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Community Redevelopment Agency
Thursday, May 12, 2011
9:00 a.m.


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08:56:35 >> CHAIRMAN FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:06:16 We are going to call this Community Redevelopment

09:06:17 Agency to order.

09:06:19 At this time I call on Mr. Miranda.

09:06:21 >> Good morning.

09:06:23 We have had a situation that we have so many people

09:06:25 that want to come pray for us, this morning we have

09:06:29 two.

09:06:29 It's my fault on the scheduling conflict.

09:06:30 So if you don't mind to Mrs. Montelione.

09:06:49 >> I would ask Father Weber to the podium to offer an

09:06:53 invocation.

09:07:06 He when he left Corpus Christi, he didn't get very far,

09:07:10 USF just right the street.

09:07:13 Thank you, Father, for being here.

09:07:15 If you will all rise, please.

09:07:16 >> Let us pray.

09:07:21 O God, guide us, with your wisdom, support us with your

09:07:31 mercy, and inspire us with your generosity, empower us

09:07:42 for the good of all promoted.

09:07:44 Bless the work of this City Council.

09:07:47 May their efforts begin with your inspiration and be

09:07:49 brought to perfection with your help.

09:07:52 May the leaders and the resident of the city always

09:07:54 pursue the highest good, teacher injuries advertise

09:07:58 with charity, and seek to do what is pleasing in your

09:08:02 sight.

09:08:02 God in, your great mercy, hear our prayer.

09:08:05 Amen.

09:08:06 >> Good morning.

09:08:18 Let us pray.

09:08:19 Our father, the Lord of the heaven and the earth.

09:08:23 Father God, we come to you right now, Lord, in the

09:08:26 highest manner we know now just to say thank you for

09:08:30 your grace and your mercy.

09:08:32 Father God, we come lifting up the flood and earthquake

09:08:35 victims and asking that you have mercy.

09:08:39 Father God, we lift up every man, woman and child.

09:08:47 We lift up the slain police officers and ask your

09:08:51 blessings continue to flow on them.

09:08:53 We lift up our Mayor Bob Buckhorn asking him you give

09:08:58 the will, and make them strong to dop your will.

09:09:03 Father, we ask that you just bless this council each

09:09:05 and every one of them and their family.

09:09:07 Lord, give them the strength, the wisdom to do your

09:09:11 will, father God, so that the people, the citizens of

09:09:15 Tampa, Florida, will continue to be moved forward to

09:09:18 the next -- to be the next great city that you have

09:09:22 deemed us so to be.

09:09:24 These in all blessings we ask.

09:09:26 Amen.

09:09:27 (Pledge of Allegiance).

09:09:45 >> Now that we have been blessed, can we have roll

09:09:49 call, please?

09:09:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:09:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:09:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:09:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:09:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:10:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:10:06 >> Staff reports.

09:10:07 >>MARK HUEY: As we start the redevelopment meeting, we

09:10:16 have the privilege to hear from one of the presidents

09:10:19 in the community advisory committee.

09:10:21 We have Barry shlinsky from the Tampa Heights

09:10:25 redevelopment area.

09:10:26 >> Good morning.

09:10:41 The Tampa Heights redevelopment area, you are probably

09:10:44 all familiar with, is the area north and west of

09:10:52 downtown along the riverfront, including the old police

09:11:01 headquarters and the area to the west of it extending

09:11:06 to North Boulevard.

09:11:13 It would be fair to say that this area has seen a

09:11:17 number of challenges in recent years.

09:12:25 The most recent addition has been the Beck building.

09:19:27 I encourage you if you haven't, take a look at those.

09:19:30 It gives you a feel for what the entire district is

09:19:33 going to look like when it's completed, how the public

09:19:36 realm is going to feel.

09:19:37 The new park is under construction.

09:19:39 Beginning preparations for Kennedy Boulevard.

09:19:42 Enhancements.

09:19:43 And Bob will be with you in a minute telling you about

09:19:46 a new private investment opportunity that we have in

09:19:49 the Channel District with the related companies.

09:19:54 In Ybor, we have long-awaited sidewalk project

09:19:58 underway, in east Ybor.

09:20:02 We are replacing benches.

09:20:04 We have been we have been wanting to replace benches

09:20:06 along 7th Avenue.

09:20:07 72 benches are about to be replaced.

09:20:10 And shortly you will approve another facade grant,

09:20:12 another business moving forward with investment along

09:20:16 7th Avenue.

09:20:18 Actually, that's in Ybor, too.

09:20:21 Drew Park, we have streetscape master planning

09:20:26 underway, and we have street resurfacing project that

09:20:29 is about to move forward.

09:20:32 East Tampa, the 22nd street enhancement, the second

09:20:35 phase of that, East Tampa team is working with the

09:20:38 public works team to begin to move that forward.

09:20:44 We have an item related to that on the agenda later

09:20:47 today.

09:20:47 Stormwater project at 30th street and Hillsborough

09:20:51 is going forward.

