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Thursday, February 10, 2011

9:00 a.m.


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09:05:35 >> My apologies, the mics are not working.

09:05:39 That's to our detriment and your benefit.

09:05:41 I'm honored today to have a gentleman who was elected

09:05:44 to office and he's done a great job as chairman.

09:05:47 The honorable Reverend Tom Scott.

09:05:50 I say both of them, so that way I can get it in.

09:05:54 Will say the invocation this morning.

09:05:57 Please rise for the invocation.

09:06:01 Remain standing for the pledge of allegiance.

09:06:03 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We are always reminded your word tells

09:06:05 us to acknowledge you in all our ways and you will give

09:06:08 direction to our paths.

09:06:10 Today we say thank you for this day, and the blessings

09:06:12 of this day.

09:06:13 Thank you for this nation and country.

09:06:16 Thank you for land of the free, home of the brave.

09:06:19 Opportunity to dream and our dreams to become a

09:06:23 reality.

09:06:23 We thank you now, we pray for our men and women who are

09:06:26 fighting around the world for freedom and democracy.

09:06:29 Even those who protect our lives here locally,

09:06:32 policemen and our firemen.

09:06:34 Thank you, as we shall deliberate today over issues

09:06:36 that are relevant to our community.

09:06:38 Give us wisdom, knowledge and insight.

09:06:40 Bless all our good citizens today as they come and

09:06:43 appear before us.

09:06:45 Find a solution to all their problems and needs.

09:06:47 Bless us now in your name we pray, Amen.


09:07:08 >> Roll call.

09:07:11 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:07:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:07:14 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:07:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:07:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:07:18 >>CURTIS STOKES: Here.

09:07:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:07:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Good morning Council and members of the

09:07:42 dais and everybody here today, today we're going to

09:07:45 present commendations to our outgoing CAC members.

09:07:49 As we call the name, would they please come forward?

09:07:52 The first one we have is Diane Hart.

09:07:56 Is she here?

09:08:03 >> Good morning.

09:08:04 It is our honor to present you this commendation.

09:08:06 City of Tampa, Community Redevelopment Agency,

09:08:08 certificate of appreciation.

09:08:10 This certificate of appreciation is presented by the

09:08:13 City of Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency on this

09:08:15 10th day of February, 2011 to Diane Hart in recognition

09:08:20 of your volunteer service on the East Tampa Community

09:08:22 Advisory Committee.

09:08:23 Your dedication efforts to help make the community more

09:08:26 attractive, safe and economically grown.

09:08:29 Greatly appreciated.

09:08:30 We are very happy for your service.

09:08:34 And you continue to work with us.

09:08:35 >> I will.

09:08:35 Thank you.

09:08:37 [ Applause ]

09:08:41 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Al Davis, I just saw him walk in.

09:08:44 Mr. Davis, thank you for your service.

09:09:02 We'd like to present this commendation, the same as all

09:09:05 your service you gave for this redevelopment agency.

09:09:08 We want you to continue to stay with us and work with

09:09:10 us.

09:09:11 I would like to present this to you.

09:09:12 >> Thank you.

09:09:13 May I comment please?

09:09:15 >>GWEN MILLER: Real short.

09:09:16 >> I don't deserve this.

09:09:17 I really don't.

09:09:18 >>GWEN MILLER: But I'm giving it to you.

09:09:20 So now you deserve it.

09:09:21 [ Laughter ]

09:09:25 >> I haven't --

09:09:27 >>GWEN MILLER: That's okay.

09:09:29 >> Isn't finished yet.

09:09:31 >>GWEN MILLER: It's still going to work.

09:09:33 [ Laughter ]

09:09:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Take it and be happy, like I said.

09:09:37 >> Thank you.

09:09:38 [ Applause ]

09:09:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Randy Coen.

09:09:47 On behalf of the CRA, we'd like to present your

09:09:52 certificate.

09:09:52 Appreciate you.

09:09:53 Hope you will continue to serve with us.

09:09:55 >> Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:09:58 [ Applause ]

09:10:01 >>GWEN MILLER: Brenda Hicks.

09:10:03 We'd like to say thank you to you for all the hard work

09:10:10 you have given us.

09:10:15 Thank you.

09:10:15 [ Applause ]

09:10:19 >>GWEN MILLER: And Ruth Duberry.

09:10:24 We are very happy to present you this certificate of

09:10:31 appreciation for your hard work and dedication.

09:10:33 I know you're going to continue to work with us.

09:10:35 And this will help you stay strong and work with us

09:10:37 more.

09:10:39 >> Thank you.

09:10:40 [ Applause ]

09:10:43 >>GWEN MILLER: We have one for Margaret Scriven.

09:10:49 She's not here.

09:10:51 We know the hard work that she did.

09:10:56 So we're going to ask you to present it to her and say

09:10:59 all those good things for us.

09:11:01 Thank you.

09:11:01 [ Applause ]

09:11:06 >> How about one more round of applause for all these

09:11:10 folks.

09:11:11 [ Applause ]

09:11:14 >> I just wanted to say a thank you on behalf of the

09:11:16 staff too.

09:11:17 It's just a joy to work with these people.

09:11:21 They put so much time and effort.

09:11:23 They love the areas that they represent and they're

09:11:25 involved in.

09:11:26 And the work of the redevelopment agency wouldn't be

09:11:29 possible without their volunteer service.

09:11:31 So, we really appreciate it.

09:11:43 >> Good morning, Mark Huey.

09:11:46 Economic development administrator.

09:11:47 I'm going to start off with our monthly report.

09:11:50 As usual, lots of good things going on.

09:11:53 Actually, I'm sorry.

09:11:54 I'm out of order.

09:11:55 Actually, we have our report from one of your CAC

09:12:01 chairpersons.

09:12:01 We have Andy Scaglione here this morning from the

09:12:05 Channel District.

09:12:06 And he's another one of your very hard-working

09:12:08 volunteers and we're glad to have you here.

09:12:12 >>GWEN MILLER: Please turn your cell phones off.

09:12:14 >> Good morning.

09:12:15 I broke my presentation into three segments.

09:12:19 We'll go with the first, which is current

09:12:21 infrastructure improvements.

09:12:22 Then I'm going to go on to park development and then

09:12:25 future projects.

09:12:25 Starting out with the first, infrastructure

09:12:28 improvements.

09:12:28 We are currently with the, in process of the York

09:12:32 Street stormwater basin, it's one of the biggest basins

09:12:37 ever in the City of Tampa.

09:12:38 Close to 500 feet.

09:12:39 It will treat 32 acres.

09:12:41 In the past the stormwater was going straight into the

09:12:45 Ybor channel.

09:12:46 This will improve the water quality in Channelside.

09:12:49 The other major infrastructure improvement we are doing

09:12:53 right now, the Washington Street streetscape.

09:12:55 What that will involve is new waterlines, new

09:12:59 wastewater, new stormwater pipes, new sidewalks,

09:13:03 landscaping, and burying the TECO poles.

09:13:09 Now we'll go into park development.

09:13:11 Very excited about this.

09:13:13 We purchased this land back in December of '09, after

09:13:16 lengthy negotiations we feel like we got the City of

09:13:18 Tampa a very good deal on the land.

09:13:20 A lot of arm wrestling went on there.

09:13:22 We paid $800,000.

09:13:24 We have had many multiple committee meetings for

09:13:30 planning with the neighborhood.

09:13:31 We had six bidders bid on the project.

09:13:35 And we'll be presenting the contract on

09:13:37 February 17th to you.

09:13:38 The groundbreaking on this will be March of this year.

09:13:44 We'll be sending you invitations.

09:13:46 The neighborhood is ecstatic about it.

09:13:48 They love the design, it's going to be a model of

09:13:51 future parks to come.

09:13:52 Future projects.

09:13:55 We'll be doing the Kennedy Boulevard improvement

09:13:57 project.

09:13:58 Which will create safe havens and crosswalks.

09:14:03 Therefore, making it safer to cross the street.

09:14:06 Our next big future projects are 12th street segments,

09:14:11 what we call A, B and C.

09:14:13 A is Cumberland to Whiting, B is Whiting to Washington

09:14:18 and C is Washington to Kennedy.

