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CRA meeting

Thursday, October 28, 2010

9:00 a.m. session


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08:55:37 >>GWEN MILLER: The CRA meeting will come to order.

09:04:09 Good morning again.

09:04:12 We are going to have our invocation.

09:04:14 I am going to turn it over to our council member, Ms.

09:04:17 Mary Mulhern.

09:04:32 >>MARY MULHERN: The president of Bishop high school is

09:04:36 going to give our invocation.

09:04:38 >> You have revealed your glory to all nations, God of

09:04:50 wisdom and power and might and all justice.

09:04:53 Laws are enacted, judgment is decreed.

09:04:56 Let the light of your divine wisdom direct today the

09:05:00 wisdom of the City Council of Tampa and shine forth in

09:05:03 all their proceedings in the law established for their

09:05:07 rule and government.

09:05:07 May the members of this council seek to preserve civic

09:05:10 harmony, promote happiness for the citizens of this

09:05:13 community, and continue to assist in bringing us all,

09:05:17 those who appear greatest and those who appear the

09:05:19 least, those at the end of life and those at the

09:05:21 beginning of life, those with a powerful voice and

09:05:24 those with no voice at all, the blessings and liberty

09:05:27 and equality.

09:05:29 We commend to your unbounded mercy all the citizens of

09:05:33 Tampa of that we may be blessed with the knowledge and

09:05:35 sanctified in the object serve answer of your holy law

09:05:38 that we preserved in union in that peace which the

09:05:40 world cannot give and after enjoying the blessings of

09:05:43 this life be admitted to those which are eternal.

09:05:46 We pray to you who are Lord and God forever and ever.

09:05:50 Amen.

09:05:50 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:06:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.

09:06:13 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:06:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:06:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:06:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:06:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:06:23 >>CURTIS STOKES: Here.

09:06:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:06:25 At this time we have our Officer of the Month.

09:06:31 It is always an honor to present our Officer of the

09:06:44 Month; David J.miller, and we are happy to have you

09:06:49 here.

09:06:50 Chief Chris tore will come and give us the good news

09:06:53 about you.

09:06:53 >> Chief Castor: It's my pleasure to bring before you

09:06:58 one of TPD's finest.

09:07:00 And you will be amazed at the things that he has done

09:07:02 just in the last couple of months.

09:07:04 It's just going to be from August to now.

09:07:07 But he's only been with the Tampa Police Department for

09:07:09 nine months.

09:07:10 He was a reserve for two years prior.

09:07:13 But they have been doing some amazing things out there

09:07:17 on the street.

09:07:17 He received a bulletin, there was a homicide that the

09:07:21 detectives were having some trouble identifying a

09:07:23 suspect, and they had a general description, and they

09:07:26 knew that he was in a particular area that officer

09:07:29 Miller happened to patrol.

09:07:31 They gave him a description with, you know, very vague

09:07:35 details, and within 30 minutes of receiving that

09:07:38 bulletin, he had that individual identified and in

09:07:42 custody, brought him in for an speaker view, and

09:07:45 detectives charged him with manslaughter following that

09:07:48 interview.

09:07:49 On August 9th, they put out another bulletin on a

09:07:54 sexual offender who had absconded, and officer Miller

09:07:57 researched and found his last known address, although

09:08:00 the bulletin said he didn't live there any longer.

09:08:03 He further researched the information into that and

09:08:05 found out that the suspect's son's mother who lived at

09:08:12 this location, so he basically staked this house out,

09:08:16 and within a few hours he was able to get that

09:08:20 individual as well and bring him in on charges.

09:08:23 He put him into jail.

09:08:25 He looked into the jail records a few days later and

09:08:29 saw that he had bonded out, and he also had enacted in

09:08:32 that short amount of time had an active domestic

09:08:35 violence warrant on him as well.

09:08:37 So he went to the bail bonds company, found out what

09:08:40 that was, found out who bailed him out, and found out

09:08:43 that it in fact was the victim in the domestic

09:08:47 violence, and she had given a false name during the

09:08:51 domestic violence investigation because she too had a

09:08:54 warrant on her.

09:08:55 So, again, he went, located not only -- and it happened

09:09:01 to be the mother of the suspect's son, located this

09:09:04 individual who had given a false name to police and

09:09:07 filed a false report.

09:09:08 He arrested her and charged her with the outstanding

09:09:11 warrant, and then found the suspect hiding out in a

09:09:15 closet in the bedroom and was able to take him into

09:09:18 custody as well.

09:09:21 Then we had a string of armed robberies, five

09:09:24 commercial robberies that were committed by the same

09:09:26 individual.

09:09:27 They were in about the same time frame at night and had

09:09:30 the same M.O., and officer Miller was able to figure

09:09:34 out that this individual probably was in the area of

09:09:37 Nebraska and Hillsborough.

09:09:47 , and when we had an armed robbery, officer Miller went

09:09:50 to the area of Nebraska and Hillsborough.

09:09:52 Now the suspect was a student, to change his clothing,

09:09:57 so he was walking through the area but based on

09:09:59 researching and studying all these bulletins officer

09:10:02 Miller knew exactly what he looked like.

09:10:04 So although he had changed his appearance, his

09:10:07 clothing, officer Miller took him into custody, brought

09:10:10 him in and the detectives were able to get full

09:10:13 confessions on all five robbers, so he cleared five

09:10:16 robbery cases in that as well.

09:10:18 And that's just what he's done the last couple of

09:10:20 months.

09:10:20 So I think it basically goes without saying that

09:10:24 officer Miller does an outstanding job, and he is

09:10:27 dedicated to making this community safer, and I think

09:10:30 that the citizens of Tampa should be very, very glad to

09:10:34 have him on our force, and we are ecstatic that he is a

09:10:39 part of the Tampa Police Department.

09:10:41 And that's why he's being named the Officer of the

09:10:42 Month for October 2010.

09:10:46 [ Applause ]

09:10:54 >>GWEN MILLER: On behalf of Tampa City Council I would

09:10:56 like to present this proclamation.

09:10:57 I am not going to read it because it just says all

09:11:00 these good things.

09:11:01 I will just present it to you.

09:11:02 Also the private sector has some gifts for you.

09:11:07 Charley's steakhouse has the first one.

09:11:08 >> Steve Stickley, representing Stepps towing service,

09:11:21 on behalf of Jim and Judy Stepp, I'm pleased to have

09:11:25 Todd Stepp with me today, it wouldn't be possible for

09:11:32 me to present these awards to the officers and

09:11:33 firefighters of the quarters of the month if it wasn't

09:11:36 for Todd and his family.

09:11:39 But for a job well done.

09:11:41 I would like to present this statue to you, and we also

09:11:45 have a gift card to Lee Roy Selmons.

09:11:49 Keep up the good work.

09:11:51 God bless you.

09:11:53 We appreciate it

09:11:59 >> These flowers are really not for you.

09:12:01 They are for your significant other.

09:12:03 >> Jennifer curry from Bill Currie Ford representing

09:12:18 Bill Currie Ford along with Danny Lewis, and we thank

09:12:22 you and we want to give you this watch.

09:12:25 >> Jennifer, I want you to know you are the best

09:12:30 replacement that Bill Currie ever sent here, I believe

09:12:35 the only female president of afford distributorship in

09:12:39 the whole southeast and we want to congratulate you.

09:12:44 [ Applause ]

09:12:45 >> For the Straz center perform arts we would like to

09:12:56 give you some tickets so you can come enjoy some shows.

