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Community Redevelopment Agency
Thursday, March 10, 2011
9:00 a.m.


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09:03:39 >>GWEN MILLER: I am going to open the CRA meeting and

09:03:56 turn it over to Charlie Miranda.

09:03:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's my honor this morning to have

09:04:00 Mr. Steve Michelini, a long standing member of this

09:04:04 community, and an excellent individual, and business,

09:04:09 and does his homework well when he comes before this

09:04:13 council.

09:04:15 Never wins.

09:04:15 Only joking, of course.

09:04:17 It's a rainy day so I wanted to make a little sunshine

09:04:20 out of it.

09:04:21 Mr. Michelini this morning has volunteered, and does an

09:04:24 excellent job and prepares, and I have asked him how

09:04:27 does he do it?

09:04:28 He says he writes them himself.

09:04:30 So I appreciate his time and his effort.

09:04:35 Steve will say the morning prayer this morning.

09:04:39 Please rise and remain standing for the pledge of

09:04:41 allegiance.

09:04:42 >>STEVE MICHELINI: We praise the Lord and remember

09:04:46 that we are all children of God.

09:04:48 His plans for each of his children are divine.

09:04:52 The Lord has plans for your welfare to give you future

09:04:55 and hope.

09:04:55 The Lord God gives each of us his love and cast fear

09:04:59 out, confusion and bewilderment.

09:05:02 He's laid out the foundation of all things and built

09:05:05 upon it and makes the earth good for his people.

09:05:08 His love never ceases, his mercies never end, his gifts

09:05:12 are renewed each morning and strengthened each evening

09:05:15 to see us through the night so that upon the arrival of

09:05:18 a new day we are restored.

09:05:20 The Lord is our soul.

09:05:22 He provides for all of us in his own way in accordance

09:05:24 with our needs.

09:05:25 The Lord asks us to pray at all times not just in times

09:05:28 of need.

09:05:30 We now ask in his name to watch over his people, those

09:05:33 who govern and those who seek relief, fair treatment

09:05:36 and justice.

09:05:36 We ask your holy blessing to be bestowed upon all that

09:05:40 serve the people in government, its staff, and those

09:05:43 who pro tech us at every level.

09:05:45 Your people beseech you to show you the path to peace

09:05:48 in our neighborhoods, our city, our county, our state,

09:05:50 and our country and our world.

09:05:52 We give thanks to God always for everything and

09:05:55 remember that God the father, your work is faith, love

09:06:00 and steadfast hope and the belief in your power and

09:06:02 your glory.

09:06:03 You will honor the almighty one.

09:06:06 We especially ask for your blessings upon pair Pam

09:06:10 Iorio and her family, Thomas Scott and his family, Mrs.

09:06:16 Gwen Miller and her family, Joseph Caetano and his

09:06:19 family as they move on to be new careers and

09:06:21 challenges.

09:06:21 We thank them for their tireless dedication to public

09:06:25 service over the many years and to the returning City

09:06:27 Council members as they embark on new tenures.

09:06:31 And the Lord God asked what do you seek in petition in

09:06:34 this prayer?

09:06:34 We say peace, prosperity and tranquility, and we ask

09:06:38 this in your name, almighty God, with your full power,

09:06:41 conviction and glory.

09:06:44 Amen.

09:06:44 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:07:08 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Thank you, sir.

09:07:11 You included me in your prayer.

09:07:12 I have to be careful you don't take over my church now.

09:07:15 [ Laughter ]

09:07:15 >> You know, so many times people come before you, not

09:07:18 everyone leaves here happy.

09:07:20 But for someone who spends as much time as I do here at

09:07:24 council, I know how much you put into your office and

09:07:26 how much you struggle over decisions that come before

09:07:29 you.

09:07:30 And it's important to recognize that so many times when

09:07:35 so many people forget to tell you thank you.

09:07:37 And for those that forget to tell you, I wanted to make

09:07:40 sure that you knew that you are appreciated, and we

09:07:42 thank you for what you do.

09:07:43 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:07:46 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: I think you missed your vocation.

09:07:50 You do a great job in representing your clients before

09:07:53 this body.

09:07:54 You know your facts, and that's the most important

09:07:56 thing.

09:07:58 You have Goff to have your facts.

09:08:00 >> Well, we appreciate each one of you and the new

09:08:05 council, we will appreciate them as well.

09:08:07 >>GWEN MILLER: Keep up the good work.

09:08:10 Don't stop coming.

09:08:12 You are going to miss me but still come.

09:08:15 Roll call.

09:08:15 >>JOSEPH P. CAETANO: Here.

09:08:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

09:08:20 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Here.

09:08:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:08:24 >>CURTIS STOKES: Here.

09:08:24 >>GWEN MILLER: Here.

09:08:26 We are going to wait a few minutes for item number 1,

09:08:28 the commendation.

09:08:29 We are going to start with Mark Huey with item number

09:08:32 2.

09:08:32 We'll come back to 1 later.

09:08:35 >>MARK HUEY: Economic development administrator.

09:08:37 As is your custom, we have Sam Paris from the

09:08:46 redevelopment park area.

09:08:47 Sam is the vice chair and will be here and take you on

09:08:49 the work that they are doing there.

09:08:54 Good morning, Sam.

09:08:55 >> We are going to update you.

09:09:01 Before I do that, I was out walking this morning, and

09:09:05 of course I came without an umbrella, and there's an

09:09:09 old saying when it rains, it pours.

09:09:11 In Tampa it is pouring.

09:09:13 Good news in our Central Park.

09:09:17 We have a groundbreaking that will be coming up on

09:09:19 March 21st.

09:09:21 If I can get the overhead, please.

09:09:26 The groundbreaking will be on March 21st at 10 a.m.

09:09:30 We invite you all to come out and be a part of that.

09:09:35 Also, I want to give show you the activity going on

09:09:44 here.

09:09:44 That's what it looks like now.

09:09:47 But we are anticipating it to be a great addition to

09:09:54 this project and we are excited about the movement we

09:09:55 have going on in Central Park.

09:09:58 Last but not least, a lot of you are familiar with Mr.

09:10:02 Moses White.

