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Thursday, December 9, 2010
9:00 a.m. session


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09:01:11 >> Good morning.

09:03:59 We'll now call the CRA meeting to order.

09:04:02 I will yield to Mr. Curtis Stokes.

09:04:08 >>CURTIS STOKES: This morning, we have Dr. Kevin James

09:04:10 Senior, pastor of the Palma Ceia United Methodist

09:04:14 Church to give the invocation.

09:04:15 >> Please stand and remain standing for the pledge of

09:04:18 allegiance.

09:04:18 >> Good morning.

09:04:19 Let us pray.

09:04:20 Holy one, we thank you for this advent Christmas

09:04:25 season, the season of hope, peace, love and joy.

09:04:29 We thank you for this City Council, and ask your

09:04:33 continued blessings be felt upon each and every

09:04:36 Councilmember, who have dedicated themselves for the

09:04:39 betterment of the City of Tampa.

09:04:41 Grant them wisdom and courage for the facing of the

09:04:45 tasks that are set before them.

09:04:47 We ask in your son's name, Amen.


09:05:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.

09:05:15 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:05:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:05:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:05:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:05:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:05:23 >>CURTIS STOKES: Here.

09:05:24 >> And Miller.

09:05:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:05:26 >> Mark Huey.

09:05:28 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.

09:05:28 Mark Huey, economic development administrator.

09:05:30 Wanted to start our meeting, as is typical, having one

09:05:35 of our Community Advisory Committees come and share

09:05:39 with you what's going on in their Community

09:05:42 Redevelopment Area.

09:05:43 And this morning, we have Steve Yturriaga, who is the

09:05:47 vice chair of the YCDC of the Ybor City advisory

09:05:53 committee.

09:05:54 Steve, welcome.

09:05:54 Glad to have you here.

09:05:56 Come on up.

09:06:01 >> Good morning.

09:06:02 My name is Steve Yturriaga.

09:06:05 I'm vice chair of the YCDC.

09:06:07 Thank you for allowing me to speak to you this morning.

09:06:10 On behalf of the YCDC, we appreciate your support of

09:06:14 the Ybor two CRAs in the district.

09:06:18 And thank you for this opportunity.

09:06:22 Ybor City is continuing to make great progress, despite

09:06:26 the difficulties in economic times and reduction in our

09:06:29 TIF budget for fiscal year 2011.

09:06:32 We have had a 25.9% reduction in the Ybor City CRA-1,

09:06:37 and a 52.3% reduction in the Ybor City CRA-2.

09:06:41 These budget cuts resulted in reduction in services in

09:06:45 our Ybor ambassador program, reduced marketing and

09:06:50 elimination of one of our Ybor staff members.

09:06:53 In spite of these budget reductions, we are still proud

09:06:57 of Ybor's progress and our accomplishments this year,

09:07:01 that include approved six applications under the new

09:07:04 CRA facade grant program, with one coming before you

09:07:08 today that will hopefully be approved.

09:07:10 Funded seven special events for physical year '11

09:07:15 through the YCDC special events co-sponsorship program.

09:07:21 We completed the amendment to the Ybor City vision

09:07:24 plan, or Ybor CRA-2.

09:07:28 We funded and promoted district's holiday decorating

09:07:32 program.

09:07:32 We developed a new publicity campaign, cigars for

09:07:36 soldiers, and partnered with the Ybor City heritage and

09:07:40 cigar festival to promote it.

09:07:42 We air our monthly Ybor flavor shows.

09:07:46 We have launched a new revised web site,


09:07:51 We have initiated Ybor City small business assistance

09:07:55 program.

09:07:55 We have improved signage, sidewalks, red brick

09:07:58 crosswalks and landscaping.

09:08:00 We have improved parking strategies and parking lot

09:08:04 standards.

09:08:04 We have installed new bicycle racks throughout the

09:08:08 district.

09:08:08 We have completed stage and landscaping in Centennial

09:08:13 Park.

09:08:15 We maintain a clean space and friendly attractive

09:08:19 historic district for all our benefits.

