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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Commencing at 9:27 a.m.


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09:27:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:27:47 We would like to call the community redevelopment agency to

09:27:50 order.

09:27:51 Roll call.

09:27:51 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:27:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:27:58 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:27:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:28:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:28:03 All right.

09:28:03 We turn it over to our staff.

09:28:05 >> Bob McDonaugh, economic development.

09:28:10 For our monthly report.

09:28:12 The first item of business, Mr. Harry Hedges, you had Meg

09:28:16 Lashley on your agenda, but Meg was unable to come today so

09:28:20 Harry Hedges, who is a member of the downtown CRA advisory

09:28:24 board, will give you an update on downtown activities.

09:28:27 Mr. Hedges?

09:28:29 >> Good morning.

09:28:32 Harry Hedges.

09:28:33 A couple of things that are going on with the downtown CRA

09:28:38 activities.

09:28:39 Number one, Art Loud has brought about ten new sculptures to

09:28:45 the streetscape in downtown Tampa. Twilight Criterium is a

09:28:58 bike race bringing people from all over the southeast to

09:29:01 Tampa, which was a major success last year.

09:29:04 The ice skating rink in the park turned out to be a very,

09:29:08 very good use of both our time and money to the point where

09:29:15 it has been committed to another year.

09:29:19 The lighting on Franklin Street has been enhanced to

09:29:23 brighten that area, changing out those globes.

09:29:27 Landscaping on Franklin Street has been worked on and has

09:29:32 been completed with one item yet to be done.

09:29:41 Metro five ten, which some of the CRA fund were used to,

09:29:47 will be open in October.

09:29:48 That allowed us to take advantage of federal grants and

09:29:54 state financing, brought about 600 jobs into the north end

09:30:01 of town, and that will be workforce housing, the first one

09:30:08 in the City of Tampa, in the downtown metro area.

09:30:12 Just to mention a few of the things we got working.

09:30:17 Thank you.

09:30:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have any questions from council --

09:30:22 the CRA?

09:30:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have one question.

09:30:27 Although I really like the ice rink and I thought it was a

09:30:30 great idea, some blogs and some folks in the community,

09:30:34 especially my end of town, who were a little bit removed

09:30:38 from downtown, question whether at this time, since our TIF

09:30:42 funds and CRA dollars are dwindling, if the ice rink is a

09:30:48 good investment.

09:30:49 So, Mr. Hedges --

09:30:52 >> I can speak to the finances.

09:30:55 >> Could you explain why?

09:30:56 >> Yes.

09:30:57 The money that the downtown CRA spent was basically to

09:31:00 enhance the electrical service in Curtis Hixon park which

09:31:05 was necessary to have the ice rink, but during the period

09:31:08 now that the ice rink is not there, it is still an upgrade

09:31:12 that exists in the park that can be used for other uses.

09:31:15 So concerts, gatherings, movies that are used, the upgrades

09:31:20 in the electrical system can be used for that.

09:31:23 And my understanding is the ice skating rink raises enough

09:31:27 money that it will be self-sustaining this year, will not

09:31:30 require public funds.

09:31:31 >> Excellent news.

09:31:32 Thank you so much.

09:31:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Bob, I wanted a follow-up question on.

09:31:40 That so the money we spent on the electrical upgrades, has

09:31:43 that already been spent?

09:31:44 >> That was spent last year, 36,000 is what we spent.

09:31:48 We added a transformer and some underground power to the

09:31:51 park.

09:31:51 >>MARY MULHERN: That was such a huge success, I couldn't

09:31:56 believe, when I spent time down there, that brought people

09:31:59 to Tampa from all over, people visiting came down to

09:32:07 downtown Tampa, and from out of town over the holiday.

09:32:09 But there were also a lot of people from the area, from

09:32:12 across the bay, from Orlando that came to go ice skating.

09:32:17 And being in our downtown.

09:32:18 So it was a great thing, and I think it should be making

09:32:21 money.

09:32:23 >> Yeah.

09:32:24 >>MARY MULHERN: If you do it right in future years it

09:32:27 should be a plus.

09:32:27 >> I think one of the things we are looking at is a larger

09:32:30 rink which can accommodate more people, and perhaps even a

09:32:33 longer term.

09:32:34 That's being investigated now.

09:32:35 One of the things that was fun was that, you know, we had a

09:32:38 brand new park, and here is the way of showcasing the park.

09:32:41 We talked about on television, we talked about it in the

09:32:44 newspapers, but this was a great mag knelt to get people to

09:32:47 come down and actually experience Curtis Hixon park.

09:32:51 It was a very fun event.

09:32:54 Number 2 is the monthly report on CRA activities, which has

09:32:57 been distributed.

09:32:59 I am just going to hit a couple of high points.

09:33:01 In the downtown, we hosted the international dragon boat

09:33:05 races, and the downtown CRA was a sponsor for that, one of

09:33:10 the sponsor.

09:33:11 We had 2500 people in our downtown marketplace, just the

09:33:15 athletes, and they stayed here, lots of hotel rooms, lots of

09:33:19 meals, lots of happy merchants in our downtown marketplace.

09:33:23 I have got some great pictures that I will didn't of the

09:33:26 opening ceremonies.

09:33:27 I don't know how many folks here got the chance to do that,

09:33:29 but it was in Kiley Park and Curtis Hixon park and really

09:33:34 filled the park, was a great event with people from all over

09:33:38 the world.

09:33:38 So it was the kind of thing we like to have in our downtown.

09:33:43 Ybor, probably the most exciting news out of Ybor this past

09:33:47 month is Septerra announced 265 additional jobs.

09:33:55 They are a cloud computing company who are expanding, and I

09:34:00 passed out some memos.

09:34:01 I left them for each of you in your office.

09:34:06 Again, we have had some issues with the communication as far

09:34:11 as our incentive program goes, and so one of the things I

09:34:15 said before, I would do a better job of communicating.

09:34:20 So as we find out the success or failure of some of the

09:34:24 attempts that we have made, I will now give you memos on

09:34:27 each and every one.

09:34:28 And I gave you two memos last week.

09:34:30 One was on expansion by a medical company, that they are

09:34:35 expanding 45 jobs, building a $2 million facility in the

09:34:39 Westshore area, and that was one of the folks that, and one

09:34:45 of them was this Septerra who is going to have some

09:34:49 operations downtown, some operations in Ybor, but again a

09:34:52 successful use, I think, of inducement money.

09:34:55 So, again, hopefully, I will have more steps, but this is a

09:34:59 first step to show you that we'll do a better job of

09:35:02 communicating with you so you know exactly what happens on

09:35:04 the things you vote with.

09:35:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Bob, let me commend you for doing that,

09:35:11 and I think all of the members of this board appreciate you

09:35:15 taking those steps to have a better way of communicating

09:35:19 with us, and in particular putting the dates that the

09:35:25 communication transpires.

09:35:27 I think we all welcome that, and just want to commend you

09:35:30 for taking that step.

09:35:31 >> Thank you.

09:35:34 Channelside.

09:35:35 The long, long, long-awaited opening of the Stageworks

09:35:39 Theater took place.

09:35:40 We had the ribbon cutting.