09:10:03 I had an opportunity to meet with his daughter.

09:10:06 It important that we keep the historical factors of

09:10:09 this project.

09:10:11 There's a lot of people in the community that are

09:10:15 concerned about that, and would like to mach sure that

09:10:18 we include the history of that area in Central Park.

09:10:23 If you have any questions, I'm open for them.

09:10:25 >>GWEN MILLER: Council members?

09:10:27 Okay.

09:10:28 Thank you.

09:10:29 We appreciate such a nice report.

09:10:39 >>MARK HUEY: Again, Sam, we appreciate all the work

09:10:40 going on there on one of the most important projects

09:10:44 occurring in our city, and we appreciate that update.

09:10:48 The next item is our monthly reports.

09:10:54 Again lots of things going on throughout the

09:10:56 redevelopment area.

09:10:57 I hate to start off with a downer, but certainly

09:11:01 high-speed rail was unfortunate the way that unfolded

09:11:06 over the past month.

09:11:09 We know our mayor, Chip Fletcher, led a valiant charge

09:11:13 with mayors of the other region, so parts of our state

09:11:17 connected by high-speed rail, to put the best

09:11:20 presentation forward for the governor.

09:11:21 We appreciate their efforts, the work of the Tampa Bay

09:11:25 partnership, the work of the downtown partnership, the

09:11:27 work of the chamber, others who were part of that

09:11:30 process.

09:11:31 But we all were looking forward to how that over the

09:11:35 coming decade, light rail, also, came into that

09:11:39 high-speed rail, would be transform the north end of

09:11:43 our downtown, and now we'll just have to go on to other

09:11:46 things that will drive our downtown redevelopment.

09:11:50 Fortunately we have a lot of other good things going on

09:11:52 in our downtown, don't we?

09:11:55 We have three projects under construction.

09:11:57 The CAMLS project with the University of South Florida

09:12:00 on the south end of our downtown.

09:12:02 The renovation of the Floridan, and the workforce

09:12:09 housing project that involves the renovation.

09:12:12 St. Paul AME church.

09:12:14 The Gasparilla art festival this past weekend, great

09:12:18 attendance there.

09:12:19 Big event for our downtown.

09:12:21 And the twilight bike race is coming up at the end of

09:12:25 the month, March 24th, an exciting event for our

09:12:29 downtown.

09:12:31 Channel District, we have a developer working in the

09:12:35 district on a very significant project that the

09:12:39 community is learning about.

09:12:41 It's the related company out of Miami and they are

09:12:44 targeting the Channel District for a new apartment

09:12:46 community.

09:12:47 So Bob and the advisory committee, and the community

09:12:51 are working on that project.

09:12:54 And it's another sign really of the progress that we

09:12:56 are making in the Channel District that people want to

09:13:00 live there.

09:13:00 It a great environment to live, and here another

09:13:04 developer is considering a project.

09:13:06 Washington street construction continues.

09:13:11 And we have an event that we hope you will be able to

09:13:16 be a part of.

09:13:19 We are having a groundbreaking event for our first

09:13:22 pocket park in the Channel District.

09:13:24 This board has been a big part of making that happen.

09:13:27 So on January 23rd at 10:00, in the district, we'll

09:13:31 break ground on this park.

09:13:37 Oh, I'm sorry.

09:13:40 Did I say January?

09:13:41 March.

09:13:43 Ybor City, we worked very hard with city staff.

09:13:48 You all approved the transportation impact fee waiver

09:13:51 zone and incentive for Ybor district.

09:13:54 We have the knight parade, and fiesta day, a great

09:13:59 event for Ybor City.

09:14:00 Drew Park, you are going to be hearing a motion today

09:14:05 to take our small business assistance program that we

09:14:09 have in a partnership with the county into Drew Park.

09:14:13 We have a major street paving, repaving project

09:14:17 launching this month.

09:14:18 And we have students from the University of South

09:14:20 Florida doing a business survey.

09:14:23 We are looking forward to sharing those results with

09:14:25 you over time.

09:14:26 And what businesses in Drew Park would like to have a

09:14:29 redevelopment agency? In east Tampa we have a couple

09:14:33 of facade grants for you to approve today.

09:14:36 We have TECO.

09:14:37 We have been working with TECO on some important

09:14:39 lighting improvements and infrastructure improvements

09:14:44 in Highland Pines community, and Ed and his team worked

09:14:48 with TECO in an community meeting this past month, and

09:14:57 of course 22nd street is progressing well, and we have

09:14:57 as well an event there.

09:15:02 Lots of events in March.

09:15:05 March 16th, 10:00 at the district 3 police station.

09:15:11 We will be celebrating the ribbon cutting of the 22nd

09:15:16 street enhancement, but also an important public arts

09:15:19 project, and a historical marker, marking the Negro

09:15:26 baseball league.

09:15:27 So a great day to celebrate infrastructure and

09:15:31 beautification project, some of the great history in

09:15:34 East Tampa, as well as a new public art in East Tampa.

09:15:47 Sam will give us a run down on Central Park.

09:15:50 And we have been working hard to finish the annual

09:15:52 report that you will be approving later this -- in this

09:15:56 meeting.

09:15:56 So those are the highlights of things going on

09:15:58 throughout the agency.

09:15:59 And if you have any questions, I will be glad the to

09:16:02 answer them, or some of your great management team.

09:16:07 >>GWEN MILLER: You did a great job.

09:16:10 No questions.

09:16:11 >>MARK HUEY: I would like to give an update on the

09:16:17 Heights, take a extra little extra time with the

09:16:20 Heights.

09:16:20 We had a significant event occur at the Heights this

09:16:23 past month.

09:16:25 You might recall as part of the redevelopment effort

09:16:28 that we had in the Heights, we had a piece of land that

09:16:33 we provided to the Heights ownership to help them build

09:16:39 the office building, one of the first improvements to

09:16:41 occur in the Heights.

09:16:44 And that project and their commitment to move forward

09:16:46 was secured by letter of credit.

09:16:48 And in the value of that property.

09:16:51 About a half million dollars.

09:16:53 And we, in working with them over the past month, have

09:16:57 decided to call that letter of credit.