09:08:21 Assisted in stabilizing and restoring the Ferlita

09:08:26 Macaroni Factory, which is on your agenda today.

09:08:30 Our future challenges and opportunities include TIF

09:08:33 revenues and expiration of the Ybor 1 TIF in 2015.

09:08:37 The retail development for grocery store and business

09:08:42 incubator project.

09:08:44 New RFPs for district marketing to include

09:08:47 residential marketing.

09:08:48 21st and 22nd Street improvements and transfer to

09:08:53 the city.

09:08:54 And a future third parking garage to support future

09:08:57 development.

09:08:57 We want to thank you for giving us representation on

09:09:02 the streetcar board.

09:09:04 And once again, I'd like to thank you for your support

09:09:07 of Ybor City, and we hope to see you Tuesday at our

09:09:10 evening holiday party.

09:09:11 Thank you very much.

09:09:24 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you, Steve.

09:09:25 We appreciate all the hard work of YCDC throughout the

09:09:28 year and it is not only just an important redevelopment

09:09:34 area, but it's part of what we market for our whole

09:09:36 city, to tourists and visitors.

09:09:39 And we just appreciate all you do there.

09:09:41 Monthly reports, you have a copy of the monthly report;

09:09:46 again, a busy month.

09:09:48 Lots of things going on, from high-speed rail to

09:09:51 holiday events.

09:09:52 And if you look at downtown, a lot of people have

09:10:00 noticed the crane in our downtown.

09:10:02 There's not many cranes around these days.

09:10:04 But, we do have 510 metro under construction,

09:10:11 affordable housing project, that also involves the

09:10:13 historic preservation of the Saint James AME Church.

09:10:22 Curtis Hixon Park has been active.

09:10:25 Seasonal ice skating rink has attracted a lot of

09:10:29 attention and visitors to the park.

09:10:30 The multispace metering program was launched in

09:10:34 downtown.

09:10:35 And seems to have launched successfully.

09:10:37 A lot of activity in November.

09:10:41 Regarding high-speed rail, there was a large conference

09:10:44 in Orlando.

09:10:45 And we were able to participate in that and the mayor

09:10:47 as well.

09:10:48 The CAMLS project continues to move forward.

09:10:52 Closing on the site is scheduled for tomorrow or first

09:10:56 part of next week.

09:10:58 That continues to progress well downtown.

09:11:00 In the Channel District, the Washington Street

09:11:05 improvements are moving forward.

09:11:08 The bidding process for the new park is underway.

09:11:11 And we continue to work with Stage Works about how we

09:11:14 might be able to assist them in their ongoing efforts

09:11:17 to establish a home for their community theater in the

09:11:20 district.

09:11:21 Drew Park, we have plans under way for a major road

09:11:26 resurfacing project.

09:11:27 You'll be dealing with that a little bit later.

09:11:30 Code enforcement initiative, the Mercedes-Benz

09:11:36 dealership on Dale Mabry is imminent to open.

09:11:38 And launched a new bike patrol with TPD yesterday.

09:11:41 East Tampa, the 22nd street beautification project

09:11:45 moves along well.

09:11:46 Ed's been working with our enterprise zone and small

09:11:51 business information center to enhance the work that we

09:11:55 do there.

09:11:55 We have our holiday tree lighting on Friday and we hope

09:11:58 some of you, if not all of you, will be able to be a

09:12:01 part of that on Friday.

09:12:02 Great annual event in East Tampa.

09:12:04 This will be the third one.

09:12:05 Central Park, the infrastructure, I don't know if

09:12:10 you've had a chance to go by there, but it's amazing

09:12:12 the work that's going on on that site to get the

09:12:16 infrastructure in.

09:12:17 They're in permitting for their first vertical

09:12:19 development, the Ella, and expect to pull that permit

09:12:23 in January.

09:12:23 Perry Harvey Park, we continue to work with the Parks

09:12:29 Department and contract administration to work toward

09:12:33 finding a design building to help us complete Perry

09:12:36 Harvey Park.

09:12:37 Our work in The Heights is right now focused around

09:12:41 Waterworks Park.

