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Community Redevelopment Agency
Thursday, April 14, 2011
9:00 a.m. Session


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08:58:16 >> Good morning.

09:02:03 The Community Redevelopment Agency board meeting is

09:02:08 called to order.

09:02:09 The Chair yields to board member Lisa Montelione.

09:02:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Chair Mulhern.

09:02:22 I'd like to bring to the podium, Quinton Robinson,

09:02:26 doing our invocation this morning.

09:02:28 Quinton is from the Kingdom Worship Center.

09:02:30 And a good friend of mine.

09:02:32 So I asked him to come this morning and give us the

09:02:34 invocation.

09:02:35 Quinton?

09:02:38 >> Let us bow our heads.

09:02:40 Father God, creator of the Heavens and Earth, who has

09:02:50 given life out of unending mercy, we thank you for the

09:02:53 ability to petition you for this day and those ahead.

09:02:56 We ask that you will grant wisdom, knowledge and above

09:03:00 all, understanding to our leaders here in City Council.

09:03:03 Father, surround them with your touch and give them

09:03:06 liberal souls to do that which is pleasing in your

09:03:08 sight.

09:03:08 Protect them and their families and bless them

09:03:11 abundantly, that they will have strength to serve those

09:03:14 of this city.

09:03:14 Father, inscribe compassion upon their hearts to hear

09:03:18 the cries of the downtrodden.

09:03:20 Give them clarity in mind and speech, with the

09:03:23 authority to speak over matters.

09:03:25 Father, bless your creation, bless this nation, and

09:03:28 guide us into path of peace.

09:03:31 It is in your master's name that we pray, Amen.


09:03:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:03:57 Before we start, I'd like to read a memo from the chair

09:04:02 of the Community Advisory Committee, Mr. Frank

09:04:06 Braddock, who was scheduled to be out of town several

09:04:11 days and unable to chair this meeting.

09:04:13 So, as vice chair, I'll be chairing.

09:04:16 And I'd like to introduce Mark Huey, who is going to

09:04:21 introduce our community -- our citizens advisory

09:04:25 community chairs.

09:04:27 Each of them.

09:04:28 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.

09:04:29 Mark Huey, economic development administrator.

09:04:32 First, on behalf of the staff, let me welcome the new

09:04:34 board members.

09:04:35 The Honorable Suarez, Honorable Cohen, Honorable

09:04:40 Montelione.

09:04:41 We appreciate you being here.

09:04:43 We are excited that you're part of the city's

09:04:45 redevelopment team now.

09:04:46 Your fellow board members should know that you have

09:04:49 been working very hard already in your roles.

09:04:51 They have each persevered through meetings with me, to

09:04:54 get up to speed on today's agenda.

09:04:56 And we appreciate that.

09:04:58 And our first order of business is --

09:05:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Is roll call.

09:05:03 Sorry.

09:05:04 You have to persevere with me chairing the meeting.

09:05:07 [ ROLL CALL ]

09:05:09 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:05:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:05:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:05:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:05:13 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:05:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:05:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

09:05:20 >>MARK HUEY: The board's custom every month is have a

09:05:22 representative of one of your redevelopment areas, one

09:05:25 of the chairs of the advisory committee, to be with you

09:05:27 and talk about their community.

09:05:29 Today, we have something special.

09:05:30 We've actually never done this before, where we have

09:05:33 had each of the advisory committee presidents here.

09:05:36 And for the benefit of the new board members, they

09:05:39 wanted to come and welcome you and introduce

09:05:40 themselves.

09:05:41 So, we'll have each of them come up.

09:05:43 One of them at a time.

09:05:45 We do have a couple that are still in transit.

09:05:47 I think they'll be here shortly.

09:05:48 But let's start with Diane Jacob, who is the chair of

09:05:52 the downtown advisory committee.

09:05:54 Diane?

09:05:57 >> Good morning.

09:05:58 Let me give you a little background on myself and why I

09:06:03 feel the CRA and this advisory committee is an

09:06:06 important thing to me.

09:06:07 I have been a long time looker in the downtown area.

09:06:13 And I'm with Tampa Bay and company, as senior

09:06:16 vice-president of marketing.

09:06:17 And we market this destination to the world.

09:06:20 And certainly the downtown area, and the exposure that

09:06:24 our visitors have to a great downtown is something of

09:06:27 interest to me.

09:06:28 And as of 4:30 this afternoon, if all goes well, I'll

09:06:33 be a homeowner in downtown Tampa.

09:06:35 So I have a lot of stake in what's going on here.

09:06:38 So let me tell you a little bit about what our issues

09:06:41 have been.

09:06:41 In the downtown core, we have looked to do things to

09:06:47 either incent events or to improve the experience in

09:06:49 the downtown.

09:06:50 And along the physical lines, what we have done is

09:06:53 provided funding -- excuse me, allergy season is still

09:06:59 upon us.

09:07:01 Provided funding for the signing program that is in

09:07:04 place now in downtown.

09:07:05 We have recommended implementation of pedestrian

09:07:07 recycling programs.

09:07:08 We have funded improved lighting in Gaslight Park

09:07:11 and -- I know that sounds strange, but it needed

09:07:16 additional lighting.

09:07:16 Refurbishment of Franklin Street and the decorative

09:07:19 lighting.

09:07:19 The funding of the rebuilding of Massey park.

09:07:22 The funding for the rebuilding of Curtis Hixon

09:07:26 Waterfront Park.

09:07:26 And then the funding for local government match for

09:07:29 work force housing projects.

09:07:31 Interesting thing, some of the infrastructure things we

09:07:35 have participated in, for instance, when there's been

09:07:37 events in Curtis Hixon Park, some of the things that

09:07:42 were taken out of the development of the new park, such

09:07:45 as electrical support for events and so forth, we have

09:07:49 actually funded the inclusion of those things once

09:07:52 again.

09:07:52 So that large events can happen and have the proper

09:07:56 electrical support.

09:07:57 In terms of program support, activating the downtown is

09:08:01 important to us.

09:08:02 And for two years now, we have supported the Twilight

09:08:05 Criterium, which was here recently, the bicyclers that

09:08:08 go through the streets of downtown in mad fashion.

09:08:12 ECO.lution, obviously, has to do with the sustainable

09:08:20 community and supporting that.

09:08:22 Art Loud, a cultural event, where there's sculptures

09:08:26 placed all over the downtown.

09:08:28 Friday Extra concert series for all the residents and

09:08:31 workers to enjoy.

09:08:33 The Tampa's downtown market, which happens on Fridays.

09:08:37 And then the world dragon boat races.

09:08:40 If you're not aware, the world is coming here for the

09:08:43 world dragon boat races in early August this year.

09:08:47 So, we're in great support of that, making sure that

09:08:50 all the paddlers who will be staying downtown will have

09:08:54 an enjoyable experience.

09:08:55 We have done a lot with not a lot of money.

09:08:57 And that's been our goal, is to incent new programs to

09:09:01 start.

09:09:02 And then to support them in such a fashion that over a

09:09:06 three-year period, we can remove our support and they

09:09:08 would be sustainable on their own.

09:09:10 And that's what we have been doing.

09:09:12 Any questions?

09:09:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks, Diane.

09:09:17 It's been a great year for you guys.

09:09:22 >>MARK HUEY: Next, Joe Amon, the chair of YCDC.

09:09:26 Joe?

09:09:28 >> Thank you, Mark.

09:09:33 Rather than go through the list of things that we have

09:09:35 done, want to welcome you all and invite you down to

09:09:40 Ybor and spend a little time with us.

09:09:42 We'll be happy to do a tour.

09:09:44 But, I want to tell you a little story.

09:09:47 It happened last week.

09:09:48 We brought the American Concrete Institute to Tampa,

09:09:53 1500 people from 20 countries.

09:09:56 That represent -- concrete is not the most exciting

09:10:01 thing.

09:10:02 But we had a good time.

09:10:03 I brought every one of them down to Ybor -- not every

09:10:06 one, but most down to Ybor City during the week's

09:10:08 period.

09:10:09 And to the person, they were amazed at the area that we

09:10:12 had down there.

09:10:13 And they comment -- I'm still getting e-mails about

09:10:17 their visits to Ybor City.

09:10:18 So, it's a very important area of our city and I

09:10:22 appreciate what you all have done for us.

09:10:24 And I know some of you all know a lot about Ybor.

09:10:28 And those of you that have not been down in Ybor, I'm

09:10:32 going to be contacting you and inviting you to come

09:10:35 with me and we'll walk down there.

09:10:37 And you get your choice, during the day or come with me

09:10:42 on a Friday or Saturday night.

09:10:43 Depends on what you like to do.

09:10:44 [ Laughter ]

09:10:46 >> Thank you.

09:10:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Joe, you can sign me up for the tour.

09:10:54 [ Laughter ]

09:10:58 >>MARK HUEY: Yeah, and for the record, we in the

09:11:05 redevelopment business love concrete.

09:11:07 [ Laughter ]

09:11:09 >>MARK HUEY: Next, our chair of the Channel District

09:11:14 advisory committee, Andy Scaglione.

09:11:17 Andy?

09:11:20 >> Good morning.

09:11:24 I've, the last three years, chaired the Channelside

09:11:29 district and had the privilege to work with Bob

09:11:32 McDermott and Mark Huey.

09:11:34 We have a very dedicated board.

09:11:36 Our attendance rate is over 95% of CRA board members,

09:11:41 advisory members.

