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Thursday, January 13, 2011
9:00 a.m.


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08:51:11 >>GWEN MILLER: The meeting will come to order.

09:08:05 The chair will yield to Mr. Curtis.

09:08:07 >>CURTIS STOKES: Thank you, Madam Chairwoman.

09:08:11 I would like to introduce the reverend Bartholomew

09:08:13 Banks, Sr.

09:08:16 Reverend Banks was installed as a pastor of St. John's.

09:08:26 He was elected president before progressive missionary

09:08:29 and the educational Baptist state convention of

09:08:31 Florida.

09:08:33 Reverend Banks earned his master's degree in Dallas,

09:08:36 Texas, theological seminary, and Florida beacon college

09:08:40 seminary in Jacksonville, Florida.

09:08:43 Dr. Banks has a degree from Savannah, Georgia.

09:08:48 And I won't hold this against him.

09:08:50 He's a member of the Omega Psi Delta.

09:08:58 Reverend Banks is employed by the Hillsborough County

09:09:00 Board of County Commissioners and serves as social

09:09:02 services director.

09:09:04 Reverend Banks motto is to teach, to preach, and to

09:09:08 heal.

09:09:13 He has the wisdom, vision and leadership and

09:09:16 perseverance which hold true that he is a man of God,

09:09:22 and confirmed by over 2,000 members that he needs.

09:09:26 Reverend Banks is the father of four and has four

09:09:28 grandchildren.

09:09:29 Reverend Banks, thank you very much, sir.

09:09:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Will you please stand and remain

09:09:32 standing for the pledge of allegiance?

09:09:34 >> Reverend Banks: Thank you very much.

09:09:39 Gracious and heavenly father, we come into your

09:09:41 presence with Thanksgiving in our hearts to thank you

09:09:43 for the many blessings that you continue to allow us to

09:09:47 enjoy.

09:09:47 We thank you for the privilege of living in this great

09:09:49 country and this great community and allow us the

09:09:52 opportunity to serve our community in so many ways.

09:09:54 Lord, we pause and ask your blessing upon those who are

09:09:58 victims of the tragedy in Tucson, and we ask for divine

09:10:03 guidance for those who deal whenever that situation.

09:10:06 We pray for our men and women serving us in foreign

09:10:08 lands as well as those in uniform who protect us in our

09:10:11 communities.

09:10:11 We ask now your blessing upon this setting today that

09:10:16 those things that are said and done will be beneficial

09:10:19 to the betterment of our community.

09:10:21 In your name we pray.

09:10:23 Amen.

09:10:25 pledge.

09:10:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Roll call.

09:10:44 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:10:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:10:47 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:10:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:10:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:10:51 >>CURTIS STOKES: Here.

09:10:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:10:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you, reverend Banks.

09:10:58 Have a good day.

09:10:59 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development administrator.

09:11:04 Was there still interest of in revising the agenda?

09:11:09 So that we would take first the appointment process of

09:11:12 our community advisory committee?

09:11:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Correct.

09:11:14 Mr. Miranda has to leave.

09:11:16 >>MARK HUEY: Those would be items 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

09:11:23 And we are following the same process that we have been

09:11:26 following in past years to make these important

09:11:30 appointments to your advisory committee.

09:11:32 We started the process last year.

09:11:34 We have been keeping you updated on a monthly basis.

09:11:38 And so before you, for each of the CRAs that have

09:11:43 advisory committee openings, you have the applications

09:11:45 for all of those who have applied, and you also have a

09:11:51 matrix that we put together, the staff did, to try to

09:11:56 orient you quickly to the qualifications and background

09:12:00 of each of the advisory committee members, or the

09:12:03 applicants, and also the backgrounds and qualifications

09:12:08 of those who currently serve.

09:12:10 So we hope that's helpful to you as you go through the

09:12:17 balloting process.

09:12:18 I think the clerk's office is prow providing you

09:12:21 ballots.

09:12:22 Do you have the ballots?

09:12:23 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, we have.

09:12:24 >>MARK HUEY: Some of the boards today have just enough

09:12:29 applicants to fill the seats, but others have more

09:12:31 applicants than there are seats available, so your

09:12:35 voting will be particularly important.

09:12:36 And that would include your first advisory committee

09:12:40 which is for the Central Park redevelopment area.

09:12:43 There you see we have three applicants for those

09:12:47 positions.

09:12:48 And again you have the information before you about

09:12:51 them.

09:12:54 I believe some of them are here and would welcome the

09:12:57 chance to introduce themselves to you personally.

09:13:01 And if you would like to entertain that, we could have

09:13:03 that come up.

09:13:04 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you want to hear?

09:13:06 Yes, we want to hear.

09:13:07 >>MARK HUEY: Are there any others?

09:13:11 Would you like to come up and say a word?

09:13:13 >> Good morning, council.

09:13:21 My name is Fred Hearns, and I have applied for the

09:13:28 Central Park advisory committee.

09:13:30 For 32 years I worked with the City of Tampa.

09:13:32 I retired four years ago.

09:13:34 I was director of the department of community affairs.

09:13:37 During the last 15 years, my employment with the city,

09:13:40 I was responsible for the CDBG community development

09:13:44 advisory group, citizen advisory committee.

09:13:49 I think we did an excellent job working with the

09:13:51 neighborhood groups.

09:13:53 Actually, the Department of Community Affairs was

09:13:57 involved in helping to organize the very first

09:13:59 community group, which was the East Tampa, at that time

09:14:03 Belmont Heights civic association, and of course we

09:14:06 have come a long way since that time in working with

09:14:08 the citizens.

09:14:10 Also during my tenure with the city, during the last

09:14:14 few years, we were very involved with the Central Park

09:14:17 neighborhood, and we helped to organize the Central

09:14:20 Park celebration which was held for three years, last

09:14:25 three years of my employment with the city, and of

09:14:34 course city staff working with the residents of Central

09:14:38 Park Village.

09:14:40 I have actually been involved with that neighborhood

09:14:41 since I was about 13 years old when I was a Boy Scout

09:14:45 at the Allen temple AME church, and of course over the

09:14:51 years involved with little league and other activities

09:14:54 supporting the residents of Central Park.

09:14:57 Currently I'm president of the Roberts founders library

09:15:01 foundation, located 1515 north Nebraska, right in the

09:15:06 heart of the Central Park area, working to raise funds

09:15:12 to support the library, the Booker T. Washington

09:15:16 school, and a number of events that I am involved in

09:15:19 that relate to that community.

09:15:21 I would very much like to serve on that committee and

09:15:23 ask for your support.

09:15:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:15:46 Anyone else that's going to speak, we have one minute.

09:15:48 >>MARK HUEY: Central Park?

09:15:54 >>CHAIRMAN: That's all we have, one?

09:15:58 >>MARK HUEY: He's the only one of the three that was

09:16:02 here.

09:16:02 >>GWEN MILLER: How many do have we need to select?

09:16:06 Just one person?

09:16:07 >>MARK HUEY: One of the three.

09:16:08 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay.

09:17:04 >>MARK HUEY: Do you want to the move on?

09:17:04 Does everyone have that ballot?

09:17:05 You see we are picking four out of eight who have

09:17:10 applied.

09:17:10 And the number of those applicants are returning former

09:17:14 community advisory committee members, and some are new.

09:17:22 Anyone on the advisory committee that would like to

09:17:23 introduce themselves?

09:17:24 >> Good morning.

09:17:30 My name is Hunter Jones. I have served on the advisory

09:17:34 committee since its inception in 2008.

09:17:38 Just a little background.

09:17:39 I grew up in the Tampa Bay area and studied finance and

09:17:43 real estate at Florida State University.

09:17:44 For the past four and a half years, I have worked at

09:17:49 master development group here in Tampa, and we have a

09:17:51 realty development and business interests throughout

09:17:57 Florida.

09:17:57 I also serve as the young leaders group chair of the

09:17:58 local Urban Land Institute, district council, and work

09:18:02 with the Tampa downtown partnership in a wide range of

09:18:06 activities, and look for your support to remain on the

09:18:10 board and hope to continue the good work that we are

09:18:13 doing there.