09:16:59 We in fact have collected those proceeds.

09:17:02 So now they in fact have compensated us for the land,

09:17:05 and in working with them, we have made sure that we are

09:17:09 going to put that money into an account that will

09:17:13 benefit the Heights redevelopment process that goes

09:17:15 forward.

09:17:16 So it a good thing, they have met their obligation as

09:17:20 the master developer, and their commitment to the city,

09:17:23 and now we have a half million dollars in proceeds that

09:17:26 we can use to benefit the Heights redevelopment going

09:17:28 forward.

09:17:30 There's a couple of other things on the Heights, items

09:17:33 that will be coming to you in the coming month, we

09:17:36 expect.

09:17:37 One, we are working on a memorandum of understanding

09:17:39 with the Heights developers that would be allow us to

09:17:42 do some improvements in the park.

09:17:45 As you are aware, we have some TIF dollars, about

09:17:48 $250,000 of TIF funds that are available to benefit the

09:17:54 Heights, and we would like to have that in the park and

09:17:58 the city ourselves, we would like for it to happen and

09:18:02 the community would like very much for it to happen,

09:18:05 because of the structure of our development agreement

09:18:06 and because of the role of the CDD that we have agreed

09:18:10 to, we need to have a letter of understanding with the

09:18:13 Heights developers about how we do that.

09:18:15 So we are working on that, and we hope to bring that to

09:18:18 council shortly.

09:18:19 Again, that will allow us to move forward with some

09:18:22 progress in the Heights.

09:18:25 Secondly and notably, there is a grant, a federal grant

09:18:31 that the Heights development team has been awarded.

09:18:35 And we believe it's going to be matched by some SWFWMD

09:18:39 money, and we would like to use some of our available

09:18:42 TIF dollars.

09:18:43 That would go toward the spring that is part of the

09:18:46 park area, part of the water works building area, and

09:18:49 it would allow us to work in cooperation oh, with

09:18:55 partners to be rule enhance that spring area and make

09:18:57 it -- for the park and the redevelopment as it occurs.

09:19:03 So we are working on that process, our Parks Department

09:19:06 is very engaged in leadership there.

09:19:12 Lastly, the Beck group, not only have they been active

09:19:21 in a lot of different things to help the Heights move

09:19:24 forward, not just in building the building that is

09:19:26 built there, that is very attractive, but many other

09:19:29 things.

09:19:33 They are now working on a project called the flex home

09:19:36 which is a project that is under the auspices of the

09:19:44 U.S. Department of Energy, it a competition that will

09:19:47 be held in Washington in September, and the Beck group

09:19:50 is going to enter a home which they are going to build

09:19:53 now within the Heights development on land that is

09:19:57 owned by the city.

09:19:58 We are going to bring to you an agreement, a hold

09:20:03 harmless licensing agreement, in the coming months for

09:20:07 you to approve as council.

09:20:08 And they will build that home in the Heights and take

09:20:11 it up to Washington, D.C. and enter it in that

09:20:14 competition.

09:20:15 I believe there's only 20 entrants, and we wish them

09:20:19 the best.

09:20:19 So a lot of different things going on in the Heights,

09:20:21 and I just wanted to take a minute to update you on all

09:20:24 of those things.

09:20:27 The next item is an update on the small business

09:20:34 information center program that we have.

09:20:42 We can use the Elmo for this.

09:20:51 There are a number of items on the agenda today, and

09:20:55 some items that will come to you to be council shortly

09:20:59 relating to our small business information center

09:21:02 program.

09:21:02 In East Tampa and Ybor City, where that's established,

09:21:05 we are going to be asking to extend those agreements to

09:21:09 the end of this fiscal year, September 30th.

09:21:13 They are getting ready to fire the one year agreement

09:21:20 we had in place, and in true park that I mentioned

09:21:22 earlier we would like to be start those services to

09:21:25 help the Drew Park business community.

09:21:29 Just two weeks ago, I believe it was, we had a workshop

09:21:32 about how we can help small businesses, and talking

09:21:36 about how to help with small business loans.

09:21:38 The programs we are talking about now are programs

09:21:41 where we try to help provide information, knowledge,

09:21:45 resources, that help small businesses manage and grow

09:21:49 their businesses.

09:21:50 So it's a very important part of how we as government

09:21:54 can help small businesses.

09:21:56 I want to give you a brief update in East Tampa, and in

09:22:06 Ybor City.

09:22:06 You can see in East Tampa we have two days per week of

09:22:10 activity in a satellite office where businesses can

09:22:13 come in and receive technical assistance, and you see

09:22:16 all of the kinds of topics that can be covered ranging

09:22:21 from how to manage your cash flow to how to do business

09:22:25 with a local government.

09:22:26 Very importantly, help promote our facade improvement

09:22:29 program, as well as the enterprise zone.

09:22:33 This is the kind of activity we have been seeing since

09:22:36 the program started.

09:22:38 Back in April.

09:22:46 We have been able to provide information, about 218 new

09:22:48 businesses started in East Tampa.

09:22:50 We know that through our business licensing efforts, in

09:22:55 Jake Slater's office.

09:22:56 And we were able to get information to all those new

09:22:59 businesses about the services offered.

09:23:01 101 folks have been counseled, 101 businesses.

09:23:05 Resources have been provided to 291.

09:23:08 And we Hillsborough five workshops, 41 attendees. So a

09:23:16 lot of businesses being touched in Tampa.

09:23:19 Ybor City, a lot of assistance provided in Ybor City.

09:23:24 You can see the number of businesses being impacted

09:23:26 there in terms of new businesses that opened by council

09:23:34 and the resources that are provided.

09:23:36 The community advisory committee, East Tampa and Ybor

09:23:43 City, very positive about the program so far in their

09:23:46 evaluation of it.

09:23:47 And, again, are asking that we would extend those

09:23:50 programs to the end of the fiscal year.

09:23:58 The Drew Park community would also Luke now to offer

09:24:00 this type of assistance in Drew Park.