09:20:53 And restaurant is almost completed along Hillsborough

09:20:57 Avenue adjacent to Fifth Third Bank.

09:21:02 You heard a lot about Tampa Heights, Central Park.

09:21:04 The Tampa Housing Authority got great news this past

09:21:07 month when they learned that they were a finalist for

09:21:11 the neighborhood choice grant, competed with

09:21:14 communities all over the country.

09:21:16 They are one of the five national finalists for a grant

09:21:19 that would bring funding, more funding into the Encore

09:21:23 development.

09:21:24 It would help to start another project, another

09:21:27 vertical development, and it would provide funding,

09:21:29 more funding for Perry Harvey park and some other

09:21:37 improvements.

09:21:38 We have a couple of briefings in particular for the new

09:21:41 board members plans that you will commit to those dates

09:21:49 in a moment, and we have been preparing for the budget

09:21:51 cycle.

09:21:52 So, again, many things to -- many elements of progress

09:21:58 and work going on throughout the redevelopment agency.

09:22:00 The managers are here if you have any questions that I

09:22:03 can't answer.

09:22:04 But we appreciate the work of the community and the

09:22:07 staff and your continued support.

09:22:21 Any questions for Mr. Huey?

09:22:22 Okay.

09:22:23 >>MARK HUEY: The next item, we constantly hear that

09:22:26 times are tough out there.

09:22:27 And so when a private developer comes in to one of our

09:22:32 redevelopment areas, in this case the Channel District,

09:22:35 with an interest in making a very significant

09:22:37 investment, it's good news.

09:22:39 And Bob McDonough is here to brief you.

09:22:44 I think each of you had a chance to have a private

09:22:47 briefing about this very positive project for the

09:22:49 Channel District.

09:22:49 I would like to share with you a little more, and I

09:22:52 think we have a representative of the developer here as

09:22:54 well.

09:22:58 And it's important to brief you.

09:23:00 We have two items coming before you next week, City

09:23:03 Council, on an agreement relating to the project.

09:23:08 Bob, will you come up and share?

09:23:12 >> Bob McDonough: Good morning.

09:23:18 Economic development.

09:23:20 And this is what most of you, I think Mr. Suarez, I

09:23:25 missed you, but it is a project we are excited about.

09:23:28 We read often in the newspaper that we have vacancies

09:23:34 and that's no interest, and in the Channel District

09:23:37 that's not really accurate.

09:23:38 We have very little vacancies.

09:23:40 And I think this opportunity was recognized by a

09:23:42 developer from Miami, the related group, that has built

09:23:45 luxury homes across the United States.

09:23:48 So in December they closed on a six-acre parcel,

09:23:54 Cumberland, Whiting, Meridian, and they are going to be

09:24:01 building a $3 -- a 36 oh 0-unit apartment -- 360 unit

09:24:08 apartment complex.

09:24:09 And I have some renderings that I have distributed.

09:24:16 I don't have updated one today's because it's actually

09:24:19 still under design.

09:24:20 But probably the most important -- this is a site plan

09:24:26 of the development, and probably the most important

09:24:29 thing is that we have had a lot of meetings with the

09:24:32 neighbors and talked about vacating of 11th street.

09:24:36 11th street from Whiting Street dead-ends at

09:24:39 Cumberland where the towers at Channelside are.

09:24:43 One of the things we need is more green space.

09:24:45 As mark mentioned a couple minutes ago, we have a park

09:24:48 understood construction, to be open in October.

09:24:51 So we have an agreement with the developer that we

09:24:53 would vacate 11th street, and using their funds,

09:24:57 construct a lineal park in the district.

09:25:05 Very similar to some of the pocket parks you see in

09:25:09 some of the larger urban settings.

09:25:10 And what's interesting is we'll have a very strong art

09:25:13 commitment in there.

09:25:14 We have got some very interesting landscape architects

09:25:17 and art consultants that are looking at various

09:25:19 developments in the Channel District to reflect that.

09:25:22 And they are working with Robin Nigh, the city's art

09:25:25 consultant.

09:25:26 So it's going to be exciting.

09:25:28 We'll have a nice green space.

09:25:30 It's going to be developed at the developer's expense.

09:25:32 And when it's completed, it will be deeded back to the

09:25:35 city, and we have an agreement where they will maintain

09:25:37 it at their cost for at lowest the next 49 years.

09:25:42 So it's a win-win for the community and the people in

09:25:44 the neighborhood are very excited about it.

09:25:47 The hope is that the vacating process will come to you

09:25:51 on the 19th, and the development agreement, and the

09:25:56 hope is that they will commence construction in the

09:25:59 fourth quarter of this year and develop units about

09:26:03 nine months to a year after that.

09:26:08 Any questions?

09:26:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

09:26:14 I don't think I heard about this.

09:26:16 I didn't get a chance to talk so I do have some

09:26:18 questions.

09:26:19 You don't have a map, do you, to show us exactly where

09:26:22 this is going?

09:26:23 >> I do not have them with me, no.

