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Tuesday, August 8, 2011
1:30 p.m. Special Called Meeting

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1:37:08PM >>MARY MULHERN: Good Monday afternoon.
1:37:46PM We will be having invocation? Oh, thank you.
1:37:54PM I yield to Shirley Foxx-Knowles for our invocation.
1:37:59PM And then we'll stand for the pledge of allegiance.
1:38:01PM >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Good afternoon, council, and thank
1:38:05PM you.
1:38:06PM Let us pray.
1:38:07PM Father, we thank you once again for another beautiful
1:38:09PM afternoon here in the City of Tampa.
1:38:12PM We give you thanks for your grace and your mercy.
1:38:16PM Thank you, father, for how you have blessed us.
1:38:19PM Thank you for the opportunity to be here at this moment in
1:38:23PM time.
1:38:24PM Bless our council, our mayor, our administration, our

1:38:28PM employees, and our citizens.
1:38:31PM Thank you again for blessing us to live and work in this
1:38:34PM great city.
1:38:36PM You have been so good to us and we are truly thankful.
1:38:40PM Today, we ask you to bless this special meeting as council
1:38:45PM takes care of city matters.
1:38:47PM Guide our council so that they will do what is best for all
1:38:50PM of our citizens.
1:38:52PM Let us remember to be instruments of your will.
1:38:56PM We pray for your blessings, your peace, your grace, and your
1:39:00PM mercy.
1:39:01PM In your most holy name we pray.
1:39:05PM Let us all say amen.
1:39:07PM [ Pledge of Allegiance ]
1:39:31PM Roll call.
1:39:32PM [Roll Call]
1:39:41PM >>MARY MULHERN: This is our special called meeting to
1:39:43PM discuss the federal grant applications for the HUD grant.
1:39:47PM And I believe we'll hear from Ms. Little?
1:39:55PM Or Dennis?
1:40:00PM Someone with a lovely PowerPoint.
1:40:05PM >> I'm sorry.
1:40:07PM Could I have the PowerPoint up, please?
1:40:14PM Thank you.
1:40:15PM We have of a very brief PowerPoint presentation, council, to

1:40:19PM recap some of the items we discussed, and some milestones of
1:40:24PM this particular process.
1:40:25PM And we'll answer some questions.
1:40:27PM And I believe the legal office is also going to get up.
1:40:34PM All right, ladies and gentlemen, under the requirements.
1:40:36PM Federal government, the 24 CFR, 570.205, the code of federal
1:40:44PM regulations.
1:40:45PM This is our master plan as to how we coordinate this process
1:40:49PM and interact with the applicants and decide how the funding
1:40:52PM and where the funding is going to be appropriated to.
1:40:55PM You can see some of the goals of these regulations are
1:40:58PM encouragement of citizen participation, the holding of
1:41:02PM public hearings.
1:41:03PM Again, it's a minimum of one public hearing required.
1:41:06PM The City of Tampa hold two.
1:41:08PM Again in an effort to increase public participation.
1:41:12PM We got notification requirements mandated by this federal
1:41:15PM regulation, and a performance report every single year is
1:41:19PM also required.
1:41:21PM I have got a copy of the latest ones here.
1:41:23PM We didn't this once it's complete.
1:41:26PM We put a draft on the Internet and make it available to the
1:41:31PM public via the library, for instance, before we submit it to
1:41:34PM the housing and development office.
1:41:36PM Technical assistance, we provide a workshop for those

1:41:39PM entities who are requesting funding by means of our RFP,
1:41:43PM request for proposals, program, and, of course, this is one
1:41:47PM of the most transparent activities that this office
1:41:50PM undertakes in terms of access to records and what we
1:41:54PM advertise in the newspapers and things like that.
1:41:58PM The request for proposal process is just a relatively small
1:42:03PM component of the community development block grant.
1:42:05PM When you take all of our grant funding in its entirety, it's
1:42:09PM almost $40 million when you include the community
1:42:12PM development block grant, housing opportunities for persons
1:42:16PM with aids, the MSP 1, 2 and 3.
1:42:21PM Our request for proposal funding of the community
1:42:23PM development block grant is only a little over $500,000, if
1:42:28PM I'm not mistaken, correct?
1:42:30PM And these are some of the milestones in that process.
1:42:33PM We issue the request for proposals.
1:42:36PM We score and rank the requests for proposals.
1:42:39PM This particular year, we got over 50 proposals, and the
1:42:44PM ranking committee opted to fund a little over 30 of the
1:42:47PM organizations with this little more than $500,000.
1:42:52PM Staff presents the funding scenarios to the administration,
1:42:56PM and the administration approves funding and prepares the
1:42:59PM action plan for submission to HUD, and that's the plan that
1:43:04PM you have seen that sits before you today.
1:43:07PM We notice from the time frame, you can see we began the

1:43:14PM technical assistant workshop for the request for proposals
1:43:17PM back in late January.
1:43:19PM We simultaneously -- correct me if I am wrong -- conduct the
1:43:23PM assistant workshop and open up the request for proposal
1:43:28PM process.
1:43:29PM The submission deadline for the RFP is, at least this year,
1:43:34PM was the first week of March, and the first public hearing to
1:43:37PM start the citizen input and council informative process was
1:43:43PM on March 10th.
1:43:44PM The review and consideration of the RFP, as you can see
1:43:47PM here, lasted through May.
1:43:52PM Continuing on, we have the second public hearing for the
1:43:55PM recommended action plan, beginning of June, and we scheduled
1:44:00PM approval before City Council, as you can see here, our
1:44:05PM submission deadline to the housing and urban development
1:44:07PM office is August 15th, and our fiscal year coincides
1:44:11PM with the city's fiscal year, October 1st.
1:44:15PM We submit the consolidated annual performance and evaluation
1:44:19PM report.
1:44:19PM That's the performance report I referenced earlier.
1:44:22PM Our plan is to do that no later than the end of this
1:44:25PM calendar year.
1:44:29PM We have a couple of slides here telling you our source and
1:44:32PM uses of funds.
1:44:33PM As you can see here, you have the housing opportunities for

1:44:35PM persons with aids, community development block grant, a
1:44:42PM little over a third each, the home investment partnership at
1:44:45PM 20%, our next largest, and then we have a couple relatively
1:44:49PM small programs, emergency shelter grants program.
1:44:54PM Program income, CDBG and prior year funding.
1:44:58PM What you do not see referenced here are the NSP awards
1:45:03PM totaling, I think, almost $30 million.
1:45:08PM $28 million.
1:45:09PM And that's a separate federal funding program, but
1:45:13PM nevertheless funding program that the City of Tampa staff
1:45:17PM administrators.
1:45:18PM And these this is where the funding is allocated.
1:45:25PM I won't go into each one but I will identify the larger
1:45:27PM ones.
1:45:29PM HOPWA, housing for persons with aids 20%, housing
1:45:34PM administration in the upper right at 13%, and general
1:45:38PM administration at 7%.
1:45:42PM You can see some of the other allocations before you.
1:45:47PM We had received a number of questions from council this be
1:45:50PM morning.
1:45:52PM I think, if I'm not mistaken, a little over 20 questions we
1:45:55PM are working on consolidating and providing those responses
1:46:00PM to City Council, probably under separate cover.
1:46:03PM We have some answers for you today.
1:46:08PM If you would give me the latitude to address a couple of

