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Community Redevelopment Agency meeting

Thursday, July 21, 2011

9:00 a.m.


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09:07:39 >> FRANK REDDICK: I call the meeting to order.

09:08:06 And we will have Councilman Cohen.

09:08:11 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a very special guest with us this

09:08:14 morning to give the invocation.

09:08:16 He is a former chair of this City Council as well as the

09:08:20 Hillsborough County commission.

09:08:21 Please welcome Rev. Thomas Scott of the 34th street

09:08:25 church of God.

09:08:25 >>THOMAS SCOTT: Good morning, Mr. Chairman and to this

09:08:30 body.

09:08:31 Thank you for the opportunity today to come and give the

09:08:33 invocation this morning.

09:08:35 I also want to thank Mr. Cohen forgiving my office a call

09:08:39 and inviting me to come.

09:08:40 It my pleasure to do that.

09:08:42 Again thank you for what you do for this city.

09:08:44 Shall we pray?

09:08:47 Father, we are always reminded of the fact that your word

09:08:50 tells us to acknowledge you in all of your ways and give

09:08:53 direction, so today we pause to say thank you for such a

09:08:58 beautiful day, a day that you have caused us to rise and

09:09:02 walk in, a day to see the rising of the sun.

09:09:06 And yet even going down of the same.

09:09:09 We indeed are blessed as a nation, as a country, and we

09:09:13 thank you.

09:09:13 We recognize we face many challenges, budgetary cuts,

09:09:19 budgetary challenges, even in washing with gridlock we thank

09:09:22 you that we have a nation that's strong, a nation that

09:09:25 stands together, and we pray for your wisdom and your

09:09:28 guidance for all of our leaders.

09:09:30 Thank you for our nation, those who are fighting for us

09:09:34 around the world for democracy.

09:09:35 We pray that you protect them and bring them back home

09:09:38 safely.

09:09:39 And even those men and women who are here in the City of

09:09:41 Tampa and Hillsborough County who protect our lives every

09:09:44 day.

09:09:46 Protect our police and our sheriff and our law enforcement

09:09:49 analysis.

09:09:50 Now we ask you for wisdom for this body today as they

09:09:53 deliberate, as they work hard for this community, for this

09:09:56 city.

09:09:57 I pray that you give them what they need as they work

09:10:00 together as a cohesive body.

09:10:02 We honor you today and we thank you in your name.

09:10:05 Amen.

09:10:05 (Pledge of Allegiance).

09:10:32 >> Before we have roll call I want to state for the record

09:10:35 that we have a memorandum off from can chairman Charlie

09:10:37 Miranda who will not be here for medical reasons, and we

09:10:41 also have Councilman Suarez will not be here as well.

09:10:49 Mr. Clerk?

09:10:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

09:10:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:10:54 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:10:55 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:10:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:10:58 Councilwoman Montelione.

09:11:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:11:02 At this time I would like to take the podium and offer a

09:11:05 commendation to a very special guest we have today.

09:11:22 Thank you forgiving me a few moment to present a very

09:11:25 special individual small token of appreciation from the

09:11:28 members of Tampa City Council.

09:11:32 Admiral, I must say the Navy has always held a special place

09:11:35 in my heart.

09:11:36 My dad and brother both served in the Navy, dad aboard the

09:11:41 USS midway and Franklin Delano Roosevelt in World War II and

09:11:47 the years after and my brother on the U.S.S. Carpenter in

09:11:52 Vietnam.

09:11:53 Admiral, your achievements have been truly stellar.

09:11:55 The admiral is only the 8th commander of United States

09:11:59 special command USSOCOMM and is the longest serving

09:12:05 commander in SoCom history.

09:12:07 He also served as the deputy director of three star three

09:12:10 years prior to assume the office of commander and has called

09:12:13 Tampa his home for the past eight years.

09:12:16 He is the only admiral to have held this command.

09:12:19 All previous commanders were Army or Air Force.

09:12:22 Admiral Olson is the only seal to achieve the four-star

09:12:27 rank, and is one of five Seals awarded the Silver Star for

09:12:30 their extraordinary valor and combat in the infamous

09:12:36 Blackhawk Down in Somalia.

09:12:38 As the senior seal in the Navy, he has the honorary title of

09:12:42 the bullfrog.

09:12:45 While the campaign against violent extremists is no longer

09:12:49 called the global war on terrorism SoCom is still known as

09:12:53 the commander for the entire world.

09:12:55 To say admiral Eric Olson and his silent warriors are the

09:12:59 tip of the spear is an understatement of global proportions.

09:13:03 Tampa has not only had the honor of the admiral's service

09:13:06 for which we may be proud, but his wife Marilyn is an asset

09:13:11 to our community and our country in her own right.

09:13:14 She has been a major force in ensuring the care coalition

09:13:18 reaches its full potential.

09:13:20 This is a special warrior's advocacy group designed

09:13:23 specifically to advocate and help wounded, ill or injured

09:13:28 United States special operations forces servicemen, their

09:13:31 families, which is headquartered at MacDill.

09:13:39 A graduate of the University of Tampa and will have fond

09:13:43 memories.

09:13:44 Admiral, please accept this commendation which simply

09:13:47 states:

09:13:49 Tampa City Council recognizes the years of courageous

09:13:51 service and selfless service that you have given in

09:13:55 protecting our country, and countless citizens around the

09:14:00 world.

09:14:00 While you are truly an asset Tampa is proud to claim you and

09:14:04 your wife Marilyn and your entire family.

09:14:07 Oops as our own due to your positive impact during the time

09:14:12 you have called this great city your home.

09:14:14 Thank you so much, admiral.

09:14:16 [ Applause ]

09:14:35 >> Thank you very much.

09:14:37 Do I look this way?

09:14:38 Okay.

09:14:41 Councilwoman Montelione, thank you very much for your energy

09:14:45 in organizing this and for the presentation of it.

09:14:50 Irvin Marcus, thank you for being the talent behind much of

09:14:54 it, and I'm quite humbled to accept this.

09:14:58 I speak for Marilyn in saying that we are quite proud of the

09:15:02 community that we serve here, both for special operations

09:15:05 community and Tampa community.

09:15:07 I think the relationship between our communities is quite

09:15:11 strong, and the things that concern me, the quality of our

09:15:15 relationship is not unmet on that list.

09:15:18 I feel this is a little bit backwards.

09:15:20 It should be me thanking you on behalf of special operations

09:15:28 for all that you do for our military community here.

09:15:30 We do depend heavily on you.

09:15:32 We depend on the arts, the education, the safety, the

09:15:38 security, the sports, the recollection, all of the services

09:15:41 that you provide, in such a strong and meaningful way here.

09:15:46 Chief Castor, thank you very much for being here with so

09:15:48 many members of your team.

09:15:50 And for all that you do to keep our families safe, all the

09:15:54 members themselves are often gone.

09:15:57 So thank you very much.

09:16:00 It is of great pride and I'm proud to say that as we do

09:16:04 approach retirement here over the next few weeks, Marilyn

09:16:07 and I do plan to stay on in Tampa for a while.

09:16:10 So we look forward to it.

09:16:13 We look forward very much.

09:16:18 Again thank you very much.

09:16:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: We would like to thank you for all that

09:16:22 you do for us, and your duties, as well as the services to

09:16:26 this community.

09:16:29 We would like for you to come up here so that we can all

09:16:32 take a picture with you.

09:17:42 >>

09:17:46 >> Councilman Scott, we want to thank you, too, for being

09:17:59 here this morning.

09:18:00 And I forgot to invite you to be a part.

09:18:07 Okay, staff report.

09:18:08 >> Bob McDonaugh, economic development.

09:18:11 And I have to say that's a tough act to follow.

09:18:16 Our first order of business this morning at the CRA meeting

09:18:19 is a report from the representative from Ybor City, Mr. Joe

09:18:24 Amon.

09:18:25 >> Thank you.

09:18:39 I feel I ought to get three minutes for my days in the Air

09:18:42 Force.

09:18:43 What a guy.

09:18:44 And we are blessed with those people.

09:18:54 It's just amazing.

09:18:56 These guys down at SoCom.

09:19:00 What I came up here to talk about was CRA for Ybor and give

09:19:08 you an update on where we are.

09:19:10 You should have a package, I hope you do anyway.

09:19:18 First let's talk about what we have done.

09:19:20 We have completed our community process in a tough budget

09:19:26 year which includes readvertised community meetings, and

09:19:44 it's imperative that we maximize.

09:19:58 The diversity of the stakeholders, you have an action item

09:20:02 on your agenda to add ex-officio members to the YCDC board,

09:20:16 Including the gay bore commission, and the recommendation is

09:20:21 in your agenda.

09:20:22 But the representatives are here, and when comes time for

09:20:25 the agenda, you can have your questions and explain why we

09:20:29 think it's imperative these people be represent.

09:20:32 We had a very successful society, the improvement grant

09:20:36 program this year, with six grants from the Ybor CRA 1 and

09:20:42 from CRA 2.

09:20:43 The grants total $472,000 in TIF funds but that leveraged to

09:20:50 $2.1 million of private funds.

09:20:55 That was a very successful program.

09:21:04 This year we co-sponsored seven special events towards

09:21:08 reinforcing Ybor's cultural roots, and historic attributes.

09:21:16 Tracking daytime early evening crowds, not just the party

09:21:19 goers on Friday and Saturday night.

09:21:25 You know what it like down there on Friday and Saturday

09:21:27 night.

09:21:28 We are trying to bring in the families and doing a Yeoman's

09:21:33 job of that.

