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All in favor?

12:01:56 That will be on our next meeting.

12:01:59 October 21st.

12:02:00 Okay.

12:02:00 Sorry to keep you waiting.

12:02:02 Item 85, Mr. Stokes.

12:02:07 >>CURTIS STOKES: I on Monday I asked this item be

12:02:09 removed from the agenda.

12:02:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

12:02:12 >>THOMAS SCOTT: The question I have with legal, and the

12:02:16 question is, item 85 is renaming of the playground and

12:02:21 activity center, I believe, the way the motion was

12:02:25 framed.

12:02:25 The question is, I guess, with this -- will this come

12:02:28 back?

12:02:29 Because touch remove it from the agenda, taking it off

12:02:34 the agenda for the state doesn't mean it will come

12:02:36 back.

12:02:37 It does not come back or what?

12:02:41 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Had council made the motion to

12:02:43 consider the item, consider whether to withdraw it

12:02:46 until such time as there's a future motion or council

12:02:49 could determine to continue it to a time certain.

12:02:51 It's council's purview.

12:02:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Stokes, that's the motion.

12:02:56 I just need to know.

12:02:58 >>CURTIS STOKES: Just until there's -- I'm not sure

12:03:01 what procedure there is till we see what the procedures

12:03:04 are for naming facilities for our current City Council

12:03:10 member.

12:03:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, there is no procedure at this

12:03:14 particular point.

12:03:15 My next point was that away from this, of that we draft

12:03:19 some guidelines and procedures for if you are going to

12:03:26 name parks and buildings after council personnel.

12:03:30 From my perspective, talking about me, nobody else,

12:03:34 because I didn't do it, nobody else, just me, from my

12:03:36 days on the county commission, we could not -- we could

12:03:41 not name a building or park or street or truck or

12:03:47 anything after a City Commissioner or staff person

12:03:50 while they are working or on the commission.

12:03:54 It had to be done once we were gone.

12:03:57 So my position is -- and this again has nothing to do

12:04:01 with Ms. Miller, I would support it, but in the future

12:04:07 you come back with some sort of guidelines, Mr. Shelby,

12:04:10 or Mr. Fletcher, relative to that, and I think that

12:04:14 would guide council in the future.

12:04:15 What I don't like is this -- we never done it that way

12:04:20 before, we have never done it.

12:04:22 That's the last seven dying words of any organization.

12:04:27 "we never did it that way before."

12:04:30 Okay?

12:04:31 All I'm saying is let's draft some procedures, let's

12:04:34 draft a process so in the future, if someone wants this

12:04:38 to happen, they have a process in place to address it

12:04:42 as we move forward.

12:04:44 >>CURTIS STOKES: I think we mirrored a decision of the

12:04:48 county and will expedite that.

12:04:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can, Mr. Chairman, this issue

12:04:54 did come up several years ago with regard to road

12:04:56 namings, and the administration did bring back a

12:04:58 process.

12:05:00 I believe Mr. Snelling was involved in that.

12:05:01 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: We Don have an ordinance on naming

12:05:04 and renaming roads.

12:05:05 That's in code.

12:05:06 So that's a different animal in this context.

12:05:10 The administration had developed internally a procedure

12:05:14 that they use when they are making recommendations, and

12:05:17 we can get that to council.

12:05:19 That would not be binding on council, but just as a

12:05:22 point of information we can make that available.

12:05:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: All I'm asking for at some future

12:05:29 date, I go off, what, April 1st offer off City

12:05:36 Council.

12:05:36 I would like it to come back before I leave.

12:05:48 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Would reconsideration be proper?

12:05:51 >> No.

12:05:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I second it.

12:05:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded to remove that from

12:05:55 the agenda.

12:05:56 My question is, when will it come back?

12:05:58 He's going to bring it back at some future date.

12:06:00 My issue is separate from that.

12:06:02 My issue is that we set procedures and policies or

12:06:06 procession in place.

12:06:07 Okay?

12:06:07 And that will come back to us, when, 60 days, or

12:06:10 January 1st?

12:06:11 January?

12:06:12 That's enough time?

12:06:15 >> We have done most of the research and compiling it

12:06:17 already, so we can do it the next meeting or the first

12:06:21 meeting in November.

12:06:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I would like to have input.

12:06:29 I want every council member -- I want you all to look

12:06:33 at it and talk and then bring it.

12:06:35 >>> You would like a section put together and based on

12:06:38 other information from other jurisdictions.

12:06:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Yes.

12:06:41 >> I would recommend the first meeting in January.