09:24:04 And they have been working with Lynn and her team at

09:24:09 the small business to craft a program, and it is very

09:24:12 similar to the program that we are doing in East Tampa

09:24:16 and Ybor City, but tailored again to the needs of Drew

09:24:19 Park, and there they are planning three days per month

09:24:25 where business assistance one on one would be provided

09:24:30 at an individual's place of business.

09:24:36 Again items for programs very similar to the kind of

09:24:40 assistance being offer in the other areas, very similar

09:24:45 categories.

09:24:46 Again we hope that they will also, as they have been

09:24:49 affected in East Tampa and Ybor in promoting the sod

09:24:53 program, redevelopment agency that they will impact in

09:24:56 Drew Park.

09:25:02 Typically, it is the activities being planned in Drew

09:25:04 Park by workshop.

09:25:12 Again you can get a feel.

09:25:14 We are excited that they will be offering those in

09:25:16 Spanish as well.

09:25:17 The cost of the program that you are going to be asked

09:25:24 to approve, about $21,000 in Drew Park.

09:25:29 And then in East Tampa, the extensions that are being

09:25:31 presented to you, 18, $19,000 in East Tampa, and Ybor

09:25:31 City $6,000, and those are part of your later

09:25:42 approvals.

09:25:44 Since we had a number of approvals on that today, I

09:25:46 wanted to give you that update.

09:25:49 And again the contracts will actually come to you at

09:25:53 City Council.

09:25:54 Any questions about that?

09:25:57 >>THOMAS SCOTT: My question would be, is there enough

09:25:59 time for those who may come in, need some assistance,

09:26:04 two days in East Tampa?

09:26:06 I'm assuming two days in East Tampa, Ybor City, right?

09:26:09 And then three days out of the month in Drew Park.

09:26:12 Is that sufficient?

09:26:17 >> At this time we think it is.

09:26:18 They will learn from it and build on it.

09:26:20 Again, what we learn over the coming months in Drew

09:26:22 Park, we will factor into next year's budgeting process

09:26:26 that will occur.

09:26:27 But given the limited resources they had, they were

09:26:32 trying to balance their limited resources in working

09:26:36 with Lynn and her team and trying to start the program

09:26:39 in Drew Park.

09:26:40 So, again, they feel good about the first steps being

09:26:44 made.

09:26:45 We'll learn from it and we'll learn how much TIF

09:26:47 dollars we have in the coming year.

09:26:52 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I want to make sure, two days a week

09:26:56 and three days a month, I'll take your word on it.

09:27:01 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, it's a collaborative process, and we

09:27:06 are balancing what we think will be effective and the

09:27:09 needs of the community with the resources that we have

09:27:12 available, and doing in the partnership with our

09:27:14 advisory committees.

09:27:18 >>CURTIS STOKES: Thank you, Chairwoman Miller.

09:27:20 Mark, what role will TEDCO, HBIF and BBIC play in this

09:27:28 new facility in Drew Park?

09:27:30 >>MARK HUEY: Lynn, some of those organizations are

09:27:31 part of the work that you do.

09:27:33 You want to come up and answer that directly?

09:27:37 Lynn Shultz has been the point person in working with

09:27:41 the city on these programs, and she actually works for

09:27:45 Hillsborough County.

09:27:45 >> Good morning.

09:27:47 Lynn Schultz, Hillsborough County small business

09:27:49 information center.

09:27:50 We do have partnerships formed with all the agencies

09:27:52 that you listed and we to work hand in hand with each

09:27:55 of those agencies.

09:27:56 If we have clients that we meet with in Drew Park, East

09:28:00 Tampa or Ybor City, we will refer them to the

09:28:02 appropriate agency.

09:28:03 Specifically in Drew Park, we will provide workshops

09:28:06 through HBIS, conducted in Spanish.

09:28:11 As well we do have business counselors on our team,

09:28:15 that provide Spanish counseling as well, but we do work

09:28:19 hand in hand with all three agencies directly.

09:28:22 And their information actually is in our packet which

09:28:25 was distributed as well.

09:28:30 >>CURTIS STOKES: Great, thank you.

09:28:30 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions by council members?

09:28:33 >>MARK HUEY: I notice Ms. Best has arrived.

09:28:37 >>GWEN MILLER: We do have public comment.

09:28:39 We are going to go back to item number 1.

09:28:41 Mary Mulhern, you have a presentation to make.

09:28:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Good morning.

09:29:05 It is my great honor today to present from council a

09:29:10 commendation to Evangeline best who I didn't know until

09:29:18 I came onto council four years ago, and had no idea

09:29:23 somebody could work so hard behind the scenes and do so

09:29:28 much for her city and for her neighborhood.

09:29:32 And I am just thrilled that I get to give her this

09:29:36 commendation today.

09:29:38 I am going to have to read about her, because no one

09:29:41 could really keep track of all the work she's done for

09:29:44 us, for the East Tampa CRA, and for East Tampa in

09:29:50 general.

09:29:51 Evangeline best was born in East Tampa.

09:29:54 At an early age in her Belmont Heights neighborhood she

09:29:57 demonstrated her activism as one of the Middleton high

09:30:00 school students who participated in the integration

09:30:03 movement.

09:30:03 She began her spiritual life at St. Luke AME church and

09:30:08 formation of the First Baptist Church of College Hill.

09:30:11 Mrs. Best was educated in the schools in Hillsborough

09:30:14 County and received a B.A. degree in sociology, social

09:30:18 studies, from St. Augustine college in Raleigh, North

09:30:21 Carolina.

09:30:22 In the spring of 1965.

09:30:24 She later received her masters in education

09:30:26 specializing in adult education from Florida A&M

09:30:32 university in 1982.

09:30:33 She's the mother of two adult daughters and two

09:30:35 granddaughters.

09:30:37 Since retiring from 36 years of the Hillsborough County

09:30:39 school district head start program, family services

09:30:44 coordinator Mrs. Best did not retire from service.

09:30:47 She has been a full-time volunteer with several local

09:30:50 and state organizations.

09:30:52 As an organizer for almost a decade she chaired the

09:30:55 East Tampa school community partnership.

