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Thursday, May 26, 2011

9:00 a.m. Workshops


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09:06:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Tampa City Council is called to

09:06:31 order.

09:06:31 This morning we are going to have the legislative aide

09:06:33 of council member Lisa Montelione introduce our

09:06:38 individuals to give the invocation this morning.

09:06:43 The aide will do the introduction.

09:06:44 >> Good morning, Mr. Chair, council.

09:06:48 I would like to introduce Ariel Riskin from USF to give

09:06:59 the invocation.

09:07:00 >> Almighty God, master of the universe, the members of

09:07:08 this body, the Tampa City Council, convene here to do

09:07:12 the people's business with good faith and with selfless

09:07:15 dedication.

09:07:16 In so doing, they fulfill a fundamental precept which

09:07:19 according to sacred Biblical tradition you first issued

09:07:23 to Adam at the time of his creation and to NOAH after

09:07:27 the great flood, the commandment to govern by just

09:07:31 laws, and again at Mount Sinai you issued forth seven

09:07:37 universal commandments for all humanity to heed which

09:07:41 became known as the seven Noah laws.

09:07:45 The first of those is that every society legislate for

09:07:48 itself a system of law, order and social justice.

09:07:51 Based on the recognition and acknowledgment of you,

09:07:54 almighty God, as the sovereign ruler of all men and of

09:07:58 all nations.

09:07:59 We the citizens of this country, the United States of

09:08:02 America, proudly proclaim this recognition and affirm

09:08:06 our commitment to justice in our pledge of allegiance

09:08:09 when we describe our union as one nation under God with

09:08:13 liberty and justice for all.

09:08:15 Grant us almighty God that those assembled here be

09:08:19 cognizant of your presence and conduct their

09:08:22 deliberations accordingly.

09:08:23 Allow them to debate their differences vigorously but

09:08:28 to remember for most to legislate for the can common

09:08:32 good of the people is not only a civic privilege but

09:08:35 also a divinely mandated responsibility.

09:08:39 O God, that the dedicated men and women of the Tampa

09:08:42 City Council be blessed with good health, wisdom,

09:08:46 compassion, good cheer and good fellowship.

09:08:48 May they contemplate as they engage in just and

09:08:52 benevolent law and public policy, and in doing so they

09:08:55 are fulfilling their godly will.

09:08:58 Amen.

09:08:58 (Pledge of Allegiance).

09:09:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.

09:09:24 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:09:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:09:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:09:33 >>MIKE COHEN: Here.

09:09:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:09:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:09:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:09:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This morning we are honored to have

09:09:40 the commendation for Police officer of the Month and

09:09:43 our council member Frank Reddick will do this along

09:09:46 with Chief Castor.

09:09:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning, Mr. Chairman, and

09:09:51 members of the Tampa City Council.

09:09:53 It's an honor to present our Officer of the Month.

09:09:57 And he is Detective Nathan Horvack.

09:10:02 I will turn it over to Chief Castor to tell us about

09:10:04 him.

09:10:04 >> Chief Castor: Again it's my pleasure to bring

09:10:09 before you the Officer of the Month.

09:10:11 And it's my pleasure to introduce Nate Horvack, the

09:10:15 Officer of the Month for May 2011.

09:10:18 He has been employed with the Tampa Police Department

09:10:20 since October of two. His assignment at the time he

09:10:26 was named officer of the month was a ROC officer in the

09:10:29 south end of district 1, did an outstanding job.

09:10:32 There was no crime too big or too small for him to

09:10:36 investigate.

09:10:36 Just to highlight a couple of the incidents that he's

09:10:39 been recognized for.

09:10:40 It was a series of burglaries in the south end of town.

09:10:44 And while it wasn't Nate's area, he asked if he could

09:10:47 be involved in that, and he did some latent

09:10:51 investigations, some research, and found a video of one

09:10:54 of the suspects.

09:10:55 He was able to identify several suspects, potential

09:10:58 suspects through that, from that video from other

09:11:01 evidence that he derived, and he got his squad together

09:11:08 and did the research of past addresses and pawn

09:11:12 receipts from these individuals and gave out

09:11:14 assignments for them to check these previous addresses,

09:11:16 see if they could locate them, check some of the pawn

09:11:19 shops and see if they could find them there.

09:11:21 After an exhaustive search they were unable to find the

09:11:24 suspects.

09:11:25 Nate went back to the pawn receipts and found that some

09:11:28 of the property had been pawned at a shop out in

09:11:31 Fletcher Avenue.

09:11:32 So he went out there in the vicinity of Fletcher and

09:11:35 went to all the area motels to see if the suspect's

09:11:40 vehicle may be in the area.

09:11:42 And it happened to be motel 6, I guess, left the light

09:11:45 on for some of these suspects.

09:11:47 [ Laughter ]

09:11:48 And he found a truck matching the suspect description,

09:11:52 called his squad in, did some lengthy surveillance, and

09:11:55 when the individuals came out to get into the truck,

09:11:57 they boxed them in and arrested all of them.

09:12:00 They had already checked out, and they were getting

09:12:02 ready to leave the state.

09:12:04 So he was able to arrest all of these individuals, find

09:12:07 the stolen property, and the detectives in the City of

09:12:10 Tampa and Hillsborough County were able to clear ten

09:12:14 residential burglaries based on his latent

09:12:17 investigation.

09:12:19 In another instance that we suffered a series of auto

09:12:24 thefts along Kennedy Boulevard, and there was a

09:12:28 description of a tow truck picking these cars up and

09:12:33 actually stealing them.

09:12:34 So Nate went into the area and happened to see a tow

09:12:37 truck pulling a vehicle down Kennedy Boulevard.

09:12:40 He just made note of the tow truck, particular license

09:12:44 plate it had on the front and a description of the

09:12:47 driver.

09:12:47 A short time later, ab BOLO photo went out for a stolen

09:12:53 vehicle.

09:12:54 It happened to be that vehicle.

09:12:55 So based on the information he gave the squad members

09:12:57 they were able to identify the tow truck company.

09:13:00 Nate went down, positively identified the driver.

09:13:02 They took him into custody, found that stolen vehicle,

09:13:06 through his interrogation skills the suspect gave up

09:13:09 stolen property from other incidents and also a second

09:13:12 stolen vehicle.

09:13:13 So he does a great job every day, and that's why he's

09:13:17 being named Officer of the Month for May 2011.

09:13:21 It happens to be a great month for him because he also

09:13:24 just got promoted to detective on May 15th of this

09:13:28 month.

09:13:28 So I give you Nate Horvack.

09:13:37 >> On behalf of Tampa City Council we would like to

09:13:39 present you this commendation for being chosen as Tampa

09:13:41 police Officer of the Month for May 2008.

09:13:46 Congratulations.

09:13:46 >> Tampa police benevolent association.

09:13:57 We would like to give you this $100 gift certificate

09:14:00 card to use however you want.

09:14:02 Congratulations.

09:14:03 >> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing service.

09:14:10 Stepps towing service was not -- [ Laughter ]

09:14:16 On behalf of Jim and Judy and Todd Stepp, we would like

09:14:20 to present a statue for a job well done.

09:14:25 We appreciate the work that you do.

09:14:30 >> Frank DeSoto with Bill Currie Ford Lincoln.

09:14:37 Nate, congratulations on a job well done.

09:14:39 We would like to present with you this watch.

09:14:41 >> These flowers aren't really for you.

09:14:54 There's always a behind-the-scenes person and I would

09:14:58 like to present this to your wife.

09:15:00 And there's always a behind-the-scenes person I want to

09:15:04 present this to the chief for a job well done.

09:15:09 [ Applause ]

09:15:13 >>STEVE MICHELINI: I don't think I have ever seen the

09:15:15 chief blush.

09:15:18 On behalf of Bern's steakhouse we will provide with you

09:15:21 a $100 gift certificate to enjoy dinner with your wife.

09:15:24 And Bryn Allen studios is going to provide a

09:15:30 photographic package for you and your family.

09:15:32 So congratulations.

09:15:33 And we appreciate what you do out there.

09:15:36 [ Applause ]

09:15:41 >> Sharon McDonald with the Straz center.

09:15:44 We want to thank you for all you do for the community.

09:15:48 >> Wow.

09:15:56 I'm overwhelmed.

09:15:57 First I would like to thank City Council, obviously,

09:16:00 and obviously all the sponsors and the businesses that

09:16:03 are donating to me, mainly my wife.

09:16:10 I know this is a team effort here, the police officers

09:16:15 don't do anything by themselves, and I would really

09:16:18 like to thank a couple witnesses.

09:16:21 I am not going to mention their names, but in these

09:16:23 particular burglary cases.

09:16:24 They helped us solve this crime, no doubt.

09:16:28 They are definitely the eyes and ears for us.

09:16:30 And without them, we couldn't have done it.

09:16:32 A couple of them, we convince them we are going to

09:16:39 protect them anyway we can.

09:16:41 And thank you to them.

09:16:46 And the people involved in the residential burglaries

09:16:48 the last time I checked were still on a very high bond

09:16:52 so they are not getting out anytime soon.

09:16:55 I obviously thank my children for putting up with my

09:16:58 hours, and my wife, my beautiful wife, and the chief,

09:17:02 and my immediate staff here, major Ruggerio and the

09:17:07 staff in district 1.

09:17:08 Thank you very much.

09:17:09 [ Applause ]

09:17:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:17:14 It's really us thank you and the police force and Chief

09:17:18 Castor for the outstanding that you do on a daily basis

09:17:22 and for yourself who go beyond the senses in real life,

09:17:27 something beyond the scope that you recognize and deal

09:17:30 with and you are able to solve these crimes.

09:17:32 Thank you very much.

09:17:32 >> Chief Castor: Thank you, council.

09:17:36 We appreciate it.

09:17:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We need approval of the agenda.

09:17:44 >> So moved.

09:17:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick.

09:17:49 Second by Mrs. Mulhern.

09:17:50 All in favor?

09:17:51 Opposed?

09:17:52 The Ayes have it unanimously.

09:17:54 Public comments, three minutes per speaker.

09:17:59 An item not on the agenda.

09:18:01 I am going to reverse it today.

09:18:03 This is a workshop.

09:18:05 Any item not on the agenda.

09:18:06 I see no one.

09:18:11 Before I go top this we are going to do ordinances 2

09:18:15 and 3 and then go to the workshop.

09:18:20 We have three workshops that could be lengthy.

09:18:23 So please bear that in mind.

09:18:26 We need to open 2 and 3.

09:18:30 I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern, second by Mr. Suarez.

09:18:34 All in favor of the motion?

09:18:36 Opposed?

09:18:36 The ayes have it.

09:18:37 The ordinance 2 and 3 are open.

09:18:40 Item number 2.

09:18:41 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

09:18:43 These two ordinances are back in front of you from your

09:18:46 last week's meeting.

09:18:47 There was some confusion on the record as to which

09:18:49 ordinances were read.

09:18:50 So I would ask that you first rescind your previous

09:18:53 motions from last week and then go ahead and read the

09:18:55 title of these two ordinances again, and would ask the

09:18:59 clerk to schedule second reading on these two

09:19:01 ordinances for June 9th in your evening agenda.

09:19:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think I need to follow up, the

09:19:09 attorney just told us, a motion to rescind.

09:19:12 >> Motion to rescind 12347 last week's meeting on these

09:19:15 two items last week.

09:19:17 I have a motion by Mr. Cohen.

09:19:18 Second by Mr. Suarez.

09:19:19 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying

09:19:22 Aye.

09:19:22 Opposed, nay.

09:19:23 The Ayes have it unanimously.

09:19:25 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 2?

09:19:29 I see no one.

09:19:30 I think last week I went left to right.

09:19:33 We go right to left.

09:19:34 Mr. Suarez, number 2.

09:19:38 Motion to close item number 2.

09:19:40 I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern, second by Mrs. Capin.

09:19:45 All in favor?

09:19:45 Opposed?

09:19:46 The Ayes have it unanimously.

09:19:48 Oh, you don't want to close?

09:19:54 Okay.

09:19:55 I'm sorry.

09:19:58 Mr. Suarez.

09:19:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: An ordinance vacating discontinuing

09:20:03 closing abandoning a certain right-of-way a portion of

09:20:05 11th street north of Cumberland Avenue, east of

09:20:09 Meridian and west of 12th Street in interstate

09:20:13 investment company's platinum 4 subdivision, a

09:20:15 subdivision in the City of Tampa, the same being more

09:20:18 fully described in section 2 hereof, subject to the

09:20:21 reservation of certain easements as set forth herein,

09:20:24 subject to certain covenants, conditions and

09:20:27 restrictions as more particularly described herein,

09:20:29 providing an effective date.

09:20:29 >> Second.

09:20:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded -- motion by Mr. Suarez,

09:20:39 second by the honorable council member Mulhern.

09:20:44 All in favor of the motion -- this is first reading

09:20:47 again.

09:20:47 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

09:20:50 Aye.

09:20:50 Opposed, nay.

09:20:53 I'm sorry, I missed that vote.

09:20:57 So it's 6 to 1.

09:21:00 Did you vote yes or no?

09:21:03 All right, motion passes unanimously.

09:21:05 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried.

09:21:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I was just getting ready to say you

09:21:13 would be a little late that you weren't feeling well,

09:21:16 but like a good council member you showed up on time.

09:21:18 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with second reading being

09:21:21 on June 9th at 6 p.m.

09:21:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 3.

09:21:31 It's already open.

09:21:33 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 3?

09:21:37 I see no one.

09:21:38 Motion to close, please.

09:21:40 Motion made by Mrs. Capin, second by Mr. Suarez to

09:21:44 close.

09:21:44 All in favor?

09:21:45 Opposed?

09:21:46 The Ayes have it unanimously.

09:21:49 Mrs. Capin.

09:21:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, chairman.

09:21:52 An ordinance presented for first reading consideration.

09:21:54 An ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida rescinding

09:21:59 and repealing ordinance number 2008-160, which vacated,

09:22:06 closed, discontinued abandoned certain right-of-way, a

09:22:08 portion of 11th lying south of Whiting Street,

09:22:11 north of Cumberland Avenue, west of Channelside Drive

09:22:14 and east of Meridian Avenue, in interstate investment

09:22:18 company's platinum 4, a subdivision located in the City

09:22:22 of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, subject to

09:22:24 certain covenants, conditions and restrictions,

09:22:27 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,

09:22:29 providing for severability, providing an effective

09:22:32 date.

09:22:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin,

09:22:36 second by Mrs. Mulhern.

09:22:37 Discussion by council members?

09:22:38 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

09:22:40 Aye.

09:22:41 Opposed, nay.

09:22:42 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with second reading and

09:22:45 adoption being on June 6th -- on June 9th at 6

09:22:48 p.m.

09:22:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We have workshops which are set,

09:22:57 items 4, 5, 6, and then 7 discuss the legal department.

09:23:01 We need to open up all the workshops.

09:23:04 Motion by Mrs. Capin, second by Mrs. Montelione.

09:23:07 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

09:23:09 Aye.

09:23:10 Opposed, nay.

09:23:11 The Ayes have it unanimously.

09:23:14 >> Catherine Coyle, land development.

09:23:16 If I could really quick, go Bolts.

09:23:18 Very excited.

09:23:21 My son was born eight days after they won the first

09:23:25 Stanley Cup so he can't wait to get a new

09:23:27 seven-year-old birthday present that the they win

09:23:29 again.

09:23:30 Just to go over the enforcement quickly, ensuring

09:23:34 compliance as the motion said, I believe the majority

09:23:36 of the members of the team that deal with enforcement

09:23:39 are here.

09:23:40 It is a coordinated effort, as wove stated in the past,

09:23:43 fire marshal, TPD, the zoning office and legal office

09:23:47 to deal with the enforcement of alcohol permits.

09:23:50 I believe individually, and we have spoken with Mrs.

09:23:55 Capin as well and understood the concept of potentially

09:23:58 posting conditions which we think -- I believe

09:24:01 collectively it's a really, really good idea, and the

09:24:03 way that Mrs. Capin has phrased it is a really good

09:24:07 idea, especially for enforcement.

09:24:10 If you wish, you can hear from the officers as well

09:24:13 that entering an establishment and seeing a very

09:24:17 specific list or concise list of items, hours of

09:24:20 operation and so on, making very clear to the officer

09:24:23 on-site, whether it be a code enforcement officer, fire

09:24:27 marshal or TPD, it's very enclosure what those things

09:24:29 are, and clearly if they are outside of that there's an

09:24:33 issue and potentially a violation, then we could

09:24:36 potentially bring a case before council for suspension,

09:24:39 revocation, if it falls right in line.

09:24:41 We are hear for any comments or questions or any that

09:24:44 you may have.

09:24:44 But I will turn it over to Ms. Capin, I believe, at

09:24:48 this time.

09:24:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

09:25:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone) this is what brought

09:25:04 to light the first -- when I saw -- this is a snapshot

09:25:09 of 24th along Howard Avenue, and if you look at

09:25:15 them, no two are identical in their condition.

09:25:23 And that is what really brought this top light.

09:25:26 When I investigated further, got a snapshot of this

09:25:33 which is over 1,000 establishments in the city that are

09:25:37 permitted.

09:25:38 So, therefore, I went, and as you well know, walked

09:25:47 with police officers on my own time in Howard Avenue,

09:25:50 because that was my district.

09:25:51 I had a community meeting.

09:25:52 And all that input and all that information came back,

09:25:55 and we shared it, or I shared it were the

09:26:00 administration, and came up with the idea of maybe

09:26:05 posting these conditions that are very individual and

09:26:11 particular to each establishment, as it's supposed to

09:26:18 be.

09:26:18 Every time they come up to us as quasi-judicial and

09:26:22 each one is individual and each one has certain

09:26:25 criteria. Some of these were way before any of us were

09:26:29 here.

09:26:30 Now, the other thing -- and that's why I passed it out,

09:26:34 so you have an idea of what -- because I don't think we

09:26:36 have -- I'm sorry.

09:26:42 You need a copy?

09:26:43 Here is an extra one.

09:26:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Now you have two copies.

09:26:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So as you well know, I worked on this

09:26:53 before, and now brought it back, because we have four

09:26:59 new council members, and we haven't had very many

09:27:03 alcoholic beverage permits.

09:27:05 So I wanted you all to have a snapshot of what it

09:27:11 incurs.

09:27:12 Therefore, I got together with law enforcement and code

09:27:15 enforcement and Cathy Coyle and legal trying to figure

09:27:20 out how can we make this happen where it would not be

09:27:24 burdensome to the business and came up with the idea of

09:27:28 posting an 8 by 10 piece of paper with the conditions

09:27:34 that law enforcement, code enforcement, fire marshal,

09:27:39 feel that are PET pertinent, maybe the first ten,

09:27:42 because there is a lot of information.

09:27:45 All of this goes onto the site plan.

09:27:48 But as you see -- I have one in my office -- you have

09:27:51 seen the site plan and they are use.

09:27:55 And this is public information that has to be

09:27:58 researched.

09:27:58 And where he an officer is walking into an

09:28:00 establishment at 1 a.m., it would be -- and they will

09:28:05 let you know, very helpful for them to know what we

09:28:08 have permitted and the establishment or the applicant

09:28:13 has agreed to in order for this license.

09:28:17 I'm sorry, this permit.

09:28:18 It is not a license.

09:28:23 I would like to hear from law enforcement.

09:28:26 And I think council members would, too.

09:28:28 So that's the basis of why we are doing this again.

09:28:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

09:28:33 Law enforcement.

09:28:36 Law enforcement of the law.

09:28:38 >> Donald Miller, City of Tampa police department.

09:28:42 Alcohol investigations.

09:28:43 I spoke with Mrs. Capin about the idea of the placard

09:28:50 is a great idea coming together with code enforcement

09:28:53 and fire. It would simplify the investigation process

09:28:55 with the police department, the walk-ins, take a look

09:28:58 at this placard and be able to know exactly the type of

09:29:03 license, capacities what the zonings are.

09:29:08 It would just be a help for any police officer any hour

09:29:13 of the time just to be able to go to the wall and look

09:29:15 at that placard and know exactly what license they

09:29:19 hold.

09:29:20 It's a very good investigative tool.

09:29:22 I think it's a thing we should really push for to

09:29:26 encourage and help out the law enforcement.

09:29:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other questions by council

09:29:31 members at this time?

09:29:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: What would be the recourse if a

09:29:37 business decided not to install it?

09:29:41 >> It all depends on how it comes out, politically how

09:29:47 it is regulated, brought out by you guys, actually.

09:29:50 If you make it in the essence of an ordinance or law,

09:29:54 they would have to place out there.

09:29:59 If they don't follow the ordinance, then obviously we

09:30:02 have to do our investigation.

09:30:08 >>CATHERINE COYLE: If I oh could just be clear, to

09:30:10 clarify what Mr. Miller said, any violation of the

09:30:12 current rules that we have including having a site plan

09:30:15 on-site is required by current code, or if in the

09:30:18 future we require a placard or list of conditions, if

09:30:23 the act of not posting those is not followed through,

09:30:27 that in itself is a violation.

09:30:28 So we could in the future bring a case before you for

09:30:31 suspension or revocation.

09:30:33 So if you have to post them and you don't, that in

09:30:36 itself is a violation.

09:30:39 Which we could bring before you.

09:30:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other discussion by council

09:30:44 members?

09:30:45 Mrs. Montelione?

09:30:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: When we talk about the display of

09:30:51 the conditions, are we talking about the whole site

09:30:53 plan has to be displayed?

09:30:55 Okay.

09:30:55 That was the --

09:30:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.

09:30:58 It would be an 8 by 10 sheet and it would list the most

09:31:02 important issues on that permit that law enforcement

09:31:09 and code enforcement, fire marshal, need or find

09:31:15 required, and I would like to get to that, how legal

09:31:17 would look at it and come back to us later on that.

09:31:21 So it would be at the bottom, because the site plan has

09:31:25 ingress, egress, all the other, at the bottom of the

09:31:29 list, whether it's five items or ten items that are

09:31:31 particular to that site that law enforcement and code

09:31:35 enforcement find are important to them, it would say

09:31:39 see site plan for more detail.

09:31:42 In other words, if they need more information other

09:31:45 than what's on here, the site plan would be available.

09:31:50 They would look at that.

09:31:51 But what we are looking at, here is what I sent out,

09:31:54 just to give you an example of what could be on there.

09:32:02 These conditions vary by permit and may contain, for

09:32:05 example, but are not limited, hours of operation, guest

09:32:09 capacity, special parking requirements, et cetera.

09:32:18 Capacity outdoors, capacity indoors.

09:32:21 It could be any and all of those things that law

09:32:24 enforcement, code enforcement, find, and what I would

09:32:28 like to see is for them to get together with legal, or

09:32:34 legal with them, and bring back an ordinance to us for

09:32:41 review, and then at that point -- because an ordinance

09:32:45 is a law, and that would change.

09:32:49 We are not adding a condition.

09:32:51 We are just saying post the conditions that you have

09:32:55 agreed to, to help enforce compliance.

09:33:01 You know, the sale of alcoholic beverage by nature is

09:33:06 risk-associated, and that is why government regulates

09:33:09 it.

09:33:10 But regulations without compliance are meaningless.

09:33:15 We here at council have a duty to protect the public

09:33:18 health, safety and well-being, and that is part of it.

09:33:21 And that is why it's come up, because there's so many

09:33:27 different conditions that no one knows, and they are

09:33:31 very particular to the establishment.

09:33:33 And I wrote some notes here.

09:33:38 The risks associated with alcohol consumption is well

09:33:41 documented.

09:33:41 And reasonable rules are not a burden but rather a

09:33:44 public duty.

09:33:45 We as a society have decided that with regulation of

09:33:50 compliance we find it acceptable, a property -- a

09:33:54 properly regulated alcohol industry brings life,

09:33:57 vibrancy, jobs, and quality of life to community and

09:34:00 profits to industry.

09:34:01 And compliance makes good business.

09:34:07 I hope that helps.

09:34:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern, then Mr. Reddick.

09:34:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:34:17 I think this is very reasonable, good idea, really good

09:34:23 idea for the way our current regulations of alcohol

09:34:27 sales, especially in restaurants where alcohol sales

09:34:34 are allowed.

09:34:37 I think it's interesting because Councilwoman Capin

09:34:42 brought up the fact that there are so many different

09:34:49 just restrictions or conditions have been put on over

09:34:53 the years, but the enforcement can become difficult,

09:35:03 could be difficult even with the things posted.

09:35:05 So I think this is a good short-term solution.

09:35:13 I think we need to -- I think the only way that you can

09:35:18 reduce the basic -- well, there are a number of

09:35:23 different violations, I think, we run into, but mostly

09:35:26 it's that the sales are not incidental in the

09:35:31 restaurant category.

09:35:34 Oftentimes it is -- a restaurant becomes a bar,

09:35:39 basically, and they are selling alcohol as opposed to

09:35:45 primarily selling alcohol.

09:35:47 So I think the hours of operation, we should be looking

09:35:51 at that.

09:35:52 And I know Mr. Miranda brings that up often.

09:35:55 And I agree that if you are a restaurant, you probably

09:36:00 don't need to be selling alcohol until 3:00 in the

09:36:03 morning.

09:36:07 I think that we need to adjust the way that we set

09:36:13 those time restrictions, and that right now it means

09:36:18 you have to -- your hours are concurrent.

09:36:22 Alcohol sales hours are concurrent with your hours of

09:36:25 operation which doesn't really make sense, especially

09:36:28 in a restaurant category.

09:36:29 So I think we need to look at that, too.

09:36:32 I think it's a really good idea, but I think we need to

09:36:35 really look further into how we are writing our code,

09:36:40 other than just the notice, and I think this is a great

09:36:45 enforcement tool of what we have right now, but I also

09:36:47 think that we need to look at the regulations

09:36:50 themselves and make some major changes.