09:18:13 Thank you.

09:18:13 >> My name is Mark Alma.

09:18:29 I'm an owner and resident in the Channel District.

09:18:32 I currently serve as the vice chair.

09:18:35 Just to give you a little information, spent the last

09:18:37 two years getting informed.

09:18:38 As you know this was a new board for the Channel

09:18:40 District, and I have attended a couple mini conferences

09:18:43 here in Orlando to help develop the neighborhood with

09:18:49 today's economic times, with the limited budgets, as

09:18:52 well as I have taken the last two years to listen to

09:18:54 the residents, and new businesses, to see what we can

09:18:57 do here to make this a better place to move and to

09:19:00 live.

09:19:00 And I would ask that you would please reappoint me to

09:19:03 the commission.

09:19:10 Thank you.

09:19:20 >> Good morning.

09:19:21 My name is Andrea Alderman, applying for member of the

09:19:29 Channel District.

09:19:31 I have a personal interest in see the area to grow and

09:19:37 continue to be a mixed use urban environment.

09:19:38 My background, I was a paralegal for hill ward

09:19:44 Henderson real estate department.

09:19:45 I'm a third year law student at Stetson university.

09:19:46 I have a special interest in land use and development.

09:19:49 And I would like to support my community.

09:19:53 Thank you.

09:19:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:20:10 Is anyone else here from the district?

09:20:11 >>MARK HUEY: There are two ex-officio positions.

09:20:14 And there you are just ratifying.

09:20:18 Those have been the represents selected respectively

09:20:20 from the downtown partnership and the Tampa Port

09:20:23 Authority.

09:20:24 So you are just acknowledging your support for their

09:20:26 recommended representative.

09:20:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Put a check mark by those two names

09:20:38 then?

09:20:39 >> Yes.

09:20:40 >>MARY MULHERN: And the others are voting members.

09:20:43 >>MARK HUEY: And Thom Stork who you all know is the

09:20:47 president of the Florida Aquarium is out of town today

09:20:51 and couldn't be here.

09:20:52 He has been serving on the advisory committee.

09:20:57 I will also note that Mr. Hearns, Charles, Fred, Hearns

09:21:04 is now on the community advisory committee for Central

09:21:05 Park.

09:21:05 Welcome.

09:21:12 He didn't say he was a historian.

09:21:13 He taught me more about the history of Central Park

09:21:14 than just about anybody and we are glad you are going

09:21:16 to serve there.

09:21:17 Thank you.

09:21:22 Are we ready to accept those ballots?

09:21:25 Our next one will be downtown.

09:21:29 Everyone has those ballots.

09:21:33 There you have five openings.

09:21:42 As you can see, you have seven applicants for those

09:21:43 five positions.

09:21:44 There are also two ex-officio ratifications that you

09:21:49 are doing, one from the uptown council, Harry Hedges

09:21:53 and Nancy Kipnis, downtown partnership is recommending

09:21:57 her representation.

09:22:01 Are there applicants for the downtown CAC that would

09:22:08 like to address the board?

09:22:17 >> Good morning.

09:22:18 My name is Jason Watson.

09:22:20 I'm past chairman of the downtown community advisory

09:22:23 committee.

09:22:24 I have been before you a few times with updates in the

09:22:25 past three years.

09:22:26 I have appreciated the opportunity to serve so far,

09:22:28 would like to continue to do so.

09:22:30 Some brief background.

09:22:33 I am an attorney practicing here in Tampa.

09:22:36 Ever since I moved here which is about four years ago,

09:22:38 so shortly before I was appointed.

09:22:40 I have had a very active interest in downtown.

09:22:43 That's why I sought to run the first time around and I

09:22:45 appreciate the opportunity to represent downtown for

09:22:47 the past three years and would like to continue doing

09:22:50 so.

09:22:51 I also have a master's degree in public administration.

09:22:53 And I also think that as far as the board is concerned,

09:22:56 I have a relatively unique demographic.

09:23:04 I am the only young professional on the board.

09:23:05 I think that's a target downtown to use.

09:23:10 And I'm very impressed with the progress in the

09:23:12 downtown the past three years, with Curtis Hixon park.

09:23:15 There's been a lot of very exciting developments that

09:23:17 have taken place and I would really like to continue on

09:23:20 to see the growth and activity.

09:23:22 Thank you for your time.

09:23:28 >> I'm Dianne Jacob.

09:23:30 And currently I'm senior vice-president of marketing of

09:23:35 Tampa Bay and company.

09:23:35 Certainly in that position I have a vested interest in

09:23:37 seeing our downtown product being the best that it can

09:23:41 be so that it presents itself well to visitors so that

09:23:43 we have the best marketable position that we can for

09:23:48 the City of Tampa.

09:23:48 My background includes -- I have a design degree.

09:23:52 I spent 12 years doing commercial interior design.

09:23:57 Following that, I was with two development companies

09:23:57 here in Tampa, and watched the downtown growth through

09:23:57 that, and had a ten-year career in the commercial

09:24:08 construction industry and now in the tourism industry

09:24:11 doing marketing.

09:24:13 So that being the case, I feel that I have quite a

09:24:16 background that is efficient to carry the load.

09:24:20 Currently I am the chair of the CAC in downtown and I

09:24:24 would like to continue in that position.

09:24:26 Thank you.

09:24:35 >> I'm Meg Lashley, a former resident of downtown Tampa

09:24:40 and I do work in Tampa.

09:24:41 I work for an engineering firm.

09:24:43 My background is in architecture and construction.

09:24:45 I have a high level of interest in seeing the community

09:24:49 continue to grow.

09:24:50 And there's a lot of opportunity with programming at

09:24:53 the Curtis Hixon park and opportunities that downtown

09:24:56 presents for its residents and the community, and the

09:25:02 people that work here and the visitors to Tampa.

09:25:03 I'm currently the vice chair of our group, and I would

09:25:06 like to continue in that role.

09:25:09 Thank you.

09:25:17 >> My name is Adam Vosding, employed by Publix

09:25:24 supermarkets right now, the real estate side of the

09:25:26 department with Publix.

09:25:27 I'm responsible for finding new sites and Georgia and

09:25:33 South Carolina and Tennessee.

09:25:34 I have actually just moved down to Harbor Island in the

09:25:37 past six months.

09:25:40 And I have lived in Tampa since 2001.

09:25:42 I graduated from the University of Florida.

09:25:47 Very happy to live in downtown Tampa.

09:25:49 I have an extreme passion for traveling and I like to

09:25:52 brag about Tampa.

09:25:53 I would just like to be part of continued growth.

09:25:55 I thank you for your consideration.

09:26:08 >>MARK HUEY: I also wanted to note for the record,

09:26:10 Eddie Diaz listed first on the ballot, his

09:26:14 mother-in-law passed away this morning.

09:26:15 Otherwise, he would have been here.

09:26:18 So he did call in and let us know about that.

09:26:29 >>CURTIS STOKES: Are we ratifying as well?

09:26:33 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, you are.

09:26:47 Let me read you the results of the Channel District

09:26:48 ballot.

09:26:50 You have elected Andrea Alderman, Mark Alma, Hunter

09:26:56 Jones, and Thom Stork.

09:27:01 So congratulations to those candidates.

09:27:05 And of course Kelko Kirincich and Alexander Petrilak to

09:27:13 serve ex-officio.

09:27:17 The next two are more straightforward.

09:27:18 Drew Park, you have just enough applicants to fill the

09:27:20 two vacancies.

09:27:25 You have got two for two.

09:27:26 And you do have two ex-officio members to ratify.

09:27:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move the slate.

09:27:37 >> Second.

09:27:39 >>MARK HUEY: The same with the Tampa Heights.

09:27:41 You have one applicant for the one vacancy.

09:27:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: (off microphone).

09:27:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Move both of them then.

09:27:54 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move both of those by acclamation.

09:27:59 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

09:28:01 Opposed?

09:28:14 >>MARK HUEY: I think we are finishing up the ballot

09:28:15 there.

09:29:44 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, maybe while she is

09:29:45 counting down we can move to the monthly report from

09:29:53 Ms. Jacob.