09:14:20 And what this will involve, again, will be the same as

09:14:23 what we have done at the Washington Street, which is

09:14:26 new water pipes, sewer, landscaping, burying the poles.

09:14:31 Sidewalks, and so on.

09:14:33 That's generally my presentation.

09:14:37 I'll open up for questions.

09:14:38 I'd like to say I'm fortunate to work with such a

09:14:40 dedicated board.

09:14:41 They're super to work with.

09:14:45 I have been the chairman the last three years of the

09:14:48 Channelside.

09:14:48 And I've had the privilege actually to work with a

09:14:51 person like our manager, urban development manager, Bob

09:14:56 McDonaugh.

09:14:57 He's a no-nonsense, get-it-done type of person.

09:15:01 It's very refreshing to have that in the public sector.

09:15:05 Thank you very much.

09:15:05 Any questions?

09:15:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Any questions, Councilmembers?

09:15:08 >> Thank you, Andy.

09:15:09 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you for such a hard working job

09:15:12 you're doing.

09:15:17 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning again.

09:15:18 I'll do the monthly report now.

09:15:21 Item 3 on your agenda, as usual, there's lots of things

09:15:26 going on around the redevelopment agency.

09:15:31 Andy just told you about all the good things happening

09:15:33 in the Channel District.

09:15:35 Downtown is, you wouldn't think it was a recession,

09:15:38 given everything that's been going on in our downtown.

09:15:40 The CAMLS project is under construction on the south

09:15:47 end of our downtown.

09:15:48 I had a chance last week to tour the 510 metro project

09:15:52 on the north end of downtown, where the St. Paul AME

09:15:59 church is being restored.

09:16:00 Workforce housing under construction.

09:16:03 Also had a chance to tour the Floridan.

09:16:06 The community is going to be stunned when they see what

09:16:09 a beautification restoration is occurring, of what will

09:16:11 be a 220 unit hotel, historic hotel property in our

09:16:15 downtown.

09:16:16 And what is exciting, the Lightning owners announcement

09:16:20 of the improvements that are going to be occurring at

09:16:22 the forum in our downtown.

09:16:23 Many of you were at the celebration of the streetcar

09:16:28 extension this month.

09:16:30 And again, another important milestone in the

09:16:32 development of our downtown.

09:16:34 And of course, we continue to monitor closely the

09:16:37 progress on high-speed rail.

09:16:39 Expecting that to move forward, and through that,

09:16:45 dramatically reshape our downtown.

09:16:48 Ybor, moving forward on transportation fee impact fee

09:16:53 waivers.

09:16:53 I don't know if you've noticed, but over 90 businesses

09:16:57 have been counseled in the district through the small

09:16:59 business information center project that you are

09:17:02 supporting.

09:17:03 They have a great event each year.

09:17:06 They bring concierges from around the Tampa Bay area to

09:17:13 experience Ybor City so guests staying in the hotels

09:17:16 around the area are referred to Ybor City as we had

09:17:19 over 55 concierges at that event.

09:17:26 >> Drew Park had a great event with the Mercedes-Benz

09:17:29 dealership ribbon cutting.

09:17:32 Board member Miranda was there for that celebration.

09:17:34 A great investment in Drew Park.

09:17:36 We are working with USF students on a business needs

09:17:43 survey.

09:17:43 We are also pursuing a small business program,

09:17:48 counseling program and training program in Drew Park.

09:17:51 We have a variety of streetscape improvements underway.

09:17:55 East Tampa, you all were in the community.

09:17:59 Had a great community meeting there.

09:18:01 And had a tremendous turnout.

09:18:06 Always does such a great job bringing the community

09:18:10 out.

09:18:11 And a good time of reflection of the progress we made.

09:18:14 And where we're going in East Tampa.

09:18:17 We were excited about the job initiative that we'll be

09:18:21 talking about later.

09:18:23 And a facade program approval today there.

09:18:27 We are working in The Heights on some park improvements

09:18:30 there.

09:18:31 In Central Park, the Ella is about to receive its

09:18:35 construction permit.

09:18:37 The RFQ for the design and construction of Perry Harvey

09:18:42 Park was released by contract administration.

09:18:44 And infrastructure construction continues with the

09:18:50 expectation, sometime this summer, probably around

09:18:52 July, that $28 million plus of infrastructure

09:18:56 investment will be completed.

09:18:58 And overall, we have the annual report that we'll be

09:19:02 presenting to you momentarily.

09:19:04 And we, we're celebrating the outgoing Community

09:19:09 Advisory Committee members.

09:19:11 And we have some new ones that we have been working on

09:19:14 training for those new volunteers who are assisting you

09:19:18 in work of redevelopment.

09:19:19 So, lots of things going on.

09:19:21 I'd be happy to answer any questions or any of our

09:19:25 managers would as well.

09:19:26 All right.

09:19:32 Wanted to, as the next item, mention that we had a

09:19:36 significant event occur in the Heights.

09:19:39 As you recall, I reported to you previously that due to

09:19:43 the recession, the difficult economy, one of the banks

09:19:47 involved in the Heights project had initiated a

09:19:50 foreclosure process.

09:19:52 Without getting into a lot of details, that process is

09:19:57 completed.

09:19:57 And now, the western portion of the Heights has a new

09:20:01 owner.

09:20:02 And so we have had a chance to visit with that new

09:20:05 owner.

09:20:07 Their plans yet are uncertain as to how they're going

09:20:11 to move forward with the land that they now own.

09:20:13 And at this point, the city is just looking forward to

09:20:16 working with the new owner as well as the existing

09:20:19 owners of the rest of the Heights property.

09:20:21 To continue to work towards progress in the Heights.

09:20:23 The next item that I had was the CRA annual report.

09:20:29 And we have provided to you a draft of the document.

09:20:33 This is an important report that -- it's probably the

09:20:42 most important report that we do each year.

09:20:45 We do provide you with monthly reports.

09:20:47 We provide you with financial reports on a quarterly

09:20:49 basis.

09:20:50 But at the end of each year, we put together an annual

09:20:54 report, and you have a draft of that.

09:20:56 We'll be bringing it to you next week for final

09:20:59 approval.

09:21:00 The report is important for two reasons.

09:21:02 One, it's our annual accountability report.

09:21:05 So in this report, we, for each redevelopment area,

09:21:11 reflect on the progress that we have had in the past

09:21:13 year, as well as looking forward to the things we look

09:21:17 forward to have happening in the coming year.

09:21:19 And it also serves an important financial reporting

09:21:22 purposes, to communicate to all of our stakeholders as

09:21:27 well as the state and comply with state financial

09:21:30 reporting guidelines.

09:21:31 So again, we are presenting the draft to you today.

09:21:33 The final report will be presented to you for final

09:21:37 approval at next month's CRA board meeting.

09:21:46 >> Thank you for remembering to include the chairmen in

09:21:49 your message this time.

09:21:50 You didn't forget.

09:21:51 So thank you very much.

09:21:54 >>MARK HUEY: Absolutely.

09:21:55 And it was last week, we had a catch there and we

09:21:57 appreciated that.

09:21:58 And corrected last month's -- last year's.

09:22:01 Item six on your agenda, you have a policy that guides

09:22:09 and directs you for having, just like we did in East

09:22:13 Tampa in January, community meetings.

09:22:16 Your next, according to that policy, your next meeting

09:22:20 would occur in April.

09:22:22 And so I was here to ask what your pleasure would be on

09:22:27 an April community meeting.

09:22:30 It occurs to us certainly that in April, there will be

09:22:33 a new board.

09:22:35 And so, one thought was maybe we shouldn't schedule

09:22:39 something in April.

09:22:40 But maybe allow for that board to be seated and then

09:22:44 plan their presentation for the fall.

09:22:49 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I agree with that.

09:22:51 I think that makes sense.

09:22:54 >>GWEN MILLER: It's not on.

09:22:56 It's working now.

09:23:02 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Again, thank you and I think that's

09:23:09 very good suggestion, April 1st, the new board will be

09:23:12 seated.

09:23:13 So might be wise to allow them the time to kind of get

09:23:17 in and get familiar with everything.