09:12:42 And whether we can use some of our remaining TIF

09:12:45 dollars or available TIF dollars to put some

09:12:47 enhancements into the park and open it up to the public

09:12:50 again.

09:12:51 Overall, I'll be updating you in a minute on the CAC

09:12:57 recruitment

09:12:59 Process.

09:13:00 We are working hard on the annual report.

09:13:03 Web page enhancements are ongoing, and in November, we

09:13:06 added a page for the high-speed rail.

09:13:08 And we are still continuing to be favored by facade

09:13:13 grant applications.

09:13:14 And we have two for you, for your approval later today.

09:13:18 A lot of things going on, and I'd be glad to answer

09:13:22 questions about any of these things.

09:13:25 Your management team is here as well to answer any of

09:13:27 your questions.

09:13:30 >>GWEN MILLER: None.

09:13:31 So continue on.

09:13:34 >>MARK HUEY: The next item on the agenda is the

09:13:39 discussion about annual meeting, or our community

09:13:49 meeting.

09:13:49 Last month, we had the meeting in downtown related to

09:13:53 high-speed rail.

09:13:54 According to your policy, your next community meeting

09:13:58 would occur in January.

09:14:00 And so I wanted to bring that to your attention, and

09:14:03 see if there was a preference by the board for a

09:14:07 community meeting -- first of all, if you'd like to do

09:14:11 one, and secondly, if you had a preference for where

09:14:13 that might occur, in which of the redevelopment areas.

09:14:16 And your policy spells out four specific meetings a

09:14:21 year.

09:14:21 And the months those would occur.

09:14:24 So, open it up for your consideration.

09:14:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Have we been in all of the CRA areas?

09:14:33 Have we had meetings in all those areas?

09:14:35 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, over the course -- you have four a

09:14:38 year typically.

09:14:38 So, the last four, last January, you were in Drew Park.

09:14:44 Then you went into the Heights.

09:14:47 These occurred during 2009.

09:14:49 In East Tampa, you were there in 2009.

09:14:53 In 2010 last year, you did Ybor City and the Channel

09:14:58 District.

09:14:58 And then downtown most recently.

09:15:01 So yes, you have been getting to all of them over the

09:15:05 course of the past couple of years.

09:15:12 >> What was the first one we did?

09:15:18 >> I think it was East Tampa.

09:15:20 >> I mean according to my schedule, the oldest one I

09:15:23 think is Drew Park.

09:15:24 The one that's been the longest since you have been to.

09:15:28 I'm not aware that you've done one -- I need to go

09:15:31 back.

09:15:31 Michael?

09:15:32 Has there ever been one in Central Park?

09:15:35 Okay, so Central Park would be the one area.

09:15:38 And that could be an appropriate one to do, given

09:15:40 what's happening with Encore.

09:15:43 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me raise the question though.

09:15:45 The question is, is anyone there that's going to come

09:15:53 out in Central Park?

09:15:55 >> MARK HUEY: I think that's why you haven't had one

09:15:57 there.

09:16:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You know pretty much everybody's moved

09:16:04 out pretty much.

09:16:07 Few businesses still there.

09:16:10 >>MARK HUEY: Limited.

09:16:11 >>THOMAS SCOTT: In terms of the neighborhood and

09:16:12 community, maybe Michael or somebody can answer that.

09:16:14 I don't know.

09:16:15 That would be the question.

09:16:17 The reason you have these, because you want them to be

09:16:19 productive, you want to hear from the community, want

09:16:21 to hear from the neighborhood.

09:16:22 You don't want to just go and just have a meeting and

09:16:26 nobody show up.

09:16:28 >>MARK HUEY: Yeah.

09:16:30 Do you have anything to add to that, Michael?

09:16:34 >> Michael Hutchin, manager for Central Park.

09:16:38 I think that's a very valid concern.

09:16:40 Over the number of the years I have been working in the

09:16:42 area and hosting public meetings, the attendance has

09:16:45 been slim, just due to the low nature of residents in

09:16:48 the neighborhood.

09:16:54 >>GWEN MILLER: So what suggestions, Council, do you

09:16:57 have?