09:36:52 And I also feel like -- and I think this would be a

09:36:55 subject of another workshop probably to discuss all

09:36:58 that.

09:36:59 But I guess we'll just maybe put that on at a later

09:37:09 time.

09:37:11 I guess that's it.

09:37:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick.

09:37:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just want clarity.

09:37:17 Are you speaking of just restaurant?

09:37:19 Or talking about any establishment in the city with

09:37:26 alcohol, night clubs, mom and pops businesses, or just

09:37:32 restaurants?

09:37:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: For it to be equal, it has to be every

09:37:37 establishment that has been permitted to sell alcoholic

09:37:39 beverage.

09:37:43 Yes.

09:37:43 The answer is yes.

09:37:45 >> So alcoholic beverage, is it limited to mixed

09:37:49 drinks, or speaking about wine, beer?

09:37:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Alcoholic beverage, wine, beer,

09:37:57 spirits.

09:37:58 What else?

09:37:59 I think that's it.

09:38:03 I could tell you Scotch, brandy.

09:38:12 And, chairman, Councilwoman Mulhern brought up what

09:38:24 this will help if, if legal is able to come back with

09:38:28 an ordinance, what is already on the books is already

09:38:33 on the books.

09:38:34 In other words, we cannot -- Rebecca, we cannot add to

09:38:41 the conditions.

09:38:42 Therefore, whatever we move forward on changing the

09:38:46 process is not going to affect what's already -- what

09:38:50 people have already been granted.

09:38:51 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

09:38:55 That is correct.

09:38:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez.

09:38:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Councilman Capin, I appreciate.

09:39:01 This I think it's a good idea.

09:39:03 I think it's something we should implement.

09:39:05 Ms. Coyle, I have a question for you.

09:39:09 When we are looking at, let's say, for example, we pass

09:39:12 an ordinance specific to what Ms. Capin's vision is in

09:39:16 terms of the compliance, and do we currently make sure

09:39:22 that they are compliant with the use of that

09:39:24 particular -- that particular property in relation to

09:39:29 alcoholic beverage sales?

09:39:31 Or are we more reactionary in terms of when someone

09:39:34 complains about something specific to that location?

09:39:37 I mean, is there a process?

09:39:39 Do we do a quarterly report based on what they should

09:39:42 be doing, or anything like that?

09:39:44 >> The only required recording to the city is a report

09:39:48 for locations that have a 51% requirement for sales of

09:39:52 nonalcoholic beverages, food and nonalcoholic

09:39:54 beverages: The rest of the approvals that are there do

09:39:58 not require any reporting.

09:39:59 Predominantly our system is complaint-based but there

09:40:02 are occasions -- and we have had a couple recently

09:40:05 where we have proactively gone out and contacted

09:40:08 certain locations that we know have either gone dry or

09:40:13 are acting out of compliance by our own observations,

09:40:18 and we put them on notice in writing.

09:40:20 We visited them directly, various enforcement officers

09:40:24 have visited them directly, which causes them to come

09:40:26 in and ask for the proper permits.

09:40:29 Generally speaking, the majority of those situations --

09:40:32 and we have many through the years -- we deal with them

09:40:36 at our level because we get people to understand what

09:40:38 they need to do.

09:40:39 It is rare that we have to bring someone to you for

09:40:42 suspension, revocation, because we particularly are

09:40:45 able to remedy it with the core team that we have here.

09:40:47 And as Mr. Miller said, having those specific

09:40:52 conditions posted, I think, would be a benefit.

09:40:55 If you could picture the officer walking into an

09:40:57 establishment at 2:00 in the morning and there's the

09:41:01 business tax receipt and their occupational business

09:41:03 license and next to that there's a little sheet that

09:41:05 says special use hours of operation, number of parking,

09:41:12 number of seats, indoor/outdoor, they can do the quick

09:41:17 count and see they are either in compliance or not.

09:41:20 It's a very quick reference for the officer that's on

09:41:23 the street at 2:00 in the morning.

09:41:24 That's why they collectively have come to agreement on

09:41:29 how that works.

09:41:31 >> Has there ever been any process either talked about

09:41:34 or put in place where we would use information from the

09:41:37 state concerning alcoholic beverage sales at a

09:41:39 particular location?

09:41:40 The main complaint that I get from constituents

09:41:42 primarily is that the uses approved by the City Council

09:41:46 for restaurant, and then six months, eight months, a

09:41:49 year later it is now no longer operating primarily as a

09:41:52 restaurant but as a bar, or as a dance location, that

09:41:56 type of thing, and I know then we are kind of reactive,

09:42:02 we get complaints, and we have to go through the

09:42:04 process of actually shutting them down.

09:42:06 But has there ever been a process put in place to be

09:42:09 proactive so they report to us more than the yearly

09:42:13 reporting process you just mentioned, using information

09:42:15 that they have to provide to the State of Florida

09:42:18 concerning alcohol sales?

09:42:20 Anything like that?

09:42:22 And the second part I would mention is that all bars

09:42:26 and restaurants, whenever they are insured, they have

09:42:30 to provide that information on audit basis for their

09:42:33 insurance company every year.

09:42:34 So you know exactly how much their sales are.

09:42:38 Typically what they do is they pull whatever their

09:42:40 records are concerning alcohol sales, and they go back

09:42:44 and essentially wee reconstruct whatever it is.

09:42:48 Has that ever been brought forth or done before?

09:42:54 >>CATHERINE COYLE: We do coordinate -- part of our core

09:42:56 team is the ABT enforcement officers, the auditors and

09:42:59 enforcement officers.

09:43:00 Keith Hamilton is over that particular group and he

09:43:03 does work with us on those issues and he has gone in

09:43:05 with raids and investigations with TPD and fire

09:43:07 marshals, in several locations throughout the city, and

09:43:10 we do pull that information from him on locations that

09:43:12 have issues.

09:43:14 Either that we observed or that have been brought to

09:43:16 our attention through a complaint.

09:43:17 >> Excuse me for a second.

09:43:19 But when you are talking about him being involved on

09:43:21 raids and other things, it's because they are not

09:43:23 paying their taxes, correct?

09:43:24 Is that what it is, part of it, how we find out?

09:43:28 What is that specifically? When you say ABT comes in.

09:43:30 >> Not because they are not paying their taxes.

09:43:34 They could be potentially selling outside the limits of

09:43:36 their license.

09:43:37 Their license issued by the state is to the operator,

09:43:40 and it tells that operator, I can sell this type of

09:43:43 alcohol.

09:43:43 I can have this type of alcohol consumed on-site.

09:43:46 And when they operate outside of that it becomes a

09:43:49 state issue as well.

09:43:50 >> But that's a different question to what I was

09:43:53 talking about.

09:43:55 Because ours is use.

09:43:56 Theirs is type of liquor.

09:43:58 >> Ours is also the type.

09:43:59 >> I understand that.

09:44:00 So when you are talking about the operation of that

09:44:02 particular facility, whether it's ab restaurant or bar,

09:44:05 you know, they may be licensed to sell beer and wine,

09:44:10 and that's fine, and then if they are only serving beer

09:44:14 and wine and no longer a restaurant, that's when it

09:44:16 concerns us.

09:44:17 So, again, you know, as far as I know -- and I think

09:44:21 you confirmed there's nothing we have done proactively

09:44:23 to try to gain that information so that we can check to

09:44:26 make sure that people say are running a restaurant are

09:44:29 actually still running a restaurant, as opposed to

09:44:31 being reactive, when people complain, hey, you guys

09:44:34 aren't running a restaurant anymore.

09:44:36 Correct?

09:44:37 >> Well, there's two things with the annual reporting,

09:44:40 people take the "R" designation W.the recent change in

09:44:42 the code we did amend the definition of restaurant.

09:44:45 It was a very broad definition before.

09:44:47 The new definition does make it very clear that your

09:44:51 kitchen has to be open and operational and actually

09:44:54 ready to serve and prepare food.

09:44:56 A lot of situations we were noticing the kitchen was

09:44:58 going dark, and the rest of the place was turning into

09:45:01 a bar.

09:45:01 So now upon inspection, it was really to deal with

09:45:04 those inspections, if Donny Miller or one of the

09:45:08 officers goes in and the kitchen is closed, it's a

09:45:11 violation.

09:45:12 Pure definition of a restaurant, regardless of the

09:45:14 alcohol sales.

09:45:15 And that can be used immediately as the enforcement

09:45:19 mechanism.

09:45:19 >> Well, I support what you are trying to do, but I

09:45:24 think it's one piece, as Councilwoman Mulhern said, one

09:45:30 piece of a larger way of how do we handle these type of

09:45:33 uses.

09:45:33 I do appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

09:45:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Capin.

09:45:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I agree with that.

09:45:40 Again, as I said, this is a way of being able for

09:45:47 enforcement of what is already there, which we cannot

09:45:50 change.

09:45:53 Mr. Slater, code enforcement can answer a lot of the

09:45:58 questions you had, and maybe he will address them.

09:46:00 I would like to hear from him.

09:46:02 >> Good morning.

09:46:04 Jake Slater, director of code enforcement.

09:46:06 And business tax division.

09:46:09 When I first heard about this, several months ago, I

09:46:12 was excited about this.

09:46:14 Based upon 30 years at TPD, probably 20 of those were

09:46:19 involved in undercover investigations concerning

09:46:21 alcohol and narcotics, organized crime issues.

09:46:24 Then when I went to code enforcement and also business

09:46:28 tax, I said, this is a great, great tool for us.

09:46:31 We have over 1,000 various type of zoning ordinances in

09:46:37 the City of Tampa, and to keep up with those is very,

09:46:40 very difficult.

09:46:42 Working with TPD and the fire marshal's office and LBC

09:46:46 is a full-time job.

09:46:48 This is a great, great tool for us just as long as it

09:46:51 doesn't create a lot of work for the individual

09:46:53 business owners or a lot of cost involved.

09:46:57 The officers walking in there at 1:00 in the morning,

09:46:59 or the code officers that would be a great, great tool

09:47:04 to see an item posted on the wall, easily defined,

09:47:07 easily read, easily understood.

09:47:10 It's a win-win situation.

09:47:12 My philosophy is that the City of Tampa grants wet

09:47:20 zonings as a privilege.

09:47:22 It is not a right.

09:47:23 And they need to be held accountable for that.

09:47:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:47:29 I think we have heard from most of those that are in

09:47:32 the agenda other than the fire marshal, Russell

09:47:36 Spicola, I guess, will speak and address it.

09:47:41 >> Russell Spicola, fire marshal.

09:47:44 In my office, we already have something in place as far

09:47:46 as posting for occupant load and assembly permit.

09:47:50 So this would just enhance what we already have in

09:47:53 place.

09:47:54 Each establishment -- and you said you have 1,000

09:47:58 there -- but they are all places of assembly, which is

09:48:01 where we are involved with.

09:48:03 Each place of assembly has to show their assembly

09:48:05 permit.

09:48:06 It's got to be visible.

09:48:07 And their occupant load has to be visible. If we walk

09:48:11 in there and it's not visible, we kind of give them a

09:48:15 pass the first time.

09:48:17 But the next time we walk in there, there will be

09:48:19 probably a complaint attached to that.

09:48:23 It says on the permit, must be posted at the entrance.

09:48:26 So this would enhance what Ms. Capin wants to enhance

09:48:31 what we already have in place.

09:48:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would imagine you or your

09:48:36 department or anyone in the city would know and

09:48:38 calculate how many times you have been into different

09:48:40 structures that have overloads.

09:48:41 >> Absolutely.

09:48:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And you just explained what happens.

09:48:45 I know this is an ongoing process, and your department

09:48:49 and yourself is always onto.

09:48:51 And what happens a second time or the third time if you

09:48:54 have an overload.

09:48:56 >> The first time -- once again, our office is mostly

09:49:01 complaint-driven.

09:49:02 The only time we will know somebody, their occupant

09:49:06 load is not correct, is when we go and do the annual

09:49:08 inspection or biannual inspection, and we realize that

09:49:11 though might have changed their use from what it was,

09:49:14 and we'll have to recalculate their occupant load which

09:49:16 is based on square footage.

09:49:18 But the first time we go into an establishment that we

09:49:21 have gotten a complaint on, and we verify that they are

09:49:26 overcrowded, we will issue them a $200 complaint fee,

09:49:31 which is by city referendum, 259-063, we'll give them

09:49:40 that, and we'll tell them next time we come that could

09:49:43 be triple that amount.

09:49:45 And if we go back again, just on the spot check and

09:49:49 they are overcrowded again, then we will do that.

09:49:51 There's a good chance that we may dump that building if

09:49:55 they are really grossly overcrowded.

09:49:57 But in order to dump that building we would make sure

09:50:00 that we are working with TPD because we just don't want

09:50:04 to dump a building out, some of them real close to

09:50:07 streets, and that's a safety issue.

09:50:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:50:11 Ms. Capin.

09:50:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: One of the things that -- and I

09:50:16 understand the square footage, the fire marshal is, of

09:50:20 course, the safety of the public again is paramount to

09:50:22 everything else.

09:50:23 And we found that -- not discrepancies in the fire

09:50:29 marshal.

09:50:30 That is absolutely correct to their square footage.

09:50:33 But I found along, just looking at this snapshot, that

09:50:37 there were actually locations that were permitted that

09:50:43 allowed for different occupancy when they sell

09:50:46 alcoholic beverage.

09:50:48 In other words, the capacity from the fire marshal for

09:50:52 safety was different than the capacity that the permit

09:50:55 allowed.

09:50:59 Police officers don't know that going in.

09:51:01 They will look at the fire marshal.

09:51:04 That is there, and they are looking at the square

09:51:08 footage, and when this particular place was permitted,

09:51:13 I wasn't here.

09:51:15 I don't know exactly how that came up.

09:51:17 But it has come up in other places.

09:51:20 Maybe it was the parking that they have.

09:51:22 In other words, that's what we said, okay, this is the

09:51:27 parking capacity, this is the capacity loads for

09:51:32 alcoholic beverage sales.

09:51:33 So it has been different.

09:51:35 That's just one example of how particular alcoholic

09:51:38 beverage permitting has been.

09:51:41 Again, my intent is for legal to look at with police,

09:51:52 code enforcement, the fire marshal, Cathy Coyle's

09:52:04 office, zoning administrator, and come up with what are

09:52:07 the most important that they find here that they would

09:52:09 like to have, or they would like to see to help them do

09:52:12 their job, and that's what all of us are trying to get

09:52:19 to, I think.

09:52:22 >>MIKE COHEN: First of all, I want to say thank you to

09:52:24 Councilwoman Capin, because I know she spent a lot of

09:52:27 time late at night, out partying on Howard Avenue to

09:52:38 learn about this issue and I certainly think this is a

09:52:40 great idea.

09:52:41 Do you expect in the future, as you continue to work on

09:52:44 this issue and come up with some other ideas for things

09:52:47 that we can do?

09:52:49 I know that we all heard from some of the people in

09:52:52 Parkland Estates, for example, that they are

09:52:55 continuing, God some noise and other problems in their

09:52:57 neighborhood.

09:52:59 It's just a dialogue that we are going to continue to

09:53:01 have?

09:53:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I believe from hearing what

09:53:06 Councilwoman Mulhern said, Chairman Miranda, yourself,

09:53:11 that as a collegiate group we will be working on this

09:53:14 further.

09:53:15 And whatever I have learned, I will be more than happy

09:53:21 to share.

09:53:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:53:27 Let me add my thank you to Councilwoman Capin along

09:53:32 with the others, and Councilman Cohen, you brought up

09:53:39 looking at this and revisiting and maybe as

09:53:44 Councilwoman Mulhern had mentioned that we might have

09:53:48 another discussion about things.

09:53:50 In my quest to update the Land Development Code of our

09:53:56 city, and make things more predictable and more

09:54:02 consistent, that may be the time where we want to make

09:54:06 changes.

09:54:07 I don't want to see us continually changing a code

09:54:13 because it makes it very difficult for businesses to

09:54:16 know when they come in what's the flavor of the day?

09:54:22 We need to come up with a regulation that is

09:54:27 comprehensive, it's consistent, and it's predictable.

09:54:34 There are certain things about the alcoholic beverage

09:54:35 permitting that in my short time here on council that I

09:54:42 have noticed and been told about, things like requiring

09:54:47 the tree survey, when someone applies for an alcoholic

09:54:50 beverage permit.

09:54:52 Seems a little over the top when you are looking at the

09:54:55 seriousness of an alcoholic beverage permit, and the

09:55:00 protection of neighborhoods and the regulation of sales

09:55:04 that we are looking to treat.

09:55:05 You know, so it's -- there are a lot of things in our

09:55:10 current alcoholic beverage code, I think, that need to

09:55:13 be revisited.

09:55:20 The number of places you have to go in our code to look

09:55:23 at chapter 27, chapter 3, chapter 20.5, and there's a

09:55:32 lot of room for improvement.

09:55:33 And you made a great start.

09:55:36 And anything that we ask or direct legal to do and come

09:55:39 back to us to make recommendations, or have our zoning

09:55:44 division come back to us with an ordinance, and make

09:55:47 recommendations, I would really want to see that

09:55:53 ordinance be comprehensive so we don't keep going back

09:55:58 and changing things, because there's a lot of making

09:56:06 this city better for businesses, and we want those

09:56:10 entrepreneurs who come in and want to open up a little

09:56:14 cafe or a nice little spot of a restaurant, and it's

09:56:21 very expensive, and we are looking at regulations that

09:56:26 are unwieldy sometimes, and I just wanted to add that

09:56:30 to the discussion.

09:56:33 So if we are going to direct legal, we are going to

09:56:36 direct zoning to come back with a regulation or

09:56:40 ordinance, I want to make sure that we are not doing

09:56:43 this every couple of months.

09:56:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:56:48 If I may, I have an agenda here, one set for two hours,

09:56:52 and I don't want to go past the limit.

09:56:54 I still haven't heard from the public.

09:56:55 As I understand it, we are talking about something this

09:57:00 size, and it doesn't "The Tampa Tribune" anyone

09:57:02 really -- this size, 8 by 10, to be posted on the wall

09:57:08 that states what kind of zoning they have, what hours

09:57:10 of operation they have, and what they can sell and not

09:57:14 sell.

09:57:14 I would imagine something like that to that.

09:57:16 So we have discussed an 8 by 10 for a long time.

09:57:21 Just the posting on the wall.

09:57:23 Nothing else.

09:57:24 I would like to ask legal, Rebecca Kert, a question or

09:57:28 two.

09:57:28 I hope that this can be retroactive to those who are

09:57:32 already in business, that you can ask them to post

09:57:35 this, or if you have to mandate.

09:57:38 Can you ask or can you tell?

09:57:41 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

09:57:42 You can always ask.

09:57:44 As far as mandating it, that's something that if there

09:57:46 is a motion for us to come back with something, we will

09:57:49 look at that, and I understand that it is the will of

09:57:51 council for it to be retroactive.

09:57:53 I can't at this time say we are going to be able to do

09:57:56 that but we will certainly look for any creative ways

09:57:59 that we can.

09:57:59 >> That kind of clear it is question but doesn't answer

09:58:03 the question until we ask and you tell us what it is or

09:58:06 not is.

09:58:06 I heard some discussions by individuals that say that

09:58:10 possibly this is wrong and that's wrong.

09:58:12 Well, you know what?

09:58:13 We are wrong.

09:58:14 We are the ones that gave them the license.

09:58:16 We are the ones that gave the alcoholic beverage

09:58:18 license in the city for an item, one or the other.

09:58:22 We are the ones that set the hours of operation.

09:58:24 Maybe not this council, but other councils.

09:58:26 So what I'm saying is, be very, very cautious, because

09:58:31 the future is what got us here.

09:58:34 We were thinking way ahead, and guess what, now we are

09:58:37 struggling with ourselves because we did something that

09:58:41 possibly some of us said, now what?

09:58:43 Some council members in the past have done this.

09:58:45 So what I'm saying is, when you say alcoholic beverage

09:58:51 in a neighborhood, why are they different?

09:58:55 Because they are not all on the same property.

09:58:57 They are throughout the city, and they have various

09:59:00 locations.

09:59:01 Some are real close to neighborhoods.

09:59:02 Some are not.

09:59:03 Some are in malls.

09:59:05 There's certainly a difference between a mall in some

09:59:08 instances where they are not close to a neighborhood

09:59:11 than those that are right an alley away where you can

09:59:15 hear all the noise, indoor music, outdoor music.

09:59:18 We are not going to have music.

09:59:20 Guess what happens in about six months.

09:59:23 You have music.

09:59:26 In some instances.

09:59:27 Not all of them.

09:59:29 What's an "R"?

09:59:31 What's not an "R"?

09:59:32 What's an X's?

09:59:35 What's AP?

09:59:36 They are all different because where they sell, where

09:59:39 they locate and how they address themselves, applying

09:59:42 for this.

09:59:42 Lately what I noticed is the (COP-X).

09:59:47 In the past I didn't have too many of them come up.

09:59:50 Now we have (COP-X).

09:59:54 Why?

09:59:56 Because the X tells you what?

10:00:00 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

10:00:03 X means they are only allowed to have on premise

10:00:06 consumption only.

10:00:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: But they doesn't have to sell

10:00:08 anything.

10:00:10 If you have a restaurant, you come with an X, what

10:00:12 happens?

10:00:15 >>REBECCA KERT: Well, Mr. Miranda, I'm not sure I

10:00:18 exactly understand your question.

10:00:19 But one reason you are seeing a lot more X's as opposed

10:00:23 to R's or anything that may are tied to an incidental

10:00:28 use is because City Council has set up categories for

10:00:32 those, and those are then approved administratively.

10:00:35 So if they are a restaurant and they close early, and

10:00:37 they don't have any outdoor music and don't meet the

10:00:41 other requirements, a lot of those are no longer coming

10:00:43 to you so the ones that are left are the more intense

10:00:46 uses.

10:00:46 That was the last change that City Council made.

10:00:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I can also tell you in the past, it

10:00:51 used to be 60/40 on sales, whatever they were selling,

10:00:56 60% of something, 40% of alcohol.

10:00:59 It changed to 51/49, and guess what, even that -- and

10:01:08 some individuals came over here and changed from 51/49,

10:01:12 and we gave it to them.

10:01:14 The X.

10:01:16 So now went from 60/40 to 51/49, and they don't have to

10:01:24 sell nothing, not one parcel of rice, and they can

10:01:28 continue to do business as they chose.

10:01:30 And that's yesterday's history.

10:01:32 But going forward, I always look backward to make sure

10:01:35 that where I have been I don't return to if I don't

10:01:39 like it.

10:01:39 And that's what history is all about.

10:01:41 It's a process of learning.

10:01:42 We are a process in learning.

10:01:44 So I yield right now to Ms. Capin.

10:01:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And I am going to refer to that X where

10:01:51 they don't have to sell a morsel of food.

10:01:56 There are establishment on the 24 businesses that have

10:01:59 an X and have to have the kitchen open and have to

10:02:02 serve food, so it is very particular.

10:02:05 It is very particular.

10:02:07 Now, I am going to close it, or ask the chairman to

10:02:12 conclude this so we can get done.

10:02:17 One of the questions again, what we are looking at here

10:02:20 is going to help deal with this.

10:02:26 This is done, and it's over a thousand, and this is

10:02:31 what we are looking at, to help law enforcement with

10:02:35 this.

10:02:35 Going forward, we can definitely look at making changes

10:02:39 and making it more streamlined or the hours, whatever

10:02:43 it is that needs to be done.

10:02:47 So at the conclusion, I would like to act, and I'll

10:02:56 make that at that time.

10:02:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:02:58 Does anyone in the audience care to speak on item

10:03:00 number 4?

10:03:01 Please come forward.

10:03:09 This is on this subject matter only, alcohol beverage.

10:03:12 >> I'm Ed Tillou.

10:03:19 I live in Sulphur Springs.

10:03:20 I wasn't here earlier because on the City Council Web

10:03:24 site this wasn't posted.

10:03:26 I looked it up last night to find out what would be

10:03:28 spoken, and I didn't know, so I thought maybe it

10:03:31 wouldn't be anything at all.

10:03:33 With respect to item 4, I was going -- speaking on

10:03:38 economic development, they had an open house recently

10:03:43 at Cigar City brewing, and I thought I would append

10:03:47 this to economic development, because looking at their

10:03:50 number of vats and things like that I assess it is

10:03:53 about a million to two million dollar gross operation.

10:03:57 So there was a hearing on that.

10:04:00 And it's contributing to the economic development, it's

10:04:04 providing employment for 12 to 15 people, maybe.

10:04:07 So I think this City Council with respect to that

10:04:13 matter of an alcoholic beverage sales and such, they

10:04:17 did do right.

10:04:20 As I said, I wish I could speak to 5 and 6, but I have

10:04:24 my class coming up and I wasn't here earlier because

10:04:28 none of this was summarized on the Web site.

10:04:31 So I hope I don't get anyone in serious trouble, but it

10:04:33 is helpful.

10:04:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

10:04:38 Next.

10:04:38 >> Pete Johnson, Tampa, Florida.

10:04:45 This whole idea about the putting up the sign, I think

10:04:48 it's a fabulous idea.

10:04:50 It would really, really work.

10:04:51 It would help immensely.

10:04:53 I'm for it 110%.

10:04:56 But we have some problems.

10:04:58 First of all, it's not going to ensure compliance.

10:05:02 And the reason we can't ensure compliance is because of

10:05:05 a lack of funding, because to ensure compliance, you

10:05:09 have to have people not working on a complaint basis

10:05:13 only -- I'm sorry, if I was at the old garage in my

10:05:19 heyday drinking up a storm, dancing until the sweat

10:05:22 came off and the place was mobbed and packed and there

10:05:24 were drugs all over the place, do you think I'm going

10:05:27 to call the cops to shut this place down?

10:05:30 Come on.

10:05:31 Okay.

10:05:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm disappointed that you wouldn't

10:05:34 do that.