12:06:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

12:06:43 >> So moved.

12:06:47 >> Second.

12:06:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Now you have to carry.

12:06:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion made by Mr. Scott.

12:06:51 Seconded by Mr. Stokes.

12:06:55 All in favor of that motion please say Aye.

12:06:55 Opposed, Nay.

12:06:56 The Ayes have it unanimously.

12:06:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

12:06:58 That covers all --

12:07:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Except for number 22, the rules and

12:07:04 procedure.

12:07:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: 22 and the hearing officer thing.

12:07:11 What number was that?

12:07:12 The appeal process, number 20, right?

12:07:15 Did we approve number 20?

12:07:21 Mr. Fletcher, item 20 was the hearing appeal process?

12:07:24 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Yes, Mr. Chairman.

12:07:29 These were the --

12:07:30 >> I just want to highlight it.

12:07:31 These are issues that I initiated coming on council.

12:07:34 There were those complaining about administration

12:07:36 serving as the hearing officer, so now we have a

12:07:39 process in place to address that.

12:07:41 We brought it to council.

12:07:43 I am going to move that item.

12:07:45 Somebody can second it.

12:07:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion made by Mr. Scott, seconded

12:07:49 by Mr. Caetano on a close vote with Ms. Mulhern.

12:07:52 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying

12:07:55 Aye.

12:07:56 The Ayes have it unanimously.

12:07:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay.

12:07:58 And then item 22.

12:07:59 >>CHARLES FLETCHER: Mr. Daignault is here on 88 which

12:08:04 is the County Line Road streetlights.

12:08:05 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Daignault, I'm sorry, come on

12:08:11 down.

12:08:12 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Administrator for public works and

12:08:15 utility services here at the request of council.

12:08:17 Again, I have no additional information beyond what I

12:08:19 have met with council member Caetano and passed to him.

12:08:23 It looks like the best solution for lights on County

12:08:26 Line Road would be a group effort between Pasco and

12:08:30 Hillsborough County and it would require an assessment

12:08:33 of those people in that area.

12:08:34 That's the best solution I can come up with at this

12:08:36 moment.

12:08:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Mr. Caetano?

12:08:41 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Mr. Caetano, do you want a

12:08:44 preliminary price of what it would cost for those

12:08:46 streetlights from TECO perhaps?

12:08:49 >>> From TECO, they do not charge you unless they have

12:08:52 to run a new line.

12:08:53 But if there is power and poles there, they just have

12:08:58 to put the lights up there, there is no additional

12:09:00 charge.

12:09:01 It is just a monthly fee for the use of the

12:09:03 electricity.

12:09:04 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Because I think you said one time

12:09:07 that the poles, I had suggested they put these lights

12:09:10 on, were too far from the road.

12:09:12 I don't know if they have different sizes of arms that

12:09:15 come out.

12:09:15 >> Again, we have not asked TECO or anyone to do any

12:09:19 preliminary evaluation or looking at that.

12:09:23 We can do that.

12:09:24 I will be glad to check and see what it would take.

12:09:28 I'll be glad to pursue that.

12:09:30 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I make that as a motion that Mr.

12:09:34 Daignault pursue the initial cost of what it would cost

12:09:36 to get lights on the existing poles that are there,

12:09:39 whether they are capable.

12:09:42 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Moved and seconded by councilman

12:09:43 Stokes.

12:09:44 All in favor?

12:09:44 Opposes?

12:09:45 Okay.

12:09:47 The last item, Mr., would officer Miller please come

12:09:53 into the chamber of City Council, please?

12:09:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: What are going to be the rules of

12:09:58 procedure?

12:09:59 It's a very brief item.

12:10:00 I don't know if you want to take it up today.

12:10:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Don't need to do anything other than --

12:10:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Very quickly, council, I passed

12:10:10 around a minor change, just deleting a few words just

12:10:14 to clarify one of the rules on page 11, and a

12:10:18 typographical item, just on item 5.

12:10:23 I put that in a substitution.

12:10:25 I would like to present that to you.

12:10:26 It has to be read by title after these afterwards these

12:10:30 rules take effect.

12:10:31 Basically, council, just so you know, item is going to

12:10:38 mean if it's a quasi-judicial matter and the matter

12:10:40 fails to receive at least four votes, the motion fails.

12:10:45 And if another motion that's in order is not made, the

12:10:47 result will then be to reopen the public hearing and

12:10:51 continue it to a date and time certain when the full

12:10:53 council may be present.

12:10:54 That will preserve a lot of the issues, or preserve the

12:10:59 notice train and cure a lot of problem that the council

12:11:02 has had in the past.