09:35:41 And they sold out their opening shows.

09:35:44 And it turned out great.

09:35:46 If you haven't had a chance to be there yet, I strongly

09:35:49 recommend it.

09:35:50 And they opened with a musical which was interesting because

09:35:53 that's not their usual format.

09:35:56 But they really had a wonderful cast, and it's a great show.

09:36:01 Drew Park.

09:36:02 Bayside engineering was issued their notice to proceed, so

09:36:05 we are going to finally start on that stormwater project

09:36:08 that we have been talking to you about.

09:36:10 And they are on the way.

09:36:13 East Tampa, some good news there, continued upgrades in

09:36:17 lighting.

09:36:17 The Highland pines neighborhood will be the latest one

09:36:20 that's going to have upgraded lighting.

09:36:24 The Heights, we have had it would be parcels move into

09:36:27 foreclosure in the last month, and what that doesn't usually

09:36:30 sound like is good news, but what that's going to mean is

09:36:33 that I think we will finally be able to sort out all of the

09:36:37 issues that exist in that development agreement, and we are

09:36:40 having active conversations with the existing land owners

09:36:44 there.

09:36:46 Central Park.

09:36:48 Harden Connecticut instruction has scheduled in two weeks to

09:36:51 begin construction of the ELLA so we are going to see some

09:36:55 vertical construction there.

09:36:56 I don't know if you have had a chance to drive through but

09:36:59 central is done.

09:36:59 They had their streetlights out.

09:37:01 They are starting to do some of the landscaping.

09:37:03 The central chiller plant is under construction so a lot of

09:37:05 that important infrastructure is in process, and we are

09:37:09 going to see a building rise in the next two weeks.

09:37:11 So I think that's very exciting.

09:37:16 Any questions about the monthly reports?

09:37:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Just one question about the Central

09:37:29 Park, the neighborhoods grant application.

09:37:31 When will we hear --

09:37:34 >> End of September.

09:37:35 That's when we are expected to hear.

09:37:40 Count fingers and toes.

09:37:53 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

09:37:54 On June 9, some issues came up dealing with whether money

09:37:59 being moved by the City Council, CRA moneys moved by the

09:38:03 City Council, has come before the CRA, and the existing

09:38:06 policy is it has been approved by the CRA previously, then

09:38:10 it will not come back before the CRA, before the City

09:38:12 Council moves it.

09:38:14 However, some of those have been a long time, two and three

09:38:17 years, and the question came up, some of you, it's been a

09:38:21 long time, so there may not be any memory on that so let's

09:38:24 talk about maybe changing the policy to bring some of these

09:38:27 back.

09:38:28 What I would be suggesting as an interim step, and obviously

09:38:31 it's your policy, you can do what you want, and then I would

09:38:33 be recommending -- let the department know when they are

09:38:39 moving CRA money through a City Council resolution that they

09:38:42 cite for you when CRA heard that issue.

09:38:45 That will give you at least some idea whether it's more

09:38:48 recently or longer down the road.

09:38:50 That will be maybe an interim step to at least get you

09:38:53 started on that, and then if you want to bring the policy to

09:38:56 bring it back, that's the city's, not theirs.

09:39:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:39:05 I would like our policy to be that we actually have the

09:39:13 appropriation presented to the CRA board before it comes to

09:39:18 council, and I think if there are times when that can't

09:39:24 happen, we should certainly have -- I think that's a great

09:39:27 suggestion that we have on the City Council budget item

09:39:32 agenda the date when the money has been approved, whatever

09:39:36 year, whatever.

09:39:40 You're right, even money from the current year could be from

09:39:44 something that was budgeted two or three years ago, but I

09:39:48 still think -- I don't see any reason why -- and I think

09:39:51 it's important that the CRA board hear that this be is going

09:39:57 to be coming to council and that the CRA board approve it

09:40:00 before -- and I'm not sure why we would need an interim step

09:40:09 for that.

09:40:10 >>SAL TERRITO: That's one way to be deal with it.

09:40:13 One of the issues you are going to have, and it may not be

09:40:15 every time, but that money may have already been correct

09:40:19 contracted.

09:40:19 So coming back to you, it's not going to accomplish anything

09:40:23 except to ring the bell one more time that you have already

09:40:25 approved that, because you don't have a lot of say, if you

09:40:29 move money from this project to the facade project and now

09:40:36 come before you to move that money to the facade grant.

09:40:40 We will be come back to you two or three times if it's

09:40:42 taking a long time to get there, but again that's your

09:40:45 decision on how you want to handle that.

09:40:47 >>MARY MULHERN: I think especially because of the economic

09:40:49 situation and the lack of TIF revenues that things that we

09:40:52 what proved when there was a lot of money coming in might

09:40:57 not necessarily be something that we would want to go

09:41:00 forward with.

09:41:01 I mean, that's one of the reasons I think we do need to see

09:41:05 the budgeted amounts as a CRA board before City Council

09:41:09 votes on it.

09:41:10 So that's my feeling.

09:41:15 >> If I'm following this correctly, though, if we already

09:41:23 contracted in a previous CRA regardless of who was on the

09:41:26 board or not on the board at that time, doesn't that, when

09:41:30 we are making a second vote to move money, there's no way

09:41:33 that we can actually change the use of the money, correct?

09:41:37 >>SAL TERRITO: Generally, you can't change the use of the

09:41:39 money because in effect you would be canceling the contract.

09:41:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Right.

09:41:45 Then the question is, can we cancel a contract if we wanted

09:41:48 to, to not continue something?

09:41:51 >>SAL TERRITO: It depends how long it went.

09:41:53 You can always, prior to the contract being begun, if you

09:41:56 have a valid reason to do it, you can say, no, we don't want

09:41:59 to go forward with that money.

09:42:01 Again, that requires City Council approval.

09:42:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: My point is, it goes back to City Council

09:42:08 for cancel a contract as opposed to what we are doing, in

09:42:12 this particular case, which was something which was done in

09:42:15 2006 in order to move money from a developer to the City of

09:42:18 Tampa Parks Department in order to build Waterworks Park.

09:42:23 So I'm not sure we necessarily need another process.

09:42:27 That's what I was asking, because if we have already

09:42:30 approved it as a board, even a preceding board, legally,

09:42:34 unless we want to cancel the contract, I don't see any

09:42:37 purpose of bringing it up a second time unless, of course,

09:42:41 it is to move the money.

09:42:42 I mean, that's something we legally have to do.

09:42:46 So I'm not sure -- I may not be following what your thoughts

09:42:49 are, but if we do that a second time, we will be revisiting

09:42:54 a lot of other votes from previous boards.

09:42:57 And I agree with what Mr. Territo said about being more --

09:43:05 explaining more exactly what we are doing when we are moving

09:43:07 something.

09:43:09 And in that case, you know, especially for something like

09:43:11 myself and Mr. Cohen and Mr. Reddick, Ms. Montelione, that

09:43:16 we weren't here when it was originally appropriated for CRA

09:43:21 funds.

09:43:22 So, you know, I have no problem with saying, hey, what is it

09:43:26 exactly that we have here, what we are doing?

09:43:28 I'm not sure that we need a second step, though.

09:43:32 And that's what you are proposing or not.