09:29:53 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

09:29:58 Should we do that?

09:29:59 >>GWEN MILLER: I thought she had finished.

09:30:01 >>MARK HUEY: As is customary, you have one of the

09:30:08 presidents of your advisory committees, your

09:30:10 chairperson, Dianne Jacob from the downtown community

09:30:14 advisory committee here this morning.

09:30:16 >> Good morning again.

09:30:20 The downtown area advisory board has spent considerable

09:30:24 time assisting efforts to activate the downtown on

09:30:27 nights and weekends in supporting organizations staging

09:30:30 events.

09:30:32 That's been our emphasis, to try to support things that

09:30:33 are upstart, so things can continue to grow, and then

09:30:37 no longer need our support.

09:30:40 Examples include Ecolution with organic food and wine

09:30:48 component and it has helped to activate both Lykes and

09:30:52 Cotanchobee park.

09:30:56 If you haven't seen this event you should see it.

09:30:57 It's a crazy event.

09:30:58 It has brought bicycle riders and their families and

09:31:04 friends from all over the southeast to enjoy our warm

09:31:05 Tampa hospitality and race their bicycles at incredible

09:31:12 speeds through the streets of downtown.

09:31:12 And again it's a crazy event but it's fun to watch.

09:31:15 The concert series in cooperation whenever the City of

09:31:22 Tampa Parks Department.

09:31:23 We assisted in bringing the concert series back to

09:31:26 downtown to be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.

09:31:30 The advisory board also helped direct funding to bring

09:31:34 Santa fest back downtown.

09:31:36 CRA funds have been used in Curtis Hixon park to

09:31:39 upgrade the electrical system to allow events that

09:31:42 require heavier electrical service to be held in the

09:31:44 park.

09:31:45 One of those things that was engineered out of Curtis

09:31:48 Hixon park for budget reasons.

09:31:52 And through our efforts and helping to bring issues

09:31:59 back to downtown, we found that was a necessary part of

09:32:00 what events need is that electrical service.

09:32:08 In an event that was instrumental in bringing that back

09:32:09 with recent holiday ice skating rinks which was

09:32:13 subsidized as well.

09:32:16 The Parks Department reported over 20,000 people

09:32:19 enjoyed the rink while it was in Curtis Hixon park.

09:32:22 The great synergism with the museums and could see a

09:32:25 lot of families using it.

09:32:27 It's a wonderful thing.

09:32:27 A program that brings a sculpture collection downtown

09:32:27 is partially funded by the CRA as well.

09:32:34 Improvements in streetlighting and landscaping have

09:32:37 also been funded through our recommendation.

09:32:43 A valuable resource that we now provide is a sounding

09:32:48 board for complaints for downtown residents and

09:32:49 businesses in our downtown.

09:32:50 Previously since there were so few residents downtown

09:32:54 there, were no vehicles set up with that for the CRA we

09:32:56 are finding that is a valuable resource that we

09:33:02 provide.

09:33:02 Our advisory board has contact with hundreds of

09:33:03 businesses and residents each month and provides an

09:33:06 open channel of communication with the City of Tampa of

09:33:10 the needs of the district.

09:33:10 Looking ahead, future plans include additional

09:33:12 landscaping, beautification projects, and the

09:33:17 attractions of major wine and food festival downtown.

09:33:19 Any questions?

09:33:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you very much.

09:33:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Great job.

09:33:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I want to make mention, too, I know

09:33:30 that in Curtis Hixon park this year for the first time

09:33:34 I believe we are going to have the whole week of the

09:33:36 black heritage festival at Curtis Hixon park, and I

09:33:41 think that starts Sunday, a jazz concert, and a number

09:33:44 of other activities going to be going on all week long

09:33:49 starting Sunday, I believe.

09:33:49 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say I spent a lot of

09:33:56 time in the park over the holiday, and it was amazing.

09:33:57 That ice rink was packed with people.

09:34:00 And the diversity of people there, and one thing I

09:34:04 found really interesting because I was asking people if

09:34:05 they happened to live in the City of Tampa, that there

09:34:10 were so many tourists there, and that there were people

09:34:13 from Pinellas and Clearwater, which I thought was

09:34:16 fantastic because people from the beaches were coming

09:34:20 over to Tampa for their entertainment.

09:34:26 And that playground in the park was all people from the

09:34:30 City of Tampa.

09:34:30 So you were serving, you know, international tourists,

09:34:33 people from the Tampa Bay area, people who live in the

09:34:36 City of Tampa was just wonderful.

09:34:38 And the mood there was just so nice, the family

09:34:43 atmosphere, and especially because it was warm but not

09:34:47 hot.

09:34:47 So I think you are doing a great job.

09:34:50 Kudos to everybody, to the mayor and to the downtown

09:34:53 partnership and to the CRA and your citizens advisory

09:34:58 committee.

09:34:59 Doing a great job.

09:35:00 >> In another capacity I serve as the chairman of the

09:35:03 Glazer children's museum board, and the synergy between

09:35:09 the park and museum is incredible.

09:35:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

09:35:11 It was incredible.

09:35:12 People come out of those museums and automatically walk

09:35:15 into the park, have lunch in the park or go to the

09:35:17 museum, and get their lunch from there.

09:35:20 It was great.

09:35:21 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Are you ready?

09:35:33 >>MARK HUEY: I would like to announce your elections

09:35:35 to the downtown advisory committee and they include the

09:35:40 following five: Eddie Diaz, Dianne Jacob, Meg Lashley,

09:35:44 Adam Vosding and Jason Watson.

09:35:47 And of course you ratified Harry hedges and Nancy

09:35:50 Kipnis.

09:35:55 So we have a great group again for the downtown

09:35:57 advisory committee.

09:35:57 >>GWEN MILLER: We will go to item number 2.

09:36:04 >>MARK HUEY: This is the monthly report on the CRA

09:36:07 activities.

09:36:08 As you can see, again lots of things going on around

09:36:12 the redevelopment areas.

09:36:17 We had a wonderful community meeting in East Tampa on

09:36:19 Tuesday that you hosted town hall meeting.

09:36:23 I didn't really get a count.

09:36:25 Must have been 200 community citizens there.

09:36:30 And certainly a highlight of activities.

09:36:36 In downtown, that same day, that morning, celebrated

09:36:39 the groundbreaking of the CAMLS project which you

09:36:43 supported, the council and as a board.

09:36:49 The Curtis Hixon park and all the holiday activities

09:36:51 has already been talked about.

09:36:54 In the channel district, the Wassington Street

09:36:57 construction project is moving along well.

09:36:59 The park bidding process for our first pocket park in

09:37:04 the Channel District is moving along.

09:37:05 Ybor City had great arts in the parks success in the

09:37:11 past month.

09:37:12 We have been working hard, not just Ybor City but East

09:37:17 Tampa as well on a transfer agreement relating to

09:37:19 21st and 22nd street which is going to be

09:37:21 important, particularly to Ybor City.

09:37:26 As part of the Crosstown expressway expansion project,

09:37:28 the Crosstown connector, those streets will be coming

09:37:35 back to the city and FDOT will be making enhancements

09:37:36 to them, and really will help them, instead of those

09:37:42 streets being throughways and freeways, sometimes in

09:37:45 Ybor City, they will actually now through the

09:37:50 improvements that will be made help connect the

09:37:50 pedestrian grid of Ybor City and enhance East Tampa as

09:37:56 well.

09:37:56 Working on impact fee exemptions as an incentive in

09:38:00 Ybor City, Drew Park, board member Miranda left because

09:38:07 there is a ribbon cutting this morning on the Mercedes

09:38:11 Benz dealership, very significant investment of in Drew

09:38:14 Park, being celebrated today.

09:38:16 With the police department, we launched a bike patrol

09:38:20 this past month, which the neighbors in Drew Park are

09:38:25 appreciative of.

09:38:26 We started developing a streetscape and beautification

09:38:31 planned process in East Tampa.

09:38:32 The 22nd street beautification project is continuing

09:38:38 along well.

09:38:38 We are looking forward to a March completion of that

09:38:40 and celebration.