12:11:03 And I presented this for your approval.

12:11:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.

12:11:07 >> Second.

12:11:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: By title.

12:11:10 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The resolution is number 22 by title.

12:11:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, item number 22 is a

12:11:20 resolution for presented for second reading and

12:11:24 adoption, resolution replacing the rules and of

12:11:26 procedure governing meetings of the City Council of the

12:11:28 City of Tampa superseding all previous resolutions

12:11:33 setting forth procedure, providing an effective date.

12:11:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Seconded by councilman Caetano.

12:11:38 All in favor?

12:11:42 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you, City Council.

12:11:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Motion to -- okay.

12:11:48 I'm sorry.

12:11:48 We are going to break for lunch.

12:11:51 Officer Miller.

12:11:57 Mr. Miller?

12:11:59 All the cameras on Mr. Miller.

12:12:04 By the powers invested of in me I want to declare that

12:12:06 you have a birthday next Tuesday, and we also wish a

12:12:09 happy birthday to you.

12:12:11 So -- [ Laughter ]

12:12:14 Enjoy your birthday.

12:12:18 And we appreciate you so much what you do for council.

12:12:21 I want to say this for the record.

12:12:23 He really looks out for council.

12:12:26 When there are funerals or things he makes sure we get

12:12:28 parking, and get directions.

12:12:33 You really, really have taken care of the City Council.

12:12:35 And I want you to notch we really do value, we

12:12:38 appreciate you so very much.

12:12:40 Okay?

12:12:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Happy birthday.

12:12:43 You look so young.

12:12:45 I can't believe you are a year older.

12:12:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Anything else this morning?

12:12:49 >>MARTIN SHELBY: A reminder, council, that you do have

12:12:51 an afternoon agenda, albeit a short one, and Mr.

12:12:56 Miranda, my understanding will be chairing that

12:12:59 meeting.

12:13:03 Thank you.

12:13:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: This afternoon.

12:13:07 I see an attorney here.

12:13:08 >> If it's something related to this afternoon it's my

12:13:11 visits not subject to take it up.

12:13:13 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Again Ms. Miller and I will not be

12:13:16 here but I hope you will all be back here at 1:30.

12:13:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to say happy birthday to

12:13:23 my dear friend Charlie Demico who is sitting in the

12:13:28 audience and we are going to celebrate this afternoon.

12:13:30 Happy birthday, Charlie.

12:13:33 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Happy birthday.

12:13:33 You all really surprised me last week.

12:13:36 I tell you, on mine.

12:13:38 It really surprised me.

12:13:40 Caught me off guard.

12:13:42 Thank you all very much.

12:13:43 We stand in recess till 1:30.

12:13:45 Thank you.


13:38:01 (Tampa City Council reconvened for the 1:30 p.m.

13:38:08 session)


13:38:09 -(roll call).

13:40:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: For the record, I ought to mention

13:40:57 that both Chairman Scott and Gwen Miller, Gwen miller

13:41:01 is absent because of a terrible tragedy in her family.

13:41:05 Her mother passed away.

13:41:06 We have that in the record this morning.

13:41:08 And Chairman Scott also stated earlier that he won't be

13:41:10 here in the afternoon.

13:41:11 So we'll have four, possibly five members, is my

13:41:15 understanding, that we'll hear 89.

13:41:19 I don't know -- or 90, we have to open these public

13:41:23 hearings.

13:41:23 >> Move to open the public hearings 89, 90.

13:41:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And 91.

13:41:32 I have a motion by Ms. Mulhern, seconded by Mr. Stokes.

13:41:36 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying

13:41:39 Aye.

13:41:39 Opposed Nay.

13:41:40 The Ayes have it unanimously.

13:41:42 I am going to skip 89 for a second and go to 90.

13:41:46 We have had a request for continuance to November

13:41:50 18th.

13:41:50 Is there anyone in the audience who would like to speak

13:41:53 only on the continuance to November 18th?

13:41:57 I see no one.

13:41:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry, Mr. Chairman, November

13:42:04 18th is the last regular meeting before your break.

13:42:09 There is an evening meeting as well so perhaps would

13:42:10 you like to schedule that for 10:30 in the morning on

13:42:13 November 18th.

13:42:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If I may here hear a motion from

13:42:19 council members for the 18th at 10:30.

13:42:22 Motion by Mr. Stokes.

13:42:23 Second by Ms. Mulhern.

13:42:24 Further discussion by council members?

13:42:25 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

13:42:27 Aye.