09:43:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, can I ask a question first?

09:43:42 What happens is a lot of times that -- like today, are we

09:43:47 approving, as a CRA board, you know, and at least once a

09:43:54 year we are approving a budget.

09:43:55 We are not talking about naturally a lot of the times about

09:43:58 a contract.

09:43:59 We are talking about we approve a budget.

09:44:05 And then when the contract comes, it's coming to City

09:44:08 Council without the CRA board necessarily having seen the

09:44:13 contract.

09:44:15 This is exactly what you are talking about.

09:44:18 It's not if we have already approved a contract that we are

09:44:21 going to go back and cancel it or try to disapprove it.

09:44:26 It's that the money being budgeted is for a contract that

09:44:31 the City Council is being asked to approve before the board

09:44:36 has necessarily seen it.

09:44:38 And I think that the distinction here, since I'm the one

09:44:46 person who has been sitting here for four years, is that we

09:44:48 are a separate board, as the CRA.

09:44:51 And we have more responsibility for the CRA budget than we

09:44:57 do for the city budget, because it is completely our

09:45:03 decision.

09:45:04 This is not -- the administration does not necessarily

09:45:09 approve these budgets.

09:45:11 We are the board of the community redevelopment agency.

09:45:14 So for the city to be -- and City Council to be taking on

09:45:22 responsibilities that are making decisions about it, before

09:45:27 the board has made those decisions, that's what I'm trying

09:45:30 to prevent from happening.

09:45:34 And I can't tell you -- to me it makes no sense that if

09:45:38 something has never been heard by a council, I mean, I'm

09:45:42 sorry, by the CRA board, a majority, all of the board has

09:45:49 never even heard a discussion of this, we need to be know

09:45:52 about it before the City Council, you know, appropriates

09:45:56 that money to the budget.

09:46:01 It also, you know, highlights a project that's been

09:46:04 approved, or a program is changing, then that is happening.

09:46:09 That will happen whether we hear it as a CRA board or not.

09:46:12 So I think we need to hear it.

09:46:14 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think there are two separate issues,

09:46:19 because I think the impetus of what made you look at this a

09:46:23 second time was a contract to move money as opposed to

09:46:27 approving a contract.

09:46:29 The contract was already approved by previous CRA board, and

09:46:34 all we were doing was taking money that was already

09:46:36 earmarked for a specific project, instead of a developer

09:46:41 doing it, the city was doing it.

09:46:43 And that's one issue.

09:46:44 And the second issue that you are talking about, which is on

09:46:47 a contractual basis, I totally agree with.

09:46:50 I mean, we should look at what those contracts are within

09:46:54 the budget of CRA.

09:46:55 Because when we approve a full budget, we are going to come

09:46:59 with specific contractual obligations that we are going to

09:47:01 have either through the city or through a developer that we

09:47:05 either enter into with CRA or enter into with the city

09:47:10 itself, correct?

09:47:12 >>SAL TERRITO: I can explain the process.

09:47:14 The normal process is you get a CRA budget, and maybe a line

09:47:17 item in Drew Park, say, for facade grants.

09:47:20 You will put money in that category.

09:47:23 Then the city staff, that is your staff, is contracted by

09:47:27 the city to you, so all these contracts actually go through

09:47:30 the city rather than the CRA.

09:47:31 So if you have a line item for facade grants, say we have

09:47:35 $100,000 in here, someone wants to do a facade grant, they

09:47:39 need $25,000.

09:47:40 Since you already approved 100,000 for that category it will

09:47:43 come back before the City Council to actually do the

09:47:45 contract.

09:47:46 So it's the same staff people working for you because you

09:47:50 contract with the city to do your staff work because there's

09:47:52 a savings in administration and overhead.

09:47:55 You are not spending all your money on staff necessarily,

09:47:58 you are using it for projects.

09:47:59 But that's the process.

09:48:00 How you want to do that, that's really your call but that's

09:48:03 the process we have been following.

09:48:04 >> Let me just say one more thing.

09:48:06 I think that as the board of the CRA, it's our fiduciary

09:48:12 responsibility to have as much oversight as we can.

09:48:15 So I think the more time we take looking, we are spending

09:48:19 this money, the better.

09:48:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I agree with Councilwoman Mulhern.

09:48:27 Because at every meeting I bring up, you know, fiscal

09:48:31 responsibility and looking at the budget line items and

09:48:35 really watching every penny we spend.

09:48:37 And it's through the process that Mr. Territo just explained

09:48:42 to us, we are asking the staff -- I mean, they work for us.

09:48:48 They are contracted to us.

09:48:50 So in your for example, if someone applies for a facade

09:48:57 grant under their contractual obligation to us they prepare

09:48:59 the necessary steps and contract to move forward with that

09:49:01 facade grant, doing the leg work and drawing up the

09:49:05 documents and so forth.

09:49:07 Then, in my opinion, I mean, it should come back to the CRA,

09:49:14 because we are the ones who are responsible for that line

09:49:18 item budget under the CRA.

09:49:21 And they are working at that point contractually for us.

09:49:25 So for us to, as a CRA, look at it before it goes to council

09:49:32 to just spend the money and approve the contract, because as

09:49:35 we debate the issue as it comes forward to us under the

09:49:39 council agenda, more than likely it's going to be on

09:49:42 consent.

09:49:43 And we are not going to have the other opportunity to look

09:49:50 at the facade grant -- again I'm just using that as an

09:49:54 example -- to see if this money is being spent wisely, and

09:49:57 if the conditions have changed, because sometimes not with

09:50:00 the facade grant but other things, there is quite a long

09:50:03 time between the initial, you know, request by a citizen or

09:50:07 business for funding, and the actual contract being

09:50:11 executed.

09:50:13 So conditions might change.

09:50:16 Our focus might change.

09:50:18 Our scope might change.

09:50:18 And while the staff is preparing those documents, there may

09:50:23 be other conditions that have presented itself that we want

09:50:26 to revisit the situation.

09:50:29 I mean, I agree.

09:50:30 I think the CRA needs to, as a board, as an agency, needs to

09:50:37 work more closely with the staff on these tells.

09:50:40 Because at that point they are contracted to us.

09:50:43 Although, you know, they are technically employees of the

09:50:46 city, but they are contracted to us, and we are paying, you

09:50:50 know, a pretty penny for their services.

09:50:53 So I think that we should be responsible for the work that's

09:50:56 produced by them understood that contractual agreement.

09:50:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you want to say something?

09:51:02 >> A facade grant is not a good example, because the grants

09:51:07 are brought to you.

09:51:08 Anytime we are going to dispense with any money the people

09:51:12 are here in the audience, the process is completely

09:51:14 explained.

09:51:15 I think that the difference is when we go out to contract a

09:51:19 specific tour and we are going to build a park.

09:51:26 That specific contract is not brought to the CRA board.

09:51:28 Prior to us going to City Council, we do have a meeting, we

09:51:33 do tell the CRA board that we are going to build a park, we

09:51:37 put a line item in there to build a park, we are going to go

09:51:40 out to mid-bid.

09:51:41 But you're right.

09:51:42 The process, because of the approval process the way the

09:51:45 city is set up, is that you know we set money aside to build

09:51:51 a park.