09:26:25 It's immediately north of the towers of Channelside.

09:26:30 There are two vacant blocks surrounded by chain link

09:26:33 fence right now that face on Meridian.

09:26:36 >>MARY MULHERN: But 11th street is open at this

09:26:41 point, right?

09:26:42 >> Basically it's used as a parking lot right now,

09:26:45 mostly by patrons of the Channelside mall, and that's

09:26:49 one of the bones of contention of the people of the

09:26:51 towers of Channelside, because a lot of people who go

09:26:54 to the night clubs park on that street at night, and

09:26:56 then when the night clubs close they pass through The

09:26:58 Towers of Channelside disrupting the resident and take

09:27:02 their cars and go from there.

09:27:03 Again, it's not really part of the street grid because

09:27:07 it dead-end at Cumberland.

09:27:10 Something like 11th or 12th on Whiting, through

09:27:15 streets that people can traverse the neighborhood with.

09:27:17 >> This is 11th, right?

09:27:20 >> That's correct.

09:27:21 >>MARY MULHERN: So from the where the towers are --

09:27:24 >> To the next street north which is white being

09:27:26 street.

09:27:26 >>MARY MULHERN: And then what happens at Whiting and

09:27:31 11th street?

09:27:33 >>> it's just a regular city street.

09:27:36 >>MARY MULHERN: This is my, you know, my question

09:27:41 about this, is that we have created a lot of incentives

09:27:46 for development in the Channel District based on -- and

09:27:50 one of the big things was providing green space.

09:27:56 So in this case, instead of having them provide the

09:28:00 green space out of what they are building, we are

09:28:04 taking public land and letting them use what would have

09:28:07 been a street.

09:28:09 I mean, I think the street grid is important, and the

09:28:12 reason that that dead-end is because The Towers of

09:28:16 Channelside were allowed also to have a street vacated,

09:28:21 which did break up the grid, right?

09:28:26 >> I guess probably the difference in this project and

09:28:29 what you are inferring, or referring to, is that people

09:28:31 are given bonus density to provide green space.

09:28:35 This project is not requesting bonus density.

09:28:39 The real estate market right now prohibits anybody from

09:28:42 building the density that we saw in the Channel

09:28:43 District.

09:28:44 This is less than one third of the units that were

09:28:48 originally planned from the previous developer.

09:28:51 This is 360 units.

09:28:53 So they have not come to the city asking for any bonus

09:28:56 density.

09:28:57 And --

09:29:02 >>MARY MULHERN: That's okay.

09:29:05 I'm more talking about the concept of big urban

09:29:08 development.

09:29:09 So is that the only green space they are providing

09:29:13 groan space, open space?

09:29:16 >> Well, public green space, yes.

09:29:18 There is a lot of groan space in the project.

09:29:20 I apologize, I did come by your office with drawings

09:29:22 and I will come back later with them so you can get an

09:29:25 eye for it.

09:29:26 But, yes, there is a lot of green space surrounding

09:29:29 this building.

09:29:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:29:37 I didn't feel -- and I was on council but I didn't feel

09:29:45 that that vacating streets is a good idea, and this is

09:29:49 sort of just once you let it happen, it's a good

09:29:52 example of what happened with Channelside and --

09:29:58 anyway.

09:29:58 >> Well, again, I think because of the sensitivity to

09:30:01 that issue, we did have neighborhood meetings, and they

09:30:04 were attended, and the people were very supportive of

09:30:09 it, and for a couple different reasons.

09:30:11 One of the facts is that 11th street now is

09:30:16 basically used as a parking lot.

09:30:18 And a lot of the residents are unhappy with that.

09:30:21 >>MARY MULHERN: As a parking lot?

09:30:24 >> Well, there's a lot of parking that goes on along

09:30:27 the right-of-way.

09:30:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:30:30 >> And 11th street itself.

09:30:32 And the folks in the Meridian, which medley abut it,

09:30:36 had concerns about what exactly was going to be built

09:30:38 there.

09:30:39 And they are very comfortable with the fact that it's

09:30:42 not going to be something that's looming over their

09:30:44 building, that's going to block the view corridors.

09:30:47 And they are also comfortable with the fact that the

09:30:49 building is set back a reasonable distance from their

09:30:51 building, providing air and light and groan space

09:30:53 between the two projects.

09:30:54 >>MARY MULHERN: So the linear park is the developer

09:31:02 paying for it?

09:31:03 >> Paying for all of it, yes, ma'am.

09:31:05 And it will be dedicated back to the city.

09:31:07 So unlike the private park that we have to be concerned

09:31:09 about access, it will be an asset owned by the city and

09:31:12 maintained by the developer.

09:31:14 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to see this.

09:31:19 >> And I apologize that I missed you.

09:31:21 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I was just going to get to that point.

09:31:25 If you could, after this meeting is over, could you

09:31:29 bring the renderings over and discuss it a little bit?

09:31:32 I think not only Councilwoman Mulhern but myself, and I

09:31:36 don't know if anyone else were able to miss those

09:31:39 meetings with you.