09:21:35 Ybor as a whole, you I can tell you from our own experience,

09:21:40 those who live in that area, there's a lot of activity going

09:21:42 on down there that are family oriented and people are coming

09:21:46 down for dinner and sticking around till the -- not the wee

09:21:52 hours but late in the evening and we have created a better

09:21:56 environment.

09:22:01 We think there's a good return of investment, and

09:22:06 continuation of funding throughout the next year.

09:22:10 Ybor business assistance program, I think, is unique,

09:22:18 because I remember many years ago when I first started in

09:22:21 business, wanted something like that where you could go and

09:22:28 get assistance for your business in partnership with

09:22:42 Hillsborough County, was extended, September 30th of

09:22:45 2011, business technical assistance to Ybor City business

09:22:51 owners.

09:22:52 In April 2010 to March 2011, there were 168 on business

09:22:59 counseling provided to 127 Ybor City existing and potential

09:23:03 business owners.

09:23:18 Additionally, providing information, a total of 2030 points

09:23:22 of assistance, and the package provided to you today also --

09:23:36 we made to the paper and this time it was good.

09:23:40 A great article about the businesses that are coming in

09:23:43 there in the Ybor City area.

09:23:46 That's what it's all about.

09:23:50 This kind of publicity is not only great for Ybor, it's

09:23:55 great for the city.

09:23:56 That's the goal of what we are trying to accomplish.

09:24:13 We will be coming to you and the administration to initiate

09:24:16 the extension process including approval of Hillsborough

09:24:20 County.

09:24:24 Be that's basically my presentation to you.

09:24:26 And I can tell you, as chairman of the board, it's been very

09:24:31 enlightening, the different aspect of businesses in Ybor,

09:24:38 and it's amazing to me how viable Ybor has become in the

09:24:42 last four or five years.

09:24:44 It is a place to go.

09:24:46 It's a place to put your business.

09:24:59 And that's what it all about.

09:25:00 So I'm proud to be involved with it.

09:25:02 With that, that's all I have for you today.

09:25:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions from the board?

09:25:11 We thank you, Mr. Amon.

09:25:13 >> As a footnote, it interest thing to recognize that the

09:25:25 number one use of space in Ybor City is for office space.

09:25:29 You know, so many times people have a perception of Ybor as

09:25:32 just being nightclubs, and yet the number one use of space

09:25:36 is office.

09:25:36 And it's really provided a great incubator for small

09:25:41 businesses, creative businesses, and it's growing every day.

09:25:45 It's been a wonderful transformation over the past few

09:25:48 years.

09:25:49 The next part of our program --

09:25:51 >> Bob, before you move on, is that an increase in the last

09:25:57 few years?

09:25:58 Have there been more offices come in?

09:26:02 >> Absolutely, yes.

09:26:03 Now, you had the pioneers which were TECO when they moved

09:26:06 their computer operations, and then you had K-force behind

09:26:09 them, and then there's been back filling of computer

09:26:12 companies, engineering companies, a few advertising agencies

09:26:15 there.

09:26:16 Really across the board.

09:26:17 And the creative industry seems to be -- because it's edgy

09:26:22 and it's funky and that type of person is a tracked to the

09:26:26 area.

09:26:27 They have great restaurants so it a great amenity, close to

09:26:30 the highway.

09:26:31 And it's really changing the way people look.

09:26:33 Plus the fact we have the opportunity to live where you work

09:26:37 and work where you live.

09:26:39 >>MARY MULHERN: I think that's the other thing, is the

09:26:41 residential.

09:26:41 >> It rounds out.

09:26:43 And again when you have people living there, I think it

09:26:46 moderates the way people act and what's tolerated by the

09:26:49 community.

09:26:49 And it's really been a great transformation.

09:26:52 So a success story.

09:27:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, it is edgy and funky and historical.

09:27:04 >>> Vince will be punching me later for not mentioning that.

09:27:09 [ Laughter ]

09:27:09 I apologize.

09:27:11 We have in your folders the monthly reports.

09:27:14 Again lots of activity.

09:27:15 I would like to point out a couple of things to you.

09:27:18 Starting at the Tampa museum of art we have an exhibition by

09:27:22 Tampa's photography laureate, it's about the Hillsborough

09:27:27 River all the way from its nexus to Tampa Bay so it's a

09:27:31 great exhibit and I encourage people to go look at it.

09:27:35 We have a couple new businesses that will be opening up

09:27:37 shortly on North Franklin Street.

09:27:40 And one of the blocks that people say, hey, can't you get

09:27:43 these things activated?

09:27:44 Well, we are.

09:27:46 And that's the block between Tyler and Cass.

09:27:48 And as we have more details I'll bring them back to you.

09:27:52 But it's encouraging.

09:27:54 We are seeing activity downtown as well.

09:27:58 Ybor City, again, what Mr. Amon pointed out is that there is

09:28:02 an agenda item today where they will be asking to expand

09:28:05 their board for more community involvement, and inclusion,

09:28:11 which is what our process is all about getting the community

09:28:15 involved in the decision-making process.

09:28:17 And so that's a board item for today.

09:28:21 The Channel District, probably the most important thing is

09:28:25 in August we had the opening of stage works.

09:28:27 And if you recall, that was partially funded with a grant

09:28:30 from the Channel District CRA.

09:28:33 There was seed money provided by the City of Tampa.

09:28:36 And lots and lots of donations by people in the community.

09:28:39 So it's a great amenity for that neighborhood.

09:28:42 I believe the 14th of August is the opening day.

09:28:48 Thank you for attending the neighborhood meeting in Drew

09:28:50 Park.

09:28:51 It's always interesting to -- you know, I was talking to

09:28:55 Jeanette at the meeting.

09:28:56 The one thing that Drew Park represents is jobs.

09:29:00 And they always talk about the small businesses bringing us

09:29:03 out of a recession.

09:29:06 And that's what that area is all about.

09:29:08 I worked in -- Ms. Capin was talking about having real

09:29:13 estate holding there at one time.

09:29:15 They used to have a mobile home manufacturing facility,

09:29:19 Strahan 1, and I worked there in the '70s, paid the

09:29:23 princely sum of $1.60 an hour to work there and then moved

09:29:26 on to a company on waterway, Crispy Pizza.

09:29:33 An area like that is the backbone of the city.

09:29:35 You need a job, go to Drew Park because there's all kind of

09:29:38 businesses there, whether it's a machine shop, need cabinets

09:29:41 made, there are cabinet makers.

09:29:43 It's a great neighborhood.

09:29:44 >> Did you say --

09:29:50 >> 1.60 an hour but I got an extra dime for carrying a gun.

09:29:55 I was a night watchman.

09:29:59 So it was 20 cents an hour more than I am being paid now by

09:30:03 the city.

09:30:04 [ Laughter ]

09:30:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We can relate.

09:30:12 [ Laughter ]

09:30:13 >> Exactly.

09:30:14 The East Tampa CRA, infrastructure improvements continue.

09:30:19 We have some upgrades in lighting that are going on right

09:30:22 now.

09:30:23 And we are getting ready to start phase 2 of the 22nd street

09:30:27 improvements.

09:30:27 Again improving the backbone of the community.

09:30:32 Tampa Heights, riverfront CRA, probably the most important

09:30:35 thing that's going on there, our plans to reopen waterfront

09:30:39 park.

09:30:40 And that was something that the local communities wanted to

09:30:42 get back to access.

09:30:45 The city is in the process of hiring an architect to plan

09:30:48 improvement to it.

09:30:49 In the meanwhile, it's going to be reopened to the public.

09:30:54 Central Park.

09:30:56 Anybody who hasn't driven by lately, I ask you to go by the

09:31:00 infrastructure that's in place.

09:31:01 It's amazing.

09:31:02 You know, the main drag is open.

09:31:05 And it's got streetlights.

09:31:06 It's really starting to look like something.

09:31:08 We are going to see vertical construction soon.

09:31:11 HUD was down recently, and Tampa housing and Bank of America

09:31:15 entertained them for the day again, looking for more money

09:31:18 for their second building.

09:31:19 So they are hoping to hear from the HUD relatively soon on

09:31:22 that as well.

09:31:23 So progress is being made.

09:31:29 Any questions on the monthly reports?

09:31:49 >>MARY MULHERN: I want to highlight one thing and that's

09:31:50 the dragon boat races.

09:31:52 >> The world dragon boat races.

09:31:54 We'll have about 2500 people staying in downtown for over a

09:31:57 week.

09:31:58 It's a big economic engine.

09:32:00 And the downtown CRA was a financial supporter of that.

09:32:04 And then it would be months following we are going to have

09:32:08 FRUTOG.

09:32:09 It was interesting because the first time they brought

09:32:13 FRUTOG to Tampa, they said be prepared for it one time

09:32:19 because we don't go back to cities.

09:32:21 We like to keep it fresh.

09:32:23 But they are bringing it back, I believe it's in October.

09:32:30 Item number 3.

09:32:31 There was a request for discussion regarding budget

09:32:35 appropriations.

09:32:37 In your packet, you have a memo from Sal Territo.

09:32:40 He asked that that be delayed until his return. He's in

09:32:44 Spain right now.

09:32:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: We can do that.

09:32:49 We have no problem.

09:32:51 He's the one that needs to explain that.

09:32:53 >> Without further ado, we will begin our budget

09:32:59 presentation.

09:33:00 >> I make a motion to continue the last item, the funding.

09:33:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

09:33:10 And seconded.

09:33:11 Discussion on the motion?

09:33:12 All those in favor say Aye.

09:33:16 Opposed?

09:33:16 Okay.

09:33:17 >> Thank you.

09:33:20 We are looking at fiscal year 2012 annual budget and plan

09:33:23 presentation.