13:42:28 Opposed, Nay.

13:42:28 Item 90 is continued to November 18th at 10:30.

13:42:33 Item 91.

13:42:34 Do you all wish to be heard?

13:42:36 Yes or no?

13:42:36 >> Respectfully, we would request, if you are willing,

13:42:43 a continuance to October 21st at 10:30 in the

13:42:46 morning.

13:42:46 We understand you have a lot in the morning and the

13:42:49 afternoon.

13:42:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak

13:42:52 to this continuance to October 21st?

13:42:55 You have to understand that right now we have a four

13:42:58 council members which means that anything would have to

13:43:00 pass would be unanimously.

13:43:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I should bring this to

13:43:04 council's attention.

13:43:05 Under your rules that are adopted which actually was

13:43:08 council's policy but are now put into writing, it

13:43:10 states -- and I'm quoting rule 6-C, if at a

13:43:15 quasi-judicial hearing only four members are available

13:43:18 to take action a petitioner shall have the right to

13:43:20 continue until there are a minimum of five members.

13:43:23 If there is less than a full City Council then a

13:43:26 petitioner may request a continuance but it will not be

13:43:28 a matter of right N.this case there are only four

13:43:30 members present.

13:43:31 So per council's rules, as a matter of right the

13:43:34 petitioner does have the right to request a later date.

13:43:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please state your name for the

13:43:38 record.

13:43:39 >> Walter Crumbley with Courier City Oscawana

13:43:43 homeowners association.

13:43:46 This is not the way I planned to spend my birthday.

13:43:49 I noticed you are celebrating everybody's birthdays

13:43:51 this morning.

13:43:52 >> Happy birthday.

13:43:53 >> Thank you very much.

13:43:57 We keep coming down here.

13:43:59 This is the fourth or fifth visit we have had here.

13:44:04 And if you are going to continue it, which you

13:44:06 obviously are, then we think it should be to an up or

13:44:12 down vote.

13:44:12 No more participation by the audience, no more business

13:44:19 with the City Council and this sort of thing.

13:44:21 Let just get it to a vote once and for all.

13:44:23 You had a vote in favor.

13:44:25 You had a vote against it.

13:44:26 And now we are down here and had a postponement one

13:44:30 time because you didn't have a full council.

13:44:33 We would just like to see the thing one way or the

13:44:35 other get done.

13:44:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I can only speak to my

13:44:41 recollection or memory, came up before us one time, and

13:44:43 then the second time there was a legal, if I recall the

13:44:49 legal department, the legal department asked us to

13:44:52 reconsider because there was part of the record, could

13:44:54 have been disseminated against the petitioner the way

13:45:01 it came out or against us, so instead of doing that and

13:45:05 risking the taxpayers money in court and so forth and

13:45:07 so on, we choose to have the hearing reheard.

13:45:09 But I'll let the legal department speak to that.

13:45:11 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

13:45:16 This was continued for a full public hearing.

13:45:21 You need to conduct a full public hearing on it.

13:45:23 >> Just for the record to be absolutely clear, I want

13:45:26 to go back.

13:45:27 We have now five council members and ask the

13:45:29 petitioner, do you still want to have a continuation?

13:45:35 >> As a courtesy to Ms. Miller and her familiar reply

13:45:38 and Mr. Scott's absence, yes, sir, we would still

13:45:41 request respectfully October 21st at 10:30 but that

13:45:44 would be your will.

13:45:45 Ron Weaver, 401 East Jackson Street for the record,

13:45:47 attorney for the Mangroves.

13:45:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: When there's only four council

13:45:52 members it's automatically referred to the pleasure of

13:45:54 the council or the compromise on that date forward.

13:45:58 Now there's five council members.

13:46:00 So now that changes a little bit.

13:46:02 Now it's the pleasure of the council whether they

13:46:04 choose to have a continuation.

13:46:05 Yes, Ms. Mulhern?

13:46:07 >>MARY MULHERN: I'll support the continuance, but I

13:46:13 want to be clear, if this is continued today, was it

13:46:20 continued first -- is this the first reading or second?

13:46:23 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

13:46:24 This is the second reading.

13:46:27 And it was on the advice of the legal department that

13:46:29 you conduct a new second reading.

13:46:32 >>MARY MULHERN: A new second reading.

13:46:36 So at least -- next time we hear it, that will be it.

13:46:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It will be the second.

13:46:42 Right.

13:46:43 Again I am going to ask one more time, does anyone in

13:46:45 the audience want to speak against the continuance to

13:46:47 October 21st?