1:46:13PM those, if you would like.
1:46:18PM I'm sorry?
1:46:18PM Oh, they have not been distributed yet.
1:46:20PM >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Montelione, did you have a
1:46:24PM question?
1:46:24PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I think Mr. O'Hara was asking me
1:46:28PM if I would give him the latitude to answer some of these
1:46:31PM questions.
1:46:32PM Yes, by all means.
1:46:33PM I apologize for the lateness.
1:46:34PM I was trying to work on them all day Friday, and finally got
1:46:40PM to transmitting them late Friday evening.
1:46:43PM >> Well, thank you.
1:46:45PM And again, we began working on them first thing this
1:46:48PM morning, so we'll give the response to the entire City
1:46:52PM Council.
1:46:52PM I believe what's being passed around right now, ma'am, are
1:46:56PM your questions in e-mail form.
1:46:57PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Before you do that --
1:47:08PM >>MARY MULHERN: Let me say this real quickly.
1:47:10PM I would like to hear your entire presentation, and then
1:47:14PM we'll go to the questions.
1:47:17PM Councilman Capin.
1:47:19PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, thank you.
1:47:20PM Because I have nine questions that I put together.

1:47:27PM So I apologize for not getting them to you sooner, but they
1:47:30PM may be duplicates, so we'll see as we go along.
1:47:41PM Where I'll wait for the answers and see.
1:47:43PM >> That is the extent of my official presentation.
1:47:51PM It's entirely up to council whether they would like me to
1:47:53PM answer some questions.
1:47:54PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Do you want me to go through and ask the
1:47:58PM questions and you can provide the answers that you have, or
1:48:00PM since you have the questions, do you want --
1:48:03PM >> I can do that.
1:48:05PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Why don't we?
1:48:07PM Madam Chair, does that fit in?
1:48:11PM >>MARY MULHERN: Why don't we -- I'm just looking at your
1:48:18PM questions.
1:48:18PM Why don't we have him answer your questions first, and then
1:48:22PM you can return to things that they haven't been able to
1:48:27PM answer, if you need to.
1:48:28PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, okay.
1:48:29PM So go ahead and ask and answer the questions that you found
1:48:33PM answers for.
1:48:33PM >> Yes, ma'am.
1:48:35PM And again, it is our intent to provide answers to all of
1:48:38PM these questions under separate cover to you all in their
1:48:41PM entirety.
1:48:41PM But what we have so far, our first question was, do we have

1:48:44PM a list of neighborhoods being served under the capital
1:48:47PM projects?
1:48:47PM I understand the need for sidewalks resurfacing and
1:48:50PM referencing fencing in parks, what is the traffic calming,
1:48:55PM given the recent problems the county just experienced in
1:48:58PM traffic calming elements and things of that nature.
1:49:02PM City-wide fencing funding is 25,000.
1:49:07PM City-wide street resurfacing funding is $172,990.
1:49:13PM Just under $173,000.
1:49:16PM The locations for these fiscal year 2012 have not been
1:49:19PM determined yet, but will be in eligible CDBG areas.
1:49:25PM Pending sites for parks and recreation and the department of
1:49:29PM public works are forthcoming.
1:49:32PM For the current fiscal year, 2011, city-wide street
1:49:36PM resurfacing was done in various locations in Drew Park.
1:49:39PM City-wide fencing was done in Wellswood park, Woodland
1:49:43PM Terrace Park, Williams park, Gibbons park, Forest Hills
1:49:47PM park, and CAPAZ park and Calvin Taylor park.
1:49:52PM Again you will get all these responses in writing but these
1:49:54PM were the answers that we had at this time.
1:49:56PM So you have heard -- which particular parks were done in the
1:50:00PM current fiscal year.
1:50:01PM Fiscal year 12 will again be based on those eligible in CDBG
1:50:07PM areas as provided to us by the parks and recreation and
1:50:09PM department of public works.

1:50:12PM Administration costs of a little over 1.5 million.
1:50:16PM In the pie chart shows housing administration and general
1:50:20PM administration together equal approximately 20%, and as
1:50:27PM administrative costs are calculated two ways.
1:50:30PM The following amounts are calculated using the percentage
1:50:32PM allowed by the federal government for administration costs.
1:50:35PM And if I am not mistaken that federal cap is 20%.
1:50:40PM CDBG, community development block grant housing
1:50:43PM administration, is a little under $945,000, and this
1:50:47PM consists of 14 staff at the housing and community
1:50:51PM development division, and their associated operating costs.
1:50:56PM General administration costs are just under $600,000, and
1:51:00PM this is based upon salaries and wages for certain staff in
1:51:05PM the period of time that they allocate to be administering
1:51:08PM the community development block grant program.
1:51:12PM At just five and a quarter full-time equivalent.
1:51:15PM They manager the fiscal and planning portion of this
1:51:18PM program, and it's tube two housing and financial
1:51:22PM coordinating staff, two accounting staff under the revenue
1:51:24PM of finance department, and one and a quarter budget staff.
1:51:27PM That's under the budget office in the revenue and finance
1:51:30PM department.
1:51:31PM The associated operating costs, the costs to audit the
1:51:36PM program and cost allocation costs.
1:51:38PM Again, you will receive this in writing, and as we discussed

1:51:42PM with the chair earlier, a more detailed breakdown whereof
1:51:45PM these administrative costs go.
1:51:47PM But at the heart of it, you have a little less than $2
1:51:52PM million worth of administrative costs, almost $40 million
1:51:55PM worth of federal grant funding.
1:51:59PM Again, the federal cap is 20% in terms of administrative
1:52:03PM reimbursement.
1:52:04PM >>MARY MULHERN: Dennis, can I ask a question just briefly
1:52:08PM ^?
1:52:12PM So the allowance in these grants is 20% for administrative
1:52:15PM costs.
1:52:16PM Is there a process in reporting where you have to account
1:52:22PM for the actual dollar amount for administration?
1:52:28PM >> Dennis O'Hara: Yes, ma'am.
1:52:31PM We have to defend these figures to the housing and urban
1:52:33PM development office ^.
1:52:35PM You can use a couple different mechanisms.
1:52:37PM I think you can go a bona fide time card method where if I
1:52:40PM work one hour on this day for this grant we can write it
1:52:44PM down or use a proration estimate.
1:52:47PM I believe we use a proration estimate here.
1:52:50PM Okay, we use two different ways.
1:52:52PM But, yes, we have to defend these figures.
1:52:54PM >>MARY MULHERN: Is that part of the December report that
1:52:57PM you do every year?