09:33:24 And the front page tells a story about what has been going

09:33:29 on in the last year.

09:33:30 Top left is facade improvement program that was funded by

09:33:34 the Ybor CRA.

09:33:38 Center is a new development in East Tampa on Hillsborough

09:33:42 Avenue, which I'm sad to say I haven't gone and eaten there

09:33:47 yet.

09:33:47 It grating great reviews.

09:33:49 Top right is the twilight criterion, which is a bicycle race

09:33:53 which is in part sponsored by the downtown CRA.

09:33:56 It's now gotten national certification and we get riders

09:34:00 from all over the southeastern United States.

09:34:02 It's a great family event, and it's now being sponsored by

09:34:05 the Ybor brewing company.

09:34:07 So it's a fun family day.

09:34:10 And we will be back next year.

09:34:11 I encourage people to bring their families.

09:34:13 We see the Encore project in the bottom left.

09:34:20 The picture of the bushes is a piece of art work performed

09:34:24 by myself with my camera.

09:34:25 That is the streetscape that I spoke to you long and tiredly

09:34:29 about.

09:34:29 It's complete and the neighbors are very happy with it.

09:34:32 And then the bottom right is the new Mercedes-Benz

09:34:36 dealership located in Drew Park.

09:34:39 Just to go over the schedule, we have our planning

09:34:44 presentation today.

09:34:47 August 18th, we have drafted budgets and service

09:34:51 agreement delivered to the board.

09:34:52 And then October 13th we have the CRA board approval.

09:34:56 So to this point, there have been discussions with each of

09:35:04 the CACs, and that's what we are bringing forward to you.

09:35:08 Between this meeting and the next, these budgets will be

09:35:12 refined so we will be bringing final budgets to you then.

09:35:18 This is a highlight of the CRAs.

09:35:21 You see Drew Park in the pink on the top left, East Tampa

09:35:25 again, geographically, on the top right.

09:35:29 We have Ybor 1 and 2 just below there.

09:35:32 We have the Heights, and Encore.

09:35:37 Below that is the Channel District and the downtown CRAs.

09:35:43 Current conditions that are common to all CRAs, again, you

09:35:47 are going to be going to or having a budget presentation by

09:35:51 the City of Tampa following this.

09:35:53 So this line is going to be somewhat redundant.

09:35:56 But again we have a slump in national economy.

09:36:01 The turn around as hat materialized as quickly as expected

09:36:05 and I think have been was shocked.

09:36:07 We thought we would be out of it by now.

09:36:09 We have significantly reduced TIF revenues.

09:36:11 Some CRAs have precommitted expense obligations, and have

09:36:15 been is spending a lot of time evaluating the reprogramming

09:36:18 of existing unencumbered funds from prior years to maintain

09:36:21 programs and services.

09:36:27 Looking at the fact that we have less money to deal with,

09:36:30 one of the first things that we are doing is pursuing

09:36:33 additional non-TIF funds for maximum development impact.

09:36:37 And housing money, we are looking for federal MSP dollars,

09:36:41 working with the Southwest Florida Water Management

09:36:42 District, the Florida Department of Transportation, and

09:36:48 brown fields money through the EPA so we are trying to

09:36:51 leverage what money we have by going outside of our city

09:36:55 funds.

09:36:55 There's continued emphasis on regulatory incentive

09:36:59 initiatives.

09:36:59 We want to make things easier to do business within the City

09:37:02 of Tampa and all of the CRAs are working on that.

09:37:07 Supporting existing businesses, limited private investment

09:37:11 initiatives that we have.

09:37:12 Again, leveraging our public dollars with private dollars to

09:37:15 make things happen.

09:37:18 Streamlining administrative costs, and an important note to

09:37:22 that is miss derosso who has been with the economic

09:37:29 department for 14 years is leaving our midst.

09:37:31 She's been the glue that's kept the department together for

09:37:34 quite awhile.

09:37:35 She's going to work with Kimberley Crum in the personnel

09:37:40 division so it going to be a sad day, but again another

09:37:43 notch on the belt, and we tighten up, and we move on.

09:37:46 And I thank her for her work, and she's only a couple floors

09:37:51 away, and we'll find her.

09:37:53 She can't hide.

09:37:54 And we are positioned to invest, to be ready for improved

09:37:59 economic conditions.

09:38:05 Here is the tail of the tape, as they say, the TIF revenues.

09:38:10 Again, we had our highlight in fiscal year '09 and it has

09:38:15 dropped since then.

09:38:20 Looking at the specific CRAs, you see some rather dramatic

09:38:24 numbers.

09:38:28 And probably the most note worth is East Tampa.

09:38:33 And when speaking with the property appraiser, most of the

09:38:36 activity that has gone on has been the sale of foreclosed

09:38:40 homes, and the property appraiser has to use sales activity

09:38:43 to value existing properties.

09:38:45 And because most of the transactions have taken place with

09:38:49 foreclosed properties, it's had a very strong effect on the

09:38:52 values in East Tampa marketplace.

09:38:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Are these projections based on --

09:39:09 >> Yes, ma'am.

09:39:12 Unfortunately, these are real numbers.

09:39:14 I wish I could say that they are not.

09:39:19 And the budget department and we have been through the

09:39:24 numbers an appears that they are accurate.

09:39:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: On the appraisal, maybe you can answer this,

09:39:29 maybe not.

09:39:32 They are appraised, the value is appraised on the sales?

09:39:38 >> Yes.

09:39:39 >> Is that a law?

09:39:42 >> Well, it's a practice, I guess.

09:39:44 I would have to check with the property appraiser.

09:39:46 They look at two things.

09:39:47 They look at replacement cost, and then you look at active

09:39:51 sales.

09:39:52 And it's always interesting.

09:39:54 In the past, if you didn't like the assessment on your house

09:39:58 and you thought it was too high, you go to the property

09:40:00 appraiser and say, I think you have assessed my house too

09:40:03 high.

09:40:03 And the property appraiser would say, you think so?

09:40:06 Well, how about selling it to me for that price?

09:40:08 And most people would say, well, you know what?

09:40:11 It isn't that bad.

09:40:13 But, you know, one of the things that the property appraiser

09:40:15 has told me is they looked at other municipalities in

09:40:18 Florida, specifically Miami is probably the best example,

09:40:24 and there was a tremendous amount of lit litigation that

09:40:26 went on about values.

09:40:28 They are talking maybe five years of litigation to settle

09:40:31 the differences in what the property appraiser says the

09:40:36 properties are worth and what the homeowner feels they are

09:40:38 worth, and the property appraiser said, we are not going to

09:40:41 put ourselves in that position.

09:40:42 So they have been fairly aggressive in and realistic in what

09:40:47 their assessment are.

09:40:48 Some would say conservative in that.

09:40:51 And, you know, the good news is that they are not having a

09:40:54 lot of people fighting their assessments, but, on the other

09:41:01 side, we do have the results here in the valuations.

09:41:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Because of that practice, they were also

09:41:07 valued -- they just kept rising because of that.

09:41:11 >> Exactly.

09:41:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And back then, had it been appraised as

09:41:17 commercial property is appraised, which is what is the value

09:41:20 if you had to rent this property, we wouldn't have had those

09:41:25 numbers.

09:41:25 >> Probably not.

09:41:28 They do that with apartment buildings.

09:41:29 They look at the cash flow and that's how they make the

09:41:33 evaluation of it.

09:41:33 >> I understand.

09:41:34 >> But with residential housing it really tough to determine

09:41:36 what somebody is willing to pay.

09:41:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: This is feeding the low appraisals, and the

09:41:44 other was feeding frenzy, in my systems.

09:41:49 So the practice maybe needs to be looked at from my

09:41:52 estimation.

09:41:53 Thank you.

09:41:54 >> Here is the allocation.

09:42:05 I think an important number in here is operations and

09:42:09 administration.

09:42:09 That's five cents on the dollar.

09:42:11 We are working at keeping that number as low as possible.

09:42:15 We want to put the money out on the street and make it work

09:42:18 for us, and not spend it in overhead.

09:42:26 An area by area presentation, the first one is downtown.

09:42:32 Again for the people at home, just so they can look and see,

09:42:35 it's the blue area.

09:42:42 Redevelopment highlights.

09:42:44 And we do have some highlight and things we are very happy

09:42:46 about.

09:42:47 The museums are doing fabulously.

09:42:49 Tampa Museum of Art has been a success.

09:42:52 Curtis Hixon has been a success.

09:42:53 The children's museum, budgeted for 200,000 visitors in

09:42:57 their first year, they had 200,000 visitors in the first

09:43:00 nine months.

09:43:01 So -- yes, it's a happy day.

09:43:04 They exceeded their expectations.

09:43:06 Top right is the CAMLS projects, the University of South

09:43:11 Florida project, scheduled to open in February of next year.

09:43:14 And it about a 90,000 square foot project.

09:43:17 And one of the interesting numbers is that they will bring

09:43:19 people from all around the country, and in some case as

09:43:22 round the world, to learn up-to-date medical procedures,

09:43:25 robotic surgery, and there will be an economic engine for

09:43:29 our community.

09:43:30 They are estimating somewhere between 13,000 and 15,000 room

09:43:34 nights for hotels.

09:43:35 That's a lot of hotel nights.

09:43:36 It's a lot of restaurant meals.

09:43:40 And hopefully like the admiral they'll come to Tampa, see

09:43:43 it, like it and stay.

09:43:45 So it a great entree to our community.

09:43:47 The bottom left is St. Paul AME church, and that is the

09:43:53 metro 5-10 housing project.

09:43:56 We provided the downtown CRA provided seed money for that.