09:51:51 We are told you we are going out to bid.

09:51:54 We have shown you the designs for the bid.

09:51:55 And then the bid has gone out and is approved by City

09:51:58 Council.

09:52:03 We can add a spectrum which is prior to going out to bid.

09:52:07 But, again, I think the CRA board is told on a fairly

09:52:12 regular basis, which is why these monthly reports, this is

09:52:16 what we are doing, this is what's happening, here is the

09:52:19 budget item, this is our process, here is the design for

09:52:22 what we are going to do, and then the process is because

09:52:25 City Council the people who sign off on a contract, that

09:52:30 that's why the process was set up that way.

09:52:33 But we could add a spectrum to that.

09:52:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And you're right, the facade grant is a

09:52:40 poor example.

09:52:41 But when the items are brought forward on City Council

09:52:44 agenda, we have or we are provided the contract oftentimes

09:52:50 to look over.

09:52:51 I know I have questioned several contracts, so I'm looking

09:52:54 at them.

09:52:57 But I don't see that on CRA.

09:52:59 Yes, we get the monthly reports.

09:53:01 But the contract, or the bid specifications are provided to

09:53:05 us as part of our CRA package.

09:53:09 So we don't get the opportunity as a CRA to examine the

09:53:14 details of that contract, the details of that bid.

09:53:16 We are just showing that it's moving forward as part of the

09:53:19 monthly report and just given a one or two-line status

09:53:23 update.

09:53:24 It's not in detail but we are provided as City Council, and

09:53:30 I think it should be the other way around.

09:53:31 I think as the CRA board is the time when we should be as a

09:53:35 board, because these are funds that are under our purview

09:53:40 more so as Councilwoman Mulhern pointed out than any other

09:53:47 City Council general budget items or general revenue fund

09:53:50 items.

09:53:50 So I think that we as a CRA need to take more responsibility

09:53:55 and have the opportunity to look at those contracts that are

09:53:59 affecting our budget as an agency.

09:54:02 >> Let me ask you a question.

09:54:06 Because the way the process works is again we employ the

09:54:09 city's contract management people.

09:54:10 They design the contract documents.

09:54:13 They are the ones who bid it.

09:54:15 So prior to these contracts putting out to bid, do we bring

09:54:20 them to the CRA after a successful bid is received?

09:54:25 Then do we take it to the CRA board and then to the City

09:54:29 Council?

09:54:31 Let's just talk about a process when you want to be involved

09:54:34 so I can understand.

09:54:34 >> It will lengthen the process a little bit depending on

09:54:38 dates, but that's fine.

09:54:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me have Councilman Suarez and

09:54:43 Councilwoman Mulhern.

09:54:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just have one more thing to say.

09:54:52 You are went to the gist of what I was talking about and I

09:54:55 understand the fiduciary responsibility we have, council

09:54:57 members, and I appreciate what you are trying to bring up.

09:55:00 Again, it's a procedural issue.

09:55:02 Do we want to have that second part of it where we are going

09:55:06 to go through contracts, each and every one, as a CRA board

09:55:10 as opposed to a City Council board?

09:55:13 Now, that's an issue for both us as a CRA and as council.

09:55:18 How do we want to do that?

09:55:20 I personally believe that the way it's set up now, I have

09:55:24 not had any issues with it.

09:55:27 It's not to say that somebody can't have a better idea,

09:55:30 can't be able to bring something up, not necessarily more

09:55:35 streamlined but more informational.

09:55:37 And I defer to both you all on that.

09:55:40 But in terms of what this will do with the process, I just

09:55:47 want to make sure that we understand that this is not about

09:55:50 our fiduciary responsibility in terms of contracts.

09:55:52 We already have that both here and at the City Council.

09:55:55 So, again, I have no problem with looking at some

09:56:00 procedures.

09:56:03 In my mind it looked like we were duplicating effort.

09:56:06 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Suarez, you will find in the

09:56:16 future that you are going to want more information, and that

09:56:19 the more information you get, the better.

09:56:21 My feeling is that this is our job and our responsibility,

09:56:28 and, Bob, what you are saying, certainly if there's going to

09:56:33 be a project, it will have come to the CRA board already,

09:56:38 correct?

09:56:40 We are already doing that.

09:56:41 >> Correct.

09:56:43 >>MARY MULHERN: So I think the point where there's going to

09:56:45 be a contract awarded, that it doesn't come back to us.

09:56:50 So this is my feeling about it.

09:56:54 And I don't see how this should present any kind of great

09:56:58 difficulty to the staff, considering that at this point, all

09:57:02 of our CRA administration has been contracted to city staff,

09:57:09 right?

09:57:12 >> Correct.

09:57:13 >>MARY MULHERN: So those individuals who are drawing up the

09:57:17 contract, negotiating contract, presenting it to council,

09:57:22 there's no reason that they can't do that same activity but

09:57:24 do it first for the CRA board.

09:57:28 >> The only issue is time.

09:57:30 And again I need to talk to contract management because

09:57:32 generally you have so many days after a winning bid is

09:57:35 submitted to award a bid.

09:57:38 The CRA board meets once a month.

09:57:40 So they will have to wait until the CRA board approves it

09:57:43 before it gets it on the docket of the City Council.

09:57:47 That's the only cumbersome thing in there.

09:57:49 And I don't know if that makes it then sometimes, in some

09:57:52 cases it might be 45 or 60 days before they can accomplish

09:57:55 both tasks.

09:57:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, they will need to plan for that so it

09:58:02 doesn't become a time problem.

09:58:03 I think that it's more important, and City Council does meet

09:58:11 pretty much weekly, and if we are not having a regular

09:58:15 council meeting, we do things like Dar whereby we had a

09:58:18 special called.

09:58:19 So getting it to council is not a problem.

09:58:21 So the initial job will be getting it to the CRA board.

09:58:26 I mean, I think that we are it as far as public oversight,

09:58:37 elected oversight of where these TIF dollars are going, that

09:58:42 is the CRA board.

09:58:43 We are the only ones who are elected, who are looking at how

09:58:47 this money is spent.

09:58:48 So I think it's very important.

09:58:53 I don't know.

09:58:54 We'll see how the board feels, if I can bring this back at

09:58:59 our next CRA meeting or if people feel it's a good idea,

09:59:02 I'll make the motion that we change this policy.

09:59:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: Can I interject something to the board

09:59:11 here?

09:59:11 If we, in all fairness, if we can table this till the next

09:59:16 CRA board for one reason.

09:59:21 I want you to speak to contract administration and see what

09:59:26 and have a report from them pertaining to if we go that

09:59:30 direction.

09:59:30 >> Honestly, off the top of my head, I can't tell you when

09:59:34 the city goes out to award a bid how many days they have to

09:59:37 go through that process, if it's good for 30 days or 60 days

09:59:41 or what that is.

09:59:42 But I will have somebody from contract administration

09:59:45 address that.

09:59:47 You know, whatever the board's pleasure is fine with me.

09:59:50 Again, I'm just concerned at agreeing to something that I'm

09:59:55 not sure that contract administration can do.

09:59:57 I'm certainly happy to serve at the board's pleasure and do

10:00:00 what you like.