09:11:43 And been involved for 28 years, is when I bought my

09:11:46 property out there.

09:11:48 Some of the things that we put out a monthly --

09:11:53 quarterly actually newsletter.

09:11:54 I'd like to pass it out.

09:11:56 We have monthly meetings that we get very, very well

09:12:10 attended from the neighborhood.

09:12:11 And we have introduced a neighborhood amenity incentive

09:12:16 program to attract retailers to the district.

09:12:21 We have recently provided funding for professional

09:12:23 theater in the neighborhood.

09:12:24 We purchased a site for a park.

09:12:27 Conduct neighborhood meetings to determine the design

09:12:31 of the park.

09:12:31 And now the park is under construction.

09:12:33 We had our ribbon cutting last month.

09:12:35 And looks -- will be completed by the fourth quarter of

09:12:38 this year.

09:12:39 We completed 491 feet of underground stormwater vault

09:12:46 to treat stormwater before it leaves the district.

09:12:49 We'll complete this month the rebuilding of Washington

09:12:52 Street with new stormwater, water waste infrastructure,

09:12:56 the burying of overhead power lines and new sidewalks,

09:12:59 paving and landscaping.

09:13:01 It's very important that we have kind of kept a balance

09:13:04 of doing with the park.

09:13:08 It's one thing to do a lot of infrastructure

09:13:12 underground, where the residents can't touch and feel

09:13:15 it.

09:13:15 With the park, they can go and touch it.

09:13:17 So we make sure that we have created a balance with

09:13:20 that, it's their money that we're spending, which we

09:13:23 very, very, are very fiscal responsible with the way we

09:13:28 spend money in our district, I can tell you.

09:13:30 Our next project will be the completion of the median

09:13:34 on Kennedy Boulevard, to enhance safety and provide

09:13:37 landscaping for the gateway of the roadway there.

09:13:41 I'll open up for any questions.

09:13:46 Thank you very much.

09:13:52 >>MARK HUEY: Next, we have from Drew Park, chair of the

09:13:56 advisory committee there, Maritza Astorquiza.

09:14:07 >> Good morning to all of you.

09:14:08 Drew Park, hopefully you're all familiar with it.

09:14:10 It's a jewel.

09:14:11 There's a lot of commerce in there, a lot of businesses

09:14:14 in there.

09:14:15 We also have our residential side.

09:14:17 We have been working quite a bit in getting new

09:14:19 projects started and working.

09:14:21 We have successfully implemented sidewalks and paving.

09:14:26 And we're on our way with our stormwater, which keep on

09:14:32 that, because it's probably a year and a half from our

09:14:35 kickoff overdue.

09:14:36 And we're back on track with that.

09:14:39 As far as the other things that have happened, you

09:14:41 might have heard of, is the adult usage.

09:14:44 We had enforcement, we had a partnership with the Tampa

09:14:48 Police Department that worked very well to help clean

09:14:52 up a little bit of some of the illegal activities that

09:14:54 were occurring in Drew Park.

09:14:55 And it's been very good.

09:14:58 I would say, for almost the last two years, it's been

09:15:01 improving and improving.

09:15:02 And we're doing very well.

09:15:04 We have just entered another partnership with the Tampa

09:15:06 Police Department, where we have been able to fund two

09:15:09 new bicycles to start a bicycle patrol program.

09:15:12 Very good as well.

09:15:13 And of course the facade program and very importantly,

09:15:18 we have also started a beautification program, where we

09:15:21 are looking at a plan to obviously beautify, but make

09:15:28 things that also functional and some quick turn-around

09:15:30 so we can start seeing, you know, some changes in Drew

09:15:32 Park visually as well.

09:15:34 Important thing I want to tell you about Drew Park is

09:15:37 all these programs are really good and they're needed.

09:15:40 But some of the background you need to know and maybe

09:15:43 the reason why there's a CRA, is there have been barely

09:15:47 any capital improvements in over 30 years in Drew Park.

09:15:50 That's not good.

09:15:52 So in the last few years, we have had some capital

09:15:56 improvements and we continue to have them.

09:15:58 But what's in Drew Park aside of the residential area,

09:16:00 which is very important, is also the commerce.

09:16:02 Redevelopment to me and to a lot of people in that park

09:16:07 does not mean shiny new buildings.

09:16:10 We are there already, we exist.

09:16:12 Though the commerce need support and especially in

09:16:14 these times.

09:16:15 So, I would urge you as you're thinking of Drew Park,

09:16:19 you put your business thinking cap on and say how

09:16:22 are -- how can we help these businesses first sustain,

09:16:27 stay around, because these businesses are mainly

09:16:30 family-owned businesses, multigeneration, a good

09:16:34 percentage are minority-owned businesses.

09:16:36 But very and most importantly, they're employing local

09:16:39 people.

09:16:40 And it's having an impact in our local economy.

09:16:45 We need support to keep growing the existing

09:16:49 businesses.

09:16:50 Of course we'll welcome new ones as well.

09:16:52 But redevelopment is not always big new buildings.

09:16:54 We exist already, so we want to grow.

09:16:57 It's an important part of the city to have a commerce

09:16:59 area.

09:17:00 We all know the old saying that the backbone of the

09:17:03 United States of America was built on small businesses.

09:17:06 So, thank you very much.

09:17:07 I look forward to working with you all and to seeing

09:17:10 you in Drew Park, because if I recall, it's been some

09:17:14 time or never that we have seen the CRA in Drew Park,

09:17:16 and I think you guys are up next to be there when you

09:17:20 come and visit us.

09:17:22 So we look forward to seeing you and hosting you in

09:17:24 Drew Park.

09:17:24 Thank you.

09:17:29 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you, Maritza.

09:17:30 And now Barry Selinski.

09:17:33 Barry is the chair of the advisory committee for the

09:17:37 Tampa Heights redevelopment area.

09:17:43 >> Hello, and I appreciate you welcoming me.

09:17:49 But actually, I want to welcome you, because several of

09:17:54 you are new members, and I think I speak for many, many

09:18:01 people when I say that we're very pleased that the city

09:18:05 is in good hands right now.

09:18:06 A little bit about me.

09:18:11 Although I'm a member of the Tampa Heights Riverfront

09:18:18 CRA advisory committee and the chair of it, I actually

09:18:23 do not live in the Tampa Heights neighborhood.

09:18:26 I live in the Riverside Heights neighborhood.

09:18:28 When the advisory committee was set up, it was set up

09:18:37 so that there would be representation from surrounding

09:18:41 neighborhoods because there was a recognition that once

09:18:47 things actually start to happen there in a big way,

09:18:50 that the impact of it will be felt beyond the confines

09:18:55 of the very small area in which it's going to be taking

09:18:59 place.

09:19:00 In my day job, I do civil rights advocacy for people

09:19:11 with disabilities.

09:19:17 As a community volunteer, I'm a member of the Riverside

09:19:20 Heights Civic Association.

09:19:22 And a member of the board of WMNF.

09:19:28 So I'm a busy guy for someone with two toddlers running

09:19:32 around.

09:19:33 But I balance it all.

09:19:34 In terms of our CRA area itself, the big accomplishment

09:19:48 in the last couple of years has been the building of

09:19:52 the Beck building, which is a really wonderful green,

09:20:01 high-tech, up-to-date office building.

09:20:06 And to be quite frank about it, other than that, the

09:20:10 area has struggled quite a bit.

09:20:12 Unlike many of the other areas, the city entered into a

09:20:19 development agreement with a single developer, and when

09:20:26 the economy and the real estate, economy in particular,

09:20:32 tanked, it's been very difficult to get things to

09:20:37 happen there.

09:20:38 One of the things that we are focused on is something

09:20:45 that we as a committee can have an impact on, which is

09:20:51 not always, you know, attracting development capital,

09:20:55 but what we can do is make the area more attractive for

09:21:00 development.

09:21:00 One way in which to do that is to make sure that

09:21:07 improvements are made to the public park in the area,

09:21:12 which is Waterworks Park.

09:21:13 And we have asked that the TIF money that was scheduled

09:21:24 for other infrastructure and bond payments, since there

09:21:29 are no bond payments, we thought let's put it into the

09:21:33 park.

09:21:33 And so, there's a lot of work that's going on now with

09:21:40 planning for getting the park improvements made,

09:21:43 getting the Riverwalk completed through that area,

09:21:47 which we hope will act as a magnet and help spur some

09:21:52 further redevelopment.

09:21:56 We'll be in front of you with some specific proposals

09:22:00 for how to spend money to get the park improvements

09:22:06 made.

09:22:07 And we certainly will be asking for your support at

09:22:11 that time.

09:22:11 There's a lot of activity that does go on in the

09:22:18 existing buildings that are there, the historic

09:22:21 buildings, the old armature building in particular

09:22:27 houses a lot of public events.

09:22:29 And we certainly invite any of you to come any time and

09:22:35 participate or if you want a tour or more specific

09:22:40 information, just let us know and we'll be happy to

09:22:46 make sure that you learn whatever you need to know.

09:22:49 Thanks much.

09:22:56 >>MARK HUEY: From our Central Park redevelopment area,

09:22:58 where the Encore project is now under construction, we

09:23:02 have Steven Foster.

09:23:07 >> Good morning.

09:23:12 I believe the citizens of the city have spoken very

09:23:17 well by your presence.

09:23:18 And I wanted to welcome you.