09:38:42 The height of significance, as you were aware, Fifth

09:38:46 Third Bank was marketing the note that they have on the

09:38:52 project there, and it was sold in December, and so

09:38:56 there's a new owner, and we hope of that will result in

09:38:59 some progress and momentum there.

09:39:02 In Central Park, dirt is flying as the infrastructure

09:39:07 activity is occurring, and the permitting for their

09:39:13 first vertical project is nearing completion, the ELLA.

09:39:16 And we submitted -- or we supported their submission of

09:39:20 a $15 million grant to the federal government under the

09:39:23 neighborhood choice program.

09:39:25 Part of the proceeds of which would help get another

09:39:27 building going, building called the re-building and

09:39:32 would also provide funding toward the improvements of

09:39:33 Perry Harvey park.

09:39:41 Again lots of things going.

09:39:42 We have your quarterly financial reports.

09:39:44 And we are working on the annual report for the

09:39:46 redevelopment agency which will be completed in the

09:39:48 next month.

09:39:49 So, again, lots of activities going on.

09:39:53 We would be happy to answer any questions, and just

09:39:55 appreciate your support all along the way.

09:39:56 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:40:00 Let me just say, council, I think we made our rounds

09:40:04 over the last couple of years, all the different CRAs

09:40:07 in terms of public meetings.

09:40:09 I want to say to Ms. Best -- would you come down,

09:40:15 please?

09:40:17 Ms. Best has been one of the most active persons in

09:40:19 East Tampa with Tampa CRA and has gotten the community

09:40:26 very much involved, and I will tell you, it was a

09:40:29 wonderful experience on this past Tuesday night there

09:40:35 to see over 150 people that turned out.

09:40:42 And the first time was in East Tampa it was a large

09:40:45 crowd as well, I recall.

09:40:47 And so I know a lot of this is your efforts, your

09:40:48 involvement, and encouraging people to participate.

09:40:51 And it's good to be see that in these CRAs, that

09:40:56 these different communities are participating and

09:40:59 involved, and I want to thank you here today publicly,

09:41:06 and hopefully as time goes we can do something more

09:41:08 significant that will recognize many of the

09:41:09 contributions that you have made and others, part of

09:41:13 the team.

09:41:14 It's so important to have the community involved and to

09:41:19 see that kind of participation is a great turnout, and

09:41:21 I thoroughly enjoyed it.

09:41:22 I want to thank you.

09:41:22 >>> Thank you, thank you.

09:41:28 >> I would like to be tab this opportunity to thank my

09:41:33 colleagues for agreeing with me when we were trying to

09:41:35 decide which meeting to have first.

09:41:38 And I have asked for East Tampa community meetings,

09:41:41 because it is our largest CRA, and so much activity has

09:41:47 happened and is still happening there, and it was

09:41:49 really impressive to see the turnout.

09:41:52 What a wonderful job you all are doing down there.

09:41:57 My hat's off to you.

09:41:58 It was wonderful.

09:42:01 It was a wonderful -- to listen, to hear everyone speak

09:42:07 and thank you so much.

09:42:11 Thank you very much.

09:42:12 Thank you all.

09:42:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Do you want to the say something, Ms.

09:42:17 Best?

09:42:17 I know you want to say something.

09:42:18 [ Laughter ]

09:42:20 >> I just want to thank you, Chairman Miller, for

09:42:25 giving me the opportunity to shop case East Tampa in

09:42:30 East Tampa style, meaning that we want to make sure --

09:42:34 we knew we would have first-time persons attending our

09:42:39 meeting, and we wanted to expose them to our progress

09:42:42 by showcasing all the progress that we have done.

09:42:47 I would not stand here without saying that I have a

09:42:51 good team, and that is the secret to East Tampa.

09:42:55 We are a family.

09:42:56 And when we know that company is coming, we clean up,

09:43:02 make sure we have everything in order, and we make sure

09:43:04 that you will feel welcome, and I can't say enough in

09:43:08 terms of the efforts of a lot of persons behind the

09:43:12 scene helping me do in.

09:43:13 And thank you very much.

09:43:14 >>GWEN MILLER: I was so honored to see so many new

09:43:18 people.

09:43:21 The new ones, a lot of them who never attended these

09:43:26 meetings and they were involved with some great ideas,

09:43:28 so keep doing that work you are doing.

09:43:30 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say thank you and how

09:43:35 impressed I was and tell the other CRA committees who

09:43:39 are here that I know that they did get so many new

09:43:43 people there.

09:43:44 I accidentally got there early.

09:43:46 I'm never early but it was great because I was able to

09:43:48 talk to a lot of people there, and a good proportion of

09:43:54 the people of that I met, they said, this is my first

09:43:56 time here.

09:43:57 And so not only was it their first time but they saw

09:44:00 this huge turnout.

09:44:01 They saw the incredible involvement of their

09:44:05 neighborhood.

09:44:06 Everyone had great questions.

09:44:07 They saw your presentation about what you have done.

09:44:10 But I just want to tell all the other CRAs that I

09:44:13 know the way that East Tampa got those people there was

09:44:17 they went out and they did some grassroots flyers

09:44:22 telling everyone the meeting was happening.

09:44:22 So I know to get involvement, broaden the involvement

09:44:29 from the neighborhoods and the CRA advisory boards,

09:44:33 print out flyers and go door to door and it worked.

09:44:39 Thank you for hosting that.

09:44:40 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I was impressed with the

09:44:45 presentation and all your speakers, and it's evident of

09:44:47 that we need sidewalks.

09:44:52 Mr. Huey says he has some money somewheres.

09:44:54 >> Okay.

09:44:57 Thank you for giving me that.

09:44:58 Thank you.

09:45:00 Thank you very much.

09:45:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:45:01 Continue the good work you are doing.

09:45:05 Mr. Huey, Reverend Scott has a question for you.

09:45:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Let me also say, I would be remiss to

09:45:11 say that we do appreciate the administration and the

09:45:14 staff that works in East Tampa.

09:45:15 I know eight years and this staff deserves a lot of

09:45:21 credit.

09:45:22 There is a lot of improvement that is going on in East

09:45:24 Tampa.

09:45:24 I see it all the time, particularly a lot going on on

09:45:29 22nd street.

09:45:30 And so I would be remiss if I did not recognize Ed.

09:45:39 Who are all working with Ed?

09:45:41 Why don't you all stand so we know who you are?

09:45:44 So thank you all.

09:45:54 I thank them for what they are doing in East Tampa and

09:45:56 really coming together.

09:45:57 I guess the question I want to ask you is, there were a

09:46:00 lot of issues that were raised.

09:46:01 I just want to make sure that you all are following up

09:46:03 on those issues that were raised on Tuesday night, and

09:46:06 that you are going to be addressing those.

09:46:09 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, we have taken a record of all the

09:46:12 different things.

09:46:13 In fact, we'll get each of you some notes if you would

09:46:14 like on all of the items that came up so you will have

09:46:16 a record and help hold us accountable.

09:46:20 I know you are good at that.

09:46:21 But we will hold ourselves accountable to responding to

09:46:25 all the questions and issues that came up.

09:46:27 And some of that is already underway.

09:46:29 We won't wait till -- we are already following up on

09:46:33 some of the items.

09:46:37 Thank you all for taking time to come out.

09:46:38 I know the community really pressures when the board

09:46:40 takes the time and significant couple of hours to come

09:46:44 and sit with the community and listen.

09:46:47 It means a lot to our redevelopment efforts.

09:46:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 3.

09:46:57 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to point out something

09:46:58 that impressed me when I was listening about the Fifth

09:47:03 Third Bank that is there.

09:47:05 In a year and a half, $15 million in depository, and

09:47:15 really what I look at is and take note, that is a

09:47:19 marketing -- wonderful marketing tool for East Tampa.

09:47:22 It's not all going there.

09:47:24 It's coming back.

09:47:26 So I was very impressed with that.

09:47:32 That's just music for marketing.

09:47:35 Absolutely.

09:47:36 Thank you.

09:47:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think the important thing to note is

09:47:38 that the CRA is working and that it is bringing in new

09:47:43 development, jobs, and that sort of thing, you know.