1:52:59PM >> Yes, comprehensive performance plan?
1:53:03PM Yes, it's part of our -- what we essentially call the CAPR.
1:53:09PM >> So we can use, for instance, the one from last year?
1:53:12PM It's in there?
1:53:13PM >> Yes.
1:53:14PM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
1:53:15PM >> Again, I think officially our reimbursement rate in the
1:53:20PM City of Tampa is 17%, although the legislation allows us to
1:53:26PM get reimbursed up to 20%.
1:53:30PM The next question was regarding housing opportunities for
1:53:33PM persons with aids.
1:53:35PM And the 40% of expenses for that particular program.
1:53:40PM As you can see from my action plan, a total entitlement
1:53:43PM award of almost $10 million, a little over 9.5 million, and
1:53:48PM the amount of program for HOPWA activities was almost $4
1:53:53PM million, and of course that translates to about 40% of the
1:53:57PM available appropriation for that particular examine
1:54:00PM component of our federal funding.
1:54:03PM Simply stated, we get almost $4 million for housing
1:54:07PM opportunities for persons with aids, and we spend that $4
1:54:11PM million on those particular activities.
1:54:14PM And the amount of funding that we get allocated for that
1:54:17PM purpose is about 40%.
1:54:21PM As an information -- and this will be included in our
1:54:23PM response to you -- the fiscal year '12 HOPWA program will

1:54:28PM fund ten different programs that meet these program
1:54:31PM guidelines.
1:54:32PM And the listed agencies for funding for this particular
1:54:35PM component will be provided in our response to you.
1:54:42PM Oh the housing opportunity for persons with aids program is
1:54:45PM not confined just to the City of Tampa nor the Hillsborough
1:54:48PM County.
1:54:49PM It's a four-county enterprise.
1:54:52PM Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco County, Pinellas.
1:54:55PM We administer it, if I'm not mistaken, because most of the
1:54:59PM activity associated with this allotment is in Hillsborough
1:55:02PM County.
1:55:11PM We administer it because the HIV rate is the highest in
1:55:15PM Hillsborough County of those four counties.
1:55:16PM So it's a four county enterprise.
1:55:18PM We administer it by virtue of that fact.
1:55:20PM >> Councilman Reddick?
1:55:23PM >> Could you tell me how many people have been served
1:55:26PM through this program who are affected by HIV?
1:55:29PM >> I do not know.
1:55:30PM >> Why don't you come up?
1:55:49PM >> The subject matter expert is coming up to answer that
1:55:51PM question.
1:55:51PM >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.
1:55:53PM >> Marie dolphin with the housing community development

1:55:57PM division, and we work with the grantee for Hillsborough
1:56:00PM County, Hernando, Pasco County.
1:56:04PM The allocation is actually driven by the CDC, Centers for
1:56:08PM Disease Control in Atlanta that does a surveillance annually
1:56:12PM of the number of people with aids, and that's the reason why
1:56:15PM we get thal oh equation.
1:56:17PM We serve about a thousand-plus directly with housing, and
1:56:22PM then another two and a half thousand roughly more or less
1:56:28PM with services.
1:56:29PM Currently the data shows we have about 21,000 people in the
1:56:32PM four county service area with HIV aids.
1:56:35PM So we have certainly not enough resources to serve all of
1:56:38PM the people who are documented to have the need.
1:56:42PM Do you have any other questions?
1:56:45PM >>FRANK REDDICK: In the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County,
1:56:48PM how many people?
1:56:52PM >> I have that in a chart.
1:56:55PM It's actually in a chart in the action plan on page 56.
1:57:01PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I don't have it with me.
1:57:19PM >> There are two different categories.
1:57:21PM One is for HIV and the other is for aids, the precursor to
1:57:29PM aids.
1:57:29PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
1:57:33PM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
1:57:37PM Dennis, can I ask?

1:57:41PM >> Yes, ma'am.
1:57:42PM >> So the program -- and we just heard from the
1:57:46PM administrator for the four counties, is that correct?
1:57:50PM >> Yes, ma'am.
1:57:51PM >>MARY MULHERN: So is the City of Tampa, is our entire
1:58:00PM funding for this, does it come from this grant, federal
1:58:04PM grant?
1:58:05PM >> Yes, to the best of my knowledge, yes.
1:58:06PM >>MARY MULHERN: And is that her job?
1:58:11PM I'm sorry, I forgot your name.
1:58:15PM >> Marie dolphin.
1:58:19PM >>MARY MULHERN: So your job is funded completely through
1:58:24PM the appropriation?
1:58:25PM Is that correct?
1:58:34PM >> (answering from audience).
1:58:40PM >> I guess my question is because we are the administrator
1:58:42PM for the entire program, but any work you do on that is
1:58:47PM charged --
1:58:48PM >> Right.
1:58:48PM It is charged to the HOPWA fund.
1:58:51PM >> Thank you.
1:58:51PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Madam Chair?
1:58:55PM To follow up, Councilman Reddick's point, we have got in
1:58:59PM Hillsborough on this chart 4,935 people, HIV positive.
1:59:05PM We have 7,198 aids, and a total of 12,133.

1:59:11PM Did I hear you correctly, we are serving 1,000 people with
1:59:14PM housing and 2500 with services?
1:59:18PM Out of 12,133 people?
1:59:27PM >> The final number is people that are actually being served
1:59:30PM are reported in the CAPR which is available to the public
1:59:34PM both in draft state and final state.
1:59:36PM This is the report of our outcomes to HUD.
1:59:38PM I don't have the precise figures in front of me.
1:59:41PM This information will be happily provided to you in
1:59:43PM supplemental information.
1:59:44PM But it barely touches on the number of people with HIV aids
1:59:48PM in the area, because of the limited resources.
1:59:52PM It looks on the surface like we have a huge allocation, but
1:59:55PM in terms of the demand, the disease is still epidemic in the
1:59:59PM southeast particularly.
2:00:01PM It's got resources for the kind of supportive housing for
2:00:06PM people that is needed for people with HIV aids.
2:00:09PM And to be approximate the number of people we serve
2:00:12PM annually, it's about 2500.
2:00:16PM >> With $4 million?
2:00:18PM >> Actually, less than that.
2:00:20PM It's housing and supportive services combined.
2:00:24PM >> I'm reading the HOPWA 2012 funded projects from the
2:00:28PM action plan summary, and the HOPWA projects again span that
2:00:33PM four-county area because Pasco and one of my later