10:05:35 >> Believe me, I have grown older and wiser, Charlie,

10:05:39 and you have helped me get that far, believe me.

10:05:41 So the problem right now is how are we going to enforce

10:05:44 it?

10:05:45 Okay.

10:05:45 Code only has 30 officers to look after the entire

10:05:49 city, okay.

10:05:52 They are not going to be able to give one person or two

10:05:55 people to go in at 1:00 in the morning.

10:05:58 TPD has got enough problems with drugs and prostitution

10:06:02 on our streets.

10:06:03 They are not going to be able to go in and check these.

10:06:07 And then once you do find them, what are you going to

10:06:10 do?

10:06:10 Maybe a civil citation program needs to be expanded.

10:06:15 Okay.

10:06:16 Right now you can use the civil citation for a few

10:06:19 zoning issues.

10:06:20 But that's it.

10:06:22 There's no enforcement of zoning in the City of Tampa.

10:06:26 You can put a lien on the property.

10:06:30 But if they are not going to cooperate and comply with

10:06:34 the zoning laws, because there is no enforcement.

10:06:38 The whole crux of the whole thing comes down to we can

10:06:42 make every ordinance under the sun.

10:06:45 We can try to make each department work better

10:06:49 together, which they still don't.

10:06:54 How do we enforce it?

10:06:57 How do we get it done?

10:07:01 So why waste all the time and the energy if we are not

10:07:05 going to invest in the department that enforces the

10:07:08 codes and regulations?

10:07:13 You are just spinning your wheels.

10:07:15 Let put out money where our mouth is and give code

10:07:18 enforcement some funding so they can hire the people to

10:07:20 have do the job that they are told to do.

10:07:24 Thank you.

10:07:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:07:26 Next, please.

10:07:27 >> Good morning.

10:07:36 Evelyn Yates, towers of Channelside.

10:07:40 I'm here because of ordinance 2008-153.

10:07:46 And the purpose of your meeting this morning is perfect

10:07:51 for us at Channelside towers, because section number 6

10:07:57 has restrictions that is not being complied with.

10:08:00 And how it's not being complied with, first of all,

10:08:05 number one, shall be prohibited in the wet zoned

10:08:11 property, and number two, the amplified or live music

10:08:15 is prohibited exterior of the wet zoned property.

10:08:19 But what happens for them to circumvent that is they

10:08:22 leave the doors open of the bar so the music ricochets

10:08:28 up into the condos above it.

10:08:32 And having posted something out there means the doors

10:08:36 need to be shut.

10:08:37 The doors cannot stay open to allow that music to be

10:08:42 amplified outside of the business.

10:08:47 And when they put the patio out there, the owners

10:08:55 worked with the bar owner to say we want no music to

10:08:58 come outside, we want no music to come up to the

10:09:01 building.

10:09:01 So items 1 and 2 are being violated because they leave

10:09:04 the doors open.

10:09:06 They also have TVs out there on the patio which I was

10:09:10 told were for games.

10:09:14 I don't go down there in the hours that they operate,

10:09:17 but those TVs, where they are being used to amplify

10:09:21 music, I don't New York City but we need to check on oh

10:09:24 that.

10:09:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:09:27 I met with some of the neighbors, and there is

10:09:29 something ongoing in that discussion right now.

10:09:31 But thank you so much for peering.

10:09:33 Anyone in the audience, anyone else in the audience

10:09:35 care to speak on item number 4, the workshop regarding

10:09:38 the insurance and compliance, special condition of

10:09:41 alcohol beverage?

10:09:45 Any discussion by council members?

10:09:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I have a question for Mr. Johnston.

10:09:55 And I believe I spoke of to Mr. Slater from code

10:10:00 enforcement, and we did have a specific person that

10:10:06 was -- Mr. Slater, if I go off, let me know or you can

10:10:11 explain it.

10:10:12 We did have someone that was specific from code

10:10:14 enforcement for alcoholic beverage.

10:10:20 We are, as you well know, facing deficits in the city.

10:10:24 And, Mr. Slater, that was one of the positions that was

10:10:30 eliminated.

10:10:32 I did think and brought this up before, and that was

10:10:38 where alcoholic beverage establishments, which we have

10:10:42 over 1,000, maybe more like 1200, would pay a fee, a

10:10:49 nominal fee of under $15 a month, which would be under

10:10:54 $200 a year, and that money would go to support -- for

10:11:03 this position that is proactive.

10:11:05 >> It wouldn't go into general funds then.

10:11:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That was my idea.

10:11:11 Right now, I'm not proposing that, but that is -- what

10:11:15 do you think?

10:11:16 You brought this up.

10:11:18 >> Pete Johnson: I think that's a great idea.

10:11:21 It really is.

10:11:22 Because the department is so strapped.

10:11:23 They can't even keep up with normal housing codes.

10:11:27 Let alone keep up with the liquor codes and

10:11:30 regulations, and the zoning regulations.

10:11:33 Anything to put money back into the department to help

10:11:37 it pay for itself to become a self-sufficient

10:11:40 department is an improvement.

10:11:42 And I understand that we are a tight budget.

10:11:45 Believe me, I have gone through eight years, and I have

10:11:48 seen everybody cut down to the quick, okay.

10:11:52 But the city works on sales tax, what the property is

10:11:58 worth.

10:11:58 If we don't take care of the property that we have got

10:12:02 by the codes, our budget is going to get worse.

10:12:07 But I agree with you, that's a good theory if we can do

10:12:10 that and keep it out of the general funds.

10:12:12 If it goes into the general funds, it's not going

10:12:17 anywhere.

10:12:17 >> Well that could be in the future also what we talked

10:12:19 about.

10:12:19 Mr. Slater, just clarify what I said.

10:12:26 >> Jake Slater: Yes, that's correct.

10:12:31 We had a full-time code enforcement/business sector,

10:12:40 about November of 2005 to the end of June 2008, and

10:12:44 during that time the alcohol specter was between 50 and

10:12:51 60 inspections a week, would work nights, weekends,

10:12:55 work with the fire marshal's office, the Tampa PD.

10:12:59 Unfortunately with the budget deficits we were not able

10:13:01 to actually keep that as a full-time position.

10:13:06 Now we are handling incoming complaints.

10:13:10 We don't have a full-time dedicated alcohol inspector

10:13:13 but we do have a code enforcement inspector assigned to

10:13:16 the alcohol desk, if you will, working with LDC, Tampa

10:13:23 PT and fire marshal but not a full-time inspector.

10:13:26 >> Not a dedicated.

10:13:28 That was before there was such a person.

10:13:30 And that could be something for the future that we can

10:13:31 look at.

10:13:33 When we talked about what we are going to do with

10:13:37 streamlining and helping, again, with the alcoholic

10:13:41 beverage.

10:13:42 Thank you.

10:13:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say this.

10:13:45 Somewhere along the line -- and I'm not speaking to

10:13:48 you, Jake, directly, but it's your department.

10:13:50 We are going to have to double up.

10:13:52 When you are looking at a 30-million-plus deficit, the

10:13:58 fire marshal is doing a great job, you are doing a

10:14:00 great job, but these things sometimes, you mentioned

10:14:02 you don't have a full-time but you have someone that's

10:14:05 doing that, that you pulled and made your resources

10:14:09 available so that the rest of the city is being adhered

10:14:12 to according to the codes, at the same time they are

10:14:15 working with the fire marshal in the evenings.

10:14:17 You are not going to go out and find these problems at

10:14:21 2:00 in the afternoon.

10:14:22 You are going to find them ate 2:00 in the morning.

10:14:24 >> That's correct.

10:14:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So by redirecting your inside

10:14:29 energies and your staff and reallocation of manpower

10:14:33 available to the city, I would imagine you are

10:14:36 addressing almost, if not all of the needs presently.

10:14:40 >> We are actually keeping it up pretty good, to be

10:14:43 honest with you.

10:14:44 It was a luxury when we had a full-time alcohol

10:14:46 inspector.

10:14:47 >> First time a department ever told me something was a

10:14:49 luxury.

10:14:50 But I commend you for.

10:14:51 That.

10:14:52 >> It was a luxury.

10:14:53 >> I commend you for that, because you have always been

10:14:56 very truthful.

10:14:56 >> That is the truth.

10:15:00 Tampa never had a full-time dedicated alcohol inspector

10:15:03 to ensure that the conditions of the ordinances were

10:15:06 met.

10:15:07 We never had one.

10:15:08 Not in my time of 37 years here.

10:15:11 Tampa PD, I think, too.

10:15:12 They would handle it on issues coming into their

10:15:18 office.

10:15:19 But to keep up with it full time with over 1,000 wet

10:15:23 zoning locations is -- it's a task.

10:15:29 It's not easy to. Work night, to work weekends, so it

10:15:33 was important to have that.

10:15:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:15:37 Anyone else in the audience to speak to this subject

10:15:39 matter, item number 4?

10:15:41 I see no one else.

10:15:43 Since we have discussed this, the public has spoken, we

10:15:46 certainly have the right to set some agenda or some

10:15:50 movement to our future passage of this identification

10:15:55 that is a very good idea to post in the areas where

10:15:57 it's visibly seen by all patrons, especially the police

10:16:01 department, the fire marshals and the code enforcement

10:16:04 officers, to give them a tool so they can act much more

10:16:07 quickly and much more expediently.

10:16:10 Ms. Capin, your pleasure.

10:16:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Real quickly, to go back to what I had

10:16:16 proposed or looked at, as far as code enforcement, and

10:16:20 the particular person, this funding would come from the

10:16:26 establishments as a fee, a nominal fee.

10:16:29 So we are not looking at our budget.

10:16:31 That's one.

10:16:32 That's for later.

10:16:34 Now, after speaking with everyone, police, code

10:16:42 enforcement, fire marshal, and zoning, I am going to

10:16:51 name the company of the safety placard.

10:16:54 I move the legal department to work with Tampa police,

10:16:56 code enforcement and the fire marshal, zoning, to

10:17:03 obtain their input as to which special alcoholic

10:17:06 beverage sales condition they believe need to be posted

10:17:10 in order to assist them in doing their job.

10:17:14 And for the legal department to come back to City

10:17:16 Council in 60 days with an ordinance that requires all

10:17:22 establishments permitted to sell alcoholic beverages

10:17:25 within the city limits to have these special conditions

10:17:28 posted in conspicuous place near the entrance of the

10:17:33 establishment.

10:17:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin,

10:17:40 second by Mrs. Mulhern.

10:17:41 Discussion by council members?

10:17:42 All in favor?

10:17:43 The Ayes have it unanimously.

10:17:45 Thank you very much for attending this workshop on item

10:17:47 number 4.

10:17:48 We now go to item number 5.

10:17:58 Sixty days.

10:18:09 This is the workshop regarding economic development.

10:18:15 This is already open.

10:18:17 Ms. Montelione.

10:18:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: There he is.

10:18:23 I was just lag for Ms. Feeley.

10:18:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And my apologies to all.

10:18:28 Now, with the advent of technology and so forth and so

10:18:31 on, everyone is asking for video and that's fine or the

10:18:36 use of them but there's also if they aren't in here

10:18:39 within 48 hours, we haven't seen them, the clerk's

10:18:40 office hasn't seen them, so again I am just going to

10:18:45 make a statement that if they are not in according to

10:18:47 the rules, 48 hours, they will not be shown in the

10:18:50 future.

10:18:52 Clerk.

10:18:55 You agree?

10:18:55 Thank you very much.

10:18:56 Mrs. Montelione, I'm sorry for the interruption.

10:18:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:19:02 I would like to have Mr. Huey present our workshop on

10:19:11 economic development.

10:19:12 We have all talked about what we need in this city is

10:19:18 jobs, and what we need in this city is some infusion of

10:19:23 economic development initiatives in order to have our

10:19:28 businesses thrive and grow.

10:19:30 There are programs that are provided by Hillsborough

10:19:34 County and by other partners in economic development

10:19:39 agencies across the city and county.

10:19:43 I'm also honored to have one of my previous bosses here

10:19:47 in the audience, gene gray, the director of economic

10:19:51 development for Hillsborough County.

10:19:52 Thank you, gene, for coming.

10:19:55 And I was privileged to do my internship under Mr. Gray

10:20:02 and economic development, and I'm glad to see him here

10:20:06 today.

10:20:08 I have also invited several other members of the

10:20:10 community.

10:20:12 Ernest coney is here.

10:20:14 He's been doing a lot of work in East Tampa.

10:20:17 And he has been doing a great job, made some great

10:20:22 suggestions.

10:20:22 I see that we have got members of our small business

10:20:27 development staff also here.

10:20:30 Thank you, Gregory Hart, for being here this morning as

10:20:33 well.

10:20:33 And Mr. Huey, if you would like to take it away.

10:20:35 >>MARK HUEY: Good morning.

10:20:39 Mark Huey, economic development administrator for the

10:20:41 City of Tampa.

10:20:43 This is a workshop that was put together with the chair

10:20:48 regarding primarily with the intention of helping the

10:20:53 new council members get familiar with the work of

10:20:56 economic development, city involved with a variety of

10:21:01 partners that we work with.

10:21:03 And I just want to say that it's been a pleasure

10:21:06 working with the new council members.

10:21:10 You all get A's for your engagement with economic

10:21:13 development issues.

10:21:14 I know there's been some things coming before you as

10:21:16 council members already.

10:21:18 And I just can say for the record that you have been

10:21:21 very attentive, very thoughtful in your deliberations

10:21:24 of all those things.

10:21:25 So we appreciate that.

10:21:31 Is the PowerPoint going to come up?

10:21:42 I am going to speak just for about 12 to 13 minutes to

10:21:45 sort of set a stage.

10:21:46 Then I have got a few of our key partners here, and

10:21:51 council member Montelione was talking about some of the

10:21:54 partners that we have in the room.

10:21:55 And I wanted to you to hear from them that they have

10:21:59 some of their key leaders, and some of the key

10:22:02 initiatives that are occurring in our community.

10:22:05 I wanted to also say, one of the things that you see,

10:22:08 we are not talking about redevelopment today.

10:22:10 You have a couple of other workshops scheduled where we

10:22:12 are going to be talking about the work that we are

10:22:15 doing in downtown, the Channel District, Ybor City, and

10:22:17 elsewhere in the city.

10:22:19 The city is focusing on the job growth, job attraction

10:22:24 side.

10:22:34 When we talk about our economy, City of Tampa, 56th

10:22:37 largest city in the U.S.

10:22:39 Some facts there about it.

10:22:41 I think the T one that hits home the most for me -- and

10:22:45 I certainly think for many of you -- is the last one

10:22:47 that with the global recession, we are struggling with

10:22:51 significant unemployment in our community, higher than

10:22:54 the national average, and with the city, and certainly

10:22:58 speaking on behalf of all the partners, everybody gets

10:23:01 that.

10:23:01 And we are working doubly hard to change that dynamic.

10:23:10 Very quickly.

10:23:11 I won't talk a lot about this but it's always fun in

10:23:14 talking with audiences when you ask what is economic

10:23:17 development?

10:23:17 You get a lot of different ideas about what that is.

10:23:21 And folks will talk about these kinds of things.

10:23:25 We are about creating jobs, about creating wealth,

10:23:28 improving quality of life, enhancing the economic

10:23:32 well-being of our community.

10:23:34 There's really no agreed-to defend in addition.

10:23:37 One definition, and sort of the conversation goes on,

10:23:43 you will hear discussions and themes about what we need

10:23:46 to do in economic development has to be sustainable.

10:23:49 And not penalize future generations of our community.

10:23:53 And it got to be inclusive.

10:23:56 That it's got to be something that lists everyone in

10:24:01 the community.

10:24:02 One definition, even though everybody doesn't agree on

10:24:05 definitions and I like it, is this one.

10:24:08 It talks about standard of living, and raising the

10:24:11 standard of living across the community.

10:24:15 It talks about human and physical development.

10:24:19 And what we are about.

10:24:20 You are going to hear those things talked about today

10:24:23 that we are about, having a workforce that is ready for

10:24:27 the jobs of the future, and about doing things in our

10:24:31 community, whether it's infrastructure, whether it's

10:24:34 supporting small businesses, other things about the

10:24:37 physical development of our community to position it

10:24:41 for success.

10:24:42 And there you can see the concepts of sustainability

10:24:49 and equity.

10:24:51 Now, if you can imagine that there's not a lot of

10:24:53 agreement on how to define economic development, you

10:24:57 can imagine how you do it and how a local community --

10:25:00 and I'm sure as elected officials, these are the things

10:25:03 that you get asked.

10:25:06 How are we doing it?

10:25:07 And there's even less agreement about that.

10:25:09 There's all kinds of strategies, all kinds of

10:25:13 approaches, and really at the heart of it, every

10:25:16 community has its own set of unique competitive

10:25:20 strengths and weaknesses, and challenges and

10:25:23 opportunities.

10:25:24 And so what I want to do just for a few minutes is

10:25:28 share with you some of the framework, a very high

10:25:32 level, some of the thought frameworks that affect the

10:25:35 way the City of Tampa has been doing economic

10:25:37 development, and I think it's going to impact this as

10:25:41 we are going forward.

10:25:44 One is thinking about the context.

10:25:46 And everybody understands that we are in a very dynamic

10:25:51 world in this global recession that we have been

10:25:53 through has reminded us of that brutally, and Tampa is

10:25:57 being influenced by global forces, national forces,

10:26:00 state forces, as well as regional and local forces.

10:26:05 One of the things that I had occasion to talk around

10:26:10 the community, often a question I get asked, what is

10:26:12 the next big thing for Tampa?

10:26:14 And there was a time in our history where the next big

10:26:17 thing was an NFL franchise, or a research university,

10:26:23 or the next big thing was an airport.

10:26:26 Now I talk about the Panama canal.

10:26:29 And it is evidence of the kind of changing dynamic and

10:26:33 changing world that we are in, where something, not

10:26:38 even in our city is one of the next big things that's

10:26:41 shaping our economy.

10:26:44 So there are many things in these forces that are

10:26:47 affecting our future and is creating a challenging

10:26:52 environment for all of us who care about moving the

10:26:55 city forward or leading the focus on.

10:27:03 And these forces are out of our control, aren't they?

10:27:06 They aren't things that we can get our arms around.

10:27:09 So in some level, they are unsettling.

10:27:17 The technology and communication and information

10:27:20 technology is creating unprecedented opportunities for

10:27:23 local communities to compete and win jobs.

10:27:27 One example of that is the Depository Trust and

10:27:31 Clearing Corporation, located here in our community

10:27:34 that does global financial clearing, billions of

10:27:37 dollars of transactions, it clears globally daily.

10:27:41 Who would have thought Tampa would have been a place

10:27:43 that could compete for those jobs?

10:27:47 And we have them.

10:27:48 And that's the plus side of some of these forces that

10:27:51 are shaping our community.

10:27:57 Very quickly in passing on the national side, we get

10:28:00 stimulus money.

10:28:01 Right now we have stimulus money building across -- the

10:28:05 Crosstown connector is going to have a huge impact on

10:28:07 our economy and the impact of our port.

10:28:11 We have ups and downs in defense spending which

10:28:14 influence MacDill as a driver of our economy.

10:28:17 Again a lot of forces shaping our economic planning.

10:28:22 The competitive framework is also very dynamic.

10:28:26 Not too long ago, we thought, when we talked about our

10:28:30 competitive environment, it went something like this --

10:28:33 Tampa is competing for jobs with other sun belt cities.

10:28:36 We are competing against Jacksonville, against Atlanta,

10:28:39 against Charlotte, for jobs.

10:28:43 That really isn't how we think about it anymore.

10:28:45 Now it goes something like this -- the Tampa Bay region

10:28:49 is competing for jobs and workforce -- not just

10:28:54 competing for jobs but competing for talent-with

10:28:57 regions around the world.

10:29:00 I was just involved in a potential project that may or

10:29:03 may not unfold here, but it had to do with a company

10:29:08 that is interested in near shoring jobs back to America

10:29:12 from India in the I.T. programming arena.

10:29:16 And, again, ten years ago, 15 years ago, these wouldn't

10:29:20 be the conversations we would be having about how we

10:29:23 are competing with India for jobs that might come to

10:29:27 our community.

10:29:31 I think it goes without saying as the recession is

10:29:34 winding down and we are starting to see some growth

10:29:36 occur in the national economy, the competition for jobs

10:29:40 is going to be more first than ever.

10:29:43 And I think all of our partners get that.

10:29:46 So very complicated environment.

10:29:49 Lots of forces.

10:29:50 Many of them out of our control that are affecting our

10:29:54 city, and its future economic future.

10:30:00 How do we think through that?

10:30:02 We have limited time.

10:30:03 We have limited resources.

10:30:05 What is a way that we can have a strategic framework in

10:30:09 order to help us focus our limited time and energy?

10:30:12 A lot of folks have been giving a lot of thought to

10:30:16 that.

10:30:16 What you have in front of you now is sort of a

10:30:18 strategic framework that came out of work that the

10:30:21 Florida chamber foundation did, and they began to roll

10:30:24 out a few years ago.

10:30:25 And it was a way to help the state and to help local

10:30:30 communities think about in this very complex changing

10:30:34 global economy, how do we think about our future?

10:30:38 How do we direct our limited resources and our limited

10:30:41 time?

10:30:42 And you can see, I won't spend a huge amount of time.

10:30:45 You are going to hear us touch on some of these themes

10:30:48 throughout the morning in the workshop.

10:30:50 But it talks about in the middle of the page that we

10:30:53 are all about those places, those clusters of industry

10:30:59 that we have a competitive advantage in as a state and

10:31:03 as a local community.

10:31:04 Let's focus on those.

10:31:06 And let's nurture them and grow them.

10:31:12 So spent a lot of time locating where those places are

10:31:14 because that's where we can leverage our limited time

10:31:17 and resources to focus on.

10:31:19 At the bottom of the page, it shows you those areas of

10:31:22 policy, if you will, and of action where we can really

10:31:27 influence our ability to compete in those clusters.

10:31:30 So it talks about talent.

10:31:33 And that begins with the K-12 education system.

10:31:35 They are part of our economic development team, the

10:31:38 Hillsborough County school system.

10:31:40 Goes through to higher education, and our ability to

10:31:44 match workforce with business opportunities in the

10:31:47 future.

10:31:48 You see the whole area of innovation.

10:31:51 And so everything we can do to enhance venture capital

10:31:55 availability in our community, everything we can do to

10:31:58 help support businesses.

10:32:00 And you are going to be hearing about some of those

10:32:02 services later in the workshop.

10:32:05 Then growth leadership and infrastructure.

10:32:09 All of those things we do to provide better roads,

10:32:12 provide multimodal transit, to have an effective

10:32:15 dynamic port, sustainable energy, sustainable water

10:32:19 resources, a good land use plan in our community.

10:32:24 Business climate.

10:32:25 How are we -- how are our incentives?

10:32:29 How are our costs as a community for doing business?

10:32:32 Are we leaning forward to help businesses that want to

10:32:36 be here and grow in our community?

10:32:38 Local hub.

10:32:39 How are we helping companies in our community to become

10:32:42 competitive in a global world?

10:32:45 What are the ways we are supporting them?

10:32:47 How are we trying to attract foreign-directed

10:32:51 investment and so forth?

10:32:52 And then quality of life.

10:32:54 What are we doing to make Tampa a place where the

10:32:58 workforce of the future wants to live?

10:33:01 I wanted to share and spend -- this next important

10:33:06 point for all of you.

10:33:08 We are going to be hearing from some of our partners

10:33:10 who work day to day in bringing jobs and working with

10:33:13 companies and projects.

10:33:15 But this makes a point for you as council.

10:33:19 You are involved in these things all day long, every

10:33:21 day when you sit in these council chambers, aren't you?

10:33:25 When you are working to help the police force reduce

10:33:28 crime, when you are helping a neighborhood with

10:33:31 neighbor a new park in their neighborhood or

10:33:34 enhancement.

10:33:34 You are helping economic development.

10:33:37 So all of the things that you do, when you have a

10:33:41 zoning and you are leaning forward to help a business

10:33:43 come into our community, you are doing economic

10:33:46 development work.

10:33:48 So, again, this reminds us of the breadth of activity

10:33:51 that is involved in making us competitive as a city,

10:33:55 and the role that City Council has.

10:33:57 The very important role in many, many spheres of that.

10:34:03 One of the other things that we as a team focus on, in

10:34:07 focusing our limited time and resources, are key

10:34:12 drivers of our economy.

10:34:13 Institutions, and you see a number of the drivers and

10:34:19 you know all of these places from the airport to the

10:34:21 port to Busch Gardens.

10:34:23 Many of our arts and cultural institutions.

10:34:26 These are drivers that we also tend to try to -- how

10:34:30 can we come along these drivers and help them grow and

10:34:33 help them contribute and grow in our economy?

10:34:36 And this is a way that we focus our time and effort.

10:34:40 I know many of you have noted the important role that

10:34:44 small businesses play as drivers in our economy.

10:34:48 Very quick slide on that.

10:34:50 And this shows the composition of our economy in

10:34:54 Hillsborough County.

10:34:56 And in blue, you see the number of businesses.

10:35:00 And they are shown in three different categories where

10:35:03 the size of the business, the first column are one to

10:35:07 nine.

10:35:08 The second column is ten to 99 employees.

10:35:12 The last column are businesses and jobs in the 100 to

10:35:16 500-plus category.

10:35:22 You see on the size of the column is the jobs or

10:35:27 establishments in our community that those three

10:35:29 categories represent.

10:35:31 So the story is, 94% of the businesses in our community

10:35:36 are small businesses, less than nine employs.

10:35:40 And they contribute almost 50% of the jobs.

10:35:44 47% of the jobs.

10:35:46 The middle category -- and these tend to be maybe the

10:35:49 most dynamic companies that have the ability to

10:35:51 contribute most to our future growth.

10:35:55 10 to 99 employees in size.

10:35:57 They account for 31% of the jobs in our community.