09:47:45 So I think that is something that needs to be

09:47:49 highlighted, and you know because the Suncoast has

09:47:53 moved out of that building.

09:47:55 They had to come back.

09:47:56 Bank of America has been there.

09:47:58 They never moved but they have a significant amount of

09:48:03 depository so that tells you that the CRA,

09:48:06 redevelopment area, is working.

09:48:07 >>MARK HUEY: And the other thing, something that ed

09:48:15 and his team did a great job promoting, East Tampa is a

09:48:17 great market to be in.

09:48:18 If you are a private business out there, and you know

09:48:20 what?

09:48:20 We have businesses right now looking at coming into

09:48:24 East Tampa, because they are seeing the success of

09:48:26 fifth third.

09:48:27 They are seeing the success of the other businesses.

09:48:30 Retailers have come in.

09:48:31 And I think we have constantly tried to promote that

09:48:36 East Tampa is much more from a market standpoint than

09:48:37 what it appears if you just drive around.

09:48:40 And there are a lot of citizens there who are eager to

09:48:44 support businesses that come into the neighborhood.

09:48:48 And we'll continue to shop that message.

09:48:51 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And another good example of industry

09:48:56 that has come in and taken advantage of the TIF dollars

09:49:03 and the QTI.

09:49:05 >>CURTIS STOKES: I can't speak on behalf of the bank,

09:49:08 but we owe the process to Ed Johnson who was there

09:49:11 every step of the way, from acquisition to ribbon

09:49:15 cutting.

09:49:16 Ed Johnson played a tremendous role and helping guide

09:49:22 the bank, so we thank you very much on behalf of the

09:49:25 bank.

09:49:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Item number 3.

09:49:30 >>MARK HUEY: Item 3 is a discussion item relating to

09:49:33 new incentive program that is being put in place in

09:49:37 Hillsborough County, and as council last week, you took

09:49:41 the action to be allow City of Tampa voters to vote on

09:49:48 including the City of Tampa in an additional way, in

09:49:50 this property tax exemption program.

09:49:52 The program is simple.

09:49:53 For certain types of businesses, as we will discuss

09:49:56 more in the future, we would provide a property tax

09:50:00 exemption, if they would come into our area and create

09:50:04 jobs and create capital investment.

09:50:05 There is one matter that has come up that the Board of

09:50:07 County Commissioners asks you to give some thought to

09:50:13 and give feedback to them.

09:50:14 As the program would work, essentially a new business,

09:50:21 the new capital investment, the new investment that

09:50:22 they would make in a property or in equipment would be

09:50:24 taken off the tax rolls.

09:50:29 That's what an exemption means.

09:50:30 That new value, that new increment of value that they

09:50:33 would be creating that normally would be assessed with

09:50:36 a millage, and they would be property taxed -- would

09:50:39 pay property taxes based on, that would be exempted out

09:50:43 of the property tax roll.

09:50:45 And because of that, if the business was growing in a

09:50:50 CRA, that would be no TIF revenues would come to the

09:50:54 redevelopment agency for the work of redevelopment in

09:50:58 that neighborhood.

09:50:59 So this is the issue that has come up that they

09:51:01 recognize.

09:51:03 And because they are sensitive to that matter, and

09:51:05 sensitive to the rolls that you play as a board in

09:51:08 directing the redevelopment work and the use of tax

09:51:11 increment financing in each of the neighborhoods, they

09:51:14 wanted to make sure that as they finalize the mechanics

09:51:19 of their program that you would have a say as to the

09:51:22 roll that you would like to play in those kinds of

09:51:25 decisions.

09:51:27 So they had a workshop scheduled.

09:51:32 They will be considering the actual ordinance, and they

09:51:33 have asked that the city provide some feedback to them

09:51:36 about how the board would like to be involved.

09:51:42 Is there a question?

09:51:44 >>GWEN MILLER: No, go ahead.

09:51:47 We'll ask questions at the end.

09:51:47 >>MARK HUEY: I was going to offer up a suggestion,

09:51:49 that if you would like to ask some questions, if

09:51:51 there's any clarification, we can do that.

09:51:59 We had some discussion was Bonnie Wise, with Eric

09:52:03 Johnson at the county, Jean Ray, and what the thought

09:52:08 was, this board, when there is a business that is

09:52:10 applying for property tax exemption through the

09:52:14 application process, that at that applicant and that

09:52:17 application would come before this board for approval

09:52:21 prior to it going for final approval to the Board of

09:52:23 County Commissioners.

09:52:25 So that seemed to us to be the best way to acknowledge

09:52:29 the board's role in overseeing the use of redevelopment

09:52:33 funds, of tax increment funds, and the impact of these

09:52:38 decisions.

09:52:40 So with that I'll turn it over to you for further

09:52:42 discussion and consideration.

09:52:43 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Last week I asked a question, Mr.

09:52:47 Huey, if someone puts a building up and he leases it to

09:52:52 maybe four or five different small businesses, who gets

09:52:55 the tax credit?

09:52:57 The occupants of the new business?

09:52:59 Or does the owner of the building get it?

09:53:02 >>MARK HUEY: Well, if it's all done together with this

09:53:05 developer who is working with these businesses in an

09:53:12 effort to put this transaction together, it would

09:53:13 benefit the businesses.

09:53:16 Again, the way the process will work is that this small

09:53:20 business, whether it's one in this particular building

09:53:23 you are describing or all five, what they would do is

09:53:28 they would apply, and they would be involved in a

09:53:31 process with the tax a sees or's office, where the tax

09:53:36 assessor would be writing a report about how the

09:53:37 property taxes would be reduced.

09:53:38 And they would work.

09:53:42 If it's not in their lease, because again the lease is

09:53:44 doing pass throughs as you know of property taxes.

09:53:49 They would work with the landlord to make sure they got

09:53:51 the benefit of the fact that the property taxes for

09:53:54 that multi-tenant building would be reduced.

09:53:56 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: They don't need to own the

09:53:59 building, that particular small business.

09:54:03 You could be a lessee?

09:54:05 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

09:54:05 As long as everyone can document the incremental

09:54:09 investment.

09:54:09 Because again this is based on new investment that this

09:54:11 particular company, this particular small business, is

09:54:15 creating.

09:54:15 So as long as that can be documented to the tax

09:54:17 assessor's satisfaction.

09:54:24 >>CURTIS STOKES: Mark, you mentioned we approve it here

09:54:26 and then it goes to the county commission?

09:54:28 What happens if we approve it here and the county

09:54:30 commission doesn't like what we approve?

09:54:32 Do they have veto power?

09:54:34 >>MARK HUEY: There are some interesting scenarios that

09:54:38 can occur.

09:54:39 We are hard pressed to think that there's going to be

09:54:40 really many of those.

09:54:41 We tend to work well with the county on how the -- on

09:54:47 incentive programs.

09:54:48 But you raised an issue of there could be a situation

09:54:52 where you do approve something, and they turn it down.

09:54:57 In that case, you have the ability to provide a similar

09:55:01 incentive, board member Stokes, as you would have with

09:55:07 the property tax exemption.

09:55:08 But you could call it something different.

09:55:11 We might call it an economic development incentive

09:55:13 grant.

09:55:17 Again, remember that the revenues, this business that

09:55:22 you are describing that would come to the board and be

09:55:24 approved by the board, their property taxes, that they

09:55:28 would be paying, would come to the agency.

09:55:32 And so you could deploy them through a grant process to

09:55:36 give them the equivalent benefit of a property tax

09:55:40 exemption program.

09:55:42 Does that help you understand the scenario of the -- if

09:55:45 you approve something and the county commission

09:55:48 doesn't?

09:55:52 The trickier thing is if you don't approve something

09:55:54 and they somehow do approve something.

09:55:56 I think that would be a more challenging and

09:55:59 problematic circumstance for this board to deal with.

09:56:06 >>CURTIS STOKES: So we would only have that with the

09:56:09 CRAs in existence in the City of Tampa?

09:56:12 >> I'm sorry?

09:56:14 >>CURTIS STOKES: So that scenario would only exist when

09:56:16 a business comes within the purview of the CRA?