10:00:01 >>HARRY COHEN: I just wanted to say, I support what

10:00:04 Councilman Reddick asks for in the time, because it seems to

10:00:08 me that it's clear what Councilwoman Mulhern is asking for.

10:00:12 And if you could come back to us with maybe some ways that

10:00:16 that could be accomplished without compromising the

10:00:19 procurement process, then everybody would be, I think,

10:00:23 satisfied.

10:00:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: And to Councilwoman Mulhern, I hope we are

10:00:32 able to take that to the next CRA.

10:00:34 When is the next one?

10:00:36 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm looking at it.

10:00:38 September 8th.

10:00:39 That's fine with me.

10:00:41 Although I do want to say that our procurement department is

10:00:50 contracted by us.

10:00:53 So if we ask them to accomplish what we need them to do as a

10:00:58 board, they should be able.

10:01:02 >> It has statutory restraints.

10:01:04 That's what we have to find out.

10:01:05 The statute that tells you when you have to award a bid

10:01:08 after they are open and so forth.

10:01:11 They are state processes.

10:01:12 That's what we need to find out.

10:01:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Right, and find out when they are going to

10:01:17 publish the bid.

10:01:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If it's only seven days -- if something

10:01:25 were to come to us as City Council, the CRA money is only a

10:01:29 week later.

10:01:30 So if we advance the process that they build in, you know,

10:01:34 knowing that they have to get something to us a little bit

10:01:38 early yes, it's noting moving up the schedule.

10:01:41 As part of the economic competitiveness committee, one of

10:01:44 the things that we are really, really looking at is timing.

10:01:47 And, you know, how long it takes something to be approved by

10:01:51 City Council.

10:01:52 So, you know, I support what is being asked for.

10:01:58 I think it very important that as a CRA we are responsible

10:02:01 for every dollar that's committed for those funds.

10:02:04 But I also, on the other hand, don't want to hold up the

10:02:06 process.

10:02:07 But looking at the dates, and if contract administration is

10:02:10 aware, they can meet their contractual obligations, they can

10:02:14 meet their federal requirements, they can meet all the

10:02:16 statutory regulations if they put it on the calendar and are

10:02:21 prepared to bring it forward, you know, a week or two

10:02:24 earlier.

10:02:24 >> Well, that's the point I was trying to make.

10:02:29 We don't have to loon at the statutes to see that those can

10:02:32 be easily met.

10:02:33 I'm not saying we can't do that but it's not because they

10:02:37 aren't doing their job, it's because they have restraints on

10:02:40 them when they do things.

10:02:41 That's the only point I was trying to make.

10:02:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, to this wonderful board here, we

10:02:47 can -- if we do it by September 8th.

10:02:52 Can I get a motion?

10:02:54 >>MARY MULHERN: I'll make a motion to come back, to

10:03:03 continue or to come back with a proposal for this be policy

10:03:14 on September 8th.

10:03:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: And that's to contract administration?

10:03:19 >>MARY MULHERN: No, I don't want contract administration to

10:03:22 do it.

10:03:24 In the meantime, I'll talk to them.

10:03:26 Any of us can talk to contract administration and get those

10:03:29 questions --

10:03:32 >> About a process that gives you information as a CRA board

10:03:34 that gives you comfort as far as contractual obligations

10:03:38 that are entered into by the CRAs.

10:03:40 Okay?

10:03:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

10:03:43 And ask Mr. McDonaugh come back with answers to that, and

10:03:48 Mr. Territo to whatever legal constraints are.

10:03:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: For September 8th, right?

10:03:54 Do we have a second?

10:03:55 >> Second.

10:03:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Moved by Councilwoman Mulhern, seconded by

10:03:59 Councilman Cohen.

10:04:00 Any further discussion on the motion?

10:04:02 All in favor say Aye.

10:04:05 Opposed?

10:04:06 We thank you, this wonderful board.

10:04:12 All right.

10:04:13 Anything else you want to say before we move?

10:04:22 All right.

10:04:22 Then we have public comments.

10:04:24 Anyone wishing to speak at this time can come before us and

10:04:28 speak to any matter on the agenda.

10:04:31 You have three minutes.

10:04:32 Please identify yourself and you have three minutes.

10:04:35 >> My name is Fran Costentino, president of the east Ybor

10:04:41 and civic association, a Barrio Latino commissioner, and

10:04:45 Ybor City Development Corporation board member.

10:04:48 I'm here to actually support Vince Pardo in presenting our

10:04:53 CRA budget, but on a personal level, just to let you know

10:04:58 how disappointed I am of what we read in the paper, that the

10:05:03 Port Authority has reneged on their donation to the

10:05:07 streetcar.

10:05:08 I was one of the first corporations that supported a

10:05:12 breakfast on the Bernie and actually have my conductor's

10:05:17 pass, have been a big supporter of the streetcar.

10:05:19 I think it is invaluable to our streetcar district, it's an

10:05:22 amenity that Northdale, town and country, everybody benefits

10:05:26 from the streetcar being in Ybor City.

10:05:28 And on a professional level, actually to express my adjust

10:05:35 that it was actually on a good faith effort that we had a

10:05:41 partnership, or an imaginary partnership between

10:05:44 Channelside, downtown, the port and us to support the

10:05:47 streetcar.

10:05:47 And we went over our budget, we banged our heads, we had to

10:05:51 cut and cut and cut, but yet Ybor City, and our TIF funds in

10:05:58 East Tampa have probably going down the lowest of anybody,

10:06:01 and our CRA 2 only had a budget of 128,000, and yet we voted

10:06:06 to give more than 10% to support the streetcar.

10:06:09 The Republican national convention is come.

10:06:13 I think they have set them up for failure.

10:06:15 They obviously cannot keep up the services that they have

10:06:17 right now with the loss of $150,000.

10:06:21 So instead of having the streetcar run every 15 to 20

10:06:25 minutes it's going to run every two hours.

10:06:27 What is that going to do?

10:06:28 Nobody is going to ride it.

10:06:29 So I'm just here to convey my displeasure and to see if

10:06:33 there's any pressure -- I don't know if it's too late for

10:06:36 any of this, but any of you that have any connections to

10:06:39 these four people, which is Mr. Shipp, Mrs. Murman, Mr.

10:06:43 Swindal and Mr. Dolan, to be do anything about get -- giving

10:06:50 money to the streetcar.

10:06:51 Mayor Buckhorn supported it, which he didn't 20 years ago

10:06:55 but at least he has supported it now, and we need that

10:06:58 money.

10:06:58 I mean, we need that streetcar.

10:07:00 That is so important to our historic district.

10:07:03 We have only two historic districts in the State of Florida

10:07:06 and I don't think the people in Northdale and town and

10:07:09 country what that does for Ybor City.

10:07:11 And I just say if there's anything you can do to be help to

10:07:15 have that board help support us, I appreciate it.

10:07:18 >> I'm on the Tampa historic streetcar as well as my

10:07:26 colleague Ms. Capin and we yesterday had a meeting about our

10:07:29 budget.

10:07:29 We are struggle, as you know, in terms of how much money we

10:07:32 have.