09:16:57 Do we need to have one and wait for the new Council to

09:17:01 start off?

09:17:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'd just as soon start the process

09:17:04 over.

09:17:04 I thought the first was East Tampa and Drew Park.

09:17:07 I thought.

09:17:08 I could be wrong.

09:17:10 >> MARK HUEY: I only have my records going back to

09:17:13 January '09.

09:17:14 And the order was Drew Park, then the next one was

09:17:16 Heights.

09:17:18 Then East Tampa.

09:17:19 Then Ybor City.

09:17:19 Channel District, downtown.

09:17:22 So, according to my records, that's the last two years.

09:17:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: You may want to check that.

09:17:29 I'm not sure you're quite accurate.

09:17:31 It may have been reverse, as I recall.

09:17:41 Let's do it.

09:17:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Are we talking January?

09:17:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes.

09:17:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Being as I was appointed in July, I

09:17:50 have been to one.

09:17:51 I'd like to attend another if possible.

09:17:58 >>MARK HUEY: Drew Park then, is that what I hear you

09:18:00 want to kind of approach it in the cycle?

09:18:04 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's fine.

09:18:06 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.

09:18:07 We'll be glad to set that up.

09:18:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would prefer East Tampa.

09:18:15 >>MARK HUEY: You prefer East Tampa?

09:18:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would.

09:18:18 And I'll tell you why.

09:18:19 Because so much has happened there.

09:18:21 That, you know, during this -- the development and all,

09:18:29 that would be my preference.

09:18:31 But whatever Council...

09:18:32 >>MARK HUEY: You all want to talk again?

09:18:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: That's fine with me.

09:18:38 >> East Tampa.

09:18:39 >>MARK HUEY: Your momentum for East Tampa.

09:18:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Maybe we can do maybe East Tampa, Drew

09:18:43 Park and then, the third one is the Heights you said?

09:18:48 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

09:18:48 You're thinking about the order for next year?

09:18:52 The next one would occur in April.

09:18:54 Would be the next scheduled one.

09:18:59 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So East Tampa, okay.

09:19:00 East Tampa is fine.

09:19:04 >>MARK HUEY: All right.

09:19:04 The next thing I wanted to do was update you on the

09:19:10 advisory committee appointment process that is

09:19:12 underway.

09:19:13 We started that cycle in November.

09:19:17 We have been soliciting applications from November 4th

09:19:20 through the close of that period, December 3rd.

09:19:24 We did receive enough applicants in most of the CRAs

09:19:29 to be in a good position to come to you in January with

09:19:32 a slate of candidates.

09:19:34 With the exception of three areas.

09:19:36 The Channel District, downtown and Tampa Heights.

09:19:40 We didn't have enough candidates to fill all of those

09:19:42 positions.

09:19:43 Here's a little review of sort of where we are.

09:19:47 And you can see we are lacking in a couple of areas in

09:19:53 the Channel District.

09:19:54 One in downtown.

09:19:56 And one in the Heights.

09:19:58 So, what we did was extend the application process, and

09:20:02 we have noticed that.

09:20:04 The respective CRA managers are working hard to get

09:20:07 applicants in.

09:20:08 And we're confident that by your January board meeting,

09:20:11 when you will consider the candidates, that we'll have

09:20:14 enough candidates to fill all the positions.

09:20:17 But we, again, we'll be monitoring that and if

09:20:20 necessary, we'll extend the application process again.

09:20:23 To be well prepared as best we can for the January

09:20:27 board meeting.

09:20:28 Any questions about that process?

09:20:31 Very important.

09:20:32 And anyone listening out there in the community, who is

09:20:35 a part of the Channel District or has an interest in

09:20:39 downtown or the Heights, would welcome your

09:20:42 participation.

09:20:43 Now public comment section.

09:20:53 >>GWEN MILLER: We now go to public comments.

09:20:55 Anyone in the public would like to speak, please come

09:20:57 up and speak.

09:21:14 >> Promise made, promise kept.

09:21:17 Madam Chairman, other members of the CRA, I'm Al Davis,

09:21:23 3717 East Wilder Avenue, Tampa, Florida, 33610.