09:56:19 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

09:56:20 What we are discussing is the situation exclusively

09:56:22 where a business is coming into a CRA.

09:56:25 So if it's coming into part of the city that doesn't

09:56:28 involve the CRA, that's not what we are talking about.

09:56:32 It's coming into the unincorporated area of the county,

09:56:38 that's not what we are talking about.

09:56:39 Just CRA businesses.

09:56:41 >>CURTIS STOKES: Do we plan to work that out at the

09:56:45 workshop where the veto powers would be approved, if we

09:56:49 like something they don't like?

09:56:53 >>MARK HUEY: I think again the one scenario of us

09:56:56 approving something and them not approving it is a

09:57:01 fixable situation for this board, because ultimately

09:57:07 you have the revenues that are coming in.

09:57:08 The situation where they approve something that you

09:57:10 don't is a more problematic situation that we can have

09:57:16 further discussions with them on.

09:57:18 There will be a lot of details to work through.

09:57:20 There's issues, for example, of what happens when a CRA

09:57:25 expires?

09:57:27 So we will probably end up with an interlocal agreement

09:57:30 of some sort, or some letter of understanding that

09:57:34 describes a number of different scenarios and

09:57:37 situations.

09:57:39 The issue we wanted to really try to address

09:57:43 immediately today is this issue of how the board --

09:57:46 this board would be involved in a decision-making

09:57:51 process.

09:57:52 >>CURTIS STOKES: It's interesting, we don't have the

09:57:53 details necessary to make a decision.

09:57:59 We approved it by the language for the referendum, but

09:58:03 what you brought up today, as a matter of fact, we

09:58:04 don't have the details necessary to --

09:58:09 >> Well, all we are really having to talk about now is

09:58:11 process.

09:58:12 So you are not really being asked to decide on anything

09:58:17 today about the details of who would get exempted, how

09:58:21 much they would get exempted or for how long.

09:58:25 The county is putting together a program in that regard

09:58:28 that this body will have a chance to shape its own

09:58:31 version of that.

09:58:37 So today is really just a process matter, and they out

09:58:41 of respect to your role felt it was important to get

09:58:46 your input.

09:58:46 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And I think you clarified that as more

09:58:48 of a process issue, because once it does happen, you

09:58:51 then will look at all the specifics and the detail once

09:58:54 it comes to you, and send it over there.

09:58:59 First of all, I don't foresee it being a major issue in

09:59:00 terms of approving something they deny it.

09:59:05 The mere fact they wanted to make sure we were included

09:59:08 in the decision-making process, number one, sends a

09:59:12 very positive message.

09:59:13 Secondly, I think also it is, as we go forward, it's

09:59:18 important the good working relationship between the

09:59:20 city and county continues to improve and continue as we

09:59:25 move forward in the future.

09:59:28 I think an important matter is, this is another tool

09:59:32 for our tool chest to address the issue of job

09:59:37 creation, economic development, and I think that's the

09:59:40 critical point.

09:59:41 The critical issue here.

09:59:43 The details will be worked out, I think, later on as

09:59:46 those different applications come to us.

09:59:48 And we want to go on record saying we support this, we

09:59:52 support that the application come to us.

09:59:59 I will move, Madam Chair, we send back over to the

10:00:01 county commission what Mr. Huey had recommended that it

10:00:02 come to us and we will vote on this and send it over to

10:00:07 the county commission.

10:00:07 That would be my motion.

10:00:08 >> Second.

10:00:08 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

10:00:10 All in favor?

10:00:11 Opposed?

10:00:16 Item 4.

10:00:16 >>MARK HUEY: We will be keeping you posted O on the

10:00:18 progress at the county and at the city on that.

10:00:21 The next two items are items that I wanted to make you

10:00:25 aware of because it's our intention to bring you formal

10:00:29 recommendations for approval of supporting documents

10:00:32 next month.

10:00:33 So I thought we would preview you on them today,

10:00:38 because they are a little bit unusual transactions.

10:00:41 Both of them for our redevelopment agency.

10:00:44 The first one is in the Channel District.

10:00:47 As you know, all of you know, the non-profit group

10:00:51 Stageworks community theater has been working very hard

10:00:55 to establish themselves in a new facility in the

10:00:59 district, and it's an important project, important for

10:01:02 the residents, for the city, and for the brand of the

10:01:05 district.

10:01:07 We love having arts and cultural and entertainment

10:01:10 establishments grow and flourish in the district.

10:01:15 They have been working very hard to do that and they

10:01:17 have asked for our help and we have been working with

10:01:19 that for a while.

10:01:20 I would like to have Bob McDonaugh come up, our manager

10:01:24 in the Channel District, and share with you the

10:01:27 approach that has come together through his leadership

10:01:30 and working with the Stageworks team.

10:01:33 >> Bob McDonaugh, the Channelside manager.

10:01:41 What I am going to be coming to you next month with is

10:01:42 a grant for the Stageworks, for them to complete their

10:01:46 theater, and also a new program which we'll call

10:01:51 Channel District arts grant.

10:01:53 To give you a little history, Stageworks has been

10:01:57 working on this project for several years.

10:01:58 As a matter of fact, when Grand Central was built, it

10:02:01 was actually envisioned to have a theater in there.

10:02:05 We gave the developer bonus density to allow that,

10:02:06 again to encourage a theater in there.

10:02:09 So the Stageworks grant is about providing for a

10:02:18 99-seat theater.

10:02:21 They are about 50% of the way completed in it and we'll

10:02:23 have several community meetings.

10:02:25 The bank of Tampa has agreed to lend them money.

10:02:28 It's really looking for community support.

10:02:30 So at our last neighborhood meeting, we had several of

10:02:33 our residents get up and tell us that -- residents and

10:02:38 business owners saying this be is something we would

10:02:42 really like to have in our neighborhood.

10:02:42 We would like to see our tax dollars expended on

10:02:45 something like this.

10:02:45 We feel that it will make our neighborhood whole.

10:02:48 And so we began dialogue.

10:02:51 And one of our concerns is again protecting tax

10:02:54 dollars.

10:02:55 And in the meeting, a local resident, Henry Lewis is

10:02:58 here today, actually stood up in the meeting, said, you

10:03:00 know, if you are concerned about your tax dollars being

10:03:03 protected, I'll give you a personal guarantee.

10:03:07 And so we actually worked that document out that would

10:03:10 guarantee the operation of the theater for five years,

10:03:13 if it doesn't happen, we would get a pro rata share of

10:03:16 our money back.

10:03:17 In the broader sense, because we really don't have a

10:03:28 lease for a program like that we would be creating a

10:03:30 Channel District arts grant, and it would be aimed for

10:03:31 smaller not-for-profits, and again what's really

10:03:36 important in both the grant and in the prosecute

10:03:37 program itself is to have a lot of safeguards for the

10:03:39 CRAs money.

10:03:40 And so we won't have a very specific document to plan

10:03:45 for you next month.

10:03:46 I just want to give you a heads-up again that this is

10:03:52 coming, and nobody likes surprises.

10:03:52 Questions or concerns?

10:03:53 >>GWEN MILLER: No.

10:03:55 Thank you.

10:03:56 We look forward to the next one.

10:04:01 >>MARK HUEY: Next month they will be bringing you a

10:04:08 policy about an arts grant program in the Channel

10:04:08 District.

10:04:09 We will be bringing you the personal guarantee.

10:04:15 And we will be bringing you the grant agreement with

10:04:17 the stageworks group.

10:04:19 So we look forward to bringing you that next month.

10:04:24 The next very positive project that we are working on

10:04:26 is the East Tampa.

10:04:27 And this is an initiative, a very interesting

10:04:31 partnership.

10:04:31 I think you are going to be excited about it, to

10:04:34 provide some jobs for residents in East Tampa.

10:04:37 And I would like to have Ed Johnson come up, our

10:04:40 manager there and share with you about that.

10:04:42 >> Ed Jackson, east Tampa, development manager.

10:04:49 Happy new year to you all.