09:31:40 So I would like to sit down and talk to you about it.

09:31:42 >> Certainly.

09:31:43 I will be happy to.

09:31:44 I think you will be excited by what you see.

09:31:47 It's a very thoughtful plan.

09:31:48 >> It's hard to get excited about a black and white --

09:31:52 >> Yes.

09:31:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And we did meet and I had the

09:32:01 opportunity to see the site plan.

09:32:03 But I don't recall seeing the elevations either.

09:32:06 And I do have some questions, if you could put the site

09:32:10 plans up on the --

09:32:14 >> Let me interrupt for one second.

09:32:18 The vacation has not come before you yet.

09:32:20 Concepts are fine.

09:32:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I wasn't going to try to adjust it.

09:32:29 One of the things that we are heading toward, and I

09:32:31 personally, in the transportation realm, would like to

09:32:35 see -- especially downtown in Channelside in any of the

09:32:42 developments downtown is transportational development,

09:32:50 and especially if you are going to live in one of these

09:32:52 areas, you know, promote the use of whatever,

09:32:55 circulators we have, whether it be the trolley or, you

09:32:58 know, bus service or bicycling, and pedestrians use.

09:33:04 And I see parking.

09:33:07 I don't see accommodation for either a bus or a tran

09:33:13 stop or any type of accommodation, whether now are in

09:33:18 the future, and specifically talking about in the

09:33:21 future, for folks to access public transportation.

09:33:27 >> Actually, there are street stops in the district for

09:33:30 the rubber wheel trolley.

09:33:33 The purple line actually goes through the Channel

09:33:35 District on weekends.

09:33:37 Weekends and nights.

09:33:39 And there is a stop actually across the street from

09:33:43 there.

09:33:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Across the street?

09:33:46 >> Yes.

09:33:47 And again, this being vacant land for the past 20

09:33:51 years, park is constantly looking at where are our

09:33:54 potential customers? And with an influx of density, we

09:33:58 might have another station.

09:33:59 I'll talk to you about it certainly.

09:34:01 >> And that's weekends and nights, but not daytime for

09:34:06 people to get -- if they work downtown?

09:34:09 I'm guessing that a lot of people who choose to live

09:34:16 down -- that's one of the impetuses.

09:34:19 >> And they can walk two blocks to the street car and

09:34:21 take the streetcar to downtown be if they chose.

09:34:24 Yes.

09:34:24 >> I would like to see maybe the site plan, some

09:34:31 pedestrian circulation, so if the stop is across the

09:34:33 street from the project, we align sidewalks and align

09:34:37 crossings so it makes it easier for people to get

09:34:40 across the street to that stop, and just to promote,

09:34:44 you know, they don't have to walk a carpal tunnel of

09:34:47 blocks and then cross the street and come back down

09:34:48 again to get to the trolley stop or to get to whatever

09:34:52 transportation the city or Hartline is going to look at

09:34:56 in that area.

09:35:00 And I was looking at the largest building on the plan.

09:35:08 And having just come from a meeting with another

09:35:12 transportation group over -- cutter over at USF, one of

09:35:18 the concepts was not to make blocks too long or

09:35:24 building faces too long, so that it would promote

09:35:29 passage of pedestrians from one side of the development

09:35:34 to the other side of the development, and on this --

09:35:36 and I can't tell because it's too small and my eyes are

09:35:40 bad -- even with the bifocals -- how long this building

09:35:44 is.

09:35:45 So if someone is coming, you know, through this green

09:35:48 space, they would have to walk all the way around to be

09:35:52 get to the parking lot, to the north.

09:35:57 I don't see any ability for them to cross except for

09:36:04 that main intersection, the park, to get from one side

09:36:12 of the development to the other.

09:36:13 >> I will be happy to bring the site plan to your

09:36:15 office and we can discuss those issues and bring them

09:36:17 back to the developer.

09:36:18 >> I'm always trying to promote multimodal

09:36:25 transportation, and whether that be bicycling, whether

09:36:27 that be walking, or whether it be public

09:36:29 transportation, I think that every project we low at,

09:36:32 we need to really examine those opportunities for

09:36:36 individuals.

09:36:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Would you make those renderings to

09:36:46 the council?

09:36:48 >> I'll run more copies off.

09:36:50 I think I gave you a set of them.

09:36:53 Yes, I will be happy to do that.

09:36:55 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I went back to check as I was gone for

09:36:57 a week, but I did not -- I was not privy to it either.

09:37:04 >> I'll make certain that anybody I missed I will come

09:37:07 back and visit and give you a set.

09:37:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:37:11 Developer, do you want to speak?

09:37:12 >> Good morning.

09:37:18 David Smith, planner with Stearns, Weaver, Miller,

09:37:21 representing developer related group.

09:37:25 Our client is very excited about this project.

09:37:27 Just to give some perspective on it, this project was

09:37:31 originally approved basically in the same configuration

09:37:35 for a project that consisted of townhouse development,

09:37:40 two 30-story condo towers, an office building, a hotel,

09:37:46 very, very dense, and pretty much the same layout, the

09:37:49 same linear approach.