09:23:19 And say that I look forward to working with you all in

09:23:22 the future.

09:23:23 I think your predecessors have done a very good job and

09:23:26 I'm confident that you will carry that on.

09:23:27 Encore is progressing nicely and we look forward to

09:23:31 reincorporating and reassimilating that community back

09:23:35 into the overall area.

09:23:36 I have the privilege of working with GTE Federal Credit

09:23:40 Union.

09:23:41 By our presence, I believe we have spoken very loudly

09:23:43 of our commitment in support of the area and that we

09:23:45 look forward as a, our own community, to further

09:23:50 support and enhance the redevelopment of our particular

09:23:53 CRA.

09:23:54 Again, I want to thank you for your work and look

09:23:56 forward to working with you in the future.

09:24:03 >>MARK HUEY: And then lastly, that in the important

09:24:09 clean-up role, Ms. Evangeline Best, who works very hard

09:24:14 as the Chair of the East Tampa Revitalization

09:24:18 Partnership and serves as the chairperson of the

09:24:21 advisory committee.

09:24:22 Ms. Best?

09:24:26 >> Good morning.

09:24:27 And I'm going to say welcome, but I also want to say to

09:24:33 you, I offer you first, come to East Tampa, because I

09:24:38 can't stand here and tell you the good stuff that's

09:24:41 going on in East Tampa.

09:24:42 We do offer bus services to you.

09:24:46 One of the other jobs that I do is that I do bus tours.

09:24:51 And I take you through the ten different neighborhoods

09:24:54 that we have.

09:24:55 That are very active.

09:24:57 And it opens your eyes in terms of all the progress

09:25:01 that has been done by the different neighborhoods.

09:25:05 I have before you some of the progress, over 36 things

09:25:12 that was shared with me, and I will be standing here

09:25:17 for a while.

09:25:18 And I don't want the senior persons like Mary and

09:25:26 Miranda to, and Yvonne, to go to sleep on me.

09:25:31 They told me I do better when I don't come with my

09:25:34 prepared report because I usually come with, like this,

09:25:38 so for you that are new, I want you to know, I'm very

09:25:43 detailed in my presentation.

09:25:45 Because I believe in what's going on in East Tampa.

09:25:47 We are unique in the sense that we have a very active,

09:25:54 very active community group.

09:25:56 And when you see me standing here on a monthly basis,

09:26:00 many times, I have been through what we call the

09:26:03 monthly meeting with the CAC group.

09:26:06 Then we have to have a monthly meeting with our

09:26:09 community group every month.

09:26:11 Every month.

09:26:12 So you're welcome to join us on that part.

09:26:14 Nothing goes, come to you without going through those

09:26:19 two different levels.

09:26:20 We have another layer that is unique to East Tampa.

09:26:23 We have what we call standing committees.

09:26:26 And they too meet.

09:26:27 So, for those of us that sit on the CAC and then the

09:26:33 ETCRP and then the -- believe me, you know, we have a

09:26:38 good check and balance.

09:26:39 I would like to just tell you why I do what I do as

09:26:43 Chair.

09:26:43 I was born and reared in East Tampa.

09:26:46 And when I said born in, I was born at home.

09:26:49 So, I know nothing else but East Tampa.

09:26:53 I worked in the school system for 36 years, only in

09:26:57 East Tampa.

09:26:58 So, I know East Tampa real well.

09:27:01 The thing that people say, well, why do you do these

09:27:06 extra things?

09:27:06 Well, first of all, East Tampa has taken care of me.

09:27:10 And I just feel that I'm giving back.

09:27:12 I'm now retired and have the time, and it is a 24-hour

09:27:17 ministry for me, what I'm doing.

09:27:20 Okay?

09:27:20 The thing that I would like for you to also remember

09:27:23 about East Tampa is that we refer to it as hidden

09:27:29 jewels.

09:27:30 And the only way you're going to really know what's

09:27:33 going on, you have to get to know the people.

09:27:34 And we welcome you to our meetings.

09:27:36 We welcome you to become a part of us.

09:27:38 And when we come to you, with issues, believe me, it

09:27:42 speaks from the community.

09:27:43 We are very grassroots.

09:27:45 We have learned that by getting involved and showing up

09:27:51 in numbers, we have very active -- just this past

09:27:56 Tuesday, we had over 67 persons in attendance at our

09:28:00 regular monthly meeting.

09:28:03 That is not unusual, because when we have our Tampa

09:28:06 City Council meetings, and you will be welcome there,

09:28:09 we pack the house for you.

09:28:10 You will have people talking to you.

09:28:12 The other thing I would like for you to know about East

09:28:15 Tampa is that every one of the economic development

09:28:20 improvements that have happened in East Tampa, first

09:28:23 started from the community.

09:28:26 We have an approved strategic plan that it took us more

09:28:31 than four years to get through, because every time, you

09:28:35 know, you get to the point, there's another group come

09:28:37 in and say no, you got to go back and review.

09:28:41 So when we got it approved and brought to you, it will

09:28:44 be worked out real good.

09:28:45 And we follow that.

09:28:47 We just don't think off the top of our heads.

09:28:50 We follow the plan.

09:28:51 I would like to go on record for the staff.

09:28:56 If you hear the layers of meetings and how we check and

09:29:01 balance ourselves, that puts an extra burden on the

09:29:05 staff.

09:29:06 And I would like to go on record to Ed and the staff

09:29:09 and say, thank you for being patient with us.

09:29:12 But, we're learning.

09:29:14 And once we found out how we could get things done, we

09:29:18 do like to make sure that all the I's are dotted and

09:29:22 the T's are crossed.

09:29:24 We do keep coming back to them, so they have a real

09:29:28 group that really makes them have to work a little

09:29:30 extra.

09:29:30 I'm not saying the other groups don't.

09:29:32 But we get our money's worth out of what we get from

09:29:35 them, believe me.

09:29:36 We get our money's worth.

09:29:38 But I want to focus on some of the real good things

09:29:40 that has happened in East Tampa.

09:29:42 And when I say that, we had what we call a

09:29:46 get-acquainted time, that we felt that the, some of the

09:29:51 members that was on the CAC were not really in tune

09:29:54 with the neighborhoods.

09:29:55 So we had what we had, just to get acquainted.

09:29:58 And we invited many of the City Council members.

09:30:03 And what they did, and many times when you come to our

09:30:04 meetings, we do not want you to come thinking that we

09:30:07 might not even recognize you.

09:30:08 We want you to listen.

09:30:10 Just sit and listen to what is being said from the

09:30:14 community.

09:30:15 So when we come to you, you say, yeah, I remember them

09:30:18 saying that.

09:30:18 And that's how we really think that's unique about our

09:30:21 group.

09:30:22 The other thing that has been, I will say great about

09:30:26 our group, is that when we have these economic

09:30:29 improvements and I would have to talk about the

09:30:33 22nd Street enhancement.

09:30:36 That we just -- we're so happy.

09:30:38 We are very happy to see what has happened there, from

09:30:42 Martin Luther King to Lake Avenue.

09:30:43 But we have also gone down Lake Avenue from 29th Street

09:30:48 to 15th Street.

09:30:49 These are the beautification.

09:30:50 We're getting ready now to move forward to go up

09:30:54 22nd Street even more.

09:30:55 But these are things that have made the community want

09:30:58 to come together now, because they can see things.

09:31:01 They really can see improvements.

09:31:03 All our neighborhoods can say and can come here and

09:31:07 say, we have had improvements in our neighborhood.

09:31:10 Many of the streets have been resurfaced.

09:31:13 We have had all our sidewalks resurfaced.

09:31:19 Around our schools.

09:31:20 And when -- I don't want you to go to sleep on me.

09:31:25 But we have gone on and on.

09:31:27 But we have been around now for eight years.

09:31:29 And we challenge ourselves to take it to another level.

09:31:34 We listen to the community.

09:31:36 We can't, you know, do everything, but we have learned

09:31:38 how to partner.

09:31:39 And we have learned how to get other grants.

09:31:41 And we have learned that the TIF funds is not

09:31:44 everything.

09:31:44 And these are things that I will say are lessons

09:31:47 learned for us.

09:31:48 Are there any questions?

09:31:49 Thank you.

09:31:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you very much.

09:32:00 >>MARK HUEY: You got a great team of community leaders

09:32:02 out there.

09:32:03 And one of the joys of the work that we do is being

09:32:08 able to work with such capable and passionate

09:32:11 volunteers, who care so much for growing and improving

09:32:16 their communities.

09:32:17 So we appreciate that you each took time to come down

09:32:20 this morning and be with us.

09:32:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Huey, since we have such a long

09:32:25 presentation, maybe we could have a brief one on your,

09:32:28 the monthly.

09:32:29 >> MARK HUEY: I don't know what I could add to what all

09:32:32 of them have said.

09:32:33 I just want to do one thing.

09:32:35 Again, for the benefit of the new board members, just

09:32:39 to introduce a couple of the staff, the managers, so

09:32:41 you can place some names with faces.

09:32:45 First, Bob McDonaugh.

09:32:48 Bob heads up our Downtown and Channel District

09:32:50 redevelopment.

09:32:50 Ed Johnson, heads up East Tampa redevelopment.

09:32:57 Vince Pardo, heads up Ybor City.

09:32:58 Jeanette Fenton heads up Drew Park.

09:33:06 Also you should know, many of you all will be involved

09:33:09 in West Tampa.