2:00:36PM questions -- now you have explained Pasco -- but that
2:00:42PM allocation for 2012 is 3,933,566 for the hope for 2012.
2:00:52PM That's for all four counties?
2:00:54PM >> That is the case ^.
2:00:55PM >> We are looking at a total of 2 459 people with -- from
2:01:01PM the table, from the survey, this surveillance report, but we
2:01:07PM are only serving roughly --
2:01:10PM >> Well, everyone with HIV aids isn't eligible to receive
2:01:16PM these but nonetheless that's how the funds are allocated.
2:01:19PM Let's remember there are not just housing costs.
2:01:22PM There's supportive housing.
2:01:24PM The HOPWA regulations stipulate that to have ancillary
2:01:29PM supportive services to go with and than adds to the cost of
2:01:35PM housing because why are these people sick?
2:01:40PM The reason it's not very -- it can be more expensive with
2:01:45PM the support services added to just roofs overhead.
2:01:49PM >>MARY MULHERN: And I want all of you to know, I'm not
2:01:52PM asking these questions because I'm doubting the work that
2:01:54PM you do or the efficacy of the work that you do ^ ^.
2:01:58PM I'm asking these questions to bring light to the issue that
2:02:00PM we need more money to do these things, and to help bring
2:02:06PM forward the issues, that if we are really going to provide
2:02:11PM services to the homeless and to those with HIV aids or to
2:02:15PM those who require additional help from us as a City of Tampa
2:02:21PM government who provides those services or has a hand in it,

2:02:24PM we need to get a real handle on what the need is and how
2:02:27PM short we are in meeting those needs.
2:02:29PM >> Well, in fact, we are at the mercy and the power of the
2:02:32PM federal government because this is a formula-driven
2:02:36PM allocation, and there is little that we can do.
2:02:40PM We can be more strategic in our implementation of programs,
2:02:44PM and we actually -- our model in the southeast, we serve --
2:02:49PM we provide technical assistance for other grantees in the
2:02:53PM southeast.
2:02:55PM We are a blue ribbon best practices operation.
2:03:06PM >>MARY MULHERN: I'm looking at this list of questions.
2:03:08PM It's very long.
2:03:10PM And to the extent that the answers are provided, Mr. O'Hara
2:03:18PM in the action plan, and it sound like they are also in the
2:03:25PM CAFR?
2:03:29PM >> Yes, in the CAFR.
2:03:33PM >> Just say that as we go through because we are not going
2:03:36PM to have time to do this.
2:03:37PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, I understood.
2:03:38PM And he mentioned he will provide answers under separate
2:03:41PM cover but there are some of the questions that he can answer
2:03:43PM now.
2:03:44PM And these questions came from my review of the action plan,
2:03:47PM so answers aren't not provided in the action plan.
2:03:51PM >>MARY MULHERN: But some of the questions I have heard

2:03:53PM happen in there.
2:03:53PM So Councilwoman Capin.
2:03:59PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: They may be there, but they may not be
2:04:01PM clear, is the other part.
2:04:03PM And --
2:04:05PM >>MARY MULHERN: Right.
2:04:06PM No, I want the explanation.
2:04:07PM I don't think we are going to have time to have go into the
2:04:10PM kind of review.
2:04:12PM I think this needs a lot more time.
2:04:14PM Your questions are great and we need the answers, everyone's
2:04:17PM questions.
2:04:18PM But I think we are going to have to have a workshop to get
2:04:21PM into the detail.
2:04:22PM Councilwoman Capin.
2:04:24PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's maybe the motion that I would make at
2:04:25PM the end of this, that when next year's comes along, that we
2:04:30PM have a workshop specifically for this, which we didn't have.
2:04:36PM And I think it's very necessary.
2:04:41PM >>HARRY COHEN: Just a question.
2:04:42PM This is the fifth year of a five-year plan, correct?
2:04:45PM >> It is.
2:04:46PM And year 12 will be another --
2:04:49PM >>HARRY COHEN: So next year we won't be just talking about
2:04:52PM one year's allocations, we are going to be talking about the

2:04:55PM program for the next five?
2:04:57PM >> Correct.
2:04:58PM >>HARRY COHEN: So it really would be a great idea, I think,
2:05:00PM to have a workshop to address the whole next five-year plan
2:05:04PM when we do that.
2:05:14PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: And it should be, again, once the plan, or a
2:05:24PM pre-plan, whatever -- I'm trying to get the word -- that at
2:05:29PM that point we should have the workshop, not at the point --
2:05:32PM or maybe it should be after everything, after the staff has
2:05:36PM come up with all the recommendations.
2:05:38PM But way before the deadline.
2:05:41PM >> Yes, I was just giving the suggestion to council again,
2:05:45PM we anticipate starting the process again in January, so a
2:05:49PM workshop sometime between now and then would be the better
2:05:51PM time.
2:05:55PM As we provide these responses to your questions -- and I
2:05:58PM understand the action plan is not a small document.
2:06:03PM For those responses where the answer is within the action
2:06:06PM plan, we can reference the particular section or page
2:06:09PM numbers of the action plan as we respond.
2:06:11PM So you will have the answer, and you will also know where to
2:06:14PM find it within the action plan.
2:06:16PM That's not a problem.
2:06:16PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That would be helpful.
2:06:20PM >> The next question involved the interstate historic

2:06:22PM preservation trust fund.
2:06:25PM The available balances and the question arose as to whether
2:06:29PM we were doing more grants.
2:06:31PM I'll give you the balances first.
2:06:33PM The available balance for loans and grants is almost a
2:06:37PM million dollars.
2:06:38PM The available balance for just loans is approximately
2:06:42PM $700,000.
2:06:43PM And the available balance for grants is a little over $2
2:06:47PM million.
2:06:48PM We also have a small balance available for matching other
2:06:51PM grants at $76,000.
2:06:56PM We are doing more grants than before because we have lowered
2:07:00PM the amount of the maximum grant funding in an effort to
2:07:04PM spread the funding -- well, not far and wide, but better.
2:07:10PM >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry, where are you on this list of
2:07:16PM questions?
2:07:17PM Am I looking at the right list?
2:07:19PM >> Yes, we were asked what the balance is and interstate
2:07:23PM historic preservation trust fund.
2:07:24PM >> I think it's on the back.
2:07:29PM A little down on the back if you turn it over.
2:07:32PM There you go.
2:07:38PM See, right there, question 4.
2:07:41PM >> So you got through everything on the front here already?

2:07:44PM >> No, no.
2:07:45PM I'm merely answering the questions --
2:07:47PM >> Oh, you don't have answers.
2:07:49PM Sorry.
2:07:49PM >> Well, this will give me an opportunity to correct a
2:07:56PM figure I just gave you in error.
2:07:58PM We were asked to tell the interstate historic trust fund.
2:08:03PM In total we have available about $1 million.
2:08:06PM For loans we have about $700,000.
2:08:09PM And for grants, evidently I said 2 million.
2:08:13PM Way meant to say was approximately 200,000.
2:08:17PM So about $1 million.
2:08:20PM Approximately $1 million available for grants and loans
2:08:23PM under the historic preservation trust fund.
2:08:27PM We are giving more grants than before, not because we have
2:08:30PM more funding but because we lowered the maximum amount.
2:08:36PM The final question that we have, I will defer to housing and
2:08:40PM community development regarding a number of tables and
2:08:45PM informational requests.
2:08:47PM And I believe this was towards the end.
2:09:19PM >>THOM SNELLING: Growth management.
2:09:20PM The question had to do, it's the last one.
2:09:26PM I apologize for my fumbling about.
2:09:31PM That we are looking to increase the percentage of
2:09:33PM individuals stay in permanent housing in a six-month period