09:37:52 There were no cut throughs to the block.

09:37:55 So what the current plan has done is basically

09:38:00 reflected what was approved on-site, down scaled the

09:38:03 project, and is provided -- cut through Meridian, which

09:38:09 is the main drag -- shows how old I'm getting -- but

09:38:14 the main corridor running through Channelside towards

09:38:18 downtown, that's where the retail connection is,

09:38:23 connection to existing sidewalk system.

09:38:25 It also ties into existing crosswalks and the Meridian

09:38:29 corridor.

09:38:30 That corridor is also controlled by FDOT, so FDOT, they

09:38:34 are pretty protective of their corridor, especially

09:38:39 since that runs right up onto the Lee Roy Selmon

09:38:43 expressway.

09:38:44 But the comments made, I think, are well taken.

09:38:49 I think we have looked at this site and said the

09:38:54 corridors and connections we provided our own green

09:39:00 space.

09:39:01 This is truly a linear park.

09:39:03 There are very few opportunities in Channelside to

09:39:05 provide park land or park development.

09:39:08 And when they looked at this site, they said, well,

09:39:13 where do people drive?

09:39:14 Where is 11th street going?

09:39:16 In the future, I think white is looked at essentially

09:39:21 connecting to downtown.

09:39:21 This provided an opportunity to provide some more green

09:39:24 space in the area that the develop -- at the

09:39:27 developer's expense, with the developer maintaining it,

09:39:29 and providing new blood and new tax base in the area.

09:39:35 These are four-story apartments.

09:39:39 We are not talking about the eight, ten, 12 projects,

09:39:46 financing suspended for those now, but for an apartment

09:39:49 complex of this type.

09:39:52 This was, I guess, the old -- no, this is our project

09:39:55 in the context of what was going to be there?

09:40:07 The shading shows the height of what was going to be

09:40:10 there.

09:40:10 At the very bottom of the base is basically what's

09:40:12 going to go there now.

09:40:13 The parking areas that you described are, in fact,

09:40:16 parking garages that will have full facades on them and

09:40:21 architecturally finished.

09:40:23 Here is the look that we are proposing, which provides

09:40:33 you some scenarios -- thank you.

09:40:40 This shows how the architecture is going to interface

09:40:44 and provide a nice view for not only the people driving

09:40:47 down Meridian, looking at the apartment, but also a

09:40:50 good looking project for the people who live there, the

09:40:55 people that are neighbors.

09:40:57 There was concern at the Victory Lofts folks, whether

09:41:02 we are going to have towers blocking our downtown

09:41:04 views, and the height of these buildings are very

09:41:06 compatible because the Victory Lofts basically starts

09:41:09 on a two, three pedestal of parking and then the units

09:41:13 start above.

09:41:13 So the meetings went very well with the community.

09:41:17 Very excited about having green space.

09:41:19 Currently, there's little or no green space available

09:41:22 in any of the projects in this end of Channelside.

09:41:27 And when you go across 12th, you run into the basically

09:41:30 all the parking garages that have been established for

09:41:34 Channelside, as well as the port.

09:41:38 So this is a good transition coming across 12th.

09:41:41 It's a lower parking garage, apartment complex, works

09:41:49 well with the towers of Channelside.

09:41:51 Here is a little better color rendering.

09:41:55 It helps when you have the progressive bifocal like I

09:41:59 do, to see things different in colors.

09:42:01 And it shows obviously the linear park area that's

09:42:05 proposed.

09:42:05 All these other green areas, this is not our property,

09:42:09 by the way, this is another developer.

09:42:12 But the groan spaces are interspersed throughout the

09:42:16 building so we don't have the old typical square

09:42:20 complex, right out to the edge, and then a sea of

09:42:23 parking around it.

09:42:24 All the parking is in structures, and there is groan

09:42:27 space areas interspersed so people are looking out to

09:42:30 the green areas as opposed to looking at other

09:42:33 buildings.

09:42:34 We will look at the pedestrian issue relative to

09:42:38 getting to 12th from one side of project to the other.

09:42:40 We believe there are adequate connections because all

09:42:44 of these buildings will have access to tying into the

09:42:48 park, but also tying into the outdoor sidewalk.

09:42:51 This is a through corridor here.

09:42:53 This is the amenity to get to the garage, and obviously

09:42:58 residents would be able to pass through the other

09:42:59 garage to get to the other side.

09:43:01 It may not be available to the general public and

09:43:06 walking through the project basically for security

09:43:09 reasons in the parking structures.

09:43:10 But other than that, we think that would work.

09:43:16 >>SAL TERRITO: This is just conceptual today.

09:43:19 We are getting into some detail, and I think --

09:43:22 >> Well, I think the good thing to point out, this

09:43:24 doesn't involve any rezoning.

09:43:26 The development agreement is a separate entity that

09:43:28 just deals with the park issue.