10:04:54 What mark is alluding to is a very exciting program

10:04:56 that -- initiative that actually came out of the

10:05:01 economic development subcommittee of the East Tampa

10:05:03 partnership, and the subcommittee wanted to create an

10:05:08 incentive program funded by our TIF that would incent

10:05:14 local businesses operating in and around East Tampa to

10:05:16 be able to provide jobs for our residents in East

10:05:21 Tampa.

10:05:22 And this is an effort that actually became a

10:05:23 partnership between the CDC of Tampa, and the battery

10:05:29 recycler that Mr. Scott talked about earlier this

10:05:32 morning.

10:05:33 And they have agreed to hire 20 residents from East

10:05:37 Tampa, and to employ them long-term.

10:05:40 We are going to use a $36,000 funded, TIF-funded

10:05:46 incentive program to incent the partnership between the

10:05:49 CDC of Tampa and Envirofocus.

10:05:53 So if you turn the Elmo on I will kind of share with

10:05:58 you.

10:05:58 This is kind of a summary of what we will be bringing

10:06:06 to you next month.

10:06:08 It will entail an $1800 investment in each one.

10:06:14 Hirees, to do soft skills training for the hiree, and

10:06:20 the potential worker Envirofocus where they will do the

10:06:26 interviewing process and help them with their resum├ęs

10:06:29 and teaching model, to perform on the job.

10:06:32 And then the hard skills training will take place at

10:06:35 the Envirofocus plant where they will be certified, get

10:06:43 certified as workers in that type of environment, get

10:06:49 their safety certifications and those things that are

10:06:50 necessary to work on the job.

10:06:52 And that is a $1200 component of that $1800.

10:06:56 So the 20 residents are some of the hardest to employ

10:07:01 residents out of East Tampa.

10:07:02 And here again we have a partnership whereby

10:07:08 Envirofocus is willing to hire these folks long-term as

10:07:10 long as the CDC of Tampa stays involved with each one

10:07:14 of those individuals and guides them through that

10:07:16 process.

10:07:17 So next month we will be bringing forward an agreement,

10:07:23 a funding agreement along with the resolution to

10:07:25 reappropriate some dollars out of one of our TIF funds

10:07:29 to be able to cover this $36,000 commitment.

10:07:31 >>GWEN MILLER: One question.

10:07:34 Suppose you have more than 21 apply.

10:07:37 How are you going to handle that?

10:07:39 >> They will still only select 20 people this initial

10:07:42 round.

10:07:42 We are hopeful that the program will be successful.

10:07:45 We think it will be.

10:07:46 And if it continues, I'm sure Envirofocus will be

10:07:49 encouraged to hire additional p people but the idea

10:07:54 behind this program is if it is successful, we will be

10:07:56 able to use it as a marketing tool to go after other

10:08:00 businesses that operate within East Tampa to see if we

10:08:02 can get some of our hardest to employ people back into

10:08:05 the employment cycle.

10:08:09 >>THOMAS SCOTT: First of all let me just compliment the

10:08:12 subcommittee on that, Ed and Mrs. Best.

10:08:17 That's a great idea.

10:08:18 That's the kind of thing we want to see.

10:08:21 That's a good way of using your TIF dollars.

10:08:24 Is that right, Mr. Attorney?

10:08:26 They are legally defensible and within the scope of the

10:08:29 Florida statute.

10:08:32 And especially in a time like this.

10:08:35 This is excellent.

10:08:37 The question I want to raise, though, Mark, is this on

10:08:41 top of the QTI?

10:08:43 You know, that they are getting?

10:08:48 With the qualified tax industry, they are required to

10:08:51 produce so many jobs within a certain salary, and I

10:08:56 don't know what that number was.

10:08:57 >>MARK HUEY: This is totally separate.

10:09:01 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So then this is 20 jobs, plus on top of

10:09:04 the other jobs that will come as a result.

10:09:07 So that is great.

10:09:09 That's the kind of thing we talk about on Tuesday

10:09:12 night.

10:09:12 And then attract jobs as a result of the CRA and the

10:09:18 TIF dollars, coming into East Tampa.

10:09:22 >>MARK HUEY: So they can layer different incentive

10:09:25 programs together and get different partnerships.

10:09:27 You get a lot of leverage.

10:09:29 >> Do you recall offhand how many jobs in terms.

10:09:32 QTI -- I can't remember.

10:09:33 >>MARK HUEY: I do not remember.

10:09:36 I remember that it was $100 million capital investment,

10:09:40 the largest manufacturing capital investment in our

10:09:43 city's recent history.

10:09:45 Very significant investment.

10:09:48 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It was a great investment, and I

10:09:50 remember going to the new groundbreaking and all that.

10:09:56 It's a battery recycling plant.

10:09:59 But it's good to hear that because again you are

10:10:02 talking -- this is what I called the double impact.

10:10:07 You are going to get jobs because of the QTI, qualified

10:10:10 tax industry incentive program, and then you will get

10:10:15 jobs now as a result.

10:10:16 TIF program that sets aside X number of dollars to help

10:10:19 train and select 20 new people, so that is a double

10:10:23 impact for this program for East Tampa.

10:10:27 That is great.

10:10:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I also would like to tell you -- and

10:10:35 just from a personal experience, many of you know that

10:10:38 as a small business woman, I similar to this back in

10:10:46 the 80s I hired a young man on jewelry repair is a

10:10:50 high skill labor.

10:10:52 In Germany it's six years apprenticeship.

10:10:56 I hired a man in the grant program, and he stayed with

10:10:59 us seven years after that in our business.

10:11:03 It is an excellent program.

10:11:05 I'm very excited.

10:11:07 Thank you for that.

10:11:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Are we then looking at other CRAs, for

10:11:16 something similar to this in terms of a downturn in the

10:11:18 economy?

10:11:19 Are we looking at other opportunities similar to this?

10:11:23 We have, what, eight CRAs?

10:11:26 >>MARK HUEY: Seven CRAs.

10:11:29 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I think that might be something to

10:11:31 look at given the down durn in the economy.

10:11:35 Talk about job creation, now you have another tool,

10:11:38 another resource that can be utilized for job creation

10:11:41 and new jobs in these various CRAs.

10:11:45 I would like a motion, Madam Chair, that the

10:11:47 administration will take a look at these other CRAs,

10:11:54 creating a similar program, that would create more jobs

10:11:55 like this.

10:11:56 That's my motion.

10:11:56 >> Second.

10:11:58 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

10:12:00 All in favor?

10:12:01 Opposed?

10:12:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, what Ms. Capin said, and then

10:12:08 what Mr. Scott said is interesting to me, because I

10:12:10 think of Drew Park, and it would be a great opportunity

10:12:13 maybe for some apprenticeships, and job training, and

10:12:19 auto repair, some of the smaller businesses, so that we

10:12:23 are not just waiting for huge investment from a new

10:12:25 company.

10:12:26 And New Tampa you could have hairdressing

10:12:30 apprenticeship.

10:12:32 [ Laughter ]

10:12:33 >>MARK HUEY: Well, I will add to your great discussion

10:12:38 on this that we can't say enough about the business

10:12:43 here, and the fact that they were willing to be

10:12:46 involved.

10:12:46 That is the hardest part.

10:12:47 You know, we have been blessed to have the CDC in East

10:12:51 Tampa and they are great trainers and mentors for folks

10:12:54 in the community.

10:12:56 But to have a company step up and be willing to provide

10:13:00 the jobs.

10:13:01 And so as Ed alluded to, our great hope is as this

10:13:05 program unfold that it will be a resounding success.

10:13:08 And that we will then be able to go to other companies

10:13:11 and say you need to be a part of this.

10:13:15 Look how this company benefited.

10:13:17 They have got great employees.

10:13:19 We worked in the community to provide the well trained,

10:13:23 well prepared employees.

10:13:24 Can't you be a part of this progress as well?

10:13:27 And so that is what we hope.

10:13:29 This is the first step, the first building block of a

10:13:32 program that we hope will eventually involve many

10:13:35 businesses around our community.

10:13:38 >>THOMAS SCOTT: It is, Madam Chair, what I call

10:13:41 thinking out of the box.

10:13:42 It is a program that at this point, a job $36,000 which

10:13:51 isn't a whole lot of money when you think of about 20

10:13:54 employees who will make more than that over the life of

10:13:56 their employment, and it is legally defensible within

10:13:59 the CRAs, and so I think this is a great step.