09:13:02 >> On behalf of the Tampa Police Department association

09:13:10 I would like to present you with this gift card for a

09:13:12 job well done.

09:13:13 Thank you.

09:13:13 >>STEVE MICHELINI: I wanted to -- don't want to

09:13:21 upstage Danny Lewis but if he's been promising a car

09:13:27 for years, and he had to deliver, so as long as he's

09:13:30 here, you might want to talk to him about that.

09:13:33 [ Laughter ]

09:13:33 On behalf of Bern's steakhouse, we are providing you

09:13:36 with a $100 gift certificate so you can enjoy a nice

09:13:39 dinner there with your family, and on behalf of Bryn

09:13:42 Allen studios we are going to provide with you a

09:13:45 photographic package so you can go have your photos

09:13:48 taken and enjoy a nice portrait, a keepsake.

09:13:52 And Rigatoni's is providing you with a gift certificate

09:13:55 so you can enjoy lunch or dinner of your choice.

09:13:58 So look forward to seeing my car from Danny Lewis.

09:14:04 [ Laughter ]

09:14:06 Congratulations.

09:14:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just for the record, Mr. Lewis, I

09:14:10 hate to defend him but he never promised a car.

09:14:13 It was just me needling him.

09:14:15 >>> I just want to say I want to thank the chief and

09:14:22 the staff for selecting me for this award.

09:14:27 I would like to thank my fiancée, mother, grandmother

09:14:32 for supporting me through everything. I want to thank

09:14:34 my squad.

09:14:37 I want to thank everybody for giving me gifts.

09:14:39 Thanks a lot, everybody.

09:14:59 >> I have a special gift to present to the you this

09:15:01 morning.

09:15:01 Mr. Danny Lewis.

09:15:03 >> Good morning, City Council.

09:15:05 I think it's been duly noted over the last 15 years,

09:15:09 someone has promised a new car.

09:15:13 So general is with me today and we are going to solve

09:15:18 that problem.

09:15:19 Jennifer.

09:15:19 >> Jennifer: We brought a truck with us today to

09:15:25 present to the council.

09:15:28 [ Laughter ]

09:15:29 .

09:15:31 >> Well, it looks like a high blood pressure rid

09:15:35 because it looks like a lot of mileage in that car.

09:15:37 Thank you very much.

09:15:37 >> You know, council, years ago, Danny Lewis and Bill

09:15:44 Currie Ford started this process of honoring the police

09:15:47 officers and the firefighters.

09:15:48 So really our hats go off to them for initiating this

09:15:51 program and getting other people involved and excited

09:15:54 about it.

09:15:55 So, you know, we tease a little about him and Bill

09:15:59 Currie.

09:16:00 But they do a great job and they are the ones truly

09:16:02 responsible for honoring the police and the

09:16:04 firefighters.

09:16:07 [ Applause ]

09:16:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Mark Huey.

09:16:14 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development administrator.

09:16:18 Good to be with you this morning for our CRA meeting.

09:16:22 And as is your custom we start with a report from one

09:16:26 of your community advisory committee chairpersons, and

09:16:30 today we have Maritza Astorquiza with us who is the

09:16:40 chairman of the Drew Park advisory committee.

09:16:41 >> Good morning.

09:16:45 It's great to be here and great to represent Drew Park.

09:16:50 As you know, we are really proud of Drew Park.

09:16:54 You know it's history and you know it's made up of a

09:16:57 nice residential area but it's also made up of a lot of

09:16:59 businesses that are impact our economic growth here in

09:17:05 Tampa.

09:17:06 There's a lot of businesses, a lot of family owned

09:17:09 businesses, a lot of pride in the businesses in Drew

09:17:11 Park.

09:17:11 So the last time I was here, I had just become

09:17:14 president.

09:17:15 I had only been a month or two, not even that much.

09:17:19 And so hadn't had too much of what my visions were and

09:17:24 work with the board.

09:17:26 But since then we have organized ourselves in various

09:17:31 committees and kind of organized, you know, different

09:17:34 plans of work, and I want to give you an update.

09:17:38 And it's by category.

09:17:40 We just had a wonderful presentation.

09:17:42 So we are going to start with crime production

09:17:45 prevention.

09:17:46 And with crime prevention, we had started, a year and a

09:17:49 half ago, a program with the adult usage, and the

09:17:54 maintenance of that program still continues.

09:17:55 You are familiar with that.

09:17:56 But what I wanted to do is work with district one

09:18:02 regarding bike patrol.

09:18:03 And it's kind of simple when you go to someone, and I

09:18:07 went with lieutenant Peters of district one, and, you

09:18:12 know, what can we do to work with you to help us?

09:18:15 Simple question.

09:18:18 We are a community.

09:18:18 We want to feel more like a community and we want to

09:18:21 help you help us.

09:18:22 And going back to the bike patrol, they could see a lot

09:18:30 more in bikes than in cars, and also gives an

09:18:34 opportunity to become more of a community.

09:18:36 And so guess what.

09:18:37 We are working on bikes.

09:18:38 We are working on getting two bikes for Drew Park that

09:18:41 will be used for patrolling the Drew Park area.

09:18:43 And I believe we are going to get them in October, now,

09:18:46 this month.

09:18:48 So moving on to capital improvements.

09:18:53 Capital improvements is being head up with

09:18:57 beautification by Pat Cuevo and myself.

09:19:02 As far as the beautification part.

09:19:03 But there's a lot more in here that involves actually a

09:19:06 lot of city employees including stormwater.

09:19:09 The drainage pattern in Drew Park has been completed.

09:19:14 We have been waiting for this, and it's a big

09:19:16 undertaking, and it's complete.

09:19:18 So we are moving forward with the plans of the

09:19:21 stormwater.

09:19:22 Actually the city is.

09:19:23 And so the analysis, initial analysis shall shall

09:19:29 completed within four months which is great.

09:19:30 We have a target date and we'll keep moving on that.

09:19:33 As you know, stormwater is a big issue in Drew Park.

09:19:36 A lot of flooding.

09:19:38 Used to be not as much.

09:19:39 Something changed in the water pattern, more concrete.

09:19:41 I don't know what it is.

09:19:43 But it's definitely something that needed to be

09:19:44 addressed, and definitely now is more of a severe

09:19:47 problem.

09:19:47 So we are happy that we are getting attention, not as

09:19:50 fast as we want because there's all these models we

09:19:53 don't understand, but I don't need to go through it.

09:19:56 Streetscape and beautification.

09:19:57 And that's one area as I mentioned Pat Cuevo and myself

09:20:04 are interested and working with Jeanette Fenton.

09:20:08 Jeanette has -- is looking into one of the contractors

09:20:16 already on contract by the city that has a provision

09:20:18 that perhaps they may be able to come in and give us a

09:20:21 plan, a scape plan to see where we might need more

09:20:32 trees or lighting, so we are going through a pattern to

09:20:36 see where we can do things more efficiently and

09:20:38 effectively.

09:20:40 That's something I am real happy with.

09:20:41 Street paving has been going on for some time.

09:20:45 And if you haven't been by Drew Park you need to go,

09:20:47 because other than the main 2001 streets, which is

09:20:50 Grady and Lois, where a lot of the stormwater is going,

09:20:54 do we want to put money into something that might be

09:20:56 torn out?

09:20:57 Then that's a different discussion.