09:23:19 And then bring the issue back to them.

09:23:21 Do we need a motion to that effect?

09:23:27 >>GWEN MILLER: This hearing, I had talked about that,

09:23:29 we felt the same way, because with the new board, CRA

09:23:31 is going to be new to them.

09:23:33 They need to find out more about CRA.

09:23:35 So we had talked about that, discuss that, say we'll

09:23:38 get that motion to approve that.

09:23:41 >> Who has a motion, Mr. Chairman?

09:23:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Can I get a second?

09:23:46 >> Second.

09:23:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and a second.

09:23:48 All in favor signify by saying aye.

09:23:52 >>MARK HUEY: The next item I wanted to report back

09:23:54 quickly to you on the property tax exemption program.

09:23:57 Remember we talked about it at the last board meeting.

09:24:00 And in particular, you directed me to provide the

09:24:03 county some feedback to the effect that when a business

09:24:08 would apply for a property tax exemption, that would be

09:24:12 in a CRA, that that application would come before this

09:24:16 board for its consent prior to a final approval at the

09:24:20 board of county commissioners.

09:24:22 And I did forward that request to them.

09:24:25 And that was integrated into their final ordinance.

09:24:29 That they are considering as a board.

09:24:31 So they appreciate the input.

09:24:35 And have acknowledged it in the work that they're

09:24:38 doing.

09:24:38 Any other questions about that?

09:24:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions?

09:24:42 Okay.

09:24:43 >>MARK HUEY: We'll just remind voters that that's on

09:24:45 the March referendum for their consideration in the

09:24:51 city of Tampa.

09:24:53 Next item before public comments, I'd like to have Ed

09:24:57 Johnson come forward and give you a quick update on the

09:25:00 progress that's being made, very significant

09:25:03 beautification project in East Tampa.

09:25:05 22nd street.

09:25:07 Ed?

09:25:10 >> Thank you, Mark.

09:25:12 Good morning, board members.

09:25:13 Ed Johnson, urban development manager for East Tampa.

09:25:17 If I could, I'd like to share with you using the Elmo

09:25:20 this morning, some photographs of some of the progress

09:25:23 along 22nd street.

09:25:25 As you know, we want to continue to update you as to

09:25:28 what our progress is and what our time lines are on our

09:25:31 phases.

09:25:32 In this most, first photo, that's up on the Elmo, this

09:25:38 picture shows a northernmost boundary of the project at

09:25:41 Dr. Martin Luther King.

09:25:42 And along the cemetery on the eastern side.

09:25:47 As you can see, the new sidewalks and the new HART bus

09:25:50 stop on the western edge next to Belmont Heights little

09:25:54 league.

09:25:55 This particular phase of the project, which runs from

09:25:58 Dr. Martin Luther King down to Lake Avenue, is

09:26:01 estimated to cost $1.8 million.

09:26:04 The second photo is our conceptual, to kind of continue

09:26:10 to remind you that this is what the finished product

09:26:14 will look like along that first phase.

09:26:15 The new islands, landscaping, sidewalks added on the

09:26:19 east side.

09:26:21 Fencing along the cemetery and pedestrian lighting.

09:26:23 Remember, that fencing is not going to be what you see

09:26:25 there of wood, it will be wrought iron fence, which

09:26:28 will be very decorative.

09:26:31 The next photo is construction along the cemetery.

09:26:35 As you can see, the sidewalks are going in at the

09:26:38 current time.

09:26:38 And you can also see the new islands there towards the

09:26:43 center of the roadway.

09:26:44 The next photo is an aerial view of Tampa police

09:26:50 district three headquarters, where our offices are

09:26:53 located.

09:26:54 And also the sidewalk in front of TPD looking south.

09:26:56 TPD is there on the left.

09:26:58 You can see the new sidewalks, curbing, the new bus

09:27:02 stop has already been constructed there.

09:27:04 That's right near the 31st avenue intersection.

09:27:10 The next slide will show you also along the TPD

09:27:18 section.

09:27:18 That's right in front of Belmont Heights estates at

09:27:21 31st avenue.

09:27:22 That's where one of the new islands is being

09:27:25 constructed.

09:27:26 And this will be the second phase.

09:27:30 This particular phase is already at a hundred percent

09:27:34 design completion.

09:27:35 We're currently working on acquiring the necessary

09:27:37 right-of-way easements for construction.

09:27:39 We're anticipating to advertise this particular phase

09:27:43 of the project the spring of this year.

09:27:45 And we're slated for construction to begin July 1st of

09:27:49 this year.

09:27:50 The estimated cost of this segment will be

09:27:52 approximately $4.5 million.

09:27:54 The next photo is the roundabout.

09:28:00 This is phase three of our project.

09:28:03 Right now, its design is about 30% complete for

09:28:06 conceptual plans.

09:28:08 Which are already complete.

09:28:09 The design is to be completed by December of 2011.

09:28:14 We're currently in the process there also of acquiring

09:28:17 some right-of-way on corner clips needed to place the

09:28:20 roundabout in the proper place.

09:28:21 This particular phase is estimated to cost

09:28:26 approximately $1.5 million.

09:28:28 And last but not least, phase one.

09:28:33 We had a deadline to complete it before March 31st.

09:28:36 And we have already scheduled a dedication, which all

09:28:38 of you will receive invitation to, which will be

09:28:41 March 16th at 10:00 a.m.

09:28:43 On 22nd street.

09:28:45 So that's my update on 22nd for this morning.

09:28:48 Any questions?

09:28:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions of Councilmembers?

09:28:51 We're looking for that project to be completed,

09:28:53 Mr. Johnson.

09:28:55 >> It will be.

09:28:55 Thanks, appreciate it.

09:29:07 >>MARK HUEY: We have the public comments portion of the

09:29:09 agenda.

09:29:10 I'd like to make a suggestion.

09:29:12 We have two significant approvals before you today.

09:29:16 And there's a number of guests we have in the audience

09:29:18 who would like to speak on each of those.

09:29:20 One relates to a project in the Channelside,

09:29:24 Stageworks.

09:29:24 And we have three items on your agenda for approval

09:29:28 relating to that.

09:29:29 And so I'd like to suggest that maybe we structure the

09:29:32 public comments so all of the people from Stageworks

09:29:35 could come up and speak.

09:29:36 Then we have another significant item, which is in East

09:29:40 Tampa, which relates to an employment program.

09:29:43 And there's a number of folks here for that as well.

09:29:45 So, would it be good to do, handle it that way?

09:29:50 >>GWEN MILLER: Yes, we'll start with Stageworks first.

09:29:52 Anyone in the public like to speak about Stageworks,

09:29:56 please come up now and speak.

09:30:00 >> Hello, everybody.

09:30:01 My name -- it's not working.

09:30:03 Hello everybody, my name is Andrea Graham.

09:30:06 I am the president of the board of Stageworks theater.

09:30:09 What I have to say to you is to dream the impossible

09:30:13 dream.

09:30:13 That's the song and we are living it.

09:30:15 Five years ago, we had the dream.

09:30:17 Our founder and producing artistic director, Anna

09:30:23 Brennen who is here, had the dream and we all rallied

09:30:26 behind her.

09:30:27 Now we come to you with the last part of our funding,

09:30:29 and if this happens today, we'll be opening this summer

09:30:33 and you are all invited.

09:30:36 We are very, very anxious, in fact, you'll have a front

09:30:40 row seat.

09:30:41 Does that sweeten the deal?

09:30:42 Okay.

09:30:43 [ Laughter ]

09:30:43 >> We are very, very anxious to be a neighbor in the

09:30:46 Channel District.

09:30:47 We are already working with all of the restaurants.

09:30:49 And the businesses.

09:30:51 We are ready to bring audiences to the Channel

09:30:53 District.

09:30:55 And what I can say is just bring it on.

09:30:57 But before we hear any more speakers, I would just like

09:31:00 to ask everybody who has a purple button who support

09:31:03 Stageworks in the audience to stand, because they have

09:31:07 put this time in their calendar to be here.

09:31:09 And I would like to publicly thank them.

09:31:15 [ Applause ]

09:31:15 >> And we do have a few more speakers.