09:21:29 I'm going to join the angelic choir in their

09:21:40 pronouncement of glory to God in the highest, peace on

09:21:48 earth, goodwill toward all men.

09:21:52 And I modified that just a little bit, Madam Chairman,

09:21:58 to include women and children.

09:22:01 So I hope that we do have peace on earth.

09:22:09 There's a couple of items, Madam Chairman, on this

09:22:12 agenda for your approval that I would like some

09:22:15 additional information on.

09:22:18 I believe it's item 7 on the land acquisition of the

09:22:23 resolution concerning the purchase of some land in East

09:22:26 Tampa.

09:22:27 I know since the creation of the East Tampa Community

09:22:33 Redevelopment Area, there has been a tremendous amount

09:22:38 of dollars spent to purchase property.

09:22:47 Okay, I think we are in about our sixth year of

09:22:49 existence, and I would, if there's some way I can find

09:22:54 out or learn the total inventory of land that we have

09:23:01 used TIF dollars to purchase, how much each partial was

09:23:08 and have we expended any money -- recovered any money

09:23:18 from our purchase?

09:23:19 In other words, I'd like to see the amount of TIF

09:23:24 dollars that has been spent to purchase the property

09:23:29 and if indeed we have, if you will, disposed of any of

09:23:36 the property and we have recaptured some of that money.

09:23:40 I don't know who to turn to, Madam Chairman.

09:23:48 I don't know whether or not it is the season or not.

09:23:54 But I called the East Tampa office, you know, they got

09:23:57 this electronic thing, voicemail.

09:24:01 I leave a message, and sometimes I don't even get a

09:24:06 response.

09:24:08 And then when I do get a response in terms of

09:24:13 subsequent call, what you call for, they'll say.

09:24:17 Well, I don't get the kind of information that I'm

09:24:24 soliciting.

09:24:25 For an example, I understand there was an emergency

09:24:30 meeting held with the Citizen Advisory Committee

09:24:36 concerning this purchase of this item today, according

09:24:42 to -- I don't know what the emergency was, but other

09:24:44 than the fact that the perception is, and according to

09:24:49 your operation policy, you know, whatever the CAC does

09:24:55 is what you accept.

09:24:57 Whatever decision they make, you don't override it or

09:25:04 you don't have any say.

09:25:06 That's the impression that I am given.

09:25:10 And one last one, madam, and that's item number -- is

09:25:14 that 8?

09:25:15 Where we talk about hiring someone to do something.

09:25:20 I'd like an explanation on that too.

09:25:22 I want to understand this operation.

09:25:26 >>GWEN MILLER: After the meeting, Mr. Davis, get with

09:25:28 Mr. Huey.

09:25:29 He'll tell you which direction to go.

09:25:31 Mr. Mark Huey.

09:25:33 >> Do I have to get on his calendar?

09:25:37 >>MARK HUEY: I can answer the question very quickly on

09:25:39 the land side.

09:25:39 I can't tell you the total amount we have been

09:25:41 investing.

09:25:42 A million three we have invested in land acquisition in

09:25:45 East Tampa.

09:25:46 None of that land has been, as you are aware as a

09:25:49 board, because you will be involved in the disposition

09:25:51 of any land in East Tampa.

09:25:54 Most of that has been spent on 22nd street.

09:25:57 And as the board is aware, we are doing a major

09:26:00 enhancement along 22nd street.

09:26:02 So we have been investing to acquire land that would be

09:26:05 complementary to the infrastructure investment that

09:26:07 we're making.

09:26:08 And it is our belief that in time, the right kind of

09:26:12 project will come forward that will allow us to

09:26:15 redevelop that land.

09:26:16 Second point I want to make, we did not acquire the

09:26:19 land to make a profit.

09:26:21 We are in the redevelopment business.

09:26:23 And we don't really know how the final economics of

09:26:26 that plan will play out.

09:26:28 But I just wanted to remind the board that we may in

09:26:31 fact take a loss on the land if it helps move a good

09:26:36 project forward.