10:36:01 And then you see there's a handful of companies, not

10:36:04 even 1%, who actually contribute a very significant

10:36:08 part of jobs to our community.

10:36:09 22% of our jobs from larger companies.

10:36:13 And so our efforts are not just about large company, or

10:36:18 just about small companies.

10:36:19 We have got to be about the whole picture.

10:36:22 And so you will be hearing today in the workshop from

10:36:26 entities that are helping attract all sizes of

10:36:28 companies and grow businesses of all sizes in our

10:36:32 community.

10:36:38 From a public sector standpoint, historically there's a

10:36:41 variety of tools that we have at our disposal for

10:36:44 making an impact on our economy.

10:36:47 And so waive done is on a couple of slides here, just

10:36:51 listed those tools, and how they help accomplish

10:36:54 certain objectives, whether it's business start-ups,

10:36:57 across the top of this page, or attracting businesses,

10:37:01 helping businesses expand, or nurturing innovation in

10:37:05 our entrepreneurship.

10:37:08 One-stop center.

10:37:09 I know this is something the new mayor has a particular

10:37:12 interest in, in can improving that capacity in our

10:37:15 city.

10:37:17 Technology and business parks, sometimes communities in

10:37:21 the county is actually taking an initiative in this

10:37:24 regard to create a public research and business park.

10:37:29 Incentive zones.

10:37:31 Examples of that are many.

10:37:32 It would be like our community redevelopment areas,

10:37:35 like our enterprise zone, like the foreign trade zone

10:37:41 that the city works on with the community.

10:37:45 Entrepreneurship and development activities.

10:37:47 You will be hearing about a number of those programs

10:37:50 today.

10:37:53 I skipped a slide.

10:37:55 Small business assistance center.

10:37:57 Group marketing program.

10:37:58 The Tampa Bay partnership.

10:38:00 You are going hear from in a minute started as a

10:38:03 marketing program.

10:38:04 How can we work together among municipalities and

10:38:07 entities to market our region together?

10:38:10 Convention and tourism.

10:38:12 As a tool.

10:38:13 We are not going to be talking about that today, but

10:38:15 many of you familiar with the good work of Tampa Bay

10:38:17 and company.

10:38:19 Research and development investments.

10:38:22 There are a number of things focused out at the

10:38:24 university that we get to be a part of.

10:38:26 Certainly the CAMLS project being built in our downtown

10:38:30 has that aspect, as does the incubation center that we

10:38:36 were a part of in developing at the University of South

10:38:40 Florida.

10:38:44 So there you see a variety of programs.

10:38:47 Incentive programs are listed last.

10:38:51 The ad valorem tax exemption program which was just

10:38:53 passed by taxpayers and implemented by City Council

10:38:57 would be an example of that.

10:38:59 You as a council, the new members have been involved in

10:39:01 supporting QTI applications and all of those kinds of

10:39:07 incentive programs.

10:39:08 So there are a variety of tools there.

10:39:09 So these are the tools that now and over your time as

10:39:14 council members you will be working with in a variety

10:39:16 of capacities.

10:39:18 The last framework to think about is a team sport.

10:39:23 And I have listed on this slide when it comes to

10:39:26 economic development, and I'm sure I have missed

10:39:29 entities that are important here, but these are all

10:39:32 players.

10:39:33 And every day, these organizations are making things

10:39:37 happen on the economic development front.

10:39:40 And you will see listed there the Hillsborough County

10:39:42 school board.

10:39:45 University of Tampa, Tampa downtown partnership,

10:39:47 Westshore alliance, the greater Chamber of Commerce,

10:39:52 World Trade Center of Tampa Bay.

10:39:54 A lot of organizations who aren't here.

10:39:57 I wanted them all to come and give a presentation, but

10:40:00 Charlie wouldn't let me.

10:40:01 He said we only have two hours.

10:40:03 And all these guys are so passionate about what they do

10:40:07 that they would all have hour-long presentations to

10:40:10 tell you about what they are doing.

10:40:12 We are going to hear today from a handful of them.

10:40:15 We have the Tampa Hillsborough economic Development

10:40:18 Corporation is here, and they are a primary partner in

10:40:22 job attraction and job growth.

10:40:24 And they are going to be talking to you.

10:40:26 Then wave the Tampa Bay partnership that's going to

10:40:28 provide a regional focus.

10:40:30 University of South Florida, just one piece of that

10:40:33 organization and how they help in the community on the

10:40:36 small business front is here.

10:40:38 And then we have Hillsborough County, who we partner

10:40:41 with across many different programs with us to speak.

10:40:47 Through all of this, we have as a city, and for the

10:40:51 benefit of the new council members, we use a particular

10:40:53 approach, a public-private partnership approach, that

10:40:56 not all communities use.

10:40:58 But in working with the Tampa Hillsborough economic

10:41:02 Development Corporation, and the Tampa Bay partnership,

10:41:05 we have chosen a particular style and model.

10:41:08 We do not have in the city a large staff within the

10:41:12 city that does day to day work in job attraction and

10:41:16 job growth other than myself and the work that we do

10:41:22 with the EDC and the Tampa Bay partnership, and how

10:41:25 some of my staff, as now work in redevelopment, they

10:41:28 spend a portion of their time working with these

10:41:30 organizations in various ways.

10:41:32 We have taken an intentional approach of rather than

10:41:37 isolating our dollars ourselves within the city, of

10:41:42 leveraging them in a public-private partnership, and

10:41:45 the private sector comes along side our public dollars

10:41:47 and matches at least one to one, and so we get a

10:41:51 leveraging of our dollars.

10:41:52 And we get a great deal of private sector marketing

10:41:56 expertise.

10:41:57 We get a responsiveness to client demand on things.

10:42:00 We try to be responsive in the public sector, but we

10:42:03 are not -- we don't function in responsiveness to a

10:42:06 private sector level.

10:42:07 And we get that in working with our private

10:42:10 partnership.

10:42:11 And the other benefit of working that way is we get all

10:42:14 the stakeholders, all of the public-private

10:42:17 stakeholders working together.

10:42:18 So those are some of the frame works that really at the

10:42:25 highest level affect the way the City of Tampa has been

10:42:27 going about it, the economic development businesses,

10:42:31 and I know with the new mayor and new council, I still

10:42:34 think these are still the kind of 10,000-foot

10:42:40 principles that will continue to shape the work ware

10:42:42 doing.

10:42:42 With that I would like to bring up now Keith Nordham.

10:42:49 Actually, Rhea is here, chairman of the board,

10:42:53 volunteer, although she doesn't feel like that some

10:42:56 days, the volunteer chairperson of the board for the

10:42:59 Tampa Hillsborough Economic Corporation.

10:43:04 Rhea.

10:43:05 >> Rhea Law.

10:43:08 I'm delighted to be here as the chair of the

10:43:10 Tampa-Hillsborough economic Development Corporation and

10:43:13 share with you just a few things that we are doing,

10:43:16 giving you a little background on our mission, our

10:43:20 focus, and also some indications of where we are going

10:43:23 from here.

10:43:23 And Here we go. First, let's just start with vision.

10:43:35 It is to be the lead economic development organization

10:43:39 for the City of Tampa, the city of Temple Terrace, the

10:43:42 city of Plant City, and for Hillsborough County.

10:43:46 And as such, to unite the leadership.

10:43:49 And I think what you are going to find as we go further

10:43:52 in this presentation, that we have been able to pull

10:43:56 together the mayors of the City of Tampa, Temple

10:43:59 Terrace, Plant City, as well as the chair of the board

10:44:01 of "commission, to come together and speak with one

10:44:04 voice.

10:44:04 If there's one thing we have learned about economic

10:44:06 development, it's that if you do not speak

10:44:08 consistently, that you confuse the people you are

10:44:11 trying to bring to your community.

10:44:12 And so having this forum to have bring together those

10:44:15 individuals who talk about, we are open for business,

10:44:19 we are bringing jobs here, and making sure that we are

10:44:21 all saying the same thing is extremely important.

10:44:26 Moving onto our mission.

10:44:27 There's a lot of things on this page.

10:44:29 Let me just draw your attention to a couple of things.

10:44:32 We identify and go after targeted industries worldwide.

10:44:37 So we are going to talk about local prospecting

10:44:40 throughout the nation.

10:44:41 But we are also going to talk about what we are doing

10:44:44 international, a very important part of what our focus

10:44:48 is.

10:44:48 In addition, we look for businesses.

10:44:51 We look for capital investment.

10:44:53 And most importantly we look at jobs.

10:44:56 We have a contract with you, actually, and we also have

10:44:59 a contract with the city -- I mean with Hillsborough

10:45:01 County that has a specific scope of work and talks

10:45:05 about the number of jobs that we are responsible for

10:45:07 bringing to this community, and the level of those

10:45:10 jobs.

10:45:11 And so that's something we take seriously because it is

10:45:14 a contract between us and with you.

10:45:17 We also are responsible for research.

10:45:19 How do we identify who the right clusters are and

10:45:23 identify who the emerging clusters are so that we are

10:45:25 ready for that next wave, that next move, to bring

10:45:28 those kind of jobs here, and make sure we are ready for

10:45:30 them?

10:45:31 Finally, it's to promote policies amongst all of our

10:45:35 partners that resolve impediments to economic

10:45:41 development.

10:45:42 I can tell you there are many things that cause people

10:45:44 concern when they come to a community.

10:45:48 They have a long checklist of questions and we need to

10:45:52 make sure we answer each of those positively, directly

10:45:55 and make sure we recognize what a great place this is

10:45:58 to bring their individual businesses.

10:46:00 As far as governance, this is currently your officers,

10:46:06 serving as the chair this year.

10:46:07 Following me will be Gordon Gillette, president of

10:46:10 Tampa Electric and peoples gas.

10:46:12 After them will be Dave Pizzo, for Blue Cross Blue

10:46:18 Shield.

10:46:19 So we have a good lineup.

10:46:20 More importantly, this is our Executive Committee.

10:46:22 We have 21 companies on this Executive Committee.

10:46:25 And part of the things we are going to talk about in a

10:46:27 moment is that as we were setting up the EDC, we

10:46:31 identified we needed private sector investment.

10:46:35 To serve our on the Executive Committee is a commitment

10:46:38 of $25,000 a year.

10:46:40 And so people that you see here have either done that

10:46:43 or more, and they are interested in economic

10:46:46 development which makes them wonderful partners for the

10:46:51 public sector.

10:46:52 This is the rest of our Executive Committee, so you get

10:46:56 a view of who we have on the board.

10:46:58 And then we have a Board of Directors.

10:47:00 And this is a level of $10,000.

10:47:03 And these individuals have all come forward, and they

10:47:07 are very engaged, and I'm very happy to tell you at the

10:47:10 very first meeting that we had, we had between our

10:47:14 Board of Directors and Executive Committee, we had over

10:47:17 55 people there, and they are all focused on how do we

10:47:20 move forward?

10:47:21 How do we bring more jobs here?

10:47:23 The governor came and said, my whole focus is on

10:47:27 bringing jobs to the State of Florida, and we want to

10:47:30 make sure we leverage off of those efforts.

10:47:32 There's money available for that, and we want to make

10:47:35 sure we are right there with them.

10:47:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Can I ask you a question?

10:47:41 Is there a reason why the chair of the City Council is

10:47:43 not represented on this committee?

10:47:48 I see representation from everywhere else.

10:47:50 >> As we set it up, we set it up with the mayors of the

10:47:53 city and the chair of the Board of County

10:47:54 Commissioners.

10:47:56 Certainly, if you wanted to attend some of these

10:47:59 meetings, that would be great.

10:48:01 We are all in this together.

10:48:02 I mean, we are working on this together.

10:48:05 Butt there's something else I want to be address.

10:48:07 And that is our public-private collaborative where we

10:48:10 are bringing in individuals from the cities and the

10:48:12 county with our private sector to look at how we work

10:48:16 together.

10:48:16 That might be a better place.

10:48:18 But certainly something we could talk about.

10:48:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

10:48:22 >> Rhea Law: Coming to planning.

10:48:28 We all have plans.

10:48:29 And we have a plan here that has been put together over

10:48:32 the last year of looking at our clusters, looking at

10:48:37 how we are going to bring people together.

10:48:41 And you will see that while we were doing this, we

10:48:44 talked to all of our stakeholders.

10:48:46 Let me just give you a general idea.

10:48:48 We had over 150 interviews.

10:48:50 We spent a great amount of time involved with that,

10:48:53 with a company called Dickens Lacey Shapiro, they

10:48:59 brought to us a plan which was adopted for us to move

10:49:01 forward and to identify those various clusters.

10:49:04 So we have local governments, partners that were

10:49:08 involved, our strategic partners, our business leaders,

10:49:13 as well as local employers.

10:49:16 Specifically, let me just mention, we talk to all the

10:49:19 public officials, we talked to the business and civic

10:49:21 community leaders, we talked to the port, airport,

10:49:25 University of South Florida, all of our education

10:49:27 partners which would include Hillsborough County school

10:49:28 board, university of Tampa, Hillsborough community

10:49:32 college.

10:49:32 We wanted to make sure that we were looking at

10:49:34 everything that was out there so we could identify what

10:49:37 we could best lead with it.

10:49:40 With that in mind, we have 12 round tables taking all

10:49:43 the clusters, academic, agricultural, Chamber of

10:49:47 Commerces, commercial real estate, our creative

10:49:49 workforce, how are we growing, small business

10:49:53 transportation, the list goes on and on.

10:49:55 But we wanted to make sure that it was inclusive.

10:49:58 And the results of that was these broad clusters that

10:50:01 have been identified as the places where we can have

10:50:04 the most impact in spending our few dollars that we

10:50:08 have on economic development.

10:50:11 Medicine and medical management, biotechnology,

10:50:14 financial services, cross-business functions which

10:50:16 includes I.T., and enabling functions, defense and

10:50:21 security brings in what's happening with MacDill

10:50:23 Air Force Base, alternate energy, agri-business,

10:50:28 hospitality and entertainment is huge, as is

10:50:30 transportation.

10:50:32 We then made sure that we had a contract, not only with

10:50:36 the City of Tampa and with Hillsborough County, but

10:50:38 also with our private partners.

10:50:41 And I will just hold up for you, this is essentially

10:50:45 the contract that we have made with our private

10:50:48 partners.

10:50:49 We have said to them that we are going to look at six

10:50:53 different strategies.

10:50:54 They are business recruitment, and we have very

10:50:57 specific criteria that we will meet.

10:50:59 35 new targeted companies, or 6,000 new jobs with an

10:51:03 average wage at and about 115% of Florida's average.

10:51:11 Business retention and expansion.

10:51:13 That's to take care of the businesses who are already

10:51:15 here making sure they are successful, and more

10:51:17 importantly giving them opportunities to expand.

10:51:20 Our national and global marketing.

10:51:22 We do a lot of marketing in the Tampa Bay partnership

10:51:25 and you will be hearing about that in a few moments.

10:51:27 However, it's important to us that we identify what

10:51:32 specifically we have here within the realm of

10:51:35 Hillsborough County and our included municipalities.

10:51:38 Research.

10:51:39 I already talked about that, how we identify our top

10:51:42 100 that we will go after.

10:51:44 Business climate.

10:51:45 That's the public-private collaborative that I was

10:51:48 talking about a moment ago where we have

10:51:50 representatives in the public sector and private sector

10:51:52 doing away with those impediments so that we can be

10:51:55 successful.

10:51:56 And finally to make sure that we have a strong

10:51:58 leadership succession moving forward.

10:52:02 I want to give you a view of what we have done from a

10:52:04 financial perspective.

10:52:06 When we started this early on, the public sectors put

10:52:12 together about 70% of the funding for what was then the

10:52:16 Committee of 100.

10:52:17 The Committee of 100 actually was established in 1954.

10:52:21 The EDC was really December 16th of last year, and

10:52:27 we focused on the fact that if the private sector was

10:52:30 going to have a voice and a focus and a real job, then

10:52:34 they should also bear some of the costs of putting this

10:52:37 together.

10:52:38 And what we have been able to do so far of the $788,000

10:52:43 that we received from the public sector now, that is

10:52:47 money from Hillsborough County, from here, the City of

10:52:50 Tampa, also Temple Terrace and Plant City, we have now

10:52:53 raised almost $1 million from the private sector, and

10:52:56 that's just in the last four months.

10:52:58 So we are moving quickly so that we can hire the people

10:53:02 to be proactive and go after these various businesses

10:53:05 that are important.

10:53:06 Now, why is that important, and is that the right

10:53:10 budget?

10:53:10 Let me give you one graph which will show we are way

10:53:14 down there to the right in purple.

10:53:16 This actually was when we were at 1.4, and that was

10:53:21 about a month ago, and we have been raising money lake

10:53:24 crazy since then as you can tell.

10:53:26 Still, as you can see, we turned that percentage upside

10:53:30 down.

10:53:30 The private sector is now the largest investor in

10:53:33 economic development.

10:53:34 And they are focused on making sure that this community

10:53:37 can grow and prosper, and proffer these to do what we

10:53:43 can do.

10:53:44 With that I am going to turn you over to our president

10:53:46 and CEO Keith Norden to talk better the specific

10:53:49 services and some of the things that we are currently

10:53:51 working on.

10:53:53 Thank you very much.

10:53:59 >> Good morning.

10:54:00 It an honor to be in front of City Council.

10:54:02 I have met several of you.

10:54:05 And you know much about the EDC.

10:54:08 I'm very proud to be a Tampa resident and also to lead

10:54:16 the EDC to market Tampa Bay.

10:54:18 First, I would like to go into our services.

10:54:35 I can go on with that slide.

10:54:37 Mark, if you will try to look at the slides.

10:54:39 I did want to tell you about our services at the EDC.

10:54:42 We have both preservices and post decision services for

10:54:50 our prospect.

10:54:52 Some of those predecision services would be identifying

10:54:54 sites, researching workforce friends trends, responding

10:54:58 to RFIs or FFPs, arranging employer interviews, and

10:55:04 one of the most important things is to obtain and help

10:55:06 negotiate incentives, both from enterprise Florida and

10:55:10 the City of Tampa, and Hillsborough County.

10:55:13 Post-decision, we never forget companies once they

10:55:16 arrive.

10:55:17 We work with them after they decide to provide ramp-up

10:55:22 and workforce component is so important in locations.

10:55:27 We help relocating employees with their move.

10:55:30 We coordinate familiarization tours of the area and

10:55:35 facilitate training programs.

10:55:39 And those are some of our services that I have been

10:55:43 talking about.

10:55:45 Let me just remained you that all of the inquiries in

10:55:48 our projects are confidential.

10:55:52 All of our work is confidential.

10:55:54 And customized and designed to be relevant to the

10:55:59 client's needs.

10:56:01 Next, one of the most important components is research.

10:56:06 And we have a full research department with a director

10:56:09 of research as well as a research analyst who

10:56:13 frequently update economic indicators, quarterly cost

10:56:20 of living components and other MSA unemployment rate

10:56:24 comparisons, and annually, of course, Tampa

10:56:27 Hillsborough's demographics.

10:56:29 These are so important when companies are looking at

10:56:31 our area and trying to determine whether this is a God

10:56:35 location.

10:56:36 All of our data is posted on our Web site, and I

10:56:41 welcome you to view that at your convenience.

10:56:46 Next I want to just do a snapshot of some of the

10:56:49 achievements and accomplishments we have had since

10:56:51 January of this year.

10:56:55 First of all, I would like to start with international,

10:56:57 because the mayor's key role with COPA airlines meeting

10:57:04 just a few weeks ago, when we had a collaborative

10:57:08 effort that involved the EDC, South Trust bank, the

10:57:13 port of Tampa, and Tampa International Airport.

10:57:16 And we took several business leaders who had an

10:57:20 interest, but Mayor Buckhorn was the actual keynote

10:57:26 speaker at a meeting, very important meeting we had

10:57:29 with COPA airlines.

10:57:32 Other outbound missions, chief among them and most

10:57:36 exciting is a meeting to Canada in two weeks, Stuart

10:57:46 with Tampa Bay partnership and I will be going up with

10:57:48 the governor.

10:57:49 Right now we have 20 appointments scheduled with

10:57:51 Montreal-based companies and Toronto-based companies.

10:57:55 Governor will also do a keynote speech at a luncheon

10:57:59 held in Montreal.

10:58:01 Enterprise Florida is also planning a key Florida

10:58:05 mission to Brazil in October.

10:58:06 And they are also going to do an EDO, economic

10:58:12 development organization mission to London in

10:58:14 September.

10:58:15 Now, we always participate in enterprise Florida's

10:58:18 missions, as well as the missions, consultant mission

10:58:21 was the Tampa Bay partnership.

10:58:24 However, we have our own missions.

10:58:26 And one that is planned is either to Mexico or the

10:58:31 Dominican Republic, either in December or January.

10:58:33 And we will be working in concert with the port of

10:58:36 Tampa, as well as enterprise Florida and the U.S.

10:58:39 commercial service.

10:58:40 As I am speaking about the port of Tampa, the port of

10:58:43 Tampa is an international, huge draw for our region,

10:58:48 along with Tampa International Airport, and we work

10:58:51 very collaboratively with those two strategic partners,

10:58:57 and those are our keys to international in this area.

10:59:03 For instance, we are very proud that the port has

10:59:06 container service, it's expanded, but we also tray to

10:59:10 enlarge that and try to help recruit other container

10:59:13 lines to the port.

10:59:16 For instance, inbound missions, we have a Colombia

10:59:21 mission coming in next month through the

10:59:24 Tampa-Hillsborough international protocol office as

10:59:28 well as we are sponsoring a reception for the east

10:59:32 training squadron visiting the port of Tampa.

10:59:34 We are working with the city and the county to host,

10:59:39 and many of you, of course, will be involved in that.

10:59:43 We are hosting a town hall meeting where we bring

10:59:45 international speakers of interest.

10:59:47 That will be done in December.

10:59:49 And so far this year, we have been doing seminars on

10:59:55 doing business or operating businesses in Spain,

10:59:58 Portugal, Chile, Peru, doing that in concert with the

11:00:03 U.S. commercial service and enter praise Florida.

11:00:08 Vanessa, which is a show that occurs every March in

11:00:11 Germany, focused on meeting advanced manufacturers, and

11:00:18 we are of course, you know, that was a great way for me

11:00:25 to identify German manufacturers, and manufacturers

11:00:28 from the continent that might have an interest in

11:00:30 moving.

11:00:31 And, in fact, later this afternoon, I have a meeting

11:00:34 with Dr. Baza with the American chamber in New York

11:00:38 City to talk about collaborating with the German

11:00:41 American chamber as we form our own staff with mission

11:00:46 to Germany later this year.

11:00:48 So Germany is definitely on the radar for the airport

11:00:52 and for us as well as other countries in Europe, as

11:00:55 well as Latin America.

11:00:58 That just makes sense for us.

11:01:02 Also, the staff of the foreign trade zone 79, we serve

11:01:07 their board, and it is housed in their office.

11:01:11 Next I want to talk about our project activity.

11:01:14 This year it's been a year of increase.

11:01:17 We opened 35 projects compared to 14 this time last

11:01:22 year.

11:01:23 So we really have seen an uptick of business.

11:01:26 We closed 11 projects representing almost 1 that you

11:01:31 jobs.

11:01:31 970 jobs.

11:01:32 And that will be at full ramp-out when they come online

11:01:37 with an average wage of 50,659.

11:01:43 What's exciting is we do have several stellar projects

11:01:48 in the pipeline.

11:01:49 We have five going through the incentive process, or

11:01:53 some have already been through the incentive process

11:01:57 representing 368 jobs, and almost $100 million of

11:02:02 capital investment.

11:02:04 And then what is so great for me to report is business

11:02:09 and project activity is far greater than we have seen

11:02:13 in the last several years.

11:02:15 We are finally, we believe, we are finally coming out

11:02:18 of this downturn.

11:02:23 I have opened and qualified 50 projects so far this

11:02:26 year.

11:02:27 We have responded to eight RFPs, and we have issued

11:02:31 14 project alerts, and had 40 conference calls, and 16

11:02:36 project visits so far this year.

11:02:38 And Tampa is a place where we believe that if our

11:02:43 clients see it and experience it and kick the dirt, we

11:02:46 have a good chance of them locating.

11:02:48 And I want to thank you for the opportunity to come in

11:02:51 front of you, and of course I'll be available for

11:02:55 questions after the workshop.

11:02:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The clerk asked if you would put your

11:03:01 name on the record.

11:03:02 >> Of course.

11:03:02 Keith Norden with the Tampa Hillsborough EDC.

11:03:06 Thank you.

11:03:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:03:10 Yes, sir?

11:03:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: I had to raise a question to him now,

11:03:17 because by the end I may not be -- I'm getting old.

11:03:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next to me, you're a young man.

11:03:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: I will just go ahead and wait.

11:03:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

11:03:30 You aren't going to age that much.

11:03:31 All right.

11:03:31 >>MARK HUEY: I was going to say, if you had a question

11:03:38 specifically for Mr. Norden, he has an airplane to

11:03:41 catch.

11:03:41 It would be good to do that if there was just a

11:03:44 question before he left.

11:03:47 Would you like to ask?

11:03:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick.

11:03:50 I hope you catch that airline.

11:03:51 They move kind of quick.

11:03:52 >> And it an important meeting.

11:03:58 Arranged before this meeting.

11:03:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: When you talk about all these

11:04:02 projects that you are working on, and I look at the

11:04:06 economic indicators, how many of those projects that

11:04:11 you are looking at has an opportunity to be located in

11:04:16 either East Tampa, West Tampa?

11:04:20 >> Well, it depends.

11:04:22 I would have to get the project activity log out

11:04:24 because we are working on so many.

11:04:25 But usually the average is one or two or three positive

11:04:30 projects that we locate in the city.

11:04:34 And I can come back to you with those firm numbers.

11:04:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: I appreciate that.

11:04:40 Thank you.