09:31:17 Thank you so much.

09:31:23 >> Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

09:31:24 My name is Ken Stoltenberg.

09:31:27 I'm one of the developers of Grand Central at Kennedy.

09:31:32 We are still here, fingernails a little bit white, but

09:31:35 we are still here.

09:31:36 We think this is a marvelous public-private partnership

09:31:39 where we had a developer step forward and do a piece of

09:31:42 it.

09:31:43 We have a great outfit in Stageworks that's going to

09:31:46 enhance the property values of the community, we

09:31:48 believe.

09:31:48 We also had a financial partner in the Bank of Tampa, I

09:31:52 believe Bill West is here.

09:31:53 And they are the community bank that steps up and does

09:31:55 it, because they've really stepped up to help us.

09:31:58 I think they're here, Bill.

09:32:00 Thank you, Bill.

09:32:01 I'll just give you one story.

09:32:03 I believe that this will make Grand Central a better

09:32:06 place to live and enhance the property values for all

09:32:09 the residential units and the commercial units that we

09:32:11 have.

09:32:11 Oddly enough, we got a call from an art gallery the

09:32:14 other day.

09:32:15 And they are looking at opening a three to 4,000 foot

09:32:17 gallery at Grand Central.

09:32:19 Leasing agent asked them why.

09:32:21 He said I read the article about Stageworks on Friday.

09:32:25 That's where I want to be.

09:32:26 Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

09:32:30 >> Hi.

09:32:31 Brenda Doring Hicks and outgoing on the downtown CRA.

09:32:34 And thank you very much.

09:32:35 Want to tell you, I had an opportunity off and on over

09:32:38 the past two years to meet and understand and see the

09:32:40 incredible shows at Stageworks.

09:32:43 I think my darling daughter helped them get some

09:32:46 temporary space recently.

09:32:48 This is the kind of step we need our government to come

09:32:51 in and help so we have the kind of stuff going on

09:32:53 downtown in Channelside we are all looking forward to.

09:32:56 Thank you very much, and Stageworks, make it rock.

09:32:58 Thank you.

09:33:06 >> You know it's been a while.

09:33:22 Maurice Rosa, I always have a nice presentation.

09:33:25 Good to see you a lot of you.

09:33:27 I'm here because of Stageworks.

09:33:29 But a different angle.

09:33:31 Stageworks doesn't do only theater, but does outreach

09:33:35 programs for kids.

09:33:36 It's a non-profit organization.

09:33:37 I along with a friend of mine Jerry and a lot of other

09:33:40 people here, we raise money for this organization.

09:33:42 It's called Rainbow Tribe.

09:33:44 It's an outreach program for outreach kids.

09:33:47 They also go, not only to at-risk kids, but also go out

09:33:51 into senior centers.

09:33:53 The actors make performances for these seniors.

09:33:56 So Stageworks isn't just Channelside.

09:34:00 Stageworks goes all throughout the community.

09:34:02 And if we're looking for better quality of life, what

09:34:06 better quality of life can we do than to present

09:34:09 Rainbow Tribe with Stageworks and give these kids hope.

09:34:13 And a possibility to move on.

09:34:15 Thank you.

09:34:21 >> Good morning.

09:34:22 My name is Pedras Antonios.

09:34:27 I'm a professional actor.

09:34:28 I usually perform in front of five hundred people.

09:34:31 In front of 56 people, I'm a little nervous.

09:34:34 Stageworks not only employs actors, but they employ a

09:34:39 variety of artists.

09:34:41 Stage designers, directors, assistant directors.

09:34:48 A variety of people involved in the whole production of

09:34:51 a play.

09:34:52 And not only they provide all this -- excuse me --

09:34:58 employment for actors and artists in general, but just

09:35:02 think about Stageworks moving down to this area.

09:35:06 They perform five performances a week.

09:35:10 With the theater, 100 seats.

09:35:14 That brings in about five -- four performances, four

09:35:21 weeks.

09:35:22 At five performances, 2,000 people down to this area,

09:35:26 that normally don't come to this area.

09:35:28 I have friends that come to see a play only when I'm in

09:35:31 it.

09:35:31 I try to make them come and see other shows.

09:35:34 And so, it's four -- how many plays we do a year?

09:35:40 Five or six.

09:35:41 That's about 10,000 people you bring to this area that

09:35:44 rarely come here.

09:35:45 So, please consider us -- right?

09:35:51 Okay.

09:35:52 Well, thank you so much.

09:35:59 >> My name is Jerry Strain.

09:36:01 And I am a fundraiser for Rainbow Tribe with

09:36:06 Stageworks.

09:36:07 We're excited about the work that we do, but we are

09:36:09 also excited about the arts.

09:36:12 I know personally that now that I have been to the site

09:36:15 of the new Stageworks theater, that it's going to add

09:36:18 something very important to the culture of this

09:36:21 community.

09:36:21 And I'm very happy to be a part of Stageworks.

09:36:27 And I say to you that I can guarantee you that this

09:36:30 will brighten the horizons for downtown Tampa.

09:36:34 Thanks so much.

09:36:38 >> My name is Ann Canter, I'm a former businesswoman,

09:36:42 retired businesswoman.

09:36:44 I'm very interested in my community.

09:36:47 In the arts and the cultural development of our

09:36:50 community, especially now in the Channel District.

09:36:52 I'm a native, born and raised here.

09:36:56 I love my community.

09:36:57 But I want to talk about Stageworks and tell you that

09:37:00 not only does it, is it developing the audience for

09:37:06 theater and the theater arts in the community.

09:37:10 The outreach program for kids at risk, I have seen in

09:37:15 person.

09:37:16 I have seen professional actors working with kids at

09:37:22 risk in the prison systems.

09:37:26 And in the afterschool programs.

09:37:30 And the work is amazing.

09:37:33 And this theater in the Channel District will be a

09:37:36 place for these older kids at risk to gather and work.

09:37:43 And learn about the arts and develop themselves.

09:37:45 It's a wonderful worthwhile project.

09:37:49 And I hope you will help us.

09:37:50 Thank you.

09:37:53 >> I just wanted to say, Ann Canter is also, she says

09:37:58 she's retired, but she's an artist and there are

09:38:01 several of us wearing her jewelry today.

09:38:05 >> Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

09:38:06 My name is Joshua Goff.

09:38:09 I have been working with Stageworks for the past 17

09:38:13 years.

09:38:13 I have had a privilege of being some of these outreach

09:38:16 programs where we have helped kids in the detention

09:38:19 centers.

09:38:19 Like several people before me mentioned, we have

09:38:21 several outreach programs as well as main stage shows.

09:38:24 We do stuff for the seniors.

09:38:26 The bottom line is we just need a home.

09:38:28 We just need a place so we can work and bring people to

09:38:31 work and these kids can come to work.

09:38:33 And this is a great opportunity for us to have a home.

09:38:36 So, thank you very much.

09:38:38 And hopefully, we can do that.

09:38:44 >> Good morning.

09:38:46 I'm Melissa Nobby, I have been an actor, teacher,

09:38:51 professional and supporter of Stageworks for more than

09:38:54 30 years.

09:38:54 I also have the privilege of living at Grand Central.

09:38:57 And I cannot tell you how excited the people that live

09:39:00 there are about the possibility and the reality of

09:39:03 having a theater company with the wonderful background

09:39:07 that this theater company has had.

09:39:09 They've always taught children.

09:39:11 They've always supported playwrights.

09:39:13 They have always brought new and exciting works to this

09:39:16 city.

09:39:16 And they deserve a wonderful home at Grand Central.

09:39:20 Thank you.

09:39:25 >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, or Madam Chairman.

09:39:28 I'm sorry.

09:39:29 And Councilmembers, CRA members.

09:39:31 I'm David Mechanik.

09:39:33 I reside 1238 East Kennedy Boulevard.

09:39:36 I'm here as a homeowner and resident in the Channel

09:39:39 District.

09:39:40 And I would just like to say that when you make these

09:39:44 decisions as a CRA, you're looking for what the benefit

09:39:47 is to the district itself.

09:39:51 And I want to tell you that this is exactly the kind of

09:39:54 investment that a CRA is created to do, so that you can

09:39:59 enhance the area.