09:33:10 Jeanette is our liaison in West Tampa even though they

09:33:14 don't have a redevelopment area.

09:33:15 And another representative, Michael Hatchett, who is

09:33:18 representing me today at a meeting and couldn't be

09:33:21 here.

09:33:21 But he has Heights and Central Park.

09:33:24 So those are our redevelopment managers.

09:33:28 Then we have a couple of other staff.

09:33:29 Michelle VanLoan is here.

09:33:32 Michelle works in Drew Park and East Tampa.

09:33:34 Brenda Thrower works in Ybor City.

09:33:37 And my assistant Lara is here, who keeps us all going

09:33:41 day to day.

09:33:42 Keeps us out of trouble.

09:33:43 So they're all here to work with you and always

09:33:45 available to you to answer questions and assist you in

09:33:49 any way they can.

09:33:52 >>MARY MULHERN: All right.

09:33:56 >>MARK HUEY: Next item on the agenda is an item

09:34:01 relating to Ybor City.

09:34:02 For the past five years, we have been involved in some

09:34:08 marketing work there, and this item relates to a

09:34:10 contract that would continue the work that we have been

09:34:13 doing there with the community.

09:34:15 To proactively promote all of the cultural,

09:34:19 entertainment, restaurant, retail, residential

09:34:23 amenities and attractions in the district.

09:34:25 This item typically, when a contract is coming before

09:34:31 Council, we take the time to brief you about that

09:34:34 upcoming contract at the CRA meeting.

09:34:37 We didn't do that for this contract.

09:34:39 The vice chair asked us to do that for this and we're

09:34:43 glad to do that.

09:34:45 So there were a couple of questions that came from the

09:34:47 vice chair, and Vince Pardo is here to address those

09:34:50 questions.

09:34:51 And Vince, if you would come up.

09:34:54 Thank you.

09:34:55 >>VINCE PARDO: Thank you very much.

09:34:58 Vince Pardo, Ybor development.

09:35:00 Congratulations again and look forward to working with

09:35:03 each and every one of you.

09:35:04 This service we have had for the last five years, going

09:35:10 back to the early 2000s, I came to this position in

09:35:13 1999 from Hillsborough County government.

09:35:15 Ybor is my old neighborhood, so I'm very well-versed.

09:35:19 Been there quite sometime and seen the good and the

09:35:21 bad, the eclectic going through.

09:35:24 And coming into the position realized, what you're

09:35:26 dealing with a lot of times, you realize being there

09:35:28 every day, the benefits and all the cultural aspects.

09:35:32 We have school kids there every day of the week when

09:35:35 school is in session.

09:35:36 But if you just read the media or heard the media, you

09:35:38 don't get that flavor of what's happening on a 24/7

09:35:41 economy, which Ybor really is merged to be.

09:35:45 So we realized we needed to do something to kind of get

09:35:48 the rest of the story out, other than what was

09:35:51 happening three nights a week, from midnight to 4:00 in

09:35:55 the morning.

09:35:55 And that was branding Ybor, unfortunately, for the rest

09:35:58 of the 24/7 experience, in doing that.

09:36:01 Because of that, we looked at and we modified the 1988

09:36:06 CRA plan to allow for marketing services to be able to

09:36:09 take place.

09:36:10 We also entered into a visioning process, engaging many

09:36:14 meetings with the community.

09:36:15 And came up with a branding of what the future of Ybor

09:36:19 should be.

09:36:20 And sometimes I liken my job to herding cats.

09:36:24 A lot of creative people in Ybor.

09:36:26 A lot of times, their thoughts are not always together.

09:36:29 So our job is kind of bring them together, find a

09:36:32 consensus.

09:36:32 And that's what we bring to you on a monthly basis here

09:36:35 and on a daily basis on just what we do.

09:36:38 You'll find that for CRA managers.

09:36:40 A big part of our job is bringing consensus from a

09:36:43 diverse community and players in a community and doing

09:36:46 that.

09:36:46 We did that.

09:36:47 We had bar owners and restaurant owners, the cultural

09:36:50 societies and the neighborhood associations, and if you

09:36:53 haven't seen the ad, it's on our web site.

09:36:55 Be glad to give you hard copies.

09:36:57 But we have a vision plan that we just modified it

09:37:00 again this past year, to give more emphasis to Ybor CRA

09:37:04 2, my second CRA, which is primarily the residential.

09:37:07 But more emphasis on the residential development and

09:37:10 future for Ybor.

09:37:11 That experience has gone through, we then entered,

09:37:15 issued an RFP for marketing services.

09:37:18 And as a result of that, ChappellRoberts, Ben Roberts

09:37:21 and Deanne Roberts and Roberts Communications, now

09:37:25 ChappellRoberts, was awarded the bid and has been our

09:37:28 marketing firm the last five years.

09:37:30 We started off from scratch, with the creative work, we

09:37:32 did branding, many needs of the community on coming up

09:37:35 with a brand of Ybor, of what we are.

09:37:37 And if you have dealt with that arena at all, it's for

09:37:40 some people, it was strictly an entertainment district.

09:37:43 And for others it was purely a historic district, with

09:37:46 daytime activities.

09:37:48 And if you know Ybor at all, it is a combination of

09:37:50 both.

09:37:50 And we needed to come up with a brand that met that.

09:37:53 In fact, our tag line was flavor to suit any taste

09:37:57 because I used to tell people, my father, my son or

09:38:00 myself, we were all in Ybor City every week.

09:38:02 May be different hours of the day or night, and for

09:38:05 different things, but there was something there for all

09:38:07 of us.

09:38:07 And that's really key of getting that eclectic message

09:38:12 out about Ybor.

09:38:13 We went through that process.

09:38:15 I think it's been, went very well.

09:38:17 We have had a lot of success as far as coming back with

09:38:20 those.

09:38:21 If we had the time, we'd do testimonials from

09:38:25 merchants, how they're seeing customers and

09:38:27 demographics change.

09:38:28 But, we are here today, we did have a contract.

09:38:31 The five-year contract is, was completed.

09:38:34 We issued another, another RFP for continuation of

09:38:40 services.

09:38:40 And as we went through that, we did get through the

09:38:45 city's purchasing department and through that process,

09:38:50 Mercury Productions.

09:38:51 They came out as the award agent.

09:38:54 That is a process, where we have city staff people from

09:38:58 diverse backgrounds that are getting us.

09:39:01 We had six respondents to the RFP.

09:39:03 And Mercury was identified as the one to recommend to

09:39:06 City Council.

09:39:06 Going through that -- we went through that process.

09:39:11 Let me just, as we go through this, we had, had this on

09:39:15 your agenda, as Mark said last meeting, it is coming up

09:39:19 again next Tuesday.

09:39:20 So we'll fully understand some of the issues coming

09:39:23 about with that.

09:39:24 The budget for this is a budget, started out with

09:39:27 $200,000 budget five years ago.

09:39:30 We reduced that budget because of the reduction in the

09:39:32 TIF to 175 last year.

09:39:35 So if you look at that budget that's in there for the

09:39:38 first year, it is really the remainder, the remainder

09:39:41 for Ybor 1 of $100,000.

09:39:44 What we anticipate having by the time we get to

09:39:47 contract.

09:39:47 And a special one-time allocation for Ybor 2 to develop

09:39:50 a residential marketing program.

09:39:55 For people to live in Ybor as well as develop in Ybor.

09:39:58 That is a one-time expense.

09:40:00 After that, you'll see $175,000 proposed budget, I say

09:40:04 proposed because it's up to you to approve that budget

09:40:06 for fiscal year '12 and '13.

09:40:08 For those additional years.

09:40:11 Important to note that those figures are estimates.

09:40:14 My board, Joe Amon and Ybor Development Corporation and

09:40:18 our budget committee will go through as we look at the

09:40:21 numbers.

09:40:21 And come up with a recommended budget.

09:40:23 They opted on their own to cut it last year because of

09:40:26 reductions.

09:40:26 It could be 150 this year.

09:40:28 We don't know.

09:40:29 But important thing is that we and this body are not

09:40:33 locked into those budget figures.

09:40:35 If they wanted more money, we'd come back to you on

09:40:38 that.

09:40:38 The contract is for that upset limit.

09:40:41 So we're not locked in.

09:40:43 I want to make sure the new members realize they're

09:40:45 approving the contract.

09:40:46 Very important point in understanding that.

09:40:48 And that is a very fluid way as we go through there.

09:40:52 I do want to recognize past chairman, person of our

09:40:57 board directors, and has been since day one and

09:41:00 continues to be, thankfully, very strong marketing

09:41:03 professional in the city of Tampa.

09:41:04 Veronica Swiatek.

09:41:07 Veronica has been with a variety of positions in the

09:41:12 professional field.

09:41:13 Continues to be a great resource.

09:41:15 One of the strong benefits of coming through this has

09:41:17 been the development of very strong marketing

09:41:19 committee.

09:41:20 We have merchants and we have professionals sitting

09:41:22 together monthly.

09:41:24 And we have a lot of meetings -- a lot of volunteer

09:41:29 hours out there.

09:41:30 Those professionals coming together monthly to review

09:41:32 the plan that was developed.

09:41:33 We tweaked the plan every year as we go through our

09:41:36 evaluation process.

09:41:38 Started out doing billboards.

09:41:40 Everybody wants billboards.

09:41:42 Not working.