09:30:57 She has worked with the corporation to develop

09:31:00 community incorporated, has created the annual East

09:31:02 Tampa welcome new teacher, principals and other support

09:31:06 staff breakfast, implemented the creation of two East

09:31:09 Tampa community lakes, and developed the East Tampa

09:31:13 community driven strategic action plan.

09:31:15 Mrs. Best's awards are many including the national head

09:31:19 start lifetime achievement award, the 2005 national

09:31:22 winner of the Dorothy Richardson neighbor works award

09:31:26 and the 20 some local hero award from Bank of America

09:31:29 and the community development for East Tampa community

09:31:32 revitalization partnership, from the kings and queens

09:31:36 organization.

09:31:37 Mrs. Best's second term as chairman of the East Tampa

09:31:40 community redevelopment partnerships will end September

09:31:43 30th, 2011.

09:31:45 But I think we all know that it will not be the last we

09:31:47 hear from her.

09:31:51 Those are just a few of the things we did.

09:31:54 And we can't forget when she came here last year, I

09:31:59 think with a book this big of all of the partnerships

09:32:03 and projects that the University of South Florida had

09:32:07 done for East Tampa, just incredible amount of work,

09:32:11 and I am so glad that you are not going to ever retire,

09:32:19 and I know you will be here at least for another four

09:32:21 years, and I want to say, from the gunning, Evangeline

09:32:30 best has harbored a love for community service.

09:32:33 Her involvement has reached from participation in the

09:32:36 integration movement to chairman of the partnership

09:32:41 with innumerable recognitions.

09:32:46 [ Applause ]

09:32:48 >> Well, first of all, I want to apologize to you, that

09:33:03 you know why I was late, because that's not my style.

09:33:06 But I have another hidden jewel you are going to find

09:33:11 out about, that I was trying to make sure I brought her

09:33:13 with me.

09:33:15 But I just want to say thank you from the council.

09:33:22 Mary mentioned, if you recall when I first came aboard,

09:33:33 scared, did not know what I walked into, and you notice

09:33:36 I sat over there for about six months and just sat

09:33:39 there and looked at these people, some of you that I

09:33:42 did know, but many of you, a language that was being

09:33:45 given, like what did I say that I really volunteered to

09:33:49 walk into?

09:33:50 But one thing I would like to say to the community is

09:33:55 when you really know that you have been called to do

09:33:58 something, you don't have to worry about how it fits

09:34:01 together.

09:34:02 There are going to be people that's going to come into

09:34:04 your life that will help you.

09:34:05 And many of the council members, I did wait for I think

09:34:10 about six weeks or three months, because I didn't know

09:34:15 who these persons were, and I just wanted to be sure,

09:34:18 you know, I didn't have a hidden agenda.

09:34:20 I wanted you to know that I'm just here to really put

09:34:24 East Tampa on the map, and that was one of my goals, to

09:34:28 make sure that you knew that there are hidden jewels in

09:34:36 East Tampa that need to be tapped.

09:34:37 And when you have been born and bred in the community,

09:34:40 the one thing I had the support of the community, I had

09:34:42 the support of the city staff, and the support of my

09:34:45 families with me, but I had the support of you.

09:34:48 But I was on a mission, and I knew that East Tampa

09:34:52 needed to be recognized for all the good that it has in

09:34:55 it.

09:34:56 I can remember when councilman Miller said, she would

09:35:04 give you, you know, talking about East Tampa.

09:35:08 I took that as a challenge.

09:35:10 I am going to make sure that she will never have to say

09:35:13 that as long as I'm around.

09:35:14 She will know that I am nothing but promoting East

09:35:18 Tampa.

09:35:19 And I think with the efforts that we have done in East

09:35:21 Tampa, I would just like to say thank you, thank you,

09:35:27 thank you.

09:35:35 [ Applause ]

09:35:43 >> She is a retired educator, administrator.

09:35:46 And Evalina.

09:35:50 And that's my other twin.

09:35:56 And then the hidden jewel that you all will be meeting

09:35:58 shortly.

09:35:59 But that hi want to bring before you all today.

09:36:01 Again, there's another hidden jewel that I found in

09:36:06 East Tampa.

09:36:06 Thank you.

09:36:06 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Madam Chair, thank you very much.

09:36:10 Let me say Ms. Best, certainly you have served not only

09:36:14 East Tampa but you served the community well.

09:36:17 So you deserve the recognition today.

09:36:25 You got involved with the redevelopment area, and

09:36:29 working together, and because of your input and your

09:36:32 leadership, East Tampa has moved forward progressively,

09:36:37 doing well, and so I certainly want to thank you.

09:36:53 Thank you so much.

09:36:55 Words cannot really adequately express what I feel

09:37:00 about the hard work you have done, and Councilwoman

09:37:04 Mulhern is absolutely right, you are really, really a

09:37:06 hard worker.

09:37:08 So just thank you again.

09:37:09 Thank you again for what you do.

09:37:12 Many times people think it is the elected official, but

09:37:14 it's people like you who give of themselves and

09:37:17 volunteer that makes a big difference.

09:37:20 So I believe that without you and your support and your

09:37:24 help, we wouldn't be where we are now so thank you so

09:37:31 much for what you have done.

09:37:33 >>GWEN MILLER: And let me say just because you got

09:37:42 that commendation doesn't mean you are leaving.

09:37:47 There is still work to be done.

09:37:53 This is moving forward so you get another commendation.

09:37:56 I'll be gone, but I will still be in East Tampa.

09:38:02 You have some work to do.

09:38:03 >> Thank you.

09:38:07 [ Applause ]

09:38:20 I have one of my neighborhood association presidents.

09:38:22 I have worked her so hard.

09:38:26 They are now really involved.

09:38:28 I don't have to worry.

09:38:29 You know, they know that they have a responsibility for

09:38:32 East Tampa.

09:38:33 And even though Betty has a lot more to do today, she's

09:38:36 here with us.

09:38:37 Thank you.

09:38:37 >>GWEN MILLER: We now have public comment.

09:38:46 Anyone in the public that would like to speak, please

09:38:48 come up and speak now.

09:38:49 >> Good morning.

09:38:53 My name is Tanya Wideman.

09:38:55 I live at 3706 west Oklahoma.