09:26:36 So, hope that helps answer your question.

09:26:40 >> I would like to get an inventory of the number of

09:26:43 parcels.

09:26:45 And how much each of those parcels cost.

09:26:47 From our TIF dollars.

09:26:51 >>MARK HUEY: Be glad to do that.

09:26:53 We don't need to meet.

09:26:55 We'll just get you a report on that.

09:26:56 >> And the last one has to do -- I got it circled.

09:27:02 >>MARK HUEY: We'll get to that.

09:27:03 I'll be glad to answer that question when we get to

09:27:06 number eight.

09:27:07 >> Thank you.

09:27:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone else like to speak?

09:27:10 Mr. Huey, back up.

09:27:14 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, boss.

09:27:15 [ Laughter ]

09:27:17 >>MARK HUEY: We have a number of approvals and a

09:27:20 walk-on in a minute.

09:27:23 All positive things, part of the work that we're doing

09:27:26 in the Channel District.

09:27:27 We are moving funds around to support the redevelopment

09:27:31 of the new park.

09:27:31 So that is item number five.

09:27:34 I'll put up for your approve.

09:27:44 >> Motion and second.

09:27:45 All in favor of the motion say aye.

09:27:46 Opposed nay.

09:27:48 >>MARK HUEY: Item 6, similarly is an item, budget

09:27:53 approval item.

09:27:54 And there we were reallocating budget items to, in

09:27:59 particular, support a large street resurfacing project

09:28:03 that is underway that will benefit the, in particular

09:28:07 Lois Avenue and other major roads there, and the

09:28:10 neighborhood is very excited about those going forward.

09:28:14 And will also help us do some beautification projects.

09:28:16 This is money associated with the stormwater work that

09:28:19 we have been talking about doing in Drew Park for some

09:28:21 time.

09:28:21 And, because of, for a variety of reasons, that

09:28:25 project's been delayed.

09:28:27 And so we want to put these funds to other good and

09:28:30 appropriate uses.

09:28:31 And this recommendation comes to you with the support

09:28:34 of the advisory committee.

09:28:36 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I'll move that.

09:28:37 And so the total would be 495,400?

09:28:45 >> Yes.

09:28:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: For the storm water and for light

09:28:49 resurfacing.

09:28:51 >>MARK HUEY: That's right.

09:28:52 365.

09:28:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and a second.

09:29:00 All in favor of the motion say aye.

09:29:04 Opposed nay.

09:29:05 >>MARK HUEY: Item 7 is land acquisition.

09:29:07 Mr. Davis was talking about East Tampa land

09:29:09 acquisitions.

09:29:10 And this is another one that we're doing.

09:29:12 It's in the 22nd street corridor.

09:29:14 And it's coming to you.

09:29:19 You've got a letter I think from Miss Best, the chair

09:29:22 of our advisory committee there.

09:29:24 In support of this.

09:29:25 And so it's recommended for your approval.

09:29:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Does the clerk -- [inaudible] for the

09:29:32 record, on the advisory committee.

09:29:33 On this property, this property start at 26th and

09:29:43 encompass, I guess, that old service station and all

09:29:47 that.

09:29:47 How many parcels?

09:29:51 >> One large parcel.

09:29:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Come to the mike.

09:29:55 How much property is that?

09:30:03 >> Ed Johnson, CRA manager for East Tampa.

09:30:06 It's listed as one contiguous property, but it's

09:30:09 actually three lots.

09:30:11 Starts on 26th street.

09:30:12 On the corner of 26th and goes south down to the red

09:30:16 brick, to the south side.

09:30:19 So pretty large piece of property.

09:30:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So in the back of it, it says it was

09:30:31 appraised by our department, so the price is in line

09:30:34 with the appraised value.

09:30:35 >> That's correct.

09:30:36 We are purchasing it at appraised value, providing that

09:30:39 the environmental testing that's ongoing right now

09:30:43 meets the requirements.

09:30:44 We'll not close on the property unless we have a clean

09:30:48 environmental.

09:30:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Now, is this in line with redevelopment

09:30:54 or is this in line with the widening or whatever we're

09:30:57 doing on 22nd street?