10:07:32 This is really a death blow to us because $150 out of a $1.5

10:07:38 million budget is a huge amount.

10:07:39 We are looking at every way possible, not only to try and

10:07:43 fill that hole for the next budget year, but also to find

10:07:46 other sources of revenue.

10:07:47 We are hoping that through negotiation with the federal

10:07:50 transit administration to allow us to use the streetcar for

10:07:54 advertising purposes, that we are not allowed to use right

10:07:57 now, even though every other federal transit administration

10:08:01 district throughout the country is allowed to use

10:08:03 advertising and charters on their streetcar.

10:08:08 So we are hoping to do that before the Republican national

10:08:11 convention comes so that they can use it for special events,

10:08:15 and hopefully, not only fill that gap, but also build up the

10:08:18 endowment that we have, unfortunately had to tap into

10:08:22 severely.

10:08:23 So thank you.

10:08:24 There are people working on it, though.

10:08:26 That's what I wanted to tell you.

10:08:27 >> So the Port Authority board voted?

10:08:39 Did the board vote to do that already?

10:08:42 >> Yes, ma'am.

10:08:43 >>MARY MULHERN: So the four people you mentioned are those

10:08:44 people who voted to cut the funding?

10:08:46 >> To cut the funding.

10:08:47 And that's what is so sad.

10:08:49 If there would have been just one more vote.

10:08:51 It wasn't like unanimous.

10:08:52 You can say, okay, the economy is bad and we all had to give

10:08:56 it up but it was 4 to 3.

10:08:58 It was actually the ones that voted against it was Shipp,

10:09:01 Murman, Swindal, and Dolan, and Lindell, Buckhorn and Brown

10:09:07 supported it, so they pulled it on a 4-3 vote which broke my

10:09:10 heart.

10:09:10 It's setting up for failure.

10:09:12 The services are going to be cut, I think according to the

10:09:14 one newspaper article, like about 10%.

10:09:17 And with all that's going on in Ybor City, I think it's just

10:09:20 going to drastically hurt.

10:09:21 But when we started this out, it was like a gentleman's or

10:09:27 gentlewoman's agreement we would all support.

10:09:29 This on a personal level I have been supporting it from day

10:09:32 one.

10:09:32 But, you know, when we voted on our budget, we actually cut

10:09:36 our services east of 22nd street.

10:09:39 We are not even going to have the services and we gave up so

10:09:41 much so that we could devote out of our 128,000, 15,000 is

10:09:47 going to support the streetcar which is more than 10%, and

10:09:51 it's just like I really don't get it.

10:09:54 I don't understand it sir.

10:09:55 Was on the streetcar board for a few years, and sadly I'm

10:09:59 not on there anymore, but I was also on the MPO, and when we

10:10:04 got our big stimulus package for transportation, every penny

10:10:10 that we got out of the reinvestment money went to the port's

10:10:19 connector that I-4 connector which is going through Ybor

10:10:22 City, and that was all because of the push and the demands

10:10:27 of the port of Tampa.

10:10:29 So they got -- not even the lions share.

10:10:35 They got every penny of our transportation dollar so I'm

10:10:38 disappointed they couldn't give that also bit --

10:10:42 >> The streetcar goes from Ybor City to downtown.

10:10:44 So they are really like shooting themselves in the foot.

10:10:47 It really is supporting their cruise business.

10:10:50 It's not so much that we are worried about bringing the

10:10:52 cruise business to Ybor City but Ybor City to them, and I

10:10:55 don't get the lonely I can and the fact that 4-3 is totally,

10:10:59 totally upsetting to all of us.

10:11:04 We are here to support our budget but I just feel they

10:11:07 reneged on the deal.

10:11:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: When the council meets this evening, if we

10:11:12 decide to send a letter to ask them to reconsider the

10:11:16 $150,000, maybe we can convince them.

10:11:20 Hopefully we can get a letter from the council this evening.

10:11:23 >> Thank you.

10:11:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Next?

10:11:31 >> Al Davis: Mr. Chairman, other members of the CRA, I'm Al

10:11:41 Davis from 3717 east Wilder Avenue.

10:11:51 While that is my official residence, contribute toward the

10:11:57 generation of the TIF revenue, I'm also a designated

10:12:04 volunteer analyst of the observation of what's happening

10:12:14 with the CRA as a role, and also with particular interest on

10:12:22 the East Tampa CRA.

10:12:27 I'm sure you know the distinction between the CRA -- and I

10:12:34 have learned that is the Community Redevelopment Agency, and

10:12:40 the redevelopment area.

10:12:47 I happen to be a resident of the redevelopment area, which I

10:12:51 am an official donor toward the TIF dollars directly.

10:12:56 As a matter of fact, I got my notice in the mail the other

10:13:02 day concerning those taxing authority which the TIF dollars

10:13:13 are generated from.

10:13:16 Mr. Chairman, I was delighted to be present in that

10:13:21 intellectual conversation that you all just finished having,

10:13:24 and I commend you all for having it, and particularly member

10:13:31 Mulhern, I'm so glad you had the wisdom and the experience

10:13:37 of some of your earlier colleagues, and I would recommend

10:13:43 that you take into consideration their shared experience.

10:13:48 I'm going to continue to be here with you.

10:13:52 I know you meet monthly.

10:13:55 And in terms of time, I know you have the ability to have

10:13:58 been special called meetings, because it's interesting, you

10:14:02 are one and the same, but yet you are still different.

10:14:06 And I think that was a good move that was made back then

10:14:12 when the initial CRA area was called out.

10:14:20 And if we could redevelop our community and our

10:14:27 neighborhood.

10:14:28 And I'm looking forward to continued involvement,

10:14:32 Mr. Chairman.

10:14:32 Thank you.

10:14:33 And best wishes.

10:14:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:14:37 Next.

10:14:39 >> Good morning.

10:14:40 I'm Don Barco, a member of the YCDC board.

10:14:45 And I have a letter here that someone had spoken of a

10:14:48 letter, I think it was Councilman Reddick, a letter from the

10:14:52 YCDC from Joe Aman to City Council and I would like to be

10:14:59 submit that, if I may.

10:15:08 As I said, I sit on the YCDC board, and this year our budget

10:15:14 was a little over a million dollars, and for the past two

10:15:20 years we have been asked to cut our budget in order to

10:15:24 continue to contribute to the streetcar, which we, after

10:15:28 much discussion, were all glad to do because we all realized

10:15:32 how important the streetcar is, not only to Ybor City but

10:15:35 the entire corridor from downtown through Channelside on

10:15:40 through Ybor City.

10:15:42 And I find it really egregious with our -- compared to the

10:15:49 port's budget, our paltry budget.

10:15:52 I understand that the port in July, I think they had profits

10:15:56 of revenues after expenses of about $16 million.

10:16:01 And I just find this really egregious with a player, a

10:16:06 stakeholder in this area, that they choose not to contribute

10:16:14 their fair share to the streetcar.

10:16:23 And a tremendous benefit has been demonstrated before, a

10:16:26 tremendous benefit to all of Tampa, and there is just so

10:16:31 many things about this that is wrong on their part.

10:16:36 They are one of the biggest property owners down there.

10:16:38 They don't pay the special assessment.