09:39:04 I don't know how you did this every Thursday you all,

09:39:07 but anyway, God bless, even though he's not here.

09:39:10 I have a question about these water bills.

09:39:13 Okay.

09:39:14 I kind of figured out the water.

09:39:17 When I think I have got that figured out, what is this

09:39:20 issue with the wastewater?

09:39:23 I have three of my bills, and they all have the same

09:39:27 exact amount of water usage.

09:39:31 >>GWEN MILLER: I'm sorry to interrupt you but we

09:39:34 cannot talk about the water bill at CRA.

09:39:36 >> Okay, I'm sorry.

09:39:38 I apologize.

09:39:38 >>GWEN MILLER: That's okay.

09:39:39 >> Madam Chairman, members of the Community

09:39:52 Redevelopment Agency, I'm Al Davis, and I'm from the

09:39:59 East Tampa redevelopment area.

09:40:03 And before I proceed from that, Madam Chairman, I do

09:40:08 want to congratulate for Ms. Best for her hard work and

09:40:16 acknowledgment by you in East Tampa.

09:40:20 Madam Chairman, there's one thing that I need clarity

09:40:27 on, and that is who has the precedence concerning the

09:40:39 mothers of the DAC?

09:40:43 Is it the policy?

09:40:46 Is it the bylaws of neighborhood association or

09:40:50 neighborhood group?

09:40:55 You see, what I object served, and I begin that for

09:41:02 East Tampa is asking you to accept to receive and file

09:41:08 a slate of members of the community advisory committee.

09:41:20 I understand that there are indications in the

09:41:24 partnership bylaws that give the chairperson of that

09:41:33 partnership the authority to appoint members to the

09:41:39 community advisory committee, due to resignations,

09:41:45 death, et cetera.

09:41:46 That seems to be inconsistent with your policy or the

09:41:54 community advisory committee.

09:41:57 I have been informed by the manager of the East Tampa

09:42:01 redevelopment area that the bylaws of the partnership

09:42:09 takes precedence over your policy.

09:42:16 And if that be the case, Madam Chairman, I certainly

09:42:19 would appreciate the clarification.

09:42:21 Because I'm thinking that the policy of this agency

09:42:27 takes precedence.

09:42:30 If there's any conflict, then your policy governs.

09:42:36 Am I correct in that kind of thinking, Madam Chairman?

09:42:40 >>GWEN MILLER: Mr. Davis, I am going to let you meet

09:42:42 with Mr. Territo.

09:42:46 Will you meet with him after the meeting?

09:42:49 >> That will be fine, sir.

09:42:51 I appreciate it.

09:42:53 And thank you, Madam Chair.

09:42:55 >>GWEN MILLER: Thank you.

09:42:55 Would anyone else like to speak?

09:42:57 >>MARK HUEY: Item 6 is pretty special.

09:43:06 It something that we have not done before.

09:43:16 We have so many things that happen day to day here.

09:43:18 There are not many things that happen for the first

09:43:20 time.

09:43:21 But today we have a chance to be a part of something

09:43:23 that I think is pretty special.

09:43:25 Item 6, you heard about appointments to the advisory

09:43:30 committee in East Tampa.

09:43:32 We have had two resignations.

09:43:35 And so there are two recommendations coming before you

09:43:40 for replacement that has the support of the community.

09:43:46 So these folks have been recommended and they have been

09:43:49 voted on by the community, so they are coming to you

09:43:51 with that recommendation.

09:43:53 Well, what's so special about that, you might ask?

09:43:56 Well, one of them happens to be a high schooler at

09:44:01 Middleton high school.

09:44:02 And we have not had a representative of a high school

09:44:07 serve on our advisory committee before, and that's

09:44:10 what's pretty special.

09:44:12 So EBONY Smith is that person and she is here today.

09:44:21 You can see some information about her.

09:44:24 I hate to not give credit to the other person being

09:44:26 nominated.

09:44:28 The other person, Jay shore is coming to you as a

09:44:34 recommendation, he's representing quality INN suite,

09:44:37 and they served before on the advisory committee, and

09:44:39 they will be serving again with this person.

09:44:43 But, again, what's special is that we have a young

09:44:47 person here who want to give back to her community and

09:44:50 serve in this important way.

09:44:53 So she's the hidden jewel.

09:44:57 She's the hidden jewel that Ms. Best was talking about.

09:45:02 Great to have you here.

09:45:03 >> My name is Eboni Smith, and I go to Tampa Bay

09:45:09 technical high school.

09:45:10 I'm a senior.

09:45:11 And right now I currently hold a 500.

09:45:22 I do a lot of work around the community.

09:45:24 I am vice-president of the NAACP youth council of the

09:45:31 Hillsborough County chapter.

09:45:32 I am president of the East Tampa Youth Starlight of

09:45:35 Bethlehem, and I participate in numerous amount of

09:45:44 clubs around my school, in a church, in the SCLA, the

09:45:47 list goes on.

09:45:48 However, I was recommended by Ms. Best and the team

09:45:53 leadership club.

09:45:56 I'm very happy to be here today.

09:45:59 >>GWEN MILLER: But you know one thing? You made one

09:46:01 mistake. You should have stayed at Middleton.

09:46:04 That's a great school -- [ Laughter ]

09:46:20 >> I have to give you credit.

09:46:21 >> Congratulations.

09:46:23 And let me just say your parents have a lot to be proud

09:46:27 of.

09:46:28 You are a lovely young lady with a beautiful smile, and

09:46:36 that 5.0 G.P.A.

09:46:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I had a 1.25, 1.25, 1.25, 1.25.

09:46:42 That equals a five.

09:46:50 [ Laughter ]

09:46:51 >> But I want to encourage you, keep going the path you

09:46:55 are going and you have a bright future.

09:46:57 It great to see a young person involved in the

09:47:01 community and taking this step.

09:47:06 So thank you very much.

09:47:08 Very impressive.

09:47:09 You have a bright future.

09:47:10 You have a bright future.

09:47:13 >>CURTIS STOKES: EBONY, it's nice to see you again.

09:47:19 Great job.

09:47:20 Good work with what you are doing in NAACP, as Rev.