2:09:36PM to at least 77% of the numbers.
2:09:40PM Currently we have 17,755 homeless, and how are we
2:09:45PM calculating this number?
2:09:47PM Number 2, increase the number of units in the homeless
2:09:51PM coalition, submit an application as part of their submittal
2:09:55PM process.
2:09:58PM On pages -- the section of the action plan also addresses
2:10:05PM the continuum of care goals.
2:10:07PM If you recall from my last presentation, on continuum of
2:10:10PM care that money goes directly to the homeless coalition.
2:10:13PM We just report that money in our action plan itself.
2:10:17PM So -- I'm sorry?
2:10:23PM >>MARY MULHERN: I had the same question.
2:10:25PM I think the way we answered, it's not part of our budget,
2:10:28PM right?
2:10:29PM Not part of our budget.
2:10:30PM It goes directly to them but they have to report it in the
2:10:33PM action plan?
2:10:35PM >>THOM SNELLING: The approximately $4 million that was
2:10:38PM originally allocated there, that is administered and
2:10:43PM organized and implemented directly from the homeless
2:10:45PM coalition for the entire county.
2:10:47PM It's not just the City of Tampa.
2:10:48PM We report in our action plan because homelessness is --
2:10:52PM there's questions in the action plan about what we are doing

2:10:55PM to address homeless and that's a big portion of what we do.
2:10:57PM But we actually contribute to the homeless coalition, and
2:11:02PM $55,000 in the general fund, about $40,000 in in-kind
2:11:09PM matching with office supplies, as well as there was another
2:11:13PM line item for $25 that you.
2:11:15PM So that's what we give directly to the homeless coalition
2:11:19PM versus their larger one for the continuum of care, 4 million
2:11:24PM that they get directly.
2:11:26PM >>MARY MULHERN: Did you have a question?
2:11:33PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, looking at the charts on page 41,
2:11:37PM which goes to page 42, there is like item number 2 which
2:11:43PM Seay says create beds for chronically homeless individual,
2:11:47PM it mentions specifically 65,000 in ESG funding, Salvation
2:11:52PM Army ^, and providing shelter numbers, but then when you get
2:11:57PM to the top of page 42, that's where I pulled that 15 units
2:12:03PM for the homeless coalition and there's another one right
2:12:07PM underneath that where it's five -- increasing five beds.
2:12:11PM I guess what really stood out to me is the low numbers.
2:12:16PM I mean, we have got 17,755 homeless people and we are
2:12:23PM looking at 20 here and 5 there and 15 here, which I wouldn't
2:12:29PM even say equates to a drop in the bucket.
2:12:32PM I wouldn't even say that's DEW on the windshield when you
2:12:36PM get up in the morning.
2:12:37PM But whether or not that's part of the action plan or part of
2:12:42PM the budget, part of the continuum of care that's

2:12:47PM pass-through dollars.
2:12:56PM >> I understand what you are saying.
2:12:58PM Again we are just reporting the programs and activity that
2:13:00PM they have chosen, that the home lugs coalition decided to
2:13:04PM implement and spend that money.
2:13:05PM We report back because we get the information from them,
2:13:08PM from what their goals and objectives are for the use of that
2:13:11PM money.
2:13:14PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I understand that.
2:13:18PM You are reporting how they spend the money that we
2:13:22PM allocated.
2:13:23PM >> No, we don't allocate them.
2:13:26PM That is allocated directly from the federal government.
2:13:29PM We report on it.
2:13:35PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: They are very low numbers.
2:13:36PM But, okay.
2:13:38PM I remember seeing that.
2:13:40PM >>THOM SNELLING: One of the other things, just for a piece
2:13:42PM of information, is previously when they counted homeless
2:13:46PM populations, they downtowned -- counted the number of people
2:13:49PM who were on the street and actually homeless.
2:13:51PM The way they are counted now is that if I lose my house and
2:13:54PM I become homeless and I move in with Councilman Montelione,
2:13:58PM I am still homeless.
2:14:00PM I mean, I'm without a home, but I am not homeless because

2:14:03PM I'm in somebody's house.
2:14:05PM So that was one of the reasons the number has jumped so
2:14:09PM dramatically in recent years.
2:14:11PM It's not just the people that are on the streets.
2:14:13PM It's the people of that have been foreclosed and you move in
2:14:16PM with a relative or friend.
2:14:18PM They are also counting those as part of the homeless
2:14:20PM population.
2:14:20PM >> Which is why I asked if we were using the new definition
2:14:23PM or the old definition understood the federal government, and
2:14:26PM the office of management and budget, because if it was
2:14:32PM approved for us to use the new definition, maybe the numbers
2:14:35PM would go up to show this is formula based.
2:14:38PM So if we are receiving funds based on a formula put out by
2:14:43PM the federal government, and we are doing so understood the
2:14:45PM old definition, we are cutting ourselves short because we
2:14:48PM are not asking for as much money as we possibly could.
2:14:52PM >>THOM SNELLING: I think we are obligated to continue to be
2:14:54PM use that definition, actually.
2:14:56PM And it's kind of a rock and a hard place, so to speak,
2:15:01PM because we still have to use that definition.
2:15:03PM I mean, where the 17,000 number came from, it didn't come
2:15:07PM out of this book.
2:15:08PM No.
2:15:08PM I don't know where that number came from.

2:15:10PM >>MARY MULHERN: I'm going to ask council to keep in mind
2:15:16PM that the -- if we are going to talk about the allocation of
2:15:23PM federal funds, the application for the federal fund right
2:15:27PM now, that is just happens to be reported in here, so we are
2:15:32PM not going to get through this.
2:15:34PM I think it's very important we need to talk about it.
2:15:36PM But the money that is listed in here, the only money listed
2:15:41PM for the homeless coalition in here is $25,000 for an
2:15:47PM outreach program.
2:15:48PM So that's really the only thing we need to talk about as far
2:15:52PM as whether we are going to approve this or not.
2:15:54PM So unless there's any questions on that, let's go forward.
2:15:57PM And I think this is something we definitely need to look
2:16:00PM into further.
2:16:07PM >>THOM SNELLING: I think that is all the questions we had
2:16:10PM and had a chance to prepare and respond back.
2:16:13PM So if there's other questions when we get to them, put them
2:16:15PM in the package and we'll make sure you have the detail you
2:16:18PM absolutely need.
2:16:18PM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
2:16:22PM Council, we are going to move on to Councilwoman Capin's
2:16:26PM questions.
2:16:27PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
2:16:28PM >> I'm sorry I got them to you late and it was like only two
2:16:34PM or three questions that I hadn't got answered.