09:20:58 But the rest of the Drew Park has been pretty much

09:21:00 paved and the sidewalks have been put in and, you know,

09:21:04 we are not bumping all over the place.

09:21:07 It's wonderful.

09:21:07 Sidewalks, like I just mentioned, it's wonderful and

09:21:10 it's really nice to see people.

09:21:11 Remember we do have a residence area that's adjacent to

09:21:15 it.

09:21:15 So we do have a lot of people walking, and really

09:21:18 determined to see, you know, parents with children in

09:21:20 the middle of the streets, and now we have sidewalks

09:21:23 that they can use to get from point A to point B.

09:21:26 And we have one that had been approved and is in motion

09:21:31 ab and we have one in the process, correct?

09:21:35 Today.

09:21:36 There you go.

09:21:36 Perfect time.

09:21:37 So we are well on our way with the capital improvements

09:21:40 and beautification.

09:21:41 And that takes a lot of work and a lot of cooperation

09:21:43 with the city folks.

09:21:46 Code enforcement and zoning.

09:21:49 Denise San cheese, myself, are heading that up quite a

09:21:53 bit of course with Jeanette Fenton.

09:21:57 We had an issue with code enforcement in zoning in the

09:22:01 fact that we were unproportionately being cited.

09:22:06 Thanks to Charlie Miranda, we kind of put an S.O.S. out

09:22:13 and was kind of able to give us some direction, and

09:22:16 Jake Slater has stepped up and is helping us.

09:22:20 And we have more of a proactive and friendly

09:22:25 relationship with code enforcement, and guess what,

09:22:28 things have changed.

09:22:31 They are taking the time to talk to people, find out if

09:22:35 there really is a violation, or how to fix it and how

09:22:38 to improve Drew Park versus just violations founded or

09:22:43 unfounded.

09:22:44 The other thing we asked Jake slater to look into is a

09:22:48 position of a liaison.

09:22:50 Because of education, like one subcommittee member

09:22:56 mentioned which is from the community, not on the

09:22:58 board, which by the way, our subcommittee meeting,

09:23:02 particularly the code enforcement and zoning, is

09:23:06 heavily attended by the community, which is wonderful.

09:23:11 One idea was, you know, you all need to educate us, and

09:23:14 we need to educate, too.

09:23:16 We are very unique.

09:23:17 Drew Park is unique.

09:23:18 We are different from anywhere else in the city, and

09:23:21 therefore we have different needs, and we need

09:23:24 different assistance.

09:23:25 So education goes both ways, and we ask you to look

09:23:29 into the possibility of having a liaison, and he is

09:23:30 looking into it and I believe we are moving forward in

09:23:33 that area.

09:23:34 Thanks to Jeanette, she's made some efforts with USF,

09:23:38 and we thought, you know, we are trying to fix things,

09:23:41 but what are we trying to fix?

09:23:43 So we said let's just think about this, analyze it.

09:23:46 So we are going to be working with USF to come out and

09:23:51 analyze certain things that are happening, so we

09:23:54 understand what are the needs are, kind of things like

09:23:58 organize way to do things, and we are happy and we'll

09:24:00 be moving forward with that.

09:24:03 Communications and marketing.

09:24:06 Again Pat, Maritza and myself are working on that, and

09:24:11 of course the quarterly newspaper has been in place and

09:24:13 that's headed up by Jeanette Fenton and her staff.

09:24:18 We are also looking into different ways of

09:24:22 communicating, perhaps part of the USF survey is to get

09:24:28 information we need for the communication part.

09:24:29 But one thing we did start to do -- and this was pat's

09:24:33 idea -- was to put up signs to let people know the

09:24:36 meetings were about to happen, and attendance did go

09:24:39 up.

09:24:40 It's a remind theory goes up the week before.

09:24:45 I have been in conversation with the small business

09:24:50 information center, from Hillsborough County, and as

09:24:52 you know, there's been some projects in East Tampa and

09:24:55 Ybor City that have been successful.

09:24:58 And guess what -- we are all about business and the

09:25:03 business side of Drew Park.

09:25:04 So it would make sense for us to have a business angle.

09:25:08 And so we are looking into the program, and we are

09:25:11 going to be receiving a proposal for the business

09:25:13 technical assistance program, similar perhaps to what's

09:25:17 going on in East Tampa and Ybor City, maybe a different

09:25:19 twist, but it makes sense.

09:25:21 We are full of businesses, and our businesses can use

09:25:25 assistance as well.

09:25:30 There's not too much more that I have to say.

09:25:33 I think I have said a lot.

09:25:34 I could go on for a little more but I know you guys

09:25:37 have other things to talk about and this is to give you

09:25:40 high-level ideas of what's going on.

09:25:43 We have a lot of work to be done, and we are looking

09:25:45 forward to some great places to do business.

09:25:49 It's a lot of good projects and major activities that

09:25:52 happen out of Drew Park businesses.

09:25:55 And one that I will take time to invite you to, this is

09:26:01 coming out of my property so I will say come November

09:26:07 7th to Al Lopez park, the largest family festival

09:26:10 here in Tampa and it is produced right out of Drew

09:26:12 Park.

09:26:13 And just as an example, I would invite you to look into

09:26:16 the businesses that are in Drew Park.

09:26:19 There's a lot of great businesses in there that are

09:26:21 doing work not only locally, nationally and

09:26:24 internationally.

09:26:24 Any questions?

09:26:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions, council members?

09:26:29 Thank you.

09:26:29 We appreciate that report.

09:26:37 >>MARK HUEY: Thanks, MARITZA.

09:26:41 You can tell she brings a lot of energy and ideas and

09:26:43 vision to the work of Drew Park and we really

09:26:46 appreciate that.

09:26:47 Thank you.

09:26:49 The next item on the agenda is our monthly report.

09:26:52 I am not going to have to say anything about Drew Park

09:26:55 because MARITZA is he it better than I could, but

09:26:59 there's lots of things going on throughout the agency.

09:27:02 In downtown.

09:27:04 Most notably with the opening of the Glazer children's

09:27:07 museum.

09:27:08 Did you know that they had about 20,000 visitors so far

09:27:14 since they have opened less than a month ago come to

09:27:18 the museum, and therefore into our downtown and

09:27:22 experience our waterfront, the Curtis Hixon waterfront

09:27:25 park.

09:27:25 So it's been a great success, and really exceeded

09:27:28 everyone's expectations at this point.

09:27:32 We have a groundbreaking coming up.

09:27:35 We have sage capital partners and the ground be right

09:27:38 backing for their project at the St. Paul AME church

09:27:44 that is coming up.

09:27:46 And Bob, that date, I lost my overhead, November

09:27:49 17th at 10 a.m.

09:27:51 All of your offices have been contacted.

09:27:53 We don't have a lot of ground breakings in the midst of

09:27:56 a recession, do we?

09:27:57 But we are thrilled to have that going on in our

09:28:00 downtown and hope you can join us and those in the

09:28:04 community as well.

09:28:07 Thanks to the leadership of the downtown partnership,

09:28:10 the downtown market has opened, and it's been extended

09:28:15 north along Franklin Street.

09:28:17 There's music.

09:28:19 It's been blessed with incredible weather.

09:28:21 And so it's been quite festive in our downtown on

09:28:24 Fridays.

09:28:25 The CAMLS project downtown moves forward real well.

09:28:31 The land closing for that is scheduled for November

09:28:33 30th.