09:40:00 And it's not just this particular building.

09:40:03 The whole neighborhood of the Channel District will be

09:40:05 able to go to this theater.

09:40:06 It's all within a reasonable walking distance to any of

09:40:09 the residents and commercial patrons within the Channel

09:40:13 District.

09:40:13 So, this is exactly the kind of thing that's

09:40:16 appropriate for an investment and enhancement of the

09:40:21 community redevelopment plan.

09:40:22 And we ask that you support the request.

09:40:24 Thanks.

09:40:30 >> Good morning.

09:40:31 My name is Cathy Sanchez.

09:40:33 I'm a volunteer with Stageworks.

09:40:35 Do all different kinds of things and all different

09:40:37 kinds of places.

09:40:38 I've had the opportunity to participate in just about

09:40:41 all of the programs.

09:40:42 And I would like you to seriously consider the request,

09:40:47 because as you've heard, it is not just about

09:40:49 performing or being downtown or in the Channelside

09:40:51 district.

09:40:52 It's about being all inclusive.

09:40:54 They reach out to the old, the young, we reach out to

09:40:58 the people that want to perform and can produce.

09:41:01 And there's just a lot of opportunity.

09:41:04 And it's a very, very dedicated small group of people

09:41:07 who have worked long and hard to get to this point.

09:41:10 And I would ask you to please consider our request.

09:41:14 Thank you so much for your time.

09:41:16 I hope you all have a lovely afternoon.

09:41:21 >> Good morning.

09:41:22 My name is Bill West.

09:41:24 I'm the president of the Bank of Tampa and I just want

09:41:27 the Council to know that the Bank of Tampa is prepared

09:41:29 to be a part of the opening in the Channel District for

09:41:33 Stageworks.

09:41:34 We have been working with them for some time now to try

09:41:37 and make this happen sooner rather than later.

09:41:39 And with your support today, the Bank of Tampa is

09:41:41 prepared to provide the rest of the financing in order

09:41:43 to make this work.

09:41:44 And one last thing I would say is that, as a banker, we

09:41:47 have looked at it from a financial point of view.

09:41:50 Is this a viable project?

09:41:51 And we believe that it is.

09:41:53 So we support it and hope that you will as well.

09:41:57 >>GWEN MILLER: Now we listen to East Tampa.

09:41:59 Anyone want to speak on the East Tampa resolution, you

09:42:02 may come up and speak now.

09:42:07 >> Good morning.

09:42:07 My name is Denese Meteye-James.

09:42:11 I'm with the East Tampa partnership.

09:42:14 I am vice chair and also chairman of the aesthetics and

09:42:19 beautification committee.

09:42:19 I want to let everyone know along with the dedication

09:42:22 of the 22nd Street on March 16th, artist James Vann

09:42:27 is working very diligently to and has committed himself

09:42:30 to having the mirrors on the side of the economic

09:42:33 development office, the police substation, completed.

09:42:35 So we can combine those two events.

09:42:37 So, we want everyone to be on the lookout for that

09:42:40 particular, for those two events so you all can come

09:42:44 out and see the great work that's been done.

09:42:46 I want to thank everybody who's been a part of that.

09:42:49 I see Mr. Art Cable here.

09:42:52 He's been very helpful.

09:42:54 I want to thank all of you who are leaving to say how

09:42:56 much we appreciate the work that you've done and your

09:42:59 role here as City Council.

09:43:00 Thank you.

09:43:07 >> Good morning.

09:43:09 One of the things that I really want to say to the

09:43:14 Council is that today is a big day for East Tampa.

09:43:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Name on the record, your name.

09:43:23 >> Evangeline Best.

09:43:24 I'm sorry.

09:43:25 I think I'm among family.

09:43:27 You know who I am.

09:43:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Everybody know you up here.

09:43:30 But they don't know you out there.

09:43:33 >> One of the reasons I want to say something about

09:43:35 what this proposal in terms of employment and how dear

09:43:39 it is to me personally and to the community.

09:43:44 It's been eight years for East Tampa.

09:43:48 We have done many creative things in terms of

09:43:51 improvements.

09:43:51 But the bottom line is that we need to have jobs.

09:43:54 And we have a system that will be approved, we hope

09:43:59 today, that will open that door.

09:44:01 I can't say enough for the staff that has allowed us to

09:44:08 push them to say, go back and work on it a little bit

09:44:13 harder.

09:44:13 But when you have a person like Ernest Coney, that's

09:44:17 just another channel for him.

09:44:19 He's very quiet in his demeanor, but he gets the job

09:44:26 done.

09:44:27 And on behalf of the community, we say to you, thank

09:44:30 you.

09:44:30 Thank you.

09:44:31 Thank you.

09:44:36 >> Good morning.

09:44:37 Ernest Coney, chair of the economic development

09:44:40 committee with the East Tampa partnership.

09:44:41 As well as the interim CTO.

09:44:47 Today is a day which represents the community being

09:44:49 able to put forth efforts and solutions to its own

09:44:52 problems.

09:44:52 Today is a day where the community has formulated

09:44:55 public and private collaborations for the answer to

09:44:59 joblessness.

09:45:00 Some people may view this as a small step for East

09:45:03 Tampa.

09:45:03 I view it as a huge leap.

09:45:05 A major advancement in the war against joblessness.

09:45:08 If approved today, 20 residents will hear two words

09:45:13 that will change their lives.

09:45:15 You're hired.

09:45:16 With that, I'd like to also bring up Antonio to talk

09:45:20 about the aspects from an employer's perspective.

09:45:26 We also have Anita to talk about a graduate of our

09:45:30 program.

09:45:31 I'd like to formally thank Councilman Scott for his

09:45:35 vision and efforts to make sure East Tampa has a CRA so

09:45:37 that today we could stand up here and talk about

09:45:40 programs.

09:45:40 I'd like to thank the CRA board as a body, for giving

09:45:43 the community a voice and an opportunity to come up

09:45:45 with solutions.

09:45:46 We stand here today on the shoulders of a lot of

09:45:49 community who came before us.

09:45:53 Tony Watts, Miss Betty Wiggins.

09:45:56 Miss Evangeline Best.

09:45:58 Today we are very excited about the opportunities this

09:46:01 presents.

09:46:01 Thank you.

09:46:05 >> Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

09:46:07 My name is Antonio Alexander.

09:46:09 I'm with the environmental technologies.

09:46:12 Wanted to talk to you about partnerships that we have

09:46:15 with Ernest Coney and the City of Tampa.

09:46:18 So far, and little over two years that we partnered

09:46:22 together, we have been able to employ and transition

09:46:26 through their program on to our company, five

09:46:29 employees.

09:46:29 They currently work with us, doing well.

09:46:33 Helping us through our transition and expansion.

09:46:37 We foresee great things with the city of Tampa trying

09:46:42 to employ viable candidates that will come in and help

09:46:45 us through our project.

09:46:47 We are scheduled to hire about 55 employees from which

09:46:51 we want to make sure that we can hire from within the

09:46:54 community.

09:46:55 I will say roughly 89% of our employees are from the

09:47:00 surrounding community.

09:47:01 We partner with the CDC to make sure these people have

09:47:07 an opportunity, not only at a job, but at a career, one

09:47:11 where they will have benefits, they can transition from

09:47:14 joblessness into a job atmosphere that will provide

09:47:18 them certain benefits as far as getting a career

09:47:21 development, helping them financially with their

09:47:24 studies, etcetera, benefits, which we all need, medical

09:47:27 insurance, all that kind of stuff.

09:47:29 So I'm just here as a representative of the company to

09:47:31 let you guys know that we are doing our very best to

09:47:34 partner with community development centers such as the

09:47:38 CDC to help transition people into jobs.

09:47:41 That no longer -- that currently don't have jobs.

09:47:45 Wanted to, I wanted to present Mr. Alexander so he

09:47:49 could speak to you guys about his experience from the

09:47:51 moment he went into the CDC and he is currently with us

09:47:55 today.

09:47:55 Before I do that, do you have any questions for me?

09:47:59 >>GWEN MILLER: Questions, Councilmembers?

09:48:00 Thank you.