10:16:41 They don't pay property taxes.

10:16:43 Yet they don't have the money to contribute their fair

10:16:45 share.

10:16:46 As a private citizen, I think they should be ashamed of

10:16:50 themselves, because this is something that we have been

10:16:53 trying to do in Tampa for many years, is improve this area,

10:16:57 and for them to pull out like they have, he special reply

10:17:00 after Councilman Mulhern, I just heard you say about the

10:17:07 stimulus money, I think it was, that we gave them so much,

10:17:10 and they are choosing not to give back anything.

10:17:13 It's just really not being a good community neighbor, is the

10:17:19 way I see it.

10:17:20 I thank you for your time.

10:17:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:17:26 All right.

10:17:31 That's the end of public comments.

10:17:32 We will now go to approval items.

10:17:35 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 4 is a draft of the budget

10:17:41 book and service agreement.

10:17:44 It is the same that you had received last month.

10:17:47 This is the final draft.

10:17:48 What I am asking is please, if you will, take a chance to

10:17:53 take a look at that, and see if there are any comments or

10:17:57 changes would you like to make before we go to print with

10:17:59 that.

10:18:06 Item number 5 is the presentation of the fiscal 12 budget.

10:18:14 And I must say I was deeply wounded last month when we were

10:18:19 accused of death by PowerPoint.

10:18:23 [ Laughter ]

10:18:23 And so what we have done for this presentation is made it

10:18:30 considerably shorter to the point, and, more importantly,

10:18:34 one of the questions that has come up several times during

10:18:37 these conversations is, what are you going to do considering

10:18:41 that the funding for this fiscal year 12 is how much less

10:18:46 than it had been in the past.

10:18:53 So what we have done with this document today is to show you

10:19:03 exactly how much money is existing in the existing budgets

10:19:08 from previous years, as well as the fiscal year 12.

10:19:11 Again, next month, you are going to be asked to approve the

10:19:14 fiscal year 12, so we have that highlighted as a separate

10:19:18 column.

10:19:18 But we are showing you exactly what's left of previous

10:19:23 year's budgets.

10:19:26 The column to the far right will be the budget that we are

10:19:29 asking to approve next month, fiscal year 12, which shows

10:19:34 the lions share of the money going towards the convention

10:19:37 center bond, the streetcar which was previously mentioned,

10:19:42 and then the operating expenses.

10:19:44 If you will look in '9, '10 and '11 there are some moneys

10:19:48 left.

10:19:49 The moneys for the redevelopment investment are bond dollars

10:19:53 that have not been taken out of the equation, and I'm assume

10:19:58 that the finance and budget people will find a way to remove

10:20:01 those moneys from the budget.

10:20:02 So that will balance out to zero.

10:20:03 But that is the existing budget for downtown.

10:20:08 So there's the same numbers, distilled to two columns.

10:20:15 There's fiscal year 12, and then there's the prior year's

10:20:19 balance added together to give you an idea again exactly how

10:20:23 much money is left over from existing budgets and where they

10:20:26 can be applied.

10:20:28 And I am assume with several of our CRAs during the coming

10:20:34 year we will be moving some of the prior years moneys to

10:20:38 different columns to cover up some of the activities, and

10:20:42 projects for fiscal year 12.

10:20:46 But right now, again, because we are in the fiscal year 12,

10:20:50 what we are looking at is the budget year for '12.

10:20:53 The Channel District.

10:21:00 Again, the far right column lit up in yellow is exactly what

10:21:05 is the budget for this year.

10:21:07 Capital improvement projects.

10:21:09 That redevelopment investment is the loan that we took out

10:21:13 for the underground vault.

10:21:18 So the 2.5 million, approximately half of that goes towards

10:21:22 that.

10:21:22 But we do have existing funds, and we have talked about the

10:21:26 improvements on Kennedy Boulevard, the improvements on 12th

10:21:29 Street.

10:21:36 Do you have any specific questions either about downtown or

10:21:38 the Channel District?

10:21:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Doing good, Bob.

10:21:49 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Okay.

10:21:51 I know that was one of the questions that the board had was

10:21:54 that, you know, we don't have a lot of money this year, how

10:21:59 we are going to continue on.

10:22:01 So this has been reformatted to show you exactly how much

10:22:03 money we have existing, where it is in the prior years, and

10:22:06 how we can continue on.

10:22:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, it's very helpful, especially to see

10:22:14 the year by year budget.

10:22:15 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Good. With your pleasure, I will continue

10:22:20 on and actually move through each of the districts.

10:22:29 Ybor City again.

10:22:45 If you notice on that right hand column there, there are a

10:22:48 number -- there are dollars left over from prior years which

10:22:51 can be used to either support current activities or to be

10:22:56 moved to do other projects.

10:23:12 Ybor 2.

10:23:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Bob, let me ask you a question.

10:23:18 They are paying for code enforcement officers?

10:23:22 >> Yes, sir.

10:23:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: They have the separate code enforcement?

10:23:26 >> They actually contract to have a person out there on

10:23:29 nights and weekends.

10:23:30 It was felt from the business owners in Ybor City that that

10:23:35 would be a helpful thing to have.

10:23:38 Ybor City has done several things with the consensus of the

10:23:42 business owners and operators and taxpayers in Ybor City.

10:23:46 One is that they felt that they had a higher need for

10:23:50 cleanliness, so they contracted special services for a power

10:23:55 washing sidewalks and street cleaning.

10:23:57 They also have contract for the code enforcement officer.

10:24:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: And who is the employee?

10:24:07 >>BOB McDONAUGH: It's a city employee.

10:24:08 They actually contract with the city.

10:24:10 So basically it's someone doing overtime work to have them

10:24:13 out there in case they need them on the nights and weekends.

10:24:17 >>HARRY COHEN: Question.

10:24:26 And not to get ahead of the discussion we are going to have

10:24:28 about the streetcar tonight.

10:24:29 But I noticed that in each budget, there's a prior year

10:24:33 balance understood streetcar projects.

10:24:37 Is that money that is not earmarked?

10:24:41 >> It has not been drawn down.

10:24:46 It's an annual investment drawn down during the period of

10:24:49 the year and that's the case with some of these existing.

10:24:52 You will see like in fiscal year 11 it will still show some

10:24:55 money for salaries and overhead, but we haven't finished the

10:24:58 fiscal year.

10:24:59 And so there's moneys left that have not been drawn down.

10:25:02 >> Is there any expectation that there will be money spent

10:25:04 at the end of the fiscal year?

10:25:07 >> For the streetcar?

10:25:08 >> Yes.

10:25:09 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No.

10:25:10 That was an obviously made and it's being drawn down.

10:25:14 Hope springs eternal.

10:25:16 [ Laughter ]

10:25:19 East Tampa.

10:25:22 Again, this is one of the district that people had real

10:25:25 questions about, the $31,000 number.

10:25:37 That gives you an idea where those moneys were earmarked in

10:25:42 prior years.

10:25:43 Obviously the lions share of that is for 22nd street, set

10:25:48 aside for land assemblage.

10:25:50 And I'm pretty sure East Tampa will be come back in the

10:25:53 not-too-distant future to reappropriate some of that money.