09:28:35 And then certain major announcement this week, and not

09:28:39 in the monthly reports, but I would be remiss if I

09:28:42 didn't acknowledge the announcement about high-speed

09:28:43 rail.

09:28:45 Actually two announcements.

09:28:46 The federal commitment of another $800 million to the

09:28:49 project, complementing the 1.3 billion already

09:28:54 committed.

09:28:55 And then the commitment of a planning grant to the city

09:28:58 that will, among other things, help us plan in the

09:29:01 high-speed rail station area.

09:29:05 Very important.

09:29:06 The Channel District, the York street stormwater

09:29:09 project is complete.

09:29:10 Washington streetscape improvements are underway.

09:29:14 The park and design and pricing problem sees is going

09:29:18 along well in Ybor City.

09:29:21 The board, as you know, set aside $100,000 to help

09:29:24 preserve the macaroni -- the Ferlita macaroni factory

09:29:30 and that work was completed during September.

09:29:34 Business incubator program study has gone well.

09:29:37 The first phase of that.

09:29:38 And we are proceeding to the second phase.

09:29:40 We had our first ribbon cutting on a facade grant,

09:29:46 which was the first facade grant that you approved.

09:29:49 That project was completed and it's beautiful.

09:29:52 Guavaween is coming up.

09:29:53 I'm sure we'll see you all there.

09:29:55 We might not recognize you but we'll see you there.

09:29:58 Always a big day, a big night in Ybor City.

09:30:02 East Tampa, the 22nd street improvements are running

09:30:04 along well.

09:30:07 I could hardly get through East Tampa because of all

09:30:12 the progress.

09:30:13 That's a good problem to have.

09:30:15 We have street resurfacing at lake and 15th.

09:30:18 Land acquisition recommendation coming before you

09:30:20 today.

09:30:22 The Heights, we are working on using some available TIF

09:30:25 funds that we have there, for improvements to the

09:30:27 riverwalk area and the park.

09:30:30 We continue to monitor the situation there with a

09:30:33 notice of foreclosure.

09:30:36 Central Park, you have probably driven by there and you

09:30:39 can see all the construction activity going on at that

09:30:42 site.

09:30:43 Notably, they have now started the permitting process,

09:30:48 began preparations of that for the first building

09:30:50 structure, the ELLA, and they are looking forward to

09:30:53 coming into the city for permitting in December-January

09:30:57 time frame.

09:30:57 And then, of course, we continue to work on our

09:31:00 planning for Perry Harvey park which is the city's

09:31:03 responsibility.

09:31:04 And then overall, we have got your quarterly TIF report

09:31:08 or accountability report on spending.

09:31:11 And continuing to improve our web page.

09:31:15 Last month, there was a question by the board -- I

09:31:19 believe it came from Reverend Scott -- about spending

09:31:21 in East Tampa.

09:31:23 And how much money we have spent in East Tampa, and in

09:31:28 particular how much of that money, those projects, that

09:31:32 funding that women and minority-owned businesses were

09:31:36 able to participate in, in that spending.

09:31:39 So we did work to answer that question and prepare a

09:31:42 report.

09:31:43 I believe it's been circulated to you.

09:31:45 So we submit it to you.

09:31:47 I think it basically showed that a third of the

09:31:50 spending on capital projects and so forth in East Tampa

09:31:56 has been beneficial to women and minority-owned

09:31:58 businesses.

09:31:59 But we'll give you a chance to study the report and if

09:32:02 you have questions we look forward to responding to

09:32:05 those.

09:32:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott?

09:32:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: What I would suggest is, since we all

09:32:15 just received it, I haven't -- I had a chance to read

09:32:18 it yesterday, that we may want to take and thoroughly

09:32:20 go through it and discuss it at our next month meeting.

09:32:23 I will tell you at first glance the numbers to be

09:32:29 minority of 16 million that's been spent in East Tampa,

09:32:32 32% was minority small business participation which is

09:32:39 a pretty good number.

09:32:40 Of course we break it down by ethnicity, and there's

09:32:43 some changes there.

09:32:45 But I would love for us to come back and have a

09:32:49 discussion on this maybe next month.

09:32:51 The second thing I want to note, and just glancing

09:32:54 through, I did not know the breakout, I did not see the

09:32:57 breakout of those businesses or those who do business

09:33:03 with the CRA in East Tampa so I would like that to be

09:33:06 added as an attachment to the board.

09:33:11 >>> These would be businesses whose location is in East

09:33:13 Tampa.

09:33:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: They are located in East Tampa.

09:33:16 They have been able to do business with the CRA, with

09:33:18 the City of Tampa, to get some of these contracts.

09:33:23 So other than that, it appears to be a very thorough

09:33:26 report.

09:33:29 So I want to thank you for that.

09:33:31 But we need opportunity to look at it.

09:33:33 >>> I understand.

09:33:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Again I want to echo the statements

09:33:39 made by my colleague Scott.

09:33:47 These you have directly one on one with these

09:33:50 contractors and then they hire the subs.

09:33:52 We don't have an agent who hires the contractor?

09:33:55 >>> Everything is done through the standard city

09:33:58 procurement processes.

09:34:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What does that mean?

09:34:01 >>> If it's a CCMA contract, it's gone through the CCMA

09:34:05 process.

09:34:06 If it's a construction project, it's gone through --

09:34:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You have to be much more specific.

09:34:13 This doesn't go through JOCS, does it?

09:34:18 >>MARK HUEY: I can't really answer that question.

09:34:20 I believe there are probably some projects there that

09:34:23 do go --

09:34:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So in other words we are paying 4%

09:34:27 for something we can do ourselves? That's all I'm

09:34:29 saying.

09:34:30 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: If that's a motion, I'll second

09:34:35 it.

09:34:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A no, I'm not making any motion.

09:34:39 >>GWEN MILLER: Any question by council members?

09:34:41 Okay, Mr. Huey.

09:34:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I just want to say thank you,

09:34:48 councilman Scott, for this package of this report.

09:34:52 It's very enlightening.

09:34:54 As you said, it seems thorough. But a few more

09:34:57 details.

09:34:57 Thank you very much.

09:35:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, one of the things, we

09:35:07 probably should probably do all the CRAs just to look

09:35:10 at what is going on with minorities and small

09:35:12 businesses.

09:35:16 When I met yesterday, they did quite a bit of work to

09:35:21 go back and pull these contract, which I found very

09:35:24 surprising because I was under the impression that all

09:35:27 of this was already being tracked by the city.

09:35:30 So that may be something we want to discuss or talk

09:35:34 about in our regular meeting.

09:35:36 But I think maybe in the future, not do it now, but

09:35:41 look at all these CRAs and get a breakdown.

09:35:44 >>MARK HUEY: I think there are some systems in place,

09:35:49 maybe more recently, and the challenge is like we did

09:35:51 for East Tampa we went back fairly far.

09:35:55 The software systems and other tracking -- that's the

09:35:59 challenge.

09:36:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I understand.

09:36:02 >>MARK HUEY: We'll wait for you to have a chance to

09:36:04 digest this.

09:36:06 We have the specific feedback regarding employers

09:36:09 within East Tampa, and we will work on that item.

09:36:13 And report back to you.

09:36:15 I'll send a memo on that to give you that information.

09:36:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's fine.

09:36:18 >>MARK HUEY: The next item, if I can have the Elmo.