09:31:00 >> Redevelopment.

09:31:00 The property was purchased for -- the potential of it.

09:31:07 Some type of commercial retail on that corner to go

09:31:10 hand in hand with the similar purchase that we

09:31:14 purchased about a year ago.

09:31:15 Property on the other side of that red brick home, that

09:31:19 we already have an RFP out for development of

09:31:22 multifamily development along that corridor.

09:31:24 And this would give -- this property would enhance that

09:31:27 development, hopefully with building some commercial

09:31:30 retail on that corner.

09:31:32 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So are we pursuing, I guess, purchase

09:31:36 of these properties to compile them for development or

09:31:41 are they pursuing us?

09:31:43 >> No, we have actually pursued them.

09:31:45 We actually are, have been pursuing these properties

09:31:50 for retail commercial development opportunities.

09:31:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Have there been any thought given to

09:31:57 going north on 22nd, that same side, where the

09:32:01 cleaners and all that?

09:32:02 >> Very much so.

09:32:03 We have been working that area for well over three,

09:32:06 four years.

09:32:07 Trying to work with --

09:32:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So no movement then?

09:32:11 >> No movement yet.

09:32:13 But we're hoping that when the phase two of 22nd

09:32:16 street starts, and folks see the improvements that

09:32:20 happen in phase one, that it will entice either folks

09:32:23 that own those properties to fix them up or consider

09:32:25 selling them for future use.

09:32:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move approval.

09:32:30 >> Second.

09:32:33 >>CURTIS STOKES: Question, Mr. Johnson.

09:32:34 Mr. Johnson, this part of existing RFP goes out for the

09:32:38 multifamily development down 22nd street?

09:32:40 >> It was mentioned as a possible consideration when we

09:32:42 had the prebid conference for the RFP.

09:32:45 We asked all of the potential developers, even though

09:32:49 we had not purchased this property yet, to really take

09:32:51 it under consideration as a possibility for future

09:32:55 development that could go hand in hand with their

09:32:57 project.

09:32:58 And two of the responders did include that as a

09:33:02 possibility of development within their project.

09:33:07 >>CURTIS STOKES: This core will be exclusively for

09:33:10 commercial development?

09:33:11 >> That's correct.

09:33:12 It's zoned right now commercial mixed use.

09:33:15 So it could be commercial, retail and could also

09:33:18 include a housing component if you do a mixed use

09:33:21 development.

09:33:22 >>CURTIS STOKES: Thank you, sir.

09:33:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Miss Mulhern.

09:33:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:33:28 This has been part of a larger plan for developing that

09:33:31 commercial area.

09:33:32 Did the Citizens Advisory Committee, the CRA advisory

09:33:39 committee, were they part of the approval for this?

09:33:43 >> Yes, very much so.

09:33:44 As a matter of fact, Ms. Best is a stickler for detail

09:33:49 when it comes to these measures.

09:33:51 As a matter of fact, the emergency meeting that Mr.

09:33:53 Davis spoke to, the advisory committee had yesterday

09:33:58 because they did not have their typical monthly meeting

09:34:02 because of the celebration that we're having tomorrow

09:34:05 evening.

09:34:05 Though we had no meeting scheduled.

09:34:07 So she asked the advisory committee to meet

09:34:10 specifically to discuss this transaction and also for

09:34:13 me to give the new members of the advisory committee an

09:34:16 update as to what our strategy has been along the

09:34:20 22nd street corridor.

09:34:23 >>MARY MULHERN: And they approved it?

09:34:24 >> Yes, ma'am.

09:34:25 That's what the letter that Ms. Best signed that you

09:34:27 have in front of you this morning.

09:34:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

09:34:29 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to approve

09:34:31 the resolution of number seven.

09:34:32 All in favor of the motion say aye.

09:34:34 Opposed nay.

09:34:36 >> Thank you.

09:34:42 >>MARK HUEY: All right, item 7 -- 8 is star grant

09:34:51 program.

09:34:52 We have two facade grant approvals today.