11:04:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:04:46 >> Thank you so much.

11:04:50 My pleasure.

11:04:50 >> Good morning.

11:05:01 My name is Stuart Rogel, president and CEO of Tampa Bay

11:05:05 Partnership and it's my pleasure to be here today to

11:05:07 continue the conversation and dialogue about economic

11:05:09 development and job creation in the City of Tampa and

11:05:13 throughout Hillsborough County and in the entire Tampa

11:05:15 Bay region, which the Tampa Bay partnership serves.

11:05:20 I have got some slides I would like to share with you

11:05:22 as well.

11:05:23 This may be death by PowerPoint this morning, and we

11:05:25 apologize for that.

11:05:26 But I will try to walk through these as quickly as I

11:05:29 can, so we will have time for questions and answers.

11:05:33 The Tampa Bay partnership works at a regional level, as

11:05:37 Mr. Huey indicated.

11:05:38 This is a team sport, and Mr. Norden referred to how we

11:05:45 work together at the city, the county, the regional,

11:05:47 and I will even touch a little about the super regional

11:05:50 and the state level, too, and how we use that really to

11:05:54 leverage our investments, maximize our opportunities,

11:05:57 and as was stated before, be able to participate in the

11:06:05 state and local economy.

11:06:06 Within the Tampa Bay region, the region of the Tampa

11:06:07 Bay partnership serves is eight counties, over 6500

11:06:14 square miles.

11:06:15 Just to give you an indication, it's larger than three

11:06:17 states in the union.

11:06:19 Over 4 million people, a labor force of 1.9 million and

11:06:24 the 14th largest market in the United States.

11:06:29 I put some of those numbers up.

11:06:30 Not only to see the geography but also to understand

11:06:33 why we work at a regional level, but so that you can

11:06:37 see working together there's strength in numbers.

11:06:40 We'll talk a little more about that, how working

11:06:42 regionally provides that strength in numbers and

11:06:45 provides resources that aren't obtainable on a

11:06:49 community by community basis, collectively are very

11:06:52 obtainable and variable to all the communities in the

11:06:56 Tampa Bay region.

11:06:56 This represents just a collection of some of the

11:07:00 organizations that are members of the Tampa Bay

11:07:02 partnership, or what we call investors.

11:07:05 There's over 106 investors around the legion that make

11:07:10 up the Tampa Bay partnership.

11:07:11 You see some of the logos there.

11:07:12 And we'll talk about some of the leadership in a

11:07:14 minute.

11:07:15 But what I direct your attention to is that grayed-in

11:07:19 area in the middle, the map that I just put up.

11:07:22 And in that grayed area are the logos for all the

11:07:25 economic development organizations from within the

11:07:29 counties that are part of the Tampa Bay region.

11:07:30 So, for example, in Hillsborough County, the Tampa

11:07:34 Hillsborough economic Development Corporation,

11:07:36 Hillsborough County, the City of Tampa, are all our

11:07:39 partners, all involved in there, and likewise in each

11:07:42 one of the counties there's representative

11:07:44 organizations that serve the counties and the cities

11:07:46 and work together as an economic development unit to be

11:07:50 able to promote and market the Tampa Bay region.

11:07:59 Just very quickly.

11:08:03 Our leadership team, our chair is John Shuler, the

11:08:06 president and CEO of media general, "The Tampa Tribune"

11:08:11 and NewsChannel 8.

11:08:13 Vinny Dolan, our vice chair, Progress Energy, will take

11:08:19 over in November.

11:08:20 And then chuck Sykes from Sykes enterprises is our

11:08:23 secretary-treasurer and will be our leader in two

11:08:26 years.

11:08:26 And we are excited about that leadership line-up.

11:08:28 The point of this is we have many of the CEOs from

11:08:31 many of the larger corporations from around the region

11:08:34 who are actively engaged in what we do at the Tampa Bay

11:08:38 partnership.

11:08:39 Just as mark talked about how there are many rolls that

11:08:45 make up the business we call economic development, the

11:08:49 Tampa Bay partnership has gone through an evolution and

11:08:51 change as well.

11:08:53 In 1994 when it started, we were the organization that

11:08:57 marketed the Tampa Bay region.

11:08:58 We determined what trade shows we were going to

11:09:01 participate in with our economic development partners,

11:09:04 what magazines and publications we were going to

11:09:07 advertise in, how we were going to sell the message,

11:09:10 how we were going to promote and market the Tampa Bay

11:09:12 region.

11:09:12 With the business leadership that weighed, we found we

11:09:15 needed to convene on issues that were of importance

11:09:18 that affect economic development and business and job

11:09:21 creation.

11:09:22 Things like transportation, education, water, and

11:09:25 workforce were things that the business community

11:09:27 wanted to come together on, on a regional basis.

11:09:30 And that led to advocating for some specific solutions

11:09:34 through some of those initiatives.

11:09:36 And we will talk about those in a little bit.

11:09:38 And then ultimately led to Wan we call a leadership

11:09:41 role in how we move forward on a regional basis to grow

11:09:46 prosperity and jobs in our economy.

11:09:49 And this represent it is model for prosperity.

11:09:51 I am not going to spend a lot of time on this, but it's

11:09:54 really sort of a construct for why we do all the things

11:09:57 that we do at the Tampa Bay partnership.

11:10:00 At the top of the model is prosperity for our

11:10:03 communities.

11:10:03 In order to achieve prosperity you have to have growth.

11:10:05 And as was discussed, that's productive, conclusive and

11:10:10 sustainable growth.

11:10:11 And all of those things have to be in balance in order

11:10:13 to be able to be prosperous.

11:10:16 But we really can't address those issues on a local or

11:10:20 even regional level.

11:10:21 You have to focus what are those drivers of the

11:10:24 economy, innovation, human capital, infrastructure and

11:10:28 quality places.

11:10:29 Those are things we work on every day at the Tampa Bay

11:10:31 partnership and the region to work on to be able to

11:10:35 address those issues so we can create jobs for our

11:10:37 community.

11:10:38 I am going to touch on a couple of these very quickly.

11:10:40 And I know this is a discussion about how to create

11:10:42 jobs in Tampa and in our region.

11:10:45 So I will spend a little bit more time on the second

11:10:49 item there, which we call the blueprint for economic

11:10:51 development.

11:10:52 But we work on four different things.

11:10:53 A vision for regional prosperity.

11:10:55 Some of you have participated in the one-day

11:10:57 initiatives.

11:10:59 We have looked at how should we grow in the future,

11:11:02 what are the opportunities for growth, where would the

11:11:05 housing be, where will the residents be, where will

11:11:08 employees be, and how do we connect these areas in

11:11:11 transportation and transit and make sure that we are

11:11:14 really growing in a way we want to.

11:11:16 We also are building visions around education, which we

11:11:18 call life-long learning and health, or healthy

11:11:22 communities, both very important drivers to our

11:11:23 economy.

11:11:24 A blueprint for economic development of jobs.

11:11:27 And I'll touch on that, come back to that in a second,

11:11:29 because I want to spend some time on how we do that.

11:11:32 Transportation strategy for regional transit.

11:11:35 We continue to be the business community advocates

11:11:38 along with many others in how we address the trends

11:11:41 ands needs of our community.

11:11:42 And we continue to support those initiatives until we

11:11:45 find a solution that will allow our communities to be

11:11:48 able to connect together.

11:11:49 And then advocacy and leadership both at the public and

11:11:53 the private level is key to all of this, no matter

11:11:55 whether we are in the city, the county or in the

11:11:57 region.

11:11:57 How do we have the right leadership focused on the

11:12:00 right issues and addressing the right -- taking the

11:12:03 right actions to address those issues.

11:12:06 So this is our regional visions, I talked about one

11:12:09 day, on the left is the -- we now have a regional

11:12:13 vision for land use and development in the Tampa Bay

11:12:15 region in the eight counties.

11:12:17 And on the right, our most recent initiative, healthy

11:12:21 communities, and assessment, research piece write is in

11:12:25 your document, your package on how healthy is Tampa Bay

11:12:28 and how can we create a future vision for a more

11:12:31 healthy community.

11:12:32 Transportation.

11:12:34 TBARTA is absolutely critical to what we are doing

11:12:39 going forward.

11:12:39 And continuing the education component of why transit

11:12:43 and transportation is important.

11:12:46 A new Web site Tampa Bay ontrack continues to talk

11:12:50 about and educate the community on why transit is an

11:12:52 important economic development quality of life,

11:12:55 prosperity driver.

11:13:00 And then leadership as we talked about, within those

11:13:03 eight counties, we have 25% of the legislative

11:13:05 delegation formed in the bay area, legislative

11:13:08 delegation.

11:13:09 If we can work together as a delegation, there's many

11:13:11 things we can do together for our communities to

11:13:14 benefit that.

11:13:15 And then engaging leaders at the business level, and

11:13:21 the city and county level, so that they are actively

11:13:24 involved, and we call it the rolls for engagement.

11:13:28 How can you and others get involved?

11:13:30 We use that involvement to be able to grow the region,

11:13:33 and to address the issues we are facing.

11:13:36 Very quickly.

11:13:37 We also learned that we are connected to our neighbors

11:13:40 to the east, talked about people in the Tampa Bay

11:13:44 region, talked about how large the economy is, when you

11:13:47 look at the connections between Tampa Bay and central

11:13:49 Florida, and we think about how we travel that corridor

11:13:53 all the time, we are the ninth largest, we said the

11:13:57 10th but we have grown to the ninth largest economy

11:14:00 in the country.

11:14:01 When you think about connecting to south Florida, we

11:14:04 are also the 15th largest economy in the world.

11:14:06 So again we can compete at a global level if we think

11:14:10 about how we connect to our neighbors all around us.

11:14:14 Let's talk about jobs and what we are doing to advance

11:14:16 jobs in the Tampa Bay region.

11:14:18 And I'll talk about some of the things we do to support

11:14:20 our economic development partners, like the Tampa

11:14:23 Hillsborough economic development council, and also

11:14:26 talk about things we are looking at at a regional level

11:14:29 to understand how we can grow the jobs of the future.

11:14:33 I mention that we started out as a market being

11:14:36 organization, and we continue to market the Tampa Bay

11:14:38 region.

11:14:39 Again with our partners.

11:14:41 Mr. Norden touched on some of the things that we are

11:14:44 working together.

11:14:45 Butt we continue to promote the region through the

11:14:48 publications we produced, the information we provide,

11:14:51 and the trade shows and the consultant missions that we

11:14:54 show up on, to tell the story about Tampa Bay and the

11:14:57 communities of Tampa Bay that make up the region.

11:15:02 We also support our partners, businesses and colleges,

11:15:06 a variety of different things that we provide,

11:15:08 everything from helping with requests for information

11:15:12 for prospects that are considering an expansion of

11:15:15 location, information about companies, who they are,

11:15:18 what they are made up of, information about the

11:15:21 industries that we are targeting to grow, looking at

11:15:24 targeted industry lists to be able to promote and to

11:15:27 recruit against, demographic reports, market data,

11:15:31 materials for collateral and marketing collateral, and

11:15:34 even looking at form directed opportunities and looking

11:15:40 at the Tampa Bay region from around the globe.

11:15:43 One of the things we produced to check in and how are

11:15:46 we doing, and how is the economy growing relative to on

11:15:51 the regions around the country, is what we call our

11:15:53 regional economic scorecard.

11:15:55 We have been producing this for about five years, and

11:15:57 we match up against six other communities to ask how

11:16:01 are we competing in those areas that are most important

11:16:03 to job creation and to a region's economy.

11:16:08 You can see from our latest scorecard, comparing

11:16:11 ourselves to Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Jacksonville,

11:16:14 and rally Durham, and looking at categories like

11:16:18 employment, income, productivity, housing, innovation,

11:16:21 education, and transportation.

11:16:23 And just matching that up and just like our golf

11:16:27 scorecard from 1 to 6, how do we compare this those

11:16:31 areas?

11:16:31 Where -- where are we strong?

11:16:34 Where do we need to have our competitive so we want to

11:16:38 be first or second, not fifth or sixth in the rankings,

11:16:43 and how can we work to improve those rankings?

11:16:46 And we all know that we suffered a severe economic

11:16:48 downturn, and in this region we have lost over 200,000

11:16:52 jobs from our peak almost five years ago, and you can

11:16:56 see the rankings, in green at the scorecard and see how

11:17:00 we have declined.

11:17:02 We were second in 2007.

11:17:04 We round up in the fifth and sixth place, and that's

11:17:08 not where want to be.

11:17:11 We want to go back to one of the best competitive

11:17:13 regions, and turning that job loss around, job gains

11:17:17 lake we have experienced in the past.

11:17:19 So what are we doing to address that?

11:17:20 We are looking at the jobs of tomorrow in the region.

11:17:24 Ware asking where are they going to come from?

11:17:26 What are they going to look like?

11:17:28 What do we as a community need to do to grow those

11:17:30 jobs?

11:17:31 And how do we engage those community partners that can

11:17:34 help us to grow these jobs?

11:17:37 We looked at industry cluster analysis, and we think

11:17:40 this quote from Brookings Institute, It's a powerful

11:17:47 source of growth; new firm starts and quality jobs,

11:17:47 looking at the existing strengths and resources we have

11:17:47 in the region and saying how can we capitalize on those

11:17:47 existing strengths and take advantage of what we have

11:17:47 to grow and expand the job base in our region.

11:18:03 Cluster analysis helps to us look at this from not only

11:18:06 from a community perspective but it sparks significant

11:18:11 economic synergies throughout the clusters.

11:18:15 It's a relatively low cost, you are working at home to

11:18:21 help foster growth and development.

11:18:22 And it brings the community and businesses together to

11:18:25 say, how can we work together to address the challenges

11:18:28 that we face?

11:18:35 We matched that up with the information that Keith and

11:18:37 Rhea provided are high-tech electronics and industries,

11:18:42 applied medicine and human performance, marine

11:18:45 environmental activities, business, financial and data

11:18:47 services.

11:18:48 There's a very nice fit between what is happening in

11:18:50 the City of Tampa, what is happening in Hillsborough

11:18:52 County, and what's happening in the region, the Tampa

11:18:55 Bay region in terms of these clusters.

11:18:58 So we are working together, and we are strengthening

11:19:00 and supporting each other, to focus on how do we create

11:19:04 jobs in clusters? We have also worked with how do we

11:19:08 do economic development and what are some of the things

11:19:10 we need to be thinking about and becoming better at to

11:19:14 address how do we grow those jobs and clusters? So we

11:19:18 look at things like how do we promote ourselves as a

11:19:20 more innovative, integrated regional economy, because

11:19:24 we are working together, and businesses do cross county

11:19:27 lines, and city lines, and we need to see ourselves as

11:19:31 one integrated economy.

11:19:32 We need to strengthen our innovation and

11:19:35 entrepreneurial systems.

11:19:36 That means working with the university, in the

11:19:38 incubators, small business development program, the

11:19:41 workforce boards, which I will touch on in a minute,

11:19:43 and many, many others to be able to strengthen how we

11:19:46 look at innovation, how we look at entrepreneurship in

11:19:49 our community.

11:19:50 And then strengthening and business retention

11:19:55 expansion, helping to support that at the regional

11:19:57 level, as we work with our local partners to work with

11:20:01 business expansion and retention.

11:20:03 Then our workforce.

11:20:04 How do we connect the dots between workforce and the

11:20:07 business community?

11:20:08 How do we increase the awareness of opportunity for the

11:20:12 existing in those targeted industries as I mentioned.

11:20:14 How do we provide more coordination and collaboration

11:20:18 together to share what's going on and share the

11:20:21 resources so we can grow those industries?

11:20:23 Those are all things that came from a recommendation

11:20:25 and a report that we have just accepted this week.

11:20:29 Many of you may have read about it.

11:20:32 It had significant coverage.

11:20:34 We are beginning to say, how, now how do we organize to

11:20:37 grow this region, focus our attention, and to create

11:20:39 the jobs that we need to create?

11:20:43 This is an example of how we are organized and how we

11:20:46 are going to move forward with implementation.

11:20:48 Looking at those industry clusters and organizing those

11:20:52 industry clusters together, organizing what's

11:20:54 particular important to them, and then taking that

11:20:56 information to address the workforce and the

11:20:59 foundational initiatives, and understanding the

11:21:02 specific items that we can undertake, specific

11:21:05 activities we can undertake to grow jobs in these

11:21:08 targeted industries.

11:21:09 We have been working on this for quite some time.

11:21:11 It starts with the regional strategic plan that we

11:21:15 developed in 2008.

11:21:17 We secured funding from the federal economic

11:21:19 development administration along with matching dollars

11:21:22 from our local economic development organizations and

11:21:25 workforce boards.

11:21:26 We worked with SRI international, a nationally known

11:21:32 organization in this area, and is also locate in the

11:21:34 Tampa Bay region.

11:21:35 One of their differentiations is currently here.

11:21:38 As I mentioned, we have just accepted the research this

11:21:40 week, and are moving forward with how do we implement

11:21:43 and focus our efforts in a regional level?

11:21:46 So what we said to everybody is we said how you can

11:21:50 help is to get involved and participate, to get

11:21:52 educated like we are doing today about the

11:21:54 opportunities for our region, and then to work with us

11:21:57 to collaborate to say what can we do to make the

11:22:01 difference and to grow those clusters and those jobs

11:22:03 within those industries.

11:22:05 That's a quick overview of the Tampa Bay partnership,

11:22:08 and I appreciate the time today.

11:22:09 I did leave some information with you in your packet.

11:22:14 And it explains in further detail the things that I

11:22:16 have covered here in our presentation.

11:22:19 And it talks a little bit about some of the tools like

11:22:22 the scorecard and the regional business plan, and I

11:22:25 would be more than happy to provide any other

11:22:27 information or answer any questions you might have.

11:22:31 So thank you very much for your time today and thank

11:22:33 you for your interest in this topic.

11:22:35 It's very, very important that he would all work

11:22:37 together on this.

11:22:38 Thank you.

11:22:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:22:41 Ms. Mulhern.

11:22:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:22:44 I wanted to bring up just business at the meeting,

11:22:48 anyone that had a question for him.

11:22:52 We have another item on the agenda, and I wanted to

11:22:54 make sure that we get this discussion in, because it's

11:22:59 very much time sensitive issue.

11:23:02 So I just wanted us to discuss what our plans were I

11:23:13 don't know how much longer this economic development is

11:23:17 going to take.

11:23:17 Item 7 the presentation -- I mean, item 6 will only

11:23:22 take 10, 15 minutes at the most.

11:23:24 If we could get that in.

11:23:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would imagine that this is going

11:23:29 to go to 12 or 12:10.

11:23:31 That's why I was so anxious earlier to move the first

11:23:35 items we had on the agenda.

11:23:36 We didn't do that too expediently.

11:23:38 Let me say.

11:23:39 That I am not opposed to saying 10 or 15 minutes but I

11:23:42 will not go over 15 minutes past 12.

11:23:44 So I am letting you know now that I have other things

11:23:47 that I have to do, because I'm a diabetic, I have to go

11:23:51 eat.

11:23:51 >>MARY MULHERN: Perhaps, Mr. Huey, could you condense

11:23:57 the rest of your presentation so we could do that in

11:23:59 the next maybe 20 minutes.

11:24:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The I don't mind going to 12.

11:24:05 This is very important.

11:24:06 So is the estuary program.

11:24:07 Because both of them really go hand in hand.

11:24:09 You can't have one without the other.

11:24:11 And the environment is certainly much of -- as much of

11:24:17 finding a workforce and creating good will and creating

11:24:21 nature, creating the best for all of us and everything

11:24:24 else.

11:24:25 So we are going to do it.

11:24:26 If it's going to go over 15 minutes past 12:15, then

11:24:33 Mary has been polling us, you see it going left to

11:24:35 right and asking council members what their wishes

11:24:38 were, so I know what they are.

11:24:39 Continue, please.

11:24:42 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

11:24:43 And we have our last two speakers.

11:24:45 We are shifting gears now.

11:24:46 You have kind of gotten the perspective of our main

11:24:49 public-private partner with the economic Development

11:24:53 Corporation, focusing on jobs for our city and our

11:24:56 county.

11:24:57 Our regional perspective.

11:25:00 We appreciate you being here and the work that they are

11:25:02 doing.

11:25:02 I hope tough sense of the thoughtfulness and the

11:25:06 actions that are going on.

11:25:07 Now we are going to shift to the small business front.

11:25:10 And we have Eileen Rodriguez from the University of

11:25:13 South Florida small business development center.

11:25:16 We are going to talk about how her organization, and

11:25:20 gene gray is going to come up from the county and talk

11:25:23 about the work that we partnered with them.

11:25:25 We are helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow

11:25:28 their businesses.

11:25:29 Eileen, welcome.

11:25:35 >> Thank you, mark, for this opportunity.

11:25:47 I appreciate your attention to this particular topic

11:25:49 which of course is near and dear to our hearts.

11:25:52 I also have a quick PowerPoint presentation so if that

11:25:56 could be loaded.

11:25:56 There it is.

11:25:57 Thank you very much.

11:25:58 My name is Eileen Rodriguez and I am the regional

11:26:01 director for the small business development center at

11:26:03 the University of South Florida.

11:26:05 And what I would like to do this morning is just touch

11:26:09 a little bit on what we do for small businesses in this

11:26:12 community, specifically for your community.

11:26:22 And you have my contact information.

11:26:25 And, of course, the data shows that small business is

11:26:27 incredibly important to our economy and I believe Mr.

11:26:30 Huey about that earlier in his presentation.

11:26:33 So again the data that I am showing on this particular

11:26:36 slide just goes to show how very important small

11:26:42 businesses are to our community.

11:26:44 And they employ the majority of the workforce.

11:26:46 And if you look at this particular slide, you can see

11:26:48 that the majority of employees are also employed by

11:26:51 small businesses as defined by the Small Business

11:26:54 Administration.

11:26:56 And I'm going to go through this somewhat quickly to

11:27:00 make sure that are we meet your time constraints.

11:27:03 What I have done is I have presented some information

11:27:05 on Hillsborough County total amount of employees,

11:27:08 establishments, and the average employee size for small

11:27:12 businesses in Hillsborough County.

11:27:14 Which correlate very strongly to the information that

11:27:17 Mr. Huey gave when he introduced this topic.

11:27:21 And again you will see on this particular slide where

11:27:23 we have, again, the majority of businesses employing

11:27:29 less than 20 people in each of their businesses.

11:27:32 So it's really incumbent upon us to make sure that we

11:27:36 help these small businesses that we provide them the

11:27:40 infrastructure, the structure they need in order to

11:27:42 survive and grow, particularly in this economy.

11:27:44 Which is why Congress made sure that they took care of

11:27:49 that in establishing the small business development

11:27:52 center.

11:27:54 What we do is we assist.

11:27:56 We provide technical assistance to small business

11:27:58 owners.

11:27:59 And we do than through a number of ways.

11:28:01 We do that through confidential one on one con

11:28:04 summiting with them.

11:28:05 We provide training programs.

11:28:06 And we also partner with many, many people within our

11:28:10 region to make sure that small businesses within our

11:28:13 community are aware of the services, mainly free

11:28:17 services that are available for them.

11:28:20 We have businesses at all stages.

11:28:23 Start-ups, certainly, but we also very much concentrate

11:28:27 on existing businesses.

11:28:28 And we help businesses throughout myriad different

11:28:31 industries.

11:28:32 So we are not specifically looking targeting just one

11:28:35 industry or two.

11:28:36 Really any small business in our community that needs

11:28:38 assistance is more than welcome to come to use our

11:28:41 services.

11:28:43 Now, the small business development center is a

11:28:45 national program.

11:28:46 We are located in every single state, as well as all

11:28:49 the Commonwealths and territories of the United States.

11:28:52 And the ASBDC, association of small business

11:28:58 development centers was established in 1979 so we have

11:29:00 been operating over 30 years.

11:29:02 And obviously what we have done is across the nation we

11:29:05 have partnered with institutions of higher learning,

11:29:08 which is why most of the small business development

11:29:10 centers that you will find as you travel will be

11:29:12 located at either universities, state universities or

11:29:16 community colleges.

11:29:17 Of course, there are some exceptions, but for the most

11:29:20 part that's where they are located.

11:29:24 We are funded by the Small Business Administration.

11:29:26 We did get a grant every year to provide these

11:29:30 services.

11:29:30 However, it is a matching grant.

11:29:31 So that's why we partner with so many people within the

11:29:34 community, because we do need to find funding in order

11:29:36 to leverage those federal dollars to be able to provide

11:29:39 these services.

11:29:41 On a statewide basis, this is just a quick map of how

11:29:48 we cover the entire State of Florida, and our section

11:29:54 is the gold section there in the middle, of course.

11:29:56 We cover ten counties at US -- at USF.

11:30:07 We opened our doors in 1908.

11:30:08 We serve a number of small businesses.

11:30:11 Our main headquarters is here in the City of Tampa,

11:30:13 located at the Tampa Port Authority building and we

11:30:15 have been there for over eleven years.

11:30:17 It just makes a lot more sense, although really we are

11:30:21 part of the University of South Florida, it makes more

11:30:22 sense for us to be located within the community, and to

11:30:25 be able to better serve our constituents.

11:30:28 And, again, the ten counties that we serve are listed

11:30:31 here.

11:30:31 But once again we are headquartered in Tampa.

11:30:35 We have a staff of 34.

11:30:36 And of those 34, 23 are business consultants.

11:30:40 And they are located within their ten-county region.

11:30:45 We partner with quite a number of agencies, obviously

11:30:50 with the University of South Florida, with Polk County,

11:30:52 state college of Florida, which also houses one of our

11:30:55 offices down in Sarasota, Pinellas County, and of

11:30:59 course Hillsborough County, specifically the small

11:31:02 business information center which of course you are

11:31:03 going to be hearing about in a little bit.

11:31:08 So, again, the main services that we provide is the one

11:31:11 on one business con summiting for low-cost training

11:31:15 seminars.