09:41:42 Last year we produced a 30-second commercial on cable

09:41:45 TV.

09:41:46 We have had more feedback on that one 30-second

09:41:49 commercial than anything we have done so far.

09:41:51 Print media, electronic media.

09:41:54 As we go through, we tweak.

09:41:55 We look at who our target audience is, where are they

09:41:59 living in Ybor City?

09:41:59 And going forward.

09:42:00 Other important factors, as we come together with other

09:42:03 resources in Ybor, tourist development tax dollars.

09:42:06 Go for marketing Ybor to the Ybor City chamber.

09:42:10 They're required to market outside of a 50-mile area.

09:42:13 Our program was specifically developed, specifically

09:42:16 developed for local community.

09:42:18 We found they were the hardest nut to crack.

09:42:20 Tourists love coming to Ybor.

09:42:23 International tourists do.

09:42:26 It's the locals reading the press that were staying

09:42:29 away.

09:42:30 That is our target audience.

09:42:32 The other thing is key to remember about our program,

09:42:35 is it's not designed to market any individual business.

09:42:39 We market the district.

09:42:41 The district.

09:42:43 Come to Ybor City.

09:42:44 Let me put it a different way.

09:42:45 Come to our mall.

09:42:46 Okay.

09:42:47 The mall has individual -- that's up to those people to

09:42:51 market the amphitheater.

09:42:54 And Laughing Cat Restaurant and those kinds of things.

09:42:56 We market Ybor City.

09:42:57 We want it clean, safe, easy to park.

09:43:02 That's our mission.

09:43:03 That's what we are doing there.

09:43:04 Once there, then they have a lot of variety of things

09:43:06 to offer and do in there.

09:43:08 I wanted to also introduce as we're coming up with

09:43:14 this, Missy Hurley.

09:43:18 And Missy and anyone from the team.

09:43:23 Note your presence.

09:43:24 Bill McQueen, with Mercury could not be here today.

09:43:27 He had a production schedule.

09:43:29 Thank you very much.

09:43:30 And they're here and these are our consultants.

09:43:33 A great team.

09:43:34 As they put that together.

09:43:36 Now, what I identified was, there were two questions

09:43:39 that particularly were asked.

09:43:40 Number one was the valuation of our marketing.

09:43:44 And number two was on the contract.

09:43:46 As we went through, as we have done several things in

09:43:50 the past and as we have identified from Mercury, some

09:43:52 of the parameters of the evaluation they have proposed

09:43:55 are, current and future perceptions of Ybor City.

09:43:58 Attendance at special events.

09:44:00 Customer focus groups.

09:44:02 Business owner interviews and data reports.

09:44:04 District traffic and parking patterns.

09:44:07 Media reports and stories.

09:44:09 Social media feedback.

09:44:11 Those are the things that they have proposed in their

09:44:14 proposal as we go forward with this contract, for

09:44:18 potentially if all renewals are exhausted for another

09:44:23 five years with this particular vendor.

09:44:24 The second thing identified was, what you have before

09:44:26 you is a two-year contract with three one-year

09:44:30 renewals.

09:44:31 The question was asked, could we have a one-year

09:44:33 contract, have an evaluation and then go forward with

09:44:36 renewals after that?

09:44:37 That in fact, I have talked twice with the director.

09:44:43 That in fact would violate our RFP.

09:44:45 We would have to go back and readvertise because they

09:44:48 responded to certain criteria the city put out there in

09:44:50 doing that.

09:44:51 Is it impossible to do?

09:44:52 No.

09:44:53 Is it our preference?

09:44:54 We have a contractor that's kind of doing things, our

09:44:58 old contractor, as-requested basis.

09:45:01 But we'd like to get started with our new contract and

09:45:03 go forward.

09:45:04 I did identify though, and want you to feel

09:45:06 comfortable, in the existing contract, there is a

09:45:09 cancellation for, within ten days, with cause, and 30

09:45:13 days without cause.

09:45:14 So, we can very clearly put in there a parameter that

09:45:18 12 months after approval of this contract, we want to

09:45:21 report on your evaluation.

09:45:23 We want a report on the benefits of what this program

09:45:27 is.

09:45:27 Provide that to you and let you make the decision

09:45:29 whether you think it's sufficient or not and you can

09:45:32 either -- we can either put more constraints on, if you

09:45:34 think it's totally off the wall, say, we want out of

09:45:37 this contract, we don't feel like we can do it

09:45:39 sufficient.

09:45:40 So, we and the board, the city is very well protected.

09:45:43 And that comes from the staff with YCDC, with Mark's

09:45:45 department and the purchasing department.

09:45:48 We think we're protected with the existing language, to

09:45:52 get to the same end as far as having an evaluation at

09:45:53 12 months.

09:45:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:45:58 I read through the whole contract.

09:46:03 I'm impressed with the team.

09:46:04 I don't have a problem with that.

09:46:06 And I think, you know, it's a good project.

09:46:12 My -- and you've answered some of my questions, but

09:46:17 basically, I guess -- remind me, when was the first

09:46:23 marketing contract, the Roberts one?

09:46:28 When was that?

09:46:30 >> That was in two?

09:46:32 >> 2005.

09:46:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:46:35 So 2005, that was actually before even Charlie and I

09:46:39 were on Council.

09:46:40 So the Council before the last Council, approved that

09:46:43 contract.

09:46:44 And how long was that contract for?

09:46:46 >> Five years.

09:46:47 >>MARY MULHERN: A five-year contract.

09:46:48 Okay.

09:46:48 So, I just want to kind of bring that out, since my

09:46:52 questions about this are, arrive because of the fact

09:46:57 that I didn't, you know -- that original contract

09:47:01 wasn't, didn't come in front of the CRA board.

09:47:04 The CRA board did approve the budget for this current

09:47:15 year.

09:47:16 >> Yes.

09:47:17 >> For $175,000, for marketing, right?

09:47:20 >> Correct.

09:47:21 >>MARY MULHERN: And that was just part of the budget

09:47:22 that was marketing.

09:47:25 So a new contract is a separate issue?

09:47:28 >> 175 for Ybor 1 and the residential marketing for

09:47:31 Ybor 2.

09:47:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

09:47:33 What, in this contract, how much of the revenue is

09:47:40 coming out of Ybor 1 and how much is coming out of Ybor

09:47:44 2?

09:47:45 >> For the remainder of this fiscal year, we have

09:47:48 estimated, by the time we get to contract, we'll have,

09:47:51 of the 175, which you approve, we should have about a

09:47:54 hundred thousand dollars balance.

09:47:55 So we have the hundred thousand dollars from Ybor 1 and

09:47:58 the one-time, 54,000 to develop a residential marketing

09:48:02 program for Ybor 2.

09:48:03 In the future years, it is only Ybor 1, you'll only see

09:48:09 that in Ybor 1 budget and we have projected

09:48:11 continuation of the 175,000.

09:48:13 Again, that is subject to committee's recommendations

09:48:16 to you and your adoption of the budget.

09:48:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:48:18 So -- and how much is the Ybor 2's TIF revenue for say

09:48:27 this last year?

09:48:29 >> This past year, approximately $400,000.

09:48:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:48:36 >> That recommendation came very strongly from the

09:48:38 neighborhood associations.

09:48:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:48:40 And they all agreed to this?

09:48:42 >> Oh, yes.

09:48:43 >>MARY MULHERN: All right.

09:48:43 So here is what I am not comfortable with.

09:48:50 I appreciate I think all of those measurements you

09:48:56 talked about, are great.

09:48:58 Or those methods to measure, right?

09:49:00 >> Correct.

09:49:01 >>MARY MULHERN: But I think if we don't have a baseline

09:49:05 measurement, or measurement -- I know it's not simple,

09:49:09 it's complex.

09:49:10 But how do we know that we're delivering on this, that

09:49:14 this contractor is delivering on this goal of, you

09:49:18 know, improving the image?

09:49:21 I mean, it's not just about improving the image, the

09:49:25 reason for that is to bring business there, to bring

09:49:27 people there.

09:49:29 >> Correct.

09:49:31 >>MARY MULHERN: So, I think that, you know, you can

09:49:33 come back in a year, which I think you should, and I

09:49:38 don't think that a cancellation clause or your saying

09:49:43 this is enough.

09:49:44 I think the contract needs to be for one year, and then

09:49:52 we review it.

09:49:54 So -- I understand you can't change it because of the

09:49:57 RFP.

09:49:57 You can't change the contract.

09:49:59 But I think we could approve -- we can talk about this

09:50:05 at Council, when the budget approval comes up, but if

09:50:08 we approved for, you know, the fiscal year, you know,

09:50:15 maybe figure out through next fiscal year, or even from

09:50:22 the date of the contract, approve the funding for it,

09:50:26 for one year, and then when you can give us, the

09:50:31 contractor or you give us a baseline of, you know, what

09:50:38 the focus group -- a focus group shows today, or what

09:50:42 the receipts are for, you know, the past fiscal year

09:50:47 for restaurants.

09:50:49 How much parking?

09:50:50 I mean, these are measurements that we should have.

09:50:53 It shouldn't be difficult to get, you know.

09:50:57 The restaurants to tell you what their receipts are.

09:50:59 To find out how many people are parking.

09:51:01 The number of people who are coming down for festivals.

09:51:04 Any combination of that, so that there are something to

09:51:08 measure.