09:48:01 >> Thank you for your time.

09:48:04 >> Good morning everyone.

09:48:07 Alexi Bonesia.

09:48:12 Graduate from the program.

09:48:13 My other story is for CDC.

09:48:16 Actually I was laid off for a whole year before CDC

09:48:19 picked me up, interviewed me and gave me the chance to

09:48:23 learn new things.

09:48:24 They gave me skills and opportunities for everything.

09:48:29 Got hired at Envirofocus.

09:48:32 Been there now for four months.

09:48:34 Sorry.

09:48:35 I'm a little nervous.

09:48:36 So CDC really helped me out.

09:48:40 They gave me a chance.

09:48:42 They taught me things.

09:48:45 They helped me get the job.

09:48:47 Expand my wings.

09:48:49 Support my family.

09:48:50 And as I said, thank you.

09:48:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:48:58 >> Good morning.

09:49:00 Tony Watts, 2212 North Morgan Street.

09:49:03 Former member of the East Tampa community

09:49:06 revitalization partnership.

09:49:08 And former CEO of CDC of Tampa.

09:49:12 I'm really excited about this, having been one of the

09:49:14 founding members of the partnership and working on the

09:49:17 job creation for a very long time.

09:49:19 Jobs is number one in East Tampa.

09:49:20 And I'm just here to support the resolution.

09:49:22 I want to congratulate Ernest Coney for the work that

09:49:25 he's done, being the committee chair since he started

09:49:29 to work in East Tampa and working very hard to push job

09:49:33 creation and push a partnership that will make sure

09:49:36 that people in the community get jobs from this

09:49:39 program.

09:49:40 I fully support the resolution.

09:49:42 I hope you all will pass it today.

09:49:44 Thank you.

09:49:49 >> Madam Chair, and others, members of the CRA, I'm Al

09:49:55 Davis.

09:49:55 And I'm an investor, you know, in the redevelopment of

09:50:00 East Tampa.

09:50:00 I do that annually.

09:50:03 Through my ad valorem tax dollars.

09:50:07 And I like the idea of investing.

09:50:12 I appreciate what the CDC of Tampa is doing and I

09:50:16 appreciate the concept that the community is engaged in

09:50:20 this dialogue and the development of moving forward.

09:50:26 I'm there for you.

09:50:27 I'm there with you.

09:50:28 But I certainly want to feel a little bit more

09:50:33 comfortable the that we do not deceive ourselves by a

09:50:42 facade.

09:50:42 I want verification.

09:50:49 I trust you.

09:50:51 I trust the concept.

09:50:53 I trust the people that is involved more particularly,

09:50:57 but verification.

09:50:59 When these jobs are created, I want to be able to ride

09:51:03 by wherever they're working to see that they're on the

09:51:06 job.

09:51:07 I want to see that the salary is reinvested in Tampa,

09:51:13 East Tampa.

09:51:14 I urge you to support the resolution.

09:51:19 But this member of the community as they call it, is

09:51:25 going to be monitoring and observing.

09:51:29 One last thing, Madam Chairman, I will feel a little

09:51:35 bit more comfortable in my age and maturity, that when

09:51:38 I walk from my residence to that beautiful park that we

09:51:46 got on 34th and Ellicott, where we invest ten

09:51:55 thousand -- no, $20,000 a year for maintenance.

09:51:59 And I cannot walk out my residence on a sidewalk.

09:52:07 Now, I'm making this I think at the last community

09:52:10 meeting, from the north of Hillsborough to the south of

09:52:16 Martin Luther King.

09:52:20 Between 39th street and 37th street, there is no,

09:52:27 virtually no resident sidewalk.

09:52:29 Maybe when these individuals get jobs, they might be

09:52:36 able to do that.

09:52:41 We can hire them to construct sidewalks.

09:52:44 Madam Chairman, I really thank you for the

09:52:46 presentation, but like I said, I do not deserve it.

09:52:50 I did not.

09:52:51 Because I haven't done nothing.

09:52:54 You gave the opportunity to serve at least four years

09:52:58 before you take a breath, but I wasn't even able to do

09:53:03 that.

09:53:04 Again, I appreciate it.

09:53:13 Best wishes to you all.

09:53:15 And I will be back when the new board comes too.

09:53:19 >>GWEN MILLER: Is there anyone else in the public like

09:53:20 to speak?

09:53:21 Anyone else in the public would like to speak?

09:53:28 >> Good morning, Council.

09:53:29 Mark Seemy, 4706 North Thatcher Avenue.

09:53:32 I'm here just on a code enforcement, the only hope we

09:53:36 could possibly get is by asking Council.

09:53:38 So, we tried Mr. Miranda's office, I don't know if he's

09:53:41 had the opportunity.

09:53:42 Just wanted to show you something in one minute.

09:53:44 I have a person --

09:53:47 >>GWEN MILLER: Excuse me.

09:53:48 Before you speak, what is this, code enforcement?

09:53:52 >> Well, we went to code enforcement, they said the law

09:53:56 had been changed.

09:53:57 >>GWEN MILLER: You have to come to the regular Council

09:53:58 meeting.

09:53:59 This is a CRA meeting.

09:54:00 You have to come next week.

09:54:01 >> Next week?

09:54:02 >>GWEN MILLER: And talk to the Council.

09:54:03 This is not the regular Council meeting.

09:54:05 >> All right.

09:54:05 I'll try again next week.

09:54:07 >>GWEN MILLER: You can meet with your Councilmember,

09:54:09 you say Mr. Miranda?

09:54:10 You can meet with him.

09:54:11 >> I'll try that.

09:54:13 Thank you so much.

09:54:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Anyone in the public would like to

09:54:16 speak?

09:54:16 Reverend Scott?

09:54:19 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:54:20 Let me just say that congratulations again to, to East

09:54:27 Tampa Stageworks.

09:54:28 I want to say again reference to the Community

09:54:33 Redevelopment Area for East Tampa, it is doing exactly

09:54:39 what it was intended to do under the Florida statutes.

09:54:42 Most of the CRAs have been created for a particular

09:54:50 project, like the convention center, Centro Ybor.

09:54:55 East Tampa was drawn to redevelop the community and

09:54:58 create job opportunity.

09:54:59 And so it is working as it's supposed to work.

09:55:04 We have seen this morning all of the things that it's

09:55:08 doing in terms of the street, streetscape and what's

09:55:12 taking place there.

09:55:14 And new businesses are coming in.

09:55:17 And the job opportunity now that's being afforded to

09:55:22 residents of East Tampa.

09:55:24 I want to commend Envirofocus, is a battery recycling

09:55:32 plant who invested millions of dollars in this

09:55:33 community, we voted on that.

09:55:34 This Council voted on them through the QTI, qualified

09:55:37 tax -- qualified target industries.

09:55:44 Target industry.

09:55:45 Thank you.

09:55:46 And they are required to create so many jobs.

09:55:51 But also going a step further is what Mr. Coney has

09:55:54 come forward to work with them and partner with them to

09:55:58 train those persons and give them opportunities to be

09:56:02 able to work for Envirofocus.

09:56:05 And so, couple things is happening.

09:56:08 One is the CRA is functioning.

09:56:09 And it's working as it's designed to under Florida

09:56:14 statutes.

09:56:15 Is that right, counsel?

09:56:17 Secondly, it is hiring within the community and it is

09:56:20 partnering with the CDC to make it a reality to be able

09:56:25 to hire those within the community and train them.

09:56:27 And so I want to commend the partnership.

09:56:30 I want to commend the CDC of Tampa, Mr. Coney and

09:56:34 those, his staff.

09:56:36 And also Envirofocus.

09:56:38 And this is just the beginning.

09:56:40 There will be other opportunities as you move forward,

09:56:42 to continue to do that and take advantage of that.

09:56:44 And so, for the record, state again, this CRA is doing

09:56:49 exactly what it's supposed to be doing under Florida

09:56:53 statute.

09:56:54 And that is redeveloping East Tampa, bringing in jobs.

09:56:58 And making it better to the citizens and the residents

09:57:00 there.