09:44:00 They needed a matching number so they could apply for

09:44:02 federal and state funding.

09:44:03 The downtown CRA provided $200,000.

09:44:07 They are investing $25 million in the project.

09:44:09 It's 120 units of one, two and three-bedroom apartments.

09:44:14 They will be ready in October.

09:44:16 And we got a two-for-one they saved the church.

09:44:21 The church was in dire circumstances.

09:44:22 It's a historic church.

09:44:24 They are doing some very interesting historic walks

09:44:28 alongside of it that tells the history of not only the

09:44:32 church but the black community in our area, and it's going

09:44:34 to be a great community center when they are done with.

09:44:37 So that will be done in October.

09:44:39 The bottom right is the Gasparilla art festival.

09:44:42 And what was interesting about it this year was the fact

09:44:44 that it was all contained in Curtis Hixon park.

09:44:48 It no longer interrupted the streets on Ashley drive.

09:44:51 People have different feelings about it.

09:44:53 But, again, our Curtis Hixon park has really become a draw

09:44:59 for everybody.

09:45:00 It's our Central Park.

09:45:01 And it's been great.

09:45:03 And the central picture there, another beautiful picture

09:45:06 taken by myself of the Santafest which is back in downtown.

09:45:13 So we have a lot of interesting things going on.

09:45:16 Our key development objectives, a lot of the city

09:45:19 departments including the downtown CRA, working to prepare

09:45:21 our downtown for the RNC August of next year.

09:45:26 We are continuing assistance support the activation of

09:45:30 Curtis Hixon park.

09:45:31 Encouraging more residential growth in downtown.

09:45:34 The parks, museums, the restaurants, all make a great place

09:45:38 to live in downtown.

09:45:40 Crescent Resources, who owns property just outside of

09:45:43 downtown on the Bayshore, are getting ready to commence

09:45:46 construction on their second phase.

09:45:48 So again we'll have more residents to enjoy the amenities

09:45:52 that were built here in downtown.

09:45:55 We are working on facilitating the redevelopment of the old

09:45:58 federal courthouse, and assisting USF with the opening of

09:46:01 the CAMLS facility.

09:46:06 A quick picture about the assessment increment, and a lot of

09:46:11 that is derived from the values in the office buildings and

09:46:15 in the hotels.

09:46:18 Occupancy rates were down a little bit in the hotels, and

09:46:20 the office buildings still faced some challenges in

09:46:24 occupancy.

09:46:25 So that's faced in our numbers.

09:46:31 As a reminder, in the downtown, we fund the convention

09:46:36 center bond issue which is about 13.5 million dollars, and

09:46:41 this year we will contribute part of it but not all of it.

09:46:45 Some of that will come from general fund.

09:46:47 We do have some reserves from prior years, which we will use

09:46:52 to fund activities.

09:46:55 Again, a rather lean budget there.

09:46:58 We will be bringing money forward to continue the activation

09:47:00 of Curtis Hixon park and some of the things that were done.

09:47:04 Like I told you a couple months ago, how we are trying to

09:47:08 leverage our dollars, we have the Ashley drive median

09:47:11 landscape, the downtown CRA brought the plans, the Parks

09:47:16 Department fixed the sprinklers and Tampa Bay beautification

09:47:19 planted the plants, so we are looking for lots of creative

09:47:21 ways to leverage our dollars.

09:47:28 Any questions about downtown?

09:47:31 I'll move on to the Channel District.

09:47:40 That is the violet area that's highlighted the Ybor channel

09:47:43 on the east, Meridian on the west, the Garrison Channel on

09:47:48 the south, and the Crosstown on the north.

09:47:53 Redevelopment highlight, we are talking again about stage

09:47:56 works opening next month.

09:47:58 The port garage.

09:48:02 Slade, which was just sold, bought by a company called

09:48:04 crescent Heights, which is continuing their good works

09:48:07 there.

09:48:08 And the bottom right is obviously the sexiest picture of

09:48:11 all.

09:48:11 That's our stormwater vault that we built to handle

09:48:14 stormwater, a $6 million project.

09:48:17 And what it will do is improve water quality.

09:48:19 So it's an important part of the infrastructure.

09:48:24 Development highlights and objectives, completed

09:48:26 construction of the Channel District park.

09:48:28 That is scheduled for October.

09:48:30 If you have a chance to drive through the neighborhood, you

09:48:32 will get to see the Washington street improvements and some

09:48:35 of the vertical elements.

09:48:37 The neighborhood is excited.

09:48:38 We are assisting the related group of the construction of

09:48:41 the 306 unit development in -- 306 unit development in

09:48:47 Lineal Park, and we are hoping they will be in for permits

09:48:49 next month.

09:48:50 That project is moving along nicely.

09:48:52 With the construction of Kennedy Boulevard pedestrian

09:48:55 improvement which is median and landscape, save havens for

09:48:57 people.

09:48:58 We are encouraging additional residential occupancy and

09:49:02 development by continuing to track service providers.

09:49:04 We have a program specifically for that.

09:49:07 And we are going to commence reconstruction and installation

09:49:10 streetscape on 12th Street.

09:49:17 Here is our trend in the Channel District.

09:49:19 And in the Channel District I feel quite strangely that next

09:49:22 year this will turn around.

09:49:24 We have had some interesting things happen.

09:49:25 The towers of Channelside sold out.

09:49:28 It was the first major project that completely sold out, and

09:49:31 their homeowners association will be taking over the

09:49:34 management he at the end of this month.

09:49:36 It's an important litmus.

09:49:38 We have related companies, spent $5.8 million buying their

09:49:41 land, will be spend being $50 million building their

09:49:44 project.

09:49:44 Grand Central has felt enough confident in the marketplace

09:49:47 that they are marketing units again.

09:49:53 The place and seaport Channelside are both 100 percent

09:49:57 occupied.

09:49:58 So we have a lot of good news in the neighborhood and I hope

09:50:00 to bring you more soon.

09:50:02 Here is our TIF revenue history.

09:50:05 What's important to remember is that to fund that vault, we

09:50:09 went and borrowed money from the bank.

09:50:11 (Sneezing) Excuse me, I'm allergic to borrowing money.

09:50:18 Annual payments of $1.3 million.

09:50:20 We are about halfway through the repayment of that debt.

09:50:22 It was a great deal.

09:50:24 We didn't have many upfront costs.

09:50:26 4.1% interest rate. It was a great deal.

09:50:29 It allowed us to move forward a large project, to continue

09:50:31 a-pay-as-you-go strategy.

09:50:33 So we always have money to continue to do our projects.

09:50:39 Here is a very general TIF budget plan which we will bring

09:50:44 more information to you at the next meeting.

09:50:46 Next up is Vince describe the Ybor City program.

09:51:03 >>VINCE PARDO: Ybor City manager.

09:51:04 Starting off with Ybor, on the visuals, a reminder of our

09:51:10 insignia, our brand, continues with our marketing program.

09:51:14 We replaced, knowing again Ybor 1 and TIF coming up in 2015,

09:51:21 replacing some of the infrastructure is very important.

09:51:23 We replaced 77 beverages on 7th Avenue in the last

09:51:28 couple months.

09:51:28 The ones were unfortunately value engineered and brought

09:51:32 down in 2000 when we began the streetscape project.

09:51:38 Since I have been here in this tenure three times,

09:51:41 resoldered them, repainted them.

09:51:47 These will withstand parades and having we put in Ybor City,

09:51:50 we think, and we reprogrammed most of these beverages that

09:51:53 were usable in those spaces in Ybor City, including some

09:51:58 nonprofit uses as well.

09:52:00 Cigars for soldiers program was part of the heritage thing,

09:52:03 partnered with the museum society, very successful.

09:52:06 That will be coming up again in the next couple of months.

09:52:08 As Bob said, special events have been a life blood of Ybor

09:52:14 City for years, they continue to be.

09:52:16 We are targeting them more now to daytime family friendly

09:52:19 arts sort of things, and district wide positive impact.

09:52:24 On the map, we'll talk about Ybor City which is in the

09:52:27 orange.

09:52:29 We will start off with Ybor 1, which is the commercial core

09:52:33 primarily, created in 1988, and talk about Ybor 2 which is

09:52:37 the newer more residential with some infusion of commercial,

09:52:42 kind around the commercial core as we go through.

09:52:47 Highlights, the program, very successful with that

09:52:53 particular program, and the we have a council right now

09:52:57 meeting Centro Ybor with a very good client and we hope to

09:53:01 get in that particular project.

09:53:05 And I think all of you, of course, you have this folder.

09:53:09 This is very much a damage package which we give to

09:53:14 developers.

09:53:15 We give them free to property owners to help sell their

09:53:19 property.

09:53:19 We you sell your space whether it be to a tenant or

09:53:24 developer coming in, and some of the information you see

09:53:27 here and some of individual property owners information as

09:53:29 well.

09:53:30 In that project, you see a lot of infrastructure.

09:53:34 The top right is the building.

09:53:36 That is a barrio-approved design, and it's immediately

09:53:43 across the street from the building on third Avenue.

09:53:46 That's part of our facade improvement.

09:53:48 Bottom right is part of a total window restoration program

09:53:52 with the Italian club which is given a facade improvement

09:53:56 program, 64 windows.

09:53:58 Most of those are like French doors.

09:53:59 The club is putting in five times what we are giving them,

09:54:03 but that's a very intensive project there.

09:54:06 The one in the center with no roof of course is an approved

09:54:13 facade program, but more importantly, stabilization program

09:54:17 with the -- which the CCDC approved with TIF moneys, and a

09:54:25 deplorable building for a number of years, one of our

09:54:27 eyesores on 7th Avenue which is now a crown jewel, over

09:54:31 a million dollar investment.