11:31:16 And we also have a -- we are rolling out a brand new

11:31:19 program called the growth acceleration program which is

11:31:22 funded by the jobs bill from the federal government,

11:31:28 and in this program we are targeting a very specific

11:31:33 level of client, if you will, clients that have a

11:31:36 minimum of $500,000 in their gross revenue and over

11:31:42 five employees.

11:31:43 And we are going to be working with them.

11:31:45 We are going to launch this program July 1st.

11:31:47 We are going to be working with them in a very deep way

11:31:52 to help them move forward, not just -- but to expand

11:32:02 and grow their businesses.

11:32:03 Now, most of our counselors on staff, in fact almost

11:32:07 every single one of them, have small business

11:32:09 experiences, all own small businesses in the past, and

11:32:14 all of us have a minimum degree, a degree in business,

11:32:17 and a bachelors, and again the majority of us do have

11:32:21 MBAs, and it's really that coupling of both the

11:32:25 practical and theoretical which allows us to provide a

11:32:30 very important service to small businesses in our

11:32:32 community.

11:32:35 Now, the technical assistance that we provide is done

11:32:39 at no cost.

11:32:40 All people need to do is call and make an appointment

11:32:42 and come in and see us, and our front office staff will

11:32:47 direct them to the council, for direct training.

11:32:50 The technical assistance is really important however

11:32:53 when it's coupled with financial assistance.

11:32:56 When these companies receive loans, it's very important

11:33:00 for them not just to receive the money, which of course

11:33:02 is incredibly important for them in order to pros mer

11:33:05 and continue to grow, but also to receive the technical

11:33:07 assistance from us so that they are able to better

11:33:10 manage that money and better apply the money that they

11:33:13 have received, whether it's through an SBA loan or a

11:33:16 conventional loan.

11:33:20 The technical assistance that we provide drives down

11:33:23 the default rate on these loans, and that's been proven

11:33:27 time and time again.

11:33:28 So it's really important for us to partner also with

11:33:30 banks and with lending institutions and let them know

11:33:32 that these services are available to them as well, so

11:33:35 that they don't have to carry that burden by

11:33:37 themselves.

11:33:38 And in the packets that I have given you, you have a

11:33:42 few trifold brochures that give a little more

11:33:46 information as to specifically what it is that we do.

11:33:49 We have a number of areas of expertise.

11:33:51 That's the way we structure our office.

11:33:53 We have people that specialize in government

11:33:56 contracting, helping small businesses determine which

11:33:59 legal structure they should be in, whether they are in

11:34:03 start-up or perhaps in a transition period.

11:34:06 We have a senior lender who happens to be with me

11:34:09 today, Jim Parrish.

11:34:10 He is my assistant director.

11:34:11 And he works very closely with banks and with our other

11:34:15 financial institutions to assist the small businesses.

11:34:18 Minority certification.

11:34:19 You can see we really do delve into every single aspect

11:34:25 of small business consulting, because again every small

11:34:29 business owner, regardless of what industry they are

11:34:31 in, they are going to need help in one of these areas

11:34:34 or several of these areas.

11:34:35 So we are very positive and very sure that we have

11:34:38 people on our staff that are there to help them in

11:34:40 these particular arenas.

11:34:43 One other things that I have provided you is our 2010

11:34:48 economic impact report, and the report only shows the

11:34:56 direct data that we received from probably 8% of our

11:35:01 clients, because we send out an annual survey, we

11:35:04 receive their data, and that's the data that we report.

11:35:07 So although the numbers are in process, they really are

11:35:11 only a fraction of what really happens out in the

11:35:13 community.

11:35:14 We don't project total numbers.

11:35:16 So you won't see those projections.

11:35:18 We just give you the actual data that we receive.

11:35:22 We do a number of training events throughout the year.

11:35:25 You can see we almost did 500.

11:35:27 We had over 6,000 people attend those training events

11:35:30 in 2010.

11:35:32 And we have counseled over 3,000 small business owners.

11:35:39 One of the main issues here is that we really do look

11:35:43 at how we have been impacting these small businesses.

11:35:46 We had 154 small businesses, potential small business

11:35:50 owners in 2010 actually start their businesses, which

11:35:52 was again very good for the contained of year that we

11:35:55 had in 2010.

11:35:57 And, of course, job creation is a major factor in what

11:36:00 we do.

11:36:00 So we track that, and we try to capture that as much as

11:36:05 possible, job creation and job retention.

11:36:09 And the way we kind of look at this is that our job is

11:36:12 to help these small businesses increase their revenues.

11:36:16 If they increase their revenues, they are going to hire

11:36:18 people.

11:36:19 And it's very important for us to really take those

11:36:22 small businesses and grow them within our community.

11:36:26 It's very important what the Tampa Hillsborough EDC is

11:36:29 doing, and we implement those efforts.

11:36:32 They bring in some of the larger businesses.

11:36:34 We take the businesses that are already here and

11:36:36 strengthen them so that they really become the backbone

11:36:38 of our economy.

11:36:40 And I condensed this a little bit.

11:36:43 I have gone through this somewhat quickly but I am

11:36:45 trying to keep track of your time.

11:36:47 So if you have any questions for me, please don't

11:36:49 hesitate to ask.

11:36:50 I really thank you for your attention.

11:36:52 I appreciate the opportunity to present to you this

11:36:53 morning.

11:36:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions from council members

11:36:57 of Ms. Rodriguez?

11:36:58 Thank you so very much.

11:37:00 We really appreciate it.

11:37:00 Very informative.

11:37:04 Mr. Huey?

11:37:06 Who do we have next?

11:37:08 >> Gene gray, economic development director for

11:37:17 Hillsborough County.

11:37:18 Thank you for this opportunity to share with you today.

11:37:22 I, too, have a PowerPoint.

11:37:26 I didn't want to be showed up by my peers but I will

11:37:30 also go through this quickly.

11:37:31 I think this workshop today illustrates what a lot of

11:37:35 communities are going through during these tough

11:37:37 economic times and trying to better understand what we

11:37:40 can do, what we are doing, what we can do to be

11:37:43 proactive to help the business community.

11:37:45 That's a very valuable exercise for every community.

11:37:48 One of the topics that you hear a lot about these days

11:37:52 is related to the economic development and otherwise,

11:37:56 is the need for better cooperation and coordination

11:37:59 among local governments.

11:38:00 Well, I think part of what you have heard today

11:38:03 illustrated for you with regard to the economic

11:38:07 Development Corporation and the county and the city

11:38:09 partnership with them, that spans, I think, 15-plus

11:38:14 years where we have historically been, our two

11:38:16 governments have historically been the two largest

11:38:19 investors in that effort, that has been a partnership

11:38:22 between our two governments as well as the public

11:38:25 sector -- I mean the private sector.

11:38:29 On another front, which I am primarily here to talk

11:38:32 about today, is the partnership that Hillsborough

11:38:33 County and the City of Tampa have had over the past

11:38:36 seven years or so with regard to small business

11:38:41 development assistance.

11:38:42 And that dates back to a time where not this City

11:38:48 Council but a prior City Council was inquiring about

11:38:49 what needed to be done to bet area sift small

11:38:52 businesses.

11:38:53 We had a fledgling program that was up and running, and

11:38:57 there was, I think, a wise decision to join our efforts

11:39:01 together to maximize and beverage the resources.

11:39:04 And that has been a strong commitment.

11:39:29 Council members, the economic development department

11:39:33 has four primary program areas including the

11:39:35 agriculture development, tourism development, corporate

11:39:38 development, and small minority business development.

11:39:42 I have with me today Brenda Amy, the manager

11:39:46 administrator of our small and minority business

11:39:48 development program, as well as lance Shultz, the

11:39:52 program manager for small business development, as well

11:39:55 as the enter praise zone administrator.

11:39:57 As you see on the screen, our mission -- and it is

11:40:00 focused on entrepreneurs, those that are seeking to

11:40:04 start up businesses or existing businesses and helping

11:40:06 them to grow their businesses within our community.

11:40:12 Our main office for this effort is the small business

11:40:15 information center which is located south of Temple

11:40:18 Terrace, off of 56th street, but we also have

11:40:21 satellite offices that are located in East Tampa, and I

11:40:25 will speak a little more about that in a moment, and

11:40:27 the Brandon Chamber of Commerce, as well as what in

11:40:33 effect are sat late offices, because of the wait that

11:40:35 we go about doing what we do.

11:40:37 We outreach into the community and conduct a lot of our

11:40:40 services in a variety of places such as libraries, and

11:40:45 community centers throughout the county.

11:40:49 This past year, we made 27,000 points of contact to

11:40:57 small businesses in our community.

11:40:58 If con craft if you go back ten years ago when this

11:41:03 truly was a place in program we had 2,000 points of

11:41:05 contact.

11:41:06 When I say points of contact, that represents

11:41:08 everything from a phone call from someone wanting to

11:41:11 get information to an in-depth full scale counseling

11:41:15 session, with a small business.

11:41:26 I have illustrated for you the resources that we have

11:41:28 available, the county provides base funding to our

11:41:30 program, that we utilize to provide these basic

11:41:35 resources.

11:41:36 We do work very hard to serve as an information

11:41:39 clearinghouse.

11:41:39 We provide MBE and SBE certification, counseling

11:41:45 sessions, we have a plans room in our small business

11:41:48 information center that is geared toward the

11:41:50 construction industry where we provide building plans

11:41:53 for contractors that they can utilize that to either

11:41:58 bid or provide bids as subcontractors, to contractors

11:42:02 on public construction projects.

11:42:04 We also provide computer assistance to them including

11:42:08 some software estimation -- software estimating

11:42:14 assistance for them.

11:42:25 We have a coalition of partners, is the way I like to

11:42:27 refer to the.

11:42:29 And we use this to leverage the resources that we do

11:42:32 have.

11:42:32 And I'm proud to say that the City of Tampa, as well as

11:42:35 the USF small business development center, are our two

11:42:39 lead partners.

11:42:39 We couldn't do what we do and reach those 27,000 people

11:42:44 in our community without those partnerships.

11:42:47 And I want to thank Mark Huey, Ed Johnson, and Greg

11:42:52 Hart in particular.

11:42:55 They worked with us shoulder to shoulder on these

11:42:57 efforts.

11:42:57 I won't go through the whole list.

11:42:59 But you see the list of the primary partners that we

11:43:01 work with throughout the county.

11:43:08 We have four interlocal agreements with the City of

11:43:10 Tampa.

11:43:11 The base agreement which dates back to the seven years

11:43:13 or so ago that I referenced earlier, and with that we

11:43:17 provide workshops throughout targeted areas of the City

11:43:21 of Tampa.

11:43:22 But we also administer your enterprise zone within the

11:43:26 city as well as the county's enter praise zone.

11:43:29 In addition to that, we have interlocal agreements with

11:43:33 regard to three of the CRAs in the City of Tampa.

11:43:37 Most recently approved a brand new initiative is the

11:43:40 Drew Park area, East Tampa, and Ybor City.

11:43:47 You see next is a list of the various workshops that we

11:43:51 provide, some of which we do at the small business

11:43:54 information center, some of which we do as indicated

11:43:57 earlier in the community, in the CRAs, and CDBG

11:44:02 targeted areas in the county and throughout

11:44:04 Hillsborough County.

11:44:07 Not shown on this list is business counseling, which is

11:44:10 a very important component of assisting small

11:44:13 businesses.

11:44:14 That's everything from just basic counseling, trying to

11:44:17 inform the small business owner or perspective small

11:44:20 business owner about what they need to know in order to

11:44:22 start a business or grow a business, but everything to

11:44:26 more detailed counseling, including helping them to

11:44:29 create a business plan for their business, which would

11:44:33 include a marketing plan as well.

11:44:37 I reference the enter praise zone, and the fact that we

11:44:40 are administering enterprise zone for you.

11:44:42 That is a very effective tool for development, economic

11:44:46 development, and redevelopment in the community.

11:44:48 I will tell you, it's accretion of the federal

11:44:52 government and state government that does provide some

11:44:55 modest tools that effectively administrator, that can

11:44:58 make a difference in helping to bring about

11:45:00 redevelopment within those enter praise zones.

11:45:08 East Tampa is the CRA that we have the longest history

11:45:13 with, and we are very proud of that.

11:45:16 We have had satellite offices located here at least two

11:45:18 days a week.

11:45:19 We have a presence there in the sat late office which

11:45:21 is located of in the redevelopment office in East

11:45:24 Tampa.

11:45:25 We have established a resource library there as well as

11:45:28 conducting of workshops and counseling there.

11:45:33 Ybor City, we provide targeted assistance to

11:45:36 businesses.

11:45:37 We do a lot of surveying of businesses in the Ybor City

11:45:40 area, and at the request of the Ybor City Development

11:45:45 Corporation, we have conducted two feasibility

11:45:49 analysis, phase one and phase two feasibility analysis

11:45:52 with, regard to potentially creating and establishing a

11:45:55 business incubator in Ybor City.

11:46:00 Drew Park as I mentioned is the newest focus of our

11:46:06 partnership with the City of Tampa, and you see that we

11:46:09 provide business to business contact and counseling, as

11:46:13 well as workshops there, and because of the

11:46:15 concentration of Spanish-speaking residents in that

11:46:18 area, we provide workshops there, as well as throughout

11:46:22 the county, both in English and in Spanish.

11:46:26 Council members, just kind of in summary with regard to

11:46:29 these efforts, we work very hard at being creative and

11:46:33 proactive, and finding partners wherever we can find

11:46:36 them.

11:46:37 Resources are scarce on every front these days, so we

11:46:40 look for every opportunity to leverage the resources

11:46:43 that we have with our partners, and work very hard to

11:46:47 minimize and avoid duplication of our efforts on every

11:46:52 front.

11:46:53 But I will tell you this.

11:46:54 What we do in Hillsborough County working with our

11:46:57 partners, including USF small business development

11:46:59 center, we are only touching the tip of the iceberg.

11:47:03 You look at those numbers that mark showed you in terms

11:47:05 of the numbers of businesses, small businesses in our

11:47:08 community, there are thousands of them out there that

11:47:11 have never heard of us or never heard of USF, small

11:47:15 business development center.

11:47:18 We are constantly having new clients make contact with

11:47:21 us, and it's as if I didn't know you were here, and

11:47:26 they have no idea of the resources available to help

11:47:28 them that truly can help them grow their businesses.

11:47:31 I will close on this.

11:47:32 It's not directly related, but at the request of

11:47:35 Councilwoman Montelione, I wanted to share with you

11:47:37 some information about the county's small business job

11:47:42 creation program which was launched a little over a

11:47:44 month ago by the Board of County Commissioners.

11:47:48 Council members, this was an initiative that was

11:47:51 basically generated at the request of commissioner

11:47:54 Sandy Murman that spun off of a discussion about

11:47:58 incentive programs, and the fact that all of our

11:48:01 existing incentive programs, and jurors as well, are

11:48:04 typically focused on target industries, and typically

11:48:07 require a minimum of ten jobs in order to be eligible

11:48:10 for any form of assistance.

11:48:12 Recognizing, as we talked about before, the fact that

11:48:16 so many businesses in our community are not only small

11:48:19 businesses, very small businesses, but with ten or

11:48:23 fewer employees, but also they are not necessarily

11:48:26 target industries.

11:48:27 With unemployment in our community hovering at 10, 11,

11:48:32 12%, there's obviously a great need to help create and

11:48:36 establish jobs virtually at any level.

11:48:38 So this program was approved by the board, and has been

11:48:43 out for, as I said, a little over a month.

11:48:45 Virtually any small business is eligible as long as

11:48:47 they have ten or fewer employees, the business is

11:48:51 located in Hillsborough County.

11:48:52 We do require that they hire Hillsborough County

11:48:54 residents.

11:48:55 We pay half of the cost of each of those jobs for up to

11:49:00 three jobs, half of the cost of those jobs for three

11:49:05 months, and that cost is reimbursed to them on the back

11:49:07 end of the process, once they have completely gone

11:49:10 through and documented, verified that they have in fact

11:49:14 hired the employee.

11:49:16 There are a number of other requirements.

11:49:18 I won't get into all of that unless you have more

11:49:20 questions about it.

11:49:21 But I do think that given whereby we are in the local

11:49:25 economy, this is an effective tool to help local

11:49:28 businesses create jobs that might not otherwise be

11:49:32 created, or at least to speed up the creation of those

11:49:34 jobs.

11:49:37 Mr. Chairman, that's all I have.

11:49:38 >> Thank you very much, Mr. Gray.

11:49:39 I really appreciate it and I know I have learned a lot

11:49:42 today just listening.

11:49:43 I didn't know that University of South Florida worked

11:49:47 so diligently.

11:49:49 I knew they were working hard to get.

11:49:50 This I didn't know they had created about 1660 new jobs

11:49:53 and create start-up of about 154 new businesses and 30

11:49:58 mill-some dollars and so forth and contracts awarded.

11:50:02 So I was happy to see that.

11:50:05 Reading and trying to come up with my own conclusion on

11:50:07 your job creation program.

11:50:09 And when you look at 3900 new jobs -- I mean $3900 new

11:50:14 jobs for three months. I try to calculate that on a

11:50:16 basis of what that yearly salary is.

11:50:19 And if you divide 3900 and you look at the numbers on

11:50:24 the creation of 40 hours, they must be Hillsborough

11:50:28 County residents, and I think you have to be in

11:50:30 business for, what, two years before you are qualified

11:50:32 to be there, so I am making an assumption, what is the

11:50:35 yearly average of those jobs based on $3,900 for each

11:50:41 new employee?

11:50:42 >> I don't have that exact number.

11:50:46 I can tell you.

11:50:47 This we came amount this from several different

11:50:48 directions to try to figure out how to structure it.

11:50:52 What we did was we set minimum wage as obviously the

11:50:56 minimum.

11:50:57 We calculate the value of jobs up to the $3900 based on

11:51:04 an hourly rate of $17 per hour.

11:51:08 And so that's where we capped it.

11:51:18 Average about $15 an hour for these jobs.

11:51:20 This program as it currently stands has the potential

11:51:23 to create roughly 200 jobs in our community.

11:51:26 We have 29 businesses that are either approved or in

11:51:28 the process of being approved -- I'm sorry, 28

11:51:31 businesses with 63 jobs associated with those.

11:51:35 37 of those people are currently on the job.

11:51:39 Nine of those businesses are located within the City of

11:51:41 Tampa.

11:51:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you for those nine.

11:51:46 Thank you for all of them, really, because you

11:51:48 shouldn't have just a geographical lien of where you

11:51:51 live or don't live or work or don't work.

11:51:54 Eights free-moving society and I understand that very

11:51:56 much.

11:51:56 If I may, just very quickly, two individuals brought up

11:51:59 one word.

11:52:01 Mr. Rogel and Mr. Huey.

11:52:04 And this word was water.

11:52:05 Without, what you I don't care what you good folks do,

11:52:08 how hard you work, how much time you have, you cannot

11:52:12 succeed.

11:52:13 When I looked at all those cities from Miami down to

11:52:15 Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, so forth and so on, if you

11:52:20 don't have water you can't compete with them.

11:52:21 And we have, if you look into the future, water for

11:52:26 maybe ten years, and therefore after that the City of

11:52:28 Tampa is going to go dry to some degree because of the

11:52:32 population explosion around it.

11:52:34 So I'm letting you know now, you better work on another

11:52:36 subject matter of the great importance, and that's

11:52:40 water.

11:52:40 So I yield to Mr. Suarez.

11:52:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Gray?

11:52:48 Sit down, mark, I'm talking to this guy.

11:52:50 [ Laughter ]

11:52:51 Two quick questions.

11:52:52 On your program, there's a slide just before the last

11:52:57 slide, says owner must receive four, and it's jumbled,

11:53:02 the sentence is not complete, four years of business

11:53:04 development?

11:53:09 >> That was a typo. The classes we teach in workshops

11:53:11 and seminars, we felt it was a reasonable requirement

11:53:14 to require that they take at least four hours of

11:53:18 workshop and counseling as part of -- basically, their

11:53:23 investment back into this is we are going to invest in

11:53:26 the employees.

11:53:26 >>MIKE SUAREZ: You say that they have to be employed

11:53:29 for at least three months, correct?

11:53:32 >> Yes, that is correct.

11:53:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: They can lay them off after three

11:53:38 months?

11:53:38 My point is there's in a provision in your program to

11:53:40 say that they are going to continue working, correct?

11:53:43 >> That's correct.

11:53:45 We struggled with that, Mr. Suarez.

11:53:47 We struggled with it and tried to figure out if there

11:53:50 was some way that we could extend that requirement.

11:53:56 We didn't feel that we had the leverage to be able to

11:53:58 do that, without delaying the reimbursement to them.

11:54:04 And we thought that would be counterproductive to what

11:54:07 we were trying to do.

11:54:10 To wait three months is long enough.

11:54:11 What we are doing as encouragement to keep them on is

11:54:14 we are making it clear that our desire is that this is

11:54:17 going to be a long-term thing, and that we are going to

11:54:20 be doubling back and surveying each of the companies

11:54:25 that participate in the program to have see whether or

11:54:26 not they did in fact keep the employees on beyond the

11:54:29 three-month minimum.

11:54:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: One last question.

11:54:33 Does the City of Tampa provide funds to you for this

11:54:36 program in any way?

11:54:39 >> No, sir, not for this program.

11:54:41 But for the CRA and our basic programs, yes, sir.

11:54:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Do you know how much that is that we

11:54:46 provide to the CRA?

11:54:49 Maybe Mark might know.

11:54:51 >>MARK HUEY: Redevelopment --

11:54:59 >> You had the same look I had when I looked at the

11:55:01 budget.

11:55:04 >>MARK HUEY: About $105,000 between the different

11:55:07 CRAs is going into -- and then we have about another

11:55:11 100,000 relating to -- that comes out of the CDBG or

11:55:18 actually the general fund, 200.

11:55:20 >> So a little over $200,000.

11:55:23 Either to CRA or through general fund dollars?

11:55:26 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

11:55:26 And then there are some things we are working on that

11:55:28 are project-related.

11:55:30 For example, they have been helping us in Ybor City,

11:55:33 think about the potential for an incubator in Ybor

11:55:36 City.

11:55:37 We have a separate arrangement with them for that.

11:55:40 But in terms of continuous funds coming in, I think --

11:55:45 >> As a follow-up, there's nine jobs created in the

11:55:49 City of Tampa, approximately.

11:55:50 >> Nine companies.

11:55:53 >> Nine companies, nine jobs?

11:55:56 >>MARK HUEY: An average per company.

11:56:04 16.

11:56:05 >>MIKE SUAREZ: 16 jobs.

11:56:06 Thank you very much.

11:56:07 I appreciate it.

11:56:07 Thanks.

11:56:08 >>MARK HUEY: That concludes the presentation.

11:56:14 Again, this was done primarily the new council members.

11:56:17 Some of you veterans are familiar with these programs

11:56:19 and activities.

11:56:20 I appreciate you being a part of it as well.

11:56:23 But we again hope you had a chance to kind of get to

11:56:26 know some of our key partners, and the work that's

11:56:29 going on.

11:56:29 If I can answer any questions.

11:56:31 I do want to answer Councilman Reddick's question about

11:56:34 East Tampa and West Tampa.

11:56:38 I'm not aware of any projects that have gone through

11:56:41 the EDC that have closed in East Tampa or West Tampa

11:56:45 over the time that I have been with the city which is

11:56:48 approximately eight years.

11:56:49 We have worked on projects.

11:56:50 In fact, we have a project now that is active, that

11:56:54 involves a potential for East Tampa and Drew Park.

11:56:58 And I can tell you that part of our agreement is that

11:57:02 they market our redevelopment areas.

11:57:05 And so the EDC is very good about promoting the

11:57:08 availability where it meets the company's needs, sites

11:57:14 in our redevelopment areas, but they can't control

11:57:17 where a company decides to relocate.

11:57:19 But I can tell you that as part of our agreement, and

11:57:21 as part of their routine course of business to promote

11:57:25 our redevelopment area, to promote our enterprise zone,

11:57:28 and I think as East Tampa comes along in our

11:57:32 redevelopment efforts, and as West Tampa continues to

11:57:35 evolve, we will get projects that do come in through

11:57:38 the work of EDC more and more.

11:57:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If I may, hold council questions.

11:57:44 I am going to ask the public.

11:57:47 We do have a very important meeting possibly coming up

11:57:50 real soon.

11:57:51 Notice I use the word "possibly."

11:57:53 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this subject

11:57:55 matter, item number 5?

11:57:58 You have three minutes.

11:58:00 Each.

11:58:00 >> CDC of Tampa and also consider myself a community

11:58:10 development practitioner.

11:58:11 As a practitioner, I want us to know that we have a

11:58:14 serious problem with our economic development

11:58:16 philosophy.

11:58:18 As a practitioner, if you take the attitude that if you

11:58:22 eat healthy your body is healthy.

11:58:24 That's the attitude we have taken with our economic

11:58:25 development philosophy.

11:58:27 And I'm here to tell you it's time to break the fever.

11:58:31 We need to take an aspirin.

11:58:33 If a developer comes in often times we give money to

11:58:36 the developer and then it becomes owner equity and

11:58:40 leaves our community, instead of partnering with an

11:58:43 organization like the CDC of Tampa to create community

11:58:45 ownership of projects so that dollars stay here for job

11:58:48 training placement, financial literacy, all those other

11:58:51 things.

11:58:51 When you look at CRAs, and we invite huge companies,

11:58:55 WalMarts to come in, again, any equity is owners

11:59:00 equity.

11:59:01 It's not community based economic development it goes

11:59:04 and it leaves our community.

11:59:05 We have to look at ways we get organizations like the

11:59:08 CDC of Tampa involved in economic development.

11:59:12 I will give you a quick example.

11:59:14 Larry.

11:59:15 Larry is born in Tampa, raised in Tampa.