10:25:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: And add code enforcement officer in there

10:26:01 somewhere.

10:26:01 >> One of the things they have is that environmental

10:26:04 clean-up.

10:26:05 There's the clean-team.

10:26:06 Because one of the things it does, it takes care of that

10:26:09 illegal dumping, but also hires a lot of local youth to

10:26:12 work.

10:26:12 And so that is something that's deemed a very desirable

10:26:15 program by the residents in East Tampa.

10:26:29 This one is not quite as difficult to explain.

10:26:35 Again, as I say, what's kind of interesting there, most of

10:26:38 the structures, we are going to see some of them going

10:26:40 vertical in the next couple of weeks

10:27:07 And we mentioned earlier that the engineer has been engaged

10:27:10 for the stormwater project for Drew Park.

10:27:14 And so that top line there, you see capital improvement

10:27:17 projects.

10:27:17 Most of those dollars in there are earmarked for both

10:27:21 stormwater and streetscape programs that Drew Park has.

10:27:31 But, really, the idea behind this exercise is to be show you

10:27:34 that although we have nominal amounts of money in the 2012

10:27:39 budget in several of our CRA districts, we do have money

10:27:41 from prior years that we will use as stop gaps to continue

10:27:45 on with the programs that we have.

10:28:11 Questions?

10:28:20 >> Thank you for that presentation.

10:28:21 >> Again, which was admonished of death by PowerPoint so I

10:28:27 promised to make this as short and painless as I possibly

10:28:30 could.

10:28:34 Any questions before I move to the next item of business?

10:28:40 Number 6 is we lost one of our CRA advisory board members.

10:28:48 Hunt her was accepted into the M.I.T. graduate real estate

10:28:52 program, and so he has left the Channel District for Boston.

10:28:56 He was a great kid to have on our board, very engaged, and

10:29:00 I'm very happy that we have a fellow here today, Jordan

10:29:06 Schrader, who has applied for the vacant position.

10:29:11 With advertising we received one application, and it was Mr.

10:29:14 Schrader's, and here's here in the audience if you would

10:29:17 like to ask him some questions.

10:29:20 He has been attending CRA advisory board meetings for a long

10:29:23 time on his own time.

10:29:25 He's engaged in the community and I think will make a great

10:29:28 addition to our board.

10:29:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Would you like to speak?

10:29:36 You're over 18, right are? [ Laughter ]

10:29:40 >> Yes, sir.

10:29:40 >> You look young.

10:29:42 >> Council members, I'm Jordan Schrader, 302 south harbor

10:29:47 place, Tampa 33602.

10:29:51 I look forward to the opportunity, and I thank you for

10:29:53 accepting my application.

10:29:57 Civil engineer who grew up in Pasco County, went to high

10:29:59 school at Jesuit in Tampa, moved back to the community, I

10:30:02 have been working now, and I look forward to an opportunity

10:30:05 to continue to serve my community.

10:30:07 Thank you so much.

10:30:08 If you have any questions, I hope I can answer them.

10:30:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions?

10:30:16 >> You live on Harbor Island?

10:30:17 >> Yes.

10:30:18 I live on Harbor Island and work in Ybor.

10:30:21 So I'm familiar with the Channel District.

10:30:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I hope you take the trolley all the

10:30:27 time.

10:30:27 >> I do.

10:30:28 >> Move the appointment.

10:30:32 >> Second.

10:30:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by board member Cohen, second by

10:30:41 Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:30:42 All those in favor?

10:30:44 Those opposed?

10:30:45 Thank you.

10:30:45 Congratulations.

10:30:46 >> Thank you.

10:30:49 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 7.

10:30:56 It's some fiscal housekeeping, a program change.

10:30:59 And again, I think we are going to be seeing more of this

10:31:03 H.again, you saw the budgets, and we will be reprogram

10:31:06 moneys to continue on with the projects that we have.

10:31:09 This is a Channel District, a program change.

10:31:12 It's taking money from the 2000 land assemblage park

10:31:17 program.

10:31:17 Again the park plan has been built as the park has been

10:31:20 bought.

10:31:21 And so that land, the money that was left over is going to

10:31:23 be moved into a project fund.

10:31:27 And the York Street stormwater basin, the project was

10:31:31 complete.

10:31:31 This was money remaining in the account.

10:31:33 So it's being swept to another project, which is

10:31:38 infrastructure analysis and engineering.

10:31:40 >> This will be come back to you, City Council, next week.

10:31:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: We need a motion to approve.

10:31:56 Oh, I'm sorry.

10:31:57 >>MARY MULHERN: I want ton ask a quick question first.

10:31:59 This is money left over from the park assemblage, the

10:32:04 purchase of land?

10:32:06 >> Yes, ma'am.

10:32:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Where are we with -- we have the one park.

10:32:14 Was there more land purchased?

10:32:15 >> Not yet.

10:32:16 Although, if you recall, the related group is building a

10:32:19 lineal park within the property along 11th street.

10:32:24 And they are actually going in for permits either next week

10:32:28 or the week after.

10:32:30 So we will have a park two blocks south of this one, and I

10:32:34 have been looking north again to service as many parts of

10:32:39 the community as we can.

10:32:40 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm just wondering why we are not putting

10:32:44 this money back into -- because originally it was

10:32:47 appropriated for assemblage for those pocket parks, right?

10:32:56 The basin and the Channel District.

10:32:58 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Correct.

10:33:00 And I'm assume probably at some point in the not-too-distant

10:33:04 future that I will be come back to you with requests for

10:33:07 appropriations for Parkland.

10:33:09 But this was $2,160.

10:33:13 And that's --

10:33:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, it's only the 2,000.

10:33:18 I was looking at projected costs.

10:33:20 >> What was the 76,000?

10:33:24 >> That was remainder from the York Street stormwater

10:33:29 project, a construction project.

10:33:31 >>HARRY COHEN: That's in year two?

10:33:33 >> Yes.

10:33:35 So there's $2,160.

10:33:37 It was a de minimis amount of money.

10:33:40 >>MARY MULHERN: I understand.

10:33:41 Thanks.

10:33:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Motion to approve item number 7.

10:33:46 >> Second.

10:33:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by board member Montelione, seconded

10:33:51 by board member Suarez.

10:33:54 All those in favor?

10:33:56 Those opposed?

10:33:57 Thank you, sir.

10:34:03 All right.

10:34:04 Any new business?

10:34:05 Board member Montelione?

10:34:09 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, sir.

10:34:16 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to make sure that everyone is

10:34:19 comfortable with taking up the Ybor City letter at our night

10:34:27 council meeting.

10:34:30 We could write a letter as the CRA board, too, but now that

10:34:36 I read this and had time to think about it, I think it might

10:34:40 have more impact come from City Council.

10:34:42 So I just wanted to make sure everybody was comfortable with

10:34:45 that.

10:34:46 >> Absolutely.

10:34:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

10:34:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: New business, board member Suarez.

10:34:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: None, thank you.

10:34:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: Get a motion to receive and file?

10:35:00 >> So moved.

10:35:01 >> Second.

10:35:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: All in favor?

10:35:04 All right.

10:35:04 We thank you.

10:35:04 We stand adjourned.


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