09:54:33 We talk about office before, and in this project how we are

09:54:38 incentivizing, the number one square footage in Ybor City

09:54:44 for more than two decade.

09:54:46 It's usually on the second floors.

09:54:47 It's been in big boxes like the cigar factories, and people

09:54:51 don't realize it really has been.

09:54:53 One of our challenges right now, for property owner, is one

09:54:57 of the best tenants to have.

09:54:58 We are more stable than a restaurant or probably a pub

09:55:01 coming in and a small retail kind of shop.

09:55:03 Our challenge is not to turn Ybor City into an office park.

09:55:06 Who wants to go visit an office park?

09:55:08 For example, our facade improvement program incentivizes for

09:55:12 that particular program retail, arts, restaurants, and

09:55:17 office on the second floor.

09:55:22 We have our fair share of bars.

09:55:24 We are also not incentivizing office on the first floor.

09:55:30 We want tourists to walk around but those are our mainstay

09:55:36 in Ybor City.

09:55:36 And there was an office use for the property on the first

09:55:40 floor.

09:55:40 They came in and asked for facade improvement program and we

09:55:43 said very quickly move the office upstairs, move something

09:55:46 else downstairs when you are eligible.

09:55:49 We had a pharmacy and clinic on the first floor so we are

09:55:51 very proud of that.

09:55:54 A few of the objectives for Ybor 1, possible extension of

09:55:57 Ybor 1 tiff TIF will be coming up and the YCDC board will be

09:56:02 making a presentation later in the year on that.

09:56:04 The number one objective, because that does expire in 2015.

09:56:08 Utilization of Ybor task force.

09:56:13 I served on the board of the Florida rehabilitation

09:56:16 association and the only model in the state where we have a

09:56:18 community, Public Safety Committee, which meets with the

09:56:22 captain of the police department, fire marshal, code

09:56:24 enforcement, at the table in my office every month, and

09:56:28 counterpart, internal departments, code enforcement, fire,

09:56:32 alcohol, wet zoning.

09:56:35 Everything comes up about that.

09:56:37 So every time we bring to you a recommendation for a change

09:56:39 on parking lot standard, which are brought to you, some

09:56:43 zoning issues like special use permits, used to call wet

09:56:48 zonings, noise ordinance, every one of those are staffed

09:56:51 with the community and an internal group, the best that we

09:56:55 can at least for Ybor City.

09:56:56 Some things are city-wide but some just for Ybor City.

09:56:59 That has been invaluable as far as coming in.

09:57:02 And as 74% reduction in crime in Ybor City in the last five

09:57:06 years.

09:57:07 Very proud of that.

09:57:08 Creating jobs.

09:57:09 Reducing vacancies.

09:57:13 Every one of these programs come up, small business

09:57:15 assistance, community partnerships, facade programs, retail.

09:57:19 Everything is pointed to that particular end.

09:57:28 We have the numbers for doing that, very successful, very

09:57:30 proud of those programs.

09:57:31 If the program doesn't help district wide it's not refunded

09:57:34 next year.

09:57:35 We try to do it within three years, and hopefully that

09:57:37 program is successful enough, it's got its own sponsorship,

09:57:42 off of our TIF dollars in doing that.

09:57:44 And the partnering with our transportation department, FDOT,

09:57:47 on the redesign, and reconfiguration of 21st and 22nd

09:57:52 streets.

09:57:53 Very important.

09:57:54 So they are not major thoroughfares for truck traffic.

09:57:58 You don't realize how much hazardous waste goes through our

09:58:04 district every day, he have day, and the connector will take

09:58:06 care of that.

09:58:07 You see a lot of this, 6% in the assessed values, as we talk

09:58:12 about.

09:58:15 Also reduction as we go through.

09:58:16 I think

09:58:17 As we

09:58:19 Look at these, and we have percentages that Bob showed you

09:58:22 on the overall chart, 6.6, round up to 7 for this particular

09:58:29 one.

09:58:29 It's interesting since 2009 a 49% reduction in our TIF

09:58:34 moneys in Ybor 1.

09:58:39 Again, line item budgets, this is the kind of trend in

09:58:43 meeting with the YCDC board as far as how expenses are

09:58:46 looking, protection as far as where allocations will be

09:58:49 made.

09:58:50 Again, you see last year, nothing for capital projects.

09:58:55 We are managing most of the projects ourselves, smaller

09:58:57 projects, the beverage replacement, things of that nature.

09:59:04 Ybor 2.

09:59:06 You approved our amendment to the vision plan specifically

09:59:09 for Ybor 2, expansion of its vision and we are carrying out

09:59:13 an implementation plan step by step.

09:59:16 That would be very important.

09:59:19 Key development incentives for the facade program.

09:59:23 We do have commercial buildings in Ybor 2.

09:59:25 It's always been a mixed use of community events and those

09:59:30 commercial buildings have been taking advantage of that

09:59:32 program.

09:59:33 The commercial marketing program that is built into our

09:59:35 budget.

09:59:35 Our new marketing firm which you approved a few months ago

09:59:40 has been going forward with the two neighborhood presidents

09:59:44 in completing that program.

09:59:46 Developing the neighborhood sidewalk improvement, signage

09:59:49 programs.

09:59:49 This continues.

09:59:51 We partnered with the transportation department.

09:59:52 We have paid for some sidewalks, a very good partnership

09:59:56 with the city's funding on that.

09:59:59 Continue to implement the crime prevention strategies for

10:00:01 that particular neighborhood as well.

10:00:03 And of course, again, the big divide.

10:00:05 21st, 22nd street working with FDOT and transportation.

10:00:10 So we

10:00:10 Don't have

10:00:11 So much of a divide between east side neighborhood and the

10:00:14 rest of the historic neighborhood district.

10:00:17 Assessments.

10:00:18 Again, we have an 11% reduction in the assessed values, as

10:00:22 you see it here.

10:00:24 And, unfortunately, very large decline, in a TIF, 36%

10:00:30 reduction between last year and 84% reduction since 2009.

10:00:34 In Ybor.

10:00:35 Again, if you see the residential for any CRA, residential

10:00:39 communities are getting hit more heavily than commercial.

10:00:42 And, again, budget, 128,000, some of the mainstays we have

10:00:52 like the clean teams, not a lot of money to spread around so

10:00:56 working very hard with the community to getting these things

10:00:58 done.

10:01:01 Do you have any questions about Ybor City?

10:01:04 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, thank you.

10:01:07 I would like to take this opportunity to invite you or

10:01:09 someone from your staff.

10:01:11 We have -- I made a motion for a workshop September 15 for

10:01:17 cultural assets as an economic engine.

10:01:20 And I also want to add that I managed events for the Ybor

10:01:25 Chamber of Commerce for two years, 2002, 2003, so special

10:01:32 events, and you mentioned how important it was to Ybor.

10:01:35 So I would like to hear more about it.

10:01:37 I hope that you can make it.

10:01:41 >>VINCE PARDO: Be glad to.

10:01:42 Thank you for the invitation.

10:01:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any other questions?

10:01:48 Thank you.

10:01:49 I think we will go now to Ed can Johnson?

10:01:54 >> Ed Johnson, CRA manager for East Tampa.

10:02:10 Chairman Reddick is being comical here this morning, I

10:02:13 guess,.

10:02:19 A little bit of something is better than nothing.

10:02:23 We'll go ahead and start with the slide reflecting that

10:02:29 there is both public and private investment still taking

10:02:32 place in East Tampa, even though we are declining in our TIF

10:02:37 revenues over the last several years.

10:02:42 A couple of the slides there, I just want to point out the

10:02:44 one towards the center, that's all private investment.

10:02:48 There was no TIF investment at all, no city investment, and

10:02:53 that reconstruction of their facility on the corner of

10:02:55 48th street and Hillsborough Avenue.

10:02:59 They completely rebuilt their facility there and added a

10:03:02 drive-through.

10:03:03 To the right is some of our TIF investment from the facade

10:03:07 program, at Pepin academy, completely reshaped the

10:03:13 appearance of Pepin academy's building from Hillsborough

10:03:17 Avenue.

10:03:21 I think Bob said earlier, the downtown was in blue, but we

10:03:28 are big blue in the top right.

10:03:31 East Tampa, which is our northern boundary, Hillsborough

10:03:35 Avenue, western boundary is the interstate, 275 at

10:03:39 Taliaferro, the southern boundary interstate 4, and we go

10:03:43 all the way to the city limit 56th street to the east,

10:03:45 about 7.5 square miles.

10:03:49 Redevelopment highlights, as I said earlier, there continues

10:03:53 to be investment in this community.

10:03:56 It is a great place to invest and it is continuing to grow

10:03:59 day to day.

10:04:00 The top left hand corner, that is a photograph of the yummy

10:04:06 house facility that opened recently.

10:04:08 The ethnic Chinese restaurant.

10:04:10 Next door to it is also a 50-seat cafe that will be opening

10:04:14 in a couple of weeks, breakfast and lunch cafe.

10:04:18 The bottom left-hand side, that's all private investment, a

10:04:23 rehabilitation of an existing small strip center on 26th

10:04:28 Avenue and 22nd street, all done by the owner himself,

10:04:32 because he sees the investment that we are making on 22nd

10:04:35 street.

10:04:36 Also, the center is also private investment, no TIF dollars

10:04:40 or facade dollars were included in that project.

10:04:42 Upper right-hand corner is the Tampa family Health Center's

10:04:47 new facility in East Tampa that was built with about 1.8

10:04:52 million of federal stimulus money for a total construction

10:04:55 cost of a little over 3.8 million.