2:16:36PM So hopefully Councilwoman Capin will have more success.
2:16:41PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Well, I had nine.
2:16:42PM And actually, the first question I had was answered, second,
2:16:52PM and the last question I had was answered first.
2:16:55PM So thank you for that.
2:16:58PM They were both there.
2:16:59PM The other thing, what I'm really interested in looking at
2:17:04PM that I tried to find in here -- and I had one, two, three.
2:17:07PM And after I looked at them, I said I had about four
2:17:11PM questions that pertain to the same -- pretty much the
2:17:12PM same -- might have the same answer, or you could tell me.
2:17:17PM What I did find disclosed, and this is disclosed range of
2:17:23PM activities that may be undertaken, and the laws governing
2:17:26PM the grant programs, the three basic goals, decent housing,
2:17:29PM suitable living environment, and expanding economic
2:17:33PM opportunities, are basic and general, but what I couldn't
2:17:37PM find is where it is spelled out for the CDBG advisory
2:17:43PM committee, the program guidelines and specifics for
2:17:47PM eligibility.
2:17:50PM How is this information conveyed to them them?
2:17:54PM What Do they know what is eligible and what is ineligible?
2:17:58PM Again, in the CDBG advisory committee, the community needs
2:18:06PM to prioritize.
2:18:07PM Is it at this point that the eligibility or ineligibility of
2:18:11PM funding is proposed?

2:18:16PM These are under advice and community duties, needs
2:18:20PM prioritized and discussed with City Council, and other city
2:18:23PM officials for consideration?
2:18:25PM Is it at this point that eligibility and ineligibility are
2:18:28PM conveyed?
2:18:29PM And then citizen advisory committee is allowed an
2:18:31PM opportunity to review city recommendations and meet with
2:18:35PM city operating departments to learn about programs and
2:18:38PM processes.
2:18:39PM Is it at this point that ineligibility or eligibility is
2:18:44PM conveyed to them?
2:18:46PM How do they know be if they are going down the right path?
2:18:50PM Because I didn't see it here, and maybe it's a separate --
2:18:56PM >> Well, there's a lot of questions there.
2:18:58PM One of the reasons I came up was to ask if you would be mind
2:19:01PM forwarding those questions in writing so that we can make
2:19:03PM sure we respond to you in detail with the exact questions
2:19:06PM that you are asking.
2:19:07PM Generally, in terms of the eligibility or ineligibility, we
2:19:11PM actually deal with all kinds of project requests through the
2:19:15PM community development block grant process, and this is
2:19:19PM probably where you are going with that, and end up not being
2:19:23PM eligible.
2:19:23PM For one reason or another, they become part of the process,
2:19:26PM and they become part of the public hearings, and they become

2:19:28PM part of what we present to council when we come up to the
2:19:31PM different neighborhood community recommendations.
2:19:34PM But the process is all inclusive.
2:19:38PM There are requests for projects that are not necessarily
2:19:42PM eligible under community development block grant, and we try
2:19:46PM to work with the quarterbackers and identify -- and with the
2:19:50PM departments, too, and identify other sources of funding that
2:19:53PM will be more appropriate because some projects we get for a
2:19:55PM park or whatever are simply not in a particular eligible ^
2:19:58PM area, for instance.
2:20:00PM So we can't use community development block grants for it.
2:20:03PM >> So you try to send them down the path that they may be
2:20:09PM able to get the funding?
2:20:11PM >> Yes, ma'am.
2:20:11PM In conjunction with the departments.
2:20:13PM We try to identify what sources of funding are eligible for
2:20:16PM the particular project, and of course prioritization is
2:20:19PM always a key player.
2:20:21PM Where does this project being requested rank on a
2:20:25PM prioritized basis?
2:20:28PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Then at what point, when we had the public
2:20:32PM hearing, that certain projects or certain priorities from
2:20:37PM the advisory committee were advised that they were not
2:20:41PM eligible be? That was at the public hearing.
2:20:44PM So how did it get to that, to us?

2:20:48PM >> If I will not mistaken -- please correct me if I am
2:20:50PM wrong -- by the time we come before City Council, those
2:20:53PM projects that heir eligible are known to be eligible and
2:20:56PM those that are not are known to be ineligible.
2:20:58PM Is that correct?
2:20:59PM However, the public hearings do offer the request-ers a form
2:21:06PM to City Council basically saying we have a need for this
2:21:08PM project.
2:21:09PM By that time they know maybe perhaps, or perhaps it's not
2:21:13PM eligible for CDBG but they still want to make this council
2:21:18PM aware of that request.
2:21:20PM We are working behind the scenes with them in terms of
2:21:23PM prioritization and funding availability.
2:21:24PM >> And besides the 591,795 -- 5 -- $776,000, requested for
2:21:41PM project named such as one which is budget, two which is
2:21:45PM accounting, three which is cost ^ allocation, is this part
2:21:49PM of the $1.5 million for administration?
2:21:55PM >> I did not know that but I'm told it is.
2:21:57PM >> And then on page 54, NSP-3, $4,691,857, is this part of
2:22:08PM the 18% that's for the HOME expenses?
2:22:14PM Page 54.
2:22:17PM NSP -- 4,$691,857 be? Or actually it could be --
2:22:30PM >> It's not part of the action plan.
2:22:32PM It's just listed because other sources that we use for
2:22:35PM housing.

2:22:35PM But it's not part of this action plan, no.
2:22:38PM And 1, 2 and 3 are not included ^.
2:22:41PM >> Not part of the action plan.
2:22:44PM Well, is this part of the -- so then it's not part of the
2:22:49PM home, not part of the repairs?
2:22:51PM >> They actually provide funding for the repairs but it's
2:22:54PM not part of the -- yes, HOME is something different as well.
2:22:59PM The only items that are included in the action plan are
2:23:01PM CDBG, HOME, ESC, and HOPWA.
2:23:06PM >> Okay, so that -- okay.
2:23:10PM That's -- that explains it.
2:23:14PM The HOME expenses is 18%.
2:23:18PM What is that number, do we know?
2:23:26PM >> The PowerPoint be?
2:23:29PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, the PowerPoint.
2:23:30PM >> Again, perhaps if we can get these questions in writing
2:23:38PM we can answer in more detail to make sure that we give you
2:23:41PM the right answer the first time.
2:23:45PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That was the end of my questions.
2:23:49PM Thank you.
2:23:50PM >>MARY MULHERN: I had a number of questions which I began
2:23:59PM to go over in a meeting before our meeting today, but
2:24:03PM obviously this is not, now -- we have so many questions
2:24:09PM there's not really time to do that.
2:24:11PM But I wanted to mention some of the conclusions and

2:24:18PM information about the questions that I had answered.
2:24:24PM One of the things -- I think Councilwoman Capin, you were
2:24:27PM asking about this, at least indirectly, but what I found out
2:24:31PM from my questions today was the citizens advisory committee
2:24:39PM gives their request for funding from the administration.
2:24:42PM So the projects that have been applied for by individual
2:24:49PM not-for-profit or separate groups, they are not evaluating
2:24:53PM those.
2:24:54PM So my big question -- two of my biggest questions were --
2:25:00PM and I think we need to have this back, but I am going to
2:25:03PM present all of this in writing, too.
2:25:04PM >> That would be good.
2:25:06PM Very quickly -- I'm sorry.
2:25:07PM >> Yes, go ahead.
2:25:08PM >> When we were talking before, what happens is that people
2:25:14PM who are sending out applications, they are encouraged to
2:25:18PM talk to city staff.
2:25:19PM We did not guide them or instruct them on which application
2:25:22PM to fill out and guide them on which projects.
2:25:25PM All the projects that came up through the citizens advisory
2:25:27PM committee, the 22 or 23 different submittals that we have,
2:25:31PM those are all generate earthed from their own committees
2:25:34PM that they made in the neighborhood, they come and talk to
2:25:36PM the cities, some of the city staff ahead of time to see war
2:25:39PM is the feasibility, or some of their desires and projects in