09:47:24 Scott said, you have a very bright future, and look

09:47:27 forward to working with you.

09:47:28 It's nice to see you again.

09:47:29 >> Thank you.

09:47:31 >> I just wanted to ask, do you know where you are

09:47:34 going to college?

09:47:35 >> Well, I have been accepted to Howard university in

09:47:38 Washington, D.C., University of Florida here in

09:47:42 Gainesville, Florida, and also FAMU.

09:47:52 >>GWEN MILLER: Now you are on the right track.

09:47:54 [ Laughter ]

09:47:54 >> I recently had an interview with Howard university.

09:48:02 >> I'm glad I asked.

09:48:04 Good luck.

09:48:05 And take the one that gives you the most scholarship.

09:48:07 >> Are your parents here today?

09:48:10 >> No, they can't make it.

09:48:12 They had to work.

09:48:14 They tried to come but they couldn't.

09:48:18 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Well, I know they are proud.

09:48:19 >>GWEN MILLER: I was just joking but you are a great

09:48:22 student, no matter what school you go to, and I am very

09:48:25 proud of you, and I know you will do well for everybody

09:48:29 in the City of Tampa.

09:48:30 We will keep up with you.

09:48:32 And be if you leave Tampa don't forget about us.

09:48:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: And come back.

09:48:38 We need leaders.

09:48:40 [ Applause ]

09:48:41 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved.

09:48:54 And I don't know, the other gentleman from -- not here.

09:49:00 All right.

09:49:00 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to approve

09:49:05 those two appointments.

09:49:06 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

09:49:08 Opposed nay.

09:49:09 Okay.

09:49:11 Mr. Huey.

09:49:12 >>MARK HUEY: I told you that would be pretty special.

09:49:19 Great.

09:49:20 Glad to have you.

09:49:23 I know you will provide some great leadership.

09:49:31 Item 7 and 8 have to do with small business information

09:49:34 center, presentations I gave to you in Drew Park, you

09:49:38 are creating the financial ability for that to go

09:49:42 forward in East Tampa, there's a program change in the

09:49:45 budget to allow to fund the extension.

09:49:49 >> Move approval.

09:49:52 >> Second.

09:49:52 >> I have a motion and second.

09:49:53 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

09:49:55 Opposed, nay.

09:49:56 >>MARK HUEY: Item 9 is just a small program change.

09:50:00 We had a little bit of money left over on a project

09:50:03 that we will dedicate to landscaping in the district.

09:50:06 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion?

09:50:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

09:50:12 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second.

09:50:15 Okay.

09:50:15 >>MARK HUEY: Number some.

09:50:19 Sod grant program in East Tampa, for the Boys and Girls

09:50:22 Club.

09:50:23 They are getting ready for some renovation of the Boys

09:50:26 and Girls Club there in East Tampa, and we are glad to

09:50:29 be able to come along side to help them do even a

09:50:33 little more on the exterior of their building.

09:50:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Move 10 and S 1, Madam Chair.

09:50:38 >>GWEN MILLER: We have a motion and second to move

09:50:41 some and S 1.

09:50:42 All in favor?

09:50:43 Opposed?

09:50:43 >>MARK HUEY: We are good.

09:50:46 Item 12 is a little amendment to the agreement you

09:50:52 approved last month on Envirofocus and the job training

09:50:57 program in East Tampa, to allow us to track the

09:50:59 progress a little longer.

09:51:01 >> So moved.

09:51:01 >> Second.

09:51:02 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

09:51:04 Opposed?

09:51:05 >> Again I want to thank you on that, Mr. Huey.

09:51:08 And also the work there, that's commendable, you and

09:51:18 the Envirofocus.

09:51:21 That's great.

09:51:22 Keep up the good work.

09:51:23 >>MARK HUEY: Item 13 is a property acquisition in East

09:51:26 Tampa.

09:51:28 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Did we vote on 12?

09:51:32 >>MARK HUEY: I thought we did.

09:51:35 I think we did vote on 12.

09:51:37 >> 13.

09:51:42 >>MARK HUEY: 13 is the property acquisition in East

09:51:44 Tampa.

09:51:46 >> Move approval.

09:51:47 >> Second.

09:51:47 >>GWEN MILLER: All in favor?

09:51:49 Opposed?

09:51:49 >>MARK HUEY: And the last item is a pretty large

09:51:52 undertaking, the production of our annual report.

09:51:56 We are required by the state to provide a financial

09:51:58 accountability for the state.

09:51:59 But we also do this report for the community to provide

09:52:02 an accountability over the progress that we made in

09:52:06 each of our redevelopment areas.

09:52:09 You have got a number of correspondences this month.

09:52:11 We presented the draft of it last month.

09:52:15 There were some tweaks we made in reviewing it.

09:52:18 We sent you some communication regarding that, as well

09:52:20 as the final copy that we will take to the printers.

09:52:27 It is at the printers.

09:52:28 We need you to approve and accept that report.

09:52:31 >>THOMAS SCOTT: So moved.

09:52:34 >>GWEN MILLER: I have a motion and second.

09:52:35 All in favor say Aye.

09:52:36 Opposed, nay.

09:52:37 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Question.

09:52:43 You all had a discussion with Mrs. White on 27th

09:52:47 Street?

09:52:50 You want to meet with her, because she said to me a few

09:52:52 days ago that they haven't talked to her.

09:52:58 >> Ed Johnson, manager, East Tampa redevelopment.

09:53:01 No, we have not, Chairman Scott.

09:53:02 We still do not have a project yet for that property.

09:53:05 We are meeting later this week with some potentials

09:53:11 that we are hoping to develop into a project.

09:53:13 So as soon as we have that meeting and we get a better

09:53:16 answer, whether it's going to move forward or not, then

09:53:19 I'll make contact.

09:53:20 I didn't want to make contact with her until --

09:53:23 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I thought we bought the property on

09:53:25 the other side of the house, though.

09:53:26 >> We are still working on that.

09:53:28 That's the property on the corner of 26th.

09:53:31 We haven't purchased it yet because we are doing our

09:53:34 due diligence on the environmental issues.