09:36:25 We have been working to have a downtown CRA community

09:36:28 meeting, and we do have that set on your calendars for

09:36:32 November 17th, 5:30 p.m., and the focus of that

09:36:37 will be downtown and the high-speed rail station, and

09:36:42 all of the opportunities that are there.

09:36:45 The locations that we are still working on, we have

09:36:47 been trying to do it in the north end of downtown.

09:36:50 And there aren't many locations large enough on the

09:36:53 north end of downtown, so we are still working on that.

09:36:57 We'll definitely clarify that over the coming week.

09:37:02 The next item on the agenda is the community advisory

09:37:07 appointment process.

09:37:10 Community advisory committee, as you know, are critical

09:37:14 to our work as the board and the staff.

09:37:20 Each year we go through a process of advisory committee

09:37:25 members roll off to appoint new members to the

09:37:28 committee.

09:37:29 This year, you can see we have a number of seats

09:37:34 available.

09:37:35 Five of the CRAs have positions available.

09:37:37 One in Central Park, one in Channel District, six in

09:37:43 the Channel District, six downtown, and an ex-officio

09:37:48 position, three in Drew Park and ex-officio position,

09:37:52 and then one in the Tampa Heights riverfront.

09:37:56 So these are very critical positions for the work that

09:37:58 we do. And so we invite those in the community who

09:38:02 have an interest.

09:38:03 Your term of service is two to three years, and there

09:38:06 will be more information on that as you apply for a

09:38:09 specific area.

09:38:12 If I can have the Elmo again.

09:38:14 It's a little bit of information for you and the public

09:38:16 on the process.

09:38:20 There is 30-day recruitment process starting November

09:38:23 4th.

09:38:25 Applications will be available on the 4th.

09:38:27 And there is an application process for all interested

09:38:30 parties to complete.

09:38:32 And you can get that directly from our department in

09:38:37 downtown at the economic and urban development

09:38:40 department.

09:38:40 We have hard copies.

09:38:41 The city clerk's office has hard copies.

09:38:44 Or you can go to the cities web page, the CRA web page

09:38:48 at

09:38:52 There's going to be information if someone is

09:38:55 interested before putting an application in to learn

09:38:57 more, November 15th and November 16th.

09:39:00 One is in the evening.

09:39:01 And then the first one in the evening and the second

09:39:03 one in the afternoon.

09:39:05 And that is here in this municipal office building, or,

09:39:11 excuse me, the building next door on the second floor.

09:39:13 Deadline is Friday, December 3rd.

09:39:18 And during the month of December, the city clerk's

09:39:20 office, with our department, and then on January

09:39:26 13th at your board meeting, you will make the

09:39:30 decisions.

09:39:32 So applicants will be able to come and Shobe their

09:39:39 interest in serving on the advisory committee.

09:39:41 So very important process for the agency.

09:39:43 I wanted to make sure you were aware that we were

09:39:45 initiating that.

09:39:48 Any questions?

09:39:51 >>CURTIS STOKES: Mr. Huey, thank you.

09:39:53 What's the procedure for the submittal of applications?

09:39:59 >>> There's nothing beyond that.

09:40:01 The application -- and I would be happy, as a new board

09:40:07 member, I will get a copy of the application so you can

09:40:09 become familiar.

09:40:09 >> I'm familiar with the application.

09:40:11 >> But that's really it.

09:40:14 >> How subjective is it?

09:40:17 >>MARK HUEY: Well, that's up to the board.

09:40:19 Really, it's all in your hands.

09:40:21 We as a staff simply -- we try to make an effort to put

09:40:26 a grid sheet for you to be able to see how the various

09:40:31 applicants compare in certain qualification areas.

09:40:35 But beyond that, then it's in your court.

09:40:38 And many of the applicants will come here and you will

09:40:41 have a chance to meet them in person and hear about

09:40:44 their interest, and then you will be making your

09:40:46 decision with a vote of this board, and the board

09:40:52 usually works through pretty sufficiently in responding

09:40:54 to the applications before you.

09:40:56 There's no way to know how many applicants there will

09:40:58 be.

09:40:58 Sometimes you may have one open position and there may

09:41:00 be just be one applicant for you to consider.

09:41:03 Other times we have had ballots, and there has been for

09:41:07 three positions six or seven candidates for you to

09:41:10 choose from.

09:41:11 But again it will be up to you and your own judgment as

09:41:13 to how subjective you are.

09:41:15 But we will try to provide you with a little matrix to

09:41:20 give you some fact-based information about each

09:41:22 candidate and their qualifications.

09:41:24 To the extent that helps you.

09:41:27 >>CURTIS STOKES: Thank you.

09:41:27 >>GWEN MILLER: Any other questions?

09:41:29 Okay.

09:41:29 Continue on.

09:41:30 >>MARK HUEY: Item 6.

09:41:36 A couple of times a year we come to you and we update

09:41:39 you on the Intown arts update.

09:41:42 Remember in 2008 the board adopted a report that was

09:41:47 initiated by the Channel District that was done by an

09:41:50 outside consultant.

09:41:54 It essentially helped us to focus on the opportunities

09:41:57 we have to use the arts to enhance our redevelopment

09:42:01 efforts.

09:42:02 And many recommendations came out of that report.

09:42:06 After the report was adopted by the board, the downtown

09:42:09 partnership stepped forward and said they would be the

09:42:13 facilitating agent for implementing the recommendations

09:42:17 of the report.

09:42:18 And actually, then, the focus of the report, because

09:42:24 the focus of the report was not just the Channel

09:42:25 District, but included downtown and Ybor City, they

09:42:29 really created an umbrella group that represents all of

09:42:33 those districts of our urban core.

09:42:36 So Christine Burdick is here to give you an update on

09:42:39 their work.

09:42:40 >> Christine Burdick.

09:42:47 As mark said I'm with the downtown partnership.

09:42:50 It was three years ago in the fall that you as a body

09:42:55 determined that a lot of the recommendations in this

09:42:59 report applied not only to Channel District but had

09:43:03 application and were going to be most effective if

09:43:06 implemented on the whole urban core.

09:43:08 And so quarterly we have been meeting with

09:43:12 representatives from Ybor City, and with the

09:43:16 cooperation of Bob McDonaugh and Vince and their staff,

09:43:23 and we get together also with a few of the -- every

09:43:25 time there's a few of the cultural destinations or

09:43:31 culturally oriented destinations, and we report on and

09:43:34 try to coordinate some of those activities.

09:43:40 As the consultant's report originally identified and

09:43:43 which you will see is actually bearing out, and the

09:43:50 interest is to maintain the autonomy of each of these

09:43:54 districts of Ybor and of downtown and the Channel

09:43:56 District.

09:43:58 And I will tell you now that there are really now some

09:44:01 things that I am going to tell but that are emerging

09:44:04 again culturally in entertainment and neighborhood

09:44:08 oriented in Tampa Heights.

09:44:09 And so this plan gave ideas and things that already

09:44:15 exist that can be played off of to make our urban core

09:44:19 a cultural magnet, if you would, and thereby leading to

09:44:24 redevelopment efforts.

09:44:25 So this committee met last quarter.

09:44:30 We have still to meet in November.

09:44:32 Mark mentioned the children's museum has opened.

09:44:35 I am going to give you some highlights in the three

09:44:38 areas we have concentrated on, Tampa Heights, and there

09:44:44 are some things that are region-wide, the whole core

09:44:49 but Intown area wide.

09:44:51 The children's museum opened.