09:34:54 The first one is in Ybor 2, and it's the Macaroni

09:34:57 Factory.

09:34:58 This board has been a part of trying to save that

09:35:01 historic property for the better part of a year,

09:35:05 originally committing a hundred thousand dollars to the

09:35:08 stabilization of that, which the Italian club did.

09:35:13 It's now in the hands of a private owner, who is in the

09:35:16 process of renovating it for their offices.

09:35:19 And this $50,000 facade grant would complement a

09:35:24 project that is almost $600,000 in scale.

09:35:29 So you're facade grant would be leveraged by a lot of

09:35:32 other funds that will turn that into, not just a shell,

09:35:37 but into a working property.

09:35:40 So, we are recommending it for your approval.

09:35:43 >> So moved.

09:35:44 >> Second.

09:35:45 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second; all in favor

09:35:47 of the motion say aye.

09:35:48 Opposed nay?

09:35:50 >>MARK HUEY: And the last item for approval, other than

09:35:54 the item that, another facade grant.

09:35:57 This is in East Tampa.

09:35:58 Lake Avenue.

09:35:59 One of the strip centers there.

09:36:01 That has been active, but will be spruced up

09:36:06 significantly through this facade program.

09:36:09 And so we are recommending it as well for your

09:36:12 approval.

09:36:13 >> So moved.

09:36:14 >> Second.

09:36:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.

09:36:16 All in favor, say aye.

09:36:17 Opposed nay.

09:36:20 >>SAL TERRITO: The item you're talking about is the

09:36:24 Italian Club.

09:36:25 I submitted something to you on Monday, resolution for

09:36:26 subordination of a lien.

09:36:28 Basically what happened, we had a lien on the property.

09:36:35 We were in second place already.

09:36:37 When you do a refinancing, when you refile, that means

09:36:40 that the new loan will come after our lien.

09:36:43 We're putting ourselves back in the same position that

09:36:45 existed prior to the refinance.

09:36:46 >> We're ready.

09:36:47 >> Have a motion and a second.

09:36:49 All in favor of the motion say aye.

09:36:51 Opposed nay.

09:36:52 Any new business information?

09:36:59 >>> Yes, just before we adjourn, Madam Chair, you note

09:37:05 when we come into the building, how beautiful it has

09:37:12 been decorated.

09:37:14 And I believe that they've taken on that responsibility

09:37:17 the last several years, since I have been here anyway.

09:37:19 And that is the person of Mary Bryant, Councilman

09:37:25 Miranda's aide.

09:37:26 I do want to recognize her.

09:37:28 We may want to think about a commendation or something.

09:37:32 I just think that very appropriate, very nice on all of

09:37:38 the floors.

09:37:40 Stairway, the trees.

09:37:43 And so I just wanted to just recognize that.

09:37:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So you're asking me to have her make

09:37:50 her own commendation?

09:37:52 [ Laughter ]

09:37:52 Is that it?

09:37:54 It's going to be very difficult for me to do that.

09:38:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe she just needs a little something

09:38:04 under the tree.

09:38:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll buy her a commendated Christmas

09:38:09 gift.

09:38:10 >>THOMAS SCOTT: This will be our last Christmas with

09:38:13 her, so I thought it would be nice.

09:38:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Wait a minute.

09:38:15 It will be our last Christmas together period.

09:38:17 [Laughter]

09:38:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm only joking with you, as you

09:38:20 well know.

09:38:21 We'll get something done, I promise you.

09:38:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano?

09:38:26 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I think she decorated our

09:38:27 commissioner also, because he looks different today.

09:38:30 [ Laughter ]

09:38:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: When you went for your hearing aid,

09:38:39 you lost your eyesight.

09:38:44 [ Laughter ]

09:38:47 >>GWEN MILLER: If no information comes before Council.

09:38:50 >> Receive and file.

09:38:51 >> Second.

09:38:51 >> Have a motion to receive and file.

09:38:53 All in favor of the motion say aye.

09:38:54 Opposed nay.

09:38:55 If nothing else, we stand adjourned until 5:01.

09:38:58 >> Happy holidays everybody.



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