10:04:58 As you know the Tampa family health center caters and

10:05:04 attends to our indigent care folks and providing quality

10:05:06 medical care in our facility.

10:05:08 And the bottom right hand is our first days of our 22nd

10:05:12 street project that opened a few months ago.

10:05:14 That was done with TIF dollars.

10:05:18 Yes, we do have some fiscal year '12 redevelopment

10:05:22 objectives, we will continue to invest in improving our curb

10:05:28 appeal in East Tampa.

10:05:32 Number 2 is the construction that will begin this summer,

10:05:37 phase 2 of our 22nd street project.

10:05:40 The bid documents just went out on the 15th of this

10:05:44 month, and the prebid meeting will take place on the

10:05:47 26th.

10:05:48 So hopefully we'll start construction here very soon.

10:05:53 Phase 2.

10:05:53 The third bullet is in reference to our TIF investment of $1

10:05:59 million that leveraged with the Housing Authority to get

10:06:02 this $10 million phone for acquisition of foreclosed

10:06:07 properties, rehabilitation, and putting unit back in to the

10:06:11 market.

10:06:11 We currently have an RFP on the street right now for a

10:06:15 developer, going through the vetting process right now to

10:06:19 select the developer to build anywhere from a 45 to 50-unit

10:06:24 multifamily development on property that we already own on

10:06:27 north 22nd street and link Avenue.

10:06:31 And hopefully we are going to start construction this summer

10:06:34 on the Hillsborough Avenue, 30th street, stormwater

10:06:36 flooding problem that has been in existence for many, many

10:06:39 years.

10:06:40 We are finally going to get to solving that problem here

10:06:42 shortly.

10:06:43 And then always we are going to continue to look for and

10:06:47 support any private investment that comes in to our area.

10:06:52 And here is the bad news; Mr. Chairman.

10:06:57 We do represent a 12% decline in our assessed values.

10:07:02 Everyone talked about the residential has really taken the

10:07:05 biggest hit.

10:07:06 And we are now almost back to our 2004 numbers as to when we

10:07:11 started our CRA.

10:07:12 So it's not too glorious right now and here is how reflects

10:07:18 historically.

10:07:19 As you can see, 2009 was our top year, and then as the

10:07:24 market crashed, and you see the rapid decline.

10:07:27 And it's being driven by the foreclosed sales that are

10:07:31 taking place.

10:07:33 Without new sales, new properties, and new construction,

10:07:37 it's going to continue to take a nose dive until we rid

10:07:40 ourselves of these foreclosed sales that are continuing to

10:07:44 exacerbate our market.

10:07:45 As you can see, that 12% decline represents a 96% reduction

10:07:52 in our TIF revenues.

10:07:55 So for 2012 we are looking at $31,000.

10:07:59 And here is what it looks like.

10:08:03 We will be working with the community advisory committee

10:08:07 over the next couple of weeks to develop a budget for fiscal

10:08:11 year 12.

10:08:12 We believe that we could bring in a comparable budget to

10:08:15 what we have currently in FY 11, will be somewhere close to

10:08:21 that.

10:08:22 We believe we can do that by reprogramming unspent funds

10:08:26 from fiscal year 10 to be able to create a budget for FY 12

10:08:32 for that year.

10:08:33 That only gives us one year.

10:08:34 Hopefully the trend will start inching up after 2013.

10:08:39 But that's where we are today.

10:08:41 31,000.

10:08:44 Questions?

10:08:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You know, when you talked about all the

10:09:05 private investment and the private remodeling that went on,

10:09:16 I would venture to say that that curb appeal encouraged,

10:09:24 which the private investment, they saw that it was worth,

10:09:27 like any business person, to meet the standard.

10:09:32 The bar was raised, as they say.

10:09:35 I also want to ask a question about Tampa health center.

10:09:39 Do you know the hours of the Tampa health center?

10:09:42 >> They are open at 8:00 in the morning, and usually try

10:09:45 toll close by 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening.

10:09:47 But they are busting at the seams every day, very highly

10:09:53 used, very visible facility on the corner of Osbourne Avenue

10:09:57 and north 22nd street, right on the public transportation

10:10:02 routes for the bus system.

10:10:03 So it's easy to get to, and the community is using it.

10:10:08 And even some folks from outside the boundaries of East

10:10:11 Tampa use it.

10:10:13 Folks come from Sulphur Springs and other communities north

10:10:16 of us.

10:10:17 >> Have they considered extending the hours?

10:10:20 >> That I do not know.

10:10:22 I could check out for you and glad to do that.

10:10:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I spoke to someone that works in emergency

10:10:27 room at the hospital, at a hospital, and their busiest times

10:10:34 were from about 5 to 10 p.m.

10:10:38 And I was looking, and I thought, well, if they close at 5,

10:10:45 people that would be going there -- because I thought of 24

10:10:48 hours maybe for the clinics.

10:10:51 But if someone is ill at 2 a.m. they are not going to go to

10:10:55 a walk-in clinic most likely beings but they will probably

10:10:58 go like -- businesses in mall beings so mall hours, 8 to

10:11:06 10 p.m., something.

10:11:07 And from what I understand from the emergency room, that is

10:11:10 exactly -- and they are not seeing a lot of times true

10:11:15 emergencies.

10:11:16 It just they don't have somewhere else to go.

10:11:18 And I thought maybe extending the hours might be something

10:11:24 that could be looked at, especially since, you know, like

10:11:29 you said, they are busting at the seams, and maybe some

10:11:32 added hours, added staff, would be --

10:11:36 >> I will be glad to have Mr. Charlie bottoms, the Executive

10:11:39 Director of Tampa -- I'll contact him and maybe he will

10:11:45 prepare something for the board or maybe come and make a

10:11:47 presentation about his programs.

10:11:48 Because they are expanding facilities, also, around our

10:11:51 community.

10:11:52 They have opened self new ones.

10:11:54 There's one open on South Westshore recently, and they have

10:11:58 one on North Dale Mabry, used to be the old Saturn car

10:12:02 dealership.

10:12:04 And they are working on constructing a new facility in

10:12:07 Sulphur Springs at the old dog track site.

10:12:13 >> Excellent.

10:12:14 Is he the director of all --

10:12:17 >> That's correct.

10:12:18 >> Thank you.

10:12:18 >> I will be glad to do that.

10:12:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ed, let me just add, they have extended

10:12:24 hours during the weekdays, and they just have a smaller

10:12:27 scale staff.

10:12:32 They might have one or two nurses or one doctor, versus they

10:12:35 have two or three during the regular business hours.

10:12:37 They are also available on weekend, too.

10:12:40 So the facility is open on Saturday as well.

10:12:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:12:46 That helps me.

10:12:47 Thank you.

10:12:47 >> Any other questions?

10:12:49 If not --

10:12:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: While you are here, because you were

10:12:56 giving a report on East Tampa, and for those who are

10:12:59 watching, could you just explain, 22nd street, the second

10:13:08 phase, that will include the roundabout?

10:13:12 >> The second phase will not include the roundabout.

10:13:15 The third phase is the roundabout.

10:13:17 So the construction on phase 2 will take place from 23rd

10:13:21 Avenue south going north to Lake Avenue.

10:13:24 That will be phase 2.

10:13:26 Phase 3 is strictly the roundabout itself, and it's still in

10:13:30 design status right now.

10:13:33 It's about 65, 75% complete.

10:13:36 >> And then just for the record, it would not be anything

10:13:44 similar to the one that -- north 40th Street that is causing

10:13:50 a lot of confusion.

10:13:51 >> You are so correct.

10:13:53 The roundabouts that are on 40th Street are multi-lane

10:13:57 roundabouts that seem to confuse drivers, shifting from lane

10:14:00 to lane.

10:14:01 The roundabout that we are talking about going on 22nd

10:14:04 street will be a single-lane roundabout.

10:14:06 So traffic can only go in one direction, north and going

10:14:12 south.

10:14:12 So we shouldn't have that problem.

10:14:13 >> I just want you to say that.

10:14:17 >> In a problem.

10:14:19 I will turn it over to Michael hatchet for Central Park.

10:14:22 >> Good morning.

10:14:24 My name is Michael hatchet, CRA manager for Central Park and

10:14:28 Tampa Heights.

10:14:29 And I believe this morning we'll start in Central Park.

10:14:34 I think for our viewing audience, Central Park is the

10:14:37 143-acre area highlighted here in yellow -- I mean green.

10:14:43 Yes, green, between downtown blue and Ybor's orange.

10:14:50 It's been an exciting year for Central Park.

10:14:53 If we can get this to go forward, I will be glad to tell you

10:14:56 about it.

10:15:00 There we go.

10:15:04 Of course, Encore is the big story, the top left is an

10:15:08 aerial.

10:15:09 Taken this month of the site.

10:15:10 You can see the road beds being put in place, the curbs and

10:15:16 streetlights have also been put in place and the stormwater

10:15:18 vault is also under construction.

10:15:21 To the top right is the depiction of Ella, a 160-unit senior

10:15:27 affordable housing complex that should be under construction

10:15:29 within the next couple of weeks.

10:15:31 Bottom left is a depiction of the reef which is AP 160-unit

10:15:38 senior affordable housing complex that will be built on lot

10:15:44 4 adjacent to Ella.

10:15:46 Bob mentioned a site visit from HUD.

10:15:49 We had an opportunity to spend the day with representatives

10:15:51 from HUD at Encore, and was centered around choice

10:15:57 neighborhoods, grant requests of $23 million.

10:16:00 If they are successful in securing those funds, the majority

10:16:04 of those funds would be used to construct the reed.