11:59:19 He's a resident of East Tampa, went to schools near

11:59:21 East Tampa.

11:59:24 Did a lot of work just day labor kind of work for ten

11:59:27 years here and there.

11:59:28 Comes to the realization that he needs to start a

11:59:31 career.

11:59:31 He joins the East Tampa partnership.

11:59:33 He learns about the work training program by the EDC of

11:59:38 Tampa, takes the training program.

11:59:39 Through the training program we help him with his

11:59:42 resumé, and interviews, and do hard skills, able to

11:59:49 read blueprints, get certified in construction.

11:59:52 Now he has certifications that he can go out and get a

11:59:54 great job.

11:59:55 So we tell him to come back in.

11:59:57 We tell him about this great opportunity.

11:59:59 We have a solar company interested in hiring him.

12:00:01 He's excited about it.

12:00:02 But we tell him that he's got to go to Largo first

12:00:05 because the company is based there.

12:00:06 Then they will send him into Hillsborough County.

12:00:09 He said, I don't have a car.

12:00:10 I can't get there.

12:00:11 We say, okay, we are going to look for a company based

12:00:15 in East Tampa so you don't have to travel.

12:00:16 Come back in a week.

12:00:19 Larry is feeling very dejected so he leaves the city

12:00:21 office and walks down 22nd street to walk back home to

12:00:24 Mel month Heights.

12:00:25 As he's walking down 22nd street, he looks and he sees

12:00:28 the family health center being built on 22nd street.

12:00:32 He sees a neighbor that he recognizes, maybe working on

12:00:35 that project, doesn't see one, continues work walking.

12:00:38 You're at Martin Luther King, you see infrastructure

12:00:41 pipes being built and sidewalks going on.

12:00:43 He looks for another neighbor, see if maybe a neighbor

12:00:46 there.

12:00:46 No neighbor.

12:00:47 Walks a little further down 22nd street, see it is

12:00:49 expansion going on on 22nd street, landscaping going

12:00:52 down.

12:00:53 He looks to see, if there a neighbor possibly working

12:00:55 here?

12:00:55 No neighbor in the community working on the project.

12:00:58 Larry is feeling dejected.

12:01:00 Every promise that was given to him is not being

12:01:03 fulfilled.

12:01:04 He comes back to the CDC of Tampa.

12:01:06 We tell him finally, Tampa family health center decided

12:01:09 to take on four guys.

12:01:11 He's working for them. He's hired immediately.

12:01:14 Now his life long dream has come true.

12:01:17 We have to realize that from an economic development

12:01:20 perspective, we have to involve local CDC

12:01:24 organizations.

12:01:25 Weapon you look at the way the philosophies are set,

12:01:28 you cannot go to owners equity.

12:01:30 We know there is no trickle down.

12:01:31 There's only owner's equity.

12:01:33 We have to look at ways we can involve local CDC in

12:01:36 training and job training placement amend build

12:01:38 collaborative efforts.

12:01:39 (Bell sounds).

12:01:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

12:01:42 Next, please.

12:01:43 Anyone else?

12:01:47 Okay, I go to council.

12:01:48 Mrs. Mulhern.

12:01:48 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to thank everyone.

12:01:53 I was watching back there when I wasn't in here so I

12:01:56 was really paying attention to this very important, I

12:01:58 learned a lot today that I didn't necessarily already

12:02:01 know as one of the veterans here, with Mr. Miranda.

12:02:05 I want to say what really strikes me and speaks to Mr.

12:02:11 Coney's questions is that the net new jobs are 88%

12:02:17 small businesses.

12:02:18 So by definition, if we help locally whether it's East

12:02:25 Tampa, South Tampa, if we are helping a small local

12:02:28 business, which the CDC does, and which I think all of

12:02:34 the economic development partners that spoke today do

12:02:37 do that, that's where the jobs are.

12:02:40 That's where the jobs are.

12:02:42 That's where the tax base gets built.

12:02:44 And we need to keep that in mind.

12:02:47 Because those smaller businesses don't necessarily have

12:02:50 the capital to come in and buy land and do all these

12:02:54 things.

12:02:54 So we have got to help the communities here.

12:02:57 And I like the idea of calling economic development

12:03:02 also community development.

12:03:03 Because as you build community, you build economic.

12:03:05 You build your economic base.

12:03:07 So thanks, everyone, for all of your presentations.

12:03:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think the maker of this motion, I

12:03:16 yield to Mrs. Montelione.

12:03:18 I believe she was the one that brought this wonderful

12:03:22 gathering here this morning.

12:03:24 I yield to her.

12:03:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Actually, the credit goes to Mr.

12:03:29 Huey.

12:03:30 He had initiated the idea of bringing all of the

12:03:35 partners to us today.

12:03:38 And we work together to round out the program to

12:03:43 include the small business, and to include Hillsborough

12:03:46 County, and thank everyone for being here.

12:03:49 A couple of things I want to say.

12:03:52 And in the interest of time, I do want to bring this

12:03:55 back to continue the conversation, because I didn't

12:03:59 want this to be rushed.

12:04:00 I wanted there to be a dialogue amongst us, and to

12:04:03 really talk about what needs to be done in economic

12:04:06 development, not only here in the City of Tampa, what

12:04:09 you cross the region, as many of our speakers have

12:04:14 talked about today.

12:04:15 So I propose a motion in just a moment about bringing

12:04:21 this back to continue the discussion.

12:04:24 A couple of things I would like to point out.

12:04:26 We heard from a lot of people today.

12:04:28 We heard from a lot of different organizations.

12:04:31 And one thing that I don't see happening -- and I'm

12:04:38 passionate about this because we have a lot of people

12:04:42 working on this.

12:04:42 We have a lot of programs.

12:04:44 But we are not seeing the results of what is brought

12:04:48 before us today with all these programs.

12:04:53 If everything that was present to us today was working,

12:04:56 we wouldn't be looking at 10% unemployment.

12:05:03 There's something missing, and I think that's focus.

12:05:06 We have throwing, as my mother used to be, spaghetti at

12:05:10 the wall and hoping that something sticks.

12:05:12 And we can't go about economic development in that

12:05:15 regard in order for us to be effective.

12:05:21 So I would like to make a motion to bring this back,

12:05:24 workshop date.

12:05:25 We have June 14th, which I had already called a

12:05:29 special session of council on the 14th to discuss

12:05:32 land development.

12:05:32 But I would like to make a motion to continue this

12:05:34 economic development workshop.

12:05:37 I would like to include in that by the 14th which

12:05:40 is in roughly two weeks.

12:05:42 We have a method of bringing an ordinance similar to

12:05:47 Hillsborough County's jobs program, look around, find

12:05:50 some funding, partner with agencies, workforce Florida

12:05:54 wasn't represented here today but I know workforce

12:05:57 Florida has some money for on the job training

12:06:01 programs.

12:06:01 I would like to invite Mr. Coney back, as well as

12:06:04 Gregory Hart, to talk about small businesses, because

12:06:08 as we saw, small businesses is what creates jobs and

12:06:11 does the work here in Tampa.

12:06:14 So I would like to make that motion and bring this back

12:06:16 for discussion on June 14th.

12:06:18 >> I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

12:06:22 Do I hear a second?

12:06:23 Mr. Reddick?

12:06:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: This workshop with a time limit of

12:06:30 two hours, I hope we will not schedule for two hours

12:06:32 for the next one, because that's why we have to rush,

12:06:37 because there are other issues on the agenda that we

12:06:41 need to discuss.

12:06:42 And looking at the 14th, there's something already

12:06:45 scheduled for the 14th.

12:06:47 If we are going to bring this back, I hope you limit to

12:06:49 the one hour.

12:06:50 >> The 14th is scheduled at 2:00 for Land

12:06:54 Development Code as a --

12:06:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: A motion to change that, a motion

12:07:00 here to bring this.

12:07:03 That's the reason.

12:07:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I wasn't aware of that.

12:07:07 So we could limit it to one hour.

12:07:10 But I'm not sure that we are going to have a serious

12:07:13 discussion about economic development and job growth if

12:07:15 we don't spend time.

12:07:17 Ware obviously not spending money.

12:07:18 If you look at that chart that was shown earlier we are

12:07:22 not spending money.

12:07:23 Orlando is number two.

12:07:23 We talked about a super region.

12:07:25 And I don't see how a super region is going to happen

12:07:28 if we don't start getting serious about putting either

12:07:30 time or money into this effort.

12:07:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez.

12:07:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: To amend the motion for two reasons,

12:07:39 selfish reasons.

12:07:40 I won't be here on June 14th and I hate to miss

12:07:43 that.

12:07:43 The second, and this is what happens when we do too

12:07:47 many things in workshop sessions, we need to eliminate.

12:07:51 Would you than willing to change it after a CRA on June

12:07:55 7th instead?

12:07:57 Which we have a workshop set on that day, too.

12:07:59 And then we won't have to worry about necessarily

12:08:01 scheduling a time frame.

12:08:05 >>MIKE COHEN: I just want to point out that the

12:08:07 workshop immediately following the CRA in June is the

12:08:10 budget, is one of the two budget workshops.

12:08:12 And I would be very concerned about limiting the amount

12:08:16 of time that we spend on that topic, given how

12:08:19 important the issues are that we are going to be

12:08:21 talking about.

12:08:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm sorry, I misread that.

12:08:26 I was thinking about the 9th.

12:08:27 I'm sorry.

12:08:28 We have there's a budget workshop listed on the

12:08:32 9th.

12:08:32 Which one are you talking about, Harry?

12:08:35 >>MIKE COHEN: I was referring to the one -- I thought

12:08:37 you were referring to the one on the 9th.

12:08:39 I thought I heard, though, some discussion of making a

12:08:42 change to what was already scald on the 7th.

12:08:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The 14th.

12:08:48 What I am suggesting is the 7th, not the 9th.

12:08:51 Okay.

12:08:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Now you realize how easy a job I

12:08:56 have.

12:08:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can bring to council's

12:08:59 attention, it doesn't appear on this agenda, because

12:09:01 it's not an official set meeting of council, but you

12:09:04 each received an invitation regarding a disaster

12:09:07 meeting at 1:30 in the afternoon on the 7th, just

12:09:10 to have remind you of that, that that is also perhaps

12:09:12 on your calendars.

12:09:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It gets better as we go along.

12:09:19 All right.

12:09:20 I have a motion.

12:09:22 Mr. Reddick, if I may, let me get the CRA thing back to

12:09:30 where we can clear the agenda item so we can go

12:09:32 forward.

12:09:32 I am going let Mr. Reddick read the motion, although I

12:09:35 do have a motion on the floor.

12:09:36 >> The motion is for the CRA workshop that was

12:09:40 scheduled at 2:00 on June 14th, land development

12:09:45 workshop, be rescheduled to June 9th, immediately

12:09:48 following the CRA meeting.

12:09:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern, on this motion.

12:09:53 >>MARY MULHERN: (off microphone) Mr. Reddick, you

12:09:59 want to move the Tuesday Land Development Code to the

12:10:05 14th, to the 9th.

12:10:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Correct.

12:10:10 >>MARY MULHERN: But you are saying the 9th --

12:10:15 >>MIKE COHEN: The 9th is the budget workshop

12:10:17 following the CRA.

12:10:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Let me ask this.

12:10:24 Maybe we should -- we should move the Land Development

12:10:29 Code thing further off.

12:10:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Something has got to move.

12:10:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

12:10:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Set another day?

12:10:47 >>MARY MULHERN: In a.

12:10:48 The land development -- the workshop is -- our next

12:10:51 workshop is on the 16th.

12:10:59 We can't add anything to that.

12:11:02 Maybe we should have these scheduling discussions after

12:11:06 our regular meeting next week.

12:11:08 You I guess we need to schedule something if it's going

12:11:11 to be next week.

12:11:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say according to the rules, I

12:11:15 have already violated all rules by not asking the

12:11:20 council to extend the meeting past 12:00.

12:11:22 >> I move we go past 12.

12:11:26 >> Second by Mrs. Mulhern.

12:11:28 All in favor?

12:11:29 The Ayes have it unanimously.

12:11:31 Go on.

12:11:31 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know how we got to having

12:11:36 these Tuesday meetings anyway.

12:11:38 We have two Tuesday meetings in June.

12:11:44 So I would say at least in the CRA meeting,

12:12:02 My calendar has a CRA meeting on Tuesday the 7th.

12:12:06 And then two weeks in a row we have got Tuesday

12:12:09 meetings.

12:12:09 >> That's a special workshop of CRA if I am not

12:12:15 mistaken.

12:12:15 And then we have the regularly scheduled -- well, the

12:12:20 regularly scald one which would be on the 9th.

12:12:24 And that's the one that has the budget workshop.

12:12:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: As I understand it, the reason we

12:12:30 wanted to move these things around was to accommodate

12:12:32 the land development workshop.

12:12:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Originally we had the 7th and

12:12:42 the 14th because we were going to have CRA

12:12:45 activities discussed on both of those days.

12:12:48 And you had requested that we have the 7th and the

12:12:52 14th, a workshop, for CRA.

12:12:54 And what I did last session was I made the motion, and

12:12:58 with the per permission of Councilman Reddick, is to

12:13:03 put all of the CRA discussion into the 7th.

12:13:06 So we could free up the 14th to talk about the Land

12:13:08 Development Code.

12:13:10 Because and again this all ties in together.

12:13:15 When you talk about economic development, a lot of what

12:13:18 we do in our decisions when we talk about the Land

12:13:22 Development Code, and we have rezonings and variance

12:13:27 requests, that we have to rehear, is this economic

12:13:32 development related? So all of these things are in

12:13:34 line.

12:13:35 And I truly feel that, you know, understanding the Land

12:13:39 Development Code, and understanding our practices of

12:13:44 business is vitally important.

12:13:47 So that's where the 14th came from.

12:13:49 It was original two CRA workshops.

12:13:51 We moved both of them into the 9th -- I mean into

12:13:54 the 7th to free up the 14th.

12:13:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please, council members, give me a

12:13:58 date.

12:13:58 Because I have still got the good people of the estuary

12:14:02 here.

12:14:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I put out the date the

12:14:05 14th and I'm not sure why --

12:14:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't mind being here all day on

12:14:10 the 14 they, the 15th, the 12th, the 9th

12:14:14 and the 6th.

12:14:15 Just give me a date.

12:14:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Of that we do this on the 14th.

12:14:21 >>MARY MULHERN: I'll second it.

12:14:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Montelione,

12:14:28 second by Mrs. Mulhern to have the CRA --

12:14:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Continue the economic development

12:14:37 discussion, and for staff to bring back a proposal for

12:14:41 a jobs program similar to Hillsborough County jobs

12:14:46 program for small business on the 14th.

12:14:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I assume that would include the

12:14:50 costs and where the money is coming from and who is

12:14:52 going to keep an eye on it.

12:14:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I asked in N that motion for funds

12:14:56 to be identified, and perhaps even maybe a partnership,

12:15:00 workforce has some funds available we could partner

12:15:03 with them.

12:15:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: At what time on the 14th?

12:15:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The land development is 2:00.

12:15:09 So I would -- we are looking at 3:00?

12:15:19 >> Land development that was scald, and Mr. Reddick was

12:15:28 talking about be rescheduled to John 9th.

12:15:32 Would that fit in fine with everything?

12:15:35 >> June 9th is our budget workshop.

12:15:37 And again, you know, the budget workshop is very

12:15:39 important.

12:15:40 I don't think that -- it's going to be a long day and

12:15:45 it's going to the demand a lot of attention.

12:15:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to take your motion

12:15:49 first.

12:15:50 Seconded by Mrs. Mulhern that that motion at 3:00 on

12:15:53 the 14th.

12:15:54 Am I correct so far?

12:15:56 All in favor indicate by saying Aye.

12:15:59 Opposed, nay.

12:16:01 Passes 4 to 2.

12:16:07 With Mr. Suarez and Mr. Reddick, no.

12:16:09 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Suarez and Reddick

12:16:13 voting no.

12:16:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This has nothing to do with the

12:16:15 subject matter.

12:16:16 More than likely they have other things they have to do

12:16:18 and I understand that.

12:16:20 All right.

12:16:21 >> Do we still have to clear the secondary motion?

12:16:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, we do.

12:16:33 Waiting for the side bar to finish.

12:16:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

12:16:39 We have a budget workshop scheduled on the 9th.

12:16:42 Am I correct, Mr. Cohen?

12:16:45 >>MIKE COHEN: Correct.

12:16:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We still have the Land Development

12:16:47 Code, workshop, that we have to do something with.

12:16:53 Give me some direction on that date.

12:16:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm confused as to why we would be

12:17:00 canceling it.

12:17:04 The Land Development Code workshop at 2:00 on the

12:17:07 14th.

12:17:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Reddick wanted to move it.

12:17:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe to try to do this to

12:17:16 accommodate the departure of Mr. Huey leaving so he

12:17:21 could be here for this.

12:17:21 This is what this is about, I believe.

12:17:23 Am I correct, sir?

12:17:24 >>MARK HUEY: I certainly think it would be helpful for

12:17:29 me to be here for the redevelopment workshop and have

12:17:31 it done, and there's no way we are going to cover all

12:17:34 of those in one of that we are going to allow you to

12:17:38 have the kind of dialogue that I think you want to have

12:17:40 about seven redevelopment areas and one workshop.

12:17:44 But it isn't going to happen.

12:17:45 So my last day is June 24th.

12:17:50 And I'm at your service.

12:17:52 I just want to be helpful.

12:17:53 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't think we need to have a

12:17:57 discussion, and in-depth discussion in one meeting

12:18:01 about all seven economic developments.

12:18:04 >>MARK HUEY: That's why we had it split into two

12:18:06 workshops.

12:18:07 It was originally proposed to do two, and we were going

12:18:10 to do three and one at four at the other and we have

12:18:12 been doing that.

12:18:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If

12:18:20 >>MIKE COHEN: If I may make a suggestion looking at the

12:18:22 calendar, if there is going to be, looks like, a block

12:18:25 of time Thursday afternoon, June 23rd, after our

12:18:28 morning meeting, that's our last meeting before our

12:18:30 break.

12:18:31 But maybe if there's something that needs to be

12:18:34 scheduled, that might be a block of time that might be

12:18:36 available.

12:18:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's a good suggestion.

12:18:38 Any other suggestions by council members?

12:18:40 >>MARY MULHERN: What would you move to the 23rd?

12:18:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The workshop.

12:18:52 >>MIKE COHEN: The 2 p.m. workshop to the 23rd,

12:18:54 correct?

12:18:55 >> The Land Development Code workshop scheduled now for

12:18:57 the 14th?

12:18:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes, the 14th.

12:19:02 >>MIKE COHEN: Will that fit in, Mr. Reddick with, what

12:19:04 you are trying to accomplish here?

12:19:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's fine.

12:19:09 >>MIKE COHEN: So we are going to move both the 2 p.m.

12:19:12 Land Development Code workshop and economic workshop

12:19:15 scheduled for 3 p.m. to June 23rd.

12:19:20 Does that work?

12:19:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick,

12:19:26 second by Mrs. Mulhern.

12:19:27 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying Aye.

12:19:29 Opposed, nay.

12:19:31 The Ayes have it unanimously.

12:19:43 I need another motion, I believe, by Mr. Reddick on the

12:19:45 CRA.

12:19:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If I may, I think I can clear this

12:20:24 up.

12:20:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let's go to Mrs. Montelione.

12:20:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would like to amend the -- the

12:20:29 motion on the floor from Mr. Reddick to accommodate

12:20:37 what Councilman Cohen did, so we are going to -- the

12:20:44 motion on the floor was to cancel the 14th special

12:20:51 called workshop session of council for Land Development

12:20:53 Code.

12:20:56 So if we need to amend that motion I can do that.

12:20:59 So we would amend Councilman Reddicks --

12:21:02 >>MARY MULHERN: It didn't even get a second.

12:21:04 >> We have moved everything to the 14th.

12:21:07 >> is it all done?

12:21:09 All complete?

12:21:09 A second, please?

12:21:12 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, my understanding is now

12:21:14 you have taken the LDC code workshop and economic

12:21:18 development and you have moved that to an often meeting

12:21:20 on a regular scheduled day, which then by that, my

12:21:24 understanding leaves the Tuesday 14th to be

12:21:28 available for whatever time council wishes to be

12:21:31 scheduled for one of Mr. Huey's presentations for the

12:21:35 CRA redevelopment areas.

12:21:38 Is that the intent, Mr. Reddick?

12:21:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: So we have 14 development now.

12:21:44 >>MARTIN SHELBY: So the two days, would be the

12:21:46 14th, and what was the second date, the 23rd

12:21:50 for Mr. Huey's presentations.

12:21:53 Assuming, Mr. Reddick, that you make the motion for

12:21:55 whatever time on the 14th that you wish to have

12:21:57 that.

12:21:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: What is your preference, Mr. Huey,

12:22:00 the time?

12:22:01 What's your time preference?

12:22:02 >>MARK HUEY: I don't have my calendar in front.

12:22:06 I thought we had one on the 7th, next week.

12:22:08 Did that get rescheduled?

12:22:10 >>MARY MULHERN: A regular council meeting.

12:22:17 >>MARK HUEY: I didn't think we moved the one on the

12:22:18 7th.

12:22:20 >> I'm sorry, we had already cleared that portion, that

12:22:23 we already had the second set, that was no problem, and

12:22:26 we were moving the special second part of this meeting

12:22:28 from the 14th to the 23rd.

12:22:31 So are we just discussing what time we have it?

12:22:35 It should be immediately following the regular meeting,

12:22:37 I would assume.

12:22:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't know about all of you, but

12:22:43 I'm so confused here.

12:22:44 >> Let me clarify.

12:22:46 I think --

12:22:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: There's 15 different things going on

12:22:49 at one time.

12:22:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Right now we have --

12:22:54 >>MIKE COHEN: We have moved everything scald on the

12:22:55 14th.

12:22:56 The land development and economic development workshop,

12:22:58 we moved them both to the afternoon of the 23rd,

12:23:01 after our regular rescheduled meeting.

12:23:03 So, therefore, there is nothing on the calendar now on

12:23:06 Tuesday, June 14th.

12:23:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: I movie to have a CRA workshop at

12:23:13 9 a.m. on June 14th.

12:23:15 >> Second.

12:23:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Is that a regular counseling meeting

12:23:19 or workshop?

12:23:23 >> There is a 1:30.

12:23:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick to

12:23:27 move that to June 14th at 1:30.

12:23:29 Am I so far clear?

12:23:31 I need a second.

12:23:34 Second by Mrs. Mulhern.

12:23:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Seconded by Montelione.

12:23:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: By Montelione.

12:23:42 I'm sorry.

12:23:42 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

12:23:44 Aye.

12:23:47 Opposed?

12:23:48 How about that?

12:23:48 The ayes have it.

12:23:53 >>MARK HUEY: I have a question on the economic

12:23:54 development workshop.

12:23:56 The follow-on to the -- again, I have trade to be

12:24:00 helpful here today and provide you some good briefing.

12:24:04 I'm a little concerned about the spaghetti on the wall

12:24:08 comment, because way thought you heard during your two

12:24:12 briefings particularly from the EDC and the Tampa Bay

12:24:15 partnership, it's really unprecedented efforts to be

12:24:18 focused.

12:24:20 And so what I will do is I will spend a little bit of

12:24:24 time to try to debrief on.

12:24:27 That butt what I want to make sure I do is prepare for

12:24:29 the next workshop.

12:24:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say, we are talking so much,

12:24:33 everybody knows what you want to do.

12:24:35 But that council member said about that spaghetti on

12:24:38 the wall has nothing do to do with economic development

12:24:40 was a side thing to make things happen to move

12:24:43 along and that kind of stuff.

12:24:44 So that's why where we are at.

12:24:46 I don't want to confuse us anymore.

12:24:49 >>MARK HUEY: What I am trying to ask is what would you

12:24:51 like me to do the form the economic development

12:24:54 workshop, the next one scheduled?

12:24:56 Or nothing?

12:24:57 I can just attend and show up.

12:25:00 I want to make sure I have direction.

12:25:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, to show up is like dying and

12:25:07 not being buried.

12:25:08 You attend but you came back.

12:25:09 So that's not the case.

12:25:10 The case is for all of us to work together, all of us.

12:25:14 >>MARK HUEY: Yes.

12:25:14 No, no, I understand.

12:25:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And that's what we are trying.

12:25:17 So whatever the next step is of the economic

12:25:21 development, we want to nobody about it.

12:25:23 We want to know what's happened here.

12:25:25 We found out today, the availabilities, the different

12:25:28 plans, the University of South Florida, the good people

12:25:31 from the economic development, the Executive Committee

12:25:35 members, the board members, how much money you have to

12:25:37 pay 25,000 to be a member, 10,000 to be an executive

12:25:42 member.

12:25:42 I remember all those facts and figures.

12:25:44 1600 jobs that were created.

12:25:46 We want to be go further.

12:25:49 We did retain everything you said.

12:25:51 Or I think we did.

12:25:52 >>MARK HUEY: So more information about the plan.

12:25:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We want to know specifically about

12:25:58 the plan.

12:26:02 >>MARK HUEY: That's helpful.

12:26:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What revenues you get for the

12:26:05 investment.

12:26:05 What return you get for the investment.

12:26:07 I think one council member brought that up.

12:26:09 And it was clearly said we have all these programs.

12:26:12 What does it cost and how do they regenerate the funds

12:26:16 to pay for themselves? I think that's the crux of the

12:26:18 question.

12:26:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That, and in the motion, I have

12:26:23 stated asking for staff to have look at Hillsborough

12:26:26 County's program for small jobs -- small business to

12:26:31 create jobs.

12:26:32 And to identify funding, a funding source or partner

12:26:37 that we can work with, so that we can help the small

12:26:41 businesses in a direct way.

12:26:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You mentioned that.

12:26:46 We discussed it.

12:26:47 We took a vote on it.