09:44:55 The friends of the riverwalk is considering a survey.

09:44:59 They did a survey, and they are considering holding in

09:45:03 conjunction with us an art walk along the river, along

09:45:08 the riverwalk and then permeating into the core and

09:45:11 into the Channel District eventually.

09:45:15 They have surveyed artists, surveyed potential people

09:45:18 who attend that and they will be working on that.

09:45:21 The museum, Tampa museum of art continues to be a very

09:45:24 popular place for community meetings as well as events

09:45:30 and shows very good programming.

09:45:36 And, of course, the park.

09:45:37 We are having -- I think the whole city is having a lot

09:45:40 of fun with the Curtis Hixon waterfront park.

09:45:43 We as an organization have been would have been working

09:45:45 in coordination with parks and recreation, helping to

09:45:49 kind of give some added programming in the park.

09:45:53 We have now for seven months been hosting yappy hour

09:46:00 which is a dog oriented happy hour on the terrace of

09:46:04 the museum and in the dog park on the third Friday of

09:46:07 every month.

09:46:11 Rocket park is a locally emerging band that comes and

09:46:14 play.

09:46:15 Last month we were in Kiley gardens.

09:46:18 After the first of the year we expect to go into the

09:46:20 park because we are Dry Tortugas 500 to 700 people.

09:46:23 The first Thursday of every month.

09:46:27 And I encourage you to come.

09:46:28 Families come with picnics.

09:46:30 Certainly our 20 and 30-something crowd.

09:46:33 But it's an emerging talent and a lot of energy and it

09:46:37 shows the park being used in the way that we all had

09:46:41 hoped it would be.

09:46:45 We offer yoga.

09:46:47 One of the yoga studios in downtown offers free yoga

09:46:51 lessons on Sunday nights at 6:00.

09:46:55 You can yoga to the sunset.

09:46:57 We have had 60 to 70 people every Sunday nature there.

09:47:00 We now need two instructors.

09:47:02 And we have a game cart.

09:47:05 And this is a special service district is providing

09:47:08 some of these.

09:47:09 It offers Frisbees and soccer balls to people who are

09:47:16 in the park and don't have anything to do or want to

09:47:18 try something else.

09:47:19 Again partnering with parks and rec, you all are

09:47:22 invited to go ice create skating in the month of

09:47:27 December on realize.

09:47:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll be there.

09:47:33 I'll pick you up.

09:47:35 [ Laughter ]

09:47:36 >> Yeah, we are going to see, you know, how these

09:47:40 Floridians skate.

09:47:42 But we are looking forward to the.

09:47:44 And parks is helping to coordinate that, working with

09:47:47 them.

09:47:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Great event.

09:47:52 I missed -- there's going to be an ice rink?

09:47:55 >> An ice ring at the at Curtis Hixon park.

09:48:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Outdoors?

09:48:02 >>> Outdoors.

09:48:03 With real ice.

09:48:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Is it solar powered?

09:48:08 >>> It needs refrigeration.

09:48:10 And the power in the park will be augmented by a

09:48:15 generator.

09:48:15 >>MARY MULHERN: That's crazy.

09:48:18 It's done in a lot of downtowns both northern and

09:48:23 around the country.

09:48:25 We are working with the best company in the nation.

09:48:28 We'll have a council night.

09:48:29 I promise you that.

09:48:32 I might mention the market is open and expanded, and I

09:48:35 think that's really an ongoing -- we hope and expect

09:48:39 that it will be an ongoing tradition.

09:48:41 Similarly in Ybor, the market continues, and is open

09:48:44 every Saturday, and they schedule a lot of

09:48:47 community-oriented events around it, the FLAN contest,

09:48:56 salsa, different things for every Saturday.

09:48:59 The business committee for culture and arts held their

09:49:04 recent gala, annual award celebration at the Ritz in

09:49:08 Ybor.

09:49:08 It was a wonderful event.

09:49:10 People really liked going to the Ritz.

09:49:13 The Guavaween is this Saturday, as mark mentioned, and

09:49:18 of course through the Sumter festive Italiano, they do

09:49:23 the art walk every month.

09:49:25 So the distinctive use of Ybor and of these

09:49:29 neighborhoods that have events that give everybody a

09:49:31 chance to attract the same crowd for different reasons,

09:49:34 and that's really what the arts plan called for.

09:49:40 In the Channel District, stage works is progressing

09:49:42 with their plans and their construction while

09:49:46 continuing to present wonderful ongoing programming and

09:49:52 staging.

09:49:53 They have had two recent fund-raisers.

09:49:55 They have a new play opening up, they think, next week.

09:50:01 Bob McDonaugh, I know, has been keeping you update on

09:50:05 the park in the Channel District, that's under design

09:50:08 and going to be built.

09:50:09 And you might have read in the paper a very

09:50:12 entrepreneurial owner in the Channel District opened up

09:50:15 a membership-based dog park, never been tried before,

09:50:20 but they have some members and dogs in the Channel

09:50:24 District can pay to play.

09:50:27 Channel District, rustic steel getting into kind of the

09:50:32 business end of it.

09:50:33 The American institute of architect's award for artist

09:50:38 of the year, Dominique Martinez.

09:50:41 So there are a lot of really economically-based reasons

09:50:45 to support the cultural institutions that we have.

09:50:55 A Web site being created in connection with Tampa Bay,

09:51:00 Pinellas CDB, and it will be populated by all of the

09:51:04 different districts that have like a cultural calendar.

09:51:11 The Tampa Bay and company and us helped get together

09:51:18 all the cultural institutions to get a presentation

09:51:22 about high-speed rail and to have feedback from the

09:51:25 cultural institutions on how the they can package and

09:51:28 what the opportunities will be for them westbound an

09:51:31 added audience from Tampa over to Orlando.

09:51:37 And so they are up to speed on that and thinking about

09:51:40 innovative ways that they can kind of be program four

09:51:44 to five years from now and take advantage of that new

09:51:46 transportation.

09:51:48 Tampa Bay history center and the Channel District again

09:51:51 held hysteria, their first Halloween oriented

09:51:57 fund-raiser an it was fun and different.

09:51:58 I wasn't there but I saw the pictures and it looks like

09:52:01 fun.

09:52:02 And I mentioned Tampa Heights.

09:52:06 Tampa Heights now is has really become -- is, in the

09:52:10 process of, continuing to grow as a community.

09:52:15 There are now many events and community meetings being

09:52:18 held between the trolley barn and the Beck facilities

09:52:23 have been very generous and held some community

09:52:26 meetings there.

09:52:27 Trolley barn welcomes fashion week earlier this fall.

09:52:31 Highlighting local designers with a very big production

09:52:34 fashion show and a couple other events, and this is all

09:52:37 locally based businesses involved in fashion.

09:52:43 We knew Tampa held a meeting between the Beck event

09:52:49 space and the trolley barn.

09:52:51 It was a weekend two,-day conference here to design

09:52:55 and -- geared to design and preservation.

09:52:57 Oktoberfest was celebrated at the trolley barn several

09:53:01 weeks ago.

09:53:01 And the green space planning committee from Seminole

09:53:06 Heights invited other local surrounding communities,

09:53:09 and so I was there representing downtown, to talk about

09:53:12 the development of green space plan for that whole

09:53:15 area.

09:53:15 And, again, the arts plan really stressed the fact and

09:53:20 the opportunities for economic development and

09:53:22 community participation.

09:53:24 And we are proceeding with that plan.