09:51:08 I mean, this is our fiduciary responsibility as a

09:51:12 board, that if we're going to spend these tax dollars,

09:51:16 we're going to get, you know, a return on investment

09:51:20 basically.

09:51:20 I'm not saying we need, you know -- we're not looking

09:51:24 for a profit.

09:51:25 We're looking for some accomplishment, some measurable

09:51:30 accomplishment.

09:51:30 For the investment we're making.

09:51:33 So, I don't think by just, you know, having interviews,

09:51:37 okay, if you're going to interview people, then ask

09:51:42 them to give you some numbers.

09:51:45 Okay.

09:51:46 This many more people came for lunch.

09:51:48 This many more people came for breakfast.

09:51:51 This many more people came between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m.

09:51:55 And drank.

09:51:56 You know.

09:51:57 Is that part of your goal too?

09:51:59 You could look at the ratio between the attendance

09:52:04 after midnight and, you know, the people coming during

09:52:07 the day.

09:52:08 I mean, I shouldn't -- I think the marketing people

09:52:12 know exactly what I'm talking about.

09:52:13 But if we as the client don't ask them to provide that,

09:52:20 they don't need to.

09:52:24 >> Inherent in each one of these measures I discussed,

09:52:27 we have already had meetings, coming up with base

09:52:29 lines.

09:52:30 I can tell you the first five-year contract, we got

09:52:33 delayed, had discussions, in getting out.

09:52:35 We did not have great baseline data.

09:52:38 We actually did two years in the contract, we started

09:52:40 doing some more baseline data and got professor from

09:52:44 University of South Florida come in independent of our

09:52:46 marketing firm and do that, that brand tracking as we

09:52:49 referred to it at that time.

09:52:50 Focus groups of the community.

09:52:52 But this, we're starting with a different contractor

09:52:54 now, different mind-set as far as doing that.

09:52:57 Our discussions have been how much of this limited

09:53:00 budget do we want to spend on doing the baseline?

09:53:02 And that is a challenge.

09:53:03 We have already had two meetings with our contractor,

09:53:05 even though we're not on contract yet, just preparing,

09:53:08 about how we do that for each one of these.

09:53:10 I can tell you every hour of the day, how many cars are

09:53:13 going in and out of both of our garages in Ybor City.

09:53:16 Okay.

09:53:17 We have got data to kind of pull on that.

09:53:20 The other dynamic or set of dynamics we're concerned

09:53:24 about is this direct assumption of a cause-and-effect

09:53:27 relationship.

09:53:27 We market, cash registers ring.

09:53:30 Factors of the economy and the recession.

09:53:34 I can tell you that last year in June of last year, we

09:53:39 had fewer hotel stays in Ybor City, but more people

09:53:43 signing into the visitor information center.

09:53:46 Staycation.

09:53:46 It shows us who was coming.

09:53:48 We had more locals coming in than we ever had.

09:53:51 Shop owners will tell you that, a few that have a good

09:53:54 product, that's what we work on our marketing.

09:53:58 We're the mall.

09:53:58 We want to make sure they're safe coming to our place.

09:54:01 We work with our merchants working with the chamber to

09:54:04 make sure every one of our people in Ybor City have

09:54:06 good product.

09:54:07 Some of them need to work on that product.

09:54:09 That's why one restaurant is doing great and the other

09:54:12 one is waiting for customers.

09:54:13 Not our marketing.

09:54:15 It's the product they're producing.

09:54:16 I'm sure you're aware, there are a lot of factors that

09:54:19 deal with cash registers and marketing.

09:54:22 But we're trying to get down to the point -- your point

09:54:24 is very much, we want to be as secure and feel

09:54:27 comfortable to our constituents and answering, we're

09:54:30 spending your dollars this way, we are monitoring it.

09:54:32 We have professionals that work from the field and

09:54:34 every single month are looking at what's happening.

09:54:37 And they tweak that report.

09:54:38 In fact, I can show you a time line thing, that the

09:54:42 entire budget for that year is identified in which

09:54:45 target months we're doing certain things.

09:54:47 Okay.

09:54:48 We got out of the billboard business, but from January

09:54:50 until the Festa Italiana coming up this weekend, we

09:54:55 have partnered with every major special event in Ybor.

09:54:59 Electronic billboards, you'll see it on the web sites.

09:55:02 And you'll see Ybor City Festa Italiana.

09:55:06 Ybor City, cigar aficionado.

09:55:11 Special events have been the life blood for years.

09:55:13 So, we are partnering in unique ways.

09:55:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Sounds like you have the data and you

09:55:18 have the goal that you can base that on.

09:55:21 I mean, when you say you're partnering, then you're

09:55:25 measuring that, how many people came.

09:55:27 That's what I'm saying needs to be part of the report,

09:55:34 you know, after a year.

09:55:37 When we would then renew the contract.

09:55:39 I mean --

09:55:40 >> Sure.

09:55:41 >>MARY MULHERN: It's really about, you know, it sounds

09:55:44 like you're doing a great job.

09:55:47 And that Roberts did a great job.

09:55:49 And I have confidence that this new vendor will be

09:55:51 great too.

09:55:52 But, we need to see the data.

09:56:00 >>MARK HUEY: If I can sort of tie it up together.

09:56:02 What we're trying to do is prior to the, in the tenth

09:56:07 month, or 11th month of the new contract, we'll

09:56:10 schedule a presentation before the board, so you can

09:56:12 get an update on the activities and the results that we

09:56:16 have achieved.

09:56:17 So that would be in anticipation of the first year

09:56:20 anniversary of the contract.

09:56:21 Okay?

09:56:22 That make sense?

09:56:25 Does that achieve what you'd like to achieve?

09:56:29 >>MARY MULHERN: If it coincides with us approving --

09:56:35 >> That would be the notice that we could terminate the

09:56:38 contract, that would be within that time frame.

09:56:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah, we can do that.

09:56:47 We're not approving the budget here today.

09:56:55 >> And the advantage of being this time of year, we're

09:56:58 mid year.

09:56:58 So if the contract is approved now, okay, six months

09:57:02 prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year, you'll

09:57:04 get that 12 month report.

09:57:06 So if we were on time, it's an October 1 contract

09:57:10 commensurate with the fiscal year, you'd have that

09:57:13 thing where you're approving your budget in August,

09:57:14 reviewing the budget in July.

09:57:16 This time next year, okay, you'll be getting a report

09:57:19 on the 12 months.

09:57:21 Probably two months in advance of you entertaining your

09:57:25 budgets.

09:57:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:57:26 Thanks.

09:57:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Excuse me, I'm sorry.

09:57:36 Councilmember Miranda?

09:57:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:57:38 Let me say this.

09:57:39 If I heard correctly, some 15, 20 minutes ago, there

09:57:44 was two statements that you made that certainly caught

09:57:47 my attention.

09:57:49 You have ten days cancellation with cause?

09:57:53 And 30 days cancellation without cause.

09:57:56 >> That's correct.

09:57:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If every contract in the city was

09:57:59 scrutinized like yours is, we'd never have a problem.

09:58:02 And I mean it sincerely, because you've got board

09:58:05 members that are responsible to make their area right,

09:58:09 grow, expenditures, on a monthly meeting, you all meet.

09:58:12 You discuss what you have.

09:58:14 You discuss what opportunities are left.

09:58:17 You have more events in Ybor City on a yearly basis

09:58:22 than most anywhere in the City of Tampa, if not as many

09:58:25 or larger.

09:58:26 So what I'm saying is that you certainly have the ten

09:58:30 days and 30 days, without any contract not being five

09:58:35 years.

09:58:36 There's nothing wrong with, or anything wrong to bring

09:58:40 this before this CRA board ten months out, to make sure

09:58:46 that the commitments from both sides have been

09:58:48 addressed and that the shareholders, meaning the

09:58:52 public, money is surely spent wise.

09:58:55 There's a lot of monies that are not scrutinized as

09:58:59 well as yours.

09:59:00 And I commend your efforts from your team, from your

09:59:04 different CRAs.

09:59:05 From the investment that has been made in Ybor City.

09:59:09 And the return on investment I think is equaling or

09:59:14 better than the investment that we have in it itself.

09:59:16 Meaning that the base has grown, certainly Ybor City

09:59:18 one time was nothing more than tumbleweeds.

09:59:21 Sometime back.

09:59:22 And nobody -- no one wanted to go there.

09:59:25 You have garages now.

09:59:26 You have venues.

09:59:27 You have opportunities.

09:59:28 You have a flog fest.

09:59:33 I mean, there are so many things that people come

09:59:34 for -- cigar fest, fun fest, love fest, you have

09:59:39 everything.

09:59:39 So, it's incumbent upon us to understand, what is Ybor

09:59:45 City?

09:59:45 Ybor City really is Tampa.

09:59:48 It's a mix of everything.

09:59:49 I'm not opposed to having a five-year contract with a

09:59:52 ten month review on a yearly basis.

09:59:55 They're not dotting their T's or crossing their

09:59:59 I's.

10:00:00 You know, it's backwards.

10:00:01 I said that, I wanted to see if the audience was awake

10:00:03 there.

10:00:04 To see what the opportunities have been and where we

10:00:07 have needed some boosting up.

10:00:11 But, I'm not against the five-year contract, with a

10:00:14 review on the tenth month before the first year and

10:00:17 every tenth month of the second year, third year and

10:00:19 fourth year.