12:26:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Just so I was clear.

12:26:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Just a brief comment.

12:26:53 I think what's helpful for us is to digest what we

12:26:57 heard today, give us an opportunity to read over the

12:26:59 materials, formulate some questions, come back having

12:27:03 digested this, having had a chance maybe to debrief

12:27:07 some of the people further, and that way, the

12:27:12 discussion goes someplace.

12:27:14 And it moves along, and we have a chance to study.

12:27:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And again I am not blaming no one or

12:27:22 finger pointing, but wave to get these things 48 hours.

12:27:25 If we don't see these things until now -- and it's not

12:27:30 your fault, not anyone's fault.

12:27:32 But hence forth I will not let one in that's not here

12:27:35 48 hours in advance, that the council members haven't

12:27:37 seen, therefore seem to be unprepared when they are

12:27:39 note.

12:27:40 That's the only thing that I am going to say.

12:27:42 It's not directed to you or anyone else in the

12:27:44 audience.

12:27:44 Those are the rules and I am going to adhere to those

12:27:47 rules.

12:27:47 I have been very lenient lately and I am going to

12:27:49 change.

12:27:52 >>MARK HUEY: Thank you all.

12:27:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

12:27:55 Okay.

12:27:55 We go to item number -- yes?

12:28:01 We go to the item number 7.

12:28:07 6.

12:28:07 I'm sorry, 6.

12:28:08 >> Jan McLean: Good afternoon, Mr. Chair and members

12:28:10 of the council.

12:28:12 And I think I have a proposal that will shorten this up

12:28:15 even more.

12:28:17 Let me just explain to you why we are here today.

12:28:25 Do you want me to wait?

12:28:26 I will be glad to wait.

12:28:28 Keep going?

12:28:28 Okay.

12:28:30 In the recent legislative session, House Bill 7215

12:28:35 passed, and in that legislation, there was direction to

12:28:38 the department, Florida Department of Agriculture and

12:28:41 consumer services, that they would have the authority

12:28:43 to regulate fertilizer.

12:28:47 Also in that legislation, if a local government wished

12:28:50 to adopt an ordinance that regulated the sale of

12:28:55 fertilizer, and that ordinance was on the books,

12:28:59 adopted before July 1st of this year, then that

12:29:02 local government could go ahead and enforce their

12:29:05 ordinance.

12:29:06 After July 1st, no.

12:29:07 That would be preemptive to the state.

12:29:10 So that's why we are here today in very short order, to

12:29:13 present to you information for your consideration and

12:29:17 to give direction to staff as to whether myself, staff,

12:29:23 should develop an ordinance for your consideration for

12:29:25 first reading next week on June 2nd.

12:29:28 You have two meetings in June, two regular meetings,

12:29:32 because I know you have just gone through your

12:29:34 calendar, two regular meetings in June, the 2nd and

12:29:37 23rd at which we could have these two readings to

12:29:40 consider whether to adopt.

12:29:42 I have spoken with the Executive Director of the

12:29:46 estuary program, and Annette Holland for that program

12:29:52 as well, and what they have proposed in light of your

12:29:55 schedule here today is that holly could come back with

12:29:58 her presentation if you so desire to direct me to

12:30:02 develop that ordinance, and we will give you that

12:30:04 presentation at first reading next week.

12:30:08 Today, and that will allow you to consider whether to

12:30:11 give me the direction, and if you would like to hear

12:30:13 from the public who has sat this morning and give their

12:30:17 comments as to how they feel that you should take

12:30:21 action or not.

12:30:23 That's just a proposal.

12:30:24 We are certainly willing to go forward with the

12:30:26 presentation.

12:30:28 But we thought maybe that might be the most efficient

12:30:30 way to use the time.

12:30:31 >>MARY MULHERN: I think that's a very sensitive

12:30:39 proposal.

12:30:39 I think that would work certainly for me.

12:30:43 I looked at the issue and studied it.

12:30:45 But if other council members are willing to do that,

12:30:47 and then just give the public a chance to speak -- were

12:30:52 you saying we should listen to the public now or ask

12:30:54 them to come back?

12:30:57 >> Well, you still have members.

12:30:59 You still have members of the public here that did wish

12:31:02 to make a comment with regard to whether an ordinance

12:31:05 was developed or not.

12:31:06 So you could use the time to hear from them, and then

12:31:09 consider whether you wanted to direct me or not to

12:31:11 bring back an ordinance for your consideration next

12:31:13 week.

12:31:13 >>MARY MULHERN: I think that would be a good solution.

12:31:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think the public should be heard

12:31:19 now to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to

12:31:23 be heard.

12:31:24 However, that being said, if you are going to speak,

12:31:27 and someone has already spoken on the same thing you

12:31:30 have said, and in this area it's very narrow so we are

12:31:33 all going to be speaking about the same thing.

12:31:35 Am I right?

12:31:36 Fertilizer.

12:31:37 And the sale of fertilizer.

12:31:39 You don't mind hearing 15 people speak about the same

12:31:41 thing, but in the essence of time, it's only 15

12:31:44 minutes.

12:31:46 We decided that earlier.

12:31:47 >> And then at the conclusion of public comments, you

12:31:51 all would --

12:31:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Correct, correct.

12:31:53 Anyone in the audience care to speak to this subject

12:31:55 matter item number 6, file E-2011-48?

12:32:02 >> Phil Compton.

12:32:03 Thank you for the opportunity to speak.

12:32:07 Representative of Sierra Club and resident of City of

12:32:09 Tampa on Hillsborough River.

12:32:11 I have a letter for you which will have most of my

12:32:14 remarks in it so I will give that to you.

12:32:16 You can read it at owes leisure.

12:32:19 The City of Tampa would be about the 47th different

12:32:23 city and county in the State of Florida to adopt a very

12:32:26 cost effective way to address your water quality

12:32:30 problems while reducing your current expenditures to

12:32:33 clean up those water quality problems.

12:32:36 Basically, it captures the fact that it rains in

12:32:39 Florida in the summertime, John, July, August,

12:32:43 September, and from Pinellas County down to Naples on

12:32:45 the Gulf coast of Florida, and on the east coast as

12:32:48 well, communities have moved forward in the last

12:32:49 several years, these are working very well, and wall

12:32:53 hear next week is about the Tampa Bay estuary programs

12:32:57 public education campaign which is all about educating

12:33:00 the public, how to use fertilizer on their lawns in a

12:33:04 way that does not pollute but actually keeps the lawn

12:33:07 healthy and greener than it is at this point in time.

12:33:10 What we do not have with the Hillsborough County

12:33:12 ordinance is the capturing of the rainy season

12:33:16 restriction, which is the essence of that, and what is

12:33:20 possible by requiring that nitrogen be 50% slow

12:33:24 released so you can use it in the spring and again in

12:33:26 the October after the rainy season.

12:33:28 I will leave these remarks with you.

12:33:30 And one other thing.

12:33:32 I would like to say that these ordinances, this

12:33:36 approach, is consistent with what ISIS and the Florida

12:33:40 department of environmental protection have been

12:33:41 telling the public how to use nitrogen in the -- not in

12:33:46 the rainy season and using iron and magnesium at other

12:33:50 times of the year and during the rainy season.

12:33:52 So you can have healthy, green lawns.

12:33:54 Thank you very much.

12:33:55 I will leave these remarks with you.

12:33:56 And there are several citizens, there were a dozen

12:34:02 folks here earlier today, but these folks have been

12:34:04 here and they would like to something to say very

12:34:07 briefly.

12:34:08 Thank you.

12:34:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

12:34:09 Next, please.

12:34:10 >> I'm Kathy Harrelson, 231-44th Avenue north in

12:34:17 St. Pete.

12:34:18 And first I want to thank you for your commitment to

12:34:20 water as the vital resource for all of us.

12:34:23 Cities are leading the charge in Florida for economic

12:34:25 development and for sustainable communities.

12:34:29 As witnessed by your previous speaker, made it clear

12:34:33 that a regional approach makes the most sense in

12:34:35 promoting cost effective way to develop sustainable

12:34:40 communities.

12:34:41 That's basically why I am here.

12:34:43 And Mr. Chair, you yourself said no geographic lines.

12:34:47 Water certainly doesn't follow geographic lines.

12:34:49 Your water is our water.

12:34:50 We passed an ordinance last year after much, much

12:34:53 vetting, years really of vetting, and so I'm here today

12:34:57 20 thank you for hearing this and hope that you will

12:34:59 see your way Clare to move forward with an ordinance.

12:35:01 Thanks very much.

12:35:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We appreciate your attendance.

12:35:04 Next, please.

12:35:04 >> Good afternoon.

12:35:08 Beverly Griffiths.

12:35:11 I live in Riverview, Florida.

12:35:13 My husband and I are small business owners in Tampa.

12:35:17 In the area near Lowry Park.

12:35:19 And clean water is very important to both of us.

12:35:22 And also I wanted to mention that EPA has made some

12:35:28 very good and reasonable recommendations for Florida to

12:35:32 clean up their waters, and I think if we could do this,

12:35:37 get Tampa to adopt a strong ordinance it would go a

12:35:40 long way towards meeting EPA's standards.

12:35:43 Thank you.

12:35:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you so very much.

12:35:45 Next, please.

12:35:46 >> My name is Tom Krumreich, and I live in the county

12:35:51 but I work with Florida Consumer Action Network here in

12:35:54 Tampa.

12:35:55 And I have been involved with this issue for the last

12:36:00 couple years.

12:36:02 Working with Phil and the Sierra Club.

12:36:04 And I really believe that we need to join Pinellas

12:36:07 County in supporting, and Sarasota, which is the one

12:36:12 that had it the longest and has the best track record.

12:36:15 It's extremely effective to have the fertilizer ban,

12:36:20 the most effective way to address this issue of

12:36:24 fertilizer in the summertime.

12:36:26 So as an individual and as representing -- we strongly

12:36:33 support the strong fertilizer ordinance for the City of

12:36:36 Tampa.

12:36:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

12:36:40 Next, please.

12:36:40 >> Darrin booth with heights development, waterfront

12:36:43 development.

12:36:44 I strongly support -- you guys putting together a very

12:36:50 strong program to reduce the amount of nutrients that

12:36:56 are flowing into the river.

12:36:58 I am confident, I can keep my landscape really green,

12:37:01 my flowers beautiful, with you guys putting in place a

12:37:04 strong ordinance that actually keeps our water clean

12:37:07 and beautiful.

12:37:08 Thank you.

12:37:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

12:37:11 As you are coming up, I was going to say in a one knows

12:37:14 better than you p about what the minimum loads are that

12:37:17 are going into the bay from tertiary treatment plant.

12:37:20 And right now, we are meeting those levels.

12:37:23 However, as prosperity comes back, which it will, we

12:37:28 won't be meeting those levels because of the high flows

12:37:30 that have to go through.

12:37:31 And then we have a problem, a huge problem with the

12:37:34 EPA.

12:37:35 So just very briefly, notice I said briefly, touch on

12:37:38 that and then let's get where we are.

12:37:41 Ms. Mulhern.

12:37:42 >>MARY MULHERN: I just quick ask that you put your

12:37:46 name on the record from before.

12:37:47 Jan.

12:37:48 I guess when you first spoke you didn't say your name.

12:37:50 >> I thought I did.

12:37:52 Jan McLean with the city.

12:37:57 There has been -- it's only one other local government

12:38:02 ordinance that has a point of sales ban which would

12:38:05 prevent the sale of fertilizers with phosphorus during

12:38:10 the rainy season and you just heard from the public.

12:38:12 There is not any previous research, but we are hoping

12:38:18 to develop a project through the estuary program that

12:38:20 will provide us that data to show to the scientific

12:38:27 community specific data that will show the improvement

12:38:30 in the water quality.

12:38:32 Yes, you are correct, we have just received our renewal

12:38:37 from our Curren plant and we have our load allocation

12:38:41 for the nutrients, and we are meeting it.

12:38:43 And we will hopefully meet it through the five years,

12:38:47 but as you said, beyond that, we have to come up with

12:38:50 projects, whether it be reclaimed water or whether it

12:38:52 be reduction of the nutrients that go into that bay so

12:38:57 that we can accommodate growth for the city and we feel

12:39:01 that, an it has been demonstrated in some of the other

12:39:04 communities, that this might be an enormous tool to

12:39:11 help us, and there's economic benefits so you can

12:39:13 consider that at first reading during that time, the

12:39:16 presentation from the estuary program accommodates

12:39:20 that, has that information.

12:39:21 I provided you with some of the materials for your

12:39:23 consideration for today, and you will hear, I'm sure,

12:39:27 from other folks, both from the fertilizer community,

12:39:32 probably the lawn and nurserymen community, and then

12:39:35 additional public comment.

12:39:36 But for action for you -- for me today, I need

12:39:41 direction as to whether to develop or not an ordinance

12:39:44 to bring back for first reading next week that would

12:39:48 contain proposed point of sale ban during the seasonal

12:39:53 rainy season.

12:39:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: My personal feeling is point of

12:39:56 sale.

12:39:57 Even though that doesn't prevent anyone from not going

12:39:59 to an outside area where no ordinance is in effect, buy

12:40:05 and use it.

12:40:05 But it's a point to start.

12:40:07 And that's what I'm most interested in.

12:40:10 I can only also say that you mention reclaim.

12:40:12 I was hoping would you say indirect.

12:40:15 Reclaimed does not solve the future water supply of any

12:40:18 entity including the City of Tampa.

12:40:19 Any other question by council members?

12:40:21 Ms. Mulhern.

12:40:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

12:40:24 I just wanted to say since we are delaying probably the

12:40:27 best case for this, which we'll get from the estuary

12:40:30 program staff, that the point of sale of the actual,

12:40:36 biggest suppliers, the big box stores, already are

12:40:39 providing Florida-friendly fertilizers, which is what

12:40:43 they call it, and during the rainy season, and some of

12:40:47 them may have already even adopted the practice of not

12:40:50 offering the on the ones during that.

12:40:53 Is that true?

12:40:54 Or is it just that they are offering and featuring?

12:41:02 >> Holly green, Executive Director of the Tampa Bay

12:41:05 estuary -- estuary program.

12:41:08 Pinellas County's ban on the sail of fertilizer starts

12:41:11 June 1st of this year.

12:41:12 The stores now have about 706 different products that

12:41:15 are available and on the shelves now.

12:41:19 Most of those products are made in Florida.

12:41:21 And there are products out there, and Pinellas County,

12:41:27 you can purchase those.

12:41:28 I don't know about the availability in Hillsborough at

12:41:32 this time.

12:41:32 >>MARY MULHERN: That's great.

12:41:34 So it's an economic development benefit and that will

12:41:36 be supporting local producers of fertilizers by doing

12:41:40 this.

12:41:42 So we could be.

12:41:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We need direction for Ms. McLean.

12:41:49 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to make a motion that you

12:41:52 come back on June 2nd, and holly gren of the

12:42:02 estuary program come back and give us a report on what

12:42:05 further can be accomplished and the need to do it, and

12:42:08 maybe we can get into a little more detail, but

12:42:11 basically we have to pass something before July 1st

12:42:13 if we are ever going to do this.

12:42:15 I would like to -- the motion is to be that legal

12:42:20 brings back an ordinance for us to consider on June

12:42:24 2nd, that would ban point of sale of fertilizers

12:42:30 containing nitrogen and phosphorus, I believe, and

12:42:36 during the rainy season, and bring that back for first

12:42:40 reading, after we hear from the council and -- I mean

12:42:47 the east estuary program and consider whether to pass

12:42:50 that ordinance.

12:42:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Mulhern, second by

12:42:54 Mr. Cohen to bring back June 2nd.

12:42:56 That means two weeks later, or about the 16th of

12:42:59 June --

12:43:04 >> The 23rd.

12:43:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Two weeks got longer.

12:43:07 So the 23rd, it would be the second reading of that

12:43:11 ordinance.

12:43:12 And Mr. Reddick.

12:43:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Will this be noticed, so those affect

12:43:23 bid this will have an opportunity to come forth and

12:43:25 speak?

12:43:26 >> Yes, sir, absolutely.

12:43:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is it also possible you can give the

12:43:30 economic impact on the businesses that will be affected

12:43:32 by this if we pass this ordinance?

12:43:34 >> We have identified the regional outlets that carry

12:43:38 fertilizer that would be affected by this so we could

12:43:41 identify those for you and do our best to have economic

12:43:44 information.

12:43:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: I would like to have that, as we talk

12:43:49 about economic development earlier, talk about job

12:43:52 creation, and I want to know how many people are going

12:43:54 to be affected by this ordinance.

12:43:57 So if you could share that were me.

12:43:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion on the floor by Mrs.

12:44:01 Ms. Mulhern.

12:44:02 Second by Mr. Cohen.

12:44:03 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a clarification.

12:44:06 This will be coming back on first reading.

12:44:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The 2nd.

12:44:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Did you want this under staff

12:44:12 reports?

12:44:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It comes under staff reports.

12:44:14 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The other issue was its not set for a

12:44:17 public hearing.

12:44:17 The offerings public hearing would be the second

12:44:20 reading adoption but those people who dough wish to

12:44:22 address council could do it during agendaed public

12:44:24 comment at the start of next week's meeting.

12:44:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Which is a common thing every week

12:44:28 when we have those meetings.

12:44:29 Any further discussion by council members?

12:44:32 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

12:44:34 Aye.

12:44:35 Opposed nay.

12:44:36 The ayes have it unanimous.

12:44:38 Thank you very much.

12:44:39 We go now to item number 7.

12:44:41 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

12:44:46 I have been requested to look at whether or not City

12:44:48 Council can review the hearing of the lower tribunal in

12:44:54 your review hearings.

12:44:56 Your code provides that what you are doing is reviewing

12:44:58 that lower tribunal hearing.

12:45:00 So it's not technically a problem for you to review the

12:45:07 hearing from the case below.

12:45:08 You can review those online now but the one thing you

12:45:11 would have to ensure is that the DVD of that particular

12:45:15 hearing is made part of the record.

12:45:17 There's a cost associated with that.

12:45:18 You have to produce a DVD, I think either 15 or $30 in

12:45:24 that line.

12:45:25 Since your code does not require the applicant or the

12:45:28 petitioner actually provide that to you, it's a cost

12:45:31 that would have to be born by the city to make those

12:45:33 DVDs part of the record.

12:45:35 I discussed this with land development.

12:45:38 They certainly don't have that in their budget right

12:45:39 now so your options are to go ahead and make the motion

12:45:42 to have these provided to you, and I don't know

12:45:45 budgetarily where that oh would come from for the

12:45:48 money.

12:45:49 The alternative is to amend the code and make that a

12:45:52 requirement of petitioner when he is moving forward

12:45:54 with thinks his case.

12:45:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: As a point of this is 2011.

12:46:00 DVDs.

12:46:01 We cannot get electronic copies of whatever that is

12:46:06 done free of charge?

12:46:07 I mean, isn't that available?

12:46:10 >>> You can watch it online.

12:46:15 In order to have that particular hearing preserved for

12:46:17 the record, should anybody want to challenge your

12:46:20 decision, you do need to have some document in the

12:46:24 record, either a transcript, which is what we used to

12:46:27 provide, or the DVD, in my opinion, would be

12:46:30 sufficient.

12:46:31 I can't have the idea that you all watched it --

12:46:38 >>MIKE SUAREZ: My question is not the idea of a DVD.

12:46:42 My point is this.

12:46:43 We put it online, it is online.

12:46:45 We had to put it as part of the record.

12:46:47 Who is doing this for $15?

12:46:49 >> It's the cable department charges somewhere between

12:46:53 15 and $30 in order to produce the DVD.

12:46:55 >> A DVD?

12:46:58 They charge 15 to $30?

12:47:00 >> I asked --

12:47:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That makes no sense whatsoever.

12:47:04 >> That's what I am told.

12:47:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thanks.

12:47:09 >>MARY MULHERN: On the same subject, you are talking

12:47:10 about one DVD for the record?

12:47:13 >> You just need one DVD for the record.

12:47:15 And I am told that's actually the labor charge to have

12:47:19 a staff person --

12:47:21 >> But we put it online.

12:47:23 We already know it's there?

12:47:24 >> I can only relate to you what I am being told.

12:47:27 >>MARY MULHERN: This is a function of the budget, as

12:47:30 you will find out where each department charges each

12:47:33 other for the work that they are doing as city

12:47:37 employees.

12:47:38 So they are trying to figure out who to charge the $15

12:47:42 for the DVD.

12:47:46 We'll find it.

12:47:48 I think someone will find it.

12:47:50 Maybe our new finance chair can find it.

12:47:52 And this is for appeals, right?

12:47:54 >> This is for the appeals.

12:47:57 If City Council wants to have that as policy and what

12:47:59 they are requesting as part of their hearing, I think

12:48:02 it would be inappropriate to do it for some.

12:48:05 >>MARY MULHERN: I would guess that would be --

12:48:07 probably less than $100 a year.

12:48:09 Maybe 200 a year.

12:48:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I agree with Mrs. Mulhern.

12:48:13 This not something that's in the tens of thousands of

12:48:15 dollars.

12:48:16 This is when they appeal something.

12:48:17 So it's not an everyday ongoing basis.

12:48:20 This is something that is needed to preserve the

12:48:22 record.

12:48:22 So in case somebody got to testify, you had it and you

12:48:26 saw it.

12:48:27 You may not have understood it but you had it and you

12:48:29 saw it.

12:48:30 But, anyway, any other comments?

12:48:33 Anyone in the audience care to speak to any subject

12:48:35 matter on the agenda?

12:48:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just a question, Mr. Chairman.

12:48:39 Did you wish to have any -- do you require action to be

12:48:43 taken?

12:48:45 >>JULIA COLE: I will require action in order to make

12:48:47 sure our staff does all that's appropriate to meet

12:48:50 that.

12:48:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I would take it out of my

12:48:52 budget but I don't have one.

12:48:53 Not at all.

12:48:54 So there is a council budget in general.

12:48:56 So let me handle that.

12:48:57 And I will work it out of our own council budget.

12:49:00 It's not going to be something that's in the thousands

12:49:02 of dollars.

12:49:03 If it is, I will come back to you for some donation to

12:49:05 that budget.

12:49:07 Ms. Mulhern.

12:49:07 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't understand.

12:49:09 There's the council budget.

12:49:11 But there's also our clerk and our legal department.

12:49:15 We are talking about quasi-judicial proceedings here.

12:49:18 It shouldn't come out of the council's office budget.

12:49:21 It should come from somewhere.

12:49:24 Can we please ask the clerk and legal department to

12:49:26 find the appropriate fund to pay for the record?

12:49:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I would pay for it myself out of my

12:49:36 own money because you aren't going to break the bank.

12:49:39 You are talking about 100, $200, $300 at most a year as

12:49:43 I see it.

12:49:44 So we spent more money now on TV listening to us than

12:49:47 what the whole budget is going to cost.

12:49:48 >>MARY MULHERN: That was my point.

12:49:51 That's why I don't want City Council to pay for it

12:49:53 because all of our quasi-judicial proceedings are land

12:49:57 development.

12:49:59 I mean, it doesn't make any sense.

12:50:01 >>JULIA COLE: This is not an obligation under your

12:50:05 code.

12:50:05 This is City Council making this as a request to have

12:50:07 this made for the record.

12:50:08 The option also is to amend the code and make this an

12:50:11 obligation of the petitioner as they move forward to

12:50:14 file their application that they provide one DVD, and

12:50:17 then we can require the petitioner to pay for that.

12:50:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Why don't weep do this, if I may

12:50:22 interject.

12:50:24 Why don't we have a council member make a motion to ask

12:50:26 the legal department to do just what Ms. Cole just said

12:50:29 so we can get this off and going at in a cost to any

12:50:32 one of the taxpayers.

12:50:34 I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern, seconded by Mr. Cohen.

12:50:38 Any further discussion on that motion, to ask the legal

12:50:40 department to bring back an ordinance to be that

12:50:42 effect.

12:50:44 Any further discussion?

12:50:45 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

12:50:47 Aye.

12:50:48 Opposed, nay.

12:50:49 The Ayes have it unanimously.

12:50:51 Any new business from left to right?

12:50:53 Mr. Cohen?

12:50:54 >>MIKE COHEN: Very briefly.

12:50:55 I need to remained council members to please submit the

12:50:57 name of their appointee to the budget advisory

12:51:00 committee.

12:51:01 We are still waiting on a few of those.

12:51:03 >>MARY MULHERN: I will submit my appointee right now

12:51:07 on the record, is mark Anderson who will continue as an

12:51:14 adviser oat budget advisory committee.

12:51:20 I would like to ask the staff appear for five minutes

12:51:27 under staff reports on June 2nd to present the

12:51:31 results of the neighborhood survey on urban trees.

12:51:38 That's a motion to put that on the agenda.

12:51:40 For June 2nd.

12:51:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Do I have a second?

12:51:45 Second by Mr. Cohen.

12:51:46 I have a motion by Ms. Mulhern, seconded by Mr. Cohen

12:51:50 on the subject matter of the trees for -- urban trees,

12:51:53 June 2nd that Ms. Mulhern brought up.

12:51:56 All in favor say Aye.

12:51:57 Opposed, nay.

12:51:58 The ayes have it unanimously.

12:51:59 Mr. Reddick.

12:52:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: No business.

12:52:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: In a new business.

12:52:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A miracle.

12:52:06 Thank you very much.

12:52:08 I need a motion to receive all the documents today.

12:52:11 >> So moved.

12:52:11 >> Second.

12:52:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That were submit to the clerk's

12:52:14 office, legal department, council, or anyone else that

12:52:17 was breathing.

12:52:18 All in favor of that.

12:52:19 I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mr. Cohen.

12:52:22 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying

12:52:24 Aye.

12:52:26 Opposed?

12:52:26 The Ayes have it unanimously.

12:52:28 Anything else to come before this council meeting?

12:52:29 We stand adjourned.



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