09:57:00 Again, I guess I don't have to remind us, but it was

09:57:06 on -- under my leadership and being the county

09:57:10 commission, it was the only CRA drawn really by me and

09:57:13 Board of County Commission.

09:57:15 Not by the city.

09:57:16 And it is the largest CRA in the city and the largest

09:57:20 in this state, if not the largest in the nation.

09:57:22 And so, again, I just want to congratulate you all and

09:57:25 thank you.

09:57:26 And at the appropriate time, Madam Chair, I'll move

09:57:29 these --

09:57:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Not yet.

09:57:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I said, the appropriate time I want to

09:57:33 move the resolution.

09:57:35 >>GWEN MILLER: Commissioner Mulhern?

09:57:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:57:38 Thank you, Chairman Scott for that work you did before

09:57:41 you joined us, or we joined each other on Council.

09:57:44 I'm really excited because this CRA board, this Council

09:57:49 over the past four years has been supporting and

09:57:52 pushing for all of the CRAs to spend those TIF

09:57:59 dollars to be creating jobs and to make sure that it

09:58:02 actually goes into infrastructure, employment, job

09:58:07 programs.

09:58:08 And today we have two great examples, which are going

09:58:11 to help both of these neighborhoods during this really

09:58:15 downtime in the economy.

09:58:18 And the Envirofocus thing is so exciting because not

09:58:22 only are they bringing jobs to East Tampa, but it's a

09:58:25 green business that's recycling.

09:58:27 They're doing training.

09:58:29 They're providing opportunities for people who wouldn't

09:58:33 be able to get jobs.

09:58:34 And they're working with the CDC and what Mr. Coney,

09:58:40 these great efforts.

09:58:41 So I think that is really wonderful.

09:58:43 And Stageworks, that was one of the things when this

09:58:45 Council first met four years ago, the Channel District

09:58:50 wanted to have an arts presence.

09:58:53 And this Council has been supporting that all along.

09:58:58 And the wonderful thing about the people who spoke

09:59:01 today is they told us that the arts are essential to

09:59:06 creating a neighborhood.

09:59:09 You know, creating better property values, which was

09:59:11 the whole point of -- part of the point of CRA district

09:59:16 also to providing, be providing jobs and Mr. Keeble

09:59:21 didn't speak today, but he's done a lot of, and

09:59:25 sponsored a lot of research that talks about how the

09:59:27 arts are one of the best economic drivers for any

09:59:32 community.

09:59:33 And the money you invest in the arts comes back in jobs

09:59:38 and in people moving to areas, making it an attractive

09:59:42 place to live and work.

09:59:43 So, this is really great, both of these initiatives

09:59:47 today.

09:59:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Ms. Capin?

09:59:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Chairman.

09:59:51 First I want to speak to the, to the Stageworks.

10:00:00 Thank you to the Stageworks.

10:00:01 And I recall in 2008, having an event at the brick

10:00:06 building that's right next door to the development

10:00:09 where the Stageworks is moving in.

10:00:12 And we had -- it was an art exhibit.

10:00:15 And sale.

10:00:15 And there were over 300 people came on that Sunday.

10:00:19 One of our Councilmembers, Mary Mulhern participated in

10:00:24 that.

10:00:24 I remember Stageworks was moving in right after and

10:00:28 using the building for rehearsal, I believe.

10:00:32 And I also agree that the arts makes the quality of

10:00:38 life so much better for everyone.

10:00:41 And it brings in a lot of tourist dollars.

10:00:45 People do come to cities to visit and see and

10:00:49 participate in the arts of that city.

10:00:51 So, a wonderful job you all have done on the CRA on

10:00:57 East Tampa.

10:00:57 Envirofocus technology and this program, I had said

10:01:03 last time, I know this works.

10:01:06 This type program does work.

10:01:09 I as a small businesswoman and a jeweler for 20 years,

10:01:12 this, I participated in a very similar program.

10:01:16 And a young man came to work for me for six months

10:01:21 period.

10:01:22 And after that internship, he stayed with my company

10:01:25 for seven years.

10:01:27 So it does work.

10:01:28 And you're doing a wonderful job on this.

10:01:31 Thank you.

10:01:32 >>GWEN MILLER: Commissioner Stokes?

10:01:34 >>CURTIS STOKES: Thank you very much.

10:01:36 Andrea, I want to say congratulations.

10:01:38 You and I spoke about three years ago when you started

10:01:41 on this journey for a new home.

10:01:44 Want to say thank you for your perseverance, to your

10:01:47 board for the leadership they showed, in getting this

10:01:49 new space and thank you to the bank of Tampa for

10:01:55 stepping up for a community project like this.

10:01:57 Ernest, QTI, Envirofocus, great job.

10:02:01 Look forward to voting -- but this is no secret.

10:02:05 Today, I vote, I wore my purple tie in support of

10:02:09 Stageworks.

10:02:10 But congratulations, guys.

10:02:20 >>MARK HUEY: Hard to beat that.

10:02:22 Some great community projects, isn't it?

10:02:24 Those two projects.

10:02:26 We have -- we're going to start with one that didn't

10:02:28 receive public comments at all.

10:02:30 But it's nonetheless a great one too.

10:02:32 This is in East Tampa.

10:02:34 One of the facade programs that the board put in place.

10:02:37 This is Martin Luther King Boulevard, a pharmacy that's

10:02:41 there.

10:02:42 And the owner is looking forward to doing some

10:02:44 enhancements and improving his property with the

10:02:47 support of this facade grant.

10:02:51 >>GWEN MILLER: We need a motion.

10:02:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Is it appropriate to move all these?

10:02:55 >>GWEN MILLER: No, separate.

10:02:56 Have to do separate.

10:02:58 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, I move resolution nine.

10:03:02 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion to approve resolution number

10:03:03 nine.

10:03:04 All in favor of the motion say aye.

10:03:06 Opposed nay.

10:03:08 >>MARK HUEY: Then if we could do this a little bit out

10:03:10 of order, Stageworks project actually involves agenda

10:03:14 items 10, 12 and 13.

10:03:16 But we need to put the program in place, which is

10:03:21 agenda item number 12, before we approve their grant

10:03:24 application.

10:03:24 So that is before you.

10:03:27 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved.

10:03:28 >> Second.

10:03:29 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second, all in favor

10:03:31 of the motion signify by saying aye.

10:03:34 >> MARK HUEY: I know a lot of thank yous have been

10:03:38 given out.

10:03:38 I want to give my own.

10:03:40 This has been about 18 months in the work, I think.

10:03:42 It starts with Ken Stoltenberg, who left, but he was

10:03:47 the original supporter of this when he began working

10:03:49 with Stageworks at the Grand on Kennedy.

10:03:53 Bill West, who also had to leave.

10:03:56 We wouldn't be here without the Bank of Tampa stepping

10:03:58 up.

10:03:59 I don't think enough folks thanked Henry Louis.

10:04:04 He's here, but we wouldn't be here without Henry Louis'

10:04:07 guarantee of Stageworks performance.

10:04:09 The dynamic duo Andrea and Anna.

10:04:13 Anna has been quiet.

10:04:14 I've never seen her so quiet in a meeting before.

10:04:17 [ Laughter ]

10:04:18 >> MARK HUEY: I don't know.

10:04:19 She's just about to bust out or what.

10:04:21 But you know, she is the creative force at Stageworks.

10:04:25 And then Andy and the board.

10:04:28 And our Bob McDonaugh, our hard working manager

10:04:32 there.

10:04:32 He's the one who sort of put all this together.

10:04:35 So thanks to the whole team for making that happen.

10:04:39 So now we can approve the actual grant.

10:04:41 Which is item number 10.

10:04:44 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion.

10:04:45 >> So moved.

10:04:45 >> Second.

10:04:46 >>GWEN MILLER: Got a motion and second to approve item

10:04:48 number ten.

10:04:49 All in favor of the motion signify by saying aye.

10:04:52 >> Then if you want to make the whole thing official.

10:04:54 Item 13 is the budget amendment.

10:04:57 And I do have a handout here because there was an error

10:05:02 in the document.

10:05:05 We had reference to a wrong year in the budget.

10:05:15 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, while he's passing it out,

10:05:17 let me say, Stageworks, good to see the programs that

10:05:21 you have.