10:00:20 I think your board would be welcoming that opportunity

10:00:25 to make sure that the funds are spent in a proper

10:00:29 manner.

10:00:29 And I'm not against that.

10:00:33 >> Thank you.

10:00:41 >>MARK HUEY: Could I have the Elmo real quick.

10:00:47 Wanted our next agenda item to remind the board about

10:00:52 our budget process that is coming up.

10:00:54 One of the more significant parts of our annual

10:00:58 calendar for the benefit of the new board members.

10:01:00 What I have before you is reflective of the process

10:01:03 that we have followed in previous years.

10:01:05 You can see that it starts with getting an assessed --

10:01:11 certified tax roll from the assessor's office.

10:01:14 That's when we know for certain what our TIF

10:01:18 projections are going to be.

10:01:21 Already trying to estimate and trying to work in their

10:01:23 communities to begin the process.

10:01:24 But this is when it really gets locked in.

10:01:28 We'll be coming before you in July at the board

10:01:31 meeting, with the presentation to invite your

10:01:34 participation into the budget planning process.

10:01:37 We'll at that time give you an indication of the

10:01:40 direction that the planning is taking and what the

10:01:43 community's priorities are and how we can best attract

10:01:47 private investment in our communities.

10:01:49 Then in August, we'll present to you a draft of the

10:01:53 budget.

10:01:53 We'll present to you a document.

10:01:55 This will come with your community leadership support

10:01:59 and engagement.

10:02:02 That document will be presented and discussed.

10:02:05 And then on October 13th, once all of the taxing

10:02:09 municipalities have finalized their millages, we would

10:02:13 ask you to then adopt and approve the final budget with

10:02:16 any tweaks we might have to make if any millage rates

10:02:19 change before September 30th.

10:02:21 So wanted to present that to you to make you aware of

10:02:24 it.

10:02:24 If you have any thoughts or ideas about the process,

10:02:27 changes you would like to make for those of you who

10:02:29 have been through it before, let us know.

10:02:32 We really work hard to try to make it an effective

10:02:35 process for you as a board.

10:02:39 >> Thank you.

10:02:42 >>MARK HUEY: And that gets us to the public comments.

10:02:52 >> Okay, I'm Ed TALU, Sulphur Springs, which I think is

10:03:01 south of Fowler.

10:03:02 Tampa policeman came by the other day.

10:03:06 Didn't like the way I was crossing the street.

10:03:08 Except there is no cycle for the pedestrians.

10:03:11 Anyway, he was on the north side of Fowler, so I think

10:03:14 he was out of his jurisdiction.

10:03:16 I came to speak about another issue that isn't on the

10:03:20 agenda, so I always have a fall-back of infrastructure

10:03:24 specifically transportation infrastructure, which

10:03:27 redevelopment always needs.

10:03:28 So I am addressing redevelopment.

10:03:31 Before I'll do that, Ybor marketing.

10:03:35 Last night I went down to Ybor City and I noticed one

10:03:38 bus stop was changed.

10:03:40 The 19th street bus stop was moved to the other side of

10:03:43 the street.

10:03:44 And it made sense.

10:03:45 It's only a half a block more I had to walk.

10:03:47 Other people half a block less.

10:03:49 But the Acropolis overflowed onto the sidewalk and

10:03:53 there was hardly any sidewalk for people to walk.

10:03:56 So people also getting off the bus was a problem.

10:03:58 But then I started thinking, wait a second, this is a

10:04:00 public sidewalk.

10:04:02 Are these people paying for the use of this like a

10:04:04 hundred or $200 a month?

10:04:06 Would seem to be fair.

10:04:07 So anyway, maybe they won't complain about a bus stop

10:04:11 in front if it alerts people to something like that.

10:04:14 Okay.

10:04:16 I'm actually -- I have background in planning, urban

10:04:21 planning, Stanford gave me a degree in urban planning

10:04:24 rather than urban design because I never did my

10:04:27 designs.

10:04:28 But they saw I put a lot of planning into my designs.

10:04:31 I suppose you'd call that advanced planning.

10:04:34 I never really did find work with it.

10:04:36 But I come to you now to try to sensitize you to a few

10:04:40 things, because in actuality, you're the advanced

10:04:43 planners.

10:04:44 And a few things left out of different presentations.

10:04:48 Easy to park.

10:04:49 Now, something isn't percolating down from advanced

10:04:54 planning, called peak royal.

10:04:56 The meaning of peak royal is consumption year by year

10:04:58 is outstripping reserve findings and the oil is going

10:05:01 to run out in 25 to 35 years.

10:05:04 People eat as a result of mechanized agriculture.

10:05:08 Gasoline for tractors, chemical fertilizers.

10:05:11 And when that isn't available, you have a planet that

10:05:14 can feed maybe one or two billion people.

10:05:17 What's the population?

10:05:18 7 billion.

10:05:19 What happened in Cairo and Libya?

10:05:21 Were they really concerned about Mubarak or Gadhafi

10:05:26 that they lived with for so many years?

10:05:28 Or a large numbers of people, young people in those

10:05:31 countries -- out of work.

10:05:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Sir, sir --

10:05:40 >> When people say things like easy to park, I see that

10:05:44 they're not in touch with that other.

10:05:46 These massive adjustments that have to take place over

10:05:50 25 to 35 years.

10:05:53 Now, Drew Park, Drew Park came up.

10:05:56 My master's project focused on a light industry

10:06:01 development.

10:06:01 Sometimes these little areas, which you got to consider

10:06:04 is that light industry is providing a lot of jobs.

10:06:07 What is the impact on the employment that these areas

10:06:10 are providing when you gentrify them, when you make

10:06:13 them look nice?

10:06:14 The armature building.

10:06:15 I wanted to gather things there.

10:06:18 There's a safety problem.

10:06:19 University of Tampa student was killed.

10:06:22 Now people say to me, well, he was killed about

10:06:25 2:00 a.m.

10:06:26 >> Thank you, sir.

10:06:27 >> Anyway, try to percolate from the big picture down

10:06:32 to the little picture.

10:06:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Your time is up.

10:06:36 Any other public comments?

10:06:37 We'll move to the -- oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Davis.

10:06:46 Mr. Davis.

10:06:49 >> I'm Al Davis from 3717 East Wilder.

10:06:56 I'm part of the East Tampa Community Redevelopment

10:07:00 Area.

10:07:02 I want to best wish to all of you, particularly the

10:07:08 newer members to the Council and or the agency.

10:07:14 You have a great talent before you.

10:07:16 You got four more years -- I mean four years.

10:07:21 And the business of that is encompassed within the

10:07:27 Community Redevelopment Agency under the provision of

10:07:30 the Florida statute 163, part three.

10:07:34 It's going to require diligence and knowledge and

10:07:45 patience.

10:07:48 As you know, most of the CRAs have a time certain of

10:07:52 30 years.

10:07:53 But there is provision, vice chair and other members,

10:07:59 in the law, the Florida statute for 40 years.

10:08:04 So I'll be advocating for the 40 year time certain for

10:08:10 East Tampa.

10:08:11 I think I heard from the chairperson that we got about

10:08:16 a three tier flow kind of a group there.

10:08:19 But I don't know whether or not that is a good

10:08:23 structure or not to represent the kind of advocacy.

10:08:31 I can understand the CAC.

10:08:34 I can even understand the partnership, but what I

10:08:38 cannot understand about the partnership is it's a legal

10:08:44 status and standing.

10:08:47 If we are a community, that's one thing.

10:08:49 If we are a neighborhood group, that's another thing.

10:08:54 Neighborhoods are covered by the provision of the

10:09:01 comprehensive plan.

10:09:02 We understand those structure.

10:09:05 Madam Chairman, I'm looking forward to continuing my

10:09:10 citizen in participation with this agency, as the year

10:09:16 unfolds, and I think that when we get together, as we

10:09:21 ought to, East Tampa really going to be East Tampa.

10:09:25 And one last parting shot, madam vice chair.

10:09:29 You know, you said thing about East Tampa.

10:09:32 Versus the Ybor City.

10:09:35 You know, we are north and south of each other.

10:09:38 And you know sometime I wonder, what's it called?

10:09:45 Friendly competition.

10:09:47 Now, Ybor City became a CRA, Community Redevelopment

10:09:54 Area, a little bit before East Tampa.

10:09:58 Now, I don't know, Madam Chair, if you all know the

10:10:02 history of the struggle, political struggle that in

10:10:10 order to get East Tampa designated.

10:10:13 And of course, as you know, East Tampa has been elected

10:10:17 for more than 50 years, improvement as the chair person

10:10:21 has been made.

10:10:22 Infrastructure has been demonstrated.

10:10:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Davis.

10:10:27 >> And we'll come again, Madam Chairman, thank you.

10:10:30 >>MARY MULHERN: I know you.

10:10:31 Thanks.

10:10:35 >>MARK HUEY: We have the approvals part of our agenda.

10:10:37 A number of good things to do there.

10:10:39 First up is the quarterly financial report of the

10:10:43 redevelopment agency.

10:10:44 Which provides our accountability to the board and to

10:10:47 the community as to how TIF dollars are being spent in

10:10:51 each of the district.

10:10:52 And your job this morning is to receive and file it.

10:10:55 But would be happy to answer any questions if there are

10:10:57 any.

10:10:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion to receive and file quarterly

10:11:01 report?

10:11:01 I'm asking for a motion.

10:11:03 All in favor?

10:11:04 Aye?