2:25:43PM a capital improvement plan.
2:25:45PM We do not advise or instruct them on which grants to apply
2:25:48PM for.
2:25:49PM >> Right.
2:25:50PM That wasn't what I was talking about.
2:25:51PM Now, I was just saying that there is this citizens advisory
2:25:56PM committee, and they make their request for funding for
2:26:00PM projects from the city, not -- they are not involved in that
2:26:05PM process of vetting the RFPs from the other --
2:26:10PM >> Yes, that's true.
2:26:11PM Yes, ma'am.
2:26:11PM >> That's what I thought was important to us to hear.
2:26:15PM Because I was curious about who was actually vetting these
2:26:18PM things and making these recommendations.
2:26:20PM So that advisory committee is not looking at the outset
2:26:24PM request.
2:26:25PM Correct?
2:26:26PM >> That's correct, yes.
2:26:27PM >> Okay, thanks.
2:26:29PM I think that overall, I think between all of our questions
2:26:35PM today, it's clear that this process is a little confusing,
2:26:38PM and I'm not clear that it is really the best practices that
2:26:43PM we could be using, and I think that part of the problem with
2:26:48PM us having had this meeting today and asking all these
2:26:51PM questions and getting them answered when it's too late for

2:26:53PM us to really have any kind of input in the determination and
2:26:58PM make any decisions about the individual funding, it's
2:27:02PM because of the way that process works.
2:27:04PM So I think that the suggestion that Councilwoman Capin was
2:27:09PM going to ask for a workshop would be great.
2:27:18PM Then I think we can ask our individual questions.
2:27:20PM But just in the overall observation, in addition to the
2:27:23PM problems with the process, there's a lot of money being
2:27:29PM spent on administration.
2:27:33PM And I'm not sure -- I think we need a lot more
2:27:37PM accountability and transparency in that, and those are my
2:27:41PM biggest questions, because if you look at the CDBG money,
2:27:46PM the total is $3.4 million, I think.
2:27:51PM And for projects.
2:27:54PM And there's 1.5 million for administration.
2:27:59PM It's a lot.
2:28:04PM The HOME project seems more in line.
2:28:06PM It's about 10% of the money of the $1.9 million goes for
2:28:11PM administration.
2:28:12PM And I know we have a housing department, and we have staff
2:28:15PM that does that.
2:28:16PM So that seems pretty in line.
2:28:18PM But the CDBG money sound like a lot.
2:28:25PM And, you know, had we had discussion about some of the other
2:28:28PM things.

2:28:29PM I think we need to look at that.
2:28:32PM This is supposed to be community development block grant.
2:28:35PM And I think the people who are providing the services need
2:28:38PM to be the ones.
2:28:41PM The money should be going to services and capital in those
2:28:45PM projects, not for administering -- you know, as much as we
2:28:51PM can, we need to get that down and need to really see
2:28:54PM specifically -- and this I want to let council know that I
2:28:58PM have already asked for this and will repeat -- we need to
2:29:01PM know for each of those fund, those four funds, those
2:29:08PM administrative costs, what are they going for?
2:29:11PM How many positions are funded?
2:29:13PM What positions are funded?
2:29:16PM And how much is going toward those?
2:29:24PM And then the other thing, by the end of this, seems
2:29:28PM confusing to me, and I'm sure you have a good explanation,
2:29:33PM but when we look at this action plan, you know, had we were
2:29:37PM coming up with questions about moneys in here that are not
2:29:41PM part of what we are being asked to approve.
2:29:46PM And, for instance, Dennis, you were talking about -- not the
2:29:56PM homeless coalition.
2:29:58PM Now I can't remember what it was but it was something where
2:30:00PM you said, you know, those are different funds, they are not
2:30:03PM in here.
2:30:04PM So in your reporting, when you talk about your action plan,

2:30:14PM shouldn't it be restricted to the funds you are asking for?
2:30:17PM Or is this application that we are looking at bigger than
2:30:20PM what we are being asked to approve today?
2:30:23PM Do you follow that?
2:30:24PM >> I believe I do, ma'am.
2:30:26PM I don't think it's bigger than what you are being asked to
2:30:29PM approve today.
2:30:30PM We report understood the action plan based on the parameters
2:30:32PM given to us by the federal government.
2:30:34PM And actually, I guess a perfect example is the homeless
2:30:37PM coalition.
2:30:38PM We are reporting on over $4 million worth of funding.
2:30:41PM Basically that's all we are doing, reporting on another
2:30:44PM entity's funding, and what they intend to do with the
2:30:47PM funding.
2:30:49PM So we can't exclude it because that's part of the parameters
2:30:51PM identified under the action plan.
2:30:53PM The other example I would use, for instance, is the --
2:30:58PM >>HARRY COHEN: The point you are making -- I'm sorry -- is
2:31:01PM you are reporting on moneys that they are spending
2:31:05PM regardless of where that money came from.
2:31:08PM >> Yes, yes.
2:31:11PM And within those particular parameters.
2:31:13PM Exactly right, sir.
2:31:15PM >>MARY MULHERN: I understand what you are doing.

2:31:16PM My question is, is that action plan projected use of
2:31:23PM funds -- this action plan, for instance, it's not listed --
2:31:36PM yeah, I guess it is listed in the table of content.
2:31:43PM You know --
2:31:44PM >> If I could --
2:31:46PM >>MARY MULHERN: When I look at this, though, how is it that
2:31:48PM you can include those things that aren't part of what you
2:31:51PM are applying for in this action plan?
2:31:54PM And it doesn't -- does it say somewhere in here that these
2:31:58PM funds were provided not by the city?
2:32:03PM I mean --
2:32:05PM >> If I could perhaps steer council to page 1 and 2 of the
2:32:08PM action plan, in terms of approval, this is what we are
2:32:13PM asking council to approve, and these are the funding amounts
2:32:16PM being asked for approval.
2:32:18PM Basically, everything outside of that is simply
2:32:20PM informational and supplemental.
2:32:25PM I don't know if that answers your question.
2:32:27PM But in terms of what we are asking you to approve, it's
2:32:29PM really confined to these two particular pages.
2:32:32PM >> Let me just ask one more question.
2:32:35PM So if I look at page 1 and 2, that's what you are asking me
2:32:38PM to approve today.
2:32:40PM That's what you are asking council?
2:32:43PM >> That's what we are asking you to approve.