10:16:09 Also not depicted here but likely candidate to also go under

10:16:13 construction this year is the trio, on lot 7, a 132-unit

10:16:20 multifamily complex, and still securing financing for that.

10:16:26 So there is a probability that three of their projects could

10:16:31 go under construction by the end of this calendar year.

10:16:35 Perry Harvey, Sr., park is currently working with Horne and

10:16:42 associates to enter into a contract for that firm to do

10:16:46 design work for Perry Harvey park, and that construction

10:16:51 should start for us in fiscal year 12.

10:16:54 So a lot going on in Central Park.

10:16:56 Our objectives for the next year, of course, is to complete

10:16:59 the infrastructure construction at Encore.

10:17:03 They are tracking very well towards that.

10:17:05 Again, supporting affordable housing construction, and on

10:17:10 the vertical construction including the restoration of St.

10:17:14 James Episcopal church located at the site, looking forward

10:17:18 to commencing construction on Perry Harvey park as soon as

10:17:21 the design work is completed.

10:17:23 Also, mention has been made of the HUD challenge grant.

10:17:26 It's a $1.4 million grant received from HUD.

10:17:31 City staff from various departments are working on that.

10:17:35 Its targeted towards the Nebraska/hillsborough Avenue

10:17:39 corridor, and helps the city take land use and regulatory

10:17:44 steps necessary to attract higher density transit oriented

10:17:49 development to the area, and Nebraska Avenue is the heart

10:17:54 and soul of that grant, and of course, as you know, that

10:17:57 cuts across the center of Central Park CRA, so we will be

10:18:02 heavily involved in that.

10:18:03 And, as always, we are always ready to support on any

10:18:08 private sector initiatives that might evolve in the

10:18:11 neighborhood.

10:18:14 The assessed value trend looks very similar to the others.

10:18:18 One thing here, the bad news is can't get any lower.

10:18:23 The good news is, we have nowhere to go but up.

10:18:29 The assessed value dollar figure for FY-12 is $100,000 more

10:18:35 than the year was the CRA was created.

10:18:38 So it is almost back to the base value.

10:18:45 For the FY 12 budget, it's about $1100, and we will commit

10:18:53 that to pay just a portion of the office and over head

10:18:56 expenses for the CRA.

10:19:00 And again, this is Central Park is certainly a neighborhood

10:19:03 in which we would be looking to invest additional non-TIF

10:19:10 resources and to participate in non-TIF activities through

10:19:15 the Brownsville grant dollars that can be used in the area

10:19:19 working with HUD, challenge grant dollars, neighborhood

10:19:23 grant dollars, Florida Department of Transportation

10:19:27 improvement dollars, along Nebraska.

10:19:30 A lot of activities that we would be engaged in in Central

10:19:33 Park, not involving the TIF.

10:19:38 I'll pause there for questions and then move on to Tampa

10:19:40 Heights.

10:19:45 Okay, Tampa Heights is the smallest of the CRAs located

10:19:49 just north of the Tampa downtown business corridor,

10:19:53 highlighted in yellow, along the Hillsborough River.

10:19:57 Again, an exciting year for the Heights.

10:20:02 The office building depicted at the top left continues to

10:20:06 secure tenants.

10:20:07 It is now occupied by the Beck group.

10:20:12 Consulting engineers and technologies.

10:20:16 Top right, Channelside water sports operates a boat and jet

10:20:20 ski rental facility out of the armature building, may have

10:20:25 had a successful summer, in renting canoes and kayaks,

10:20:30 fishing boats, and line charters along the arrive.

10:20:35 The bottom left, the armature building is being used over

10:20:38 the course of the past year to attract a number of events.

10:20:43 >>MARY MULHERN: I just had one question.

10:20:47 We are not renting jet skis on the Hillsborough River, are

10:20:50 we?

10:20:50 >> Yes.

10:20:50 >> You can take a jet ski out?

10:20:53 >> Yes.

10:20:54 >> On the Hillsborough River?

10:20:54 >> Yes.

10:20:55 They rent kayaks and jet skis, kayaks, pontoon boats.

10:21:00 >> What about the rowers?

10:21:03 >> Be careful.

10:21:05 [ Laughter ]

10:21:07 Yes, you can rent those things.

10:21:15 Again, if we can have the slides back.

10:21:23 Okay.

10:21:23 Bottom left, armature building being used, of course, for a

10:21:27 number of events.

10:21:28 Art galleries, children's activities, indoor putt-putt

10:21:33 competitions, one a charity event.

10:21:35 And then the bottom right activity we are looking forward to

10:21:38 over the upcoming year, commencement of the redevelopment of

10:21:43 Waterworks Park.

10:21:47 Redevelopment objectives for the upcoming year, first and

10:21:50 foremost is to complete the Waterworks Park segment of the

10:21:53 Tampa riverwalk, and redevelopment of the park including the

10:21:57 restoration of Ulele Spring the agency approved in earlier

10:22:04 year, TIF funds to begin the construction of the park

10:22:07 redevelopment and to complete the riverwalk.

10:22:09 We are also working with ecorestoration institute for the

10:22:15 restoration of the Ulele Spring, using some federal grant

10:22:21 dollars for that project.

10:22:22 Another example of our being able to leverage dollars.

10:22:25 As you know through foreclosure proceedings that happened

10:22:28 earlier this year, part of the Heights project property is

10:22:34 now under new ownership.

10:22:36 We are in conversation with the new owners as well as the

10:22:39 existing owners to determine the appropriate course of

10:22:42 action for the property, including conversations about the

10:22:47 future of the development agreement and how to amend that

10:22:54 agreement to meet our needs.

10:22:57 And, as always, supporting private-sector initiatives in the

10:23:00 neighborhood.

10:23:06 And a 2% decline in the assessed values for the area.

10:23:10 Dollarwise, about a $4,000 TIF decline for the upcoming

10:23:17 year.

10:23:19 And for the budget plan, to cover office and a admin

10:23:26 expenses and the balance of the dollars being allocated to

10:23:29 capital improvement projects with the fault process meaning

10:23:35 dollars can be used for additional improvements to

10:23:37 Waterworks Park or perhaps to support an activity of a water

10:23:43 works building.

10:23:49 I believe that would bring me to Drew Park so I will pause

10:23:52 for questions before Jeanette comes up.

10:23:56 >> Any questions for council?

10:24:01 All right.

10:24:01 >> Jeanette: I feel lake we just left each other.

10:24:14 I want to thank you again for attending the community

10:24:16 meeting in Drew Park on Tuesday.

10:24:17 We appreciate your attention and your interest in our area.

10:24:24 If I can have the slides.

10:24:26 Starting off with just pictures that depict the various

10:24:31 aspects of Drew Park.

10:24:33 Our business and industrial sector with Bright House, the

10:24:37 TPD substation representing public uses of which there are

10:24:41 quite a few in Drew Park, and then finally our neighborhood

10:24:44 residential area.

10:24:47 Drew Park is located, depicted by the pink area up in the

10:24:51 upper left corner, just east of Tampa International Airport,

10:24:56 very strategically located bounded by Hillsborough Avenue,

10:25:00 Dale Mabry, Tampa Bay Boulevard, and air Cargo Road

10:25:05 corridor.

10:25:10 Some of our redevelopment highlights, and I will go through

10:25:13 them quickly, upper left corner you will see the Mercedes

10:25:17 Benz development, over $10 million of private investment.

10:25:20 They are very happy with their new location.

10:25:22 They were previously already within the CRA, in the block or

10:25:28 two up Dale Mabry -- North Dale Mabry highway, and now they

10:25:32 are really in a gateway location, the corner of MLK and Dale

10:25:36 Mabry.

10:25:40 Next is French bread pizza, one of our neighborhood

10:25:43 restaurants, again total private investment, they renovated

10:25:47 an older building, and now they have a wonderful location

10:25:49 right by Mercedes and right across the street from

10:25:53 Steinbrenner field, so they are enjoying that.

10:25:57 On the lower right corner is the repaving of Lois Avenue.

10:26:04 And that's in progress, of course.

10:26:06 Now it's complete.

10:26:07 Probably got the most positive feedback and excitement of

10:26:11 anything we have done so far in Drew Park.

10:26:13 It was such a needed project to do the repaving of Lois.

10:26:17 Of course, we also did other streets within that project.

10:26:21 Grady, Church, Ohio, several, but certainly Lois was the

10:26:24 highlight of that.

10:26:25 And finally in the lower left corner is quality rovers, one

10:26:33 of our facade improvement projects.

10:26:36 As for our redevelopment objectives in the coming year, you

10:26:38 heard presentations at the community meeting about both the

10:26:41 stormwater project and the streetscape and beautification

10:26:44 plan.

10:26:45 We expect to have major progress on both of those.

10:26:49 The streetscape plan will be completed in September, and

10:26:52 then we will begin construction of the priority he empties,

10:26:55 and the same with the stormwater.

10:26:58 That design is 100 percent complete for the pond, which is

10:27:02 phase 1, and we expect the groundbreaking in late December.

10:27:07 One of things that we are encouraged by is we, too, in Drew

10:27:11 Park like East Tampa and Ybor have the business assistance

10:27:14 program through the SBIC.

10:27:17 They have been visiting individual businesses in Drew Park,

10:27:20 and they have been very well received.

10:27:22 In fact, they are kick being off a series of workshops over

10:27:27 during July, August and September.

10:27:28 So we expect that we will also get more business for our

10:27:32 facade improvement program because they are promoting that

10:27:35 as well when they are meeting with the businesses.

10:27:38 And, finally, respect to initiate some additional code

10:27:43 enforcement strategy.