10:11:06 >>MARK HUEY: Next, we have had a very successful

10:11:08 program from the Channel District.

10:11:09 An incentive program that has helped us bring in four

10:11:13 amenities into the neighborhood.

10:11:14 Some restaurants, dry cleaner, a health club, and that

10:11:21 incentive program has expired.

10:11:23 And so the motion before you this morning, you've

10:11:25 received a memorandum about it, is to extend the

10:11:29 program through the end of the year.

10:11:30 And that comes with the community's hardy support.

10:11:35 >> So moved.

10:11:36 >> Second.

10:11:38 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:11:39 Aye?

10:11:42 >>MARK HUEY: Item 7 involves replacement to the East

10:11:44 Tampa Community Advisory Committee.

10:11:47 Ms. Billy Griffin has been nominated by the community

10:11:53 to serve in that role.

10:11:55 She's not here today, unfortunately.

10:11:57 But she's excited to be able to serve.

10:11:59 And the community support her participation.

10:12:02 She had to go to the emergency room last night.

10:12:12 That's why she couldn't be with us.

10:12:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Sorry to hear that.

10:12:16 >> So moved.

10:12:17 >> Second.

10:12:18 >> All in favor?

10:12:21 >>MARK HUEY: Item 8 is a, just a simple language change

10:12:25 in our budget to allow the incentive program in the

10:12:28 Channel District to move forward.

10:12:30 The one you just extended.

10:12:37 >> I move that we accept it.

10:12:39 >> Second.

10:12:41 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:12:42 Aye?

10:12:43 >> Item nine in Ybor, we had a little money left over

10:12:47 from the CIP project and we are reallocating that for

10:12:51 beautification from the district.

10:12:53 >> So moved.

10:12:53 >> Second.

10:12:54 >> All in favor?

10:12:57 >>MARK HUEY: Item 10 is a land acquisition in East

10:13:00 Tampa along 22nd street.

10:13:02 Where we have been focusing a lot of our activities and

10:13:05 energies.

10:13:06 And that comes to you as a recommendation, that the

10:13:10 land is being acquired within the appraised value.

10:13:12 And we recommend your approval.

10:13:15 >> So moved.

10:13:17 >> Second.

10:13:18 >> All in favor?

10:13:20 Aye.

10:13:21 >> The next four items are another one of our incentive

10:13:25 programs that's been very successful.

10:13:28 Four facade grants that are coming before you for

10:13:31 approval.

10:13:34 The first one, item 10 and item, excuse me, item 11 and

10:13:43 13 are together, those are in East Tampa.

10:13:47 Project along Hillsborough Avenue in East Tampa.

10:13:51 Those property owners are not here today.

10:13:53 But they're very excited to be able to participate in

10:13:56 the program and it's going to be a nice improvement to

10:13:58 that property.

10:14:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, I would move them separately but

10:14:07 move them in order.

10:14:08 >> I'm move item 11.

10:14:10 >> Second.

10:14:12 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:14:13 Aye.

10:14:14 >> I move item 13.

10:14:15 >> Second.

10:14:16 >> All in favor?

10:14:20 Aye.

10:14:21 >>MARK HUEY: The other two facade programs are in Ybor

10:14:24 City.

10:14:24 Those property owners are here, if you were interested

10:14:27 in finding out more about their projects, but they're

10:14:31 both historic properties in the community.

10:14:33 And very attractive enhancements that are being

10:14:36 planned.

10:14:36 We're excited about both of them.

10:14:40 >> Madam Chair, move item 12.

10:14:43 >> Second.

10:14:45 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:14:46 Aye.

10:14:47 >> Madam Chair, move item 14.

10:14:49 >> Second.

10:14:50 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:14:51 Aye.

10:14:54 >>MARK HUEY: That concludes all our approvals.

10:14:56 And I have one item of new business.

10:14:57 And that would be it for me.

10:14:59 I mentioned earlier that our new board members have

10:15:04 been working very hard to learn about the redevelopment

10:15:07 agency and the work that we're doing.

10:15:09 One of the things in that regard that we would like to

10:15:13 suggest is a couple of work sessions, where the

10:15:18 managers could walk you through all of the

10:15:21 redevelopment work that is going on in each district.

10:15:24 So where we'd get past kind of the agency overview.

10:15:28 You've got a good feel from the press that spoke with

10:15:32 you today, but would like the opportunity to immerse

10:15:35 you a little bit more in anticipation of the upcoming

10:15:38 budget process.

10:15:39 And more of the details about each area.

10:15:41 As well, we'd like to acquaint you with some of the

10:15:44 policies of the board.

10:15:45 And some of the agreements that we have in place with

10:15:47 the county and the service agreement with the city.

10:15:51 Some of that legal structure and framework that the

10:15:54 board works under.

10:15:55 So we would request that we would be allowed to work

10:15:59 with the calendar and schedule a couple of workshops.

10:16:02 Probably hard to do it in one.

10:16:05 There's a lot to go through.

10:16:07 And for your own benefit, it might be better to do it

10:16:10 in two different ones.

10:16:11 >> Madam Chair, I move to work with the economic

10:16:15 development division to set some dates for two

10:16:18 workshops on the CRA.

10:16:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Do you want to schedule, put a date,

10:16:26 time on any of those?

10:16:28 >> Well, I mean in the next -- what do you think?

10:16:33 Three weeks?

10:16:34 >> The end of July.

10:16:35 So that you would be ready for the budget presentations

10:16:40 on the 14th.

10:16:44 That would occur on July 14th.

10:16:46 >> Just work with them to find days that would allow

10:16:49 most of us, if not all of us to be there.

10:16:52 >> Particularly focused on the new board members of

10:16:55 course.

10:16:56 >>MARY MULHERN: The only thing is, we don't have

10:16:57 another CRA meeting for a month.

10:17:00 If you want to get it scheduled before then.

10:17:02 Maybe set a tentative date.

10:17:05 >> I don't have a calendar in front of me, Madam Chair.

10:17:09 >> We'll work with the clerk's office and -- as long as

10:17:13 you think it's a good idea, we'll effectuate it, best

10:17:17 we can.

10:17:19 >> If you'd like, I'd like to say sometime maybe in

10:17:21 June.

10:17:23 Set two dates for workshops in June.

10:17:27 >> Second.

10:17:28 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:17:29 Aye.

10:17:32 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you very much.

10:17:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, I was going to ask about -- someone

10:17:38 brought up maybe scheduling our next meeting -- we

10:17:43 haven't done that, have we?

10:17:44 Scheduled a meeting with, at one of the CRA locations?

10:17:50 >>MARK HUEY: Yes, one of the town -- these are

10:17:53 community meetings.

10:17:54 Maritza was mentioning that.

10:17:56 I don't know if the new board members followed that.

10:17:58 The board has a policy that, and you actually have

10:18:01 picked specific months, so during the course of the

10:18:04 calendar year, you were visiting one of the communities

10:18:07 as a board.

10:18:08 And having a community meeting.

10:18:10 I did not bring the -- June would be the next one.

10:18:17 So June would be the next one that you would do it.

10:18:19 And we could put that together, if you would give us

10:18:22 the direction.

10:18:23 If you'd prefer to wait, we could wait till later in

10:18:26 the year.

10:18:26 But whatever your pleasure is as a board, I appreciate

10:18:30 you bringing that up.

10:18:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, our next meeting is May 12th.

10:18:35 So, I guess we could come to that meeting and do it

10:18:40 then.

10:18:41 >> Make a decision at that time?

10:18:43 >> Schedule it then.

10:18:44 >>MARK HUEY: We do need some time to prepare.

10:18:48 Those do take some time to put together and promote in

10:18:51 the community and organize in the community.

10:18:52 So if it is your desire to do something in June, can we

10:18:58 wait till May, Jeanette?

10:19:00 If we're going to be in Drew Park.

10:19:02 Is that your thinking that you would like to do it in

10:19:04 Drew Park?

10:19:05 Or do you want to just think about it more and we'll

10:19:08 talk about it in May?

10:19:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Ms. Capin?

10:19:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I would like to myself see it, at

10:19:15 Drew Park.

10:19:15 I don't know how the others feel.

10:19:17 But that is one that has had a lot of change and things

10:19:22 going on.

10:19:23 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm wondering, I mean, we're on new

10:19:25 Council, so I think that's fine.

10:19:27 But I'm just wondering where -- I think there was one

10:19:31 in Drew Park, but we're starting over.

10:19:37 >>MARK HUEY: The last time we did it when we finished

10:19:40 the strategic plan.

10:19:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Three years ago.

10:19:44 Okay.

10:19:44 So that's good.

10:19:47 >>MARK HUEY: It was over a year ago.

10:19:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Do you want to make a motion that we do

10:19:50 it in Drew Park?

10:19:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'd like to make a motion that our next

10:19:54 community meeting be at Drew Park.

10:19:56 >> Second.

10:19:57 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:19:58 Aye.

10:19:59 >>MARK HUEY: All right.

10:20:00 Good.

10:20:00 We'll work on that.

10:20:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Any new business?

10:20:05 From the board?

10:20:07 >> Motion to receive and file, please.

10:20:10 >> Motion to receive and file the documents that were

10:20:12 presented today in the hearing.

10:20:13 >> Second.

10:20:14 >> All in favor?

10:20:15 Aye?

10:20:17 >> Thank you.

10:20:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:20:19 Oh, we're adjourned.



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