2:32:45PM Anything else, for instance, is included because we have to
2:32:48PM include it by federal regulations, for instance, or it's
2:32:52PM supplemental information.
2:32:53PM >> Okay, for that additional information.
2:33:00PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: That was it.
2:33:01PM Those are the parameters and I understood it and that's what
2:33:03PM the federal government is requesting from us in order to
2:33:06PM process the application.
2:33:08PM >> Yes.
2:33:10PM And my apologies ifs we muddied it more than necessary.
2:33:15PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Are we ready to vote?
2:33:20PM >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Montelione?
2:33:22PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, we are, I believe, ready to vote,
2:33:26PM so a motion to approve the action plan as presented.
2:33:30PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.
2:33:31PM >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?
2:33:36PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: Per your rules before you take any action,
2:33:40PM to move the resolution.
2:33:41PM Even though it may be moot, I think you are required to ask
2:33:44PM if there's anybody who wishes --
2:33:46PM >>MARY MULHERN: I didn't ask for public comment toe
2:33:48PM beginning of the meeting.
2:33:49PM Is there anyone that wishes to speak on this?
2:33:51PM Seeing no one, all in favor of the resolution?
2:33:56PM Anyone opposed?

2:33:57PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
2:34:09PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to make a motion that we have a
2:34:10PM workshop pertaining to the action plan -- actually a
2:34:20PM five-year plan coming up in January.
2:34:23PM The beginning of January.
2:34:25PM Therefore, we would have a workshop in February, if we have
2:34:29PM a date.
2:34:32PM February 23rd.
2:34:33PM >>FRANK REDDICK: That will be the motion.
2:34:37PM >>MARY MULHERN: Can I make a suggestion?
2:34:39PM Because, unfortunately, I have been through --
2:34:45PM >> You are going to want to do it before then.
2:34:47PM >>MARY MULHERN: That's what I was going to say.
2:34:50PM This is my -- yeah.
2:34:56PM This is what has happened to the council for five years, is
2:34:59PM that by the time we get to that -- I don't know if we get a
2:35:06PM memo or what happens in January, that there's this technical
2:35:10PM assistance workshop.
2:35:11PM It's really almost too late.
2:35:13PM So I think that we should do it in November.
2:35:15PM >>HARRY COHEN: Actually there's no workshop scheduled for
2:35:20PM November or December.
2:35:20PM There is on October 27th, though.
2:35:23PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think there's room on the schedule.
2:35:27PM I don't think that update on the comprehensive plan is going

2:35:30PM to take all that long.
2:35:33PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: October 27th?
2:35:35PM I amend my motion to October 27th workshop.
2:35:37PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.
2:35:39PM >>MARY MULHERN: Motion by Councilman Capin.
2:35:49PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: 9:30 a.m.
2:35:51PM >> Second.
2:35:52PM >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?
2:35:54PM Anyone opposed?
2:35:55PM Great.
2:35:55PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Could I ask for one more motion?
2:36:02PM The room got quiet all of a sudden.
2:36:05PM In December, when the CAFR is presented, if we could have
2:36:10PM the CAFR brought to us in December understood staff reports,
2:36:14PM and then this way we could accept it understood staff
2:36:17PM reports and we would have some -- no, wait, we are doing
2:36:22PM this be in October.
2:36:23PM I take that back.
2:36:26PM Maybe you can help me with the timing of this.
2:36:28PM Because in order for us to make good decisions on what the
2:36:35PM five-year plan should include, I would think we would want
2:36:39PM to see what the performance was for 2011, in that 2011 CAFR,
2:36:48PM so the timing seems a bit convoluted.
2:36:52PM >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe November.
2:36:56PM I don't know what is going to be ready for preparation.

2:37:00PM November 17th understood staff reports.
2:37:01PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: A workshop in October?
2:37:07PM >>MARY MULHERN: End of October?
2:37:09PM That's not enough time?
2:37:11PM They have to prepare the report.
2:37:12PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's what I'm asking.
2:37:15PM >> Yes, we will have the draft of the performance report no
2:37:18PM earlier than the second week of December, for instance.
2:37:21PM So although I follow your logic we simply won't have enough
2:37:26PM perform are answer information by October, I think, for
2:37:28PM council to use in terms of preparing the five-year plan.
2:37:32PM Now, once we have the performance report available in
2:37:34PM December, any time frame after that, you can certainly make
2:37:40PM use of that information in your planning.
2:37:42PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
2:37:44PM So let me do this then.
2:37:47PM If we can have the current CAFR transmitted to us,
2:37:56PM undercover, I mean, just to us, e-mail, that would be
2:38:00PM wonderful.
2:38:00PM And then if I go ahead and make the motion for the regular
2:38:04PM City Council session on December 15th, to have the 2011
2:38:08PM CAFR transmitted to us during staff reports, on December
2:38:12PM 15th, we'll at least have a little bit of time before
2:38:15PM the January vote is taken.
2:38:18PM It won't be long.

2:38:19PM >> I'm sorry, the December 15th would be the existing
2:38:21PM performance report or the draft of the next?
2:38:24PM >> The draft of the next one.
2:38:25PM >> Okay, thank you.
2:38:26PM >> The existing one transmitted to us undercover immediately
2:38:31PM as it is available.
2:38:33PM >>MARY MULHERN: When do D you say -- when do we get that
2:38:40PM report for approval, submission, December 29 this?
2:38:44PM When are we going to get that on our calendar?
2:38:47PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: As soon as we get it because it's not
2:38:50PM even prepared until the 15th of December.
2:38:52PM >>MARY MULHERN: No, when do you normally present it to
2:38:56PM us -- or do you not present it to us for approval?
2:38:59PM >> It's simply informational.
2:39:00PM We can give it to you but we do not come to you for
2:39:03PM approval.
2:39:03PM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
2:39:04PM >> What's the date?
2:39:11PM >> December 15th.
2:39:12PM >>MARY MULHERN: Under staff reports?
2:39:13PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Understood staff reports.
2:39:17PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: For the draft.
2:39:19PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: For the draft CAFR.
2:39:22PM >>MARY MULHERN: Motion by be Councilwoman Montelione,
2:39:26PM seconded by Councilman Cohen.

2:39:28PM All in favor?
2:39:28PM Anyone opposed ^?
2:39:29PM >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion to receive and file?
2:39:45PM So moved.
2:39:46PM >>HARRY COHEN: Second.
2:39:48PM >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?
2:39:53PM Any new business?
2:39:54PM Councilwoman Capin?
2:39:57PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.
2:39:58PM >>FRANK REDDICK: No.
2:39:59PM >>HARRY COHEN: No.
2:40:00PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: The New Tampa little league team won
2:40:03PM their game in Georgia.
2:40:07PM It's just the first in a series.
2:40:09PM We'll keep you updated.
2:40:11PM They are doing good, though.
2:40:13PM Thank you.
2:40:13PM >>MARY MULHERN: And I don't have any new business.
2:40:18PM >> Motion?
2:40:24PM >>MARY MULHERN: We don't need -- we are adjourned.
2:40:26PM Thank you very much.
2:40:53PM (The meeting adjourned at 2:41 p.m.)