09:53:28 I want you to know that it's being implemented, and

09:53:33 doing a fairly good job of highlighting Tampa's

09:53:38 cultural activities and tying it into economic

09:53:40 development.

09:53:40 So if you don't have any questions.

09:53:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions by council members?

09:53:47 Ms. Capin?

09:53:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It's very exciting, the ice rink.

09:53:53 You said they have it in the south but the last time I

09:53:56 was ice skating was in New Orleans 30 years ago, so

09:53:59 that is great.

09:54:00 I look forward to that.

09:54:01 >>> It's working its way through the planning.

09:54:05 It's going to be part Santa fest which will be held

09:54:10 downtown the first time in eight years, December

09:54:12 4th, and you are invited to that as well.

09:54:18 >>CURTIS STOKES: What's the status of the park by water

09:54:27 works?

09:54:31 >>MARK HUEY: The status of the park, this is in the

09:54:36 Heights CRA, and the parks redevelopment was

09:54:38 contemplated as part of our development agreement with

09:54:42 the Heights developers.

09:54:44 So as part of all of the work they were going to do,

09:54:48 all of the underground structure, the new roads and

09:54:51 public realm, they were also going to take on the park.

09:54:54 Well, the project -- nothing has happened with the park

09:54:59 in the short term.

09:55:00 As I mentioned in the monthly report real quickly, we

09:55:02 have something less than $200,000 available of TIF

09:55:08 resources and we are now working with the Parks

09:55:10 Department and with the developers to see how we might

09:55:14 get to use it to open that park up again to the public.

09:55:20 So we have again the big plan is probably a ways off.

09:55:25 But what we are working on now, board member Stokes, is

09:55:29 a short-term plan that would allow us to open up that

09:55:32 park and have it be safe and attractive for citizens.

09:55:37 >>CURTIS STOKES: That was my whole point.

09:55:38 Currently it's not very attractive and the grass is

09:55:41 overgrown, and I want to make sure it becomes useful

09:55:45 for the citizens.

09:55:46 >>MARK HUEY: Right.

09:55:47 That's one of the down sides of the notice of

09:55:49 foreclosure situation that is occurring there.

09:55:52 It's caught up in that as well.

09:55:54 We are doing our best to really try to come up with a

09:55:56 good short-term game plan that will work.

09:56:00 >>CURTIS STOKES: Thank you.

09:56:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:56:03 Number 7.

09:56:04 >>MARK HUEY: Number 7.

09:56:06 Our public comments time.

09:56:19 Oh, no, I'm sorry.

09:56:21 If you recall, during the budget process, the budget

09:56:23 you approved earlier this month, one of the things that

09:56:28 we all acknowledged is that the CRA's commitment to the

09:56:31 streetcar is now $450,000 between all three of the

09:56:37 redevelopment areas -- downtown, Channel District, and

09:56:41 Ybor City.

09:56:41 But very substantial commitment to the streetcar.

09:56:45 And during that process, the tree community advisory

09:56:51 committee acknowledged that it would be a good idea for

09:56:54 a representative on the streetcar board itself to be

09:56:59 from one of the CRAs that was contributing.

09:57:02 So we have been working with each of the CRAs through

09:57:08 the nomination process that everyone agreed to, and

09:57:11 what I wanted to report to you today is the result of

09:57:13 that, that they did come together, and they selected

09:57:17 Sean Robinson, who as you might know is the president

09:57:19 of the Hillsborough community college campus in Ybor

09:57:22 City.

09:57:22 He was nominated by the Ybor board and the Channel

09:57:27 District of downtown agreed that he would be an

09:57:29 excellent representative on the streetcar board for the

09:57:33 CRA interest.

09:57:34 And so we are right now in the process of putting him

09:57:38 in place as a representative on the streetcar board,

09:57:42 and we are excited about that.

09:57:43 So I just wanted to close my reporting to you on the

09:57:47 streetcar, and our TIF funding and TIF representation

09:57:52 with that good news.

09:57:53 Any questions?

09:57:55 Again I just appreciate the good work of the community

09:57:57 advisory committees on this idea.

09:58:00 >>GWEN MILLER: Now it's time for public comment.

09:58:05 Would anyone in the public like to speak?

09:58:06 Public comment.

09:58:26 >> Madam Chairman and other members of the committee

09:58:30 redevelopment agency, I'm Al Davis, 3717 east Wilder

09:58:34 Avenue.

09:58:36 Madam Chairman, before my three-minute clock starts

09:58:44 ticking I would have a communication I would like --

09:58:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Hand it to Mr. Territo.

09:58:49 >>> Madam Chairman, in the last couple of months or so

09:59:10 ago, a ghost in the East Tampa community redevelopment

09:59:21 area citizens advisory committee.

09:59:29 And I presented this letter to you for your

09:59:41 determination as to whether or not this member of the

09:59:56 TAC of East Tampa has a continuing term of four years.

10:00:12 Madam Chairman, I would like -- I strive to serve the

10:00:23 community, voluntarily, of course, of the East Tampa

10:00:28 area, as a member of the community advisory committee.

10:00:37 I believe, based on the criteria of your CAC policy or

10:00:47 community advisory committee, that I am qualified, and

10:00:58 it's my intent should urea firm that I am indeed a

10:01:04 member of the advisory committee of East Tampa that I

10:01:18 will fulfill the intent and be consistent with the

10:01:26 purpose as a member of the East Tampa advisory

10:01:34 committee.

10:01:36 Thank you, Madam Chairman.

10:01:37 I'll take my seat.

10:01:45 >>CURTIS STOKES: Mr. Davis, the letter that you pass

10:01:47 out, did it give an ending date of your time

10:01:49 appointment?

10:01:50 >> I'm sorry, sir?

10:01:53 >>CURTIS STOKES: You just gave us a letter that

10:01:55 congratulated you on your appointment, January

10:01:56 27th.

10:01:57 Is there an ending date that you received the

10:02:00 appointment?

10:02:03 What term -- what was your term?

10:02:07 >>> Oh, by application requested initially a standard

10:02:14 four-year term.

10:02:18 And that's what I presumed that the letter reflected.

10:02:27 However, somewhere along the way, there must have been

10:02:36 some construction of the membership term of service

10:02:43 with term limits, thus causing some, I guess,

10:02:51 misapplication of the language of the CAC policy.

10:03:02 Well, I responded to that because I was thinking that

10:03:08 that was a correct thing to do.

10:03:12 But it did so, it just triggered an evolution of

10:03:26 convoluted, capricious and arbitrary results.

10:03:40 Some might consider unfair.

10:03:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, Mr. Davis, we are going to let

10:03:44 Mr. Territo speak on that point.

10:03:48 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

10:03:49 I'm not sure how long the term was.

10:03:52 I'm sorry.

10:03:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, Madam Chair, I want to say it was

10:03:57 my understanding it was a one-year unexpired term.

10:04:00 That's my understanding, that it was a one-year

10:04:04 unexpired term, and so that term ended, I guess, what,

10:04:10 September?

10:04:11 And so as a result of that, that's the issue.

10:04:13 Secondly, I don't think there are any four-year terms.

10:04:16 They are three-year terms on the CRA.

10:04:19 They are three-year terms.

10:04:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, Mr. Territo.

10:04:31 >>SAL TERRITO: The policy -- two exceptions were made,

10:04:35 one for East Tampa, one for Ybor City.