09:43:30 And so the concepts we are showing here is basically

09:43:33 taking the project that was significantly more

09:43:38 development, downsizing it in a plan, and proposing the

09:43:41 new element, which is the park.

09:43:43 And I think those are the concepts, without treading on

09:43:47 the vacation issue.

09:43:50 I will be glad to answer any of the questions.

09:43:52 The developer is very excited about the project and

09:43:54 hopes to be able to move forward it with.

09:43:57 Anytime anybody has any questions, just give us a call.

09:44:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: We thank you.

09:44:03 >>MARK HUEY: The last item on staff report was to

09:44:13 confirm that, per your direction on July 12th, we will

09:44:18 have community meeting.

09:44:22 The board will be in Drew Park.

09:44:24 And I know the community advisory committee is looking

09:44:27 forward to hosting you there.

09:44:28 And we certainly welcome the public in Drew Park to be

09:44:31 part of that.

09:44:31 >>MARY MULHERN: And that's during our two-week break

09:44:38 from council, probably not a good date.

09:44:45 That's not a good idea.

09:44:46 >>MARK HUEY: Okay.

09:44:49 I'm sorry.

09:44:50 >> When is the break?

09:45:00 >> June 30th.

09:45:02 I think we come back that Thursday, right?

09:45:06 14th is when we return.

09:45:08 >>MARK HUEY: Well, we will revisit that date.

09:45:14 And that concludes our staff report.

09:45:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Public comments.

09:45:23 Three minutes, anyone that would like to speak at this

09:45:25 time.

09:45:27 Come forward if you wish to speak.

09:45:33 It has to be on CRA.

09:45:36 An item on the agenda.

09:45:37 Anyone wish to speak at this time, please come forward.

09:45:40 You have three minutes.

09:45:41 And keep it limited to CRA.

09:45:45 Mr. Davis, you have two minutes.

09:45:46 [ Laughter ]

09:45:47 Just kidding.

09:45:47 >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, members of the CRA.

09:45:53 I'm Al Davis from the East Tampa redevelopment area.

09:46:02 I have presented to you -- and I hope you received my

09:46:08 talking paper that I want to speak to directly.

09:46:14 Did each of you receive --

09:46:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

09:46:19 >> Okay.

09:46:22 Mr. Chairman, I would like to present this copy to be

09:46:24 received and filed, you know, to the clerk of court, if

09:46:28 that's permissible.

09:46:33 You have to speak up, Mr. Chairman, because I can't

09:46:35 hear you too well.

09:46:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: Just pass it up and we'll get it from

09:46:39 there.

09:46:39 Just leave it on the desk there.

09:46:43 You are taking away from your three minutes now.

09:46:45 >> Mr. Chairman, the talking paper kind of speaks for

09:46:53 itself.

09:46:54 It primarily requests that this agency undertake a

09:46:58 consideration and generate the process to extend the

09:47:04 time certain for the redevelopment of East Tampa from

09:47:08 30 to 40 years.

09:47:10 And as you know, the economy has a significant impact

09:47:13 on our ability to raise funds, to get the things done

09:47:16 that we really need to get done, to redevelop Tampa

09:47:20 within the time line.

09:47:24 We have already gone about six years already.

09:47:27 And so we really need to get the opportunity to have --

09:47:35 to extend the time to raise -- of course, that's not

09:47:40 the only funding source that is available.

09:47:42 But it looks like it is the prime area funding source.

09:47:49 As far as that is concerned.

09:47:50 The next thing, Mr. Chairman, and that is this.

09:47:57 I note that there's two documents that I'm acquainted

09:48:01 with that relates to this agency.

09:48:03 One is the final agenda and the action agenda.

09:48:13 Of course, the action agenda kind of gives a little

09:48:15 summary of what transpired, you know, during the

09:48:18 particular session.

09:48:19 And I'm requesting public comment as a minimum, at

09:48:25 least include the name of the individuals that appear

09:48:29 before you under that section, because as I do research

09:48:34 sometimes, I like to be able to know what the issues

09:48:37 are without having to go through the record of the --

09:48:45 what do you call that, that little document that is

09:48:49 published.

09:48:51 I can't recall the name of it now.

09:48:55 But it's not the official record, but it is the record

09:48:59 of the session that occurred.

09:49:02 I hope the council will give consideration to allowing

09:49:05 the clerk to include at least the names of the speakers

09:49:09 under the section "public comments."

09:49:14 The last thing madam -- Mr. Chairman -- see, I'm so

09:49:22 old, it's been a little while -- I am going to get a

09:49:26 focus on the redevelopment of East Tampa.

09:49:30 And I do understand you have some go-betweens, i.e.,

09:49:36 you have got in East Tampa, you have this group called

09:49:39 the partnership, East Tampa redevelopment partnership.

09:49:41 (Bell sounds)

09:49:44 But I'll come back, Mr. Chairman.

09:49:45 Thank you.

09:49:45 >> I'm Ed Tillou, sulfur spring neighborhood.