10:14:05 And so I just want to commend East Tampa and the

10:14:10 subcommittee, and Mr. Huey, this ought to be a headline

10:14:16 for a newspaper, I mean.

10:14:20 [ Laughter ]

10:14:22 Jobs on the way.

10:14:23 Go to CRA.

10:14:24 Hey, jobs on the way, go to CRA.

10:14:28 [ Laughter ]

10:14:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano.

10:14:30 >> Did you have a question?

10:14:42 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: My question is, I served on the

10:14:45 school board in Massachusetts on a regional locational

10:14:48 school where we taught 23 trades, okay.

10:14:50 And when kids got out of school after three years of

10:14:54 vocational training, they had jobs.

10:14:58 And that's what we are lacking here in Florida.

10:14:59 We do have trade schools, but they are not doing it

10:15:05 entirely.

10:15:05 I spoke to Dr. Sickles some years ago, told him to go

10:15:10 visit one of those schools.

10:15:11 We don't have the problem in the northern part of this

10:15:13 country like we have here in Florida with unskilled

10:15:17 people.

10:15:19 And I think the Department of Education should be

10:15:21 involved.

10:15:23 And when somebody goes for a job, they are pretty well

10:15:25 trained.

10:15:29 95% of those kids, when they graduate in June, have

10:15:31 jobs, either electrician, building a house, a bakery,

10:15:35 whatever.

10:15:37 >> Nice job, raise a family on.

10:15:42 >> Ed Johnson: Also, we have a technical training

10:15:47 trade school right there in East Tampa on Hillsborough

10:15:50 Avenue, Irwin Vo-Tech, and they do a very good job of

10:15:54 preparing our residents for employment in the trade

10:15:58 industry.

10:15:58 There again, it's the lack of companies stepping up to

10:16:03 the plate taking some of these folks that are trained,

10:16:06 especially some of the ones that are hard to place,

10:16:08 some that might have had some criminal record or

10:16:11 mischief in the past.

10:16:12 Those are the difficult ones.

10:16:14 But we believe we have a great training trade school

10:16:18 right hear in the heart of East Tampa.

10:16:19 But the last thing I would like to say, councilman

10:16:26 Scott was talking about this wonderful program coming

10:16:27 out of the subcommittee.

10:16:28 I want to put on record that the subcommittee

10:16:31 chairperson, Ernest coney, Jr., this was really his

10:16:35 program, his idea.

10:16:36 He actually went out and met with the Envirofocus

10:16:39 leadership team and got them to commit to making this

10:16:42 investment in our community.

10:16:43 So Ernest needs to be commended publicly for that.

10:16:45 Thank you.

10:16:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Capin.

10:16:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I just want to comment.

10:16:54 East Tampa, you all are hitting it out of the park.

10:16:59 Thank you.

10:16:59 >>GWEN MILLER: We will now go to public comment.

10:17:00 Anyone in the public that would like to speak, you may

10:17:02 come up and speak now.

10:17:23 >> Madam Chairman, members of the community development

10:17:24 agency, my name is Al Davis.

10:17:26 I reside at 3724 -- 3717 East Wilder Avenue, and I'm

10:17:35 located in the heart -- when you look at the boundary,

10:17:44 right in the center of that East Tampa redevelopment

10:17:47 area.

10:17:49 You know, I'm excited that you all were there Tuesday.

10:17:55 But you ain't going to be there next year, are you?

10:18:01 We are going to have a new crew.

10:18:10 Anyway, I am glad you were there.

10:18:12 I learned a whole lot, and I continue to learn a whole

10:18:17 lot.

10:18:18 I do have a concern.

10:18:20 My concern was expressed at the meeting.

10:18:25 You know, I cannot, as a resident, walk from my

10:18:29 residence to this fantastic lake that we have at

10:18:41 Ellicott, Caracas and 34th street.

10:18:45 I got to walk in the street halfway.

10:18:51 But, anyway, maybe there will be some sidewalks.

10:19:01 I don't mean ten years from now.

10:19:01 But I hope within the next 50 years that somebody

10:19:09 sidewalks be constructed in the resident area.

10:19:13 Now, I know we have got some, you know, commercial

10:19:16 corridors and residential corridors.

10:19:18 They look nice.

10:19:19 That beautification that you all are doing there on

10:19:23 21st street, it's fantastic.

10:19:26 But don't -- I mean 22nd street.

10:19:32 Don't leave 22nd street and going to the end of the

10:19:41 neighborhood or the residence.

10:19:41 It's kind of like a fantasy.

10:19:45 Everything looks good until you get to pull up the

10:19:47 covers and you see everything has been swept under the

10:19:53 rug.

10:19:53 I'm delighted about the jobs opportunity but I'm a

10:19:56 little puzzled, and I appreciate Mr. Johnson's

10:20:01 presentation.

10:20:01 I'm looking forward to it in terms of getting down to

10:20:08 make sure that what you call the Ts are crossed, the

10:20:11 I's are dotted, and the dots connected.

10:20:19 We get excited sometimes when we talk about God's

10:20:29 creation.

10:20:29 But that's a good thing because we need God and if we

10:20:32 got God we can pay our rent or we can pay our mortgage.

10:20:36 And if we pay our mortgage, then we can contribute

10:20:39 toward the TIF.

10:20:42 And I don't like, Madam Chairman, that our TIF dollars,

10:20:45 merely because it's there, that it's mishandled and

10:20:49 abused.

10:20:49 (Bell sounds)

10:20:50 Everybody wants some money.

10:20:54 We need it.

10:20:57 But we need to safeguard it for the benefit of our

10:21:03 citizens and the quality of our lives.

10:21:10 For the next few years --

10:21:10 >>GWEN MILLER: All right, Mr. Davis, your time is up.

10:21:11 >> Thank you, Madam Chairman.

10:21:16 I'll be back.

10:21:17 I'll be back next month.

10:21:20 I'll be back next month.

10:21:22 >>GWEN MILLER: I know it.

10:21:23 >> Congratulations the current CRA agency for their

10:21:29 initiative for the work, and I want to particularly

10:21:34 comment to member Scott, because I read the record,

10:21:44 Commissioner Scott -- member Scott, when you was on the

10:21:49 commission.

10:21:50 And I read the history.

10:21:54 Because, you know, how long have we been in existence

10:21:58 for East Tampa?

10:21:59 Thank you.

10:22:01 And I really appreciate it.

10:22:02 Because without your involvement, without your

10:22:05 leadership, East Tampa would still be, what do you call

10:22:13 it, neglected.

10:22:15 But I think because your leadership and because of this

10:22:17 agency and your members looking at East Tampa, things

10:22:21 are beginning to turn around, and I hope for the better

10:22:26 and for the continuation.

10:22:28 See, I got about another ten more --

10:22:31 >>GWEN MILLER: I know that.

10:22:35 All right.

10:22:35 We go to item number 11.

10:22:36 >>MARK HUEY: The last item is just for you to receive

10:22:39 the quarterly reports, that each quarter we provide

10:22:43 accountability on how we are spending TIF funds for

10:22:46 each of your neighborhoods, redevelopment

10:22:48 neighborhoods, each of your budgets there.

10:22:50 >> So moved.

10:22:53 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Second.

10:22:55 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

10:22:55 All in favor?

10:22:57 Opposed?

10:22:57 Any other information?

10:22:59 >>MARK HUEY: That does it.

10:23:03 We have good things going on.

10:23:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: A lot of good things.

10:23:04 And in a depression, it's very good for Tampa.

10:23:11 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, it is.

10:23:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Let's keep moving and don't stop while

10:23:14 you have got momentum.

10:23:17 Let's keep going.

10:23:17 >>MARK HUEY: Keep the momentum going.

10:23:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Council, any information?

10:23:25 Do we need to receive and file?

10:23:26 >> So moved.

10:23:26 >> Second.

10:23:27 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

10:23:28 Opposed?

10:23:28 We stand adjourned until 6:00.

10:23:33 (the CRA meeting adjourned at 10:24 a.m.)



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