09:53:35 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Okay, all right.

09:53:37 >>GWEN MILLER: Other questions?

09:53:39 >>MARY MULHERN: I did have a question on that.

09:53:45 Is there a reason why you can't talk to her beforehand?

09:53:49 And this came up at our CRA meeting in East Tampa,

09:53:54 right?

09:53:54 She has the historic house?

09:53:56 >> That's correct.

09:53:57 But there's a relationship to a project.

09:53:59 And I just did not want to have conversations about

09:54:03 something that may or may not materialize at this

09:54:06 point.

09:54:07 I just don't want to give folks hope that there's going

09:54:12 to be something there that ends up being nothing.

09:54:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

09:54:16 I think what her concerns were, were more that you hear

09:54:20 her concerns before you enter into something as opposed

09:54:22 to -- you know, not that you would be promising

09:54:27 anything, but that you would hear what her concerns

09:54:30 were about having a historic property going forward.

09:54:35 >> You can meet with her and talk with her.

09:54:39 If there's anything there.

09:54:41 But you I don't want it to be in relationship to a

09:54:43 potential project, because that's one of the things

09:54:45 that I have heard from Ms. White in discussion that she

09:54:50 was looking to do something about a project basis on

09:54:55 her own, and I don't want that to end up being a

09:54:58 conflict with any potential project that might happen

09:55:00 on the property next door.

09:55:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:55:04 Maybe if you can just give her a call and get whatever,

09:55:06 you know, see if there's anything.

09:55:08 >> Okay, I will.

09:55:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:55:12 >>GWEN MILLER: That's it?

09:55:16 >>MARK HUEY: That's it.

09:55:17 >>GWEN MILLER: Motion to receive and file?

09:55:20 Motion and second to receive and file.

09:55:21 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

09:55:23 Opposed?

09:55:24 Any new business?

09:55:27 >>CURTIS STOKES: It's not CRA related but I won't be at

09:55:29 tonight's meeting.

09:55:30 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Councilman Miranda had to leave.

09:55:40 He asked me to read the third annual Tampa Touch a

09:55:49 Truck, Saturday, the 26th of March, 10 a.m. to 2

09:55:51 p.m.

09:55:56 MacFarlane Park on MacDill Avenue.

09:55:59 Proceeds to sponsor the Freedom Playground Foundation,

09:56:05 and Freedom Playground Foundation creates universally

09:56:07 designed parks and playgrounds for people of all ages

09:56:11 and abilities.

09:56:13 So this is coming from Mr. Spencer Kass, wants to make

09:56:18 sure that everybody is aware of this.

09:56:19 This will be the third annual Tampa Touch a Truck,

09:56:23 March 26th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and all proceeds

09:56:27 will go towards the Freedom Foundation for playground

09:56:33 equipment.

09:56:36 >>CURTIS STOKES: I would like to make a motion that we

09:56:38 ask the administration to postpone the contract

09:56:43 execution of the New Tampa Boulevard extension project

09:56:46 bridge until after the new administration and new mayor

09:56:47 and to ask the new mayor to get in touch so the

09:56:56 citizens can get an opportunity to get in touch with

09:56:56 the new mayor.

09:57:00 >>THOMAS SCOTT: I guess the question is, I don't know

09:57:05 if we can direct as CRA --

09:57:07 >> Wait till tonight?

09:57:08 Okay.

09:57:09 Thank you.

09:57:09 >>MARK HUEY: I want to say one thing as a way of thank

09:57:16 you.

09:57:18 Gwen, this will be your last time chairing the CRA.

09:57:21 Reverend Scott, our past CRA chair, just to thank you

09:57:24 both for the wonderful leadership that you provided to

09:57:27 the redevelopment agency.

09:57:29 Reverend Scott, when he came from the county, he

09:57:32 stepped into the leadership role in the redevelopment

09:57:35 agency, and just did a great job working to ramp up the

09:57:39 work that we are doing, and a lot of great leadership.

09:57:45 Since then Gwen has been as well providing steady

09:57:48 leadership for the redevelopment agency.

09:57:49 And we accomplished so much during both your terms.

09:57:52 So we will miss your leadership and thank you for it.

09:57:55 >> I just hope we don't go back to what we used to do,

09:58:00 that we continue to meet on a regular monthly basis

09:58:10 So now you have a set meeting and I hope the new

09:58:17 council don't revert back to that.

09:58:21 I think these are very informative, very helpful, and

09:58:27 thank you all.

09:58:29 The staff does an outstanding job.

09:58:32 And all those monthly meetings, quarterly meetings, to

09:58:35 meet with the citizens paid off.

09:58:38 And so again thank you so very much.

09:58:40 It was my pleasure to serve.

09:58:42 >>GWEN MILLER: I have enjoyed working with you, too,

09:58:45 Mr. Huey, and I know you are going to miss me.

09:58:48 [ Laughter ]

09:58:51 >>MARK HUEY: Absolutely.

09:58:53 We all will.

09:58:54 The whole team here.

09:58:55 Speaking on behalf of all the managers and everyone

09:58:58 that worked with you here.

09:58:59 >>GWEN MILLER: But keep up the good work with CRA

09:59:01 because a lot of work needs to be done, so the new

09:59:04 council, like Reverend Scott says, there's still a lot

09:59:09 of work to be done.

09:59:10 We need to continue to have the growth in the CRA.

09:59:13 I know it will be done.

09:59:17 Anything else?

09:59:17 >>MARK HUEY: We have some folks here that I want to

09:59:23 recognize for a minute.

09:59:24 We thank you for the work that you do in East Tampa.

09:59:26 And we are glad to be a part of it.

09:59:28 >>GWEN MILLER: Come up to the mike.

09:59:31 >> We have leased the old Boys and Girls Club next to

09:59:39 Cuscaden Park and we are ready to open it back up for

09:59:43 the neighborhood, and we are looking forward to the.

09:59:45 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Very good.

09:59:48 Thank you.

09:59:49 >>GWEN MILLER: Anything else?

09:59:52 Hugh if nothing else we stand adjourned till 5:01.

10:00:04 (The meeting adjourned at 10:01 a.m.)


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