10:04:36 They were done to recognize the established long-term

10:04:39 organization that exist out there.

10:04:41 East Tampa, and the board policy covered this.

10:04:46 Basically what happened in East Tampa and Ybor City is

10:04:48 they bring to you a slate of candidates.

10:04:52 When that slate comes to you, you can vote it up or

10:04:55 down as a whole or you can say to individual members,

10:04:58 don't meet the standards you want to have on there and

10:05:01 that person would be removed.

10:05:03 They go back and choose someone else.

10:05:04 So, in effect, you have a veto power over who they

10:05:07 choose to be their members, and that kind of policy

10:05:12 exists right now.

10:05:13 To do what Mr. Davis has suggested in the past would be

10:05:16 to change your policy on this issue.

10:05:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions from council members?

10:05:23 Did you understand that, Mr. Davis?

10:05:29 We cannot change the policy of their board.

10:05:32 They have already been established so we have to go by

10:05:35 their rules.

10:05:35 >>> Madam Chairman, if this agency cannot correct an

10:05:49 error, then who can?

10:05:53 I hear what the attorney said, and that's fine.

10:05:58 But he didn't go far enough.

10:06:01 If you look at your policy, particularly section 3,

10:06:17 which is the purpose of the CAC, section 4 which gives

10:06:23 the agency the authority to appoint members, and then,

10:06:31 of course, you have section 11 which talks about that.

10:06:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Davis, why don't you meet with Mr.

10:06:38 Territo after the meeting so he can sit down and

10:06:40 explain to you that we cannot change the policy of East

10:06:42 Tampa.

10:06:43 We already made the rules in the policy.

10:06:45 We cannot change it.

10:06:46 So you need to sit with Mr. Territo to explain to you

10:06:50 what he said about the policy.

10:06:52 >>> That this agency cannot change.

10:06:56 >>GWEN MILLER: No.

10:06:57 We already voted and made those policies.

10:07:00 >>> Then who is the partnership subject to?

10:07:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Miranda wants to say something.

10:07:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am not speaking to the individual

10:07:09 here or anything.

10:07:12 This board can change the policy.

10:07:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Right.

10:07:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: But if we do that it becomes a

10:07:17 political manipulation of the same people that we

10:07:21 appoint to sit on the board to name the people to

10:07:24 run -- I'm not speaking about Mr. Davis' case or any

10:07:28 case.

10:07:28 So then we become a bouncing board for all the politics

10:07:33 and all those who didn't get elected or selected, and

10:07:37 you know there's only two things you do in life when

10:07:40 you apply.

10:07:41 You either get it, or you don't get it.

10:07:45 In my case I never lost an election.

10:07:47 I just never got enough votes.

10:07:50 [ Laughter ]

10:07:51 So what I'm saying is, it applies the same thing to

10:07:55 these boards.

10:07:56 And there is no other way putting it.

10:08:01 I want to make this in a humorous way so everybody will

10:08:05 understand what it is.

10:08:07 And I can't change every time somebody says it gets

10:08:10 selected or getting enough votes comes here and

10:08:13 applies, and I don't want to make this CRA board that

10:08:16 we said a political subdivision of another entity.

10:08:21 That's all.

10:08:22 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, Mr. Davis.

10:08:26 You can talk to Mr. Territo after the meeting, okay?

10:08:32 >>> So that means I'm not a member of the East Tampa

10:08:36 community advisory committee?

10:08:39 >>GWEN MILLER: That's correct.

10:08:41 >>> And I will ask after the meeting how I may become

10:08:47 one.

10:08:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, thank you.

10:08:50 See him after the meeting.

10:08:51 Thanks.

10:08:52 Mr. Huey.

10:08:53 >>> The attorney?

10:08:54 >>CHAIRMAN: Yes.

10:08:55 >>> And then he may be able to come back at the next

10:08:57 meeting and tell you the results?

10:09:02 >>SAL TERRITO: I think we can cut this short.

10:09:03 Your term is over, Mr. Davis.

10:09:05 And the only way to get on there is to follow the East

10:09:08 Tampa CRA rules.

10:09:09 You apply for a position.

10:09:10 If you make the slate they bring it to the CRA board

10:09:13 and if the CRA board chooses to keep you on there, then

10:09:17 they may.

10:09:18 If you don't make that slate, then this board has no

10:09:20 authority unless they want to change their policies to

10:09:22 put you on there.

10:09:24 But the slate that's brought before them by the East

10:09:26 Tampa group will be who they are looking at.

10:09:29 If your name is on there, they will consider you.

10:09:31 If your name is not on there, then they will not

10:09:33 consider you.

10:09:34 It's that simple.

10:09:35 >>> Yes, sir.

10:09:36 But if the East Tampa people did not follow the

10:09:39 rules --

10:09:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Davis, please see Mr. Territo after

10:09:43 the meeting.

10:09:43 We have to continue our meeting.

10:09:45 He will explain it to you after the meeting.

10:09:47 Okay?

10:09:48 >>> We'll be back next month.

10:09:50 Thank you.

10:09:57 >>MARK HUEY: For the record, the letter that was

10:09:59 distributed, of course, is a courtesy letter.

10:10:01 I have no standing in the process with the community,

10:10:04 or with you, the community and this board makes

10:10:07 decisions, a courtesy letter.

10:10:12 The remainder of your agenda this morning are

10:10:14 approvals.

10:10:15 All good ones.

10:10:16 The first one is the amendment to the CRA plan or

10:10:24 vision plan for Ybor.

10:10:25 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

10:10:26 All in favor?

10:10:28 Opposed?

10:10:30 >>MARK HUEY: Number 9 is for you to receive and file

10:10:32 the quarterly report.

10:10:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So moved.

10:10:35 >> Second.

10:10:36 69 we have a motion and second.

10:10:38 All in favor?

10:10:38 Opposed?

10:10:40 >>MARK HUEY: The next three items are land

10:10:43 acquisitions in Ybor.

10:10:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move items 10, 11 and 12

10:10:50 resolutions, and 13 is a different type of resolution

10:10:53 so I'll wait.

10:10:56 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

10:10:57 All in favor?

10:10:58 Opposed?

10:10:59 >> One question.

10:11:00 One question.

10:11:01 These are on 22nd street, East Tampa.

10:11:04 >>MARK HUEY: That's correct.

10:11:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I went down -- I didn't see an

10:11:10 address.

10:11:14 One of them is a building, I think, right?

10:11:25 I think it was vacant land.

10:11:27 One last question.

10:11:32 On this, has the CRA board already voted on this, the

10:11:35 advisory board?

10:11:36 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, they have.

10:11:38 They are supportive of the land acquisition.

10:11:40 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Are they?

10:11:41 Okay.

10:11:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Item 13.

10:11:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So move the resolution.

10:11:47 >> Second.

10:11:48 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

10:11:50 Opposed?

10:11:50 Okay.

10:11:51 Information reports?

10:11:55 Information?

10:11:55 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you for your support of that.

10:12:00 >>THE CLERK: Motion to receive and file?

10:12:08 >> So moved.

10:12:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

10:12:11 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

10:12:12 Anything else to come before CRA?

10:12:14 We stand adjourned.

10:12:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Could we start our other meeting

10:12:32 early?

10:12:34 We have about 15 minutes.

10:12:41 >>SAL TERRITO: The other meeting is called.

10:12:43 It has to start at that time.

10:12:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you.

10:12:47 (CRA meeting adjourned.)


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