09:50:00 But I come down so I can speak well about downtown

09:50:05 issues.

09:50:05 I came here to speak on another issue, but I see this

09:50:09 is --

09:50:10 >> Would you state your name?

09:50:12 >> I did.

09:50:12 My name is ed.

09:50:14 Ed Tillou.

09:50:17 I'm from Sulfur Spring.

09:50:19 And these downtown issues, I come downtown a lot.

09:50:23 It isn't what I came to speak about.

09:50:25 I'll just come another time on that.

09:50:27 But I see four things.

09:50:29 The first one is people are talking about chain link

09:50:33 fences, and chain link fences are a problem.

09:50:35 They need to be withdrawn to the specific things that

09:50:38 need protection, and this very good planning book that

09:50:42 I don't think most planners have read, called "design

09:50:45 with nature," and bushes and trees can be used -- more

09:50:49 bushes, and with thorns and things to channel traffic

09:50:52 in the directions poem want, and it looks better.

09:50:56 I get very upset when I listen here and I hear parking,

09:51:00 parking, parking, parking lots, over and over again,

09:51:03 never ever a mention of interface with public

09:51:06 transportation.

09:51:06 Now, oil will run out in 25 to 35 years and younger

09:51:14 people can be excused to think that's an eternity, but

09:51:17 the age on this board is 63, 64.

09:51:22 You are the people who should realize how quickly 25 to

09:51:25 35 years passes, and this has got to be a theme over

09:51:29 and over again, public transportation access.

09:51:34 And the thing is, I know a lot of older people just

09:51:37 figure, well, I'm going to be out of here in five or

09:51:39 ten years, to hell with everybody else.

09:51:42 But you have a responsibility for younger people to

09:51:44 build us into the planning.

09:51:48 Waterfront projects should incorporate water taxis, but

09:51:51 more importantly affordable water taxi.

09:51:56 You can bring people down from Nebraska.

09:51:57 One of the problems we had in Baltimore years ago was a

09:52:03 freak wind storm and flipped a boat and a few people

09:52:06 got drowned.

09:52:07 So that's got to be addressed.

09:52:09 But water is an affordable transportation route.

09:52:14 Street resurfacing in Channel District.

09:52:16 I don't know if the city signed off on all that work

09:52:18 that was done downtown, but the bus ways are in

09:52:24 horrible shape so I hope that 10% has been held on to

09:52:27 and maybe look at the bus lane, find out how much of

09:52:30 those pothole, come from that construction that hasn't

09:52:36 been thoughtfully resolved.

09:52:38 And then the final thing I guess is noise.

09:52:41 I'm a little more empathetic to people from East Tampa

09:52:44 that have a noise problem than people from Ybor City

09:52:46 and Channelside to come to complain about it when they

09:52:49 knew that was the kind of neighborhood when they moved

09:52:52 into it.

09:52:53 So smart growth should incorporate some equivalent to

09:52:58 truth in lending.

09:53:00 It's truth in real estate sales that let people know

09:53:04 that this is the kind of neighborhood they are moving

09:53:06 into.

09:53:08 I go to Hyde Park a lot, and it's as noisy as hell, but

09:53:12 there's no housing a round the places that are making

09:53:14 the noise.

09:53:15 And, again, parking, parking is used to encourage

09:53:19 people to come into a neighborhood.

09:53:20 Why not restrict parking to reducing these crowds in

09:53:29 Channelside or Ybor City instead of providing lots of

09:53:33 parking, like put it at a premium so that people have

09:53:36 to use public transportation.

09:53:40 I have to go out on Friday night because there's better

09:53:43 bus service than Saturday night.

09:53:45 (Bell sounds)

09:53:47 So bus service can always be used.

09:53:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, sir.

09:53:53 Any additional comments from anyone would like to speak

09:53:56 at this time?

09:54:00 All right.

09:54:00 We have three approvals for.

09:54:04 >>MARK HUEY: We have three approvals.

09:54:05 Item 5 on the agenda is the acquisition of a small

09:54:08 piece of property in East Tampa to support the

09:54:10 continued work on 22nd street.

09:54:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: We need a motion for approval.

09:54:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So moved.

09:54:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just had a question.

09:54:21 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:54:23 I just wanted to ask if the citizens advisory committee

09:54:31 has approved this and voted on it, and what was the

09:54:35 recommendation?

09:54:38 >>MARK HUEY: They support it, yes.

09:54:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second.

09:54:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Councilwoman Capin, seconded

09:54:45 by councilman Miranda.

09:54:46 All in favor say Aye.

09:54:48 Opposed?

09:54:49 Thank you.

09:54:52 >>MARK HUEY: An exciting project, another facade grant.

09:54:55 This is all the commercial building in our Ybor 2

09:55:01 district.

09:55:01 It's now vacant.

09:55:02 And through this grant, it will help leverage 3

09:55:08 $340,000 of investment, and the renovate building will

09:55:13 bring in a new company, a new business into the

09:55:16 district.