10:05:21 Working with the young people, students and in

10:05:24 particular, the inner circle aids play.

10:05:29 I want to highlight that.

10:05:30 I have a strong affinity for the aids program.

10:05:35 My baby brother died from aids.

10:05:37 In 1992.

10:05:39 At the age of 35.

10:05:41 So I want to applaud you for that and your educational

10:05:45 component of that.

10:05:46 So thank you very much for that.

10:05:50 >> Move item.

10:05:52 >> Second.

10:05:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.

10:05:53 All in favor of the motion say aye.

10:05:56 Opposed nay.

10:05:57 >>MARK HUEY: Now we can take up the employment program.

10:05:59 I just wanted -- before you vote, there was a question

10:06:04 about accountability.

10:06:05 Of this grant program.

10:06:07 And I just wanted to make a point, and if you look at

10:06:11 section 4, paragraph 8, this is a performance-based

10:06:15 agreement.

10:06:15 And this is a credit to the corporation to develop

10:06:19 communities and to Envirofocus.

10:06:22 This grant money is not upfront money.

10:06:24 It is pay for performance.

10:06:26 So when the CDC recruits and completes the training,

10:06:29 they get paid per applicant.

10:06:32 When Envirofocus, they get paid in stages, as an

10:06:36 employee, they get a certain amount after 90 days,

10:06:38 after six months, and after nine months of continuous

10:06:42 employment.

10:06:42 So, again, all of the partners are in this program,

10:06:47 committing to perform, and the contract is structured

10:06:50 in that way.

10:06:51 >> So moved.

10:06:52 >> Second.

10:06:53 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second to move item

10:06:54 number 11.

10:06:55 All in favor of the motion signify by saying aye.

10:06:57 Opposed nay.

10:07:00 >>MARK HUEY: And again, my personal thanks to Ernest

10:07:04 and Miss Beth.

10:07:06 But really, Ernest was the creative mind behind putting

10:07:10 this together and we thank you.

10:07:11 And you all have praised Envirofocus.

10:07:15 Isn't it great for a new company in Tampa?

10:07:17 Can you think of anything, a new company moving to

10:07:19 Tampa could do to more endear themselves to the

10:07:23 community in terms of committing to community projects.

10:07:26 So we hope you'll extend every one here thankfulness to

10:07:30 Envirofocus for being a part of a program like this.

10:07:33 We're believing and our hope is that Envirofocus isn't

10:07:38 the first.

10:07:38 That they're going to be the pioneers.

10:07:40 And their track record of success will allow us with

10:07:43 the CDC to invite other companies into a program like

10:07:47 this.

10:07:48 >>GWEN MILLER: Reverend Scott?

10:07:50 >>THOMAS SCOTT: We don't want to be remiss in thanking

10:07:53 also your staff, those of East Tampa.

10:07:55 Mr. Johnson, his staff that worked with him.

10:07:58 We know they're out on the forefront, on the cutting

10:08:01 edge.

10:08:02 And so, Ed, thank you very much for your leadership and

10:08:07 what you do in East Tampa.

10:08:08 And on all these projects.

10:08:10 I don't think I've attended anything that was in East

10:08:13 Tampa that you weren't at.

10:08:14 I think you have been at just about everything there.

10:08:17 All the ribbon cuttings, all the ground breakings.

10:08:22 Thank you to you and your staff for working so hard to

10:08:25 make East Tampa what it is.

10:08:26 [ Applause ]

10:08:34 >>MARK HUEY: And the rest of your approvals are

10:08:36 accounting budget related.

10:08:37 And they're all pretty straightforward.

10:08:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Somebody move 14, 15, 16 and 17.

10:08:42 >> Move.

10:08:43 >> Second.

10:08:43 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor of the motion say aye.

10:08:45 Opposed nay.

10:08:46 Okay.

10:08:48 >>MARK HUEY: Then before I sit down, Miss Scriven did

10:08:51 arrive here.

10:08:52 I wonder, Miss Scriven, if you might come up.

10:08:57 We know you went out of your way to come down this

10:09:00 morning.

10:09:00 And we saw you weren't here when our chair,

10:09:04 Miss Miller, was handing these out.

10:09:06 But we are so glad you came.

10:09:07 And we wanted to thank you again for your service in

10:09:10 East Tampa.

10:09:10 And your dedication.

10:09:12 >> Thank you very much.

10:09:14 [ Applause ]

10:09:20 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Sal Territo.

10:09:23 Wait one second.

10:09:27 >>MARK HUEY: We have one walk-on item.

10:09:29 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a walk-on item from Mr. Sal

10:09:31 Territo.

10:09:32 >>SAL TERRITO: I'm requesting that you move

10:09:35 subordination agreement with the Ybor property group.

10:09:37 What we're doing here is that -- I'll wait.

10:09:42 >>GWEN MILLER: Sir, will you open that other door?

10:09:45 Thank you.

10:09:47 [pause]

10:10:26 >>GWEN MILLER: We still have some more business to take

10:10:28 care of for CRA.

10:10:29 So would you please continue to move outside, please.

10:10:51 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay Mr. Territo.

10:10:54 >>SAL TERRITO: Back in May you approved a facade grant

10:10:58 for Ybor property.

10:10:59 They are asking that we subordinate that grant to the

10:11:03 financing --

10:11:05 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Johnson, we still have some business

10:11:06 to take care of.

10:11:08 Thank you.

10:11:10 >>SAL TERRITO: They're requesting that we subordinate

10:11:15 [inaudible] when we brought our lien to our grant, it

10:11:20 becomes second place.

10:11:21 And now that they're refinancing their new loan would

10:11:24 then be placed behind ours.

10:11:26 All they're asking is we put ours back in second place

10:11:29 where we are supposed to be.

10:11:31 >> So moved.

10:11:32 >> All in favor of the motion say aye.

10:11:33 Opposed nay.

10:11:34 Okay.

10:11:35 Mr. Huey, anything else?

10:11:38 >>MARK HUEY: That does it.

10:11:38 Thank you.

10:11:40 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to receive

10:11:42 and file.

10:11:43 All in favor of the motion say aye.

10:11:45 Commissioner Stokes, you have any information?

10:11:51 >> Commissioner Mulhern?

10:11:58 >>MARY MULHERN: [inaudible]

10:12:02 >> We have one more.

10:12:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

10:12:05 Oh, I knew that.

10:12:06 My motion is that in recognition of her efforts and

10:12:11 achievements in the East Tampa community, I'd like to

10:12:14 present a commendation to Evangeline Best.

10:12:17 >> Second.

10:12:19 >>MARY MULHERN: At our next CRA meeting on March tenth.

10:12:21 >>GWEN MILLER: Have a motion and second.

10:12:22 All in favor of the motion say aye.

10:12:24 Anything else?

10:12:26 Reverend Scott?

10:12:28 Ms. Capin?

10:12:30 Mr. Caetano?

10:12:32 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I have nothing, Madam Chairman.

10:12:34 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, I have a couple.

10:12:35 I'd like to make a motion to give a commendation in

10:12:39 honor of Mr. Moses knots, on February 17th, his family

10:12:46 member will be here to accept this on February the 1st.

10:12:50 >> That's from the CRA.

10:12:52 Do that during our regular board meetings.

10:12:55 >>GWEN MILLER: He comes to both of them.

10:12:58 >> Second.

10:13:00 >> Move.

10:13:07 >> Vice chair.

10:13:08 >>GWEN MILLER: I made a motion, you need to carry.

10:13:09 >> All those in favor indicate by saying aye.

10:13:11 Anybody opposed?

10:13:13 Motion carries.

10:13:14 >>GWEN MILLER: Okay, another I have, the City of Tampa

10:13:17 women history month celebration is going to be held on

10:13:19 March the 8th.

10:13:20 And the planning committee is asking we give them a

10:13:24 commendation.

10:13:25 >> Second.

10:13:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Caetano?

10:13:30 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: We have a second on that motion?

10:13:32 Motion made and second.

10:13:33 All those in favor indicate by saying aye.

10:13:37 Motion carries.

10:13:38 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?

10:13:39 We stand adjourned.



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