13:46:49 That would be in the daylight hours.

13:46:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, the request of Mr. Weaver is

13:46:56 for the morning, 10:30, on October 21st at his

13:47:01 request.

13:47:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience has any

13:47:04 objection to 10:30 in the morning?

13:47:06 Hi see none.

13:47:07 What's the pleasure of council?

13:47:07 >> I would like to make a motion to reschedule the

13:47:13 second by reading of this motion, the public hearing to

13:47:17 October 21st, 10:30 a.m.

13:47:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Ms. Capin.

13:47:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: For the record this is a motion to

13:47:25 continue.

13:47:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A motion to continue.

13:47:28 Motion by Mr. Stokes.

13:47:29 Seconded by Ms. Capin to continue to 10-21 at 10:30 in

13:47:33 the morning.

13:47:34 All in favor?

13:47:35 Nay?

13:47:36 I hear no Nays.

13:47:37 Passes unanimously.

13:47:39 Thank you very much for appearing.

13:48:09 All right.

13:48:09 As we redo this, we have a public hearing, item number

13:48:13 89.

13:48:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, I believe if we go

13:48:20 forward, it will require the witnesses to be sworn,

13:48:22 please, sir.

13:48:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.

13:48:24 This is a quasi-judicial.

13:48:26 Is there anyone that's going to testify on item number

13:48:29 89?

13:48:29 Please raise your right hand to be sworn.

13:48:31 (Oath administered by Clerk)

13:48:39 >>BARBARA LYNCH: Land Development Coordination.

13:48:45 I do have a map for the overhead.

13:48:58 This is a request to vacate an alley in the East Tampa

13:49:00 and specifically lying between 46th street and

13:49:04 court street and running from old Columbus drive to

13:49:07 18th Avenue.

13:49:08 The petitioner's property shown in red, and the alley

13:49:11 is shown in yellow.

13:49:14 I have some photos of the alley.

13:49:19 The first photo is the alleyway looking south on

13:49:21 18th Avenue.

13:49:27 And the next photo is the alleyway looking north from

13:49:30 old Columbus drive.

13:49:34 The next shot is the petitioner's property.

13:49:41 I'm a little concerned because I am not sure if the

13:49:43 applicant is here.

13:49:47 Are you the applicant in this case?

13:49:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

13:49:50 >>> I'm a little concerned because I do not see the

13:49:55 applicant here.

13:49:56 I mean, we could move forward or it may be better for

13:50:00 us to go ahead and continue the matter.

13:50:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Has the applicant been notified?

13:50:06 >>> Yes, but John had a death in the family so they had

13:50:12 another authorized agent.

13:50:14 And he was supposed to show up.

13:50:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: My advice is that we stop right

13:50:19 here, because if we are going to hear twice, we are

13:50:21 going to hear it now and hear it when the second agent

13:50:25 comes up, 006, and 007 before, and I think we will be

13:50:32 hearing the items at the same time.

13:50:35 Legal, do you have any problem with that?

13:50:38 Any problems with us continuing it now?

13:50:40 Because the agent is not here.

13:50:42 >>JULIA COLE: I would recommend we continue it.

13:50:45 I was just speaking with Mr. Shelby about your meeting

13:50:48 on October 21st, got filled up and suggest we move

13:50:52 it --

13:50:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

13:50:54 10:30 also?

13:50:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You could do it at 10:30.

13:50:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak

13:50:59 to this continuance on item 89? I see no one.

13:51:04 I need a motion for continuance from council.

13:51:06 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: 10:30 on the 21st of October.

13:51:12 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Did you want it on -- was that

13:51:16 November 4th?

13:51:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll guarantee you that hi won't be

13:51:19 here November 4th.

13:51:20 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The only other date is November

13:51:26 18th if you wish.

13:51:27 >> It doesn't matter to me.

13:51:32 She said either day.

13:51:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: October 21st is all right?

13:51:39 >> Whatever the pleasure of council is to go ahead and

13:51:41 get this continued.

13:51:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe Mr. Caetano said 10-21 at

13:51:45 10:30.

13:51:46 I do hear a second?

13:51:48 Second by Mr. Stokes.

13:51:49 All in favor?

13:51:50 Opposed?

13:51:51 The Ayes have it unanimously.

13:51:54 We go now to information report by council members.

13:51:56 I go from left to right.

13:51:58 Mr. Stokes?

13:52:00 Ms. Mulhern?

13:52:04 Mr. Caetano?

13:52:07 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Nothing at this time.

13:52:07 (The City Council meeting adjourned at 1:52 p.m.)



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