09:55:16 So we are excited to recommend this facade grant to

09:55:20 you.

09:55:20 >>MARY MULHERN: How much is the grant?

09:55:27 >> 60,000.

09:55:31 It's not just up to $50,000.

09:55:36 $50,000.

09:55:37 >> Move item 6.

09:55:38 >> Second.

09:55:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by councilman Mulhern, seconded

09:55:44 by councilman Miranda.

09:55:45 All in favor?

09:55:46 Opposed?

09:55:46 Thank you.

09:55:51 Is the business owner here?

09:55:53 >>MARK HUEY: I think they were intending to be here

09:55:55 and had a last-minute conflict and couldn't be here.

09:55:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Fine Hugh huh the last item for

09:56:03 approval on the agenda is two replacements on the Ybor

09:56:05 City advisory board, YCDC.

09:56:10 One is Mr. Elliott Wheeler, who is now the chair of the

09:56:14 barrio Latino commission.

09:56:17 So he will serve on the advisory committee, with your

09:56:21 approval.

09:56:22 And then Michelle Cardamone, good to have you here.

09:56:31 You have information in your backup material.

09:56:37 >> Thank you.

09:56:38 I have been working in Ybor City --

09:56:40 >> Come to the mike.

09:56:41 >> I'm sorry.

09:56:42 I work at the Hill Hilton Garden Inn in Ybor City.

09:56:51 And throughout my employment at the Hilton garden Inn.

09:56:55 >> Please state your name.

09:56:56 >> Michelle Cardamone.

09:57:00 >> Any questions?

09:57:04 All right.

09:57:04 >> Need a motion.

09:57:12 >> So moved.

09:57:14 >> Second.

09:57:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Miranda, second by

09:57:18 Councilwoman Capin.

09:57:19 All in favor of the motion?

09:57:22 All right.

09:57:22 >>MARK HUEY: I think under new business we had an item

09:57:27 for you to approve two workshops.

09:57:31 I believe the chair has that information.

09:57:34 >> We have a workshop for June 7, 9 to 12, and June 14,

09:57:40 2 to 4 p.m.

09:57:41 Correct?

09:57:42 All right.

09:57:43 Motion for approval?

09:57:44 >> So moved.

09:57:45 >> Second.

09:57:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by councilman Miranda, seconded

09:57:49 by councilman Suarez.

09:57:53 All in favor?

09:57:54 Opposed?

09:57:54 Thank you, sir.

09:57:55 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you.

09:57:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any new business from council

09:57:59 members?

09:58:00 I will start with councilman Suarez.

09:58:03 >> No new business.

09:58:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No new business.

09:58:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: None, Mr. Chairman.

09:58:09 >>MARY MULHERN: No new business.

09:58:19 >>MIKE COHEN: Know now business.

09:58:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Not at this time, Mr. Chair.

09:58:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Just for the record, we have a letter

09:58:29 from Mayor Bob Buckhorn requesting to read into the

09:58:36 record.

09:58:37 Tampa Bay Lightning are getting set to take on the

09:58:40 Bruins for the first game of the east conference this

09:58:44 weekend.

09:58:44 The City of Tampa will be hosting a lightning dinner

09:58:50 May 13:11 a.m.

09:58:52 Let show the City of Tampa team is proud of them and

09:58:55 wear your lightning gear and join me as City Hall plans

09:58:59 to show their support.

09:59:01 Go Bolts.

09:59:01 I invite everybody to come by on Friday, May 13, 11

09:59:05 a.m.

09:59:08 One issue that I would like to bring before the body at

09:59:11 this time, and that is to present a commendation for

09:59:20 his service to the City of Tampa and as a person who

09:59:22 has served and represented the CRA, not only in the

09:59:29 City of Tampa but many who are parts of the CRA, and we

09:59:35 would like to know everybody that he is taking on

09:59:38 another position in Sarasota, and I might be joining

09:59:44 you there. [ Laughter ]

09:59:45 So we want to make sure to get a commendation.

09:59:48 >> Before we go forward, one of the most important

09:59:51 things, not only has Mark done a great job on economic

09:59:53 development, but he's a graduate of one of the best

09:59:56 high schools here in Hillsborough County, Jefferson

09:59:58 high school.

09:59:59 Go Dragons.

10:00:01 >> Just need a motion for the commendation.

10:00:04 >> I so move it.

10:00:06 >> Second.

10:00:07 >> Moved by councilman Suarez, seconded by Councilwoman

10:00:11 Mulhern.

10:00:14 All in favor?

10:00:14 Opposed?

10:00:15 Any other things?

10:00:16 >> The mayor did my Lightning pitch, so I didn't have

10:00:19 to mention it.

10:00:20 >>THE CLERK: A motion to receive and file?

10:00:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Need a motion to receive and file.

10:00:26 >> Move to receive and file.

10:00:29 >> Second.

10:00:29 >> All in favor?

10:00:31 Okay.

10:00:31 We stand adjourned.

10:00:32 Thank you.

10:03:47 (Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.)




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