10:27:44 This board passed a motion for us to work with code

10:27:47 enforcement, which we do on a regular basis, to develop a

10:27:51 specific program to educate Drew Park businesses and

10:27:55 residents on code compliance.

10:27:59 Our assessed value trend, our decline is probably the least

10:28:10 of all the other CRAs.

10:28:12 We have the lowest decline of 1% but certainly a decline

10:28:15 nonetheless.

10:28:16 Our revenue history, again, same story.

10:28:22 We experienced significant losses, particularly between FY

10:28:26 10 and FY 11.

10:28:28 Of course, now we are down again in FY 12 about 21 that you

10:28:31 or so left.

10:28:37 As for our budget planning, we have already presented a

10:28:40 preliminary budget to our advisory committee, and they will

10:28:43 be taking this next month or so to review it in depth and

10:28:49 provide any input they have to me so that we can begin our

10:28:51 approval process.

10:28:53 As you can see, consistent with the trend in Drew Park, we

10:28:59 focused on capital improvement because we have done a lot of

10:29:01 street paving, sidewalks and so forth, and we expect that to

10:29:04 continue with the FY 12 budget as we begin constructing

10:29:08 those things I mentioned with the beautification plan

10:29:19 stormwater.

10:29:19 The other thing is our news letters to communicate and then

10:29:22 the business assistance program which we expect to continue

10:29:24 into the new year.

10:29:39 If there are no questions, I will turn it over to Bob

10:29:42 McDonaugh.

10:29:43 >> Good morning again.

10:29:47 Just a reminder that the date of our next meeting when we'll

10:29:51 have a more refined budget for your approval.

10:29:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone wishing to speak at this time,

10:30:08 public comments.

10:30:09 You have three minutes.

10:30:11 You can speak on any matter on the agenda in terms of CRA.

10:30:18 >> Greetings, Mr. Chairman and other members of the

10:30:30 Community Redevelopment Agency.

10:30:31 I'm Al Davis on the East Tampa redevelopment area.

10:30:37 And I want to compliment the Department of Transportation.

10:30:56 They put this on the door indicating they are doing some

10:30:59 resurfacing, and the area is included in the redevelopment

10:31:05 area, and also district 5.

10:31:12 I'm sure you all must have been aware of their program to do

10:31:18 the resurfacing.

10:31:20 And I'm so glad that they are doing this, Mr. Chairman,

10:31:24 because, you know, we have got these commercial corridors,

10:31:27 residential corridors.

10:31:30 They are all beautiful.

10:31:31 We are looking forward to a roundabout and that's fine.

10:31:35 But if you look at the interior of where we live, where we

10:31:38 come out our front and back doors and where we do our little

10:31:41 barbecue and things like that beings you know, and I have

10:31:47 been listening to the presentation by the man for East

10:31:52 Tampa, and the situation is rather sad, sad from the point

10:31:55 of view that we are the largest CRA in the entire City of

10:31:59 Tampa, but we are the poorest.

10:32:03 And it seems to me we ought to reallocate some funds from

10:32:09 the previous years that we have and maybe ought to consider

10:32:16 current expenses.

10:32:17 You know, we have got two beautiful parks -- I mean lakes.

10:32:22 One on Martin Luther King and the other on 34th street.

10:32:25 And they take $40,000 a year out of our little limited

10:32:29 budget, you know, and we want to take a look at the staff

10:32:35 funding, particularly the East Tampa.

10:32:41 Are we getting the bang for our buck?

10:32:43 And I know once upon a time, they had three, four people in

10:32:49 East Tampa.

10:32:50 It was reduced to three.

10:32:52 And now, Mr. Chairman, I don't know how many.

10:32:56 I know how many we don't have because I have a hard time

10:33:00 sometimes even getting a return call even within a 48-hour

10:33:09 period, and thank goodness he's coming back to town to help

10:33:17 me understand the situation. I still have hope, Mr.

10:33:18 Chairman.

10:33:18 I won't be around for the next 40 years.

10:33:21 And I do want to see the redevelopment of East Tampa, the

10:33:29 park, with any other area of the City of Tampa.

10:33:31 Thank you.

10:33:32 And we will be back next week -- I mean, next month.

10:33:37 We are going to be looking at our budget.

10:33:39 I'm at the grassroots level, you know.

10:33:42 I listen to the presentation, and they sound good.

10:33:45 But Ronald Reagan say a long time ago, trust.

10:33:49 I trust what they say, but I want to verify.

10:33:58 The fruit of the tree is indicated not on the name of the

10:34:05 tree but the truth thereof.

10:34:07 Thank you.

10:34:07 (Bell sounds).

10:34:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Additional public comments?

10:34:12 All right.

10:34:13 >> Item number 5 on your agenda is a modification of the

10:34:21 policy for the CAC, Ybor City Development Corporation board.

10:34:26 That is expanding the board from 21 to 23 members by adding

10:34:30 two ex-officios -- member of the Ybor Roundtable and the

10:34:30 table of coalition, and there are members of each of those

10:34:39 organizations here if you have any questions.

10:34:41 >>MARY MULHERN: I didn't really have a question.

10:34:47 I just wanted to comment on the size of that board.

10:34:51 And I think I need to just go to one of the meetings and

10:34:55 really watch how that works.

10:34:57 Because it's such a big board.

10:34:58 And seems that you have been able to work together.

10:35:02 So adding another two, I guess, will work.

10:35:07 But 23 people on an advisory board, I'm curious to see how

10:35:13 that works.

10:35:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we need to vote on that?

10:35:20 >> So moved.

10:35:21 >> Second.

10:35:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved and seconded to accept the

10:35:25 recommendation for the policy change.

10:35:26 All those in favor say Aye.

10:35:27 Opposed?

10:35:27 >> Number 6 is a report to be received and filed.

10:35:33 The Community Redevelopment Agency quarterly TIF financial

10:35:37 report.

10:35:37 >> Move to so far and file.

10:35:43 >> Second.

10:35:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any discussion on the motion?

10:35:47 All those in favor?

10:35:49 Opposed?

10:35:49 Motion carried.

10:35:49 >> Number 7 is the board affirmation of the Drew Park CAC

10:35:55 ex-officio member and the person representing the airport

10:35:58 authority.

10:35:58 And she is here if you have any questions for her as well.

10:36:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Would she like to speak?

10:36:04 >> I just wanted to say --

10:36:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: You need to come to the mike.

10:36:08 >> Kathy Watson with Tampa International Airport, and I'm

10:36:13 very honored to serving on this committee.

10:36:15 I look forward to the continued success in Drew Park and

10:36:19 will serve to the best of my ability.

10:36:20 >> Thank you.

10:36:22 >> Move to approve.

10:36:25 >> Second.

10:36:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: Discussion on the motion?

10:36:28 All in favor?

10:36:29 Opposed?

10:36:30 Motion carried.

10:36:31 >> Bob McDonaugh: Item 8 is the board affirmation of the

10:36:37 East Tampa CAC slate of candidates.

10:36:39 You have their biographies in there and their applications.

10:36:42 And these are folks that have been vetted and approved by

10:36:48 the East Tampa CAC.

10:36:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have any present?

10:36:52 >> We do not, sir.

10:36:53 >> Move to approve the slate of candidates.

10:36:57 >> Second.

10:36:59 >> Discussion on the motion?

10:37:00 All in favor?

10:37:01 Opposed?

10:37:01 Motion carried.

10:37:01 >> That concludes the business with again a farewell to

10:37:09 Laura who has been a real help in our department.

10:37:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: Would she like to say something?

10:37:16 Please at least come tell us goodbye.

10:37:23 [ Laughter ]

10:37:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Tell us your new extension.

10:37:27 >> I don't know yet.

10:37:28 I start on Monday.

10:37:29 I'm Laura.

10:37:34 I have enjoyed coming here for about 14 of 18 years the

10:37:39 city.

10:37:39 So it's kind of bittersweet.

10:37:41 This is my last meeting.

10:37:42 But I looked forward to working and making sure you are

10:37:46 prepared for the meeting.

10:37:47 I look forward to working with Kimberly in the human

10:37:49 research department, and thank you and goodbye.

10:37:52 >> Thank you.

10:37:53 >> You will be available for us to call on you, right?

10:37:59 >> I hope.

10:38:00 >> Okay, thank you.

10:38:02 Anything else?

10:38:03 >> Bob McDonaugh: That concludes our business.

10:38:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have any reports, new business, CRA?

10:38:11 >> No, sir.

10:38:20 And I'm sorry that the gentleman left for the new board

10:38:24 members of the -- ex-officio members of the Ybor City,

10:38:28 because I would have liked to recognize the work that they

10:38:30 have done, because it's been -- I know they supplied a lot

10:38:33 of volunteers, they have put in a lot of hours, they brought

10:38:37 some excellent special events to the Ybor area, as well as

10:38:45 my favorite was we talked about yesterday was the piano

10:38:48 installation around Ybor City.

10:38:50 That was pretty -- that was a pretty neat thing that they

10:38:53 did then, and with minimal support from us.

10:38:56 >> Energy and enthusiasm they are bringing to the

10:38:59 organization.

10:39:00 Yes.

10:39:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:39:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:39:11 We will stand in --

10:39:13 >>THE CLERK: A motion to receive and file, please?

10:39:15 >> Move to receive and file.

10:39:16 >> Second.

10:39:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved and seconded to receive and file.

10:39:20 All those in favor say Aye.

10:39:22 Opposed?

10:39:24 Thank you.

10:39:24 We are going to stand in recess for five minutes to allow

10:39:27 staff to set up for the budget workshop.


10:39:31 (The CRA meeting adjourned at 10:39 a.m.)